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  1. Right Sizing the People’s Liberation Army: Exploring the Contours of China’s Military (United States)


    confront the United States. Li commanded a Group Army in Manchuria and was responsible 196 for the ground warfare experiment that validated combined...Brigade, Qiqihar, Heilongjiang 69th Motorized Infantry Division, Harbin , Heilongjiang 4th Armored Division, Meihekou, Jilin Artillery Brigade...Heilongjiang Heilongjiang Army Reserve Chemical Defense Regiment, Harbin 362 APPENDIX II BEIJING MILITARY REGION FORCES 27th Group Army, Shijiazhuang

  2. Right-Sizing the People’s Liberation Army: Exploring the Contours of China’s Military (United States)


    its forces to confront the United States. Li commanded a Group Army in Manchuria and was responsible 195 for the ground warfare experiment that...Brigade, Tonghua, Jilin 68th Motorized Infantry Brigade, Qiqihar, Heilongjiang 69th Motorized Infantry Division, Harbin , Heilongjiang 4th Armored...Army Reserve Chemical Defense Regiment, Harbin 361 APPENDIX II BEIJING MILITARY REGION FORCES 27th Group Army, Shijiazhuang, Hebei 235th Mechanized

  3. Army Military Land Tracts (AMLT) (United States)

    Federal Geographic Data Committee — This data set is part of a collection of real estate data concerning current and historic military installations whose real property interests are managed by the...

  4. Economic Value of Army Foreign Military Sales (United States)


    are realized are program budgets necessarily reduce in future years? The government needs to determine which DOD organizations are value added for...SPONSORED REPORT SERIES Economic Value of Army Foreign Military Sales December 2015 MAJ James P. Allen, USA MAJ Scott A. Bailey, USA CPT...and public value . Once the cases were analyzed and compared against each other, advantages or trends in cost savings, cost avoidance, and public value

  5. Estimating active Army and Army Reserve competition for high quality recruits with other military services


    Demyanovich, James M.


    The analysis concentrated primarily on the recruiting of high quality recruits for the period FY 1987 through 2d Quarter FY 1995. The U.S. Military Entrance Processing Command (USMEPCOM) data used contained sufficiently accurate figures on Active Army and Army Reserve accessions. The data appears to represent a relatively accurate historical record of the number of non prior service enlistments into the Military Services, with the exception of the Air National Guard and Ai...

  6. U.S. Army Corrosion Office's storage and quality requirements for military MEMS program (United States)

    Zunino, J. L., III; Skelton, D. R.


    As the Army transforms into a more lethal, lighter and agile force, the technologies that support these systems must decrease in size while increasing in intelligence. Micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) are one such technology that the Army and DOD will rely on heavily to accomplish these objectives. Conditions for utilization of MEMS by the military are unique. Operational and storage environments for the military are significantly different than those found in the commercial sector. Issues unique to the military include; high G-forces during gun launch, extreme temperature and humidity ranges, extended periods of inactivity (20 years plus) and interaction with explosives and propellants. The military operational environments in which MEMS will be stored or required to function are extreme and far surpass any commercial operating conditions. Security and encryption are a must for all MEMS communication, tracking, or data reporting devices employed by the military. Current and future military applications of MEMS devices include safety and arming devices, fuzing devices, various guidance systems, sensors/detectors, inertial measurement units, tracking devices, radio frequency devices, wireless Radio Frequency Identifications (RFIDs) and network systems, GPS's, radar systems, mobile base systems and information technology. MEMS embedded into these weapons systems will provide the military with new levels of speed, awareness, lethality, and information dissemination. The system capabilities enhanced by MEMS will translate directly into tactical and strategic military advantages.

  7. Measuring the Impact of Military Family Programs on the Army (United States)


    1hen Dar. Entared) I USAWC MILITAlY STUDIES PROGRAM PAPIR KEASUkING ThE DIPACT OF MILITARY FAMILT PROGRAMS ON THE APHY An Indiviesal Study by... business to take care of your family and not an Army concern. however, today, that atti- tude has changed. Geographic mobility, changing family

  8. 32 CFR 644.415 - Army military and Air Force lands-$50,000 limitation. (United States)


    ... 32 National Defense 4 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 true Army military and Air Force lands-$50,000 limitation. 644.415 Section 644.415 National Defense Department of Defense (Continued) DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY... Interests § 644.415 Army military and Air Force lands—$50,000 limitation. (a) 10 U.S.C. 2672 authorizes...

  9. 32 CFR 581.3 - Army Board for Correction of Military Records. (United States)


    ... 32 National Defense 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 true Army Board for Correction of Military Records. 581.3 Section 581.3 National Defense Department of Defense (Continued) DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY PERSONNEL PERSONNEL REVIEW BOARD § 581.3 Army Board for Correction of Military Records. (a)...

  10. Military Leadership in the Kenya Army. (United States)


    109011"dt agency. USAWC MILITARY STUIES PRGRAM PAPER MILITARY LEADERSIP IN THE KENYA ~IMW INDIVIEUAL sIUD PROJTECT by Brigadier Jackson Munyao, IS Colonel...DO supervising and evaluating . k. Motivate. o. Applying principles of motivation, such as develop- ing morale and esprit in your unit; teaching...orders and make sure they are followed. Make any correction where required. This can be done if you evaluate the effectiveness of the plan by

  11. An Analysis of Size and Structure of the Army of Reunified Korea (United States)


    studies on German reunification • Compare German and Korean reunification • Review the army’s mission from Korea Defense Paper 2006 • Discuss the...reunified Korea should maintain military forces sufficient to deter a PLA invasion by providing a robust conventional defense of Korean approximately 350,000, which is about two-thirds the size of the current Republic of Korea Army (ROKA). North Korean military personnel could be

  12. Military Review: NATO, US Army Europe (United States)


    MILITARY REVIEW Rusnw Casudw alef r-mod em d €nf Rws~ ~~owIM 18Md MdUF~l While the children of Charlemagne have-been the primary belligerents in the...Wellington had chosen to of the French emperor . Even the method for make6 himself available for field duty. He was this proved contentious, so the...required to defeat the French emperor . protection of his lines of communication was as Despite refusing to assume the overall military much to allow

  13. Army Materiel Requirements to Support the Continental United States Military Mobilization Base Structure (United States)


    Level of Organization AMC ............... Army Materiel Command AMOPS ............. Army Mobilization and Operations Planning System AMPC ...Military Personnel Center ( AMPC ) uses an automated mobilization manpower (MOB MAN) requirements data manipulator system to prepare time- phased


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    R.W. Brann


    Full Text Available Wynberg Military Base is, with the exception of the Castle, the oldest military establishment in South Africa. Its history has long been neglected. This paper presents a short discussion of some of the highlights in the camp's history which spans almost two hundred years. Unfortunately, the original buildings constructed at the base between 1797 and 1807 have been demolished; a few of those built in the latter half of the nineteenth century still remain scattered in between the more modern architecture. One building of note is the Victorian style Garrison Officers' Mess (now called the Army Officers' Club which was declared a National Monument in 1969 and celebrated its centenary on 21st November 1988.

  15. Relationship between Burnout Syndrome and health conditions among Army Military.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bruno Mendes de Jesus


    Full Text Available Objective: to identify the relationship between Burnout Syndrome and demographic, socioeconomic, health, lifestyle habits/attitudes/behaviors and working conditions among Brazilian Army soldiers. Methods: cross-sectional study of a military battalion in Minas Gerais. Evaluated the Burnout syndrome through Maslach Burnout Inventory, validated instrument for use in Brazil, and the data collected by researchers calibrated. This study was approved by the Ethics Committee of the Brazilian Educational Association. Results: the study involved 121 soldiers, of whom 119 answered the Maslach Burnout Inventory. Reported a prevalence of BS in 89.1% (n=106 of the military. Through the analysis of multiple logistic regression found a higher chance of developing burnout, military with low perception on Life Quality in the physical level (OR: 6.95, CI: 1.08 to 44.82; p: 0.042 and psychological (OR : 5.12, CI: 1.03 to 25.50; p: 0.046. Less likely to occur Burnout was found between military with low perception of life quality level in the environmental field (OR: 0.16; CI: from 0.03 to 0.82; p: 0.027 and those who make continued use of medicine (OR: 0.16, CI: 0.03 to 0.83; p: 0.029. Conclusion: a relationship was identified between burnout and health conditions (low perception of life quality level in the physical, psychological and environmental and use of medication.

  16. France - Brazil relations: legacy of the French Military Mission (1920-1940 for the Brazilian Army

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adriana Iop Bellintani


    Full Text Available The French Military Mission (MMF of instruction was part of the modernization project of the Brazilian Army, involving cultural and defense aspects. Brazilian Government, observing weakness in military forces, decided to modernize and equip the national army through the MMF. The French officers who participated in the bilateral agreement with Brazil instructed the formation of students, created schools and changed the Brazilian military doctrine.

  17. Military Personnel: Army Needs a Requirement for Capturing Data and Clear Guidance on Use of Military for Civilian or Contractor Positions (United States)


    MILITARY PERSONNEL Army Needs a Requirement for Capturing Data and Clear Guidance on Use of Military for Civilian... Clear Guidance on Use of Military for Civilian or Contractor Positions 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR(S...congressional committees June 2015 MILITARY PERSONNEL Army Needs a Requirement for Capturing Data and Clear Guidance on Use of Military for Civilian

  18. Military Logistics. Buying Army Spares Too Soon Creates Excess Stocks and Increases Costs (United States)


    Department of Defense (DoD) response to the General Accounting Office (GAO) draft report, " MILITARY LOGISTICS : Buying Army Spares Too Soon Creates Excessive...DATED MAY 30, 1989 (GAO CODE 393294) OSD CASE 8011 " MILITARY LOGISTICS : BUYING ARM SPARES TOO SOON CREATES EXCESSIVE STOCKS AND INCREASES COSTS

  19. 32 CFR 644.389 - Army military-modified predisposal procedures where E.O. 11954 surveys have been made. (United States)


    ... 32 National Defense 4 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 true Army military-modified predisposal procedures... (Continued) DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY (CONTINUED) REAL PROPERTY REAL ESTATE HANDBOOK Disposal Predisposal Action § 644.389 Army military—modified predisposal procedures where E.O. 11954 surveys have been made. (a)...

  20. Military Review: The Professional Journal of the U.S. Army. March-April 2001 (United States)


    where on 1 January 1994, the Zapatista National Liberation Army ( EZLN ) surprised Mexico�s government and the world by temporarily taking over several...surprise emergence of the EZLN in 1994. 43MILITARY REVIEW l May-June 2001 remnants will be incorporated into a new PGR min- isterial police. Whatever the...Zapatista National Liberation Army ( EZLN ) surprised Mexico�s gov- ernment and the world by temporarily taking over several Chiapas towns and raising the

  1. Military Review: The Professional Journal of the U.S. Army, Mar-Apr 2011 (United States)


    evolving, does not adequately address the role of armor and mechanized forces in irregular warfare. Cover Art: U.S. Army Sgt. Nick Andrews, an infantry...the Sons of Iraq. This hodge -podge military force, stood up by Sunni sheikhs as part of the Sawah (the Awakening) to defeat Al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI

  2. Effect of Food, Diet and Nutrition on Military Readiness and Preparedness of Army Personnel and Dependents in a Peacetime Environment (United States)


    3) Diet, Neurotransmitters and Behavior, Chandan Prasad, Ph.D., Principal Investigator, 4) Cardiovascular Helth Promotion for Military Personnel and...findings apply directly to Army personnel and their health maintenance in peace and under crisis situations. Extensive demographic, anthropometric

  3. Streamlining U.S. Army Military Installation Map (MIM) Production (United States)


    Assurance Plans ( QAPs ). Serves as the standardized data structure across all Army training and testing installations. Once populated, this...produced NGA MIMs and supporting documentation. All aspects reflect the layout, fonts, and features which are common to MIMs. Based on SRP QAP (CIP

  4. Technical analysis of US Army Weapons Systems and related advanced technologies of military interest. Final report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This report summarizes the activities and accomplishments of an US Army technology security project designed to identify and develop effective policy guidelines for militarily critical technologies in specific Army systems and in broad generic technology areas of military interest, Individual systems analyses are documented in separate Weapons Systems Technical Assessments (WSTAs) and the general generic technology areas are evaluated in the Advanced Technology Assessment Reports (ATARs), However, specific details of these assessments are not addressed here, only recommendations regarding aspects of the defined approach, methodology, and format are provided and discussed.

  5. [Influence of chronic diseases of reserve military personnel of Ukraine army on their capability to do their duty according military speciality]. (United States)

    Ivashchenko, S N


    The author presents in the article the way of distribution of reserve military personnel of Ukraine army on special groups depending on presence of chronical diseases or pathological conditions. The author analyzed more than 800 personal files of military personnel and other materials related to assessment of functional state of this personnel and efficiency of performing their duty. Data received from Kiev commissariats and other Ukraine military Institutions have been analyzed. The proposed way of military personnel distribution allows optimizing their operating mode by creating a special mode where resource of military personnel's professional health is preserved.

  6. Armies in Transition: Civil-Military Relations in New Democracies (United States)


    eiqn Policy 82 Orenstein, Harold S. "A Year After the velvet Revolution." Military Review 70.12 (1990) 64-71. Payne, Stanley G. Stanford, CA...York: St. Martin’s, 1986. Sharpe, Richard, ed. Jane’s Fightinq Ships 1991-92. Surrey: Jane’s, 1991. Coulsden, Shub, Joyce Lasky , and Raymond Cart

  7. The Wellbeing of Army Personnel in Dual Military Marriages (United States)


    being in a dual-military marriage. The initial findings were presented at the American Psychological Association (VanPuyvelde, Stover, Dunbar... structural equation modeling (AMOS 21; Arbuckle, 2012) to assess the indirect affect of work-family conflict on wellbeing. The proposed model...perceptions of fairness and cohesion) mediated the relationship between work-family conflict and psychological distress. Work-family conflict   6

  8. The Wellbeing of Army Personnel in Dual-Military Marriages (United States)


    Arenstein, S. J. (2011). The effects of deployment frequencies on the military divorce rate. Master’s Thesis, Naval Postgraduate School , Monterey...Book). BOOK CHAPTERS Huffman, A. H., Culbertson, S. S., & Barbour, J. (forthcoming). Gender Roles in a Masculine Occupation: Understanding how Men...Identities: The Role of Self-Consistency in Work- School Conflict. Poster presented at the I 18th annual meeting of the American Psychological Association

  9. [Military Knowledge: War Sciences and Army Libraries in France in the 19th Century (c. 1800-c. 1900)]. (United States)

    Thoral, Marie-Cecile


    This article analyses the development of military knowledge in France in the 19th century, both in terms of production of knowledge (especially through the Dépôt de la Guerre) and of transmission through a network of army libraries. The strategic dimension of this form of knowledge required a direct intervention of the state, to control or restrict the publication of sensitive data. State intervention was also necessary to coordinate and generate a unified, applied military knowledge using data submitted by members of different army branches, or by civilians. The work of military librarians and bibliologists was all the more difficult because of the very wide range of sciences which could be used by the army. Growing state intervention and public funding were thus essential for the production and transmission of military knowledge.

  10. Management accounting and rationalisation in the Army: The case of Spanish Military Hospitals in the 18th century

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juan Baños Sánchez-Matamoros


    Full Text Available The present paper deals with one of the most neglected areas of research in accounting, that of the Army. In spite of the literature on industries related to the Army, not too much has been extended on the Army per se. For this reason, this paper analyses the process of rationalization developed in the 18th century in Spanish Army Hospitals, as a result of the bankruptcy of the Royal Finances. Due to this process, the Military Hospitals were the most developed in the country, and it led to the emergence of the Contralor (Controller within the hospital, and thus accounting was considered as an essential matter.

  11. The role of the US Army Veterinary Corps in military family pet health. (United States)

    Vincent-Johnson, Nancy A


    Even though privately-owned pet care is a lower priority mission than military working dog care, food inspection,and the public health mission, it is still very important,and the one that many Veterinary Corps officers, civil-ian veterinarians, and technicians enjoy the most. The vast majority of veterinarians and technicians went into veterinary medicine because of a love for animals. It is fulfilling to offer guidance to a client with a new puppy or kitten, see a sick pet improve after treatment, and interact with dozens of animals and clients in a day. The services provided by the Army Veterinary Corps in car-ing for pets has expanded over the years and the standard of care has improved as well. It is truly a privilege to serve those who dedicate themselves to the protection of our Nation. The Army Veterinary Corps is indeed proud to provide care to the pets of Warfighters of the Army,Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard; their family members; and our military retirees.

  12. Military Services Fitness Database: Development of a Computerized Physical Fitness and Weight Management Database for the U.S. Army (United States)

    Williamson, Donald A.; Bathalon, Gaston P.; Sigrist, Lori D.; Allen, H. Raymond; Friedl, Karl E.; Young, Andrew J.; Martin, Corby K.; Stewart, Tiffany M.; Burrell, Lolita; Han, Hongmei; Hubbard, Van S.; Ryan, Donna


    The Department of Defense (DoD) has mandated development of a system to collect and manage data on the weight, percent body fat (%BF), and fitness of all military personnel. This project aimed to (1) develop a computerized weight and fitness database to track individuals and Army units over time allowing cross-sectional and longitudinal evaluations and (2) test the computerized system for feasibility and integrity of data collection over several years of usage. The computer application, the Military Services Fitness Database (MSFD), was designed for (1) storage and tracking of data related to height, weight, %BF for the Army Weight Control Program (AWCP) and Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) scores and (2) generation of reports using these data. A 2.5-year pilot test of the MSFD indicated that it monitors population and individual trends of changing body weight, %BF, and fitness in a military population. PMID:19216292

  13. Suicide risk factors in the professional military personnel in the Army of Serbia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dedić Gordana


    Full Text Available Background/Aim. Recognition of suicide risk factors is important in taking adequate suicide preventive measures, Suicide Prevention Program for Professional Military Personnel (PMP implemented in the Army of Serbia in 2003. The aim of our study was to establish suicide risk factors in PMP of the Army of Serbia. Methods. Analysis of suicide risk factors in PMP was carried out on the basis of data obtained by psychological suicide autopsy. The controls were demographically similar psychiatric outpatients with no history of suicidal behavior. A descriptive statistics method was used for risk factors analysis. The t-test was used for testing statistical hypotheses. Results. A total of 30 PMP, aged 22-49 years (30.53 ± 6.24 on average committed suicide within the period 1998-2007. Distal suicide risk factors in PMP were considered to be not being married, psychiatric heredity, having no outpatient psychiatric treatment, gambling, regular physical practice (bodybuilding, less transfer to a different post, low motivation for military service (p < 0.001, not having children, parental loss in early childhood, alcohol abuse (p < 0.005, low salary (p < 0.01 uncompleted military school, debts in the family (p < 0.05. The commonest proximal suicide risk factors were: actual family problems (36.6%, actual mental problems (13.3%, burnout (13.3%, negative balance of accounts (13.3%, professional problems (6.7%, behavioral model while for 10.0% PMP suicide risk factors could not be established. Conclusion. According to the presence of multiple suicide risk factors, Suicide Prevention Program for PMP in the Army of Serbia is directed to the prevention of both proximal and distal suicide risk factors.

  14. 32 CFR 644.388 - Army military-screening, clearance, preliminary report of excess, except where an E.O. 11954... (United States)


    ... 32 National Defense 4 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 true Army military-screening, clearance, preliminary... Defense Department of Defense (Continued) DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY (CONTINUED) REAL PROPERTY REAL ESTATE HANDBOOK Disposal Predisposal Action § 644.388 Army military—screening, clearance, preliminary report...

  15. An analysis of size and structure of the Army of Reunified Korea


    Lee, Hyun


    Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited The purpose of this study is to estimate a reasonable size and an appropriate structure for the Army of Reunified Korea (the Korean Federal Army, KFA). In addition, this study discusses methods of integrating Korean People's Army (KPA) personnel of the People's Democratic Republic of Korea (PDRK), now commonly referred to as "North Korea," into the KFA. To do this, this study starts with a planning threat from the People's Republic of ...

  16. [Catering services bases in the Russian army under military regulation of Peter the Great]. (United States)

    Konyshev, I S; adamenko, A M; Koshelev, V P


    At Peter I the regular army was organized and the system of target state deliveries to troops of the food is created. Provisioning and fodder was normalized as portion and ration. Portion was contained the products forpeoplefood, and ration - fodder for horses food who were used by the serviceman. Portion and ration unit was identical to all categories of the military personnel. Difference in food level consisted in that, how many portions and rations serviceman received. Up to the end of existence of Russian army in 1918 in each rota there were contractor and the cook who were engaged in foodstuff and cooking under sergeant-major and one of rota officers supervision. According to the Charter it was necessary to carry with respect and attention to officers and soldiers, their needs, including in the field of supply and catering services and providing with the food: Despite the lack of scientific justification, soldiers' nutrition was sufficient to provide fighting capacity of the Russian army.

  17. An Analysis of U.S. Army Health Hazard Assessments During the Acquisition of Military Materiel (United States)


    or contact with pathogenic microorganisms, their toxins and enzymes can cause a variety of illnesses such as zoonotic diseases, adverse respiratory...combustion products, engine exhaust from vehicle engines and generators, smokes and obscurants, chemical agents and fuel, oil, lubricants, cleaners , solvents... cleaners , lubricants, and solvents. Regardless of the function, size, or classification of military materiel, one of two conditions are generally

  18. Achieving army nursing evidence-based practice competencies through a civilian-military nurse partnership. (United States)

    Siaki, Leilani A; Lentino, Cynthia V; Mark, Debra D; Hopkins-Chadwick, Denise L


    Despite the Institute of Medicine's goal of 90% of all practice being evidence-based by 2020, educational and practice institutions are not on target to achieve this goal. Evidence-based practice is one of 5 core elements of the Army Nurse Corps' patient care delivery system and a key focus of the Hawaii State Center for Nursing. In order to increase evidence-based practice (EBP), a civilian-military partnership was formed to include healthcare organizations in the state, optimize resources, and share strategies for successful practice changes statewide. The partnership has been successful in meeting each of these goals using national EBP competencies and Bloom's taxonomy as a guide. The article presents a discussion regarding the history, processes, and outcomes of this partnership.

  19. Laboratory and Field Studies of Poly(2,5-bis(N-methyl-N-hexylaminophenylene vinylene (BAM-PPV: A Potential Wash Primer Replacement for Army Military Vehicles

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Peter Zarras


    Full Text Available In this study, an electroactive polymer (EAP, poly(2,5-bis(N-methyl-N- hexylaminophenylene vinylene (BAM-PPV, was tested as an alternative to current hexavalent chromium (Cr(VI-based Army wash primers. BAM-PPV was tested in both laboratory and field studies to determine its adhesive and corrosion-inhibiting properties when applied to steel and aluminum alloys. The Army Research Laboratory (ARL tests showed that BAM-PPV combined with an epoxy primer and the Army chemical agent-resistant coating (CARC topcoat met Army performance requirements for military coatings. After successful laboratory testing, the BAM-PPV was then field tested for one year at the Aberdeen Test Center (ATC. This field testing showed that BAM-PPV incorporated into the Army military coating survived with no delamination of the coating and only minor corrosion on the chip sites.

  20. Influence of new military athletic footwear on the kinetics and kinematics of running in relation to army boots. (United States)

    Sinclair, Jonathan; Taylor, Paul J


    Musculoskeletal injuries in the lower extremities are common in military recruits. Army boots have frequently been cited as a potential mechanism behind these high injury rates. In response to this, the British Army introduced new footwear models, the PT-03 (cross-trainer) and PT1000 (running shoes), which are issued to each new recruit in an attempt to reduce the incidence of these injuries. The aim of the current investigation was to examine the kinetics and kinematic of the PT-03 and PT1000 footwear in relation to conventional army boots. Thirteen participants ran at 4.0 m·s in each footwear condition. Three-dimensional kinematics from the hip, knee, and ankle were measured using an 8-camera motion analysis system. In addition, simultaneous ground reaction forces were obtained. Kinetic parameters were obtained alongside joint kinematics and compared using repeated-measures analyses of variance. The kinetic analysis revealed that impact parameters were significantly greater when running in the army boot compared with the PT-03 and PT1000. The kinematic analysis indicated that, in comparison with the PT-03 and PT1000, running in army boots was associated with significantly greater eversion and tibial internal rotation. It was also found that when running in the PT-03 footwear, participants exhibited significantly greater hip adduction and knee abduction compared with the army boots and PT1000. The results of this study suggest that the army boots and PT-03 footwear are associated with kinetic and kinematic parameters that have been linked to the etiology of injury; thus, it is recommended that the PT1000 footwear be adopted for running exercises.

  1. Technology and the Era of the Mass Army


    Massimiliano Gaetano Onorato; Kenneth Scheve; David Stasavage


    We investigate how technology has influenced the size of armies. During the nineteenth century the development of the railroad made it possible to field and support mass armies, significantly increasing the observed size of military forces. During the late twentieth century further advances in technology made it possible to deliver explosive force from a distance and with precision, making mass armies less desirable. We find strong support for our technological account using a new data set co...

  2. Putting Factions ‘Back in’ the Civil-Military Relations EquationGenesis, Maturation and Distortion of the Bangladeshi Army

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jérémie Codron


    Full Text Available This paper attempts to highlight two characteristics of the Bangladeshi army, namely factionalism and politicization. It shows how they hampered the institutionalization of civil-military relations in this country, and also suggests that the political power’s manoeuvres aggravated the army’s structural instability born of the Independence war. While arguing that the military’s professionalism and the institutionalization of the armed forces’ role were, in fact, encouraged during the 1980s military rule, the main thesis points to the return of civilians to power in 1991, which reintroduced partisan cleavages into the army and threatened the stability of civil-military relations. The trajectory of the Bangladeshi army indeed suggests that democratization does not necessarily lead to a higher degree of professionalism in armed forces.

  3. Putting the military back into the history of the military-industrial complex: the management of technological innovation in the U.S. Army, 1945-1960. (United States)

    Lassman, Thomas C


    In 1946 General Dwight Eisenhower, the Army Chief of Staff, established the Research and Development (R&D) Division on the War Department General Staff to expedite major technological breakthroughs in weapons technology. This goal, based on the separation of the management of R&D from procurement, captured the Army's preference for qualitative rather than quantitative superiority on the battlefield, but it threatened to upend entrenched methods of incremental product improvement under way in the Army's supply organizations, collectively called the technical services. The division's brief existence (it ceased operations in 1947) contrasted sharply with the longevity of the Ordnance Department's in-house manufacturing arsenals; for more than a century they had exploited synergies between R&D and production to turn out new weapons mass-produced in industry. The history of the R&D Division and the corresponding management of technological innovation in the technical services broadens an otherwise narrow historiographical interpretation of postwar knowledge production in the United States that is still focused heavily on the moral and political economy of military-funded academic research.

  4. Gender Integration of Women into U.S. Army Special Forces Operational Detachments Alpha as an 18 Series Military Occupational Specialty (United States)


    occupational specialties (MOS). By January 2016 the military services must open all combat jobs to women or explain why exceptions exist . Gender must open all combat jobs to women or explain why exceptions exist . Gender integration for Army SF Operational Detachments Alpha (ODAs...sake of gender equality should not be the sole motivating factor for integrating females into the U.S. Army Special Forces. Male SF officers, female

  5. Red Army Inc.: An Analysis of the Military-Business Complex of the People’s Liberation Army (United States)


    located in five provinces, including Guangdong, Hainan, and Hubei. Its most profitable and dynamic firms are in Guangdong, in particular the Shenzhen ...term economic environment .34 14 David Shambaugh, "China’s Military Transition: Politics, Professionalism, Procurement and Power Projection," China Quarterly No. 146, Oxford University Press June 1996, p.2 7 8 . 15

  6. Military Review: The Professional Journal of the U.S. Army. May-June 2002 (United States)


    Edition Lieutenant Colonel Carlos Mezzano Chilean Army, Hispano-American Edition Lieutenant Colonel Hernan Vazquez Argentine Army, Hispano-American...Special Forces soldier said the Tali- ban he encountered used “ spider holes”—well-camouflaged shallow caves stocked with machine guns— that provided

  7. The Yugoslav People’s Army: Its Military and Political Mission (United States)


    Communists in the Post-War Development of the Yugoslav People’s Army," Zbornik Radova , (Belgrade: Politicka Skola JNA, 1968), p. 33. 72...Development of the Yugoslav People’s Army." Zbornik Radova . Belgrade: Politicka Skola JNA, 1968. Kovalyov, Sergei. "Sovereignty and International Duties." Prava

  8. The Greek military camp in the ten thousand´s army

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alvárez Rico, Mauricio G.


    Full Text Available The first and main conclusion of this study of the Xenophon´s works is that the Greek military camp should be the subject of research and should get more than ten pages at most in any handbook on Greek warfare. Once the castramental vocabulary problem is resolved, and we know the exact difference on meaning between words like τὸ στρατόπεδον, τὰ ὄπλα or σκηνὲω, it will be possible to attempt an approximation to Greek castramental theory of the 4th century as it would have been described in lost contemporary works, such as the one by Aeneas Tacticus. The Greek military camp seems to have had a high level of professional organisation, with a regular plan and internal structure, a very sophisticated watch guard system and a routine that shows the generals concern for the order and discipline of their troops. Inside the camp it was the συσκηνὶα (the group of soldiers who shared the same tent the basic logistical (and also probably, tactical unit in the Greek armies on campaign.

    La conclusión principal de este estudio de las obras de Jenofonte es que el campamento militar griego puede y debe ser investigado, pudiéndosele dedicar más de las diez páginas que como mucho se le han venido otorgando en los manuales de historia militar de la Grecia clásica. Una vez solventado el problema del vocabulario, y conociendo la diferencia exacta de significado entre términos como τὸ στρατόπεδον, τὰ ὄπλα o σκηνὲω hemos podido aproximarnos a la teoría castramental griega del s. IV tal y como pudo aparecer en obras hoy perdidas como la de Eneas Táctico. La castramentación griega parece haber alcanzado un alto grado de profesionalidad, con campamentos que mostraban un plano y una estructura interna regular, con un sofisticado sistema de guardias, y un horario que demuestra la preocupación de los generales por el mantenimiento del orden y la disciplina entre la tropa. Dentro del

  9. The Needs of the Army: Using Compulsory Relocation in the Military to Estimate the Effect of Air Pollutants on Children's Health (United States)

    Lleras-Muney, Adriana


    Recent research suggests that pollution has a large impact on asthma and other respiratory and cardiovascular conditions. But this relationship and its implications are not well understood. I use changes in location due to military transfers, which occur entirely to satisfy the needs of the army, to identify the causal impact of pollution on…

  10. Erica Marat, The Military and the State in Central Asia: From Red Army to Independence

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Boris Petric


    Full Text Available Erica Marat is a one of the United States’ most brilliant Central Asian political scientists. She has offered numerous analyses of political transformations as presented by different think tanks and American foundations. In this book, Marat focuses on the role of the army in building state processes in contemporary Central Asian states. The book offers a wide panorama of Central Asian armies, compiling sources already published (books, reports in Russian and English etc. and some original da...

  11. Military Review: The Professional Journal of the U.S. Army, September-October 2008 (United States)


    training. (b) Administrative corrective measures, includ- ing verbal reprimands and a reasonable number of repetitions of authorized physical exercises. (c...physical and verbal abuse. Thus, by pure extension of intellectual habit and moral misconception, this illicit aspect of Army culture condones...Venezuela cuenta com premir radar,” Ministerio del Poder Popular para la Comunicacion y la Informacion (Venezuelan Ministry of Communication

  12. Military Review: The Professional Journal of the U.S. Army, July-August 2010 (United States)


    also a small but significant Christian population and an isolated Palestinian community. Most of the region was urban, with rural areas on will once again fertilize the darkest embryo of the human soul, and one of history’s greatest armies will give birth to yet another Abu Ghraib or

  13. Technology complementing military behavioral health efforts at tripler army medical center. (United States)

    Stetz, Melba C; Folen, Raymond A; Yamanuha, Bronson K


    The purpose of this article is to provide a short narrative on the ways that behavioral health professionals and their patients are currently benefitting from the use of technology. Examples stem from applications of technology to patients/research participants at the Tripler Army Medical Center. The paper also discusses how current use of this technology has made it possible to serve individuals in their own cultural environment, providing a cost-effective means of providing mental health services.

  14. U.S. Army Military Police: The Force of Choice for Defense Support to Civil Authorities (United States)


    Kathleen Blanco activated 2,000 ARNG Soldiers as a preventative measure. 70 Later that same day, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour authorized his...73Wombrell, Army Support During the Hurricane Katrina Disaster, 2. 74Axel Graumann, Tamara Houston, Jay Lawrimore, David Levinson, Neal Lott, Sam McCown... (accessed 12 February 2014). Graumann, Axel, Tamara Houston, Jay Lawrimore, David

  15. A Shared Burden: The Military and Civilian Consequences of Army Pain Management Since 2001 (United States)


    growing numbers of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM (OEF) and Operation IRAQI FREEDOM (OIF)/Operation NEW DAWN ( OND ) veterans who are returning to civilian...9 While wounds suffered in OEF and OIF/ OND accounted for some of this upsurge, a significant growth in deployment-related orthopedic injuries also in...the Army, soldiers, and civilian society. This reliance on old policies for a new problem has occurred, in part, because on the surface the issues

  16. The Army’s Professional Military Ethic in an Era of Persistent Conflict (United States)


    American people. But how do the leaders within the Army profession think about their Ethic? With what language, models, and pedagogy is it discussed and... autonomy . (Emphasis added by authors.) Field Manual 1, June 14, 2005, para. 1-40 Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. If you...given its limited professional autonomy , has the most control. Admittedly, there has been reluctance in the past to articulate sharply these moral

  17. Women in the US Army: A Quiet Revolution in Military Affairs (United States)


    1977 as a cadet ( plebe ) at the United States Military Academy at West Point. Women were first admitted to West Point in 1976, so being an eighteen...activity and exceptionally fit upon arrival. She was a good enough athlete letter on the women’s basketball team as a plebe . She was also captain of

  18. The U.S. Army in a Civil-Military Support Role in Latin America (United States)


    American countries, but if 3 106 Carta de Conducta de Riobamba [Charter of Conduct] presented to the United Nations General Assembly by the Permanent...34Perspectives on Nationbuilding in Low-Intensity/High-Probability Conflicts: Medical Strategy." Military Review 2 (February 1989). Carta de Conducta

  19. The Army vs. the People: The Opposition of the Soviet Military to Baltic Independence (United States)


    Following the line laid down by Gorbachev, a writer in Krasnaya Zvezda allowed that "not all aspects of Soviet prewar foreign policy meet the high... Sindrome ’, Neustavshchinye i Natsional’noi Aspekte Voinskoi Sluzhby" [Youth Try on Overcoats: on the ’Occupation Syndrome’, Non-Regulation Behavior, and...that despite the 4 V. Sein, "Komu na Ruku ’Antiarmeiskyi Sindrom ’?" [Who is Responsible for the ’Anti-Army Syndrome’?], Sovetskaya Latvia, July 5, 1989

  20. The Army’s Military Decision Making: Adequate or Update and Expand (United States)


    and Organization Kenneth Waltz in Man, the State, and War wrote, “Attempting to ingest a wide-ranging literature in one gulp, I became puzzled by... gothic dressed individuals to serve in their gothic style regalia. Move away from the relative isolation of the military bases and expand into the...organization doesn’t necessarily have to like gays or those who prefer gothic style dress. What is important is that the desired endstate is the

  1. First United States Army Observers of Military Conflicts in Post Napoleonic Europe (1855-1871) (United States)


    highest commands. No better General ever lived than Sheridan. ―President U.S. Grant, conversation with Otto von Bismarck, quoted in U.S. Grant, The...foreign military conflict after the United States Civil War and employed the highest- ranking observer. Both were on paid leave for a little over a year...former company commander, then Major 24 War, Forsyth became a cavalry officer and was brevetted due to bravery from the rank of major through

  2. Bridging the Planning Gap: Linking Conceptual Army Design to Military Decision-Making (United States)


    art, French postmodern philosophy, social sciences, psychology, architecture , urban planning, and…ancient Chinese military thinking.” For this...bringing two “separate but closely related” activities together is not limited to architecture alone. 2 Understanding the history of detailed and...Design,” 10. 96 Bryan Lawson, How Designers Think: The Design Process Demystified, 4th Ed., (Boston MA: Architectural Press, 2006), 109. 44 If

  3. 集装箱运输在我军军事物流中的应用%Application of Containerized Transportation in Military Logistics System of Chinese Army

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    田润良; 张颖; 尹福文; 陈泽鸿


    In this paper, on the basis of an analysis of the current status and existing problems of the military logistics practice of the Chinese army, we elaborated on the significance of the containerized transportation in the military logistics system, and then from the aspects of military material, transportation means and IT construction, demonstrated the application of the containerized transportation in the military logistics system of the Chinese army.%在分析了我军军事物流发展现状及问题的基础上,阐述了集装箱运输在军事物流中的地位,并从军用物资、运输方式以及信息化建设三个方面论述了集装箱运输在我军军事物流中的应用.集装箱运输在我军军事物流中优越性已经初步显现,不仅可以提高运输效率和质量,而且能带来良好的经济效益,对我军军事物流产生巨大影响和推动作用.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    E.C. Ejiogu


    Full Text Available Since time immemorial, societies, states and state builders have been challenged and transformed by the need and quest for military manpower.1 European states relied on conscript armies to ‘pacify’ and retain colonies in parts of the non-European world. These facts underscore the meticulous attention paid by the British to the recruitment of their colonial forces in Africa. In the Niger basin for one, conscious efforts were made by individual agents of the British Crown and at official level to ensure that only members of designated groups were recruited into those colonial forces that facilitated the establishment of the Nigerian supra-national state. The end of colonial rule and shifts in military recruitment policies hardly erased the vestiges of colonial recruitment from the Nigerian military. The study on which this article is based and which examines Britain’s policies on military human resource recruitment as state-building initiatives, argued that military coups d’état in Nigeria can be traced back to colonial and post-colonial recruitment patterns for military human resources.

