Sample records for ancylostomiasis

  1. Dyspeptic disorders and eosinophilia due to ancylostomiasis:a case report

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Yann A.Meunier


    We present the case of a 41-year old man who consulted for dyspeptic disorders and presented with eosinophilia after a trip to Senegal.The diagnosis of ancylostomiasis was made by a parasitological stool examination.The treatment by fluoromebendazole was successful.

  2. Report on 17 Cases of Small Intestine Heavy ancylostomiasis Diagnosed by Capsule Endoscopy%胶囊内镜诊断小肠重度钩虫感染的临床价值

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    甘涛; 朱林林; 杨丽


    目的:探讨胶囊内镜对小肠重度钩虫病的检查指征及诊断价值。方法回顾分析四川大学华西医院2006年6月-2013年10月通过胶囊内镜诊断的17例小肠钩虫重度感染患者,进行统计学分析。结果17例患者都有反复消化道出血和中重度贫血,粪检3例虫卵阳性,3例嗜酸粒细胞百分比增高。所有患者均经胶囊内镜明确诊断为重度钩虫感染,镜下可见多条白色透明或暗红色线状寄生虫广泛分布于小肠肠腔内,以空肠段为主,部分钩虫聚集成团,多条虫体头端钩附与小肠粘膜,造成黏膜广泛损伤、糜烂和出血。结论尽管胶囊内镜是诊断小肠钩虫病的的最佳检查手段,但因检查费用高昂,应严格掌握检查指征。%Objective To appraise the diagnostic value and examination indication of capsule endoscopy for small in-testine heavy ancylostomiasis.Methods A retrospective study was carried out to analyze the clinical data and image from capsule endoscope in 17 patients with small intestine heavy ancylostomiasis in the hospital from June 2006 to Oc-tober 2013.Results All patients were diagnosed by capsule endoscopy.Of these patients,all manifested as recurrent gastrointestinal bleeding,had heavy iron deficiency anemia.Hookworm eggs were found in stool specimens of 3 cases, only 3 cases showed peripheral eosinophilia.The hookworms were hoar or kermesinus,and about 5-10 mm in length, mainly located in jejunum.Some gathered into a mass and hooked the intestinal wall,caused erosion and injury of intes-tinal mucosa.Conclusion Though capsule endoscopy is the best diagnostic technique for intestinal ancylostomiasis,the indication should be strictly controlled due to the expensive fees.


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    Full Text Available INTRODUCTION: This is an unusual case presentation of a patient with symptoms of food poisoning along with two parasitic infections, both mode of infection being entirely different, with ascariasis due to ingestion of food contaminated with eggs of Ascaris lumbricoides and Ancylostoma duo denale due to hookworm penetration through skin ( B are - foot walking. CASE REPORT: A 48 year old female patient came with complaints of fever and loose stools for three days. Patient was an agriculturist by occupation with poor personal hygiene with a histo ry of consumption of meat two days prior to the symptoms. Laboratory test showed leukocytosis ( T otal count - 13,000 with both neutrophilic and eosinophilic predominance and anaemia. Microscopic examination of stool revealed the presence of plenty of p us cells and the presence of eggs of Ascaris lumbricoides and eggs of Ancylostoma duodenale. Also Salmonella typhimurium was isolated in the stool culture and confirmed at National Reference Centre. CONCLUSION: Food poisoning is a serious health problem. I t can cause severe illness and even death. Soil transmitted helminths are common among agriculturist. Washing hands with warm water and soap before handling foods, eating and after using toilets is mandatory to prevent food borne illness and parasitic infe ctions.

  4. Identification, isolation, and molecular cloning of a hookworm protease: an approach towards a defined vaccine for ancylostomiasis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hotez, P.J.


    The hookworm Ancylostoma caninum was shown to release in vitro a 37 kDa protease that catalyzed the hydrolysis of fibrinogen, plasminogen, and elastin. The enzyme was purified from parasite extracts by ion-exchange chromatography, followed by gel filtration and hydrophobic interaction chromatography. An amino-terminal sequence was determined. When assayed with radiolabeled fibrin as substrate, the enzyme displayed optimal activity at pH 9-11; it was inactivated by dialysis against ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid. Antiserum raised against the protease in rabbits cross-reacted on western blots with soluble antigen from the infective larval stage of the parasite. A cDNA library from hookworm mRNA was constructed in the expression vector bacteriophage lambdagtll. A positive clone was identified with the rabbit antiserum that was shown to contain an 800-bp insert. The insert was mapped, subcloned into M13, and sequenced, revealing an open reading frame of 789 nucleotides corresponding to 263 amino acids.

  5. Studies on Ancylostomiasis: II.Clinical Symptomatology, Effects of Drugs, especially of Iron Compounds, with Relation to the Severity of Artificial Infection

