Sample records for zhong lizhu zhou

  1. 周仲瑛教授临床应用苍耳草经验%Professor ZHOU Zhong-ying's clinical experience in using of Xanthium grass



    The clinical experience from ZHOU Zhong-ying in using Xanthium grass to treat with dozens of diseases was introduced .such as allergic rhinitis, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, henoch-schonlein purpura nephritis, neurodermitis, and so on.This experience was then analyzed, and showed that professor ZHOU using Xanthium grass not only stressed getting rid of restrictions of names of disease and basing on the flexibility of differential treatment, but also valued the principle of clear and rigorous indication.The indication is that: Xanthium grass can be used in the diseases that locaion is the lung and liver, features wind-heat, symptom pruritus, pathology irritability; while characteristic deficiency-cold, location inside should be cautious.%通过典型病例,分别介绍了周仲瑛教授应用苍耳草治疗过敏性鼻炎、哮喘、类风湿性关节炎、溃疡性结肠炎、紫癜性肾炎、神经性皮炎等病症的经验;然后对这些经验进行了总结分析,指出周教授临床应用苍耳草,既强调不拘病名、辨证论治的灵活性,又重视指征明确、不能随意的原则性.其应用苍耳草的指征是:病位在肺肝,病性属风热,病症为瘙痒,病理为过敏.而病性属虚、属寒,病位在里者则当慎用.

  2. 周仲瑛教授防治病毒感染性疾病学术思想探析(二)%On Academic Thought of Professor ZHOU Zhong-ying About Preventing and Treating Virus-infected Disease Ⅱ

    郭立中; 金妙文; 王志英; 周学平; 叶放; 朱垚; 金路; 李柳


    国医大师周仲瑛教授根据传染性非典型肺炎(SARS)具有潜伏期、病情重、传变快、成年人多发等特点,认为该病是先有伏毒在肺,后因新感而引发,并按三焦传变分为早、中、极、恢复期等4期进行辨治.对甲型H1N1流感的预防,周老提出重在芳香宣透、辟秽化浊,并分为大众及密切接触者2个层次,分别采用中药香囊及汤剂区别对待.%According to the characteristics of Severe acute respiratory syndromes (SARS) like incubation period, heavy condition, fast progressing and adult attack, Professor ZHOU Zhong-ying holds the opinion that it is due to latent pathogens in lung, caused by new exopathogenic invasion, and develops through triple energizers. He diagnoses this disease according to early, intermediate, advanced and recovery stages. For the prevention of Pandemic influenza A (N1H1), Professor ZHOU Zhong-ying lays emphasis on removing dampness and regulating qi with fragrant herbs. Meanwhile, the public and close contacts are treated with TCM sachet and decoction respectively.

  3. Data mining analysis of medical record of large samples ‘blood stasis and heat' raised by professor ZHOU Zhong-ying%基于周仲瑛教授大样本“瘀热”病案数据挖掘分析研究报告

    叶放; 李国春; 沈波; 金路; 周学平; 吴勉华


    Objective: Exploring the clinical experience of refractory disease from large sample of 'blood stasis and heat' medical record by Chinese medicine Master Professor ZHOU Zhong-ying. Methods: 1024 cases of "blood stasis and heat" medical record were selected from 5005 cases treated by Professor ZHOU Zhong-ying, blood stasis and heat medical record database was established. Four diagnostic information, pathogenesis elements, herbs were analyzed. Results: ①incidence of blood stasis and heat pathogenesis was 20.1%, 160 kinds of diseases of internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, paediatrics were involved. ② pathogenesis of blood stasis and heat is characterized by mouth dry, dry stool, fatigue, dark urine, hypochondriac pain, abdomen bloating, dizziness, joint discomfort, etc. (more than 11%). ③pathological factors is characterized by heat, blood stasis, blood stasis and heat (more than 50%), disease location, mainly by liver, kidney, all internal organs involved. ④recipe of cooling blood and resolving stasis is characterized by rhino horn Rehmanniae decoction, peach kernel decoction, didang decoction, Bai Wei decoction. Conclusion: Pathogenesis of 'blood stasis and heat' can be presented in many difficult cases, clinical information representation can be found, it may often associated with other complex pathogenesis, such as Yin-deficiency.%目的:通过大样本病案分析总结、整理国医大师周仲瑛教授从“瘀热”论治内科难治性疾病的临床经验.方法:从周仲瑛教授经治的6005例临床病案中选择“瘀热”病案1024例,建立“瘀热”病案数据库,从瘀热相关四诊信息、病机证素、方药3个方面进行总结分析.结果:①“瘀热”病机在临床病案中出现率为20.8%,涉及内外妇儿等科160种疾病;②瘀热病机信息表征依次是口干、便干、乏力、尿黄、胁痛、神疲、腹胀、头昏、关节不适等(均超过11%);③涉及病理因素以热、瘀、

  4. Clinical Thoughts and Experiences of Treating Epididymitis and Orchitis from Stasis and Heat——Application of Professor ZHOU Zhong Ying's Blood Stasis and Heat Pathology Theory in Treatment of Andrology Diseases%从瘀热辨治子痈的临证思路与经验——周仲瑛教授瘀热病机男科运用

    王浩; 薛建国


    国医大师周仲瑛教授结合多年的临床经验对“瘀热”病机理论进行较为系统的论述.在周仲瑛教授指导下,通过文献分析,结合临床实践,初步探讨子痈瘀热的病机概念、临床表现、辨证思路、组方用药特点,并举案例说明,以更好丰富“瘀热”理论,也为子痈的辨证施治提供新的思路.%Based on years of clinical experience,the Chinese medicine great master ZHOU Zhongying has created a systematic pathogenesis theory of "blood stasis and heat".Under the guidance of Professor Zhou's theory,through analysis of the relating literature,and combined with the clinical practice,this paper discusses the pathogenesis,clinical manifestations,thoughts of differentiation and medication characteristics of blood stasis and heat in epididymitis and orchitis,with a case for illustration.It enriches the theory of "blood stasis and heat" and provides new insights for the treatment of epididymitis and orchitis based on syndrome differentiation.

  5. Later Zhou Sejong's Cultural Policy

    PAN Qing


    Sejong wanted to stabilize the control. He paid attention to strengthen cultural enlightenment and implement cultural policy from educating people, choosing capable person, repairing history, limiting Buddhism, respecting Confucianism and other aspects. The wind of literature rise gradually. It is conducive to research the developmental trajectory of Later Zhou Dynasty.

  6. Zhou Fohai:Changeable Life


    <正>As we know,Zhou Fohai had changed his identity for three times in his life.He was once an representative of"first national congress"of CPC and deputy secretary;in 1924,he withdrew from CPC,and became trusted follower of Jiang Kai-shek and"NO 1 Central Committee"in Kuomintang;during anti-

  7. Individual Differences in Zhong-Yong tendency and Processing Capacity

    Ting-Yun eChang


    Full Text Available The present study investigated how an individual’s Zhong-Yong tendency is related to his/her perceptual processing capacity. In two experiments, participants completed a Zhong-Yong Thinking Style Scale and performed a redundant-target detection task. Processing capacity was assessed with a nonparametric approach (systems factorial technology, SFT and a parametric (linear ballistic accumulator model, LBA approach. Results converged to suggest a positive correlation between Zhong-Yong tendency and processing capacity. High middle-way thinkers had larger processing capacity in multiple-signal processing compared with low middle-way thinkers, indicating that they processed information more efficiently and in an integrated fashion. Zhong-Yong tendency positively correlates with the processing capacity. These findings suggest that the individual differences in processing capacity can account for the reasons why high middle-way thinkers tend to adopt a global and flexible processing strategy to deal with the external world. Furthermore, the influence of culturally dictated thinking style on cognition can be revealed in a perception task.

  8. Bronze Inscription Calendar and Western Zhou Kings' Reigns

    张长寿; 莫润先


    In the inscriptions of Western Zhou bronzes there are quantities of calendrical data recording years, months and days. Of them are those completely indicating the year of king's reign, the moon, the lunar phase, and the day designated by the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches system. These records are of great significance to studying the Western Zhou calendar, establishing the bronze inscription calendar, and identifying the reigning years of the Western Zhou kings.

  9. On Zhong: A Way of Understanding Justice%原中——正义理论的一条进路



    In Chinese ancient political discourse, "Zhong" is an equivalent word for "justice" . The re- search on "Zhong" offers a way of understanding justice in Chinese political thought. "Zhong" is the fundamental principle and methodology of political governance which is highly valued and even becomes political testament on the date of leadership succession. As an inheritor and disseminator of traditional culture, the Confucian inherits guidance line of "Zhong" . By maintaining rites of the Zhou Dynasty, the Confucian upholds distributive justice. By inheriting and developing traditional people-oriented thought, the Confucian puts forward humaneness as inner spirit of rites to solve the problem of com- pensatory justice. Thus, the basic position and fundamental thought on political justice is constructed.%在中国古代政治语汇中,相当于“正义”一词的是“中”。对“中”的考察是了解中国古代政治正义思想的一条进路。“中”是政治的根本原则和宏观方法论,在古代政治生活中受到高度重视,甚至是政权交接时一再作为政治遗嘱传授和告诫的治国要领。儒家继承了传统政治文化,秉承了“中”的指导思想。儒家以维护周礼来维护“分配正义”,并从周礼中提炼出“仁”的精神,贯彻到解决“校正正义”的君民关系中,继承和发扬了古代政治传统中的民本思想,由此形成了中国政治正义的基本立场和基本思想。

  10. The ontologicalization of .the Confucian concept of Xin Xing: Zhou Lianxi's founding contribution to the Song-Ming Neo-Confucianism


    The Confucian concept of "cheng" (integrity) emphasizes logical priority of value realization over "zhen shi" (reality or truth).Through value realization and the completion of being,zhenshi can be achieved.Cheng demonstrates the original unity of value and reality.Taking the concept of cheng as the core,Zhou Lianxi's philosophy interpreted yi Dao (the Dao of change),and integrated Yi Jing (The Book of Changes) and Zhong Yong (The Doctrine of the Mean).On the one hand,it ontologicalized the Confucian concept of xin xing (mind nature),and proved and established the significance of Dao ti(the ontological Dao) as the principle and origin of the utmost goodness.On the other hand,it also extended the significance of value realization to the process of qi hua (transformation of qi) and transformation of myriad things.He proved li yi (the One Principle) of Dao ti from its many manifestations and established his own metaphysical system.Zhou Lianxi's philosophy sets up a new theoretical direction for the Song-Ming Confucians to reconstruct Confucian Metaphysics.

  11. [The essence of Professor Wu Lian-Zhong's acupuncture manipulation].

    Liu, Jing; Guo, Yi; Wu, Lian-Zhong


    The painless needle insertion technique, summarized by Professor WU Lian-zhong during his decades of acupuncture clinical practice is introduced in this article, which is characterized as soft, flexible, fast, plucking and activating antipathogenic qi. The Sancai (three layers) lifting and thrusting manipulation technique is adopted by Professor WU for getting the qi sensation. And features of 10 kinds of needling sensation such as soreness, numbness, heaviness, distension, pain, cold, hot, radiation, jumping and contracture are summarized. Finger force, amplitude, speed and time length are also taken as the basis of reinforcing and reducing manipulations. Moreover, examples are also given to explain the needling technique on some specific points which further embodies Professor WU's unique experiences and understandings on acupuncture.

  12. The new Weibo service for company Ju Zhou Kan

    Wang, Chen


    The purpose of this thesis is creating a new Weibo service of Company Ju Zhou Kan. Company Ju Zhou Kan is a real estate magazine company. In order to give a suitable service for the case company, first is to analyze the company competitive and to get the shortages of the company. Second is the theoretical support of social media and Weibo. Third is to find out factors influenced Weibo in the external and internal environment of Kunming. Last is to confirm the new Weibo service and implement W...

  13. Prof.Zhou Yiqiang'S Experience in Treatment of Lung Cancer

    范宏宇; 王黎军


    @@ Bronchogenic carcinoma, the dominant form of malignant lung cancers, refers to canceration of the bronchial mucosa. Prof. Zhou accumulated a wealth of experience in treating complicated diseases with TCM measures and was especially skillful in treating lung cancers. His understandings about the art of treating lung cancers often brought about excellent results.

  14. Filming the Margin of Society——Chengdu through the lens of independent filmmaker Chen Zhong



    Regarded as the first independent filmmaker in Sichuan, Chen Zhong madeh is debut movie "Love Poems" in his hometown, soon after receiving his MFA on film from Temple University in the United States. The love story, set in Chengdu, perfectly captures the lifestyle of urban poor in the margins of Chinese society.

  15. The therapeutic effects of Sheng Jing Zhong Zi Tang in treating male infertility.

    Yang, B; Zhang, C; Du, L; Xue, W; Zou, P


    Eight-seven cases of male infertility due to spermatopathy were treated with Sheng Jing Zhong Zi Tang (SJZZT [symbol: see text]) for 1-3 courses. The total effective rate was 95.40% (83/87). 56.32% (49/87) of their spouses got pregnant and the semen quality was markedly improved (P cortisol (C).

  16. Yun Zhong Jun and Da Si Ming(Deity of Clouds and Great Master of Fate)


    Artistic Value: Yun Zhong Jun and Da Si tiling was created in 1954. Fu Baoshi started painting figures after his relocation to Sichuan Province in the 1930Sl He was less prolific in this genre than in landscapes, but nevertheless developed and retained a distinctive style,Extensively cultured in Chinese history and dassical iterature,

  17. A Preliminary Study of the Western Zhou Building Foundations at Yuntang in Fufeng, Shaanxi

    徐良高; 王巍; 丁晓雷


    From autumn 1999 through the year 2000, Zhouyuan Archaeological Team excavated a set of Western Zhou building foundations, which was well preserved and uniquely designed. It is significantly valuable for the research on the ritual system of the Western Zhou Dynasty. We here by try to make a preliminary study on its structure and function with reference of historical literature.

  18. Application of Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang According to TCM Differentiation of Syndromes



    @@ Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang (补中益气汤Decoction for Reinforcing the Middle-jiao and Replenishing Qi) is an effective formulated recipe commonly used for treating a variety of diseases with the manifestations of kidney-qi deficiency. In my opinion, however, it is also very effective for the conditions of which the symptoms of kidney-qi deficiency is not noticeable, but its mechanism lies in dysfunction of the spleen. The following are some examples.

  19. [Clinical study on professor Wu Lian-zhong's experience in acupuncture treatment for facial paralysis].

    Tang, Yan; Zheng, Li-juan; Yin, Li-li


    This paper introduce the professor WU Lian-zhong's clinical experience in acupuncture treatment for facial paralysis. Professor WU emphasizes the treatment based on syndrome differentiation. The appropriate theory, method, prescription and acupoints should be applied according to observing the subtle details of syndromes and differentiating the state of diseases development, so as to obtain effectiveness, to shorten the duration of treatment course and to reduce sequelae. The concrete methods of prognosis diagnosis for facial paralysis and three effective cases are introduced.

  20. Complete solution to a conjecture of Zhang-Liu-Zhou

    Mostafa Tavakoli


    Full Text Available Let dn;m = 2n+1 and En;m be the graph obtained from a path Pdn;m+1 = v0v1:::vdn;m by joining each vertex of Kn by joining each vertex of Kn. Zhang, Liu and Zhou [On the maximal eccentric connectivity indices of graphs, Appl. Math. J. Chinese Univ., in press] conjectured that if dn;m > 3, then En;m is the graph with maximal eccentric connectivity ndex among all connected graph with n vertices and m edges. In this note, we prove this conjecture. Moreover, we present the graph with maximal eccentric connectivity index among the connected graphs with n vertices. Finally, the minimum of this graph invariant n the classes of tricyclic and tetracyclic graphs are computed.

  1. A Survey of the Xia-Shang-Zhou Chronology Project

    Xi Zezong


    @@ Ⅰ. Goals In connection with the history of science, the XiaShang-Zhou Chronology Project is one of the important projects of the National Key Science and Technology Research and Development Programme of the Ninth Five-Year Plan. It officially began in May 1996.After five years of effort by more than 200 scholars and experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences,the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Peking University and other institutions, the project has attained its goal. The general goal of the project is to establish a chronological table for the three dynasties by means of combining the humanities and social sciences with the natural sciences. The concrete goals for different historical periods are:

  2. 钟惺品评《左传》%Zhong Xing’ s Review of Zuo Commentary



    Keen on history, Zhong Xing made a comprehensive review of Zuo Commentary in terms of history and literature. Through his review, Zhong Xing emphasized the traditional humanistic pragmatism of Confucianism, advocated a new approach to history and summarized the writing methods, thus having played a significant role in remedying the flippant style of study in the late Ming Dynasty. However, Zhong Xing’ s review of history is of limit-ed functions due to its excessive randomness and insufficient insight.%钟惺好史,他运用历史、文学的双重角度对《左传》进行了较为全面的品评。通过品评,钟惺强调了传统的儒家经世致用之说,提倡了治史之风,总结了作文之法,这对于扭转晚明浮躁学风是有一定的积极意义的。但是,钟惺的史评过于随意,且深度不够,其作用也是有限的。

  3. Adventitious shoot regeneration from the leaves of in vitro grown 'Zhongli 1' pear (Pyrus spp.)

    Jie LIU; Xi ZHANG; Bharat Kumar POUDYAL; Yuxing ZHANG; Zhan JIAO; Jing QI


    The pear (Pyrus spp.) is one of the most important temperate fruit crops. The technique of adven-titious shoot regeneration from leaves is considered to be one of the shortcuts in the research on pear genetic modification and cellular engineering, which, however, has not been widely used. As the regeneration frequency of pear leaves is usually very low, the research on adventi-tious shoot regeneration from pear leaves is eagerly needed. In this experiment, the factors affecting shoot and bud regeneration from the leaves of 'Zhongli 1' pear were studied, and an efficient protocol for shoot regenera-tion was established. The results showed that different types of basic media, different combinations of plant growth regulators, leaf placement on medium, periods of dark culture and the use of silver nitrate (AgNO3) on culture media all significantly affected the adventitious shoot regeneration frequency of 'Zhongli 1' pear. The details are as follows: (1) Among three kinds of basic media, NN69 was better for 'Zhongli 1' shoot regenera- tion, followed by half(1/2) MS, while full MS had no effect on shoot regeneration; (2) Thidiazuron (TDZ) was better than 6-benzylaminopurine (6-BA) for 'Zhongli 1' regen-eration, with an optimal concentration of 1.5 mg.L-1, and the regeneration rate under this concentration could reach 85%, with 2.72 buds per leaf. 0.5 mg .L-1 indole-3-butyric acid (IBA), which induced a higher regeneration fre-quency, was a better choice for pear regeneration compared with 0.3 mg.L-1 naphthaleneacetic acid (NAA). Among the different combinations of plant growth regulators, TDZ + IBA was better for inducing high regeneration frequency; (3) The abaxial surface of leaves touching the medium was beneficial for leaves to uptake nutrients from the medium, and because of that, the regeneration fre-quency of leaves was significantly higher than that of leaves touching the medium with their adaxial surfaces (obverse side of leaf); (4) Dark culture was necessary

  4. Eucommia bark (Du-Zhong improves diabetic nephropathy without altering blood glucose in type 1-like diabetic rats

    Niu HS


    Full Text Available Ho-Shan Niu,1 I-Min Liu,2 Chiang-Shan Niu,1 Po-Ming Ku,3,4 Chao-Tien Hsu,5 Juei-Tang Cheng4,6 1Department of Nursing, Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology, Hualien City, 2Department of Pharmacy & Graduate Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology, Tajen University, Pingtung County, 3Department of Cardiology, 4Department of Medical Research, Chi-Mei Medical Center, Yong Kang, Tainan City, 5Department of Pathology, E-DA Hospital, I-Shou University, Kaohsiung City, 6Institute of Medical Science, College of Health Science, Chang Jung Christian University, Guei-Ren, Tainan City, Taiwan Background: Eucommia bark, Eucommia ulmoides Oliver barks (Du-Zhong in Mandarin, is an herb used for renal dysfunction in Chinese traditional medicine. In an attempt to develop this herb as a treatment for diabetic nephropathy (DN, we investigated the effects of Du-Zhong on renal dysfunction in type 1-like diabetic rats. Methods: Streptozotocin (STZ was used to induce type 1-like diabetes in rats (STZ-diabetic rats. In addition to hyperglycemia, STZ-diabetic rats showed significant nephropathy, including higher plasma levels of blood urea nitrogen, creatinine, and renal fibrosis. Western blot analysis of renal cortical tissue was applied to characterize the changes in potential signals related to nephropathy. Results: Oral administration of Du-Zhong (1 g/kg/day to STZ-diabetic rats for 20 days not only decreased the plasma levels of blood urea nitrogen and creatinine but also improved renal fibrosis, whereas the plasma glucose level was not changed. The higher expressions of protein levels of transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-β and connective tissue growth factor in diabetic rats were markedly attenuated by Du-Zhong. The increased phosphorylation of Smad2/3 in STZ-diabetic rats was also reduced by Du-Zhong. However, Du-Zhong cannot reverse the hyperglycemia-induced overproduction of signal transducers and activators of transcription 3 in the diabetic kidney

  5. 110th Anniversary of Premier Zhou’s Birthday What qualifications make Zhou Enlai a leader?


    Zhou Enlai (1898. 3. 5—1976. 1. 8) was one of the most lasting statesman of the PRC. He survived 60 years of revolutionary turmoil, five civil wars, two World Wars and 12 years of Japanese invasion.

  6. Delegation of“Zhou Enlai and Japan”Exhibition Visits Japan


    <正>At the invitation of the Japan-China Friendship Association(JCFA) and the Japan Foundation,the delegation of the"Zhou Enlai and Japan"exhibition with Wang Xiaoxian, Vice President of the China -Japan Friendship Association(CJFA), as its head,and Zhao Wei,Secretary of Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao,as its advisor,paid a visit to Japan from October 27 to 30,2009.

  7. The Therapeutic Effects of Sheng Jing Zhong Zi Tang in Treating Male Infertility

    杨保存; 张彩霞; 杜雷; 薛武军; 邹鹏


    Eight-seven cases of male infertility due to spermatopathy were treated with Sheng Jing Zhong Zi Tang (SJZZT生精种子汤) for 1-3 courses. The total effective rate was 95.40% (83/87). 56.32% (49/87) of their spouses got pregnant and the semen quality was markedly improved (P<0.01). The results showed that the decoction could dual-directionally regulate the levels of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), prolan B luteinizing hormone (LH), testosterone (T), and cortisol (C).

  8. Chaos Control and Synchronization of a Hyperchaotic Zhou System by Integral Sliding Mode control

    Yashar Toopchi


    Full Text Available In this paper, an adaptive integral sliding mode control scheme is proposed for synchronization of hyperchaotic Zhou systems. In the proposed scheme, an integral sliding mode control is designed to stabilize a hyperchaotic Zhou system with known parameters to its unstable equilibrium at the origin. The control is then applied to the synchronization of two identical systems, i.e., a slave and a master hyperchaotic Zhou system with unknown parameters. The adaptive control mechanism introduced synchronizes the systems by estimating the unknown parameters. Simulation results have shown that the proposed method has an excellent convergence from both speed and accuracy points of view, and it outperforms Vaidyanathan’s scheme, which is a well-recognized scheme in this area.

  9. The use of AMS radiocarbon dating for Xia-Shang-Zhou chronology

    Guo, Z Y; LiuKeXin; Lu Xiang Yang; Ma Hong Ji; Wu Xiao Hon; Yuan Si Xun


    The possibility and problems of using radiocarbon dating to historical chronology are discussed. The current situation of ancient Chinese chronology and the project of Xia-Shang-Zhou chronology are introduced. A chronological study requires the AMS radiocarbon dating with high precision, high reliability and high efficiency. The Peking University AMS facility (PKUAMS) has been upgraded and a series of quality control steps were adopted. To reduce the error of calendar age, wiggle matching with serial samples should be used. Some preliminary results of Xia-Shang-Zhou chronology are presented.


    姜志伟; 黄波; 曹炅


    Emission of large amount of SO2 from combustion of high sulfur coal causes serious envjsonmental pollution. Pre-combustion desulfurization of bigh sulfur coal has become a necessity. This paper reports test results of fine coal desuifurtzation with different flotation technology and the effect of pyrite depressant. Test work showed that when the coal sample from Zhong Liang Shah was processed with a Free Jet Flotation Column its pyritic sultur content was reduced from 3.08% to 0. 84%, with 72.22% recovery ofcombustible matter in clean coal. The concept of Desulfurlzatlon Efficiency Index Eofor comprehensive evaluation of dcsuifurlzation process is proposed, which is defined as the product of the ratio of sulfur content reduction of clean coal and the recovery of combustible matters.

  11. Photo Exhibition of “Zhou Enlai and the Bandung Conference” Held in Indonesia

    Xu; Yan


    Sixty years ago,world attention focused on the Indonesian city of Bandung where leaders of the emerging"Third World"were meeting to establish their voice in global affairs.A major figure at the Bandung Conference was undoubtedly the late Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai,whose achievements then were commemorated this April by China

  12. Zhou Jiansheng's World Heritage Photo Exhibition Held in Beijing



    To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Treaty of Peace and Friendship Between China and Japan, to give publicity to preservation of World Cultural and Natural Heritages, and to enhance cultural exchanges between China and Japan, the CPAFFC held “Zhou Jiansheng's World Heritage Photo Exhibition” at the Friendship Hall in the CPAFFC compound from November 18 to 22, 2003.

  13. Redescription of Cobitis longipectoralis Zhou, 1992 (Cypriniformes: Cobitidae) from late early Miocene of East China

    CHANG; Mee-Mann


    Here we revise a fossil cobitid species ■Cobitis longipectoralis Zhou, 1992, based mainly on a well-preserved specimen collected recently from the taxon’s type locality of the late early Miocene of Shanwang, Shandong Province, East China. The new specimen, along with those collected by Zhou, enables us to provide an emended diagnosis and more detailed description of the species by focusing on the characters such as the structures of the suborbital spine and the presence and shape of the lamina circularis at the base of the second pectoral fin ray in adult males, the presence of a frontoparietal fontanelle, and a quad- rate-metapterygoid fenestra, etc. The long pectoral fin, initially considered by Zhou as the most important character of the spe- cies, however, turns out to be not diagnostic for the species. ■Cobitis longipectoralis Zhou, 1992 is not only the most informative and best-preserved early cobitid fossil known thus far but also the only and earliest cobitid fossil from East Asia.

  14. Association between Social Integration and Health among Internal Migrants in ZhongShan, China.

    Yanwei Lin

    Full Text Available Internal migrants are the individuals who migrate between regions in one country. The number of internal migrants were estimated at 245 million in China in 2013. Results were inconsistent in the literature about the relationship between their health statuses and social integration. The main difference exists on how to measure the social integration and whether health statuses of internal migrants improve with years of residence. To complement the existing literature, this study measured social integration more comprehensively and estimated the internal migrants' health statuses with varying years of residence, and explored the associations between the migrants' social integration and health. We used the data from 2014 Internal Migrant Dynamic Monitoring Survey of Health and Family Planning in ZhongShan, China. Health status was measured from four aspects: self-reported health, subjective well-being, perception of stress, mental health. We measured social integration through four dimensions: economy, social communication, acculturation, and self-identity. The analyses used multiple linear regressions to examine the associations between self-reported health, subjective well-being, and perception of stress, mental health and social integration. The analytical sample included 1,999 households of the internal migrants and 1,997 local registered households, who were permanent residents in ZhongShan. Among the internal migrants, Adults in the labor force, who were aged 25 to 44 years old, accounted for 91.2% of the internal migrant population, while 74.6% of the registered population were in that age group. Median residential time among migrants was 2.8 (1.3-6.2 years, and 20.2% of them were migrating in the same Guangdong province. Except for mental health, other health statuses among migrants had significant differences compared with local registered population, e.g. self-reported health was better, but subjective well-being was worse. However, these

  15. Materials and technology of Chinese jades dating to the Western Zhou period (1050-771 BCE)

    Janet G DOUGLAS; YANG JunChang


    Excavated jades dating to the Western Zhou period (1050-771 BCE) from the Xi'an area in Shaanxi Province, China, and contemporaneous jades in the collections of the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery at the Smithsonian Institution have been studied to learn about the jade and stone materials and how they were worked during the Western Zhou period. Materials identification was carried out using a combination of techniques such as Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction. Tool marks were studied using stereomicroscopy and examination of mold impressions using scanning electron microscopy. All of these objects were produced through simple processes involving solid drilling, riffling, and sharp point abrasion; and no evidence was found for the use of rotary tools for incising or sawing.

  16. Zhou Jiansheng’s World Heritage Photo Exhibition Held in Beijing


    <正>To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Treaty of Peace and Friendship BetweenChina and Japan, to give publicity to preservation of World Cultural and Natural Heritages, and to enhance cultural exchanges between China and Japan, the CPAFFC held "Zhou Jiansheng’s World Heritage Photo Exhibition" at the Friendship Hall in the CPAFFC compound from November 18 to 22, 2003.

  17. Academician Zhou Zhonghe entered the Jinzhou Medical University:a fresh outlook,full of wit and humor lecture


    On June 6th,2016,Academy of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology Research Institute of Chinese academician Zhou Zhonghe entered into the Jinzhou Medical University,his lecture topic is"The theory of evolution and the fossil discussion".Teachers and students gathered together listening to the science lectures.Academician Zhou Zhonghe through the study of fossils,revealed the living things evolution mystery,discussed of the immortal contribution of Darwin.

  18. An Overview on the Parallel Prose of Wang Zhong%汪中骈文研究综述



    Since the Qian Long period of the Qing Dynasty to the contemporary, critics sing highly of the parallel prose (Plan Wen) of Wang Zhong, pointing out that he reached the highest level of the Qing Dynasty and his works was influenced by the Six Dynasties Prose. These criticisms are too simple to ex- pound the relation between the parallel prose of Wang Zhong and the Six Dynasties Prose. It is necessary to do a systematic research on the parallel prose of Wang Zhong, describing its study and surmounting of the Six Dynasties Prose, illustrating its effect on the debate between the Prose and the parallel prose in the Qing Dynasty.%自清代乾隆时期至当代,学界对汪中骈文研究,从内容上说,一是高度赞扬汪中的文学成就,肯定汪中是清代骈文创作的最高峰;二是指明汪中的骈文创作根源于六朝。从形式上说,各家评论以评点式为主,寥寥数语,没有翔实具体地说明汪中与六朝骈文之间的渊源。由此观之,对汪中骈文的研究尚有较大学术空闻,应当系统研究汪中骈文,深入分析其对六朝骈文之师承与超越,进一步探讨汪中的骈文主张及创作对清代骈散之争的影响。

  19. Huang Qi Jian Zhong Pellet Attenuates TNBS-Induced Colitis in Rats via Mechanisms Involving Improvement of Energy Metabolism

    Duan-Yong Liu; Chun-Shui Pan; Yu-Ying Liu; Xiao-Hong Wei; Chang-Man Zhou; Kai Sun; Ke He; Chong Li; Li Yan; Jing-Yu Fan; Chuan-She Wang; Toshifumi Hibi; Hong-Ning Liu; Jing-Yan Han


    Huang Qi Jian Zhong Pellet (HQJZ) is a famous Chinese medicine formula for treatment of various gastrointestinal tract diseases. This study investigated the role of HQJZ in 2,4,6-trinitrobenzene sulfonic acid- (TNBS-) induced colitis and its underlying mechanism. Colonic mucosal injury was induced by TNBS in the Sprague-Dawley rats. In the HQJZ treatment group, HQJZ was administered (2 g/kg) for 14 days starting from day 1 after TNBS infusion. Colonic mucosal injury occurred obviously 1 day a...

  20. 岳钟琪籍贯考%An Investigation of Yue Zhong-qi’ s Native Place



    岳钟琪为清代著名将领,在大清对西北、西南边疆事务的处理中发挥了重要作用。虽然成就斐然,但是他的一生却起起伏伏。康熙五十年,岳钟琪之父岳昇龙改籍四川。据此,以《清史列传》为代表的诸多史籍都认为岳钟琪的籍贯为四川成都。但是,无论是在历史记载上还是目前学界的研究上来看,对于岳钟琪本籍(即在改籍之前)的说法并没有一致观点。笔者在对籍贯的概念进行界定的前提下,通过对《永登县志》、《凉州府志备考》等文献记载的对比研究,可以证实岳钟琪本籍是甘肃庄浪卫人。%Yue Zhong-qi is a famous general in Qing Dynasty .He played an important role in the frontier affairs in Qing’ s northwest and southwest .Despite his remarkable achievements ,his life was ups and downs .In Kangxi 50 years,Yue Zhong-qi’ s father—Yue Sheng-long changed his family register from Gansu to Sichuan .Accordingly, many historical records , represented by Biographies of Qing ’ s History , hold the idea that Yue Zhong-qi ’ s native place is Chengdu of Sichuan Province .However , both historic and the current academic researches don ’ t have a consensus view on his original native place before his father changed it .On the premise of definiting the concept of the origin native place ,through the comparative study on the “Yongdeng County Records”,“Liangzhou Province re-cords” and other historical documents ,this article confirms that Yue Zhong-qi’ s original native place is Zhuanglang in Gansu province before his family register changed .

  1. Early Wood-block Printing of Zhou Wenwei Families and their Relationships%周文炜家族的早期刻书及其关系



    Zhou Tinghuai and Zhou Qianshan refers to the same person, that is, the father of Zhou Wenwei, who printed three kinds of books. He had three sons-Zhou Wenwei was the eldest;His younger brother Zhou Wenhuan with the style name as Yuyang and alias Ruquan, once hosted Wanjuanlou Printing House after Zhou Yuexiao, and published six kinds of books. Zhou Wenqing may probably be the third son of Zhou Tinghuai, and there are two books printed under his name. Meanwhile, there was another wood-block printing house with Zhou Shitai as the printing master.%周庭槐与周前山为同一人,即周文炜之父,现存刻书3种。周庭槐有三子,文炜居长,弟有二。周文焕字玉卬,号如泉,在周曰校之后主持万卷楼书坊,现存署周文焕或周如泉刻印的书籍共6部。周文卿可能为周庭槐又一子,现存署其名刻印的书籍2种。另有同时期与周文炜同姓的书坊主周时泰,现知共刻有书籍12种。

  2. 《医学衷中参西录》版本述略%A brief introduction to the versions of Yi xue zhong zhong can xi lu(Discourses of Combining Chinese and Western Medicines)

    李渡华; 于丽; 张盛君


    从1918年至1934年分7期陆续刊行,这10余年间删增印行过程中张氏多作修改,各期内容变化较大,是为"原始早期本";1935年至1943年又数次再版印行,虽仍未加标点,但内容变化不大,故称之为"原始后期本".1957年至1984年前又多次刊行校点本.1984年至2003年的多种刊本,主要是对第一至八期的重新校勘.另有其他版本对进行补正、选评、节选、重编、研究、解读,有的还增加了临床新用.%The whole Yi xue zhong zhong can xi lu was published in 7 issues during 1918~1934.During this period,modifications were made by the author himself and this is the original version.In 1935 ~1943,several revisions were further made by him without punctuations without much changes in its contents and is called the"late original version".In 1959-1984,checking and punctuations were made several times and published.In 1984~2003,the original 1-8 issues were newly revised.There are also supplemented,selected commentaries,abridged,recompiled and paraphrased versions,with clinical experiences added.

  3. 论周国桢的艺术%Review of Zhou Guozhen’Art



    In the world history of the development of modern ceramics, there are only a few ceramic artists who has created their works with animals as the main subject, and by far fewer who have been devoted their whole life to the same creation, but Zhou Guozhen stands out among them. The series of ceramic works of animals created by Mr. Zhou are highly original and unique in the history of Chinese ceramics, and they also have a great influence in the world history of ceramics. His works embody Chinese art spirit, philosophical thought and humanism. 60 years’ hard work and achievements of Zhou Guozhen have made great contribution to the establishment of our own national language and aesthetic values, the path for creation and the prospect of development of Chinese modern ceramics.%今年是周国桢先生80华诞暨从艺60周年。60年来,周国桢先生勤勉不息、耕耘不辍、创新不止,在艺术创作、艺术教育、艺术理论研究诸多领域硕果累累、成就非凡。在世界现代陶艺发展史上,主要以动物为题材进行创作的陶艺家甚少,能坚持一辈子者更是寥若晨星,而周国桢先生则是其中的佼佼者。60年来,周国桢先生创作的系列动物题材陶艺,不仅在中国陶艺史上独树一帜,而且在世界陶艺史上也可谓影响巨大。周国桢先生的陶艺之路,堪称中国现代陶艺发展历史之缩影。

  4. A theorem of do Carmo-Zhou type: oscillations and estimates for the first eigenvalue of the p-Laplacian

    Lima, Barnabe Pessoa


    It is shown that the estimates obtained by Manfredo P. do Carmo and Detang Zhou, in their paper "Eigenvalue estimate on complete noncompact Riemannian manifolds and applications", for the first eigenvalue of the Laplace-Beltrami operator on open manifolds, via an oscillation theorem, can be naturally extended for the semi-elliptic singular operator operator, p-Laplace on manifolds.

  5. Tonbs and a Ruined Bronze Foudry of the Western Zhou Period Discovered on the Zhouyuan Site in Shaanxi%陕西周原遗址发现西周墓葬与铸铜遗址



    In the spring of 2003, the Zhouyuan Archaeological Team excavated a batch of Western Zhou tombs and a late Western Zhou bronze foundery on the Zhouyuan site, to the west of Zhuangli Village. Of them Tomb M9 is the best in condition and the richest in bronzes among the early Western Zhou burials discovered so far on the Zhouyuan site. Its complete sets of funeral objects provide a standard for studying into the formation of Western Zhou ritual and the dating of early Western Zhou bronzes. The ruined bronze foundry yielded quantities of pottery molds and models, fragments of furnace walls, and lumps of bronze, slag and burnt clay. The pottery molds and models are mainly for making horse-and-chariot fittings. The finds are valuable to the study of the Western Zhou burial institution, Zhou bronze-casting technology, and the layout of the Zhouyuan settlement.

  6. The Historical Evolution of Nan Yue Zhong Zheng Library%南岳中正图书馆历史演变



    文章记述南岳中正图书馆的历史。从古代南岳的文化渊薮,继而建立南岳图书馆,抗战胜利后发展成南岳中正图书馆。新中国成立,南岳中正图书馆撤销建制,改为南岳古典书库,藏书分散保存在湖南数家图书馆。%〔Abstract〕The article describes the history of Nan Yue Zhong Zheng Library that Nan Yue Library was established from the ancient Nan Yue culture and developed into Nan Yue Zhong Zheng Library after the victory of Anti—Japanese War. After the founding of New China Nan Yue Zhong Zheng Library was revoked and renamed Nan Yue Stacks of Ancient Books that the library collection has been scattered in several libraries of Hunan.

  7. Effect of Bu-Zhong-Yi-Qi-Tang on deficiency of N-glycan/nitric oxide and islet damage induced by streptozotocin in diabetic rats

    Xiao-Qiu Liu; Ling Wu; Xue-Jun Guo


    AIM: To investigate the effect of Bu-Zhong-Yi-Qi-Tang (Decoction for Reinforcing Middle Jiao and Replenishing Qi) on deficiency of N-glycan/nitric oxide (NO) and islet damage induced by injecting two medium doses of streptozotocin (STZ). METHODS: Diabetes was induced by intraperitoneal injection of STZ at 55 mg/kg on day 1 and day 8. Islet damage was evaluated using a scoring system. Nitrite, nitrate, α-mannosidase and amylase activities were measured by colorimetry. N-glycan patterns of amylase were determined with lectin [ConA, pisum sativum agglutinin (PSA), peanut agglutinin (PNA), and lens culinaris agglutinin (LCA)] affinity precipitation method. RESULTS: Severe islet necrosis and mild islet atrophy were observed in diabetic rats. The number and size of islets, the activities of α-mannosidase, amylase and nitrite were decreased, while the binding of PNA and LCA to amylase was increased. All of which were improved after treatment with Bu-Zhong-Yi-Qi-Tang. Islet damage was significantly correlated with nitrite, nitrate, α-mannosidase, amylase and the binding of LCA, PNA, and PSA to amylase. PNA, and PSA to amylase.CONCLUSION: STZ- induced i s let damage i s related to N-glycan def iciency in proteins by blocking α-mannosidase activity and no deficiency, accumulation of unfolded proteins, and endoplasmic reticulum stress and activation of cellular signals, all of which are improved after treatment with Bu-Zhong-Yi- Qi-Tang.



    The Xiaoyu-Ding-Cauldron was unearthed during the first years ofDaoguang,Emperor of the Qing Dynasty,at Li village of QishanCounty, Shanxi Province.The cauldron itself disappeared in the period of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom(Taiping Tianguo).The current copy of theinscription is the only one preserved. The inscription on the cauldron consists of 400 characters,it is one of the longest texts of those dating to the early period of the Westernzhou Dynasty.Since the text is fragmentary and no joining texts remain,the text can not be read completely.The inscription was first mentioned by Guo Moruo in Research on the Metal Inscriptions of the Zhou Dynasty.Then Chen Mengjia reconstructed the inscription in the 1950's in his"Dating on the Bronze Vases of the Western Zhou Dynasty" and further

  9. Chinese Dream——Concert in Commemoration of 115th Birth Anniversary of Premier Zhou Enlai Held

    Our; Staff; Reporter


    <正>The theme song of the film The Founding of a Republic sung by male vocalists Dai Yuqiang and Wei Song reverberated in the Opera Hall at the National Center for the Performing Arts on the `evening of March 14. It marked the start of the concert in commemoration of the 115th anniversary of the birth of Premier Zhou Enlai, with "Chinese Dream" as the theme.

  10. Fundamental Research on Enhancing Operation Reliadility for Lange-Scale Interconnected Power Crids——An interview with Zhou Xiaoxin,chief scientist of"973 Program"

    Zha Renbo; Zhou Wen


    @@ At the end of last year,the editors from Power and Electrical Engineers interviewedZhou Xiaoxin on "Fundamental Research on Enhancing Operation Reliability for Large-ScaleInterconnected Power Grids",a project of "973 Program".Mr.Zhou,the chief engineer ofChina Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI) and an academician of Chinese A-cademy of Sciences,is the chief scientist in charge of this research project.

  11. Huang Qi Jian Zhong Pellet Attenuates TNBS-Induced Colitis in Rats via Mechanisms Involving Improvement of Energy Metabolism.

    Liu, Duan-Yong; Pan, Chun-Shui; Liu, Yu-Ying; Wei, Xiao-Hong; Zhou, Chang-Man; Sun, Kai; He, Ke; Li, Chong; Yan, Li; Fan, Jing-Yu; Wang, Chuan-She; Hibi, Toshifumi; Liu, Hong-Ning; Han, Jing-Yan


    Huang Qi Jian Zhong Pellet (HQJZ) is a famous Chinese medicine formula for treatment of various gastrointestinal tract diseases. This study investigated the role of HQJZ in 2,4,6-trinitrobenzene sulfonic acid- (TNBS-) induced colitis and its underlying mechanism. Colonic mucosal injury was induced by TNBS in the Sprague-Dawley rats. In the HQJZ treatment group, HQJZ was administered (2 g/kg) for 14 days starting from day 1 after TNBS infusion. Colonic mucosal injury occurred obviously 1 day after TNBS challenge and did not recover distinctively until day 15, including an increase in macro- and microscopic scores, a colonic weight index, a decrease in colonic length, a number of functional capillaries, and blood flow. Inverted intravital microscopy and ELISA showed colonic microcirculatory disturbances and inflammatory responses after TNBS stimulation, respectively. TNBS decreased occludin, RhoA, and ROCK-I, while increasing Rac-1, PAK-1, and phosphorylated myosin light chain. In addition, ATP content and ATP5D expression in colonic mucosa decreased after TNBS challenge. Impressively, treatment with HQJZ significantly attenuated all of the alterations evoked by TNBS, promoting the recovery of colonic injury. The present study demonstrated HQJZ as a multitargeting management for colonic mucosal injury, which set in motion mechanisms involving improvement of energy metabolism.

  12. Huang Qi Jian Zhong Pellet Attenuates TNBS-Induced Colitis in Rats via Mechanisms Involving Improvement of Energy Metabolism

    Duan-Yong Liu


    Full Text Available Huang Qi Jian Zhong Pellet (HQJZ is a famous Chinese medicine formula for treatment of various gastrointestinal tract diseases. This study investigated the role of HQJZ in 2,4,6-trinitrobenzene sulfonic acid- (TNBS- induced colitis and its underlying mechanism. Colonic mucosal injury was induced by TNBS in the Sprague-Dawley rats. In the HQJZ treatment group, HQJZ was administered (2 g/kg for 14 days starting from day 1 after TNBS infusion. Colonic mucosal injury occurred obviously 1 day after TNBS challenge and did not recover distinctively until day 15, including an increase in macro- and microscopic scores, a colonic weight index, a decrease in colonic length, a number of functional capillaries, and blood flow. Inverted intravital microscopy and ELISA showed colonic microcirculatory disturbances and inflammatory responses after TNBS stimulation, respectively. TNBS decreased occludin, RhoA, and ROCK-I, while increasing Rac-1, PAK-1, and phosphorylated myosin light chain. In addition, ATP content and ATP5D expression in colonic mucosa decreased after TNBS challenge. Impressively, treatment with HQJZ significantly attenuated all of the alterations evoked by TNBS, promoting the recovery of colonic injury. The present study demonstrated HQJZ as a multitargeting management for colonic mucosal injury, which set in motion mechanisms involving improvement of energy metabolism.

  13. The effect of Bu-Zhong-Yi-Qi-Tang on epidermal melanocytes in ultraviolet B-irradiated mice

    Lee, Hae June [Korea Institute of Radiological and Medical Science, Seoul (Korea, Republic of); Kim, Hwan Sung; Park, Young Jong; Kim, Joong Sun; Moon, Chang Jong; Kim, Jong Choon; Bae, Chun Sik; Kim, Sung Ho [Chonnam National University, Gwangju (Korea, Republic of); Jo, Sung Kee [KAERI, Daejeon (Korea, Republic of)


    We induced the activation of melanocytes in the epidermis of C57BL/6 mice by UltraViolet B (UVB) irradiation and observed the effect of Bu-Zhong-Yi-Qi-Tang (BZYQT) on the formation, and decrease of UVB-induced epidermal melanocytes. C57BL/6 mice were irradiated by UVB 80 mJ/cm{sup 2} (0.5 mW/sec) daily for 7 days, and BZYQT was intraperitoneally or topically applied pre- or post-irradiation. For the estimation of change of epidermal melanocytes, light microscopic observation with dihydroxyphenylalanine (DOPA) stain was performed. Split epidermal sheets prepared from the ear of untreated mice exhibited 11-16 melanocytes/mm{sup 2}, and one week after UV irradiation, the applied areas show an increased number of strongly DOPA-positive melanocytes with stout dendrites. But intraperitoneal or topical treatment with BZYQT before each irradiation interrupted UVB-induced pigmentation and resulted in a marked reduction in the number of epidermal melanocytes as compared to radiation control skin. The number and size of DOPA-positive epidermal melanocytes were also significantly decreased in intraperitoneally injected or topically applicated group after irradiation with BZYQT at 3rd and 6th weeks after irradiation. The present study suggests the BZYQT as inhibitor of UVB-induced pigmentation and depigmenting agent.

  14. EDF phytolith analysis from Heying site, southeast China, Shang-Zhou dynasties.

    Wu, Yan; Wang, Changsui


    In this article, we propose to make morphotypological phytolith analysis of Heying site during Shang-Zhou Period by two methods: measuring based on extended depth of focus (EDF) image and measuring directly under microscope, and then compare their results. The comparison shows that the results by these two methods match each other for paleoenvironmental and agricultural analysis. Results of two methods show that Heying site's environment should be warm and moist based on the predominance of some specific phytolith assemblages. The phytolith morpho-types originated from crop plants also indicates that rice planting was the mainstay agricultural economy. In comparison, the morphotypological analysis method based on EDF image took only about 1/10 the time as the original method by directly measuring under microscope. Thus, we can process more samples and make a more thorough and systematic morphotypological phytolith analysis with the same amount of time. Furthermore, the constructed EDF image can also be archived for future examination and for education. The above experiments indicate that the morphotypological analysis method based on EDF image is very promising for phytolith analysis. Copyright © 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  15. An exposition of Zhou YI studios in modem Neo-Confucianism


    The representatives of modern Neo-Confucianism all greatly value Yi Zhuan and regard it as one of their spiritual resources,and give their own creative interpretations and transformations.Xiong Shili's ontological-cosmological theory takes "qian yuan" as its center;Ma Yifu has a theory of ontology-cultivation centered on "nature-principle";Fang Dongmei has a metaphysics of production and reproduction;Mou Zongsan takes the view of "completely knowing the fathomless and understanding transformation" as a moral metaphysics;and in Tang Junyi there is a theory of the harmony of doctrines on Heaven and man in which "the knowledge of divine understanding" is its key concept.They employ modern philosophical concepts and thinking to illustrate the cosmology,ontology,theory of life,theory of human nature,theory of spiritual worlds,axiology and their connections in Zhou Yi.They affirm that the characteristics of Chinese philosophy that are different from Western philosophy consist in a naturalist view of vital life,a harmonious view of totality,an axiological view that values exist in natural universe and the world of fact,the pursuit of Good and Beauty,and intuitive experience of inner world.

  16. Shifting diets and the rise of male-biased inequality on the Central Plains of China during Eastern Zhou.

    Dong, Yu; Morgan, Chelsea; Chinenov, Yurii; Zhou, Ligang; Fan, Wenquan; Ma, Xiaolin; Pechenkina, Kate


    Farming domesticated millets, tending pigs, and hunting constituted the core of human subsistence strategies during Neolithic Yangshao (5000-2900 BC). Introduction of wheat and barley as well as the addition of domesticated herbivores during the Late Neolithic (∼2600-1900 BC) led to restructuring of ancient Chinese subsistence strategies. This study documents a dietary shift from indigenous millets to the newly introduced cereals in northcentral China during the Bronze Age Eastern Zhou Dynasty (771-221 BC) based on stable isotope analysis of human and animal bone samples. Our results show that this change affected females to a greater degree than males. We find that consumption of the newly introduced cereals was associated with less consumption of animal products and a higher rate of skeletal stress markers among females. We hypothesized that the observed separation of dietary signatures between males and females marks the rise of male-biased inequality in early China. We test this hypothesis by comparing Eastern Zhou human skeletal data with those from Neolithic Yangshao archaeological contexts. We find no evidence of male-female inequality in early farming communities. The presence of male-biased inequality in Eastern Zhou society is supported by increased body height difference between the sexes as well as the greater wealth of male burials.

  17. 南邠碾子坡先周文化遗存的性质分析%A Study of the Nature of the Pre-dynastic Zhou Cultural Remains at Nianzipo, Nanbin



    Nianzipo is a pre-dynastic Zhou site left over from the time the Zhou people lived at Bin. The rich cultural remains there discovered are roughly identical to those from the later residential places Qi, Feng and Hao also of the pre-dynastic Zhou and the Zhou proper. Belonging to the same type,the antiquities from these localities, especially the pottery, show clear evolutionary traces and inheritance relationship. Commonness is reflected also from the aspects of writing, divination and burial custom.These demonstrate to the full that all the above-mentioned relics are the Zhou people' s cultural remains coming down in one continuous line. The notions attributing the Nianzipo remains to the so-called “Liujia culture, ” “Liujia type” or “Rong-Di people's culture” rather than the pre-dynastic Zhou culture all have no enough evidence and do not conform to the rule of archaeological culture naming.

  18. Genome-Wide Linkage Mapping of QTL for Adult-Plant Resistance to Stripe Rust in a Chinese Wheat Population Linmai 2 × Zhong 892.

    Liu, Jindong; He, Zhonghu; Wu, Ling; Bai, Bin; Wen, Weie; Xie, Chaojie; Xia, Xianchun


    Stripe rust is one of the most devastating diseases of wheat (Triticum aestivum) worldwide. Adult-plant resistance (APR) is an efficient approach to provide long-term protection of wheat from the disease. The Chinese winter wheat cultivar Zhong 892 has a moderate level of APR to stripe rust in the field. To determine the inheritance of the APR resistance in this cultivar, 273 F6 recombinant inbred lines (RILs) were developed from a cross between Linmai 2 and Zhong 892. The RILs were evaluated for maximum disease severity (MDS) in two sites during the 2011-2012, 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 cropping seasons, providing data for five environments. Illumina 90k SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) chips were used to genotype the RILs and their parents. Composite interval mapping (CIM) detected eight QTL, namely QYr.caas-2AL, QYr.caas-2BL.3, QYr.caas-3AS, QYr.caas-3BS, QYr.caas-5DL, QYr.caas-6AL, QYr.caas-7AL and QYr.caas-7DS.1, respectively. All except QYr.caas-2BL.3 resistance alleles were contributed by Zhong 892. QYr.caas-3AS and QYr.caas-3BS conferred stable resistance to stripe rust in all environments, explaining 6.2-17.4% and 5.0-11.5% of the phenotypic variances, respectively. The genome scan of SNP sequences tightly linked to QTL for APR against annotated proteins in wheat and related cereals genomes identified two candidate genes (autophagy-related gene and disease resistance gene RGA1), significantly associated with stripe rust resistance. These QTL and their closely linked SNP markers, in combination with kompetitive allele specific PCR (KASP) technology, are potentially useful for improving stripe rust resistances in wheat breeding.

  19. On the Methods of Using Allusion of Zhong Yunfang' s Prose%钟云舫散文的用典方式研究

    贾雯鹤; 张琴


    Zhong Yunfang is a scholar living during the waning days of the Qing Dynasty. The use of allusion in Zhong yunfang' s prose impressed the and various methods of using allusion. Several Yunfang readers deeply, since there are a large number of allusions of methods of using allusion are a bright spot in Zhong ' s prose. But at present, the study about Zhong Yunfang' s works has not formed across - the - aboard and systematic system, and no one has tried to start the study about the use of allusion in his prose. This thesis attempts to research his methods of using allusion systematically. This thesis generalizes nine methods from two standards: whether the mark of quotative mark is evident or not and the relationship of the allusions' meaning and the new article' s meaning. Then I analyze each method with examples and summarize the features and novel - innovative points of the methods of using allusion.%清末作家钟云舫散文中的用典以量大且密、姿态横生的特点给人留下了深刻的印象,不胜枚举的用典方式是钟云舫散文的一大亮点。然而目前关于钟云舫的研究尚未形成全面系统的体系,对其散文的用典研究至今仍无人尝试。本文试图对其散文中的用典方式进行专门的、系统的研究,从典故的引用标志是否明显和典故原义与新文本的意义的关系两个角度,归纳出九种用典方式,然后运用实例加以分析,并总结钟云舫运用典故的特点和创新处。

  20. Study on the Decoration of Shaanxi Guan zhong Folk Furniture%陕西关中民俗家具装饰研究——装饰部位与装饰影响的因素

    孙光瑞; 张亚池; 张学彬


    Shaanxi guan zhong folk furniture has full-bodied local characteristics, particularly in the decorations. Through an analysis of the characteristics, methods, theme and positions of Shaanxi guan zhong folk furniture decoration, this article summed up the six general characteristics, ifve kinds of decorative methods, seven kind of decorative theme, seven kinds of decorative parts. The writer analyzed the factors that affect Shaanxi guan zhong folk furniture decoration were four categories, including guan zhong folk custom, guan zhong culture, traditional art and the local-style dwelling houses building. This study was to deepen the understanding of Shaanxi guan zhong folk furniture decorative arts and insights, and provide some references for the study of the regional folk furniture.%陕西关中民俗家具具有浓郁的地域特色,尤其体现在其装饰上.从总体特征、手法、题材、部位四个方面分析关中民俗家具的装饰,总结出六个总体特征、五种手法、七类题材和七种装饰部位;同时探析出影响关中民俗家具装饰的主要因素有四类,包括关中民俗、关中文化、传统艺术和关中民居建筑.旨在加深对陕西关中民俗家具装饰艺术的理解和领悟,为地域民俗家具研究提供一些参考.

  1. Study on the Decoration of Shaanxi Guan Zhong Folk Furniture%陕西关中民俗家具装饰研究(上)--装饰总体特征、手法、题材

    孙光瑞; 张亚池; 张学彬


    陕西关中民俗家具具有浓郁的地域特色,尤其体现在其装饰上。从总体特征、手法、题材、部位四个方面分析关中民俗家具的装饰,总结出六个总体特征、五种手法、七类题材和七种装饰部位;同时探析出影响关中民俗家具装饰的主要因素有四类,包括关中民俗、关中文化、传统艺术和关中民居建筑。旨在加深对陕西关中民俗家具装饰艺术的理解和领悟,为地域民俗家具研究提供一些参考。%Shaanxi guan zhong folk furniture has full-bodied local characteristics, particularly in the decorations. Through an analysis of the characteristics/methods/theme and positions of Shaanxi guan zhong folk furniture decoration, this article summed up the six general characteristics, if ve kinds of decorative methods, seven kind of decorative theme, seven kinds of decorative parts. The writer analyzed the factors that affect Shaanxi guan zhong folk furniture decoration were four categories, including guan zhong folk custom, guan zhong culture, traditional art and the local-style dwelling houses building. This study was to deepen the understanding of Shaanxi guan zhong folk furniture decorative arts and insights, and provide some references for the study of the regional folk furniture.

  2. Numerical study of the seasonal variability of Aurelia aurita ephyra abundance: Application to the JiaoZhou Bay, China

    Hu, Z.; Wang, N.; Li, C.; Sun, S.


    The outbreaks of the inshore scyphozoan Aurelia aurita have been increasingly reported in the coastal waters of China in recent years, with detrimental impacts on local ecosystems and economies. The strobilation process is an important part of the A. aurita life cycle because it can increase the jellyfish population size by producing new jellyfish (ephyrae). Hence it is essential to investigate the strobilation dynamics in order to better understand and possibly predict jellyfish outbreaks. In this work, we present a model that provides a realistic simulation of the combined effects of temperature and food supply on the ephyra liberation dynamics. The parameterization of the model is based on the laboratory and field experiments and the literature. The model results show that temperature has a parabolic-like effect on liberated ephyra numbers. The numbers of liberated ephyra increase with temperature before reaching a peak and then decays. No ephyrae liberation occurs in very low or very high temperautres, despite the food level is high or not. While liberation occurs, high food supply increases ephyra production. Application of the model to JiaoZhou Bay with in-situ measured temperature and zooplanton abundance produces results coherent with the seasonal in situ observations. In JiaoZhou Bay, the ephyrae of A. aurita usually appear in early April, and reaches their peak in abundance in June and the jellyfish outbreaks reported occurs in July-August. Experiments with the model show that there are two main periods of strobilation in JiaoZhou Bay. The first begins at early march and reaches its peak in May. The second occurs during October to early December with its peak in November. The first strobilation period is in a good agreement with in situ observations. No available data in JiaoZhou Bay could be used to validate the second one. Nevertheless, occurrence of A. aurita ephyrae was reported in late October in similar latitudes such as in Tokyo Bay. No jellyfish

  3. 西汉史学家笔下的管仲探微%Exploration on GUAN Zhong in the books written by historians of western Han Dynasty



    管仲是春秋时期齐国的政治家,在中国思想史上占有重要地位。以司马迁《史记·管晏列传》和刘向《七略》中的《管子书录》为比勘对象,考察西汉史学家对管仲的事迹、人物性格和思想的叙述,以期一窥管仲在西汉学者笔下的形象与地位。%GUAN Zhong was a politician in the State of Qi in Chunqiu period, who won an important position in Chinese ideological history. This paper takes SIMA Qian’s " Shih Chi –GUAN Yan collected biographies" and LIU Xiang’s " Index of GUAN Zi’s books” in "Seven strategies” as the comparing objects, investigates the narration about GUANG Zhong’s achievement, personal character and thoughts written by the historians in the western Han Dynasty in order to glimpse the ifgure and status of GUAN Zhong in the eyes of western Han Dynasty scholars.

  4. 关于《芋粥》的叙事分析%On the narrative analysis of "Yu Zhou"



      "Yu Zhou" is the history written novel based on "Akutagawa". Both in content and in form, his original creation is recreated again. Recreation of forms is mainly embodied in that the narrator is "explicit". Through analysis of the narrator's type in "Yu Zhou", can be better for the text narrative analysis.%  《芋粥》是芥川龙之介取材于《今昔物语集》写就的历史题材的小说。无论从内容上还是从形式上,芥川都对原作进行了再创作。形式上的再创作主要体现在让叙述者“外显”这一点上。而通过分析《芋粥》中叙述者的类型,可以更好地对文本进行叙事分析

  5. Famine Disaster Measures in Western Zhou Dynasty%西周时期抗灾救荒措施初探



    In the 276 year history of the Western Zhou Dynasty, water, drought, hail, earthquakes, insects, wind and other natural disasters occur frequently. In the course of the Western Zhou Dynasty People struggle with the disaster, in addition to due to the limited scientific knowledge beyond the day, ancestors and nature of God in prayer, but also the use of irrigation, grain and other savings for Famine Relief to struggle with natural disasters and famine, which"Week o official ceremony . Tai Situ"recorded twelve famine relief is related to the famine disaster measures various aspects.%在西周276年的历史内,水、旱、雹、震、虫、风等自然灾害频繁发生。西周人民在同灾害斗争的过程中,除了由于科学知识的有限而向天、祖和自然神祷告之外,还采用兴修水利、储蓄粮食等荒政来同自然灾害及饥荒作斗争,其中《周礼·地官·大司徒》所记载的十二荒政则涉及到抗灾救荒措施的各个方面。

  6. Zhou Fuming's Gouty Arthritis Treatment Tips%周富明痛风性关节炎辨治要诀

    沈佳红; 周富明


    [目的]总结周富明名老中医发挥中医药优势治疗痛风性关节炎的学术观点和临床经验。[方法]通过临证侍诊、跟师抄方、收集分析老师临床资料,研究探讨周老治疗痛风性关节炎的学术观点和临床经验,对其中医药治疗痛风性关节炎的辨证特色予以总结,并附验案举隅。[结果]痛风性关节炎中医称之为痹证,正虚外感、邪气痹阻经脉为基本病因病机,周老提出先辨主证、后辨兼证,明确缓急、虚实、病位的辨证要诀,据此遣方用药,最终达到扶正驱邪、标本兼治的目的。所举医案,贯彻周师的临床经验,疗效满意。[结论]周富明老中医中医辨证论治治疗痛风性关节炎效果显著,具有推广应用价值。其临床辨证思路及遣方用药原则值得深入学习与探究。%Objective] To sum up the academic ideas and clinical experience of Zhou Fuming's old Chinese medicine in treating gout arthritis. [Method] From the clinical treatment,coping the teacher's prescription drugs, collecting the clinical information of the teacher, research and discuss Zhou Fuming old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine academic ideas and clinical experience in gouty arthritis treatment, to summarize the traditional Chinese medicine of gouty arthritis in dialectical characteristic, and for proven cases. [Result] Gouty arthritis in TCM is called arthromyodynia, physical weakness and disease blocking main and collateral channels are the basic pathogenesis. Zhou Fuming old Chinese medicine puts forward first identifing the main symptoms, then identifing secondary symptoms, to make clear major and minor, virtual and real, the site of disease treatment tips, with objective to reach strengthening the physique and driving away the disease and clinical cure. The listed medical case carried out teacher Zhou's academic experience, whose curative effect was satisying. [Conclusion] Zhou Fuming old Chinese

  7. 文化人类学视野下的周作人%The Perspective of Cultural Anthropology Zhou Zuoren



    “五四”新文化运动从实质上说是一场“人的解放”运动,正是出于这一精神的要求,周作人对西方文化人类学充满了浓厚的兴趣.并以此为中心构建了他独特的知识体系。他对中国国民性的富于穿透力的认知在很大程度上取决于他所受到的文化人类学的学科滋养,正是文化人类学使周作人突破了中国传统文化中的“家族本位主义”,跟整个20世纪的“人”的觉醒与解放运动完成了精神呼应,它同时也垫高了周作人对中国文化和中国国民性的观照视点,使他在中国现代文化史和文学史上占有非常重要的位置。%"May 4th' new culture movement from essentially is a "people's" liberation movement, it is out of the spiritual requirements, Zhou zuo-ren on western culture anthropology is full of interest. And for this center constructs his unique knowledge system. His nationality of China in the cognitive penetrating abound depends largely on him by the cultural anthropology discipline and nourishing. It is the cultural anthropology that traditional Chinese culture Zhou zuo-ren breakthrough the "family selfish departmentalism" with the entire 20th century, the "people's" awakening and liberation movement finished spirit appeal, it also mat high Zhou zuoren on Chinese culture and Chinese nationality made his point of view, a witness in modem Chinese history and literature history of occupied a very important position.

