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  1. Unexpected artivism: the fabulatory function in Kumaré

    Hongisto, I.; Pape, T.


    This article addresses artivism in Vikram Gandhi's 2011 documentary film Kumaré: The True Story of a False Prophet. The documentary tells the story of the fake guru Kumaré (played by Gandhi) who sets out to prove that spiritual leaders are illusions and that the power of self-transformation lies wit

  2. Prof. Zhu Zuoyan Met with ISI Delegation

    Liu Xiuping; Chen Huai


    @@ On March 27, Prof. Zhu Zuoyan, Vice President of NSFC, met with a three-member delegation from the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI), USA headed by Dr. James Testa, Director of Editorial Development of ISI.

  3. An Interview with Chess Master Zhu Chen


    An Unforgettable Championship Interviewer (I): Before the Chinese Women’sChess Team won its first team title in the 33rd InternationalOlympic Chess Competition held in Russia in October 1998, allof you thought the competition would be stiff, didn’t you?ZHU CHEN (Zh): We had scored only moderately well againstthe Lithuanian, German and Czechoslovakian teams, whichworried our coach and captain so much that they encouraged usto fight with the spirit the Chinese people had shown incombating the floods in 1998. So you can see how difficult the

  4. Dr. Lin Zhu's Clinical Experience in Treating Mental Disorders

    Ma Xueqing; Wang Xinzhong


    @@ Mental disorders are mainly caused by the emotional factors. Chief physician Lin Zhu, a famous TCM doctor in Beijing, is very good at treating this kind of disorders. The following is a summary of Prof. Lin's experience in this aspect.

  5. 朱琪%Zhu Qi



    朱琪,1935年生,原卫生部中国健康教育研究所研究员,历任行为教育、疾病预防、性病艾滋病预防教育研究室主任。1980年代后期,因致力于艾滋病预防教育而进入性学研究领域,着重性道德教育研究。曾任卫生部艾滋病专家咨询委员会委员、中国性学会秘书长、副理事长、《中国性科学》杂志主编、北京心理卫生协会副理事长等。现任北大医学部性学研究中心研究员。%Zhu Qi,born in 1935,a researcher at the China Institute of Health Education of the former Min-istry of Health,served as the office director of behavioral education,disease prevention and AIDS prevention educa-tion.Dedicated AIDS prevention education,he set foot in the field of sexology research in the late 1980s,focusing on sexual morality education.He once severed as a committee member of the former Ministry of Health AIDS Expert Advisory Committee,Secretary -General and Vice Chairman of the China Sexology Association and chief editor of the Chinese Journal of Human Sexuality and vice president of Beijing Mental Health Association.He is now a re-search in the Sexology Research Center of Peking University Health Service Center.

  6. [ZHU Lian's New Acupuncture Academic System and acupuncture science initialization].

    Zhang, Shujian; Zhang, Lijian


    Acupuncture scientization was a consensus of most of acupuncture scholars who had long-term perspectives in the 20th century, among them Ms. ZHULian was the important one. Ms. ZHU Lian built a systemic new acupuncture" academic structure in practice and theory aspects. At the same time, as the main architect of Institute of Acupuncture-moxibustion of China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ms. ZHU Lian was the first one who began to carry out the acupuncture clinical trail and laboratory experiment in modern way, which meant "acupuncture therapy" was transformed into "acupuncture science" by Ms. ZHULian's endeavor.

  7. Dr.Zhu Hongming's Experience in Treating Chronic Gastritis



    @@ Dr. Zhu Hongming has engaged in TCM internal medicine for more than 40 years and accumulated rich clinical experience, especially in the treatment of diseases of the spleen and stomach. The following is a brief introduction to his experience in TCM differential treatment of chronic gastritis.

  8. Prof. Zhu Zuoyan Met with Director General of ANR

    Fan Yingjie; Lu Rongkai


    @@ On Feb. 2, 2007, Prof. Zhu Zuoyan, Vice President of NSFC met with Ms. Jacqueline Lecourtier, Director General of the French National Research Agency (Agence Nationale de la Recherche, ANR) and Mr.Bernard Belloc, the Science and Technology Counselor of the French Embassy in China.

  9. Comparison of the clinical applicability of Miller's classification system to Kumar and Masamatti's classification system of gingival recession

    Kumar, Ashish; Gupta, Geeti; Puri, Komal; Bansal, Mansi; Jain, Deept; Khatri, Manish; Masamatti, Sujata Surendra


    Background: The aims of the present study were to (i) Find the percentage of recession cases that could be classified by application of Miller's and/or Kumar and Masamatti's classification of gingival recession, and (ii) compare the percentage of clinical applicability of Miller's criteria and Kumar and Masamatti's criteria to the total recessions present. Materials and Methods: A total of 104 patients (1089 recession cases) were included in the study wherein they were classified using both Miller's and Kumar and Masamatti's classification systems of gingival recession. Percentage comparison of the application of both classification systems was done. Results: Data analysis showed that though all the cases of the recession were classified by Kumar and Masamatti's classification, only 34.61% cases were classified by Miller's classification. 19.10% cases were completely (having only labial/buccal recession) classified. In 15.51% (out of 34.61%) cases, only buccal recession was classified according to Miller's criteria and included in this category, although these cases had both buccal and lingual/palatal recessions. Furthermore, 29.75% cases of recession with interdental loss and marginal tissue loss coronal to mucogingival junction (MGJ) remained uncategorized by Miller's classification; categorization of palatal/lingual recession was possible with Kumar and Masamatti's classification. Conclusion: The elaborative evaluation of both buccal and palatal/lingual recession by the Kumar and Masamatti's classification system can be used to overcome the limitations of Miller's classification system, especially the cases with interdental loss and having marginal tissue loss coronal to MGJ. PMID:26644724

  10. Diligence and Love—Vice Mayor Zhu Weifang


    TWENTY-SEVEN years ago, along with the wave of re-education of young graduates, an 18-year-old Shanghai girl went alone to: kettle at Tongzi Township, Guichi County, Anhui Province. Twenty-five years later, she became vice mayor of Hefei, capital of Anhui Province. She is also a member of a democratic party among the municipal officials. Zhu Weifang arrived at the remote Tongzi Township from Shanghai in 1969.

  11. Zhu Dacheng, Vice-President of CAFIU Visit Norway and Germany


    At the invitation of Norway Moral Rearmament (MRA) and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung(FES), CAFIU sent a delegation headed by Mr. Zhu Dacheng, Vice-President of CAFIU to visit Norway and Germany from May 17 to 27. During their visit in Norway, Zhu met with Mr. Inge Lonning, Deputy-Speaker of Parliament and

  12. Comparisons between Liang Shiqiu's and Zhu Shenghao's Hamlet from the Perspective of Translator's Subjectivity



    For the Chinese versions of Hamlet,Liang Shiqiu's and Zhu Shenghao's translations can be called the classic. Becasue the two great translators have their own choices, their versions differ a lot. In the translating process, translator's subjectivity plays an important role and it is one of the major reasons for emerging different translation. The thesis mainly talks about Liang Shiqiu's and Zhu Shenghao's different versions from the perspective of translator's subjectivity by comparison.

  13. [Zhu Lian's characteristics and experiences in clinical practice of acupuncture and moxibustion].

    Wei, Li fu; Pan, Xiaoria; Liu, Bing; Yue, Jin; Zhang, Lijian


    This paper aims at discussing the clinical characteristics and experiences of ZHU Lian, the renowned contemporary acupuncture master from the following three aspects: "characteristics of clinical manipulations and techniques", "thoughts on diagnosis and treatment" and "examples of clinical cases". The study has shown that ZHU Lian invented the slow insertion technique by rotating needle and the embedding needle technique, improved moxibustion technique with moxa roll and proposed the three keys on the treatment with acupuncture and moxibustion, as well as discovered new acupoints for treatment. The pioneering and distinguished achievements she con tributed play the great demonstrating and driving role in the development of clinical study and practice of acupuncture and moxibustion.

  14. Flowing Within the Text:A Discussion on He Lin's Explanation of Zhu Xi's Method of intuition

    Zhang Xianglong


    The author examines He Lin's interpretation of Zhu Xi's method of intuition from a phenomenological-hermeneutical perspective and by exposing Zhu's philosophical presuppositions.In contrast with Lu Xiangshan's intuitive method,Zhu Xi's method of reading classics advocates "emptying your heart and flowing with the text" and,in this spirit,explains the celebrated "exhaustive investigation on the principles of things (ge wu qiong li)." "Text," according to Zhu,is therefore not an object in ordinary sense but a "contextual region" or "sensible pattern" that,when merged with the reader,generates meanings.Furthermore,by discussing the related doctrines of Lao Zi,Zhuang Zi,Hua-Yan Buddhism,Zhou Dunyi,and Zhu Xi's own "One principle with many manifestations (li yi fen shu)," the author identifies the philosophical preconditions of Zhu's method.Based on this analysis,the author goes on to illustrate Zhu's understanding of "observing potential yet unapparent pleasure,anger,sorrow and happiness" and "maintaining a serious attitude (zhu jing)."

  15. Determination of linear alkylbenzenesulfonates in modern sediments from core Zhu-9 and its significance


    High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) has the advantages of rapid analysis and high sensitivity. In the present study a suitable analytical condition has been established for HPLC, and the LAS in modern sediments from core Zhu-9 at the Pearl River mouth has been determined by HPLC. The concentrations of C12-LAS homologues are the highest. The sedimentation flux of C12-LAS was correlated with the average flow of the Xijiang and Beijiangrivers: the higher the flow rate, the larger the C12-LAS sedimentation flux. This shows that the more rapidly the river flows, the shorter the LAS will stay in freshwater, the less the extent of biodegradation, the larger the C12-LAS sedimentation flux in the core Zhu-9.

  16. Petroleum geology of the Zhu-1 depression, Pearl River Mouth Basin, People's Republic of China

    Aguilera, C.L.; Huizinga, B.J.; Lomando, A.J. (Chevron Overseas Petroleum Inc., San Ramon, CA (USA))


    The Pearl River Mouth basin, located in the South China Sea between Hainan Island and Taiwan has been the focus of an intense exploration effort during the l980s. In 1979 the international oil industry, acquired over 60,000 km of seismic, gravity, and magnetic data covering an area of approximately 240,000 km{sup 2}. Three major subbasins, Zhu-1, Zhu-2, and Zhu-3 were defined. Chevron in partnership with Texaco and AGIP (ACT group), concentrated their effort on the Zhu-1 depression which was interpreted to contain as much as 7,800 m of sedimentary section. This subbasin, bounded by the Wansha and Donsha massifs to the north and south, is the most inboard of the three depressions, thereby possibly prolonging anoxic lacustrine conditions prior to the Neogene marine incursion. Additionally, the Zhu- 1 depression should have directly received Miocene sediment potentially supplying the subbasin with high-quality reservoirs. Within the Zhu-1 depression, the ACT group focused in on Block 16/08, which covered the deepest part of the Zhu-1 depression. The block was awarded to the consortium in January 1983. Structuring within the block ranges from Paleogene tensional block faulting created during the early formation of the overall Pearl River Mouth basin to draping over basement highs and carbonate buildups during the Neogene. The Pearl River Mouth basin exhibits classic rift basin geometry with early nonmarine continental fluvial/lacustrine deposition (Zhuhai Formation) during the Oligocene and capped by a lower Miocene marine incursion (Zhu Jiang Formation). Integrated interpretations, exploration drilling, and constant refinement of the geological model led to the discovery of two oil fields, Huizhou/21-1 and Huizhou/26-1, both of which are currently under development and will represent the first commercial oil production from the entire Pearl River Mouth basin.

  17. Primary Exploration about Yu Xin's Ni Lian-Zhu%庾信《拟连珠》初探



    在对连珠体的形成与演变加以概述的基础上,从题旨、语言形式与艺术表现手法、逻辑推理方式三方面探究了庾信《拟连珠》的艺术成就,并将其与陆机的《演连珠》进行比较,认为庾信的《拟连珠》虽直接脱胎于陆机的《演连珠》,但正是经过庾信的点化,才使得连珠获得了自我的个性生命色彩。%On the basis of summarizing the condition about Lian-Zhu's formation and evolvement,this thesis has explored the artistic achievement of about Yu Xin's Ni Lian-Zhu from three aspects:thematic role;form of language and artistic technique of expression,and compared it with Lu Ji's Yan Lian-Zhu,this thesis considered,although Yu Xin's Ni Lian-Zhu comes directly from Lu Ji's Yan Lian-Zhu,Lian-Zhu is no other than sublimated by Yu Xin's,it then has received its own individual living feature.

  18. Comments on the paper “Temperature dependence of bulk modulus and second-order elastic constants” by P.P. Singh and M. Kumar [Physica B 344 (2004) 41

    Singh, K. S.


    Singh and Kumar have questioned the validity of the Mie-Grüneisen equation using an incorrect formulation. The Suzuki equation for thermal expansivity has been expressed by them in terms of thermal pressure using a wrong definition. The formulations already reported in the literature have been rediscovered by them and redesignated as the Kumar formulation. In the present communication we have reinforced the validity of the Mie-Grüneisen EOS using the correct definition of thermal pressure in the Suzuki formulation.

  19. 朱熹的科学素养%Zhu Xi's Scientific Literacy



    阐述科学素养的内涵,说明培养科学素养的重要性,古希腊和古代中国从文明时代开始时就培养学生的科学素养,朱熹通过后天修习掌握相关的时代科学知识、科学方法、科学思想和科学精神来培养自己的科学素养,并利用科学素养来解决相关的时代问题,特别是在儒学的重建中,朱熹较高的科学素养发挥了重要的作用。%The article explains the meaning of scientific literacy,and illustrates the importance of cultivating scientific lit-eracy.In fact the ancient Greece and ancient China trained student's scientific literacy from the start of the Civilized Age. Zhu Xi cultivated his scientific literacy by mastering relevant knowledge of science,scientific method,scientific thinking and scientific spirit,and used scientific literacy to solve related problem at his times.Zhu Xi ’s higher science literacy plays an especially important role in the reconstruction of Confucianism.

  20. Tartu meeriks pürgijad pakuvad - mis tooks ülikoolile Nobeli preemia / Ivar Tallo, Teet Jagomägi, Jüri Kumar, Malle Salupere...[jt.


    Tartu linnapeakandidaadid Ivar Tallo, Teet Jagomägi, Jüri Kumar, Malle Salupere, Tõni Kauba, Tõnis Lukas ja Andrus Ansip vastavad küsimustele : Tartu Ülikooli arenguvõimalustest ja -vajadustest, konkurentsivõime suurendamisest / vahendasid Sander Silm, Priit Rajalo, Ivi Drikkit

  1. Tartu meeriks pürgijad pakuvad - mis tooks ülikoolile Nobeli preemia / Ivar Tallo, Teet Jagomägi, Jüri Kumar, Malle Salupere...[jt.


    Tartu linnapeakandidaadid Ivar Tallo, Teet Jagomägi, Jüri Kumar, Malle Salupere, Tõni Kauba, Tõnis Lukas ja Andrus Ansip vastavad küsimustele : Tartu Ülikooli arenguvõimalustest ja -vajadustest, konkurentsivõime suurendamisest / vahendasid Sander Silm, Priit Rajalo, Ivi Drikkit

  2. A Global View of Zhu Zi's Philosophy%全球化视野中的朱子学



    当前,朱子学的研究已是一种超越国界、超越历史的学术活动,朱子学研究的全球化早已成为一个既成事实。朱子学是行动的哲学,实践的哲学。早在700年前,朱子思想积极参与了东亚思想一体化进程,此时的朱子已经是世界化的朱子。立足于当代与未来,全球化需要什么样的朱子学?朱子学的精神怎样参与人类精神的建构?我们认为,在全球化的背景下,朱子关于“全体大用”、“理一分殊”、书院教育、身心修炼、家礼、关爱弱势群体、文化谱系的承传等理念仍具有积极的现代意义。只有把朱子学真正落实为一种全球共同遵循的生活方式,这才是真正意义上的朱子学的全球化。%At present ,the study of Zhu Zi's philosophy has gone beyond national borders and has be-come a kind of globalized academic activity .Zhu Zi's philosophy is the philosophy of action and practice .As early as 700 years ago ,Zhu Zi's philosophy was actively involved in the thought integration process of East Asia ,making Zhu acknowledged worldwide .Yet ,what kind of a Zhu Zi philosophy does the world need in the modern time?And how can this philosophy participate in the reconstruction of the mental world of hu-man beings?We believe many of the concepts in Zhu Zi's thought ,such as"Mighty Human Mind","united in one ,divided in millions" academy education ,physical and mental cultivation ,family ritual ,care for the disadvantaged ,inheritance of cultural genealogy ,are still of positive and constructive meaning for the pres-ent time .The true sense of making Zhu Zi's philosophy globalized is to implement it in the way of life of the whole world .

  3. Preventing and Treating Actions of Compound Lian Zhu Capsule on Micrangium Lesions in Diabetic Rats

    Duan Wenzhuo; Gong Haimin; Wang Jiafu; Ding Yi; Liu Tongmei; Wang Jianying; Li Yueqing


    Tissue culture, biochemical techniques and radioimmunoassay were used to study the effects of Compound sugar, glycosylated hemoglobin (GHb), urinary protein and malondialdehyde (MDA) contents, aldose reductase (AR) activity and 3H-TdR incorporation rate in the vascular smooth muscle cell (VSMC) were significantly higher, and plasma NO content in the diabetes mellitus (DM) group were significantly lower than those in the normal control group (both P<0.05). The above indexes in the Chinese medicine (TCM)treatment group were improved significantly as compared with the DM group, with no significantly differences, except urine volume and urinary protein, as compared with the normal control group. It is suggested that Compound Lian Zhu Capsules can significantly alleviate the complicated lesions of the micrangium in diabetic rats.

  4. A Study on Zhu Pei's View on The Book of Songs%朱霈诗经学论略



    朱霈治《诗》颇具怀疑精神,其以《氓》为异国之人淫于外州;《鸡鸣》为太师所奏乐曲;《无衣》为关武公;《采蘩》非夫人亲蚕之作;《汉广》诗与婚嫁有关。如此等等,敢于质疑前贤,自出新解。%Zhu Pei had the spirit of skepticism when he studied The Book of Songs. In his view, Meng is a poem which portraits a stranger in Wei; Ji Ming is a piece of music played by senior grand tutors; Wu Yi is a poem which praises Wu Gong; Hart Guang is a piece of poetry related to marriage, etc. Zhu Pei dared to question his predecessors, and speak out his own opinion.

  5. 朱自清的述学文体%ZHU ZI-qing's Academic Paper Writing



    In this paper,we will mainly concern ZHU Zi-qing's academic paper writing in vision of genre,the first question is how to write papers with modern Chinese,and what his practice has contributed to enhance status of modern Chinese after the May 4th movement;what's more,as a modern Chinese writer whose academic achievement is in the field of classical literary theory,and we will discuss his knowledge pedigree and his thought of engaging in study,taking genre's social connotation into account.%本文从述学文体的角度探讨朱自清的学术论文写作,主要思考的问题是朱自清如何用白话文写作学术论文,他的写作实践对五四之后白话文地位的提高有什么意义;同时,朱自清作为一个新文人,他的学术成就却主要在古典诗文评领域,本文从学术文体的社会制度属性出发,进一步关注朱自清论学的知识谱系和述学心态。

  6. μ-OXOISOPROPOXIDE Rajesh Kumar

    Preferred Customer

    The control of particle size and the morphology of the oxide are of crucial ... solid solutions, complex oxides, powders of metals and alloys active towards sintering .... in salicylates due to phenolic ν(C-O) vibrations is shifted 10-20cm-1 higher in ...

  7. 朱熹论修身%On ZHU Xi's Theory of Cultivating One's Mortal Character



    Zhu Xi's idea of cultivating one's mortal character is an important part of his science theory,he inherited self-cultivation idea of Confucian.In the new historical period,he developed the Confucian theory by the annotation of the Confucian classics,especially the "Four Books",linked to self-cultivation and theory-desire,so his theory has the characteristics of self-cultivation in a new era.Zhu Xi emphasized and promoted self-cultivation,he also stressed that the implementation of the self-cultivation to Dusing,advocated self-cultivation needs practice,rather than talking about the nature of mind cultivation.Zhu Xi's cultivating ideas for modern society has certain reference significance and practical value.%朱熹的修身思想是其理学的重要组成部分,他继承了孔孟儒家的修身思想,并在新的历史时期加以发展,通过注解儒家经典尤其是"四书",把修身与穷理联系起来,而具有新时代修身思想的特征。朱熹在重视和提倡修身的同时,亦强调把修身落实到笃行上,主张修身之要在于实际去做,而非空谈心性修养。朱熹的修身思想对于现代社会具有一定的借鉴意义和现实价值。

  8. Discussed Zhu Shuzhen's Anthology of Farewell Poems Shallowly%浅谈朱淑真《断肠集》



    As rare in ancient China, one of the outstanding writer, ZhuShuzhen is versatile. Her life story has always been considered controversial in many questions on the details, until now has still not had the con-clusion. Therefore unifies of Zhu Shuzhen aspects and so on life story and work content, style and artistic value carries on the preliminary discussion, displays his/her body for the female to the reality survival condition pro-found reconsideration and the cognition, by this demonstrated that profound, sincere inner chamber world, proved once more Zhu Shuzhen holds the extremely important historical situation in the Chinese history of literature.%作为中国古代的杰出女作家之一,朱淑真可谓多才多艺,其生平事迹历来颇具争议,在许多细节问题上众说不一,至今仍未有定论.因此结合朱淑真之生平事迹与作品的内容、风格和艺术价值等方面进行初步探讨.表现其身为女性对现实生存状况的深刻反思与认知,以此展示一个深邃、真挚的闺阁世界,再次证明朱淑真在中国文学史上占有极其重要的历史地位.

  9. Study on Sequence Stratigraphy of Zhujiang and Zhuhai Formations, Zhu Ⅲ Subbasin, Pearl River Mouth Basin, South China Sea


    The early Miocene in the Zhu Ⅲ subbasin, the Pearl River Mouth basin, includes two formations—Zhujiang and Zhuhai. There are 8 third-order sequences, S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7 and S8 from the bottom of Zhuhai to the top of Zhujiang in these two formations. There are only one transgressive systems tract (TST) and one highstand systems tract (HST) in each sequence because the whole Zhu Ⅲ subbasin was located updip the shelf break during sequence deposition. The boundaries and maximum flooding surfaces (mfs) are in good response to both gamma and acoustic log curves in the study area. In seismic profile 1249, sediments obviously onlap over the unconformity (SB0, the bottom of Zhuhai Fm), SB1 and SB2, but obviously over only SB2 in seismic profile 1283 since the well-developed faults in the subbasin. The sand bodies with high porosity and permeability for petroleum migration and accumulation had been reworked by tidal currents before their burial. Hence, the tidal influenced parasequence sets occur both in TST and HST. Through detailed analysis, the sand bodies in TST are more favorable for petroleum to migrate and accumulate than those in HST.

  10. 朱熹“咏理诗”解读%Analysis of ZhuXi Theory of Poetry



    朱熹(1130-1200)既是哲学家、思想家、教育家,也是著名的文学家和诗人,其留下的诗歌就有一千余首。选取其中具有代表性咏理诗三篇予以分析。朱熹诗的最大艺术特色是以诗咏理,即能从闲适的生活现象和大自然万物景观中化入理学思想,悟出一种做人治学的大道理来。%Zhu Xi (1130-1200)is not only the history of our country's great philosopher, thinker, educator, but also a famous writer and poet. He has many books, which leaves poetry is more than one thousand. The greatest art characteristics of Zhu Xi's poems is to re-flect philosophy by means of artistic innovation from the leisurely life phenomena and things in nature landscape to a person's truth.

  11. 略论明孝宗的弊政%A Discussion of the Maladministration of Emperor Zhu Youtang



    明孝宗在位期间,采取积极措施,纠正前朝弊政,使明王朝走向中兴盛世。但受传统思想及自身经历的影响,明孝宗仍有一些弊政,如宠信权臣、宦官,偏袒外戚、宗亲,沉迷佛道、宫廷娱乐等。而这些弊政,不仅对当朝产生了不利影响,也为后来明武宗的腐败埋下了伏笔。%While Emperor Zhu Youtang was in power,he took some positive measures to correct the maladministration of the former emperor,and made the Ming Dynasty a flourishing age.Influenced by the traditional ideas and his own experiences,he still made some mistakes in administration during the Hong Zhi period,such as putting his trust in powerful chancellors and eunuchs,giving unprincipled protection both to his wife's relatives and his,indulging in Buddhism and Taoism and court entertainment.All of these maladies not only had a negative impact on the present dynasty,but also foreshadowed the later emperor Zhu Houzhao' corruption.

  12. 朱熹与闽南多元宗教%Zhu-xi and Southern Fujian Multi-religions



    Southern Fujian, well-known as a Buddhism realm, is the convergent area of multi-religions. Zhu-xi was Tongan county registrar of Quanzhou prefecture during his early official career, while at his old age he chaired as magistrate of Zhangzhou prefecture, from which to form countless ties with southern Fujian multi-religions. Before securing his official position in Quanzhou, Zhu-xi had an intermixed learning:not only being edified by Confucius, Mencius, and idealist philosophy of the two Mr. Chen,but also often consulted Buddhist, visited the temples and practiced Buddhism. At the early stage of his official position in Tongan, Zhu-xi once indulged himself in Buddhism, nevertheless due to the political, economic and cultural reality of the whole Southern Song dynasty society as eye- viewed from Tongan county and Quanzhou prefecture, which made him get divorced from Buddhism and be re-affiliated to Confucius. The incident of Hu-jia~s setting up multi-storey building (Islamic temple) in Quanzhou provided references for him to deal with the challenges from Buddhism along with Manichean. Zhu-xi occasionally got involved with southern Fujian Manichean (Zoroastrianism) during his official career in Quanzhou, nevertheless when he took charge of Zhangzhou as magistrate he forbade it. In conclusion, Zhu-xi dealt with southern Fujian Multi-religions in a way of merging them but not of tolerating them.%闽南素称“佛国”,为多元宗教聚集之地。朱熹初仕任泉州同安县主簿,晚年出知漳州,与闽南多元宗教有着千丝万缕的关系。仕泉之前,朱熹所学杂驳,既受孔孟学说和二程理学的熏陶,又曾问禅学佛,访道焚修。同安任初,朱熹也曾沉浸于佛道。然而,通过从同安一县及泉州一郡透视整个南宋社会政治、经济、文化现实,使其接受李侗之教而“逃禅归儒”。泉州之“胡贾建层楼”(伊斯兰教寺)事件为朱熹应对禅佛教、摩尼教的挑战

  13. Comparison of Versions for Moonlight over the Lotus Pond(Excerpts)-Take Versions by Zhu Chunshen and Yang Xianyi,Dainaidie as an Exam-ple



    According to the characteristics of prose,”aesthetic qualities”are the most important and difficult elements for transla-tors to surmount. Generally speaking,the”beauty”of prose is mainly embodied in its formal and nor-formal systems, and the ideal for prose translation is, of course, to realize the“aesthetic elements”at both levels. This thesis will take the prose He Tang Yue Se (paragraph three) an example to analyze this by contrasting the two versions by Zhu Chunshen (Zhu) and Yang Xianyi and Dai Naidie(Yang/Dai).


    FIRAT, Hatice


    Toplum sorunlarının şiirde işlenilmesi gerektiğinin vurgulayan Mehmet Akif, bu hassasiyeti eserlerinde bizzat gösterir. Ele alınmasında fayda gördüğü konulardan biri de içki-kumar alışkanlığı olan erkeklerin kadına bakışıdır. Çalışmada şairin ‚Meyhane‛, ‚Mahalle Kahvesi‛ ve ‚Köse İmam‛ adlı eserleri bu doğrultuda incelenmektedir. Araştırmada, tarama yöntemi ve içerik çözümlemesi/analizi tekniği kullanılmıştır. Eserlerde şairin; içki, kumar, kahvehane gibi alışkanlıkları aileyi yıkan yani huzu...

  15. On Rao Jiong’s theory of the Zhuan-zhu%论饶炯的加符转注说



      六书之中,人们对转注的争议最大,众说纷纭。晚清学者饶炯在转注研究中独树一帜,创造性地提出了加符转注说,认为转注的实质是本字通过加形符或声符来实现文字孳乳的造字过程。他以王筠的分别文、累增字理论为基础,总结出了六种转注类型。转注字与被注字意义相同是其基本特征。同时还对所加形符和声符进行了系统的分类。他的学说对后世影响很大,当代学者多受其启发。不过,饶炯在加声符转注字中往往忽略了转注字与被注字的声音一致原则,还不够完善。%  The notion of the Zhuan-zhu with various interpretations has caused the most controversy in the study of the Liu-shu in which Rao Jiong had creatively advanced a new additional symbol theory. Rao argued that the essence of the Zhuan-zhu is a process in which an original character turns into a new one through adding certain pictographic and phonetic symbols. Rao had summed up six Zhuan-zhu types based on the character’s accumulation theory by Wang Yun and their common feature is the constant meaning for the original character and the new one. Rao also had systematically classified those pictographic and phonetic symbols. Rao’s theory produced a great in-fluence in later ages and many contemporary scholars agree with him. Howev-er, Rao Jiong who had some unsuccessful points tended to ignore some iden-tical principle.

  16. Vertical Migration of Petroleum via Faults in Zhu Ⅲ Subbasin, Pearl River Mouth Basin, South China Sea


    The problem that faults act as a conduit for hydrocarbon-bearing fluid flow has been under debate for a long time. The southern boundary fault (FS) and No.2 fault belt in the Zhu Ⅲ subbasin in the Pearl River Mouth basin (PRMB) of South China Sea (SCS) are considered as the conduit of hydrocarbons for the oil and gas fields in the hydrocarbon-generating half grabens. Based upon the basin modeling and seismic velocity inversion simulation, there are abnormal-pressure compartments in the central part of half grabens. Wenchang, Enping and Zhuhai FormationⅡare seated within the abnormal-pressure zone, while the Zhuhai Formation Ⅰ is within the pressure-transition zone. The abnormal pressure was mainly caused by undercompaction due to the high rate of sedimentation for layers with an abnormal pressure. The increase of temperature of inclusions as the increase of depth supports vertical migration via faults in the study area.

  17. Curative effect Observation of Long Zhu ointment after anorectal surgery%肛肠疾病术后应用龙珠软膏的疗效观察

    王庆杰; 李丽; 刘艳茹


    Objective:To explore the therapeutic effect of Long Zhu ointment on wound healing after anorectal surgery.Methods:610 cases of anorectal surgery were selected.We evenly covered the postoperative wound of the hemorrhoids,anal fissure,perianal abscess,anal fistula with Long Zhu ointment,or took Long Zhu ointment gauze into the anus.We compared the wound healing situation,symptoms and syndromes of patients before and after the treatment.Results:Long Zhu ointment can promote the wound healing of hemorrhoids,perianal abscess,anal fissure after the operation.The rate of significant efficiency were 98.5%,98%,97.6%respectively.Conclusion:Long Zhu ointment can promote wound healing after anorectal postoperative.%目的:探讨龙珠软膏对肛肠疾病术后创面愈合的治疗效果。方法:选择肛肠病手术患者610例,将龙珠软膏均匀涂抹覆盖在痔、肛裂、肛周脓肿、肛瘘术后创面上,或将龙珠软膏纱条塞入肛内,对患者用药前后创面愈合状况、症状及体征进行比较。结果:龙珠软膏促进痔疮、肛周脓肿、肛瘘术后创面愈合,显效率分别为98.5%、98%、97.6%。结论:龙珠软膏能有效地促进肛肠病术后创面愈合。

  18. Comment on ;Evolution of high-pressure mafic granulites and pelitic gneisses from NE Madagascar: Tectonic implications;. Tectonophysics, 662, 219-242 (2015) by Ishwar-Kumar et al.

    Goncalves, Philippe; Brandt, Sönke; Nicollet, Christian; Tucker, Robert


    Determining the possible tectonic regimes active during the Neoproterozoic is crucial for the knowledge of the evolution of the super-continent Gondwana. In Madagascar, that occupies a key position in Gondwana, there is an on-going debate regarding the location of possible suture zones and the implications in terms of paleo-geography. Recognizing high-pressure to ultra-high pressure conditions in mafic rocks is commonly viewed as a strong argument for paleo-subduction zones. Ishwar-Kumar et al. (2015) report unusual high pressure conditions (24 kbar) in Neoproterozoic to Cambrian rocks from North-Central Madagascar (Andriamena Complex). They propose a geodynamic model in which exhumation of the high pressure terranes from up to 80 km to 40 km occurred via vertical extrusion during the collision of various crustal blocks after subduction and closure of an oceanic domain during the formation of Gondwana in the late Neoproterozoic to Cambrian. We question this model and in particular the (ultra-)high pressure conditions reported, because their estimation is based on a misinterpretation of the petrography and inaccurate thermodynamic modeling for the crucial metabasite sample. The authors suggest that garnet-quartz coronas around orthopyroxene and ilmenite coexist with clinopyroxene. The postulated garnet-clinopyroxene-quartz assemblage is interpreted to document an eclogite facies overprint. However, the presence of abundant plagioclase in the sample and the lack of high jadeite content in clinopyroxene clearly refute the postulated eclogite facies conditions. According to the presented photographs clinopyroxene is part of the rock matrix. We therefore suggest that the sample represents a common two-pyroxene granulite, formed at mid- to low-pressure granulite facies conditions of > 700 °C and Madagascar, this interpretation is not justified by the data presented by Ishwar-Kumar et al. (2015).

  19. Proof Study of Zhu Yunshan and Li Guangjiong’s Relationship%朱蕴山与李光炯关系考论



    朱蕴山和李光炯都是安徽近现代史上重要的人物。二人的交往始于1906年朱蕴山求学安庆之时,朱蕴山在安庆投身革命,正是受了李光炯等人在安徽大力倡导社会进步的影响。其后虽然李光炯主要从事教育,而朱蕴山则致力武装斗争和政党运动,但二人志同道合,相互支持,尤其在当时恶劣的环境中,李光炯常能给朱蕴山以有力的保护。建国后,朱蕴山曾担任全国人大常委会副委员长、全国政协副主席、民革中央主席等重要职务,他对李光炯先生的一生事业仍予以高度肯定,两人的革命情谊,历久弥新,成为安徽近代革命史上的一段佳话。%Zhu Yunshan and Li Guangjiong are both improtant figures in modern history of Anhui.Their intercourse started in 1906,when Zhu Yunshan was seeking for kenowledge in Anqing.Zhu Yunshan was influenced by Li Guangjiong who vigorously promote social progress and then he decided to devote himself to the revolution of China.Afterward, although Li Guangjiong was mainly engaged in education and Zhu Yunshan was committed to armed struggle and political movement, they were friends with a common goal and mutual support, especially in the tough environment of that time, Li Guangjiong often gave Zhu Yunshan a strong protection. After the founding of the people’s Republic of China, Zhu Yunshan served as vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, vice chairman of the CPPCC Na-tional Committee, chairman of KMT Central Committee and he spoke highly of the life career of Li Guangjiong. The revolutionary friendship between two people, newer with time, become a good story of Anhui revolution in modern history.

  20. 《法苑珠林校注》校勘补遗%A Supplement to Collation and Annotation of Fa Yuan Zhu Lin



    Fa Yuan Zhu Lin is one of the most important Buddhist literature. Collation and Annotation of Fa Yuan Zhu Lin publi shed by Zhonghua Book Company, is an excellent book on the collation of ancient books. However, some sentences are misleadi ng due to missing collation. This paper aims at supplementing collation suggestions to seventeen sentences in this book.%《法苑珠林》是研究佛教文化最为重要的文献之一,中华书局出版的《法苑珠林校注》是一部上乘的古籍整理著作,但其中偶有一些词句因为失校而影响文意的正确理解,今提出16条校勘意见,供研究者参考。

  1. 朱淑真咏梅诗词中的人生观照%The life contemplation in Zhu Shu-zhen’s Yongmei poetry



    梅花是众多词人钟爱的意象之一,历来是文人墨客赞咏的对象。宋代才女朱淑真,一生写作了大量的咏梅诗词,梅如朱淑真灵魂的化身,高洁、孤傲、飘逸。对梅花的关爱中朱淑真也蕴藏着对自身的怜惜之情,怜梅与自怜紧密相连。%Plum blossom is one of the many images of poets love, is always the object of literature and writing poems. Zhu Shu-zhen in Song Dynasty, has written a large number of poems of plum, plum as the embodiment of Zhu Shuzhen's soul, noble, elegant, lonely. Zhu Shu-zhen also hold their own pity in the love of plum blossom, pity of plum blossom and self-pity is closely connected.

  2. 浅析云南建水朱家花园景观艺术%Art Analysis of Landscape Architecture Of Zhu's Garden in Jianshui County



    Zhu's Garden is the treasures of "Museum of Old Architecture"and the "Museum of the Common People's House"in Jianshui County ,and is famed as the live specimen of People's Living Culture .From the practical investigation about the totality arrangement ,architecture landscape ,plant landscape and space cir-cumstances landscape in the Zhu'Garden ,this article analyzes the methods of creating garden landscape . Combining with all kinds of knowledge in theory ,it also summarizes the features of partly landscape ,entirely landscape and all space environment landscape ,and uses the building methods of classical garden to evaluate the landscaping of Zhu's Garden and other southern private landscaping garden .%  指出了人居文化的活标本---朱家花园,是云南建水县古建筑文化和民居建筑文化的艺术珍品。对朱家花园建筑布局、整体景观特色及空间环境进行了实地调研,总结了朱家花园整体布局、各功能分区景观艺术特色、环境空间艺术特点,并运用古典园林造园手法分析与评价了朱家花园实景以及其他南方私家园林景观。

  3. Quotations of Zhu Xi and Chinese dictionary%从《朱子语类》词语看《汉语大词典》之疏失

    李申; 刘兴忠


    《朱子语类》是一部记载南宋理学家朱熹讲学内容的语录体著作,对汉语史研究具有重要的语料价值。笔者在翻检《汉语大词典》的过程中,发现《语类》中不少词语并没有受到应有的重视。从词语失收、释义不确、书证缺失、例证晚出等几个方面对《汉语大词典》提出订补意见。%Quotations of Zhu Xi records the lectures of the Confucian scholar Zhu Xi in Southern Song dynasty ,and it is of great influence upon the historical study of Chinese .The writers of this paper argue that Quotations of Zhu Xi should be given sufficient attention for the updating of Chinese dictionary .The loss of words ,paraphrasing inaccuracy ,and incomplete bibliographical notes can hopefully be corrected .

  4. Sources and distribution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in street dust from the Chang-Zhu-Tan Region, Hunan, China.

    Long, Yongzhen; Dai, Tagen; Wu, Qianhong


    Street dusts collected from 20 locations in the Chang-Zhu-Tan (Changsha, Zhuzhou, and Xiangtan) region, Hunan, China, in May to July 2006, were investigated for sources of polycylic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). The individual PAH concentrations were in the range of 10-4316 ng g(-1), and ∑PAHs(16) levels were in the range of 3,515-24,488 ng g(-1), with a mean of 8,760 ng g(-1). The high-molecular-weight PAHs (four to six rings), ranging from 47.51 to 82.11 %, with a mean of 74.79 %, were the dominant PAH compounds in almost all of the dusts. The isomer ratios suggested a rather uniform mixture of coal combustion and petroleum PAH sources. Factor analysis and multiple linear regression analysis indicate that the main sources of the 16 PAHs were coal combustion/vehicle exhaust, coking/petroleum, and plant combustion, with contribution rates of 50.9, 35.01, and 14.08, respectively. The spatial distributions of PAH concentrations were significantly related to the distribution of industries, traffic circulation, and farmland in this region.

  5. By the Principle of the Heart——On Preliminary Effect of the Mind Concept in Zhu Xi's Philosophy on the Philosophy of the Mind of Zhu Zi effect preparatively the study of mind%由理即心——略论朱子哲学中的心灵概念对心学的预备性影响



    对于近古中国的儒学思想史,无论章太炎所谓"宋明之异"抑或是章学诚所谓"朱陆之同",都是从宋(理)明(心)有别的大前提出发予以讨论的,本文从朱子哲学对"理欲""人心"概念的辨析、论述中发掘出明(心)学崛起的内在理论因素;并认为朱子体系中"天理""人心"的紧张关系导致了后世心学"以心证理"的理论转向,其心灵概念中已经蕴含了后世心学的某些理论内涵.%Regardless of what Zhang Taiyan called "distinctions between Zhu Xi 's philosophy of science and Wang Yangming 's philosophy of the mind" or what Zhang Xuecheng named"similarities between Zhu Xi and Lu Jiuyuan", the history of Confucianism in ancient and contemporary China was discussed grounded upon the differences between Zhu's philosophy of science and Wang's philosophy of the mind. By combing such concepts as"desire" and "heart" in Zhu Xi's philosophy of science, the present paper uncovers the internal factors leading to the rise of the philosophy of the mind;the paper holds that the tension between "justice" and "heart" in Zhu Xi's system gives rise to the theoretical shift to the concept of"the heart used to justify the desire" in the philosophy of the mind whose mind concept embodies some theoretical connotations in the philosophy of the mind.

  6. Leisure Aesthetics of Zhu Dunru%朱敦儒诗词中的休闲美学



    As a great poet of Southern Song Dynasty, Zhu Dunm' s literal works give us the following information: he puts high values on freedom from leisure; his views on ethics ( such as "leaving the secular world", "eliminating mundane affairs", and "meeting friends, enjoying beautiful scenery" ) show his appreciation on the beauty of person- ality which can be summarized as "idle and broad-minded". His leisure activities ( such as traveling, hunting, ap- preciating flowers, gardening, playing instruments, fishing, enjoying food and sleeping, etc. ) are full of aesthetic significance, elegant but not a highbrow song, popular but not vulgar.%朱敦儒是南宋著名词人,从其诗词可以看出:他高度重视休闲的自由之价值,“出红尘”、“胸中无事”、“会良朋、逢美景”的休闲伦理观,展现了对人格美的推崇;他的人格美形态可提炼为“闲旷”,并通过旅行、游猎,赏花、种植,弹琴、垂钓,饮食、睡眠等休闲活动选择审美方式,达到了高雅而非高蹈,通俗而不庸俗的美学境界。

  7. The Practice of Zhu Xi's Literary Criticism Manifests the Authors'Personality%朱熹文艺批评实践对主体人格的彰显



    In the process of literary criticism , personality determines artistic character , which constitutes Zhu Xi's consistent principle .This principle could be applicable not only to his poetry assessment , but also to his calli-graphy and painting criticism .His calligraphy criticism to some extent relates to the workstation and the skill levels . But the personality was the deciding factor .Too good personality or too bad personality would not be good for the as-sessment of the workstation and skills .Usually Zhu Xi analyzed the relation between calligraphy and subjects from two aspects, namely, commenting on calligraphy according to the personality and observing the character of the writer according to his calligraphy .The unity of the calligraphy and personality influenced Zhu Xi's discussion of the main cultivation and creation mentality .%朱熹在品评文艺的过程中秉承的一贯宗旨即是以人格定艺格。他评诗文如此,评字画亦毫无例外。他论书法虽在一定程度上也涉及工拙、技法层面的问题,但起决定作用的还是主体之人格。人格过人则不复论其工拙,人格不佳则文艺作品再精工其格亦属低下。朱熹在论及书法与主体关系时大抵涉及两个向度,即以人论书和以书观人。而书格与人格的统一性又影响着朱熹对主体修养与创作心态的论述。

  8. The Therapeutic Effects of Ling Gui Zhu Gan Tang Mixture in 50 Psychotic Patients with Obesity Induced by the Psychoactive Drugs

    丁国安; 余国汉; 张教东; 梁绍材; 刘丽勤; 黄鹏; 陈惠娟; 肖爱祥; 李小芳; 蔡颖莲


    @@ In order to observe the therapeutic effects of Ling Gui Zhu Gan Tang Mixture (芩桂术甘汤) on obesity induced by psychoactive drugs, 100 psychotics with obesity induced by psychoactive drugs were randomly divided into a treatment group (50 cases)and a control group (50 cases) for a 8-week treatment.The changes were determined by means of the Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale (BPRS) and the Treatment Emergent Symptom Scale (TESS) with the body weight recorded before and after treatment. The results showed that the total effective rate was 72% in the treatment group, and 14% in the control group,with the former obviously superior to the latter (P<0.01). The BPRS scores were 33.02t7.34 in the treatment group and 32.39± 3.51 in the control group before treatment; and 20.38±5.10 in the treatment group and 20.82± 1.75 in the control group after treatment. The BPRS scores were obviously reduced after treatment in the two groups (both P<0.01), but with no significant difference between the two groups (P>0.05). This indicates that the Ling Gui Zhu Gan Tang Mixture does not influence the curative effect of the psychoactive drugs while showing the body weight-reducing effect. Therefore, the Ling Gui Zhu Gan Tang Mixture can be used for those psychotic patients with obesity induced by the psychoactive drugs (the incidence is 10-25%) in their continuous course of treatment with the latter drugs.

  9. On Zhu Xi's Harmony Quartet and its Impact on Contemporary Society%朱子和谐四重奏与当代社会



    朱子是宋代新儒学的集大成者,是中华文化承先启后、继往开来的文化巨人。朱子和谐观包含四重含义:心和、人和、协和、中和,它们分别指向身心和谐、人际和谐、世界和谐和天人和谐,具有多维性和普遍性,是一个逐步放大的同心圆,一个逐步上升的理想境界。朱子的和谐四重奏,由低级到高级,由自我到他人,由人际到国别,由人类到宇宙,奏响了一曲美妙的乐章,对当代和谐社会的建构意义深远。%Zhu Xi is the greatest master of Neo-Confucianism in the Song Dynasty and a cultural giant in Chinese culture.Zhu Xi's theory of harmony contains four implications: harmony of mind,human,Concorde and medium,which respectively refer to harmony between body and mind,between persons,between countries and between nature and human.With multidimensionality and universality,Zhu Xi's harmony quartet is a step-by-step enlargement of concentric circles,a gradually rising ideal realm,from low to high,from self to others,from interpersonal to national,from human to universe,like a beautiful piece of music,which will have a far-reaching significance for the present construction of a harmonious society.

  10. 《静志居琴趣》:朱冯情缘及其对朱彝尊词风之影响%Seishi Habitat Qinqu:Zhu - Fengˊs Love and its Impact on Zhu Yizunˊs Ci Style



    Zhu Yizun,the dean of West Zhejiang Ci School character,had influenced the Ci writing for a long period in Early Qing Dynasty with his Ci style of alcohol Masayuki. His secret love with Feng Shouchang,his wifeˊs young sister,which has great impact on the formation of Zhuˊs Ci style,has rarely been mentioned. Seishi Habitat Qinqu,which records in details their feelings,reveals some implicit traces about their romance trajectory. In this Ci collection,Zhu describes their love experience with concentrated language,sincere affection and depressed feeling and it is this emotional state that leads to Zhuˊs new Ci style of embarked alcohol and rich elegance.%朱彝尊是浙西词派的泰斗人物,其醇雅之词风影响清初词坛多年。他与妻妹冯寿长的隐秘恋情甚少被人提起,然而他词风的形成却与这段压抑的恋情密切相关。《静志居琴趣》中记录了两人感情的细节,并隐约显现出二人恋情的轨迹。朱氏在此词集中以缩笔的手法、真挚的感情、压抑的状态写出了二人的感情经历,同时这种状态亦使朱氏的词风走上了醇雅的道路。

  11. 朱珊教授治疗小儿久泻临证经验%Experience of Professor Zhu Shan for treating children diarrhea

    周文娟; 朱珊; 刘俊可; 王潘涛


    朱珊教授治疗小儿腹泻,立足于“脾虚失运”的基本病机,重视脾胃生理功能的恢复,灵活运用健脾止泻颗粒加减施治,每获良效。%Professor Zhu Shan treated children diarrhea, according to basic pathogenesis of Pixu Shiyun. Recovery physiological function of Pi and Wei was paid attention. The Jianpi Zhixie particle was applied by syndrome differentiation treatment, and shows a good effect.