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lee, Mun Ho; Kim, Dong Jip; Lee, Jang Kyu; Seo, Byong Sul [Seoul National University College of Medicine, Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    This study was aimed; firstly to observe various clinical symptomatology with relation to the number of Ancylostoma duodenale larvae orally given to the human beings, secondly to evaluate the effects of some drugs like steroid hormones, antihistaminics and antitussives, and, thirdly to study the influences of some iron compounds in prevention and treatment of anemia of such origin. Ten healthy volunteers free from the previous history of hookworm infection were divided into 4 groups, to whom various numbers of actively moving filariform Ancylostoma duodenale larvae were orally given; 500 to 4 cases, 250 to 3 cases and 100 to 3 cases. Following were the results: 1. Clinical symptomatology. 1) The most frequently encountered symptoms and signs were general malaise, cough and hoarseness. The tracheal itching and pain, low back pain, arthralgia, sputum and salivation, acid belching, loss of appetite, abdominal pain and vomiting were also noted. 2) If the larger number of the larvae was given, the clinical symptomatology was more severe. 3) Prednisolone medication caused some improvement of such symptomatology, while the antihistaminics and antitussives like codeine or ephedrine were ineffective. 4) In volunteers whose nutritional conditions were rather poor appeared to show more severe symptomatology. 2. Effects of iron compounds. 1) The oral administration of ferrous fumarate induced a slight increase of serum iron levels in the initial stage of the infection, then a decrease from 15-20 days later and a recovery after 2 months. 2) The intravenous administration of saccharated ferric oxide induced a steady upkeep of the serum iron levels. 3) The hemoglobin contents also showed the upkeeps after either the oral or intravenous administration of the iron compounds. 4) The iron compounds, therefore, are considered to have the preventive as well as the therapeutic effects on hookworm anemia, which may strongly suggest that hookworm anemia is essentially the iron deficiency type. 3. Hematological changes. 1) The severity of hookworm anemia generally correlated with the number of larvae given. 2) The moderate leucocytosis was observed in all cases regardless of the number of larvae given, which reached to a peak in 25-35 days. 3) Eosinophilia was observed in all cases, but was more severe in cases given larger number of larvae, which was slightly less evident after the medication of prednisolone. 4) Red cell survival time. The red cell survival time determined by {sup 51}Cr was generally in the normal ranges except for the severe anemia patients.

  6. Overview of some biomedical research projects in tropical medicine conducted at the Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Cientificas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Romano Egidio


    Full Text Available The Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Cientificas (IVIC is a government-funded multidisciplinary academic institution dedicated to research, development and technology in many areas of knowledge. Biomedical projects and publications comprise about 40% of the total at IVIC. In this article, we present an overview of some selected research and development projects conducted at IVIC which we believe contain new and important aspects related to malaria, ancylostomiasis, dengue fever, leishmaniasis and tuberculosis. Other projects considered of interest in the general area of tropical medicine are briefly described. This article was prepared as a small contribution to honor and commemorate the centenary of the Instituto Oswaldo Cruz.

  7. 间接ELISA检测犬钩虫特异性抗体方法的建立

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    何光志; 田维毅; 王平; 王文佳; 韩洁; 安永如; 周颖; 简昌友; 崔小东


    @@ 犬钩虫病(ancylostomiasis)是由钩口科钩口属中的犬钩口线虫(又称犬钩虫,Ancylostoma caninum)寄生于犬的肠道主要是十二指肠所引起的一种寄生虫病[1].研究以犬钩虫抗原基因原核表达的重组蛋白为抗原,采用ELISA法检测犬血清中的抗钩虫抗体,以探讨ELISA检测在犬钩虫感染中的应用价值.


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    Full Text Available The level of IgE in the serum of singly infected mice (group A, 500 dose; B, 1000 dose; group C, 2000 dose wasstudied during murine ancylostomiasis in all the 3 groups of singly infected animals, IgE level began to decreaseon 1st day of infection, reached the lowest value on day 30 and progressively declined from day 1 to 30 ofexperimental period. Statistical analysis indicated a significant decrease in all the 3 groups when compared withcontrols. These studies demonstrated that the larval antigens provoked an immune response resulting into a lowlevel of serum IgE in the mouse system.

  9. Hookworm Anemia in a Peritoneal Dialysis Patient in China. (United States)

    Wu, Fuquan; Xu, Ying; Xia, Min; Ying, Guanghui; Shou, Zhangfei


    Hookworm infections as well as other intestinal nematodiases are endemic in China. In this case, a 70-year-old male showed symptoms of chest tightness, shortness of breath, and both lower extremities edema. The diagnostic result was chronic renal insufficiency, chronic kidney disease (5th stage), and renal anemia at first. Then, he received treatment with traditional drugs. However, this treatment did not help to alleviate the symptoms of the patient significantly. The results of gastroendoscopy showed hookworms in the duodenum, also confirmed by pathology examination. Anemia was markedly ameliorated after eliminating the parasites. The results mentioned above suggested that ancylostomiasis was the leading causes of anemia in this patient, and the etiology of anemia in uremic patients should be systematically considered. Especially when anemia could not be cured by regular treatments, rare diseases should be investigated. PMID:27417086

  10. Higiene contra la anemia de los mineros. La lucha contra la anquilostomiasis en España (1897-1936

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rodríguez Ocaña, Esteban


    Full Text Available This study analyses the Spanish participation in the international campaign against ancylostomiasis during the period of the establishing and hegemony of Social Medicine. Through study of the main interventions carried out, including the agreement with the Rockefeller Foundation, its effects are observed on the popularization of laboratory medicine, the introduction of health concerns into employment legislation and the genesis of new rural health structures.

    Este trabajo analiza la participación española en la campaña internacional contra la anquilostomiasis durante el periodo de constitución y hegemonía de la Medicina social. A través del estudio de las principales intervenciones realizadas, incluyendo el acuerdo con la Fundación Rockefeller, se observan sus efectos sobre la popularización de la medicina de laboratorio, la introducción de la preocupación por la salud en la legislación laboral y la génesis de estructuras nuevas para la sanidad rural.

