Sample records for acute progressive feed

  1. [Early oral feeding versus classic oral feeding after appendicectomy for acute appendicitis].

    Kassi Assamoi, B F; Yenon, K S; Lebeau, R; Traore, M; Akpa-Bedi, E; Kouassi, J C


    The appendectomies for acute appendicitis are the most frequent surgical interventions (43.6%) in our service. The recent studies demonstrated the feasibility and the economical gain of the early oral feeding vs. classic oral feeding, after elective digestive surgery. We wanted to spread these results therefore to the appendectomy for acute appendicitis. It is about a prospective survey carrying on 110 patients also left in two groups, and comparing the classic postoperative oral feeding vs. the early postoperative oral feeding on one year. The two groups were comparable and the studied parameters were : the length of the postoperative ileus, the hospitable morbidity, the length of the hospitalization and the cost of the hold in charge. The length of the postoperative ileus was not different in the two groups as well as the morbidity. The difference of the median length of hospitalization in the two groups was not meaningful. The cost of the hold in charge was meaningfully more elevated in the group with classic postoperative feeding. In conclusion, the early postoperative oral feeding in our survey doesn't reduce the length of the postoperative ileus and don't drag a morbidity anymore that the classic oral feeding. However if it doesn't shorten the length of the hospitalization, it drags a reduction of the cost of the hold in charge. There is a gain therefore precociously to nourish the patients after appendectomy for acute appendicitis.

  2. Acute MRI Changes in Progressive Ischemic Stroke

    Kalowska, Elizabeth; Rostrup, Egill; Rosenbaum, S


    aimed to assess if acute MRI findings could be used for the prediction of stroke in progression (SIP). Methods: Prospectively 41 patients, 13 with lacunar infarcts and 28 with territorial infarcts, were admitted to an acute stroke unit within 24 h of stroke onset (median 11 h, range 3- 22). Diffusion...... the modified Rankin Scale, Barthel Index and SSS score. Patients with and without SIP were compared using both clinical and MRI data obtained on admission, on day 7 and after 3 months. Results: Fifteen patients (37%) developed SIP. Increased DWI lesion volume on day 7 in all strokes was associated with SIP...

  3. Acute MRI changes in progressive ischemic stroke

    Kalowska, E.; Rostrup, E.; Rosenbaum, S.


    aimed to assess if acute MRI findings could be used for the prediction of stroke in progression (SIP). METHODS: Prospectively 41 patients, 13 with lacunar infarcts and 28 with territorial infarcts, were admitted to an acute stroke unit within 24 h of stroke onset (median 11 h, range 3- 22). Diffusion...... the modified Rankin Scale, Barthel Index and SSS score. Patients with and without SIP were compared using both clinical and MRI data obtained on admission, on day 7 and after 3 months. RESULTS: Fifteen patients (37%) developed SIP. Increased DWI lesion volume on day 7 in all strokes was associated with SIP...

  4. Acute phase proteins response to feed deprivation in broiler chickens.

    Najafi, P; Zulkifli, I; Soleimani, A F; Goh, Y M


    Feed deprivation in poultry farming imposes some degree of stress to the birds, and adversely affects their well -being. Serum levels of acute phase proteins (APP) are potential physiological indicators of stress attributed to feed deprivation. However, it has not been determined how long it takes for a measurable APP response to stressors to occur in avian species. An experiment was designed to delineate the APP and circulating levels of corticosterone responses in commercial broiler chickens to feed deprivation for 30 h. It was hypothesized that feed deprivation would elicit both APP and corticosterone (CORT) reactions within 30 h that is probably associated with stress of hunger. Twenty-one day old birds were subjected to one of 5 feed deprivation periods: 0 (ad libitum, AL), 6, 12, 18, 24, and 30 h. Upon completion of the deprivation period, blood samples were collected to determine serum CORT, ovotransferrin (OVT), α1-acid glycoprotein (AGP), and ceruloplasmin (CP) concentrations. Results showed that feed deprivation for 24 h or more caused a marked elevation in CORT (P=0.002 and Pstressful condition than CORT response in assessing the well-being of broiler chickens.

  5. Nasogastric or nasointestinal feeding in severe acute pancreatitis

    Matteo; Piciucchi; Elettra; Merola; Massimo; Marignani; Mari-anna; Signoretti; Roberto; Valente; Lucia; Cocomello; Flavia; Baccini; Francesco; Panzuto; Gabriele; Capurso; Gianfranco; Delle; Fave


    AIM:To assess the rate of spontaneous tube migration and to compare the effects of naso-gastric and nasointestinal(NI)(beyond the ligament of Treitz) feeding in severe acute pancreatitis(SAP).METHODS:After bedside intragastric insertion,tube position was assessed,and enteral nutrition(EN) started at day 4,irrespective of tube localization.Patients were monitored daily and clinical and laboratory parameters evaluated to compare the outcome of patients with nasogastric(NG) or NI tube.RESULTS:Spontaneous tube ...

  6. [Feeding infants and young children with acute diarrhea].

    Chouraqui, J-P; Michard-Lenoir, A-P


    Acute gastroenteritis remains a common and often severe illness among infants and children throughout the world. The management of a child with acute diarrhea includes rehydration and maintenance fluids with oral rehydration solutions (ORS), combined with continued age-appropriate nutrition. However, although substantial data support the role of continued nutrition in improving gastrointestinal function and anthropometric, biochemical, and clinical outcomes, the practice of continued feeding during diarrheal episodes has been difficult to establish as accepted standard of care. Recommendations for maintenance dietary therapy depend on the age and diet history of the patient. It has been clear for many years that, when affected by gastroenteritis, breastfed infants should be continued on breast milk without any need for interruption and, by that way, will get faster recovery and improved nutrition. Moreover, many well-conducted studies have provided evidence that in formula-fed children not severely dehydrated, a rapid return to full feeding is well tolerated. Lactose intolerance and/or secondary cow's milk allergy are not a clinical concern for the vast majority of patients. In fact early refeeding i.e resumption of normal diet, in amounts sufficient to satisfy energy and nutrient requirements, should be the rule. However, in children younger than 6 months of age, the lack of suitable studies must lead to caution and use of specific lactose-free or extensively hydrolysate formulae, especially in case of severe and/or prolonged diarrhea. Several studies support the use of zinc supplementation or probiotics for acute diarrhea but some doubts persist in infant in developed countries.

  7. Early versus on-demand nasoenteric tube feeding in acute pancreatitis

    Bakker, O.J.; Brunschot, S. van; Santvoort, H.C. van; Besselink, M.G.; Bollen, T.L.; Boermeester, M.A.; Dejong, C.H.; Goor, H. van; Bosscha, K.; Ali, U. Ahmed; Bouwense, S.; Grevenstein, W.M. van; Heisterkamp, J.; Houdijk, A.P.; Jansen, J.M.; Karsten, T.M.; Manusama, E.R.; Nieuwenhuijs, V.B.; Schaapherder, A.F.; Schelling, G.P. van der; Schwartz, M.P.; Spanier, B.W.; Tan, A.; Vecht, J.; Weusten, B.L.; Witteman, B.J.; Akkermans, L.M.; Bruno, M.J.; Dijkgraaf, M.G.; Ramshorst, B. van; Gooszen, H.G.; Study, G.


    BACKGROUND: Early enteral feeding through a nasoenteric feeding tube is often used in patients with severe acute pancreatitis to prevent gut-derived infections, but evidence to support this strategy is limited. We conducted a multicenter, randomized trial comparing early nasoenteric tube feeding wit

  8. Activity of neutrophil elastase reflects the progression of acute pancreatitis

    Novovic, Srdan; Andersen, Anders M; Nord, Magnus


    Abstract Objective. Neutrophil elastase (NE) concentration is associated with progression of acute pancreatitis (AP), but measuring total NE concentration includes biologically inactive NE. This study aims to investigate the relationship between NE activity and the aetiology and severity of AP...... was associated with predicted severity of AP and AP-associated respiratory failure. Specific NE inhibitors may have therapeutic potential in acute pancreatitis....

  9. Progress in developing an infant and child feeding index

    Arimond, Mary; Ruel, Marie T., ed.


    "Feeding practices are an important determinant of the nutritional status of infants and children. It is therefore useful to measure and describe infant and child feeding practices in a number of contexts. Such measurements could enable (1) international comparisons of the adequacy of infant and child feeding, (2) research linking infant and child feeding to determinants or outcomes, (3) advocacy regarding the importance of adequate infant and child feeding, and (4) monitoring and evaluation ...

  10. Does breast feeding provide protection against acute appendicitis? A case-control study.

    Alves, João Guilherme Bezerra; Figueiroa, José Natal; Barros, Isabela


    Breast feeding stimulates a more tolerant lymphoid tissue at the base of the appendix and this could provide protection against acute appendicitis. Two studies reported that children and adolescents with appendicitis were less likely to have been breast fed. In a case-control study of 200 children with histologically confirmed acute appendicitis matched by 200 siblings with the same sex and difference age - up to three-year-old - we found breast feeding in at least the first two months of life and for more than four months provides protection against acute appendicitis. These findings suggesting that breast feeding may possibly give protection against the development of appendicitis.

  11. Function of the corpus luteum in beef heifers is affected by acute submaintenance feeding but is not correlated with residual feed intake

    Seventy-four Angus and Angus x Hereford heifers were used in two successive years (yr 1, n = 43; yr 2, n = 31) to determine if ovarian function of heifers during acute submaintenance feeding is related to variation in utilization of feed as determined by residual feed intake (RFI). Residual feed in...

  12. Is looped nasogastric tube feeding more effective than conventional nasogastric tube feeding for dysphagia in acute stroke?

    Harwood Rowan


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Dysphagia occurs in up to 50% of patients admitted to hospital with acute strokes with up to 27% remaining by seven days. Up to 8% continue to have swallowing problems six months after their stroke with 1.7% still requiring enteral feeding. Nasogastric tubes (NGT are the most commonly used method for providing enteral nutrition in early stroke, however they are easily and frequently removed leading to inadequate nutrition, early PEG (Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy insertion or abandoning of feeding attempts. Looped nasogastric tube feeding may improve the delivery of nutrition to such patients. Methods Three centre, two arm randomised controlled trial, with 50 participants in each arm comparing loop (the intervention versus conventional nasogastric tube feeding. The primary outcome measure is proportion of intended feed delivered in the first 2 weeks. The study is designed to show a mean increase of feed delivery of 16% in the intervention group as compared with the control group, with 90% power at a 5% significance level. Secondary outcomes are treatment failures, mean volume of feed received, adverse events, cost-effectiveness, number of chest x-rays, number of nasogastric tubes and tolerability. Trial Registration ISRCTN Number: ISRCTN61174381

  13. Collaborative efforts driving progress in pediatric acute myeloid leukemia

    C.M. Zwaan (Michel); E.A. Kolb (Edward A.); D. Reinhardt (Dirk); J. Abrahamsson; S. Adachi (Susumu); R. Aplenc (Richard); E.S.J.M. de Bont (Eveline); B. de Moerloose (Barbara); M.N. Dworzak (Michael); B. Gibson (Brenda); H. Hasle (Henrik); G. Leverger (Guy); F. Locatelli (Franco); C. Ragu (Christine); R.C. Ribeiro (Raul C.); C. Rizzari (Carmelo); J.E. Rubnitz (Jeffrey); O.P. Smith (Owen Patrick); L. Sung (Lillian); D. Tomizawa (Daisuke); M.M. van den Heuvel-Eibrink (Marry); U. Creutzig; G.J. Kaspers (Gertjan)


    textabstractDiagnosis, treatment, response monitoring, and outcome of pediatric acute myeloid leukemia (AML) have made enormous progress during the past decades. Because AML is a rare type of childhood cancer, with an incidence of approximately seven occurrences per 1 million children annually, nati

  14. Collaborative Efforts Driving Progress in Pediatric Acute Myeloid Leukemia

    Zwaan, C. Michel; Kolb, Edward A.; Reinhardt, Dirk; Abrahamsson, Jonas; Adachi, Souichi; Aplenc, Richard; De Bont, Eveline S. J. M.; De Moerloose, Barbara; Dworzak, Michael; Gibson, Brenda E. S.; Hasle, Henrik; Leverger, Guy; Locatelli, Franco; Ragu, Christine; Ribeiro, Raul C.; Rizzari, Carmelo; Rubnitz, Jeffrey E.; Smith, Owen P.; Sung, Lillian; Tomizawa, Daisuke; van den Heuvel-Eibrink, Marry M.; Creutzig, Ursula; Kaspers, Gertjan J. L.


    Diagnosis, treatment, response monitoring, and outcome of pediatric acute myeloid leukemia (AML) have made enormous progress during the past decades. Because AML is a rare type of childhood cancer, with an incidence of approximately seven occurrences per 1 million children annually, national and int

  15. Effect of Four Approaches to Oral Feeding Progression on Clinical Outcomes in Preterm Infants

    Rita H. Pickler


    Full Text Available Background. The purpose of this study of preterm infants was to test the effect of four approaches to the time of transition from gavage to full oral feedings, time to discharge, and weight gain during the transition. Methods. A randomized experimental design was used with four intervention groups: early start (32 weeks’ postmenstrual age/slow progressing experience (gradually increasing oral feedings offered per day; early start/maximum experience (oral feedings offered at every feeding opportunity; late start (34 weeks’ postmenstrual age/slow progressing experience; and late start/maximum experience. Results. The analysis included 86 preterm infants. Once oral feedings were initiated, infants in the late start/maximum experience group achieved full oral feeding and were discharged to home significantly sooner than infants in either early start group. Although not significantly different, these infants also achieved these outcomes sooner than infants in the late start/slow progressing experience group. There were no differences in weight gain across groups. Conclusions. Results suggest starting oral feedings later in preterm infants may result in more rapid transition to full oral feedings and discharge although not at early postnatal ages. Provision of a more consistent approach to oral feeding may support infant neurodevelopment and reduce length of hospitalization.

  16. Role of macrophages in the progression of acute pancreatitis

    Sabrina; Gea-Sorlí; Daniel; Closa


    In addition to pancreatic cells,other inflammatory cell populations contribute to the generation of inflammatory mediators during acute pancreatitis.In particular,macrophages could be activated by mediators released during pancreatitis by a damaged pancreas.It has been reported that peritoneal macrophages,alveolar macrophages and Kupffer cells become activated in different stages of severe acute pancreatitis.However,macrophages display remarkable plasticity and can change their physiology in response to environmental cues.Depending on their microenvironmental stimulation,macrophages could follow different activation pathways resulting in marked phenotypic heterogeneity.This ability has made these cells interesting therapeutical targets and several approaches have been assayed to modulate the progression of inflammatory response secondary to acute pancreatitis.However,despite the recent advances in the modulation of macrophage function in vivo,the therapeutical applications of these strategies require a better understanding of the regulation of gene expression in these cells.

  17. Feeding cues and injected nutrients induce acute expression of multiple clock genes in the mouse liver.

    Hideaki Oike

    Full Text Available The circadian clock is closely associated with energy metabolism. The liver clock can rapidly adapt to a new feeding cycle within a few days, whereas the lung clock is gradually entrained over one week. However, the mechanism underlying tissue-specific clock resetting is not fully understood. To characterize the rapid response to feeding cues in the liver clock, we examined the effects of a single time-delayed feeding on circadian rhythms in the liver and lungs of Per2::Luc reporter knockin mice. After adapting to a night-time restricted feeding schedule, the mice were fed according to a 4, 8, or 13 h delayed schedule on the last day. The phase of the liver clock was delayed in all groups with delayed feeding, whereas the lung clock remained unaffected. We then examined the acute response of clock and metabolism-related genes in the liver using focused DNA-microarrays. Clock mutant mice were bred under constant light to attenuate the endogenous circadian rhythm, and gene expression profiles were determined during 24 h of fasting followed by 8 h of feeding. Per2 and Dec1 were significantly increased within 1 h of feeding. Real-time RT-PCR analysis revealed a similarly acute response in hepatic clock gene expression caused by feeding wild type mice after an overnight fast. In addition to Per2 and Dec1, the expression of Per1 increased, and that of Rev-erbα decreased in the liver within 1 h of feeding after fasting, whereas none of these clock genes were affected in the lung. Moreover, an intraperitoneal injection of glucose combined with amino acids, but not either alone, reproduced a similar hepatic response. Our findings show that multiple clock genes respond to nutritional cues within 1 h in the liver but not in the lung.

  18. Research Progress of Grassland Feed-animal Balance at Home and Abroad

    Xiaohu; MAI; Yujuan; ZHANG; Yingjun; ZHANG; Shangli; SHI; Ding; HUANG; Yajun; ZHANG


    Feed-animal balance is the key technique on the grassland ecosystem management,and attracts widespread attention in the world.Many studies have been conducted by former researchers,and most of their efforts were intended to keep the balance of feed-animal.However,there are still much more issue needed to be studied in details on the face of grassland degeneration and animal husbandry sustainable development.The author analyzed the feed-animal balance research progress,including the concept of stocking rate and its practical management techniques,especially on the stocking rate calculation methods.In addition,the social and economy effects on feed-animal balance were also discussed during the progress of improving the development of pastoral economy.In order to achieve feed-animal balance more effectively,it was concluded that the focus must be shift from only on animal number to the grassland quality,and it’s necessary to strengthen market tax control.

  19. Metabolic assessment and enteral tube feeding usage in children with acute neurological diseases

    Heitor Pons Leite

    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: To report on acquired experience of metabolic support for children with acute neurological diseases, emphasizing enteral tube feeding usage and metabolic assessment, and also to recommend policies aimed towards improving its implementation. DESIGN: Retrospective analysis. SETTING: Pediatric Intensive Care Unit of Hospital do Servidor Público Estadual de São Paulo. SUBJECTS: 44 patients consecutively admitted to the Pediatric ICU over a period of 3 years who were given nutrition and metabolic support for at least 72 hours. Head trauma, CNS infections and craniotomy post-operative period following tumor exeresis were the main diagnoses. MEASUREMENTS: Records of protein-energy intake, nutrient supply route, nitrogen balance and length of therapy. RESULTS: From a total of 527 days of therapy, single parenteral nutrition was utilized for 34.3% and single enteral tube feeding for 79.1% of that period. 61.4% of the children were fed exclusively via enteral tube feeding, 9.1% via parenteral and 39.5 % by both routes. The enteral tube feeding was introduced upon admission and transpyloric placement was successful in 90% of the cases. Feeding was started 48 hours after ICU admission. The caloric goal was achieved on the 7th day after admission, and thereafter parenteral nutrition was interrupted. The maximum energy supply was 104.2 ± 23.15 kcal/kg. The median length of therapy was 11 days (range 4-38. None of the patients on tube feeding developed GI tract bleeding, pneumonia or bronchoaspiration episodes and, of the 4 patients who were given exclusive TPN, 2 developed peptic ulcer. The initial urinary urea nitrogen was 7.11 g/m2 and at discharge 6.44 g/m2. The protein supply increased from 1.49 g/kg to 3.65 g/kg (p< 0.01. The nitrogen balance increased from -7.05 to 2.2 g (p< 0.01. CONCLUSIONS: Children with acute neurological diseases are hypercatabolic and have high urinary nitrogen losses. The initial negative nitrogen balance can be

  20. Progression from acute to chronic pancreatitis: prognostic factors, mortality, and natural course

    Nøjgaard, Camilla; Becker, Ulrik; Matzen, Peter


    Knowledge of the natural course of acute pancreatitis (AP) and risk of progression to chronic pancreatitis (CP) is limited. The aims were to describe: (1) the incidence of progression from AP to CP, (2) prognostic factors for progression, and (3) the natural course and mortality of progressive AP....

  1. Nasogastric Tube Feeding in Predicted Severe Acute Pancreatitis. A Systematic Review of the Literature to Determine Safety and Tolerance

    Maxim S Petrov


    Full Text Available Context Nasogastric tube feeding is safe and well tolerated in most critically ill patients. However, its safety and tolerance in the setting of severe acute pancreatitis is debatable. Objective We aimed to review all available studies on nasogastric feeding in patients with severe acute pancreatitis to determine the safety and tolerance of this approach. A further aim was to perform a meta-analysis of the available randomized controlled trials regarding nasogastric versus nasojejunal feeding. Methods Three electronic databases (Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials, EMBASE and MEDLINE and the abstracts of major gastroenterological meetings were reviewed. Meta-analysis was performed using the random effects model. Main outcome measures The summary estimates were reported as risk ratio (RR with 95% confidence interval (95% CI. Results A total of four studies on nasogastric tube feeding in 92 patients with predicted severe acute pancreatitis were identified. Documented infected pancreatic necrosis developed in 11 patients (16.9% and multiple organ failure in 10 (15.4% out of 65 patients with available data. Overall, there were 15 deaths (16.3%. An exacerbation of pain after initiation of feeding occurred in 3 (4.3% out of 69 patients with available data. Full tolerance was achieved in 73 (79.3% patients who did not require temporary reduction, stoppage or withdrawal of nasogastric feeding. The results of nasogastric feeding as compared to nasojejunal feeding, were no worse in terms of mortality (RR=0.77; 95% CI: 0.37 to 1.62; P=0.50 or intolerance of feeding (RR=1.09; 95% CI: 0.46 to 2.59; P=0.84. Conclusion Nasogastric feeding appears safe and well tolerated in patients with predicted severe acute pancreatitis. An adequately powered randomized trial on nasogastric versus nasojejunal feeding is required to support this approach as routine clinical management.

  2. Progression From Acute to Chronic Pancreatitis Prognostic Factors, Mortality, and Natural Course

    Nojgaard, C.; Becker, U.; Matzen, Peter


    Objectives: Knowledge of the natural course of acute pancreatitis (AP) and risk of progression to chronic pancreatitis (CP) is limited. The aims were to describe: (1) the incidence of progression from AP to CP, (2) prognostic factors for progression, and (3) the natural course and mortality...

  3. Non-progressive cerebellar ataxia and previous undetermined acute cerebellar injury: a mysterious clinical condition

    Wladimir Bocca Vieira de Rezende Pinto


    Full Text Available Cerebellar ataxias represent a wide group of neurological diseases secondary to dysfunctions of cerebellum or its associated pathways, rarely coursing with acute-onset acquired etiologies and chronic non-progressive presentation. We evaluated patients with acquired non-progressive cerebellar ataxia that presented previous acute or subacute onset. Clinical and neuroimaging characterization of adult patients with acquired non-progressive ataxia were performed. Five patients were identified with the phenotype of acquired non-progressive ataxia. Most patients presented with a juvenile to adult-onset acute to subacute appendicular and truncal cerebellar ataxia with mild to moderate cerebellar or olivopontocerebellar atrophy. Establishing the etiology of the acute triggering events of such ataxias is complex. Non-progressive ataxia in adults must be distinguished from hereditary ataxias.

  4. Non-progressive cerebellar ataxia and previous undetermined acute cerebellar injury: a mysterious clinical condition

    Wladimir Bocca Vieira de Rezende Pinto


    Full Text Available Cerebellar ataxias represent a wide group of neurological diseases secondary to dysfunctions of cerebellum or its associated pathways, rarely coursing with acute-onset acquired etiologies and chronic non-progressive presentation. We evaluated patients with acquired non-progressive cerebellar ataxia that presented previous acute or subacute onset. Clinical and neuroimaging characterization of adult patients with acquired non-progressive ataxia were performed. Five patients were identified with the phenotype of acquired non-progressive ataxia. Most patients presented with a juvenile to adult-onset acute to subacute appendicular and truncal cerebellar ataxia with mild to moderate cerebellar or olivopontocerebellar atrophy. Establishing the etiology of the acute triggering events of such ataxias is complex. Non-progressive ataxia in adults must be distinguished from hereditary ataxias.

  5. Gestational age, mode of birth and breastmilk feeding all influence acute early childhood gastroenteritis: a record-linkage cohort study

    Bentley, Jason P; Simpson, Judy M; Bowen, Jenny R.; Morris, Jonathan M.; Roberts, Christine L; Nassar, Natasha


    Background Acute gastroenteritis (AGE) is a leading cause of infectious morbidity in childhood. Clinical studies have implicated caesarean section, early birth and formula feeding in modifying normal gut microbiota development and immune system homeostasis in early life. Rates of early birth and cesarean delivery are also increasing worldwide. This study aimed to investigate the independent and combined associations of the mode and timing of birth and breastmilk feeding with AGE hospitalisati...

  6. Awareness regarding breast feeding and complementary feeding in mothers of children with severe acute malnutrition at stabilization centre Multan

    Saadia Khan


    Full Text Available Breast feeding is the most natural way of feeding the infants and help to reduce child mortality and morbidity and millions of deaths could be prevented each year if mothers were aware of benefits of exclusive breast feeding for 4 -6 months and early initiation of breast feeding. In current study, awareness regarding breast feeding and complementary feeding in mothers of severely malnourished children was evaluated. The results showed that 99% mothers considered breast milk safe and effective but practically only 23% babies were breast fed while 77% were bottle fed. According to 58% mothers, there should be a early initiation of breast feeding, while 57% were un aware of the facts that clostrum should be given while 43% (43/100 of then considered it unhealthy and non effective. The current awareness reveals that most of the mothers prefer to give commercially available foods for their infants instead of breast feeding. This situation is alarming regarding child health and there is need to educate the mothers especially about the beneficial and health curing effects of breast feeding.

  7. Awareness regarding breast feeding and complementary feeding in mothers of children with severe acute malnutrition at stabilization centre Multan

    Saadia Khan


    Full Text Available Breast feeding is the most natural way of feeding the infants and help to reduce child mortality and morbidity and millions of deaths could be prevented each year if mothers were aware of benefits of exclusive breast feeding for 4 -6 months and early initiation of breast feeding. In current study, awareness regarding breast feeding and complementary feeding in mothers of severely malnourished children was evaluated. The results showed that 99% mothers considered breast milk safe and effective but practically only 23% babies were breast fed while 77% were bottle fed. According to 58% mothers, there should be a early initiation of breast feeding, while 57% were un aware of the facts that clostrum should be given while 43% (43/100 of then considered it unhealthy and non effective. The current awareness reveals that most of the mothers prefer to give commercially available foods for their infants instead of breast feeding. This situation is alarming regarding child health and there is need to educate the mothers especially about the beneficial and health curing effects of breast feeding.

  8. What drives progressive motor deficits in patients with acute pontine infarction?

    Jue-bao Li


    Full Text Available Progressive motor deficits are relatively common in acute pontine infarction and frequently associated with increased functional disability. However, the factors that affect the progression of clinical motor weakness are largely unknown. Previous studies have suggested that pontine infarctions are caused mainly by basilar artery stenosis and penetrating artery disease. Recently, lower pons lesions in patients with acute pontine infarctions have been reported to be related to progressive motor deficits, and ensuing that damage to the corticospinal tracts may be responsible for the worsening of neurological symptoms. Here, we review studies on motor weakness progression in pontine infarction and discuss the mechanisms that may underlie the neurologic worsening.

  9. Acute corticosterone sexually dimorphically facilitates social learning and inhibits feeding in mice.

    Choleris, Elena; Cazzin, Laura; Lymer, Jennifer M; Amor, Talya R; Lu, Ray; Kavaliers, Martin; Valsecchi, Paola


    In numerous species social learning is predominant and adaptive, yet, we know little of its neurobiological mechanisms. Social learning is modulated by motivations and emotions, in a manner that is often sexually dimorphic. Additionally, stress hormones acutely modulate the related social cognitive process of social recognition. Whether this is true even for social learning is currently unknown. We investigated the acute effects of the stress hormone corticosterone (CORT) on the social transmission of food preferences (STFP) in male and female mice. During a brief social interaction an observer (OBS) acquires a food preference from a same-sex demonstrator (DEM). CORT (1.0, 2.5, 5.0 mg/kg), its ethanol vehicle (0.1%), and saline solution (0.9%) were administered intraperitoneally to the OBS, 10 min before a 30-min social interaction. Levels of plasma CORT were assessed in other mice that had received the same doses of CORT and either had or had not gone through a 30 min social interaction 10 min post-treatment. Exogenous CORT elicited levels of plasma level comparable to those seen at the peak of the circadian cycle and facilitated the STFP with males responding more than females both in terms of the duration of the food preference and the minimum effective dose. CORT also sexually dimorphically inhibited feeding, with females showing a greater dose-response than males. Saline solution and ethanol vehicles also sexually dimorphically facilitated the STFP and reduced feeding, but less than CORT did. These results indicate that CORT facilitates social learning, like social recognition. Hence, CORT may generally increase social information processing.

  10. Progress and perspectives in pediatric acute respiratory distress syndrome.

    Rotta, Alexandre Tellechea; Piva, Jefferson Pedro; Andreolio, Cinara; de Carvalho, Werther Brunow; Garcia, Pedro Celiny Ramos


    Acute respiratory distress syndrome is a disease of acute onset characterized by hypoxemia and infiltrates on chest radiographs that affects both adults and children of all ages. It is an important cause of respiratory failure in pediatric intensive care units and is associated with significant morbidity and mortality. Nevertheless, until recently, the definitions and diagnostic criteria for acute respiratory distress syndrome have focused on the adult population. In this article, we review the evolution of the definition of acute respiratory distress syndrome over nearly five decades, with a special focus on the new pediatric definition. We also discuss recommendations for the implementation of mechanical ventilation strategies in the treatment of acute respiratory distress syndrome in children and the use of adjuvant therapies.

  11. [Progress in predicting animal feed intake of plant secondary compounds by spectral analysis].

    Wang, Yuan-Su; Hong, Fu-Zeng; Wang, Kun


    Study on feed intake of phytophagic animals is a key issue in promoting animal productivity and conservation of wild life. However, how to accurately predict the feed intake of grazing animal and wild life is a long remaining problem. Under the mechanism of co-evolution, plant produces secondary compounds such as phenolics, terpenoids and nitrogen-containing compounds to avoid or reduce animal herbivorous damage as a defensive strategy, while animal attained detoxification capacity of biotransforming and mineralizing the compounds by microbial activities and reactions such as hydrolysis and reduction. The attributes of feedstuff and the amount of a particular feed consumed by the animal affect directly the urinary excretion of secondary metabolites. Plant secondary compounds and their metabolites can be efficiently extracted, separated and structure-identified by spectroscopic analytic method. Then the feed intake of the animal can be accurately measured or predicted by the inference model of concentration-ratio that is based on the regression of correlating the secondary metabolites to the precursors in plant. Aromatic compounds, an universal occurrence in vascular plants, play an important role in predicting feed intake of ruminants. Progresses have been made all-around about the new method. Intensive studies have found that different species and developing stage of plant have varying kinds and levels of secondary compounds, and the age, gender and type of animal have different capacity of metabolizing the compounds. Increasing concentrations of the compounds in the diet led to a dose-dependent decrease in food intake best described as an exponential decay. Animals that had not previously been exposed to the compounds ate significantly more when first offered food containing the compound than on subsequent days. Advanced spectroscopic analytic method has been developed and widely applied in extraction (e. g. microwave assisted extraction and ultrasonic extraction


    Wang, Yiwen; da Cruz, Tina Correia; Pulfemuller, Alicia; Grégoire, Stéphane; Ferveur, Jean-François; Moussian, Bernard


    Fatty acid desaturases are metabolic setscrews. To study their systemic impact on growth in Drosophila melanogaster, we inhibited fatty acid desaturases using the inhibitor CAY10566. As expected, the amount of desaturated lipids is reduced in larvae fed with CAY10566. These animals cease feeding soon after hatching, and their growth is strongly attenuated. A starvation program is not launched, but the expression of distinct metabolic genes is activated, possibly to mobilize storage material. Without attaining the normal size, inhibitor-fed larvae molt to the next stage indicating that the steroid hormone ecdysone triggers molting correctly. Nevertheless, after molting, expression of ecdysone-dependent regulators is not induced. While control larvae molt a second time, these larvae fail to do so and die after few days of straying. These effects are similar to those observed in experiments using larvae deficient for the fatty acid desaturase1 gene. Based on these data, we propose that the ratio of saturated to unsaturated fatty acids adjusts a sensor system that directs feeding behavior. We also hypothesize that loss of fatty acid desaturase activity leads to a block of the genetic program of development progression indirectly by switching on a metabolic compensation program.

  13. Comparison of feeding strategies in acute toxicity tests of crude oil and commercial bioremediation agents

    Cavender, R.C.; Cherry, D.S.; Yeager, M.M. [Virginia Polytechnic Inst. and State Univ., Blacksburg, VA (United States). Biology Dept.; Bidwell, J.R. [Univ. of South Australia, Adelaide (Australia). School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences


    Proposed modifications to the National Oil and Hazardous Substance Pollution Contingency Plan have prompted examinations of the methodology used in toxicity testing of the water soluble fraction (WSF) of oil, commercial bioremediation agents (CBA), and a combination of the two. The organisms currently used in acute (96 hr) testing of these agents are the inland silverside, Menidia beryllina, and an estuarine mysid, Mysidopsis bahia. The mysid is a carnivorous species that must be fed during a test in order to prevent predation within the test chambers. Currently proposed methodology for silverside testing also includes feeding. The high oxygen demand of CBAs and the WSF of oil causes dissolved oxygen to be a factor in toxicity. This effect can be intensified by the addition of brine shrimp (Artemia sp.) to the test chambers. The purpose of this study was to compare the toxicity of CBAs in combination with the WSF of oil to silversides with and without the addition of food. Tests were conducted using both 24-hour and 14-day spinning times for the CBA/WSF mixture. With the 24-hour spinning time, LC50 values from each day of the 4-day test were consistently lower in the Artemia fed test (47.8--22.6%) as compared to the unfed test (72.1--43.0%). A similar trend was seen in the 24 and 48 hour LC50`s in the 14-day spinning time. Overall, low dissolved oxygen was found to be most relevant at the highest CBA/WSF concentrations where D.O. dropped below 2 mg/l in Artemia fed tests.

  14. Research progress of acute coagulopathy of trauma-shock

    Baiqiang Li; Haichen Sun


    Acute coagulopathy of trauma-shock (ACoTS) occurs in 25% of patients with severe trauma in the early phase, and the mortality of those patients is four-fold higher than patients without coagulopathy.The pathophysiology of this complicated phenomenon has been focused on in recent years.Tissue injury and hypoperfusion, activated protein C and Complements play important roles in the early phase after trauma.While the use of blood products, hypothermia, acidosis and inflammation are the main mechanism in late phase.Supplementing coagulation factors and platelets to improve ACoTS are inefficient.Only positive resuscitation from shock and improving tissue hypoperfusion have expected benefits.

  15. Progress in Global Surveillance and Response Capacity 10 Years After Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome


    Dr. Mike Miller reads an abridged version of the Emerging Infectious Diseases' synopsis, Progress in Global Surveillance and Response Capacity 10 Years after Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.  Created: 4/10/2013 by National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases (NCEZID).   Date Released: 4/11/2013.

  16. Progressively engaging: constructing nurse, patient, and family relationships in acute care settings.

    Segaric, Cheryl Ann; Hall, Wendy A


    In this grounded theory study, informed by symbolic interactionism, we explain how nurses, patients, and family members construct relationships in acute care settings, including managing effects of work environments. We recruited participants from 10 acute care units across four community hospitals in a Western Canadian city. From 33 hr of participant observation and 40 interviews with 13 nurses, 17 patients, and 10 family members, we constructed the basic social-psychological process of progressively engaging. Nurses, patients, and family members approached constructing relationships through levels of engagement, ranging from perspectives about "just doing the job" to "doing the job with heart." Progressively engaging involved three stages: focusing on tasks, getting acquainted, and building rapport. Workplace conditions and personal factors contributed or detracted from participants' movement through the stages of the process; with higher levels of engagement, participants experienced greater satisfaction and cooperation. Progressively engaging provides direction for how all participants in care can invest in relationships.

  17. Feasibility of Progressive Strength Training Implemented in the Acute Ward after Hip Fracture Surgery

    Kronborg, Lise; Bandholm, Thomas; Palm, Henrik;


    IMPORTANCE: Patients with a hip fracture lose more than 50% knee-extension strength in the fractured limb within one week of surgery. Hence, immediate progressive strength training following hip fracture surgery may be rational, but the feasibility unknown. OBJECTIVE: To examine the feasibility...... of in-hospital progressive strength training implemented in the acute ward following hip fracture surgery, based on pre-specified criteria for feasibility. DESIGN, SETTING AND PATIENTS: A prospective cohort study conducted in an acute orthopedic hip fracture unit at a university hospital. A consecutive...... sample of 36 patients, 18 with a cervical and 18 with a trochanteric hip fracture (27 women and 9 men, mean (SD) age of 79.4 (8.3) years) were included between June and December 2012. INTERVENTION: A daily (on weekdays) program of progressive knee-extension strength training for the fractured limb, using...

  18. Comparing Acute Bouts of Sagittal Plane Progression Foam Rolling vs. Frontal Plane Progression Foam Rolling.

    Peacock, Corey A; Krein, Darren D; Antonio, Jose; Sanders, Gabriel J; Silver, Tobin A; Colas, Megan


    Many strength and conditioning professionals have included the use of foam rolling devices within a warm-up routine prior to both training and competition. Multiple studies have investigated foam rolling in regards to performance, flexibility, and rehabilitation; however, additional research is necessary in supporting the topic. Furthermore, as multiple foam rolling progressions exist, researching differences that may result from each is required. To investigate differences in foam rolling progressions, 16 athletically trained males underwent a 2-condition within-subjects protocol comparing the differences of 2 common foam rolling progressions in regards to performance testing. The 2 conditions included a foam rolling progression targeting the mediolateral axis of the body (FRml) and foam rolling progression targeting the anteroposterior axis (FRap). Each was administered in adjunct with a full-body dynamic warm-up. After each rolling progression, subjects performed National Football League combine drills, flexibility, and subjective scaling measures. The data demonstrated that FRml was effective at improving flexibility (p ≤ 0.05) when compared with FRap. No other differences existed between progressions.

  19. A case of biopsy-proven chronic kidney disease on progression from acute phosphate nephropathy

    Woo Chul Joo


    Full Text Available Acute phosphate nephropathy (APhN following oral sodium phosphate solution (OSP ingestion as a bowel purgative has been frequently reported. It was recently suggested that APhN could progress to chronic kidney disease (CKD and a history of APhN might be considered as one of the causes of CKD. However, there are few reports proving APhN as a cause of CKD. Here, we report a case of APhN that progressed to CKD, as proven by renal biopsy.

  20. Acute intermittent porphyria presenting as progressive muscular atrophy in a young black man.

    Albertyn, C H; Sonderup, M; Bryer, A; Corrigall, A; Meissner, P; Heckmann, J M


    Acute intermittent porphyria, the most common porphyria affecting the nervous system, typically presents with neurovisceral crises followed by a motor neuropathy. We describe a 23-year-old black South African man presenting with a progressive stuttering, lower motor neuron syndrome developing over months. He had not experienced pain or neuropsychiatric symptoms. One year after symptom onset he was bed-bound with a flaccid quadriparesis. There was marked amyotrophy, but without fasciculations. Sensation was intact apart from a hypo-aesthetic patch over the thigh. Electrophysiological investigations showed an active motor axonopathy. Urinary porphyrins, delta-aminolaevulinic acid and porphobilinogen were elevated. Mutation analysis revealed the c445C>T (R149X) mutation in the porphobilinogen deaminase gene. The patient responded dramatically to haem arginate and could walk with assistance 2 weeks later. We identified the first molecularly confirmed acute intermittent porphyria in a black South African. The clinical presentation mimicked a progressive lower motor neuron syndrome.

  1. Progress in research into the mechanism of Radix salviae miltiorrhizae in treatment of acute pancreatitis

    Xi-Ping Zhang; Zhi-Jun Li; Da-Ren Liu


    BACKGROUND: Acute pancreatitis (AP) is a common acute abdomen with high mortality, multiple complications and complicated causes. There is no effective therapy for AP. Radix salviae miltiorrhizae (Danshen), a traditional herbal medicine, has a low price and a wide range of clinical applications. It is effective to promote blood lfow, eliminate stagnancy, and relieve pain. It is also found to be effective in treating AP. We reviewed the progress in research into the mechanism of Radix salviae miltiorrhizae in treatment of AP. DATA SOURCES: An english-language literature search was conducted using MEDLINE (1988-2005) on Radix salviae miltiorrhizae (Danshen) and acute pancreatitis. RESULTS:The mechanisms of Danshen in the treatment of AP include improvement of microcirculatory disturbances;elimination of oxygen free radicals; modulation of the metabolism of lipid inlfammatory mediator;and blocking of calcium inlfow and prevention of calcium overload. CONCLUSION:Danshen can effectively reduce the mortality and complications of AP.

  2. TGF-β1 expression in wound healing is acutely affected by experimental malnutrition and early enteral feeding.

    Alves, Claudia Cristina; Torrinhas, Raquel Susana; Giorgi, Ricardo; Brentani, Maria Mitzi; Logullo, Angela Flavia; Waitzberg, Dan Linetzky


    Malnutrition is associated with the delay or failure of healing. We assessed the effect of experimental malnutrition and early enteral feeding with standard diet or diet supplemented with arginine and antioxidants on the levels of mRNA encoding growth factors in acute, open wound healing. Standardised cutaneous dorsal wounds and gastrostomies for enteral feeding were created in malnourished (M, n = 27) and eutrophic control (E, n = 30) Lewis male adult rats. Both M and E rats received isocaloric and isonitrogenous regimens with oral chow and saline (C), standard (S) or supplemented (A) enteral diets. On post-trauma day 7, mRNA levels of growth factor genes were analysed in wound granulation tissue by reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). M(C) rats had significantly lower transforming growth factor β(TGF-β1 ) mRNA levels than E(C) rats (2·58 ± 0·83 versus 3·53 ± 0·57, P malnutrition decreased local mRNA levels of TGF-β1 genes, which was minimised by early enteral feeding with standard or supplemented diets.

  3. Acute effects of dietary glycemic index on antioxidant capacity in nutrient-controlled feeding study

    Oxidative stress, caused by an imbalance between antioxidant capacity and reactive oxygen species, may be an early event in a metabolic cascade elicited by a high glycemic index (GI) diet, ultimately increasing the risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. We conducted a feeding study to evalua...

  4. Clinical value of MRI and acute madopar responsiveness test in diagnosing progressive supranuclear palsy

    LI Xiao-hong


    Full Text Available Objective To investigate the MRI abnormalities and acute madopar responsiveness test in diagnosing progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP and Parkinson's disease (PD. Methods Seventeen patients with PSP and 17 gender and age matched patients with PD were studied with cranial MRI examinations and results of acute madopar responsiveness test, and the clinical manifestations of PSP were summarized. Results The atrophy of the midbrain tegmentum and hummingbird sign was demonstrated in all of the PSP patients in our study, but was not observed in the PD patients. The areas of the midbrain on mid-sagittal MRI in PSP patients [(77.35 ± 15.30 mm2] were significantly smaller than that in those with PD [(142.35 ± 31.49 mm2]. The average ratio of the area of the midbrain to the area of pons in the patients with PSP [(14.31 ± 2.47%] was significantly smaller than that in those with PD [(24.08 ± 4.73%; P = 0.000, for all]. According to the result of acute madopar responsiveness test, the maximum Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS Ⅲ improvement rate of 2 patients with PSP and 16 patients with PD was more than 30% (χ2 = 23.142, P = 0.000. Conclusion The assessment of the mid-sagittal MRI and acute madopar responsiveness test may be a useful method to differentiate PSP from PD.

  5. γδ T cells are involved in acute HIV infection and associated with AIDS progression.

    Zhen Li

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Early diagnosis is vital to HIV control. γδ T cells play critical roles in viral infections, but their activation in acute HIV infected patients and follow up to 18 months has not been described. METHODS: Changes in γδ T cells, including subsets, function and activation, in treated and untreated acutely HIV-infected patients (n = 79 were compared by cytotoxicity assay and flow cytometry with healthy controls (n = 21 at month 0, 6, 12 and 18. RESULTS: In acutely HIV-infected patients, Vδ1 cell proportion was elevated (P = 0.027 with Vδ2 population reduced (P = 0.002. Effector and central memory γδ T cell factions were decreased (P = 0.006 and P = 0.001, respectively, while proportion of terminal γδ T cells increased (P = 0.002. γδ T cell cytotoxicity was compromised over time. Fraction of IL-17-producing cells increased (P = 0.008, and IFN-γ-producing cells were unaffected (P = 0.115. Elevation of a microbial translocation marker, sCD14, was associated with γδ T cell activation (P = 0.001, which increased in a time-dependent manner, correlating with CD4/CD8 T cell activation set-points and CD4 counts. Antiretroviral therapy did not affect these changes. CONCLUSIONS: γδ T cell subpopulation and functions change significantly in acute HIV infection and over time. Early γδ T cell activation was associated with CD4/CD8 T cell activation set-points, which predict AIDS progression. Therefore, γδ T cell activation represents a potential surrogate marker of AIDS progression.

  6. Review: Study progress on mechanism of severe acute pancreatitis complicated with hepatic injury

    ZHANG Xi-ping; WANG Lei; ZHANG Jie


    Study on the action mechanism of inflammatory mediators generated by the severe acute pancreatitis (SAP) in multiple organ injury is a hotspot in the surgical field. In clinical practice, the main complicated organ dysfunctions are shock, respiratory failure, renal failure, encephalopathy, with the rate of hepatic diseases being closely next to them. The hepatic injury caused by SAP cannot only aggravate the state of pancreatitis, but also develop into hepatic failure and cause patient death. Its complicated pathogenic mechanism is an obstacle in clinical treatment. Among many pathogenic factors, the changes ofvasoactive substances, participation of inflammatory mediators as well as OFR (oxygen free radical), endotoxin, etc. may play important roles in its progression.

  7. Moderate (2%, v/v) Ethanol Feeding Alters Hepatic Wound Healing after Acute Carbon Tetrachloride Exposure in Mice.

    Deshpande, Krutika T; Liu, Shinlan; McCracken, Jennifer M; Jiang, Lu; Gaw, Ta Ehpaw; Kaydo, Lindsey N; Richard, Zachary C; O'Neil, Maura F; Pritchard, Michele T


    Wound healing consists of three overlapping phases: inflammation, proliferation, and matrix synthesis and remodeling. Prolonged alcohol abuse can cause liver fibrosis due to deregulated matrix remodeling. Previous studies demonstrated that moderate ethanol feeding enhances liver fibrogenic markers and frank fibrosis independent of differences in CCl₄-induced liver injury. Our objective was to determine whether or not other phases of the hepatic wound healing response were affected by moderate ethanol after CCl₄ exposure. Mice were fed moderate ethanol (2% v/v) for two days and then were exposed to CCl₄ and euthanized 24-96 h later. Liver injury was not different between pair- and ethanol-fed mice; however, removal of necrotic tissue was delayed after CCl₄-induced liver injury in ethanol-fed mice. Inflammation, measured by TNFα mRNA and protein and hepatic Ly6c transcript accumulation, was reduced and associated with enhanced hepatocyte apoptosis after ethanol feeding. Hepatocytes entered the cell cycle equivalently in pair- and ethanol-fed mice after CCl₄ exposure, but hepatocyte proliferation was prolonged in livers from ethanol-fed mice. CCl₄-induced hepatic stellate cell activation was increased and matrix remodeling was prolonged in ethanol-fed mice compared to controls. Taken together, moderate ethanol affected each phase of the wound healing response to CCl₄. These data highlight previously unknown effects of moderate ethanol exposure on hepatic wound healing after acute hepatotoxicant exposure.

  8. Moderate (2%, v/v Ethanol Feeding Alters Hepatic Wound Healing after Acute Carbon Tetrachloride Exposure in Mice

    Krutika T. Deshpande


    Full Text Available Wound healing consists of three overlapping phases: inflammation, proliferation, and matrix synthesis and remodeling. Prolonged alcohol abuse can cause liver fibrosis due to deregulated matrix remodeling. Previous studies demonstrated that moderate ethanol feeding enhances liver fibrogenic markers and frank fibrosis independent of differences in CCl4-induced liver injury. Our objective was to determine whether or not other phases of the hepatic wound healing response were affected by moderate ethanol after CCl4 exposure. Mice were fed moderate ethanol (2% v/v for two days and then were exposed to CCl4 and euthanized 24–96 h later. Liver injury was not different between pair- and ethanol-fed mice; however, removal of necrotic tissue was delayed after CCl4-induced liver injury in ethanol-fed mice. Inflammation, measured by TNFα mRNA and protein and hepatic Ly6c transcript accumulation, was reduced and associated with enhanced hepatocyte apoptosis after ethanol feeding. Hepatocytes entered the cell cycle equivalently in pair- and ethanol-fed mice after CCl4 exposure, but hepatocyte proliferation was prolonged in livers from ethanol-fed mice. CCl4-induced hepatic stellate cell activation was increased and matrix remodeling was prolonged in ethanol-fed mice compared to controls. Taken together, moderate ethanol affected each phase of the wound healing response to CCl4. These data highlight previously unknown effects of moderate ethanol exposure on hepatic wound healing after acute hepatotoxicant exposure.

  9. Hierarchy in gene expression is predictive of risk, progression, and outcome in adult acute myeloid leukemia

    Tripathi, Shubham; Deem, Michael W.


    Cancer progresses with a change in the structure of the gene network in normal cells. We define a measure of organizational hierarchy in gene networks of affected cells in adult acute myeloid leukemia (AML) patients. With a retrospective cohort analysis based on the gene expression profiles of 116 AML patients, we find that the likelihood of future cancer relapse and the level of clinical risk are directly correlated with the level of organization in the cancer related gene network. We also explore the variation of the level of organization in the gene network with cancer progression. We find that this variation is non-monotonic, which implies the fitness landscape in the evolution of AML cancer cells is non-trivial. We further find that the hierarchy in gene expression at the time of diagnosis may be a useful biomarker in AML prognosis.

  10. SETBP1 and miR_4319 dysregulation in primary myelofibrosis progression to acute myeloid leukemia

    Albano Francesco


    Full Text Available Abstract The molecular pathogenesis underlying the primary myelofibrosis (PMF progression to acute myeloid leukemia (AML is still not well defined. The involvement of microRNA (miRNA is actually helping to shed light on an important issue in the occurrence of myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs. However, the role of intronic miRNA, derived from the intron regions of gene transcripts, has never been reported in MPNs. In this study, we describe a PMF case evolved to AML with a t(12;18(p13;q12 rearrangement showing the downregulation of the intronic miR_4319 and the overexpression of its host gene, SET binding protein (SETBP1. A possible molecular mechanism regulating the PMF progression to AML is discussed.

  11. The pragmatics of feeding the pediatric patient with acute respiratory distress syndrome.

    Verger, Judy T; Bradshaw, Darla J; Henry, Elizabeth; Roberts, Kathryn E


    Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) represents the ultimate pulmonary response to a wide range of injuries, from septicemia to trauma. Optimal nutrition is vital to enhancing oxygen delivery, supporting adequate cardiac contractility and respiratory musculature, eliminating fluid and electrolyte imbalances, and supporting the proinflammatory response. Research is providing a better understanding of nutrients that specifically address the complex physiologic changes in ARDS. This article highlights the pathophysiology of ARDS as it relates to nutrition, relevant nutritional assessment, and important enteral and parenteral considerations for the pediatric patient who has ARDS.

  12. Prediction of acute stroke progression by the National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale

    Vinh Phuong; Tran Van Huy


    Objective To determine the occurrence of neurological changes during the first 48 hours after acute stroke as it relates to the initial stroke severity assessment. Methods The assessment with the National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale (NIHSS) was performed serially for the first 48 hours on 68 consecutive ischemic stroke patients admitted to the Department of Geriatric Cardiology at the Khanh Hoa Hospital, Nha Trang, Vietnam. Incidence of stroke progression (a ≥ 3-point increase on the NIHSS) was recorded and analysis performed to determine its association with initial stroke severity and other demographic and physiological variables. Deficit resolution by 48 hours, defined as an NIHSS score of 0 or 1, measured the frequency of functional recovery predicted by the initial deficit.Results Overall progression was noted in 28% of events (19/68). Applying Bayes' solution to the observed frequency of worsening, the greatest likelihood of predicting future patient progression occurred with NIHSS score of =7 and >7. Patients with an initial NIHSS score of =7 experienced a 13% (6/47) worsening rate versus those of an initial score of>7 with a 62% (13/21) worsening rate (P<0.01). 42.5%(20/47) of those with an initial score of =7 were functionally normal at 48 hours, whereas only 4.7% (1/21) of those with scores of >7 retnrned to a normal examination within this period (x2, P<0.05). Conclusions This study suggests that the early clinical course of neurological deficit after acute stroke be dependent on the initial stroke severity and that a dichotomy in early outcome exist surrounding an initial NIHSS score of 7. These findings may have significant implications for the design and patient stratification in treatment protocols with respect to primary clinical outcome.

  13. Progressive disseminated histoplasmosis in systemic lupus erythematosus-an unusual presentation of acute tenosynovitis and a literature review.

    Lim, Sian Yik; Kijsirichareanchai, Kunut; Winn, Richard


    Progressive disseminated histoplasmosis is a disease where Histoplasma capsulatum affects multiple organs due to the inability of host cellular immunity to control the infection. Progressive disseminated histoplasmosis mainly involves the bone marrow, liver, and lungs. We report an unusual initial presentation of progressive disseminated histoplasmosis presenting as acute tenosynovitis in a systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) patient. This report highlights the point that H. capsulatum may present as focal lesions and a high level of suspicion is needed to make the diagnosis, especially in SLE patients. We specifically reviewed reported cases of progressive disseminated histoplasmosis in SLE patients, and a review of the literature is presented.

  14. Effects of acute intermittent hypoxia on energy balance and hypothalamic feeding pathways.

    Moreau, J M; Ciriello, J


    This study was done to investigate the effects of acute intermittent hypoxia (IH) on metabolic factors associated with energy balance and body weight, and on hypothalamic satiety-inducing pathways. Adult male Sprague-Dawley rats were exposed to either 8h IH or normoxic control conditions. Food intake, locomotion and body weights were examined after IH. Additionally, plasma levels of leptin, adiponectin corticosterone, insulin and blood glucose were measured following exposure to IH. Furthermore, adipose tissue was removed and analyzed for leptin and adiponectin content. Finally, the hypothalamic arcuate nucleus (ARC) was assessed for alterations in protein signaling associated with satiety. IH reduced body weight, food intake and active cycle locomotion without altering adipose tissue mass. Leptin protein content was reduced while adiponectin content was elevated in adipose tissue after IH. Plasma concentration of leptin was significantly increased while adiponectin decreased after IH. No changes were found in plasma corticosterone, insulin and blood glucose. In ARC, phosphorylation of signal transducer and activator of transcription-3 and pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC) expression were elevated. In addition, POMC-expressing neurons were activated as determined by immediate early gene FRA-1/2 expression. Finally, ERK1/2 and its phosphorylation were reduced in response to IH. These data suggest that IH induces significant alterations to body energy balance through changes in the secretion of leptin which exert effects on satiety-inducing pathways within the hypothalamus.

  15. Vitamin D deficiency aggravates chronic kidney disease progression after ischemic acute kidney injury.

    Janaína Garcia Gonçalves

    pathways and involvement of TGF-β1 growth factor, VDD could be considered as an aggravating factor for tubulointerstitial damage and fibrosis progression following acute kidney injury induced by ischemia/reperfusion.

  16. Feeding characteristics of an amoeba (Lobosea: Naegleria) grazing upon cyanobacteria: food selection, ingestion and digestion progress.

    Xinyao, Liu; Miao, Shi; Yonghong, Liao; Yin, Gao; Zhongkai, Zhang; Donghui, Wen; Weizhong, Wu; Chencai, An


    Bacterivory by heterotrophic nanoflagellates and ciliates has been widely studied in aquatic environments, but data on the grazing of amoebae, are still scarce. From the water samples of Dianchi Lake (Kunming, Yunnan Province, China), we isolated an amoeba, designated as Naegleria sp. strain W2, which had potent grazing effects on some kind of cyanobacteria. The food selection mechanism and the digestion process of the amoeba were investigated in batch experiments. Predation experiments showed that filamentous cyanobacteria (e.g., Anabaena, Cylindrospermum, Gloeotrichia, and Phormidium) were readily consumed, with clearance rates ranging from 0.332 to 0.513 nL amoeba(-1) h(-1). The tight threads (Oscilltoria) and aggregates (Aphanizomenon) could not be ingested; however, their sonicated fragments were observed inside food vacuoles, suggesting that their morphologies prevent them from being ingested. Live video microscopy noted that unicellular Chroococcaceae (e.g., Synechococcus, Aphanocapsa, and Microcystis) were excreted after ingestion, indicating that food selection takes place inside food vacuoles. To determine whether the tastes or the toxins prevented them from being digested, heat-killed cells were retested for predation. Digestion rates and ingestion rates of the amoebae for filamentous cyanobacteria were estimated from food vacuole content volume. Through a "cold-chase" method, we found that the food vacuole contents declined exponentially in diluted amoebae cells, and digestion rates were relatively constant, averaging about 1.5% food vacuole content min(-1) at 28 degrees Celsius. Ingestion strongly depended on the satiation status of the amoebae, starved amoebae fed at higher rates compared with satiated amoebae. Our results suggest that the food selection and food processing mechanisms of the amoeba are similar to those of interception feeding flagellates; however, filamentous cyanobacteria cannot obtain a refuge under the grazing pressure of

  17. Interferon-gamma in progression to chronic demyelination and neurological deficit following acute EAE

    Renno, T; Taupin, V; Bourbonnière, L;


    The cytokine interferon-gamma (IFNgamma) is implicated in the induction of acute CNS inflammation, but it is less clear what role if any IFNgamma plays in progression to chronic demyelination and neurological deficit. To address this issue, we have expressed IFNgamma in myelinating oligodendrocytes....... In contrast to control mice, which remit from EAE with resolution of glial reactivity and leukocytic infiltration, transgenics showed chronic neurological deficits. While activated microglia/macrophages persisted in demyelinating lesions for over 100 days, CD4(+) T lymphocytes were no longer present in CNS....... IFNgamma therefore may play a role in chronic demyelination and long-term disability following the induction of demyelinating disease. Because IFNgamma may have neural as well as immune-infiltrating origins, these findings generate a new perspective on its role in the CNS....

  18. Incidence and Risk Factors for Progression From Acute to Longer-term Opioid Prescribing: A Population-based Study

    Hooten, W. Michael; St Sauver, Jennifer L.; McGree, Michaela E.; Jacobson, Debra J.; Warner, David O.