  12. Antioxidant Formulae, Shengmai San, and LingGuiZhuGanTang, Prevent MPTP Induced Brain Dysfunction and Oxidative Damage in Mice


    The present study was designed to evaluate the preventive effect of antioxidative traditional oriental medicine formulae, Shengmai San (SMS) and LingGuiZhuGanTang (LGZGT), against 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine (MPTP) (i.p 30 mg·kg−1 for 5 consecutive days) induced neurotoxicity. In in vitro antioxidant assays measured with Trolox and butyl hydroxyl toluene as reference antioxidant revealed that SMS has higher scavenging potential against hydroxyl radical than superoxide anion r...

  13. Liu et al. suspect that Zhu et al. (2015) may have underestimated dissolved organic nitrogen (N) but overestimated total particulate N in wet deposition in China.

    Liu, Xuejun; Xu, Wen; Pan, Yuepeng; Du, Enzai


    In a recent publication in the journal Science of the Total Environment, Zhu et al. (2015) reported the composition, spatial patterns, and factors influencing atmospheric wet nitrogen (N) deposition based on one year's data from 41-monitoring sites in China. We suspect their results may largely underestimate dissolved organic N (DON) but overestimate total particulate N (TPN) in wet deposition due to the uncertainty resulting from the sampling, storage and analysis methods in their study. Our suspicions are based mainly on our experience from earlier measurements and the literature. We therefore suggest that enhanced data quality control on atmospheric N deposition measurements should be taken into account in future studies.

  14. Zhu Yuanzhang's Application of The Art of War%朱元璋对《孙子兵法》的应用



    据《明太祖宝训》记载,明太祖朱元璋与侍臣曾两次研讨《孙子兵法》。朱元璋受其身边爱好《孙子兵法》的侍臣的影响,屡屡对《孙子兵法》加以应用,虽质疑《孙子兵法》的相关思想,但其治军和作战的精髓思想依然有孙武的影子。朱元璋汲取孙武兵学思想中秉持经世致用的原则,极其注重孙武任将和用兵的思想,在作战历程中强调《孙子兵法》战略战术思想,这些均证明了《孙子兵法》作为“跨时代、跨国界、跨领域”的经世佳作对朱元璋产生的重要影响。%According to the records in Sermon of Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang,Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang twice dis- cussed The Art of War with his courtiers. Influenced by his courtiers who liked The Art of War, Zhu Yuanzhang applied The Art of War repeatedly. Although he questioned the related thoughts in The Art of War, the influence of The Art of War could still be found in his thoughts of governing the forces and military practices. Zhu Yuanzhang absorbed the principle of administration and pragmatism in Sun Tzu 's military science,paid much attention to Sun Tzu 's thought of assigning the generals and carrying out the military practices, and emphasized on the strategic and tactical thoughts in TheArt of War in his military practices,which fully approved he was deeply influenced by The Art of War, the administrative classics which was beyond the times, borders and fields.

  15. 333-IJBCS-Article-T Sathish Kumar

    Dr Gatsing

    extraction time, concentration of ethanol, material ratio and no. of extractions on the contents of flavonoids present in the leaves of ... microbial and anti-cancer activity (Cushnie and Lamb, 2005). ..... [a]anthracene-induced hamster buccal.

  16. Kogu vale kliendilojaalsusest / W. Reinartz, V. Kumar

    Reinartz, W.


    Autorid leiavad, et ainult lojaalsusele keskendumise asemel tuleks leida meetodeid mõõtmaks lojaalsuse ja kasumlikkuse omavahelist seost, et selle abil määratleda kliendid, kellele rohkem tähelepanu suunata. Kommenteerivad Eda Odenberg; Ain Taube, Ene Raja, Jaan Tamm ja Indrek Randveer. Diagramm ja tabelid: klientide säilitamise hind; kõrge ja madala kasumlikkusega kliendid; lojaalsusstrateegia valimine vastavalt klientide kasumlikkusele.

  17. Kogu vale kliendilojaalsusest / W. Reinartz, V. Kumar

    Reinartz, W.


    Autorid leiavad, et ainult lojaalsusele keskendumise asemel tuleks leida meetodeid mõõtmaks lojaalsuse ja kasumlikkuse omavahelist seost, et selle abil määratleda kliendid, kellele rohkem tähelepanu suunata. Kommenteerivad Eda Odenberg; Ain Taube, Ene Raja, Jaan Tamm ja Indrek Randveer. Diagramm ja tabelid: klientide säilitamise hind; kõrge ja madala kasumlikkusega kliendid; lojaalsusstrateegia valimine vastavalt klientide kasumlikkusele.

  18. Evaluation of Green Logistics Level of Chang-zhu-tan City Cluster%长株潭城市群绿色物流评价

    庞燕; 夏扬坤


    首先对城市群绿色物流进行探讨,并构建出了长株潭城市群绿色物流要素系统;然后结合长株潭城市群区域物流特点,构建了长株潭城市群绿色物流评价指标体系;最后利用基于层次分析法的模糊综合评价模型(Fuzzy-AHP模型),对长株潭城市群物流发展绿色度进行评价,结果显示,长株潭城市群绿色物流发展总体水平为良好,但在资源集约和环境保护方面还需要加大力度。%In this paper, we first discussed the green logistics level of city clusters, built the green logistics element system of the Chang-zhu-tan city cluster, then in view of the characteristic of the regional logistics process of the city cluster, established the corresponding green logistics evaluation index system, and at the end, using fuzzy-AHP, assessed the degree of greenness of the logistics development of the Chang-zhu-tan city cluster.

  19. The Adherents Former Identity of Zhu Shunshui and His Rejection to be an Official%朱舜水的遗民身份与不仕



    The Bourgeois Revolution in contemporary Japan,after the victories of Sino-apanese War and Russo-Japanese War,is considered as a phasic success.And the preparations of various opinions and thoughts become a great concern by later historicists.Among those,the thought deriving from Tokugawa Mitukuni is apparently influenced by Zhu Shunshui.This thesis,based on the adherents former identity of Zhu Shunshui and historical context,tries to reveal the reason why he rejected to be an official,and his efforts to recover the former country.This thesis also aims to display the behaving paradigm of adherents of Ming Dynasty,who reject to corporate with Tsing Dominators.%文章以朱舜水的遗民身份为出发点,结合文本,考察他不肯步入仕途的起因和动机,以及他在东渡日本后的种种复国努力,希望可以通过完整把握朱舜水的遗民心态,厘清明代遗民拒绝于清朝统治者合作的一种行为范式。

  20. On Zhu Xi ’s Thoughts of Children ’s Education%朱子的“小学”思想析论



    Zhu Xi ’s thoughts were great achievements of Confucian in the Song dynasty. He had incisive and unique insights about education of ancient China. Zhu Xi thought that the original edification in one ’s life was the most important. Primary training should develop good habit ,right attitude ,correct idea and nice charac⁃ter. Though the contents of The Children’s Education only were details and rules in daily life ,they were the great sources of life in morality and career. The book named The Children’s Education which Zhu Xi com⁃piled included three parts ,the first was how to educate ,the second was how to deal with interpersonal rela⁃tionships and the third was how to remind oneself of reverence. After this book , the contents of The Children’s Education gradually formed a standardized system. The rules and formality in The Children’s Education were the foundation of the Youth Education which improving one ’s heart and mind. The Children’s Education was about physical things and the Youth Education was about the metaphysical truth ,they are in line. This book had a very high cultural connotation ,so it was very popular and had a great influence. It was nearly eight hundred years from Zhu Xi ’s time to Qing dynasty and Chinese primary training had always been in developing in Zhu Xi ’s thoughts orbit continuance.%朱子认为,人生之初所受的熏染是至为关键的,“童蒙养正”就是要从人生的早期做起,要养成正当的习惯、态度、观念和品格。“小学”的内容虽然只是简单的生活细节和具体规矩,但它却是人们一生德行事业的起点和根本所在。朱子所编的《小学》一书,将“小学”总结为“立教”、“明伦”、“敬身”三个方面,自此以后,“小学”的内容逐渐形成了一个规范化的体系。“小学”所教习的规矩和礼节,是大学培养“穷理尽性、修齐治平”能力的基础和根本;“小学”学习

  1. 朱珊教授治疗小儿肠系膜淋巴结炎的临证经验%Experience of Prof.ZHU Shan for treating mesenteric iymphadenitis in children

    赵文锦; 周怡锦; 朱珊


    Experience of Prof.ZHU Shan for treating mesenteric iymphadenitis in children was introdeuced. Prof.ZHU Shan thought that treatment should be combined with the physiological characteristics of childre, Jize Zhi Qibiao, Huan Ze Zhi Qiben, and advocated regulating Pi and Wei.%介绍朱珊教授治疗小儿肠系膜淋巴结炎的临证经验。朱珊教授认为应结合小儿的生理特点,治疗上急则治其标,缓则治其本,倡导调护脾胃。

  2. Qualitative analysis of major constituents from Xue Fu Zhu Yu Decoction using ultra high performance liquid chromatography with hybrid ion trap time-of-flight mass spectrometry.

    Fu, Chunyan; Xia, Zian; Liu, Yonghui; Lu, Hongmei; Zhang, Zhimin; Wang, Yang; Fan, Xiaqiong


    Xue Fu Zhu Yu Decoction, a famous formula that has been used for treating many blood stasis-caused diseases for many centuries, comprises 11 kinds of traditional Chinese medicines. A convenient, efficient, and rapid analytical method was developed to simultaneously determine the major compounds in this decoction. An ultra-high performance liquid chromatography with hybrid ion trap time-of-flight mass spectrometry method was used to rapidly separate and detect the major constituents of the decoction. Using this technique, we identified or tentatively identified 34 compounds, including 21 flavonoids, 5 terpenoids, 3 organic acids, 2 lactones, 1 alkaloid, 1 amino acid, and 1 cyanogenic glycoside. The MS analysis of these constituents was described in detail. Findings may contribute to future metabolic and pharmacokinetic studies of this medicine.

  3. The Analysis of ZHU Rongji’s Idea in the Construction of Incorruption%朱镕基廉政建设思想探析



    ZHU Rongji fully aware of the importance of the dangers of corruption and clean government ,make economic and social development of the whole process -runs through the building ,the construction of anti-corruption system security , to build a strong ideological defense of the anti-corruption clean and honest ,resolute and prosecuted major cases ,a series of measures .Enlightenment of ZHU Rongji’s“clean government thoughts”is that attaches great importance to anti-corruption , insist on "economy and the independent commission against corruption with both hands ,both hard",strengthening the institu-tion-building ,strengthening the construction of honest and clean government culture has borrowed the country (border) for-eign advanced experience .%朱镕基充分认识到腐败危险性和廉政建设重要性,提出贯穿廉政建设于经济社会发展全过程、构筑反腐倡廉建设的制度保障、筑牢反腐倡廉建设的思想意识防线、坚决查办大案要案等一系列廉政建设措施。朱镕基廉政建设思想给我们的启示就是:要高度重视反腐倡廉建设、坚持“经济与廉政两手抓、两手都要硬”、加强各项制度建设、加强廉政文化建设、不断借鉴国(境)外的先进经验。

  4. On the Transformation of Homeland Identification in Zhu Tianxin’s Literary Works%论朱天心作品中原乡认同的流变



    原乡认同指的是作家对自我精神和生命来源的寻找和构建。随着时代的变迁,朱天心作品中的原乡认同不断发生着变化:从“三三集团”时期对“大中国”信仰的认同,到走出象牙塔后为失落的眷村群体书写历史记忆,直至呈现“漫游者”四处寻觅并无所依归的悲情。朱天心作品中的原乡追寻经历了从认同到不认同的流变,展示了作家重塑自我、构建精神家园的努力。%Homeland identification refers to the pursuits and construction of self-spirit and life origin. The home-land identification in Zhu Tianxin’s literary works transforms a lot with the change of the times. From looking for-ward to a faith of a great China in Sansan Group period to writing the historical recollections for the frustrated mili-tary residential community by departing from the ivory tower, her works show the flâneur’s pathos of no belongings and hovering around. The homeland pursuit in Zhu Tianxin’s literary works transforms from the identity to unidenti-fied character and shows the efforts of reinventing herself and constructing spiritual home.

  5. 朱光潜作品中的乡土情结书写∗%On the Rural Complex in Zhu Guangqian’ s Works



    Zhu Guangqian is good at applying metaphors and similes in his argumentative writing. The study on his works shows that many of his works are typical examples and images about rural life, social conventions and natural scenery. These descriptions of typical rural events and images in his works constitut a three⁃dimensional picture of rural life in South⁃western Anhui at the end of Qin dynasty. The choosing of rural life images in his works discloses Zhu Guangqian’ s deep homeland consciousness and rural complex, which is not only the result of his homesickness complex when he lived in cities, the humanistic orientation of his aesthetic and literary writing, but also a reflection of the collective unconsciousness in the Chinese nation.%朱光潜是说理文写作的高手。对他作品中的事理解读过程中经常会发现一些乡土人情、乡村风俗和田园风景书写,这些极富皖西南地域风情的典型事例和意象,汇聚起来构筑成一幅立体的清末民初皖西南山居图。隐藏在说理文中的乡土情结书写,凝聚着作者浓郁的家园意识和故土情怀,是成年朱光潜离开乡村天地奔赴城市生活的必然,是作者自然主义美学和文学旨趣的体现,也是植根于中华民族集体无意识中的一种情结。

  6. Modern Psychological Analysis of Zhu Zi Study Method%“朱子读书法”的现代心理学分析

    何秀; 王宁


    Since the ancient times , our country has always had the traditions on learning encouragement and attitude and more than dozens of classical learning methods have been passed down as well . Zhu Zi study method has a profound impact on our traditional methods . With respect to tradition recovery and classics in heritance , Zhu Zi study method , if interpreted scientifically , has an important impact on precise learning attitude and traditional cultural inheritance in a scientific way . Paying more attention to the clues , we can find out that the reason why the method can be spread to this day and regarded as a standard for learning by numerous scholars is that it has its nature of science in many ways and implies quite a lot of theories on modern psychology , including cognitivism , constructivism , situation and experience , attribution theory , etc . This thesis makes a corresponding discussion on the theories of psychology , aiming to explore the implicit science behind the Zhu Zi study method and make a detailed elaboration and argument in this regard .%朱子读书法流传至今,为众学者奉为阅读圭臬,缘于其具有相当的科学性,暗合了许多现代心理学的理论,其中“着紧用力”体现了意志的果断性、坚定性和自制力。“循序渐进”与皮亚杰的“认知阶段发展论”不谋而合,符合学习者身心发展规律。“熟读精思”是一种“复述”策略,按“艾宾浩斯遗忘曲线”的规律重复可以对抗遗忘。“切己体察”有助于能力的迁移。而根据“有意义接受说”和“建构主义理论”,“虚心涵泳”一法却很难做到,也没有必要摒弃或者隔离读者原有知识和观点。“居敬持志”中只有部分符合心理学观点,即注意力集中和适当焦虑,学习效率最高。总之,该读书法折射一种能力生长观,暗含能力可通过个人努力获得增长的。下文将深度挖掘朱子读书法蕴含的科

  7. On the Value Connotation and Orientation of ZHU Xi’ s “Truth”%朱熹之“理”的价值内蕴与路向



    Following the predecessors, especially CHENG Hao and CHENG Yi, ZHU Xi not only has en-riched the connotation of “Truth”, but also expanded the extension of “Truth”.He fully affirmed the metaphysical quality of “Truth”, the originality and valuable attribution of “Truth”, at the same time, through “Truth” threads together the three cardinal guides and“Truth” governs five constant virtues ( be-nevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom and fidelity) completed the basic construction of the moral metaphysics in “pushing truth on human affairs”.“Truth” is extrapolated to the human relations, social and political fields,“human desire” is dispelled in the process of attempt, and saw “desires eliminated and returning to nature” as the value presented approach for people to pursue the ultimate value to indi-cate the direction.Based on this, ZHU Xi not only is for Confucian thoughts to find metaphysical basis, but also for the ethical norms and political philosophy in the real life finding the persuasive theoretical foundation.Indeed,“ preserving Heaven, destroying human desires” in the domain of CHENG-ZHU Neo-Confucianism has some complex of moral utopian.Its realistic value and significance not only is to execute social reality, but that lead people to control the flood of desire and self-reflection, and be alert and concerned to gradually sinking morals and human heart.%继轨前贤尤其是程颢与程颐,朱熹不仅丰富了“理”的内涵,而且拓展了“理”的外延。他在充分肯定“理”的形上性、本源性与价值性的同时,以“理”贯“三纲”与“理”统“五常”完成了“以天理明人事”的道德形而上学的基本建构。他在将“天理”推衍到人伦、社会与政治领域的过程中试图消解“人欲”,并以“革尽人欲复尽天理”为价值呈现进路给追寻终极价值的人们指明了方向。基于此,朱熹不仅为儒家的纲常思

  8. The Legislation on Famine Policy by Zhu Yuanzhang, the First Emperor of Ming Dynasty%明太祖的荒政立法



    Famine relieving is considered an essential measure to promote economic development and maintain social stability. In order to carry out the policy smoothly, Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang has made detailed terms of law, covering from the prevention before disasters and the relief after it, to the selection of the officials and the punishment of corruption. The relief policy can thus be summed up as the following: a. The legislation on disaster prevention and reduction, b. The legislation on disaster relieving. By this relieving policy, Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang not only punished the corrupted officials in famine relief but also helped the victims with national relief in the disasters, thus reducing the damage to social productivity and laying a good foundation for the economic recovering and development of the Ming dynasty.%救荒是明代经济发展、社会稳定的重要措施。为了保证荒政的顺利而有效地进行,明太祖从灾害防治到灾害赈济,从赈灾官员的选用到对吏治腐败的整治,都制定了较为详细的法律条文。从这些法律条文中可以概括出明太祖的荒政立法包含以下两个方面:一、防灾与减灾中的立法;二、救灾中的立法。朱元璋通过荒政立法,一方面惩治了救灾中的腐败,提高了救灾的效率;另一方面也使灾民在自然灾害面前得到国家的救济,使社会生产力的破坏得以减轻,为明王朝的经济恢复和发展奠定了基础。

  9. 朱天心小说中的边缘主妇形象%The Marginalized Housewives in Zhu Tianxin’s Novels



    台湾当代女作家朱天心的《袋鼠族物语》、《鹤妻》,以动物寓言的方式,塑造了一群现代都市中心灵枯竭、独自啃噬寂寞的家庭主妇。不同于以往底层都市女性挣扎在生活的琐碎和温饱之中,也不同于张爱玲笔下的女性纠缠在与男性的爱情游戏中。袋鼠妈妈、洞窟女性都是受过高等教育的现代女性,然而袋鼠妈妈在有了小兽成为专职母亲后,远离丈夫、朋友、社会,内心幽闭,失去自我最终走向自杀。洞窟女性在物价不断上涨的危机中,在物质文明和消费社会挤压下,不断囤货,穷凶极恶般经营着自己的巢穴,内心无名的挣扎和焦虑,犹如置身荒原。%Taiwan contemporary writer Zhu Tianxin,in her works “Kangaroos Story”,“Wives like Crane”and “Butterfly Women”,shaped a group of exhaustion,solitude housewives and wives in mod-ern city in parable way.Unlike previous female images such as the women struggling against poverty, or the women entangled themselves in love game with men,the three types of women written by Zhu Tianxin focus on the women who are with high education in modern city.But when they became a full-time housewives,they were away from their husbands,friends and society,and they lost themselves and committed suicide in the end.

  10. 我国优秀男子花剑运动员朱俊的主要制胜因素分析%Analysis of the Main Factors for the Success of Our Elite Male Foil Fencer Zhu Jun



    Through technical statistics based on six important competitions'video tapes of Zhu Jun,the excellent foil fencer. This thesis find out that attack with beat,distance parry,direct riposte,riposte with a coupe,croise,and counter-attack are six major technique Zhu Jun used in competitions. As technique and efficiency factors are related,this thesis find out speed and distance controlling are main efficiency factors of Zhu Jun. This thesis recommend Zhu Jun to reinforce these factors in later training and competitions. Combine these factors with others,to make them become the ace in the hole.%通过对我国优秀男子花剑运动员朱俊的六场重大赛事录像进行专项技术统计分析,找出了朱俊的主要得分技术为击打进攻、距离防守、直刺还击、交叉还击、击打转移还击和反攻六项。根据技术与制胜因素的对应关系,得出了朱俊的主要制胜因素是快速和距离。认为朱俊在以后的训练和比赛中应该加强快速和距离的特点,并注意运用组合制胜因素,使其成为制胜的“杀手锏”。

  11. On Zhu Xi's Inheritance and Development of Zhang ZaiS Idea of Reading%论朱熹对张载读书思想的继承和发展



    在宋儒中,朱熹惟独对张载的为学工夫尤其是读书思想最为推崇。他对张载所提揭的“维持此心”、“去旧来新”、“平易其心”、“熟读成诵”诸义均有所继承和发展。这不仅与朱熹为学的坚苦工夫历程有关,而且与他视读书为穷理之一事的思想、为救时学之弊的卫道之心相契合。%In the Song Confucians, Zhu Xi praised Zhang Zai mostly, especially his learning efforts of reading. Zhu Xi has inherited and developed Zhang Zai's thoughts like " maintenance of the heart from read- ing" ," to cast off the old ideal and obtain the new knowledge" ," planning its heart" , and "becoming familiar chant". This is not only related to Zhu Xi~ hard work to learn the course in his life, but also consistent with his idea of regarding reading as one way to understand the universal principle, and his moral heart to save the soci- ety from bad fashions.

  12. The Relationship Between Title of Ming Dynasty and ZhuYuanzhang' s Religious Belief%大明国号与朱元璋信仰关系研究



    Scholars believe that the title of Ming Dynasty came from ZhuYuanzhang' s experience of becoming a member of Zor-oastrianism.So, some people called him as"the Birth of Anji Yuukyuuzan".Through the investigation on Zhu Yuanzhang's belief system, we can find that ZhuYuanzhang dipped himself into Buddhism, Taoism, Zoroastrianism, Confucianism and other sects or schools,his belief system is somewhat of disorder.Based on this,title of Ming Dynasty would not have come from Zoroastrianism, but it could be close to Tantric Buddhism.%学界曾以朱元璋参与过明教,并以"明王出世"而认为大明国号也由来于此. 实际上,通过对朱元璋信仰体系的考察检视,可以发现,朱元璋一生对佛教、道教、明教、儒学等宗派或学派都有涉猎,其信仰体系缺乏连续性. 基于此,大明国号的由来不是源于明教,而与佛教密宗关系更为密切.

  13. 浅析朱山坡小说的荒诞特性%The Characteristics of Absurdness in Zhu Shanpo’ Novels



    Guangxi writer Zhu Shanpo thinks the highest level of performance techniques of novels is"absurdness". In his novels, performance techniques of absurdness through the different degrees of the modes of discourse and narrative are reflected in four aspects: the bizarre plot, exaggerated description, oversimplified and caricatured characters, creative use of language, widely adopted parody.%广西作家朱山坡认为小说之表现手法的最高境界是“荒诞”,综观朱山坡的小说文本,他的小说创作的话语方式、叙事模式不同程度地呈现出荒诞特征的表现技巧,分别体现在四个方面:离奇的情节、夸张的描写、漫画式和过度简化的人物形象、语言的创造性运用、仿拟的广泛采用。

  14. Discussion and analysis of the theory disease of emotion causing disease of ZHU Dan-xi%朱丹溪"情志致病"理论探析



    ZHU Dan-xi thought that emotional factors are the main cause of disease. The stress change of emotion causes disorder of Zang and Fu and frenetic stirring of ministerial fire,and then consumes body fluid. After that,the activity of Qi is disrupted and Six yu is caused. The Yueju pills is the specific prescription to treat melancholia and has distinct effect,providing theoretical basis and ideas for the therapy of depression. The medical thinking and clinical practice has important significance to treat mental and psychosomatic diseases.%朱丹溪认为情志因素是致病主要病因,情绪变化过极引起脏腑病变,引动相火妄动而耗伤阴津,气机郁积,脏腑失调,导致"六郁".所创制的越鞠丸是治疗郁证的专方,为后世治疗郁证提供了理论依据和思路,对治疗心理和心身疾病也有重要的指导意义.

  15. On ZHU Zi-qing's Appreciation Theories of Chinese Classic Literature%朱自清古典文学欣赏理论初探



    欣赏中国古典文学作品离不开吟诵,要在吟诵的基础上了解,在培养欣赏力的同时培养判断力.欣赏也是想象、感受和理解的过程,更是一个再创造的过程.这是朱自清对古典文学欣赏理论的系统总结.这一欣赏理论,不仅内涵丰富,而且还有自己的特色.%The appreciation of Chinese classic literature works cannot be separated from the intonation of them. Comprehension is acquired on the basis of the intonation, and thus the appreciation as well as the judgment is cultivated. The appreciation is a course of imagination, perception and comprehension, and furthermore a course of recreation. This is a systematic conclusion of ZHU Zi-qing's theory of appreciation of Chinese classic literature works. The theory is rich in content with its own traits.

  16. An Analysis of Creation Ideas underlying Anthology of Heartbroken Poetry by Zhu Shuzhen%朱淑真《断肠集》创作心旅探微



    With the author’s emotional development as the sequence,Anthology of Heartbroken Poetry by Zhu Shuzhen,a female poet of Southern Song Dynasty described the “id”that longed for freedom and love,the“ego”that scrupulously abided by feudal code of ethics but rebeled boldly against it, and the reborn“superego”that showed concern about the livelihood of the people. The anthology presents readers an heroine who enjoyed happiness,experienced bitterness and finally realized her own metamorphosis and transcension.%朱淑真的《断肠集》以作者的情感发展脉络为经,描写了一个向往自由与追求美好爱情的“本我”,恪守礼教又大胆反抗的“自我”,以及关注民生、蜕变重生的“超我”,呈现出一个享受欢乐、经历痛苦,最后蜕变超越的女主人公形象。

  17. 朱广旗教授治疗小儿癫痫病经验%Experience of Professor ZHU Guang-qi for treating children’s epilepsia

    陶奕汐; 朱广旗


    Epilepsia is a common disease of children’s systema nervosum, which can cause many kinds of chronic brain diseases and damage brain function if breaks out frequently. Therefore, it becomes the main prevention and cure mental disorder. Professor ZHU Guang-qi has worked as a doctor for more than 30 years, and has abundant experience for treating epilepsia. He summarizes several kinds which has notable efficacy.%  癫痫为小儿神经系统常见疾病之一,是多种病因引起的慢性脑疾病;长期、频繁地发作可损害脑功能,因此该病成为全球重点防治的神经精神疾病。吾师从医30余年,学验颇丰,在治疗小儿癫痫中积累了丰富经验,总结出熄风豁痰、补脾肾等治痫方法,临床疗效显著。

  18. Zhu Ziqing's Teaching of Poetryand Its Influence%朱自清诗歌教学活动及其影响



    Zhu Ziqing's teaching of poetry, a practical form of his research in poetry, has a deep academic foundation in that it shows the path of his research and its academic characteristics. His notes on poetry are a natural extension of his research into the classroom. These notes, despite a rambling appearance, never depart from the afore-mentioned path and his academic prin- ciples, stressing basic characteristics like intuitional awareness, academic rigor and the blending of poetic and historical per- spectives. "Suspension of conclusions", which is essential to his research, doesn't mean "reaching no conclusions", but rather implying them in the process of demonstration. In his poetry course the students are required to analyze poems in class and write their own poems outside class, the latter being not only a means of testing the students about what he teaches in class but more importantly, a way of guiding them to their own poetic creation. Expeditions to mountains and lakes, poetry recitations and activities sponsored by campus literary associations are important venues of teacher-student interaction and where teachers teach by personal example as well as verbal instruction. Zhu Ziqing takes advantage of his position as poet, poetry theorist and renowned professor to discover new poets, help correct their works and recommend them for publication, write prefaces for their collections of poems and ease their entry into poets' circles. In all this he displays a tenderness for buddine poets.%朱自清的诗歌教育作为其诗歌研究的实践形态,以其深厚的学术根底为基础,往往留存着其诗歌研究的基本理路与学术风格。诗歌讲义是其诗歌研究向课堂的自然延伸,表面零散,却内蕴着一以贯之的思致与学理,凸显出感悟、学理与诗史视界相融合的基本特性。“按而不断”更是其精髓所在,“按而不断”并非“无断”,而是将论断蕴含于论证过程之中。

  19. On Zhu Jian-er five quartets"He"%中西合璧立足超越--试析朱践耳五重奏《和》



      《和》是1992年朱践耳先生基于现代音乐观念创作的一部五重奏作品,作曲家在《和》中将古、今、中、西的思维、技法、观念相融合,既发扬传统,又超越传统;既取法现代,又超越现代。本文从文化内涵、音乐语言特色和音乐技术应用、音乐结构、风格特征等几个方面对这部作品进行分析,力求对这部具有个性和现代意识的中国作品有一个新的审美认识。%"He"is the concept of modern music creation of works based on the fusion of five quartets by Mr. Zhu Jian-er in 1992, in"He", composer combines the ancient and modern, western, thinking, skills, ideas, not only carry forward the tradition, but also beyond the traditional method;not only modern, and beyond the modern.This article carries on the analysis to this work from several cultural connotation, music language and music technology, music structure, style characteristics, in order to have a new aesthetic understanding of the personality and the consciousness of modern Chinese works.

  20. Enterobacter xiangfangensis sp. nov., isolated from Chinese traditional sourdough, and reclassification of Enterobacter sacchari Zhu et al. 2013 as Kosakonia sacchari comb. nov.

    Gu, Chun Tao; Li, Chun Yan; Yang, Li Jie; Huo, Gui Cheng


    A Gram-stain-negative bacterial strain, 10-17(T), was isolated from traditional sourdough in Heilongjiang Province, China. The bacterium was characterized by a polyphasic approach, including 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis, RNA polymerase β subunit (rpoB) gene sequence analysis, DNA gyrase (gyrB) gene sequence analysis, initiation translation factor 2 (infB) gene sequence analysis, ATP synthase β subunit (atpD) gene sequence analysis, fatty acid methyl ester analysis, determination of DNA G+C content, DNA-DNA hybridization and an analysis of phenotypic features. Strain 10-17(T) was phylogenetically related to Enterobacter hormaechei CIP 103441(T), Enterobacter cancerogenus LMG 2693(T), Enterobacter asburiae JCM 6051(T), Enterobacter mori LMG 25706(T), Enterobacter ludwigii EN-119(T) and Leclercia adecarboxylata LMG 2803(T), having 99.5%, 99.3%, 98.7%, 98.5%, 98.4% and 98.4% 16S rRNA gene sequence similarity, respectively. On the basis of polyphasic characterization data obtained in the present study, a novel species, Enterobacter xiangfangensis sp. nov., is proposed and the type strain is 10-17(T) ( = LMG 27195(T) = NCIMB 14836(T) = CCUG 62994(T)). Enterobacter sacchari Zhu et al. 2013 was reclassified as Kosakonia sacchari comb. nov. on the basis of 16S rRNA, rpoB, gyrB, infB and atpD gene sequence analysis and the type strain is strain SP1(T)( = CGMCC 1.12102(T) = LMG 26783(T)).

  1. 泥盆纪锥石类Changshaconus Zhu,1985和Reticulaconularia Babcock et Feldmann,1986两属的解剖学和系统学%ANATOMY AND SYSTEMATICS OF THE DEVONIAN CONULARIIDS CHANGSHACONUS ZHU,1985 AND RETICULACONULARIA BABCOCK ET FELDMANN,1986


    重新描述了湖南中泥盆世的锥石Changshaconus carinata Zhu,1985.通过比较,笔者认为Changshaconus与产自南非泥盆系和南、北美洲下泥盆统中的Reticulaconularia Babcock et Feldmann,1986非常相似.Changshaconus和Reticulaconularia两属由于锥管表面横肋间具有纵向脊状构造,与横肋构造一起构成了网状的表面装饰,从而区别于其它所有锥石类化石.两属的其它特征还包括:(1)在角沟处,横肋成交错状排列;(2)横肋在角沟的肩部向口端明显弯曲;(3)面中线呈明显的脊状隆起.以上3个特征在Climacoconus Sinclair,1952属中存在,因此Changshaconus、Reticulaconularia和Climacoconus构成了一个单系类群,而不同于其它锥石类.这3属又与Notoconularia Thomas,1969和Paraconularia Sinclair,1952 两属相似,横肋都在角沟处呈交错状排列.%Changshaconus carinata Zhu,1985,a Middle Devonian conulariid from Hunan Province,southeastern China,is redescribed and refigured.Changshaconus probably was most closely related to Reticulaconularia Babcock et Feldmann,1986,which occurs in the Devonian of South Africa and the Lower Devonian of Bolivia,New Jersey,and Quebec.Changshaconus and Reticulaconularia differ from all other conulariids in having transverse ribs and interspace ridges that are arranged in such a way as to form a reticulate facial ornament.Additional characteristics of Changshaconus and Reticulaconularia include (1) interruption plus alternate arrangement and interlocking of the transverse ribs in the corner sulcus;(2) sharp bending of the transverse ribs toward the aperture on the shoulders (edges) of the corner sulcus;(3) midline of the four faces marked by an external ridge.Together,these three additional similarities are uniquely shared with Climacoconus Sinclair,1952,and can be interpreted as evidence that Changshaconus,Reticulaconularia,and Climacoconus were members of a single,monophyletic taxon that excluded all other conulariids.This group

  2. Preference Differentiation of ChangZhuTan Urban Rresidents Forest Health Tourism Based on Lifestyle: A Case of ChangZhuTan City%基于生活形态的城市居民森林保健旅游偏好分异研究 ——以长株潭地区为例

    郑群明; 唐绒; 陈青山


    森林保健旅游已经成为健康旅游的一大热点.在森林保健旅游的研究中,旅游偏好研究的成果较少.通过引入生活形态的概念,对长株潭地区的城市居民加以细分,来研究生活形态迥异的城市居民在森林保健旅游领域的旅游偏好.研究发现,长株潭地区的城市居民可细分为保守稳重型、消极随意型和积极进取型三个不同生活形态的族群;进一步研究发现,不同生活形态的族群在人口学特征、森林保健旅游项目、信息渠道、出行时段、出游方式、入住方式以及消费意向等森林保健旅游偏好方面存在差异.基于研究结论从产品开发和市场营销角度提出相关建议.%Forest health tourism has become a hot spot for health tourism.In the study of forest health tourism,pref-erence research has few outcome.This paper introduces the concept of lifestyle,to distinguish urban residents in Chang-ZhuTan areas and study the travel preferences about different forms of urban residents.It finds that,ChangZhuTan Ur-ban Residents can be ,this paper sdivided into conservative type,passive type and aggressive type.Further research finds differences among the three different lifestyle groups in demographic characteristics and forest health tourism projects,information channels,travel time,travel mode,dormitory-style and consume intention.Finally,some related suggestions for product development and marketing are proposed based on the research findings.

  3. 朱子论《程传》之失%Zhu Xi’s Comments on the Faults of Cheng Yi’s Commentary of the Book of Zhouyi



    朱子在理学上推尊程颐,但在《周易》经学的理解上却独辟蹊径,对伊川颇有微词。朱子视“易本卜筮之书”之说为《易》之“本义”,并提出只以“易本卜筮之书”为前提,才能恰当地理解《周易》,由此彰显了卜筮和象数在《周易》经学中的重要意义。而若不以“易本卜筮之书”为出发点,即或说理完备如伊川,也必将偏离和失去易之本义。从强调本义的《周易》经学观出发,朱子探讨了程颐易学之得失。%Despite his succeeding Cheng Yi’ s Neo-Confucianism Zhu Xi interprets the learning of the I Ching in a special way and raises an objec-tion to Cheng accordingly.Zhu argues that the I Ching is originally a divina-tion book and only in this way can we understand the book itself appropriate-ly thus highlighting the importance of bushi卜筮and xiangshu象数in the Classical Studies of Zhou Yi.Conversely without the starting point the I Ching is originally a divination book even as complete as Cheng in reason-ing one will unavoidably deviate from and miss the original meaning ofthe I Ching.From the view of emphasizing the original meaning in the Classical Studies of Zhou Yi Zhu commented on the merits and faults of Cheng Yi’s studies of the I Ching.

  4. Study on Strategy for Constructing Chang-Zhu-Tan Urban Green Logistics System%构建长株潭城市绿色物流体系策略研究

    王阳军; 周建; 芦娟


    分析了绿色物流的内涵,在充分探究长株谭区域物流业需求特征的基础上,结合长株潭地区绿色物流产业需求特征,提出了建设长株潭城市绿色物流体系的策略和建议.%The paper analyzes the intension of green logistics and, in connection with the demand characteristics of the green logistics industry of the Chang-Zhu-Tan region, proposes the strategy and suggestions for construction the green logistics system of the region.

  5. 朱德与建国初期党的纪律检查工作建设%ZHU De's Role in the Construction of the Party's Discipline Inspection Work During the Early Stage of PRC

    王彦民; 高天鼎


    After the founding of the People's Republic of China,ZHU De,as the first secretary of the central discipline inspection committee,established and improved the institutions of discipline inspection at all levels.He also defined the concrete tasks of discipline inspection work,and established its principles: treating equally without discrimination,investigating and punishing every rule-breaker,being serious and prudent,incorporating our party's education and disciplines and adhering to our party's unified and centralized leadership.ZHU De proposed a series of working methods as well: under the leadership of our party,to construct its institution and educate the masses to prevent rule-breaking cases.Zhu De suggested all discipline inspection workers take the lead and observe disciplines.ZHU De's contributions mentioned above are valuable experience for strengthening our party's discipline and rectifying party conduct.%中华人民共和国成立后,朱德出任中纪委首任书记,建立健全了党的各级纪检机构。朱德在实际工作中明确了纪律检查工作的具体任务,树立了纪检工作的各项原则:坚持一视同仁的原则,坚持对违纪者必纠的原则,坚持严肃与审慎相结合的原则,坚持党的教育同执行纪律相结合的原则,坚持党的集中统一领导的原则。朱德提出了一系列纪检工作的方法:充分发挥党委领导作用,与其他有关部门配合,坚持走群众路线,制度建设和教育预防并重。朱德要求纪检工作者应以身作则,纪检部门应加强自身的思想建设和组织建设。朱德在建国初期建立健全党的各级纪检机关以及确立一系列纪检工作的任务、原则、方法,为加强党纪、端正党风积累了宝贵的经验。

  6. Effects of Chaihu-Shugan-San and Shen-Ling-Bai-Zhu-San on p38 MAPK Pathway in Kupffer Cells of Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis

    Qin-He Yang


    Full Text Available This study aimed to investigate the effects of Chaihu-Shugan-San (CSS, Shen-Ling-Bai-Zhu-San (SLBZS, and integrated recipe of the above two recipes on inflammatory markers and proteins involved in p38 MAPK pathway in Kupffer cells of NASH rats induced by high fat diet (HFD. Rats were administered at low or high dose of CSS, SLBZS, and integrated recipe except normal group and model group for 16 weeks. The levels of hepatic lipid, TNF-α, IL-1, and IL-6 in liver tissues were measured. Kupffer cells were isolated from livers to evaluate expressions of TLR4, p-p38 MAPK, and p38 MAPK by Western blotting. The results showed that the NASH model rats successfully reproduced typical pathogenetic and histopathological features. Levels of hepatic lipid and liver tissues inflammatory factors in high-dose SLBZS group and integrated recipe group were all lower than that of model group decreased observably. Expressions of TLR4, p-p38 MAPK, and p38 MAPK in Kupffer cells were decreased in all treatment groups, but there was no significant difference between treatment groups. The high-dose SLBZS group had the lowest expression levels of TLR4, and the most visible downtrend in the expression levels of p-p38 MAPK and p38 MAPK was found in the high-dose integrated recipe group. The ratio of p-p38 MAPK to total p38 MAPK protein was obviously increased in all treatment groups. Therefore, our study showed that the activation of p38 MAPK pathway in Kupffer cells might be related to the release of inflammatory factors such as TNF-α, IL-1, and IL-6 in NASH rats. High dose of SLBZS and integrated recipe might work as a significant anti-inflammatory effect in Kupffer cells of NASH rats induced by HFD through suppression of p38 MAPK pathway. It indicated that p38 MAPK pathway may be the possible effective target for the recipes.

  7. A Detailed Analysis of Zhu Xi’s Core Values%朱熹的核心价值观探微



    Zhu Xi is the most influential thinker after Confucius in the history of Confucianism for he has synthesized the system.He advocated such moral cultivation methods as Ju Jing Qiong Li (being deferential and the investigation of things for the purpose of extension of knowledge),and emphasized the importance of cultivation and balance of one’s personalities and temperaments so that one can prac-tice what the saints and sages have said and done and hence one can experience the ultimate value of life.Besides,he suggestd such ecological ethics that all the creatures in Nature should be viewed with the same moral standard and emotional concern as that of the human society and treated with benevo-lence,and the goal was to pursue the harmony of human kind and the universe.He also stressed that Wang Dao (a benevolent government)should be based on the popular aspirations.Throughout his life, he cared very much about people and their livelihood as if they were his own family,and emphasized the importance of increasing the national wealth so that people had enough means and can be taken good care of and hence have no regrets during such times as their birth,old age and illness,as well as funeral etc.,and the aim was to educate people,better the social customs and purify the social atmosphere.%朱熹集儒家文化之大成,建构了宏大而又精密的价值体系。他主张居敬穷理的道德修养方法,强调个体人格的提升以践履圣贤功业,体验生命的终极价值;主张以人类社会道德原则和情感关怀审视自然界的一切生命体,提倡仁爱万物的生态伦理观,追求天人合一的和谐境界;主张王道以得民心为本,一生关怀民生,视百姓为己出,强调为民制产,使其养生丧死无憾,教化民众,淳化社会风俗,净化社会风气。

  8. 朱元璋性格特征与 建立极端专制制度的关系%On the Relationship between Zhu Yuanzhangs Acute Character Traits and His Establishment at Extreme Autocratic Feudal System



    After the establishment of Ming Dynasty, Z hu Yuanzhang, the emperor, strengthened his centralization of authority and secr et services, which contributed much to the extremity of feudal dictatorial syste m. This, on the one hand, had something to do with historical factors, on the o ther hand it was interrelated in innumerable ways to Zhu Yuanzhangs acute char acter traits. It can be safely said that Zhu Yuanzhangs character traits promoted hi s establishment of extreme autocratic dominion of feudal system.%明王朝建立之后,朱元璋大力加强中央集权,使中国封建社会的极端专制制度登峰造极。这固然有历史发展的原因,但也与朱元璋自身的性格特点存在千丝万缕的联系。朱元璋的性格特征在其建立极端封建专制制度的过程中起了推波助澜的作用。

  9. Qualitative screening of absorbed indoloquinazoline alkaloids and their metabolites in rat plasma after the oral administration of Wu-Zhu-Yu decoction by high-resolution mass spectrometry with multiple data mining algorithms.

    Xu, Huarong; Geng, Yajing; Liu, Ran; Yuan, Ziyue; Liu, Xujia; Li, Qing; Bi, Kaishun


    A rapid and sensitive liquid chromatography with high-resolution mass spectrometry method with multiple data processing algorithms was developed and applied for the metabolite profiling of evodiamine and its analogous alkaloids in rat plasma after the administration of Wu-Zhu-Yu decoction. All samples were purified using hydrophilic-lipophilic balanced solid-phase extraction cartridges and analyzed by a Sciex TripleTOF 5600(+) mass spectrometer with a 35 min liquid chromatography gradient elution. High-resolution full-scan mass spectrometry and information-dependent acquisition tandem mass spectrometry data were analyzed using multiple data processing approaches. The results indicated that the detected eight prototype alkaloids could be metabolized to 58 metabolites through both phase I and phase II reactions. Oxidation was demonstrated to be the principle metabolic pathway of the parent compounds. The study contributes to the understanding of the absorption and metabolism of the alkaloids in Wu-Zhu-Yu decoction and provides a detailed analysis of scientific data. © 2016 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

  10. 快速控制技术在朱家河煤矿自燃火灾中的应用研究%Application study on fast control of spontaneous fire in Zhu Jia He coal mine

    费金彪; 何毅


    矿井煤体一旦发生自燃,其中就集聚了大量能量,同时释放CO等有毒有害气体,在发现煤自燃火灾后快速控制及熄灭煤火是煤自燃防治工作中的一项重要任务。本文针对朱家河煤矿12510工作面停采线附近煤自燃情况进行分析,采取基于胶体防灭火为主的快速控制技术,介绍了胶体的性能及火区治理工艺,论述了快速控制技术在朱家河煤矿的成功应用。%Once the occurrence of spontaneous combustion in coal body, which gathered a great deal of energy. At the same time, the re- lease of CO and other toxic and harmful gas. Once find the fire, rapidly control and extinguish fires of coal spontaneous combustion is an im- portant task. In this article, according to Zhu Jia He coal mine12510 working face coal spontaneous combustion near the spot line, analyzed the situation. Taked the fast control technology based on colloid for fire extinguishing technology, introduced the colloid performance and fire management process, discusses the fast control technology applying for Zhu Jia He coal mine successfully.

  11. 朱丹溪脾胃观源流与特征初探%A Preliminary Study on the Origins and Characteristics of Zhu Danxi's Concept of Spleen-Stomach



    Objective] The article analyzed the origins of Zhu Danxi's concept of the spleen-stomach and the characteristics of the prescription, and explored the content of the academic research of Zhu Danxi. [Methods] Through literature method, the control analysis of the formation of succession context of Zhu Danxi's concept of the spleen-stomach, from three aspects, it analyzes the main characteristics of the view of the spleen and stomach on the physiology and pathology of spleen-stomach, spleen and stomach disease treatment, and treatment through the spleen-stomach.[Results] Zhu Danxi's concept of the spleen-stomach had the close relation with apprentice teacher and famous experts. The basic viewpoints origin from Liu Wansu, draws expelling spleen and stomach drug laws of Li Dongyuan, critically to retain the Zhang Congzheng's spleen-stomach academics, fully inherit the clinical experience of Luo Zhiti, and then form the concept of the spleen-stomach on physiological and the characteristics including the emphasis on physiological and pathological of the spleen-stomach and the prescription by protecting spleen-stomach. The treatment methods through the spleen-stomach to treat the exogenous and miscellaneous disease, including the tonifying spleen and regulating qi to dispel six stagnation, tonifying spleen and strengthening qi to remove exogenous, tonifying spleen and nourishing blood to resolute carbuncle and abscess, tonifying spleen and sweat to eliminate malaria cough, applicable law of clearing stomach and intestinal. [Conclusion] The formation and characteristics of Zhu Danxi's concept of the spleen-stomach is of great practical significance for guiding the clinical application and the cultivation of traditional Chinese medicine.%[目的]探讨朱丹溪脾胃观形成源流及其理法方药规律与特点,拓展丹溪学术研究内容。[方法]以文献学的方法,对照分析朱丹溪脾胃观形成的师承脉络,从脾胃的生理

  12. Zhu Rongji's Educational Thoughts:The text interpretation of the Speech Record of Zhu Rongji%朱镕基教育思想述要——基于《朱镕基讲话实录》的文本解读



    《朱镕基讲话实录》是我们了解朱镕基教育思想的重要途径。朱镕基教育思想主要包括教育的功能观、人才观和教师观等方面。他认为,教育是科技的基础;为学先为人,为学要严,为人要正;办学最核心的问题是师资。此外,他还提出了基础教育的关键问题在经费投入、吸引留学人才归国关键靠政策、经济人才培养要注重英语教学等教育思想。%Interpreting Zhu Rongji's "Speech Record" is an important way to our understanding of his educational ideas.His education ideas include the concept of the function of education,view on talent and teacher and so on.He believes that education is the decisive factor in the economic development;that it is important to learn to be a man before learning academic things;and that Teacher is essential to school education.Besides,he asserts that the key to a successful elementary education is funding;that to attract overseas talents needs appropriate policy;and that economic personnel training should take English language teaching as an integral part.

