Sample records for adenolymphoma

  1. Imaging appearance and clinico-pathological features of adenolymphoma in parotid gland%腮腺腺淋巴瘤的临床、病理及CT表现

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    粱长华; 郑红伟; 杨瑞民; 毛华杰; 王清华; 张铭秋


    Objechve To evaluate the clinical, pathological and imaging eatures of adenolymphomas in parotid glands. Methods The clinical records and CT of 24 patients (22 male,2 female) with histologic枷y confirmed adenolymphomas of the parotid glands were retrospectively analyzed. Results Of 24 patients with 38 lesions, the tumors were solitary in 16 patients and multiple in 8 patients with 81.6% (31/38) located in the posterior and inferior quadrants of the glands. Most of the lesions were oval or round, well-circumscribed, homogeneously (n=26) hyperdense. 27 lesions demonstrated contrast enhancement with 10 lesions showing small vessels penetrating through or surrounding the mass.Conclusion Adenolymphomas of the parotid glands should be considered in male patients older than 50 years of age,posterior-inferior location within the glands, and omogeneous hyperdense CT appearance with contrast enhancement.%目的 探讨腮腺腺淋巴瘤(Warthin's瘤)的临床、病理及CT表现.方法 回顾性分析经术后病理证实的24例腮腺Warthin's瘤的临床、病理及CT资料.结果 24例患者,男22例,女2例;单发16例,多发8例,共38个病灶,其中31个(81.6%)病灶位于腮腺后下象限.病灶多呈高密度圆形、椭圆形结节或肿块,边缘光整,密度均匀或欠均匀,增强后34个病灶中2个轻度强化,5个中度强化,27个明显强化;17个均匀强化,17个不均匀强化(直径>2 cm),且10个伴贴边血管征.结论 符合腮腺Warthin's瘤的发病年龄、性别、部位及影像学表现的患者,诊断时应首先考虑Warthin瘤的可能.

  2. Lymphomas: diagnosis, treatment. Cancergram CT05

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    The scope of this Cancergram includes Hodgkin's disease, adenolymphoma, Burkitt's lymphoma, lymphosarcoma, lymphoblastoma, lymphocytoma, reticulum cell sarcoma, mycosis fungoides, and any not otherwise specified lymphoma. Abstracts are included which concern all clinical aspects of the various forms of lymphoma, such as diagnosis and staging, supportive care, evaluation, and therapy. Animal models, tissue culture experiments, carcinogenesis and other preclinical studies are generally excluded, except for those considered to have direct clinical relevance.

  3. 实时剪切波弹性成像技术在涎腺内实性良性包块鉴别诊断中的价值%Clinic application of real-time shear wave elastography in assessing the benign mass in salivary gland

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    翟齐西; 王学梅; 黄崑; 刘艳君; 卞东林; 刘法昱


    Objective To investigate clinic value of real-time shear wave elastography (SWE) in indentifying benign salivary gland mass through measuring tissue elastic properties of the benign mass in salivary gland.Methods Seventy-four patients with benign salivary gland mass were enrolled.All of them have been obtained the average elasticity modulus of the mass by SWE before surgery,including parotid mixed tumor (22),parotid adenolymphoma (13) and sub maxillary gland mixed tumor (6),adenolymphoma (33).Statistical analysis was done between groups.Results The average elasticity modulus in parotid mixed tumor group and sub maxillary gland mixed tumor group exhibited (133.53 ± 3.35)kPa and (125.57 ± 2.89)kPa respectively.The average elasticity modulus in parotid aden lymphoma group and sub maxillary gland adenolymphoma group exhibited (65.60 ± 2.33)kPa and (64.60 ± 1.93)kPa respectively.There was no significant difference between mixed tumor group and there was no significant difference between adenolymphoma group.There were significant differences between mixed tumor group and adenolymphoma group.ConcLusions The SWE can distinguish salivary gland benign mass from different originates,which can provide more evidence for clinical diagnosis.%目的 探讨实时剪切波弹性成像(SWE)技术对涎腺内实性良性包块的鉴别诊断价值.方法 选择行涎腺内包块手术的患者74例,术前均行实时剪切波弹性成像检查,获得涎腺内实性良性包块弹性模量的平均值,其中腮腺混合瘤22例,颌下腺混合瘤13例,腮腺腺淋巴瘤33例,颌下腺腺淋巴瘤6例,对各组患者的弹性模量平均值进行分析.结果 腮腺混合瘤组弹性模量平均值为(133.53±3.35) kPa,颌下腺混合瘤组弹性模量平均值为(125.57±2.89)kPa;腮腺腺淋巴瘤组弹性模量平均值为(65.60±2.33) kPa,颌下腺腺淋巴瘤组弹性模量平均值为(64.60±1.93) kPa.混合瘤组间及腺淋巴瘤组间弹性模量平均值比

  4. 腮腺造影螺旋CT检查在腮腺肿物诊断中的应用%Application of spiral CT and sialogram in the diagnosis of parotid tumor