    Objective To determine what proportion of a geographically-defined population who receive new opioid prescriptions progress to episodic or chronic patterns of opioid prescribing, and to explore the clinical characteristics associated with patterns of opioid prescribing. Methods Population-based drug prescription records for the Olmsted County population between January 1 and December 31, 2009 were obtained using the Rochester Epidemiology Project medical records linkage system (n=142,377). All medical records were reviewed for a random sample of 293 patients who had a new (“incident”) prescription for an opioid analgesic in 2009. Patients were followed through their medical records for 1 year following their initial prescription date, with patterns of opioid prescribing categorized as acute, episodic, or chronic. Results Overall, 293 patients received 515 new opioid prescriptions in 2009. Of these, 61 (21%) progressed to an episodic prescribing pattern, and 19 (6%) progressed to a chronic prescribing pattern. In multivariable logistic regression analyses, substance abuse was significantly associated with a chronic opioid prescribing pattern compared to an acute prescribing pattern. Past or current nicotine use and substance abuse were significantly associated with episodic or chronic prescribing patterns compared to an acute prescribing pattern. Conclusion Knowledge of the clinical characteristics associated with the progression of an acute to an episodic or chronic prescribing pattern of opioid use could aid in the identification of at-risk patients and provide the basis for developing targeted clinical interventions. PMID:26141327

  19. Early CT signs of progressive hemorrhagic injury following acute traumatic brain injury

    Tong, Wu-song; Zheng, Ping; Xu, Jun-fa; Guo, Yi-jun; Zeng, Jing-song; Yang, Wen-jin; Li, Gao-yi; He, Bin; Yu, Hui [Pudong New Area People' s Hospital, Department of Neurosurgery, Shanghai (China)


    Since progressive hemorrhagic injury (PHI) was introduced in neurosurgical literatures, several studies have been performed, the results of which have influenced doctors but do not define guidelines for the best treatment of PHI. PHI may be confirmed by a serial computerized tomography (CT) scan, and it has been shown to be associated with a fivefold increase in the risk of clinical worsening and is a significant cause of morbidity and mortality as well. So, early detection of PHI is practically important in a clinical situation. To analyze the early CT signs of progressive hemorrhagic injury following acute traumatic brain injury (TBI) and explore their clinical significances, PHI was confirmed by comparing the first and repeated CT scans. Data were analyzed and compared including times from injury to the first CT and signs of the early CT scan. Logistic regression analysis was used to show the risk factors related to PHI. A cohort of 630 TBI patients was evaluated, and there were 189 (30%) patients who suffered from PHI. For patients with their first CT scan obtained as early as 2 h post-injury, there were 116 (77.25%) cases who suffered from PHI. The differences between PHIs and non-PHIs were significant in the initial CT scans showing fracture, subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH), brain contusion, epidural hematoma (EDH), subdural hematoma (SDH), and multiple hematoma as well as the times from injury to the first CT scan (P < 0.01). Logistic regression analysis showed that early CT scans (EDH, SDH, SAH, fracture, and brain contusion) were predictors of PHI (P < 0.01). For patients with the first CT scan obtained as early as 2 h post-injury, a follow-up CT scan should be performed promptly. If the initial CT scan shows SAH, brain contusion, and primary hematoma with brain swelling, an earlier and dynamic CT scan should be performed for detection of PHI as early as possible and the medical intervention would be enforced in time. (orig.)

  20. Acute Versus Progressive Onset of Diabetes in NOD Mice: Potential Implications for Therapeutic Interventions in Type 1 Diabetes.

    Mathews, Clayton E; Xue, Song; Posgai, Amanda; Lightfoot, Yaima L; Li, Xia; Lin, Andrea; Wasserfall, Clive; Haller, Michael J; Schatz, Desmond; Atkinson, Mark A


    Most natural history models for type 1 diabetes (T1D) propose that overt hyperglycemia results after a progressive loss of insulin-secreting β-cell mass and/or function. To experimentally address this concept, we prospectively determined morning blood glucose measurements every other day in multiple cohorts (total n = 660) of female NOD/ShiLtJ mice starting at 8 weeks of age until diabetes onset or 26 weeks of age. Consistent with this notion, a majority of mice that developed diabetes (354 of 489 [72%]) displayed a progressive increase in blood glucose with transient excursions >200 mg/dL, followed by acute and persistent hyperglycemia at diabetes onset. However, 135 of the 489 (28%) diabetic animals demonstrated normal glucose values followed by acute (i.e., sudden) hyperglycemia. Interestingly, diabetes onset occurred earlier in mice with acute versus progressive disease onset (15.37 ± 0.3207 vs. 17.44 ± 0.2073 weeks of age, P reversal of T1D by immunotherapeutic intervention, with increased effectiveness observed in situations of a progressive deterioration in euglycemia. These studies highlight a novel natural history aspect in this animal model, one that may provide important guidance for the selection of subjects participating in human trials seeking disease reversal.

  1. Progress on Nutrition and Feed in Beef Cattle abroad in 2011%2011年国外肉牛营养与饲料研究进展

    高玉红; 于海川; 顾宪蕊; 李秋风; 卢春莲; 徐敏云; 曹玉凤


    The published researches on nutrition of beef cattle abroad in 2011 were collected and analyzed. The review was to discuss the progress on nutrition and feed in beef cattle from five aspects=requirement of protein and energy, exploitation of feed resource, roughage nutrition, nutrition of concentrated feed and regulation of methane emission.%本文总结了国外2011年关于肉牛营养领域的研究成果,主要从肉牛蛋白和能量需要量、饲料资源开发、粗饲料营养、精饲料营养和肉牛甲烷排放调控研究五个方面论述了肉牛营养与饲料的研究进展。

  2. 急性伤口处置的研究进展%Research progress of acute wound care



    Management of acute wound has been achieved much progress in recent years ,thus providing practical references for doctors and nurses in management of acute wounds.This article reviewed some medium and method of acute wound cleaning ,and the environment building methods for acute wound healing through moist heal — ing,infection control,and wound closure aspects.Finally,methods for promoting acute wounds healing and care were discussed.%近年来急性伤口的处置进展颇多,许多新理念及新方法的提出,为急性伤口的正规、标准处置提供了依据.本文回顾了急性伤口的清洁递质及使用方法;并从湿性愈合、感染控制、伤口闭合等方面,阐述了促进急性伤口愈合的环境营造;最后,对促进急性伤口愈合的辅助方法选择及护理等方面的研究热点进行了综述,以期为国内临床医护人员和研究者提供参考.

  3. Acute plasma biomarkers of T cell activation set-point levels and of disease progression in HIV-1 infection.

    Anne-Sophie Liovat

    Full Text Available T cell activation levels, viral load and CD4(+ T cell counts at early stages of HIV-1 infection are predictive of the rate of progression towards AIDS. We evaluated whether the inflammatory profile during primary HIV-1 infection is predictive of the virological and immunological set-points and of disease progression. We quantified 28 plasma proteins during acute and post-acute HIV-1 infection in individuals with known disease progression profiles. Forty-six untreated patients, enrolled during primary HIV-1 infection, were categorized into rapid progressors, progressors and slow progressors according to their spontaneous progression profile over 42 months of follow-up. Already during primary infection, rapid progressors showed a higher number of increased plasma proteins than progressors or slow progressors. The plasma levels of TGF-β1 and IL-18 in primary HIV-1 infection were both positively associated with T cell activation level at set-point (6 months after acute infection and together able to predict 74% of the T cell activation variation at set-point. Plasma IP-10 was positively and negatively associated with, respectively, T cell activation and CD4(+ T cell counts at set-point and capable to predict 30% of the CD4(+ T cell count variation at set-point. Moreover, plasma IP-10 levels during primary infection were predictive of rapid progression. In primary infection, IP-10 was an even better predictor of rapid disease progression than viremia or CD4(+ T cell levels at this time point. The superior predictive capacity of IP-10 was confirmed in an independent group of 88 HIV-1 infected individuals. Altogether, this study shows that the inflammatory profile in primary HIV-1 infection is associated with T cell activation levels and CD4(+ T cell counts at set-point. Plasma IP-10 levels were of strong predictive value for rapid disease progression. The data suggest IP-10 being an earlier marker of disease progression than CD4(+ T cell counts or

  4. Risk of Recurrent Pancreatitis and Progression to Chronic Pancreatitis After a First Episode of Acute Pancreatitis

    Ahmed Ali, Usama; Issa, Yama; Hagenaars, Julia C.; Bakker, Olaf J.; van Goor, Harry; Nieuwenhuijs, Vincent B.; Bollen, Thomas L.; van Ramshorst, Bert; Witteman, Ben J.; Brink, Menno A.; Schaapherder, Alexander F.; Dejong, Cornelis H.; Spanier, B. W Marcel; Heisterkamp, Joos; van der Harst, Erwin; van Eijck, Casper H.; Besselink, Marc G.; Gooszen, Hein G.; van Santvoort, Hjalmar C.; Boermeester, Marja A.


    Background & Aims: Patients with a first episode of acute pancreatitis can develop recurrent or chronic pancreatitis (CP). However, little is known about the incidence or risk factors for these events. Methods: We performed a cross-sectional study of 669 patients with a first episode of acute pancre

  5. Association of Temperament and Acute Stress Responsiveness with Productivity, Feed Efficiency, and Methane Emissions in Beef Cattle: An Observational Study

    Llonch, Pol; Somarriba, Miguel; Duthie, Carol-Anne; Haskell, Marie J.; Rooke, John A.; Troy, Shane; Roehe, Rainer; Turner, Simon P.


    The aim of this study was to assess individual differences in temperament and stress response and quantify their impact on feed efficiency, performance, and methane (CH4) emissions in beef cattle. Eighty-four steers (castrated males) (Charolais or Luing) were used. Temperament was assessed using two standardized tests: restlessness when restrained [crush score (CS)] and flight speed (FS) on release from restraint. Over a 56-day period individual animal dry matter intake (DMI) and weekly body weight was measured. Ultrasound fat depth was measured at the end of 56 days. Average daily gain (ADG), feed conversion ratio (FCR), and residual feed intake (RFI) were calculated. After the 56-day test period, animals were transported in groups of six/week to respiration chamber facilities. Blood samples were taken before and 0, 3, 6, and 9 h after transport. Plasma cortisol, creatine kinase (CK), glucose, and free fatty acids (FFA) were determined to assess physiological stress response. Subsequently, CH4 emissions were measured over a 3-day period in individual respiration chambers. CS (1.7 ± 0.09) and FS (1.6 ± 0.60 m/s) were repeatable (0.63 and 0.51, respectively) and correlated (r = 0.36, P emissions. However, steers with higher cortisol showed improved feed efficiency (lower FCR and RFI) (P emissions (P = 0.017). In conclusion, agitated temperament and higher stress responsiveness is detrimental to productivity. A greater stress response is associated with a reduction in feed intake that may both increase the efficiency of consumed feed and the ratio of CH4 emissions/unit of feed. Therefore, temperament and stress response should be considered when designing strategies to improve efficiency and mitigate CH4 emissions in beef cattle. PMID:27379246

  6. Effects of a Dissostichus mawsoni-CaM recombinant proteins feed additive on the juvenile orange-spotted grouper (Epinephelus coioides) under the acute low temperature challenge.

    Luo, Sheng-Wei; Wang, Wei-Na; Cai, Luo; Qi, Zeng-Hua; Wang, Cong; Liu, Yuan; Peng, Chang-Lian; Chen, Liang-Biao


    The effects of Dissostichus mawsoni-Calmodulin (Dm-CaM) on growth performance, enzyme activities, respiratory burst, MDA level and immune-related gene expressions of the orange-spotted grouper (Epinephelus coioides) exposed to the acute low temperature stress were evaluated. The commercial diet supplemented with Dm-CaM protein was fed to the groupers for 6 weeks. No significant difference was observed in the specific growth rates, weight gains and survivals. After the feeding trial, the groupers were exposed to acute low temperature challenge. The groupers fed with Dm-CaM additive diet showed a significant decrease in the respiratory burst activity, while the blood cell number increased significantly at 25 °C by comparing with the control and additive control group. The enzymatic activity of SOD, ACP and ALP increased significantly in Dm-CaM additive group, while MDA level maintained stable with the lowest value. qRT-PCR analysis indicated that the up-regulated transcript expressions of CaM, C3, SOD2, LysC and HSPA4 were observed in Dm-CaM additive group. These results indicated that Dm-CaM additive diet may regulate the grouper immune response to the acute low temperature challenge.

  7. Cytological evaluation and prediction of progression of acute erosive ulcered lesions of upper parts of gastrointestinal tract in acute and early periods of cerebrospinal trauma

    Norkin I.A.


    Full Text Available 80 cytological preparations derived by fibrogastroduodenoscopy from 20 patients with cerebrospinal trauma at cervical part level served as the research subject. Dynamics of the progression of acute erosive ulcered lesions of mucous membrane of the upper parts of the gastrointestinal tract was studied on the basis of the cytological analyses of mucous membrane biopsy materials. In the course of our work we used endoscopic (fibrogastroduodenoscopy and cytological research methods. Cytological analyses of mucous membrane biopsy materials were carried out on the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th day. Biopsy material cellular composition was evaluated on the grounds of the calculation of neutrophilic leukocytes and epithelial cells with the use of an immersion objective. In so doing we registered neutrophilic leukocyte number for 100 cells and determined neutrophilic and epithelial index. Monitoring of neutrophilic leukocyte number enables to determine presence or absence of inflammatory changes in stomach mucous membrane and duodenum in different periods of cerebrospinal trauma

  8. A Double-Blind, Randomised, Controlled Trial to Study the Effects of an Enteral Feed Supplemented with Glutamine, Arginine, and Omega-3 Fatty Acid in Predicted Acute Severe Pancreatitis

    Callum B Pearce


    Full Text Available Context :Current best evidence is in favour of early institution of enteral feeding in acute severe pancreatitis with promising results from trials in immunonutrition on other patient groups. Objective: To identify which groups of patients and products are associated with benefit, we investigated immunonutrition in patients with predicted acute severe pancreatitis. Design :A randomised trial of a study feed containing glutamine, arginine, tributyrin and antioxidants versus an isocaloric isonitrogenous control feed was undertaken. Patients: Thirty-one patients with a diagnosis of acute pancreatitis predicted to develop severe disease: 15 study feeds and 16 control feeds. Interventions: Enteral feeding via nasojejunal tube for 3 days. If patients required further feeding the study was continued up to 15 days. Main outcome measures :Reduction in Creactive protein (CRP by 40 mg/L after 3 days of enteral feeding was the primary endpoint. Carboxypeptidase B activation peptide (CAPAP levels were taken at regular intervals. Results :After 3 days of feeding, in the study group 2/15 (13% of patients had reduced their CRP by 40 mg/L or more. In the control group 6/16 (38% of patients had reduced their CRP by this amount. This difference was found to be near the statistical significant limit (P=0.220. Conclusions :The cause of the unexpectedly higher CRP values in the study group is unclear. The rise in CRP was without a commensurate rise in CAPAP or outcome measures so there was no evidence that this represented pancreatic necrosis. The contrast between the CRP and CAPAP results is of interest and we believe that specific pancreatic indices such as CAPAP should be considered in larger future studies.




    The acute effects of continuous intragastric administration of 1500 ml (4200 kJ/liter) of a polymeric and of a nonpolymeric formula on gastric function were studied in 15 healthy subjects. During 450 min 1500 ml, containing 6300 kJ (1500 kcal), was given through a nasogastric tube. At regular interv

  10. Gallbladder Volvulus: A Rare Emergent Cause of Acute Cholecystitis, if Untreated, Progresses to Necrosis and Perforation

    Justin L, Regner, E-mail:; Angela, Lomas [Department of Surgery, Baylor Scott and White Health and Texas A& M Health Science Center College of Medicine, Temple, TX (United States)


    An 86 year-old woman with a past medical history significant for abdominal hernia and Alzheimer dementia presented to the Emergency Department with a 24 hour history of acute right upper quadrant pain associated with nausea and non-bilious emesis. Physical exam revealed right sided abdominal tenderness with associated mass. All laboratory values were within normal ranges. Both abdominal ultrasound and computed tomography of the abdomen/pelvis revealed a large distended gallbladder with wall thickening and gallstones. Based on presentation and radiologic findings, the emergency general surgery service was consulted for suspected acute cholecystitis. The patient was then admitted for intravenous antibiotics and scheduled for laparoscopic cholecystectomy the following day. Intra-operative findings revealed volvulus with acute necrosis of the entire gallbladder. The gallbladder had a long pedunculated cystic duct and artery that was detorsed before proceeding with resection. Postoperatively, the patient did well and was discharged a few days later tolerating a regular diet.

  11. Progression of Tokyo Guidelines and Japanese Guidelines for management of acute cholangitis and cholecystitis.

    Mayumi, Toshihiko; Someya, Kazuki; Ootubo, Hiroki; Takama, Tatsuo; Kido, Takashi; Kamezaki, Fumihiko; Yoshida, Masahiro; Takada, Tadahiro


    The Japanese Guidelines for management of acute cholangitis and cholecystitis were published in 2005 as the first practical guidelines presenting diagnostic and severity assessment criteria for these diseases. After the Japanese version, the Tokyo Guidelines (TG07) were reported in 2007 as the first international practical guidelines. There were some differences between the two guidelines, and some weak points in TG07 were pointed out, such as low sensitivity for diagnosis and the presence of divergence between severity assessment and clinical judgment for acute cholangitis. Therefore, revisions were started to not only make them up to date but also concurrent with the same diagnostic and severity assessment criteria. The Revision Committee for the revision of TG07 (TGRC) performed validation studies of TG07 and new diagnostic and severity assessment criteria of acute cholangitis and cholecystitis. These were retrospective multi-institutional studies that collected cases of acute cholangitis, cholecystitis, and non-inflammatory biliary disease. TGRC held 35 meetings as well as international email exchanges with co-authors abroad and held three International Meetings. Through these efforts, TG13 improved the diagnostic sensitivity for acute cholangitis and cholecystitis, and presented criteria with extremely low false positive rates. Furthermore, severity assessment criteria adapted for clinical use, flowcharts, and many new diagnostic and therapeutic modalities were presented. The world's first management bundles of acute cholangitis and cholecystitis were also presented. The revised Japanese version was published with the same content as TG13. An electronic application of TG13 that can help to diagnose and assess the severity of these diseases using the criteria of TG13 was made for free download.

  12. Arterial steroid injection therapy can inhibit the progression of severe acute hepatic failure toward fulminant liver failure

    Kazuhiro Kotoh; Tsuyoshi Tajima; Yoshiki Asayama; Kousei Ishigami; Masakazu Hirakawa; Munechika Enjoji; Makoto Nakamuta; Tsuyoshi Yoshimoto; Motoyuki Kohjima; Shusuke Morizono; Shinsaku Yamashita; Yuki Horikawa; Kengo Yoshimitsu


    AIM: To utilize transcatheter arterial steroid injection therapy (TASIT) via the hepatic artery to reduce hepatic macrophage activity in patients with severe acute hepatic failure.METHODS: Thirty-four patients with severe acute hepatic failure were admitted to our hospital between June 2002 to June 2006 providing for the possibility of liver transplantation (LT). Seventeen patients were treated using traditional liver supportive procedures, and the other 17 patients additionally underwent TASIT with 1000 mg methylprednisolone per day for 3 continuous days.RESULTS: Of the 17 patients who received TASIT, 13 were cured without any complications, 2 died, and 2 underwent LT. Of the 17 patients who did not receive TASIT, 4 were self-limiting, 7 died, and 6 underwent LT.Univariate logistic analysis revealed that ascites, serum albumin, prothrombin time, platelet count, and TASIT were significant variables for predicating the prognosis.Multivariate logistic regression analysis using stepwise variable selection showed that prothrombin time, platelet count, and TASIT were independent predictive factors.CONCLUSION: TASIT might effectively prevent the progression of severe acute hepatic failure to a fatal stage of fulminant liver failure.

  13. 国内外草畜平衡研究进展%Research Progress of Grassland Feed-animal Balance at Home and Abroad

    买小虎; 张玉娟; 张英俊; 师尚礼; 黄顶; 张亚军


      草畜平衡长期以来是草地生态系统研究的热点。然而,多年来的研究成果未能有效解决草地退化以及畜牧业可持续发展的管理和技术问题,现有的草畜平衡研究体系尚存在一定缺陷。笔者论述了草畜平衡的国内外研究进展,讨论了确定草原载畜量所涉及的基本概念、基本方法和实践问题,特别是载畜量的确定和牧民收入问题。并通过对草原畜牧业发展、划区轮牧和季节畜牧业等概念的探讨,进一步阐述了在草原牧区提高畜牧业经营水平和维持草畜平衡的相关理论和实践问题。草畜平衡应由侧重牲畜数量监管模式改为以草原质量为依据,以税收等市场手段为主体的市场经济管理新模式。%Feed-animal balance was the key technique on the grassland ecosystem management, and attracts widespread attention in the world. Many studies have been conducted by former researchers, and most of their efforts were intended to keep the balance of feed-animal. However, there were still much more issue needed to be studied in details on the face of grassland degeneration and animal husbandry sustainable development. The author analyzed the feed-animal balance research progress, including the concept of stocking rate and its practical management techniques, especially on the stocking rate calculation methods. In addition, the social and economy effects on feed-animal balance were also discussed during the progress of improving the development of pastoral economy. In order to achieve feed-animal balance more effectively, it was concluded that the focus must be shift from only on animal number to the grassland quality, and it’s necessary to strengthen market tax control.

  14. Research Progress on Bamboo-feeding Leafhoppers%竹子叶蝉类害虫的研究进展

    杨琳; 李子忠; 陈祥盛


    Leafhoppers (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae) are one of ordinary bamboo-feeding pest insects and many of them are severe pests of bamboo. The species, distribution, occurrence, damage, biology, bionomics, natural enemy, and control of bamboo-feeding leafhoppers home and abroad were summarized.%叶蝉类昆虫隶属于半翅目(Hemiptera)叶蝉科(Cicadellidae),是竹子上常见的昆虫类群之一,不少种类是竹子上的重要剌吸式害虫.对竹子叶蝉的种类及分布、发生及危害、生物学及生态学、天敌、防治等方面的国内外研究进展进行了概述.

  15. Acute, rapidly progressive renal failure with simultaneous use of amphotericin B and pentamidine.

    Antoniskis, D; Larsen, R.A.


    We report four cases of acute reversible renal failure in patients with acquired immune deficiency syndrome who received both amphotericin B (for systemic mycoses) and pentamidine isethionate (for Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia). The concurrent use of amphotericin B with either inhaled pentamidine or trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole did not cause significant renal impairment.

  16. Post-pyloric feeding

    Eva Niv; Zvi Fireman; Nachum Vaisman


    Postpyloric feeding is an important and promising alternative to parenteral nutrition. The indications for this kind of feeding are increasing and include a variety of clinical conditions, such as gastroparesis, acute pancreatitis, gastric outlet stenosis, hyperemesis (including gravida), recurrent aspiration, tracheoesophageal fistula and stenosis in gastroenterostomy. This review discusses the differences between pre- and postpyloric feeding, indications and contraindications, advantages and disadvantages, and provides an overview of the techniques of placement of various postpyloric devices.

  17. Association between the levels of urine kidney injury molecule-1 and the progression of acute kidney injury in the elderly

    Wang, Chunlin; Che, Xiajing; Shao, Xinghua; Xu, Yao; Ni, Zhaohui; Mou, Shan


    Background The factors influencing the prognosis of acute kidney injury (AKI) were analyzed in a group of elderly AKI patients to determine the markers of early prognosis. Methods A total of 258 patients were screened, and 201 patients were enrolled in the study. Eventually, 184 AKI patients were included in the study, including 79 elderly AKI patients (≥60 years old). During one year of follow-up, renal function changes were observed, and the risk factors that influenced the prognosis of AKI were analyzed. Results When AKI occurred, the urine kidney injury molecule-1 (uKIM-1) level was significantly higher in the progressive deterioration of renal function group than in the renal function stable group. The ROC curve analysis revealed that the area under the curve for poor progressive deterioration of renal function as predicted by the uKIM-1 level was 0.681. At a cutoff point of 2.46 ng/mg, the sensitivity was 71.9% and the specificity was 70.0%. In elderly AKI patients, uKIM-1 levels exceeding 2.46 ng/mg were positively associated with poor kidney prognosis. Conclusions Elderly AKI patients are at risk of developing progressive deterioration of renal function. In elderly AKI patients, the high uKIM-1 level may predict the prognosis of kidney function and may be used as an early screening indicator of poor kidney prognosis. PMID:28187124

  18. First feeding of Eugerres brasilianus (Carapeva larvae with Acartia tonsa (Copepod nauplii increases survival and resistance to acute stress

    Wanessa de Melo Costa


    Full Text Available The rotifer Brachionus sp. is commonly used for larval feeding in marine fish hatcheries. The aim of this study was to evaluate whether the inclusion of Acartia tonsa nauplii in the initial diet of carapeva larvae improves their survival, growth and resistance to stress when compared to the regimen containing only rotifers. Adult copepods were collected in the wild and cultured with the microalgae Chaetoceros muelleri, Isochrysis galbana and Nannochloropsis oculata to obtain nauplii. Carapeva larvae were grown for 15 days using four treatments and three replicates: 1 Brachionus plicatilis rotifers (10 to 15/mL; 2 A. tonsa nauplii (0.25 to 0.5/mL; 3 Brachionus plicatilis rotifers (5 to 7.5/mL + A. tonsa nauplii (0.12 to 0.25/mL, and 4 no supply of live feed. After 15 days, the carapeva larvae were subjected to stress by exposure to air for 10 seconds and then returned to the source tank to evaluate survival after 24 h. Survival and stress resistance were higher in carapeva larvae fed B. plicatilis + A. tonsa nauplii (P<0.05, 20.9 ± 11.2% and 88.9%, respectively. These results confirm the positive effect of the inclusion of copepod nauplii in the diet of fish larvae. However, more research is needed to validate these results.

  19. Dopaminergic modulation of effort-related choice behavior as assessed by a progressive ratio chow feeding choice task: pharmacological studies and the role of individual differences.

    Patrick A Randall

    Full Text Available Mesolimbic dopamine (DA is involved in behavioral activation and effort-related processes. Rats with impaired DA transmission reallocate their instrumental behavior away from food-reinforced tasks with high response requirements, and instead select less effortful food-seeking behaviors. In the present study, the effects of several drug treatments were assessed using a progressive ratio (PROG/chow feeding concurrent choice task. With this task, rats can lever press on a PROG schedule reinforced by a preferred high-carbohydrate food pellet, or alternatively approach and consume the less-preferred but concurrently available laboratory chow. Rats pass through each ratio level 15 times, after which the ratio requirement is incremented by one additional response. The DA D(2 antagonist haloperidol (0.025-0.1 mg/kg reduced number of lever presses and highest ratio achieved but did not reduce chow intake. In contrast, the adenosine A(2A antagonist MSX-3 increased lever presses and highest ratio achieved, but decreased chow consumption. The cannabinoid CB1 inverse agonist and putative appetite suppressant AM251 decreased lever presses, highest ratio achieved, and chow intake; this effect was similar to that produced by pre-feeding. Furthermore, DA-related signal transduction activity (pDARPP-32(Thr34 expression was greater in nucleus accumbens core of high responders (rats with high lever pressing output compared to low responders. Thus, the effects of DA antagonism differed greatly from those produced by pre-feeding or reduced CB1 transmission, and it appears unlikely that haloperidol reduces PROG responding because of a general reduction in primary food motivation or the unconditioned reinforcing properties of food. Furthermore, accumbens core signal transduction activity is related to individual differences in work output.

  20. Progression of antiphospholipid antibody syndrome to catastrophic antiphospholipid antibody syndrome acutely with cessation of antithrombotic therapy.

    Katikireddi, V S; Kandiah, D A


    Catastrophic antiphospholipid antibody syndrome (CAPS) is a serious condition that is often unrecognised with a high mortality. Cessation of anticoagulation in antiphospholipid antibody syndrome (APS) can have devastating consequences with progression to CAPS. Making a diagnosis of APS can however be challenging because of the evolving diagnostic criteria and difficulty in confirming thromboses. Management of these patients can also be complex, especially in those with coexistent thrombocytopenia. New potential treatments are emerging targeted on the immunomodulation of APS rather than just prevention of thrombosis. This article aims to highlight these diagnostic and management difficulties by reporting and discussing three cases of APS with progression to CAPS following cessation of anticoagulation, one with fatal consequences, with confirmation of CAPS on autopsy, and two with successful treatment and outcomes.

  1. Effects of continuous tube feeding of dietary fat emulsions on eicosanoid production and on fatty acid composition during an acute septic shock in rats.

    Utsunomiya, T; Chavali, S R; Zhong, W W; Forse, R A


    The effects of a short-term (5 days) continuous intragastric tube feeding of diets containing n - 6 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) from safflower oil (SO) or n - 3 PUFA from menhaden oil (MO) on the production of proinflammatory mediators, and on the number of animals surviving after an intravenous injection of lipopolysaccharide (LPS) were investigated in rats. The phospholipid fatty acid composition of cell membranes from several organs and of plasma were also analyzed. No marked differences in the number of animals surviving or in the production of tumor necrosis factor-alpha were observed between the 2 groups of animals. However, 90 min after LPS exposure the plasma levels of prostaglandin (PG) E2 and 6-keto-PGF1 alpha decreased significantly (40% and 60%, respectively) for the group of rats fed MO diet compared to those fed SO diet (P < 0.05). Following continuous infusion of liquid MO diet, the amount of arachidonic acid (AA) detected was significantly lower in plasma (23%), spleen (43%), lungs (41%), and liver (38%), but was unchanged in the heart tissues. The percent of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) incorporated into phospholipids of plasma, spleen, lungs, liver, and heart were 7.6, 4.4, 2.1, 7.2, and 1.1%, respectively. These data indicate that after continuous MO feeding, a significant decrease in the production of proinflammatory eicosanoids was associated with a marked reduction in AA content. Further, these data suggest that nutritional intervention may have a therapeutic potential to ameliorate clinical symptoms due to excessive productions of eicosanoids during acute septic complications.

  2. Purple grape juice as a protector against acute X-irradiation induced alterations on mobility, anxiety, and feeding behaviour in mice

    Félix A. A. Soares


    Full Text Available The aim of this work was to test the hypothesis that a moderate intake of organic purple grape juice shows a positive radiomodifier effect over early behavioural damage following acute X-irradiation in mice. Anxiety-, locomotion-, and feeding-related responses to 6 Gy total body X-irradiation (TBI were studied via open field, Rotarod, and feeding/drinking recording. Thirty-two male mice weighing 25-30 g were grouped according grape juice (J or water (W ad libitum drinking and either non-irradiated (N or irradiated (R. 24 h post-TBI the access frequency to the center and corners of the open field was decreased, and the total stay in the corners increased, in RW vs. NW mice. Anxiety-related parameters decreased in RJ vs. RW mice. Rotarod latency times increased 72 h post-TBI in RJ vs RW mice. No overall changes in food and drink intake were observed along the experimental period. On the irradiation day, bout number was increased and bout duration was decreased in RW mice. The changes were reversed by purple grape juice intake. Grape juice intake before and after TBI can overcome several radiation-induced changes in behaviour within 24-72 hours after sub-lethal X-irradiation. This beneficial effect on short-term anxiety and mobility-related activities could probably be included in the list of flavonoid bio-effects. The present findings could be relevant in designing preventive interventions aimed to enhance body defense mechanisms against short-term irradiation damage.

  3. Pro-inflammatory-Related Loss of CXCL12 Niche Promotes Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemic Progression at the Expense of Normal Lymphopoiesis

    Balandrán, Juan Carlos; Purizaca, Jessica; Enciso, Jennifer; Dozal, David; Sandoval, Antonio; Jiménez-Hernández, Elva; Alemán-Lazarini, Leticia; Perez-Koldenkova, Vadim; Quintela-Núñez del Prado, Henry; Rios de los Ríos, Jussara; Mayani, Héctor; Ortiz-Navarrete, Vianney; Guzman, Monica L.; Pelayo, Rosana


    Pediatric oncology, notably childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), is currently one of the health-leading concerns worldwide and a biomedical priority. Decreasing overall leukemia mortality in children requires a comprehensive understanding of its pathobiology. It is becoming clear that malignant cell-to-niche intercommunication and microenvironmental signals that control early cell fate decisions are critical for tumor progression. We show here that the mesenchymal stromal cell component of ALL bone marrow (BM) differ from its normal counterpart in a number of functional properties and may have a key role during leukemic development. A decreased proliferation potential, contrasting with the strong ability of producing pro-inflammatory cytokines and an aberrantly loss of CXCL12 and SCF, suggest that leukemic lymphoid niches in ALL BM are unique and may exclude normal hematopoiesis. Cell competence ex vivo assays within tridimensional coculture structures indicated a growth advantage of leukemic precursor cells and their niche remodeling ability by CXCL12 reduction, resulting in leukemic cell progression at the expense of normal niche-associated lymphopoiesis. PMID:28111575

  4. Immunophenotypic, cytogenetic, and mutational characterization of cell lines derived from myelodysplastic syndrome patients after progression to acute myeloid leukemia.

    Palau, Anna; Mallo, Mar; Palomo, Laura; Rodríguez-Hernández, Ines; Diesch, Jeannine; Campos, Diana; Granada, Isabel; Juncà, Jordi; Drexler, Hans G; Solé, Francesc; Buschbeck, Marcus


    Leukemia cell lines have been widely used in the hematology field to unravel mechanistic insights and to test new therapeutic strategies. Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) comprise a heterogeneous group of diseases that are characterized by ineffective hematopoiesis and frequent progress to acute myeloid leukemia (AML). A few cell lines have been established from MDS patients after progression to AML but their characterization is incomplete. Here we provide a detailed description of the immunophenotypic profile of the MDS-derived cell lines SKK-1, SKM-1, F-36P; and MOLM-13. Specifically, we analyzed a comprehensive panel of markers that are currently applied in the diagnostic routine for myeloid disorders. To provide high-resolution genetic data comprising copy number alterations and losses of heterozygosity we performed whole genome single nucleotide polymorphism-based arrays and included the cell line OHN-GM that harbors the frequent chromosome arm 5q deletion. Furthermore, we assessed the mutational status of 83 disease-relevant genes. Our results provide a resource to the MDS and AML field that allows researchers to choose the best-matching cell line for their functional studies. © 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  5. [Research Progress on Notch Signal Pathway in Acute Graft-Versus-Host Disease -Review].

    Guo, Dong-Mei; Li, Ban-Ban; Li, Chun-Pu; Teng, Qing-Liang


    The Notch signaling pathway is a highly conserved cell signaling system that plays an essential role in many biological processes. Notch signaling regulates multiple aspects of hematopoiesis, especially during T cell develop-ment. Recent data suggest that Notch also regulates mature T cell differentiation and function. The latest data show that Notch also plays an essential role in alloreactive T cells mediating acute graft-versus-host disease (aGVHD), the most severe complication of allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (allo-HSCT). Notch inhibition in donor-derived T cells or blockade of individual Notch ligands and receptors after transplantation can reduce GVHD severity and mortality in mouse models of allo-HSCT, without causing global immunosuppression. These findings indicate Notch in T cells as an attractive therapeutic target to control aGVHD. In this article, the pathophysiology of aGVHD, the Notch signal pathway and aGVHD are reviewed.

  6. Enteral feeding without pancreatic stimulation

    Kaushik, Neeraj; Pietraszewski, Marie; Holst, Jens Juul


    OBJECTIVE: All forms of commonly practiced enteral feeding techniques stimulate pancreatic secretion, and only intravenous feeding avoids it. In this study, we explored the possibility of more distal enteral infusions of tube feeds to see whether activation of the ileal brake mechanism can result...... in enteral feeding without pancreatic stimulation, with particular reference to trypsin, because the avoidance of trypsin stimulation may optimize enteral feeding in acute pancreatitis. METHODS: The pancreatic secretory responses to feeding were studied in 36 healthy volunteers by standard double......-lumen duodenal perfusion/aspiration techniques over 6 hours. Subjects were assigned to no feeding (n = 7), duodenal feeding with a polymeric diet (n = 7) or low-fat elemental diet (n = 6), mid-distal jejunal feeding (n = 11), or intravenous feeding (n = 5). All diets provided 40 kcal/kg ideal body weight/d and 1...

  7. Feeding behaviors during home-based treatment of moderate acute malnutrition using corn-soy blends or lipid-based nutrient supplements

    Iuel-Brockdorff, Ann-Sophie Julie D; Ouedraogo, Albertine; Ritz, Christian


    Feeding behaviors have an important impact on children's nutritional status and are essential to consider when implementing nutrition programs. The objective of this study was to explore and compare feeding behaviors related to supplementary feeding with corn-soy blends (CSB) and lipid-based nutr......Feeding behaviors have an important impact on children's nutritional status and are essential to consider when implementing nutrition programs. The objective of this study was to explore and compare feeding behaviors related to supplementary feeding with corn-soy blends (CSB) and lipid...

  8. The role of glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase 1 in the progression of fatty liver after acute ethanol administration in mice

    Sato, Tomoki, E-mail: [Laboratory of Nutritional Biochemistry, Graduate School of Nutritional and Environmental Sciences, University of Shizuoka, 52-1 Yada, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka 422-8526 (Japan); Morita, Akihito, E-mail: [Laboratory of Nutritional Biochemistry, Graduate School of Nutritional and Environmental Sciences, University of Shizuoka, 52-1 Yada, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka 422-8526 (Japan); Mori, Nobuko, E-mail: [Department of Biological Science, Graduate School of Science, Osaka Prefecture University, 1-2 Gakuen-cho, Naka-ku, Sakai 599-8570 (Japan); Miura, Shinji, E-mail: [Laboratory of Nutritional Biochemistry, Graduate School of Nutritional and Environmental Sciences, University of Shizuoka, 52-1 Yada, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka 422-8526 (Japan)


    Highlights: • Ethanol administration increased GPD1 mRNA expression. • Ethanol administration increased glucose incorporation into TG glycerol moieties. • No increase in hepatic TG levels was observed in ethanol-injected GPD1 null mice. • We propose that GPD1 is required for ethanol-induced TG accumulation in the liver. - Abstract: Acute ethanol consumption leads to the accumulation of triglycerides (TGs) in hepatocytes. The increase in lipogenesis and reduction of fatty acid oxidation are implicated as the mechanisms underlying ethanol-induced hepatic TG accumulation. Although glycerol-3-phosphate (Gro3P), formed by glycerol kinase (GYK) or glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase 1 (GPD1), is also required for TG synthesis, the roles of GYK and GPD1 have been the subject of some debate. In this study, we examine (1) the expression of genes involved in Gro3P production in the liver of C57BL/6J mice in the context of hepatic TG accumulation after acute ethanol intake, and (2) the role of GPD1 in the progression of ethanol-induced fatty liver using GPD1 null mice. As a result, in C57BL/6J mice, ethanol-induced hepatic TG accumulation began within 2 h and was 1.7-fold greater than that observed in the control group after 6 h. The up-regulation of GPD1 began 2 h after administering ethanol, and significantly increased 6 h later with the concomitant escalation in the glycolytic gene expression. The incorporation of {sup 14}C-labelled glucose into TG glycerol moieties increased during the same period. On the other hand, in GPD1 null mice carrying normal GYK activity, no significant increase in hepatic TG level was observed after acute ethanol intake. In conclusion, GPD1 and glycolytic gene expression is up-regulated by ethanol, and GPD1-mediated incorporation of glucose into TG glycerol moieties together with increased lipogenesis, is suggested to play an important role in ethanol-induced hepatic TG accumulation.

  9. Impact of Gentamicin Coadministration along with High Fructose Feeding on Progression of Renal Failure and Metabolic Syndrome in Sprague-Dawley Rats

    Zaid O. Ibraheem


    Full Text Available The current study evaluates the impact of high fructose feeding in rat model of gentamicin induced nephrotoxicity. Sprague-Dawley rats weighing 180–200 g were randomized into four groups; (C received standard rodents chow with free access to ad libitum drinking water for 8 weeks and was considered as control, (F received standard rodents chow with free access to drinking water supplemented with 20% (W/V fructose for the same abovementioned period, (FG was fed as group F and was given 80 mg/kg (body weight/day gentamicin sulphate intraperitoneally during the last 20 days of the feeding period, and (G was given gentamicin as above and fed as group C. Renal function was assessed at the end of the treatment period through measuring serum creatinine, uric acid and albumin, creatinine clearance, absolute and fractional excretion of both sodium and potassium, twenty-four-hour urinary excretion of albumin, and renal histology. For metabolic syndrome assessment, fasting plasma glucose and insulin were measured and oral glucose tolerance test was performed throughout the treatment period. Results showed that gentamicin enhances progression of fructose induced metabolic syndrome. On the other hand, fructose pretreatment before gentamicin injection produced a comparable degree of renal dysfunction to those which were given fructose-free water but the picture of nephrotoxicity was somewhat altered as it was characterized by higher extent of glomerular congestion and protein urea. Overall, more vigilance is required when nephrotoxic drugs are prescribed for patients with fructose induced metabolic syndrome.

  10. 重症急性胰腺炎治疗研究进展%Research Progress in the Treatment of Severe Acute Pancreatitis

    黄振鹏; 梁仲惠


    急性胰腺炎( acute pancreatitis,AP)是消化系统常见急症,可分为轻症急性胰腺炎(mild acute pancreatits,MAP)和重症急性胰腺炎(sever acute pancreatitis,SAP).SAP起病急,病情危重,常并发感染、腹膜炎、休克等多种并发症,病死率高,常在20%~40%,预后较差.近年来,随着科技发展,SAP治疗有了很大进步,多数患者能避免死亡并获得痊愈.因此,采取及时、有效的治疗对于SAP有着极其重要的意义.文章将近年来抑制胰腺外分泌和胰酶活性药物应用、抗生素预防性使用、内镜技术等发展作一综述.%Acute pancreatitis ( acute pancreatitis, AP ) is one of the most common diseases . It can be divided into mild acute pancreatitis ( mild acute pancreatits, MAP ) and severe acute pancreatitis ( sever acute pancreatitis, SAP ) . SAP is onset rapidly, and it is severly illness. SAP often complicated by infection, peritonitis, shock and other complications. Its mortality rate is very high, in 20%~40%, besides, the prognosis is poor. In recent years, with the development of science and technology, SAP treatment has very great progress, the majority of patients can avoid the death and recover. Therefore, to take timely, effective treatment for SAP has extremely important significance. This article will review in inhibition of pancreatic exocrine secretion and trypsin activity of drug application, antibiotic prophylaxis, using endoscopic techniques and development.

  11. A case control study to find out child feeding practices responsible for severe acute malnutrition among under-five children admitted in MTC at a tertiary care centre, Bikaner, Rajasthan

    Kavita Choudhary


    Full Text Available Introduction: There is no significant difference between NFHS II &III with respect to under- nutrition data but Gross national income has increased many times, so poverty and unavailability of food alone cannot be the only reasons of under- nutrition. Under-nutrition is the result of many interrelated factors such as poverty, insufficient household food security, inadequate health services, poor maternal and child care practices and inadequate water and sanitation. For communities with a high prevalence of under- nutrition, it may take years or even decades before all of these factors can be addressed. Aims and Objectives:  to find out child feeding practices responsible for severe acute malnutrition among Under-five Children and to recommend a Community Action Plan based on Positive Deviance Approach to deal with under-nutrition quickly, affordably and sustainably in a culturally acceptable manner. Materials & Methods: Study design: Matched Case Control study. Sample size: 143 cases and age, socio-economic status matched 143 controls. Study place: MTC and Immunization clinic. Study Duration: May, 2013- May, 2014. Study Tool and Data Collection: Semi-structured pre-tested questionnaire. Data analysis: with help of SPSS16 (Mean, SD, Proportion, odds ratio. Results: Strong positive association was found between duration of exclusive breast feeding(both shorter and longer, prelacteals, diluted milk as weaning food, bottle feeding, giving excess milk and less solid protein diet, not able to recognize cue of hunger by mother, lack of demand feeding, and severe acute malnutrition. Conclusion: Not any nutritional programme can help in preventing SAM unless we motivate the mothers for good child feeding and rearing practices. This can be achieved by identification of the Positive Deviant mothers from the same community and SES, who can motivate the mothers of SAM children and can practically demonstrate positive child feeding practices in a culturally

  12. Complex Feeding Decisions

    Anna Miles PhD


    Full Text Available Objective: Where swallowing difficulties are chronic or progressive, or a patient is palliative, tube feeding is often not deemed appropriate. Instead, patients continue to eat and drink despite the risks of pneumonia and death. There is currently little evidence to guide clinical practice in this field often termed “risk feeding.” This qualitative study investigated staff, patient, and family member perceptions of risk feeding practices in one New Zealand hospital. Method: Twenty-nine staff members and six patients and/or their family were interviewed. Results: Thematic analysis revealed four global themes: supporting practice, communication, complexity of feeding decisions, and patient and family-centered care. Staff described limited education and organizational policy around risk feeding decisions. Communication was considered a major factor in the success. Conclusion: Feeding decisions are complex in the hospital environment. The themes identified in this study provide a foundation for hospital guideline development and implementation.

  13. Research progress of acute motor axonal neuropathy%急性运动轴索性神经病的研究进展

    张刚; 秦新月


    急性运动轴索性神经病(AMAN)是吉兰-巴雷综合征(GBS)的主要亚型之一,与GBS主要亚型急性炎症性脱髓鞘性多发性神经病(AIDP)在临床表现、免疫病理生理机制、神经电生理检查、血清学抗体等方面均有不同。本文就AMAN相关研究进展做一综述。%Acute motor axonal neuropathy (AMAN) is one of the main subtypes of Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), which presents with acute ascending flaccid paralysis like acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (AIDP). But AMAN can be different with AIDP in clinical manifestation, immunopathogenesis, electrophysiology, serum antibody, prognosis, et al. This review focused on the research progress of AMAN.

  14. 不同喂养方式对小儿急性腹泻病程影响的观察%Observation of the effect of different feeding methods on the acute diarrhea of children

    戚丽娟; 张旭亚


    目的观察不同喂养方式对小儿急性腹泻病程的影响。方法将98例小儿急性腹泻患儿按不同喂养方式分为两组,分别给予限量喂养和全量喂养,在其他治疗方法相同情况下,比较其病程转归。结果全量喂养组平均痊愈时间(6.2±1.4)d,限量喂养组平均痊愈时间(4.7±1.1)d,两组比较差异具有统计学意义(P<0.05)。结论小儿急性腹泻应继续进食,适当限制进食量有利于疾病康复,缩短病程。%Objective To observe the impact of different feeding methods on the acute diarrhea of children. Methods According to different feeding methods, 98 children with acute diarrhea were divided into two groups. The other treatments were of the same. The disease turnover was compared between the two groups. Results Compared with the full capacity feeding group,The average healing time was (6.2±1.4)days,restricted feeding group, The average healing time was(4.7±1.1)days was superior in shortening the length of the disease(P < 0.05). Conclusion Children with acute diarrhea should continue eating.Restricting food intake properly contributes to shortening the length of the disease.

  15. Assessment of baseline hemodynamic parameters within infarct progression areas in acute stroke patients using perfusion-weighted MRI

    Ritzenthaler, Thomas; Cho, Tae-Hee; Derex, Laurent; Nighoghossian, Norbert [Hospices Civils de Lyon, Cerebrovascular Unit, Hopital Neurologique Pierre Wertheimer, Bron (France); Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University, Creatis-LRMN, UMR 5520-Inserm 630, Lyon (France); Wiart, Marlene; Berthezene, Yves [Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University, Creatis-LRMN, UMR 5520-Inserm 630, Lyon (France); Berthiller, Julien [Hospices Civils de Lyon, Pole Information Medicale Evaluation Recherche, Lyon (France); Universite Lyon 1, Lyon (France); Oestergaard, Leif [University of Aarhus, Center of Functionally Integrative Neuroscience, Aarhus University Hospital, Aarhus (Denmark); Hermier, Marc [Hospices Civils de Lyon, Neuroradiology Department, Hopital Neurologique Pierre Wertheimer, Lyon (France)


    The value of perfusion MRI for identifying the tissue at risk has been questioned. Our objective was to assess baseline perfusion-weighted imaging parameters within infarct progression areas. Patients with anterior circulation stroke without early reperfusion were included from a prospective MRI database. Sequential MRI examinations were performed on admission, 2-3 h (H2), 2-3 days (D2), and between 15 and 30 days after the initial MRI. Maps of baseline time-to-peak (TTP), mean transit time (MTT), cerebral blood volume (CBV), and cerebral blood flow (CBF) were calculated. Lesion extension areas were defined as pixels showing de novo lesions between each MRI and were generated by subtracting successive lesion masks: V{sub 0}, baseline diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) lesion; V{sub 1}, lesion extension between baseline and H2 DWI; V{sub 2}, lesion extension from H2 to D2 DWI; and V{sub 3}, lesion extension from D2 DWI to final FLAIR. Repeated measures analysis was used to compare hemodynamic parameters within the baseline diffusion lesion and subsequent lesion extension areas. Thirty-two patients were included. Baseline perfusion parameters were significantly more impaired within the acute DWI lesion compared to lesion extension areas (TTP, p<0.0001; MTT, p<0.0001; CBF p<0.0001; CBV, p<0.0001). A significant decrease in MTT (p = 0.01) and TTP (p = 0.01) was found within successive lesion growth areas. A decreasing gradient of severity for TTP and MTT was observed within successive infarct growth areas. (orig.)

  16. The VMAT-2 inhibitor tetrabenazine affects effort-related decision making in a progressive ratio/chow feeding choice task: reversal with antidepressant drugs.

    Patrick A Randall

    Full Text Available Behavioral activation is a fundamental feature of motivation, and organisms frequently make effort-related decisions based upon evaluations of reinforcement value and response costs. Furthermore, people with major depression and other disorders often show anergia, psychomotor retardation, fatigue, and alterations in effort-related decision making. Tasks measuring effort-based decision making can be used as animal models of the motivational symptoms of depression, and the present studies characterized the effort-related effects of the vesicular monoamine transport (VMAT-2 inhibitor tetrabenazine. Tetrabenazine induces depressive symptoms in humans, and also preferentially depletes dopamine (DA. Rats were assessed using a concurrent progressive ratio (PROG/chow feeding task, in which they can either lever press on a PROG schedule for preferred high-carbohydrate food, or approach and consume a less-preferred lab chow that is freely available in the chamber. Previous work has shown that the DA antagonist haloperidol reduced PROG work output on this task, but did not reduce chow intake, effects that differed substantially from those of reinforcer devaluation or appetite suppressant drugs. The present work demonstrated that tetrabenazine produced an effort-related shift in responding on the PROG/chow procedure, reducing lever presses, highest ratio achieved and time spent responding, but not reducing chow intake. Similar effects were produced by administration of the subtype selective DA antagonists ecopipam (D1 and eticlopride (D2, but not by the cannabinoid CB1 receptor neutral antagonist and putative appetite suppressant AM 4413, which suppressed both lever pressing and chow intake. The adenosine A2A antagonist MSX-3, the antidepressant and catecholamine uptake inhibitor bupropion, and the MAO-B inhibitor deprenyl, all reversed the impairments induced by tetrabenazine. This work demonstrates the potential utility of the PROG/chow procedure as a

  17. Outpatient therapeutic feeding program outcomes and determinants in treatment of severe acute malnutrition in tigray, northern ethiopia: a retrospective cohort study.

    Henock Gebremedhin Yebyo

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Outpatient Therapeutic feeding Program (OTP brings the services for management of Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM closer to the community by making services available at decentralized treatment points within the primary health care settings, through the use of ready-to-use therapeutic foods, community outreach and mobilization. Little is known about the program outcomes. This study revealed the levels of program outcome indictors and determinant factors to recovery rate. METHODS: A retrospective cohort study was conducted on 628 children who had been managed for SAM under OTP from April/2008 to January/2012. The children were selected using systematic random sampling from 12 health posts and 4 health centers. The study relied on information of demographic characteristics, anthropometries, Plumpy'Nut, medical problems and routine medications intakes. The results were estimated using Kaplan-Meier survival curves, log-rank test and Cox-regression. RESULTS: The recovery, defaulter, mortality and weight gain rates were 61.78%, 13.85%, 3.02% and 5.23 gm/kg/day, respectively. Routine medications were administered partially and children with medical problems were managed inappropriately under the program. As a child consumed one more sachet of Plumpy'Nut, the recovery rate from SAM increased by 4% (HR = 1.04, 95%-CI = 1.03, 1.05, P<0.001. The adjusted hazard ratios to recovery of children with diarrhea, appetite loss with Plumpy'Nut and failure to gain weight were 2.20 (HR = 2.20, 95%-CI = 1.31, 3.41, P = 0.001, 4.49 (HR = 1.74, 95%-CI = 1.07, 2.83, P = 0.046 and 3.88 (HR = 1.95, 95%-CI = 1.17, 3.23, P<0.001, respectively. Children who took amoxicillin and de-worming had 95% (HR = 1.95, 95%-CI = 1.17, 3.23 and 74% (HR = 1.74, 95%-CI = 1.07, 2.83 more probability to recover from SAM as compared to those who didn't take them. CONCLUSIONS: The OTP was partially successful. Management of

  18. Feeding behaviors during home-based treatment of moderate acute malnutrition using corn-soy blends or lipid-based nutrient supplements.

    Iuel-Brockdorf, Ann-Sophie; Ouedraogo, Albertine; Ritz, Christian; Draebel, Tania Aase; Ashorn, Per; Filteau, Suzanne; Michaelsen, Kim F


    Feeding behaviors have an important impact on children's nutritional status and are essential to consider when implementing nutrition programs. The objective of this study was to explore and compare feeding behaviors related to supplementary feeding with corn-soy blends (CSB) and lipid-based nutrient supplements (LNS) based on best practice feeding behaviors. The study was conducted as part of a randomized controlled trial assessing the effectiveness of new formulations of CSB and LNS and comprised 1,546 children from 6 to 23 months. The study included a mixed methods approach using questionnaires, focus group discussions and home visits and interviews with a subsample of 20 caretakers of trial participants. We found that LNS, compared to CSB, were more likely to be mixed into other foods (OR [95% CI] 1.7 [1.3-2.2], p = feeding style (mean difference in percentage points [95% CI] 23% [6%:40%], p = .01). CSB were more likely to be fed using a forced feeding style (mean difference in percentage points [95% CI] 18% [3%:33%], p = .02) and were often observed to be served unprepared. The main differences in feeding behaviors between the two diet groups were linked to how and when supplements were served. Educational instructions should therefore be adapted according to the supplement provided; when providing CSB, efforts should be made to promote an encouraging feeding style, and emphasis should be made to ensure preparations are made according to recommendations.

  19. The onset of the progression of acute phase response mechanisms induced by extreme impacts can be followed by the decrease in blood levels of positive acute phase proteins.

    Larina, Olga; Bekker, Anna

    Studies performed at space flights and earth-based simulation models detected the plasma indices of acute phase reaction (APR), i.e. the increase of APR cytokine mediators and alterations in the production of blood acute phase proteins (APP) at the initial stages of adaptation to altered gravity conditions. Acute phase response is the principal constituent of the functional activity of innate immunity system. Changes in plasma APPs contents are considered to serve the restoration of homeostasis state. According to trends of their concentration shifts at the evolving of acute phase reaction APPs are denoted as positive, neutral, or negative. Plasma concentrations of positive acute phase proteins α1-acid glycoprotein (α1-AGP), α1-antitrypsin (α1-AT), and neutral α2-macroglobulin (α2-M) were measured in human study at 12-hour antiorthostatic position (AOP) with 15° head down tilt and hypoxia experiments at 14% oxygen in pressure chamber. Both of these impacts were shown to produce alterations in the APP levels indicative for acute phase response. Nevertheless, in AOP experiment noticeable decrease in α1-AGP concentration occurred by hour 12, and even more pronounced decline of α1-AGP and α1-AT were found on hypoxia hours 12 and 36. Acute phase proteins α1-AGP and α2-M possess the features of proteinase inhibitors. This function is implemented by the formation of complexes with the molecules of proteolytic enzymes which subsequently are removed from the blood flow. Transient decrease in plasma concentrations of protease inhibitors on early phases of APR development was reported to result from the growth of plasma protease activity due to cathepsin release from activated leukocytes, which had not yet been compensated by enhanced APP synthesis. Being a carrier protein for positively charged and neutral substances, α1-AGP shows pronounced elevation in its blood content during APR development. As assumed, it is required for the transportation of the increased

  20. Analysis of the effects of exposure to acute hypoxia on oxidative lesions and tumour progression in a transgenic mouse breast cancer model

    Lunt Sarah


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Tumour hypoxia is known to be a poor prognostic indicator, predictive of increased risk of metastatic disease and reduced survival. Genomic instability has been proposed as one of the potential mechanisms for hypoxic tumour progression. Both of these features are commonly found in many cancer types, but their relationship and association with tumour progression has not been examined in the same model. Methods To address this issue, we determined the effects of 6 week in vivo acute hypoxic exposure on the levels of mutagenic lipid peroxidation product, malondialdehyde, and 8-oxo-7,8-dihydro-2'-deoxyguanosine DNA (8-oxo-dG lesions in the transgenic polyomavirus middle T (PyMT breast cancer mouse model. Results We observed significantly increased plasma lipid peroxidation and 8-oxo-dG lesion levels in the hypoxia-exposed mice. Consumption of malondialdehyde also induced a significant increase in the PyMT tumour DNA lesion levels, however, these increases did not translate into enhanced tumour progression. We further showed that the in vivo exposure to acute hypoxia induced accumulation of F4/80 positive tumour-associated macrophages (TAMs, demonstrating a relationship between hypoxia and macrophages in an experimental model. Conclusion These data suggest that although exposure to acute hypoxia causes an increase in 8-oxo-dG lesions and TAMs in the PyMT tumours, these increases do not translate into significant changes in tumour progression at the primary or metastatic levels in this strong viral oncogene-driven breast cancer model.

  1. Lower extremity muscle activation and function in progressive task-oriented training on the supplementary tilt table during stepping-like movements in patients with acute stroke hemiparesis.

    Kim, Chang-Yong; Lee, Jung-Sun; Kim, Hyeong-Dong; Kim, Junesun; Lee, In-Hak


    An effective and standardized method for applying a tilt table as a supplementary treatment in the early rehabilitation of stroke patients is still missing. The aim of this study was to determine the influence of progressive task-oriented training on the tilt table on the improvement in lower extremity (LE) muscle activation and clinical function in subjects with hemiplegia due to stroke. Thirty-nine subjects with acute stroke were randomly allocated to three groups; control group, tilt table group, and task-oriented training group on the tilt table, with 13 patients, respectively. All of the subjects received the routine therapy for half an hour, and subjects in the experimental groups additionally received training on two different tilt table applications for 20min a day, five times a week for three weeks. The effect of tilt table applications was assessed using the surface electromyography (EMG) analysis during stepping-like movements on the tilt table for LE muscle activation and clinical scores for function. Our results showed that there was a significantly greater increase in the EMG patterns of the extensors and flexors of the affected leg muscles during flexion and extension movements of both legs and clinical scores in patients undergoing the progressive task-oriented training on the tilt table compared to the other groups. These findings suggest that progressive task-oriented training on the tilt table can improve LE muscle activation and clinical scores of functional performance for early rehabilitation of subjects with acute stroke.

  2. POEMS syndrome with Guillan-Barre syndrome-like acute onset: a case report and review of neurological progression in 30 cases.

    Isose, S; Misawa, S; Kanai, K; Shibuya, K; Sekiguchi, Y; Nasu, S; Fujimaki, Y; Noto, Y; Nakaseko, C; Kuwabara, S


    POEMS (polyneuropathy, organomegaly, endocrinopathy, M-protein and skin changes) syndrome is a rare cause of demyelinating neuropathy with monoclonal plasma cell proliferation, and POEMS neuropathy is usually chronically progressive. Herein, the authors report a 34-year-old woman with POEMS syndrome presenting as acute polyneuropathy. Within 2 weeks of disease onset, she became unable to walk with electrodiagnostic features of demyelination and was initially diagnosed as having Guillan-Barré syndrome. Other systemic features (oedema and skin changes) developed later, and an elevated serum level of vascular endothelial growth factor led to the diagnosis of POEMS syndrome. She received high-dose chemotherapy with autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplantation, resulting in good recovery. The authors also reviewed patterns and speed of progression of neuropathy in the 30 patients with POEMS syndrome; 22 (73%) of them were unable to walk independently with the median period of 9.5 months from POEMS onset (range 0.5-51 months). Whereas the speed of neuropathy progression varies considerably among patients, some POEMS patients can show acute or subacute polyneuropathy. The early diagnosis and treatment could result in rapid improvement as shown in the present patient.