  8. Research on Female Ethics of Zhou Yi%《周易》女性伦理析论



    《周易》包括《易经》《易传》,经、传有着不一样的女性伦理价值观。《易经》女性伦理呈现国家、社会、个人伦理多层次和多样性的格局;而《易传》倾向男尊女卑、男主女从的妇妻社会伦理,体现了统一性,并对这种统一的女性伦理接通天人之际,凭借形上的根据以证成其合法性和合理性。《周易》的这些女性伦理观,是我国古代女性伦理的重要理论来源,对于后世的女性伦理发展有着重要的影响。今人在分析《周易》女性伦理时,应当坚持经、传相分的观点,才能准确地把握其女性伦理观。%Zhou Yi includes Yi Jing and Yi Zhuan,which with different values of female ethics. The female ethics of Yi Jing is multi-level and various with state,social and personal ethics. But Yi Zhuan tends to the social ethics that women are inferior to men and it finds out the foundation of the women social ethics from the heaven-human relationship by ontology as well. The female ethics of Zhou Yi,is an important theoretical source of Chinese ancient female ethics,which also has an important influ-ence on the later development of female ethics. In the analysis of Zhou Yi’s female ethics,we should make a distinction between Yi Jing and Yi Zhuan in order to accurately grasp the female ethic view.

  9. Settlement distribution and its relationship with environmental changes from the Neolithic to Shang-Zhou dynasties in northern Shandong, China

    GUO Yuanyuan; MO Duowen; MAO Longjiang; WANG Shougong; LI Shuicheng


    In this paper,the spatial and temporal distribution of the settlement sites of six periods from the Neolithic Age to the Shang and Zhou dynasties in northern Shandong was investigated using the ArcGIS program,and the relationship between settlement distribution and environmental changes was discussed,based on the proxy records of climatic and environmental change contained in the sediments from three sections at the Shuangwangcheng site and the previous work.The results show that the climate was warm and humid and the sea level was relatively high during the period of 8000-5000 a BP in the study area,and the ancient people lived in the relatively flat (slope of <2°) areas at high elevation (20-300 m above sea level),such as diluvial tableland and alluvial plain.On the other hand,few archaeological sites in the low-lying plain in the west of the study area indicate that few people lived there during that period.This might be attributed to frequent flooding in the area.After 5000years ago,the scope of human activity extended to the area close to the sea because the relatively colder and drier climate results in sea-level fall,meanwhile the low-lying plain in the west was occupied by the ancient people.The study area of this period was characterized by the rapid development of prehistoric culture,the intensified social stratification and the emergence of early city-states.However,around 4000 a BP,the abrupt change in climate and the increase in frequency and intensity of floods severely disrupted human activities,and eventually led to the decline of the Yueshi culture.During the Shang and Zhou dynasties,the climatic conditions gradually stabilized in a mild-dry state,which promoted the redevelopment and flourish of the Bronze Culture.The previous situation,which was characteristic of sparse human settlements due to freshwater shortage and unfitted conditions for sedentary agriculture,changed during the Shang and Zhou dynasties in northem coastal wetlands

  10. 河南豫剧与中原文化传承%On the Inheritance of Zhong Yuan Culture and Henan Opera



    On the basis of studying the history of Henan Opera ,this essay presents details about the features of group-work,focusing on rural culture,enriching people’s cultural life,entering and suitable for the wide crowd .In the same way ,relating its musical character , combining the unique features of no music no spectrum , vocal music of Henan Opera ,this paper reveals Henan Opera ’ s fine tradition of absorbing anything and everything ,emphasizing on self-transcendence and points out its significant role in inheriting Zhong Yuan culture ,showing Henan spirit ,dedu-cing local culture,happy people’s live,revealing the image of Henan.And with a hope that we can establish a cul-tural platform and transmit Zhong Yuan culture through Henan Opera ,so we can achieve a win -win outcome by es-tablishing cultural province in the process of promoting the construction of Zhong Yuan economic zone .%在研究河南豫剧发展史的基础上,详细论述了河南豫剧群体创作、重乡土文化、丰富群众文化生活、娱乐性强、适合人群广的特点。在论述其音乐特征的基础上,结合豫剧无曲无谱、口头传唱的独有特性,揭示了豫剧兼收并蓄、注重自我超越的优良传统,指出豫剧在传承中原文化,展现河南精神,演绎地方文化,幸福百姓生活,展现河南形象和推进文化大省建设方面的巨大作用,并希望河南人通过河南豫剧搭建根亲文化平台,传播中原文化,在推动中原经济区建设过程中,通过创建文化大省实现经济效益和社会效益的双赢。

  11. 孙中山先生怎样对待“黄祸”论?%Mr. Sun Zhong-shan's Attitude to Yellow Peril



    There is enough evidence to prove that Mr. Sun Zhong-shan wasonce challenged and obsessed by the idea of yellow peril. He, to some extent, had deliberated upon it and his attitude toward it had experienced three periods. General speaking, he thought that the idea of yellow peril was an excuse the European and American powers exploited which was intended to divide China and struggle for hegemony over Asia. Mr. Sun Zhong-shan emphasized that China would open to the outside world after the revolution and meanwhile develop its economy to benefit not only the Chinese but also the whole human beings. During h is later years, Mr. Sun Zhong-shan persisted in anti-imperialism, abolishing all unequal treaties, standing together with all oppressed nations and states and preserving human justice and world peace.%有足够的资料证明孙中山先生曾遇到“黄祸”论的挑战和困扰,对此他也有所考虑和回应。他的回应态度可分为三个阶段,集中起来就是:中国和亚洲大多数国家一直受欧美列强的欺凌,而“黄祸”论正是列强分割中国、争霸亚洲的借口。他强调中国爱好和平,革命成功后会实行“开放主义”;而开发富源和发展经济,不仅能养活自己,还会为人类造福。晚年他坚决主张反对帝国主义,废除一切不平等条约,与一切受压迫的民族和国家互相扶助,维护人类正义与世界和平。他关于未来的战争不是“人种”之战,而是“受屈者”与“横暴者”之战的观点尤其精辟。

  12. 关于夏商周碳十四年代框架%On the 14C Chronclogical Frame of the Xia-Shang-Zhou Period

    张雪莲; 仇士华


    14C Chronological framework provides scientific foundations for establishing of Xia-Shang-Zhou Chronological Table. New 14C dating datums of Luodamiao-Erligang period supplement basis for determination of the time when Zhengzhou Shang-period City started to establish.

  13. Tombs of the Zhou Period at Guziping in Yiyuan County,Shandong%山东沂源县姑子坪周代墓葬

    山东大学考古系; 淄博市文物局; 沂源县文管所


    In 2001,three tombs of the Zhou period were excavated at Guziping by the Archaeology Department of Shandong University,Zibo Municipal Museum and other institutions.All of them are wooden—chambered rectangular earth pits.M1 and M2 are large in size and contain bronze vessels of ritual use and weapons.The tomb—owners must have been noblemen.M4 is smaller in size and much poorer in grave goods,yielding only a few pottery vessels.Its occupant must have been among the common people M1 and M4 date roughly from the late Western Zhou period,while M2 can be assigned to the turn between the Western and Eastern Zhou or to the early Spring and Autumn period. The burial custom and funeral obiects of the three tombs show distinct features of the Ju or other local cultures.The discovery is of great importance in the Shang and Zhou archaeology of Shandong.

  14. Comment on '3-D frequency-domain seismic wave modelling in heterogeneous, anisotropic media using a Gaussian quadrature grid approach' by Bing Zhou and S. A. Greenhalgh

    de Basabe, Jonás D.


    Zhou & Greenhalgh have recently presented an application of the Gaussian quadrature grid to seismic modelling in which the authors propose a meshing scheme that partitions the domain independently of the discontinuities in the media parameters. This comment aims to clarify the implications that this strategy has on the accuracy.

  15. Three-dimensional Operation Design of Forest Engineering —— A Case Study of Bagua Zhou in Nanjing City

    Hongyu GU; Tao LIN; Jing ZHOU; Xuemei YU


    Abstract [Objective] The aim was to construct a virtuous eco-system covering mul- ti-populations, multi-layers and multi-products and to explore timber production of physical and non-physical products, in order to extend products operated in forestry engineering and seek a novel model for forestry engineering. [Method] A three-di- mensional operation project was designed based on forestry lands in Bagua Zhou in Nanjing City. [Result] In the project, timber products, by-products in forest and relax- ing products supplimented and supported each other, and a virtuous circle has been achieved. [Conclusion] The novel model makes simultaneous relaxing and working possible, which creat vaule together.

  16. 赤壁之战后的周瑜考论%On Zhou Yu After The Chibi Battle



    周瑜等在赤壁之战获胜后发动江陵之战,并最终迫使曹仁撤走。占领南郡江陵等地使得孙权后来在与刘备就荆州问题的交涉中处于较为有利的地位。刘备赴江东谈判“都督荆州”之事,周瑜、吕范劝孙权借机留下刘备。不过孙权接受了鲁肃的建c义,对刘备采取笼络、联合的立场,但又力求从刘备那谋取一定实际利益。周瑜向孙权提出先攻取巴蜀、汉中而后进占襄阳的战略规划。他或想到刘备以后会染指益州.因此主张先西进益州,这样可挤压刘备未来的战略发展空间,实现“二分天下”的目标。他的病逝使这一战略规划未能实现。赤壁之战后的周瑜是江东方面向外扩张的急进派,而且他抓住了向荆州扩张的机会。%Zhou Yu and other commanders launched the Jiangling Battle after their victory in the Chibi Battle, and later forced Cao Ren to retreat. After occupying Jiangling and some other places in Nanjun, Sun Quan strengthened his position in the negotiation on Jingzhou with Liu Bei. Liu Bei went to Jiangdong to carry on negotiations on his controlling Jingzhou, but Zhou Yu and Lu Fan advised Sun Quan to detain him. However, Sun Quan was persuaded by Lu Su to ally with Liu Bei, though with seeking certain benefits from the latter. Zhou Yu produced a strategic planning to capture Ba, Shu and Hanzhong, and then occupy Xiangyang. Perhaps at that time he realized Liu Bei would attack Yizhou later, so he argued for marching westwards to Yizhou in advance in order to squeeze the future strategic space of Liu Bei, and achieved his objectives of "dividing the empire into two parts". This strategic planning was not carried out because of his death. Zhou Yu belonged to the radical expansionists in Jiangdong after the Chibi Battle, and he seized the chance to expand into Jingzhou.

  17. Research on History of Grain Storages in Eastern Zhou Dynasty%东周储粮史研究

    周智波; 余黎星


    In the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, in order to grab the right of domination and rival for hegemony, every vassal state focused on the development of agricultural production and cereal storage. Agricultural development saw the appearance and application of iron farm tools, expansion of the artificial irrigation area, manual fertilization and popularization etc. During this period, the forms of grain storage were ground storage houses and underground barn cellars, which were divided into state and private grain storages. The cereal storages aimed at military spending, disaster relief, salary expenses of the officials, expenditure of the palace and so on. The cereal storage during the Eastern Zhou Dynasty was a step forward both in its size and management.%东周时期,各诸侯国为了称雄争霸,都比较注重农业生产的发展及粮食的储藏。农业发展表现为:铁农具的出现和使用,人工灌溉面积扩大,人工施肥的推广等。这个时期,储粮形式有地上仓房和地下粮窖,储粮分为国家储粮和私人储粮。储粮的用途为:军费开支、救灾、官吏俸禄、王宫费用等。东周时期,储粮无论是规模和管理,都向前跨进了一步。

  18. On the Modern Enlightenment of Guan Zhong's Financial and Tax Ideas%管仲财税思想的现代观点分析



    管仲的财税思想在治国方略、财政收入政策、财政支出政策上的应用,既保证了充足的财政收入,叉深得民心,为齐桓公称霸中原打下了良好的经济基础,对于今天中国财税政策的制定和实施·也有很重要的现实意义.%The appliance of Guan Zhong's ideas in finance and taxation in the field of country manage-ment, financial revenue and expenditure policy, not only ensured sufficient revenue but also won the support of people and thus laid a good economic foundation for Qi Huan Marquis's domination. It also has very important practical significance for the formulation and implementation of Chinese financial and taxation policies today.

  19. 钟肇政的客家文化与书写特征%Hakka Culture of Zhong Zhaozheng and Its Identity Writing



    1982年台湾文学评论界第一次提出“客家文学”,而早在20世纪50年代钟肇政就着手进行客家身份认同书写。钟肇政对客家文化的认识和认同有一个渐进的过程,这可以从他对客家山歌、采茶戏的书写中清晰地看到;而他的客家硬颈精神认同书写,则表达了客家人傲然立世的豪气;客家文化是一种典型的大陆文化,有着深切的土地情结。%In 1982, literacy critics in Taiwan first proposed "Hakka literature", while as early as in the 1950s, Zhong Zhao-zheng already set about Hakka identity writing. Zhong Zhao-zheng's awareness and recognition of the Hakka culture was a gradual process, which can be clearly seen from his writing of the Hakka folk songs and tea-picking operas. His identity writing of the Hakka stiff-necked spirit expressed their unyielding heroic spirit. Hakka culture is a typical continental culture, which has a profound land complex: The rise of the Hakka ethnic consciousness is the result of the development of Taiwan social pluralism. What is worthy of attention is, however, the existence of a right-wing local faction which deliberately stirs up ethnic consciousness and shows separatist tendencies.

  20. The ecological wisdom of Guan Zhong and its enlightenment for Chinese ecological civilization con-struction%管子的生态智慧及其对当代中国生态文明建设的启示



    The ecological wisdom of Guan Zhong, which was developed in practice, includes ecological phi-losophy wisdom, ecological ethical wisdom, ecological economic wisdom and the wisdom used in the field of social, cultural and political. The ecological wisdom of Guan Zhong has important enlightenment effect in the construction of ecological civilization in contemporary China.%管仲在相齐实践中形成了丰富的生态智慧,包括生态哲学智慧、生态伦理智慧、生态经济智慧以及将它们运用于社会、文化乃至政治领域的智慧。在当代中国生态文明建设中,管子的生态智慧仍具有重要的启迪意义。

  1. The Natural History in Zhou Zuoren' s Prose%周作人散文中的博物学



    Zhou Zuoren was a modern Chinese essayist, a literature theorist, a translator, a thinker and a pioneer of folklore. Taking some of his prose as an example, this essay attempts to explore the value of natural history and science communication. In the field of modem Chinese popular science, why was Zhou Zuoren left out in the cold? What is the difference between his prose and the contemporary works of popular science? Why were his writings labeled as leisurely essays by most people? At the early stage of development of modern natural history, there was sincere willingness and ability of the deep-level exchanges between humanities and sciences. The boundaries among the traditional culture, folk custom and modern scientific knowledge were not clearly defined yet, so they can complement and improve each other. Reading Zhou' s prose which contains folk custom, sinology and western natural history from today' s perspective, we can find it have a deep thought and care about the nation, society and the lives of ordinary people, hence provide a contemporary revelation.%周作人是中国现代散文家、文学理论家、翻译家、思想家、民俗学开拓人。本文将以他的部分小品文为例,探讨其博物学与科普价值。在中国现代科普领域,周作人缘何遇冷,其作品与同时代科普作品相比有何区别,为什么在大多数人看来,周氏作品仅仅只是"闲适小品文"?本文试图论述,在我国现代博物学发展之初,人文与科学之间具有真诚的、深层次交流的意愿与能力;传统文化、民间习俗与现代科学之间具有相互弥补和促进的可能。把周作人那些夹杂着民俗、国学、西方博物学兴味的小品文,置于今天的环境中重新品读,会发现它们对民族、社会以及普通人的生活,都有着深切的思考和关照,能够给予当代人启示。

  2. 游牧者的风骨——周涛诗歌中的意象解析%On Zhou Tao' s Writing Style of Vigor --Interpretation of the Images in Zhou Tao' s Poems



    Because of long living in Xinjiang, Zhou Tao is very familiar with the grand natural scenery, long cultural history and colorful ethnical life of the west. In his poems, with the help of such image symbols with the features of freedom, vigor, magnificence, and persistence or with primitive vitality in the western nature as horse, eagle, mountain, and camel, he makes the western nomandic culture vivid, as a result of which he constructs a cubic, male, and tangible Xinjiang and forcefully reveals the spiritual and internal termperament of this region.%周涛长期生活在新疆,对西部雄伟壮丽的自然风光、源远流长的历史文化及丰富多彩的民族生活十分熟悉,在他的诗歌中,常常借助马、鹰、山、骆驼等西部自然中具有原始生命力或自由、刚劲、雄伟与坚韧的意象符号,将西部游牧文化精神形象化,构筑起一个立体的、雄性的、质感的新疆,有力地揭示了这一区域的精神风貌和内在气韵。

  3. Analisis Kepribadian Tokoh Utama Pada Roman Kisah Tiga Kerajaan Karya Luo Guan Zhong Berdasarkan Psikologi Sastra. 《三国演义》中刘备、曹操、孙权形象研究

    Siregar, Sheyra Silvia


    The title of this research is “Analisis Aspek Kepribadian Tokoh Utama Pada Roman Kisah Tiga Kerajaan Karya Luo Guan Zhong Berdasarkan Psikologi Sastra.” This research analyzes the main characters which are based on intrinsic approach and extrinsic approaches: Literature Psychology. The aim of this research is to analyze the characteristics of main characters intrinsic approach such as theme, plot, setting, point of view, and characterization. Then the description individuali...

  4. Discuss on Zhong Rongs Theory and Integrity of Poetry:Focused on The Preface of Shi Pin%论钟嵘的诗学观--以《诗品序》为中心



    钟嵘诗歌理论在中国古代诗论的发展史上占有非常重要的地位。《诗品序》是钟嵘《诗品》中的一篇重要诗论。以《诗品序》为中心剖析钟嵘的诗学观,即:追求自然美的“自然英旨说”;情与物之“滋味说”;定品第显优劣及诗者发泄哀怨凄苍的“风力说”。%Zhong Rongs poetry theory has an important position in the development history of Chinese ancient poetry theory.The Preface of Shi Pin is an important poetics in Zhong Rongs Shi Pin .This paper starts from Zhong Rong himself,seeking the personality of his main crea-tion figures,and focusing on The Preface of Shi Pin to analyze the Zhong Rongs poetics,that is the following three major characteristics:the first is from the perspective of nature,to pur-sue true feelings expression on natural beauty;the second is from the perspective of emotion, the perceiving emotion and substances;the third is from the perspective of poems quality,to mark the rank based on the quality of poems,and to give vent to the plaintive expression for grief,resentment.

  5. Tombs of the Zhou period in Madong Village,Hezhou City,Guangxi%广西贺州市马东村周代墓葬



    There is an ancient cemetery at Madong village, Shatian town, Hezhou city lying to the south of the Five Ridges on the boundary between Chu and Yue. In 1996, two of the tombs were excavated by the Hezhou Municipal Museum. Both are earth shafts, Tomb M1 being small-sized while M2 having a L-shaped plan. They were found to be damaged seriously: only the tomb bottom remains in both cases. The funeral objects are all bronzes, which belong to the lei pot, ding tripod, yongzhong handled bell, spear, short sword, yue battle axe. adze, arrowhead, etc. Showing no distinct local features, they suggest that local bronzes were cast in imitation of those of the Shang and Zhou cultures in the Central Plains and represented the early bronze culture in the area south of the Five Ridges. The two tombs go back roughly to the turn from the late Western Zhou to the early Spring and Autumn period.

  6. 在现代与传统之间%Between Modernity and Tradition ——On the Characteristics of Yu Guang-zhong's Poetry



    余光中的诗融会了西方现代文化的灵性和中国传统文化的神韵,在传统与现代、历史与现实之间走出了一条属于自己的现代主义诗歌的创作道路,具有鲜明特征。在内容上,表现出强烈的“中国情结”和“乡愁母题”特征,体现出强烈的中华民族意识和坦诚的人生情怀。在艺术上,将西方现代诗艺与中国传统诗歌精神相融合,一方面受西方象征主义、存在主义和超现实主义的影响,另一方面借助于中国古代诗词传统的联想、象征手法和结构的优点,在表现现代人自身的主体意识方面有很大的突破。他的诗构思巧妙、想象丰富、追求诗的整齐,讲究诗的和谐,强调诗的节奏韵律,创造了与中国语言文字特点相结合的民族化的诗歌艺术美,赋予了现代新诗活力。%Blending the charm of Chinese traditional culture and theintelligence of modern western culture in his poetry, Yu Guang-zhong has blazed his own trail of peotry writing of modernism, which goes between the paths of convention and modernity as well as between the paths of history and reality. Yu Guang-zhong's poetry possessed the following distinctive characteristics: as to the content, his poetry always focuses on the theme of nostalgia cherished by overseas Chinese, which represents intense love for life. As to his means of artistic expression, being greatly influenced by the symbolism, existentialism , and super-realism in the west as well as association, symbol and structure in classic Chinese poetry, he combines the spirits of traditional Chinese poetry with techniques of modern western poetry. By this means, he has made a breakthrough in expressing the self-consciousness of modern individuals. With the ingenious plot, abundant imagination, neat structure, harmonious form and melodious rhythm and rhyme, Yu Guang-zhong's poetry exhibits the poetic beauty which is closely related to the features of

  7. “中”、“和”、与“中和”——论礼乐的核心精神%"Zhong ( 中 ) ", "He ( 和 )" and "Zhong He ( 中和)" --On the Core Thought of Chinese Rites and Music



    “中”、“和”的字形字义主要源于古老的礼乐传统,是华夏民族生存智慧与人文理性的凝练与展现,并构成了礼乐的价值内核。“中”强调的是经权相济的经验智慧,为礼乐实践的根本依据;“和”追求的是天人合一的和谐理想,乃礼乐生活的价值旨归。礼乐之“中和”精神的形成有着本体论和方法论两个层面的意义,不仅体现出了华夏民族对于真、善、美的理解与推崇,更是构成了中国传统礼乐文化的核心精神,乃其得以绵延发展的原动力。%The form and meaning of Chinese words "Zhong ( 中 ) " and "He (和) ", originated from the ancient traditions of Chinese rites and music, reflects the Chinese existence wisdom and humanism and constitutes the core values of Chinese rites and music. The Chinese word "Zhong (中) " focus on the experience and wisdom of being flexible to the regulations and is a basis for practice of rites and music ; and "He (和) " is a harmonious idea about the Chinese theory of oneness of man and nature expressing values in rites and music life. The "Zhong and He" thought of the rites and music has two meanings in ontology and methodology, which reflects the Chinese understanding and esteem to the truth, the goodness and the esthetics, and constitutes the core of traditional culture of Chinese rites and music.

  8. Xia - Shang - Zhou Chronology Project and the Study of Archaeological Cultures in the Xia and Shang Periods%夏商周断代工程与夏商考古学文化研究



    Xia-Shang-Zhou Chronology Project is a systematic project with the cooperation of different specialists from the fields of history, archaeology, astronomy and carbon datingtechnology etc.. With five years hard work, this project has released a reliable scientific time table for the Three Dynasties and thus the ancient Chinese history can be traced back to 2070 BC with hard evidence. Besides, the Project has greatly improved the studies of the Xia-Shang-Zhou archaeological cultures.

  9. Characterization of Thinopyrum intermedium Alien Chromosomes and Their Translocations in Wheat Derivatives of Zhong 5 by Multicolor Fluorescence in situ Hybridization

    Zhang Xueyong; Phillip M Banks; P.J. Larkin


    Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4, Z5 and Z6 are alien addition lines to wheat involving Thinopyrum intermedium chromosomes. We have characterized the Thinopyrum intermedium chromosomes or segments in these lines using multi-color florescence in situ hybridization. The probes used included total genomic DNA of Pseudoroegneria stipfolia (St) and cloned probes of highly tandem repetitive DNA pSc119. 2 and pAs1. Disomic addition lines Z1, Z2 and Z6 have the same single pair of alien chromo-somes carrying the resistant gene(s) to barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV). This alien chromosome is a St/E translocation; within the long arm, there is a big insertion of an E-genome chromosomalsegment (30%). Disomic addition line Z3 carries one pair of St/E Robertsonian translocation chromosomes ; on the short arm (E) there is a nuclear organizer region, which expresses in some cells. In Z5, the added chromosome is one pair of translocated chromosomes. Chromosomes 2D, 3D and 3Stwere involved in the translocation with great possibility〔2IS · 3DL (0. 47) - 3StL (0. 53)〕. The St segment is responsible for resistance to leaf and stem rusts. Addition line Z4 also carries the translo cated chromosome found in Z5, but in addition carries one pair of 7AS (0. 64) - 7StS (0. 36) · 7StL translocation chromosomes. The 7St fragment bears the stripe rust resistance, and replaces the normal 7A. All of the translocations in Z1, Z2, Z6 and Z3 existed in one of their parents, the wheat Th. intermedium partial amphiploid, Zhong 5. The two wheat-Th. intermedium translocations in Z4 and Z5 occurred during the backcrossing of Zhong 5 to the other wheat varieties in the development of the addition lines. Spontaneous homoeologous translocations showed a close genome relationship between wheat and Th. intermedium. This paper also demonstrated the potential of highly repetitive sequences DNA in verification and characterization of translocation chromosomes.

  10. Characterization of Thinopyrum intermedium Alien Chromosomes and Their Translocations in Wheat Derivatives of Zhong 5 by Multicolor Fluorescence in situ Hybridization


    Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4, Z5 and Z6 are alien addition lines to wheat involving Thinopyrum intermedium chromosomes. We have characterized the Thinopyrum intermedium chromosomes or segments in these lines using multi-color florescence in situ hybridization. The probes used included total genomic DNA of Pseudoroegneria stipfolia (St) and cloned probes of highly tandem repetitive DNA pSc119. 2 and pAs1. Disomic addition lines Z1, Z2 and Z6 have the same single pair of alien chromo-somes carrying the resistant gene(s) to barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV). This alien chromosome is a St/E translocation; within the long arm, there is a big insertion of an E-genome chromosomalsegment (30%). Disomic addition line Z3 carries one pair of St/E Robertsonian translocation chromosomes ; on the short arm (E) there is a nuclear organizer region, which expresses in some cells. In Z5, the added chromosome is one pair of translocated chromosomes. Chromosomes 2D, 3D and 3Stwere involved in the translocation with great possibility[2IS · 3DL (0. 47) - 3StL (0. 53)]. The St segment is responsible for resistance to leaf and stem rusts. Addition line Z4 also carries the translo cated chromosome found in Z5, but in addition carries one pair of 7AS (0. 64) - 7StS (0. 36) · 7StL translocation chromosomes. The 7St fragment bears the stripe rust resistance, and replaces the normal 7A. All of the translocations in Z1, Z2, Z6 and Z3 existed in one of their parents, the wheat Th. intermedium partial amphiploid, Zhong 5. The two wheat-Th. intermedium translocations in Z4 and Z5 occurred during the backcrossing of Zhong 5 to the other wheat varieties in the development of the addition lines. Spontaneous homoeologous translocations showed a close genome relationship between wheat and Th. intermedium. This paper also demonstrated the potential of highly repetitive sequences DNA in verification and characterization of translocation chromosomes.

  11. The Comparison of the Governance between Xun Zi and Dong Zhong-shu%荀子与董仲舒“治道”思想之比较



    荀子、董仲舒的治道思想都是在国家、社会处于转型时期提出来的。两者治道思想的共性与差别在于:在管理本体论上,荀子要求管理者面对自然之天必须发挥主体能动性,而董仲舒认为"天"不仅是宇宙万物的最高本原,也是社会等级秩序和伦理准则的唯一来源;在管理行为观上,两人都继承了经典儒家的管理行为理论,主张为政以德和贤人政治;在管理价值论方面,都认同"不与民争利";在管理人性观方面和管理控制论上,都认为人性可塑、导人为善。%The governace of Xun zi and Dong Zhong-shu are both put forward at the transformation period of the state and society.The similarities and differences of them are: In the perspective of management ontology,Xun Zi required the managers must have subjective initiative when they faced the natural"Tian",but Dong Zhong-shu thought the "Tian" is not only the highest principle of universe,but also the only source of the social rank order and ethical standards;In the perspective of management concept,they inherited the confucian theory of administrative behavior,advocating governing by morality and wisdom politics;In the perspective of management theory of value,they both agreed that "Do not compete with people";In the perspective of human nature and management cybernetics,they both agreed that people could be created and led to be good.

  12. The Character of Wang Zhong in Crossroad Lights%论《歧路灯》中王中的形象

    代伟; 李真真


    The writer Li Lvyuan invented an honest and loyal servant Wang Zhong in Crossroad Lights. With his honesty, calmness and ultimate loyalty to his master, he experienced the vicissitudes of Tan Mansion: from prosperity to decline and inversely from decline to prosperity. He was not only the rescuer of the Tan Mansion in its decline but also the promoter of the rejuvenation of Tan Mansion in its prosperity. The reason of inventing this character can be found in the writer Li Lvyuan himself. As an orthodox scholar in feudal society, Li Lvyuan was deeply influenced by Neo-Confucianism of Chen-Zhu, and formed his literary creation theory of“Writings are for conveying truth”. The age he lived in crosses the reigns of three emperors:Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qionglong, the heyday of Qing Dynasty. But he was sensitive enough to detect the decline of Qing Dynasty. He thus took Wang Zhong, the symbol of loyalty and filial piety, as the means to consolidate the moral orders and hierarchical system of feudal society, and to rescue superficiality of the society and decadence of his disciples.%《歧路灯》作者李绿园在作品中塑造了一位忠肝义胆、一心为主的忠仆形象——王中。他为人忠厚老实,行事沉着干练,对主家不离不弃。他亲历了谭府由盛到衰,再由衰转盛的全过程,不仅是谭府败落时的匡扶者,更是谭府复兴的有力推动者。究其形象塑造之原因,乃李绿园作为封建正统文人,思想上深受程朱理学影响,形成了“文以载道”的创作观,而生活于康雍乾三朝的他,在盛世繁华背后敏锐地觉察到了衰败的开始。所以在作品中努力以“忠孝”两全的王中为代言,维护和巩固封建道德秩序和封建等级制度,挽救世风的浇薄和子弟的颓废。

  13. ZHANG Min-zhou (张敏州)——A Renowned Cardiologist of Integrative Medicine

    Tao Bo


    Professor ZHANGMin-zhou(张敏州),chief physician,doctoral adviser,the successor to the nationally well-known old professor of Chinese Medicine DEND Tie-tao's academic thinking,vicepresident of the Special Committee of Cardiovascular Disease affiliated with the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies,vice chairman of the Cardiovascular Disease Committee attached to the Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine,vice chairman of the Emergency Branch of the China Association of Chinese Medicine,a member of the Standing Committee of the Integrative Medicine Doctors Association,Cardiovascular Diseases Association and the Professional Committee of Evidence-Based Medicine attached to the Chinese Medical Doctors Association,respectively;executive director of the Guangdong Province Association of Integrative Medicine,chairman of Critical Care Medicine,director of the Guangdong Province Medical Doctor Association,chairman of the Integrative Medicine Branch,one of the evaluation experts of the National Natural Science Foundation of China,a member of the editorial board of the Chinese Journal of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine,the Chinese Journal of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine in Intensive and Critical Care,the Journal of Emergency in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Journal of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Diseases,vice editor-in-Chief of the Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine on Cardio-/Cerebrovascular Disease.

  14. 湖南望城县高砂脊商周遗址的发掘%Excavation at the Gaoshaji Site of the Shang and Zhou Period in Wangcheng County,Hunan

    湖南省文物考古研究所; 长沙市博物馆; 长沙市考古研究所; 望城县文物管理所


    The Gaoshaji site is situated at Gaotangling town in Wangcheng county, Hunan province, lying on a long narrow sandbar on the western bank of the lower Xiangjiang River, at the river mouth where the Weishui flows into the Xiangjiang, and occupies an area of 180, 000 sq m. It was excavated twice in 1996 and 1999, which acquired very important archaeological data, including tombs,ash-pits, kiln-sites and numerous bronzes, pottery objects and stone artifacts. The tombs with bronzes are dated to the time from the later early to the earlier middle stage of Western Zhou; those with pottery and other remains can be divided into two phases: the first phase belongs principally to the early Western Zhou, maybe as early as the turn between the Shang and Zhou, while the second phase to the mid Western Zhou. Containing elements of two cultures,the unearthed objects show the character of a mixed culture with the external elements as the main body. The coexistence of Shang and Zhou bronzes with a pottery culture provides an important clue for solving the puzzle of Hunan bronzes in Shang and Zhou times.

  15. On Distinction between Huo Style in Word and Expression and Zhou Calligraphic One%《说文》或体与籀文字形辨考



    Based on inscriptions on bones and tortoise shells,this paper has made a contrast among Huo interpretation style in Word and Expression,Zhou and Xiaozhuan calligraphic styles according to the sequence of the book and made a dis-tinction between them.The author has found the different features between Huo and Zhou form,both Huo and Xiaozhuan styles are slim and symmetric and are more tidy,some of them are the direct or indirect rewriting or omission of Zhou Style,and hence become much simpler and easier,whereas Zhou style seems a little round and stout; formation, both Xiaozhuan and Huo styles have changed some Zhou words which are ideographic and pictographic into phonograms. Through the contrast between the two,we can see the clear evolutionary trace of Chinese characters.%按照《说文》之序,结合甲骨文、金文等古文字形,对《说文》重文中的籀文、或体以及字头小篆作了字形比较,明晰了各字形的构形方式。可知,籀文和或体在形体和构形方式的不同特点:(1)在形体上,小篆或体的字形线条较匀称,籀文则略显肥圆;小篆或体比籀文更加简明、齐整,有的是对籀文直接或间接的省改,化繁为简,化难为易;(2)在构形方式上,小篆或体把一些以象形、会意构形的籀文字形通过增加部件或更换部件转换为形声字。通过比较籀文和小篆或体,可清晰地了解汉字的字形演变轨迹。

  16. Treatment experience of ZHENG Qi-zhong in pertussis from the liver%郑启仲教授从肝论治百日咳经验

    郑宏; 郑攀


    郑启仲教授从事中医儿科临床40余年,对百日咳的治疗有丰富的经验.文章从病因病机、临床见证、治疗经验等方面,结合典型病案,从肝论治百日咳,郑教授提出"木火刑金,风痰相搏"的病机特点,创拟镇肝止咳汤,取得了良好的疗效.%Professor ZHENG Qi-zhong, the nation's third and fourth batches inherit the old Chinese medicine experts,the work of academic experience instructors, and doctoral supervisor, worked 40 years in pediatric clinical medicine, who was expert in the treatment of whooping cough. In this paper, we discussed the treatment of whooping cough from the live on the basis of pathogenesis, clinical testimony, and treatment experiences with typical medical record, and proposed, the characteristics of the pathogenesis that 'wooden stake gold, wind phlegm Competing', and created Zhengan Zhike Tang, which obtained good effect.

  17. Bu-Zhong-Yi-Qi Decoction, the Water Extract of Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine, Enhances Cisplatin Cytotoxicity in A549/DDP Cells through Induction of Apoptosis and Autophagy

    Xiong, Ying


    Cisplatin is one of the most active cytotoxic agents for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) treatment. However, the development of cisplatin resistance is common. Bu-Zhong-Yi-Qi decoction (BZYQD), a Chinese traditional herbal medicine, is widely used for the enhancement of antitumor effect in other medications. In this study, we evaluated the effect and drug-resistance reversal mechanism of BZYQD combined with cisplatin on cisplatin-resistant A549/DDP cells. Our results showed that BZYQD exhibited direct cytotoxic and chemosensitizing effects. Cotreatment with BZYQD and cisplatin induced intrinsic apoptotic pathways which were measured by condensed nuclear chromatin, Annexin V/PI apoptosis assay, and apoptosis related proteins expression. In addition, cotreatment with BZYQD and cisplatin also activated autophagy, as indicated by an increase in LC3 puncta, classical autophagosomes and/or autolysosomes, and an accumulation of LC3-II and ATG7 protein. Finally, cotreatment with BZYQD and cisplatin resulted in the generation of ROS and scavenging ROS by NAC almost completely suppressing cell death. These results suggest that cotreatment with BZYQD and cisplatin might reverse cisplatin resistance by inducing ROS accumulation, which activates apoptosis and autophagy by oxidative stress. The combination of BZYQD and cisplatin may represent a novel approach in treatment for NSCLC and thus offer a new target for chemotherapy.

  18. The discussion on the construction of site of eastern zhou capital%试论东周王城的营建

    徐昭峰; 姜超


    东周王城是东周王朝的国都。对于其地望及始建年代,虽曾经颇多争议,但20世纪50年代在涧河两岸发现的东周城址,从考古发现情况整合文献资料,两者可以相互印证,故学界一般认为其即文献记载的王城。从考古发现来看,东周王城在春秋和战国这两个阶段进行了较大规模的营建,春秋时期建有宫城及其内的宫殿,还有规划有序的春秋王陵区及其他文化遗存。战国时期始建郭城,宫城则一分为二,西为宫城,东为仓城。在郭城南瞿家屯一带发现有战国晚期的成组夯土建筑群基址;在郭城北部发现有大量的手工业作坊遗址和包括西周君陵区在内的大量墓葬。东周王城的营建过程都有其特定的历史背景。%Site of Eastern Zhou Capital is the capital of the Eastern Zhou .For its geographical location and the beginning of the era ,there have been a lot of controversy .In 1950s ,archaeological finds in the cross‐strait Jianhe Zhou City combined with the literature ,the two can confirm each other ,so the academic circles generally believed that it is the site of Eastern Zhou Capital .From the archaeological perspective , the site of Eastern Zhou Capital conducted large‐scale construction in the two stage of the spring and au‐tumn period and Warring states .Built imperial palace and inner palace ,orderly planning and other cultural relics in the tomb area in the Spring and Autumn period .Outer city wall was built during the Warring States period .Imperial palace was divided into imperial palace located on the west side and Cang Cheng lo‐cated on the east side .Rammed earth architectural foundations group found in Qu Jia Tun area located on the south of outer city wall belongs to the late Warring States period .A large number of handicraft work‐shops and number of tombs in the Western Zhou Dynasty mausoleum were found in the northern outer city wall .The construction

  19. 论周氏兄弟的早期翻译%A Study on Early Translations of Zhou Brothers



    1909年《域外小说集》的出版是周氏兄弟在晚清最重要的文学活动。在《域外小说集》中,周氏兄弟审慎地选择了代表唯美主义、自然主义、批判现实主义、现代主义等世纪之交文艺思潮的小说作品,来践行以文艺转移性情、改造社会的目标。《域外小说集》能够在1909年出版,与周氏兄弟之前较长一段时间里在翻译领域的摸索和准备是分不开的。周氏兄弟的早期翻译可以分为两个阶段:1903—1906年是裹挟在晚清译介潮流中的摸索阶段。在晚清译界登场以后,周氏兄弟大致选择了科学小说和侦探小说进行翻译。1906—1908年是周氏兄弟《域外小说集》的酝酿阶段。在合作翻译《红星佚史》的过程中,他们提出了“文以移情”的翻译理念。受到无政府主义思想的影响,此时他们开始关注俄国文学。周氏兄弟最早关注并认真译介的弱小民族文学是匈牙利文学。%In the late Qing Dynasty, the publication of The Collections of Foreign Fictions in 1909 was the most important literar-y activity for Zhou brothers.They chose the stories in the book carefully which represented the trend of literary at the turn of the century, such as aestheticism, naturalism, critical realism, modernism, and etc.They hoped to achieve their ambition by trans-ferring people's dispositions and transforming the society.The publication of the book has been closely related to Zhou brothers'exploration and preparation in the field of translation from 1903 to 1908, which can be roughly divided into two periods.Before the year of 1906, their translation followed the trend of the time in an explorative manner.They chose scientific fiction and de-tective fiction as their translation topics.Then from the year 1906 to 1908, they started to prepare for the publication of The Col-lections of Foreign Fictions.They collaborated to translate The World's Desire and put forward the

  20. QTL Mapping of Adult-Plant Resistance to Leaf Rust in the Wheat Cross Zhou 8425B/Chinese Spring Using High-Density SNP Markers

    Peipei Zhang


    Full Text Available Wheat leaf rust is an important disease worldwide. Growing resistant cultivars is an effective means to control the disease. In the present study, 244 recombinant inbred lines from Zhou 8425B/Chinese Spring cross were phenotyped for leaf rust severities during the 2011–2012, 2012–2013, 2013–2014, and 2014–2015 cropping seasons at Baoding, Hebei province, and 2012–2013 and 2013–2014 cropping seasons in Zhoukou, Henan province. The population was genotyped using the high-density Illumina iSelect 90K SNP assay and SSR markers. Inclusive composite interval mapping identified eight QTL, designated as QLr.hebau-2AL, QLr.hebau-2BS, QLr.hebau-3A, QLr.hebau-3BS, QLr.hebau-4AL, QLr.hebau-4B, QLr.hebau-5BL, and QLr.hebau-7DS, respectively. QLr.hebau-2BS, QLr.hebau-3A, QLr.hebau-3BS, and QLr.hebau-5BL were derived from Zhou 8425B, whereas the other four were from Chinese Spring. Three stable QTL on chromosomes 2BS, 4B and 7DS explained 7.5–10.6%, 5.5–24.4%, and 11.2–20.9% of the phenotypic variance, respectively. QLr.hebau-2BS in Zhou 8425B might be the same as LrZH22 in Zhoumai 22; QLr.hebau-4B might be the residual resistance of Lr12, and QLr.hebau-7DS is Lr34. QLr.hebau-2AL, QLr.hebau-3BS, QLr.hebau-4AL, and QLr.hebau-5BL are likely to be novel QTL for leaf rust. These QTL and their closely linked SNP and SSR markers can be used for fine mapping, candidate gene discovery, and marker-assisted selection in wheat breeding.

  1. XANES investigation of Chinese faience excavated from Peng State Cemetery site in Western Zhou Period (BC1046–BC771)

    Hao, Wentao; Yang, Yimin [Key Laboratory of Vertebrate Evolution and Human Origins of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100044 (China); Department of Scientific History and Archaeometry, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100049 (China); Zhu, Jian, E-mail: [Key Laboratory of Vertebrate Evolution and Human Origins of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100044 (China); Department of Scientific History and Archaeometry, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100049 (China); Gu, Zhou [Key Laboratory of Vertebrate Evolution and Human Origins of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100044 (China); Department of Scientific History and Archaeometry, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100049 (China); Xie, Yaoting [Institute of Archaeology of Shanxi Province, Taiyuan 030001 (China); Zhang, Jing [Beijing Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100049 (China); Wang, Lihua [Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai 201204 (China)


    Highlights: • We analyzed faience of Peng State archaeological cemetery site in Western Zhou Dynasty (BC1046–BC771). • We investigated the chemical composition and oxidation state by energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) and X-ray absorption near edge spectroscopy (XANES), respectively. • The coloring element in both beads is copper in +2 valence, and the color divergence of these two beads may originate from different local chemical environments of Cu{sup 2+}. • Chinese faience in this period is the earliest glaze with copper colorant. - Abstract: As a special kind of glazed ceramic, faience has an important role to play in the technological trajectory that eventually leads to the development of ancient glass. In China, faience products first emerged in early Western Zhou Dynasty (1046BC–771BC), and their great significance as well as brilliant colors varying between blue and green attracted a lot of scholars. However, scientific researches on the color source of Chinese faience in view of microstructure characterization are quite few. In the present work, analyses by energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) and X-ray absorption near edge spectroscopy (XANES) were carried out on two faience beads with relatively blue and green color, respectively, both of which were excavated from Peng State archaeological cemetery site in Western Zhou Dynasty. The results show that the coloring element in both beads is copper with +2 valence, and the color divergence of these two beads may originate from different local chemical environments of Cu{sup 2+}. It is suggested that the faience in this period is the earliest glaze with copper colorant in China.

  2. 许建中教授治疗肺间质性疾病的经验%The Experience of Professor XU Jian-zhong on Treating Interstitial Lung Disease



    从中医病名病机分析入手,对许建中教授治疗肺间质性疾病的经验进行总结,以期为临床治疗此类疾病提供借鉴.%This article summarized the experience of professor XU Jian-zhong on treating interstitial lung disease from analyzing the name and pathogenesis of disease in TCM,in order to provide a reference for clinical treatment of these diseases.

  3. Discussion on The Wife of JIAO Zhong-qing in the Human Rights of Women%刍议《焦仲卿妻》中的女性人权问题

    叶新源; 潘婷; 黄秋敏


    Produced in the Han Dynasty, The Wife ofJIAO Zhong-qing is a true reflection of the many problems of human rights of women at that time. The main performance is the female personal freedom, autonomy and dignity of marriage and other aspects of abuse.%产生于汉代的《焦仲卿妻》,真实地反映了当时女性人权的许多问题。其主要表现为对女性人身自由、婚姻自主和人格尊严等方面的侵害。

  4. A Summary on the Western Zhou Dynasty Bronze Inscription Verbs%西周金文动词研究综述



    西周金文是最早的成系统的汉民族书面语之一,保持着当时语言的原貌,是该时期语言的真实记录,因此它是研究上古汉语词汇和语法的重要语料。通过对西周金文动词的判定标准、词义系统、语法功能和复音词进行全面的梳理,为西周金文的释读和应用以及上古汉语动词的研究奠定基础。%The Western Zhou Dynasty bronze inscription is one of the earliest systematic written languages of Han nationality and records the true language phenomena at that time. It is very important to studying the ancient vocabulary and grammar since it keeps in the original states. Bythe thoroughly researches on the criterion, the meaning system and the grammatical function of verbs and the disyllabic verbs in Western Zhou Dynasty bronze inscription, one can learn the verbs’rules and features and lay a solid foundation to apply and study the ancient Chinese language verb system.

  5. 毛泽东、周恩来人生哲学之比较%A Comparison of the Philosophy of Life between Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai

    程林辉; 夏小琛


    毛泽东、周恩来的人生哲学既同中有异,又异中有同。共同的理想信仰、价值准则、人生追求,使他们的人生哲学呈现出很多相同之处,然而其差异也显而易见:毛泽东的性格以"虎气"为主,气质上豪迈奔放,具有浓郁的诗人情怀,趋于英雄人格;周恩来的性格以柔韧见长,气质上儒雅谦逊,具有博大的贤者胸怀,趋于道德人格。%Comparison between Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai'philosophies of life show some differences and also some similarities.Because of the same beliefs,values and life pursuits,they have a lot of similarities in their philosophies of life.Nevertheless,the difference is also very obvious.Mao Zedong is mainly characterized by his "Tiger Spirit"with a bold and generous temperament,a strong poetic sense and heroic personality.Yet,Zhou Enlai is characteristically good at his flexibility with a modest manner,a broad-minded wisdom and a virtuous personality.

  6. 明周太后与文华门哭谏事件%Empress Zhou and Fight Etiquette beside Wen Hua Door in Ming Dynasty



    明代历史上,大臣为捍卫祖制伏阙争礼三次,最早始于成化年间的文华门哭谏。这次争礼因宪宗生母周太后在柑葬问题上与大臣的分歧引起,周太后的跋扈独断激起文武百官大规模请愿。文华门哭谏不仅引起皇室丰忖葬制度的重大变革,也是谏诤皇权不当行为而抗争请愿之开端。%Ministers debated for etiquette in defending the petition of the ceremony, which earliest happened beside the Wen Hua door in Ming Dynasty in Cheng Hua period. This etiquette releted Empress Zhou (the Mother of Xian Zong). There were different views about obsequies between Empress Zhou and ministers. Her selfish and dour determination provoked ministers petition. In consequence, the obsequies not only provoked great change of imperial family, but also became the beginning of petition campaigns about admonitory advisement to rulers who would disobev the rituals during his rai~rn

  7. 周谷城“文化综合说”的形成%The Formation Of Zhou Gucheng’ s Cultures Synthesis Theory



    《生活系统》奠定周谷城文化观的基础,大革命失败后的中国社会研究使周谷城意识到产业革命对于中国现代化的重要性,周著《中国通史》的“中外文化汇合演进”说是其后“文化综合说”的源头和雏形,周著《世界通史》的编撰使周谷城意识到了欧洲中心论问题。1978年后,周谷城在上述文化思想的基础上提出了精辟独到的“文化综合说”。%Zhou Gucheng laid the foundation for his theory by System of Life , realized the importance of industrial revolution to China’ s modernization by the study of Chinese society after the the Great Revolution, the evolution of cultures both from China and foreign in Zhou’ s General History of China was the origin and rudiment of the Cultures Synthesis Theory, and noticed the problem of Eurocentrism by the written of General History of the World. After 1978, Zhou finally put forward the penetrating original cultural theory.

  8. 西安市北周史君石椁墓%Shi Sarcophagused Tomb of the Northern Zhou Period in Xi'an



    In 2003, the Xi'an Municipal Institute of Ancient Monument Preservation and Archaeology excavated the Shi tomb of the Northern Zhou period east of the Jingshang Village of Daminggong Township in Weiyang District, Xi'an City. They discovered stone sealing slabs, a sarcophagus and beds, as well as gold finger-rings, coins and ornaments, all valuable cultural relics. The tomb is an earthen cave, and consists of a long ramp, small yards, tunnels, a corridor and a chamber. The tombgate, lintel, ramp and chamber are decorated with murals. In the tomb is a couple's joint burial. The male tomb-owner, Shi by name, was the Sabao, or administrator of Zoroastrianism, in the Liangzhou Prefecture of the Northern Zhou period. The color-painted and gold-foiled carvings in relief on the sarcophagus, beds and sealing stones reflect both the Zoroastrianist culture and influence from the Han culture. They provide invaluable textual and pictorial data for studying the Silk Road and Sino-western cultural relations, and have very great significance to researching into the history of Sino-western cultural relations and that of Chinese art.

  9. 周玉艳主任医师治疗难治性周围性面瘫经验初探%Experience of Doctor ZHOU YU-yan to Treat Peripheral Facial Paralysis

    张彩荣; 陈朝明; 李静


    This article summarized famous doctor Zhou Yu-yan' s clinical experience in the treatment of Refractory facial paralysis, who pointed out the differentiation is different root excessive superficial. Mr. Zhou especially pays attention to adjust immunity and manipulation of acupuucture.%总结了名老中医周玉艳主任治疗难治性周围性面瘫的临床经验,指出难治性面瘫为本虚标实症,周主任临床上治疗上重调节免疫及针刺补泻手法,讲究治调并济.

  10. Development and validation of high liquid performance chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry method for simultaneous determination of geniposidic acid and aucubin in rat plasma for pharmacokinetic study after oral administration of Du-zhong tea extract.

    Zhang, Lin; Ma, Yu-Liang; Liu, Yang; Zu, Yuan-Gang


    A specific and sensitive high performance liquid chromatography coupled with tandem mass spectrometric (HPLC-MS/MS) method was developed and validated for the simultaneous determination of geniposidic acid and aucubin in rat plasma after oral administration of Du-zhong tea extract. The plasma samples were pretreated by protein precipitation with methanol and the chromatographic separation was performed on a Hypersil C18 column (4.6 mm×250 mm, 5 μm), using a gradient mobile phase system of water-methanol (0.05% formic acid). The detection was accomplished by multiple-reaction monitoring (MRM) scanning via electrospray ionization source operating in the negative ionization mode. The linear range was 1-1,000 ng/mL for geniposidic acid and 0.2-200 ng/mL for aucubin, respectively. The accuracy (relative error, R.E.%) were between -5.40 and 5.00%, while the intra-day and inter-day precisions were less than 7.95 and 7.87% for the two analytes, respectively. The method was fully validated for the sensitivity, selectivity, recovery, matrix effect and stability. Then this method was successfully applied to the pharmacokinetic study of geniposidic acid and aucubin after oral administration of Du-zhong tea extract to rats and the results indicated that this HPLC-MS/MS assay is a valuable method for the pharmacokinetic study of geniposidic acid and aucubin in rat plasma.

  11. The Decoction Analysis of the Guizhi Tang Associated Prescriptions from ZHANG Zhong-jing's Shanghan Lun%张仲景《伤寒论》桂枝汤类方配伍解析

    蔡皎皓; 庄海峰; 沈建平


    桂枝汤为仲景之代表方,体现其辨证论治思想之精髓,其类方为中最多的一组类方,在全书中发挥着极为重要的作用.本文着重以图形的方式表述桂枝汤的组方及桂枝汤类方的组方规律,对仲景组方思想进行探析,以期更好地了解张仲景的类方组方思想来指导临床的组方用药和辨证加减.%Guizhi tang is the representative prescription of Shanghan Lun, which book was written by zhongjing,embody the essence of syndrome differentiation and treatment ideas,the Associated Prescriptions of Guizhi tang is the most of the associated prescriptions in Shanghan Lun,is playing the extremely vital role in the entire book。 This article focuses on interpretation of graphical Guizhi tang recipe and Guizhi tang recipe law of parties,Of ZHANG Zhong - jing' s thinking whose was how to compatibility prescription, It is hoped that a better understanding of the ZHANG Zhong -jing' s ideology of how to compatibility the associated prescription to guide clinical medicine and the identification.

  12. Passive Mood and Work Behavior:The Cross-level Mediating Effect of Zhong-Yong Thinking Style%坏心情与工作行为:中庸思维跨层次的调节作用

    孙旭; 严鸣; 储小平


    本研究探讨工作中坏心情与3种工作行为(组织公民行为、反生产行为和任务绩效行为)在个体内水平的关系,以及中庸思维在二者间跨层次的调节作用。采用经验抽样方法,通过对72名员工历时两周的追踪调查,获取被试每日心情状态和每日工作行为的数据。HLM 6.02分析表明:(1)每日坏心情显著地负向影响每日的组织公民行为和任务绩效行为,而对反生产行为无显著影响;(2)中庸思维在“心情—行为”的联系间发挥调节作用,高中庸思维者的坏心情对组织公民行为的负向影响较弱,低中庸思维者的坏心情对组织公民行为的负向影响较强;高中庸思维者的坏心情对任务绩效行为产生正向影响,低中庸思维者的坏心情对任务绩效行为产生负向影响。%Individual frequently experiences passive mood, a bad internal feeling state, in workplace. However, few researches focused on the negative effect of passive mood on work behavior. As a result, we know little about how to avoid this negative effect in the work, especially in Chinese context. Based on mood-congruent theory and cognitive-affective processing system theory, we proposed a cross-level model to explain the relation between daily passive mood and three daily work behaviors, namly, Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB), Counterproductive Work Behavior (CWB) and task performance behavior, at within-person level, and how Zhong-Yong thinking style, a Chinese indigenous cultural thinking characteristic, at between-person level moderated the negative effect of daily passive mood on work behaviors. In oreder to verify our arguments, we collected the data by two phases. In the first phase, participants completed a questionnaire including demographic and individual-level variables. Two weeks later, we conducted daily surveys for daily passive mood and three daily work behaviors, namly, OCB, CWB and task performance

  13. The VviMYB80 Gene is Abnormally Expressed in Vitis vinifera L. cv. 'Zhong Shan Hong' and its Expression in Tobacco Driven by the 35S Promoter Causes Male Sterility.

    Zheng, Huan; Yu, Xiaojuan; Yuan, Yue; Zhang, Yaguang; Zhang, Zhen; Zhang, Jiyu; Zhang, Meng; Ji, Chenfei; Liu, Qian; Tao, Jianmin


    Anther development is a very precise and complicated process. In Arabidopsis, the AtMYB80 transcription factor regulates genes involved in pollen development and controls the timing of tapetal programmed cell death (PCD). In this study, we isolated and characterized cDNA for VviMYB80 expressed in flower buds of male-sterile Vitis vinifera L. cv. 'Zhong Shan Hong', a late-maturing cultivar derived from self-progeny of cv. 'Wink'. VviMYB80 belongs to the MYB80 subfamily and clusters with AtMYB35/TDF1 in a distinct clade. We found that in flower buds, expression of the VviMYB80 gene in cv. 'Zhong Shan Hong' sharply increased at the tetrad stage, resulting in a higher and earlier transcript level than that found in cv. 'Wink'. Expression of the VviMYB80 gene, driven by the 35S promoter, caused pleiotropic effects on the stamens, including smaller and shriveled anthers, delayed dehiscence, fewer seeds, shorter anther filaments, distorted pollen shape and a lack of cytoplasm, with the tapetum exhibiting hypertrophy in transformed tobacco. These results suggest that VviMYB80 may play an important role in stamen development and that expression of VviMYB80 driven by the 35S promoter in tobacco induces male sterility. © The Author 2016. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists. All rights reserved. For permissions, please email:

  14. 习仲勋文化思想的当代价值%Contemporary Value of XI Zhong-xun's Culture and Ldeology

    仲杉; 司成铭; 郝鑫


    习仲勋的文化思想,有着独特的内容和理论特点,主要涉及了以灵活多样的形式兴办教育事业,运用先进的文化占领农村阵地,文化工作要为经济建设服务,弘扬民族传统文艺发展等内容。其理论特色表现在,加强党对文化工作的领导权,创新和发展党对文化工作的领导方式;建立和完善公共文化服务体系,促进城乡文化一体化进程;加大文化人才培养力度,壮大文化人才队伍;建立优秀传统文化传承体系,完善具有中国特色社会主义文化理论体系等方面。深入学习领会习仲勋文化思想的特征,对当下我国转型时期顺利推动我们当前的文化体制改革和发展,具有重要的现实借鉴意义。%Culture thought of XI Zhong-xun has the unique content and theoretical characteristics,mainly involves in running education career with flexible ways,applying advanced culture to occupy the grassroot position,emphasizing cultural service function of economy,and carrying forward traditional literary great development.and so on.Its theoretical features in performance,strengthening the leadership of culture closely,innovation and development of cultural work style of leadership;establishing and perfecting the system of public cultural services,promoting the process of integration of urban and rural culture;increasing cultural talent training efforts,growing cultural talent team;establishing excellent traditional culture inheritance system,perfecting socialist culture of Chinese characteristics theory system etc.On the current,it has the realistic significance to promote reform of the cultural system and development successfully in the transition period.

  15. Marriage Forms of Zhou Dynasty Reflected in The Book of Songs%从《诗经》看周代婚姻形态



    In The Book of Songs , there is a large amount of love and marriage poems which can fully present the process of concluding a marriage . During The Book of Songs era , although the Six Marriage Processes , an important part of the rite system of Zhou Dynasty , had become popular among both aristocratic class and common people , different classes had different wedding ceremonies in detail . Except for the major Betrothal Marriage marked with monogamy , there are three more marriage patterns in Zhou Dynasty , like Concubine Marriage marked with polygamy , Succession Marriage marked with the relatives of the dead husband marrying his widow and marriage based on illicit sexual relations . Meanwhile , The Book of Songs also has many poems on the abandoned wives . It is reasonable to get the causes of the factual termination of the marriage according to them . Above all , people can get a general view of the whole marriage forms of Zhou Dynasty .%《诗经》中,婚恋诗所占的篇幅颇丰,它们充分展现了先民们的婚约缔结过程:在《诗经》的时代,周礼所规定的婚姻“六礼”就已通行于贵族及平民阶层,但婚姻仪式又因社会阶级地位的不同而有所区别;周代主要的婚姻形式除以一夫一妻为标志的聘娶婚外,还有一夫多妻的媵妾婚、亡夫亲属收娶寡妇的收继婚和野合而婚;与此同时,《诗经》中又不乏弃妇诗,从这些诗篇出发可以分析先民婚姻的事实终结的部分原因,从而窥测整个周代婚姻形态的大端。

  16. Mr. Zhou Guidian's "Research on Dong Zhongshu" and Its Modern Value%周桂钿先生之"董仲舒研究"及现代价值



    Mr. Zhou Guidian, a master of the studies on the ideological history in Qin and Han Dynasties, holds an important academic position and influence in the field of academic, ideology and social science, and his great devotion and assiduous attitude to academic together with his philosophical spirit is looked up to. In the course of his study on Dong Zhongshu, Mr. Zhou defines Dong Zhongshu's philosophy for three times. Academic paradigm has great influences on Dong Zhongshu's historical position and evaluation. Mr. Zhou summarizes Dong Zhongshu's theoretical contribution as the great unification,the telepathy between heaven and man, and honouring Confucianism alone. Based on Confucius's "education after wealth" and the history of New China, he puts forwards "the theory of the three phases of national development". His "New Confucianism in the Han Dynasty" is basically equal to "Dong Zhongshu's Theory".%周桂钿先生是秦汉思想史及董仲舒哲学研究的大家,在学术界、思想界和社会科学界有着重要的学术地位和影响力,其潜心学术、孜孜不倦的学术态度及哲学精神令人钦敬.周先生在董仲舒研究的历程中,对董仲舒哲学进行了三次定性.学术范式对董仲舒历史地位及评价影响巨大.周先生对董仲舒的理论贡献归纳、总结为大一统论、天人感应、独尊儒术.由孔子"富而后教"出发,结合新中国历史,周先生总结了"国家发展三阶段论".周先生提出的"汉代新儒学"基本等同于"董学".

  17. The Sogdian Trade Caravan Traveled Between Liu Hu Zhou and LuoYang in Tang Dynasty%唐代六胡州、洛阳间的粟特商队



    The Liu Hu Zhou trade caravan is still at work on long distance trade in Tang Dynasty.Shi Zhou attracts the caravan to live there for its traffic hub position,economic hinterland superiority condition.The trade route starting from Liu Hu Zhou, passing Shi Zhou and finally arriving at Luo Yang is in a good condition to travel. Wu Ding River Valley, Fen River Valley, and the influx of husbandry, towns, and traffic have provided great convenience for long distant trade. Further, the image of caravan Zoroastrian gods comes from here.%唐代六胡州仍保持着经商的传统,从事着远程长途贸易。石州因着地理交通的便利,经济腹地的支撑,吸引了大量六胡州粟特商队前来定居,形成聚落。从六胡州出发,经石州水陆转运,通往洛阳的商路十分畅通,无定河谷、汾河谷道中,农牧业、城镇、交通的汇集,为远程商贸的展开提供了便利,骆驼祆神形象就诞生在这条路上。

  18. 浅析扬州二电厂60万kW机组不停电电源系统%A Brief Introduction to UPS of YangZhou NO. 2 Power Plant



    介绍了不停电电源(UPS)系统的配置、构成及其工作原理,针对扬州二电厂UPS系统做出了剖析。%This paper introduces configuration、 constructionand essential operating principle of UPS. And it analysis theUPS of YangZhou NO. 2 Power Plant.

  19. Talk about training of the clinical thinking from YANG Ji-zhou's medical records%从杨继洲医案看临床思维的培养

    夏晓红; 胡玲


    To probe into training of the clinical thinking of the students of modern acupuncture and moxibustion speciality, analyze YANG Ji-zhou's clinical thinking of acupuncture and moxibustion from YANG Ji-zhou's medical records in Zhenjiu Dacheng. Results indicate that YANG Ji-zhou's many points of view in clinical acupuncture and moxibustion still can enlighten the train of thought of later generations, suggesting that YANG Ji-zhou's clinical thinking is of an important practical significance for training of the clinical thinking of the students of the acupuncture and moxibustion speciality.%探讨对现代针灸专业学生临床思维的培养.从杨继洲医案入手,对杨继洲针灸临床思维进行分析.结果表明杨继洲在针灸临床方面的许多观点仍能启迪后学思路.说明杨继洲临床思维对针灸专业学生临床思维的培养具有重要的现实意义.

