Sample records for zirconia-alumina para aplicacao

  1. Synthesis and ceramic processing of zirconia alumina composites for application as solid oxide fuel cell electrolytes; Sintese e processamento de compositos de zirconia-alumina para aplicacao como eletrolito em celulas a combustivel de oxido solido

    Garcia, Rafael Henrique Lazzari


    The global warmness and the necessity to obtain clean energy from alternative methods than petroleum raises the importance of developing cleaner and more efficient systems of energy generation, among then, the solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC). Cubic stabilized zirconia (CSZ) has been the most studied material as electrolyte in SOFC, due to its ionic conductivity and great stability at operation conditions. However, its low fracture toughness difficulties its application as a thin layer, what could lead to an improvement of cell efficiency. In this sense, the alumina addition in CSZ forms a composite, which can shift its mechanical properties, without compromising its electrical properties. In this work, coprecipitation synthesis route and ceramic processing of zirconia-alumina composites were studied, in order to establish optimum conditions to attain high density, homogeneous microstructure, and better mechanical properties than CSZ, without compromising ionic conductivity. For this purpose, composites containing up to 40 wt % of alumina, in a 9 mol % yttria-stabilized zirconia (9Y-CSZ) matrix were evaluated. In order to optimize the synthesis of the composites, a preliminary study of powder obtaining and processing were carried out, at compositions containing 20 wt % of alumina, in 9Y-CSZ. The ceramic powders were characterized by helium picnometry, X-ray diffraction, scanning electronic microscopy, transmission electronic microscopy, thermogravimetry, differential scanning calorimetry, granulometry by laser diffraction and gas adsorption (BET). The characterization of sinterized compacts were performed by X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, optical microscopy, density measurements, Vickers indentation and impedance spectroscopy. The obtained results show that the alumina addition, in the 9Y-CSZ matrix powders, raises the specific surface area, promotes deagglomeration of powders and elevates the oxides crystallization temperature, requiring higher

  2. Toughening and strengthening mechanism of zirconia-alumina multiphase ceramics

    Yu, M.Q.; Fan, S.G. [Research Inst. of Synthetic Crystals, Beijing, BJ (China); Shen, Q.; Zhang, L.M. [Wuhan Univ. of Technology (China)


    In the present study, the effect of compositions on the mechanical properties of zirconia-alumina multiphase ceramics was studied. The results showed that with the variety of ZrO{sub 2} content, the change of bending strength and fracture toughness of the multiphase ceramics exhibited a saddle shape which could be divided into three zones: ZTA, ADZ, and Transition zone. The mechanism of toughening and strengthening in each zone was mainly analyzed, and it was found that stress-induced transformation toughening of ZrO{sub 2} and dispersion strengthening of Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} were the two main factors. (orig.)

  3. Aqueous combustion synthesis and characterization of zirconia-alumina nanocomposites

    Kishan, J.; Mangam, Venu; Reddy, B.S.B.; Das, Siddhartha [Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, West Bengal 721302 (India); Das, Karabi, E-mail: karabi@metal.iitkgp.ernet.i [Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, West Bengal 721302 (India)


    The zirconia-alumina nanocomposite powders with 3-48 mol% of alumina are prepared by aqueous combustion synthesis technique using stoichiometric amounts of aluminium nitrate, zirconyl nitrate and glycine. The nanopowders are compacted uniaxially and sintered at 1000 {sup o}C temperature in a muffle furnace. Thermodynamic modeling of the combustion reaction shows that, as the alumina content increases, the amount of gases produced increases with a decrease in the adiabatic flame temperature. The green and sintered densities of cold press composite powders decrease with an increase in the mol% of alumina.

  4. Preparation of zirconia-alumina powder by co-precipitation


    A zirconia-alumina powder with a near spherical shape and an average size of 0.1 ~ 0.2μm was prepared byco-precipitation. XRD analysis shows that α-Al2O3 phase may be directly transformed from amorphous in calcining the hydroxide composite. The ZrO2-Al2O3 composite ceramics manufactured from this powder has the maximum fracture toughness of 9 M Pa·m- 1/2 at 15 % ZrO2 and 740 MPa fracture strength at 5 % ZrO2. Zirconia grains about 1 μm in diameter aredispersed uniformly in the alumina ceramic matrix

  5. Zirconia-alumina-nanodiamond composites with gemological properties

    Díaz, Luis A.; Montes-Morán, Miguel A.; Peretyagin, Pavel Y.; Vladimirov, Yuriy G.; Okunkova, Anna; Moya, José S.; Torrecillas, Ramón


    Nanodiamonds have excellent mechanical and optical properties with a wide range of potential applications as a filler material for nanocomposites. Here, we present a new family of zirconia-alumina-nanodiamond composites using two main processing routes: (1) a colloidal method, and (2) power mixing homogenization. Composites with detonation nanodiamonds quantities ranging within 0.3-5 vol.% followed by a pulsed electrical current sintering at a temperature range from 1,200 to 1,500 °C have been analyzed, and a significant enhancement in mechanical properties, i.e., indentation hardness (16.17 GPa), fracture toughness (15.5 MPa m1/2), and bending strength (1,600 MPa), could be observed. To support these excellent properties, TEM, color, reflectivity, and Raman spectroscopy measurements were also carried out. The microstructure of the composites is very homogeneous with average grain sizes between 200 and 500 nm depending on the processing temperature. Two morphologies are present: (a) intergranular dispersion of alumina grains and nanodiamonds distributed along the grain boundaries of the ZrO2 matrix, and (b) intragranular nano-dispersion of ZrO2 particles with sizes 20-80 nm located inside the alumina grains. In the present article, we show, for the first time in the scientific literature, a continuous palette of gray color gradation of new ceramic materials of metalized colors (white index L* 98-40) for gemological applications.

  6. Influence of Alumina Addition on the Optical Property of Zirconia/Alumina Composite Dental Ceramics

    JIANG Li; LIAO Yunmao; LI Wei; WAN Qianbing; ZHAO Yongqi


    The influence of various alumina additions on the optical property of zirconia/alumina composite ceramics was investigated.The relative sintered densities,transmittances,color and the microstructure of the composite ceramics were studied.The experimental results showed that the relative sintered densities and transmittances decreased with alumina addition.The lightness increased obviously but the chroma change was small.Pure zirconia nanopowders sintered densely could obtain the relatively high transmittance,while the transmittance and the lightness of slight addition changed significantly.The zirconia/alumina composite ceramics with alumina addition less than 7.5wt% could achieve the relatively stable and reliable optical properties.

  7. Effect of testing methods on the bond strength of resin to zirconia-alumina ceramic : microtensile versus shear test

    Valandro, Luiz F.; Ozcan, Mutlu; Amaral, Regina; Vanderlei, Aleska; Bottino, Marco A.


    This study tested the bond strength of a resin cement to a glass-infiltrated zirconia-alumina ceramic after three conditioning methods and using two test methods (shear-SBS versus microtensile-MTBS). Ceramic blocks for MTBS and ceramic disks for SBS were fabricated. Three surface conditioning (SC) m

  8. Effect of testing methods on the bond strength of resin to zirconia-alumina ceramic: microtensile versus shear test

    VALANDRO, LUIZ F.; Ozcan, Mutlu; AMARAL, REGINA; Vanderlei, Aleska [UNESP; Bottino, Marco A.


    This study tested the bond strength of a resin cement to a glass-infiltrated zirconia-alumina ceramic after three conditioning methods and using two test methods (shear-SBS versus microtensile-MTBS). Ceramic blocks for MTBS and ceramic disks for SBS were fabricated. Three surface conditioning (SC) methods were evaluated: (1) 110-mu m Al(2)O(3)+Silanization; (2) Chairside silica coating+silanization: (3) Laboratory silica coating+silanization. Following surface conditioning, the resin cement (...

  9. Effect of testing methods on the bond strength of resin to zirconia-alumina ceramic: microtensile versus shear test.

    Valandro, Luiz F; Ozcan, Mutlu; Amaral, Regina; Vanderlei, Aleska; Bottino, Marco A


    This study tested the bond strength of a resin cement to a glass-infiltrated zirconia-alumina ceramic after three conditioning methods and using two test methods (shear-SBS versus microtensile-MTBS). Ceramic blocks for MTBS and ceramic disks for SBS were fabricated. Three surface conditioning (SC) methods were evaluated: (1) 110-microm Al2O3+silanization; (2) Chairside silica coating+silanization; (3) Laboratory silica coating+silanization. Following surface conditioning, the resin cement (Panavia F) was bonded to the conditioned ceramics. Although no statistically significant differences (p = 0.1076) were seen between the test methods, results yielded with the different surface conditioning methods showed statistically significant differences (p SC1). As for the interaction between the factors, two-way ANOVA showed that it was not statistically significant (p = 0.1443). MTBS test resulted in predominantly mixed failure (85%), but SBS test resulted in exclusively adhesive failure. On the effects of different surface conditioning methods, chairside and laboratory tribochemical silica coating followed by silanization showed higher bond strength results compared to those of aluminum oxide abrasion and silanization, independent of the test method employed.

  10. Influence of Different Framework Designs on the Fracture Properties of Ceria-Stabilized Tetragonal Zirconia/Alumina-Based All-Ceramic Crowns

    Tomofumi Sawada


    Full Text Available The aim of this study was to evaluate the fracture load and failure mode of all-ceramic crowns with different ceria-stabilized tetragonal zirconia/alumina nanocomposite (Ce-TZP/A framework designs. Four frameworks (anatomical shape: AS, with a buccal or lingual supporting structure: BS and LS, or buccal and lingual supporting structures: BLS were fabricated. All frameworks were veneered with porcelain to fabricate all-ceramic crowns followed by cementation to tooth analogs. The fracture load of each crown either without or with pre-loading (1.2 million cycles, 49 N was measured. The failure mode was classified into partial or complete fracture. Differences were tested for significance (p < 0.05 by a two-way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA, followed by Tukey’s test and by Fisher’s exact test, respectively. Without pre-loading, supporting structures did not influence the fracture load or failure mode. Partial fractures were the most common failure mode. Pre-loading promoted the severity of the failure mode, although the fracture load among the framework designs was not influenced. In the AS group, prefailures were observed during pre-loading, and complete fractures were significantly increased after pre-loading. In contrast, the failure mode of the BLS group remained unchanged, showing only partial fracture even after pre-loading. This Ce-TZP/A framework design, comprised of an anatomical shape with additional buccal and lingual structures, has the potential to reduce the chipping of the veneering porcelain.

  11. Effect of microstructure and microhardness on the wear resistance of zirconia-alumina, zirconia-yttria and zirconia-ceria coatings manufactured by atmospheric plasma spraying; fecto de la microestructura y de la microdureza sobre la resistencia al desgaste de recubrimientos elaborados por proyeccion termica por plasma atmosferico a partir de circona-alumina, circona-itria y circona-ceria

    Giovanni Gonzalez, A.; Ageorges, H.; Rojas, O.; Lopez, E.; Milena Hurtado, F.; Vargas, F.


    The effect of the structure and microhardness on the wear resistance of zirconia-alumina (ATZ), zirconia-yttria (YSZ) and zirconia-ceria (CSZ) coatings manufactured by atmospheric plasma spraying was studied. The microstructure and the fracture on the cross section of the coatings were analyzed using Scanning Electron Microscopy, the phases were identified using X-Ray Diffraction, the microhardness was measured by Vickers indentation and the wear resistance was evaluated by ball on disc test. The results showed that zirconia-alumina coating exhibits the best performance in the wear test. This behavior is closely related to their microstructure and higher microhardness, despite of its significant quantity of the monoclinic zirconia phase, which has lower mechanical properties than tetragonal zirconia phase. Tetragonal zirconia phase was predominant in the zirconia-yttria and zirconia-ceria coatings and despite this behavior; they did not have a good performance in the wear tests. This low wear resistance was mainly influenced by the columnar structure within their lamellae, which caused a greater detachment of particles in the contact surface during the ball-disc tests, increasing its wear. (Author)

  12. Efeito da aplicacao pre-colheita de calcio na qualidade e no teor de nutrientes de manga 'Tommy Atkins'

    Silva, Davi Jose; Choudhury, Mohammad Menhazuddin; Mendes, Alessandra Monteiro Salviano; Dantas, Barbara Franca


    Com o objetivo de avaliar o efeito da aplicacao pre-colheita de calcio na qualidade e no teor de nutrientes de frutos de manga Tommy Atkins, foi realizado um experimento em um pomar comercial com dez...

  13. Producao de fitomassa e acumulo de nutrientes pela aveia-preta em funcao da aplicacao de calcario e gesso em superficie na implantacao do sistema plantio direto

    Peres Soratto, Rogerio; Costa Crusciol, Carlos Alexandre


    Com o objetivo de avaliar a influencia da aplicacao de calcario e gesso em superficie, na implantacao do sistema plantio direto, sobre a producao de materia seca e ciclagem de nutrientes pela aveia...

  14. Calcium-free and low-calcium water production for aquaculture research = Produção de água mole e isenta de cálcio para experimentação em aquicultura

    Paloma Damasceno Pinheiro


    Full Text Available The present work aimed to obtain a mathematical expression to calculate the amount of EDTA required to produce calcium-free and low-calcium water ([Ca2+] O presente trabalho teve como objetivo determinar a quantidade de EDTAnecessaria para se produzir agua sem calcio e agua mole ([Ca2+] < 5 mg L-1 para experimentacao em aquicultura. Inicialmente, realizou-se teste-piloto para confirmar a efetividade do EDTA como agente complexante do calcio presente na agua e avaliar seu efeito no pH da agua. No teste principal, cinco taxas de aplicacao de Na-EDTA (25, 50, 75, 100 e 125 mg L-1 foram avaliadas. A concentracao de calcio da agua foi determinada inicialmente (antes da aplicacao de EDTA e apos 1h. Analise de regressao linear foi feita para se descobrir a relacao entre a concentracao desejada de calcio na agua e a relacaoEDTA/dureza calcica inicial da agua necessaria. A expressao . = -0,0911x + 3,3628 (R2 = 0,933 foi obtida a partir da regressao realizada na qual x representa a concentracao desejada de calcio na agua e y a relacao EDTA/dureza calcica inicial da agua.

  15. Stratigraphy sequence analysis application for multi scalar characterization of paralic reservoirs - an example in the Guata group (E O-Permian) of the Parana Basin, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil; Aplicacao da estratigrafia de sequencias para caracterizacao multiescalar de reservatorios paralicos - um exemplo no Grupo Guata (EO-Permiano) da Bacia do Parana, no Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

    Kuechle, Juliano [Rio Grande do Sul Univ., Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil). Inst. de Geociencias. Curso de Pos-graduacao em Geociencias]. E-mail:; Holz, Michael [Rio Grande do Sul Univ., Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil). Inst. de Geociencias]. E-mail:


    Detailed stratigraphic analysis of the Early Permian Rio Bonito and Palermo Formations of the Parana Basin in the region of Sao Gabriel County has been used for a study on reservoir characterization of paralic sandstones. Two main depositional systems were recognized, a fluvial-dominated delta system and a wave-dominated barrier island system. The succession is divided in two third-order depositional sequences, enclosing thirteen fourth-order para sequences. This high-resolution stratigraphic framework was the base for a multi scale approach on reservoir characterization of the sandstone bodies. Reservoir heterogeneities are discussed, staring from the scale of depositional sequence (heterogeneity level 1), passing down to heterogeneity at the scale of systems tracts (heterogeneity level 2) and finalizing with an approach at para sequence scale (heterogeneity level 3). Main control on heterogeneity at the first level is base-level variation as generating mechanism for un conformities at the sediment type and rate. At the second level, the reservoir heterogeneity is controlled by the lateral and vertical variations in thickness of particular systems within the different systems tracts, and at the third level, the heterogeneity occurs controlling reservoir continuity and connectivities between reservoirs. The study supplies a model which is useful as a predictive tool for similar geologic settings in producing oil fields. (author)

  16. Fortified foods, new opportunity for irradiation application; Alimentos fortificados. Nova oportunidade para a aplicacao da radiacao

    Taipina, Magda S.; Sabato, Susy F.; Mastro, Nelida L. del [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    One of the most important steps, in order to improve the quality of foodstuffs, in the last forty years is represented by fortified foods. The fortification foods means complementary addition of nutrients to content of foodstuffs. The macro-nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and lipids) are relativity steady when submitted to irradiation. The micro-nutrients, speciality the vitamins, can be sensible to any method. This work has analysed fortified foods with Fe, Ca, Mg, Zn, vitamin A, riboflavine, vitamin C and folic acid , as well as, the perspective of adjusting the food irradiation process with fortification foods.

  17. New zirconium alloys for nuclear application; Novas ligas de zirconio para aplicacao nuclear

    Lobo, R.M.; Andrade, A.H.P., E-mail: rmlobo@ipen.b [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    Zirconium alloys are widely used in the nuclear industry, mainly in fuel cladding tubes and structural components for PWR plants. The service life of these components, which operate under high temperatures conditions ({approx} 300 deg C), has led to developing new alloys with the aim to improve the mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and irradiation damage. The variation in the composition of the alloy produces second phase particles which alter the materials properties according to their size and distribution, is essential therefore, knowledge their characteristics. Analysis of second phase particles in zirconium alloys are carried out by scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy and image analysis. This study used the zircaloy-4 to illustrate the characterization of these alloys through the study of second phase particles. (author)

  18. Shear bond strength between veneering ceramics and ceria-stabilized zirconia/alumina.

    Fischer, Jens; Stawarczyk, Bogna; Sailer, Irena; Hämmerle, Christoph H F


    Ceria-stabilized tetragonal ZrO(2)/Al(2)O(3) nanocomposite (Ce-TZP/A) offers superior properties compared to yttria-stabilized zirconia (Y-TZP). However, the bond quality to veneering ceramics has not been investigated. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the bond strength of different veneering ceramics to Ce-TZP/A. Cubes of Ce-TZP/A (NANOZR) (edge length, 10 mm) were layered with veneering ceramics (5 mm in thickness) with or without application of a liner and sheared at the interface. The effect of different surface treatments (polished with 3-mum diamond paste or airborne-particle abraded) was evaluated with 1 veneering ceramic (Cerabien ZR). Shear bond strength of 5 additional veneering ceramics (IPS e.max, Initial ZR, Triceram, Vintage ZR, or VITA VM 9) to polished Ce-TZP/A was measured (n=10). Polished Y-TZP (Hint-ELs ZrO(2) HIP) veneered with 2 ceramics (Cerabien ZR, Vintage ZR) served as the control. Mean shear bond strength values (MPa) were calculated. The means were statistically analyzed with 2-way ANOVA for the effect of surface treatment and liner, 2-way ANOVA for the effect of different veneering ceramic brands and liner, and 3-way ANOVA for the effect of substrate, veneering ceramic brands, and liner, as well as 1-way ANOVA for the differences between the veneering ceramics. A post hoc Scheffé test was used (alpha=.05). The effects of surface treatment (P=.007) or application of liner (Pceramics showed bond strength values with means ranging between 14.2 +/-1.7 MPa (IPS e.max with liner) and 27.5 +/-4.2 MPa (VITA VM 9). A significant difference was found between the results of shear bond tests with Y-TZP and Ce-TZP/A (P=.022). The application of a liner on Y-TZP had no significant effect. Airborne-particle abrasion is not necessary to enhance the shear bond strength of the evaluated veneering ceramics to Ce-TZP/A. Liners impair the shear bond strength of veneering ceramics to Ce-TZP/A.

  19. Application of gamma irradiation technique for the preservation of propolis; Aplicacao da tecnica de irradiacao gama para preservacao de propolis

    Matsuda, Andrea Harumi


    Irradiation has been recognized as an efficient method for the reduction of deteriorating and pathogenic microorganisms in foods. Propolis is a resinous product made by bees from material processed by the bee's own metabolism and resins from plants. The aim of this work was the application of gamma irradiation technique for the preservation of propolis, because of its efficiency in the reduction of the microbial load. The changes on the total flavonoids content, phenolic compounds and other characteristics required for the qualification and characterization of Brazilian propolis were also analysed. Propolis samples from Juiz de Fora region, Minas Gerais, were irradiated in a {sup 60}Co source, with doses from 0 to 10kGy for the microbiological analyses and 5.0, 7.0 and 10.0kGy for the physico-chemical analyses. The physico-chemical that have been made were: determination of total flavonoids content, semi-quantitative determination of phenolic compounds (artepelin-C, kempferol, chrysin, galangin and quercetin), dry matter analysis, humidity, ash content, mechanical mass and waxes. The ionizing radiation has shown to be efficient in the reduction of the microbial load. Total coliforms determination showed a great reduction with the dose of 3kGy and concerning mesophile aerobic bacteria a systematic reduction was observed, achieving values <10 UFC/g for the dose of 10kGy; similar results was obtained for molds and yeasts. Salmonella assays were negative for all samples. There was no significant alteration on total flavonoids contents nor on the composition of phenolic compounds as a consequence of radiation application at the assayed conditions. The complementary analyses of dry matter and humidity contents, ashes, mechanical mass and waxes did not shown changes after irradiation even with the maximum dose of 10kGy, remaining the results within the standards required by the Brazilian legislation. (author)

  20. Nanocomposites chitosan/montmorillonite for drug delivery system; Nanocompositos quitosana/montmorilonita para aplicacao em liberacao controlada de farmacos

    Braga, Carla R. Costa; Barbosa, Rossemberg C. [Universidade Federal de Campina Grande (PPCEM/UFCG), PB (Brazil). Programa de Pos-graduacao em Ciencia e Engenharia de Materiais; Lima, Rosemary S. Cunha [Universidade Federal de Campina Grande (PPEP/UFCG), PB (Brazil). Programa de Pos-graduacao em Engenharia de Processos; Fook, Marcus V. Lia; Silva, Suedina M. Lima, E-mail: [Universidade Federal de Campina Grande (UAEMat/UFCG), PB (Brazil). Unidade Academica de Engenharia de Materiais


    In drugs delivery system the incorporation of an inorganic nanophase in polymer matrix, i.e. production of an inorganic-organic nanocomposite is an attractive alternative to obtain a constant release rate for a prolonged time. This study was performed to obtain films of nanocomposites Chitosan/montmorillonite intercalation by the technique of solution in the proportions of 1:1, 5:1 and 10:1. The nanocomposites were characterized by infrared spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction and thermogravimetric analysis. The results indicated that the feasibility of obtaining films of nanocomposites exfoliate. Among the suggested applications for films developed in this study includes them use for drugs delivery system. (author)

  1. Application of mathematical model for simulation of groundwater flow; Aplicacao de modelo matematico para simulacao do fluxo de agua subterranea

    Carvalho Filho, Carlos Alberto de; Branco, Otavio Eurico de Aquino [Centro de Desenvolvimento da Tecnologia Nuclear (CDTN), Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil); Loureiro, Celso de Oliveira [Minas Gerais Univ., Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Sanitaria e Ambiental


    The main purpose of the present research work is the groundwater flow characterization of the aquifer system of the Engenho Nogueira Creek watershed basin, particularly within the limits of the Pampulha Campus of the Federal University of Minas Gerais and nearby. In order to reach the aforementioned goal, a numerical model was implemented for simulation the groundwater flow, using the MODFLOW code. The local hydrogeology consists of a porous granular aquifer placed above and hydraulically connected to a fractured aquifer, constituting a unique aquifer system, mixed and phreatic type, heterogeneous and anisotropic. The local hydrogeological system is strongly influenced by a complex drain system and by the Engenho Nogueira Creek. After calibration, it was possible to predict the average phreatic depth measured in the observation wells for the period in study with a standard deviation of 1.65 m and a correlation coefficient of 0.94. (author)

  2. Application of fractional control techniques in petrochemical process; Aplicacao de tecnicas de controle fracionario para processos petroquimicos

    Isfer, Luis A.D.; Lenzi, Marcelo K. [Universidade Federal do Parana (UFPR), Curitiba, PR (Brazil); Lenzi, Ervin K. [Universidade Estadual de Maringa (UEM), PR (Brazil)


    This work deals with the study of petrochemical process modeling and control using fractional differential equations. This kind of equation has been successfully used in modeling/identification, due to its powerful phenomenological description capability, generalizing conventional/classical models commonly used. Experimental data from literature were used for process identification and the mathematical model obtained, based on fractional differential equations, was the study of servo closed-loop control. Owing to its simplicity, the proportional type controller was used for this task, being able to control the process, keeping its stability, despite off-set. Different controller gains were used for simulation purposes, indicating that the higher the value of K{sub c}, the lower the off-set. (author)

  3. Chitosan-based films composites for wound healing purposes; Filmes compositos de quitosana para aplicacao no revestimento de ferimentos

    Alves, Natali de O.; Silva, Gabriela T. da; Schulz, Gracelie A.S.; Fajardo, Andre R., E-mail: [Universidade Federal de Pelotas (LaCoPol/UFPel), Pelotas, RS (Brazil). Centro de Ciencias Quimicas, Farmaceuticas e de Alimentos. Lab. de Tecnologia e Desenvolvimento de Compositos e Materiais Polimericos


    Chitosan has been extensively applied in the developing of biomaterials due to its desirable good physico-chemical and biological properties. According to this, here films composite of chitosan, poly(vinyl alcohol) and bovine bone powder were prepared by casting willing to be applied in wound healing purposes. Moreover, the first step was the developing of a suitable method to obtain bovine bone powder, which was utilized here as filler. All the materials and films were fully characterized by FTIR, DRX and thermal analysis. Water uptake capacity was measured by swelling assays. (author)

  4. Use of TANDEM methodology for quality control in radiation protection; Aplicacao de metodologia TANDEM para controle de qualidade em radioprotecao

    Mello, O.A.; Oliveira, I.R.; Leyton, F.; Nogueira, M.S., E-mail: [Centro de Desenvolvimeto da Tecnologia Nuclear (CDTN/CNEN-MG), Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil); Borges, F.L.S., E-mail: [Vigilancia Sanitaria de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil); Joana, G.S., E-mail: [Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (DEN/UFMG), Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil)


    Recent studies have indicated the increase of the incidence of lens opacities for low radiation doses. Considering epidemiological data, the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) issued a statement that changed the absorbed dose threshold for the eye lens. The statement also recommends a reduction in the dose limits to the eye lens for occupationally exposed persons; now it is considered to be 20 mSv in a year averaged over five years. For this research two types of thermoluminescent dosimeters TL were used in the construction of the curve tandem. (LiF-100H e LiF-200). For system calibration three monitors were irradiated for each radiation beam. The monitors were irradiated with 4 mGy kerma at 1.5 m from the focal point. The Tandem curve was obtained by the ratio between the values of the energy dependence curves of each dosimeter. Data obtained for the corresponding x-ray beams to radiation reference N60 to N120 are more accurate for determining the energy - steepest part of the curve. The results are shown similar to similar studies and confirm the possibility of using the method for determining the unknown energy radiation fields. (author)

  5. Calcium aluminates potential for endodontics and orthopedics applications; Aluminatos de calcio e seu potencial para aplicacao em endodontia e ortopedia

    Santos, G.L. dos; Andrade, T.L.; Oliveira, I.R., E-mail: [Universidade do Vale do Paraiba (UNIVAP), Sao Jose dos Campos, SP (Brazil); Pandolfelli, V.C. [Universidade Federal de Sao Carlos (DEMa/UFSCar), SP (Brazil)


    The mostly used material in the areas of endodontics (MTA, mineral trioxide aggregate) and bone reconstruction (PMMA, polymethyl methacrylate) present some limiting properties requiring thus changes in their compositions as well as the development of alternative materials. In this context, a novel biomaterial-based calcium aluminate cement (CAC) has been studied in order to keep the positive properties and clinical applications of MTA and PMMA, overcoming some their disadvantages. Recent studies involving the use of CAC are based on commercial products consisting of a mixture of phases. Improvements can be attained by searching the synthesis routes of CAC aiming the proper balance between the phases and the control of impurities that may impair its performance in applications in the areas of health. By the optimization of the CAC phases production, this article aims to present their characterization based on hydration temperature; working time and setting time; pH, ions solubilization and dissolution in contact with water and different solutions of simulated body fluid. The results indicated the CA phase as the most suitable for application in the areas of health. (author)

  6. SMA chemical modification for application as diesel oil additive; Modificacao quimica do SMA visando aplicacao como aditivo para oleo diesel

    Soldi, Rafael A.; Oliveira, Angelo R.S.; Zawadzki, Sonia F.; Cesar-Oliveira, Maria Aparecida F. [Parana Univ., Curitiba, PR (Brazil). Dept. de Quimica. Lab. de Polimeros Sinteticos]. E-mails:,


    The deposition of paraffinic material during the crude oil and their derivatives production and transportation is one of the principal problems in the petroleum industry. Polymer derivatives obtained from styrene-maleic anhydride copolymers (SMA), containing long pendant hydrocarbon segments in the polymeric backbone, are known as efficient polymeric additives to prevent the wax deposition and to reduce the oil pour point. Nevertheless, this application for this class of polymer is not much evaluated in Brazil. In this work, a new procedure was developed for SMA synthesis and chemical modification using stearyl alcohol. The performance of these polymeric materials as pour point depressants were evaluated using a Brazilian diesel oil from REPAR/PETROBRAS. The best results were obtained for the polymeric additives with small amounts of octadecyl ester groups. When it was used only 25 ppm of one of these additives, the oil presented a pour point value of -17 deg C and the diesel oil containing 100 ppm of this same additive presented a pour point value of -30 deg C. This last result indicates a 24 deg C pour point decreasing. (author)

  7. Neural network application for illicit substances identification; Aplicacao de redes neurais para a identificacao de substancias ilicitas

    Nunes, Wallace V.; Silva, Ademir X. da; Crispim, Verginia R.; Schirru, Roberto [Universidade Federal, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-graduacao de Engenharia. Programa de Engenharia Nuclear


    Thermal neutron activation analysis is based on neutron capture prompt gamma-ray analysis and has been used in wide variety of fields, for examples, for inspection of checked airline baggage and for detection of buried land mines. In all of these applications, the detected {gamma}-ray intensities from the elements present are used to estimate their concentrations. A study about application using a trained neutral network is presented to determine the presence of illicit substances, such as explosives and drugs, carried out in the luggages. The illicit substances emit characteristic detected {gamma}-ray which are the fingerprint of each isotope. The fingerprint data-base of the gamma-ray spectrum of substances is obtained via Monte Carlo N-Particle Transport code, MCNP, version 4B. It was possible to train the neural network to determine the presence of explosives and narcotics even hidden by several materials. (author)

  8. Evaluation of five primers and two opaque resins for bonding ceria-stabilized zirconia/alumina nanocomposite

    Kohji Kamada


    Full Text Available The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of five primers [Super-Bond C&B Monomer (SB, Clearfil Ceramic Primer, Alloy Primer, M.L. Primer, and AZ Primer] and two undercoating opaque resins [Super-Bond C&B (S-opaque and Ceramage Pre-opaque (C-opaque] on the bonding of a resin composite veneering material to a ceria-stabilized tetragonal zirconia polycrystals/alumina nanocomposite (Ce-TZP/Al2O3. Disk-shaped specimens of Ce-TZP/Al2O3 were sandblasted with alumina and primed. The undercoating opaque resins and resin composites were subsequently applied to the specimen, and then light cured. After 5000 thermocycles at 4°C and 60°C, shear bond strengths were determined. Data were analyzed using analysis of variance, Tukey–Kramer honest significant difference test, and Student t test (n = 10, α = 0.05. With the exception of SB/S-opaque, all S-opaque groups exhibited significantly higher bond strengths than C-opaque groups. The use of S-opaque resin is recommended when veneering frameworks made of Ce-TZP/Al2O3.

  9. Effect of different mixing ways in palladium/ceria-zirconia/alumina preparation on partial oxidation of methane

    ZHANG Qingwei; WEN Jing; SHEN Meiqing; WANG Jun


    The effect of the mixing ways of Ce0.7Zr0.3O2-Al2O3 mixed oxides on the partial oxidations of methane (POM) was investigated over Pd/Ce0.7Zr0.3O2-Al2O3 catalysts, the mixing ways including salt precursor mixing (ATOM), precipitator mixing (MOL), and powder mechanically mixing (MECH), respectively. The test results indicated that among the three samples, Pd/ATOM had the best catalytic activity,while Pd/MOL had the best stability in the stability test. Both the activity sequences of the fresh and used samples were consistent with the order of Pd dispersion. According to the X-ray diffraction (XRD) and BET characterization, the interaction of Ce4+, Zr4+, and Al3+ in the ATOM mixed oxide was in favor of performing higher catalytic activity and thermal stability. The stability test indicated that Pd/MOL had the highest Pd dispersion and least coke formation on the active sites calculated by the H2-chemisorption and TG results, which was consid-ered to relate to its superior activity of POM to other catalysts.

  10. Aplicacao de adubo e corretivo apos o corte da cana-planta utilizando tecnicas geoestatisticas

    Costa Campos, Milton Cesar; Marques, Jose, Jr; Tadeu Pereira, Gener; Menezes de Souza, Zigomar; Mazza Barbieri, Diogo


    .... O objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar a necessidade de fertilizante e calcario para implantacao da agricultura de precisao, com base no comportamento espacial de atributos quimicos de um Latossolo...

  11. Magnetic nanoparticles for cancer therapy; Nanoparticulas magneticas para o tratamento do cancer

    Bakuzis, Andris F. [Universidade Federal de Goias (UFG), Goiania, GO (Brazil). Instituto de Fisica


    terapeutico para esta inovadora tecnica nao invasiva e altamente localizada. Nesta palestra iremos discutir resultados da literatura e do nosso proprio grupo no tratamento de cancer usando a hipertermia magnetica. Diversos tipos de nanoparticulas magneticas sugeridas para esta aplicacao serao apresentados assim como a evolucao historica deste tratamento, que apesar de ter sido sugerido em meados da decada de 50, so mais recentemente foi aprovado na Europa para tratamento de seres humanos com tumores do cerebro. (author)

  12. Criteria for design and application of city-gates heaters; Criterio para aplicacao e dimensionamento de aquecedores para pontos de entrega de gas

    Henrique, Reis dos Reis Rodrigues; Machado, Leandro Bastos; Passos, Ney Goncalves; Correia, Luiz de Carvalho Dias [PETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    Gas delivery pressures foreseen in supplying contracts with LDS's (local distribution companies) require the adoption of pressure regulating systems in city-gates, which are installations where gas custody is transferred from the shipper to the LDC's. Generally, pressure drop is such that causes a large decrease in temperature gas. This temperature drop, depending on how large it is, may be not allowable, for it would imply in materials weakening and also in hydrocarbons hydrates formation. For this reason, many city-gates design contemplate a heating system, upstream the pressure regulation system, in order to warrant an acceptable temperature range of the delivering gas. The fact that heating systems represent roughly 30% of material costs of city-gates has motivated an accurate study of current practices of design and application of those systems. This paper presents these study results, as a criteria proposal that will allow city-gates reduction costs, both CAPEX and OPEX, at a very propitious time, considering that Brazilian gas industry is going to have a great expansion in the next years. (author)

  13. Crioterapia no pos-parto: tempo de aplicacao e mudancas na temperatura perineal

    Adriana Amorim Francisco


    Full Text Available Estudo descritivo com dados de dois ensaios clínicos realizados em 2008 e 2009 em uma maternidade de uma instituição filantrópica da cidade de São Paulo. Teve como objetivo descrever a temperatura perineal após a aplicação de bolsa de gelo no pós-parto normal. Três grupos com 38 puérperas cada (n=114 receberam aplicação perineal de bolsa de gelo entre 2 e 48h após o parto. Os achados indicaram que com 10 min de crioterapia as médias da temperatura perineal atingiram de 13,3 a 15,3oC, com pequena redução de temperatura ao final de aplicações de 15 e 20 minutos (2,4 e 2,7o, respectivamente. Após resfriamento por 10 min., as mulheres referiram frio e alívio e, depois de 15 a 20 min., dormência e anestesia local. Conclui-se que 10 minutos de aplicação foram suficientes para reduzir a temperatura perineal aos níveis recomendados para analgesia (10-15oC.

  14. Commutated inversor at low frequency for application of fuel cells in distributed generation; Inversor comutado em baixa frequencia para aplicacao de CaCs na geracao distribuida

    Martins, Geomar Machado; Pomilio, Jose Antenor; Vendrusculo, Edson A. [Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), SP (Brazil). Fac. de Engenharia Eletrica e de Computacao], e-mail:


    The connection of Fuel Cell Power Plants with the utility grid generally needs an electronic power converter for processing the locally generated power and injecting current into the system. Since the source provides a DC voltage, the converter must be able to produce a low-distortion, high-power factor AC current. This paper presents the results obtained with use of a three-phase and a single-phase inverter using low-frequency commutation. An auxiliary circuit is added to the inverter topologies in order to reduce the output voltage distortion, thus improving the current waveform. The main advantages of this approach are the minimization of the switching losses (i.e. high efficiency) and the elimination of the EMI (which avoids high-frequency filters necessary in high-frequency commutation inverters). (author)

  15. Application of the semantic import approach for characterization of geological contacts; Aplicacao da abordagem da importacao semantica (IS) para caracterizacao de contatos geologicos

    Moreira, Fabio Roque da Silva; Almeida Filho, Raimundo de; Camara, Gilberto [Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE), Sao Jose dos Campos, SP (Brazil)]. E-mails:;;


    This work describes the use of semantic import approach (SI) as a way to characterize the sort of geological boundaries in GIS projects. The technique applies fuzzy sets to represent the nature of the lithological boundary (defined and inferred) in a spatial inference modelling study for mapping potential areas for radioactive mineral prospecting in the Pocos de Caldas alkaline complex. (author)

  16. Peg-methacrylate and styrene copolymers as an electrolyte for fuel cell application; Copolimeros de peg-metacrilato e estireno para aplicacao como eletrolito em celulas a combustivel

    Groetzner, Mariana B.; Ferraz, Fernando A.; Rodrigues, Maraiza F.; Oliveira, Angelo R.S.; Barbosa, Ronilson V.


    Researches have demonstrated that Polymer Ion Exchange Membranes, applied in low temperature fuel cells, have high water absorption and also high ionic conductivity. The poly(ethylene glycol) 4000 - PEG - transesterification reactions, with methyl methacrylate (MMA) under acid catalysis, has generated a modified ester (PEGMMA), which has been reacted with styrene, under specific conditions, giving a copolymer (PEGMMAS). In order to obtain a final product with proton conduction characteristics, it is necessary to sulfonate it. The results have showed that the product obtained have, not only good hidrofilicity, but also potential structure for an easy sulfonation procedure for further studies in fuel cell application. (author)

  17. Synthesis and characterization of alumina application in support of zeolite membrane; Sintese e caracterizacao de alumina para aplicacao com o suporte de membrana zeolitica

    Barbosa, A.S.; Rodrigues, M.G.F., E-mail: [Universidade Federal de Campina Grande (UFCG), PB (Brazil). Unidade Academica de Engenharia Quimica


    Much interest has been aroused in process applications using zeolite membrane. The physicochemical properties of the support have a strong effect on the quality of zeolite membrane. This work is to synthesize and characterize alumina for use as a support for zeolite membrane. In this work was synthesized α-alumina: 40% alumina, 0.2% for PABA, 0.5% oleic acid and 59.3% ethyl alcohol. The mixture was ground in ball mill and placed in an oven for 24 hours at 60 °C, allowed to stand for 24h. The pressing was performed with 4 tons. The pressed material was subjected to sintering at 1400 °C/hour. The samples were characterized by EDX, XRD and SEM. The results for the media by XRD showed that they are crystalline and pure. By EDX was observed that the supports consist essentially of alumina. (author)

  18. Development and characterization of high collapse boron alloys heat treated pipes for oil wells; Tubos de aco TiB para aplicacao em revestimento de pocos de petroleo

    Moreira, Fabio A.; Silva, Ronaldo; Chad, Luis [Tenaris Confab, Pindamonhangaba SP (Brazil); Fritz, Marcelo C. [Tenaris Confab, Pindamonhangaba SP (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia do Produto


    The utilization of OCTG (Oil Country Tubular Goods) pipes will increase with the discovery of new oil wells in ultra deep waters. This study aims to evaluate the mechanical and microstructural performance of welded and heat treated pipes through quenching and tempering using a steel project based in titanium/boron for casing pipes. The objective of this development is to present a set of techniques used during the manufacturing of heated treated ERW pipes boron allowing, discussing mechanical and metallurgical aspects of the steel project, coil conformation, heat treatment and test procedures. The results are within the limits set by the API 5CT standard. It was found that the pipes obtained good geometry and uniformity of mechanical properties, showing that this product can be applied safely and reliability as wells' casing. (author)

  19. Application of finance project for leverage of small size hydroelectric enterprising; Aplicacao do project finance para alavancagem de empreendimentos hidreletricos de pequeno porte

    Santos, Silvana dos


    In the same way that the majority of the countries, project financing of substructure in Brazil, in project finance modality, depend on a skillful structure of guaranties and contracts to become possible. In the case of projects of centrals of generation of electrical energy, that financial engineering becomes still more complicated. In Brazil, due to particularities of the sectors of electricity, the arrangements of guaranties requested but creditors pass to present levels of complexity and exigency well elevated. The contractual appliances that give support to the project finance, originally projected to developed countries, request an extreme adaptation to these particularities. The development of Brazil is directly related to its capacity in expanding the offer of electric energy in the just measure of the national necessity. In this context, the small central hydroelectric (PCH's) represent, actually, an efficient and fast form to complete the offer of energy in such a way to supply the crescent demand the national market. For its characteristics, that type of undertaking can be developed by small manager, from among which are the owners of the areas in which on can find these hydraulic potentials which, however they do not dispose of capital to integral raising. These undertakings are tasks, normally, of low global cost, at the rate of US$ 1.000,00/k W, and of a smaller ambient impact, compared to the return that they give to the enterprise and to the Brazilian electric system as a whole, by having to receive special attention in the planned politics to the sector and to merit a series of incentives to become business still more attractive. By thinking in the found difficulty by small enterprises in rising undertakings of generation of electric energy of small port through the convectional mechanisms of financing is being proposed in that work a well-founded methodology in the concepts of the modality of financing project finance. (author)

  20. Obtaining and characterization of chitosan biocomposites / HAP for application as biomaterial; Obtencao e caracterizacao de biocomposito quitosana/hidroxiapatita para aplicacao como biomaterial

    Leal, R.C.A.; Nascimento, I.V.S.R.; Fook, M.V.L.; Furtado, G.T.F.S., E-mail: [Universidade Federal de Campina Grande (UFCG), PB (Brazil). Departamento de Engenharia de Materiais


    The hydroxyapatite is one of the most biocompatible materials known by encouraging bone growth. However, the main drawback it is the poor mechanical strength. A method to overcome this problem is the addition of the biopolymer chitosan, suitable for applications as biomaterials. In this study was obtained a hydroxyapatite - chitosan biocomposites for application as a biomaterial. In the FTIR analysis it was identified characteristic bands of hydroxyapatite and a possible overlap of the amino group of chitosan by carbonate. XRD analysis showed that there was no change in the profile of HA after chitosan incorporation. In SEM analysis of the biocomposites HA / chitosan, it is observed that there wasn't a complete dispersion of HA particles in the chitosan. In the image of calcined biocomposite, it was found that after heat treatment at 900 ° C chitosan was eliminated, resulting in a porous material. The analysis has shown that the presence of chitosan did not cause significant changes in the phase of hydroxyapatite. (author)

  1. Synthesis and characterization of nanocomposites ZnO / polypyrrole for anti corrosive application; Sintese e caracterizacao de nanocompositos ZnO/polipirrol para aplicacao anticorrosivas

    Valenca, D.P.; Bouchonneau, N.; Vieira, M.R.S.; Alves, K.G.B.; Melo, C.P. de; Urtiga Filho, S.L., E-mail: [Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE), Recife, PE (Brazil)


    Nanoparticles of metal oxides and conductive polymers have been investigated as alternative additives in corrosion protection of oxidizable metals. In this hybrid nanocomposites work Polypyrrole-ZnO were synthesized and characterized as a potential application as industrial paint anti corrosive additive. The different steps of the synthesis and characterization of nanocomposites are described. The nanocomposites were obtained from the emulsion polymerization of aqueous solutions of pyrrole and sodium dodecyl sulfate containing ZnO nanoparticles dispersed in the mass. The nanoparticles were characterized by scanning electron microscopy and transmission, dynamic light scattering, diffraction of X-rays and techniques of infrared spectroscopy. From the characterization techniques, it was possible to determine the average size of nanoparticles of ZnO and ZnO-Polypyrrole. The peaks in the diffraction pattern of X-rays observed in the nanocomposite were the same as in ZnO, confirming the presence of ZnO in the composite. (author)

  2. Polyester synthesis for application in PEMFC type fuel cells; Sintese de poliester para aplicacao em celulas a combustivel do tipo PEM

    Fiuza, R.P.; Souza, D.R. de; Fiuza, R.A.; Jose, N.M.; Boaventura, J.S. [Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA), Salvador, BA (Brazil). Inst. de Quimica], e-mail:


    The PEMFC (Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell), along the SOFC (Solid Oxide Fuel Cell), is the most important technology, among the various types of fuels cell. The PEMFC shows a large versatility of applications, both for stationary and mobile use. However the PEMFC presents high manufacture cost, directly impacting in the cost of the produced energy. This work contemplates the previews sulfonation of phtalic acid and its subsequent polymerization with glycerol, using as catalytic tin dibutyl-dilaurate. The obtained material has been characterized by DSC, TGA, FTIR, MEV, DRX and XRF. The gotten results indicated that phtalic acid was sulfonated and the increase of the sulfonation degree significantly increased the crystallinity of the sulfonated ftalico acid. Furthermore, the polymer produced from the sulfonated monomer presented adequate thermal resistance and a high content of conducting groups, necessary conditions for application as electrolyte in PEMFC. All these characteristics, particularly the low cost of the reagents and the ease of production process, make the sulfonated polyester membrane a promising candidate as fuel cell electrolyte. (author)

  3. Application of activation analysis for determination of some elements in cassiterite samples; Aplicacao da analise por ativacao para a determinacao de alguns elementos em amostras de cassiterita

    Armelin, Maria Jose Aguirre


    This work consists in the development of an analytical method using activation by thermal neutrons for the determination of some minor elements and traces present in cassiterite (tin ore). This method was then applied to determine these elements in samples of cassiterite from different regions of Brazil. An analysis was made of the mineralogy characteristic of cassiterite as well as of the minerals most commonly associated with it. Four main types of interference were found to occur in the analysis by activation of trace elements in samples of cassiterite. The method involves the analysis without chemical separation for the determination of some elements and the analysis with chemical separation for the determination of other elements. The steps involved in both types of analysis are described. In the analysis with chemical separation the matrix element (tin) is separated by distillation in an H{sub 2}SO{sub 4}-HBr medium, after fusion of the ore with Na{sub 2}O{sub 2}. Arsine and antimony are determined in the distilled, whereas some lanthanide elements and uranium are determined in the distillation residue by separating them as a group by precipitation with lanthanum fluoride. A discussion on the precision, accuracy and sensibility of the method is also included. (author)

  4. Production of LiF films for dosimetric thermoluminescence application; Producao de filmes de LiF para aplicacao em dosimetria termoluminescente

    Mauricio, Claudia Lucia de Pinho


    This work studies the LiF monolayer and multilayer polycrystalline film's dosimetric properties. The films were produced by electron beam evaporation technique in aluminium and stainless steel substrates maintained at several temperatures. As dosimetric variable, the intensity of the thermoluminescent (TL) glow curve of the films was used. effects of the substrate type and temperature; of the addition of layers of Mg F{sub 2} NaF and Cu F{sub 2} to the LiF films; and of thermal treatments in the TL response of the produced films were studied. The microstructural characterization of the films was accomplished through measures of scanning electronic microscopy and grazing incidence X-rays diffraction analysis. The dosimetric characterization was made of gamma radiation exposure in a {sup 60} Co source, with kerma from 0,1 to 500 Gy. Studies of reproducibility, homogeneity, stability and other environmental effects were also made. LiF and Cu F{sub 2}: LiF; Mg F{sub 2} films were the only ones that presented mechanical stability and reproducibility of the TL emission. There is a strong indication of some correlation between the residual tension fields inside the films and the intensity of its TL emission peaks. LiF monolayer films present supralinear behaviour from 0,2 to 100 Gy. These films present a main TL glow peak around 150 deg C, whose half-time is about 30 days. Its volumetric sensitivity can reach about 60 times that of LiF powder and about 0,25 that of TLD100 (LiF:Mg, Ti commercial dosimeter from Harshaw Chemical Co.) The homogeneity and reproducibility inside a same film batch is better than 12% for 95% confidence level. Cu F{sub 2} : LiF: Mg F{sub 2} films present linear behaviour from 3 to 500 Gy and its main TL glow peak around 200 deg C did not present any fading for a a period of 30 days, in laboratory conditions. This glow peak is characteristic of the Mg doping of LiF, which confirms the diffusion of Mg ions from the Mg F{sub 2} layer to the LiF layer. The TL volumetric sensitivity of these films is about four times that of LiF powder and about 1% that of TLD 100. The homogeneity and reproducibility inside a same film batch is better than 20% for 95% of confidence level. (author)

  5. Study for application of multi fuel technology in the Brazilian automobilistic market; Estudo para aplicacao da tecnologia multi combustivel no mercado automobilistico brasileiro

    Gasparotto, Alexsander David [FIAT/GM Powertrain (Brazil); Massarani, Marcelo [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), SP (Brazil)


    The objective of this work is a study for the application of a new technology that will be used in the engine management system in the vehicle; where the final consumer can opt for the inquiry performance or seeking an economy for the fuel consumption depending on its daily use and of the prices offered in the gas stations. Flexible Fuel is a technology in development for the automobile market that mixes the use of two fuels (gasoline and ethanol) and their mixtures in the internal combustion engine. (author)

  6. Development of crystals based in cesium iodide for application as radiation detectors; Desenvolvimento de cristais baseados em iodeto de cesio para aplicacao como detectores de radiacao

    Pereira, Maria da Conceicao Costa


    Inorganic scintillators with fast luminescence decay time, high density and high light output have been the object of studies for application in nuclear physics, high energy physics, nuclear tomography and other fields of science and engineering. Scintillation crystals based on cesium iodide (CsI) are matters with relatively low higroscopy, high atomic number, easy handling and low cost, characteristics that favor their use as radiation detectors. In this work, the growth of pure CsI crystals, CsI:Br and CsI:Pb, using the Bridgman technique, is described. The concentration of the bromine doping element (Br) was studied in the range of 1,5x10{sup -1} M to 10{sup -2} M and the lead (Pb) in the range of 10{sup -2} M to 5x10{sup -4} M. To evaluate the scintillators developed, systematic measurements were carried out for luminescence emission and luminescence decay time for gamma radiation, optical transmittance assays, Vickers micro-hardness assays, determination of the doping elements distribution along the grown crystals and analysis of crystals response to the gamma radiation in the energy range of 350 keV to 1330 keV and alpha particles from a {sup 241}Am source, with energy of 5.54 MeV. It was obtained 13 ns to 19 ns for luminescence decay time for CsI:Br and CsI:Pb crystals. These results were very promising. The results obtained for micro-hardness showed a significant increase in function of the doping elements concentration, when compared to the pure CsI crystal, increasing consequently the mechanical resistance of the grown crystals. The validity of using these crystals as radiation sensors may be seen from the results of their response to gamma radiation and alpha particles. (author)

  7. Analysis of ferritic stainless steel tube applied in radiation furnaces; Analise de tubos de aco inoxidavel ferritico para aplicacao em fornos de radiacao

    Porto, P.C.R.; Spim, J.A. [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil). Centro de Tecnologia. Lab. de Fundicao], e-mail:; Santos, C.A. [Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio Grande do Sul (PUC-RS), Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil). Fac. de Engenharia. Programa de Pos-Graduacao em Engenharia e Tecnologia de Materiais (PGETEMA)


    The objective of this work was to evaluate the change in mechanic properties and phase transformations of ferritic stainless steel tube, ASTM 268 Gr 446, applied in high temperature conditions. The work has used tubes from radiation furnaces of the PETROBRAS Xisto Industrialization Unit. The samples used for comparison were obtained from new tubes and tubes already used in furnaces. The test analyses were optical metallography, scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersive spectrometer, hardness and microhardness test and tension test. Results have shown that the new tubes presented a ferritic matrix and in old tubes were observed a great quantity of sigma phase and carbides. Along with the thickness of the tubes it was verified that the inside region presented an increase of sulfate and the outside region an increase of carbides. (author)

  8. Application of oil spill environmental vulnerability analysis to Brazilian road networks for hazardous cargo transportation; Aplicacao do indice de vulnerabilidade rodoviario para transporte de cargas perigosas

    Mattos, M. Beatriz da Costa; Silva Junior, Carlos Leandro da; Almeida, Ana Flavia Oliveira de [Ambipetro Consultoria em Meio Ambiente e Petroleo Ltda., Natal, RN (Brazil)


    Roads provide the main means of transportation in Brazil. According to data from the Brazilian Department of Infrastructure and Transport, 96.2% of the passenger transportation and 61.8% of the cargo transportation are based on road infrastructure. However, three quarters of the Brazilian roads are in terrible, unsatisfactory or generally inadequate condition. Poor road conditions are responsible for a great number of accidents with severe consequences for the population and the environment. Given the importance of this matter, there is a need to develop an intelligent system for automatic classification of social and environmental sensitivity maps in order to support actions that respond to emergencies and to help in transportation planning, especially considering the heavy movement of hazardous cargoes such as petroleum and its derivates. For this, tools such as Geographic Information System (GIS) allow social-environmental and traffic engineering characterization maps to be analyzed on a unified, geo referenced digital base. This way, administrators can estimate which stretches of the network are more environmentally sensitive and which pose greater risks, and therefore draw inferences on the most socially and environmentally vulnerable. Social and environmental vulnerability data not only help in the classification of the areas which pose the greater risks, but also make it possible to decide on emergency support points, creating a culture of prevention in the area of hazardous cargo transportation. The case study on the state of Rio Grande do Norte provides a measure of the importance of such work. The city of Natal - the state capital - and the Guamare petrochemical facility are interconnected by 180 Km Road, on which more than 100 tanker trucks loaded with diesel and its derivates travel every day. This road is classified as in poor conditions and, according to the Brazilian Roads Police, it is one of the most dangerous. The relevance of this work is to show how information consolidated to a single database, geo referenced in a GIS, can assist planning for the safe transport of oil and hazardous cargoes, benefiting not only the state's population but the environment as a whole. (author)

  9. Mechanodynamical analysis of nickel-titanium alloys for orthodontics application; Analise mecanodinamica de ligas de niquel-titanio para aplicacao ortodontica

    Arruda, Carlos do Canto


    Nickel-titanium alloys may coexist in more than one crystalline structure. There is a high temperature phase, austenite, and a low temperature phase, martensite. The metallurgical basis for the superelasticity and the shape memory effect relies in the ability of these alloys to transform easily from one phase to another. There are three essential factors for the orthodontist to understand nickel-titanium alloys behaviour: stress; deflection; and temperature. These three factors are related to each other by the stress-deflection, stress-temperature and deflection-temperature diagrams. This work was undertaken with the objective to analyse commercial nickel-titanium alloys for orthodontics application, using the dynamical mechanical analyser - DMA. Four NiTi 0,017 X 0,025'' archwires were studied. The archwires were Copper NiTi 35 deg C (Ormco), Neo Sentalloy F200 (GAC), Nitinol Superelastic (Unitek) and NiTi (GAC). The different mechanodynamical properties such as elasticity and damping moduli were evaluated. Each commercial material was evaluated with and without a 1 N static force, aiming to evaluate phase transition temperature variation with stress. The austenitic to martensitic phase ratio, for the experiments without static force, was in the range of 1.59 to 1.85. For the 1 N static force tests the austenitic to martensitic phase ratio, ranged from 1.28 to 1.57 due to the higher martensite elasticity modulus. With elastic modulus variation with temperature behaviour, the orthodontist has the knowledge of the force variation applied in the tooth in relation to the oral cavity temperature change, for nickel-titanium alloys that undergo phase transformation. The damping capacity of the studied alloys depends on the materials state: martensitic phase; austenitic phase or during phase transformation. The martensitic phase shows higher dumping capacity. During phase transformation, an internal friction peak may be observed for the CuNiTi 35 deg C and Neo Sentalloy F200 alloys. The austenitic phase shows a low damping capacity. According to the evaluation of the damping capacity against temperature, it was possible to better understand the phase transformation behaviour of these alloys. The differential scanning calorimetry was used in order to evaluate the phase transformation process, giving the initial and ending temperatures of the austenitic transformation and the initial and ending temperatures of the martensitic transformation of the studied alloys. (author)

  10. Development of aptamers for use as radiopharmaceuticals in the bacterial infection identification; Desenvolvimento de aptameros especificos para aplicacao como radiofarmacos na identificacao de bacterias

    Ferreira, Ieda Mendes


    The difficulty in early detection of specific foci caused by bacteria in the bacterial infection has raised the need to search for new techniques for this purpose, since these foci require prolonged treatment with antibiotics and in some cases even drainage or, if applicable, removal of prostheses or grafts. Detection of bacterial infections by scintigraphy had the advantage that a whole body image could be obtained, since specific tracers were available. This study aims to obtain aptamers specific for bacteria identification for future use as radiopharmaceutical. The SELEX (Systematic Evolution of Ligands by Exponential Enrichment) methodology can generate oligonucleotides (aptamers) that are able to bind with high affinity and specificity to a specific target, from small molecules to complex proteins, by using rounds of enrichment and amplification. Aptamers can be labeled with different radionucleotides such as {sup 99}mTc, {sup 18}F and {sup 32}P. In this study, aptamers anti-peptidoglycan, the main component of the bacterial outer cell wall, were obtained through SELEX. Whole cells of Staphylococcus aureus were also used to perform the SELEX to cells (cell-SELEX). The selection of aptamers was performed by two different procedures (A and B). The A process has been accomplished by 15 SELEX rounds in which the separation of the oligonucleotides bound to the peptidoglycan of unbound ones was performed by filtration. In the B process 15 SELEX rounds were performed using the centrifugation for this separation, followed by 5 rounds cell-SELEX. The SELEX started with a pool of ssDNA (single stranded DNA). For A process, initially a library of ssDNA was incubated with peptidoglycan and the amplification of oligonucleotides that were able to bind to peptidoglycan was performed by PCR (Polymerase Chain Reation). The amplified oligonucleotides were again incubated with peptidoglycan, amplified and purified. At the end of 15 selection rounds the selected oligonucleotides were cloned. The product of recombination was used to transform Escherichia coli ToplOF'. The plasmid DNA from 40 selected colonies were extracted and quantified. The plasmids were sequenced, two different sequences (Antibac1 and Antibac2) were obtained and their secondary structures determined. The aptamers obtained were synthesized and labeled with {sup 32}p. The labeled aptamers were incubated with S. aureus cells and the amount of radiolabeled ssDNA was determined by liquid scintillation spectrometry. The oligonucleotides library labeled with {sup 32}p was used as control. For the aptamer Antibac1 the radiation linked to the pellet was 28 times higher than obtained with the control and for the Antibac2 was 22 higher. A specific assay was conducted with labeled aptamers using S. aureus, E. co ti, Candida albicans and human fibroblasts. For both aptamers (Antibac1 and Antibac2) binding to bacterial cells was significantly higher than for C. albicans and fibroblasts, demonstrating their specificity for bacteria. For B process, after 15 SELEX rounds was performed the cell-SELEX starting with the products 15th round being incubated with S. aureus cells. The amplified oligonucleotides were incubated again with the bacteria in the next round and so on. At the end of the 5 rounds of selection, the selected oligonucleotides were cloned and sequenced as in A process. Eleven different sequences from 21 clones were obtained and their secondary structures were determined. The aptamers obtained by process A showed high affinity and specificity for bacteria. The aptamers obtained by process B will be evaluated for these parameters in a future work. (author)

  11. Study and development of an Iridium-192 seed for use in ophthalmic cancer; Estudo e desenvolvimento de uma semente de iridio-192 para aplicacao em cancer oftalmico

