Sample records for actihaemyl

  1. Experimental studies on radioprotection of the bladder wall by means of medicaments (experiments on 17 female domestic cats)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pust, R.; Weidner, W.; Rothauge, C.F.; Ernst, H.


    The radioprotective effect of Cortisone, Bepanthen and Actihaemyl during a telecobalt irradiation of the bladder with a focal dose of 60 Gy was investigated in 17 female domestic cats. Different clinical and radiological and especially focally shaped modifications were caused by the administration of these medicaments. The modifications are discussed in detail.

  2. [Influence of vasoactive substances on blood sugar and serum insulin in normal and diabetic carbohydrate metabolism (author's transl)]. (United States)

    Heidrich, H; Schirop, T; Fichte, K


    The effect of the following vasoactive substances, which are used in the treatment of peripheral arterial occlusive diseases, was investigated in a randomized study in 36 patients with normal and 52 patients with diabetic carbohydrate metabolism by intravenous infusion on the behaviour of blood sugar and serum insulin (IMI) during simultaneous oral glucose tolerance tests (100 g oligosaccharides). The substances used and the doses given were as follows: protein-free calf-blood extract (Actihaemyl, 0,5 ml per kg body weight), bencyclane (Fludilat, 200 mg), naftidrofuryl (Dusodril, 200 mg, pentoxifyllin (Trenal, 200 mg). The results obtained with the simultaneous treatment and oral glucose tolerance test were compared with a second OGTT carried out at an interval of 3-4 days under the same conditions but without administration of the substances (in a cross-over procedure) and the results of these experiments were compared with those obtained from an untreated control group. In subjects with a diabetic metabolic state, Actihaemyl led to a significant reduction of the blood sugar after oral glucose load (p less than 0,05) without producing any change in serum insulin. The same behaviour was exhibited by Fludilat for the total area integral and by Trental for the first 60 min after the oral glucose load. The change in the blood sugar behaviour was only significantly different from the untreated controls with Actihaemyl (p less than 0,05). In subjects with a normal metabolic state neither blood sugar nor serum insulin (IMI) were altered by any of the substances investigated.