  20. 周作人自编文集的命名风格%The Naming Style of Zhou Zuoren' s Self-compiled Anthology



    周作人自编文集的命名风格主要有三点:一是简单,简单就是简要、真实和腴润;二是苦涩,苦涩是一种人生态度和审美追求;三是自然,自然是一种文学价值标准,含有平淡、天成的意蕴。%The naming style of Zhou Zuoren' s self-compiled anthology has three main points: First is simple which is short, truth and abundance; Second is bitter which is the life attitude towards and aesthetic pursuit ; Third is nature which is a literary values, with the meaning of fiat and naturalness.

  1. 广州市京溪污水处理厂工程造价分析%Project Cost Analysis of GuangZhou Jingxi Sewage Treatment Plant



    GuangZhou Jingxi sewage treatment plant is the first MBR sewage treatment plant which underground type is applied in China.The paper analyzes the underground type,MBR technology,related equipments and their effect on the project cost,to provide some reference for the construction and cost control of similar projects.%广州市京溪污水处理厂是国内首家地埋式MBR工艺污水处理厂。分析该污水处理厂地下式结构、MBR工艺、相关设备及其对工程造价的影响,为今后同类污水厂的建设与造价控制提供借鉴。

  2. Zhou Enlai's People to People Diplomatic Thoughts and Its Realistic Enlightenment%周恩来人民外交思想及其当代价值



    人民外交是公共外交的重要组成部分,是加强中国同世界各国人民的对话交流,推动中国同世界良性互动和共同发展的重要渠道。周恩来是新中国首倡人民外交的第一人,周恩来的人民外交思想内涵深刻、特色鲜明,内容丰富、自成体系,开创了中国外交的新风尚,具有重要的历史作用,对当代中国外交具有重要的借鉴和启示意义。%People to people diplomacy is an important part of public diplomacy.It is an significant chan-nel to strengthen the dialogue and exchanges between Chinese and people around the world,also to promote positive interaction and common development between China and the other countries.Zhou Enlai is the first person to propose the people to people diplomacy in new China.Zhou Enlai's people to people diplomatic thought contains profound connotations,distinctive features and rich content.It is a self-contained system.It has initiated a brand-new fashion in China's diplomacy and an important role in history.It also has important reference and enlightening significance to the contemporary China's di-plomacy.

  3. Zhou Bida’s Methodology of Commenting on Si Shi%周必大评苏的方法问题



    周必大作为南宋前期重要的政治家,在当时朝野推崇苏学的政治背景和学术氛围下,十分关注与敬重苏轼。他采用考证、点评、辨析等方法,对苏轼的生平事迹、道德文章进行了深入考察和客观评价,体现了作者独特的人品风范与学问见识。文章对这些问题进行了系统梳理和总结概括。周必大提供的不少今人未见的苏轼佚文线索,表明苏轼研究的文献收集整理等基础工作,还需要继续努力进行。%Zhou Bida is an important politician during the former period of the Southern Song Dynasty, who paid much attention to and respected Su Shi under the circumstances of the political background and a-cademic atmosphere in the court and commonalty. He used many methods to observe and critique Su Shi’s lifetime achievements and moral articles in depth, such as textual research, commenting and discrimination, embodying his great personality and academic achievements. This essay systematically analyzes and summa-rizes what have been mentioned above. Many of the leads that Zhou Bida provided for researches on Su Shi are quite precious, indicating that more efforts should be made to the fundamental work of collecting and restoring relevant literature.

  4. Analysis of professor ZHOU Ming-xin's treatment strategies about amenorrhea%周铭心教授辨治闭经方略分析

    伍镝; 周铭心


    周铭心教授是国家级名老中医,中医临床经验丰富.周教授认识到闭经基本病机可分为血虚及血瘀两端,郁火积热也是闭经的另一重要病机,因病情的复杂性,临证需辨证认识虚瘀的关系;在治疗方法上通过“达冲”、“注冲”两种方法有层次的安排,观察病情“应”与“不应”,再采取相应的“达冲”与“注冲”的治疗方法;在用药方面,根据既往经验预先配伍治疗闭经有效的单元药组,临证时根据病情变化将这些单元药组联缀组方.策略得当,疗效满意.%Professor ZHOU Ming-xin is a prominent doctors of traditional Chinese medicine with rich clinical experience. Professor Zhou recognizes basic pathogenesis of amenorrhea can be divided into two sides: blood deficiency and blood stasis, in addition stagnated fire is also another important pathogenesis of amenorrhea. Due to complexity of disease, it is necessary to dialectical understand of the relationship of blood deficiency and blood stasis. Through the two treatment methods of ' Dredging Chong Vessel' and ' Irrigating Chong Vessel' with arrangement in sequence, disease improvement can be observed, then according to the result of observation, the two treatment methods above can be further used. Effective unit medicine groups, based on previous experience in treatment of amenorrhea, are connected and form TCM Prescription according to disease changes, the proper strategy curatives effect satisfaction.

  5. Application of fine-controlling technology of ballastless track in Tai-Zhong-Yin railway%无砟轨道精调技术在太中银铁路中的应用



    结合太中银铁路无砟轨道精调施工案例,对无砟轨道精调工作作了概述,重点归纳了精调作业流程及技术要点,并总结了一些经验及建议,通过精调施工,轨道的状态达到了理想的效果,保证了线路的平顺性及乘车的舒适性。%Integrating with fine-controlling construction example of ballastless track of Tai-Zhong-Yin railway, the paper illustrates the fine-con- trolling work of ballastless track, mainly summarizes fine-controlling procedures and technological points, and outlines some experience and sug- gestions. Through fine-controlling construction, the track achieves ideal effect, which guarantees the smooth and comfort travel.

  6. On the Restoration and Construction of Qie Zhong Ci to the Object-chanting Ci Theory%《箧中词》对咏物词理论的修补和建构



    Qie Zhong Ci is an important Ci anthology in the Qing Dynasty Ci,widely admired by Ci theorists.Current studies of the anthology mainly focus on Tan Xian's theories on Ci,and the discussion of the composition of anthology.Yet few scholars have ever paid attention to the fact that a great number of object-chanting Ci are selected in Qie zhong Ci with comments.In this paper,the study mainly focuses on the Tan Xian's contribution in restoring and constructing the object-chanting Ci theory from the following four perspectives: meaning under the apparent form,representation with Bi Xing,aesthetic pursuit for naturalness and vagueness,and broad theoretical vision.%《箧中词》是清代重要的词选本,颇为词家推崇。目前对《箧中词》的研究多集中在探讨谭献的词学思想和从词选角度进行系统研究与理论阐释,而对《箧中词》编选大量咏物词并进行评点,学者们则关注较少。文章从别有怀抱的内蕴要求、比兴寄托的表现方法、幽涩自然的美学追求和广阔的理论视野四个方面来论述谭献对咏物词理论的修补和建构。

  7. The Family of Sima Chuzhi in Northern Wei and Zhou Dynasties%北魏初至北周中的司马楚之家族兴替



    北魏初期,司马楚之凭借个人才能及其与鲜卑贵族、皇室的姻亲关系,父子得以世袭王爵,担任云中镇大将、朔州刺史的要职。孝文帝时期,司马楚之家族世袭要职的特权被取消,爵位亦例降为公。司马悦为重振家族,改变了以往的姻亲关系,开始与汉族大族联姻,以抬高家族的地位。北魏末,司马裔归顺西魏(北周)政权,依靠乡里、宗族的势力,屡立功勋,从而受到统治者的宠信,然关东豪族的身份使司马裔最终未能进入西魏(北周)的政权核心或政治中心地区任职。%In the early Northern Wei Dynasty, Sima chuzhi obtained three generations hereditary positions and prince titles by virtue of personal competency and affinity of Xianbei nobles and the Royal. In the period of Emperor Xiaowen, the hereditary post of privilege was cancelled, and the title down to duke. To revitalize the family, Simayue changed the past affinity and started with Han nationality’s marriage in order to boost family status .At the end of the Northern Wei Dynasty, Simayi surrendered to the west (the northern Zhou) regime and was trusted by the rulers relying on the village and clan forces and effectiveness. As local tyrant of Guandong, Sima Yi didn’t hold a post at the West Wei Dynasty’s (the West Zhou Dynasty’s) the core of the regime or in political center areas.

  8. 论西周青铜器与铭文的文化功能%Cultural Functions of the Bronzeware and Inscriptions of the Western Zhou Dynasty

    刘全志; 聂小雪


    The bronzeware of the Western Zhou Dynasty was a product of the ritual system, so its shape, decoration and arrangement are symbols of the established ritual system. The so-called"embodiment of rituals by bronzeware"means that the bronzeware could perform important ritual functions from all aspects. Making cauldrons was undoubtedly intended to show rituals. The emperors cast bronzeware to communicate with Heaven and Earth and receive divine decrees;and the dukes and ministers did so to pray happiness for future generations by offering sacrifices to their ancestors. Their actions could also be regarded as a display of power and regulation of order. Bronzeware was the carrier of ritual music of the Western Zhou;the system of bronzeware often stood for the ritual system;and the bronze concepts also represented ritual concepts.%西周青铜器是礼乐制度的产物,因此它的形制、纹饰乃至排列组合都昭示着既定的礼乐制度,所谓“器以藏礼”指的就是青铜器能从各方面展示出礼乐规范的重要功能,“铸鼎象物”无疑就是“铸鼎显礼”“铸器以显礼”。天子铸器以沟通天地、承接天命,而公侯大夫铸器无疑也是通过祭祀向祖先祈福,以保佑后世子孙,其背后的意义同样也起着展示权力、规范秩序的重要功能。青铜器是西周制礼作乐的载体,青铜制度往往就是礼乐制度,青铜观念往往就代表着礼乐观念。

  9. Experience of Zhou Wenquan in treating Hyperhidrosis using Chaihu Longmu Tang and Ganmai Dazao Tang%周文泉运用柴胡龙牡汤合甘麦大枣汤治疗多汗证经验

    李岩; 周文泉


    Doctor Zhou Wenquan is one of the nation recognized famous veteran TCMdoctor.He has plenty of clinical experience,espe-cially known for distinctive use of TCMformulas and medicines.Doctor Zhou is good at treating hyperhidrosis using Chaihu Longmu Tang and Ganmai Dazao Tang,which regulates qi activity and harmonize yin and yang.%周文泉教授是第四、五批全国老中医药专家学术经验继承工作指导老师,从医50年,积累了丰富的临床经验,尤其在遣方用药方面,独具匠心。周师运用柴胡龙牡汤合甘麦大枣汤调整阴阳,调和气机,治疗多汗证,取得了良好的疗效。

  10. 冲突与悖论中的人性展示:周朴园形象论析%The Show of Human Nature in Conflict and Paradox:Analysis of ZhouPuyuan’s Image



    周朴园扭曲变态的人性导致了《雷雨》的悲剧。论文通过对周朴园形象的分析,展示他冲突与悖论中的扭曲人性,探索来自社会家庭、自身角色的冲突、以及生存本身对人性的影响,从而发现其人性扭曲的悲剧根源。%Zhou Puyuan’s distorted human nature lead to the tragedy of Thunderstorm .This paper through the analysis of ZhouPuyuan’s image, show the distorted human nature in conflict and paradox .to explore the influence to human nature from the social、 family and the conflict of their differ-ent roles, and survival itself , and discover the tragedy’s root of distorted human nature .

  11. Excavation on the Western Zhou Site at Yandun in Liu'an City, Anhui%安徽六安市堰墩西周遗址发掘简报

    安徽省文物考古研究所; 六安市文物管理所


    The Yandun site lies at Yandun Village of Sanshipu Town in Liu'an City, Anhui Province, and was a terraced settlement within the district of the watershed between the Yangtze and Huihe rivers at the eastern foot of Dabie Mountain. It has deep deposits with pure cultural contents and constitutes a typical village remains of the Western Zhou period. In the extensive area of excavation,totaling about 900 sq m, ash-pits and tombs were discovered along with numerous vestiges related to buildings. Among the abundant objects unearthed are pottery, proto-porcelain, hard pottery with impressed design, bronzes, and stone, bone and shell artifacts. The discovery of the site has great value to the deep-going study of the features of the Western Zhou period archaeological culture in the Yangtze and Huihe valley within the Anhui region.

  12. 周德生教授治疗帕金森病开关现象的临床经验总结%Professor Zhou Desheng's clinical experience in the treatment of Parkinson's disease "switch phenomenon"

    丁瑞丛; 胡华; 袁雅洁; 李中


    主要介绍周德生教授对帕金森病开关现象的中医认识,以及辨证治疗帕金森病开关现象的临床经验。%This paper mainly introduces the understanding of Chinese medicine Professor Zhou Desheng on Parkinson's disease switch phenomenon ,and the clinical experience of syndrome differentiation and treatment of Parkinson disease switch phenomenon .

  13. Exploration on the Phenomenon of Human Sacrifice-Rising in Shang Dynasty and Declining in Zhou Dynasty%人祭习俗商盛周衰原因新探



    商代盛行的巫术观念是人祭广泛实行的思想根据;异族间文化冲突所引起的种族仇恨,使得商人大量杀害异族以祭祀神灵,是人祭习俗在商代盛行的现实根据。人祭习俗在周代呈现衰败的趋势,这一方面是由于先周时期,周人本无人祭习俗;另一方面是由于商末周初,周人进行思想文化大变革,提出"敬德保民"的口号,人的地位得到抬高。%That human sacrifice was popular in Shang Dynasty was firstly because Shang was a time at which the witchcraft were exceedingly worshipped-in everything.Secondly,The cultural conflict,racial hatred and the killing of other racial people have made human sacrifice a practical need at the time.That human sacrifice declined in Zhou Dynasty was firstly because the early period of Zhou didn't have any custom of human sacrifice.Secondly,in the early of Zhou and the end of Yin Dynasty,the Zhou people's thinking and culture have had a dramatic change: "We respect Gods,but we also need to be aware of people's needs";it caused the Person's status had improved.

  14. 西周金文构形特征探析%Structural Features of Inscriptions on Ancient Bronze Objects in Western Zhou Dynasty



    西周金文处于汉字体系的形成和发展时期。西周铜器铭文中图形文字向方块字体转变,偏旁部首增加并趋于成熟,汉字形体结构日益完善,形声结构迅速增长。对西周金文构形特征的考察能够深入了解文字发展变化的过程,从而有助于探求汉字的发展变化规律。%The inscriptions on ancient bronze objects in the Western Zhou Dynasty appeared in the times when Chinese character system formed and developed. In the inscriptions on bronze, the pictographic scripts changed to be square -shaped characters, character components increased and perfected, the form and structure were further perfect and the number of inscriptions rapidly increased. To investigate the structural features of inscriptions on ancient bronze objects will help deepen the understanding of the evolution of Chinese characters.

  15. Parentage determination of an isolated Yangtze finless porpoise population Neophocaena phocaenoides asiaeorientalis in the Yangtze Tian-e-Zhou Baiji National Natural Reserve based on molecular data

    XIA Junhong; ZHENG Jinsong; XU Limei; WANG Ding


    Reproductive behaviors are poorly known for the Yangtze finless porpoise Neophocaena phocaenoides asiaeorientalis. In this study, the parentage of an isolated Yangtze finless porpoise population inhabiting the Yangtze Tian-e-Zhou Baiji National Natural Reserve is determined by analysis of microsatellite loci and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) control region sequences, and the porpoise's reproductive behaviors are studied. Overall 4 full parentage assignments and additional 3 single parentage assignments were determined for the population of 23 individuals. The analysis shows that their estimated reproductive cycle is shorter than that reported previously and there probably exists an overlapping between gestation and lactation period. The study also shows that the female does not show fidelity to a particular male for breeding and vice versa, the oldest males did not monopolize mating and the dominance rank could not be so strict for the porpoise society. Moreover, the porpoise's mating pattern and relatedness among candidate parents are discussed here. These results provide important information for making guidelines of management and conservation for this protected population.

  16. The modern transformation of Shanghai from Zhou Xuan music%从周璇音乐看上海的近代变迁



    音乐不仅展现了音乐创造者、演奏者和欣赏者的思想内容和精神情怀,而且还深刻地反映了音乐存在的时空特点,是时代变迁的一种反映形式。周璇音乐是近代上海音乐的突出代表,其主演的诸多歌唱片和演唱的歌曲集中反映了上海的近代变迁,其现实主义的表现形式更为今天的艺术表演提供了保贵的借鉴。%The music not only demonstrates the ideological content and the spiritual mood of music creators, performers and the audience, but also profoundly reflects the spatial and temporal characteristics of the existence of music, is a reflection of changing times. Zhou Xuan's music is a prominent representative of modern Shanghai music, many songs reflects the modern transformation of Shanghai, provides the reference for today's art show.

  17. 中国第一部近代宪法-《鄂州约法》%The First Constitution in History of Modern China: E Zhou Provisional Constitution



    《鄂州临时约法》是民国时期湖北军政府制定的中国历史上第一个资产阶级近代民权宪法草案,它的人民立宪思想、民主立宪程序和突出的人权法案内容,为中国近代立宪主义树立了一个样板,在中国宪政史上居于开创性的历史地位。%"E Zhou Provisional constitution of the Republic of China" which was drawn by the Hubei Military Government of the Republic of China, is the first draft of modern constitution in the history of China. Its democratic ideology and procedure of constitutionalism, and its outstanding contents on human rights, had stood a magnificent model for the model of the modern constitutionalism in China. It holds an initiative position in the history of Chinese constitutional government.

  18. 略论商周俯身葬及其相关问题%On the Prone Burial and Related Issues of the Shang and Zhou Dynasties



    俯身葬是殷商墓葬中一种正常的埋葬方式,但在西周时期却急剧减少,且分布地域较为集中,墓主身份亦较低。这种变化状况与商周文化的差异有关,应是王朝更替之后所导致的文化变迁的反映。从西周俯身葬的情况来看,殷遗民入周后在政治、经济和宗教观念方面都受到了一定的冲击,他们在逐渐放弃一些固有的礼俗。%Prone burials were common in the late Shang Dynasty, but sharply declined in the Western Zhou Dynasty, with graves concentrated in certain areas and owned by people from low social class. The popularity of prone burials changing from the Shang Dynasty to

  19. Discussion on the Ideas of the Construction of Ethics of China Sports from Ethical Culture of Zhou and Qin Dynasties%从周秦伦理文化谈中国体育伦理构建思路



    The ethical culture of Zhou and Qin Dynasties is the core based on ritual culture of Zhou Dynasty, the assistance based on legal culture of Qin Dynasty and a kind of cultural form combining with ritual and legislation. The research on the ethical culture of Zhou and Qin Dynasties' function and significance to the construction of ethics of China sports was delved deeply, and the basic content and principle of the construction of ethics of China sports was put forward from macroscopic viewpoint.%周秦伦理文化是以周的礼文化为核心,以秦的法文化为辅助的,礼法相结合的一种文化形态.本研究深入挖掘周秦伦理文化对于中国体育伦理构建的作用和意义,并从宏观上提出中国体育伦理构建的基本内容和基本原则.

  20. 杜仲腰痛丸治疗慢性腰痛的临床随机对照研究%The Randomized Control Research of DuZhong YaoTong Pill on Chronic Lumbago

    何万庆; 关永林


    目的:观察杜仲腰痛丸治疗慢性腰痛和预防复发的临床疗效。方法:将98例慢性腰痛患者,按照1∶1比例完全随机分为2组。对照组49例给予常规治疗;观察组49例给予常规治疗联合杜仲腰痛丸治疗,2组均连续治疗4周。所有患者分别于治疗前、治疗后1个月、3个月、6个月统计疼痛视觉模拟评分(VAS)、Oswstry功能障碍指数(CODI)值,随访复发情况。结果:2组治疗后VAS、CODI评分较治疗前均明显降低(P<0.05);组内比较,对照组治疗3个月、6个月VAS、CODI评分比较,差异无统计学意义(P>0.05),观察组在不同时间比较,差异均无统计学意义(P<0.05);组间比较,2组在治疗1个月VAS、CODI评分比较,差异无统计学意义(P>0.05),而治疗3个月、6个月比较差异有统计学意义(P<0.05)。观察组的复发率低于对照组(P<0.05)。结论:杜仲腰痛丸能增强慢性腰痛的长期治疗效果,包括减轻疼痛症状,改善腰部功能活动,并能预防慢性腰痛的复发。%To observe the clinical efficacy ofDuZhongYaoTongpill in treating chronic lumbago and preventing relapse. Methods: Totally 98 patients with chronic lumbago were randomly assigned to two groups on average. 49 cases in the control group were treated with routine therapy for four weeks continuously, as well as the observation group undergoing routine therapy andDuZhongYaoTongpill. VAS and CODI of all the cases were eval-uated respectively before treatment and at the end of 1st, 3rd and 6th month with follow-up of relapse. Results: The scores of VAS and CODI decreased significantly after treatment (P<0.05) in both groups. The comparison of these scores in the control group showed that the difference before and after treatment at 3rd and 6th month had no statis-tical meaning(P<0.05), so did the observation group in each times(P<0.05). In the comparison of scores in 1st month between

  1. 从《诗经》饮酒诗看周代的酒礼及酒德%Drinking Etiquette and Drinking Manner of the Zhou Dynasty from Drinking Poetry of The Book of Songs



    周代是我国造酒生产发展的重要时期,酒在人们的政治生活和宗教活动中的作用十分重要。《诗经》中有许多作品表现了周代的酿酒、饮酒等活动,这些诗篇的主旨反映出隆礼、重德的文化精神。其中“祭祀诗”反映出酒与周人宗教生活的关系,酒是沟通天人关系的重要媒体;“宴飨诗”直接描写王室贵族的饮宴活动,体现宗族团结、敦结亲情的礼义之道;“农事诗”表现周代春祈秋报的祭祀礼仪,以及酒的生产和使用情况;“谏酒诗”是对饮酒活动的规谏,体现周代酒德观念对生活和行事的约束作用。%the Zhou dynasty was an important period of liquor production development in China,the role of wine in the people’s political life and religious activities is very important.The Book of Songs has many works of Zhou dynasty wine,alcohol and other activities,purpose of these poems reflect the cultural spirit of moral value.The “ritual poem”reflects the relationship between wine and religious life of Zhou dynasty,the wine is an important communication media between man and nature.“Banquets directly depict the royal fami-lies of drinking poetry”,embodies clan unity and affection.“The ritual performance of Zhou dynasty impera-tive autumn spring agricultural production of poetry”,and wine production and use of“exhortation poetry”is for drinking activities against,embody restraint Zhou dynasty morality idea to live and act.

  2. Between Learning and Thought:Zhou Zuoren’ s Acceptance of Cultural Anthropology%在学术与思想之间:周作人对文化人类学的接受



    In Zhou Zuoren’ s structure of knowledge, cultural anthropology plays a quite important role. During his study in Japan, Zhou Zuoren came into contact with Greek mythology, from which he showed an in-terest in cultural anthropology.As an intellectual of enlightenment, Zhou Zuoren’ s acceptance of cultural an-thropology not only stemmed from academic appeals, but also from the deeper reason of thought.On the for-mer, cultural anthropology provided Zhou with theoretical resources for understanding fairy tales and for explo-ration of literary origin; in terms of the latter, cultural anthropology is both an instrument for him to dissect China’ s chronic social illnesses and a resource to resolve the problems about children.Reviewing the relation-ship between Zhou Zuoren and cultural anthropology can reflect how cultural anthropology was connected with learning and thought before and after the May 4th movement at the beginning of its spread in China.%在周作人的知识结构中,文化人类学占有十分重要的地位。留学日本期间,周作人接触到希腊神话,又因希腊神话对文化人类学产生兴趣。作为启蒙知识分子,周作人对文化人类学的接受不仅有着学术上的诉求,而且有着更深的思想因由。就前者而言,文化人类学为周作人解读童话故事、探究文学起源提供了理论资源;就后者而言,文化人类学既是周作人解剖中国社会痼疾的工具,也是解决儿童问题的主要依凭。对于周作人与文化人类学关系的梳理,可以反映出文化人类学知识在中国传播之初,如何与“五四”前后的学术、思想相勾连。

  3. 中菏1号杨树上无柄三毛孢的首次报道%The First Report of Robillarda sessilis on Populus deltoides‘Zhong He 1 ’

    赵桂华; 杨鹤同; 赵楠; 李超


    In order to study a fungal diversity on Populus deltoides ‘Zhong He 1 ’ , sap wood tissues were plated and incubated on PDA in July 2009.After purified culturing of the endophytic fungus JSNL 1104 strain, this fun-gus was identified as Robillarda sessilis by using both morphological characters and molecular biological technique . It characterized by pycnidial black , ostiole central , 293.4~616.5 μm ×261.3~464.6 μm, conidiophore ab-sent, conidiogenous cells enteroblastic , phialidic, 7.3~9.2μm ×3.2~4.0μm.2-cells, hyaline, 10.4~12.8μm ×2.4~2.8 μm, and with 2~3 apical appendages.The host range of this fungus indicated that P.deltoides‘Zhong He 1’ is a new host and it is the first report of this fungus on Populus.%为了研究中菏1号杨树上的真菌,2009年7月,对杨木边材进行了组织分离,得到了内生菌JSNL1104菌株。通过纯化培养,采用形态特征和分子生物技术相结合的方法对该菌进行了比对,鉴定为无柄三毛孢,它的孢子器黑色,有孔口,293.4~616.5μm ×261.3~464.6μm。分生孢子梗缺。产孢细胞瓶梗状,7.3~9.2μm ×3.2~4.0μm。分生孢子双细胞,无色,10.4~12.8μm ×2.4~2.8μm,顶端具有2~3根附属丝。根据该菌的寄主范围,确认中菏1号杨树是无柄三毛孢的新寄主。此菌在杨树上属于首次报道。

  4. 基于现代肝病范畴的张仲景临证医学思想研究%ZHANG Zhong-jing Clinical Theory Research Based on Modern Liver Diseases Treatment Fields

    谭春雨; 梁慧风; 朱音; 黄瑛; 张宁; 方力行


    To demonstrate the medical treatise related to Hypochondriac pain, tympanites, jaundice and other diseases in Treatise on Febrile Diseases and Medical Treasures of the Golden Chamber, we believe that ZHANG Zhong-jing treated hypochondriac pain based on syndrome differentiation, owing its etiology to excess - evil blocking liver and gallbladder channels and vessels, attaching importance to relieving secondary symptoms in acute cases, treatment of chronic disease aiming at the principal aspect. Regarding to tympanites, owing its etiology to blood and Qi stagnation, blood stagnation could be induced by cold obstruction, damp - heat, scarce of essence , while Qi stagnation by cold obstruction, turbid phlegm, attaching importance to simultaneous application of purging and nourishing therapeusis. In conclusion, when Zhang Zhong Jing diagnosing and treating modern liver diseases based on syndrome differentiation, owing disease sites to liver, gallbladder, spleen and stomach, emphasizing invigorating liver, gallbladder, spleen and stomach, deficiency should be treated by supplementary therapy, stagnation should be treatment by promoting, treating heat syndrome with cold therapy, cold disease should be treated by warm therapy. All in all the treatment principles would be nourishing and invigorating the Qi of related Zang and Fu organs, also regulating and harmonizing them.%探讨了、有关胁痛、臌胀、黄疸等病症的医论方药文献,认为仲景辨治胁痛主要责之于实邪阻滞肝胆经脉以及精气虚损二端,治疗上强调固本培源,补益精气;辨治黄疸多责之于湿热、寒湿、瘀血、气血虚损、气机不利等,治疗上强调急则治标,缓则治本;辨治臌胀多责之于瘀血气滞两端,瘀血有寒凝血瘀、湿热血瘀、精枯血瘀等之别,气滞有寒凝气滞、痰浊气滞之分,治疗上强调攻补相宜.总结看,仲景辨治现代肝病相关病症,病住上多责之于肝胆脾胃,治法上强调健运肝胆脾

  5. The Witchcraft of Praying for Rain of the Sorceress in Shang and Zhou Dynasties%商周时期女巫祈雨巫术研究



    在以农耕生产为经济支柱且生产力不够发达的商周社会,风调雨顺往往意味着农业的丰收、人民生活的安康乃至国家政权的稳定,因此,祈雨禳灾成为当时最重要的宗教活动之一。商周时期的女巫在两大祈雨仪式雩祀和燎祭中发挥了十分重要的作用,但祈雨仪式中她们并不处于垄断地位,无论是女巫本身还是她们的祈雨巫术,都是可以被君主替代的。%The ceremony of praying for rain to eliminate the disaster has become one of the most impor‐tant religious activities because the rich rain often lead to the agricultural harvest and the stable life 、solid state power in Shang and Zhou Dynasties when is the farming production as the pillar of the economy and without advanced productivity .Sorceress play a very important role in the two rain praying ceremonies“Dancing Sacrifice” and“Fire Sacrifice”but without a monopoly position for the reasons that they can be replaced by monarch both themselves and their rain witchcraft .

  6. GuangZhou Comprehensive Transportation Development Strategy (2010-2020)%广州市综合交通发展战略(2010-2020)



    Being a national major city, GuangZhou needs to establish its comprehensive transportation development strategies.By introducing the regional transportation structure, traffic demand and supply in the urban areas, public transportation competitiveness, and traffic management system, this paper outlines the characteristics of urban traffic patterns and discusses the opportunities and challenges facing the city from the perspective of central district development and public transit service. Two key policies are developed emphasizing public transit and transportation infrastructure under the sustainable transportation development guidance for a sharing, efficient, green, and equality system. The paper proposes a transportation development strategy with concrete details that focus on integration, differentiation, collectiveness, and refinement.%为加快打造国家中心城市,广州市亟须制定相应的综合交通发展战略.从区域交通运输结构、城市交通供需态势、公共交通竞争力、交通管理机制四方面阐述了城市交通特征.重点从强化区域中心地位和建设现代公交都市角度分析了广州市城市交通面临的机遇与挑战.在构建"共享、畅达、绿色、公平"的和谐交通体系战略目标指引下,制定了交通设施引领和公共交通优先两大核心政策,并提出一体化、差异化、集约化和精细化四大交通战略及其具体内容.

  7. Using“Xiajiquan” Acupoint to Treat Upper Limb Spastic Paralysis by Professor Wu Lian-zhong%武连仲教授妙用“下极泉”治疗上肢痉挛性瘫痪

    吴芬芬; 武连仲; 孟智宏


    脑卒中的致残率较高,严重影响人类生活质量,尤其上肢遗留不同程度的功能障碍.如何较快地恢复上肢尤其是末端的运动功能已成为治疗的重点与难点.针灸在这方面治疗上有相当的优势,某些穴位更有特殊的疗效;临床治疗中,武连仲教授运用独特手法针刺“下极泉”,治疗脑卒中后上肢痉挛性瘫痪,疗效甚佳.%The relatively high incidence of disability that is caused by stroke has seriously affected the quality of human life, especially leaving different degrees of dysfunction over the upper limb. How to regain the function of the upper limb as soon as possible, especially terminal of upper limb, has become the important and difficult points of treatment. Acupuncture has a definite advantage in treating the limb dysfunction, and certain acupoints have special curative effects. In clinic, Professor WU lian -zhong acupunctures "Xiajiquan" with u-nique manipulation to treat upper limb spastic paralysis which is caused by stroke, and it has gained very excellent effect. In this article, the author makes an introduction about the therapeutic method.

  8. The Heaven-human Relation Theory Included in Dong Zhong-shu' s Social Contract Theory%董仲舒天人关系论中包含的社会契约论思想



    The thought of social contract theory is the blueprint of the Western modern politic system;such thought early germinated in the period of Epicurus and was pushed to the top in the beginning period of the English bourgeois revolution and enlightenment campaign, the 17th century by Hobbes, Rock etc. In our country, early 2000 years ago, in the thought of Dong Zhong-shu, a great Confucian scholar of the West Han dynasty, there budded such similar thought as social contract theory. In the heaven-man relation theory of his work 〈 Spring-Autumn Dense Dew 〉 there included such theory of social contract theory.%社会契约论思想是西方现代政治制度的蓝本,这一思想早在伊壁鸠鲁时期就有所萌芽,而在17世纪英国资产阶级革命和启蒙运动开始时就被霍布斯、洛克等人推到顶峰。在我国,早在2000多年前西汉大儒董仲舒的思想中,就有了与社会契约论思想极为类似的思想萌芽。他在《春秋繁露》的天人关系论中包含有社会契约论思想。

  9. On the Zen Origins in the Novel Yue Zhong of the Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio%《聊斋志异·乐仲》的禅学渊源探讨



    《聊斋志异·乐仲》塑造了乐仲这一违背佛教常规、蕴藏复杂佛教理论的佛教徒形象。通过对乐仲、琼华形象的溯源,以及对二人行为动机的分析,着力于探讨文本背后掩藏的“在欲而行禅”“不二法门”和“自性即佛”等禅学思想,厘清文本与“丹霞烧佛”“磨砖成镜”等禅宗典故,以及《维摩诘所说经》在人物设定和“不二法门”禅学思想等方面的渊源。%In the novel Yue Zhong of the Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio,the author created a liter-ary figure violating Buddhist doctrines and commandments but having a widely knowledge about Bud-dhism.The paper is engaged in the discussion on the origins from Zen spirits hidden behind the texts and the clarification of the relationship between the novel text and the Zen allusions as well as the Vimalakīrtinirdes′a-sūtra,such as pure practice in secular desires,advaita practice,and the svabhava as Buddha-nature.

  10. On the Idea that Yuankan Zaju Sanshi Zhong Was Not Printed in the Yuan Dynasty%《元刊杂剧三十种》并非刻于元代说



    It is widely believed in present academia that playscripts in Yuankan Zaju Sanshi Zhong ( thirty types of Zaju plays printed in the Yuan Dynasty) were not published in one place at a time, but a book of collection from bookshops in the Yuan Dynasty.In fact, these thirty plays were pro-ceedings from one bookshop and the reason why place names like “dadu” and “guhang” appeared in the general title is that the master copy they used was such.These plays were not printed in the Yuan Dynasty but in the Ming Dynasty.%学界普遍认为《元刊杂剧三十种》中的剧本并非刊于一时一地,乃是元代“书坊杂凑而成的本子”。实际上,这三十种杂剧为同一书坊汇刊,之所以总题中有“大都”“古杭”等词,是因为它们所用的底本即是如此。它们并非刊刻于元代,而是明朝建立之后。

  11. 中9-31井多臂井径和井温噪声资料综合解析%Interpretation Analysis Based on Multi-arm Caliper and Temperature & Noise Logging Data in Zhong 9-31 Well

    王海莹; 王莱雪; 王娇莉


    Based on the temperature&noise logging data of Zhong 9-31 well, and combined with the MIT logging data of the same well in the same year, this paper disproved the original hypothesis, and drew the correct conclusion. The comprehensive interpretation of logging data can improve the accuracy of the interpretation results.%文章在中9-31井井温噪声测井资料分析基础上,结合同年同一管柱结构下的四十臂井径测井资料,对井温噪声测井资料中的矛盾点进行推论和证实,最后推翻最初假设,得出正确解释结论,实现测井资料综合解释,确保测井解释成果的准确性。

  12. Indoor breeding Zhou Tetrastichus white moth pupation (former) cryopreservation of%室内繁育白蛾周氏啮小蜂化蛹(前)低温保存的探讨

    钮效东; 刘发邦; 王绍文; 冯敬奎; 谢广科; 李增磊; 谭翠朋


    Zhou Nie small white moth colony set in the fall webworm pupae in parasitic, their eggs, larvae, pupae and eggs are in the early pupa inside the host spent. In nature, the mature larvae overwinter in the host pupa. After many years of research we learned that the local white moth Zhou Tetrastichus developmental threshold temperature: 6.28℃ (6.28 ± 0.60) effective temperature is: 365.12 day--degrees (365.12 ± 15.56). Zhou Tetrastichus white moth pupation (front), 6 degrees of cold storage in the next, after 30 days; a bee on the effective temperature of 436.6 degrees.%白蛾周氏啮小蜂群集内寄生于美国白蛾蛹中,其卵、幼虫、蛹及产卵前期均在寄主蛹内度过。在自然界中,以老熟幼虫在寄主蛹内越冬。作者经多年研究得知,在当地白蛾周氏啮小蜂发育起点温度是:6.28℃(6.28±0.60);有效积温是:365.12日度(365.12±15.56)。白蛾周氏啮小蜂化蛹(前),在6℃的低温保存下,历经30天的时间;出蜂的有效积温为436.6日度。

  13. 军事地理环境与北宋时期秦州经济的发展特点%The Military Geographical Enviroment and The Economic Development Characteristics of Qin Zhou in Northern Song Dynasty



    The natural environment and the inhabited of ethnic minorities made the development of farming, forestry and animal husbandry in Qin Zhou During the Northern Song Dynasty, which made it became rich and populous areas in northwest china. However, The economic development in Qin Zhou was influenced by military geographic environments and many complex elements, presented its special characteristics: on the one hand ,the continuous invading by Tibetan and Xixia restrained the economic development of Qin Zhou. A large number trees was cut that broken the forest resource. Where Cultivated Land weaken the animal husbandry development .on the other hand, The soldiers and civilians in the area resettlement dynasty putting the exploited and the utihzed to the uncultivated land. The Officer and private trade made the areas appeared the sights of business prosperous.%北宋时期的秦州,自然环境、民族聚居使其农林牧业发达,成为西北富庶之地。然而,受军事地理环境诸多复杂因素的影响,秦州经济又呈现出自己的特点:一方面,吐蕃诸族和西夏的侵扰,抑制了秦州农业的可持续发展,大量采伐破坏了秦州的林木资源,土地的开垦削弱了畜牧业;另一方面,军民屯田使秦州的荒闲土地得到了开发和利用,官私贸易使秦州的商业一派繁荣景象,大量驻军使秦州酿酒业极其发达。

  14. Application of ERS in the Archaeological Prospecting of the Eastern Zhou City-site at Shangqiu%高密度电阻率法在商丘东周城址考古勘探中的应用

    高立兵; 阎永利; 底青云; 王若


    In the Shangqiu area, the Sino-Americal Colleborative Archaeological Team has carried out a series of researches on archaeological prospecting. In the spring of 1997, important achievements were obtained in the exploration of the Eastern Zhou city-site southwest of the seat of Shangqiu County by using ERS. In combination with voluminous documents, the present paper introduces this method as to its development, application in archaeology, apparatus equipment, data gathering and inversion imaging. Through studies it can be concluded that ERS has shown its effectiveness for prospecting rammed-ear thstructures in the sedimentary circumstances of the Shangqiu area. But at present its role in archaeological survey is still limited.

  15. 河南偃师商城18号东周墓%Tomb No. 18 of the Eastern Zhou Period on the Shang City-site in Yanshi, Henan



    In 1996, the Second Henan Archaeological Team, IA, CASS, excavated a tomb of the Eastern Zhou period in the northeast of the Shang city-site in Yanshi. The tomb is a rectangular earthen pit and features erected stakes around the pit. The wooden coffin contains a human skeleton in a flexed supine position. The funeral objects fall into two categories: pottery vessels and wooden ones. The former numbers six; and the latter, 13, poorer in condition. The tomb dates from the Spring-and-Autumn period and may be cultural remains of the "Shi clan." Its discovery has certain significance to studying the date and nature of the Shang city in Yanshi.

  16. Zhou Rudeng’s Edits on the History of Heart-Mind SchooI%周汝登对“心学之史”的编撰



    It is necessary to edit the history of Heart-Mind School ( Xin-Xue) during the Wanli period of Ming Dynasty for the orthodoxy problem faced by Wang School.Zhou Rudeng did a lot of contributions in this aspect, including writing Wang Men Zong Zhi, Sheng Xue Zong Chuan, and Cheng Men Wei Zhi.Wang Men Zong Zhi ensured the orthodox position of Wang Ji in Wang School;Sheng Xue Zong Chuan guaranteed the orthodox position of Wang School of this kind in the Confucian tradition;while Cheng Men Wei Zhi discussed the position of Cheng Brothers in the orthodox genealogy.In fact, these three works show us a history of the Heart-Mind School characterized by emphasizing both xin ( heart-mind) and shi ( history) in light of the or-thodox perspective.%明代王学发展至万历时期,必须面对儒家道统地位的问题,作为道统叙事形式的“心学之史”之编撰因此十分必要。王学学者周汝登为此作出了不遗余力的努力,其中包括《王门宗旨》《圣学宗传》以及《程门微旨》等篇幅大小不一的著述。《王门宗旨》树立王畿一系学说思想在王门中的正统地位,而《圣学宗传》主要树立起这样的“王学”在儒学中的正统地位,《程门微旨》则是对正统谱系中如何安置“二程”的一个重要的补充说明。现在前人零散且不充分的研究基础上,具体而细致地考察这三部书的编撰理路及其功用、效果等,由此展示王门心学道统观之下的“心学之史”的心、史并重和交融的特色。

  17. Farming of Guanzhong in Zhou Royal Period Evidenced in The Book of Songs%《诗经》所见周秦关中农事

    陈正奇; 高谨


    《诗经》是我国第一部诗歌总集,从各个方面描绘了西周至春秋时期的社会和生活状况。其中,农事诗占有重要地位,它涉及到农业生产的各个方面,既有认识层面的问题,也有操作层面的问题。但由于年代久远,加之资料有限,很多问题至今仍存争议。诸如农事发端,农作物名称的变化,粟、稷、禾、黍究竟指的是什么;再如生产工具的变迁,耒和耜是不是同一种生产农具;耦耕是怎样一种耕作方式等。文章仅就上述问题,作物品种类属,生产工具类别,耕作方法的种类作以论述,以求对见诸《诗经》的关中农业有一表象的认识。%The Book of Songs (Shijing) is the first collection of poetry in China ,which offers a panoramic depiction of life and society of the Zhou and the Periods of Spring and Autumn .One impressive aspect of the poems is the emphasis on farming life ,the accounts of w hich concern both the notions and the opera‐tions of farming .Up till now ,due to the long span of time and the limited availability of references ,there still remain many disputable issues in terms of the beginning of farming ,the changes in naming crops ,the exact referents by the w ords“su ,ji ,he ,shu” ,the evolutions of farming tools ,such as the identification of “lai”and“lü” ,and the method by“ougeng” .Ours is an attempt to address the above-mentioned issues in terms of classification of crops ,farming tools ,tillage methods as evidenced in T he Book of Songs .

  18. Study on Rhetoric Art of Counselor in Intrigues of the Warring States:In the Case of LU Zhong-lian%《战国策》中鲁仲连的说辞艺术



    《战国策》主要描述了战国到秦国之间各国纵横家的游说之词与权力变更的故事。通过各国各个策士们的游说,他们的思维缜密,逻辑性较强,且策士们有很高的善变能力,在遇到困难的时候能够临危不乱。文章通过以《战国策》中策士们说辞艺术并以鲁仲连的说辞艺术为代表,来阐述说辞艺术的丰富多彩,展示战国政治舞台各位策士运用说辞进行善变的的精彩画面。%Intrigues of the Warring States describes the lobbying words and power change story between the Warring States period to the Qin State period. By all counselors lobbying, they have careful thinking, logical, and high fickle ability, and can repeat chaos when they encounter difficulties. This paper elaborates the rhetoric art of rich and colorful based on the Intrigues of the Warring States in rhetoric art and strategists for LU Zhong-lian's rhetoric art as the representative, to show, wonderful picture of the Warring States political stage using rhetoric of mercurial counselor.

  19. 周文泉运用当归六黄汤治疗多汗证经验%Experience of ZHOU Wen-quan in treating hyperhidrosis by using Danggui Liuhuang Tang

    张晋; 辛莉


    周文泉教授是第4批全国老中医药专家学术继承指导老师,从医40余年,对老年病治验颇丰,尤其在遣方用药方面,独具匠心,辨析周师活用当归六黄汤治疗多汗证,灵活运用泻火、固表、滋阴3方面药物,将主治阴虚盗汗名方,广泛应用于暑湿、气虚多汗证,取得了较好的疗效.%Professor ZHOU Wen-quan is famous veteran expert in TCM. He has plenty of experience and notable curative effect in treating senile diseases, especially in distinctively using formulas and Chinese herbal medicine. This article analysis how professor ZHOU to use Dang Gui Liu Huang Tang in treating hyperhidrosis, which not only in yin-deficiency syndrome night sweat as usual, but also in summer-heat and dampness syndrome sweet, qi-deficiency syndrome spontaneous sweat and the efficiency is good.

  20. Zhou Zuo-ren's View on Nature and The Literary Mind and Carving of Dragons%周作人的“自然”观与《文心雕龙》



    "自然"在周作人的文学批评中占据着核心位置。它既是对以《文心雕龙》为代表的传统文论的继承,又经过了具有现代意义和个性的改造。文章旨在厘清二者之间既有相同之处,又存在显著差异的复杂关系,阐明现代文学批评与传统文论之间割舍不断的历史连续性。%"Nature"occupies a core position in Zhou Zuo-ren's literary criticism.It is the succession of traditional literary theory represented by The Literary Mind and Carving of Dragons,also refined by Zhou Zuo-ren.This paper aims to clear up the complex relation

  1. 周作人《过去的生命》中“人的文学”观的体现%On the Ideas of“Human Literature” in Zhou Zuo-ren’s The Past Li f e



    在“五四”文学革命期间,周作人提出了“人的文学”的重要文学命题,与此同时,周作人还创作了诗集《过去的生命》中的诗歌。《过去的生命》主要体现了周作人“人的文学”观中的三方面重要内容:“人道主义为本”、“个人主义的人间本位主义”、“求生意志”和“求胜意志”。%During the literary revolution of May Fourth Movement ,Zhou Zuo-ren proposed an im-portant literary proposition ,i e. .“human literature” .Meanwhile ,Zhou created his poems collected in The Past Life .This collection mainly embodies three important aspects in Zhou’s ideas of“human lit-erature” ,i e. .“with humanitarianism first” ,“worldly selfish departmentalism out of individualism” ,“survival will” and“winning will” .

  2. 商周时期原始瓷的中子活化分析及相关问题讨论%INAA of Shang-Zhou Period Proto-porcelain and a Discussion of Related Problems

    陈铁梅; Rapp G.Jr.; 荆志淳


    Previously the authors studied proto-porcelain samples from early and middle Shang sites (Wucheng, Zhengzhou, Jingnansi, Panlongcheng and Tonggushan) by means of instrumental neutron activation analysis (INAA) . The results showed them to have a similar chemical composition pattern, which suggested that these proto-porcelain shards might have been produced in the same area around Wucheng. In the present paper, the authors report their new analysis on proto-porcelain shards from sites of middle Shang to early Zhou times (Xiaoshuangqiao, Anyang Yinxu, Zhouyuan, Liulihe and Zhangjiapo). For the samples later than the middle Yinxu period, new composition patterns are detected, which indicates diversity in their provenance. The significantly lower Fe2O3 and lower Tio2 contents of these later samples demonstrate the advance of then proto-porcelain industry. Two samples from Zhouyuan with Al2O3 contents higher than 25% seem to suggest that in addition to porcelain stone other materials might also have been used in proto-porcelain production in the Western Zhou period.

  3. Intemet-Based Analysis on Wedding Dress Brand Building in Su Zhou%基于互联网平台的苏州婚纱品牌创建之探析



    Currently, wedding dress industry in Su Zhou has been developing with problems like brand confusion, different qualities of products, fierce competition and lack of brand awareness. Wedding dress businesses shall be aware of building brands and operate brand marketing to better boost the feature industry in Su Zhou. In addition, according to reality, companies shaLl make full use of opportunities offered by the intemet, choose the proper pattern to develop brands and create famous brands.%当前,苏州婚纱产业在发展过程中存在着品牌混乱、产品良莠不齐,竞争激烈,众多婚纱企业缺乏品牌意识等问题。为了更好地将这苏州特色产业进行发展,婚纱企业应树立品牌意识。注重创建婚纱品牌,开展品牌营销。同时,在创建品牌过程中,苏州的婚纱企业应根据各自的实际,充分利用互联网带来的各种机遇,选择正确的品牌创建方式,争创名牌。

  4. 兰州农村面源污染现状及防治对策分析%The Analysis of the Rural Non-point Source Pollution Situation and Countermeasures in Lan Zhou City

    桂洪杰; 赵军平; 杜海霞; 张君弟; 刘佳


    文中在兰州统计年鉴的基础上,根据面源污染来源,分析了农业、畜牧业、生产和生活活动的危害,初步估算了主要面源污染物的流失量。并根据兰州市农村具体情况提出了相应的保护和控制措施,旨在为解决农村面源污染问题和保护农村生态环境提供借鉴。%In this paper,on the basis of Lan Zhou statistical yearbook,We analyzed the dangers of agriculture,animal husbandry,production activities and life activities according to the sources of rural non-point pollution,and then,we preliminary estimate the loss of the main non-point pollutant.In order to Provide reference for solving the problem of non-point pollution and the rural ecological environment protection,we put forward the corresponding protection and control measures,according to the specific situation of Lan Zhou countryside.

  5. Date identification of the Zhouji materials during the period of King Xin--The chronology Solving method of oracle boneS and bronzes in the Shang and Zhou dynasties

    LI; Yong(李勇)


    By identifying the dates of the Zhouji materials (one kind of oracle bone) during the period of King Xin (also called Zhou the last monarch in Shang Dynasty), this paper establishes a new "Direct Solving Method" (DSM) to solve the chronology problems in the Shang and Zhou dynasties. The mathematical models are more suitable for those materials with the Ganzhi (the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches, the Chinese ancient date recorded method being of the 60-day cycle, that the repetitive cycle is independent of any astronomical parameter, each day within this cycle has its own name and can also be expressed by the numbers from l to 60) record of the date, lunar month, and their year intervals and all of them are in history documents, oracle bones and bronze vessels. For example, taking the 12 Zhouji materials in the period of King Xin,we derive the two best results of the first year when Xin assumed the reins of government in probably 1063 BC or 1052 BC.

  6. 14C Chronological Framework in the "Xia-Shang-Zhou Chronology Project"%夏商周断代工程中的碳十四年代框架

    仇士华; 蔡莲珍


    The reliable dates Chinese historians recorded begin only from 841 BC. For the prehistoric chronology, radiocarbon dating has been an important method; but for historic times, it is difficult to determine the dates of objects and events. Recently, the technique of radiocarbon dating has been greatly improved by raising its precision and by adopting the high-precision 14C-dendrochronology curve and AMS 14C method, owing to which as well as the progress of archaeology it is hopeful to establish today the framework of Xia-Shang-Zhou chronology. By using a liquid scintillation counter with the measuring error less than 3‰ for conventional radiocarbon dating and wiggle-matching with calibration-curve, our dating group has achieved gratifying results for the chronological study of the Three Dynasties. The basis of the chronological framework is estabilished through radiocarbon dating of the series of samples excavated from many well-known sites. Finally, the radiocarbon chronological framework and corresponding table of the Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties are acquired through synthetical study.

  7. A Look into Zhou Qufei's Empirical Spirits and Cognition Lmitations Based on "Ling Wai Dai Da"%从《岭外代答》看周去非的实证精神及认识局限



    周去非的《岭外代答》不仅追溯历史,引经据典,还留心日常生活,记录耳闻目睹,对民风民俗亲自考证,表现出可贵的实证精神。然而,记录民俗也有主观臆断、轻率推理与缺乏理性之处。其中,表现出对少数民族风俗的鄙夷、对少数民族彪悍易杀性格的夸大等,都与时代的局限和周去非个人的身份及地位有关。%"Ling Wai Dai Da", by Zhou Qufei gives an account of his quoting the classics and tracing history as well as his attention to the daily life, the record of what he had witnessed or heard about, and his empirical studies on folk customs. However, the record of folk customs contains some subjective assumptions, haste inference and lack of rational reflections, which are embodied in the disdain and misinterpretation for the ethnic folk customs and exaggeration of the fierceness of the ethnic people. These are all associated with the times and the individual identity and status of Zhou Qufei.

  8. Research on Zhou Enlai's Personal Charisma and the Shaping of Youth College Students' Personality%周恩来的人格魅力与青年大学生的人格塑造研究



    Among the CCP leaders,Zhou Enlai possesses the most attractive personal charisma undoubtedly.His lofty benevolence, righteousness,intelligence and courage,as well as extraordinary magnanimity and talent,epitomize the excellent quality of Chinese communists and the Chinese nation.Zhou Enlai's personality thought is of great realistic guiding significance to the training and shaping of contemporary college students' personality.%在中国共产党的领袖群体中,周恩来的人格无疑是最具魅力的。他大仁大义,大智大勇,具有超凡的气度和才华,集中体现了中国共产党人和中华民族的优秀品质。周恩来的人格思想对当代大学生人格素质的培养与塑造,具有极为重要的现实指导意义。

  9. The Political Bias:A Study of the Communication Ideas of the Scholars in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty%政治的偏向:东周诸子传播思想研究



    The scholars,who all happened to give priority to the oral culture in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, found out the truth and communication ideas in the oral media,displaying obviously a kind of general political concern. In other words,the scholars in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty,from the standpoint of the countries,tried to turn themselves into the“speakers”of the political thought while attaching the ethical stipulations and moral norms to the oral communication. These scholars as the main body of the political communication are found to be extraordinarily pious and awed to the oral culture,which not only witnesses the rational spirit and the practical effectiveness of oral communication,but displays the political bias that could be trusted and tolerated as well. The insight into the scholars’“bite of politics”in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty will be of great benefit to the strate-gic choice of contemporary media communication and the cultural construction of political communication.%在东周,诸子都不约而同地倚重口传文化。他们在口传媒介中发现真理与传播思想,并明显呈现出一种普遍的政治关怀。换言之,东周诸子基于国家的立场,力图把自己变成政治思想的“说话人”,并对口头传播赋予严格的伦理规约与道德规范。作为政治传播主体的东周诸子对口传文化非同寻常地虔诚与敬畏,它不仅见证口头传播的理性精神与实践效力,还表现出被信赖与宽容的政治偏向。洞悉东周诸子“舌尖上的政治”有补于当代新媒体传播的策略选择以及政治传播的文化建设。

  10. To Converse with the “World”:Ecological Interpretation of Zhou Tao’s Prose%与“世界”对话--周涛散文的生态学阐释



    As a representative of “west prose”, Zhou Tao frees prose from his “own garden” and “social cage” in the natural sceneries he depicts in his works, which greatly enlarges the “world” presented in prose. From ecological point of view, Zhou Tao’s prose on the one hand collectively shows the wounds and sicknesses of the natural world that has been “dominated” by humans, on the other depicts a bleak picture of human spirit in modern times. Faced with the double challenge of survival, Zhou Tao keeps resisting the process of “world visualizing” with an artistic thinking, and actively takes a dialogue attitude to break the conlfict between humans and nature, which embellishes his prose with a power of “returning”.%作为“西部散文”的代表,周涛借助他所描写的西部自然,将散文从“自己的园地”和“社会的牢笼”中解放出来,极大地扩展了散文所表现的“世界”。从生态学角度来看,周涛的散文一方面集中展示了人类“主宰”下自然世界的千疮百孔,另一方面也描绘出一幅现代人精神上的荒凉图景。在生存的双重危机面前,周涛在散文中以一种艺术的思维抵抗着“世界的图像化”进程,并主动以对话的态度去打破人与自然的对立使得周涛的散文表现出一种“回归”的力量。

  11. 个人主义视域下的“人情物理”观——30年代周作人个人主义与儒家思想研究之一%Human Feelings and Common Sense from the Perspective of Individualism —A Study on the Relationship Between Zhou Zuoren's Individualism and the Confucianism



    The study on the relationship between Zhou Zuoren's individualism and the Confucianism can reveal the overall state of Zhou Zuoren's idea and the problems in the 1930's.In the view of individualism,Zhou Zuoren achieved the modern interpretation of traditional ideas through rational interpretation of the Confucianism and sorting out the origins and the content of human feelings and common sense.However,it is also exposed that his individualism was far from the social reality.Hence the unique view of Zhou Zuoren's idea in the 1930's.%对周作人个人主义思想与儒家思想关系的考察能够深入把握30年代周作人思想的整体状况及其存在问题。在个人主义的价值视域中,周作人对儒家唯理主义的阐释,对人情物理内涵及源流的爬梳,实现了其对传统思想观念的现代阐释,但也充分暴露出其个人主义思想脱离社会现实的文化困境。这构成了30年代周作人思想的独特景观。

  12. 周禮與《小雅》部分詩篇的創作%Rites of the Zhou Period and the Creation of Some Works in the Book of Songs:“Xiao Ya” 《小雅》



    A part of works in The Book of Songs:“Little Refined” ( or“Xiao Ya” by trans-literation) 《詩經·小雅》 arc closely related to rites of that time. Studies of these works will give us inspiration to understand the background of their creation, reveal their original meanings and correct mistakes in their interpretation. The present paper expounds a number of songs relative to rites of“asking policy formulators for providing for the ages,” going to the court, giving banquets and behaving in the army, and thus shows the relationship between songs and rites of the Zhou period and the important significance of the two things in their mutuai interpretation.

  13. A Brief Analysis of the Literary Views Reflected in Zhou Dunyi’s Rationalism Philosophy%简析周敦颐理学思想中的文学观



    周敦颐是北宋时期著名的理学家,他继承了“圣贤不传之学”,在诗学上同意孔子“诗可以兴”的观点,在创作上以“廉”为主要内容,反对“每会即作诗”,追求有文有行,文道并重。%Zhou Dunyi, a famous rationalist in the earlier Song Dynasty, inherited the Confucian philosophy never found in the world. He accepts Confucius poetics about“poems are purported to express one’s emotion.”and integrity is the main content of his creation. He objects to“making poems whenever there is an assembly”, and proposes that writing should be a genuine reflection of one’s action, and both contentand form weigh identically in literary creation.

  14. On the Role Played by Zhou Zuoren in the Exchange of Modern Japanese and Chinese Vocabulary%周作人在中日两国词汇交流中的作用和影响



    近代中国人是如何认识日语的?他们对日语的认知对中日近代词汇的交流产生了怎样的影响?考察这些问题具有重要的意义。同时,身为北京大学早期教授、新文化运动的骨干成员之一的周作人,因在“五四运动”时期发表了数量众多的关于新文化运动理论建设的文章而在近代中国社会产生了广泛的影响,因此他对日语的认知具有一定的代表性和较大的影响力。另一方面,周作人曾到日本留学多年,后又娶日本女子为妻,并翻译了数十部日本文学作品。受这种特殊的学习、生活经历的影响,不仅使周作人对日语具有很深的造诣,而且也促成了他对日本语言文字比较深刻和全面的认知。鉴于此,本文主要以周作人为考察对象,通过整理、分析他对日本语言文字的认知情况以及对日语汉字词的使用状况,探讨他在中日两国近代词汇交流过程中所发挥的作用与影响。%How do modern Chinese understand the Japanese language? What kind of influence does their cognition of Japanese language have on the exchange of modern Japanese and Chinese vocabulary? An investigation of these questions is of great significance. As a professor at Peking University in its early history and one of the key members of the new culture movement, Zhou Zuoren published a large number of articles on the theoretical construction of the new culture movement during the“May Fourth Movement”. In this way, Zhou has had a profound impact on modern Chinese society, but it is also the case that his understanding of Japanese has had a certain influence on his work. In particular, Zhou Zuoren went to study in Japan for many years. Later he married a Japanese woman and translated dozens of works of Japanese literature. Influenced by this special education and life experience, Zhou Zuoren not only has a deep understanding of Japanese language, but also has an

  15. 交流与争鸣:记中外学者关于夏商周年代的一场论战%Exchange and Debate:A Polimic on Xia-Shang-Zhou Chronology among Chinese and Foreign Scholars



    Two panels discussing the absolute dates of the Xia, Shang, and Zhou eras were held in the annual meeting of the Association of Asian Studies in Washington, April, 2002. The panels focused on five major aspects, which are:whether the chronological results are affected by current politics; the difficulty in the integration of historical documents and archaeological evidences; the reliability of the fitting of radiocarbon dates; different perpectives on the "Current Text" Bamboo Annals; and finally the question of morality in scholarship. The present paper reports the origin and development of these debates and the processes of discussion during the annual meeting. Moreover,it discusses the sources of divergence between the Chinese and foreign scholars on the chronology of Three Dynasties.

  16. XiangZhou area small and medium-sized rivers valley mountain in the project implementation plan%襄州区中小河流治理峪山项目区实施方案



    Xiangyang city XiangZhou area pick to: analysis the necessity of small and medium-sized rivers, dredging, bank management, ecological restoration and landscape greening, drainage connected, pollution treatment and long-term management measures, implement chang river, clear water, green and beautiful scene.%分析襄阳市襄州区中小河流治理的必要性,采取清淤疏浚、岸坡整治、生态修复、景观绿化、水系连通、污染治理、长效管护等措施,实现河畅、水清、岸绿、景美的目标。

  17. 周代策命的礼仪背景及文体特点%The Ceming Text in the Zhou Dynasty:Its Ritual Background and Stylistic Features



      周代策命是周天子策封赏赐诸侯或臣下的仪式上使用的实用文体,一般在太庙举行策命仪式时颁布,见证者为傧者,宣读者多为内史,有时是尹氏或其他史官。周代策命形成稳定的体制,通常包括封赏的原因、具体的赏赐及教导与勉励三部分。周代策命语言诚挚恳切,语气温润亲切,典雅舒缓,成为后世策命文体模仿的典范。%Ceming(策命)is the genre of text used by the king of the Zhou Dynasty at the investiture ceremonies,which was usually held at the ancestry temple. Serving as the document of investiture, the text should be witnessed and announced by some influential court officials such as binzhe(傧者), neishi(内史),and yinshi(尹氏). Having developed into a stable genre,the ceming text in the Zhou Dynasty mainly consisted of the following three parts:why this investiture should take place;what was conferred;and what the beneficiary was expected to do. The wording of ceming text is sincere,re-fined,and natural,making a classical model for the later generations.

  18. Discussion about Several Pieces of Curious Furniture of Shang-Zhou Dynasty Found from Literature%文献所见几种稀见商周家具略论



    “由于使用方式与礼仪的不同,商周时期的家具与现在的家具呈现出显著的差异,若想对其系统研究就必须充分考虑当时的社会环境与状况。在记叙商周社会的主要文献中可以找出许多有关于家具使用规范和形制的记载,其中可能有一些因失传或后人理解的问题而忽略了其作为家具的研究价值。如黼依、皇邸、桁、簨、虡、箙、楅等。本文现将这一部分资料做初步的整理,以便后续研究的进行。%The furniture style during Shang-Zhou period appeared remarkably difference, because of the differences of functions and rites of culture towards furniture when compare with our modern life. To do the research systemically requires experts consider the social atmosphere and situation in that period. There are many using standards and styles records of furniture, which could be found in some historical literatures that described the society in Shang-Zhou period. However, since the time fraction was so far away from now and dynastic historians personal understanding, some valued parts for furniture research has lost or been hidden in the minority of these literatures. Such as fuyi, huangdi, heng, sun, ju, fu, bi etc. This research contributes to collect the missing part of the literatures, and classify these parts initially. Consequently, it will provide a systemic and detailed guidance towards the future research.

  19. 东周时期高经密织锦的丝织技术研究%Research on silk weaving techniques of brocade with high warp density in Eastern Zhou period



    This paper deeply discusses ancient silk weaving techniques through researches of duplicate practice on fabric construction, loom setting process and weaving process, taking "hunting grain brocade" with a high warp density in the Eastern Zhou period unearthed in Jingan, Jiangxi, thereby revealing the key technology and scientific value of its brocade with the highest warp density so far, 240 per centimeter. It not only demonstrates the existence of brocade with a high warp density of 240 per centimeter, but also quotes that this process can produce brocade with a wide width and high warp density through duplicate practice. This research result effectively explains that exquisite techniques for weaving high-density brocade have been possessed in the Eastern Zhou period of ancient China, adding a new page for Chinese ancient brocade.%以江西靖安大墓出土的东周时期高经密织锦“狩猎纹锦”为例,通过织物结构、织机装造工艺及织造工艺等复制实践研究,展开对古代丝织技术的深度探讨,从而揭示其240根/cm迄今为止最高经密织锦的关键技术和其科学价值.通过复制实践,不仅证实了240根/cm高经密经锦的存在,还可引证该工艺可织出宽幅高经密经锦,这一研究成果有力地说明中国古代的东周时期已拥有了织造高密度织锦的精湛技术,为中国古代织锦增添新的一页.