  13. 朱生豪之译者生态研究%A Study of Zhu Shenghao from the Perspective of Translator Ecology

    路艳玲; 谢世坚


    Zhu Shenghao is one of the most important translators of Shakespeare’s plays and his translation is a milestone in translation history and the history of Shakespeare studies in China. From the perspective of translator ecology,we analyze his thoughts on translation,and investigate his translation activities from four dimensions,that is,the making of the translator, the identity of the translator,the translation of the translator and the acceptance and influence of the translator. We also explore Zhu’s childhood and his education,his broad interests and in particular his interest in Shakespeare’s plays,and his rigorous attitude towards translation. We probe into the significance of his translating Shakespeare’s works under the particular social environment (Anti-Japanese War) when the dignity of the Chinese national culture was endangered. And we find out that translation is not only the translator’s personal and individual activity,but the result of combined effect of the translator himself, social and family environment,cultural atmosphere and acceptance of target reader and audience.%朱生豪是莎士比亚戏剧最重要的译者之一,朱生豪译本在中国莎学史、中国翻译史上是一个里程碑式的伟大工程。本文以译者生态理论(对译者之所以成为译者、之所以被称为翻译家的动态研究和静态描述相结合的理论)为视角,深入追溯朱生豪的生平,从译者生成论、译者角色论、译者翻译论和译者接受论四方面探讨朱生豪的翻译活动,既研究了其自幼天资聪颖、受过良好教育和兴趣爱好广泛、热爱莎剧、翻译态度严谨认真等个性特点,也探讨了其在事关中华民族文化尊严的特定社会环境(抗日战争时期)下翻译莎剧行为的深刻社会背景。朱生豪的翻译生涯表明,翻译不仅仅是翻译家的个人事业,也不仅仅是译者个人的孤立行动,而是由译者自身、社会及家庭

  14. Mr. Zhu Xiankang’s Experience in Treating Children Multiple Tourette Syndrome%朱先康治疗小儿多发性抽动症的经验撷萃

    赵艳; 朱先康


    [目的]总结朱先康老师运用滋肾平肝、熄风涤痰法治疗小儿多发性抽动症的临床经验。[方法]通过简述小儿多发性抽动症的病因病机、治则方药,分析临床典型病例,阐述朱师运用滋肾平肝,熄风涤痰法治疗小儿多发性抽动症的临床经验。[结果]朱师认为小儿多动症病因为五志过极、风痰内蕴,病机为肾虚肝旺,风痰阻络,以滋肾平肝,熄风涤痰为基本治法,运用定抽方加减治疗1例小儿多发性抽动症患者,3个月后不自主抽动症状逐渐消失,胃纳可,睡眠安,诸症消失,多发性抽动症治愈。[结论]朱师治疗小儿多发性抽动症的临床经验,对儿科临床具有启示意义。%[Objective]To sum up Mr. Zhu Xiankang’s clinical experience in treating children multiple tourette syndrome with nourishing kidney to soothe liver and relieving dizziness to remove sputum. [Method] By expounding the reason and mechanism, treating rules and formula of children multiple tourette syndrome, as wel as analyzing typical clinical cases, it expounds Pro. Zhu Xiankang ’s experience in treating the said disease with his method. [Re-sult] In his view, the disease owes to excessive five sensations, wind sputum accumulated inside, with mechanism of deficient kidney and hyperactivity of liver, wind sputum blocking col aterals, should take nourishing kidney to soothe liver and relieving dizziness to remove sputum as basic method;he applied revised Dingchou Decoction to treat 1 case of multiple tourette syndrome; after 3m, the un-automomous spasm disappeared gradual y, the patient had good appetite and sleep, al symptoms were relieved, and he was cured. [Conclusion] Mr. Zhu Xiankang ’s clinical experience in treating children multiple tourette syndrome has enlightenment to pediatrics clinic.

  15. 从井冈山“朱毛之争”探讨陈毅的性格特征%Exploration into the Character Traits of Chen Yi From“Zhu Mao Dispute”in Jinggangshan

    吴得民; 王庆跃


    In the late 1920s, Mao Zedong, Zhu De, Chen Yi, co-founded the Red Army and the Jinggangshan revolutionary base.But in early period of revolution, how to create a new people’s army, whether to establish the Central Military Commission or not,“Zhu Mao dispute” took place within the Red Army ,and Chen Yi was also deeply involved in the debate.The authors, from Jinggangshan“Zhu Mao struggle”, through in-depth study of revolutionary friendship created between Mao Zedong and Chen Yi in long revolutionary period,, exhibit the excellent character traits and spirit of Chen Yi,such as kindness, cheerfulness and activity, generous tolerance; magnanimous honest, being brave for self-criticism, being aboveboard, being able to speak up; dealing with people outspokenly, without cronyism, not adding insult to injury..%20世纪20年代末期,毛泽东、朱德、陈毅共同创建了红军和井冈山革命根据地。但在革命初期,在如何创建新型人民军队、是否设立军委的问题上,红军内部发生了“朱毛之争”,陈毅也卷入这场争论风波。从井冈山“朱毛之争”入手,通过深入研究毛泽东与陈毅在长期革命历程中建立的革命友情,展现了陈毅生性厚道、开朗活跃、豪爽宽容;坦荡真诚,勇于自我批判;光明磊落,敢于仗义执言;待人处事心直口快,不结党营私,不落井下石的优秀的性格特征和精神风貌。

  16. 对“明君圣主”形象的建构--从朱元璋《高皇帝御制文集》明刻本的文章取舍看编纂者的用意%Construction of a Wise Emperor:Examining the Editors’Intention through the Selection of Articles in the Ming Version by Zhu Yuanzhang



    by Zhu Yuanzhang is regarded as the earliest imperial collection remaining nowadays. By comparing articles written by Zhu Yuanzhang from this book and , this essay aims to point out that the editors left out two kinds of articles in the collection deliberately: the articles which shows the adversarial relationship between Zhu Yuanzhang and leaders of other insurgent forces, and articles which failed to use literary language. Such working methods should used for constructing Zhu Yuanzhang's image as a wise emperor intentionaly.%朱元璋《高皇帝御制文集》是我国现存年代最早的御制文集。该文通过将其现存的几个明刻本中的篇目和《全明文·第一册》所载的朱元璋文章相比较,指出《御制文集》的编纂者遗漏了两类文章:一类是表现朱元璋与元末其他义军首领敌对关系的,另一类是语言俚俗、写作粗糙的。这种作法很可能出于一个目的———对朱元璋“明君圣主”形象的有意建构。

  17. Analysis of the Constituents in “Zhu She Yong Xue Shuan Tong” by Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography with Quadrupole Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry Combined with Preparative High Performance Liquid Chromatography

    Lin-Lin Wang


    Full Text Available “Zhu She Yong Xue Shuan Tong” lyophilized powder (ZSYXST, consists of a series of saponins extracted from Panax notoginseng, which has been widely used in China for the treatment of strokes. In this study, an ultra-high performance liquid chromatography with quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry (UHPLC-Q-TOF/MS combined with preparative high performance liquid chromatography (PHPLC method was developed to rapidly identify both major and minor saponins in ZSYXST. Some high content components were removed through PHPLC in order to increase the sensitivity of the trace saponins. Then, specific characteristic fragment ions in both positive and negative mode were utilized to determine the types of aglycone, saccharide, as well as the saccharide chain linkages. As a result, 94 saponins, including 20 pairs of isomers and ten new compounds, which could represent higher than 98% components in ZSYXST, were identified or tentatively identified in commercial ZSYXST samples.

  18. Persist in and Carry Forward the Integrative Medical Research——Speech at the 6th National General Congress of Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine by Academician CHEN Zhu,Minister of Ministry of Health


    @@ The 6th National General Congress of Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine(CAIM)was convened at 19-20,April 2008 in Beijing.Academician CHEN Zhu,the minister of Ministry of Health indicated at the congress that the integration of Chinese and Westem medicine is very well in keeping with the situation of our countw and the general rule of development in medical science;and as a good integration of Chinese medicine and Western medicine,it is mutually beneficial and advantageous to both of them.Seeing the creativity shown in integrative medical investigation in theoretic and methodological sides,we should and must persist in and develop it.

  19. 析朱虹译《女人的“一样”和“不一样”》%A Case Study of Zhu Hong's Translation of Are Women As Good As Men



    Feminist translation theory has reinterpreted translator's subjectivity.This paper firstly briefly introduces the feminist translation theory and then explores the translator's subjectivity from feminist translation perspective by analyzing Zhu Hong's translation of Are Women As Good As Men.%女性主义翻译理论对译者主体性作出了新的阐释。文章在简要介绍女性主义翻译的基础上,分析女翻译家朱虹的翻译文本《女人的"一样"和"不一样"》,从女性主义翻译观视角来研究译者主体性。

  20. Oil-Source Correlation and Relative Contribution of Source Rock from Enping Formation in Zhu Ⅰ Depression%珠Ⅰ坳陷油源对比及恩平组烃源岩的相对贡献

    国朋飞; 何生; 柴德蓉; 殷世艳


    Study of the contribution from Enping Formation to oil accumulation in Zhuyi depression has an important application value to the enlargement of exploration area and the discovery of new reserves,and the related research is less.In this paper, the correlation of oil and source rock in Zhu Ⅰ depression,Pearl River Mouth Basin is discussed first,and then the relative contribution of source rock in the Eocene to Oligocene Enping Formation (Ee )was investigated by combining end-member oil mixing experiment and biomarkers absolute concentrations.Oil-source correlation results show that the oils in Zhu Ⅰ depres-sion can be divided into three classes.The first class derived from Eocene deep-water lacustrine Wenchang Formation (Ew ) mainly distributes in Huilu low uplift,Panyu 4 sag and Liuhua uplift,etc.The second class derived from the Ee distributes on-ly in the northern of Huizhou sag.The third class (mixed oils)derived from both the Ew and the Ee distributes in the southern of Huizhou sag and Enping sag.End-member oil mixing experiment shows that the plate established by concentration and geo-chemical indexes,such as steranes and terpanes concentration,was suitable to indicate the relative contribution of two types of source rock in Zhu Ⅰ depression.Results show that mudstones in the Ew was the main source rock in Zhu Ⅰ depression,the relative contribution of the Ee is only appear in the Huizhou sag and Enping sag.%恩平组烃源岩成藏贡献研究对于拓展珠Ⅰ坳陷勘探新领域以及发现新的储量具有重要的应用价值,目前相关研究较少。在油源对比的基础上,将生标绝对含量与端元油配比实验相结合,研究了珠Ⅰ坳陷恩平组烃源岩对单井油样的相对贡献。油源对比结果指示,研究区原油可分为3类:第1类源自始新统文昌组中深湖相烃源岩,主要分布在惠陆低凸起、番禺4洼、流花凸起等地区;第2类源自始新统-渐新统恩平组湖沼相烃源

  1. Functional Mechanism of Shao Fu Zhu Yu Wan in Resisting Menalgia No. 4 Hospital of Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province%少腹逐瘀丸抗痛经作用机制研究

    贺克; 刘姣; 李清


    目的:观察少腹逐瘀丸对缩宫素诱发小鼠痛经的镇痛作用及作用机制.方法:取KM小鼠50只,随机分为空白对照组、模型组、丹莪妇康煎膏组、少腹逐瘀丸高剂量组及低剂量组.除空白对照组外,其余各组小鼠灌胃给药同时灌服乙烯雌酚,连续7天.末次给药30 min后,除空白对照组外,其余各组小鼠腹腔注射缩宫素,观察小鼠离体子宫平滑肌收缩变化,小鼠30 min内扭体反应次数,并检测小鼠血浆血栓烷B2(TXB2)、6-酮-前列腺素F1α(6-Keto-PGF1α)及血清超氧化物歧化酶(SOD)、丙二醛(MDA)含量.结果:少腹逐瘀丸能够明显抑制缩宫素诱导小鼠离体子宫平滑肌收缩(P<0.05),使痛经小鼠扭体反应次数有降低趋势,但差异无显著性(P>0.05),并能明显降低小鼠血浆TXB2含量(P<0.05),明显升高血浆6-Keto-PGF1α含量(P<0.05),显著降低血清MDA含量(P<0.01),明显升高血清SOD含量(P<0.05).结论:少腹逐瘀丸对缩宫素诱导小鼠痛经模型具有较好治疗作用,其作用可能与调节TXB2/6-Keto-PGF1α比值、抗氧化有关.%Objective: to observe the analgesic effect and the functional mechanism of Shao Fu Zhu Yu Wan on oxytocin - induced menalgia of mice. Method: 50 KM mice were randomly divided into control group, model group, soft extract group of Dan'e Fukang, high dose and low dose groups of Shao Fu Zhu Yu Wan, all of which, except the first group, were given intragastric administration and diethylstilbestrol for 7 days successively, then in-traperitoneal injection with oxytocin 30 minutes after the last administration, for the purpose to observe the contraction changes of the uterus smooth muscle in vitro, frequency of writhing response in 30 minutes and the following contents: TXB2 , 6 - Keto - PGF1, SOD and MDA. Results: Shao Fu Zhu Yu Wan could inhibit significantly the muscle contraction of the uterus in vitro induced by oxytocin ( P 0. 05 ), significantly decrease TXB2( P <0. 05

  2. Experience of Prof. ZHU Shan for treating non-infectious diarrhea in children%朱珊教授治疗小儿非感染性腹泻经验

    周怡锦; 朱珊


    Non-infectious diarrhea in children is a common pediatric gastrointestinal disease. Based on years of clinical experience, Prof. ZHU Shan found that Pixu and Shisheng is a key factor of pathogenesis, should be treated by Jianpi Huashi. The disease was divided into Shangshi, Shire, and Pixu, it treated in differentiation can achieve good effects.%小儿非感染性腹泻是儿科消化道常见疾病。朱珊教授依据多年临床经验总结发现,脾虚和湿盛是其发病的关键因素,治疗当以健脾化湿为基本治则,临床将其常症分为伤食泻、湿热泻和脾虚泻三大类。并自拟方药对证治疗,临床效果显著。

  3. Investigation on treating infertility by phytoestrogens in FU Qing-zhu Female Department%《傅青主女科》应用植物雌激素治疗不孕症探究

    柯有甫; 高文谦; 曾乐谦; 李春香; 魏克民; 郑军献


    Phytoestrogens are plant compounds that are structurally or functionally similar to estradiol, which have both estrogenic and anti-estrogenic activity;Displaying a two-way regulation ability and extensive preventive and therapeutic effects on hormone-related diseases. The ten prescriptions for infertility in FU Qing-zhu female department are criteria for infertility treatment in gynecology of later generation. There are altogether 38 herbal medicines in the ten prescriptions, of which 19 containing phytoestrogen, and each prescription consisting of phytoestrogen medicines. Regulating estrogenic and anti-estrogenic activity through phytoestrogens is the main mechanism of infertility treatment in FU Qing-zhu female department.%植物雌激素是天然植物化合物,结构或功能与雌二醇相同。有雌激素或抗雌激素双向调节作用,对激素相关性疾病具有广泛防治作用。《傅青主女科》治疗不孕症十方是后世妇科治疗不孕症的准绳,方中共用中药38味,含植物雌激素中药19味,每方必用植物雌激素。通过植物雌激素调节雌激素或抗雌激素活性是《傅青主女科》治疗不孕症主要机理。

  4. The mismanagement of customer loyalty / Werner Reinartz, V. Kumar

    Reinartz, Werner


    Kliendilojaalsuse olemusest, mõõtmisest ja juhtimisest, lojaalsete klientide eelistest ning põhjustest neist loobumiseks. Diagramm ja tabelid: The cost of keeping customers on; Which customers are really profitable; Choosing a loyalty strategy

  5. Kill a brand, keep a customer / Nirmalya Kumar

    Kumar, Nirmalya


    Autori hinnangul peaksid kõik ettevõtted kasumi suurendamiseks aeg-ajalt oma brändiportfelle optimeerima. Brändide hindamisest, liitmisest, müümisest, kasvatamisest ja kaotamisest. Tabel: The brand audit sheet. Lisa: Do you have too many brands?

  6. Kill a brand, keep a customer / Nirmalya Kumar

    Kumar, Nirmalya


    Autori hinnangul peaksid kõik ettevõtted kasumi suurendamiseks aeg-ajalt oma brändiportfelle optimeerima. Brändide hindamisest, liitmisest, müümisest, kasvatamisest ja kaotamisest. Tabel: The brand audit sheet. Lisa: Do you have too many brands?

  7. The mismanagement of customer loyalty / Werner Reinartz, V. Kumar

    Reinartz, Werner


    Kliendilojaalsuse olemusest, mõõtmisest ja juhtimisest, lojaalsete klientide eelistest ning põhjustest neist loobumiseks. Diagramm ja tabelid: The cost of keeping customers on; Which customers are really profitable; Choosing a loyalty strategy

  8. 中药复方双术油抗肿瘤机制的研究%Anti-tumor Mechanism of Chinese Herbal Compound Shuang-Zhu

    蒋媛媛; 徐扬; 李媛媛; 李先荣


    Objective: To investigate the anti-tumor mechanism of compound Shuang-zhu (BELY) anti-tumor effect in vitro and in vivo. Method: In experimental evaluation, eight groups were setup; control group, negative control group, six different concentrations of BELY groups (100, 80, 60, 40, 20, 10, 5 μg · mL-1 ). CCK-8 kit was used to detect the proliferative effect of BELY on K562, MDA-MB-231, LoVo and HepG2 cells. Sixty health kunming mice was used to establish transplant tumor models of murine sarcoma SI80 and of H22. Then they were randamly divided into six groups, including control group ( NS) , DMSO ( 1 % ) group, cisplatin group (1 mg · kg-1) , three different concentration ( 100, 200, 400 mg · kg -1) of BELY groups to observe the effect of BELY on tumor-bearing mice. ELISA was employed to detect of cytokines interleukin-2 ( IL-2 ) , interleukin-12 ( IL-6) , interleukin-12 (IL-12) and TNF-alpha to reflect the effect of BELY on immune function of tumor-bearing mice. T cell subsets of CD4+ and CD8+ in peripheral blood of tumor-bearing mice were measured by flow cytometry. Result: BELY showed a certain degree of inhibition on HepG2 and K562, LoVo, MDA231 cells in dose-effect relationship. BELY could significantly inhibit the growth of the murine sarcoma S180 and of H22, and improve the thymus index, spleen index and body weight of the tumor-bearing mice, BELY could significantly increase serum CD4VCD8 +. Compared with the blank control group, P <0. 01 or P <0. 05. Conclusion: BELY can not only directly inhibit tumor cells, but also enhance immune to achieve the anti-tumor action bidirectionally.%目的:探讨复方双术油(BELY)体内外抗肿瘤作用及其机制.方法:设置空白组、阴性对照组、分别采用CCK-8法检测BELY(1 00,80,60,40,20,10,5 mg·L-1)对肿瘤细胞株K562,乳腺癌细胞系MDA-MB-231,人结直肠腺癌细胞LOVO和人肝癌细胞HepG2的抗增殖作用;建立小鼠S180及H22皮下肿瘤模型,设空白组(NS)、溶媒对照组(1

  9. 长株潭地区土地利用/覆被变化的时空特征研究%Study on Spatio-temporal Change of Land Use/Cover in Chang-Zhu-Tan Region



    In order to reveal the land use change and spatial variation characteristics, strengthen land space control and promote the sustainable use of land resources in Chang-Zhu-Tan region during the period of rapid development of urbanization, based on the land use/cover status data in 1986, 1995 and 2005, combined with the technology of GIS, the author studied on spatio-temporal change of land use/cover in Chang-Zhu-Tan region. The results showed that: (1) forest and paddy were advantage in Chang-Zhu-Tan region. During 1986-2005, urban construction land and rural residential land continued to increase, while the paddy continued to decline. (2) Various types of the land use were mutual conversion. Most of paddy, arid-land, forest, shrub and waters transformed into the urban construction lands. The new rural residential land was mainly come from paddy. Urban construction land growth appeared in two ways. One grew by attaching the existing urban construction land, the other grew by leaping. (3) The land use change existed obvious regional differences in Chang-Zhu-Tan region. The relative change rate of the land use type of Changsha City, Zhuzhou City and Xiangtan City was larger; while the relative change rate of the land use type of Liling City, Yarding County and Chaling County was smaller. (4) The average speed of the land use change was not fast in Chang-Zhu-Tan region. The changes of urban construction land, rural residential land, water and grass were positive, which grew with the fastest changing was the urban construction land; the changes of the remaining land use type was negative changes, which reduced with the fastest changing was orchard. It was thought that the main reason for spatio-temporal change of land use/cover was integration development, urbanization level improvement and differences in Chang-Zhu-Tan region.%为了揭示长株潭地区城市化快速发展时期的土地利用的数量变化和空间变化特征,加强土地空 间管制和促进

  10. 养阴逐瘀汤联合西医常规治疗喉白斑病50例%Treatment for 50 Cases of Laryngeal Leukoplakia with YangYin ZhuYuTang and Conventional Western Medicine



    Objective: To explore clinical effects of YangYin ZhuYuTang, western medicine and surgery in treating laryngeal leukoplakia. Method: One hundred patients were randomized into two groups on average. Operation was performed after anesthesia of nasal surface and the patients of both groups were banned from smoking and drinking, administered with ultrasonic atomizing inhalation, once each time, 60 mg/1mL of gentamycin sulfate injection and 5 mg of dexamthasone each time. Observation group received YangYin ZhuYuTang based on the treatment given to control group, one dose per day, taking after breakfast and supper. One session was one month and both groups were treated for two consecutive sessions. Result: Cure rate and total effective rate of observation groups were 84.00% and 98.00%, superior to 70.00% and 88.00% of control group with notable differences (P<0.05). No adverse reaction or complication occurred in both groups. Conclusion: YangYin ZhuYuTang combined with western medicine and surgery can obtain better clinical effects in treating laryngeal leukoplakia without adverse reaction.%目的:观察养阴逐瘀汤联合西药及手术治疗喉白斑病的临床疗效.方法:将100 例喉白班病患者随机分为2 组,每组50 例.对照组采用鼻腔表面麻醉后进行手术,术后禁烟酒,给予患者超声雾化吸入,1 次/d,每次庆大霉素6 万单位,地塞米松5 mg.观察组在对照组治疗的基础上给予中药养阴逐瘀汤,1 剂/d,早、晚饭后服用.2 组均以1个月为1 个疗程,连续治疗2 个疗程.结果:观察组痊愈率为84.00%,总有效率为98.00%;对照组痊愈率为70.00%,总有效率为88.00%,2 组相比有统计学差异(P<0.05).2 组均未出现或发生不良反应及并发症.结论:养阴逐瘀汤联合西药及手术治疗喉白斑病临床疗效好,无不良反应.

  11. Influence of Qing Jin Zhu Yu Fang iontophoresis on the respiratory function of COPD patients%清金逐瘀方离子导入对COPD患者呼吸功能的影响

    郭义娟; 赵晓霞; 秦玉玲; 黄立强


    Objective:To observe the influence of Qing Jin Zhu Yu Fang iontophoresis on the respiratory function of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD).Methods:120 cases of COPD patients were selected from February 2011 to February 2013.According to random number table method,the patients were divided into the experimental group and the control group with 60 cases in each.The control group was given conventional western medicine treatment,and the experimental group was given Qing Jin Zhu Yu Fang iontophoresis on the basis of conventional western medicine treatment.After treatment for two weeks, the lung function of patients were compared,such as forced expiratory vital capacity(FVC),forced expiratory volume in 1 second(FEV1),FEV1/predicted value(FEV1%),blood gas analysis index(arterial blood oxygen partial pressure PaO2,carbon dioxide pressure PaCO2).Results:After treatment for two weeks,the lung functions of two groups were all significantly improved.FVC,FEV1, FEV1% of the experimental group improved more significantly than those of the control group,and the difference was statistically significant(P<0.05).Conclusion:On the basis of conventional western medicine treatment,adding Qing Jin Zhu Yu Fang iontophoresis can significantly improve lung function in COPD patients,reduce inflammation,and obtain apparent curative effect.%目的:观察清金逐瘀方离子导入对慢性阻塞性肺疾病(COPD)患者呼吸功能的影响。方法:2011年2月-2013年2月收治COPD患者120例,按随机数字表法分为试验组和对照组,每组60例。对照组给予常规西医治疗,试验组在常规西医治疗的基础上予以清金逐瘀方离子导入,治疗2周后对比两组肺功能,即用力呼气肺活量(FVC)、1 s用力呼气容积(FEV1)、FEV1/预计值(FEV1%),血气分析指标(动脉血氧分压 PaO2、二氧化碳分压 PaCO2)。结果:治疗2周后,两组患者肺功能均有显著改善,其中试验组 FVC、FEV1、FEV1%

  12. 朱熹与张栻的论学:性体情用心统与性体心用导向心之九义%On the Argument between ZHU Xi and ZHANG Shi



    我们讨论朱熹与张栻的论辩,固然需要对文本和历史作出深刻的了解,这是经典诠释的基本要素,但是单纯的经典诠释无法获得本体层面的根源性了解,因之我们尚需采取本体诠释学的方法,从根源上寻求体系的发展与成立。在这个意义上,朱子和胡五峰、张南轩的湖湘学派,是相互引申与相互攻错的关系,而不应将之看作谁是谁非的关系。更重要的是,在这种相互引申、相互攻错的关系之中,吾人可以就孟子以来的心性之学提出九项意义,亦即“心之九义”,显示“心”的意义多形多样。我为了彰显与体会其心与性情之际的多形多样而一体之义,乃回顾了四书、二程、胡五峰、张南轩、朱子的学说,在此提出“心”之九种含义之说。%The discussion of the argument between ZHU Xi and ZHANG Shi needs to be based on the basic element of interpretation of classics, namely, the keen insight of literature and history. But the simple interpretation of classics cannot lead to the thorough understanding from ontology level. Ontological hermeneutics should be applied instead so as to look into the establishment and development of the sys-tem. In this sense, the thoughts of ZHU Xi and those of Huxiang school, with HU Wu-feng and ZHANG Nan-xuan as its representatives, are actually overlapping and complementary so that neither can be de-fined as definitely right or wrong. More importantly, based on their complementary relationship, nine points of Mencius’ “Mind has nine meanings” can be concluded, manifesting various meanings of mind. With reviews of the Four books, theories of CHENGs, theories of HU Wu-feng, theories of ZHANG Nan-xuan, and theories of ZHU Xi, the author proposes the theory of “mind has nine meanings”.

  13. 长株潭地区土地利用景观格局动态变化分析%Analysis of dynamic changes of land use and landscape pattern in Chang-Zhu-Tan Cities

    郑瑜; 吴立潮; 罗以灿; 李燕; 吴云景


    With the help of ARCGIS and the spatial pattern analysis software FRAGSTATS of the raster version 3.3, the current landscape pattern and its problem of the Chang-ghu-Tan Cities were analyzed based on the landscape indices by using the land cover classification data in 1986, 1995 and 2002. Results showed that the landscape conversion types concentrated mainly in the paddy field, grassland, woodland, urban land, rural residential land and unused land from 1986 to 2002; the dramatic conversion of urban land and rural residential land in recent years,showed an accelerating pace of urbanization, and a rapidly expanding of construction land and rural residential land in Chang-Zhu-Tan Cities, to some extent; it also showed a rapid economic development. At the same time, the government should pay attention to enhancing the stability of landscape pattern in Chang-Zhu-Tan Cities, to promoting local economic, social and ecological sustainable development.%在ARCGIS软件和景观指数统计学软件FRAGSTATS 3.3的支持下,以1986年、1995年和2002年三个时期的土地利用覆盖数据为基础数据来源,以景观生态学的原理和方法为基础,利用景观格局指标分析了长株潭地区的景观格局现状和存在的问题.研究结果表明:1986年到2002年间景观格局主要集中在水田、草地、林地、城镇用地、农村居民用地和未利用地等景观类型之间相互转换.从城镇用地、和农村居民用地的显著转化可以看出,近年来,长株潭地区的城镇化速度不断加快,建设用地和农村居民用地面积不断扩张,说明长株潭地区经济发展较快,但同时要注意增强长株潭地区的景观稳定性和抗干扰性能,促进当地经济、社会和生态的可持续发展.

  14. Content determination of amygdalin in Xue Fu Zhu Yu oral liquid by HPLC-ELSD%HPLC-ELSD法测定血府逐瘀口服液中苦杏仁苷的含量

    孙琦; 仲崇琳; 杨美林


    Objective:To develop a method for the content determination of amygdalin in Xue Fu Zhu Yu oral liquid.Methods:High performance liquid chromatography-evaporative light-scattering detector method was used.The chromatographic column was octadecylsilane chemically bonded silica as the filler,the moving phase was methanol-water(25:75),the flow velocity was 1ml one minute,the column temperature was 30℃.The drift tube temperature of evaporative light-scattering detector was 105℃,air or nitrogen was as the atomizing gas,its flow velocity was 3.0L one minute.Results:The incoming sample amount of amygdalin was 0.856~4.28 μ g,the natural logarithm of peak area and the natural logarithm of incoming sample amount had good linear relationship(r=0.9995),the average recovery was 99.06% ,RSD=1.39(n=6).Conclusion:This method is sensitive,accurate,can be used for the content determination of amygdalin in Xue Fu Zhu Yu oral liquid.%目的:建立测定血府逐瘀口服液中苦杏仁苷的含量的方法。方法:采用高效液相色谱-蒸发光散射检测器法。色谱柱为十八烷基硅烷键合硅胶为填充剂,流动相为甲醇-水(25:75),流速控制在1ml/分,柱温控制在30℃;蒸发光散射检测器的漂移管温度控制105℃,空气或氮气作为其中的雾化气体,其流速控制在3.0L/分。结果:苦杏仁苷的进样量0.856~4.28μg,其峰面积的自然对数与进样量的自然对数具有良好的线性关系(r=0.9995),平均回收率99.06%,RSD=1.39(n=6)。结论:该方法灵敏、准确,可用于血府逐瘀口服液中苦杏仁苷的含量测定。

  15. 论装饰性在朱理存工笔人物画中的运用%View on the Application of Ornamental Character in the Realistic Figure Paintings of Zhu Li-cun



    在当代中国画坛上活跃着众多出色的女画家,朱理存就是其中之一。朱理存早年在美院时学的是写意画,她毕业后创作的一系列作品如《四不要》、《叔叔喝水》等都是写意画。后来,为了表现的需要她又画起工笔画。她的作品多以少女、儿童生活篇为题材,形象饱满,色调清雅。朱理存的作品是极具特色的,她的工笔人物画工中含写、写中有工,同时又体现着一种不失传统又有一定装饰味道的特征,充满人情味和浪漫的生活情趣。%Many outstanding women painters are active in the Contemporary Painting Community.Zhu Licun,as one of those women painters,majored in free-style paintings in her early years in Fine Arts Institute.After her graduation,she created a series of artistic works,like "Four Don'ts" "Uncle Drinks",which are all free-style paintings.Afterwards,she paints the realistic figure painting again in order to meet the needs of expression.Therefore,her paintings mainly take the lives of maids and children as themes,whose image is full and tone is refined.Zhu Licun's paintings have good features with good combination of features of realistic figure painting and free-style painting in a single one painting.At the same time,these paintings also exhibit the traditional and ornamental character which is full of human kindness and romantic life zest.

  16. 在时代的旋律中寻找趣味——朱自清的小说批评浅析%Searching for Fun in the Melody of the Times -An Analysis of Zhu Ziqings Fiction Criticism



    As a writer and critic in modern literary history, Zhu Zi--qing's novel criticism focuses on a limitless pursuit of fun in novels, reflecting the times and concerning about the realistic lives, and pointing out the way for the development of novels. Its greatest contribution lies in the revelation of modernity in the novels, which is a breath of fresh air to the literary world of that time.%朱自清作为一个现代文学史上的作家批评家,他的小说批评注重对小说“趣味”的无限追求,表现时代、关注现实人生,为小说发展指明出路。其最大的贡献在于对小说“现代性”的揭示,为当时文坛注入了一股新鲜的血液。

  17. Study on Underwater Tunnel Tube Positioning and Posture Monitoring of GANG-ZHU-AO Bridge%港珠澳大桥隧道沉管安装定位及姿态监测技术

    张彦昌; 黄永军


    This paper mainly introduce the key points on underwater tunnel tube positioning and posture monitoring of GANG-ZHU-AO Bridge, a combining method of above water-level positioning technology RTK GPS and under watet posture-monitoring technology and real-time measuring of the deflection of surveying tower. By coordinates transformation, we carry out the precise positioning and posture-monitoring of tunnel tubes, and develop the visual simulation software to guide the underwater jointing of tubes. The paper also briefly introduce the key steps and key process control and accuracy anylasis during installation and positioning.%重点介绍了针对港珠澳大桥海底沉管对接过程中水下精密定位及姿态监测技术方法,采用了水上RTK定位与水下姿态监测技术相结合,并实时监测测量塔挠度,通过三维坐标转换实现了高精度的对接定位及姿态监测,开发可视化仿真模拟软件,指导沉管水下对接.简要介绍了安装定位过程的实施步骤、关键工序和定位精度分析.

  18. An Only love Theorist of Self-salvation:Musical Literature Research Method Statement of ZHU Qianzhi%一个唯情论者的自赎--朱谦之音乐文学研究方法评介



    朱谦之作为第一个大力倡导并研究音乐文学的学者,在中国学术史上具有重要意义。他及时吸取当时最新研究成果,并结合自己广博的知识素养,从音乐的角度切入,研究中国文学的产生、发展和流变,不但开风气之先,而且将其上升到方法论的层面,为中国音乐文学的研究提供了典范性的参考文本,也开拓出一个崭新的学科领域,其草创之功,值得铭记。%As the first advocate and study of musical literature scholars, Zhu Qianzhi is of great significance in the history of Chinese academic history. He learnt the latest research results in a timely manner and with his extensive knowledge accomplishment from the angle of music, the generation and development of Chinese literature and the rheology. It not only opens a head and rises to the level of methodology which provides a paradigm to the research of Chinese musical literature reference text, but also opens up a new field. The function of its infancy is worthy of remembering.

  19. Further Correction to Chu Ci Bu Zhu of Zhonghua Book Company Edition%中华书局重印本《楚辞补注》点校补正



    Chu Ci Bu Zhu has been reprinted multiple times since the Zhong Hua Book Company edition in 1983. Modifica-tions can be found in each edition ever since. Zhong Hua Book Company reprinted this book in 2009, which was identical to the 2002 edition. Although corrections have been made to the punctuations of the 2002 edition, there are still punctuations missing, mistaken, and inconsistent. Thus the author intends to make further corrections.%中华书局1983年版《楚辞补注》重印过多次,每次重印均有挖补修改。仅2009年中华书局重印此书,与2002年重印本无异。2002年后学界有数篇文章对2002年重印本的标点问题进行了一些改正,惜有未尽未确之处。其间漏标、误标、前后不一者多处,今就所见予以补正。

  20. Ecosystem service value analysis and trend prediction in Chang-Zhu-Tan region%长株潭地区生态系统服务价值分析及趋势预测

    郭荣中; 杨敏华


    Ecosystem service value is life support products and services directly or indirectly obtained by ecosystem structures, processes, and functions. Land use/land cover change plays a decisive role in the maintenance of the ecosystem services function by altering the structure and function of ecosystems. By the assessment of LUCC on the ecosystem service value, the combined effects of regional land-use changes on ecosystems can be quantitatively and comparatively studied, providing significant insights into practical applications. In the present study, the effects of land use change are detailed and discussed to obtain the values of ecosystem services in the Chang-Zhu-Tan region from 1996 to 2008. Land use change trend is predicted by using the method proposed by Costanza (ESV) wherein the values of ecosystem services are calculated with regard to the value coefficients of ecosystem services per unit area in the Chinese terrestrial ecosystem, as well as being combined with sensitivity analysis and Gray Model (1,1). The process of the research is as follows: 1) The regional ecosystem service value equivalence factor and the amendment of benchmark unit price are studied based on Costanza’s calculation method of ecosystem service value, as well as referring to the farmland ecosystem biomass factor table of our country’s different provinces established by Xie Gaodi, etc.;2) The studied regional ecosystem service values are assessed on the basis of the amended Chang-Zhu-Tan region ecosystem’s unit area ecological service value table and the corresponding area of every land-using type of the studied region;3) The spatial variability of ecosystem service value is analyzed for every county in the Chang-Zhu-Tan region;and 4) The area changes of each land use type in the studied region during 2011-2020 is predicted by use of the GM (1,1) model, and the total value of regional ecosystem services in that period is also evaluated. The conclusion from these studies is that, in

  1. 浅析朱光潜《诗论》中论诗歌音律的重要性%The importance of Zhu Guang-qian's tonality in the "poetry"



    朱光潜的这部《诗论》中,作者对诗的节奏、音律、韵律等因素极为重视,他将诗歌起源、诗的本质等问题用音乐性这一线索贯穿起来探讨,把音律节奏看作是组成诗歌思想情趣的天然特征且对其加以强调。本文从音律是诗歌的命脉、音律是区分诗与散文的重要标志以及音律的艺术功用这三方面简要的论述了音律节奏对于诗歌的重要性。%In Zhu Guang-qian's "poetry", the author attaches great importance to poetic rhythm, melody, he treats the rhythm of music as a natural composition of poetry ideological appeal. This paper discusses the importance of the rhythm of music from the three aspects: tonality is the lifeblood of poetry, is an important symbol to distinguish poetry and prose, artistic function of tonality.

  2. 权利时代的公民美德--评朱祥海博士的《利维坦法哲学》%A Review of Zhu Xianghai's The Leviathan of the Philosophy of Law



    The political state authority is based on citizens'political identity. Adhering to a solid national state concept and deep political belief is the key element to foster civic virtue. The Leviathan of the Philosophy of Law by Dr. Zhu Xianghai makes a thorough analysis of legality authority,cultural identity,political virtue and other core is-sues. The cultural and political conflicts in the age of globalization get national state idea still to serve as a support-ing point of cultivating citizens' political virtue,cultural identity and political obligation concept.%政治国家权威以公民的政治认同为基据,秉持稳固的民族国家观念和深厚的政治信仰是培育公民美德的关键要素。《利维坦法哲学》对合法性权威、文化认同和政治美德等核心问题进行了深刻梳理。全球化时代的文化矛盾与政治冲突,使得民族国家观念仍然是培养公民政治美德、文化认同和政治义务观念的支点。

  3. 朱元璋对台阁体形成的基础作用%Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang's Important Effect on Literature of Tai-ge Style



    明代台阁体是威权政治的产物,由儒家叙事传统与皇帝威权结合而产生。明王朝缔造者朱元璋,以祖训和大诰的形式,为后世子孙垂宪立法,直接影响了明初文学的走向,在洪武时代就形成了台阁体的潜流。%In early Ming Dynasty,as a result of tyrant politics,the literature of Tai-ge Style was created by the Emperor's authority and narrative regulation of Confucianism.As the first emperor of Ming,Zhu Yuanzhang wrote the Imperial Mandate,Sermons From Forefather of Ming Dynasty,to tell his descendents how to control the country.His words and action was such a powerful effect on literature's growth that main features of Tai-ge Style even appeared in the time of Hongwu Emperor.

  4. 朱谦之先生的中国哲学史史料学研究%An Exploration of Mr. Zhu Qianzhi' s Science of Historical Data in The History of Chinese Philosophy



    朱谦之先生是中国哲学史史料学学科的真正开创者,这表现在他在中国历史上第一个完成《中国哲学史史料学》专著并从6个方面做出一定贡献:通过将重点著作作为选题的方式设计篇章体例;采取层层递进的方法,首次界定"中国哲学史史料学";运用三重证据法诠释殷商哲学史料;划分三个阶段展示易学哲学史料的演变历程;使用三派分析法分疏老庄哲学史料;以"去粗取精"为主要原则整理近代思想史料。概括而言,其中国哲学史史料学研究有学科观念鲜明、学术立场坚定和方法论意识强烈等特点,但也存在篇章体例设计欠规范化、科学化和对史料学方法的理论阐释不够集中、不够充分、不够系统等不足之处。%As the real founder of the science of historical data of Chinese hilosophy history, Mr. Zhu Qianzhi completed The Science of Historical Data of Chinese Philosophy History as the first such dissertation in Chinese his- tory. He contributed considerably to the science of historical data of Chinese philosophy history mainly in six ways. First of all, style rules and layout were to be designed by cal data of Chinese philosophy history was to be defined taking the key works as topics. Next, a science of histori- through steady development. Still next, historical data a- bout philosophy in the Yin and the Shang Dynasty were to be interpreted by triple-evidence approach. Even next, the course of evolution of study of change was to be described by dividing it into three periods. Then, historical da- ta of Zhuangzi' s philosophy were to be carded by three-school analysis. Finally, historical data of modern thoughts were to be arranged by "rejecting the dross and assimilating the essential". Generally, Zhu' s studies in historical data of Chinese philosophy history were of clear academic concept, firm academic stand and self-conscious method- ology.

  5. Research on Leisure Sports Resource Allocation of Xiangjiang Scenery Belt in Chang-Zhu-Tan Area%长株潭湘江风光带休闲体育资源配置的研究



    The Xiangjiang scenery belt,which is possessed with the facilities of the sporting area include ball courts,fitness facilities,bicycles and sand beach,is an important place of citizens who live in the city group of Chang-Zhu-Tan area for playing sports and recreation.The major motives of citizens’participating in sports are improving their health,amusing and entertaining,losing weight and adjusting their moods.The major factors that affect their activities are spots field utensils,weather and time.The major forms for the citizens to participate in sports are exercising with friends,classmates and colleagues,exercising with family members,or exercising by joining organizations or exercising alone.The items of exercising include long-running or walking,all kinds of sports balls,all kinds of dances,exercising with categories of fitness equipment and roller skating.However, some problems still exist,such as lacking of sporting facilities,unreasonable construction structures,lower utiliza-tion rate and insufficient exploitation of the sport area.Naturally,actions need to be done to reuse,exploit and in-tegrate the resources of leisure sports,so as to accelerate the construction of sports facilities of the Xiangjiang scenery belt and allocate the sports resources more reasonably and promote the sustainable development of leisure sports in Chang-Zhu-Tan area.%湘江风光带是长株潭城市群市民体育休闲的重要场所,分布有球场、健身设备、自行车、沙滩浴场等体育场地和设施;市民参加休闲体育锻炼的动机主要在于增进健康、娱乐消遣、减肥美体、调节心情等;影响长株潭湘江风光市民参与休闲体育锻炼的因素主要有场地器材、天气、时间等;其形式主要与朋友同学同事、家人,或团体组织、独自一人参加锻炼;体育锻炼的项目包括长跑(走)、球类、舞蹈、健身器械、轮滑等。尚存在场地设施不足、建设结构不合理、利

  6. 谷竹高速青峰滑坡成因分析及治理措施%Cause Analysis of Qingfeng Landslide and Its Treatment Measures of Gu-Zhu Highway

    刘军; 钱盈


    以谷竹高速公路青峰滑坡为例,采用反演系数法和传递系数法计算了该滑坡的稳定性。结果表明:复杂的地形、工程地质条件、松散破碎的易滑地层、不利的软弱结构面等是滑坡形成的内因;引水隧道中水对边坡长期的渗流和对岩土体的软化作用是滑坡形成的外因。根据计算结果,采用削坡减载、抗滑挡墙、立体截排水和路基反压处理,取得了良好的效果。%Taking the landslide at the exit of Qingfeng along Gu-Zhu Highway as an example,inver-sion coefficient and transfer coefficient method was used to calculate the slope stability of the land-slide.The results show that the complex terrain,geological conditions,loose and broken easily slide formation and disadvantage of weak structural plane is the internal cause of landslide formation;Wa-ter in the water diversion tunnel on the slope seepage and long-term effect on softening of rock and soil mass is landslide formation of the external cause.According to the calculation results,the cutting slope and reducing load,anti-sliding retaining wall,and three-dimensional cutting back pressure drainage and roadbed treatment are adopted for comprehensive treatment,getting good effect.

  7. Journal of Neijiang Normal University%On ZHANG Zhu-po’s Standards of Comment on Characters in Chin Ping Mei:A Case Study of WU Yue-niang and MENG Yu-lou



    In ZHANG Zhu-po’s comments on ChinPing Mei,we can find great difference of commenting between WU Yue-niang and MENG Yu-lou.He took WU as a “wicked good person”and poured blames on her;in contrast,he called MENG a “real good person”and believed that she was the proj ection of the writer herself in the novel.This is because that the commentator merged the feeling of his life and the standards of comment on characters in pursuing certain values into his com-ment.These include three aspects:moral standards of wealth and sex,traditional words and deeds of rite and virtue,positio-ning of literati’s self-regarding images and second wives.%张竹坡批评《金瓶梅》中,对吴月娘和孟玉楼的评价有着较大差异:视吴月娘为“奸险好人”,大加贬斥;称孟玉楼为“真正好人”,认为她是作者本人在小说中的投射。原因在于评点者融入自己身世之感与价值追求所建立的人物品评标准。这主要包括三个方面:财与色的道德尺度、礼与贤的传统言行、继室与文人自喻的形象定位。

  8. [The influence of ZHU Gong's Huo ren shu (A Book for Savings Life)in the Southern Song Dynasty and its Influence on the discipline of Cold Pathogenic Disease].

    Lu, Ming-Xin


    ZHU Gong's Huo ren shu (A Book for Saving Life) is a famous work in the history of research on Treatise on Cold Damage Diseases. It has great influence on the study of cold pathogenic disease, especially that of the Song dynasty. Many authors reedited or annotated this book to inherit and developed the idea of the Huo ren shu. Thus, a lot of new books, including annotations, revisions, citations, or discussions, appeared. WANG Su's Zeng shi nan yang huo ren shu (Amplified Annotated Huorenshu), for example, is one of them. Those compiled as rhymes or knacks include XU Shu-wei's Shang han bai zheng ge (The Rhymes of Hundred Kinds of Cold Damage Disease), LI Zhi-xian's Huo ren shu kuo (Introduction to Huorenshu), QIAN Wen-li's Shang han bai wen ge (Hundred Questions on Cold Damage Disease), YANG Shi-ying's Shang han lei shu huo ren zong kuo (A General Introduction to Huorenshu, a Classified Book of Cold Damage Disease), and TANG Yin-cai's Shang han jie huo lun (Essay to Answering Suspicions on Cold Damage Disease). Those cited or inherited the book include LI Cheng's Shang han yao zhi (Gist of Cold Damage Disease), GUO Yong's Shang han bu wang lun (Supplements to Cold Damage Disease), SUN Zhi-ning's Shang han jian yao shi shuo (Ten Simple Discourses on Cold Damage Disease), and CHEN Zi-ming's Guan jian da quan liang fang (A Complete Effective Formulary with my Own Opinions). Those differentiating the essentials of the Huorenshu including CHENG Jiong's Huo ren shu bian (Differentiation for Huorenshu), and LU Zu-chang's Ni jin huo ren can tong yu yi (An Elaboration on Huorenshu to be Presented). All the above books indicate the impact of the Huorenshu, and show its influence on later ages as well.

