Sample records for zhe qian jialin

  1. Memorial to Xuesen Qian

    Gengdong Cheng


    @@ Xuesen Qian(Hsue-Shen Tsien),the father of China's rocketry and space technology,was born in Shanghai on 11 December 1911.He graduated from the Shanghai Jiaotong University in 1934 and received a degree in mechanical engineering there.He then spent an internship at Nanchang Air Force Base.

  2. Analysis of Gao Jia-lin's life tragedy in Lu Yao's"life"%路遥《人生》中高加林人生悲剧的分析



    Gao Jia-lin personality is very complex, is shape the classic literary by Lu Yao, but also the Chinese contemporary literature in the gallery of immortal images. Gao Jia-lin want to realize their own value, want to have a bright future and perfect love, and therefore exhibit an extraordinary entrepreneurial spirit, but ultimately failed to keep the faith and his principles, resulting in his pursuit of all ended in failure, his life is full of tragic color. A careful analysis of the novel, can be found the cause of Gao Jia-lin's life tragedy both factors of society, and his own personal factor.%高加林的性格十分复杂,是路遥塑造的经典的文学典型,同时也是中国当代文学画廊中不朽的文学形象。高加林想要实现自身的价值,想拥有美好的前程与完美的爱情,并且为此表现出非凡的进取精神,但是高加林最终没有能坚守自己的信念与原则,致使他的这些追求均以失败而告终,他的人生充满了悲剧色彩。认真分析小说,可以发现造成高加林人生悲剧的原因既有社会层面的因素,又有他个人的因素。

  3. The Experience of Professor He Jialin in the Treatment on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome%何嘉琳教授治疗多囊卵巢综合征经验

    单静华; 何嘉琳


    Objective] Investigate the experience of professor He Jialin in the treatment on polycystic ovary syndrome. [Methods]Discuss the clinical experience of professor He Jialin in the treatment on polycystic ovary syndrome from the pathogenesis, treatment, prescription and one case. [Results] Professor He Jialin believes that the disease is caused by kidney deficiency, mixing with phlegmatic block and blood stasis. It can achieve good effect with Bushen Huoxue Huatan method combined with Tiaozhou therapy. [Conclusion] Professor He Jialin's academic thoughts and clinical experience on syndrome differentiation, application method, addition or subtraction of changes provide a more complete mentality and pragmatic value in treating polycystic ovary syndrome.%[目的]探讨何嘉琳教授治疗多囊卵巢综合征的经验。[方法]从病因病机、辩证论治、遣方用药等方面阐述何嘉琳教授对多囊卵巢综合征的学术观点和临床经验,并举案例佐证。[结果]何嘉琳教授认为多囊卵巢综合征的病机以肾虚为本,兼痰湿阻滞、瘀血停留,属虚实夹杂之证,临证以补肾活血化痰法结合调周治疗,取得较好疗效。[结论]何师治疗多囊卵巢综合征的学术思想和临床经验为临床辩证治疗提供了较为完整的思路,其辨证施治分型、组方运用及加减化裁对临床治疗多囊卵巢综合征有实用价值。

  4. [Textual research on Newly Carved sun Zhenren's Qian jin fang].

    Su, L


    As one of the ancient edition of Qian jin fang, this Newly Carved Sun Zhenren's Qian Jin Fang is far more authentic in the structure of its contents and its text, as compared to those editions of the Song Dynasty, and is, of course, closer to its original form and more reliable with textual significance. This article explores the distribution, characters of the edition and time of carving.

  5. Five Theories on Architectural Sciences by Qian Xuesen



    Qian Xuesen made initiative theoretic contribution to architectu-ral sciences in five aspects: the theory for positioning architectural science, the theory for positioning architectural philosophy, the theory for setting up Chinese landscape architecture; the theory for setting up urbanology, and the theory for building Chinese “shan-shui city”. Studying, deepening and perfecting Qian's theories are of momentous importance for the development of China' s architectural sciences.

  6. Plasma pharmacological study on Da Huang Zhe Chong capsule on platelet aggregation of normal person

    WANG Dong-sheng; CHEN Fang-ping; XIAO Chang-jiang; HE Shi-lin; FU Bin; LI Xin; CAO Xing-yu; CHEN Yan; XIE Qin-zhi


