Sample records for adenolymphoma

  1. Poorly differentiated carcinoma arising from adenolymphoma of the parotid gland

    Ciulla Michele M


    Full Text Available Abstract Background There is only one previous case report of a poorly differentiated carcinoma arising from an adenolymphoma of the parotid gland (Warthin's tumour. The absence of clinical symptoms, and the aspecificity of the radiological pattern make the diagnosis very difficult. Case presentation We here report the case of a 73-year-old man with Warthin's tumour who was brought to our attention because of a swelling in the parotid region. Conclusions In this case with an atypical clinical presentation, the intra-operative examination of a frozen section of the parotid mass allowed us to diagnose the malignant tumour correctly and consequently undertake its radical excision.

  2. Heterogeneity of keratin expression in epithelial tumor cells of adenolymphoma in paraffin sections.

    Orito, T; Shinohara, H; Okada, Y; Mori, M


    Immunohistochemical expressions of keratin polypeptides detected by monoclonal antibodies were described in tumor cells of adenolymphoma, and the possibility of intercalated duct and ductal basal cells in the salivary glands being the progenitors was discussed. Basal cells in the tumor showed positive staining for keratin nos. 8, 13, 16, 18 and 19 detecting for monoclonal keratin antibodies (PKK 1, K 4.62, K 8.12, K 8.13), columnar tumor cells displayed strongly positive reactions with RPN 1164 and K4.62 suggesting keratin nos. 8 and 19. Great heterogeneity of distribution for keratin polypeptides was displayed by epithelial cells of adenolymphoma. Intercalated duct cells of normal salivary glands reacted with RPN 1164, RPN 1165, K 4.62 and K 8.13 monoclonal antibodies, which indicates the presence of keratins 8 and 19; and ductal basal cells reacted with PKK 1, K 4.62 and K 8.12, suggesting nos. 8, 13, 16, 18 and 19 keratins. Distribution of involucrin was variable in tumor epithelium of adenolymphoma, and was negative in the normal gland. The immunohistochemical distribution of keratin types between basal tumor cells of adenolymphoma and ductal basal cells of the normal salivary gland was compared.

  3. 腮腺腺淋巴瘤的CT诊断%The CT diagnosis of parotid adenolymphomas

    邱晓明; 王珍; 饶德利; 王弘


    目的:探讨腮腺腺淋巴瘤的CT表现及其诊断价值.方法:回顾性分析16例手术病理证实的腮腺腺淋巴瘤的CT征象,16例患者均行CT平扫、增强扫描,其中女性2例(12.5%),男性14例(87.5%).分析病变部位、数目、大小、形态、密度、边缘及强化程度.结果:16例腮腺腺淋巴瘤共有28个病灶,10例单发(62.5%),单侧多发2例(12.5%),双侧多发4例(25%),病灶中心位于腮腺浅叶后下部20个(71.4%).全部病灶边界清楚,病灶内密度不均匀17(17/28)个,增强后CT值增加的平均值为(38.7±19.5) HU,19个(19/28)病灶内可见小血管进入、包绕或贴边现象.结论:腮腺腺淋巴瘤的CT表现有一定特征性,结合发病性别、年龄、发病部位及临床表现,对术前定性诊断有较大意义.%Objective:To discuss the characteristics of CT manifestations of parotid adenolymphomas. Methods:The CTimages of 16 patients with parotid adenolymphomas confirmed pathologically were analyzed retrospectively. All patients underwent CT precontrast and postcontrast scanning. Among 16 cases. 2(12. 5%) patients were female and 14(87. 5%) patients were male. The imaging characteristic analyses included the position, number, size, shape, density, margin and enhancement intensity of the tumor. Results: Among the 16 cases of parotid adenolymphomas, 28 lesions were found. Multiple synchronous tumors were found in 2 patients in one side and 4 patients in bilateral parotid. 20(71. 4%) leisions were located in the posterior and inferior quadrant of parotid. The margins in all leisions were well-defined and 17(17/28) lesions were inhomogeneous in desity. The mean CT value of all leisions increased (38. 7 + 19. 5)HU after contrast administration. 19(19/28) lesions showed small vessels penetrating through or surrounding the tumor. Conclusion:CT features of parotid adenolymphomas are relatively characteristic. Imaging manifestation combined with clinical materials including gender, age