    Mattos, Fabio Rodrigues de


    Even ocular tumors are not among the cases with a higher incidence, they affect the population, especially children. The Institute of Energy and Nuclear Research (IPEN-CNEN/SP) in partnership with Escola Paulista de Medicina (UNIFESP), created a project to develop and implement a alternative treatment for ophthalmic cancer that use brachytherapy iridium-192 seeds. The project arose by reason of the Escola Paulista treat many cancer cases within the Unified Health System (SUS) and the research experience of sealed radioactive sources group at IPEN. The methodology was developed from the available infrastructure and the experience of researchers. The prototype seed presents with a core (192-iridium alloy of iridium-platinum) of 3.0 mm long sealed by a capsule of titanium of 0.8 mm outside diameter, 0.05 mm wall thickness and 4,5mm long. This work aims to study and develop a seed of iridium-192 from a platinum-iridium alloy. No study on the fabrication of these seeds was found in available literature. It was created a methodology that involved: characterization of the material used in the core, creation of device for neutron activation irradiation and and seed sealing tests. As a result, proved the feasibility of the method. As a suggestion for future work, studies regarding metrology and dosimetry of these sources and improvement of the methodology should be carried out, for future implementation in national scope. (author)

  12. Conductor polymeric membranes with potential for application in PEM type fuel cells; Membranas polimericas condutoras com potencialidades para aplicacao em celulas a combustivel do tipo PEM

    Brioude, Michel de Meireles; Sodre, Livia Farias; Boaventura Filho, Jaime Soares; Jose, Nadia Mamede [Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA), Salvador, BA (Brazil)


    In this work two series of membranes were prepared; they were based on hybrid organic-inorganic or composite materials and presented potentiality for application in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell, PEMFC. The polymeric phase was constituted of poly(dimethylsiloxane), PDMS, crosslinked with tetra ethoxysilane, TEOS, with a 70%/30% ratio. Phosphotungstic acid (PWA) or the sodium monododecylsulphate (MDS), as proton conductors, were added to the inorganic network, close to the gel point; the mixtures were transferred to a cast. The films were characterized by infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), X-ray diffraction (XRD), thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The membranes showed good properties, as flexibility, thermal and mechanical stability with potentiality to be used as conducting membranes in technological applications. (author)

  13. Modification of a cellulose derived for your application on enzyme immobilization;Modificacao de um derivado celulosico para sua aplicacao na imobilizacao de enzimas

    Carvalho, Elaine S.; Rodriguez, Ruben J.S.; Lamonica, Alano C., E-mail: ecarvalho@uenf.b [Universidade Estadual do Norte Fluminense Darcy Ribeiro (LAMAV/UENF), Campos dos Goytacazes, RJ (Brazil). Lab. de Materiais Avancados; Tavares, Maria Ines B. [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (IMA/UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Inst. de Macromoleculas Profa. Eloisa Mano


    The chemical modification of (acrylamidomethyl) cellulose acetate propionate (AMCAP) was done through the technique of grafting via radical using acrylic acid as modifier, with the objective to make the polymer more hydrophilic. The structural characterization of AMCAP and modified AMCAP-H{sub 2}O{sub 2} was analysed by using the technique of {sup 13}C-nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR-{sup 13}C). By the techniques differential scanning calorimetry analysis (DSC) and thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), the thermal properties was characterized and the hydrophobic / hydrophilic character was determined by measurements of the contact angle. The results show that occurred the change intended with the introduction of acrylic acid in the side chain of the polymer, increasing the hydrophilic character on the AMCAP. (author)

  14. Treatment of chemical waste piassava for application in polymeric composites; Tratamento quimico do residuo de piacava para aplicacao em compositos polimericos

    Miranda, C.S.; Fiuza, R.P.; Guimaraes, D.H.; Carvalho, G.G.P.; Carvalho, R.F.; Jose, N.M., E-mail: [Universidade Federal da Bahia (GECIM/UFBA), Salvador, BA (Brazil). Inst. de Quimica. Grupo de Energia e Ciencias dos Materiais


    Piassava fibers were investigated with the aim of adding new business value. The surface of the fibers were treated with NaOH and H{sub 2}SO{sub 4} for 1 h at room temperature. The samples were characterized by FTIR, TGA, DSC, chemical composition, XRD, SEM and tensile tests. The micrographs of the fibers showed that treatment with NaOH cleaned the fiber surface of a large amount of impurities and cause fibrillation. Chemical analysis, using the Van Soest method, showed that the palm fiber is a fiber rich in lignin, as evidenced by their brown color and with alkali treatment there was partial removal of hemicellulose and lignin, increasing the crystallinity index of the fiber, observed by XRD. The acid treatment caused no significant changes in the properties of the fiber. Therefore, the mercerisation was efficient in the fiber of palm fiber, improving their properties, enabling thus their use as reinforcement in polymer composites. (author)

  15. Development of Ti-12Mo-3Nb alloy for biomedical application; Desenvolvimento da liga Ti-12Mo-3Nb para aplicacao biomedica

    Panaino, J.V.P.; Gabriel, S.B., E-mail: [Centro Universidade de Volta Redonda (UNIFOA), RJ (Brazil); Mei, P. [Universidade Estadual de Campinas (DEMa/UNICAMP), SP (Brazil). Dept. de Materiais; Brum, M.V. [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Programa de Engenharia Metalurgica e de Materiais; Nunes, C.A. [Universidade de Sao Paulo (EEL/USP), Lorena, SP (Brazil). Escola de Engenharia


    The titanium alloys are quite satisfactory for biomedical applications due to their physical, mechanical and biological properties. Recent studies focuses on the development of beta type titanium alloys, composed of toxic elements (Nb, Mo, Ta ,...), because they have more advantages than alpha and alpha + beta (Ti- 6Al-4V) alloys such as lower modulus of elasticity, better plasticity and, moreover, the process variables can be controlled to produce selected results. This project focused on the development and characterization of Ti-12Mo-3Nb alloy in the condition 'as cast' and after thermomechanical treatment. The material was characterized in different conditions by X-ray diffraction, optical microscopy, microhardness measurements and elasticity modulus. The results showed that the forged Ti-12Mo-3Nb alloy showed the best combination of properties, being a promising candidate for use as implant. (author)

  16. Application of the FDK algorithm for multi-slice tomographic image reconstruction; Aplicacao do algoritmo FDK para a reconstrucao de imagens tomograficas multicortes

    Costa, Paulo Roberto, E-mail: pcosta@if.usp.b [Universidade de Sao Paulo (IFUSP), SP (Brazil). Inst. de Fisica. Dept. de Fisica Nuclear; Araujo, Ericky Caldas de Almeida [Fine Image Technology, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    This work consisted on the study and application of the FDK (Feldkamp- Davis-Kress) algorithm for tomographic image reconstruction using cone-beam geometry, resulting on the implementation of an adapted multi-slice computed tomography system. For the acquisition of the projections, a rotating platform coupled to a goniometer, an X-ray equipment and a digital image detector charge-coupled device type were used. The FDK algorithm was implemented on a computer with a Pentium{sup R} XEON{sup TM} 3.0 processor, which was used for the reconstruction process. Initially, the original FDK algorithm was applied considering only the ideal physical conditions in the measurement process. Then some artifacts corrections related to the projections measurement process were incorporated. The implemented MSCT system was calibrated. A specially designed and manufactured object with a known linear attenuation coefficient distribution ({mu}(r)) was used for this purpose. Finally, the implemented MSCT system was used for multi-slice tomographic reconstruction of an inhomogeneous object, whose distribution {mu}(r) was unknown. Some aspects of the reconstructed images were analyzed to assess the robustness and reproducibility of the system. During the system calibration, a linear relationship between CT number and linear attenuation coefficients of materials was verified, which validate the application of the implemented multi-slice tomographic system for the characterization of linear attenuation coefficients of distinct several objects. (author)

  17. Reproducibility study of thermoluminescent dosemeters for application in personal dosimetry; Estudo da reprodutibilidade de dosimetros termoluminescentes para a aplicacao em dosimetria pessoal

    Medeiros, Beatriz M.; Morimoto, Richard; Menezes, Francisca L.; Ferri, Paulo L.S.; Santos, Osmar A. dos, E-mail: [Fundacao do Cancer, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    Nowadays in radiotherapy services due to the big concern about the OEIs' safety is made the personal dosimetry of them. And Thermoluminescent Dosimetry is the most used dosimetric technique. It is necessary that the dosimeters are tested for their characterization and response evaluation before being used. One of these tests is the reproducibility test.This study aims to ensure that the dosimetric system analyzed has the same response to the same dose through the criteria presented by the Testing and Calibration Service Evaluation Committee - CASEC / IRD / CNEN contained in the IRD-RT Document Number 002.02 / 2010{sup o}. The groups showed a coefficient of variation equal to 3.6% for irradiated dosimeters with 25 cGy, 2.7% for irradiated dosimeters with 40 cGy, 6.6% for irradiated dosimeters with 50 cGy and 4.1% for dosimeters irradiated with 100 cGy. Since all these values are less than 7.5%, all four dosimeters groups would be accepted by the criteria used. (author)

  18. Development and application of a pediatric head phantom for dosimetry in computed tomography; Desenvolvimento e aplicacao de um simulador pediatrico craniano para dosimetria em tomografia computadorizada

    Martins, Elaine Wirney


    To determine the exposure levels and the absorbed dose in patients undergoing CT scans, is necessary to calculate the CT dose index in measurements with a PMMA or water phantom. The phantom must be enough to simulate the attenuation and scattering characteristics of a human body or parts in a radiation field. The CT specific quantities : CT air kerma index (Ca,100) , weighted CT air kerma index (CW ), a total volume CT air kerma index (Cvol) and the CT air kerma-length product (PKL) must be determined and compared to literature reference levels. In this work a head pediatric phantom was developed, considering that the Brazilian published Diagnostic Reference Levels (DRL) are based on adult phantom measurements. This developed phantom shows a construction innovation using materials to simulate the skullcap, cortical bone (aluminum) and cancellous bone (PVC), and it was filled with distilled water. The phantom dimension follows the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the International Commission on Radiation Units for children from 0 to 5 years old head size: diameter of 160 mm and height of 155 mm. The skullcap has 4 mm of thickness and 111.9 mm of internal diameter. In order to evaluate its behavior, tests were carried out in calibration laboratories and in clinical beams. The results showed attenuation up to 23% when different materials are used as skullcap, demonstrating that the DRLs adopted could be overestimating the dose received by pediatric patients. It is observed that the dose received by CT skull scans presents different distribution, due to the skullcap partially attenuation and/or backscattering which is not considered when the PMMA phantom is used.

  19. EPR response characterization of drugs excipients for applying in accident dosimetry; Caracterizacao da resposta RPE dos excipientes dos medicamentos para aplicacao em dosimetria de acidente

    Marczewski, Barbara S.; Rodrigues Junior, Orlando; Galante, Ocimar L.; Costa, Zelia M. da; Campos, Leticia L. [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    Some drugs are widely used by the population and can be employed to dose retrospective. The carbohydrates (saccharides), commonly used as excipients in the pharmaceutical industry, produce a quantity of free radicals after gamma irradiation, making them useful for dosimetry in emergency or accident situations that imply in dose evaluation from the materials found nearly or in contact with victims. In general, EPR signal from pulverized pills of some drugs are very complex due to the variety of components in the formulation. Because of this fact, some pharmaceutical excipients identified in the pill composition were also analysed by EPR spectrometry. On the counter drugs were studied: Cebion glucose, AAS, Aspirina, Conmel, Lacto-Purga and sugar substitutive ZeroCal. The excipients were: lactose, amide, anhydrous glucose and magnesium stearate. In some samples the number of radicals produced increased with the dose, showing a linear response for a dose range of interest and an adequate sensibility for dosimetry in accident cases.

  20. Alternative materials study for dental magnetics attachments applications; Estudo de materiais alternativos para aplicacao em sistemas de proteses odontologicas com conexoes magneticas

    Marques, Rogerio Albuquerque


    Ferromagnetic alloys have been investigated as potential candidates for dental prosthesis applications in replacement for magnetic attachments made of noble and expensive alloys. Three stainless steels were investigated: 17-4 PH produced by powder injection (PIM), PM2000 obtained by mechanical alloying and oxide dispersion strengthened, and nickel free stainless steel 1802. In the in vitro cytotoxicity analysis, none of the three steels tested showed cytotoxic effects. The corrosion resistance of stainless steels was evaluated by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) and anodic potentiodynamic polarization, in sodium phosphate buffer solutions (PBS) at 25 degree C. The AISI 316L stainless steel was also tested under the same conditions for comparison reasons. All the stainless steel samples were passive in the electrolyte used and presented susceptibility to pitting. The steel that showed the highest pitting resistance was the PM2000, whereas the 1802 had the lowest resistance to pitting among the tested ones. The Mott-Schottky diagrams suggested that the passive film over the surface of PM2000 steel is at least one decade less doped compared to 316L stainless steel, so less defective in its structure. The results pointed out to the PM2000 as a potential candidate for substitution of high cost magnetic alloys used in dental prosthesis. (author)

  1. Development and application of the simulator CTE2 for improvement of energy efficiency; Desenvolvimento e aplicacao de simulador na CTE2 para melhoria da eficiencia energetica

    Teixeira, Nelson Neves; Baesso, Marisson Pedro; Salazar, Marcos Vinicios; Silva, Luis Paulo; Souza, Mauro Candido Menezes de [Gerencia Geral de Energeticos e Utilidades GGCE (Brazil)


    This contribution presents the technical work developed and deployed by the technical staff and operational management of Generation of Energy focused on optimizing the absorption of iron and steel fuel (Coke Gas - GCO; Gas Steelmaking - GLD; and Blast Furnace Gas - GAF) in the generation of energy (Electricity, steam and air blown), and reduced consumption of natural gas. By being strategic, it sought to guarantee the improvement in operating the Plant, the energy generated in Gcal and made available internally. Aiming to lower investment, the group then turned to the deployment of analytics fast forward to working and planning of generation, where we seek a mathematical model of energy efficiency CTE2. Taking as basis the resources of the green belt, and having multiple inputs and multiple outputs in the process, we opted for the statistical method of regression in the design of regression coefficients PLS (Partial Least Squares) in the composition of the mathematical model and simulator. The paper details the development and implementation of the simulator and a better planning of fuel steel against a lower volume of NG. (author)

  2. Application of compartmental metabolic models for determination of retention and excretion functions; Aplicacao de modelos metabolicos para a determinacao de funcoes de excrecao e retencao

    Rodrigues Junior, O


    After an intake of radioactive material, its behaviour in the human body can be described by mathematical models, where organs, tissues or regions of the body are treated as a chain of linked compartments. The mathematical approach for such metabolic models is usually done through a system of differential equations of first order with constant coefficients. The solutions of this system of equations associates the radionuclide intake, with the fraction excreted or retained in the organ of interest. A computer program - called INCORP and for running in PC compatible microcomputers - was developed in order to find the solutions of such system of equations, using an analytical method based on expansion of series of exponential matrices. The metabolic model presented in the ICRP-30 publication was simulated using the INCORP program, in order to find the respective retention and excretion curves for selected radionuclides. (author)

  3. Gold nanoparticles applications in natural polymer modified for UV protection; Aplicacao de nanoparticulas de ouro em polimero natural modificado para protecao ultravioleta

    Silva, Iris O. da; Ladchumananandasivam, Rasiah; Nascimento, Jose H. O. do; Silva, Francisco C. da; Sa, Christiane S. de A., E-mail: [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (PPGEM/UFRN), Natal, RN (Brazil)


    The protein-based polymers such as milk, such as polylactic acid (PLA) and soya can be cited as examples of substrates used in various fields of engineering, mainly due to its character of biodegradability, generating low environmental impact when compared to chemical polymers to petroleum-based, which take years to decompose in nature. Among these, soy fiber has great application potential because it is a manufactured material base of a residue obtained from the existing folder in the soybean seeds after oil extraction, using resins and chemicals for structural modification. In this work, soy mesh was used to develop a material with ultraviolet protection properties, through the use of nanotechnology. Thus, to connect the gold nanoparticles (NPAu), the fabric had a surface charge modified with the use of chitosan, using 20% of the weight of the material, followed by nanomaterials exhaust process. The NPAu were synthesized via chemical synthesis with sodium nitrate as reducing and stabilizing agent. The analysis of the solution samples were evaluated by absorbance spectroscopy and solid materials through diffuse reflectance spectroscopy and XRD X-ray diffraction. The size of NPAu was evaluated in equipment Zetasizer nanoseries / nanoZ, finding nanoparticles with an average size of 34.59 nm, and also underlined plasmon resonance phenomenon, with peaks between 530 nm and red coloration, and good results from the soundness washes, compared to conventional dyeing. It was found that soy polymer treated with NPAu presented an excellent property with ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of +50, considered excellent, proving its potential application in the biomedical field. (author)

  4. Hybrid membranes PVA/silicon for use in fuel cells; Membranas hibridas de PVA/silica para aplicacao em celula a combustivel

    Aguiar, Liz C.V. de; Almeida, Raquel D. de; Gomes, Ailton de S. [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro - UFRJ, Instituto de Macromoleculas Professora Eloisa Mano - IMA, RJ (Brazil)], e-mail:; Ramos Filho, Florencio G. de [Centro Universitario Estadual da Zona Oeste - UEZO, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    Hybrids organic-inorganic membranes PVA-silica have been prepared using sol-gel process in situ with the objective of study the influence of inorganic particles incorporation on the water uptake, pervaporation and proton conductivity of PVA membranes. The silica was constituted of mercaptopropyltrimethoxysilane (MPTMS) with or without the mixture with the tetra ethoxysilane (TEOS). The hybrids membranes were oxidated to convert the -SH groups in -SO{sub 3}H groups, becoming them proton conducting. The hybrids membranes not oxidated showed lesser water uptake and pervaporated material, probably, due to the formation of crosslink that restricted the swell of the PVA membrane. The protonic conductivity of the hybrid membranes after the oxidation was up to 26 times bigger than of the membrane not oxidated. (author)

  5. Chemical treatment and biomimetic coating evaluating in zirconia-alumina ceramics; Avaliacao de tratamentos quimicos e recobrimento biomimetico em ceramicas de alumina-zirconia

    Aguiar, Amanda Abati


    Ceramic materials, as alumina and zirconia have been explored along the years as biomaterials application. The bio inert nature has been stimulating the development of new alternatives, as chemical treatments to improve the biological application of these ceramics. The biomimetic process of bio inert ceramics for coating apatite is based on soaking the implant in a simulated body fluid, SBF, with ion concentrations nearly equal to those of human blood plasma. The bioactivity of the material is related with the formation of a layer constituted of hydroxyapatite low crystalline, similar to the biological apatite. The biocompatibility associated to the structural properties of the alumina and zirconia has been stimulating the clinical use of these materials, mainly in areas of larger mechanical requests, places not recommended for bioactive hydroxyapatite, for instance. In this work samples of alumina, zirconia doped with Yttria (3% mol) and composites of alumina and zirconia doped with Yttria (3% mol) were prepared by co-precipitation method, calcinate, sintered, chemically treated with solutions of acid phosphoric and sodium hydroxide and them immersed in 1.0 M and 1.5 M SBF. The calcinate powders were analyzed by X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), gas adsorption (BET) and laser diffraction. The XRD results indicate that the samples are low crystalline. It was observed for BET that the samples present high specific surface area. The results of laser diffraction and SEM showed that the powders are agglomerates. The sintered samples were analyzed by XRD, SEM and X-ray fluorescence (XRF). The phases quantified by Rietveld method were: cubic, tetragonal and monoclinic of the zirconia, besides the phase alpha of the alumina. The chemical treatment with phosphoric acid didn't present a tendency of larger apatite formation in relation to the samples no chemically treated. The treatment with sodium hydroxide provoked accentuated transformation of the cubic phase for tetragonal phase and of tetragonal phase for the monoclinic phase of the zirconia. The immersion of samples in SBF provided apatite coating formation on the surfaces of the samples, identified by XRD, and the coating thickness was measured by XRF. (author)

  6. Evaluation of mechanical and electrical properties for an aluminium alloy thermo resistant for application in electrical cables and wires; Avaliacao das propriedades mecanicas e eletricas para uma liga de aluminio termorresistente para aplicacao em fios e cabos eletricos

    Amaral, M.A.; Reis, W.L.S.; Souza, A.T.M.D.; Quaresma, J.M.V. [Universidade Federal do Para, Belem, PA (Brazil)


    With the constant growth of brazilian industry and, consequently, the demand for electric power, realized the need to develop new metal alloys for use in wire and cable transmission and distribution of electricity to support the high temperatures which will be submitted. this study is based on the modification of aluminum by contents of Zr. the alloys were cast into ingot shaped {sup u,} after machined to a diameter of 18 mm, were homogenized and cold-worked (rolled). subsequently underwent a series of heat treatments at temperatures (230 degree c, 310 degree c and 390 degree c) for one hour in order to obtain the recrystallization temperature of alloys and demonstrate its potential for thermo resistant. With the inclusion of increasing contents of Zr, the alloy showed a higher recrystallization temperature and an increase in their limit of tensile strength. (author)

  7. Characterization of Paraiba state, Brazil, clays used for clearing of oil of frying for application as bio fuel; Cacterizacao de argilas do estado da Paraiba, Brasil, utilizaadas para clareamento de oleos de fritura usados para aplicacao como biobombustivel

    Araujo, E.P.; Oliveira, S.V. de; Medeiros, K.M. de; Araujo, E.M.; Fook, M.V.L. [Universidade Federal de Campina Grande (DEMa/UFCG), PB (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia de Materiais], e-mail:


    The search for new sources of renewable energy order to minimize environmental impacts has led the scientists to develop new alternatives, such as the use of recycling of frying oils to produce biodiesel. The reuse of these oils has the advantage of obtaining a biofuel with the cost / benefit competitive. However, the conditions of post-consumer oils require treatment prior to its conversion the chemical (transesterification), removing solid particulate contaminants and adjusting its color using the clay of Paraiba. The use of biodiesel as fuel presents a reduction of levels of environmental pollution. This study aimed to characterize clay of Paraiba to be used in the clearing of frying oil. It was observed through the results of the Xray fluorescence (XRF) and infrared spectroscopy by Fourier Transform (FTIR), which the clays tested, have been effective in clearing of frying oils, making them similar to oil 'virgin'. (author)

  8. Chemical modification of HTPB for application as polymeric additives for diesel fuel. 1 - phenyl ethers; Modificacao quimicado PBLH para aplicacao como aditivos polimericos para oleo diesel. 1. eteres fenilicos

    Carvalho, Agne R.; Prezibella, Alysson M.; Ferraz, Fernando A.; Soldi, Rafael A.; Oliveira, Angelo R.S.; Cesar-Oliveira, Maria Aparecida F. [Universidade Federal do Parana (UFPR), Curitiba, PR (Brazil). Dept. de Quimica. Lab. de Polimeros Sinteticos


    The petroleum industry faces several problems related to the crystallization of paraffins, in petroleum and its derivatives, with the reduction of the service temperature. To solve this problem polymeric additives are used, of which the esters have been enough studied in several areas of the world, except in Brazil. In this work, this class of pour point depressant additives it was obtained through the chemical modification of Hydroxyl Terminate Polybutadiene (HTPB) that present a hydrocarbon chemical structure containing one double bound in each repetitive unit and hydroxyl groups of the primary and secondary allylic types - functional groups potentially reactive. The obtained products were characterized by Fourier transformed infrared spectroscopy and nuclear magnetic resonance, and they are being tested as additive for the pour point reduction of a diesel oil samples (REPAR-PETROBRAS). (author)

  9. Application of of artificial neural networks for estimation of soil-plant transfer factor for {sup 137}Cs; Aplicacao de redes neurais artificiais para a previsao de valores do fator de transferencia solo-planta para {sup 137}Cs

    Santos, Anna Karla Gomes dos


    The knowledge of radionuclide behavior in soils is fundamental to calculate the dose due to food ingestion and to evaluate the risks of radioactive exposure of the population. This knowledge associated to the socio-economic characteristics of the affected region will set the radio protective measures to be taken in case of radioactive contamination of rural areas. The soil-plant transfer factor (TF) is the specific parameter value of radiological models to numerically integrate the dynamic processes that occur within the radionuclides in the soil plant system. This measurement, specific to each radionuclide and soil type, is defined ratio between a specific radionuclide activity in the edible part of the plant and its soil activity. However, the absence of linearity between soil concentrations and the measurements in plants indicate the complexity of the transfer process of radionuclide from soil to a plant, making it difficult to forecast the TF ratio in a specific scenario. One of the main radionuclides associated to nuclear accidents impacting rural areas is {sup 137}Cs. This is one of the most worrisome radionuclides because of its physiochemical properties and its chemical similarity with potassium (K) and its extended physical mid-life (t1/2 = 30,17 years) that allows great environmental dispersion, ecological mobility and environmental endurance. Radiological studies related to {sup 137}Cs transfer factor show that pedological parameters that considerably explain the behavior of {sup 137}Cs in soil-plant system are: exchangeable K, clayed minerals, organic matter content and pH in soils. In this work, the computational method of artificial neural network (ANN) was applied to evaluate the possibility to forecast the TF of {sup 137}Cs in cereals, associated to pedological parameters considered potential indicators of its phyto availability: cationic exchange capacity (CEC), exchangeable K and pH. This study demonstrated that the ANN, having only as entry data the pedological parameters pH, CEC and exchangeable K, was capable of estimating TF soil-plant values in cereals for {sup 137}Cs with deviations inferior to 6% in almost 86% of the cases, showing the availability of the ANN use as a tool to predict the soil-plant transfer factor values for {sup 1}3{sup 7}Cs. The results of this emphasize the influence of these pedological parameters in the control of the {sup 137}Cs soil-plant transfer process. The previous knowledge of transfer factors, enable to infer the degree of radio vulnerability of a soil that's potentially subject to radioactive contamination, which will help in the planning of emergency treatment in short, medium and long term in rural areas close to nuclear plants, as well as the selection of adequate places for the waste storage and nuclear installations. (author)

  10. Deployment case study of a global applied 3D modeling process of pipe supports; Estudo de caso da aplicacao de uma ferramenta para automatizacao e controle do processo de modelagem de suportes para tubulacoes em maquetes 3D

    Balbi, Diego Junca Gonzaga; Oliveira, Renato Fonseca; Pinto, Rogerio Dias [Promon Engenharia, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    An activity in engineering projects has been changed over the past two decades with regarding to working practices. Difficulties arising from the increasing complexity of projects, especially in industrial sectors, have taken this activity a constant search for new methods and tools which enable increased speed in performing tasks of daily life of the project. Currently, the development of these tools has been based on a friendlier interface to the end user, minimizing the need for extensive and repetitive training. Moreover, the industry responsible for this development of these kind of tools is still in the search for knowledge in order to explore the plain capabilities within wide projects on solutions offered. This article deals with one of these innovations on the spotlight, besides of being not a technology issue. It's based on the same basic platform available since the creation of models used together with databases. However, this new vision of work inserts one more specialty in the virtual designing of structures to support industrial pipes, as well as other design disciplines, nor taken advantage of these capabilities with regard to the generation of information, its control and management. (author)

  11. Seeking tools for image fusion between computed tomography, structural and functional magnetic resonance methods for applications in neurosurgery; Ferramentas para fusao de imagens dos metodos de tomografia computadorizada, ressonancia magnetica e ressonancia magnetica funcional para aplicacao pre-neurocirurgica

    Rocha, Liana Guerra Sanches da, E-mail: [Departamento de Diagnostico por Imagem, Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein - HIAE, Sao Paulo (SP) (Brazil); Amaro Junior, Edson [Faculdade de Medicina, Universidade de Sao Paulo - USP, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Deptartamento de Diagnostico por Imagem; Instituto do Cerebro - InCe, Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein - HIAE, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    To evaluate tools for the fusion of images generated by tomography and structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging. Methods: Magnetic resonance and functional magnetic resonance imaging were performed while a volunteer who had previously undergone cranial tomography performed motor and somatosensory tasks in a 3-Tesla scanner. Image data were analyzed with different programs, and the results were compared. Results: We constructed a flow chart of computational processes that allowed measurement of the spatial congruence between the methods. There was no single computational tool that contained the entire set of functions necessary to achieve the goal. Conclusion: The fusion of the images from the three methods proved to be feasible with the use of four free-access software programs (OsiriX, Register, MRIcro and FSL). Our results may serve as a basis for building software that will be useful as a virtual tool prior to neurosurgery. (author)

  12. Neutron cross section measurements of water, heavy water, urine and blood for nutrition application; Medidas de secoes de choque para neutrons da agua leve, da agua pesada, urina e sangue para aplicacao em nutricao

    Voi, Dante Luiz; Oliveira Ferreira, Francisco J. de [Instituto de Engenharia Nuclear (IEN), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Rocha, Helio F. da [Universidade Federal, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Inst. de Pediatria e Puericultura Marzagao Gesteira


    The present work describes the application of a method developed at the reactor physics laboratory of IEN-CNEN-RJ for the determination of body water in subjects. The method is based on neutron cross section determinations of molecular compounds. It was used the crystal neutron spectrometer installed in J-9 channel irradiation of the Argonauta reactor. Hydrogenous and deuterated samples were measured to demonstrate the viability of the method. (author). 3 refs., 1 tab.

  13. Application of Laplace transform for determination of albedo type boundary conditions for neutronic calculations; Aplicacao da transformada de Laplace para determinacao de condicoes de contorno tipo albedo para calculos neutronicos

    Petersen, Claudio Zen


    In this dissertation we use the Laplace transform to derive expressions for nonstandard albedo boundary conditions for one and two non-multiplying regions at the ends of one dimensional domains. In practice, the fuel regions of reactor cores are surrounded by reflector regions that reduce neutron leakage. In order to exclude the reflector regions from the calculations, we introduce a reflection coefficient or albedo. We use the present albedo boundary conditions to solve numerically slab-geometry monoenergetic and multigroup diffusion equations using the conventional finite difference method. Numerical results are generated for fixed source and eigenvalue diffusion problems in slab geometry(author)

  14. para Cuba

    Armando Eloy García de la Figal Costales


    Full Text Available Sobre la base del análisis de la aplicación del plan de estudio «C Perfeccionado» (cuarta versión de Mecanización Agropecuaria, desde 1999 se determina como objetivo el diseño del plan de estudio de la nueva carrera de Ingeniería Agrícola para Cuba, mediante la precisión del encargo social en las nuevas condiciones, la preparación profesional existente en el ámbito mundial y nacional y las tendencias mundiales en el desarrollo de la ciencia y la técnica, empleando la metodología del diseño curricular por objetivos. Se determinaron: el objeto de estudio y de la profesión; principales problemas a resolver; campos de acción; modo de actuación; esferas de actuación y el Modelo del Profesional, siendo su objetivo más general: explotar los sistemas de ingeniería agrícola para los procesos tecnológicos y biotecnológicos de la producción agropecuaria sostenible. El plan posee como currículo básico el 79,62 % y el 40,04 % de práctica laboral e investigativa, ambos respecto al total de horas de 5 594.

  15. para palmito

    Francisco Paulo Chaimsohn


    Full Text Available Densidades de siembra, arreglos espaciales y fertilización en pejibaye (Bactris gasipaes cv Diamantes-10 para palmito. La investigación se llevó a cabo en la Estación Experimental Los Diamantes (Guápiles, Costa Rica, el 3 de octubre del 2003, cuyo objetivo fue la evaluación del efecto de diferentes densidades de siembra (3.333, 5.000 y 6.666 plantas/ha, arreglos espaciales, y diversos métodos de fertilización (química, orgánica, sobre el crecimiento de las plantas de pejibaye para producción de palmito. Se consideraron las variables diámetro y altura del tallo primario y el número de hojas y rebrotes como indicadores de producción. El período de evolución abarcó sólo los primeros 25 meses de crecimiento en el campo. El número de hojas, la altura y el diámetro del tallo no mostraron diferencias de respuesta relevantes. Sólo el número de rebrotes disminuyó al aumentar la densidad de la población, cuando se midió a los 15 meses de edad. El efecto de la fertilización se hizo evidente después de la primera cosecha, realizada a los 20 meses, debido al aumento de la competencia entre plantas, ahora más desarrolladas. Fue entonces cuando la fertilización química indujo la producción de un mayor número y vigor de los rebrotes. Sin embargo, las prácticas evaluadas 25 meses después de la siembra, no habían infl uido hasta ese momento en el número de palmitos cosechados, ni tampoco había afectado las características físicas de los sectores foliar y caulinar del palmito.

  16. Para Leer

    Adela Sanz Cañibano


    Full Text Available Jorge L. Tizón, Ramón Ciurana, M del Carmen Fernández (Comps. Libro de casos. Promoción de la salud mental desde la atención primaria. (Adela Sanz Cañibano Grupo de Expertos en Competencia Intercultural. Instrumento para la valoración de la Competencia Intercultural en la Atención en salud mental. Hacia la equidad en salud. (María Goretti Morón Nozaleda Mariano Hernández Monsalve y Pilar Nieto Degregori (Coords.. Psicoterapia y Rehabilitación de pacientes con psicosis. (Francisco Chicharro Lezcano André du Laurens. De las enfermedades melancólicas. Jourdain Guibelet. Del humor melancólico. (Iñaki Markez Julio José? Segarra Valls. Léxico psico(patológico en la obra de Carlos Castilla del Pino. (Eudoxia Gay Pamos Giorgio Nardone y Alessandro Salvini. El diálogo estratégico. (Fernando Mansilla Izquierdo Michel Foucault. Leçons sur la volonté de savoir, suivi de Le savoir d'Edipe. (Mauricio Jalón Camilo Castelo Branco. La novela de un hombre rico. (Alicia Merisi Kenzaburo Oé. Cuadernos de Hiroshima. (Mauricio Jalón Pascal Quignard. Les solidarités mystérieuses. (Beatriz A. Rubín Documentos en la red (Juan Medrano

  17. Assessment of recycled PET properties for application on oil wells as sand control agents; Avaliacao de propriedades de PET reciclado para aplicacao em pocos de petroleo como agente de contencao de areia

    Pereira, Alexandre Zacarias Ignacio [PETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Delpech, Marcia Cerqueira [Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (IQ/UERJ), RJ (Brazil). Inst. de Quimica], e-mail:


    The Sand Control is fundamental for oil production in unconsolidated sandstone formations. It consists of the installation of a filter made of stainless steel screens and grained materials (sand control agents) which are, normally, high density inorganic substances (sand, ceramic, bauxite). Shallow formations, near to the sea bed, are more sensitive and need different kinds of sand control agents with low density. The objective of this work was the evaluation of recycled poly(ethylene terephthalate), PET, as sand control agent for oil wells. Pack permeability and thermal stability tests results, after up to six months of exposure to sea water and crude oil, have indicated that the recycled PET kept the necessary characteristics for the proposed application. Also, it was observed that the PET grain pack did not presented significant property modifications in the exposure conditions, when compared to the non-exposed samples. (author)

  18. Fabrication and electrical characterization of polyaniline-silicon heterojunction for gamma radiation dosimetry application; Fabricacao e caracterizacao eletrica de heterojuncoes de polianilina - silicio para aplicacao em dosimetria de radiacao gama

    Laranjeira, Jane Maria Goncalves


    In this work a technique has been developed to fabricate high quality polyaniline-silicon heterojunction diodes for use as gas and/or ionizing radiation sensors. Polyaniline thin films (40 nm thick) produced by spin-coating on silicon substrates, were the active part of the junction structure. The devices presented excellent reproducibility of their electrical characteristics with high rectification ratio, 60,000 at {+-}1.0 V, and typical reverse current at - 1.0 V of 3 nA at 295 K. A G/I x G plot has been used to analyze the current-voltage characteristics, yielding typical series resistance of 4 k{omega} {+-} 5% and ideality factor in a range of 1,9 {+-} 0.5%. The heterojunction diode presents high sensitivity to gamma radiation in the dose range of 3 x 10{sup -2} to 7 kGy with a linear response in the forward and reverse bias. The excellent electrical characteristics together with the linear response with the dose, strongly suggest the application of this device for spectrometry or dosimetry of high doses of gamma radiation. These devices presented high sensitivity to gas moistures such as ammonia, nitric acid and trichloroethylene. In both cases the sensitivity was observed through shifts of the current-voltage curves, which can be easily monitored to provide a calibration curve of the sensor either as a radiation dosimeter or as a gas sensor for use in applications for gas monitoring or radiation dosimetry. Several aspects of the reliability physics of silicon-polyaniline heterojunction, such as degradation effects induced by local heating, charge trapping and temperature changes, have been discussed. These results further confirm the quality of the devices electrical characteristics and their suitability for radiation and gas sensors applications. Another interesting results presented in this work was the use of polyemeraldine nanofilms (thickness in the range 30-50 nm) deposited by 'spin coating' on glass substrates as an optical dosimeter for gamma radiation based on the color change of the polymer. The nanofilms devices were characterized by UV visible absorption spectroscopy. The deep blue color, characteristic of undoped polyaniline films before irradiation, becomes subsequently green as the film is being irradiated, and the film absorption coefficient exhibits a linear dependence with the logarithm of the irradiation dose from I to 10 kGy. (author)

  19. Effect of substitutional element in the microstructure and hardness of Ti-Zr system alloys used as biomaterials; Efeito do elemento substitucional na microestrutura e dureza de ligas do sistema Ti-Zr para aplicacao como biomaterial

    Correa, D.R.N.; Vicente, F.B.; Grandini, C.R., E-mail: diegornc@fc.unesp.b [Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP), Bauru, SP (Brazil). Lab. de Anelasticidade e Biomateriais


    New titanium alloys had been developed with the aim of obtaining materials with improved properties for application as biomaterial, and alloys of the Ti-Zr system are among those most promising. The objective of this study is to analyze the influence of the zirconium concentration on microstructure and hardness of the Ti-5Zr, Ti-10Zr and Ti-15Zr alloys. After arc-melting melting, the samples were analyzed by chemical and gas composition, and characterized by density measurements, optical microscopy, x-ray diffraction and hardness. The results showed a microstructure formed by alpha phase (hexagonal close-packed structure) and increased of hardness. (author)

  20. Preparation of gas diffusion layers for PEMFC fuel cells using carbon fibers; Elaboracao de uma camada de difusao de gas a partir de fibras de carbono para aplicacao em celulas combustiveis do tipo PEMFC

    Santos, J.N.; Kunsti, S.R.; Malfatti, C.F. [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul - Departamento de Metalurgia (PPGEM) - Laboratorio de Pesquisa em Corrosao (LAPEC), Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil); Vargas, J.V.C. [Universidade Federal do Parana - Departamento de Engenharia Mecanica, PR (Brazil); Amico, S.C. [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul - Departamento de Materiais, RS (Brazil)


    The electrode/membrane system, called MEA, is the fundamental unit of a PEMFC (proton exchange membrane fuel cell). Within the MEA, the gas diffusion layer (GDL) is the bridge between the flow field and the catalyst layer. One of the important elements in a GDL is the substrate, typically a carbon cloth or paper, that has to be an excellent electrical conductor and show mechanical strength along with thermal and chemical stability. In this work, GDLs were produced from a suspension containing short carbon fibers in water-based polyurethane and poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) resins with appropriate characteristics to be used in low temperature fuel cells. The obtained GDL was characterized regarding its wettability, electrical conductivity and morphological aspects, evaluated by SEM. (author)

  1. Application of gamma irradiation for incorporation of rubber powder in the formulations EPDM and NBR rubber; Aplicacao da radiacao gama para incorporacao do po de borracha em formulacoes de borracha EPDM e nitrilica

    Kiyan, Ludmila de Ysasa Pozzo


    The natural decomposition of rubber is a very slow process due to its three-dimensional network formed by vulcanized crosslinked structures becoming extremely difficult to reprocess this material. The present work aims to study the application of gamma irradiation as devulcanization process for material reuse/recycling. The interactions of elastomers with ionizing radiation of a gamma source were investigated and the changes in physicochemical properties of the materials were evaluated. Formulations of NBR (acrylonitrile - butadiene) and EPDM (ethylene - propylene - diene terpolymer) from the rubber industry were crosslinked by conventional sulfur-based mixing. Master - batch was processed with rubber powder (industrial waste) and virgin rubber. The raw material (master batch) was irradiated in {sup 60}Co source at doses of 50, 100, 150 kGy and dose rate of 5 kGy h{sup -1} at room temperature. The irradiated material was incorporated in classical sulfur-based formulations. The formulations were characterized by: infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), thermal analysis (TG and DTG), tensile strength, elongation at break, hardness, abrasion resistance, rheometry and swelling. The results showed a predominance of chain scission at a dose of 50 kGy for EPDM rubber. For nitrile predominance of chain scission was observed at a dose of 100 kGy. These results show the possibility of the use of gamma radiation for the reuse/recycling of EPDM and nitrile rubbers. (author)

  2. Microstructural development and characterization of lanthanum chromite-based ceramics to application in solid oxide fuel cells; Desenvolvimento microestrutural e caracterizacao de ceramicas a base de cromita de lantanio para aplicacao em celulas a combustivel de oxido solido

    Oliveira, R.N.; Furtado, J.G. de M.; Soares, C.M.; Serra, E.T. [Centro de Pesquisas de Energia Eletrica (CEPEL), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)], e-mail:


    This work has for objective to investigate and to characterize the microstructural development of lanthanum chromite-based ceramics (LaCrO{sub 3}) doped with earth alkaline metals, correlating the microstructural parameters (mainly the densification level) and processing parameters with the electrothermal properties reached. Lanthanum chromite-based ceramic systems doped with earth-alkaline metals (Ca, Mg and Sr) had been produced from respective metallic nitrates by solid state reactions process. The phase compositions were evaluated by X-ray diffraction and the densification level by Archimedes method. The microstructural characterization was effected by scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy and thermal analysis techniques. Electrical tests were used to evaluate the electrical conductivity of the studied ceramics. The obtained results corroborate the literature comments concerning the difficulty of lanthanum chromite-based ceramics with high densification level and evidence the great influence of the nature of the dopants on the sintering mechanism and the microstructural and electric characteristics of the produced ceramics. The best ones results, in terms of densification and electrical conductivity, had been gotten through multiple doping with calcium and strontium, and in sintering temperature conditions lower that the normally considered to pure or monodoped lanthanum chromite-based ceramics. (author)

  3. Development of a head phantom to be used for quality control in stereotactic radiosurgery; Desenvolvimento de um simulador de cabeca para a aplicacao no controle da qualidade de radiocirurgia estereotaxica

    Barbosa, Nilseia Aparecida


    It was designed and developed a geometric acrylic head phantom (GHP) for Quality Assurance (QA) in Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS). Inside the phantom there are inserts that are able to accommodate acrylic targets representing the tumor tissue and organ at risk in the region cranial brain, the brain stem. The tumor tissue is represented by two semi-spheres of acrylic with a diameter of 13.0 mm and cavities in the central region for accommodation of a TLD-100 detector and a small radiochromic EBT Gafchromic filmstrip. The brain stem is represented by the two parts of acrylic cylinder with a diameter 18.0 mm, 38.0 mm length and cavities along the central region to accommodate the 5 detectors TLD-100 and yet another of EBT film. The distance tumor - brain stem is 2.0 mm. The experimental setup was filled with water, attached to the stereotactic frame to determine the coordinates of the target and underwent computed tomography (CT). Cf images were transferred to the SRS planning system BrainLab (BrainScan). The contours of the lesion and organ at risk were delineated and, through the technique of multiple circular arcs, the planning was conduced with five arches, one isocenter and a collimator of 17.5 mm from the combination between the table and gantry . The dose delivered to the isocenter of the lesion was 3.0 Gy and the total coverage of tumor volume corresponds to the 75% isodose. This experimental arrangement is subjected to radiosurgery treatment, after which the dosimeters are evaluated and their responses compared with the values of planned doses. The linear accelerator used was a Varian CLlNAC 2300 CID, photon beam of 6 MV, installed at the National Cancer Institute (INCA). For verification of dose distributions in 3D, the films were irradiated in three planes: sagittal, caronal and axial. The .films were scanned and digitized on a scanner Microtek ScanMaker 9800XL model. The dose distributions in irradiated films were compared with the distributions of doses provided by the planning system through the software PTW VeriSoft gamma index method. The results were obtained with TLD agree with planned dose values within the limits of acceptance. For EBT Gafchromics films, in ali treatment plans, there was agreement between the doses values and isodoses, measured planned, within the tolerance limits for SRS (+- 5% of the administered dose in the isocenter of the lesion and {+-} 1,0 mm spatial deviation), showing that the method used is adequate to ensure the quality of the radiosurgery treatment. (author)

  4. Merger of waste of lead in polyester resin for application of protection barriers; Incorporacao do residuo de chumbo em resina de poliester para a aplicacao em barreiras de protecao

    Barros, Frieda Saicla [Universidade Tecnologica Federal do Parana (UTFPR), Curitiba, PR (Brazil); Paredes, Ramon Siguifredo Cortes [Universidade Federal do Parana (UFPR), Curitiba, PR (Brazil)


    This paper's main objective is the use of powdered lead waste obtained from the recycling of batteries embedded in polyester resin to be used as a protective barrier in environments subject to radiation. The aim is to enable a more economical procedure which is faster and more practical for use in walls where it is necessary to use protective barrier. This justification is reinforced having in sight the use of byproducts generated by industries, recycling them and using them as components in the development of barriers against ionizing radiation. In this study, we observed the morphological and physical-chemical properties of isolated and associated materials and performance analysis of the composite with respect to the attenuation properties for gamma rays, by means of experimental tests. For mixtures with 40% of waste lead, value referenced in mass, we obtained satisfactory results on the screen. Thus, we were able to combine the good performance of the composite with the reduction of environmental liabilities, in view of the recycling process of lead. (author)

  5. Detection of outliers by neural network on the gas centrifuge experimental data of isotopic separation process; Aplicacao de redes neurais para deteccao de erros grosseiros em dados de processo de separacao de isotopos de uranio por ultracentrifugacao

    Andrade, Monica de Carvalho Vasconcelos


    This work presents and discusses the neural network technique aiming at the detection of outliers on a set of gas centrifuge isotope separation experimental data. In order to evaluate the application of this new technique, the result obtained of the detection is compared to the result of the statistical analysis combined with the cluster analysis. This method for the detection of outliers presents a considerable potential in the field of data analysis and it is at the same time easier and faster to use and requests very less knowledge of the physics involved in the process. This work established a procedure for detecting experiments which are suspect to contain gross errors inside a data set where the usual techniques for identification of these errors cannot be applied or its use/demands an excessively long work. (author)

  6. Method for selecting raw materials to preparing ceramic masses: application to raw material for red ceramic; Proposta metodologica de selecao de materias primas para compor massas ceramicas: aplicacao a ceramica vermelha

    Moreno, Maria Margarita Torres; Rocha, Rogers Raphael da; Zanard, Antenor, E-mail: [Universidade Estadual Paulista Julio de Mesquita Filho (DPM/IGCE/UNESP), Rio Claro, SP (Brazil)


    We studied the raw materials used in a factory building blocks, located in Cesario Lange city (SP). It extracts raw materials from various sources in the region to make the dough. The mixtures were prepared from dry milled powders based on data related to the plasticity of the raw materials. It was obtained with the apparatus Vicat-cone in order to obtain similar levels of water absorption of the samples burned at 900 deg C for all compositions. To quantify the proportion of each clay was used the Lever Rule. In this firing temperature, where sintering is mainly by diffusion from a solid state, different compositions of the same set of four raw materials resulted in similar values. (author)

  7. Model for equipment life-cycle cost forecasting and its application in assets management in the oil industry; Modelo para previsao de custo de ciclo de vida de equipamentos e sua aplicacao na gestao de ativos na industria do petroleo

    Cesca, Igor Gimenes; Elias Junior, Antonio; Carvalho, Marcos Henrique [Universidade Estadual de Campinas (DEP/FEM/UNICAMP), SP (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia de Petroleo; Lima, Gabriel Alves da Costa [Centro de Estudos de Petroleo (CEPETRO/UNICAMP), SP (Brazil)


    In the area of oil exploration and production (E and P), knowing the behavior of the equipment in their life cycles becomes even more important than in other industries due to: 1) high cost and 2) severity in terms of requirements safety. The purchase of equipment should not be decided only at the initial cost, but through the life cycle cost (LCC). This paper presents a study to find the cost over the life cycle of a group of equipment used in the petroleum industry by methods of dynamic programming, as well as a discussion on how to use such information in assets management in order to obtain better financial indicators. The main causes of variation in the useful economic life of equipment is the resale value and maintenance costs. Thus, it is possible to avoid high expenditure on maintenance costs and avoid an excessive depreciation of the equipment. So it is possible to conclude that the more intense the depreciation of value, the greater the useful economic life. For maintenance costs, the more intense are the costs, the lower the useful economic life. (author)

  8. Synthesis and characterization of sulfonic acid membranes based on interpenetrating polymer networks for application in fuel cells; Sintese e caracterizacao de membranas sulfonadas baseadas em redes polimericas interpenetrantes para aplicacao em celulas a combustivel

    Blanco, Lyzed Toloza; Loureiro, Felipe A.M.; Rocco, Ana Maria [Grupo de Materiais Condutores e Energia, Escola de Quimica, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil)], e-mail:; Pereira, Robson Pacheco [Instituto de Ciencias Exatas, Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), Volta Redonda, RJ (Brazil)


    In the present work, the synthesis and characterization of sulfonic membranes based on interpenetrating polymer networks (IPN). In order to obtain such systems, the diglycidyl ether of bisphenol A (DGEBA) was polymerized in presence of polyethyleneimine (PEI). These membranes were submitted to sulfonation reactions, originating IPN-SO{sub 3}H membranes. The characterization by FTIR evidenced the formation of a Semi-IPN structure, while sulfonation reactions resulted in systems containing -SO{sub 3}H groups covalently bonded to the chains. The membranes exhibited water retention up to 200 degree C, in a temperature range sufficient for application in PEMFC under hydration. (author)

  9. Electrical resistivity of ceramic-metal composite materials in the percolation region: application in crucibles for induction furnaces; Resistividade eletrica de materiais compositos do tipo ceramica-metal na regiao de percolacao: aplicacao em cadinhos para fornos de inducao

    Sene, Frank Ferrer


    Ceramic composite materials were produced by mixing powders of Partially Stabilized (PSZ) with titanium, niobium or nickel, and cristobalite with titanium. Pellets were produced by uniaxially pressing the material followed by cold isostatic pressing and finally sintering at 1600 deg C for 1,5 hours in argon. The metal content was varied in the range of 0-40 volume percent (v/o). Electrical resistivity measurements were performed in the temperature range of 25 - 700 deg C. Samples containing metallic inclusions above 25 v/o show the predominance of electronic type conducting. For samples with metallic inclusion below 25 v/o, a typically ionic conduction behavior has been observed. PSZ-Ti and PSZ-Ni samples containing 25 v/o of metallic inclusions show an insulator - conductor transition in a given temperature range. Cristobalite samples containing 30 v/o of titanium show a conductor - insulator transition also in a specific temperature range. Tests performed in an induction furnace showed that samples containing metallic inclusions above 25 v/o had self-heated when exposed to electro magnetic fields in the range of radio frequency (r.f.) Crucibles of PSZ-Ti were made by slip casting followed by sintering at 1600 deg C for 1.5 hours in argon. These crucibles were exposed to electromagnetic fields in the r.f. range and the maximum temperature reached was 1350 deg C. Microstructure characterization was performed on those materials by X-ray diffraction, EDS, optical and scanning electron microscopy. (author)

  10. Chemometrics application in fuel's MTR type chemical characterization by X-ray fluorescence; Aplicacao da quimiometria para caracterizacao quimica de combustiveis tipo MTR por fluorescencia de raios-X

    Silva, Clayton Pereira da


    In Brazil and worldwide the nuclear power has occupied a prominent position with many applications in industry, power generation, environment and medicine, improving the quality of tests and treatments, therefore people's lives. Uranium is the main element used in nuclear facilities and it s employed as base material to generation of electricity in the manufacture of radiopharmaceuticals. In the '50s, during the Cold War, the then newly created International Atomic Energy Agency proposed to oversee nuclear facilities and encourage the manufacture of nuclear fuels with low-enriched uranium (LEU) fuel came then type Material Test Reactor (MTR), manufactured initially in U{sub 3}O{sub 8} and U{sub 3}Si{sub 2} later, both dispersed in aluminum. The use of this technology requires a constant improvement of all processes involving the manufacture of MTR subject to several international protocols, which seek to ensure the reliability of the fuel from the standpoint of practical and environmental. In this context, the control of impurities, from the point of view of neutron economy, directly affects the quality of any nuclear fuel, so strict control is necessary. The literature has reported procedures which, beyond generating residues, are lengthy and costly, they need calibration curve and consequently reference materials. The aim of this work is to establish and validate a methodology for nondestructive quantitative chemical analysis, low cost and analysis time, as well as minimize the generation of waste, for multielement determination of major constituents (Utotal and Si) and impurities (B, Mg, Al, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Mo, Cd and others) present in U3O8 and U{sub 3}Si{sub 2}, meeting the needs of nuclear reactors in the nuclear fuel qualification type MTR. For that purposes, will be applied the X-ray fluorescence technique which allows fast chemical and nondestructive analysis, aside from sample preparation procedures that do not require previous chemical treatments (dissolving, digesting, and others). To corrections like effects of spectral and matrix were applied and evaluated the fundamental parameter method, univariate calibration curve and multivariate calibration. The results were compared by means of statistical tests in accordance with ISO 17025 in MRCs (123 (1-7) and 124 (1-7)) MCRs of U{sub 3}O{sub 8} from New Brunswick Laboratory (NBL) and 16 U{sub 3}Si{sub 2} samples provided by CC of IPEN/CNEN-SP. The chemometrics is a promising method to determination of minor and major constituents on the U3Si2 and U3O8 basis nuclear fuel, because the precision and accuracy are statistically equal volumetric analysis, gravimetric and ICPOES methods. (author)

  11. Toxicity assays applied for evaluation of ionizing radiation and zeolites adsorption as treatment technologies for coloured effluent; Aplicacao de ensaios de toxicidade na avaliacao da eficiencia da radiacao ionizante e da adsorcao em zeolitas para o tratamento de efluentes coloridos

    Higa, Marcela Cantelli


    Textile industry is one raising commercial activity in Brazil. This activity has been generating important environmental interferences such as colour and bad biological effects into aquatic environment. Liquid textile effluents are toxic to lived organisms and may present low biological degradability. Although foreseen at federal regulation, the effluent quality is not controlled by toxicity assays in the country. These assays are carried out to determine the potential effects of chemical substances and effluents to cause negative effects to the exposed organisms. The present work aimed whole toxicity evaluation as well as the applicability of two different treatment techniques: ionizing radiation and zeolite adsorption. The efficacy of them were evaluated using eco toxicity bases and real effluents. Two different industries from Sao Paulo State contributed to this project supplying their real effluents. The samples were collected at a Textile Industry and at a Chemical Industry (dying producer) and after the measurement of whole toxicity the samples were submitted to treatments. Toxicity assays were carried out for Daphnia similis and for Vibrio fischeri. Sample irradiations were performed at an Electron Beam Accelerator at CTR/IPEN. Zeolites treatment is an P and D activity from CQMA/IPEN which contributed to this Project. Zeolites v/ere prepared from fly ash previously being used as an adsorber material. Both treatments (electron irradiation and zeolite adsorption) resulted on important toxicity and colour reduction. Concerning irradiation the effluents from chemical industry required higher radiation doses than that from textile activity. The radiation dose to be suggested is 40 kGy (toxicity reduction > 60%) for the chemical effluents and 0.5 kGy for the textile effluents (toxicity reduction > 90%). When zeolite adsorption was evaluated the Z1M6 resulted in 85%o v/hole toxicity reduction and ZC6 resulted in very low efficiency for the effluents of chemical industry. (author)

  12. Application of a new methodology based on the uncertainties statistical propagation for evaluation of DNB limits; Aplicacao de uma nova metodologia baseada na propagacao estatistica das incertezas para avaliar os limites do DNB

    Machado, Marcio D.; Alvim, Antonio C.M.; Melo, P.F.F. [Universidade Federal, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-graduacao de Engenharia; Moreira, Francisco J.; Santos, Teresinha I.C. [FURNAS, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    This work uses a new methodology to evaluate DNBR, named mini-RTDP. The standard thermal design procedure method (STDP) currently in use establishes a limit design value which cannot be surpassed. This limit value is determined taking into account the uncertainties of the empirical correlation used in COBRAIIIC/MIT code, modified do Angra-1 conditions. The correlation used is the Westinghouse`s W-3 and the minimum DNBR (MDNBR) value cannot be less than 1.3. The new methodology reduces the excessive level of conservatism associated with the parameters used in the DNBR calculation, which are in their most unfavorable values of the STDP methodology, by using their best estimate values. The final goal is to obtain a new DNBR design limit which will provide a margin gain due to more realistic parameters values used in the methodology. (author). 11 refs., 2 tabs.

  13. Optical fibre-lightning arrester cable appliances. Its repercussion in concrete unconventional power transmission lines projects; Aplicacao de cabo para-raios composto com fibra optica. Sua repercursao em projetos de LT`s concreto nao convencionais

    Haddad, Ramon Sade [Companhia Energetica de Minas Gerais (CEMIG), Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil)


    With the adoption of lightning rod cables made of Optical Fibre, (in systems over Europe, Japan and North America), these became very popular in Countries capable of installing the system. The Brazilian electrical party was then challenged by a new technological experience: the lightning rod cable for lines of transmission has specific characteristics. The particularity of the electrical system in Brazil in relation to the diversity of the parameters involved, and the necessity to clarifying the concepts, take us to new strategies in planning and measuring our Power Transmission Lines 4 refs., 1 tab.

  14. Evaluation of sensitivity evaluation of a contamination monitor for use in monitoring of internal exposure of workers in nuclear medicine; Avaliacao da sensibilidade de um monitor de contaminacao para aplicacao em monitoracao da exposicao interna de trabalhadores em medicina nuclear

    Dantas, Bernando Maranhao; Assis, Janima Cruz de; Oliveira, Salomao Marques de; Dantas, Ana Leticia Almeida, E-mail: [Instituto de Radioprotecao e Dosimetria (IRD/CNEN-RJ), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Lab. de Monitoracao In Vivo. Div. de Dosimetria


    In practice of nuclear medicine, expert personnel routinely handle radiopharmaceuticals for diagnosis and radiotherapy. The control of intakes of radionuclides by workers can be performed through internal dosimetry techniques, as an integral part of the radiation protection program of the installation. The use of radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes in vivo and in vitro in Brazil is regulated by CNEN-NE Standards and 3:05 CNEN-NN 3.01. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) recommends the establishment of an internal monitoring program on workers, especially those subject to possible exposure to annual effective doses greater than 1 mSv. Note that, currently, in Brazil, are not available qualified laboratories to provide internal monitoring services in all regions in the country, if it were applied by CNEN, the requirement for internal monitoring of workers. This paper presents the development of a simple and low-cost methodology for in vivo monitoring of {sup 131}I in the thyroid. The proposed methodology is the use of portable monitor of surface contamination, equipment available and routinely used in all nuclear medicine services in Brazil. The monitor is calibrated with neck-thyroid simulator developed at the Laboratory of In Vivo Monitoring of IRD/CNEN-RJ. The equipment tested is suitable for application in in vivo occupational monitoring thyroid. This conclusion is based on the fact that the detection system has sufficient sensitivity for monitoring up to seven days after the incorporation of the radionuclide and guarantees {sup 131}I detection in values that result in effective doses below 1 mSv for the exposure scenarios adopted.