  20. 东周园林:从重礼到审美的嬗变%Gardens in East-Zhou Dynasty:The Transformation from Evaluating Etiquettes to Appreciating Aesthetics



    东周园林建筑的变化体现了其时园林审美艺术从重德到审美的嬗变。通过以园林建筑中“台”以及园林位置的变化点明东周园林由原有的儒家礼制思维,转向了道家的美学思维,园林的功用也随之在单一的政教功利性中融入了主体的审美愉悦性,从而对传统中国人人格的丰满产生了极大作用,既积极入世,但又不会走向偏执;在现世中有所为,但又拥有一个极洵烂至美的艺术世界。%The ever-changing of gardens in East-Zhou dynasty had reflected the transformation from evaluating etiquettes to appreciating aesthetics. By analyzing alters among other landscape architectures and various locations of the gardens, this paper points out that in the course of turning from the ritual of Confucianism to the aesthetics of Taoism, the aesthetic pleasure of the subjects had been blended into the function of East-Zhou gardens which used to be merely utilized for religion and government. As a result, the transformation plaid a very important role to enrich the personality of Chinese people, that is, to actively participate in the society without paranoid, and to do something in reality with a beautiful artistic world.

  1. Zhong Xiu’e, A Wrestler



    THE Chinese like to say: "A person who does not worry does not grow up." It means that a mature person will always take a more realistic view of the future and not be blindly optimistic. "If there used to be a yard of difference between foreign countries and us, it’s only three inches

  2. Zhong TAA signature — EDRN Public Portal

    The TAA signature is a diagnostic array of five markers capable of distinguishing patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) from normal control subjects. The diagnostic array was developed by enriching and screening phage-expressed tumor-associated proteins, and using these in a fluorescent protein microarray to identify and measure multiple non-small cell lung cancer-associated antibodies and show how simultaneous measurements can be combined into a single diagnostic assay. Although the identity of the phage-expressed proteins is not critical for use in a diagnostic assay, the sequences were compared with the GenBank database to obtain possible identity. The five proteins in the final diagnostic array are GAGE7, BAC clone RP11-499F19, SEC15L2, PMS2P7 (PMS2L15), and EEF1A.

  3. 补中益气汤加减联合司来吉兰治疗帕金森病伴功能性便秘的疗效观察%Clinical Observation on Bu-zhong Yi-qi Decoction Combined with Selegiline for Parkinson's Constipation

    毕树立; 刘斌; 高海英


    目的:探讨补中益气汤加减联合司来吉兰治疗帕金森病伴功能性便秘的临床疗效及安全性。方法:选择本病患者124例,根据治疗方式不同分成治疗组和对照组,两组均常规应用复方多巴和司来吉兰治疗帕金森病,治疗组在此基础上加用补中益气汤加减治疗便秘,对照组给予酚酞片,对比分析两组患者治疗的临床疗效和不良反应。结果:治疗组的总有效率86.4%,明显高于对照组70.7%,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05)。治疗组总不良反应发生率6.1%,明显小于对照组32.8%,差异有统计学意义(P<0.01)。结论:补中益气汤加减联合司来吉兰治疗帕金森病伴功能性便秘有较好的临床疗效。%Objective: To study the clinical curative effect and safety for the Bu-zhong Yi-qi decoction combined with selegiline on Parkinson's constipation. Methods: The 124 cases of Parkinson constipation patients were selected; According to different treatment, the patients were divided into treatment and control groups. Besides compound dopamine and selegiline to treat Parkinson's disease in two groups; patients were treated with Bu -zhong Yi -qi decoction in treatment group, and phenolphthalein pills in control group. The clinical efficacy and adverse reactions were compared in two groups. Results: The total effective rate was 86.4% in treatment group, which was obviously higher than the control group with 70.7% , with statistically significant difference (P<0.05). The total incidence of adverse reaction was 6.1% in treatment group, which was lower than the control group with 32.8% , with statistically significant difference (P <0.01). Conclusion:Bu -zhong Yi -qi decoction combined with selegiline can provide good clinical curative effect on Parkinson's constipation.

  4. 杜仲腰痛丸联合中药热敷治疗腰椎间盘突出症的临床研究%Clinical Study on DuZhong YaoTong Pill Combined with Herbal Hot Compress in the Treatment for Lumbar Disc Herniation

    牛喜信; 何万庆


    目的:观察杜仲腰痛丸联合中药热敷治疗腰椎间盘突出症的临床疗效。方法:将腰椎间盘突出症患者120例随机分为A组(常规治疗组30例)、B组(杜仲腰痛丸组30例)、C组(中药热敷组30例)和D组(杜仲腰痛丸+中药热敷组30例),观察各组患者治疗1周和1月时视觉模拟量表(visual analogue scale, VAS)评分、JOA评分及JOA评分好转率。结果:D组在VAS、JOA评分及JOA评分好转率方面均优于A、B、C组(P<0.05),同时疗效方面1月优于1周,治疗效果有时间依赖性。结论:杜仲腰痛丸联合中药热敷治疗腰椎间盘突出症能够减轻患者的疼痛,改善患者的功能,提高临床效果,且治疗时间较长时效果更明显。%Objective:To observe and evaluate curative effects of DuZhong YaoTong pill combined with herbal hot compress in the treatment for lumbar disc herniation. Methods:All 120 patients were randomized into A group (30 cases of routine treatment group), B group (30 cases of DuZhong YaoTong pill group), C group (30 cases of herbal hot compress group) and D group (30 cases of combined therapy group), to observe visual analogue scale (VAS), JOA scales and JOA scale improvement rate of the patients after treating for one week and one month. Results:D group was superior to A, B and C groups in VAS, JOA scales and JOA scale improvement rate (P<0.05), at the same time, therapeutic effects in one month were better than one week, therapeutic effects were dependent on time. Conclusion: DuZhong YaoTong pill combined with herbal hot compress in treating lumbar disc herniation could alleviate the patients' pain, improve functions and clinical effects which are time-dependent.

  5. 试析仲景《金匮要略》下法的应用特点%Application characteristics of the purgative method in Synopsis of Golden Chamber of Zhang Zhong-jing

    田丽楠; 王新佩


    Purgative method, as one of the eight therapeutic methods of traditional Chinese medi-cine ( TCM) with many characteristics and advantages such as wide application and relatively quick effect. There are a lot of records and discussions on it in the ancient books of TCM. For example, there are more than 50 articles about purgative method and a total of 25 relevant prescriptions are involved in Synopsis of Golden Chamber. The relevant prescriptions includes Dachengqi Decoction, Xiaochengqi Decoction, Dahuang Xiaoshi Decoction, Zhizi Dahuang Decoction, Yinchenhao Decoction, Xiexin Decoction, Linggan Wuwei Decoction modified with Jiangxin Banxing Dahuang, Dahuang Gancao Decoction, Maziren Pill, Zhugaofa Decoction, Zouma Decoction, Dahuang Fuzi Decoction, Dahuang Zhechong Pill, Xiayuxue De-coction, Dahuang Mudan Decoction, Didang Decoction, Jiegengbai Powder, Shizao Decoction, Jijiao Li-huang Pill, Dahuang Gansui Decoction, Houpo Sanwu Decoction, Houpo Qiwu Decoction, Houpo Dahuang Decoction and Dachaihu Decoction. Besides, there are 17 kinds of diseases are treated with such method, including chest turgor, stomach turgor, bloody phlegm, jaundice, acute appendicitis, maternal abdominal pain, maternal intestinal carbuncle and maternal congestion of water and blood in blood chamber, so it is widely applied. This paper summed up the the provisions, diseases and syndromes, therapies, and pre-scriptions involving purgative method based on Synopsis of Golden Chamber, and discussed the application characteristics of the purgative method of ZHANG Zhong-jing from the following 6 aspects, such as nature of disease, diseased parts, exterior and interior of Yin and Yang, and medication features, in order to provide some reference for the diagnosis and treatment of the clinical diseases in modern TCM.%下法作为中医八大治疗方法之一,具有应用广泛、见效相对迅速的特点及优势。在中医古籍中有丰富的记载与论述。《金匮要略》中涉及下

  6. From Personality Advocation to Repressed Anger Some Opinion on Zhou Zuoren's View of Literary History%从个性的提倡到压抑的愤懑——周作人文学史观管窥



    中国文化,在周作人看来,是无性的文化,缺乏情趣的文化,是于生命成长、生机勃勃上,即个性发育上欠缺的文化。他输入歌咏儿童的文学,提倡“梦想的精神”,主张适当地禁欲,并指出婚姻生活中“爱是移动的”,需夫妻双方不断地创造。就一个人的教育而言,他非常重视性的知识,于当时的复古颇盛的文化风气中坚持自己的个性。到了20世纪30年代,周作人开始了由个性的提倡到压抑的愤懑时期。他所面临的是中国资本主义高度发展的时代,感慨于除却忍从屈服,生活总是为家族制度、阶级制度、资本制度、知识买卖制度而牺牲。在这一时期,周作人的文学史观、文学观也逐渐地完善,指出中国历史上晋文里开始增加了小品文的色彩,初现具有个性色彩的文学。%According to Zhou Zuoren, Chinese culture is asexual culture and lacking in taste and is a person- ality development of defective culture on the vibrant life and growth. He imported literature of singing children, promoted the spirit of the dream and advocated appropriate abstinence, pointing out love is moving in the marriage and both spouses need to create endlessly. He thought highly of sex knowledge in terms of personal education, sticking to his own personality in the culture trend of the prevalent antiquity. To the thirties, Zhou Zuoren changed from the period of personality advocating to repressed anger. He is facing an era of prosperous Chinese capitalism, sighing that except for tolerance and yielding life is always sacrificed for the domestic institution, the caste system, the capital system and the knowledge trading sys- tem. During this period, Zhou Zuoren's literary historical theory, literary concept is gradually improved and pointed out that essays have appeared in the history of China Jin-wen, which is the beginning of litera- ture with personalized colors.

  7. 周敦颐与“二程”的文学特点比较%Make a Study of Literary Character on the Zhou Dun-yi and Two Scholars of Surname Cheng



      Zhou Dunyi's gentleman personality took shape not only from his morality and behavior, but also being closely related his experiences of traveling, writing and art appreciation. The latter might have had equal if not greater influences. Article of Lotus love is a symbol of realizing his personality of elegancy. It is one of the best literature. Zhou's poems are known as sincere, elegant, vigorous and straightforward in the structure of Song Dynasty’s poetry. Zhou's personality and his heart of literature and poetry directly influenced Cheng Hao. Not only he acted like a mentor but he also sculptured Cheng as a poet with great success. Cheng Hao was a poet among Taoists that understood deeply about the spirit of natural scenes. Although his poetry usually contained mocking or bantering which lowered the beauty of it. The influences of Chengyi's personality restricted his love for literatures and arts. He indulged in Tao, with little polish of literature, his observation of literature and art was very shallow and unbalanced. He also rejected rhetoric literature or the expression of art. He didn't understand much art and lacked the experience of aesthetic judgment. He didn't have the experience in writing, nor could he have any understanding about himself, not mention to overtake himself. Therefore he could not go into the status of art appreciation but only remains in joking around.%  周敦颐的“君子人格”形成,既有其道德修养、立身行事的影响,也与徜徉山水,从事文学创作,通艺术,善审美的陶冶性情有关,而后者的影响不亚于前者。《爱莲说》是其人格外化的标志,风格清雅,是一流的文学艺术作品。他的诗歌以“真”、“清”、“劲”、“直”为特色,参与了宋诗风格的构建。周敦颐的性情和文心、诗心直接影响了程颢,不仅传其道,而且将程颢塑造成了诗人,使其取得了较大的成就。程颢是道学家中深

  8. 新疆博州地区土地利用变化及驱动力分析%Analysis of Land Use/Cover Change and Driving Force on Bo Zhou of Xinjiang Province Zone

    杜倩; 王勇辉


    The land use structure and the quality of land resource change constantly, because ot the natural factors and human factors, which results in the variation of the regional ecological environment and global environment. This article used the data of the land utilization in BoZhou of Xinjiang province from 2001 to 2009 to analyze its dynamic change. The conclusion is that farmland and land for household, industry, traffic and water conservancy facilities have increased in varying changes, while garden and grassland area have decreased. Afterwards, the social driving forces of the variation of land area in BoZhou were ana- lyzed quantitatively by analyzing the related data of social economy development, by the means of principal component analysis. We concluded that the adjustment of agricultural structure, economic development, production benefit, political and economic policies are main social driving forces causing variation of land u- tilization and the first industry is still in a dominant position.%由于受自然因素与人文因素的影响,土地利用结构以及土地资源质量不断变化,从而引起区域生态环境和全球环境的变化。文章运用新疆博州2000--2009年土地利用数据,分析其土地利用的动态变化情况,发现耕地、居民点及工矿用地、交通用地、水利设施都有不同程度的增加,园地与牧草地的面积有所减少。接着运用博州社会经济发展状况有关数据和主成分分析法对博州地区面积变化的社会驱动力作定量分析,总结出农业结构的调整、经济发展、农业生产效益、政治经济政策这4个因素是引起博州土地利用变化的主要社会驱动力因子,且第一产业仍然处于主导地位。

  9. The Epidemiological Investigation of DeZhou City’s Chronic Renal Failure Patients with Nervous Centralis Damige%德州市慢性肾衰竭中枢神经损害的流行病学调查



    objective To acquaintance the epidemiological investigation of nervous centralis damige of De Zhou City’s chronic renal failure patients(the CKD 5 period patients in maintenance hemodialysis) so as to develop the Clinical diagnosis and treatment level of this disease. Method To retrospective analysis the De Zhou City’s chronic renal failure patients with nervous centralis damige. Result The age, primary disease, serum creatinine, blood urea nitrogen, hemoglobin, carbon dioxide binding force, application of cephalosporin etc was statisticaly significant with the control group. Conclusion Diabetic nephropathy, high level of toxin, anemia, metabolic acidosis, using cephalosporins was independent risk factors of central nerve damage of chronic renal failure patients with in Dezhou city.%目的:了解德州市慢性肾衰竭合并中枢神经系统损害的流行病学状况,提高对此病的临床诊疗水平。方法对我院慢性肾衰竭(CKD5期已行血液透析)合并中枢神经系统损害患者病例资料进行回顾性分析。结果德州市慢性肾衰竭中枢神经损害患者年龄、原发病、血肌酐、血尿素氮、血红蛋白、二氧化碳结合力、应用头孢菌素等与对照组有统计学差异(P<0.05)。结论糖尿病肾病、毒素水平高、贫血、代谢性酸中毒、应用头孢菌素等是德州市慢性肾衰竭中枢神经损害患者的独立危险因素。

  10. Realistic Criticism and Historical Criticism of Thinkers in the Zhou and Qin Dynasties%论周秦诸子的现实批判与历史批判



    Thinkers in the Zhou and Qin Dynasties cared about social reality and history. They took social reality as the base of their thoughts and took wisdom from history. Although their works published in different periods had different language styles, political views and contents, they all combined social reality and history together. Their real-istic criticism included historical criticism and historical criticism included realistic criticism. Discussion of realistic criticism and historical criticism of thinkers in the Zhou and Qin Dynasties is of significance for us to understand so-cial reality and historical tendency.%周秦诸子作为密切关注现实的思想家,以现实为思想的立足点与出发点,以历史为智慧的源泉与立论的依据。他们立足今天而反思过去,古今联系而相互比照,换位思考而得出结论,以史为据而抨击时弊。周秦诸子之书虽然成书年代不同,语言风格各异,政治主张有别,论述内容各有侧重;但多为论议时政而发,“博古”与“通今”紧密结合,于现实的批判中隐含对历史的批判,于历史的批判中贯穿对现实的批判,把现实批判与历史批判融为一体。我们探讨周秦诸子的现实批判与历史批判,把握其思想大义与理论精髓,对于认识社会现实与体察历史大势,有着重要启示与鉴戒意义。

  11. 从两周军事铭文用词看中国古代早期的军事文化%Military Culture of Early Ancient China Reflected in Military Inscriptions of Eastern and Western Zhou Dynasty



    War is the continuation of politics. The military inscriptions of Eastern and Western Zhou Dynasty represented by "the most important state affairs are sacrifice and warfare" indicate the process of sprout and development of original "humanity" values. From the wording of inscriptions then, one thing is clear that there is inheritance as well as obvious changes about warfare concept from Yin Dynasty and Shang Dynasty, namely sacrifice in wars became much more convenient, which aims at consolidating the souls of soldiers. The detailed psychological description paid more attention to the existence and performance of warfare subject as well as the standardization and rationalization of military organization, the specific matters of military management, the warfare efficiency and safeguard, which exemplifies the safety of rights and lives have been strengthened. All those demonstrate along with the escalation of warfare intension in Eastern and Western Zhou Dynasty, the original "humanity" values and the ideology of "cautious resorts to arms" have been further developed and featured.%战争是政治的延续。“国之大事在祀在戎”时代的两周军事铭文揭示了原始“人本”观念的萌芽、发展历程。从其铭文用词可以看出从殷商到两周时期,战争观念有继承,也有较大的改变:祭祀在战争中显得更加简便,意在安慰参与者的心灵世界。具体的心理描写更关注战争主体的存在及其表现,也更重视军队组织的规范化和合理化、军队管理的细节、战争有效性和战争维护,这说明权利安全和生命安全意识得到加强。这些方面都表明两周时期随着战争强度的升级,原始“人本”观念、“慎兵”理念得到了进一步的发展和凸现。

  12. 论西周策命制度与《尚书》文体的生成%On the Connection between the System of Appointment of the Western Zhou Dynasty and the Formation of Literary Style of Shang Shu



    伴随着"制礼作乐"的过程,周人的修辞技能和文体意识都不断提高,尤其是周代重要政治制度之一策命制度的建立和完善,使书面形式的"策命"代替了口头形式的"命",促成了具有清晰文体特征的策命文书的形成。这种专门应用于特定策命典礼场合的政治性文书使灵活易变的口头文体固定化,由于经常性地撰制和发布,逐渐形成了形式严谨、体制固定、内容明确、词语古奥、语言高度雅化和程式化、风格庄严肃穆的文体特征,《周书》诸诰便是在这种策命文书的基础上经过加工改造后形成的。这种"命体"的策命文书体现了原初形态"书"篇的文体模式,决定了《尚书》诰命篇章的文体特征,对后世众多散文文体,尤其是官方应用性文体产生了重大影响。%With the process of ritual and musical practice, Zhou' s rhetorical skills and stylistic awareness has been improved continuously. The establishment and perfection of Zhou' s political sys- tem, especially the system of appointment--one of the important policies of the Western Zhou Dynas- ty, caused the written form to replace the oral form, and the form of appointment documents got its clear stylistic features. These documents are specifically applied to specific situations, making the flexible oral style fixed. As they are regularly published, these documents gradually formed a kind of strict style, with explicit content, tightly organized structure, rigorous words, graceful language, solemn and grave style. Zhou Shu is processed and revised on the basis of this kind of documents. These documents reflect the original form of Shang Shu, determines the literary style of Shang Shu, and has a significant impact and influence upon many kinds of essays of later times, particularly the applica- tion of the official documents.

  13. Notes and Commentary of Chu His's The Textual Study of the Doctrine of the Mean on"the Zhong and the He Being Made Superlative" (致中和) in which the Ecological Thought is Contained%朱熹《中庸章句》对“致中和”的注释及其蕴含的生态思想——兼与《礼记正义·中庸》比较



    The Doctrine of the Mean said: "When joy, anger, sorrow and pleasure have not yet arisen, it is called the Zhong (中, equilibrium). When they arise to their appropriate levels, it is called the He(和, harmony). When the Zhong and the He are made superlative, Heaven and Earth are in their proper positic)ns, and the myriad things are nourished and flourish. " Chu His's The Textual Study of the Doctrine of the Mean made reasonable and profound notes and commentary on it, and thought that Heaven and Earth being in their proper positions, and the myriad things being nourished and flourish, will be achieved, when human makes the Zhong and the He superlative,and realizes that his connatural inbeing is identical with the Tad of Heaven and Earth and the myriad things, further more, completes the Tad of Heaven and Earth, and assists their suitable arrangement and transforming and nourishing powers. Here is contained the ecological thought.%朱熹《中庸章句》对"致中和,天地位焉,万物育焉"作了合理而深入的诠释,并且认为,将人的喜怒哀乐未发的"中"与发皆中节的"和"推到极致,并据此体会人的先天本性以及与此具有共同性的天地万物之理和变化规律,进而"裁成天地之道,辅相天地之宜"、"赞天地之化育",就可以实现"天地位"、"万物育"。这里蕴含着具有现代意义的生态思想。

  14. The Influence of Cultural Anthropology on Zhou Zuo-ren’s Translation of Ancient Greek Literature%文化人类学对周作人译介古希腊文学的影响



    As an important thinker during the May the Fourth Movement,Zhou Zuo-ren was greatly influenced by the concepts of cultural anthropology which,at that time,was unfolding itself in the west.Cultural anthropology exerts profound influences upon Zhou’s humane thoughts and translations,especially in the terms of translation from ancient Greek literature.This paper starts off from the aspect of Zhou’s reception of cultural anthropology,and proceeds to analyze Zhou’s purpose,accomplishments and features in translating ancient Greek literature.%作为"五四"时期重要的思想家,周作人深受当时西方方兴未艾的文化人类学的影响。文化人类学理论对周作人的人文思想和翻译活动,尤其是对古希腊文学的翻译发挥着深远的影响。他全景式地译介了希腊的神话、诗歌、戏剧,力图全面展示古希腊人的生活、思想、艺术、人生观、世界观,借以开启民众、教化大众。

  15. Research adjective development and its effect from the adjectives of inscriptions in Western-Zhou Dynasty%从西周金文看形容词的发展及其影响



    把殷商甲骨文中的形容词和西周金文中的形容词进行比较可以看出,西周时期形容词的数量增多了,结构复杂了。从词汇的角度看,形容词的发展丰富了汉语的词汇,形容词的语义系统在形容词的发展过程中逐渐完善,这是词汇系统性增强的体现;从语法的角度看,形容词的发展引起了一些性状概念要素表达方式的变化,也就是由综合的表达方式转变为分析的表达方式。%The increase in the number of adjectives and the complexity of structure of adjectives can be seen from comparison of the adjectives of Shang Dynasty Oracle to the adjectives of inscriptions in bronze in the Western Zhou Dynasty. The adjective development enriches the Chinese vocabulary from the perspective of vocabulary, and adjective system strengthen in the process of gradual improvement, which is reflect of the system of Chinese vocabulary increases; Adjective development has caused some traits of concept change of expression from grammatical perspective, namely by comprehensive expression into the analysis expression.

  16. The Judicial Interpretation of Social Justice:Legal Analysis of Zhou Meizhi Appeal Case%社会正义的司法演绎——周关知申诉案法理评析



    Justice is the pursuit of social value, while law is the expression of social justice. Justice of the judicial can meet the he requirements of justice to maximize the public interest. The appeal case acceptance and investigation of Zhou Meizhi, who is against the decision of not to prosecute, to achieve the people's emotions, social justice and the combination of legal specification, revealed in the context of building a harmonious society, judicial decisions and the recognition of social justice is necessity and feasibility .%正义是社会的价值追求,法是社会正义的表达,正义的司法是能够满足社会公众利益最大化要求的司法。周美知等人不服不起诉决定申诉案的受理和查处,实现了民众情感、社会公理和法律规范的有机结合,揭示了在构建和谐社会的语境下司法决定和社会正义价值认同的必要性与可行性。

  17. The Piercing Requiem---A Commentary on Zhou Daxin’s Novel Requiem%穿透骨髓的安魂曲*--评周大新长篇小说《安魂》



    With a resolute attitude,Zhou Daxin discusses the issue of life and death after the narration of the loss of his son,within his oeuvre nouveau,i.e.Requiem,in which the mode of dialogue with the son who died young is adopted to represent author’s metaphysical thought on the life and death issue,and his transcendence over the personal depression as well as the insightful humanist reflection on the present society.%周大新的新作《安魂》讲述了在痛失爱子之后,作家以一种毅然的姿态展开对生命与死亡这个命题的探寻,以与早逝的儿子对话的方式来呈现作者关于“生死”的形而上思考,并且跳出个人的悲痛,以深厚的人文关怀对当下进行了深邃的审视。

  18. 贵州大学生学习情况调查问卷的编制研究%A Study on the Questionnaire of Learning Situation for Undergraduate in GuiZhou



    目的:编制大学生学习情况调查问卷。方法:在文献研究的基础上,构建学习情况的理论维度,编写问卷题目。对在校大学生两次预测,并检验问卷的信度、效度。结果:各项指标显示,本问卷具有良好的信度和效度。%Objective: Constructing the questionnaire of learning situation for undergraduate in GuiZhou. Methods : On the basis of literature review, studied the concept of learning situation, and composited the theoretical construct of questiong- naire and it' s item. And examine its reliability and validity testing by twice tests for undergraduate. Results:Every psy- chometrics index all show: The Questionnaire of Learning Situation had good reliability and validity.

  19. 矛盾行为下隐藏的"创伤"情结——探寻周朴园复杂人格之因%The Hidden"Trauma Complex"under the Contradictory Behavior:to Explore the Reasons of Zhou Puyuan's Complex Personality



    As one of the most controversial figures,Zhou Puyuan in the novel Thunderstorm has always been endowed with multiple evaluations. And Zhou Puyuan becomes a vivid and typical image,which has a multi-dimensional personality charm.. From the perspec?tive of traumatic emotion,this paper describes the reasons of Zhou Puyuan's different personality deriving from early emotional trauma, which really affects his life. He is a victim of the tragedy too.%《雷雨》里的周朴园作为一个极有争议性的人物,一直以来都被赋予了多重的评价.这也使得这个人物形象得以成为一个立体生动的典型,具有了多维人格的魅力.本文从创伤性情感体验的角度出发,认为周朴园两极性格形成之因来源于早年情感创痛,并对他的整个人生都产生了巨大的影响,他同样是这场悲剧的受害者.

  20. Let Chin P’ ing Mei Study Shining Glory of Speculative Philosophy---On Zhou Juntao’ s Chin P’ ing Mei Study Series%让《金瓶梅》研究闪耀哲学思辨的光辉--读《周钧韬金瓶梅研究文集》



    Mr.Zhou Juntao is a famous scholar of Chin P ’ing Mei,and Zhou Juntao Jin Ping Mei Study Series is his com-prehensive expression of Chin P ’ ing Mei study .The prominent characteristics of Zhou Juntao ’ s study is the high level acces-sion,the text study specialty is “on the realism to the theory”,and his study shows a very strong philosophical overtones . Some of his views have great impact ,and his studies are of important contributions to Chin P ’ ing Me academic sectors .%周钧韬先生是一位著名的金学家,《周钧韬金瓶梅研究文集》是其《金瓶梅》研究集大成的作品。周钧韬《金瓶梅》研究的突出特点是高层次加入,文本研究特色是“就实论虚”,其金学研究呈现出很强的哲学思辨色彩。他的一些观点有较大影响,为《金瓶梅》研究做出了重要贡献。

  1. Hovering between Human and Beast:Zhong Dao Dun’s Novel and the Survival Circumstances of Japanese during World War II%人与兽间徘徊:中岛敦的小说与二战期间日本人的生存境遇



    中岛敦的小说看似与现实不相粘连,却始终没有脱离二战期间日本人的生存境遇。他早期的作品对日本人极度膨胀的争夺欲望充满了忧虑,在借鉴欧美现代派文学的基础上深刻地批判了争夺欲的膨胀对人性的异化和戕害,并在一种近乎绝望的状态中探索日本民族的精神出路。终于在其绝笔之作《名人传》中,中岛敦提出了“不射之射”的事功观,认为此种哲学(人生境界)必然会给日本带来淳朴和谐的社会环境。中岛敦的小说不仅是对于个体生命价值形而上的探索,也是对二战期间日本民族精神病症深刻的审视,并通过改编中国道家故事对日本军国主义进行了含蓄的批评,告诫他们真正的强大不是通过竞争、征战和杀戮来获得的,而是和平、无为中抵达的。%It seems that Zhong Dao Dun’s novel has no connection with the reality. However, it never gets away from survival circumstances of Japanese during World War II from beginning to the end. His early works reveals that he quite worries extreme expansion of the Japanese’s scramble desire. He deeply criticizes alienation and massacre caused by the expansion of scramble desire based on borrowing from the Europe and the United States modernist literature, and explores a spiritual way-out of the Japanese nation in the condition of nearly despair. Finally, Zhong Dao Dun puts forward the view of the honorable rewards of industrious endeavors for the nation, the shooting of not shooting and views that the philosophy (realm of life) will definitely bring Japanese with an unsophisticated and harmonious environment in his last masterpiece, Celebrity Biography. Zhong Dao Dun’s novel is not only a metaphysical exploration for the individual life value, but also a examine of Japan national spirit during World War II.It passes pair of China Taoist story tells the Japanese people that the real strong is not arrived

  2. 杜仲腰痛丸对腰椎间盘突出症患者血清TNF-α、IL-1β的影响%The Effect of DuZhongYaoTong Wan on the Levels of TNF-αand IL-1βin Patients with Lumbar Disc Herniation

    朱换平; 赵继荣; 邓强


    目的:观察杜仲腰痛丸对腰椎间盘突出症(LDH)患者血清肿瘤坏死因子-α(TNF-α)、白介素-1β(IL-1β)的影响。方法:选择LDH患者共145例,治疗组76例,对照组69例,另选参加健康体检的成年人70例作为正常组。服药3周后,评定疗效,应用视觉模拟评分法进行疼痛评分,用放免法测定患者血清TNF-α、IL-1β含量。结果:TNF-α、IL-1β血清含量治疗后2组较治疗前明显下降(P<0.05),治疗组下降更明显(P<0.05)。2用药组均取得较好疗效,治疗后疼痛评分均有明显改善(P<0.05),治疗后2组间总有效率及疼痛评分比较,差异均有统计学意义(P<0.05)。结论:应用杜仲腰痛丸治疗LDH可取得较好疗效,其作用机理可能在于有效干预LDH患者炎症介质TNF-α、IL-1β表达。%To observe the effect ofDuZhongYaoTongWanon serum levels of tumor necrosis fac-tor-α(TNF-α) and interleukin-1β(IL-1β) in patients with lumbar disc herniation (LDH). Methods: Totally 145 pa-tients with LDH were randomly divided into the treatment group with 76 cases, and the control group with 69 cases. Another 70 adults who participated in physical examination were selected as the normal group. The efficacy was e-valuated after takingDuZhongYaoTongWanfor three weeks. Visual analogue scales (VAS) were used to assess the score of pain and radioimmunoassay was applied to measure the contents of serum TNF-αand IL-1β. Results: The serum levels of TNF-αand IL-1βsignificantly increased in the patient group compared with the normal group (P<0.01). The serum levels of TNF-αand IL-1βsignificantly decreased in the treatment group compared with that before the treatment (P<0.05). The serum levels of TNF-αand IL-1βdecreased in the control group compared with that before treating (P<0.05). Two patient groups both obtained good efficacy, indicating significant improvements of pain scores after the treatment (P<0.05), and differences in

  3. 生存与命运的言说——对周全平《苦笑》集的解读%The Speech of Survival and Fate: Unscrambling Zhou Quanping′s Bitter Smile Collection



    Zhou Quanping,a small potato of the Creation Society with oblivion in literature history,had enriched Chinese modern literature in his unique way.However,he suffered a lifetime of frustrations firstly as an important role of the Creation Society,but was pushed aside later.He joined the Left-Winger Organization and became desolate finally.His novels had quite different style compared to his colleagues in the Creation Society without Romantic sentimental mood but more critique for the unjust of society and exposing of the cruel reality.In this,way he kept an eye on people′s survival and fate.%周全平是创造社的"小伙计",在文学史册上也几近被埋没,但不能否定,周全平的确是一个用特殊创作方式丰富了中国现代文学的作家。他经历坎坷,起初是创造社的重要成员,后被排挤,加入左翼,最后落寞于文坛。他的小说风格不同于创造社的其他成员,很少有浪漫感伤的情绪,更多的是对社会不公的批判和对残酷现实的揭露,同时以时间编码来阐释生命在历史变幻中的厚重感,以此来关照人的生存状态和对命运的抗争。

  4. The Relationship of Womenˊs Liberation Thoughts Between Zhou Zuoren and Akiko Yosano%与谢野晶子与周作人妇女解放思想之关系

    王妍妍; 夏艺


    周作人的妇女解放思想是新文化运动破除封建迷信,引进西方科学精神,追求个性解放思潮中的重要组成部分,在中国妇女解放思想史上具有突出的地位和社会影响。他的思想虽然受到近代西方进化论、人本主义、文化人类学等外来思想的影响,但是,其女性个体意识、人格独立、男女平等、贞操观等非常有价值的思想,在很多方面与日本女诗人、社会评论家与谢野晶子的女性观具有十分密切的关系。%ZHOU Zuo-renˊs women liberation thoughts is an important part of the New Cultural Movement which broke the feudal superstition, introduced western science spirit and pursued the liberation of personality, it has a prominent place and social impact in Chinese history of women liberation. Although his thoughts were influenced by modern western theory of evolution, humanistic, cultural anthropology and other foreign ideas ,some of his valuable ideas like individual consciousness of women, personality independence, equality between men and women and chastity view have very close relationship with the views of Yosano Akiko who is the female poet, social critic in Japan.

  5. 西周园林:从娱神到娱人的美育思想%Gardens in Western Zhou Dynasty:The Thought about Aesthetic Education from Adoring Gods to Enjoying Human Being

    崔青青; 李丹


    The gardens in Western Zhou Dynasty reflected the diversification from adoring gods to enjoying human being about aesthetic thought of the Pre-Qin Period. This conversion had affected Chinese peopleˊs ethos deeply. On the one hand,Chinese attached great importance to their self-cultivation;on the other hand,they also drew attention to the combination of self-cultivation and society integration. They were devotional and persistent and would never fall into the extreme position of denying themselves. They took public affairs on their own shoulder and had a sense of "compassion" and never went away from the masses. These results were the influence of the conversion about the thought of aesthetic education in the Pre-Qin Period.%西周园林反映了我国先秦美学思想从娱神到娱人的转变,即从崇拜神到肯定人的主体性,这种转变深深地影响了此后中国人的精神气质。一方面中国人极其重视个人的德行修养,另一方面又将这种自我修养与入世精神相结合,既富有深情,又执着,但又不至于走向自我否定的极端境地;既有一种“天下”情怀,以天下事为己事,又有一种“悲天悯人”的情怀,始终不曾远离底层。这些都是先秦美育思想在这一时期转变的结果。

  6. 超越死亡的亲情救赎--评周大新的《安魂》%Redemption of Kinship beyond Death A Comment on Zhou Daxin’s Requiem



    周大新小说《安魂》的前半部分既不脱离日常真实生活的气息,又通过死亡视角升华了日常生活,使小说表达的亲情感人至深。小说后半部分所虚构的天国来信既有对亲人灵魂得救的期望,又有对人生意义的拷问,还有对乌托邦世界的想象。小说的某种非个人化因素影响了作品更丰富意蕴空间的产生,但此小说的价值不能单从审美方面考虑,救赎也是文学同样重要的功能。%The first part of Zhou Daxin’s novel Requiem is very moving for it sublimates the affection between son and his father under the background of common life.The latter part conceives of letters from heaven,which contain expectation of redemption of his son,the questioning of meaning of life,and the imagination of Utopia. Some non -individual factors bar the rise of more abundant and meaningful space in the novel,but the value of the novel cannot be considered only by its aesthetic aspects,and redemption is of the same importance.

  7. Nationalist Party how to deal with the class struggle in great strike of GuangZhou and Hongkong%省港罢工中的阶级斗争与国民党的应对



    早期国民党人对阶级斗争有着相当准备的认识,但国民党主张阶级调和,反对阶级斗争。然而在国民革命实践中,存在着大量的阶级斗争事实,以省港罢工来说,以反对帝国主义为直接斗争目标,使得其中的阶级斗争呈现出既联合又斗争的现象。国民党在扶助农工同时,提倡工商联合积极协调双方的矛盾纷争,虽有一定成效,但由于国民党阶级的局限性,也因为国民党对民族矛盾之下的阶级矛盾认识片面,所以,无法正确处理省港罢工中的阶级斗争。%Early Nationalists understanding of class struggle has quite ready, but Nationalist Party advocated class reconcile op-posing class struggle.However, in practice the national revolution, there are a lot of class struggle fact, speaking to Hong Kong strike, direct struggle against imperialism and for the goal, which makes the class struggle and struggle jointly exhibit both phenome-na.Nationalist Party assist farmers and workers while advocating for Industry and Commerce jointly actively coordinate their contradic-tions disputes, despite some success, but due to the limitations of the Kuomintang class, but also because Nationalist Party ethnic conflicts under one-sided understanding of class contradictions, so Nationalist Party can not deal with class struggle in the great strike of GuangZhou and Hongkong.

  8. 钟嵘《诗品》:中国诗学观念“自觉”的里程碑——以《毛诗序》与《诗品序》比较为中心的探讨%Zhong Rong's Grades of Poetry: Milestone of Self-consciousness for Concept of Chinese Poetry



    本文通过比较《毛诗序》与钟嵘《诗品序》在诗歌感物论、六义论、诗体论、诗教论等方面的相关论述,探讨了《诗品序》之于《毛诗序》论断的借用与回避、发挥与偏离,从中发现两者在基本诗学观念方面的巨大差异,从而阐发诗学观念"自觉"的基本内涵,进而分析从先秦两汉到魏晋南北朝诗学"自觉"的多重历史动因,以期可以管窥魏晋南北朝诗学之巨大进步。%Lu Xun put forward the concept of literary self-consciousness in his article Wei-Jin Demeanor and Relationships among Articles,Drugs and Alcohol.Based on these,the author stated the concept of self-consciousness and illustrated the reasons appeared in the Wei and Jin Dynasties.Chapter II focuses on studying the related discourses of Mao's Poetic Preface and Zhong Rong's Grades of Poetry in the sense of objects of poetry,theory of six meanings,poetic theory,poetry education and so on,and explores borrowing and avoiding,bring into play and deviation in the preface of Grades of Poetry,from the basic concept of poetry found the great difference between the two,and thus elucidates the basic connotation of poetic concept "self-consciousness",and then analyzes multiple historical causes about poetics self-conscious from the Qin and Han Dynasties to Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties,in order to understand poetics great progress in the Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties.Through a series of comparison,Chapter III obtains the conclusion that Zhong Rong's Grades of Poetry is the milestone of Chinese poetry self-consciousness.

  9. New Interpretation of “Xian”on Tang Zi Zhong Bin Er Plate and Yi and Supplementary Explanation of Its Inscription%唐子仲濒儿盘、匜“咸”字新解及铭文补释

    闫华; 徐今


    In 2001 ,three bronzes with inscriptions were unearthed in Xiaojiahe ,Hubei province .They belong to“Tang Zi Zhong Bin Er” .“ ” on the bronzes has caused debate in academia ,and involved the important calen-dar problems of bronzes ,such as “moon phase four” and“moon phase fixed point” .The interpretation of the word“Yu” in the inscription in the existing results also can be discussed .This paper will discuss two prob-lems .First ,it is demonstrated that “ ”in Tang Zi Zhong Bin Er plate and yi is “Xian”,from the shape ,litera-ture ,archaeology and other aspects .“Xian”can be interpreted as“Xian chi” .“Xian chi”is Jupiter cycle ,in Wu-Wu ,and the WuWu may be 602 BC .Then“Yu”in“Yu plate” ,“Yu hui yi”and“Yu pi”should be explaned as“using” .%2001年湖北肖家河出土3件有铭铜器,器主是“唐子仲濒儿”,引起了学界对“”字的讨论,此字关涉到金文历日这个重要问题,比如“月相四分说”和“月相定点说”。现有成果对铭文中“御”字的解释亦有可商榷之处。文章研究表明:第一,从字形、文献、考古等多个角度论证,认为唐子仲濒儿盘、匜铭文中的“”是“咸”字,释为“咸池”。“咸池”是岁星纪年,岁在戊午,即为咸池,并考证做器年代可能为公元前602年。第二,铭文“御盘”、“御沬匜”、“御鈚”中的“御”字当释为“用”。

  10. The Develop and Protection of the Traditional Mountain Residence of Chong Qing --Take Long Tang village, Zhong Shan Town as an Example%重庆传统山地民居的开发与保护--以中山镇龙塘村为例

    付丽琛; 孙国军


    重庆中山镇龙塘村传统山地民居具有典型的巴蜀文化因素,同时又受到当地自然地理环境的影响。其民居建筑与环境、文化、艺术、生态等要素相辅相成,具有很高的艺术价值和历史价值。在新时代改善民居环境的要求下,龙塘村传统民居又面临着开发与保护的问题,只有通过科学的规划设计才能完成对当地传统民居的开发和利用。%The mountain residence in Long Tang village, Zhong Shan town, Chong Qing contains typical Ba Shu culture whose residential buildings are of high artistic and historical values for its combination with environmental and ecological and geographical factors. And it is faced with the problems of development and protection in new times. The residence can only be properly developed and utilized if they are scientifically planned and designed.

  11. 西安地区周秦汉与隋唐时期古都文化之主要内涵与基本特点%Main implications and. basic features of the ancient city culture of Xi'an in Zhou, Qin, Han, Sui and Tang Dynasties



    In order explore the main implications and basic features of the ancient city cuhue of Xi'an in different dynasties, the paper analyzes the city planning, construction, layout and the architec- tural ideology in West Zhou, Qin, West Han, Sui and Tang Dynasties with the help of a huge amounts of documents. The analysis finds that the culture in the West Zhou cities fully displays the rites and music culture of Zhou Dynasty; the ancient city culture in Qin Dynasty shows the great unification spirit and the Chang'an culture in Han Dynasty integrates the related theories of the earlier dynasties and at the same time has its creative sense. In contrast, the Chang'an culture in Sui and Tang Dynasties indicates its opening-up orientation in its multi-phase cultures.%为探究西安地区各朝代古都文化之主要内涵与基本特点,结合大量史料,对西周、秦、西汉、隋与唐王朝都城之规制、建设、平面布局、主要建筑之思想理念进行剖析。分析认为:西周都城文化充分反映了周代礼乐文化;秦都城文化体现了大一统的精神;汉长安城文化以尊儒思想为主体,整合了前朝相关理论,并有所创新;隋唐长安城文化表征了多元文化的开放气象。

  12. 周“礼制”与《考工记·匠人营国》对早期都城形态的影响%The Influence of the Ritual Ethics of the Zhou Dynasty and “The National Engineering Standards for Capital Construction” on the Capital Urban Form in Ancient China



    The paper first analyzes the impact of the ritual ethics on the capital form in the Western Zhou Dynasty and the Spring and Autumn Period in the Chinese history. It covers discussions on the spatial forms and layout plans of clan temples, imperial palaces and city markets. By referring to an ancient book entitled "The Ritual Ethics of the Zhou Dynasty: National Engineering Standards for Capital Construction" ( "The Standards" ), the paper argues that the ritual ethics of the Zhou Dynasty helped maintain the power structure and inheritance at the theoretical level in ancient China while" The Standards" explicate the city building methodology at the practical level. By following stated construction rules, an idealized capital city that embodies the ritual ethics would emerge. However, due to the socioeconomic constraints in the Western Zhou Dynasty and the Spring and the Autumn Period, city building could not strictly follow the rules set in "The Standards" . Therefore, no city built during that period of time could have perfectly embodied the ritual ethics as the exemplary city of Beijing did in the Ming and Qing Dynasty.%通过分析周“礼制”伦理思想对西周和春秋战国时期都城形态元素:宗庙、宫殿和市场的空间形态和布局的影响,阐述了其与《考工记·匠人营国》这一历史文献的关联.提出周“礼制”是在“道”的伦理思想层面上维护了权力的宣扬和继承,而《考工记·匠人营国》则是在“器”层面上指导和实施营建符合周“礼制”的理想化都城模式.只是由于西周和春秋战国时期社会形态和经济技术发展水平的局限才未出现如后世北京那样经典的,符合礼制都城形态的案例.

  13. Human Rationality:The Essence of “Scientific”Which Zhou Zuoren Advocated%人文理性:周作人所倡“科学”的实质内核



      周作人对“五四”时期的主题话语之一的科学,保持着疏远和警惕的态度,因为那时候他专注于文学的园地,强调人文艺术对人类精神的独特价值。从20世纪20年代末期,他内心发生“由情转智”的变化以及与革命文学的论争以后,“科学”成为他最看重的文章主题。他把科学的源头上溯到原始儒家的“疾虚妄”与古典希腊的“爱智慧”精神,实际上是人文理性的立场。这种主张人间生活伦理须以科学知识为本、科学理性又必须合乎人间生活之用的立场,强调“常识”的精神,对于科学工具理性的迷失与当今社会玄虚乱象的匡正,有着巨大的启示意义。%Zhou Zuoren kept alienated from and vigilant against“science”, which was an important theme during the May Fourth period, because at that time he focused on literature, emphasizing the unique value of arts and humanities to human spirit.In the late 1920s, after his change of mind and the controversy of revolutionary literature,“science” became the theme of his most im-portant articles.He traced back to the source of“science”, the original Confucian“disease falseness” and classical Greek spirit of“love of wisdom” which, in fact, is the position of human rationality.The claim that the ethics of human life must be based on scientific knowledge, scientific rationality and must be in line with the position of the life on earth emphasizes the spirit of“common sense” science and instrumental rationality lost in today's mysterious social chaos remedy.It is of great significance to explain the loss of scientific and instrumental rationality and get rid of today's mysterious social chaos.

  14. 独立美与无形功利--论周作人20年代个性的文学观%Independent Aesthetics and Intangible Utilitarian in Double Value of Literature In Zhou Zuoren’s Featured Literature



      在周作人文学思想的演变过程中,文学的价值和作用始终是他关注的焦点。本文围绕周作人在20世纪20年代初期“个性的文学”观,探讨文学的“独立美与无形功利”,其中,最重要的是独立的艺术美,其次才是无形的功利。独立美既是指作品中的真挚强烈的感情和鲜明的个性,又包含着作者对艺术技巧的把握和运用;无形功利是指文艺对读者潜移默化、无意为之的精神涵养的作用。周作人的“独立美与无形功利”既符合文学自身的本质特点,亦是对文学特殊功能的体认和维护。%In the process of Zhou Zuoren’s the literary thought, the literary value and function is his concern. The paper focuses on Zhou’s featured literature in the 1920s to explore independent aesthetics and intangible utilitarian, in which the most significance is the independent artistic aesthetics, and the next intangible utilitarian. Independent aesthetics refers to the passionate feelings and featured characters in works, which contains the understanding and practice of author’s artistic technique, while intangible utilitarian is the intrinsic spiritual functions of literature to readers. Zhou’s theory, “independent aesthetics and intangible utilitarian”, is geared to the nature of literature and to the maintenance and reorganization of particular functions of literature.

  15. 特殊而真实的证词--读周大新的长篇小说《曲终人在》%Analysis of ZhouDaxin's Full-length Novel Quzhongrenzai



    ZhouDaxin's novel Quzhongrenzai is undoubtedly an important works in 2015 about the officers ’ story .Through a copy of testimonies provided by respondents of hero ’ s networking , the author restores an ordinary official's life and psychological journey.Unique narrative ethical tendencies becomes a new scale of this novel , this narrative ethical tendency specifically reflected in writer's moral inquiry of officialdom , and moral thinking on official mission and responsibilities .In addition, seamless connection between novel materials and new and unique art form is also one of the highlights of the novel , and the quasi documentary literature a new liberal form makes the form itself becomes part of the story .%作家周大新的长篇小说新作《曲终人在》无论是从思想内容还是艺术形式来说,都无疑是2015年官场小说的重要收获。作者通过主人公人际关系网中受访者们提供的一份份证词,多角度还原了一个普通官员的人生轨迹和心路历程。独特的叙事伦理倾向成为这部小说的一个新尺度,这种叙事伦理倾向具体体现在作家对官场的道德叩问,对为官的使命、责任的道德思考。此外,小说材料与新颖独特的艺术形式之间的无缝衔接也是这部小说的一大亮点,“拟纪实文学”这种新颖的艺术形式,使得形式本身成为故事的一部分。

  16. Engineering Geological Investigation and Monitor of Jinglan Bridge Reconstruction in LiuZhou%柳州市静兰大桥改建工程地质勘察及监测

    关键超; 韦少典


    柳州市静兰大桥改建工程是将一座1992年8月建成通车、总长550m、主桥为5孔90rn跨的钢筋混凝土箱肋拱桥拆除原地重建,使桥面宽度由原来的16.5m扩至31m,桥面标高由原来的97m升高至98.6m。原桥位于河水中的四个桥墩乃利用石灰岩作浅基础形式,潜水录像显示墩基结构基本完好,但原灌浆固结处理溶蚀沟槽里的砾卵石层已不同程度地被淘蚀。通过勘察工作分析,认为经过基底补强处理后,利用旧桥墩建新桥的方案是可行的。%LiuZhou Jinglan Bridge is a Reinforced concrete box arch bridge, the overall length 550m, The main bridge for 5 holes 90m cross and built in August 1992. The project of the bridge reconstruction is to dismantle and rebuild it in the same place and to broaden the width of the bridge from 16.5 to 31 m, heighten the demarcate height from 97m to 98.6m. The shallow basement modalities of the former four piers lying in the river is limestone, as the diving video shows, the framework of the pier foundation is in good condition. But the former gravel pebble stratum in the corrode groove which treated by grouting concretion has been scouring; Through reconnaissance and job analysis, I think it's feasible that build the new bridge which base on the former piers after reinforcing the fundus.

  17. Mao ZedongZhou Enlai's contribution to solve the Taiwan issue%谈毛泽东、周恩来对解决台湾问题的贡献

    宋继和; 练强


    毛泽东、周恩来为了祖国的完全统一大业,殚精竭虑,辛勤耕耘。在新中国建立后,始终把“解放台湾”、完成祖国完全统一问题放在重要地位,并适时实现了从武力解放到和平解放的战略转变,提出了进行国共第三次合作的倡议,从而有力推动了祖国统一的历史进程。两位伟人密切合作,洞察国内外形势变化,及时制定出符合实际情况的方针、政策,并贯彻落实到实际工作中去。他们的伟大贡献,相得益彰,交相辉映,铸就了中华民族走向完全统一的辉煌之路,为我们后人留下了宝贵的精神遗产。%Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai racked their brains and worked hard for the complete unification of our motherland. Since the New China established, the liberation of Taiwan in order to complete the reunification of China had been put in an important place. And at the right moment the liberation strategy had been changed from relying on military force to peace. They proposed the third cooperation of the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, and it had promoted the process of reunification powerfully. The two great man cooperated closely and they discerned the change of domestic and foreign situation. Also they worked out the principles and policies on the basis of the reality and carried out them into actual work. Their great contribution complemented to each other and enhaced the other one's beauty. This led the Chinese nation to the unification road magnificently, and it had left the precious energetic inheritance for the posterity.

  18. The family name Solimonadaceae Losey et al. 2013 is illegitimate, proposals to create the names 'Sinobacter soli' comb. nov. and 'Sinobacter variicoloris' contravene the Code, the family name Xanthomonadaceae Saddler and Bradbury 2005 and the order name Xanthomonadales Saddler and Bradbury 2005 are illegitimate and notes on the application of the family names Solibacteraceae Zhou et al. 2008, Nevskiaceae Henrici and Johnson 1935 (Approved Lists 1980) and Lysobacteraceae Christensen and Cook 1978 (Approved Lists 1980) and order name Lysobacteriales Christensen and Cook 1978 (Approved Lists 1980) with respect to the classification of the corresponding type genera Solibacter Zhou et al. 2008, Nevskia Famintzin 1892 (Approved Lists 1980) and Lysobacter Christensen and Cook 1978 (Approved Lists 1980) and importance of accurately expressing the link between a taxonomic name, its authors and the corresponding description/circumscription/emendation.

    Tindall, B J


    In a recent publication the name Solimonadaceae Losey et al. 2013 has been proposed as a replacement name for the family name Sinobacteraceae Zhou et al. 2008. This course of action contravenes the current Code governing the nomenclature of prokaryotes, making Solimonadaceae Losey et al. 2013 an illegitimate name that neither has claim to priority nor can be used as a correct name. Closer examination of publications dealing with the taxonomy of members of the genera Solimonas and Sinobacter and the placement of these taxa at the rank of family and order reveal problems associated with the application of the family names Sinobacteraceae Zhou et al. 2008, Nevskiaceae Henrici and Johnson 1935 (Approved Lists 1980) and Lysobacteraceae Christensen and Cook 1978 (Approved Lists 1980) and the order names Lysobacterales Christensen and Cook 1978 (Approved Lists 1980) and Xanthomonadales Saddler and Bradbury 2005.

  19. Taking Innovation as Motive Force to Develop New-high Tech Industries of Bio-medicine ——Intrepreneur process of Da An Gene Diagnose Center, Zhong Shan Medical University%以创新为动力发展生物医药高新技术产业 ——中山医科大学达安基因诊断中心的创业过程

    龙建平; 何蕴韶


    It summaries the radical and healthful development process of Da An Gene Diagnose Center,Zhong Shan Medical University in establish market-economic system for school-run enterprises based on measures of depending on the support of government and university,relying on the policy advantages,taking market as its orientation and innovation as its motive force,and persisting in the development and distribution of products of gene diagnose technology.%回顾总结中山医科大学达安基因诊断中心依赖政府和学校的支持,依靠政策优势,以市场为导向,创新为动力,坚持基因诊断技术产品的开发和推广,使校办企业按照市场经济体制快速、健康发展的历程。

  20. 周文泉运用柴胡龙骨牡蛎汤合玉屏风散治疗多汗证经验%Experience of ZHOU Wen-quan in treating hyperhidrosis by using Chaihu Longgu Muli Decotion combined with Yupingfeng San

    张晋; 苏博; 陈莹珍; 周文泉


    The basic mechanism of disease in professor ZHOU Wen-quan treated hyperhidrosis was yin-yang disharmony, defense-exterior insecurity. The insufficient yin could not restrain yang causing increased activity of yang results in fever with spontaneous sweating; the syncope with spontaneous sweating was caused by insufficient yang failing to counterbalance yin resulted in relative exuberance of yin, therefore hyperhidrosis was caused by abnormal exuberance of yin or yang. The therapeutic principles of professor ZHOU treated hyperhidrosis were regulalion of yin and yang and tonify qi to secure the exterior, he often had good therapeutic effect in hyperhidrosis used Chaihu Longgu Muli Decetion combined with Yupinfeng San to regulate yin-yang, triple energizers and waterways and benefit qi secure the exterior to treat sweating.%周文泉教授认为多汗证的基本病机为阴阳失和,卫表不固.阴虚阳必凑,发热而自汗;阳虚阴必乘,发厥而自汗,故多汗证皆属阴阳偏胜所致.当以调整阴阳、益气固表为治则.周教授常用柴胡龙骨牡蛎汤合玉屏风散调整阴阳,益气固表,调和气机,调理三焦,调畅水道,治疗多汗证获效良多.

  1. "酒"与"山水之间"和"醉翁之意"——胡风与周扬恩怨是非新论%"Wine", "the Scenery of Mountains and Rivers" and the Intention of "the Drunkard":New Discussion of Gratitude or Resentment between Zhou Yang and Hu Feng for Several Dozens Years



    Many scholars always think that injustice case of Fufeng has a quite big negative function in the feeling of gratitude or resentment between Zhou Yang and Fu Feng. It cannot be denied that Zhou Yang played an irreplaceable function in injustice case of Fufeng and even the rehabiliation process of the case. However, dozens of years' contradiction between Hu Feng and Zhou Yang, and even "the indictment" which Hu Feng accused to Zhou Yang, all belongs to the category of Thought on Literary and Arts. We shall acknowledge the measures and the attitude which Zhou Yang dealt with the issues of Fu Feng, that's not "A wine lover's mind which is not dipped in the bobbled, but dwells in nature", but is the meaning of "the drunkard" who draws support from "the scenery of mountains and rivers" to complete the intention of drinking "wine". Hu Feng's disaster is a tragedy of that time, and its significance exceeds his own destiny completely. Therefore, the theory of literature and arts cannot be tied up together with politics again. It's also the consideration left to posterity. In this way can avoid injustice of disaster because of a personal grudge. If we can't go outside and continue to stand in the "Left" situation to animadvert the loop of strange mighty "Left", we would not be able to be practical and realistic on the fundamental problems in literary, and not to mention to recover the pursuit of human liberation of the spirit of "Wusi", and to recover hominine literature, in particular, the historical tradition of democracy and science.%很多学者总认为周扬和胡风几十年的恩怨在胡风冤案中起了很大负面作用,但胡风和周扬几十年的矛盾乃至他所指控周扬的"罪状"都属于当时主流文艺思想的范畴.周扬在处理胡风问题上所采取的措施和态度,不是"醉翁之意不在酒,在于山水之间",而是"醉翁"借助"山水之间"行"酒"之意.胡风的舛难是一个时代的悲剧,其意义完全超越他个人命运,

  2. 影响公益众筹中项目筹款能力的一些相关因素--以众筹网为例%Some Related Factors Affecting the Ability to Raise Funds in the Crowdfunding of the Public Service---A Case Study of the ZhongChou Network

    苟爱萍; 田江


    随着众筹融资和“互联网+”的发展,公益众筹开始兴起,文中通过爬虫软件获取了截至2016年6月22日众筹网所有成功结束的筹款项目的数据,通过数据分析发现了不同性质的公益项目在众筹过程中具有不同的优势,并且通过SPSS进行了数据间简单的相关性分析,发现了影响公益众筹能力的一些相关性因素和非相关因素,研究了项目信息的透明度,回报捐助的方式以及关注度对一个公益筹款项目的影响。%With the development of the Crowdfunding and“Internet plus”,the Crowdfunding of the public service begin to develop.This paper achieved all the datas of the successful public service projects in the ZhongChou network until June 22,2016 using the crawler software.Through the data analysis found that the different nature of the public service projects in the process of raising the fund has a different advantage,and through the simple correlation analysis using SPSS,found some related factors and non-related factors that affect the ability to raise fund in Crowdfunding of the public service,the influence of the transparency of project information,the way of return and the degree of concern on a public service project.

  3. Borna disease virus in blood of cattle infect detection in Gui Zhou and surrounding areas%贵州省及部分周边地区牛博尔纳病病毒感染的情况调查

    刘海军; 王长明; 谢婷婷; 王顺旺; 徐平


    with He80/FR (nt 1660 T-C,nt 1669 A-G,nt 1672 C-T mutation rate of 3%). However,there was no change in the encoding amino acid residues. Conclusion There is BDV natural infection probably originated from cattle of Gui Zhou and surrounding areas,also probably is one of the prevalence regions of BDV. BDV might play a potential role in the development of human having correlations with animals.

  4. 3 D Virtual Reality Technology-Based Analysis of Zhou Shixiong' s Action of 5/4 Turn to Handstand on Parallel Bars%基于三维虚拟现实技术对周施雄双杠后上转体450°成倒立动作的分析

    周继和; 王帅; 刘艺; 李溪


    For the first time in the world, Chinese athlete Zhou Shixiong completed 450° turn to handstand on parallel bars. This article applies 3D video analytic method to collect Zhou Shixiong' s kinematic data in the competi-tion, uses immersive 3D virtual reality technology to reconstruct the obtained kinematics data, and makes kine-matics analysis in the form of three dimensional animation after 360° rotation-reproduced observations. The study shows that although Zhou Shixiong completed this action in the game, it is still not perfect. The main problems include that he stretches hip earlier, and his swing scope is slightly wide in upswing stage. This leads to the result that when he supports his body with one arm, the horizontal distance between his body center of gravity and the supporting point is too wide. As a result, his body tilts and this affects his subsequent handstand action. Besides, his two legs are not fully closed in the swiveling phase.%在世界上,中国运动员周施雄首次完成双杠后上转体450°成倒立动作。本文应用三维录像解析法对周施雄在比赛现场所做的后上转体450°成倒立动作采集运动学数据,利用沉浸式三维虚拟现实技术对获得的运动学数据进行重建,通过360°的旋转再现观察,以三维动画的形式进行运动学分析。研究发现周施雄在比赛中虽然完成了这一动作,但还有待完善。主要问题有上摆阶段伸髋较早、幅度稍大,导致在下一阶段的转体过程中单臂支撑的时候人体重心离支撑点的水平距离偏大,身体产生了倾斜,影响了之后的倒立动作,另外在转体阶段两腿并未完全并拢。

  5. Discussion about the Success and Failure of Qian Mu’ s Research Methods in the Ancient Historical Geology---Based on the Methods in Geography Research in Early Zhou Dynasty%钱穆考论古史地理研究方法得失论衡--以《周初地理考》的研究方法为中心

    杨兆贵; 赵殷尚


    钱穆考论古史地理,并不单纯考证地名、地理,他的古史地理研究不属于传统的“地名簿记之学”,而是人文地理学研究的典范。他在《周初地理考》一文中提出周人由山西往陕西迁徙、发展的看法,成为研究周初发展的重要一说。该文运用一些研究古史地理的方法,包括地名研究法,地名迁移,“人以地名,非地以人名”;地望研究法,考论古史地望、人事要结合当时历史条件,以诗释史,运用声韵学等。虽自圆其说,但在研究方法、阐释文献、处理神话与历史的关系等方面都有不足,如:在研究方法上犯了“征之于古迹”“求之于音似”两大毛病;在处理神话方面,把神话人物当作历史人物,没有运用考古资料。这些限制了该文的学术成就。%In his research on the ancient historical geology, Qian Mu didn’ t examine place names and geology only; his researches did not belong to traditional bookkeeping of the place names, but to human geography. In Geography Research in Early Zhou Dynasty, Qian Mu pointed out that Zhou clan who had originally lived in Shanxi province moved to and developed in Shaanxi province, which was an important explanation of how Zhou clan moved in early Zhou Dynasty. In the book, he employed some research methods for studying ancient historical geology, such as toponymy method, place name transfer, people being named after place names rather than place being named after people, location research, examination of the ancient historical geology, people and events with relative historical conditions, the use of poetry to explain history, the usage of phonology and the like. Though he had made out a good case for himself, he had some shortcomings in research method, document explanation, and dealing with the relationship between mythology and history. For example, in research method, he relied on historic sites and similar sounds

  6. 旅游发展对女性角色变迁的影响研究--以大理周城白族女性为例%Analysis of the impact of tourism development on the changing role of women---Taking Dali Zhou Cheng Bai women as an example



    女性参与旅游发展是目的地获得可持续发展的重要前提。缺乏旅游发展对女性角色变迁影响的分析,仅将女性参与作为一个必然的过程而不是文化、经济和政治的过程,是女性参与旅游发展在实践中不能获得真正进步的原因。通过对国内外旅游研究中旅游发展对女性角色变迁的影响研究成果进行介绍,以云南大理周城为例,通过田野调查结果的抽样分析,剖析了周城近21年的旅游发展对周城白族妇女角色变迁影响的主要表现、女性角色变迁对大理周城旅游发展的积极意义和消极影响,提出在金融信贷和旅游发展项目中应充分考虑女性的需要,重视社会性别意识,积极改善女性参政议政环境,加强少数民族女性人力资本投资,以互联网为途径整合线上线下营销渠道,提高女性的文化营销能力。%Female participation in tourism development is an important prerequisite to sustainable develop-ment in destinations.Analysis of the lack of impact of tourism development on the change in female roles,only the female participation as an inevitable process rather than a cultural,economic and political process,female participation in tourism development can not be obtained in practice reason of real progress.Introduces the re-search results of the effects of the relevant research on tourism development of tourism based on domestic and foreign to the feminine role change,taking Yunnan Dali Zhou City as an example,through field investigation and sampling analysis results,analyzes the positive significance of the main performance,influence of Zhou City nearly 21 years of tourism development on the change of Zhou Cheng Bai womenˊs roles of female characters on the change of Dali Zhou City Tourism Development and the negative influence,proposed in the financial credit and tourism development projects give full consideration to the needs of women

  7. Prefaces and Postscripts of the Anthology and Their Literary Power:Focusing on Zhou Bida’ s Preface of Wenyuan Yinghua%总集的序跋与文学史权力--以周必大《〈文苑英华〉序》为例



    总集的序跋中常隐藏着文学史权力,序跋通过文学史权力的运作改变总集文学史地位的现象也常见。《文苑英华》《唐文粹》两者联系本不大,周必大在《〈文苑英华〉序》中提出“《唐文粹》铨择《文苑英华》”之说,有意密切了两者关系,使《文苑英华》成为《唐文粹》母本。这种文学权力的运用属有意而为,明显提高了《文苑英华》的价值,也改变了两总集的文学史地位。“铨择说”多为后人沿用,形成习惯看法,可见其文学史权力影响的深远。%The literary power is usually hidden in the prefaces and postscripts of anthology. This is a common phenomenon,which the prefaces and postscripts change the status of the anthology through their literary power. Tang Wencui and Wenyuan Yinghua didn’t have much contact,but Zhou Bida proposed Tang Wencui selected out from Wenyuan Yinghua in preface of Wenyuan Yinghua. This view made Wenyuan Yinghua and Tang Wencui be the mother-child relationship. This use of literary powers was intentional,it significantly increased the value of Wenyuan Yinghua,but also changed the literary status of two anthologies. Zhou Bida’s view was adopted later and became the prevailing view. It showed the far-reaching influence of the literary power.