  4. 腮腺腺淋巴瘤的超声诊断分析%Ultrasonic diagnosis of parotid adenolymphoma



    目的:探讨腮腺腺淋巴瘤的二维超声图像特征及彩色多普勒血流显像特点,提高其超声诊断符合率。方法:回顾性分析经手术及病理证实的26例腮腺腺淋巴瘤的声像图特点。结果:腮腺腺淋巴瘤在超声上多表现为形态规则,边界清晰的单侧单发不均质低回声肿块,彩色多普勒超声多显示为2~3级血流信号,临床资料显示多发生于老年男性。结论:腮腺腺淋巴瘤的病理结构决定其特有的超声表现,再结合临床资料可作出较为准确的诊断,超声检查可作为检查腺淋巴瘤的首选方法。%Objective To promote the diagnostic accordance rate of the parotid adenolymphoma that we disgussed the features of two dimensional ultrasound and colour Doppler flow imaging of parotid adenolymphoma.Method Retrospectively analyzed the sonographic features of 26 cases of parotid adenolymphoma proved by operation and pathology.Results Parotid adenolymphoma in ultrasonic characterized by morphological rules,clear boundary of heterogeneous low echo mass that alone appeared in the one side,in color Doppler ultrasound showed the blood flow signales was 2 or 3 grades , clinical datas showed the disease more developed in elderly men.Conclution Ultrasonography of Parotid adenolymphoma corresponds to its pathological structure, combined with clinical datas can make more accurate diagnosis. Ultrasound can be used as the preferred way to check the gland lymphoma.

  5. Differential diagnosis of CT in parotid pleomorphic adenoma and adenolymphoma%腮腺多形性腺瘤与腺淋巴瘤的CT鉴别诊断

    姜旭红; 古幸鹤


    Objective To investigate the value of CT in the differential diagnosis of parotid pleomorphic adenoma and adenolymphoma.Methods The CT findings of 12 cases parotid pleomorphic adenoma and 8 cases adenolymphoma proved by pathology were reviewed retrospectively,including their number,location,border,CT enhancement characteristics,and so on.Results Twelve cases of parotid pleomorphic adenoma were single,10 cases on the parotid gland in superficial lobe,8 cases on the posterior inferior quadrant.Eight cases (13 lesions) of adenolymphoma,were all on the parotid gland in superficial lobe and posterior inferior quadrant,with clear boundary.Enhanced arterial phase of parotid pleomorphic adenoma was (11 ± 4) Hu,and of adenolymphoma was (31 ± 11) Hu,the difference was statistically significant (P <0.05).Enhanced venous phase of parotid pleomorphic adenoma was(14 ± 6) Hu,and of adenolymphoma was (28 ± 10) Hu,the difference was statistically significant (P <0.05).Conclusions CT scan can reflect the essential difference dynamicly and comprehensively from the combination of hemodynamic and morphological aspects between parotid pleomorphic adenoma and adenolymphoma,it has an important value.%目的 探讨CT检查在腮腺多形性腺瘤与腺淋巴瘤鉴别诊断中的价值.方法 回顾性分析经手术病理证实的12例腮腺多形性腺瘤与8例腮腺腺淋巴瘤患者的CT平扫及增强扫描资料,分析内容包括肿瘤数量、部位、边界、CT增强特征等.结果 腮腺多形性腺瘤12例,均为单发,位于腮腺浅叶10例,后下象限8例,边界均清晰.腮腺腺淋巴瘤8例(13个病灶),均位于腮腺浅叶,后下象限边界均清晰.腮腺多形性腺瘤动脉期强化幅度(11±4)Hu,腮腺腺淋巴瘤动脉期强化幅度(31±11)Hu,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05);腮腺多形性腺瘤静脉期强化幅度(14±6)Hu,腮腺腺淋巴瘤静脉期强化幅度(28±10) Hu,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05).结论 多层螺旋CT平扫及增强