  9. On the Annotation of Historical Event in Ji Zhu Fen Lei Dong Po Shi%论《集注分类东坡诗》的历史阐释



    The authors ofJi Zhu Fen Lei Dong Po Shi often demonstrated the meanings of certain poems by histori- cal events. They quoted plenty of authentic data, bring forth the politics backdrop of poems, opened out the causa- tion of Su Shi' s poems, so that they made clear the whole meaning of the poems. Incidentally, they explained the meaning of some pivotal sentences, in which, there were many composing methods, just like depiction, literary quotations and comparison.%《王状元集百家注分类东坡先生诗》中注者众多,且距离苏轼生活的年代较近。这些注者根据苏诗与当代史实密切相关的特点,运用孟子提出的"以意逆志"与"知人论世"相结合的诗歌阐释方法,考证与苏诗相关的大小事件,展现诗歌创作的背景,揭示引发诗歌创作的事因,从而解释全篇之意。对使用"赋"体、"比兴"体、典故等不同表现方法的诗句,都能以"本事"为根据,准确地解释其意义,对后来的苏诗注有重要的启发。

  10. 参苓白术散加味治疗肺癌骨转移的临床研究%Clinical Study on Analgesic Effect of Shen-ling-bai-zhu Powder on Pain in Bone Metastasis of Lung Cancer

    丰哲; 练克俭; 林宗汉; 李书振; 陈涛; 程琦


    目的:观察参苓白术散加味治疗肺癌骨转移的疗效。方法:将128例本病患者随机分为治疗组和对照组各64例。治疗组采用参苓白术散加味治疗,对照组采用帕米膦酸二钠、塞来西布结合支持疗法治疗。观察比较两组患者镇痛效果、生存质量、生存期。结果:治疗组脱落5例,对照组脱落8例;综合疗效总有效率治疗组为66.1%,对照组为44.6%,治疗组优于对照组(P<0.05);止痛效果总有效率治疗组为71.2%,对照组为42.9%,治疗组优于对照组,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05);生活质量的改善对照组提高率为28.6%,治疗组提高率为59.3%,治疗组优于对照组,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05);两组治疗前后体重变化、两组生存期比较,差异均无统计学意义(P>0.05);治疗组治疗后白细胞计数优于对照组(P<0.05);并能显著改善恶心呕吐、便秘(P<0.01)。结论:参苓白术散加味能较好地缓解肺癌骨转移疼痛,提高生存质量,而且未见明显毒副作用。%Objective: To observe the analgesic effect on pain by Shen-ling-bai-zhu powder in bone metastasis of lung cancer. Methods: 128 patients were randomly divided into treatment and control groups, 64 cases in each group. Patients were treated with Shen-ling-bai-zhu powder, and pamidronate disodium and celecoxib, combined with support therapy in control group. The analgesic effect, quality of life, survival rate was observed. Results: The displacement was 5 and 8 cases respec-tively in treatment and control group; The total comprehensive effective rate was 66.1% and 44.6% respectively in treatment and control group, the effect of treatment group was significantly better than the control group (P<0.05); The comprehensive ef-fective rate of analgesic was 71.2% and 42.9% respectively in treatment and control group, the effect of treatment group was significantly better than the

  11. 从经典选择到不同思路之辩——简论朱子理气观的形成%A Defense for Classic Selection and Different Thinkings——A Concise Discussion on the Formation of Zhu Xi's Theory of Qi



    理气关系是朱子哲学的核心,也是宋明理学的核心论题。但朱子理气观的形成却是一个颇为复杂的过程,也几乎伴随了朱子的一生。大体说来,这一过程是从受教于李延平起始的,而以对《中庸》与《大学》之不同经典的选择展开的;至于从"中和"旧说到"中和"新说,则表明朱子宇宙论视野的初步形成;到了与张栻的"仁说"之辩,则既标志着其思想谱系的奠基,同时也代表着其理气双重视角的定型。%The relationship between ration and Qi is the core of Zhu Xi's philosophy and also the key subject of Neo-Confucianism in the Song and the Ming Dynasty.However,Zhu Xi experienced a rather complicated process to form his theory of ration and Qi,which cost nearly the whole of his life.Roughly speaking,this process started from Li Yanping's instructions he received,and went on by selecting from different classics of The Great Learning and The Golden Mean of the Confucian School.The transition from the old vision to the new vision of "neutralization" indicated the preliminary formation of Zhu's vision of cosmology.His debate with Zhang Shi on "the theory of benevolence" signaled both a foundation laid for the system of his theory and the finalization of his double perspective of ration and Qi.

  12. 由朱自清的浙江徬徨岁月管窥新文化青年的道路选择%An Inquiry into the Path Choice of the New Culture Youth with Zhu Ziqing's Case in Zhejiang



    The "wandering"experience of Zhu Ziqing in Zhejiang during 1920-1925 could be viewed as an integrated process, in which Zhu, as a contemporary of the "May Fourth Generation," loaded with the symbolic capital of the Movement, moved and blended into Chinese grass-roots community, and finally made a revert to central metropolis. Approached from the perspective of"path choice" and "combat in mind," Zhu's commonness and uniqueness among the New Culture group are illustrated in five aspects: position and stance, expression (genre), individual positioning in the time dimension, the choice of activity space, the attitudes towards"Beruf"and occupations.%朱自清1920—1925年于浙江八城八校的“徬徨”岁月能被看作从新文化中心城市承载了运动的“象征资本”的“五四一代”向中国基层社会移动、接触继而复归的难得完整过程。以“道路选择”和“意识斗争”为视角,从立场及姿态、表述(文体)、时间轴上的个体定位、空间/地方选择、“志业”及职业态度五方面观照朱自清的经历,可以见出其既叠印着新文化的时代波涛,又生成其独特性。

  13. From the Tragedy Philosophy to the liberated Image--Zhu Guangqian's experience type integration on Nietzsche's aesthetic%从悲剧哲学到形象解救——朱光潜对尼采美学“体验式”整合



    Nietzsche's Tragedy Philosophy is an important part of the western modern philosophy. Zhu Guangqian quotes and borrows from Nietzsche's theory such as Apollonian and Serenity, meanwhile, gives them bidirectional explanation and integration with Chinese classical poetics. Based on this context, Zhu Guangqian constructs his knowledge system of Aesthetic Art successfully, that is transforming Schopenhauer, Nietzsche's tragedy philosophy to the Aesthetic experience of Chinese language style, by art criti-cism of liberating image and interest image understanding of reality. Zhu Guangqian's Aesthetic Ideology and Aesthetic Methodology still have important implications in modern Literary Aesthetics and the construction of Comparative Poetics.%尼采的悲剧哲学是西方现代哲学的重要组成部分。朱光潜引用并借鉴了尼采理论的“日神”、“静穆”等思想,并与中国古典诗学进行双向阐释与整合。以此脉络,朱光潜成功建构了他的美学艺术学知识体系:以形象解救和情趣意象通达现实的艺术评判,将叔本华、尼采的悲剧哲学转化为中国话语言说方式的审美体验。朱光潜的美学思想和美学方法论在当代的文艺美学和比较诗学建设中,仍然具有较高的启示意义。

  14. The application of HEC-RAS software in Zhu River dike failure flood simulation%HEC-RAS软件在珠江三角洲河道溃堤洪水模拟中的应用



    The River Delta one-dimensional unsteady flow model is constructed by using HEC-RAS software , and the model with Lateral Structure Breach is used to simulate Luogewei levee break process in Foshan City , around Huyong parking lot.The model simulation can get the discharge process of breach ,the water level of the river and the water level with different breach width and the repair time.The results show that the breach width is an important factor to influence the design water level.When the breach width reaches a certain value ,the design water level will tend to be stable.The levee break model based on HEC-RAS can simulate the levee break process combining with the local emergency flood fighting ,and it can provide a reliable technical sup-port for the design of parking lot located in the Zhu River Delta dike.%运用HEC-RAS软件构建珠江三角洲一维河网非稳定流水动力模型,利用该模型与侧向水工结构溃坝模块(Lateral Structure Breach),进行湖涌停车场所在佛山市罗格围的溃堤模拟计算。得到不同溃口宽度、溃口修复时间等条件下溃口处的流量过程、外江水位过程、围内水位过程。实例结果表明,溃口宽度是影响围内设计水位的重要因素,当溃口宽度达某一值时,围内设计水位将趋于稳定。基于HEC-RAS的溃堤模型可与当地防汛抢险相结合进行溃堤影响分析,可为珠江三角洲堤围内停车场设计提供可靠的技术支持,供借鉴。

  15. On Zhu Dongrun' s Theory of Biographical Literature and its Characteristic Complexity%论朱东润传记文学理论的独特性与复杂性



    Zhu Dongrun' s theory of biographical literature is constructed from the existent practices and theories of both ancient China and the West. The central concepts of Zhu' s theory include the renaming of the prevailing biographical literature into biographical narrative literature, the emphasis of the dual attributes of historical and literary of biographical literature while defining the connotation of biographical narrative. The claim of "the turn from events to people" has freed the biographical literature from its dependency on history, but the overemphasis of historical reliability may result in the negligence of literariness. The claim to characterize and reveal from life from the private sphere is subject to the influence from grand narrative. The paper thus demonstrates the characteristic complexity in Zhu' s theory of biographical literature.%朱东润的传记文学理论是建立在对中外传记理论的吸收、借鉴的基础上的。其相对完备的理论体系包括:把已经流行的传记文学改称传叙文学,体现了某种理论的自觉;强调传记文学的史学、文学双重属性,但对传记文学外延的界定比较严格;对“从事到人”的强调表明其将传记文学从历史的附庸地位中解放出来的努力,但对历史真实的过度关注导致了对艺术真实的忽视;强调从人格立论,强调私生活的描写,但又无法摆脱宏大叙事观念的影响。因此,朱东润的传记文学理论有其独特性,但也有其复杂性和矛盾性。

  16. The Famous Conductor,VuZhu Dokyi


    VUzhu Dokyi,now the head of the Tibetan Song and Dance Ensemble is a second-grade conductor of the state,a member of Chinese Musicians’Association,the vice-president of Tibetan Musicians’Association and a council member of the Chinese Chorus Artists’Association.In 1960 he was admitted to the Tianjin Conservatory of Music and followed Qiu Jianhua,the famous music educator,to learn violin.After graduation,he was first violin in the Tibetan Song and Dance Ensemble Orchestra.

  17. 《朱子语类》软硬反义概念词语类聚考%A Textual Research on Antithetical Words Denoting “Softness”and “Hardness”in Zhu Zi Yu-lei (朱子语类)



    The system of vocabulary is composed of individual words which are clustered together on the basis of meaning relationships. A lexical cluster denoting the same meaning is equivalent to a lexical field. There are many words and expressions found in Zhu Zi Yu-lei (朱子语类) , literally Classified conversations of Master Zhu, deno-ting the concepts of softness and hardness respectively. This paper presents an investigation into the network of lexi-cal clustering under which antithetical words denoting softness and hardness are subsumed.%词汇系统由一个个概念词语类聚互相关联构成,同一概念的词语类聚相当于一个词汇场。《朱子语类》中表达软硬概念的有“柔、软、坚、硬、刚、顽”等词,形成以这些词及其组合的词语为核心而聚合其他词汇成分的软硬概念词语聚合网络。

  18. 朱虹译作中女性主义意识分析——以《女人的“一样”和“不一样”》为例%Feminist Consciousness in Zhu Hong's Translation of "Are Women as Good as Men"



    女性主义翻译观认为翻译就是女性译者寻求彰显其女性主体,创建政治话语生存空间的重要途径。文章借鉴女性主义翻译观分析朱虹译作《女人的"一样"和"不一样"》中的女性主义意识因素,进而指出:朱虹运用女性主义翻译策略凸现女性意识,从理论到实践贯彻了她的女性主义主张,为我国翻译实践提供了一种经典的实践方式。%Feminism translation believes that translation is an important means for female translators to convey their subjectivity and build up a space for their political discourse.From the perspective of feminist translation theory,the paper analyzes the factors of feminist consciousness in Zhu Hong's translation of "Are Women as Good as Men",arguing that Zhu successfully used the feminist translation strategies to highlight the feminist consciousness and implement her feminist claim both in her practice and theory,which has provided a classic example for translation.

  19. 朱载堉才是“需求层次理论”的鼻祖--且更独特,更显棋高一着%It States that It was the Chinese Scientist Zhu Zai Yu in Ming Dynasty that Firstly PutForward the Hierarchy Theory of Needs---Which was Superior and More Unique



    Academics in the past consider the American psychologist Abraham Maslow as the founder of the hierarchy theory of needs. However,the latest study results from the author have overthrown such kind of biases.It states that it was the chinese scientist Zhu Zai Yu in Ming dynasty that firstly put forward the hierarchy theory of needs which was about 360 years as earlier as Maslow.Also ,the knowledgement from Zhu Zai Yu is suoerior and more unique than that from Maslow.%以往学术界都把美国心理学家马斯洛奉为需求层次理论的鼻祖;但最新的研究成果,彻底推翻了这一陈见,认为中国明朝的科学家朱载堉才是需求层次理论的鼻祖,比美国人马斯洛还要早约三百六十多年,且朱载堉对需求层次的认知,要比马斯洛更独特,更显棋高一着。

  20. 朱熹《仪礼经传通解》对《礼记》经、传的界定%Distinction of the Jing and Zhuan of Li Ji in Zhu Xi’s General Commentary of Jing and Zhuan of Yi Li



    In the title “General Commentary of Jing and Zhuan of Yi Li” “Jing” refers to Yi Li and“Zhuan” refers to the classical texts Li Ji Zhou Li etc.On this premise Zhu Xi attaches the texts in Li Ji such as Guan Yi to the texts in Yi Li such as Guan Li.But much of Yi Li was lost with most of the remaining parts being Shi Li it is not often the case that the two books can be joined neatly while Zhu Xi’s blueprint of the book of Li covers not only Shi Li but also the rituals in family Xiang Xue country and kingdom.The lacking of texts in Yi Li forces Zhu Xi to seek in other texts among which Li Ji is used and split most.How does Zhu Xi place Li Ji in his General Commentary? What is the criteria to distinct Jing and Zhuan of Li Ji? While current researches focuses on how Zhu Xi treats Yi Li how Zhu Xi treats Li Ji in his General Commentary is also crucial.In this article we compares the texts from Li Jiin the General Commentary with the original texts and finds out that Zhu Xi ignoring Li Ji being a classic did heavy rearrangement to Li Ji and in view of practical Li Xue basing on the classics created theoretical basis of a new system of rituals.%《仪礼经传通解》中,“经”指的是《仪礼》,“传”指的是《礼记》《周礼》等其他经书。在此前提下,朱熹将《仪礼》的〈冠礼〉等篇,分别以《礼记》的〈冠义〉各篇作为主从关系配附。但《仪礼》佚失颇多,所存多为士礼,能将二礼整整齐齐相配合的情况有限。然朱熹心目中的礼书蓝图,不仅仅着眼于士礼,而是涵盖家、乡、学、邦国、王朝各个层面的礼仪。《仪礼》经文的不敷使用,迫使朱熹不得不转向寻求其他各经的内容以弥补《仪礼》经文的不足。其中,以《礼记》使用最多、拆分最散。朱熹在《通解》中如何定位《礼记》一经?界定《礼记》经、传的标准是什么?当研究焦点都放在朱熹如何整理《仪

  1. Resistance to Qian soup ZhuSheKa interface sp6 joint foot acupoint treatment of chronic urticaria nucleic acid bacteria polysaccharide 30 cases curative effects%抗荨湯联合足三里穴位注射卡介菌多糖核酸治疗慢性荨麻疹30例疗效观察



    Objective: To observe Qian soup (bachelor since resistance points to ZhuSheKa sp6 joint foot fungus polysaccharide nucleic acid injection interface. Brand name: ji Sue, zhejiang million horses pharmaceutcal Co. Production. The curative effect of treating chronic urticaria. Methods Selected 60 cases were randomly divided into two groups: treatment group of 30 cases Qian soup to fight ZhuSheKa interface sp6 joint foot fungus polysaccharide acupuncture treatment of nucleic acid injection, four weeks. 30 cases in oral chlorobenzene that sensitivity to 4mg, three times/d, cimetidine 0. 2 g, 2 times a/d; Two groups of course are for 1 month, 2 months after the completion of course judge curative effect, and were followed up for half a year. Results The treatment group and control group 70% , 90% efficiency was statistically significant difference (P<0. OS ) -Conclusion Qian resistance points ZhuSheKa sp6 joint foot soup of nucleic acid injection dielectric bacteria polysaccharide treatment of chronic nettle has good curative effect, and clinical application.%目的:观察抗荨汤联合足三里穴位注射卡介菌多糖核酸注射液治疗慢性荨麻疹的疗效.方法:将入选的60例患者随机分为两组,各30例,治疗组予抗荨汤联合足三里穴位注射卡介菌多糖核酸注射液治疗,隔日1次;对照组予口服氯苯那敏4mg,3次/d,西咪替丁0.2g,2次/d;两组疗程均为1个月,疗程结束后2个月时判定疗效,并随访半年.结果:治疗组有效率90%,对照组70%,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05).结论:抗荨汤联合足三里穴位注射卡介菌多糖核酸注射液治疗慢性荨麻疗效好,值得临床选用.

  2. 基于能值分析的长株潭城市群生态经济系统演变态势分析%Evolutionary Tendency of Ecological-economic System in Chang-Zhu-Tan City Cluster Based on Emergy Analysis

    楚芳芳; 蒋涤非


    With emergy method we studied the emergy flow, a variety of emergy indices of the social economic natural subsystem and the change trend of sustainable development index in Chang-Zhu-Tan city cluster ecological-economic system from 2000 to 2009. The result showed: Chang-Zhu-Tan city cluster ecological-economic system was middledeveloping level, relied mainly on local resources, increasing the external input emergy, the growing strength of economic development, the rapid increase of industrialization and information level, but a downward trend of emergy production and use in efficiency, adding up to environmental loading rate, presenting an unsustainable trend. According to the results Chang-Zhu-Tan city. cluster eco-economic system development strategies were put forword to transform economic development, improve harmony between economic social development and the natural environment, promote the "trinity" of structural stability, functional efficiency and sustainable development,to enter the benign and healthy development track.%采用能值理论与分析方法,研究2000-2009年长株潭城市群生态经济系统的能值流量,社会经济自然子系统各能值指标和可持续发展指数的变化趋势。结果表明:长株潭城市群生态经济系统正处于中级发展水平,经济发展主要依赖本地资源,外界输入能值逐渐增加,经济开发强度不断扩大,工业化和信息化水平飞速提高,但能源生产和利用的效率呈现下降的趋势,环境负荷率不断增大,系统呈现不可持续的发展趋势。根据此结果提出了长株潭城市群生态经济系统的发展对策,以便转变经济发展方式,提高经济社会发展与自然生态环境的和谐程度,促进结构的稳定性,功能的高效性及发展的持续性的“三位一体”,使其进入良性健康的发展轨道。

  3. 朱氏头皮针留针配合肢体训练对急性脑梗死后痉挛性瘫痪神经功能缺损的影响%Effect on the Neurological Deficits of Spastic Hemiplegia after Acute Cerebral Infarction Exerted by the Practice of Zhu Scalp Acupuncture (needle retention required) Coordinated with Limbs Training

    王京军; 金章安; 梁頔; 崔译心


    Objective: To observe the effect of the neurological deficits of spastic hemiplegia after acute cerebral infarction treated by the practice of Zhu scalp acupuncture (needle retention required) coordinated with limbs training. Methods: 72 patients were randomly divided into the trial group and the control group. Each group was administered basic treatment for the sake of stable blood pressure and the protection of cerebral cells. Meanwhile, the 2 groups were provided with intravenous injection of Shuxietong Injection,6 ml every time,once a day. Moreover, the trial group was given additional Zhu scalp acupunctural treatment once a day together with limbs training over 4 courses of treatment (5 days for each course,2 days interval). Results: It was revealed that the trial group demonstrated greater effectiveness in relieving muscle tension and stimulating the recovery of neurological deficits. Conclusion: The practice of Zhu scalp acupuncture (needle retention required ), coordinated with limbs training, at the early stage of spastic hemiplegia after acute cerebral infarction, improves hypermyotonia and the recovery of neurological deficits, as well as reduces the incidence of spastic hemiplegia.%目的 观察应用朱氏头皮针留针配合肢体训练对急性脑梗死后痉挛性瘫痪神经功能缺损的影响.方法 将72例患者随机分为治疗组和对照组,两组均给予稳定血压、脑细胞保护剂等基础治疗,并同时给予疏血通注射液6 mL静脉点滴,治疗组加用朱氏头皮针疗法和肢体功能训练,每日1次,疗程5d,间隔2d,继续第2疗程,共治疗4个疗程.结果 研究结果显示治疗组肌张力减轻和神经功能缺损恢复疗效均优于对照组.结论 急性脑梗死后痉挛性瘫痪早期进行朱氏头皮针留针配合肢体训练治疗可以缓解肌张力增高,促进神经功能缺损恢复,降低痉挛性瘫痪发生率.

  4. From Aesthetic Intuition to Aesthetic Distance---Zhu Guangqian ’ s the generation and variation of western aesthetics theory%从审美直觉到审美距离--朱光潜审美经验论的逻辑框架

    裴萱; 唐艺嘉


    朱光潜正是努力通过自身对中国古典诗论的理解,不仅将克罗齐的“直觉”从一种思辨式的哲学思考引申成为心理学上的美感体验,更是同时化用布洛的“距离说”和立普斯等人的“内模仿论”“移情说”,从美的凝神静观与自由“出入”出发,建构了“中国化”的现代美学。克罗齐的“直觉”被朱光潜改造成为凝神静观的艺术审美经验,布洛的“距离说”又构成了理论弥补的关键因子。从审美直觉到审美距离,构成了朱光潜审美经验论的逻辑框架与核心特质,其对中国古典文论的化用也给当代的异质性比较诗学注入了崭新的活力。%Through the understanding of Chinese classical poetry ,Zhu Guangqian not only extended Groce ’ s “gut feeling” from speculative philosophy thinking mode to the aesthetic psychological experience ,but at the same time constructed the modern Chinese aesthetics on the basis of Blow ’ s “Distance” and Lips ’ s “theory of imitation”,“empathy”.Groce’ s mind philosophy theory was transformed by Zhu Guangqian into a peaceful contemplation of aesthetic experience .Zhu Guangqian ’ s aesthetic empiricism included the aesthetic intuition and the aesthetic dis-tance,which was the core and the framework of his theory .It has injected new vitality to the application of Chinese classical literary theory and the heterogeneity of contemporary comparative poetics .

  5. 中药生精逐瘀汤联合手术治疗精索静脉曲张不育症患者的疗效观察%Clinical efficacy of Chinese traditional medicine Sheng Jing Zhu Yu Tang combined with operation in the treatment of patients with varicocele

    何思挺; 陈乐仲; 黄常青; 田小园; 陈球; 刘向崇


    Objective To observe the clinical effect of Sheng Jing Zhu Yu Tang for treating infertile patients with varicocele after varicocelectomy. Methods Eighty patients with varicocele were randomly divided into two groups, the experimental group (n=40) and control group (n=40). Patients in the experimental group took Sheng Jing Zhu Yu Tang after the operation, while those in the control group underwent operation only. The semen quality, sex hormone in the peripheral blood (testosterone, luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone), and the pregnancy rate of their spouse were observed before operation, 3 and 6 months after operation. Results The semen quality, peripheral blood testosterone and the pregnancy rate of their spouse in the experimental group were significantly better than those in the control group (P<0.05). Conclusion Sheng Jing Zhu Yu Tang could enhance the quality of sperm and semen in infertile patients with varicocele after varicocelectomy, improve and regulate their reproductive hormone disturbance to increase the pregnancy rate of their spouses.%目的 观察中药生精逐淤汤对精索静脉曲张不育患者手术后治疗的临床疗效.方法 将精索静脉曲张不育症患者80例随机分为实验组和对照组,各40例,实验组手术后予结合生精逐瘀汤治疗,对照组予单纯手术治疗.观察两组患者术前、术后3个月、6个月精液质量、外周血性激素(睾酮、黄体生成素和卵泡刺激素)以及配偶受孕率的情况.结果 实验组精液各参数、外周血T及术后配偶自然怀孕率均有明显提高,优于对照组(P<0.05).结论 生精逐淤汤对精索静脉曲张不育术后患者有提高精液质量、改善和调节生殖内分泌激素失调、增加配偶受孕率的作用.

  6. Supplement and Correction of Qian Mu's Fragment Memories of Teachers and Friends --A Textual Research of Life Story of Zhu Huaitian%对钱穆《师友杂忆》一则重要记述的补正——兼及朱怀天生平事迹考辨



    Mr. Qian Mu is one of important masters of Chinese learning. During his later years, he settled down on solitary island Taiwan where he wrote a memoirs named Fragment Memories of Teachers and Friends in his senior age. Owing to fading memory and without enough references, memory errors are inevitable. However, The flaws do not detract from the jade's essential beauty, and it is still an important historical record Chinese academic develop- ment with independent research value of in the 20th century. Through comparing Posthumous Manuscript of Songjiang Mr. Zhu Huaitian and Fragment Memories of Teachers and Friends, as well as complementing each other, this paper gradually distinguishes the life story of Mr. Zhu Huaitian, discarding the false and retaining the true, sup- plementing newly found materials, makes a efforts to completely reappear a whole process of social interaction be- tween Qian Mu and Zhu Huaitian.%钱穆先生是现代中国最为重要的国学大师之一。他晚年定居台湾,在记忆衰退,又无大量文献可供稽考的情况下,耄耋之年写作回忆录——《师友杂忆》,因此记述难免出现偏差。但瑕不掩瑜,此书仍旧是一部20世纪中国学术发展史的实录,有着它书所无法替代的研究价值。文章主要利用1921年7月印行的《松江朱怀天先生遗稿》与《师友杂忆》比较参证,逐次辨析朱怀天生平事迹,去伪存真,增补缺失,力图完整展现钱穆与朱怀天交往的全过程。

  7. The Self-criticism and Renewal of Zhuism and the Confluence of Zhu Xi and Lu Jiuyuan's Theory Centered on Wu Cheng's Zhongyong Study%朱子学的自我批判、更新与朱陆合流以吴澄中庸学为中心∗



    朱子学在后世传衍中逐渐显出异化为记诵口耳之学的一面,元代吴澄传承晚宋以来勉斋学派的批判创新精神,对朱子思想加以修正,彰显了潜伏已久的朱陆合流之思潮。以《中庸》诠释为例,草庐批评《中庸章句》过于精详而流于分裂,对全书章句作出了新的划分,突出尊德性对道问学的优先性,重新诠释“本心”概念,显示出宋元时期朱子学者经典诠释的创新能力,表明元代“朱陆合流”实为朱子学内部自我更新调适所至。%As time goes by,Zhuism has been gradually alienated to memory,fragmentary and hearsay knowledge.Wu Cheng in Yuan Dynasty,who inherited the spirit of criticism and innovation from Mi-anzhai School in late Song Dynasty,tried his best to amend the thought of Zhu Zi,highlighting the lurk i-deological trend of the confluence of Zhu Xi and Lu Jiuyuan's theory.Taking the annotation of Zhongyong as an example,Wu Cheng criticized that chapters and sentences in Zhongyong were too details to split and made a new division on the chapters.Meanwhile,he emphasized honoring virtuous nature prior to inquiry and knowledge,and reinterpreted the concept of "conscience".That shows the innovative annotation of classics of Zhuism scholars in Song-Yuan Dynasty and indicate that the ideological trend of confluence of Zhu Xi and Lu Jiuyuan's theory is the result of Zhuism's self-renewal and adjustment.

  8. The Extraordinary Contributions Made by Zhu De in Participating in and Leading the Nanchang Uprising and Founding the People's Army%朱德参与领导南昌起义和缔造人民军队的卓越贡献



    The Nanchang Uprising is the starting point from which the CPC created the people' s the major founders of the People' s Liberation Army, Zhu De participated in and led the uprising sumed the task of reserving the revolutionary kindling of the newly born people' s army at the army. As one of , and bravely as- critical moment when the remaining insurgents faced the hopeless situation. Before leading the army to Jinggangshan, he rectified the soldiers' mind to cultivate their revolutionary will, established a new military command system to reinforce the Party' s direct command over the newly born people' s army, and worked out irony discipline and transformed forms of battle to improve the survival and development abilities of the new army. At last, Zhu De led an army of more than ten thousand soldiers to join Mao Zedong' s army of the Autumn Harvest Uprising at Jinggangshan, composing the world -famous "Zhu -Mao Red Army".%南昌起义是中国共产党缔造人民军队的起点。朱德作为中国人民解放军的主要缔造者之一,他参与并领导了南昌起义,在南昌起义军余部面临绝境的关键时刻,勇担保存新生人民军队革命火种的重任。在转战上井冈山之前,他致力整顿思想,培养新生人民军队坚定的革命意志;建立新的军事指挥制度,加强党对新生人民军队的直接指挥;制定铁的纪律,转变作战形式,提高新生人民军队的生存和发展能力。最后,朱德带领万余人的革命武装上井冈山,与毛泽东领导的秋收起义部队会师,组成名扬天下的“朱毛红军”。

  9. 诗、思、史的完美融合--论朱德发人本主义、理性精神及其现代中国文学史学王国的构建%On Zhu Defa's Humanism, Rational Spirit and the Setup of His Kingdom of Modern Chinese Literary History



    Mr. Zhu Defa has always stuck to the setup of a holistic academic kingdom integrating"literature, history and humans" through his profound humanism sentiment and his independent rational sprit of modern sub-jects in terms of social ideological trends, creative practice, interpretation and dissemination, science of thinking, etc. As opined by him,"nationalization and globalization" is the guidance factor for the modernization of Chinese literature with its core point being what persons literature should serve. As such, the notion of"modern Chinese lit-erature" advanced by Mr. Zhu has not only mingled with the formation of modern nation state but also radiated with"man's consciousness" and "literature's awakening", which has maximally governed the connotation and denota-tion of various views on contemporary Chinese literature history———a unity of philosophy and science as well as of literature and historiography. Zhu Defa's Collected Works ( ten volumes) , published by Shandong People's Press in 2014 and a collection of Mr. Zhu's academic achievements in the past 40-oddd years, is reflective of the process of establishing the grand system of "modern Chinese literature history" and its far-reaching significance from various profiles and dimensions, thereby having demonstrated to readers an academic kingdom marked by its extensive range, strict logic and profound ideas. In short, given its profound emotion, penetrating idea, abundant content and fine style-a perfect integration of history, poetry and thinking, the collected works can be considered a rare ac-ademic feat in the present Chinese academic circles.%朱德发先生一直坚持以深厚的人本情怀与独立自主的现代主体理性精神,从社会思潮、创作实践、阐释传播、思维科学等层面,构建融合“文学—历史—人”等多维因素的整体性学术王国。他指出“民族化世界化”是中国文学现代化历程的制导性因素,而“为什么人”的

  10. From Reviewing the Poetic to Shred Memory---Talking about the Change of Military Dependents' Village in Zhu Tianwen's Novels%从诗意回眸到记忆破碎--论朱天文小说中眷村内涵的转变



    Zhu Tianwen's novels write out the change of Taiwan culture and literature with a realistic depiction and glittering words. There are some brand of Military Dependents' Village in her novels . Because of her identity and times , she took a new look at her favor for Mil-itary Dependents' Village .%朱天文的小说以写实的写作手法和华丽苍凉的文字反映了台湾文化及文学的变迁。受成长环境的影响,她的小说中带有眷村的印记。又因所处身份及所处时代变幻的关系,朱天文对自身的眷村情结做出了重新审视。

  11. An Analysis of the Similarities and Differences between New Confucianism and Scholasticism --Taking ZHU Xi and Thomas Aquinas as Examples%浅析程朱理学与经院哲学之异同——以朱熹和托马斯·阿奎那为例



    朱熹和托马斯·阿奎那作为当时东西方两大主流思想——新儒学(程朱理学)和经院哲学的集大成者,其对中国和西欧的贡献是不可言喻的。以朱熹和阿奎那为代表,通过对其师承及学术渊源的分析从宏观上把握东西思想异同产生的根源;通过对思想观、教育观和社会政治观等方面的探讨,把握程朱理学与经院哲学乃至东西方文化差异的细微之处。此外,通过分析这两种思想的影响异同,更为深刻的把握这两者对习俗及道德习惯的养成方面的影响。%ZHU Xi and Thomas Aquinas were the representatives of the two mainstream thoughts--New Confucian- ism and Scholasticism. They made great contribution to China and the Western Europe. This essay takes ZHU Xi and Thomas Aquinas as examples and through the analysis of the academic origins of the two, tries to grasp the roots of the similarities and differences between the eastern and the western thinking in a macro way. Also, by the discussion on thoughts, views of education and social politics of the two minds, we can know the details of the mi- nor differences between eastern and western cultures. Therefore, we can have a deep understanding of the influence of the two thoughts on customs and virtues through the analysis of the similarities and differences between them.

  12. The Inheritance and Development of Jian ChaoLiang to the Theory of Zhu CiQi---The Discussion with Qian Mu%简朝亮对朱次琦学说的传承与发展--兼与钱穆先生榷议



    无论是重塑朱次琦的经师人师形象,接着朱次琦的“四行”、“五学”往下说,还是遍注儒家经典,简朝亮都是结合新的社会形势,朝着朱次琦学说的既定目标、具体路径为它输进新内容,使获得了较大发展的朱次琦学说延至民国中后期,并与同出一门的康有为别出的岭南近现代新儒学产生尖锐冲突,呈现岭南儒学近代转型的复杂性、艰巨性。因此,钱穆认为简朝亮未能传承朱次琦之学,实是未能抓住简朝亮经学生涯乃至朱次琦学说的要害。%Combined with new social situation ,Jian Chaoliang reshaped Zhu Ciqi’s image of being a teacher , investigated Zhu’s“four actions of morality cultivation” and“five areas of studies” and then he annotated many classics of the Confucian school .He followed Zhu’s set goals and roads ,and input new contents , extending Zhu’s theory to the semi-late period of the Republic of China .It had sharp conflict with the new Confucian school in Lingnan ,reflecting its complexity and hardship .Therefore ,Qian Mu’s view of Jian Chaoliang’s failing to inherit Zhu’ s theory failed to understand the gist of Jian Chaoliang ’ s academic thoughts ,nor the theory of Zhu Ciqi .

  13. A Probe into Three Wives of ZHU Ba-jie and WU Cheng-en Who Is not the Author of Western Journey%猪八戒三“妻”考议——兼及《西游记》非吴承恩所作



    早期西游文学文本以至百回本《西游记》中猪八戒之“妻”有三:裴海棠、卵二姐、高翠兰。这三个形象的设计分别植根于不同的文化渊源,具有各自的文化内涵,体现了不同作者或同一作者不同情况下的艺术匠心。但一贯地都主要服务于猪八戒典型形象的塑造,即作为猪八戒欲望的对象,以成就猪八戒为世俗“好丈夫”、“好女婿”形象,尤其是帮助突出了猪八戒“有顽心,色情未泯”(第一百回)之为“色”所累者的本性。这一本性是八戒修行学佛最大障碍,却是他作为文学形象最根本的性格特点。至于从《西游记》两写猪八戒“倒踏门”的无所顾忌甚或以为得意,推断其《西游记》的作者不象是父为赘婿的吴承恩,虽不自本文始,但其作为《西游记》作者非吴承恩的内证,却是再作强调而决不过分的。%In the early books concerning western journey including the one with 100 chapters, ZHU Ba-jie had three wives: PEI Hai-tang, LUAN Er-jie and GAO Cui-lan. The design of the three figures was rooted in different cultures and they had different cultural connotations. In addition, they showed the artistic capability of different authors or the same author un- der different circumstances. Nevertheless, this has contributed to the shaping of the classical figure ZHU Ba-jie with strong lust and the figure as a good husband and son-in-law. And it has especially helped to highlight the randy nature of ZHU who found his head deeply in sex. This nature has become the biggest barrier to the practice of Buddhism. In spite of that, it is made a striking literary feature. From ZHU's hesitation at no act in his two marriages, one can infer that the author of Western Journey does not seem to be WU Cheng-en whose father was the son-in-law living together with his wife's parents.

  14. Clinical Observation on JianPi ZhuYunTang Combined with Triple Therapy in Treating 58 Cases of Peptic Ulcer%健脾助运汤联合三联疗法治疗消化性溃疡58例疗效观察



    Objective: To observe clinical effects of JianPi ZhuYunTang combined with triple therapy in treating peptic ulcer. Method: All 116 patients were randomized into the observation group and the control group equally. Both groups received classic triple therapy: metronidazole tablets, 400mg/time, twice each day, oral; colloidal bismuth pectin tablets, 100mg/time, three times each day, took in 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and supper; omeprazole, 20 mg/time, twice each day. The observation group took JianPi ZhuYunTang. One course of treatment was seven days, curative effects were observed after four courses of treatment. Result: Cure rate and total effective rate of the observation group were 51.72% and 94.83%; and that of the control group were 36.21% and 79.31%, comparison between both groups showed significant difference (P<0.05). Comparisons within one group demonstrated significant difference before and after treating in symptom scales of abdominal pain, abdominal distention, regurgitation, sour reflux and belching (P<0.05). Comparison between both groups after treating showed significant difference (P<0.05). Conclusion: JianPi ZhuYunTang and triple therapy have notable clinical effects in treating peptic ulcer.%目的:观察健脾助运汤联合三联疗法治疗消化性溃疡的疗效.方法:将116 例消化性溃疡患者随机分为观察组和对照组各58 例.2 组患者均给予经典的三联疗法:甲硝唑片,400 mg/ 次,2 次/d,口服;果胶铋片,100 mg/ 次,3次/d,于早、中、晚饭前30 分钟口服;奥美拉唑,20 mg/ 次,2次/d.观察组同时给予健脾助运汤.2组均以治疗7 天为1 个疗程,治疗4 个疗程后观察疗效.结果:观察组治愈率为51.72%,总有效率为94.83%;对照组治愈率为36.21%,总有效率为79.31%.2 组相比差异显著(P<0.05).治疗后腹痛、腹胀、反胃、反酸、嗳气等症状积分2 组治疗前后组内相比,有显著差异(P<0.05),组间相比,有显著差异(P<0.05).结论:健

  15. Modified BanXia BaiZhu TianMa Tang and Betahistine Hydrochloride in Treating 35 Cases of Vertebrobasilar Artery Insufficiency Vertigo%加味半夏白术天麻汤联合盐酸倍他司汀治疗椎-基底动脉供血不足性眩晕35例

    张小荣; 杨涛


    目的:观察加味半夏白术天麻汤联合盐酸倍他司汀治疗椎-基底动脉供血不足性眩晕的临床疗效。方法:将65例患者随机分为2组,治疗组35例予加味半夏白术天麻汤联合盐酸倍他司汀治疗,对照组30例予盐酸倍他司汀治疗,观察2组治疗前后椎-基底动脉平均血流速度。结果:治疗组治愈13例,显效19例,无效3例,总有效率为91.43%;对照组治愈3例,显效18例,无效9例,总有效率为70.00%。治疗组疗效优于对照组(P<0.05)。椎-基底动脉平均血流速度治疗后治疗组高于对照组(P<0.01)。结论:加味半夏白术天麻汤联合盐酸倍他司汀治疗椎-基底动脉供血不足性眩晕疗效优于单纯西药治疗。%Objective: To explore therapeutic effects of modified BanXia BaiZhu TianMa Tang cooperated with betahistine hydrochloride for vertebrobasilar artery insufficiency vertigo. Method:All 65 patients were random-ized into 35 cases in the treatment group and 30 cases in the control group. The treatment group accepted modified BanXia BaiZhu TianMa Tang and betahistine hydrochloride, the control group betahistine hydrochloride, average blood flow rates of vertebrobasilar artery were observed in both groups before and after treating. Result:There were 13 cases cured, 19 cases effective, three cases ineffective and total effective rate 91.43%in the treatment group;three cases cured, 18 cases effective, nine cases ineffective and total effective rate 70.00%. The treatment group was supe-rior to the control group in curative effects (P<0.05). The treatment group was higher than the control group in aver-age blood flow rates of vertebrobasilar artery (P<0.01). Conclusion:Modified BanXia BaiZhu TianMa Tang cooper-ated with betahistine hydrochloride are superior to Western Medicine for vertebrobasilar artery insufficiency vertigo.

  16. City:The Interaction of Person And the Space---Zhu Tianxin’s Identification of Taipei%城市:身体与空间的双向互动--朱天心的台北认同书写



    Authors’ urban space is a space full of life characterization. In representational space, body is the intermediary among a person, space and space created by cognition. The movement of body will brand in the space. We walk in the city, close to the daily life of the city, so that the memory of city becomes more colorful with personal feeling.In Zhu Tianxin’s "ancient"and "Hungarian water", it presents the city in two sides, visual experience and smell perception. Zhu Tianxin looking upon the body as media, through hanging around the city recalls the memory of childhood life in Taipei The search starts with one's own body, connected to the land he lives, and a self-identity arises.%作家笔下的城市空间是一种富有生命的表征空间。在表征空间中,身体是人与空间、感知塑造空间的唯一中介,身体的运动会烙印在空间之上。人塑造和丰富着空间环境,空间也生产和塑造着人。身体在城市中行走,贴近城市的日常生活,串联起城市的空间,使静态的空间成为带有个人情感色彩的动态记忆。朱天心的《古都》、《匈牙利之水》,分别从穿城走巷的视觉体验和嗅觉感知两个角度书写了对台北的认同。朱天心借由“我”的身体行走于日常生活的空间,以身体为媒介,通过视觉和嗅觉勾勒出自己的童年生活记忆。寻找从自己的身体出发,与生活的土地连接而产生认同的可能。

  17. 传统《诗经》学的重大历史转折 ——朱熹“以《诗》言《诗》”说申论%The historic turning point of traditional studies on classic poetry ——ZHU Xi 's theory of commenting on classic poetry through classic poetry



    ZHU Xi's theory of and his deeds in commenting on Classic Poetry through Classic Poetry is a negation and criticism on the idea of illustrating Classic Poetry with history expressed in “the Preface to Classic Poetry" and the Confucianists' concept of illustrating Classic Poetry with “the Preface to Classic Poetry". It also shows a deep understanding on the literature nature of Classic Poetry and the rules in composing poems. To carry out the principle of commenting on classic Poetry through Classic Poetry and to implement a great reform on traditional studies on classic Poetry is a great mission for scholars in Song Dynasty from the need of historical development and the time. Being a famous literaturist as well as a master in the studies on Classic Poetry and integrating literature of past dynasties with the studies on “Classic Poetry" of past dynasties are the main condition and the objective foundation for ZHU Xi to implement his reform on the studies on classic Poetry.%朱熹首倡并躬行的“以《诗》言《诗》”说是对《诗序》“以史证《诗》”以及后儒“以《序》解《诗》”的否定与批判,同时又体现了对《诗经》文学本质与诗歌创作规律的深刻认识。贯彻“以《诗》言《诗》”的原则,实现传统《诗经》学的重大变革,是历史的发展与时代的需求赋予宋代学者的重大使命;而文学名家与经学大师的一身兼任,历代文学与历代经学的双轨集成,是朱熹实现《诗经》学变革的主体条件与客观基础。

  18. 接受理论视角下的英语名言翻译探析--以朱纯深译著《自深深处》中王尔德名言翻译为例%Study on the Translation of English Epigrams from the Perspective of Reception Theory--- Take for Example the Translation of Oscar Wilde’s Epigrams in Zhu Chunshen’s Translated Book De Profundis



    The author takes the perspective of reception theory to expound the characteristics of epigram - translation and tried to analyze the translation problems by comparing the translation of Oscar Wilde’s epigrams in Zhu Chunshen’s translated book De Profundis and the author’s re - translation based on the version of Zhu Chunshen . In the final analysis , the author puts stress on the syntactical and semantic intelligibility ,the historical context of word meaning as well as the explanation of cultural elements .%从接受理论视角出发,探讨英语名言翻译的特点,并通过对比朱纯深在其译著《自深深处》中王尔德名言的翻译与作者在其基础上的改译,分析英语名言翻译的问题与解决方案。英语名言的翻译应重视句法和语义的可理解性、意义的历史语境以及异质文化因素的解释说明。

  19. Which Kind of "Transformation of Life into Art". A Comparison of Zhu Guangqian and Zong Baihua's Theories of Aesthetic Education%何种“人生的艺术化”?——朱光潜、宗白华美育理论之比较



    The similarities and differences between Zhu Guangqian's theories of aesthetic education and those of Zong Baihua lie in the proposition of "transformation of life into art". Although both of them draw on relevant theories of Schopenhauer, Nietzsche and Bergson to interpret this proposition, their interpretations differ in their points of departure and final purport. This paper attempts to analyze the two connotations of this proposition and explore the causes of the differences.%朱光潜和宗白华的美育理论,其相似性和差异性都体现在“人生的艺术化”这一命题上,两者对这一命题的阐释,均借鉴了叔本华、尼采和柏格森的相关理论,但阐释起点和最终旨归都大异其趣。论文分析了这一命题的两种具体内涵,并剖析了差异产生的原因。

  20. “Human Nature”- Oriented Explanation of Ethnic Love Literature from the Perspective of Literary Anthropology--Long Zhu and The Black Steed as An Example%少数民族爱情文学“人性观照”意蕴的文学人类学阐释--以《龙朱》、《黑骏马》为例



    Literary Anthropology uses the method of Cultural Anthropology to research literature. The content of Literary Anthropology Criticism mainly includes the Primitivism Criticism and Mythological Archetypal Criticism. The ethnic literature Long Zhu and The Black Steed are the works of love literature, which involves Primitivism,Semi Primitivism ,“Archetype”and the same theme of “Human Nature”.%文学人类学的要旨是借鉴和运用文化人类学的视野、方法研究文学。文学人类学批评的内容特征主要包括原始主义批评与神话原型批评。少数民族爱情文学作品《龙朱》和《黑骏马》具有原始主义、半原始主义的典型特征以及“原型”的深层意蕴,作家于文本中对“人性”进行了细致的观照。

  1. 朱武兰:探索“为学而教”的课堂改革--语文教育改革专题访谈之三%ZHU Wu-lan:Exploring Classroom Reform of “Teaching for Learning”---The Third Interview about Reform of Chinese Language Education

    李金云; 朱武兰


    针对当前语文课堂实践问题,朱武兰老师提出并强调语文教师应积极探索“为学而教”的课堂改革。语文课堂亟需唤醒学生对语文学习的“自觉”,需要教师从原点上搞清楚语文的“独当之任”;语文教师没有丰富的学科素养,就难以获得学科的尊严;从课程论的视角提高教师独立研读教材的能力,是解决目前语文教学低效的急切需要。%Facing with issues of current Chinese language class teaching , teacher ZHU Wu‐lan proposes and emphasizes that Chinese language teachers should actively explore the classroom reform of “teaching for learning” . It is badly needed to arouse students'awareness of Chinese language learning in class so that teachers ought to figure out the unique responsibility of Chinese language teaching . Without solid academic knowledge , Chinese language teachers have difficulties obtaining the dignity of discipline . In order to solve the low effectiveness of current Chinese language teaching , it is urgently needed to improve teachers'ability to study the teaching materials from curriculum theory .