  3. Acute Pancreatitis Concomitant Acute Coronary Syndrome

    Okay Abacı


    Full Text Available Acute pancreatitis is an inflammatory syndrome with unpredictable progression to systemic inflammation and multi-organ dysfunction. As in our case rarely, acute pancreatitis can be presented with the coexistance of acute coronary syndrome. To prevent a misdiagnosis of acute situation presented with chest or abdominal pain, physicians must be aware for coexisting pathophysiologies and take into account the differential diagnosis of all life-threatening causes such as cardiac ischemia or acute abdominal situations.

  4. 儿童急性早幼粒细胞白血病治疗进展%Progress in the treatment of children with acute promyelocytic leukemia

    朱嘉莳; 蒋慧


    儿童急性早幼粒细胞白血病(APL)发病率低,且可能治愈.儿童APL的一线治疗药物包括全反式维甲酸和亚砷酸,与成人相似.本文综述儿童APL的治疗情况及研究进展.%Acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL) is a lower morbidity and curable disease in children. Like adults, the first-line medications of children with APL are all-trans-retinoic acid and arsenic trioxide. This review summarizes the progress in the treatment of children with APL.

  5. Application and research progress of bacitracin production in animal feed%杆菌肽产品在动物饲料中的应用研究进展

    周岩民; 王龙昌


    Bacitracin is a kind of polypeptide antibiotics. It can promote the animal growth, improve the feed conversion ratio, prevent and cure a variety of animal intestinal diseases. Furthermore, it has many excellent properties, such as no residue, no withdrawal period, no drug resistance, no toxic side effect, and safety to use. Bacitracin has been widely used in animal production and feed industry. The brief introduction on the physicochemical properties and characteristics of bacitracin, application and research progress of bacitracin productions in animal feed was reviewed. Moreover, the market and application prospect of bacitracin in feed were discussed.%杆菌肽是一种多肽类抗生素,具有促进动物生长、提高饲料转化率、预防和治疗多种动物肠道疾病的作用,同时具有无残留、无休药期、不产生耐药性、无毒副作用、安全性好等特性,在动物养殖和饲料生产中已有广泛应用.文中简介了杆菌肽的理化性质及其特点,综述了杆菌肽产品在动物饲料中的应用研究进展,并分析和展望了杆菌肽产品的市场应用前景.

  6. Human Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Derived Hepatocytes Improve the Mouse Liver after Acute Acetaminophen Intoxication by Preventing Progress of Injury

    Peggy Stock


    Full Text Available Mesenchymal stem cells from human bone marrow (hMSC have the potential to differentiate into hepatocyte-like cells in vitro and continue to maintain important hepatocyte functions in vivo after transplantation into host mouse livers. Here, hMSC were differentiated into hepatocyte-like cells in vitro (hMSC-HC and transplanted into livers of immunodeficient Pfp/Rag2−/− mice treated with a sublethal dose of acetaminophen (APAP to induce acute liver injury. APAP induced a time- and dose-dependent damage of perivenous areas of the liver lobule. Serum levels of aspartate aminotransferase (AST increased to similar levels irrespective of hMSC-HC transplantation. Yet, hMSC-HC resided in the damaged perivenous areas of the liver lobules short-term preventing apoptosis and thus progress of organ destruction. Disturbance of metabolic protein expression was lower in the livers receiving hMSC-HC. Seven weeks after APAP treatment, hepatic injury had completely recovered in groups both with and without hMSC-HC. Clusters of transplanted cells appeared predominantly in the periportal portion of the liver lobule and secreted human albumin featuring a prominent quality of differentiated hepatocytes. Thus, hMSC-HC attenuated the inflammatory response and supported liver regeneration after acute injury induced by acetaminophen. They hence may serve as a novel source of hepatocyte-like cells suitable for cell therapy of acute liver diseases.

  7. Feeding preterm children on treatment progress intolerance%关于早产儿喂养不耐受的治疗进展



    Postnatal growth restriction and failure to thrive have been recently identified as major issues in preterm , especialy extremely-low-birth-weight neonates .An increased length of time to reach ful enteral feedings is also significantly associated with a poorer mental outcome in preterm infants at 24 months corrected age .Optimization of enteral nutrition without increasing the risk of necrotizing enterocolitis (NET) has thus become a priority in preterm neonates .A range of feeding strategies currently exists for preventing/minimizing feed intolerance in preterm neonates reflects the dilemma surrounding the definition of feed intolerance and the fear of NEC.Current strategies and measures for preventing/minimizing feed intolerance in preterm neonates are discussed in this review .Largr pragmatic trials are stil needed to develop a scientific basis of feeding strategies.%生长受限和发育迟缓近来已成为早产儿尤其是极低体重儿的主要问题.达到完全肠内喂养时间的延长,也与矫正年龄2岁时的心理发育落后有明显关系.不断增加坏死性小肠炎(NEC)危险的肠内喂养已成为优先选择,阻止或减少早产儿喂养不耐受的喂养策略,反映了其定义的困难以及对NEC的担忧.文章讨论了目前早产儿喂养不耐受的喂养策略和治疗方法,但尚需进行大规模实用性的临床研究,以发展更为科学的干预方法.

  8. Research progress of stem cell therapy for acute lung injury%急性肺损伤的干细胞治疗研究进展

    黄小聪; 薛庆华


    背景 保护性肺通气治疗可降低急性肺损伤(acute lung injury,ALI)及急性呼吸窘迫综合征(acute respiratory distress syndrome,ARDS)的病死率,但因损伤的肺组织未得到及时修复,其病死率仍居高不下. 目的 审视干细胞疗法对ALI或ARDS的疗效. 内容 阐述间充质干细胞(mesenchymal stem cell,MSC)、胚胎干细胞(embryonic stem cell,ESC)、诱导多能干细胞、内皮祖细胞及内源性肺干细胞治疗ALI的研究进展. 趋向 MSC由于细胞来源广泛、易于分离和增殖、实验证据丰富而最具临床转化前景.%Background The mortality of acute lung injury(ALI) and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) has been reduced by the introduction of lung-protective ventilation,but it remains high due to delayed repair of injured lung tissue.Objective Researches are carried out to examine the effectiveness of stem cell therapy on ALI or ARDS.Content This review elaborated the research progress of mesenchymal stem cell (MSC),embryonic stem cells (ESC),induced pluripotent stem cells,endothelial progenitor cells and endogenous lung stem cells in the treatment of ALI and ARDS.Trend MSCs are considered to be most promising stem cells for clinical translation due to its rich source,easy isolation and proliferation,and abundant of experimental evidences.

  9. Genetic and metabolic signals during acute enteric bacterial infection alter the microbiota and drive progression to chronic inflammatory disease

    Kamdar, Karishma; Khakpour, Samira; Chen, Jingyu; Leone, Vanessa; Brulc, Jennifer; Mangatu, Thomas; Antonopoulos, Dionysios A.; Chang, Eugene B; Kahn, Stacy A.; Kirschner, Barbara S; Young, Glenn; DePaolo, R. William


    Chronic inflammatory disorders are thought to arise due to an interplay between predisposing host genetics and environmental factors. For example, the onset of inflammatory bowel disease is associated with enteric proteobacterial infection, yet the mechanistic basis for this association is unclear. We have shown previously that genetic defiency in TLR1 promotes acute enteric infection by the proteobacteria Yersinia enterocolitica. Examining that model further, we uncovered an altered cellular immune response that promotes the recruitment of neutrophils which in turn increases metabolism of the respiratory electron acceptor tetrathionate by Yersinia. These events drive permanent alterations in anti-commensal immunity, microbiota composition, and chronic inflammation, which persist long after Yersinia clearence. Deletion of the bacterial genes involved in tetrathionate respiration or treatment using targeted probiotics could prevent microbiota alterations and inflammation. Thus, acute infection can drive long term immune and microbiota alterations leading to chronic inflammatory disease in genetically predisposed individuals.

  10. Acute sensitivity of nematode taxa to CuSO4 and relationships with feeding-type and life-history classification

    Bongers, T.; Ilieva-Makulec, K.; Ekschmitt, K.


    The acute sensitivity to CuSO4 of a broad range of nematode taxa was analyzed in order to assess the potential of changes to nematode community structure to serve as a practical tool for the bioindication of heavy-metal pollution. An easy-to-use experimental set-up was developed along with an approp

  11. Rapidly progressive cutaneous Rhizopus microsporus infection presenting as Fournier's gangrene in a patient with acute myelogenous leukemia.

    Durand, C M; Alonso, C D; Subhawong, A P; Kwiatkowski, N P; Showel, M; Carroll, K C; Marr, K A


    Members of the genus Rhizopus within the class Zygomycetes can cause devastating opportunistic infections. Cutaneous disease arising from direct inoculation of fungal spores has the potential to disseminate widely. Here, we describe a dramatic case of cutaneous Rhizopus infection involving the penis in a patient with acute myelogenous leukemia. Despite aggressive surgical debridement, systemic antifungal therapy, and donor lymphocyte infusion, the infection was ultimately fatal. This case illustrates the unique diagnostic and therapeutic challenges in the clinical management of cutaneous Rhizopus infection.

  12. Episode-specific risk factors for progression of acute diarrhoea to persistent diarrhoea in west African children

    Sodemann, Morten; Jakobsen, M S; Mølbak, Kare


    the episode stopped or after 14 days with diarrhoea. Children who still had diarrhoea after 14 days (n = 40, 12.5% of episodes) were regarded as suffering from PD. Clinical signs, perceived by the mother, were recorded together with care-seeking behaviour and management actions. Tired and rapid breathing...... prior (OR = 6.52 (95% CI 1.69-25.1)), mother had to force breast feeding (OR = 8.01 (2.99-21.5)) and current infection with Cryptosporidium (OR = 5.53 (2.10-14.6)) were the most important independent risk factors for the development of PD. Late consultation (> 48 h) was associated with PD, reflecting...

  13. Increased cellular hypoxia and reduced proliferation of both normal and leukaemic cells during progression of acute myeloid leukaemia in rats

    Jensen, P O; Mortensen, B T; Hodgkiss, R J;


    The microenvironmental changes in the bone marrow, spleen and liver during progression of the transplantable promyelocytic leukaemia in the Brown Norwegian rat (BNML) have been studied. We used flow cytometry to estimate cellular hypoxia and proliferation based on in vivo pulse-labelling with a m......The microenvironmental changes in the bone marrow, spleen and liver during progression of the transplantable promyelocytic leukaemia in the Brown Norwegian rat (BNML) have been studied. We used flow cytometry to estimate cellular hypoxia and proliferation based on in vivo pulse...

  14. A study on the effect of using mangrove leaf extracts as a feed additive in the progress of bacterial infections in marine ornamental fish

    Thangavelu Balasubramanian; Kapila Tissera


    Objective: To ascertain the feasibility of using sustainable natural resources in maintaining disease free fish in such establishments.Methods:causative bacteria were identified by morphology and biochemical techniques. The antibacterial activity and disease resistant capability of mangrove plant leaf extract were investigated against fish pathogens.Results:The infected marine ornamental fishes were collected from the hatchery condition and inhibition activity at the concentration of 220, 200, 175 and 150 µg/mL against Pseudomonas fluorescens, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Vibrio parahaemolyticus, and Vibrio anguillarum respectively. The experimental trial reveals feeding marine ornamental fish with feed incorporated with a methanol leaf extract of Avicennia marina, increases their survival and reduces their susceptibility to infections from the isolated bacteria. Based on the in vitro assay, methanol extract of Avicennia marina was exhibited good Conclusions: The mangrove leaves have potential to control the infections caused by Pseudomonas fluorescens, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Vibrio parahaemolyticus and Vibrio anguillarum.

  15. A case of progressive hypertension preceding gemcitabine-associated thrombotic microangiopathy complicated by acute kidney injury and stroke.

    Phelan, Paul J


    Gemcitabine-associated thrombotic microangiopathy is being increasingly recognized as a serious complication of treatment. We report a normotensive patient who developed progressive hypertension after commencing gemcitabine therapy. She also developed subtle changes in her platelet count and serum creatinine months before her emergent presentation. Clinicians should be aware of new onset or worsening hypertension and \\'mild\\' biochemical changes in gemcitabine-treated patients.

  16. Acute spontaneous cervical disc herniation causing rapidly progressive myelopathy in a patient with comorbid ossified posterior longitudinal ligament: Case report and literature review

    Harrison J Westwick


    Full Text Available Background: Ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament (OPLL and cervical disc herniation are commonly encountered neurosurgical conditions. Here we present an unusual case of nontraumatic rapidly progressive myelopathy due to cervical disc herniation with comorbid OPLL and conduct a literature review focusing on the frequency and management of disc herniations with OPLL. Case Description: A 52-year-old healthy female presented with a 72-h history of rapid progression of dense quadriparesis with sensory deficits, with a precedent 4-week history of nontraumatic midline neck pain. Clinical examination revealed profound motor deficits below the C5 myotome. Spinal neuroimaging revealed OPLL (computed tomography [CT] and a cervical disc herniation spanning from C4/5 to C5/6 with significant retrovertebral disease (magnetic resonance imaging [MRI]. Operative management involved an anterior cervical corpectomy and instrumented fusion, with removal of both the sequestered disc material and the locally compressive OPLL. The patient recovered full motor function and independent ambulation with no residual signs or symptoms of myelopathy at the time of discharge. Conclusion: This unique case of a spontaneous cervical disc herniation in the context of OPLL causing rapidly progressive myelopathy illustrates the complementarity of CT and MRI in diagnosing the underlying cause of a rapidly progressive neurologic deficit in the absence of antecedent trauma. Though the optimal surgical management of such pathology remains uncertain; in this case, the anterior approach was motivated by the significant retrovertebral ventrally compressive sequestrum, and provided for excellent neurologic outcome. This article also reviews the occurrence/management of such acute cervical discs with OPLL.

  17. A critical role of gastric mucosal ascorbic acid in the progression of acute gastric mucosal lesions induced by compound 48/80 in rats

    Yoshio Kamiya; Yoshiji Ohta; Yoichiro Imai; Tomiyasu Arisawa; Hiroshi Nakano


    AIM: To study the role of gastric mucosal ascorbic acid(AA) in the progression of acute gastric mucosal lesions induced by compound 48/80 (C48/80), a mast cell degranulator, in rats.METHODS: C48/80 (0.75 mg/kg) was intraperitoneally injected to fasted Wistar rats. Oral administration of AA (10, 50 or 100 mg/kg) was performed 0.5 h after C48/80treatment. Determinations for gastric mucosal lesion severity and blood flow, and assays for gastric mucosal total AA, reduced AA, oxidized AA, vitamin E, thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (TBARS), adherent mucus, nitrite/nitrate (NOx), non-protein SH (NPSH), and myeloperoxidase(MPO), and serum total AA, reduced AA, oxidized AA,and NOx were conducted 0.5 and 3 h after C48/80treatment.RESULTS: Gastric mucosal lesions occurred 0.5 h after C48/80 treatment and progressed at 3 h. Gastric mucosal blood flow decreased 0.5 h after C48/80 treatment but the decrease was recovered at 3 h. Gastric mucosal total AA, reduced AA, vitamin E, and adherent mucus concentrations decreased 3 h after C48/80 treatment.Gastric mucosal oxidized AA concentration remained unchanged after C48/80 treatment. Gastric mucosal NPSH concentration decreased 0.5 h after C48/80 treatment,but the decrease was recovered at 3 h. Gastric mucosal TBARS concentration and MPO activity increased 0.5 h after C48/80 treatment and further increased at 3 h.Serum total AA and reduced AA concentrations increased 0.5 h after C48/80 treatment and further increased at 3 h, while serum oxidized AA concentration increased at 0.5 h. Serum and gastric mucosal NOx concentrations increased 3 h after C48/80 treatment. AA administration to C48/80-treated rats at 0.5 h after the treatment prevented the gastric mucosal lesion progression and the changes in gastric mucosal total AA, reduced AA, vitamin E, adherent mucus, NOx, and TBARS concentrations and MPO activity and serum NOx concentration found at 3 h after the treatment dose-dependently. The AA administration to C48/80-treated

  18. Research Progress on Feed-intake Regulation of Pigs%猪采食调控机制研究进展



    Feed intake is highly relevant to the growth performance of pig. The improvement of feed intake is considered to be an important contributor to the increase of pig production. The appetite and intake behavior of pig are regulated by various central and peripheral factors,including feeding technique,living circumstance,chemo-factors and metabolic-factors. Hypothala-mus plays a key role in integrating all these signals so as to regulate feed intake. Researches on intake signaling have achieved great improvement,owing to the implication of molecular methods, numerous signaling factors involved in the intake-net have been reported,among which AMPK.mTOR and Leptin have been most attractive to researchers in this area. The present paper summarized the factors influencing feed intake as well as the key role of hypothalamus in regulating feed intake, and probed molecular mechanism of feed intake. Questions involved and research direction were raised and discussed.%猪的采食量与其生长速度、生产性能息息相关.在保证猪健康生长的同时,尽可能地提高其采食量,是提高养猪生产效益的重要途径.猪的食欲和采食行为受到外界环境、饲养技术、自身物理特性、体内化学和代谢因子、中枢和外周信号因子的综合调控.下丘脑在整合各种信号从而发挥采食调控作用的网络中发挥着关键作用.分子生物学手段的应用使得采食信号因子的研究不断取得突破,NPY、CCK、SS、Orexin、Ghrelin等在下丘脑采食调控网络中的作用和信号途径已日渐明朗,而AMPK、mTOR和Leptin更是成为近年来的研究热点.作者从影响猪采食行为的因素、下丘脑的调控作用及影响采食行为的主效因子等方面展开论述,综述了当前国内外在猪采食调控方面的研究进展,针对存在的问题提出讨论,并对接下来的研究方向做出展望.

  19. Preserved Collateral Blood Flow in the Endovascular M2CAO Model Allows for Clinically Relevant Profiling of Injury Progression in Acute Ischemic Stroke

    Little, Philip; Kvist, Ola; Grankvist, Rikard; Jonsson, Stefan; Damberg, Peter; Söderman, Michael; Arnberg, Fabian; Holmin, Staffan


    Interventional treatment regimens have increased the demand for accurate understanding of the progression of injury in acute ischemic stroke. However, conventional animal models severely inhibit collateral blood flow and mimic the malignant infarction profile not suitable for treatment. The aim of this study was to provide a clinically relevant profile of the emergence and course of ischemic injury in cases suitable for acute intervention, and was achieved by employing a M2 occlusion model (M2CAO) that more accurately simulates middle cerebral artery (MCA) occlusion in humans. Twenty-five Sprague-Dawley rats were subjected to Short (90 min), Intermediate (180 min) or Extended (600 min) transient M2CAO and examined longitudinally with interleaved diffusion-, T2- and arterial spin labeling perfusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging before and after reperfusion. We identified a rapid emergence of cytotoxic edema within tissue regions undergoing infarction, progressing in several distinct phases in the form of subsequent moderation and then reversal at 230 min (p < 0.0001). We identified also the early emergence of vasogenic edema, which increased consistently before and after reperfusion (p < 0.0001). The perfusion of the penumbra correlated more strongly to the perfusion of adjacent tissue regions than did the perfusion of regions undergoing infarction (p = 0.0088). This was interpreted as an effect of preserved collateral blood flow during M2CAO. Accordingly, we observed only limited recruitment of penumbra regions to the infarction core. However, a gradual increase in infarction size was still occurring as late as 10 hours after M2CAO. Our results indicate that patients suffering MCA branch occlusion stand to benefit from interventional therapy for an extended time period after the emergence of ischemic injury. PMID:28068417

  20. Readmission for Acute Exacerbation within 30 Days of Discharge Is Associated with a Subsequent Progressive Increase in Mortality Risk in COPD Patients: A Long-Term Observational Study.

    Mónica Guerrero

    Full Text Available Twenty per cent of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD patients are readmitted for acute exacerbation (AECOPD within 30 days of discharge. The prognostic significance of early readmission is not fully understood. The objective of our study was to estimate the mortality risk associated with readmission for acute exacerbation within 30 days of discharge in COPD patients.The cohort (n = 378 was divided into patients readmitted (n = 68 and not readmitted (n = 310 within 30 days of discharge. Clinical, laboratory, microbiological, and severity data were evaluated at admission and during hospital stay, and mortality data were recorded at four time points during follow-up: 30 days, 6 months, 1 year and 3 years.Patients readmitted within 30 days had poorer lung function, worse dyspnea perception and higher clinical severity. Two or more prior AECOPD (HR, 2.47; 95% CI, 1.51-4.05 was the only variable independently associated with 30-day readmission. The mortality risk during the follow-up period showed a progressive increase in patients readmitted within 30 days in comparison to patients not readmitted; moreover, 30-day readmission was an independent risk factor for mortality at 1 year (HR, 2.48; 95% CI, 1.10-5.59. In patients readmitted within 30 days, the estimated absolute increase in the mortality risk was 4% at 30 days (number needed to harm NNH, 25, 17% at 6-months (NNH, 6, 19% at 1-year (NNH, 6 and 24% at 3 years (NNH, 5.In conclusion a readmission for AECOPD within 30 days is associated with a progressive increased long-term risk of death.

  1. Recovery rate and associated factors of children age 6 to 59 months admitted with severe acute malnutrition at inpatient unit of Bahir Dar Felege Hiwot Referral hospital therapeutic feeding unite, northwest Ethiopia

    Desyibelew, Hanna Demelash; Fekadu, Abel; Woldie, Haile


    Background Despite numerous advances made in improving child health and the clinical management protocols for treating severe acute malnutrition at treatment centers, evidences concerning the treatment outcomes are scarce. Therefore, this study was conducted to assess the recovery rate and associated factors of severely acute malnourished children of age 6 to 59 months admitted to inpatient therapeutic feeding unit at Felege Hiwot Referral Hospital. Methods We conducted a hospital-based cross-sectional study including 401 severely malnourished children who were admitted from September 2012 to January 2016. Bivariable and a Multivariable logistic regression model were fitted to identify factors associated with recovery rate. Adjusted Odds ratio with its 95% CI was reported and P-value less than 0.05 was considered as significant. Results Fifty eight percent (58.4%) (95%CI: 53.1–64.1) of admitted children were recovered with a mean recovery time of 18 (±6.3) days. Being female, children who were fully and partially vaccinated, who had better MUAC measurement, who stayed longer in the hospital, and children who took routine vitamin-A supplementation had better recovery rate. However, children who had co-morbidity at admission, had human immune virus (HIV) and Tuberculosis (TB) infection, and who had edema were less likely to recover. Interpretation Recovery rate was low as compared to international SPHERE cutoff points (> 75% recovery rate). Interventions that could address the outlined factors would be helpful to improve treatment recovery rate of admitted children. PMID:28166247

  2. Increased cellular hypoxia and reduced proliferation of both normal and leukaemic cells during progression of acute myeloid leukaemia in rats

    Jensen, P O; Mortensen, B T; Hodgkiss, R J


    The microenvironmental changes in the bone marrow, spleen and liver during progression of the transplantable promyelocytic leukaemia in the Brown Norwegian rat (BNML) have been studied. We used flow cytometry to estimate cellular hypoxia and proliferation based on in vivo pulse-labelling with a m......The microenvironmental changes in the bone marrow, spleen and liver during progression of the transplantable promyelocytic leukaemia in the Brown Norwegian rat (BNML) have been studied. We used flow cytometry to estimate cellular hypoxia and proliferation based on in vivo pulse......-labelling with a mixture of 2-nitroimidazole linked to theophylline (NITP) and bromodeoxyuridine (BrdUrd). The leukaemic cells were identified with the RM124 antibody. In rats inoculated with leukaemic cells the fraction of RM124+ cells was significantly increased from day 20 onwards in the spleen and from day 27...

  3. 白腐真菌处理玉米秸秆饲料的研究进展%Research Progress of White Rot Fungi Treatment Corn Straw Feed

    王晓翠; 王浩; 李杰


    目前我国的玉米秸秆饲料加工处理方法已日趋成熟,其在缓解饲粮压力、净化养殖环境、促进农业良性循环的作用也逐渐体现出来。在对玉米秸秆处理方法的,选择上,白腐真菌因其能选择性的降解秸秆木质素,提高秸秆的瘤胃干物质降解率和改善秸秆营养价值,而被国内外学者深入的研究,并取得一定的成果,文章就玉米秸秆饲料的特性、白腐真菌的概况,白腐真菌处理玉米秸秆的原理及处理后玉米秸秆的营养特性作一综述。%At present, treatment processing methods of corn straw feed is reach its maturity in China. It was reflected foot by foot that is efficacy relieve stress and purification of the culture environment and promote agricultural virtuous circle. Treatment of corn stalk in the choice, because of white rot fungi can selectively degrade lignin straw, degradation rate of dry matter of straw was increased in the tureen and the nutritional value of straw was improved, thus it was in-depth study by scholars at home and abroad, and then made some the results. This paper summaried characteristics of corn stalk silage, overview of white rot fungi and white rot fungi treatment principle of corn straw feed, as well as after processing the nutritional characteristics of feed corn stalks.

  4. 催化裂化提升管进料混合段研究进展%Research Progress of Feed Injection-mixing Zone in FCC Riser

    王钊; 闫子涵; 范怡平; 卢春喜


    Riser reactor is one of the most important units in the FCC process. In the feed injection-mixing zone of the riser reactor, the contact and flow conditions of oil and catalysts will directly affect the FCC reaction. The present research about gas-solid flow behaviors in the conventional feed injection zone indicates that the catalysts distribute quite unevenly in the feed injection zone, which is harmful for the contact and reaction of oil and catalysts. To solve the disadvantages of riser feeding mixed segment, domestic and overseas researchers put forward some improvement methods, including changing the way of air inlet, appending the internals and transforming the diameter of the riser.%催化裂化是炼油工业中重要的二次加工过程,提升管反应器是催化裂化装置的核心部分,其中的进料混合段是原料油与催化剂的初始接触阶段,该区域油、剂间的接触与混合效果将对裂化反应的产品分布产生直接影响。在传统的提升管进料段结构中,存在着催化剂分布不均匀、颗粒返混严重等问题,不利于实现油、剂间快速而均匀的混合与反应。针对提升管进料混合段内存在的缺点与不足,国内外研究者提出了诸多改进方法,其中改变进气方式、增加内构件、提升管变径等方案的效果较为显著。

  5. Acute chlorine gas exposure produces transient inflammation and a progressive alteration in surfactant composition with accompanying mechanical dysfunction

    Massa, Christopher B.; Scott, Pamela; Abramova, Elena; Gardner, Carol; Laskin, Debra L.; Gow, Andrew J., E-mail:


    Acute Cl{sub 2} exposure following industrial accidents or military/terrorist activity causes pulmonary injury and severe acute respiratory distress. Prior studies suggest that antioxidant depletion is important in producing dysfunction, however a pathophysiologic mechanism has not been elucidated. We propose that acute Cl{sub 2} inhalation leads to oxidative modification of lung lining fluid, producing surfactant inactivation, inflammation and mechanical respiratory dysfunction at the organ level. C57BL/6J mice underwent whole-body exposure to an effective 60 ppm-hour Cl{sub 2} dose, and were euthanized 3, 24 and 48 h later. Whereas pulmonary architecture and endothelial barrier function were preserved, transient neutrophilia, peaking at 24 h, was noted. Increased expression of ARG1, CCL2, RETLNA, IL-1b, and PTGS2 genes was observed in bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) cells with peak change in all genes at 24 h. Cl{sub 2} exposure had no effect on NOS2 mRNA or iNOS protein expression, nor on BAL NO{sub 3}{sup −} or NO{sub 2}{sup −}. Expression of the alternative macrophage activation markers, Relm-α and mannose receptor was increased in alveolar macrophages and pulmonary epithelium. Capillary surfactometry demonstrated impaired surfactant function, and altered BAL phospholipid and surfactant protein content following exposure. Organ level respiratory function was assessed by forced oscillation technique at 5 end expiratory pressures. Cl{sub 2} exposure had no significant effect on either airway or tissue resistance. Pulmonary elastance was elevated with time following exposure and demonstrated PEEP refractory derecruitment at 48 h, despite waning inflammation. These data support a role for surfactant inactivation as a physiologic mechanism underlying respiratory dysfunction following Cl{sub 2} inhalation. - Highlights: • Effect of 60 ppm*hr Cl{sub 2} gas on lung inflammation and mechanical function examined. • Pulmonary inflammation is transient and minor.

  6. Live feeds in aquaculture

    Dhert, Ph.; Sorgeloos, P


    Over the past two decades intensive larviculture of several fish and shellfish species has expanded into a multimillion dollar industry. Although much progress has been made in identifying the dietary requirements of the larvae of various aquaculture species, the mass culture of their early larval stages still requires the use of live feeds. Selected either through trial and error approaches or because of their convenience in mass production and use, hatcheries are relying today on three grou...

  7. 化脓性胆管炎的研究进展%Research progress of acute suppurative cholangitis



    急性化脓性胆管炎(acute suppurative cholangitis,ASC)是由于急性胆管梗阻并继发化脓性感染所致,是肝外胆道梗阻的一种严重并发症.本病起病急骤,病情复杂而进展迅速,并发症多而且病死率高,是良性胆道疾患引起病人死亡的主要病症,已引起临床普遍重视.本文对急性化脓性胆管炎的病因、病理变化、诊断标准以及治疗等研究进展作一综述.

  8. Progress on Nursing Care of Acute Pulmonary Embolism%急性肺栓塞的护理进展



    急性肺栓塞(PE)具有发病急、易漏诊误诊、病死率高、易猝死等特点。其发病与以下因素密切相关:下肢静脉血栓形成、下肢水肿、心力衰竭、活动少等;高龄;外科手术、创伤和骨折;血管内皮功能损伤(肺部感染、反复静脉穿刺及静脉输液、外科手术)。临床表现多样复杂,与发生速度、血管堵塞的数量和程度、心肺基础状态有关;护理除了基础护理外,应加强心理护理及溶栓及抗凝治疗的护理;对患者及其家属的健康教育也非常重要。%Acute PE has the features of acute onset,easy to missed diagnosis or misdiagnose,high mortality,easy to sudden death et al.Its incidence is closely related with deep venous thrombosis of lower extremity,lower extremity edema,heart failure,few activities,elderly;surgical operation,trauma and fracture;vascular endothelial function injury(pulmonary infection,repeated puncture and venous transfusion,surgical operation);its clinical manifestations is complex and varius,associated with speed,number and extent of blockage,heart and Lung foundation state;its nursing in addition to basic nursing,the psychological nursing and nursing of thrombolytic and anticoagulant therapy;health education to patients and their families is also very important.

  9. Inflammatory cascades driven by tumor necrosis factor-alpha play a major role in the progression of acute liver failure and its neurological complications.

    Anne Chastre

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND/AIMS: Acute liver failure (ALF due to ischemic or toxic liver injury is a clinical condition that results from massive loss of hepatocytes and may lead to hepatic encephalopathy (HE, a serious neuropsychiatric complication. Although increased expression of tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α in liver, plasma and brain has been observed, conflicting results exist concerning its roles in drug-induced liver injury and on the progression of HE. The present study aimed to investigate the therapeutic value of etanercept, a TNF-α neutralizing molecule, on the progression of liver injury and HE in mice with ALF resulting from azoxymethane (AOM hepatotoxicity. METHODS/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: Mice were administered saline or etanercept (10 mg/kg; i.p. 30 minutes prior to, or up to 6 h after AOM. Etanercept-treated ALF mice were sacrificed in parallel with vehicle-treated comatose ALF mice and controls. AOM induced severe hepatic necrosis, leading to HE, and etanercept administered prior or up to 3 h after AOM significantly delayed the onset of coma stages of HE. Etanercept pretreatment attenuated AOM-induced liver injury, as assessed by histological examination, plasma ammonia and transaminase levels, and by hepatic glutathione content. Peripheral inflammation was significantly reduced by etanercept as shown by decreased plasma IL-6 (4.1-fold; p<0.001 and CD40L levels (3.7-fold; p<0.001 compared to saline-treated ALF mice. Etanercept also decreased IL-6 levels in brain (1.2-fold; p<0.05, attenuated microglial activation (assessed by OX-42 immunoreactivity, and increased brain glutathione concentrations. CONCLUSIONS: These results indicate that systemic sequestration of TNF-α attenuates both peripheral and cerebral inflammation leading to delayed progression of liver disease and HE in mice with ALF due to toxic liver injury. These results suggest that etanercept may provide a novel therapeutic approach for the management of ALF patients awaiting

  10. Preferential loss of mismatch repair function in refractory and relapsed acute myeloid leukemia: potential contribution to AML progression

    Guogen Mao; Fenghua Yuan; Kimberly Absher; C Darrell Jennings; Dianna S Howard; Craig T Jordan; Liya Gu


    Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is an aggressive hematological cancer. Despite therapeutic regimens that lead to complete remission, the vast majority of patients undergo relapse. The molecular mechanisms underlying AML development and relapse remain incompletely defined. To explore whether loss of DNA mismatch repair (MMR) function is involved in AML, we screened two key MMR genes, MSH2 and MLH1, for mutations and promoter hypermethylation in leukemia specimens from 53 AML patients and blood from 17 non-cancer controls. We show here that whereas no amino acid alteration or promoter hypermethylation was detected in all control samples, 18 AML patients exhibited either mutations in MMR genes or hypermethylation in the MLH1 promoter. In vitro functional MMR analysis revealed that almost all the mutations analyzed resulted in loss of MMR function. MMR defects were significantly more frequent in patients with refractory or relapsed AML compared with newly diagnosed patients. These observations suggest for the first time that the loss of MMR function is associated with refractory and relapsed AML and may contribute to disease pathogenesis.

  11. Ibrutinib inhibits pre-BCR(+) B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia progression by targeting BTK and BLK.

    Kim, Ekaterina; Hurtz, Christian; Koehrer, Stefan; Wang, Zhiqiang; Balasubramanian, Sriram; Chang, Betty Y; Müschen, Markus; Davis, R Eric; Burger, Jan A


    Targeting B-cell receptor (BCR) signaling is a successful therapeutic strategy in mature B-cell malignancies. Precursor BCR (pre-BCR) signaling, which is critical during normal B lymphopoiesis, also plays an important role in pre-BCR(+) B cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (B-ALL). Here, we investigated the activity and mechanism of action of the BTK inhibitor ibrutinib in preclinical models of B-ALL. Pre-BCR(+) ALL cells were exquisitely sensitive to ibrutinib at therapeutically relevant drug concentrations. In pre-BCR(+) ALL, ibrutinib thwarted autonomous and induced pre-BCR signaling, resulting in deactivation of PI3K/Akt signaling. Ibrutinib modulated the expression of pre-BCR regulators (PTPN6, CD22, CD72, and PKCβ) and substantially reduced BCL6 levels. Ibrutinib inhibited ALL cell migration toward CXCL12 and beneath marrow stromal cells and reduced CD44 expression. CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing revealed that both BTK and B lymphocyte kinase (BLK) are relevant targets of ibrutinib in pre-BCR(+) ALL. Consequently, in mouse xenograft models of pre-BCR(+) ALL, ibrutinib treatment significantly prolonged survival. Combination treatment of ibrutinib with dexamethasone or vincristine demonstrated synergistic activity against pre-BCR(+) ALL. These data corroborate ibrutinib as a promising targeted agent for pre-BCR(+) ALL and highlight the importance of ibrutinib effects on alternative kinase targets.

  12. Increased cellular hypoxia and reduced proliferation of both normal and leukaemic cells during progression of acute myeloid leukaemia in rats

    Jensen, P O; Mortensen, B T; Hodgkiss, R J;


    The microenvironmental changes in the bone marrow, spleen and liver during progression of the transplantable promyelocytic leukaemia in the Brown Norwegian rat (BNML) have been studied. We used flow cytometry to estimate cellular hypoxia and proliferation based on in vivo pulse...... in the bone marrow and liver, reaching a level of 65-87% in these organs at day 32. At day 32, the NITP+ fraction of RM124+ cells had increased significantly in the bone marrow and spleen to 88% and 90%, respectively. The corresponding fractions of NITP+ normal cells reached 63% and 65%, respectively. From......-labelling with a mixture of 2-nitroimidazole linked to theophylline (NITP) and bromodeoxyuridine (BrdUrd). The leukaemic cells were identified with the RM124 antibody. In rats inoculated with leukaemic cells the fraction of RM124+ cells was significantly increased from day 20 onwards in the spleen and from day 27...

  13. Comparing serum responses to acute feedings of an extensively hydrolyzed whey protein concentrate versus a native whey protein concentrate in rats: a metabolomics approach.

    Roberts, Michael D; Cruthirds, Clayton L; Lockwood, Christopher M; Pappan, Kirk; Childs, Thomas E; Company, Joseph M; Brown, Jacob D; Toedebusch, Ryan G; Booth, Frank W


    We examined how gavage feeding extensively hydrolyzed whey protein (WPH) versus a native whey protein concentrate (WPC) transiently affected serum biochemical profiles in rodents. Male Wistar rats (250-300 g) were 8 h fasted and subsequently fed isonitrogenous amounts of WPH or WPC, or remained unfed (control). Animals were sacrificed 15 min, 30 min, and 60 min post-gavage for serum extraction, and serum was analyzed using untargeted global metabolic profiling via gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (MS) and liquid chromatography/MS/MS platforms. We detected 333 serum metabolites amongst the experimental and control groups. Both WPH and WPC generally increased amino acids (1.2-2.8-fold), branched-chain amino acids (1.2-1.7-fold), and serum di- and oligo-peptides (1.1-2.7-fold) over the 60 min time course compared with control (q protein sources led to a dramatic increase in free fatty acids compared with control (up to 6-fold increases, q protein sources.


    Popova, B; Mitev, D; Nikolov, A


    Breast feeding provides a lot of short and long-term benefits for the mother and the baby. It prevents the baby of gastrointestinal, urinary and respiratory infections, atopical conditions and assures long-term protection of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. The breast feeding decreases the risk for the mother of ovary and breast carcinoma and creates a positive emotional bond between the mother and the baby Mother's milk is a species specific; its content is relatively stable regardless of mother's age race, way and place of living. Mother's milk is not sterile. There is a 10 year international trial held in Spanish and Finnish universities. It has identified and count all microorganisms in mother's milk (more than 700) and proved that their content and quantity varies according the age of the baby. Mother's milk is a source of lactobacillus for baby's intestines and most of them have probiotic potential. Lactobacillus fermentum Lc40 (hereditum) is isolated from mother's milk. It has a good viability in gastrointestinal system, high level of adhesion to intestinal epithelium cells, produces glutation--strong antioxidant, good antibacterial activity to entero-pathogens and potential of increasing the immunologic response. Clinical trials reveal that Lactobacillus fermentum plays important role to microflora balance of mother's milk in mastitis during lactation. Many trials estimating the efficiency of lactobacillus fermentum in prevention and treatment of acute and subacute mastitis have been carried out. The results of them open a new door in front of us in the treatment of these conditions--treatment with probiotics instead of antibiotics.

  15. Effects of preoperative feeding with a whey protein plus carbohydrate drink on the acute phase response and insulin resistance. A randomized trial

    Dock-Nascimento Diana B


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Prolonged preoperative fasting increases insulin resistance and current evidence recommends carbohydrate (CHO drinks 2 hours before surgery. Our hypothesis is that the addition of whey protein to a CHO-based drink not only reduces the inflammatory response but also diminish insulin resistance. Methods Seventeen patients scheduled to cholecystectomy or inguinal herniorraphy were randomized and given 474 ml and 237 ml of water (CO group or a drink containing CHO and milk whey protein (CHO-P group respectively, 6 and 3 hours before operation. Blood samples were collected before surgery and 24 hours afterwards for biochemical assays. The endpoints of the study were the insulin resistance (IR, the prognostic inflammatory and nutritional index (PINI and the C-reactive protein (CRP/albumin ratio. A 5% level for significance was established. Results There were no anesthetic or postoperative complications. The post-operative IR was lower in the CHO-P group when compared with the CO group (2.75 ± 0.72 vs 5.74 ± 1.16; p = 0.03. There was no difference between the two groups in relation to the PINI. The CHO-P group showed a decrease in the both CRP elevation and CRP/albumin ratio (p Conclusions Shortening the pre-operative fasting using CHO and whey protein is safe and reduces insulin resistance and postoperative acute phase response in elective moderate operations. Trial registration NCT01354249

  16. Progress in the treatment of acute kidney injury%急性肾损伤诊治进展

    杨秀川; 洪大情


    The prevalence of acute kidney injury (AKI) is increasing, with its definition, diagnosis and stage being updated. New biomarkers of AKI have become a hot study,but none can be applied clinically as a substitute of serum creatinine. Identificationearly intervention of risk factors are important lor AKI prevention. Management of AKI treatment ol primary disease, prevention of multi-organ dysfunction,maintaining the balance of water,electrolytes,and acid-base,and appropriate renal replacement therapy. Early hemodialysis can improve the outcome of AKI. Hemodialysis is better than peritoneal dialysis in removal of small molecule substances and correction of acidosis. Peritoneal dialysis can be used in small children and patients with unstable hemodynamics. Continuous renal replacement therapy has been generally applied in AKI,which can be a complementation of intermittent hemodialysis,although current evidences do not support a higher dosage instead of the traditional prescription of CRRT. High dosage may be effective for several special diseases.%急性肾损伤(AKI)发病率逐年递增,其概念、诊断及分期日趋准确,寻找新的生物标志物的研究已成为热点,但仍无法完全替代血肌酐.AKI的预防在于早期发现并祛除危险因素;其治疗包括治疗原发病,防止多器官功能障碍,维持水、电解质、酸碱平衡以及肾脏替代治疗.早期透析可以改善患者预后,血液透析对小分子物质的清除及酸中毒的纠优于腹膜透析,小儿及血流动力学不稳定患者可选择腹膜透析.连续性肾脏替代治疗(CRRT)已被广泛应用于AKI的治疗,但其与间断性血液透析(IHD)互为补充,可随AKI的不同阶段和病情变化而转换,CRRT的治疗剂量仍然推荐传统剂量,对于某些特殊疾病高剂量CRRT可能有效.

  17. A High Occurrence of Acquisition and/or Expansion of C-CBL Mutant Clones in the Progression of High-Risk Myelodysplastic Syndrome to Acute Myeloid Leukemia

    Hsiao-Wen Kao


    Full Text Available The molecular pathogenesis of myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS and its progression to secondary acute myeloid leukemia (sAML remain to be explored. Somatic C-CBL mutations were recently described in MDS. Our study aimed to determine the role of C-CBL mutations in the progression of MDS to sAML and sought to correlate with clinicohematological features and outcome. Bone marrow samples from 51 patients with high-risk MDS (13 with refractory cytopenia with multilineage dysplasia, 19 with refractory anemia with excess blast 1, and 19 with refractory anemia with excess blast 2 were analyzed for C-CBL mutations at both diagnosis and sAML in the same individuals. Mutational analysis was performed for exons 7 to 9 of C-CBL gene. Of the 51 paired samples, C-CBL mutations were identified in 6 patients at the sAML phase. One patient retained the identical C-CBL mutation (G415S at sAML evolution and exhibited clonal expansion. The other five patients acquired C-CBL mutations (Y371S, F418S, L370_Y371 ins L, L399V, and C416W during sAML evolution. Three of the six patients harboring C-CBL mutations at sAML had additional gene mutations including JAK2V617F, PTPN11, or N-RAS. There was no significant difference in clinicohematological features and overall survival with respect to C-CBL mutation status. Our results show that C-CBL mutation is very rare (0.6% in MDS, but acquisition and/or expansion of C-CBL mutant clones occur in 11.8% of patients during sAML transformation. The findings suggest that C-CBL mutations play a role at least in part in a subset of MDS patients during sAML transformation.

  18. 百草枯中毒的治疗进展%Treatment Progress in Acute Paraquat Poisoning



    Paraquat is a highly toxic herbicide,which has strong toxicity to humans and animalsThe herbicide effect of paraquat was found at the end of 1950s. Since its introduction in the market in 1962, there were many people died of paraquat poisoning every year. Paraquat has very strong toxicity on various organs of the body with different clinical manifestations, and ultimately the patients died of organ dysfunction syndrome ( multiple organ dysfunction syndrome, MODS ), and hypoxemia caused by pulmonary fibrosis. The domestic and foreign scholars have not discovered the effective drugs for paraquat poisoning, and here is to make a review of the research on the treatment progress of paraquat poisoning in recent years.%百草枯属剧毒除草剂,对人畜有较强的毒性.20世纪50年代末,百草枯的除草作用被发现,1962年首次在市场上销售,每年均有很多人死于百草枯中毒.百草枯对全身各个器官均有极强的毒性,病程进展快,病死率很高,临床表现各异,最终患者多因器官功能障碍综合征以及肺纤维化所致的低氧血症死亡.国内外学者至今仍未发现百草枯的特效解毒药物,该文就近年来百草枯中毒治疗的进展予以综述.

  19. Incidence and Progression of Cardiac Surgery-associated Acute Kidney Injury and its Relationship with Bypass and Cross Clamp Time

    Karim, Habib Md Reazaul; Yunus, Mohd; Saikia, Manuj Kumar; Kalita, Jyoti Prasad; Mandal, Mrinal


    Introduction: Cardiac surgery-associated kidney injury (CSA-AKI) is common but relatively less is known about its progression. The present study is aimed at evaluating the incidence and course of CSA-AKI and its relationship with the different durations of cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) and cross clamp times. Materials and Methods: Occurrences of CSA-AKI are evaluated as per the Akin Kidney Injury Network (AKIN) criteria over the course of 5 postoperative day (POD) in 100 patients. The relationship of different durations of CPB and aortic cross clamp time with CSA-AKI is analyzed by Chi-squared test for trend and other appropriate tests using INSTAT software. Results: One hundred (43 male, 57 female; mean age of 37.01 ± 12.28 years, and baseline mean serum creatinine 0.99 ± 0.20 mg %) patients undergone mostly valve replacement, and congenital heart disease correction was evaluated. Nearly 49% suffered CSA-AKI (81.63% AKIN Class I) with maximum numbers on 2nd POD. Serum creatinine followed a falling trend 3rd POD onward except in 8.16% cases of CSA-AKI. Oliguria was absent even in AKIN Class II. The CPB time >70 min and cross clamp time >60 min increase CSA-AKI risk by an OR of 4.76 and 2.84, respectively (P < 0.05). Conclusion: CSA-AKI is very prevalent; mostly of AKIN Class I and increases with increasing CPB and cross clamp time. Urine output is not a reliable indicator of CSA-AKI. The AKIN Class II on the very 1st POD or increasing trend of serum creatinine beyond 3rd POD should alert for early intervention. PMID:28074790

  20. Genetic and pharmacological evidence that 5-HT2C receptor activation, but not inhibition, affects motivation to feed under a progressive ratio schedule of reinforcement.

    Fletcher, Paul J; Sinyard, Judy; Higgins, Guy A


    Previous work showed that 5-HT(2C) receptor agonists reduce cocaine self-administration on a progressive ratio (PR) schedule of reinforcement, whereas a 5-HT(2C) receptor antagonist enhances responding for cocaine. The present experiments examined the effects of Ro60-0175 (5-HT(2C) agonist) and SB242084 (5-HT(2C) receptor antagonist) in rats on responding for food on a PR schedule; responding was also determined in mice lacking functional 5-HT(2C) receptors. In food-restricted rats, lever pressing reinforced by regular food pellets or sucrose pellets was reduced by Ro60-0175. This effect was blocked by SB242084, and was absent in mice lacking functional 5-HT(2C) receptors. A number of studies examined the effects of SB242084 on responding for food under a variety of conditions. These included manipulation of food type (regular pellets versus sucrose pellets), nutritional status of the animals (food restriction versus no restriction), and rate of progression of the increase in ratio requirements on the PR schedule. In all cases there was no evidence of enhanced responding for food by SB242084. Mice lacking functional 5-HT(2C) receptors did not differ from wildtype mice in responding for food in either food-restricted or non-restricted states. The effects of Ro60-0175 are consistent with its effects on food consumption and motivation to self-administer cocaine. Unlike their effects on cocaine self-administration, pharmacological blockade of 5-HT(2C) receptors, and genetic disruption of 5-HT(2C) receptor function do not alter the motivation to respond for food. Because the 5-HT(2C) receptor exerts a modulatory effect on dopamine function, the differential effects of reduced 5-HT(2C) receptor mediated transmission on responding for food versus cocaine may relate to a differential role of this neurotransmitter in mediating these two behaviours.

  1. 重症急性胰腺炎相关肾损伤的发病机制及治疗进展%Pathogenesis and treatment progress of associated renal injury in severe acute pancreatitis

    罗刚; 杨旭


    Severe acute pancreatitis(SAP) is a acute abdomen caused by a variety of reasons.Its major characteristic is pancreatic enzyme activation and digestion of pancreatic tissue itself.It is with or without other organ function change.Among them,acute renal failure(acute renal failure,ARF) is one of the important causes of death in SAP patients.Because the pathogenesis of the disease has not been fully elucidated,the treatment methods need further exploration.In this paper,the author reviews the pathogenesis and treatment progress of associated renal function injury in severe acute pancreatitis in recent years.%重症急性胰腺炎(SAP)是由多种原因引起的胰酶激活和胰腺组织的自身消化为主要特征的伴或不伴其他器官功能改变的急腹症。其中,急性肾衰竭(Acute renal failure,ARF)是导致 SAP 患者死亡的重要原因之一。由于该病的发病机制尚未完全阐明,治疗方法有待进一步探索。本文就近年来 SAP 相关肾功能损害的发病机制及治疗进展进行综述。

  2. Lactancia materna y diarrea aguda en los primeros tres meses de vida Breast feeding and the incidence of acute diarrhea during the first three months of life

    Claudia Macías-Carrillo


    ón como el aseguramiento de la provisión de agua potable para el recién nacido.OBJECTIVE: To assess the effect of exclusive breastfeeding and its interactions with selected socioeconomic factors, on the incidence of acute infantile diarrhea during the first three months of life. MATERIAL AND METHODS: A prospective cohort study with a follow up of three months was conducted in 327 mother and child pairs, living in the city of Durango, Mexico, between April and June 1994. Data analyses included simple univariate and bivariate cross-tabulations, as well as multivariate logistic regression models with random effects. RESULTS: Infants who were not exclusively breastfed were at a significantly increased risk of having acute diarrhea during early infancy (ORcombined breastfeeding= 3.23; 95% CI 1.84-5.68 and ORartificial breastfeeding=4.36; 95% CI 2.32-8.19. Moreover, the protective effect of breastfeeding was independent from the effects of the following factors: poor maternal education, lack of social support for baby care, and being an adolescent mother. However, lack of potable water and lack of sewerage were potential effect modifiers of type of lactation deltaG=9.26; p=0.09; ORno water/no sewerage= 2.58; 95% CI 1.10-6.03 in the final multivariate model, for simultaneous lack of potable water and sewerage, which is greater than the sum of the individual OR for each variable. CONCLUSIONS: Similar to previous studies, exclusive breastfeeding was found to have great importance, since this practice protects the child's health and allows for a better development, despite unfavorable social and economic conditions. In particular, it seems that the protection conferred by breastfeeding is stronger when home conditions are poor, but this same condition presents an intervention opportunity, particularly the assurance of potable water provision for the infant when breastfeeding is not an option.

  3. 微量元素和饲料添加剂调控蛋壳品质的研究进展%Research Progress of Microelement and Feed Additives on Eggshell Quality Regulation

    张亚男; 王晶; 武书庚; 张海军; 齐广海


    蛋壳破损是家禽养殖业的重要问题,受日龄、基因、环境、营养和蛋鸡的健康状况等影响。近年来,营养调控蛋壳品质的研究主要集中于微量元素和饲料添加剂。本文简述了微量元素和饲料添加剂影响蛋壳品质的研究进展,以期为生产实践中蛋壳品质的调控提供新措施。饲粮中添加一定水平和形式的锰、微生态制剂、有机酸和中药提取物等均可改善蛋壳品质。%Poor eggshell quality is an important problem in poultry industry, which is affected by many factors such as age, genetic, environmental and nutritional factors, as well as the health status of hens. Many recent studies regarding the effect of nutrition on eggshell quality regulation have focused on dietary microelement and feed additives. This study was summarized the research progress of microelement and feed additives on eggshell quality regulation, in order to provide new measures for regulating eggshell quality in production practice. And the eggshell quality may be positively affected in certain conditions by optimal dietary level and form of manga-nese, as well as by the addition of probiotics, organic acids and herb extracts.

  4. Effect of two kinds of nasal feeding in acute stroke patients with dysphagia%两种鼻饲法用于急性脑卒中吞咽障碍患者的效果观察

    沈卫红; 沈英; 王吉平; 李丽; 王子高; 谭丽萍; 陈燕


    Objective To observe the clinical effect of two kinds of nasal feeding in acute stroke patients with dysphagia .Methods Eight patients of acute stroke with dysphagia were randomly divided into the observation group and the control group ,with 40 cases in each group .Two groups all used enter‐al nutrition emulsion named Ruidai .The patients in the control group used manual fractional component pushed nasal feeding ,While the patients in the observation group used constant temperature drops contin‐uously drip nasal feeding .Observe the change of the two groups of nutrition ,inflammation ,and the inci‐dence of complications .Results After the treatment of the control group for 3 weeks ,serum albumin , prealbumin ,blood urea nitrogen ,serum creatinine were obviously descended than before treatment (P 0 .05) .After the treatment of the observation group and the control group for 3 weeks ,the control serum albumin , prealbumin , blood urea nitrogen , serum creatinine were significantly lower than the observation group (P < 0 .01) ,CRP was significantly higher than the observation group (P< 0 .05) .The incidence of vomiting ,regurgitation ,aspiration ,pulmonary infection in the observation group were significantly lower than that of the observation group (P < 0 .05) .Conclusions For the acute stroke patients with dysphagia ,using constant temperature drops continuously drip nasal feeding method can effectively guar‐antee the nutrition supply and reduce the incidence of complications .%目的:探讨不同的鼻饲方法对急性脑卒中合并吞咽障碍患者的临床应用效果。方法选择急性脑卒中合并吞咽障碍患者80例,随机分为对照组和观察组各40例。两组均采用瑞代肠内营养乳剂,对照组采用手工分次分量推注鼻饲喂养方法,观察组采用恒温点滴间断滴注的方法。观察两组的营养、炎症指标的变化以及并发症的发生率。结果对照组治疗3周后,血清白蛋白

  5. Feeding Your Newborn

    ... Old Feeding Your 1- to 2-Year-Old Feeding Your Newborn KidsHealth > For Parents > Feeding Your Newborn ... giving up the breast. previous continue About Formula Feeding Commercially prepared infant formula is a nutritious alternative ...

  6. Effects of valproic acid and pioglitazone on cell cycle progression and proliferation of T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia Jurkat cells

    Marie Saghaeian Jazi


    Full Text Available Objective(s: T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL is an aggressive hematologic malignant tumor. Administration of chemical compounds influencing apoptosis and T cell development has been discussed as promising novel therapeutic strategies. Valproic acid (VPA as a recently emerged anti-neoplastic histone deacetylase (HDAC inhibitor and pioglitazone (PGZ as a high-affinity peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma (PPARγ agonist have been shown to induce apoptosis and cell cycle arrest in different studies. Here, we aimed to investigate the underlying molecular mechanisms involved in anti-proliferative effects of these compounds on human Jurkat cells. Materials and Methods: Treated cells were evaluated for cell cycle progression and apoptosis using flowcytometry and MTT viability assay. Real-time RT-PCR was carried out to measure the alterations in key genes associated with cell death and cell cycle arrest. Results: Our findings illustrated that both VPA and PGZ can inhibit Jurkat E6.1 cells in vitro after   24 hr; however, PGZ 400 μM presents the most anti-proliferative effect. Interestingly, treated cells have been arrested in G2/M with deregulated cell division cycle 25A (Cdc25A phosphatase and cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 1B (CDKN1B or p27 expression. Expression of cyclin D1 gene was inhibited when DNA synthesis entry was declined. Cell cycle deregulation in PGZ and VPA-exposed cells generated an increase in the proportion of aneuploid cell population, which has not reported before. Conclusion: These findings define that anti-proliferative effects of PGZ and VPA on Jurkat cell line are mediated by cell cycle deregulation. Thus, we suggest PGZ and VPA may relieve potential therapeutic application against apoptosis-resistant malignancies.


    李辉; 朱文白; 潘高峰


    500m口径球面射电望远镜FAST拥有多项创新和关键技术,并涉及多个工程学科领域,其中力学在望远镜设备的研制、建设和维护中扮演了非常重要的角色,包括望远镜台址的开挖与支护、反射面系统和馈源支撑系统等的设计均离不开对有关力学问题的分析.本文对十多年来FAST望远镜的馈源支撑系统中与力学方面相关的研究进展进行了全面回顾,重点介绍了当前的研究难点及其有待深入解决的问题.与传统望远镜的刚性馈源支撑相比FAST馈源支撑是一个完全创新的柔性机构,几乎在每一项子系统和机构单元的设计中均存在多种可能的方案设想,需要从中进行优化选择.从力学角度对每一种方案进行性能评估,为最终的方案优化设计提供合理依据也是当前研究工作的一项紧迫任务.%The five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST) has several innovations and key technologies involved in multiple engineering disciplines, where mechanics plays a key role in the development, construction and maintenance of the telescope. A lot of design concepts about the excavation and support work of the Karst depression, the active reflector and feed support are based on the relative analyses in mechanics. An overall review in a span of the last ten years is given on the research progress in mechanics of the FAST feed support, where more attention is paid on the current research difficulties or problems further to be cracked. Compared with rigid feed support structure of many traditional telescopes, the FAST feed support is an innovatively flexible mechanism, so there are many possible options almost for the design of every subsystem or mechanical unit, and an optimal one has to be selected from them. As a result, it is also urgent for the researchers to compare all possible concepts from viewpoint of mechanics and to provide reasonable analysis on which a final optimal design

  8. 新生儿急性呼吸窘迫综合征的发病机制及诊断治疗进展%Progress of acute respiratory distress syndrome in newborn

    王娜; 王楠; 范旭芳; 刘亚玲


    急性呼吸窘迫综合征是各种致病因素引起的急性、进行性、炎性肺损伤过程.新生儿急性呼吸窘迫综合征的病死率高达30% ~ 60%.近年来随着对该病发病机制的深入研究,人们在其诊断、治疗方面也提出了很多新的观点.该文着重就新生儿急性呼吸窘迫综合征的发病机制、诊断及治疗的进展作一综述.%Acute respiratory distress syndrome is an acute,progressive and inflammatory process of lung injury.The disease is very serious with the neonatal mortality as high as 30%-60%.In recent years,with the development of the study on the mechanisms of newborns with acute respiratory distress syndrome,a lot of new viewpoints on diagnosis and treatments have been explored.This review focuses on the recent advances on new mechanisms,diagnosis and therapy strategies of acute respiratory distress syndrome.