  6. The Diagnostic Value of MRI in Parotid Adenolymphomas%MRI对腮腺腺淋巴瘤的诊断价值

    谢振鹰; 靳仓正


    Objective To investigate the characteristics of adenolymphomas of the parotid gland.Methods The MRI characteristics of adenolymphomas in parotid gland in 27 cases proved by operating pathology.Results 42 lesions were found among 27 cases.35 of the lesions were located in the posterior and inferior quadrant of the parotid gland.16 were solitary and 7 were multiple lesions in one side while the last 4 were multiple lesions bilaterally located.On MRI,the adenolymphomas were presented as round and oval soft tissue mass with smooth border.T1W1 presented as intermediated or high signal intensity while T2W1 and FS T2W1 presented mixed signals.The lesions showed prophase mild and moderate enhancement except the cystic change area after strengthening the signal.Conclusion Plain and enhanced MRI scanning conduce to the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of adenolymphomas in the parotid gland.%目的 探讨腮腺腺淋巴瘤的MRI 影像学特征.方法 回顾性分析经手术病理证实的27例腮腺腺淋巴瘤的MRI征像.结果 27例腮腺腺淋巴瘤患者,共42个病灶,其中35个病灶位于腮腺后下极,单侧单发16例,单侧多发7例,双侧多发4例.在MRI上,肿瘤呈圆形或椭圆形软组织肿块,边缘光整,T1WI表现为等或稍高信号,T2WI及压脂T2WI均为混杂信号,增强后病灶呈早期轻中度强化,囊变区不强化;结论 MRI平扫及增强扫描有助于腮腺腺淋巴瘤的诊断与鉴别诊断.

  7. 门样血流在腮腺淋巴瘤超声诊断中的价值%Value of portal venous flow in diagnosis of parotid adenolymphoma by ultrasonic

    陈鹏; 刘亚玲


    Objective:To study value of portal venous flow in diagnosis of parotid adenolymphoma by ultrasonic. Methods:The two-dimensional images and Doppler flow's features of 30 cases with parotid adenolymphoma were retrospectively analyzed, who were diagnosed by operations and pathology. Results:The two-dimensional ultrasound could show all the images. Those 30 cases were all confirmed by pathology. Ultrasound showed that the portal venous flow, looking like lymph nodes, had entered the tumor. Conclu-sions:The portal venous flow has an important value to diagnose parotid adenolymphoma by ultrasonic, especially for diagnosing other parotid diseases ( such as parotid mixed tumor and parotid lymphnoditis) .%目的:探讨门样血流在腮腺淋巴瘤超声诊断中的价值。方法:回顾性分析经手术及病理证实的30例腮腺淋巴瘤的二维图像及多普勒血流特点。结果:二维超声对图像显示率为100%,所查30例均经病理证实。超声多普勒显示与淋巴结相似的门样血流进入肿瘤内部。结论:门样血流在腮腺淋巴瘤超声诊断中,尤其诊断其它腮腺疾病(如腮腺混合瘤,腮腺淋巴结炎)超声鉴别诊断中具有重要价值。

  8. Parotid gland tumours in a West Indian population: Comparison to world trends



    The epidemiology of parotid gland tumours in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean is currently unknown. Therefore, an analysis of the pathological records was conducted to determine the pattern of this disease in Trinidad and Tobago. A retrospective analysis was conducted on all parotid gland tumours and the demographic and histological data were analysed. Data from 60 cases were collected over a period of 8 years (October, 2003 to February, 2012), including 56 primary and 4 secondary tumours (1 basal cell carcinoma and 3 metastatic tumours). The patients included 31 men and 29 women, with a mean age of 48.7 years and an age range of 21–73 years (peak age, 51–60 years). The surgical interventions included 53 superficial parotidectomies, 6 radical parotidectomies and 1 biopsy. Of the 56 primary tumours, 41 were benign [34 pleomorphic adenomas and 7 Warthin's tumours (adenolymphomas)], accounting for 73.2% of the cases. The malignant lesions included 6 squamous cell carcinomas, 3 mucoepidermoid carcinomas, 2 acinic cell carcinomas, 2 adenoid cystic carcinomas, 1 anaplastic carcinoma and 1 papillary carcinoma, accounting for 26.8% of the total cases, without any age predominance. The pattern of disease distribution was similar to that indicated by worldwide data, with benign primary lesions accounting for ~80% of the cases (pleomorphic adenomas, 80% and Warthin's tumours, 20%). The most common carcinomas were mucoepidermoid and adenoid cystic types, as indicated by worldwide data; however, in our series, squamous cell carcinoma was the most common type, followed by mucoepidermoid, acinic cell and adenoid cystic carcinomas. The present study will hopefully provide useful information on parotid pathology in Trinidad and Tobago and encourage further research in this field. PMID:25469289