  5. Energy Requirements of US Army Special Operation Forces During Military Training

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lee M. Margolis


    Full Text Available Special Operations Forces (SOF regularly engage in physically demanding combat operations and field training exercises, resulting in high daily energy expenditure, and thus increased energy requirements. However, the majority of studies assessing energy requirements of SOF have been conducted on soldiers going through intense SOF initiation training. The objective of the current investigation was to determine the energy expenditure of SOF conducting military training operations. Thirty-one soldiers taking part in Pre-Mission Training (PMT n = 15 and Combat Diver Qualification Courses (CDQC n = 16 volunteered to participate in this observational study. Energy expenditure was determined using doubly labeled water. Body weight (83 ± 7 kg remained stable during both training periods. Overall energy expenditure adjusted for body composition was 17,606 ± 2326 kJ·day−1. Energy expenditure was 19,110 ± 1468 kJ·day−1 during CDQC and 16,334 ± 2180 kJ·day−1 during PMT, with physical activity levels of 2.6 ± 0.2 and 2.2 ± 0.3 during CDQC and PMT, respectively. Compared to the Military Dietary Reference Intakes for energy (13,598 kJ·day−1, these data are in agreement with previous reports that energy requirement for SOF Soldiers exceed that of the average soldier.

  6. Microhabitat and body size effects on heat tolerance: implications for responses to climate change (army ants: Formicidae, Ecitoninae). (United States)

    Baudier, Kaitlin M; Mudd, Abigail E; Erickson, Shayna C; O'Donnell, Sean


    1. Models that predict organismal and population responses to climate change may be improved by considering ecological factors that affect species thermal tolerance. Species differences in microhabitat use can expose animals to diverse thermal selective environments at a given site and may cause sympatric species to evolve different thermal tolerances. 2. We tested the hypothesis that species differences in body size and microhabitat use (above- vs. below-ground activity) would correspond to differences in thermal tolerance (maximum critical temperatures: CTmax ). Thermal buffering effects of soil can reduce exposure to extreme high temperatures for below-ground active species. We predicted larger-bodied individuals and species would have higher CTmax and that species mean CTmax would covary positively with degree of above-ground activity. We used Neotropical army ants (Formicidae: Ecitoninae) as models. Army ants vary in microhabitat use from largely subterranean to largely above-ground active species and are highly size polymorphic. 3. We collected data on above- and below-ground temperatures in habitats used by army ants to test for microhabitat temperature differences, and we conducted CTmax assays for army ant species with varying degrees of surface activity and with different body sizes within and between species. We then tested whether microhabitat use was associated with species differences in CTmax and whether microhabitat was a better predictor of CTmax than body size for species that overlapped in size. 4. Microhabitat use was a highly significant predictor of species' upper thermal tolerance limits, both for raw data and after accounting for the effects of phylogeny. Below-ground species were more thermally sensitive, with lower maximum critical temperatures (CTmax ). The smallest workers within each species were the least heat tolerant, but the magnitude of CTmax change with body size was greater in below-ground species. Species-typical microhabitat

  7. Military Marvels

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    The crucial role played by China’s military since the Sichuan earthquake has endeared them to the country more than ever August 1 is the founding anniversary of China’s People’s Liberation Army(PLA).It’s a date with particular public resonance this year because of the crucial role the military has played

  8. Military Review: The Professional Journal of the U.S. Army. Volume 81, Number 4, July-August 2001 (United States)


    Brazilian Army, Brazilian Edition Lieutenant Colonel Carlos Mezzano Chilean Army, Hispano-American Edition Lieutenant Colonel Hernan Vazquez Argentine Army...Crisis and Op- portunity in American Foreign and Defense Policy ( San Francisco, CA: Encoun- ter Books, 2000), 262-63. 7. Global Trends 2015: A...A workshop held in December included Dr. John Hillen, Mr. Richard Kerr, Dr. Steven Metz, Admiral William Small, Professor Martin van Creveld and

  9. Military Review: The Professional Journal of the U.S. Army. October 2006. Special Edition, Counterinsurgency Reader (United States)


    Colombian Army Adaptation to FARC Insurgency (Carlisle, PA: U.S. Army War College, Strategic Studies Institute, 2002). See also Jay Cope, La so, and thus to some extent lt gen (Retired) Jay M. garner had been replaced because of a failure by the army, since the absence of law and order...Michael Asher , Lawrence: The Uncrowned King of Arabia (Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK: Gardners Books, Ltd., 1999); Barbara Tuchman, Stillwell and the

  10. How Big Should the Army Be Considerations for Congress (United States)


    abroad. For others, the cost of increasing the size of the Army is the predominant factor in the debate. The National Military Strategy (NMS...published in June 2015, describes a global environment marked by increasing interdependence, complexity, and the diffusion of information and technologies...devices) as well as sophisticated propaganda and messaging strategies to spread their influence. 5

  11. English Educational Policies of the U.S. Army Military Government in Korea from 1945 to 1948 and Their Effects on the Development of English Language Teaching in Korea (United States)

    Kim, Eun Gyong


    This study examines the English language teaching (ELT) policies and measures taken under the United States Army Military Government in Korea (USAMGIK) from 1945 to 1948, in an attempt to illuminate their implications on the current ELT in Korea. The study analyzes data derived from documents of the Korean and the U.S. governments, literature on…

  12. Military Review: The Professional Journal of the U.S. Army. Volume 80, Number 5, September-October 2000 (United States)


    conventional operations and then back again. 26 September-October 2000 l MILITARY REVIEW These areas are characterized by overpopulation , poverty, disease...Nations. The United Nations polynational and polylingual military forces in Korea now include personnel from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Colombia , Denmark

  13. U.S. Army Medical Department (United States)

    ... Excerpt-3 Building partnerships through military medicine Tripler Army Medical Center assists in medical missions. Read more ... their age, height, and weight. Healthy Living Videos Army Medicine Health Minute View More Videos

  14. Studies on self-esteem of penile size in young Korean military men

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    HwanchcolSon; HanjooLee; Jung-SikHuh; SooWoongKim; Jae-SeungPaick


    Aim:To investigate the flaccid and stretched penile sizes of young Korean men and their complexes or pride about their penile size. Methods: After an explanation and agreement to the purpose and methods of this study,123 Korean men in their early 20's visiting the Jinhae Military General Hospital were included in the study. The flaccid penile length, flaccid mid-shaft circumference, stretched length and pre-pubic bone fat pad depth were measured in a warm comfortable environment. The accuracy the subjects assessed their penile size was investigated by asking them to rate their penile size, as ‘very small', ‘small', ‘normal', ‘large' or ‘very large'. All subjects were asked to completethe Minnesota multiphasic personality inventory (MMPI) test. Results: The mean flaccid length, flaccid cireumfereace,stretched length and fat pad depth of the 123 subjects were (6.9 ± 0.8) cm, (8.5 ± 1.1) cm, (9.6± 0.8) cm and (1.1± 0.4) cm, respectively. The answer distribution on penile size was 1 (0.8 %) ‘very small', 29 (23.6 %) ‘small', 86(69.9 %) ‘normal', 6 (4.9 %) ‘large' and 1 (0.8 %)‘'very large'. Subjects who underestimated their penile size showed significantly higher scores on the hypochondriasis (Hs), depression (D) and psychasthenia (Pt) subscales of the MMPI than those in the Unbiased Group (P<0.05). Conclusion: In consultation, with a patient requesting penile augmentation, the urologist should consider the psychologic attitude of the patient to his penile size. (Asian J Androl 2003 Sep, 5: 185-189)

  15. Discussion on Military Academy Undergraduate Foreign Army Research Course Teaching%军校本科“外军研究”课程教学的探讨

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    陈煜; 贺宇; 张万刚


    Military academy gives a course of Foreign Army Research in undergraduates phase. It has some problems in the aspect of course location,teaching content and teaching way,especially course teaching. According to these problems,this paper puts forward some countermeasures from the aspect of course teaching goal,teaching way of thinking,teaching con-tent,teaching way and teachers troops construction to improve course teaching of Foreign Army Research.%  军队院校大学本科阶段开设的“外军研究”课程在课程定位、教学内容和教学方式等方面存在一些问题,对课程教学效果有较大影响。针对这些问题,从课程教学目标、教学思路、教学内容、教学方式、师资队伍建设等方面提出改进“外军研究”课程教学的对策。

  16. Military Review: The Professional Journal of the U.S. Army. Volume 89, Number 2, March-April 2009 (United States)


    practical exercises and academic sessions. 8. Gregory Bateson , Steps to an Ecology of Mind Collected Essays in Anthro- pology, Psychiatry, Evolution...Studies Gregory Fontenot, Director, University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies Lester W. Grau Foreign Military Studies Office Mr. Thomas Jordan...exploring before it has been explored. — Gregory Bateson8 In addition to internal exercises, SAMS has participated in Unified Quest (UQ) exercises

  17. The Influence of Strategic and Organizational Cultures on the Revolution in Military Affairs Within the U.S. Army (United States)


    legend .115 Contrastingly, the German army during this era (also referred to as the Reichswehr) under the leadership of Chief of General Staff Hans...the League of Nations and the arms limitation treaties, including the Versailles treaty and the accords concluded at the Washington Naval Conference

  18. Military Review: The Professional Journal of the U.S. Army, Volume 90, Number 1, January-February 2000 (United States)


    era and must still be present and largely unchanged in today�s emerging Force XXI. 3. FM 100-5, Operations, 2-15. 4. John K. Mahon and Romana Danysh...ample, family, religion , security or honesty. By sharing personal val- ues, they prepare themselves to dis- cover and define things they collec...Testimony before Sub- committee on Defense Appropriations, 7-8 February 1955, 23; John K. Mahon and Romana Danysh, Infantry, Part I: �Regular Army

  19. Military Review: The Professional Journal of the U.S. Army, August 2008. Special Edition: Counterinsurgency Reader II (United States)


    Cundinamarca, the state surrounding Bogota , which throughout 2003 was systematically cleared of major insurgent presence. So complete was the effort that...relations between Washington and Bogota . Simultaneously, both governments should encourage closer relations between U.S. and Colombian centers of...while looting and burning their homes. A group of civilians fled in boats across the euphrates River and reached an Iraqi Army outpost where they

  20. Transformation - Revolution in Military Logistics (United States)


    adopted by the logistics community as part of the Army’s Revolution in Military Logistics ....operations." To support this vision, Army logistics requires a quantum leap in strategic responsiveness. This change is called "Revolution in Military ... Logistics ," to know what the customer, the Warfighter, needs before he requests it. This study examines proposed improvements in automation

  1. Military Review: The Professional Journal of the U.S. Army. Volume 83, Number 4, July-August 2003 (United States)


    Funk & Wagnalls , 1969), 65. 22. R. Ernest Dupuy and Trevor N. Dupuy, The Harper Encyclopedia of Military History, 4th ed. ( New York: HarperCollins Pub...How Effective is Strategic Bombing? Lessons Learned from World War II to Kosovo ( New York University Press, 2001); Mark Clodfelter, The Limits of...Battle of Taji on 16 April 2003, battle command in the 4th Infantry Division was exercised in a technically new style nicknamed Battle Command on the

  2. Exploring the Complexities of Army Civilians and the Army Profession (United States)


    Profession. It appears reasonable that military and civilians become bilingual in the doctrine, regulations, and languages of both the operational force...members of the Armed Forces and Army Civilians as employed by the Armed Forces.15 The simple generalization and different language in the law and...civil-military relations and the Army Civilian Corps closes the first section. 4 The second section contrasts institutions, organizations, and

  3. Field procedures in the Army Study to Assess Risk and Resilience in Servicemembers (Army STARRS). (United States)

    Heeringa, Steven G; Gebler, Nancy; Colpe, Lisa J; Fullerton, Carol S; Hwang, Irving; Kessler, Ronald C; Naifeh, James A; Nock, Matthew K; Sampson, Nancy A; Schoenbaum, Michael; Zaslavsky, Alan M; Stein, Murray B; Ursano, Robert J


    The Army Study to Assess Risk and Resilience in Servicemembers (Army STARRS) is a multi-component epidemiological and neurobiological study of unprecedented size and complexity designed to generate actionable evidence-based recommendations to reduce US Army suicides and increase basic knowledge about determinants of suicidality by carrying out coordinated component studies. A number of major logistical challenges were faced in implementing these studies. The current report presents an overview of the approaches taken to meet these challenges, with a special focus on the field procedures used to implement the component studies. As detailed in the paper, these challenges were addressed at the onset of the initiative by establishing an Executive Committee, a Data Coordination Center (the Survey Research Center [SRC] at the University of Michigan), and study-specific design and analysis teams that worked with staff on instrumentation and field procedures. SRC staff, in turn, worked with the Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of the Army (ODUSA) and local Army Points of Contact (POCs) to address logistical issues and facilitate data collection. These structures, coupled with careful fieldworker training, supervision, and piloting, contributed to the major Army STARRS data collection efforts having higher response rates than previous large-scale studies of comparable military samples.

  4. Comparative analysis of the higher military educational institution cadets physical education and students studying at the army reserve officers program

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Popovych О.І.


    Full Text Available The questions of efficiency of the system of physical education are examined in civil educational establishments in relation to preparation of students of soldiery departments. 36 students and 41 cadet took part in researches. Testing physical preparedness was conducted on results of implementation of control exercises in: undercutting on a cross-beam, at shuttle run (10х10, at run on 100 and 3000 meters. The comparative analysis of level of physical preparedness of students of military higher educational establishment and students, who study on the program of officers of supply, is conducted. Certain suggestion on forming of on-line tutorials for this contingent of students.

  5. Military Review: The Professional Journal of the U.S. Army. Volume 86, Number 4, July-August 2006 (United States)


    Paz , and Riordan Roett, eds., The Andes in Focus: Security, Democracy and Economic Reform (Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2005), 45-65; and...Politics,” Web Log of Jonathan Olguin, a Bolivian studying at Florida State University, <>. 29. La Prensa, La Paz , 3 May...Max G. Manwaring, Ejército de los EE.UU., “El Nuevo Maestro del Ajedrez Mágico: El Verdadero Hugo Chávez y la Guerra Asimétrica,” Military Review

  6. Army Training. Management Initiatives Needed To Enhance Reservists' Training. Report to the Chairman, Subcommittee on Military Personnel and Compensation, Committee on Armed Services. (United States)

    General Accounting Office, Washington, DC. Div. of National Security and International Affairs.

    A study was made to determine the extent to which Army reservists (the National Guard and the Army Reserve) are training in critical tasks and battlefield survival and to identify the factors affecting this training. Information was gathered by interviewing officials at headquarters offices, analyzing overall Army training information, and…

  7. the Army Ethic-Educating and Equipping the Army Mid-Level Leaders in the CGSOC (United States)


    sexually assaulting a female subordinate.3 How has the Army responded to such ethical lapses that could have resulted in a loss of operational...a set of normative expectations for military officers. Army Profession. ADRP 1 defines the Army Profession as “a unique vocation of experts...Primarily refers to institutional, formal education that occurs throughout an officer’s career , commonly referred to as professional military

  8. 32 CFR 575.1 - Military Academy. (United States)


    ... 32 National Defense 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 true Military Academy. 575.1 Section 575.1 National... MILITARY ACADEMY § 575.1 Military Academy. (a) Organization and administration. (1) The United States Military Academy is under the general direction and supervision of the Department of the Army....

  9. Size Matters Stature Is Related to Diagnoses of Depression in Young Military Men

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Valery Krupnik


    Full Text Available Evolutionary theories suggest that depression has evolved as an adaptation to insurmountable adversity or defeat. One prediction stemming from these models is that individual attributes associated with defeat in a given social environment could be risk factors for depression. We hypothesized that in young military men, where physical prowess was important, short stature might constitute a risk of depression and that this risk would be specific to depression and not to other prevalent mental disorders such as anxiety. A preliminary analysis of the diagnostic profile of a sample of male military personnel treated for mental health indicates that men both shorter and taller than average by 1 standard deviation may be predisposed to higher rates of depressive but not anxiety disorders. Practical and theoretical implications of our findings are discussed.

  10. Army Planning: Comprehensive Risk Assessment Needed for Planned Changes to the Armys Force Structure (United States)


    focus on retaining combat units, and senior Army leaders ’ assessment that shortfalls in combat units are more challenging to resolve than shortfalls in...According to the Army, this reduction will require reductions of both combat and supporting units. Army leaders reported that reducing the Army to...such levels creates significant but manageable risk to executing the U.S. military strategy and that further reductions would result in unacceptable

  11. Physical Demands of Army Military Occupational Specialties: Constructing and Applying a Crosswalk to Evaluate the Relationship between Occupational Physical Demands and Hospitalizations (United States)


    U.S. Army: 1981-2005. Disability and Health Journal 1: 14-24, 2008. 5. Bell, N. S., C. E. Schwartz, T. C. Harford, I. E. Hollander, and P. J. Amoroso...Temporal changes in the nature of disability: U.S. Army Soldiers discharged with disability, 1981--2005. Disability and Health Journal , 2008 (In

  12. Military Surgeon and Humanity

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LU Lu; WANG Yiran


    Military surgeons are a special group of doctors. They are both medical workers and soldiers.Their mission is to serve the wounded on the battlefield.And there is no doubt that military surgeons will save our comrades in the army. However,should a military surgeon save the wounded enemy? It is indeed a dilemma.Some may save the wounded enemy because military surgeons are doctors after all and they can't possibly abandon anybody to his fate,but some refuse to do so because military surgeons are soldiers.Therefore,some situations on the battlefield are discussed and advice is suggested for military surgeons,with heartfelt anticipation for there being less casualties on the battlefield as well as alleviating human suffering caused by war.

  13. Military Surgeon and Humanity

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LU; Lu; WANG; Yiran


    Military surgeons are a special group of doctors.They are both medical workers and soldiers.Their mission is to serve the wounded on the battlefield.And there is no doubt that military surgeons will save our comrades in the army.However,should a military surgeon save the wounded enemy?It is indeed a dilemma.Some may save the wounded enemy because military surgeons are doctors after all and they can’t possibly abandon anybody to his fate,but some refuse to do so because military surgeons are soldiers.Therefore,some situations on the battlefield are discussed and advice is suggested for military surgeons,with heartfelt anticipation for there being less casualties on the battlefield as well as alleviating human suffering caused by war.

  14. 32 CFR 1602.17 - Military service. (United States)


    ... 32 National Defense 6 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Military service. 1602.17 Section 1602.17 National Defense Other Regulations Relating to National Defense SELECTIVE SERVICE SYSTEM DEFINITIONS § 1602.17 Military service. The term military service includes service in the Army, the Navy, the Air...

  15. 中国男性青年军人对同性恋者及其服兵役的态度%Attitudes of Chinese young male military personnel toward homosexuality in the army

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    阎同军; 王焕林; 王彦彦; 毕银花


    目的 评价中国男性青年军人对同性恋者及同性恋者服兵役的态度.方法 随机整群抽取1368名南京军区陆军某部现役男性青年军人,采用军人对男/女同性恋者的态度量表(ATLG)(中文版)及军人对军队中的同性恋者的态度量表(ATHM)(中文版)进行测最,并对其结果进行统计分析.结果 ATLG量表最低分22,最高分80,平均(45.59±7.90)分;ATHM量表最低分14,最高分为53,平均(29.43±6.56)分;中国男性青年军人对男、女同性恋者均持否定的态度,尤其对男同性恋者更加反感(t=7.212,P=0.000);未发现ATLG量表、ATHM量表评分与年龄、军龄、职别、是否独生子女及受教育程度存在相关;ATLG评分与ATHM评分间存在正相关(r=0.491,P<0.01).结论 中国当代军人对同性恋者服役的态度既表示轻度支持,存在较高的宽容度,同时又感到与同性恋者在一起"不舒服",且这种反感多表现在道德及社会舆论范畴.%Objective To assess attitudes of Chinese young male military personnel with regard to homosexuality and homosexuality served in the army. Methods 1368 enlisted military personnel from Nanjing Military Region chosen hy random cluster sampling were tested and analyzed by Military Personnel' s Attitudes Toward Lesbian and Gay men Scale ( ATLG) and Military Personnel' s Attitudes Toward Homosexuals in the Military Scale (ATHM). Results The summed scores on the ATLG scale ranged from 22 to 80 (45. 59 ± 7. 90) , and the summed scores on the ATHM scale ranged from 14 to 53 (29.43 ± 6. 56). Attitudes of the present sample toward lesbians and gay men in general were found to be negative, especially toward gay men(t = 7.212, P = 0.000). There was no relation found between scale scores and the demographic variables such as age, length of military service, official rank, education , while the Pearson correlation coefficients between ATLG scores and ATHM scores was high(r=0.491, P<0.01). Conclusion Attitudes toward

  16. Commentary - The Early Days of Central Asian Military Integration: the Kyrgyz National Division of the Red Army in 1927-1928

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Isabelle Ohayon


    Full Text Available This paper is a brief overview of the sociology of a national division of the Red Army in the early days of its formation in Kyrgyzstan, as described in two documents about soldiers of Kyrgyz nationality in 1927 and 1928. At that time the Soviet Army was not seeking to substantially increase its numbers but rather recruiting in line with the intentions of the nationality policy, by integrating ethnic groups and regions that had been ignored by the high command. Kyrgyzstan is a striking exampl...

  17. 远程医学在军队非战争军事行动卫勤保障中的应用%Application of Telemedicine in Medical Service Support of Non-war Military Action in Armies

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘运成; 葛毅; 吴豪; 翟新海


    近年来,随着我军非战争军事行动的增多,远程医学系统在各类非战争军事行动中的卫勤指挥、伤员救治、普及医学知识等方面发挥了重要作用.从军队远程医学建设历程、具有的主要功能、在各类非战争军事行动中的应用以及建设的相关经验等方面进行了论述.%In recent years, as the increasing of non-war military actions in China, telemedicine system plays an important role in medical service command, treating the wounded and popularizing medical knowledge in various non-war military actions. The paper discussed the construction progress, main functions, applications and relevant construction experiences of telemedicine in armies.

  18. Practice of US Army Military-civil Integration Equipment Maintenance Support and Its Revelation%美军军民一体化装备维修保障的实践及启示

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    从创新保障理论、制定法律法规、成立专门机构、重视指挥管理和完善市场机制5个方面对美军军民一体化装备维修保障实践进行了梳理,总结了其4个主要特点:保障力量多元化、保障模式多样化、管理方法科学化和法律法规体系化。在此基础上,归纳了其存在的5方面问题:对承包商过度依赖、承包商雇员的自身安全、承包商雇员战场管理和指挥、承包商战备以及承包商失泄密。最后,结合我军军民一体化装备维修保障建设的现实需求,借鉴美军经验,从理论研究工作、法规制度、组织结构、力量建设、保障模式和信息系统6个方面提出了可行的措施建议。%The paper analyzes practices of US army military-civil integration equipment maintenance sup-port from the following aspects:innovation of support theory,formulating laws and regulations,setting up specialized agencies,attaching great importance to the command and management and improving the mar-ket mechanism.At the same time,its characteristics are summarized as follows:pluralism of support forces,diversification of support mode,science of management methods,systematics of laws and regula-tions.On this basis,its existing problems are concluded as follows:excessive reliance on contractors, contractor employees’own safety,battlefield command and management for contractor employees,con-tractor combat readiness,divulging and disclosing a secret of contractors.Finally,using the experience of US army for reference,combining with the pratical demand of our army military-civil integration equip-ment maintenance support construction,it puts forward the feasible suggestion and countermeasures from the aspects of theory research,laws and regulations,organization structure,force construction,support model,information system.

  19. Interim Guidance on the Use of SiteStat/GridStats and Other Army Corps of Engineers Statistical Techniques to Characterize Military Ranges (United States)

    The purpose of this memorandum is to inform recipients of concerns regarding Army Corps of Engineers statistical techniques, provide a list of installations and FWS where SiteStat/GridStats (SS/GS) have been used, and to provide direction on communicating with the public on the use of these 'tools' by USACE.

  20. Index to Army Times 1991 (United States)



  1. 2009 Center for Army Leadership Annual Survey of Army Leadership (CASAL): Main Findings (United States)


    Effective/Very Effective (AC, 2007-2009) Army Values Empathy Warrior Ethos Military Bearing/Physical Fitness Composure/ Resilence Mental Agility Sound...dependents ( children ) does not appear to have as much of an impact on morale, as 21% of Army leaders who indicate having no dependents report low or

  2. USSR Report Military Affairs (United States)


    good job of selecting cadets and to avoid errors. For example, a group of scientists at the Donetsk Higher Military Political School of Engineer...Troops and Signal Troops imenl Army General A.A. Yepishev, together with colleagues from the Donetsk State Medical Institute imeni Maxim Gorkiy, did a

  3. Mentoring the Afghan Army at the Officer Academy in Kabul

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Mynster Christensen, Maya

    academy in Kabul, this policy brief stresses the urgency with which Western militaries should improve military capacity building efforts. Based on qualitative data collected at the British Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and the Afghan National Army Officer Academy, the brief outlines five clusters...

  4. Drugs for military special needs in the US Army:research advances%美国军队特需药品研究进展

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    付伟; 高云华; 郑爱萍


    在多次局部战争及地区危机中,美军向世界展示了其先进的军队特需药品研发能力。针对战争中经常会面临的包括战伤、化学或生物武器防治、极端环境以及传染病的挑战,美军研发了大量的军队特需药品。本文通过查阅美军医疗产品手册及相关文献,综述了美军在化学武器损伤防治药物、传染病防治药物、战伤救治药物、军事作业药物及生物武器损伤防治药物方面的研究进展。%In a number of local wars and crisis in the region, the US military has shown the world its powerful military special drug development capabilities. To meet challenges including war wounds, chemical or biological weapons prevention , extreme environments as well as infectious diseases, the US military has developed a large number of military special needs medication. In this paper, in review of US medical product manuals and literature, we summarize the research progress in the US military drug prevention and treatment of chemical weapons injuries, drug prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, war injuries drugs, pharmaceutical and biological weapons and military operations medicament for the treatment of injury.

  5. US Army Order of Battle 1919-1941. Volume 4. The Services: Quartermaster, Medical, Military Police, Signal Corps, Chemical Warfare, and Miscellaneous Organizations, 1919-41 (United States)


    35-1 Jul 36 62nd Cavalry Division Quartermaster Train Organized Reserve Maryland/Virginia HQ-Not initiated 1921-22; Towson , MD, the 62nd Cavalry Division, and allotted to the Third Corps Area. Headquarters initiated in June 1922 at Towson , MD. Headquarters relocated about...RAI Commanders: Organized Reserve officers. 36th Quartermaster Regiment (Light Maintenance) (V Corps) Regular Army Inactive HQ-Fort Wayne

  6. The French Army and British Army Crimean War Reforms

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anthony Dawson


    Full Text Available French army logistics of the Crimean War are generally considered to have been better organized than their British counterpart. This sometimes erroneous belief was fuelled by letters home (from officers and men as well as by the reporting of various ‘special correspondents’ in the Crimea, and created an emotional response favourable to the ordinary soldier and, in particular, towards the French. This then became the basis for arguments for reform of the British army in the military and domestic press and in Parliament. Clamour for reform on French lines led to official studies being made of the French army, especially of logistics, officer education, and even uniforms. The French army, however, was little understood and the resulting ephemeral corps-style units (such as Land Transport Corps, Army Work Corps, and Mounted Staff Corps were quickly found faulty. In fact, official study of the French army often had little or no effect on the major reforms of the war. Emulation of the French was ultimately short-lived and of little effect; the favourable perception of the French was based on short-term emotional response and, indeed, the desire for army reform had its sting drawn with the establishment of the Roebuck Committee. Post-war retrenchment and success in the Indian Mutiny would stifle what was left of the reform debate.

  7. Shrinking the Civil-Military Divide: A Military Perspective (United States)


    Government, the United States Military resides . If the government is a behemoth, it is in no small part due to the size of the military. As one...Department’s future military leaders. See no evil , hear no evil , speak no evil is the curriculum when it comes to civil- military relations, partisan

  8. JP-8 and Other Military Fuels (United States)


    Army systems. Unclassified Military Fuel Additives Unclassified • Antioxidants (AO) - Required in fuels that have hydrotreated components...Deoxygenation & Hydrotreating Selective Hydrocracking Product Separationtallow fats wood waste & by-products agri-wastenon-food crops algae

  9. Hearts and Minds on the Home Front: What Military Leaders Can Do to Attract African American Males to Careers as Officers in the Army (United States)


    distinctions among persons and groups. Religious strata were a matter of record in 1st century Israel. Roman plebes comprised the lower class in...NCOs--the backbone of the Army--but as late as 1968 only 0.7 percent of the new class of plebes at West Point was black. Racial prejudice of some...1944 Departing New York City on a hot 1st day of July in 1941, Minton Francis took the train to south dock to report for plebe summer camp. Born

  10. O envelhecimento para militares que serviram no exército brasileiro El envejecimiento para militares que sirvieron en el ejército brasileño Aging of the military who served in the Brazilian army

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Antonio Lucio Sant'Ana Junior


    no sólo con los militares, sino también con sus familias.OBJECTIVE: To know the meaning of the aging process for military personnel who served for 30 years or more in the Brazilian army. METHODS: A qualitative exploratory study. Interviews were conducted with 18 soldiers, the youngest was 48 years and the oldest was 72 years of age. The analysis revealed three categories: aging and old age; retirement from the Brazilian army; preparing for the retirement. RESULTS: The principle results showed that for those in the military the loss of functional capacity, the adaptation to life outside the barracks, and continuous reinvention of living with family members are fundamental questions in the context of transition from active to retired. CONCLUSION: We hope this study will enable the expansion of reflections about aging in the military, to implement actions to prepare for life in retirement - working not only with the military, but also with their families.

  11. USSR Report: Military Affairs, No. 1762 (United States)


    courage conducted at the initiative of the party activists have now become traditional in the military unit in which Major V. Golovin is a member of...remembered very well how in 1940 that army had invaded Belgium and then entered Paris. "With such an army," Hitler boasted, "we could storm the skies

  12. Military Mail Radio

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bîlbîie Răduţ


    Full Text Available Cultural and scientific personalities from the army, military experts and creators of the doctrine have collaborated with the radio from the beginnings of radiophony, the educational role of this new, persuasive communication channel being evident not only for Romania or the Romanian army but also for all the countries that had radiophony services. This happens in the context of the end of the crisis and the start of economic and social development, promoting culture, creating a solid class of peasants with a certain social status, in villages, together with the priest, teacher and gendarme, increasing of the number of subscriptions and development of the Romanian radiophony.

  13. Army JTIDS: A C3 Case Study (United States)


    Guerra , Director of Combat Developments, United States Army Signal Center, Fort Gordon for his sponsorship. Professor Donald A. Lacer and frequency band. This insures compatibility with civil Distance Measuring Equipment (DME), Military Tactical Air Navigation equipment (TACAN...LEBMNN~JORDAN ,AFGHNISTrAN ISRAEL, EGYPT SAD SUDAN SOUT)H YEMEN YEMEN ETHIOPIA Figure 22 The JSTARS Radar Platform data to Army fire support

  14. Should the Army Implement Prime Vendor for Class IX Repair Parts? (United States)


    As the U.S. Army logistics community implements the revolution in military logistics (RML) in support of Joint Vision 2010 and Army Vision 2010 the...IX repair parts. Through a review of the history of military logistics and four prime vendor programs currently in place or under development a class

  15. Domestic and Expeditionary Readiness in the Twenty-First Century: Maintaining an Operationalized Army National Guard (United States)


    1974 (Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1997), 5. 11 Marvin A. Kreidberg and Merton G. Henry, Department of the Army Pamphlet 20-212...Kreidberg, Marvin A. and Merton G. Henry, Department of the Army Pamphlet 20-212, History of Military Mobilization in the United States Army: 1775-1945

  16. The Military Reverse Logistics Should be Valued in the Logistics for the Army%军事物流应重视逆向物流

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李成尧; 姜元元


    The reverse logistics is the important part of the military logistics. There are many realistic meanings for the analyzing the reverse logistics on the reducing expense, environmental protection, sustainable development, etc.%研究军事逆向物流对于提高军用物资的保障效益,减轻后勤保障压力,节约资源,改善环境,促进全社会可持续发展具有重要意义。分析了军事逆向物流的内涵,阐明了军队引入军事逆向物流的积极意义,结合实际,提出了加强军事逆向物流管理的五方面措施,对于研究军事逆向物流具有借鉴意义。

  17. US Army blood program: 2025 and beyond. (United States)

    Gonzales, Richard; Taylor, Audra L; Atkinson, Andrew J; Malloy, Wilbur W; Macdonald, Victor W; Cap, Andrew P


    In preparing to support the Army in 2025 and beyond, the Army Blood Program remains actively engaged with the research and advanced development of blood products and medical technology to improve blood safety and efficacy in conjunction with the US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command. National and International Blood Bank authorities have noted that the US Army research and development efforts in providing new blood products and improving blood safety operate on the cutting edge of technology and are transformational for the global blood industry. Over the past 14 years, the Army has transformed how blood support is provided and improved the survival rate of casualties. Almost every product or process developed by or for the military has found an application in treating civilian patients. Conflicts have many unwanted consequences; however, in times of conflict, one positive aspect is the identification of novel solutions to improve the safety and efficacy of the blood supply.

  18. The Women's Army Auxiliary Corps: A Compromise to Overcome the Conflict of Women Serving in the Army (United States)

    Permeswaran, Yashila


    Though people now take the idea of women in the military for granted, in the 1940s it was a vigorously debated suggestion. Men protected their country; women stayed at home. Because of the conflict over whether women should serve in the army, Congress compromised by creating the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC). This article describes the…

  19. Reconstitution as a Guiding Principle to US Army Force Structure: High Risk or Prudent Hedge? (United States)


    timely manner.”18 Marvin Kreidberg and Merton Henry’s classic survey of military mobilization from the nation’s inception through the end of World War...1992), 1. 19Marvin A. Kreidberg and Merton G. Henry, History of Military Mobilization in the United States Army, 1775-1945 (Washington DC: Department...treasure. In their comprehensive review of US Army Mobilization from 1775 to 1945, Army Officers Marvin Kreidberg and Merton Henry note "it has been

  20. Require of Oral Health Care in Army Personnel Should Been Regarded by Military Hospital%军队医院要重视部队人员口腔医疗的需要

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李刚; 岳小红; 王成龙; 李洁; 唐荣银


    目的:为了解我军部队人员口腔医疗的需要,探索口腔疾病发病规律和口腔医疗保健现状。方法:将部队人员口腔医疗需要情况按需要后送医疗的程度分为四类,分别进行口腔健康检查、填写记录。结果:共调查人数为1 701人,共有83.3%人需要按期后送口腔医疗,有45.6%人需要及早后送口腔医疗,有1.7%人需要紧急后送口腔医疗,有7.4%人不需要任何后送口腔医疗。结论:我军部队人员的口腔医疗需要十分普遍,口腔医疗任务也十分的艰巨。并提出改善口腔疾病医疗条件、加强口腔疾病预防工作、建立口腔疾病防治程序等几点建议。%Objective: To survey the require of oral health care in army personnel, the pathogenesis law of the oral cavity disease and the actuality of the oral cavity health care should been explored. Methods: According to medical evacuation support, the require of oral health care were classified into four degree, the examine of the oral cavity health care and filling in read-in were separately done. Results:The data of 1 701military persons were collected from four garrisons. The survey results showed 7.4% for oral health care, 83.3% for oral health care in regularly, 45.6% for oral health care in quickly, 1.4% for dental emergencies. Conclusions: These results was shown the require for the oral health care in the army personnel is very frequent, and the oral health care seen to account for a significant problem. We suggest that the condition of the oral health care is improved, the work of the oral health care is strengthened, the order of the oral health care is established.