  9. Research progress on delayed encephalopathy after acute carbon monoxide poisoning%急性一氧化碳中毒迟发性脑病研究进展



    @@ 急性一氧化碳(CO)中毒迟发性脑病(Delayed encephalopathy after acute canbon monoxide poisoning,DEACMP)系指急性CO中毒(Acute carbon monoxide poisoning,ACOP)患者经抢救,中毒症状缓解或消失2~30 d后,再度出现的神经精神症状.

  10. Feeding tube insertion - gastrostomy

    ... this page: // Feeding tube insertion - gastrostomy To use the sharing features on this page, please enable JavaScript. A gastrostomy feeding tube insertion is the placement of a feeding ...

  11. Breastfeeding vs. Formula Feeding

    ... 1- to 2-Year-Old Breastfeeding vs. Formula Feeding KidsHealth > For Parents > Breastfeeding vs. Formula Feeding Print ... a lactation specialist. previous continue All About Formula Feeding Commercially prepared infant formulas are a nutritious alternative ...

  12. Animal Feeding Operations

    ... What's this? Submit Button Healthy Water Home Animal Feeding Operations Recommend on Facebook Tweet Share Compartir On ... Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) What are Animal Feeding Operations (AFOs)? According to the United States Environmental ...

  13. Breastfeeding vs. Formula Feeding

    ... A What's in this article? All About Breastfeeding Breastfeeding Challenges All About Formula Feeding Formula Feeding Challenges Making a Choice en español Lactancia materna versus lactancia artificial Choosing whether to breastfeed or formula feed their ...

  14. Progress of Studies on Genetics of Childhood Acute Leukemia——Review%儿童急性白血病遗传学研究进展

    岳志霞; 郑胡镛


    This study on determination of leukemia-specific chromosomal abnormalities and their relationship with prognosis of childhood acute leukemia(AL) had an important significance for childhood acute leukemia.In recent years,the efficacy of treatment of childhood AL has been greatly improved,but relapse is still a main factor affecting prognosis.Treatment based on the risk stratification by cytogenetic abnormalities can improve the prognosis and survival rate.In the past 3 decades,the genetic techniques have developed rapidly and many new genetic abnormalities have been found.This review highlights the main chromosomal and genomic abnormalities of 3 common childhood AL,including B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia(BCP-ALL),T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia(T-ALL) and acute myeloid leukemia(AML).%白血病特异染色体异常的确定及其与预后关系的研究对儿童急性白血病(acute leukemia,AL)具有极其重要的意义.近年来,虽然儿童AL的治疗效果有了很大改善,但其复发仍然是影响预后的主要因素.根据遗传学异常进行危险度分层,并指导治疗,可以改善儿童AL预后,提高患儿生存率.在过去的30年中,遗传学检测技术有了突飞猛进的发展,发现了许多新的遗传学异常.本文就三种儿童常见AL,包括前B细胞急性淋巴细胞白血病(B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia,BCP-ALL)、T细胞急性淋巴细胞白血病(T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia,T-ALL)和急性髓系白血病(acute myeloid leukemia,AML)的最新遗传学研究进展进行综述.

  15. Research progress on influence of complementary feeding time on growth and development of infant%辅食添加时间对婴儿生长发育影响的研究进展

    卫培培; 孟娣娟


    综述了过早或过晚添加辅食对婴幼儿健康的影响及辅食添加的适宜时间,更好地指导儿童保健工作,提高合理喂养率,保障婴幼儿的健康成长.%It summarized the influence of complementary feeding too early or too late on infants' health and the suitable time of complementary feeding,so as to better guide the work of children's health care,improve the rate of reasonable feeding, ensure the healthy growth of infants and young children.

  16. Acute Paraplegia After General Anesthesia

    Gholam Hossein Ghaedi


    Full Text Available Acute paraplegia is a rare but catastrophic complication of surgeries performed on aorta and corrective operations of vertebral column. Trauma to spinal cord after spinal anesthesia and ischemia of spinal cord also may lead to acute paraplegia. Acute paraplegia as a complication of general anesthesia in surgeries performed on sites other than aorta and vertebral column is very rare. Here we present a 56 year old woman with acute paraplegia due to spinal cord infarction after laparoscopic cholecystectomy under general anesthesia probably caused by atherosclerosis of feeding spinal arteries and ischemia of spinal cord after reduction of blood flow possibly due to hypotension during general anesthesia.

  17. 急性肾损伤诊断标准的研究进展%Research Progress of Diagnostic Criteria for Acute Kindey Injury

    孙杰; 卢中秋


    国际肾脏病学界提出用"急性肾损伤(acute kindey injury,AKI)"取代"急性肾衰竭(acute renal failure,ARF)"的概念,目的 是要使诊断提前,及早给予干预,减少患者的病死率及并发症.目前早期诊断AKI的主要障碍之一是缺乏统一的定义及诊断标准,为此本文就近年来对AKI诊断标准的研究进展进行综述.%Intemational nephrology societies put forward that the definition of acute kidney injury take place of acute renal faliure.The purpose of it is earlier diagnosis , early intervention , decreasing mortality and complication. At present , the absence of united criteria is mostly an obstacle to definite it. This paper gives an overview of diagnostic criteria in recent years for that.

  18. Some thoughts about infant feeding.

    Hendrickse, R G


    This article summarizes the nutritional considerations, impact on infection and immunity, and psychosocial aspects of the breast versus bottle feeding debate and concludes with guidelines for reorganizing government health services to promote breastfeeding. Its aim is to encourage reappraisal on the part of physicians of the direct implications of infant feeding for the health and well-being of people in all societies, but especially in developing countries. As a result of widespread abandonment of breastfeeding in developing countries, marasmus and infant diarrhea have increased. Although the biologic advatages of breast over bottle feeding are indisputable, the social and economic advantages are more difficult to quantify. Many Third World women curtail breastfeeding to meet the conditions of employment; however, the economic advantages of artificial feeding diminish as one descends down the pay scale. The counterproductive trend toward bottle feeding has been compounded by adoption of this method on the part of the educated elite in Third World countries, including medical and nursing professionals, thus conferring on it as status associated with progress and affluence. The present trend can be reversed only if communities are convinced of the advantages of breastfeeding and make adjustments to facilitate this practice. Preparation for motherhood must be viewed as an integral function of the health care system, with emphasis placed on the nutrition of pregnant and lactating women, preparation for breastfeeding, and the initiation and continuation of breastfeeding. Obstetric units must actively discourage the removal of infants from their mothers or routine artificial feeding. In addition, facilities must be provided at workplaces for breastfeeding, the working day should be modified to allow brestfeeding, maternity leaves should be extended, and appropriate payments should be made to nursing mothers. The nutrition needs of infants must be viewed as a shared

  19. 急性胰腺炎血感染指标的研究进展%Research Progress of Blood Infection Indexes of Acute Pancreatitis

    陈俊冀; 李昌平


    急性胰腺炎(acute pancreatitis, AP)的发病率呈现快速上升的趋势,重症急性胰腺炎(severe acute pancreatitis, SAP)发病快、病情复杂多变、并发症多,死亡率高。AP发病上升与生活水平的提高和饮食结构的改变密切相关。急性胰腺炎感染的早期识别及指导合理应用抗生素对患者治疗及预后十分重要。目前血感染指标包括外周血白细胞(WBC),中性粒细胞率(NR)以及C反应蛋白(CRP)等,该研究做相关的研究报道。%Rapid upward trend of incidence rate is found in the Acute pancreatitis (acute, pancreatitis, AP), the severe one of which has the features of quick onset, complicated and changeable condition, high incidence of complications and mortality rate. Living improvement and dietary adjustment are closely related with this trend. For those with AP, early identification and rational use of antibiotics is very important to improve the treatment and prognosis. This paper makes a report on the blood infection index-es of patients with AP, including the peripheral white blood cell (WBC), neutrophil percentage (NR) and C reactive protein (CRP).

  20. The Etiology and Research Progress of Acute Hemorrhagic Conjunctivitis%急性出血性结膜炎的病原学及研究现状



    急性出血性结膜炎(Acute Hemorrhagic Conjunctivitis,AHC)是一种病毒性眼病,具有很强的传染性,又有一定的自限性,主要由柯萨奇病毒A组24型变种、人肠道病毒70型和某些血清型的腺病毒引起.夏秋季节高发,人群普遍易感.特征为骤发性眼部疼痛,眼睑水肿,异物感,出疹,结膜下出血,流泪.为加强对AHC的认识,现就AHC的病原体、分子流行病学、在我国的流行病学特征以及预防控制策略做简要阐述.%Acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis (AHC) is a self-limiting epidemic viral infection of eyes caused by coxsakievirus group A type 24 variant, human enterovirus type 70 or adenovirus. It is characterized by abrupt onset of ocular pain, eyelid edema, foreign body sensation, rash, redness of eyes with sub-conjunctivital hemorrhages and epiphora. To augment the attention of AHC, this article reviewed the pathogenic characters, molecular epidemiology, epidemic status and characteristic, and provide strategy for acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis prevention and control in China.

  1. Research progress on obesity and acute lung injury%肥胖与急性肺损伤研究进展

    钱永兵; 王瑞兰


    In 2009, H1N1 outbreaks worldwidely,epidemiological studies have found that obesity becomes an independent risk factor of high mortality in patients infected with H 1 N1 virus. Because obesity can cause physiological and biochemical changes, patients may be more complicated with acute lung injury.Obesity can cause inflammation, endothelial dysfunction and oxidative stress in patients with acute lung injury. This article reviews obesity and pathogenesis of acute lung injury.%2009年的H1N1爆发,流行病学研究发现肥胖为H1N1病毒感染高死亡率的独立危险因素.由于肥胖可引起生理生化改变,可能更易并发急性肺损伤;肥胖能引起急性肺损伤患者炎症、内皮功能损害和氧应激等变化.现就肥胖与急性肺损伤的发病机制作一综述.

  2. Feeding tube - infants

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  3. Jejunostomy feeding tube

    ... page: // Jejunostomy feeding tube To use the sharing features on this ... vomiting Your child's stomach is bloated Alternate Names Feeding - jejunostomy tube; G-J tube; J-tube; Jejunum ...

  4. Nasogastric feeding tube

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  5. Tube Feeding Troubleshooting Guide

    Tube Feeding Troubleshoot ing Guide This guide is a tool to assist you, and should not replace your doctor’s ... everyone. table of contents Going Home with Tube Feedings....................................................2 Nausea and ... ...

  6. Breastfeeding vs. Formula Feeding

    ... Parks EP, Shaikhkhalil A, Groleau V, Wendel D, Stallings VA. Feeding healthy infants, children, and adolescents. In: ... 2016:chap. Stettler N, Bhatia J, Parish A, Stallings VA. Feeding healthy infants, children, and adolescents. In: ...

  7. Feeding Your Newborn

    ... for your child. These guidelines on breastfeeding and bottle feeding can help you make the decision that's right ... formula is a nutritious alternative to breast milk. Bottle feeding can offer more freedom and flexibility for moms, ...

  8. Research progress on the middle syndrome emergency treatment and nursing of acute organophosphate poisoning%急性有机磷中毒中间综合征的急救与护理的研究进展



    为提高急性有机磷中毒中间综合征的急救与护理,探讨我国急性有机磷中毒中间综合征的的临床特征、发病机制及急救与护理的研究进展,为今后护理人员对急性有机磷中毒中间综合征急救与护理的研究提供依据.%To improve emergency treatment and nursing of acute organophosphate poisoning, explore the research progress on the clinical characteristics, pathogenesis, emergency treatment and nursing.

  9. 无创正压通气在急性心源性肺水肿中的应用进展%Application progress of nonivasive positive pressure ventilation in acute cardiogenic pulmonary edema

    竺文静; 朱蕾


    急性心源性肺水肿的发病率和病死率皆较高.对严重持续低氧血症或呼吸窘迫进行性加重的患者及早进行无创正压通气治疗有独到的优势,较单纯药物治疗更快地缓解症状、改善氧合、降低气管插管率,并且可能改善患者的预后.%Acute cardiogenie pulmonary edema is a disease with high morbidity and mortality. Noninvasive positive pressure ventilation has been proved specific advantage for patients suffering severe continuous hypoxemia or progressive respiratory failure. Compared with single medication, noninvasive positive pressure ventilation can relieve symptom,improve oxygenation, decrease tracheal intubation more quickly,and probably improve patients' prognosis.

  10. Acute pancreatitis

    ... its blood vessels. This problem is called acute pancreatitis. Acute pancreatitis affects men more often than women. Certain ... pancreatitis; Pancreas - inflammation Images Digestive system Endocrine glands Pancreatitis, acute - CT scan Pancreatitis - series References Forsmark CE. Pancreatitis. ...

  11. Cystitis - acute

    Uncomplicated urinary tract infection; UTI - acute cystitis; Acute bladder infection; Acute bacterial cystitis ... cause. Menopause also increases the risk for a urinary tract infection. The following also increase your chances of having ...

  12. Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome and Progress in Nursing%急性呼吸窘迫综合征及护理进展



    @@ 急性呼吸窘迫综合征(acute respiratory distress syndrome,ARDS)是指由各种非心源性肺内因素导致急性进行性缺氧性呼吸衰竭,是全身炎症反应综合征(SIRS)在肺部的严重表现.ARDS是各种危重病人较常见的并发症,其病死率高达40%~70%[1].近年在ARDS病人的护理、治疗等方面取得了一些进展,现综述如下. 1 ARDS概念的转变 1.1 ARDS概念的提出 Ashbaugh等[2]于1967年首次提出,称其为acute respiratory distress in adults,4 a后他们提出"adult respiratory distress syndrome"这一命名.我国于1988年定名为成人呼吸窘迫综合征.但由于ARDS不仅发生于成人,也可发生于儿童,目前多数学者主张用"acute"取代"adult"即用急性呼吸窘迫综合征[3].

  13. 特发性肺纤维化急性加重的研究进展%Current progress in acute exacerbations of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis



    Acute exacerbations of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (AE-IPF) is a sudden, unpredictable clinical deterioration, which emerges in the course of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. It is a serious disease with high mortality and not uncommon in clinical practice. So far, the etiology and pathogenesis of AE-IPF is unclear. The existing diagnostic criteria of AE-IPF are controversial and there is still lack of effective Methods for treatment of AE-IPF.%特发性肺纤维化(idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis,IPF)患者病程中出现的突然的、不可预测的临床急剧恶化称为特发性肺纤维化急性加重(acute exacerbations of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis以下称为AE-IPF).其病情凶险,病死率高,且临床并非少见.目前AE-IPF病因、机制未明,现有的诊断标准尚有争议,缺乏有效的治疗措施,是临床医生面临的诊治难点之一.

  14. Progress on treatment of acute infectious diarrhea in adults%成人急性感染性腹泻治疗新进展

    孙峰; 张文宏


    成人急性感染性腹泻与儿童感染性腹泻在发病率、严重程度、预后等方面有所不同,其治疗以补液、止泻为主,必要时使用抗微生物药物。近年来,成人急性感染性腹泻在补液治疗和益生菌、新止泻药物应用等方面更新了一些新的循证医学证据,在进一步确保现有药物安全性的同时促进了腹泻治疗思路与手段的发展。%Acute infectious diarrhea in adults is different from children infectious diarrhea in incidence rate , severity and prognosis . Fluid infusion and antidiarrheal treatment are suggested first and antibiotics are prescribed under the needed conditions . Current medical evidences in fluid infusion , probiotics and new antidiarrheal medicines for acute infectious diarrhea in adults are summarized in this paper .Accumulated evidences demonstrate that these treatments are safe and effective .

  15. 急性缺血性脑卒中溶栓治疗进展%Progress of treatment by thrombolysis for acute ischemic stroke

    陈效琴; 赵诤; 邓有琦; 任静


    急性缺血性脑卒中又称为脑梗死,主要是由于脑动脉闭塞等引发脑组织发生梗死状态,并伴有神经元、胶质细胞、少突胶质细胞损伤情况,其致残率与致死率均较高,属于临床上较为严重的一类中枢神经系统血管疾病。本文对急性缺血性脑卒中疾病患者采取溶栓治疗方案,并将相关资料阐述如下。%Acute ischemic stroke, also known as cerebral infarction, is the infarction state in brain tissue induced by cerebral artery occlusion, along with complicated injured nerve cell, spongiocyte and oligodendrocyte. As a severe central nervous system vascular disease, it shows high disability rate and mortality rate. This research applied thrombolysis in the treatment of acute ischemic stroke patients, and elaborated related data as follows.

  16. Acute chylous peritonitis due to acute pancreatitis.

    Georgiou, Georgios K; Harissis, Haralampos; Mitsis, Michalis; Batsis, Haralampos; Fatouros, Michalis


    We report a case of acute chylous ascites formation presenting as peritonitis (acute chylous peritonitis) in a patient suffering from acute pancreatitis due to hypertriglyceridemia and alcohol abuse. The development of chylous ascites is usually a chronic process mostly involving malignancy, trauma or surgery, and symptoms arise as a result of progressive abdominal distention. However, when accumulation of "chyle" occurs rapidly, the patient may present with signs of peritonitis. Preoperative diagnosis is difficult since the clinical picture usually suggests hollow organ perforation, appendicitis or visceral ischemia. Less than 100 cases of acute chylous peritonitis have been reported. Pancreatitis is a rare cause of chyloperitoneum and in almost all of the cases chylous ascites is discovered some days (or even weeks) after the onset of symptoms of pancreatitis. This is the second case in the literature where the patient presented with acute chylous peritonitis due to acute pancreatitis, and the presence of chyle within the abdominal cavity was discovered simultaneously with the establishment of the diagnosis of pancreatitis. The patient underwent an exploratory laparotomy for suspected perforated duodenal ulcer, since, due to hypertriglyceridemia, serum amylase values appeared within the normal range. Moreover, abdominal computed tomography imaging was not diagnostic for pancreatitis. Following abdominal lavage and drainage, the patient was successfully treated with total parenteral nutrition and octreotide.

  17. Acute chylous peritonitis due to acute pancreatitis

    Georgios K Georgiou; Haralampos Harissis; Michalis Mitsis; Haralampos Batsis; Michalis Fatouros


    We report a case of acute chylous ascites formation presenting as peritonitis (acute chylous peritonitis) in a patient suffering from acute pancreatitis due to hypertriglyceridemia and alcohol abuse.The development of chylous ascites is usually a chronic process mostly involving malignancy,trauma or surgery,and symptoms arise as a result of progressive abdominal distention.However,when accumulation of "chyle" occurs rapidly,the patient may present with signs of peritonitis.Preoperative diagnosis is difficult since the clinical picture usually suggests hollow organ perforation,appendicitis or visceral ischemia.Less than 100 cases of acute chylous peritonitis have been reported.Pancreatitis is a rare cause of chyloperitoneum and in almost all of the cases chylous ascites is discovered some days (or even weeks) after the onset of symptoms of pancreatitis.This is the second case in the literature where the patient presented with acute chylous peritonitis due to acute pancreatitis,and the presence of chyle within the abdominal cavity was discovered simultaneously with the establishment of the diagnosis of pancreatitis.The patient underwent an exploratory laparotomy for suspected perforated duodenal ulcer,since,due to hypertriglyceridemia,serum amylase values appeared within the normal range.Moreover,abdominal computed tomography imaging was not diagnostic for pancreatitis.Following abdominal lavage and drainage,the patient was successfully treated with total parenteral nutrition and octreotide.

  18. Progressive Return to Activity Following Acute Concussion/Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: Guidance for the Primary Care Manager in Deployed and Non-deployed Settings


    through the stepwise progression of activity.10 Symptoms such as fatigue or headache are rarely completely absent, especially following exertion even...described as “activities that make your heart race” on the “Return to Activity Educational Brochure.” When headache , sleep difficulties or vestibular or...of ‘Return-to-Learn’ in Pediatric and Adolescent Concussion. Pediatric Annals, 41(9), 1-6. 27. Adams, R., Larson, M., Corrigan, J., Horgan, C

  19. Breast-Feeding Twins: Making Feedings Manageable

    ... more than one baby? Here's help breast-feeding twins or other multiples, from getting positioned and ensuring ... babies who are born prematurely, as are many twins and higher order multiples. Breast milk is easier ...

  20. Progress of laboratory diagnosis of acute pancreatitis in children%小儿急性胰腺炎的实验室诊断研究进展



    小儿急性胰腺炎诊断及预测其严重程度的传统实验室指标包括血、尿淀粉酶,血脂肪酶,尿胰蛋白酶原-2,C反应蛋白,淀粉酶和肌酐清除比率以及细胞因子等.传统实验室诊断指标操作简便、经济,但敏感性和特异性不够理想.近年来降钙素原、磷脂酶A2、胰酶试剂盒、胰蛋白酶原活性肽、羧肽酶B活性肽、人胰腺特异蛋白/羧肽酶原B、多形核白细胞弹性蛋白酶、血清淀粉样蛋白A及细胞间黏附分子1等新的实验室指标被相继发现和应用,为小儿急性胰腺炎的早期诊断和病情严重程度预测提供了可靠的判断方法,但新的实验室诊断指标多数检测繁琐、价格昂贵,限制了其在临床的广泛应用.因此,仍需寻找更敏感、特异、廉价和可操作性强的实验室指标应用于临床诊断.%The traditional laboratory markers of acute pancreatitis in children include serum amylase and urine amylase, serum lipase, urinary trypsinogen-2, C-reactive protein, cytokines, amylase and creatinine clearance ratio and so on. They can be simply detected and economic, but the sensitivity and specificity are not satisfied. Several new laboratory markers of acute pancreatitis in children, which include procalcitonin, phospholipase A2, PankrinTM, trypsinogen activation peptide, carboxypeptidase B activation peptide, human pancreas-specific protein/procarboxypeptidase B, polymorphonuclear elastase, serum amyloid protein A, and as well as intercellular adhesion molecule- 1, have been found and applied in recent years .They can provide reliable judgment methods for early diagnosis and prediction of the severity of acute pancreatitis in children, but most of the new laboratory markers are rarely used in clinic because they are difficult to be detected and expensive. More sensitive, specific, cheap and operable laboratory markers which can be used in clinic are to be explored.

  1. The nutritional management of acute diarrhea

    MacLean William


    Full Text Available Acute diarrhea may have a profound effect on nutritional status worldwide. After rehvdra-tion, proper nutritional management can mitigate these effects. This paper discusses the advantages and disadvantages of continued feeding, emphasizing that breastfeeding should not be stopped during episodes of acute diarrhea.

  2. The nutritional management of acute diarrhea

    MacLean William


    Acute diarrhea may have a profound effect on nutritional status worldwide. After rehvdra-tion, proper nutritional management can mitigate these effects. This paper discusses the advantages and disadvantages of continued feeding, emphasizing that breastfeeding should not be stopped during episodes of acute diarrhea.

  3. Myelodysplastic syndrome with inv(3)(q21q26.2) or t(3;3)(q21;q26.2) has a high risk for progression to acute myeloid leukemia.

    Cui, Wei; Sun, Jianlan; Cotta, Claudiu V; Medeiros, L Jeffrey; Lin, Pei


    Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) with inv(3) (q21q26.2) or t(3;3)(q21;q26.2) is a distinct subtype in the World Health Organization classification. The natural history of myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) associated with these cytogenetic aberrations is poorly understood. We studied 17 MDS (11 de novo and 6 therapy related) and 3 chronic myelomonocytic leukemia (CMML) cases associated with inv(3) (q21q26.2) or t(3;3)(q21;q26.2). The de novo cases were further classified as refractory cytopenia with multilineage dysplasia (n = 8) and refractory anemia with excess blasts (n = 3). Isolated inv(3)/t(3;3) was identified in 4 cases, whereas -7/7q (n = 13) and -5/5q (n = 6) were common additional aberrations. Nineteen patients died, including 13 in whom the disease progressed to AML after a median of 7 months. Median survival for patients with de novo disease was similar to that for patients with therapy-related MDS (13 vs 17.5 months). MDS or CMML with inv(3)/t(3;3) are aggressive diseases with a high risk of progression to AML.

  4. Research Progress in Pathogenesis of Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia%急性早幼粒细胞白血病发病机制研究新进展

    鞠满凯; 张磊


    There has been deep research about the pathogenesis of acute promyelocytic leukemia .The classical pathogenesis is due to the translocation of chromosome t (15;17),the formation of promyelocyti-cleukemia (PML)/retinoic acid receptor α(RARα) fusion gene and then the generation of PML/RARαfusion protein which leads to the occurrence of the disease.In recent years,with the development of the re-search,more fusion genes are discovered,with relatively different natures.Although the classic PML/RARαaccounts for the majority of acute promyelocytic leukemia,other types have lots of differences in drug sensitiv-ity,so the pathogenesis should be made clear so as to instruct the treatment.%急性早幼粒细胞白血病的发病机制已有较深入研究,经典的发病机制是由于染色体 t (15;17)易位形成PML/维甲酸受体α(RARα)融合基因,进而产生PML/RARα融合蛋白导致疾病的发生。近年来随着研究的进展,更多的融合基因被发现,且有相对各异的性质。虽然经典的 PML/RARα占急性早幼粒细胞白血病的大多数,但其他类型基因对药物敏感性却各有不同,应明确其发病机制,指导治疗。

  5. 急性颅脑创伤后进展性颅内出血的CT表现%CT scan manifestations of progressive intracranial hemorrhage of patients with acute traumaticbrain injury



    Objective To investigate the CT scan manifestations and clinical significance of progressive intracranial hemor-rhage (PTH) of patients with acute traumatic brain injury .Methods The clinical data of 626 patients with acute traumatic brain injury in our hospital from February 2009 to September 2013 were retrospectively analyzed to observe the CT scan mani-festations of PIH and non-PIH patients and the risk factors of PIH .Results Single factor regression analysis showed that there were statistical difference in the CT scan manifestations of PIH and non-PIH patients such as skull fracture ,subarachnoid hemorrhage ,cerebral contusion and laceration ,epidural hematoma ,subdural hematoma .Multivariate regression analysis found that skull fracture ,subarachnoid hemorrhage ,cerebral contusion and laceration ,epidural hematoma were independent risk fac-tor of PIH in patients with acute traumatic brain injury .Conclusion Patients with acute traumatic brain injury should be tested by CT scan as early as possible to confirm PIN in favor of treating PIH timely .%目的:探讨急性颅脑创伤后进展性颅内出血(PIH)发生的CT表现与临床价值。方法回顾性分析我院2009-02-2013-09收治的626例急性颅脑创伤患者的临床资料,分析PIH患者与非 PIH患者的CT 表现差异以及PIH发生的危险因素。结果单因素回归分析发现,PIH组与非 PIH组首次CT 表现中颅骨骨折、蛛网膜下腔出血、脑挫裂伤、硬膜外血肿、硬膜下血肿差异有统计学意义(P<0·05)。多因素回归分析发现,颅骨骨折、蛛网膜下腔出血、脑挫裂伤、硬膜外血肿是影响急性颅脑创伤后进展性颅内出血的独立危险因素(P<0·05),蛛网膜下腔出血是最强因素。结论急性颅脑创伤后应尽快进行头颅CT检查,以便尽快确诊PIH及时进行治疗。

  6. 饲料中玉米赤霉烯酮污染状况及其毒性的研究进展%Research Progress on Pollution and Toxicity of Zearalenone in Feed

    柳永振; 朱凤华; 宁雪娇; 朱连勤


    Zearalenone is an estrogenic mycotoxin produced by several fungi of Fusarium genera. As it can contaminate food and feed. it is a risk factor for both public health and agricultural perspectives. The pollution and toxicity of Zearalenone in feed were reviewed in this paper.%玉米赤霉烯酮是由多种镰刀菌产生的一种具有雌激素样作用的霉菌毒素。玉米赤霉烯酮可以污染食品和饲料,对公共健康和农业发展造成严重的危害,文章就饲料中玉米赤霉烯酮污染状况及其毒性的研究进展作一综述。

  7. Research Progress on Methods of Determination of Diet Composition and Feed Intake of Grazing Animals%放牧家畜采食量和择食性测定方法的研究进展



    文章就国内外关于放牧家畜采食量和采食种类测定方法的研究现状进行了回顾与总结,分析了影响其测定的主要因素,并提出了合理的建议,为今后开展草地放牧家畜的采食量、择食性及其测定方法的研究提供了科学参考.%This article reviewed research developments and current situation of feed intake and diet composition of grazing animals,analyzed the main influencing factors, and presented the reasonable suggestions, which provided scientific references for future study on feed intake, diet composition and their research methods of grazing animals in Qinghai plateau.

  8. 脂肪酶及其在饲料工业中的应用研究进展%Research Progress of Lipase and Its Application in Feed Industry

    刘德海; 解复红; 贾彬; 权淑静; 马焕


    脂肪酶是一种重要的工业用酶,在食品、化工、纸浆、饲料工业等领域广泛应用,脂肪酶主要来源是微生物脂肪酶.对脂肪酶的来源、性质、生产、检测及在饲料工业中的应用研究进行了概述.%Lipase is a kind of important enzyme for industry application. It is widely used in food, chemistry, paper and feed industry. It is the major source in production of lipase by microbial fermentation. This paper summarized the source, character, producing, detection and application in feed of lipases.

  9. Acute Bronchitis

    ... Smoking also slows down the healing process. Acute bronchitis treatment Most cases of acute bronchitis can be treated at home.Drink fluids, but ... bronchial tree. Your doctor will decide if this treatment is right for you. Living with acute bronchitis Most cases of acute bronchitis go away on ...

  10. 急性期/早期HIV-1感染的临床研究进展%Clinical research progress of acute and early HIV-1 infection

    吴焱; 徐克沂; 王玉光; 李兴旺


    Primary HIV-1 infection (PHI) includes acute HIV-1 infection (AHI)and early HIV-1 infection (EHI). AHI is often associated with an acute "retroviral syndrome" that usually includes fever with a variety of nonspecific clinical and laboratory abnormalities. Critical point of AHI and EHI is HIV-1 antibody seroconversion. Cut-off point of PHI and following chronic phage is whether HIV-1 RNA decrease to the set point. Early diagnosis depends on HIV RNA and P24 antigen tests. About 50% of new sexual transmission happens while a person is in this primary phase of infection. HIV pandemic could be slowed down by early diagnosis and immediate antiretroviral therapy intervention. Several studies have suggested that treatment of AHI allows long-term viral suppression and might lead to preservation and even increase of HIV-1 specific T helper cell responses. However, there are no sufficient data available to support the clinical benefit of early initiation of antiretroviral therapy and to address the risks of antiretroviral therapy and treatment interruptions.%原发Ⅰ型艾滋病病毒(HIV-1)感染(PHI)包括急性期感染(AHI)和早期感染(EHI).AHI通常与急性的"反转录病毒综合征"有关,包括一系列非特异的症状和实验室检测异常.AHI和EHI的分界点在于HIV抗体的阳转,而PHI和其后的慢性感染阶段的临界点在于体内何时达到HIV-1的调定点.早期诊断有赖于检测HIV-1RNA和P24抗原.大约50%经性传染HIV发生在急性期阶段,对急性期/早期感染者尽早诊断并给予抗病毒治疗,能明显减少HIV的传播.一些研究显示,早期抗病毒治疗能够使病毒得以长期抑制,并能保持甚至增加HIV-1特异性T细胞免疫应答,但早期治疗和治疗中断的临床益处还没有足够数据支持.

  11. Treatment progress of acute perforation of gastroduodenal ulcer%胃十二指肠溃疡急性穿孔治疗进展



    In this paper,the author analyzes the clinical treatment of acute perforation of gastroduodenal ulcer in recent years to explore the effective treatment way.Acute perforation of gastroduodenal ulcer has conservative treatment and operation treatment. The operation treatment has laparoscopy and laparotomy perforation suture technique,subtotal gastrectomy and gastric neurectomy. The clinical scholars are more inclined to minimally invasive class laparoscopic simple repair.The conservative treatment is also favored by patients and doctors.The subtotal gastrectomy is an effective complement.Laparoscopic subtotal gastrectomy has great development prospect.but no matter which kind of treatment is choosed,we must strictly grasp the indications,and combine with drug therapy,which can improve the cure rate.%目的:本文分析了近年来胃十二指肠溃疡急性穿孔的临床治疗方法,探讨有效的治疗方式。胃十二指肠溃疡急性穿孔有保守治疗和手术治疗,手术治疗有腹腔镜和开腹穿孔缝合术、胃大部切除术和迷走神经切断术。临床学者更倾向于微创类的腹腔镜单纯修补术,保守治疗也受到患者和医生的青睐,胃大部切除术是一种有效的补充,腹腔镜胃大部切除术也有较大的发展前景;但不管选择哪种治疗方式,都必须严格把握适应证,并结合有效的药物治疗,才能真正提高治愈率。

  12. Is gastric sham feeding really sham feeding?

    Sclafani, A; Nissenbaum, J W


    Rats were fitted with gastric cannulas, food deprived, and allowed to drink a sugar solution that drained out of the opened cannula; i.e., the rats sham-fed. Although this procedure is thought to prevent absorption of ingested food, it was found that the sham feeding of a 32% glucose or sucrose solution significantly elevated blood glucose levels. The addition of acarbose, a drug that inhibits the digestion of sucrose, to the 32% sucrose solution blocked the blood glucose rise, as did closing the pylorus with an inflatable pyloric cuff. Neither the drug nor the cuff, however, reduced the amount of sucrose solution consumed. These findings indicate that gastric sham feeding does not necessarily prevent the digestion and absorption of food, although absorption is not essential for the appearance of a vigorous sham-feeding response. Nevertheless the possibility that neural or hormonal feedback from the stomach contributes to the sham-feeding response cannot be excluded, and until this issue is resolved the results of gastric sham-feeding studies should be interpreted with caution.

  13. Potential Harmful Effects of PM2.5 on Occurrence and Progression of Acute Coronary Syndrome: Epidemiology, Mechanisms, and Prevention Measures

    Xu Meng


    Full Text Available The harmful effects of particulate matter with an aerodynamic diameter of <2.5 µm (PM2.5 and its association with acute coronary syndrome (ACS has gained increased attention in recent years. Significant associations between PM2.5 and ACS have been found in most studies, although sometimes only observed in specific subgroups. PM2.5-induced detrimental effects and ACS arise through multiple mechanisms, including endothelial injury, an enhanced inflammatory response, oxidative stress, autonomic dysfunction, and mitochondria damage as well as genotoxic effects. These effects can lead to a series of physiopathological changes including coronary artery atherosclerosis, hypertension, an imbalance between energy supply and demand to heart tissue, and a systemic hypercoagulable state. Effective strategies to prevent the harmful effects of PM2.5 include reducing pollution sources of PM2.5 and population exposure to PM2.5, and governments and organizations publicizing the harmful effects of PM2.5 and establishing air quality standards for PM2.5. PM2.5 exposure is a significant risk factor for ACS, and effective strategies with which to prevent both susceptible and healthy populations from an increased risk for ACS have important clinical significance in the prevention and treatment of ACS.

  14. Progress of Notch gene's effect on children with acute leukemia%Notch基因在儿童急性白血病中的作用及机制



    哺乳动物Notch受体包括Notchl~ Notch4四种,Notch配体分为Delta和Jagged两个家族,包括Delta l、Delta 3、Delta 4、Jagged1和Jagged2五种.Notch信号传导通路是由受体、配体及许多下游靶基因组成的复杂网络结构,与细胞增生、分化、凋亡密切相关,且在不同组织及细胞类型中起着抑癌或致癌作用.该文主要介绍Notch信号通路的调控及其在儿童急性白血病中的作用.%The Notch receptors of mammalian include four kinds from Notch1 to Notch4.Notch ligands are divided into two families,Delta and Jagged,including Delta 1,Delta 3,Delta 4,Jaggedl and Jagged2.Notch signaling pathway is a complex network structure which is composed by receptors,ligands and downstream target genes,and it is closely related to cell proliferation,diferentiation and apoptosis.It has carcinoma suppressing or carcinogenic effects in different tissues and cells.This article mainly describes the regulation of Notch signaling pathway and its effect on children with acute leukemia.

  15. Danger of zooplankton feeding

    Kiørboe, Thomas; Jiang, H.; Colin, S.P.


    Zooplankton feed in any of three ways: they generate a feeding current while hovering, cruise through the water or are ambush feeders. Each mode generates different hydrodynamic disturbances and hence exposes the grazers differently to mechanosensory predators. Ambush feeders sink slowly and ther......Zooplankton feed in any of three ways: they generate a feeding current while hovering, cruise through the water or are ambush feeders. Each mode generates different hydrodynamic disturbances and hence exposes the grazers differently to mechanosensory predators. Ambush feeders sink slowly...

  16. Infant feeding: formula, solids.

    Barness, L A


    This article discusses and evaluates current formulas, traces their continual improvement (based largely on new information on breast milk composition), and then discusses the question of supplemental feedings.

  17. Infant acute myocarditis mimicking acute myocardial infarction

    Tilouche, Samia; Masmoudi, Tasnim; Sahnoun, Maha; Chkirbène, Youssef; Mestiri, Sarra; Boughamoura, Lamia; Ben Dhiab, Mohamed; Souguir, Mohamed Kamel


    Myocarditis is an inflammatory disease of the myocardium with heterogeneous clinical manifestations and progression. In clinical practice, although there are many methods of diagnosis of acute myocarditis, the diagnosis remains an embarrassing dilemma for clinicians. The authors report the case of 9-month-old infant who was brought to the Pediatric Emergency Department with sudden onset dyspnea. Examination disclosed heart failure and resuscitation was undertaken. The electrocardiogram showed an ST segment elevation in the anterolateral leads with a mirror image. Cardiac enzyme tests revealed a significant elevation of troponin and creatine phosphokinase levels. A diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction was made, and heparin therapy was prescribed. The infant died on the third day after admission with cardiogenic shock. The autopsy showed dilatation of the ventricles and massive edema of the lungs. Histological examinations of myocardium samples revealed the presence of a marked lymphocytic infiltrate dissociating myocardiocytes. Death was attributed to acute myocarditis. The authors call attention to the difficulties of differential diagnosis between acute myocarditis and acute myocardial infarction especially in children, and to the important therapeutic implications of a correct diagnosis. PMID:28210569

  18. Pleiotropic effects of spongean alkaloids on mechanisms of cell death, cell cycle progression and DNA damage response (DDR) of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) cells.

    Stuhldreier, Fabian; Kassel, Stefanie; Schumacher, Lena; Wesselborg, Sebastian; Proksch, Peter; Fritz, Gerhard


    We investigated cytotoxic mechanisms evoked by the spongean alkaloids aaptamine (Aa) and aeroplysinin-1 (Ap), applied alone and in combination with daunorubicin, employing acute myeloid leukemia (AML) cells. Aa and Ap reduced the viability of AML cells in a dose dependent manner with IC50 of 10-20 µM. Ap triggered apoptotic cell death more efficiently than Aa. Both alkaloids increased the protein level of S139-phosphorylated H2AX (γH2AX), which however was independent of the induction of DNA damage. Expression of the senescence markers p21 and p16 was increased, while the phosphorylation level of p-Chk-2 was reduced following Aa treatment. As a function of dose, Aa and Ap protected or sensitized AML cells against daunorubicin. Protection by Aa was paralleled by reduced formation of ROS and lower level of DNA damage. Both Aa and Ap attenuated daunorubicin-stimulated activation of the DNA damage response (DDR) as reflected on the levels of γH2AX, p-Kap-1 and p-Chk-1. Specifically Ap restored the decrease in S10 phosphorylation of histone H3 resulting from daunorubicin treatment. The cytoprotective effects of Aa and Ap were independent of daunorubicin import/export. Both Aa and Ap abrogated daunorubicin-induced accumulation of cells in S-phase. Inhibition of DNA synthesis was specific for Ap. The data show that Aa and Ap have both congruent and agent-specific pleiotropic effects that are preferential for anticancer drugs. Since Ap showed a broader spectrum of anticancer activities, this compound is suggested as novel lead compound for forthcoming in vivo studies elucidating the usefulness of spongean alkaloids in AML therapy.

  19. Viral Dose and Immunosuppression Modulate the Progression of Acute BVDV-1 Infection in Calves: Evidence of Long Term Persistence after Intra-Nasal Infection.

    Rebecca Strong

    Full Text Available Bovine viral diarrhoea virus (BVDV infection of cattle causes a diverse range of clinical outcomes from being asymptomatic, or a transient mild disease, to producing severe cases of acute disease leading to death. Four groups of calves were challenged with a type 1 BVDV strain, originating from a severe outbreak of BVDV in England, to study the effect of viral dose and immunosuppression on the viral replication and transmission of BVDV. Three groups received increasing amounts of virus: Group A received 10(2.55TCID50/ml, group B 10(5.25TCID50/ml and group C 10(6.7TCID 50/ml. A fourth group (D was inoculated with a medium dose (10(5.25TCID50/ml and concomitantly treated with dexamethasone (DMS to assess the effects of chemically induced immunosuppression. Naïve calves were added as sentinel animals to assess virus transmission. The outcome of infection was dose dependent with animals given a higher dose developing severe disease and more pronounced viral replication. Despite virus being shed by the low-dose infection group, BVD was not transmitted to sentinel calves. Administration of dexamethasone (DMS resulted in more severe clinical signs, prolonged viraemia and virus shedding. Using PCR techniques, viral RNA was detected in blood, several weeks after the limit of infectious virus recovery. Finally, a recently developed strand-specific RT-PCR detected negative strand viral RNA, indicative of actively replicating virus, in blood samples from convalescent animals, as late as 85 days post inoculation. This detection of long term replicating virus may indicate the way in which the virus persists and/or is reintroduced within herds.

  20. Acute Cocaine Induces Fast Activation of D1 Receptor and Progressive Deactivation of D2 Receptor Strial Neurons: In Vivo Optical Microprobe [Ca(superscript)2+]subscript)i Imaging

    Du, C.; Luo, Z.; Volkow, N.D.; Heintz, N.; Pan, Y.; Du, C.


    Cocaine induces fast dopamine increases in brain striatal regions, which are recognized to underlie its rewarding effects. Both dopamine D1 and D2 receptors are involved in cocaine's reward but the dynamic downstream consequences of cocaine effects in striatum are not fully understood. Here we used transgenic mice expressing EGFP under the control of either the D1 receptor (D1R) or the D2 receptor (D2R) gene and microprobe optical imaging to assess the dynamic changes in intracellular calcium ([Ca{sup 2+}]{sub i} ) responses (used as marker of neuronal activation) to acute cocaine in vivo separately for D1R- versus D2R-expressing neurons in striatum. Acute cocaine (8 mg/kg, i.p.) rapidly increased [Ca{sup 2+}]{sub i} in D1R-expressing neurons (10.6 {+-} 3.2%) in striatum within 8.3 {+-} 2.3 min after cocaine administration after which the increases plateaued; these fast [Ca{sup 2+}]{sub i} increases were blocked by pretreatment with a D1R antagonist (SCH23390). In contrast, cocaine induced progressive decreases in [Ca{sup 2+}]{sub i} in D2R-expressing neurons (10.4 {+-} 5.8%) continuously throughout the 30 min that followed cocaine administration; these slower [Ca{sup 2+}]{sub i} decreases were blocked by pretreatment with a D2R antagonist (raclopride). Since activation of striatal D1R-expressing neurons (direct-pathway) enhances cocaine reward, whereas activation of D2R expressing neurons suppresses it (indirect-pathway) (Lobo et al., 2010), this suggests that cocaine's rewarding effects entail both its fast stimulation ofD1R (resulting in abrupt activation of direct-pathway neurons) and a slower stimulation of D2R (resulting in longer-lasting deactivation of indirect-pathway neurons). We also provide direct in vivo evidence of D2R and D1R interactions in the striatal responses to acute cocaine administration.

  1. Selection of Feed Intake or Feed Efficiency

    Veerkamp, Roel F; Pryce, Jennie E; Spurlock, Diane


    . In February 2013, the co-authors discussed how information on DMI should be incorporated in the breeding decisions. The aim of this paper is to present the overall discussion and main positions taken by the group on four topics related to feed efficiency: i) breeding goal definition; ii) biological variation...

  2. Creep Feeding Beef Calves


    Creep feeding is the managerial practice of supplying supplemental feed (usually concentrates) to the nursing calf. Milk from a lactating beef cow furnishes only about 50 percent of the nutrients that a 3-4 month-old calf needs for maximum growth.

  3. Urban Bird Feeding: Connecting People with Nature.

    Daniel T C Cox

    Full Text Available At a time of unprecedented biodiversity loss, researchers are increasingly recognizing the broad range of benefits provided to humankind by nature. However, as people live more urbanized lifestyles there is a progressive disengagement with the natural world that diminishes these benefits and discourages positive environmental behaviour. The provision of food for garden birds is an increasing global phenomenon, and provides a readily accessible way for people to counter this trend. Yet despite its popularity, quite why people feed birds remains poorly understood. We explore three loosely defined motivations behind bird feeding: that it provides psychological benefits, is due to a concern about bird welfare, and/or is due to a more general orientation towards nature. We quantitatively surveyed households from urban towns in southern England to explore attitudes and actions towards garden bird feeding. Each household scored three Likert statements relating to each of the three motivations. We found that people who fed birds regularly felt more relaxed and connected to nature when they watched garden birds, and perceived that bird feeding is beneficial for bird welfare while investing time in minimising associated risks. Finally, feeding birds may be an expression of a wider orientation towards nature. Overall, we found that the feelings of being relaxed and connected to nature were the strongest drivers. As urban expansion continues both to threaten species conservation and to change peoples' relationship with the natural world, feeding birds may provide an important tool for engaging people with nature to the benefit of both people and conservation.

  4. 妊娠期急性肾损伤的研究进展%Study Progress:Acute Kidney Injury in Pregnancy BU

    卜彦屏; 吴甫民


    急性肾损伤(acute kidney injury,AKI)对妊娠期妇女来说是一种严重并潜在致命的并发症.与在一般人群相同,妊娠期AKI可由导致肾衰竭的任何原因引起(如肾前性因素的肾灌注下降引起的急性肾小管坏死,肾性因素的急性肾小球肾炎、血管炎、急性间质性肾炎、血栓性微血管病,肾后性因素的尿路梗阻).然而,导致妊娠期AKI的病因各有其特征.在妊娠早期,肾前性氮质血症最常见的原因是由于剧烈呕吐所致的肾前性疾病或源于败血症性流产的急性肾小管坏死;在妊娠中晚期,严重子痫前期,溶血、肝酶升高和血小板减少综合征(HELLP综合征),溶血尿毒综合征(HUS),血栓性血小板减少性紫癜(TTP)及妊娠期急性脂肪肝(AFLP)均可导致急性肾功能衰竭.另外,对妊娠前已存在肾脏病的孕妇,肾功能不全的程度是影响妊娠结局的主要因素.因此,充分认识导致妊娠期AKI的不同病因是做好妊娠期管理、预防妊娠期并发症和安全分娩的关键.

  5. Meta-Analysis of Early Nutrition: The Benefits of Enteral Feeding Compared to a Nil Per Os Diet Not Only in Severe, but Also in Mild and Moderate Acute Pancreatitis

    Márta, Katalin; Farkas, Nelli; Szabó, Imre; Illés, Anita; Vincze, Áron; Pár, Gabriella; Sarlós, Patrícia; Bajor, Judit; Szűcs, Ákos; Czimmer, József; Mosztbacher, Dóra; Párniczky, Andrea; Szemes, Kata; Pécsi, Dániel; Hegyi, Péter


    The recently published guidelines for acute pancreatitis (AP) suggest that enteral nutrition (EN) should be the primary therapy in patients suffering from severe acute pancreatitis (SAP); however, none of the guidelines have recommendations on mild and moderate AP (MAP). A meta-analysis was performed using the preferred reporting items for systematic review and meta-analysis protocols (PRISMA-P). The following PICO (problem, intervention, comparison, outcome) was applied: P: nutrition in AP; I: enteral nutrition (EN); C: nil per os diet (NPO); and O: outcome. There were 717 articles found in Embase, 831 in PubMed, and 10 in the Cochrane database. Altogether, seven SAP and six MAP articles were suitable for analyses. In SAP, forest plots were used to illustrate three primary endpoints (mortality, multiorgan failure, and intervention). In MAP, 14 additional secondary endpoints were analyzed (such as CRP (C-reactive protein), WCC (white cell count), complications, etc.). After pooling the data, the Mann–Whitney U test was used to detect significant differences. Funnel plots were created for testing heterogeneity. All of the primary endpoints investigated showed that EN is beneficial vs. NPO in SAP. In MAP, all of the six articles found merit in EN. Analyses of the primary endpoints did not show significant differences between the groups; however, analyzing the 17 endpoints together showed a significant difference in favor of EN vs. NPO. EN is beneficial compared to a nil per os diet not only in severe, but also in mild and moderate AP. PMID:27775609

  6. Progress of biomarkers in acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease%慢性阻塞性肺疾病急性加重期生物标志物的研究进展

    马淑颖; 解卫平


    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ( COPD) is a major cause of chronic morbidity and mortality throughout the world .It not only has a great impact on the patients′ work and quality of life ,but also creates an enormous social and economic burden .Furthermore ,acute exacerbation of COPD ( AECOPD) accelerates the progression of the disease and increases the rates of hospitalizations and deaths .For this reason ,lots of studies have been done in regard to biomarkers of AECOPD during recent years .This review summarizes the research progress of biomarkers in the aspects of blood ,sputum ( including induced sputum) ,exhaled nitric oxide ,exhaled breath condensate ,bronchoalveolar lavage fluid and bronchial biopsies .%C O PD是患病率和病死率居高不下的常见病、多发病,严重影响患者的劳动力和生活质量,也造成了巨大的社会、经济负担。而COPD急性加重(AECOPD)不仅加速疾病进展、进一步降低患者活动耐量,更增加了住院率及病死率,因而近年来开展了大量围绕 A EC O PD生物标志物的研究。本文将从外周血、痰液(包括诱导痰)、呼出气、呼出气冷凝液、BALF、支气管黏膜活检这6个方面分类对近年来A EC O PD生物标志物的研究进展作一综述。

  7. Transition feeding of sows

    Theil, Peter Kappel


    becomes catabolic due to the high priority of milk production and to current feeding practices. Indeed, feed is changed from a gestation to a lactation diet for most sows and the feed supply typically goes from a restricted supply to an ad libitum allowance. In addition, transition sows are often exposed...... the first few days of lactation, and milk yield increases throughout the transition period and becomes the most important determinant of nutrient requirements. Thus, nutrient requirements of transition sows are affected by many intrinsic factors and these requirements change rapidly, yet, sow feeding...... practices do not acknowledge these changes. Development of new feeding strategies specifically adapted for the transition sow is likely of importance to match the rapid changes in nutrient requirements....

  8. 急性冠状动脉综合症患者抗血小板治疗策略研究进展%Research Progress of Antiplatelet Treatment Strategy for Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome

    谢诚; 丁肖梁; 缪丽燕


    血小板的激活在急性冠脉综合症的发生中起着重要的作用,阿司匹林联合二磷酸腺苷受体拮抗剂是目前抗血小板治疗的金标准,但临床发现不同患者对抗血小板药物的反应性存在显著的个体差异。本文主要从氯吡格雷的体内药动药效学过程出发分析其产生个体差异的影响因素,同时对目前的抗血小板治疗策略进行综述,以为临床制定安全有效的抗血小板方案提供参考。%Platelet activation plays an important role in the occurrence of acute coronary syndrome. Although treatment of aspirin plus adenosine diphosphate receptor antagonists is the gold standard of antiplatelet therapy, there are significant individual differences with different patients respond to antiplatelet drugs. This article mainly analyzed the influence factors of individual differences from the process of clopidogrel's pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, and reviewed the research progress of antiplatelet treatment strategy, as to provide reference for clinic to formulate a safe and effective therapeutic regimen of antiplatelet treatment.

  9. Evaluation on the related high-risk factors of progressive hemorrhagic injury after acute traumatic brain injury%急性颅脑损伤后进展性出血性损伤高危因素分析

    李雪元; 马林; 王新军; 寿记新


    Objective To investigate the related high-risk factors of the occurrence of progressive hemorrhagic injury (PHI) after acute traumatic brain injury ,and to provide the basis for early clinical diagnosis and treatment .Methods Retrospective analysis the clinical data of 398 cases of traumatic brain injury patients .According to whether PHI occurred ,the patients were divided into the progress group and non-progress group .Relevant factors with progressive hemorrhagic injury were assessed .Results The univari-ate analysis showed that ,the age ,gender ratio ,injury to first CT time ,GCS score when admitted in hospital ,mean arterial pressure , combined with skull fracture ,combined with epidural hematoma ,combined with cerebral contusion ,bilateral injury ,subarachnoid hemorrhage ,disturbance of consciousness ,mydriasis ,volume of intracranial hematoma more than 10 mL and volume of hematoma at the first CT scanning ,Platelets ,plasma fibrin concentration and D-dimer influenced the development of progressive hemorrhagic in-jury(P<0 .05) .Logistic regression showed that ,injury to first CT time ,GSC score less than 12 ,disturbance of consciousness ,my-driasis ,volume of hematoma more than 10 mL at the first CT scanning ,combined with cerebral contusion ,combined with subarach-noid hemorrhage ,platelet and D-dimer were the independent risk factors for PHI (P<0 .05) .Conclusion Patients with acute brain injury should be promptly head CT .Patients with GCS score less than 12 ,disturbance of consciousness ,mydriasis ,volume of in-tracranial hematoma more than 10 mL at the first CT scanning ,combined with cerebral contusion ,subarachnoid hemorrhage ,platelet and D-dimer were the independent risk factors of the progressive hemorrhagic injury after traumatic brain injury ,Should closely ob-serve the illness progress ,regularly review the head CT as soon as possible .%目的:探讨急性颅脑损伤后进展性出血性损伤(PHI)相关的高危因素,为临床判断

  10. Fermented liquid feed for pigs

    Missotten, Joris; Michiels, Joris; Ovyn, Anneke; De Smet, Stefaan; Dierick, Noël


    Since the announcement of the ban on the use of antibiotics as antimicrobial growth promoters in the feed of pigs in 2006 the investigation towards alternative feed additives has augmented considerably. Although fermented liquid feed is not an additive, but a feeding strategy, the experimental work examining its possible advantages also saw a rise. The use of fermented liquid feed (FLF) has two main advantages, namely that the simultaneous provision of feed and water may result in an alleviat...

  11. Acute pancreatitis

    Bo-Guang Fan


    Full Text Available Background : Acute pancreatitis continues to be a serious illness, and the patients with acute pancreatitis are at risk to develop different complications from ongoing pancreatic inflammation. Aims : The present review is to highlight the classification, treatment and prognosis of acute pancreatitis. Material & Methods : We reviewed the English-language literature (Medline addressing pancreatitis. Results : Acute pancreatitis is frequently caused by gallstone disease or excess alcohol ingestion. There are a number of important issues regarding clinical highlights in the classification, treatment and prognosis of acute pancreatitis, and treatment options for complications of acute pancreatitis including pancreatic pseudocysts. Conclusions : Multidisciplinary approach should be used for the management of the patient with acute pancreatitis.

  12. Acute pancreatitis

    Bo-Guang Fan


    Full Text Available Background: Acute pancreatitis continues to be a serious illness, and the patients with acute pancreatitis are at risk to develop different complications from ongoing pancreatic inflammation. Aims: The present review is to highlight the classification, treatment and prognosis of acute pancreatitis. Material & Methods: We reviewed the English-language literature (Medline addressing pancreatitis. Results: Acute pancreatitis is frequently caused by gallstone disease or excess alcohol ingestion. There are a number of important issues regarding clinical highlights in the classification, treatment and prognosis of acute pancreatitis, and treatment options for complications of acute pancreatitis including pancreatic pseudocysts. Conclusions: Multidisciplinary approach should be used for the management of the patient with acute pancreatitis.

  13. Acute myelogenous leukemia and acute leukemic appendicitis: A case report

    Po-Jen Hsiao; Shih-Ming Kuo; Jia-Hong Chen; Hsuen-Fu Lin; Pau-Ling Chu; Shih-Hua Lin; Ching-Liang Ho


    Acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) can involve the gastrointestinal tract but rarely involves the appendix.We report a male patient who had 1 year partial remission from AML and who presented with apparent acute appendicitis as the initial manifestation of leukemia relapse. Pathological findings of the appendix revealed transmural infiltrates of myeloblasts, whichindicated a diagnosis of leukemia. Unfortunately, the patient died from progression of the disease on the 19th d after admission. Although leukemic cell infiltration of the appendix is uncommon, patients with leukemia relapse can present with symptoms mimicking acute appendicitis.

  14. 31 CFR 540.317 - Uranium feed; natural uranium feed.


    ... 31 Money and Finance: Treasury 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Uranium feed; natural uranium feed... (Continued) OFFICE OF FOREIGN ASSETS CONTROL, DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY HIGHLY ENRICHED URANIUM (HEU) AGREEMENT ASSETS CONTROL REGULATIONS General Definitions § 540.317 Uranium feed; natural uranium feed....

  15. A transatlantic survey of nutrition practice in acute pancreatitis.

    Duggan, SN


    Many guidelines exist for the nutritional management of acute pancreatitis; however, little is known regarding current practice. We aimed to investigate feeding practices, including the use of parenteral\\/enteral nutrition.

  16. Pneumonia in acute stroke patients fed by nasogastric tube

    Dziewas, R. (Rainer); Ritter, M.; Schilling, M; Konrad, C.; Oelenberg, S; Nabavi, D; Stogbauer, F; Ringelstein, E; Ludemann, P


    Background: Aspiration pneumonia is the most important acute complication of stroke related dysphagia. Tube feeding is usually recommended as an effective and safe way to supply nutrition in dysphagic stroke patients.

  17. Nutrition Support in Acute Pancreatitis

    Orestis Ioannidis


    Full Text Available The management of acute pancreatitis differs according to its severity. Approximately 75% of patients with acute pancreatitis have mild disease with a mortality rate below 1%. Mortality increases up to 20% if the disease progresses to its severe necrotizing form and, in the most severe cases, mortality can increase to 30-40%. Severe acute pancreatitis is usually accompanied by systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS which results in hypermetabolism with prominent protein catabolism. Acute malnutrition, commonly observed in patients with acute pancreatitis, is associated with immunological disturbances, septic complications and delayed healing of surgical wounds, and may lead to multiorgan dysfunction or failure syndrome (MODS or MOFS and increased morbidity and mortality [1].