  9. Color Doppler, high-frequency ultrasound with CT in diagnosis of parotid malignant lymphoma by comparative study%彩色多普勒高频超声与CT诊断腮腺淋巴瘤的对比研究



      Objective: Comparison of color Doppler ultrasonography and clinical value of CT diagnosis of parotid malignant lymphoma. Method: Colected in our hospital confirmed by operation and pathology of 25 cases of parotid adenolymphoma of parotid gland, and color Doppler ultrasound and CT findings were retrospectively analyzed. Result: 26 cases of lymphoma in the parotid gland, ultrasound and CT, 23 cases of unilateral, bilateral multiple three cases. Ranking superficial lobe of the 18 cases, the shades of leaves were simultaneously involved in four cases, four cases of deep lobe. Ultrasound and CT findings of tumor morphology rules is round or oval in shape, 23 cases of the realm of clear,3 cases of unclear. Conclusion:Ultrasound and CT combined with each other, the comprehensive analysis in order to improve the qualitative diagnosis operators consistent rate.%  目的比较彩色多普勒高频超声与CT诊断腮腺淋巴瘤临床价值。方法收集在我院收治经手术及病理证实的腮腺腺淋巴瘤26例,并就腮腺腺淋巴瘤彩色多普勒超声及CT影像学表现进行回顾性分析。结果26例腮腺腺淋巴瘤中,超声和CT发现相同,单侧23例,双侧多发3例。居浅叶18例,深浅叶同时受累4例,深叶4例。超声和CT表现肿瘤形态规则呈圆形或卵圆形,境界清晰者23例,欠清晰者3例。结论超声与CT互相结合,综合分析才能提高定性诊断符合率。

  10. Retrospective analysis of 464 cases of parotid gland tumors%464例腮腺肿瘤回顾性分析

    段青云; 贾暮云; 张雄; 王新木; 朱旌; 袁荣涛; 卜令学


    Objective: To analyse the epidemiology, morbidity, classification and diagnosis of parotid gland tumors. Methods: 464 hospitalized cases of parotid gland tumors in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, the affiliated hospital of medical school, Qingdao University from 2005 to 2010 were retrospectively studied. Results: The ratio of male to female and the cases of benign to malignant was 1.1:1 and 2.60:1 respectively. The proportion of parotid tumors was higher in the patients aged 30 to 70 years old. Pleo-morphic adenoma and adenolymphoma were the mostly encountered types of benign tumor; adenoid cystic carcinoma, adenocarcinoma and mucoepidermoid carcinoma were the malignant. Type-B ultrasonic, CT and MRI were routine methods in clinical examinations. Conclusion: The ratio of male patients and benign tumors was higher than that of female and malignant. Type-B ultrasonic, CT and MRI are helpful for clinical diagnosis of parotid gland tumors.%目的:总结腮腺肿瘤发病情况、构成特点及临床检查、诊断方法.方法:对青岛大学医学院附属医院口腔外科2005 ~2010年间经手术治疗的464例腮腺肿瘤患者的临床资料进行回顾性分析.结果:腮腺肿瘤发病男女性别及良恶性之比分别是1.1∶1和2.60∶1,30 ~70岁年龄段为腮腺肿瘤高发阶段,其构成比为74.24%.良性瘤中多形性腺瘤、腺淋巴瘤为多发瘤,而腺样囊性癌、腺癌、黏液表皮样癌分别列为恶性肿瘤前三位.B超、CT、MRI是常规检查手段.结论:男性肿瘤发病比女性高,良性肿瘤比恶性高.B超、CT、MRI有助于临床诊断.