  2. 浅论孙诒让《札迻·素问王冰注校》的校勘特点%Brief Discussion on SUN Yi-rang ’ s Collation Characteristics in ZHA YI SU WEN WANG BING ZHU JIAO



    SUN Yi-rang’ s ZHA YI SU WEN WANG BING ZHU JIAO played an important role in history of SU WEN’ s collation. The purpose of this paper was to sum up the characteristics of collation, that is learning widely from others' strong points, picking up the es-sence, quoting and seeking broad-mind, detailed examination and resolution, striving for realism rigorously, believing in doubt, inves-tigating the hidden mysteries of things, analysis of small things and mysteries, exploring traceability, studying comprehensively.%在《素问》的校勘史上,孙诒让的《札迻·素问王冰注校》占有十分重要的地位。将其校勘特点总结为“博采众长、撷其精英,引征广博、详审细辨,严谨求实、信守存疑,探幽索隐、析微阐奥,循流溯源、综合考辨”。

  3. Genre Analysis: The State of the Art (An Online Interview with Vijay Kumar Bhatia)

    Bhatia, Vijay Kumar; Salmani Nodoushan, M. A.


    In this interview, Vijay Bhatia freely reflects on his personal experiences, perceptions, and views about the development of Genre Analysis in the early eighties towards Critical Genre Analysis today. He offers his impressions about how professionals construct, interpret, use and often exploit generic resources in their everyday practice to meet…

  4. 78 FR 19012 - Pawan Kumar Jain, M.D.; Decision And Order


    ...., 65 FR 5,661 (DEA 2000); Jesus R. Juarez, M.D., 62 FR 14,945 (DEA 1997). Accordingly, both the plain... to practice medicine or handle controlled substances in the State of New Mexico'' and Respondent's... alleged that the New Mexico State Medical Board took action against the Respondent on June 28, 2012. ....

  5. Kumar et al., Afr J Tradit Complement Altern Med. (2013) 10(6):426 ...


    Validated modified lycopodium spore method has been developed for simple ... In the case of powdered drugs the standard methods like ash value, extractive ... Modified Lycopodium spore method is an important analytical technique for powdered drug, especially when other methods of ... Leica DMLS-2 Instrumentation.

  6. 110 1*Atkuru Veera Venkata Naga Krishna Sunil Kumar, 2Chandra ...

    forms and include HPLC with UV detection [11], stability indicating liquid ... detection [14] and micellar electrokinetic capillary ... ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer with matched ..... determination of iron (III) in water, industrial effluent and soil ...

  7. Understanding the Persistence of Caste: A Commentary on Cotterill, Sidanius, Bhardwaj and Kumar (2014

    Yashpal A. Jogdand


    Full Text Available We contextualise Cotterill, Sidanius, Bhardwaj, and Kumar’s (2014 paper within a broader literature on caste and collective mobilisation. Cotterill and colleagues’ paper represents a fresh and timely attempt to make sense of the persistence of caste from the perspective of Social Dominance Theory. Cotterill and colleagues, however, do not examine caste differences in the endorsement of karma, and take behavioural asymmetry among lower castes for granted. Cotterill and colleagues also adhere to a Varna model of the caste system that arguably is simplistic and benefits the upper castes of Indian society. We caution that emphasising behavioural asymmetry and endorsing the Varna model might further stigmatise lower castes, especially Dalits, and feed into a conformity bias already predominant in caste-related psychological research. We argue that the conceptualisation and operationalisation of Right-Wing Authoritarianism, Social Dominance Orientation and legitimising myths in the Indian context needs to take into account the particular meaning and functions of these constructs in specific intergroup contexts, and for identity positions salient within these contexts. We contend that any examination aimed at better understanding the nature of social hierarchy and oppression within the caste system and Indian society in general remains inconclusive without including a focus on the construction and contestation of social categories and social identities.

  8. Contribution of the thraustochytrid Corallochytrium limacisporum Raghu-kumar to microbial biomass in coral reef lagoons

    Raghukumar, S.; Chandramohan, D.; Ramaiah, N.

    on the number of C limacisporum, total viable bacteria (saprophyte numbers), chlorophyll a content and total ATP in the lagoon waters, the contribution of C limacisporum to the microbial biomass in coral reef lagoons of the Lakshadweep islands was calculated...

  9. 道德实践中的认知、意愿与性格——论程朱对“知而不行”的解释%Knowing, Will and Character in Moral Practice: A Study on Cheng Yi and Zhu Xi's Explanations of "Knowing without Doing"



    "Knowing without doing" is a common phenomenon in human life, which contains a philosophical puzzle that why people don't do what they think right. Focusing on the case of Cheng Yi and Zhu Xi, this paper makes a complete investigation on the explanations of "knowing without doing" in Chinese philosophy. It holds that Cheng and Zhu's explanations can be divided into three dimensions which correspond separately with knowing, will and character. Comparing with the Western philosophy, Cheng and Zhu's thinking presents a characteristic of comprehensiveness. Some statements of Cheng and Zhu, such as the sayings about "seeing principle", "self-abandon", "weakness" and "material endowment", are all representatives of Han philo- sophical thinking, which would be a useful source for the related discussions in the contemporary moral philos- ophy, philosophy of mind and theory of action.%“知而不行”是生活中常见的现象,比如,一个人知道吸烟不好,却依然吸烟;知道应该帮助他人,却没有付诸行动。儒学,尤其是宋明理学,作为一种强调道德修养和道德实践的学问,对道德领域的“知而不行”现象,给予了更多关注。从二程到朱熹到王阳明,都对这个问题做过正面回应,其中蕴含了值得注意的哲学观点。在西方哲学中,“知而不行”问题与意志软弱(akrasia,weaknessofwill)问题联系在一起,从古代的苏格拉底、亚里士多德,到中世纪的奥古斯丁、阿奎那,再到近代的休谟、康德乃至当代的戴维森,很多哲学家都留下了关于这个问题的看法。①晚近一些海外中国哲学研究者尝试结合西方哲学的相关理论,对中国哲学中的意志软弱问题做比较研究。②本文将聚焦于朱熹及其理论先导程颐的有关论述,运用道德哲学话语分析他们对“知而不行”问题的解释,并探讨其对当代关于道德行动的研究有怎样的启示。

  10. Clinical Observation on Early Treatment of Multiple Injuries of Bone and Joint with the Combination of Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang and Injury Control%血府逐瘀汤联合损伤控制技术早期救治骨关节多发伤的疗效观察

    王旭光; 初海滨; 鞠传宝


    Objective To sum up the curative effect of the early treatment of bone and joint injury by the combination of Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang and injury control technology. Methods Our hospital between January 2014 and December 2015 were treated 112 cases of joint multiple trauma patients as the research object of this experiment, according to the double blind method will be involved in the study of patients, divided into two different groups, two groups of patients the appellation of the control group respectively, and the team, each group of 56 patients, control group patients use the conventional methods for treatment, the team is to provide patients with therapeutic and the combined treatment of damage control technology. Results After the operation, the team with the total effective was 96.43%, signiifcantly higher than control group in patients with 85.71%, the comparison between the two groups, data signiifcant difference (P<0.05).Patients in the study group were pain stop time, swelling clearance time and hospitalization time were less than the control group patients, the difference between the groups was signiifcant. Conclusion The combination of Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang and the therapeutic joint damage control technology in the early treatment polytrauma curative effect is obvious, bone can be promoted.%目的:总结血府逐瘀汤联合损伤控制技术早期救治骨关节多发伤的疗效。方法选取本院2014年1月至2015年12月收治的112例骨关节多发伤患者作为本次实验的研究对象,根据双盲法将参与研究的患者,分为两个不同的组别,两组患者的称谓分别为对照组以及研究组,每组各56例患者,对照组的患者使用常规的方法进行治疗,研究组则为患者提供血府逐瘀汤以及损伤控制技术的联合治疗。结果手术后,研究组患者的总有效为96.43%,明显高于对照组患者的85.71%,两组间比较,数据差异显著,(P<0.05)。研究组患者疼痛停止时

  11. 四川省绵竹市教师人群代谢综合征的患病率和相关危险因素的分析%A survey of metabolic syndrome and its related risk factors among teachers in Sichuan MianZhu

    刘永康; 张光兵; 扬万双; 罗隽


      目的探求四川省绵竹市教师人群代谢综合症(metabolic syndrome MS)的患病率和相关危险因素的流行病学特征.方法采用《2007中国成人血脂异常防治指南》推荐的代谢综合症诊断标准,对2012年5月-9月在我院体检的5211例(男2247例,女2964例,年龄22-91岁)绵竹市教师人群进行调查分析.结果绵竹市教师人群代谢综合征的总体患病率为13.1%,其中青年组患病率2.1%,中年组患病率15.3%、老年组患病率24.8%.各危险因素中腹型肥胖36.0%、糖代谢异常22.1%、血脂异常25.9%、高血压22.0%.Logistic回归分析证实,腹型肥胖、糖代谢异常、血脂异常、高血压是代谢综合征的危险因素.结论①四川省绵竹市教师人群代谢综合症的患病率与全国大中城市代谢综合症的患病率相当.②腹型肥胖、糖代谢异常、血脂异常、高血压是代谢综合征的重要危险因素.%  Objective: To explore the epidemiological characteristics of metabolic syndrome and its related risk factors among teachers in Sichuan MianZhu. Methods: A survey of metabolic syndrome and its related risk factors was conducted among 5211 teachers (including 2247 males and 2964 females, aged22-91 years) while physical examination was undergoing in our Hospital from May to September 2012. The diagnostic criterias commended by the chinese guideline about prevention and cure of dyslipidemia in adults 2007 were used for the identification of MS.The risk factors of metabolic syndrome were analyzed with multiple logistic regression. Results: The prevalence of metabolic syndrome was 13.1%, young age-group was 2.1%, middle age-group was 15.3%,older age-group was 24.8%.36.0% with obesity, 22.1% with abnormal glycometabolism, 25.9%with dyslipidemia, 22.0% with hypertension. Multiple logistic regression analysis showed that the risk factors of metabolic syndrome were obesity, abnormal glycometabolism, dyslipidemia and hypertension

  12. Characteristic Analysis of a Multi-day Pollution Event in Chang-Zhu-Tan Metropolitan Area During October 2013%2013年10月长株潭城市群一次持续性空气污染过程特征分析

    廖志恒; 范绍佳; 黄娟; 孙家仁


    Chang-Zhu-Tan Metropolitan Area experienced a typical multi-day pollution event in October 2013. Based on the air pollution index, conventional pollutants observations, surface meteorological observations and sounding data, the relationships of air pollution, large-scale circumfluence and boundary layer meteorology of this event were comprehensively analyzed. Additionally, the sources and transport paths of pollutions were investigated by application of satellite remote sensing data and HYSPLIT4 model. The results showed that pollutants gradually accumulated in the earlier stage of the event (October 21th to 26th), while in the later stage (October 27th to 31th) the characteristic pollutants of crop residue burning (PM2. 5 , CO, NO2 ) sharply increased. The deterioration of air quality in the later stage was mainly related to the remote transport of pollutants caused by straw burning. Analysis of simulations of HYSPLIT4 model and fire spots showed that the currents mainly came from Anhui and Hubei Province in the earlier stage, while in the later stage they were mainly from Jiangxi Province where fire spots were intensively located. Stable atmospheric stratification caused by steady uniform high-pressure field and slight wind due to the confrontation of cold and warm currents greatly contributed to the development, maintainability and reinforcement of the pollution event. The remote transport of pollutants had a significant impact on ambient air quality of Chang-Zhu-Tan Metropolitan Area.%2013年10月21~31日长株潭城市群经历了一次持续性空气污染过程.利用地面空气质量监测资料、地面气象资料及探空资料综合分析了此次污染过程与大气环流、边界层气象条件之间的相互关系,并利用卫星遥感火点监测资料和HYSPLIT4模式,分析了此次过程大气污染物的来源及输送路径.结果表明,过程前期(21~26日),污染物缓慢积累,过程后期(27~31日),PM2.5、 CO、 NO2等焚烧特征污

  13. Facile biofunctionalization of silver nanoparticles for enhanced antibacterial properties, endotoxin removal, and biofilm control

    Lambadi PR


    Full Text Available Paramesh Ramulu Lambadi,1,* Tarun Kumar Sharma,1,* Piyush Kumar,1 Priyanka Vasnani,2 Sitaramanjaneya Mouli Thalluri,2 Neha Bisht,1 Ranjana Pathania,1,2 Naveen Kumar Navani1,21Department of Biotechnology, 2Centre of Nanotechnology, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India*These authors contributed equally to this workAbstract: Infectious diseases cause a huge burden on healthcare systems worldwide. Pathogenic bacteria establish infection by developing antibiotic resistance and modulating the host’s immune system, whereas opportunistic pathogens like Pseudomonas aeruginosa adapt to adverse conditions owing to their ability to form biofilms. In the present study, silver nanoparticles were biofunctionalized with polymyxin B, an antibacterial peptide using a facile method. The biofunctionalized nanoparticles (polymyxin B-capped silver nanoparticles, PBSNPs were assessed for antibacterial activity against multiple drug-resistant clinical strain Vibrio fluvialis and nosocomial pathogen P. aeruginosa. The results of antibacterial assay revealed that PBSNPs had an approximately 3-fold higher effect than the citrate-capped nanoparticles (CSNPs. Morphological damage to the cell membrane was followed by scanning electron microscopy, testifying PBSNPs to be more potent in controlling the bacterial growth as compared with CSNPs. The bactericidal effect of PBSNPs was further confirmed by Live/Dead staining assays. Apart from the antibacterial activity, the biofunctionalized nanoparticles were found to resist biofilm formation. Electroplating of PBSNPs onto stainless steel surgical blades retained the antibacterial activity against P. aeruginosa. Further, the affinity of polymyxin for endotoxin was exploited for its removal using PBSNPs. It was found that the prepared nanoparticles removed 97% of the endotoxin from the solution. Such multifarious uses of metal nanoparticles are an attractive means of enhancing the potency of antimicrobial

  14. Retraction statement: 'Formin-like2 regulates Rho/ROCK pathway to promote actin assembly and cell invasion of colorectal cancer' by Yuanfeng Zeng, Huijun Xie, Yudan Qiao, Jianmei Wang, Xiling Zhu, Guoyang He, Yuling Li, Xiaoli Ren, Feifei Wang, Li Liang and Yanqing Ding.


    The above article in Cancer Science (doi: 10.1111/cas.12768), published online on 26 October 2015 in Wiley Online Library (, has been retracted by agreement between the authors, the journal Editor in Chief, Yusuke Nakamura, and Wiley Publishing Asia Pty Ltd. The retraction has been agreed as Panels +C3 and +Y27632 of SW480 Mock shown in Figure 2a appear to have been taken from the same image, Panels + C3 and +Y27632 of HT29 FMNL2 shown in Figure 2a appear to have been taken from the same image, Panels shFMNL2-1 and shmDial1-1 in Figure 3a appear to have been taken from the same image, shFMNL2-2 and shmDial1-2 in Figure 3a appear to have been taken from the same image, Panels of shFMNL2-1 + shmDial1-1 and shFMNL2-1 + shmDial1-2 of +LPA appear to have been taken from the same image, gel bands of FLAG in Figure 4e appear to have been have been manipulated by erasing gel bands. Reference Zeng Y, Xie H, Qiao Y, Wang J, Zhu X, He G, Li Y, Ren X, Wang F, Liang L, Ding Y. Formin-like2 regulates Rho/ROCK pathway to promote actin assembly and cell invasion of colorectal cancer. Cancer Sci 2015; 106: 1385-93. doi: 10.1111/cas.12768.

  15. 从《罗密欧与朱丽叶》和《哈姆雷特》看朱生豪译者风格%On Zhu Shenghao’s Translator’s Style in Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet



      莎士比亚的戏剧流传至今与它的思想、语言艺术有着紧密的联系。作为莎剧翻译中的一员,朱生豪显示了他天才的才情与手段。他的译本至今仍然深受广大的读者的欢迎。该文旨在通过对《罗密欧与朱丽叶》《哈姆雷特》两本译作的分析来研究朱生豪的译者风格。文章采用了宏观和微观的视角,运用翻译问题学理论从语言学各个层面探讨了译文的风格特征,并且宏观上分析了译本中对原文主题和语气的风格的把握。最后总结归纳了朱生豪的译者风格特征。%  Zhu Shenghao rendered Shakespeare’s plays in the form of prose in vernacular Chinese. This thesis intends to take a descriptive view and find the overall style he shows in his translations. This thesis chooses two of his works Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet and the theory of Translation Stylistics and the method of quantitative, comparative qualitative analysis are utilized. After comparison and analysis, the author has located several features of his translation style.


    邱建; 崔珩


    Along with the industrial revolution in western countries, the concerns with issues of residence, public health, and environment protection, etc., brought about the emergence of modern city planning discipline. Its contents and ideology has been introduced into China's city planning education in early time. Between the 1920s and 1930s, Tangshan Campus of Jiaotong University offered related courses under the Department of Municipal and Sanitation Engineering, such as urban planning and design, planning administration and management, planning technology, etc., which started the early city planning education in China. Employed as a professor to teach city planning, Mr. ZHU Jieping made a significant contribution to the early city planning education and research in terms of textbook compilation, educational methodology, educational ideology, education practice and planning theory.%西方工业革命进程中对居住问题、公共卫生、环境保护等问题的关注孕育了现代城市规划学科,其视野与思想也被应用于我国早期城市规划教育.20世纪20-30年代,交通大学唐山学校市政卫生工程科下设置了规划设计、规划行政与管理、规划技术等相关课程,启动了早期的城市规划教学.朱皆平先生作为唐山工学院的受聘教授讲授城市规划课程,在教材建设、教学方法、教育理念、教学实践和规划理论上为城市规划的早期教育与学术研究做出了重要贡献.

  17. Simultaneous determination of three alkaloids, four ginsenosides and limonin in the plasma of normal and headache rats after oral administration of Wu-Zhu-Yu decoction by a novel ultra fast liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry method: application to a comparative pharmacokinetics and ethological study.

    Xu, Huarong; Li, Qing; Yin, Yidi; Lv, Chunxiao; Sun, Wanyang; He, Bosai; Liu, Ran; Chen, Xiaohui; Bi, Kaishun


    A novel, sensitive and reliable ultra fast liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (UFLC-MS/MS) method has been developed and validated for simultaneous quantitation of eight main active ingredients (evodiamine, rutaecarpine, dehydroevodiamine, limonin, ginsenoside Rb1, Rd, Re and Rg1) in rat plasma after oral administration of Wu-Zhu-Yu (WZY) decoction, which is a celebrated and widely used Traditional Chinese Medicine formula for the treatment of headache. The analytes and internal standard (IS) were separated on a SHIM-PACK XR-ODS II column, and the detection was performed on a UFLC-MS/MS system with turbo ion spray source. The lower limits of quantification were 1.5, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 2.0, 1.0, 0.5 and 0.2 ng ml(-1) for evodiamine, rutaecarpine, dehydroevodiamine, limonin, gensenoside Rb1, Rd, Re and Rg1, respectively. Linearity, accuracy, precision and absolute recoveries of the eight analytes were all within satisfaction. The IS-normalized matrix factor was adopted for assessing the matrix effect and accompanied with a satisfactory result. The validated method has been successfully applied to compare pharmacokinetic profiles of the eight active ingredients in rat plasma between normal and headache rats after administration. Exact pharmaceutical effect of WZY decoction on headache was demonstrated by the ethological response of headache rats induced by nitric oxide donor after administration. The results indicated that the absorption of evodiamine, rutaecarpine, gensenoside Rb1, Re and Rg1 in headache group were significantly higher than those in normal group with similar concentration-time curves while no significant differences existed in limonin and ginsenoside Rd between the two groups.

  18. Retraction statement: ‘Formin‐like2 regulates Rho/ROCK pathway to promote actin assembly and cell invasion of colorectal cancer’ by Yuanfeng Zeng, Huijun Xie, Yudan Qiao, Jianmei Wang, Xiling Zhu, Guoyang He, Yuling Li, Xiaoli Ren, Feifei Wang, Li Liang and Yanqing Ding


    The above article in Cancer Science (doi: 10.1111/cas.12768), published online on 26 October 2015 in Wiley Online Library (, has been retracted by agreement between the authors, the journal Editor in Chief, Yusuke Nakamura, and Wiley Publishing Asia Pty Ltd. The retraction has been agreed as Panels +C3 and +Y27632 of SW480 Mock shown in Figure 2a appear to have been taken from the same image, Panels + C3 and +Y27632 of HT29 FMNL2 shown in Figure 2a appear to have been taken from the same image, Panels shFMNL2‐1 and shmDial1‐1 in Figure 3a appear to have been taken from the same image, shFMNL2‐2 and shmDial1‐2 in Figure 3a appear to have been taken from the same image, Panels of shFMNL2‐1 + shmDial1‐1 and shFMNL2‐1 + shmDial1‐2 of +LPA appear to have been taken from the same image, gel bands of FLAG in Figure 4e appear to have been have been manipulated by erasing gel bands. Reference ZengY , XieH , QiaoY , WangJ , ZhuX , HeG , LiY , RenX , WangF , LiangL , DingY . Formin‐like2 regulates Rho/ROCK pathway to promote actin assembly and cell invasion of colorectal cancer. Cancer Sci 2015; 106: 1385–93. doi: 10.1111/cas.12768 26258642 PMID:27420476

  19. 加味苓桂术甘汤联合短期极低热量饮食改变人体治疗反应性的临床观察%Modified Ling- Gui -Zhu- Gan Decoction Combined with Short- term Very- Low-Calorie -Diets to Improve the Therapeutic Response of Human Body

    陈丁生; 孟君; 柯斌; 汪园园; 张俊杰; 秦鉴


    加味苓桂术甘汤联合短期极低热量饮食是把传统中医中药元素有机地融入禁食疗法中的一种新型自然疗法.通过短期限制有形食物的摄取,只喝小米汤,并服用温化痰饮、泄浊健脾中药,重建“脾主运化”功能,从而改变人体对治疗的反应性,提高治疗(包括口服药物、外用药和饮食控制等)的效果.文章例举糖尿病、慢性湿疹及其它一些临床病例以证明本疗法改善人体治疗反应性的客观存在,并就可能机理进行初步探讨.%Modified Ling - Gui - Zhu - Gan Decoction Combined with Short - term Very - low - calorie - diets is a new physiocracy that combines fasting with the traditional Chinese medicine organically. By Short - term limitation of formed diet in combination with traditional Chinese medicine that are "warming and resolving phlegm and fluid retention" and "turbid - diarrhoea and invigorating spleen" ,we rebuild the function of "spleen controlling digestion" to improve the therapeutic response of human body and enhance the effectiveness of management ( such as oral medication, drug for external use, diet control, and so on). Here we describe some cases of diabetes mellitus, chronic eczema and other diseases to prove the fact that TCM fasting therapy can improve the therapeutic response of human body and to study the possible mechanism.

  20. The Yangtze River Flows Eastward——On QING Zhu,a Pioneer in Modern Music in Huizhou China and His Works%大江东去——中国惠州近代音乐先驱青主及其歌曲创作

    马岩峰; 方爱兰


    青主是我国三十年代初对当时乐坛有着较深刻影响、积极宣传"为艺术而艺术"的代表人物。青主自幼受到中国传统文化思想的影响,他以为动人的音乐往往是一首首音诗,音乐家也首先是音乐的诗人,其美学思想、观点至今影响着中国的音乐教育。此外,青主将西方作曲技术与中国古典诗词完美结合的艺术形式,还体现在《大江东去》等艺术歌曲创作中,尤其《大江东去》堪称为我国艺术歌曲的经典之作。这在当时不仅是一种尝试、探索与创新,拓展了中国民族音乐的旋律语言,而且首开和创造了中国音乐新语境的先河。%QING Zhu was a representative in 1930s in China who had a far-reaching effect on music circles and actively spread the idea "art for art's sake".Growing up under the influence of Chinese traditional culture and thinking,he regarded pieces of moving music as poems and certainly musicians as poets.His aesthetic views and thoughts have influenced Chinese musical education so far.Furthermore,he combined western composing techniques with Chinese ancient poems perfectly to compose artistic songs like the Yangtse River Flows Eastward,a classical artistic song in China,thus developed language of melody in Chinese national music and first opened a new contert in Chinese music.This was really a new attempt,a trial and an innovation at that time.

  1. Zhu Yanyan—a White-collar Beauty


    EACH weekend Shanghai people refresh themselves after their work week by listening to the sweet and soft voice narrating a special travel program on the Shanghai Broadcasting Station. They follow the narrator as she explains the history, the present situations and the development


    楚芳芳; 蒋涤非


    reflected the complex system of urban ecological economic structure,function and development of sustainability.Using the model,we calculated evolution of per capita ecological footprint and per capita ecological carrying capacity from 2000 to 2008 in Chang-Zhu-Tan City Cluster.The results showed that ecological footprint was increasing,the ecological capacity was wave development and decreased slightly,ecology deficit had the growth situation,sustainability evaluation index was higher than 0.5 and next to 1,so sustainable development conditions was worried.It is necessary to take the measures without delay.

  3. 大学生拓展旅游者认知行为差异研究--以长株潭地区为例%Study on Cognitive Behavior and Specialty Difference of Undergraduates in Outbound Tourism--- A Case of Chang - Zhu - Tan Urban



      拓展旅游,作为一种新型的专项旅游产品,其专业的项目设计和独特的产品组合形式,正符合当代以90后为主体的大学生对素质和能力的要求,成为拓展旅游经营商的主要细分市场。采取抽样调查法,对长株潭地区478名在校大学生进行问卷调查,分析其对现有拓展旅游产品的消费态度、出游动机、限制因素等认知行为,并对不同专业大学生的认知差异进行比较。研究发现,大学生选择拓展旅游产品的首要动机为增强团队意识、提高综合素质、增强自信心、磨炼意志、激发潜能等以完善自我为主的因素,对拓展旅游产品的安全度及教练素质的担忧成为限制其选择的主要因素,并且不同专业的大学生对具体拓展旅游项目的选择存在一定差异性。%  Outbound tourism is considered as a novel special tourism product . Due to its professional design and unique combination form of product , outbound tourism can meet the quality and ability requirements of undergraduates that are birth after 1990s , as well as become main market segments in tourism .Based on spot check ,478 students were checked by the way of questionnaire in the areas of Chang- Zhu -Tan and their cognitive behaviors ,such as consumption attitude ,travel motivation ,constraints and so on ,on tourism products were analyzed .After this ,the cognitive difference was also compared among undergraduates in different specialty . It could be concluded that the first motivation for undergraduates to choose the outbound tourism products was determined by perfecting self - oriented factors , such as enhancing team spirit ,improving the overall quality ,enhancing self - confidence ,tempering will ,stimulating potential and so on .On the contrary , the great anxiety on safety of outbound tourism products and quality of coachers restricted undergraduates to take part in outbound tourism ,and then the choice of

  4. Preaching for the Imperial Examination:The Goals and Ideals of Building College in Southern Song Dynasty——on Neo-Confucians Zhu Xi and Zhang Shi%讲道以化科举:南宋书院建设的目标与理想——以朱熹、张栻等理学家为中心的讨论



    南宋时期,针对相当一部分士人在国家与民族命运危急关头表现出来的廉耻之心丧失殆尽的问题,以朱熹和张栻为代表的理学家认为科举制度到了改革、社会到了重建伦常、用新的价值观念维系世道民心的时候了,他们以其特有的社会责任感,承担起"讲道""传道"的历史使命,掀起了书院复兴运动,以讲道而化科举为建设书院的目标和理想。其"讲道"大要在"续洙泗之正传",而"淑诸人者",无外乎为"忠君、孝亲、诚身、信友,用则泽及天下,不用则无愧俯仰,如是而已"。至于讲学的内容,则各家各派已呈现不同特色,张栻、朱熹的长处是"天理人欲之分"之剖析彰明;而"喻义喻利之论"敷阐精至,则是陆九渊的强项。%In Southern Song Dynasty,there were a considerable part of scholars bankrupt in their sense of honor when the destiny of the nation was in danger.Some Neo-Confucians represented by Zhu Xi and Zhang Shi thought it was the high time to reform the Imperial Examination,to rebuild moral human relations and to reassure the people with a brand new value.They had their unique sense of social responsibility to undertake the historic mission such as preaching and sermon,so they had launched the movement of reviving the college,regarding preaching as a path to the goals and ideals of the College construction.The spirit of their preaching was to inherit the enlightening influence of Kong Zi including kindness to others,nothing more than king-loyalty filial piety,honesty and reliance,and the ideas that he could do great help to the people when appointed or he would not regret for not being appointed.As for the content of their preaching,different sects show different characteristics,among which the advantages of Zhang Shi and Zhu Xi are their analysis of the distinction between the truth and human desire and the theory of elaborating justice and benefit is very clear and

  5. 从人物角色看网络游戏对小说文学性的消解——以小说《诛仙》及其同名网络游戏为例%Digestion of Novels' Literariness from the Perspective of Online Games' Characters——Taking the novel Zhu Xian and the online game of the same name as an example

    张贺军; 刘胜枝


    The novel adapted for online game can not only broaden the communication channels and scope of the novel, but also increase the cultural connotation and creativity. However, fictions and online games vary greatly in many aspects, such as the characters images, Xian and its online game of the same name as an on the differences of characterization, and delves how online game changes the novel's literariness. the characters fate, values and so on. Taking the novel Zhu example, this paper compares the fiction with the online game into the reasons for the differences, and furthermore explores%小说改编为网络游戏既能够增加小说的传播渠道与范围,又为网络游戏增加了文化内涵与创造力。但小说与网络游戏在人物形象、人物命运、价值追求等方面存在着迥然的差异。以小说《诛仙》及其同名改编网络游戏为研究案例,具体比较小说与网络游戏之间在人物形象塑造上的差异,并阐述产生这种差异的原因,从而探索网络游戏是如何对小说文学性形成消解过程和形式。

  6. 加味苓桂术甘汤联合短期极低热量饮食治疗脾虚痰湿型高脂血症合并脂肪肝的临床研究%Clinical research of modified ling-gui-zhu-gan decoction combined with short-term very-low-calorie-diet in treatment of hyperlipidemia combined with fatty liver (splenic hypofunction and dampness accumulation type)

    柯斌; 师林; 张俊杰; 孟君; 陈丁生; 秦鉴


    目的:观察加味芩桂术甘汤联合短期极低热量饮食治疗脾虚痰湿型高脂血症合并脂肪肝的临床疗效.方法:115例高脂血症合并脂肪肝患者随机分为两组,治疗组65例,用加味苓桂术甘汤联合短期极低热量饮食治疗.对照组50例,用洛伐他汀治疗,两组疗程均为3个月.观察两组患者治疗前后临床疗效、血脂、转氨酶、体质指数(BMI)、血液流变学变化.结果:两组治疗后治疗组总有效率89.23%,对照组总有效率80.00%.治疗组临床疗效明显优于对照组(P<0.05);两组治疗后TC、TG、LDL、ALT、AST较治疗前明显下降(P<0.05),且治疗组治疗后TC、TG、LDL、ALT、AST、BMI较对照组下降显著(P<0.05);两组治疗前后全血粘度高切、全血粘度低切、还原粘度高切、红细胞聚集指数及纤维蛋白原均有改善(P<0.05),且治疗组全血粘度高切、红细胞聚集指数、纤维蛋白原较时照组明显好转(两组治疗后相比,P<0.05).结论:加味苓桂术甘汤联合短期极低热量治疗脾虚痰湿型高脂血症合并脂肪肝疗效明确.%Objective To observe the effects of modified Ling-Gui-Zhu-Gan decoction combined with short- term very low calorie diet (VLCD) for treatment of hyperlipidemia and fatty liver (splenic hypofunction and dampness accumulation type). Methods A total of 115 cases of hyperlipidemia and fatty liver were randomly divided into two groups .Treatment group (n = 65) was treated with modified Ling-Gui-Zhu-Gan decoction combined with short-term VLCD. Control group (n = 50) was treated with lovastatin. The therapeutic course lasted for 3 month. The changes of clinical efficacy, aminotransferase , body mass index (BMI) , blood lipids, hemorheology were observed before and after treatment. Results The total effective rate for patients in treatment group was 89.23%, and that was 80.00% in control group. The clinical efficacy of the treatment group was better than the control group (P < 0.05) .TC

  7. 基于超效率DEA模型的城市群生态效率研究——以长株潭“3+5”城市群为例%Urban Agglomerations Eco-efficiency Analysis Based on Super-efficienty DEA Model:Case Study of Chang-Zhu-Tan "3 + 5" Urban Agglomeration

    付丽娜; 陈晓红; 冷智花


    Circular economy is an important model of regional sustainable development, eco-efficiency approach is a comparatatively appropriate quantitative methods for studying circular economy. Regarding to Chang-Zhu-Tan ( Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan) "3 +5" urban agglomeration, this paper firstly establishes the input and output index system of eco-efficiency based on the DEA model, and calculates the efficiency in eight cities from 2005 to 2010 by using super-efficient DEA method, respectively. Then the dynamic comparative study of eco-efficiency has been done by using Malmquist-DEA model. The paper uses super-efficient DEA method to estimate the efficiency of the cities in 2005 -2010, and finally the Tobit model based on panel data has been developed to study the effect of the efficiency at different factors. The results showed the higher level of holistic eco-efficiency in urban agglomerations the larger differences among cities, Changsha is on the leading position of the provincial capital cities. By using Malmquist-DEA model analysis the results showed that the growth rates of total factor eco-efficiency TFP value are always larger than 1 , with an average annual growth rate of 12. 6% . The further decomposition of growth rates indicates that the technical progress is the major power to promote the growth rate of eco-efficiency, but the decline of the overall and pure technical efficiency is the bottleneck factor of restricting TPF ascension. At the last, the results of using factor analysis of eco-efficiency in provinces showed that the industrial structures, R&D strength had a significant positive impact to eco-effciency, but the introduction of foreign capitals has a negative effect to the eco-effciency. The development of technology is the internal driving force to a improvement of the ecological efficiency.%循环经济是区域实现可持续发展的重要模式,生态效率方法是研究循环经济比较适合的定量方法.本文以长株潭“3+5”城市

  8. Antioxidant activity of some coumarins / Antioxidačná activita niektorých kumarínov

    Šeršeň F.


    Full Text Available Otestovali sme devatnasť derivatov kumarinu, na vychytavanie DPPH, hydroxylovych, a superoxidovych anionovych radikalov. Ich antioxidačna učinnosť bola zavisla od počtu a lokalizacie hydroxylovych skupin. Derivaty, ktore nemali žiadnu hydroxylovu skupinu boli veľmi slabo učinne, alebo vobec neučinne. Najučinnejšie vychytavače radikalov boli tie derivaty kumarinu, ktore obsahovali hydoxylove skupiny v polohe 6 alebo 8. Na druhej strane derivaty, ktore mali iba jednu hydroxylovu skupinu v polohe 4, 5 alebo 7 boli veľmi slabo učinne. Najučinnejšie vychytavače vyššie spominanych radikalov boli 7,8-dihydroxy-4-metylkumarin (zlučenina, ktora obsahuje 2 hydroxylove skupiny na benzenovom jadre v polohe 7 a 8, 7,8-dihydroxykumarin-4-yl-octova kyselina (obsahuje okrem 2 hydroxylovych skupin na benzenovom jadre ma aj OH skupinu v kyselinovom zvyšku, eskuletin (6,7-dihydroxykumarin a 6,7-dihydroxy-4-metylkumarin.

  9. “让理念照进现实”:探究青奥会成功之道--专访2014年南京青奥组委会总体策划部朱华林部长%“Ideals into Reality ":Exploring Success of Youth Olympic Games---Interveiw with ZHU Hua -lin,the Secretary of Corporate Planning Department,Nanjing Youth O-lympic Games Organizing Committee



    With the close of Nanjing Asian Youth Games ,2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games have been in close proximity after careful preparation more than four years .During the final stage of organization ,people become more and more con-cerned about following subjects :what work still needs attention ,how to implement frugal idea ,how to play the continuity and longevity of the Cultural and Educational Program ,how to layout the YOG’s events ,how to plan and implement herit-age after the Games .With regards to those issues ,the author taked an exclusive interview with ZHU Hua -lin ,the Secre-tary of Corporate Planning Department ,2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games Organizing Committee ,to explore and pros-pect organizing vision and principles of Nanjing YOG .The issues of this interview are as follows :the organization process and focuses at present ;organizing philosophy and characteristics of Nanjing YOG ;design and implementation of Cultural and Educational Program ;events layout ;volunteerism Spiritual refinement ;sports city construction ;planning and assess-ment after the Games ,and YOG legacy .%历经4年多的精心筹备,随着南京亚青会的圆满落幕,2014年南京青奥会已近在咫尺。在筹办的最后阶段,有哪些工作仍需注意,节俭理念如何落实,文化与教育活动如何发挥出持续性和长久性,青奥项目比赛如何布局,赛后遗产如何规划实施等问题,日益引起人们的关注和思考。为此,《体育与科学》杂志编辑部与南京青奥组委会总体策划部朱华林部长进行专访,就现阶段南京青奥会的筹办进程与重点、南京青奥会的办会理念与特色、文化与教育活动的设计与实施、比赛项目布局、志愿精神提炼、体育名城建设、赛后规划评估以及青奥遗产理念等问题展开访谈,展望青奥筹办愿景,探讨青奥办会之道。

  10. 长株潭三市生态足迹及其对经济增长的影响——兼论“两型社会”试验区生态建设方略%Effect of ecological footprint on economic growth of Chang-zhu-tang city cluster: Simultaneous comment on the ecological construction of "dual-model society" trial area

    杨友; 冯国禄; 邹冬生; 刘长生


    Based on panel data of Chang-zhu-tang "dual-model society" from 1978 to 2010, using ecological footprint model and classical economic growth model, the article analyzes the yearly changing rule of ecological footprint as well as the inner affecting relation between economic growth and productive factors for human capital, physical capital and ecological capital. This paper obtains the main results as follows: Ecological footprints in these three areas are very great, and all take on the changing rule of increasing by degrees; the proportion of energy ecological footprint in ecological footprint is comparatively big, and there is a positive relation between ecological footprint and economic growth, however, these effects take on a distinct differences among Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtang city.%基于“两型社会”试验区长沙、株洲、湘潭三市1978--2010年度的面板数据,利用生态足迹修正模型,测算其生态足迹的年度变化规律,并将生态资源作为一种社会资本融人到社会生产函数中,利用经典的经济增长模型分析人力资本、实物资本、生态足迹等相关生产要素与经济增长之间的内在影响关系。结果表明:试验区中三个地区的生态足迹值相对较大,都呈现出递增的变化规律,能源生态足迹占生态足迹的比重相对较大,生态足迹和经济增长之间呈现正向关系,但这种变化规律在不同经济发展区域呈现出显著的地区差异性。

  11. 谈《马氏文通》到《新著国语文法》前中国的语法研究(下)--纪念劭西师《新著国语文法》出版九十年%Chinese Grammar Study:from"MaShiWenTong"(《马氏文通》)to"XinZhuGuoYuWenFa"(《新著国语文法》)(Ⅱ)



    1898《马氏文通》到1924《新著国语文法》前中国语法研究分两个阶段。本文上篇谈前段“词本位”体系文法,已发表于本刊总第19辑。这里属下篇,谈后段“句本位”体系文法。“句本位”体系文法初建的原因和条件:国语运动的胜利,代替文言成为正式书面语;国外语言学类型理论、重句法文法体系引进,文法研究方法和文法与逻辑关系探索。所建体系基本内容:文法研究重视句中词的位置次序,以句子的结构和类型研究为重点。分词法(词类)、句法两部门,前者为后者服务;文法单位有词、语、句三级。词类继承前段研究分九品,继用“假借”说,说明词的转类;提出按句法成分位置辨分词品。句子整体结构分主语谓语:主语可含形容性附加语;谓语可含副词性附加语,谓语动词可带宾语、足语;谓语形容词和同动词后成分是表语。谈说句成分所任词语种类、变化和句子结构简式、复式及相互转化。认识句法结构蕴含语义关系并注意二者的结合分析。句子类型,按组织结构分单句、复句;按语气分直述句、疑问句、祈使句、感叹句。用表格法、图解法显示文法分析结果。行文有“附则”、“注意”,配合正文又适合教学需要。书后附标点符号用法,表现语法与标点符号关系密切;也反映新文化运动胜利,国语代替文言的一个成果。“句本位”文法体系的初建,是1922—1923年多位学者多年辛苦探索的成果;也为由《马氏文通》“词本位”科学体系发展为《新著》“句本位”科学体系奠定了基础。%From 1898’s“MaShiWenTong”(《马氏文通》)to 1924’s“XinZhu GuoYuWenFa”(《新著国语文法》), Chinese grammar study is divided into two stages. The first part of this article talks about the first stage: the generation of word based

  12. Conventional Methodology in Transnational Community Research in ed. Cultivating Pathways of Creative Research New Horizons of Tranformative Practice and Collaborative Imagination Edited by Ananta Kumar Giri Ananta Giri-

    Farah, Abdulkadir Osman


    and transformative practice, appropriate self-formation and collaborative imagination, experimental creativity and world transformation. With a foreword and an afterword, the book brings together thirty creative thinkers of our world from diverse backgrounds who share with us their vision and practice of cultivating...... of Creative Research: Towards a Festival of Dialogues and is followed by Research as Realization: Science, Spirituality and Harmony is not only a pioneering contribution to the world research but also to rethinking and regenerating self, culture, society and the human condition....

  13. Beiwei ZHU%Optimization of Enzyme Extraction Conditions of Cordycepin Polysaccharide Using Response Surface Methodology

    Dong AN; Beiwei ZHU


    [Objective] This study aimed to optimize extraction from the leftover of Cordyceps militaris the conditions for polysaccharide culture medium. [Method] Firstly the compositions of C. militaris culture medium were detected, before the cordycepin polysaccharide in medium was extracted using enzymatic hydrolysis. The optimum hydrolytic enzyme was selected through single factor test. Then, the extraction tem- perature, pH, enzyme content and solid-liquid ratio were optimized by response sur- face methodology, and confirmed by mathematical simulation. [Result] Acid hydrolytic enzyme was the optimum for extracting polysaccharides from the leftover of C. mili- taris culture medium. The optimum extraction conditions were as follows: extraction temperature 39.89 ℃, solid-liquid ratio 1:75.78, enzyme content 2.39% and pH 3.12. Under these conditions, the extraction rate of polysaccharides reached 9.96%. [Con- clusion] The study could provide a certain theoretical direction for extracting polysac- charities from the leftover of C. mliltaris culture medium on a large scale.

  14. Zhu Mengyi's Lobby Route%流言中的朱孟依




  15. On Zhu Xi's I-Ching studies%论朱熹之易学




  16. Treatment of Asthma by Zhu Guoqiang%朱国强哮喘病辨治六法




  17. Determination of sulphite in Zhu Sun%竹荪中亚硫酸盐含量的检测

    孟庆玉; 李志岭; 郭春丽



  18. Forgeability of Wang-Zhu-Feng-Yau's Attribute-Based Signature with Policy-and-Endorsement Mechanism

    Ai-Jun Ge; Xin-Yi Huang; Cheng Chen; Chuan-Gui Ma; Rui Zhang


    Recently,Wang et al.presented a new construction of attribute-based signature with policy-and-endorsement mechanism.The existential unforgeability of their scheme was claimed to be based on the strong Diffie-Hellman assumption in the random oracle model.Unfortunately,by carefully revisiting the design and security proof of Wang et al.'s scheme,we show that their scheme cannot provide unforgeability,namely,a forger,whose attributes do not satisfy a given signing predicate,can also generate valid signatures.We also point out the flaws in Wang et al.'s proof.

  19. Discussion on ‘‘Bearing capacity of circular footings over rock mass by using axisymmetric quasi lower bound finite element limit analysis” by Manash Chakraborty and Jyant Kumar [Comput. Geotech. 70 (2015) 138–149

    Clausen, Johan Christian


    The commenter has read the above mentioned article with great interest and will commend the authors for their work. The article give rise to some comments which will be presented in the following. The designations and symbols used in this comment corresponds to those used in the commented paper....

  20. The Psychological Analysis on the Duality of Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang's Law Awareness%朱元璋法律意识二重性心理探析



    @@ 一 透过朱元璋的立法和司法活动,我们不难发现,朱元璋的法律意识中存在着十分明显的二重性,集中体现为既坚持以法立国,又大搞法外用刑;既主张恤刑、慎刑,又大搞重典治吏;既重视礼的教化作用,又强调法的威慑力.

  1. 朱光潜的文学、美学修辞论%Zhu Guang-qian's theory of literary and aethetical rhetoric




  2. Bya rog prog zhu, The raven crest : the life and teachings of bDe chen 'od gsal rdo rje treasure revealer of contemporary Tibet

    Terrone, Antonio


    This research starts from the historical assertion that notwithstanding their claim of increased religious tolerance, the dramatic post-Mao political campaigns have continued to weaken the pervasive force of religious faith, traditional monastery-centered religious power, religious leadership, and e

  3. 沙河市金珠铁矿治理方案分析%Analysis of the treatment plan to the sha-he Jin Zhu iron ore

    高生平; 崔阳; 魏莹莹


    为矿山矿业开发、地质环境保护与治理恢复提供重要的科学依据,以期同时实现矿产资源的合理开发利用及矿山地质环境的有效保护,为矿山矿业经济和社会经济的可持续发展服务。%For the sustainable development of mine economy,we provide important scientific basis for the mine development and geological environment protection and governance,so as to realize the reasonable development and utilization of mineral resources and the effective protection of geological environment at the same time.

  4. 朱熹论居敬工夫与身心互动%Zhu Xi's Theory on Sincerity in Research & Mental and Phsical Wellbeing




  5. 由《雪豹》中的竹下俊看武士道精神%On the Bushido by Zhu Xiajun in Snow Leopard







    images between those two decades It can be concluded that in both writings, they have some similarities when describing love, mindset, and women's personality. The differences are about education, marriage, and women's position at feudalism and Renainsance decades.

  7. Disillusion and Comfort of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, Romeo and Juliet%梁祝、罗朱之恋的幻灭与慰藉




  8. The Analysis of Differences and Similarities of Eastern and Western Women’s Images in Liang Sanbo Yu Zhu Yingtai and Romeo and Juliet Novel

    Yenny Yenny


    Full Text Available Sanpek Engtay and Romeo Juliet are the two famous classic love novels from Eastern and Western countries. They are liked by many generation of eastern and western readers. Both novels describe the image of women at each decade. Engtay represents the image of women at feudalism era while Juliet represents it Renainsance era. In this article, the writer did research at education, marriage, love, women's personality, and women's position at each decade. Library research was done in this study with the purpose of letting people know the differences and similarities of women's images between those two decades It can be concluded that in both writings, they have some similarities when describing love, mindset, and women's personality. The differences are about education, marriage, and women's position at feudalism and Renainsance decades.