    Objective To develop a plasma pharmacological method evaluates the effect of Da Huang Zhe Chong capsule on platelet aggregation and its mechanism, which is a representative Traditional Chinese Medicine Patent Prescription Promoting blood circulation by removing blood stasis. Methods Platelets specimens from healthy volunteers made serum and plasma with medicine, while platelet PRP were separated, which were divided into 8groups,i.e. auto-serum, allo-serum, serum with Da Huang Zhe Chong capsule , serum with aspirin, auto-plasma, plasma with Da Huang Zhe Chong capsule, plasma with aspirin, every group added to serum and plasma to hatch. After ADP and adrenalin were added into the specimens and hatched, the effects of specimens on platelet aggregation were observed. Results After ADP adrenalin were added, all the serum groups did not present platelet aggregation,while all the plasma group presented platelet aggregation. P1, P5, Pmax, t and TM have no significant difference (P>0. 05) between auto-plasma group and allo-plasma group induced by ADP and adrenalin. P1, P5, t and Pmax have significant differences (P<0. 01) and TM decreased significantly (P<0. 05) comparing plasma group with Da Huang Zhe Chong capsule and plasma group of aspirin to allo-plasma group. P1, t and Pmax have significant difference (P<0.05), and P5 and TM are simulate comparing plasma group with Da Huang Zhe Chong capsule to plasma group of aspirin. P1, P5, t and Pmax have significant differences (P<0. 01), P1, TM have also significant(P<0. 05), comparing plasma group of Da Huang Zhe Chong capsule with plasma of aspirin to allo-plasma group induced by adrenalin. P1 ,P5 and Pmax have significant differences (P<0.05), and t and Pmax are simulate comparing plasma group with Da Huang Zhe Chong capsule with plasma group of aspirin. Conclusion The serum pharmacological study is inappropriate to study platelet aggregation in vitro. The plasma pharmacological study is inappropriate to study

  7. Zebrafish high-throughput screening to study the impact of dissolvable metal oxide nanoparticles on the hatching enzyme, ZHE1.

    Lin, Sijie; Zhao, Yan; Ji, Zhaoxia; Ear, Jason; Chang, Chong Hyun; Zhang, Haiyuan; Low-Kam, Cecile; Yamada, Kristin; Meng, Huan; Wang, Xiang; Liu, Rong; Pokhrel, Suman; Mädler, Lutz; Damoiseaux, Robert; Xia, Tian; Godwin, Hilary A; Lin, Shuo; Nel, André E


    The zebrafish is emerging as a model organism for the safety assessment and hazard ranking of engineered nanomaterials. In this Communication, the implementation of a roboticized high-throughput screening (HTS) platform with automated image analysis is demonstrated to assess the impact of dissolvable oxide nanoparticles on embryo hatching. It is further demonstrated that this hatching interference is mechanistically linked to an effect on the metalloprotease, ZHE 1, which is responsible for degradation of the chorionic membrane. The data indicate that 4 of 24 metal oxide nanoparticles (CuO, ZnO, Cr2 O3 , and NiO) could interfere with embryo hatching by a chelator-sensitive mechanism that involves ligation of critical histidines in the ZHE1 center by the shed metal ions. A recombinant ZHE1 enzymatic assay is established to demonstrate that the dialysates from the same materials responsible for hatching interference also inhibit ZHE1 activity in a dose-dependent fashion. A peptide-based BLAST search identifies several additional aquatic species that express enzymes with homologous histidine-based catalytic centers, suggesting that the ZHE1 mechanistic paradigm could be used to predict the toxicity of a large number of oxide nanoparticles that pose a hazard to aquatic species.

  8. Congratulation to Professor Renyuan Qian on the Occasion of His 80th Birthday——Biographic Sketch of Professor Renyuan Qian


    @@ Renyuan Qian was born on September 19, 1917 in Changshu, Jiangsu province.He graduated from the Chemistry Department of Zhejiang University in 1939. In the year of 1943, he went to the United States to take postgraduate studies mainly in the University of Wisconsin.

  9. [Distribution Characteristics of Sedimentary Pigments in the Changjiang Estuary and Zhe-Min Coast and its Implications].

    Li, Dong; Yao, Peng; Zhao, Bin; Wang, Jin-peng; Pan, Hui-hui


    Compositions and contents of sedimentary pigments were examined using high performance liquid chromatography in order to discuss the spatial distributions of phytoplankton primary production, phytoplankton functional type and the preservation efficiency of phytoplankton pigments and their influencing factors. The results showed that: chloropigments [Chlorins, including chlorophyll-a (Chl-a) and pheopigments (Pheo-a), such as pheophytin-a (PHtin-a), pheophorbide-a (PHide-a), pPheophytin-a (pPHtin-a), sterol chlorin esters (SCEs) and carotenol chlorin esters (CCEs)] were the major type of sedimentary pigments. The nutrients inputs from Changjiang Diluted Water and upwelling in the Zhe-Min coastal mud area were the major cause for the patchy distribution with high sedimentary chloropigment contents. Carotenoid contents showed no trending changes and exhibited high values in the Changjiang Estuary and Zhe-Min Coasts. Based on the relative proportions of each diagnostic carotenoid to the total diagnostic carotenoids in the sediments, the relative contributions of diatoms, dinoflagellates, prymnesiophytes, prasinophytes, cryptophytes and cyanobacterias in the phytoplankton fuctional types were 48.8% +/- 17.4%, 10.7% +/- 11.5%, 8.1% +/- 7.2%, 18.6% +/- 8.2%, 9.4% +/- 6.4% and 4.3% +/- 3.2%, respectively. The preference for external environmental conditions (e.g., nutrient level and water salinity) was the main cause for the decreasing trends of diatoms and dinoflagellates proportions and the increasing trends of prasinophytes, cryptophytes and cyanobacterias seawards. Based on the spatial distribution of Chl-a/Pheo-a ratios, the higher preservation efficiencies of sedimentary pigments in the coastal regions (e.g., outer edge of maximum turbidity zone in the Changjiang Estuary, mouth of the Hangzhou Bay and upwelling region in the Zhe-Min Coast) were mainly due to the higher sedimentation rate and seasonal occurrences of hypoxia in bottom water, and these regions with