  1. Leap- Ahead Logistics Management Technology: Turning the Evolution in Military Logistics into a True Revolution (United States)


    A Revolution in Military Logistics is a necessary precursor to the Revolution in Military Affairs. Army and the Department of Defense senior leaders...have affirmed and reinforced this idea in logistics literature throughout the past two years. What, however, is a Revolution in Military Logistics and...established criteria for a revolution in military logistics , but the system that it is currently developing, Global Combat Service Support - Army (GCSS-A

  2. "Making Riflemen from Mud": Restoring the Army’s Culture of Irregular Warfare (United States)


    Batson to his wife, dated September 24, 1899, Matthew Batson Papers, 1898-1900, Carlisle Barracks, PA: U.S. Army Military History Institute, OCLC ...1953-1983, Carlisle Barracks, PA: U.S. Army Military History Institute, OCLC 47911297, oral history transcript Box 1. 70. Ibid. 71. Ibid. 72...Institute, pp. 1-2, OCLC 46832145. 74. “U.S. Military Advisory Group to the Republic of Korea (KMAG) Advisors Handbook,” March 1, 1951, Daniel G. Doyle

  3. Suicide in the Army National Guard: An Empirical Inquiry (United States)

    Griffith, James


    Since 2004, suicides in the U.S. military have risen, most notably in the Army National Guard (ARNG). Data used in this study were obtained for suicides occurring from 2007 to 2010 and for a random sample of nonsuicides from the general ARNG population. Of the military-related variables considered, a few showed relationships to suicide. Rather,…

  4. Typology of Army Families. Coping Styles of Successful, Career Army Families (United States)


    22% Individuals ( Trainees , holdees, etc.) 101,000 13% The Army has approximately 100 different job titles, called Military Occupational trainee program. He received his draft notice, and he enlisted in the Army under the College/Officer C-ndidate School (OCS) program. His...not really like it there. TPhe neighbor s were, not very friendly, bu~t Betty has been trying to organize a block Clb I h U elt that she as gained o

  5. Battling Bullying in the British Army 1987 – 2004

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    James K. Wither


    Full Text Available This article explores the attempts by the UK MOD to eradicate bullying in the British Army. Although British recruits are not confronted by mistreatment that compares with the phenomenon of dedovshchina, the Army has struggled to eliminate incidents of bullying from the ranks, which have tarnished the image of the British Army. The article examines the nature and extent of the problem, the efficacy of official policy to combat it, and suggests reasons why bullying persists even in a long- standing professional army. It also seeks to provide instructive insights for those militaries of the successor states of the Soviet Union that are currently blighted by dedovshchina.

  6. 76 FR 17841 - Interim Change to the Military Freight Traffic Unified Rules Publication (MFTURP) No. 1 (United States)


    ... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE Department of the Army Interim Change to the Military Freight Traffic Unified Rules Publication (MFTURP) No. 1 AGENCY: Department of the Army, DoD. SUMMARY: The Military Surface Deployment and...

  7. The U.S. Army War College - An Analysis of Class and Seminar Composition and the Impacts of OPMS III (United States)


    such studies: the Review of Education and Training for Officers ( RETO ) completed in 1978 and the Military Education Level One Study (MEL-1) completed...Review of Education and Training for Officers ( RETO ). Washington, D.C., 1978. U.S. Department of the Army. United States Army War College. Army

  8. The "Revolution in Military Logistics": Is It Enough (United States)


    it concludes that based on the seven focus areas determined by the author for a Revolution in Military Logistics , the Army has achieved two and is on the path to achieving the other five, however, with no concrete timeline.

  9. A Comparative Analysis of the Resources Required for Test and Evaluation on Army-Led Weapon System Programs, Based Upon Program Size and Acquisition Management Complexity (United States)


    exposure to NBC contamination. • Medical Defense – Army. Medical prophylaxis, pretreatment , and therapies used to protect personnel from the toxic or temperate climate tests, including automotive cold start capabilities, mines, explosives , small arms tests, direct fire tests, sensor testing...capabilities, including a dynamic fire test chamber, a pressurized steam test chamber, and a thermal oven chamber specifically designed for the testing of

  10. Atomic Army: The Roles of the U.S. Army in America’s Nuclear Endeavors (United States)


    promotion despite her credentials and level of responsibility, directed one of the Los Alamos chemistry laboratories.137 Second Lieutenant Myrtle...General Staff College, “The Army is burning its military textbooks to clear away the old and make way for the new.”355 Even Midgley acknowledged, “the

  11. Army Posture Statement: A Statement on the Posture of the United States Army 2011 (United States)


    decentralized, adaptive, creative and deadly enemy. The Army’s generating force, which prepares, trains, educates and supports Army forces worldwide, is also...Life Consultant MOUT Military Operations in Urban Terrain MRAP Mine-Resistant, Ambush- Protected MRE Mission Readiness Exercise MRT Master Resiliency

  12. Impact of Diversity on the Civil-Military Relationship (United States)


    Huntington, 165. 38 Marvin Kriedberg and Henry Merton , History of Military Mobilization in the United States Army, Department of the Army, November 1955...and Merton , 192-194. 49 Millett and Maslowski, 471 50 Johnson and Metz, 210. 17... Merton , 239-246. 86 Ibid., 239-246. 87 Griffith and Griffith Jr., 6-13. 88 Ibid. 30 the

  13. Army Science Board Ad Hoc Subgroup Report, Manning Army Systems (United States)


    VA 22314 (703) 751-2745 Major Brad Taylor, DCSP Military Staff Assistant Dr. Dan Risser , ARI Army Staff Assistant Dr. K.C. Emerson 560 Boulder...SINCGARS Meeting with DCSPER Mr. BradshawCAPL) Mr. Bennett(AMSAA) Dr. Risser (ARI) LtCol Abney LtGen Thurman 10 December, 1981 - The Pentagon...ASVAB Update Maintenance Data PM Trade BOIP/QQPRI/Div 86 Dr. Eaton(ARI) Dr. Risser (ARI) Dr. Hofer Col. Bettinger(SSC) 11 December, 1981

  14. The analysis of modern approaches to physical fitness testing of military personnel

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Glazunov Sergej Ivanovich


    Full Text Available The aim of research is to determine modern approaches to the physical fitness testing of service personnel. In the army with modern military experience, marked by a tendency to view the content of tests to determine the level of physical fitness of military personnel. Observed differentiation of unified systems tests to determine the general physical and military training military application. Summary of tests determined the nature of loads and motions of the structure inherent in the military during combat operations.

  15. Army Technology (United States)


    capabilities that results in rapid and efficient biosurveillance . The program uses an information portal similar to a health surveillance web...and quickly.” The D3 program is part of the broader Joint U.S. Forces Korea Portal and Integrated Threat Reduction Advanced Technology Demonstration... biosurveillance capabilities. Army researchers traveled to Korea with a suite of equipment, including nine commercial detector systems. Some of the systems are

  16. Army Robotics (United States)


    Army Robotics 07 October 2009 Dr. Grant Gerhart, Senior Research Scientist Bernard Theisen, Joint Center for Robotics DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A... Robots 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR(S) Grant Gerhart; Bernard Theisen 5d. PROJECT NUMBER 5e. TASK...CBRNE • IED Defeat Systems • Disarm / Disrupt • Reconnaissance • Investigation • Explosive Sniffer • Common Robotic Kit • EOD • Convoy • Log

  17. Strict monandry in the ponerine army ant genus Simopelta suggests that colony size and complexity drive mating system evolution in social insects

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kronauer, Daniel J C; O'Donnell, Sean; Boomsma, Jacobus J


    Altruism in social insects has evolved between closely related full-siblings. It is therefore of considerable interest why some groups have secondarily evolved low within-colony relatedness, which in turn affects the relatedness incentives of within-colony cooperation and conflict. The highest...... queen mating frequencies, and therefore among the lowest degrees of colony relatedness, occur in Apis honeybees and army ants of the subfamilies Aenictinae, Ecitoninae, and Dorylinae, suggesting that common life history features such as reproduction by colony fission and male biased numerical sex...

  18. Ditching Tests of a 1/9-Size Model of the Army P-38 Airplane in Langley Tank No. 2 and at the Outdoor Catapult (United States)

    Jarvis, George A.; Cederborg, Gibson A.


    A dynamically similar model of the Army P-38 airplane was tested to determine the best way to land this airplane on the water and to determine its probable ditching performance. The tests consisted of ditching the model at various landing attitudes, flap settings, speeds, weights, and conditions of simulated damage. The model was ditched in calm water from the tank towing carriage and a few ditching were made in both calm and rough water at the outdoor catapult. The performance of the model was determined by making visual observations, by recording lengths of run and time histories of decelerations, and by taking motion pictures of the ditchings.

  19. Military Observers 1815-1975 (United States)


    1345. 456>Waldo Charles Potter 1?07.Field Artillery A~s a Major, at Paris, France, student officer -At th:? Ecole Superieure de Guerra from July 22...As a Colonel. Paz , Bolivia, as military attache from Sept-emoer 1944, to /c.emoer., 1946; At Damascus, Syria as military and Army attache ’n Z94...As a Lieutenant Colonel, at Lima, Pe’u as adviser to Escuela Superior de Guerra and Direcion de Artilienia in VF46. 9125 Frank Arthur Bogart 1931

  20. Military Specification Updates & Deicing Working Group Initiatives (United States)


    Air Force Petroleum Agency I n t e g r i t y - S e r v i c e - E x c e l l e n c e Military Specification Updates & Deicing Working Group...00-2011 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE Military Specification Updates & Deicing Working Group Initiatives 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c...Corrosion Runway Deicing Fluid Partnership with Battelle Memorial Institute (lead agency), AFRL/ ASC, Army (CRREL), Navy (NAVAIR), Octagon, AMIL

  1. Economic Value of Army Foreign Military Sales (United States)


    learning curve, economic order quantity, cost avoidance 15. NUMBER OF PAGES 87 16. PRICE CODE 17. SECURITY CLASSIFICATION OF REPORT...Unclassified 18. SECURITY CLASSIFICATION OF THIS PAGE Unclassified 19. SECURITY CLASSIFICATION OF ABSTRACT Unclassified 20. LIMITATION OF ABSTRACT...SAMM). The SAMM states, “the United States Government (USG) may sell, grant, or lease defense articles and services to a country or international

  2. Army Reserve Military Intelligence: Time for Change (United States)


    Miramax Books, 2002. Goleman , Daniel . Emotional Intelligence. New York: Bantam Books, 1997. Goleman , Daniel , Richard Boyatzis, and Annie McKee...Lieutenant Colonel Neil Anderson, Colonel Marissa Tanner, Mr. Richard Allenbaugh, Colonel (Promotable) Rob Walter, Colonel Jody Daniels , Lieutenant

  3. The Lessons of Experience; How Strategic Leaders in the United States Army Develop and Their Lessons Learned (United States)


    Staff of the Army has indicated that a "Revolution in Military Affairs" will not occur until we first have a "Revolution in Military Logistics " with...are provided based on these lessons learned to meet the leadership requirements for the Revolution in Military Logistics .

  4. Reachback in crisis management: lessons learned from the military domain

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Rypkema, J.A.; Brake, G.M. te; Lee, M. van der


    Military and crisis management organizations show many similarities. Within the military domain, a study is being done on the use of reachback concepts for the Royal Netherlands Army (RNLA) brigade staff. This paper shows that the results are applicable to the crisis management domain. However, ther

  5. Military Assistance to Mexico: Use of Special Operations Forces (United States)


    President Vicente Fox stated, "Militarily speaking, we don’t count. I mean, we are not a military country. We don’t have a strong Army.ൿ One could...General Eduardo Medina- Mora stated, "I don’t see the U.S. 9 military playing an active role in this ... certainly Mexico has enough institutional

  6. Penalties for official and military crimes in Roman criminal law

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Uliya Pershina


    Full Text Available The author considers the system of penalties for official and military crimes in the Roman criminal law. Most of the official crimes against public order in Ancient Rome was punished by exile outside the Roman state and penalties. Military discipline in the Roman army was supported by severe sanctions. They ranged from the death penalty to the imposition of special duties.

  7. British Military Intervention into Sierra Leone: A Case Study (United States)


    BRITISH MILITARY INTERVENTION INTO SIERRA LEONE : A CASE STUDY A thesis presented to the Faculty of the U.S. Army Command and...NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE British Military Intervention into Sierra Leone : A Case Study 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 5d...

  8. Revolution in Military Logistics: No More Mountains to Move? (United States)


    REVOLUTION IN MILITARY LOGISTICS : NO MORE MOUNTAINS TO MOVE? BY LIEUTENANT COLONEL SCOTT M. BERGERON United States Army !DT tA DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A...17013-5050 c3, Revolution in Military Logistics : No More Mountains to Move? The views expressed in this paper are those of the author and do not

  9. Applying Culture to Military Operations: A Review of Foreign Militaries (United States)


    perspective on cultural awareness as a consequence of its own indigenous Maori culture. During initial or basic training, the military examines its own...organizational culture. Two of the services, the New Zealand Army and Navy, utilize elements of the Maori culture in order to establish a common...experience within the island nations and their own Maori culture and language has some commonalities. For missions in less familiar surroundings, the NZDF

  10. Army AL&T, July-September 2008 (United States)


    Trading Co., discusses requirements with 4th Sustainment Brigade representatives MSG Barbara Perry, MAJ Emily Stoffel, and SGM John Russell. TSGT Jason...unit’s communications operations at Patrol Base Assassin, Iraq. (U.S. Army photo by SPC Emily J. Wilsoncroft.) ASC_0608_ALT_July-Sept2008cc.qxp 6/30/2008...English from Dickinson College. ARMY AL&T 47JULY - SEPTEMBER 2008 MAJ Gregg Rupkalvis, Military Proponency Officer for 51C, USAASC, conducted a

  11. 78 FR 65977 - Board of Visitors, United States Military Academy (USMA) (United States)


    ... Department of the Army Board of Visitors, United States Military Academy (USMA) AGENCY: Department of the... advisory committee meeting will not take place: 1. Name of Committee: United States Military Academy Board... of appropriations, the Department of Defense cancelled the meeting of the U.S. Military Academy...

  12. 32 CFR 643.13 - Military requirement for real estate under grant. (United States)


    ... 32 National Defense 4 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 true Military requirement for real estate under grant... (CONTINUED) REAL PROPERTY REAL ESTATE General § 643.13 Military requirement for real estate under grant. When a military requirement arises for real estate which is being used under a grant of non-Army use,...

  13. Evaluation of the Military Spouse Employment Partnership: Progress Report on First Stage of Analysis (United States)

    Military service places distinct demands on service members and their families (U.S. Department of the Treasury and U.S. Department of Defense, 2012...military families (and military spouses in particular), the White House published a directive in 2011 ordering the Department of Defense to expand the Army

  14. Army Airships (United States)


    contains some type of internal support structure such as a keel. A rigid airship has a full skeleton, such as the Zeppelin model from the mid 1900‟s...the World War One, the Germans used zeppelins with limited success to attack the United Kingdom (UK) in a “strategic bomber” role. The US used...similar objectives.21 The Army initiated CPR‟s on every acquisition program to identify redundancies and create efficiencies. CPR‟s have led to more

  15. A Pilotless Army in the Megalopolis (United States)


    they will be holding 74 David B. Glade , “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – Implications for Military Operations,” Occasional Paper No. 16 (Maxwell A.F.B...ComancheProjectGrounded.htm, accessed 26 February 2004. 89 David B. Glade , “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – Implications for Military Operations,” 1. 29 away from equipment, parts or personnel to maintain their functionality. According to US Army MAJ John V. McCoy, graduate of the US Army’s Logistics

  16. A Cost Analysis for Deciding Service Levels in Korean Army with a Constraint for Single Period (United States)


    LEVELS IN KOREAN ARMY WITH A CONSTRAINT FOR SINGLE PERIOD by Yoo, Choong Keun Major, Republic of Korea Army B.S., Korea Military Academy, 1981...Sciences ABSTRACT Since the Korean War there has been a fierce military competition between the Republic of Korea (ROK) and the Democratic People’s...Republic of Korea (DPRK). The DPRK has committed over 10 percent of its GNP since 1963 to defense expenditures, whereas, the ROK has spent a relatively

  17. Unjustly accused? Medical authorities and army recruitment in Australia 1914-1918

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michael Tyquin


    Full Text Available Throughout World One, army recruiting in Australia was subject to wartime demands, demographic constraints and political interference. Australia’s small medical establishment became better in dealing with these issues, helped by the greater combat experience of the Australian Army Medical Corps. Within the political and military constraints of the day it generally responded well to changing Government and military policies at home and abroad. This was despite serious differences in opinion within the senior command of the Corps.

  18. Army Modernization Strategy 2008 (United States)


    hazard. The SUGV modular design allows multiple payloads to be integrated in a plug-and- play fashion . Weighing less than 30 pounds, it is capable...the Army will: Continue to field LMP (to include Army Installations) Plan for and field GCSS-Army (F/T) Plan for and field GCSS-Army ( PLM +) Define

  19. The Influence of Field Marshal Colmar Von Der Goltz on Ottoman Military Effectiveness in Mesopotamia: December 1915 to April 1916 (United States)


    the Ottoman Fifth Army was activated to defend the Dardanelles, and the Ottomans gave Limon von Sanders command. With Limon von Sanders’ move to...Fifth Army, von der Goltz took command of the First Army and the German military mission which were both previously commanded by Limon von Sanders.51

  20. The Army Spouse: Perceptions of Educational Needs during Deployment and Nondeployment Cycles (United States)

    Hayes, Alicia G.


    The purpose of this study was to identify and compare educational needs and goals during deployment and nondeployment of spouses of active-duty Army service members. The sample consisted of spouses of active-duty military service members from the Army brigades who had recently returned from a deployment or who were experiencing a deployment…

  1. Survival through Adaptation: The Chinese Red Army and the Encirclement Campaigns, 1927-1936 (United States)


    commonplace. Army commanders also allowed a decadent and sedentary lifestyle to overcome the military garrisons around China. Many soldiers were addicted to......the NRA came into Red areas. When the Red Army moved out of an area, the people would immediately spring into action. All grains, oil, and salt were

  2. National Disaster Management Authority in Pakistan: Role of Pakistan Army in Disaster Management


    Raza, Ali; Sirajul Haq KANDHRO


    Pakistan army as a institution has been playing various role in the development of the country. The history shows that army has played a very significant role in coping up the emergencies facing the nation. Government often turn to military, when there is a natural or man induced disaster in Pakistan. The Armed forces obviously need to be involved in humanitarian emergencies and disaster management operations. The Pakistan army plays a vital role in the disaster management in history of Pakis...

  3. Application of Operational Art - The German 8th Army at the Battles at Tannenberg 1914 (United States)


    Application of Operational Art ­ The German gth Army at the Battles at Tannenberg 1914 A Monograph by LTC (GS) Kim Oliver Frerichs German Army...Operational Art ­ The German 8th Army at the Battles at Tannenberg 1914 Sb. GRANT NUMBER Sc. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR(S) Sd. PROJECT NUMBER...ADDRESS(ES) 10. SPONSOR/MONITOR’S ACRONYM(S)Advanced Operational Arts Studies Fellowship, Advanced Military Studies Program. 11. SPONSOR/MONITOR’S

  4. Military Exposures (United States)

    ... Enter ZIP code here Enter ZIP code here Military Exposures Veterans may have been exposed to a range of chemical, physical, and environmental hazards during military service. Reports on Veterans’ Health Care Use What ...

  5. Making Riflemen from Mud: Restoring the Army’s Culture of Irregular Warfare (CSL Student Issue Paper, Volume S01-07, Jul 2007) (United States)


    September 1899, Matthew Batson Papers, 1898-1900, U.S. Army Mili- tary History Institute, OCLC 4910883. 4 Ibid. See also Philippine Scouts Heritage...1899, Mathew Batson Papers, 1898-1900, U.S. Army Military History Institute, OCLC 4910883. PSHS, The Philippine Scouts, pp. 1-. Ibid., p. his division’s area in the Philippines. See memoir of service, Matthew Batson Papers, 1898-1900, U.S. Army Military History Institute, OCLC 4

  6. Military Reference Books: A Selective Bibliography. (United States)


    RIBBONS AND MEDALS; THE WORLD’S MILITARY AND CIVIL AWARDS. Rev. ed. New York, NY: Doubleday, 1974. 359 p. UB435 .G7 D71 1974 4 4 I Dornbusch , Charles...Emil. HISTORIES, PERSONAL NARRATIVES: UNITED STATES ARMY; A CHECK LIST. Cornwallville, NY: Hope Farm, 1967. 399 p. 11>104 .Dll 1967 Dornbusch , Charles

  7. David Schimmelpenninck van der Oye and Bruce W. Menning, eds., Reforming the Tsar's Army: Military Innovation in Imperial Russia from Peter the Great to the Revolution, Washington, DC: Woodrow Wilson Center and Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2004.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    David Stone


    Full Text Available David Schimmelpenninck and Bruce Menning have produced an excellent volume collecting contributions of a number of both well-established and junior scholars on the history and development of the tsarist military, grouped together around the general theme of reform. In some ways, it is comparable to Eric Lohr and Marshall Poe's complementary The Military and Society in Russia, 1450-1917 (Leiden, 2002. Schimmelpenninck and Menning's contributors, however, focus more on political and institutio...

  8. USSR Report, Military Affairs, No. 1788, Military History Journal, No. 5, May 1983 (United States)


    commonwealth nations and by propaganda actions to disrupt military-political unity. The overt ideological subversion has been elevated to the rank of U.S... propaganda activities by imperialism which has endeavored to also refute or "revise" the Marxist-Leninist teachings about war and the army, to justify the...of Peace and Socialism], Voyenizdat, 1980, pp 174, 175; VOENNOISTORICHESKI SBORNIK [Military History Collection], No 4, 1981, p 237. 18 " Droga do

  9. Study of Educational Adjustment and Educational Motivation in Military and Non-Military Students

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Khodabakhsh Ahmadi


    Full Text Available Students abilities to transfer from the community colleges into baccalaureate granting colleges and universities have become a global issue. The rise in students’college attendance has brought about new challenges in the area of academic motivation depriving them from educational pursuit despite proper qualifications. This comparative-descriptive study has been designed in order to compare between military and non-military students in terms of educational adjustment and motivation power and their related subscales. Subjects were selected from four colleges in Tehran.100 students from each college were selected through random sampling, subsequently the total sample were 400 college students. Half of whom were military college students and the other half was non-military college students. In order to collect data the Bell’s adjustment questionnaire and the questionnaire of educational motivation were used. Comparison between military and non-military students in terms of various aspects of adjustment showed that there is a meaningful difference between military and non-military students in terms of familial adjustment, hygienic adjustment and total adjustment (p≤0.01. Comparison between military and non-military students in terms of educational motivation power showed that there is meaningful difference in the level of p≤0.01 and was higher in military college students. Unlike non-military students, military students will definitely be working in areas relevant to their field of study. On one hand the motive to serve their country is stronger and that is why military students’ academic motive in meaningfully stronger than non-military students, maybe we need to increase motivation in non-military students with providing them job relevant to their field of study. The women Army population is not too high in IRAN so the problem related to this issue is not very serious at the moment. In order to prevent the upcoming problems in this issue we

  10. The US Army Corps of Engineers Roadmap for Life-Cycle Building Information Modeling (BIM). Supplement 1- BIM Implementation Guide for Military Construction (MILCON) Projects Using the Autodesk Platform (United States)


    Building Information Modeling ( BIM ...12-2, Supplement 1 November 2012 The US Army Corps of Engineers Roadmap for Life-Cycle Building Information Modeling ( BIM ) Supplement 1 – BIM ...ERDC SR-12-2, Supplement 1 (November 2012) ii Abstract Building Information Modeling ( BIM ) technology has rapidly gained ac- ceptance throughout

  11. The US Army Corps of Engineers Roadmap for Life-Cycle Building Information Modeling (BIM). Supplement 2 - BIM Implementation Guide for Military Construction (MILCON) Projects Using the Bentley Platform (United States)


    Building Information Modeling ( BIM ...12-2, Supplement 2 November 2012 The US Army Corps of Engineers Roadmap for Life-Cycle Building Information Modeling ( BIM ) Supplement 2 – BIM ...39180 ERDC SR-12-2, Supplement 2 (November 2012) ii Abstract Building Information Modeling ( BIM ) technology has rapidly gained ac-

  12. Dietary Assessment of U.S. Army Basic Trainees at Fort Jackson, South Carolina (United States)


    1987. M 166 52. Szeto, E.G., Dugan, T.B., Gallo, J.A. : Passive nutrition intervention in a military-operated garrison dining facility Ft. Devens I...Samonds, K.: Passive nutrition intervention in a military-operated garrison dining facility Ft. Devens II. U.S. Army Research Institute of

  13. Sixty years of the Military technical courier: A jubilee in sight


    Nebojša N. Gaćeša


    In 2012, the Military Technical Courier, a scientific journal of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Serbia, marks the 60th anniversary of its regular and continuous publishing. The Military Technical Courier was founded by a decree of the Chief of the General Staff of the Yugoslav Army in August 1952 in order to continue the tradition of five reviews of military branches and services (Artillery Courier, Tank Courier, Military Engineering Courier, Courier of Communications in the Yugos...

  14. Toward a Unified Military Response: Hurricane Sandy and the Dual Status Commander (United States)


    APR 2015 2. REPORT TYPE 3. DATES COVERED 00-00-2015 to 00-00-2015 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE Toward a Unified Military Response: Hurricane Sandy and...Army War College Press TOWARD A UNIFIED MILITARY RESPONSE: HURRICANE SANDY AND THE DUAL STATUS COMMANDER Ryan Burke Sue McNeil April 2015 The views...123 vii FOREWORD The military response to Hurricane Sandy was historically significant. For the first time, dual status commanders—military

  15. Experience of US Army Military Transportation Combined Training and Its Enlightenments%美军军事运输联合训练经验及对我军的启示

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    孙协胜; 李利兴; 曲晓峰


    From the view of the combined battle requirement, this paper implements the combined training to integrate of supporting and implementing combined training, which is a basic approach to generate the military transportation capability model. Based on the paramilitary research on US military transportation combined training to provide reference for Chinese military transportation combined training development.%着眼联合作战需求开展联合训练,做到保障联合训练和实施联合训练有机结合,是军事运输保障能力生成模式转变的基本途径。通过对美军军事运输联合训练的初步研究,为我军军事运输联合训练发展提供有益借鉴。

  16. 美军军用危险品空运的特点及启示%Traits of US Army in Military Hazardous Articles Transportation by Aviation and Its Enlightenment

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    周柯雯; 聂志强; 海军


    军用危险品种类繁多,理化性质复杂,是平战时军事运输的重要品类。通过对美军军用危险品航空运输工作的研究,总结其特点及成功经验,提出做好我军军用危险品空运工作的几点启示。%As the important category of military conveyance in peacetime and wartime,military hazardous articles have a great variety, the physics and chemistry property is complicated. Through the research of military hazardous articles transportation by aviation a

  17. Operational Reservations: Considerations for a Total Army Force (United States)


    a Reserve unit with- out proper authority. Two, I happen to know this unit and know that one detachment is in Kuwait , one is in Djibouti, and one is...alone in portraying the AC as the main force involved in Ka - trina. The U.S. Army Military History Institute, in its summary of the Army’s response to

  18. The United States Army Infantry Squad: Year 2015. (United States)


    time is a testament to the selfless service they provide the Army daily. To Kellie, Ashley, and Haley, thank you for the notes, pictures, love , and... astrology . "s Before World War I, the world’s major military powers studied major battles to determine how best to prepare their forces to fight in the

  19. 78 FR 20623 - Environmental Impact Statement for Modernization and Repair of Piers 2 and 3, Military Ocean... (United States)


    ... and 3 are used to transport military supplies in the Pacific region. There may be significant impacts... Department of the Army Environmental Impact Statement for Modernization and Repair of Piers 2 and 3, Military...-needed modernization and repairs of Piers 2 and 3, Military Ocean Terminal Concord (MOTCO) due...

  20. Impact оf the First World War оn the Transformation of German Army

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Evdokimova Tatyana


    Full Text Available Germany’s defeat in World War I and proclamation of the first German republic significantly influenced the change of the role of the army in the German state. At the stage of reorganization of the Kaiser’s army into the Reichswehr (1918–1921 the main result of this transformation became the creation of a new model of the German Army in which the principle of “distancing” the army from politics was replaced by new legislative and political realities that raised the question of inevitability of relationship between the army and the state. The Versailles Treaty and the Weimar constitution put forward the task of turning the German army into integral part of the state apparatus which led to losing its apoliticality. They also contributed to the emergence of Reich Ministry and the post of Reich Minister combined in one person the representative of the army and the state power. Besides, they helped to form a united German professional army and provided joint search of allies in the field of armaments by politicians and military men. The army tried to defend the old Prussian military traditions in terms of the German State called itself the Reich, and Weimar politicians sought to put the army under a parliamentary-presidential control. At the later stage of the Weimar Republic political generals will appear in the army, and important government positions will be taken by the representatives of the Generalitat. But the outcome of the force balance already at the stage of development of the temporary Reichswehr, when the real power in the army was in hands of the commander of the ground forces, and not of the Reich President and Reich Minister largely predetermined the strength of the conservative military elite in the future.

  1. Increased Suicides in the United States Army: Improving the Effectiveness of the US Army’s Suicide Prevention Program (United States)


    those with no religious affiliation or foundation. The military, as an extension of society, has become increasingly more concerned about offending ...Army should be assuming more innovative tactics with those that are committing most of the suicides- Soldiers in their late teens and twenties. “We’re

  2. Operational Use of the US Army Reserve in Foreign Disaster Relief to Support the United States Government’s Strategic Use of Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response (United States)


    in military operations over the last two decades are foundational for the USAR’s institutional agility and flexibility. Reservists are also...Assistance and Disaster Response A Monograph by MAJ Kelly J. Pajak United States Army Reserve School of Advanced Military ...PERFORMING ORG REPORT NUMBER 9. SPONSORING / MONITORING AGENCY NAME(S) AND ADDRESS(ES) Advanced Operational Arts Studies Fellowship, Advanced Military

  3. Military Personnel: Enhanced Collaboration and Process Improvements Needed for Determining Military Treatment Facility Medical Personnel Requirements (United States)


    dentists, medical service corps, and veterinarians , to name a few, at the work center level across Army fixed military treatment facilities. The model uses...1072 - 896 903 Hematology /Oncology 41 40 43 - 12 17 - 18 14 Infectious Disease 63 59 62 - 29 34 - 16 17 Internal Medicine 315 e 254 e 277 e

  4. Development of a model of moral distress in military nursing. (United States)

    Fry, Sara T; Harvey, Rose M; Hurley, Ann C; Foley, Barbara Jo


    The purpose of this article is to describe the development of a model of moral distress in military nursing. The model evolved through an analysis of the moral distress and military nursing literature, and the analysis of interview data obtained from US Army Nurse Corps officers (n = 13). Stories of moral distress (n = 10) given by the interview participants identified the process of the moral distress experience among military nurses and the dimensions of the military nursing moral distress phenomenon. Models of both the process of military nursing moral distress and the phenomenon itself are proposed. Recommendations are made for the use of the military nursing moral distress models in future research studies and in interventions to ameliorate the experience of moral distress in crisis military deployments.

  5. Commentary on "The Army Study to Assess Risk and Resilience in Servicemembers (Army STARRS)": Army STARRS: a Framingham-like study of psychological health risk factors in soldiers. (United States)

    Ressler, Kerry J; Schoomaker, Eric B


    Although historically the Army suicide rate has been significantly lower than the civilian rate, in 2004, the suicide and accidental death rates began trending upward. By 2008, the Army suicide rate had risen above the national average (20.2 per 100,000). In 2009, 160 active duty Soldiers took their lives, making suicide the third leading cause of death among the Army population. If accidental death, frequently the result of high-risk behavior, is included, then more Soldiers died by their own actions than in combat in 2009. The Army Study to Assess Risk and Resilience in Servicemembers (Army STARRS) was thus created in 2009 to begin to address these problems. The Army STARRS project is a large consortium of seven different studies to develop data-driven methods for mitigating or preventing suicide behaviors and improving the overall mental health and behavioral functioning of Army Soldiers during and after their Army service. The first research articles from the Army STARRS project were published in late 2013 and early 2014. This work has already begun to outline important facets of risk in the military, and it is helping to drive an empirically derived approach to improvements in understanding mental disorders and risk behavior and to improve prevention and support of mental health and resilience. The Framingham Heart Study, started in the 1940s, marked a watershed event in utilizing large cross-sectional and prospective longitudinal collaborative research to identify and understand risk factors for cardiovascular disease. The Army STARRS project, through its collaborative, prospective, and robust innovative design and implementation, may provide the beginning of a similar scientific cohort in mental disorders. The work of this project will help understand biological and psychological aspects of military service, including those leading to suicide. When coupled with timely feedback to Army leadership, it permits near real-time steps to diagnose, mitigate, and

  6. 2011 Army Strategic Planning Guidance (United States)


    TESI ) of 22,000 Soldiers, the Army’s total force by the end of the mid-term period is programmed to be 520K (AC). We will achieve a more...dwell ratios, extending TESI authority to adequately man deploying units and sustain the All-Volunteer Force, right-sizing the generating force, and... TESI Temporary End-Strength Increase WMD Weapons of Mass Destruction 2011 ARMY STRATEGIC PLANNING GUIDANCE Page 19 2011

  7. Organizational Implications of the U.S. Army’s Increasing Demand for Explosive Ordnance Disposal Capabilities (United States)


    5. 39 Anne Chapman, Benjamin King, and Carol Lilly, Transforming the Army. TRADOC’s First Thirty Years: 1973-2003 (Fort Monroe, VA: Military...Unexploded Ordnance (UXO),“ military/ systems/munitions /uxo.htm (accessed 20 March 2008) 73 Captain Catherine A. Reese ...14 April 2004. Chapman, Ann, King, Benjamin, and Lilly, Carol . Transforming the Army. TRADOC’s First Thirty Years: 1973-2003. Fort Monroe, VA

  8. Military Librarians Workshop (19th). Intellectual Updating: Changes in the State of the Art of Librarianship, 30 September - 2 October 1975 (United States)


    09834 Base Librarian NW-CL Vance AFB, OK 73701 DORIS HUNTER US Army Military History Research PAUL KLINEFELTER Carlisle Barracks, PA 17013 Deputy...which we hope to achieve an knowledge of world history and the great awareness among our cadets of the need for American past, an awareness of his present...Army Military History Reference Librarian Research Collection US Army Engineer School Carlisle Barracks, PA 17013 Fort Belvoir, VA 22060 FRANCES L

  9. Military Strategy vs. Military Doctrine

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Barfoed, Jacob


    The article argues that while doctrine represents the more scientific side of warfare, strategy represents the artistic side. Existing doctrine will almost never meet the requirements for winning the next war; it is through the artistic application of generic peacetime doctrine to the specific st...... strategic and operational context, using doctrine as building blocks for a context specific military strategy, that the military commander outwits and defeats or coerces the adversary and achieves the military objectives....

  10. "You're Always First a Girl": Emerging Adult Women, Gender, and Sexuality in the Israeli Army (United States)

    Levin, Dana S.


    The Israeli army drafts both men and women, and most Israelis complete their military service during their emerging adulthood years. This study examined Israeli women's experiences as soldiers in the army. Twenty-three women (18 emerging adults, 5 young adults) were recruited using purposive sampling and interviewed about how they experienced…

  11. The Future Security Environment: Why the U.S. Army Must Differentiate and Grow Millennial Officer Talent (United States)


    lines of effort to educate strategic leaders and provide well-being education and support by developing self -awareness through leader feedback and...past decade, public esteem for America’s Armed Forces, to include the U.S. Army, has been consistently held high among all professions. The latest Pew...22, Army Leadership, Washington DC: U.S. Department of the Army, September 10, 2012, pp. 7-10. 22. Public Esteem for Military Still High, Washington

  12. US Army Attack Aviation in a Decisive Action Environment: History, Doctrine, and a Need for Doctrinal Refinement (United States)


    effort to humiliate the United States, diminish the negotiating power of the US administration, and reverse the progress of recent South Vietnamese...Attack Aviation: A Chaotic Coupled Pendulums Analogy," (master’s thesis, US Army Command and General Staff College, 2013), 46; Joseph D. Swinney...the School of Advanced Military Studies, “Evolution of Army Attack Aviation: A Chaotic Coupled Pendulums Analogy” and “Army Aviation and Unified Land

  13. A Short History of the U.S. Army Adjutant General’s Corps, 1775-2013 (United States)


    fight to control the Reconstruction process in the South. When President Johnson decided to fire Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton in February 1868...Adjutant General’s Department proceeded to demobilize the huge military force that had been assembled to fight the war. By the beginning of December...Army Adjutant General Center, Headquarters, Department of the Army, Washington, DC, 26 March 1973. 49 Karl E. Cocke , Department of the Army

  14. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Military History Journal, No. 3, March 1988. (United States)


    important significant for the development of Soviet military art. The overall plan of Hq SHC in conducting the operation proceded from the...Air Army under operational sub- ordination to the 65th Army (commander, Col Gen P.I. Batov). In takinng the crossing such a decision, he proceded




    The General Staff of the French army sent three officers as military attaches to the theatre of war in South Africa in 1899. They were Commandant d'Amade with the British army and Captain Demange and Lieutenant Raoul-Duval with the republican forces.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    C. De Jong


    Full Text Available The General Staff of the French army sent three officers as military attaches to the theatre of war in South Africa in 1899. They were Commandant d'Amade with the British army and Captain Demange and Lieutenant Raoul-Duval with the republican forces.