  9. The Anti-corruption Stamps out Corruption Theory by Zhu Yuanzhang%朱元璋反腐肃贪论




  10. Landscape patterns and the optimal utilization of alpine grassland based on RS and GIS approach: a case study in TianZhu alpine grassland, Gansu Province, China

    Zhao, Jun; Wei, Wei; Feng, Cui-qin; Wang, Xu-feng; Zheng, Jia-jia


    Using RS, GIS, landscape ecological technology to analyze landscape patterns based on alpine grassland region as the study area and TM/ETM+ image in 2002 as the study data in this article. Landscape patterns in the study area have been analyzed from such point of view as the landscape's patch characters, shapes, and spatial distributions through the indexes of diversity, predominance, fragmentation, evenness, and etc. The analysis on the ecological landscape patterns of land using indicates that the grassland occupies 45.45% and the woodland occupies 31.53% of the whole area. They are the main landscape types, which occupy 76.98% of the total study area and grassland is the matrix of the whole landscape according to ecological definitions. The distribution of landscape types has evident altitudinal tonality, and the distribution order is approximately as follows: town-residential area-farmland-grassland-woodland-unused land from valley to mountain top for the big vertical space of the height above the sea level. Take species protection as target communities, and depend on the surface pervasion consuming and the minimum clog model, we have designed much secure approaches of landscape patterns. Through analyzing we know the area of the chiasms buffer of class one in the grassland and the woodland is2422.15hm2 and the perimeter is 19882.02km. The area of the buffer of class two is 879.79hm2 and its perimeter is 10552.96km. Some fields and segments based on the minimum clog model need to pay much attention to: 1. The batch around cost isoclines layers in the central of grassland. 2. The Grassland-Woodland Ecotone should be mainly protected, and the textures among the small batches must be marked out in order to reduce the obstruction which species across the boundary. 3. It must prevent the interferences caused by human being activities in the ecotone, and improve the using efficiency of physical flows and circulation efficiency of nutritional elements. 4. The isolated habitat batches and big landscapes must be joined together to keep species continuance and bio-diversity increasing. Through advanced study, the number of landscape of the study area is simplex and integrated. The residentindustrial land and plantation landscape are separated and fragmentized. The matrix of grassland is preponderant. These results show that the study area has been disturbed by human being activities at present, but still in the safe range. We compared the study results with the field survey results, and found out that in the total of nineteen villages and towns, there are nine villages and towns in the range of safety area. The area is 358600 hm2, which occupies 50.16% of the total study area. About five villages and towns are in the range of critical safety area. The area is 187500 hm2, which occupies 26.23%. Other villages and towns are in the range of insecure area. The area is 168800 hm2, which occupies 23.61%. The results also indicate that the study area is safe as a whole, but the incertitude and insecurity areas have occupied 1/4 of the total. The ecological safety problem is extremely urgent and must be paid attention to and dealed with at once. The critical secure villages and towns are the easiest areas where can turn to insecurity from less safety. In addition, these critical secure villages and towns have larger areas than other types. So they must be prearranged and protected as a pivot. As the financial increasing in the alpine grassland area, its livestock and population have increased a lot in recent years. The pressure on the ecology and the environment will become more serious. So the inconsistency of the alpine grassland resources between their using and protection should be solved in time. How to accelerate the alpine grassland areas' sustainable using is the most important problem we have to resolve. In the process of analyzing, using pattern optimizing method, we have analyzed their relationships, whole landscape spatial structures and optimizing schemes. These innovations not only can provide decision-making support for the environment protection and cure, the biology diversity protection and the grassland sustainable using, but also can provide references on landuse optimizing and degenerate environment renewing for other similar areas. The method provides a good ecological route on the level's relevancy, and it's also a good supplement to the conventional landscape programming based on feasible evaluation. Under the guidance of the landscape ecology principles and methods, combining landscape using and landscape optimizing, a series of problems could be solved. Using RS and GIS technology, we can understand the main landscape about the grassland and the woodland through quantitative analysis in spatial patterns. This technology can reveal idiographic landscape structures and related problems of the study area. In a word, these methods are very valuable and convenient to analyze ecological landscape problems. However, the analysis data is not very ideal. For example, RS images scan cycle is long and its spatial resolution is poor. So it is difficult to get better images of grassland in the growing season under the interferential condition. The data is too complex to analyze one by one. Some results have shortages in calculating and analyzing precision. It will be ameliorated in the future study.

  11. 《古赋辩体》与明代辨体批评%Genre Criticism in Ming Dynasty and Zhu Yao's Genre of Ancient Rhapsody




  12. Boosting Int'l SMEs Cooperation Interview with Zhu Shuhai, Director, Department for SMEs,Trade Development Bureau, Ministry of Commerce


    @@ Either in the developed countries or developing countries, the small and medium enterprises(SMEs) have been playing a significant role in promoting the technological progress, employment, export,etc. Especially in the modern society with efficient development of knowledge and information, which is making the production and business operation smaller and more dispersed, and with more family participation as well, SMEs are becoming a more and more important force of the social and economic development.

  13. 对"胡-朱与Halliday访谈"的解读%A Personal Interpretation of the Interview Between Halliday and Hu & Zhu




  14. Bya rog prog zhu, The raven crest : the life and teachings of bDe chen 'od gsal rdo rje treasure revealer of contemporary Tibet

    Terrone, Antonio


    This research starts from the historical assertion that notwithstanding their claim of increased religious tolerance, the dramatic post-Mao political campaigns have continued to weaken the pervasive force of religious faith, traditional monastery-centered religious power, religious leadership, and e

  15. Phenomenological Model for Infrared Emissions from High-Explosive Detonation Fireballs


    Beckstead, Merrill W., Karthik Puduppakkam, Piyush Thakre, and Vigor Yang. “Modeling of combus- tion and ignition of solid-propellant ingredients...244, 2005. 22. Cooper, Paul W. Explosives Engineering. VCH Publishers, New York, New York, 1996. 23. Crow , Dennis, Charles Coker, and Wayne Keen...Fast Line-of-sight Imagery for Target and Exhaust- plume Signatures (FLITES) scene generation program”. Proceedings of SPIE, 6208, 2006. 24. Crow , Dennis

  16. 朱熹对宋代易学的发展——兼论朱熹、程颐易学思想之异同%ZHU Xi's promotion to the I Ching learning research of the Song Dynasty——simultaneously on the similarities & differences between CHENG Yi and ZHU Xi's I Ching learning




  17. Calcification

    ... In: Kumar V, Abbas AK, Aster JC, eds. Robbins and Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease . 9th ed. ... In: Kumar V, Abbas AK, Aster JC, eds. Robbins and Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease . 9th ed. ...

  18. Metabolite

    Kumar V, Abbas AK, Aster JC. Cellular responses to stress and toxic insults: Adaptation, injury, and death. In: Kumar V, Abbas AK, Aster JC, eds. Robbins and Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease . 9th ed. Philadelphia, PA: ...

  19. Lipofuscin

    Kumar V, Abbas AK, Aster JC. Cellular responses to stress and toxic insults: Adaptation, injury, and death. In: Kumar V, Abbas AK, Aster JC, eds. Robbins and Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease . 9th ed. Philadelphia, PA: ...

  20. Amartya Kumar Sen, La démocratie des autres. Pourquoi la liberté n’est pas une invention de l’Occident, traduit de l’américain par Monique Bégot, Paris, Payot et Rivages (Manuels Payot, 85 p., 10 euros.

    Muriel Gilardone


    Full Text Available La démocratie est certainement le fil conducteur de l’ensemble de l’œuvre – a priori épars – de l’économiste et philosophe Amartya Sen. D’une part, sa foi en la démocratie apparaît comme la raison première de sa volonté de défier le « théorème d’impossibilité » établi par Kenneth Arrow au début des années cinquante, et comme une ligne directrice dans sa recherche en théorie du choix social. D’autre part, dans ses analyses de problèmes sociaux plus empiriques, comme la famine ou les inégalités...

  1. Reclassification of Rhodospirillum photometricum Molisch 1907, Rhodospirillum sulfurexigens Anil Kumar et al. 2008 and Rhodospirillum oryzae Lakshmi et al. 2013 in a new genus, Pararhodospirillum gen. nov., as Pararhodospirillum photometricum comb. nov., Pararhodospirillum sulfurexigens comb. nov. and Pararhodospirillum oryzae comb. nov., respectively, and emended description of the genus Rhodospirillum.

    Lakshmi, K V N S; Divyasree, B; Ramprasad, E V V; Sasikala, Ch; Ramana, Ch V


    The genus Rhodospirillum is represented by four species, with three of them showing phylogenetic divergence compared to the type species, Rhodospirillum rubrum. Differences in the major diagnostic properties such as internal photosynthetic membranes, quinones, fatty acids, carotenoid composition and a few other phenotypic properties warrant the reclassification of members of this genus. Resultantly, a new genus, Pararhodospirillum gen. nov., is proposed based on the analysis of nine strains to accommodate Rhodospirillum photometricum, Rhodospirillum sulfurexigens and Rhodospirillum oryzae as Pararhodospirillum photometricum comb. nov., Pararhodospirillum sulfurexigens comb. nov. and Pararhodospirillum oryzae comb. nov., respectively. The type species of the genus is Pararhodospirillum photometricum comb. nov. An emended description of the genus Rhodospirillum is also proposed.

  2. 0,1 distribution in the highest level sequences of primitive sequences over Z2e

    FAN; Shuqin(


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  3. Investigation of silk fibroin nanoparticle-decorated poly(L-lactic acid composite scaffolds for osteoblast growth and differentiation

    Chen BQ


    Full Text Available Biao-Qi Chen,1 Ranjith Kumar Kankala,1,2 Ai-Zheng Chen,1,2 Ding-Zhu Yang,1 Xiao-Xia Cheng,1 Ni-Na Jiang,1,2 Kai Zhu,3,4 Shi-Bin Wang1,2 1Institute of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, 2Fujian Provincial Key Laboratory of Biochemical Technology, Huaqiao University, Xiamen, Fujian, 3Department of Cardiac Surgery, Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University, 4Shanghai Institute of Cardiovascular Disease, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China Abstract: Attempts to reflect the physiology of organs is quite an intricacy during the tissue engineering process. An ideal scaffold and its surface topography can address and manipulate the cell behavior during the regeneration of targeted tissue, affecting the cell growth and differentiation significantly. Herein, silk fibroin (SF nanoparticles were incorporated into poly(L-lactic acid (PLLA to prepare composite scaffolds via phase-inversion technique using supercritical carbon dioxide (SC-CO2. The SF nanoparticle core increased the surface roughness and hydrophilicity of the PLLA scaffolds, leading to a high affinity for albumin attachment. The in vitro cytotoxicity test of SF/PLLA scaffolds in L929 mouse fibroblast cells indicated good biocompatibility. Then, the in vitro interplay between mouse preosteoblast cell (MC3T3-E1 and various topological structures and biochemical cues were evaluated. The cell adhesion, proliferation, osteogenic differentiation and their relationship with the structures as well as SF content were explored. The SF/PLLA weight ratio (2:8 significantly affected the MC3T3-E1 cells by improving the expression of key players in the regulation of bone formation, ie, alkaline phosphatase (ALP, osteocalcin (OC and collagen 1 (COL-1. These results suggest not only the importance of surface topography and biochemical cues but also the potential of applying SF/PLLA composite scaffolds as biomaterials in bone tissue engineering. Keywords: super critical fluids, surface topography, bone


    Patiño Torres Carlos


    Full Text Available Se evaluó el efecto promotor del agua de coco, del ácido giberélico, de la estratificación fría y de la escarificación mecánica, sobre la germinación de las semillas de D. grayumianum, y el efecto del ácido giberélico y el agua de coco sobre el brotamiento de los cormos de la misma especie. Las semillas no sometidas a los tratamientos inductores fueron incapaces de germinar, pero la inmersión en agua de coco tuvo efectos notales, produciendo un porcentaje de germinación del 50%, superior al efecto logrado con los demás tratamientos. El endospermo líquido del coco también tuvo efecto favorable sobre el brotamiento de los cormos bajo condiciones de vivero, al igual que el tratamiento con una solución de ácido giberélico. Este es el primer reporte del uso del agua de coco como agente promotor de la germinación de semillas con alto nivel de latencia, lo que coloca este recurso como una alternativa adicional, altamente eficaz y de bajo costo, para ser utilizado en estrategias de propagación vegetal de especies con semillas de latencia profunda.

  5. Efecto inductor del agua de coco sobre la germinación de semillas y brotamiento de los cormos de la hierba de la equis dracontium grayumianum g. zhu & croat


    Se evaluó el efecto promotor del agua de coco, del ácido giberélico, de la estratificación fría y de la escarificación mecánica, sobre la germinación de las semillas de D. grayumianum, y el efecto del ácido giberélico y el agua de coco sobre el brotamiento de los cormos de la misma especie. Las semillas no sometidas a los tratamientos inductores fueron incapaces de germinar, pero la inmersión en agua de coco tuvo efectos notales, produciendo un porcentaje de germinación del 50%, superior al e...

  6. Factical Life of Bekummerung and Unruhe: Review of Zhu Songfeng's Understanding of Life%忧惧不安的实际生活——评朱松峰的《理解生活》



    《理解生活——基于现象学和生命哲学的视角》对海德格尔早期思想的深入阐释提供给我们与海德格尔一同思考的可能性。从此在的历史性出发才能理解实际性,此在的历史性也即此在的时间性,此在的历史也即此在的存在。"忧惧"、"动荡"、不安"、"阴森恐怖"等词语在同一个基调中,显示着实际生活思想的基本特征。与狄尔泰的对话对于海德格尔思想的形成有重要的意义。%Interpretation of the Early thought of Heidegger in the Understanding of life: from Phenomenology and life philosophy provides to us the possibility of thinking with Heidegger. Facticity of Dasein cannot be understood unless from historicity of Dasein which is temporality of Dasein and its existence. Bekummerung, Unruhe, Bewegtheit and Unheimlichheit are in the same Befindlichkeit which indicate basic characteristic of the thought of factical life. Dialogue with Wilhelm Dilthey is of importance to the formation of the thought of Heidegger.

  7. Status of the Prevalence of Hypertension and Prevention and Control Status of It in Zhu-hai City%珠海市社区居民高血压患病情况及防控现状

    叶浩森; 龚言红; 郭红革; 赵金利


    目的了解珠海市社区居民高血压患病率、防控情况及人群高血压危险因素控制情况,为社区开展高血压防控工作提供科学依据。方法采取多阶段分层整群抽样方法,从珠海市随机抽取18岁及以上社区居民400人进行体格检查和问卷调查。结果珠海市社区居民高血压患病率为27.75%,知晓率、治疗率和控制率分别为43.24%、35.14%和12.61%。不同性别社区居民高血压防治现状之间差异无统计学意义(P >0.05)。人群中高血压危险因素控制情况较差。结论珠海市社区居民高血压防治工作面临“高发病率,低知晓率、治疗率和控制率暠的严峻形势,有必要分析并解决基层医疗机构在开展慢病管理工作中面临的问题和障碍,使其更好地发挥实现公共卫生服务均等化的主体功能作用。%Objectives We aimed to explore the status of the prevalence of hypertension and the prevention and control status of it in adults in Zhuhai City,and to estimate the condition of risk factors of hypertension in public, which will provide a scientific basis for the prevention and control of hypertension in community.Methods A multi-stage stratified random sample was used to select adults aged 18 years or older in Zhuhai City,and 400 adults were recruited and investigated.Results The prevalence of hypertension was 27.75% in Zhuhai.The awareness rate, treat rate and control rate are 43.24%,35.14% and 12.61% respectively.There were no significant differences a-bout the status of prevention and control of hypertension between males and females.The condition of some risk factors of hypertension in public was bad.Conclusions The prevention and control status of hypertension in Zhuhai City was a serious and urgent issue.It is necessary to explore the dilemmas and obstacles faced in the prevention and control of chronic disease management in community health facilities,which will be significant in providing equitable public health service.

  8. 本雅明的翻译理论与朱熹对《离骚》的解读%Walter Benjamin's Translation Theory and Zhu Xi's Interpretation of "Li Sao"

    马思清; 熊莺


    随着中国经济与文化地位的崛起,越来越多的美国年轻一代开始迫切地想要了解中国,中国文学的教学也越来越被重视起来.作为中国最伟大的爱国主义“代表诗人”的一部力作,《离骚》自然应被纳入教材之列,尤其是作为非华裔人士的翻译教材.本文以德国哲学家瓦尔特·本雅明(Walter Benjamin)的文学及历史理论作为方法论,侧重研究本雅明文本“重生”理论对《离骚》翻译的适用.朱熹版《离骚》注本充分结合了译者的历史语境,是该诗“来世”的重要组成部分,它不仅对当代《离骚》注释有着不可小觑的启示作用,更自成一家,成为《离骚》来世的典范之一.

  9. 《诗经》郑笺、朱注中的"重言"辨析%Analysis of the Tautology in The Book of Songs Interpreted by ZHENG Xuan and Zhu Xi




  10. 从艾儒略到朱自清:游记与"浪漫法兰西"形象的生成%From Jules Aleni to Zhu Ziqing: On Travel Netes and Creation of the Image of Romantic France in China




  11. Structure comparison of LingZhu and INUYASHA%貌合下的神离——《灵珠》与《犬夜叉》结构比较




  12. "Happiness"and"Inner Sage and Outer King": A Comparative Study of Zhu Xi and Aristotle%"幸福"与"内圣外王"——亚里士多德与朱熹至善思想比较




  13. 《梁山伯与祝英台》与《罗密欧与朱丽叶》调式比较%Differences and Similarity Between LiangShanbo and ZhuYingtai and Romeo and Juliet




  14. Establishment of Institutional System for Developing Green Logistics Economy in Chang-zhu-tan Region%长株潭发展绿色物流经济的制度体系构建

    李社云; 李向明


    长株潭物流经济的发展存在管理体制跟不上时代的步伐,资源利用效率低等问题,因此发展绿色物流经济势在必行.从发展绿色物流经济的市场保障机制人手,指出必须建立有效的机制、法律法规制度以及形成一种理念,以推动长株潭绿色物流经济的发展.%In this paper, we established an effecitive institution and legal and regulatory system for the development of the green logistics economy in the Chang—zhu—tan region and on such basis cultivated the principles to promote the development of the green logistics economy in the region.

  15. Clinical survey on traditional medicine Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang used in treatment of hematoma post cerebro-injury%血府逐瘀汤治疗脑损伤后颅内血肿的临床观察




  16. 求新声于异邦,补小说史空白——朱崇科《张力的狂欢》评介%On Zhu Chong-ke's The Ecstasy of Tension




  17. The "Construction" Magazine Invites Special Consultants. Zhu Min and Liu Zheng Accepted the Offer%建筑杂志社敬请特邀顾问朱敏、刘铮欣然接受邀请




  18. Bildung of ZHANG Zhu-po's Comment on Novels in the View of Hermenutics%解释学视野下张竹坡小说评点的教化因素




  19. 从艾儒略到朱自清:游记与"浪漫法兰西"形象的生成%From Jules Aleni to Zhu Ziqing:Travel accounts and the construction of "Romantic France"



    Many Chinese believe that France is a"romantic"nation though they may offer different answers to the question"Why".A recent source study shows that this image comes from the travel note written by a French priest Julie Aleni when he took a mission in China,from Wonders in the Voyage and Traveling around Europe and America by Zhang Deyi,a Chinese diplomat in France at that time and from Travel Notes by Wang Tao.Therefore,many Chinese modem writers borrowed this image to their works.Hence it has been created as a set image in the intertextual context of cultural homogeneity and heterogeneity.Therefore,this paper is intended to trace the signs of these cultural interactions so as to see how"Romantic France"has come to be a set image in Chinese culture.%什么词最能概括现代中国人心目中的法国形象?大多数人选择"浪漫"一词.但若再深问一句:法国何以是浪漫的?答案莫衷一是."浪漫法兰西"形象的起源始自法国神甫艾儒略的游记在中国的译介.张德彝和王韬追随艾儒略,现当代作家又追随张德彝和王韬,现代中国人心目中的"浪漫法兰西"形象就是在这种"同质"与"异质"的"互文"中构成的.

  20. The Review of Wang Zhu and His Novel 《Symphony of Inferno》%王朱及其长篇小说《地狱交响乐》评介




  1. 背影与眼翳:余光中与朱自清散文的同与异%A Figure Hidden in A Mist:the Similarities and Differences of Prose Styles of Yu Guangzhong and Zhu Ziqing




  2. 林则徐《回疆竹枝词》中的维吾尔语考释%An Explanation of Uygur Expressions Used in "Hui Jiang Zhu Zhi Ci" by Lin Zexu




  3. 从"需要层次理论"看朱生豪莎剧翻译动因%On ZHU Sheng-hao's Motivating Powers of Translating Shakespearean Dramas from the Perspective of Need Hierarchy Theory




  4. 论朱智贤与维果茨基的非智力因素思想%ZHU Zhi-xian and Lev Vygotsky's Thoughts of Nonintellectual Factors




  5. Non-intelligence Factors in the Thought of Zhu Zhixian and Vygotsky%论朱智贤与维果茨基的非智力因素思想




  6. Excavation of the Zhu Family Graveyard of the Former Qin Period in Wenlin Neighborhood of Xianyang City, Shaanxi%陕西咸阳市文林小区前秦朱氏家族墓的发掘



    In 1999, the Xianyang Municipal Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology carried out excavation in an ancient cemetery within Wenlin Neighborhood, and revealed there 114 tombs, including 9 burials of the Former Qin period. These Former Qin graves are the same in structure, each consisting of a tomb passage, a corridor and a chamber. The corpses are buried in wooden coffins. Their funeral objects consist of pottery, bronzes, silver ware, iron artifacts, etc., numbering 167. The pottery includes male and female tomb-figurines, models of ox carts, horses, pigs, dogs, chickens, cooking stoves, wells, mills, granaries and treadle-operated tilt hammers for hulling rice, jars, bowls, small pots and discs. The bronzes embrace basins, bowls, mirrors, bracelets, hairpins, finger-rings, small bells, dui butt-end pieces and crossbows. The iron artifacts belong to the mirror, pick and scissors, and the silver ware includes hairpins, finger-rings and bracelets. In addition, there are gold hairpins, jade pieces, clay chickens, wuzhu and yanhuan coins, and the dated brick epitaphs coming from four tombs. Definite in date, these graves provide important material for studying the tomb shape and burial custom of the Former Qin period and the history of the Sixteen Kingdoms in the Guanzhong region. Moreover, they have great value to establishing the chronological sequence of burials in this region during the Han, Wei and Sixteen Kingdoms periods.

  7. 《楚辞·天问》之"帝何竺之"试解——兼论贾学鸿《楚辞还须楚语解——篇"帝何竺之"破译》%The Trial Explanations for "Di He Zhu Zhi" in "Chu Ci·Tian Wen"——An Analysis on Jia Xuehong's "Chu Ci Should Be Explained by Chu Language——Explanation for 'Di He Zhu Zhi' in 'Dian Wen' "



    《楚辞》是一部在我国历史上有重要影响的先秦典籍,而如何理解却历来是仁者见仁,智者见智.尤其是《楚辞·天问》中的"稷维元子,帝何竺之"句,从古至今都是人们关注的热点之一.本文从语言学角度出发,特别是从我国先秦时期曾经作为"荆楚"民族重要组成部分的苗瑶语出发,认为现代黔东南苗语中汉语词义为"远"或者"疏远" 的[to11]可与"帝何竺之"中的"竺"相对应,亦可从先秦曾与楚民族有广泛联系的壮侗语以及现代汉语的吴、闽方言等对《楚辞》进行研究.

  8. Closed Loop Quantum Control and Quantum Information Sciences: Concepts and Laboratory Implementations


    Ohtsuki, K. Nakagami , W. Zhu, and H. Rabitz, Chem. Phys., 287, 197-216 (2003). Quantum Control via Adaptive Tracking, W. Zhu and H. Rabitz, J. Chem...dynamics under the influence of dissipation, Y. Ohtsuki, K. Nakagami , W. Zhu, and H. Rabitz, Chem. Phys., 287, 197-216 (2003). 22. Quantum Control via

  9. Spatial variations of DMS, DMSP and phytoplankton in the Bay of Bengal during the summer monsoon 2001

    Shenoy, D.M.; Paul, J.T.; Gauns, M.; Ramaiah, N.; DileepKumar, M.

    on the distribution of DMS and DMSP in the northern Indian Ocean (Hatton, Malin & Liss 1999; Shenoy, Kumar & Sarma, 2000; Shenoy, Joseph, Kumar & George, 2002 Shenoy & Patil, 2003). The northern Indian Ocean is comprised of the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal... flame photometric detector (FPD). Both DMS and DMSPt were analysed according to the method given of Turner, Malin, Bagander, & Leck, (1990) and is also detailed in Shenoy, Joseph, Kumar, & George, (2002) and Shenoy and Patil (2003). Briefly, a known...

  10. A High-Throughput Pipeline for Designing Microarray-Based Pathogen Diagnostic Assays


    Ravi Vijaya Satya, Nela Zavaljevski, Kamal Kumar and Jaques Reifman* Address: Biotechnology HPC Software Applications Institute, Telemedicine; Nela Zavaljevski -; Kamal Kumar -; Jaques Reifman* -

  11. In silico Microarray Probe Design for Diagnosis of Multiple Pathogens


    Nela Zavaljevski1, Kamal Kumar1, Elizabeth Bode2, Susana Padilla2, Leonard Wasieloski2, Jeanne Geyer2 and Jaques Reifman*1 Address: 1Biotechnology HPC...Vijaya Satya -; Nela Zavaljevski -; Kamal Kumar -; Elizabeth Bode

  12. The Relationship Between Naval Aviation Mishaps and Squadron Maintenance Safety Climate


    and fewer groups ( Aaker , Kumar, & Day, 2004). Principal component analysis has been the primary factor analysis method for summarizing this...Parent 75 LIST OF REFERENCES Aaker , D. A., Kumar, V., & Day, G. S. (2004). Marketing research. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley & Sons. Baker, R. (1998

  13. Is the Employment of Army the Only Solution for Solving the Naxal Problem in India?


    8. Bidyut Chakarbarty and Rajat Kumar Kujur, Maoism in India: The Reincarnation of Ultra Left Wing Extremism in the Twenty First...Knowledge Press, 2004. Chakarbarty, Bidyut and Rajat Kumar Kujur. Maoism in India: The Reincarnation of Ultra Left Wing Extremism in the Twenty First

  14. Gone With Glory


    Zhu Guangya, China’s leading A-bomb and H-bomb scientist passes away Zhu Guangya, a renowned nuclear physicist, died in Beijing on February 26 at the age of 87. Zhu was an aca- demician at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. He contributed to the devel- opment of China’s first atomic and hydrogen bombs in the 1960s, and participated in nearly all related research and development programs.

  15. Analysis and Improvement of Authenticatable Ring Signcryption Scheme

    LI Fa-gen; Shirase Masaaki; Takagi Tsuyoshi


    We show that the Zhang-Yang-Zhu-Zhang identity-based authenticatable ring signcryption scheme is not secure against chosen plaintext attacks.Furthermore,we propose an improved scheme that remedies the weakness of the Zhang-Yang-Zhu-Zhang scheme.The improved scheme has shorter ciphertext size than the Zhang-Yang-Zhu-Zhang scheme.We then prove that the improved scheme satisfies confidentiality,unforgeability,anonymity and authenticatability.

  16. High CO2 emissions from the tropical Godavari estuary (India) associated with monsoon river discharges

    Sarma, V.V; Kumar, N.A.; Prasad, V; Venkataramana, V; Appalanaidu, S.; Sridevi, B.; Kumar, B.S.K.; Bharati, M.D.; Subbaiah, C.V; Acharyya, T.; Rao, G.D.; Viswanadham, R.; Gawade, L; Manjary, D.T.; Kumar, P.P.; Rajeev, K.; Reddy, N.P.C.; Sarma, V.V.; Kumar, M.D.; Sadhuram, Y.; Murty, T.V.R.

    . Appalanaidu, B. Sridevi, B.S.K. Kumar, M.D. Bharati, Ch.V. Subbaiah, T. Acharya, G.D. Rao, R. Viswanadham, L. Gawade, D.T. Manjary, P. P. Kumar, K. Rajeev, N.P.C. Reddy, V.V. Sarma, M.D. Kumar, Y. Sadhuram and T.V.R. Murty National Institute...-67. Borges, A.V., B. Delille and M. Frankignoulle (2005), Budgeting sinks and sources of CO2 in the coastal ocean: Diversity of ecosystems counts. Geophysical Research Letters, 32, No. L14601. Bouillon, S., M. Frankignoulle, F. Dehairs, F. et al.(2003...

  17. Retracted: Bacteria diversity overview and endoglucanase assessment from Himalayan Tapovan geothermal spring.

    Sahoo, Jitendra Kumar; Navani, Naveen Kumar; Pathania, Ranjana


    The above article from the Journal of Basic Microbiology, published online on 25 August 2015 in Wiley Online Library as Early View (, has been retracted by agreement between Naveen Kumar Navani and Ranjana Pathania, the Editor-in-Chief and Wiley-VCH GmbH & Co. KGaA. The retraction has been agreed because the article has been submitted and approved for publication by Jitendra Kumar Sahoo without consent in any form by the named co-authors Naveen Kumar Navani and Ranjana Pathania.

  18. A new modified remote user authentication scheme using smart cards

    SHEN Zhong-hua


    In 2000, a remote user authentication scheme using smart cards was proposed and the masquerade attacks were proved successful on this scheme. Recently, Kumar has suggested the idea of check digits to overcome the above attacks with a new scheme that removes these threats well. In this paper it is pointed out that the weakness still exists in Kumar's scheme, and the intruder can login to the remote system through having some information. A new scheme which can overcome these attacks and appears more secure and efficient than Kumar's is presented.

  19. Analysis of and Thinking about Current Situation of International Oil Price--Making a Visit to Mr. Zhu He, the Vice Chief Engineer of SINOPEC Economic & Development Research Institute%当前国际油价形势分析及思考--访中国石化经济技术研究院朱和副总工程师



    @@ 主持人:自1983年到1997年,经历15年相对平稳的、较低的油价后,1998年以来,国际油价进入一个较高价位的多波动期.继1998年至2000年一轮油价大落大起后,2001年4季度,2002年1季度国际油价进入自"9@11"事件后的低谷期,而后开始回升,到2002年底及2003年初,国际石油价格再次大幅攀升,达到两年来的最高点.你怎么看待国际油价的这种多变呢?

  20. 比较哲学视阈下的“神”与“理”——以马勒伯朗士和朱熹为例%From the Perspective of Comparative Philosophy of "God" and "Li"——TakAing Malebranche and Zhu Xi for example




  1. 逐饮Ⅰ号对恶性胸水大鼠模型血清TUM2-PK含量和胸膜组织bFGF表达的影响%Effect on TUM2 - PK in Serum of MPE Rat Model and bFGF in Its Membrana Pleuralis Treated by Zhu Yin Ⅰ

    刘建秋; 李竹英; 蒋鹏娜



  2. Subjective Ethnography and Paradigm Transition of Ethnography——An Interview with Professor Zhu Bingxiang, an Anthropologist%主体民族志与民族志范式变迁——人类学学者访谈录之七十九

    徐杰舜; 朱炳祥




    潘国良; 张龙; 朱增军; 王忠明; 张洪亮


    Based on three surveys carried out by bottom trawl in spring (April, May and June) of 2011, the spa-tial-temporal distribution of the biomass of Oratosquilla oratoria in the coastal waters of South Zhejiang was analyzed. Two methods including sweep area method and analysis of variance (ANOVA) were used here. The results showed that:for temporal distribution, the biomass of O. oratoria decreased from April to June, but there were no significant differences between them. For spatial distribution, the biomass of most of the survey positions was lower (150kg/km2)的空间分布与该月底温与底盐的变化相关。另外,随着月平均底盐特别是平均底温的升高,口虾蛄呈现逐月由较深海域向较浅海域移动的趋势。

  4. The Lord-Liege Tie between Zhu Yuanzhang and Liu Ji in Yu Ci Gui Lao Qing Tian Zhao%从《御赐归老青田诏》看朱元璋与刘基的君臣关系




  5. 社会责任、社会资本与竞争力关系的实证研究——以长株潭地区企业为例%An Empirical Study of the Relationship among Social Responsibility, Social Capital and Competitiveness——Evidence from Enterprises of Chang-zhu-tan area in China

    曾江洪; 何苹; 雷黎涛



  6. Lead industry with unique technical advantages——interview with Mr.ZHU Huadao,president of Husky Asia-pacific%以独特的技术优势引领行业——访赫斯基亚太总裁朱华道先生



    @@ 赫斯基是全球著名的注塑系统和服务供应商,拥有业内最广泛的产品线.其所生产的设备被广泛应用于多个行业,如饮料瓶和瓶盖、食品容器、医药组件和消费者电子产品组件.

  7. On the Issue of Moral Mind and Human Mind in Neo Confucianism: Comparing the Theory of the Mind and the Theory of Zhu Xi%宋明理学中的道心人心问题——心学与朱熹的思想比较




  8. 从词汇层面看朱纯深《荷塘月色》英译本对意境的传达%On Artistic Conception Expressed in the English Version of Hetangyuese by Zhu Chunshen: from the Lexical Level




  9. Computational Analysis of Settlement and Stability of a High Rockfill Embankment in Construction Period of Ma-Zhu High Way%麻竹高速某高填石路堤施工期沉降及稳定性计算分析

    杨波; 汪斌; 朱杰兵; 李聪


    填石高路堤的沉降和稳定性一直是山区高速公路建设中急需解决的关键问题之一。文中对麻竹高速公路某填石高路堤施工期的沉降、侧向位移及稳定性进行了数值模拟计算,研究表明,该填石高路堤施工期最大沉降量为250 mm,最大沉降部位位于该59 m 路堤高度的58%处,稳定性分析结果表明,该路堤边坡整体稳定性较好,正常工况下稳定性系数达到2.21;工后相当一段时间内沉降量较小。通过施工期累计沉降监测数据与数值模拟结果对比,表明监测值要比理论计算值小,并给出了原因分析。%The embankment settlement and stability is one of the most important issues needed to be resolved during highway construction in mountainous area.The horizontal displacement and vertical settlement are simulated with FEM method during the progress of the high rockfill embankment.And the stability of whole embankment is analyzed based on the limit equilibrium method.Research shows that the maximum value of settlement is 250mm,in which located 58% height of this embankment. The calculated minimum factor of stability is 2.21 and it has good stability.By contrast with monito-ring settlement during construction,it is found that the former value is much less than the calculated one and the reasons for the difference are accounted in this paper.

  10. 宇宙生成论的中西比较——以朱熹和托马斯·阿奎那为例%Comparative Study of Chinese and Western in Theory of Cosmogony——As an Example of Zhu Xi and Thomas Aquinas




  11. 朝鲜儒者南塘的人物性异论及对朱熹理论的新发展%The Theory of Difference between Human and Inhuman Substance of Korean Confucian Nantang and its Influence in the New Development of Zhu Xi's Theory




  12. 考辨张竹坡家世生平 撰述《金瓶梅》研究长编——吴敢金学研究综论%To Trace Back ZHang Po-zhu's Family Saga, To Summarize the Researches on The Golden Lotus A Review of WU Gan's Researches on The Golden Lotus




  13. The construction of gan zhu shuxie (liver controlling conveyance and dispersion), as viewed from the contemporary teaching material of basic theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine%从中医基础理论类教材看“肝主疏泄”的建构

    靳宇智; 马燕冬


    在现行中医基础理论类教材中,“肝主疏泄”涉及到对人体整体生理功能、消化功能、精神情志活动、血液循环、水液代谢、生殖功能多方面的功能调节.从此类教材来看,学术界对“肝主疏泄”理论的建构,可分为3个阶段:20世纪50-70年代,教材中基本未提及“肝主疏泄”理论;20世纪70-80年代中期,各版本教材中关于“肝主疏泄”的论述并不统一;20世纪80年代中期后至今,教材中对“肝主疏泄”的论述理论基本趋于统一.%In current teaching material of basic theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM),the theory of "liver controlling conveyance and dispersion" covers the functional adjustment of many aspects,including the overall human physiology,digestion,mental activity,blood circulation,water metabolism and reproduction.Through the research of the teaching material of TCM basic theory since the establishment of the People' s Republic of China,it can be considered that there are 3 stages for the construction of the theory of "liver controlling conveyance and dispersion".From the 1950s to 1970s,this theory was not mentioned in any teaching materials; from the 1970s to the mid 1980s,different views about this theory can be seen in the teaching materials; after the mid 1980s,this theory in the teaching materials became gradually basically identical.

  14. The Sun and the Moon——the Differences and Their Cultural Reasons between Romeo and Juliet and Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai%太阳与月亮之美——《罗密欧与朱丽叶》和《梁山伯与祝英台》之差异及其文化成因




  15. 从《梁山伯与祝英台》《罗密欧与朱丽叶》看中西民族文化心理%View Chinese and Western National Cultural Psychology from Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai , Romeo and Juliet




  16. 建筑理性与责任的独白:《华尔街日报》专访北京市建筑设计研究院朱小地院长%The Rationality of Architecture and Monologue of Responsibilities:The Wall Street Journal Interviewed Zhu Xiaodi,President of Beijing Institute of Architectural Design



    2008年7月10日.本刊与(华尔街日报》(《THEWAU STREET JOURNAL.》)记者共同就北京城市建筑的风貌.特点以及未来的发展趋势等问题对北京市建筑设计研究院院长,总建筑师朱小地进行了专访。采访中.朱小地院长为我们详细梳理了北京自改革开放以来的城市建设和发展历程.并对如何处理好北京城的传统保护与现代化发展提出了中肯而宝贵的意见和建议。

  17. Comparison of Translation Styles between Lin Shao-hua and Lai Ming-zhu-Taking Translation of Works of Haruki Murakami as an Example%林少华与赖明珠的翻译风格之比较——以翻译村上春树作品为例

    金兵; 刘青梅



  18. 纯正文艺的庄重与热诚——论朱光潜主编的《民国日报·文艺》%Solemn and sincere of the pure art——On the Republic Daily· Literature by Zhu Guangqian editoring




  19. Zhu Xi's Interpretation and Argument of"To completely overcome selfishness and keep to propriety is humaneness"%朱子对"克己复礼"的诠释与辨析——论朱子对"以理易礼"说的批评





    崔震; 蔡成尧


    大学生社会责任感培养是大学生教育中重要的一个方面,如今大学生社会责任感缺失是急需弥补的一个环节,作为艺术专业大学生担任着社会设计师的重任,本研究旨在探讨艺术大学生实践能力与社会责任感结合培养模式,从而培养未来设计师的社会责任感,达到互惠共赢的目的。%Social responsibility cultivation is an important aspect of colege education. Nowadays, the lacking of social responsibility of colege students has become an urgent task. The art major colege students act as social designer. This study mainly talks about the combined cultivating pattern of art major students' practice ability and social responsibility to improve the future designers' social responsibility and achieve the purpose of mutual benefit.

  1. 朱生豪莎士比亚译本赏析——以奈达的动态对等理论为视角%Appreciation of Zhu Shenghao's Translation on Shakespeare's Works by Eugene Nida's Dynamic Equivalence Theory




  2. Rhetoric Deconstruction of Model Opera: Criticism on Zhu Keyi's A Linguistic Interpretation of Model Opera, and Comments on the Rhetoric Deconstructive Approaches%"样板戏"的修辞解构--评祝克懿的《语言学视野中的"样板戏"》, 兼论修辞解构的方法



    @@ 祝克懿先生的挑战了一个艰难的话题--正如作者在书中所指出的,"‘样板戏'始终是以异常复杂、扑朔迷离的面貌呈现于世人面前的",直到今日,它还处在一种"褒贬不一生存状态"中.

  3. 求真求雅形神兼备——读朱宾忠教授等的新译《彼得·潘》%Pursuit of Faithfulness and Elegance and Combination of Formal Similarity and Spiritual Similarity——on Professor Zhu Binzhong's New Translation of Peter Pan




  4. Zhu Jiahua's Diplomatic Activities to Nazi Germany during the Middle Period and the end of the Anti -Japanese War%抗战中后期朱家骅的对德活动——以国民党的对德舆论及敌后对德工作为中心




  5. Teams Are Now Used by Many Technical Services Departments in Academic Libraries. A Review of: Zhu, L. (2011. Use of teams in technical services in academic libraries. Library Collections, Acquisitions, & Technical Services 35, 69-82. doi:10.1016/j.lcats.2011.03.013

    Kirsty Thomson


    Full Text Available Objective – An investigation of the use ofteams in technical services, provision oftraining on team-working, characteristics oftechnical services teams, and the effectivenessof teams.Design – Survey comprising of 19 closedquestions and one open question.Setting – Technical services departments inacademic libraries.Subjects– Responses were received from 322library staff members. Of those, 294 answeredthe survey question about team-basedtechnical services and 55.9% of respondentscompleted the full survey.Methods – An online survey was promotedvia seven technical services electronic mail listsand was conducted using SurveyMonkey.Main Results – The survey found that 39% oftechnical services were entirely team-based,18% were partly team-based, and 43% did notuse teams. Information was gathered about thenumber of teams, team nomenclature, andhow long teams have been used. This researchhighlighted the lack of provision of trainingand documentation about working in teams.Conclusion – Many respondents have team-basedtechnical services, and most participantsfound that working in teams had a positiveimpact. A systematic application of this surveyis planned for the future.

  6. On the Inner-contradiction of His Aesthetics' System from Zhu Guangqian's Revaluation of Friedrich Nietzsche and Turning to Marxism%从朱光潜重估尼采和皈依马克思主义看他美学体系的内在矛盾




  7. 食管鳞状细胞癌中miR-183-5p、TβRⅠ及TβRⅡ的表达%Expression of miR-183-5p, TβRⅠand TβRⅡin esophageal squamous cell carcinoma Zhu Longping, You Jianliang, Hu Pingping, Mao Chaoming, Chen Deyu

    朱龙萍; 尤建良; 胡萍萍; 毛朝明; 陈德玉


    Objective To study the expression and clinical significance of miR-183-5p, TβRⅠ and TβRⅡ in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC). Methods The mRNA and protein expression of miR-183-5p, TβRⅠ and TβRⅡ were examined in ESCC cell lines ECA-109, TE-1, normal esophageal epithelial cells, tumor tissues and tumor-free tissues from 72 ESCC patients. Their clinical significance and the relationship between miR-183-5p and the latter two were analyzed. The effects of miR-183-5p on the expression of TβRⅠand TβRⅡ in ECA-109 cells and the cell functions of ECA-109 were also investigated. Results Compared with the normal esophageal epithelia cells, ESCC cell lines TE-1 and ECA-109 were statistically characterized by a high expression of miR-183-5p (all P<0.05) and low expression of TβRⅠand TβRⅡ(all P<0.05). The expression of miR-183-5p in ESCC tissues was higher than that in adjacent normal tissues, while the expressions of TβRⅠ and TβRⅡ were lower (all P< 0.05). The expression of miR-183-5p was closely related to sex, tumor differentiation, tumor staging, distant metastasis, lymphatic metastasis, and tumor location (all P<0.05). TβRⅠlevel was associated with sex, lymph node metastasis and tumor size (all P<0.05). Experimental data showed the negative correlation between the expression of miR-183-5p and TβRⅠin ESCC tissues (r= -0.521, P< 0.05). Over expression of miR-183-5p significantly inhibited the expression of TβRⅠ in ECA-109 cells (P< 0.05) and promoted the growth, invasion and metastasis of ECA-109 cells (P< 0.05). Low expression of miR-183-5p significantly promoted the expression of TβRⅠ in ECA-109 cells (P< 0.05), and suppressed the growth, invasion and metastasis of ECA-109 cells (P< 0.05). There was no significant change in the expression of TβRⅡ in the transfection experiments. Conclusion MiR-183-5p is closely related to the abnormal expression of TβRⅠ, which may exert an important role in the progression of lymphatic metastasis.%目的:研究miR-183-5p、TβRⅠ及TβRⅡ在食管鳞状细胞癌(ESCC)中的表达、临床意义及相互关系。方法检测miR-183-5p、TβRⅠ及TβRⅡmRNA及蛋白在ESCC细胞株TE-1、ECA-109、正常食管上皮细胞和72例ESCC患者肿瘤组织及对应癌旁组织中的表达,分析其临床意义及miR-183-5p和TβRⅠ、TβRⅡ的相互关系。通过细胞转染实验调节细胞株ECA-109中miR-183-5p的表达,探讨miR-183-5p对TβRⅠ、TβRⅡ表达及细胞功能的影响。结果与正常食管上皮细胞相比,ESCC细胞株TE-1和ECA-109中miR-183-5p的表达增高(均P<0.05),TβRⅠ、TβRⅡ的表达降低(均P<0.05)。与癌旁组织相比, ESCC患者癌组织中miR-183-5p表达升高,而TβRⅠ、TβRⅡ表达降低(均P<0.05)。miR-183-5p的表达与患者性别、肿瘤分化、分期、远处转移、淋巴结转移及肿瘤位置相关(均P<0.05);TβRⅠ的表达与患者性别、淋巴结转移、肿瘤大小相关(均P<0.05);TβRⅡ的表达与淋巴结转移、肿瘤大小相关(均P<0.05)。相关性分析显示,miR-183-5p在癌组织中的表达与TβRⅠ的表达呈负相关(r=-0.521,P<0.05)。在细胞转染实验中,miR-183-5p过表达时,TβRⅠ表达下调,肿瘤细胞生长加速,迁移能力增强(均P<0.05);miR-183-5p低表达时,TβRⅠ表达上调,肿瘤细胞生长减慢,迁移能力减弱(均P<0.05);TβRⅡ在转染实验中无明显变化。结论 miR-183-5p与TβRⅠ的异常表达密切相关,可能在ESCC淋巴结转移中发挥重要作用。

  8. The Plot Thickens: Diet Microbe Interactions May Modulate Thrombosis Risk.

    Martínez-Del Campo, Ana; Romano, Kymberleigh A; Rey, Federico E; Balskus, Emily P


    Thrombosis plays an important role in cardiovascular disease (CVD). Platelet activation is an essential step in the genesis and propagation of atherothrombotic complications. In a recent publication, Zhu and colleagues report that gut microbe-derived TMAO enhances platelet responsiveness and thrombosis, providing a novel mechanistic connection between microbes and CVD (Zhu et al., 2016).

  9. WAIS-IV and WISC-IV Structural Validity: Alternate Methods, Alternate Results. Commentary on Weiss et al. (2013a) and Weiss et al. (2013b)

    Canivez, Gary L.; Kush, Joseph C.