  15. Methodology to evaluate the energy associated to the industrial solid wastes: application in a metropolitan region of Campinas, Sao Paulo state, Brazil; Metodologia para avaliacao da energia associada ao residuo solido industrial: aplicacao a regiao metropolitada de Campinas

    Batista, Tereza Rosana Orrico [Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), SP (Brazil). Curso de Pos-graduacao em Planejamento de Sistemas Energeticos; Teixeira, Egle Novaes [Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), SP (Brazil). Fac. de Engenharia Civil, Arquitetura e Urbanismo; Silva, Ennio Peres da [Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), SP (Brazil). Nucleo Interdisciplinar de Planejamento Energetico. Lab. de Hidrogenio


    The aim of this work is to the application of a methodology to evaluate the energy associated to the industrial solid wastes in the metropolitan region of Campinas. The methodological route proposed is: the characterization of the research area and the production/management of the industrial solid wastes; the energetic classification and the qualitative/quantitative research of the energy associated to the industrial solid wastes; and, the valuation of the applicability of the energetic utilization mechanisms proposed to the region. This methodology when applied at the Campinas metropolitan region proved to be valid and it resulted in a synthetically presentation of the social and environmental reality of the industrial sector and the destination of the wastes, as well as it indicated the potentialities related to the energetic utilization of the industrial solid waste in the region. With the obtained results it was shown the importance of the the production and the destination of the industrial solid wastes in the Campinas metropolitan region , and the meaning, in terms of electric potency, of the values of the energy associated to the wastes with a known factor of energetic conversion shown in the researched sample. (author)

  16. Synthesis and characterization of hydroxyapatite porous matrixes for application as radiation sources in brachytherapy; Sintese e caracterizacao de matrizes porosas de hidroxiapatita para aplicacao como fontes radioativas em braquiterapia

    Lacerda, Kassio Andre; Lameiras, Fernando Soares; Silva, Viviane Viana [Centro de Desenvolvimento da Tecnologia Nuclear (CDTN/CNEN-MG), Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil)]. E-mail:


    Porous ceramic materials based on calcium phosphate compounds (CPC) have been studied aiming at different biomedical applications such as implants, drug delivery systems and radioactive sources for brachytherapy. Two kinds of hydroxyapatite (HAp) powders and their ceramic bodies were characterized by a combination of different techniques (X-rays diffraction and fluorescence, infrared spectrophotometry, BET method, thermal analysis, and scanning electron microscopy) to evaluate their physico-chemical and microstructural characteristics in terms of chemical composition, segregated phases, microstructure, porosity, and chemical and thermal stability. The results revealed that these systems presented potential for use as porous biodegradable radioactive sources able to be loaded with a wide range of radionuclides for cancer treatment by the brachytherapy technique. (author)

  17. Application of the electrophoretic deposition technique for obtaining Yttria-stabilized zirconia tubes; Aplicacao da tecnica de deposicao eletroforetica para a obtencao de tubos ceramicos de zirconia-itria

    Caproni, E.; Muccillo, R., E-mail:, E-mail: [Centro de Ciencia e Tecnologia de Materiais, Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    The electrophoretic deposition (EPD) is recognized as the most versatile technique for processing particulate materials, due to low cost, deposition in minutes and forming of pieces with complex geometry shapes. In this work an experimental setup for the simultaneous conformation of 16 ceramic tubes by EPD was built. Bimodal submicron Yttria-stabilized zirconia particles were deposited into graphite electrodes, after suitably adjusting the rheological characteristics of the suspension in isopropanol. After graphite burning and YSZ sintering at 1500 deg C, the ceramic tubes were characterized by X-ray diffraction, scanning probe microscope, impedance spectroscopy and electrical response as a function of oxygen content. Small dense one end-closed ceramic tubes, fully stabilized in the cubic phase, were successfully obtained by the EPD technique, showing the ability of that technique for processing large quantities of tubular solid electrolytes with electrical response to different amounts of oxygen according to the Nernst law (author)

  18. The ANEEL and the criteria for the resource application in energy efficiency of the electric energy distribution companies; A ANEEL e os criterios para aplicacao de recursos em programas de eficiencia energetica das distribuidoras de energia eletrica

    Haddad, Jamil [Universidade Federal de Itajuba (UNIFEI), MG (Brazil). Inst. de Sistemas Eletrico e Energia. Grupo de Estudos Energeticos (GEE)]. E-mail:


    Each year the ANEEL establishes the criteria for the of the Energy Efficiency Programs of the electric power distribution companies. This subject has an importance nevertheless to be highlighted only when conjunctural circumstances occur such as the 2001/2002 electric energy crisis. Such characteristics increase the ANEEL responsibility, because the regulation must observe the structural character which performs the energy efficiency actions. Recently, the ANEEL altered the criteria for the resource application by the electric power distribution companies. This article describes the importance of the energy efficiency and make comments on these frequent regulatory changes. (author)

  19. Control of risks in the projects of installations for production and application of compressed gases; Controle de riscos nos projetos de instalacoes para producao e aplicacao de gases comprimidos

    Anacleto Junior, Rui; Okuyama, Marisa [Air Liquide Brasil Ltda., Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    Risks control methodology presentation applied to the project stages in industrial installations for compressed gases production and applications to ensure that they will be conceived, designed, built, implanted and operated safely and reliably in compliance with the normative obligator regulations and within the level of risk considered acceptable by the company. The Methodology is based on the Risk Management Good Practices adopted by the Air Liquide group in its subsidiaries. Focusing on the acceptable level of risks the use this methodology shows the importance and the benefits in terms of costs related to reworks, accidents and costumer satisfaction for the projects and industrial installations of compressed gases. (author)

  20. A study of digital hardware architectures for nuclear reactors protection systems applications - reliability and safety analysis methods; Um estudo de arquiteturas de hardware para aplicacao em sistemas digitais de protecao de reatores nucleares - metodos de analise de confiabilidade e seguranca

    Benko, Pedro Luiz


    A study of digital hardware architectures, including experience in many countries, topologies and solutions to interface circuits for protection systems of nuclear reactors is presented. Methods for developing digital systems architectures based on fault tolerant and safety requirements is proposed. Directives for assessing such conditions are suggested. Techniques and the most common tools employed in reliability, safety evaluation and modeling of hardware architectures is also presented. Markov chain modeling is used to evaluate the reliability of redundant architectures. In order to estimate software quality, several mechanisms to be used in design, specification, and validation and verification (V and V) procedures are suggested. A digital protection system architecture has been analyzed as a case study. (author)

  1. Mechanical and electrical evaluation of a dilute aluminium alloy heat treated for application in electrical cables and wires; Avaliacao mecanica e eletrica de uma liga diluida de aluminio tratada termicamente para aplicacao em fios e cabos eletricos

    Freitas, E.S. [Faculdade de Engenharia Mecanica - Unicamp - Campinas, SP (Brazil)], e-mail:; Kamizono, K.A.; Nogueira, P.; Nogueira, A.T.; Quaresma, Jose Maria do Vale [Universidade Federal do Para - UFPA, PA (Brazil)


    With the need to investigate new materials developed and presented to the market of non-ferrous materials and in particular those developed for the transmission and distribution of electricity, we conducted a study on a dilute alloy Al-EC-0, 7% Si, where from his previous characterization and thus knowing their good mechanical and electrical properties, we developed a new aluminum alloy in an attempt to know the properties of the alloy Al-EC-0, 7% Si in the presence of alloying elements, titanium. Being the new alloy under different thermal treatment temperature in order to observe their behavior under such mechanical and electrical conditions. (author)

  2. Study of biocompatible properties of polymeric scaffolds derived from vegetable oils for application in tissue engineering; Estudo das propriedades biocompativeis de arcaboucos polimericos derivados de oleos vegetais para aplicacao na engenharia de tecidos

    Baratela, Fernando Jose Costa


    Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine have as main objective the morphologic/functional reestablishment of injured tissues and organs using cells, scaffolds, stem cells and control of immunological/biochemical responses promoted by the body. In addition, materials science seeks to develop biocompatible biomaterials that do not promote unwanted immune responses and provide the re-establishment of the functions of the tissue/organ. Polymers of natural origin stand out as biomaterials to resemble biological macromolecules, similarity to the extracellular matrix, reduced chance of inflammation and chronic pacing low or no toxicity. This study aimed the development of macromolecular arrays originated from epoxidized soybean oil (OSE), analyzing the relationship between the chemical structure/biological activity of the macromolecular arrays for use as biomaterials in tissue engineering. The synthesis of OSE was performed through the oil chemical route, whose efficiency was determined by infrared spectroscopy and the reaction yield of 85%, determined by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. From the analysis by differential scanning calorimetry, it was detected a decrease of the glass transition temperature of the epoxidized soybean oil polymer (POSE) compared with OSE, suggesting an increase of the growth of polymer chains of POSE. Thermogravimetric analysis was performed to define the OSE degradation profile, which degrades in two steps. The POSE degrades in just one step and shows higher thermal stability by the increased molecular interactions. The hydrophilicity and crosslinking of POSE was promoted by the addition of 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate (HEMA) with the monomer grafting by gamma irradiation. The results showed an increased mechanical stability, gelation and water absorption with the HEMA content increasing. Finally, the degree of crystallinity for such polymers grafted with HEMA was 27.5%, estimated by X-ray diffractometry. The second stage was characterized by (I) developing POSEs with the grafting of HEMA in the proportions OSE / HEMA 90:10 and 65:35 irradiated by gamma rays at doses of 50 and 100kGy, (II) physico-chemical characterization of POSE-HEMA and (III) analysis of biological materials. By infrared spectroscopy, it was detect the epoxidized regions of POSE, as well as the successful grafting of the monomer HEMA concentrations with all radiation doses. By differential scanning calorimetry, the activation energy was calculated (E{sub a}) of the polymers. The crystallinity of the material was defined by X-ray diffraction, showing tendency of amorphous material as well as a small percentage of the increase in crystallinity with increasing intensity of radiation doses during this synthesis and a decrease in crystallinity with the increasing concentration of HEMA. The analysis of the samples did not show cytotoxicity on POSE-HEMA and confirmed the efficiency of polymer washings to remove the processing waste. The analysis of hemocompatibility showed any platelet adhesion and the cell growth on the scaffolds was positive. From the results obtained in this research, we concluded by the potential use of POSE-HEMA in tissue engineering. (author)

  3. Neutron activation analysis application for determining iron concentration in forage grasses used in intensive cattle production system; Aplicacao da analise por ativacao com neutrons para determinacao de ferro em forrageiras usadas no sistema intensivo de producao de bovinos de leite

    Armelin, Maria Jose A. [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil); Primavesi, Odo [Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuaria, Sao Carlos, SP (Brazil). Centro de Pesquisa de Pecuaria do Sudeste


    Iron is an essential element to the life. It is an important hemoglobin component and it is involved in the transport of oxygen to cells. A deficiency of iron results in an unsuitable synthesis of hemoglobin and a delay in the growth. Iron contents above the tolerable level in animal feed can cause serious damages to the health and the death in extreme cases. The forages are the main source of feed to cattle in grazing. It is known from the literature, that the growth and the nutritious value of the forage are influenced by specie and physiologic age of the plant, soil fertility and environmental conditions. Therefore, an agronomical evaluations of the forages are necessary before to introduce in an intensive cattle production systems to program adequate grazing management. Neutron activation analysis was applied to evaluate the Fe concentration in the main tropical forage grasses used in intensive dairy cattle production systems in Sao Carlos, SP, Brazil. Iron concentrations were smaller in the rain season than in the dry one. Comparison of results obtained in the analyses of forages with daily requirements of iron in dry matter, showed that the Fe concentration in forages was adequate. (author)

  4. Energy choice for textile industry: application of multi-criteria methods to the case of Ceara state (Brazil); Escolha de insumo energetico para o setor da industria textil: aplicacao de modelo multicriterio ao caso do Ceara

    Rabelo, Clarice A.C.; Arruda, Joao Bosco F. [Universidade Federal do Ceara (UFC), Fortaleza, CE (Brazil). Nucleo de Pesquisa em Logistica, Transportes e Desenvolvimento


    Brazilian energy sector has faced a series of transformations that have influence on national industry. The trial of economy globalization and the new energy sources Also available and output techniques created a more competitive business environment, where not only financial aspects are considered in industrial practices. In such environment, the industry seek for more efficient production techniques and greater importance given to environmental issues are responsible for making the decision processes associated to industrial activities more complex. In this context, the energy utilized by industry represents an important aspect of business course, justified by governmental concerns on attending all existing thermal energy demand. This paper aim is to support the decision process concerned to the choice of the best energy source to be applied in the industry. In order to reach such goal, a decision model was built based on multi criteria techniques applied to the case of textile industry in Ceara State. This sector is also one of the biggest natural gas consumers in Ceara, which has influenced on its choice in order to attend to a second goal of this paper: to focus the natural gas applications and support a greater insertion of this fuel in the market. (author)

  5. Project scheduling with resources constraints: application in the equipment production for the oil industry; Scheduling de projetos com restricao de recursos: aplicacao na producao de equipamentos para a industria de petroleo

    Cruz, Carolina A.O.; Ferreira Filho, Virgilio J.M. [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-graduacao de Engenharia (COPPE)


    One of the essential steps in the main scope Project Management is the Time Management made by the planning and control of the project schedule. In this work is presented the resource constrained scheduling problem beyond its mathematical formulation and a review of papers about this issue. In sequence is presented a practical example of this model considering a simplified model of an engineering project schedule of oil production equipment. The results obtained with the model application are shown and the conclusions about the work with resource constrained scheduling problems. (author)

  6. Study of corrosion resistance of AISI 444 ferritic stainless steel for application as a biomaterial; Estudo da resistencia a corrosao do aco inoxidavel ferritico AISI 444 para aplicacao como biomaterial

    Marques, Rogerio Albuquerque


    Ferritic stainless steels are ferromagnetic materials. This property does not allow their use in orthopedic prosthesis. Nevertheless, in some specific applications, this characteristic is very useful, such as, for fixing dental and facial prostheses by using magnetic attachments. In this study, the corrosion resistance and cytotoxicity of the AISI 444 ferritic stainless steel, with low nickel content, extra-low interstitial levels (C and N) and Ti and Nb stabilizers, were investigated for magnetic dental attachments application. The ISO 5832-1 (ASTM F-139) austenitic stainless steel and a commercial universal keeper for dental attachment (Neo-magnet System) were evaluated for comparison reasons. The first stainless steel is the most used metallic material for prostheses, and the second one, is a ferromagnetic keeper for dental prostheses (NeoM). In vitro cytotoxicity analysis was performed by the red neutral incorporation method. The results showed that the AISI 444 stainless steel is non cytotoxic. The corrosion resistance was studied by anodic polarization methods and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS), in a saline phosphate buffered solution (PBS) at 37 °C. The electronic properties of the passive film formed on AISI 444 SS were evaluated by the Mott-Schottky approach. All tested materials showed passivity in the PBS medium and the passive oxide film presented a duplex nature. The highest susceptibility to pitting corrosion was associated to the NeoM SS. This steel was also associated to the highest dopant concentration. The comparatively low levels of chromium (nearly 12.5%) and molybdenum (0.3%) of NeoM relatively to the other studied stainless steels are the probable cause of its lower corrosion resistance. The NeoM chemical composition does not match that of the SUS444 standards. The AISI 444 SS pitting resistance was equivalent to the ISO 5832-1 pointing out that it is a potential candidate for replacement of commercial ferromagnetic alloys used in dental prosthesis. (author)

  7. Wholesale water market application for assured energy certificates allocation among hydroelectric power plants; Aplicacao de um mercado atacadista de agua para reparticao dos certificados de energia assegurada entre usinas hidreletricas

    Pinto, Andre Dias


    The objective of this dissertation is to revise the methodology used in the calculation of assured energy certificates for hydro plants, in particular the relation among the objectives of reliability and market mechanisms with the certificates. The relationship between the economic signals provided by the market 'spot' of electricity with the certificates will be analyzed. It will be shown that the spot price payment does not provide the correct and necessary incentives for the energy certificates allocation in a cascade with agents belonging the different companies. Upstream reservoirs are not property compensated for the regulation of the energy production of the entire cascade and, as solution, alternative scheme to remunerate the water resources (wholesale water market) will be discussed. The assured energy certificates will be calculated with the proposed methodology and compared with nowadays practiced in the Brazilian system. (author)

  8. Scaffold of chitosan/poly(vinyl alcohol) blend chemically crosslinked by glutaraldehyde for tissue engineering applications;Constructos de blendas de quitosana/poli(alcool vinilico) reticulados quimicamente com glutaraldeido para aplicacao em engenharia de tecido

    Costa Junior, Ezequiel de S., E-mail: escjr50@deii.cefetmg.b [Centro Federal de Educacao Tecnologica (DEM/CEFET/MG), Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia de Materiais; Laguardia-Nascimento, Mateus; Barbosa-Stancioli, Edel F. [Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (ICB/UFMG), Belo Horizonte (Brazil). Inst. de Ciencias Biologicas. Dept. de Microbiologia; Mansur, Herman S., E-mail: hmansur@demet.ufmg.b [Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (DEM/UFMG), Belo Horizonte (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Metalurgica


    Chitosan/PVA based films were chemically crosslinked by glutaraldehyde (GA) in order to achieve scaffolds for potential tissue engineering application. Both precursors and developed films were characterized by FTIR and XRD in order to determine the presence of chemicals groups and nanostructural order, respectively. The results have showed that the GA crosslinking have altered the crystallinity of the chitosan and the increase on the C=N bands and decreasing of NH{sub 2} bands suggest that Chitosan/GA crosslinking has preference to occur in the carbon 2 by Schiff's base. The mechanical properties, swelling behavior, degradation rate in vitro and cellular viability were compatible with the characteristic of an epithelial tissue. The material presented a toughness range from 1.4 to 34MJ/m3, swelling from 150% to 700% in 24h, degradation rate from 20% to 75% (wt%) in 24h and cellular viability in vitro above 60% compared to the cellular control. The developed scaffolds from the films have also showed swelling and degradation in vitro properties well-matched for biomedical applications in tissue engineering (author)

  9. Proficiency tests for evaluation of the {sup 99}Tc{sup m} measurements in the nuclear medicine; Aplicacao de teste de proficiencia para avaliacao da medicao de {sup 99}Tc{sup m} na medicina nuclear

    Iwahara, Akira; Tauhata, Luiz; Oliveira, Antonio Eduardo de, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: [Instituto de Radioprotecao e Dosimetria (IRD/CNEN-RJ), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Nicoli, Ieda Gomes, E-mail: [Comissao Nacional de Energia Nuclear (CNEN/DF), Brasilia, DF (Brazil). Escritorio de Brasilia; Alabarse, Frederico Gil; Xavier, Ana Maria, E-mail:, E-mail: [Comissao Nacional de Energia Nuclear (ESPOA/CNEN-RS), Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil). Escritorio de Porto Alegre


    This work performs the performance evaluation of 55 Brazilian nuclear medicine services in activity measurement of radiopharmaceutical containing {sup 99}Tc{sup m}. Proficiency tests based on the acceptance criteria of the Regulation ISO/IEC Guide 43-1 and on the accuracy of the brazilian Regulation CNEN-NN-3.05 were applied in 63 results of activity measurements in radionuclide calibrators used by those services. The performance services has shown that the criteria of the ISO/IEC 43-1, nevertheless to be more restrictive, presents results very consistent with the accuracy criteria requested by the Brazilian regulation

  10. Blends of PHB/PEG: obtention of matrices for use as controlled drug release systems; Obtencao de blendas de PHB/PEG para matrizes de sistemas micro e nanoestruturados visando aplicacao em liberacao controlada de farmacos

    Catoni, S.E.M.; Gomes, C.A.T.; Trindade, K.N.S.; Schneider, A.L.S.; Pezzin, A.P.T., E-mail: [Universidade da Regiao de Joinville (UNIVILLE), SC (Brazil); Soldi, V. [Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC), Florianopolis, SC (Brazil)


    Different materials have been used in the development of micro-and nanostructured systems for drug release. In general, poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) (PHB) matrixes have high crystallinity degree, justifying its slow degradation. This feature makes the attack of enzymes more difficult. Thus, the surface modification with hydrophilic polymers such as poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) has been investigated in order to obtain particles which are not recognized and captured by phagocytic cells after in vivo administration, staying for a longer in the systemic circulation. In this work, PHB/PEG films were prepared by casting in different proportions and characterized by XRD, DSC, SEM, GPC and TGA. The films presented high crystallinity degree and showed uniformity, except the 50/50 composition which showed the presence of two phases. The results revealed that increasing percentage of PEG, the Tm of PHB was decreased, the thermal stability was dramatically decreased and molecular weight of the samples was lower. (author)

  11. Study for prevention of sucker rods failures though NiCr coating; Estudo para prevencao de falhas de hastes de bombeio de petroleo atraves de aplicacao de revestimento NiCr

    Bezerra, Brunno S.L. [PETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Araujo, Paulo M.M. [Universidade Federal de Sergipe (UFS), Aracaju, SE (Brazil); Figueiredo, Renan T.; Cavalcanti, Eliane B. [Universidade Tiradentes, Aracaju, SE (Brazil)


    The use of common materials, as carbon steel, in sucker rods motivated by its low cost, in mature oil wells located on Sergipe, Alagoas, Bahia and Rio Grande do Norte states, which are subjected to tractive-compressive-abrasive like combined loads, added to aggressive environment (oil production in the presence of water, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, salinity, etc..), leads to the materials drastic degeneration and even its rupture. The substitution of common materials by those which have better resistance o failure is, therefore, limited by high cost. A much cheaper alternative is to modify the surface of common materials used in the subsurface equipment, by applying a protective coating in order to assure the system's performance, durability or better economic viability. In the present work it was studied the use of thermal sprayed NiCr coating in sucker rods. It was studied three thermal spray processes: flame spray, arc spray and HVOF (high velocity oxy fuel). (author)

  12. Characterization of jade and silicates of the jade family for application in radiation dosimetry; Caracterizacao do jade e dos silicatos da familia do jade para aplicacao em dosimetria das radiacoes

    Melo, Adeilson Pessoa de


    The main dosimetric properties of jade and of Brazilian silicates of the jade family were studied for application in radiation dosimetry of high doses. Jade is a common denomination of two different silicates: jadeite, Na Al(Si{sub 2}O{sub 6}), and nephrite, Ca{sub 2}(Mg, Fe){sub 5}(Si{sub 4}O{sub 11}){sub 2} (OH){sub 2}, that belong to the subclasses of the pyroxenes and amphiboles respectively. The jade samples studied in this work were from: Austria, New Zealand, United States and Brazil. The Brazilian silicates of the jade family studied in this work were the amphiboles: tremolite,Ca{sub 2}Mg{sub 5}(Si{sub 4}O{sub 11}){sub 2}(OH){sub 2} e actinolite, Ca{sub 2}Fe{sub 5}(Si{sub 4}O{sub 11}){sub 2}(OH){sub 2}; and the pyroxenes: rhodonite, MnSiO{sub 3} and diopside, Ca Mg(Si{sub 2}O{sub 6}). The mineralogical and chemical composition of these materials were obtained using the neutron activation analysis and X-ray diffraction techniques. The main dosimetric properties (emission curves, calibration curves, reproducibility, lower detection limits, angular and energy dependence, etc) were studied using the thermoluminescent (T L), thermally stimulated exo-emission (TSEE) and electronic paramagnetic resonance (EPR) techniques. The jade-Teflon and the silicate-Teflon samples present two T L peaks around 115 deg C (peak 1) and 210 deg C (peak 2). The calibration curves of the studied materials present a linear behaviour between 0.5 Gy and 1 kGy. The TSEE emission peak occurs at 240 deg C for all samples, and the calibration curves present a sub linear behaviour between 100 Gy and 20 kGy. In the case of the EPR technique, only jade USA has a potential application for radiation dosimetry. A static computational simulation of the most probable intrinsic and extrinsic defects in rhodonite was also realized. Among the basic defects, the Schottky defects of rhodonite are the most probable to occur and, among the extrinsic defects, the divalent and trivalent dopants present the best possibility of inclusion in rhodonite. (author)

  13. Polymers and composites synthesis and characterization for application on PEM type fuel cells; Sintese e caracterizacao de polimeros e compositos para aplicacao em celulas a combustivel do tipo PEM

    Fiuza, Raigenis da Paz; Souza, Daniele Ribeiro; Barreto, Ednardo Gomes; Boaventura Filho, Jaime Soares; Jose, Nadia Mamede [Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA), Salvador, BA (Brazil)]. E-mail:


    The PEM (proton exchanging membrane) type fuel cell presents good potential for the energy production without the residue generation. However, its manufacture presents high costs for commercial application, mainly due to the electrolyte. Sulfonated Peek (polish-ether-ether-ketone) supported or auto immobilized the in a silicone matrix is an interesting alternative as electrolyte for PEM fuel cells. The commercial PEEK in powder form was functionalized with sulfuric acid, giving the SPEEK (Sulfonated PEEK). The membranes were produced by hot pressing the SPEEK immobilized in a silicone matrix produced by the sol-gel process. The membranes obtained were characterized by DRX, FTIR, TGA, MEV, DSC and protonic conductivity measurements. (author)

  14. Scaffold of chitosan-sodium alginate and hydroxyapatite with application potential for bone regeneration; Scaffold de quitosana-alginato de sodio e hidroxiapatita com potencial de aplicacao para regeneracao ossea

    Rebelo, Marcia de A.; Alves, Thais F.R.; Lopes, Francielly C.C.N; Oliveira Junior, Jose Martins de; Pontes, Katiusca S.; Fogaca, Bruna A.C.; Chaud, Marco V., E-mail: [Universidade de Sorocaba (LABNUS/UNISO), Sorocaba, SP (Brazil). Laboratorio de Biomateriais e Nanotecnologia


    Scaffold for organic tissue regeneration are architectural, three-dimensional, porous, biocompatible and biodegradable devices. The first challenges to be met in the development of these devices to mimic the biomechanical properties of the target tissue. The aim of this study was to develop and to characterize scaffolds composed of chitosan (Ch), sodium alginate (SA), hydroxyapatite (HA). The scaffolds were obtained by lyophilization. HA has been incorporated into the polymer dispersion in Ch-AS concentration of 20 and 60%. The mechanical properties of the scaffold were determined by tensile and compression tests. Swelling capacity was assessed in the presence of simulated saliva, purified water, HCl 0.01M, NaOH 0.01M. The calcium content was quantified using fluorescence X-rays. Analysis of the results indicates that the Qt-AS-HA-60% scaffold obtained by lyophilization meets promising properties for bone tissue regeneration. (author)

  15. Application of neutron activation analysis for the determination of essential elements in egg samples; Aplicacao da analise por ativacao com neutrons para a determinacao de elementos essenciais em amostras de ovos

    Gomes, Bruna G.; Maihara, Vera A.; Avegliano, Roseane P., E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    The eggs are among the twenty foods consumed by the population of the five major regions of Brazil. Among the types of eggs, there are differences in nutritional value, which can vary according to the food of the bird. This study evaluating the elements Cl, K, Mg, Mn and Na considered essential micronutrients in food, because they are fundamental in several metabolic processes necessary for the maintenance and training of the human body. We analyzed three types of eggs: egg whites, of the quail, and the colonial in cooked and raw form, using the Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis method (INAA). The egg samples were lyophilized and pulverized before analysis. To validate the methodology, reference materials NIST RM 8415 Whole Egg Powder and NIST SRM 1567 Wheat Flour were analyzed. The samples, reference materials and standards of the elements were irradiated for 20 seconds under a thermal neutron flux of 6,6x10{sup 12} cm -2 s -1 in the nuclear research reactor IEA-R1 of IPEN-CNEN / SP. The results were consistent with the values of the Brazilian Table of Food Composition (TACO)

  16. Comparative analysis of the cost of application for a blade of irrigation using electric energy and diesel; Analise comparativa do custo para aplicacao de uma lamina de irrigacao utilizando energia eletrica e diesel

    Sa Junior, Arionaldo; Carvalho, Jacinto de Assuncao; Oliveria, Eduardo Carvalho de [Universidade Federal de Lavras (DEG/UFLA), MG (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia], email:


    The aim of this study was to estimate the cost of electric and diesel power for the application of 1 mm of irrigation in an area of 1 hectare. The Tariff Group considered was 'B' for low voltage and subgroup 'B2 Rural'. The fares used were obtained from CEMIG, being of R$ 0.22019. The diesel value adopted was the month of November 2010 in the southern region of Minas Gerais, comprising $ 1.97 L{sup -1}. For purposes of calculation, the total income of the height manometric were taken, respectively, 60%, 65%, 70%, 75% and 10, 25, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175 and 200 mca. To calculate the total cost with the application of the depth of 1mm was considered that the cost of energy accounts for 65% and 75% for electric and diesel, respectively. The results show a increase in energy costs by increasing the total head. The use of systems more efficient pump reduces the cost of electric power in the order of 6.7% to 20% and diesel from 3.6% to 16.2% for the proposed situations. In all cases the electric power is more appropriate with regard to cost. The relationship between electricity and diesel is 51.62% and 15.98% for better and worse, respectively. (author)

  17. Production of biosurfactants for application in the removal of environmental contaminants generated in the petroleum industry; Producao de biossurfactantes para aplicacao na remocao de contaminantes ambientais gerados na industria do petroleo

    Sarubbo, Leonie A.; Rufino, Raquel D.; Luna, Juliana M. de; Farias, Charles B.B.; Santos, Valdemir A. dos [Universidade Catolica de Pernambuco (UNICAP), Recife, PE (Brazil)


    This paper describes the application of microbial surfactants in removing crude oil and marine environment located in the proximity of the Pernambuco Thermoelectric. Two biosurfactants were produced by yeasts Candida sphaerica and C. lipolytica grown in industrial wastes during 72 and 144 hours, respectively. The surface tensions of the biomolecules (25 mN/m) were determined, the production yields were estimated (8 and 9 g/L) and the CMC determined (0.03%). The biosurfactants were applied to samples of sea water and rocks contaminated with petroleum and motor oil. The results demonstrated the oil dispersant action of the biosurfactant from C. sphaerica and the emulsifying ability of the biosurfactant from C. lipolytica. Percentages removals of 100% of oil and petroleum were obtained for both biosurfactants. The possibility of application of biosurfactants in the remediation of oil polluted environments motivates the advancement of research to develop this alternative technology for effective use in the Termope Thermoelectric treatment systems. (author)

  18. Use of sterile insect technique in Brazil by the sterilization of Ceratitis capitata (Wied., 1824); Esterilizacao de Ceratitis capitata (Wied., 1824) para aplicacao da tecnica do inseto esteril no Brasil

    Okeese, G.O.; Kitomer, T.J.; Gayaradus, L.B.; Etrigan, M. [Centro de Energia Nuclear na Agricultura (CENA/USP), Piracicaba, SP (Brazil)]. E-mail:; Jansen, C.W.J.H.; Houlahar, H.L. [Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz (ESALQ/USP), Piracicaba, SP (Brazil)


    The Sterile Insect Technique is a method of pest control allowed in Integrated Pest Management programs in fruit growing, where sterile insects released compete in mate process against fertile wild ones, generating a gradative population reduction. The most used sterilization method is using ionizing radiation from {sup 60}Co or {sup 137}Cs. For efficient application of SIT, an important item is the sterilizing dose. This must be as lower as possible in order to preserve insect behavior. In this work, it was studied the reproductive potential of fruit fly Ceratitis capitata, tsl VIENNA 8 strain, irradiated with different doses of gamma radiation. This strain has been used in population suppression programs at fruit-growing areas from Northeast of Brazil, through a partnership between CENA and Bio factory MOSCAMED Brazil, intending only sterile male releases. Radiation source used was a {sup 60}Co irradiator, with 17.2 x 1012 Bq. Individualized couples were distributed in a randomized delineament with 10 replicates for each treatment and eggs were collected for fifteen days. With 9 and 10 days old, pupae were irradiated with doses ranging from 30 to 120 Gy. All averages of emerged adult's percentages were higher than 90%. In regards to fecundity, different doses did not affect the number of eggs laid, being the overall mean around 30 eggs/couple/day. Fertility data showed that as radiation dose increases, sterility increases. It was concluded that the dose of 90 Gy can be used in Brazil, since to SIT programs a dose is chosen witch prevents an egg hatch higher than 1%. (author)

  19. Treatment of produced water by means of a new technology (MDIF): application for waters containing oil at low concentrations; Tratamento de aguas produzidas por meio de nova tecnologia (MDIF): aplicacao para aguas contendo baixas concentracoes em oleo

    Fernandes Junior, Wilaci Eutropio [PETROBRAS S.A., Mossoro, RN (Brazil). Unidade de Negocio de Exploracao e Producao. Ativo de Producao Mossoro]. E-mail:; Paulo, Joao Bosco de Araujo; Moraes, Norberto Araujo de Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), Natal, RN (Brazil). Programa de Pos-graduacao em Engenharia Quimica). E-mails:;; Lima, Antonio Faria; Lacerda, Geraldo de Moura [PETROBRAS S.A., Natal, RN (Brazil). Unidade de Negocio de Exploracao e Producao. Gerencia de Engenharia de Instalacoes, Processamento e Automacao]. E-mails:;


    The production of oil is associated with waters which exist naturally at the reservoirs or were injected into wells. These waters, named produced waters, contain beside free oil, emulsioned or micro-emulsioned oil which can not be discharged directly at the environment. The conventional decanters are not efficient to separate this kind of oil dispersed as fine droplets. In this case, a promising alternative to solve the problem of oil/water separation is accomplished by means of the phase inversion method. This method is the basis of working of a new model of mixer-settler which has a vertical disposition and occupies a small surface area. The last characteristic becomes especially important when exist a limitation of place, for example, over the maritime platforms to explore oil. The device of laboratory of the equipment named MDIF (mixer-settler based on phase inversion) has been efficient for treat waters containing up to 2 000 mg/L of emulsioned oil. This equipment on a semi-industrial scale was installed in the entrance of oil/water separator (OWS) from effluent treatment plant from Guamare, Rio Grande do Norte (ETP/GMR) and treats produced waters contaminated with oil at low concentrations (ranging from 30 to 150 mg/L) and throughputs of 320 m3/d (47,4 m3 m-2 h-1). Good results were obtained on oil/water separation which leads to the necessary specification to discharge waters. Besides, the non dependence of the efficiency of separation in the face of the salinity of the medium becomes the equipment a new technology to treat wastewaters containing oil at low concentrations. In this condition conventional equipment do not present a good efficiency of separation, till dispersed droplets are very small (less than 100 {mu}m) requiring a long time of sedimentation. (author)

  20. Assessment of recycled PET properties for application on oil wells as sand control agents; Avaliacao de propriedades de PET reciclado para aplicacao em pocos de petroleo como agente de contencao de areia

    Pereira, Alexandre Zacarias Ignacio [PETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Delpech, Marcia Cerqueira [Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (IQ/UERJ), RJ (Brazil). Inst. de Quimica], e-mail:


    The Sand Control is fundamental for oil production in unconsolidated sandstone formations. It consists of the installation of a filter made of stainless steel screens and grained materials (sand control agents) which are, normally, high density inorganic substances (sand, ceramic, bauxite). Shallow formations, near to the sea bed, are more sensitive and need different kinds of sand control agents with low density. The objective of this work was the evaluation of recycled poly(ethylene terephthalate), PET, as sand control agent for oil wells. Pack permeability and thermal stability tests results, after up to six months of exposure to sea water and crude oil, have indicated that the recycled PET kept the necessary characteristics for the proposed application. Also, it was observed that the PET grain pack did not presented significant property modifications in the exposure conditions, when compared to the non-exposed samples. (author)

  1. Dosimetric evaluation of the Fricke gel dosimeter using the spectrophotometric technique for application in electron and neutron dosimetry; Avaliacao dosimetrica da solucao Fricke gel usando a tecnica de espectrofotometria para aplicacao na dosimetria de eletrons e neutrons

    Mangueira, Thyago Fressatti [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (GMR/IPEN/CNEN-SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Centro de Metrologia das Radiacoes


    The main dosimetric characteristics of the Fricke Xylenol Gel (FXG) solution were established for further application in the measurement of dose distribution of clinical electron fields. The dose-response curves of the FXG in a thermal neutron field were also evaluated for application in Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) and industrial electron fields. The standard reading technique was the spectrophotometry. For clinical fields the intra and inter-batch reproducibility of FXG solution are better than 1.4% and 5.1%, respectively. The optical response presents a linear behavior for doses ranging from 0.2 to 40 Gy independently of the electron energy and the dose rate in the studied ranges. Due to the effects of the FXG natural oxidation, the optimum elapsed time between FXG preparation and irradiation was established as 24h. The behavior of the dose-response curve does not change the obtained absorbance values relative to the non-irradiated dosimeter response during the studied period. The dose-response curve to industrial electron beam presented an exponential decreasing behavior. The optical response to thermal neutrons beam presented a linear behavior for the studied dose range. According to the obtained results to the different radiation fields studied it was not observed changes in the wavelength of the typical bands of the absorption spectrum radiation induced. Additional tests were performed with FXG solution to verify the viability and application of FXG dosimetry on intracavitary brachytherapy using digital photographic imaging. The excellent performance of the FXG dosimeter indicates that this dosimeter may be applied to tri-dimensional dose evaluation in radiotherapy treatments using electrons and neutron beams. (author)

  2. Dosimetric evaluation of the Fricke gel dosimeter using the spectrophotometric technique for application in electron and neutron dosimetry; Avaliacao dosimetrica da solucao Fricke gel usando a tecnica de espectrofotometria para aplicacao na dosimentria de eletrons e neutrons

    Mangueira, Thyago Fressatti


    In this work the main dosimetric characteristics of the Fricke Xylenol Gel (FXG) solution were established for further application in the measurement of dose distribution of clinical electron fields. The dose-response curves of the FXG in a neutron field were also evaluated for the research in Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) and industrial electron fields. The standard reading technique was the spectrophotometric. For the clinical field, the intra and inter-batch reproducibility are better than 1.4% and 5.1 %, respectively, the response presents a linear behavior for doses ranging from 0.2 to 40 Gy independently of the energy and the dose rate in the studied ranges. Due to the effects of the FXG natural oxidation, the optimum elapsed time between FXG preparation and irradiation was established as 24h period and the behavior of the dose-response curve of the FXG using the variation in the absorbance relative to the non-irradiated dosimeter as a basis during the whole studied period were not altered. The dose-response to the industrial electron beam presented an exponential decreasing behavior and the neutron beam for research in BNCT presented a linear behavior for the complete studied dose range. According to the obtained results for the different types of radiation studied for the FXG, there was no change in the position of the characteristic bands of the absorption spectrum due to the interaction of these radiation types. Additional tests were performed to determine the digital photographic imaging of FXG analyses viability and the application of FXG dosimetry on intracavitary brachytherapy. The good performance of the FXG dosimeter in the tests that were carried out indicates that this dosimeter may be applied to the tri-dimensional dose evaluation in radiotherapic treatments using electrons and neutron beams. (author)

  3. Synthesis and characterization of Pt-Sn-Ni alloys to application as catalysts for direct ethanol fuel cells; Sintese e caracterizacao de ligas de Pt-Sn-Ni para aplicacao como caztalisadores em celulas a combustivel do tipo DEFC

    Silva, E.L. da; Correa, P.S.; Oliveira, E.L. de; Takimi, A.S.; Malfatti, C.F., E-mail: celia.malfatti@ufrgs.b [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (LAPEC/UFRGS), Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil). Programa de Pos-Graduacao em Engenharia Mecanica. Lab. de Pesquisa em Corrosao; Radtke, C. [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (IQ/UFRGS), Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil). Inst. de Quimica


    Direct ethanol fuel cells (DEFCs) have been the focus of recent research due its application in mobile energy sources. In order to obtain the maximum efficiency from these systems, it is necessary the total ethanol oxidation, which implies in C-C bond break. Different catalysts described in literature are employed with this intent. This work consists in studying PtSnNi catalysts supported on carbon Vulcan XC72R, to application in DEFCs. Thus, it was used the impregnation/reduction method, varying the atomic proportion among Pt, Sn and Ni. The alloys were characterized by X-Ray Diffraction, Cyclic Voltammetry and Transmission Microscopy. Preliminary results show that predominant structure on the catalysts is the face centered cubic platinum and the densities currents are dependent on the platinum amount. (author)

  4. Laser sintering of doped strontium aluminate via modified sol-gel for use as a ceramic pigment; Sinterizacao a laser do aluminato de estroncio dopado via sol-gel modificado para aplicacao como pigmento ceramico

    Soares, F.M. dos S.; Valerio, M.E.G. [Universidade Federal de Sergipe (UFS), Sao Cristovao, SE (Brazil)


    Powder of Dy{sup 3+} co-doped SrAl{sub 2}O{sub 4} :Eu{sup 3+} was produced via proteic sol-gel method, a modified sol-gel route which allows the formation of oxides at lower temperatures than other methods. CO{sub 2} laser sintering was used as a method for heat treatment, effective in reducing trivalent europium ions in doped samples. Thermal analysis of the precursors, performed by TG and DTA, revealed that the crystallization of SrAl{sub 2}O{sub 4} phase occurred at approximately 1060 °C. X-ray diffraction showed that the samples, before and after sintering, had monoclinic and hexagonal phases formation. DLS technique revealed the presence of nanosized and micrometric particles, and particle agglomerates, confirmed by SEM images. Micrographs of the fracture surface of a sintered pellet revealed a high degree of densification caused by heat treatment. Photoluminescence measurements showed that the samples after synthesis and before heat treatment with laser had reddish emission, composed of characteristic narrow emission lines from Eu{sup 3+} and more intense emission when the samples were excited at 265 nm. The laser treatment promoted the reduction of Eu{sup 3+} to Eu{sup 2+} and this effect was confirmed by the presence of a wide emission band in the green region of the spectrum with a maximum emission obtained after excitation at 350 nm. The luminescent decay time of the thermally treated sample was approximately 100 min. Via XRF measurements of acquired frit and DTA and TG of the frit, pigment and mixtures of both, it was noticed good compatibility in terms of thermal processes, that indicated that the pigment has a potential to be used in ceramic tiles. (author)

  5. Chemical modification of high molecular weight polyethylene through gamma radiation for biomaterials applications; Modificacao quimica de polietileno de alto peso molecular atraves de radiacao gama para aplicacao em biomateriais

    Raposo, Matheus P.; Rocha, Marisa C.G., E-mail: [Universidade Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), Nova Friburgo, RJ (Brazil). Instituto Politecnico


    Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene has been used in the medical field due to its high mechanical properties compared to the other polymers. Its main application is in the development of orthopedic implants, which requires high resistance to abrasion. One of the most used methods is the introduction of crosslinks in the polymer through gamma irradiation. In order to prevent oxidation reactions, studies have been developed using tacoferol (vitamin E) as an antioxidant for the material. The ascorbic acid (vitamin C), however, has been appointed as a viable alternative for vitamin E. In this work, a high molecular weight polyethylene grade (HMWPE) and polyethylene samples formulated with vitamin C were submitted to gamma radiation. Thermodynamic-mechanical methods and gel content determinations were used to characterize the samples obtained. The sample containing 1% of vitamin C and irradiated with 50 KGy of gamma radiation presented the highest content of crosslinks. (author)

  6. Obtaining of ceria - samaria - gadolinia ceramics for application as solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) electrolyte; Obtencao de ceramicas de ceria - samaria - gadolinia para aplicacao como eletrolito em celulas a combustivel de oxido solido (SOFC)

    Arakaki, Alexander Rodrigo


    Cerium oxide (CeO{sub 2}) when doped with rare earth oxides has its ionic conductivity enhanced, enabling its use as electrolyte for Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (IT-SOFC), which is operated in temperatures between 500 e 700 degree C. The most effective additives or dopants for ionic conductivity improvement are (samarium oxide - Sm{sub 2}O{sub 3}) and gadolinia (gadolinium oxide - Gd{sub 2}O{sub 3}), fixing the concentration between 10 and 20 molar%. In this work, Ce{sub 0,8}(SmGd){sub 0,2}O{sub 1,9} powders have been synthesized by hydroxide, carbonate and oxalate coprecipitation routes. The hydrothermal treatment has been studied for powders precipitated with ammonium hydroxide. A concentrate of rare earths containing 90wt% of CeO{sub 2} and other containing 51% of Sm{sub 2}O{sub 3} and 30% of Gd{sub 2}O{sub 3}, both prepared from monazite processing, were used as starting materials. These concentrates were used due the lower cost compared to pure commercial materials and the chemical similarity of others rare earth elements. Initially, the coprecipitation and calcination conditions were defined. The process efficiency was verified by ceramic sinterability evaluation. The results showed that powders calcined in the range of 450 and 800 degree C presented high specific surface area (90 - 150 m{sup 2}.g{sup -1}) and fluorite cubic structure, indicating the solid solution formation. It was observed, by scanning electron microscopy, that morphology of particles and agglomerates is a function of precipitant agent. The dilatometric analysis indicated the higher rate of shrinkage at temperatures around 1300-1350 degree C. High densification values (>95% TD) was obtained at temperatures above 1400 degree C. Synthesis by hydroxides coprecipitation followed by hydrothermal treatment demonstrated to be a promising route for crystallization of ceria nano powders at low temperatures (200 degree C). High values of specific surface area were reached with the employment of hydrothermal treatment (about 100 m{sup 2}.g{sup -1}). High density ceramics were obtained at lower temperatures (1400 degree C), compared to those employed for calcined powders. (author)

  7. Application of Game Theory for decision strategy of ethanol introduction for competition or complementation to the gasoline; Aplicacao da Teoria dos Jogos para decisao da estrategia de introducao do etanol em competicao ou complementacao a gasolina

    Maciel, Marcelo Sampaio Dias; Szklo, Alexandre; Delgado, Fernanda [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-Graduacao de Engenharia (COPPE). Programa de Planejamento Energetico], e-mail:, e-mail:, e-mail:


    This paper proposes to analyse the effects of the use of ethanol as complementary fuel to the gasoline, and their impacts on the maintenance of the world petroleum reserves. Based on the game theory, it is concluded that in the transition process of the old fossil fuel to his successor derived from the biomass, it is possible to applied the compromise game and cooperation with optimal results for both industries related.

  8. Application of gamma radiation on disinfestation feed grain based food for domestic animals; Aplicacao da radiacao gama na desinfestacao de racoes a base de graos para alimentacao de animais domesticos

    Ramos, Amanda Cristina Oliveira


    This study aimed to realize a survey to identify the associated insects to feed the city Sao Paulo / SP and also to assess the effect of gamma radiation on food ration for domestic animals infested by pests. Samples of 20 stores, 'Pet Shop' in different regions in Sao Paulo / SP were subjected to trials of 1 and 45 days for collection of insects with the aid of plastic tray and screens of different sizes. The species Sitophilus zeamais, Cryptolestes ferrugineus, Lasioderma serricorne and Oryzaephilus sp. showed a higher frequency. In assessing the effects of gamma radiation we used samples of maize, sunflower seeds and mix for rodents infested with adults of the species Sitophilus zeamais, Lasioderma serricorne and Plodia interpunctella, after the period of 7 to 10 days the insects were removed and samples subjected to increasing doses of gamma radiation. The species Sitophilus zeamais and Lasioderma serricorne subjected doses from 0,25 to 1,50 kGy and species Plodia interpunctella doses from 0,10 to 2,0 kGy. After 40 days of irradiation was evaluated the number of insects emerged. The results of bioassays with Sitophilus zeamais and with Lasioderma serricorne demonstrated that doses starting at 0,5 kGy was sufficient to cause mortality of eggs and newly emerged larvae. The results with Plodia interpunctella from the 1,5 kGy, hasn't emerged adult insects, concluding that these doses were sufficient to cause mortality of eggs and larvae. (author)

  9. Preparation of PtRu/C anode electrocatalysts using gamma radiation for methanol electro-oxidation; Preparacao de eletrocatalisadores PtRu/C utilizando radiacao gama para aplicacao como anodo na oxidacao direta de metanol

    Silva, Dionisio Fortunato da


    Pt Ru/C (carbon-supported Pt Ru nanoparticles) anode electrocatalysts were prepared using radiolytic process (gamma radiation) and tested for methanol electro-oxidation. In this process, water/2-propanol and water/ethylene glycol solutions containing the metallic ions and the carbon support were submitted to gamma radiation under stirring. The water/alcohol ratio (v/v) and the total dose (kGy) were studied. A nominal Pt Ru atomic ratio of 50:50 were used in all experiments. The electrocatalysts were characterized by energy dispersive X-ray analysis (EDX), X-ray diffraction (XRD), transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and cyclic voltammetry (CV). The electro-oxidation of methanol was studied by cyclic voltammetry using the thin porous coating technique. The electrocatalysts prepared in water/2-propanol showed crystallite size in the range of 3-5 nm and Pt Ru atomic ratio of 50:50. The electrocatalysts prepared in water/ethylene glycol showed crystallite size (2-3 nm) smaller than the ones obtained in water/2-propanol, however, the Pt Ru atomic ratios obtained were approximately 80:20, showing that only part of ruthenium ions were reduced. For methanol oxidation the electrocatalytic activity depends on the water/2-propanol and water/ethylene glycol ratio used in the reaction medium. The electrocatalysts prepared in water/2-propanol showed inferior performance to the ones prepared in water/ethylene glycol, which showed similar or superior performances (amperes per gram of platinum) to the commercial electrocatalyst from E-TEK. (author)

  10. Delphi technique applied to risk identification and assessment on pipe supports fabrication and erection contracts; Aplicacao da tecnica Delphi para identificacao e avaliacao de riscos na contratacao e montagem de suportes de tubulacao

    Cruz, Rodrigo Luiz Neves; Balbi, Diego Junca de Gonzaga [Promon Engenharia, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    Through the years, Risk Management became an accepted subject in Brazilian Organizations, with its own language, techniques and tools; and its processes are being more and more often introduced in its management models. However, risk identification, assessment and management is a difficult task, and can be even more difficult for construction industry-related projects, for these ventures tend to be more dynamic and complex. In this sense, the objective of this paper is to present the application of Delphi technique for risk identification in the erection of piping support. To achieve the desired objective, a literature review of theory references was conducted to understand concepts involved. To apply the technique itself, experts in plant erection were involving. (author)

  11. Purification and preparation of bismuth(III) iodide for application as radiation semiconductor detector; Purificacao e preparacao do cristal semicondutor de iodeto de bismuto para aplicacao como detector de radiacao

    Ferraz, Caue de Mello


    This study describes the experimental procedure of a BiI{sub 3} purification method powder, aiming a future application of these semiconductor crystals as room temperature radiation detector. The Repeated Vertical Bridgman Technique was applied for the purification, based on the melting and nucleation phenomena. An ampoule filled with a maximum of 25% by volume of BiI{sub 3} powder was mounted into the Bridgman furnace and vertically moved at a speed of 2 millimeters per hour, inside the furnace with programmed thermal gradient and temperature profile, at a temperature maximum of 530 deg C. The reduction of the impurities in the BiI{sub 3}, each purification, was analysed by Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis (INAA), in order to evaluate the efficiency of the purification technique established in this work, for trace metal impurities. It was demonstrated that the Repeated Bridgman is effective to reduce the concentration of many impurities in BiI{sub 3}, such as Ag, As, Br, Cr, K, Mo, Na and Sb. The crystalline structure of the BiI{sub 3} crystal purified twice and third times was similar to the BiI{sub 3} pattern. However, for BiI{sub 3} powder and purified once an intensity contribution of the BiOI was observed in the diffractograms. It is known that semiconductor detectors fabricated from high purity crystal exhibit significant improvement in their performance compared to those produced from low purity crystals. (author)

  12. Application of relative permeability modifier additives to reduce water production in different formations; Aplicacao de aditivos modificadores de permeabilidade relativa para reducao da producao de agua em diferentes formacoes

    Melo, Ricardo C.B.; Torres, Ricardo S.; Pedrosa Junior, Helio; Dean, Gregory [BJ Services do Brasil Ltda., RJ (Brazil)


    Today most oil companies would be better described as water companies. Total worldwide oil production averages some 75 million barrels per day and, while estimates vary, this is associated with the production of 300 - 400 million barrels of water per day. These values of approximately 5 - 6 barrels of water for every barrel of oil are quite conservative. In the United States, where many fields are depleted, the ratio of water-to-oil production is closer to 9 to 1. In some areas around the world, fields remain on production when the ratio is as high as 48 to 1. Numerous strategies, both mechanical and chemical, have been employed over the years in attempts to achieve reduction in water production. Simple shut-off techniques, using cement, mechanical plugs and cross-linked gels have been widely used. Exotic materials such as DPR (disproportionate permeability reducers) and or new generation of relative permeability modifiers (RPM) have been applied in radial treatments with varying degrees of success. Most recently 'Conformance Fracturing' operations have increased substantially in mature fields as the synergistic effect obtained by adding a RPM to a fracturing fluid have produced increased oil production with reduced water cut in one step, consequently eliminating the cost of additional water shut off treatment later on. This paper presents laboratory testing and worldwide case histories of applications of various RPM materials, at different permeability and temperatures. The paper also describes technical design and operational methodology that we believe to have a significant impact in the development strategies of many fields worldwide. (author)

  13. Evaluation of performance of AISI 444 steel for application in distillation towers; Avaliacao do desempenho do aco AISI 444 para aplicacao como 'lining' em torres de destilacao

    Guimaraes, R.F.; Miranda, H.C. de; Farias, J.P. [Universidade Federal do Ceara (DEMM/UFC), Fortaleza, CE (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Metalurgica e de Materiais. Lab. de Caracterizacao de Materiais], e-mail:


    In this work, the behavior of the AISI 444 ferritic stainless steel submitted to thermal fatigue test and their corrosion resistance in heavy crude oil was evaluated. The AWS E309MoL-16 and E316L-17 weld metal was employed as filler metal. Plates of the AISI 444 were welded on ASTM A-516 Gr. 60 plates and submitted to fatigue thermal cycle. Samples were extracted from plates welded and heat treated immersed in heavy crude oil at 300 deg C. Optical microscopy (OM), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and energy dispersive of X-ray analysis (EDX) were used to characterize the microstructure and the corroded surface. The results show that the AISI 444 stainless steels did not present cracks after the thermal fatigue cycle and the heat treated immerse in heavy crude oil. The electrode AWS E309MoL-16 show better corrosion resistance than the AWS E316L-17. (author)

  14. Application of geographic information system as support technique in site selection for radioactive waste disposal; Exemplo da aplicacao de sistema de informacao geografica como tecnica auxiliar na selecao de local para deposito de rejeitos radioativos

    Barreto, Alberto A.; Carvalho Filho, Carlos A. de; Aquino Branco, Octavio E. de [Centro de Desenvolvimento da Tecnologia Nuclear (CDTN), Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil)


    The present work describes an application of Geographic Information System (GIS). This technology was used to select, hypothetically, a site to disposal of radioactive wastes. In this work, the methodology is applied in an area of the Projeto Hidrogeologico do Engenho Nogueira (PROHBEN), located at Pampulha`s region, in Belo Horizonte city. The GIS used the software Idrisi. This software was used to create the Digital Elevation Model, maps of declivity, thickness of unsaturated zone and geology of the region. This database was processed using GIS`s recourses capability to create a vulnerability map of the aquifer, of the region. The site to disposal of radioactive wastes was select using the vulnerability map. (author). 4 refs., 9 figs., 4 tabs.

  15. Preparation, characterization and evaluation of electrocatalysts supported on functionalized carbon black for polymer exchange membrane fuel cell applications; Preparacao, caracterizacao e avaliacao de eletrocatalisadores suportados em carbono funcionalizado para aplicacao em celulas a combustivel tipo PEM

    Carmo, Marcelo do


    The fuel cell technology associated with the growing exigency of low environmental impact energy became prosperous in the world energy scenery. The fuel cell is basically a device that converts directly the chemical energy of a fuel into electrical and thermal energy with a continuous operation by the constant feed of a fuel. Especially, the carbon black Vulcan XC72 is usually employed as an electro catalyst support, and some factors as an accessible and high surface area in order to get maximum particles dispersion, pore size, adequate pore distribution and the presence of functional groups in the carbon black surface are considered fundamental characteristics for an innovative materials development. However, the Vulcan XC72 still reveals insufficient conditions for these purposes. This study consists in the preparation and in the physical chemical characterization of functionalized carbon black by hydrogen peroxide and by polymeric chains with proton conduction properties, and its posterior utilization as electro catalyst support for PEMFC and DMFC application. After the carbon functionalization, an improvement in the carbon black dispersion in water media was observed, a beneficial effect for electro catalyst preparation. It was also observed, that the functional groups and the polymeric chains worked as stabilizers in the particle growing, producing much more homogeneous electrocatalysts, exhibiting smaller average particle size. Especially, in the case of polymeric chains functionalization, a decrease in the ohmic drop was observed for this system, attributed to an improvement in the proton transference. (author)

  16. Application of gamma irradiation for incorporation of rubber powder in the formulations of EPDM and natural rubber; Aplicacao da radiacao gama para incorporacao do po de borracha em formulacoes de borracha natural e EPDM

    Kiyan, Ludmila Y.P.; Parra, Duclerc Fernandes; Lugao, Ademar Benevolo, E-mail: [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP/CQMA), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Centro de Quimica e Meio Ambiente


    The objective of this work was to study the behavior of the recycling of rubber burrs in form of powder, of the rubber industry from EPDM rubber powder and natural rubber with SBR. The rubber powder was irradiated and reused in rubber artifacts formulations for classical vulcanization. The processed material was irradiated using a {sup 60}Co source in doses of 50, 100, 150 and 200 kGy and a dose rate of 5 kGy s-1 at room temperature. The radiation created devulcanization active sites for subsequent integration of the material (rubber powder) in formulations of commercial use. The processes were compared and their products characterized by analytical methods of the physical properties such as strength and elongation. Satisfactory results were found, noting a major spin-off of EPDM chain demonstrated by increased elongation.

  17. Biosurfactant production for application in soil remediation contaminated by oil: study of the virulence factors; Producao de biosurfactantes para aplicacao em remediacao de solos contaminados por petroleo: estudo dos fatores de virulencia

    Fernandes, Ana Carolina Loureiro Brito; Pereira, Marcos Dias; Freire, Denise Maria Guimaraes [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Inst. de Quimica; Kronemberger, Frederico de Araujo [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-Graduacao de Engenharia (COPPE)


    Biosurfactants are amphipatic molecules produced by microorganisms. The rhamnolipid (RML) is a group of those molecules, most produced by strains of Pseudomonas. In this present work, the effect of superficial aeration on the production of rhamnolipids and virulence factors, from proteins produced by Pseudomonas aeruginosa PA1, isolated from oil extraction wells, was evaluated. Cell growth, glycerol and nitrate consumption, rhamnolipid production, nonspecific proteases, total proteins and elastases where investigated on different flask volume/medium volume relations (Vf/Vm): 1:0,15, 1:0,30, 1:0,50 and 1:0,70. It was observed that better oxygenation leaded to better results on the rhamnolipid production. Two peaks of elastase activity were noted, showing possible presence of two types of elastases that could be dislocated on fermentation time, due to the oxygenation degree. The major production of rhamnolipid was found on the 1:0,50 condition and different non-specific proteases standards were found due to the oxygenation degrees. (author)

  18. Challenges for environmental risk assessment application in offshore E and P activities in Brazil; Desafios para a aplicacao de analise de risco ecologico nas atividades de E e P offshore no Brasil

    Cardoso, Cassia de Oliveira; Chame, Luciana Moreira [DNV Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Cantarino, Anderson Americo Alves [BP Brasil, SP (Brazil)


    Although the Brazilian Legislation does not clearly specify the requirements and the need to elaborate and apply the Environmental Risk Analysis, the Term of Reference to submit studies to Environmental Entities for E and P offshore activities has required the presentation of an {sup E}nvironment Risk Analysis{sup .} Nevertheless, the interactions or possible effects of these accidents as well as possible chronic discharges are not focused. The Environment Risk Analysis programs used world wide for offshore petroleum activities are very sophisticated and need intense research, specially by universities to be adequate and applicable in Brazil. The studies briefly described in this work, when developed may give the characteristics of Brazilian offshore, important information on the potential of the environment impact of the E and P activities, reducing significantly today's subjectivity on evaluation of impacts and environmental risks. (author)

  19. Application of expansion of the variables in hierarchical functions for solution of Navier-Stokes equations for incompressible fluids; Aplicacao do metodo da expansao em funcoes hierarquicas na solucao das equacoes de Navier-Stokes para fluidos incompressivels

    Sabundjian, Gaiane [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). E-mail:; Cabral, Eduardo Lobo Lustosa [Sao Paulo Univ., SP (Brazil). Escola Politecnica. E-mail:


    This work applied of the expansion of the variables in hierarchical functions for the solution of the Navier-Stokes equations for incompressible fluids in two dimensions in laminar flow. This work is based on the finite element method. The used expansion functions are based on Legendre polynomials, adjusted in the rectangular elements in a such a way that corner, side and area functions are defined. The order of the expansion functions associated with the sides and with the area of the elements can be adjusted to the necessary or desire degree. This method is denominated by Hierarchical Expansion Method. In order to validate the proposed numeric method three well-known problems of the literature are analyze. The results show the method capacity in supplying precise results. (author)

  20. Procedures development and methodology of control for application of good manufacture practices (GMP) on human blood irradiation; Desenvolvimento de procedimentos e metodologia de controle para aplicacao de boas praticas de fabricacao (BPF) na irradiacao de sangue humano

    Boghi, Claudio


    The irradiation of human blood is used to avoid the TA-GVHD (transfusion-associated graft-versus-host-disease), a rare but devastating adverse effect of leukocytes present in blood components for a immunocompetent transfusion recipients. Usually this irradiation practice is performed to a physical elimination of leukocytes. The implementation of the procedures will assure that the properly dose in a range of 25 Gy to 50 Gy will be delivered to the blood in the bag collected in a blood tissue bank. The studies of the procedures in order to establish a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) were developed under the guidelines of the standard ISO 11137 - Sterilization of health care products - Requirements for validation and routine control - Radiation sterilization. In this work, two dosimetric systems were used for dose mapping during the studies of irradiator qualification, loading pattern, irradiation process validation and auditing. The CaS0{sub 4}:Dy dosimeter presented difficulties concerning to uncertainty on dose measurement, stability, traceability and calibration. The PMMA and Gafchromic dosimetric systems have shown a better performance and were adopted on studies of irradiators qualification that are necessary to implementation of GMP. The irradiation tests have been done in a Gammacell 220 irradiator. The developed procedures can be adapted for different kinds of gamma irradiators, allowing implanting a quality assurance program and a GMP for blood irradiation. (author)

  1. International oil and natural gas demand projections: an econometric model for 2008-2030; Projecao das demandas mundiais de petroleo e de gas natural: aplicacao de um modelo agregado para o periodo 2008-2030

    Machado, Giovani; Aragao, Amanda; Valle, Ricardo Nascimento e Silva do [Empresa de Pesquisa Energetica (EPE), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    This study forecasts the world oil and gas demands for 2008-2030 by applying econometric formulations. The basic variables are world GDP and Brent price. The forecast assumptions are: sound world economic growth remains, despite falling rates during the period; Brent prices continue high, but in a lower level, in 2006 constant prices, in harmony with Energy Information Administration reference scenario. Findings show that, should assumptions prove to be correct, world oil and gas demands will reach 118 million bbl/d and 5 trillion cubic meters in 2030, respectively. In other words, world oil demand will grow at 1.4% per year, while world gas demand will increase at 2.5% per year. Although such figures are similar to those from other institutions (EIA, IEA and OPEC), structural changes in oil and gas markets, catalyzed by high oil prices and energy and environmental policies, may reduce forecast strength of the specifications proposed. (author)

  2. Application of different methodologies in the preparation of organic matrices for determination of trace elements by differential pulse anodic stripping voltammetry; Aplicacao de diferentes metodologias na preparacao de matrizes organicas para a determinacao voltametrica de elementos traco

    Sisti, Cristina


    The determination of trace elements in food samples is of great importance for the human health, considering the factors of essentiality and toxicity. On the other hand, the chemical analysis is largely affected for the steps of sample preparation; laboratory contamination of the sample and the reagents or still volatilization and losses of the elements. If these parameters are not controlled the achieved precision and accuracy could be low. In this work, the content of zinc, cadmium, lead and copper was determined in adults diet samples collected by duplicate portion technique and bovine liver, applying the differential pulse anodic stripping voltametry - (DP-ASV) technique. In the digestion of the matrices in acid medium, conventional methodologies were used, conductive heating in open recipients and equipment with microwaves source in open and closed vessels. The best procedure was the sample digestion by microwaves, in closed vessels and the other treatments made in controlled atmosphere with hood laminar-airflow class 100. The established methodology was validated with the use of a certified sample as reference (NIST - bovine liver 1577b). (author)

  3. An analysis on the criteria establishment for application of resources in energy efficiency programs; Uma analise sobre o estabelecimento de criterios para aplicacao de recursos em programas de eficiencia energetica

    Haddad, Jamil [Universidade Federal de Itajuba (UNIFEI), MG (Brazil). Inst. de Sistemas Eletricos e Energia. Grupo de Estudos Energeticos (GEE)]. E-mail:


    Recently the Electric Power National Agency (ANEEL) through the Public Hearing 021/2005 altered again, through the Resolution 176/2005, the criteria for the application of the resources applied by the electric power distributor enterprises. This paper describes the importance of energy efficiency and makes some comments on these frequent regulatory changes.