  17. The Battalion Surgeon: A Background Study and Analysis of His Military Training. (United States)


    is comprised of six corps or branches of service within the Army. They include the Medical Corps (MC), the Dental Corps (DC), the Veterinary Corps (VC...1952. Brooke, Paul P. "The Impact of the All-Volunteer Force on Physician Procurement and Retension in the Army Medical Department, 1973-1978." Student...Factors Involved In Retension of Medical Officers In The Military Service." Student Thesis, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, 1966. 4

  18. Military Review, December 1991. Volume 71, Volume 12 (United States)


    who could not do powder magazines, causing the ship to erupt like so..." 23 Pearl Harbor is forever etched in their Mount Vesuvius . The Arizona broke...35 New European Challenges:- Two Cases Patticla L Dw 36 The Yugoslav People’s Army: Books & Features Editor Charles A. Mamn I Between Civil War and...Soviet Army Studies Office (SASO) has expanded to become the Foreign Military Studies Office (FMSO). Under its new charter, FMSO is applying

  19. Into the Eye of the Commander: Military Advisory During Conflict (United States)


    with the ISF and help them develop their own sense of a professional military. Even after General Petraeus led the re-write of the Army Field Manual ...mission, and are echoed in the Army and Marine Corps‘ latest counterinsurgency manual .125 In 24 this way, US advisors can attain the accord as described...COIN Operations,‖ Master of Science in Defense Analysis Thesis, Naval Postgraduate School, ( Monterrey , CA: NPS, December 2009), 36. 104 Thomas

  20. Military Review, November 1991. Volume 71, Number 11 (United States)


    command) were to receive the Leopard 2 main battle tank, while the rest Xvill use the older xx Leopard lAS. The armored reconnaissance bat- Army...Marder is available. 22 November 1991 * MILITARY REVIEW BUNDESWEHR XXX "II II X I X xx6)1 vIIL -- VIII- L t!III - II X ൓ Ill , i X il L -Army...the tor- trol of the Mediterranean. 14 pedo planes dropped down through the glittering Everywhere, military experts analv:ed this British curtain of

  1. Manchuria. A Military Bibliography of Books and Periodicals. (United States)


    Commerce, 1933. U15 Manchuria , Railway Force in Manchuria , Washington, DC: G. S., U77 War Dept., 1903. No. 1 1903 U15 Manchuria , the City of Harbin ...AD-A’O9 S3 ARMY FIELD ARTILLERY SCHOOL FORT SILL OK F/8 5/4 MANCHURIA . A MILITARY BIBLIOGRAPHY OF BOOKS AND PERIOOICALS.|U) FES 81 L L MILLER...UNCLASSIFIED S-75 IL ENDm LEVEL’ U.S. ARMY FIELD ARTILLERY SCHOOL LIBRARY 5. SPECIAL BIBLIOGRAPHY NUMBER 75 iJ "- -- ’ MANCHURIA 4, A ., MILITARY

  2. U. S. Army Directory of Technical Information Holdings and Services. (United States)

    Vincent, Dale L.

    The directory identifies 111 Army sources of technical information that include 2200 specialized subject areas. The sources are indexed by subject matter, and name of holding, so that a searcher can find a description of all available indexed Army information services, with details on scope and size of collections, services available, and means of…

  3. An Overview of the Supply of Grains for the Army in the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region during the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression: Discussions from the Perspective of Establishing a Military Logistics System%抗日战争时期陕甘宁边区军粮供应述论——基于军事物流系统构建视角的探讨

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    陈佳; 曹敏华


    抗战时期陕甘宁边区党委和政府为确保军粮供应,进行了多方面的积极探索。从军事物流系统构建的角度考察,大体经过了初创、改进和完善三个阶段,逐步实现了军粮供应的有序规划和正常供应,并积累了诸多成功经验。这些经验对于今天在新的历史条件下加强军粮供应系统的建设和做好军队后勤保障工作,具有重要借鉴意义。%During the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, in order to ensure the supply of grains for the army, the Party Committee and government of the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region carried out a wide range of active explorations. Viewed from the perspective of how to establish a military logistics system, the efforts experienced three stages : the initial stage, the stage of improvement and the stage of perfection. Step by step, the objective of planned and normal supply of grains for the army was realized and a lot of successful experiences were accumulated. These experiences are still of important reference value for improving the army provisions supply system and doing a better job in logistic support of the army under the new conditions today.

  4. The United States Army and the Sergeant Problem: The Army’s Systemic Inability to Produce Enough Sergeants and a Proposal to Fix it (United States)


    armies benefited from the experience of immigrants who had experience in foreign armies, and veterans of the Mexican-American War.20F21 These men...order to fulfill congressional mandates to create a sizable military force in Germany to deter Soviet aggression in Europe . Because of the Korean...improvement of the individual as a whole. This emphasis led to the development of programs within apprenticeships that improved literacy , and gave the


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available In article the bases of a periodization of development of civic education of the military personnel on the basis of which pre-revolutionary, Soviet and modern his stages are allocated are designated. The thought that before the beginning of the 18th century civil formation of civic consciousness in Ancient Russia and the Moscow state was limited to self-education of the people forming army reveals. Results of the analysis of process of formation and development of civic education of the military personnel are given to the period from the moment of emergence in Russia of regular army both to 1917 and about one year. Also the major factors interfering efficiency of civil education of the military personnel during this period reveal. The importance of civic education of pupils of military schools and military schools whose many graduates had exclusively high level of civic consciousness is shown. The forms and methods of educational work in these establishments promoting civil formation of the personality are studied. Closeness and soslovnost of process of civil education in imperial army is proved. Extremely low level of civic consciousness of ordinary soldiers of prerevolutionary army confirmed by mass desertion already at a recruitment stage is revealed. The conclusion is drawn on impossibility of implementation of full-fledged civic education of ordinary soldiers by forces of unterofficer shots. The main normative legal acts regulating educational process both in military educational institutions, and in field army are considered. It is proved, because of backwardness of pedagogical science, absence in various sources of the terminology corresponding to civic education. A conclusion about integration of moral and civil education of the military personnel of the Russian army of the pre-revolutionary period who is carried out mainly by means of their participation in religious activity is reasoned.

  6. Complexity and Army Transformation (United States)

    Calhoun, Mark T.

    On 12 Octther 1999, the U.S. Army began a journey down a new path to innovation, when General Eric Shinseki presented his vision of Army Transformation at the 45th annual meeting of the Association of the United States Army. In this speech, General Shinseki described the Army as an organization consisting of heavy forces with excellent staying power but poor strategic responsiveness, light forces with excellent responsiveness but poor staying power, and a logistics system with an excessively large footprint. His proposed solution, a comprehensive change of the Army resulting in full-spectrum dominance and strategic responsiveness, would occur so quickly as to "be unnerving to some." [Shinseki. 1999] While this prediction has turned out in some ways to be true, it is not necessarily the speed of change that is unnerving to many of the people studying Army Transformation.

  7. Medical Equipment Financial Leasing in Medium and Small-sized Military Hospitals%军队中小医院融资租赁医疗设备的实践与体会

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    胡月静; 辛显涛


    介绍了军队中小医院利用融资租赁的方式引进医疗设备的必要性,分析了融资租赁的优势,最后指出了融资租赁引进医疗设备在提升为兵服务质量、丰富学科技术以及规避资金风险等方面具有重要的作用,为军队中小医院的持续发展提供了有利契机.%The necessary of military medium and small-sized hospitals to introduce medical equipment by financial leasing is stated. The advantages of financial leasing is also analyzed. At the end, the important role of financial leasing is pointed out from many aspects, such as improving the quality of soldier service, enriching professional technology and avoiding the fund risk. It provides the opportunity for military medium and small -sized hospitals to develop sustainably.

  8. Does U.S. Army Humint Doctrine Achieve Its Objectives? What Have Iraq and Afghanistan Taught Us? (United States)


    OSINT Open Source Intelligence PIR Priority Intelligence Requirements PLDC Primary Leadership Development Course PME Professional Military...Exploitation (DOCEX/DOMEX) Analysis, Open Source Intelligence ( OSINT ), Military Source Operations and Interrogations.8 The Army employs HUMINT in a...analysis, and OSINT , although important, are traditionally thought of as less critical than Interrogations or Source Operations. While training does

  9. Countering Gray-Zone Hybrid Threats: An Analysis of Russias New Generation Warfare and Implications for the US Army (United States)


    Sciences at the US Military Academy at West Point. He...Wood, MO. He holds a BS in Civil Engineering from the US Military Academy, an MS in Engineering Management from the Missouri University of Science particular the US Army special forces, have focused more on counter- terrorism, direct action, and foreign internal

  10. Distance Education: A University's Pioneering Master of Social Work Program Partnership with the U.S. Army (United States)

    Brown, Terri Moore; Freeman, Dexter


    This article describes the relevance of an army-university partnership in view of the cultures of both public higher education and the military graduate education system. The article also outlines the planning model used to navigate through the various issues that should be considered when a university partners with a federal or military agency to…

  11. Overwhelming Force - A Persistent Concept in US Military Thinking

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ulrich, Philip Christian

    In the second brief in the series Overwhelming Force – A Persistent Concept in US Military Thinking, Philip Chr. Ulrich analyzes how the US Army reacted to the defeat in the Vietnam War. The US Army wanted to avoid operations, which might lead to a long term engagement in stability operations......, as engagement in such operations were seen as the reason for the defeat in Vietnam. The US Army also chose to exclude stability operations and counterinsurgency from its doctrines and teachings. Instead, the US Army chose to focus on conventional war, supplemented by an increasing fascination with technology...... as a replacement for “boots on the ground”. Thus, the brief analyzes two of the reasons why the US Army was totally unprepared for the situation it faced following the invasion of Iraq in 2003. A lacking doctrinal foundation, combined with a too great fascination with and reliance on technology....

  12. Coastal Fortifications and National Military Policy, 1815-1835 (United States)


    military policy . However, before the other projects, such as the expansion of the navy, could receive the monetary attention from Congress, coastal...Coastal Fortifications and National Military Policy , 1815-1835 A Monograph by MAJ Clinton W. Brown United States Army...MM-YYYY) 07-04-2015 2. REPORT TYPE Master’s Thesis 3. DATES COVERED (From - To) JUN 2014 – MAY 2015 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE Coastal

  13. 2010 Army Modernization Strategy (United States)


    Capability Release ( JCR ) software upgrades with BFT2 and KGV-72s provides Type-1 security and enhanced (10X) L-band bandwidth to current FBCB2 terminals...Additionally, JCR will include the co-host of the TiGR and the Army will leverage to support HBCT to SBCT conversions starting in FY11. By FY13...Army Human Intelligence 89 2010 ARMY MODERNIZATION STRATEGY WWW.G8.ARMY.MIL IBCT: IED: IED: IFPC: IPADS: IRB: ISR: IT: JAB: JBC-P: JCR : JETS

  14. 75 FR 3901 - Board of Visitors, United States Military Academy (USMA) (United States)


    ... Department of the Army Board of Visitors, United States Military Academy (USMA) AGENCY: Department of the... advisory committee meeting will take place: 1. Name of Committee: United States Military Academy Board of... Visitors (BoV). Members of the Board will be provided updates on Academy issues. 6. Agenda: The...

  15. 76 FR 5143 - Board of Visitors, United States Military Academy (USMA) (United States)


    ... Department of the Army Board of Visitors, United States Military Academy (USMA) AGENCY: Department of the... States Military Academy Board of Visitors. This is the 2011 Organizational Meeting of the USMA Board of Visitors. Members of the Board will be provided updates on Academy issues. DATES: Wednesday, February...

  16. 75 FR 7571 - Board of Visitors, United States Military Academy (USMA) (United States)


    ... Department of the Army Board of Visitors, United States Military Academy (USMA) AGENCY: Department of the... Committee: United States Military Academy Board of Visitors. 2. Date: Tuesday, March 9, 2010. 3. Time: 12:30... provided updates on Academy issues. 6. Agenda: The Academy leadership will provide the Board updates on...

  17. 77 FR 58529 - Board of Visitors, United States Military Academy (USMA) (United States)


    ... Department of the Army Board of Visitors, United States Military Academy (USMA) AGENCY: Department of the... advisory committee meeting will take place: 1. Name of Committee: United States Military Academy Board of...). Members of the Board will be provided updates on Academy issues. 6. Agenda: The Academy leadership...

  18. 76 FR 60816 - Board of Visitors, United States Military Academy (USMA) (United States)


    ... Department of the Army Board of Visitors, United States Military Academy (USMA) AGENCY: Department of the... advisory committee meeting will take place: 1. Name of Committee: United States Military Academy Board of... Visitors (BoV). Members of the Board will be provided updates on Academy issues. 6. Agenda: The...

  19. 75 FR 20827 - Board of Visitors, United States Military Academy (USMA) (United States)


    ... Department of the Army Board of Visitors, United States Military Academy (USMA) AGENCY: Department of the... advisory committee meeting will take place: 1. Name of Committee: United States Military Academy Board of...). Members of the Board will be provided updates on Academy issues. 6. Agenda: The Academy leadership...

  20. 75 FR 34989 - Board of Visitors, United States Military Academy (USMA) (United States)


    ... Department of the Army Board of Visitors, United States Military Academy (USMA) AGENCY: Agency: Department of... States Military Academy Board of Visitors. This is the 2010 Summer Meeting of the USMA Board of Visitors. Members of the Board will be provided updates on Academy issues. DATES: Thursday, July 8, 2010, at 9...

  1. 78 FR 13030 - Board of Visitors, United States Military Academy (USMA) (United States)


    ... Department of the Army Board of Visitors, United States Military Academy (USMA) AGENCY: Department of the... advisory committee meeting will take place: 1. Name of Committee: United States Military Academy Board of... updates on Academy issues. 6. Agenda: The Academy leadership will provide the Board updates on...

  2. 77 FR 14006 - Board of Visitors, United States Military Academy (USMA) (United States)


    ... Department of the Army Board of Visitors, United States Military Academy (USMA) AGENCY: Department of the... advisory committee meeting will take place: 1. Name of Committee: United States Military Academy Board of... Visitors (BoV). Members of the Board will be provided updates on Academy issues. 6. Agenda: The...

  3. 78 FR 60266 - Board of Visitors, United States Military Academy (USMA) (United States)


    ... Department of the Army Board of Visitors, United States Military Academy (USMA) AGENCY: Department of the... advisory committee meeting will take place: 1. Name of Committee: United States Military Academy Board of... Visitors (BoV). Members of the Board will be provided updates on Academy issues. 6. Agenda: The...

  4. 75 FR 65006 - Board of Visitors, United States Military Academy (USMA) (United States)


    ... Department of the Army Board of Visitors, United States Military Academy (USMA) AGENCY: Department of the... States Military Academy Board of Visitors. This is the 2010 Annual Meeting of the USMA Board of Visitors. Members of the Board will be provided updates on Academy issues. ] DATES: Friday, November 5, 2010 at 1...

  5. 78 FR 32241 - Board of Visitors, United States Military Academy (USMA); Meeting (United States)


    ... Department of the Army Board of Visitors, United States Military Academy (USMA); Meeting AGENCY: Department... Committee: United States Military Academy Board of Visitors. 2. Date: Wednesday, June 19, 2013. 3. Time: 2 p...). Members of the Board will be provided updates on Academy issues. 6. Agenda: The Academy leadership...

  6. 76 FR 41490 - Board of Visitors, United States Military Academy (USMA) (United States)


    ... Department of the Army Board of Visitors, United States Military Academy (USMA) AGENCY: Department of the... advisory committee meeting will take place: 1. Name of Committee: United States Military Academy Board of... Visitors (BoV). Members of the Board will be provided updates on Academy issues. 6. Agenda: The...

  7. Army Transformation: Navigating into the Blue Ocean (United States)


    posed by the Domino Theory.7 Since 2004, the MA is embarking on a transformation program known as the ‘Army 2 10 plus 10’. General Tan Sri Dato ’ Sri... based political parties, lost its two-third majority in the federal parliament for the first time in history and was ousted as the ruling party in four...within the military or civilian community they are based , at a larger and more significant scale. The MA may consider allowing organizational

  8. The Central Asian Armies Facing the Challenge of Formation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sébastien Peyrouse


    Full Text Available This article focuses on one of the main challenges that Central Asian armies face, that is, the problem of training and formation. Having rapidly increased since 2007, Central Asian military budgets have been able to multiply the purchases of equipment and weapons from foreign partners (Russia, western countries, Israel, China, South Korea, etc.. Money is not enough, however, to get the military institution back on its feet in its most human aspect, that of formation. In fact, the teaching institutions and the training possibilities provided to conscripts and professional soldiers on contract are generally of inadequate quality and impede the overall military capacities of the Central Asian states. This article will examine the main problems of the Central Asian military institutions and will discuss the means that have been implemented by Central Asian governments to reduce the negative impact of difficulties in promoting human capital.

  9. Chinese Military Reforms: A Pessimistic Take (United States)


    Similarly, recent changes to the organizational structure of China’s military have made clear improvements, but do nothing to address its most... organizational structure of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). One change has been the dismantling of the four “general depart- ments” that formerly served... changes have rightly been recog- nized as significant steps toward resolv- ing some longstanding problems caused by the PLA’s previous organizational

  10. Military Periodicals. (United States)


    4401 Vine Grove Road Fort Knox, Kentucky 40121 Telephone: (502) 942-8624 Editor-in-Chief: MAJ C. R. Steiner , Jr. $10.00 Army (M) Association...Wehrkunde) Verlag Europaische Wehrkunde Gmb H Herzog- Rudolf -Str. 1 8000 Munich 22 West Germany Telephone: (089) 293883 Editor: Ewald Heinrich von

  11. Military Sexual Assault: Chronology of Activity in Congress and Related Resources (United States)


    reports 8 Lolita C. Baldor and Donna Cassata, “Most Military Sexual Assault Cases Go Unreported,”, May 8, 2013, at http...chairman also said officials will examine the 15 Robert Burns and Lolita C. Baldor, “General: Sex Abuse...promotion.html 33 Lolita C. Baldor and Donna Cassata, “Military Sex Assault Reports are up, Changes Ordered,” Army Times, May 7, 2013, at http

  12. [French military nurses during the First World War (1914-1918)]. (United States)

    Garcia, Julien; Lefort, Hugues; Lamache, Christophe; Tabbagh, Xavier; Olier, François


    In 1914, beingthe heirs of the ambulance soldiers who had been created during the time of the Empire, the military males-nurses were overwhelmed by the armies huge needs in paramedics. Facing both the callings of commandment which demanded the recruitment of soldiers and the necessity--which had been set up as a duty by the health service--to attend the doctors, the military male-nurse gave way, in 1918 to a new comer: the female military nurse.

  13. Army Overdependency on Contractors (United States)


    Army Overdependency on Contrators EWS 2005 Subject Area Topical Issues Contemporary Issues Paper Submitted by Captain HL Morris...aspect of this collection of information, including suggestions for reducing this burden, to Washington Headquarters Services , Directorate for Information... service would not be interrupted if the contractor failed to perform. The guidelines also mandated that the Army had to be capable of providing

  14. The Civil Democratic Control on the Army Forces in Romania 1989-2007


    Octavian SOFRONEA


    The end of the Cold War meant for the South-Eastern European countries an increased effort for establishing a market based economy and democratic institutions. One raised issue regarding democratization was the reform of the army forces and the democratization of the relationship between the military and the civil society. The civil control on the army forces and the creation of a democratic control system represents key indicators for the process of democratization and stabilizing and legiti...

  15. Understanding why a Ground Combat Vehicle that Carries Nine Dismounts is Important to the Army (United States)


    cites a quote by GEN Donn Starry, TRADOC commander from 1977 to 1981, in which he notes, “We in TRADOC . . . decided to put the TOW on the MICV because...Carmichael, John M., “Devising Doctrine for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle Platoon Dismount Element—Finding the Right Starting Point,” Fort...Mahon, John K., and Romana Danysh, Army Lineage Series: Infantry, Part I: Regular Army, Washington, D.C.: Office of the Chief of Military History, United

  16. Creating an Effective Regional Alignment Strategy for the U.S. Army (United States)


    CREATING AN EFFECTIVE REGIONAL ALIGNMENT STRATEGY FOR THE U.S. ARMY Officer Corps Strategy Monograph Series Raven Bukowski John Childress Michael J...THE U.S. ARMY Raven Bukowski John Childress Michael J. Colarusso David S. Lyle November 2014 The views expressed in this report are those of the...MAJOR RAVEN BUKOWSKI is an Assistant Professor of International Relations at the United States Military Academy, West Point, NY. Her research

  17. U.S. Army Research Institute Unrestricted Publications, Fiscal Year 2011 (United States)


    an Army sample. Cadets at the U.S. Military Academy and active-duty Soldiers completed the Cultural Intelligence Scale, the Multicultural ...Army Officer Counseling Training for Commanders: Participant Manual Michael J. Cullen, Hannah J. Foldes, Janis S. Houston, Robert J. Schneider, Emily...E. Duehr, & Jeff W. Johnson. April 2011. (ADA544443) We developed and evaluated a retention counseling training program targeted at

  18. Psychiatry in the U.S. Army: Lessons for Community Psychiatry (United States)


    Development of Nostalgia Nostalgia Before and During the Civil War Functional Heart Disease Constipation, Headache, and Neuralgia NEUROLOGY IN THE CIVIL WAR...Annual Reports of the Surgeon General, U.S. Army Military Psychiatry Insanity Alcoholism Headache and Neuralgia Preventive Medicine HEALTH OF THE ARMY...improved sufficiently to be discharged to less strenuous duties. 24(pp863-864) Constipation, Headache, and Neuralgia As indicated, participants of

  19. Deployment Family Stress: Child Neglect and Maltreatment in U.S. Army Families (United States)


    08-2-0189 TITLE: Deployment Family Stress: Child Neglect and Maltreatment in U.S. Army Families PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Stephen...10      4 | P a g e INTRODUCTION The Deployment Family Stress: Child Neglect and Maltreatment in the U.S. Army study...was conducted to identify the effects of child neglect within and around military installations. Data for this study was collected from clinical

  20. Nostalgia in the Army (17th-19th Centuries). (United States)

    Battesti, Michèle


    People died from nostalgia in the army in the 17th-19th centuries. The term 'nostalgia', created by the doctor Johannes Hofer (1669-1752), from Mulhouse, came from the Germanic Heimweh, or 'homesickness'. It affected the young people enrolled in the army, such as Swiss mercenaries. Longing for their native land, they were consumed by an ongoing desire to return home. If it was impossible to do so, they sank into 'a sadness accompanied with insomnia, anorexia and other unpleasant symptoms' that could lead to death. Nostalgia became classified as a disease during the last quarter of the 18th century and ravaged the French army during the Revolution and the Napoleonic wars. However, as soon as the wars ended, it ceased to exist in the army (except the colonial army). It was removed from the nosology in the first half of the 19th century. Rapidly explained as an example of a misdiagnosis or a confusion between 'connection and cause', nostalgia needs to be assessed in regard to the medical debate between 'alienists' and 'organicists'. Creating much concern, nostalgia needs to be considered in the historical context of a society destabilized by modernity, with some individuals uprooted by the sudden transition from civil society to military life. It raises questions about the role that the army played in the creation of the French national union. Nostalgia may have also covered psychic traumatisms later designated as combat fatigue, war neurosis, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

  1. The Russian Military’s Role in Politics (United States)


    democratic system . In order to prevent the military from becoming a threat, democratizing governments must re-educate their military professionals and instill in them a sense of respect for democratic institutions and the multi-party system. The goal is to limit the military’s role in politics and develop a tradition of an apolitical army. The problems facing Russia in this regard are multi- fold. It inherited from the USSR an officer corps for which loyalty to both the Soviet Union and the ruling Communist party was a prerequisite to professional advancement.

  2. Radiation exposure of U.S. military individuals. (United States)

    Blake, Paul K; Komp, Gregory R


    The U.S. military consists of five armed services: the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard. It directly employs 1.4 million active duty military, 1.3 million National Guard and reserve military, and 700,000 civilian individuals. This paper describes the military guidance used to preserve and maintain the health of military personnel while they accomplish necessary and purposeful work in areas where they are exposed to radiation. It also discusses military exposure cohorts and associated radiogenic disease compensation programs administered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the U.S. Department of Justice, and the U.S. Department of Labor. With a few exceptions, the U.S. military has effectively employed ionizing radiation since it was first introduced during the Spanish-American War in 1898. The U.S military annually monitors 70,000 individuals for occupational radiation exposure: ~2% of its workforce. In recent years, the Departments of the Navy (including the Marine Corps), the Army, and the Air Force all have a low collective dose that remains close to 1 person-Sv annually. Only a few Coast Guard individuals are now routinely monitored for radiation exposure. As with the nuclear industry as a whole, the Naval Reactors program has a higher collective dose than the remainder of the U.S. military. The U.S. military maintains occupational radiation exposure records on over two million individuals from 1945 through the present. These records are controlled in accordance with the Privacy Act of 1974 but are available to affected individuals or their designees and other groups performing sanctioned epidemiology studies.Introduction of Radiation Exposure of U.S. Military Individuals (Video 2:19,

  3. Iraq Stability: Foreign Military Sales in a New War Environment (United States)


    April2009, 6-10, Military & Government Collection, EBSCOhost (accessed November 6, 2014). l Eric Schmitt and Michael Gordon, "The Iraqi Army Was...Government Collection, EBSCOhost (accessed November 6, 2014). The National Archives. Act of September 26, 1961 (Arms Control and Disarmament Act), Public

  4. American War and Military Operations Casualties: Lists and Statistics (United States)


    907) 428-6007, American Samoa Attorney General Sialega Malaetasi Togafau, America Samoa Government, P.O. Box 7, Pago ... Pago , AS 96799, (684) 633-4163 Arizona Major General David P. Rataczak, Emergency and Military Affairs Department, 5636 East McDowell Road, Phoenix

  5. Developing Intuitive Decision-Making In Modern Military Leadership (United States)


    1. Center for the Study of Professional Military Ethics , " Ethical Challenges in Contemporary Conflict: The...Afghanistan and Iraq Cases," United States Naval Academy, February 23, 2006, Ethics /Publications/MattisPg1-28_Final.pdf (accessed...over six hundred North Vietnamese Army (NVA) soldiers while suffering only 37. Immanual Kant , " The

  6. Overwhelming Force - A Persistent Concept in US Military Thinking

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ulrich, Philip Christian

    calls the “Civil War Concept”, based on overwhelming numbers in personnel and material superiority. The US Army followed this concept, and the entire US military for that matter, until the Vietnam War. Before the Vietnam War the concept was changed in order to limit the risk to ground forces...

  7. In Search of an Identity: The Caribbean Military and National Security in the Twenty-First Century (United States)


    significance, and peculiarities of the West Indian army. Unlike the Indian army, the West Indian garrison fails to conjure any old romantic notions...were allowed to enter the theatre of operation, only after the US military had secured the area, were given a similar task, to guard prisoners. Also

  8. Posttraumatic stress disorder post Iraq and Afghanistan: prevalence among military subgroups. (United States)

    Hines, Lindsey A; Sundin, Josefin; Rona, Roberto J; Wessely, Simon; Fear, Nicola T


    A large body of research has been produced in recent years investigating posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among military personnel following deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan, resulting in apparent differences in PTSD prevalence. We compare prevalence estimates for current PTSD between military subgroups, providing insight into how groups may be differentially affected by deployment. Systematic literature searches using the terms PTSD, stress disorder, and acute stress, combined with terms relating to military personnel, identified 49 relevant papers. Studies with a sample size of less than 100 and studies based on data for treatment seeking or injured populations were excluded. Studies were categorized according to theatre of deployment (Iraq or Afghanistan), combat and noncombat deployed samples, sex, enlistment type (regular or reserve and [or] National Guard), and service branch (for example, army, navy, and air force). Meta-analysis was used to assess PTSD prevalence across subgroups. There was large variability in PTSD prevalence between studies, but, regardless of heterogeneity, prevalence rates of PTSD were higher among studies of Iraq-deployed personnel (12.9%; 95% CI 11.3% to 14.4%), compared with personnel deployed to Afghanistan (7.1%; 95% CI 4.6% to 9.6%), combat deployed personnel, and personnel serving in the Canadian, US, or UK army or the navy or marines (12.4%; 95% CI 10.9% to 13.4%), compared with the other services (4.9%; 95% CI 1.4% to 8.4%). Contrary to findings from within-study comparisons, we did not find a difference in PTSD prevalence for regular active-duty and reserve or National Guard personnel. Categorizing studies according to deployment location and branch of service identified differences among subgroups that provide further support for factors underlying the development of PTSD.

  9. Scouts Out! The Development of Reconnaissance Units in Modern Armies (United States)


    and Stoves, 133, 145, 147, 149; Rothe and Ohrloff, 389; Luck 71, 81. 48. Earl F. Ziemke and Magna E. Bauer , Moscow to Stalingrad: Decision in the...Warren, MI: Squadron/ Signal, 1977. Schneider, Wolfgang . Panzer Tactics: German Small-Unit Armor Tactics in World War II. Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole...Fedorowicz, 2000. Ziemke, Earl F., and Magna E. Bauer . Moscow to Stalingrad: Decision in the East. Washington, DC: US Army Center of Military History, 1989

  10. Who was in Harold Bluetooth’s army?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Price, Douglas; Frei, Karin; Dobat, A.S.


    The circular fortress of Trelleborg on Zealand in Denmark is well known as a military camp with a key role in the formation of the Danish state under Harald Bluetooth in the tenth century AD. Taking a sample of 48 burials from the fort, strontium isotope analysis once again demonstrates its ability...... with a silver casket. Trelleborg, home of Harald Bluetooth's army, was a fortress of foreigners with vivid implications for the nature of his political mission...

  11. Military Suicide (United States)


    CDYA) programs. (S) Evaluate the appropriateness and, if appropriate, the Feasibility of operating a crisis hot line in all Army MTFs which maintain...Affairs), Washington, D.C., July 1985. 2. Deparatment of Health and Human Services, Helth Unitgd States. 1584, December 1S8’*. 3. Wood, Major Billy R...James E., Jr. "Suicide Prevention in the Air Force: A Training Guide For Crisis Intervention Service Volunteer Counselors". Unpublished Air Command

  12. Military Strategy, (United States)


    Voronezh- Kastornoye, Khar’kov, Donbas , and Rostov operations. The major strategic offensive operations of the Red Army in most cases were conducted on a...Kolchak, the troops of the Southern Front were forced to abandon the Donbas and withdraw to the central regions of the country, while the troops on the...Industrila region, the Northern Caucasus, the Donbas , Krlvoroth’ye, Kerch.’, and the regions of the Ukraine east of the Dnieper River. The

  13. Development of Helicopter Capabilities in the U.S. Army During the Korean and Vietnam Wars (United States)


    NUMBER 5e. TASK NUMBER 5f. WORK UNIT NUMBER 7. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION NAME(S) AND ADDRESS(ES) U.S. Army Command and General Staff College ...expressed herein are those of the student author and do not necessarily represent the views of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College or any...of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree MASTER OF MILITARY ART AND SCIENCE

  14. Sixty years of the Military Technical Courier: Origins of the military technical thinking in the military printing of the Kingdom of Serbia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ivan B. Mijatović


    Full Text Available The article sheds light on the origins of the military technical thinking in the military publishing of the Kingdom of Serbia with a view to marking a jubilee - the sixtieth anniversary of the Military Technical Courier. 'Vojin', the first military review, printed in the middle of 19th century as a private venture, covered a wide scope of military issues, among which a special place was given to 'the science of weapons'. No sooner had this review ceased to exist than The Headquarters of the Army of the Kingdom of Serbia started publishing a new military review, 'Ratnik', which, apart from the art of war and war literature, dealt with the science of weapons in order to inform officers about the latest achievements in military technology and to educate them as well. Serbian military thinking, including its technical aspect, did not fall behind modern trends in its European and world counterparts until 1914. The development of weaponry in Europe and the world was regularly covered on the pages of military reviews.

  15. The Army Selected Reserve Dental Readiness System: overview, assessment, and recommendations. (United States)

    Honey, James R


    The Army Selected Reserve Dental Readiness System (ASDRS) is a key dental program directed by the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower & Reserve Affairs) starting in fiscal year 09. The Army National Guard and Army Reserve have steadily implemented ASDRS over the past 3 years as a means to improve the historically abysmal dental readiness of the Army Reserve Component (RC). Dental readiness is essential for sustaining an Army RC Operational Force. ASDRS is a tool for RC commanders to provide contract dental readiness care in support of over 558 thousand nonmobilized Selected Reserve Citizen-Soldiers dispersed throughout the 54 states and U.S. territories, at home station before alert, and if necessary after alert (throughout the Army force generation cycle). This article examines the status of ASDRS implementation, assesses its effectiveness in improving Army RC Dental Readiness, and provides Army leadership recommendations regarding the following focus areas: (1) command emphasis, (2) program execution, and (3) synergy with the Military Health System and Department of Veterans Affairs.

  16. Scylla and Charybdis: the Army’s Development of War Plan Orange (United States)


    Martin Kriedberg and First Lieutenant Merton Henry, places a primacy on the planning for the mobilization of manpower in case of war. Together, the...Infantry Journal Press, 1946), 290. 37 Marvin A. Kreidberg and Merton G. Henry, History of Military Mobilization in the United States Army, 1775...1920-1939. Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas, 1998. Kreidberg, Marvin A and Henry, Merton G. History of Military Mobilization in the United

  17. Perspectives on Aerobic and Strength Influences on Military Physical Readiness: Report of an International Military Physiology Roundtable. (United States)

    Friedl, Karl E; Knapik, Joseph J; Häkkinen, Keijo; Baumgartner, Neal; Groeller, Herbert; Taylor, Nigel A S; Duarte, Antonio F A; Kyröläinen, Heikki; Jones, Bruce H; Kraemer, William J; Nindl, Bradley C


    Physical fitness training of military recruits is an enduring focus of armies. This is important for safe and effective performance of general tasks that anyone may have to perform in a military setting as well as preparation for more specialized training in specific job specialties. Decades of studies on occupationally specific physical requirements have characterized the dual aerobic and strength demands of typical military tasks; however, scientifically founded strategies to prepare recruits with a good mix of these 2 physiologically opposing capabilities have not been well established. High levels of aerobic training can compromise resistance training gains and increase injury rates. Resistance training requires a greater commitment of time and resources as well as a greater understanding of the science to produce true strength gains that may be beneficial to military performance. These are critical issues for modern armies with increased demands for well-prepared soldiers and fewer injury losses. The actual physical requirements tied to metrics of success in military jobs are also under renewed examination as women are increasingly integrated into military jobs previously performed only by men. At the third International Congress on Soldiers' Physical Performance, a roundtable of 10 physiologists with military expertise presented comparative perspectives on aerobic and strength training. These topics included the physiological basis of training benefits, how to train effectively, how to measure training effectiveness, considerations for the integration of women, and the big perspective. Key discussion points centered on (a) the significance of findings from research on integrated training, (b) strategies for effective strength development, and

  18. 红四方面军无线电工作述评%Review on Radio Work of the Red Fourth Army

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    对中共党史军史的研究虽然很多,但对其中的无线电工作研究却一直比较薄弱.土地革命战争时期,红四方面军作为一支规模仅次于中央红军的主力红军,其无线电工作就显得极为重要.虽然它的规模不算大,但精干高效,涌现出了一批无线电专家,不仅从人员上保障了无线电侦听和密码破译工作的顺利进行,而且为红四方面军培养了大批的无线电情报人员,保证了红军主力对敌情的了解,为川陕苏区的反围攻作战和长征胜利作出了贡献.%Although there are many studies on the military history of the Communist Party of China, the radio research has been in relatively weak state.During the period of the Agrarian Revolutionary War, the Red Fourth Army as a scale was second only to the Central Red Army' s main forces of the Red Army, so the radio work was very important.Its size was not large, but capable and efficient.With a number of radio experts, the radio interception and cryptanalysis work were protect and went smoothly, and a large number of radio intelligence personnel for the Red Army were trained, ensuring the intelligence about the enemy for the main forces of the Red Army, contributing to the Sichuan-Shaanxi Soviet anti siege warfare and the victory of the Long March.