    Weiss, Keith, Zhu, and Chen (2013a) and Weiss, Keith, Zhu, and Chen (2013b), this issue, report examinations of the factor structure of the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Fourth Edition (WAIS-IV) and Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Fourth Edition (WISC-IV), respectively; comparing Wechsler Hierarchical Model (W-HM) and…

  10. Bicycle Helps Dream Come True


    <正>As a common, resolute but mysterious old man, Zhu Junxian has formed an indissoluble bond with sports and the Olympic Games.As a cyclist, Zhu has taken the longest journey around China, creating a guinness record. His most sensational experience was a sole journey by bike between April 6, 2001

  11. Experiment list: SRX201281 [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Full Text Available hygro-hTERT (LH), and Cdk4-neo (CN), Zhu et al. (2007) in Aging Cell, vol. 6, pp ...), Zhu et al. (2007) in Aging Cell, vol. 6, pp 515-523, newly promoted to tier 2:... of a 41 year old caucasian heart transplant donor, immortalized with lox-hygro-hTERT (LH), and Cdk4-neo (CN

  12. Experiment list: SRX201297 [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Full Text Available RT (LH), and Cdk4-neo (CN), Zhu et al. (2007) in Aging Cell, vol. 6, pp 515-523, ...), Zhu et al. (2007) in Aging Cell, vol. 6, pp 515-523, newly promoted to tier 2:... of a 41 year old caucasian heart transplant donor, immortalized with lox-hygro-hTERT (LH), and Cdk4-neo (CN

  13. Experiment list: SRX201282 [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Full Text Available ygro-hTERT (LH), and Cdk4-neo (CN), Zhu et al. (2007) in Aging Cell, vol. 6, pp 5...), Zhu et al. (2007) in Aging Cell, vol. 6, pp 515-523, newly promoted to tier 2:... of a 41 year old caucasian heart transplant donor, immortalized with lox-hygro-hTERT (LH), and Cdk4-neo (CN

  14. Experiment list: SRX201296 [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Full Text Available RT (LH), and Cdk4-neo (CN), Zhu et al. (2007) in Aging Cell, vol. 6, pp 515-523, ...), Zhu et al. (2007) in Aging Cell, vol. 6, pp 515-523, newly promoted to tier 2:... of a 41 year old caucasian heart transplant donor, immortalized with lox-hygro-hTERT (LH), and Cdk4-neo (CN

  15. Experiment list: SRX193611 [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Full Text Available d with lox-hygro-hTERT (LH), and Cdk4-neo (CN), Zhu et al. (2007) in Aging Cell, ...), Zhu et al. (2007) in Aging Cell, vol. 6, pp 515-523, newly promoted to tier 2:... of a 41 year old caucasian heart transplant donor, immortalized with lox-hygro-hTERT (LH), and Cdk4-neo (CN

  16. Experiment list: SRX193596 [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Full Text Available ox-hygro-hTERT (LH), and Cdk4-neo (CN), Zhu et al. (2007) in Aging Cell, vol. 6, ...), Zhu et al. (2007) in Aging Cell, vol. 6, pp 515-523, newly promoted to tier 2:... of a 41 year old caucasian heart transplant donor, immortalized with lox-hygro-hTERT (LH), and Cdk4-neo (CN

  17. Preventing Terror Attacks in the Homeland: A New Mission for State and Local Police


    18 Dale Couprie, Alan Goodbrand, Bin Li, and David Zhu, “ Soft Systems Methodology ,” Department of Computer Science (University of Calgary, 2002...Activities Authorization Act.” (50 USC. 403-1). June 2005. Couprie, Dale, Alan Goodbrand, Bin Li, and David Zhu. “ Soft Systems Methodology .” Department

  18. WAIS-IV and WISC-IV Structural Validity: Alternate Methods, Alternate Results. Commentary on Weiss et al. (2013a) and Weiss et al. (2013b)

    Canivez, Gary L.; Kush, Joseph C.


    Weiss, Keith, Zhu, and Chen (2013a) and Weiss, Keith, Zhu, and Chen (2013b), this issue, report examinations of the factor structure of the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Fourth Edition (WAIS-IV) and Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Fourth Edition (WISC-IV), respectively; comparing Wechsler Hierarchical Model (W-HM) and…

  19. A Spectral Parameterization of Drag, Eddy Diffusion, and Wave Heating for a Three-Dimensional Flow Induced by Breaking Gravity Waves


    spectrum, and kinetics database (e.g., Zhu 2004; Mlynczak and Zhou 1998; Zhu et al. 2007). From the perspective of satellite measurements and the...Holton 1975). As a result, the mean momentum and potential energies can be spatially redis - tributed through the flux divergences, but the

  20. Alg\\`ebre absolue

    Lescot, Paul


    We give an exposition of Zhu's theory concerning a formal analogue of the field Fp, "for p = 1", and then compare it to Deitmar's.-- Nous exposons la th\\'eorie de Zhu concernant un analogue formel du corps Fp "pour p = 1", et la comparons \\`a celle de Deitmar.

  1. B7-H4 as a Target for Breast Cancer Immunotherapy


    Cell Research 306, 128-141 (2005). [8] G.L. Sica , I.H. Choi, G. Zhu et al. B7-H4, a molecule of the B7 family, negatively regulates T cell immunity...proliferation through translocating into nucleus. Oncogene (2013). [Epub ahead of print] [11] I.H. Choi, G. Zhu, G.L. Sica et al. Genomic

  2. Disease: H00093 [KEGG MEDICUS

    Full Text Available , Gershwin ME. Current perspectives on primary immunodeficiency diseases. Clin Dev Immunol 13:223-59 (2006) ...312863 613179 603554 233650 612782 612783 PMID:17162365 (gene) Kumar A, Teuber SS

  3. High Blood Pressure Dangers: Hypertension's Effects on Your Body

    ... al. Overview of hypertension in adults. Accessed Aug. 3, 2016. Kumar V, ... clinical manifestations of transient ischemic attack Accessed Aug. 3, 2016. Furie KL, ...

  4. Tooth anatomy

    ... page: // Tooth anatomy To use the sharing features on this page, ... upper jawbone is called the maxilla. Images Tooth anatomy References Lingen MW. Head and neck. In: Kumar ...

  5. Sentiment analysis enhancement with target variable in Kumar’s Algorithm

    Arman, A. A.; Kawi, A. B.; Hurriyati, R.


    Sentiment analysis (also known as opinion mining) refers to the use of text analysis and computational linguistics to identify and extract subjective information in source materials. Sentiment analysis is widely applied to reviews discussion that is being talked in social media for many purposes, ranging from marketing, customer service, or public opinion of public policy. One of the popular algorithm for Sentiment Analysis implementation is Kumar algorithm that developed by Kumar and Sebastian. Kumar algorithm can identify the sentiment score of the statement, sentence or tweet, but cannot determine the relationship of the object or target related to the sentiment being analysed. This research proposed solution for that challenge by adding additional component that represent object or target to the existing algorithm (Kumar algorithm). The result of this research is a modified algorithm that can give sentiment score based on a given object or target.

  6. Disease: H00251 [KEGG MEDICUS

    Full Text Available s, dysgenesis, and dyshormonogenesis in congenital hypothyroidism. Pediatr Endocr...(2007) PMID:16424561 Kumar PG, Anand SS, Sood V, Kotwal N Thyroid dyshormonogenesis. Indian Pediatr 42:1233-

  7. 47 - 50 Mustapha


    enlightened on the use of organic fertilizers and other safe farming practices and that further ... and seasonally flooded land and dry land (Hollis et al.,. 1993). .... the light attenuation factor in the Lake. ... local pollution (Kumar et al; 2006).

  8. Valimised 2002 : Tartu linnapeakandidaadid prioriteetidest linna arengus : kolm esimest ülesannet


    Artiklite autorid: Andrus Ansip Reformierakonnast, Tõnu Kauba Keskerakonnast, Jüri Kumar ERL-ist, Ivar Tallo Mõõdukatest, Tõnis Lukas Isamaaliidust, Teet Jagomägi Res Publicast. Parlamendisaadik

  9. 78 FR 76382 - Notice of Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) Approvals and Disapprovals


    ... firefighting personnel. Acquire Americans with Disabilities Act passenger boarding ramp. Install common use flight information system. DECISION DATE: May 13, 2013. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Neil Kumar, San... Federal Aviation Administration Notice of Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) Approvals and Disapprovals...

  10. Disease: H00095 [KEGG MEDICUS

    Full Text Available Teuber SS, Gershwin ME. Current perspectives on primary immunodeficiency diseases...K07210] IKBA [HSA:4792] [KO:K04734] MeSH: C567411 C536181 OMIM: 612132 300291 PMID:17162365 (gene) Kumar A,

  11. A Breakthrough in Sphere Packing: The Search for Magic Functions

    Laat, D. de; Vallentin, F.


    This paper by David de Laat and Frank Vallentin is an exposition about the two recent breakthrough results in the theory of sphere packings. It includes an interview with Henry Cohn, Abhinav Kumar, Stephen D. Miller and Maryna Viazovska.



  13. Real Knowledge, Virtual Class; Students of Bihar's silicon campus 'attend' lectures held all over the state--without leaving home

    Amitabh Srivastava


    ...." At the inauguration, says co-ordinator Bijay Kumar, Patna University faculty delivered lectures at the NIC Patna studio with teachers and students from other universities listening in from their NIC centres...

  14. Datasets in Gene Expression Omnibus used in the study ORD-019001: Compensatory changes in CYP expression in three different toxicology mouse models: CAR-null, Cyp3a-null, and Cyp2b9/10/13-null mice.

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — Accession numbers of microarray data sets used in the analysis. This dataset is associated with the following publication: Kumar, R., L. Mota, E. Litoff, J. Rooney,...

  15. Tulnukad tulid punase vihmaga / Kaivo Kopli

    Kopli, Kaivo


    25. juulil 2001. aastal tabasid India lääneosas asuvat Kerala piirkonda punase vihma hood. Gandhi ülikooli füüsik Godfrey Louis ja tema kolleeg Santosh Kumar leidsid, et vihma tegi punaseks bakteriaalne materjal

  16. Members of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Trade and Industry of the United Kingdom visit the CMS assembly hall.

    Patrice Loïez


    Left to right: Austin Ball, Martin O'Neill (Chairman), Richard Burden, Jonathan Djanogly, Lindsay Hoyle, Roger Berry, Linda Perham, Sir Robert Smith, Jackie Lawrence, Michel Della Negra, Tejinder Virdee, Ashok Kumar.

  17. The Philippine Response to Terrorism: The Abu Sayyaf Group


    with a highly intolerant religious credo that calls for the deliberate and 106 Sidney Tarrow cited in Kim...Kumar, The New Terrorism: Anatomy, Trends and Counter-Strategies (Singapore: Eastern Universities Press, 2002). Tarrow , Sidney , cited in Kim Cragin

  18. Tulnukad tulid punase vihmaga / Kaivo Kopli

    Kopli, Kaivo


    25. juulil 2001. aastal tabasid India lääneosas asuvat Kerala piirkonda punase vihma hood. Gandhi ülikooli füüsik Godfrey Louis ja tema kolleeg Santosh Kumar leidsid, et vihma tegi punaseks bakteriaalne materjal

  19. Isolation and identification of two galangin metabolites from rat urine ...

    inhibition of lipogenesis or stimulation of lipolysis is an effective ..... activates thermogenesis in white and brown adipose tissue. Nat Commun 2014; 5: 5493. 10. Kumar S ... a pancreatic lipase inhibitor in cafeteria diet fed female rats. Pharm ...

  20. Parthenium Weed (Parthenium hysterophorus L.) Research in

    determine the presence and distribution of pathogens associated with parthenium and further evaluation of the .... associated with Parthenium seed, leaf and other plant parts from different locations; 2) ...... Pesticides 13: 121-127. Kumar, P.S. ...

  1. Isodon purpurescence (Lamiaceae, a new species from Western Ghats, Kerala, India

    V. V. Naveen Kumar


    Full Text Available A new species, Isodon purpurescence Sunil, Naveen Kumar & Ratheesh, from Ernakulam (Western Ghats, India is described and illustrated. Its diagnostic characters are discussed and comments made on differences between this and related species.

  2. Browse Title Index

    Items 451 - 500 of 1760 ... Vol 16, No 4 (2017), Clinical effect of combined ulinastatin and ... CA Kumar, BM Gurupadayya, SN Sloka, RS Chandan, JC Thejaswini .... Tablets containing corn and Trifoliate Yam Starches as Binders, Abstract PDF.

  3. MicroRNAs to Pathways in Prostate Cancer Progression


    uncovered numerous miRNAs whose expression was altered with Pten loss. The Dgcr8 knockout model should provide a powerful means to dissect the role of...TR, Jacks T (2007) Impaired microRNA processing enhances cellular transformation and tumorigenesis. Nat Genet 39: 673 – 677 11. Kumar MS, Pester RE...241 53. Kumar MS, Erkeland SJ, Pester RE, Chen CY, Ebert MS, Sharp PA, Jacks T (2008) Suppression of non-small cell lung tumor development by the let

  4. Effect of Carbon Doping on the Electronic Structure and Elastic Properties of Boron Suboxide


    of Boron Suboxide by Amol B Rahane, Jennifer S Dunn, and Vijay Kumar Approved for public release; distribution unlimited...Laboratory Effect of Carbon Doping on the Electronic Structure and Elastic Properties of Boron Suboxide by Amol B Rahane and Vijay Kumar Dr...SUBTITLE Effect of Carbon Doping on the Electronic Structure and Elastic Properties of Boron Suboxide 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c

  5. Quantifying and Assuring Information Transfer in Dynamic Heterogeneous Wireless Networks


    Kumar, Estimating the state of a Markov chain over a noisy communication channel: A bound and an encoder. To appear in Proceedings of 49th IEEE...Transactions on Information Theory. 4. I-Hong Hou and P. R. Kumar, Queueing Systems with Hard Delay Constraints: A Framework andSolutions for Real-Time...J. Garcia-Haro, Z.J. Haas, A stochastic model for chain collisions of vehicles equipped with vehicular communications, accepted for publications in

  6. Understanding asymmetries in ict acceptance at individual use in Poland : the UTAUT2 theory combined with attitude, privacy risk, perceived security

    Kondrat, Justyna


    Understanding of the main determinants associated to Internet and Communication Technology acceptance have received attention from international bodies and researchers (Dewan & Chen, 2014; Featherman & Pavlou, 2003; Im, Hong & Kang, 2011; Ming Chi Lee, 2009; Niehaves & Plattfaut, 2014; Shareef, Kumar, Kumar & Dwivedi, 2011; Shin, 2010; Venkatesh & Bala, 2008; Venkatesh, Thong & Xu, 2012a). The reason behind the growing interest in this issue refers to the implications of digital ...

  7. A new genus Mesophlaeoba (Orthoptera: Acrididae: Acridinae from India

    H. Kumar


    Full Text Available A new genus of Acridinae, Mesophlaeoba Kumar and Usmani gen. n. based on type species Mesophlaeoba usmanii Kumar and Usmani sp. n., is described and illustrated from India. The description was based on both conventional morphological and genital characters. The new genus is closely related to Phlaeoba Stal, 1861 but differs from it in presence of filiform antennae, absence of median carinula of fastigium of vertex and rounded posterior margin of pronotum.

  8. Notice of Withdrawal.


    Notice of Withdrawal: 'Odanacatib restores trabecular bone of skeletally mature female rabbits with osteopenia but induces brittleness of cortical bone: a comparative study of the investigational drug with PTH, Estrogen and Alendronate' by Mohd. Parvez Khan, Atul Kumar Singh, Abhishek Kumar Singh, Pragya Shrivastava, Mahesh Chandra Tiwari, Geet Kumar Nagar, Himangshu Kousik Bora, Venkitanarayanan Parameswaran, Sabyasachi Sanyal, Jayesh R. Bellare and Naibedya Chattopadhyay The above article from the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, published online on 27 March 2015 in Wiley Online Library (, has been withdrawn by agreement between the journal's editor-in-chief, Juliet E. Compston, the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research, and Wiley Periodicals, Inc. This action has been agreed due to an error at the publishers which caused a duplicate of the article to be published on 22 September 2015. The correct version of the article is to be found at: 'Odanacatib restores trabecular bone of skeletally mature female rabbits with osteopenia but induces brittleness of cortical bone: a comparative study of the investigational drug with PTH, Estrogen and Alendronate' by Mohd. Parvez Khan, Atul Kumar Singh, Abhishek Kumar Singh, Pragya Shrivastava, Mahesh Chandra Tiwari, Geet Kumar Nagar, Himangshu Kousik Bora, Venkitanarayanan Parameswaran, Sabyasachi Sanyal, Jayesh R. Bellare and Naibedya Chattopadhyay (doi: 10.1002/jbmr.2719).

  9. 基于cookie的精准广告投放技术及其法律边界刍议以朱烨诉百度公司隐私权纠纷为视角%Preliminary Discussion about Technology of Precision Advertising Based on Cookie and it's Legal Boundary——From the Perspective of Zhu Ye v.Baidu Infringement of Privacy Disputes




  10. 英文摘要


    Global Current Account Equilibrium Determination, Sustainability and Adjustment of Imbalance --Literature Review and the Outlook Zhu Chao/Zhang Linjie,Financial System Securitization and the Pro-cyclicality of Financial System Xu Yaping/Lu Yan



    Official Nailed for Corpuption China's biggest corruption scandal involving public pension funds was uncovered and swiftly dealt with, when Zhu Junyi, a senior Shanghai official accused of having misappropriated 3.2 billion yuan in public funds,

  12. An analysis of personality traits of Chinese military medical peacekeepers in Lebanon

    Yu, Ke; Zhang, Yan; Li, Congyang; Wang, Qingsong; Tan, Yingjun; Shao, Yongcong


    In this study the Chinese version of the 16 Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PF; Cattell, Eber, & Tatsuoka, 1970; Dai & Zhu, 1988) was used to investigate the personality traits of 59 Chinese medical peacekeepers in Lebanon...

  13. Immortal Melody


    China celebrates 50 years of the Butterfly Lovers violin concerto The legend of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, known as China’s Romeo and Juliet, has moved generations of Chinese. The doleful and romantic story of

  14. Consistency and Asymptotic Normality of the Maximum Likelihood Estimator in Exponential Family Nonlinear Models%指数族非线性模型最大似然估计的相合性和渐近正态性

    夏天; 孔繁超


    本文我们提出了一些正则条件,这些条件减弱了Zhu and Wei(1997)文的条件.基于所提的正则条件,我们证明了指数族非线性模型参数最大似然估计的相合性和渐近正态性.我们的结果可被认为是Zhu and Wei(1997)工作的进一步改进.%This paper proposes some regularity conditions which weaken those given by Zhu & Wei (1997).On the basis of the proposed regularity conditions,the existence,the strong consistency and the asymptotic normality of maximum likelihood estimation(MLE)are proved in exponential family nonlinear models(EFNMs).Our results may be regarded as a further improvement of the work of Zhu & Wei(1997).

  15. Crossing Musical Boundaries


    Chinese songstress makes major inroads into international music markets Singer Zhu Zheqin (Dadawa) is fly-ing the Chinese music flag high after winning the World Fusion award of the Seventh Independent Music Awards of the United States



    <正>20112705Chen Lin (Earthquake Administration of Fujian Province,Fuzhou 350002, China);Zhu Gengqing Quick Report System of Earthquake Disaster Based on Mobile Short -Message and Automatic Location Technology

  17. A Comprehensive Surface Mount Technology Solution for Integrated Circuits onto Flexible Screen Printed Electrical Interconnects


    16 IV. Surface Mount Technolgy Solution: Methods of Reliability Testing...Rodolfo Milito, Jiang Zhu and Sateesh Addepalli, “Fog computing and its role in the internet of things”, in Proceedings of the MCC workshop on Mobile



    20161126 Ma Zhaoliang(Key Laboratory of Economic Stratigraphy and Palaeogeography,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Nanjing210008,China);Zhu Youhua Quaternary Calcareous Algae from Well Xike-1in Xisha Islands and Its Ecological Function(Earth Sci-

  19. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Spokesman: Local Government to be Rewarded for Eliminating Backward Production Capacity


    @@ On January 27th,the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology spokesman Zhu Hongren revealed that the state will provide financial incentives to local governments who eliminate backward production capacity actively.

  20. The cellular receptors for infectious bursal disease virus



    Dec 29, 2008 ... by blockage of the process. So the interest in .... is necessary as signal molecule for the processes that. Zhu et al. ... (2007) developed the monoclonal antibody against ... made mainly in characterizing the binding properties of.

  1. Contents & Abstracts%Contents & Abstracts


    Corrosion Resistance and Magnetic Properties of Electroless Nanocrystalline Cobalt-Phosphorous Coatings ZHANG Han-zhuo, LIU Lei, SUN Bao-zhu(School of Mechani- cal and Electrical Engineering, Chinese University of Mining and Technology, Xuzhou 221116, China).

  2. Teachers’ Social Status Debated


    Primary and secondary school teachers should be entitled to the same rights as civil servants. That’s the proposal put forward by academician Zhu Qingshi, former president of the Beijing-based University of Science

  3. Multi-Modalities Sensor Science


    portable and high efficiency Raman testing system was developed to distinguish different types of avian influenza viruses. Figure1. SEM of Gold...Current Simultaneously,Physical Review Letters, Volume 113, Issue 20 6). Huilin Zhu, Yuebo Fan , Huan Guo, Dan Huang, and Sailing He, Reduced...enhancement with transformation optics (invited paper)," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 146, 187-194, 2014. 8) H.Zhu, Y. Fan , H. Guo, D

  4. Wooing the Chinese Car-Buyer



    @@ Zhu Ce is a 22-year old salesman at Beijing's largest car market, North Asia Car Market, or Beiya Cheshi (北亚车市). He has been working there a few months, and on average makes about IO sales a month. But Zhu knows next to nothing about cars. He doesn't own one himself, and his employers simply provided him with a small information pamphlet by way of training.

  5. Downturn Risks Loom Large


    @@ Is the world heading for a better year after hitting rock bottom in 2009? Not necessarily.Zhu Min,the outgoing Vice Governor of People's Bank of China,said the world economy's future looks bleak at a financial forum held in Beijing on April11.Zhu is expected to resume his position as a special advisor at the International Monetary Fund(IMF)in May 2010.

  6. 图片新闻(英文)


    <正>CPAPD Senior Advisor Ma Wenpu meets with Mr.Juha-Pekka Vaisanen,Board Member of the Finnish Peace Committee on October 13,2014.CPAPD Secretary General Zhu Rui Meets with Mr.Frank Rose,Deputy Assistant Secretary of the U.S.State Department on December 4,2014.CPAPD Secretary General Zhu Rui Meets with Mr.Alain Noudehou,UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative to China On August 1,2014.

  7. Solid State Ionics Advanced Materials for Emerging Technologies

    Chowdari, B. V. R.; Careem, M. A.; Dissanayake, M. A. K. L.; Rajapakse, R. M. G.; Seneviratne, V. A.


    SiO[symbol]) ceramics via solid state sintering of Zr)[symbol] and SiO[symbol] and the effect of dopants on the zircon yield / U. Dhanayake, B. S. B. Karunaratne. Preparation and properties of vanadium doped ZnTe cermet thin films / M. S. Hossain, R. Islam, K. A. Khan. Dynamical properties and electronic structure of lithium-ion conductor / M. Kobayashi ... [et al.]. Cuprous ion conducting Montmorillonite-Polypyrrole nanocomposites / D. M. M. Krishantha ... [et al.]. Frequency dependence of conductivity studies on a newly synthesized superionic solid solution/mixed system: [0.75AgI: 0.25AgCl] / R. K. Nagarch, R. Kumar. Diffuse X-ray and neutron scattering from Powder PbS / X. Lian ... [et al.]. Electron affinity and work function of Pyrolytic MnO[symbol] thin films prepared from Mn(C[symbol]H[symbol]O[symbol])[symbol].4H[symbol]) / A. K. M. Farid Ul Islam, R. Islam, K. A. Khan. Crystal structure and heat capacity of Ba[symbol]Ca[symbol]Nb[symbol]O[symbol] / T. Shimoyama ... [et al.]. XPS and impedance investigations on amorphous vanadium oxide thin films / M. Kamalanathan ... [et al.]. Sintering and mixed electronic-ionic conducting properties of La[symbol]Sr[symbol]NiO[symbol] derived from a polyaminocarboxylate complex precursor / D.-P. Huang ... [et al.]. Preparation and characteristics of ball milled MgH[symbol] + M (M= Fe, VF[symbol] and FeF[symbol]) nanocomposites for hydrogen storage / N. W. B. Balasooriya, Ch. Poinsignon. Structural studies of oxysulfide glasses by X-ray diffraction and molecular dynamics simulation / R. Prasada Rao, M. Seshasayee, J. Dheepa. Synthesis, sintering and oxygen ionic conducting properties of Bi[symbol]V[symbol]Cu[symbol]O[symbol] / F. Zhang ... [et al.]. Synthesis and transport characteristics of PbI[symbol]-Ag[symbol]O-Cr[symbol]O[symbol] superioninc system / S. A. Suthanthiraraj, V. Mathew. Electronic conductivity of La[symbol]Sr[symbol]Ga[symbol]Mg[symbol]Co[symbol]O[symbol] electrolytes / K. Yamaji ... [et al.] -- pt. II. Electrode materials

  8. On nondecomposable positive definite Hermitian forms over imaginary quadratic fields

    ZHU; Fuzu


    [1]Mordell, L. J., The representation of a definite quadratic form as a sum of two others, Ann. of Math., 937, 38: 75.[2]Erds, P., Ko Chao, On definite quadratic forms, which are not the sum of two definite or semidefinite forms, Acta Arith., 939, 3: 02.[3]Erds, P., Ko Chao, Some results on definite quadratic forms, J. London Math. Soc., 938, 3: 27.[4]Zhu Fu-zu, Construction of nondecomposable positive definite quadratic forms, Sci. Sinica, Ser. A, 987, 30(): 9.[5]Zhu Fuzu, On nondecomposability and indecomposability of quadratic forms, Sci. Sinica, Ser. A, 988, 3(3): 265.[6]Pleskin, W., Additively indecomposable positive integral quadratic forms, J. Number Theory, 994, 47: 273.[7]Zhu Fuzu, An existence theorem on positive definite unimodular even Hermitian forms, Chinese Ann. of Math., Ser. A, 984, 5: 33.[8]Zhu Fu-Zu, On the construction of positive definite indecomposable unimodular even Hermitian forms, J. Number Theory, 995, 30: 38.[9]O'Meara, O. T., Introduction to Quadratic Forms, Berlin, New York: Springer-Verlag, 973.[10]Zhu Fuzu, Construction of indecomposable definite Hermitian forms, Chinese Ann. of Math., Ser. B, 994, 5: 349.[11]Zhu Fuzu, On nondecomposable Hermitian forms over Gaussian domain, Acta Math. Sinica, New Ser., 998, 4: 447.

  9. Fabrication of nanoadjuvant with poly-ɛ-caprolactone (PCL for developing a single-shot vaccine providing prolonged immunity [Corrigendum

    Prashant CK


    Full Text Available Prashant CK, Bhat M, Srivastava SK, et al. Int J Nanomedicine. 2014;9:937–950.On page 937, the author affiliations have been listed incorrectly. The correct author list is as follows:Chandravilas Keshvan Prashant1Madhusudan Bhat2Sandeep Kumar Srivastava2Ankit Saxena3Manoj Kumar4Amar Singh3Mohammed Samim5Farhan Jalees Ahmad6Amit Kumar Dinda21Faculty of Engineering and Interdisciplinary Sciences, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi, India; 2Department of Pathology, 3Department of Transplant Immunology and Immunogenetics, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India; 4Centre for Biomedical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India; 5Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi, India; 6Department of Pharmaceutics, Faculty of Pharmacy, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi, IndiaRead the original article

  10. Prediction of Water Activity for Mixed Aqueous Solutions from the Data of Their Binary Constituent Solutions

    刘艳升; 徐春明; 胡玉峰; 严骏


    The equation of Patwardhan and Kumar for water activities of mixed electrolyte solutions is extended to aqueous solutions containing non-electrolytes. This equation and the linear isopiestic relation are used to predict water activities of 56 ternary aqueous solutions in terms of the data of their binary subsystems. Both equation of Patwardhan and Kumar and the linear isopiestic relation can provide good predictions for water activities of the present 40 electrolyte solutions, and the linear isopiestic relation generally yields better predictions. The predictions of the extended equation of Patwardhan and Kumar and the linear isopiestic relation are in general quite reasonable for the present 8 ternary solutions of electrolytes and non-electrolytes, and the results of the linear isopiestic relation are usually better. The predictions of these two methods generally agree well with the experimental data for the 8 non-electrolyte mixtures being studied, and the linear isoniestic relation is better.

  11. Open Praxis, volumen 0 issue 1

    Editor Open Praxis


    Full Text Available Table of Contents - Providing Effective Feedback Online Zane Berge & Mauri Collins (1-10 - Mobile Technologies and the Future of Global Education Rory McGreal (11-16 - Cross-Border Higher Education through E-Learning: Issues and Opportunities Kumiko Aoki (17-25 - Open and Distance Education in the Global Environment: Opportunities for Collaboration Ellie Chambers (26-33 - Global Trade in Educational Services: Implications for Open and Distance Learning (ODL S. Savithri & K. Murugan (34-44 - Interactive Computer Simulation to Support Teaching of Biology in Distance Learning Basuki Hardjojo, Diki, S. Nurmawati & Susi Sulistiana (45-54 - An Analysis of Learning Styles of Distance Learners at the Institute of Education Development, Universiti Teknologi Mara, Malaysia Syed Jamal Abdul Nasir bin Syed Mohamad, & Ahmad Saat Daud Mohamad (55-61 - Application of Cognitive Dissonance Theory to Reduce Dropouts in Distance Education System G. Radhakrishna & Anurag Saxena (62-66 - Effects of Globalisation on Education and Culture S. Chinnammai (67-72 - Learning Beyond Boundary: The Quest Of a Global Researcher Gomata Varanasi (73-78 - Computer Technology for Literacy and Empowerment of Masses in Developing Countries Piyush Swami & Sasi Benzigar (79-84

  12. All Electric Passenger Vehicle Sales in India by 2030: Value proposition to Electric Utilities, Government, and Vehicle Owners

    Abhyankar, Nikit [Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States); Gopal, Anand R. [Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States); Sheppard, Colin [Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States); Park, Won Young [Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States); Phadke, Amol A. [Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States)


    In India, there is growing interest among policymakers, planners, and regulators for aggressive electrification of passenger vehicles. For example, Piyush Goyal, the Minister of State for India’s Ministry of Coal, Power, New and Renewable Energy, announced an aspirational goal of converting all vehicle sales in India to battery electric vehicles (BEVs) by 2030 (Economic Times, 2016). In 2012, India has already announced the National Mission on Electric Mobility (NMEM) sets a countrywide goal of deploying 6 to 7 million hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) by 2020 (DHI, 2012). A major policy motivation for transport electrification is to reduce India’s oil import dependency. The objective of this paper is to assess the effect of full electrification of vehicle sales in India by 2030 on the key stakeholders such as BEV owners, electric utilities, and the government. Specifically, we attempt to answer the following questions: (a) How does the total vehicle ownership cost of BEVs compare with the conventional vehicles? (b) What is the additional load due BEV charging? (c) What is the impact on the power sector investments, costs, and utility revenue? (d) How can smart BEV charging help renewable energy grid integration? (e) What is the impact on the crude oil imports? (f) What is the impact on the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions?

  13. Quantum Einstein, Bohr and the great debate about the nature of reality

    Kumar, Manjit


    For most people, quantum theory is a byword for mysterious, impenetrable science. And yet for many years it was equally baffling for scientists themselves. Manjit Kumar gives a dramatic and superbly-written history of this fundamental scientific revolution, and the divisive debate at its heart.  For 60 years most physicists believed that quantum theory denied the very existence of reality itself. Yet Kumar shows how the golden age of physics ignited the greatest intellectual debate of the twentieth century.  Quantum sets the science in the context of the great upheavals of the modern age. In 1

  14. Inter-annual variations in wave characteristics off Ratnagiri, Northeast Arabian Sea

    Johnson, G.; SanilKumar, V.; Singh

    . Proc., vol.4; 2015; 25–31 Inter-annual variations in wave characteristics off Ratnagiri, Northeast Arabian Sea Johnson Glejin, Sanil Kumar V*, Jai Singh CSIR-National Institute of Oceanography (Council of Scientific & Industrial Research), Dona....N.B., Singh, J., 2013a. Influence of winds on temporally varying short and long period gravity waves in the nearshore regions of the eastern Arabian Sea, Ocean Sciences 9, 343–353 Glejin J., Sanil Kumar,V. Jai Singh, Balakrishnan Nair,T.N., Mehra P. 2013b...

  15. Variations in swells along Eastern Arabian Sea during the summer monsoon

    Johnson, G.; SanilKumar, V.; Sanjiv, P.C.; Singh; Pednekar, P.S.; AshokKumar, K.; Dora, G.U.; Gowthaman, R.

    Singh, Premanand Pednekar, K. Ashok Kumar, G. Udhaba Dora, Rajamanickam Gowthaman Ocean Engineering, National Institute of Oceanography (Council of Scientific & Industrial Research), Dona Paula, India Email: Received November 26... and T. N. B. Nair, “Waves in Shal- low Water off West Coast of India during the Onset of Summer Monsoon,” Annales Geophysicae, Vol. 28, 2010, pp. 817-824. doi:10.5194/angeo-28-817-2010 [3] V. S. Kumar, J. Singh, P. Pednekar and R. Gowthaman, “Waves...

  16. Spatial and temporal variations of wave energy in the nearshore waters of the central west coast of India

    Amrutha, M.M.; SanilKumar, V.

    . Sanil Kumar Ocean Engineering Division, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research – National Institute of Oceanography (CSIR-NIO), Dona Paula, Goa, 403 004, India Correspondence to: V. Sanil Kumar ( Received: 24 September 2016 – Revised...- tial assessment in the Caribbean Low Level Jet using wave hind- cast information, Appl. Energy, 137, 375–384, 2015. Arinaga, R. A. and Cheung, K. F.: Atlas of global wave energy from 10 years of reanalysis and hindcast data, Renew. Energ., 39, 49– 64...

  17. Why is the Bay of Bengal experiencing a reduced rate of sea surface warming?

    DeMello, J.R.; PrasannaKumar, S.

    . RupaKumar et al. (2002) was the first to show that the Indian Ocean was warming at the rate of 0.5 °C per 100 years, based on the analysis of SST data during 1904 to 1994. Subsequently, Prasanna Kumar et al. (2009) showed that the Arabian Sea... is experiencing a secular warming and a regional climate shift after mid-1990 based on analysis of SST data during 1960 to 2005. However, no such studies on long term variability are available in the case of the BoB. It is in this context that in the present...

  18. Forecasting of onset of southwest monsoon over Kerala coast using satellite data

    RameshKumar, M.R.

    IEEE GEOSCIENCE AND REMOTE SENSING LETTERS, VOL. 1, NO. 4, OCTOBER 2004 265 Forecasting of Onset of Southwest Monsoon Over Kerala Coast Using Satellite Data M. R. Ramesh Kumar Abstract—The Global Precipitation and in situ gauge data have been used.... This is National Institute of Oceanography contribution number 3891. KUMAR: FORECASTING OF ONSET OF SOUTHWEST MONSOON OVER KERALA COAST USING SATELLITE DATA 267 REFERENCES [1] R. Ananthakrishnan and M. K. Soman, “The onset of the south west monsoon over Kerala 1901...

  19. Comparison of long-term variability of sea surface temperature in the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal

    DineshKumar, P.K.; Paul, Y.S.; Muraleedharan, K.R.; Murty, V.S.N.; Preenu, P.N.

    IOD events and colder SST anomaly peaks are associated with negative IOD events. This is in agreement with the studies of Praveen Kumar (2013), who reported negative feedback between net heat flux and SST during IOD events. Similarly, warm SST... anomaly peaks are associated with El Niño and colder SST anomaly peaks are associated with La Niña events, thus ENSO events (El Niño and La Niña) provide positive feedback to the SST (Praveen Kumar, 2013). In Figs. 7 to 10, a steady increase in SST...

  20. Indian Ocean dipole modulated wave climate of eastern Arabian Sea

    Anoop, T.R.; SanilKumar, V.; Shanas, P.R.; Glejin, J.; Amrutha, M.M.

    Kumar, 2014; Sanil Kumar and Naseef, 2015). In the present study, blended data sets of ERA-40 and ERA-I are used only for long-term wind field analysis during positive, negative and neutral IOD years. Since ERA-I is the improved version of ERA-40 (Dee et... al., 2011), we compared ERA-40 with ERA-I during Octo- ber from 1979 to 2001 (Fig. 2). From the analysis, it is clear that the error in ERA-40 compared to ERA-I will not sig- nificantly affect the results when we blend these data sets together...

  1. Slow Growth and Optimal Approximation of Pseudoanalytic Functions on the Disk

    Devendra Kumar


    Full Text Available Pseudoanalytic functions (PAF are constructed as complex combination of real-valued analytic solutions to the Stokes-Betrami System. These solutions include the generalized biaxisymmetric potentials. McCoy [10] considered the approximation of pseudoanalytic functions on the disk. Kumar et al. [9] studied the generalized order and generalized type of PAF in terms of the Fourier coefficients occurring in its local expansion and optimal approximation errors in Bernstein sense on the disk. The aim of this paper is to improve the results of McCoy [10] and Kumar et al. [9]. Our results apply satisfactorily for slow growth.

  2. Materials Research for Advanced Inertial Instrumentation. Task 2. Gas Bearing Material Development.


    AD-RA4e 435 MATERIALS RESEARCH FOR ADVANCED INERTIAL 1/i INSTRUMENTATION TASK 2 GAS BERRI..(U) CHARLES STARK DRAPER LAB INC CAMBRIDGE MR K KUMAR ET...I.25.2 - U-2 1Ŗ AmsaŚ MATERIALS RESEARCH FOR ADVANCE- INERTIAL INSTRUMENTATION TASK 2: GAS BEAR ING MATERIAL F4., FEBRUARY 1984". 414 K . KUMAR...HNEWBORN’ DAS 1 4 -r~ edfor fte Office of N w ta rdv mapch ~~ppr~vedfor public rele..; distribution ea- . . " 0*sinis granted to U.S. Govemn pr~t in

  3. Study on the compatibility of unbleached and bleached bamboo-fiber with LLDPE matrix

    Kumar, S


    Full Text Available for polypropylene (PP). These techniques give fiber bundles which create a problem in dispersion S. Kumar (&) � V. Choudhary Centre for Polymer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110016, India e-mail: R. Kumar CSIR Materials Science and Manufacturing, P.O. Box 1124, Port Elizabeth 6000, South Africa 123 J Therm Anal Calorim DOI 10.1007/s10973-010-0799-4 with polymer matrix while single fiber is desirable for better dispersion. Therefore...

  4. Observations of long-period waves in the nearshore waters of central west coast of India during the fall inter-monsoon period

    Amrutha, M.M.; SanilKumar, V.; Jesbin, G.

    in the in the near shore regions of eastern Arabian Sea. International J of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, 8, 312-319. Glejin, J., Kumar, V.S., Chempalayil, S.P., Singh, J., Pednekar, P., Kumar, K.A., Dora, G.U., Gowthaman, 2012. Variations in swells... Geraldton. Proceedings of the 2009 Pacific Coasts and Ports Conference, Wellington, New Zealand. Mehta, A. V., & Krishnamurti, T. N., 1988. Interannual variability of the 30 to 50 day wave motions. Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan, 66...

  5. Physical control of primary productivity on a seasonal scale in central and eastern Arabian Sea

    PrasannaKumar, S.; Madhupratap, M.; DileepKumar, M.; Gauns, M.; Muraleedharan, P.M.; Sarma, V.V.S.S.; DeSouza, S.N.

    =ISO-8859-1 Physical control of primary productivity on a seasonal scale in central and eastern Arabian Sea SPRASANNA KUMAR,MMADHUPRATAP,MDILEEP KUMAR,MGAUNS, PMMURALEEDHARAN,VVSSSARMA and S N De SOUZA National Institute of Oceanography, Dona Paula... high saline waters from the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea, and the zone of oxygen deficient waters ( 150--1000 m) make the Arabian Sea a unique tropical basin. Plan- kton blooms occur during both summer and winter monsoons and we are only beginning...

  6. The Stability and Dynamics of Optical Waveguides, Lasers, and Amplifiers


    2077-2079 (with Christopher G. Goedde and Prem Kumar). Soliton evolution and radiation loss for the nonlinear Schroedinger equation, Physical Review E...for the nonlinear Schroedinger equation’’, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Annual Meeting, San Diego, California, July 1994. "’Radiation

  7. A Conceptual Framework for Representing Human Behavior Characteristics in a System of Systems Agent-based Survivability Simulation-Intelligent Networks


    notion that due to interactions of multiple behaviors, the resultant system behaviors are non- linear and information flow in the system and their...said to be fully connected. A MANET communication could be explained using its connectivity matrix. Algebraically , the entry of connectivity matrix...2007). Elementary Fuzzy Matrix Theory and Fuzzy Models for Social Scientists. Los Angeles: American Research Press. Venkatraman, S., Kumar

  8. Anisotropic Self-Assembly of Spherical Polymer-Grafted Nanoparticles


    Raghavan, S. R. & Khan, S. A. Thermoreversible gelation in aqueous dispersions of colloidal particles bearing grafted poly(ethylene oxide) chains. J. Rheol...fractal filler networks in rubber. Kautsch. Gummi Kunstst. 50, 282–291 (1997). 47. Salaniwal, S., Kumar, S. K. & Douglas, J. F. Amorphous solidification

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    Kumar, M. Ajay; Srikanth, N. V.


    Paper by M. Ajay Kumar, N. V. Srikanth, et al. "An adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system controlled space cector pulse width modulation based HVDC light transmission system under AC fault conditions" in Volume 4, Issue 1, 27-38/March 2014 doi: 10.2478/s13531-013-0143-4 contains an error in the title. The correct title is presented below

  10. Erratum to Central European Journal of Engineering, Volume 4, Issue 1

    Kumar, M.; Srikanth, N.


    Paper by M. Ajay Kumar, N. V. Srikanth, et al. "An adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system controlled space cector pulse width modulation based HVDC light transmission system under AC fault conditions" in Volume 4, Issue 1, 27-38/March 2014 doi: 10.2478/s13531-013-0143-4 contains an error in the title. The correct title is presented below

  11. Variations in tidal constituents along the nearshore waters of Karnataka, west coast of India

    SanilKumar, V.; Dora, G.U.; Philip, C.S.; Pednekar, P.S.; Singh

    . Coast. Res., vol.27(5); 2011; 824-829 Variations in tidal constituents along the nearshore waters of Karnataka, west coast of India V.Sanil Kumar, G. Udhaba Dora, Sajive Philip, P.Pednekar and JaiSingh Ocean Engineering, National Institute...

  12. Computer simulation of the behaviour of Julia sets using switching processes

    Negi, Ashish [Department of Computer Science and Engineering, G.B. Pant Engineering College, Pauri Garhwal 246001 (India)], E-mail:; Rani, Mamta [Department of Computer Science, Galgotia College of Engineering and Technology, UP Technical University, Knowledge Park-II, Greater Noida, Gautam Buddha Nagar, UP (India)], E-mail:; Mahanti, P.K. [Department of CSAS, University of New Brunswick, Saint Johhn, New Brunswick, E2L4L5 (Canada)], E-mail:


    Inspired by the study of Julia sets using switched processes by Lakhtakia and generation of new fractals by composite functions by Shirriff, we study the effect of switched processes on superior Julia sets given by Rani and Kumar. Further, symmetry for such processes is also discussed in the paper.

  13. Bioelectrocatalyzed Nitrogen Fixation under Standard Conditions


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  14. Surface science tools for nanomaterials characterization


    Fourth volume of a 40volume series on nano science and nanotechnology, edited by the renowned scientist Challa S.S.R. Kumar. This handbook gives a comprehensive overview about Surface Science Tools for Nanomaterials Characterization. Modern applications and state-of-the-art techniques are covered and make this volume an essential reading for research scientists in academia and industry.

  15. Magnetic characterization techniques for nanomaterials


    Sixth volume of a 40 volume series on nanoscience and nanotechnology, edited by the renowned scientist Challa S.S.R. Kumar. This handbook gives a comprehensive overview about Magnetic Characterization Techniques for Nanomaterials. Modern applications and state-of-the-art techniques are covered and make this volume an essential reading for research scientists in academia and industry.

  16. X-ray and neutron techniques for nanomaterials characterization


    Fifth volume of a 40 volume series on nanoscience and nanotechnology, edited by the renowned scientist Challa S.S.R. Kumar. This handbook gives a comprehensive overview about X-ray and Neutron Techniques for Nanomaterials Characterization. Modern applications and state-of-the-art techniques are covered and make this volume an essential reading for research scientists in academia and industry.

  17. Edge-Selectively Functionalized Graphene-Like Platelets as a Co-curing Agent and a Nanoscale Additive to Epoxy Resin


    as Hot Paper. 8. Kumar, N. A.; Choi, H.-J.; Chang, D. W.; Dai, L.; Baek, J.-B. “Covalent grafting of conducting polyaniline /graphene nanocomposite...12. Choi, H.-J.; Jeon, I.-Y.; Kang, S.-W.; Baek, J.-B. “Electrochemical activity of PANi / PANi -g-MWCNT mixture by simple suspension polymerization

  18. A retrospective analysis of acute organophosphorus poisoning ...

    Correspondence to: Dr. M. R. Kumar, Department of Medicine, Narayana Medical College Hospital, ... receive treatment was 5.2 ± 7.4 (range 1-48 h). ... retrospective record-based nature are the major limitations of the present study. There is a ...

  19. Tallinna Visioonikonverents 2010 : Linn ja linnakultuur 22. sajandil


    Tallinna Lauluväljaku ruumides 22. novembril toimunud Tallinna Visioonikonverentsist "Linn ja linnakultuur 22. sajandil", kus arutleti teemal, milline võiks olla Tallinn saja aasta pärast. Konverentsil esinesid Toomas Vitsut, Mart Saarma, Jan Sturesson, Raivo Raave, Satish Kumar, Juhani Pallasmaa ning moderaatoriteks olid Hardo Aasmäe ja Mati Heidmets

  20. Membrane Insertion Profiles of Peptides Probed by Molecular Dynamics Simulations


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  1. Accelerating Biomedical Research in Designing Diagnostic Assays, Drugs, and Vaccines


    environmental samples. Advances Anders Wallqvist, Nela Zavaljevski, Ravi Vijaya Satya, Rajkumar Bondugula, Valmik Desai, Xin Hu, Kamal Kumar, Michael...Contact him at nela Zavaljevski is a research scientist at US DoD Biotechnology HPC Software Applications Institute. CISE-12-5

  2. Assignment Problem for the U.S. Marine Corps: Regional, Culture, and Language Familiarization Program


    allocation problems. Econometrica, 66(3), 689–701 Retrieved from JSTOR -pdf. Abraham, D., Chen, N., Kumar, V...Law & Policy Review, 10(2), 302–315. Retrieved from JSTOR -pdf. Ross, G. T., & Soland, R. M. (1975). A

  3. Tartu Postimehe küsitlus


    Vastus küsimusele: mis on see, mis aitaks teil olukorras, kus Andrus Ansipit toetab 64% tartlastest, tõusta Tartu meeritoolile? Vastavad Ivar Tallo, Malle Salupere, Jüri Kumar, Tõnu Kauba, Teet Jagomägi, Tõnis Lukas. Parlamendisaadik

  4. Applied Stochastic Eigen-Analysis


    Vikramjit Sethi, Prem Kumar, Abhinav Shukla , Amit Hariyani, Darren Greninger, and Elise Ohayon. I value their friendship more than I know how to properly...polynomials in z that are the coefficients of mk . For every z along the real axis, there are at most Dm solutions to the polynomial equation Lmz(m, z) = 0

  5. What Determines Joint Venture Termination?

    Nielsen, Bo Bernhard


    Joint venture (JV) research continues to flourish as researchers seek to advance our understanding of why so many JVs fail. Cui and Kumar (this issue) take a contingency approach to explain how and why business relatedness may provide new insights as to what determines JV termination...

  6. Optimal Control of Objects on the Micro- and Nano-Scale by Electrokinetic and Electromagnetic Manipulation: for Bio-Sample Preparation, Quantum Information Devices and Magnetic Drug Delivery


    encapsulated magnetite core that consists of a fused cluster of single-domain crystals. These magnetic particles were chosen for their size and high magnetic...23: p. 12849-12856. 156. Kumar, R. and S.R. Raghavan, Thermo-thickening in solutions of telechelic associating polymers and cyclodextrins

  7. Transmission electron microscopy characterization of nanomaterials


    Third volume of a 40volume series on nanoscience and nanotechnology, edited by the renowned scientist Challa S.S.R. Kumar. This handbook gives a comprehensive overview about Transmission electron microscopy characterization of nanomaterials. Modern applications and state-of-the-art techniques are covered and make this volume an essential reading for research scientists in academia and industry.