  11. 腮腺Warthin氏瘤的CT和MRI表现%CT and MRI findings of parotid Warthin's tumors

    Haiquan Yao; Hongping Lin; Peng Zhang; Tao Zhang; Libo Feng


    Objective: The aim of the study was to investigate CT and MRI findings of parotid Warthin's tumors (parotid ad-enolymphomas). Methods: CT and MRI findings of 14 patients with pathologically-confirmed Warthin's tumor (10 males and 4 females) were retrospectively analyzed. The average age was 56 years (range 44-77 years). Twelve patients underwent CT plain scan, of which, 10 received the further enhancement; other 2 patients performed MR plain scan, of which, 1 was enhanced. The disease course ranged from 20 days to 4 years with the average of 22 months. Ten patients had the smoking history (71.4%). Results: A total of 22 foci were found in all 14 patients, multiple in one parotid gland in 3 patients, single in one parotid gland in 9 patients and single in bilateral glands in 2 patients (one recurred the tumor in the contralateral gland 14 years after the surgery). Sixteen (72.7%) foci or the main bodies [long diameter of 0.8-5.0 cm with the average of (2.3 ± 1.3) cm] were located in the posterior and interior role of the superficial lobe of the parotid gland. The foci were round or oval. The boundary was smooth in 21 (95.5%) foci and blurred in 3 foci which were proved by biopsy to be accompanied with infection. Fourteen foci (77.7%) with uniform density and 4 foci with nonuniform density were found in 12 patients under CT plain. A total of 15 foci in 10 patients were enhanced, 7 (46.7%) on significant enhancement, 5 (33.3%) on moderate enhancement and 3 on slight enhancement. The margin was enhanced slightly in 3 foci. In MR images, the signal of tumor was uniform or nonunifrom, T1WI showed low signal and T2WI showed moderate or high signal. The envelope displayed signal shadow under plain scan and the enhancement was slightly. Conclusion: For middle or elder males with the smoking history, if they have the foci in the posterior and interior parts of the parotid gland which show clear boundary and significant enhancement, especially for multiple or bilateral foci

  12. [The influence of heat-induced epitope retrieval on endogenous avidin-binding activity (EABA) and blocking of EABA in immunohistochemistry].

    Zhou, Xiaoge; Wang, Peng; Lu, Ming; Liu, Lina; Zhang, Yanning; Zhang, Shuhong; Chen, Guangyong; Zhang, Changhuai; Huang, Shoufang


    To study the influence of heat-induced epitope retrieval (HIER) on endogenous avidin-binding activity (EABA) and to establish an effective way to block EABA in immunohistochemistry. Systematically screening EABA in 164 (679 samples) formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded human tissues including 76 (102 samples) normal tissues and 88 (577 samples) tumor tissues as well as 4 (80 samples) formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded rat normal tissues using tissue array (tissue chip), HIER, immunohistochemistry and egg white solution blocking. In addition, EABA was also examined in 9 (15 samples) human frozen tissues. (1) EABA was detected in frozen tissues. (2) No staining for EABA was seen in formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded tissues. (3) EABA was revealed after the tissues treated with microwave HIER. (4) The density of signal for EABA was variable from tissue to tissue and cell to cell. (5) The signals of EABA expressed in scatter or diffuse in tissues and in granular form in cytoplasm. (6) EABA was found in a wide range of epithelial tissues, especially in gland epithelia of normal and tumor tissues. These included kidney, adrenal cortex, liver, C cells of thyroid gland, oxyphil cells of parathyroid, fundal gland of stomach, sebaceous gland of skin, duct of salivary; oncocytoma and papillary adenocarcinoma of kidney and thyroid gland, adenolymphoma of parotid, carcinoma of liver cell, adenocarcinoma of stomach, colon, prostate, gall bladder and endometrium, and so on. (7) EABA was easier revealed by higher pH value buffer (EGTA pH 9.0) than that with lower pH value (EDTA pH 8.0 and citrate pH 6.0). (8) The revealed EABA could be effectively blocked using 20% egg white solution. HIER could unmask EABA in formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded tissues. The unmasked EABA present in a wide range of human normal and tumor tissues as well as in rat normal tissues. The EABA could influence routine immunohistochemistry staining when using (strept)avidin-horseradish peroxidase