  8. 从“普遍”的感化到“趣味”的捕捉新村主义与“五四”前后周作人的文学理念%The Theory of New-village and the Literary Opinion of Zhou Zuoren in the May-forth Movement



    人类主义与个人主义的抽象统一构成了新村的内在理论结构。这种二元架构主导了“五四”初期周作人的文学理念,使其在尊重个体独立性的基础上更强调“为人类”、“普遍感化”的功利文学观。随着新村的失败以及大同理想的破灭,新村主义的内在二元结构也随之瓦解。周作人放弃了救世主义的文学观,转而以日益贵族化的“自我”为本位,通过捕捉文学的趣味来寻求精神的慰籍。%The internal structural of the New-village theory was made up with the integration of humanism and individualism. This dualistic structure decided the literature opinion of Zhou Zuoren in the early time of May-forth Movement, and made it become a kind of Literary Utilitarianism. After the failure of the New Village and the dream of Utopia, the dualistic structure of New-village theory was broken up. Zhou gave up his Messianism theory and turned to the literary individualism, which became more aristocratic and selfish in that time.

  9. 周恩来对二十世纪六十年代初期中巴关系根本改善的奠基性贡献*%Zhou Enlai' s Ground-breaking Contribution to the Fundamental Improvement of the Sino-Pakistani Relations in the Early 1960s



    Against the international background of Cold War the Sino-Pakistani relations remained lukewarm throughout the 1950s. However, the relations between the two countries were fundamentally improved in the early 1960s. Zhou opposed Pakistan' s joining the Western camp but at the same time was in favor of having friendly exchanges with this country. He kept to an impartial stand on the dispute between India and Pakistan over Kashmir. In the border talks between China and Pakistan, he combined principle with flexibility and solved the border question between the two neighbors carefully and skillfully. What Zhou Enlai did won friendship and trust from Pakistan and laid foundations for fundamental improvement of the Sino-Pakistani relations in the early 1960s.%在冷战的世界格局下,整个20世纪50年代,中巴关系一直处于不冷不热的境况。60年代初期,两国关系才有了根本性的改善。周恩来反对巴基斯坦加入西方阵营,同时主张和巴基斯坦进行友好交往;在印巴之间存在争议的克什米尔问题上,他坚持公正立场;在中巴边界谈判问题上,他采取原则性和灵活性相结合的方法,妥善解决了两国之间的边界问题。周恩来的这些做法赢得了巴基斯坦的信任和友谊,为60年代初期中巴关系的根本改善奠定了基础。

  10. 广州市海珠区育龄妇女口腔健康状况及口腔保健认知程度调查%The Investigation of Oral Health Status and the command of oral health knowledge among Reproductive Women in Haishu District of GuangZhou

    吴胜; 胡飚; 周媛; 张华


    目的 了解广州市育龄妇女口腔健康状况及掌握口腔健康知识与行为的情况,为制定健康教育策略提供依据.方法 采用随机抽样的方法对400例已婚未育妇女进行口腔检查及口腔知识问卷调查.结果 海珠区育龄妇女口腔健康状况较差,400例已婚未育妇女中有172例患龋齿,占43%;且400例已婚未育妇女的口腔健康知识均比较贫乏.结论 应大力提倡育龄妇女关注妊娠期口腔保健及治疗的基本知识,为优生优育提供保障.%Objective To investigate the oral health status and the command of oral health knowledge among the women of childbearing age in Haizhu district of GuangZhou, and provide evidence for making oral health education strategy.Methods Oral examinations and oral health surveys were carried out in 400 reproductive women with randomized sampling method. Results The reproductive women in Haizhu district of GuangZhou had poor oral health knowledge. Among the 400 women, 172 ones had decayed teeth, counted for 43 percent. Conclusion Oral health protection of reproductive women should be strongly advocated, so that it can provide guarantee for reproduction.

  11. The Analysis from Sociology from Law on the Extreme Events in Right Maintaining in the "We-Media"Era---Taking "Ji Zhong-xing Case"as an Example%自媒体时代极端维权的法社会学分析--以冀中星案为例



    "Ji Zhong-xing Case"is the miniature of Chinese extreme right maintaining events ,which re-flects the malfunctioning and defect of regular right-defending system .The social bottom class people's desire of rights protecting can't be satisfied and they have to seek for other irregular right-defending ways .In the era of "We-Media",these extreme events are widely spread by Internet and self-medias ,taking obvious ex-pansion and demonstration effect ,and are deeply influencing people's right defending selection .T he negative effects of extreme events in "We-Media"era are related with the deficient social remedy mechanisms of Chi-na .The extreme events in right maintaining will reduce the credibility of regular right maintaining channel , therefore ,it should be prevented with effective measures .%冀中星案是当下中国极端维权事件的缩影。极端维权反映出我国正规性传统维权渠道的失灵和制度缺陷,以及广大底层群体维权需求长期得不到满足而被迫选择其他非正规性维权渠道的现状。而在自媒体时代下,极端维权在网络和自媒体的广泛传播和影响下,显示明显的扩大效应和示范作用,对个体维权者的行动选择有着潜移默化的影响。极端维权在自媒体时代的负面社会效果凸显我国社会救济机制仍有很大不足。极端维权会降低正规维权渠道的公信力,因此,应当采取有效措施加以防范。

  12. 农民工对大众传统小吃的传承——基于新疆博乐圆中园名食店的个案分析%Rural Migrant Workers ' Contribution in Preserving Popular Traditional Snacks A Case Study of Yuan-zhong-yuan Food Shop in Bole, Xinjiang



    Based on a case study of the entrepreneurship of Yuan-zhong-yuan Food Shop, the article introduces life experience of a rural migrant family under the background of Reform and Opening-up, commodity-based economy, urban migration, change and diffusions of catering culture. Then it analyzes the generality and inheritance of popular traditional snacks as intangible cultural heritage, and holds affirmative attitudes for rural migrant contributions to preserving intangible cultural heritage, including rural migrant workers undertaking food processing and catering services and those rural migrant workers as traditional low-end consumers, who involuntarily serve as inheritors of popular traditional snacks while earning a living in food services. The role of the modern family kitchen gradually gives way to outside food shops operating modes. However, the increasingly prominent food security problems are worthy of our thoughts, research and exploration.%以新疆博乐圆中园名食店的创业历程为研究个案,将河南一个农民家庭的谋生轨迹置于改革开放、商品经济、农村人口流动、饮食文化变迁与传播的时代背景下,分析大众传统小吃作为饮食领域的非物质文化遗产所具备的普泛性与承传性。同时,肯定打工族对这类饮食领域非物质文化遗产的传承,它包含从事食品加工、餐饮行业的打工者和作为传统食品中低端消费群的农民工。二者为了维持生计而自觉或不自觉地充当了传统小吃的传承者,而大众传统小吃本身的廉价、速食和对人体基本热量、大众口味的满足等特性,在相当大程度上持续其传承。外食店经营的模式将逐步取代家庭厨房在饮食传承中的角色,但其中日益凸显的饮食安全问题值得人们关注。

  13. 突发群体事件后乌鲁木齐市中湾街沿街居民精神障碍流行病学调查%Epidemiological survey of mental disorder along the Zhong-wan street in the Urumqi after the emergency of group injury

    徐向东; 吕淑云; 夏叶玲; 贾丽娜; 胡新伟; 买买提热夏提·吐尔逊; 张莉; 李月娥; 陈亮


    目的 了解乌鲁木齐市突发群体事件后中湾街沿街年龄≥15岁居民各类精神障碍的患病率、发病因素及规律,为街道社区心理卫生服务尤其是心理危机干预提供依据.方法 2009年9月5日至11月5日对乌鲁木齐市黑甲山后街社区沿街居民进行了调查,对其中中湾街沿街年龄≥15岁全体居民,由精神科医生以DSM-Ⅳ-TR轴Ⅰ障碍临床定式检查患者版进行了调查,使用DSM-Ⅳ对各类精神障碍进行诊断.结果 (1)共有931人完成了调查,精神障碍的总时点患病率为24.3%(226/931),最常见的精神障碍为创伤后应激障碍(post traumatic stress disorder,PTSD)(13.5%,126/931),重性抑郁障碍(8.7%,81/931)和未特定抑郁障碍(3.4%,32/931).(2)高暴露组总患病率为41.3%(143/346),高于低暴露组(14.2%,83/585),差异有统计学意义(P<0.01);年龄组总患病率随着年龄增大呈增高趋势(≥55岁组略有下降):15 ~ 24岁8.8%(7/192),25 ~ 34岁20.4%(44/225),35 ~44岁26.5%(77/291),45~54岁41.7%(55/132),≥55岁34.1%(31/91),差异有统计学意义(P<0.01).(3)PTSD患者自愿接受治疗23例(18.3%),2例完成治疗.结论 相关区域PTSD和重性抑郁障碍患病率位于突发群体事件后精神障碍的前两位.高暴露者精神障碍总患病率高于低暴露者,年龄<55岁人群精神障碍总患病率随年龄增大呈增高趋势.社区PTSD患者治疗依从性差.%Objective To understand the prevalence rate and factors to mental disorder in residents aged 15 years and older along the Zhong-wan street in the Urumqi after the emergency of group injury.To provide the basis for the community mental health service especially psychological crisis intervention.Methods The residents aged 15 years and older along the Zhong-wan street were assessed with the DSMⅣ-TR for making diagnosis of axis Ⅰ disorder from September 5 to November 5 in 2009.Results In the 931 residents completed the surveys

  14. QTL Analysis of Kernel Characteristics Using a Recombinant Inbred Lines (RILs) Population Derived from the Cross of Tiriticum polonicum L. and Triticum aestivum L. Line “Zhong 13”%波兰小麦×普通小麦品系“中13”RIL群体籽粒特性的QTL定位

    李美霞; 杨睿; 李有梅; 崔桂宾; 王竹林; 奚亚军; 刘曙东


    小麦籽粒特性与籽粒产量和品质密切相关。本研究以波兰小麦(Tiriticum polonicum L.)×普通小麦(Triticum aestivum L.)品系“中13”杂交组合衍生的99个F8重组自交系(Recombinant inbred lines, RIL)群体为材料,利用SSR分子标记构建连锁遗传图谱。根据两年实验数据,利用复合区间作图法对粒重、粒长和粒宽3个籽粒特性相关性状进行了QTL定位分析,共检测到12个与籽粒特性相关的加性QTL位点。其中,3个粒重QTL,1个位于1A染色体上,另外2个都在2A染色体上,单个QTL可解释表型变异的13.35%~20.04%;5个粒长QTL,其中2个位于2A染色体上,其余3个分别位于3A、5A和2B染色体上,单个QTL可解释表型变异的 8.53%~21.03%;4个粒宽QTL,分别位于1A、2A、3B和 5B染色体上,单个QTL可解释表型变异的9.76%~40.79%。在2A染色体上共检测到5个籽粒特性相关性状的QTL,表明2A染色体与籽粒特性关系密切。%Wheat kernel characteristics are associated with kernel yield and quality. In this study, the QTLs of grain weight, grain length and grain width were analyzed using SSR markers in a population which consisted of 99 F8 recombinant inbred lines (RILs) derived from the cross of Poland wheat (Triticum polonicum L.) and Common Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Zhong 13. The ANOVA showed that there was highly significant difference between Poland Wheat and Zhong 13 in all three traits in 2010 and 2011. It was clear that the hereditary basis between two parents on grain weight, grain length and grain width was very different. A significant difference among recombinant inbred lines (RIL) was found in grain weight in two years, a highly significant difference among recombinant inbred lines (RIL) was found in grain length and grain width in two years. Of 355 pairs of polymorphic SSR primers between parents, there were 173 pairs of SSR primers with polymorphism among recombinant

  15. 广州市海珠区育龄妇女口腔健康状况和口腔保健意识行为调查%Investigation of oral health status, consciousness and behavior of reproductive women in Haizhu District of GuangZhou

    吴胜; 胡飚; 劳文茵


    目的:了解广州市育龄妇女口腔健康状况及其掌握优生优育促进方面的口腔健康知识和行为的情况,为制定健康促进策略提供依据.方法:采用横断面研究的方法对400例已婚未育妇女进行口腔检查和优生优育促进方面的口腔知识问卷调查.结果:海珠区育龄妇女患龋率(CPR)为43%,龋均(DMF)为3.2;息龈炎率为62%,牙龈指数(GI)为1.6;20.8%妇女答对3/4以上健康知识问题,12.8%妇女答对全部口腔健康知识问题.使用牙线、漱口水的妇女分别为7.25%、14%.结论:海珠区育龄妇女口腔健康状况处于较差水平,优生优育促进方面的口腔健康知识贫乏,口腔保健行为有待改善.%AIM: To investigate the oral health status of women in childbearing age in Haizhu district ofCuangZhou in order to provide evidence for strategy of oral health education. METHODS: Oral examinations and oral health surveys were carried out in 400 reproductive women with randomized sampling method. RESULTS: Caries prevalence was 43% ,with DMFT of 3. 2. Sixty-two percent of reproductive women showed gingival bleeding on probing. Gingival index was 1.6. 20. 8% of women answered at least three fourths of the questions about oral health correctly. Only 12.8% of the women answered all questions correctly. The use of dental floss or mouthwash was 7. 25% and 14% respectively. CONCLUSION: The oral health status and knowledge about prepotency of reproductive women in Haizhu district of GuangZhou was poor. Oral health education and oral health promotion should be strengthened for women at child-bearing age.

  16. ZHOU Ru-chang's Subjective Idealism in His Research of “A Dream of Red Mansions” and Reason Why His Research in Popularity%周汝昌研究《红楼梦》的主观唯心论及其走红的原因



    In the first decade of the 21st century there appeared an anti-fraud movement in the research circle of "A Dream of Red Mansions" in which Mr.ZHOU ru-chang was revealed as a negative typicality who had a weak foundation in researching the masterpiece.Mr.ZHOU belongs to the school of searching for hidden meanings.ZHOU's remarks about "A Dream of Red Mansions",his research on the history of CAO Xue-qin,the author of the book,and his dishonorable academic behavior fully reflect his subjective idealism and all reveal that he is a negative typicality.The reason why ZHOU's research and the school of searching for hidden meanings are in popularity is that the redology circle,media and some influential forces concerned have added fuel to the flame.%在21世纪第一个10年,一场严肃的红学打假斗争深入进行着。这场斗争揭露周汝昌国学底子较差,名利心太重,一生治学,为此所误。他过去有关《红楼梦》的研究,其本质属新索隐派的龙门红学。周汝昌解读《红楼梦》文本、对曹雪芹及其家世历史的研究,以及不端学术行为,充分表现出主观唯心主义的特点,——证明他的红学是"反《红楼梦》"的典型代表。周汝昌新索隐派龙门红学之所以走红,红学界、新闻媒体和主管文化思想的相关领导难辞其咎。

  17. The Study of Mistakes and Countermeasure in Public Security Intelligence Work in the Case of Zhou Ke-hua%公安情报工作的失误与对策研究--基于周克华案件的反思



    On the morning of August 14th, 2012, the armed robbery homicide of Suxiangyu series has been solved with the suspect of it, Zhou Kehua, being shot to death in Chongqing. It is public security intelligence work that has played an important role during detecting the case of Zhou Kehua successfully. But it also exposes many deifciencies in China’s public security intelligence work. Such as the weak information infrastructure, the unitary information content, the backward management system, and scare talents in public security intelligence major. Therefore, it is necessary to ifrmly set up a concept of“Intelligence-led policing”, increase the funds in public security intelligence work, develop professional talents in relevant majors, and pay more attention to the analysis and researches of intelligence information. Finally, the focus is to establish a highly shared intelligence information work system.%2012年8月14日清晨,苏湘渝系列持枪抢劫杀人案的犯罪嫌疑人周克华在重庆被击毙,全案得以告破。本案的成功侦破,公安情报工作在其中发挥了重要的作用。但在案件侦破的过程中,也暴露了我国公安情报工作存在着基础设施薄弱、情报内容单一、管理体制滞后、情报共享性差等问题。为此,应该牢固树立“情报信息主导警务”的理念,加大对公安情报工作的经费投入,加强情报信息的分析研判,建立高度共享的情报信息工作体系。

  18. On Zhou Zuoren's Ideas in Wartime: Focusing on His Yaotang Yulu and Shufang Yijiao%周作人战时思想散论——以《药堂语录》、《书房一角》为中心



    抗战时期,国人普遍动员身体的当儿,周作人反而禁闭了身体,不给它作出象征姿态的权利.周作人表彰嘉言懿行,传述奇人轶事,恐怕是在激励民气,伸张国人的正气.这些文章或者可以视为新,表达了对于生活的敬重和理想人性的追求.周作人考察一部书的历史、一个人的生平、一种时代的陋见、一种态度的表现,表面上不出个人的兴趣,实在倒是谋求公共空间的话语权,替再一次的文化废墟营造精神的家园.%In the Anti-Japanese War, when his compatriots devoted their bodies to defending their country, Zhou Zuoren confined his body to his study, depriving it of the right to adopt a symbolic patriotic pose. How-ever, it is very likely that he was trying his best to boost morale and promote the sense of justice for his fellow citizens through his writings about the lofty thoughts and heroic deeds of some legendary people. These writings can be regarded as the modern equivalent of Shishuo Xinyu, which embodies a respect of life and a pursuit of the ideal personalities. Superficially, Zhou's explorations of the history of a certain book, the ups and downs of certain people, and the backward mentality in a certain period in his works or his expressions of his own atti-tudes do not go beyond his own personal interests, but actually what he did is to pursue the right to speak in the public space and to restore the spiritual home on the cultural ruins.

  19. 国家海洋经济战略下的商务岛规划探索——浙江舟山群岛新区小干岛商务区城市设计%The Experiment of Urban Planning under the National Marine Economy Strategy——XiaoGan Islands Business District Urban Design in ZhouShan Islands New Area, Zhejiang



      In 2011, with the new marine economy situation, the State, Council of China approved to establish the 4th State New Area, ZhouShan Islands New Area. XiaoGan Island wil be the carrier of the strategy “Four Islands and One City” . It wil become the“Sea Garden City”, the demostration area of ZhouShan Islands, the pioneer area of the state strategy which will coordinate the development land and sea. XiaoGan Island will take a very important role of national marine economy, to dislocate and supplement with the Yangtze River Metropolitan Area, to enhance and improve the function of the ZhouShan Islands, carry forward the marine culture, create the island-seaside life. It will be the island of “international, financial, business and intelligence”, with the core of marine finance business and the characteristic of marine culture. For the reason of implement the national strategy, accelerate the planning and construction of ZhouShan Islands New Area, the Construction Committee and the Planning Bureau of ZhouShan organized the international urban design competition. Shanghai Urban Planning and Design Research Institute participated the competition and submitted the project. This project wil provide the revelation and demonstration to form the planning mode of island business district which is under the guidance of the marine economy.%  2011年,在海洋经济新形势下,国务院正式批准设立第四个国家新区,即以海洋经济为主题的新区——舟山群岛新区。小干岛成为新区“四岛一城”战略的载体——我国陆海统筹发展先行区舟山群岛“海上花园城”的示范区。小干岛将承担国家海洋经济重任,与长三角都市圈错位互补,提升和完善舟山群岛功能格局,并发扬海洋文化,营造岛岸生活,成为以海洋金融商务为核心、海洋文化为特色的国际金融商务智慧岛。为落实国家战略,加快舟山群岛新区的规划与建设,舟

  20. View on the Measurement Model of the Spillover Effect of Educational Investment:A Discussion with Zhou Sheng, Liu Zhengliang%关于教育投入外溢效益计量模型之我见--与周胜、刘正良商榷

    胡庆十; 吴怡兴


    教育的经济效益有两大类和多个层次。教育的外溢效益是其间接效益的一类,包括三个层次。构建外溢效益的计量经济模型应有基本的要求,才会有科学的结论,尤其是关于第二、第三层次的效益模型。本文对周胜、刘正良构建的模型提出质疑,指出并分析其模型构建的不当之处和由此模型得出的多个错误结论。%The economic effect of education has two categories and multiple levels. The spillover effect of education, which contains three levels, is one kind of indirect economic effects. To construct econometric model of spillover effect, especially benefit model about the second and third level, we need to have the basic requirements, so that there will be scientific conclusions. This paper questions the model brought by Zhou Sheng and Liu Zhengliang, and points out and analyzes the improprieties of the model and the wrong conclusions inferred by the model.

  1. On Evaluation of Cultivated Land Intensive Utilization in Three Gorges Reservoir Area---Taking Zhong Xian of Chongqing for Example%三峡库区耕地集约利用评价分析--以重庆市忠县为例

    刘愿理; 廖和平; 杨伟; 黄璐


    This essay ,from the perspective of ecological civilization and with Zhongxian as an example ,is related to the analysis of the intensity of utilization of cultivated land in Three Gorges Reservoir region . The research has been launched to establish the evaluation index system ,to calculate its weight in the en‐tropy method ,to establish model of the estimate weighted mean (average) ,and to calculate the intensity of utilization of cultivated land in Zhongxian .11 tow ns or tow nships of Zhongxian in total ,such as Zhong‐zhou ,Niaoyang and Fuxin ,etc .,are ranked the top ,w hile 17 tow ns or tow nships in total ,such as Shizi , Jinsheng and Xinfeng ,etc .,lag behind .T he result show s that the overall intensity of utilization of culti‐vated land in Zhongxian remains low ;Effective soil thickness ,slope and other natural conditions a greater impact on the level of intensive land use ;the spatial distribution differs greatly .Finally ,the advice for im‐proving intensity of utilization of cultivated land is put forward to intensify land reclamation ,to improve quality of cultivated land ,to promote eco‐civilization construction ,to optimize spatial structure of inten‐sive utilization of cultivated land ,to construct new agricultural management system ,to increase agricultur‐al investment ,to track modern agricultural path and to establish protection and supervision system of cul‐tivated land and so forth .%在生态文明的视角下,以忠县为例,对三峡库区耕地集约利用水平进行分析。利用PSR框架,通过构建评价指标体系,利用熵值法确定其权重,构建加权平均评价模型,测算出忠县耕地集约利用水平,其中忠州镇、乌杨镇和复兴镇等11个乡镇耕地集约度较高,石子乡、金声乡和兴峰乡等17个乡镇耕地集约水平较低。其研究结果表明:忠县耕地集约利用总体水平较低,有效土壤层厚度、坡度等自然条件对耕地集约利用水平

  2. On the “Two South”of The Book of Songs and Their Conveyance of the Ritual Music Spirit in Western Zhou Dynasty---Taking the Excavated Documents for Example%《诗经》“二南”对西周礼乐精神的传达--以出土文献为参照



    While Ji Zha viewed the “Two South”of The Book of Songs as the roots of the State,Con-fucius also hailed them as the soul of cultivating ones morality.However,people today have realized that the 25 poems contained are mainly concerned with love and marriage,which are far from the teaching of the very foundation of establishing ones self and constructing the State.Since Han dynasty,Confucianism scholars have exerted upmost efforts to maintain their special status,coming up with the many farfetched interpretations.So far there remain disputes over the nature of “Two South”of The Book of Songs.This paper,by using the excavated documents,attempts to reveal the real meaning of some of most controversial poems.Its found that, “Two South”were collected and artistically processed within the core area of the East and West Capital during early Western Zhou peri-od when Zhou Gong was creating rituals and music.Those poems mostly depict the etiquette contents of the relationships of marriage.Among them,Guan Ju is a template of the noblescourtship in the formal way.Han Guang is a vivid description of the etiquette of turning a girl into a woman and that of returning a horse.Ye You Si J un is the reproduction of the etiquette of bride-price,reconfirming an ap-pointment and “arranging the brides head scarf”during the marriage.The latter two poems are also a reveal of information of etiquette and custom of “Zhi Zhu Qian Ma”.In a word,these poems are not only vivid preserving of the noblesetiquette and custom related to love and marriage,but also the con-veyance of the spirit of observing the etiquette related to how the noble cultivate their moral character and manage the familys affairs well.%季札称《诗经》的《周南》《召南》为国之根基,孔子崇其为立身之本。而依今人眼光看,此二十五首作品多不过是些婚恋诗,似与立国立身相去甚远。另外,汉代以来的儒生为神化其价值,又不惜作出种

  3. ZHANG Yi-zhou Experience for a Stagnation of Nourishing Yin and Soothing Liver to Treat the Syndrome before and after Menopause%张翼宙自拟滋阴疏肝汤治疗绝经前后诸证经验拾零

    董会敬; 张翼宙


    Physician ZHANG Yi-zhou thinks deficiency of the liver and kidney is mainly caused by the syndrome before and after men-opause , and that pathogenesis is“nourishing liver and kidney, relieving the depressed liver”. She proposes the principle of“nourishing liver and kidney and relieving liver-qi stagnation”, as well as making the Ziyin shugan Decoction. The decoction is composed of Qing-hao Biejia Decoction complicated with the herbs of relievering the depressed liver. During clinical diagnosis and treatment,if cough’ s mainly organ are liver and kidney,with syndrome including menstrual disorder, vexation,insomnia, hestic fever,night sweat etc,Ziyin shugan Decoction can be applied in the appropriate to add and subtract.%张翼宙教授认为门诊病人绝经前后诸证多为肝肾亏虚所致,病机多为肝肾阴亏、肝气郁结,据此并提出滋补肝肾、疏肝解郁的治则,自拟滋阴疏肝汤。自拟方由青蒿鳖甲汤合并疏肝解郁药加减化裁而成。临床诊治中,若病变主脏在肝肾,证见月经紊乱、心烦失眠、烘热盗汗等,大抵可投以滋阴疏肝汤加减。

  4. The Adaptation Analysis of the English Writing Errors-Based on Freshmen Majored in English of XinZhou Teachers University%专业英语写作错误的顺应分析--基于忻州师范学院英语专业大一学生的实证研究



    Based on the Adaptation Theory ,the author analyses compositions from the freshmen of English major in XinZhou Teachers University .The results show that :The main errors existing in writing of fresh‐men majored in English mainly focused on the context adaptation and language structure adaptation .Con‐text adaptation can be reflected in semantic consistency and the use of subjuctivemood and language struc‐ture adaptation can be reflected in lexical ,syntactic structure ,and grammar rules .Finally the paper ex‐plores the causes of these errors under the guidance of Adaptation Theory and puts forward the corre‐sponding strategies for students'w riting mistakes .%以忻州师范学院英语专业大一学生的英语习作为语料,在顺应理论的指导下运用归纳法对其进行研究,结果表明:英语专业大一学生写作中存在的错误类型主要集中于语意连贯性的语境顺应和词汇、句法结构、语法规则使用错误等语言结构顺应方面,同时探究造成这些错误的原因,并在顺应理论的指导下针对学生写作错误提出了相应的策略。

  5. From the"Chen Yong-zhou incident"to talk about the influence of news occupation ethics on media credibility%从“陈永洲事件”谈新闻职业操守对媒体公信力的影响



    记者收受钱财,代人捉刀,成为商业恶性竞争的一步棋子,近年来屡见不鲜。而当真相赤裸裸的展现在世人面前时,媒体的公信力也正逐渐淹没在公众的质问和声讨中,“陈永洲事件”的轰动效应可见一斑。新媒体时代,公共信息愈发透明清晰,刻意隐藏真相反而显得欲盖弥彰,这也敦促着媒体人作为社会之公器,讲真话,办实事,坚守新闻伦理,秉持最基本的专业素养和职业操守,才能挽救岌岌可危的公信力。%The reporter receive money, the ghost, a row of commercial competition, in recent years It is often seen. But when the truth naked show in the world, the credibility of the media is also gradually submerged question in public and condemn,"remarkable sensation Chen Yong-zhou events". The new media era, public information more transparent and clear, deliberately hiding the truth becomes clearer, this also urged the media as a social justice, to tell the truth, do solid work, adhere to the news ethics, uphold the basic professional quality and occupation ethics, in order to save the precarious credibility.

  6. 乡村旅游安全研究——以福建省泉州市北溪村为例%Study on the security of rural tourism-- A case study of Bei Xi village, Quan Zhou City, Fujian Province

    刘海燕; 池进


    Although recent years the rural tourism develops well, and the research of rural tourism increases greatly, the current study on the research content to the domestic rural tourism lacks of system, mature, and the research framework is too separated. In addition, the representative research result of rural tourism empirical study and the security research is far from perfect. Therefore, the article takes Yong Chun county, Bei Xi village, Quan Zhou City, Fujian Province as their research ob- jects, analyzing the reason of rural tourism security from the tourism links, such as food and accommodation, by means of ques- tionnaire, interviews, experimental observation, literature analysis and mathematical statistics. At last, the corresponding measures of solving the existed problem in the rural tourism security are proposed.%虽然近几年乡村旅游发展势头良好,关于乡村旅游的研究也不断增多,但是目前国内针对乡村旅游的研究内容不够系统、成熟,研究框架较分散。另外,关于乡村旅游的实证研究、安全研究以及具有代表性的研究成果较少。文章以福建省泉州市永春县北溪村为研究对象,运用问卷调查法、访谈法、实地考察法、文献分析法和数理统计法,从餐饮、住宿等旅游环节分析乡村旅游安全的原因。最后,针对乡村旅游安全所存在的问题提出相应对策。

  7. A Brief Discussion on the “Human Nature”of QIAN Zhong-shu’s Reviews in Histories---As an example of guanzhuibian’s interpretation about zuozhuan and shiji%略论钱锺书史论中的“人性”--以《管锥编》对《左传》《史记》的诠解为中心



    Human nature played the important part of history because of its complexity and contingency . Qian Zhong -shu broke dow n barriers of space -time and disciplines ,and interpreted human nature in histories with aesthetic vision .His reviews in histories had discussed about historical figures and historical events in history which performed surge high and sweep forward .His reviews in histories could lead to introspect of historical law s and effect of human nature in history .%历史学是一门以弘扬人性之真、善、美和鞭笞人性之假、恶、丑为旨归的人学,因而在求真之外尚有求善、求美的使命。历史发展的复杂性和偶然性决定了人性在历史中扮演着至关重要的角色。钱锺书打破时空界线和学科壁垒,独辟蹊径,从常心、常情、常理出发,用貌似拙朴的分析方法,以美学慧眼诠解史学作品中表现出来的人性,给人以心灵的震撼和历史之美的洗礼。其史论通过对人性的自然性的确认、对社会性的剖释和对复杂性的体察,将散落于历史间隙中的寻常之人和事置于波澜壮阔的历史进程之中,引起人们对宏大叙事下的历史规律进行重新审视和对人性在历史进程中所起作用进行深切反思。

  8. The Political Market Imagination and the Analysis on China’s Governance:A Comment on Zhou Li-An’s Theory of Administrative Subcontract%政治市场想象与中国国家治理分析兼评周黎安的行政发包制理论



    In recent years economists have shown great interest in studying China’s governance .Despite differences ,their studies share a common imagination about the Chinese state ,named“political market” in this paper . In this imagination , three dimensions of Chinese state have been paid special attention to , that is , marketability ,multiagency‐orientation ,and politicalness .Zhou Li‐An’ s theory of administrative subcontract has made important contribution to all these three areas , and ends up greatly advancing the research on China’s governance from an economic perspective .The political market imagination ,however ,tends to overemphasize the marketability of the state at the expense of slighting its political‐ness . Just in the same vein of bias ,Zhou’ s article is in a weak position to specify the property and function of the state’s power ,and to define the concepts related .Despite this ,the political market imagination and Zhou’ s theory have still provided the scholars , including those outside economics , with a proactive , integrative , and analytical framework based on which they can build their theorization on China’s governance .%近年来,经济学越来越多地介入有关中国国家治理问题的研究。经济学对这一问题的关注始终围绕关于国家的“政治市场想象”展开。该想象有三个核心关切,即国家的市场性、多主体性和政治性。周黎安的“行政发包制”理论在这三个维度的每一个方面都有重要发展,将经济学的中国国家治理研究推进到一个新的高度。但“政治市场想象”重视国家的市场性而轻忽其政治性的倾向,也使周黎安模型对权力问题的分析较为薄弱,以致造成核心概念的界定不够清晰等问题。尽管如此,“政治市场想象”仍为中国国家治理研究提供了一个颇有启发性和整合性的思想框架。

  9. New Understanding of the Date of Emperor Zhou - mu and Queen West at Kunlun Mountain:On History Complex and Nature Space%周穆王与西王母昆仑之会的新阐释——兼论“历史情结”与自然空间



    远古神话周穆王与西王母昆仑之会,在跨越自然空间的“心”、“物”交感中,孕育出中土与西域心心相系的古老的“历史情结”;又以人的“文化的超机体因素”超越自然生态的“种内关系”,而且大胆实施空间创造,把纷繁复杂的现实因素转化为“柔远能迩”、“和远又和近”的空间思辨;同时在“心”随“物”(自然空间)游中,展开对自然的诗意想象,以生命的执着冲破内心孤独,努力践行追求和谐、统一的空间行为,从而在“原生态自然”中编织了关于中原与西域不可分割的“生命”之链,升华了“历史情结”。%In Chinese ancient myth, the date of Queen West and Emperor Zhou -mu gestated the old epenthetic historic complex between Chinese middle land and Western territory in the supernatural spatial interaction of mind and thing. On the other hand, they didn't only surpass natural ecosystem's inner genus relation as human's cultural super -organ, but also created space boldly and changed the complex reality into space dialectic of placate - far - and - dominate - near and moderated - far - and - near. Thirdly, they presented poetic imagination of nature by mind -and -thing's wandering, and pursued the harmonized and unified space as punctilious life - and - mind, and then weaved the undivided life - chain between Chinese - middle - land and Western -terrain, raising historic complex to a higher level.

  10. 后金融危机背景下泉州中小服装企业跨境电商发展对策研究%The Cross-border Electronic Business Development Countermeasure Research of Small and Medium-sized Clothing Enterprises in Quan Zhou under the Background of Post Financial Crisis



    The small and medium-sized clothing enterprises in Quan Zhou mainly make foreign trade processing.In the post economic crisis era,the small and medium-sized clothing enterprises face many difficulties.The booming of global cross-border electricity can provide a solution idea for the small and medium-sized clothing enterprises to lower the cost,reduce the trade friction and enhance the international reputation.This paper aims at the current problem of small and medium-sized clothing enterprises in the cross-border electrical business;it provides the solution for enterprises and government.On the enterprises part:they need to cultivate and attract talents,enhance the level of marketing,strengthen product innovation,create international brand,establish and maintain good reputation in companies and products. On the government part:they need to improve the laws and regulations of cross-border electricity,create electricity industrial park,promote the development of cross-border electricity agglomeration and strengthen cross-border electricity for the construction of logistics infrastructure.%泉州中小服装企业以外贸加工为主,在后金融危机时代,泉州中小服装企业面临发展中的诸多困境。跨境电商在全球的蓬勃兴起,为泉州中小服装企业降低成本、减少贸易摩擦和提升国际知名度提供了解决思路。文章针对泉州中小服装企业在进行跨境电商中存在的问题,提出企业方面需要培养和吸引跨境电商所需人才、提升营销水平、加强产品的创新、创立国际品牌、建立和维护好企业和产品的信誉;政府方面需要进一步完善跨境电商的法律法规、打造电商产业园、促进跨境电商集聚发展和加强跨境电商物流基础设施的建设等建议。

  11. 清初在越华商移民及其文化形态--以《罗塔洲重修公亭碑》为线索%Chinese Merchants in Vietnam and Its Cultural Formation in the Early Qing Dynasty-Clues from the Inscription on the Rebuilding Luo-Ta-Zhou Public Monument

    张濯清; 黎氏梅[越南


    The early Qing Dynasty witnessed the peak of Chinese immigration to Vietnam, and the frequent exchange between Chi⁃nese culture and Vietnamese culture. A new discovered monument, named the Rebuilding Luo⁃Ta⁃Zhou Public Monument, recorded the historical events about the rebuilding in the 18th century. It reflected the basic information about Mr. Chang Hung⁃chi, a representative figure of Chinese merchants in Vietnam, and his families. It also contained lots of other information about the cultural exchange between China and Vietnam. Based on the studies of the inscription and field survey data, it can be found that Chinese merchants in Vietnam in the Early Qing Dynasty took many active measures to integrate into the Vietnamese society while carrying forward and spreading the tra⁃ditional Chinese culture, which made the special cultural formation of Chinese Merchants in Vietnam in the Early Qing Dynasty.%清初是华商移居越南的高峰时期,中越文化交流十分频繁。新发现的《罗塔洲重修公亭碑》即如实记录了18世纪重修罗塔洲公亭一事,反映出在越华商代表人物会安明乡社“三后贤”之一张弘基及其家族的相关情况,透露出中越文化交流的诸多信息。结合碑刻及笔者调查所得可知,以张氏家族为代表的清初在越华商在继承、传播中华文化传统的同时,又采取多种方式积极融入越南社会,从而形成了独具自身特点的文化形态。

  12. 周代丧葬礼器“翣”的再探讨--关于“山”字形薄铜片的考证%Further Discussion about Funeral Ceremonial‘Sha’(翣) of Zhou Dynasty-- Research on the Mountain-Shaped Bronze Sheet

    胡; 王米佳


    在战国以前,“翣”应该是特指由羽毛编制而成的扇子,将“山”字形薄铜片定为“铜翣”,与文献不符。《礼记·檀弓上》中“周人墙置翣”的“翣”,很可能类似古埃及作为王权象征的半圆形长柄礼仪羽扇,是由羽毛和青铜羽座两部分组成,“山”字形薄铜片或只是羽扇的铜羽座。周代墓葬中出土的所谓“玉戈”,就是古文献中记载的玉圭。《礼记·丧大记》中的“皆戴圭”应该是指棺饰“戴圭”,而不是指翣“戴圭”。%The usage of the Chinese character“Sha”(翣)before the Warring States period should denote the feather-attached fans specifically. Attributing the mountain-shaped bronze sheets as“Sha”is therefore inconsistent with ancient texts. The“Sha”in was likely to be semicircular, long-handled feather fan, similar to the ceremonial feather fans of ancient Egypt symbolizing royal power. The mountain-shaped bronze sheets would more likely be a feather holder as the fan would likely be composed of feathers and a bronze base for mounting. The so-called jade“Ge”(戈)unearthed from the tombs of the Zhou Dynasty should thus be jade“Gui”(圭)recorded in ancient texts as an identification of feudal nobleman.“All wearing Gui”in should thus refer to the coffin decorations wearing“Gui”instead of“Sha”wearing“Gui”.

  13. 企业绿色产品营销策略研究*--以周黑鸭食品股份有限公司为例%Research on Green Product Marketing of ZhouHeiYa Food Co,Ltd

    李林; 岳传扬


    随着人们绿色环保意识的不断提升和绿色农产品消费市场的不断扩大,企业践行绿色营销观念、推进绿色产品营销成为满足顾客需求和应对市场挑战的重要手段。作为一家立足于“绿色、安全、健康”经营理念的农产品深加工企业,周黑鸭食品有限公司在绿色产品营销上有很多举措,同时也面临一些亟待解决的问题。文章以武汉市场500名消费者为调查样本,从绿色产品的认知、意向及行为三个方面进行调查,由此指出:企业应帮助消费者提升绿色消费认知;促进政府加强市场监管企业自身应加快技术研发;从消费者、政府、企业三个层面合力推进企业绿色产品营销创新。%With the increasing improvement of people's awareness of green environmental protection and the continuous expansion of consumption market of the green agricultural products , the enterprises promote green marketing idea, which has become the important means to meet customer's demand and market competition. As a deep processing enterprise of agricultural products based on the "green health and safe management i-dea", ZhouHeiYa Food Co.,Ltd promoted many measures on green product marketing, but meanwhile, it also faced some problems to be solved .Taking 500 consumers of pot -roast products in Wuhan as the re-search sample, this paper made the investigation on three aspects: consumption cognition , consumption in-tention and consumption behaviour of green products .It concluded that green marketing innovation of enter-prises should be promoted through strengthening green consumption education , upgrading green consumption cognition, strengthening market management, and improving technology development.

  14. ZHENG ZHOU: A Prospering City in Middle China


    @@ With a pleasant climate,Zhengzhou is welcoming all year round.The hottest month is July and the average temperature is about 27 C while the coldest month is January with an average temperature of -0.2 C.Autumn and spring ale the best and the peak tourist seasons.

  15. The "Stone" Strategy of Zhou Youfu——Interview of Zhou Youfu, the Board Chairman of Tangshou Haoning Group

    Niu Fangli


    @@ Among the gold digging army, there is a special group who started their business out of nothing,by focusing on the import & export of iron ore.They expanded their business at a high speed and their companies are becoming stronger.And as the international price for iron ore is constantly going up, they are coming out of their shadow gradually.

  16. Contemporary Comments on "Four Reviews" of "A Dream of Red Mansions"——taking Zhou Ruchang,Feng Qiyong,Cai Yijiang,Wang Meng as examples%当代《红楼梦》评点“四家评”综论之一——以周汝昌、冯其庸、蔡义江、王蒙为例



    The comment about "A Dream of Red Mansions" since "Zhi Yanzhai",an earlier commentator,has been a special form of literary appreciating and literary criticism,which is quite popular among readers.The most influential contemporary comments are the ones made by Zhou Ruchang,Feng Qiyong,Cai Yijiang and Wang Meng."Four Reviews" are very popular and loved by readers of A Dream of Red Mansions.Not only did "Four Reviews" widened the perspectives and approaches on the study of "A Dream of Red Mansions",but have achieved traditional Chinese fiction commentary's self-improvement to some extent,especially the quality of comments about "A Dream of Red Mansions".Besides,it is also beneficial for the construction of contemporary literary appreciation.%《红楼梦》评点自脂砚斋以来一直是受到《红楼梦》读者喜爱的一种文学鉴赏和文学批评的特有形式。当代《红楼梦》评点影响最大的当属周汝昌、冯其庸、蔡义江、王蒙等"四家评","四家评"正广为流传,并受到《红楼梦》读者的喜爱。"四家评"不仅拓宽了《红楼梦》的研究视野和研究途径,也在一定程度上实现了传统小说评点尤其是《红楼梦》评点理论品格的自我提升,并且有益于当代文艺鉴赏学的建设。

  17. Funeral Etiquette and Ritual of the Dying and the Last Testament in the Zhou Dynasty---Taking SHANGSHU· GUMING,the Last Testament in the Chunqiu Dynasty, and BAOXUN for Examples%丧礼临终之仪与周代遗训遗言--以《尚书·顾命》、春秋“遗训”及清华简《保训》为中心



    《尚书·顾命》、《左传》、《国语》及近出清华简《保训》等史料记载了周代的丧礼临终之仪,以及作为“礼文”的“遗训”与“遗言”。从《顾命》到《左传》等所载来看,丧礼临终之仪的实行有自上而下传播的趋势,较之《顾命》所载,春秋时代的遗训书面化、礼仪化特征逐渐减弱,口语化的特点比较突出。对比而言,清华简《保训》是春秋时人根据《顾命》拟写的文王遗训。%The historical records and materials , including the Chinese ancient book SHA NGSHU · GUMING , ZUOZHUA N , GUOYU , and BAOXUN in Tsinghua bamboo scripts , have recorded the funeral etiquette and ritual of the dying in the Zhou Dynasty , and the last testament in funeral articles . From the records of GUMING to ZUOZHUAN ,the implement of the funeral etiquette and ritual of the dying has a tendency to spread from top to bottom . Compared with the records in GUMING , the colloquial characteristic in the Chunqiu Dynasty was more obvious while the written pattern and the ritual and etiquette of dying were inclining . In contrast , according to GUMING , BAOXUN in Tsinghua bamboo scripts was imitated by people in the Chunqiu Dynasty.

  18. RETRACTED: Association between the ACE I/D gene polymorphism and T2DN susceptibility: The risk of T2DM developing into T2DN in the Asian population.

    Zhong, Weiqiang; Jiang, Zongpei; Zhou, Tian-Biao


    This article has been included in a multiple retraction: Weiqiang Zhong, Zongpei Jiang, and Tian-Biao Zhou Association between the ACE I/D gene polymorphism and T2DN susceptibility: The risk of T2DM developing into T2DN in the Asian population Journal of Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System 1470320314566019, first published on January 26, 2015 doi: 10.1177/1470320314566019 This article has been retracted at the request of the Editors and the Publisher. After conducting a thorough investigation, SAGE found that the submitting authors of a number of papers published in the Journal of the Renin-Angiotensin Aldosterone System ( JRAAS) (listed below) had supplied fabricated contact details for their nominated reviewers. The Editors accepted these papers based on the reports supplied by the individuals using these fake reviewer email accounts. After concluding that the peer review process was therefore seriously compromised, SAGE and the journal Editors have decided to retract all affected articles. Online First articles (these articles will not be published in an issue) Wenzhuang Tang, Tian-Biao Zhou, and Zongpei Jiang Association of the angiotensinogen M235T gene polymorphism with risk of diabetes mellitus developing into diabetic nephropathy Journal of Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System 1470320314563426, first published on December 18, 2014 doi: 10.1177/1470320314563426 Tian-Biao Zhou, Hong-Yan Li, Zong-Pei Jiang, Jia-Fan Zhou, Miao-Fang Huang, and Zhi-Yang Zhou Role of renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system inhibitors in radiation nephropathy Journal of Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System 1470320314563424, first published on December 18, 2014 doi: 10.1177/1470320314563424 Weiqiang Zhong, Zongpei Jiang, and Tian-Biao Zhou Association between the ACE I/D gene polymorphism and T2DN susceptibility: The risk of T2DM developing into T2DN in the Asian population Journal of Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System 1470320314566019, first published on January 26, 2015 doi: 10

  19. RETRACTED: Role of renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system inhibitors in radiation nephropathy.

    Zhou, Tian-Biao; Li, Hong-Yan; Jiang, Zong-Pei; Zhou, Jia-Fan; Huang, Miao-Fang; Zhou, Zhi-Yang


    The following article has been included in a multiple retraction: Tian-Biao Zhou, Hong-Yan Li, Zong-Pei Jiang, Jia-Fan Zhou, Miao-Fang Huang and Zhi-Yang Zhou Role of renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system inhibitors in radiation nephropathy Journal of Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System ( JRAAS) 1470320314563424, first published 18 December 2014. DOI: 10.1177/1470320314563424 . This article has been retracted at the request of the Editors and the Publisher. After conducting a thorough investigation, SAGE found that the submitting authors of a number of papers published in the JRAAS (listed below) had supplied fabricated contact details for their nominated reviewers. The Editors accepted these papers based on the reports supplied by the individuals using these fake reviewer email accounts. After concluding that the peer-review process was therefore seriously compromised, SAGE and the journal Editors have decided to retract all affected articles. Online-first articles (these articles will not be published in an issue) Wenzhuang Tang, Tian-Biao Zhou and Zongpei Jiang Association of the angiotensinogen M235T gene polymorphism with risk of diabetes mellitus developing into diabetic nephropathy JRAAS 1470320314563426, first published 18 December 2014. DOI: 10.1177/1470320314563426 . Tian-Biao Zhou, Hong-Yan Li, Zong-Pei Jiang, Jia-Fan Zhou, Miao-Fang Huang and Zhi-Yang Zhou Role of renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system inhibitors in radiation nephropathy JRAAS 1470320314563424, first published 18 December 2014. DOI: 10.1177/1470320314563424 . Weiqiang Zhong, Zongpei Jiang and Tian-Biao Zhou Association between the ACE I/D gene polymorphism and T2DN susceptibility: The risk of T2DM developing into T2DN in the Asian population JRAAS1470320314566019, first published 26 January 2015. DOI: 10.1177/1470320314566019 . Tian-Biao Zhou, Xue-Feng Guo, Zongpei Jiang and Hong-Yan Li Relationship between the ACE I/D gene polymorphism and T1DN susceptibility/risk of T1DM developing into

  20. NOTCH1 is a poor prognostic factor for breast cancer and is associated with breast cancer stem cells

    Zhong Y; Shen S; Zhou Y.; Mao F; Lin Y; Guan J; Xu Y.; Zhang S.; Liu X; Sun Q.


    Ying Zhong,1 Songjie Shen,1 Yidong Zhou,1 Feng Mao,1 Yan Lin,1 Jinghong Guan,1 Yali Xu,1 Shu Zhang,2 Xu Liu,3 Qiang Sun1 1Department of Breast Disease, 2Department of Dermatology, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, 3Centralab Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Beijing, People’s Republic of China Abstract: Recently, the human gene NOTCH1 has been found to be implicated in cancer cell metastasis and the maintenance of cancer stem cells. How...

  1. On the Continuity and Interpretation of "Pray Agriculture" Folk-custom of Zhou People:Farming Cultural Connotations of the Festival "Dragon Rise on the 2~(nd) of February of Lunar Calendar" in East Gansu%周人“祈农”民俗传统的延续与演绎——陇东“二月二龙抬头”节俗的农业文化内涵管窥



    The festival of "Dragon Rise on the 2nd of February of Lunar Calendar" is an important traditional folk festival in the Northwest and also a festival closely related with the agricultural production.This paper mainly focuses on the farming cultural connotations of the "Dragon Rise on the 2nd of February of Lunar Calendar" such as offering sacrifice to dragon,dragon dancing,snake drawing worship,beating dustpan and the blind game,sprinkling dust,hitting the eaves,community memorial ceremony,carrying on buckets of water in the morning,frying peas,eating flour and vegetable roll,pasting paper dragon,patting tiles,festival haircut,local opera,welcoming wealth,avoiding the taboo of dragon and so on,discusses the continuity and interpretation of "pray agriculture"folk-custom of Zhou people and reveals its contemporary value and the significance of conservation of this traditional festival.%"二月二龙抬头"节是西北民间重要的传统节日,也是一个与农业生产有密切关系的节日。本文主要以陇东地区民间"二月二龙抬头"节俗的民俗事项"祭龙、舞龙、画图拜蛇、打灰簸箕、打瞎瞎、洒灰、击房檐、社祭、担晨水、炒豆豆、吃搅团糊龙头、拍瓦片、理龙头、唱大戏、迎富、避龙忌"等蕴含的文化内涵入手,以期管窥其对周人"祈农"民俗传统的延续与演绎,从而揭示其在当代社会的价值以及对其进行保护的意义。

  2. 效益最优视角下的我国视频侦查工作进路--基于周克华案、波士顿马拉松爆炸案、伦敦地铁爆炸案的比较研究%Study on the Working Approach of our Video Investigation from the Perspective of Optimal Effectiveness---Based on Comparative Case Studies of Zhou Ke-hua Case, Boston Marathon Bombing and the London Subway Bombing



    The implementation of our video investigation work involves condition of investment and effect .Bas-ic parameter, investment and effect of Zhou Ke-hua case, Boston Marathon Bombing case and London Subway Bombings Case are specific indexes of evaluating video investigation .Optimal effectiveness of video investigation is the maximization of investigation efficiency with limited cost .The economic model of optimal effectiveness of video investigation includes ideal and real functions .Optimal effectiveness of video investigation should also take content of law and sociology into consideration .Working approach of China's video investigation from the perspective of op-timal effectiveness is a integral project which involves theory , hardware , staff and mechanism .%我国视频侦查工作的实施状况包括投入与效果两个层面。周克华案、波士顿马拉松爆炸案、伦敦地铁爆炸案中的案件基本参数状况、资源投入状况与收益状况是评价视频侦查工作实施状况的具体指标。视频侦查工作效益最优是指在视频侦查资源成本投入一定的情况下实现侦查效益的最大化。视频侦查工作效益最优的经济学模型包括理想与现实状态两种函数。视频侦查工作的效益最优还应当兼顾法学与社会学领域的内容。效益最优视角下的我国视频侦查工作进路是一种体系化的工作形式,由原理、硬件、人员与机制四个层面的内容组成。

  3. New Perspectives on Chinese Herbal Medicine (Zhong-Yao Research and Development

    Si-Yuan Pan


    Full Text Available Synthetic chemical drugs, while being efficacious in the clinical management of many diseases, are often associated with undesirable side effects in patients. It is now clear that the need of therapeutic intervention in many clinical conditions cannot be satisfactorily met by synthetic chemical drugs. Since the research and development of new chemical drugs remain time-consuming, capital-intensive and risky, much effort has been put in the search for alternative routes for drug discovery in China. This narrative review illustrates various approaches to the research and drug discovery in Chinese herbal medicine. Although this article focuses on Chinese traditional drugs, it is also conducive to the development of other traditional remedies and innovative drug discovery.

  4. Zhong et al., Afr J Tradit Complement Altern Med. (2014) 11(1):1-14


    Conventional therapy for stable COPD is aimed at relieving symptoms, .... Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions 5.1.0 (Higgins et al., 2013) across six domains, i.e. sequence generation, ... If required, a third party.

  5. RETRACTED: Relationship between the ACE I/D gene polymorphism and T1DN susceptibility/risk of T1DM developing into T1DN in the Caucasian population.

    Zhou, Tian-Biao; Guo, Xue-Feng; Jiang, Zongpei; Li, Hong-Yan


    The following article has been included in a multiple retraction: Tian-Biao Zhou, Xue-Feng Guo, Zongpei Jiang, and Hong-Yan Li Relationship between the ACE I/D gene polymorphism and T1DN susceptibility/risk of T1DM developing into T1DN in the Caucasian population Journal of Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System 1470320314563425, first published on February 1, 2015 doi: 10.1177/1470320314563425 This article has been retracted at the request of the Editors and the Publisher. After conducting a thorough investigation, SAGE found that the submitting authors of a number of papers published in the Journal of the Renin-Angiotensin Aldosterone System ( JRAAS) (listed below) had supplied fabricated contact details for their nominated reviewers. The Editors accepted these papers based on the reports supplied by the individuals using these fake reviewer email accounts. After concluding that the peer review process was therefore seriously compromised, SAGE and the journal Editors have decided to retract all affected articles. Online First articles (these articles will not be published in an issue) Wenzhuang Tang, Tian-Biao Zhou, and Zongpei Jiang Association of the angiotensinogen M235T gene polymorphism with risk of diabetes mellitus developing into diabetic nephropathy Journal of Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System 1470320314563426, first published on December 18, 2014 doi: 10.1177/1470320314563426 Tian-Biao Zhou, Hong-Yan Li, Zong-Pei Jiang, Jia-Fan Zhou, Miao-Fang Huang, and Zhi-Yang Zhou Role of renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system inhibitors in radiation nephropathy Journal of Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System 1470320314563424, first published on December 18, 2014 doi: 10.1177/1470320314563424 Weiqiang Zhong, Zongpei Jiang, and Tian-Biao Zhou Association between the ACE I/D gene polymorphism and T2DN susceptibility: The risk of T2DM developing into T2DN in the Asian population Journal of Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System 1470320314566019, first published on January

  6. RETRACTED: Association of the ACE I/D gene polymorphism with sepsis susceptibility and sepsis progression.

    Yang, Chun-Hua; Zhou, Tian-Biao


    This article has been included in a multiple retraction: Chun-Hua Yang and Tian-Biao Zhou Association of the ACE I/D gene polymorphism with sepsis susceptibility and sepsis progression Journal of Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System 1470320314568521, first published on February 3, 2015 doi: 10.1177/1470320314568521 This article has been retracted at the request of the Editors and the Publisher. After conducting a thorough investigation, SAGE found that the submitting authors of a number of papers published in the Journal of the Renin-Angiotensin Aldosterone System ( JRAAS) (listed below) had supplied fabricated contact details for their nominated reviewers. The Editors accepted these papers based on the reports supplied by the individuals using these fake reviewer email accounts. After concluding that the peer review process was therefore seriously compromised, SAGE and the journal Editors have decided to retract all affected articles. Online First articles (these articles will not be published in an issue) Wenzhuang Tang, Tian-Biao Zhou, and Zongpei Jiang Association of the angiotensinogen M235T gene polymorphism with risk of diabetes mellitus developing into diabetic nephropathy Journal of Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System 1470320314563426, first published on December 18, 2014 doi: 10.1177/1470320314563426 Tian-Biao Zhou, Hong-Yan Li, Zong-Pei Jiang, Jia-Fan Zhou, Miao-Fang Huang, and Zhi-Yang Zhou Role of renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system inhibitors in radiation nephropathy Journal of Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System 1470320314563424, first published on December 18, 2014 doi: 10.1177/1470320314563424 Weiqiang Zhong, Zongpei Jiang, and Tian-Biao Zhou Association between the ACE I/D gene polymorphism and T2DN susceptibility: The risk of T2DM developing into T2DN in the Asian population Journal of Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System 1470320314566019, first published on January 26, 2015 doi: 10.1177/1470320314566019 Tian-Biao Zhou, Xue-Feng Guo, Zongpei

  7. RETRACTED: Relationship between the angiotensinogen A1166C gene polymorphism and the risk of diabetes mellitus developing into diabetic nephropathy.

    Yang, Chun-Hua; Zhou, Tian-Biao


    This article has been included in a multiple retraction: Chun-Hua Yang and Tian-Biao Zhou Relationship between the angiotensinogen A1166C gene polymorphism and the risk of diabetes mellitus developing into diabetic nephropathy Journal of Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System 1470320314566221, first published on February 1, 2015 doi: 10.1177/1470320314566221 This article has been retracted at the request of the Editors and the Publisher. After conducting a thorough investigation, SAGE found that the submitting authors of a number of papers published in the Journal of the Renin-Angiotensin Aldosterone System ( JRAAS) (listed below) had supplied fabricated contact details for their nominated reviewers. The Editors accepted these papers based on the reports supplied by the individuals using these fake reviewer email accounts. After concluding that the peer review process was therefore seriously compromised, SAGE and the journal Editors have decided to retract all affected articles. Online First articles (these articles will not be published in an issue) Wenzhuang Tang, Tian-Biao Zhou, and Zongpei Jiang Association of the angiotensinogen M235T gene polymorphism with risk of diabetes mellitus developing into diabetic nephropathy Journal of Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System 1470320314563426, first published on December 18, 2014 doi: 10.1177/1470320314563426 Tian-Biao Zhou, Hong-Yan Li, Zong-Pei Jiang, Jia-Fan Zhou, Miao-Fang Huang, and Zhi-Yang Zhou Role of renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system inhibitors in radiation nephropathy Journal of Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System 1470320314563424, first published on December 18, 2014 doi: 10.1177/1470320314563424 Weiqiang Zhong, Zongpei Jiang, and Tian-Biao Zhou Association between the ACE I/D gene polymorphism and T2DN susceptibility: The risk of T2DM developing into T2DN in the Asian population Journal of Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System 1470320314566019, first published on January 26, 2015 doi: 10

  8. RETRACTED: Association of the angiotensinogen M235T gene polymorphism with risk of diabetes mellitus developing into diabetic nephropathy.

    Tang, Wenzhuang; Zhou, Tian-Biao; Jiang, Zongpei


    This article has been included in a multiple retraction: Wenzhuang Tang, Tian-Biao Zhou, and Zongpei Jiang Association of the angiotensinogen M235T gene polymorphism with risk of diabetes mellitus developing into diabetic nephropathy Journal of Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System 1470320314563426, first published on December 18, 2014 doi: 10.1177/1470320314563426 This article has been retracted at the request of the Editors and the Publisher. After conducting a thorough investigation, SAGE found that the submitting authors of a number of papers published in the Journal of the Renin-Angiotensin Aldosterone System ( JRAAS) (listed below) had supplied fabricated contact details for their nominated reviewers. The Editors accepted these papers based on the reports supplied by the individuals using these fake reviewer email accounts. After concluding that the peer review process was therefore seriously compromised, SAGE and the journal Editors have decided to retract all affected articles. Online First articles (these articles will not be published in an issue) Wenzhuang Tang, Tian-Biao Zhou, and Zongpei Jiang Association of the angiotensinogen M235T gene polymorphism with risk of diabetes mellitus developing into diabetic nephropathy Journal of Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System 1470320314563426, first published on December 18, 2014 doi: 10.1177/1470320314563426 Tian-Biao Zhou, Hong-Yan Li, Zong-Pei Jiang, Jia-Fan Zhou, Miao-Fang Huang, and Zhi-Yang Zhou Role of renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system inhibitors in radiation nephropathy Journal of Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System 1470320314563424, first published on December 18, 2014 doi: 10.1177/1470320314563424 Weiqiang Zhong, Zongpei Jiang, and Tian-Biao Zhou Association between the ACE I/D gene polymorphism and T2DN susceptibility: The risk of T2DM developing into T2DN in the Asian population Journal of Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System 1470320314566019, first published on January 26, 2015 doi: 10

  9. Past Really Is Prologue Interview of Zhou Haijiang,president of Hongdou Group

    shang Lin'aiyi


    @@ Hongdou Group, one of China's manufacturing Goliaths in terms of garment industry.alwavs keeps weaving legends and fermenting flourishes. "Hongdou" is a transliteration of Chinese charaeters "red bean" . which bears a speeial meaning in Chinese culture: red bean is jequirity, symbolizing love and blessings ,as this connotation declares,Hongdou Croup always refresthes its progresses...

  10. Zhou et al., Afr J Tradit Complement Altern Med. (2012) 9(3):303-314


    The endometriosis-associated inflammatory response, tissue repair ... regulating cell proliferation, activation, motility, adhesion, chemotaxis and ..... brain penetration through the blood-brain barrier owing to the contribution of PgP ... be conducted on the other potential mechanisms involved in ESMB relieving endometriosis.

  11. The Western Zhou Building Foundations at Yuntang and Qizhenin Fufeng County, Shaanxi, in 1999-2000

    徐良高; 刘绪; 孙秉君; 丁晓雷


    Since the autumn of 1999, the Zhouyuan Archaeological Team organized by the Institute of Archaeology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology, and the School of Archaeology and Museology of Peking University carried out large-scale archaeological investigations and excavations in the Zhouyuan 周原 Site.

  12. China’s Grand Strategy and the Statecraft of Zhou Enlai


    of I 1 Amencan hberahsm”,’ and 1fao is reported to have told a U S Senator that he had been impresed with Xlxon’s 1967 article m Fez-ezgzz Afizrs...1 Stanley Karnow, Mao and Chzna A Legacy of Turmozl. (New York Penguin Books 1990) 3d ed , Chapter 20, The Road to Recovery 2 Henq Klsslnger

  13. Speech by Mr. Zhou Tienong at The Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Understanding and Cooperation Dialogue


    正The 2012 Understanding and Cooperation Dialogue opens today. I'd like to extend heartfelt congratulations to the convening of the Dialogue, as well as my warm welcome to the political leaders and friends from different countries who have come to China for the Dialogue.

  14. A Discussion on Bronze Plate of Zhou Chan%周阐铜牌解读




  15. Impression on Youth Court in Guang Zhou%广州少年法庭印象




  16. Microarray analysis of genes affected by salt stress in tomato | Zhou ...

    Microarray analysis of genes affected by salt stress in tomato. ... African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology ... key enzyme genes in the metabolic pathways of carbohydrates, amino acids, and fatty acids, were also affected by ...