  18. 不同鼻饲营养途径对重症急性胰腺炎病人疾病进展的影响%Influence of different enteral feeding route through nose on course of diseases in severe acute pancreatitis

    江荣林; 马伟斌; 雷澍; 王灵聪; 吴建浓; 朱美飞; 吴艳春; 智屹惠; 黄立权


    目的:探讨不同的鼻饲营养途径对重症急性胰腺炎(SAP)病人疾病发展状况的影响.方法:选择27例连续禁食48 h以上,且胃肠功能恢复、腹痛已缓解的SAP病人,随机分成两组,分别行鼻胃管鼻饲营养(14例)和鼻空肠管鼻饲营养(13例).记录血清淀粉酶、脂肪酶、C反应蛋白(CRP)和Balthazar CT评分,分析腹痛再发例次和病程进展状况.结果:鼻胃管鼻饲组和鼻空肠管鼻饲组中分别有8例(57.1%)和2例(15.4%)发生腹痛再发(P<0.05),鼻胃管组和腹痛再发者的总住院时间、鼻饲后住院时间均分别较鼻空肠管组和无腹痛者长(P<0.05,P<0.01).血淀粉酶、脂肪酶、CRP恢复正常的时间亦较长(P<0.05,P<0.01).鼻胃管组有4例(28.6%)须停止鼻饲,有2例(14.3%)死亡,而鼻空肠管组则均无上述情况发牛率.发生腹痛者的患病在第21天的Balthazar's CT评分较高.结论:鼻空肠管鼻饲营养较鼻胃管鼻饲营养者能显著减少SAP的腹痛再发和缩短疾病治疗时间.%Objective: To investigate the effects of different enteral feeding route through nose on severe acute pancreatitis. Methods: A total of 27 patients with SAP were randomized to feeding by either nasogastric (NG) route ( 14 patients) or nasojejunal (NJ) route ( 13 patients). All the patients were treated with 48h fasting, and had restored gastro-intestinal function and felt bellyache mitigative. The level of clinical and biochemical index (amylase, lipase and C-reaction protein in blood serum ) and Balthazar CT score were recorded. The number of patients with recurrence of bellyache and the change of diseases were analyzed. Results: 8 (57.1% )patients in NG group and 2( 15.4% )patients in NJ group had recurrence of bellyache ( P < 0.05 ). The durations of total staying in hospital and staying in hospital after nasal feeding in NG group and patients with recurrent abdominal pain were significantly longer than those in NJ group and in patients without

  19. Acute cholecystitis

    Halpin, Valerie


    Acute cholecystitis causes unremitting right upper quadrant pain, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, and fever, and if untreated can lead to perforations, abscess formation, or fistulae. About 95% of people with acute cholecystitis have gallstones.It is thought that blockage of the cystic duct by a gallstone or local inflammation can lead to acute cholecystitis, but we don't know whether bacterial infection is also necessary.

  20. microRNA 在急性心肌梗死诊断及预后中的研究进展%Research progress of microRNA in diagnosis and prognosis of acute myocardial infarction

    龚国平(综述); 王虹(审校)


    microRNA(miRNA)are small non-coding RNAs of 18~25 nucleotides,which can negatively reg-ulate the gene expression at post-transcriptional level by interacting with complementary sites in the 3′untranslated se-quences of the target gene .Recent studies have identified that miRNAs are highly expressed in vasculature and heart , participate in the regulation of cardiac development , arrhythmia, hypertension, myocardial infarction, heart failure and other cardiovascular physiology and pathology process .Here is to make a review on the research progress regard-ing the roles of miRNAs in acute myocardial infarction .%microRNA( miRNA)是一类长约18~25个核苷酸的小分子非编码RNA,它通过与靶基因3'端非翻译序列结合促进靶基因降解或抑制翻译过程,从而抑制靶基因表达。最近研究表明,miRNA在血管和心脏中高度表达,参与调节心脏发育、心律失常、高血压、心肌梗死、心力衰竭等心血管生理病理过程。该文回顾总结有关miRNA在急性心肌梗死诊断及预后中的研究进展。

  1. Alimentación sostenida durante diarrea aguda en niños menores de cinco años Sustained feeding during acute diarrhea in children younger than five years of age



    Full Text Available Objetivo. Identificar alimentos locales con aceptabilidad cultural para nutrir a niños con diarrea aguda y probar su aceptación e impacto sobre el peso corporal en niños enfermos. Material y métodos. Se entrevistó a 142 madres de niños menores de cinco años en comunidades rurales, para conformar dietas culturalmente aceptables mediante sorteo de grupos, desplegado en un diagrama multidimensional. Se hizo un ensayo sobre el curso clíniño de 54 niños de 4-50 meses de edad cursando las primeras 48 horas de un episodio diarreico, quienes recibieron las dietas desarrolladas. Resultados. Se diseñaron dietas de acuerdo con la edad del niño y con el tiempo de evolución de la enfermedad. En las 47.6 ± 22.2 horas que permanecieron hospitalizados, los niños consumieron 44.8 ± 28.6 kcal/kg/día (además de la leche materna y ganaron 70.6 ± 179.7 g. Hubo una relación directa entre mayor edad y mayor consumo calórico, y entre éste y mayor ganancia de peso. Conclusiones. Los niños mostraron buena aceptabilidad a las dietas ofrecidas, de tal manera que se evitó la pérdida de peso.Objective. To identify locally available and culturally acceptable foods for children with acute diarrhea, and test their acceptance and effect on the childís weight. Material and methods. 142 mothers of children younger than five years of age living in rural communities were interviewed to indentify culturally accepted diets by means of group sorting. These were displayed in a multidimensional scale. A descriptive study was performed of the clinical course of 54 children, ages 4 to 50 months who received the designed diets during the first 48 hours of diarrhea. Results. The designed diets considered age of the child, and stage of the disease. Children spent 47.6 ± 22.2 h in the hospital during which they consumed 44.8 ± 28.6 kcal/kg/day (additional to breast milk and they gained 70.6 ± 179.7 g. A direct relationship was observed between increasing age and

  2. Acute surgical management in idiopathic intracranial hypertension.

    Zakaria, Zaitun


    Idiopathic intracranial hypertension is a headache syndrome with progressive symptoms of raised intracranial pressure. Most commonly, it is a slow process where surveillance and medical management are the main treatment modalities. We describe herein an acute presentation with bilateral sixth nerve palsies, papilloedema and visual deterioration, where acute surgical intervention was a vision-saving operation.

  3. Representing infant feeding: content analysis of British media portrayals of bottle feeding and breast feeding

    Henderson, L.; KITZINGER, Jenny; Green, J.


    Objective: To examine how breast feeding and bottle feeding are represented by the British media.\\ud Design: Content analysis.\\ud Subjects: Television programmes and newspaper articles that made reference to infant feeding during March 1999.\\ud Setting: UK mass media.\\ud Main outcome measures: Visual and verbal references to breast or bottle feeding in newspapers and television programmes.\\ud Results: Overall, 235 references to infant feeding were identified in the television sample and 38 in...

  4. Current issues connected with usage of genetically modified crops in production of feed and livestock feeding.

    Kwiatek, K; Mazur, M; Sieradzki, Z


    Progress, which is brought by new advances in modern molecular biology, allowed interference in the genome of live organisms and gene manipulation. Introducing new genes to the recipient organism enables to give them new features, absent before. Continuous increase in the area of the biotech crops triggers continuous discussion about safety of genetically modified (GM) crops, including food and feed derived from them. Important issue connected with cultivation of genetically modified crops is a horizontal gene transfer and a bacterial antibiotic resistance. Discussion about safety of GM crops concerns also food allergies caused by eating genetically modified food. The problem of genetic modifications of GM crops used for livestock feeding is widely discussed, taking into account Polish feed law.

  5. Low Emission Feed

    Klop, G.


    Research into manipulating methane (CH4) production as a result of enteric fermentation in ruminants currently receives global interest. Using feed additives may be a feasible strategy to mitigate CH4 as they are supplied in such amounts that the basal diet composition will not be largely affected.

  6. Feeding of Diarmis Proboscis

    Young, Jocelyn


    The feeding of Diarmis proboscis is an exciting outdoor laboratory activity that demonstrates a single concept of adaptations--cryptic colorations. The students are "transformed" into D. proboscis (no Harry Potter magic needed) in order to learn how adaptations work in the natural world. Prior to beginning this activity, students should have a…

  7. Feed sources for livestock

    Zanten, van H.H.E.


    Production of food has re-emerged at the top of the global political agenda, driven by two contemporary challenges: the challenge to produce enough nutritious food to feed a growing and more prosperous human population, and the challenge to produce this food in an environmentally sustainable way. Cu

  8. Acute Kidney Failure

    ... out of balance. Acute kidney failure — also called acute renal failure or acute kidney injury — develops rapidly over ... 2015. Palevsky PM. Definition of acute kidney injury (acute renal failure). Accessed April ...

  9. Acute Pancreatitis and Pregnancy

    ... Pancreatitis Acute Pancreatitis and Pregnancy Acute Pancreatitis and Pregnancy Timothy Gardner, MD Acute pancreatitis is defined as ... pancreatitis in pregnancy. Reasons for Acute Pancreatitis and Pregnancy While acute pancreatitis is responsible for almost 1 ...


    Chen, Yung-Chih; Travers, Rebecca L; Walhin, Jean-Philippe; Gonzalez, Javier T; Koumanov, Francoise; Betts, James A; Thompson, Dylan


    Feeding profoundly affects metabolic responses to exercise in various tissues but the effect of feeding status on human adipose tissue responses to exercise has never been studied. Ten healthy overweight men aged 26 ± 5 years (mean ± SD) with a waist circumference of 105 ± 10 cm walked at 60% of maximum oxygen uptake under either FASTED or FED conditions in a randomised, counterbalanced design. Feeding comprised 648 ± 115 kcal 2 h before exercise. Blood samples were collected at regular intervals to examine changes in metabolic parameters and adipokine concentrations. Adipose tissue samples were obtained at baseline and one hour post-exercise to examine changes in adipose tissue mRNA expression and secretion of selected adipokines ex-vivo. Adipose tissue mRNA expression of PDK4, ATGL, HSL, FAT/CD36, GLUT4 and IRS2 in response to exercise were lower in FED compared to FASTED conditions (all p ≤ 0.05). Post-exercise adipose IRS2 protein was affected by feeding (p ≤ 0.05), but Akt2, AMPK, IRS1, GLUT4, PDK4 and HSL protein levels were not different. Feeding status did not impact serum and ex-vivo adipose secretion of IL-6, leptin or adiponectin in response to exercise. This is the first study to show that feeding prior to acute exercise affects post-exercise adipose tissue gene expression and we propose that feeding is likely to blunt long-term adipose tissue adaptation to regular exercise.

  11. Research progress of anticoagulation combined with antiplatelet treatment strategy in acute coronary syndrome%急性冠状动脉综合征抗凝抗血小板联合治疗策略研究进展

    辛延国; 田文


    双联抗血小板治疗是急性冠状动脉综合征(ACS)和冠心病介入治疗患者的标准治疗方案。传统的抗血小板药物氯吡格雷在临床应用中存在一些不足,如起效时间慢、个体差异大以及不能满足缺血高危患者的抗栓要求等。当ACS患者同时存在抗凝适应证时,单纯的抗血小板治疗难以预防静脉系统的血栓栓塞性事件。而双联抗血小板治疗在减少缺血事件的同时,主要出血风险明显增加。随着新型抗栓药物的研发,ACS的抗栓治疗策略有了新的进展,如ACS抗血小板治疗策略、ACS伴有抗凝适应证的抗栓治疗策略以及新型抗栓药物等。随着药物临床研究的发展,ACS抗凝抗血小板联合治疗策略的不断优化将会给患者带来更多获益。%Dual antiplatelet therapy is the standard treatment for patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS) and coronary heart disease interventional treatment. Clopidogrel, a traditional antiplatelet agent, has some disadvantages, such as slow onset time, individual differences and dissatisfy the antithrombosis requirement in ischemia of high-risk patients. In addition, for ACS patients with indications of anticoagulation, antiplatelet therapy cannot prevent venous thromboembolic events. However, dual antiplatelet combined with anticoagulant therapy may decrease the risk of ischemic events at the price of increasing bleeding. With the development of new antithrombotic agents, the antithrombotic strategy for ACS has made some progress, such as antiplatelet strategy for ACS, antithrombotic strategy for ACS with indication of anticoagulation and new antithrombotic drugs. With the development of clinical antithrombotic drug research, the patients with ACS will benefit from the optimized strategy of combined with antithrombotic therapy.

  12. Rational management of acute keratoconus

    Yu. B. Slonimskiy


    Full Text Available Acute keratoconus is a common and severe complication of advanced progressive keratoconus that occurs in more than 30 % of cases. Acute corneal edema in advanced progressive keratectasia is reffered to as acute corneal hydrops (hydrops corneae. It has been also reported in other ectatic disorders such as pellucid marginal degeneration. The most common misdiagnosis in hydrops is HSV disciform keratitis or acute bacterial keratitis. 126 corneal hydrops patients (79 men, 47 women aged 16‑63 (129 eyes were observed and treated over the last five years. 124 patients were diagnosed with acute keratoconus and 2 patients were diagnosed with pellucid marginal degeneration. Acute kereatoconus patientsrepresented a special and compromised cohort with systemic allergic diseases (neurodermatitis and various atopic disorders, n = 48, Down’s syndrome (n = 16 or mental disorders (n = 19. In many of these patients who vigorously rubbed their eyes, keratectasia progressed more rapidly. In 7 cases, acute keratoconus developed during pregnancy. 3 cases of recurrent keratoconus were reported — in a woman with Down’s syndrome (recurrence in 3 years, in a man with severe neurodermatitis (recurrence in 5 years, and in a man with anamnestic acute keratoconus (recurrence in 20 years. 3 patients experienced bilateral acute keratoconus. Acute keratoconus can be subdivided by the area of corneal edema into three categories, i.e., partial (6 mm or less, 52 eyes, subtotal (7‑10 mm, 56 eyes, and total (more than 10 mm, 21 eyes. Corneal edema ultimately disappeared, however, acute keratoconus resulted in a deep local scarring through the corneal layers. Slit lamp exam revealed Descemet’s membrane ruptures (so-called fish mouth. 73 eyes were referred to refractive penetrating keratoplasty (PKP. Corneal perforation was unusual even in severe corneal thinning (4 cases. In one case, descemetocele with a high risk of perforation was observed. 4 eyes

  13. Feed sources for livestock

    Zanten, van, H.H.E.


    Production of food has re-emerged at the top of the global political agenda, driven by two contemporary challenges: the challenge to produce enough nutritious food to feed a growing and more prosperous human population, and the challenge to produce this food in an environmentally sustainable way. Current levels of production of especially animal-source food (ASF), pose severe pressure on the environment via their emissions to air, water, and soil; and their use of scarce resources, such as la...

  14. Food Safety Information RSS feed

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — This is an RSS Feed of Food Safety information that’s produced in real-time by the CDC. This RSS feed is the integration of two other XML feeds, one from the USDA's...

  15. Coupling between crossed dipole feeds

    Andersen, J.; Schjær-Jacobsen, Hans; Lessow, H.


    as a function of orientation and feeding network properties. The antennas are used as feeds for a parabolic reflector, and the effect of coupling on the secondary fields is analyzed. Especially significant is the polarization loss and it may, to some extent, be reduced by a proper choice of feeding network....

  16. Comportamiento de la madre en relación con la lactancia materna y la alimentación complementaria del niño menor de quince meses, durante la enfermedad diarreica Maternal behavior concerning breast and complementary feeding of children younger than 15 months during acute diarrheal disease

    Ethel Marina Mora


    procedencia y los cambios realizados en la alimentación de los niños durante la diarrea.

    At the Oral Rehydration Service, Hospital lnfantil, Medellín, Colombia, the mothers of 300 children younger than 15 months. Suffering from acute diarreal disease, were surveyed concerning changes introduced in infant feeding during diarrheal episodes. their duration and the reasons for them ; also explored was the relationship between such changes, the years of schooling of the mother and her place of residence In the clty. Two hundred and eighteen mothers (72.7% belonged to the low socioeconomical class, 17 (5.7% were 1IIiterate and only 19 (6.3% had finished secondary school. Children were more frequently (69% between 5 and 12 months. One hundred and twenty mothers (40% breast-fed their children and all of them continued to do so during the diarrheal episode; however, 16 mothers (13.3% decreased and 50 (41.7% increased the daily number of feedings. Of 295 mothers who gave milk formulae to their children 66 (22.4% continued to do so with no change; 89 (30.2% discontinued them, 83 (28.1% decreased the amount given and 65 (22% started with a diluted preparation. Concerning complementary feeding two patterns of behavior were found during the diarrheal episode: some Items were frequently discontinued, among them: candy (77.2%, egg (66.7%, beans (65.8%, chocolate (60.7%, fats (59.4% and carbonated drinks (55.2%. Others, by contrast, were frequently continued, name- Iy: meat (69%, plantain (85.6%, soups (82%, juices (71.8%, vegetables (73.4% and carbohydrate solutions (63.4%. Changes were maintained longer than 3 days which contributed to nutritional deterioration. The main reason (52.2% for introducing changes was to prevent the increase of diarrhea. No correlation was found between schooling level of the mother or her place of residence In the clty and changes performed In Infant feeding during acute diarrheal disease

  17. Perinatal programming of neuroendocrine mechanisms connecting feeding behavior and stress

    Sarah J Spencer


    Full Text Available Feeding behavior is closely regulated by neuroendocrine mechanisms that can be influenced by stressful life events. However, the feeding response to stress varies among individuals with some increasing and others decreasing food intake after stress. In addition to the impact of acute lifestyle and genetic backgrounds, the early life environment can have a life-long influence on neuroendocrine mechanisms connecting stress to feeding behavior and may partially explain these opposing feeding responses to stress. In this review I will discuss the perinatal programming of adult hypothalamic stress and feeding circuitry. Specifically I will address how early life (prenatal and postnatal nutrition, early life stress, and the early life hormonal profile can program the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA axis, the endocrine arm of the body’s response to stress long-term and how these changes can, in turn, influence the hypothalamic circuitry responsible for regulating feeding behavior. Thus, over- or under-feeding and / or stressful events during critical windows of early development can alter glucocorticoid (GC regulation of the HPA axis, leading to changes in the GC influence on energy storage and changes in GC negative feedback on HPA axis-derived satiety signals such as corticotropin-releasing-hormone. Furthermore, peripheral hormones controlling satiety, such as leptin and insulin are altered by early life events, and can be influenced, in early life and adulthood, by stress. Importantly, these neuroendocrine signals act as trophic factors during development to stimulate connectivity throughout the hypothalamus. The interplay between these neuroendocrine signals, the perinatal environment, and activation of the stress circuitry in adulthood thus strongly influences feeding behavior and may explain why individuals have unique feeding responses to similar stressors.

  18. Fermented liquid feed for pigs.

    Missotten, Joris A M; Michiels, Joris; Ovyn, Anneke; De Smet, Stefaan; Dierick, Noël A


    Since the announcement of the ban on the use of antibiotics as antimicrobial growth promoters in the feed of pigs in 2006 the investigation towards alternative feed additives has augmented considerably. Although fermented liquid feed is not an additive, but a feeding strategy, the experimental work examining its possible advantages also saw a rise. The use of fermented liquid feed (FLF) has two main advantages, namely that the simultaneous provision of feed and water may result in an alleviation of the transition from the sow milk to solid feed and may also reduce the time spent to find both sources of nutrients, and secondly, that offering FLF with a low pH may strengthen the potential of the stomach as a first line of defence against possible pathogenic infections. Because of these two advantages, FLF is often stated as an ideal feed for weaned piglets. The results obtained so far are rather variable, but in general they show a better body weight gain and worse feed/gain ratio for the piglets. However, for growing-finishing pigs on average a better feed/gain ratio is found compared to pigs fed dry feed. This better performance is mostly associated with less harmful microbiota and better gut morphology. This review provides an overview of the current knowledge of FLF for pigs,dealing with the FLF itself as well as its effect on the gastrointestinal tract and animal performance.

  19. First feeding of larval herring

    Kiørboe, Thomas; Munk, Peter; Støttrup, Josianne


    The transition period from endogenous to exogenous feeding by larval herring was investigated in the laboratory for four herring stocks in order to evaluate the chances of survival at the time of fiest feeding. Observations on larval activity, feeding and growth were related to amount of yolk......, visual experience with potential prey organisms prior to first feeding and prey density. Herring larvae did not initiate exogenous feeding until around the time of yolk resorption. The timing of first feeding was not influenced by prior exposure to potential prey organisms during the yolk sac stage....... In the light of these observations, the ecological significance of the yolk sac stage is discussed. Initiation of exogenous feeding was delayed by 1-4 days at a low (7.5 nauplii .cntdot. l-1) compared to a high (120 nauplii .cntdot. l-1) prey density, but even at prey densities corresponding to the lower end...

  20. Analysis of self-feeding in children with feeding disorders.

    Rivas, Kristi M; Piazza, Cathleen C; Roane, Henry S; Volkert, Valerie M; Stewart, Victoria; Kadey, Heather J; Groff, Rebecca A


    In the current investigation, we evaluated a method for increasing self-feeding with 3 children with a history of food refusal. The children never (2 children) or rarely (1 child) self-fed bites of food when the choice was between self-feeding and escape from eating. When the choice was between self-feeding 1 bite of food or being fed an identical bite of food, self-feeding was low (2 children) or variable (1 child). Levels of self-feeding increased for 2 children when the choice was between self-feeding 1 bite of food or being fed multiple bites of the same food. For the 3rd child, self-feeding increased when the choice was between self-feeding 1 bite of food or being fed multiple bites of a less preferred food. The results showed that altering the contingencies associated with being fed increased the probability of self-feeding, but the specific manipulations that produced self-feeding were unique to each child.

  1. Feeding and Swallowing Disorders (Dysphagia) in Children

    ... for the Public / Speech, Language and Swallowing / Swallowing Feeding and Swallowing Disorders (Dysphagia) in Children What are ... children with feeding and swallowing disorders ? What are feeding and swallowing disorders? Feeding disorders include problems gathering ...

  2. Feeding Tips For Your Baby with CHD

    ... How To Feed Your Baby Either breast- or bottle-feeding works well for babies with heart problems, but ... do best with a combination of breast- and bottle-feeding. Breast-Feeding Your Baby If your baby is ...

  3. Feeding the Beast

    Hellström, Anders; Hervik, Peter


    of fear, we argue, this predisposes people to vote for anti-immigration parties. Our analysis highlights the position of anti-immigration parties; hence, the Sweden Democrats (SD) in Sweden and the Danish People’s Party (DPP) in Denmark. We use frame analysis to detect recurrent frames in the media debate...... as such plays a similar role and provides the DPP with an identity. We conclude that we are confronted with a two-faced beast that feeds on perceptions of the people as ultimately afraid of what are not recognized as native goods....

  4. Re-feeding syndrome.

    Shadaba, A; Paine, J; Adlard, R; Dilkes, M


    The effect of a therapeutically administered high calorie diet in a severely malnourished patient is discussed in this case report. In patients with advanced head and neck cancer prolonged periods of malnutrition prior to admission are frequently encountered. This case report highlights the need to constantly monitor the electrolyte and vitamin levels during the early stages of instituting enteral or parenteral nutrition. By vigilant monitoring and a high index of suspicion re-feeding syndrome or severe hypophosphataemia and its associated complications can be avoided.

  5. Enteral feeding in acute head injury: replacement or therapy?

    Arthur Schelp; Angela Pellizon; Roberto Burini


    Os autores apresentam revisão geral sobre a fisiopatogenia do trauma, ressaltando os estados de hipereatabolismo e hipermetabolismo, suas consequências nutricionais, com as particularidades do trauma encefálico. São feitas, também, considerações sobre as vias, composição e volumes das dietas enterais a serem administradas a pacientes com trauma agudo encefálico, assim como são apontadas questões a serem melhor elucidadas. The authors raise a discussion on nutritional needs of severely trau...

  6. Feeding Children with Disabilities: An Overview of Strategies and Specialized Interventions

    Bruns, Deborah A.; Thompson, Stacy D.


    During the first years of life, children progress through a number of developmental stages related to feeding. By the age of five, a child typically has the skills, behaviors and habits that will be used throughout their lives. However, data indicates that 60 to 70% of children with disabilities have one or more feeding difficulties. Importantly,…

  7. Role of oleoylethanolamide as a feeding regulator in goldfish.

    Tinoco, Ana B; Armirotti, Andrea; Isorna, Esther; Delgado, María J; Piomelli, Daniele; de Pedro, Nuria


    Oleoylethanolamide (OEA) is a bioactive lipid mediator, produced in the intestine and other tissues, which is involved in energy balance regulation in mammals, modulating feeding and lipid metabolism. The purpose of the present study was to investigate the presence and possible role of OEA in feeding regulation in goldfish (Carassius auratus). We assessed whether goldfish peripheral tissues and brain contain OEA and their regulation by nutritional status. OEA was detected in all studied tissues (liver, intestinal bulb, proximal intestine, muscle, hypothalamus, telencephalon and brainstem). Food deprivation (48 h) reduced intestinal OEA levels and levels increased upon re-feeding, suggesting that this compound may be involved in the short-term regulation of food intake in goldfish, as a satiety factor. Next, the effects of acute intraperitoneal administration of OEA on feeding, swimming and plasma levels of glucose and triglycerides were analysed. Food intake, swimming activity and circulating triglyceride levels were reduced by OEA 2 h post-injection. Finally, the possible interplay among OEA and other feeding regulators (leptin, cholecystokinin, ghrelin, neuropeptide Y, orexin and monoamines) was investigated. OEA actions on energy homeostasis in goldfish could be mediated, at least in part, through interactions with ghrelin and the serotonergic system, as OEA treatment reduced ghrelin expression in the intestinal bulb, and increased serotonergic activity in the telencephalon. In summary, our results indicate for the first time in fish that OEA could be involved in the regulation of feeding, swimming and lipid metabolism, suggesting a high conservation of OEA actions in energy balance throughout vertebrate evolution.

  8. Ontogenetic differences in the feeding biomechanics of oviparous and viviparous caecilians (Lissamphibia: Gymnophiona).

    Kleinteich, Thomas


    Caecilians have a unique dual jaw-closing system in that jaw closure is driven by the ancestral jaw-closing muscles (mm. levatores mandibulae) plus a secondarily recruited hyobranchial muscle (m. interhyoideus posterior). There is a variety of feeding habits (suction feeding, skin feeding, intrauterine scraping, and biting) during ontogeny that relate to reproductive modes in different caecilian species. This study examines the cranial biomechanics of caecilians in the suction-feeding larva of Ichthyophis cf. kohtaoensis, in the embryo and juvenile of the skin-feeding Boulengerula taitana, and in a newborn of the intrauterine feeder Typhlonectes natans. A lever arm model was applied to calculate effective mechanical advantages of jaw-closing muscles over gape angles and to predict total bite force in developing caecilians. In I. cf. kohtaoensis, Notable differences were found in the larval jaw-closing system compared to that of the adult. The suction-feeding larva of I. cf. kohtaoensis has comparatively large mm. levatores mandibulae that insert with an acute muscle fiber angle to the lower jaw and a m. interhyoideus posterior that has its optimal leverage at small gape angles. Conversely, the skin-feeding juvenile of B. taitana and the neonate T. natans are very similar in the feeding parameters considered herein compared to adult caecilians. Some ontogenetic variation in the feeding system of B. taitana before the onset of feeding was present. This study contributes to our understanding of the functional demands that feeding habits put on the development of cranial structures.

  9. Effects of immediate modified feeding on infantile gastroenteritis.

    Hoghton, M A; Mittal, N K; Sandhu, B. K.; Mahdi, G


    BACKGROUND: Standard treatment of infants who are dehydrated as a result of acute gastroenteritis is to administer oral rehydration therapy (ORT). Traditionally, food has been withdrawn for 24-48 h, but there is no conclusive evidence that this is of any real benefit to the patient. Immediate modified feeding, in which an infant on ORT is not starved but administered a limited diet, may have benefits in the treatment of gastroenteritis, especially in children who are nutritionally compromised...

  10. Research progress of acute kanamycin sulfate-induced deafness in guinea pig%豚鼠硫酸卡那霉素急性致聋研究进展



    To present a summary of current knowledge regarding acute kanamycin sulfate-induced deafness in guinea pig, by reviewing the published literature. Animal model of acute deafness induced by a single dose of kanamycin sulfate in combination with ethacrynic acid or furosemide in guinea pig was usually used to investigate the mechanism of cochlear cell degeneration. There were different time sequences of cell degeneration of spiral ganglion cell and hair cell in different studies. The findings may result from different doses, order of two drugs administration or rime point chosen. There remains scope for further research in chronic kanamycin-induced deafness, which more replicates the type of exposure to people than acute deafness.

  11. Oxytocin, feeding and satiety

    Nancy eSabatier


    Full Text Available Oxytocin neurones have a physiological role in food intake and energy balance. Central administration of oxytocin is powerfully anorexigenic, reducing food intake and meal duration. The central mechanisms underlying this effect of oxytocin have become better understood in the past few years. Parvocellular neurones of the paraventricular nucleus project to the caudal brainstem to regulate feeding via autonomic functions including the gastrointestinal vago-vagal reflex. In contrast, magnocellular neurones of the supraoptic and paraventricular nuclei release oxytocin from their dendrites to diffuse to distant hypothalamic targets involved in satiety.The ventromedial hypothalamus, for example, expresses a high density of oxytocin receptors but does not contain detectable oxytocin nerve fibres. Magnocellular neurones represent targets for the anorexigenic neuropeptide α-melanocyte stimulating hormone. . In addition to homeostatic control, oxytocin may also have a role in reward-related feeding. Evidence suggests that oxytocin can selectively suppress sugar intake and that it may have a role in limiting the intake of palatable food by inhibiting the reward pathway.

  12. Advanced Liquid Feed Experiment

    Distefano, E.; Noll, C.


    The Advanced Liquid Feed Experiment (ALFE) is a Hitchhiker experiment flown on board the Shuttle of STS-39 as part of the Space Test Payload-1 (STP-1). The purpose of ALFE is to evaluate new propellant management components and operations under the low gravity flight environment of the Space Shuttle for eventual use in an advanced spacecraft feed system. These components and operations include an electronic pressure regulator, an ultrasonic flowmeter, an ultrasonic point sensor gage, and on-orbit refill of an auxiliary propellant tank. The tests are performed with two transparent tanks with dyed Freon 113, observed by a camera and controlled by ground commands and an on-board computer. Results show that the electronic pressure regulator provides smooth pressure ramp-up, sustained pressure control, and the flexibility to change pressure settings in flight. The ultrasonic flowmeter accurately measures flow and detects gas ingestion. The ultrasonic point sensors function well in space, but not as a gage during sustained low-gravity conditions, as they, like other point gages, are subject to the uncertainties of propellant geometry in a given tank. Propellant transfer operations can be performed with liquid-free ullage equalization at a 20 percent fill level, gas-free liquid transfer from 20-65 percent fill level, minimal slosh, and can be automated.

  13. Feed network and electromagnetic radiation source

    Ardavan, Arzhang; Singleton, John; Linehan, Kevin E.; Ardavan, Houshang; Schmidt-Zwiefel, Andrea Caroline


    An antenna may include a volume polarization current radiator and a feed network. The volume polarization current radiator, includes a dielectric solid (such as a dielectric strip), and a plurality of closely-spaced excitation elements (24), each excitation element (24) being configured to induce a volume polarization current distribution in the dielectric solid proximate to the excitation element when a voltage is applied to the excitation element. The feed network is coupled to the volume polarization current radiator. The feed network also includes a plurality of passive power divider elements (32) and a plurality of passive delay elements (d1-d6) coupling the first port (30) and the plurality of second ports (108, 109, 164), the plurality of power divider elements (32) and the plurality of phase delay elements (d1-d6) being configured such that a radio-frequency signal that is applied to the first port (30) experiences a progressive change of phase as it is coupled to the plurality of second ports (108, 109, 164) so as to cause the volume polarization current distribution to propagate along the dielectric solid.

  14. Progress Report

    Duer, Karsten


    Progress report describing the work carried out by the Danish participant in the ALTSET project in the period January 1999 to July 1999.......Progress report describing the work carried out by the Danish participant in the ALTSET project in the period January 1999 to July 1999....

  15. The Progressive BSSG Rat Model of Parkinson's: Recapitulating Multiple Key Features of the Human Disease.

    Van Kampen, Jackalina M; Baranowski, David C; Robertson, Harold A; Shaw, Christopher A; Kay, Denis G


    The development of effective neuroprotective therapies for Parkinson's disease (PD) has been severely hindered by the notable lack of an appropriate animal model for preclinical screening. Indeed, most models currently available are either acute in nature or fail to recapitulate all characteristic features of the disease. Here, we present a novel progressive model of PD, with behavioural and cellular features that closely approximate those observed in patients. Chronic exposure to dietary phytosterol glucosides has been found to be neurotoxic. When fed to rats, β-sitosterol β-d-glucoside (BSSG) triggers the progressive development of parkinsonism, with clinical signs and histopathology beginning to appear following cessation of exposure to the neurotoxic insult and continuing to develop over several months. Here, we characterize the progressive nature of this model, its non-motor features, the anatomical spread of synucleinopathy, and response to levodopa administration. In Sprague Dawley rats, chronic BSSG feeding for 4 months triggered the progressive development of a parkinsonian phenotype and pathological events that evolved slowly over time, with neuronal loss beginning only after toxin exposure was terminated. At approximately 3 months following initiation of BSSG exposure, animals displayed the early emergence of an olfactory deficit, in the absence of significant dopaminergic nigral cell loss or locomotor deficits. Locomotor deficits developed gradually over time, initially appearing as locomotor asymmetry and developing into akinesia/bradykinesia, which was reversed by levodopa treatment. Late-stage cognitive impairment was observed in the form of spatial working memory deficits, as assessed by the radial arm maze. In addition to the progressive loss of TH+ cells in the substantia nigra, the appearance of proteinase K-resistant intracellular α-synuclein aggregates was also observed to develop progressively, appearing first in the olfactory bulb, then

  16. Dietary supplementation and rapid catch-up growth after acute diarrhoea in childhood.

    Hoare, S; Poppitt, S D; Prentice, A M; Weaver, L T


    Diarrhoea is a major cause of short-term growth faltering in children of the developing world. If catch-up weight gain is delayed by inadequate dietary intake, or by further bouts of diarrhoea, progressive growth failure occurs. To test the hypothesis that early refeeding is as effective as later feeding after acute diarrhoea with weight loss, we measured the effects of a timed dietary intervention on weight gain after acute diarrhoea in underweight Gambian children. Thirty-four children aged 4-22 months with weight loss following acute diarrhoea were given a high-energy-protein supplement for 14 d beginning either immediately after rehydration or a fortnight later. With a 50% increase in energy intake and a 100% increase in protein intake there was a rapid and highly significant (P late, but over the full 28 d (of intervention and non-intervention) children who received late supplementation had greater overall weight gain (P foods, in the face of continuing diarrhoea.

  17. Beneficial uses program. Progress report ending December 31, 1979



    Progress is reported in research on uses of irradiated sewage sludge, particularly as a cattle feed supplement and commercial fertilizer additive, on potential sites for irradiator demonstration plants, and on the inactivation of enteric bacteria by radiation treatment. (LCL)

  18. Prey perception in feeding-current feeding copepods

    Kiørboe, Thomas; Goncalves, Rodrigo J.; Florian Couespel, Damien


    We reply to the comments of Paffenhöfer and Jiang () who argues that remote chemical prey perception is necessary for feeding-current feeding copepods to fulfill their nutritional requirements in a dilute ocean, that remote chemical prey detection may only be observed at very low prey concentrati...

  19. Aquaculture and feeding ecology: Feeding behaviour in turbot larvae

    Bruno, Eleonora

    challenging for larval rearing. After the start of exogenous feeding, another intense and likely critical period of change occurs in the early life stages of fish. This stage is the metamorphosis, during which the larvae transform organs and body morphology to become juveniles. Compared to other teleosts...... metamorphosis in flatfish species is often unsuccessful, resulting in different types of abnormal development. The objective of this thesis was to analyse the feeding behaviour of the flatfish species turbot (Psetta maxima L.) larvae during the two crucial life periods, 1) first feeding and 2) metamorphosis....... To analyse whether these two periods are critical for the correct development and survival of turbot, feeding behaviours of larvae during the period of first feeding and during the first stages of metamorphosis was studied using video recordings. This provided qualitative and quantitative descriptions...

  20. Treatment of acute viral bronchiolitis.

    Eber, Ernst


    Acute viral bronchiolitis represents the most common lower respiratory tract infection in infants and young children and is associated with substantial morbidity and mortality. Respiratory syncytial virus is the most frequently identified virus, but many other viruses may also cause acute bronchiolitis. There is no common definition of acute viral bronchiolitis used internationally, and this may explain part of the confusion in the literature. Most children with bronchiolitis have a self limiting mild disease and can be safely managed at home with careful attention to feeding and respiratory status. Criteria for referral and admission vary between hospitals as do clinical practice in the management of acute viral bronchiolitis, and there is confusion and lack of evidence over the best treatment for this condition. Supportive care, including administration of oxygen and fluids, is the cornerstone of current treatment. The majority of infants and children with bronchiolitis do not require specific measures. Bronchodilators should not be routinely used in the management of acute viral bronchiolitis, but may be effective in some patients. Most of the commonly used management modalities have not been shown to have a clear beneficial effect on the course of the disease. For example, inhaled and systemic corticosteroids, leukotriene receptor antagonists, immunoglobulins and monoclonal antibodies, antibiotics, antiviral therapy, and chest physiotherapy should not be used routinely in the management of bronchiolitis. The potential effect of hypertonic saline on the course of the acute disease is promising, but further studies are required. In critically ill children with bronchiolitis, today there is little justification for the use of surfactant and heliox. Nasal continuous positive airway pressure may be beneficial in children with severe bronchiolitis but a large trial is needed to determine its value. Finally, very little is known on the effect of the various

  1. Acute abdomen

    Wig J


    Full Text Available 550 cases of acute abdomen have been analysed in detail includ-ing their clinical presentation and operative findings. Males are more frequently affected than females in a ratio of 3: 1. More than 45% of patients presented after 48 hours of onset of symptoms. Intestinal obstruction was the commonest cause of acute abdomen (47.6%. External hernia was responsible for 26% of cases of intestinal obstruction. Perforated peptic ulcer was the commonest cause of peritonitis in the present series (31.7% while incidence of biliary peritonitis was only 2.4%.. The clinical accuracy rate was 87%. The mortality in operated cases was high (10% while the over-all mortality rate was 7.5%.

  2. [Pregnancy-related acute kidney injury].

    Filipowicz, Ewa; Staszków, Monika

    Acute kidney injury (AKI) in obstetrics may be caused by the same disorders that are observed in the general population or may be specific for a pregnancy such as: preeclampsia, HELLP syndrome or acute fatty liver of pregnancy. The renal changes may be only temporary, and resolve within a few weeks postpartum, or may become irreversible leading to a progression of chronic kidney disease (CKD). In the article the most important pregnancy related syndromes associated with AKI have been shortly reviewed.

  3. Progressive Business

    Christiansen, Christian O.


    Guest Post to the Society for U.S. Intellectual History Blog. Brief introduction to the book Progressive Business: An Intellectual History of the Role of Business in American Society, Oxford U.P., 2015.......Guest Post to the Society for U.S. Intellectual History Blog. Brief introduction to the book Progressive Business: An Intellectual History of the Role of Business in American Society, Oxford U.P., 2015....

  4. Enteral Tube Feeding and Pneumonia

    Gray, David Sheridan; Kimmel, David


    To determine the effects of enteral tube feeding on the incidence of pneumonia, we performed a retrospective review of all clients at our institution who had gastrostomy or jejunostomy tubes placed over a 10-year period. Ninety-three subjects had a history of pneumonia before feeding tube insertion. Eighty had gastrostomy and 13, jejunostomy…

  5. Lung xenotransplantation: recent progress and current status.

    Harris, Donald G; Quinn, Kevin J; Dahi, Siamak; Burdorf, Lars; Azimzadeh, Agnes M; Pierson, Richard N


    Xenotransplantation has undergone important progress in controlling initial hyperacute rejection in many preclinical models, with some cell, tissue, and organ xenografts advancing toward clinical trials. However, acute injury, driven primarily by innate immune and inflammatory responses, continues to limit results in lung xenograft models. The purpose of this article is to review the current status of lung xenotransplantation--including the seemingly unique challenges posed by this organ-and summarize proven and emerging means of overcoming acute lung xenograft injury.

  6. Parental concerns about complementary feeding

    Nielsen, Annemette; Michaelsen, Kim F.; Holm, Lotte


    Background/objectives:To investigate and analyze differences in parental concerns during earlier and later phases of complementary feeding.Subject/methods:Eight focus group interviews were conducted with 45 mothers of children aged 7 or 13 months. Deductive and inductive coding procedures were...... applied in the analysis.Results:There were marked differences in mothers' health concerns in early and in later phases of complementary feeding. In the early phase, feeding a child healthy food was an unquestioned and self-evident practice. The child's food was a specific category, separated from the rest....... Contested and partly contradictory practices resulted, including conscious acceptance of some intake of sugar and unhealthy fats. Perceived relevance of nutritional guidelines on complementary feeding was high in the early phase but declined later.Conclusion:Mothers' concerns and practices in the feeding...

  7. Research progress on pulmonary endothelial gycocalyx and acute lung injury%肺内皮多糖包被与急性肺损伤的研究进展

    方辰(综述); 张剑锋(审校)


    Located on the luminal surface of vascular endothelial cells,the endothelial glycocalyx is composed of proteoglycan, glycosaminoglycan, glycoproteins and a wide array of molecules from plasma. Pulmonary endothelial glycocalyx serves as a barrier to neutrophil adhersion and extravasation. And it also has an impact on the active regulation of endothelial permeability. Endothelial glycocalyx plays a pivotal role in acute lung injury. Protection or reconstruction of glycocalyx may prove to be a new therapeutic approach for acute lung injury.%内皮多糖包被(endothelial glycocalyx, EG)位于血管内皮细胞腔面,由蛋白聚糖(proteoglycan, PG)、糖胺聚糖(glycosaminoglycan, GAG)、膜糖蛋白及血浆蛋白组成。肺血管内皮的多糖包被可阻止中性粒细胞黏附和外渗,并影响内皮通透性的活性调控。多糖包被在急性肺损伤(acute lung injury, ALI)的发生、发展过程中可能起着重要的作用。对多糖包被的保护或重构可能是急性肺损伤临床治疗的一个新思路。

  8. Contemporary Management of Acute Biliary Pancreatitis

    Orhan Ozkan


    Full Text Available Acute biliary pancreatitis is one of the major causes of acute pancreatitis.Gallstones, biliary sludge and microlithiasis, especially in pancreatitis without detectable reason, can be the cause of acute pancreatitis. Acute biliary pancreatitis has many controversions in the literature, and its classification and guidelines are being updated very frequently. Atlanta classifications which determine the definitions and guidelines about acute pancreatitis were renewed and published in 2013. It has various clinical aspects, ranging from a mild form which is easily treated, to a severe form that causes complications leading to mortality. The pathogenesis of this disease has not been fully elucidated and several theories have been suggested. New scoring systems and laboratory methods such as proteomics have been suggested for both diagnosis and to predict disease severity, and research on these topics is still in progress. Novel therapeutic approaches with technological developments such as ERCP, ES, MRCP, and EUS are also suggested.

  9. Is acute recurrent pancreatitis a chronic disease?

    Alberto Mariani; Pier Alberto Testoni


    Whether acute recurrent pancreaUtis is a chronic disease is still debated and a consensus is not still reached as demonstrated by differences in the classification of acute recurrent pancreatitis.There is major evidence for considering alcoholic pancreatitis as a chronic disease ab initio while chronic pancreatitis lesions detectable in biliary acute recurrent pancreatitis (ARP) seem a casual association.Cystic fibrosis transmembrane con ductance regulator (CFTR) gene mutation,hereditary and obstructive pancreatitis seem an acute disease that progress to chronic pancreatitis,likely as a consequence of the activation and proliferation of pancreatic stellate cells that produce and activate collagen and therefore fibrosis.From the diagnostic point of view,in patients with acute recurrent pancreatitis Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) seems the more reliable technique for an accurate evaluation and follow-up of some ductal and parenchymal abnormalities suspected for early chronic pancreatitis.

  10. Progress of the research of low vitamin D levels in patients with acute heart failure%维生素D水平低下与急性心衰的相关性研究进展



    Heart failure had a higher incidence in cardiovascular diseases. Almost all heart disease sand vascular diseases can cause heart failure. Acute heart failure was caused by the sudden increase due to acute myocardial serious injury, or cardiac stress caused by a sharp deterioration of the heart in a short time., It was a great threat to the safety of patients having acute heart failure without timely and effective treatment. Pathogenesis of acute heart failure was sudden increase of pulmonary venous pressure and the abrupt decline of the cardiac output. The major causes were coronary heart disease, hypertension and infectious endocarditis. Related research also showed that the occurrence of acute heart failure was related with patients with low level of vitamin D. which has become a popular medical research of heart failure.%心力衰竭在心血管疾病中有着较高的发病率,几乎所有的心脏病类型及大血管的疾病均能够引起心力衰竭的发生.急性心力衰竭则是由于急性的心肌严重损伤或者心脏负荷突然加重而引起心脏在短时间内发生急剧的恶化.发生急性心力衰竭以后,如果不能进行及时有效的救治就会给患者的生命安全带来极大的威胁.急性心力衰竭的发病机制主要是各种原因导致肺静脉压突然升高及心脏的排血量急骤下降,主要病因与冠心病、高血压及感染性的心内膜炎有关.相关的研究还显示,急性心衰的发生与患者体内的维生素D水平低下有关,近年来关于此方面的研究已经成为医学上的热门研究内容.

  11. Aldosterone blockade in post-acute myocardial infarction heart failure

    Pitt, Bertram; Ferrari, Roberto; Gheorghiade, Mihai; van Veldhuisen, Dirk J.; Krum, Henry; McMurray, John; Lopez-Sendon, Jose


    Development of heart failure (HF) or left ventricular systolic dysfunction (LVSD) significantly increases mortality post acute myocardial infarction (AMI). Aldosterone contributes to the development and progression of HF post AMI, and major guidelines now recommend aldosterone blockade in this setti

  12. Schistosome feeding and regurgitation.

    Patrick J Skelly


    Full Text Available Schistosomes are parasitic flatworms that infect >200 million people worldwide, causing the chronic, debilitating disease schistosomiasis. Unusual among parasitic helminths, the long-lived adult worms, continuously bathed in blood, take up nutrients directly across the body surface and also by ingestion of blood into the gut. Recent proteomic analyses of the body surface revealed the presence of hydrolytic enzymes, solute, and ion transporters, thus emphasising its metabolic credentials. Furthermore, definition of the molecular mechanisms for the uptake of selected metabolites (glucose, certain amino acids, and water establishes it as a vital site of nutrient acquisition. Nevertheless, the amount of blood ingested into the gut per day is considerable: for males ∼100 nl; for the more actively feeding females ∼900 nl, >4 times body volume. Ingested erythrocytes are lysed as they pass through the specialized esophagus, while leucocytes become tethered and disabled there. Proteomics and transcriptomics have revealed, in addition to gut proteases, an amino acid transporter in gut tissue and other hydrolases, ion, and lipid transporters in the lumen, implicating the gut as the site for acquisition of essential lipids and inorganic ions. The surface is the principal entry route for glucose, whereas the gut dominates amino acid acquisition, especially in females. Heme, a potentially toxic hemoglobin degradation product, accumulates in the gut and, since schistosomes lack an anus, must be expelled by the poorly understood process of regurgitation. Here we place the new observations on the proteome of body surface and gut, and the entry of different nutrient classes into schistosomes, into the context of older studies on worm composition and metabolism. We suggest that the balance between surface and gut in nutrition is determined by the constraints of solute diffusion imposed by differences in male and female worm morphology. Our conclusions have

  13. Acute coagulopathy of trauma

    Johansson, P I; Ostrowski, S R


    Acute coagulopathy of trauma predicts a poor clinical outcome. Tissue trauma activates the sympathoadrenal system resulting in high circulating levels of catecholamines that influence hemostasis dose-dependently through immediate effects on the two major compartments of hemostasis, i.......e., the circulating blood and the vascular endothelium. There appears to be a dose-dependency with regards to injury severity and the hemostatic response to trauma evaluated in whole blood by viscoelastic assays like thrombelastography (TEG), changing from normal to hypercoagulable, to hypocoagulable and finally......, is an evolutionary developed response that counterbalances the injury and catecholamine induced endothelial activation and damage. Given this, the rise in circulating catecholamines in trauma patients may favor a switch from hyper- to hypocoagulability in the blood to keep the progressively more procoagulant...

  14. Maintenance or Emergence of Chronic Phase Secondary Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte Responses after Loss of Acute Phase Immunodominant Responses Does Not Protect SIV-Infected Rhesus Macaques from Disease Progression

    M. Shannon Keckler


    Full Text Available The simian immunodeficiency virus- (SIV- infected rhesus macaque is the preferred animal model for vaccine development, but the correlates of protection in this model are not completely understood. In this paper, we document the cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL response to SIV and its effects on viral evolution in an effort to identify events associated with disease progression regardless of MHC allele expression. We observed the evolution of epitopes targeted by CTLs in a group of macaques that included long-term nonprogressing (LTNP, slowly progressing (SP, normally progressing (NP, and rapidly progressing (RP animals. Collectively, our data (1 identify novel CTL epitopes from an SP animal that are not restricted by known protective alleles, (2 illustrate that, in this small study, RP and NP animals accrue more mutations in CTL epitopes than in SP or LTNP macaques, and (3 demonstrate that the loss of CTL responses to immunodominant epitopes is associated with viral replication increases, which are not controlled by secondary CTL responses. These findings provide further evidence for the critical role of the primary cell-mediated immune responses in the control of retroviral infections.

  15. Feed palatability and the alternative protein sources in shrimp feed

    Chutima Tantikitti


    Full Text Available Feed palatability in carnivorous aquaculture species, shrimps in particular, has been crucially related to the presence of compounds acting as attractants that are commonly associated with the prey components under wild conditions. Thus a nutritionally adequate and organoleptically-pleasing diet is essential to achieve satisfactory intake and growth in shrimps. Historically, fishmeal has been an essential dietary component of intensive shrimp cultures because of its nutrient composition and compounds of high attractability. However, in recent years the fishmeal supplies have been dwindling due to over hunting, a diminishing natural fish-stock, elevating prices and market volatility. This has led to search for cheaper sources of suitable protein as fishmeal substitutes. To improve the palatability of diets, various substances have been investigated for their effectiveness in aqua-feed including natural feed ingredients and synthetic flavor substances. For crustacean, attractants characteristically are of low molecular weight, water and ethanol soluble, and amphoteric or basic compounds that are released from potential prey items. Compounds such as free amino acids, especially taurine, hydroxyproline, glycine, arginine, glutamic acid and alanine have been identified to stimulate feeding in shrimps. The same has been identified with organic acids, nucleotides and nucleosides, betaine, and some small peptides. Palatability also has been associated with animal’s past experience with the feed. Understanding the factors that regulate feed palatability is therefore primary for successful shrimp culture.

  16. Progress in the research on protective ventilation for acute lung injury and acute respiratory distress syndrome%急性肺损伤急性呼吸窘迫综合征保护性肺通气的研究进展

    黎毅敏; 何国清


    @@ 急性呼吸窘迫综合征(acute respiratory distress syndrome,ARDS)于1967年首次在文献中描述,至今已有30多年了.既往ARDS患者的抢救成功率非常低,病死率高达50%~70%.

  17. 急性肾损伤早期诊断生物标志物研究进展%Progression of Biological Marker in Early Diagnosis Acute Kidney Injury: A Review

    肖燎原; 盛珺; 孙丽君; 梅长林


    急性肾损伤(acute kidney injury,AKI)既往称为急性肾衰竭"(acute renal failure,ARF),是一种常见的致死性肾病,在一般住院病人中AKI发病率约为5%,但在重症监护病房则高达30%~50%.内科疾病引起的AKI死亡率在23%左右,但由多脏器功能不全所致者死亡率高达60%.迄今,尚无有效治疗AKI药物,一旦发生AKI,临床上只能采取支持治疗,等待肾功能的恢复.因此,早期诊断及早期治疗是防治AKI的最佳策略.生物标记物是近年来研究早期诊断AKI的热点和趋势,研究发现包括NGAL,KIM-1,IL-18,NHE3等多种标记物是早期预测AKI强力指标,本文就急性肾损伤早期诊断生物标志物研究进展进行综述.%Acute kidney injury(AKI),was also called acute renal failure (ARF),is a common fatal nephropathy.Incidence rate of AKI on inpatients approximately 5%,but in ICU(intensive care unit)its more high,attain 30-50%.The mortality of AKI,which induction by internal medical disease approximately 23%,however,in MODS (multiple organ dysfunction)patients,the mortality reach up to 60%.Up to now,still has no active drug to treatment AKI,once to be sick,doctor can only give Supporting Therapy to wait for renal function recovery.So,early diagnosis is the best way in prevention and cure in AKI.For the past few years,the research of biological marker in early diagnosis is the hot spots and tendency,including NGAL,KIM-1,IL-18,NHE3 etc is found valuable in early diagnosis AKI.This review is about biological marker in early diagnosis AKI.

  18. Acute arterial occlusion - kidney

    Acute renal arterial thrombosis; Renal artery embolism; Acute renal artery occlusion; Embolism - renal artery ... kidney can often result in permanent kidney failure. Acute arterial occlusion of the renal artery can occur after injury or trauma to ...

  19. Acute cerebellar ataxia

    Cerebellar ataxia; Ataxia - acute cerebellar; Cerebellitis; Post-varicella acute cerebellar ataxia; PVACA ... Acute cerebellar ataxia in children, especially younger than age 3, may occur several weeks after an illness caused by a virus. ...

  20. Feeding profiles of tame moose

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This report is on the feeding profiles of tame moose. 3 moose were observed for 99 hours while in natural range, each bite plant species, browse conditions and size...

  1. 阿扎胞苷治疗老年人急性髓系白血病的研究进展%Research progress of azacitidine in the treatment of elderly patients with acute myeloid leukemia

    王瑞芳; 茹丽娟


    Azacitidine belongs to a novel family of demethylation antitumor drug.Foreign clinical researches have demonstrated that it may be a low toxic and effective choice for elderly patients with acute myeloid leukemia,whose physical conditions are too poor to sustain intensive chemotherapy.This review will summarize recent reports on azacitidine in the treatment of elderly patients with acute myeloid leukemia.%阿扎胞苷是一种新型去甲基化抗肿瘤药物,国外临床研究认为阿扎胞苷对于身体状况较差、不能耐受常规化疗的老年急性髓系白血病(AML)患者的治疗可能是一种毒副作用小的有效治疗手段.文章就阿扎胞苷治疗老年人AML的研究进展进行综述.

  2. 鼻病毒感染与哮喘急性加重的细胞学机制研究进展%Progress in cellular mechanisms of rhinovirus infection and asthma acute exacerbation



    支气管哮喘(哮喘)是一种由多种细胞和细胞组分导致的慢性气道炎症疾患,其发病机制复杂.有关病毒感染与哮喘急性加重的关系早已引起学者们的关注,尤其是鼻病毒.鼻病毒感染所致哮喘急性加重的机制涉及多种细胞、细胞因子和趋化因子.其中,嗜酸性粒细胞、T细胞、树突细胞、巨噬细胞和中性粒细胞等炎症细胞起了重要作用.研究这些机制对于哮喘的有效预防和治疗有重要意义.%Bronchial asthma is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the airways caused by many cells and cellular elements. The mechanisms of asthma are complex. The relationship between virus infection and asthma acute exacerbation has attracted scholars' attention, especially rhinovirus. The mechanisms of asthma acute exacerbation caused by rhinovirus infection involve many cells, cytokines and chemokines. Among them, eosinophils, T lymphocytes, dendritic cells, macrophages and neutrophils play important roles. These mechanisms are important for effective prevention and treatment of asthma.

  3. Study progress on mechanisms of seawater inhalation induced acute respiratory distress syndrome%海水吸入型急性呼吸窘迫综合征发病机制的研究进展

    王瑞璇; 马李杰; 金发光


    Drowning is the third accidental death cause in the world,more importantly,it is also the second leading cause of accidental death for children.Seawater inhalation would result in seawater inhalation induced acute respiratory distress syndrome(SW-ARDS)with a high mortality if the condition was not treated reasonably.Continuous evidences have indicated that pulmonary edema,inflammation in lung,metabolic disorder of lung tissue cells,cell apoptosis and autophagy participate in the occurrence and development of SW-ARDS.The article reviews the mechanisms of SW-ARDS.%淹溺在全球意外伤害中排名第三,且是儿童意外死亡的第二大原因。海水吸入后,若未能合理救治可发展为海水吸入型急性呼吸窘迫综合征(seawater inhalation induced acute respiratory distress syndrome,SW-ARDS),病死率极高。大量研究表明,肺组织水肿、肺部炎症反应、肺组织细胞代谢紊乱、细胞凋亡及自噬等参与 SW-ARDS 的发生和发展,现将有关发病机制作一综述。

  4. Progress in platelet parameters and platelet function in children with acute leukemia%儿童急性白血病血小板参数及功能研究进展

    董国凤(综述); 何莉(审校)


    Acute leukemia is a common malignancy tumor in children. Hemorrhage is one of the common symptoms and causes of death. The abnormality of platelet count, quality and function can cause bleeding. The understanding of platelet function and platelet parameters can provide an important clinical information for children with acute leukemia in evaluating the effect of treatment,the function of bone mar-row and the prevention of bleeding and so on.%急性白血病是儿童常见的恶性肿瘤,出血是其常见的症状及死亡原因之一,血小板数量、质量及功能的异常均可引起出血。提高对血小板参数及血小板功能的认识,对白血病化疗后疗效的观察、骨髓功能恢复情况的评价及预防出血等有一定临床意义。

  5. 红细胞分布宽度在急性冠状动脉综合征中的研究进展%Research Progress of Red Blood Cell Distribution Width on Acute Coronary Syndrome

    潘崇(综述); 李佳(审校)


    As a parameter routinely measured by most modern hematology analyzers ,red blood cell distribution width ( RDW) reflects variability in the size of circulating red blood cells .Increasing RDW is an indicator for the adverse prognosis of acute coronary syndrome and can be an independent predictor for the prognosis of cardiovascular disease .The aim of this review is to describe the prognostic utility of RDW in patients with acute coronary syndromes and to elucidate the mechanism and clinical application underlying the relationship between elevat -ed RDW values and poor patient prognosis .%红细胞分布宽度( red blood cell distribution width ,RDW)作为血常规中的一项参数,反映红细胞大小异质性。近年来的研究证实,RDW值与心血管疾病间具有重要相关性,RDW值升高预示急性冠状动脉综合征患者不良预后,RDW是急性冠状动脉综合征患者预后的独立预测因子。现就RDW值在急性冠状动脉综合征患者预后、作用机制及其临床应用价值的研究进展做一综述。

  6. Social theory and infant feeding


    Clinicians, public health advisors, nutritionists and others have been attempting to increase breastfeeding rates for the last few decades, with varying degrees of success. We need social science researchers to help us understand the role of infant feeding in the family. Some researchers in the area of food and nutrition have found Pierre Bourdieu's theoretical framework helpful. In this editorial, I introduce some of Bourdieu's ideas and suggest researchers interested in infant feeding should consider testing these theories. PMID:21676218

  7. Feed quality in swine diet

    Živković Branislav


    Full Text Available The paper will demonstrate the quality of some feed used in swine diet. The emphasis will be on feed whose incorporation into mixes could result in unfavorable effects on production, health and economic production of swine. Data will be presented on maize and its possible negative effects, having in mind toxins. Soybean meal, or genetically modified soybean meal, will also be observed. The next feed which will be discussed will be soybean whey obtained by different procedures and the potential dangers of its use in swine diet rations. Sunflower meal, feed of animal origin, with emphasis on fish flour and meat-bone flour will also be covered in the work. A feed which has been attracting particular attention lately is yeast imported from Italy. Its quality characteristics will be discussed, the so-called non-protein nitrogen. Analyses of mineral feed will include sources of phosphorus, phosphates (monocalciumphosphate, dicalcium phosphate phytases and resolving the problem of phosphorus in swine rations. Finally, an inevitable segment are synthetic amino acids, especially lysine and its role in swine diet.

