Sample records for abreaction

  1. Efficacy of abreactive ego state therapy for PTSD: trauma resolution, depression, and anxiety. (United States)

    Christensen, Ciara; Barabasz, Arreed; Barabasz, Marianne


    Using manualized abreactive Ego State Therapy (EST), 30 subjects meeting DSM-IV-TR and Clinician-Administered PTSD Scale (CAPS) criteria were exposed to either 5-6 hours of treatment or the Ochberg Counting Method (placebo) in a single session. EST emphasized repeated hypnotically activated abreactive "reliving" of the trauma and ego strengthening by the cotherapists. Posttreatment 1-month and 3-month follow-ups showed EST to be an effective treatment for PTSD. Using the Davidson Trauma Scale, Beck Depression II, and Beck Anxiety Scales, EST subjects showed significant positive effects from pretreatment levels at all posttreatment measurement periods in contrast to the placebo treatment. Most of the EST subjects responded and showed further improvement over time. PMID:23153383

  2. The treatment of recalcitrant post-traumatic nightmares with autogenic training and autogenic abreaction: a case study. (United States)

    Sadigh, M R


    Recurrent and frightening dreams are commonly experienced by patients who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder after a motor vehicle accident. Such nocturnal episodes, if left untreated, can result in the experience of severe distress with physical, emotional, and psychophysiological concomitant. The present single-case study investigated the effects of the standard autogenic exercises and autogenic abreaction in reducing the frequency and severity of post-traumatic nightmares in a survivor of a car crash. The patient was also instructed in two additional organ-specific formulas in order to improve her sleep. The results of the study showed that the interventions were successful in effectively treating the patient's distressing nightmares. Follow-up data suggested that the treatment effects persisted after the termination of therapy. Suggestions for future investigations are discussed. PMID:10652639

  3. Psychodrama Participants' Perception of Therapeutic Factors. (United States)

    Kellermann, Peter Felix


    Administered questionnaire to 40 psychodrama participants and 42 controls with no psychotherapy experience to assess which specific events they would find helpful in psychotherapy. Psychodrama participants perceived emotional abreaction and cognitive insight most helpful while controls considered nonspecific healing aids most helpful. Suggests…

  4. Resistance to Healing the Wounded Self: A Psychodynamic Rationale for a Targeted Treatment. (United States)

    Barabasz, Arreed; Barabasz, Marianne; Christensen, Ciara


    The purpose of this article is to shed light on the psychodynamic complexities of the resistance encountered in treating the wounded self. Conceptualized on the basis of ego state therapy it offers a rationale for the use of precision-targeted abreactive hypnosis to treat these patients. Grounded in evidence-based efficacy research, the authors also briefly explain how to target treatment in wounded-self patients. PMID:27196012

  5. Sexual Trauma at the Salpetriere. (United States)

    Ross, Colin


    Jean-Martin Charcot who studied hysteria at the Salpetriere hospital in Paris late in the nineteenth century is often portrayed as a great neurologist. According to standard accounts, his female hysterical patients imitated the seizures of epileptic patients at the Salpetriere in order to get attention because of their dramatic, self-centered natures. They were also prone to making false allegations of childhood sexual abuse. In fact, the so-called hysterical seizures were often abreactions of rapes. The patients commonly had extensive childhood sexual abuse histories, and sexual misconduct by doctors was endemic at the Salpetriere. The pathological counter-transference towards "hysterical women" at the Salpetriere has been repeated in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries in attitudes expressed towards dissociative identity disorder. PMID:27108472

  6. "Recovered-memory" therapy: profession at a turning point. (United States)