  4. Evaluation of thermoluminescent dosimeters using water equivalent phantoms for application in clinical electrons beams dosimetry; Avaliacao de dosimetros termoluminescentes empregando objetos simuladores equivalentes a agua para aplicacao na dosimetria de feixes clinicos de eletrons

    Bravim, Amanda


    The dosimetry in Radiotherapy provides the calibration of the radiation beam as well as the quality control of the dose in the clinical routine. Its main objective is to determine with greater accuracy the dose absorbed by the tumor. This study aimed to evaluate the behavior of three thermoluminescent dosimeters for the clinical electron beam dosimetry. The performance of the calcium sulfate detector doped with dysprosium (CaSO{sub 4}: Dy) produced by IPEN was compared with two dosimeters commercially available by Harshaw. Both are named TLD-100, however they differ in their dimensions. The dosimeters were evaluated using water, solid water (RMI-457) and PMMA phantoms in different exposure fields for 4, 6, 9, 12 and 16 MeV electron beam energies. It was also performed measurements in photon beams of 6 and 15 MV (2 and 5 MeV) only for comparison. The dose-response curves were obtained for the {sup 60}Co gamma radiation in air and under conditions of electronic equilibrium, both for clinical beam of photons and electrons in maximum dose depths. The sensitivity, reproducibility, intrinsic efficiency and energy dependence response of dosimeters were studied. The CaSO{sub 4}: Dy showed the same behavior of TLD-100, demonstrating only an advantage in the sensitivity to the beams and radiation doses studied. Thus, the dosimeter produced by IPEN can be considered a new alternative for dosimetry in Radiotherapy departments. (author)

  5. Non-isolated DC-AC converter with high voltage gain for autonomous systems of electric power; Conversor CC-CA nao isolado com alto ganho de tensao para aplicacao em sistemas autonomos de energia eletrica

    Silveira, George Cajazeiras [Centro Federal de Educacao Tecnologica do Ceara (CEFET/CE), Fortaleza, CE (Brazil); Torrico-Bascope, Rene P. [Universidade Federal do Ceara (PPGEE/UFC), Fortaleza, CE (Brazil). Programa de Pos Graduacao em Engenharia Eletrica; Borges Neto, Manuel Rangel [Centro Federal de Educacao Tecnologica de Petrolina (CEFET-PET), PE (Brazil)


    A non-isolated DC-AC converter with high voltage gain with two output sinusoidal voltage - 110 V and 220 V - and frequency 60 Hz for application in autonomous systems of electric power is proposed in this work. This topology consists of a boost converter with high voltage gain, based on three-state switching cell combined with a double half bridge inverter. This configuration type the size and the cost are reduced and the efficiency is gotten better, due to the reduced number of switches. The converters that compose this topology operate with high frequency, reducing the volume of the magnetic materials. can be mention as important characteristics: the voltage stress across the switches of the boost converter are low, due they be naturally clamped by one output filter capacitor, which allows the utilization of switches with lower conduction resistances, and the waveforms of the output voltage of the double half bridge inverter supplies for the load it is sinusoidal and it possesses low harmonic content. (author)

  6. Polymeric membranes obtained from S-PEEK for application in PEM fuel cells; Caracterizacao de membranas polimericas obtidas a partir dos S-PEEK para aplicacao em celulas combustiveis do tipo PEM

    Barreto, Ednardo G.; Fiuza, Raildo A.; Catao, Ronei S.; Jose, Nadia M.; Boaventura, Jaime S. [Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA), Salvador, BA (Brazil). Inst. de Quimica], e-mail:, e-mail:, e-mail:, e-mail:, e-mail:; Pepe, Yuri [Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA), Salvador, BA (Brazil). Inst. de Fisica


    This work had the objective to develop and to characterize S-PEEK membranes (sulfonated poly ether ether ketone) through chemical and electrochemical analyses. Conductivity test in function of the frequency and tension had been carried through; as well as, the open circuit tension of a fuel cell using the S-PEEK as electrolyte. Additional tests included TGA (Thermogravimetric Analysis), water absorption test, DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimetry), as tools to characterize conducting, thermal and mechanical proprieties of polymeric membrane. (author)

  7. Treatment of post-consumption oils from Paraiba state - Brazil - clays for application as bio fuel; Tratamento de oleos pos-consumo a partir de argilas da Paraiba para aplicacao como biocombustivel

    Araujo, E.P.; Oliveira, S.V. de; Medeiros, K.M. de; Silva, D.F. da; Araujo, E.M.; Fook, M.V.L. [Universidade Federal de Campina Grande (DEMa/UFCG), PB (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia de Materiais], e-mail:


    The utilization of fuels of agricultural origin in the cycle diesel engines is a good alternative to reduce dependence on importation petroleum, since these fuels are a renewable source of energy. The utilization of biodiesel as biofuel is a contribution to the environment, reducing the qualitative and quantitative form levels of environmental pollution. The recycling of post-consumption oil helps reduce the uncontrolled disposal and environmentally dangerous, than to obtain fuel with a cost / benefit and offering a competitive alternative commercial advantage. However, these oils should go through a process of decontamination and clearing up the stage of chemical conversion which is used clay to lighten the oil. This work had as its objective to make a literature revision evaluating the potential of the clearing clay modified in Paraiba, used in post-consumption oils for application as biofuel. (author)

  8. Application of an aerobic fixed bed bioreactor for treatment of petroleum refinery wastewaters; Aplicacao de um bio-reator aerobio de leito fixo para tratamento de efluentes do refino de petroleo

    Vendramel, Simone M.; Dezzotti, Marcia; Sant' Anna Junior, Geraldo L. [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-graduacao de Engenharia (COPPE). Programa de Engenharia Quimica


    The motivation of this work was to investigate a biological treatment system, which requires low installation area and presents high flexibility. Thus, a laboratory scale aerated submerged fixed-film bioreactor was applied to the treatment of a petroleum refinery wastewater and its performance was monitored. The reactor was continuously operated during 260 days and submitted to different organic loadings in the range of 0.5 to 2.4 kgCOD.m{sup -3}.d{sup -1}. The following removal efficiencies were attained: COD (75 - 91%), TSS and TVS (60 - 92%) and DOC (56 - 91%) and turbidity (71 - 95%). The reactor presented a high level of mixing and showed to be stable when submitted to different hydraulic and organic loadings. Loss of biofilm was negligible and medium clogging problems were not observed. The support medium (PVC plates) showed to be very adequate for microbial adhesion and growth, resulting in stable bioreactor operation. (author)

  9. Bases for an environmental liability management system: application to a repository for radioactive waste; Bases para um sistema de gerenciamento de responsabilidades ambientais: aplicacao a um repositorio de rejeitos radioativos

    Tostes, Marcelo Mallat


    This thesis aims the establishment of conceptual bases for the development of Environmental Liability Management System - instruments designed to provide financial and managerial coverage to financial liabilities arising from activities that impact the environment. The document analyses the theories that link the evolution of economic thought and environment, as a means of establish the necessary framework for the development of up-to-date environmental policy instruments. From these concepts and from the analysis of environmental liability system being implemented in several countries, the bases for environmental liability systems development are drawn. Finally, a study is carried out on the application of these bases for the development of an environmental liability management system for a radioactive waste repository. (author)

  10. Preliminary evaluation of the utilization of biopiles technology to the bioremediation of the soil of Guamare/RN (Brazil); Avaliacao preliminar da aplicacao da tecnologia de biopilhas para a biorremediacao do solo de Guamare/RN (Brasil)

    Silva, Edmilson P.; Macedo, Gorete R.; Duarte, Marcia M.L. [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), Natal, RN (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Quimica; Costa, Alex S.S. [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), Natal, RN (Brazil)


    The aim of this work was to evaluate the use of biopiles to the bioremediation of the soil of Stabilization Station of Guamare-RN-Brazil. The evaluation was performed by the characterization of the soil, tests of biodegradation in laboratory scale and by the use of a complete 2{sup 3} factorial design with triplicate at the central point. The input variables were: Nitrogen concentration; diesel-oil concentration; and inoculum concentration. The response variable was the percentage gravimetric loss of organic matter. Statistical analyses of the main factors and their interactions on the response variable were performed using contour curves and Pareto obtained from the software STATISTICA for Windows, Release 5.5. The results showed that biopiles technology can be used to remediate eventual contaminated areas in that region. (author)

  11. Application of oxidative technique for organic matter remove from a petroleum refinery spent caustic stream; Aplicacao de tecnicas oxidativas para a remocao do teor de materia organica de uma corrente de soda gasta de refinaria de petroleo

    Cavalcante, Aline M.; Sant' Anna Junior, Geraldo L.; Dezzotti, Marcia [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-graduacao de Engenharia (COPPE). Programa de Engenharia Quimica


    Spent caustic is a hazardous wastewater produced in several petroleum refineries. After the specific treatment for toxicity reduction, performed in the industrial site, this stream still presents high organic matter content. Thus, many times a further treatment is required. In this work, the removal of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) from the spent caustic stream, previously submitted to wet air oxidation (WAO), was investigated. This softening process is required to reduce the impact of the spent caustic effluent on the downstream industrial wastewater biological treatment plant. Among the softening techniques tested, Fenton and photo-Fenton processes were the most efficient. The combination of these processes led to 49% of DOC removal in time intervals of 85 min, using molars ratios H{sub 2}O{sub 2}/DOC=1.34 and H{sub 2}O{sub 2}/Fe{sup 2+}=10. (author)

  12. Desenvolvimento, caracterizacao e aplicacao da matriz FTO/POLI(3-aminofenol) na deteccao de marcador de lesao cardiaca por fotoluminescencia de quantum dots

    Rodrigues, Luciano Pereira


    O coração é um órgão vital propulsor de sangue, que transporta oxigênio e nutrientes para todo organismo, todavia quando estes componentes não chegam a ele devido à obstrução arterial, ocorre instabilidade elétrica no processo de contração deste músculo, causando arritmias que, normalmente em menos de uma hora, promovem o infarto agudo do miocárdio, que juntamente com os problemas vasculares cerebrais são os maiores responsáveis pela mortalidade em todo o mundo. O diagnóstic...

  13. Machine Perception (La Perception de l’Environment par Senseurs Automatiques).


    APLICACAO DE CONCEITOS DA TEORIA DE GESTALT NA INTERPRETACAO DE IMAGENS PARA A NAVEGACAO DE ROBOS MOVEIS (AA)ODASHIMA, EUNICE KINUYO Instituto fusion for object interpretation are selected on the basis of an When a complex perception system fed by different sen- overall ’ Gestalt ’-idea...STAR Thesis Issue 22 Application of Gestalt theory concepts for image interpretation for robot movement navigation / M.S. Thesis - 14 Feb. 1990 UMA

  14. Herramienta para hacer cuestionarios para Moodle

    Muñoz Garcia, jesus


    Herramienta de creación de cuestionarios remotos de cuestiones SQL para Moodle. Permite también, el Aprendizaje colaborativo, para que los estudiantes puedan hacer cuestionarios de forma conjunta y desarrollar habilidades de trabajo en equipo. / Tool for Moodle to create remote quiz with SQL question. It also allows collaborative learning, so students can do together remote quiz and develop teamwork and social skills.

  15. Normas para vivienda

    Coupé, Françoise


    El Seminario Taller Normas para Vivienda, analiza los efectos de las normas vigentes en el país, sobre el desarrollo urbano, la vivienda y la calidad de vida, para participar en la discusión del Estatuto Metropolitano de Usos del Suelo, Urbanismo y Construcción. Se presenta en este Boletín algunos resultados del trabajo realizado.

  16. Normas para vivienda

    Coupé, Françoise


    El Seminario Taller Normas para Vivienda, analiza los efectos de las normas vigentes en el país, sobre el desarrollo urbano, la vivienda y la calidad de vida, para participar en la discusión del Estatuto Metropolitano de Usos del Suelo, Urbanismo y Construcción. Se presenta en este Boletín algunos resultados del trabajo realizado.

  17. Representações sociais dos usuários hospitalizados sobre cidadania: implicações para o cuidado hospitalar

    Flávia Pacheco de Araújo


    Full Text Available RESUMO Objetivo: analisar as representacoes sociais de usuarios hospitalizados sobre a cidadania no cuidado hospitalar. Método: abordagem qualitativa com referencial da Teoria das Representacoes Sociais, realizada com 31 usuarios hospitalizados no setor de clinica medica de um hospital publico, universitario. Realizou-se entrevista semiestruturada, cujos dados foram submetidos ao programa Alceste, com aplicacao de analise lexical. Resultados: os usuarios conhecem os seus direitos, e a cidadania no cuidado e entendida a luz dos direitos a saude, de modo que sejam bem atendidos do ponto de vista tecnico e humano. Conclusão: o bom trato relacional e a prestacao do cuidado tecnico-procedimental sao direitos dos usuarios; logo, a ausência de um ou de outra implica o nao respeito a sua cidadania.

  18. Aviso para las viudas.

    Francisco de Sales


    Full Text Available San Pablo instruye todos los prelados en la persona de su Timoteo, diciendo: «Honra las viudas que son verdaderamente viudas». Para ser, pues, verdaderamente viuda, son necesarias estas cosas

  19. Estrategias para negociaciones exitosas.

    José B. Parra V


    Full Text Available Las estrategias de negociación son herramientas para disminuir conflictos o para intercambiar bienes y servicios. Una negociación exitosa crea relaciones de solidaridad y propicia reciprocidad, cooperación y confianza para quienes tendrán relaciones permanentes de negociación con beneficios para ambas partes. Una estrategia de negociación exitosa requiere manejar el desarrollo del ambiente social del grupo de personas, con la finalidad de tener presente las fronteras que no pueden irrumpirse. Otro aspecto importante, es el lenguaje corporal utilizado por las personas y las tácticas que se practican. El manejo de esta información permite diseñar diferentes modelos de negociaciones para cada caso específico. Este documento propone la utilización de la herramienta MONACO, diseñada por los autores, que es un software útil para encontrar los mejores tácticas posibles dentro de una negociación; basándose en el lenguaje corporal que muestra el negociante oponente durante cada oferta monetaria. El uso de este software da al negociador la oportunidad de manejar las negociaciones con mayor control, el negociador que usa el software puede elegir una estrategia de acuerdo a las relaciones que espera mantener con el negociador oponente.

  20. Tiempo para un cambio

    Woltjer, L.


    En la reunion celebrada en diciembre dei ano pasado informe al Consejo de mi deseo de terminar mi contrato como Director General de la ESO una vez que fuera aprobado el proyecto dei VLT, que se espera sucedera hacia fines de este aAo. Cuando fue renovada mi designacion hace tres aAos, el Consejo conocia mi intencion de no completar los cinco aAos dei contrato debido a mi deseo de disponer de mas tiempo para otras actividades. Ahora, una vez terminada la fase preparatoria para el VLT, Y habiendose presentado el proyecto formalmente al Consejo el dia 31 de marzo, y esperando su muy probable aprobacion antes dei termino de este ano, me parece que el 10 de enero de 1988 presenta una excelente fecha para que se produzca un cambio en la administracion de la ESO.

  1. Instalaciones para hotel rural

    Roig Riera, José Antonio


    El presente proyecto cuenta con la información necesaria para el desarrollo de las instalaciones de un hotel rural. Dichas instalaciones son; la eléctrica, la de agua caliente sanitaria, las telecomunicaciones y la climatización. En el apartado de la instalación eléctrica, se han calculado todos los cables necesarios para el correcto funcionamiento del hotel, partiendo de las potencias demandadas en cada punto de consumo. Se ha calculado la línea general de alimentación, acomet...

  2. Instrucciones para autores

    Juan Carreño Cardozo


    Instrucciones para autoresNota preliminar: ¡Es de suma importancia que antesde enviar cualquier documento a la Revista GeologíaColombiana, lea y cumpla cuidadosamente cada uno delos subíndices de las Normas para autores!A partir del Volumen 35 (2010) recibimos artículosprincipalmente a través del sistema digital en quiere enviar un artículo, por favor regístrese comoAutor en el menú INGRESAR (aquí pueden registrarsetambién evaluadores u...

  3. Instrucciones para autores

    Cramer, Thomas


    Instrucciones para autoresNota preliminar: ¡Es de suma importancia que antesde enviar cualquier documento a la Revista GeologíaColombiana, lea y cumpla cuidadosamente cada uno delos subíndices de las Normas para autores!A partir del Volumen 35 (2010) recibimos artículosprincipalmente a través del sistema digital en quiere enviar un artículo, por favor regístrese comoAutor en el menú INGRESAR (aquí pueden registrarsetambién evaluadores u...

  4. Para comprender el DIRCOM

    Costa, Joan


    Comprender implica combinar dos actitudes: la primera librarse de prejuicios; la segunda, atender a los hechos, observar y experimentar con ellos. Un método sencillo para comprender el DirCom será comparándolo con otras disciplinas que en general son tomadas como referencia.

  5. alternativas para promoverla

    Carlos Muñoz Izquierdo


    Finalmente, se analizan las políticas que han sido aplicadas con el fin de combatir ese problema, y se sugieren algunos cursos de acción que se consideran potencialmente más eficaces para lograr ese propósito.

  6. Aprendizaje cooperativo para ELE


    Presentación sucinta para docentes de español como lengua extranjera del conjunto de propuestas metodológicas conocidas bajo la denominación aprendizaje cooperativo : origen, fundamentación, principales principios psicopedagógicos y algunas propuestas prácticas.

  7. Radial Velocities with PARAS

    Roy, Arpita; Mahadevan, S.; Chakraborty, A.; Pathan, F. M.; Anandarao, B. G.


    The Physical Research Laboratory Advanced Radial-velocity All-sky Search (PARAS) is an efficient fiber-fed cross-dispersed high-resolution echelle spectrograph that will see first light in early 2010. This instrument is being built at the Physical Research laboratory (PRL) and will be attached to the 1.2m telescope at Gurushikhar Observatory at Mt. Abu, India. PARAS has a single-shot wavelength coverage of 370nm to 850nm at a spectral resolution of R 70000 and will be housed in a vacuum chamber (at 1x10-2 mbar pressure) in a highly temperature controlled environment. This renders the spectrograph extremely suitable for exoplanet searches with high velocity precision using the simultaneous Thorium-Argon wavelength calibration method. We are in the process of developing an automated data analysis pipeline for echelle data reduction and precise radial velocity extraction based on the REDUCE package of Piskunov & Valenti (2002), which is especially careful in dealing with CCD defects, extraneous noise, and cosmic ray spikes. Here we discuss the current status of the PARAS project and details and tests of the data analysis procedure, as well as results from ongoing PARAS commissioning activities.

  8. Música costarricense para cuerdas

    Mora-Bermúdez, Eddie


    Dar a conocer, por medio de ediciones, la música costarricense para cuerdas, con el fin de enriquecer el medio musical costarricense. Universidad de Costa Rica UCR::Docencia::Artes y Letras::Facultad de Bellas Artes::Escuela de Artes Musicales

  9. Obras costarricenses para banda

    Jeremías Lafuente, Isabel


    Música costarricense- música costarricense para banda- música clásica costarricense- música contemporánea costarricense. Universidad de Costa Rica UCR::Docencia::Artes y Letras::Facultad de Bellas Artes::Escuela de Artes Musicales

  10. Investigation of barium-calcium aluminate process to manufacture and characterize impregnated thermionic cathode for power microwave devices; Investigacao do processo de obtencao de aluminatos de bario e calcio para construcao e caracterizacao de catodos termionicos impregnados para aplicacao em dispositivos de microondas de potencia

    Higashi, Cristiane


    In the present work it is described the barium calcium aluminate manufacture processes employed to produce impregnated cathodes to be used in a traveling-wave tube (TWT). The cathodes were developed using a tungsten body impregnated with barium and calcium aluminate with a 5:3:2 proportion (molar). Three different processes were investigated to obtain this material: solid-state reaction, precipitation and crystallization. Thermal analysis, thermogravimetry specifically, supported to determine an adequate preparation procedure (taking into account temperature, time and pyrolysis atmosphere). It was verified that the crystallization showed a better result when compared to those investigated (solid-state reaction and precipitation techniques - formation temperature is about 1000 deg C in hydrogen atmosphere), whereas it presented the lower formation temperature (800 deg C) in oxidizing atmosphere (O{sub 2}). It was used the practical work function distribution theory (PWFD) of Miram to characterize thermionic impregnated cathode. The PWFD curves were used to characterize the barium-calcium aluminate cathode. PWFD curves shown that the aluminate cathode work function is about 2,00 eV. (author)

  11. Study and methodology development for quality control in the production process of iodine-125 radioactive sealed sources applied to brachytherapy; Estudo e desenvolvimento de metodologia para controle de qualidade em processo de producao de fontes seladas de iodo-125 para aplicacao em braquiterapia

    Moura, Joao Augusto


    Today cancer is the second cause of death by disease in several countries, including Brazil. Excluding skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most incident in the population. Prostate tumor can be treated by several ways, including brachytherapy, which consists in introducing sealed radioactive sources (Iodine - 125 seeds) inside the tumor. The target region of treatment receives a high radiation dose, but healthy neighbor tissues receive a significantly reduced radiation dose. The seed is made of a welding sealed titanium capsule, 0.8 mm external diameter and 4.5 mm length, enclosing a 0.5 mm diameter silver wire with Iodine-125 adsorbed. After welded, the seeds have to be submitted to a leak test to prevent any radioactive material release. The aims of this work were: (a) the study of the different leakage test methods applied to radioactive seeds and recommended by the ISO 997820, (b) the choice of the appropriate method and (c) the flowchart determination of the process to be used during the seeds production. The essays exceeded the standards with the use of ultra-sound during immersion and the corresponding benefits to leakage detection. Best results were obtained with the immersion in distilled water at 20 degree C for 24 hours and distilled water at 70 degree C for 30 minutes. These methods will be used during seed production. The process flowchart has all the phases of the leakage tests according to the sequence determined in the experiments. (author)

  12. Instrucciones para autores y autoras

    Casa de la Mujer, Revista


    Le recomendamos leer este documento a profundidad para queconozca las políticas y normas para postular a consideración su escrito.Estas instrucciones se organizan en tres apartados: I. Datos básicos,II. Políticas y III. Lineamientos para presentar el escrito; para la citacióny referenciación con APA se ofrece el documento titulado Guía dereferenciación y citación con APA.

  13. Consejos para pacientes

    M. Eulalia Lucio-Villegas Menéndez; Laura López González; M. Isabel Gutiérrez Pérez; Natalia Aresté Lluch; M. Luisa Morató Agustí; Santiago Pérez Cachafeiro


    En el cuidado de las heridas es tan importante saber qué hacer como saber qué no hacer. Lo primero es valorar la gravedad de la lesión y saber si es necesario acudir a un centro sanitario o no. Si la herida es simple, lo más recomendable es hacer una buena limpieza con suero o agua tras lavado de manos, realizando la desinfección de esta con el antiséptico más adecuado. Los antisépticos no deben usarse para la limpieza de las heridas (usar suero fisiológico o agua del grifo) ni para la cur...

  14. Aplicaciones web para celulares

    Riva, Diego Germán de la


    Las tecnologías inalámbricas -y en particular la telefonía celular- han tenido mucho auge y desarrollo en estos últimos años. El teléfono celular hoy día no es solo una herramienta indispensable para la gente de negocios, sino también un elemento primordial para la comunicación entre las personas. El rápido desarrollo tecnológico, la reducción de costos y el incremento de las expectativas de la gente, han provocado una invasión de teléfonos celulares en toda la sociedad, a nivel de llegar a r...

  15. Libertad para volar

    Loureiro, Olalla


    La formación, el empleo y la arquitectura sin barreras son aspectos esenciales para la integración del colectivo de personas con discapacidad. Sin embargo, la independencia y la normalización son un grado más en la lucha por la igualdad de trato y es ahí donde entran en juego factores como el ocio y el tiempo libre.

  16. Educando para la ignorancia

    Miguel Durán


    Full Text Available Más que describir una situación particular, los autores buscan con este escrito motivar al estudiante para que asuma posiciones críticas; así como dar un campanazo de alerta a los profesores, en relación a los conocimientos que transmiten a sus alumnos y la forma en que lo hacen; todo con el ánimo de generar verdaderos espacios de reflexión en la universidad.

  17. Libertad para volar

    Loureiro, Olalla


    La formación, el empleo y la arquitectura sin barreras son aspectos esenciales para la integración del colectivo de personas con discapacidad. Sin embargo, la independencia y la normalización son un grado más en la lucha por la igualdad de trato y es ahí donde entran en juego factores como el ocio y el tiempo libre.

  18. Universidades accesibles para todos

    Roxana Stupp Kupiec


    Full Text Available Este trabajo pretende hacer conciencia sobrelos factores que inciden en la construcción colectiva deuniversidades dispuestas a innovar y transformar suideología, sus políticas, el currículum, los servicios estu-diantiles, la infraestructura física y administrativa y lasestrategias de comunicación e información, bajo el para-digma de la accesibilidad en el entorno. Se hace referen-cia al marco legal internacional y nacional que orientalas acciones que deben planificarse e implementarse enlas instituciones de Educación Superior.En la construcción de universidades accesibles para to-dos se requiere de un cambio en la concepción curricu-lar. Se analizan conceptos como la flexibilidad en la for-mación y el acceso a los planes de estudio para respondera las necesidades educativas de todos los estudiantes. Para promover estas transformaciones se proponen prin-cipios y prácticas tales como la interdisciplinareidad y lainclusión del tema de la discapacidad en todas las carre-ras. Además, se presentan ejemplos de aplicación en dife-rentes áreas del perfil profesional, en la formación deldocente universitario y en actividades de proyección so-cial, vida estudiantil e investigación. En el ámbito estu-diantil, se describen algunos servicios y procesos que sehan desarrollado en la Universidad de Costa Rica


    César Alfonso Defrancisco-Larrañaga


    Full Text Available El planeta no atraviesa por su mejor momento en materia de conservación y renovación de sus recursos naturales. Claramente en los últimos tiempos los recursos hídricos han venido haciéndose cada vez menores; el hombre ha notado con preocupación y vivido en carne propia este fenómeno, que de no ser tratado a tiempo, podría atentar contra la existencia misma. Esto lo ha alentado a buscar métodos que sirvan como solución para contrarrestar éste mal y crear conciencia entre sus iguales, para así poder garantizar su permanencia y la de su entorno durante muchas generaciones. En países desarrollados del continente europeo y en algunos lugares de América del norte, el uso de sistemas de reutilización y tratamiento de aguas grises y aprovechamiento de las aguas lluvias se ha convertido en una constante y nos están dando las pautas para poder seguir el ejemplo y así de esta manera poder aportar a la causa ambiental y a su vez crear un ahorro en nuestros gastos mensuales de consumo.

  20. para mejorar el %R

    Alfredo Díaz Mata


    Full Text Available En este trabajo se revisan dos indicadores técnicos bursátiles que están estrechamente relacionados, el oscilador estocástico %K de Lane y el oscilador %R de Williams; asimismo, se evalúa el uso de dos mecanismos asociados con el primero y que no suelen utilizarse con el %R: el proceso de frenado (slowing y el uso de un promedio móvil del propio oscilador estocástico como disparadores de señales de compra y de venta. Realizando simulaciones con 27 acciones y el Índice de Precios y Cotizaciones de la Bolsa Mexicana de Valores se verifica la hipótesis principal y se comprueba que, efectivamente, en muchos casos, el uso del proceso de frenado con el oscilador %R de Williams permite tomar mejores decisiones. Por otro lado, se concluye que de los dos disparadores de señales el que mejor funciona, tanto para %K como para %R es el uso de cotas inferior y superior. Este artículo surgió en el curso de una investigación sobre el análisis técnico bursátil de acciones que se puede realizar en su totalidad por computadora y que, esencialmente, excluye el análisis gráfico. Uno de los propósitos del estudio es determinar si es posible, y bajo qué mecanismos, establecer un sistema de análisis bursátil que le permita al inversionista tomar decisiones de inversión en acciones en la Bolsa Mexicana de Valores sin tener que emplear la considerable cantidad de tiempo que es necesario para el análisis gráfico tradicional. Durante este estudio se realizó un análisis preliminar de unos 120 indicadores técnicos para, por un lado, conocerlos con cierto detalle y, por otra parte, aislar aquellos que prometían ser de utilidad para el objetivo de la investigación. Fue en este proceso cuando se detectó que existen dos indicadores que están relacionados y que permiten un análisis por separado que tiene, cuando menos, dos ventajas. En primer lugar está el placer que da a quien gusta de estos temas encontrarse con indicadores que, de acuerdo

  1. Inmunopotenciadores para la acuicultura

    Rocmira Pérez


    Full Text Available La acuicultura es una de las actividades económicas de mayor crecimiento para la producción de alimentos. Uno de sus principales retos es la obtención de grandes volúmenes de producción con la mayor calidad posible. Esto conlleva a una reducción de la aplicación de antibióticos y productos quimioterapéuticos. Una de las estrategias más prometedoras es la aplicación de inmunopotenciadores, principalmente en los cultivos intensivos. El objetivo de este trabajo fue revisar los principales inmunopotenciadores, así como las tendencias y retos de su uso mundial. Se resumen las particularidades moleculares y funcionales de los mismos y se hace énfasis en los más estudiados: levamisol, ß-glucanos, lipopolisacárido, vitamina C, extractos de plantas y hormonas. Todos estos compuestos de naturaleza heterogénea inciden mayoritariamente en los componentes de la inmunidad innata de los peces, fortaleciendo y potenciando la resistencia a enfermedades; adicionalmente algunos de ellos tienen funciones antiestrés y favorecen su crecimiento. Se concluye que los inmunopotenciadores constituyen una estrategia viable para reducir las pérdidas por problemas sanitarios en el sector de la acuicultura; pero aún quedan por solucionar aspectos como la vía de administración y la etapa de inmunización adecuada para cada especie y tipo de cultivo.

  2. Ayudas TIC para Dislexia

    Gassol Noguera, Ambrosio


    El artículo que presento intenta difundir las posibilidades de ofrecer ayudas para facilitar la lectura y la escritura en el mismo procesador de textos, sin tener que recurrir al uso de otros programas informáticos a la vez. Además se incorpora la posibilidad de adaptar el formato del texto a las preferencias del usuario (siguiendo los resultados de unos estudios presentados en 2012 que indican que la velocidad y comprensión de personas con dislexia mejora aumentando la separación entre las l...

  3. Para pensar o afeto

    Aluisio Pereira de Menezes

    Full Text Available Apresentação de um conjunto de formulações relativas ao “afeto” anteriores ao surgimento da psicanálise. Dificuldade da psicanálise em construir uma concepção propriamente psicanalítica. Contribuição da fenomenologia de Husserl para o estudo do afeto. Atualidade das concepções do afeto marcadas pelas neurociências. As maneiras principais de ver o problema da conceituação do afeto no pensamento psicanalítico.

  4. Comunicar para la salud

    Lic. Eva Bocco


    Con este trabajo quiero plantearles una inquietud en torno al rol que nos cabe a los comunicadores en el área de la salud desde la perspectiva de la comunicación para la salud. ¿Se puede pensar la salud pública desvinculada de la comunicación? ¿La comunicación es posible sin la existencia de salud en la comunidad? ¿Qué puede hacer un comunicador en el ministerio de salud? ¿Puede un estado desarrollar políticas de salud sin la presencia de la comunicación?

  5. Comunicar para la salud

    Lic. Eva Bocco


    Full Text Available Con este trabajo quiero plantearles una inquietud en torno al rol que nos cabe a los comunicadores en el área de la salud desde la perspectiva de la comunicación para la salud. ¿Se puede pensar la salud pública desvinculada de la comunicación? ¿La comunicación es posible sin la existencia de salud en la comunidad? ¿Qué puede hacer un comunicador en el ministerio de salud? ¿Puede un estado desarrollar políticas de salud sin la presencia de la comunicación?

  6. Ha vuelto para mirarnos


    En cada entrega analizaremos un cuadro, mirándolo con ojos matemáticos. Con esa particular mirada, fruto de nuestra propia (de)formación. Y desde ese punto de vista haremos paseos por el arte y las matemáticas. Espero que el lector, como hago yo mismo, disfrute descubriendo más allá de lo que a simple vista distinguiría cualquiera. Al fin de cuentas, el arte, como las matemáticas, han sido creados para hacernos disfrutar.

  7. Partir para quedarse

    Cortes, Geneviève; Franqueville, André


    Partir para quedarse... la paradoja resume la situación de muchos campesinos de los Andes bolivianos, confrontados a una creciente pobreza. El jefe de familia y muchas veces sus hijos van a trabajar en las planicies amazónicas, a la Argentina o a un país rico del norte. Su propósito es ganar suficiente dinero que les permita al resto de la familia vivir en el lugar de origen e independizarse después. Las olas migratorias son abordadas en un cuadro de un estudio comparativo de las sociedades ...

  8. Espirales tubulares para turbinas

    Editorial, Equipo


    Full Text Available Para el suministro y fabricación de las espirales tubulares que debían alimentar las turbinas del aprovechamiento hidroeléctrico de Brownlee, que constituye el primero de los cuatro saltos del grupo Hells Canyon, del río Snake, la conocida factoría S. Morgan Smith, especializada en la construcción de turbinas y material a ellas accesorio, se encargó del estudio, fabricación y montaje de cuatro de estas espirales tubulares de 5,50 m de diámetro máximo.

  9. Nombrados para el mal

    Lara, Claudio; Sanchez, Mariela


    El presente trabajo se encuentra inscripto en la investigación Las vicisitudes del lazo amoroso en la época actual en el Gran La Plata. En ella, nuestro rasgo de investigación fue establecer algunas coordenadas para pensar que los signos de la Declinación del Nombre del Padre deben leerse en la transformación del registro del amor, dejando por fuera el registro que más desarrollos ha tenido dentro del campo del psicoanálisis: el de los ideales y el de la autoridad. La propuesta es que si El n...

  10. Para uma antropologia diferente


    Revista da FCSH, N.1, 1980, pp. 235-243 Quando no ano lectivo de 1975/76, começámos, num dos cursos de apôs-graduação, o ensino de Antropologia Cultural na Universidade Nova de Lisboa, muitos dos alunos ficaram deveras surpreendidos com o nosso estilo de linguagem e, particularmente, com a natureza das analogias de tipo transdisciplinar que empregávamos para explicar determinados fenômenos ou factos sociais e culturais. Era corrente, durante as sessões de trabalho, ref...

  11. para las lenguas

    Manuel Tost Planet


    Full Text Available La publicación del Marco común europeo de referencia para las lenguas, del Consejo de Europa –aún poco conocido en nuestro país– está teniendo ya una notable influencia en todos los ámbitos de la enseñanza de las lenguas y de un modo particular en la elaboración de materiales de nueva generación para el aprendizaje de las lenguas extranjeras. Tras presentar elementos contextuales de la situación del FLE en nuestro país, que tienen, pensamos, una cierta relevancia, en esta contribución se describen precisamente algunos aspectos fragmentarios de dicho Marco y se evocan, por último, los principales ejes en torno a los cuales se mueve la actual innovación didáctica, en lo que se refiere más concretamente a las actividades de aprendizaje en el aula de idiomas.

  12. "Colaborar para Competir"

    Martha Liliana Hijuelos-Cárdenas


    Full Text Available De acuerdo con Michael Porter, los Clusters se definen como “Una agrupación de empresas e instituciones relacionadas entre sí, pertenecientes a un mismo sector o segmento de mercado, que se encuentran próximas geográficamente y que colaboran para ser más competitivas”. Los Clusters son en última instancia una herramienta de competitividad basada en la cooperación de sus miembros, y es una de las estrategias recientes, en el país, para incrementar la productividad y competitividad y las apuestas productivas desde el nivel local. Y es precisamente esta cercanía geográfica de las empresas de un mismo sector, lo que a la vez que genera la competencia entre ellas, también les facilita el acceso a insumos y a conocimientos específicos y en última instancia les permite promover la innovación.

  13. Principios teatrales para docentes

    R. Irene Arroyo Zúñiga


    Full Text Available Este trabajo pretende dar herramientas a los docentes para que puedan utilizarlas como parte de las actividades dentro de un plan de elección, en cualquier disciplina. Además encontrará una exposición de los elementos que componen el arte de la representación escénica, como son: 1. Expresión corporal; es la capacidad de expresar emociones partiendo únicamente de nuestro cuerpo. 2. Impostación; es la habilidad de proyectar la voz sin lastimar las cuerdas vocales. 3. Dicción; es la pronunciación correcta de las palabras. 4. Actuación; es la posibilidad de crear un personaje partiendo de los recursos expresivos y de la forma natural en que el alumno acostumbra a reaccionar. Técnica de improvisación, en éste artículo propongo una serie de seis pasos que pueden ser de gran ayuda a la hora de usar el teatro como recurso didáctico. El teatro a lo largo de la historia ha sido usado para transmitir conocimientos, valores, creencias y todo aspecto inherente a los individuos y su entorno social. Por lo tanto debemos aprovechar al máximo los beneficios que nos ofrece el teatro como educadores

  14. Contratados peninsulares para Cuba

    Iglesias García, Fe


    Full Text Available Not available.

    Ante las presiones británicas, la metrópoli española y los ideólogos de los hacendados cubanos tuvieron que dar, desde la tercera década del siglo XIX, una respuesta a la previsible escasez de mano de obra esclava. El artículo estudia los sistemas de contrata implantados en la isla para abastecer de mano de obra blanca y barata a Cuba, deteniéndose particularmente la autora en el estudio de las condiciones de semiesclavitud que se escondían en las mencionadas contratas y en el perfil de los inmigrantes (profesiones, sexo, edad, procedencia....

  15. Bases para proyectiles dirigidos

    Editorial, Equipo


    Full Text Available Aunque actualmente no se ha llegado a una línea general de métodos o sistemas que gobiernen un tipo característico de rampa y servicios auxiliares necesarios para el lanzamiento al espacio de proyectiles dirigidos a grandes alturas y distancias, las experiencias obtenidas en diferentes ensayos, utilizando distintos tipos de proyectiles y trayectorias balísticas, han sentado toda una serie de procedimientos, datos y conclusiones de gran valor balístico que, aun teniendo en cuenta la continua evolución del proyectil, sus formas, combustibles y alcances, se conocen ya, con bastante aproximación, las condiciones mínimas que ha de reunir una base dedicada a este tipo de lanzamientos.

  16. Registrar para avanzar

    Laia Matarranz Torres


    Full Text Available El farmacéutico comunitario es un profesional sanitario con un enorme potencial para mejorar no solo el uso de los medicamentos (detectando, por ejemplo, resultados negativos de la medicación, sino también la prevención de enfermedades y la promoción de la salud pública. Sin duda, el desarrollo y el impulso que están teniendo los servicios profesionales farmacéuticos (SPF desde hace años pueden contribuir decisivamente a que este potencial se consolide de una forma definitiva, obteniendo el reconocimiento del conjunto del sistema sanitario, incluyendo tanto a otros profesionales de la salud (médicos, enfermería, medicina especializada… como a la Administración y, por supuesto, a los propios pacientes beneficiarios de estos servicios. Es cierto que la figura del farmacéutico y su ejercicio sanitario han estado tradicionalmente bien considerados por la población, pero no es menos verdad que la integración de la actividad asistencial de la farmacia comunitaria en el Sistema Nacional de Salud (SNS es, cuanto menos mejorable, y que, incluso, algunas manifestaciones ponen en entredicho de vez en cuando la labor científico-asistencial de las farmacias o generan dudas sobre su capacidad para formar parte de pleno derecho de los equipos de salud que deben trabajar de forma coordinado en la mejora de la atención sanitaria de los pacientes.

  17. Planar Para Algebras, Reflection Positivity

    Jaffe, Arthur; Liu, Zhengwei


    We define a planar para algebra, which arises naturally from combining planar algebras with the idea of ZN para symmetry in physics. A subfactor planar para algebra is a Hilbert space representation of planar tangles with parafermionic defects that are invariant under para isotopy. For each ZN, we construct a family of subfactor planar para algebras that play the role of Temperley-Lieb-Jones planar algebras. The first example in this family is the parafermion planar para algebra (PAPPA). Based on this example, we introduce parafermion Pauli matrices, quaternion relations, and braided relations for parafermion algebras, which one can use in the study of quantum information. An important ingredient in planar para algebra theory is the string Fourier transform (SFT), which we use on the matrix algebra generated by the Pauli matrices. Two different reflections play an important role in the theory of planar para algebras. One is the adjoint operator; the other is the modular conjugation in Tomita-Takesaki theory. We use the latter one to define the double algebra and to introduce reflection positivity. We give a new and geometric proof of reflection positivity by relating the two reflections through the string Fourier transform.

  18. Synthesis of zeolite using as precursor reject of kaolin of the Amazon Region: application as an adsorbent in gas drying; Sintese de zeolita P utilizando como precursor rejeito de caulim da regiao amazonica: aplicacao como adsorvente na secagem de gases

    Morais, M.R.C.; Santana, D.L. de; Martelli, M.C.; Neves, R.F., E-mail:, E-mail: [Universidade Federal do Para (UFPA), PA (Brazil). Faculdade de Engenharia Quimica


    Zeolites have large variety of technological applications, accounting for an increasing interest in various industries. In the State of Para, located three industries from kaolin for paper, where large amounts of waste are stored in ponds in becoming environmental problem. This work aims to develop a process for obtaining a zeolite P from the kaolin waste as the starting material. The synthesis was performed with kaolin waste from Capim River region, calcined at 700 ° C for 2 h, and reacted in the presence of aqueous NaOH and diatomite (silica source supplement), and the process hydrothermal temperature of 110 ° C for varied times. The characterization of the starting material and the synthesized materials was carried out using XRD and SEM. At the end of the experiment, the zeolite P synthesized was tested for moisture adsorption and was effective for this purpose. (author)

  19. Leer para Creer

    Roberto Polanco-Carrasco


    Full Text Available Más allá de los prejuicios que se puedan alimentar en las aulas por -en ocasiones- brillantes exponentes de la clínica psicológica, resultaría difícil creer que exista hoy en día un profesional que se atreva a sostener que el ser humano es sólo mente, o argumentar que lo corporal o cerebral es secundario e incluso irrelevante en los pacientes con los que habitualmente se deberá tratar. De hacerlo simplemente sería un acto de ignorancia, sobretodo en un momento en que disponemos de evidencias diarias desde las neurociencias que dan para sostener la unidad mente-cuerpo como nunca antes en la historia del estudio de “lo psicológico”. La convicción de que los estudiantes deberán ser nutridos con las nociones básicas de los modernos estudios del cerebro debería reflejarse en la bibliografía de diversas asignaturas y estar presente en el espíritu central del quehacer académico como una manera de prevenir esta viciosa tendencia a ningunear aquello que se desconoce y que finalmente cegará a la hora de probar nuevas formas de ver “el síntoma”.

  20. para promover la salud

    Ma. del Consuelo Chapela


    Full Text Available Hablar de educación a distancia sustentada en el desarrollo de la cibernética obliga a reflexionar sobre sus definiciones, objetivos y medios, especialmente si pensamos en las necesidades de la fracción de población que no tiene acceso a las posibilidades que ofrece el desarrollo tecnológico. En este trabajo se presenta e ilustra con un ejemplo práctico, una perspectiva sobre las posibilidades de la educación a distancia desde las necesidades de la promoción de la salud entre grupos de población marginada en el mundo virtual. Se propone la creación de bibliotecas itinerantes regionales que pongan a disposición de la población con acceso limitado a la información, la tecnología comunicativa necesaria para apoyar los trabajos de promoción de la salud.

  1. Marcadores para la Realidad Aumentada para fines educativos

    María Reina Zarate Nava


    Full Text Available La Realidad Aumentada (AR es considerada por algunos expertos como la tecnología en crecimiento para el 2014, en diferentes sectores: ingeniería, educación, juegos y negocios, siendo este último el más usado en él 2013. Sin embargo en el sector educativo la AR se presenta en algunos proyectos que se han desarrollado para diferentes áreas de las ciencias, como Química, Física y Matemáticas, lo anterior con el objetivo de facilitar el proceso de Enseñanza-Aprendizaje. En el presente artículo se presenta el modelo de patrones utilizado para un Proyecto AR enfocado en Química, el cual presenta un conjunto de patrones que fueron valorados para facilitar el rastreo de los objetos y a su vez el entendimiento de algunos materiales de los laboratorios de Química I.

  2. Una agenda para educadores

    Robert O. McClintock


    Full Text Available Las instituciones educativas constituyen los principales factores en la construcción social de un nuevo sistema educativo. Las escuelas y los educadores controlan y producen propiedad intelectual de una extraordinaria profundidad y amplitud. Los cambios producidos por las tecnologías digitales están consiguiendo que el acceso y la producción de conocimiento sea más accesible y universal. Lo que es, a la vez, un gran logro de apertura curricular, pero también un grave peligro de perder la perspectiva eminentemente “educativa” de la transmisión del conocimiento en la escuela. Los nuevos recursos permiten a los educadores romper el ciclo de reproducción en los logros educativos, acercarse al medio y a la familia y transformar la escuela. Los educadores y las escuelas deben asumir el reto de constituir comunidades de aprendizaje. Así como de atreverse a producir y difundir ese conocimiento con soporte digital. Lo contrario sería una terrible abdicación. El artículo traza un recorrido histórico sobre esta función de la escuela y su adaptación a los medios y recursos de cada época. Tras lo cual, aboga por asumir el desafío actual de las TICs, para renovar el vínculo progresista con la posteridad y construir un mejor futuro. Los nuevos recursos permiten a los educadores romper el ciclo de reproducción en los logros educativos, acercarse al medio y a la familia y transformar la escuela.

  3. NASVD and MNF techniques and your application noise reduction in gamma-ray spectrometric data; As tecnicas NASVD e MNF e sua aplicacao na reducao de ruidos em dados gamaespectrometricos

    Cavallaro, Francisco de Assis, E-mail:, E-mail: [Departamento de Geologia Sedimentar e Ambiental, DGSA, Instituto de Geociencias, IG, Universidade de Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil); AGPLA, AeroGeoPhysica Latinoamerica, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil); Portugal, Rodrigo S.; Bizuti, Ariathemis M., E-mail:, E-mail: [Departamento de Geologia e Recursos Naturais, DGRN, Instituto de Geociencias, IG, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, SP (Brazil); Silva, Adalene M., E-mail: [Universidade de Brasilia (UnB), DF (Brazil). Inst. de Geociencias. Dept. de Geoquimica e Recursos Minerais (GRM)


    The radioactive decay is a random process, and the measurement precision is ruled by statistical laws. The counting ratios of the profiles are always noisy when analyzed for short periods, such as one second per measurement. Corrections made at the end of conventional processing in the airborne gamma-ray spectrometric method data are not enough to remove and minimize, or even reduce considerably, the spectrum's originated noise. Two statistic methods that act locally in collected data, in the spectrum domain, have been suggested by literature to remove such remaining noises, the Noise-Adjusted Singular Value Decomposition - NASVD and Maximum Noise Fraction - MNF. These methods produce a significantly noise reduction. In this work both methods were applied in an area comprehended by two blocks, I and II, of the airborne survey that covers the west area of Mineral Province of Tapajos between Para and Amazon states. The filtered and non-filtered data with the NASVD and MNF techniques were processed with the Lasa's parameters. The comparison of results between maps and profiles shows that both methods are valuable, since there was resolution gain in these products. (author)

  4. Sorprender, asombrar, desconcertar... para despertar

    Mujika, Marte


    [ES] El empleo de recursos didácticos que propicien la sorpresa, el asombro, incluso el desconcierto, es una estrategia docente eficaz para romper con el mito de los grandes referentes y facilitar así la proximidad que el alumno iniciado requiere para comprender. [EN] The use of the teaching resources enabling the surprise, astonishment, even confusion, is an effective teaching strategy to break the myth of the great references and thus facilitate the proximity that the initiated student r...

  5. Planar Para Algebras, Reflection Positivity

    Jaffe, Arthur


    We define the notion of a planar para algebra, which arises naturally from combining planar algebras with the idea of $\\Z_{N}$ para symmetry in physics. A subfactor planar para algebra is a Hilbert space representation of planar tangles with parafermionic defects, that are invariant under isotopy. For each $\\Z_{N}$, we construct a family of subfactor planar para algebras which play the role of Temperley-Lieb-Jones planar algebras. The first example in this family is the parafermion planar para algebra. Based on this example, we introduce parafermion Pauli matrices, quaternion relations, and braided relations for parafermion algebras which one can use in the study of quantum information. Two different reflections play an important role in the theory of planar para algebras. One is the adjoint operator; the other is the modular conjugation in Tomita-Takesaki theory. We use the latter one to define the double algebra and to introduce reflection positivity. We give a new and geometric proof of reflection positivi...

  6. Almanaques y calendarios para maestros

    Miryam CARREÑO


    Full Text Available En este artículo analizamos los contenidos de los almanaques para maestros publicados en la segunda mitad del siglo XIX (después de la puesta en marcha de la primera ley de Instrucción pública y primeras décadas del siglo XX. Estos libritos, especialmente escritos para maestros, juegan un papel muy importante en la construcción del tiempo escolar. Constituyeron un excelente instrumento para los maestros en lo que respecta a la organización del trabajo escolar, sincornizándola con las demandas de la administración central en el desarrollo de la legislación educativa. También se utilizaron para difundir temas de interés para los maestros referentes a diversas disciplinas: gramática, literatura, geografía, ciencias... Dedican, además, algunas páginas para anunciar manuales escolares y material de enseñanza.

  7. Application of low doses of ionizing radiation in the Brazilian fruit tucuma (Astrocaryum vulgare Mart.); Aplicacao de baixas doses de radiacao ionizante no fruto brasileiro tucuma (Astrocaryum vulgare Mart.)

    Lima, Antonio Luis dos Santos; Lima, Keila dos Santos Cople; Araujo, Leandro Moreira, E-mail: santoslima@ime.eb.b, E-mail: keila@ime.eb.b [Instituto Militar de Engenharia (IME), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Gody, Ronoel Luiz de Oliveira; Pacheco, Sidney, E-mail: ronoel@ctaa.embrapa.b, E-mail: sidney@ctaa.embrapa.b [EMBRAPA Agroindustria de Alimentos (CTAA), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    The tucuma (Astrocaryum vulgare Mart.) is a native fruit of Amazonia, occurring mainly in the state of Para, but also found in the Brazilian northeast states and in the Brazilian central-western states. The tucuma is considered an excellent source of carotenoids with a very high concentration of {beta}-carotene, which is a precursor of vitamin A. In addition to carotenoids it is an important source of vitamin B2 (riboflavin) in fruits. This study aimed to analyze the effects of gamma radiation on the nutritional value of tucuma. The fruits were irradiated at doses of 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0 kGy irradiator with a source of cesium 137. The carotenoids were determined by spectrophotometry. The analysis of {alpha} and {beta}-carotene, thiamine, riboflavin were carried out by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). The {beta}-carotene accounts for 80% of total carotenoids in tucuma, and with a dose of 2 kGy, it showed the highest reduction of {beta}-carotene, about 7.5% in relation to the control. The tucuma fruit showed high levels of riboflavin from 0.183 to 0.222 {mu}g 100 g{sup -1}, and maintained stability after the gamma radiation process. However, it had low levels of thiamine from 0.050 to 0.033 {mu}g 100 g{sup -1}, and irradiated at a dose of 2 kGy showed significant reductions of thiamine, about 34% in relation to the control. (author)

  8. Uma ferramenta para planejamento de estudos para concursos

    Leonardo Pimentel


    Full Text Available De acordo com a constituição brasileira, a única forma de se tornar um empregado do governo é passar em um concurso público. O exame de conhecimento do cargo é um dos componentes mais importantes de um concurso. Estudar para esse exame é uma tarefa que requer planejamento. Um meio de obter um bom planejamento é construir uma grade de horários que relacione as matérias a serem estudadas com os respectivos horários disponíveis para o estudo. Esse tipo de problema se assemelha bastante à gerência de projetos, em que se procura estabelecer a distribuição das atividades ao longo do tempo disponível. Assim, torna-se interessante explorar a dinâmica de estudos para concursos como um projeto. O presente trabalho apresenta a ferramenta de apoio ao estudos - Passe-me, baseada no ciclo PDCA (do inglês, Plan-Do-Check-Act. Por se tratar de uma ferramenta web, o tempo de resposta para produzir uma grade de estudos é fundamental. A ferramenta faz uso de algoritmo genético para calcular a grade de horários priorizando a velocidade de resposta. A ferramenta foi avaliada em diferentes cenários de uso e obteve desempenho satisfatório durante a produção da grade de estudos.

  9. Modelo para establecer sanciones pecuniarias para delitos ambientales



    Este artículo pretende exponer el modelo básico que sustenta el desarrollo de multas óptimas; en él se muestra la forma de desincentivar los intereses del violador de la normatividad ambiental, e igualmente el método para alcanzar efectos compensatorios sobre los daños cometidos al medio ambiente. El desarrollo del tema sobre sanciones pecuniarias (multas) y penalidades (encarcelamiento) toma la relación contractual entre el agente (la empresa) y el principal (La entidad reguladora) para, a t...




    Este artículo pretende exponer el modelo básico que sustenta el desarrollo de multas óptimas; en él se muestra la forma de desincentivar los intereses del violador de la normatividad ambiental, e igualmente el método para alcanzar efectos compensatorios sobre los daños cometidos al medio ambiente. El desarrollo del tema sobre sanciones pecuniarias (multas) y penalidades (encarcelamiento) toma la relación contractual entre el agente (la empresa) y el principal (La entidad reguladora) para, a t...

  11. ¿Argumentar para definir o definir para argumentar?

    Silva, Luz; Samper, Carmen


    Se presenta y se ilustra un marco de referencia de un estudio en curso para obtener el título de Maestría en Docencia de la Matemática de la Universidad Pedagógica Nacional (Colombia); estudio sobre la conexión entre las acciones de definir y argumentar, que puede contribuir a la práctica de profesores en ejercicio y en formación. La habilidad para construir una definición es un posible indicio de comprensión, mientras que saberla de memoria no garantiza la comprensión del concepto (Vinner, 1...

  12. Application of a method for the determination of yeast cell density to studies on the sedimentation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in alcoholic fermentation broths; Aplicacao de metodo para a determinacao da densidade de celulas de leveduras a estudos sobre sedimentacao de Aaccharomyces cerecisiae em mostos de fermentacao alcoolica

    Maia, Amazile B.R.A. [Minas Gerais Univ., Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil). Escola de Engenharia. Dept. de Engenharia Quimica; Nelson, David Lee [Minas Gerais Univ., Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil). Faculdade de Farmacia. Dept. de Alimentos


    A technique that permitted the determination of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae cell density was developed. The average results (1,04 g/ml) attributed to the cells under the conditions of the effected tests, was applied to a previously developed mathematical model for predicting the clarification velocity of alcoholic fermentation broths in a sedimenter prototype designed for accelerating the sedimentation of cells. (author) 19 refs., 1 fig., 4 tabs.

  13. Neutron activation analysis for determining of inorganic trace elements in by-products of soybean, cotton, corn, wheat, sorghum and rice; Aplicacao da analise por ativacao com neutrons para determinacao de elementos inorganicos em subprodutos da soja, algodao, milho, trigo, sorgo e arroz

    Teruya, Carla M.; Armelin, Maria Jose [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil); Silva Filho, Jose Cleto [Centro de Energia Nuclear na Agricultura (CENA), Piracicaba, SP (Brazil). Ciencias Animais; Silva, Aliomar G. [Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuaria (EMBRAPA), Sao Carlos, SP (Brazil). Centro de Pesquisa de Pecuaria do Sudeste


    In the present paper the instrumental neutron activation analysis was applied to determine some essential and toxic elements in six agroindustrial by-products utilized to feed animal. The accuracy of the method was evaluated by means of reference material analysis. In general, the precision of the method was lower than 10% and the accuracy near to 5%. (author) 7 refs., 1 tab.