  17. The Fiscal Reform in Fujian-Taiwan and the Power of Disputes%闽台财政改革与各方权力纠葛--雍正朝台湾县知县周钟蠧案解析



    雍正三年,台湾县知县周钟蠧被控贪污,由于牵涉到闽台财政改革的大背景,此案引起了雍正皇帝的高度关注,并演变为震动闽台官场的一桩大案,涉案人等都被卷入了皇权与地方官员博弈的大漩涡。案件的审理过程,伴随着闽台财政改革的全过程,从清查仓谷亏空,到耗羡归公和养廉银制度化的最终完成。透过考察周钟蠧案,闽台地区财政改革的过程得以完整呈现。在皇权的强势施压下,闽省官员提出的耗羡归公方案显得仓促而草率。%In the third year of Yongzheng period of Qing Dynasty,Taiwan Zhixian Zhou Zhong-xuan was charged with corruption.Because of the background of the fiscal reform in Fujian-Taiwan area,Zhou Zhong-xuan’s case attracted the attention of Yongzheng emperor,and gradually became a big case quaked the Fujian-Taiwan official circles.All the officials involved in the case were drawn into the maelstrom of the imperial and local officials’game.The trial of the case was along with the fiscal reform in Fujian-Taiwan,from the inventory of the warehouse grain deficit,to the finally achievement of retur-ning the meltage fees to the public coffers and silver honesty system.By investigating the Zhou Zhong-xuan case,the imple-mentation process of fiscal reform in Fujian-Taiwan area can be wholly displayed.Under the strong pressure of imperial pow-er,the reform program formulated by the Fujian officer seemed so hasty.

  18. 钟嵘《诗品》江淹条新解%Appraise JIANG Yan from ZHONG Rong's Poem Criticism




  19. On ZHANG Zhi-zhong's Characteristics of Personality%张治中将军的人格特征分析




  20. New Approach to solving the Dilemma between Development and Carbon Reduction——An interview with Prof. DING Zhongli

    DING Zhongli


    @@ Evolving from decades of international negotiations, "cap and trade" has been regarded as the best ever means to offset excessive greenhouse gases emitted by human societies. Nevertheless, this mechanism faces some difficulties in implementation and has so far failed to inspire a well-agreed international system of responsibility to reduce carbon emissions. It is even challenged by some scientists for its flawed presumption.

  1. 董仲舒教化哲学研究%On Dong Zhong-shu's philosophy of Bildung




  2. Treating Raynaud' s syndrome by Zhong Xi Medicine%中医药治疗雷诺综合征




  3. Zhong Yi acupuncture and low-back pain: traditional Chinese medical acupuncture differential diagnoses and treatments for chronic lumbar pain.

    Birch, S; Sherman, K


    Little attention has been given to selecting treatments in clinical trials of acupuncture. Yet in order to perform objective tests of this procedure, it is crucial that the selected treatments are considered representative of the style of practice being tested. We examined 16 traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) acupuncture texts or treatment articles to determine the consistency of diagnosis and recommended treatment for chronic low-back pain. Although 24 diagnostic patterns were described by 1 or more texts, only 4 patterns were described by at least half of the texts. Most texts (12/16) described only 3 or 4 patterns. These could be categorized into 3 broad types: cold, damp, wind, heat channel obstruction patterns; kidney vacuity patterns (sometimes differentiated into yang and yin patterns); and blood (or blood and qi) stasis patterns. Several acupuncture points were recommended by most texts regardless of the diagnosis, whereas other acupoints were recommended for specific diagnostic patterns. There was, however, substantial variation between texts in recommended acupoints, with less than 20% of all acupoints recommended by half or more of the texts. This varibility will make it difficult to select TCM treatments for clinical trials of chronic low-back pain that have wide applicability. We believe that examining treatment patterns in actual clinical practice is crucial in this situation. We suggest that this method of selecting treatments should be part of the process used when selecting treatments for all clinical trials of acupuncture, regardless of the style of practice.

  4. 唐代南宁州都督府属州交通与地望研究%The Study about the Jimi Zhou's Traffic and Location of the Nanning Zhou Dudu Fu in the Tang Dynasty




  5. 唐宋集群羁縻州之典型--雅属羁縻州%The Model of Clustered Jimi Zhou (羁縻州) in the Tang and Song Dynasties: the jimi zhou under Ya zhon




  6. "A Personal Reflection on Norodom Sihanouk and Zhou Enlai: An Extraordinary Friendship on the Fringes of the Cold War"

    Ambassador Julio A. Jeldres


    Full Text Available I was sixteen years old when I first read about Norodom Sihanouk and Cambodia. Jacqueline Kennedy’s visit to Cambodia in November 1967 had been widely reported by the press in my homeland, Chile, where her assassinated husband was greatly admired. Through Jackie Kennedy’s visit to Cambodia, I became interested in Norodom Sihanouk’s fascinating life, totally unaware that, years later, our paths would cross and I would become his private secretary. My Cambodian friends often tell me that it was my destiny. In 1967, I wanted to know more about Cambodia. Since there was no information available, I wrote to the Cambodian mission at the United Nations. I found it unbelievable, but four months later I received a handwritten letter back from Sihanouk himself. That began our friendship, which was first conducted through correspondence...

  7. Zhou Yueting's Experience on Treatment of Asthma%周耀庭治疗哮喘病的经验

    商建军; 庞秀花



  8. Assessment of Cu, Pb and Hg Contamination in Bottom Sediments Of Surface Water in XuZhou

    王晓; 韩宝平; 朱雪强


    Pollution of heavy metals Cu,Pb and Hg is assessed using geo-accumulation index in this paper. The result shows that the bottom sediments of surface water in Xuzhou is polluted by these heavy metals to deferent degrees, of which the Jinma River is the most serious, and then the Kuihe River, the abandoned Yellow River, and the Jinghang Canal. The Yunlong Lake has also been polluted by Hg. The three kinds of heavy metals in the order of concentration is Hg>Cu>Pb. The pollution degree and the type of element is closely related with industrial structure in Xuzhou.

  9. VizieR Online Data Catalog: Narrow line Seyfert 1 galaxies from SDSS-DR3 (Zhou+, 2006)

    Zhou, H.; Wang, T.; Yuan, W.; Lu, H.; Dong, X.; Wang, J.; Lu, Y.


    We carried out a systematic search for narrow line Seyfert 1 galaxies (NLS1s) from objects assigned as "QSOs" or "galaxies" in the spectroscopic sample of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Release 3 (SDSS DR3) by a careful modeling of their emission lines and continua. The result is a uniform sample comprising ~2000 NLS1s. This sample dramatically increases the number of known NLS1s by a factor of ~10 over previous compilations. This paper presents the parameters of the prominent emission lines and continua, which were measured accurately with typical uncertainties <10%. Taking advantage of such an unprecedented large and uniform sample with accurately measured spectral parameters, we carried out various statistical analyses, some of which were only possible for the first time. (1 data file).

  10. A Modeling Approach for Farmland Protection Zoning Considering Spatial Heterogeneity: A Case Study of E-Zhou City, China

    Jianhua He


    Full Text Available Farmland protection in China is facing multiple pressures, including urbanization, population growth and ecological degradation. Primary farmland zoning was introduced as a basic state policy to ensure national food security. Previous studies about “primary farmland zoning” have always taken the factors as global linear variables, neglecting the spatial heterogeneity of the study areas. Based on the Development Priority Zoning (DPZ strategy, we present a zoning approach using Bayesian networks (BNs for considering regional differences. The networks were developed using quantitative biophysical and economic variables from multi-scale and historical change data of farmland. The simulated results substantiate that this method can ensure the agricultural quality, stability and connectivity of primary farmland. Furthermore, it can further optimize the spatial allocation of primary farmland to meet the development conditions and trends of different sub-regions, promoting the balance between the farmland protection, urban development and ecological protection of certain regions.

  11. Taking a Toll(Toll-free holidays bring massive congestion and opposition by highway operators By Zhou Xiaoyan)


    Dubbed the "'Golden Week," the National Day holiday (normally October 1-7) is a traditional peak travel period for many Chinese who hit the road. But this year's holiday was different from years past: most motorists across the country were exempt from paying toll fees.

  12. The Study of Ji Tian in Shang and Zhou Dynasty%商周籍田研究



    Ji means cultivating ,developing to the means of cultivating the land by people’s strength .Ji Tian is referring to“Ji Tian Qian Mu”narrowly ,and that generally refers to noble’s farmland .Big family organization ,king can communicate with God and people believe the king’s power and rights comes from the God ,which are two significant basic essentials of the exist of Ji Tian .Ji Tian is the important perform‐ance of The Assigned Labour System in agriculture .Ji Tian is a scientific measurement of count and con‐trol the population .King Xuan did not cultivate“Qian Mu” ,shows “Shi” are hard to maintain ,which is characterized by knowing the number of people without census count .Ji Tian was included in the“Shi” , and gradually intended to collapse .The economic reformations in the Spring -autumn times ,achieved that the assigned labour in Ji Tian was completely replaced by fixed material tax in land .%籍,本作耤,本义是耕作,后引申为借民力耕田。狭义上的籍田是殷周时期王侯举行籍礼的籍田,广义上的籍田是王侯贵族田庄,前者仅仅是后者中的最重要的一块。强大的家族组织、王能够“绝地天通”和民众相信“君权神授”是籍田存在的社会组织基础和社会信仰基础。籍田是指定服役制度在农业上的重要表现,也是清点人数和实现人口控制的重要举措。宣王料民于太原,表明以“不料民”为特征便可知民数的“事”难以维持了,籍田便包括在这些“事”之中。春秋战国时期的改革是实物地租彻底取代了籍田上固定劳役。

  13. Discussion on "Gaining Efficiency via Weight Estimators for Multivariate Failure Time Data" by Fan, Zhou and Chen

    KUK Anthony


    @@ The survival analysis literature has always lagged behind the categorical data literature in developing methods to analyze clustered or multivariate data. While estimators based on working correlation matrices, optimal weighting, composite likelihood and various variants have been proposed in the categorical data literature, the working independence estimator is still very much the prevalent estimator in multivariate survival data analysis.

  14. The Brief Elaboration Of Zhou Meiling'S Homosexual Films%周美玲的同志电影论略

    杨田田; 赵海龙



  15. Dissolving and biodegradable microneedle technologies for transdermal sustained delivery of drug and vaccine

    Hong X; Wei L; Wu F; Wu Z.; Chen L.; Liu Z; Yuan W


    Xiaoyun Hong,1,2,* Liangming Wei,3,* Fei Wu,2,* Zaozhan Wu,2 Lizhu Chen,2 Zhenguo Liu,1 Weien Yuan2 1Department of Neurology, Xinhua Hospital, Shanghai, People's Republic of China; 2School of Pharmacy, Shanghai JiaoTong University, Shanghai, People's Republic of China; 3Research Institute of Micro/Nano Science and Technology, Shanghai JiaoTong University, Shanghai, People's Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this work Abstract: Microneedles were ...

  16. Study on ZhongJing Prescriptions Cited in FuXingJue%《辅行诀》引用仲景方剂考



    通检全卷方剂数凡五十六首,其中共引用方二十二首.所引诸方,药味略有加减,为六朝医家运用仲景方剂正常现象,今世犹然.谨对二十二首方剂加以列举,并对以为勤求博采之书略加考证.%All 56 pieces of prescriptions were found in all the volume of FuXingJue, among them, 22 pieces were cited from ShangHan ZaBingLun. All the cited prescriptions were modified, which was the normal phenomenon that ancient doctors used Zhongjing prescriptions and also did in modern times. Study on 22 pieces of prescriptions could prove that ShangHan ZaBingLun originated from TangYe JingFa.

  17. 避孕药具不良反应监测报告分析%Analysis of monitoring report for contraceptive adverse reactions ZHONG



    Objective To analyze monitoring report for contraceptive adverse reactions, and to provide reference for clinical choice of appropriate contraceptive and development of family planning work. Methods There were 51802 people using contraceptive as study subjects, and analysis was made on monitoring report for their contraceptive adverse reactions. Results A total of 51802 cases of contraceptive were provided with follow-up in 50766 cases as 98.0%. There were 9260 cases of short-term effect oral contraceptive, 128 cases of emergency contraceptive, 16002 cases of nonoxinol external contraceptive, 24564 cases of male condoms, 192 cases of contraceptive foam, and 620 cases of intra uterine device (IUD). Follow-up showed that there were 124 cases with contraceptive adverse reactions of these contraceptives, except male condoms and contraceptive foam. Conclusion Contraceptive has an important role in family planning, while its adverse reactions have influence on clinical effect. Monitoring and follow-up of contraceptive can provide timely information of various contraceptives. Timely judgment and clinical treatment can be applied, thus clinical effects of contraceptives can be improved, and users’safety can also be ensured.%目的:对避孕药具不良反应监测报告进行分析,为临床选取合适的避孕药具提供依据,同时为临床开展计划生育工作提供参考。方法51802例使用避孕药具人员为研究对象,对其不良反应监测报告进行分析。结果共发放避孕药具51802例,随访50766例,随访率为98.0%。其中包括发放短效口服避孕药9260例,紧急避孕药128例,壬苯醇醚外用避孕药16002例,男用安全套24564例,隐形避孕套192例,节育环(IUD)620例,随访过程中发现避孕药具不良反应124例,除男用避孕套、女用隐形避孕套在随访过程中未发现明显的不良反应外,其余均出现不同的不良反应。结论避孕药具是落实节育措施的重要环节,而避孕药具的不良反应,却影响使用者的临床效果,通过对避孕药具进行监测随访,能够及时准确地把握各种避孕药具使用者的相关信息,及时作出判断及相应的临床处理,提高了各种避孕药具的临床效果,为使用者提供了安全保障。

  18. Lessons Learned from the Past Can Serve as a Guide for the Future——Marking the 60th anniversary of the victory over fascism Zhong Yanhong

    Wang; Xiaoyi(Translated)


    A period of 60 years is not a short one, but the historical facts still come up vividly before peoples’eyes, as if happened yesterday. Over 60 years ago,fascists in Germany, Japan and Italy carried out policies of aggression and expansion, so as to contend for world hegemony and provoked the Second World War.

  19. Preparative isolation and purification of seven main antioxidants from Eucommia ulmoides Oliv. (Du-zhong) leaves using HSCCC guided by DPPH-HPLC experiment.

    Dai, Xingping; Huang, Qiong; Zhou, Boting; Gong, Zhicheng; Liu, Zhaoqian; Shi, Shuyun


    Seven antioxidants were purified from Eucommia ulmoides Oliv. leaves using HSCCC guided by DPPH-HPLC experiment. HSCCC was successfully used to separate target antioxidants by three runs with different solvent systems after D101 column chromatography fractionation. Ethyl acetate-n-butanol-water (1:2:3, v/v/v) was selected as the optimum solvent system to purify geniposidic acid. Ethyl acetate-ethanol-water (4:1:5, v/v/v) was used to isolate caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid and ferulic acid. While three flavonoids, quercetin-3-O-sambubioside, rutin and isoquercitrin were purified by petroleum ether-ethyl acetate-methanol-water (1:5:1:5, v/v/v/v). The structures were identified by MS and NMR. Antioxidant activities were assessed, and compounds 2-7 showed strong antioxidant activities. This is the first report about separation of antioxidants from E. ulmoides leaves by HSCCC. The results indicated that the combinative methods using DPPH-HPLC and HSCCC could be widely applied for screening and isolation of antioxidants from complex extracts. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  20. 杜仲在动物养殖业中的研究应用%The Study of Du-zhong on the Animal Culture Fields.

    孟晓林; 冷向军; 田雪



  1. A Brief Damage Report on Dendroctonus valens in Zhong Tiao Forest Area%中条林区红脂大小蠹危害调查初报



    @@ 红脂大小蠹属鞘翅目大小蠹科,自1998年9月在晋城市首次捕捉到成虫以来,通过数次大规模调查,发现全省多数地市都有该虫分布,尤以中条山东部和太岳山危害最重,全省发生面积达20万hm2.该虫以危害油松和华山松为主,直接威胁着山西林业的发展,已成为山西主要造林树种一油松正常生长的主要障碍.我们于1999年下半年开始,对中条林区的红脂大小蠹危害进行了全面详细的调查,现将结果整理初报如下:

  2. [Deciphering the argots of the names of materia medica and its dosage in the Yi lin kou pu liu zhi mi shu (A Secret Medical Book of Six Therapies in Rhymes of Medical Professionals)].

    Zhou, Jian; Lin, Shiyi; Liu, Shijue


    Yi lin kou pu liu zhi mi shu (A Secret Medical Book of Six Therapies in Rhymes of Medical Professionals) was additionally compiled, supplemented and annotated by Zhou Sheng, a famous doctor of the Qing Dynasty, based on Yi lin kou pu (Rhymes of Medical Professionals) which was composed by Lu Qi. The book contains four volumes in total, dealing mainly with the miscellaneous diseases of internal medicine, as well as external medicine, gynecology, and pediatrics etc. The syndrome differentiation and treatment, prescriptions and medications in this book has its own characteristic with rather high academic value and practical significance. There were 20 drug names were deciphered by the argots, for instance, "you che" was the argot of golden thread, and "wu yue (May)" was the argot of medicinal evodia fruit, etc. In addition, the argots were often used to decipher numerals and quantifiers, for example, "su, qi, zi, qi, man" referring to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 respectively, and "huo, pu, xiang, feng, lai" referring to 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 respectively, and "qing","zhong","xi" referring to qian, liang and fen respectively. Hence, deciphering of these argots could help to understand and apply these prescriptions correctly.

  3. Exploration on the Syndrome and Treatment Characteristics and Academic Thoughts of Professor Zh0u Zhongying from His Medical Records%从国医大师周仲瑛教授病案探讨其证治特色及学术思想

    史锁芳; 韩旭; 季建敏; 董筠; 陈四清


    Objective:To summarize the syndrome and treatment characteristics and academic thinking of TCM master, Professor Zhou Zhong-ying. Methods:To summarize and conclude his writing style by learning to diagnose and treat diseases with him in the clinic and studying medical records. Results: The medical records of Professor Zhou Zhongying have the following features: to emphasize on the gathering information obtained from the four diagnostic methods, especially the records of inspection and inquiry;to give priority to pathogenesis when differentiating the syndromes, especially the description of the pathogenesis of zang - fu organs as the core; to reflect the thinking of combination of the predominate disease differentiation with the supplementary syndrome differentiation; to relate the syndrome with the treatment closely with good integration and selection of formulae; to be good at using great formulae; to emphasize both on the transmission and reintegration into new knowledge;to emphasize on the dynamic changes of pathogenesis and to respect the facts with good amendment. Conclusion: Professor Zhou has distinctive clinical diagnosis and treatment and unique medical records, which are very enlightening for the improvement of clinical practice of traditional Chinese medicine.%目的:总结国医大师周仲瑛教授的证治特色和学术思想.方法:通过临床跟师侍诊,研习、总结、归纳其病案书写风格.结果:周老病案具有如下特色:重视四诊信息收集,尤重望诊、问诊记载;辨证首重病机,尤重脏腑病机为核心的描述;体现辨证为主、辨病为辅的病证结合思想;证治联系紧密、擅于揉合选方、疑难病善用复法大方;用药既重传承又重融入新知;重视病机动态变化,尊重事实善于修正.结论:国医大师周仲瑛教授临床辨治独具匠心,门诊病案颇具风格,对提高中医临证水平极具启迪作用.

  4. 酉州乌羊生长曲线拟合分析研究%Study on growth curve fitting of YouZhou Black Goat

    方亚; 黄勇富; 王高富


    对酉州乌羊体重随月龄增长应用Logistic、Gompertz、Richards模型进行生长曲线拟合分析,建立公、母羊的拟合曲线方程及求出拐点体重、拐点月龄。结果表明:三种模型均能很好地拟合公、母羊生长规律,Logistic、Gompertz、Richards模型拟合公羊的拟合度(R2)分别为0.987、0.995、0.987,母羊拟合度(R2)0.968、0.9810.968,三种模型相互比较,Gompertz模型拟合效果最好。%Youzhou black goats weight increase with age application Logistic, Gompertz, Richardss model for growth curve fitting analysis, male goat and famale goat's equation and find the Inflexion point of body weight, Inflexion age. maximal growth rate.The results showed that:three models can fit male goat and famale goat growth pattern, Logistic, Gompertz, Richards three model fitting male goat goodness of fit (R2) were 0.987,0.995,0.987,famale goat goodness of fit (R2) 0.968,0.981 0.968, three models compare with each other, Gompertz model fit the best.

  5. Herder and ZHOU Zuo-ren%赫尔德与周作人——民俗学与民族性




  6. The Achievement of Sapan to Develop Buddhism in Liang Zhou Area%略述萨班在凉州等地的弘法事迹




  7. 殷周人神关系之演进及思考%The Evolution and Thought of Relation of Men and Gods during Yin and Zhou Dynasties




  8. 周作人与夏目漱石"余裕"论%Zhou Zuoren and the Ample Theory of Natsume Souseki




  9. Analysis of the Relationship Between Zhou Zuo-ren and Soseki Natsume%浅析周作人作品对夏目漱石的受容




  10. Zhen Zhou and Bianzhou new district development basing on symbiotic relationship%基于共生视角的郑汴新区发展

    王克亚; 成小梅


    伴随着全球化进程和劳动地域分工的进一步深化,经济竞争超越国界,更多表现为区域之间、城市之间的合作性竞争,而区域间的竞争合作受经济、政治、生态环境、人口、文化以及观念等多种因素的影响。本文引入种群生态学中的共生理论,将区域合作的双方视为存在复杂关系的有机体,通过分析郑汴区域合作的共生条件、共生特征及存在的问题,提出相应对策及建议。%With the deepening of globalization and geographic labor division,economic competition has gone beyond nation,with more performance of Co-opertition between regions and cities,while regional cooperation is influenced by economics,politics,ecological environment,?population,culture,localism and other factors.?This paper introduces the theory of symbiosis from population ecology,and supposes the two sides of regional cooperation as complex organism.With analysis of the symbiotic conditions,characteristics and problems of the new area of Zhengzhou—Kaifeng,corresponding countermeasures and suggestions was proposed.

  11. International Law Regulations of Disability Discrimination in Sports ZHOU Qing-shan%体育领域残疾歧视的国际法规制



    Abstract: Sport right is one of the important rights enjoyed by the disabled. But the disability discrimination in sports field has seriously affected the realization of the sport rights of the disabled. There are two channels in the international society to control the disability discrimination in sports field, including the hard law such as the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the soft law such as the Olympic Charter. Through the efforts of the international community, the disabled people have more and more opportunities to participate in mass sports and competitive sports, yet further measures need to be taken to ensure the full realization of the sport rights of the disabled people.%体育权利是残疾人所应该享有的一项重要权利,体育领域的残疾歧视严重影响了残疾人体育权利的实现。国际社会对体育领域残疾歧视的规制主要有硬法规制和软法规制,硬法如《残疾人权利公约》,软法如《奥林匹克宪章》。经过国际社会的努力,残疾人参与群众体育和竞技体育获得了较大的发展,但仍需继续采取措施保障残疾人体育权利的更大实现。

  12. Zhou Zuo-ren:Being in the Dostoyevsky's Discourse%周作人:在陀思妥也夫斯基的话语活动中




  13. 细胞信号传导抑制剂Glivec的研究进展%Research Advance on Cell Signal Blocking Agent Zhou Aiping Reviewed by Feng Fengyi

    周爱萍; 冯奉仪


    @@ 研究表明细胞信号传导异常与一些恶性肿瘤的发生和发展密切相关,抑制异常的细胞信号传导是恶性肿瘤治疗的又一新靶点.2001年5月10日美国FDA批准了一个用于治疗慢性粒细胞性白血病(CML)的酪氨酸激酶抑制剂Imatinib,即甲磺酸伊马替尼,商品名为Glivec.Glivec是第一个被正式批准用于治疗恶性肿瘤的细胞信号传导的抑制剂.

  14. Correction: Xingchen Zhou, et al. Whole Exome Sequencing in Psoriasis Patients Contributes to Studies of Acitretin Treatment Difference. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2017, 18, 295

    Xingchen Zhou


    Full Text Available We would like to submit the following correction to the published paper [1], the reason for this action is that the data in Table 3 were reanalyzed by one more accurate statistic method: On page 12, the sentence of paragraph three “OR and 95% CI were calculated by limited backward-LR (likelihood ratio logistic regression analysis with adjustment by clinical variables” should be corrected into “OR and 95% CI were calculated by limited enter logistic regression analysis with adjustment by clinical variables”.[...

  15. Ordinary Scenes Illustrate SpecialAtmosp here under Their Brushes——Appreciating the art ofZhou Tao,Chen Yi and Zhang Xin


    In the past, many Chinese artists have beenafraid they would be criticized for lagging behindthe world in their conceptions. They are eager todo something unconventional or unorthodox. Theiractions are very similar with the trend Liu Xie

  16. Survey on status of staff for Plasmodium microscopy examinations in Chang-zhou City%常州市疟疾镜检人员现状调查

    谢轶青; 何明祯; 朱仕英; 邹永根; 陈弘


    目的:了解常州市消除疟疾行动初期各级卫生机构疟疾镜检人员的现状,为全市实现消除疟疾目标提供参考依据。方法采用问卷调查、疟疾理论知识和镜检操作考试的形式,对常州市各级医疗机构和疾病预防控制中心疟疾镜检人员进行现状调查,并对所得数据进行统计学分析。结果共调查95名疟疾镜检人员,其中大专、本科及以上学历分别占40.0%和45.3%;从事检验工作年限1年以内的占18.9%,2~5年的占40.0%,6~10年的占18.9%,10年以上的占22.1%;上一年度参加省(市)级、区(县)级和单位内培训的人均次数分别为0.57、0.59次和0.14次;工作中有发现疟原虫经历的人数占18.9%;认为疟疾血检工作非常有必要和有必要的占97.9%;认为疟疾镜检工作增加工作负荷、增加工作难度的分别占57.9%和8.4%;培训前后的疟疾相关知识平均正解率分别为72.5%和91.6%,差异有统计学意义(χ2=314.3,P<0.05);疟疾镜检操作考试平均分为25.3分(满分50分),及格(≥30分)率为58.9%。结论常州市医疗机构的疟疾镜检人员岗位培训工作不到位,工作经验相对薄弱,需进一步加强培训,以提高疟疾镜检的实际操作能力。%Objective To understand the current state of staff for Plasmodium microscopy examinations in Changzhou City in the early stage of eliminating malaria action,so as to provide the evidence for achieving the target of malaria elimination. Methods The staff for Plasmodium microscopy examinations from medical institutions and centers for disease control and prevention at differ-ent levels were investigated by questionnaires and tests of the malaria related theory and microscopic operation. Results Totally 95 people were investigated,and among them,40.0%had college degree and 45.3%were university educated. There were 18.9%of them working on Plasmodium microscopy examinations for less than 1 year,40.0%for 2-5 years,18.9%for 6-10 years and 22.1%for more than 10 years. The numbers of person-time of provincial and municipal level training,district-level training,and unit-level training in the last year were 0.57,0.59,and 0.14,respectively. Totally 18.9%of them had the experience of finding Plasmodium at work,and 97.9% of them considered it was necessary or very necessary to do Plasmodium microscopy examina-tions. However,57.9%and 8.4%of them considered Plasmodium microscopy examinations increased their work load and work dif-ficulty,respectively. The average correct rates of knowledge tests on malaria before and after training were 72.5%and 91.6%re-spectively(P<0.05). The average mark of Plasmodium microscopic tests was 25.3 points(full mark being 50 points),and the passing rate(≥30 points)was 58.9%. Conclusion The working experience of staff for Plasmodium microscopy examinations in Changzhou City is relatively poor,and the related training should be enhanced.

  17. Magic Zhou jingqi The Birth of China's Original Comic Platform%周靖淇"有妖气"?中国原创漫画平台的诞生



    @@ 下班了做什么呢?最近漫画迷会乐滋滋地告诉你:火速去"有妖气"网站报到,等待的更新.是有妖气的原创漫画之一,除此之外,他们还有、等高人气原创漫画系列. 几个月来,有妖气在80后、90后热爱动漫的年轻人中声名鹊起,甚至有读者说: "有妖气有可能成为中国未来漫画的核心."

  18. Dating based on Lunar Phases as seen in the Zuo Tripod and the Western Zhou Chronology%逨鼎的月相纪日和西周年代




  19. 论斯威夫特对周作人散文创作的影响%A Study of Jonathan Swift's Influence on Zhou Zuoren's Prose




  20. Metro transfer station for the design of deep excavation in Su Zhou%苏州地铁换乘站深基坑设计



    Based on the analysis of the example of a transfer station of subway project, introduces the design scheme of high water bearing sand retaining structure of deep foundation pit formation of transfer station, deep foundation pit in the calculation of important parameters are also compared, according to the actual situation of the stratum pressure water effect introduces related processing scheme, and puts forward the author's opinion, have certain the reference value for the similar project design.%文章通过对某地铁换乘车站工程的实例分析,介绍了高水位含砂地层换乘站深基坑围护结构设计方案,对深基坑计算重要参数取值也进行了对比分析,针对地层承压水作用实际情况介绍了相关处理方案,并提出了作者的见解,对类似工程的设计具有一定的参考价值。

  1. 不应称陈氏为周恩来继母%Chen Shi shall not be called Zhou Enlai's stepmother




  2. Restricted View on "Ritual Archery" and its Function in Western Zhou Dynasty%管窥西周时期礼射活动及其功能




  3. 《东周列国志》中的天命意识%The Sense of Destiny in Annals of the Kingdoms in the East Zhou Dynasty




  4. 周公礼殿--历史名人纪念堂%Zhou Gong Temple-The Palace in Memory of Historical Celebrities



    @@ 东汉末年(公元2世纪末),成都城南文翁石室旁出现了一座历史名人纪念堂,名叫"周公礼殿". 《华阳国志·蜀志》:"始文翁立文学精舍,讲堂作石室,在城南.永初后,堂遇火.

  5. 中大院的新生--东南大学建筑系系馆改造%The Rebirth of the Zhong Da Yuan—— Notes of the Remodeling for the Architecture Department Building in Southeast University




  6. 我国专业互联网保险合同的法律分析--以众安在线为例%Legal Analysis of Professional Internet Insurance Contract in China--In case of Zhong An Online



    由于保险行业相关法规对保险产品销售的特殊规定,互联网保险的销售模式在合同领域存在多重法律风险,如何履行互联网保险条款的说明义务,判定网络环境下保险合同当事方因身份关系发生的法律纠纷,并正确规范格式合同相关条款的订立对于防范互联保险合同风险具有积极意义。我国应发挥工商行政部门对格式合同的制定和监督检查职能,加强金融消费者保护机制建设,促进互联网保险行业健康发展。%Due to the insurance industry related laws and regulations, special regulations on the sale of insurance products, Internet insurance sales model in the ifeld of contract exist multiple legal risks, how to perform the explanation obligation of Internet insurance clauses determine the insurance contract under the network environment when the parties because of the identity relation in the legal dispute, and the correct and standard contract format terms entered into to guard against the risk of Internet insurance contract has positive signiifcance. China should play the role of industry and commerce administrative departments to develop and supervise the format contract, strengthen the construction of ifnancial consumer protection mechanism, and promote the healthy development of the Internet insurance industry.

  7. Comparison of Sarcasm in Fan Jin Zhong Ju and Yang Ban Jun%《范进中举》和《两班传》讽刺艺术之比较




  8. 中江县5年孕产妇死亡原因分析%Analysis of the Causes of Maternal Mortality within five Yearsin ZhongJiang County

    李润先; 曾丽


    Objective:By analyzing the causes and the influential factors of maternal mortality within five years,we put forward some inventions to control maternal mortality effectively.Methods:A retrospective analysis of maternal mortality situation during the year 2008-2012.Result:Among the 15 cases of maternal,there are 13 can avoid death or to create condition to avoid death.Conclusion:It is necessary to strengthen the management for maternal system,improve the skil s of treating obstetric severe patients and reduce the maternal mortality rate.%目的:通过分析5年孕产妇死亡的原因和影响因素,提出干预措施,有效地控制孕产妇死亡。方法:回顾性分析2008年-2012年我县孕产妇死亡状况。结果:15例孕产妇中,13例是可避免死亡或创造条件可避免死亡。结论:需加强孕产妇系统管理,提高处理产科危急重技能,降低孕产妇死亡率。

  9. 甲肿消制剂及其含药血清中哈巴俄苷的含量测定%Determination of Harpagoside in Jia Zhong Xiao Preparation and Rat Serum

    张秋燕; 崔翰明; 刘喜明; 朱晓芸; 白鸽


    目的 建立甲肿消制剂及灌胃给予甲肿消后大鼠血清中的哈巴俄苷含量测定方法.方法 采用RP-HPLC法测定哈巴俄苷的含量,色谱柱:Kromasil C_(18)色谱柱(250 mm×4.6 mm,5 μm)和Easyguard保护柱,以乙腈和1%醋酸溶液为流动相,采用梯度洗脱;流速:1 ml· min~(-1);检测波长为278 nm;进样量:5 μl.结果 哈巴俄苷在1.46~146 μg·ml~(-1)的浓度范围内线性良好;低、中、高浓度哈巴俄苷的精密度(RSD)(n=5)分别为1.05%,0.59%,0.80%;日间差(RSD)(n=5)为1.00%;制剂和大鼠血清中哈巴俄苷的加样回收率(n=5)分别为(98.02±1.01)%和(101.03±1.64)%;测定其重现性(RSD)(n=6)分别为0.73%和0.96%;每克制剂中含哈巴俄苷的量为230.5 μg,每毫升含药血清中哈巴俄苷的量为1.88 μg.结论 该方法简便、快速、准确、重现性良好,可用于制剂和血清中哈巴俄苷的含量测定.

  10. Research of PLC Programming Method for HuaZhong 8 Series NC System%华中8型系统数控PLC编程方法的研究




  11. 昆德拉小说理论和艺术对陈忠实的影响%The Influences of Milan Kundera's Theories and Arts on CHEN Zhong-shi




  12. Report of treating Ascaris lumbricoides linn in the bile passages by zhong xi medicine in 52 cases%中西医结合治疗胆道蛔虫52例报告

    何本道; 冯铁准



  13. Influence of different delivery modes on the involution of uterus observed by B-type ultrasonography.ZHONG%不同分娩方式对子宫复旧影响的B超观察

    钟秀英; 沈小雅; 潘建英


    目的 以B超诊断方法探讨剖宫产术与经阴道分娩后子宫复旧情况的差别,为提倡阴道分娩的相关健康教育提供依据.方法 对287 例产妇剖宫产术后7~10 d、42 d 应用B超诊断技术观察子宫形态、大小、宫腔及切口情况,并与281 例经阴道分娩产妇的相应B超诊断结果进行比较.结果 剖宫产组子宫复旧不良、宫腔积血发生率均比阴道分娩组高(P 值均为0.001);子宫切口愈合欠佳、子宫与腹壁粘连发生率分别为5.6%、4.2%.结论 剖宫产术显著增高子宫复旧不良发生率,应指导产妇在没有剖宫产临床指征时优先选择经阴道分娩.%Objective To explore the difference between uterine involution subsequent to cesarean section and vaginal delivery, and thus to provide basis for health education on advocating vaginal delivery. Methods B-type ultrosonography was used to observe the uterine morphology, size, cavity and incision 7—10 days and 42 days after cesarean section (group A, n=287) and vaginal delivery (group B, n=281). Comparison between the two different delivery modes was made. Results The incidences of uterine subinvolution and hematometra in group A were significantly higher than those in group B (P<.0.001). The incidences of poor healing of uterine incision and uterine-abdominal wall adhesions was 5.6% and 4.2%, respectively. Conclusion Cesarean section obviously increases the frequency of uterine subinvolution. Therefore, it is highly important for physicians to instruct pregnant women to regard vaginal delivery as the priority choice when clinical signs for cesarean section are absent.

  14. Focusing on Fundamental Issues of the High School Curriculum Reform: Interview with Professor Zhong QiQuan%关注高中课程改革的根本性问题——钟启泉教授访谈

    胡惠闵; 周坤亮


    我国普通高中课程改革面临着一系列问题和挑战,离开了高中教育改革的前提性、根本性问题的求解,任何就事论事地探讨课程改革的设问和回答,都是无解的。我国普通高中教育发展正处于十字路口,高中教育是大众基础教育还是精英高中教育,是奠定每一个学生人格和学力发展的基础还是热衷发现和培养拔尖人才是不容回避的问题;高中课程建设的一系列基础研究已刻不容缓,特别是应更加关注对课程标准、学科建制、教师能量的研究;高中课程改革问题的研究应与教师教育问题的研究捆绑在一起,展开持之以恒的系统研究,而儿童学研究、教师学研究、教材学研究是教师教育的生命线。%The high school curriculum reform in China are facing with a series of problems and challenges. If deviating to solve the premise and fundamental problems of the high school curriculum reform, any rhetorical question and answer discussing curriculum reform case by case all have no solution. The development of high school education in China is at a crossroads. High school education is public basic education or elite high school education ; is the foundation laying every student' s personality and scholastic development or keen on discovering and developing top - notch talent. These are the unavoidable problems. A series of basic research on high school curriculum construction has been urgent, particularly needing to focus on the research on curriculum standard, subject construction and teacher energy. The study of problems of the high school curriculum reform should bundle to- gether with teacher education problems and go through persistent system research, while Children study, Teachers study and Teaching materials study are the lifeline of teacher education.

  15. 依托冀中南经济区优势促进邯郸产业发展%Relying on ji-zhong-nan economic zone advantage to promote the handan industry development

    孙健夫; 宁志玲


    Handan is a national famous city with long history and culture. It is located in the southern part of hebei province, shanxi-hebei-shandong-henan area over the four provinces and the central plains economic zone centre, Handan is an important part in the hebei economic development due to its rich mineral resources. Relying on its unique advantages, the economy develops constantly. But in the new situation, its economic development is faced with many difficulties and challenges. This article is mainly about handan industry development and its pillar industry based on the advantage of resources. Under the beijing-tianjin-hebei regional integration background, there are lots ofopportunities and challenges for handan to adjust its industrial structure. Moreover, it points out how to transform and upgrade the handan’s industrial structure in the future. Through analysis of the handan’s industry problem, I hope that it can provide certain reference to the handan industry development for the future.%邯郸市是国家历史文化名城,地处河北省南部,晋冀鲁豫四省交界和中原经济区腹心,矿产资源丰富,是河北经济发展的重要力量,依据其独特的优势,经济不断发展。但是在新形势下,邯郸经济发展也面临着许多困难与挑战。文章主要从邯郸经济发展拥有的优势、基于优势建立起来的支柱产业,融合了京津冀一体化大背景下,邯郸进行产业结构调整面临的机遇与挑战以及未来邯郸应当如何转型升级发展等问题展开分析。

  16. The Relationship between Dream Interpreting Novels in Tang Dynasty and Ji Zhong Shuoyu%唐代占梦小说与《汲冢琐语》的关系




  17. 应用钟友彬认识领悟疗法治疗对人恐怖症的1例个案研究%A Case Report on Anthropophobia Treated with Cognitive-Insight Therapy of Zhong Youbin




  18. 近50年晋中市气候变化及对农作物的影响%The Climate Change in JinZhong City Nearly 50 Years and Its Impact on Agricultural Crop

    梁运香; 韩龙; 赵海英; 陆春花


    根据晋中市11个气象观测站1960~2009年气温及降水资料,从年和季的平均气温、平均最高气温、平均最低气温、降水量趋势变化角度对晋中市近50年来气候变化做了较全面分析.对晋中市其它气候要素如日照时数、蒸发量、无霜期、积温等的变化特征进行了简单分析.同时对晋中市极端气候事件变化分布进行分析.最后根据晋中市气候变化情况,简单分析了当地气候变化对主要农作物的影响,研究结果将在农业气象服务中得到应用.为晋中市适应气候变化、趋利避害、防灾减灾提供重要参考.%According to the meteorological data of eleven observation stations from 1960 to 2009 in Jinzhong city, the statistics of some climatic factors such as mean temperature,mean maximum temperature.mean minimum temperature, precipitation were gathered in the light of year and season, then the changes for 50 years have been analyzed in detail. Several other climatic elements for hours of sunshine,annual evaporation , frost-free period,accumulated temperature have been analyzed simply. The cases of extreme weather and climate and the changing trend about meteorological damage in Jinzhong city were also analyzed. The effect of climatic change on main agricultural crops has been explored , so that, this effective research can offer the important reference for adapting to climatic change,absorbing what is useful and rejecting what is harmful,disaster prevention and reduction in that area. The results will be increasingly used in weather forecast and the agro-meteorological service.

  19. Colliding Resonances:The Music of Xiaoyong Chen (pengzhuang zhong de huixiang-lun Chen xiaoyong de yinyue)%碰撞中的回响——论陈晓勇的音乐

    梁雷; 王婷婷


    遵循导师利盖蒂(Gyrgy Ligeti, 1923~2006)的教导,陈晓勇(1955~ )始终避免进入一般概念的中国音乐或西方先锋派阵营.其音乐致力于探究单个声音的无限可能性.在作品(Duet for Violin and Zheng, 1989年)中,作曲家使用了微分音调音,并着眼于碰撞性音响和特殊调音体系的内在回响.(Evapora,为小型室内乐队而作,1996年),体现了他对和谐及非和谐融合(harmonic/non harmonic fusion)的并置的兴趣.他以极为简洁的方式和高度个性化的音乐语汇,揭示出一个包含有不同调音体系、调式、音响相互碰撞的多元世界,同时抓住了不同文化要素相互作用产生的张力与整合.

  20. Historical Position of Dong Zhong-shu's Viewpoint of Telepathy Between Heaven And Man%董仲舒天人感应思想的历史地位浅议

    张师伟; 何思啸



  1. 来自孩子心灵的音符——论钟代华《迎面而来》%Musical Echo from the Heart of Kids——On Zhong Daihua's Coming towards Us







    [目的] 了解中牟县2000~2009年的麻疹流行特征,为加速控制麻疹提供科学依据.[方法] 对2000~2009年麻疹监测资料进行描述性流行病学分析.[结果] 麻疹发病率年平均为7130/10万,发病年龄主要是7岁以下儿童(73.72%),发病季节高蜂在1~5月,2~3年为一流行周期.流动人口发病比率逐渐加大.[结论] 麻疹流行的主要原因是免疫空白人群、人口流动.建议加强MV初免和复种工作,提高接种质量和免疫覆盖率,开展对特定人群的免疫,完善入托、入学查验预防接种证制度,减少免疫空白人群是当前控制麻疹发病重要措施.%[Objective] To understand the epidemic characteristics of measles and provide a scientific basis to control.[Methods] Measles surveillance data from 2000-2009 were analyzed by descnptive epidemiology. [ Results] The average incidence of measles was 7.30/105 , and the age of onset was mainly children under seven years of age (81.37%) , the incidence peak season was January-May. for a 2-3 cycles. Floating population incidence rates increased gradually. [Conclusion] The prevalence of measles immunization gap is mainly due to the crowd and population movements. It is necessary to strengthen MV primary immunization and secondly vaccination, improve the quality of vaccination and immunization coverage, conduct specific immune crowd , perfect attendance, enrollment vaccination identification card system, and reduce immunization gap is the current crowd control measles incidence important measures.

  3. 关中地区休闲旅游产业发展的瓶颈与破解∗%On the Development Bottlenecks of Leisure Tourism Industry and Crack Methods in GuanZhong Area of Shanxi Province



    s:The leisure and tourism industry in Guanzhong region have related to the development of tourism industry in Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Zone and Silk Road Economic Belt.However,the devel-opment of tourism industry has been restricted by the main bottleneck in the area.Such as uneven tourism re-sources distribution;poor economic benefit and tourist traffic;insufficient tourism experience;lacking mar-keting and the unknown cultural characteristics.In order to optimize the development of leisure tourism in-dustry in Guanzhong area,it must be broke the bottlenecks from the following five aspects:planning scientif-ically to form large tourism circle;optimizing transportation and construct direct line of tourist;updating ideas to build a well-known tourist brand;breaking the old board to explore global travel patterns;digging the connotation deeply to increase tourism attractions.%关中地区休闲旅游产业的发展关联着关天经济区与丝绸之路经济带的发展。然而旅游资源分布不均、经济效益不佳、旅游体验不足、市场营销不够、旅游交通不畅和文化特色不显是制约关中地区休闲旅游产业发展的主要瓶颈。以科学规划,形成大旅游圈;优化交通,建设旅游直达专线;更新观念,打造知名旅游品牌;打破旧局,探索全域旅游模式;深挖内涵,增加旅游吸引力来破解关中地区休闲旅游产业发展的瓶颈,加快关中地区休闲旅游产业发展。

  4. Altered spontaneous brain activity pattern in patients with high myopia using amplitude of low-frequency fluctuation: a resting-state fMRI study

    Huang X


    Full Text Available Xin Huang,1,2,* Fu-Qing Zhou,3,* Yu-Xiang Hu,1 Xiao-Xuan Xu,1 Xiong Zhou,4 Yu-Lin Zhong,1 Jun Wang,4 Xiao-Rong Wu1 1Department of Ophthalmology, The First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University, Nanchang, 2Department of Ophthalmology, The First People’s Hospital of Jiujiang City, Jiujiang, 3Department of Radiology, The First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University, Jiangxi Province Medical Imaging Research Institute, 4Second Department of Respiratory Disease, Jiangxi Provincial People’s Hospital, Nanchang, Jiangxi, People’s Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this work Objective: Many previous reports have demonstrated significant neural anatomy changes in the brain of high myopic (HM patients, whereas the spontaneous brain activity changes in the HM patients at rest are not well studied. Our objective was to use amplitude of low-frequency fluctuation (ALFF method to investigate the changes in spontaneous brain activity in HM patients and their relationships with clinical features. Methods: A total of 38 patients with HM (17 males and 21 females and 38 healthy controls (HCs (17 males and 21 females closely matched in age, sex, and education underwent resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging scans. The ALFF method was used to assess local features of spontaneous brain activity. The relationship between the mean ALFF signal values in many brain regions and the clinical features in HM patients was calculated by correlation analysis. Results: Compared with HCs, the HM patients had significantly lower ALFF in the right inferior and middle temporal gyrus, left middle temporal gyrus, left inferior frontal gyrus/putamen, right inferior frontal gyrus/putamen/insula, right middle frontal gyrus, and right inferior parietal lobule and higher ALFF values in the bilateral midcingulate cortex, left postcentral gyrus, and left precuneus/inferior parietal lobule. However, no relationship was found between the mean ALFF

  5. Compositional characteristics and Existing Forms of Major,Trace and Rare—earth Elements in Cassiterite,Dupangling Tin Ore Field,Guangxi

    干国梁; 陈志雄


    Trace elements in cassiterite,including Ta,W,Fe,Mn,Ti,Zr,V,Sc,Si,Al,In,Ga,Ge,Be,Bi,Ag,Sb,As,Cu,Pb,Zn,Co and REE,have been studied by many workers (Shan Zhenhua etal.,1998;Huang Zhou Tianren et al.,1987;Wu Qingsheng et al.,1988;Hu Zening,1988,Li Zhong-qing 1988 Mingzhei et al.,1988;Wang Lihua et al.,1988;Liu Kanghuai,1990).Up to now,however,most of the previous studies are concerned with trace-element variations in cassiterites of different occurrences and colors from different types of ore deposits,Data concerning the modes of occurrence of these trace elements are rare,except for the contention that Nb-Ta,Fe2+-Mn-Fe3+ and W-Fe3+ may substitute isomorphously for Sn as pointed out by Zhou Tianren et al.(1987) and Moller et al.(1988).In this paper we are concerned with the compositional characteristics as well as the modes of occurrence of trace elements in cassiterites from quartz veins and greisens in the Dupangling tin field,Guangxi,based on multivariate statistical analyses.Tin mineralization in the Dupangling area is found associated with the medium-to fine-grained protolithionite-albite granite(γ52b) and its outer contacts.Cassiterite occurs,with wolframite,both in quartz veins in the contact and in greisens within the granite.1) Spatially,greisens become dominant over quartz veins in the contact andin greisens with the granite.1)Spatialy,gresens become dominant over quartz veins in going from the contact to the interior of the granite and with increasing depth.The greisens are of various shapes.The vein-shaped and the sheet-shaped greisens at the top of the granie are rich in quartz and the chambered greiens always constitute rich ores and contain abundant topaz or mica.Genetically,Sn,W mineralizations associated with the protolithionite-albite granite(γ52b) are considered to have been formed from fluid melt derived from the ore-forming magma responsible for the granite(γ52b).


    XIAO; Du-ning


    -xiong, 1987. Landscape characteristics of the pond-based system in Zhujiang River delta and their exploitation[A]. In: XIAO Du-ning (ed.) . Landscape Ecology: Theory, Method and Applicatiohs[C]. Beijing: China Forestry Press, 215-219. (in Chinese)[15]ZHOU Xin-hua , SUN Zhong-wei, 1994. On measuring and evaluating the spatial pattern of shelter belt networks in landscape [J]. Acta Ecologica Sinica, 14(1): 24-31. (in Chinese)

  7. Medical genetics is playing an important role in the public health care in China Conference Report for The International Conference of Medical Genetics 2004, Beijing (ICMG 2004, Beijing)%医学遗传学在中国公共卫生事业中发挥重要作用--北京2004医学遗传学国际学术研讨会报告

    Tian-Jian CHEN; Nanbert Zhong


    The International Conference of Medical Genetics 2004 (ICMG2004) was held at Peking University Health Science Center on July 14-18, 2004. This conference is a part of the series that have been organized by the North American Association of Chinese Medical Geneticists (NAACMG) and the Chinese Medical Genetics Association (CMGA) and was initialized by the year of 2000 at Nanjing (ICMG2000, Nanjing). The mission of the series is to promote research, education, and clinical practice on medical genetics in China as well as in south Asian countries. This year, more than 200 participants from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, England, and United States attended the ICMG2004. The conference opened with a remark addressed by Dr. Qi-de Han, the Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of National Congress, who is the Director of Peking University Health Science Center and the Executive President of Peking University. Dr. Owen Rennet, Scientific Director of NICHD, NIH, gave a keynote speech at the opening session. Six sessions, chaired by Drs. Virginia Anderson, Wai-Yee Chan, Tian-jian Chen, Jiang Gu, Jian Han, Tao-Sheng Huang, Marilyn Li, Gary Lu, Ming Qi, Bai-Lin Wu, Nanbert Zhong, Chun-Yan Zhou, have covered various aspects of medical genetics with focus on birth defect, which is different from the main focus of neurogenetic disorders at ICMG2000. These aspects include inborn error of metabolism, intervention of birth defects, prenatal diagnosis and newborn screening, chromosome abnormalities, molecular basis of genetic disorders, environmental factors and birth defects, and genetic counseling and clinical management.

  8. Preventing postoperative abdominal adhesions in a rat model with PEG-PCL-PEG hydrogel

    Yang B


    Full Text Available Bing Yang1,2*, ChangYang Gong1*, Xia Zhao2, ShengTao Zhou2, ZhengYu Li2, XiaoRong Qi2, Qian Zhong2, Feng Luo1, ZhiYong Qian11State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy, West China University Hospital, Sichuan University, Chengdu, People's Republic of China; 2Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, West China Second University Hospital, Sichuan University, Chengdu, People's Republic of China*These authors contributed equally in this workBackground: Poly (ethylene glycol-poly (ε-caprolactone-poly (ethylene glycol (PEG-PCL-PEG, PECE hydrogel has been demonstrated to be biocompatible and thermosensitive. In this study, its potential efficacy and mechanisms of preventing postsurgical abdominal adhesions were investigated.Results: PECE hydrogel was transformed into gel state from sol state in less than 20 seconds at 37°C. None of the animals treated with the hydrogel (n = 15 developed adhesions. In contrast, all untreated animals (n = 15 had adhesions that could only be separated by sharp dissection (P < 0.001. The hydrogel adhered to the peritoneal wounds, gradually disappeared from the wounds within 7 days, and transformed into viscous fluid, being completely absorbed within 12 days. The parietal and visceral peritoneum were remesothelialized in about 5 and 9 days, respectively. The hydrogel prevented the formation of fibrinous adhesion and the invasion of fibroblasts. Also, along with the hydrogel degradation, a temporary inflammatory cell barrier was formed which could effectively delay the invasion of fibroblasts during the critical period of mesothelial regeneration.Conclusion: The results suggested that PECE hydrogel could effectively prevent postsurgical intra-abdominal adhesions, which possibly result from the prevention of the fibrinous adhesion formation and the fibroblast invasion, the promotion of the remesothelialization, and the hydroflotation effect.Keywords: anti-adhesion, thermosensitive, barrier, biocompatible

  9. 刘毓盘与民国词坛%Liu Yupan and Ci Poetics Circles in Republic of China



    Liu Yupan is a professor and a Ci poetics writer. He specialized in writing Ci poetics, and his anthology of Ci poetics called Qin Jiao JI has come down to modern times. Liu also made a long-term study of Ci poetics. His work The History of Ci Poetics is a monograph of Ci poetics in the earlier academic history. Liu Yupan taught the history of Ci poetics and relevant courses in college as well, which exerted a vital influence on the promotion of college Ci poetics teaching. In addition, he did a hard job to compile Ci poetics, Tang Wu Dai Song Liao Jin Yuan Ming Jia Ci Ji Liu Shi Zhong Ji. Liu Yupan’s understanding of Ci poetics content was mostly affected by“Chang-zhou School”in the Qing dynasty.%刘毓盘作为一位民国时期的教授词人,他既擅长词创作,有词集《噙椒集》流传至今;又长期从事词学研究,其撰写的《词史》是中国学术史上较早的词史专著。同时,他又在大学讲授词史与词学课程,对推动大学词学教学产生了重要影响。此外,刘毓盘对词籍的辑录也十分用力,曾辑录《唐五代宋辽金元名家词集六十种辑》。在对词体的认识上,刘毓盘更多的是受清代常州词派的影响。

  10. Preparation and evaluation of ofloxacin-loaded palmitic acid solid lipid nanoparticles

    Shuyu Xie


    Full Text Available Shuyu Xie, Luyan Zhu, Zhao Dong, Yan Wang, Xiaofang Wang, WenZhong ZhouDepartment of Preventive Veterinary Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine, China Agricultural University, Beijing, People’s Republic of ChinaAbstract: The purpose of this study was to use solid lipid nanoparticles (SLN to improve the pharmacological activity of ofloxacin. Ofloxacin-loaded SLN were prepared using palmitic acid as lipid matrix and poly vinyl alcohol (PVA as emulsifier by a hot homogenization and ultrasonication method. The physicochemical characteristics of SLN were investigated by optical microscope, scanning electron microscopy, and photon correlation spectroscopy. Pharmacokinetics was studied after oral administration in mice. In vitro antibacterial activity and in vivo antibacterial efficacy of the SLN were investigated using minimal inhibitory concentrations (MIC and a mouse protection model. The results demonstrated that the encapsulation efficiency, loading capacity, diameter, polydispersivity index, and zeta potential of the nanoparticles were 41.36% ± 1.50%, 4.40% ± 0.16%, 156.33 ± 7.51 nm, 0.26 ± 0.04, and –22.70 ± 1.40 mv, respectively. The SLN showed sustained release and enhanced antibacterial activity in vitro. Pharmacokinetic results demonstrated that SLN increased the bioavailability of ofloxacin by 2.27-fold, and extended the mean residence time of the drug from 10.50 to 43.44 hours. Single oral administrations of ofloxacin-loaded nanoparticles at 3 drug doses, 5 mg/kg, 10 mg/kg, and 20 mg/kg, all produced higher survival rates of lethal infected mice compared with native ofloxacin. These results indicate that SLN might be a promising delivery system to enhance the pharmacological activity of ofloxacin.Keywords: ofloxacin, pharmacological activity, solid lipid nanoparticles, antibacterial activity

  11. 张载的“大心无我”“穷理尽性”的心性功夫论析解1%Analysis on Zhangzai’s Theory of Mind Cultivation



    功夫论是张载哲学体系的重要组成部分,是张载心性理论在个人修养、实践层面的落实和体现。张载的心性工夫论是把孟子的“尽心知性知天”与《中庸》的“至诚”“、尽性”和《易传》的“穷神知化”、“穷理尽性以至于命”的整合和提升,提出了“大其心”的直觉体认方法。张载的功夫论表现为一个“成性”的修养过程,最终实现“至于命”的最高境界。%Zhang Zai's theory of cultivation Philosophy is an important part of the philosophical system , its contained cardiac theory of personal accomplishment,and reflects the practical aspects of implementation. Zhang zai's theory of mind cultivation is the thought of mencius"Jin xin zhixing and zhi tian"and zhong yong's"sincere","sex"and zhou y's"QiongShenZhiHua",and"Qiong li jinxing and zhi ming”,is integrated and promoted,put forward his"the open mind"method of intuitive awareness.Zhang Zai's theory of cultivation is a process of self-achievement,and ultimate goal is the pursuit of“As for life”the highest level.

  12. 士绅与巴渠民俗婚礼文化的传承%Gentries and the inheritance of Wedding culture in the Ba Qu area



    Wedding culture in the Ba Qu area is origined from Ba zhong and Qu xian in Si chuan province, Gentries play an important role in 13o Qu Wedding culture's inheritance from The Western Zhou Dy- nasty until today. In order to expand social prestige , consolid social position , Gentries use their good educa- tion, rich knowledge and other resources to load the duty of inheriting Ba Qu Wedding culture, and maintain the culture order in Ba Qu area, promote the development of Ba Qu Wedding culture.%巴渠民俗婚礼文化是发源于四川巴中县和渠县一带的传统民俗婚礼文化,这一传统婚礼文化从西周延续至今,巴渠乡村文化精英——士绅起着不可或缺的作用,为扩大自己的社会声望,巩固自己在乡村的社会地位,巴渠士绅利用良好的教育、丰富的传统文化知识和地方性知识等文化资源,主动肩负起传承巴渠民俗婚礼文化及其价值观的职责,维护了巴渠乡村的文化秩序,促进了巴渠民俗婚礼文化在传承中延续和发展。

  13. Microstructural changes of whole brain in patients with comitant strabismus: evidence from a diffusion tensor imaging study

    Huang X


    Full Text Available Xin Huang,1,2,* Hai-Jun Li,3,* Ying Zhang,1 De-Chang Peng,3 Pei-Hong Hu,1 Yu-Lin Zhong,1 Fu-Qing Zhou,3 Yi Shao1 1Department of Ophthalmology, The First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University, Nanchang, 2Department of Ophthalmology, The First People’s Hospital of Jiujiang City, Jiujiang, 3Department of Radiology, The First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University, Nanchang, Jiangxi, People’s Republic of China*These authors contributed equally to this work Objective: The aim of this study was to investigate the fractional anisotropy (FA and mean diffusivity (MD using a diffusion tensor imaging technique and whole-brain voxel-based analysis in patients with comitant strabismus.Patients and methods: A total of 19 (nine males and ten females patients with comitant strabismus and 19 age-, sex-, and education-matched healthy controls (HCs underwent magnetic resonance imaging examination. Imaging data were analyzed using two-sample t-tests to identify group differences in FA and MD values. Patients with comitant strabismus were distinguishable from HCs by receiver operating characteristic curves.Results: Compared with HCs, patients with comitant strabismus exhibited significantly decreased FA values in the brain regions of the left superior temporal gyrus and increased values in the bilateral medial frontal gyrus, right globus pallidus/brainstem, and bilateral precuneus. Meanwhile, MD value was significantly reduced in the brain regions of the bilateral cerebellum posterior lobe and left middle frontal gyrus but increased in the brain regions of the right middle frontal gyrus and left anterior cingulate.Conclusion: These results suggest significant brain abnormalities in comitant strabismus, which may underlie the pathologic mechanisms of fusion defects and ocular motility disorders in patients with comitant strabismus. Keywords: comitant strabismus, diffusion tensor imaging, mean diffusivity, fractional anisotropy, resting state

  14. Abstracts from the 15th International Myopia Conference

    Alexandra Benavente-Perez


    against form deprivation myopia in chickens, by local signaling within the retina Ladan Ghodsi, William K. Stell O14 Contributions of ON and OFF pathways to emmetropization and form deprivation myopia in mice Machelle T. Pardue, Ranjay Chakraborty, Han na Park, Curran S. Sidhu, P. Michael Iuvone O15 Response of the human choroid to defocus Michael J Collins O16 What can RNA sequencing tell us about myopic sclera? Nethrajeith Srinvasalu, Sally A McFadden, Paul N Baird O17 Overview of dopamine, retinal function, and myopia P. Michael Iuvone O18 The eye as a "robust" optical system and myopia Pablo Artal O19 Effect of discontinuation of orthokeratology lens wear on axial elongation in children Pauline Cho, SW Cheung O20 Myopia prevention in Taiwan Pei-Chang Wu O21 Alternatives to ultraviolet light and riboflavin for in vivo crosslinking of scleral collagen Quan V. Hoang, Sally A. McFadden O22 Absence of intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells (ipRGC alters normal refractive development in mice Ranjay Chakraborty, Duk C. Lee, Erica G. Landis, Michael A. Bergen, Curran Sidhu, Samer Hattar, P. Michael Iuvone, Richard A. Stone, Machelle T. Pardue O23 Scleral micro-RNAs in myopia development and their potential as therapeutic targets Ravi Metlapally O24 Effects of the long-wavelength filtered continuous spectrum on emmetropization in juvenile guinea pigs Ruiqin Li, Qinglin Xu, Hong Zhon, Chenglin Pan, Weizhon Lan, Xiaoning Li, Ling Chen, Zhikuan Yang O25 Ocular and environmental factors associated with eye growth in childhood Scott A. Read O26 Overview- prevention and prediction of myopia and pathologic myopia Seang-Mei Saw O27 New insights into the roles of retinal dopamine in form-deprivation myopia and refractive development in C57BL/6 mice Shi-Jun Weng, Xiao-Hua Wu, Kang-Wei Qian, Yun-Yun Li, Guo-Zhong Xu, Furong Huang, Xiangtian Zhou, Jia Qu, Xiong-Li Yang, Yong-Mei Zhong O28 The effects of the adenosine antagonist, 7-methylxanthine, on refractive development in

  15. 论温泉文化内涵的挖掘——以汝城热水温泉为例%A Study On The Meaning Of Hot Spring Culture Based on Hot Spring in Rucheng, ChenZhou



    This article, on the analysis of the hot spring culture and hot water spring tourist resources, proposes strategies to hot spring culture development, and discusses hot spring culture in the development of tourism.%文章在对温泉文化内涵进行分析的基础上,结合汝城热水温泉的旅游资源特色,对汝城温泉文化内涵的挖掘提出了相应的策略,借以探讨温泉文化在温泉旅游开发中的应用。

  16. 激情与尴尬:中国影界的争议人物周世勋%The Controversial Figure Zhou Shixun and His Film Career in 1920s




  17. 徐州市学龄前儿童肥胖综合干预效果初步观察%Primary Observation on the Effect of Comprehensive Interventions for Simple Obesity in the Preschool Children of XuZhou.

    张梅; 盛志华; 褚英; 李莉萍; 莫宝庆; 张予萍; 倪杰


    目的 观察饮食与运动干预减缓学龄前肥胖儿童体重增加的效果.方法 在徐州市随机抽取两所幼儿园-中国矿大(干预组)与八一(对照组)幼儿园作为研究对象,根据身高标准体重筛选出肥胖儿童,为干预组儿童设计减肥食谱、制订运动方案,于干预前及干预4个月后分别对两组儿童的身高、体重进行测量、用问卷法了解饮食习惯,用称重法结合询问法调查肥胖儿童食物与营养素摄取情况,进行干预效果的分析与评价.结果 干预后,干预组儿童的总能量、宏量营养素、晚餐能量、动物性食品的摄取量均明显低于对照组;吃饭速度减慢、在家与幼儿园里能自觉减少食物摄入、在家看电视时间明显减少、运动时间增多的儿童明显多于对照组儿童.干预组儿童的体重及体重增加明显低于对照组.结论 饮食与运动综合干预措施能有效地减缓学龄前肥胖儿童体重的增加.