    Feigon, E A; de Rivera, J


    Six hundred Massachusetts-registered psychiatrists were surveyed for their opinions on items plausibly related to the production of false memories of childhood sexual abuse. One hundred fifty-four psychiatrists completed the written questionnaire. A majority of respondents (69%) endorsed the following statement: "The numbers of false accusations of childhood sexual abuse, appearing to emerge from the psychotherapy of adults, constitute a real problem needing public acknowledgment as such by the mental health professions." Nevertheless, a substantial minority endorsed the following practices: 37% endorsed searching for childhood roots of presenting complaints; 36% endorsed validation (expressed belief) of the patient's memories as an essential part of therapy; 36% believed in appropriateness of affect as an indicator of truth in memories; 36% believed in the therapeutic value of abreaction; 26% would refer presumed survivors of abuse to specialists in incest recovery; 18% believed in ritual abuse as an important cause of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and dissociative disorders; 18% trusted symptom checklists as indicators of sexual abuse histories; and 15% believed that memory is a complete record of the individual's history. Small minorities (6% to 8%) endorsed these practices: using hypnosis to gain access to repressed memories of childhood abuse; patient confrontation of alleged abusers; and recommending the severing of contacts with skeptical family members. A factor analysis was performed, and it was found that self-designated specialists were more likely than nonspecialists to score toward the riskier pole of the four factors extracted. PMID:9829140

  7. On Annie Baby's Composing Psychology from the Perspective of Psychoanalysis%安妮宝贝创作心理的精神分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Psychoanalytic psychology explores preconsciousness or subconsciousness in human culture and behaviors.One ex-planation for writers'composing behaviors in psychoanalysis is abreaction.In the perspective of psychoanalysis,the death,leav-ing,rebellion,and indifference expressed in Annie Baby's works are the life experiential reflection of most urban marginal per-sons,including Annie Baby herself.%精神分析心理学探究人类文化和行为的前意识或潜意识,为宣泄而创作是精神分析学对作家行为的一种解释。从精神分析角度来看,安妮宝贝的作品中所表达的死亡和告别、叛逆和冷漠,是包括安妮宝贝本人在内的城市边缘大众生活经历的反映。

  8. Catharsis: Psychoanalysis and the theatre. (United States)

    Vives, Jean-Michel


    The notion of catharsis, in relation to tragedy, was introduced by Aristotle in his work Poetics. Over the centuries, Aristotle's innovative and enigmatic reference to this process has been widely commented on and given rise to intense controversy. In 1895, Freud and Breuer reconsidered this notion in their Studies on Hysteria, where they present the so-called cathartic therapeutic method. It is not, however, this aspect of psychoanalytical theory that the author of this article seeks to elucidate: drawing on a detailed study of the references to tragic catharsis in the work of Freud and Lacan, the author proposes to examine their implications for psychoanalytic treatment.With specific reference to Freud's article Psychopathic characters on the stage (1905) and Lacan's commentary on Sophocles' Antigone (1960), the author argues that catharsis is to be understood not so much as a mechanism of discharge linked to abreaction, but rather as the actual analytic process itself during which the Subject is 'unveiled' and thus faced with the enigma of his own desire. PMID:21843246

  9. 经行风疹的中药周期性治疗%Periodical treatment of Chinese herbs for menstrual rubella

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    The mechanism of menstrual rubella formed to be different shapes, characterized by itchy welts and attacked patient recurrently, they frequently came before menstruation and through the menstrual period. The mechanism of menstrual rubella in Chinese theory is heat accumulated in Yangming meridian and fur offended by wind-heat. The treatment for menstrual rubella is periodical treatment according to menstrual cycle. The basic principal is abreacting wind, nourishing Wood and eliminating heat in the premenstrual period, driving wind and removing heat in the menstrual period, nourishing blood and calming wind after menstruation. After the treatment, the chronic urticaria was cured and never attacked the patients before or during menstruation days any more.%经行风疹块,每值临经或行经期间,全身皮肤突起疹块,疹形大小不一,瘙痒异常,甚则融合成片,经净渐退,常反复发作,迁延不愈.若经行风疹为阳明积热于内,风热外侵皮毛;治疗可按月经周期性治疗,经前疏风养血,清热除湿;经期祛风清热;经后主要予以养血熄风治疗为基本治疗原则.