  8. Raman spectroscopy for nanomaterials characterization


    First volume of a 40-volume series on nanoscience and nanotechnology, edited by the renowned scientist Challa S.S.R. Kumar. This handbook gives a comprehensive overview about Raman spectroscopy for the characterization of nanomaterials. Modern applications and state-of-the-art techniques are covered and make this volume essential reading for research scientists in academia and industry.

  9. A Framework for Identifying and Analyzing Major Issues in Implementing Big Data and Data Analytics in E-Learning: Introduction to Special Issue on Big Data and Data Analytics

    Corbeil, Maria Elena; Corbeil, Joseph Rene; Khan, Badrul H.


    Due to rapid advancements in our ability to collect, process, and analyze massive amounts of data, it is now possible for educational institutions to gain new insights into how people learn (Kumar, 2013). E-learning has become an important part of education, and this form of learning is especially suited to the use of big data and data analysis,…

  10. Disease: H00108 [KEGG MEDICUS

    Full Text Available H00108 Autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndromes (ALPS), including the following five diseases...:17162365 (gene) Kumar A, Teuber SS, Gershwin ME. Current perspectives on primary immunodeficiency disease...m L, Nonoyama S, Ochs HD, Puck JM, Roifman C, Seger R, Wedgwood J. Primary immunodeficiency diseases: an upd

  11. Disease: H00098 [KEGG MEDICUS

    Full Text Available H00098 Chronic granulomatous disease, including the following four diseases: X-link...65 Kumar A, Teuber SS, Gershwin ME. Current perspectives on primary immunodeficiency diseases. Clin Dev Immu...ifman C, Seger R, Wedgwood J. Primary immunodeficiency diseases: an update from the International Union of I

  12. Culture-Led Discrepancies and Negotiating Conflicts in Strategic Outsourcing Alliances

    Gammelgaard, Jens; Kumar, Rajesh; Worm, Verner


    such alliances fail. While empirical studies are abundant, theoretical frameworks that explicate the role of national cultural differences in shaping the dynamics of outsourcing alliances are rare. This article builds on Kumar and Nti's (1998) discrepancy model to specify how culture affects the dynamics...

  13. DNS, LES and Stochastic Modeling of Turbulent Reacting Flows


    the analytical results derived by Fendell (1965) via the method of matched asymptotic expansions. A typical DNS scatter plot of the product mass...fields. In Buckmaster, J. D., Jackson, T. L., and Kumar, A., editors, Combustion in High-Speed Flows. in press. Fendell , F. E. (1965). Ignition and

  14. occupational health problems studied among the workers of lime ...


    at Maihar and Jhukehi region of Madhya Pradesh, India. Mahendra Kumar ... eye disorders with 39.08% were ranked the highest, followed by respiratory disorders (20.06%), ... measures like wearing gas mask to prevent toxic compo- nents to ...

  15. A Coverage Dominance Approach for Sensor Deployment Optimization


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  16. Managing Supply Chain Disruptions


    1990), (b) inter- organizational systems ( Fulk & DeSanctis, 1995; Goodhue, Wybom, & Kirsch, 1992; 34 Kumar & van Dissel, 1996), (c) corporate...Contingency Theory and Resource-Based View Perspective and Practical Implications. Industrial Marketing Management, 34(6), pp 555-565. Fulk , J

  17. HCV Co-infection is Associated with Metabolic Abnormalities among ...

    analysis showed there was no relationship between the HIV-HCV co infected ... associated with increased risk of antiretroviral-associated ... presence of interleukin 28 receptor alpha (IL28RA) ..... Kumar R, Singla V, Kacharya S. Impact and management of .... beta cell dysfunction and insulin resistance to the pathogenesis.

  18. JPRS Report, Near East & South Asia.


    Thermal Power Corporation, Korba), Mr Kadiam Murali Krishna (BHEL), Mr Arjun Kumar Singh, Mr P. P. Nayak, Mr S. N. Dewangam and Mr Habil Lakra...government, besides making verbal claims, does not have the serious intention of introducing the Islamic Shariat. The situation has become unbearable for

  19. 1 Water Scarcity in Wetland Area within Kandi Block of West Bengal ...


    An important new study on variability in the ... Annual average rainfall ranges from 1490 mm to 1550 mm. About 82.85% of the total rainfall is recorded within .... ground water balance equation (Kumar & ... from an old survey report (Sen, 1970).

  20. Personality, Drug Preference, Drug Use, and Drug Availability

    Feldman, Marc; Boyer, Bret; Kumar, V. K.; Prout, Maurice


    This study examined the relationship between drug preference, drug use, drug availability, and personality among individuals (n = 100) in treatment for substance abuse in an effort to replicate the results of an earlier study (Feldman, Kumar, Angelini, Pekala, & Porter, 2007) designed to test prediction derived from Eysenck's (1957, 1967)…

  1. Sensor Data Integrity


    Alempijevic, S.R. Kodagoda, J.P. Underwood, S. Kumar, and G. Dissanayake. Mutual information based sensor registration and calibration. In Procedings of...Steven Scheding. Calibration of range sensor pose on mobile platforms. In Procedings of the 2007 IEEE/RSJ Int. Conf. on Intelligent Robots and Systems

  2. New Hires at the National Cancer Institute at Frederick | Poster

    Fifty-one people joined the facility in November and December 2013. The National Cancer Institute welcomes… Emily Boward Emad Darvishi Shuo Gu Sanath Kumar Janaka Robert Kortum Yasmin Lachir Jinbian Liu Yang Liu Eric Ramirez Salazar Brett Shelley Li Xia Jaeho Yoon

  3. Personality, Drug Preference, Drug Use, and Drug Availability

    Feldman, Marc; Boyer, Bret; Kumar, V. K.; Prout, Maurice


    This study examined the relationship between drug preference, drug use, drug availability, and personality among individuals (n = 100) in treatment for substance abuse in an effort to replicate the results of an earlier study (Feldman, Kumar, Angelini, Pekala, & Porter, 2007) designed to test prediction derived from Eysenck's (1957, 1967)…

  4. Field Note: A Disease Specific Expert System for the Indian Mango Crop

    Chakrabarti, Dilip Kumar; Chakraborty, Pinaki


    Mango ("Mangifera indica") is a popular fruit and an important cash crop of southeast Asia. The mango malformation disease has been responsible for the degraded yield of the crop now for a long time (Kumar and Chakrabarti, 1997). The disease is difficult to cure and often takes the shape of an epidemic. Though much study has been done…

  5. A Framework for Identifying and Analyzing Major Issues in Implementing Big Data and Data Analytics in E-Learning: Introduction to Special Issue on Big Data and Data Analytics

    Corbeil, Maria Elena; Corbeil, Joseph Rene; Khan, Badrul H.


    Due to rapid advancements in our ability to collect, process, and analyze massive amounts of data, it is now possible for educational institutions to gain new insights into how people learn (Kumar, 2013). E-learning has become an important part of education, and this form of learning is especially suited to the use of big data and data analysis,…

  6. Fusing Laser Reflectance and Image Data for Terrain Classification for Small Autonomous Robots


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  7. Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of 2-(Aminoacid ester)-3-(6 ...



    Nov 6, 2008 ... ... of 2-(Aminoacid ester)-3-(6-methyl-2-pyridyl)-3,4-dihydro-2H-1,3,285- ... aDepartment of Chemistry, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati 517502, India. bDepartment of Plant .... RESEARCH ARTICLE. M.A. Kumar, K.S. ...

  8. Best practices for learning video concept detectors from social media examples (Author’s Manuscript)


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  9. Field Note: A Disease Specific Expert System for the Indian Mango Crop

    Chakrabarti, Dilip Kumar; Chakraborty, Pinaki


    Mango ("Mangifera indica") is a popular fruit and an important cash crop of southeast Asia. The mango malformation disease has been responsible for the degraded yield of the crop now for a long time (Kumar and Chakrabarti, 1997). The disease is difficult to cure and often takes the shape of an epidemic. Though much study has been done for the…

  10. The Role of the Neurofibromin-Syndecan-Cask Complex in the Regulation of Synlaptic RAS-MAPK Signaling and Denoritic Spine Plasticity


    dendritic spine remodeling using both DG- CA3 explants and CA1/3 slice cultures. With the DG explants, we showed that Nf1+/- also displayed some subtle...or Akt, or treated with upstream activator, BDNF ( Kumar et al., 2005). These novel exciting observations should have important implications for

  11. Real Time Motion Detection Based on the Spatio-Temporal Median Filter using GPU Integral Histograms


    on hierarchical event detection for soccer video indexing,” J. Multimedia, vol. 4, no. 5, pp. 298–312, October 2009. [15] M. H. Kolekar, K. Palaniappan... Springer , 2009, pp. 320–332. [27] S. Mehta, A. Misra, A. Singhal, P. Kumar, A. Mittal, and K. Palaniappan, “Parallel implementation of video surveillance

  12. Transcriptional Regulation of BRCA1


    Ramos , L., Villasenor, M. R., Anders, K. H., Press, M. F., Clarke, K., Karlan, B., Chen, J. J., Scully, R., Livingston, D., Zuch, R. H., Kanter, M. H...Chem 274(44), 3 1297-304 22. Thakur, S., Lin, H. C., Tseng, W. T., Kumar, S., Bravo , R., Foss, F., Gelinas, C., and Rabson, A. B. (1994) Oncogene 9(8

  13. Removal of trichlorophenol from water using Chromolaena odorata


    Nov 22, 2012 ... INTRODUCTION. The pollution of water by ... and Bentonite (2012b; 2012c) as filler in polymeric composites aimed at removing lead ions ... (Kumar et al., 2012), rice husk (Mahvi et al., 2004), sawdust. (Shukla et al., 2002) and ...

  14. Ultrafast Target Recognition via Super-Parallel Holograph Based Correlator, RAM and Associative Memory


    Correlator," Opt. Comm. 88, 309-314 (1992). 11. R. Burzynski, D.N. Kumar, M.K. Casstevens, D. Tyczka, S. Ghosal, P.M. Kurtz, J.F. Weibel , "New... Weibel , "New Photopolymer for Holographic Optical Storage Technology," Proc. SPIE 4087, R.A. Lessard, G.A. Lampropoulos Eds., 741-753 (2000). 12. H.N

  15. Congenital spherocytic anemia

    ... blood cells, spherocytosis Blood cells References Gallagher PG. Red blood cell membrane disorders. In: Hoffman R, Benz EJ Jr, Silberstein LE, ... chap 43. Klatt EC, Kumar V. Hematopathology of red blood cells and bleeding disorders. In: Goldman L, Schafer AI, eds. Goldman's Cecil ...

  16. Prevalence and factors associated with tuberculosis treatment ...


    Mar 1, 2014 ... Method: We conducted a prospective study with TB patients in 40 public health clinics in three districts in South Africa. All .... 28% between the age of 35-44 years and 24% were participants over 45 ..... Munro SA, Lewin SA, Smith HJ, Engel ME, Fretheim ... Vijay S, Kumar P, Chauhan LS, Vollepore BH,.

  17. Human-Swarm Interactions Based on Managing Attractors


    Robotics Science and Systems, Sydney, Australia, June 2012. [14] M. Hsieh, Á. Halász, S. Berman , and V. Kumar. Biologically inspired redistribution of a...particles. Physical Review E, 63(1):017101, 2000. [19] J. Marshall , M. Broucke, and B. Francis. Formations of vehicles in cyclic pursuit. IEEE Transactions

  18. Synthesis, photophysical and preliminary investigation of the dye-sensitized solar cells properties of functionalized anthracenyl-based bipyridyl and phenanthrolyl Ru(II) complexes

    Adeloye, AO


    Full Text Available 12.Wang X F, Fujii R, Ito S, Koyama Y, Yamano Y, Ito M, Kitamura T and Yanagida S 2005 Chem. Phys. Lett. 416 113.Song A, Zhang H, Zhang M and Shen T 1999 Dyes Pigments 42 149 14.Mosurkal R, He J, Yang K, Samuelson L A and Kumar J 2004 J. Photochem...

  19. Some Stochastic Control Problems in Manufacturing, Communications and Computer Systems


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  20. Adaptive Information Processing and Global Optimization


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  1. Stochastic Adaptive Estimation and Control.


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  2. Tallinna Visioonikonverents 2010 : Linn ja linnakultuur 22. sajandil


    Tallinna Lauluväljaku ruumides 22. novembril toimunud Tallinna Visioonikonverentsist "Linn ja linnakultuur 22. sajandil", kus arutleti teemal, milline võiks olla Tallinn saja aasta pärast. Konverentsil esinesid Toomas Vitsut, Mart Saarma, Jan Sturesson, Raivo Raave, Satish Kumar, Juhani Pallasmaa ning moderaatoriteks olid Hardo Aasmäe ja Mati Heidmets

  3. Decentralized Riemannian Particle Filtering with Applications to Multi-Agent Localization


    unscented transform [143], and the re- duced UT [142]. Another alternative is based on Gauss -Hermite quadrature rule and was presented in [125...Information Fusion. 1999. 31. Ben Upcroft, Tobias Kaupp Matthew Ridley Lee-Ling Ong Suresh Kumar Tim Bai- ley Fabio Ramos Salah Sukkarieh, Bertrand

  4. Ruminations of a young man on marriage and dowry.

    Kumar, V


    Most writings on arranged marriage and dowry in India present the woman's perspective and examine these issues in the context of female oppression. This article, based on letters written by a former student at Delhi University to his professor, elaborates the impact on progressive men of traditional social practices. Notable is the necessity for this university graduate to compromise many of his own beliefs in order to maintain ties with his family and community. In his earliest letters, Kumar expressed his intent to refuse dowry, encourage his future wife to reject traditional garb, to share in household chores, and to respect and facilitate his wife's interests and desires. He envisioned a marital relationship based on friendship rather than subordination. To get married on his own terms and without the traditional rituals, Kumar recognized the need for financial independence from his family. Subsequent letter reflect his struggle to implement his marriage ideals yet retain a relationship with his family of origin. Kumar outlines a plan to ask his bride's parents for a fixed deposit, in lieu of dowry, in the girl's name, that can be used to establish a business and ultimately returned to her. He is bothered, however, by the hypocrisy involved in rejecting the traditional dowry yet accepting a cash contribution to compensate for the financial burden incurred by marriage. He further questions his previous commitment to shared household responsibilities, especially if his wife is not qualified to find employment outside the home. While recognizing that traditional sex roles are the major source for women's bondage, Kumar becomes aware of the difficulties of pursuing a nontraditional lifestyle in the absence of widespread social change. When Kumar ultimately marries, as arranged by his family and caste, he finds it impossible to implement his personal commitment to refuse to accept continuing gifts of money and household items from his wife's family without cutting

  5. [Exploration and analysis of the thought of medical education in the Shanghai New Chinese Medical College].

    Li, Ming; Shang, Li; Bing, Shoulan


    Shanghai New Chinese Medical College set up by Zhu Nanshan and his sons, Zhu Xiaonan and Zhu Hegao, was a medical college of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) with the most innovative spirit in modern time. Its affiliated research institute held the principle of "realizing the scientific truth of TCM, training TCM advanced talents", marking the beginning of the pioneering of "scientific TCM". The educational plan, clinical research and academic organization based on "carrying forward the quintessence of Chinese culture, absorbing and digesting the new knowledge" showed a certain influence at home and abroad. The College advocated the combination of communicating with famous physicians and the study of theory, cultivation of students' organization and academic society, launching of journals, and organizing students' research associations was aiming at the satisfaction of the social needs and teaching orientation. Its running experience provided useful reference for modern TCM medical education.

  6. A School on Roof



    March 23, Wednesday, Wuhan. It was a raining and cloudy day. One month passed but still more than 20 students had yet registered in Lingzhi Elementary School in Jianghan District, Wuhan, capital city of central Hubei Province. Zhu Zhongfan habitually looked out to the stairway of the building. “Whenever a new semester begins, a dozen of students will not come. They either go back to their hometowns or transfer to other school or even drop out.” Zhu, 49 years old, is the headmaster of the school. He began teaching at 19 and founded this school in 1999. Currently, there are 406 registered students, most of which are children of migrant workers from the countryside. As it is extremely hard to find a cheap place for school, Zhu had to locate his school on the roof of a vegetable fair building. Everyday, student's reciting of textbooks mixes with shouting of vendors, orchestrating unique symphonic melodies.

  7. A secure smart-card based authentication and key agreement scheme for telecare medicine information systems.

    Lee, Tian-Fu; Liu, Chuan-Ming


    A smart-card based authentication scheme for telecare medicine information systems enables patients, doctors, nurses, health visitors and the medicine information systems to establish a secure communication platform through public networks. Zhu recently presented an improved authentication scheme in order to solve the weakness of the authentication scheme of Wei et al., where the off-line password guessing attacks cannot be resisted. This investigation indicates that the improved scheme of Zhu has some faults such that the authentication scheme cannot execute correctly and is vulnerable to the attack of parallel sessions. Additionally, an enhanced authentication scheme based on the scheme of Zhu is proposed. The enhanced scheme not only avoids the weakness in the original scheme, but also provides users' anonymity and authenticated key agreements for secure data communications.

  8. New construction and ultraconvergence of derivative recovery operator for odd-degree rectangular elements


    [1]Zienkiewicz, O. C., Zhu, J. Z., The superconvergence patch recovery and a posteriori estimates. Part 1: The recovery technique, Int. J. Numer. Methods Engrg., 1992, 33: 1331-1364.[2]Zienkiewicz, O. C., Zhu, J. Z., The superconvergence patch recovery and a posteriori estimates. Part 2: Error estimates and adaptivity, Int. J. Numer. Methods Engrg., 1992, 33: 1365-1382.[3]Zienkiewicz, O. C., Zhu, J. Z., The superconvergence patch recovery (SPR) and adaptive finite element refinement, Comput. Methods Appl. Mech. Engrg., 1992, 101: 207-224.[4]Zienkiewicz, O. C., Zhu, J. Z., Superconvergence and the superconvergent patch recovery, Finite ELEM Anal.Des., 1995, 19: 11-23.[5]Zienkiewiz, O. C., Zhu, J. Z., Wu, J. , Superconvergence patch recovery techniques-some further tests,Commun. Num. Math. Meth. Erg., 1993, 9: 251-258.[6]Zhang, Z. M., Ultraconvergence of the patch recovery technique, Math. Comp., 1996, 65(216): 1431-1437.[7]Zhang, Z. M., Ultraconvergence of the patch recovery technique Ⅱ, Math. Comp., 2000, 69: 141-158.[8]Zhang, Z. M., Zhu, J. Z., Analysis of the superconvergence patch recovery techniques and a posteriori error estimator in the finite element method (Ⅰ), Comput. Methods Appl. Mech. Engrg., 1995, 123: 173-187.[9]Zhang, Z. M., Zhu, J. Z., Analysis of the supencorvergent patch recovery technique and a posteriori error estimator in the finite element method (Ⅱ), Comput. Methods Appl. Mech. Engrg., 1998, 163: 159-170.[10]Zhang, Z. M., Victorg, Jr. H. D., Mathematical analysis of Zienkiewicz-zhu's derivative patch recovery technique, Numer. Methods for PDEs, 1996, 12: 507-524.[11]Zhu, Q. D., Zhao, Q. H., SPR technique and finite element correction, Numer. Math., 2003, 96: 185-196.[12]Lin, Q., Zhu, Q. D., The Preprocessing and Postprocessing for the Finite Element Method (in Chinese), Shang hai: Scientific and Technical Publishers, 1994, 7-109.[13]Wahlbin, L. B., Superconvergence in Galerkin Finite

  9. Design of Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics for Improved Performance


    Hilmas, S. Zhu, J. Ridge, D.G. Fletcher, CO. Asma , O. Chazot, and J. Thomel, "Oxidation of ZrB2-SiC Ultra-High Temperature Ceramic Composites in...American Ceramic Society, elected September 2007 3. Univ. of New Mexico School of Engineering Distinguished Young Alumnus, October 2006 4. Faculty...Verona, Italy. 4. J. Marschall, D.A. Pejakovi, W.G. Fahrenholtz, G.E. Hilmas, S. Zhu, J. Ridge, D.G. Fletcher, CO. Asma , O. Chazot, and J. Thomel

  10. Preeminent Biologist Joins CAS to Lead a New Research Center in Shanghai


    Dr. ZHU Jiankang, an internationally renowned plant cell biologist and member of the US National Academy of Sciences, will work as Director of the Shanghai Center for Plant Stress Biology, which was officially inaugurated on April 28, 2012 in suburban Shanghai. Before he joined CAS through a key talent recruitment program sponsored by the Chinese government called the "Thousand Talents Program", Dr. ZHU had worked for many universities in the world and carried out leading innovative research on genetic and epigenetic mechanisms of plant responses to adverse environments such as salinity, drought and low temperature.

  11. Characterizing R-duality in Banach spaces

    Christensen, Ole; Xiao, Xiang Chun; Zhu, Yu Can


    R-duals of certain sequences in Hilbert spaces were introduced by Casazza, Kutyniok and Lammers in 2004 and later generalized to Banach spaces by Xiao and Zhu. In this paper we provide some characterizations of R-dual sequences in Banach spaces.......R-duals of certain sequences in Hilbert spaces were introduced by Casazza, Kutyniok and Lammers in 2004 and later generalized to Banach spaces by Xiao and Zhu. In this paper we provide some characterizations of R-dual sequences in Banach spaces....

  12. Foreign Students in the Countryside


    ??THE pearl raisers at Shanxiahu Town inZhejiang Province welcomed the two youngCuban women who arrived to leam how toraise artificial pearls by giving each of them aChinese name — Ah Zhen and Ah Zhu (bothmeaning "pearls" in Chinese). Ah Zhen, 30 years old, was a graduatefrom the Oriental University of Cuba with aDoctorate degree in veterinary studies, whileAh Zhu was a 28 year-old graduate fromHavana University with a Doctorate inbiology. The two Cuban women had come toChina to learn the art of artificial pearl raising

  13. Improvements on Analytical Models for IEEE 802. 11e EDCF Differential Services

    Zhang Lianbo; Fang Xuming; Shan Ying


    Zhu introduced typical analytical models to simulate the 802. 11e EDCF channel access protocol. But our analysis indicates that there are some inaccurate derivations in his presentation. This paper intends to improve analytical model with some corrections.Furthermore, for the probability of the channel being busy Pb in Zhu's model, different points and analysis method are proposed.When the network is under saturation condition, the new results about the probabilities of collision and channel busy, transmission probabilities, successful transmission probabilities, throughput and MAC layer latency are presented.

  14. EDITORIAL: Terahertz nanotechnology Terahertz nanotechnology

    Demming, Anna; Tonouchi, Masayoshi; Reno, John L.


    within the THz spectral region providing an additional benefit. His review describes the principle, characteristics, and applications of terahertz molecular imaging, where the use of nanoparticle probes allows dramatically enhanced sensitivity. Jiaguang Han and Weili Zhang and colleagues in China, Saudi Arabia, Japan and the US report exciting developments for optoelectronics [11]. They describe work on plasmon-induced transparency (PIT), an analogue of electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) where interference leads to a sharp transparency window that may be useful for nonlinear and slow-light devices, optical switching, pulse delay, and storage for optical information processing. While PIT has advantages over the cumbersome experimental systems required for EIT, it has so far been constrained to very narrow band operation. Now Zhang and colleagues present the simulation, implementation, and measurement of a broadband PIT metamaterial functioning across a frequency range greater than 0.40 THz in the terahertz regime. 'We can foresee a historic breakthrough for science and technology through terahertz research,' concluded Masayoshi Tonouchi in his review over five years ago as momentum in the field was mounting [12]. He added, 'It is also noteworthy that THz research is built on many areas of science and the coordination of a range of disciplines is giving birth to a new science.' With the inherently multidisciplinary nature of nanotechnology research it is not so strange to see the marriage of the two fields form such a fruitful partnership, as this special section highlights. References [1] Williams B S, Kumar S, Hu Q and Reno J L 2006 High-power terahertz quantum-cascade lasers Electron. Lett. 42 89-91 [2] Köhler R et al 2002 Terahertz semiconductor-heterostructure laser Nature 417 156-9 [3] Mittendorff M, Xu M, Dietz R J B, K¨unzel H, Sartorius B, Schneider H, Helm M and Winnerl S 2013 Large area photoconductive THz emitter for 1.55 μm excitation based on

  15. QTL Information Table: 899 [Q-TARO

    Full Text Available and Zhang, F. (2001). Detection and verification of quantitative trait loci affecting tolerance to low phosphorus in rice. Journal of Plant Nutrition 24, 1399-1408 ... ...between shoot and root RFLP C)Interval RIL ZYQ8 Jingxi 17 C424 G45 pha Ming, F., Zheng, X., Mi, G., Zhu, L.,

  16. Proceedings (1st) of the Topical Meeting on the Microphysics of Surfaces, Beams, and Adsorbates Held in Santa Fe, New Mexico on 4-6 February 1985.


    still in the :H. W. K. Tom. C. M. Mate, X. D. Zhu. J. (’ rowell . T F licin. ( infant stage. It is quite obvious that SHG as a surface spec- Somorjai...surfaces " and interesting effects such lar beam. The molecular beam is crossed at right angles by as rotational rainbows and alignment of rotational

  17. QTL Information Table: 529 [Q-TARO

    Full Text Available RG213 C235 pha Yan, C.J., Liang, G.H., Zhu, L.H., and Gu, M.H. (2000). RFLP analysis on wide compatibility genes in rice variety dular of ecotype aus. Yi Chuan Xue Bao 27, 409-417. ...

  18. Cardiovascular System


    2009428 Association between smoking status at follow-up and clinical outcomes in patients undergoing successful percutaneous coronary intervention. ZHU Zhongyu,et al.Dept Cardiol,Henan Prov People’s Hosp,Zhengzhou 450003.Chin J Cardiol 2009;37(9):777-780. Objective To assess the association between smoking

  19. Synthesis of Freestanding HfO2 Nanostructures


    Tang J, Fabbri J, Robinson RD, Zhu Y, Herman IP, Steigerwald ML, Brus LE: Solid-solution nanoparticles:use of a nonhydrolytic sol-gel synthesis to...colloidal HfO2 nanorods. Adv Mater 2007, 19:2608-2612. Page 21 5. Qiu X, Howe JY, Cardoso MB, Polat O, Heller W: Size control of highly ordered HfO2

  20. Simulation of Geometric Effects on Double-Gate Field Emission Devices


    and Tsung-Yu Yang Department of Electronic Engineering I-Shou University Ta-Hsu Hsiang , Kaohsiung County, Taiwan, R.O.C. ABSTRACT We report a study...1997. 3. Chi-Chang Wang, Jiin- Chuan , Chin-Ming Huang, IVMC󈨤, pp. 557, 1996. 4. Xieqing Zhu and Eric Munro, J. Van. Sci. Technol. B, 7, no 6, pp. 1862

  1. QTL Information Table: 851 [Q-TARO

    Full Text Available D.Y., Chen, R.S., Zhai, W.X., and Zhu, L.H. (2006). Testifying the rice bacteria...ts homolog TFIIAgamma1. Mol Genet Genomics 275, 354-366. ...

  2. Implicit-shifted Symmetric QR Singular Value Decomposition of 3x3 Matrices


    Graph 33, 4, 138:1– 138:11. TREFETHEN, L. N., AND BAU III, D. 1997. Numerical linear algebra , vol. 50. Siam. XU, H., SIN, F., ZHU, Y., AND BARBIČ, J...matrices with minimal branching and elementary floating point operations. Tech. rep., University of Wisconsin- Madison. SAITO, S., ZHOU, Z.-Y., AND

  3. Kolaviron, a biflavonoid complex from Garcinia kola seeds ...


    secretory function of Sertoli cells (Zhu et al., 1997), disrupts the blood-testes .... were examined under a light microscope by a. Histopathologist .... al., 2006) and normal morphology in human and ... involved in the maintenance of normal cell structure and function ... spectroscopy, 'H NMR imaging, and biochemical methods.

  4. Lung infection


    920671 Studies of BAL cells during theairborne Klebsiella pneumoniae infectionin immunocompromised mice. ZHU Ben-hong(朱本洪), et al. Dept Respir Med, XinhuaHosp, Shanghai 2nd Med Univ, 200092. Chin JTuberc & Respir Dis 1992; 15(3): 161-162. We compared immunocompromised mice

  5. Other metabolic derangements


    920636 Bone histology and clinical diagno-stic criteria in aluminum-induced bonedisease. ZHU Jianmin(朱建民), et al. DeptMed, 2nd Affili Hosp, Xian Med Univ, 710061.Chin J Intern Med 1992; 31(7): 413-415. Bone remodeling and aluminum (Al) stainingwere carried out in 429 bone biopsies from patients

  6. The Dollar in Limbo


    The global financial crisis has clouded theworld economy for more than a year. In the UnitedStates, the hardest hit by the financial crisis, 140 bankswent bankrupt this year alone and the unstable U.S.economy has led to a weakened greenback. Zhu Min,Vice Governor of the People’s Bank of China,

  7. A Tentative Analysis on Two Versions of EMMA at the Semantic Level



    Jane Austin has been considered as one of the most distinguished English woman novelists.Among her six completed novels,Emma represents her full achievements.This paper tries to make a tentative analysis at the semantic level on the two versions of Emma,from Zhang Jinghao and Zhu Qingying.

  8. Reference: 686 [Arabidopsis Phenome Database[Archive

    Full Text Available 686 Zhao|Guo Lei|Guo Yan|Schumaker Karen S|Wang Xuechen|Zhang Wenhui|Zhao Jinfeng|Zhao Yang|Zhu Guoli

  9. Notes from Visit to Norway and Germany

    DuanXiumin; ChangJiuqing


    At the invitation of Norway Moral Rearmament (MRA) and German Friedrich-Ebert Foundation (FES), CAFIU delegation headed by Mr. Zhu Dacheng, Vice-President of CAFIU visited Norway and Germany in the middle of May. As a member ofthe delegation,

  10. Empirical analysis of cascade deformable models for multi-view face detection

    Orozco, J.; Martinez, B.; Pantic, M.


    In this paper, we present a face detector based on Cascade Deformable Part Models (CDPM) [1]. Our model is learnt from partially labelled images using Latent Support Vector Machines (LSVM). Recently Zhu et al. [2] proposed a Tree StructureModel for multi-view face detection trained with facial landm

  11. Prevalence of methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase C677T and ...

    Naglaa Raafat AbdRaboh


    Nov 3, 2012 ... C677T and A1298C polymorphisms are risk factor for T2DM in Egyptian patients. Also, the two gene ..... 1995–2025: prevalence, numerical estimates, and projections. Diabetes Care ... 1816–22. [12] Sun J, Xu Y, Zhu Y, et al.

  12. Time Accurate Unsteady Simulation of the Stall Inception Process in the Compression System of a US Army Helicopter Gas Turbine Engine


    and Rick Mulac of AP Solutions. The 1985. contributions of personnel from General Electric Aircraft Chen, J.P., M.L. Celestina , and J.J. Adamczyk, "A...TURBO simulations are also greatly Shabbir, A., J. Zhu, and M. Celestina , "Assessment of Three appreciated. Turbulence Models in a Compressor Rotor

  13. Annual Staunton Hill Conference on China’s People Liberation Army (PLA) (2nd) Held in Staunton Hill, Virginia on September 6 - 8, 1991


    translation. inauthrites n, nd rioitis wre anuere ou in FB1S-CHI-90-240. 37. terms Of Programs and responsibilities. The 14 Hu Changfa . "Uphold FBIS-CHI-91-O55. 25-26; Guo about seven percent in the military budget. From 1980 to 1989. Xiangxing and Zhu Bin, "First Generation Ship-Based



    On the eve of the 60th anniversary of the peaceful liberation of Tibet, Zhu Weiqun, Executive Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, elaborated on the historic importance of the event in an exclusive interview with China Tibet magazine. Excerpts follow:

  15. Systemic and Gene Modified Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy for Metastatic Prostate Cancer


    F, Friedl A, Tutsch K, Dresen A, Geiger P, Pluda J, Fogler W, Schiller JH, Wilding G. Phase I pharmacokinetic and pharma- codynamic study of...Zhu AX, Meyerhardt JA, Heymach JV, Fogler WE, Sidor C, Michelini A, Kinsella K, Venook AP, Fuchs CS. Phase II study of recombinant human endostatin

  16. Reference: 438 [Arabidopsis Phenome Database[Archive

    Full Text Available ity and drought tolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana. 18 6902-12 16943431 2006 Sep Molecular and cellular bio...logy Chen Zhizhong|Gong Zhizhong|Hong Xuhui|Jablonowski Daniel|Ren Xiaozhi|Schaffrath Raffael|Zhang Hairong|Zhou Xiaofeng|Zhu Jian-Kang

  17. Disease: H01014 [KEGG MEDICUS

    Full Text Available n death. Infectious disease Spirometra mansonoides (United States) Spirometra manson... overview. Acta Trop 118:171-6 (2011) PMID:21126898 (desription) Li MW, Song HQ, Li C, Lin HY, Xie WT, Lin RQ, Zhu XQ Sparganosis in mainland China. Int J Infect Dis 15:e154-6 (2011) ...

  18. Evaluation of the effect of horse blood supplemented with human ...

    The study was conducted to evaluate the effect of horse blood supplemented with ..... proportion of lighter pupae (<22 mg) produced by the flies fed human blood .... Vreysen, M.J., Saleh, K.M., Ali, M.Y., Abdulla, A.M., Zhu, Z.R., Juma, K.G., ...

  19. Kinetic Equations for Describing Phosphorus Transport


    @@Studies on kinetics of adsorption and release of phosphorus by soil,a new field in soil chemistry,began only over ten years ago (He et al.,1989; Wang and Zhu,1988;Zhang and Zhang,1991; Lin,1989; Lin and Xue,1989; Jiang,1993; Xue et al.,1995;LU et al.,1997).

  20. Limit points of the monotonic schemes

    Salomon, J


    Many numerical simulations in quantum (bilinear) control use the monotonically convergent algorithms of Krotov (introduced by Tannor), Zhu & Rabitz or the general form of Maday & Turinici. This paper presents an analysis of the limit set of controls provided by these algorithms and a proof of convergence in a particular case.

  1. CAS, Shanghai, Pasteur to Jointly Set Up a New Institute


    @@ An agreement for jointly establishing the CAS Institut Pasteur of Shanghai was signed on August 30 in east China's Shanghai Municipality. Representatives from the collaborative partners, including Shanghai Vice Mayor Yan Junqi, CAS Vice President Chen Zhu and President of Institut Pasteur Philippe Kourilsky witnessed the signing ceremony.

  2. Calibrating and Updating the Global Forest Products Model (GFPM version 2014 with BPMPD)

    Joseph Buongiorno; Shushuai Zhu


    The Global Forest Products Model (GFPM) is an economic model of global production, consumption, and trade of forest products. An earlier version of the model is described in Buongiorno et al. (2003). The GFPM 2014 has data and parameters to simulate changes of the forest sector from 2010 to 2030. Buongiorno and Zhu (2014) describe how to use the model for simulation....

  3. JPRS Report, Soviet Union Political Affairs Soviet Commentary on the 19th Party Conference.


    tific-Production Association " Venta " I. Tumas, painter at the Vilnius City Construction Repair Trust; and V. Zhu- kovskiy, milling machine...general director of the Scientific- Production Association " Venta ," began his statement by replying to a question from the audience about the harm

  4. Coactivator Requirements for Serm Action


    Berns EM, Klijn JG, Beex LV , Foekens Fluge 0, Pergamenschikov A, Williams C, Zhu SX, Lon- JA 2001 Tamoxifen resistance in breast cancer: elucidat- ning...G, Polyak K 2001 A SAGE (serial analysis of T, Kato S, Kawabe Y, Yanagisawa J 2003 Full activation gene expression) view of breast tumor progression

  5. Infectious Disease


    2010162 Kaposi’s sarcoma-associated herpesvirus infection in chronic hepatitis B patients.ZHU Biao(朱彪),et al.State Key Lab,Infect Dis Center,1st Affil Hosp,Med Coll,Zhejiang Univ,Hangzhou 320003.Chin J Infect Dis 2010;28(2):86-88.



    20160004 Chen Liangjin(Key Laboratory of Marine Chemistry Theory and Technology,Ministry of Education,College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,Ocean University of China,Qingdao 266100,China);Zhu Maoxu Speciation of Organic Sulfur in Inner

  7. 78 FR 59662 - Annual Public Meeting of the Interagency Steering Committee on Multimedia Environmental Modeling


    ... meeting facility is wheel-chair accessible. Please allow time to register with U.S. NRC security on the... of intent to attend the meeting may be emailed to: Dr. Ming Zhu, ISCMEM Chair, U.S. Department of.... Proposed Agenda: The ISCMEM Chair will open the meeting with a brief overview of the goals of the MOU...

  8. 77 FR 61748 - Annual Public Meeting of the Interagency Steering Committee on Multimedia Environmental Modeling


    ... wheel-chair accessible. Please allow time to register with building security and bring two photo ID's... emailed to: Dr. Ming Zhu, ISCMEM Chair, U.S. ] Department of Energy, Office of Environmental Management... technological advancements in multimedia environmental modeling. Proposed Agenda: The ISCMEM Chair will open...

  9. Sino-Japanese Teamwork Probes Environment Changes on Tibetan Plateau


    @@ With the support of a CAS project on Holocene environmental changes and their influences on the ecosystem of the Tibetan Plateau, a research group headed by Prof. Zhu Liping from the CAS Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research and their Japanese collaborators carried out a field survey in Puma Yumco area on the Tibetan Plateau from September 8 to 20.



    8.1 Heart failure2003191 Carvedilol in chronic heart failure:a single-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial. ZHU Wen-ling(朱文玲).Dept Cardiol, PUMC Hosp, PUMC & CAMS, Beijing 100730. Chin J Cardiol 2003;31(1):7 -10.

  11. Explosives Detection in a Lasing Plasmon Nanocavity


    2014; published online 20 July 2014 References 1. Peng, G. et al. Diagnosing lung cancer in exhaled breath using gold nanoparticles. Nature Nanotech . 4...Zhu, J., Kim, W. & Yang, L. Detecting single viruses and nanoparticles using whispering gallery microlasers. Nature Nanotech . 6, 428–432 (2011). 22

  12. Endometase in Androgen-Repressed Human Prostate Cancer


    M.; Kachman, M. T.; Wang, H. X.; Gong, S. Y.; Yan, F.; Hamler, R. L.; O’Neil, K. A.; Zhu, K.; Buchanan, N. S.; Barder , T. J. Two-dimensional liquid...F.; Subramanian, B.; Nakeff, A.; Barder , T. J.; Parus, S. J.; Lubman, D. M. A comparison of drug-treated and untreated HCT- 116 human colon

  13. Assessment of rice genotypes for salt tolerance using microsatellite ...



    Mar 18, 2008 ... G. Mohammadi-Nejad1, A. Arzani1*, A. M. Rezai1, R.K. Singh2 and G. B. Gregorio2 ... (Yang et al, 1994; McCouch et al, 1997, Garland et al,. 1999). ..... Ren ZH, Gao JP, Li GL, Cai XL, Huang W, Chao DY, Zhu MZ, Wang.

  14. The Goldfish over the Rainbow

    Aguiar, Carlos E.; Santos, Antonio, C. F.; Lopes, Eric B.; Santos, Walter S.


    A goldfish isn't always visible inside its fishbowl. If the fish gets sufficiently close to the bowl glass, it will disappear for certain angles of observation. In a recent paper in this journal, Zhu and Shi explained the effect in terms of total internal reflection. We show in what follows that the phenomenon involves some richer optics: a…

  15. "The Source of Learning Is Thought" Reading the "Chin-ssu lu" (???) with a "Western Eye"

    Reichenbach, Roland


    The contribution focuses on Neo-Confucian texts as collected by Zhu Xi (?? 1130-1200) and Lü Zuqian (1137-1181) and is a look from the "outside", from the perspective of German theories of Bildung ("self-cultivation"). It aims at demonstrating that among other insights that today's readers may gather from Neo-Confucian…

  16. QTL Information Table: 188 [Q-TARO

    Full Text Available 30 RZ801 pha Cao, G.Q., Zhu, J., He, C.X., Gao, Y.M., and Wu, P. (2001). QTL analysis for epistatic effects ...and QTL x environment interaction effects on final height of rice (Oryza sativa L.). Yi Chuan Xue Bao 28, 135-143. ...

  17. Therapeutic Strategies against Cyclin E1-Amplified Ovarian Cancers


    presentations 1. Zhu H, Bengsch F, Svoronons N, Rutkowski MR, Bitler BG, Allegrezza MJ, Yokoyama Y, Bradner JE, Conejo -Garcia JR, Zhang R...Lee JH, Kossenkov AV, Wu S, Wickramasinghe JM, Yin X, Palozola KC, Gardini A, Showe LC, Zaret KS, Liu Q, Speicher D, Conejo -Garcia JR, Bradner JE

  18. Evidence of Probabilistic Behaviour in Protein Interaction Networks


    cerevisiae by mass spectrometry. Nature 2002, 415(6868):180-183. 6. Zhu H, Bilgin M, Bangham R, Hall D, Casamayor A, Bertone P, Lan N, Jansen R, Bidlingmaier...Doucette-Stamm L, Gunsalus KC, Harper JW, Cusick ME, Roth FP , Hill DE, Vidal M: A map of the interactome network of the metazoan C. elegans

  19. Sporadic SICs and the Normed Division Algebras

    Stacey, Blake C.


    Symmetric informationally complete quantum measurements, or SICs, are mathematically intriguing structures, which in practice have turned out to exhibit even more symmetry than their definition requires. Recently, Zhu classified all the SICs whose symmetry groups act doubly transitively. I show that lattices of integers in the complex numbers, the quaternions and the octonions yield the key parts of these symmetry groups.

  20. Company Leaders To Inspect Service Work


    <正>Wu Nianzu, Party secretary, chairman and president of the Shanghai Airport Group Company, inspected the service work at Pudong Airport on August 28.A forum on service work was held with more than 90 persons attending, including Cao Huifang, general manager of the Shanghai Airport Co Ltd, and Zhu Jiyu, Party secretary of the company.

  1. Peptides as catalysts in the RNA world

    Wieczorek, Rafal; Dörr, Mark; Luisi, Pier Luigi

    , Stano P, Luisi PL. (2009) Ser-His catalyses the formation of peptides and PNAs. FEBS Lett. 583(1):153-6. Li Y, Zhao Y, Hatfield S, Wan R, Zhu Q, Li X, McMills M, Ma Y, Li J, Brown KL, He C, Liu F, Chen X. (2000) Dipeptide seryl-histidine and related oligopeptides cleave DNA, protein, and a carboxyl...

  2. Genetically Engineered Autologous Cells for Antiangiogenic Therapy of Breast Cancer


    Separating viral genes on two different plasmids. J. Virol. 62: 1120-1124. 33. Hasler , A.H., and Giger, U. (2000). Polycythemia. In Textbook of...Kenzaburo Toni Reconstitution Carol H, Miao, Qili Zhu, Ling Zhou, Stephanie Humblet- 911 Baron, Datien Lin, Donald B. Kohn, Fabio Candotti, MHC Class

  3. Soft Bamboo: Calling for an Industrial Integration

    Wang Ting


    @@ On August 29-31, the First YunZhu Cup China Bamboo Fiber Industrial Development Summit, organized by the China Knitting Industrial Association, the China Textile Engineer Institute and the China Textile Resources PuDong Ltd, China Chemical Fiber Economic Information Network, was held in Shanghai, aiming to promote the communication and development of Chinese bamboo fiber industry.

  4. 完形填空四则(英文)

    姜红伟; 董文灿


    (A) Hi, everyone! My name sub>1sub> Zhang Jian. sub>2sub> English name is Emily. I’m twelve. sub>3sub> a happy girl. I’m in Tianxingqiao Middle School. I like drawing. How sub>4sub> you? My English teacher is Miss Zhu. sub>5sub> is a good teacher.

  5. Veterans' Gathering for Choosing Milestone-makers in the 60 Years' DEVELOPMENT OF SHIPPING INDUSTRY


    @@ The two-day Symposium on the Milestone-Makers in China's 60 Years of Shipping Industry was convened as planned in the beautiful ancient town of ZhuJiajiao in Shanghai.Over 30 authorities attended the symposium including the former Minister of Communications and current Chairman of China Communications and Transportation Association(CCTA)Mr.

  6. Rapid Naming Speed and Chinese Character Recognition

    Liao, Chen-Huei; Georgiou, George K.; Parrila, Rauno


    We examined the relationship between rapid naming speed (RAN) and Chinese character recognition accuracy and fluency. Sixty-three grade 2 and 54 grade 4 Taiwanese children were administered four RAN tasks (colors, digits, Zhu-Yin-Fu-Hao, characters), and two character recognition tasks. RAN tasks accounted for more reading variance in grade 4 than…

  7. My Classroom: China

    Gordon, Rebekah


    This article describes the teaching practice of two senior high school English teachers, Yu Huang and Yu Zhu. Their school is in Hezhang County--the No. 2 Middle School in the province of Guizhou. In China, most middle schools consist of six grades of students; the first three years are considered junior middle school and the latter three years…



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  9. MRSA

    Ilse Wittig


    Apr 24, 2013 ... Manumycin from a new Streptomyces strain shows antagonistic effect ... cancer cell lines (A549 from lung, HepG2 from liver, MCF-7 from breast, and .... Zhou JM, Zhu XF, Pan QC, Liao DF, Li ZM, Liu ZC (2003). Manumycin.

  10. QTL Information Table: 678 [Q-TARO

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  12. QTL Information Table: 181 [Q-TARO

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  14. The Flynn Effect and Its Critics: Rusty Linchpins and "Lookin' for g and Gf in Some of the Wrong Places"

    McGrew, Kevin S.


    The consensus of most intelligence scholars is that the Flynn effect (FE) is real, IQ test batteries are now routinely restandardized on a regular basis. A cornerstone in Flynn's explanation of the FE is his analysis of select Wechsler subtest scores across time. The featured articles by Kaufman and Zhou, Zhu, and Weiss question whether Flynn's…

  15. Choosing the best endpoint

    Christensen, Erik


    Design and endpoints of clinical trials in hepatocellular carcinoma. Llovet JM, Di Bisceglie AM, Bruix J, Kramer BS, Lencioni R, Zhu AX, Sherman M, Schwartz M, Lotze M, Talwalkar J, Gores GJ; for the Panel of Experts in HCC-Design Clinical Trials. The design of clinical trials in hepatocellular c...

  16. China Report, Economic Affairs, No. 353


    Influence, by Yao Yi, Lu Changhong Demand for.Steel Handsaws Noted (Chen Zhenji, Zhu Tianshe; SHICHANG TIAOJIE, l£ May 83) 21; Production, Sales...OOOl/ and Lu Changhong /4~151 2490. 13477« "We are Hoping that_Locallyr-Manufactu’red ’-Walking Tractors’-’ will be a Reality In the Countryside

  17. Further notes on Chinese Cordulegastridae (Insecta: Odonata: Anisoptera)

    Pelt, van G.J.


    After the description of new species of Cordulegastridae from China by Zhou (1988) and Zhu & Han (1992), additional specimens have been described by van Pelt (1993) and Lohmann (1993). In this paper additional material of Anotogaster cornutifrons Lohmann, 1993, is reported upon. Neallogaster lieftin

  18. Inspired Violinist Yu Lina


    YU Lina is a famous Chinese violinist and a professor at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. In 1959, she became famous when she collaborated with classmates He Zhanhao and Chen Gang from the Conservatory on a violin concerto called "Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai" which is based on a well-known folk tale.~* The concerto combined Shaoxing opera and Western-style music.

  19. Blood pressure and atherosclerosis


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