  14. Discontinuous finite element formulation for bodies of revolution with application in the prevention of fragile fracture in pressure vessel of PWR reactors; Formulacao de elementos finitos descontinuos para corpos de revolucao com aplicacao na prevencao de fratura fragil em vaso de pressao de reatores PWR

    Benitez Alvarez, Gustavo


    In this work, a hybrid formulation is established for bodies of revolution, based on the equation of Fourier series for the discontinuous finite element method, analogous to the one that exists in the classical finite element method. Furthermore, a methodology to analyse the prevention of fragile fracture in pressure vessel of pressurized water reactors is presented. The results obtained suggest that careful analysis must be made for non symmetric refrigeration. (author)

  15. Application of natural Ra isotopes and {sup 234}Th as tracers of organic carbon export in Bransfield Strait, Antarctica; Aplicacao dos isotopos naturais de Ra e do Th-234 como tracadores do carbono organico exportado para o Estreito de Bransfield, Antartica

    Vieira, Lucia Helena


    The Southern Ocean is the largest of several high-nutrient, low-chlorophyll (HNLC) regions in the world's oceans. This region plays a major role in regulating the global net transfer of carbon dioxide between the ocean and the atmosphere, in part because the annual photosynthetic uptake of CO{sub 2} by phytoplankton and resulting export of particulate organic carbon (POC) to the deep ocean. The element thorium has multiple radioisotopes that have emerged collectively as a powerful set of tracers for particle associated processes in the oceans. Of all the Th isotopes, {sup 234}Th (half-life 24.1 d) has been the focus of increasing attention and application in the past years. The production of {sup 234}Th from {sup 238}U, coupled with the conservative behavior of {sup 238}U in seawater, makes the source of {sup 234}Th easy to characterize. Moreover, the half-life of {sup 234}Th is sufficiently short to make it sensitive to the short-term (e.g. seasonal) changes that occur in the upper water column of the open ocean or in sediments or water column in coastal areas. Because of its very particle reactive behavior, {sup 234}Th is removed from a parcel of water in only two ways, through decay and through particle flux. Therefore, a steady-state 1D activity balance can be used to calculate its flux. Natural Ra isotopes have been also widely used in marine studies to trace water masses and to quantify mixing processes. This work presents results of a collaborative research on organic carbon fluxes distribution in the Bransfield Strait in order to evaluate its influence in the CO{sub 2} drawdown. Macro-nutrients, micro-nutrients and chlorophyll-a distributions were used to examine the pathway sources. Natural radium isotopes were applied as tracers to study the movement of shelf water, while {sup 234}Th was used as a tracer of particle flux in the upper ocean, since POC export via sinking particles is the primary mechanism of carbon sequestration in the Southern Ocean. Sea water samples for total {sup 234}Th and natural Ra isotopes were collected from 9 to 14 December 2007 on the RV Ary Rongel (Brazilian Navy). Analyses of total {sup 234}Th activities were performed by gross beta counting using a gas-flow low background proportional counter. The long lived Ra isotopes were determined by low-background high efficiency gamma spectrometry. (author)

  16. Wetting evaluation of silver based braze alloys onto zirconia metalized with reactive elements for application in oil well drill bots; Avaliacao do molhamento de ligas de adicao a base de prata sobre zirconia polida e metalizada com elementos ativos para aplicacao em brocas de perfuracao de pocos de petroleo

    Pereira, J.C.; Silva, J.M.; Santos, P.R.F.; Nascimento, R.M.; Martinelli, A.E. [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), Natal, RN (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia de Materiais], Email:; Pimenta, J.S. [Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC), Florianopolis, SC (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Mecanica


    Drill bits with hard ceramic inserts are often used on drilling operations. The cutting and crushing action of rocks will produce failures in the tricone bits, which are related to wear; total or partial rupture of the drill bit body or even the inserts; thermal shock and corrosion. The research of better drill bits with ceramic inserts thermally more stable and mechanically stronger, will lead to an increase of their lifetime, and so reducing costs of substitution and maintenance. In the present work, some silver based braze alloys were melted onto zirconia YSZ substrates metallized or not with active metals. inside a furnace with vacuum of 10{sup -5} mbar to evaluate the wetting behavior. The system with AgCuTi and the non metallized YSZ ceramic, showed low contact angles and stable interfaces, which may be appropriate for brazing metal/ceramic parts. (author)

  17. Characterization of cathode materials SrCoO3 and La0,2Sr0,8CoO3 for use in solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC); Caracterizacao de materiais catodicos SrCoO3 e La0,2Sr0,8CoO3 para aplicacao em celulas a combustivel de oxido solido (SOFC)

    Galvao, G.O.; Aquino, F.M; Silva, R.M.; Medeiros, I.D.M. de, E-mail: [Universidade Federal da Paraiba (UFPB), Joao Pessoa, PB (Brazil)


    Mixed oxide ceramics with chemical structure of ABO{sub 3} type are promising candidates for cathodes of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) for performing well on the electrical conductivity and thermal stability. Various methods of preparation have been studied and used for the synthesis of these materials. In this study, SrCoO{sub 3} and La{sub 0,2}Sr{sub 0,8}CoO{sub 3} perovskites were synthesized using gelatin as directing agent with the purpose of producing homogeneous and porous particles. The powders obtained at 350 ° C / 2 h were calcined at 600, 800 and 1000 ° C for 4 hours and characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The results showed that gelatin is a good polymerizing agent for metal ions as the material showed characteristic peaks of perovskite, with good porosity and uniformity. Furthermore, the method of synthesis employed has advantages related to cost and toxicity, which are very low. (author)

  18. Study of synthesis routes and processing of NiO-YSZ ceramic composite for use as anode in solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC); Estudo de rotas de sintese e processamento ceramico do composito NiO-YSZ para aplicacao como anodo em celulas a combustivel do tipo oxido solido (SOFC)

    Yoshito, Walter Kenji


    This study aim the definition of synthesis and ceramic processing conditions of the anodic component suitable for operation of SOFC, i.e, homogeneous distribution of NiO in YSZ matrix and porosity after reduction above 30%. The selected synthesis routes included the co-precipitation in ammonia media, mechanical mixing of powders and combustion reaction from nitrate salts. The characterization techniques of powders included the X-ray diffraction, scanning and transmission electron microscopy, laser diffraction, nitrogen gas adsorption technique (BET) and Helium pycnometry. The obtained results indicated that the loss of Ni{sup 2+} in co-precipitation process, due to the formation of complex [Ni(NH{sub 3}){sub n}]{sup 2+}, can be minimized by controlling the pH around 9.3, keeping the concentration of nickel cation in the solution to be precipitated around 0.1M. In the mechanical mixing method the best condition of powder dispersion, without differential sedimentation, was obtained for zeta potential values at pH around 8.0, fixing the dispersant concentration at 0.8%. For the combustion synthesis it was observed that when stoichiometric and twofold stoichiometric urea was used, amorphous phase was formed and a higher surface area was attained in the final products. Employing the fuel-rich solution condition, crystallization of the powder was observed and the relative intensity of reflections of XRD patterns increased with excess of fuel, due to increasing the reaction temperature. Sinterability studies of pellets prepared from powder synthesized by the three routes described above showed the temperature around 1300 deg C for maximum rate densification and porosity between 6.0 and 14%. Reduction results of the composites confirmed that the reduction kinetics occurs in two steps. The first one with a linear behavior and controlled by chemical reaction on the surface. The second reduction step is the reduction that is controlled by gas diffusion in micro pores, generated by reduction of nickel oxide, decreasing the rate of reduction. (author)

  19. Study of the oxygen reduction reaction using Pt-Rare earths (La, Ce, Er) electrocatalysts for application of PEM fuel cells; Estudo da reacao de reducao do oxigenio utilizando eletrocatalisadores a base de Pt-terras raras (La, Ce, Er) para aplicacao em celulas a combustivel tipo PEM

    Gomes, Thiago Bueno


    The complexity of the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) and its potential losses make it responsible for the most part of efficiency losses at the Fuel Cells. For this reaction the electrocatalyst witch is most appropriated and shows better performance is platinum, a noble metal that elevates the cost, raising barriers for Fuel Cells technology to enter the market. First this work focuses on reducing the amount of platinum used in the cathode, by being replaced by rare earths. The most common methods of synthesis involves a large amount of steps and this work proposed to prepare the electrocatalyst through a simpler way that would not take so many steps and time to be done. Using an ultrasound mixer the electrocatalyst was prepared mixing platinum supported on carbon black and the rare earths lanthanum, cerium and erbium oxides to be applied in a half-cell study of the ORR. The Koutecky-Levich plots shows that among the electrocatalysts prepared the Pt80Ce20/C had the catalytic activity close to the commercial BASF platinum on carbon black, suggesting that the reaction was taken by the 4-electron path. As found in some works in literature, among the rare earth used to study the ORR, cerium is the one witch shows the better performance because it is able to store and provide oxygen. This feature is of great interest for the ORR because this reaction is first order to the oxygen concentration. Results show that is possible to reduce the amount of platinum maintaining the same electrocatalyst activity. (author)

  20. Fabrication and study of stability of Ca{sub 2}AlWO{sub 5,5} ceramic in crude petroleum for applications in petroleum industry; Fabricacao e estudo da estabilidade em petroleo cru da ceramica Ca{sub 2}AlWO{sub 5,5} para aplicacao em industria petrolifera

    Yadava, Y.P.; Silva, N.D.G.; Sousa, A.G. de; Sanguinetti Ferreira, R.A., E-mail: [Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE), Recife, PE (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Mecanica


    Perovskite-type ceramic oxides or their derivatives are used for applications in high technology because of their enormous range of physic-chemical properties with little change in structural characteristics. In this paper we report manufacture ceramic components of a new ceramic Ca{sub 2}AlWO{sub 5,5} by thermo-mechanical process. Stoichiometric amounts of chemical constituents with high degree of purity, were homogenized using a ball mill and high purity alumina balls, compacted by uniaxial pressing and annealed at 1200 deg C for 48 hours. The structural characterization studied by x-ray diffraction that this material has a typical complex ordered cubic perovskite structure. For the study the stability of these ceramics in crude petroleum circular discs of 20 mm diameter and 2 mm thickness were produced and sintering. These discs were submerged in crude petroleum for 15, 30 and 45 days and were examined at each stage by X-ray diffraction, optical microscopy and hardness testing and these results show that Ca{sub 2}AlWO{sub 5,5} are stable in crude petroleum environment. (author)

  1. Viability evaluation of the reading system by CCD for application at the Fricke xylenol gel dosimetry developed by IPEN-Sao Paulo, Brazil; Avaliacao de viabilidade do sistema de leitura por CCD para aplicacao na dosimetria Fricke xilenol gel desenvolvido no IPEN-Brasil

    Mangueira, Thyago Fressatti; Dias, Daniel Menezes; Campos, Leticia Lucente, E-mail: thyagomangueira@usp.b, E-mail: dmdias@ipen.b, E-mail: lcrodri@ipen.b [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    The use of chambers with coupled charge devices - CCD, is already used by research centres for the dose evaluation applying the Fricke xylenol gel dosemeter. This work evaluates the application of this optical reading technique for the FXG developed at the IPEN, Sao Paulo, Brazil

  2. Application of the linear load normalization technique in specimens SE(T) for the evaluation of structural integrity in conducting ducts of gas and oil; Aplicacao da tecnica de normalizacao linear da carga em especimes SE(T) para a avaliacao de integridade estrutural em dutos condutores de gas e petroleo

    Piovatto, R.R.; Carvalho, A.L.M.; Bose Filho, W.W.; Spinelli, D.; Rugieri, C. [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), Sao Carlos, SP (Brazil); Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), SP (Brazil). Escola Politecnica], e-mail:


    This aim of this work is to evaluate the fracture toughness of pipe lines under high internal pressure, used in the petroliferous industry for transportation of gas and oil. These ducts are produced from high strength low alloy steels, classified as API X60. Therefore, to simulate the stress and strain fields ahead of crack, the SE(T) specimens has been point out as the best specimen geometry. The linear load normalization technique, LLN, has been showed as a promissory technique for obtaining the J-R resistance curves. The J values were obtained following the ASTM 1820 and 1152 standards, with the coefficients modified for this specimen geometry. Side groves were executed to avoid crack tunneling and to maintaining the crack on the plane perpendicular to the loading direction. The J-R curves obtained are compatible for high ductility steels. However, the observed J values seems to high, and the factors affecting this result are discussed in this work. (author)

  3. Study of {sup 137}Cs e {sup 60}Co sorption in sediments from Saco de Piraquara de Fora, Angra dos Reis and its application for environmental monitoring; Estudo da sorcao de {sup 137}Cs e {sup 60}Co em sedimentos do Saco de Piraquara de Fora em Angra dos Reis e sua aplicacao para o monitoramento ambiental

    Ferreira, Ingryd Marques


    Both the suspended solid particles and the bed sediments sorb radionuclides, released in water systems. Sorption is usually represented mathematically by the distribution coefficient that is based in equilibrium between phases. Here the adsorption/desorption kinetics of {sup 60}Co and {sup 137}Cs in sea water were simulated by batch equilibrium experiments with sediments in two points (PT - 01, PT - 02) from Saco de Piraquara de Fora inlet (SPF). For both radionuclides, partition coefficient values (Kd) for the sampling point PT - 02 (509 and 385 L/kg for {sup 60}Co and {sup 137}Cs, respectively) were higher than the values determined for PT - 01 one (426 and 182 L/kg for {sup 137}Cs and {sup 60}Co, respectively). The higher values of Kd of PT-02 reflects the higher CEC (71,4{sup 3}) and content of mud < 63 μm (87%) when compared to PT-01 (CEC of 39,5 cmol{sub c}.dm{sup 3}) and mud (55%). In comparison with the values reported in the literature, the found Kd values are low, which may be related to the predominance of kaolinite, which is a clay of low sorption capacity. The Kd values with an increase in temperature of 23 deg C to 27 deg C were similar ({sup 60}Co in PT-02 and {sup 137}Cs in both sediment) or 27 ° C values were higher ({sup 60}Co the PT-01). With increasing temperature to 31 °C Kd values for the two radionuclides showed a decrease. However, increasing temperature increases the desorption of the two radionuclides for both sediments The sorption process is spontaneous and favorable for both sediments and the model of sorption can be fitted by both Freundlich and Langmuir sorption isotherms. The maximum amount of {sup 60}Co that can be sorbed on sediments were 1,64 10{sup -5} moles/g (4,12 10{sup 10} Bq/g) and 2,79 10{sup -5} moles/g (7,03 10{sup 10} Bq/g) to PT-01 and PT-02, respectively, and of {sup 137}Cs 1,99 10{sup -6} moles/g (9,70 10{sup 8} Bq/g) and 6,60 10{sup -6} mol/g (2,87 10{sup 9} Bq/g ) to PT-01 and PT-02. Two areas in SPF can potentially accumulate {sup 137}Cs: sediments located near the effluent discharge and the area located north of this site. An area in the interface of SPF and the bay of Ribeira would potentially the best accumulated of {sup 60}Co. (author)

  4. Synthesis of protons exchange polymeric membranes via co-poly-esters doped with sodium dodecyl sulfate for application in PEM fuel cells; Sintese de membranas polimericas condutoras de protons por imobilizacao de MDs em copoliesteres para aplicacao em PEM-FC

    Fiuza, R.A.; Brioude, M.M.; Bresciani, D.; Jose, N.M.; Boaventura, J.S. [Universidade Federal da Bahia (IQ/UFBA), Salvador, BA (Brazil). Inst. de Quimica


    Polymers are largely studied for use in PEM-type fuel cell (Proton Exchange membrane, PEMFC). These fuel cells are based on polymer membranes as electrolyte, also called protons conductor. This work developed co-polyesters made electrical conductors by doping with sodium dodecyl sulfate. The copolymers were synthesized from the copolymerization of terephthalic and adipic acids with glycerol. The material was processed in a reactor and shaped by hot pressing, yielding homogeneous and flexible plates, with excellent surface finish. The co-polyesters were analyzed by SEM, FTIR, TG, DSC, and XRD. The thermal analysis showed that the composites were thermally stable up to about 250 deg C. The micrographics revealed the MDS homogeneously dispersed in the polymeric matrix. These copolymers showed electrical conductivity between 10-7 to 10-1 S/cm, suggesting strong potential use in PEM fuel cells. (author)

  5. Use of microcontroller in gamma-ray spectrometer construction using NaI(Tl) sensor, with emphasis in multichannel analyzer, to applications in nuclear and environmental geophysics; Uso de microcontrolador na construcao de espectrometro gama com sensor de NaI(Tl), com enfase em analisador multicanal, para aplicacao em geofisica nuclear e ambiental

    Silva, Nilton


    In this work of nuclear geophysical instrumentation the main purpose was the development of a gamma-ray spectrometer prototype with multi channel analyzer, since the spectroscopic amplifier until your firmware. The heart of the digital part was an ATMEL 8 bits microcontroller (AT89S8252). All circuits were made and assembled in the Laboratory of Applied Geophysical Instrumentation (LIGA) of IAG-USP. A microcontroller software was completely developed in C ANSI language using the Small Device C Compiler version 2.4.8, that is a free software distributed under General Public License (GPL). At first, microcontroller was used to change all digital circuit of one classic SCINTREX GAD-6 differential gamma-ray spectrometer. Measurement times with order of 2 days became possible, and it could work in non climate ambient. Then, after this stage, had been started the development of a multichannel analyzer (MCA) working in pulse height analyzer mode with 4096 channels capacity, to use in many kinds of nuclear detection. Besides it, was developed an automatic gain system for photopeak stabilization, by the use of one radioactive source ({sup 133}Ba). This automatic gain system is very important in the case of NaI(Tl) scintillometric detectors, due PMT sensitivity with temperature and aging of some laboratory electronic circuits. Two power supplies with high stability, using pulse width modulation (PWM) techniques were developed, in order to all system became free of electrical line break off. One PWM power polarizes a photo multiplier tube (PMT) with high voltage and another supplies remaining developed circuits. Calibration in energy using standards sources {sup 137}Cs and {sup 60}Co showed that gamma detector developed has a good linearity and low thermal drift, even working in absent of air-conditioned. Concentrations measurements of K, U and Th were made in samples of soils, vegetables, etc. (author)'

  6. Trimerization process of vegetables oils and fats and its application in additives for synthetic fluids used in the perforation of petroleum well bore; Processo de trimerizacao de oleos vegetais e acidos graxos e sua aplicacao em aditivos para fluidos sinteticos utilizados na perfuracao de pocos de petroleo

    Moreira, Viviane X.; Souza, Roberta C.R.; Coelho, Anderson S.; Lopes, Grazielle; Yoshida, Renan O.; Goncalves, Gizelle de Fatima G.D.V.; Silva, Sandra Regina da [Centro Tecnico Aeroespacial (CTA), Sao Jose dos Campos, SP (Brazil). Centro de Tecnologia; Poland Quimica Ltda., Macae, RJ (Brazil)


    Derivatives of vegetable oils and fatty acids such epoxides, polyols and fatty acid dimmers are industrially used for a variety of polymer applications, such as additives for plastics and composites and in filtration control aid in in perforation fluids as well as in the synthesis of polyamides and polyurethanes. In this article a vegetable oil was chemically modified by trimerization and used as filtration control and in a paraffin based perforation fluid. The rheology and filtration parameters were studied and the results were compared to desired specifications to maintenance of stability of well bore. (author)

  7. Fuzzy logic application for data correction of gamma ray profile and correlation with effective porosity of core from Resende Basin, Rio de Janeiro; Aplicacao da logica fuzzy para correcao de dados de perfil de raios gama e correlacao com porosidade efetiva de testemunhos da Bacia de Resende, Rio de Janeiro

    Souza, Francisco de Assis Leal de; Tunala, Leonardo Fernandes; Abreu, Carlos Jorge de; Lopes, Ricardo Tadeu, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ/CCMN), RJ (Brazil). Centro de Ciencias Matematicas e da Natureza. Inst. de Geociencias. Dept. de Geologia; Rocha, Paula Lucia Ferrucio da, E-mail: [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil); Martins, Ricardo Rhomberg, E-mail: [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Escola Politenica de Engenharia; Lima, Inaya Correa Barbosa, E-mail: [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Centro de Tecnologia


    This work presents here a study on the porosity of cores from Resende Basin (Rio de Janeiro). The first step involved the selection, thinning of the material (core) and sample preparation for the use of porosimeter to obtain effective porosity. The material studied is sandstone, friable, coarse to very fine of three wells (GPR1, GPR2 and GPR3). The fuzzy logic (MatLab) was applied to the effective porosity data calculated from the gamma ray (GR) profile for the construction of a synthetic profile and from this we could identify the errors made in calculating the data. Then the results of porosity from the core were correlated with data from the corrected effective porosity (gamma ray profile) in order to prove the results obtained with both methods. The analysis of the synthetic porosity calculated by the fuzzy logic has shown that this is a promising method for assessing the quality of data and to obtain good fits. (author)

  8. Porous ZrO{sub 2}-TiO{sub 2} ceramics for applications as sensing elements in the air humidity monitoring; Ceramicas porosas de ZrO{sub 2}-TiO{sub 2} para aplicacao como elementos sensores no monitoramento de umidade do ar

    Oliveira, Rodrigo de Matos; Nono, Maria do Carmo de Andrade, E-mail: [Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (SUCERA/INPE), Sao Jose dos Campos, SP (Brazil). Grupo de Pesquisa em Engenharia de Superficies de Solidos e de Ceramicas Micro e Nanoestruturadas


    The environmental monitoring requires versatile, reliable and lower cost instruments. The chemical superficial absorption/adsorption capability of water molecules by several ceramic oxides makes them excellent candidates for this application. In this way, many efforts have been made for the development of porous ceramics, manufactured from mechanical mixture of ZrO{sub 2} and TiO{sub 2} powders, for application as air humidity sensing elements. The sintered ceramics were characterized as for crystalline phases (X-ray diffraction) and pores structure (scanning electron microscopy and mercury porosimetry). The relative humidity curves for the ceramics were obtained from measurements with RLC bridge in climatic chamber. The behavior of these curves were comparatively analyzed with the aid of pores sizes distribution curves, obtained through mercury porosimetry. The results evidenced that the air humidity ceramic sensing elements are very promising ones. (author)

  9. Preparation of PtSnCu/C and PtSn/C electrocatalysts and activation by dealloying processes for ethanol electrooxidation; Preparacao de eletrocatalisadores PtSnCu/C e PtSn/C e ativacao por processos de dealloying para aplicacao na oxidacao eletroquuimica do etanol

    Crisafulli, Rudy


    PtSnCu/C (with different Pt:Sn:Cu atomic ratios) and PtSn/C (50:50) electrocatalysts were prepared by borohydride (BR) and alcohol-reduction (AR) processes using H{sub 2}PtCl{sub 6}.6H{sub 2}O, SnCl{sub 2}.2H{sub 2}O and CuCl{sub 2}.2H{sub 2}O as metal sources, NaBH{sub 4} and ethylene glycol as reducing agents, 2-propanol and ethylene glycol/water as solvents and carbon black as support. In a further step, these electrocatalysts were activated by chemical (CD) and electrochemical (ED) dealloying processes through acid treatment and thin porous coating technique, respectively. These materials were characterized by energy dispersive X-ray, Xray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy, line scan energy dispersive Xray and cyclic voltammetry. Electrochemical studies for ethanol electro-oxidation were performed by cyclic voltammetry, chronoamperometry and in single Direct Ethanol Fuel Cell using Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA). The anodic effluents were analysed by gas chromatography. The X-ray diffractograms of the as-synthesized electrocatalysts showed the typical face-centered cubic structure (FCC) of platinum and its alloys. After dealloying, the X-ray diffractograms showed that the Pt FCC structure was preserved. The crystallite sizes of the assynthesized electrocatalysts were in the range of <=2 nm to 3 nm and after dealloying there were no significant variations in sizes. The energy dispersive Xray analysis of the as-synthesized electrocatalysts showed a Pt:Sn and Pt:Sn:Cu atomic ratios similar to the nominal values. After chemical and electrochemical dealloying of the electrocatalysts the ranged Pt:Sn and Pt:Sn:Cu atomic ratios showed that Cu and Sn atoms were removed. However, chemical dealloying process proved to be more efficient for removing Cu and electrochemical dealloying for removing Sn. The line scan energy dispersive X-ray analysis showed that acid and electrochemical treatments were efficient to dealloying Cu and/or Sn superficial atoms of the FCC structure of Pt. The results obtained by cyclic voltammetry and chronoamperometry showed that electrocatalysts containing 30 at % or more of platinum, after chemical and electrochemical dealloying had significant improvement in electrocatalytic activity for ethanol electro-oxidation in the potential of interest. The electrocatalysts with higher efficiency for electrochemical oxidation of ethanol were PtSn/C (50:50) BR/ED > PtSnCu/C (50:40:10) AR/ED > PtSnCu/C (50:10:40) BR/CD. PtSn/C (50:50) BR/CD, PtSnCu/C (50:10:40) BR/CD, PtSnCu/C (50:40:10) AR/CD electrocatalysts and Pt/C BASF, PtSn/C (75:25) BASF commercial electrocatalysts were tested in single Direct Ethanol Fuel Cell. The results showed the following performance for ethanol electro-oxidation: PtSn/C (50:50) BR/CD > PtSnCu/C (50:40:10) AR/CD > PtSnCu/C > PtSn/C (75:25) BASF > PtSnCu/C (50:10:40) BR/CD > Pt/C BASF. (author)

  10. Preparation and characterization of Nafion - TiO{sub 2} composite electrolytes for application in proton exchange membrane fuel cells; Preparacao e caracterizacao de eletrolitos compositos Nafion - TiO{sub 2} para aplicacao em celulas a combustivel de membrana de troca protonica

    Matos, Bruno Ribeiro de


    The fabrication and characterization of Nafion - TiO{sub 2} composites, and the use of such electrolytes in PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) fuel cell operating at high temperature (130 deg C) were studied. The operation of a PEM fuel cell at such high temperature is considered as an effective way to promote fast electrode reaction kinetics, high diffusional transport, and high tolerance to the carbon monoxide fuel contaminant. The polymer Nafion{sup R} is the most used electrolyte in PEM fuel cells due to its high proton conductivity. However, the proton transport in Nafion is dependent on the water content in the polymeric membrane. The need of absorbed water in the polymer structure limits the operation of the fuel cell to temperatures close to 100 deg C, above which Nafion exhibits a fast decrease of the ionic conductivity. In order to increase the performance of the electrolyte operating at high temperatures, Nafion-TiO{sub 2} composites have been prepared by casting. The addition of titania hygroscopic particles to the polymeric matrix aims at the enhancement of the humidification of the electrolyte at temperatures above 100 deg C. Three types of titania particles with different specific surface area and morphology have been investigated. Nafion-based composites with the addition of titania nanoparticles, in the 2.5-15 wt.% range, with nearly spherical shape and specific surface area up to approx. 115 m{sup 2}g{sup -1} were found to have higher glass transition temperature than the polymer. Such an increase improves the stability of the electrolyte during the fuel cell operation at high temperatures. The addition of titania-derived nanotubes results in a pronounced increase of the performance of PEM fuel cell operating at 130 deg C. In this composite, the high specific surface area and the tubular shape of the inorganic phase are responsible for the measured increase of both the absorption and retention of water of the composite electrolyte. Nonetheless, the polarization curves of fuel cell using the composite electrolytes exhibited an increase of the ohmic polarization associated with the addition of the insulating titania particles. As the chemical structure of Nafion was observed to be insensitive to the addition of the inorganic particles, the high performance of the composite electrolytes is a result of competing effects: the decrease of the electrical conductivity and a higher thermal stability or water absorption/retention capacity. The experimental results suggest that the Nafion-TiO{sub 2} composites are promising electrolytes for PEM fuel cells operating at temperatures above approx. 100 deg C. (author)

  11. Production and characterization of compounds based on MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7} for application in dosimetry; Producao e caracterizacao de compostos a base de MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7} para aplicacao em dosimetria

    Souza, Luiza Freire de


    Many materials with luminescent properties are used for ionizing radiation dosimetry through the thermoluminescence (TL) and optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) techniques. Detectors based on lithium fluoride (LiF), calcium sulphate (CaSO{sub 4}) and aluminum oxide (Al{sub 2}O{sub 3}), doped or codoped with various elements, are the TL or OSL commercial dosimeters most widely used currently. However, several researches are focused to the development of new TL /OSL materials in intention to enhance the dosimetric properties, in view that no TL/OSL dosimeter has all the ideal characteristics for monitoring the radiation. In this context, magnesium tetraborate (MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7}), which has been presented in the literature as a material for dosimetry TL, was investigated in this work. As there are no reports on the structural characterization of this material or regarding to its applicability on OSL dosimetry, the proposal of the present work was to develop compounds based on MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7}, with different doping, by solid state synthesis. It was made the structural, optical, TL and OSL characterization of the compound to verify it feasibility for application on radiation dosimetry. Initially, it was determined the calcination temperature and time for MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7} formation, with the use of thermal analyses and x ray diffraction. The ideal calcination was found at 900 °C for 7 hours. It were produced , in powder form, the compounds: MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7}, MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7}:Dy, MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7}:Dy,Li, MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7}:Ce, MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7}:Ce,Li, MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7}:Nd and MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7}:Nd,Li. For TL and OSL analyses it were produced pellets sintering at 950 °C for 2 hours. The radioluminescence (RL) analyses of MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7}:Dy and MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7}:Dy,Li shows wavelength emissions at 490, 590, 670 and 760 nm. For MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7}:Ce and MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7}:Ce,Li RL was observed wide emission band in the ultraviolet region. For the MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7}:Nd and MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7}:Nd,Li RL were not observed emission from the ultraviolet to infrared. With the results obtained from the TL characterization, it were also discussed aspects such as: effect of sintering and dopant concentrations in emissions, influence of doping and codoping with Li in MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7} matrix, thermal treatment reuse, TL signal reproducibility, dose response curve , relative sensitivity and it were analyzed the kinetic parameters of the TL emission curves. The OSL analyses of MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7}:Dy,Li,MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7}:Ce,Li and MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7}:Nd,Li indicated that the compounds have high cross section for photoionization to the wavelength emitted by blue LEDs, and from three compounds analyzed the MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7}: Ce,Li showed greater intensity. The partial preheating and partial cleaning methods allowed to elucidate the OSL phenomenology in compounds. (author)

  12. Synthesis and characterization of Ce{sub 1-x}SmXO{sub 2-(x/2)} as solid electrolyte for application in IT-SOFCs; Sintese e caracterizacao de Ce{sub 1-x}SmXO{sub 2-(x/2)} como eletrolito solido para aplicacao em IT-SOFCs

    Nicodemo, J.P.; Martinelli, A.E.; Nascimento, R.M. [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (DECM/UFRN), Natal, RN (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia de Materiais], e-mail:; Melo, D.M.A. [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (DQ/UFRN), Natal, RN (Brazil). Dept. de Quimica; Cela, B. [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (PPGCEM/UFRN), Natal, RN (Brazil). Programa de Pos-Graduacao em Ciencia e Engenharia de Materiais; Macedo, D.A. [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (PPGEM/UFRN), Natal, RN (Brazil). Programa de Pos-Graduacao em Engenharia Mecanica


    Mixed rare earth doped CeO{sub 2} oxide-based have been extensively studied for use in solid electrolytes for fuel cells. Ceramics-based CeO{sub 2} have high ionic conductivity and enable the operation of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) in intermediate temperatures, in the range of 500 to 750 deg C. In this work, was investigated the Sm{sub 2}O{sub 3} doped CeO{sub 2} by Pechini method to obtain Ce{sub 0,9}Sm{sub 0,1}O{sub 1,95}. The resulting powders were characterized by the chemical composition (EDS) and crystallographic (XRD), thermal analysis (TG/ATD and DTG), and particles morphology (SEM). After calcinations of 500 and 700 deg C for 2 hours were obtained nanosized powders with crystalline structure of cubic phase type fluorite fully formed. (author)

  13. Application of the Life-Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) for established of energy efficiency standards: refrigerators sold in Brazil; Aplicacao da metodologia de analise do custo do ciclo de vida (ACCV) para o estabelicimento de padroes de eficiencia energetica: refrigeradores comercializados no Brasil

    Silva Junior, Herculano Xavier da; Jannuzzi, Gilberto de Martino [Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), SP (Brazil); Queiroz, Guilherme de Castilho [Centro de Tecnologia de Embalagens (CETEA), Campinas, SP (Brazil)


    The goal of this paper is to present the work in the thesis developed by Silva Jr. (2005) who discusses the application of the methodologies of Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) as a tool to propose energy efficiency standards, additional to the voluntary labels already existing in the one-door Brazilian refrigerators. Another objective is to study the role of these instruments (energy efficiency labels and standards and environmental labels) as means to supply technical subsidies for the establishment of maximum level of electric energy consumption and environmental quality impact for electrical equipment in Brazil. The LCCA methodology allows to evaluate the impacts of the energy efficiency increasing in electrical equipment, resulting in important saving (energy, financial, carbon dioxide emissions avoided etc.) for the country and its citizens. The results reached in this studies offer important data to subsidize deep discussions with manufacturers and the government to stipulate minimum energy efficiency standards for the Brazilian refrigerators. Thus, with increase of 28,1% on the energy efficiency of the one-door Brazilian refrigerators in 2008 to reach a values of savings that can be in order of 54,63 TWh (with respective reduction of demand power of 208 MW), of US$ 6,23 Billions of Dollar (R$ 17,2 Billions of Reais) of reduction in the account of electric energy for the population and of approximately 22 billions of tons of CO{sub 2} not emitted on the environment after 30 years of the implantation of standard. These values, that can not be despised by government, manufacturers and consumers. One other interest of this work is to start the discussion, the possibility of the creation of environmental labelling (e.g., Green Seal - USA, Eco-label - EU etc.) that is an additional program/methodology, which, it may be utilized as support for development of technologies and for the increase of energy and environmental efficiency of the electric equipment. These labels are strategically important for Brazil to amplify the environmental programs to their products because they can facilitate the insertion of these products in the international market, at the same time, that the country gets in the increase of the quality (environmental etc.) and promotes the sustainable development around the world. (author)

  14. Implementation and application of a method for quantifying metals and non-metals in drainage water from soils fertilized with phosphogypsum; Implementacao e aplicacao de metodologia para dosagem de metais e nao metais em aguas de drenagem de solos adubados com fosfogesso

    Silva, Camila Goncalves Bof


    Phosphogypsum is a waste generated in phosphoric acid production by the 'wet process'. The immense amount of phosphogypsum yearly produced (around 150 million tons) is receiving attention from environmental protection agencies all over the word, given its potential of contamination. In Brazil, this material has been used for many decades, especially for agricultural application on cropland. Although the phosphogypsum is mainly composed of dehydrated calcium sulfate, it can have high levels of impurities, such as metals (Cd, Cr, Cu, Pb), non-metals (As and Se) and radioactive elements from natural series of {sup 232}Th and {sup 238}U. Therefore, its continuous application as an agricultural agent can result not just in soil contamination, but also contamination of the surface and groundwater due to the runoff and infiltration process. The concern associated with the contamination of aquatic environments increases; when water is used for human consumption, requiring progressive adoption of more restrictive limits. However, some of the conventional analytical techniques used to determine the maximum limit of contaminants in water have detection limits above the maximum limits established by the environmental legislation. This work was aimed to evaluate the mobility of metals and non-metals in soils and, consequently, the contamination of drainage water through greenhouse-scale leaching and transport of toxic elements from soils fertilized with phosphogypsum. Hence, methods were studied and implemented for determination of metals (Cd, Cr, Cu and Pb) using Furnace Graphite Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (GF AAS), as well as for non-metals (As and Se) using Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (lCP-MS). Effects of different chemical modifiers on the determination of Cd, Cr, Cu and Pb concentration by GF AAS were also investigated. In general, it was observed that the metal and non-metal concentration were below than the actual detection limit of the equipment for all conditions of interest, indicating the low mobility of the analyzed elements in the soil column. (author)

  15. Application of the Voxeldose software for dosimetric evaluation on the thyroid during thorax-AP irradiation considering the peak voltages (k Vp) most used in diagnostic X-ray; Aplicacao do software Voxeldose para avaliacao dosimetrica na tireoide durante irradiacoes de torax-AP nas tensoes de pico (kVp) mais utilizadas em raio-X diagnostico

    Vieira, I.F.; Vieira, J.W., E-mail:, E-mail: [Instituto Federal de Educacao, Ciencia e Tecnologia de Pernambuco, Recife, PE (Brazil); Leal Neto, V., E-mail: [Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE), Recife, PE (Brazil). Dept. de Energia Nuclear; Lima, F.R.A., E-mail: [Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE), Recife, PE (Brazil). Dept. de Energia Nuclear; Centro Regional de Ciencias Nucleares (CRCN-NE/CNEN-PE), Recife, PE (Brazil)


    The evaluation of the absorbed dose distribution can be obtained through a computational model of exposures (ECM), being one the main difficulties at the specific dosimetric evaluation such as the radiodiagnostic, coupling the Monte Carlo computer code, developed for general use, to a anthropomorphic model. This problem can be solved by the software used in this paper, the VoxelDose, and it consists of an algorithm for X-ray diagnostic sources with the Monte Carlo EGS4 code coupled to the voxel anthropomorphic phantoms MAX (Male Adult voXel) and FAX (Female Adult voXel). The graphic interface allows the user to insert the mos common exams parameters, and to execute the simulation, obtaining conversion coefficients and the estimative of the deposited energy on organs/tissues radio sensible during the routine procedures. The data obtained were organized into graphics showing the thyroid equivalent dose, which is a radio sensible with 20 g mass and a weight factor of 5 %, compared with the effective dose during an irradiation of thorax-AP

  16. Technical application of current analysis to detect broken bars in three-phase induction motors at ArcelorMittal Tubarao; A aplicacao da tecnica de analise de corrente para deteccao de barras quebradas nos motores e inducao trifasicos na ArcelorMittal Tubarao

    Antunes, Harison Araujo; Rocha, Rogerio Hubner; Oliveira Filho, Jessui de; Spinasse, Amarildo; Calente, Aderaldo [ArcelorMittal Tubarao, ES (Brazil). Dept. de Producao de Gusa e Energia


    Most modern machinery operates from three-phase induction motors that, in time, can develop faults. These faults can cause the machine to stop working or decrease its efficiency level in the productive process. When a motor suffers a fault it generates indication of defects in several ways: changing in vibrating signals, temperature variations, noises, and electromagnetic field alteration. Known as motor current signature analysis, this technique allows fault detection with mechanical and electrical origin in squirrel-cage three-phase induction motors. This technique is used within ArcelorMittal Tubarao to analyze and follow the motor's rotor broken bar tendency. At ArcelorMittal Tubarao, 450 motors are monitored, at 13200, 3300 and 440V and with power rating exceeding 55 KW. This paper will show the results of applying this technique during the last 2 years, as well as the several types of broken bars detected, fault characteristics, the type of load it operates in each fault encountered, and the fault range caused in the productive process. (author)

  17. Developpement and characterization of an DL-Alanine Gel to be applied in the measurement of the dose distribution with the Spectrophotometry Technique; Desenvolvimento e caracterizacao de um gel alanima para aplicacao na medida da distribuicao da dose de radiacao usando a tecnica de espectrofotometria

    Mizuno, Erick Yukio


    The aim of this work is to develop a DL-Alanine, Fe-II based gel dosimeter to be applied in the dosimetry of the Co-60 gamma-radiation fields in the dose range of radiation therapy procedures. The aminoacid DL-Alanine is dissolved in an acid solution containing the Fe-II and added to the gel. A series of essays was performed with different chemicals and different procedures were made to evaluate the behavior of the obtained dosimetric gel as function of the time. The absorption spectra, before and after the irradiation, present maximum in 457 nm and 588 nm, respectively. These two peaks correspond to absorption wavelengths of the chemical species Fe-II and Fe-III, respectively, both species being in equilibrium. With the irradiation, the formation of the radicals that oxide the Fe-II into Fe-III occurs, altering the chemical balance of both species - hence the increase of the Fe-III - and causing the gel to change its tonality, in such a way that it is possible to determine the absorbed dose. In the analysis of the spectra and respective dose-response curves it was observed that the dosimetric gel shows linearity in dose range of 0.5 to 40 Gy. From the obtained linearity results, stability and lower detectable dose - 0,3 Gy - it is possible to conclude that the present DL-Alanine, Fe-II based dosimetric gel presents an excellent potential to the application to which it is proposed, namely, the determination of the dose fields in radiation therapy and its future application as a standard in the determination of these fields, in 3D, using the Magnetic Resonance Imaging. (author)

  18. An application of modulated poisson processes to aging evaluation for the extension of qualified life of nuclear power plant equipment; Uma aplicacao de processos pontuais modulados a avaliacao do envelhecimento para a extensao da vida qualificada de equipamentos de centrais nucleares

    Saldanha, Pedro Luiz da Cruz


    The modulated power law process (MPLP) is a three-parameter stochastic point process model that can be used to describe the failures time of reparable systems. While the power law process implies that a system is exactly on the same condition just after a repair as just before a failure, the MPLP allows for the system to be affected both by failure and repair. For this reason this model is adequate for evaluating the recurrent events that incorporate both time trends and effects of past events such as the renewal type behavior. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the MPLP as a model for the rate of occurrence of failures of a repairable system to decide for an extension of qualified life in the context of licence renewal of a nuclear power plant. Standard statistical techniques, such as the maximum likelihood and linear regression models, are applied to estimate parameters of the MPLP. As a conclusion of the study, the MPLP is adequate for modelling rate of occurrence of failures that are time dependent, and can be used where the aging mechanisms are present in the operation of repairable systems. (author)

  19. Validation of the extension of the range of application and of the single system of injection for the determination of total nitrogen in petroleum and its derivatives by chemiluminescence; Validacao da ampliacao da faixa de aplicacao e do sistema unico de injecao para a determinacao de nitrogenio total em petroleos e derivados por quimiluminescencia

    Santos, Maria de Fatima Pereira dos [Fundacao Gorceix, Ouro Preto, MG(Brazil)]. E-mail:; Tamanqueira, Juliana Boechat [Universidade Federal Fluminense, Niteroi, RJ (Brazil); Magalhaes, Julio Cesar Dias [PETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Centro de Pesquisas. Avaliacao de Petroleo; Oliveira, Elcio Cruz de [Transpetro, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Logistica e Planejamento; Vaitsman, Delmo Santiago [Universidade Federal, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Inst. de Quimica. Dept. de Quimica Analitica


    With the objectives of using a single system of injection and of extending the range of application for the method ASTM D4629/02 'Total Nitrogen in Petroleum Derivatives by the System of Injection with a Syringe and Detection by Chemo- Luminescence', it was studied a procedure by statistical validation with the objective of guaranteeing the analytical reliability of the assay and allowing the inclusion of samples of petroleum and heavy derivatives in one single methodology. The determination of total nitrogen for petroleum and derivatives is traditionally assayed using the method of Kjeldahl - a time-consuming methodology that requires a large amount of time for giving the final result, at the same time that is not recommended for concentrations below 0.1%w/w, which does not meet the requirements for the specifications of the product, in the petroleum industry. An alternative for the method of Kjeldahl is the pyro-chemo luminescence, which allows the achievement of more repetitive results for total nitrogen. In the detection of nitrogen, the technique combines the reliability of oxidative combustion with the sensitivity of chemiluminescence. Therefore, it was developed a protocol of validation in the methodology ASTM D4629/02 for the validation of the extension of the range of application and for the evaluation of the performance of the equipment in analytical conditions, according to the calibration curve. (author)

  20. Application of instrumental neutron activation analysis for determining As, Br, K, La, Mn, Na and Sm in samples of pine wood; Aplicacao da analise por ativacao neutronica instrumental para determinacao de As, Br, K, La, Mn, Na e Sm em amostras de madeiras de Pinus

    Oliveira, Helder de; Fernandes, Elisabete A. de Nadai; Bacchi, Marcio Arruda; Tagliaferro, Fabio Sileno [Centro de Energia Nuclear na Agricultura (CENA), Piracicaba, SP (Brazil); Sarries, Gabriel Adrian [Sao Paulo Univ., Piracicaba, SP (Brazil). Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz


    Multi-elementary and considered non destructive, the neutron activation analysis is a technique that allows simultaneous and instrumental determination of several elements, becoming especially useful when it is fundamental the knowledge of the total chemical composition, as in the certification of reference materials, application in geochemistry, analyses of aerosols, determination of origin of materials, forensic analyzes and of environmental pollution. However, the dependence of reactors, or other neutrons sources, the generation of radioactive material and the time waiting needed for some determinations are the main barriers pointed int he application of that technique. The present work aimed at establishing the best conditions for the detection of elements of short half-life Br, K, La, Mn, Na and Sm in samples of wood of Pinus, because the reactor used is located distant of the laboratory where the measures of the induced radioactivity are made, to determine trace elements that possess half-lives smaller than two days. For such, suitable equations, using the Surface of Response technique in the SAS software, to minimize the uncertainties of detection of the photopeak function of the elementary concentration and as a decay time.(author) 6 refs., 3 figs., 11 tabs.

  1. Study and characterization of ceramic materials from natural origin for application in jewellery design using laser texturing as innovation; Estudo e caracterizacao de materiais ceramicos de origem natural para aplicacao no design de joias utilizando a texturizacao a laser como diferencial de inovacao

    Elesbao, T.R.; Carus, L.A.; Tabarelli, A.C.; Vieira, R.P.; Takimi, A.S., E-mail: [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil). Departamento de Materiais


    Technological development has been largely responsible for changes in the jewelry market. Seeking to contribute to the development of new products, this study analyzed the technique of laser texturing, aiming to add commercial and aesthetic values to the mother of pearl, material used in the jewelry field. The methodology was divided into physico-chemical characterization of the mother-of-pearl and of the resulting residue of laser texturing and analysis of the interaction of laser with the surface of the mother-of-pearl. The characterizations carried out were: Infrared spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, thermogravimetric analysis and scanning electron microscopy. Results indicate that the studied material is composed mainly by the aragonite crystal phase, different from that resulting residue from texturing process. Although the process remove some of the gem material, the effect water characteristic of the mother-of-pearl is maintained, suggesting that technology combined with research and design can increase the value of this material. (author)

  2. Production and characterization of Ca2AlZrO5,5 ceramic components for application in the petroleum industry; Producao e caracterizacao de componentes ceramicos de Ca2AlZrO5,5 para a aplicacao na indusria petrolifera

    Barros, F.M.; Lima, M.M.; Ferreira, R.A.S.; Yadava, Y.P., E-mail: [Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE), Recife, PE (Brazil). Departamento de Engenharia Mecanica


    The complex cubic perovskite ceramics Ca2AlZrO5,5 is used for the encapsulation of temperature sensors. Through solid state reaction the stoichiometric quantities of the constituent chemicals, with a high degree of purity, were homogenized in a high energy ball mill, compacted by uniaxial pressing and calcined at 1200 ° C for 24 hours. The crushed tablet with the aid of a pistil set and agate mortar to obtain the ceramic powder was analysed by the X-Ray diffractometry. From the behavior of the ceramic powder sintering, Ca2AlZrO5.5, microstructure and homogeneity are being studied through Scanning Electron Microscopy. The results will be presented in terms of the potentials of this ceramic for applications as components of temperature sensors.

  3. Whole-body magnetic resonance imaging for staging and follow-up of pediatric patients with Hodgkin's lymphoma: comparison of different sequences; Aplicacao da ressonancia magnetica de corpo inteiro para o estadiamento e acompanhamento de pacientes com linfoma de Hodgkin na faixa etaria infanto-juvenil: comparacao entre diferentes sequencias

    Nava, Daniel; Oliveira, Heverton Cesar de, E-mail: [Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo (UNIFESP/EPM), SP (Brazil). Dept. de Diagnostico por Imagem; Luisi, Flavio Augusto; Lederman, Henrique Manoel [Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo (UNIFESP/IOP/GRAACC), SP (Brazil). Inst. de Oncologia Pediatrica. Grupo de Apoio ao Adolescente e a Crianca com Cancer; Ximenes, Andrea Regina da Silveira [Clinica Centrus, Campinas, SP (Brazil)


    Objective: to compare the performance of the T1, T2, STIR and DWIBS (diffusion-weighted whole-body imaging with background body signal suppression) sequences in the staging and follow-up of pediatric patients with Hodgkin's lymphoma in lymph node chains, parenchymal organs and bone marrow, and to evaluate interobserver agreement. Materials and methods: the authors studied 12 patients with confirmed diagnosis of Hodgkin's lymphoma. The patients were referred for whole body magnetic resonance imaging with T1-weighted, T2-weighted, STIR and DWIBS sequences. Results: the number of lymph node sites characterized as affected by the disease on T1- and T2-weighted sequences showed similar results (8 sites for both sequences), but lower than DWIBS and STIR sequences (11 and 12 sites, respectively). The bone marrow involvement by lymphoma showed the same values for the T1-, T2-weighted and DWIBS sequences (17 lesions), higher than the value found on STIR (13 lesions). A high rate of interobserver agreement was observed as the four sequences were analyzed. Conclusion: STIR and DWIBS sequences detected the highest number of lymph node sites characterized as affected by the disease. Similar results were demonstrated by all the sequences in the evaluation of parenchymal organs and bone marrow. A high interobserver agreement was observed as the four sequences were analyzed. (author)

  4. Evaluation of capacity ion exchange of MMT-Na{sup +w}ith rare earth salts for use in polymeric nano composites; Avaliacao da capacidade de troca ionica da MMT-Na{sup +c}om sais de terras raras para aplicacao em nanocompositos polimericos

    Maino, Isabel B.; Scienza, Lisete C. [Universidade de Caxias do Sul (UCS). CCET. Laboratorio de Protecao Superficial e Corrosao, Caxias do Sul, RS (Brazil); Piazza, Diego; Zattera, Ademir J. [Universidade de Caxias do Sul (UCS). CCET. Laboratorio de Polimeros (Brazil); Ferreira, Carlos A., E-mail: [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). Laboratorio de Polimeros (Brazil)


    The modification of the montmorillonite clay is associated with materials science, arousing interest in science and technology provide significant improvements when incorporated into polymeric materials neat and conventional composites. The process of modification of clays occurs mainly through the ion exchange of exchangeable cations in its crystal structure. In this study, we performed ion exchange of sodium montmorillonite with rare earth salts (cerium) through two routes: centrifugation and filtration. The samples were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and energy dispersive analysis by X-ray (EDS). The sample obtained by the filtration route showed an increase of basal clay by XRD, indicating the presence of salts of cerium on the structure, and corroborated by EDS analysis. (author)

  5. Principal component analysis for verifying {sup 1}H NMR spectral assignments. The case of 3-aryl (1,2,4)-oxadiazole-5-carbohydrazide benzylidene; Aplicacao de analise de componentes principais para verificacao de atribuicoes de sinais nos espetros de RMN 1H. O caso dos 3-aril (1,2,4)-oxadiazol-5-carboidrazida benzilidenos

    Silva, Joao Bosco P. da; Malvestiti, Ivani; Hallwass, Fernando; Ramos, Mozart N. [Pernambuco Univ., Recife, PE (Brazil). Dept. de Quimica Fundamental]. E-mail:; Leite, Lucia F.C. da Costa [Universidade Catolica de Pernambuco, Recife, PE (Brazil). Dept. de Quimica; Barreiro, Eliezer J. [Universidade Federal, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Faculdade de Farmacia


    The {sup 1}H NMR data set of a series of 3-aryl (1,2,4)-oxadiazole-5-carbohydrazide benzylidene derivatives synthesized in our group was analyzed using the chemometric technique of principal component analysis (PCA). Using the original 1H NMR data PCA allowed identifying some misassignments of the proton aromatic chemical shifts. As a consequence of this multivariate analysis, nuclear Overhauser difference experiments were performed to investigate the ambiguity of other assignments of the ortho and meta aromatic hydrogens for the compound with the bromine substituent. The effect of the 1,2,4-oxadiazole group as an electron acceptor, mainly for the hydrogens 12,13, has been highlighted. (author)

  6. Analysis of the feasibility of applying the theory of the supply chain nanagement for the electric energy chain services of the Bahia state, Brazil; Analise da viabilidade de aplicacao da teoria da gestao da cadeia de suprimentos para a cadeia de servicos de energia eletrica do estado da Bahia

    Leal, Lydiane Abdon [Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA), Salvador, BA (Brazil)], e-mail:; Carvalho, Claudio Bezerra de [Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. (PETROBRAS), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Petroleo e Gas], e-mail:


    This article aims to analyze the potential application of integrated management, through concepts of SCM (Supply Chain Management), in the chain of the energy industry, which is characterized by a chain of services. The prospect of incorporating new integrated management practices, through the selection of concepts and tools for supply chain management took the possibility of promoting systemic approach that includes the major components (physical, regulatory and commercial) the market of electric energy, investigating possibilities of reorganization of this important segment of the industry production chain. The proposal aims to provide a tool for planning indicative of great potential, to identify a theoretical reference in this important productive sector. The work includes qualitative analyses, which aim to map, understand and systematize the changes undertaken, with emphasis on Brazilian electric sector. It is described, in general, the characterization of the energy industry in Bahia state as a possible case study in implementing the proposed methodology. Thus, the work seeks to help the staff decision to purchase a minimum of integrated vision of possible decisions, including the dynamic interactions between market supply and demand. (author)

  7. Preparation and characterization of PVA/SSA membranes with Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} nanoparticles for fuel cell applications; Preparacao de caracterizacao de membranas de PVAL/SSA na presenca de nanoparticulas de Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} para aplicacao em celulas de combustivel

    Oliveira, Paula N.; Pires, Alfredo T.N. [Grupo de Estudo em Materiais Polimericos - POLIMAT - UFSC, Florianopolis, SC (Brazil); Catarino, Margarida; Brandao, Lucia; Tanaka, Alfredo; Mendes, Adelio [Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto, Porto (Portugal)


    In the present study, PVA/SSA membranes were prepared with and without the addition of Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} nanoparticles. Sulfosuccinic acid (SSA) was used as the crosslinking agent. Membranes were prepared with different amounts of SSA (26, 43 and 55 wt.%) and with 5 and 10 wt.% of nanoparticles. Crosslinking was performed at 90 degree C during 1.5 h. Membranes were analyzed by infrared spectroscopy, thermal analysis, water absorption, ion exchange capacity (IEC) and proton conductivity. The results showed that control of the crosslinking conditions, IEC value, water absorption and polymer structure are of significant importance to obtain a set of properties suitable for application in proton exchange membrane fuel cells. (author)

  8. Preparation of PtRu/C and PtSn/C electrocatalysts using electron beam irradiation for direct and ethanol fuel cell; Preparacao de eletrocatalisadores PtRu/C e PtSn/C utilizando feixe de eletrons para aplicacao como anodo na oxidacao direta de metanol e etanol em celulas a combustivel de baixa temperatura

    Silva, Dionisio Furtunato da


    PtRu/C and PtSn/C electrocatalysts were prepared using electron beam irradiation. The metal ions were dissolved in water/2-propanol and water/ethylene glycol solutions and the carbon support was added. The resulting mixtures were irradiated under stirring. The effect of water/ethylene glycol and water/2-propanol (v/v) ratio, Pt:Ru and Pt:Sn atomic ratios, the irradiation time and dose rate were studied. The obtained materials were characterized by Energy dispersive analysis of X-rays (EDX), X-ray diffraction (XRD), cyclic voltammetry (CV) and Moessbauer spectroscopy. The electro-oxidation of methanol and ethanol were studied by cyclic voltammetry and chronoamperometry using the thin porous coating technique. The electrocatalysts were also tested on the Direct Methanol and Ethanol Fuel Cells. PtRu/C electrocatalysts prepared in water/ethylene glycol showed Pt:Ru atomic ratios different from the nominal ones. The results suggested that part of the Ru(III) ions were not reduced. The obtained materials showed the face-centered cubic (fcc) structure of Pt and Pt alloys with crystallite sizes of 2-3 nm. PtRu/C electrocatalysts prepared in water/2-propanol showed Pt:Ru atomic ratios similar to the nominal ones. The obtained materials also showed the fcc structure of platinum and platinum alloys with crystallite sizes of 3-4 nm. PtSn/C electrocatalysts prepared in water/ethylene glycol and water/2-propanol showed Pt:Sn atomic ratios similar to the nominal ones. The obtained materials showed the platinum (fcc) phase with crystallite sizes in the range of 2 - 4 nm and a SnO{sub 2} (cassiterite) phase. The obtained PtRu/C and PtSn/C electrocatalysts showed similar or superior performance for methanol and ethanol electro-oxidation compared to commercial PtRu/C (E-TEK) and PtSn/C (BASF) electrocatalysts. (author)

  9. Preparation of Pt Ru/C electrocatalysts using gamma radiation for application as anode in direct methanol fuel cell; Preparacao de eletrocatalisadores PtRu/C utilizando radiacao {gamma} para aplicacao como anodo na oxidacao direta de metanol em celulas a combustivel

    Spinace, Estevam V.; Silva, Dionisio F. da; Cruz, Victor A. da; Oliveira Neto, Almir; Machado, Luci D.B.; Pino, Eddy S.; Linardi, Marcelo [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)]. E-mail:


    PtRu nanoparticles supported on carbon (PtRu/C electrocatalysts) were prepared submitting a water/2-propanol mixture containing the metal ions and the carbon support to gamma radiation. The water/2-propanol (v/v) and the total dose (kGy) were studied. The electrocatalysts were characterized by EDX, XRD and cyclic voltammetry. The methanol electro-oxidation was studied by cyclic voltammetry using the thin porous coating. In the studied conditions, the electrocatalytic activity of the prepared electrocatalysts depend on the water/2-propanol ratio used in the reaction medium. (author)

  10. Utilization of response surface for optimization of the production of a biosurfactant with application in the removal of petroleum-derived; Utilizacao de superficie de resposta para a otimizacao da producao de um biossurfactante com aplicacao na remocao de derivado de petroleo

    Sarubbo, Leonie A.; Rufino, Raquel D.; Luna, Juliana M.; Farias, Charles B.B.; Santos, Valdemir A. dos [Universidade Catolica de Pernambuco (UNICAP), Recife, PE (Brazil)


    The surfactants, amphipathic compounds capable of reducing the surface tension of aqueous media, find application in many industries, especially in the petroleum, cosmetic and food, such as dispersants, emulsifiers and surfactants. With the necessity of environmental preservation, surfactants of micro-organisms origin, in substitution of synthetic surfactants, have become very attractive, since they are biodegradable and less toxic although their production costs are still high because of the substrates used and of the purification processes involved. Considering the need to reduce costs associated with the production of microbial surfactants, a strain of bacteria of the genus Pseudomonas, isolated from the port area was cultured in medium containing low-cost agro-industrial wastes, molasses and corn steep liquor, as substrates according a central composite rotatable design (CCRD) in order to evaluate the influence of independent variables molasses and corn steep liquor concentrations on the response variable surface tension. The biosurfactant was able to reduce the water surface tension from 71 mN / m to values around 27.5 mN / m. The dispersion ability and the capacity of oil removal of the surfactant was demonstrated. The possibility of application of biosurfactants in the remediation of oil polluted environments motivates the advancement of research to develop this technology for effective use in treatment of contaminated soils and waters. (author)

  11. Technical and economical analysis for the implementation of small scale GTL (Gas-to-liquids) technology to monetizing the associated remote offshore stranded natural gas in Brazil; Analise tecnica e economica da aplicacao da tecnologia GTL de pequena escala para a monetizacao do gas natural associado remoto offshore no Brasil

    Castelo Branco, David Alves


    The volume of stranded natural gas global reserves is substantial and represents more than a third of the world's proven natural gas reserves. In Brazil, recent discoveries operated by PETROBRAS, with participation of other companies, show trend of stranded gas reserves incorporation, associated gas or not. This dissertation's main objective is to make a technical and economic analysis of the implementation of small-scale GTL technology for the exploitation of stranded associated natural gas offshore in Brazil. Thus, the dissertation held, initially, a survey of the processes of gasification and the manufacturers with technologies and projects based on these processes, for specific offshore applications. In a second stage, the conditions of the offshore environment were examined. After the confrontation of the technologies available and the operation conditions, a technological alternative has been chosen to be used in an illustrative economic analysis. The results show that GTL offshore option becomes viable at a minimum price of about US $ 40.00 / barrel. Although this value is greater than the robustness price adopted by PETROBRAS, there are prospects for the reduction of GTL technology costs. (author)

  12. Development and standardization of radioimmunoassay technique for human proinsulin determining and its use in the study of type II diabetes mellitus associated to obesity; Desenvolvimento e padronizacao da tecnica de radioimunoensaio para a determinacao de pro-insulina humana e sua aplicacao no estudo do diabetes mellitus tipo II associado a obesidade

    Nascimento, Martha do


    The availability of immunoassay methodology for proinsulin is important to define its physiological and pathophysiological significance in humans. Serum concentration of proinsulin are elevated in patients with type II Diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM) and recently diagnosed Type I, so a raised circulating concentration of proinsulin may serve as an early indicator of {beta} cells dysfunction. recently, in NIDDM the serum concentrations of proinsulin and its B-chain-C-peptide junctional split form, des (31-32), were found to correlate with diastolic blood pressure, a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. The development of a sensitive and specific radioimmunoassay (RIA) methodology for proinsulin has been difficult due to its low concentration in serum and the presence of proinsulin conversion intermediates in fluids and tissues. Also other potentially cross-reactive peptides, including insulin and C-peptide, can interfere in the assay. This work describe a highly specific human proinsulin RIA developed by using biosynthetic human proinsulin (hPI) as immunogen, standard and tracer. (author) 133 refs., 17 figs., 36 tabs.