  10. Transference and katharsis, Freud to Aristotle. (United States)

    Turri, Maria Grazia


    Aristotle's theory of tragic katharsis is the most ancient and debated theory of the effect of the theatrical experience on the audience. It affirms that tragedy effects the katharsis of fear and pity, engaging readers with the controversy whether by katharsis Aristotle meant purification of the emotions (i.e. their perfection within the mind) or purification of the mind from the emotions (i.e. their abreaction from the mind). In this paper I will explore how Freud's theory of transference can suggest a new interpretation of Aristotle's tragic katharsis. Transference allows for the representation and expression of repressed emotions through the re-enactment of past relational dynamics. Although this process is essential to the psychoanalytic method, it is the subsequent analytic endeavour which allows for the "working through" of repressed emotions, bringing into effect the transference cure. I argue that the dynamic between emotional arousal in re-enactment and emotional distancing in analysis offers an effective parallel of the dynamic between katharsis of fear and katharsis of pity in Aristotle's theory. Such interpretation of tragic katharsis suggests that the theatrical effect in audiences may be an opportunity for self-analysis and the 'working through' of unconscious psychic dynamics. PMID:25327434

  11. On Garden of Heart---Plan on Mental Remedy Garden at College%“蕊园”--关于高校心理修复花园的规划

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    针对大学生心理问题现状,依据心理修复途径及心理修复花园规划理论,通过合理的景点及景观设施布置,来实现心理修复的目标,于此拓展风景园林新的功能、内涵与意义,同时为高校心理健康教育提供有效的辅助手段。%Recent years has often seen psychological problems of college students .The mental health edu‐cation is of increasing importance .The campus landscape ought to provide a mental remedy platform for students to confide ,abreact ,train ,encourage ,adjust and educate by oneself ,besides conventional service of learning ,leisure ,ornament and recreation .Aiming at actuality of the psychological problems of college students ,the objective of mental remedy has been achieved in this paper by means of suitable layout of view spots and landscape facilities ,according to the approach of mental remedy and the design theories of mental remedy garden ,herein new function ,connotation and significance of landscape architecture will be expanded ,and effective auxiliary means been provided for mental health education in colleges as well .

  12. [The tribute of the pioneer of hypnotherapy--Franz Anton Mesmer, MD, PhD in the history of psychotherapy and medicine]. (United States)

    Radovancević, Ljubomir


    Modern hypnosis started with the Austrian physician Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815), who believed that the phenomenon known as mesmerism, or animal magnetism, or fluidum was related to an invisible substance--a fluid that runs within the subject or between the subject and the therapist, that is, the hypnotist, or the "magnetizer". The term hypnosis was introduced in the 1840s by a Scottish surgeon James Braid (1795-1860), who believed the subject to be in a particular state of sleep--a trance. In the late 19th century, a French neurologist Jean Martin Charcot (1825-1893) thought hypnotism to be a special physiological state, and his contemporary Hyppotite-Marie Bernheim (1840-1919) believed it to be a psychological state of heightened suggestibility. Sigmund Freud, who studied with Charcot, used hypnosis early in his career to help patients recover repressed memories. He noted that patients would relive traumatic events while under hypnosis, a process know as abreaction. Freud later replaced hypnosis with the technique of free associations. Today, hypnosis is used as a form of therapy (hypnotherapy), a method of investigation to recover lost memories, and research tool. According to Caplan & Sadock, F.A. Mesmer is generally thought of as the fons et origo of modern psychotherapy; and from the early techniques of mesmerism, it is said, have evolved the more elaborate and sophisticated therapeutic measures of the analyst and his colleagues. Although Mesmer was certainly dealing with individuals suffering from a variety of neurotic disorders, and though the clinical successes he achieved were the result of psychological processes that his procedures induced in his patients, Mesmer's theoretical formulations, his understanding of the nature of the treatment he developed, and his specific procedures were all totally different from those of the 20th century analyst. He was one of the corne stones in the development of psychoanalysis through hypnosis mainly of hysterical

  13. Prevalence of Internet addiction and influencing factor among middle school students in Xuhui District of Shanghai%徐汇区中学生网络成瘾情况及其影响因素分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    郑光; 沙吉达; 杨帆; 刘锋; 倪红伟