  11. Albendazole, a broad-spectrum anthelmintic, in the treatment of intestinal nematode and cestode infection: a multicenter study in 480 patients. (United States)

    Jagota, S C


    The anthelmintic activity of and patient tolerance to albendazole, a broad-spectrum anthelmintic, were studied in a multicenter trial involving 480 patients ranging in age from 2 to 60 years. The patients had single or mixed infections caused by pinworms, roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, threadworms, or tapeworms. The stools were examined by the direct method, and ova were counted by means of the Kato-Katz technique. A Graham-Scotch test was also done in patients infected with Enterobius vermicularis. Most patients received a single 400-mg dose of albendazole; adults were given two tablets, and children were given a 2% suspension. All patients with Hymenolepis nana and about half of those with Taenia infections were treated for three successive days. Patients were carefully evaluated before and after treatment to assess the efficacy and safety of the drug. After a single dose of albendazole, the cure rate was 95.3% in ascariasis, 92.2% in ancylostomiasis, 90.5% in trichuriasis, 64.9% in taeniasis, and 100% in enterobiasis. Among patients receiving 400 mg of albendazole for three days, the cure rate was 63.4% in hymenolepiasis and 86.1% in taeniasis. The drug was well tolerated, and no significant side effects were reported. PMID:3516398

  12. Albendazole in the treatment of intestinal helminthiasis in children. (United States)

    Prasad, R; Mathur, P P; Taneja, V K; Jagota, S C


    One hundred sixteen children between 2 and 15 years of age entered a clinical trial of albendazole after examination of their stools revealed ova of one or more intestinal helminths. The drug was administered as a single 400-mg dose (20 ml of 2% suspension) to all the patients except those having Hymenolepis nana infection, who received treatment for three consecutive days. The stools were reexamined on days 7 and 14 posttreatment and after three months for Taenia infections. Patients were considered cured if all parasitological examinations of the feces were negative after treatment. After a single oral dose, albendazole was highly effective in ascariasis (91.9%), ancylostomiasis caused by Ancylostoma duodenale (87.2%), and H nana infection (71.4%). The drug was well tolerated, and no abnormalities were observed in hematological or blood chemistry values. Since the drug is safe and effective as a single-dose treatment of common helminthic infections, it should be considered for mass therapy in the community. PMID:3986860

  13. Vaccination with a cocktail of Ancylostoma ceylanicum recombinant antigens leads to worm burden reduction in hamsters. (United States)

    Wiśniewski, Marcin; Łapiński, Maciej; Daniłowicz-Luebert, Emilia; Jaros, Sławomir; Długosz, Ewa; Wędrychowicz, Halina


    Hookworms, a group to which Ancylostoma ceylanicum belongs, are gastrointestinal nematodes that infect more than 700 million people around the world. They are a leading cause of anemia in developing countries. In order to effectively prevent hookworm infections research is conducted to develop an effective vaccine using recombinant antigens of the parasite. The aim of this study was to examine the influence of the hosts' on protection against ancylostomiasis and the shaping of the humoral immune response among Syrian hamsters after immunization with a cocktail of five A. ceylanicum recombinant antigens. Ace-ASP-3, Ace-ASP-4, Ace-APR-1, Ace-MEP-6 and Ace-MEP-7 were obtained in the pET expression system. Immunization with a vaccine cocktail resulted in a 33.5% worm burden reduction. The immunogenicity of the recombinant proteins were determined using ELISA. Statistical analysis showed that vaccinated hamsters developed stronger humoral responses to four of five recombinant antigens (the exception being Ace-ASP-3) compared to hamsters from the control group. PMID:27447220


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Noerhajati S.


    Full Text Available The use of pyrantel pamoate in controlling soil transmitted helminthic infection has been studied in a sample of population on low socio-economic level, consisting of workers of the Madukismo Suger Estate and their families. Pyrantel pamoate proved to be more effective to Ascaris lumbricoides and hookworm than to Trichuris trichiura infection. The cure rates found were 90.2%, 57.5% and 3.7% for A. lumbricoides, hookworm and T. trichiura respectively, while in the hookworm infection the drug was more effective to Ancylostomiasis duodenale than to Necator americanus. The result of the study showed, that 6 months after treatment was still found a reduction of the prevalence of A. lumbricoides infection to 27.2% (from 74.4% to 47.2% and a reduction of the egg count from 6352 to 3348 per gram of stool. After one year the prevalence rate and the intensity of Ascaris infection reached almost the same level as that before treatment. As regards the hookworm infection, it seemed that the treatment was still effective after a period of one year. Prior to the treatment the prevalence rate was 36.3% and the egg count was J37 per gram of stool, while one year after treatment they were still reduced to 23.97c and 39 respectively.

  15. Importância da reabsorção do ferro da hemorragia intestinal provocada pela ação dos vermes na progressão da anemia The importance of iron reabsorption in intestinal hemorrhage caused by worms in the course of anemia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Victorio Maspes


    Full Text Available Foram estudados 10 doentes, portadores de anemia ancilostomótica e de grande parasitose. Foram determinados alguns parâmetros hematológicos como dosagem de hemoglobina, contagem de hemácias, hematócrito, volume corpuscular médio, hemoglobina corpuscular média, ferro sérico e siderofilina. Foram estudados o volume da perda de sangue intestinal, o ferro perdido nesta hemorragia e eliminado nas fezes, e o ferro reaborvido da hemorragia intestinal. Conclui-se que a reabsorção do ferro da hemoglobina por dia no tubo digestivo é de suma importância no retardamento da instalação da anemia ferropriva, causada pela parasitose ancilostomótica.Ten patients presenting ancylostomotic anemia and a high rate of parasitosis were submitted to several hematologic determinations: hemoglobin level, erythrocyte count, hematocrit, mean corpuscular volume, mean corpuscular hemoglobin, serum iron level, and transferrin. In addition, measurements were made of the blood volume lost by intestinal bleeding, of iron loss through hemorrhage and in feus, and of iron reabsorption from intestinal bleeding. The main reason for the late appearance of iron deficiency anemia in ancylostomiasis is the high degree of dally iron absorption in the digestive tract, originating from hemoglobin breakdown.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    E. Farahmandian