  8. Inter-laboratory comparison study for pyrrolizidine alkaloids in animal feed using spiked and incurred material

    Nijs, de W.C.M.; Elbers, I.J.W.; Mulder, P.P.J.


    Pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs) are hepatotoxic metabolites produced by plants. PAs in animal feed can cause acute or chronic intoxications in animals and can be transferred to milk. An inter-laboratory comparison study among 12 laboratories, using their own methods of analysis, was conducted for the

  9. Force-feeding procedure and physiological indicators of stress in male mule ducks.

    Guémené, D; Guy, G; Noirault, J; Garreau-Mills, M; Gouraud, P; Faure, J M


    1. The effects of the force-feeding procedure and its different components on various physiological indicators of acute and chronic stress were investigated in male mule ducks before and during a 12-d cramming period. 2. The highest concentration of corticosterone were measured after injection of ACTH agonist, during the pre-experimental period when the ducks were still housed in collective floor pens and at the time of transfer. 3. During the cramming period, corticosterone measured before and after force-feeding did not differ significantly though there was a non-significant trend towards an increase in certain cases. 4. The different components of force-feeding, including manipulation, intubation, force-feeding with a standard or a large amount of food had no significant effect upon corticosterone concentrations. 5. There was no indication from ACTH agonist challenge either of a change in adrenal sensitivity or a change in its responsiveness. 6. The heterocyte-lymphocyte ratio measured before and at the end of the cramming period did not differ significantly. 7. In conclusion, we observed no significant indication that force-feeding is perceived as an acute or chronic stress by male mule ducks, in our experimental conditions. Nevertheless, it remains to be shown that their adrenocorticotropic axis is responsive to acute stressors.

  10. 血浆和肽素浓度对急性创伤性进展性出血性脑损伤的预测价值%Predictive value of plasma copeptin for acute traumatic progressive hemorrhagic brain injury

    田正丰; 沈永锋; 江力; 俞文华; 董晓巧; 谢国忠; 朱强; 车志豪; 杜权; 王昊; 杨定博


    Objective To investigate the predictive value of plasma copeptin for acute traumatic progressive hemorrhagic brain injury (PHI). Methods A total of 112 craniocerebral trauma patients from January 2012 to January 2015 were enrolled as the trauma group, and 112 healthy people served as the control group at the same time. The levels of plasma copeptin, glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP), myelin basic protein (MBP), neuron specific enolase (NSE),S100B, ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase L1 (UCH-L1), phosphorylated axonal neurofilament subunit H (pNF-H) and tau were detected and compared between the two groups. And the correlation between all above indices and Glasgow coma scale (GCS) scores were analyzed by Pearson correlation. The ROC was used to analyze the predictive value of these biomarkers and GCS scores for PHI. Results The plasma copeptin [(355 ± 124) pmol/L vs. (86 ± 30) pmol/L], GFAP [(0.14 ± 0.05) pmol/L vs. (0.05 ± 0.03) pmol/L], MBP [(0.61 ± 0.22)μmol/L vs. (0.23 ± 0.17)μmol/L], NSE [(0.11 ± 0.04) nmol/L vs. (0.05 ± 0.03) nmol/L], S100B [(15.5 ± 6.9) pmol/L vs. (2.6 ± 0.9) pmol / L], UCH-L1 [(66 ± 28) pmol / L vs. (10 ± 3) pmol / L], pNF-H [(2.52 ± 0.71) pmol / L vs. (0.14 ± 0.11) pmol / L] and tau [(4.4 ± 1.6) pmol / L vs. (0.4 ± 0.3) pmol / L] concentrations in the trauma group were much higher than those in the control group ( t=22.308, 19.418, 18.531, 16.928, 20.221, 21.063, 39.625, 27.025; all P < 0.001). Pearson correlation showed that GCS scores were all negative related with plasma copeptin, GFAP, MBP, NSE, S100B, UCH-L1, pNF-H and tau concentrations (r = -0.519, -0.478, -0.455, -0.422, -0.431,-0.408, -0.423, -0.421, all P<0.001). The ROC presented that GCS scores, plasma copeptin, GFAP, MBP, NSE, S100B, UCH-L1, pNF-H and tau concentrations all had significant predictive value for PHI (all P<0.05), and the area under curve (AUC) of GFAP (Z=2.693, P=0.007), MBP (Z=2.551, P=0.011), NSE (Z=2.397, P=0.017), S100B (Z=2.446, P=0

  11. Acute Appendicitis

    Tind, Sofie; Qvist, Niels


    BACKGROUND: The classification of acute appendicitis (AA) into various grades is not consistent, partly because it is not clear whether the perioperative or the histological findings should be the foundation of the classification. When comparing results from the literature on the frequency...... patients were included. In 116 (89 %) of these cases, appendicitis was confirmed histological. There was low concordance between the perioperative and histological diagnoses, varying from 16 to 76 % depending on grade of AA. Only 44 % of the patients receiving antibiotics postoperatively had a positive...... peritoneal fluid cultivation. CONCLUSION: There was a low concordance in clinical and histopathological diagnoses of the different grades of appendicitis. Perioperative cultivation of the peritoneal fluid as a standard should be further examined. The potential could be a reduced postoperative antibiotic use...

  12. Acute graft versus host disease

    Vogelsang Georgia B


    Full Text Available Abstract Acute graft-versus-host disease (GVHD occurs after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplant and is a reaction of donor immune cells against host tissues. Activated donor T cells damage host epithelial cells after an inflammatory cascade that begins with the preparative regimen. About 35%–50% of hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT recipients will develop acute GVHD. The exact risk is dependent on the stem cell source, age of the patient, conditioning, and GVHD prophylaxis used. Given the number of transplants performed, we can expect about 5500 patients/year to develop acute GVHD. Patients can have involvement of three organs: skin (rash/dermatitis, liver (hepatitis/jaundice, and gastrointestinal tract (abdominal pain/diarrhea. One or more organs may be involved. GVHD is a clinical diagnosis that may be supported with appropriate biopsies. The reason to pursue a tissue biopsy is to help differentiate from other diagnoses which may mimic GVHD, such as viral infection (hepatitis, colitis or drug reaction (causing skin rash. Acute GVHD is staged and graded (grade 0-IV by the number and extent of organ involvement. Patients with grade III/IV acute GVHD tend to have a poor outcome. Generally the patient is treated by optimizing their immunosuppression and adding methylprednisolone. About 50% of patients will have a solid response to methylprednisolone. If patients progress after 3 days or are not improved after 7 days, they will get salvage (second-line immunosuppressive therapy for which there is currently no standard-of-care. Well-organized clinical trials are imperative to better define second-line therapies for this disease. Additional management issues are attention to wound infections in skin GVHD and fluid/nutrition management in gastrointestinal GVHD. About 50% of patients with acute GVHD will eventually have manifestations of chronic GVHD.

  13. 超声技术在急性肺损伤及急性呼吸窘迫综合征诊治中的研究进展%The research progress of ultrasound in the diagnosis and therapy of acute pulmonary injury and acute respiratory distress syndrome

    冯聪; 周璇; 黎檀实; 吕发勤


    Acute lung injury/Acute respiratory distress syndrome(ALI/ARDS) is a common critical disease with a high mortality rate. Effective diagnostic methods and therapy are still rely on the arterial blood-gas analysis, chest X-ray/computed tomography(CT) ,mechanical ventilation and drug. The study on ALI/ARDS in early diagnosis, evaluating severity and drug therapy are the main direction of Critical Care Medicine. The rapid development of ultrasound brought lots of new ideas and options for diagnosis and therapy and achieved positive effects in basic and clinical studies on ALI/ARDS. This article outlines the recent advances of ultrasonography in the diagnosis and therapy of ALI/ARDS.

  14. Newborn First Feed and Prelacteal Feeds in Mansoura, Egypt

    Abdel-Hady El-Gilany


    Full Text Available Background. Prelacteal feed (feeding any other substance before first breastfeeding appears to be common despite its harmful effects. By definition a child provided with prelacteal feed (PLF is not exclusively breastfed and PLF has many implications for the success and early initiation of breastfeeding. Objectives. To describe the prevalence of, nature of, and reasons for and factors associated with PLF. Methods. 647 mother-infant dyads were studied. Data was collected about the sociodemographic features of the family and baby, maternity care, the type of first feed before suckling, and causes of PLF. Maternal weight and height were measured and body mass index was calculated. Results. About 58% of newborns received prelacteal feeds. The commonest PLF was sugar/glucose water (39.6%. The most frequent reasons for giving PLF are tradition (61.0% and mother’s/mother in law’s advice (58.3%. The logistic regression revealed that the independent predictors of PLF are urban residence; maternal education; father’s education; low, middle, and high social class; maternal obesity; receiving antenatal care at private clinics and no antenatal care; Caesarean section; female babies; low birth weight; and admission to neonatal intensive care. Conclusion. Indiscriminate use of PLF should be discouraged in medical education and in antenatal maternal health education.

  15. Cell adhesion signalling in acute renal failure

    Qin, Yu


    Acute renal failure (ARF) remains a severe clinical problem with high mortality. Little progress has been made over the past two decades in preventing renal injury or reducing mortality. This thesis describes the research to investigate cell adhesion alterations during the pathopysiology of both isc

  16. Ossicular bone modeling in acute otitis media

    Salomonsen, Rasmus Lysholdt; Hermansson, Ann; Cayé-Thomasen, Per


    A number of middle ear diseases are associated with pathologic bone modeling, either formative or resorptive. As such, the pathogenesis of a sclerotic mastoid has been controversial for decades. Experimental studies on acute middle ear infection have shown progressive osteoneogenesis in the bone ...

  17. [Analysis of mortality in acute diffuse peritonitis].

    Bondarev, V I; Tatarenko, L D; Golovnia, P F; Sviridov, N V


    The causes were studied and the analysis was performed of the lethality in 329 patients with acute diffuse peritonitis (ADP). The incidence of lethal outcome of ADP directly depended on the time of hospitalization, age of the patients, source of peritonitis, and as well on the technique of operative intervention. Progressive peritonitis caused death in 71 (92.2%) of 77 patients.

  18. Transformation of Myelodysplastic Syndrome to Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in a Child


    Childhood myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) is an uncommon condition. Unlike adult MDS, pediatric patients have a more progressive course and rapidly transform to acute myeloid leukemia. Evolution to acute lymphoblastic leukemia is extremely rare. We report a 5 year old female child who presented with refractory anemia with excess blasts and transformed into acute lymphoblastic leukemia 4 months after initial diagnosis.

  19. 急性早幼粒细胞白血病发生机制及治疗研究进展%The progress of acute promyelocytic leukemia in pathogenesis and therapy

    梁雪; 孔佩艳


    急性早幼粒细胞白血病是一种预后凶险的白血病,约占成人急性髓系白血病的10%。该型白血病出血倾向严重,易并发弥漫性血管内凝血(diffuse intravascular eoagulation,DIC),尤其在化疗时易发生,常导致患者早期死亡,急性早幼粒细胞白血病(acute promyelocytic leukemia,APL)是临床上第一个应用诱导分化和针对肿瘤特异性标志分子进行治疗并取得显著疗效的人类恶性肿瘤。

  20. Acute and chronic pancreatitis: surgical management.

    Dzakovic, Alexander; Superina, Riccardo


    Pancreatitis is becoming increasingly prevalent in children, posing new challenges to pediatric health care providers. Although some general adult treatment paradigms are applicable in the pediatric population, diagnostic workup and surgical management of acute and chronic pancreatitis have to be tailored to anatomic and pathophysiological entities peculiar to children. Nonbiliary causes of acute pancreatitis in children are generally managed nonoperatively with hydration, close biochemical and clinical observation, and early initiation of enteral feeds. Surgical intervention including cholecystectomy or endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography is often required in acute biliary pancreatitis, whereas infected pancreatic necrosis remains a rare absolute indication for pancreatic debridement and drainage via open, laparoscopic, or interventional radiologic procedure. Chronic pancreatitis is characterized by painful irreversible changes of the parenchyma and ducts, which may result in or be caused by inadequate ductal drainage. A variety of surgical procedures providing drainage, denervation, resection, or a combination thereof are well established to relieve pain and preserve pancreatic function.

  1. Research Progress of Acute Kidney Injury of Patients with Post-Cardiac Arrest Syndrome%心搏骤停后综合征患者急性肾损伤研究进展

    张迪(综述); 周青山(审校)


    心搏骤停后综合征是心搏骤停自主循环恢复后的一种独特而复杂的病理生理过程,它包括心搏骤停后脑损伤;心搏骤停后心脏功能障碍;全身性缺血/再灌注损伤;持续性促病理因素。急性肾损伤是住院患者非常常见和严重的一种并发症。缺血/再灌注是导致心搏骤停后综合征患者出现急性肾损伤的主要原因,其治疗主要包括控制体温、早期血流动力学优化、肾脏替代治疗等。%Post-cardiac arrest syndrome is a unique and complex pathophysiological process after the return of spontaneous circulation when cardiac arrest occurs.It includes post-cardiac arrest brain injury,post-cardiac arrest myocardial dysfunction , systemic ischemia-reperfusion response and persistent precipitating pathology.Acute kidney injury is a very common and serious complication in hospitalized patients .Ischemia-reperfusion is the main cause of acute kidney injury in patients with post-cardiac arrest syndrome.The treat-ment includes:therapeutic hypothermia, early hemodynamic optimization, renal replacement therapy and so on.

  2. 急性心肌梗死并发心源性休克的干预进展%Progress on intervention for acute myocardial infarction complicated with cardiogenic shock

    张文芳; 胡桃红; 丁力平


    Cardiogenic shock is one of the most serious complications of acute myocardial infarction with an incidence rate of 7% to 10%. In recent years, with the development of revascularization techniques, such as percutanous coronary intervention (PCI) and coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), the effective cooperation of dopamine and intraaortic balloon pumping (IABP), and the application of new drug-levosimendan, and mechanical circulatory assist devices, ventricular assist device (VAD) and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), the mortality rate has declined from 70%-80% in 1970s to 50% now. In this paper, we summarized the diagnostic criteria, pathophysiology and interventional measures for cardiogenic shock secondary to acute myocardial infarction.%心源性休克是急性心肌梗死(AMI)最严重的并发症之一,其发病率为7%~10%.近些年,随着经皮冠状动脉介入术(PCI)、冠状动脉旁路移植术(CABG)等血运重建技术的熟练应用和多巴胺、主动脉球囊反搏技术(IABP)的有效配合,以及新型药物左西孟坦和心室辅助装置(VAD)、体外膜氧合(ECMO)的应用,其病死率由70年代的70%~80%下降到50%.本文综述了急性心肌梗死并发的心源性休克的诊断标准、病理生理机制、尤其是干预手段的应用进展.

  3. High-Fat Diet-Induced Alterations in the Feeding Suppression of Low-Dose Nisoxetine, a Selective Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitor

    Bello, Nicholas T.; Walters, Amy L.; Verpeut, Jessica L.; Priscila P. Cunha


    Central noradrenergic pathways are involved in feeding and cardiovascular control, physiological processes altered by obesity. The present studies determined how high-fat feeding and body weight gain alter the sensitivity to the feeding suppression and neural activation to a selective norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor, nisoxetine. Acute administration of nisoxetine (saline: 0, 3, 10, and 30 mg/kg; IP) resulted in a dose-dependent reduction in the 24 h refeeding response in male Sprague Dawley...

  4. Acute Myopericarditis Mimicking Acute Myocardial Infarction

    Seval İzdeş


    Full Text Available Acute coronary syndromes among young adults are relatively low when compared with older population in the intensive care unit. Electrocardiographic abnormalities mimicking acute coronary syndromes may be caused by non-coronary syndromes and the differential diagnosis requires a detailed evaluation. We are reporting a case of myopericarditis presenting with acute ST elevation and elevated cardiac enzymes simulating acute coronary syndrome. In this case report, the literature is reviewed to discuss the approach to distinguish an acute coronary syndrome from myopericarditis. (Journal of the Turkish Society Intensive Care 2011; 9:68-70

  5. High-Fibre feeding in gestation

    Meunier-Salaün, M.C.; Bolhuis, J.E.


    Gestating sows are usually fed low levels of feed, which may not provide sufficient satiety, and does not allow sows to fully fulfil their motivation to express foraging and feeding behaviours. Feed restriction may therefore lead to high occurrences of non-feeding oral activities, including stereoty

  6. 9 CFR 89.5 - Feeding pens.


    ... 9 Animals and Animal Products 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Feeding pens. 89.5 Section 89.5... TWENTY-EIGHT HOUR LAW § 89.5 Feeding pens. (a) Stock pens and other enclosures for feeding, watering, and... same time, (2) properly designed facilities for feeding and watering the livestock, (3) reasonably...

  7. Feeding the Monster


    Near-infrared images of the active galaxy NGC 1097, obtained with the NACO adaptive optics instrument on ESO's Very Large Telescope, disclose with unprecedented detail a complex central network of filamentary structure spiralling down to the centre of the galaxy. These observations provide astronomers with new insights on how super-massive black holes lurking inside galaxies get fed. "This is possibly the first time that a detailed view of the channelling process of matter, from the main part of the galaxy down to the very end in the nucleus is released," says Almudena Prieto (Max-Planck Institute, Heidelberg, Germany), lead author of the paper describing these results. Located at a distance of about 45 million light-years in the southern constellation Fornax (the Furnace), NGC 1097 is a relatively bright, barred spiral galaxy seen face-on. At magnitude 9.5, and thus just 25 times fainter than the faintest object that can be seen with the unaided eye, it appears in small telescopes as a bright, circular disc. NGC 1097 is a very moderate example of an Active Galactic Nucleus (AGN), whose emission is thought to arise from matter (gas and stars) falling into oblivion in a central black hole. However, NGC 1097 possesses a comparatively faint nucleus only, and the black hole in its centre must be on a very strict "diet": only a small amount of gas and stars is apparently being swallowed by the black hole at any given moment. Astronomers have been trying to understand for a long time how the matter is "gulped" down towards the black hole. Watching directly the feeding process requires very high spatial resolution at the centre of galaxies. This can be achieved by means of interferometry as was done with the VLTI MIDI instrument on the central parts of another AGN, NGC 1068 (see ESO PR 17/03), or with adaptive optics [1]. Thus, astronomers [2] obtained images of NGC 1097 with the adaptive optics NACO instrument attached to Yepun, the fourth Unit Telescope of ESO's VLT

  8. Determination of virginiamycin in feeds.

    Ragheb, H S; Black, L J; Waisner, D L


    Virginiamycin was extracted from the feed by ethanol-pH 2.5 phosphate buffer (1 + 1). The pH during extraction was adjusted (when necessary) to between 4 and 5. Sample dilutions and the standard dose response line were prepared to contain ethanol pH 6 phosphate buffer (2 + 8), and the test organism was Sarcina lutea. Three feeds (a poultry ration, a swine finishing ration, and a swine starter ration) showed virginiamycin recovery of 88.8--108.9% when standard solutions were added at concentrations of 4.54--90.8 g/ton. The coefficient of variation (4--20%) was larger for low potency feeds (10 g/ton) compared to the higher feeds (100 g/ton). Similarly, excellent recovery was obtained when the swine starter feed was fortified by a commercial premix. Amprolium, roxarsone, and monensin can be present at 20 times the concentration of virginiamycin with little or no interference in the antibiotic determination. Lasalocid at 10 times the concentration of virginiamycin caused a slightly positive bias (recovery, 107.4%).

  9. China's Feed Companies Eye Safety Control

    Richard Zhu


    @@ China's feed companies in China are looking to strengthen safety control substantially according to the highest international standard.The first step will be improving the feed safety control in the pre-mixture and compound feed production.The next step will be extending this control to the whole feed supply chain, covering feed ingredients and services like transport and storage.Besides, a joint program will be defined in cooperation with GMP+ International.

  10. Acute otitis externa.

    Hui, Charles Ps


    Acute otitis externa, also known as 'swimmer's ear', is a common disease of children, adolescents and adults. While chronic suppurative otitis media or acute otitis media with tympanostomy tubes or a perforation can cause acute otitis externa, both the infecting organisms and management protocol are different. This practice point focuses solely on managing acute otitis externa, without acute otitis media, tympanostomy tubes or a perforation being present.

  11. Acute otitis externa


    Acute otitis externa, also known as ‘swimmer’s ear’, is a common disease of children, adolescents and adults. While chronic suppurative otitis media or acute otitis media with tympanostomy tubes or a perforation can cause acute otitis externa, both the infecting organisms and management protocol are different. This practice point focuses solely on managing acute otitis externa, without acute otitis media, tympanostomy tubes or a perforation being present.

  12. Acute respiratory failure due to refeeding syndrome and hypophosphatemia induced by hypocaloric enteral nutrition.

    Patel, Utpal; Sriram, Krishnan


    We report a case of acute respiratory failure due to refeeding syndrome caused by hypocaloric enteral tube feeds. A 60-y-old obese man, with a diagnosis of esophageal carcinoma with local metastases, underwent feeding jejunostomy tube insertion. Enteral tube feeding was initiated at small volumes providing 4.4 kcal x kg(-1) x d(-1) and gradually increased over 48 h to 29 kcal x kg(-1) x d(-1) (based on adjusted body weight). The patient then developed acute respiratory distress requiring intubation and ventilatory support. Serum phosphorus (P) level was extremely low at 4 d to adequately correct the electrolyte derangements. Successful liberation from mechanical ventilation was then possible. In chronically malnourished patients undergoing nutritional support, even hypocaloric feeding should be considered a risk factor for developing refeeding syndrome leading to severe and acute electrolyte fluid-balance and metabolic abnormalities.

  13. Acute alcohol-induced liver injury

    Gavin Edward Arteel


    Full Text Available Alcohol consumption is customary in most cultures and alcohol abuse is common worldwide. For example, more than 50% of Americans consume alcohol, with an estimated 23.1% of Americans participating in heavy and/or binge drinking at least once a month. A safe and effective therapy for alcoholic liver disease (ALD in humans is still elusive, despite significant advances in our understanding of how the disease is initiated and progresses. It is now clear that acute alcohol binges not only can be acutely toxic to the liver, but also can contribute to the chronicity of ALD. Potential mechanisms by which acute alcohol causes damage include steatosis, dysregulated immunity and inflammation and altered gut permeability. Recent interest in modeling acute alcohol exposure has yielded new insights into potential mechanisms of acute injury, that also may well be relevant for chronic ALD. Recent work by this group on the role of PAI-1 and fibrin metabolism in mediating acute alcohol-induced liver damage serve as an example of possible new targets that may be useful for alcohol abuse, be it acute or chronic.

  14. 选择性剖宫产儿急性呼吸窘迫综合征发病机制研究进展%Progress in the pathogenesis of acute respiratory distress syndrome in neonate by caesarean section



    Acute respiratory distress syndrome is one of the common respiratory diseases in neonates. It is more common in neonates by elective cesarean section. The pathogenesis is complicated, while delayed lung fluid clearance is considered playing a role in it. Meconium aspiration, delayed establishment of respiratory reflex, gestational age, contractions before onset, male baby, perinatal asphyxia, maternal diabetes or asthma are thought to be risk factors.%新生儿急性呼吸窘迫综合征是新生儿较常见的呼吸道疾病,多见于选择性剖宫产儿,具体发病机制复杂,肺液清除延迟是其主要发病机制,同时胎粪吸入、呼吸反射建立延迟、胎龄、宫缩发动、男性患儿、围生期窒息、母亲有糖尿病或哮喘是其危险因素。

  15. Progress in Research on the Relationship Between Acute Myocardial Infarction and Acid-Base Imbalance%急性心肌梗死与酸碱失衡关系的研究进展



    急性心肌梗死是内科常见的危重病,病情变化快,可出现酸碱平衡失调,尤其在心肌梗死后心源性休克的患者中更加常见,临床研究表明酸碱失衡可影响急性心肌梗死患者的短期预后,临床上认知各种酸碱失衡指标对于急性心肌梗死患者的应用价值,可以更准确的判断病情,及时指导治疗.%Acute myocardial infarction (AMI) is a common occurrence. AMI may be followed by metabolic acidosis. Clinical studies have shown that acid-base imbalances can affect the short-term prognosis of patients with AMI. This article examines the value of various acid-base imbalances index for patients with AMI, and discusses whether or not they can assist in making an accurate judgment of the illness and provide timely therapy.

  16. Progress in treatment of acute lung injury with inhaled perfluorocarbons%全氟化碳吸入治疗急性肺损伤的研究进展

    徐顺贵; 吴国明; 徐智; 钱桂生


    急性肺损伤(acute lung injury,ALI)发病机制复杂,目前临床治疗尚未取得实质性进展,呼吸支持仍是其主要治疗手段之一,但疗效有限.全氟化碳具有特殊的理化和生物学性质,近年来,在液体通气的基础上进一步发展了全氟化碳吸入的新疗法,研究表明该疗法较常规机械通气具有明显的优势,不仅能有效改善ALI的氧合障碍、肺顺应性降低等病理生理改变,而且能拮抗肺部炎症反应,显示了良好的应用前景.

  17. 米诺环素对急性缺血性脑卒中神经保护作用的研究进展%Research Progress of Neuroprotection of Minocycline in Acute Ischemic Stroke



    米诺环素是一种四环素类抗生素,在脑缺血、脑创伤、神经变性疾病(如帕金森病、多发性硬化等)动物模型中显示了抗炎、抗凋亡和神经保护作用.由于它对血-脑脊液有较高的通透性,安全性高,并可以延长治疗时间窗,成为了理想的治疗脑卒中的候选药物.现就米诺环素对急性缺血性卒中的作用机制、动物试验及临床研究结果进行综述,为其在临床的应用提供参考.%Minocycline,a tetracycline antibiotic,has shown anti-inflammatory,anti-apoptotic,and neuro-protcctive effects in experimental models of cerebral ischemia, central nervous system trauma, and neurode-generative diseases including Parkinson disease,and multiple sclerosis. Its high penetration of the blood-brain barrier,good safety profile, and delayed therapeutic window make it an ideal candidate for treatment of stroke. Here is to make a review on the established mechanisms of action,results of animal studies and clinical trials of minocycline in acute ischemic stroke,to provide references for its clinical application.

  18. 急性上消化道出血的诊断与治疗新进展%New progress of the diagnosis and treatment of acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding



    上消化道出血已经备受人们的关注,治疗不当很可能会导致患者的死亡,本文首先分析了上消化道出血的原因,对目前诊疗技术以及治疗手段的进展进行了分析,供相关的医疗人员参考。%Upper gastrointestinal bleeding is the attention of people, inappropriate treatment is likely to lead to the death of patients. This paper analyses the causes of upper gastrointestinal bleeding, analysis of the current progress of diagnosis and treatment means, provide the reference for the related medical staff.

  19. 急性肺损伤/急性呼吸窘迫综合征患者呼出气冷凝液检测的研究进展%Determination progress in exhaled breath condensate of acute lung injury/acute respiratory distress syndrome

    张文彬; 陈建荣; 蔡映云


    呼出气冷凝液榆测是近年来发展的一种榆测气道炎症和氧化应激反应的无创方法.通过监测急件肺损伤/急性呼吸窘迫综合征患者呼出气冷凝液中pH值、一氧化碳及其衍生物、过氧化氢、8-异前列烷、细胞角蛋白和细胞因子等指标,有助于对危重患者病情进行评估和预后判断.%Exhaled breath condensate examination is a new noninvasive method recently developed for detecting airway inflammation and oxidative stress.It can be contributive to evaluate the condition and predict the prognosis of critical illness by monitoring pH,nitrogen oxides,hydrogen peroxide,8-isoprostanes,cytokeratin and cytokines in exhaled breath condensate of patients with acute lung injury/acute respiratory distress syndrome in exhaled breath condensate.

  20. Jejunal Feeding in Chronic Pancreatitis with Severe Necrosis

    Hamvas J


    Full Text Available CONTEXT: Necrotizing pancreatitis is the most serious form of pancreatic inflammatory disease leading to multiorgan failure and a high (15-20% mortality rate. The poor nutritional and metabolic conditions and secondary bacterial translocation raise the mortality rate even more. OBJECTIVE: The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of jejunal feeding in cases of chronic pancreatitis with extended necrosis. PATIENTS: In our institution, over a five-year period, 86 patients with severe necrotizing pancreatitis were treated for extended necrosis. In 19 patients, chronic calcifying pancreatitis was demonstrated by computed tomography showing more than 20% necrosis in the residual pancreas as well. SETTING: In 12 cases, nutrition was provided by jejunal feeding using an endoscopically placed nasojejunal feeding tube, whereas in 7 cases, hypocaloric parenteral nutrition was used. DESIGN: Retrospective unicenter study. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: The rate of healing with conservative treatment. RESULTS: Two of the 12 jejunally fed patients were operated on because of complications of pancreatitis. Five patients required intervention in the hypocaloric parenteral nutrition group: 4 were operated on and one more needed endoscopic intervention. The healing rate was significantly higher (P=0.045 in the jejunal feeding group (83.3% than in the parenteral nutrition (28.6% patients. CONCLUSIONS: In cases of chronic calcifying pancreatitis serious necrosis can develop in the residual pancreas resulting in a severe acute pancreatitis-like disease. A better healing rate was achieved and less interventions became necessary using nasojejunal tube feeding than in the parenteral nutrition group and this was analogous to what was observed in severe necrotizing pancreatitis This form of pancreatitis has not yet been described in the literature in detail. The authors suggest that it be regarded as a separate entity.

  1. Early diagnosis and treatment for contralateral progressive epidural hematomas after decompressive craniectomy of acute traumatic subdural hematoma%急性硬脑膜下血肿减压术后对侧进展性硬脑膜外血肿的早期诊治

    徐立; 江基尧; 唐超; 陈磊; 曹铖; 丁圣豪; 高国一; 包映晖; 潘耀华; 梁玉敏


    Objective To investigate the clinical features and the methods for early diagnosis and treatment of contralateral progressive epidural hematoma (EDH) after decompressive craniectomy ( DC) of acute traumatic subdural hematoma (SDH). Methods The clinical data of 23 patients with contralateral EDH after DC of acute traumatic SDH were analyzed retrospectively. Its clinical manifestations, results of CT scanning and outcome were summarized. Results The average interval time of confirmed diagnosis for contralateral progressive EDH after DC was (4±3)hours. The EDH was located in parietotemporal regions in 12 cases, parieto-occipital regions in 9 and fronto-temperal regions in 2. The main manifestations included intra-operative brain swelling in 8 cases, contralateral pupil dilation post-DC in 4, increasing of ICP value in 4 and no neurological change in 7. Conservative therapy was made for 1 patient, and second operation was made in 22 for the evacuation of EDH with that skull fracture was found in 21 below EDH. According to Glasgow Outcome Scale(GOS), scores of 5,4,3,2 and 1 were experienced in 5,7,7,1 and 3 patients respectively on discharge. Conclusions Majority of contralateral progressive EDH after DC of acute traumatic SDH are occurred in parietotemperal and perieto-occipital regions. And delayed bleeding from skull fracture at the site of the EDH is its main mechanism of such EDH. Early diagnosis and prompt management is contributed to the improvement of such cases.%目的 探讨颅脑外伤去骨瓣减压术(DC)后对侧进展性硬脑膜外血肿(EDH)的临床特点和早期诊治方法.方法 对23例颅脑外伤术后对侧进展性EDH患者的资料进行回顾性分析.结果 术后对侧进展性EDH的平均确诊时间为(4±3)h;EDH的部位为颞顶部12例,枕顶部9例,额颞部2例;主要表现为术中脑肿胀8例,术后对侧瞳孔散大4例,术后ICP逐渐增高4例,神经系统无明显异常改变者7例.保守治疗1例,再手术22例,21例确

  2. Alfalfa non-feed uses

    Non-feed uses for alfalfa such as biomass energy and phytoremediation could increase alfalfa acreage and improve farm profitability. The new bio-energy alfalfa and production system increased forage yield and ethanol production. New alfalfas with enhanced nitrogen cycling capacities would protect wa...

  3. Catalytic reforming feed characterisation technique

    Larraz Mora, R.; Arvelo Alvarez, R. [Univ. of La Laguna, Chemical Engineering Dept., La Laguna (Spain)


    The catalytic reforming of naphtha is one of the major refinery processes, designed to increase the octane number of naphtha or to produce aromatics. The naphtha used as catalytic reformer feedstock usually contains a mixture of paraffins, naphthenes, and aromatics in the carbon number range C{sub 6} to C{sub 10}. The detailed chemical composition of the feed is necessary to predict the aromatics and hydrogen production as well as the operation severity. The analysis of feed naphtha is usually reported in terms of its ASTM distillation curve and API or specific gravity. Since reforming reactions are described in terms of lumped chemical species (paraffins, naphthenes and aromatics), a feed characterisation technique should be useful in order to predict reforming operating conditions and detect feed quality changes. Unfortunately online analyzer applications as cromatography or recently introduced naphtha NMR [1] are scarce in most of refineries. This work proposes an algorithmic characterisation method focusing on its main steps description. The method could help on the subjects previously described, finally a calculation example is shown. (orig.)

  4. New Progress of Clinical Research to Acute Stress Disorder (DSM - 5 Update)%急性应激障碍的临床研究新进展(DSM -5新标准)



    急性应激障碍(ASD)又称为急性应激反应(ASR),是对恐怖或创伤事件产生的心理反应。 ASD 以急剧、严重的创伤事件作为直接原因,患者在受刺激后立即(1小时之内)发病。 ASD 的常见症状是麻木;情感分离;缄默;现实感丧失;人格解体;心因性遗忘;对经历的创伤事件和思想的重新体验、做梦和闪回;对事件的回避。在这段时间里,患者存在着焦虑症状和至少一个基本功能的损害。症状至少持续3天,最多不超过4周;并发生于创伤事件之后的4周之内。美国精神病学会在2013年5月出版了《精神疾病诊断与统计手册》第5版(DSM -5)。DSM -5对 ASD 的诊断标准进行了新的修订。近年来,对 ASD 的临床研究成为精神病学、心身医学和临床心理学的热点。根据 DSM -5的标准和新的临床研究成果,本文对 ASD 的病因和发病机制、临床表现、诊断标准、心理评估、诊断和鉴别诊断、治疗、预防和预后进行了分析。%Acute stress disorder(ASD)also called acute stress reaction (ASR)or psychological shock .It is a psycho‐logical condition arising in response to a terrifying or traumatic event .ASD’s direct cause is sharp and severe trau‐matic event .Patient immediately arise illness (within 1 hour)after the onset of stimulation .Common symptoms that sufferers of ASD experience include :numbing ;emotional detachment ;muteness ;serialization ;depersonalization ;psy‐chogenic amnesia ;continued re - experiencing of the event via thoughts ,dreams ,and flashbacks ;and avoidance of any stimulation that reminds them of the event .During this time ,they must have symptoms of anxiety ,and significant impairment in at least one essential area of functioning .Symptoms last for a minimum of 3 days ,and a maximum of 4 weeks ,and occur within 4 weeks of the event .American Psychiatry Association (APA )has published (DSM - 5)in 2013

  5. The Research Progress of Risk Stratification Score for Acute Non-traumatic Chest Pain%急性非创伤性胸痛危险分层评分的研究进展

    周洪峰(综述); 王秀杰(审校)


    Chest pain is one of the most common complaints in the emergency department .Acute coro-nary syndrome is the one of the most common and serious diseases.Using risk stratification score,clinicians can make protocol and evaluate condition more reasonably , which currently plays a positive role in triage , evaluating illness on admission and prognosis.With the emergence of some new biomakers,such as super sen-sitive troponin and fatty acid binding protein,and combined biomarkers scoring,the risk stratification score will be more widely used in clinical .%胸痛是急诊科常见的就诊原因之一。急性冠状动脉综合征是其中最常见、最危重的疾病之一,危险分层评分的应用可以帮助临床医师更加合理地评估病情、制订治疗方案。目前它们在急诊室分诊、入院病情评估及预后评估方面都有一定的积极意义。随着超敏肌钙蛋白、脂肪酸结合蛋白等新兴标志物的出现,以及标志物联合评分的研究,危险评分将进一步得到广泛的临床应用。

  6. [Acute interstitial nephritis induced by loratadine].

    Alvarez Navascués, R; Bastardo, Z; Fernández Díaz, M; Guerediaga, J; Quiñones, L; Pinto, J


    Loratadine is a second generation histamine H1 receptor antagonist, that has high potency antiallergic properties and is associated with low adverse effects compared with other antihistamines. Acute interstitial nephritis is a cause of acute renal failure that is most often induced by drugs or, less frequently, infection or sarcoidosis. Although the number of drugs associated with acute intersticial nephritis is too large, the antihistaminic loratadine have never been reported before. We report a case of an interstitial nephritis with acute renal failure that suggesting hypersensitivity reaction in a 77 old man who had received loratadine (10 mg/day) during ten days before his assessment to our hospital by disseminated pruritic syndrome. The initial suspect was rapidly progressive glomerulonephitis and renal biopsy was practice and treatment with corticosteroids were initiated (prednisone bolus of 500 mg three days and 1 mg/kg/day/later). The loratadine therapy was cessation. He exhibiting a slow and progressive improvement on renal function and one month later, urea and creatinine levels was normal and hematuria and proteinuria had disappeared. The corticosteroids therapy were progressive decreased until withdrawal. We think that this is an interesting case, basing in its clinical presentation and that it had never been reported before.

  7. Child feeding and human rights

    Kent George


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The human right to adequate food needs to be interpreted for the special case of young children because they are vulnerable, others make the choices for them, and their diets are not diverse. There are many public policy issues relating to child feeding. Discussion The core of the debate lies in differences in views on the merits of infant formula. In contexts in which there is strong evidence and a clear consensus that the use of formula would be seriously dangerous, it might be sensible to adopt rules limiting its use. However, until there is broad consensus on this point, the best universal rule would be to rely on informed choice by mothers, with their having a clearly recognized right to objective and consistent information on the risks of using different feeding methods in their particular local circumstances. Summary The obligation of the state to assure that mothers are well informed should be viewed as part of its broader obligation to establish social conditions that facilitate sound child feeding practices. This means that mothers should not be compelled to feed in particular ways by the state, but rather the state should assure that mothers are supported and enabled to make good feeding choices. Thus, children should be viewed as having the right to be breastfed, not in the sense that the mother is obligated to breastfeed the child, but in the sense that no one may interfere with the mother's right to breastfeed the child. Breastfeeding should be viewed as the right of the mother and child together.

  8. [Current views on breast feeding].

    Grüttner, R


    One of the greatest advantages of feeding exclusively breast-milk is the continuous provision of immunoglobulin A, especially during the first days of life, and of leucocytes with macrophage function as well as unspecific, antiinfectious agents like lactoferrin, lysozyme and neuraminic acid. It seems, that the organism is protected against allergic reactions at the mucosa level of the small intestine caused by the penetration of "foreign" protein by feeding exclusively breast-milk especially during the first weeks and months of life. During the first months of the infant's life an increased supply of iron results from the higher content of iron in breast-milk as compared to cow's milk, and the better absorption of the iron from breast-milk. Just because of this (the better provision with iron from natural food) solid foods should not be added to the infant's diet before 6 months of age. One of the disadvantages of breast-feeding is the passage of unwanted substances from breast-milk to the infant. First of all the chlorinated hydrocarbons have to be mentioned within this context. However, a decreasing tendency can be assumed according to recent investigations. An increasing tendency in breast-milk, though not confirmed, seems possible only for the polychlorinated biphenyls. Nevertheless, for the pediatrician no reason to advise against breast-feeding results from the unwanted admixtures of chlorinated hydrocarbons in breast-milk. One should rather vigorously propagate to feed as many children as possible exclusively with breast-milk over a period of 4 to 6 months.

  9. Applying Rank Sum Ratio (RSR) to the Evaluation of Feeding Practices Behaviors, and Its Associations with Infant Health Risk in Rural Lhasa, Tibet.

    Wang, Zhenjie; Dang, Shaonong; Xing, Yuan; Li, Qiang; Yan, Hong


    To evaluate the status of feeding practices and analyze the association between feeding practice and health status among Tibetan infants, a cross-sectional survey of 386 women with children aged under 24 months was conducted in rural areas surrounding Lhasa, Tibet. All participants were selected using simple random sampling and were interviewed face-to-face by trained interviewers. Mothers were interviewed to collect information on their feeding practices. A feeding practices index was created using the rank sum ratio method. Most of the infants had been or were being breastfed at the time of the interview. The feeding practices index was significantly and inversely associated with the prevalence of acute upper respiratory infection, and the odds ratio for the qualified feeding practices index vs. the non-qualified feeding practices index was 0.43 (95% confidence interval: 0.20-0.94). There were no measurable associations observed between acute upper respiratory infection, diarrhea, and the feeding practices index after controlling for selected factors. The method of rank sum ratio provides a flexible way to evaluate feeding practices and is easy to understand. Furthermore, appropriate infant feeding practices might play a protective role in Tibetan infants' health.

  10. Pentoxifylline Treatment in Acute Pancreatitis (AP)


    Acute Pancreatitis (AP); Gallstone Pancreatitis; Alcoholic Pancreatitis; Post-ERCP/Post-procedural Pancreatitis; Trauma Acute Pancreatitis; Hypertriglyceridemia Acute Pancreatitis; Idiopathic (Unknown) Acute Pancreatitis; Medication Induced Acute Pancreatitis; Cancer Acute Pancreatitis; Miscellaneous (i.e. Acute on Chronic Pancreatitis)

  11. Contextualising complementary feeding in a broader framework for stunting prevention.

    Stewart, Christine P; Iannotti, Lora; Dewey, Kathryn G; Michaelsen, Kim F; Onyango, Adelheid W


    An estimated 165 million children are stunted due to the combined effects of poor nutrition, repeated infection and inadequate psychosocial stimulation. The complementary feeding period, generally corresponding to age 6-24 months, represents an important period of sensitivity to stunting with lifelong, possibly irrevocable consequences. Interventions to improve complementary feeding practices or the nutritional quality of complementary foods must take into consideration the contextual as well as proximal determinants of stunting. This review presents a conceptual framework that highlights the role of complementary feeding within the layers of contextual and causal factors that lead to stunted growth and development and the resulting short- and long-term consequences. Contextual factors are organized into the following groups: political economy; health and health care systems; education; society and culture; agriculture and food systems; and water, sanitation and environment. We argue that these community and societal conditions underlie infant and young child feeding practices, which are a central pillar to healthy growth and development, and can serve to either impede or enable progress. Effectiveness studies with a strong process evaluation component are needed to identify transdisciplinary solutions. Programme and policy interventions aimed at preventing stunting should be informed by careful assessment of these factors at all levels.

  12. Acute and sub-acute oral toxicological evaluations and mutagenicity of N-carbamylglutamate (NCG).

    Wu, Xin; Wan, Dan; Xie, Chunyan; Li, Tiejun; Huang, Ruilin; Shu, Xugang; Ruan, Zheng; Deng, Zeyuan; Yin, Yulong


    N-carbamylglutamate (NCG) is a metabolically stable analog of N-acetylglutamate that activates carbamyl phosphate synthase-1, a key arginine synthesis enzyme in enterocytes. It is a promising feed additive in swine in China. In this study, we assessed the acute and sub-acute toxicity of NCG in Sprague-Dawley (SD) rats. All rats survived until they were killed at a scheduled time point. No adverse effects or mortality was observed following acute oral administration of 5000 mg/kg NCG to SD rats. No biologically significant or test substance-related differences were observed in body weights, feed consumption, clinical signs, a functional observational battery, organ weights, histopathology, ophthalmology, hematology, coagulation, and clinical chemistry parameters in any of the treatment groups in sub-acute doses of NCG at target concentrations corresponding to 500, 2000, and 3000 mg/kg/day for 28 days neither. In addition, no evidence of mutagenicity or genotoxicity was found, either in vitro in bacterial reverse mutation assay or in vivo in mice bone marrow micronucleus assay and sperm shape abnormality assay. On the basis of our findings, we conclude that NCG is a non-toxic substance with no genotoxicity.

  13. Feed mechanism and method for feeding minute items

    Stringer, Timothy Kent; Yerganian, Simon Scott


    A feeding mechanism and method for feeding minute items, such as capacitors, resistors, or solder preforms. The mechanism is adapted to receive a plurality of the randomly-positioned and randomly-oriented extremely small or minute items, and to isolate, orient, and position the items in a specific repeatable pickup location wherefrom they may be removed for use by, for example, a computer-controlled automated assembly machine. The mechanism comprises a sliding shelf adapted to receive and support the items; a wiper arm adapted to achieve a single even layer of the items; and a pushing arm adapted to push the items into the pickup location. The mechanism can be adapted for providing the items with a more exact orientation, and can also be adapted for use in a liquid environment.

  14. 机械通气在急性呼吸窘迫综合征中的应用进展%Application progress of mechanical ventilation in acute respiratory distress syndrome

    章仲恒; 朱红阳


    在治疗急性呼吸窘迫综合征的各种手段中,呼吸机机械通气是至关重要的.各种机械通气方式及参数的设置对于改善患者预后极为重要.从现有的研究资料来看,小潮气量机械通气(<6 ml/kg预计体质量,并使平台压小于30 cm H_2O)能减少死亡率,是急性呼吸窘迫综合征治疗的标准疗法.而个体化的呼气末正压通气也是一个有前途的值得研究的方向.其他一些方法例如俯卧位通气、肺复张等不能作为常规的一线治疗,而只能作为严重情况下低氧血症的挽救治疗.另外本文也就机械通气在2009年甲型H1N1流感所致急性呼吸窘迫综合征的治疗方面做了简单综述.%Mechanical ventilation is essential in the treatment of acute respiratory distress syndrome(ARDS).Mechanical ventilation mode and parameter set are extremely important for improving the prognosis of patients.Research data have shown that low tidal volume ventilation(< 6 ml/kg predicted body weight,and plateau pressure is less than 30 cm H_2O)can reduce mortality and is standard treatment for ARDS.The individualized positive end expiratory pressure ventilation is also a promising study direction.Other methods such as prone position ventilation,alveolar recruitment can not be used as routine first-line treatment,but only be rescue treatment under severe hypoxemia.Additionally,this article also reviews some characteristics of mechanical ventilation on the treatment of ARDS induced by H1N1 influenza in 2009.

  15. Contrast-associated Acute Kidney Injury.

    Weisbord, Steven D; Palevsky, Paul M


    Contrast-associated acute kidney injury (CAAKI) is a common iatrogenic condition. The principal risk factors for CAAKI are underlying renal impairment; diabetes in the setting of kidney disease; and intravascular volume depletion, effective or absolute. CAAKI is associated with serious adverse short-term and long-term outcomes, including mortality and more rapidly progressive chronic kidney disease, although the causal nature of these associations remains unproved. Patients with chronic kidney disease and other risk factors for CAAKI who present with acute coronary syndrome should undergo indicated angiographic procedures.

  16. Histoplasmosis - acute (primary) pulmonary

    ... this page: // Histoplasmosis - acute (primary) pulmonary To use the sharing features on this page, please enable JavaScript. Acute pulmonary histoplasmosis is a respiratory infection that is caused by ...

  17. Acute respiratory distress syndrome

    ... page: // Acute respiratory distress syndrome To use the sharing features on this page, please enable JavaScript. Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is a life-threatening lung condition that ...

  18. Acute kidney failure

    Kidney failure; Renal failure; Renal failure - acute; ARF; Kidney injury - acute ... There are many possible causes of kidney damage. They include: ... cholesterol (cholesterol emboli) Decreased blood flow due to very ...

  19. Acute bee paralysis virus [

    Full Text Available Acute bee paralysis virus [gbvrl]: 14 CDS's (15780 codons) fields: [triplet] [frequ...osomal protein / MAP kinase List of codon usage for each CDS (format) Homepage Acute bee paralysis virus ...

  20. Acute Mesenteric Ischemia

    ... Side Effects Additional Content Medical News Acute Mesenteric Ischemia By Parswa Ansari, MD, Department of Surgery, Lenox ... Abscesses Abdominal Wall Hernias Inguinal Hernia Acute Mesenteric Ischemia Appendicitis Ileus Intestinal Obstruction Ischemic Colitis Perforation of ...

  1. Acute otitis externa: an update.

    Schaefer, Paul; Baugh, Reginald F


    Acute otitis externa is a common condition involving inflammation of the ear canal. The acute form is caused primarily by bacterial infection, with Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus the most common pathogens. Acute otitis externa presents with the rapid onset of ear canal inflammation, resulting in otalgia, itching, canal edema, canal erythema, and otorrhea, and often occurs following swimming or minor trauma from inappropriate cleaning. Tenderness with movement of the tragus or pinna is a classic finding. Topical antimicrobials or antibiotics such as acetic acid, aminoglycosides, polymyxin B, and quinolones are the treatment of choice in uncomplicated cases. These agents come in preparations with or without topical corticosteroids; the addition of corticosteroids may help resolve symptoms more quickly. However, there is no good evidence that any one antimicrobial or antibiotic preparation is clinically superior to another. The choice of treatment is based on a number of factors, including tympanic membrane status, adverse effect profiles, adherence issues, and cost. Neomycin/polymyxin B/hydrocortisone preparations are a reasonable first-line therapy when the tympanic membrane is intact. Oral antibiotics are reserved for cases in which the infection has spread beyond the ear canal or in patients at risk of a rapidly progressing infection. Chronic otitis externa is often caused by allergies or underlying inflammatory dermatologic conditions, and is treated by addressing the underlying causes.

  2. Acute acalculous cholecystitis complicating chemotherapy for acute myeloblastic leukemia

    Olfa Kassar; Feten Kallel; Manel Ghorbel; Hatem. Bellaaj; Zeineb Mnif; Moez Elloumi


    Acute acalculous cholecystitis is a rare complication in the treatment of acute myeloblastic leukemia. Diagnosis of acute acalculous cholecystitis remains difficult during neutropenic period. We present two acute myeloblastic leukemia patients that developed acute acalculous cholecystitis during chemotherapy-induced neutropenia. They suffered from fever, vomiting and acute pain in the epigastrium. Ultrasound demonstrated an acalculous gallbladder. Surgical management was required in one patie...

  3. Advanced Illness: Feeding Tubes and Ventilators

    ... the feedings may be difficult. There is some debate, for example, about whether feeding tubes actually extend ... pneumonia cannot, but people can now get a vaccination to prevent many kinds of viral pneumonia. Aspiration ...

  4. Live feed culture - Problems and perspectives

    Royan, J.P.

    The importance of live feed in aquaculture is stressed. Organisms currently cultured as live feed are microalgae, turbellarians, tanaidaceans, annelids, brine shrimps, fairy shrimps, rotifers, cladocerans and copepods. Their culture methods...

  5. Feeding patterns and diet -- babies and infants

    ... this page: // Feeding patterns and diet - babies and infants To use ... prevent childhood obesity Alternative names Babies and infants - feeding; Diet - age appropriate - babies and infants; Breastfeeding - babies ...

  6. Infant Formula - Buying, Preparing, Storing, and Feeding

    ... 000806.htm Infant Formula – Buying, Preparing, Storing, and Feeding To use the sharing features on this page, ... brush to get at hard-to-reach places. Feeding Formula to Baby Here is a guide to ...

  7. Formula Feeding FAQs: Starting Solids and Milk

    ... Year-Old Formula Feeding FAQs: Starting Solids and Milk KidsHealth > For Parents > Formula Feeding FAQs: Starting Solids ... When can I start giving my baby cow's milk? Before their first birthday, babies still need the ...

  8. Feeding Your Baby in the NICU

    ... Use the combination of breast milk and formula, bottle-feeding and nursing that works best for you and ... the breast even if you supplement with a bottle-feeding afterwards, do so. Permit yourself room to experiment ...

  9. [Updating enteral feeding by catheter].

    Rodríguez, T; Planas, M


    Intestinal nutrition can be administered orally or by means of a catheter; the latter method is the focus of this article. The authors' objective is to provide up-to-date information in a succinct manner about the enteral feeding technique. The authors hope health professionals know the advantages as well as the inconveniences of the latest intestinal nutrition advances regarding access ways and the means to administer these. Intestinal nutrition formulas will not be dealt with in this article. However, a health professional should know that there is a wide variety of diets available depending on the complexity of macronutrients included in a diet, the quantity of proteins in a mixture, and that these are designed, in addition to feeding, to treat the specific pathological process a patient suffers from, such as diabetes of cancer.

  10. Institutional feeding of the elderly.

    Allison, Simon


    Not only is there a high prevalence of malnutrition among the elderly admitted to hospital and other institutions, but nutritional status seems to decline during admission, not only as a result of disease but also problems with catering and feeding policies, which are not well-geared to the needs of the sick. This results in high food wastage rates and inadequate macro- and micronutrient intakes to meet requirements. In the elderly, decreased portion size and increased energy, protein and micronutrient density have been shown to be effective in decreasing wastage and improving intake. Other strategies for improving intake are reviewed, including a better environment, a reduction in drugs causing anorexia, help with eating, and less interruption of meals by procedures and ward rounds. Targets for nutritional intake and aims of feeding are reviewed.

  11. Does breast feeding influence liver biochemistry?

    Jørgensen, Marianne Hørby; Ott, Peter; Juul, Anders


    It is assumed that early feeding can affect liver biochemistry because breast-fed infants have a higher risk of hyperbilirubinemia than formula-fed infants. The authors sought to determine how feeding mode affected liver biochemistry in healthy term infants.......It is assumed that early feeding can affect liver biochemistry because breast-fed infants have a higher risk of hyperbilirubinemia than formula-fed infants. The authors sought to determine how feeding mode affected liver biochemistry in healthy term infants....

  12. Managing acute and chronic pancreatitis.

    Skipworth, James R A; Shankar, Arjun; Pereira, Stephen P


    Pancreatitis may be acute or chronic. Although both can be caused by similar aetiologies, they tend to follow distinct natural histories. Around 80% of acute pancreatitis (AP) diagnoses occur secondary to gallstone disease and alcohol misuse. AP is commonly associated with sudden onset of upper abdominal pain radiating to the back that is usually severe enough to warrant the patient seeking urgent medical attention. Onset of pain may be related to a recent alcohol binge or rich, fatty meal. The patient may appear unwell, be tachycardic and have exquisite tenderness in the upper abdomen. Overall, 10-25% of AP episodes are classified as severe, leading to an associated mortality rate of 7.5%. Disease severity is best predicted from a number of clinical scoring systems which can be applied at diagnosis in association with repeated clinical assessment, measurement of acute inflammatory markers, and CT. All patients with suspected AP should be referred urgently. Chronic pancreatitis (CP) follows continued, repetitive or sustained injury to the pancreas and 70% of diagnoses occur secondary to alcohol abuse. The characteristic presenting feature of CP is insidious progression of chronic, severe, upper abdominal pain, radiating to the back, caused by a combination of progressive pancreatic destruction, inflammation and duct obstruction. Signs and symptoms include weight loss and steatorrhoea and later on diabetes. CP patients may also present with recurrent episodes mimicking AP, both symptomatically and metabolically. Diagnosis of CP should be based on symptom profile, imaging and assessment of exocrine and endocrine pancreatic function. CT should be the first-line imaging investigation.

  13. Acute mastoiditis in children

    Anthonsen, Kristian; Høstmark, Karianne; Hansen, Søren;


    Conservative treatment of acute otitis media may lead to more complications. This study evaluates changes in incidence, the clinical and microbiological findings, the complications and the outcome of acute mastoiditis in children in a country employing conservative guidelines in treating acute...... otitis media....

  14. A malfunctioning nasogastric feeding tube

    Emanuele Cereda


    Full Text Available A critical point of nasogastric feeding tube placement, potentially resulting in an unsafe and/or non-effective operation of the device, is the monitoring of its proper placement into the stomach. A properly obtained and interpreted radiograph is currently recommended to confirm placement. We reported the case of a 68-year-old demented woman referred for complicated dysphagia. A nasogastric tube was blindly inserted and its placement was confirmed by the radiologist. Enteral nutrition was initiated but the patient began to vomit immediately. After reviewing the radiograph it was understood that a gastric loop in the tube and its tip pointing upwards did not allow a safe infusion of the feeding formula. It is not enough having the radiologist reporting that a nasogastric feeding tube is placed in the stomach; the inclusion in the report of specific warnings on any potential cause of malfunctioning of the device should be considered. The presence of a gastric loop should be taken into account as a cause of potential malfunctioning.

  15. Analysis of feeding preference experiments.

    Peterson, C H; Renaud, P E


    Published studies of consumer feeding preferences using foods that experience autogenic change in mass, numbers, area, etc., on the time scale of a feeding trial fail to employ appropriate statistical analyses to incorporate controls for those food changes occurring in the absence of the consumer. The studies that run controls typically use them to calculate a constant "correction factor", which is subtracted prior to formal data analysis. This procedure constitutes a non-rigorous suppression of variance that overstates the statistical significance of observed differences. The appropriate statistical analysis for preference tests with two foods is usually a simple t-test performed on the between-food differences in loss of mass (or numbers, area, etc.) comparing the results of experimentals with consumers to controls without consumers. Application of this recommended test procedure to an actual data set illustrates how low replication in controls, which is typical of most studies of feeding preference, inhibits detection of an apparently large influence of previous mechanical damage (simulated grazing) in reducing the attractiveness of a brown alga to a sea urchin.

  16. Accelerating improvements in nutritional and health status of young children in the Sahel region of Sub-Saharan Africa: review of international guidelines on infant and young child feeding and nutrition.

    Wuehler, Sara E; Hess, Sonja Y; Brown, Kenneth H


    The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child holds governments responsible to ensure children's right to the highest attainable standard of health by providing breastfeeding support, and access to nutritious foods, appropriate health care, and clean drinking water. International experts have identified key child care practices and programmatic activities that are proven to be effective at reducing infant and young child undernutrition, morbidity, and mortality. Nevertheless, progress towards reducing the prevalence of undernutrition has been sporadic across countries of the Sahel sub-region of Sub-Saharan Africa. In view of this uneven progress, a working group of international agencies was convened to 'Reposition children's right to adequate nutrition in the Sahel.' The first step towards this goal was to organize a situational analysis of the legislative, research, and programmatic activities related to infant and young child nutrition (IYCN) in six countries of the sub-region: Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, and Senegal. The purposes of this introductory paper are to review current information concerning the nutritional and health status of infants and young children in the Sahel and to summarize international guidelines on optimal IYCN practices. These guidelines were used in completing the above-mentioned situational analyses and encompass specific recommendations on: (i) breastfeeding (introduction within the first hour after birth, exclusivity to 6 months, continuation to at least 24 months); (ii) complementary feeding (introduction at 6 months, use of nutrient dense foods, adequate frequency and consistency, and responsive feeding); (iii) prevention and/or treatment of micronutrient deficiencies (vitamin A, zinc, iron and anaemia, and iodine); (iv) prevention and/or treatment of acute malnutrition; (v) feeding practices adapted to the maternal situation to reduce mother-to-child transmission of HIV; (vi) activities to ensure food

  17. Prenatal office practices regarding infant feeding choices.

    Dusdieker, Lois B; Dungy, Claibourne I; Losch, Mary E


    The objective of this study was to determine the obstetric care providers' roles in breast-feeding promotion during prenatal care. A questionnaire addressing breast-feeding issues was sent to family practitioners (FP), obstetric-gynecologists (OB/GYN), and nurse midwives (NM) in Iowa, USA. All NM, 97% of FP, and 85% of OB/GYN reported asking infant feeding preference-usually only at the first prenatal visit. NM (73%) were most likely to provide extensive breast-feeding counseling. OB/GYN (68%) and FP physicians (90%) reported doing their own breast-feeding counseling. Breast examinations targeting future breast-feeding problems were done in 82% to 84% of patients. NM practices shared more information supportive of breast-feeding. Nearly all providers offered prenatal classes, but only 41% of FP offered breast-feeding classes. Free formula samples were available in 73% of FP, 54% of OB/GYN, and 36% NM offices. Pamphlets on formula feeding and also breast-feeding were readily available. Overall NM (64%) reported being strong breast-feeding advocates compared to only 13% of FP and 7% of OB/GYN. In conclusion, little promotion of breast-feeding occurs in most prenatal practice settings.