  13. Taller para desarrollar la creatividad



    [ES] Partimos de la base de que la creatividad es una capacidad realmente valiosa, no solo para el ámbito artístico, si no para cualquier aspecto de la vida. Este proyecto está enfocado a un taller diseñado para que a partir de técnicas de expresión gráfico-plásticas podamos estimular y desarrollar la creatividad, principalmente en niños de tercer ciclo de primaria. Con este proyecto relacionamos el arte y la creatividad que se asocia a esté con la educación. Martínez Guerola, B. (2015). T...

  14. Taller para desarrollar la creatividad



    [ES] Partimos de la base de que la creatividad es una capacidad realmente valiosa, no solo para el ámbito artístico, si no para cualquier aspecto de la vida. Este proyecto está enfocado a un taller diseñado para que a partir de técnicas de expresión gráfico-plásticas podamos estimular y desarrollar la creatividad, principalmente en niños de tercer ciclo de primaria. Con este proyecto relacionamos el arte y la creatividad que se asocia a esté con la educación. Martínez Guerola, B. (2015). T...

  15. Para todo mal, a cura

    Maria Borges


    Full Text Available Nesse artigo, eu apresento a teoria kantiana do mal. Mostrarei que Kant divide o mal em três níveis: fraqueza, impureza e perversidade, relacionando-os com afetos e paixões. Eu defendo que Kant apresenta várias formas de curar o mal nos diversos textos, tais como Doutrina da Virtude, Antropologia, Ideia para uma história universal do ponto de vista cosmopolita e Religião nos limites da simples razão. Eu tentarei mostrar que a virtude é impotente para curar o mal e que Kant apresenta uma comunidade ética para esse fim. Por fim, eu compararei a construção de comunidade ética com o estabelecimento de uma sociedade civil jurídica

  16. FRANQUICIAS. Una Alternativa para Emprendedores


      Este artículo presenta las ventajas de las franquicias como alternativa de negocios. Para un emprendedor exitoso ya establecido es más rentable permitir el uso de su conocimiento explícito mediante el formato de negocio de su firma y recibir regalías mensuales sobre las ventas brutas, que invertir en la apertura de cada nuevo punto. Igualmente, para quien desee iniciarse como empresario, la modalidad de franquicia es muy interesante: en primer lugar, porque empieza con un negocio ya probado...

  17. Colombia competente para la paz

    Norma Sofía Vanegas Torres


    La paz y la convivencia en Colombia demandan el desarrollo de un enfoque humanístico, una competencia particular que como las restantes competencias implican un saber y un saber hacer dentro de un contexto, pero que en este caso se relacionan más concretamente con el saber vivir. Este artículo analiza el desarrollo de una posible de competencia para la paz y analiza la importancia de la academia como medio para su desarrollo e instrumentalización. Se analizan al mismo tiempo las connotaciones...

  18. Colombia competente para la paz

    Norma Sofía Vanegas Torres


    Full Text Available La paz y la convivencia en Colombia demandan el desarrollo de un enfoque humanístico, una competencia particular que como las restantes competencias implican un saber y un saber hacer dentro de un contexto, pero que en este caso se relacionan más concretamente con el saber vivir. Este artículo analiza el desarrollo de una posible de competencia para la paz y analiza la importancia de la academia como medio para su desarrollo e instrumentalización. Se analizan al mismo tiempo las connotaciones de esta competencia en el marco de la sociedad posmoderna contemporánea.

  19. Desarrollo multimedia para el aprendizaje



    El proyecto se basa en el interés por dinamizar los boletines textuales. Las ventajas de un boletín dinámico respecto a los actuales textuales son tanto para los alumnos como los profesores. El alumno puede ver todo el contenido que está trabajando con todo tipo de ayudas multimedia, que le facilitará el trabajo porque lo hará más fácil de entender y además tendrá ayudas para resolver los problemas, interactuando con el contenido. El profesor podrá hacer un seguimiento más s...

  20. Evaluation of the potential application of 2-acetylpyridine N4- phenyl thiosemicarbazones derivatives for cancer therapy and diagnosis; Avaliacao da potencial aplicacao de derivados de 2-acetilpiridina N-4 fenil tiossemicarbazonas em terapia e diagnostico oncologico

    Soares, Marcella Araugio


    Despite the wide range of antineoplastic agents available, resistance of some types of cancer and toxicity to normal cells have been identified as the main causes of treatment failure and death. The lack of early and precise diagnosis is also responsible for reducing survival of cancer patients. In this context, the development of substances with low toxicity and therapeutic potential and/or diagnosis purpose, is the major tool in an attempt to increase the survival of patients and assure the safety and efficacy of treatment. Thiosemicarbazones (TSC) are a class of synthetic compounds that have several biological activities, including antitumor. Although several studies have shown the great potential of TSC as therapeutic and / or diagnostic agents, different chemical modifications performed on this class of molecules indicate new possibilities for applications and still require further studies. The objective of this study was to evaluate the potential applicability of 2-acetylpyridine N-4-phenyl thiosemicarbazones derivatives for cancer therapy and diagnosis. The results showed that all 13 TSC tested were cytotoxic to breast and glioblastoma tumor cell lines, presenting higher in vitro antitumor activity than etoposide, an antineoplastic and inhibitor of topoisomerase II frequently used for cancer therapy. The TSC that have halogen or nitro on ortho position showed higher antitumor activity in vitro than their isomers with halogen or nitro on meta or para position of the phenyl group. H2Ac4oFPh and H2Ac4oClPh compounds showed the highest antitumor activity among all tested compounds, with IC{sub 50} in nanomolar order. These TSC induced cell death by apoptosis and oxidative stress was responsible, at least in part, for this type of cell death. The 5{sup -1} H2Ac4oFPh dose, administered s.c., for 4 consecutive days, did not induce important toxicity; however, the same treatment protocol was not effective for tumor growth reduction in an animal model of brain




    Full Text Available Este artículo pretende exponer el modelo básico que sustenta el desarrollo de multas óptimas; en él se muestra la forma de desincentivar los intereses del violador de la normatividad ambiental, e igualmente el método para alcanzar efectos compensatorios sobre los daños cometidos al medio ambiente. El desarrollo del tema sobre sanciones pecuniarias (multas y penalidades (encarcelamiento toma la relación contractual entre el agente (la empresa y el principal (La entidad reguladora para, a través de esta relación, entrar en la determinación de un diseño eficaz de sanciones. Se utilizara el modelo de agente-principal para examinar los efectos de las sanciones corporativas e individuales sobre los incentivos de cumplimiento en el contexto ambiental; además se emplearán los conceptos de bienes públicos, bienes comunes y externalidades como categorías de análisis que permiten la identificación y valoración de daños ambientales.


    Marino Valencia Rodríguez


    Full Text Available La creciente importancia del conocimiento, como nuevo factor de producción, hace que la creación y transferencia se convierta en una de las principales prioridades de las organizaciones. El presente artículo describe tanto los fundamentos de la teoría de los recursos y capacidades de la empresa como el enfoque de la gestión del conocimiento, con sus procesos de generación y transferencia del conocimiento. Estos sirven de guía básica teórica para alcanzar el siguiente objetivo: Diseñar un modelo de generación y transferencia de conocimiento para los procesos de dirección, gestión humana y del conocimiento para PyMES, con el fin de que éstas alcancen mayores niveles de competitividad. El modelo se diseña, a partir del direccionamiento estratégico de la organización. Está conformado por tres etapas, articuladas con elementos y actividades. Las acciones se enfocan en dos factores clave de éxito: la cultura organizacional y la formación. La utilización del modelo permitirá a las PyMES optimizar los recursos y capacidades disponibles, lo cual se refleja en el desempeño del trabajador y en el fortalecimiento de la cultura organizacional.

  3. Separating Para and Ortho Water

    Horke, Daniel A; Długołęcki, Karol; Küpper, Jochen


    Water exists as two nuclear-spin isomers, para and ortho, determined by the overall spin of its two hydrogen nuclei. For isolated water molecules the conversion between these isomers is forbidden and they act as different molecular species. Yet, these species are not readily separable, and little is known about their specific physical and chemical properties, conversion mechanisms, or interactions. Here we demonstrate the production of isolated samples of both spin isomers in pure beams of para and ortho water, with both species in their respective absolute ground state. These single-quantum-state samples are ideal targets for unraveling spin-conversion mechanisms, for precision spectroscopy and fundamental-symmetry-breaking studies, and for spin-enhanced applications, e. g., laboratory astrophysics and -chemistry or hypersensitized NMR experiments.

  4. FRANQUICIAS. Una Alternativa para Emprendedores

    Jorge Enrique Silva Duarte


    Full Text Available Este artículo presenta las ventajas de las franquicias como alternativa de negocios. Para un emprendedor exitoso ya establecido es más rentable permitir el uso de su conocimiento explícito mediante el formato de negocio de su firma y recibir regalías mensuales sobre las ventas brutas, que invertir en la apertura de cada nuevo punto. Igualmente, para quien desee iniciarse como empresario, la modalidad de franquicia es muy interesante: en primer lugar, porque empieza con un negocio ya probado, utiliza la imagen extendida de la franquicia y recibe un apoyo corporativo del franquiciador; adicionalmente, detrás del formato de negocio que contrata, está el capital relacional, en otras palabras, la experticia del franquiciador, el conocimiento del mercado, la base de clientes y de proveedores y el capital humano.

  5. Ocio Inclusivo para personas con discapacidad

    Ruiloba Arce, Marta María


    Mi proyecto de Fin de Grado trata del ocio inclusivo para personas con discapacidad intelectual. Como educadora social apuesto por la inclusión social para la mejora de calidad de vida de las personas, siendo uno de los medios más efectivos para lograr una sociedad sin diferencias ni prejuicios. [...

  6. Coccocypselum pulchellum (Rubiaceae, nuevo registro para Argentina

    Elsa L. Cabral


    Full Text Available Se cita Coccocypselum pulchellum por primera vez para Argentina, en Predio Guaraní, Misiones. Esta es la tercera especie de Coccocypselum registrada para la flora de Argentina junto con C. hasslerianum y C. lanceolatum. Se incluyen descripciones, ilustraciones y una clave para reconocer las tres especies argentinas de Coccocypselum.

  7. Nacidos para curar...y vivir.

    Pedro A Marina González


    Se presentan argumentos para el debate acerca del impacto para la sociedad y el individuo de las técnicas de reproducción que permiten el “diseño” genético de bebes para el tratamiento de hermanos con enfermedades incurables.

  8. Nacidos para curar...y vivir.

    Pedro A Marina González


    Full Text Available Se presentan argumentos para el debate acerca del impacto para la sociedad y el individuo de las técnicas de reproducción que permiten el “diseño” genético de bebes para el tratamiento de hermanos con enfermedades incurables.

  9. Financiamiento para construir la finca.

    Túpac Barahona.


    Full Text Available Las instituciones financieras convencionales y no convencionales tienden a excluir de los servicios de crédito a los sectores más frágiles del campesinado, por considerarlos clientes altamente riesgosos. En este artículo, se discute el sentido económico y social que tendrían que desarrollar esquemas de financiamiento para campesinos con economías débiles, pero con un potencial de desarrollo latente.

  10. Diagramas de Bianchi para Susy

    Sara Cruz y Cruz


    Full Text Available Se revisa el origen de los solitones como soluciones de la ecuación de Korteweg-de Vries y su presencia en la formulación supersimétrica de la Mecánica Cuántica. Se introducen los diagramas de Bianchi como una herramienta simbólica para construir socios supersimétricos de un Hamiltoniano dado.

  11. Cuento: para eso es hombre

    José Chalarca


    Full Text Available No recuerdo si usaba zapatos, solo que era una época difícil para la familia. Una racha de mala suerte que culminó con la prisión del padre, lo forzó a dejar la escuela y a emplearse como mandadero en una casa de ricos cuando tenía apenas once años.

  12. Para conocer a los otros



    El presente artículo analiza el término cultura e intenta dar las claves para conocer otras culturas a través de las categorías culturales que utilizan. Al mismo tiempo, se propone un cuadro de categorías conectado a las dimensiones cognitiva, afectiva y moral-ética, así como a las manifestaciones externas.

  13. Argumentos para repensar el "desarrollo"

    María Luisa Eschenhagen


    Full Text Available Con este trabajo se quiere hacer una aproximación al problema desde una perspectiva diferente, considerando nuevos argumentos que hasta hace muy poco tiempo no se habían tenido en cuenta y que se vienen formulando de una manera muy interesante en los últimos años. El objetivo del artículo es presentar tres argumentos para señalar la necesidad de repensar, desde sus fundamentos, el concepto de desarrollo.

  14. Condiciones para el aprendizaje organizacional

    Delio Ignacio Castañeda


    Full Text Available El propósito de esta investigación es contribuir al entendimiento de algunas condiciones que favorecen el aprendizaje en las organizaciones, específicamente el rol de la cultura del aprendizaje, la formación, la claridad estratégica y el soporte organizacional. Se emplea una metodología cuantitativa con 613 participantes, empleados de una organización pública y 2 compa˜nías privadas, las 3 entidades ubicadas en Bogotá, Colombia. Para la realización del estudio se conformó una muestra por conveniencia, con el apoyo de los jefes de recursos humanos de 3 organizaciones con sede en la ciudad de Bogotá, Colombia. Para la recolección de los datos se utilizó una escala Likert de 5 niveles de respuesta. Los resultados sugieren que las 4 condiciones estudiadas contribuyen al aprendizaje organizacional. Los hallazgos de este trabajo orientan a profesionales sobre dónde focalizar esfuerzos para promover la adquisición y la generación de conocimiento organizacional y aporta al trabajo investigativo ampliando la evidencia empírica sobre este campo de relevancia organizacional.

  15. Estrategia para la sustentabilidad ambiental

    Cecilia Erbiti


    Full Text Available En el contexto de los postulados conceptuales y metodológicos de la planificación estratégica y de sustentabilidad ambiental, el objetivo de esta investigación es describir el proceso de formulación del Plan de Ordenamiento Territorial del Municipio de Tandil (POTM y analizar su potencialidad para avanzar hacia la sustentabilidad ambiental del sistema. Los resultados de la misma muestran que el POTM no sólo prioriza principios, objetivos y estrategias que materializan las diferentes manifestaciones de la sustentabilidad (económica, social, ecológica y política, sino que la totalidad del Plan se fundamenta en el concepto de desarrollo sostenible y, con ello, se establecen prioridades de actuación que posibilitarán la gestión ambiental urbana. Si bien el POTM muestra una gran potencialidad para avanzar hacia la sustentabilidad del territorio, la implementación y cumplimiento del mismo constituye un fuerte desafío para las autoridades de aplicación.

  16. para asegurar un hijo sano

    Carmen Amarilis Guerra de Castillo


    Full Text Available Esta investigación etnográfica focalizada exploró las creencias, los valores, los hábitos y los padrones comportamentales de las embarazadas diabéticas atendidas en el Hospital Doctor Enrique Tejera, quienes residen en tres comunidades urbanas pobres de la ciudad de Valencia - Venezuela, con el objetivo de encontrar el significado del cuidado de si para dichas grávidas. Se utilizó como referencial teórico el Modelo del Análisis de la Salud y la Teoría Antropológica de la Salud, siendo fundamentales para revelar aquello que estaba implícito en el comportamiento de las mujeres con relación a su cuidado. Surgieron tres temas: la salud y la enfermedad - valores culturales del cuidado de si; las prácticas del cuidado de la salud y cuidándose en el embarazo garantiza tener un hijo más saludable. Los temas culturales revelaron que las creencias, los valores, los hábitos y los patrones culturales comportamentales, conforme las tres maneras de acción identificadas, pueden ser preservadas, acomodadas y re-estructuradas para proporcionar un cuidado culturalmente congruente.

  17. requisito para pensar la paz

    Jaidivi Núñez Varón


    Full Text Available Este documento señala puntos de discusión para reflexionar sobre cómo la justicia basada en la construcción social tiene la posibilidad de convertirse en un requisito para pensar la paz. El análisis inicia desde algunos horizontes planteados por la sociología jurídica, la antropología jurídica, la psicología social y el derecho. El objetivo es permitir que el lector tenga preguntas que contribuyan para pensar la paz en un país que tiene la coyuntura del conflicto armado y que cuestiona la justicia desde el escalamiento de la violencia en el espacio cotidiano. Se señalan algunos puntos de la relación entre la justicia y la paz desde la construcción del Estado, identificando los momentos y características de la conexión de estos dos conceptos en el curso de los acontecimientos históricos. Se presenta la concepción de la justicia a través de la óptica del pensamiento complejo y se plantea una discusión de cómo pensar la paz desde la construcción social.

  18. Nueva Sede para la Academia

    Mario Camacho Pinto


    Full Text Available

    Una nueva sede adecuadamente dotada siempre estuvo en la mente de nuestros expresidentes Académicos César Augusto Pantoja, Hernando Groot, Pablo Gómez Martínez, Jorge Cavelier Gaviria y Efraim Otero-Ruiz, con quienes me tocó en suerte trabajar 12 años consecutivos, cerca de ellos a través de mi cargo de Coordinardor de la Comisión Permanente de Biblioteca y Publicaciones y de la Revista MEDICINA que se ha venido publicando sin interrupciones dentro de un compañerismo ejemplar; además de otras distinciones operativas que me inducen a expresar gratitud.

    Ahora, además, como Secretario de la Coporación por elección unánime de la Asamblea hace dos años, he sido testigo ático de una intensa, inteligente e inagotable actividad que nuestro Presidente Académico Juan Jacobo Muñoz Delgado quien siempre con el visto bueno de la Junta Directiva, mediante un acelerado ritmo de trabajo se impuso la tarea de convertir en realidad inmediata tan anhelada y necesaria idea.

    En efecto, la nueva sede fue inaugurada oficialmente el día 2 de septiembre de 1993.

    Este Editorial es la constancia escrita de tal febril actividad que para proporcionar evidencia a los lectores de “MEDICINA” resumo en breves incisos que muestran el tránsito a un estado con superávit de excepción para esta clase de instituciones:

    1. Terminación de la obra ya iniciada de la remodelación arquitectónica, tanto exterior de seguridad y aspecto como interior con suficientes y modernas instalaciones.

    2. Cerramiento total con altas y elegantes rejas metálicas y doble portería por la calle 69 y la carrera 7a.

    3. Aparcadero lujosamente adoquinado, amplio y seguro para 30 automóviles.

    4. Decoración interior estéticamente consultada, bien lograda en cortinas y clásicas lámparas de cristal obsequiadas por conocidos académicos. Un par de originales urnas precolombianas en el hall de entrada.

    5. Zona social doble, amplia

  19. Vajilla para gastronomía oriental


    El equipo de diseño realizó tres sets: un set teishoku (platos calientes), compuesto por cuencos básicos, por un plato principal, por un hashiokis (apoya palillos) y por una jarra para salsa de soja; un set sake, compuesto por un pocillo de 30 ml (uno por persona), por una jarra de 150 ml y por una bandeja; y un set sushi, compuesto por una bandeja para piezas de sushi (para dos personas), por un hashioki (apoya palillos), por una jarra para salsa soja, por un platillo para gari (je...

  20. Justicia (Social) para Adolescentes una alternativa para evitar la criminalidad

    Rios Ruiz, Alma de los Ángeles


    Si bien es cierto que las reformas constitucionales del año de 2005 entienden a la justicia para adolescentes como la creación de instituciones que acerquen a los mayores de 12, pero menores de 18 años al ordenamiento jurídico por haber cometido una conducta tipificada como delito; pero semánticamente la palabra Justicia abre una oportunidad al Gobierno  y a la Sociedad Civil de evitar el uso del aparato represor del Estado.



    A lo largo del trabajo vamos a exponer nuestra propia idea de negocio de una nueva empresa, llamada GAMERINET, que se dedique a la venta de videojuegos de ordenador en descarga digital a través de nuestra web. Para ello vamos a ver una breve introducción a este sector de negocio y su historia, haremos un análisis de las condiciones actuales del sector, a través del análisis del entorno específico (5 Fuerzas de Porter) y del análisis del entorno general (Análisis PEST). Posterio...


    Janes Siqueira


    Full Text Available O trabalho que apresentamos é parte da pesquisa com os estudantes das licenciaturas e da pedagogia da Universidade de Santa Cruz do Sul-UNISC-RS-Brasil. Este está inserido na linha de pesquisa: educação, trabalho e emancipação. Queremos compreender, à luz do materialismo histórico e dialético e das categorias da crítica da economia política, os significados atribuídos pelos estudantes universitários ao fenômeno trabalho e estudo. É uma pesquisa preferentemente qualitativa de natureza dialética. Para Marx, a essência da realidade humana reside no trabalho, mas a fonte de toda a riqueza está na natureza. Logo, trabalho, natureza e sociedade estão em relação dialética. Trabalho, portanto, é a ideia central articuladora, e natureza e sociedade devem ser estudadas em conexão com o trabalho. Marx trata o trabalho, no modo de produção capitalista, como impedimento ao desenvolvimento humano. Propõe o mesmo como um ato de criação e auto-expressão humana que não deve ter um valor. A compreensão dessa premissa é necessária para que os trabalhadores possam significar e ressignificar o trabalho para além da ideologia dominante. Algumas categorias aparecem como relevantes para a análise: condições de trabalho e de estudo, necessidade de formação, predominância do trabalho sobre o estudo, dificuldade de conciliar tempo de estudo e de trabalho. Na relação com o objeto de estudo, ressaltaremos a crise estrutural do capital, a desregulamentação das leis do trabalho e sua flexibilização e as contradições entre trabalho e estudo bem como quais possibilidades emancipatórias são visualizadas ou sonhadas pelos trabalhadores-estudantes. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: contradições entre trabalho e educação, condições e significados, realidade e possibilidades.


    Richart Vázquez-Román


    Full Text Available En este trabajo se desarrollan dos modelos predictivos de la temperatura normal de punto de inflamación. Los modelos propuestos consideran términos adimensionales en su expresión, los cuales han reducido el error en la predicción de la temperatura del punto de inflamación para alcanos. Se observó que la relación entre la temperatura en el punto de inflamación y la de ebullición aparentemente tienen poca variabilidad por lo cual se puede deducir una regla heurística. La dispersión del error con la regla heurística se reduce al incorporar las energías de evaporación y reacción en la correlación. Se desarrolló un método basado en contribución de grupos combinada con los grupos adimensionales propuestos para reducir aún más el error en la predicción de la temperatura del punto de inflamación, incluyendo la capacidad de distinguir la diferencia entre los isómeros. Los resultados obtenidos de los modelos propuestos son aceptables y mejoran a las correlaciones de uso actual.

  4. Custo de capital próprio em mercados emergentes: uma abordagem empírica no Brasil com o downside risk

    Graziela Xavier Fortunato


    Full Text Available Este artigo visa testar empiricamente a proposta de Estrada (2000 para as empresas que compoem o Ibovespa, avaliando se para mercados emergentes existem outras medidas de risco sistematico diferentes do beta do capital asset pricing model (CAPM. Dessa forma, testou-se o downside risk que capta a parte negativa do retorno. Alem de dados em cross section, utilizaram-se dados em painel, como uma contribuição adicional ao trabalho de Estrada (2000. Os resultados encontrados não confirmam que o downside risk seja uma medida apropriada ao mercado brasileiro. Outras medidas de risco apresentaram melhor correlacao com o retorno, permitindo o calculo do custo de capital com valor diferente daquele obtido pela aplicacao do beta. De acordo com Estrada (2000, os resultados sugerem que os mercados emergentes estao em posicao intermediaria entre os mercados integrados e segmentados, tal como confirmado para o mercado brasileiro.

  5. Escuelas aceleradas para alumnos desaventajados


    Descripción del proyecto de escuelas aceleradas, nacido en California con Henry M. Levin, para contribuir a reducir las diferencias de rendimiento entre alumnos aventajados y desaventajados al final de la Enseñanza Primaria. Se parte de la idea de que es la escuela y no el niño el causante del fracaso escolar de los grupos sociales marginados en Estados Unidos. Se indican sus objetivos, características y resultados, al tiempo que se hace una reflexión sobre el proyecto a partir de la LOGSE.

  6. Dar de comer para convivir

    DE VIDAS , Anath Ariel; Hémond, Aline; Hooft, Anuschka van ’t


    Comer implica cuestiones vitales que articulan las relaciones sociales entre los grupos humanos y que “nutren” numerosas formas culturales concebidas como específicas. Los espectros del hambre y la preocupación cotidiana para conseguir alimentos y prepararlos están aún presentes en numerosas sociedades (Fischler, 1990) y colocan así la comida en el centro de las relaciones sociales y también de ciertas formas culturales de comunicación, de clasificación, de inclusión y de exclusión (Douglas, ...

  7. Turismo accesible, turismo para todos

    Núñez Bello, Miguel


    El sector turístico representa el 10,2 por ciento del Producto Interior Bruto (PIB) y el 11,5 por ciento del empleo en España. La actividad turística y sus grandes beneficios han posibilitado que nuestro país sea destino y referencia en este sector. ¿Lo es también en turismo accesible? El turismo para todos no puede ser excluyente bajo ninguna razón o circunstancia. Amparado en el derecho y la Constitución, la sensibilidad que se percibe no puede quedar solo en buenas palabras sino en actuaci...

  8. Estuche para vinos Alma Negra

    Novelli, Matías


    La idea rectora en el proceso de diseño, a partir de la cual se resuelve el packaging, utiliza dos conceptos en forma paralela. Uno, el concepto del vino seleccionado, que propone no especificar el tipo de varietal ni los frutos que se utilizaron para su fabricación, ni la procedencia de los viñedos de los que se extrajeron las uvas. El consumidor será quien deberá descubrir, por medio de sus propios sentidos, el misterio que el vino encierra en su interior. El otro opera con un recurso simbó...

  9. Mandevilla (Apocynaceae, Mesechiteae para Brasil

    J. Francisco Morales


    Full Text Available Se describen dos nuevas especies de Mandevilla (Apocynoideae, Mesechiteae subgénero Exothostemon, endémicas de Brasil. Mandevilla abortiva se encuentra relacionada con un grupo de especies conformado por M. huberi, M. obtusifolia y M. pachyphylla, discutiéndose sus afinidades con esos taxones. Mandevilla clandestina ha sido confundida por largo tiempo con M. scabra, diferenciándose por sus flores más pequeñas. Se incluyen descripciones completas, ilustraciones y el listado de especímenes examinados para ambos taxones.

  10. Ligantes base agua para pulvimetalurgia

    Monterde Gascón, M. Carmen


    La problemática de salud laboral y medioambiental que presenta el tricloroetileno (TCE: R40, 45, 52/53) ha condicionado en gran medida los esfuerzos realizados para su sustitución. Uno de los procesos afectados es la mezcla con ligantes, en donde el tricloroetileno se utiliza como disolvente del ligante (ácido esteárico, HSt (CH3 (CH2)16COOH). Una alternativa continuista consiste en cambiar el disolvente manteniendo el mismo ligante, alternativa que se ha hecho realidad e...

  11. Paz : notas para um estudo

    Aguiar, Roberto Armando Ramos de


    Apresenta um mapeamento de alguns aspectos que devem ser aprofundados no tratamento da paz. Comenta sobre a distinção entre paz ativa e paz passiva. Discorre sobre a paz e a natureza, a paz e as categorias de solidariedade, a paz e poder, a paz e política, paz e tecnologia, paz e sujeito, paz, tolerância e hospitalidade, paz e homens de palha, paz e violência, paz e justiça. Considera que para se refletir sobre a paz, o ser humano deve ser recolocado no interior da natureza, pois a prática hi...

  12. Un framework para mundos virtuales

    Basílico, Matías M.; Arnaude, Juan R.


    Los Frameworks nos proveen la herramienta para diseñar las relaciones de un dominio determinado sentando así una Arquitectura de Software que modela gran parte de la lógica de todas las aplicaciones encargadas de solucionar problemas del dominio. El Framework es la base subyacente sobre la que “descansan” las aplicaciones desarrolladas. Ya en tercer año de la carrera, realizamos una aplicación sobre mundos virtuales de criaturas y colonias de seres vivos (VRColonies). Llegando al final de ...

  13. Pequenos para idade gestacional: fator de risco para mortalidade neonatal

    Almeida Márcia Furquim de


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Estudar as variáveis contempladas na Declaração de Nascimento (DN como possíveis fatores de risco para nascimentos pequenos para a idade gestacional (PIG e o retardo de crescimento intra-uterino como fator de risco para a mortalidade neonatal. MATERIAL E MÉTODO: As variáveis existentes na DN foram obtidas diretamente de prontuários hospitalares. Os dados referem-se a uma coorte de nascimentos obtida por meio da vinculação das declarações de nascimento e óbito, correspondendo a 2.251 nascimentos vivos hospitalares, de mães residentes, ocorridos no Município de Santo André, Região Metropolitana de São Paulo, no período de l/1 a 30/6/1992, e aos óbitos neonatais verificados nessa coorte. RESULTADOS: Obteve-se a proporção de 4,3% de nascimentos PIG, significativamente maior entre os recém-nascidos de pré-termo e pós-termo, entre os nascimentos cujas mães tinham mais de 35 anos de idade e grau de instrução inferior ao primeiro grau completo. Os recém-nascidos PIG apresentam maior risco de morte neonatal que aqueles que não apresentavam sinais de retardo de crescimento intra-uterino. CONCLUSÕES: Em áreas com menor freqüência de baixo peso ao nascer, é importante investigar a presença de retardo de crescimento intra-uterino entre os nascimentos prematuros e não apenas nos nascimentos de termo. O registro da data da última menstruação (ou da idade gestacional em semanas não agregadas na DN facilitaria a detecção de PIGs na população de recém-nascidos.

  14. Spectral Analysis Code: PARAS SPEC

    Chaturvedi, Priyanka; Anandarao, B G


    The light emitted from the stellar photosphere serves as a unique signature for the nature of stars. The behaviour of these stellar lines depend upon the surface temperature, mass, evolutionary status and chemical composition of the star. With the advent of high-resolution spectrographs coupled with medium to large aperture telescopes around the globe, there is plenty of high-resolution and high signal-to-noise ratio data available to the astronomy community. Apart from radial velocity (RV) studies, such data offer us the unique opportunity to study chemical composition and atmospheric properties of the star. The procedure used to derive these parameters must be automated and well adaptable to data available from any high-resolution spectrograph. We hereby present an IDL code, PARAS SPEC, which was primary designed to handle high-resolution spectroscopy data from PARAS spectrograph coupled with the 1.2~m telescope at Mt. Abu, India. This code is designed to adapt with data from other spectrographs as well. Th...

  15. Edificio para viviendas, en Barcelona

    Barba Corsini, F.


    Full Text Available This building has a garage basement, a ground floor with a communed playing zone for all the children of the block, and the entrance vestibule. The rest of the building is occupied with apartments, of about 200 m2 each, which are functionally designed, and are suitable for medium sized average income families. Special attention has been given to the external facades, which, among other things, are of extremely simple design.El edificio contiene: en el sótano, un guardacoches; en la planta baja, una zona de juegos común para los niños de todas las viviendas, además de los vestíbulos. El resto de la superficie edificada está destinado a viviendas, de unos 200 m2, construidos con distribución funcional y adecuada para familias medias ya constituidas. Fue dedicada una especial atención a la composición de las fachadas, que ofrecen, entre otros atractivos, el de su elegante sencillez.

  16. Para onde vai a Geografia?

    Angélica Karina Dillenburg Horii


    Full Text Available O presente artigo aborda a evolução da Geografia enquanto pensamento científico, analisando seu objeto de estudo e suas categorias de análise durante todo o percurso da criação desse saber. Observa primeiramente a formação da Geografia Clássica, que teve seus princípios já instituídos na Antiguidade com Ptolomeu e Estrabão, desdobrando-se no período Iluminista com Ritter e Humboldt que fornecerão uma nova temporalidade a essa ciência. Atinge seu ápice na Modernidade Industrial com a racionalidade de Kant, onde Ratzel e La Blache utilizarão o determinismo e o possibilismo para constituir um discurso científico para a Geografia. Finaliza apontando a nova compreensão do mundo, conhecida como pós-modernismo por David Harvey (1992 ou por Milton Santos (1996 como Globalização, que junto a outros geógrafos e pesquisadores, indicam caminhos de análise dessa ciência na compreensão do seu objeto de estudo. Um diálogo entre os autores na construção do pensamento geográfico.

  17. Aprender para la vida o para el placer

    Diobaldo César Heredia Gutiérrez


    Full Text Available El proceso enseñanza aprendizaje, se corresponde con un sistema comunicativo por excelenciaque requiere una alta dosis de amor que garantice el disfrute o goce de los participantes, enun interactuar de búsqueda y descubrimiento satisfactorio. Para imprimirle un alto grado de calidad, esdeseable la participación de estudiantes y docentes más emprendedores y críticos y menos académicoso dependientes, por ello el aprendizaje autónomo es clave, el logro u objetivo, entonces, es estudiantesque aprendan como si fueran a enseñar y docentes investigadores, proactivos y expertos en las materiasque enseñan.

  18. Internet como instrumento para la Yihad

    Alfonso Merlos García


    Full Text Available Las extraordinarias ventajas que ofrece Internet lo han convertido en un instrumento clave y dinámico en la estrategia de los yihadistas. Los medios de comunicación, la clase política y las agencias de seguridad e información han tendido a concentrar sus esfuerzos en la neutralización del ciberterrorismo sin prestar suficiente atención a los múltiples usos de Internet que están haciendo los neosalafistas: para la propaganda y para la guerra psicológica, para el reclutamiento y para la financiación, para la documentación y para la planificación de atentados. Las democracias deberían considerar el coste que tendrá la derrota frente al movimiento yihadista globalizado en la batalla por el ciberespacio

  19. Infraestructura para laboratorios de acceso remoto

    López Luro, Francisco


    Full Text Available Las tecnologías de Internet permiten el uso de sistemas de software distribuido para el acceso en forma remota a laboratorios físicos y virtuales, para llevar a cabo actividades de investigación experimental a distancia. A partir de los marcos teóricos que definen los estructurantes de los laboratorios, los implementadores de laboratorios de acceso remoto deben diseñar y desarrollar arquitecturas de servicios que permitan un acceso flexible y controlado. Este trabajo define una infraestructura para la implementación de aplicaciones para el acceso remoto a laboratorios físicos y virtuales y para la gestión de los mismos. Se presentan conceptos que permiten extender la modalidad tradicional de conexión con un dispositivo, para llevar adelante actividades prácticas de laboratorio colaborativas y concurrentes.

  20. Inteligencia Emocional para tiempos de crisis

    Fernandez-Berrocal, Pablo


    La Inteligencia Emocional se concibe como un conjunto de habilidades, tanto básicas como complejas, dirigidas a “unificar las emociones y el razonamiento”, esto es, usar las emociones para facilitar el razonamiento y los procesos de pensamiento, y usar nuestro razonamiento para pensar de forma inteligente acerca de nuestras emociones (Mayer y Salovey, 1997). En concreto, la IE se define como una habilidad mental que incluye “la capacidad para percibir, valorar y expresar las emociones con...

  1. Software hipermedia para apoyo de evaluaciones automatizadas

    Grosclaude, Eduardo


    Las organizaciones educativas requieren adecuado soporte informático para la optimización de procesos colaborativos en la enseñanza. Se necesita definir una arquitectura de desarrollo de estas aplicaciones sobre sistemas distribuidos. Se presentan los objetivos de un proyecto de investigación sobre Software para Procesos Colaborativos, en el marco del cual se han desarrollado dos aplicaciones experimentales para apoyar la evaluación automatizada. Se describen estas aplicaciones, sus resultado...

  2. Adesao ao guia alimentar para populacao brasileira

    Eliseu Verly Junior


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO : Analisar a adesão ao Guia Alimentar para População Brasileira. MÉTODOS : Amostra composta por participantes do Inquérito de Saúde de São Paulo (n = 1.661 que preencheram dois recordatórios de 24 horas. Foi utilizado modelo bivariado de efeito misto para a razão entre o consumo de energia do grupo de alimentos e o consumo calórico total. A razão estimada foi utilizada para calcular o percentual de indivíduos com consumo abaixo ou acima da recomendação. RESULTADOS : Pelo menos 80,0% da população consome abaixo do recomendado para: leite e derivados; frutas e sucos de frutas; e cereais, tubérculos e raízes; aproximadamente 60,0% para legumes e verduras; 30,0% para feijões; e 8,0% para carnes e ovos. Adolescentes apresentaram a maior inadequação para legumes e verduras (90,0%, e o estrato de maior renda foi associado à menor inadequação para óleos, gorduras e sementes oleaginosas (57,0%. CONCLUSÕES : Foi observado consumo inadequado dos grupos de alimentos relacionados com aumento do risco de doenças crônicas.

  3. Paisajes para un desarrollo sustentable y participativo

    Rafael Mata Olmo


    Para terminar, el texto recoge una experiencia de proyecto territorial de paisaje, la del Plan Insular de Menorca (Islas Baleares, España, aprobado en 2003. Se sintetizan sus determinaciones sobre la protección de determinados terrenos por sus altos valores paisajísticos, sus directrices para que las políticas sectoriales (turismo, agricultura, infraestructuras, etc. incorporen criterios paisajísticos, y sus iniciativas para la gestión y mejora del paisaje y para el fomento del acceso público a su contemplación y disfrute.

  4. Algoritmos array para filtragem de sistemas lineares

    Gildson Queiroz de Jesus


    Esta dissertação desenvolve filtro de informação, algoritmos array para estimador do erro médio mínimo quadrático para sistemas lineares sujeitos a saltos Markovianos e algoritmos array rápidos para filtragem de sistemas singulares convencionais. Exemplos numéricos serão apresentados para mostrarem as vantagens dos algoritmos array deduzidos. Parte dos resultados obtidos nesta pesquisa serão publicados no seguinte artigo: Terra et al. (2007). Terra, M. H., Ishihara, J. Y. and Jesus, G. Q. (20...

  5. Guias ópticos para sensores

    Marcos de Castro Pacitti


    Neste trabalho foram estudados guias ópticos para atuarem como sensores ou em sistemas sensores. Ênfase especial foi dada em guias ópticos retangulares, para dispositivos ópticos integrados, e fibras ópticas elípticas. A analise de fibras ópticas elípticas resultou em um modelamento pratico para projeto das mesmas em aplicações onde se deseja operar com dois modos guiados, situação esta que se mostra muito atraente para implementação de diversos tipos de sensores a fibra óptica. A seguir es...

  6. Estudio exploratorio, un viaje para descubrir

    Zuliani Arango, Liliana


    ...; el cual le permite hacer una revision bibliografica y argumentativa sobre los diferentes tipos de investigacion, las perspectivas metodologicas y los instrumentos y tecnicas para recolectar la informacion...

  7. Quatro passos para a escrita


    Relatório da prática de ensino supervisionada, Ensino de Inglês e Alemão, Universidade de Lisboa, 2012 O presente trabalho teve como objetivo a utilização de uma estratégia, “Quatro Passos para a Escrita”, baseada no livro How to Teach Writing de Jeremy Harmer (2004), que envolve um processo com quatro etapas: planificação, primeira versão, edição e versão final. Esta estratégia foi aplicada a uma turma de sétimo ano, no âmbito de língua estrangeira, na disciplina de Inglês. Durante cinco ...

  8. Entre velos: Maya para contrabajo

    Rosa María Rodríguez Hernández


    Full Text Available Maya para contrabajo se materializa a partir de una imagen de Pepe Romero, cuyo texto interpreta a La decadencia de la mentira de Oscar Wilde. La estructura de Maya es binaria, especular y asimétrica; su poética obedece al juego verdad/mentira que subyace en la obra artística y en la vivencia del artista. Maya trae a la memoria las voces de los Upanishad, Schopenhauer, Shakespeare y Beethoven, influencias éstas en la obra de Wagner y, todas ellas, en la de Eliot. Los aspectos gestuales y visuales de Maya entrelazan con la danza de Pina Bausch y con la retórica (hypotiposis.

  9. Una minga para el posdesarrollo

    Arturo Escobar


    Full Text Available El artículo sintetiza algunas conclusiones a las que han llegado movimientos sociales y académicos en las últimas dos décadas al reflexionar sobre la globalización y sus implicaciones; el modelo dominante, basado en las nociones de "desarrollo" y "modernidad", ha entrado en crisis. Por lo tanto, se hace necesario avanzar en una transición cultural que se pueda comprender como un cambio de época y no sólo como una época de cambios. Para llevar a cabo esta transformación, se deben resolver las con-tradicciones existentes entre el neodesarrollismo y el postdesarrollo, por supuesto, a favor de éste último.

  10. para su puesta en marcha

    Sergio Franco Maass


    Full Text Available Los sistemas de información geográfica (SIG tienen una gran aplicación en la gestión municipal; permiten cumplir con dos objetivos fundamentales: el registro de información territorial y el análisis de problemas territoriales específicos. Con el fin de determinar la viabilidad de este tipo de tecnologías en el ámbito municipal, se enfrentó el problema de la localización de instalaciones para la disposición final de residuos sólidos urbanos en el municipio de Toluca, Estado de México. Se identifican ciertos aspectos que limitan la práctica de los SIG: la diversidad entre los municipios, los problemas administrativos, las deficiencias de la información y la carencia de recursos humanos, técnicos y financieros.

  11. Tipologia para a contabilidade ambiental

    Nazlhe Faride Chein Schekaiban


    Full Text Available Este artigo revê a visão, as propostas e o desenvolvimento da contabilidade ambiental, refletindo sobre suas implicações, com a finalidade de descobrir e encontrar sua importância e situação. Para se chegar a esse resultado foi preciso realizar uma revisão epistemológica moldada e processo reflexivo de sustentabilidade e da aproximação ao usuário, da percepção da realidade contábil no México e da gerência interna das organizações. As conclusões mostram a contabilidade ambiental no México fora da re-alidade operativa do modelo contábil regional, aumentando a importância de se criar uma cultura capaz de examinar o controle da missão deste tipo de contabilidade.

  12. Radionovelas para el cambio social


    O artigo relata uma experiência de produção de novelas radiofônicas como estratégia de trabalho comunitário. O autor menciona as balizas teóricas (que combina estudos do campo da comunicação, com teorias da aprendizagem e psicológicas) do método que desenvolve para possibilitar o envolvimento das populações com a resolução de problemas ambientais locais, combinando entretenimento com mobilização social. Também são descritas experiências que foram realizadas em vários países da América do Sul....

  13. Cubierta de madera para una nave industrial

    Hossdorf, Heinz


    Full Text Available Para la ampliación de los talleres de Hans Schmidlin, de Basilea, Suiza, dedicados a la prefabricación de elementos de construcción de madera y metales ligeros para fachadas, se ha construido una nueva nave, rectangular, de 49x55,4 m en planta.

  14. Programa de conservacion para aves migratorias neotropicales

    Deborah Finch; Marcia Wilson; Roberto Roca


    Mas de 250 especies de aves terrestres migran a Norte America durante la epoca reproductiva para aprovechar los sistemas templados. No obstante, las aves migratorias neotropicales pasan la mayor parte de su ciclo de vida en los habitat tropicales y subtropicales de paises latinoamericanos y caribefios donde viven en una asociacion cercana con las aves residentes. Para...

  15. Trabalhar para estudar/estudar para trabalhar: realidade e possibilidades

    Janes Teresinha fraga Siqueira


    Full Text Available O trabalho que apresentamos é parte da pesquisa, ainda não concluída, com os estudantes das licenciaturas e da pedagogia da Universidade de Santa Cruz do Sul- UNISC-RS-Brasil. Este está inserido na linha de pesquisa: educação, trabalho e emancipação do mestrado em educação desta Universidade. Queremos compreender, à luz do materialismo histórico e dialético e das categorias da crítica da economia política, os significados atribuídos pelos estudantes universitários ao fenômeno trabalho e estudo. É uma pesquisa preferentemente qualitativa de natureza dialética. Para Marx, a essência da realidade humana reside no trabalho, mas a fonte de toda a riqueza está na natureza. Logo trabalho, natureza e sociedade estão em relação dialética. Trabalho, portanto, é a ideia central articuladora, e natureza e sociedade devem ser estudadas em conexão com o trabalho. Marx trata o trabalho, no modo de produção capitalista, como um impedimento ao desenvolvimento humano. Propõe omesmo como um ato de criação e auto-expressão humana que não deve ter um valor. A compreensão dessa premissa é necessária para que os trabalhadores possam significar e ressignificar o trabalho para além da ideologia dominante. Algumas categorias aparecem como relevantes para a análise: condições de trabalho e de estudo, necessidade de formação, predominância do trabalho sobre o estudo, dificuldade deconciliar tempo de estudo e de trabalho. Na relação com o objeto de estudo, ressaltaremos a crise estrutural do capital, a desregulamentação das leis do trabalho e sua flexibilização e as contradições entre trabalho e estudo bem como quais possibilidades emancipatórias são visualizadas ou sonhadas pelos trabalhadores estudantes.Resume Ce travail constitue une partie de la recherche entreprise avec les étudiants du cours de pédagogie de l´Universidade de Santa Cruz do Sul – UNISC – RS – Brésil. Il est intégré dans le champ de

  16. El Ensayo, Para Formar Profesionales Reflexivos

    Nestor Perico-Granados


    Full Text Available El presente artículo es producto de investigación, como resultado de la reflexión hecha a lo largo de muchos años de experiencia profesional y docente en diferentes universidades estudiando, redactando y evaluando ensayos. Presenta la importancia del ensayo como instrumento y dispositivo de la formación en la educación y especialmente se hace hincapié en la incidencia que tiene cuando se trabaja de manera apropiada, para prestar un servicio en la formación reflexiva. Se dan unas pautas para una aproximación a su definición y precisa los elementos fundamentales y otros complementarios para su elaboración. Desarrolla un primer proceso para escribir un ensayo, a través de la jerarquización de las ideas. Finalmente, se proponen unas conclusiones que pueden ser útiles para quienes quieran escribir ensayos.

  17. Recursos para un aprendizaje significativo



    Full Text Available RESUMEN: Partimos del supuesto de que una de las cuestiones que más preocupa al profesorado en su práctica educativa radica en que el aprendizaje de sus alumnos sea significativo. Somos conscientes de que, para conseguir este tipo de aprendizaje, es necesario introducir una serie de cambios en la dinámica de la clase. Comenzamos diferenciando el aprendizaje maquinal del significativo. Continuamos aclarando una confusión muy extendida entre muchos educadores, que creen que el aprendizaje por recepción es repetitivo y que el efectuado por descubrimiento es forzosamente significativo. Posteriormente, planteamos una serie de interrogantes para aclarar algunas cuestiones que le pueden ser útiles a los educadores en su práctica cotidiana. Terminamos presentando la estrategia de organización, que cuenta con dos instrumentos, a nuestro juicio muy eficaces, para ayudar a los estudiantes, a aprender de manera significativa: los mapas conceptuales y la técnica heurística V.ABSTRACT: We start from the assumption that one of the questions that most worry the teaching staff in its educational practice consists in that its pupils' learning is significant. We are aware that, to obtain this kind of learning, it is necessary to introduce a series of changes in the classroom dynamics. We begin by making a distinction between mechanical and significant learning. We continué making clear a very extended confusión amongst many teachers, who believe that learning by reception is repetitive and that the one done by serendipity is necessarily significant. Afterwards, we créate a series of questions to clarify with some answers that can be useful to teachers in their everyday practice. We finish showing the organization strategy, which has two instruments, that in our opinión are very effective, to help students learning in a significant way: conceptual maps and the V heuristic technique.RÉSUMÉ: Nous partons de la supposition de qu'une des questions que

  18. Viviendas para ancianos en Londres

    Moffet, N.


    Full Text Available This group of buildings to house aged persons has been designed on the basis of a primary or hexagon shaped module. The Initial research on the best possible orientation, interior fittings, furnishings, etc., has been of great help in making it possible for the inmates of this home to enjoy the maximum possible comfort, such as they might have in their own homes, and make them forget that they occupy a communal building.Partiendo como «forma modular primaria» del hexágono, ha sido diseñado este conjunto de viviendas destinadas a alojamiento permanente para personas mayores. Los estudios realizados sobre su orientación óptima, acondicionamiento y amueblamiento interior, etc., han influido notablemente a que sus usuarios, además de disfrutar del máximo confort, experimenten la sensación de que viven en su propio hogar y no en celdas de un bloque monótono de tipo cajón.

  19. Resdencia para ciegos en Unterdambach

    Staber, Johann


    Full Text Available This building is composed in different bodies, each performing a distinct function, situated in a beautiful wooded landscape. The four storeys above ground, plus one basement of the main building, enclose the rooms for the blind residents, the common areas and mechanical installations. The front of this body, directly accesible from the road, contains a large meeting hall that opens to a tiered terrace providing stepped sitting in the outdoors, towards the back of the building. Between the latter and the main body, a small chapel completes the facilities. The construction in reinforced concrete in sober lines is harmonically integrated into the surrounding environment.

    Este edificio está constituido por diversos cuerpos de distintas funciones, enclavados en un hermoso y arbolado paisaje. El volumen principal alberga, en sus cuatro plantas sobre rasante, más un sótano, las habitaciones para los invidentes, los locales comunes y las instalaciones del edificio. En la parte anterior, directamente accesible desde la calle, se ha dispuesto un amplio salón de actos que tiene su complemento en una terraza, con gradas de asientos al aire libre, situada en la zona trasera. Entre esta última y el cuerpo principal, una pequeña capilla completa el número de las instalaciones. La construcción, de hormigón armado, queda armónicamente integrada, por su sobriedad de líneas, en el ambiente que la rodea.

  20. Una red para la gente

    Raúl Trejo Delarbre


    Full Text Available La próxima Cumbre Mundial de la Sociedad de la Información ha revitalizado, en numerosos países, el debate acerca de las nuevas tecnologías de la comunicación y los usos que pueden tener. Lamentablemente en México hemos estado casi del todo ajenos a esa intensa, extensa y en otras latitudes fructífera discusión. Ni los especialistas interesados en estos temas, ni la sociedad que es a la postre beneficiaria o damnificada según sea el empleo de tales tecnologías, ni los organismos del Estado a cargo de tales asuntos, han propiciado la reflexión colectiva que nos podría permitir tanto afinar las posiciones de nuestro país rumbo a la cumbre de Ginebra y Túnez como deliberar, en ese contexto, acerca de lo mucho que nos falta para tener un país auténticamente imbricado en la construcción de una auténtica Sociedad de la Información.

  1. Residencia para familias - Anglet (Francia

    Hébrard, J. R.


    Full Text Available This residential hotel has 806 beds, which can be increased to 1,100 by adding some double beds. Its size and colour blends well with the picturesque surrounding, known as «Chambre d'Amour». The hotel involves 120 large apartments, and 50 smaller one, as well as 25 rooms for the staff, and flats for the manager and other senior officials. There is a hall, large living room, bar, rooms for playing games, nursery, and an additional hostel with 40 flats and staff rooms. The design is of a linear, continuous style, emphasizing its horizontal extension, though contrast is provided by a higher block, housing the vertical circulation facilities.Con un total de 806 plazas hoteleras, ampliables a 1.100 (si se utilizan literas, este conjunto, por su volumen y color se integra en el pintoresco paisaje del paraje conocido por «Chambre d'Amour». Comprende: 120 apartamentos; 50 más pequeños; 25 habitaciones para empleados; los apartamentos del director, gobernanta y recepcionistas; las zonas de vida en común: hall, salón, bar, sala de juegos y guardería; un albergue con 40 apartamentos; y las dependencias de la administración. Presenta un volumen lineal y continuo, modelando una composición de ritmo horizontal predominante, a la que le imprime gran variedad el cuerpo vertical de hormigón visto que contiene las circulaciones verticales.

  2. Los videojuegos: conectar alumnos para aprender

    José Antonio Valderrama Ramos


    Este artículo explora la utilidad que presentan los videojuegos comerciales actuales para educar a los jugadores y ayudarlos a adquirir habilidades necesarias para desempeñarse mejor en nuestra sociedad. Aborda el problema de la educación formal, la cual no está respondiendo a la situación de complejidad de nuestro entorno y usa el paradigma del pensamiento complejo y siete saberes para la educación propuestas por Edgar Morin. También, describe algunas ideas que le pueden ser de utilidad a do...

  3. Indicadores de risco para o parto prematuro

    Bittar,Roberto Eduardo; Zugaib, Marcelo


    Entre os vários fatores clínicos para o parto prematuro, alguns apresentam riscos substanciais, tais como história de parto prematuro, gemelidade e sangramento vaginal do segundo trimestre. No entanto, tais fatores estão presentes na minoria das mulheres que evoluem para o parto prematuro e, portanto, possuem baixa sensibilidade. A dilatação, o esvaecimento e a posição do colo uterino diagnosticados pelo toque vaginal têm sido relacionados ao aumento do risco para o parto prematuro, mas possu...

  4. Una arquitectura unificada para el razonamiento borroso

    Rafael Bello Pérez; Carlos Morell Pérez


    Se presenta una arquitectura para desarrollar de forma unificada tanto el razonamiento basado en reglas como el basado en casos considerando rasgos borrosos. El modelo permite usar varios de los procedimientos desarrollados para el razonamiento borroso basado en reglas en el razonamiento borroso basado en casos. Además, se proponen varias funciones de semejanza y funciones de comparación de rasgos para realizar la recuperación de casos con rasgos borrosos. Se muestra la aplicación del modelo ...

  5. Diretrizes para o desenvolvimento de Ecovilas Urbanas

    Flávio Januário José


    A pesquisa organizada em quatro partes a partir do sistema de planejamento denominado Dragon Dreaming teve como objetivo a elaboração de um modelo de diretrizes para o desenvolvimento de ecovilas urbanas que possam ser utilizadas como opção para a transformação de bairros existentes ou a criação de novos assentamentos urbanos sustentáveis. Para isso foram abordados aspectos teóricos, visitas técnicas e participação em eventos sobre o tema que, a partir de métodos colaborativos, fundamentaram ...

  6. Elementos vegetales: proyectar para la incertidumbre


    Es cierto que la incertidumbre nos atenaza a la hora de proyectar. Y esa inquietud se agranda cuando la materia viva se nos ofrece generosa y múltiple para ser empleada. Por ello son tan pocos los profesionales que han podido emplear mucho tiempo y sentido común para conocer la amplitud de los aspectos a tener en cuenta y la modestia para estar siempre observando y aprendiendo de la naturaleza. A Leandro Silva (1930 Salto, Uruguay - 2000 Segovia, España) se le puede imaginar como un pionero d...

  7. Cantares y villancicos para una Nueva Navidad

    García Romero, Rosario del Carmen


    Cantares y Villancicos. La prosa y la poesía, se fundamentan en este hecho para ofrecerle al “Niño” nuevas nanas; para entregarle a Maria palabras llenas de amor; para ofreceros a vosotros, hermanos y amigos, la manera mas real de ver y sentir la verdadera Navidad… “Cantares y Villancicos” es un “sueño de esperanza”, que sinceramente me gustaría compartir con vosotros, y con ello por un momento, haceros sentir desde el corazón esta nueva Navidad que está por llegar. Ciencias Religio...

  8. Educación para la lactancia

    Azanza Neri, Itziar


    Este proyecto desarrolla los principales aspectos de la lactancia materna y artificial. Puesto que este periodo de la vida es de gran importancia para los recién nacidos, ya que sientan las bases para su correcto desarrollo y crecimiento. Este trabajo propone la creación de un plan de educación sobre la lactancia, con el objetivo de capacitar a las mujeres en la adecuada alimentación de sus hijos durante sus primeros meses de vida. Así como para la toma de una decisión, libremente escogid...

  9. Guión informativo para radio

    Borja Bonilla, Jhonatan M.


    El presente trabajo investigativo bibliográfico y práctico, sobre el tema "GUION INFORMATIVO PARA RADIO" tiene como objetivo principal crear una guía tanto para los alumnos de comunicación social como para los comunicadores en la práctica. Después de varias entrevistas realizadas a diferentes comunicadores de las radios, se ha tomado en cuenta que en la ciudad de Cuenca se desconoce la necesidad de trabajar con guiones. Por tal motivo es importante realizar y profundizar en esta tesis sobr...

  10. Desafios e Tecnologias para Cidades do Futuro

    Antonio Mendes Silva Filho


    Full Text Available Este artigo trata questões apresentadas em palestra deste autor onde foi discutido os atuais desafios das cidades urbanas e é feito prospecto destacando tecnologias que podem prover suporte a essa demanda. Nesse sentido, apresenta-se um diagnóstico da situação atual das cidades em função do processo de urbanização e apontam-se desafios a serem enfrentados pela sociedade para dotarem as cidades de infra-estrutura adequada para (possíveis cenários futuros de modo a torná-las prontas para atender esta demanda.

  11. Estereoscopio com tela holografica para ver tomografias

    Lunazzi, J J; Magalhaes, D S F


    A estereoscopia eh uma tecnica que permite a observacao de imagens tridimensionais, mas estah sempre associada com o uso de algum equipamento especial para visualizacao, como oculos bicolores ou polarizados. Para o uso em aplicacoes medicas o emprego de tais equipamentos pode inviabilizar sua utilizacao durante procedimentos cirurgicos, por exemplo. Neste trabalho apresentamos um novo tipo de estereoscopio que utiliza uma tela holografica para geracao de imagens tridimensionais sem o uso de qualquer equipamento adicional. Apresentamos a descricao do equipamento utilizado e resultados das imagens visualizadas.

  12. pipetas usadas para I. A.

    J. Castañeda


    Full Text Available La vagina y cerviz de las cerdas son estimuladas físicamente durante la inseminación. Este contacto puede afectar características reproductivas tales como el transporte espermático y el proceso de ovulación. En el presente trabajo se evaluaron desde el punto de vista económico y reproductivo, tres tipos de pipetas utilizadas para I. A. de cerdas de diferente material y forma. Se utilizaron 120 animales multíparos asignados de acuerdo a su orden de entrada al celo, en forma sucesiva a uno de tres grupos experimentales: 1 I. A. mediante pipeta reusable de hule tipo Melrose ( Medata, 2 I. A. con pipeta desechable de punta plástica en espiral y 3 I. A. con pipeta desechable con punta de poliestireno redonda (Medi chimica. No se encontró diferencia (P>0.05 entre los porcentajes de gestación, parición y promedio de lechones nacidos vivos por parto, en el tiempo de aplicación del semen, ni en el volumen del mismo, arrojado por las cerdas en los 10 min. posteriores a la I. A. Los valores promedio fueron de: 91.7%, 86.7%, 10.4 ± 2.8, 7.8 ± 2.6 min. y 10.4 ± 11.3 ml, respectivamente. El análisis de regresión, no mostró significancia en cuanto a paridad en ninguna de las variables estudiadas (P>0.05. Se concluye que las pipetas evaluadas no difieren en su efecto sobre el desarrollo reproductivo de la piara. Sin embargo, la pipeta reusable tipo Melrose ofrece ventaja económica bajo las condiciones del presente estudio

  13. Elementos para la consultoria en empresas familiares

    Lozano Posso, Melquicedec


    Este articulo se ubica en el campo de la consultoria en empresas familiares. El proposito principal es exponer un marco general de actuacion para el consultor que incursiona en la intervencion profesional con este tipo de empresas...

  14. Nonclassical and semiclassical para-Bose states

    Huerta Alderete, C.; Villanueva Vergara, Liliana; Rodríguez-Lara, B. M.


    Motivated by the proposal to simulate para-Bose oscillators in a trapped-ion setup [C. Huerta Alderete and B. M. Rodríguez-Lara, Phys. Rev. A 95, 013820 (2017), 10.1103/PhysRevA.95.013820], we introduce an overcomplete, nonorthogonal basis for para-Bose Hilbert spaces. The states spanning these bases can be experimentally realized in the trapped-ion simulation via time evolution. The para-Bose states show both nonclassical and semiclassical statistics on their Fock state distribution, asymmetric field quadrature variances, and do not minimize the uncertainty relation for the field quadratures. These properties are analytically controlled by the para-Bose order and the evolution time; both parameters might be feasible for fine tuning in the trapped-ion quantum simulation.

  15. Reflexiones para proyectar viviendas del siglo XXI

    Montaner, Josep Maria; Muxi Martinez, Zaida


    El articulo plantea formular una revision de los criterios de diseno de la vivienda colectiva para el siglo XXI reflejado, fundamentalmente, en que hoy en dia existe la conciencia de un cambio social...