  18. 鬼方:殷周时代北方的农牧混合族群%Gui Fang:A Herder Husbandry Group of People in the Northern Shanxi and Shaanxi Region during the Shang-Zhou Period




  19. 四川泸州市齿龈内阿米巴感染情况的调查与分析%Investigation on Amoeba buccalis human injections in Lu-zhou City, Sichuan

    王敏; 付光新; 王光西; 张跃辉; 杨兴友



  20. 商周时期的民歌精品——鄘诗探源(下)%The Elite of Folk Songs in Shang and Zhou Period——An Exploration Into Yong Poems

    丁身伟; 吴燕华


      该文推翻偏颇的旧说,重新对鄘诗给予阐释与评价,力图恢复其本来面目。由于历史、地域等的涉及面很广,虽然不断地寻找新的资料根据,但因年代久远,不免精粗并存。%  Overturning the old beliefs, this paper gives a reillustration and reassessment of Yong poems, with an effort to restore its onginal version. Due to the long history and vast region, though constantly seeking new materials as proofs, it is hard to avoid roughness.

  1. Analysis of the public health emergencies events in Qiandongnan Prefecture, Gui Zhou Province in 2005-2010%黔东南州2005~2010年突发公共卫生事件分析

    罗涛; 周文红; 邓茂铭; 潘宏; 杨斌


    OBJECTIVE To understand the epidemiological characteristic of public health emergencies events in Qiandongnan prefecture, in order to provide the basis to formulate and implement prevention and control measures for the public health e-mergencies events. METHODS Collected data and materials of public health emergencies events in Qiandongnan prefecture from 2005 to 2010 to summarize and analyze epidemiological characteristics. RESULTS From 2005 to 2010, the number of public health emergencies was 178 in Qiandongnan. 8 708 cases were reported, 24 people were died. 152 infectious disease were among them, other public health events were 26 cases, unrated events were 17, general events were 145 cases, larger events were 13, significant events were 3; 140 cases happened in elementary school and kindergarten; the average time of the first case to be reported to department was 10.61 days, the average time of the receipt of the report to take measures was 3.28 hours, the average time of confirmation time to network report was 1.51 days, the average time from receipt of the report at the county level to a state level was 0.74 days, the average time of flow report to disposal report was 3.21 days. CONCLUSION The public health emergencies in Qiandongnan prefecture are mainly infectious diseases. Most are common infectious diseases. Incident response speed increases year by year. The report from the place after the events is the key. The school in rural areas is a place with sudden and higher incidence of public health. Public health emergencies influence students' physical health in primary and middle school, which should arouse the attention of education and health department. Improving sensitivity of the basic units for students of infectious diseases reported and timeliness of the investigation on public health emergencies in school should be the focuses in future work.%目的 了解黔东南州突发公共卫生事件的流行病学特征,为制订和实施突发公共卫生事件的防控措施提供依据.方法 收集2005~2010年黔东南州突发公共卫生事件疫情数据与资料,进行汇总和流行病学特征分析.结果 2005~2010年黔东南州突发公共卫生事件共发生178起,报告发病8708例,死亡24人.其中传染病疫情152起,其他公共卫生事件26起;未分级事件17起,一般事件145起,较大事件13起,重大事件3起;发生在各中、小学校及幼儿园140起;首例病例发生到报出时间平均为10.61 d,接到报告到派员处置时间平均为3.28 h,事件确认到网络直报时间平均为1.51 d,县级疾控中心接到报告到报告州级平均时间为0.74 d,流调报告从处置到上报时间平均为3.21 d.结论 黔东南州突发公共卫生事件以传染病疫情为主,多为一般事件,事件响应速度逐年提高,事件发生后基层报告是关键,学校是突发性公共卫生事件的高发场所,多发生在农村地区,严重影响中小学生的身体健康,应引起教育和卫生部门的重视,提高基层单位对学生传染病病例报告的敏感性和学校突发公共卫生事件调查的及时性应做为今后工作的重点.

  2. 徐州红色旅游发展的SWOT分析及发展对策研究%The SWOT Analysis of Red Tourism in XuZhou and its Development Countermeasures Study



    Tourism has economic and social functions,low consumption of resources, driving coefficient is large,more chances of employment and comprehensive benefit of good. Red tourism is a new form of the tourism,to promote tourism economic development on the very important role. This paper,to the red tourism development of Xuzhou with its strengths,weakness,opportunities and challenges by using the SWOTanalysis method are analyzed in detail,and for the further development of Xuzhou red tourism put forward the corresponding countermeasures.%旅游业具有经济和社会功能,资源消耗低,带动系数大,就业机会多,综合效益好。红色旅游是一种新型的旅游形式.对促进旅游地经济发展起了十分重要的作用。本文利用SWOT分析方法对徐州红色旅游发展的优势、劣势、机遇和挑战进行了详细分析,并对徐州红色旅游的进一步发展提出了相应的对策。

  3. The Application of the Same Standard Pollution Load Approach in the SuZhou Pollutant Census Evaluation%等标污染负荷法在苏州市污染源普查评价中的应用



    The essay introduces basic meanings and formula of the Same Standard Pollution Load Approach. Integrating with the Suzhou First National Pollutant Census, it also describes how to use the Same Standard Pollution Load Approach to find out the main pollutants, the main pollution sources, the main pollution industries, and the main pollution areas. In addition, these main factors show local environmental managers definite monitor and control targets.%概述了污染源等标污染负荷法的基本意义和数学公式,并且结合苏州市第一次全国污染源普查的实际,描述了在苏州市污染源普查结果的评价中,通过使用该方法后找出了影响环境的主要污染物、主要污染源、主要污染行业、以及主要区域,从而为当地的环境管理提供了明确的监控对象。

  4. 温州地区人上颌第一恒磨牙牙根解剖的研究%Root anatomy of maxillary first molars in people from WenZhou region

    汪敏; 韦永珍; 潘乙怀


    AIM: To study the root anatomy of the maxillary first molars in people from Wenzhou region.METHODS : A total of 60 extracted maxillary first molars were colleded and numbered.Macro morphology of the root, degree of abrasion, number and type of apical foramen were observed.Vemier was used to measure the length indexes and distance from the apical foramen to the root apex.aearins technique was used to investigate the root carul systems.RESULTS :55.4% of the apical foramens did not locate at their apices, 61.6% of mesiobuccal roots had two caruds, and 1.7% of teeth had three root canals.CONCLUSION :'The root anatomy of the maxillary first molara in people from Wenzhou region is very complex.%目的:了解温州地区人上颌第一恒磨牙牙根解剖基本特点.方法:收集60个温州地区人上颌第一恒磨牙,肉眼观察牙根外形、根尖孔数目、类型;游标卡尺测量牙根长度指标、根尖孔到牙根顶点的距离;透明牙标本法观察根管系统.结果:上颌第一恒磨牙55.4%根尖孔不在根尖顶点,近中颊根双根管率为61.6%,3根管率为1.7%.结论:温州地区人上颌第一恒磨牙牙根、根管形态复杂,应给予足够的重视.

  5. 基于多新息随机梯度永磁同步电机参数辨识%XU Peng1,2, XIAO Jian1, ZHOU Peng2, LI Shan2

    徐鹏; 肖建; 周鹏; 李山


    Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor(PMSM)has some excellent features, such as fast response, better accuracy, high torque to current ratio. Based on analysis of PMSM mathematical model, the system regression model is proposed, and multi-innovation stochastic gradient algorithm for PMSM parameters identification is derived. Simulation and real-time experiments results show that MISG algorithm has more outstanding performance on parameter estimate convergence than SG algorithm because of reusing measurable output and input information. Meanwhile, with multi-inno-vation length increased and forgetting factor affected, convergence performance of MISG algorithm is close to RLS.%永磁同步电机(Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor,PMSM)具有响应快、高精度、高转矩比等诸多优点。在永磁同步电机系统数学模型基础上,构建系统回归模型,推导得永磁同步电机多新息随机梯度参数辨识算法(MISG),仿真和实时实验结果表明由于MISG算法重复利用可测输入输出信息,较单新息随机梯度算法(SG)有着更好的参数估计收敛性,并且随着新息长度 p的增加及遗忘因子引入,MISG算法辨识效果与最小二乘(RLS)算法接近。

  6. 论陀思妥耶夫斯基"非暴力"思想对周作人的影响%On Dostoyevsky's Influence of Nonviolence on Zhou Zuoren








  8. Climatic Analysis and Di-vision of Summer Tour-ism Resources in Quan -zhou%泉州市盛夏避暑旅游气候资源及区划分析

    杨舒琳; 林中鹏; 韩赓


    In this paper, the meteoro-logical data in summer (July to Septem-ber) of 2013 from the 21 stations in Quanzhou and the 6 national stations in-cluding Chongwu, Jinjiang, Nan'an, Anxi, Yongchun, Dehua from 1981 to 2010 were used to compare average air temperature, average maximum air tem-perature, extreme high temperature and the days which ≥35℃ in different re-gions, then by calculating the compre-hensive human comfort degree index, high temperature index to evaluate sum-mer tourism climate resources and ap-propriate summer resort in Quanzhou. It was showed that there were abundant summer tourism climate resources in Quanzhou, and there were significant differences among different regions. The high-altitude mountainous areas and coastal areas which regulated by ocean were suitable for summer resort. Extreme appropriate summer resorts contained most of the islands, coastal stations and high altitude mountainous stations, ap-propriate summer resorts located in coastal areas and individual high altitude mountains.%采用2013年7—9月泉州境内21个自动气象站以及1981—2010年7—9月崇武、晋江、南安、安溪、永春、德化6个国家气象站的资料,对上述地区盛夏的平均气温、平均最高气温、极端最高气温和≥35℃的高温日数进行对比分析,再通过计算人体综合舒适度指数、高温炎热指数,对泉州市盛夏避暑旅游气候资源及适宜避暑区进行研究。分析表明,泉州市盛夏避暑旅游气候资源丰富,不同地域存在显著差异,内陆较高海拔山区由于气温随海拔高度升高而下降形成山地气候,盛夏无酷暑;沿海地区的气温受到海洋调节形成海陆风,凉爽海风吹向陆地,高温难以形成。极适宜避暑区包含了绝大部分海岛、滨海站和高海拔山地站,适宜避暑区落区位于沿海地区和个别高海拔山地,均非常适合盛夏避暑旅游。

  9. Eco engineering plan of substituting miniature hydropower for the fuel of home use in Liu Zhou district%柳州地区小水电代替家用燃料生态工程规划



    @@ 1柳州地区基本情况 柳州地区在广西壮族自治区中部,全区面积2.6811万km2,其中山地1.2334万km2,丘陵0.7443万km2;地区辖9县1市,共138个乡(镇),总人口400.9万人.地区境内大小河流遍布,水能资源丰富,除西江干流红水河、黔江及一级支流柳江河外,其余小河流共计290多条,多年平均径流深975mm,年径流量261.4亿m3.

  10. 欲挽狂澜应有术,先从性理觅高深——周作人的性学思想论析%Analysis on sexological ideology of Zhou Zuoren




  11. 获奖同学代表在颁奖大会上的发言%A speech on behalf of winners at the prize-giving ceremony for 5th national Zhou Peiyuan Mechanics Competition




  12. A speech at the prize-giving ceremony for 5th national Zhou Peiyuan Mechanics Competition%在第五届全国周培源大学生力学竞赛颁奖式上的讲话




  13. A speech on behalf of winner's units at the prize-giving ceremony for 5th national Zhou Peiyuan Mechanics Competition%获奖单位代表在颁奖大会上的讲话




  14. The Cultural Structure of Zhou and Qin and the Zhougong Culture Resource in Guanzhong and Tian Shui%关天周秦文化结构和周公文化资源开发之散论



    The spiritual home of the Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism is Chenzhao village, Zhougong Temple and Famen Temple in Baoji of Shaanxi province. The author shows the Zhougong Temple, Jiangji Temple and Chenzhao village should be planned and deveploped with the Famen Temple tourism area as the Chinese spiritual home. Then, the author suggests that the project of the Hexagrams-Disneyland would be developed firstly, which will not only show the China's culture characteristics but only have the entertainment. In the project, the digital technology, computer technology and electronic entertainment and some others combinded with oriental philosophy and mathematics would be used in it.%陕西宝鸡的召陈村一周公庙一法门寺是中国儒、释、道三教的精神发源地。应以崭新的理念,把周原上的周公庙、姜螈庙、召陈村等“周公文化”遗存,与法门寺景区统一规划、统一开发为中华儿女共有的“精神故乡”。另一方面,笔者并不赞同把周代文化开发重心只放在宝鸡市而西安只搞秦、汉、唐开发的方案,主张在西安丰镐遗址纪念项目中既展示中国文化特征及其贡献,同时又顾及娱乐性,从而首先考虑“易卦—迪士尼乐园”开发方案。在该方案中,可考虑利用当代数字技术、电子计算机技术和电子娱乐设计、视觉传达设计、动漫动画设计等手段,充分开发八卦中蕴含的东方哲理、数理特别是其中的数趣、“谜趣”;同时展示计算机的二进制的起源和数学原理,使游客在趣味中回味八卦的神奇和计算机产生、发展、演变的全过程。

  15. The Trial of Frigidness--A Memory about Zhou Enlai's Attending to the Funeral of Gheorghiu - Dej%一次寒冷的考验--忆周恩来参加乔治乌-德治葬礼



    @@ 1965年3月22日,周恩来总理率领中国党政代表团,乘专机前往罗马尼亚,参加罗马尼亚工人党中央委员会第一书记、国务委员会主席乔治乌-德治的葬礼.3月份是罗马尼亚的冬季,那里的冬天要比北京冷.所以,我们特地给周总理带上毛衣、毛裤和厚的呢子衣服备用.

  16. 泰州市当地居民旅游感知的实证研究%Empirical Study on the Residents' Perception of Tourism Impact in TaiZhou

    吴小伟; 毕桢


    Based on the field Taizhou residents' perception survey,founding that there are some differences between different perceptions of tourism residents.The local residents' perception for a positive cultural impact of tourism economy is strong.Because the development of tourism in Taizhou is on the Early stage,the local residents' perception for a negative cultural impact of tourism economy is not very strong.Residents in the tourist impact on the local cultural perception and the perception of economic impact show great similarity.To the positive impact of tourism,residents perceived more strongly.For the negative effects of tourism,they hold an oppostive attitude.Residents perceive the positive effects of tourism environment more strongly,but they also have large differences.Urban environment needs to be improved.For the negative impact of the environment which comes form the tourism environment,part of the population hold an unclear position,they are at the observation stage.Through field investigations,the paper provids some valuable references for the tourism industry of Taizhou.%本文通过对泰州居民感知进行实地调查,发现目前泰州旅游业处于发展初期,居民对于负面影响的感知还不是很强烈;居民对于旅游环境的正面影响感知虽然比较强烈,但是分歧也较大,城市环境有待进一步提高,对于旅游发展给环境带来的负面影响一部分居民没有明确表态,还处于观察的阶段。居民感知的实证研究能够为刚刚起步的泰州旅游业提供一些有价值的参考建议。

  17. The Circular Buckles and It's Dermatoglyphic Patterns in the Zhou, Qin and Han Dynasties%两周秦汉时期的圆形扣饰及其纹样




  18. Evaluation on Surveillance Data for Routine Immunization Coverage Rates in Zhen Zhou city%郑州市2005年常规免疫接种率评价及影响因素分析

    李锋; 刘哲; 董蒲梅; 宋彩娟


    目的 为了解郑州市常规免疫接种率监测工作的现状,评价郑州市2005年常规免疫接种率监测结果.方法 应用规定的接种率监测评价方法,对郑州市2005年的常规免疫接种率报告结果进行综合分析和评价.结果 各县市区报告完整性、及时率均为100%,基础免疫报告接种率在(98.92~99.75)%之间,全市基础免疫估算接种率在(110.89~127.08)%之间.结论 我市常规免疫接种率维持在较高水平,但仍存在薄弱地区和薄弱环节,常规免疫规范化管理仍待加强.

  19. 关于八年制临床医学教育的认识与思考%Cognition and consideration to medical education of eight-year medical program in China ZHOU

    周慧明; 周花; 张友元; 王庭槐


    我国现有13所高校开办八年制临床医学专业,学校及社会各界对八年制医学教育的办学质量和办学模式评价不一.本文通过分析研究八年制临床医学专业的教学现状,以保证八年制临床医学专业教学质量作为出发点和归宿,对进一步明确八年制临床医学专业培养目标,合理设置"医预阶段",深化课程体系和教学内容、教学方法改革,以及优化教学管理等方面进行了探讨.%There are 13 universities with eight-year medical program in China at present. The schools and the society have different views on the quality and the model of eight-year medical program. For the purpose of ensuring the quality of teaching, this paper firstly analyzes the teaching status quo of eight- year medical program at present, then points out how to define the objective, set up pre-medical phase rea- sonably, reform curriculum and teaching, and optimize the teaching administration for the program.

  20. 青海海西州地区牛羊布鲁菌氏病监测方案的研究%Study on the Surveillance Program for Bovine and Sheep Brucellosis in Haixi Zhou Qinghai Province



      目的探索适合青海省海西州地区牛、羊布鲁氏菌病的监测方案,净化布鲁氏菌病.利用琥红平板凝集试验(RBPT)、全乳环状试验(MRT)和试管凝集试验(SAT)对1200份牛血清中376份奶牛血清、677份羊血清,以及376份牛奶进行检测.结果RBPT检测1200份牛血清中9份可疑,3份阳性;376份奶牛血清中3份可疑,1份阳性;其他牛6份可疑,2份阳性;677份羊血清中3份可疑.MRT检测376份奶样中5份可疑,1份阳性.SAT重复检测的20份血清中2份为阳性,RBPT与MRT结果的符合率为100%.结论三种检测方法的联合使用适合大样本的进行布鲁氏菌病的监测,为基层布鲁氏菌病的监测方案的研究提供了理论依据.%  To explore the suitable cattle and sheep brucellosis surveillance and eradication programs in Haixi Prefecture of Qinghai province region. 1200 bovine serum samples including 376 dairy cow serum samples,677 sheep serum samples and 376 milk samples were detected by using the Rose Bengal plate agglutination test(RBPT),whole milk ring test(MRT)and standard tube agglutination test(SAT).Results showed that among 1200 bovine serum samples,3 were positive and 9 were suspicious(including 1 positive and 3 suspicious among 376 dairy cow serum samples)and among 677 sheep serum samples,3 were suspicious by RBPT.Among 376 milk samples,5 were suspicous by MRT.2 out 20 serum samples retested by SAT were positive.The coincidence between RBPT and MRT for detection of Brucella in serum samples was 100%.In conclusion,joint use of the three assays(RBPT,MRT and SAT)were suitable for brucellosis surveillance of large amount of samples,thus providing a theoretical basis for making grassroots brucellosis surveillance pragrams.

  1. A Through Introduction and Interpretation to the West Zhou's Bronze Utensil "Gui in Memory of the Xing's Marquis"%西周青铜器"邢侯簋"通释




  2. A Through Introduction and Interpretation to West Zhou's Bronze Utensil"Gui in Memory of Xing's Marquis"(Continued)%西周青铜器"邢侯簋"通释(下)




  3. 雅安周公山土壤苏云金芽孢杆菌菌株资源的筛选和初步鉴定%Screening and Identification of Bacillus thuringiensis from Mountain Zhou Gong of Yaan

    李云艳; 谭芙蓉; 郑爱萍; 朱军; 李平


    采集四川雅安市周公山土壤样品320份,利用醋酸钠-抗生素筛选法分离出苏云金芽孢杆菌132株.通过光学显微镜镜检发现,这些菌株均呈典型的苏云金芽孢杆菌形态,其伴孢晶体主要形态有长菱形、短菱形、方形、球形、不定型等.根据GeneBank中公布的cry基因序列,设计了14对杀虫cry基因的通用引物,对这132株分离菌进行的PCR-RFLP分析鉴定表明:在86株菌中分布有除cry18、cry27/29、cry34/35外的11种cry基因型,其中以cry1型最多,其次为cry2型.另46株菌未检测出cry基因.对这132株苏云金芽孢杆菌进行SDS-PAGE蛋白分析,发现杀鳞翅目、鞘翅目和双翅目的约130、80、65、75 kDa的蛋白带最丰富.

  4. 以相对历日关系探讨金文月相词语的范围%Using Sequential Relations of Day-dates to Determine the Temporal Scope of W.Zhou Lunar Phase Terms




  5. 全立式压铸机的改造与实践%Transformation and practice of full vertical die casting machine FANG LiGao,ZHOU Quan,ZHANG LiPan

    方立高; 周全; 张丽攀


    Hydraulic circuit and circuit of YTD32-100 type four-column hydraulic machine were redesigned, and it was transformed into the whole vertical die casting machine. Mode -locked oil and injection circuit were independent of the machine. It was convenient to adjust injection pressure, holding pressure time, filling time and other process parameters. The explosion-proof vibrator shell was produced by the machine, and the casting qualified rate reached 90%.%对 YTD32-100型四柱式液压机的液压油路和电路进行了重新设计,将其改造成为全立式压铸机。该机有独立的锁模油路和压射油路,可以方便调节压射比压、保压时间及充型时间等工艺参数。应用该机压铸出了防爆震动器壳体,铸件合格率达到了90%。

  6. 周勃父子的遭遇与文景用人政策探析%On the misfortune of Zhou Bo and his son and the empire Wen and Jing's policy of personnel placement




  7. ZHOU Fu- hai's Capituationism and Treason Was the Product of Japan's Seductive Policy%周佛海叛国投敌是日本侵略者诱降政策的产物




  8. 焦作地区在东周列国时期的历史地位%The definite place in history of Jiaozuo region in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty




  9. Body like flexile sallow; Heart like megalith--Zhou Enlai and "Growing up" Chinese Diplomacy%身似柔柳心如巨石--周恩来与"站起来"的中国外交



    @@ 对苏外交:"兄弟"之间有争论 新中国刚刚诞生时,美国等帝国主义国家对我国实行政治上孤立,经济上封锁,军事上包围的战略,迫使我们只有向社会主义国家苏联采取"一边倒"的外交方针,以争取自己的生存空间,求得政局稳定.那时,中苏两国同属于社会主义大家庭,被誉为兄弟般的友谊.

  10. 城乡规划学启蒙课教改实践及延展方法研究%Reform Of Rudimentary Lessons In Urban Planning Education/Shen Yao, Zhou Kai, Jiao Sheng, Jiang Suqi

    沈瑶; 周恺; 焦胜; 蒋甦琦


    Most urban planning majors in colege were separated from architecture. The paper introduces cutting-edge brain science and workshop education theories, conducts “cognition-understanding-discussion-reflection-practice” experiment in rudimentary lessons to motivate students’ initiative. The teaching results and extension models indicate that improved students’ initiatives have positive efects on professional ability.%传统城市规划专业大多从建筑学专业转型分离出来,专业转型问题突出。研究主要针对城乡规划学专业的启蒙课程展开,以国际前沿的脑科学及工作坊教学理论为基础,以提高学生的学习主体性为主要目标,从具体的教学环节创新入手,展开了以“认知—体悟—讨论—反思—实践”为主线的教学环节实验,通过对教学实验的内容和效果的分析,以及延展模式的探索,反映学习主体性的提高在专业思维能力培养上的积极效果。

  11. 侧柏人工林下层木本植物的组成及多样性%Species composition and diversity of understory woody plants in Platycladus orientalis plantation in Xu zhou

    尤海梅; 阎传海; 于法展; 王仲宇


    为明确徐州山地现有侧柏人工林下层木本植物的自然更新状况,依据40个20m×20m样地群落的调查数据,分析了林下自然更新的木本植物的组成及其相似性.结果表明,侧柏人工林下层自然更新的木本植物中单科种、单属种优势明显,林下木本植物区系组成复杂,出现的12种区系地理成分中,温带成分占主体,热带成分占较大比例.侧柏人工林下层出现的木本植物种类较多,但不同生境下群落的物种丰富度和多样性不高、组成树种的相似性极高,尤其是乔木树种的相似性明显高于灌木树种.林下木本植物的种类组成受立地条件和种子传播方式的显著影响,建议改善立地条件以提高林下木本植物的丰富度和多样性,同时控制外来树种的侵入以促进人工林的地带性演替.%In order to explore the natural regeneration condition of understory woody species in Platycladus orientalis plantation in Xuzhou mountainous region, 40 plots of 20 m x 20 m were set up and surveyed, and composition and similarity of the communities were analyzed. The result showed that the single -species family, the single -species genera were the main part of natural regeneration woody plants in understory of Platycladus orientalis plantation, the composition of understory woody species was complex. There were 12 geographic elements of the flora, and the temperate elements were the main part of the woody flora and the tropic element hold a great proportion. Although the richness and diversity of understory woody species was lower, the similarities of understory woody species between plots were very high, especially, the similarities of tree species were significant higher than the shrubs. Composition of understory woody species was influenced by the habitat and the seed dispersal; Therefore, the habitats of understory should be improved to raise the richness and diversity of understory woody species, and the invasion of alien species should be controlled to prompt succession of zonal vegetation in Platycladus orientalis plantations.

  12. On the Semiotic Nature of the Zhou Changes under Peirce's Vision%从皮尔斯的观点看《周易》的符号学性质

    方仁; 林海顺


    西方的符号学与《周易》从出发点到落脚点都是不同的.尽管有这种胎生的异质性,但两者之间还是存在所谓符号这样的重要交点.本文将对形成西方符号学分支之一的人物查尔斯·桑德斯·皮尔斯(Charles Sanders Peirce)的符号学思想与《周易》进行比较哲学的考察.皮尔斯符号学的特征在于泛符号主义(pansemiotism)和连续主义(synechism),即把存在于宇宙中的所有一切都作为其对象领域,把所有事物都当作连续体来把握.与弗迪南·德·索绪尔(Ferdinand de Saussure)以语言为中心来分析符号相比,皮尔斯更倾向于根据思维来分析符号,即通过表象体、对象体和解释体三者关系来分析符号.为了再现本质对象,皮尔斯提出了符号三分法,即指示符、像似符和规约符.他还提出了不同于传统方法论的假设推理法,即对现有事实推论出最好或最近似的说明的方法.把皮尔斯符号学观点运用于《周易》,则卦象、卦辞和卦意是实现《周易》符号过程的三要素,《周易》符号具有类像的规约符号性质.占术范式是根据其定性的本性而被规定特征的特殊知识模型,假设推理法是占术范式中特征性的思维方式,对于科学发现具有重要意义.

  13. 广佛线夏南车辆段与综合基地设计体会%Design of Xianan Depot and Multi-purpose Base on Guang zhou-Foshan Railway Line



    The design of depot and a multi-purpose base needs cooperation of different majors, so it is defined as a system engineering. Through expositing the design of Xi-anan Depot and Multi-purpose Base, which covers major interfaces, lay-out, complex pipeline, technical management and construction coordination, the experiences and lessons are summarized, suggestions are proposed for the depot and multi-purpose base design.%车辆段与综合基地的设计是多专业互相配合的系统工程.通过夏南车辆段与综合基地设计及配合施工情况,着重从专业接口、总图协调、综合管线、技术管理和配合施工等多个方面阐述了设计体会.针对设计中出现的问题总结了经验和教训,并给出了相关建议.

  14. 从《语丝》和《骆驼草》看周作人编辑思想的变化%On the Change of Zhou Zuoren's Editorial Thoughts from the Magazines of Yu Si and Camel Grass




  15. On the Magical Performance and Culture Culture Taste of Nixing Pottery in Qin Zhou City%论钦州坭兴陶的神奇表现和文化品位

    于长敏; 黄海基


    @@ 在物质生活相当丰富的今天,精神生活已上升到十分重要的层面.广西钦州坭兴陶器不仅为人们的物质生活带来了便利,也为人们的精神生活带来了享受.已有相当部分的陶艺作品是纯精神性的、纯欣赏性的,并带有一定的审美性.

  16. The Connotations of the Shang- and Zhou-dynasties Pictograms Used in Modern Logos%商周图形文字在现代标志设计中的潜在意义



    @@ 一、我国现代标志设计中缺乏一种中国艺术精神 现代标志以其鲜明易记的简洁形象和强烈的视觉冲击及其稳定的图形效果在现代社会生活中发挥着越来越重要的作用.它已经突破了原有商品标志的局限,深入到了企业文化、社团文化乃至一切社会公众活动的各个范畴,成为现代社会文化生活不可或缺的一部分.

  17. 安南都护府与唐代南疆羁縻州管理研究%A Research on the Administration of the Jimi Zhou and Annam Protectorate in the Southern Border Area in Tang Dynasty




  18. 唐宋泸属西部羁縻州县研究%A Study about the Western Jimi Zhou and Jimi Xian under the Administration of Luzhou in Tang and Song Dynasty

    郭声波; 魏超



  19. Effects of AIDS prevention activities among out of school youths in Zheng-zhou%郑州市校外青少年艾滋病知识干预效果评价



    目的:提高郑州市校外青少年艾滋病相关知识知晓水平。方法:采用整群抽样的方法于2014年5月至6月抽取郑州市校外青少年372人为研究对象。先对其艾滋病知识进行基线调查,之后在该人群中开展艾滋病知识健康教育、发放艾滋病宣传材料和提供咨询服务等干预活动,干预活动结束后对该部分人群再次进行艾滋病知识调查。结果:干预前的艾滋病知识知晓率为39.2%,干预后提高到98.9%,差异有统计学意义(χ2配对=222.001,P<0.001)。结论:郑州市校外青少年艾滋病知识知晓率干预后得以明显提高。%Aim:To improve the level of AIDS-related knowledge for out of school youths in Zhengzhou .Methods:During May to June in 2014 , the random cluster sampling was carried out ,and 372 out of school youths were chosen .Multi-ple-interventions were carried out .Then awareness rate of AIDS knowledge was evaluated before and after multiple-inter-ventions.Results:The awareness rate of AIDS knowledge was 39.2% before intervention and 98.9% after intervention, and the difference was significant (χ2match =222.001,P<0.001).Conclusion:Knowledge of AIDS of out of school youths in Zhengzhou has increased remarkably after intervention .

  20. 集中空调系统中弗朗西斯菌的分离与鉴定%Isolation and identification of Francisella-like strains from central air conditioning system in Guang-zhou

    李营; 屈平华; 张颖; 李工厂; 叶大柠; 陈守义; 陈茶; 吴尚为


    Objective To isolate the Francisella-like strains from central air conditioning system in Guangzhou and to identify their species .Methods Three hundred and twenty-four samples of cooling wa-ter and 36 samples of condensed water were collected from the air conditioning system in Guangzhou from year 2008 to 2014.The samples were cultured in BCYE supplemented with glycine (3 g/L), polymyxin B sulfate (80 000 U/L), vancomycin (1 mg/L) and cycloheximide (80 mg/L) (BCYEα-GVPC) medium af-ter concentrated by membrane filtration and pretreated by KCl-HCl buffer of pH2.2 for 10 minutes.The Francisella-like isolates were identified according to their cultural characteristics , biochemical test , PCR identification, 16S rRNA gene sequencing analysis and genomic DNA-DNA hybridization.Results Fifteen stains were isolated from 14 samples of cooling water and were identified as Francisella by PCR identification and phenotype analysis .The Francisella strains were detected in 4.3%of cooling water samples , but not in the condensed water samples .The phylogenetic tree constructed based on the sequence of 16S rRNA showed that the 15 strains formed four clusters including one cluster of nine Francisella guangzhouensis isolates, one cluster of one Francisella philomiragia isolate and two clusters of five isolates closest to the Francisella guan-gzhouensis strain.The five isolates represented two novel genospecies sharing a genomic homology of less than 70%with the Francisella guangzhouensis strain as indicated by the DNA-DNA hybridization analysis . Conclusion Water samples collected from the air conditioning system in Guangzhou city showed a lower positive rate for Francisella strain and no Francisella tularensis strain with strong pathogenicity was found in those samples .%目的 对集中空调系统中的弗朗西斯菌进行分离鉴定. 方法 收集2008—2014年广州市集中空调系统的324份冷却水和36份冷凝水水样,经负压膜过滤集菌、酸处理后接种军团菌选择性甘氨酸-万古霉素-多黏霉素B-放线菌酮( BCYEα-GVPC)培养基进行细菌分离培养,通过培养特征、生化反应特性等表型分析及弗朗西斯菌属特异性引物PCR鉴定、16S rRNA 基因序列分析、基因组DNA-DNA杂交等方法进行菌种鉴定. 结果 从14份集中空调冷却水中分离到15株菌,经表型分析和弗朗西斯菌属特异性引物PCR扩增确定为弗朗西斯菌,水样的阳性率分别为:冷却水4.3%,冷凝水0%. 15个分离菌株的16S rRNA 基因序列分析及系统发育分析显示,其可分为4个分支,包括为广州弗朗西斯菌9株,蜃楼弗朗西斯菌1株,另2个分支的5株菌与广州弗朗西斯菌亲缘关系最接近,但基因组DNA-DNA杂交证明与广州弗朗西斯菌同源性<70%,初步确定为弗朗西斯菌属内的候选新种. 结论 广州市集中空调系统水样弗朗西斯菌阳性率低,且未发现强致病性的土拉热弗朗西斯菌.

  1. 情景分析法在贵州省旅游发展规划环评中的应用研究%Application of Scenario Analysis in Environment Impact Assessment of GuiZhou Tourism Development Planning

    杨桃萍; 常理; 毛思禹


    The application of scenario analysis method in planning impact assessment was introduced as well as its theory and characteristics.Four scenarios were set up for Guizhou province tourism development planning.They are planning exploitation,business as usual,high speed growth,and low speed growth.On the basis of comparing the results of different scenarios,scenario 1 seemed to be the best option,which has implied that planning demonstra-ted more obvious positive impacts on society and economy than the negative influences on environment and intangi-ble culture heritage.The environmental influence here referred to surface water quality and solid waste disposal.%介绍了情景分析法的理论体系、特性表述、在规划环评中的应用。贵州省旅游发展规划模拟了4种情景,分别是规划开发、正常发展、高速增长、低速增长。综合比较4种选择方案,情景1为最佳选择。评价结果显示:规划在社会经济方面的正面影响大于对环境和无形文化遗产的负面影响,这里的环境影响主要指地表水水质和固体废物的处置。

  2. Shi Qiang Pan,an Inscribed Bronze Plate of the Western Zhou Dynasty and the Genealogy of "微" Clan%《史墙盘》和微氏家谱




  3. A Study on Li Ding and a Bronze Plate of the Western Zhou%首都师范大学收藏的两件西周青铜器




  4. Theory on Metaphor and Symbol of Ci' School in Chang Zhou in Qing Dynaty%略论清代常州词派的比兴寄托理论




  5. 浅谈周作人的随笔集《自己的园地》%Elementary Comment On《My Own Field》-- Collected Work of Informal Essays Written by Zhou Zuoren




  6. 东周王陵"六马之驾"发现的学术史意义%Academic history meaning of the discovery of six-horse coach in the Eastern Zhou Mausoleum




  7. 生计资本对杭州市农民工生活满意度的影响%The impact of livelihood capital on the life satisfaction of urban migrant workers in Hang-zhou

    苏飞; 庞凌峰; 马莉莎


    The lack of various livelihood capitals has become one of the biggest obstacles to migrant workers 'urban lives.Therefore improving the livelihood capital of migrant workers has become the foundation and key to eliminating poverty of migrant workers and to improve their life satisfaction .This paper established a dual logistic regression model and analyzed the impact of livelihood capital on the life satisfaction of urban migrant workers in Hangzhou City . The results showed that:①the livelihood capitals of migrant workers in Hangzhou has spatial differences , the value of livelihood capitals of suburb areas is the highest , followed by the central area , then the outer suburbs;② migrant workers have lower conversion capacity of all kinds of livelihood capitals , with the consideration of the lack of human capital, weak physical capital , insufficient financial capital , and limited social capital;③social capital and human capital are the most important factors to affect the life satisfaction of migrant workers in Hangzhou City .At last, some suggestions are proposed in the hope of providing some references to achieve the sustainable livelihoods of urban mi -grant workers in Hangzhou City .%农民工是城市产业工人的主体,对城市建设与发展做出了重要贡献。由于各种生计资本的匮乏影响到城市农民工的生活质量,提高生计资本存量和多样化成为消除农民工贫困、提高其生活满意度的基础与关键。文章对杭州市农民工的生计资本特征进行了深入分析,并通过二元logistic模型评估了生计资本对农民工生活满意度的影响。结果表明:①在杭农民工生计资本存在明显的区域差异,近郊区农民工的生计资本总值最高,中心城区次之,远郊区最低;②在杭农民工各类生计资本转化能力普遍不高,突出表现为物质资本薄弱、人力资本不足、金融资本虚化、社会资本匮乏;③人力资本和社会资本是影响在杭农民工生活满意度的核心要素。最后,提出了增强农民工生活满意度的调控对策,以期为实现在杭农民工生计可持续提供科学参考。

  8. 米家儿童用品有限公司


    Facing with Shang Hai in the west&Su Zhou in the south,Pu Hu Mi Jia Child Product Co.,Ltd,Iocated in the center of Yangtze Delta area,owns convenient communication by the advantage of Hang Zhou Bay Bridge and Shang Hai Hang Zhou super way.

  9. 英文摘要


    Zhou Advocates Aim-High PolicyMonetary policy adjustments should focus on more than inflation control in China, says central bank Governor Zhou Xiaochuan. He wants policymakers to set higher goals, such as resource optimization. Yet Zhou, speaking at a Caixin Media summit, admitted monetary policy is critical to keeping the natioffs economy, which is transitioning and yielding to market forces, from overheating.




    THE leading player in the 10,000meter race at the 1993 Seventh National Games held at the stadium of the Beijing Olympic Sports Center was not Zhong Huandi, the heroine of this article. Ousted by Wang Junxia, a girl ten years her junior, Zhong placed second, though she broke the world record.

  11. 本刊编委会委员名单


    《浙江大学学报》(农业与生命科学版)编委会 主 任 Chairman 程家安 CHENG Jia-an 顾 问 Advisors of the Editorial Board 陈子元 CHEN Zi-yuan 李德葆 LI De-bao 童芍素 TONG Shao-su 特邀编委 Honorarv Members of the Editorial Board(按姓氏笔画为序) 王道文 WANG Dao-wen 研究员 中国科学院遗传研究所 李毅 LI Yi 教授 北京大学生命学院 吴常信 WU Chang-xin 院士 北京农业大学 张爱民 ZHANG Ai-min 教授 中国农业大学 薛勇彪 XUE Yong-biao 研究员 中国科学院发育研究所 奥田诚一 Seiichi Okuda 教授 University of Utsunomiya DENNIS N. Marple 教授 Iowa State University of Science and Technology HEIKO C. Becker 教授 George August University Gottingen ZENG Zhao-bang 教授 NC State University 编 委 Members of the Editorial Board(按姓氏笔画为序) 王人潮WANG Ren-chao 冯明光FENG Ming-guang 邓君奇DENG Jun-qi 朱军ZHU Jun 刘祖生LIU ZU-sheng 刘树生LIU Shu-sheng 许梓荣XU Zi-rong 孙锦荷SUN Jin-he 朱睦元ZHU Mu yuan 吴常信WU Chang-xin 吴平WU Ping 何国庆HE Guo-qmg 何勇HE Yong 张国平ZHANG Guo-ping 周雪平ZHOU Xue ping 陈力耕CHEN Li geng 胡萃HU Cui 郑筱祥ZHENG Xiao-xiang 郑重ZHENG Zhong 凌备备LING Bei-bei 钱凯先QIAN Kai-xian 徐同XU Tong 唐桂礼TANG Gui-li 徐建民XU-Jian-min 黄昌勇HUANG Chang-yong 曹家树CAO Jia-shu 程家安CHENG Jia-an 曾广文ZENG Guang-wen 楼程富LOU Cheng fu 薛庆中XUE Qing-zhong 主 编 Eeditor-in-Chief 程家安 CHENG Jia-an 副主编 Associate Editors-in-Chief 朱军ZHU Jun(常务) 唐桂礼TANG Gui-li 执行总编 Chief Reviewing Editor 邓君奇 DENG Jun-qi

  12. Disturbed spontaneous brain activity pattern in patients with primary angle-closure glaucoma using amplitude of low-frequency fluctuation: a fMRI study

    Huang X


    Full Text Available Xin Huang,1,* Yu-Lin Zhong,1,* Xian-Jun Zeng,2 Fuqing Zhou,2 Xin-Hua Liu,1 Pei-Hong Hu,1 Chong-Gang Pei,1 Yi Shao,1 Xi-Jian Dai21Department of Ophthalmology, 2Department of Radiology, The First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University, Nangchang, Jiangxi, People’s Republic of China*These authors contributed equally to this workObjective: The aim of this study is to use amplitude of low-frequency fluctuation (ALFF as a method to explore the local features of spontaneous brain activity in patients with primary angle -closure glaucoma (PACG and ALFFs relationship with the behavioral performances.Methods: A total of twenty one patients with PACG (eight males and 13 females, and twenty one healthy subjects (nine males and twelve females closely matched in age, sex, and education, each underwent a resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging scan. The ALFF method was used to assess the local features of spontaneous brain activity. The correlation analysis was used to explore the relationships between the observed mean ALFF signal values of the different areas in PACG patients and the thickness of the retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL. Results: Compared with the healthy subjects, patients with PACG had significant lower ALFF areas in the left precentral gyrus, bilateral middle frontal gyrus, bilateral superior frontal gyrus, right precuneus, and right angular gyrus, and higher areas in the right precentral gyrus. In the PACG group, there were significant negative correlations between the mean ALFF signal value of the right middle frontal gyrus and the left mean RNFL thickness (r=-0.487, P=0.033, and between the mean ALFF signal value of the left middle frontal gyrus and the right mean RNFL thickness (r=-0.504, P=0.020. Conclusion: PACG mainly involved in the dysfunction in the frontal lobe, which may reflect the underlying pathologic mechanism of PACG.Keywords: angle-closure glaucoma, amplitude of low-frequency fluctuation, functional

  13. PLLA-PEG-TCH-labeled bioactive molecule nanofibers for tissue engineering

    Chen J


    Full Text Available Jun Chen1,2, Beth Zhou1–3, Qi Li1,2, Jun Ouyang4, Jiming Kong2,4,5, Wen Zhong3,6, Malcolm MQ Xing1,2,4,71Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB, Canada; 2Manitoba Institute of Child Health, Winnipeg, MB, Canada; 3Department of Textile Sciences, Faculty of Human Ecology, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB, Canada; 4School of Basic Medical Science, Southern Medical University, Guangzhoug, China; 5Department of Human Anatomy and Cell Sciences, 6Department of Medical Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, 7Department of Biochemistry and Medical Genetics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB, CanadaAbstract: By mimicking the native extracellular matrix, electrospun nanofibrous scaffolds (ENSs can provide both chemical and physical cues to modulate cell adherence and differentiation and to promote tissue regeneration while retaining bioresorbable and biocompatible properties. In this study, ENSs were developed to deliver multiple biomolecules by loading them into the core-sheath structure and/or by conjugating them to the nanofiber surfaces. In this work, poly(L-lactide-poly(ethylene glycol-NH2 and poly(L-lactide were emulsion electrospun into nanofibers with a core-sheath structure. A model drug, tetracycline hydrochloride, was loaded within the nanofibers. Amino and carboxyl reactive groups were then activated on the fiber surfaces using saturated water vapor exposure and base hydrolysis, respectively. These reactive groups allowed the surface of the ENS to be functionalized with two other bioactive molecules, fluorescein isothiocyanate- and rhodamine-labeled bovine serum albumins, which were used as model proteins. The ENSs were shown to retain their antimicrobial capacity after two functionalization reactions, indicating that multifunctional nanofibers can potentially be developed into functional wound dressings or periodontal membranes or used in more complicated

  14. Consolidation chemotherapy improves progression-free survival in stage III small-cell lung cancer following concurrent chemoradiotherapy: a retrospective study

    Chen XR


    Full Text Available Xin-Ru Chen,1,* Jian-Zhong Liang,2,* Shu-Xiang Ma,1 Wen-Feng Fang,1 Ning-Ning Zhou,1 Hai Liao,1 De-Lan Li,1 Li-Kun Chen1 1Department of Medical Oncology, 2Department of Pathology, State Key Laboratory of Oncology in South China, Collaborative Innovation Center for Cancer Medicine, Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center, Guangzhou, People’s Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this work Background: Concurrent chemoradiotherapy (CCRT is the standard treatment for limited-stage small-cell lung cancer (LD-SCLC. However, the efficacy of consolidation chemotherapy (CCT in LD-SCLC remains controversial despite several studies that were performed in the early years of CCT use. The aim of this study was to reevaluate the effectiveness and toxicities associated with CCT. Methods: This retrospective analysis evaluated 177 patients with stage IIIA and IIIB small-cell lung cancer (SCLC who underwent CCRT from January 2001 to December 2013 at Sun Yat-Sen University Cancer Center (SYSUCC. Overall survival (OS and progression-free survival (PFS were analyzed using Kaplan–Meier methods. Univariate and multivariate analyses were performed to analyze patient prognosis factors. Results: Among the 177 patients, 72 (41% received CCT and 105 (59% did not receive CCT. PFS was significantly better for patients in the CCT group compared to that for patients in the non-CCT group (median PFS: 17.0 vs 12.9 months, respectively, P=0.031, whereas the differences in OS were not statistically significant (median OS: 31.6 vs 24.8 months, respectively, P=0.118. The 3- and 5-year OS rates were 33.3% and 20.8% for patients in the CCT group and 27.6% and 6.7% for patients in the non-CCT group, respectively. Multivariate analysis revealed that having a pretreatment carcinoembryonic antigen level <5 ng/mL (P=0.035, having undergone prophylactic cranial irradiation (P<0.001, and having received CCT (P=0.002 could serve as favorable independent prognostic factors

  15. Development of the scintillator-based probe for fast-ion losses in the HL-2A tokamak

    Zhang, Y. P.; Liu, Yi; Luo, X. B.; Isobe, M.; Yuan, G. L.; Liu, Y. Q.; Hua, Y.; Song, X. Y.; Yang, J. W.; Li, X.; Chen, W.; Li, Y.; Yan, L. W.; Song, X. M.; Yang, Q. W.; Duan, X. R.


    A new scintillator-based lost fast-ion probe (SLIP) has been developed and operated in the HL-2A tokamak [L. W. Yan, X. R. Duan, X. T. Ding, J. Q. Dong, Q. W. Yang, Yi Liu, X. L. Zou, D. Q. Liu, W. M. Xuan, L. Y. Chen, J. Rao, X. M. Song, Y. Huang, W. C. Mao, Q. M. Wang, Q. Li, Z. Cao, B. Li, J. Y. Cao, G. J. Lei, J. H. Zhang, X. D. Li, W. Chen, J. Chen, C. H. Cui, Z. Y. Cui, Z. C. Deng, Y. B. Dong, B. B. Feng, Q. D. Gao, X. Y. Han, W. Y. Hong, M. Huang, X. Q. Ji, Z. H. Kang, D. F. Kong, T. Lan, G. S. Li, H. J. Li, Qing Li, W. Li, Y. G. Li, A. D. Liu, Z. T. Liu, C. W. Luo, X. H. Mao, Y. D. Pan, J. F. Peng, Z. B. Shi, S. D. Song, X. Y. Song, H. J. Sun, A. K. Wang, M. X. Wang, Y. Q. Wang, W. W. Xiao, Y. F. Xie, L. H. Yao, D. L. Yu, B. S. Yuan, K. J. Zhao, G. W. Zhong, J. Zhou, J. C. Yan, C. X. Yu, C. H. Pan, Y. Liu, and the HL-2A Team, Nucl. Fusion 51, 094016 (2011)] to measure the losses of neutral beam ions. The design of the probe is based on the concept of the α-particle detectors on Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor (TFTR) using scintillator plates. The probe is capable of traveling across an equatorial plane port and sweeping the aperture angle rotationally with respect to the axis of the probe shaft by two step motors, in order to optimize the radial position and the collimator angle. The energy and the pitch angle of the lost fast ions can be simultaneously measured if the two-dimensional image of scintillation light intensity due to the impact of the lost fast ions is detected. Measurements of the fast-ion losses using the probe have been performed during HL-2A neutral beam injection discharges. The clear experimental evidence of enhanced losses of beam ions during disruptions has been obtained by means of the SLIP system. A detailed description of the probe system and the first experimental results are reported.

  16. Altered intrinsic regional spontaneous brain activity in patients with optic neuritis: a resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging study

    Shao Y


    Full Text Available Yi Shao,1,* Feng-Qin Cai,2,* Yu-Lin Zhong,1 Xin Huang,1,3 Ying Zhang,1 Pei-Hong Hu,1 Chong-Gang Pei,1 Fu-Qing Zhou,2 Xian-Jun Zeng2 1Department of Ophthalmology, 2Department of Radiology, First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University, Nanchang, 3Department of Ophthalmology, First People’s Hospital of Jiujiang, Jiujiang, People’s Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this work Objective: To investigate the underlying regional homogeneity (ReHo in brain-activity deficit in patients with optic neuritis (ON and its relationship with behavioral performance.Materials and methods: In total, twelve patients with ON (four males and eight females and twelve (four males and eight females age-, sex-, and education-matched healthy controls underwent resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging scans. The ReHo method was used to assess the local features of spontaneous brain activity. Correlation analysis was used to explore the relationship between the observed mean ReHo values of the different brain areas and the visual evoked potential (VEP in patients with ON.Results: Compared with the healthy controls, patients with ON showed lower ReHo in the left cerebellum, posterior lobe, left middle temporal gyrus, right insula, right superior temporal gyrus, left middle frontal gyrus, bilateral anterior cingulate cortex, left superior frontal gyrus, right superior frontal gyrus, and right precentral gyrus, and higher ReHo in the cluster of the left fusiform gyrus and right inferior parietal lobule. Meanwhile, we found that the VEP amplitude of the right eye in patients with ON showed a positive correlation with the ReHo signal value of the left cerebellum posterior lobe (r=0.701, P=0.011, the right superior frontal gyrus (r=0.731, P=0.007, and the left fusiform gyrus (r=0.644, P=0.024. We also found that the VEP latency of the right eye in ON showed a positive correlation with the ReHo signal value of the right insula (r=0.595, P=0

  17. Xyloketal-derived small molecules show protective effect by decreasing mutant Huntingtin protein aggregates in Caenorhabditis elegans model of Huntington’s disease

    Zeng YX


    Full Text Available Yixuan Zeng,1,2,* Wenyuan Guo,1,* Guangqing Xu,3 Qinmei Wang,4 Luyang Feng,1,2 Simei Long,1 Fengyin Liang,1 Yi Huang,1 Xilin Lu,1 Shichang Li,5 Jiebin Zhou,5 Jean-Marc Burgunder,6 Jiyan Pang,5 Zhong Pei1,2 1Department of Neurology, National Key Clinical Department and Key Discipline of Neurology, Guangdong Key Laboratory for Diagnosis and Treatment of Major Neurological Disease, The First Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University, 2Guangzhou Center, Chinese Huntington’s Disease Network, 3Department of Rehabilitation, The First Affiliated Hospital, 4Key laboratory on Assisted Circulation, Ministry of Health, Department of Cardiovascular Medicine of the First Affiliated Hospital, 5School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, Guangdong, People’s Republic of China; 6Swiss Huntington’s Disease Center, Department of Neurology, University of Bern, Bern, Switzerland *These authors contributed equally to this work Abstract: Huntington’s disease is an autosomal-dominant neurodegenerative disorder, with chorea as the most prominent manifestation. The disease is caused by abnormal expansion of CAG codon repeats in the IT15 gene, which leads to the expression of a glutamine-rich protein named mutant Huntingtin (Htt. Because of its devastating disease burden and lack of valid treatment, development of more effective therapeutics for Huntington’s disease is urgently required. Xyloketal B, a natural product from mangrove fungus, has shown protective effects against toxicity in other neurodegenerative disease models such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. To identify potential neuroprotective molecules for Huntington’s disease, six derivatives of xyloketal B were screened in a Caenorhabditis elegans Huntington’s disease model; all six compounds showed a protective effect. Molecular docking studies indicated that compound 1 could bind to residues GLN369 and GLN393 of the mutant Htt protein, forming a

  18. A novel pulsed drug-delivery system: polyelectrolyte layer-by-layer coating of chitosan–alginate microgels

    Zhou GC


    Full Text Available Guichen Zhou,1,2,* Ying Lu,1,* He Zhang,1,* Yan Chen,1 Yuan Yu,1 Jing Gao,1 Duxin Sun,3 Guoqing Zhang,2 Hao Zou,1 Yanqiang Zhong1 1Department of Pharmaceutical Science, Second Military Medical University, Shanghai, People's Republic of China; 2Department of Pharmacy, East Hospital of Hepatobiliary Surgery, Shanghai, People's Republic of China; 3Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA*These authors contributed equally to this workPurpose: The aim of this report was to introduce a novel “core-membrane” microgel drug-delivery device for spontaneously pulsed release without any external trigger.Methods: The microgel core was prepared with alginate and chitosan. The semipermeable membrane outside the microgel was made of polyelectrolytes including polycation poly(allylamine hydrochloride and sodium polystyrene sulfonate. The drug release of this novel system was governed by the swelling pressure of the core and the rupture of the outer membrane.Results: The size of the core-membrane microgel drug-delivery device was 452.90 ± 2.71 µm. The surface charge depended on the layer-by-layer coating of polyelectrolytes, with zeta potential of 38.6 ± 1.4 mV. The confocal microscope exhibited the layer-by-layer outer membrane and inner core. The in vitro release profile showed that the content release remained low during the first 2.67 hours. After this lag time, the cumulative release increased to 80% in the next 0.95 hours, which suggested a pulsed drug release. The in vivo drug release in mice showed that the outer membrane was ruptured at approximately 3 to 4 hours, as drug was explosively released.Conclusion: These data suggest that the encapsulated substance in the core-membrane microgel delivery device can achieve a massive drug release after outer membrane rupture. This device was an effective system for pulsed drug delivery.Keywords: polyelectrolyte, chitosan–alginate, microgels, layer-by-layer, pulsed

  19. SNPs, linkage disequilibrium, and chronic mountain sickness in Tibetan Chinese

    Buroker NE


    Full Text Available Norman E Buroker,1 Xue-Han Ning,1,2,† Zhao-Nian Zhou,3 Kui Li,4 Wei-Jun Cen,4 Xiu-Feng Wu,3 Wei-Zhong Zhu,5 C Ronald Scott,1 Shi-Han Chen1 1Department of Pediatrics, University of Washington, 2Division of Cardiology, Seattle Children’s Hospital Research Foundation, Seattle, WA, USA; 3Laboratory of Hypoxia Physiology, Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai, China; 4Lhasa People Hospital, Lhasa, Tibet; 5Center for Cardiovascular Biology and Regenerative Medicine, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA †Xue-Han Ning passed away on April 20, 2015 Abstract: Chronic mountain sickness (CMS is estimated at 1.2% in Tibetans living at the Qinghai–Tibetan Plateau. Eighteen single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs from nine nuclear genes that have an association with CMS in Tibetans have been analyzed by using pairwise linkage disequilibrium (LD. The SNPs included are the angiotensin-converting enzyme (rs4340, the angiotensinogen (rs699, and the angiotensin II type 1 receptor (AGTR1 (rs5186 from the renin–angiotensin system. A low-density lipoprotein apolipoprotein B (rs693 SNP was also included. From the hypoxia-inducible factor oxygen signaling pathway, the endothetal Per-Arnt-Sim domain protein 1 (EPAS1 and the egl nine homolog 1 (ENGL1 (rs480902 SNPs were included in the study. SNPs from the vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF signaling pathway included are the v-akt murine thymoma viral oncogene homolog 3 (rs4590656 and rs2291409, the endothelial cell nitric oxide synthase 3 (rs1007311 and rs1799983, and the (VEGFA (rs699947, rs34357231, rs79469752, rs13207351, rs28357093, rs1570360, rs2010963, and rs3025039. An increase in LD occurred in 40 pairwise comparisons, whereas a decrease in LD was found in 55 pairwise comparisons between the controls and CMS patients. These changes were found to occur within and between signaling pathways, which suggests that there is an interaction between SNP



    The Development and Evolution of the Idea of the Mandate of Heaven in the Zhou Dynasty The changes in the idea of Mandate of Heaven during the Shang and Zhou dynasties are of great significance in the course of the development of traditional Chinese culture. The quickening and awakening of the humanistic spirit was not the entire content of the Zhou idea of Mandate of Heaven. In the process of annihilating the Shang dynasty and setting up their state, the Zhou propagated the idea of the Mandate of Heaven out of practical needs. Their idea of the Mandate of Heaven was not very different from that of the Shang. From the Western Zhou on, the Zhou idea of Mandate of Heaven by no means developed in a linear way along a rational track. The intermingling of rationality and irrationality and of awakening and non-awakening remained the overall state of the Zhou intellectual superstructure after their "spiritual awakening".

  1. A Reflection of the New Music Curriculum Criterion:Beginning with "the Controversy between Wang and Zhong" in the Education Circle%对音乐新课标的反思——从教育界"王钟之争"谈起





    潘国良; 张龙; 朱增军; 王忠明; 张洪亮


    Based on three surveys carried out by bottom trawl in spring (April, May and June) of 2011, the spa-tial-temporal distribution of the biomass of Oratosquilla oratoria in the coastal waters of South Zhejiang was analyzed. Two methods including sweep area method and analysis of variance (ANOVA) were used here. The results showed that:for temporal distribution, the biomass of O. oratoria decreased from April to June, but there were no significant differences between them. For spatial distribution, the biomass of most of the survey positions was lower (150kg/km2)的空间分布与该月底温与底盐的变化相关。另外,随着月平均底盐特别是平均底温的升高,口虾蛄呈现逐月由较深海域向较浅海域移动的趋势。

  3. 中国比较教育学的早期移植与创生——以钟鲁斋和康德尔的《比较教育》为中心%The Transplantation and Creation of China's Comparative Education in Early Period——focusing on two books of Comparative Education by Zhong Luzhai and Kandel




  4. 模拟酸雨对德保苏铁叶片光合作用及根系分泌有机酸的影响%Effects of simulated acid rain on photosynthesis of leaves and organic acid secreted by roots of Cycas debaoensis Y.C.Zhong et C.J.Chen

    周明昆; 李正文; 李志刚; 李素丽; 李楠; 刘鹏


    [Objective]Effects of acid rain on photosynthesis changes of leaves and organic acid secreted by roots of Cycas debaoensis were studied to better protect Cycas debaoensis. [Method]According to the rainfall characteristics in Guangxi, simulated acid rain spraying was adopted to investigate changes in organic acirl secreted by roots and photosyn-thetic physiology. [Result]Under pH 2.1 acid rain stress, soil pH decreased, the plant leaves showed necrotic lesion, and net photosynthetic rate, stomalal conductance, transpiration rate and the plant intercellular C02 concentration in leaves were all seriously impacted. Oxalic acid was the main organic acid detected from the roots of Cycas debaoensis. The oxalic acid secreted by the roots of Cycas debaoensis showed no change under moderate acid rain stress (pH 4.2 and pH 3.1), but obviously increased under strong acid rain stress(pH 2.1). [Conclusion ]Simulaled acid rain with pH 2.1 severely damaged the leaves of Cycas debaoensis, and weakened their photosynthesis. In response, Cycas debaoensis roots had to secrete more organic acid to adapt and resist overwhelming acid rain stress.%[目的]研究酸雨胁迫下德保苏铁根系分泌有机酸及叶片光合生理变化特征,为德保苏铁的保护提供参考.[方法]针对德保苏铁分布地(广西德保)的降雨特点,采用喷淋模拟酸雨的方法研究土培德保苏铁的根系分泌有机酸和光合生理的变化特征.[结果]在pH 2.1的模拟酸雨胁迫下,土壤pH值降低,德保苏铁叶片出现枯斑,叶片净光合速率、气孔导度、蒸腾速率、胞间CO2浓度均受到严重影响;在德保苏铁根系分泌的有机酸中主要检测出草酸,中强度酸雨(pH 4.2和pH 3.1)对德保苏铁根系分泌草酸的影响不大,而强酸雨(pH 2.1)处理可引起根系分泌草酸含量显著增加.[结论]人工模拟酸雨强度达pH 2.1时对德保苏铁叶片造成严重伤害,其光合作用也随之减弱;德保苏铁根系通过分泌更多的有机酸来增加对强酸雨胁迫的适应性和抗逆性.德保苏铁原产地土壤对中轻度酸雨胁迫具有一定的缓冲能力,但当酸雨强度过大时仍会导致其土壤严重酸化.


    张智礼; 蔡习尧; 马璐; 李越


    The Well Tazhong 2 is situated in the platform margin of the southern slope, Central High, Tarim Block, Xinjiang, China. The Upper Ordovician Lianglitag Formation limestones are dominated by rich intraclastic banks as well as reefal units mainly formed by bindstones of cyanobacteria, calcareous algae together with less metazoanal frameworks of coral and bryozoan. Crinoidal, brachiopoda and trilobite etc. shelly fauna fragments are richly yielded. Several associations of reef and bank are recognized from the sequences, and generally shown as reef complexes with in situ or approximate characteristics taphonomically. The current energy conditions were somewhat changeable and the paleoenvironment maintained a depth above the wave-base. Sedimentary facies and diagenesis remarkably control the forming of the reservoir pattern. Bioclastic limestone, algal bindstone, bafflestone and sandy clastic limestones are mainly considered as the reservoir units. Intragranular dissolved pores, vugs and fractures play key roles for the spaces of reservoirs with less dolomitization. Deep dissolution with strong secondary cementation is an essentially factor for the configuration of the porosity. Nevertheless, units of reef-type are more favorable as the idealized reservoirs than that of the bank-type.%塔里木中央隆起区中2井位于塔中南坡台缘带,上奥陶统凯迪阶良里塔格组频繁出现浅水粒屑滩沉积,以及由蓝藻、钙藻兼以少量珊瑚、苔藓虫等造礁生物以不等含量分别构成生物障积或粘结型礁灰岩,棘皮类、腕足类和三叶虫等壳相生物碎屑丰富.可分出数层典型的生物礁、滩组合序列,总体显示为原地生长和近源搬运的生物礁滩复合体建造.环境的动能条件略有变化,但皆属浪基面之上的沉积深度.礁、滩储层形成模式主要受于沉积相带、成岩改造的控制,储层以生屑灰岩、藻粘结灰岩、障积灰岩及砂屑灰岩为主,储集空间类型包括次生溶蚀孔隙、晶洞与裂缝,同时伴随少量的白云岩化作用,且孔隙以深埋藏溶蚀成因为主,次生胶结作用也十分强烈,礁相储层潜力好于滩相.

  6. Maintenance of the Single Turnout of the 60 kg-12 Movable Point Crossing of Tai-zhong-yin Railway%太中银线60kg-12号可动心轨单开道岔的养护与维修



    The turnout is one of the important parts of the rail structure, but at the turnout, the great change of stiffness, the uneven flexibility under the rails and unsmooth line may cause more complex load, deformation and vibration, which makes the turnout the weakest link in the rail structure. The high-speed turnout of the 60kg-12 movable point crossing demands higher levels of maintenance, management and technology. Based on lots of on-site practices, some measures to improve the maintenance are proposed.%道岔是轨道结构的重要组成部分,但由于道岔区线路刚度急剧变化、轨下基础弹性不均匀、岔区线路不平顺等引起更为复杂的荷载和变形及震动,使道岔成为轨道结构的薄弱环节之一。作为60kg-12号可动心轨高速道岔,更是对工务的养护、维修、管理与技术提出了更高的要求。通过大量的现场实践经验,提出对高速60kg-12号可动心轨道岔养护与维修等方面的见解。

  7. 中国情怀中国厅--广东中山富华酒店富华宫室内设计创意%Chinese Feelings & China Hall--The interior design originality for China hall of Fu Hua Palace in Zhong Shan



    @@ 伟人故里广东中山市的富华酒店是一家四星级的涉外宾馆,这家酒店的中餐馆富华宫素以粤菜系列著称,在当地小有名气.但在经历一些年月的经营运作之后,富华宫的室内装饰装修失去了开张时的光鲜,其陈设、布置格局显得有些陈旧和落伍.餐饮环境在品质上有所下降,经济效益也随之打了折扣.因而,装修改造、重整店容店貌就成了势在必行的经营抉择.