    Objective To study the effect on health of middle school students with Internet addiction in Xuhui District of Shanghai, and to provide evidence for the intervention.Methods Students in six middle schools in Xuhui District of Shanghai were selected randomly, and the Internet using condition, Internet addiction disorders, life style and health status were investigated with a self-designed questionnaires.Results About 4.08% students had internet addiction disorders; the students in Internet addiction groups scored higher on the factors of harmonious, anxiety, depression and the total score of GHQ - 12 than the students in non Internet addiction group did, which had statistical difference.The study time, physicalexercise time, sleeping time, and hobby time decreased.Satisfied own requirement, using computer for game, browsing on internet for abreaction, gaining satisfaction by Internet game were the most important influencing factor.Conclusion The Internet addiction disorder has effects on midile school students’ physical and psychologieal health.%目的 探讨上海市某区中学生计算机使用成瘾情况及其影响因素,为青少年网络成瘾的干预提供依据.方法 在上海市某区随机抽取6所中学(3所初中、3所高中)的2 277名学生作为研究对象.使用自编问卷进行调查,内容包括青少年计算机使用状况、网络成瘾状况、生活方式和健康状况.结果 网络成瘾者占4.08%,成瘾人群的自我和谐因子、焦虑因子,沮丧因子以及三者综合的GHQ量表中有障碍人群比例高于无障碍人群中学生,差异有统计学学意义;网络成瘾者学习时间、体育活动时间、睡眠时间、业余爱好时间、参加娱乐时间均有不同程度的降低.上网能否满足自己的需要、使用计算机主要用于游戏、上网只是为了发泄、上网游戏具有满足感对网络成瘾的影响作用较大.结论 中学生网络成瘾对心理和生理健康有较大的影响.

  14. What becomes of infantile traumatic memories? An adult "wild child" is asked to remember. (United States)

    Terr, Lenore C


    A severely traumatized child, acting like a wild animal, was removed from her parents at thirteen months of age when her three-week-old sister was found, bitten and shaken to death. (Her father was later convicted of manslaughter and imprisoned.) The older child was also covered with bite marks. When she was twenty-nine months old, this child, whom I call "Cammie," was brought to me from miles away by herfoster parents for once-monthly psychotherapy. I have treated her, stressing abreaction, context, and correction, once a month ever since. When she was five years old Cammie's foster family adopted her. She is now twenty-two. I call her the "wild child" because of the growly voice, vomiting at will, grabbing at the genitalia of strangers, and cruelties to animals that she exhibited after her rescue. Presently she attends college and is training to be a preschool teacher or an aide to pediatricians. I have taken notes on what Cammie says and does during the twenty years she has come to me. In the spring of 2011, I was asked to speak later that year about infantile memories at the Margaret Mahler Symposium, Columbia University, New York. With the organizing committee's approval, I accompanied Cammie and her adoptive mother to the October 1, 2011, meeting and asked her in front of the psychoanalytic audience to recount her oldest remembrances. She, her mother, and I spoke about the nonverbal manifestations of her memory as well. I had briefly prepared Cammie and her mother for our presentation at the Mahler Symposium, but for the most part, it was spontaneous and unrehearsed. Their comments are quoted in this article. At twenty-two the "wild child" reports no verbal memory from her first year. On the other hand, her behaviors, attitudes, and perceptions over the years have reflected what occurred to her and indicate very active nonverbal memories of the traumatic experiences. Fragments of verbal memory that she recounted in therapy between ages two and three have

  15. 入世出世心理对高中生自我效能感及应对方式的中介作用%Mediating effect of going into the world and leaving the world between self-efficacy and coping style of high school students