  19. Military Government (United States)


    Public finance -------------------~·---------------------22 Civilian protection -------------------------------------23 Public health and sanitation...22. PUBLIC. ~INANCE.~q. Basic "planning data for public finance in- clude-- (1) ·rrax·ation systems: - .(2)- ~ethods of_tpaking appropriations.- ( 3...Probable ·adequacy- of public funds. (.4) Administrative .. _ organization for_ public finance sections. b. Military government -staff sections

  20. Anticipated Effects of Restructuring on Army Career Decisions: An Analysis of Comments from the 1990 Army Career Satisfaction Survey (United States)


    on Capital Hill! 0011708 My response will probably not reflect the majority of soldiers In US Army. I am a nurse anesthetist and the pay & job...the potential is for future asslgnemts, retentions and stabilization. 0020056 Morale of Soviet FAOs in the capital area is low. Many of the most...separations from spouse (emotional support) and lack of concern for emotioanl/ psycological welfare on the part of the military, along with a change

  1. Ocorrência de aflatoxinas em arroz consumido por militares do Exército Brasileiro por cromatografia em camada delgada e cromatografia líquida de alta eficiência Incidence of aflatoxins in rice to be consumed by militaries in the brazilian army by thin layer chromatography and high performance liquid chromatography methods

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jader Oliveira da Silva


    November 2003 to febuary 2004 when the incidence of aflatoxins B1, B2, G1 and G2 was measured by thin layer chromatography (TLC and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC methods. This work had the aim of comparing the thin layer chromatography and high performance liquid chromatography techniques and contributed for the quality control of the foods to be consumed by militaries of the Brazilian army, concerning the control of the aflatoxins levels. From a total of 30 samples were tested performed by tlc, no aflatoxin was detected. From 26 samples, analysed trough high performance liquid chromatography, 6 (23, 07% presented positive results for aflatoxin B1 with 0, 54 2, 04 µg/kg and, 1 (3, 84% presented a positive result for aflatoxins B2 with 1, 84 µg/kg.

  2. The Total Army (United States)


    headquarters, but the acknowledged limitations reflect otherwise. This is even more concerning given “the Army strategy for global mission command of Army...above resembles a global security market , yet decisions are based on subjective estimates of risks, threats, and opportunities rather than objective...enthusiasm for new investments in blood and treasure. Yet the global security environment is one of growing complexity and danger, and the demand for an

  3. Annihilating time and space: The electrification of the United States Army, 1875--1920 (United States)

    Brown, Shannon Allen


    The United States Army embraced electrical technology in the 1870s as part of a wider initiative to meet the challenge of the coastal defense mission. As commercial power storage, generation, and transmission technology improved and the army came to recognize the value of the energy source as a means and method of improving command and control, localized electrical networks were integrated into the active service of the military. New vulnerabilities emerged as the army became ever more reliant upon electric power, however, and electrification---the institutional adoption and adaptation of electrical technologies---emerged as a very expensive and contentious process guided by technical, political, and economic pressures, and influenced by conflicting personalities within the service. This study considers the institutional evolution of the U.S. Army before and during World War I with respect to the adoption and application of electrical technology. The changing relationships between the military and electrical manufacturing and utilities industries during the period 1875--1920 are also explored. Using a combination of military archival sources and published primary materials, this study traces the effects of electrification on the army. In the end, this study proves that electrification was, at first, a symptom of, and later, a partial solution to the army's struggle to modernize and centralize during the period under consideration. Electrification produced a set of conditions that encouraged a new maturity within the ranks of the army, in technical, doctrinal, and administrative terms. This growth eventually led to the development of new capabilities, new forms of military organization, new missions, and new approaches to warfare.

  4. Patient Response to an Integrated Orthotic and Rehabilitation Initiative for Traumatic Injuries for the Military Treatment Facilities (PRIORITI-MTF) (United States)


    military-veterans/  Regular FaceBook text and a photo advertisements targeting individuals with military interests. 6  The PI at NMCSD will be...these clinics. The following list summarizes our activities to advertise the study over the last year:  Outreach to the Outreach to Army Times

  5. [The General Military Medical Department during the Great Patriotic War]. (United States)

    Kryuchkov, O A; Kulnev, S V; Taranov, S P


    The article is devoted to the contribution of the General Military Medical Department of the Red Army (GMMD) to organisation of health care support during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. In the summary you may follow the main ways of activity of the central governing body of medical (health) services of the Red. Army. The main focus of the article is made on conditions under which GMMD had to organize medical support of the Red. Army at the beginning of the war, the most difficult period of the Great Patriotic War. The authors payed attention to the forms and methods of the work of the head of GMMD and its subordinate departments under the conditions of rapidly changing environment of combat and rear situation, as well as interaction with GMMD People Commissariat of Health. The authors tried to highlight not well known but not less important moments in the activities of the Red Army GMMD.

  6. Military Preparedness (United States)


    answer to that question provides a benchmark of confidence in the military leadership’s ability to address threats to national security interests. For...force appears logical, but bias and misrepresentations can creep in based on the methods used to aggregate data from lower echelons to higher ones...operations is its evanescence and self - destruction. … Operations overheat the system.”57 How much training is sufficient before it drains human energy

  7. Evaluation of satellite collar sample size requirements for mitigation of low-level military jet disturbance of the George River caribou herd

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Robert D. Otto


    Full Text Available Wildlife radio-telemetry and tracking projects often determine a priori required sample sizes by statistical means or default to the maximum number that can be maintained within a limited budget. After initiation of such projects, little attention is focussed on effective sample size requirements, resulting in lack of statistical power. The Department of National Defence operates a base in Labrador, Canada for low level jet fighter training activities, and maintain a sample of satellite collars on the George River caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou herd of the region for spatial avoidance mitiga¬tion purposes. We analysed existing location data, in conjunction with knowledge of life history, to develop estimates of satellite collar sample sizes required to ensure adequate mitigation of GRCH. We chose three levels of probability in each of six annual caribou seasons. Estimated number of collars required ranged from 15 to 52, 23 to 68, and 36 to 184 for 50%, 75%, and 90% probability levels, respectively, depending on season. Estimates can be used to make more informed decisions about mitigation of GRCH, and, generally, our approach provides a means to adaptively assess radio collar sam¬ple sizes for ongoing studies.

  8. [Health conditions and physical development of soldiers during enrollment in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and military service in 2001-2010]. (United States)

    Didenko, L V; Ustinova, L A; Khyzhniak, M I


    Fitness of soldiers in military reserve for military service at the stage in the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been studied in the article. It has been established that the growing number of soldiers in military reserve with changes in health and physical condition indicates insufficient level of their health which has a negative impact on their capability and gradually on their fitness for military service. Priorities of changes in organization of the process of completion by human resources of the soldiers' military reserve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine during their transition towards professional army have been defined, to include optimization of criteria of fitness for military service.

  9. Rainwater Harvesting for Military Installations -The Time is Now (United States)


    Building US Army Corps of Engineers® Engineer Research and Development Center Rainwater Vault Sizing • Review occupancy - High use after morning PT...WATER NO TOME El AGUA .. US Army Corps of Engineers® Engineer Research and Development Center Mitchell Physics RWH 386,800 GPY AC 1,058,300 GPY

  10. Medicine and the Egyptian campaign: the development of the military medical officer during the Napoleonic Wars c. 1798-1801. (United States)

    Kelly, Catherine


    This article investigates how French and British army medical officers in Egypt at the turn of the 19th century were affected by campaign experiences. Their encounters with ophthalmia, plague, and other diseases influenced the practice of medicine in later campaigns and fostered the development of the idea amongst military practitioners that military diseases required specialised knowledge. Practitioners' campaign writings are used to demonstrate how British army doctors approached the investigation of the "new" diseases they encountered. In particular, the article focuses on how Dr. James McGrigor used the military system to control, direct, and disseminate the development of medical knowledge.

  11. U.S. Department of Defense Experiences with Substituting Government Employees for Military Personnel: Challenges and Opportunities (United States)


    Institute of Cornell Law School). We used official web- sites of the military services to identify relevant service instructions: Army— including military and civilian practitioners—would be considered when staffing state- side hospitals in the wake of forward-deployed military...Improvement Act: Five Years Later,” Acquisition Review Quarterly , Summer 1997, pp. 295–314. Gates, Susan M., Christine Eibner, and Edward G. Keating

  12. What is the Role of Heavy Armor in the Army of 2020? (United States)


    heavy machine gun. Taken from Federation of American Scientist Military Analysis Network, “M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank,” 8 Federation of American Scientist Military Analysis Network, “M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle,” Operational Concept,” Army Magazine, June 2001, 12-19. Federation of American Scientist Military Analysis Network, “M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank

  13. Cultural Frictions: Mentoring the Afghan Army at 'Sandhurst in the Sand'

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Mynster Christensen, Maya


    The Afghan National Army Officer Academy (ANAOA) is a significant indicator of the success of the NATO-led mission in Afghanistan. This success relies on the local ownership and sustainability of an academy modelled on the British Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Based on qualitative research co...

  14. Shedding Light on the Dark Continent: A Historical Perspective for U.S. Army Regional Alignment (United States)


    Auxiliary Pioneer Corps; and the East African Military Labour Service in the British Army. These units saw combat in Ethiopia, Somaliland, Madagascar...and labor strikes to communicate dissatisfaction with the status quo. There are numerous other Senegalese practices with roots in the French colonial

  15. [Organization of stomatological care in Russian army during first World War 1914-1917 y]. (United States)

    Pavlovskiĭ, L N


    The article presents issues on organization of stomatological care in Russian army during First World War. The author showed reasons of low efficiency of the treatment of soldiers with maxillofacial region. Injuries beginning of a new stage in the treatment of maxillofacial region fire wounds and origin of a new specialty developed a military maxillofacial surgery.

  16. Parameters: US Army War College Quarterly. Volume 19, Number 4, December 1989 (United States)


    preparation was perhaps the key to later success. How stifling was the prewar Army? Carson McCullers opened a novel, published in 1941 at the end of...they happen over and over again." After using the word "monotony" and the term "rigid pattern" to describe military life, McCullers continued: "Perhaps

  17. 32 CFR 623.6 - Reimbursement for loan of Army materiel. (United States)


    ...) Reimbursable costs. Unless specifically stated, borrowing agencies, authorities, and activities will reimburse..., maintain, or safeguard borrowed equipment. (2) Travel and per diem expenses of Army personnel (military and civilian). (3) Packing, crating, handling, and shipping from supply source to destination and return....

  18. Domestic Contingency Operations: A New Role for the United States Army (United States)


    The addition of operations other than war to military lexicology greatly assists to define the role of the Army in support of domestic missions but...transportation, linguists , and health services directly translate to the domestic environment. This critical skills are essential for disaster

  19. The Chilean Army, Its History, Organization, Regional Environment and Challenges Over the Next 25 Years (United States)


    Training System (Sistema de Entrenamiento Thctico Computacional -SETAC) 52 employed at the War College is set, designed by military polytechnic spring/addicott.htm Tactical Computer Training System web page (Sistema de Entrenamiento Thctico Computacional -SETAC) http

  20. Integrating Learning, Leadership, and Crisis in Management Education: Lessons from Army Officers in Iraq and Afghanistan (United States)

    Kayes, D. Christopher; Allen, Nate; Self, Nate


    This article presents a model and case study used to teach crisis leadership as a management education topic. The materials emerge from studies of U.S. Army leaders (company commanders and platoon leaders) working in Iraq and Afghanistan. The authors explain how examples and cases from military combat provide tools to teach about crisis…

  1. United States Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine: Warfighter Research Focusing on the Past 25 Years (United States)

    Pandolf, Kent B.; Francesconi, Ralph; Sawka, Michael N.; Cymerman, Allen; Hoyt, Reed W.; Young, Andrew J.; Zambraski, Edward J.


    The United States Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine (USARIEM) celebrated its 50th anniversary on July 1, 2011. This article reviews its history, evolution, and transition of its research programs as well as its scientific and military accomplishments, emphasizing the past 25 yr. During the 1990s, USARIEM published a series of…

  2. Managing Transitions: Examining the Institutional Army’s Transformation Following the Vietnam War and Operation Iraqi Freedom (United States)


    interrelated reforms after Vietnam, the expansion to the Sixteen-Division Force was announced in the April 1974 Army Posture Statement by CSA General Creighton...reserve components into the support formations and forming habitual relationships with Round-Out Brigades to active units allowed the Army to create deterring the Soviet military expansion in central Europe as noted in the Secretary of Defense’s 1974 Posture Statement to Congress.45 Secretary

  3. The nation and the soldier in German civil-military relations, 1800-1945



    This study of civil-military relations treats the parallel development of: a.) the professional soldier and the Prussian- German army in the era from 1806 until 1945, as well as; b.) the rise of nationalism in central European politics and society, which culminated in the union of the professional soldier and National Socialism after 1933. These two political phenomena of modern Europe, in the first instance, the army, and in the second instance, voelkisch nationalism became a deadly combinat...

  4. The Effects of the Uniformed Services Former Spouses’ Protection Act on Military Retirement Benefits (United States)


    CIA Central Intelligence Agency CSEA Child Support Enforcement Act CSRS Civil Service Retirement System DC District of Columbia DFAS Defense Finance...military members. The four articles in the Florida Bar Journal , Army Lawyer, ABA, and Army Times are reviewed. These articles, written in 1998, no longer valid. In December 1998 Peter Cushing, wrote in “Navigating the Former Spouse Protection Act,” Florida Bar Journal , that there is a

  5. 军队中小医院发展战略SWOT分析%SWOT Analysis on the Development Strategy of the Military Small-medium-sized Hospital

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    朱孟军; 李玉超; 孙金海


    The SWOT analysis theory was used to analyze the construction and development strategies of regional small-medium-sized hospitals , then the development measures were stated as to clear the objectives and ideas of the hospital development , to innovate management ideas ,advance the construction of hospital staff , estab-lish research -oriented organization , construct hospital core competence , promote the construction of discipline groups and carry out medical cooperation items legitimately .%本文运用SWOT理论对某区域中小医院建设发展战略分析,明确医院发展的目标与思路,提出创新管理理念、强化人才梯队建设、创建学习型组织、构建医院核心竞争力、推进优势学科群建设、合理开展合作等对策。

  6. [The Main Military Hospital during the Great Patriotic War]. (United States)

    Maksimov, I B; Kozakov, S P; Ovchinnikova, M B


    Was characterized activity of the Central Military Clinical Hospital by Burdenko N.N. during the Great Patriotic War. From the first days work of the hospital was reorganized in dependence of needs of war time. More then 50% of physicians went in army, leading specialists were established main surgeons and therapeutics of fronts and armies. During the war efforts of collective were aimed on the main purpose--return life and health to the biggest number of patients, and the hospital pulled off this mission. During the war were treated more then 74 000 of ill and wounded persons, 82% of them were returned in troops.

  7. Perspectives of the National Army of the Republic of Moldova under The New Regional Security Architecture

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gheorghe MEREUŢĂ


    Full Text Available Currently, the security complex from the South-East Europe, situated in the area of modern confrontation between the major European powers (Germany, Russia, Great Britain and France, is undergoing a profound political, economic and military restructuring. The USA and NATO, within the UN and OSCE, as well as through other institutions, control the most significant local developments. The concept was imposed by the new politico-military coordinates in Europe and in the world, the limitations of armaments, and the new military relations established in the world. National Army of the Republic of Moldova (hereinafter National Army passes through a complex process of restructuring / modernization. Implemented operational measures and actions, and those that need to be implemented in the next period, refer to the development in the security environment in the area of interest of the Republic of Moldova. Classification-JEL: A23


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jacques Bezuidenhout


    Full Text Available Modern Military Geography is a new text that explores the relationship between geography and military conflict. As such, it covers many different scenarios and operational theatres and brings perspective to the link between local topography, hydrographical settings, climate, coastal conditions and military operations. The text goes further by examining the influence of secondary factors, which include, biological, health and environmental issues on military operations. The unique interaction between physical conditions and the geopolitical realities of different geographical settings are well illustrated. This book is therefore an excellent addition to the fields of military geography and military history, as well as other related military disciplines.

  9. 2007 Army Modernization Plan (United States)


    leaders grounded in leadership and fi eld cra , regardless of branch, who embody the Army Values and the Warrior Ethos and who are physically and...Survivability: “ Shoot and scoot” tactics; improved ballistic and NBC protection • Responsive fi res: Capable of fi ring within 45 seconds from a

  10. Women in the Army (United States)


    undoubtedly be included in the ultimate AFEES test package for future enlistees. The significance of this study effort, and ultimate value to the Army...FY. 2 2 PART 4 PROXOTIONS AND SELECTIONS Selection by. grade for promocion , command and advanced schooling are presented in this part. o Selections

  11. Transformation in Russian and Soviet Military History, (United States)


    NJ: Princeton University Pi-ess, 1985. (on order) Golovin , Nikolai N. The Russian army in the World War. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 1931...S45 1973) Shaskol’skii, Igor P. Bor’ba russkogo naroda za nevskie berega. Moskva: Gos. voen. izd-vo, 1940 . (DK 51.7 S53) Smith, Clarence J. The...perspective. Newport, bI: Naval War 2ol~e re, 1973. (AD-A044 938/9) 9 II. The Development of Soviet Military Doctrine (1918- 1940 ) Based upon her rich

  12. Russian Army Mat as a Code System Controlling Behaviour in the Russian army

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vadim Mikhailin


    Full Text Available This text is to be a shortened, restructured and based on somewhat another factological foundation version of my article “Russkii mat kak muzhskoi obstsennyi kod: problema proiskhozhdeniia i evoliutsiia statusa”, published in # 43 of Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie. Tracing the genesis of mat to the specific modes of behaviour, peculiar to the archaic male warrior bands, I’m going to show that the military milieu (and some other, structurally close to it social strata, has always been – and remain – absolutely adequate for the mat speaking. Moreover, mat has always carried on within these strata rather specific function connected with creating of one’s identity as a military, and its use offers various and sometimes the only possible means of impact at one’s equal or subordinate (or even superior. As a matter of fact, mat is a basis for a whole code system, controlling different military behaviour practices. The problems of the freshers’ adaptation and of the national specificities in the late Soviet and modern Russian army are to be considered with special respect.

  13. 75 FR 7255 - Army Educational Advisory Committee (United States)


    ... Department of the Army Army Educational Advisory Committee AGENCY: Department of the Army, DoD. ACTION... CFR 102-3.150, the following meeting notice is announced: Name of Committee: U.S. Army War College Subcommittee of the Army Education Advisory Committee. Date of Meeting: March 11, 2010. Place of Meeting:...

  14. Who Speaks for Our Profession? Military and Strategic Studies at the USAF Academy (United States)


    Lewis Mumford claimed, “the Army has usually been the refuge of third-rate minds.”6 Clearly, the Academy preferred Clausewitz to Mumford , but...Princeton University Press, 1976), 88. 6 Lewis Mumford , Technics and Civilization (New York: Harcourt, Brace, and World, Inc., 1934), 95. Mumford ...credibility of Military Studies. Mumford was winning. In the seventies, Military Studies organized within a new CW organiza- tion, the Deputy

  15. The Bachelor’s Degree in Military Arts and Science: A Foundation for Key Leader Development (United States)


    significant amount of science and art to fully understand. The direction of the profession of arms, as detailed in the ACC and the AOC, is that of the...THE BACHELOR’S DEGREE IN MILITARY ARTS AND SCIENCE : A FOUNDATION FOR KEY LEADER DEVELOPMENT A thesis presented to the Faculty...of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree MASTER OF MILITARY ART AND SCIENCE

  16. 32 CFR 1630.13 - Class 1-D-D: Deferment for certain members of a reserve component or student taking military... (United States)


    ... reserve component or student taking military training. 1630.13 Section 1630.13 National Defense Other...: Deferment for certain members of a reserve component or student taking military training. In Class 1-D-D... (entire college level) Army Reserve Officer's Training Corps, or the Air Force Reserve Officer's...

  17. The influence of military exercises on mental health and serum copeptin of the soldiers in field army%军事演习应激下野战部队军人的心理及和肽素水平的变化

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李玲; 王延江; 张猛; 邓娟; 李静; 周华东


    目的 研究军事演习应激对野战部队官兵心理的影响,探索应激情况下血清和肽素(copeptin)水平的变化.方法 军事演习前对294名军人采用军人心理应激自评问卷(Psychological stress self evaluation test,PSET)筛选T<70得分者于演习前用自编一般情况量表进行测量,演习后用PSET及症状自评量表(Symptom Checklist 90,SCL-90)测量,根据演习后PSET得分,将T≥70得分者确定为高应激组,T<70为低应激组.于演习前后均抽取静脉血检测血清和肽素、皮质醇和醛固酮水平.结果 (1)根据演习前PSET测评筛选出263名T<70得分者作为最终研究对象,演习后104名(39.5%)军人出现高应激状态,主要表现为焦虑、睡眠及饮食欠佳及敌对;(2)高应激组年龄[(21.51±3.13)分]明显小于低应激组[(24.09±4.16)分,P<0.01],曾参加军事演习的比例(37.50%)明显低于低应激组(57.23%;P<0.01),士兵比例(68.27%)较低应激组高(54.09%;P<0.01);(3)高应激组EPQ-N得分[(10.43±1.78)分]明显高于低应激组[(8.77±1.67)分,P<0.01];(4)军事演习后263名军人的血清和素肽、皮质醇和醛固酮浓度均明显升高(P<0.01),且高应激组军人的血清和肽素浓度[(11.36±2.21)pmol/L]明显高于低应激组[(9.43±2.34)pmol/L,P<0.01];(8)由多元线性逐步回归分析得到:PSET得分=27.909+3.669X(X为演习后和肽素水平),演习后和肽素水平≥11.472 pmol/L即为高应激心理状态的预警值.结论 军事演习应激条件下野战部队军人心理及相关激素均有明显变化,血清和肽素水平可以作为判断应激程度的灵敏指标.%Objective To investigate the characteristics of the mental health and the change of serum copeptin,cortisol and aldosterone levels of the soldiers in field army under military exercises stress.Methods A total of 294 soldiers were evaluated with the psychological stress self evaluation test (PSET) before the exercises and the soldiers whose PSET

  18. Occupational differences in US Army suicide rates (United States)

    Kessler, R. C.; Stein, M. B.; Bliese, P. D.; Bromet, E. J.; Chiu, W. T.; Cox, K. L.; Colpe, L. J.; Fullerton, C. S.; Gilman, S. E.; Gruber, M. J.; Heeringa, S. G.; Lewandowski-Romps, L.; Millikan-Bell, A.; Naifeh, J. A.; Nock, M. K.; Petukhova, M. V.; Rosellini, A. J.; Sampson, N. A.; Schoenbaum, M.; Zaslavsky, A. M.; Ursano, R. J.


    Background Civilian suicide rates vary by occupation in ways related to occupational stress exposure. Comparable military research finds suicide rates elevated in combat arms occupations. However, no research has evaluated variation in this pattern by deployment history, the indicator of occupation stress widely considered responsible for the recent rise in the military suicide rate. Method The joint associations of Army occupation and deployment history in predicting suicides were analysed in an administrative dataset for the 729 337 male enlisted Regular Army soldiers in the US Army between 2004 and 2009. Results There were 496 suicides over the study period (22.4/100 000 person-years). Only two occupational categories, both in combat arms, had significantly elevated suicide rates: infantrymen (37.2/100 000 person-years) and combat engineers (38.2/100 000 person-years). However, the suicide rates in these two categories were significantly lower when currently deployed (30.6/100 000 person-years) than never deployed or previously deployed (41.2–39.1/100 000 person-years), whereas the suicide rate of other soldiers was significantly higher when currently deployed and previously deployed (20.2–22.4/100 000 person-years) than never deployed (14.5/100 000 person-years), resulting in the adjusted suicide rate of infantrymen and combat engineers being most elevated when never deployed [odds ratio (OR) 2.9, 95% confidence interval (CI) 2.1–4.1], less so when previously deployed (OR 1.6, 95% CI 1.1–2.1), and not at all when currently deployed (OR 1.2, 95% CI 0.8–1.8). Adjustment for a differential ‘healthy warrior effect’ cannot explain this variation in the relative suicide rates of never-deployed infantrymen and combat engineers by deployment status. Conclusions Efforts are needed to elucidate the causal mechanisms underlying this interaction to guide preventive interventions for soldiers at high suicide risk. PMID:26190760

  19. Armar y vestir al ejército de la Nación: los artefactos militares del Fuerte General Paz (Carlos Casares, Buenos Aires en el marco de la construcción del Estado nacional y la guerra de frontera WEAPONS AND UNIFORMS FOR THE ARMY OF THE NATION: THE MILITARY ARTIFACTS FROM FORT GENERAL PAZ, CARLOS CASARES, BUENOS AIRES, IN THE CONTEXT OF THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE NATION STATE AND THE FRONTIER WAR

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juan Bautista Leoni


    Full Text Available En este trabajo se aborda el análisis del conjunto de artefactos militares (elementos de armas y uniformes del sitio arqueológico Fuerte General Paz, Carlos Casares, Buenos Aires, comandancia de la Frontera Oeste entre 1869 y 1877. Se utiliza un enfoque amplio que comprende tanto el análisis tipológico y funcional de los artefactos como la investigación de documentos escritos, incluyendo relatos testimoniales de la época, registros oficiales del gobierno y reglamentos militares vigentes. Al tratarse de una guarnición militar significativa por su tamaño y su rol en la estructura de la línea de frontera, el conjunto permite evaluar el proceso de construcción de un ejército nacional efectivo, una aspiración principal de los primeros gobiernos del estado nacional liberal que surgió a partir de 1862. El análisis de los artefactos provenientes del sitio muestra una gran variedad de armas en servicio y una aplicación por lo menos laxa de los reglamentos vigentes para uniformes, mostrando que la estandarización y regularización deseada por las autoridades estaba lejos de lograrse, y que necesariamente deben combinarse distintas fuentes de información para obtener mejores interpretaciones de los diversos aspectos de la vida en los emplazamientos militares de frontera.This paper analyzes the assemblage of military artifacts from Fort General Paz, Carlos Casares, Buenos Aires, headquarters of the so-called Western Frontier between 1869 and 1877. A broad approach is employed, including both the typological and functional analysis of the artifacts and the examination of the documentary record, which comprises contemporary witnesses' accounts as well as official records and military regulations. Since it was a sizeable military garrison, the assemblage allows us to assess the intended process of construction of an efficient national army, a principal goal of the first liberal governments after 1862. The analysis shows a great degree of

  20. Analysis of Volunteer Soldiers‘ Attitudes to Service in the Lithuanian Military

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vileikienė Eglė


    Full Text Available The article presents an analysis of volunteer soldiers as a link between the Lithuanian military and society, their attitudes towards military service and their motivation to serve in the Lithuanian army. The authors looked at soldiers’ dedication to defend their Homeland and motives for serving in the Lithuanian army, presenting an assessment of the situation in the ranks and their overall satisfaction with military service. Volunteer soldiers’ expectations are also discussed, as well as their motives to remain in service, plus there are also recommendations for attracting new soldier recruits. The article concludes with the statement that Lithuanian volunteer soldiers are an important unifying link between the Lithuanian army and society, and can significantly contribute to the formation of the image of the soldier’s profession in society. Besides the social status that comes with military service and the satisfaction of financial needs, volunteer soldiers are exclusively characterised by strong patriotic feelings which determine their motivation to serve and defend their Homeland. The article’s findings rest on data from the complex sociological research study “Motivation to serve in the Ministry of Defence Volunteer Forces of the Lithuanian Military” which was conducted in April–November, 2014 by the Strategic Research Centre at the Institute of Military Science of the General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania.

  1. [Disease control in the Red Army during the final stages of the Great Patriotic War]. (United States)

    Butakov, S S; Berskii, O V; Zetkin, A Yu; Zobov, A E


    Forms and methods of disease, control in troops were fully developed during the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 years. An improvement of anti-epidemic organization in the Red Army was based on military medical doctrine, which demanded united views on methods of disease prevention and in accordance with the 'main tasks of medical support of the army, including prevention of epidemic outbreaks in the army. Disease control system in the Red Army during the war was a series of targeted, science-based and proved by military practice measures .aimed at both the prevention and the immediate elimination of epidemic diseases. when they occur. The questions of disease control forces in the final stage of the Great Patriotic War (January 1944 - May 1945). Depending on the progress of the war and the conditions of the fighting, given the period laid down in the principles of disease control of military operations, discussed aspects of the organization of sanitary-epidemiological (preventive) measures in the armed forces.

  2. The Guatemalan Military: Transition from War to Peace (United States)


    Guatemalan highlands as a case study, Between Two Armies in the Ixil Towns of Guatemala examines indigenous Mayan involvement in the civil war. Based on...the civil war’s effects on indigenous Mayans . In his book, Mr. Perera, a Guatemalan scholar, studies the effects of the internal conflict on...brought an end to the country’s thirty-six years of civil war. Since then, the Guatemalan military has had four years in which to transition from war to

  3. The Military-News Media Relationship: Thinking Forward (United States)


    eStrategic Studies Institute U.S. Army War College AD-A273 549 IlitlElmIEUII, MI DECO 91993 1 Dec 1993 Final Report The Military-News Media...commanders are fully prepared to accommodate them. Therefore, regardless of mission, commanders should immediately designate an official source transmission devices; and secure transmission means. Currently they are not. Without these capabilities, those designated to communicate with

  4. Civil-Military Relations and Democratization in Guatemala. (United States)


    Politico en Guatemala (Guatemala: Fondo de Cultura Editorial, 1995), p. 51. 14 commissions within the army ranks {line officers) were required to...Princeton, New Jersey, 1991. Gramajo Morales, Hector Alejandro. De la Guerra A La Guerra: La Dificil Transicion Politica en Guatemala. Guatemala: Cultura Editorial, 1995. Grieb, Kenneth J. "The Guatemalan Military and the Revolution of 1944." The Americas No 4 (April 1976). Huntington

  5. Military Engineer Contribution to Operational Art: The Hybrid Threat Environment (United States)


    People’s Republic of Korea KKK Khmer Kampuchea Krom KMAG Korean Military Advisor Group KNR Korean National Railroad KPA Korean People’s Army IED...irregular KPA and communist threat, included the Korean National Police (KNP) and Korean Student Volunteer Force. These anti-partisan forces assisted in...With the guidance and leadership of UN engineers, this labor force assisted in the reconstruction of the Korean National Railroad (KNR).96 The KNR was

  6. Military personnel recognition system using texture, colour, and SURF features (United States)

    Irhebhude, Martins E.; Edirisinghe, Eran A.


    This paper presents an automatic, machine vision based, military personnel identification and classification system. Classification is done using a Support Vector Machine (SVM) on sets of Army, Air Force and Navy camouflage uniform personnel datasets. In the proposed system, the arm of service of personnel is recognised by the camouflage of a persons uniform, type of cap and the type of badge/logo. The detailed analysis done include; camouflage cap and plain cap differentiation using gray level co-occurrence matrix (GLCM) texture feature; classification on Army, Air Force and Navy camouflaged uniforms using GLCM texture and colour histogram bin features; plain cap badge classification into Army, Air Force and Navy using Speed Up Robust Feature (SURF). The proposed method recognised camouflage personnel arm of service on sets of data retrieved from google images and selected military websites. Correlation-based Feature Selection (CFS) was used to improve recognition and reduce dimensionality, thereby speeding the classification process. With this method success rates recorded during the analysis include 93.8% for camouflage appearance category, 100%, 90% and 100% rates of plain cap and camouflage cap categories for Army, Air Force and Navy categories, respectively. Accurate recognition was recorded using SURF for the plain cap badge category. Substantial analysis has been carried out and results prove that the proposed method can correctly classify military personnel into various arms of service. We show that the proposed method can be integrated into a face recognition system, which will recognise personnel in addition to determining the arm of service which the personnel belong. Such a system can be used to enhance the security of a military base or facility.

  7. Performance Assessment of Military Teams in Simulator and Live Exercises (United States)


    their continuous love and support. Special warmth , gratitude and love goes to my wonderful wife, Eva. You are the anchor that keeps me grounded, and...Abilities (KSAs) and other characteristics (e.g., cognitive, physical , hardiness and sensory) (U.S. Army, 2005). The availability of personnel and training exercises expose cadet teams to a wide range of psychological and physical stressors representative of those found in military

  8. Army Equipment Modernization Plan (United States)


    Intrusion System (BAIS) (14.6 percent of the Army Acquisition Objective (AAO) of 8,933). Provides early seismic /acoustic warning, intrusion detection...The advanced affordable Turbine engine (aaTe), S&T Program developed and demon- strated two new helicopter turbine engines that provide significant...improvements in engine power and operating efficiencies. In FY12, the program transitioned to the Army’s Improved Turbine Engine Program (ITEP) to

  9. 1998 Army Modernization Plan (United States)


    Biological (CB) Protective Duty Uniform (STO) • Biometrics (SRO) • Nanoscience (SRO) • Millimeter Wave Material and Dissemination Technology... Biometrics and Nanoscience SROs will enable the development of advanced NBC detection and characterization systems, including the exploitation of biologically...Requirements Trailers • Procure HEMAT Trailers Figure K-23 K-19 //;<?. U.S. Army 1997Modernization Plan This final fleet assessment, made against the

  10. Army Leader Transitions Handbook (United States)


    to improving the organization. The following are some effective methods and a compilation of techniques and considerations which have been used... improve your understanding of the environment. Outgoing Leader’s Assessment An important item to obtain from the current leader is a list of key contacts...The courseware allows users to tailor training materials to specific needs. Users access this at the CAL AKO website or Army eLearning https

  11. Army Strong, Superintendent Savvy (United States)

    Mellon, Ericka


    Brigadier General Anthony "Tony" Tata of the U.S. Army had one of those "ah-ha" moments in April 2006 when, on the eve of an operation he was heading in Afghanistan, an Al Qaeda rocket shattered a nearby school. The attack killed a teacher and seven students and wounded dozens more. The rocket incident eventually nudged Tata toward a new mission:…

  12. The Army Lawyer (United States)


    Fired at Fleeing Cars, Soldiers Say, WASH. POST, Oct. 12, 2007, at A1 (quoting Major General (MG) Joseph Fil , Commander of 1st Cavalry Division, as...saying, “It’s yet another challenge, another setback.”). 32 See generally id. (quoting MG Joseph Fil as saying in reference to the incidents of PSC...Prosecutors Research Institute 99 Canal Center Plaza, Suite 510 Alexandria, VA 22313 (703) 549-9222 JULY 2008 • THE ARMY LAWYER


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Koleukho D. S.


    Full Text Available Leadership of the Ministry of Defense in 2013 almost fully completed the process of catering service for the Army transition to outsourcing. Thus a function of food supply has been almost entirely transferred to commercial organizations. In view of the aggravation of geopolitical situation around Russia's borders army must be ready for combat operations in local wars, military conflicts and peacekeeping operations, which at any moment can be provoked by enemies in conflicts in dangerous areas. Accordingly to the full and timely food supply in the military units and institutions in special operations the food service of the Russian army should be prepared as well. In this article we have reasoned and substantiated proposals for reforming the existing system of food supply of the Russian army with the objective of increasing the capabilities of the system under the action of the Russian troops in the conditions of local wars, armed conflicts and in peacekeeping operations. Their practical implementation will allow a significant restructuring of the modern system of food supply of the Russian army to eliminate the dependence of the action or inaction of the outsourcing companies operating on the market of food supply troops in special operations, as well as during major trainings

  14. The Impact of Political-Military Relations on the Use of German Military Power during Operation Barbarossa (United States)


    Military Writings, trans. and ed. Robert T. Foley (London, England: Frank Cass Publishers 2003), 188. 22In March 1920 Colonel Bauer and Wolfgang Kapp...and Magna Bauer , Moscow to Stalingrad: Decision in the East (St. Petersburg, FL: Hailer Publishing, 2006), 14. 5Matthew Cooper, The German Army...War, 1941-45 (New York, NY: Praeger Publishers, 1971), 40. 7Earl Ziemke and Magna Bauer , Moscow to Stalingrad: Decision in the East (St. Petersburg

  15. Civil Military Relations in Turkey: Motives Behind the Shift of Power from Military to Civilians After the Interventions (United States)


    rank generals in lawsuits, regarding alleged coups against the incumbent government. C. METHOD OF ANALYSES This study employs the of warfare, since Germany became the ally of the Empire, in that era. The famous German military strategist,Wilhelm Leopold Colmar Freiherr...officers, who had risen through the ranks . The latter had been favored by the old regime, being paid regularly and stationed in the First Army in

  16. Professional Military Education for Today’s US Army Captains (United States)


    The RETO Study By the late 1970s, the officer educational system was once again facing a dilemma. It was not producing competently educated...educational system. GEN Rogers ordered the Review of Education and Training of Officers ( RETO ) study.64 to determine officer training and education...1978), vol. I, page V. 65 Ibid., I-3. 22 The RETO study group’s final report to GEN Rogers covered the establishment and implementation of a

  17. The Military Application of Narrative: Solving Army Warfighting Challenge #2 (United States)


    9 Data mining tools are not sufficient 9 No social modeling tools 9 Disparate repositories and databases for civil information make aggregation and...While U.S. forces were slow to integrate social media and personal electronic devices into operations, the enemy was not. The document makes a... social media . 3. Tailor the communication strategy: Ensure communication strategy considers all relevant actors’ instruments of power; cultural

  18. The Wellbeing of Army Personnel in Dual-Military Marriages (United States)


    education: The influence of gender roles on technology self-efficacy. Computers in Human Behavior , 29, 1779-1786. Thompson, R., Bergman, College. Computers in Human Behavior , 28, 583–590. Huffman, A. H., Sanders, A. M., & Culbertson, S. S. (2011). Work-Family Research has a

  19. The Volunteer Army: A Military History Research Collection Bibliography (United States)


    to perform the duties which he eight logically be assigned." Browne, Barbara . " Mt ore KP? Surely you jest, sir?" Rocky Mountain News, 2-5 May 1971...I.: Print, ton Univ.,* 1949. b4 p. UB343B7 AWC. Carper , Jean. Bitter Creet i.Xna: _The Scandal of the Uilitary DrtLft. .New York: Crosman Publishers

  20. The Army and the Strategic Military Legacy of Vietnam (United States)


    84 Endnotes - Chapter Two ....................... 89 3. METHODOLOGY ............................. 101 In Defense of Methological ...Robert McNamara has observed a self-imposed silence on the Vietnam War.3 Former policy makers have opted to pen their own versions of the study Taylor...called for by writing from retirement. This observation indicts former policy makers. Maxwell Taylor foresaw the reticence on the part of former

  1. Army Special Operations Forces Professional Military Education for the Future (United States)


    generations have done. Jean Piaget (1896–1980) Swiss cognitive psychologist CG: Hey DCO, you’re never going to believe this; come in here and shut...with it. The conclusion is predicated on well- documented history and the widely accepted principles of organizational theory . Obviously, there are...this mission. When conducting FID, as well as all special operations, the officer leader: must approach each conflict with a distinctive theory of

  2. [The organization of surgical care in Russian army during 1812 Great Patriotic War]. (United States)

    Gliantsev, S P


    The article considers the characteristics of surgical care to warriors of Russian army during 1812 Great Patriotic War. Such conditions are analyzed as damaging action of French weapons, types of combat wounds, organization and forces of military sanitary service of Russian troops, surgeons' support with means of supplying surgical care to the wounded and arsenal of surgical aids. On the basis of given materials analysis a preliminary conclusion is made that surgical care in Russian army in 1812 not only was on the sufficiently high level but it played a specified role in the victory of Russian weapon.