  18. Feeding and Swallowing Dysfunction in Genetic Syndromes

    Cooper-Brown, Linda; Copeland, Sara; Dailey, Scott; Downey, Debora; Petersen, Mario Cesar; Stimson, Cheryl; Van Dyke, Don C.


    Children with genetic syndromes frequently have feeding problems and swallowing dysfunction as a result of the complex interactions between anatomical, medical, physiological, and behavioral factors. Feeding problems associated with genetic disorders may also cause feeding to be unpleasant, negative, or even painful because of choking, coughing,…

  19. Malnutrition in Patients with Acute Stroke

    Stella D. Bouziana


    Full Text Available Stroke is a devastating event that carries a potential for long-term disability. Malnutrition is frequently observed in patients with stroke, and dysphagia contributes to malnutrition risk. During both the acute phase of stroke and rehabilitation, specific nutritional interventions in the context of a multidisciplinary team effort can enhance the recovery of neurocognitive function. Early identification and management of malnutrition with dietary modifications or specific therapeutic strategies to ensure adequate nutritional intake should receive more attention, since poor nutritional status appears to exacerbate brain damage and to contribute to adverse outcome. The main purpose of nutritional intervention should be the prevention or treatment of complications resulting from energy-protein deficit. This paper reviews the evaluation and management of malnutrition and the use of specialized nutrition support in patients with stroke. Emphasis is given to enteral tube and oral feeding and to strategies to wean from tube feeding.

  20. Parent-reported feeding and feeding problems in a sample of Dutch toddlers

    Moor, J.M.H. de; Didden, H.C.M.; Korzilius, H.P.L.M.


    Little is known about the feeding behaviors and problems with feeding in toddlers. In the present questionnaire study, data were collected on the feeding behaviors and feeding problems in a relatively large (n = 422) sample of Dutch healthy toddlers (i.e. 18-36 months old) who lived at home with the

  1. The Progressive BSSG Rat Model of Parkinson's: Recapitulating Multiple Key Features of the Human Disease.

    Jackalina M Van Kampen

    Full Text Available The development of effective neuroprotective therapies for Parkinson's disease (PD has been severely hindered by the notable lack of an appropriate animal model for preclinical screening. Indeed, most models currently available are either acute in nature or fail to recapitulate all characteristic features of the disease. Here, we present a novel progressive model of PD, with behavioural and cellular features that closely approximate those observed in patients. Chronic exposure to dietary phytosterol glucosides has been found to be neurotoxic. When fed to rats, β-sitosterol β-d-glucoside (BSSG triggers the progressive development of parkinsonism, with clinical signs and histopathology beginning to appear following cessation of exposure to the neurotoxic insult and continuing to develop over several months. Here, we characterize the progressive nature of this model, its non-motor features, the anatomical spread of synucleinopathy, and response to levodopa administration. In Sprague Dawley rats, chronic BSSG feeding for 4 months triggered the progressive development of a parkinsonian phenotype and pathological events that evolved slowly over time, with neuronal loss beginning only after toxin exposure was terminated. At approximately 3 months following initiation of BSSG exposure, animals displayed the early emergence of an olfactory deficit, in the absence of significant dopaminergic nigral cell loss or locomotor deficits. Locomotor deficits developed gradually over time, initially appearing as locomotor asymmetry and developing into akinesia/bradykinesia, which was reversed by levodopa treatment. Late-stage cognitive impairment was observed in the form of spatial working memory deficits, as assessed by the radial arm maze. In addition to the progressive loss of TH+ cells in the substantia nigra, the appearance of proteinase K-resistant intracellular α-synuclein aggregates was also observed to develop progressively, appearing first in the

  2. Imaging of Acute Pancreatitis.

    Thoeni, Ruedi F


    Acute pancreatitis is an acute inflammation of the pancreas. Several classification systems have been used in the past but were considered unsatisfactory. A revised Atlanta classification of acute pancreatitis was published that assessed the clinical course and severity of disease; divided acute pancreatitis into interstitial edematous pancreatitis and necrotizing pancreatitis; discerned an early phase (first week) from a late phase (after the first week); and focused on systemic inflammatory response syndrome and organ failure. This article focuses on the revised classification of acute pancreatitis, with emphasis on imaging features, particularly on newly-termed fluid collections and implications for the radiologist.

  3. [Immediate complications of feeding percutaneous gastrostomy: a 10-year experience].

    Chicharro, L; Puiggrós, C; Cots, I; Pérez-Portabella, C; Planas, M


    Percutaneous gastrostomy feeding tube (PG) may be beneficial in some patients, in others such as advanced dementia or rapidly progressive diseases its value is being questioned. Patient selection is important to identify those who will benefit from PG. This study aims to identify patients factors that may help in patient selection for PG. To analyse the characteristics of this patient's cohort and to describe the immediate complications of the procedure that we have defined as the ones happened in the first 30 days. To compare the two patient's group -with and without- immediate complications, non-parametric tests were used.

  4. Determining suitable dimensions for dairy goat feeding places by evaluating body posture and feeding reach.

    Keil, Nina M; Pommereau, Marc; Patt, Antonia; Wechsler, Beat; Gygax, Lorenz


    Confined goats spend a substantial part of the day feeding. A poorly designed feeding place increases the risk of feeding in nonphysiological body postures, and even injury. Scientifically validated information on suitable dimensions of feeding places for loose-housed goats is almost absent from the literature. The aim of the present study was, therefore, to determine feeding place dimensions that would allow goats to feed in a species-appropriate, relaxed body posture. A total of 27 goats with a height at the withers of 62 to 80 cm were included in the study. Goats were tested individually in an experimental feeding stall that allowed the height difference between the feed table, the standing area of the forelegs, and a feeding area step (difference in height between forelegs and hind legs) to be varied. The goats accessed the feed table via a palisade feeding barrier. The feed table was equipped with recesses at varying distances to the feeding barrier (5-55 cm in 5-cm steps) at angles of 30°, 60°, 90°, 120°, or 150° (feeding angle), which were filled with the goats' preferred food. In 18 trials, balanced for order across animals, each animal underwent all possible combinations of feeding area step (3 levels: 0, 10, and 20 cm) and of difference in height between feed table and standing area of forelegs (6 levels: 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 cm). The minimum and maximum reach at which the animals could reach feed on the table with a relaxed body posture was determined for each combination. Statistical analysis was performed using mixed-effects models. The animals were able to feed with a relaxed posture when the feed table was at least 10 cm higher than the standing height of the goats' forelegs. Larger goats achieved smaller minimum reaches and minimum reach increased if the goats' head and neck were angled. Maximum reach increased with increasing height at withers and height of the feed table. The presence of a feeding area step had no influence on minimum and

  5. Feeding, feedback and sustenance of primary health care.

    Rohde, J E; Northrup, R S


    The neglect of nutrition in primary health care is widespread despite the severity of malnutrition in the world today. Some of the reasons for this situation include a lack of definition, i.e. nutrition is considered a continuous daily need, not a health intervention; it is often a difficult task to solicit participation from the mothers; nutrition is often not an acutely felt need, thus there is no demand; nutrition requires continuous action on a daily basis, but produces no visible results; and finally actions aimed at malnutrition or even its prevention often do not seem to work. Nutrition interventions often do not work because the interventions come too late, often when permanent stunting of the child's growth has already occurred. Since inadequate nutrition can not be seen in the early stages, growth monitoring can be used as a feedback mechanism to stimulate appropriate feeding responses. For a mother to become involved in growth monitoring 4 elements are necessary: 1) she must be aware of the problem or situation, 2) she must be motivated to respond, 3) she must have the knowledge and skills of how to feed, what to feed, and when to feed, and 4) She must have the means to act, i.e. food must be available to give the child. Many growth monitoring programs have failed because the mother was not involved, and never perceives the problem, therefore she never acts. If growth monitoring is integrated into the primary health care system, it also becomes a regular time for health education in other topics. Disease and death are more often found in children who are malnourished, thus primary health care interventions are likely to be more effective in the presence of effective nutrition interventions.

  6. Utilization of Natural Products as Functional Feed

    Stella Magdalena


    Full Text Available The use of antibiotics as feed additive improves performance in livestock. However, scientific data related to the use of antibiotics in feed merge spreading of bacterial resistance in animal and human bodies, therefore the usage of antibiotics in animal production is restricted. This condition raise the utilization of natural antibiotic as functional feed such as phytogenics (essential oil, flavonoid, saponin, and tannin, enzyme, probiotic, and prebiotic to improve the livestock’s performance, quality, and health. Functional feeds increase profitability in animal husbandry production and its use is feeds are expected to be functional foods that may have positive effects in human nutrition.

  7. Feeding difficulties in children with cerebral palsy.

    Andrew, Morag J; Parr, Jeremy R; Sullivan, Peter B


    Feeding difficulties are common in children with cerebral palsy and have an effect on growth, nutritional state, general health, social interaction and behaviour and developmental outcomes. Many factors have an effect on feeding ability. Identification of these factors and amelioration of their impact on feeding difficulties is essential to promote adequate growth and nutrition. Appropriate assessment and management is best achieved by a multiprofessional team skilled in the care of children with cerebral palsy and feeding impairments. Feeding difficulties must be considered within the wider context of family and social circumstance.

  8. EDITORIAL: Catalysing progress Catalysing progress

    Demming, Anna


    Examples of the merits of blue-sky research in the history of science are legion. The invention of the laser, celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, is an excellent example. When it was invented it was considered to be 'a solution waiting for a problem', and yet the level to which it has now infiltrated our day-to-day technological landscape speaks volumes. At the same time it is also true to say that the direction of research is also at times rightly influenced by the needs and concerns of the general public. Over recent years, growing concerns about the environment have had a noticeable effect on research in nanotechnology, motivating work on a range of topics from green nanomaterial synthesis [1] to high-efficiency solar cells [2] and hydrogen storage [3]. The impact of the world's energy consumption on the welfare of the planet is now an enduring and well founded concern. In the face of an instinctive reluctance to curtail habits of comfort and convenience and the appendages of culture and consumerism, research into renewable and more efficient energy sources seem an encouraging approach to alleviating an impending energy crisis. Fuel cells present one alternative to traditional combustion cells that have huge benefits in terms of the efficiency of energy conversion and the limited harmful emissions. In last week's issue of Nanotechnology, Chuan-Jian Zhong and colleagues at the State University of New York at Binghamton in the USA presented an overview of research on nanostructured catalysts in fuel cells [4]. The topical review includes insights into the interactions between nanoparticles and between nanoparticles and their substrate as well as control over the composition and nanostructure of catalysts. The review also serves to highlight how the flourishing of nanotechnology research has heralded great progress in the exploitation of catalysts with nanostructures ingeniously controlled to maximize surface area and optimize energetics for synthesis

  9. Improving outcomes of acute myocarditis in children.

    Di Filippo, Sylvie


    Acute viral myocarditis may impair prognosis in children of all ages. Its true incidence is underestimated because of heterogeneity of presentation and outcome. Patients may either recover or progress to chronic cardiomyopathy or death. Improving short-term and long-term prognosis is challenging but can probably be achieved by new diagnostic techniques and novel targeted therapies. The objectives of this review are: (1) to detail the current state of knowledge of the pathophysiological mechanisms of acute myocarditis; (2) to provide an update on diagnostic tools such as magnetic resonance imaging and endomyocardial biopsy; and (3) to present new insights in therapeutic strategies, targeted therapies and management of fulminant cases. Options for improving outcomes in acute myocarditis in the pediatric population are discussed.

  10. Acute loss of consciousness.

    Tristán, Bekinschtein; Gleichgerrcht, Ezequiel; Manes, Facundo


    Acute loss of consciousness poses a fascinating scenario for theoretical and clinical research. This chapter introduces a simple yet powerful framework to investigate altered states of consciousness. We then explore the different disorders of consciousness that result from acute brain injury, and techniques used in the acute phase to predict clinical outcome in different patient populations in light of models of acute loss of consciousness. We further delve into post-traumatic amnesia as a model for predicting cognitive sequels following acute loss of consciousness. We approach the study of acute loss of consciousness from a theoretical and clinical perspective to conclude that clinicians in acute care centers must incorporate new measurements and techniques besides the classic coma scales in order to assess their patients with loss of consciousness.

  11. Worster-Drought Syndrome: Poorly Recognized despite Severe and Persistent Difficulties with Feeding and Speech

    Clark, Maria; Harris, Rebecca; Jolleff, Nicola; Price, Katie; Neville, Brian G. R.


    Aim: Worster-Drought syndrome (WDS), or congenital suprabulbar paresis, is a permanent movement disorder of the bulbar muscles causing persistent difficulties with swallowing, feeding, speech, and saliva control owing to a non-progressive disturbance in early brain development. As such, it falls within the cerebral palsies. The aim of this study…

  12. Dystopian Visions of Global Capitalism: Philip Reeve's "Mortal Engines" and M.T Anderson's "Feed"

    Bullen, Elizabeth; Parsons, Elizabeth


    This article examines Philip Reeve's novel for children, "Mortal Engines", and M.T. Anderson's young adult novel, "Feed", by assessing these dystopias as prototypical texts of what Ulrich Beck calls risk society. Through their visions of a fictional future, the two narratives explore the hazards created by contemporary techno-economic progress,…

  13. Cue-Based Feeding in the NICU.

    Whetten, Cynthia H

    In NICU settings, caring for neonates born as early as 23 weeks gestation presents unique challenges for caregivers. Traditionally, preterm infants who are learning to orally feed take a predetermined volume of breast milk or formula at scheduled intervals, regardless of their individual ability to coordinate each feeding. Evidence suggests that this volume-driven feeding model should be replaced with a more individualized, developmentally appropriate practice. Evidence from the literature suggests that preterm infants fed via cue-based feeding reach full oral feeding status faster than their volume-feeding counterparts and have shorter lengths of stay in the hospital. Changing practice to infant-driven or cue-based feedings in the hospital setting requires staff education, documentation, and team-based communication.

  14. Decitabine in Treating Children With Relapsed or Refractory Acute Myeloid Leukemia or Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia


    Childhood Acute Myeloblastic Leukemia With Maturation (M2); Childhood Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia (M3); Recurrent Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia; Recurrent Childhood Acute Myeloid Leukemia; Secondary Acute Myeloid Leukemia

  15. Acute flaccid paralysis due to rabies

    J B Ghosh


    Full Text Available Two clinical forms of rabies are recognize: i a furious form associated with classical signs of excitation or phobic symptoms, ii Dumb rabies (paralytic rabies characterized by progressive paralysis without an initial furious phase wherein distinction from Guillain-Barrι Syndrome may be difficult. Paralytic rabies is more common in persons who have received postexposure vaccination. We report here the diagnostic dilemma of two cases of acute flaccid paralysis due to rabies.

  16. Acute disseminated toxoplasmosis in a juvenile cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus).

    Lloyd, Christopher; Stidworthy, Mark F


    A juvenile cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) died with rapidly progressive pyrexia, tachypnea, abdominal effusion, and hepatomegaly. Postmortem examination revealed lesions consistent with acute disseminated infection with Toxoplasma gondii. The presence of this organism was confirmed in multiple organs by immunohistochemistry and polymerase chain reaction. To the best of our knowledge, we propose this to be the first reported case of primary acute disseminated toxoplasmosis in a cheetah.

  17. Spontaneous acute subdural hematoma in a patient with multiple myeloma

    Abrar Ahad Wani


    Full Text Available Acute spontaneous subdural hematoma in a patient of multiple myeloma receiving chemotherapy is an unknown event, needing an urgent neurosurgical management. We report this patient who presented with progressive neurological deterioration and a low platelet count. She was successfully managed by craniotomy and evacuation of subdural hematoma with intraoperative transfusion of platelets. The acute spontaneous subdural hematoma in her was probably related to the bleeding diathesis due to thrombocytopenia associated with chemotherapy.

  18. Breast feeding and infant nutrition.

    Smith, G V; Calvert, L J; Kanto, W P


    Breast feeding is a management problem requiring knowledge of the physiology of lactation, maternal and infant nutritional requirements, and specifics such as drugs which enter the milk. The job of the physician is to allay anxiety; this helps establish the let-down reflex and increases milk production. "Caking," mastitis and even abscesses are not indications for weaning. Rest, warm compresses and frequent nursing are indicated. Breast-fed infants have less tendency to obesity than those who are bottle-fed. Early solid foods in the diet are not needed.

  19. Complementary feeding patterns in Europe with a special focus on Italy.

    Caroli, M; Mele, R M; Tomaselli, M A; Cammisa, M; Longo, F; Attolini, E


    Early nutrition is considered to be crucial for development of persistent obesity in later life. The aim of this paper is to present an overview of complementary feeding patterns across European countries. Most European infants introduce solid foods earlier than 6 completed months of age as recommended by WHO. The commonest risk factors for early introduction of solid foods have been shown to be smoking mothers of young age, low SES and no breastfeeding. The foods most frequently introduced as first solids are fruit and cereals followed by other foods that vary depending on the country of residence and the infants' type of feeding. Insufficient updated information has been made available in Europe in terms of infants' nutrient intake during complementary feeding, as well as on the potential acute metabolic effects of complementary feeding. Websites, e-forums and blogs on complementary feeding are widely spread in the web. The recipes and daily menus published in food industry websites are often nutritionally incorrect. Baby led-weaning (BLW) is based on the principle that babies, upon being started on complementary foods, should be allowed to eat whatever food they want (regular family foods included) in its normal shape. No nutrient intake and metabolic data are nevertheless available about BLW. The current scenario in terms of our understanding of complementary feeding in Europe opens several new research avenues. Not using and not improving our current knowledge of nutrition to improve children's health represents an infringement of children's rights.

  20. Acute pancreatitis in acute viral hepatitis


    AIM: To elucidate the frequency and characteristics of pancreatic involvement in the course of acute (nonfulminant) viral hepatitis.METHODS: We prospectively assessed the pancreatic involvement in patients with acute viral hepatitis who presented with severe abdomimanl pain.RESULTS: We studied 124 patients with acute viral hepatitis, of whom 24 presented with severe abdominal pain. Seven patients (5.65%) were diagnosed to have acute pancreatitis. All were young males. Five patients had pancreatitis in the first week and two in the fourth week after the onset of jaundice. The pancreatitis was mild and all had uneventful recovery from both pancreatitis and hepatitis on conservative treatment.The etiology of pancreatitis was hepatitis E virus in 4,hepatitis A virus in 2, and hepatitis B virus in 1 patient.One patient had biliary sludge along with HEV infection.The abdominal pain of remaining seventeen patients was attributed to stretching of Glisson's capsule.CONCLUSION: Acute pancreatitis occurs in 5.65% of patients with acute viral hepatitis, it is mild and recovers with conservative management.

  1. Acute otitis media and acute bacterial sinusitis.

    Wald, Ellen R


    Acute otitis media and acute bacterial sinusitis are 2 of the most common indications for antimicrobial agents in children. Together, they are responsible for billions of dollars of health care expenditures. The pathogenesis of the 2 conditions is identical. In the majority of children with each condition, a preceding viral upper respiratory tract infection predisposes to the development of the acute bacterial complication. It has been shown that viral upper respiratory tract infection predisposes to the development of acute otitis media in 37% of cases. Currently, precise microbiologic diagnosis of acute otitis media and acute bacterial sinusitis requires performance of tympanocentesis in the former and sinus aspiration in the latter. The identification of a virus from the nasopharynx in either case does not obviate the need for antimicrobial therapy. Furthermore, nasal and nasopharyngeal swabs are not useful in predicting the results of culture of the middle ear or paranasal sinus. However, it is possible that a combination of information regarding nasopharyngeal colonization with bacteria and infection with specific viruses may inform treatment decisions in the future.

  2. LFCM vitrification technology. Quarterly progress report, April-June 1985

    Burkholder, H.C.; Jarrett, J.H.; Minor, J.E. (comps.)


    This report is compiled by the Nuclear Waste Treatment Program and the Hanford Waste Vitrification Program at Pacific Northwest Laboratory to document progress on liquid-fed ceramic melter (LFCM) vitrification technology. Progress in the following technical subject areas during the third quarter of FY 1985 is discussed: pretreatment systems, melting process chemistry and glass development, feed preparation and transfer systems, melter systems, canister filling and handling systems, off-gas systems, process/product modeling and control, and supporting studies.

  3. Correlation of 4-month infant feeding modes with their growth and iron status in Beijing

    GONG Yu-hua; JI Cheng-ye; ZHENG Xiu-xia; SHAN Jin-ping; HOU Rui


    Background Growth and development of infants has been an impoRant topic in pediatrics for a long time.Infants must be provided with food containing all necessary nutrienls.Breast milk js believed to be the most desirable natural and cheapest food for well-balanced nutrition.But with the progress in the development of substitute food in developed countries,it is thought that formula milk can meet the requirement for infant growth.During early infancy,growth,as the most sensitive index of health,is therefore a critical component in evaluating the adequacy of breast-feeding,mixed-feeding and formula feeding.Iron status is another important index of infant health.Iron deficiency anemia remains the most prevalent nutritional deficiency index in infants worldwide.This study is to compare infants in Beijing at 4 months who are on three different feeding modes(breast feeding,mixed feeding and formula feeding)in physical changes and iron status.The results may provide new mothers with support in feeding mode selection,which will also be helpful to the China Nutrition Association in feeding mode education.Methods This is a cohort study.One thousand and one normal Beijing infants were followed regularly for 12 months.Body weight and horizontal length were measured.Hemoglobin,red blood cell counts,mean corpuscular volume,mean corpuscular hemoglobin and serum iron were analyzed at 4 months.Results The breast feeding percentage in the first 4 months was 47.9%.The feeding mode was not significantly related to maternal delivery age,education,labor pathway nor infant sex(P>0.05).Infant boys and girls exclusively breast-fed from 0 to 4 months had the highest weight at 0-6 months.The anemia rate of breast-fed infant boys at 4 months was the highest.Conclusions Breast feeding should be given more emphasis.It is compulsory for new mothers to breast-feed their Infants if possible.Social environment should also guarantee the requirement for breast feeding.Furthermore the normal values

  4. Infant feeding: beyond the nutritional aspects

    Giselia A.P. Silva


    Full Text Available ABSTRACT Objective: To draw attention to the importance of interaction between caregiver and child during feeding and the influence of parenting style on dietary habit formation. Source of data: A search was performed in the PubMed and Scopus databases for articles addressing responsive feeding; the articles considered most relevant by the authors were selected. Synthesis of data: The way children are fed is decisive for the formation of their eating habits, especially the strategies that parents/caregivers use to stimulate feeding. In this context, responsive feeding has been emphasized, with the key principles: feed the infant directly and assist older children when they already eat on their own; feed them slowly and patiently, and encourage children to eat but do not force them; if the child refuses many types of foods, experiment with different food combinations, tastes, textures, and methods of encouragement; minimize distractions during meals; and make the meals an opportunity for learning and love, talking to the child during feeding and maintaining eye contact. It is the caregiver's responsibility to be sensitive to the child's signs and alleviate tensions during feeding, and make feeding time pleasurable; whereas it is the child's role to clearly express signs of hunger and satiety and be receptive to the caregiver. Conclusion: Responsive feeding is very important in dietary habit formation and should be encouraged by health professionals in their advice to families.

  5. Hypertriglyceridemia-induced acute pancreatitis in pregnancy causing maternal death.

    Jeon, Hae Rin; Kim, Suk Young; Cho, Yoon Jin; Chon, Seung Joo


    Acute pancreatitis in pregnancy is rare and occurs in approximately 3 in 10,000 pregnancies. It rarely complicates pregnancy, and can occur during any trimester, however over half (52%) of cases occur during the third trimester and during the post-partum period. Gallstones are the most common cause of acute pancreatitis. On the other hand, acute pancreatitis caused by hypertriglyceridemia due to increase of estrogen during the gestational period is very unusual, but complication carries a higher risk of morbidity and mortality for both the mother and the fetus. We experienced a case of pregnant woman who died of acute exacerbation of hypertriglyceridemia-induced acute pancreatitis at 23 weeks of gestation. We report on progress and management of this case along with literature reviews.




    Full Text Available Acute otitis media is a common disease of children with typical symptomatology & is not infrequent in adults. Literature available on adult acute otitis media is limited. This study has been carried out to assess the presentation, progression & outcome of disease in adults. 90 patients presenting with signs & symptoms consistent with acute otitis media were examined, evaluated & followed up. Earache was the commonest symptom present in 65 patients. Spontaneous perforation was present in 37 patients. Earache, ear discharge & hearing loss are the commonest symptoms in adults & rate of spontaneous perforation is higher compared to children.

  7. Cadmium, lead, mercury and arsenic in animal feed and feed materials - trend analysis of monitoring results.

    Adamse, Paulien; Van der Fels-Klerx, H J Ine; de Jong, Jacob


    This study aimed to obtain insights into the presence of cadmium, lead, mercury and arsenic in feed materials and feed over time, for the purpose of guiding national monitoring. Data from the Dutch feed monitoring program and from representatives of the feed industry in the period 2007-2013 were used. Data covered the concentrations of cadmium, lead, mercury and arsenic in a variety of feed materials and compound feeds in The Netherlands. Trends in the percentage of samples that exceeded the maximum limit (ML), set by the European Commission, and trends in average, median and 90(th) percentile concentrations of each of these elements per feed material or compound feed were investigated. Based on the results, monitoring for cadmium, lead, mercury and arsenic should focus on feed material of mineral origin, feed material of marine origin, especially fish meal, seaweed and algae as well as feed additives belonging to the functional groups of (i) trace elements (notably cupric sulphate, zinc oxide and manganese oxide for arsenic) and (ii) binders and anti-caking agents. Mycotoxin binders are a new group of feed additives that also need attention. For complementary feed it is important to make a proper distinction between mineral and non-mineral feed because the ML in the latter group is usually lower. In seaweed/algae products a relatively large number of samples contained arsenic concentrations that exceeded the ML. Forage crops in general do not need high priority in monitoring programs, although for arsenic grass meal still needs attention.

  8. Feeding families and children--1776 to 1976. A bicentennial study.

    Lowenberg, M E; Lucas, B L


    The food heritage which Americans enjoy today owes its great diversity to the influences of many ethnic groups--the native Indians, Franciscan friars in California, Mexican-Americans, the British, the French, the Creoles, and later, northern Europeans and those of Mediterranean stock. Geography and climate in different parts of our large country and religious beliefs have also played a part in the development of our present-day, varied cuisine. In our colonial and pioneer days, most people raised their own food, but as our nation has become industrialized and urbanized, we find that now only 7 per cent of our population produces the food for our entire nation, and our consumers generally buy their food in stores. Even as late as the beginning of the twentieth century, infant feeding practices could be considered unscientific and primitive. Only in recent years have knowledge of metabolism and the rapid increase in nutritional science permitted progress in infant feeding. Problems of feeding families remain, nevertheless--different than in the early days of our nation--and their solution challenges American ingenuity.

  9. Learning numerical progressions.

    Vitz, P C; Hazan, D N


    Learning of simple numerical progressions and compound progressions formed by combining two or three simple progressions is investigated. In two experiments, time to solution was greater for compound vs simple progressions; greater the higher the progression's solution level; and greater if the progression consisted of large vs small numbers. A set of strategies is proposed to account for progression learning based on the assumption S computes differences between integers, differences between differences, etc., in a hierarchical fashion. Two measures of progression difficulty, each a summary of the strategies, are proposed; C1 is a count of the number of differences needed to solve a progression; C2 is the same count with higher level differences given more weight. The measures accurately predict in both experiments the mean time to solve 16 different progressions with C2 being somewhat superior. The measures also predict the learning difficulty of 10 other progressions reported by Bjork (1968).

  10. Pharm GKB: Leukemia, Nonlymphocytic, Acute [PharmGKB

    Full Text Available Overview Alternate Names: Synonym ANLL; Acute Nonlymphoblastic Leukemia; Acute Nonl...ymphoblastic Leukemias; Acute Nonlymphocytic Leukemia; Acute Nonlymphocytic Leukemias; Leukemia, Acute Nonly...mphoblastic; Leukemia, Acute Nonlymphocytic; Leukemia, Nonlymphoblastic, Acute; Leukemias, Acute Nonlymphoblastic; Leukemias, Acute... Nonlymphocytic; Nonlymphoblastic Leukemia, Acute; Nonlymphoblastic Leukemias, Acut...e; Nonlymphocytic Leukemia, Acute; Nonlymphocytic Leukemias, Acute PharmGKB Accessi

  11. Pharm GKB: Leukemia, Myeloid, Acute [PharmGKB

    Full Text Available Amino Acid Translations are all sourced from dbSNP 144 Overview Alternate Names: Synonym AML - Acute... myeloblastic leukaemia; Acute Myeloblastic Leukemia; Acute Myeloblastic Leukemias; Acute... Myelocytic Leukemia; Acute Myelocytic Leukemias; Acute Myelogenous Leukemia; Acute Myelogenous Leukemias; Acute... granulocytic leukaemia; Acute myeloblastic leukemia; Acute myeloid leukaemia; Acute myeloid leukaemia - category; Acute... myeloid leukaemia, disease; Acute myeloid leukemia; Acute myelo

  12. Bilateral acute retinal necrosis after herpetic meningitis

    Katsura T


    Full Text Available Keisho Hirota1,2, Masayuki Akimoto1,3, Toshiaki Katsura21Department of Ophthalmology, Kyoto Medical Center, National Hospital Organization, 2Internal Medicine, Kyoto Medical Center, 3Clinical Research Center, Kyoto Medical Center, Kyoto, JapanPurpose: The report of a case of bilateral acute retinal necrosis after herpetic meningitis.Case report: A 47-year-old man was admitted with the chief complaint of persistent high fever and transient loss of consciousness. Although his general condition improved after intravenous acyclovir administration, the patient presented with visual loss in both eyes 4 days after admission. Visual acuity in his right eye was 20/200 and his left eye had light perception alone. Both eyes showed panretinal arteritis diagnosed as acute retinal necrosis. Panretinal photocoagulation was performed for both eyes. Progression of retinal detachment was prevented in both eyes; however, visual acuity of the left eye was totally lost because of neovascular glaucoma. Visual acuity of the right eye recovered to 20/20.Conclusion: Although cases of bilateral acute retinal necrosis have been reported after herpetic encephalitis, this condition is rare after herpetic meningitis. Prophylactic acyclovir therapy and early panretinal photocoagulation may prevent retinal detachment and improve the prognosis. Neurologists and ophthalmologists should be aware that not only herpetic encephalitis but also herpetic meningitis can lead to acute retinal necrosis within a very short interval.Keywords: acute retinal necrosis, herpetic meningitis, herpes simplex, varicella zoster virus

  13. Antiproteases in the Treatment of Acute Pancreatitis

    Motoji Kitagawa


    Full Text Available The pathogenesis of acute pancreatitis relates to the inappropriate activation of trypsinogen to trypsin and a lack of the prompt elimination of the active trypsin inside the pancreas. Therefore, trypsin is believed to be the key enzyme in the initiation and exacerbation of acute pancreatitis by activating pancreatic zymogens. The activation of digestive enzymes causes pancreatic injury and results in an inflammatory response. The acute inflammatory response in the pancreas induces the systemic production of cytokines causing substantial tissue damage, and may progress beyond the pancreas to a systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS, multi-organ failure (MOF or death [1]. In several studies, protease inhibitors have not been shown to be of significant value in the treatment of acute pancreatitis and are not available in the United States [2]. Several guidelines [3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12] on the treatment of acute pancreatitis do not recommend them and the debate about the use of protease inhibitors is mentioned.

  14. Acute-on-chronic Liver Failure.

    Sarin, Shiv Kumar; Choudhury, Ashok


    Acute-on-chronic liver failure (ACLF) is a distinct entity that differs from acute liver failure and decompensated cirrhosis in timing, presence of treatable acute precipitant, and course of disease, with a potential for self-recovery. The core concept is acute deterioration of existing liver function in a patient of chronic liver disease with or without cirrhosis in response to an acute insult. The insult should be a hepatic one and presentation in the form of liver failure (jaundice, encephalopathy, coagulopathy, ascites) with or without extrahepatic organ failure in a defined time frame. ACLF is characterized by a state of deregulated inflammation. Initial cytokine burst presenting as SIRS, progression to CARS and associated immunoparalysis leads to sepsis and multi-organ failure. Early identification of the acute insult and mitigation of the same, use of nucleoside analogue in HBV-ACLF, steroid in severe alcoholic hepatitis, steroid in severe autoimmune hepatitis and/or bridging therapy lead to recovery, with a 90-day transplant-free survival rate of up to 50 %. First-week presentation is crucial concerning SIRS/sepsis, development, multiorgan failure and consideration of transplant. A protocol-based multi-disciplinary approach including critical care hepatology, early liver transplant before multi-organ involvement, or priority for organ allocation may improve the outcome. Presentation with extrahepatic organ involvement or inclusion of sepsis as an acute insult in definition restricts the therapy, i.e., liver transplant or bridging therapy, and needs serious consideration. Augmentation of regeneration, cell-based therapy, immunotherapy, and gut microbiota modulation are the emerging areas and need further research.

  15. Consensus of primary care in acute pancreatitis in Japan

    Makoto Otsuki; Tetsuhide Ito; Kazuo Inui; Tooru Shimosegawa; Shigeki Tanaka; Keisho Kataoka; Hiromitsu Saisho; Kazuichi Okazaki; Yosikazu Kuroda; Norio Sawabu; Yoshifumi Takeyama; Masahiko Hirota; Shinju Arata; Masaru Koizumi; Shigeyuki Kawa; Terumi Kamisawa; Kazunori Takeda; Toshihiko Mayumi; Motoji Kitagawa


    The incidence of acute pancreatitis in Japan is increasing and ranges from 187 to 347 cases per million populations. Case fatality was 0.2% for mild to moderate, and 9.0% for severe acute pancreatitis in Japan in 2003. Experts in pancreatitis in Japan made this document focusing on the practical aspects in the early management of patients with acute pancreatitis.The correct diagnosis of acute pancreatitis and severity stratification should be made in all patients using the criteria for the diagnosis of acute pancreatitis and the multifactor scoring system proposed by the Research Committee of Intractable Diseases of the Pancreas as early as possible. All patients diagnosed with acute pancreatitis should be managed in the hospital.Monitoring of blood pressure, pulse and respiratory rate,body temperature, hourly urinary volume, and blood oxygen saturation level is essential in the management of such patients. Early vigorous intravenous hydration is of foremost importance to stabilize circulatory dynamics. Adequate pain relief with opiates is also important. In severe acute pancreatitis, prophylactic intravenous administration of antibiotics at an early stage is recommended. Administration of protease inhibitors should be initiated as soon as thediagnosis of acute pancreatitis is confirmed. A combination of enteral feeding with parenteral nutrition from early stage is recommended if there are no clear signs and symptoms of ileus and gastrointestinal bleeding. Patients with severe acute pancreatitis should be transferred to ICU as early as possible to perform special measures such as continuous regional arterial infusion of protease inhibitors and antibiotics, and continuous hemodiafiltration. The Japanese Government covers medical care expense for severe acute pancreatitis as one of the projects of Research on Measures for Intractable Diseases.

  16. [Acute rheumatic fever].

    Maier, Alexander; Kommer, Vera


    We report on a young women with acute rheumatic fever. Acute rheumatic fever has become a rare disease in Germany, especially in adults. This carries the risk that it can be missed in the differential diagnostic considerations of acute rheumatic disorders and febrile status. If rheumatic fever is not diagnosed and treated correctly, there is a considerable risk for rheumatic valvular heart disease. In this article diagnosis, differential diagnosis and therapy of rheumatic fever are discussed extensively.

  17. Acute Idiopathic Scrotal Edema

    Micheál Breen


    Full Text Available We report a case of acute idiopathic scrotal edema (AISE in a 4-year-old boy who presented with acute scrotal pain and erythema. The clinical features, ultrasound appearance, and natural history of this rare diagnosis are reviewed. In this report, we highlight the importance of good ultrasound technique in differentiating the etiology of the acute scrotum and demonstrate the color Doppler “Fountain Sign” that is highly suggestive of AISE.

  18. Pharm GKB: Kidney Failure, Acute [PharmGKB

    Full Text Available iew Alternate Names: Synonym ARF - Acute renal failure; Acute Kidney Failure; Acute Kidney Failures; Acute K...idney Insufficiencies; Acute Kidney Insufficiency; Acute Renal Failure; Acute Renal Failures; Acute... Renal Insufficiencies; Acute Renal Insufficiency; Acute renal failure syndrome, NOS; Failure, Acute... Kidney; Failure, Acute Renal; Failures, Acute Kidney; Failures, Acute Renal; Insufficiencies, Acute... Kidney; Insufficiencies, Acute Renal; Insufficiency, Acute Kidney; Insufficiency, Acute

  19. Chronic loss of melanin-concentrating hormone affects motivational aspects of feeding in the rat.

    Joram D Mul

    Full Text Available Current epidemic obesity levels apply great medical and financial pressure to the strenuous economy of obesity-prone cultures, and neuropeptides involved in body weight regulation are regarded as attractive targets for a possible treatment of obesity in humans. The lateral hypothalamus and the nucleus accumbens shell (AcbSh form a hypothalamic-limbic neuropeptide feeding circuit mediated by Melanin-Concentrating Hormone (MCH. MCH promotes feeding behavior via MCH receptor-1 (MCH1R in the AcbSh, although this relationship has not been fully characterized. Given the AcbSh mediates reinforcing properties of food, we hypothesized that MCH modulates motivational aspects of feeding.Here we show that chronic loss of the rat MCH-precursor Pmch decreased food intake predominantly via a reduction in meal size during rat development and reduced high-fat food-reinforced operant responding in adult rats. Moreover, acute AcbSh administration of Neuropeptide-GE and Neuropeptide-EI (NEI, both additional neuropeptides derived from Pmch, or chronic intracerebroventricular infusion of NEI, did not affect feeding behavior in adult pmch(+/+ or pmch(-/- rats. However, acute administration of MCH to the AcbSh of adult pmch(-/- rats elevated feeding behavior towards wild type levels. Finally, adult pmch(-/- rats showed increased ex vivo electrically evoked dopamine release and increased limbic dopamine transporter levels, indicating that chronic loss of Pmch in the rat affects the limbic dopamine system.Our findings support the MCH-MCH1R system as an amplifier of consummatory behavior, confirming this system as a possible target for the treatment of obesity. We propose that MCH-mediated signaling in the AcbSh positively mediates motivational aspects of feeding behavior. Thereby it provides a crucial signal by which hypothalamic neural circuits control energy balance and guide limbic brain areas to enhance motivational or incentive-related aspects of food consumption.

  20. Effects of feed restriction on salinity tolerance in white sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus).

    Lee, Seunghyung; Fadel, James G; Haller, Liran Y; Verhille, Christine E; Fangue, Nann A; Hung, Silas S O


    A multistressor study was conducted to investigate interactive effects of nutritional status and salinity on osmoregulation of juvenile white sturgeon. Our hypothesis was that lower nutritional status would decrease the salinity tolerance of juvenile white sturgeon. A four-week feed restriction (12.5%, 25%, 50%, 100% of optimum feeding rate: OFR defined as the rate (% body weight per day) at which growth is maximal) trial was performed, and relevant indices of nutritional status were measured. Following the trial, sturgeon were acutely exposed to various salinities (0, 8, 16, 24 ppt) for 120 h, and relevant osmoregulatory measurements were made at 12, 72, and 120 h post-salinity exposures. The feed-restriction trial resulted in a graded nutritional response with the most feed-restricted group (12.5% OFR) showing the lowest nutritional status. The salinity exposure trial showed clear evidence that lower nutritional status decreased the salinity tolerance of juvenile white sturgeon. Increasing salinities resulted in significant alterations in osmoregulatory indices of all feeding groups; however, a significantly slower acclimatory response to 24 ppt was detected in the most feed-restricted group compared to the non-feed-restricted group (100% OFR). Furthermore, evaluation of the effect of nutritional status on the relationship between osmoregulatory measurements and body size showed that there was a significant negative relationship between osmoregulatory performance and body size within the most feed-restricted group. This suggests that there is a certain body size range (200-300 g based on our finding) where juvenile white sturgeon can maximize osmoregulatory capacity at a salinity of 24 ppt.

  1. Mixed phenotype acute leukemia

    Ye Zixing; Wang Shujie


    Objective To highlight the current understanding of mixed phenotype acute leukemia (MPAL).Data sources We collected the relevant articles in PubMed (from 1985 to present),using the terms "mixed phenotype acute leukemia","hybrid acute leukemia","biphenotypic acute leukemia",and "mixed lineage leukemia".We also collected the relevant studies in WanFang Data base (from 2000 to present),using the terms "mixed phenotype acute leukemia" and "hybrid acute leukemia".Study selection We included all relevant studies concerning mixed phenotype acute leukemia in English and Chinese version,with no limitation of research design.The duplicated articles are excluded.Results MPAL is a rare subgroup of acute leukemia which expresses the myeloid and lymphoid markers simultaneously.The clinical manifestations of MPAL are similar to other acute leukemias.The World Health Organization classification and the European Group for Immunological classification of Leukaemias 1998 cdteria are most widely used.MPAL does not have a standard therapy regimen.Its treatment depends mostly on the patient's unique immunophenotypic and cytogenetic features,and also the experience of individual physician.The lack of effective treatment contributes to an undesirable prognosis.Conclusion Our understanding about MPAL is still limited.The diagnostic criteria have not been unified.The treatment of MPAL remains to be investigated.The prognostic factor is largely unclear yet.A better diagnostic cdteria and targeted therapeutics will improve the therapy effect and a subsequently better prognosis.

  2. Replacement Gastrostomy Tube Causing Acute Pancreatitis: Case Series with Review of Literature

    Anish M Shah


    Full Text Available Context Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG feedings are generally considered safe with few serious complications. Acute pancreatitis is a rare complication associated with replacement percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tubes. Case report We report two cases of acute pancreatitis induced by migrated replacement percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tubes. Conclusions Migration of a balloon into the duodenum can result in external manipulation of the ampulla of Vater thereby disturbing the flow of pancreatic secretions leading to acute pancreatitis. Recognition of this complication is important and should be included as potential etiology of acute pancreatitis in patients receiving percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy feedings. Periodic examination and documentation of the distance of the balloon from the skin should be performed to document the position of the tubes or any inadvertent migration of the tubes. The use of Foley catheters as permanent replacement tubes should be considered medically inappropriate.

  3. 7 CFR 905.142 - Animal feed.


    ... 7 Agriculture 8 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Animal feed. 905.142 Section 905.142 Agriculture... TANGELOS GROWN IN FLORIDA Rules and Regulations Non-Regulated Fruit § 905.142 Animal feed. (a) The handling of citrus for animal feed shall be exempt from the provisions of §§ 905.52 and 905.53 and...

  4. Feed grain improvement through biopreservation and bioprocessing

    Olstorpe, Matilda


    Fermentation is an environmentally friendly method to improve feed quality. Fermented liquid feed and airtight stored moist crimped cereal grain systems that are of increasing importance in agricultural practice were studied. Both rely on spontaneous microbial developments with poorly understood population dynamics, resulting in unpredictable final quality. Temperature, fermentation time and ingredients affected final properties of the feed. Molecular-based species identification showed that ...

  5. Beneficial uses program. Progress report, period ending June 30, 1979


    Progress in research on the irradiation of sewage sludge, the potential use of dried sewage sludge as animal feed or soil conditioners, the inactivation of rotavirus in sewage sludge, fruit fly control by the irradiation of citrus fruits, and the production of /sup 137/Cs source pellets is reported. (LCL)

  6. Association between illness severity and timing of initial enteral feeding in critically ill patients: a retrospective observational study

    Huang Hsiu-Hua


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Early enteral nutrition is recommended in cases of critical illness. It is unclear whether this recommendation is of most benefit to extremely ill patients. We aim to determine the association between illness severity and commencement of enteral feeding. Methods One hundred and eight critically ill patients were grouped as “less severe” and “more severe” for this cross-sectional, retrospective observational study. The cut off value was based on Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation II score 20. Patients who received enteral feeding within 48 h of medical intensive care unit (ICU admission were considered early feeding cases otherwise they were assessed as late feeding cases. Feeding complications (gastric retention/vomiting/diarrhea/gastrointestinal bleeding, length of ICU stay, length of hospital stay, ventilator-associated pneumonia, hospital mortality, nutritional intake, serum albumin, serum prealbumin, nitrogen balance (NB, and 24-h urinary urea nitrogen data were collected over 21 days. Results There were no differences in measured outcomes between early and late feedings for less severely ill patients. Among more severely ill patients, however, the early feeding group showed improved serum albumin (p = 0.036 and prealbumin (p = 0.014 but worsened NB (p = 0.01, more feeding complications (p = 0.005, and prolonged ICU stays (p = 0.005 compared to their late feeding counterparts. Conclusions There is a significant association between severity of illness and timing of enteral feeding initiation. In more severe illness, early feeding was associated with improved nutritional outcomes, while late feeding was associated with reduced feeding complications and length of ICU stay. However, the feeding complications of more severely ill early feeders can be handled without significantly affecting nutritional intake and there is no eventual difference in length of hospital stay or mortality

  7. Successful breast feeding: the mother's dilemma.

    Harrison, M J; Morse, J M; Prowse, M


    A content analysis of 141 articles on breast feeding by discipline revealed differences in the factors considered necessary for breast feeding success and in the criteria used to determine success. Whereas medical articles focused on maternal factors prenatally and infant health post-natally, or the length of time breast feeding was maintained, lay articles focused on the relationship of the mother with her infant (the nursing couple) and the mother's ability to manage breast feeding within the family context. The implications of this discrepancy for nursing practice and research are discussed.

  8. Caregiver's Feeding Styles Questionnaire. Establishing cutoff points.

    Hughes, Sheryl O; Cross, Matthew B; Hennessy, Erin; Tovar, Alison; Economos, Christina D; Power, Thomas G


    Researchers use the Caregiver's Feeding Styles Questionnaire (CFSQ) to categorize parent feeding into authoritative, authoritarian, indulgent, and uninvolved styles. The CFSQ assesses self-reported feeding and classifies parents using median splits which are used in a substantial body of parenting literature and allow for direct comparison across studies on dimensions of demandingness and responsiveness. No national norms currently exist for the CFSQ. This paper establishes and recommends cutoff points most relevant for low-income, minority US samples that researchers and clinicians can use to assign parents to feeding styles. Median scores for five studies are examined and the average across these studies reported.

  9. Fur animal botulism hazard due to feed.

    Myllykoski, J; Lindström, M; Bekema, E; Pölönen, I; Korkeala, H


    To assess the botulism hazard in fur animal feed production, 236 fur animal feed components and feed samples were analysed for Clostridium botulinum by detecting BoNT-encoding genes (botA, botB, botC, botE or botF) by PCR and for sulphite-reducing clostridia (SRC) by iron sulphite agar. The quality of the hazard analysis of critical control points (HACCP) -based in-house control system (IHCS) was evaluated with respect to botulism risk in feed plants (n=32). The overall prevalence of C. botulinum was 13% in different feed components and 5% in feed. The estimated MPN count of C. botulinum in feed components was 6.4 × 10(3)/kg at the highest and was shown to poorly correlate with SRC count. The critical control points in IHCSs were variable, and control limits were improperly set in most feed-producing plants. C. botulinum possesses a persistent safety hazard for fur animals by feed production, and control practices should be reassessed.

  10. Breast-feeding and alcoholism

    Goodwin, D W; Gabrielli, W F; Penick, E C


    OBJECTIVE: The authors' goal was to determine whether early termination of breast-feeding contributes to later alcohol dependence, as proposed more than 200 years ago by the British physician Thomas Trotter. METHOD: In 1959-1961, a multiple-specialty group of physicians studied 9, 182 consecutive...... deliveries in a Danish hospital, obtaining data about prepartum and postpartum variables. The present study concentrates on perinatal variables obtained from 200 of the original babies who participated in a 30-year high-risk follow-up study of the antecedents of alcoholism. RESULTS: Of the 27 men who were...... diagnosed as alcohol dependent at age 30, 13 (48%) came from the group weaned from the breast before the age of 3 weeks; only 33 (19%) of the 173 non-alcohol-dependent subjects came from the early weaning group. When challenged by other perinatal variables in a multiple regression analysis, early weaning...

  11. Sheep Feed and Scrapie, France

    Philippe, Sandrine; Ducrot, Christian; Roy, Pascal; Remontet, Laurent; Jarrige, Nathalie


    Scrapie is a small ruminant, transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (TSE). Although in the past scrapie has not been considered a zoonosis, the emergence of bovine spongiform encephalopathy, transmissible to humans and experimentally to sheep, indicates that risk exists for small ruminant TSEs in humans. To identify the risk factors for introducing scrapie into sheep flocks, a case-control study was conducted in France from 1999 to 2000. Ninety-four case and 350 control flocks were matched by location and main breed. Three main hypotheses were tested: direct contact between flocks, indirect environmental contact, and foodborne risk. Statistical analysis was performed by using adjusted generalized linear models with the complementary log-log link function, considering flock size as an offset. A notable effect of using proprietary concentrates and milk replacers was observed. The risk was heterogeneous among feed factories. Contacts between flocks were not shown to be a risk factor. PMID:16102318

  12. Date stones in broiler's feeding

    Gualtieri, M.


    Full Text Available To evaluate date stones as dietary component for broilers, two trials were carried out. In the first trial, Tunisian Deglet date stones were used and in the second one, stones were the waste product of an Italian distillery. One-day-old Arbor Acres chickens were cage reared and fed for 6 weeks on 4 experimental diets, which were formulated to be isonitrogenous and isocaloric and differed in cereal component (maize or low tannin sorghum and in inclusion level (0 or 10 % of ground date stones. Birds ' performances were slightly different in the two trials, but overall results indicate that date stones are suitable for use in broiler's feeding under such conditions.

  13. "Spoon-feeding" an AGN

    Mainetti, Deborah; Colpi, Monica; Lodato, Giuseppe; D'Avanzo, Paolo; Evans, Phil; Moretti, Alberto


    Tidal disruption events (TDEs) occur when a star, passing too close to a massive black hole, is ripped apart by tidal forces. A less dramatic event occurs if the star orbits just outside the tidal radius, resulting in a mild stripping of mass. Thus, if a star orbits a central black hole on one of these bound eccentric orbits, weaker outbursts will occur recurring every orbital period. Thanks to five Swift observations, we observed a recent flare from the close by (92 Mpc) galaxy IC 3599, where a possible TDE was already observed in December 1990 during the Rosat All-Sky Survey. By light curve modeling and spectral fitting, we account for all these events as the non-disruptive tidal stripping of a single star into a 9.5 yr highly eccentric bound orbit. This is the first example of periodic partial tidal disruptions, possibly spoon-feeding the central black hole.

  14. Geothermal progress monitor. Progress report No. 1


    Progress is reported on the following: electrical uses, direct-heat uses, drilling activities, leases, geothermal loan guarantee program, general activities, and legal, institutional, and regulatory activites. (MHR)

  15. Feeding difficulties in neonates following cardiac surgery: determinants of prolonged feeding-tube use.

    McKean, Elissa B; Kasparian, Nadine A; Batra, Shweta; Sholler, Gary F; Winlaw, David S; Dalby-Payne, Jacqueline


    Aim The aims of this study were to examine the prevalence and potential correlates of feeding difficulties in infants who underwent cardiac surgery in the neonatal period and to investigate resource utilisation by infants with feeding difficulties.

  16. The research progress of acute small bowel perforation

    Rudolf Schiessel


    This article reviews the various aetiologies of small bowel perforations and their management. In addition to the well-known aetiologies such as trauma, inflammation and circulatory disorders, several new causes of small bowel perforation have been described in recent years. The spectrum reaches from iatrogenic perforations during laparoscopic surgery or enteroscopies to drug-induced perforations with new anticancer agents. The management of small bowel perforations requires a concept consisting of the safe revision of the leaking bowel and the treatment of the peritonitis. Depending on the local situation and the condition of the patient, several treatment options are available. The surgical management of the bowel leak can range from a simple primary closure to a delayed restoration of bowel continuity. When the condition of the bowel or patient is frail, the risk of a failure of a closure or anastomosis is too high, and the exteriorization of the bowel defect as a primary measure is a safe option. The treatment of the peritonitis is also dependent on the condition of the patient and the local situation. Early stages of peritonitis can be treated by a simple peritoneal lavage, either performed by laparoscopy or laparotomy. Severe forms of peritonitis with multiorgan failure and an abdominal compartment syndrome need repeated peritoneal revisions. In such cases, the abdomen can only be closed temporarily. Different technical options are available in order to overcome the difficult care of these patients.

  17. Research progress of Tunisian medicinal plants used for acute diabetes

    Wissem Aidi Wannes; Brahim Marzouk


    The use of the medicinal plants in treating diabetes is frequent in Africa, especially in Tunisia, and it is ritually transmitted from generation to generation within cultures. Many of Tunisian medicinal plants have been experimentally validated. A comprehensive re-view was conducted to pile up information from scientific journal articles, including indigenous knowledge researches, about Tunisian medicinal plants used for the treatment of diabetes. The aim of this review article is to provide the reader with information concerning the importance of Tunisian medicinal plants in the treatment of diabetes and to draw attention of the health professionals and scientists working in the field of phar-macology and therapeutics to develop new drug formulations to cure different kinds of diabetes.

  18. Latest progress of research on acute abdominal injuries

    Ionut Negoi; Sorin Paun; Bogdan Stoica; Ioan Tanase; Mihaela Vartic; Ruxandra Irina Negoi; Sorin Hostiuc; Mircea Beuran


    Major abdominal trauma, both blunt and penetrating, is commonly seen nowadays, being particularly difficult to manage due to the frequent altered mental status of the patients and severity of associated injuries. The review article aims to make an uptodate study of the current strategies for therapeutic approach of abdominal injuries in polytrauma setting. Review of the medical literature is up to 2015, by using the PubMed/Medline, Science Direct, Cochrane Library and Web of Science databases. We have used different com-binations of the keywords of“abdominal trauma”,“liver”,“spleen”,“renal”, to review the reference list of retrieved articles for further relevant studies. Nowadays, we are facing a major change in abdominal trauma therapeutic approach, due to the continuous extending indications and very high successful rate of selective nonoperative management, completed or not with minimally invasive techniques like angiography and angiographic embolization. New imaging methods offer a high-quality characterization of solid organ injuries, being a secure support for decision algorithm in polytrauma patients. After a continuous decrease in number of laparotomies for trauma, new techniques should be developed for maintaining and developing the trauma surgeons' skills. According to the current standards, for a low morbidity and mortality, the trauma patients may be approached by a multidisciplinary and experienced trauma team. Even if nonoperative management is continuously expanding, this may be applied only by a trained and skillful trauma surgeon, who is able to perform difficult surgical techniques at any moments.

  19. Latest progress of research on acute abdominal injuries

    Ionut Negoi


    Full Text Available Major abdominal trauma, both blunt and penetrating, is commonly seen nowadays, being particularly difficult to manage due to the frequent altered mental status of the patients and severity of associated injuries. The review article aims to make an uptodate study of the current strategies for therapeutic approach of abdominal injuries in polytrauma setting. Review of the medical literature is up to 2015, by using the PubMed/Medline, Science Direct, Cochrane Library and Web of Science databases. We have used different combinations of the keywords of “abdominal trauma”, “liver”, “spleen”, “renal”, to review the reference list of retrieved articles for further relevant studies. Nowadays, we are facing a major change in abdominal trauma therapeutic approach, due to the continuous extending indications and very high successful rate of selective nonoperative management, completed or not with minimally invasive techniques like angiography and angiographic embolization. New imaging methods offer a high-quality characterization of solid organ injuries, being a secure support for decision algorithm in polytrauma patients. After a continuous decrease in number of laparotomies for trauma, new techniques should be developed for maintaining and developing the trauma surgeons' skills. According to the current standards, for a low morbidity and mortality, the trauma patients may be approached by a multidisciplinary and experienced trauma team. Even if nonoperative management is continuously expanding, this may be applied only by a trained and skillful trauma surgeon, who is able to perform difficult surgical techniques at any moments.

  20. The research progress of acute small bowel perforation

    Rudolf Schiessel


    Full Text Available This article reviews the various aetiologies of small bowel perforations and their management. In addition to the well-known aetiologies such as trauma, inflammation and circulatory disorders, several new causes of small bowel perforation have been described in recent years. The spectrum reaches from iatrogenic perforations during laparoscopic surgery or enteroscopies to drug-induced perforations with new anticancer agents. The management of small bowel perforations requires a concept consisting of the safe revision of the leaking bowel and the treatment of the peritonitis. Depending on the local situation and the condition of the patient, several treatment options are available. The surgical management of the bowel leak can range from a simple primary closure to a delayed restoration of bowel continuity. When the condition of the bowel or patient is frail, the risk of a failure of a closure or anastomosis is too high, and the exteriorization of the bowel defect as a primary measure is a safe option. The treatment of the peritonitis is also dependent on the condition of the patient and the local situation. Early stages of peritonitis can be treated by a simple peritoneal lavage, either performed by laparoscopy or laparotomy. Severe forms of peritonitis with multi-organ failure and an abdominal compartment syndrome need repeated peritoneal revisions. In such cases, the abdomen can only be closed temporarily. Different technical options are available in order to overcome the difficult care of these patients.

  1. Comparison of the effects of acute and chronic psychological stress on metabolic features in rats



    This study was aimed to compare the effects of acute and chronic psychological stress on metabolic factors.Forty-two male Wistar rats were divided into control and stressed groups.Stress was applied by a communication box acutely (1 d) and chronically (15 and 30 d).Blood sampling was carried out by retro-orbital-puncture method.The plasma levels of glucose,cholesterol,triglyceride,insulin,and corticosterone were measured.In addition,feed and water intake,latency to eat and drink,adrenal and body weights were determined.Acute and chronic psychological stress did not significantly change basal plasma corticosterone levels.However,immediately (1 min) after acute exposure to stress,plasma corticosterone level increased compared to that before stress exposure.Acute stress increased plasma insulin levels significantly.Fifteen days of stress exposure resulted in plasma glucose increase.Chronic stress significantly increased feed intake,latency to eat,and adrenal weight compared to acute stress.The body weights of both control and stressed groups increased markedly during the experiment.Homeostasis model assessment of insulin resistance (HOMA-IR) index did not change significantly in the stressed group.In conclusion,application of acute and chronic psychological stress leads to different metabolic and/or behavioral changes but the metabolic changes resulting from acute exposure to stress seem to be more pronounced.