    Full Text Available The effect of a combination of Oxantel- Pyrantel with a single dose of 10 mg/ kg body weight on Trichuris trichiura, Ascaris, Trichostrongylus spp. and Ancylostoma duodenale has been evaluated among the population of two rural areas in Khuzestan, Southwest Iran (41 persons and Isfahan, Central (30 persons. All patients were infected with Trichuris trichiura and some simultaneously with one or more other helminthes. In addition to stool examinations, to elucidate the possible side- effects, several blood and urine tests were conducted before and after treatment. A cure rate of 83% has been found among Trichuris cases treated in both areas. Cure rates observes for ascariasis and trichostrongyliasis were 93. 3% and 23% in Khuzestan, as well as 90% and 50% in Isfahan, respectively. Cure rate for ancylostomiasis was 86% in Khuzestan.Significant reduction in the mean number of of faeces has been observed.Side- effects encountered were mild and transient. The promisisng effect of this drug on soil – transmitted helminthes, particulary Trichuris trichiura has been proven.

  17. Hamsters vaccinated with Ace-mep-7 DNA vaccine produced protective immunity against Ancylostoma ceylanicum infection. (United States)

    Wiśniewski, Marcin; Jaros, Sławomir; Bąska, Piotr; Cappello, Michael; Długosz, Ewa; Wędrychowicz, Halina


    Hookworms are intestinal nematodes that infect up to 740 million people, mostly in tropical and subtropical regions. Adult worms suck blood from damaged vessels in the gut mucosa, digesting hemoglobin using aspartic-, cysteine- and metalloproteases. Targeting aspartic hemoglobinases using drugs or vaccines is therefore a promising approach to ancylostomiasis control. Based on homology to metalloproteases from other hookworm species, we cloned the Ancylostoma ceylanicum metalloprotease 7 cDNA (Ace-mep-7). The corresponding Ace-MEP-7 protein has a predicted molecular mass of 98.8 kDa. The homology to metallopeptidases from other hookworm species and its predicted transmembrane region support the hypothesis that Ace-MEP-7 may be involved in hemoglobin digestion in the hookworm gastrointestinal tract, especially that our analyses show expression of Ace-mep-7 in the adult stage of the parasite. Immunization of Syrian golden hamsters with Ace-mep-7 cDNA resulted in 50% (p < 0.01) intestinal worm burden reduction. Additionally 78% (p < 0.05) egg count reduction in both sexes was observed. These results suggest that immunization with Ace-mep-7 may contribute to reduction in egg count released into the environment during the A. ceylanicum infection. PMID:26795262

  18. Hemoglobinometria e nivel de vida das populações; I - região do nordeste (Ceará, Rio Grande do Norte, Paraíba e Pernambuco Hemoglobinometry and living standards of populations: I - Northeastern zone: Ceará, Rio Grande do Norte, Paraíba and Pernambuco

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    W. O. Cruz


    not been searched for; we have only discussed the meaning of the method as a test to determine the hematic conditions of a certain territory. Incidentally it was again ascertained that ancylostomiasis anemia may only develop among people of low economic status.

  19. Surveillance results of soil-transmitted nematode disease in Lingbi County from 2011 to 2013%2011~2013年安徽灵璧县土源性线虫病监测结果分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    马超; 金伟; 尚军; 刘云章


    Objective To investigate the prevalence and severity of soil-transmitted nematode infec⁃tions in Lingbi County as well as endemic patterns and influencing factors for supplying scientific strategies with prevention and management of this infection. Methods Modified Kato-Katz thick smear technique was used to determine Ascaris lumbricoides, Trichuris trichiura and hookworms from the stool samples(one stool specimen-three slides) collected from 1 000 local villagers of Lingbi County in yearly manner. Other parasite species, if detected, were registered as well. Another 15 soil samples were collected for microscopic examina⁃tion on the presence of tapeworms. Results A total of 3 000 persons were subjected to stool detection from 2011 to 2013. The average infection rate in the 3 years was 13.3%, 7.0%and 6.8%respectively. The infectiosi⁃ty was mild in general, and the infection was primarily involved in ancylostomiasis. The major species found in the soil was Ancylostoma duodenale. Conclusion Lingbi County falls into class 2 endemic area, and the infec⁃tiosity for infected people is generally mild.%目的:了解灵璧县土源性寄生虫病流行现状和感染程度,探索流行规律及影响因素,科学制订防治策略和防治措施。方法每年采用改良加藤厚涂片法(一送三检)对1000名居民的蛔虫、鞭虫和钩虫感染情况进行调查,调查中若发现其它寄生虫感染也一并记录。每年采用镜检方法对15份土壤样本中的钩蚴污染情况进行调查。结果从2011到2013年共调查3000人,3年的感染率分别为13.3%、7.0%和6.8%。感染者主要集中在轻度感染中,且以钩虫感染为主。土壤钩蚴污染以十二指肠钩蚴为主。结论灵璧县属Ⅱ类流行区,感染度以轻度为主。

  20. Molecular cloning and analysis of Ancylostoma ceylanicum glutamate-cysteine ligase. (United States)

    Wiśniewski, Marcin; Lapiński, Maciej; Zdziarska, Anna; Długosz, Ewa; Bąska, Piotr