  3. Army Training Study: Concepts of the Army Training System. (United States)


    Combat Units. 1 March 1971. Harher, Robert A. and Coleman, Charlie C. Application of Simulation Training Exercises to Crisis Relocation Planning...product or outpit of the Army’s helth -. Ssinn. 0 ro)gram qM is a go example of hw pr hugra-. udgetinc’ is intro-. to work. The Army’s health care

  4. National Military Family Association (United States)

    ... 931.6632 © 2016 - National Military Family Association Twitter Facebook Pinterest Instagram Charity Navigator Four Star Charity GuideStar Exchange Better Business Bureau Charity Watch Independent Charity of America nonprofit ...

  5. China's Military Diplomacy

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    He Qisong; Li Baowen


    Since the end of the Cold War, China's military diplomacy has displayed an omni-directional and multi-level form, and with an increasing transparency which has increased trust and reduced doubt. China has enhanced its conventional military functions and strengthened its military soft power. This has helped China develop into a responsible state on the world stage. Through military exchanges with other countries, the Chinese military has gradually strengthened its ability to undertake a variety of tasks. The Chinese military has to make greater efforts to counter the perception of a "China threat." There is also a need to establish a system of military spokesmen and to develop a theory of military diplomacy with Chinese characteristics.

  6. Families in the Military (United States)

    ... Families Guide - Search Spanish Facts for Families Guide Military Families No. 88; updated March 2017 Global conflict ... have led to deployment of large numbers of military personnel (active duty, Reserves, National Guard). As a ...

  7. TRICARE, Military Health System (United States)

    ... Claim Get Proof of TRICARE Coverage View My Military Health Record Less State of Emergency in North ... Disaster Information Download a Form Go Paperless My Military Health Records Multimedia Center Plan Information Kits Recoupment ...

  8. Simulacra Pugnae: The Literary and Historical Tradition of Mock Battles in the Roman and Early Byzantine Army

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Philip Rance


    Full Text Available The mock battles by which Heraclius trained the army before the Persian wars of the 620’s A.D., called an innovation by George of Pisidia, can be shown to have a long history of precedents both in practice and in military theory.

  9. The Financing and Personnel of the Lithuanian Army

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jokubauskas Vytautas


    Full Text Available In 2014, at the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine and Russia‘s aggression against this neighboring country, Lithuania became concerned about the strengthening of its military capabilities, augmenting the National Defense System (NDS budget by almost 50% in two years. This may be considered unprecedented, if seen against the background of the presidential elections and those to the European Parliament, the fiscal discipline, the introduction of euro, as well as Russia‘s economic sanctions, the political decision in the course of 2014 on increasing the defense assignation by 130 million litas and in 2015 the increase by planned additional 356 million litas. This article analyzes two closely related problems of the Lithuanian NDS capabilities. First of all, changes in the NDS financing are explored in the context of permanent agreements of Lithuanian political parties concerning the allocation of 2% of the GDP for defense. This is followed by the discussion of the issues of military personnel staffing and training of the reserve as well as future challenges. This research contributes to the assessment of the critical NDS financing and staffing not only within academic circles but particularly among politicians and society in general. Additionally, it contributes to the awareness of the problems the army encountered in seeking to implement the objective set for it: to ensure the military security of the state. In the presence of the emerging threats in the region, this is of particularly great significance to the demilitarized and pacifist society of Lithuania. The article aims at identifying financing and personnel planning problems throughout a quarter of the century, ranging from the restoration of the Army of the Republic of Lithuania to 2014 inclusively. At the same time, the study encourages a discussion by the academic community on issues of the military security of the Lithuanian State and provides analyses as well as possible

  10. Results and analysis: a pilot study on quality of life of soldiers in the first response army

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    TANG Ming-xin; GUO Qiang; YAN Xiao-yan; GUO Peng-fei


    Objective:To explore the fundamental theory, methods and data of the quality of life (QOL) of soldiers and its influence factors in the first response army. Methods :Totally 215 soldiers in the first response army of a military area in China were inquired by using self-regulating questionnaire and WHOQOL-BREF (Chinese Edition). Results:WHOQOL-BREF had good acceptability, reliability and validity in the first response army. QOL of soldiers in the first response army was middling. The influencing factors of QOL of the soldiers in first army includes self-report health, different areas where the army men come from, different arms of services, whether only child in family. And the difference was statistically significant. Conclusion:WHOQOL-BREF is fit for evaluating the quality of life of soldiers in the first response army. There are differences of the quality of life among the soldiers in the first response army. So we should take appropriate measures to improve the soldiers' quality of life.

  11. Panama: Military Victory, Interagency Failure: A Case Study of Policy Implementation (United States)


    Crisis, 1987 to 1990, is an interesting study in foreign policy *on. To be useful, the case must be more than interesting, it must be relevant, acessible ...Claypool, Robert G. *Military Medicine as and Instrument of Power An Overview and Assessment." Study Project, U.S. Army War College, 1989. Connaughton

  12. Suicides and Suicide Attempts in the U.S. Military, 2008-2010 (United States)

    Bush, Nigel E.; Reger, Mark A.; Luxton, David D.; Skopp, Nancy A.; Kinn, Julie; Smolenski, Derek; Gahm, Gregory A.


    The Department of Defense Suicide Event Report Program collects extensive information on suicides and suicide attempts from the U.S. Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, and Navy. Data are compiled on demographics, suicide event details, behavioral health treatment history, military history, and information about other potential risk factors such as…

  13. Military’s Peacetime Role (Implications of the Civilian Conservation Corps Experience) (United States)


    system of discipline in the coaps was designed so as to preclude any impression that the Army would impose military-like punishment. Instead, a penalty...34glowing tributes to the benefits of coap life." 36 59 I Life In these camp& for the enrolleea was better then it had been for them back home. The food and


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    E. Foxcroft


    Full Text Available The outbreak of the Anglo-Boer War in South Africa on 11 October 1899 drew the attention of the general staffs in several neutral countries. They sent together no less than nineteen military observers to the armed forces engaged in South Africa; ten to the British army and nine to the allied forces of the Boer republics.

  15. Technology complementing military psychology programs and services in the Pacific Regional Medical Command. (United States)

    Stetz, Melba C; Folen, Raymond A; Van Horn, Sandra; Ruseborn, Daniel; Samuel, Kevin M


    The Tripler Army Medical Center is the only federal tertiary care hospital serving the Pacific Regional Medical Command. Due to Tripler's large area of responsibility, many behavioral health professionals are starting to employ more technology during their sessions. As explained in this article, virtual reality and telepsychology efforts are proving to benefit military service members and their families in the Pacific Rim.

  16. 75 FR 15420 - Interim Change to the Military Freight Traffic Unified Rules Publication (MFTURP) NO. 1 (United States)


    ... Department of the Army Interim Change to the Military Freight Traffic Unified Rules Publication (MFTURP) NO... Command (SDDC) is providing notice that it will release an interim change to the MFTURP No. 1 on March 29, 2010. The interim change updates Section A, Paragraph N, Fuel Surcharge, in accordance with Section...

  17. 76 FR 776 - Interim Change to the Military Freight Traffic Unified Rules Publication (MFTURP) NO. 1 (United States)


    ... Department of the Army Interim Change to the Military Freight Traffic Unified Rules Publication (MFTURP) NO... Command (SDDC) is providing notice that it is releasing an interim change to the MFTURP No. 1 that will become effective January 1, 2011. The interim change updates the personnel security requirements for...

  18. 75 FR 24667 - Interim Change to the Military Freight Traffic Unified Rules Publication (MFTURP) No. 1 (United States)


    ... Department of the Army Interim Change to the Military Freight Traffic Unified Rules Publication (MFTURP) No... Command (SDDC) is providing notice that it released an interim change to the MFTURP No. 1 on April 26, 2010. The interim change adds safety requirements for Motor Carriers authorized to provide...

  19. 75 FR 10476 - Interim Change to the Military Freight Traffic Unified Rules Publication (MFTURP) No. 1 (United States)


    ... Department of the Army Interim Change to the Military Freight Traffic Unified Rules Publication (MFTURP) No... Command (SDDC) is providing notice that it released an interim change to the MFTURP No. 1 on February 17, 2010. The interim change removes Motor Surveillance Service (MVS) from Item 107 and replaces Item...

  20. 76 FR 59119 - Interim Change to the Military Freight Traffic Unified Rules Publication (MFTURP) No. 1 (United States)


    ... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE Department of the Army Interim Change to the Military Freight Traffic Unified Rules Publication (MFTURP) No... Command (SDDC) is providing notice that it has released an interim change to the MFTURP No. 1. The...

  1. 75 FR 60436 - Interim Change to the Military Freight Traffic Unified Rules Publication (MFTURP) No. 1 (United States)


    ... Department of the Army Interim Change to the Military Freight Traffic Unified Rules Publication (MFTURP) No... Command (SDDC) is providing notice that it is releasing an interim change to the MFTURP No. 1 on October 1, 2010. The interim change adds Item 180, Rail In-Transit Visibility (Rail ITV) Reporting, to Section...

  2. 75 FR 36643 - Interim Change to the Military Freight Traffic Unified Rules Publication (MFTURP) No. 1 (United States)


    ... Department of the Army Interim Change to the Military Freight Traffic Unified Rules Publication (MFTURP) No... Distribution Command (SDDC) is providing notice that it will release an interim change to the MFTURP No. 1 on Monday, June 28, 2010. The interim change updates Section A, Part VI, Paragraph A, Advancing Charges...

  3. Balancing Act: The U. S. Military’s Reliance on Contractors to Fulfill Operational-Level Logistical Requirements (United States)


    clothing, fuel, supplies, labor , and transportation in order to supply and sustain the Continental Army. 5 During the Korean War, the Army benefited...Military Sealift Command. Combat Logistics Force (PM1), 1. 40 Ibid. 41 Michael Marquez, Richard Rayos, and John Mercado . Standard Port-Visit Forecasting...Series no. 8 (2012). Marquez, Michael, John Mercado , and Richard Rayos. Standard Port-Visit Forecasting Model for U.S. Navy Husbanding

  4. The Army Profession: A Narrative (United States)


    profile cases of alleged misconduct” were symptomatic of “a much larger issue affecting the armed forces.”9 In the Associated Press, Lolita Baldor...Science: An Academic Discipline." Army Magazine, no. 5 (May 2005): 14-15. Baldor, Lolita C. and Michael Biesecker. "US Army Brigadier General

  5. Army Contract Writing System (ACWS) (United States)


    the integration with Army Enterprise Resource Planning systems. As a financial feeder system, ACWS will meet the compliance requirements of the...Federal Financial Management Improvement Act of 1996. The system will meet the full scope of Army Contracting requirements, including those in secure process efficiencies, support compliance with the Federal Financial Management Improvement Act of 1996, integrate with existing Enterprise

  6. The Army Lawyer (United States)


    articles do not necessarily reflect the view of The Judge Advocate General or the Department of the Army. Masculine or feminine pronouns appearing in...they accompany is their frequent use of the plural pronouns “we,” “us,” and “our” in their news stories to describe the progress of the units to facilitate information to the interrogators , and save the lives of other soldiers out there.”30 Specialist Ambuhl also is quoted as saying that

  7. Army Energy Plan. (United States)


    ultimate goal. Additionally, electric vehicles, scooters , and bicycles are being widely used for on-post courier, patrol and maintenance operations. Table 4...characteristics. b. Suspension systems. The Army has a new suspension system under develop- ment called the Loopwheel. This new experimental suspension will...200 200 COMPOSITE STRUCTURAL VEH COMPS AMM 2 6.2 AH84 100 0 0 LIGHTWEIGHT SUSPENSION COMPS AMM 0 6.2 AH84 300 350 250 SAMARIUM-COBALT GEN TECH HOL 3 6.2

  8. Risky business: challenges and successes in military radiation risk communication. (United States)

    Melanson, Mark A; Geckle, Lori S; Davidson, Bethney A


    Given the general public's overall lack of knowledge about radiation and their heightened fear of its harmful effects, effective communication of radiation risks is often difficult. This is especially true when it comes to communicating the radiation risks stemming from military operations. Part of this difficulty stems from a lingering distrust of the military that harkens back to the controversy surrounding Veteran exposures to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War along with the often classified nature of many military operations. Additionally, there are unique military exposure scenarios, such as the use of nuclear weapons and combat use of depleted uranium as antiarmor munitions that are not found in the civilian sector. Also, the large, diverse nature of the military makes consistent risk communication across the vast and widespread organization very difficult. This manuscript highlights and discusses both the common and the distinctive challenges of effectively communicating military radiation risks, to include communicating through the media. The paper also introduces the Army's Health Risk Communication Program and its role in assisting in effective risk communication efforts. The authors draw on their extensive collective experience to share 3 risk communication success stories that were accomplished through the innovative use of a matrixed, team approach that combines both health physics and risk communication expertise.

  9. Establishing Reproductive Health Education and Counseling in Military Services: The Turkish Model for Male Involvement

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anne Brigitte Albrectsen


    Full Text Available Ministry of Health, Mother and Child Health and Family Planning General Directorate; Turkey Field Office of UNFPA, and Gulhane Military Medical Academy (GMMA of Turkish Armed Forces have been conducting a program to increase male concern and participation in sexual and reproductive health in a positive and supporting way. Specialist physicians and nurses from military hospitals were trained by Ministry of Health as trainers (October 2002- September 2003 by one-week courses on interactive training skills. Primary physicians, nurses and medical petty officers were trained as field trainers and counselors (March 2003-April 2004. Training rooms with standardized training material were established in all of the military garrisons. Soldiers were given the one-day participatory course. Trained medical staff also provided individual counseling and services. All training rooms were coded and connected to Reproductive Health Network established within the Intranet of Army. Reproductive Health activities were included in the regular supervision scheme of the army. Since April 2004 740.000 soldiers were given the one-day course. A total of 4000 military medical staff was educated as Trainers. A total of 580 training rooms were established. Twenty of Military Hospitals became a center of reproductive health training and service delivery. Since large-scale intervention is necessary to reach male population, the army seems to be the best possible venue in Turkey. [TAF Prev Med Bull 2008; 7(2.000: 97-106

  10. Intimate partner violence among female service members and veterans: information and resources available through military and non-military websites. (United States)

    Brown, Amy; Joshi, Manisha


    With the expansion of women's roles in the military, the number of female service members and veterans has increased. Considerable knowledge about intimate partner violence (IPV) in civilian couples exists but little is known about IPV among female service members and veterans. Prevalence rates of IPV range from 17% to 39% for female service members, and 21.9% to 74% for veterans. Most service members and veterans indicated using the Internet at least occasionally and expressed willingness to seek information about services via the Internet. Informed by data, we conducted a systematic review of military (Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps) and non-military (Veterans Affairs and Google) websites to explore the availability and presentation of information and resources related to IPV. The websites search revealed a variety of resources and information available, and important differences between sites with regard to what and how information is presented. Implications for practice and further research are discussed.

  11. Portable fuel cell systems for America's army: technology transition to the field (United States)

    Patil, Ashok S.; Dubois, Terry G.; Sifer, Nicholas; Bostic, Elizabeth; Gardner, Kristopher; Quah, Michael; Bolton, Christopher

    The US Army Communications, Electronics Research Development and Engineering Center (CERDEC) envisions three thrust areas for portable fuel cell systems for military applications. These areas include soldier power (500 W), it is imperative that the fuel cell power units be able to operate on fuels within the military logistics chain [DOD 4140.25-M, DOD Directive 4140.25 (1993)]. CERDEC is currently conducting research on catalysts and microchannel fuel reformers that offer great promise for the reforming of diesel and JP-8 fuels into hydrogen. In addition to research work on PEM fuel cells and enabling technologies, the Army is also conducting research on direct methanol and solid oxide fuel cells, and combined heat and power applications utilizing new high temperature fuel cells.

  12. Joseph Lovell, MD (1788-1836): First US army surgeon general. (United States)

    Craig, Stephen C


    Joseph Lovell, trained in medicine at Harvard and in military medicine/surgery by the War of 1812, became the first Surgeon General to sit on the reorganised army staff at the tender age of 29 in 1818. With a keen intellect, medical acumen, and wartime experiences for his tools and a close supporting relationship with Commanding General Jacob Jennings Brown and Secretary of War John C Calhoun (1728-1850), Lovell constructed an efficient and effective organisational and administrative framework for the new Medical Department of the US Army. Moreover, he not only redefined the role of the American military physician but also established the professional dignity, respectability and value of the medical officer among line officers and staff. Lovell's 18-year tenure came to an abrupt end, but the operational framework he created became both foundation and legacy for his successors.




    Growth of Military StatesAs late as 1961 the African image had not been tarnished to any great extent by the incidence of military coups. Indeed, a field study tour conducted in 1960- 1 - the year of independence as it has been called - to investigate the place of the armed forces in societies in Africa did not provide the evidence on which to forecast the eventual spate of coups. Togo was the first country in West Africa to experience a military coup when on 13 January 1963 Togolese soldiers...

  14. Analysis of training experience of military men to hand-to-hand combat in the foreign countries

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marakushyn A.I.


    Full Text Available It is shown the main systems of hand-to-hand combat on the bases of hand-to-hand military men training in the world leading countries armies. Summarized the experience of hand-to-hand combat training. It is analyzes the main existing systems hand-to-hand training of servicemen of foreign armies. The analysis of publications, guidance documents, manuals, statutes which display the contents of hand-to-hand combat training of servicemen of foreign armies. Defined views, concerns and tendencies of hand-to-hand training to develop guidelines an advanced hand-to-hand combat training of servicemen.

  15. Exploiting social media for Army operations: Syrian crisis use case (United States)

    Kase, Sue E.; Bowman, Elizabeth K.; Al Amin, Tanvir; Abdelzaher, Tarek


    Millions of people exchange user-generated information through online social media (SM) services. The prevalence of SM use globally and its growing significance to the evolution of events has attracted the attention of the Army and other agencies charged with protecting national security interests. The information exchanged in SM sites and the networks of people who interact with these online communities can provide value to Army intelligence efforts. SM could facilitate the Military Decision Making Process by providing ongoing assessment of military actions from a local citizen perspective. Despite potential value, there are significant technological barriers to leveraging SM. SM collection and analysis are difficult in the dynamic SM environment and deception is a real concern. This paper introduces a credibility analysis approach and prototype fact-finding technology called the "Apollo Fact-finder" that mitigates the problem of inaccurate or falsified SM data. Apollo groups data into sets (or claims), corroborating specific observations, then iteratively assesses both claim and source credibility resulting in a ranking of claims by likelihood of occurrence. These credibility analysis approaches are discussed in the context of a conflict event, the Syrian civil war, and applied to tweets collected in the aftermath of the Syrian chemical weapons crisis.

  16. Form Follows Function: Sixty Years of Army Force Generation and Structure (United States)


    global war of the twentieth century was the Cold War, involving diplomatic and military posturing by the United States and the Soviet Union where each... Posture Statement, attempts to accomplish the same degree of synchronization and coordination between systems that the GEF, JSCP, and Global Force...serves as the model and process through which conventional Army combat forces are trained, resourced, and certified for global deployment under the

  17. Assessing Army Values in New Soldiers: Development of a Behaviorally Anchored Peer Evaluation Form (United States)


    military-style briefings. Colorful and dynamic Army Values posters paper the walls in the barracks where IET Soldiers sleep , and in the classrooms and...controls Soldiers, training them in a “lock-down” environment that affords virtually no access to civilian society, television , computers, or to...assigned to sleep in bunked beds. In BCT, Platoon members stand together in formation, eat all of their meals together, and spend at least six days a week

  18. Army Reserve 63d RSC Achieves 85% Savings in Parking Lot Lighting

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    Case study describes how the Army Reserve 63d Regional Support Command (RSC) achieved 85% energy savings and $4,000 per year in cost savings by replacing 12 old light fixtures with light-emitting diode fixtures in the military equipment parking area. This project was part of a camp-wide parking lighting retrofit which, on average, delivered 78% energy savings and a simple payback of 4.4 years.

  19. Effects of Decentralized Execution on the German Army During the Marne Campaign of 1914 (United States)


    von Scharnhorst, who had risen through the ranks of the Prussian Army, believed military acumen could be increased not only through experience but...the strategic situation change in some important ways. First, Wilhelm II removed Otto von Bismarck from his position as Chancellor. Suddenly, German...Bülow, his chief of staff Colonel Otto von Lauenstein and a few other officers overnight. The next morning, Hentsch departed 2nd Army’s headquarters to

  20. Benning House: The Grass Roots Beginning of Army Substance Abuse Treatment (United States)


    Group Library, History Offices of TRADOC, AMEDD, Fort Benning, and the U.S. Army Infantry Museum. 14. ABSTRACT This paper provides the historical...military historians were unaware until asked specific questions in support of research for this paper . Most evidence of a decade long halfway house...visiting staff delegations. Increasing national interest in heroin addicted soldiers returning from Vietnam increased interest in Benning House as

  1. Army-Marine Integration, Volume 2, Number 10-55. Observations, Insights, and Lessons (United States)


    Unitized Group Rations-A/B (UGRs-A/B), specialty meals, and Meals, Ready To Eat (MREs) on hand with supplements such as fresh fruits, vegetables, juice and...reports, the military, especially the Army, benefited from greater visibility of materiel, reduced inventory, and increased speed in locating critical...successful in Iraq. One benefit of having one central air cargo operations team for the Iraqi theater is that it provides a one-stop shop for cargo

  2. U.S. Army flyover hosted by the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets Friday and Saturday



    The Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets and the Army ROTC Department will sponsor, barring weather or operational factors, a military aircraft flyover with two AH-64 Apache attack helicopters from the Combat Aviation Brigade of the 82nd Airborne Division from Fort Bragg, N.C., during pre-game ceremonies of the Virginia Tech vs. Western Kentucky University football game to be held Saturday, Oct. 4.

  3. The Army War College Review. Volume 2, Number 3, August 2016. Student Publications (United States)


    and Military Strategy Essay Competition hosted by National Defense University Press. 1 Joseph S. Nye, Jr. and David A. Welch, Understanding Global ... global security studies, and the advancement of the profession of arms. The Army War College Review Larry D. Miller, Editor Student Publications...This has led many in the international community to call for a more comprehensive strategy that includes prosecutorial efforts as an integral

  4. Job Satisfaction in the U.S. Army: 1943 and 1973 (United States)


    dimension , and i research on noncoubat troops in World War II has suggested that we perhaps have a romanticized notion of the nature of military service I...have shown race to have no direct effect on job satisfaction in the nodern Army. The 1973 data also represent three 4 theatres , the United States...large theatre effec ts , and all I three areas are retained in our analysis . I The rank structure of the enlisted grades in the U.S. Armychanged

  5. The Challenges of Adopting a Culture of Mission Command in the US Army (United States)


    formidable and effective force during the World War II. Faced with the task of rebuilding an army under the constraints of the Treaty of Versailles , Hans von... Treaty of Versailles . Seeckt held to the traditional Prussian view that “destruction of the opposing army…is still the highest law of war.” Seeckt...Frederick Wilhelm III, appointed Major General Gerhard von Scharnhorst to head a Military Reorganization Commission after the Treaty of Tilsit in

  6. Piercing the Fog: Intelligence and Army Air Forces Operations in World War 2 (United States)


    situation prompted by the AAF’s subsidiary position within the Army and by the limited understanding of the new art of air warfare. Improvements in that...character. No doctrine is sacro - sanct, and of all military doctrines that of our Air Corps should be the last to be so regarded.”” General Arnold art that demanded great skill in assessing photographs and an ability to reason and deduce facts from images. The presence of camouflage indicated

  7. U.S. Army LandCyber White Paper 2018-2030 (United States)


    activities ( CEMA ). Conduct information operations (IO) in or through the cyberspace domain for the Army and support inform and influence activities (IIA...The growing presence of ICT in operational environments (OE) will create a wide range of opportunities and vulnerabilities across CEMA capabilities...of CEMA , IIA, operations security, military deception, and space into a combined arms cyberspace operations capability that supports the unified land

  8. In the Chronographia, is Michael Psellos’ concern for the army entirely disinterested?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vratimos Antonios


    Full Text Available The present article analyzes Psellos’ commentary on the disarray of the Byzantine army in the Chronographia. The topic is examined in relation to the political circumstances of the time, and the author’s own particular situation. It is possible to conclude that much of his commentary on the military in the Chronographia is disingenuous and is influenced by his own position and interests.

  9. Comprehensive Soldier Fitness: Building Resilience in the U.S. Army (United States)


    Resilience in the U.S. Army 24 Jan 11 COL Tom Vail, Deputy Director “St ong Minds , Strong Bodies” 1 Report Documentation Page Form ApprovedOMB No. 0704...and their Families  Taught at civilian institution short-term; TRADOC (Ft. Jackson) long-term  3 Modes of Production: UPENN MRT , Victory University... MRT , MRT MTT  MRTs will be at the Unit and Installation level  Institutional Military Resilience Training  Taught in TRADOC schools (NCOES / OES

  10. Annual Report to Congress: Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic of China 2015 (United States)


    establishing a Leading Group for Deepening Defense and Military Reforms, chaired by Chinese President Xi Jinping and the Central Military Commission (CMC...non- combat forces, such as the General Political Department’s Culture and Arts Bureau and Culture and Sports Bureau; raising the number of Navy...providing real-time data sharing within and between units. Production and fielding of improved, increasingly standardized PLA Army wheeled and

  11. Heightened anxiety in Army Reserve nurses anticipating mobilization during Operation Desert Storm. (United States)

    Wynd, C A; Dziedzicki, R E


    Research was conducted in January 1991 to compare anxiety levels of Army Reserve and civilian registered nurses and to identify factors contributing to high anxiety. It was predicted that anxiety would be greater in reservist nurses who were anticipating mobilization during Operation Desert Storm. This hypothesis was supported through the examination of t test statistical analyses and stepwise multiple regression, which demonstrated that years of military service, gender, and the presence and number of children in nurses' families related to higher anxiety levels. Army Reserve nurses identified separation from loved ones and financial concerns as the largest contributors to anxiety, while significant interventions for alleviating anxiety included detailed and consistent information from Army commands.

  12. Barossa Night: cohesion in the British Army officer corps. (United States)

    Bury, Patrick


    Contrasting the classical explanation of military group cohesion as sustained by interpersonal bonds, recent scholars have highlighted the importance of ritualized communication, training and drills in explaining effective military performance in professional armies. While this has offered a welcome addition to the cohesion literature and a novel micro-sociological method of examining cohesion, its primary evidential base has been combat groups. Indeed, despite their prominent role in directing operations over the past decade, the British Army's officer corps has received relatively little attention from sociologists during this period. No attempt has been made to explain cohesion in the officer corps. Using a similar method to recent cohesion scholars, this paper seeks to address this imbalance by undertaking a micro-sociology of one ritual in particular: 'Barossa Night' in the Royal Irish Regiment. Firstly, it draws on the work of Durkheim to examine how cohesion amongst the officer corps is created and sustained through a dense array of practises during formal social rituals. It provides evidence that the use of rituals highlights that social solidarity is central to understanding officer cohesion. Secondly, following Hockey's work on how private soldiers negotiate order, the paper shows how this solidarity in the officer corps is based on a degree of negotiated order and the need to release organizational tensions inherent in a strictly hierarchical rank structure. It highlights how the awarding of gallantry medals can threaten this negotiated order and fuel deviancy. In examining this behaviour, the paper shows that even amongst an officer class traditionally viewed as the elite upholders of organizational discipline, the negotiation of rank and hierarchy can be fluid. How deviant behaviour is later accepted and normalized by senior officers indicates that negotiated order is as important to understanding cohesion in the British Army's officer corps as it is

  13. Military Advice and Civil-Military Relations (United States)


    Ballinger Publishing Company, 1985. Builder, Carl H. The Masks of war: American Military Styles in Strategy and Analysis. Baltimore, MD: The Johns Hopkins...9 Carl H. Builder, The Masks of war: American Military Styles in Strategy and Analysis (Baltimore, MD: The Johns Hopkins...11 Carl von Clausewitz, On War, ed. Michael Howard and Peter Paret (New York, New York: Everyman’s Library , 1993), 733. 6 importance and thus the

  14. Comparing U.S. Army suicide cases to a control sample: initial data and methodological lessons. (United States)

    Alexander, Cynthia L; Reger, Mark A; Smolenski, Derek J; Fullerton, Nicole R


    Identification of risk and protective factors for suicide is a priority for the United States military, especially in light of the recent steady increase in military suicide rates. The Department of Defense Suicide Event Report contains comprehensive data on suicides for active duty military personnel, but no analogous control data is available to permit identification of factors that differentially determine suicide risk. This proof-of-concept study was conducted to determine the feasibility of collecting such control data. The study employed a prospective case-control design in which control cases were randomly selected from a large Army installation at a rate of four control participants for every qualifying Army suicide. Although 111 Army suicides were confirmed during the study period, just 27 control soldiers completed the study. Despite the small control sample, preliminary analyses comparing suicide cases to controls identified several factors more frequently reported for suicide cases, including recent failed intimate relationships, outpatient mental health history, mood disorder diagnosis, substance abuse history, and prior self-injury. No deployment-related risk factors were found. These data are consistent with existing literature and form a foundation for larger control studies. Methodological lessons learned regarding study design and recruitment are discussed to inform future studies.

  15. Iraqi Military Academies


    Nodar Z. Mossaki


    The article analyzes the system of training of officers in military academies in Iraq – in Zakho, Qalacholan, ar-Rustamiyah and an-Nasiriyah. The author describes the history of creation, process of evolution, challenges and features of training in these colleges. Particular attention paid to military academies in the territory of Iraqi Kurdistan, which actually do not obey the central government of Iraq, however, have the highest level of training. Currently, Iraq's military academies operat...

  16. US Army TARDEC: Robotics Overview (United States)


    unclassified US ARMY TARDEC Robotics Overview Bernard Theisen, Joint Center for Robotics 25 March 2010 Reference herein to any specific commercial...4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE US ARMY TARDEC Robotics Overview 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR(S) Bernard... Robotics Industry Partnerships Academia PartnershipsGovernment Partnerships TRADOC Community Outreach • S&T Support to the RS-JPO • Develops and Fosters

  17. Vedr.: Military capacity building

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Larsen, Josefine Kühnel; Struwe, Lars Bangert


    Kühnel Larsen and researcher Lars Bangert Struwe of CMS had organized a seminar in collaboration with Royal Danish Defense Colleg and the East African Security Governance Network. The seminar focused on some of the risks involved in Military capacity building and how these risks are dealt with from......Military capacity building has increasingly become an integral part of Danish defence. Military capacity is a new way of thinking Danish defence and poses a new set of challenges and opportunities for the Danish military and the Political leadership. On the 12th of december, PhD. Candidate Josefine...

  18. About Military Sexual Trauma

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... out why Close About Military Sexual Trauma Veterans Health Administration Loading... Unsubscribe from Veterans Health Administration? Cancel Unsubscribe Working... Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 12, ...

  19. United States Military-To-Military Contact with the People’s Liberation Army of China (United States)


    Martinez 1945-1948 General Salvador Castaneda Castro 1948-1950 Revolutionary Council of Government 1950-1956 Lt. Col Oscar Osorio 1956-1960 Colonel...Julio A. Rivera 1967-1972 General Fidel Sanchez Hernandez 1972-1977 Colonel Arturo Armando Molina 1977-1979 General Carlos Humberto Romero Table 2...remained in power until a new round of elections was held. Elections were carried out in 1945, and retired General Salvador Castaneda Castro won and

  20. Sixty years of the Military technical courier: A jubilee in sight

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nebojša N. Gaćeša


    Full Text Available In 2012, the Military Technical Courier, a scientific journal of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Serbia, marks the 60th anniversary of its regular and continuous publishing. The Military Technical Courier was founded by a decree of the Chief of the General Staff of the Yugoslav Army in August 1952 in order to continue the tradition of five reviews of military branches and services (Artillery Courier, Tank Courier, Military Engineering Courier, Courier of Communications in the Yugoslav Army and Logistics and Support of the Yugoslav Army which had been covering tactics and technique issues from 1947 to 1952. According to the founding act, the main tasks of the Military Technical Courier were 'to consider and study issues regarding armament, technical and other material equipment of the branches and services concerning the knowledge of the materials, their handling, application, effects, storage, repair and upgrading as well as to deal with technical issues of the organization, war experience of logistic services and military traffic and evacuation'. Chief of the General Staff's decree of 16th December 1952 founding the first editorial board that 'has a directive to be responsible for the review editing' was followed by the first issue of the Military Technical Courier in January 1953. The Military Technical Courier will pay special tributes to the military technical publications published in our country before 1945 (in the Kingdom of Serbia, Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenians and later the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. The following reviews represent the foundations of the Serbian military technology reasoning: Artillery and Engineering Courier (1905-1906, Artillery Courier (1926-1932, Infantry and Artillery Courier (1933-1941, Engineering Courier (1929-1940, Aviation Courier (1927-1941 and Nautical Courier (1933-1940. There is no doubt that their quality and professional profiles paved also the way to today's Military Technical Courier

  1. Training the Afghan National Army (United States)


    personnel devoted to training and advising Afghan General Purpose Forces.”48 The key to the Office of Military Cooperation – Afghanistan ( OMC -A...Officer Candidate School OEF Operation Enduring Freedom OMC -A Office of Military Cooperation – Afghanistan OSC-A Office of Security Cooperation

  2. Creating and sustaining a military women's Health Research Interest Group. (United States)

    Wilson, Candy; Trego, Lori; Rychnovsky, Jacqueline; Steele, Nancy; Foradori, Megan


    In 2008, four doctorate military nurse scientists representing the triservices (Army, Navy, and Air Force) identified a common interest in the health and care of all women in the armed forces. For 7 years, the team's shared vision to improve servicewomen's health inspired them to commit to a rigorous schedule of planning, developing, and implementing an innovative program that has the capability of advancing scientific knowledge and influencing health policy and practice through research. The ultimate goal of the Military Women's Health Research Interest Group (MWHRIG) is to support military clinicians and leaders in making evidence-based practice and policy decisions. They developed a 4-pronged approach to cultivate the science of military women's healthcare: evaluate the existing evidence, develop a research agenda that addresses gaps in knowledge, facilitate the collaboration of multidisciplinary research, and build the bench of future researchers. The MWHRIG has been a resource to key leaders; its value has been validated by multiservice and multidisciplinary consultations. However, the journey to goal attainment has only been achieved by the enduring commitment of these MWHRIG leaders and their passion to ensure the health and wellbeing of the many women who serve in the United States military. This article describes their journey of dedication.

