Sample records for acraldehyde


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    采用水溶性聚合单体甲基丙烯酸和丙烯醛在钠基蒙脱土层间直接原位插层聚合制备水溶性甲基丙烯酸-丙烯醛共聚物/蒙脱土纳米复合材料,并采用X射线衍射、透射电镜、红外光谱、热分析仪等对纳米复合材料的结构进行表征.结果表明:聚合物分子与黏土片层之间具有相互作用,甲基丙烯酸和丙烯醛在蒙脱土层问成功发生了聚合,所制备的纳米复合材料属于剥离型纳米复合材料.与未改性的聚合物基体相比,纳米复合材料的热分解温度提高了20多度.与纯铬粉鞣制的胶原相比,采用6%(质量分数,下同)纳米复合材料结合2%铬粉处理胶原可使胶原的各方面性能均得到较大改善,同时,废液中的铬含量减少了50%以上.%Water-soluble poly (methacrylic acid (MAA)-co-acraldehyde (AL))/montmorillonite (MMT)(poly(MAA-co-AL)/MMT)eomposites were prepared using Na+-montmorillonite (Na+-MMT) via in-situ polymerization of methacrylie acid (MAA) and acraldehyde (AL) in aqueous medium. The resulting poly(MAA-eo-AL)/MMT nanocomposites were characterized by X-ray diffrac-tion, transmission electron microscope, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, and thermo-gravimetric analysis. Polymer molecules and clay particles interacted with each other. Moreover, methacrylie acid and acraldehyde were polymerized in the MMT in-ter-lamellar. The nanocomposite formed could be categorized as an exfoliated nanoeomposite. It exhibites more than 20℃ im-provement in thermal degradation temperature, compared to the unmodified polymer counterpart. The improved properties of colla-gen treated with 6% (in mass, the same below) nanocomposites associated with 2% chromate are shown, in contrast to the collagen only treated with chromate. Furthermore, the chrome content of waste liquids decreases by more than 50%.

  2. HPLC Determination of Carbonyl Compounds in Ethanol Used for Cigarettes%高效液相色谱法测定烟用酒精中羰基化合物



    A method of HPI.C for the simultaneous determination of 7 carbonyl compounds, i. e., formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, acetone, acraldehyde, crotonaldehyde, 2-butanone and butyraldehyde, in ethanol used for cigarettes was proposed. In an acidic medium, the sample was derivatized with the derivatizing reagent, 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine (2,4-DNPH). The derivatives of 7 carbonyl compounds were used for HPLC analysis, using Phenomenex Luna 5u C18 column as stationary phase and mixtures of acetonitrile and water mixed in different ratios as mobile phases in gradient elution. PAD at the wavelength of 352 nm was adopted in the determination. Linear relationships between values of peak area and concentration of 7 earbonyl compounds were obtained in the definite ranges, with detection limits (3S/N) in the range of 3.9-9. 9μg ·L^-1. Using samples of blank ethanol as matrixes, tests for recovery were made by standard addition method, and values of recovery obtained were in the range of 97. 0%-99.0%, with values of RSD's (n=5) in the range of 0. 2%--2. 1%.%提出了高效液相色谱法同时测定烟用酒精中7种羰基化合物(甲醛、乙醛、丙酮、丙烯醛、巴豆醛、2-丁酮和丁醛)含量的方法。烟用酒精在酸性条件下经2,4-二硝基苯肼(2,4-DNPH)衍生化,所得衍生物用Phenomenex Luna5uC18色谱柱分离,用不同体积比的乙腈和水混合作流动相梯度洗脱,用二极管阵列检测器于波长352nm处检测。7种羰基化合物的质量浓度分别在一定范围内与其峰面积呈线性关系,检出限(3S/N)在3.9~9.9μg·L^-1之间。以空白烟用酒精为基体进行加标回收试验,回收率在97.0%~99.0%之间,相对标准偏差(n=5)在0.2%~2.1%之间。