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张瑾; 闫春平; 张改叶


    目的 探讨入世出世心理对高中生自我效能感与应对方式的中介作用,为高中生解决问题能力的提高提供依据.方法 采用分层整群随机抽样法,采用一般自我效能感问卷、入世出世心理问卷和中学生应对方式量表对新乡市2所高中高一至高三年级共578名学生进行调查.结果 拼搏精神对问题解决和寻找积极的合理化解释具有正向预测作用(β值分别为0.343,0.230,P值均<0.01);低要求对高中生问题的解决起负向预测作用,对逃避有正向的预测作用(β值分别为-0.106,0.355,P值均<0.01);平常心对积极的合理化解释有正向预测作用,对发泄情绪和幻想否认有负向预测作用(β值分别为0.084,-0.188,-0.125,P值均<0.05).结论 入世出世心理对高中生自我效能感与应对方式存在一定的中介作用.培养高中生平和的心态对于强化自我效能感,促使其采取更多的积极应对方式去解决问题具有重要的现实意义.%Objective To investigate the mediating effect of going into the world and leaving the world between self-effica-cy and coping style, and to provide evidence for senior high school students' problem solving. Methods Using stratified random cluster sampling investigation, self-efficacy questionnaire, going into the world and leaving the world psychological questionnaire and coping style inventory to make a research on 578 high school students in Xinxiang city- Results The spirit of striving has a positive prediction on problem-solving and finding positive appropriate explanation (β=0.343 ,0. 230,P<0.01) ;Low demand had a negative prediction on high school students problem-solving, and a positive prediction on withdrawal(β = -0. 106,0. 355,P< 0.01) ;The usual mind had a positive prediction on positive appropriate explanation and had a negative prediction on abreacting mood and fantasy denied(β = 0.084 , P<0. 05 ;β= -0. 188 , P<0. 01 ;β= -0. 125 ,P<0. 01). Conclusion Going

  16. Regulatory emotional self-efficacy and coping style in deaf-mute sutdents%聋哑生的情绪调节自我效能感及应对方式

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘佩玲; 黄时华; 梁尚清


    seeking, rationalized explanation and patience of CSSMSS [e. G. , problem solving, (3. 5 ±0. 9) vs. (3. 9 ±0. 9), Ps <0.05], but higher in fantasy/repudiation of CSSMSS [(2. 4 ±0.5) vs. (2.3 ±0. 6), P <0. 05]. In the deaf-mute students, the scores of self-efficacy in expressing positive emotion of RESE were positively correlated with the scores of problem solving, support seeking and patience (β =0.24,0. 37,0. 22; P <0. 05). The scores of self-efficacy in managing distress were positively correlated with the scores of rationalize explanation and fantasy/repudiation (β =0. 28, 0. 21; P <0. 05). The scores of self-efficacy in managing anger were positively correlated with the scores of problem solving, seeking support, patience and abreaction (β =0. 29,0. 23,0. 34,0. 30; P <0. 05). Conclusion: It www cmhj. Cnsuggests that the deaf-mute middle school students may have lower regulatory emotional self-efficacy and be inclined tci use less problem solving, seeking support, rationalize explanation and patience coping styles, but more coping styles in fantasy/repudiation. The higher the regulatory emotional self-efficacy is, the more positive the coping effects are.

  17. 父母教养方式和应对方式对问题青少年出现问题行为的影响研究%The Influence of Parenting Style and Goping Style on the Occurrence of Problem Behaviors Among Troubled Adolescents

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    许标; 樊春雷; 高文斌


    Objective To explore the influence of parenting style and coping style on the occurrence of problem behaviors among troubled adolescents .Methods From March to October 2014, by using convenience sampling method , we selected 120 troubled adolescents from a special rectification school as problem group and 126 students from a middle school as control group in Hunan Province.Achenbach′s YSR scale, EMBU questionnaire and the scale of the coping style of middle school students were employed to investigate problem behaviors of adolescents , parenting style and coping style .The influence of parenting style and coping style on the total score of YSR was investigated by using stepwise regression analysis .Results The numbers of effective respondents were 112 and 109 for the problem group and the control group respectively .The problem group was higher ( P<0.05 ) than the control group in the total score of YSR .The problem group was lower ( P<0.05 ) than the control group in the scores of fatherly affection and understanding and maternal affection and understanding ; the problem group was higher (P<0.05) than the control group in the scores of father′s punishment, rigor, over-interference, refusal, denial and over-protection and mother′s punishment, rigor, over-interference, refusal, denial and over -protection.The problem group was higher ( P <0.05 ) than control group in the scores of emotion -focused coping , endurance , escape , emotion abreaction and illusion.Father′s refusal and denial, mother′s over-interference and over-protection and emotion -focus coping positively predicted the total score of YSR , and mother′s punishment and vigor negatively predicted the total score of YSR .These factors could explain the 50%of total variation.Gonclusion Both parenting style and coping style are influencing factors for the occurrence of problem behaviors among troubled adolescents .%目的:探讨父母教养方式和应对方式对问题青少年出现问