Sample records for alloy-x-40

  1. Fatigue properties of alloy 718 overlay-coated with a Co-based X40 alloy by the Micro Spark Coating (United States)

    Kamma, Ryohta; Sakaguchi, Motoki; Okazaki, Masakazu; Shimoda, Yukihiro; Uchiyama, Takehiko; Ochiai, Hiroyuki; Watanabe, Mitsutoshi

    Micro Spark Coating (MSC) has been developed as a new functional coating process for Ni-based superalloys used in advanced gas turbines. In this study, some metallurgical and mechanical properties of a MSC layer made of a Co-based wear resisting alloy (X40), and its influence on the high temperature fatigue properties of Ni-based superalloy, Alloy718, were investigated. Prior evaluation of the metallurgical and mechanical properties of the MSC layer that the cavity fraction of MSC layer significantly decreased during the thermal exposure period at 650°C associating with the generation of an oxide phase, progressive sintering and the subsequent increase in hardness and elastic modulus of MSC layer. However, at 480°C these changes were not significant even after 1000hrs exposure. It was found from the high temperature fatigue tests at 480°C and 650°C that the fatigue life of the specimen with MSC layer was almost comparable to that of bare Alloy718 specimen at 480°C, while at 650°C the life of the former was slightly longer than that of the latter. These results suggested that the MSC would have a potential to add a new function to Ni-based superalloy without a reduction in fatigue properties at elevated temperature.