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    奚广伟; 刘影


    回顾分析51例腮腺肿物患者应用腮腺造影螺旋CT检查并重建,结果与病理比对,总结影像特点.其中,结合肿瘤的形态特点和位置特征,对15例多形性腺瘤和15例腺淋巴瘤术前正确诊断;4例恶性肿瘤(恶性多形性腺瘤1例,腮腺鳞癌1例,黏液表皮样癌1例,腺样囊性癌1例)术前提出恶性诊断,另外4例误诊为良性肿瘤;有2例腮腺区淋巴结误诊为腮腺肿瘤经手术治疗.该方法完成的腮腺肿瘤检查图像显示腮腺肿瘤及导管系统清楚,与周围组织关系判断直观,腺淋巴瘤、多形性腺瘤和典型的恶性肿瘤有一定的影像特征,是一项较为实用的检查手段.%51 patients with proven tumor of the salivary glands were examined by sialogram and spiral computed tomography (CT). CT findings were compared with the pathological results. Correct preoperative diagnosis was obtained in 15 cases of pleomorphic adenoma and 15 cases of parotid adenolymphomas and 4 cases of malignant tumor. 4 cases of malignant tumor were misdiagnosed as benign. In 2 patients lymph node was misdiagnosed as parotid gland tumor before surgery. The CT images may clearly show the tumor, parotid duct system and the surrounding tissues. Parotid adenolymphomas, pleomorphic adenoma and malignant tumors can be shown with image features. Spiral CT is feasible in the diagnosis of parotid tumor.

  5. 腮腺Warthin氏瘤的CT和MRI表现%CT and MRI findings of parotid Warthin's tumors

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Haiquan Yao; Hongping Lin; Peng Zhang; Tao Zhang; Libo Feng


    Objective: The aim of the study was to investigate CT and MRI findings of parotid Warthin's tumors (parotid ad-enolymphomas). Methods: CT and MRI findings of 14 patients with pathologically-confirmed Warthin's tumor (10 males and 4 females) were retrospectively analyzed. The average age was 56 years (range 44-77 years). Twelve patients underwent CT plain scan, of which, 10 received the further enhancement; other 2 patients performed MR plain scan, of which, 1 was enhanced. The disease course ranged from 20 days to 4 years with the average of 22 months. Ten patients had the smoking history (71.4%). Results: A total of 22 foci were found in all 14 patients, multiple in one parotid gland in 3 patients, single in one parotid gland in 9 patients and single in bilateral glands in 2 patients (one recurred the tumor in the contralateral gland 14 years after the surgery). Sixteen (72.7%) foci or the main bodies [long diameter of 0.8-5.0 cm with the average of (2.3 ± 1.3) cm] were located in the posterior and interior role of the superficial lobe of the parotid gland. The foci were round or oval. The boundary was smooth in 21 (95.5%) foci and blurred in 3 foci which were proved by biopsy to be accompanied with infection. Fourteen foci (77.7%) with uniform density and 4 foci with nonuniform density were found in 12 patients under CT plain. A total of 15 foci in 10 patients were enhanced, 7 (46.7%) on significant enhancement, 5 (33.3%) on moderate enhancement and 3 on slight enhancement. The margin was enhanced slightly in 3 foci. In MR images, the signal of tumor was uniform or nonunifrom, T1WI showed low signal and T2WI showed moderate or high signal. The envelope displayed signal shadow under plain scan and the enhancement was slightly. Conclusion: For middle or elder males with the smoking history, if they have the foci in the posterior and interior parts of the parotid gland which show clear boundary and significant enhancement, especially for multiple or bilateral foci

  6. Retrospective analysis of 464 cases of parotid gland tumors%464例腮腺肿瘤回顾性分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    段青云; 贾暮云; 张雄; 王新木; 朱旌; 袁荣涛; 卜令学


    Objective: To analyse the epidemiology, morbidity, classification and diagnosis of parotid gland tumors. Methods: 464 hospitalized cases of parotid gland tumors in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, the affiliated hospital of medical school, Qingdao University from 2005 to 2010 were retrospectively studied. Results: The ratio of male to female and the cases of benign to malignant was 1.1:1 and 2.60:1 respectively. The proportion of parotid tumors was higher in the patients aged 30 to 70 years old. Pleo-morphic adenoma and adenolymphoma were the mostly encountered types of benign tumor; adenoid cystic carcinoma, adenocarcinoma and mucoepidermoid carcinoma were the malignant. Type-B ultrasonic, CT and MRI were routine methods in clinical examinations. Conclusion: The ratio of male patients and benign tumors was higher than that of female and malignant. Type-B ultrasonic, CT and MRI are helpful for clinical diagnosis of parotid gland tumors.%目的:总结腮腺肿瘤发病情况、构成特点及临床检查、诊断方法.方法:对青岛大学医学院附属医院口腔外科2005 ~2010年间经手术治疗的464例腮腺肿瘤患者的临床资料进行回顾性分析.结果:腮腺肿瘤发病男女性别及良恶性之比分别是1.1∶1和2.60∶1,30 ~70岁年龄段为腮腺肿瘤高发阶段,其构成比为74.24%.良性瘤中多形性腺瘤、腺淋巴瘤为多发瘤,而腺样囊性癌、腺癌、黏液表皮样癌分别列为恶性肿瘤前三位.B超、CT、MRI是常规检查手段.结论:男性肿瘤发病比女性高,良性肿瘤比恶性高.B超、CT、MRI有助于临床诊断.