    Glutamate-cysteine ligase (GCL) is a heterodimer enzyme composed of a catalytic subunit (GCLC) and a modifier subunit (GCLM). This enzyme catalyses the synthesis of γ-glutamylcysteine, a precursor of glutathione. cDNAs of the putative glutamate-cysteine ligase catalytic (Ace-GCLC) and modifier subunits (Ace-GCLM) of Ancylostoma ceylanicum were cloned using the RACE-PCR amplification method. The Ace-gclc and Ace-gclm cDNAs encode proteins with 655 and 254 amino acids and calculated molecular masses of 74.76 and 28.51kDa, respectively. The Ace-GCLC amino acid sequence shares about 70% identity and 80% sequence similarity with orthologs in Loa loa, Onchocerca volvulus, Brugia malayi, and Ascaris suum, whereas the Ace-GCLM amino acid sequence has only about 30% sequence identity and 50% similarity to homologous proteins in those species. Real-time PCR analysis of mRNA expression in L3, serum stimulated L3 and adult stages of A. ceylanicum showed the highest level of Ace-GCLC and Ace-GCLM expression occurred in adult worms. No differences were detected among adult hookworms harvested 21 and 35dpi indicating expression of Ace-gclc and Ace-gclm in adult worms is constant during the course of infection. Positive interaction between two subunits of glutamate-cysteine ligase was detected using the yeast two-hybrid system, and by specific enzymatic reaction. Ace-GCL is an intracellular enzyme and is not exposed to the host immune system. Thus, as expected, we did not detect IgG antibodies against Ace-GCLC or Ace-GCLM on days 21, 60 and 120 of A. ceylanicum infection in hamsters. Furthermore, vaccination with one or both antigens did not reduce worm burdens, and resulted in no improvement of clinical parameters (hematocrit and hemoglobin) of infected hamsters. Therefore, due to the significant role of the enzyme in parasite metabolism, our analyses raises hope for the development of a successful new drug against ancylostomiasis based on the specific GCL inhibitor. PMID

  1. 136例缺铁性贫血病因分析%136 Cases of Iron Deficiency Anemia Cause Analysis

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    邓凤珠; 黄雁


    目的 分析总结缺铁性贫血的主要病因.方法 回顾分析台山市第二人民医院2003年1月至2008年12月门诊及住院的136例缺铁性贫血患者的临床资料.结果 男性病例中,胃肠道疾病是引起缺铁性贫血的主要病因,其中最为常见的是消化性溃疡、慢性胃炎,占46%,痔疮占10%;其次是钩虫病,占10%.女性病例中,月经过多是最主要的病因,占39%;其次是消化性溃疡、慢性胃炎,占21%;再次是妊娠、哺乳,占8%.结论 除月经过多、妊娠、哺乳等女性特殊生理时期外,从总体上看,消化性溃疡、慢性胃炎等胃肠道疾病是引起15岁以上人群缺铁性贫血的主要原因占31%应引起重视.%Objective To analyze and summarize the main reason for iron deficiency anemia. Methods The clinical data of 136 cases with iron deficiency anemia in hospital out-patient clinics of our hospital from January 2003 to December 2008 was reviewed and analyzed. Results In male cases, The major cause of gastrointestinal tract disease is caused by iron deficiency anemia, and the most common of gastrointestinal tract disease is peptic ulcer and chronic gastritis(46%), hemorrhoids and ancylostomiasis(10%). In female cases, The major cause of gasrointesinal tract disease is caused by menorrhagia(39%); and peptic ulcer and chronic gastritis (21%), the pregnancy and breast-feeding(8%).Results On the whole, in addition to menorrhagia,pregnancy,breast-feeding women and other special physiological periods, pepticulcer,chronic gastritis and other gastrointestinal diseases are caused by people over the age of 15 the main reason for iron deficiency anemia (31%), we should pay attention to this disease.

  2. 胶囊内镜的临床护理%Capsuleendoscopy in clinical nursing

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    付文惠; 章静; 刘玲; 许宏; 邓莉


    Objective To summarize the nursing for OMOM capsule endoscopy made in China. Methods Of my Division in September 2006 to August 2008 found 78 cases of capsule endoscopy were carried out with care, to analyze its clinical data. Results Cleanliness of the patients' intestinal is good. Patients and their families had no fear in the check, reaching the rate of 100 percent and there was non-medical dispute. 78 cases' image are all of good quality. 77 cases arriving at the Ileocecal. The whole 78 cases of capsule endoscopy examination were successfully completed at one-time inspection process without any complications and equipment signal interruption situation. 69 cases of disease were found, containing 58 cases of small bowel disease, 3 cases of vascular malformation, 11 cases of polyps, 4 cases of Crohn's disease, 11 cases of non-specific inflammation, 3 cases of intestinal roundworm, 1 case of small colorectal, 1 case of ancylostomiasis. The capsules were excreted within 72 hours in 76 cases,an average of 31 hours in the intestinal tract, no cases of obstruction and one capsule complications such as impaction is occurred in our examination. Conclusion Inspection before and after the conclusion of appropriate care and good bowel preparation can be of great importance in the check, meanwhile it can reduce the incidence of complications.%目的 总结国产OMOM胶囊内镜检查的护理措施.方法 对我科2007年9月~2009年8月78例受捡者胶囊内镜检查进行护理配合,分析其临床资料.结果 患者肠道清洁度良好.患者及家属无恐惧感,配合率达到100%,无医疗纠纷发生.78例图像质量良好.77例到达回盲部.78例胶囊内镜检查中,都一次性顺利完成检查,检查过程中未出现任何并发症和仪器信号中断现象.发现病变69例,其中小肠病变58例、血管畸形3例、息肉11例、克罗恩病4例、非特异性炎症11例、小肠蛔虫3例、小肠癌1例、钩虫病1例.77例72h内