  13. Superficial parotidectomy an excellent procedure in the management of benign parotid tumors - outcome of various complications and tumor recurrence

    Mervyn Correia


    Full Text Available Background: The majority of parotid masses are benign pleomorphic adenomas that rarely recur, leaving a large group of patients healthy after their parotid surgery. Nearly, 80–90% of salivary gland tumors occur in the superficial lobe of the parotid gland, and the vast majority of them are benign. The optimal treatment for benign parotid tumors, of which pleomorphic adenomas is the most common is superficial parotidectomy with dissection and preservation of the facial nerve. Aims and Objectives: The aim of this study was to evaluate the postoperative complications and tumor recurrence following superficial parotidectomy for benign parotid tumors. Settings and Design: This was a retrospective study conducted of all patients who underwent superficial parotidectomy in a General Surgical Unit of the Goa Medical College, Bambolim, Goa, between December 2013 and December 2014. Materials and Methods: The records of 17 patients were analyzed in detail with regard to the complications and tumor recurrence that followed the operation of superficial parotidectomy. Data regarding age, gender and histology were also included in the study. Patients had all been chosen from the out-patient department on the basis of clinical presentation of swelling over the parotid region. The location of the tumor and diagnosis was confirmed in every case by advising ultrasound of the parotid region and/or computed tomography scan along with fine needle aspiration cytology of the swelling. All data were meticulously entered in a previously prepared proforma for this purpose. Patients were followed up for 1 year. Results: Twelve (70.5% patients were male and 5 (29.5% female, with ages ranging from 21 to 65 with a mean age of 38.2. There were 16 pleomorphic adenomas 94.1% and 1 adenolymphoma. Partial or temporary facial nerve damage was seen in six patients at 35.3%. At 6 months follow-up, however, recovery was complete, and we had no permanent facial nerve damage. Of 17

  14. Multi-slice Spiral CT Manifestation of Parotid Tumors%腮腺肿瘤的多层螺旋CT表现

    侯学文; 张利中


    Objective To investigate the multi-slice spiral CT (MSCT) features of parotid tumors to provide clinical references. Methods Retrospective analysis was conducted on the MSCT manifestation of 23 patients whose diagnosis of parotid tumors were confirmed surgically and pathologically (including 3 cases of mucoepidermoid carcinoma, 11 cases of pleomorphic adenoma, 4 cases of adenolymphoma, 2 cases of lipoma, 2 cases of eosinophilic lymphocytes in the granuloma, 1 case of benign myoepithelial tumor). Through the CT manifestation tumor distribution, form, density, edge, cystic degeneration or necrosis, degree of enhancement, cervical lymph node enlargement of 23 cases were studied. Results Most pathological changes of the parotid gland were unilateral, of which 15 were left and 8 were right. Benign tumors usually located at the junction of the superficial lobe of parotid glands and the deep lobe of parotid glands. The shape of benign tumors was round or mass. The boundary was clear, and the density was uniform and higher than the normal parotid gland tissue. As shown by enhancing scanning, the calcification was found in the multiple adenomas and the cystic changes were found in the pleomorphic adenoma. Malignant tumors were usually located in deep lobes and were lobulated. The boundary was less clear. The density was uneven and more dense than normal parotid gland. Enhanced scan revealed inhomogeneous enhancement. Malignant parotid tumors were often accompanied by cervical lymph node enlargement. Conclusion Parotid gland tumors have certain imaging features. MSCT is helpful in the diagnosis and differential diagnosis and has important clinical diagnostic value.%目的:探讨腮腺肿瘤的多层螺旋CT表现,为临床提供参考。方法回顾性分析23例经手术病理证实的腮腺肿瘤患者(粘液表皮样癌3例,多形性腺瘤11例,腺淋巴瘤4例,脂肪瘤2例,嗜酸性淋巴细胞肉芽肿2例,肌上皮良性病变1例)的多层螺旋CT