  2. The Best Choice of Treatment for Acute Colonic Diverticulitis with Purulent Peritonitis Is Uncertain

    Hupfeld, Line; Burcharth, Jakob; Pommergaard, Hans-Christian


    Severe stages of acute, colonic diverticulitis can progress into intestinal perforations with peritonitis. In such cases, urgent treatment is needed, and Hartmann's procedure is the standard treatment for cases with fecal peritonitis. Peritoneal lavage may be an alternative to resection for acute...... diverticulitis with purulent peritonitis, but ongoing randomized trials are awaited to clarify this....

  3. Risk factors of acute hepatic failure during antituberculosis treatment: two cases and literature review

    Smink, F.; van Hoek, B.; Ringers, J.; van Altena, R.; Arend, S.M.


    Hepatotoxicity is a well-known side effect of antituberculosis treatment (ATT). If not recognised in time, drug-induced hepatitis can develop, which may rapidly progress to acute liver failure. We describe two patients with acute hepatic failure caused by ATT, whose pretreatment liver function had b

  4. Risk factors of acute hepatic failure during antituberculosis treatment : two cases and literature review

    Smink, F.; van Hoek, B.; Ringers, J.; van Altena, R.; Arend, S. M.


    Hepatotoxicity is a well-known side effect of antituberculosis treatment (ATT). If not recognised in time, drug-induced hepatitis can develop, which may rapidly progress to acute liver failure. We describe two patients with acute hepatic failure caused by ATT, whose pretreatment liver function had b

  5. Moyamoya disease presenting as acute onset cortical blindness: a case report

    Maniram Dudi


    Full Text Available We report a case where acute onset cortical blindness is the mode of presentation in Moyamoya disease. Cortical blindness is very rare presenting symptom of Moyamoya disease. Progressive visual loss and homonymous anopsia has been described previously, but this case had acute visual loss.

  6. Moyamoya disease presenting as acute onset cortical blindness: a case report

    Maniram Dudi; Rajeev Bansal; Trilochan Srivastava; Sardana R.V.


    We report a case where acute onset cortical blindness is the mode of presentation in Moyamoya disease. Cortical blindness is very rare presenting symptom of Moyamoya disease. Progressive visual loss and homonymous anopsia has been described previously, but this case had acute visual loss.

  7. Acute myopericarditis masquerading as acute myocardial infarction

    Wen Tian; Zixin Zhang; Xiaojuan Bai; Dingyin Zeng; Guoxian Qi


    Patients with abrupt onset of chest pain, ischemic ECG abnormalities and elevated levels of cardiac markers could be given a diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction. However, some other diseases should be taken into consideration in this clinical setting when coronary arteries are proven to be normal. Here we report a case of acute myopericarditis with clinical presentation of myocardial infarction and normal coronary anatomy. The Herpes Simplex Virus Ⅱ was considered as the organism causing myopericarditis and the patient was recovered by the treatment with valacicloavir. A precise diagnosis is a prerequisite of successful treatment and favorable prognosis.

  8. Pseudoseptic pseudogout in progressive pseudorheumatoid arthritis of childhood.

    Bradley, J D


    Progressive pseudorheumatoid arthritis of childhood is an uncommon arthropathy of unknown aetiology, which is related to spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia tarda. Previous reports have noted the absence of joint inflammation in this disease. An adult is described here with this arthropathy, who developed episodic acute inflammatory arthritis that mimicked septic arthritis, but proved to be pseudogout. The relation between pseudogout and progressive pseudorheumatoid arthritis of childhood is discussed.

  9. [Acute kidney injury

    Hageman, D.; Kooman, J.P.; Lance, M.D.; Heurn, L.W. van; Snoeijs, M.G.


    - 'Acute kidney injury' is modern terminology for a sudden decline in kidney function, and is defined by the RIFLE classification (RIFLE is an acronym for Risk, Injury, Failure, Loss and End-stage kidney disease).- Acute kidney injury occurs as a result of the combination of reduced perfusion in the

  10. Corticosteroids for acute rhinosinusitis

    Venekamp, R.P.


    Acute rhinosinusitis is a common reason for consultations in general practice, with typically 50 cases seen by a general practitioner annually. Traditionally, acute rhinosinusitis has been regarded as a bacterial infection of the paranasal sinuses. Therefore, numerous randomised controlled trials ha

  11. Leukocytosis in acute stroke

    Kammersgaard, L P; Jørgensen, H S; Nakayama, H


    Leukocytosis is a common finding in the acute phase of stroke. A detrimental effect of leukocytosis on stroke outcome has been suggested, and trials aiming at reducing the leukocyte response in acute stroke are currently being conducted. However, the influence of leukocytosis on stroke outcome has...

  12. Acute recurrent polyhydramnios

    Rode, Line; Bundgaard, Anne; Skibsted, Lillian


    Acute recurrent polyhydramnios is a rare occurrence characterized by a poor fetal outcome. This is a case report describing a 34-year-old woman presenting with acute recurrent polyhydramnios. Treatment with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) and therapeutic amniocenteses was initiated ...

  13. Acute kidney injury during pregnancy.

    Van Hook, James W


    Acute kidney injury complicates the care of a relatively small number of pregnant and postpartum women. Several pregnancy-related disorders such as preeclampsia and thrombotic microangiopathies may produce acute kidney injury. Prerenal azotemia is another common cause of acute kidney injury in pregnancy. This manuscript will review pregnancy-associated acute kidney injury from a renal functional perspective. Pathophysiology of acute kidney injury will be reviewed. Specific conditions causing acute kidney injury and treatments will be compared.

  14. Pharm GKB: Leukemia, Monocytic, Acute [PharmGKB

    Full Text Available Overview Alternate Names: Synonym Acute Monoblastic Leukemia; Acute Monoblastic Leukemias; Acute... Monocytic Leukemia; Acute Monocytic Leukemias; Acute monoblastic leukaemia; Acute monoblastic leukemia; Acute... monocytic leukaemia; Acute monocytic leukemia, morphology; Acute monocytoid leukemia; Leukemia, Acute... Monoblastic; Leukemia, Acute Monocytic; Leukemia, Monoblastic, Acute; Leukemia, Myeloid, Acute... Schilling-Type Myeloid; Leukemias, Acute Monoblastic; Leukemias, Acute Monocytic; M5a - Acute monoblastic leukaemia; M5a - Acute

  15. [Chronic pancreatitis, acute pancreatitis].

    Mabuchi, T; Katada, N; Nishimura, D; Hoshino, H; Shimizu, F; Suzuki, R; Sano, H; Kato, K


    MRCP has been recognized as a safe and noninvasive diagnostic method. In the present study we evaluated the usefulness of MRCP in diagnosis of chronic and acute pancreatitis. Two-dimensional fast asymmetric spin-echo (FASE) MRCP was performed in 40 patients with chronic pancreatitis and 13 with acute pancreatitis. In 29 patients (72.5%) with chronic pancreatitis and 9 (66.7%) with acute pancreatitis, main pancreatic duct (MPD) was visualized entirely. MRCP could demonstrate the characteristic findings of chronic pancreatitis such as dilatation and irregularity of MPD in most cases. In acute pancreatitis, MRCP indicated that MPD was normal in diameter, but irregular in configuration compared with that of the control group. MRCP may facilitate the diagnosis of chronic and acute pancreatitis.

  16. The environmental impacts of the production of concentrated feed: the case of pig feed in Bretagne

    Werf, H.M.G.; Petit, J.; Sanders, J.


    Pig production systems often depend to a large extent on concentrated feed imported from outside the farm. This study used the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) method to assess major environmental impacts associated with the production and on-farm delivery of concentrated feed for pigs. Feed composition

  17. Feeding problems in healthy young children: prevalence, related factors and feeding practices

    Banchaun Benjasuwantep


    Full Text Available The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence, characteristics, and factors related to feeding problems among normal children, and the differences in feeding practices between those with and without feeding problems. Caregivers of 402 healthy children aged between one and four years of age were interviewed by pediatricians involved in the research. Data included the child’s medical history, food intake within a day, and feeding behaviors and practices. Parental socio-economic and demographic information, as well as information on parental education and occupation, and their concerns about feeding their children, was collected. Physical examination and anthropometric measurements were taken. The percentage of children identified as having feeding problems was 26.9%. The first child of a family had an increased risk of having feeding problems [P=0.032, odds ratio 1.68, 95% confidence interval (95%CI 1.04-2.71]. Children with feeding problems were fed less frequently, were less likely to be fed at their own table or at the family table, and had mealtimes longer than 30 min when compared with children without feeding problems (P=0.015, 0.004 and 0.025, respectively. The results highlight that feeding problems in normally developing children are common. During consultations about feeding issues, pediatricians should focus on families with a first child. Topics such as frequency of meals per day, duration of meal-times, and appropriate places for feeding should be discussed.

  18. 艾滋病急性期患者血浆可溶性 CD14的变化与病程进展的相关性%The relationship between plasma soluble CD14 level and disease progression in patients with acute phase of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome


    Objective To investigate the correlation between plasma soluble CD14 (sCD14)level and disease progression in patients with acute phase of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Methods Forty-one human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected patients were followed up from June 2007 to June 2010 in Beijing You′an Hospital,including 20 patients with CD4 + T lymphocyte counts more than 350/μL,and 21 less than 350/μL after 3 years of HIV infection.Twenty healthy blood donors were recruited as controls.Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)was employed to test the plasma sCD14 level of healthy controls and patients infected with HIV at 1 -30 d,31 -90 d,91 - 180 d and 181 -360 d.Student t test was used to compare the means between two groups.ANOVA analysis was used to compare the means among more than two groups.Results The mean plasma sCD14 level in control group was (1 654±904)μg/L.Three years after HIV infection,the sCD14 level of patients with CD4 + T lymphocyte counts less than 350/μL group was (4 214±2 635)μg/L,which was higher than that of patients with CD4 + T lymphocyte counts more than 350/μL ([2 275 ±1 457 ]μg/L).The difference was statistically significant(t=-5 .41 ,P <0.01).The plasma sCD14 level in patients infected with HIV 181 -360 d was significantly higher than that in patients infected with HIV 1 - 30 days ([4 485 ± 2 779]μg/L vs [2 577 ±1 635 ]μg/L;t = -3.39,P <0.05 ).The plasma sCD14 level was positively correlated with HIV viral load (r =0.35,P =0.000 1 ),and negatively correlated with CD4 + T lymphocyte counts (r=-0.28,P =0.001 ).Conclusions The plasma sCD14 level in patients with acute phase of HIV infection is higher than that of healthy people,which increases with prolonged HIV infection.Plasma sCD14 level in of HIV infection acute phase may be closely related to HIV/AIDS progression.%目的:了解艾滋病急性期患者血浆可溶性 CD14(sCD14)水平变化对病程进展的影响。方法纳入2007年6月至2010年6

  19. Diagnostics of the BIOMASS feed array prototype

    Cappellin, Cecilia; Pivnenko, Sergey; Pontoppidan, Kennie Nybo;


    The 3D reconstruction algorithm is applied to the prototype feed array of the BIOMASS synthetic aperture radar, recently measured at the DTU-ESA Spherical Near-Field Antenna Test Facility in Denmark. Careful analysis of the measured feed array data has shown that the test support structure...

  20. Quality assurance for animal feed analysis laboratories

    Balthrop, J.; Brand, B.; Cowie, R.A.; Danier, J.; Boever, de J.L.; Jonge, de L.H.; Jackson, F.; Makkar, H.P.S.; Piotrowski, C.


    Every sector of the livestock industry, the associated services and the wellbeing of both animals and humans are influenced by animal feeding. The availability of accurate, reliable and reproducible analytical data is imperative for proper feed formulation. Only reliable analysis can lead to the gen

  1. 9 CFR 3.129 - Feeding.


    ... 9 Animals and Animal Products 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Feeding. 3.129 Section 3.129 Animals and Animal Products ANIMAL AND PLANT HEALTH INSPECTION SERVICE, DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE ANIMAL... Mammals Animal Health and Husbandry Standards § 3.129 Feeding. (a) The food shall be wholesome,...

  2. Analysis of phenolic compounds for poultry feeds

    Phenolic compounds have generated significant interest recently as feed additives that can impart bioactive characteristics such as anti-oxidant, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal properties to a feed formulation [1-2]. Such natural compounds may offer some preventive benefit to the routine administra...

  3. Does breast feeding influence liver biochemistry?

    Jørgensen, Marianne Hørby; Ott, Peter; Juul, Anders;


    It is assumed that early feeding can affect liver biochemistry because breast-fed infants have a higher risk of hyperbilirubinemia than formula-fed infants. The authors sought to determine how feeding mode affected liver biochemistry in healthy term infants....

  4. Breeding for feed intake capacity in pigs

    Eissen, J.J.


    This thesis deals with feed intake capacity of pigs. By selection, breeding organizations try to achieve genetic improvement in production and reproduction efficiency. Future genetic improvement may become constrained by a limited feed intake capacity of growing pigs and lactating sows, respectively

  5. Coplanar waveguide feed for microstrip patch antennas

    Smith, R. L.; Williams, J. T.


    A coplanar waveguide (CPW) loop is shown to be an effective low VSWR feed for microstrip antennas. The low VSWR transition between the CPW and the antenna is obtained without the use of a matching circuit, and it is relatively insensitive to the position of the antenna and the feed.

  6. Parental perceptions of childhood feeding problems.

    Harvey, Lucy; Bryant-Waugh, Rachel; Watkins, Beth; Meyer, Caroline


    Previous research suggests that parental report of children's feeding corresponds with their child's nutritional intake (Cooke et al., 2006; Ekstein et al., 2010). The current study aimed to determine whether there is a relationship between parental report of children's feeding problems and their child's nutritional intake in a non-clinical population and, in addition, to establish whether parental anxiety (Cooke et al., 2003) can predict whether parental report of feeding problems correspond with the child's intake. Sixty-one parents of children aged two to seven years completed the parent report measure; the Behavioural Paediatric Feeding Assessment Scale as well as a food diary detailing their child's intake, which was analysed using CompEAT nutritional software. They also completed the anxiety subscale of the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale. Previous findings of an association between parent report of feeding problems and child's intake (Cooke et al., 2006) were not replicated. However, an association was found between parents' anxiety and their reports of feeding problems. Parental anxiety was also found to independently predict whether parent report of feeding problems matched the child's intake. Findings highlight the importance of a multifactorial approach to understanding childhood feeding difficulties. This requires replication with a clinical sample.

  7. 78 FR 75515 - Veterinary Feed Directive


    ... HUMAN SERVICES Food and Drug Administration 21 CFR Parts 514 and 558 RIN 0910-AG95 Veterinary Feed... Administration (FDA) is proposing to amend its animal drug regulations regarding veterinary feed directive (VFD..., Center for Veterinary Medicine (HFV-220), Food and Drug Administration, 7519 Standish Pl., Rockville,...

  8. 75 FR 15387 - Veterinary Feed Directive


    ... HUMAN SERVICES Food and Drug Administration 21 CFR Parts 510, 514, and 558 Veterinary Feed Directive... relating to veterinary feed directive (VFD) drugs. FDA's VFD regulation, which became effective on January... CONTACT: Neal Bataller, Center for Veterinary Medicine (HFV-230), Food and Drug Administration,...

  9. Feed restriction enhances the depressive effects of erythromycin on equine hindgut microbial metabolism in vitro.

    Kuhn, Manuela; Guschlbauer, Maria; Feige, Karsten; Schluesener, Michael; Bester, Kai; Beyerbach, Martin; Breves, Gerhard


    Equine typholocolitis is a sporadic diarrheal disease causing high mortality rates. One of the risk factors responsible for this is the oral application of the macrolide antibiotic erythromycin. The aim of the present in vitro study was to investigate whether erythromycin in combination with feed restriction provokes changes in microbial hindgut metabolism and could therefore be involved in the pathogenesis of equine typhlocolitis. As application of erythromycin and feed restriction are risk factors for equine typhlocolitis, both factors were chosen to investigate their individual and combined effects on hindgut microbial metabolism. The colon simulation technique (Cositec) was used to evaluate biochemical parameters of microbial metabolism. Production rates of the acetate, proprionate and butyrate were measured as quantitative parameters of microbial fermentation. Application of erythromycin (10 mg/d) predominantly decreased the production rates of propionate. Reducing the fermentable substrate to 30% induced an even more pronounced impairment. The detrimental effects of feed restriction on the production rates of short-chain fatty acids (SCFA) were enhanced when feed restriction was combined with the application of erythromycin. Irrespective of erytrhomycin, the butyrate fermentation rate was completely inhibited by feed restriction within two days after start of restriction. The reduction in butyrate fermentation rate has to be discussed as a pathophysiological factor for the onset of acute typhlocolitis.

  10. Knot formation in the feeding jejunostomy tube: A case report and review of the literature

    Guo-Shiou Liao; Huan-Fa Hsieh; Meng-Hang Wu; Teng-Wei Chen; Jyh-Cherng Yu; Yao-Chi Liu


    Jejunostomy feeding tubes provide surgeons with an excellent method for providing nutritional support, but there are several complications associated with a tube jejunostomy, including complications resulting from placement of the tube, mechanical problems related to the location or function and development of focally thickened small-bowel folds. A 76-year old man who presented with multiple medical diseases was admitted to our hospital due to aspiration pneumonia with acute respiratory failure and septic shock. He underwent exploratory laparotomy with feeding jejunostomy using a 14-French nasogastric tube for nutritional support. However, occlusion of the feeding tube was found 30- d after operation, and a rare complication of knot formation in the tube occurred after a new tube was replaced. On the following day, the tube was removed and replaced with a similar tube, which was placed into the jejunum for only 15 cm. The patient's feedings were maintained smoothly for two months. Knot formation in the feeding tube seems to be very rare. To our knowledge, this is the third case in the literature review. Its incidence is probably related to the length of the tube inserted into the lumen.

  11. Robotic milking: Feeding strategies and economic returns.

    Bach, Alex; Cabrera, Victor


    Cows in herds equipped with conventional milking parlors follow a structured, consistent, and social milking and feeding routine. Furthermore, in most cases cows in conventional herds receive all their nutrients from a total mixed ration, whereas in herds equipped with robotic or automatic milking systems (AMS) a fraction of their nutrients is provided during milking, mainly as a means to attract cows to the milking system. In this regards, AMS present both a challenge and an opportunity for feeding cows. The main challenge resides in maintaining a minimum and relatively constant milking frequency in AMS. However, milking frequency is dependent on many factors, including the social structure of the herd, the farm layout design, the type of traffic imposed to cows, the type of flooring, the health status of the cow (especially lameness, but also mastitis, metritis, among others), the stage of lactation, the parity, and the type of ration fed at the feed bunk and the concentrate offered in the AMS. Uneven milk frequency has been associated with milk losses and increased risk of mastitis, but most importantly it is a lost opportunity for milking the cow and generating profit. On the other hand, the opportunity from AMS resides in the possibility of milking more frequently and feeding cows more precisely or more closely to their nutrient needs on an individual basis, potentially resulting in a more profitable production system. But, feeding cows in the parlor or AMS has many challenges. On one side, feeding starchy, highly palatable ingredients in large amounts may upset rumen fermentation or alter feeding behavior after milking, whereas feeding high-fiber concentrates may compromise total energy intake and limit milking performance. Nevertheless, AMS (and some milking parlors, especially rotary ones) offer the possibility of feeding the cows to their estimated individual nutrient needs by combining different feeds on real time with the aim of maximizing profits rather

  12. Estimation of costs for control of Salmonella in high-risk feed materials and compound feed

    Martin Wierup


    Full Text Available Introduction: Feed is a potential and major source for introducing Salmonella into the animal-derived food chain. This is given special attention in the European Union (EU efforts to minimize human food-borne Salmonella infections from animal-derived food. The objective of this study was to estimate the total extra cost for preventing Salmonella contamination of feed above those measures required to produce commercial feed according to EU regulation (EC No 183/2005. The study was carried out in Sweden, a country where Salmonella infections in food-producing animals from feed have largely been eliminated. Methods: On the initiative and leadership of the competent authority, the different steps of feed production associated with control of Salmonella contamination were identified. Representatives for the major feed producers operating in the Swedish market then independently estimated the annual mean costs during the years 2009 and 2010. The feed producers had no known incentives to underestimate the costs. Results and discussion: The total cost for achieving a Salmonella-safe compound feed, when such a control is established, was estimated at 1.8–2.3 € per tonne of feed. Of that cost, 25% relates to the prevention of Salmonella contaminated high-risk vegetable feed materials (mainly soybean meal and rapeseed meal from entering feed mills, and 75% for measures within the feed mills. Based on the feed formulations applied, those costs in relation to the farmers’ 2012 price for compound feed were almost equal for broilers and dairy cows (0.7%. Due to less use of protein concentrate to fatten pigs, the costs were lower (0.6%. These limited costs suggest that previous recommendations to enforce a Salmonella-negative policy for animal feed are realistic and economically feasible to prevent a dissemination of the pathogen to animal herds, their environment, and potentially to human food products.

  13. Acute necrotizing colitis with pneumatosis intestinalis in an Amazonian manatee calf.

    Guerra Neto, Guilherme; Galvão Bueno, Marina; Silveira Silva, Rodrigo Otavio; Faria Lobato, Francisco Carlos; Plácido Guimarães, Juliana; Bossart, Gregory D; Marmontel, Miriam


    On 25 January 2014, a 1 mo old female Amazonian manatee Trichechus inunguis calf weighing 12 kg was rescued by air transport in Guajará, Brazil, and transferred to Mamirauá Institute's Community-based Amazonian Manatee Rehabilitation Center. The calf presented piercing/cutting lesions on the back, neck, and head, in addition to dehydration and intermittent involuntary buoyancy. X-ray analysis revealed a large amount of gases in the gastrointestinal tract. Daily procedures included wound cleaning and dressing, clinical and laboratory monitoring, treatment for intestinal tympanism, and artificial feeding. Adaptation to the nursing formula included 2 kinds of whole milk. Up to 20 d post-rescue the calf presented appetite, was active, and gained weight progressively. Past this period the calf started losing weight and presented constant involuntary buoyancy and died after 41 d in rehabilitation. The major findings at necropsy were pneumatosis intestinalis in cecum and colon, pulmonary edema, and hepatomegaly. The microscopic examination revealed pyogranulomatous and necrohemohrragic colitis with multinucleated giant cells, acute multifocal lymphadenitis with lymphoid depletion in cortical and paramedullary regions of mesenteric lymph nodes, and diffuse severe acinar atrophy of the pancreas. Anaerobic cultures of fragments of cecum and colon revealed colonies genotyped as Clostridium perfringens type A. We speculate that compromised immunity, thermoregulatory failure, and intolerance to artificial diet may have been contributing factors to the infection, leading to enterotoxemia and death.

  14. A descriptive study of nasogastric tube feeding among geriatric inpatients in Malaysia: utilization, complications, and caregiver opinions.

    Nordin, Nordiana; Kamaruzzaman, Shahrul Bahyah; Chin, Ai-Vyrn; Poi, Philip J H; Tan, Maw Pin


    The strong emphasis on feeding in Asian cultures may influence decisions for nasogastric (NG) tube feeding in geriatric inpatients. We evaluated the utility, complications, and opinions of caregivers toward NG tube feeding in an acute geriatric ward in a teaching hospital in Kuala Lumpur. Consecutive patients aged 65 years and older receiving NG tube feeding were included. Sociodemographic, clinical, and laboratory indices were recorded. Opinion on NG tube feeding were evaluated through face-to-face interviews with caregivers, recruited through convenience sampling. Of 432 patients admitted, 96 (22%), age ± standard deviation = 80.8 ± 7.4 years, received NG tube feeding. The complication and mortality rates were 69% and 38%, respectively. Diabetes (odds ratio [95% confidence interval] = 3.34 [1.07, 10.44], aspiration pneumonia (8.15 [2.43, 27.24]), impaired consciousness (3.13 [1.05, 9.36]), and albumin ≤26 g/dl (4.43 [1.46, 13.44]) were independent predictors of mortality. Other relatives were more likely than spouses (23.5 [3.59, 154.2]) and caregivers with tertiary education more likely than those with no formal education ( 18 [1.23, 262.7]) to agree to NG feeding. Sixty-four percent of caregivers felt NG tube feeding was appropriate at the end of life, mostly due to the fear of starvation. NG tube feeding is widely used in our setting, despite high complication and mortality rates, with likely influences from cultural emphasis on feeding.

  15. Modulation of the acute phase response following a lipopolysaccharide challenge in pigs supplemented with an all-natural Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation product

    This study was designed to determine if feeding a Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation product to weaned pigs would reduce the stress and acute phase responses (APR) following an acute lipopolysaccharide (LPS) challenge. Pigs (n = 20; 6.4 +/- 0.2 kg body weight) were obtained and transported to an ...

  16. Life-threatening acute lung injury after gamma butyrolactone ingestion

    van Gerwen, M.; Scheper, H.; Touw, D. J.; van Nieuwkoop, C.


    We describe a case of a 44-year-old woman with a borderline personality disorder and chronic gamma-butyrolactone (GBL) use who presented with progressive dyspnoea and an altered mental status. A high anion gap metabolic acidosis and acute lung injury was diagnosed. We hypothesise this was caused by

  17. Optimizing the Treatment of Acute Duct-Destructive Pancreatitis

    Zhakiev, Bazylbek S.; Karsakbayev, Uteugali G.; Kelimberdiev, Mersaid S.; ?uhamedgalieva, Bodagoz M.; K?nonenko, Aleksander F.


    The search for new methods for treating duct-destructive pancreatitis is a relevant problem. Endogenous intoxication and oxidative stress that accompany acute pancreatitis often progress even after surgery, which forces one to search for additional possibilities of preventing these severe consequences. This research studied the effect of small…

  18. Material awareness on natural feeding

    Katarzyna Plagens-Rotman


    Full Text Available introduction. Natural breastfeeding is the only proper way to feed newborns and infants because it ensures their proper development. Breastfeeding enhances health and protects against the development of many diseases in childhood and adulthood. The primary benefits of breastfeeding include reduced incidences of infection in the respiratory system as well as a reduction in gastrointestinal and systemic infections. The benefits of breastfeeding also include decreased inflammation and improved immunity to disease in the infant. Further benefits of breastfeeding are reduced incidences of type 1 diabetes, Crohn’s disease, and rheumatoid arthritis. objective. The aim of the study was to assess the degree of knowledge on maternal breastfeeding among current expecting mothers. materials and method. The study comprtisded 147 mothers hospitalized in the Gynecology-Obstetrics Hospital University of Medical Sciences in Poznań, Poland, during late July – August 2012. results. For 139 (93.88% of the surveyed women, breastfeeding was a priority regarding the health of the child. Respondents most often used professional literature in order to gain knowledge about breastfeeding (63.27%. The least popular way of acquiring knowledge was through the media (27.21%. conclusions. Analysis of the collected material on the surveyed women showed that women have a diverse range of knowledge about breastfeeding. Currently, breastfeeding is required to be promoted and supported by midwives, paediatricians and other health professionals.

  19. Acute neonatal appendicitis: a diagnosis to consider in abdominal sepsis.

    Arias-Llorente, R P; Flórez-Díez, P; Oviedo-Gutiérrez, M; Suárez-Rodríguez, M; Costa-Romero, M; Solís-Sánchez, G; García-López, E


    Appendicitis in the neonatal period is extremely rare. Its low incidence together with non-specific clinical symptoms often mean the diagnosis is delayed, leading to increased rates of peritonitis and mortality. We report the case of a 33-week premature infant, small for gestational age (1180 g at birth), clinically stable and receiving exclusive enteral feeding, who presented clinical manifestations of necrotizing enterocolitis at 14 days of life. Acute phase reactants were elevated and abdominal radiography showed pneumoperitoneum. Laparotomy revealed acute perforated appendicitis without intestinal involvement and purulent fluid in the peritoneum, for which appendectomy was performed. Neonatal acute appendicitis should be considered in the differential diagnosis of abdominal sepsis since early diagnosis and treatment significantly reduce associated morbidity and mortality.

  20. ERCP in acute pancreatitis

    Jijo V Cherian; Joye Varghese Selvaraj; Rajesh Natrayan; Jayanthi Venkataraman


    BACKGROUND:The role of endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) in the management of acute pancreatitis has evolved over years since its introduction in 1968. Its importance in diagnosing the etiology of pancreatitis has steadily declined with the advent of less invasive diagnostic tools. The therapeutic implications of ERCP in acute pancreatitis are many fold and are directed towards management of known etiological factors or its related complications. This article highlights the current status of ERCP in acute pancreatitis. DATA SOURCES:An English literature search using PubMed database was conducted on ERCP in acute pancreatitis, the etiologies and complications of pancreatitis amenable to endotherapy and other related subjects, which were reviewed. RESULTS: ERCP serves as a primary therapeutic modality for management of biliary pancreatitis in speciifc situations, pancreatitis due to microlithiasis, speciifc types of sphincter of Oddi dysfunction, pancreas divisum, ascariasis and malignancy. In recurrent acute pancreatitis and smoldering pancreatitis it has a deifnite therapeutic utility. Complications of acute pancreatitis including pancreatic-duct disruptions or leaks, benign pancreatic-lfuid collections and pancreatic necrosis can be beneifcially dealt with. Intraductal ultrasound and pancreatoscopy during ERCP are useful in detecting pancreatic malignancy. CONCLUSIONS:The role of ERCP in acute pancreatitis is predominantly therapeutic and occasionally diagnostic. Its role in the management continues to evolve and advanced invasive procedures should be undertaken only in centers dedicated to pancreatic care.

  1. Research Progress on the Mechanism of Groundwater Arsenic Contamination Caused by Animal Feed Additives with Roxarsone%畜禽饲料添加洛克沙胂诱发地下水中砷污染的研究进展

    李亚松; 张兆吉; 费宇红; 陈鸿汉


    The roxarsone can improve feed utilization,inhibit harmful bacteria and promote the growth,so it is widely used in livestook and poultry industry.However,most of them were excreted with animal feces and urine due to its low uptake,which can lead to arsenic contamination in soil and groundwater if improper handling appears.Recent years,the livestock and poultry industry has been rapidly developed,a large proportion has not harmless treatment for solid-liquid waste,but stack in open environment casually.The investigation on arsenic contamination in livestock and poultry industry,transformation and adsorption of roxarsone in environment,control of roxarsone contamination were reviewed in the study.%洛克沙胂具有提高饲料利用率、抑制有害菌和促进生长的作用,因此在畜禽养殖业中的应用较为广泛,然而由于其在动物体内吸收量极低,绝大部分随动物粪便和尿液排出体外,若处理不当会导致土壤和地下水环境出现砷污染现象.近年来,我国畜禽养殖业发展较为迅速,但是有些畜禽养殖区已经暴露出严重的砷污染问题.笔者对畜禽养殖砷污染调查研究、洛克沙肿在环境中的转化和吸附作用以及洛克沙胂污染的治理等方面进行了综述.

  2. Feeding Problems in Children with Cerebral Palsy and the Effect of Feeding Problems on Growth

    Tülay Tarsuslu Şimşek


    Full Text Available Introduction: The aim of this study was to determine of feeding problems and the effect of feeding problems on growth in children with cerebral palsy (CP. Materials and Methods: The study was included 278 children who have cerebral palsy. Socio-demographic data and clinical characteristics and feeding problems of the children were recorded. Gross motor function levels and anthropometric measurements (body weight, height, knee length, upper arm length, mid upper arm area, arm and thigh circumferences, arm and forearm length, tibia length, triceps and subscapular skin-fold thickness were taken. Results: Average age of the children was 8.50±4.49 years. 130 (46.8% of the children have had feeding problems and 148 (53.2% have had no feeding problems. Feeding problems were more in children with moderate and severe disability then mild disability (p<0.05. Most common feeding problems were difficulty in swallowing, vomiting, aspiration, difficulty in chewing, slaver and difficulty in holding of food in mouth. There was a significant different between weight, height, body weight, height, knee length, upper arm length, mid upper arm area, arm and thigh circumferences, upper extremities length (arm and forearm length, tibia length, triceps and subscapular skin-fold thickness in children who have feeding problems and have not feeding problem (p<0.05. Conclusions: Periodic anthropometric measurements is most important factors in early determine of feeding problems and feeding deficiency in children with CP and should be considered in the process of rehabilitation.

  3. Demand-feeding rhythms and feeding-entrainment of locomotor activity rhythms in tench (Tinca tinca).

    Herrero, M J; Pascual, M; Madrid, J A; Sánchez-Vázquez, F J


    Tench (Tinca tinca) has been described as a strictly nocturnal species whose locomotor activity rhythms, albeit strongly synchronised by light, have an endogenous nature. Aside from light, a number of other environmental factors, such as mealtime, can act as circadian system synchronisers in fish; however, there is a scarcity of information on tench feeding rhythms. This study describes daily self-feeding rhythms in tench, and analyses the role of feeding time on synchronisation of locomotor activity rhythms. Tench were able to operate string sensor-activated self-feeders, and they displayed a strictly nocturnal behavior, both under indoor and outdoor conditions. Locomotor activity remained strictly nocturnal irrespective of whether tench were fed only during the scotophase (D-feeding) or the photophase (L-feeding). However, no statistically significant differences were detected between both groups in terms of food intake or growth performance. Furthermore, unlike L-feeding, D-feeding elicited a clear anticipatory activity (FAA). When tench were given the possibility of feeding at both times of the day, they showed a clear preference for D-feeding. Finally, in fish exposed to constant darkness (DD), feeding time acted as a true zeitgeber and FAA was observed. When animals were fasted under DD conditions, locomotor activity free-run and 6 out of 12 individuals yielded significant results in the periodogram analysis. Under DD, fish resynchronised when regular food was resumed, with some tench displaying FAA. The obtained results indicated the existence of a feeding-entrainable oscillator (FEO) in tench.

  4. Acute acalculous cholecystitis complicating chemotherapy for acute myeloblastic leukemia

    Olfa Kassar


    Full Text Available Acute acalculous cholecystitis is a rare complication in the treatment of acute myeloblastic leukemia. Diagnosis of acute acalculous cholecystitis remains difficult during neutropenic period. We present two acute myeloblastic leukemia patients that developed acute acalculous cholecystitis during chemotherapy-induced neutropenia. They suffered from fever, vomiting and acute pain in the epigastrium. Ultrasound demonstrated an acalculous gallbladder. Surgical management was required in one patient and conservative treatment was attempted in the other patient. None treatment measures were effective and two patients died. Acute acalculous cholecystitis is a serious complication in neutropenic patients. Earlier diagnosis could have expedited the management of these patients.

  5. Progression of foveola-on rhegmatogenous retinal detachment

    Hajari, Javad Nouri; Kyhnel, Alexander; Bech-Azeddine, Julia


    AIMS: Quantitative assessment of the rate of progression of recent onset posterior rhegmatogenous retinal detachment (RRD). METHODS: A prospective observational study on patients presenting with acute symptomatic primary foveola-on RRD over a 32-month period. Patients were evaluated with optical ...

  6. Hepatitis C virus: risk factors and disease progression

    Grady, B.P.X.


    Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is a single-stranded RNA virus and was first identified in 1989 as a cause for transfusion-associated non-A, non-B hepatitis. Transmission of HCV occurs predominantly via blood-to-blood contact. After acute infection about 75% of those infected progress to a persistent infect

  7. Acute oncological emergencies.

    Gabriel, J


    The number of people receiving systemic anti-cancer treatment and presenting at emergency departments with treatment-related problems is rising. Nurses will be the first point of contact for most patients and need to be able to recognise oncological emergencies to initiate urgent assessment of patients and referral to the acute oncology team so that the most appropriate care can be delivered promptly. This article discusses the role of acute oncology services, and provides an overview of the most common acute oncological emergencies.


    M. Simon


    Full Text Available Purpose. To review scientific sources on the use of feed yeast preparations in feeding of sturgeon species (Acipenserinae. Findings. The review of scientific works demonstrated that feed yeast in the feeding of sturgeons have been used as a source of vitamins and complete protein, the nutritional value of which is significantly higher than in the proteins of plant origin and are similar to the proteins of animal origin. In addition, a unit of yeast protein mass is significantly lower than in the feeds of animal origin. Moreover, based on the content of B group vitamins, feed yeast produced from the grain-potato spent wash exceed fish meal and meat-and-bone meal. The article highlights the peculiarities of the technological process of the production of different feed yeast species, amino acid and fatty acid composition of their preparations, basic physical and chemical parameters of their composition. The examples of feed yeast formulas for sturgeon species based on feed yeast preparations are presented. It was shown that sturgeon species, especially on early stages of their ontogenesis, could effectively use the feed yeast nucleotides. Thus, the latters can be an effective substitute of live zooplanktonic organisms. While the production of some feed yeast preparations (paprin, eprin was stopped in 1990s due to a number of social-economic reasons, the works on the creation of their full analogues was continued later. Currently, the trends of the development of world aquaculture anticipates the return to the use of yeast in fish feeding. Therefore, the interest of the agrarians of Ukraine in yeast lately increased and their use in agricultural sector increased by 2-2.5 times. Practical value. The array of the summarized information will be important for scientists who study the peculiarities of feeding of sturgeon species, because the data about the use of yeast as sources of complete protein in fish feeds is important in a constant search for the

  9. Prognosis of acute and chronic pancreatitis - a 30-year follow-up of a Danish cohort

    Nøjgaard, Camilla


    SUMMARY Acute and chronic pancreatitis are most frequently caused by a high consumption of alcohol and tobacco but often the aetiology is unknown. The diseases have a high risk of complications, but the long-term prognosis and the natural course of the diseases are only sparsely described. The aims...... of the study were to investigate the long-term prognosis of acute pancreatitis (AP) and chronic pancreatitis (CP), the risk of progression to CP, and the natural course of progressive acute pancreatitis. Hereby, describe the prognostic factors associated with mortality and the causes of death in these patients...


    Lysenko Y. A.


    Full Text Available The new feed additives for animals based on milk whey, enriched with sprouting wheat, barley, maize grains and lactic-acid bacterium have been presented in this article. This study explores the possibility of combining the prebiotics ability of milk whey and sprouting grains with feed probiotic attributes of microbe to enhance gut health of animals and digestibility of the feed. Twelve variants of products were tested in the study using the microbial and physical-chemical approaches. All the assays showed high count of microorganism and high content of reducing sugar. The results of investigation indicate that selected feed additive show high quality. An additional point is that it contains useful organic acids (lactic, acetic and propionic acids and 2,1×109 colony-forming unit of probiotics microorganism that hold the concentration for 4 months. There are not yeast, must, coliform bacteria and Staphylococcus aureus in the developed functional feed product. It contributes to the normalization of the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract of animal, suppression of conditionally pathogenic and putrefactive microflora. The elaborated feed component will help to provide combined feed companies with accessible high-quality raw material

  11. Dielectric rod feed for compact range reflector

    Balabukha, Nikolay P; Shapkina, Natalia E


    A dielectric rod feed with a special radiation pattern of a tabletop form used for the compact range reflector is developed and analyzed. Application of this feed increases the size of the compact range quiet zone generated by the reflector. The feed consists of the dielectric rod made of polystyren, the rod is inserted into the circular waveguide with a corrugated flange. The waveguide is excited by the H11-mode. The rod is covered by the textolite biconical bushing and has a fluoroplastic insert in the vicinity of the bushing. Mathematical modeling was used to obtain the parameters of the feed for the optimal tabletop form of the radiation pattern. The problem of the electromagnetic radiation was solved for metal-dielectric bodies of rotation by method of integral equations with further solving of the problem of the synthesis for feed parameters. The dielectric rod feed was fabricated for the X-frequency range. Feed amplitude and phase patterns were measured in the frequency range 8.2-12.5 GHz. Presented re...

  12. Poultry offal meal in broiler chicken feed

    Edney Pereira da Silva


    Full Text Available An outstanding feature of poultry production that provides animal protein yield for human feeding is its short production cycle. This characteristic has a linear relationship with waste production. Increasing the inclusion of this residue in diets in the near future is desirable in step with the growth of poultry production since it offers a better environmental and nutritional alternative to current methods. We evaluated the effects on the performance and carcass characteristics of broiler chickens produced by the inclusion of poultry offal meal (POM in their feed. Treatments consisted of a control diet (corn, Zea mays and soybean, Glycine max and four diets with inclusion of 30, 60, 90 and 120 g kg-1 of POM. The diets were formulated based on the level of digestible amino acid once categorized as isocalcic, isophosphoric, isosodic, isoenergetic and isonutritive for protein, methionine+cystine, lysine and threonine. The feed's electrolytes were corrected so that each diet had the same electrolytic balance. The variables analyzed were feed intake, weight gain, feed conversion ratio, body weight, carcass yield, chicken cut yield and abdominal fat. Feed intake was not affected by the quantities of POM added. The weight gain, feed conversion, carcass yield and noble cuts presented quadratic responses to the treatments. Abdominal fat increased linearly. The performance of the poultry, and carcass characteristics were maximized by the inclusion of 53 and 65 g kg-1, respectively, of POM in the diet, and the inclusion of 120 g kg-1 of POM provided greater disposition of abdominal fat.

  13. Air flow exploration of abrasive feed tube

    Zhang, Shijin; Li, Xiaohong; Gu, Yilei


    An abrasive water-jet cutting process is one in which water pressure is raised to a very high pressure and forced through a very small orifice to form a very thin high speed jet beam. This thin jet beam is then directed through a chamber and then fed into a secondary nozzle, or mixing tube. During this process, a vacuum is generated in the chamber, and garnet abrasives and air are pulled into the chamber, through an abrasive feed tube, and mixes with this high speed stream of water. Because of the restrictions introduced by the abrasive feed tube geometry, a vacuum gradient is generated along the tube. Although this phenomenon has been recognized and utilized as a way to monitor nozzle condition and abrasive flowing conditions, yet, until now, conditions inside the abrasive feed line have not been completely understood. A possible reason is that conditions inside the abrasive feed line are complicated. Not only compressible flow but also multi-phase, multi-component flow has been involved in inside of abrasive feed tube. This paper explored various aspects of the vacuum creation process in both the mixing chamber and the abrasive feed tube. Based on an experimental exploration, an analytical framework is presented to allow theoretical calculations of vacuum conditions in the abrasive feed tube.

  14. Gastroenteric tube feeding: Techniques, problems and solutions

    Blumenstein, Irina; Shastri, Yogesh M; Stein, Jürgen


    Gastroenteric tube feeding plays a major role in the management of patients with poor voluntary intake, chronic neurological or mechanical dysphagia or gut dysfunction, and patients who are critically ill. However, despite the benefits and widespread use of enteral tube feeding, some patients experience complications. This review aims to discuss and compare current knowledge regarding the clinical application of enteral tube feeding, together with associated complications and special aspects. We conducted an extensive literature search on PubMed, Embase and Medline using index terms relating to enteral access, enteral feeding/nutrition, tube feeding, percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy/jejunostomy, endoscopic nasoenteric tube, nasogastric tube, and refeeding syndrome. The literature showed common routes of enteral access to include nasoenteral tube, gastrostomy and jejunostomy, while complications fall into four major categories: mechanical, e.g., tube blockage or removal; gastrointestinal, e.g., diarrhea; infectious e.g., aspiration pneumonia, tube site infection; and metabolic, e.g., refeeding syndrome, hyperglycemia. Although the type and frequency of complications arising from tube feeding vary considerably according to the chosen access route, gastrointestinal complications are without doubt the most common. Complications associated with enteral tube feeding can be reduced by careful observance of guidelines, including those related to food composition, administration rate, portion size, food temperature and patient supervision. PMID:25024606

  15. Gastroenteric tube feeding: techniques, problems and solutions.

    Blumenstein, Irina; Shastri, Yogesh M; Stein, Jürgen


    Gastroenteric tube feeding plays a major role in the management of patients with poor voluntary intake, chronic neurological or mechanical dysphagia or gut dysfunction, and patients who are critically ill. However, despite the benefits and widespread use of enteral tube feeding, some patients experience complications. This review aims to discuss and compare current knowledge regarding the clinical application of enteral tube feeding, together with associated complications and special aspects. We conducted an extensive literature search on PubMed, Embase and Medline using index terms relating to enteral access, enteral feeding/nutrition, tube feeding, percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy/jejunostomy, endoscopic nasoenteric tube, nasogastric tube, and refeeding syndrome. The literature showed common routes of enteral access to include nasoenteral tube, gastrostomy and jejunostomy, while complications fall into four major categories: mechanical, e.g., tube blockage or removal; gastrointestinal, e.g., diarrhea; infectious e.g., aspiration pneumonia, tube site infection; and metabolic, e.g., refeeding syndrome, hyperglycemia. Although the type and frequency of complications arising from tube feeding vary considerably according to the chosen access route, gastrointestinal complications are without doubt the most common. Complications associated with enteral tube feeding can be reduced by careful observance of guidelines, including those related to food composition, administration rate, portion size, food temperature and patient supervision.

  16. Suggestions for a more market-driven feed-in management; Loesungsvorschlaege fuer ein marktnahes Einspeisemanagement

    Schermeyer, Hans; Bertsch, Valentin [Karlsruher Institut fuer Technologie, Karlsruhe (Germany). Arbeitsgruppe Dezentrale Energiesysteme und Netze; Klapdor, Kai; Bergmann, Peter [Becker Buettner Held Consulting AG, Muenchen (Germany); Steinhausen, Burkhard [Trianel GmbH, Aachen (Germany)


    When renewable energy production plants are shut down during times of network congestion this leads to the loss of energy that could be made available at almost no marginal cost. These shutdowns, also referred to as feed-in management, occur without involvement of any kind of market mechanism that could render their coordination more effective. The draft of the coming amendment to what will then be the 2014 Renewable Energy Law foresees ''major changes'' to the rules on feed-in management as a next reform step; the previous reform had brought no progress on this issue. In the context of this coming task the present article discusses the role of feed-in management for the energy economy and describes a decentralised coordination mechanism that would allow a more efficient use of renewable energy.

  17. Restricted fish feeding reduces cod otolith opacity

    Høie, H.; Folkvord, A.; Mosegaard, Henrik


    The purpose of this work was to examine the effect of reduced feeding and constant temperature on cod otolith opacity. Three groups of juvenile cod were given restricted food rations at different times for 4 months, resulting in depressed somatic growth. Otolith opacity was measured on pictures...... in otolith opacity were found between individual fish both within groups and between groups. In two of the three groups significantly more translucent otolith material was deposited in response to reduced feeding. Our results show that variations in feeding and hence fish growth resulted in variation...

  18. About Animal Husbandry and Feed Science


    <正>Animal Husbandry and Feed Science is published to introduce the research achievements of animal husbandry and veterinary workers to the world,enhance their chances to participate in international academic exchange,and promote development of animal husbandry and veterinary.In 2009,Wu Chu(USA-China)Science&Culture Media Co.(Cranston,USA)and Anhui Wuchu Science,Technology and Culture Communication Co.,Ltd(Hefei,China)issued the journal Animal Husbandry and Feed Science(ISSN 1943-9911).The main content is basic theory and applied research about animal husbandry,veterinary,feed science and other related fields.The journal covers many research areas

  19. Behavioral Management of Feeding Disorders of Childhood.

    Silverman, Alan H


    Feeding disorders, characterized by suboptimal intake and/or lack of age-appropriate eating habits, are common and may be seen in up to 45% of children. Feeding disorders are a significant concern to both the affected families and to the providers who treat them. Fortunately, there are well-established behavioral treatments which have been shown to be highly efficacious. This article provides an overview of behavioral assessment and treatment of pediatric feeding disorders, provides guidance in treatment planning, and provides information which may be useful in considering if additional psychological consultation may be beneficial.

  20. Treatment of acute gout.

    Schlesinger, Naomi


    This article presents an overview of the treatment of acute gout. Nonpharmacologic and pharmacologic treatments, monotherapy versus combination therapy, suggested recommendations, guidelines for treatment, and drugs under development are discussed.

  1. Acute genital ulcers.

    Delgado-García, Silvia; Palacios-Marqués, Ana; Martínez-Escoriza, Juan Carlos; Martín-Bayón, Tina-Aurora


    Acute genital ulcers, also known as acute vulvar ulcers, ulcus vulvae acutum or Lipschütz ulcers, refer to an ulceration of the vulva or lower vagina of non-venereal origin that usually presents in young women, predominantly virgins. Although its incidence is unknown, it seems a rare entity, with few cases reported in the literature. Their aetiology and pathogenesis are still unknown. The disease is characterised by an acute onset of flu-like symptoms with single or multiple painful ulcers on the vulva. Diagnosis is mainly clinical, after exclusion of other causes of vulvar ulcers. The treatment is mainly symptomatic, with spontaneous resolution in 2 weeks and without recurrences in most cases. We present a case report of a 13-year-old girl with two episodes of acute ulcers that fit the clinical criteria for Lipschütz ulcers.

  2. Acute Radiation Syndrome

    ... Matters Information on Specific Types of Emergencies Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS): A Fact Sheet for the Public ... is called the radiation dose. People exposed to radiation will get ARS only if: The radiation dose ...

  3. Acute Intermittent Porphyria (AIP)

    ... attacks, but are usually not chronic. Wearing a Medic Alert bracelet is advisable for patients who have ... Week is ONE Month Away! Mar 17, 2017 Access to Care Toolkit for the Acute Porphyrias is ...

  4. Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia

    ... for information in your local library and on the Internet. Good sources include the National Cancer Institute, the ... . Mayo Clinic Footer Legal Conditions and ...

  5. Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML)

    ... for information in your local library and on the Internet. Good sources include the National Cancer Institute, the ... . Mayo Clinic Footer Legal Conditions and ...

  6. Acute mountain sickness

    High altitude cerebral edema; Altitude anoxia; Altitude sickness; Mountain sickness; High altitude pulmonary edema ... Acute mountain sickness is caused by reduced air pressure and lower oxygen levels at high altitudes. The faster you ...

  7. Low back pain - acute

    Backache; Low back pain; Lumbar pain; Pain - back; Acute back pain; Back pain - new; Back pain - short-term; Back ... lower back supports most of your body's weight. Low back pain is the number two reason that ...

  8. Feeding Your 8- to 12-Month-Old

    ... Old Feeding Your 1- to 2-Year-Old Feeding Your 8- to 12-Month-Old KidsHealth > For ... help with the transition from the bottle . continue Feeding Safety Never leave your baby unattended while eating ...

  9. Feeding Your 1- to 3-Month-Old

    ... digest formula more slowly, so if you're bottle-feeding, your baby may have fewer feedings than a ... pour out. Also, resist the urge to finish feeding the bottle when your baby shows those signs of being ...

  10. Acute local radiation injuries

    Gongora, R. (Institut Curie, 75 - Paris (France)); Jammet, H. (Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, ISPN, 92 - Fontenay-aux-Roses (France))


    Local acute radiation injuries do not occur very often. Their origin is generally accidental. They show specific anatomo-clinical features. The clinical evolution and therapeutic behaviour are dependent on the dose level and topographical distribution. The dosimetric assessment requires physical methods and paraclinical investigations. From a study of 60 cases followed by the International Center of Radiopathology, the clinical symptomatology is described and the problems raised to the radiopathologist physician by local acute radiation injuries are stated.

  11. Acute liver failure

    Larsen, Fin Stolze; Bjerring, Peter Nissen


    Acute liver failure (ALF) results in a multitude of serious complications that often lead to multi-organ failure. This brief review focuses on the pathophysiological processes in ALF and how to manage these.......Acute liver failure (ALF) results in a multitude of serious complications that often lead to multi-organ failure. This brief review focuses on the pathophysiological processes in ALF and how to manage these....

  12. [Acute Kidney Injury].

    Brix, Silke; Stahl, Rolf


    Acute kidney injury (AKI) is an important part of renal diseases and a common clinical problem. AKI is an acute decline in renal function. Due to a lack of therapeutic options, prevention and optimal management of patients with AKI are the most important strategies. Although seldom the sole cause of patients' death, AKI is associated with a significant increase in mortality. Our objective is to draw the attention towards the prevention of AKI of non-renal causes.

  13. Acute mastoiditis in children: susceptibility factors and management.

    Spremo, Slobodan; Udovcić, Biljana


    The objective was to review our experience with clinical course, diagnostic and therapeutic profile of children treated for acute mastoiditis, and to investigate for possible susceptibility factors. Study was designed as retrospective review of pediatric patients presenting with acute mastoiditis secondary to acute otitis media over the last 6 years, from 2000 to 2006. The study involved children aged from 1 to 16 years treated for acute mastoiditis and subsequent intratemporal and intracranial complications in Clinic for otorhinolaryngology, Clinic Center Banja Luka. Selected clinical parameters, mastoid coalescence and risk factors for necessity of surgical intervention were analyzed. Medical history review of a total of 13 patients with acute mastoiditis was analyzed. Acute coalescent mastoiditis occurred 11 patients (84%) while noncoalescent form of acute mastoiditis occurred in 2 cases (16%). Intracranial complication occurred in 3 patients (2 meningitis and 1 peridural intracranial abscess), while 2 patients had intratemporal complication (subperiostal abscess) associated to coalescent mastoiditis. We observed clinical profile of acute mastoiditis in regard to pathology found on the tympanic membrane, middle ear mucosa and destructions on the bony wall of the middle ear and mastoid. The main signs of progressive infection were tympanic membrane perforation, pulsatile suppurative secretion from the mucosa, and intratemporal abscess. All patients with coalescent mastoiditis required mastoidectomy, while noncoalescent mastoiditis was treated conservatively with broad-spectrum intravenous antibiotics and myringotomy. In conclusion acute mastoiditis is uncommon but serious complication of acute otitis media in children associated with significant morbidity. Coalescent mastoiditis concomitant with subperiostal abscess, intracranial complications and mastoiditis not responsive after 48 hours to intravenous antibiotics should urge clinician to timely mastoid surgery.

  14. Ischaemic Markers in Acute Hepatic Injury

    Jena, Sushanta Kumar; Nanda, Rachita; Mangaraj, Manaswini; Nayak, Parsuram


    Introduction Hepatic injury of varied aetiology may progress to Acute Liver Failure (ALF). Compromised microcirculation is thought to be a deciding factor of hepatic hypoxia may be involved in disease progression that needs early detection. Ischaemia markers like serum Ischaemia- modified albumin (IMA), ALT-LDH ratio and ALT-LDH index have been suggested for its detection at early stage. Aim To find out the association of Ischaemia markers like serum IMA, ALT-LDH ratio and ALT-LDH index in acute hepatic injury cases. Materials and Methods Forty one diagnosed acute liver injury cases of varied aetiology admitted in Department of Medicine, and Gastroenterology of SCB Medical College, Cuttack were enrolled in the study along with 30 age and sex matched healthy controls. Blood collected at time of admission and at time of discharge (1st day and 7th day) were evaluated for FPG, RFT, LFT, Serum Albumin along with serum LDH, IMA, PT-INR and platelet count. Result Serum bilirubin, hepatic enzymes, IMA, PT-INR was more markedly raised in cases than controls on the 1st day of admission. ALT-LDH ratio and index were significantly low in complicated cases. However, on responding to treatment the ALT-LDH index on 7th day registered a rise in comparison to the 1st day, while serum IMA revealed an insignificant decline showing improvement in hepatic hypoxia. ALT-LDH ratio remains more or less same on response to treatment. Conclusion Serum IMA and ALT-LDH Index reveals association with disease process in Acute Hepatic Injury cases both clinically and biochemically and can be used as supportive parameters for the diagnosis of disease process. PMID:27190791

  15. Acute calcific tendinitis of the flexor carpi ulnaris causing acute compressive neuropathy of the ulnar nerve: a case report.

    Yasen, Sam


    This study reports a case of acute calcific tendinitis of the flexor carpi ulnaris in a 64-year-old woman. She presented with symptoms of acute ulnar nerve compression mimicking a volar compartment syndrome. Owing to rapidly progressive symptoms, emergency surgical exploration was carried out. Intra-operatively a large mass of calcium phosphate carbonate was noted in association with the flexor carpi ulnaris near its insertion at the wrist compressing the ulnar nerve and artery in Guyon's canal. Postoperatively the patient had complete resolution of symptoms. Conservative management with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, rest, splinting, and steroid therapy is recommended for acute calcific tendinitis, but this case suggests a role for surgical treatment when there is acute neural compression and severe pain.

  16. [Research progress of Leber hereditary optic neuropathy].

    Zhang, A-Mei; Yao, Yong-Gang


    Leber hereditary optic neuropathy (LHON; MIM 535000) is one of the most common mitochondrial diseases, with a clinical manifestation of painless, acute or sub-acute bilateral visual loss in young adults leading to blindness and central scotoma. Over 95% of LHON patients were caused by one of three primary mtDNA mutations (m.11778G>A, m.3460G>A and m.14484T>C). Incomplete penetrance and gender bias are two riddles of this disease. Here we summarized recent research progress of LHON, with a focus on the molecular pathogenic mechanisms, clinical features, in vitro experiments and animal models, and prevention and treatment of LHON. In particular, we presented the main findings and challenges in our recent efforts to decipher genetic susceptibility and mechanism of LHON in Chinese patients.

  17. Fast Exact Euclidean Distance (FEED) Transformation

    Schouten, Theo; Broek, van den Egon; Kittler, J.; Petrou, M.; Nixon, M.


    Fast Exact Euclidean Distance (FEED) transformation is introduced, starting from the inverse of the distance transformation. The prohibitive computational cost of a naive implementation of traditional Euclidean Distance Transformation, is tackled by three operations: restriction of both the number o

  18. How to Build an RSS 20 Feed

    Woodman, Mark


    The little orange feed icons are everywhere on the web. From search engines to shopping sites to blogs, Really Simple Syndication (RSS 2.0) has become one of the hottest web technologies going. RSS 2.0 is a powerful - yet surprisingly easy - way to distributing timely content to a web-based audience. This Short Cut will give you the hands-on knowledge you need to build an RSS 2.0 feed. Along the way you'll learn not only the mechanics of building a feed, but industry-accepted best practices for creating feeds that perform well in various situations. Are you ready? Roll up your sleeves, c

  19. Static Water Vapor Feed Electrolyzer Project

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Development of a static vapor feed electrolyzer utilizing an advanced bipolar plate that produces sub-saturated H2 and O2 is proposed. This novel bipolar design can...

  20. Hydrodynamics of Microbial Filter-Feeding

    Andersen, Anders; Nielsen, Lasse Tor; Dolger, Julia; Kiorboe, Thomas


    Microbial filter-feeders form an important group of plankton with significance to the aquatic food webs. While the concept of filter-feeding is straightforward, our quantitative understanding of microbial filter-feeding leaves a lot to be desired. As a model organism, we focus on the filter-feeding choanoflagellate Diaphanoeca grandis. We quantify the feeding flow using particle tracking, and demonstrate that hydrodynamic theory underestimates the observed clearance rate by an order of magnitude. We find similar discrepancies for other choanoflagellate species, highlighting an apparent paradox. To resolve the paradox we argue that D. grandis and other choanoflagellates must have so far unbeknownst morphological features. Specifically, we suggest a flagellar vane that connects the flagellum to the filter, as known in choanocytes of sponges, creating a radically different, and order of magnitude more capable, pumping mechanism. The Centre for Ocean Life is a VKR Centre of Excellence supported by the Villum Foundation.