  3. Capsule endoscopy in elderly patients with obscure small intestine bleeding%胶囊内镜在老年患者疑诊小肠出血性疾病的应用探讨(附18例分析)

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李舒丹; 张啸; 张筱凤


    目的 评估胶囊内镜对老年患者疑诊小肠出血性疾病的诊断价值,并探讨老年患者行胶囊内镜检查相应注意事项.方法 对18例行胶囊内镜检查的疑诊小肠出血性疾病的老年患者的资料进行回顾性分析.结果 共纳入老年患者18例,成功17例,14例见小肠病变.其中,血管病变10例,小肠钩虫病1例,小肠淋巴管扩张症1例,小肠疑似占位2例.其中,3位患者胶囊内镜滞留于食管下段,1例失败,另2例用胃镜将其推入胃内,检查成功.所有患者胶囊均在检查后3d内自行排出体外.结论 胶囊内镜检查方法安全,对老年患者消化道出血的诊断,特别是考虑小肠出血性疾病的患者有很好的诊断价值,但由于老年患者自身的特殊性,易发生胶囊滞留于食管或胃腔等情况.%[Objective]To evaluate the diagnostic value of capsule endoscopy(CE)in elderly patients with obscure small intestine bleeding, and analyze the special announcements of capsule endoscopy in elderly patient population.[Methods]Included in the present study were 18 elderly patients with obscure small intestine bleeding referred to our hospital for CE.[Results]18 cases were referred to this study.Examinations were completed in 17 cases, 14 of which with various intestinal disorders.The most common findings were vascular lesions(10 cases), 1 case was found with ancylostomiasis of small intestine.1 case was found with intestinal lymphangiectasia.2 cases were found with small intestine neoformation.Among these cases, capsule retentions in inferior segment esophagus were happened in 3 cases.1 case failed.In other two cases, capsules were pushed to stomach with gastroscope.All capsules were excreted in 3 days.[Conclusion]CE is a safe and effective procedure for elderly patients with small intestine bleeding.But capsule retentions in esophagus and stomach are possibly easily happened in elderly patients.

  4. Relação entre os níveis de vitamina A e os marcadores bioquímicos do estado nutricional de ferro em crianças e adolescentes Relationship between vitamin A and biochemical markers of iron status in children and adolescents

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rita de Cássia Ribeiro Silva


    positive and statistically significant association was found between the levels of serum retinol and hemoglobin (p=0.007, serum iron (p=0.010 and iron-saturated tranferrin (p=0.027. These findings remained unchanged after adjusting the models for demographic variables, parasitic infections (Schistosoma mansoni, Trichiura trichuris, Ascaris lumbricoides and ancylostomiasis, consumption of bioavailable dietary iron and environmental and home conditions. CONCLUSION: Vitamin A seems to contribute to the increase of organic iron of the population, especially in areas were deficiency of vitamin A and iron-deficiency anemia coexist.

  5. Association between geohelminth infections and physical growth in schoolchildren Associação entre infecções geohelminticas e crescimento físico de escolares

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rita de Cássia Ribeiro Silva


    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: This study aims to assess the association between geohelminth infections and the physical growth of schoolchildren. METHODS: This is a cross-sectional study with the participation of 1861 children aging from 7 to 14 years who live in a municipality in the Southern region (Recôncavo of the State of Bahia. The participants were submitted to anthropometric assessment and stool tests. Multiple logistic regression analysis was used as the statistical means to determine the association of interest. RESULTS: The risks of stunting were greater among boys with Ascaris lumbricoides (Odds ratio=1.79; confidence interval 95%: 1.07-3.01, Trichuris trichiura (Odds ratio=2.26; confidence interval 95%: 1.33-3.84 and ancylostomiasis (Odds ratio=2.18; confidence interval 95%: 1.28-3.73 when compared with non-infected children. These results remained unchanged after adjustments for the location of the school, children's ages and other geohelminth infections. CONCLUSION: These infections did not compromise girls´ growth. These results emphasize the association between geohelminth infection and linear physical growth, indicating the need to implement preventive and curative measures that allow the quality of life of the children to improve since the repercussion that these parasites have on the nutritional status and health of this population is severe.OBJETIVO: Este estudo visa a avaliar a associação entre infecções geohelminticas e o crescimento físico de escolares. MÉTODOS: Trata-se de um estudo de corte transversal em que participaram 1851 indivíduos com idades entre 7 e 14 anos, residentes em um município do Recôncavo Sul do Estado da Bahia. Os indivíduos foram submetidos a avaliação antropométrica e a exame parasitológico de fezes. Utilizou-se a análise de regressão logística múltipla como técnica estatística para avaliar a associação de interesse. RESULTADOS: Os riscos de déficit do crescimento linear foram mais

  6. Value of double-balloon enteroscopy for diagnosis and management of suspected small intestinal bleeding%双气囊内镜用于可疑小肠出血性疾病诊断和治疗的临床价值研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    岳辉; 周殿元