  7. Analysis of 2161 cases of neoplasm in oral maxillofacial region in Xinjiang%新疆地区2161例口腔颌面部肿瘤及瘤样病变统计分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    林晨; 李江; 路娜


    Objective To investigate the incidence and constituent characteristic of neoplasm in oromaxillo-facial region in Xinjiang. Methods A total of 2161 patients with benign or malignant oral-maxillofacial tumors diagnosed in Department of Dentofacial Surgery of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xinjiang Medical College from 1995 to 2009 were analyzed retrospectively. Results Of the 2161 cases, 58.49% (1264/2161) was benign tumors, 33.13% (716/2161) malignant tumors, and 8.38% (181/2161) tumor-like lesions. The most common benign tumors were pleomorphic adenoma, hemangioma, papilloma,adenolymphoma and ameloblastoma. Squamous cell carcinoma constituted the majority of the malignant tumors. The most common malignant tumors of salivary gland were adenoid cystic carcinoma. The most common odontogenic tumors was ameloblastoma. The most common sites of malignant tumors were tongue, lip, parotiod gland and buccal mucosa. Conclusions The common pathological type of oral and maxillofacial benign neoplasm and the most common sites of malignancy in Xinjiang region were similar to those of other places inside and outside the country. Adenoid cystic carcinoma was more common than other salivary originated tumors. There was more malignant tumors in Uygur nationality than in Han living in the same region.%目的 探讨新疆地区口腔颌面部肿瘤及瘤样病变的发病情况和构成特点.方法 对1995年1月至2009年9月在新疆医科大学第一附属医院口腔科门诊活检和口腔颌面外科手术,并经病理确诊的2161例肿瘤及瘤样病变进行回顾性统计分析.结果 良性肿瘤1264例,占58.49%;恶性肿瘤716例,占33.13%;瘤样病变181例,占8.38%.常见良性肿瘤依次为多形性腺瘤、血管瘤、乳头状瘤、Warthin瘤、成釉细胞瘤.恶性肿瘤中以鳞状细胞癌居首,占全部恶性肿瘤的51.96%;涎腺上皮性恶性肿瘤最常见的是腺样囊性癌;牙源性肿瘤中最常见的是成釉细胞瘤.恶性肿瘤的好发部位

  8. Multi-slice Spiral CT Manifestation of Parotid Tumors%腮腺肿瘤的多层螺旋CT表现

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    侯学文; 张利中


    Objective To investigate the multi-slice spiral CT (MSCT) features of parotid tumors to provide clinical references. Methods Retrospective analysis was conducted on the MSCT manifestation of 23 patients whose diagnosis of parotid tumors were confirmed surgically and pathologically (including 3 cases of mucoepidermoid carcinoma, 11 cases of pleomorphic adenoma, 4 cases of adenolymphoma, 2 cases of lipoma, 2 cases of eosinophilic lymphocytes in the granuloma, 1 case of benign myoepithelial tumor). Through the CT manifestation tumor distribution, form, density, edge, cystic degeneration or necrosis, degree of enhancement, cervical lymph node enlargement of 23 cases were studied. Results Most pathological changes of the parotid gland were unilateral, of which 15 were left and 8 were right. Benign tumors usually located at the junction of the superficial lobe of parotid glands and the deep lobe of parotid glands. The shape of benign tumors was round or mass. The boundary was clear, and the density was uniform and higher than the normal parotid gland tissue. As shown by enhancing scanning, the calcification was found in the multiple adenomas and the cystic changes were found in the pleomorphic adenoma. Malignant tumors were usually located in deep lobes and were lobulated. The boundary was less clear. The density was uneven and more dense than normal parotid gland. Enhanced scan revealed inhomogeneous enhancement. Malignant parotid tumors were often accompanied by cervical lymph node enlargement. Conclusion Parotid gland tumors have certain imaging features. MSCT is helpful in the diagnosis and differential diagnosis and has important clinical diagnostic value.%目的:探讨腮腺肿瘤的多层螺旋CT表现,为临床提供参考。方法回顾性分析23例经手术病理证实的腮腺肿瘤患者(粘液表皮样癌3例,多形性腺瘤11例,腺淋巴瘤4例,脂肪瘤2例,嗜酸性淋巴细胞肉芽肿2例,肌上皮良性病变1例)的多层螺旋CT