  8. 非临响状态:在沉默的声音中倾听声音--由声音引发音乐文化发生问题讨论%Non - Living Soundscape: Listening to Sound in Silence Issues Concerning the Sound - initiated Musical Cultures (fei linxiang zhuangtai:zai chenmo de shengyin zhong qingting shengyin)




  9. LIU Bang of Humble Birth Deserved a Fair Justice——Comments on Mr.YI Zhong-tian's New Works: The Enigma of LIU Bang's Rising%应当公正评价"平民刘邦"——评易中天先生新作"刘邦崛起之谜"




  10. γ谱法测量环境中的210Pb%The Environmental 210 Pb Determination byγ-ray Spectrometry WANG Ke-bin1,XIANG Yuan-yi2,CAO Zhong-gang2,YANG Yang2

    王克斌; 向元益; 曹钟港; 杨阳


    In this work, the γ-ray spectrometry is introduced to measure the activity concentration of 210 Pb in the environmental samples .By measuring the γ-ray of 210 Pb at 46.5 keV, the activity concentration of 210 Pb is determined in aerosol sample collected by cellulose acetate membranes filter and in water sample in Marinelli Beaker .The great advantage of this method is rapid , non-destructive , without preliminary chemical separation and sample preparation , but it is limited by the low emission and high self -absorption probability of this line at such low energy .The key point in the analysis is the efficiency calibration of this line .The experimental results show that the gamma ray spectrometry can be employed to determine the 210 Pb activity in the environmental sample.%介绍了用γ谱仪测量环境中210 Pb的分析方法。用醋酸纤维滤膜采集气溶胶样品,或用马林杯直接封装环境水样,在γ谱仪上测量210 Pb发射的46.5 keV射线,通过解谱分析技术获得210 Pb的放射性活度。该方法具有快速、非破坏性、无需化学分离及样品处理等优点,但存在低γ发射几率及射线能量低导致的高自吸收等不足,分析的关键在于γ谱仪效率刻度。实验结果表明:γ谱法可用于环境样品中210 Pb的放射性活度测量。

  11. 珞珈龙坛新收获——评李建中《文心雕龙讲演录》%New Harvest of Luo Jia Dragon-carving and the Literary Mind Scholarship :Review of Collection of Lectures on Dragon-carving and the Literary Mind by Li JianZhong




  12. Clinical Study on Chronic Superficial Gastritis of Spleen and Stomach Cold and Deficiency Treated with Acupoint Application and Huangqi JianZhong Decoction%穴位贴敷联合黄芪建中汤治疗脾胃虚寒型慢性浅表性胃炎的临床研究



    目的 观察穴位贴敷联合黄芪建中汤治疗脾胃虚寒型慢性浅表性胃炎的临床疗效.方法 选取经纤维内镜和病理确诊的慢性浅表性胃炎,并经中医辨证为脾胃虚寒型患者108例,随机将患者均分为对照组54例(奥美拉唑肠溶胶囊2周或抗幽门螺旋杆菌治疗1周)和治疗组54例(穴位贴敷联合黄芪建中汤治疗2周),比较两组患者的疗效.结果 (1)治疗组和对照组均有助于减轻患者胃脘疼痛,且治疗组疗效优于对照组,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05).(2)治疗组和对照组均有助于机体清除幽门螺旋杆菌(Hp)的感染,但治疗组患者治疗Hp感染方面差于对照组,两组比较,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05).(3)在治疗总有效率方面,治疗组患者90.74%,对照组75.93%,两组比较,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05);(4)不良反应发生率方面,治疗组无明显不良反应,对照组9.26%,两组比较,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05).结论 穴位贴敷联合黄芪建中汤治疗脾胃虚寒型慢性胃炎患者安全有效,值得临床推广.%Objective To observe the clinical efficacy on chronic superficial gastritis of spleen and stomach cold and deficiency treated with acupoint application and huangqi jianzhong decoction. Methods The fiber endoscopy and pathologic diagnosis were adopted for the diagnosis of chronic superficial gastritis. TCM differentiation was used to differentiate 108 cases as spleen and stomach cold deficiency. They were ran-domized into a control group(54 cases,omeprazole enteric capsules for 2 weeks or anti - Hp for 1 week)and a treatment group(54 cases,acupoint application and huangqi jianzhong decoction for 2 weeks). The efficacy was compared between the two groups. Results 1. Gastric pain was alleviated in either group and the effect in the treatment group was better than that in the control group,indicating the significant difference( P <0. 05). 2. Hp infection was relieved in either group. The effect in the treatment group was inferior to the con-trol group,indicating the significant difference(P < 0. 05). 3. The total effective rate was 90. 74% in the treatment group and was 75. 93% in the control group,indicating the significant difference(P < 0. 05). 4. The rate of adverse reaction was 9. 26% in the control group and the adverse reaction was not apparent in the treatment group,indicating the significant difference(P < 0. 05). Conclusion The combination of acupoint application and huangqi jianzhong decoction is effective and safe in the treatment of chronic superficial gastri-tis of spleen and stomach cold and deficiency and deserves to be promoted in clinical practice.

  13. Also Talking about the Meaning of Shen(甚),Ci(次),Zhong(中)in An Audio-visual Aid to Western Scholars(西儒耳目资)%也谈《西儒耳目资》“甚”“次”“中”的含义




  14. 服务型领导对员工人际公民行为的影响:宽恕氛围与中庸思维的作用%The Influence of Servant Leadership on Employee Interpersonal Citizenship Behavior:The Role of Forgiveness Climate and Zhong-yong Thinking Style

    张军伟; 龙立荣




    唐萍萍; 胡仪元


    This paper based on the ecological land management rights transfer Willingness immigrant theoretical a-nalysis, with the field research data from 260 resettlement relocation of farmers of six ecological point of Hanzhong in Southern Shaanxi area, in the research process, We actual proof analysis the willingness of ecological migrants transfer of land management rights and the influential factors for land management rights transference of ecological migrants using Logistic binary regression model. The results suggest that the willingness of the transfer of land man-agement rights of ecological migration is generally low, Such consequences of willingness ecological migration is very unfavorable in the aspect of carrying out land consolidation, and to achieve moderate scale operation in land of the former residence after the relocation of ecological migrants. Factors affecting the ecological migrants in terms of transfer of land management rights, the degree of non-agricultural occupation of ecological migrants, non-farm income accounted for the proportion of total family income, economic development of the ecological resettlement sites , social security situation of ecological migration specifically including residence, health insurance, pension insurance, social relief and other aspects, reflected in the ecological migrants social security benefits before and af-ter contrast liter, and land management rights transfer price. these five areas is a major factor in Hanzhong ecolog-ical migrants whether they influence the transfer of land management rights. On this basis, we put forward the countermeasures and suggestions to promote ecological immigration land reasonable circulation and improve the efficiency of agricultural land resource allocation from the following: First of all , We need to strict grasp the choice of site clearance ecological resettlement from the point of disaster prevention and resilience of the surrounding environment, infrastructure construction, promote employment, Efforts to improve the quality of the ecological re-settlement of migrants; Next, Strengthening ecological agriculture development immigrant settlements, continue to expand and extend the agricultural industrial chain, foster industry leaders, Set up an information repository of im-migrant farmers employments and entrepreneurship status , through agricultural colleges and universities, online ed-ucation, industry leaders and other channels led to settlements in the school -age farmers knowledge and skills training development of rural industries, to ensure the ecological immigrant households uniform jobs, after the re-moval of higher income level before relocation. Furthermore, it should establish and improve individual and collec-tive national local diversified financial support mechanism complementary interaction of various social groups, im-proving financing conditions subsequent immigration industry. thereby helping resettlement sites immigrants drive up industry development jobs, enhance employment capacity, increase their income; Once again, Establish a sound social security immigration policies, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of migrants; Finally, Im-prove land transfer market, diversification of land transfer mode.%文章在对生态移民土地经营权转让意愿及其影响因素进行理论分析的基础上,基于对陕南地区汉中市6个生态移民搬迁安置点258户搬迁农民的实地调研数据,运用Logistic二元回归模型对生态移民转让土地经营权的意愿及其因素进行实证分析.结果表明:陕南地区生态移民转让土地经营权的意愿普遍较低,这对进行生态移民后原居住地的土地整理、实现土地的适度规模经营是十分不利的,而职业非农化程度、家庭非农收入比、安置点经济情况、拥有社保情况和土地经营权转让价金等5个因素是影响生态移民是否转让土地经营权的主要因素.在此基础上,文章从严把移民安置选点关、努力提升安置质量,加强后续产业发展、提高就业容量,建立健全移民社会保障政策、维护移民合法权益,完善土地流转市场、发展多样化的土地转让模式等方面提出促进搬迁农户土地经营权合理流转,提高农地资源配置效率的对策建议.

  16. 在地方档案中发现历史——晋中新区土改运动中的群众动员%Discovering History in Local Archives——Mass Mobilization in Land Reform Movement of New District in Jin Zhong




  17. 以米氏旋回为标尺进行高级别层序地层划分与对比——以准噶尔盆地中Ⅰ区块为例%High -resolution sequence stratigraphic classification and correlation by using Milankovitch Cycles as rulers——taking the Zhong I block in Junggar Basin as an example




  18. A Study of Two Prefaces to The Romance of Three Kingdoms Collected by ZHOU Cun and LI Yu's Two Prefaces to the Novel for Memory of ZHOU as a Counselor of Chinese Research Society of The Romance of Three Kingdoms%周邨先生所藏《三国演义》两种叙考兼及李渔序两种——为纪念中国《三国演义》研究会顾问周邨先生而作




  19. Knowledge Requirements Formula for Interpreters and Interpreting Training



    Based on Zhong Weihe's knowledge requirements formula for interpreters:KI=KL+EK+S(P+AP),this paper explains in detail how the different knowledge is used in the course of interpreting and provides some useful strategies in interpreting practice.

  20. Art Appreciation


    Luo Zhongli. now a professor with the Oil Painting Department in the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts became famous in the Chinese painters’ circle in 1980 with his enormous painting, Father. This painting also led the rise

  1. List of Scientific Publication in Chinese in 2011


    1 Acta Physica Sinica, Vol. 60, 2011 1) Influence of nucleon motion on the effective mass and energy of kaon in dense nuclear matter, No. 1, 012501. XING Yong-zhong(Department of Physics, Tianshui Normal University), et al



    Trade Representative Gao Hucheng has been appointed the in- ternational trade representative of the Ministry of Commerce (MOC), the ministry said on August 16. Zhong Shan, Vice Minister of Commerce, and Chong Quan,

  3. Cone-beam computed tomography study of the root and canal morphology of mandibular permanent anterior teeth in a Chongqing population [Corrigendum

    Yang ZY


    Full Text Available Zhengyan Yang, Keke Lu, Fei Wang, Yueheng Li, Zhi ZhouDepartment of Preventive Dentistry, The College of Stomatology, The Affiliated Hospital of Stomatology, Chongqing Medical University, Chongqing, People’s Republic of ChinaOn page 19, the author’s names were listed incorrectly as Yang Zhengyan, Lu Keke, Wang Fei, Li Yueheng, Zhou Zhi.The correct names are Zhengyan Yang, Keke Lu, Fei Wang, Yueheng Li, Zhi Zhou.View the original paper here.

  4. Hydrodynamics of Macromolecular and Nano-Composite Materials


    profiles in plane Couette and Poiseuille flows . The results are published in International Journal of Engineering Science and Physics of Fluids. Ref...H. Zhou, R. Zhou, "Scaling Structure scaling properties of confined nematic polymers in plane Couette cells: the weak flow limit," J. Rheology, 48(1... Couette and Poisuille flows ," Physics of Fluids, in press 2004. 18. M. G. Forest, R. Zhou, and Q. Wang, "Chaotic boundaries of nematic polymers in

  5. A Control Strategy for High-Performance Macromolecular Materials


    with plane Couette & Poiseuille flows of nematic polymers in viscous solvents: morphology in molecular orientation, stress & flow , (with H. Zhou...Strategies, Inc. " On weak plane Couette and Poiseuille flows of rigid rod and platelet ensembles, (with Z. Cui, Q. Wang, H. Zhou), SIAM J. Applied Math...Doi kinetic theory. H. Zhou and Forest have studied structures in Poiseuille flow numerically and with asymptotic analysis, and then used our

  6. New Epigenetic Therapeutic Intervention for Metastatic Breast Cancer


    Editorial Boards: Ming-Ming Zhou 2009 - Editorial Board, Journal of Molecular Cell Biology 2010 - Editorial Board, ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters...Zhou CONTRACTING ORGANIZATION: Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai New York, NY 10029 REPORT DATE: April 2016 TYPE OF REPORT: Annual Report...PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR(S) Ming-Ming Zhou, PhD 5d. PROJECT NUMBER Professor Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai 5e. TASK NUMBER

  7. Direct Numerical Simulation and Experimental Validation of Hypersonic Boundary-Layer Receptivity and Instability


    LST 035 0 o2 0O3 o2o ,0) 7 02 0! lO0 .0, 2 20,O 161) 20 200 110 110 22, 240 150 100 220 frequen•/, kHz ftequtnCy, kHr Fig. 2 Experimental, simulation...validated in simulations of supersonic and hypersonic steady base flows over a flat plate by Ma and Zhong [26], and Wang and Zhong [4]. 0 00’ 0.’ o2o

  8. 19th International Sedimentological Congress 2014 in Geneva:Theme 12—Palaeogeography


    <正>At the forthcoming 19th International Sedimentological Congress(ISC2014)in Geneva,Switzerland,August 18-24,2014,the Editorial Committee of the Journal of Palaeogeography(JoP)will host Theme 12—Palaeogeography.For those who will attend ISC2014,please pay attention to the following information about this theme.1.Conveners:Zhong-Qiang Chen(China University of Geosciences(Wuhan),

  9. Decline of the Aristocratic Democratic System in Shang-Zhou-Qin-Han Dynasty and the Heaven-Human Induction by Dong Zongshu to Promote a Clean Government%商周秦汉贵族民主政体的衰落与董子学说“天人感应”的廉政意义




  10. Principal Component Analysis and Its Application on Banana Fields Mapping Using ENVISAT ASAR Data in Zhang zhou, Fujian Province%基于主成分分析的ENVISAT ASAR数据在福建省漳州市香蕉园地提取中的应用

    汪小钦; 王钦敏; 凌飞龙; 朱晓铃; 江洪


    Banana is one of the main economic agrotypes in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province. The multi-temporal ENVISAT ASAR data with different polarization are used to classify the banana fields in this paper. Principal component analysis (PCA) was applied for six pairs of ASAR dual-polarization data. For its large leaves, banana has high backscatter. So the value of banana fields is high and shows very bright in the 1st component, which makes it much easier for banana fields extraction.Dual-polarization data provide more information, and the VV and VH backscatter of banana show different characters with other land covers. Based on the analysis of the radar signature of banana fields and other land covers and the 1st component, banana fields are classified using object-oriented classifier. Compared to the field survey data and ASTER data, the accuracy of banana fields in the study area is 83.5%. It shows that the principal component analysis provides the useful information in SAR images analysis and makes the extraction of banana fields easier.

  11. The Forming of the Chinese Marxism Aethetic Tradition and Meaning——Reading Zhou Weishan's The Forming of Aesthetic Tradition and Breakout%中国马克思主义美学传统的形成及其意义——读周维山的《美学传统的形成与突破》




  12. 共同探索音乐的灵动世界——记周海宏博士关于音乐心理学、音乐教育学的座谈%Explore the Mystic and Active Music World Together-record of Doctor Zhou Haihong's lecture on music psychology and music pedagogy




  13. Computer Digital Technology‘s Application Discussion in the GuiZhou Ethnic Non-material Cultural Heritage Protection%计算机数字化技术在贵州民族非物质文化遗产保护中的应用探讨



    贵州省是我国的多民族省份之一.不同民族在历史的长河里逐渐形成了自己独特的民俗和文化.随着民族融合步伐的加快以及生产力的不断提高,许多的少数民族非物质文化正处在濒临消忘的边缘.建立在数字信息技术之上的数字录音、录像技术;数字三维成像技术;数字图案媒体数据库及计算机辅助设计技术为少数民族非物质文化遗产的保护及开发提供了新的手段.对上述方法的研究与正确应用也必将对少数民族非物质文化遗产的保护产生积极影响.%Guizhou Province is one of China's multi-ethnic provinces. Different ethnic groups gradually formed its own unique folklore and culture. With the accelerated pace of national integration and productivity, many minority non-material culture is at the verge of extinction. The digital recording of digital information technology, video technology; digital 3D imaging technology; digital pattern media database and computer-aided design technology give the Intangible Cultural Heritage protection and development many new means. With the correct application of the methods described above will also have a positive impact on the protection of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.

  14. 新中国60年建筑回顾和建筑创作大奖——访中国建筑学会秘书长周畅%Review of the Sixty Years' Architecture of New China and the Architecture Creation Grand Prize: Interviewing ASC Secretary-general Zhou Chang



    @@ 为迎接新中国成立60周年,中国建筑学会将举办建筑创作大奖.本刊记者(以下简称记)就大奖的有关问题专访了中国建筑学会秘书长周畅(以下简称周)先生,请他回答了记者的提问.

  15. 国内年轻旅游者信息搜寻的行为调研与分析——以广州地区为例%Information Search Behaviors of Young Travelers in China: A Case Study of GuangZhou




  16. 一部别具特色的重要文献集——《建国以来周恩来文稿》(1-3册)编辑举要%A Characteristic Important Collection of Historical Documents——A Brief Description of Zhou Enlai's Manuscripts since the Founding of the PRC (vol.1-3)



    @@ 是由中共中央文献研究室和中央档案馆联合编辑的多卷本文献集.在周恩来诞辰110周年时,出版了这套文献集的1至3册,收入的是周恩来1949年6月至1950年12月期间的文稿.

  17. 同一个尼采的不同阐释--周国平、刘小枫笔下各自的尼采%Different Interpretation of Nietzche between Works of Zhou Guo-ping and LIU Xiao-feng




  18. On Old Preface of Mud Field of Zhou?s Fifth Amended Genealogy——A Lost Article of Yang Wan-li in Song Dynasty%《周氏五修族谱》 泥田旧序——宋杨万里佚文一篇




  19. Restudy of the Inscriptions on the Bronze Wares of Shang & Zhou Dynasties in North Henan from the Perspective of Computer Graphics and Chinese Literature%计算机图形学与汉语文献学视野内的豫北金文释读检讨




  20. Winter Temperature Changes Change Characteristic Analysis of Shuo Zhou and Causes of Warm Winter Weather And the Impact on Agroforestry%山西省朔州市冬季气温变化特征与暖冬的气象成因及对农林业的影响

    刘瑞兰; 吴占华; 韩虹



  1. Thinking about Survey of Audience Attitude towards Chao Zhou Da Luo GU in Folk Activities inYixi%民俗活动中潮州大锣鼓观众态度量表的编制与测量——以潮州市意溪镇为研究样本




  2. Analysis of Related Factors of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder among Children between 6 and 12 Years old in LiuZhou%柳州市6-12岁儿童罹患注意力缺陷-多动障碍的情况调查

    刘芳; 廖立红; 蒋宗顺


    object: to investigate Liuzhou children attention deficit hyperactivity disorder - the prevalence of Method: the parents the SNAP-IV rating scale Liuzhou 6 public elementary school and a private elementary school a total of 1021 pupils aged between 6 and 12 years. Preliminary screening positive for children by child development behavior specialist outpatient follow-up, eliminate body disease of the nervous system disease and other serious mental illness, according to the American psychiatric association’s diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders fourth edition to diagnose ADHD Result: the overall prevalence of 4.31%; Urban children prevalence rate 4.37%; Migrant children incidence of 4.26%, there was no statistically significant difference; Conclusion: the prevalence of ADHD Liuzhou children basic consistent with the national level; The prevalence of urban and rural children no difference.%目的:调查柳州市儿童注意力缺陷-多动障碍的发病情况。方法:采用SNAP-IV父母等级评定量表对柳州市6所公立小学和1所私立小学共计1021名6-12岁的小学生进行注意力缺陷-多动障碍的筛查,由儿童发育行为专科门诊对初步筛查结果呈阳性的儿童进行随访,按照美国精神病研究协会制定的精神障碍诊断标准以及第4版精神疾病的诊断和统计手册判断这些儿童是否患有注意力缺陷-多动障碍。结果:在本组儿童中,罹患ADHD的儿童占4.31%(44/1021)。男孩患此病的几率为5.63%(29/515),女孩患病的几率为2.96%(15/506),二者相比差异显著(X2=4.401,P=0.0360.05)。结论:柳州市儿童多动症的患病率与全国水平基本一致;城乡儿童ADHD的患病率相比较无显著差异。将SNAP-IV量表做为儿童ADHD的筛查量表进行ADHD发病率的调查简便易行,此法值得在基层医院推广使用。

  3. Effects of ice storm on forest ecosystem of southern China in 2008 Shaoqiang Wang1, Lei Zhou1, Weimin Ju2, Kun Huang1 1Key Lab of Ecosystem Network Observation and Modeling, Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Beijing, 10010

    Wang, Shaoqiang


    Evidence is mounting that an increase in extreme climate events has begun to occur worldwide during the recent decades, which affect biosphere function and biodiversity. Ecosystems returned to its original structures and functions to maintain its sustainability, which was closely dependent on ecosystem resilience. Understanding the resilience and recovery capacity of ecosystem to extreme climate events is essential to predicting future ecosystem responses to climate change. Given the overwhelming importance of this region in the overall carbon cycle of forest ecosystems in China, south China suffered a destructive ice storm in 2008. In this study, we used the number of freezing day and a process-based model (Boreal Ecosystem Productivity Simulator, BEPS) to characterize the spatial distribution of ice storm region in southeastern China and explore the impacts on carbon cycle of forest ecosystem over the past decade. The ecosystem variables, i.e. Net primary productivity (NPP), Evapotranspiration (ET), and Water use efficiency (WUE, the ratio of NPP to ET) from the outputs of BEPS models were used to detect the resistance and resilience of forest ecosystem in southern China. The pattern of ice storm-induced forest productivity widespread decline was closely related to the number of freezing day during the ice storm period. The NPP of forest area suffered heavy ice storm returned to normal status after five months with high temperature and ample moisture, indicated a high resilience of subtropical forest in China. The long-term changes of forest WUE remain stable, behaving an inherent sensitivity of ecosystem to extreme climate events. In addition, ground visits suggested that the recovery of forest productivity was attributed to rapid growth of understory. Understanding the variability and recovery threshold of ecosystem following extreme climate events help us to better simulate and predict the variability of ecosystem structure and function under current and future climate change.

  4. Immunization coverage and safety of the 23-valent pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine in Guang-zhou from 2010 to 2015%2010-2015年广州市23价肺炎球菌多糖疫苗接种情况及安全性分析

    陈健; 许建雄; 张春焕; 谭慧峰; 李志群


    Objective To analyze the immunization coverage of 23-valent pneumococcal polysac-charide vaccine(PPV23)in a large population in Guangzhou and to evaluate its safety by analyzing the ad-verse events following immunization(AEFI)reported to the passive surveillance system. Methods Immu-nization data of PPV23 in Guangzhou from 2010 to 2015 were collected from Information Management System of Biological Products and the Information System of Immune Programming of Guangzhou. AEFI reported to the AEFI Information System during 2010 to 2015 was collected for safety evaluation. The collected data were analyzed by using descriptive methodology. Results A total of 621 059 doses of PPV23 were pre-scribed in Guangzhou from 2010 to 2015. Most of the recipients were children younger than 10 years old,ac-counting for 79. 44% . Only 9. 38% of the subjects received PPV23 were older than 60 years. A total of 243 AEFI cases were reported at a rate of 39. 13 cases per 100 000 doses,among which 199 cases(32. 04 / 105 ) showed minor vaccine reactions,25 cases(4. 03 / 105 )occurred adverse events,16 cases(2. 58 / 105 )de-veloped coupled diseases and 3 cases(0. 48 / 105 )were classified as psychogenic reactions. No rare adverse reactions were observed. Conclusion The majority of people immunized with PPV23s in Guangzhou were children,while the immunization coverage among the elderly was relatively low. PPV23 was safe for vaccina-tion as the reported AEFI cases were similar to that of other vaccines.%目的:分析广州市23价肺炎球菌多糖疫苗(23-valent pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine,PPV23)大规模人群应用情况及接种反应的被动监测结果,评价 PPV23的使用情况及安全性。方法通过广州市生物制品管理信息系统和免疫规划信息系统获得广州市2010—2015年 PPV23预防接种资料;通过疑似预防接种异常反应(adverse event following immunization,AEFI)信息管理系统,收集接种 PPV23后报告的 AEFI 个案;采用描述性流行病学方法分析相关信息。结果2010—2015年广州市共接种 PPV23621059剂,接种主要集中在﹤10岁年龄组,占79.44%;60岁以上年龄组占9.38%。报告 AEFI 243例,发生率为39.13/10万剂。一般反应199例,发生率为32.04/10万剂;异常反应25例,发生率为4.03/10万剂;偶合症16例,发生率为2.58/10万剂;心因性反应3例,发生率为0.48/10万剂;未发现罕见和极罕见不良反应。结论广州市 PPV23的接种人群主要是儿童,老年人群接种率较低,被动监测数据未发现不同于其他疫苗的不良反应,PPV23的接种是安全的。

  5. Zhou Tetrastichus white moth Antheraea pernyi pupa from the host body Within a bee habits and the forest after the release of observational studies%白蛾周氏啮小蜂从寄主柞蚕蛹体爬出后的习性及林间释放的观察研究

    刘发邦; 韩瑞东; 郭光智; 王绍文; 朱九军; 郭斐



  6. Prof. Zhou Peiyuan, an ever-bright star in Chinese circles of scientists and educational workers-In memory of the centenary of his birth%宗师巨匠表率楷模--纪念周培源诞辰100周年



    @@ 周培源教授是蜚声海内外的科学家、教育家和社会活动家,我国科技界的卓越领导人之一,近代力学事业的奠基人之一.生前为全国政协副主席,九三学社中央委员会名誉主席,中国科协名誉主席,北京大学教授,中国科学院院士.是我国科学家中最早担任国际理论与应用力学联合会的理事、国际科学家联合会理事及出席世界科学工作者协会全体大会的中国代表和首席代表.1962年当选为世界科协副主席.1980年获美国普林斯顿大学名誉法学博士学位,1980年和1985年两次获得美国加利福尼亚理工学院"具有卓越贡献的校友"奖.

  7. 媒体职业道德的缺失及解决对策——以记者采访周克华母亲为例%Medium occupation ethics and Countermeasures——to reporter to interview Zhou Ke-hua mother for example



      In recent years, with the rapid development of China's journalism, media more and more intense competition between. In order to attract more audience and economic benefits, the media emerged due to lack of theoretical knowledge, quality defects, industry mismanagement caused the phenomenon of occupation morality. Based on the analysis of the reason of the loss of media occupation morality, discusses the improvement of laws and regulations, improve the media's moral self-discipline, strengthen the humanities concern consciousness and establishing media supervision mechanism to hold media occupation moral countermeasure.%  近年来,随着我国新闻事业的快速发展,媒体之间的竞争越来越激烈。为了争取更多的受众和经济利益,媒体自身出现了因理论知识的不足、素质修养的缺陷、行业管理的不善等原因导致职业道德缺失的现象。通过对媒体职业道德缺失原因的分析,探讨通过法律法规的完善、提高媒体人的道德自律、加强人文关怀意识及建立媒体监督机制等守住媒体职业道德的对策。

  8. 基于空间PCA的兰州市热环境人文驱动因素分析%Simulation and analysis of human dimensions of urban thermal environment in valley-city:a case study of LanZhou City

    潘竟虎; 李宝娟


    Urbanization is followed with a series of physical, ecological and social processes. The formation and e-volution of urban thermal environment, which are closely related to changes of land cover and socioeconomic activities of human being in urban area, can generalize and embody urban ecological environment condition. Distribution and evolution of urban thermal environment is relevant to interactions of human activities such as the change of underlying surface, anthropogenic heat emission and environmental pollution. Due to the complexity of factors contributing to urban thermal environment, the routine observing methods and statistical methods are insufficient in acquiring data and analyzing the responses of human activities to thermal environment, especially discerning the major at-tributors from the others. Existing research efforts on the driving mechanism of urban thermal formation and evolution have been mostly focused on the measurement of a single or several indicators representing land cover changes, socioeconomic conditions, etc. There is still lack of a comprehensive analysis with respect to surface thermal environment system from a regional perspective. In the recent fifty years, urbanization of Lanzhou City,Gansu Province is in a quick increasing period. Comparing to the plain cities, Lanzhou's integrated effects include the artificial and original influence factors bringing about the prominent and particular hot island effects. So it is necessary to research on the temporal-spatial characteristics and formation mechanisms of thermal environment in Lanzhou. Based on Landsat TM images and taking the arid valley urban area of Lanzhou as a case study, this paper employed Spatial Principal Component Analysis (SPCA) method to analyze the spatial pattern and the influencing factors of urban thermal environment as a substitute of Multi-Criterion valuation ( MCE) method. Several conclusions have been drawn as follows: There are four primary factors to influence the density and spatial pattern of urban environment in Lanzhou, which can be generalized as landscape pattern, allocation of industries, urban construction density and types of underlying surface. The cumulative variance contribution rate of the first four principal components is 91.27%. It is dissimilar in the formation mechanism of thermal environment among all the zones through comparing four principle components. The linear model including the four independent variables could reveal the response mechanism of human activities on thermal environment in Lanzhou. Differing from other cities, landscape pattern is regarded as the most sensitive factors to Lanzhou's thermal environment among these factors, whose variance contribution was up to 48.42%. Furthermore, the difference in. Spatial distribution of the main factors facilitates the formation of the diverse urban thermal environment in different areas. The results would be valuable to simulate spatial change of urban thermal environment and even put forward countermeasures to lessen the urban thermal environment intensity for policy makers, at the same time can also support the decision for urban planning, urban constructing, environment protecting and regional sustainable development in Lanzhou city.%在城市化过程中,人类社会、经济活动的加剧使城市地表热力景观呈现出高度的空间异质性.目前对城市热环境形成、演变的驱动机制、热岛效应与地表覆被变化的定量关系研究大多还是从对某些影响因子的测定入手,缺乏对区域热环境系统全面、综合的评价与分析.利用多源空间数据,以干旱区河谷型城市兰州为研究对象,在探讨热环境的空间格局基础上,运用空间主成分分析方法替代传统的多准则判断方法,分析了人类活动对城市热环境的影响特征.结果表明:兰州市人类活动对热环境的影响因子可以归纳为4种相对独立的基本要素,即景观格局、工业布局、城市建筑以及地表覆盖.影响兰州市中心城区热环境的最核心要素是景观格局,四个因子的线性模型较好地模拟了热环境的空间变化,定量揭示了兰州中心城区人类活动对热环境的影响机制.

  9. 算法设计与分析课程中最大子段和问题的教学探讨%Discussion of Maximum Sub-Segment Sum Problem in Course of Design and Analysis of Algorithm//Zhou Bo, Liu Wenq-iang, Qiao Fu, Han Na

    周波; 刘文强; 乔付; 韩娜


    The paper introduces a dynamic programming method of maximum sub-segment sum problem in the course of design and analysis of algorithm. The solution procedure is to solve the maximum sub-segment sum of each element used as the tail element in a given sequence firstly, and then one of the largest is the maximum sub-seg-ment sum of the whole sequence. The paper analyzes the construction method of the optimal solution of the maximum sub-segment sum problem from two different facet, and presents the dynamic program-ming algorithm of the maximum sub-segment sum problem, also analyzes the time complexity of the algorithm. Through the explana-tion of this problem, it wil help the students clear the solving steps of the dynamic programming method and master the design step of the dynamic programming algorithm.%介绍算法设计与分析课程中最大子段和问题的动态规划解法,其求解思想是先求给定序列中以每一个元素为尾元素的最大子段和,然后其中的最大者便是整个序列的最大子段和。从两个不同的角度分析最大子段和问题最优解的构造方法,给出最大子段和问题的动态规划算法,并分析算法的时间复杂度。通过这一问题的讲解,有助于学生明确动态规划方法的解题步骤,掌握动态规划算法的设计步骤。

  10. 指导环境保护事业发展的纲领性文件——访国家环境保护总局局长周生贤%The Programmatic Document Guiding Environmental Protection Development——Visit to ZHOU Shengxian, Minister of SEPA



  11. 基于常州历史文化特色的公共环境设施设计研究与实践%The Research and Practice of Design for Public Environmental Facilities Based on the Historical and Cultural Characteristics of ChangZhou

    滕佳华; 祝燕琴; 申明倩


    公共环境设施作为城市的重要组成元素,体现着城市的品味、文明程度和文化品质,是展示城市形象的窗口和平台.本文在分析常州市的历史文化特点的基础上,结合现代人的生活及审美需求,提出了设计具有常州文化特色的环境设施的理念和方法,使常州的公共环境设施具有独特的国家历史文化名城特色和个性.%As an important part of the city,the public environment facilities,which reflects the city's taste,the degree of civilization and the cultural quality,are the window and platform to display the city image. In this paper,on the basis of the analysis which was based on the characteristics of Changzhou city's history and cul-ture,combined with modern life and aesthetic needs,the concepts and methods for the environment and facili-ties design with Changzhou culture were put forward which will make Changzhou become a city with unique national historical and cultural characteristics and personality.

  12. 建设宁夏固原市原州区2012年头营生态移民点设施农业供水工程迫在眉睫%The Original ZhouOu 2012 Years the Construction of the Ecological Immigration Point Facilities Agricultural Water Supply Project is Imminent



      2012 year camp ecological immigration point facilities after the implementation of agricultural water supply project, can effectively guarantee demonstration garden of irrigation water, the high-tech agricultural facilities construction and production smoothly, and has very important economic and social benefits.%  2012年宁夏固原市原州区头营生态移民点设施农业供水工程实施后,可有效的保证示范园区的灌溉用水,使园区的高科技设施农业的建设和生产得以顺利进行,具有十分重要的经济效益和社会效益。

  13. 政府信息公共获取的质量调查研究--以广州市为例%The Investigation on the Quality of Public Access to Government Information---A Case Study of GuangZhou



    According to the domestic and international research on the quality of government information, the information quality guidelines determined by the US goverment informcortion qualify act, and the specific circumstances of Guangzhou, the information quality evaluation indicators are determined. Questionnaires were used to collect original data from citizens of Guangzhou. The results show that the requirements of citizens for government information quality including not only the information content itself, but also public channels and feedback.%文章参照国内外关于政府信息质量的研究成果,以及美国政府“信息质量法”所确定的质量指标,结合广州市的具体情况,确定了政府信息质量的评价指标。采用问卷法对广州市民进行调查以收集原始数据。结果显示,社会公众对政府信息公开的质量要求不仅包括信息内容本身,而且涉及信息公开的渠道以及信息反馈。

  14. ASSeSSment of QuAlity And environmentAl impACt of GeothermAl fluid in boZhou City%安徽省亳州城区地热流体质量与环境影响评价

    陈循; 官煜; 黄多成


    There is a large geothermal field in Bozhou City , this paper appraised the geothermal fluids quality conditions and environmental impact in accordance with the relevant national standards. Bozhou City geothermal fluid have 41 ~ 52.℃.of.water temperature , with a value of human health, physical therapy of hot mineral water, is suitable as bathing and heating and other health development and utilization, not for directly as drinking water, water for irrigation and fisheries.%亳州城区蕴藏有一处大型地热田,本文依据国家相关标准分别对其地热流体进行质量和环境影响评价。亳州城区地热水温41~52℃,具有人体保健理疗价值,适宜作为理疗热矿水保健洗浴和供暖等开发利用;一般不适宜直接作为饮用水、灌溉用水和渔业用水。

  15. Agreeable aftertaste of Sorrowful Emotion--on JiangKui's ci "YangZhou man" and its style%"黍离之悲"的余味--读姜夔《扬州慢》一词兼论其词风




  16. DNA和细胞对重离子辐照诱导DNA双链断裂的敏感性比较%Comparison of Sensitivity to Heavy-Ion Induction of DNA Double-Strand Breaks between DNA and Intact CellsZHOU Guang-ming,LI Wen-jian,WANG Ju-fang,LI Qiang,LI Xing-lin

    周光明; 李文建; 王菊芳; 李强; 李兴林; 党秉荣; 颉红梅; 温小琼; 卫增泉; 高清祥


    用倒转脉冲场凝胶电泳(PIGE)比较研究了50 MeV/u 12C6+辐照小鼠B16黑色素瘤细胞及其脱蛋白DNA分子,从而诱导DNA双链断裂(DSB)的辐射敏感性.结果表明,不论辐照脱蛋白DNA还是辐照完整细胞,诱导的DNA片段释放百分比(PR)都随着剂量的增加而增加,在超过40Gy后,PR趋向一个近似相同的准阈值~81%.辐照脱蛋白DNA诱导的DSB产额为0.40DSBs/100Mbp/Gy,辐照完整细胞诱导的DSB产额约为0.19 DSBs/100Mbp/Gy.说明脱蛋白DNA分子比完整细胞对重离子辐照要敏感.

  17. The Model of the Second Classroom Settings in Major of Law--A Case Study of H University in GuiZhou Province%法学专业第二课堂设置模式探讨--以贵州省H高校为例



    The activity of the second classroom has a special role in the professional education of law, it must follow the principle of students' subjectivity,fun principle,system principle,the principle of ideological content,the activity of the second classroom should be arranged flexibly according to the teaching schedule of the first classroom .In view of the problems existing in the second classroom setting of H Universities, some suggestions are put forward to solve the problems.%第二课堂活动在法学专业教育中具有特殊的作用,第二课堂活动的开展必须遵循学生主体性原则、寓教于乐原则、系统性原则、思想性原则,学校应根据第一课堂教学进度灵活安排第二课堂活动,针对H高校第二课堂设置中存在的不足,提出了解决问题的建议。

  18. Community-oriented Policing in Social Management legalization---Based on an Positive Study of the Multifunctional Organization of Public Security Organs Mass Work in QuZhou%社会管理法治化中的社区警务--基于衢州市“公安群众工作综合体”的实证研究



    公安机关社会管理是政府社会管理的重要组成部分,其管理成效直接影响到群众生活和社会稳定。一直以来,公安作为国家的专政工具,围绕着高度集权的政府行使专政与社会管理,在政治、经济、社会领域承担着管控的职能。随着服务型政府的转型,公安行政也面临着服务转型,尤其是社区警务,必须以服务社区为导向,寓管理于服务之中。“公安群众工作综合体”将社区警务嵌入社区生活,为社区警务的转型提供了有效的载体,推动了社会管理的创新。%The social management by public secu rity organs is an important part of the government social management and directly people’s life and social stability. As country's instrument of dictatorship, the public security organs be bearing the function of management and control in political, economy, society field for a long time. The public security organs is confronted with transform, because of constructing public service type government, Especially community-oriented policing need to realize management purpose in services. The multifunctional organization of public security organs mass work have carried out the beneficial exploration for the transform of community-oriented policing and driven social management innovation by implanting community-oriented policing in community life.

  19. Illustration Beauty of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms in Ming dynasty——Take the Version ZhouYuejiao,Version Li Zhuowu,and the Version Hero Paean for Examples%明代《三国》小说版画之美——以周曰校本、李卓吾本、英雄谱本为例

    张玉梅; 张祝平



  20. The Failed Revolution Enlightenment——Analysis of the Revolution Lift of ZHOU Haoran ,the First Dead Member of Left League of Qingdao%夭折的革命启蒙——浅析青岛"左联"牺牲第一人周浩然的革命生涯



    ZHUO Haoran was born in the hard times of China and took responsibility of era as his mission and strove for it for a lifetime ,dedicated all his youth blood to public awareness .In his high school days ,he participated in the"League of Leftist Writers",actively engaged in the creative activities of enlightenment literature ,and fired the first shot to the Japanese in Qingd-ao .He wrote a magnificent chapter in his 24 years of life and was the only cultural celebrity who was born in Qingdao ,fought and died in .Disregard of the national heroes is a sign of historical nihilism .To strengthen the publicity and education of nation-al heroes and promote the spirit of integrity will promote deeper understanding of the Chinese nation formation history by the national members ,enhance the national self -confidence ,promote national identity and strengthen the cohesion of the Chinese nation .%周浩然生于忧患岁月 ,以时代责任为使命并为之奋斗终生 ,将全部青春热血致力于民众觉醒.他中学时代参加"左联" ,积极从事启蒙文学的创作活动 ,打响青岛武装抗日第一枪.他用仅有的24年青春年华书写了壮丽的篇章 ,是青岛文化名人中唯一一位出生于青岛 ,战斗、牺牲于青岛的本土文化名人.加强对民族英雄的宣传 ,弘扬浩然精神 ,将促进人们加深对中华民族形成历史的了解 ,增强民族自信心 ,促进民族认同 ,加强中华民族的凝聚力.

  1. 从“昭陵六骏”看艺术的审美维度、功能及中西交融%Aesthetic dimensions, functions and Sino-Western Exchange of Art from “Six Horses of Zhou Tomb”



    从艺术、历史、文化角度分析“昭陵六骏”独特的审美维度、意思识形态功能和初唐时期的中西文化交流成果.认为“昭陵六骏”不仅是唐代雕塑艺术的珍品,更是研究中国古代封建社会政治、经济、文化的宝藏;宣扬了大唐史诗般的英雄气概,展示了其文治武功.“昭陵六骏”在中国古代雕塑史上占有突出地位,堪称古代纪念碑式雕刻的不朽杰作.%From angels of art,history and culture,this thesis introduces the unique aesthetic dimension,I-deological functions and Sino-Western cultural exchanges ruits in early Tang Dynasty from "The Six Horses of Zhao Tomb". The author holds that "The Six Horses of Zhao Tomb"are the precious sculpture gems of Tang Dynasty,and they are the valuable treasure for researching the politics?economy and culture of ancient federal society of Chinai The works are showing the heroic spirit of epic Thng dynasty, from them, we can see the great political and military achievements. In a word, "Six Horses of Zhao Tomb"occupy and outstanding position in ancient sculpture history of China, they are the everlasting masterpieces in ancinet sculpture.

  2. Integrable Deformations of the (2+1)-Dimensional Heisenberg Ferromagnetic Model Service and feedback Email this article to a colleague Add to Bookshelf Add to Citation Manager Cite This Article Email Alert Keywords Heisenberg ferromagnet model integrable deformation nonlinear Schr?dinger equation Authors YAN Zhao-Wen CHEN Min-Ru WU Ke ZHAO Wei-Zhong Integrable Deformations of%Integrable Deformations of the (2+1)-Dimensional Heisenberg Ferromagnetic Model Service and feedback Email this article to a colleague Add to Bookshelf Add to Citation Manager Cite This Article Email Alert Keywords Heisenberg ferromagnet model integrable deformation nonlinear Schr?dinger equation Authors YAN Zhao-Wen CHEN Min-Ru WU Ke ZHAO Wei-Zhong Integrable Deformations of

    颜昭雯; 陈敏茹; 吴可; 赵伟忠


    Based on the covariant prolongation structure technique,we construct the integrable higher-order deformations of the (2+1)-dimensional Heisenberg ferromagnet model and obtain their su(2)×R(λ) prolongation structures.By associating these deformed multidimensional Heisenberg ferromagnet models with the moving space curve in Euclidean space and using the Hasimoto function,we derive their geometrical equivalent counterparts,i.e.,higher-order (2+1)-dimensional nonlinear Schr?dinger equations.

  3. Appreciating Children


    ANOTHER Spring Festival was drawing near. From her college in Dalian, sophomore Zhou Tingting returned home to Nanjing—to the family that had given her life and affection, and perhaps most importantly, appreciation. Family indeed has special meaning for Zhou Tingting. She is a deaf girl who entered college at age of 16, but it

  4. On k-hypertournament losing scores

    Pirzada, Shariefuddin


    We give a new and short proof of a theorem on k-hypertournament losing scores due to Zhou et al. [G. Zhou, T. Yao, K. Zhang, On score sequences of k-tournaments, European J. Comb., 21, 8 (2000) 993-1000.

  5. Tanshinones as Effective Therapeutic Agents for Prostate Cancer


    Y. Tian, T.-F. Chen, W. Ye, L. Li, F. Ni, J.-R. Zhou: Construction and screening of fractional library of Salvia Miltiorrhiza for the rapid...glutathione perturbation. Food Chem Toxicol 2008;46: 328–38. 19. Singh AV, Franke AA, Blackburn GL, Zhou JR. Soy phytochemicals prevent orthotopic growth and

  6. Assessments of Tumor Extracellular pH with PARACEST MRI


    BA , Zhou J, van Zijl PCM. Water satura- tion shift referencing (WASSR) for chemical exchange saturation transfer (CEST) experiments. Magn Reson Med...provides insights into the optimum design of PARACEST agents for MRI. Magn Reson Med 2005;53:790–799. 29. Zhou J, Wilson DA, Sun PZ, Klaus JA, van

  7. 中国古代玺印(英文)


    Royal seals were first used to validate ancient officials' documents. Most of the seals have Chinese characters. Seals date back to the Shang and Western Zhou dynasties (1600 BC-771 BC), and developed extensively in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty (770 BC-256 BC). ChangeS in China's social structure led to direct relations between the roles of individuals and social

  8. Comparison differential transformation technique with Adomian decomposition method for linear and nonlinear initial value problems

    Abdel-Halim Hassan, I.H. [Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Zagazig University, Zagazig (Egypt)], E-mail:


    In this paper, we will compare the differential transformation method DTM and Adomian decomposition method ADM to solve partial differential equations (PDEs). The definition and operations of differential transform method was introduced by Zhou [Zhou JK. Differential transformation and its application for electrical circuits. Wuuhahn, China: Huarjung University Press; 1986 [in Chinese

  9. 西方的共时性与非西方的历时性——音乐创作中对文化交融现象的不同反应%Western Synchrony and Non Western Diachrony-Different Responses to Cultural Fusion in Music Composition (xifang de gongshixing he feixifang de lishixing-yinyue chuangzuo zhong dui wenhua jiaorong xianxiang de butong fanying)




  10. 全球化视野中的中国近代经济与国家命运——评仲伟民《茶叶与鸦片:十九世纪经济全球化中的中国》%China's Modern Economy and National Destiny from the Perspective of Globalization:A Review on Tea and Opium:China in the Process Economic Globalization in the Nineteenth Century by Zhong Weimin




  11. Dissolving and biodegradable microneedle technologies for transdermal sustained delivery of drug and vaccine

    Hong X


    Full Text Available Xiaoyun Hong,1,2,* Liangming Wei,3,* Fei Wu,2,* Zaozhan Wu,2 Lizhu Chen,2 Zhenguo Liu,1 Weien Yuan2 1Department of Neurology, Xinhua Hospital, Shanghai, People's Republic of China; 2School of Pharmacy, Shanghai JiaoTong University, Shanghai, People's Republic of China; 3Research Institute of Micro/Nano Science and Technology, Shanghai JiaoTong University, Shanghai, People's Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this work Abstract: Microneedles were first conceptualized for drug delivery many decades ago, overcoming the shortages and preserving the advantages of hypodermic needle and conventional transdermal drug-delivery systems to some extent. Dissolving and biodegradable microneedle technologies have been used for transdermal sustained deliveries of different drugs and vaccines. This review describes microneedle geometry and the representative dissolving and biodegradable microneedle delivery methods via the skin, followed by the fabricating methods. Finally, this review puts forward some perspectives that require further investigation. Keywords: microneedle, dissolving, biodegradable, sustained release

  12. 潜江市龙湾遗址群放鹰台第3号台试掘简报



    No. 3 platform of Longwan Crowd Ruins at Fangyingtai is one component of Longwan palace crowd ruins of the East Zhou Dynasity. Spring in 1999, Qianjang municipal museum had a trial excavation on it within 100 square metres, and gained something important, we Discovered a yellow soil foundation, some fire soil holes, tiles, Sansui of the East Zhou Dynasty, and two hollows, one square well ruin of the west zhou dynasty, and unearthed a great deal of remains of the East and West Zhou Dynasty .such as li yu jar kettle dou basin urn water-jar copper ben and so on , including living utensils and productive tools. These unearthed remnants and remains have progressive role on discussion of the Longwan palace crowd ruins of the East Zhou Dynasty and the Chu civilization.

  13. Fluorescence microscopy, observation of self-organized microstructure formed by a rare earth compound

    ZHANG; Renjie


    [1]Sager. W. F.. Filipescu, N., Serafin, F. A., Substituent effects on intramolecular energy transfer, I. Absorption and phosphorescence spectra of rare earth 3-diketone chelates, J. Phys. Chem., 1965, 69:1092-1100.[2]Halverson. F.. Brinen, J. S., Leto, J. R., Luminescence of europium hexafiuoroacetylacetonate, J. Chem. Phys., 1964, 40:2790-2792.[3]Metlay, M., The fluorescence of the europium and terbium dibenzoylmethides, J. Electrochem. Society, 1964, 111: 1253-1255.[4]Zhou, D. J., Wang, K. Z., Huang, C. H. et al., Langmuir-Blodgett film study on N-hexadecyl pyridinium tetrakis(2-naphthyltrifiuoroacetone) europium, HDP. Eu(NTA)4, Solid State Commun., 1995, 93: 167-169.[5]Zhang, R. J., Yang, K. Z., Fluorescence character of rare earth complex with high efficient green light in ordered molecular films, Langmuir, 1997, 13: 7141-7145.[6]Zhang, R. J., Liu, H. G., Yang, K. Z, et al., Fabrication and fluorescence characterization of the LB films of luminous rare earth complexes Eu(TTA)3Phen and Sm(TTA)3Phen, Thin Solid Films, 1997, 295: 228-233.[7]Zhong, G. L., Yang, K. Z., Luminescence enhancement effect of Y(TTA)3Phen on europium (III) and intermolecular energy transfer in Langmuir-Blodgett films, Langmuir, 1998, 14: 5502-5506.[8]Li, J. B., Chen, Z. J., Wang, X. L. et al., Dynamic observations of the hydrolysis of a DPPC monolayer at the air/water interface catalyzed by phospholipase A2, Angew Chem., 2000, 39: 3059-3062.[9]Krüiger, P., Losche, M., Molecular chirality and the domain shapes in lipid monolayers on aqueous surfaces, Phys. Rev. E., 2000, 62: 7031-7043.[10]Losche, M., Sackmann, E., Mohwald, H., A fluorescence microscopic study concerning the phase diagram of phospholipids, Ber Bunsenges Phys. Chem., 1983, 87: 848-852.[11]Melby, L. R., Rose, N. J., Abrmson, E. et al., Synthesis and fluorescence of some trivalent lanthanide complexes, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1964, 86: 5117-5125.[12]Bauer, H., Blanck, J., Ross, D. L

  14. Research on the Characteristics of the Sports Training Major%运动训练专业特色研究

    许声宏; 戴旭


    Beijing Sport University is the only higher education institute which affiliated to the General Administration of Sport of China.The sports training major shoulders the responsibility to cultivate the high-level coaches and players.It has educated a lot of excellent coaches for national teams and provincial teams,such as ZHOU Ming,FENG Shu-yong,XIA Yan-fei and CHEN Zhong.With the development of socialist market economy and the opportunity of higher education innovation,higher demand is promoted for the personnel training and curriculum model of the sports training major.The timely modification of the education scheme,the education objectives building in the new situation,and the reform on the course offering and training model are extremely urgent.For the way to maintain the bellwether position in the 78 high education institutes with sports training major,the key is characteristics and the guarantee is quality.How to develop the characteristics is the important measure and highest priority for sports training major to achieve the goal of cultivating high-level coaches,and get better three-in-one combination base.%北京体育大学是国家体育总局唯一直属高等院校,运动训练专业担负着为国家培养高水平教练员和运动员的任务,多年来为国家队、省市队培养了不少的优秀教练员,诸如:周明、冯树勇、夏燕飞、陈中等高水平人才。随着社会主义市场经济的发展趋势,国家高等教育改革的契机,对运动训练专业的人才培养、办学模式提出了新的要求。适时调整运动训练专业的培养方案,制定新形势下的培养目标、改革课程设置和培养方式,迫在眉睫,如何在全国78所设立运动训练专业的高校中保持领头羊的位置,特色是关键,质量是保证。如何办出特色,将是完成体育总局对运动训练专业所寄予的为国家培养高水平教练员的重任,更好的把三结合基地办好的重要措施和当务之急。

  15. LANTERN: a randomized study of QVA149 versus salmeterol/fluticasone combination in patients with COPD

    Zhong N


    Full Text Available Nanshan Zhong,1 Changzheng Wang,2 Xiangdong Zhou,3 Nuofu Zhang,1 Michael Humphries,4 Linda Wang,4 Chau Thach,5 Francesco Patalano,6 Donald Banerji5On behalf of the LANTERN Investigators 1State Key Laboratory of Respiratory Diseases, First Affiliated Hospital, Guangzhou Medical University, Guangzhou, Guangdong, 2Institute of Respiratory Disease, Xin Qiao Hospital, 3Department of Respiratory Medicine, Southwest Hospital, Third Military Medical University, Chongqing City, Chongqing, 4Beijing Novartis Pharma Co. Ltd., Shanghai, People’s Republic of China; 5Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, East Hanover, NJ, USA; 6Novartis Pharma AG, Basel, SwitzerlandBackground: The current Global initiative for chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD treatment strategy recommends the use of one or more bronchodilators according to the patient’s airflow limitation, their history of exacerbations, and symptoms. The LANTERN study evaluated the effect of the long-acting β2-agonist (LABA/long-acting muscarinic antagonist (LAMA dual bronchodilator, QVA149 (indacaterol/glycopyrronium, as compared with the LABA/inhaled corticosteroid, salmeterol/fluticasone (SFC, in patients with moderate-to-severe COPD with a history of ≤1 exacerbation in the previous year.Methods: In this double-blind, double-dummy, parallel-group study, 744 patients with moderate-to-severe COPD with a history of ≤1 exacerbations in the previous year were randomized (1:1 to QVA149 110/50 µg once daily or SFC 50/500 µg twice daily for 26 weeks. The primary endpoint was noninferiority of QVA149 versus SFC for trough forced expiratory volume in 1 second (FEV1 at week 26.Results: Overall, 676 patients completed the study. The primary objective of noninferiority between QVA149 and SFC in trough FEV1 at week 26 was met. QVA149 demonstrated statistically significant superiority to SFC for trough FEV1 (treatment difference [∆]=75 mL; P<0.001. QVA149 demonstrated a statistically significant

  16. Oscillations of moments in high-energy nucleus-nucleus collisions

    YANG; Hongyan(


    [1]Bialas, A., Peschanski, R., Moments of rapidity distributions as a measure of short-range fluctuations in high-energy colli-sions, Nucl. Phys. B, 1986, 273: 703-718.[2]Wu Yuanfang, Liu Lianshou, Self-affinity of multiplicity fluctuation in the phase space of multiparticle production, Phys. Rev.Lett., 1993, 70: 3197-3200.[3]Zhang Yang, The study of intemittency and multifractal in high energy collisions, Doctor Thesis, Institute of Particle Physics,Hua-Zhong Normal University, 1995.[4]Dremin, I. M. , Quantum chromodynamics and multiplicity distributions, Physics-Uspekhi, 1994, 37(8): 715-736.[5]Dremin, I. M., Arena, V., Boca, G. et al., Cumulant to factorial moment ratio and multiplicity data, Phys. Len. B,1994, 336: 119-124.[6]Ugoccioni, R., Stuctures in multiplicity distributions and oscillations of moments, in Proceedings of the 26th International Symposium on Multiparticle Dynamics (eds. Dias de Deus, J. , Sa, P. , Pimenta, M. et al. ), Singapore: World Scientific,1997, 208-219.[7]Capella, A., Dremin, I. M., Nechitailo, V. A. et al., Moment analysis of multiplicity distributions, Z. Phys. C, 1997,75: 89-94.[8]Dremin, I. M. , Nechitailo, V. A., Biyajima, M. et al. , Comparative analysis of multiplicity distributions in inelastic pro-cesses for different colliding particles and nuclei, Phys. Lett. B, 1997, 403: 149-154.[9]Wang Shaoshun, Zhang Jie, Wang Zhaomin et al., Cumulant to factorial moment ratio of multiplicity distributions of pp inter-actions at 400GeV/c, Phys. Rev. D, 1997, 56: 1-5.[10]Kittel, W., Chekanov, S. V., Mangeol, D. J. et al., Multiplicities, fluctuations and QCD, interplay between soft and hard physics? Nucl. Phys. Proc. Suppl., 1999, 71: 90-99.[11]Adamovich, M. I., Aggarwal, M. M., Alexandrov, Y. A. et al., (EMU01 Collaboration) Rapidity density distribution in 16O, 28Si, 32S, 197Au, and 208Pb induced heavy-ion interactions at 4A-200A GeV, Phys. Rev. Lett., 1992, 69: 745-748.[12]Cai Xu, Huang

  17. Serum proteomic study on EGFR-TKIs target treatment for patients with NSCLC

    Wu X


    Full Text Available Xuan Wu,1,* Wenhua Liang,1,* Xue Hou,1,* Zhong Lin,2 Hongyun Zhao,1 Yan Huang,1 Wenfeng Fang,1 Yuanyuan Zhao,1 Jingxun Wu,3 Yunpeng Yang,1 Chong Xue,1 Zhihuang Hu,1 Jing Zhang,1 Jianwei Zhang,1 Yuxiang Ma,1 Ting Zhou,1 Tao Qin,1 Li Zhang1 1State Key Laboratory of Oncology in South China, Department of Medical Oncology, Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center, Guangzhou, People’s Republic of China; 2Department of Medical Oncology, Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, Zhuhai, People’s Republic of China; 3Department of Medical Oncology, The First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University, Xiamen, People’s Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this article Background: Although epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR-tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs are widely used for EGFR mutated non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC patients, tumor sample availability and heterogeneity of the tumor remain challenging for physicians’ selection of these patients. Here, we developed a serum proteomic classifier based on matrix assisted laser desorption ionization time of flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF-MS to predict the clinical outcome of patients treated with EGFR-TKIs. Method: A total of 68 patients were included in this study. All patients received EGFR-TKIs as second or third line treatment and blood samples were collected before treatment. Using magnetic bead assisted serum peptide capture coupled to MALDI-TOF-MS, pretreatment serum from 24 NSCLC patients was analyzed to develop a proteomic classifier (training set. In a blinded test set with 44 patients, each sample was classified into “good” or “poor” groups using this classifier. Survival analysis of each group was done based on this classification. Result: A 3-peptide proteomic classifier was developed from the training set. In the testing set, the classifier was able to distinguish patients of “good” or “poor” outcomes with 93% accuracy, sensitivity, and

  18. Horizontal displacement of depths soil monitoring and Analysis of factors affecting%深层土体水平位移监测及影响因素浅析



    Monitoring of excavation, including bracing and retaining structural stress and deformation monitoring of groundwater levels around the building settlement and observation, monitoring of soil layering vertical displacement, horizontal movement of depths soil monitoring and so on. This combination of engineering practice, Zhong Yun Zhou in Quanzhou City, Seaview Garden excavation project to monitor the horizontal move- ment of depths soil as an example, Introduced in complex geological conditions of horizontal movement of depths soil monitoring of success experi- ence, according to horizontal movement of depths soil monitoring are analyzed and summarized, in view of previous experience theory, Summary of horizontal movement of depths soil curve changes with the retaining type of bracing and retaining structure and so on, especially with the bracing of the set have a certain relationship, The horizontal movement of depths soil in the points of bracing movement is generally no points of bracing move- ment development slow, Later the horizontal movement of depths soil curve will develop into a " bow" or'i bracket type"; In monitoring process should be based on the actual situation to judge whether there is the possibility of monitoring data distortion and to ensure the accuracy of monitoring data the measures and other relevant conclusion.%基坑监测包括基坑支护结构应力及变位监测、周围建筑物沉降及地下水位观测、土体分层竖向位移监测、深层土体水平位移监测等等。本文结合工程实践,以泉州中芸洲海景花园城基坑工程项目深层土体水平位移监测为例,介绍处于复杂地质条件下的基坑深层土体水平位移监测成功经验,针对基坑深层土体水平位移监测进行分析总结,鉴于前人经验理论,总结深层水平位移曲线图的变化与支护结构类型等有关,特别与支撑点的设置有一定的关系,深层水平位移在有支撑点处


    ZHANG; Sheng


    [1]CHEN Gao-yong, DU Zuo-zhong, ZHENG Zhen-zuo, 1939. The Natural Disaster and Man-made Calamity in China Since Recorded History [M]. Shanghai: Shanghai Book Store. (in Chinese )[2]CHEN Jia-qi, 1992. Discussion on the formation and anti-measure of the greatest flood in 1991, Taihu drainage basin [J] .Science for Lake, 4(2): 52 -59. (in Chinese)[3]CHEN Ji-yu et al., 1979. Development model of the Yangtze mouth since 2000 years[J]. Acta Oceanica Sinica, (1):103-111. (in Chinese)[4]CHENG Yu-qiong, GAO Jian-guo, 1984. The temporal characteristics of the important climate calamity causing over-10000population died in China history[J]. Exploration on Mother Nature, (4): 157-166. (in Chinese)[5]FANG Wei-hua, SHI Pei-jun, WANG Ai-jing, 2000. Analyses on the temporal changing characteristics of the flood [J] .Acta Natural Hazards Sinica, 9(2): 39-44. (in Chinese)[6]GUO Tao, TAN Xu-ming, 1994. Natural historical characteristics of the flood and flood hazards in Chinese history [J].Changjiang Seasonal (the second edition). (in Chinese)[7]GUO Tao, 1989. Hydrologic History of Sichuan Cities[M].Chengdu: Bashu Book Store. (in Chinese)[8]WANG La-chun, XU You-peng, ZHOU Yan-kang et al., 1999.Analyses on the regulation and the sluice capacity on the water net in Taihu region [J]. Acta of Nanjing University (Natural edition), 35(6): 712-718. (in Chinese)[9]YAN Fu, 2000. Preliminary study on the construction of the ecological project of the anti-flood and flood reduction in Yangtze drainage basin [J]. Environment and Resources in Yangtze Drainage Basin, 9 (3): 384-390. (in Chinese)[10]YANG Shi-lun, CHEN Ji-yu, 1995. Formation and evolution of the flood in the Taihu drainage basin [J]. Sceintia Geographica Sinica, 15(4): 307-313. (in Chinese)[11]YIN Huan-zhang, ZHANG Zheng-xiang, 1962. Some knowledge from Neolithic culture in the Taihu region, Jiangsn Province [J]. Archaeology, (3): 147. (in Chinese)[12]ZHU Cheng, SONG Jian, YOU Kun

  20. Status Analysis of Sign Language Translation Occupation in Higher Institutions in China---Taking Zhongzhou University as an Example%我国高校手语翻译职业现状分析--以中州大学为例

    孟繁玲; 韩路展


    中州大学聋人专业教学采用了专业教师和手语翻译互相配合的教学模式。中州大学聋人高等教育由一个专业发展到今天的九个专业,在校学生也由开始的46人增加到现在的近600人,在这一发展过程中,手语翻译发挥了不可或缺的作用,但也存在着诸多问题。中州大学现有手语翻译岗位27个,为在校的9个聋人专业提供课堂教学及其他场合手语翻译服务。分析研究中州大学的手语翻译职业状况,对促进高校手语翻译职业发展,不断提高翻译质量,促进聋人高等教育质量的提高有着重要的意义。本文对中州大学手语翻译职业的现状进行分析,以期对中州大学以及其他聋人高等教育院校手语翻译职业的发展有所启示。%The major for the deaf in Zhongzhou University has adoped the professional teaching mode by combi-ning professional teachers and sign language translation together to complete the teaching.In this mode of teaching, higher education for the deaf in Zhongzhou University has increased to nine majors from the first one major today. Meanwhile,the number of students has increased to nearly 600 people from 46 now.In this development process, sign language translation plays an indispensable role,but there are also many problems.Presently,there are 27 sign language translation posts in Zhongzhou University,which can provide sign language translation services for the classroom teaching of 9 deaf majors and other places.Status analysis and research on language translation occupa-tion in Zhongzhou University has an important significance in promoting the development of sign language translation occupation,continuously improving the quality of translation and enhancing the improvement of the quality of higher education for the deaf.This paper analyzes the present situation of sign language translation occupation in Zhong-zhou University so as to inspire the development of sign