    Objective To evaluate the value of DBE in the diagnosis and selective treatment for suspected small intestinal bleeding and to study possible etiology of small intestinal bleeding. Methods Enteroscopy, using the double-balloon method,were performed in 212 patients with suspected intestinal diseases and 126 patients with suspected small intestinal bleeding from June 2003 and August 2007 at Guangdong No.2 Provincial People's Hospital and Nanfangmedical University Hospital. Results The bleeding lesions of small intestine were found in 101 out of 126 patients with suspected intestinal diseases(80.2%), including 42 cases of small intestinal ulcers(including Crohn's diseases),25 cases of diverticulum (including Micheal's diverticulosis), 19 cases of intestinal neoplasms, IO cases of vascular deformity,2 cases of stero-pronematodiasis and 3 cases of ancylostomiasis; the bleeding lesions of Non-small intestine (includingbleeding lesions from stomach,esophagus and large intestine) in 16 out of 176 patients with suspected intestinal diseases(12.7%);9 cases of essentially normality. There were no serious adverse reactions and complications in all patients received enteroscopy. Conclusion DBE has higher diagnosis rate for small intestinal bleeding,and can be regarded as the first choice for suspected intestinal bleeding patients. The main reason of small intestinal bleeding are benign ulcers including Crohn's disease, intestine diverticulum and intestinal neoplasms as well as vascular deformity and Parasitosis infection are the rare cause.%目的 探讨双气囊内镜(DBE)对小肠出血性疾病病因诊断和治疗选择的作用.方法 2003年6月至2007年8月在广东省第二人民医院和广州南方医院将临床可疑小肠疾病212例,其中疑有小肠出血患者126例,进行DBE检查,发现出血病灶或相关病变进行标记或活检,并与部分手术结果对照.结果 可疑小肠出血患者中DBE检查发现小肠出血病变,检出阳性率为80

  7. 广州管圆线虫单抗结合抗原定位分布及在免疫诊断上的应用%Study on distribution of cohere antigen of 12D5 and 21B7 monoclonal antibodies of Angiostrongylus cantonensis and its application of immnodiagnosis

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张仁利; 陈木新; 耿艺介; 黄达娜; 吴双; 高世同; 李晓恒; 朱兴全


    Objective To detect infection of Angiostrongylus cantonensis and examine effection of treatment to prepare monoclonal antibodies(McAbs). Methods Six-week-old BALB/c mice were imrnunized by the intraperitoneal injection of e/s antigens of Angiostrongylus cantonensis. Fusion of splecn cells from immunized mice with prepared SP2/0-Ag14 myeloma cells was performed in RPMI 1640. Fused cells were suspended in RPMI 1640 containing 1% HAT and 20% fetal calf serum and dispensed into 96-well cell culture plates. The supernatants of clones were screened by ELISA with sera of patients of angiostrongyliasis.Distribution of cohere antigen of 12D5 and 21B7 monoclonal antibodies was analyzed with immunohistochemistry. Two McAbs ( 12D5 and 21B7) were applied to detect the circulating antigen (CAg) in the sera of rats infected with A. cantonensis and angiostrongyliasis patients respectively by double antibody sandwich ELISA.Results 12D5 McAb was identified as IgG1 and 21 B7 McAb was IgM. Western blot result showed two McAbs could used to identified 55 × 103 protein of adult worms of A. cantonensis. Cohere antigen of 12D5 and 21B7 monoclonal antibodies were distributed on intestine surface of A. cantonensis. The detection rates of CAg in the sera of infected rats 100% (48/48), the detection rates of CAg in the sera of angiostrongyliasis patients was 100% (32/32). No cross-reaction to sera of patients with other infection of parasites, such as clonochiasis, fasiolopsiasis, ancylostomiasis, trichinosis, anisakiasis as well as schsitosomiasis, and health srea did not reacted with 12D5 and 21B7 McAbs,and detaction rate of antibody of angiostrongyliasis patients only reached 75% (24/32) with antigen of A. cantonensis. Conclusion Cohere antigen of 12D5 and 21B7monoclonal antibodies were antigens of enteric epithelium. Sandwich ELISA with 12D5 and 21B7 McAbs showed high specificity act as detecting CAg of A. cantonensis in sera of infection animal and patients. It is apparent that Sandwich

  8. Teatro na educação de crianças e adolescentes participantes de ensaio clínico Teatro en la educación de niños y adolescentes participantes de ensayo clínico Theater in the education of children and teenagers participating in a clinical trial

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Flávia Gazzinelli


    envueltos en la prueba de una vacuna contra anquilostomiasis. La muestra por conveniencia estaba constituida por 13 estudiantes de diez a 17 años, de ambos sexos, de la Escuela Municipal de Maranhao, MG, Brasil, 2009. Se utilizó un cuestionario estructurado aplicado pre y post intervención. El dispositivo pedagógico fue el Teatro del Oprimido. Las variables dependientes fueron el conocimiento específico y global sobre la investigación clínica y sobre helmintiasis; la variable independiente fue la participación en la intervención educativa. RESULTADOS: Hubo aumento del conocimiento sobre señales y síntomas, susceptibilidad a la reinfección y modo de contagio de la helmintiasis posterior a la intervención educativa. Aumentaron los aciertos relativos a la duración de la investigación clínica, a los procedimientos previstos, a la posibilidad de desistencia de la participación y de ocurrencia de eventos adversos. Permaneció la noción de que el propósito primario de la investigación es terapéutico, a pesar de que hubo reducción en el porcentaje de participantes que asociaron la investigación al tratamiento médico. El Teatro del Oprimido posibilitó que las discusiones sobre helmintiasis y de la investigación clínica fueran contextualizadas y materializadas. Los individuos pudieron despojarse o reducir sus representaciones previas. CONCLUSIONES: La participación de niños y adolescentes en ensayos clínicos debe ser precedida por intervención educativa, ya que individuos de ese grupo etario no pudieron siquiera reconocer que tienen derecho a decidir por sí mismos.OBJECTIVE: To analyze the effects of a pedagogical intervention on the learning of children and teenagers participating in a clinical research. METHODS: Quantitative, quasi-experimental and longitudinal study, part of a group of studies conducted to test a vaccine against ancylostomiasis. Convenience sample with 133 students aged 10-17 years, of both sexes, from the school Escola Municipal de