  3. Mods, Nay! Tournaments, Yay! - The Appropriation of Contemporary Game Culture by the U.S. Military

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    David B. Nieborg


    Full Text Available This paper analyses the official U.S. Army PC-game, America's Army, against the backdrop of the ongoing war on terror and the military-entertainment complex. It considers the dual role of the game as a recruiting tool and a propaganda instrument. The expansion of the military-entertainment complex has significant consequences for the militarisation of the domestic sphere and youth popular culture. Whereas commercial game developers and publishers are eager to tap into First Person Shooter mod communities in order to institutionalise both cultural and economic value-exchanges, it is impossible to modify the official U.S. Army Game in any way. Yet, a closer look at America' s Army and its community shows the appropriation of various other elements of contemporary game culture: for instance, clan culture, LAN-parties and various forms of fan production. The analysis of America's Army and its community demonstrates that the appropriation of game culture has serious political-ideological implications

  4. 77 FR 9633 - Army National Cemeteries Advisory Commission (ANCAC) (United States)


    ... Department of the Army Army National Cemeteries Advisory Commission (ANCAC) AGENCY: Department of the Army... Army announces the following committee meeting: Name of Committee: Army National Cemeteries Advisory...: Lieutenant Colonel Renea Yates; or 571.256.4325. SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:...

  5. Evaluating the Impact of Hospital Efficiency on Wellness in the Military Health System. (United States)

    Bastian, Nathaniel D; Kang, Hyojung; Swenson, Eric R; Fulton, Lawrence V; Griffin, Paul M


    Like all health care delivery systems, the U.S. Department of Defense Military Health System (MHS) strives to achieve top preventative care and population health outcomes for its members while operating at an efficient level and containing costs. The objective of this study is to understand the overall efficiency performance of military hospitals and investigate the relationship between efficiency and wellness. This study uses data envelopment analysis and stochastic frontier analysis to compare the efficiency of 128 military treatment facilities from the Army, Navy, and Air Force during the period of 2011 to 2013. Fixed effects panel regression is used to determine the association between the hospital efficiency and wellness scores. The results indicate that data envelopment analysis and stochastic frontier analysis efficiency scores are congruent in direction. Both results indicate that the majority of the MHS hospitals and clinics can potentially improve their productive efficiency by managing their input resources better. When comparing the performance of the three military branches of service, Army hospitals as a group outperformed their Navy and Air Force counterparts; thus, best practices from the Army should be shared across service components. The findings also suggest no statistically significant, positive association between efficiency and wellness over time in the MHS.

  6. Allowance officers Russian and Austro-Hungarian armies on the eve of the First World War

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexander P. Abramov


    Full Text Available On the basis of historical material provides information on measures of state and military administration on the eve of the First World War to improve the welfare of Russian officers and Austro-Hungary, through various forms of material incentives, which are reflected in the cash payments, promotions, awards and social guarantees. On the basis of archival materials of the study period, open scientific publications and Internet resources there are disclosed the features of the destination of salaries, various allowances and compensations Russian army in comparison to the Austro-Hungarian army, who spoke Russian opponent in the First World War. The author notes that the existing system of money allowances in the Russian army was more advantageous than in the Austro-Hungarian army. However, neither one nor the other could not fully meet the needs of the majority of officers of both armies, entered as opponents in the First World War. One of its major shortcomings, both in Russia and in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, was a wide gap in the amounts of all kinds of money allowances between chief officers, staff officers and generals.

  7. USSR Report, Military Affairs. (United States)


    watermelons, tobacco and grain on the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov for many years. A distinctive characteristic of theirs was a virtually zero forward...military-patriot- ic films and books, debates, trips to historic places, meetings with veterans, "Me- morial Shifts" and military sport

  8. Transforming Military Leaders (United States)


    McGraw Hill, 2005), 608. 41 Peter Guy Northouse , Leadership : Theory and Practice (New York: Sage Publications Inc, 2004), 151. 42 Ibid, 151. 43...KEY TERMS: Globalization, Military Transformation, Leadership CLASSIFICATION: Unclassified A phrase that captures the challenges associated with the... leadership competencies to fully execute our National Security Strategy across the parochial elements of diplomatic, information, military and economic

  9. Improving Military Ties

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    China and the United States appear poised to strengthen their troubled military exchanges Vice Chairman of China’s Central Military Commission Xu Caihou kicked off his 10-day-long official visit to the United States in a bid to

  10. Civil-Military Relations in Ukraine, During the Transition from the Soviet Union to the Independent Ukrainian Republic (United States)


    democratic system was to create a working legislative system and system of the other democratic institutions. That process was one of the most...system of civil- military relations to the democratic system , covering questions of the nationalization of the Ukrainian army, the creation of the

  11. Net Zero Fort Carson: Integrating Energy, Water, and Waste Strategies to Lower the Environmental Impact of a Military Base (United States)

    Military bases resemble small cities and face similar sustainability challenges. As pilot studies in the U.S. Army Net Zero program, 17 locations are moving to 100% renewable energy, zero depletion of water resources, and/or zero waste to landfill by 2020. Some bases target net z...

  12. Edward D. Churchill as a combat consultant: lessons for the senior visiting surgeons and today's military medical corps. (United States)

    Cannon, Jeremy W; Fischer, Josef E


    In World War II, Edward D. Churchill volunteered as a combat consultant. In this role, he mentored many junior surgeons and challenged the Army leadership to treat hemorrhagic shock with blood rather than plasma. These lessons have continued relevance for today's Senior Visiting Surgeons and our military medical corps.

  13. Early Roman military fortifications and the origin of Trieste, Italy (United States)

    Bernardini, Federico; Vinci, Giacomo; Horvat, Jana; De Min, Angelo; Forte, Emanuele; Furlani, Stefano; Lenaz, Davide; Pipan, Michele; Zhao, Wenke; Sgambati, Alessandro; Potleca, Michele; Micheli, Roberto; Fragiacomo, Andrea; Tuniz, Claudio


    An interdisciplinary study of the archaeological landscape of the Trieste area (northeastern Italy), mainly based on airborne light detection and ranging (LiDAR), ground penetrating radar (GPR), and archaeological surveys, has led to the discovery of an early Roman fortification system, composed of a big central camp (San Rocco) flanked by two minor forts. The most ancient archaeological findings, including a Greco–Italic amphora rim produced in Latium or Campania, provide a relative chronology for the first installation of the structures between the end of the third century B.C. and the first decades of the second century B.C. whereas other materials, such as Lamboglia 2 amphorae and a military footwear hobnail (type D of Alesia), indicate that they maintained a strategic role at least up to the mid first century B.C. According to archaeological data and literary sources, the sites were probably established in connection with the Roman conquest of the Istria peninsula in 178–177 B.C. They were in use, perhaps not continuously, at least until the foundation of Tergeste, the ancestor of Trieste, in the mid first century B.C. The San Rocco site, with its exceptional size and imposing fortifications, is the main known Roman evidence of the Trieste area during this phase and could correspond to the location of the first settlement of Tergeste preceding the colony foundation. This hypothesis would also be supported by literary sources that describe it as a phrourion (Strabo, V, 1, 9, C 215), a term used by ancient writers to designate the fortifications of the Roman army. PMID:25775558

  14. [The historical experience of therapeutic service in the Army and Navy during the Great Patriotic War]. (United States)

    Ovchinnikov, Yu V


    The author presents the experience of therapeutic services of the army and navy during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) and its importance for the present. This experience became a-general methodological framework-for the development of principles for the organization of work of military physicians in a modern warfare and the application of new weapons. The history of development, aims and objectives of the new section of Military Medicine--the Military Field Therapy as a unified system of organization and delivery of health care to servicemen based on the principles of a unified military field medical doctrine. A problem of organization of new health facilities (hospitals, hospital databases), their acquisition of trained personnel, especially the structure of internal medicine in the war years, the treatment and the early rehabilitation of wounded and sick, between the military and civilian medical institutions-is highlighted. There is an information that 90.6%, or more than 6.5 million soldiers and officers who were treated in hospitals with various diseases, were returned to duty. The experience of the medical service in World War II and the actual demand and is now planning for a package of measures aimed at further improvement of the health status of military-personnel.

  15. 美军无人地面车辆发展综述%Development Survey of US Army Unmanned Ground Vehicles

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    陈欣; 王立操; 李联邦; 左志奇


    US army unmanned ground vehicles are primitively introduced. The development course of US army unmanned ground vehicles is expatiated, present condition and development trends are given. Some suggestions on developing military unmanned ground vehicles are presented.%对美军无人地面车辆进行简要介绍,阐述美军无人地面车辆发展历程,给出了其研究现状与趋势,提出了对我国无人地面车辆发展的几点启示。

  16. Iraqi Military Academies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nodar Z. Mossaki


    Full Text Available The article analyzes the system of training of officers in military academies in Iraq – in Zakho, Qalacholan, ar-Rustamiyah and an-Nasiriyah. The author describes the history of creation, process of evolution, challenges and features of training in these colleges. Particular attention paid to military academies in the territory of Iraqi Kurdistan, which actually do not obey the central government of Iraq, however, have the highest level of training. Currently, Iraq's military academies operate on the basis of the NATO standards. Iraqi military academies paid miuch attention to the specifics of the military and political situation in Iraq – counterinsurgency and counterterrorism operations, patrolling cities, fighting in an urban environment etc. Significant place in the curriculum take the courses contributing to the formation of pro-Western sentiment.

  17. The Military's Business

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rasmussen, Mikkel Vedby

    If the military were a business, would you buy shares? Over recent years, Western armed forces, particularly the US, have been costing more yet achieving less. At the same time, austerity measures are reducing defence budgets. This book uses defence data to examine the workings of modern Western...... militaries and explore what kind of strategies can overcome this gap between input and output. Instead of focusing on military strategy, Mikkel Vedby Rasmussen seeks to draw on the ideas of business strategy to assess alternative business cases - reforming military HR to combat instability in the 'Global...... South' or utilising new technologies to overcome the prohibitive costs of current systems. Analysing the philosophical, strategic and budgetary underpinnings of these alternatives, he concludes that a more radical break from current military organisational practices is needed which would allow them...

  18. Performance Assessment of Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP)Free Chemical Paint Strippers on Military Coatings for Validation to Federal Specification TT-R-2918A (United States)


    Free Chemical Paint Strippers on Military Coatings for Validation to Federal Specification TT-R-2918A by Lindsey Blohm Oak Ridge Institute for... chemical -agent- resistant coating (CARC) painted panels is shown in Fig. 1. The top layers of topcoat are tan and the bottom layers of topcoat are green...methylene-chloride-based strippers for removing Army chemical agent resistant coatings (CARC). Aberdeen Proving Ground (MD): Army Research

  19. Give us back our field army! The Dutch army leadership and the operational planning during the interwar years

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    H. Amersfoort


    The 1922 Army Reform Bill reduced the Dutch army to a militia. During the period between the two World Wars Dutch army leadership sought to rebuild an army that in several repects (organization, armement, doctrine) could be compared to the armies of great powers like France and Germany. The army lea

  20. List of U.S. Army Research Institute Research and Technical Publications for Public Release/Unlimited Distribution, Fiscal Year 2008 (United States)


    recommendations from a research-based analysis on increasing linguistic and cultural capability in Army leaders and Soldiers. 20 Findings from a workshop...Armed Forces and Society, Chicago, IL. Siebold, G. L. (2008, February). Models of the evolving military: Postmodern organizations vs. platform

  1. That’s Not What I Joined to Do, Sir -- Understanding Military Culture and Ethos is Critical for the Correct Use of the Military Instrument of Power (United States)


    Foreign Service Journal (September 2009). 13 U.S Army, Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad, Field Manual 7-8. 33 patriotism, and romanticism , continues...we have come to exercise romanticism when setting up the Armed Forces as a mirror to the heart of a nation and the executors of just and combat.‖ 19 It seems, therefore, that the West today evokes patriotism and romanticism in relation to military service while forgetting its

  2. Cultural Construction of Military Patients Ward%谈军人病区文化建设

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    闫军峰; 周文斌; 李丹


    More and more attentions have been paid to the military grassroots culture and hospital culture . As a special unit of military hospital serving the army , military patients ward focused on building culture , promoting the physical and mental health of patients and a speedy recovery , ensuring battle effectiveness, increasing the mili-tary patients’satisfaction.%部队基层文化和医院文化都受到越来越多的重视。军人病区作为部队医院为部队服务的一个特殊单元,建设军人病区文化,促进伤病员的身心健康和早日康复,保障部队战斗力,提高部队满意度,本院作了一些初步的尝试和探索。


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ünsal Sığrı


    Full Text Available The aim of this paper is to analyze Turkish national and military culture in the context of Korean War. The Korean War is the first international military contribution of modern Turkish Republic and Turkish Armed Forces. This was the first contact with other countries’ and cultures’ armies since the foundation of the modern republic. Following the war Turkey joined to NATO and became a certain member of western block of cold war era. Turkish troops’ efforts and involvement in the Korean War did not only contribute to independence of Korea but also contributed to the world peace. Turkish military has a cultural background, which mainly stems from sociological and managerial characteristics of Turkish national culture. In this study an analysis of Turkish military culture is made within scope of Korean War according to Hofstede’s (1980 four cultural dimensions

  4. Military Patients Management Under the New Situation%新形势下部队医院伤病员管理

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    朱青峰; 房树志; 王国芳


    本文从新形势下部队伤病员管理存在的难点问题着手,提出解决问题的对策及建议:一是牢记职责,健全部队伤病员管理的领导组织;二是创新制度,满足部队伤病员不断增长的卫生服务需求;三是提高认识,营造军队医院姓军为兵的良好文化氛围;四是成立军人住院部,营造温馨、健康的军队医院氛围;五是及时和部队沟通,切实形成对部队伤病员的管理合力.%The author analyzed the problems in management of army patients under the new situation. Some countermeasures were put forward; keeping in mind the responsibilities, and improving the leadership and organization of army patients management; innovation system, meeting the growing demand for health services of army patients; raising awareness, creating a good cultural atmosphere of the military hospital surname army soldiers; se-ting up the military inpatient department, creating a healthy atmosphere of the military hospital; forming the management system effectively of army patients together with the army.

  5. The Evolution of Army Leader Development (United States)


    Colarusso , Towards a U.S. Army Officer Corps Strategy for Success: Developing Talent, (Carlisle Barracks, PA: U.S. Army War College, March 2010), 4-6...16 Casey Wardynski, David S. Lyle, Michael J. Colarusso , Towards a U.S. Army Officer Corps Strategy for Success: Employing Talent, (Carlisle

  6. Enhancing Army Joint Force Headquarters Capabilities (United States)


    Ad hoc (Army) 2004–2005 MNSTC-I SSTR CENTCOM Ad hoc (Army) 2004-2005 JTF-G8/ DNC /RNC HD/CS NORTHCOM Ad hoc (Army) x 3 2004 JTF-515 SSTR PACOM 2004...AFIC = Armed Forces Inaugural Committee; CENTCOM = Central Command; DNC = Democratic National Committee; EUCOM = European Command; FSSG = Fleet

  7. Cerulean Warbler Occurrence Atlas for Military Installations (United States)


    Army Ammuniton Plant (Closed) IN NO 2009 Army IOWA ARMY AMMUNITION PLANT IA UNCERTAIN 2009 USACE J. Percy Priest Lake TN UNCERTAIN 2009 USACE J...Stonewall Jackson Lake WV UNCERTAIN 2009 USACE Summersville Lake WV no POC Army Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant KS no POC USACE Sutton Lake WV UNCERTAIN

  8. Predictors of Army National Guard and Reserve members' use of Veteran Health Administration health care after demobilizing from OEF/OIF deployment. (United States)

    Harris, Alex H S; Chen, Cheng; Mohr, Beth A; Adams, Rachel Sayko; Williams, Thomas V; Larson, Mary Jo


    This study described rates and predictors of Army National Guard and Army Reserve members' enrollment in and utilization of Veteran Health Administration (VHA) services in the 365 days following demobilization from an index deployment. We also explored regional and VHA facility variation in serving eligible members in their catchment areas. The sample included 125,434 Army National Guard and 48,423 Army Reserve members who demobilized after a deployment ending between FY 2008 and FY 2011. Demographic, geographic, deployment, and Military Health System eligibility were derived from Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System and "Contingency Tracking System" data. The VHA National Patient Care Databases were used to ascertain VHA utilization and status (e.g., enrollee, TRICARE). Logistic regression models were used to evaluate predictors of VHA utilization as an enrollee in the year following demobilization. Of the study members demobilizing during the observation period, 56.9% of Army National Guard members and 45.7% of Army Reserve members utilized VHA as an enrollee within 12 months. Demographic, regional, health coverage, and deployment-related factors were associated with VHA enrollment and utilization, and significant variation by VHA facility was found. These findings can be useful in the design of specific outreach efforts to improve linkage from the Military Health System to the VHA.

  9. The Greek Archer Evolution in the Greek Military Context

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José Javier Vilariño Rodríguez


    Full Text Available The trajectory of the bow in the History of Greece is associated with the transformation that was originated inside of the military environment. The poor prominence that for many centuries was granted to the archers in the warlike context, was going to give an unexpected draft with the explosion of the Persian Wars. Later, the playwright Euripides was going to turn Herakles, one of the most famous archer of the hellenic world, into the spokesman of the change that was going to bring with it the acceptance and the definitive incorporation of these soldiers as contingent of considerable value inside the greek armies.

  10. [Typhus fever morbidity among the military personnel and civilians in the regions around Volga river during World War I]. (United States)

    Raĭkova, S V; Zav'ialov, A I


    The article is concerned to the materials about epidemiologic situation of typhus fever in the regions around Volga river (Saratovsky, Samarsky and others) during World War I (1914-1918) among the military personnel of the Russian army and among the civilians. The main reasons for spread of infection, ways of the transmission, and also measures for decreasing of level of morbidity on the different stages of evacuation of patients with typhus fever in the safer hospitals are shown. The most important methods of fighting against epidemic of typhus fever were: isolation of patients in separate special hospitals, desincection and disinfection measures in the foci of infection and organization appropriate sanitary conditions for military man in the army and among civilians. Acquired valuable experience of territorial and military doctors during the period of epidemic of typhus fever allowed receiving complex effective antiepidemic measures of fighting and prevention from this disease.

  11. The Army in Multinational Operations (United States)


    intelligence analysts. Federal Bureau of Investigation agents have worked with military members conducting forensic analysis of explosions...are contained within the capabilities of each higher level. A preventive dentistry program can be provided in the theater of operations. REQUIRED

  12. The evolution of extreme polyandry in social insects: insights from army ants. (United States)

    Barth, Matthias Benjamin; Moritz, Robin Frederik Alexander; Kraus, Frank Bernhard


    The unique nomadic life-history pattern of army ants (army ant adaptive syndrome), including obligate colony fission and strongly male-biased sex-ratios, makes army ants prone to heavily reduced effective population sizes (Ne). Excessive multiple mating by queens (polyandry) has been suggested to compensate these negative effects by increasing genetic variance in colonies and populations. However, the combined effects and evolutionary consequences of polyandry and army ant life history on genetic colony and population structure have only been studied in a few selected species. Here we provide new genetic data on paternity frequencies, colony structure and paternity skew for the five Neotropical army ants Eciton mexicanum, E. vagans, Labidus coecus, L. praedator and Nomamyrmex esenbeckii; and compare those data among a total of nine army ant species (including literature data). The number of effective matings per queen ranged from about 6 up to 25 in our tested species, and we show that such extreme polyandry is in two ways highly adaptive. First, given the detected low intracolonial relatedness and population differentiation extreme polyandry may counteract inbreeding and low Ne. Second, as indicated by a negative correlation of paternity frequency and paternity skew, queens maximize intracolonial genotypic variance by increasingly equalizing paternity shares with higher numbers of sires. Thus, extreme polyandry is not only an integral part of the army ant syndrome, but generally adaptive in social insects by improving genetic variance, even at the high end spectrum of mating frequencies.

  13. Strategy-Policy Mismatch: How the U.S. Army Can Help Close Gaps in Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction (United States)


    technical units. Finally, the Army should decide on roles, missions, component mixes , and training requirements for countering WMD to ensure that...been needed in Syria could also require forces to neutralize remaining mili- tary forces or insurgents. This will require a mix of combat and...sized (~319 personnel) Very Small Single building (e.g., tuwaitha yellow cake storage facility) Platoon-sized(~108 personnel) SOUrCe: U.S. Army, 2011a

  14. “In the army, regardless of ethnicity or faith, those who are part of the collective should fulfill their public service”– Interview with Sergei Mel’kov, Co-chairman of the Association of Military Politologists, Moscow, 8 October 2008

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elisabeth Sieca-Kozlowski


    Full Text Available PIPSS.ORG – Based on prognoses about the growth of the Muslim population in Russia over the next 20 years, both Western and Russian demographers predict an increase of Muslim recruits in the army. I understand this issue arose under Brezhnev and then faded away with the collapse of the USSR, since Azerbaijan and the Central Asian Republics ceased to be part of the USSR. Today with the growth of the Muslim population this question has arisen again. Is there data on this issue?Sergei Mel’kov: T...

  15. Royal Thai Army Personnel, Education and Training System. (United States)


    north, Laos to the north and northeast and Cambodia to the eastj Thailand is approximately the size of France with a population of 50 million...paper focuses on the role played by the US, and US assistance to Thailand . ii k4 ROYAL THAI ARMY PERSONNEL, EDUCATION AND TRAINING SYSTEM Thailand ... Thailand history is as complex as a slow Thai classical dance. Thai beliefs, attitudes, political structures and customs have been molded by a remarkable

  16. Complete mitochondrial genome of Military Macaw (Ara militaris): its comparison with mitogenomes of two other Ara species. (United States)

    Dawid Urantowka, Adam


    The Military Macaw is one of the eight species of the genus Ara. The genus is one of six genera, which form morphologically diverse group termed as Macaws. Parrots of this group differ in body size on demand of the genus and species. Six of Ara species are classified as large Macaws. Based on morphological similarities and differences, these species can be segregated into three pairs according to their plumage coloration. Representative mitochondrial genomes were sequenced only for A. glaucogularis (blue and yellow coloration) and A. macao (predominantly red/scarlet). Ara militaris is one of two predominantly green species and full mitochondrial genome of considered species was sequenced in this study. It's comparison with A. glaucogularis and A. macao mitogenomes revealed higher degree of identity between militaris and macao sequences than between militaris and glaucogularis mtDNAs. Ara militaris mitogenome will be indispensable to refine the phylogenetic relationships within Macaw group.

  17. The Army Public Affairs Program (United States)


    intervening headquarters record file. (3) One copy rough cut ( film or videotape) minus soundtrack . (4) One print ( film or videotape) or one copy tape or film political campaign commercials in front of military equipment on Government-owned or -leased military property will be denied. 3–5...photographs, the PAO should not take any action to recover the film , but will immediately report the problem through PA channels to higher

  18. Vitamin D status in female military personnel during combat training

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Young Andrew J


    Full Text Available Abstract Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for maintaining bone health. Recent data suggest that vitamin D and calcium supplementation might affect stress fracture incidence in military personnel. Although stress fracture is a health risk for military personnel during training, no study has investigated changes in vitamin D status in Soldiers during United States (US Army basic combat training (BCT. This longitudinal study aimed to determine the effects of BCT on 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25(OHD and parathyroid hormone (PTH levels in female Soldiers. Serum 25(OHD and PTH were assessed in 74 fasted Soldier volunteers before and after an 8-week BCT course conducted between August and October in Columbia, South Carolina. In the total study population, 25(OHD levels decreased (mean ± SD from 72.9 ± 30.0 to 63.3 ± 19.8 nmol/L (P P P P

  19. Van Ryneveld vs Blaine: the UDFI as a civil-military relations football, 1939-1945

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ian Van der Waag


    Full Text Available The South African Forces Institute has a unique place not only in the field of military history but also in the province of South African business history. SAFI was a unique organisation established by Lord Roberts, under the designation South African Garrison Institute (SAGI, to fulfil a unique function: to provide the military in South Africa with unified canteen facilities, offering goods and services to troops at reasonable prices. This was aimed specifically at putting an end to the troublesome tradition of those small traders, known as sutlers, who followed armies and exacted extortionate prices from underpaid soldiers for inferior goods.

  20. Amputee Virtual Environment Support Space—A vision for virtual military amputee support

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ashley Fisher, MA


    Full Text Available The war in Iraq is the largest and longest sustained combat operation by the U.S. military since the Vietnam war. An estimated nearly 2 million U.S. military personnel have been deployed for Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom [1]. Dr. Chuck Scoville, Col. Ret., Chief of Amputee Patient Care at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, stated that as of November 2009, 937 war fighters have suffered an amputation as a result of a battle injury. The successful recovery from a traumatic injury resulting in an amputation largely depends on care from clinical providers as well as peer support.

  1. Contemporary Chinese Defense Industry Reforms and Civil–Military Integration in Three Key Organizations


    Francis, Ed; Puska, Susan M


    This brief highlights key points on three Chinese government and military organizations involved in managing defense science, technology, and industry: 1) the State Council’s State Administration for Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense (SASTIND); 2) the General Armament Department (GAD) of the People’s Liberation Army; and 3) the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s Civil–Military Integration Promotion Department (CMIPD). This brief calls attention to im...

  2. Military Infrastructure: Is It as Bad as the Nation’s Infrastructure (United States)


    clipboard" and in use (using optical bar coding) Why hasn’t this technology been used to gather the necessary data to allow managers to make good ...0TU FILE COPY MILITARY INFRASTRUCTURE: IS IT AS BAD AS THE NATION’S INFRASTRUCTURE? 00 N A thesis presented to the Faculty of the U. S. Army ICommand...NUMBERS Military Infrastructure: Is it as Bad as the Nation’s Infrastructure? 6. AUTHOR(S) Major Robert R. Derrick 7. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION NAME(S) AND

  3. Helicopter vibration and risk of reversible myopia among military air crews


    Bastaman Basuki; T. Soemardoko


    We assessed to what extend the risk of reversible myopia of the different degree of helicopter vibrations and other risk factors among military helicopter pilots and flight engineers. The study was a nested case-control design using medical record at the Institute of Aerospace Medicine of the Indonesian Air Force and Medical Directorate of the Indonesian Army (Flying Wing). Cases and controls were military helicopter pilots and flight engineers who had ametropic visual acuity at the time of e...

  4. Air Power and Warfare. The Proceedings of the Military History Symposium (8th), United States Air Force Academy, 18-20 October 1978, (United States)


    der Generale der deutschen Luftwaffe (not yet published). 48. General (ret.) Wilh. Speidel: ’Gedanken uber den deutschen Generalstab." Lands- berg/Lech...Bomb Group at Roswell Army Airfield, New Mexico , wrote to Curt LeMay about the practical problems obstructing his progress to combat-ready status...thirteenth among nations in military aviation. Evein Mexico had more military planes than the U.S. Then came American involvement in World War 1. The most

  5. The use of the saber in the army of Napoleon

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gevaert Bert


    Full Text Available Though Napoleonic warfare is usually associated with guns and cannons, edged weapons still played an important role on the battlefield. Swords and sabers could dominate battles and this was certainly the case in the hands of experienced cavalrymen. In contrast to gunshot wounds, wounds caused by the saber could be treated quite easily and caused fewer casualties. In 18th and 19th century France, not only manuals about the use of foil and epee were published, but also some important works on the military saber: de Saint Martin, Alexandre Muller… The saber was not only used in individual fights against the enemy, but also as a duelling weapon in the French army.

  6. The Units of Alexander’s Army and the District Divisions of Late Argead Macedonia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jacek Rzepka


    Full Text Available The respective numbers and sizes of the military units reflect Macedonia's geographical organization and exhibit a rational pattern that shows parallels with the structure of the Greek federal states.

  7. [Spotted fever and the invention of its serodiagnosis and vaccination in the Austro-Hungarian army in World War I]. (United States)

    Flamm, Heinz


    After description of the medical institutions and epidemiological situations of the Austro-Hungarian army in World War I the provisions against spotted fever focused on louse control are discussed. The letter specified for the army had to be adjusted for the local populations. 1915 in the k.u.k. military service in Galicia Edmund Weil and Arthur Felix cultivated Proteus strains from urine of soldiers with spotted fever. As sera of such patients agglutinated these bacteria in considerable titers the investigators developed the reliable diagnostic "Weil-Felix-Test" used still today. In the same military area and time Rudolf Weigl invented the anal infection of lice. This enabled him to harvest a great amount of louse intestines containing the spotted fever Rickettsiae in their epithelial cells. Lots with defined numbers of intestines were homogenized, sterilized and used with success as vaccine for medical staff. This sort of vaccine still was used in World War II.

  8. Safety in traffic for vulnerable military road users

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aleksandar J. Bulajić


    Full Text Available The Army of Serbia, as a relatively closed system, regulates the field of traffic safety; however, during peacetime, general rules apply to all participants in traffic circulation. The Republic of Serbia is in the group of countries with a high number of road fatalities. The level of traffic safety in the Serbian Army has been on constant increase since 2000, although the relevant transport authorities in the military are not yet satisfied with the achieved level (even one lost life is too much. The increase can be deceptive, since if we take into account the substantial reduction in vehicle use due to various factors in the last few years (poor financial situation in the country as well as in the military, under-investment in the purchase of new vehicles, purchase of transportation services, fewer drivers drafted and more vehicles driven by trained officers, etc., it is not surprising that there are fewer accidents and fewer road deaths and injuries among military personnel. This paper aims at approaching the problem of pedestrian safety as a segment of road safety and at making an educational impact on all members of the military, because they all participate in traffic daily, if not as drivers or passengers, then certainly in large numbers as pedestrians. The basis of this paper is aimed at shedding light on the causes of pedestrian road fatalities due to their mistakes, i. e. 'negligence' of the participants in car accidents with the participation of pedestrians, as well as at proposing measures to reduce and prevent traffic accidents with pedestrians.

  9. Experience of foreign armies in the application of RFID technology in logistics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Velibor V. Jovanović


    Full Text Available RFID technology has found a wide application in both civilian and military systems with very different purposes; moreover, a tremendous growth of its application is predicted in the future. As a support to core activities, both in the Army and business systems, logistics must provide the conditions for a continuous system optimization, which can be achieved by RFID technology. It provides data collecting, processing, automated identification and storage. The most important factors of logistics information systems are satisfied with this technology. The main feature of the logistics of controlling - that data is always to be collected at a source - is also present. Managing supply chains is almost inconceivable without modern information systems. This technology enables automated data processing thus creating conditions which facilitate decision making. Military applications of RFID technology include monitoring codified items to the extent required by competent commanders, as well as documenting changes in business processes within provided logistic functions of supply. This work gives an analytical approach to the methods of RFID technology application in foreign armies with regard to its possible introduction into the practice of the Serbian Army.

  10. Music for the injured soldier: a contribution of American women's military bands during World War II. (United States)

    Sullivan, Jill M


    This study is an investigation of the contributions of women's military bands in the United States to the reconditioning of the injured American troops during World War II. Primary and secondary sources revealed that these bands welcomed home hospital ships, performed for convalescing soldiers in hospitals, and provided music for hospital dances. While each of the bands investigated served in similar capacities, only one, the 403rd Women's Army Corps (WAC) Band, was stationed at a hospital. While entertainment by women's bands was an important part of the Army Reconditioning Program for the injured, the study also revealed a working partnership that developed between these musicians and the medical community. Sixty years after the war, band members believe their performances in hospitals were the most important contribution of their service. Some historians have concluded that music used in military hospitals during the war was the impetus for the music therapy profession.

  11. The Army Learning Organisation Workshop (United States)


    Balanced Scorecard (organisational level evaluation) o Defence Attitude Survey (organisational level evaluation) ‘Could be’ Evaluative/ the Defence Balance UNCLASSIFIED DSTO-TN-1189 UNCLASSIFIED 51 Scorecard . These questions had also been reviewed by Subject Matter Experts...UNCLASSIFIED DSTO-TN-1189 UNCLASSIFIED Acronyms AAR After Action Review ADEL Army Doctrine Electronic Library ADFAADS Australia Defence Force

  12. The Army Needs More Patriots (United States)


    the 10th AAMDC by at least 48% to account for requirements to perform Brigade headquarters functions, maintaining AAMDC TAC forward deployed and...Program (MCTP), US Army Combined Arms Center ( CAC ), Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, can coordinate with AAMDCs to send a senior AMD officer to attend unit


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marko Zečević


    Full Text Available During the World War I conflict between the Austrian and Italian army, Austrian engineer units constructed hallways in the karst region of Soča river. Those hallways, karst phenomena (caverns, caves and other fortifications, gave the Austrian army a tactical advantage. The construction principle of caverns is the consequence of the geological structure of the terrain. We are watching another military conflict in Afghanistan. In country where many armies in history have been defeated, where the terrain morphology condition a guerilla tactic, where the function effect of modern military technology is limited by battlefield configuration and with low military value of individual target, we are creating a "picture" of the possible view of the future battlefield. Al-Qai'da operatives in east Afghanistan take advantage of the opportunity of geological structure of the terrain and construct tunnel network across natural caves. Although the tunnel network in Afghanistan is constructed mostly in sandstones and metamorphic rocks, we may partly compare it with Austrian hallways. In that sense this work shows the influence of geological structure of the terrain on the effect of military operations in mountains and karst regions, and the analogy between military operations on the Soča river and military operations in Afghanistan.

  14. Combating WMD: Journal of the U.S. Army Nuclear and CWMD Agency. Issue 5, Spring/Summer 2010 (United States)


    bi -lateral responsibility. However, EU- COM uses forums like the NATO Joint Theatre Surety Management Group (JTSMG) to address many nuclear...senior leaders in coming years. The possible renaissance of an Army Nuclear Power Program comes at a time when the commercial nuclear power industry...nuclear power reactors on military installations. Challenges Ahead for Consideration A renaissance of the ANPP or similar program would

  15. U.S. Army Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) - A Historical Perspective to Identifying and Understanding Stakeholder Relationships (United States)


    U.S. Army War College Research Project on UAVs: The Ryan Model 147 “Lightning Bug” UAV was born, successfully completing testing in 1962. By 1964...they believe they are being mistreated . Next to customers, suppliers are next in importance as an organization depends upon them for goods and service...soldiers, marines and foreign military students annually with over 125,000 square feet of training space, four hangars and three runways. Programs of

  16. Review of mobile health technology for military mental health. (United States)

    Shore, Jay H; Aldag, Matt; McVeigh, Francis L; Hoover, Ronald L; Ciulla, Robert; Fisher, Ashley


    Mental health problems pose challenges for military veterans, returning service members, and military family members including spouses and children. Challenges to meeting mental health needs include improving access to care and improving quality of care. Mobile Health, or "mHealth," can help meet these needs in the garrison and civilian environments. mHealth brings unique capabilities to health care provision through the use of mobile device technologies. This report identifies high-priority mHealth technology development considerations in two categories. First, priority considerations specific to mental health care provision include safety, privacy, evidence-based practice, efficacy studies, and temperament. Second, priority considerations broadly applicable to mHealth include security, outcomes, ease of use, carrier compliance, hardware, provider perspectives, data volume, population, regulation, command policy, and reimbursement. Strategic planning for the advancement of these priority considerations should be coordinated with stated Department of Defense capability needs to maximize likelihood of adoption. This report also summarizes three leading, military programs focused on mHealth projects in mental health, The Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center, The Military Operational Medicine Research Program, United States Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, and The National Center for Telehealth and Technology.

  17. The US Army Foreign Comparative Test fuel cell program (United States)

    Bostic, Elizabeth; Sifer, Nicholas; Bolton, Christopher; Ritter, Uli; Dubois, Terry

    The US Army RDECOM initiated a Foreign Comparative Test (FCT) Program to acquire lightweight, high-energy dense fuel cell systems from across the globe for evaluation as portable power sources in military applications. Five foreign companies, including NovArs, Smart Fuel Cell, Intelligent Energy, Ballard Power Systems, and Hydrogenics, Inc., were awarded competitive contracts under the RDECOM effort. This paper will report on the status of the program as well as the experimental results obtained from one of the units. The US Army has interests in evaluating and deploying a variety of fuel cell systems, where these systems show added value when compared to current power sources in use. For low-power applications, fuel cells utilizing high-energy dense fuels offer significant weight savings over current battery technologies. This helps reduce the load a solider must carry for longer missions. For high-power applications, the low operating signatures (acoustic and thermal) of fuel cell systems make them ideal power generators in stealth operations. Recent testing has been completed on the Smart Fuel Cell A25 system that was procured through the FCT program. The "A-25" is a direct methanol fuel cell hybrid and was evaluated as a potential candidate for soldier and sensor power applications.

  18. Jurisdiction and military justice in Colombia: debates and controversy. 1821-1829


    Chaparro, Juan Carlos


    During the years that followed the Independence of Colombia, an intense, controversial and difficult debate rose around the reorganization of the Army Forces, especially on the reform of their jurisdiction and military justice. Even though it is true that the origin of such project was part of a process of organization and structuring of a new political and institutional order, its setting-up was also  grounded on power relations established by both opponents and supporters of the meas...