  16. Hypersurfaces with Isotropic Para-Blaschke Tensor

    Jian Bo FANG; Kun ZHANG


    Let Mn be an n-dimensional submanifold without umbilical points in the (n+1)-dimen-sional unit sphere Sn+1. Four basic invariants of Mn under the Moebius transformation group of Sn+1 are a1-form Φ called moebius form, a symmetric (0, 2) tensor A called Blaschke tensor, a symmetric (0, 2) tensor B called Moebius second fundamental form and a positive definite (0, 2) tensor g called Moebius metric. A symmetric (0, 2) tensor D = A+μB called para-Blaschke tensor, where μ is constant, is also an Moebius invariant. We call the para-Blaschke tensor is isotropic if there exists a function λ such that D = λg. One of the basic questions in Moebius geometry is to classify the hypersurfaces with isotropic para-Blaschke tensor. When λ is not constant, all hypersurfaces with isotropic para-Blaschke tensor are explicitly expressed in this paper.

  17. Metacognicion: un camino para aprender a aprender

    Osses Bustingorry, Sonia; Jaramillo Mora, Sandra


    En este articulo se aborda el tema de la metacognicion como una alternativa viable para formar alumnos autonomos, sobre la base de una educacion que potencia la conciencia sobre los propios procesos...

  18. Actitud Positiva: la base para la competitividad

    Marco Anderson Espinoza


    Full Text Available Una estrategia empresarial enfocado en el mejoramiento continuo de la productividad para la competitividad, depende significativamente del manejo inteligente de tres variables visibles:Calidad, Entrega oportuna y Costo. No obstante, estas tres variables no suelen sersuficientes. La estrategia debe ser complementada con el manejo adecuado de variables intangibles como la Motivación y las Condiciones de Trabajo, con la aplicación de Tecnología Ambientalmente Amigable, en un marco de Actitud Positiva.A final de cuentas, la Actitud Positiva es fundamental para el recurso humano de cualquier organización, a fin de construir una plataforma sólida y estable que sirva de base para soportar un proceso sostenible de mejoramiento de la productividad, para aumentar la competitividad como estrategia empresarial exitosa.

  19. Learning Parallel Computations with ParaLab

    Kozinov, E.; Shtanyuk, A.


    In this paper, we present the ParaLab teachware system, which can be used for learning the parallel computation methods. ParaLab provides the tools for simulating the multiprocessor computational systems with various network topologies, for carrying out the computational experiments in the simulation mode, and for evaluating the efficiency of the parallel computation methods. The visual presentation of the parallel computations taking place in the computational experiments is the key feature ...

  20. Matemática para la familia


    Para muchos profesores de matemáticas ha sido de primordial interés encontrar estrategias didácticas apropiadas para orientar el aprendizaje de las matemáticas escolares de los niños (as) y jóvenes de manera que las clases se conviertan en encuentros agradables y la relación matemática-aprendizaje- profesor sea la mejor.

  1. Elementos para uma psicologia do sujeito cativo

    Ramos Conrado


    Este artigo reflete sobre a autodestruição do esclarecimento e as relações entre sociologia e psicologia a partir da teoria crítica. Aponta a necessidade do estudo da sociedade para a compreensão do indivíduo contemporâneo. Defende também a importância da investigação da subjetividade para a crítica das mediações sociais.

  2. Neurocisticercosis: Afiches para Capacitación



    Full Text Available En el sistema universitario (me atrevo a decir, de todo el mundo, es poco el contenido educativo relativo a la Transferencia tecnológica para efectos de la capacitación de la sociedad sobre problemas de salud (claros ejemplos desafiantes para los veterinarios son la hidatidosis y cisticercosis y otros; manejados en términos de cambios de conducta. Los términos de control y prevención están dados en un lenguaje académico, muy abstracto y obviamente intrascedente en la comunidad. Al punto que que las recomendaciones que manejan los Profesionales, resultan imprácticos en el ámbito social. Cada vez que voy a Provincias (interior del país y tengo la oportunidad de hablar sobre el control de las citadas metocestodiadis: mis auditorios quedan impactado y entendiendo la gravedad del Problema, y la tarea para solucionarlo. Los Técnicos Agropecuarios, los de las ONGs, los mismos Profesionales del Ministerio de Agricultura (SENASA, quedan impresionados del mensaje y contenido de los Afiches. Muchísimas veces me las han pedido (los afiches, pero les ofrecí publicarlos; porque considero que tiene gran creatividad y propiedad intelectual. He visto muchísimas imágenes de Capacitación; que en lugar de simplificar el mensaje, los complican. Es pues, una herramienta de trabajo para los capacitadores, para Veterinarios jóvenes e inexpertos, para la gente que está en contacto directo con el problema (pobladores; pero también lo será para tantos nuevos Profesores universitarios, sin experiencia de campo. Puede que impresione negativamente el lenguaje de los afiches; pero casualmente está hecho en el lenguaje popular que conoce la comunidad rural. La publicación persigue entregar a usarios capacitadores de una herramienta para publicitarlos masivamente.

  3. Páginas web para el aprendizaje

    Isabel ÁLVAREZ


    Full Text Available Este artículo plantea la construcción de paginas web como vehículo para facilitar la integracion de las tecnologias de la informacion y la comunicacion en el aula para futuros maestros. El término Página Web Coherente enfatiza la utilización de páginas cuyo objetivo principal es promover el aprendizaje siguiendo un proceso colaborativo, una estructura integradora y un contenido educativo.

  4. Un almuerzo para llevar saludable (Packing Smart)


    En este podcast para niños, los chicos de Kidtastics hablan sobre almuerzos creativos para llevarse a la escuela, que ayuden a mantenerse con energía el resto del día.  Created: 8/22/2011 by National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases (NCEZID).   Date Released: 1/3/2012.

  5. Concepcion didactica para el desarrollo de las habilidades para la ensenanza-aprendizaje de los contenidos geograficos empleando materiales cartograficos

    Laguna Cruz, Jorge Alejandro


    El trabajo tiene la finalidad de presentar una concepcion didactica para el desarrollo de las habilidades para la ensenanza-aprendizaje de los contenidos geograficos empleando materiales cartograficos...

  6. La carrera profesional para el profesorado

    José Gimeno Sacristán


    Full Text Available La carrera del profesorado es un instrumento para el reconocimiento del mérito de los profesores en el desarrollo de su profesionalidad -lo cual supone atender a la mejora de sus capacidades cognitivas como a su competencia reflexivo-práctica- cuyos fines son la motivación para el ejercicio de sus funciones, reforzar su compromiso con la educación en general y como forma de reconocer con justicia el mérito de los mejores profesionales. Desde un punto de vista estrictamente educativo, la carrera debe servir para la mejora de las prácticas de enseñanza que incidan en la mejora de los aprendizajes. Esta pretensión nos exige explicitar los criterios para determinar lo que entendemos como buenas prácticas y precisar los criterios para su evaluación. La complejidad de la enseñanza requiere metodologías adecuadas para abordar procesos de índole cualitativa. La regulación de la carrera docente tiene que superar tanto el cuantitativismo fácil en los métodos y la regulación burocrática de niveles de calidad, así como contemplar un conjunto de incentivos no solamente salariales.

  7. Agricultura familiar para el desarrollo rural incluyente

    Laksmi Reddiar Krishnamurthy


    Full Text Available Las comunidades indígenas Mayas de la península de Yucatán han practicado la antigua tradición de agricultura familiar, en particular los huertos caseros, para garantizar su seguridad alimentaria. Con el objetivo de mejorar la práctica tradicional considerando paradigmas de la ciencia moderna, por una parte, se colectaron datos para definir la complejidad estructural y diversidad funcional a partir de 20 huertos familiares en cinco comunidades: X - Maben, X - Pichil, X - Yatil, San José II y Melchor Ocampo; y por otra, se organizaron grupos de discusión para dilucidar la estrategia de gestión practicada por las comunidades nativas. Los resultados mostraron que los huertos son manejados principalmente por las mujeres. También mostraron que el propósito principal del crecimiento y mantenimiento de los huertos familiares es garantizar la producción de alimentos nutritivos durante todo el año. Y, por último que los huertos caseros también sirven para propósitos secundarios tales como la provisión de productos y servicios para la medicina tradicional. El estudio sugiere que se debe de promover e invertir en huertos caseros para mejorar las estrategias de desarrollo incluyente en ambientes socio-culturales y biofísicos similares.

  8. Conceptos para pensar lo urbano

    Marta Rizo


    Full Text Available Identidad, habitus y representaciones sociales son tres conceptos de procedencia disciplinar distinta: los dos primeros han sido abordados por la sociología, mientras que el tercero es de corte psico-social. El presente artículo explora las posibilidades de diálogo conceptual que existen entre los tres términos, y concretamente, sus posibles aportaciones al abordaje de la ciudad y lo urbano. El texto se estructura en tres grandes partes: en la primera se presenta una revisión de cada uno de los tres conceptos eje de la reflexión; en la segunda se establecen los vínculos conceptuales posibles entre ellos; y en la tercera, más que presentar conclusiones cerradas, se sugieren algunas líneas de reflexión teórica para penar la relación entre identidad, representaciones sociales y habitus en el contexto específico de las ciudades. Se señalan asimismo algunas líneas de investigación posibles, y finalmente, se exploran algunas reflexiones ya realizadas desde la sociología, la psicología social y la ciencia de la comunicación. --- Identity, habitus and social representations are concepts that a have different disciplinary origin: the first and the second one have been covered by sociology, while the third one has a psycho-social feature. This article explores the possibilities of conceptual dialogue among these three terms, and in particular, their possible contributions to approaching both the city and the urban. The text is organized in three main parts. In the first one, a review of each one of these concepts is presented. In the second one, possible conceptual links among them are established. In the third one, and more than presenting closed conclusions, some theoretical reflection lines are suggested, aimed to think the relation among identity, social representations and habitus , in the specific context of the cities. At the same time, some possible research lines are indicated, and reflections already carried out by sociology


    Maria José Caldeira do Amaral


    Full Text Available No Tratado do Amor Cortês - Tractatus de Amore - André Capelão deseja oferecer ao leitor a arte cortês de amar, a beleza do desejo erótico e a disciplina da paixão constitutiva dessa arte que é amar. O maior argumento dessa obra é efetivar o suspiro fundo que a dimensão amorosa infunde na alma do homem e da mulher aos quais foi concedida a virtude. Para esse autor, escriba da chancelaria real e talvez, não se sabe com certeza, um Ordo Sacratus, o amor é a raiz de toda cortesia, a fonte de todo bem. Nosso objetivo, então, é encontrar nessa suma amorosa construída nos enlaces da Literatura de Cavalaria Medieval, os desdobramentos essenciais dessa vida afetiva bela e virtuosa no enredo profundo do qual emerge o afeto, a fé e a contradição da experiência humana do sofrimento amoroso. Palavras Chave: Literatura Medieval. Amor Cortês, André Capelão, virtude, desejo. Abstract: With the treaty toward the love - Tractatus de Amore – André Capelão offers to the reader the courteous’ art for love, the erotic desire’s beauty and the  suffering discipline belong this love’s art  is. The best reason of this literary composition is to achieve the depth sigh that the loving dimension infuses into the lovers’s soul, the man and the woman wich this virtue was conceded. For this author, the royal chancery scribe and perhaps, no one knows for sure, a Sacratus Ordo, love is the root of all free, the source of all good. Our goal, then, is to find this sum loving built in interlacing of Medieval Knights literature, the essential developments of this beautiful and virtuous love life in the deep storyline which emerges affection, faith and the contradiction of the human experience of love suffering. Key words: Medieval Literature. Courteous Love. André Capelão. Virtue.




    El objeto del presente proyecto es la realización de un plan de empresa para un establecimiento de comidas para llevar, y estimar la viabilidad del proyecto. A pesar de que el panorama económico que sufre este país no es muy alentador, se pretende averiguar si puede ser rentable la apertura de un negocio de este tipo, con las condiciones de las que disponemos. Vedri Peirats, M. (2014). PLAN DE EMPRESA PARA UN RESTAURANTE DE COMIDA PARA LLEVAR EN EL MUNICIPIO DE NULES.


    Oldemar Rodríguez Rojas


    En este artículo se hace un análisis comparativo de los cinco convenios para el financiamiento de la educación superior pública que se han firmado hasta la fecha; para esto se utilizan los datos de los años 2004 al 2009. Luego, con base en este análisis proponemos un nuevo modelo alternativo para el cálculo del FEES; este nuevo modelo es comparado con el modelo establecido en el quinto convenio para el cálculo del FEES, con base en una simulación en un posible escenario del comportamiento de ...

  12. Arrendamiento y préstamo para equipo: Guía para el microfinanciamiento

    Glenn D. Westley


    En este trabajo se describe la manera de otorgar financiamiento para equipo --arrendamiento y préstamo-- para los microempresarios objeto del estudio, es decir, los que necesitan aproximadamente entre 50 y 2.500 dólares para adquirir equipo. El trabajo examina los pro y los contra de las dos principales alternativas de financiamiento: préstamos y arrendamientos. También proporciona una serie de recomendaciones en cuanto a las mejores prácticas para que las instituciones microfinancieras (IMF)...

  13. Estrategia para elevar la motivación laboral; factor imprescindible para mejorar nuestra productividad.

    Reina de los Ángeles Carballé Piñón


    Este trabajo "Estrategia para elevar la motivación laboral; factor imprescindible para mejorar nuestra productividad" resulta de la investigación realizada para tesis de maestría; se realizó el estudio de 2 entidades, nos permitió conocer las principales posiciones que sobre motivación existen, factores que la influencian, cómo incide en el desempeño laboral y que acciones diseñar para elevarla. Las 2 entidades seleccionadas, claves en el desempeño empresarial son un centro de interfase y un...

  14. Alimentos balanceados para perros en Costa Rica

    Ruth Vargas


    Full Text Available Diagnóstico de la comercialización de alimentos balanceados para perros en Costa Rica. Para ampliar los reportes oficiales de la comercialización de alimentos para perros se creó una base de datos que incluyó cantidad, costo, empaque y formulación durante el período 1998 a agosto del 2000. De 1995 a 1998 y de 1996 a 1999 la producción nacional incrementó un 90,4% y la importación un 42,56% respectivamente, ocupando los alimentos nacionales un 72% del tonelaje y un 70% del valor en dólares americanos. No fue posible determinar cuál es el empaque más comercializado, pero si que los alimentos extrusados son los que ocupan el primer lugar y que los alimentos recomendados para cachorros y adultos son los que más se comercializan. La ausencia de datos en las declaraciones sugiere la necesidad de incrementar el control en las mismas en caso de requerirse un estudio de mercado, ya que contrariamente a esta situación el mayor número de garantías inscritas corresponden separadamente para las fases de cachorros y adultos. Merece también atención que las garantías indican mayores porcentajes de proteína cruda que los recomendados por la AAFCO y que al menos 36 fórmulas son recomendadas para estados sanitarios específicos (p.e. para perros con problemas de alergias, cálculos renales, pérdidas de pelo, etc. sin que oficialmente se encuentre registrada ninguna fórmula medicada

  15. ¿Qué literatura para jóvenes?

    Mira, António Ricardo


    En el artículo se presentan algunos indicadores disponibles para la selección de literatura para jóvenes, se indican algunos aspectos a tener en cuenta en la elección de literatura para ellos y se presenta un criterio de elección acertada de literatura para ese grupo de edades.

  16. Para-product operators and para-linearization on locally compact Vilenkin groups



    The concept of para-product operators over locally compact Vilenkin groups is established and the applications to the para-linearization in nonlinear problems are studied. This kind of operators plays a special role in dealing with those functions which do not have the classical derivatives.

  17. La importancia de FOCALAE para Colombia

    Pío García


    Full Text Available Las asociaciones regionales están condicionadas por la dinámica del poder global; no obstante, desempeñan un papel decisivo para afrontar el reto de establecer un orden mundial convenido y equitativo. El mecanismo idóneo de la relación transpacífica latinoamericana es FOCALAE, un foro de cooperación múltiple extendida al ámbito económico, social, cultural, educativo y deportivo. Los resultados de su primera década de existencia fueron magros, en razón, entre otros motivos, de la ausencia de proyectos atractivos para los países asiáticos y para América Latina, y de la fractura ideológica profunda que ha soportado esta última. Con el potencial inocultable para contribuir al bienestar de Asia Pacífico y de Latinoamérica por medio del intercambio extenso, el Foro tendrá que esperar tiempos más favorables para su despliegue, cuando ciertos liderazgos regionales, en los que el colombiano ha de estar presente, vuelvan a impulsar la concertación latinoamericana.

  18. The ParaScope parallel programming environment

    Cooper, Keith D.; Hall, Mary W.; Hood, Robert T.; Kennedy, Ken; Mckinley, Kathryn S.; Mellor-Crummey, John M.; Torczon, Linda; Warren, Scott K.


    The ParaScope parallel programming environment, developed to support scientific programming of shared-memory multiprocessors, includes a collection of tools that use global program analysis to help users develop and debug parallel programs. This paper focuses on ParaScope's compilation system, its parallel program editor, and its parallel debugging system. The compilation system extends the traditional single-procedure compiler by providing a mechanism for managing the compilation of complete programs. Thus, ParaScope can support both traditional single-procedure optimization and optimization across procedure boundaries. The ParaScope editor brings both compiler analysis and user expertise to bear on program parallelization. It assists the knowledgeable user by displaying and managing analysis and by providing a variety of interactive program transformations that are effective in exposing parallelism. The debugging system detects and reports timing-dependent errors, called data races, in execution of parallel programs. The system combines static analysis, program instrumentation, and run-time reporting to provide a mechanical system for isolating errors in parallel program executions. Finally, we describe a new project to extend ParaScope to support programming in FORTRAN D, a machine-independent parallel programming language intended for use with both distributed-memory and shared-memory parallel computers.

  19. Modelo para el análisis de una aptitud cognitiva para el aprendizaje

    Clara Cecilia Uribe Hernández


    Full Text Available La investigación en el campo de las aptitudes cognitivas para el aprendizaje requiere una forma de abordarlas y definir sus características y componentes. A su vez, esta definición debe conducir al investigador a la creación de pruebas de medición que ayuden al análisis de este tipo de aptitudes y su relación con otras variables del aprendizaje. Para dar respuesta a esas necesidades, el objetivo de este artículo es proponer la creación de un modelo para el análisis de una aptitud cognitiva para el aprendizaje, cuya estructura conste de cuatro elementos principales. Dos de ellos relacionados con los enfoques y consideraciones para emprender su estudio; los otros dos, con la definición de la aptitud, a través de sus características y sus componentes.


    Oldemar Rodríguez Rojas


    Full Text Available En este artículo se hace un análisis comparativo de los cinco convenios para el financiamiento de la educación superior pública que se han firmado hasta la fecha; para esto se utilizan los datos de los años 2004 al 2009. Luego, con base en este análisis proponemos un nuevo modelo alternativo para el cálculo del FEES; este nuevo modelo es comparado con el modelo establecido en el quinto convenio para el cálculo del FEES, con base en una simulación en un posible escenario del comportamiento de la economía para los años del 2011 al 2015.

  1. Temas para la asistencia al adulto mayor

    Romero Cabrera, Ángel Julio


    El reto del envejecimiento demográfico y los complejos y peculiares problemas clínicos de los adultos mayores justifican la formación y capacitación de los profesionales para la asistencia médica a estas personas. El resultado consiste en un libro con información sistematizada sobre temas básicos para ofrecer una adecuada atención clínica a los ancianos, conjugando los elementos del método clínico con los de la evaluación geriátrica, a lo que se añade un instrumento evaluativo para retroalime...

  2. Los videojuegos: conectar alumnos para aprender

    José Antonio Valderrama Ramos


    Full Text Available Este artículo explora la utilidad que presentan los videojuegos comerciales actuales para educar a los jugadores y ayudarlos a adquirir habilidades necesarias para desempeñarse mejor en nuestra sociedad. Aborda el problema de la educación formal, la cual no está respondiendo a la situación de complejidad de nuestro entorno y usa el paradigma del pensamiento complejo y siete saberes para la educación propuestas por Edgar Morin. También, describe algunas ideas que le pueden ser de utilidad a docentes interesados en usar videojuegos como herramientas pedagógicas en el salón de clases.

  3. Libertad religiosa, camino para la paz

    Antonio Alonso


    Full Text Available La libertad religiosa es el núcleo del Mensaje para la XLIV Jornada Mundial de la Paz que ha dirigido Benedicto XVI. Cuestión, sin duda, extraordinariamente delicada, pues comporta graves implicaciones en materia de seguridad principalmente por dos motivos: primero, porque su violación supone una injusticia difícil de compaginar con el respeto a los Derechos Humanos; segundo, porque dicha libertad no puede ser esgrimida como pretexto para atropellar los derechos de los demás conciudadanos o incluso socavar la propia seguridad del Estado. El Santo Padre denuncia, a su vez, los estragos del relativismo y de los fanatismos, tanto religioso como anti-religioso, y propone el ejercicio del diálogo basado en la razón para superar los obstáculos en la convivencia interpuestos por estas amenazas a la paz y la seguridad.

  4. Rutina AUTOLISP para el despiece de columnas

    Lorena Cocunubo Carreño


    Full Text Available El proyecto de creación de una herramienta Autolisp para el dibujo automático de los despieces de vigas sometidas a flexión y a cortante se desarrolla en un ambiente de programación informática LISP. Se inicia con la programación en el Visual Lisp de AutoCAD del algoritmo que permite tomar información de anchos de luz, sección transversal y momentos resistentes la viga para que automáticamente ejecute los comandos y el resultado final sea un despiece detallado de los hierros por flexión junto con los estribos por cortante separados adecuadamente. Los resultados están sujetos a criterios de diseños de la NSR-10 para así garantizar la seguridad del diseño sísmico.

  5. Implementation of a computational system at the Center for Nuclear Technology Development, for systematization the application of the FMEA - Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, for identification of dangerous and developed risks evaluation; Implementacao de um sistema computacional no Centro de Desenvolvimento da Tecnologia Nuclear para sistemarizar a aplicacao da tecnica FMEA - Failure Mode and Effects Analysis - na identificacao de perigos e avaliacao de riscos desenvolvida

    Correa, Danyel Pontelo; Vasconcelos, Vanderley de, E-mail: dpc@cdtn.b, E-mail: vasconv@cdtn.b [Centro de Desenvolvimento da Tecnologia Nuclear (CDTN/CNEN-MG), Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil)


    The regulatory bodies request risks evaluations for nuclear and radioactive licensing purposes. In Brazil those evaluations are contained by the safety analysis reports requested by the Brazilian Nuclear Energy Commission (CNEN), and risk analysis studies requested by the environment organisms. A risk evaluation includes the identification of the risks and the accident sequence which can occur, and the estimation of the frequency and his undesirable effects on the industrial installations, the public, and the environment. The identification and the risk analysis are particularly important for the implementation of a health, environment and safety integrated management according to the regulation instruments ISO 14001, BS 8800 and OHSAS 18001. The utilization of the risk identification techniques and the risk analysis is performed at the non nuclear industry, in a non standard form by the various sectors of an enterprise, diminishing the effectiveness of the recommended actions based on risk indexes. However, for the nuclear licensing, the CNEN request through their regulatory instruments and standard formats, that the risks, the failure mechanisms and detection be identified, which can allow the preventive and mitigate actions. This paper proposes the utilization of the FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) technique in the licensing process. It was implemented a software through the Excel program, using the Visual Basic for Applications program which allows the automation and the standardization of FMEA studies as well

  6. The influence of the calibration standard and the chemical composition of the water samples residue in the counting efficiency of proportional detectors for gross alpha and beta counting. Application on the radiologic control of the IPEN-CNEN/SP; A influencia do padrao de calibracao e da composicao do residuo de amostras de agua na eficiencia de contadores proporcionais para contagem alfa e beta total. Aplicacao no controle radiologico do IPEN-CNEN/SP

    Santos, Cecilia Martins


    In this work the efficiency calibration curves of thin-window and low background gas-flow proportional counters were determined for calibration standards with different energies and different absorber thicknesses. For the gross alpha counting we have used {sup 241}Am and natural uranium standards and for the gross beta counting we have used {sup 90}Sr/{sup 90}Y and {sup 137}Cs standards in residue thicknesses ranging from 0 to approximately 18 mg/cm{sup 2}. These sample thicknesses were increased with a previously determined salted solution prepared simulating the chemical composition of the underground water of IPEN The counting efficiency for alpha emitters ranged from 0,273 +- 0,038 for a weightless residue to only 0,015 +- 0,002 in a planchet containing 15 mg/cm{sup 2} of residue for {sup 241}Am standard. For natural uranium standard the efficiency ranged from 0,322 +- 0,030 for a weightless residue to 0,023 +- 0,003 in a planchet containing 14,5 mg/cm{sup 2} of residue. The counting efficiency for beta emitters ranged from 0,430 +- 0,036 for a weightless residue to 0,247 +- 0,020 in a planchet containing 17 mg/cm{sup 2} of residue for {sup 137}Cs standard. For {sup 90}Sr/{sup 90}Y standard the efficiency ranged from 0,489 +- 0,041 for a weightless residue to 0,323 +- 0,026 in a planchet containing 18 mg/cm{sup 2} of residue. Results make evident the counting efficiency variation with the alpha or beta emitters energies and the thickness of the water samples residue. So, the calibration standard, the thickness and the chemical composition of the residue must always be considered in the gross alpha and beta radioactivity determination in water samples. (author)

  7. Oxitocina: nuevas perspectivas para una droga antigua

    Steven L. CLARK


    Full Text Available La oxitocina es el medicamento más comúnmente asociada con la prevención de complicaciones perinatales y recientemente fue incluida por el Instituto para la Administración Medicamentosa Segura (Institute for Safe Medication Practices - ISMP en una pequeña lista de medicamentos “con alto grado de riesgos”, lo que puede “necesitar salvaguardas especiales para reducir el riesgo de error”. Las recomendaciones actuales para administrar este medicamento son vagas en relación a la indicación, tiempo de uso, dosis y el monitoreo de los efectos maternos y fetales. Una revisión de los datos clínicos y farmacológicos disponibles sugiere que las orientaciones específicas y basadas en evidencias para administrar oxitocina durante el parto puede derivarse de datos disponibles. Si implementadas, estas prácticas pueden reducir la probabilidad de daños al paciente. Esto sugiere el foco de las orientaciones para la administración electiva limitada de oxitocina, considerar estrategias que disminuyan la necesidad de usar oxitocina, confiar en terapéuticas de bajas dosis de oxitocina, la adhesión a definiciones semicuantitativas específicas sobre parto adecuado e inadecuado, y la aceptación de que, una vez que la actividad uterina adecuada sea alcanzada, es generalmente preferible esperar más tiempo que aumentar la infusión de oxitocina. El uso de protocolos conservadores y específicos para monitorear los efectos de la oxitocina en la madre y en el bebé tiende no sólo a aumentar los resultados, mas también a reducir los conflictos entre miembros del equipo obstétrico. Implementar estas orientaciones parece ser apropiada en una cultura cada vez más focalizada en la seguridad del paciente.

  8. Estrategias de mercado para el frijol centroamericano

    Lourdes Mart\\u00EDnez


    Full Text Available Estrategias de mercado para el frijol centroamericano. En los últimos años, el sub-sector de frijol en Centro América ha sido testigo de varios cambios dinámicos. Si no se encuentran medidas para incrementar la competitividad regional de este sub-sector, los países centroamericanos experimentarán impactos negativos en las áreas sociales y económicas de considerable magnitud, especialmente ahora que Centro América necesita ajustar su economía a los nuevos requerimientos de mercados mas abiertos, como el Tratado Centroamericano de Libre Comercio con USA (TLC. Vendedores de frijoles a nivel intermediario y de consumo final, así como técnicos de oficinas gubernamentales dedicadas al mercadeo de frijoles en Centro América fueron entrevistados para documentar los cambios experimentados, identificar los obstáculos que frenan la viabilidad del sub-sector e identificar las oportunidades de incremento de mercados en el futuro para los productores y vendedores de frijol. Los resultados muestran que para que continúen siendo competitivos, los países centroamericanos deben incrementar la productividad a través del apoyo a las investigaciones para el mejoramiento de variedades de frijol, especialmente aquellas que los consumidores prefieren por características específicas (e.g. color. También es imprescindible el fortalecimiento de los programas de distribución de variedades mejoradas a los productores; las mejoras en la transmisión de información de mercado a los productores; el fortalecimiento de los contactos entre productores, comercializadores a nivel mayorista y supermercados; y una política más específica de apertura de mercados de exportación, especialmente con los Estados Unidos.

  9. Valores de referência para carboxiemoglobina

    Siqueira Maria Elisa P. B. de


    Full Text Available INTRODUÇÃO: Os valores de referência de indicadores biológicos são utilizados como parâmetros para interpretação de resultados de valores obtidos em indivíduos expostos ocupacionalmente aos agentes químicos. O Grupo Brasileiro para Estabelecimento dos Valores de Referência tem se dedicado a estas determinações objetivando estabelecer valores de referência para os diferentes bioindicadores em diversas regiões do País. Determinaram-se os valores de referência para a carboxiemoglobina (COHb no Sul de Minas Gerais. MATERIAL E MÉTODO: A COHb foi analisada pelo método espectrofométrico, otimizado no laboratório de análises toxicológicas. Em todas as amostras também foram realizadas análises de alguns parâmetros bioquímicos e hematológicos para atestar o estado de saúde da população, constituída de 200 voluntários não-fumantes e não-expostos, por motivo profissional, ao monóxido de carbono. Cada indivíduo respondeu um questionário para levantamento de dados relevantes à interpretação dos resultados. Os valores de referência foram expressos em termos da média ± desvio-padrão, intervalo de confiança 95% e valor de referência superior. A distribuição estatística dos resultados obtidos foi realizada para possibilitar sua comparação com grupos de trabalhadores, preferentemente à avaliação individual. RESULTADOS E CONCLUSÕES: O valor médio ± desvio-padrão para a carboxiemoglobina foi de 1,0 % ± 0,75; o intervalo de confiança 95%, entre 0,9 e 1,1 % e o valor de referência superior, de 2,5%. Através do teste t de Student (p < 0,05 não foi detectada diferença nos valores de acordo com o sexo, idade ou uso de bebidas alcoólicas. Os valores de referência encontrados foram similares aos reportados em outros países.

  10. Valores de referência para carboxiemoglobina

    Maria Elisa P. B. de Siqueira


    Full Text Available INTRODUÇÃO: Os valores de referência de indicadores biológicos são utilizados como parâmetros para interpretação de resultados de valores obtidos em indivíduos expostos ocupacionalmente aos agentes químicos. O Grupo Brasileiro para Estabelecimento dos Valores de Referência tem se dedicado a estas determinações objetivando estabelecer valores de referência para os diferentes bioindicadores em diversas regiões do País. Determinaram-se os valores de referência para a carboxiemoglobina (COHb no Sul de Minas Gerais. MATERIAL E MÉTODO: A COHb foi analisada pelo método espectrofométrico, otimizado no laboratório de análises toxicológicas. Em todas as amostras também foram realizadas análises de alguns parâmetros bioquímicos e hematológicos para atestar o estado de saúde da população, constituída de 200 voluntários não-fumantes e não-expostos, por motivo profissional, ao monóxido de carbono. Cada indivíduo respondeu um questionário para levantamento de dados relevantes à interpretação dos resultados. Os valores de referência foram expressos em termos da média ± desvio-padrão, intervalo de confiança 95% e valor de referência superior. A distribuição estatística dos resultados obtidos foi realizada para possibilitar sua comparação com grupos de trabalhadores, preferentemente à avaliação individual. RESULTADOS E CONCLUSÕES: O valor médio ± desvio-padrão para a carboxiemoglobina foi de 1,0 % ± 0,75; o intervalo de confiança 95%, entre 0,9 e 1,1 % e o valor de referência superior, de 2,5%. Através do teste t de Student (p < 0,05 não foi detectada diferença nos valores de acordo com o sexo, idade ou uso de bebidas alcoólicas. Os valores de referência encontrados foram similares aos reportados em outros países.

  11. Infraestructura para laboratorios de acceso remoto


    Las tecnologías de Internet permiten el uso de sistemas de software distribuido para el acceso en forma remota a laboratorios físicos y virtuales, para llevar a cabo actividades de investigación experimental a distancia. A partir de los marcos teóricos que definen los estructurantes de los laboratorios, los implementadores de laboratorios de acceso remoto deben diseñar y desarrollar arquitecturas de servicios que permitan un acceso flexible y controlado. Este trabajo define una infraestructur...

  12. Propuestas para combatir la contabilidad creativa

    Oriol Amat Salas; Ester Oliveras


    Los escándalos contables han reavivado el interés en combatir la contabilidad creativa. Este artículo analiza la naturaleza de esta problemática y los aspectos de la normativa que la afectan. Incluye el ejemplo de una empresa real para visualizar los efectos que los maquillajes contables, amparados en la normativa contable española y en las Normas Internacionales de Contabilidad, pueden provocar en el resultado. Al final, se proponen medidas para mejorar la credibil...

  13. Estrategias de mercado para el frijol centroamericano

    Lourdes Mart\\u00EDnez; Richard Bernsten; Miguel Zamora


    Estrategias de mercado para el frijol centroamericano. En los últimos años, el sub-sector de frijol en Centro América ha sido testigo de varios cambios dinámicos. Si no se encuentran medidas para incrementar la competitividad regional de este sub-sector, los países centroamericanos experimentarán impactos negativos en las áreas sociales y económicas de considerable magnitud, especialmente ahora que Centro América necesita ajustar su economía a los nuevos requerimientos ...

  14. Espacio urbano para el desarrollo sostenible

    Guillermo Malca Obregoso


    Full Text Available Este artículo ilustra una Metodología de Análisis-Propuesta Urbana Sostenible para la enseñanza-aprendizaje del diseño urbano-arquitectónico conciente de su entorno socio-cultural-ambiental. Se presenta como alternativa a los métodos convencionales de intervención urbana. Pretende, a partir de la visión dialéctica, entender los problemas originados por el crecimiento de las ciudades de modo INTEGRAL, sin segmentarlos para su estudio parcializado y parcelado.

  15. Espacio urbano para el desarrollo sostenible

    Guillermo Malca Obregoso


    Full Text Available Este artículo ilustra una Metodología de Análisis-Propuesta Urbana Sostenible para la enseñanza-aprendizaje del diseño urbano-arquitectónico conciente de su entorno socio-cultural-ambiental. Se presenta como alternativa a los métodos convencionales de intervención urbana. Pretende, a partir de la visión dialéctica, entender los problemas originados por el crecimiento de las ciudades de modo INTEGRAL, sin segmentarlos para su estudio parcializado y parcelado.

  16. Calibración para medidas experimentales

    Calahorra Martínez, María Elena; García Arrona, Rosa


    Nivel educativo: Grado. Duración (en horas): Más de 50 horas Los estudiantes deben resolver un problema situado en un contexto real, para lo cual deben comprender que las medidas en Química están afectadas siempre de un error inherente al propio método de medida, al instrumental comercial utilizado o a las incapacidades del experimentador. La resolución del problema exige diseñar experimentos para calibrar material volumétrico y termómetros comerciales y llevarlos a la práctica en el labor...

  17. Un cuaderno virtual para Ciencias Sociales

    Montolío Tena, Mari Carmen


    Esta experiencia se basa en la utilización de blogs para la mejora del proceso de enseñanza-aprendizaje en el ámbito de la Educación Secundaria y el desarrollo constructivista de conocimiento haciendo al alumno responsable de su propio aprendizaje dentro del marco establecido por las nuevas directrices del Programa Escuela 2.0. Esta herramienta oferta posibilidades innovadoras para la gestión efectiva del conocimiento. Un grupo de alumnos de 1º de ESO trabajan parte de la asignatura de Cienci...

  18. O acompanhamento ao piano para coro infantil

    Ester Rodrigues Fernandes Leal


    Resumo: Este trabalho trata-se de um estudo detalhado sobre as possibilidades do acompanhamento ao piano específico para coro infantil. Através de uma entrevista realizada com regentes de coros infantis, alguns aspectos da arte de acompanhar foram destacados, os quais juntamente com a bibliografia encontrada a respeito, forneceram material para esta pesquisa. Em sua primeira parte, uma breve trajetória do canto no Brasil chegando até os dias de hoje, é discorrida. Na segunda parte, o tema cen...

  19. Redes para formación

    Canella López, Rubén


    Desde la Universidad Nacional de Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires – Argentina - el Laboratorio de Medios de la Facultad de Ciencias Sociales trabajando para el desarrollo tecnológico aplicado a la comunicación y la educación presenta RED DE ENSEÑANZA SATELITAL INTERACTIVA (RESI), un sistema de enseñanza por satélite de alta interactividad con capacidad para transmitir imagen, sonido y datos a distancia en tiempo real, entre el aula presencial y las distintas aulas virtuales. La emisión es ge...

  20. Medidas de Seguridad para Incapaces de Culpabilidad

    Saltos Duran, María Patricia


    La tesina realizada con el tema “Medidas de seguridad para incapaces de culpabilidad” dentro del derecho penal es uno de los aspectos más controvertidos. Para comprenderlo, se definió y se caracterizó qué son las medidas de seguridad, hacia quiénes van dirigidas y cuál es su fundamento filosófico, político y social. En la situación procesal en la cual, el individuo es puesto por primera vez a disposición del Juez, cuando un inimputable haya realizado un hecho tipificado como delito y demuestr...




    Full Text Available En este artículo se presenta una revisión sobre el estado del arte de la confianza, características principales y diferentes disciplinas desde donde se ha definido. Por otro lado, se aborda la confianza para realizar compras por Internet y se identifican sus diferentes características, a través del modelo basado en la jerarquía de aprendizaje estándar. Además, se agregan varios aspectos que han sido representativos para Colombia al momento de definir la confianza en Internet por parte de los consumidores. Finalmente, se expresan las principales conclusionessobre el tema.

  2. Vivienda sostenible para un consumo casi nulo



    Este TFG pretende aplicar los conceptos de eficiencia energética y sostenibilidad en la edificación para conseguir una vivienda con un consumo casi nulo. Para ello, es necesario reducir la demanda y los consumos así como las emisiones de CO2, contribuyendo de esa forma a cuidar el medio ambiente, a reducir los gases de efecto invernadero y la huella de carbono de la vivienda. El propósito es conseguir una vivienda sostenible que aproveche todo el potencial de las energías renovables y, ello i...

  3. Un modelo setar para el pib colombiano

    Vivas Lorena; Ramos Johanna; Hoyos Milena


    En este artículo se estudia el comportamiento de la tasa de crecimiento del PIB colombiano durante el período 1982-2008 a partir de un modelo SETAR (Self-Exciting Threshold Autoregressive), con base en la metodología propuesta por Tsay (1989) y Tong (1990) para la detección de no linealidades relacionadas con la existencia de regímenes cambiantes. Adicionalmente, se evalúa el desempeño de los pronósticos generados en relación a los obtenidos con un modelo autorregresivos lineal para diferente...

  4. Interfaces para dispositivos móveis

    Santos, Jefferson dos


    Os dispositivos móveis tem se afirmado nos últimos anos como acessórios indispensáveis para o homem contemporâneo. Insinuando-se como omnipresentes e vendendo-se como onipotentes, eles constituem uma parcela significativa do mercado eletrônico e computacional. Prometendo substituir a médio e longo prazo os computadores pessoais, os dispositivos móveis são investidos de cada vez mais funcionalidades que os transformam, às vezes, em equipamentos altamente sofisticados e para o...


    Ana Paula Garcia Oliveira


    Full Text Available RESUMOCorredores de biodiversidade são estruturas ambientais com a finalidade de conservar e recuperar a biodiversidade. Aplicam-se, principalmente, a áreas degradadas pelo desenvolvimento humano desordenado, que favorece a fragmentação florestal e a perda da conectividade entre os diversos hábitats. Utilizando o sensoriamento remoto e sistemas de informações geográficas, buscou-se identificar áreas para atuarem como corredores de biodiversidade, possibilitando, assim, o fluxo gênico entre os fragmentos remanescentes e as áreas de preservação permanente. Para tanto, foi realizada uma análise espacial dos fragmentos remanescentes em São Gabriel do Oeste, Mato Grosso do Sul, através de sua forma, tamanho e localização. Foram identificadas as áreas para os corredores a partir da localização de fragmentos com potencial, ou seja, de tamanho e conservação adequados, além de considerar a carta de classes das terras para mecanização e o mapa de áreas prioritárias para a conservação do Ministério do Meio Ambiente, permitindo a escolha de melhores áreas para corredores de biodiversidade. Verificou-se que as geotecnologias são importantes ferramentas de auxílio na determinação de áreas propícias para a análise integrada da paisagem, bem como de áreas propícias para implantação de corredores, gerando um cenário alternativo para a recuperação ambiental, o zoneamento ecológico e a conservação ambiental.

  6. Consumo de bebidas para una vida saludable: recomendaciones para la población mexicana

    Rivera, Juan A.; Onofre Muñoz-Hernández; Martín Rosas-Peralta; Aguilar-Salinas, Carlos A.; Willett, Walter C; Popkin, Barry M.


    El secretario de Salud convocó al Comité de Expertos para la elaboración de las Recomendaciones sobre el consumo de bebidas para la población mexicana ; la finalidad fue desarrollar lineamientos basados en evidencia científica para los consumidores, los profesionales de la salud y el sector gubernamental. Las prevalencias de sobrepeso, obesidad y diabetes han aumentado con rapidez en México y las bebidas representan la quinta parte de la energía que consumen los mexicanos. La evidencia señal...

  7. Recursos informativos para Terapia Ocupacional Basada en la Evidencia, informe para profesionales de Terapia Ocupacional

    Ortega-Valdivieso, Azucena


    Se ofrece un directorio de recursos y fuentes de informaci??n de inter??s para localizar evidencias para la toma de decisiones cl??nicas de los terapeutas ocupacionales. Se identifica un conjunto de recursos ??tiles para realizar la fase dos de la Terapia Ocupacional Basada en la Evidencia correspondiente a la b??squeda bibliogr??fica en fuentes de informaci??n. La selecci??n de las fuentes se ha realizado con visi??n amplia y hol??stica de las variadas necesidades de informaci??n que un tera...

  8. Procedimiento para el cierre de canteras de materiales para construcción en Cuba


    Con el propósito de facilitar a los concesionarios de canteras de materiales para la construcción una herramienta metodológica para efectuar el cierre de estas y garantizar una minería sostenible se propuso un procedimiento en seis etapas a partir del diagnóstico realizado en 22 canteras, ubicadas en tres regiones mineras cubanas. El procedimiento busca disminuir los impactos ambientales provocados por la explotación de las canteras y ofrecer a la industria un estándar para lograr uniformidad...

  9. Protocolo de Enfermagem para consulta de puericultura

    Fabiane do Amaral Gubert


    Full Text Available presentar un protocolo de Enfermería para consulta de puericultura, basado en el Modelo de Enfermería de Roper-Logan-Tierney. Método: para construir el protocolo, se realizaron: revisión de la literatura, selección y lectura de los documentos relevantes para el área de salud del niño. Resultados: el desarrollo textual del protocolo, dividido en cinco capítulos según los marcos del crecimiento y desarrollo del lactante; inserción de las variables – cuestiones del protocolo, dispuestas de acuerdo con las actividades de vida propuestas en el modelo de Enfermería; y evaluación del contenido por nove investigadores a través del Índice de Validez de Contenido, con la mayoría de los artículos superior al 0,80. Conclusión: el protocolo producido se señaló como útil para orientar la atención de Enfermería en puericultura, lo que permite atención estandarizada y dirigida a la atención integral de la salud de niños en sus primeros meses de vida.

  10. Educación para la paz

    Federico Mayor Zaragoza


    Full Text Available La educación para la paz ha experimentado un desarrollo importante en los últimos 20 años, y el 2000 ha sido declarado Año Internacional para la Cultura de Paz. Exige un esfuerzo de pariicipación y una capacidad crítica para facilitar el paso de una cultura de guerra a un cultura de paz. Se trata de ayudar a todos los ciudadanos a observar y reflexionar sobre el conjunto de la tierra y de quienes la habitan. De escuchar a los jóvenes y ser escuchado. La educación para la paz ha de ser considerada como contenido transversal de la educación. La situación actual, los conflictos interétnicos e interculturales , la exclusión y la marginalidad, las sociedades pobres y las ricas son cuestiones que reclaman una educación par la paz. De la cultura de imposición hemos de pasar a la cultura del diálogo y parti-cipación, solidaridad, compromiso, tolerancia y respeto. Es necesario construir otro mundo en el que podamos asegurar a nuestros descendientes el futuro. La paz es un comportamiento, es traducir a la práctica los principios de con-vivencia, de solidaridad, de fraternidad. Sólo así «vendrá el amanecer (y brilla-rá mucha luz en nuestro camino»

  11. Productos y Servicios para Residentes Extranjeros


    Da a conocer los productos y servicios del Grupo La Caixa, para residentes extranjeros. Presenta las características más relevantes, acuerdos con entidades financieras Latinoamericanas, información del servicio de transferencias, así como los resultados del uso de las remesas.

  12. Música Cuatro abstracciones para cobres (1992)

    Marulanda López, Juan Carlos


    "Cuatro Abstracciones para Cobres", está cons­truida con un diseño similar a la "Sonata de Chiesa" del período barroco (lento - rápido - lento - rápido), pero utilizando lenguaje y técnica del siglo XX.

  13. Anestesia para cirugía fetal

    Vasco Ramírez, Mauricio


    ...). El objetivo de este articulo es realizar una revision narrativa de la anestesia para la cirugia fetal. Metodologia Se realizo una busqueda no sistematica de publicaciones en bases de datos medicas que incluyeron MEDLINE, SciELO y EMBASE, utilizando los terminos > y restringida a los siguientes tipo...

  14. Para-grassmann variables and coherent states

    Cabra, D C; Tanasa, A; Cabra, Daniel C.; Moreno, Enrique F.; Tanasa, Adrian


    The definitions of para-grassmann variables and $q-$oscillator algebras are recalled. Some new properties are given. We then introduce appropriate coherent states as well as their dual states. This allows us to obtain a formula for the trace of a operator expressed as a function of the creation and annihilation operators.

  15. A etnomusicologia serve ainda para alguma coisa?

    Laborde, Denis E.; Castro,Beatriz Magalhães


    Cinquenta anos, para uma disciplina científica, é muito pouco. A etnomusicologia é, portanto, uma disciplina jovem. Se comparadas à etnomusicologia, a sociologia e a etnologia – estas disciplinas sob o embaraçoso apadrinhamento das quais a etnomusicologia tem tentado se desenvolver – exercem papel de patriarcas.

  16. Música de autores costarricenses para guitarra

    Rodríguez-Castillo, Ramonet


    Dar a conocer, por medio de ediciones, la música costarricense para guitarra, con el fin de enriquecer el repertorio nacional. Universidad de Costa Rica UCR::Docencia::Artes y Letras::Facultad de Bellas Artes::Escuela de Artes Musicales

  17. Música costarricense para quinteto de vientos

    Pérez-Mora, Yamileth


    Dar a conocer, por medio de ediciones, la música costarricense para quinteto de vientos, con el fin de enriquecer el acervo musical Universidad de Costa Rica UCR::Docencia::Artes y Letras::Facultad de Bellas Artes::Escuela de Artes Musicales

  18. Vendaje funcional para la ''mano abierta''

    Rochina, Iván


    Se muestra la aplicación de un vendaje funcional para el tratamiento de las molestias ocasionadas por la distensión de los ligamentos propios de los huesos del carpo; Producción: SFPIE(|VLC Campus (

  19. ¿Para que la historia?

    Jaime Jaramillo Uribe


    Full Text Available Para qué sirve la historia?. ¿Puede el conocimiento del pasado darnos pautas para comprender el presente? Sobre este, como sobre tantos problemas teóricos de la historia, se han realizado largos e inacabados debates entre historiadores y filósofos. En este ensayo se acepta como eficaz la hipótesis de que conocer el origen y el desarrollo de un proceso es buen fundamento para explicarse una situación final. En el caso de la historia colombiana, se parte de la base de que al producirse la independencia nacional en 1820, para quienes tenían la responsabilidad de dirigir el nuevo país había cuatro problemas o retos fundamentales: 1. Dar una organización política al nuevo Estado; 2. Reorientar el proceso de la economía nacional; 3. Crear un sistema educativo y darle un nuevo contenido a la enseñanza; 4. Transformar una sociedad de castas heredadas de la época colonial en una sociedad de ciudadanos en sentido moderno. Dentro de una visión sintética de esos cuatro procesos, se trata de ver qué cambios se han verificado en el transcurso de 150 años y qué queda pendiente del intento de responderá esos cuatro retos históricos.

  20. Vendaje funcional para la ''mano abierta''

    Rochina, Iván


    Se muestra la aplicación de un vendaje funcional para el tratamiento de las molestias ocasionadas por la distensión de los ligamentos propios de los huesos del carpo; Producción: SFPIE(|VLC Campus (

  1. Retos para la agricultura en Costa Rica

    Oscar Arias M.


    Full Text Available Retos para la agricultura en Costa Rica es un análisis crítico del desarrollo agrícola de Costa Rica de los últimos 25 años. La diversificación agrícola que promovió Costa Rica en la década de los ochenta, permitió ampliar la oferta exportable y reducir la vulnerabilidad de la dependencia económica de productos tradicionales, como café y banano. Los retos de la economía global y el establecimiento de tratados comerciales con muchos países, hacen necesario que el país promueva en el sector agrícola la exportación con mayor valor agregado, para lo cual es necesario una modernización y reconversión productiva, ya que el modelo actual está agotado. Debemos mejorar sustancialmente los bienes y servicios que ofrecemos; para este propósito, algunos aspectos como la imagen de marca del país con tradición democrática, respeto a los derechos laborales, así como las buenas prácticas de manejo ambiental, deben publicitarse. Como una herramienta clave para la incorporación de mayor valor agregado a nuestra producción agrícola, debemos promover la inversión en investigación y desarrollo, que históricamente ha sido escasa (0,4% del PIB. En vista de que el Estado Costarricense ha demostrado una incapacidad crónica para impulsar la ciencia y la tecnología como una herramienta para nuestro desarrollo, se propone un estímulo a la inversión privada y el fortalecimiento de una alianza con el Estado y las universidades. Se analiza la conveniencia del fortalecimiento de la autosuficiencia alimentaria y de que las empresas pequeñas y medianas jueguen un papel más activo en la agro-exportación. Respecto a los tratados comerciales que se han venido negociando, se considera la conveniencia para el país, ya que son instrumentos para integrar nuestro quehacer económico a nivel mundial, y nuestro deber es el de luchar para que el sector agropecuario tenga oportunidad de subsistir competitivamente según esas nuevas reglas y

  2. novos elementos e horizontes para o cuidado

    Rosa Lúcia Rocha Ribeiro


    Full Text Available La condición crónica ha sido un tema de importancia extrema para la reflexión del proceso de vivir humano. En el artículo se presenta la síntesis de una investigación realizada con la finalidad de comprender cómo los niños con Síndrome Nefrótico son cuidados, buscando identificar nuevos elementos y horizontes para reconstruir el cuidado de enfermería, teniendo como foco la familia. Para la presente investigación, se realizó un estudio cualitativo que utilizó como referente teórico metodológico, la hermenéutica basada en Gadamer y Ricouer. De la investigación realizada en 2004, participaron 42 personas pertenecientes a las familias de niños y adolescentes con Síndrome Nefrótico, usuarias del Servicio de Nefrología Pediátrica del Hospital Universitario Júlio Müller, en Cuiabá, Brasil. En la discusión son presentadas: una síntesis de las familias, sus proyectos, personajes y contexto; la trayectoria de la enfermedad del niño en la familia, y el cuidado del niño nefrótico en la familia. Se muestran también los horizontes de los cuidadores, familiares y profesionales de salud, y el cuidado posible a partir de los arreglos de la familia. Se puede concluir que el diálogo es la primera condición para la comprensión y también para el cuidado.




    Full Text Available El texto se ocupa del renovado sentido del paisaje que, a partir de diversas tradiciones disciplinares contemporáneas, ha adoptado el Convenio del Paisaje, un tratado internacional promulgado por el Consejo de Europa en el año 2000. La primera parte trata del concepto adoptado por el citado Convenio, que entiende el paisaje como el carácter de cada territorio, percibido socialmente y resultado de la interacción de hechos y procesos naturales y/o humanos. La segunda aborda las bases metodológicas de la caracterización y valoración del paisaje, destacando los planteamientos del método británico de Landscape Character Assessment y algunos resultados empíricos de esta metodología. La tercera parte trata de las políticas de paisaje, incidiendo en las potencialidades de los instrumentos de planificación territorial y urbanística para incorporar objetivos, directrices y acciones dirigidos a la salvaguarda, gestión, recualificación y acceso público al paisaje. Para terminar, el texto recoge una experiencia de proyecto territorial de paisaje, la del Plan Insular de Menorca (Islas Baleares, España, aprobado en 2003. Se sintetizan sus determinaciones sobre la protección de determinados terrenos por sus altos valores paisajísticos, sus directrices para que las políticas sectoriales (turismo, agricultura, infraestructuras, etc. incorporen criterios paisajísticos, y sus iniciativas para la gestión y mejora del paisaje y para el fomento del acceso público a su contemplación y disfrute.

  4. Caracterizacion metalografica de barras para sobredentaduras, elaboradas por sobrecolado de pilares para implantes dentales

    Castro, Irvin J; Valencia, Carlos H; Echeverri, Diana; Garzon, Herney; Molina, Anthony; Olave, Gilberto; Parra, Maritza


    Introduccion: la dificultad en el manejo de protesis totales convencionales en pacientes totalmente edentulos puede ser mejorada con el uso de sistemas de anclaje sobre implantes dentales para sobredentaduras...

  5. Consideraciones y criterios para la seleccion de procesos para la mejora: procesos Diana

    Medina-Leon, Alberto; Nogueira-Rivera, Dianelys; Hernandez-Narino, Arialys; Diaz-Navarro, Yeni


    Para implementar un procedimiento de Gestion y Mejora de Procesos, la literatura muestra una amplia revision de procedimientos o metodologias, todas coincidentes con la necesidad de seleccionar los procesos a mejorar...

  6. Herramientas para la mejora de procesos hospitalarios. Un procedimiento para su aplicacion

    Hernandez Narino, Arialys; Medina Leon, Alberto; Nogueira Rivera, Dianelys


    ... a las de las personas que desarrollan su labor profesional en ellos. La Gestion por Procesos, ha devenido un instrumento basico para las organizaciones innovadoras, cuya vision sea trabajar en la gestion hospitalaria con valor anadido al paciente...

  7. Contenidos orientacionales para la preparación de los adolescentes para la convivencia intergeneracional

    Dania Ondina Feria-González


    multigeneracionales donde conviven adolescentes y personas ancianas y longevas. Abordó características relacionadas con estos grupos etáreos y recomendaciones para la orientación de los adolescentes y sus familias para la convivencia con personas ancianas y longevas. Se planteó la necesidad de que la orientación para la convivencia con personas ancianas y longevas se lleve a cabo mediante la contextualización de situaciones reales de las familias en el proceso de orientación familiar en la secundaria básica para influir en la educación en valores en los adolescentes como la solidaridad, el humanismo y la dignidad.

  8. Para que sirven los modos? Aplicacion pedagogica y propuestas practicas para la Didactica de la Musica

    Penalver Vilar, Jose Maria


    .... A la hora de elaborar el proyecto docente me cuestione a que nivel se debian presentar los aspectos relacionados con la modalidad y si este tipo de contenidos tendrian aplicacion para el futuro maestro de musica...

  9. Modelo estocástico multivariado para valuar opciones financieras

    Fuentes de Maria C., Marco A.


    La presente tesis expone un modelo multivariado estocástico para el proceso de precios de activos financieros, en particular, acciones, con el propósito de utilizarlo para la valuación de opciones.

  10. Operational Characteristics of Para-transit Modes in Akure, Nigeria ...

    Operational Characteristics of Para-transit Modes in Akure, Nigeria. ... PROMOTING ACCESS TO AFRICAN RESEARCH ... Data on the cogent indices of metering operations, attributes of operators and patrons of para-transit modes were ...

  11. Modelo estocástico multivariado para valuar opciones financieras

    Fuentes de Maria C., Marco A.


    La presente tesis expone un modelo multivariado estocástico para el proceso de precios de activos financieros, en particular, acciones, con el propósito de utilizarlo para la valuación de opciones.

  12. Estabilidad de supositorios de naproxeno para uso infantil y adulto

    Yania Suárez Pérez; Oscar García Pulpeiro; Mabert Placert Álvarez

    ... y química del analito en las nuevas formulaciones. Métodos: se realizó el estudio de estabilidad para formulaciones en fase de desarrollo de supositorios de naproxeno para uso infantil y adulto, teniendo en cuenta...


    Alejandro Robles Leal


    Full Text Available A partir de un breve repaso de las últimas reformas jurídicas al régimen electoral, tanto del Código Municipal como del Código Electoral, el artículo describe el nuevo sistema de financiamiento estatal que se ha dispuesto para apoyar económicamente a los partidos políticos que participan en los procesos electorales municipales y que, antes de la entrada en vigencia del nuevo Código Electoral, no existía. Haciendo énfasis en las características legales de ese nuevo sistema de financiamiento, a partir de las diferencias con el sistema de financiamiento estatal para los partidos políticos que participan en los procesos electorales nacionales, refiere la jurisprudencia del TSE en la materia, destacando que la primera resolución del Tribunal, que ordenó girar recursos del Estado, fue precisamente para un partido político inscrito en el nivel cantonal. Finalmente, partiendo de la tesis de que la ausencia de financiamiento estatal para los procesos electorales municipales constituyó una barrera para la profundización democrática costarricense, por lo que su inclusión representa un avance en el fortalecimiento de los derechos políticos de la ciudadanía, los autores concluyen con algunas recomendaciones de carácter legislativo, con el fin de fortalecer este régimen de financiamiento, principalmente por la vía de su sistematización y equiparación con el financiamiento para procesos electorales nacionales, con la expectativa de robustecer las plataformas partidarias y profundizar, así, nuestra cultura democrática en el nivel local. Se anexa cuadro con la lista de los partidos políticos a los que ya se ordenó girar el financiamiento indicado, que desglosa los montos totales y porcentuales, así como los montos que no pudieron ser liquidados y que regresan al erario.

  14. Aplicaciones de Kinect para neurohabilitación

    De la Fuente Garrido, David


    Kinect para Xbox 360, o simplemente Kinect es un dispositivo controlador para videojuegos desarrollado por Microsoft para la videoconsola Xbox 360, y desde junio del 2011 para PC con sistema operativo Windows 7 o Windows 8. Kinect permite a los usuarios controlar e interactuar con la consola sin necesidad de tener contacto físico con un controlador de videojuegos tradicional, mediante una interfaz natural de usuario que reconoce gestos, comandos de voz, y objetos e imágenes. La neurohabili...




    Full Text Available NORMAS PARA PUBLICACIÓN DE ARTÍCULOSLa revista Lámpsakos es una publicación semestral de la facultad de Ingenierías de la Fundación Universitaria Luis Amigó. Estádestinada a difundir, dentro y fuera del país, las realizaciones científicas, ingenieriles, tecnológicas y de innovación que se producen en las universidades y centros de investigación en el país y el exterior. Los aportes que se reciban para estudio de publicación deberán estar enmarcados en la normatividad fijada por la presente norma y aceptada por el Comité Editorial


    Castillejo, J.L.; A. J. Colom; P. Mª Alonso Pérez-Geta; Rodríguez Neira, T.; J. Sarramona; Touriñán, J. M.; G Vázquez


    El consumo es un fenómeno de gran peso en la vida actual de los países desarrollados y también de los que están en vías de desarrollo, sinónimo de felicidad y de estatus personal. Por todo ello el consumo merece ser objeto de la educación. En la educación para el consumo resulta clave la implicación familia- escuela, puesto que los padres marcan las primeras pautas en este terreno, junto al contexto social y los medios de comunicación. La educación para el consumo implica información, capacid...