  9. Analysis on the epidemiological situation of soil-transmitted nematode infections at the monitoring spot of Chongqing from 2006 to 2010%重庆市2006—2010年土源性线虫病国家级监测点监测分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    谢君; 吴成果; 罗飞; 蒋诗国; 李珊珊


    Objective To understand infection status and epidemic law of soil-transmitted nematode infections in Chongqing.Methods The stool samples of the residents at monitoring spot of Chongqing were collected and examined for Ascaris lumbricoides,Trichuris trichiura and hookworms with modified Kato-Katz thick smear "one stool specimen-three slides" from September to November during 2006-2010,and adhesive cellophane anal swab method was applied additionally for examining the eggs of Enterobius vermicularis in children aged 3-12.Ten soil samples were collected for microscopic examination on fertilized or unfertilized Ascaris eggs and the living ability of fertilized Ascaris eggs was determined.Results The total of 5 071 persons were investigated from 2006 to 2010 and the annual infection rates were 5.79%,13.52%,16.63%,8.62%and 2.81% showing a declined tendency (x2=3.65,P < 0.01).The infection rates of females were higher than males in 2007 and 2008 (x2=4.66,P < 0.05;x2 =25.29,P < 0.01).The infection rate of 5-year-old was in the highest level in 2006 and 2010.In 2010 the infection rate of 50-year-old was in the highest level.The ancylostomiasis and Ascaris were the major soil transmitted nematode diseases.The infection rates of Enterobius vermicularis were not significantly different between boys and girls.It showed a declined tendency in pinworm infection in girls(x2=16.36,P < 0.01)while it showed no difference in boys(x2=8.45,P > 0.05).The positive rates of Ascaris eggs in soil samples were 52.5%,37.5%,17.5%,30.0% and 20.0% showing a declined tendency (x2 =16.36,P < 0.01).Conclusion According to the 5 years monitoring,the infection rate of soil-transmitted nematodes was declined,but health education and mass chemotherapy should be enhanced continuously.%目的 掌握重庆市土源性线虫病流行动态和流行规律.方法 2006-2010年,每年9-12月在重庆市监测点采集年龄3周岁以上的全体常驻居民粪便,采用改良加

  10. 安徽省2006-2010年土源性线虫病国家级监测点监测分析%Analysis on the epidemiological situation of soil-transmitted nematode infections at the national monitoring spots of Anhui Province, 2006-2010

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    郭见多; 金伟; 朱磊; 方国仁; 姚光秀; 尹晓梅; 周莉; 罗俊平; 李启扬


    pattern comparing the infection rates between males and females.The infection rate rapidly decreased in teenagers especially in the age group between 15 to 19 years and decreased from 20.59% to 0 in this age group during the 5 years.However,the infection rate maintained a higher level in age group above 50-year-old.Ancylostomiasis was the major soil transmitted nematode disease.The detection rates of Ascaris eggs in the soil correlated with the infection rates.Conclusion According to the 5 years monitoring,the infection rate of soil-transmitted nematodes was declining indicating the necessity of continuous monitoring.

  11. Double-balloon endoscopy and capsule endoscopy for small intestinal bleeding%双气囊内镜和胶囊内镜诊断小肠出血的临床评价

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张以洋; 韩树堂; 周晓白; 肖君; 史伟


    目的 评价双气囊内镜和胶囊内镜对小肠出血的临床诊断价值.方法 比较双气囊内镜、胶囊内镜及全消化道造影对小肠出血病灶的总体检出率;通过自身对照,比较双气囊内镜和胶囊内镜对小肠出血诊断率;分析胶囊内镜对1次双气囊内镜检查明确诊断率的影响.结果 105例小肠出血患者中,双气囊内镜检出克罗恩病24例,腺癌15例,慢性非特异性炎症12例,不明原因小肠溃疡10例,小肠间质肿瘤8例,小肠息肉8例,小肠血管畸形出血6例,钩虫病5例,麦克尔憩室及多发憩室5例,小肠淋巴瘤3例,无明显异常9例,阳性率91.4%(96/105).其中40例进行胶囊内镜检查,病变检出率75.0%(30/40);75例患者全消化道造影检查,病变检出率33.3%(25/75).根据胶囊内镜结果1次双气囊内镜检查明确诊断率90.0%(36/40),而根据临床特征及消化道造影结果1次双气囊内镜检查明确诊断率69.2%(45/65).结论 小肠疾病的主要病因是小肠良性溃疡(包括克罗恩病)、肿瘤、慢性炎症,其次是息肉、血管畸形、寄生虫感染、麦克尔憩室及淋巴瘤等.双气囊内镜对小肠出血诊断率高于胶囊内镜,胶囊内镜能提高1次双气囊内镜明确诊断率.%Objective To study the diagnostic value of double-balloon endoscopy (DBE) and capsule endoscopy (CE) for small intestinal bleeding. Methods Overall detection rates of small intestinal bleeding with DBE, CE and the whole alimentary tract barium meal were compared. Positive rates of bleeding detection with DBE and CE were compared within the same patients. Influence of CE on one-procedure rate of DBE was analyzed. Results In 105 cases of small intestine bleeding, DBE detected 24 cases of Crohn's disease, 15 adenocarcinoma, 12 chronic nonspecific inflammation, 10 small intestinal ulcer of unknown reason, 8 entero-mesenchymoma, 8 polypus, 6 vascular deformation hemorrhage, 5 ancylostomiasis, 5 Mechel's diverticula ( including