  19. Paid to Perform: Aligning Total Military Compensation With Talent Management. Volume 8 (United States)


    satisfaction , family stability, etc.). Today’s military compensation system assumes that employees value all benefits equally (with cash valued...equitable pay, benefits, and the other rew ards from w hich employees derive " utility" - the satisfaction of their unique needs and desires . As...theory of sh·ategy; and, • Other issues of importance to the leadership of the Army. Studies produced by civ ilian and milita1y analysts conce1n

  20. Multinational Military Operations and Intercultural Factors (Les Operations Militaires Multinationales et les Facteurs Interculturels) (United States)


    against homosexuals can lead to friction between coalition partners and between contingents and the host society. That gays and lesbians are less... homosexual participation in one group and the exclusion of gays and lesbians from other militaries (Bateman & Dalvi, 2004). 2.2.3 Well-Being Ensuring...equally contentious is the fact that some national armies permit openly gay and lesbian personnel. Social, religious, and national taboos and biases

  1. Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic of China 2015 (United States)


    chaired by Chinese President Xi Jinping and the Central Military Commission (CMC) Vice Chairmen Fan Changlong and Xu Qiliang as deputies, and...Culture and Arts Bureau and Culture and Sports Bureau; raising the number of Navy, Air Force, and Second Artillery Force personnel relative to the...Production and fielding of improved, increasingly standardized PLA Army wheeled and tracked armored vehicles, advanced air defense systems and

  2. Toward Meaningful Military Compensation Reform: Research in Support of DoD’s Review (United States)


    Ela ps ed ti m e Figure 6.3 Simulated Army AC Enlisted Retention of Members Under the New System, Option C, Case 2 RAND RR501-6.3 C u m u la ti ve r...18 20 22 24 26 28 30 Ela ps ed ti m e 82 Toward Meaningful Military Compensation Reform: Research in Support of DoD’s Review Cost Savings and

  3. Training and Advising Foreign Militaries: We’ve Done This Before (United States)


    Frederick Walter Schneider, Advising the ARVN: Lieutenant General Samuel T. Williams in Vietnam, 1955-1960 (Ann Arbor: UMI, 1990), 5. 147 Spector, 174...Lieutenant General Samuel T. Williams, who led the South Korean Army training initiative throughout the Korean War, succeeded him as the Military... Beckett , Modern Insurgencies and Counter-Insurgencies, Guerillas and Their Opponents since 1750 (London: Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group, 2003

  4. The Draft as a Deterrent Influence on U.S. Military Interventions (United States)


    figures such as Stokely Carmichael, Floyd McKissick, and Dr. Martin Luther King all opposed the Vietnam War and the drafting of young African Americans.52...consternation among the public and politicians than increased draft calls. As Chief of Staff of the Army, General Creighton Williams Abrams Jr. implemented...a force structure that would ensure the reserves would be included in any significant military operations. This Abrams Doctrine, some believed

  5. The Cost-Effectiveness of Military Advertising: Evidence from 2002-2004 (United States)


    time these data were collected. In addition, gathering historic information on marketing programs, especially when the identities of advertising ...very least, there is a significant market expansion. However, the Army-only model also indicates that other Services’ advertising draws enlistments...TITLE AND SUBTITLE The Cost-Effectiveness of Military Advertising : Evidence from 2002?2004 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT

  6. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and the Military: A Selected Bibliography (United States)


    ProQuest Russell, Mark C. “Treating Combat-Related Stress Disorders : A Multiple Case Study Utilizing Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing ( EMDR ...use, PTSD, and generalized anxiety disorder . U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, National Center for Post...i POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER AND THE MILITARY A Selected Bibliography Compiled by Lori M. Sekela U.S. Army War College Library Carlisle Barracks

  7. Outbreak of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Peruvian Military Personnel Undertaking Training Activities in the Amazon Basin, 2010


    Oré, Marianela; Sáenz, Eliana; Cabrera, Rufino; Sanchez, Juan F.; De Los Santos, Maxy; Lucas, Carmen M.; Núñez, Jorge; Edgel, Kimberly A.; Sopan, Justino; Fernández, Jorge; Carnero, G, Andres M.; Baldeviano, Christian; Arrasco, Juan C.; Paul C F Graf; Lescano, Andres G.


    Article Military personnel deployed to the Amazon Basin are at high risk for cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL). We responded to an outbreak among Peruvian Army personnel returning from short-term training in the Amazon, conducting active case detection, lesion sample collection, and risk factor assessment. The attack rate was 25% (76/303); the incubation period was 2–36 weeks (median = 8). Most cases had one lesion (66%), primarily ulcerative (49%), and in the legs (57%). Real-time ...

  8. The Brazilian military: its role in counter-drug activities.


    Kitchener, Roy I.


    Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited This thesis examines the role of Brazil's military in counter-drug operations. Drug trafficking in Brazil poses a growing threat to the country's national security, but Brazil's physical size and limited resources have hindered the government's counter-drug efforts. The Brazilian military has been reluctant to assume a more significant role in counter-drug operations. The thesis argues that external, internal, and ...

  9. [The Central Military Hospital of the People's Commissariat for Defence during the Great Patriotic War]. (United States)

    Simonenko, V B; Abashin, V G; Polovinka, V S


    The article is devoted to activity of the Central Military Hospital of the People's Commissariat for Defence during the Great Patriotic War. The research is based on declassified orders of PCD and orders of the chef of hospital. Authors presented the role of the hospital in organization of medical aid for officers of PCD, members of their families, Red Army soldiers, junior and senior Red Army commanders; the role of the hospital in organization of medical facilities for combat army; medical supply for evacuation of family members of PCD's officers ( en route and in evacuation places); delivery of child health care to children of officers of PCD in the hospital and education in kindergartens of PCD.

  10. 77 FR 66823 - Army Education Advisory Committee Study Meeting (United States)


    ... Department of the Army Army Education Advisory Committee Study Meeting AGENCY: Department of the Army, DoD... the Federal Regulations (41 CFR 102-3. 140 through 160, the Department of the Army announces the following committee meeting: Name of Committee: Army Education Advisory Committee (AEAC). Date(s) of...

  11. 78 FR 38956 - Army Education Advisory Subcommittee; Meeting Notice (United States)


    ... Department of the Army Army Education Advisory Subcommittee; Meeting Notice AGENCY: Department of the Army... Army Education Advisory Committee for deliberation by the Committee under the open- meeting rules. FOR... Designated Federal Officer: ATFL- APO, Monterey, CA, 93944, , (831)...

  12. 78 FR 69077 - Army Education Advisory Subcommittee Meeting Notice (United States)


    ... Department of the Army Army Education Advisory Subcommittee Meeting Notice AGENCY: Department of the Army, Do... Army Education Advisory Committee for deliberation by the Committee under the open-meeting , (831) 242-5828. SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Pursuant to 41 CFR 102-3.105(j) and 102-...

  13. 77 FR 27209 - Army Education Advisory Subcommittee Meeting Notice (United States)


    ... Department of the Army Army Education Advisory Subcommittee Meeting Notice AGENCY: Department of the Army, Do... ] Federal advisory committee meeting will take place: Name of Committee: Board of Visitors, U.S. Army War College Subcommittee. Date of Meeting: May 31, 2012. Place of Meeting: U.S. Army War College, 122...

  14. 77 FR 4026 - Army Education Advisory Subcommittee Meeting Notice (United States)


    ... Department of the Army Army Education Advisory Subcommittee Meeting Notice AGENCY: Department of the Army, Do... advisory committee meeting will take place: Name of Committee: Board of Visitors, U.S. Army War College Subcommittee. Date of Meeting: February 23, 2012. Place of Meeting: U.S. Army War College, 122 Forbes...

  15. 77 FR 50089 - Army Education Advisory Committee Meeting (United States)


    ... Department of the Army Army Education Advisory Committee Meeting AGENCY: Department of the Army, DoD. ACTION... the Federal Regulations (CFR 102-3. 140 through 160, the Department of the Army announces the following committee meeting: Name of Committee: Army Education Advisory Committee (AEAC). Date of...

  16. 78 FR 23759 - Army Education Advisory Subcommittee Meeting Notice (United States)


    ... Department of the Army Army Education Advisory Subcommittee Meeting Notice AGENCY: Department of the Army, Do... advisory committee meeting will take place: Name of Committee: Board of Visitors, U.S. Army War College Subcommittee. Dates of Meeting: May 16, 2013. Place of Meeting: U.S. Army War College, 122 Forbes...

  17. 77 FR 11084 - Army Education Advisory Committee Meeting (United States)


    ... Department of the Army Army Education Advisory Committee Meeting AGENCY: Department of the Army, DoD. ACTION... the Federal Regulations (CFR 102-3. 140 through 160, the Department of the Army announces the following committee meeting: Name of Committee: Army Education Advisory Committee (AEAC). Date of...

  18. Training Methods and Training Instructors' Qualification Are Related to Recruits' Fitness Development During Basic Military Training. (United States)

    Roos, Lilian; Hofstetter, Marie-Claire; Mäder, Urs; Wyss, Thomas


    Adequate physical fitness is essential for successful military service. Military organizations worldwide therefore make continuous efforts to improve their army's physical training (PT) programs. To investigate the effect of the training methods and the qualification of PT instructors on the development of recruits' physical fitness, the present study compared the outcomes of 2 training groups. Both study groups participated in approximately 145 minutes per week of PT. The control group executed the standard army PT prepared and supervised by army PT instructors. Content of the PT in the intervention group was similar to that of the control group, but their training sessions' methods were different. Their training sessions were organized, prepared, and delivered by more and better-qualified supervisors (tertiary-educated physical education teachers). After 10 weeks of training, the participants of the intervention group experienced a significantly greater physical fitness improvement than those of the control group (positive change in endurance 32 and 17%, balance 30 and 21%, and core strength 74 and 45%, respectively). In both groups, the recruits with the lowest initial fitness levels significantly increased their performance. In the intervention group, but not the control, one-third of the recruits with the highest initial fitness levels were able to further improve their general fitness performance. This study demonstrates that the training methods and quality of instruction during PT sessions are relevant for recruits' fitness development in basic military training.

  19. Army Net Zero Prove Out. Army Net Zero Training Report (United States)


    the major steps for the framework. To provide a foundation for these iterative steps, linking energy , water, and waste data with installation...Scenarios {BITES) See how changes in energy dem and a nd supply by economic sector can im pact carbon dioxide em issions. Stochastic Energy Deployment...release, distribution is unlimited Requests for this document shall be referred to: Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Energy

  20. Anthropometric Sizing Systems for Army Women’s Field Clothing (United States)


    10l46 052 9.61 - 11.32 10.75 FOREARM CIRC, FLXD 35 10.20 .45 9.44 - 10.96 10..3 HIP CIRCUFERENCE 30 39.80 1.70 36.99 - 42.61 40.94 NECK CIRCUNFERCNCE...height). (Not pictured) NECK TO BUSTPOINT (49): a distance from the lateral neck -shoulder juncture to the bra tip with the tape held tense and not...surface distance from the waist to the anterior neck -torso juncture. WAIST - KNEECAP (77): a derived dimension computed by subtracting variable no. 9

  1. 陆海野战演练陆军官兵心理健康状况调查%Mental Health of the Military Men During Land and Sea Field-train ing

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    黄景仁; 黄邱朝; 江蔼云; 翁峰; 王海军; 杨玉辉


    Objective: To investigate the mental healt h status of the soldiers during field training.Methods: A total of 1259 military-men were administered the SCL-90 during field training. Results were compared with the Chinese norms for the army. Results: T he SCL-90 total score was 153.42±43.36. The number of endorsed positive symptom items and the mean score of positive symptom items were 36.32±12.61 and 1.71± 0.35, respectively. The mean factor score were significantly higher when compare d with the Chinese norms for the army (P<0.001). For military men having their f irst field training, the mean factor scores of SCL-90 were remarkably higher tha n the Chinese norms for the army (P<0.001). Conclusion: Ps ychological symptoms of military men were significantly elevated during land and sea field-training.

  2. Update: Routine screening for antibodies to human immunodeficiency virus, civilian applicants for U.S. military service and U.S. Armed Forces, active and reserve components, January 2011-June 2016. (United States)


    This report contains an update through June 2016 of the results of routine screening for antibodies to the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) among civilian applicants for military service and among members of the active and reserve components of the U.S. Armed Forces. During the surveillance period, annual seroprevalences among civilian applicants for military service peaked in 2015 (0.31 per 1,000 tested), up 29% from 2014 (0.24 per 1,000 tested). Seroprevalences among Marine Corps reservists, Navy active component service members, and Navy reservists also peaked in 2015. In the Army National Guard and the reserve component of the Marine Corps, full-year seroprevalences have trended upward since 2011. Overall (January 2011-June 2016) seroprevalences were highest for Army reservists, Army National Guard members, Navy active component members, and Navy reservists. Among active and reserve component service members, seroprevalences continue to be higher among Army and Navy members and males than their respective counterparts.

  3. US Army Research Laboratory Visualization Framework Design Document (United States)


    ARL-TR-7561 ● JAN 2016 US Army Research Laboratory US Army Research Laboratory Visualization Framework Design Document by...Laboratory US Army Research Laboratory Visualization Framework Design Document by Will Dron and Mark Keaton Raytheon BBN Technologies, 10...

  4. Acute diarrhea during army field exercise in southern China

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Yang Bai; Ying-Chun Dai; Jian-Dong Li; Jun Nie; Qing Chen; Hong Wang; Yong-Yu Rui; Ya-Li Zhang; Shou-Yi Yu


    AIM: During emergency period, infectious diseases can bea major threat to military forces. During field training insouthern China, diarrhea is the main cause of nonbattleinjury. To evaluate the causes of and risk factors for diarrheain emergency period, we collected clinical and epidemiologicaldata from the People′s Liberation Army (PLA) during fieldtraining in southern China.METHODS: From September 25 to October 2 1997, 2636military personnel were investigated. Fecal sample cultures for lapactic pathogens were obtained from 103 military personnel with diarrhea. In addition, a questionnaire was administered to 103 cases and 206 controls to evaluate the association between illness and potential risk factors. At the same time,another questionnaire of 1:4 case-case control was administered to 22 severe cases (each severe case paired 4 mild cases).RESULTS: The training troop′s diarrhea incidence rate was significantly higher than that of garrison. The diarrhea incidence rate of officers was significantly lower than that of soldiers. A lapactic pathogen was identified in 63.1% (65/103) of the troops with diarrhea. Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli(35.0%) and plesiomona shigelloides (16.5%) were the most common bacterial pathogens. All bacterial isolates were sensitive to norfloxacin and ceftazidine. However, almost all of them were resistant to sulfamethoxazole, trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole,oxytetracycline, doxycycline, furazolidone, ampicillin and cloromycetin to a different degree. Risk factors associated with diarrhea includediidrinking raw water, eating outside,contacting diarrhea patients, lacking sanitation, depression,lacking sleep, which were established by multiple-factor logistic regression analysis. In addition, the unit incidence rate was associated with the density of flies and the average daily boiled water available by regression and discriminate analysis.CONCLUSION: A series of risk factors are associated with the incidence rate of diarrhea. Our

  5. The US Army Learning Concept for 2015 (United States)


    Pedagogy is still the right answer… • Learning on demand The US Army Learning Concept for 2015 Mobile Learning enabled by technology • Problem...The US Army Learning Concept for 2015 18 October 2012 Report Documentation Page Form ApprovedOMB No. 0704-0188 Public reporting burden for the...SUBTITLE The US Army Learning Concept for 2015 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR(S) 5d. PROJECT NUMBER 5e

  6. Controls Over Army Real Property Financial Reporting (United States)


    Assistant Secretary of the Army (Financial Management and Comptroller) AWCF Army Working Capital Fund CIP Construction-in-Progress DCD/ DCW DFAS...Warehouse (DCD/ DCW ). The Assistant Secretary of the Army (Financial Management and Comptroller) (ASA[FM&C]) is responsible for the policies, procedures...entity’s information to automatically populate that indicator. As a result, IFS did not send DCD/ DCW correct information for determining the

  7. Army Training Study: Survey Data. (United States)


    training: dis- tractors, turbulence, and availabilty of training support material. Results from a detailed breakdown of the respondents by rank, type lower usage of Army regulations in training than do respondents in CONUS. Unit differences are noted only insofar as air defense artillery...specialities. Differences by rank are noted on each iteir with junior officers, senior NCOs and junior NCOs reporting higher usage in all areas than

  8. Considering a Cadre Augmented Army (United States)


    division equivalents (HDEs) of Abrams tanks in the first year of ____________ 101 Dewar et al (2000), p. 59 102 Dewar et al (2000), p. 61 -200- An...Reserves and the Abrams Doctrine: Unfulfilled Promise, Uncertain Future,” Heritage Foundation Lecture, April 18, 2005. Carey, Benedict, “Stress on Troops... Floyd H., The Standby Reserve Training Corps: An Alternative Mobilization Manpower Policy, Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, PA, 1985. Dupuy

  9. Army Environmental Cleanup Strategic Plan (United States)


    New success indicators are all definable, measurable, and achievable MAY 200918 of 29 Emerging Issues  Emerging contaminants  MMRP progress  NCP...programmatic expectations  NDNODS  Operational range program  Vapor Intrusion MAY 200919 of 29 Emerging Contaminants – Hexavalent Chromium...regulatory standards  Several emerging contaminants have been assessed and judged to have a significant potential impact to Army cleanup programs

  10. Information Management: Army Information Management (United States)


    commander is the franchising authority. When appropriate, the installation commander may designate a non-appropriated fund instrumentality (NAFI) to be...the franchising authority. Overall staff management of CATV is the responsibility of the DISC4 at the Army level and will be executed at the local level...installations are cable television franchising authorities for the purpose of the applicable cable televisions laws. As a result, installations may

  11. Army Independent Risk Assessment Guidebook (United States)


    AMSAA Kadry Rizk, TARDEC Lisa Graf, TARDEC Klaus Sanford, TRAC Elyse Krezmien, TRAC Jerry Scriven, ALU Igor Linkov, ERDC Alison Tichenor...Engineering ATEC - Army Test and Evaluation Command BCA - Business Case Analysis C - Consequence Level C- BA - Cost Benefit Analysis CDD...the AMSAA Risk Team has completed 12 technical and schedule risk assessments to support AoAs and Cost-Benefit Analyses (C- BAs ). AMSAA also developed

  12. Academic and Military Instructional Technology. (United States)

    Branson, Robert K.

    This paper examines the practices and accomplishments of the military in the area of instructional technology. An examination of historical background is used to increase the precision of the definition of instructional technology. Specific contributions of the military are described and then uses of instructional technology in the military and…

  13. 76 FR 56406 - Science and Technology Reinvention Laboratory Demonstration Project; Department of the Army; Army... (United States)


    .... SUMMARY: On March 7, 2011 (76 FR 12508-12548), DoD published notice of approval of a personnel management... the Army; Army Research, Development and Engineering Command; Tank Automotive Research, Development... 9, 2010. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: TARDEC: Mr. Gregory Berry, U. S. Army Tank...

  14. Syria’s Military Capabilities and Options for Military Intervention

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Pradhan-Blach, Flemming


    This background paper does not endorse any military action towards Syria. The document does not reflect or express any official Danish policy or a position of the University of Copenhagen or the Centre for Military Studies. The purpose of this paper is to briefly describe military capabilities...... and options in order to provide a factual background for the ongoing discussion on possible military intervention in the Syrian conflict and Denmark’s possible participation in such an intervention. The paper is primarily based on the Military Balance published by the International Institute for Strategic...

  15. HIV Infection among Civilian Applicants for Nigeria Military Service

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Joshua A. Itsifinus


    Full Text Available AIM: HIV/AIDS is a serious social pathology in public health, developmental and security problem since the productive and reproductive age group is mostly affected. This study was to determine the sero-prevalence of HIV among civilian applicants enrolling into military services of Nigeria army where youth’s vulnerability to HIV infection is very high. METHOD: A periodic cross sectional study was carried out amongst the civilian applicants undergoing recruitment into the Nigeria Army between January-February and July-August 2005, to determine their HIV status. Samples were collected from the applicants after interview to collect their socio-demographic characteristics. Data were analyzed with the aid of SPSS Version 12 and Chi square statistics was used to test for significance of association at P< 0.05. RESULTS: Out of the 9260 samples collected, 204 (2.2% tested positive for HIV with the highest proportion (73.5% occurring in the 22-25yrs bracket. Infection was detected in both sexes. The mean age of the applicants was 22yrs, with age range of 18-30 yrs and sex ratio of 1:7 (M: F. Age sex-specificity shows aged between 21-24 years have the highest number of HIV-antibody positivity. CONCLUSION: Antibody-positive applicants were identified in all the regions of Nigeria and the prevalence suggests that the epidemiology of transmission is changing both quantitatively and qualitatively because HIV now occurs commonly among young adults in their teens and late 20s and the impact of HIV on the military has grave consequences on the stability of Nigeria. The adoption of routine screening of applicants at point of recruitment, serving and retiring from the military can also be a source of data for understanding the epidemiology of this disease among the civilian and the military but in as HIV counseling and testing is an important continuum of the disease prevention and treatment, there is need to review Nigerian Army HIV and AIDS policy. [TAF Prev Med

  16. Autonomous military robotics

    CERN Document Server

    Nath, Vishnu


    This SpringerBrief reveals the latest techniques in computer vision and machine learning on robots that are designed as accurate and efficient military snipers. Militaries around the world are investigating this technology to simplify the time, cost and safety measures necessary for training human snipers. These robots are developed by combining crucial aspects of computer science research areas including image processing, robotic kinematics and learning algorithms. The authors explain how a new humanoid robot, the iCub, uses high-speed cameras and computer vision algorithms to track the objec

  17. The Military's Business

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rasmussen, Mikkel Vedby

    If the military were a business, would you buy shares? Over recent years, Western armed forces, particularly the US, have been costing more yet achieving less. At the same time, austerity measures are reducing defence budgets. This book uses defence data to examine the workings of modern Western...... South' or utilising new technologies to overcome the prohibitive costs of current systems. Analysing the philosophical, strategic and budgetary underpinnings of these alternatives, he concludes that a more radical break from current military organisational practices is needed which would allow them...

  18. Army Communicator. Voice of the Signal Regiment. Volume 33, Number 2, Spring 2008 (United States)

    2008-01-01 syltguides/fullview/6PMKABCX1QEX/ If you don’t think you have the time for profes- sional reading, then you don’t. As George Orwell ...Editor-in-Chief/Graphic Designer Janet A. McElmurray EDITORIAL STAFF 0805802 By Order of the Secretary of the Army: GEORGE W. CASEY JR. General, United...differences as the deadly rift between Sunni and Shia Muslim factions raged out of control. In response, President George W. Bush and his military advisors

  19. Conscription in the Afghan Army. Compulsory Service Versus an All Volunteer Force (United States)


    of Developing Nations: A Comparative Analysis oflndia and Nigeria ," Aimed Forcesand Society, Vol. 19, No. 1 Fall 1992, pp. 123-137 (131). 70 Barua...Military of Developing Nations: A Compara- tive Analysis of India and Nigeria ," Armed Eorces and Society, Vol. 19, No. 1, Fall 1992. "Egypt Protests: Army...Camp Leather - neck, 03 Dec 2010 Members of 215’’’ Corps Embedded Advisor Team, Camp Shorabak, 03 Dec 2010 Advisor to 215" Corps Inspector General, Camp Shorabak, 03 Dec 2010 58

  20. Use of Multiviscosity/Synthetic Engine Oil in Army Combat/Tactical Vehicles. (United States)


    Approach to the Characterization of Military Lubricants," Interim Report AFLRL No. 77, AD A027397, prepared at U.S. Army Fuels and Lubricants Research...Lubricating Oil, Internal Com- bustion Engine, Tactical Service, November 1970. 15. "Multigrade Oils for Diesel Application," 4emorandum for Record, DRX - FB-GL...signific.ant ’cdolei rtz’oas wero e:’countered. Non vr-hi1cleo, Act-ain. #I nQ-680, sustalmed r~iajr~ engimed-r.~ dur-Ing ciprtlcn, One c tio conne

  1. Institutional Guidance of Affective Bonding: Moral Values Development in Brazilian Military Education. (United States)

    Wortmeyer, Daniela Schmitz; Branco, Angela Uchoa


    In this article, our aim is to analyze institutional practices guided to promote the development of moral values within the context of military education of Brazilian Army combatant commissioned officers. From a cultural psychological approach, we discuss how social guidance within military culture operates at different levels of the affective-semiotic regulation of individuals, structuring complex experiences that give rise to hypergeneralized meaning fields regarding morality and military values. For this goal, we first introduce some theoretical topics related to values development, emphasizing their affective roots and role in the emergence, maintenance, amplification and attenuation of all relations between the person and the environment. Following a brief discussion on how social institutions try to promote changes in personal values, we provide an overview of values present in the military culture and socialization. Finally, the text focuses on the education of Brazilian Army combatant commissioned officers, describing how practices related to different levels of affective-semiotic experience combine in order to promote the internalization and externalization of specific moral values. We conclude suggesting issues for future investigation.

  2. Brigadier General James Stevens Simmons (1890-1954), Medical Corps, United States Army: a career in preventive medicine. (United States)

    Marble, Sanders


    James Simmons began his career in the US Army as a laboratory officer and his assignments progressed into tropical medicine research. His interests and work evolved into preventive medicine (PM, as the Army termed public health), and he took both a PhD and a Doctorate in Public Health. As the Army's leading PM officer he was appointed head of PM in 1940 and guided the Army's PM effort through World War II. His responsibility ran from gas masks through healthy nutrition and occupational health to an enormous variety of diseases; by the war's end, the breadth and importance of PM was reflected in the Preventive Medicine Division, having fully one-sixth of all military personnel at the Surgeon General's Office. Simmons used his strong professional credentials to tap into civilian medicine for expertise the Army lacked and he established organizations that survive to this day. After retirement, he sought to expand the field of public health and raise another generation of public health physicians.

  3. Acupuncture in Military Medicine (United States)


    scalable to a large population. The Samueli Institute is currently testing the effectiveness of this standardized approach compared to a more supported by the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Com‐ mand under Award No. W81XWH-06-1-0279 to Samueli Institute. The views, opinions and...Niemtzow2 and Wayne B. Jonas1 1 Samueli Institute, USA 2 United States Air Force Acupuncture Center, Joint Base Andrews, USA References [1] CDC

  4. Is Military Science Scientific? (United States)


    of laws describing the natural universe led to the search for similar constants govern- ing interactions among armies in the field. Such early...translate tactical feedback into quantifiable metrics for analyzing and guiding strategic level decisionmaking. Antoine Bousquet describes the concept...lacking rigorous procedural, methodological, or analytical standards. 3 Notably in Antoine Bousquet, The Scien- tific Way of Warfare: Order and Chaos on

  5. Study on Military Professionalism (United States)


    Education Study. Washington: July 1966. 88. United States vs Yamashita, Action of Confirming Authority. I 7 February 1946. 89. Vroom , Victor H . Work and...I’ H N. PART II -METHODOLOGY A. MISSION. The mission assigned for this study was to assess the existing climate of professionalism in today’s Army...factors to such a degree that they were truly consequential in this assessment of the H professional climate. One can draw this conclusion from three


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dorofeev A. M.


    Full Text Available The development of the political, the military and the economic power of the Russian Federation is impossible without development of patriotism and without stirring up the most important part of military-patriotic education of youth, including, of course, cadets of maritime colleges. Nowadays, the patriotism is demanded by society as a state ideology, as a most important condition and the way of spiritual and economic revival of Russia; it’s demanded as a way to unite and consolidate the entire population of Russia and as the answer to provocation from western countries seeking to weakening of Russia and finally to the collapse of the Russian world. Patriotism can be understood as a moral-political principle, social feeling, that consist of love and devotion to Fatherland, pride for it’s past and present, tendency to protect the interests of Homeland. Patriotism is expressed in love and devotion to its own Homeland, native land and its own nation, its history and culture. In present conditions, the most important direction and formation of patriotic qualities among maritime cadets can and is to be military-patriotic education, carried out on a base of regulatory documents, heroic history or Fatherland, military traditions of army and navy. Loyalty to the Fatherland, sincere love to the own country, moral-psychological and military-professional alacrity to armed protection of the Fatherland in the armed forces of the Russian Federation- it is quintessence of military – patriotic education and so it differs from patriotic education of Russian citizens. In the article it is considered the core of the military-patriotical education, based on analysis of local scientists’ views; we have formulated the goal, the tasks and the pedagogic conditions of military-patriotic education of maritime cadets; we have made an attempt to give author’s definition the term of “maritime college military-patriotic education of cadets”

  7. Nursing burnout: cross-sectional study at a large Army hospital. (United States)

    Lang, Gary Morris; Pfister, Elizabeth A; Siemens, Michelle J


    The purpose of this study was to examine the levels of burnout among U.S. Army and civilian nursing personnel assigned to a large military treatment facility. Using a cross-sectional design, a convenience sample of eligible participants (n = 364) completed the Maslach Burnout Inventory. T-test and ordinal logistic regression were used to analyze data. Findings suggest that both groups were experiencing a moderate level of burnout. However, civilian nursing personnel demonstrated statistical lower levels of emotional exhaustion and depersonalization. Findings suggest that nursing personnel who worked the day shift, no more than 8 hours a day and had fewer patient care contacts with military personnel injured in Iraq or Afghanistan reported lower levels of emotional exhaustion and depersonalization. This study provides ideas for policy changes at medical treatment facilities that are experiencing similar challenges.

  8. The psychologist and the bombardier: the Army Air Forces' aircrew classification program in WWII. (United States)

    Holmes, Marcia E


    During World War II, psychologists in the Army Air Forces were given an unprecedented opportunity to showcase their discipline by developing examinations to test the aptitude of aviation cadets as pilots, navigators, or bombardiers. These psychologists enjoyed success in classifying pilots and navigators, but became quickly frustrated by their results for bombardiers. The trouble lay not in their choice of tests but in their performance measures for bombardiering, a difficulty that came to be known as 'the problem of the criterion.' This episode in the history of military mental testing exemplifies the challenges faced by psychologists at the moment they were poised to gain the support of the armed services, and highlights how these new hazards shaped postwar military psychology.

  9. Homosexuality, Manliness, and the United States Army (United States)


    34 Feminist Theory on Military History... feminist theory on military history, homosexual and heterosexual advocacy, and governmental sponsored records; however, there are some resources...subsequently the level of unit cohesion developed over time as units fight on combat. Intrinsically tied to military history are the feminist theories

  10. Evaluation and comparison of health care Work Environment Scale in military settings. (United States)

    Maloney, J P; Anderson, F D; Gladd, D L; Brown, D L; Hardy, M A


    The purpose of this study was to describe health care providers' perceptions of their work environment at a large U.S. Army medical center, and to compare the findings to other military medical centers. The sample (N = 112) consisted of the professional nursing staff working on the nine inpatient units. The Work Environmental Scale (WES) was used to measure perceptions of the workplace relative to gender, position (head nurses, staff nurses, and agency nurses), specialty nursing (intensive care unit [ICU] versus non-ICU), education (MSN, BSN, and ADN), and patterns of differences between the WES subscales of four military medical centers. Results of the study indicate that there were no significant gender differences. Head nurses, non-ICU nurses, and MSN nurses perceived their environment more positively. There were significant differences in the WES subscales between the military hospitals. Implications for nursing using the WES were recommended.

  11. Epidemiology of eye injuries sustained by military personnel in China

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    XIAO Jian-he; ZHANG Mao-nian; JIANG Cai-hui; ZHANG Ying; QIU Huai-yu


    Objective:To investigate the epidemiological characteristcs of eye injuries sustained by military personnel in Chinese army.Methods:Eleven military evacuation hospitals located in different regions were selected for this study.We reviewed all the medical records of eye injuries sustained by military personnel between January 2005 and December 2009.Patients' information was collected.All data were put into database and analyzed statistically.Results:Totally there were 415 inpatients with eye injuries (442 eyes) and their mean age was 24.40 years.Eye injury accounts for 13.51% of all eye diseases in this study.From 2006 to 2009,the number of eye injury increased gradually.Among them,175 (42.17%) were injured in leisure time,and 145 (34.94%) in working time.Twenty-two (5.30%)patients had an eye surgery or history of eye disease before injury.In all,246 patients (59.28%) were sent to evacuation hospital within 24 hours and 64 (56.64%) underwent surgeries in 24 hours after injury.There were 389 patients (93.73%)hospitalized for 1 time.Visual acuities of 187 eyes (42.31%)were grade 1 (≥ 20/40) after injury.When discharge,349eyes (78.96%) obtained a visual acuity of grade 1.Conclusion:Eye injury has a very frequent incidence in Chinese army and much more attention should be paid to prevent it.

  12. Time feature of Chinese military personnel’s suicide ideation and its relationship with psychosomatic health

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Li-yi ZHANG


    Full Text Available Objective To investigate the time feature of Chinese military personnel's suicide ideation and its relationship with psychosomatic health to provide scientific basis for formulation of mental health policy and intervention of related psychological crisis. Methods By random cluster sampling, a total of 11 362 military personnel including army, navy and air-force (1100 in 1980s, 8000 in 1990s, 2262 in year 2000 were tested by Chinese Psychosomatic Health Scale (CPSHS. SPSS statistic 17.0 program was used for data analysis, i.e., χ2-test, T-test and stepwise regression analysis. Results The incidence rate of military personnel's suicide ideation in the three decades from 1980 to 2000 was 10.27%, 7.09% and 2.83% respectively, which revealed a decreasing trend (P 0.05. Suicide ideation was selected into the regression equation of mental health, physical health, and total psychosomatic health scores, which could positively predict the level of military personnel's psychosomatic health (P=0.05 or 0.01. Conclusions Military personnel's suicide ideation presents a decreasing trend; the psychosomatic health of military personnel who have suicide ideation is worse than that of personnel without suicide ideation.

  13. Suggestions on US Army Soft Power Construction to Chinese Army%美军软实力建设及其对我军的启示

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    朱建业; 徐蓓; 郑庆


    This paper defines military soft power, and then analyzes dominating actions of US Army in terms of paying atten- tion to ideological education,attaching importance to army's leadership construction,advancing the officers and men's quality as well as enhancing army culture construction recently. In conclusion, the paper gives the references and puts for- ward some thoughts to promote our army soft power construction in effect.%在介绍军事软实力内涵的基础上,重点从注重思想教育、重视部队领导力建设、提升官兵素质、加强军营文化建设等内容分析了近年来美军在加强软实力建设方面的主要经验做法,并得出对我军加强软实力建设的启示。

  14. Cementing Military Bonds

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    China and the United States incorporate military cooperation into their strategic dialogue The recently concluded fifth round of the China-U.S.Strategic Dialogue with its special focus on defense was an instrumental first step for the two countries to advance their mili- tary relations through formal discussions,

  15. The Transgender Military Experience

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michelle Dietert


    Full Text Available Although there have been studies that focus on the experiences of the gay and lesbian population serving in the United States military, few have focused on the experience of active duty transgender service members. Transgender individuals transgress the binary conception of gender by deviating from societal gender norms associated with assigned sex at birth. The Department of Defense has set policies and standards that reflect a binary conception of gender, with a focus on conformity. We argue that able-bodied gender variant service personnel are just as capable of serving their country as anyone else. Because of the repercussions associated with active duty transgender military personnel, our sample is small and involves nine clandestine service members and two international service members who wanted to share their stories from a different perspective. Snowball sampling was aimed at finding current active duty and reserve transgender service members. Using a combination of telephone interviews and questionnaires, data were collected from active duty transgender service personnel throughout the United States and two from international militaries that allow transgender people to serve. Data collection focused on the overall experiences of the participants along with questions regarding workplace discrimination, suggestions for policy changes, and their views about the overturn of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Our findings add to a growing source of information about the transgender military experience in the U.S. armed forces and the importance of overturning discriminatory workplace policies that negatively impact transgender service members.

  16. On Military Theory (United States)


    sciences and philosophies are based on dubious premises or are in fact pseudosciences. Modern military theory was heavily influenced by empiricism and...determinism. Empiricism is described as a logical process based on pursuing knowledge through observation and experiments. One can make sensible

  17. USSR Report, Military Affairs. (United States)


    blunders of Hitler as a political and military leader, now by our country’s climatic and weather conditions.which were "unfavorable" for the German...Portugal, over Gibraltar and the Mediterranean Sea. (According to other data, including the French press, American aircraft "cut short" this route by a

  18. Modernization of the Military

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    China’s armed forces emphasize development and transformation,says national defense white paper China issued a white paper on national defense on March 31.The document,the seventh of its kind the Chinese Government has issued since 1998,says China will never seek hegemony or adopt the approach of military expansion

  19. Resilience among Military Youth (United States)

    Easterbrooks, M. Ann; Ginsburg, Kenneth; Lerner, Richard M.


    In this article, the authors present their approach to understanding resilience among military connected young people, and they discuss some of the gaps in their knowledge. They begin by defining resilience, and then present a theoretical model of how young people demonstrate resilient functioning. Next they consider some of the research on…

  20. Drug Abuse in the Military. Hearing before the Subcommittee on Children, Family, Drugs and Alcoholism of the Committee on Labor and Human Resources. United States Senate, Ninety-Ninth Congress, First Session on Reviewing the Problem of Drug Abuse in the Military. (United States)

    Congress of the U.S., Washington, DC. Senate Committee on Labor and Human Resources.

    This document contains transcripts of testimonies and prepared statements from the Congressional hearing called to examine the effects of illicit drug use and alcoholism on military personnel. Following statements by Senators Hawkins, Grassley, and Kerry, testimonies from representatives of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard are…