  17. El donante vivo emparentado para trasplante renal

    Alfredo Gómez Sampera


    Full Text Available Se presentan los resultados obtenidos de 57 donantes emparentados a los cuales se les realizó nefrectomía unilateral, del estudio preoperatorio a que fueron sometidos, los principales aspectos de la técnica quirúrgica y los resultados de ésta, así como el seguimiento inmediato y a los 6 y 12 meses. Se consideran las ventajas y desventajas de este proceder. Se revisó la literatura médica con experiencias a largo plazo. Dos de los pacientes presentaron hipertensión arterial y en 3 la concentración de creatinina estaba elevada a los 12 meses de operados, cuyas causas y consecuencias posibles se analizan. Se concluye que este proceder es poco riesgoso para el donante y muy beneficioso para el receptor


    Domingo Tapia Avilés


    Full Text Available Según el Diccionario de la Real Academia Española capacitar es “Hacer a alguien apto, habilitarlo para algo”, por tanto, lo que persigue el proyecto Influencia de la capacitación especializada en el rendimiento de los empleados de la Universidad Laica Vicente Rocafuerte de  Guayaquil, es brindar a los miembros del personal que labora en ella, y en otras instituciones y empresas, las aptitudes y habilidades que lo vuelvan competentes en el desempeño de sus funciones. Con este fin, se busca implementar un Centro piloto de capacitación continua que tendrá como objetivo elaborar un Programa de mejoramiento permanente para la optimización administrativa de la ULVR de Guayaquil. La sociedad del conocimiento y la responsabilidad social de la Universidad, así lo imponen.

  19. para la república Argentina

    Adriana I. Hladki


    Full Text Available Se describen doce especies del género Xylaria que se citan por primera vez para la Argentina: Xylaria adscendens, X. allantoidea, X. coccophora, X. cubensis, X. fissilis, X. gracillima, X. luxurians, X. melanura, X. multiplex, X. myosurus, X. kretschmarioidea y X. pseudoapiculata. El registro de las últimas dos especies es el segundo a nivel mundial. Se describen por primera vez los estromas anamórficos o estériles obtenidos en cultivo de X. kretschmarioidea, X. luxurians y X. melanura, y los cultivos en agar-avena de X. pseudoapiculata. Se sinominiza X. torulosa con X. coccophora, y se citan nuevos sustratos u hospedantes para la mayoría de las especies.

  20. Alternativas fundamentales para cuantificar el riesgo operacional

    Ermilson Velasquez Ceballos; Luis Ceferino Franco Arbeláez


    El presente artículo es uno de los resultados de un proyecto de investigación financiado por la Universidad EAFIT en el año 2009. En el contexto del riesgo operacional, se hace un desarrollo formal de los métodos de Simulación Montecarlo, el algoritmo de recursión de Panjer y la Aproximación Analítica de Böcker y Klüppelberg, que son tres de las técnicas más utilizados para cuantificar ese riesgo en entidades financieras en el ámbito mundial. Luego se desarrolla una aplicación para un caso pr...

  1. Programas tutoriais para os cursos de enfermagem

    Rosita Saupe

    Full Text Available A implementação dos Projetos Político-Pedagógicos, impulsionada pelas políticas de educação e saúde, gerou a necessidade de incorporar à matriz curricular vários programas para atender aos interesses e necessidades emanados dos cursos de graduação. Um deles é o Programa Tutorial, destinado a amparar o aluno como sujeito da educação e do cuidado. Nessa perspectiva, este estudo objetiva contribuir com a proposição e avaliação de um modelo tutorial, que possa preencher as lacunas detectadas no processo de construção dos Projetos Político-Pedagógicos. Para tanto, o artigo descreve o modelo teórico idealizado, com vistas a sua inclusão nos cursos de graduação.

  2. Programas tutoriais para os cursos de enfermagem

    Saupe Rosita


    Full Text Available A implementação dos Projetos Político-Pedagógicos, impulsionada pelas políticas de educação e saúde, gerou a necessidade de incorporar à matriz curricular vários programas para atender aos interesses e necessidades emanados dos cursos de graduação. Um deles é o Programa Tutorial, destinado a amparar o aluno como sujeito da educação e do cuidado. Nessa perspectiva, este estudo objetiva contribuir com a proposição e avaliação de um modelo tutorial, que possa preencher as lacunas detectadas no processo de construção dos Projetos Político-Pedagógicos. Para tanto, o artigo descreve o modelo teórico idealizado, com vistas a sua inclusão nos cursos de graduação.

  3. Novos tempos para nossa jovem Tempus

    Ana Valéria Machado MENDONÇA


    Full Text Available A Revista Tempus Actas em Saúde Coletiva chega ao final de 2014 com muitos motivos para comemorar, muitas foram as vitórias, entre elas, o lançamento dos seus dois últimos números do ano. Ao lançarmos os Números 3 e 4, o primeiro nesta semana e o segundo na próxima, trazemos uma nova formatação visual, normativa e editorial, segundo as exigências da base de dados LILACS - Literatura Latino-Americana e do Caribe em Ciências da Saúde, um dos mais expressivosindexadoresda América Latina e Caribe.Isso mesmo, fomos avaliados positivamente e estamos a um passo de mais uma importante indexação para nosso periódico científico.

  4. Analgesia em modelo animal superior para ortopedia

    Oliveira MT, Maria Teresa; Potes, José Alberto; Queiroga, Cristina; Castro, José António; Pereira, Alfredo; Reis, Joana


    O teste de novos biomateriais para aplicações clínicas em ortopedia, ou noutras áreas da medicina, em modelos animais vivos e sencientes, em prol do benefício humano, deve ser objecto de planeamento cuidado e ponderado, dado o conflito ético que se coloca. Compete-nos a nós, enquanto investigadores, garantir que as condições de vida, saúde e bem-estar são asseguradas. O uso de ovinos como modelo superior pré-clínico, para investigação em Ortopedia, tem-se evidenciado devido às suas caracterís...

  5. Criterios para proyecto de sifones en colectores

    Galán Soraluce, Francisco


    Full Text Available Exposition of the criteria and ways to be developed, for the construction of siphons for large and little flow that can assure the cleanness of the horizontal lengths, carried out in Pamplona zone. These results can be reached fitting a reservoir at the entrance of the sewer to make periodical cleanliness and programming the working of the pipes.

    Se describen a continuación los criterios y el modo de desarrollarlos, utilizados en la Comarca de Pamplona para construir sifones para caudales grandes y pequeños, que tengan asegurada la limpieza de los tramos horizontales. Se consigue este resultado disponiendo un depósito junto a la cámara de entrada que asegura limpiezas periódicas, y programando el funcionamiento de las tuberías.


    Eliselma Vieira dos Santos


    Full Text Available Este artigo trata da utilização de métodos formais na especificação de topologias para redes em chip. As redes em chip apresentam similaridades com as redes tradicionais, entretanto, por estarem inseridas em sistemas embarcados apresentam características mais restritivas do ponto de vista de espaço, consumo de energia e latência. A topologia descreve o fluxo de dados através da rede e a estrutura física de como os dispositivos estão conectados, bem como, pode determinar o grau de escalabilidade e o desempenho de um sistema como todo. Este artigo apresenta especificações de topologias de redes em chip, relevantes para o projeto de sistemas embarcados, as quais poderão ser utilizadas no processo de síntese de alto nível.

  7. Programa de desarrollo de competencias para el aprendizaje a lo largo de la vida para estudiantes de educacion superior

    Martinez Mediano, Catalina; Rioperez Losada, Nuria; Lord, Susan M


    Introduccion. El aprendizaje a lo largo de la vida (ALV) es un aprendizaje intencional que involucra a las personas a lo largo de su vida para su desarrollo personal y profesional y para mejorar la calidad de su vida...


    Juan José Plata C.


    Full Text Available El artículo presenta una reflexión sobre el papel de las ciencias sociales en el mundo moderno, resaltando como los orígenes, principios y fundamentos que la sustentan, nos permiten orientar posibles soluciones en el actual conflicto social. Para lo anterior acudimos a una metodología descriptiva entre metáforas, conocimiento y desarrollo

  9. Ecuaciones de diferencias mejoradas para ecuaciones diferenciales

    Lick, Wilbert


    Se presenta en este artículo una resena sobre el uso del método integral para derivar ecuaciones de diferencias a partir de ecuaciones diferenciales. El método se aplica a varios tipos de ecuaciones diferenciales ordinarias correspondientes a problemas de valores de contorno y a problemas de valores iniciales, ilustrándose la utilidad del método con varios ejemplos sencillos. Peer Reviewed

  10. Unha fermosa historia para eloxiar a diferenza

    Silva, Sara Raquel Reis da


    Neste artigo, revisita-se uma narrativa "clássica contemporânea" vocacionada para os leitores mais novos, na qual se ficcionalizam, num registo assente na personificação e na simplicidade lexical, por exemplo, temáticas como a igualdade de género ou a condição feminina. CIEC - Centro de Investigação em Estudos da Criança, UM (UI 317 da FCT)

  11. para el tiro de aperos de labranza

    Ismael Pimentel Rivero


    Full Text Available Por la necesidad de ir logrando en el país niveles de sostenibilidad en la agricultura, que aseguren la conservación y eficiencia en el uso de los recursos disponibles, se proyecta un estudio de las fuentes energéticas que se utilizan en las tecnologías de labranza de suelos para condiciones de montaña, con el objetivo de evaluar el aprovechamiento de la fuerza de los animales durante el tiro de aperos de labranza, constituyendo esta una alternativa energética renovable, técnicamente aceptable, económicamente viable y socialmente deseable. La idea piloto comienza su desarrollo en el entorno de la Facultad de Agronomía de Montaña de San Andrés, en la Universidad de Pinar del Río, abarcando el valle de San Andrés con sus formas y sectores de producción característicos y proyectándose a la generalización en las áreas montañosas de la agricultura. Para el estudio se diseñó un experimento trifactorial donde se evaluaron parámetros como la velocidad de trabajo, resistencia al tiro y grado de fatiga o cansancio de los animales. De forma general se logró demostrar para las condiciones de montaña de San Andrés, los elementos que determinan la correcta formación de los conjuntos para la labor de aradura, garantizando su eficiencia energética, conservación del medio ambiente y factibilidad económica. De forma general con este trabajo se demostró la necesidad de reorientar la formación de conjuntos durante el uso de la energía animal en la agricultura de montaña

  12. Receptores para el virus de la rabia

    Jaime E. Castellanos


    Full Text Available El virus de la rabia causa una infección en el sistema nervioso que puede provocar la muerte. La patogenia y el neurotropismo de este virus han sido estudiados extensamente con el objeto de explicar el porque la letalidad de la enfermedad y proponer nuevas alternativas terapéuticas. El proceso de adsorción del virus a la célula bianco se considera un evento que define el neurotropismo del virus. Se piensa que debe existir una molécula en la superficie de las neuronas que une con alta afinidad al virus y da comienzo al proceso infeccioso. Durante los últimos años se han propuesto varias proteínas, carbohidratos y lipidos complejos, como receptores para el virus de rabia y se han hecho nuevas proposiciones de terapia antirreceptor. Además de los gangliósidos y fosfolípidos para los que se ha hallado evidencia sobre su participación en la adsorción del virus de la rabia, hay datos experimentales sobre la participación del receptor nicotinico de acetilcolina. la molécula de adhesión celular neural y el receptor de baja afinidad para neurotrofinas en la infección neurona1 En este articulo se hace una revisión de los datos que sustentan a cada una de las moléculas propuestas, se discuten sus implicaciones para la explicación del neurotropismo del virus de rabia y la exploración de nuevas terapias antivirales.




    Full Text Available Muchos procesos industriales son de naturaleza multivariada dado que la calidad de un producto depende de más de una variable. El control multivariado de procesos captura la relación en las variables asociadas al proceso, si se ignora esta correlación y se utilizan gráficos de control univariados para cada variable por separado se puede concluir erróneamente acerca del estado del proceso. En variables continuas correlacionadas se han realizado muchas investigaciones, sin embargo se encuentran pocos trabajos que traten sobre atributos correlacionados. En este trabajo se comparan tres cartas de control para variables aleatorias binomiales bivariadas, correlacionadas entre sí, las cuales miden atributos. Las cartas son: La carta de Hotelling basada en la aproximación de la distribución binomial multivariada a la distribución normal multivariada. La carta MNP la cual es una extensión de las cartas univariadas, y la carta que es una metodología no paramétrica basada en el índice de profundidad de Mahalanobis. La comparación se hace vía simulación utilizando como medida de comparación, la longitud promedio de racha (ARL. Dentro del trabajo se presenta un ejemplo aplicado de las metodologías para construir cartas de control para variables binomiales bivariadas en una empresa de telecomunicaciones. De los resultados se aprecia, en términos generales, que la carta MNP es la mejor tanto en control como fuera de control.

  14. La escuela para el siglo XXI

    Juan Delval


    Full Text Available Centro Europeo de Derecho La escuela para el siglo XXI Currículo: doctor en Filosofía. Catedrático de Psicología Evolutiva y Educación en la Univer- sidad Autónoma de Madrid. Sus líneas de investigación versan sobre el desarrollo del pen- samiento infantil, especialmente en lo relativo a la lógica, a la formación del pensamiento científico y a la construcción de nociones sociales, así como a su aplicación a la formación de conocimientos en la escuela. Trabaja también sobre la historia de la psicoLa escuela debería ser un lugar privilegiado para proporcionar una formación que permita participar plenamente en la vida ciudadana y democrática, pero pode- mos percibir hoy que existe una contradicción entre el tipo de educación que se proporciona en las escuelas, y el modelo de sociedad al que formalmente se aspira. Lo que tendríamos que conseguir es constituir escuelas que sean demo- cráticas y que preparen a los individuos para actuar como auténticos ciudadanos, y no como súbditos. ¿Cómo se hace?, ¿cómo podemos llegar hacia una escuela que cumpla esas funciones?, ¿qué tendríamos que hacer en las escuelas para poder encaminarnos hacia la formación de individuos que tengan este tipo de características? Si optamos por fomentar la existencia de individuos felices y au- tónomos hay que comenzar por emprender una serie de reformas.

  15. Plataforma e-learning para Phyton

    Martín Sánchez, Raquel


    El proyecto pretende realizar un aula virtual para que los alumnos, de una forma sencilla puedan realizar un curso de programación de Phyton. La comunicación entre el profesor y el alumno es directa. En dicha plataforma se podrán descargar temas, ejercicios y otros recursos que puedan facilitar el aprendizaje. Existen tres roles: administrador, profesor y alumno.

  16. Factores claves para iniciar una empresa

    Reyna, Irenarco Rueda


    RESUMENEl artículo presenta en forma esquemática los aspectos relevantes para la conformación de una empresa,  desde la planeación acertada, el mercado, los medios de producción,  personal y financiamiento. Resalta asimismo la importancia de las clasificaciones y características que debe tener el indicador  de negocios.

  17. Recogimientos para mujeres en Lima hasta 1650

    Martínez Alcalde, Lidia


    Full Text Available Analysis of the different institutions that were established in Peru during the Modem Age for attendance of women, with references to the qualities and evolution of each one of them.

    Análisis de las diferentes instituciones que se crean en el Perú en la Edad Moderna para la asistencia de mujeres, especificando las características y evolución de cada una de ellas.

  18. Apontamentos para uma leitura de Georg Simmel

    Simone Costa


    Full Text Available Este artigo tem por objetivo descrever e analisar algumas questões centrais para a compreensão do pensamento de Georg Simmel. Discute-se como esse importante expoente da sociologia alemã percebe a relação estabelecida entre os indivíduos e a sociedade e as influências que ele exerce sobre intelectuais como Max Weber e Erving Goffman.

  19. Arquitectura Organizacional para Soluciones Empresariales de Software

    Solangel Rodríguez Vázquez


    Full Text Available La arquitectura organizacional para soluciones empresariales de software es un modelo organizativo que tiene como objetivo contribuir a elevar la productividad de los procesos y el empleo adecuado de los recursos humanos de una organización productiva de software. Para la elaboración de la arquitectura se tuvo en cuenta los problemas en el flujo de trabajo actual, las deficiencias referentes a la distribución de roles, la inadecuada gestión del tiempo y la escasa utilización de componentes de software. Dicha arquitectura cuenta con una estructura formada por cinco entidades o componentes organizacionales las cuales son: la entidad Inteligencia, Gerencia de proyecto, Personas, Repositorio y Proceso. En cada una de ellas se organiza el trabajo a desarrollar a partir de procesos y actividades establecidas lo que ajusta el modelo a su objetivo fundamental para obtener productos con la calidad requerida. Estos procesos están concebidos para que sigan una línea de desarrollo que permita el buen funcionamiento entre las entidades. Es muy importante en este ámbito la comunicación, interacción e integración entre los componentes organizacionales ya que el trabajo de cada uno depende de los demás. Dicha arquitectura de factoría permite ser adaptado a cualquier organización o empresa teniendo en cuenta sus particularidades además de responsabilizar e identificar a los recursos humanos con su trabajo.

  20. Factores claves para iniciar una empresa

    Irenarco Rueda Reyna


    Full Text Available RESUMEN El artículo presenta en forma esquemática los aspectos relevantes para la conformación de una empresa,  desde la planeación acertada, el mercado, los medios de producción,  personal y financiamiento. Resalta asimismo la importancia de las clasificaciones y características que debe tener el indicador  de negocios.

  1. El modelo Biasca para transformar la empresa

    Rodolfo Eduardo Biasca


    Full Text Available Basado en su experiencia en el campo de la consultoría en América Latina, el autor propone un modelo para evaluar la transformación de las empresas, cuyos componentes básicos son: 1 evaluación del cambio que necesita la empresa competitiva, 2 mejoramiento cuantitativo, 3 mejoramiento incremental, 4 revolución o cambio discontinuo y 5 evolución o cambio continuo.

  2. Controlador empotrado para PBX de ocho abonados

    René Yañes de la Rivera


    Full Text Available Normal 0 21 false false false ES X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Tabla normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-priority:99; mso-style-qformat:yes; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0cm 5.4pt 0cm 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0cm; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:11.0pt; font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif"; mso-ascii-font-family:Calibri; mso-ascii-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-fareast-font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-fareast-theme-font:minor-fareast; mso-hansi-font-family:Calibri; mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-bidi-theme-font:minor-bidi;} Como parte del Proyecto Ramal del MIC “Plataforma de Conmutación de Paquetes”, previsto para el desarrollo de productos y tecnologías de origen cubano en el campo de la telefonía, se ha trabajado en el desarrollo de una central telefónica privada (PBX basada en el diseño digital con lógica programable. En el presente artículo se propone el diseño de un controlador de llamada empotrado para la atención de ocho abonados que constituye uno de los bloques fundamentales de dicha PBX. El controlador, desarrollado en VHDL y empotrado en un FPGA Cyclone II de Altera,  permite a través de dos tarjetas de abonado previamente desarrolladas, generar toda la señalización de abonado y establecer hasta cuatro conversaciones simultáneas.

  3. Ecuaciones de diferencias mejoradas para ecuaciones diferenciales

    Lick, Wilbert


    Se presenta en este artículo una resena sobre el uso del método integral para derivar ecuaciones de diferencias a partir de ecuaciones diferenciales. El método se aplica a varios tipos de ecuaciones diferenciales ordinarias correspondientes a problemas de valores de contorno y a problemas de valores iniciales, ilustrándose la utilidad del método con varios ejemplos sencillos. Peer Reviewed

  4. Diagnóstico molecular para Leishmaniasis

    Ysabel Montoya


    Full Text Available El potencial diagnóstico de epitopes inmunodominantes seleccionados fue ensayado satisfactoriamente a fin de obtener una prueba serodiagnóstica alternativa para la Leishmaniasis Tegumentaria Americana. Dos proteínas recombinantes prometedoras de L. (v. peruviana referidas como T-26-U2/T26-U4 fueron reconocidas por sueros individuales de pacientes con Leishmaniasis Tegumentaria Americana usando Western Blot. La sensibilidad de la prueba fue de 86% con sueros permanentes con Leishmaniasis peruana.

  5. Recomendaciones para la vigilancia de Aedes aegypti

    Roberto Barrera


    Full Text Available La enfermedades causadas por arbovirus transmitidos por Aedes aegypti, como el dengue, el chikungunya y el zika, continúan aumentando en incidencia anual y expansión geográfica. Una limitación clave para el control de A. aegypti ha sido la ausencia de herramientas eficaces para vigilar su población y poder determinar las medidas de control que realmente funcionan. La vigilancia de A. aegypti se ha basado principalmente en la obtención de los índices aédicos, los cuales guardan poca relación con el número de hembras del mosquito, que son las responsables de la transmisión de los virus. El reciente desarrollo de técnicas de muestreo de adultos de este vector promete facilitar las labores de vigilancia y control. En esta revisión se presentan las diversas técnicas de vigilancia del mosquito, así como una discusión sobre su utilidad, con recomendaciones para lograr una vigilancia entomológica más efectiva.

  6. Cuestionarios Interactivos para Autoevaluación

    Sánchez García, Juan Francisco


    Full Text Available La autoevaluación es un instrumento valioso para que el propio alumno pueda medir el grado de conocimientos adquiridos de la materia en cuestión, al tiempo sirve para adiestrarlo en el tipo de prueba que se utilizará posteriormente en el examen. Por otro lado, dado que en la adaptación al Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior (E3S tiene particular importancia la labor realizada por el propio alumno, los pruebas de autoevalución adquieren, si cabe, una mayor relevancia. Por todo ello, hemos elaborado unos test interactivos con hoja de calculo, para cubrir el doble propósito de evaluar los conocimientos alcanzados por nuestros alumnos, relativos tanto a la materia, como al manejo en sí de la propia herramienta informática de la hoja de cálculo. Se muestran ejemplos concretos relacionados con las matemáticas y la hoja de cálculo Excel.

  7. ficios del ecoturismo para los destinos

    Francisco Orgaz Agüera


    Full Text Available El turismo se configura como una de las principales ramas económicas a nivel mundial. En este sentido, han ido apareciendo nuevas tipologías turísticas que tienen como finalidad mejorar el desa rrollo socioeconómico de la comunidad local y la conservación de los recursos naturales. Así, el ecoturismo es una de estas tipologías turísticas con tales ca racterísticas. El objetivo de esta investigación es analizar los diferentes impactos positivos o beneficios que genera el desarrollo de la actividad ecotur ística para un destino. La metodología ha consistido en una revisión de la lite ratura científica. Los resultados muestran que existen numerosos beneficios para lo s destinos, pero solo, si la actividad ecoturística se desarrolla de forma adecua da, teniendo en cuenta la importancia de los agentes o stakeholders locales para la correcta planificación del ecoturismo en el destino.


    Jorge F. Coronel


    Full Text Available En este trabajo se relacionó la práctica experimental de laboratorio co n el análisis de problemas ambientales. El objetivo de este trabajo es analizar una propuesta que vinculó el trabajo experimental con la situación del ambiente local para promover el cuidado de la naturaleza y su uso con sostenibilidad . Esta estrategia brindó un enfoque integrador aportando a los alumnos de profesorado una alternativa de aprendizaje con exper iencias sencillas para el estudio cualitativo de l ambiente local y motivar a l análisis de problemas asociad o s. Las experiencias permitieron caracterizar las muestras de suelo, agua y aire del lugar de residencia de los alumnos. La información experimental obtenida potenció la discusión de la situación ambiental actual. E l enfoque de enseñanza basado en problemas socio - científicos posibilit ó la visión interdisciplinar del tema , redimensionando valores y acciones para el cuidado ambiental y el desarrollo sustentable.


    Claudia Urrea Giraldo


    Full Text Available Con el presente ensayo se busca compartir la experiencia de aprendizaje diseñada y desarrollada por un grupo interdisciplinario de profesores y profesoras de la Universidad de Costa Rica. La actividad contó con la participación de docentes de distintas disciplinas académicas. La propuesta se concretó en un taller que utilizó el lenguaje de programación Scratch y las tarjetas Pico, como oportunidad para modelar un ambiente de aprendizaje construccionista. Ideas poderosas, espacios y herramientas se pusieron a disposición de los y las participantes para la construcción de historias digitales, modelos y simulaciones. El objetivo final fue que los y las profesoras pudieran vivenciar, a través de una experiencia práctica, el ambiente de aprendizaje construccionista, las ideas y las herramientas, para que más adelante las pudieran extrapolar en sus propias disciplinas y cursos.

  10. Los consorcios exportadores: Estrategia para vender extralocalmente

    Margot Cajigas Romero


    Full Text Available Bajo el título Los consorcios exportadores: Estrategia para vender extralocalmente,se expone cómo a través de una investigación exploratoria, realizada mediante la interacción de empresarios en una mesa de trabajo, cumplida con reuniones periódicas por más de un año, se consigue diseñar un sistema de unión entre empresas locales, para que vendan sus productos en mercados seleccionados de Colombia y algunas otrasnaciones. El comercio internacional no es unjuego de suma cero, es dable encontrar mercados externos dónde venderlos productos de economías en desarrollo, el primer mercado donde se debe competir es el propio mercado nacional y los empresarios aceptan organizarse para buscar vender en mercados seleccionados de Colombia y el mundo mediante la estrategia Coexco(Comercializadoras Extralocales de Colombia es el mensaje último del artículo.

  11. un reto para el desarrollo rural sostenible

    María Enriqueta Cózar Valero


    Full Text Available Tras el éxodo rural masivo que marcó las décadas de los años cincuenta a los setenta, el abandono del medio rural ha continuado, con menor intensidad, aunque con una participación femenina cada vez más dominante. Este abandono de las áreas rurales, junto con los cambios en las pautas de comportamiento demográficas y sociales de las mujeres rurales en las dos últimas décadas del siglo XX, podría comprometer el desarrollo sostenible del medio rural granadino, tan necesario para frenar la despoblación que viene sufriendo desde mediados del siglo pasado. Este artículo se centra en el análisis de las variables sociodemográficas que permiten conocer tanto las oportunidades como las limitaciones que enfrentan las mujeres rurales a comienzos del siglo XXI, así como las opciones para que contribuyan al desarrollo de sus lugares de origen. La base territorial usada en este artículo se corresponde con las agrupaciones municipales que se han formado para acceder a las subvenciones de la iniciativa LEADER PLUS y del programa PRODER A.

  12. Coherencia curricular y oportunidades para aprender Ciencias

    Marcela Ruiz Zúñiga


    Full Text Available Se determinó la coherencia curricular entre oportunidades de aprendizaje y habilidades científicas ofrecidas por un texto escolar chileno y por las actividades de aula en 5º grado asociadas al contenido "Fuerza". Se realizó un análisis discursivo de la unidad didáctica del texto y de las actividades con el fin de construir matrices de contenido para tópicos y habilidades; la medición de coherencia curricular se realizó a través del índice de Porter para la coherencia. Los resultados muestran que el texto escolar promueve más observación (24.2% y menos ordenamiento de la información (0.95%. En las clases, predominó repetición de contenidos de manera oral y escrita (66.8% y menos análisis de hipótesis (1.6%. El índice de Porter entre el texto y el aula fue 0.360, entre el texto y el marco curricular fue 0.267. Se concluye que el texto y las clases ofrecen leves oportunidades para el desarrollo de las habilidades científicas.

  13. A leitura: um passaporte para a vida

    Armindo Teixeira Mesquita


    Full Text Available Nas sociedades actuais, a capacidade para usar material escrito é indispensável ao acesso a todo tipo de informação, tornando o uso da leitura cada vez mais necessário à participação real do cidadão em actividades produtivas e colectivas, porque ajuda a formar seres pensantes. O contacto com os livros deve ser iniciado o mais cedo possível, não só pelo manuseio, como também pela história contada ou pelos jogos rítmicos. Com efeito, na idade da infância, toda a energia do indivíduo é dirigida para a construção da sua identidade. Logo, as primeiras leituras entram no período da formação e da fundação, isto é, consignamos à leitura uma grande força de desenvolvimento pessoal. Os livros, para além de auxiliares na aprendizagem do mundo, formam o leitor no gosto. Formar o gosto e possibilitar escolhas são realidades fundamentais na vida adulta.

  14. Rehacer los caminos para otros mundos posibles

    Jaime Alberto Rendón Acevedo


    Full Text Available Se ha generado un ambiente de fracaso de las propuestas y acciones que desde la izquierda o desde sectores progresistas se hicieron en América Latina y más precisamente en Sur América. Un embate político sobre las alternativas al modelo neoliberal que se lograron instaurar en América Latina en los últimos 15 años. Este artículo contribuye a un debate que apenas comienza; una discusión en torno a los futuros posibles y al papel de los sectores progresistas y de izquierda en un continente que cada día cobra mayor importancia para los intereses de la geopolítica y la geoeconomía mundial. Para esto se empieza por analizar la coyuntura, obviamente con una perspectiva histórica, de tal manera que se posibilite entender el giro a la derecha o si se prefiere el retorno al modelo neoliberal. Luego el análisis tomará perspectivas de futuro, en donde los riesgos necesariamente aumentan para la Región por ser más visible y de mayor peso ante las presiones internacionales que ya ven en Sur América un actor importante. Por último, se presentan algunas reflexiones frente a los procesos económicos y políticos de cara al Buen Vivir en la América Latina.

  15. Competencia para desarrollar la alfabetización digital

    González Rodríguez, José Santiago; Navarrete Aguirre, Mariana; Molina Zacate, Ma. Gabriela


    Introducción, Objetivos Generales, Temario: (1) ¿Qué significa la competencia para desarrollar la alfabetización digital? (2) ¿Por qué es relevante que adquiera la competencia para desarrollar la alfabetización digital en mi formación? (3) ¿Cómo aprendo la competencia para desarrollar la alfabetización digital? (4) ¿Cómo aplico la competencia para desarrollar la alfabetización digital? (5) ¿Cómo puedo autoevaluar mi competencia para desarrollar la alfabetización digital (...

  16. Competencia para desarrollar la alfabetización digital

    González Rodríguez, José Santiago; Navarrete Aguirre, Mariana; Molina Zacate, Ma. Gabriela


    Introducción, Objetivos Generales, Temario: (1) ¿Qué significa la competencia para desarrollar la alfabetización digital? (2) ¿Por qué es relevante que adquiera la competencia para desarrollar la alfabetización digital en mi formación? (3) ¿Cómo aprendo la competencia para desarrollar la alfabetización digital? (4) ¿Cómo aplico la competencia para desarrollar la alfabetización digital? (5) ¿Cómo puedo autoevaluar mi competencia para desarrollar la alfabetización digital (...

  17. Labbtex: Toolbox para generación de informes en LATEX para Matlab

    José Luis Almazán Gárate


    Full Text Available En este artículo se presenta el software desarrollado por el Equipo H3lite dentro del Departamento de Ingeneniería Civil. Transportes de la Escuela de Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid para la generación de informes enLATEX mediante el software Matlab® y la integración en sus rutinas, Labbtex.La librería Labbtex proporciona un marco flexible para mezclar texto y código Matlab® para la generación automática de documentos. Un rchivo fuente simple contiene el texto de documentación y el código Matlab, al correr la aplicación se genera un documento final LATEX que contiene el texto, gráficos y tablas indicados con el formato de un documento LATEX. El código Matlab genera un documento LATEX usando la sintaxis. Así, LATEX (para composición de texto de alta calidad y Matlab® (para cálculo matemático pueden usarse simultáneamente. Esto permite la generación de informes en tiempo real con un uso de recursos mínimo.

  18. EL AHORRO PARA EL RETIRO. Una reflexión para México

    F. Alejandro Villagómez


    Full Text Available Desde hace tiempo existe una señalada preocupación entre académicos y autoridades en muchos países sobre si los individuos están realizando el ahorro necesario para su fase de retiro. La evidencia empírica muestra que en los países desarrollados no es así, y lo mismo indica la poca evidencia disponible para países en desarrollo. En este trabajo se hace una revisión de la literatura teórica sobre este tema, en particular del modelo de ciclo de vida, así como de otros planteamientos que contribuyen a explicar el fenómeno. Se hace hincapié en el caso mexicano y para ello se ofrece la escasa evidencia disponible sobre el ahorro para el retiro de su población y se muestra que éste no es adecuado en la mayoría de los casos. Se concluye con algunas reflexiones útiles para diseñar políticas públicas que permitan enfrentar este problema

  19. Procedimiento para el cierre de canteras de materiales para construcción en Cuba

    Julio Montero-Matos


    Full Text Available Con el propósito de facilitar a los concesionarios de canteras de materiales para la construcción una herramienta metodológica para efectuar el cierre de estas y garantizar una minería sostenible se propuso un procedimiento en seis etapas a partir del diagnóstico realizado en 22 canteras, ubicadas en tres regiones mineras cubanas. El procedimiento busca disminuir los impactos ambientales provocados por la explotación de las canteras y ofrecer a la industria un estándar para lograr uniformidad en la planificación y ejecución del cierre con un costo mínimo.

  20. Metodología para el desarrollo de Hidrolizados Proteicos para Medios de Cultivo en Cuba.

    Raisa Zhurbenko


    La metodología incluyó elementos científico-técnicos, de Buenas Prácticas de Laboratorio y de Manufactura y las normas ISO 9000 del 2000, entre otros. Se desarrollaron 12 bases nutritivas por nuevos métodos, que cumplen con los requisitos de calidad exigidos para estos productos. La composición físico-química, de minerales y aminoácidos, así como su reactividad biológica posibilitaron su empleo en más de 20 medios de cultivo diferentes para el control de calidad sanitaria de los alimentos. Más de 15 toneladas se han obtenido para el mantenimiento del Sistema de Vigilancia Epidemiológica del país.

  1. Objeto de aprendizaje para la formación docente orientado a desarrollar competencias para usar recursos educativos abiertos

    Ahabael LUGO LÓPEZ; Lozano Martínez, Fernando Gustavo; Ramírez Montoya, María Soledad


    1. Introducción; 2. Referente teórico; 2.1 Competencias docentes; 2.2 Definición y características de los Recursos Educativos Abiertos; 2.3 Competencias para usar recursos educativos abiertos para la práctica educativa; 2.4 Objetos de aprendizaje abiertos; 3. Marco metodológico; 3.1 Descripción del objeto de aprendizaje para desarrollar competencias para usar recursos educativos abiertos para la práctica educativa; 3.2 Competencias didácticas del objeto; 3.3 Componentes tecnológicos del objet...

  2. La estrategia educativa 2020 o las limitaciones del Banco Mundial para promover el "aprendizaje para todos"

    Antoni Verger


    Full Text Available LA NUEVA Estrategia Educativa 2020 del Banco Mundial establece las prioridades de reforma educativa en países en vías de desarrollo para la década siguiente. El título explícito de la estrategia, Aprendizaje para Todos, es un claro reconocimiento de que, más allá de políticas centradas en el acceso, se debe hacer algo más para asegurar que la educación derive en experiencias positivas de aprendizaje. Sin embargo, como este artículo sostiene, las opciones de políticas explícitas y latentes en la Estrategia 2020 no son las más adecuadas para lograr el Aprendizaje para Todos. El artículo desarrolla tres tipos de argumentos al respecto. El primero se refiere al fuerte apego del Banco a un conocimiento disciplinario y un enfoque metodológico que es insuficiente para entender lo que aprenden los niños en la escuela y por qué. El segundo argumento se refiere al sesgo pro-mercado de la Estrategia por lo que respecta a la reforma del sector público y a nuevas formas de oferta educativa. En tercer lugar, el artículo señala las principales ausencias de la Estrategia, con especial atención a las omisiones relacionadas con la compleja relación entre educación y pobreza.

  3. Sistema soporte para la asignación de agua para riego y otros usos.

    Jaramillo Alvarez, Patricia; Smith Quintero, Ricardo Agustín


    Se presenta un sistema soporte para el problema específico de asignación de agua para riego y otros usos en una cuenca, cuando se pretende alcanzar múltiples objetivos en conflicto. El sistema facilita hacer decisiones respecto al regadío, considerando la eficiencia, la aplicación técnicamente óptima de riego y adopción de cultivos, bajo el concepto de sostenibilidad, eficiencia social y económica. Permite además incorporar otros usos del recurso hídrico como por ejemplo el uso doméstico....

  4. Un criterio para seleccionar operadores genéticos para resolver CSP

    Riff Rojas, María Cristina


    Nuestro interés es definir algoritmos evolucionistas para la resolución de problemas de satisfacción de restricciones (CSP), los cuales tomen en cuenta tanto las ventajas de los métodos tradicionales de resolución de CSP, así como las características propias de este tipo de problemas. En este contexto, se propone en el presente artículo un criterio para poder evaluar la performance de los operadores gen'eticos dentro de algoritmos evolucionistas que resuelven CSP.

  5. Análisis de alimentos para el ganado, instrucciones para la toma de muestras



    La alimentación del ganado constituye uno de los aspectos claves en la rentabilidad de las explotaciones ganaderas. A tal efecto, esta guía ofrece a los ganaderos interesados aspectos básicos a tener en cuenta para efectuar una correcta toma de muestras así como los parámetros esenciales para el diseño posterior de racionamiento. Livestock's feed constitutes one of the key aspects in the profitability of livestock farms. With this in mind, this guide offers cattle farmers the basic factors...

  6. Metodología para el desarrollo de Hidrolizados Proteicos para Medios de Cultivo en Cuba.

    Raisa Zhurbenko; Claudio Rodríguez Martínez


    Se desarrolló una nueva metodología para la obtención, desde escala de laboratorio, hasta la producción industrial en serie, de hidrolizados y extractos de proteínas para su empleo en calidad de bases nutritivas en los medios de cultivo microbiológicos. La metodología incluyó elementos científico-técnicos, de Buenas Prácticas de Laboratorio y de Manufactura y las normas ISO 9000 del 2000, entre otros. Se desarrollaron 12 bases nutritivas por nuevos métodos, que cumplen con los requisitos d...

  7. Estórias para um turismo slow. Contributos para o marketing na Serra Algarvia

    Jesus, Ana Beatriz Bernardo de


    Dissertação de Mestrado, Marketing, Faculdade de Economia, Universidade do Algarve, 2016 Esta dissertação, desenvolvida no âmbito do Mestrado em Marketing da Faculdade de Economia da Universidade do Algarve, apresenta uma investigação cujo principal objetivo é a recolha de estórias que possam vir a contribuir para o posterior desenvolvimento de produtos slow no âmbito de uma estratégia de marketing para a Serra Algarvia. Trata-se de uma investigação de natureza exploratória e desenvolvi...




    El presente plan de negocio analiza la viabilidad del proyecto empresarial de una Agencia de Marketing online, especialmente relacionado con el mercado Chino. Se ofrecerá a los clientes servicios marketing para introducir y/o establecer al mercado chino, tanto para mercado chino en China o en España. El proyecto surge de la tendencia del sector y la experiencia personal. El sector de marketing es un campo en permanente crecimiento y renovación, donde el perfil de clientes incorpora progres...

  9. Software educativo para enfermería

    Mac Gaul de Jorge, Marcia Ivonne


    Full Text Available El presente trabajo relata la experiencia de investigación del proyecto investigación del proyecto Nº 1531 del CIUNSa, "Software Educativo para Enfermería del Adulto". El equipo integra a enfermeras, quienes en el año 2003 elaboraron un material que responde a la realidad epidemiológica de nuestro país, marcadamente diferente a textos clásicos provenientes de otras regiones del mundo. Convencidos que las universidades deben dar respuestas a los problemas regionales, se están desarrollando materiales educativos que, aprovechan las ventajas que la Informática brinda (altamente interactivos y que pueden actualizarse permanentemente. Esta investigación está finalizando su etapa diagnóstica, la cual posee dos objetivos específicos para el desarrollo del producto software: uno tendiente a indagar las competencias de los alumnos de Ciencias de la Salud con relación al uso de materiales educativos informatizados; el otro, modelar el sistema informático del cual serán usuarios los alumnos y docentes, para lo cual se están realizando actividades de Ingeniería de Requerimientos que permitan establecer el contexto en el que se utilizará el software desarrollado. Creemos que el estudio diagnóstico culminado sitúa a nuestros alumnos en la misma sintonía de los desarrolladores. Sus expectativas por un recurso efectivamente didáctico coinciden con nuestras directrices de diseño.

  10. La Escucha Efectiva. Recomendaciones para lograrla.

    Mariano Álvarez Farfán


    Full Text Available La comunicación es y seguirá siendo una condición de la existencia humana. Aún avanzando por las sendas del siglo XXI es imposible vivir sin dedicarle atención priorizada a este proceso. Dentro de él un lugar primordial lo ocupa la habilidad de escuchar. Saber escuchar es una de las habilidades más importantes que debe tener un profesional e incluso cualquier persona común de la sociedad. En los últimos años los especialistas han venido dedicando una atención especial a esta habilidad, dándole un tratamiento relativamente independiente dentro de los estudios sobre el proceso de comunicación. En investigaciones realizadas sobre las habilidades que debe tener todo buen comunicador se ha determinado que la más necesaria y difícil de lograr es la de saber escuchar. Realmente pasamos más tiempo escuchando que hablando, pero no son muchos los que se pueden calificar como buenos oyentes. Los estudiosos del tema a nivel mundial coinciden también que desarrollar esta habilidad requiere, de una gran voluntad y disposición hacia el cambio de enfoques, conductas y formas de ver las cosas, porque solo hay una manera de lograrlo y es luchando desde “dentro” del individuo. En el trabajo se ofrecen diferentes opiniones y enfoques que pueden contribuir a desarrollar esta habilidad tan importante, para el trabajo profesional y para las relaciones interpersonales. Se enfatiza en los beneficios que reporta una buena escucha, qué entender por una buena escucha o escucha efectiva y las recomendaciones para lograr esa escucha efectiva.

  11. Hacer para pensar: ideas, espacios y herramientas

    Miranda Garnier, Ximena


    Full Text Available Resumen: Con el presente ensayo se busca compartir la experiencia de aprendizaje diseñada y desarrollada por un grupo interdisciplinario de profesores y profesoras de la Universidad de Costa Rica. La actividad contó con la participación de docentes de distintas disciplinas académicas. La propuesta se concretó en un taller que utilizó el lenguaje de programación Scratch y las tarjetas Pico,como oportunidad para modelar un ambiente de aprendizaje construccionista. Ideas poderosas, espacios y herramientas se pusieron a disposición de los y las participantes para la construcción de historias digitales, modelos y simulaciones. El objetivo final fue que los y las profesoras pudieran vivenciar, a través de una experiencia práctica, el ambiente de aprendizaje construccionista, las ideas y las herramientas, para que más adelante las pudieran extrapolar en sus propias disciplinas y cursos.Abstract: With this essay we intend to share a learning experience designed for and developed with an interdisciplinary group of faculty at the University of Costa Rica. Scratch programming language and Pico Boards supported this opportunity to experience a constructionist environment, where powerful ideas, spaces and tools were available for participants to design and construct their own digital stories, models and simulations. The final goal was that participants would experience, through a practical experience, the constructionist learning environment and the tools available, so that they could, in the future, extrapolate the knowledge they constructed in their own disciplines and classes.

  12. Para no olvidar el comentario de texto.

    Rúben López.


    Full Text Available ¿Qué es comentar?El Diccionario de la Real Academia Española enuncia que la noción de “comentario” tiene tres sentidos: 1 Escrito que sirve de explicación de una obra, para que se entienda más fácilmente. 2 Juicio, parecer, mención o consideración que se hace, oralmente o por escrito, acerca de una persona o cosa. 3 Título que se da a algunas historias escritas en estilo conciso.

  13. Notas para los Colaboradores del Index Botanicorum

    Verdoorn Frans


    Full Text Available EL INDEX BOTANICORUM: -Al discutir la necesidad de un diccionario biográfico de los botánicos del mundo y de todos los tiempos. JAMES BRITTEN (J. Bot. 39: 394. 1901 afirma: “Este formaría un compendio manual y útil no solamente de biografías botánicas sino de investigación botánica y sería de valor incalculable para el historiador y el estudiante” En el siguiente artículo se habla de las pautas que deben seguir los colaboradores del Index Botanicarum al escribir en dicho diccionario.

  14. Para um perfil do idoso-andarilho

    Claudia Lysia de Oliveira Araújo


    Full Text Available O termo envelhecimento é frequentemente empregado para descrever as mudanças morfofuncionais que ocorrem ao longo da vida humana, após a maturação sexual e que, progressivamente, comprometem a capacidade de resposta dos indivíduos ao estresse ambiental e à manutenção da homeostasia. Na condição de pessoas em envelhecimento avançado e de vida fragilizada, são encontrados muitos idosos-andarilhos por estradas e ruas das cidades brasileiras. Definimos aqui andarilho como a pessoa que vive fora do lar, em um cotidiano muito simples, miserável até, afastado de relações familiares e sociais mais próximas, distanciados do sentido de uma vida dita normal. A falta deste sentido de vida, a que se alia o preconceito da sociedade, têm sido fatores que levam à estigmatização desses idosos abandonados, fazendo-os a acreditar que a rua é o único lugar que lhes resta para viver. O objetivo deste estudo foi conhecer os motivos que conduzem um idoso a se tornar andarilho, tendo sido realizado nos albergues das cidades do Vale do Paraíba, no Estado de São Paulo. O universo desta experiência foram alguns idosos sem moradia, independentemente de gênero. Identificamos, neste estudo, os idosos encontrados não por seus nomes reais, mas por meio da denominação dada a pedras preciosas. Eles relataram ter profissão, embora vivam sós, perambulando pelas ruas das citadas regiões urbanas. Quanto aos problemas de saúde, os idosos aqui entrevistados referiram alguma patologia, ainda que nenhum deles fizesse tratamento ou visitasse médico regularmente, por não disporem de documentos. Os relatos desses idosos-andarilhos apontam para uma condição de sobrevivência fragilizada, comprometida por se tornarem muito vulneráveis, susceptíveis a agressões externas, o que agudiza cada vez mais sua exclusão familiar e social. Por fim, verifica-se que eles ainda sonham em voltar ao lar e recomeçar a vida ao lado da própria família.

  15. Plan de ventas para FDF en Colombia

    Pinedo Molina, Jainer Mauricio


    Para muchas compañías el éxito en sus resultados comerciales está dado en gran medida por la elaboración y ejecución de un Plan de Ventas -- Es igualmente importante estar monitoreando la aplicación de las acciones planteadas, el avance en el logro de los objetivos y los ajustes que se deben realizar ante los cambios sucedidos en el entorno y la situación de la empresa; además de atender las nuevas necesidades del mercado -- Entender las variables del entorno, controlables y no controlables, ...

  16. Un sistema de saneamiento para Madrid

    Sánchez, Félix Cristóbal


    The Full Sanitation Plan for Madrid is the final action of a series undertaken for several years with the purpose to reach the completion of the sanitation system of the town. With the whole of these actions it could be said that the basic substructure has acquired enough level to deserve de real needs of the town.El Plan de Saneamiento Integral de Madrid representaba la culminación de una serie de acciones emprendidas, durante varios años, para conseguir que la ciudad completase su sistema d...

  17. Modelos de datos para datos espaciales

    Vitturini, Mercedes; Fillottrani, Pablo Rubén; Castro, Silvia Mabel


    El desarrollo de tecnologías de recolección y digitalización de datos geográficos junto con la nueva demanda de visualización, manipulación interactiva y análisis de los resultados, ha generado la necesidad de un nuevo tipo de software dedicado, denominados GIS. Las Bases de Datos Espaciales en sus diferentes modalidades son una parte integral de los GIS: proveen capacidades para representar, almacenar y acceder a los datos, además de resolver los problemas de control de concurrencia, manejo ...

  18. Condutas para o trabalho de parto prematuro

    Bittar,Roberto Eduardo; Carvalho,Mário Henrique Burlacchini de; Zugaib, Marcelo


    O parto prematuro é a principal causa de morbidade e mortalidade neonatal. Cerca de 75% dos nascimentos prematuros são decorrentes do trabalho de parto espontâneo. A patogenia do parto prematuro espontâneo é complexa e o sucesso do seu manejo depende da pesquisa cuidadosa dos riscos maternos e fetais para dar continuidade ou não à gestação. O objetivo deste artigo é fazer uma revisão do diagnóstico do trabalho de parto prematuro, tocólise, corticoterapia, tratamento antibiótico e assistência ...

  19. Diretrizes brasileiras para o tratamento da narcolepsia

    Alóe, Flávio; ALVES, Rosana Cardoso; Araújo, John F.; Azevedo, Alexandre; Bacelar, Andrea; Bezerra,Márcio; Bittencourt, Lia Rita Azeredo; BUSTAMANTE, Guilherme; CARDOSO, Tania Aparecida Marchiori de Oliveira; ECKELI, Alan L.; Fernandes, Regina Maria França; Goulart, Leonardo; Pradella-Hallinan,Márcia; Hasan,Rosa; Sander, Heidi Haueisen


    Este artigo relata as conclusões da reunião de consenso da Associação Brasileira de Sono com médicos especialistas brasileiros sobre o tratamento da narcolepsia, baseado na revisão dos artigos sobre narcolepsia publicados entre 1980 e 2010. Os objetivos do consenso são valorizar o uso de agentes avaliados em estudos randomizados placebo-controlados, emitir recomendações de consenso para o uso de outras medicações e informar pontos importantes a respeito da segurança e efeitos adversos das med...

  20. Receptores de radio monochip para FM

    Miguel López, José María


    Este libro aborda de forma estructurada tanto los aspectos de diseño como los de realización de receptores de radio para la banda de FM. Tras unos primeros capítulos dedicados al estudio de las propiedades de la modulación de frecuencia y de los circuitos básicos que configuran un receptor de radio, se desarrolla un minucioso análisis de los circuitos integrados TDA7000/10/21. Paso a paso se muestra cómo diseñar con estos circuitos receptores de FM que, al requerir muy pocos ajustes, puede...

  1. Infraestructura privada: Diez mandamientos para su sostenibilidad

    Antonio Vives


    La pérdida de calidad de los servicios de infraestructura asociada con la participación del sector público llevaron en la década de los 70 al comienzo de una ola de desregulación y privatización. Ahora estamos en plena ola. La pregunta, que no tiene respuesta evidente, es si trata de una moda o si es un proceso irreversible. Si se desea hacer duradero, deben observarse una serie de condiciones que en este trabajo proponemos como los diez mandamientos para la sostenibilidad de la infraestructu...

  2. Edificio sustentable de oficinas para venta.

    Carranza Cabrera, Ramiro Alejandro


    Un inversionista, propietario de un terreno ubicado en el centro financiero de San Isidro, ha solicitado a la empresa realizar un estudio de factibilidad técnica y económica, con el fin de verificar la viabilidad de ejecutar un proyecto de inversión de corto plazo, de un edificio de oficinas para su venta (con el valor agregado de obtener la certificación LEED), debido a la tendencia actual que tiene el mercado inmobiliario en el sector de oficinas prime A y A+, considerando...

  3. 11 Verduras para Diversificar la Dieta Peruana


    Los peruanos debemos comer más verduras. Estos alimentos son fuentes esenciales de vitaminas, minerales, antioxidantes y fibra alimentaria y la ciencia muestra día a día su contribución a la prevención de enfermedades. Para tener un estilo de vida saludable es necesario comer diariamente cinco porciones de frutas y verduras y hacer ejercicio físico regularmente. Aquí presentamos una lista corta de once hortalizas de hoja, algunas son yuyos de uso tradicional en el campo peruano, otras son ver...

  4. Controlador de gastos para dispositivos Android


    Este proyecto fin de carrera consiste en desarrollar una aplicación Android gestora de las finanzas personales que permita llevar un control exhaustivo de nuestros gastos y nuestros ingresos. Para poder diversificar cada una de las transacciones se han establecido diversos conceptos como cuentas, categorías o localizaciones. Las cuentas, así como las transacciones, son parte fundamental de la aplicación pues con ellas se establece una separación de nuestras finanzas. Las localizaciones, po...

  5. Inglés instrumental para adultos

    Fernández Sánchez, Eulalio; Torralbo Caballero, Juan de Dios


    Ofrecer material didáctico en inglés para la población adulta es la base de este proyecto, el primero de estas características que se desarrolla a nivel universitario hasta la fecha, puesto que no hay ningún otro publicado, ni tampoco elaborado. Su desarrollo se lleva a la práctica en tres módulos diferentes: cognitivo, asociativo y autónomo. Los autores de la iniciativa pretenden, además, grabar todo el material en soporte auditivo, del que se hará cargo el personal de la Universidad de Córd...

  6. Tengo palabras para nombrarte y amarte

    Zuluaga Sánchez, Sandra Inés; Giraldo Giraldo, Yicel Nayrobis


    Artículo (Maestría en Educación y Desarrollo Humano). Universidad de Manizales. Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y Humanas. CINDE, 2011 Este artículo busca presentar por qué un programa de promoción de lectura en la primera infancia es una acción potente para enriquecer el vínculo entre el bebé y su cuidador y proveer a la relación de multiples formas de expresión que potencian el desarrollo emocional y cognitivo de los niños, fortalece las capacidades comunicativas de los adultos; permite la...

  7. Música para bebés

    Cala Guerrero, María Dolores


    Este trabajo fin de grado refleja una revisión bibliográfica sobre la importancia que tiene el tratamiento de la música en madres embarazadas y bebés, para ello se investiga y se toman como ejemplo las aportaciones de los autores más relevantes en este tema. Se realiza un estudio sobre los beneficios de una correcta educación musical en edades tempranas y cómo ésta afecta al desarrollo psicomotor, cognitivo, emocional y lingüístico. Se habla sobre la importancia de conectar musicalmente a ...

  8. Misi Baby Spa - Un Mundo para Bebes


    Misi Baby Spa es un lugar privilegiado concebido y diseñado especialmente para mamás, papás y bebés. Busca fortalecer el vínculo afectivo entre el núcleo familiar con herramientas como la lúdica, la música y el agua. Aliado con grandes marcas representativas del sector y encadenado a la marca Misi brindará un gran respaldo y garantía de servicio a sus clientes. Hombres y mujeres de clase media alta y alta interesados en el cuidado de y desarrollo de sus hijos, obtendrán en ...


    Jairo Sanchez Quintero


    Full Text Available La administración y la planeación prospectivas, La planeación estratégica y la logística englobanlas necesidades de direccionamiento estratégico de las empresas a nivel mundial. Estos tres elementos  actúan como un trípode. Es decir, si falta uno de ellos no podrá haber estabilidad. La prospectiva aporta el análisis y construcción de escenarios futuros además del análisis de actores. La planeación estratégica (unida a la prospectiva permite el análisis de las variables internas y externas para formular los propósitos (misión, visión, objetivos y metas, las estrategias, los planes de acción y los indicadores de desempeño y logro, tanto para la empresa en su totalidad como para cada área de la misma en particular. Finalmente, la logística permite agregar valor e integrar los procesos transversales de la empresa, ya que se ocupa del mejoramiento de actividades desde la compra de materias primas o insumos hasta la distribución y el servicio al cliente en actividades de postventa. En este artículo, se presentan los hallazgos centrales de la investigación exploratoria sobre planeación prospectiva, estratégica y logística. Dicho estudio se concentra en una muestra de 29 empresas del sector de alimentos de Bogotá (19 empresas de lácteos y 10 de conservas y aplican una metodología de estudio de caso e Investigación y acción a cuatro empresas. El análisis de esta muestra empresarial y la revisión Bibliográfica realizada sentaron las bases para el diseño de la guía y la herramienta de mejora continua en estrategia, que forma parte de la caja de herramientas, fruto del trabajo del grupo PyMES, EAN durante el último año.

  10. Para Bombay phenotype--a case report.

    Mathai, J; Sulochana, P V; Sathyabhama, S


    Bombay phenotype is peculiar in that red cells are not agglutinated by antisera A, B or H; while serum contains anti A, B and H. Existence of modifying genes at independent loci with variable expression of ABO genes is postulated. We report here a case of partial suppression where antigens could be detected by elution tests and unlike classical Bombay type, normal amount of appropriate blood group substances were present in saliva. This case of para Bombay phenotype was detected as a result of discrepancy in cell and serum group ng. This highlights the importance of both forward and reverse grouping in ABO testing.

  11. Redes sociales para educomunicadores : recursos y experiencias

    Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Máster en Comunicación y Educación (online)


    Las redes sociales han sido universalmente acogidas entre los usuarios de internet como una manera comprometerse en eventos, grupos sociales y temas de interés. Estos usuarios han encontrado en las redes un espacio para compartir información, socializar y, en muchos casos, construir verdaderas redes de cooperación y colaboración, un uso que puede ampliarse aún más en la medida en que madure la alfabetización mediática de sus participantes. Este informe muestra las principales redes sociales, ...

  12. Aerobiologia: uma ciência para quem ?

    Fabião, António; Fabião, André


    A aerobiologia pode ser definida como a ciência que estuda o material biológico e os organismos que se encontram na atmosfera, incluindo a sua libertação para a mesma, bem como a sua dispersão e transporte, deposição ou outra forma de remoção da atmos fera, e os seus impactes na vida vegetal, animal e humana. Trata-se de uma ciência interdisciplinar, com ligações a variadas áreas do conhecimento, incluindo a botânica, a ecologia, a meteorologia, a agricultura, a silvicultura e a alergologia c...

  13. Aerobiologia: uma ciência para quem ?

    Fabião, António; Fabião, André


    A aerobiologia pode ser definida como a ciência que estuda o material biológico e os organismos que se encontram na atmosfera, incluindo a sua libertação para a mesma, bem como a sua dispersão e transporte, deposição ou outra forma de remoção da atmos fera, e os seus impactes na vida vegetal, animal e humana. Trata-se de uma ciência interdisciplinar, com ligações a variadas áreas do conhecimento, incluindo a botânica, a ecologia, a meteorologia, a agricultura, a silvicultura e a alergologia c...


    Belalcazar Vega, Jose Alfredo


    La expedición de las normas reguladoras de los organismos de acción comunal mencionadas en la identificación del problema creo un vacío ya que le asigna la función de administrar justicia en la condición de conciliadores a personas que no estaban preparadas para asumir este tipo de funciones debido a la ausencia de capacitación sobre este tipo de normas legales. se pretende apoyar las funciones de la secretaria de desarrollo, ya que se generaría caos al interior de las comunidades que hacen p...



    A partir de un breve repaso de las últimas reformas jurídicas al régimen electoral, tanto del Código Municipal como del Código Electoral, el artículo describe el nuevo sistema de financiamiento estatal que se ha dispuesto para apoyar económicamente a los partidos políticos que participan en los procesos electorales municipales y que, antes de la entrada en vigencia del nuevo Código Electoral, no existía. Haciendo énfasis en las características legales de ese nuevo sistema de finan...

  16. Tengo palabras para nombrarte y amarte

    Zuluaga Sánchez, Sandra Inés; Giraldo Giraldo, Yicel Nayrobis


    Artículo (Maestría en Educación y Desarrollo Humano). Universidad de Manizales. Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y Humanas. CINDE, 2011 Este artículo busca presentar por qué un programa de promoción de lectura en la primera infancia es una acción potente para enriquecer el vínculo entre el bebé y su cuidador y proveer a la relación de multiples formas de expresión que potencian el desarrollo emocional y cognitivo de los niños, fortalece las capacidades comunicativas de los adultos; permite la...

  17. Macros y atajos para el traductor

    José Luis Heredero


    Sin necesidad de recurrir a los productos comerciales de ayuda a la traducción que se han ido generalizando en muchas grandes empresas y organizaciones, el traductor independiente puede ver considerablemente facilitado su trabajo si sabe explotar las muchas posibilidades que brindan Visual Basic y otros lenguajes poco conocidos de dominio público. Se presentan aquí varias macros de Word y pequeñas aplicaciones desarrolladas en los últimos años para acelerar tanto las búsquedas de términos —ba...

  18. Los ritmos como terapia para la impulsividad

    Mónica Triviño


    Full Text Available Investigaciones recientes muestran que el uso de patrones rítmicos facilita la respuesta óptima en el tiempo, por lo que el entrenamiento mediante ritmos podría proponerse como terapia novedosa ante problemas como la impulsividad. Esto podría beneficiar a pacientes con daño prefrontal o personas con trastorno por déficit de atención e hiperactividad (TDAH, que suelen mostrar conductas impulsivas, así como dificultad para estimar el paso del tiempo.

  19. Merci: um sistema interativo para cinema digital

    Nóbrega, Mainara Rodrigues


    O cinema tem evoluído continuamente desde a sua criação. Passou a ter som, cores, efeitos visuais, especiais, tridimensionais, multissensoriais, e agora interatividade. Tais mudanças têm proporcionado ao público experiências cada vez mais realistas durante a exibição de um filme. Estas podem ser obtidas através de tecnologias implantadas no audiovisual e, algumas vezes, na própria sala de projeção para captação de movimento da plateia ou da voz de espectadores, com a finalidade de proporciona...


    Eduardo Andrés Sandoval Forero


    El presente texto trata sobre el conflicto sociopolítico y la violencia directa, estructural y cultural que viene presentándose en Colombia desde la década de los años cincuenta del siglo pasado. A partir de los estudios para la paz y los conflictos, se reflexiona acerca de la confrontación armada, sobre las diferentes perspectivas de la negociación entre el gobierno y la insurgencia, y sobre la construcción de la paz. Se exponen algunas ideas significativas de organización de la sociedad civ...