  10. Analysis on Characteristic of Comments on Medicine in Zhe Gong Man Lu%简析《折肱漫录》“品药”之特点



    Zhe Gong Man Lu was written by Huang Chenghao in the Ming Dynasty which consisted of seven volumes. This book contains excellent medical essays in traditional Chinese medicine based on the clinical experience of the author. The contents ofZhe Gong Man Lu focus on three issues, such as replenishing the vital energy, keeping in good health and medicine. The name ofZhe Gong Man Lu originated from the proverb “Excellent doctors can endure the pain similar to three times of humeral fracture ”. The third volume of Zhe Gong Man Lu explained the comments on medicine on basis of 53 kind of Chinese herbs which were tasted by the author and applied in his clinical experience, with preciseness and characteristics. This article analyzed the comments on medicine inZhe Gong Man Luin order to extend the knowledge of doctors.%《折肱漫录》为明代黄承昊撰辑,凡7卷,是医话著作中的精品。作者以自身治病用药的经验为主,汇集了养神、养形、医药3个方面内容,取“三折肱而为良医”之义,著成此书。“品药”出自卷3,黄氏对53种口所亲尝、身所亲历的常用药物加以评述,甚为精当,极有特色。本文将对“品药”的内容进行分析,以增广临证之视野。

  11. Sima Qian's Music Criticism%司马迁音乐批评思想初探



    Most music critical thoughts of Sima Qian are expressed for a large numbers of historical music data recorded in Historical Records. Those music critical thoughts are based on criticism for the music development, composers, performances, players and their musical activities. In addition to his consistent attitude of Confucianism for music criticism, Sima Qian appreciated the music creation and performances. This makes his music criticism presented with the political morality, and a breakthrough in music expressing the individual' s emotions. Hence, Sima Qian by Historical Records established a model for music criticism.%司马迁的音乐批评思想大多通过《史记》对大量音乐史料的记载而呈现出来. 这种以人物批评为主的间接式音乐批评包含对音乐发展历史的批评、对历代制乐者的批评、对一般历史人物音乐活动的批评、对乐人及其音乐活动的批评等等. 在批评的标准问题上除了坚持儒家一贯的批评原则,司马迁对"发愤著书"式的音乐创作及表演也是极为欣赏的.这使其音乐批评思想一方面坚持了政治道德的批判立场,另一方面也有所突破而肯定了情感在音乐中的个性抒发. 藉此,司马迁通过《史记》树立了正史音乐批评的典范形态.

  12. 中国北方沿海"褶牡蛎"的分类和订名%Classification of "Zhe" oysters from North China

    王海艳; 郭希明; 刘晓; 许飞; 张素萍; 徐凤山; 张国范


    中国牡蛎的种类繁多,多样性极为丰富,由于其形态变异大,已报道的中国牡蛎物种组成及分布争议甚大,中国北方沿海常见"褶牡蛎"的分类也一直存在很大的争议,这严重阻碍了其他相关研究的进行.作者系统综述了中国北方沿海"褶牡蛎"的分类历史和研究现状,并对中国北方沿海"褶牡蛎"进行了系统的分类研究,取得了最新研究成果.确立了中国北方沿海"褶牡蛎"的分类地位,改变其分类长期混乱的局面,这对于"褶牡蛎"的养殖和其他相关研究均具有重要的意义.%China is extremely rich in oyster species diversity. Shell morphology, the main character used in oyster classification, is known to be plastic and subject to environmental variation, this leads to many con-fusions and disagreements about oyster classification by different experts, especially for "zhe" oysters from North China. In this paper, we summarize the taxonomic history of "zhe" oyster, we report the new find-ings about the classification of "zhe" oysters in our study. It will clarify the taxonomic status of confused "zhe" oysters from North China. It will contribute to the oyster fishery, as well as to the management and protection of oyster resources in China.

  13. Analysis of Sima Qian's Criticism of Qu Yuan's "Li Sao"%司马迁屈骚批评析义



    司马迁与屈原均以宏文名垂千古,但屈原之“志”为“存君兴国”,即通过君王来实现其“美政”理想,把楚国的事情办好;司马迁之“志”是撰著《史记》,以期名垂后世。屈原“无我”,司马迁“为我”;屈原无心插柳柳成荫,司马迁则是有意栽花花盛开。%Sima Qian and Qu Yuan go down in history for their master pieces. But Qu Yuan's "ambition" is "save your country", namely by the emperor to realize the ideal of "beautifying politics" of the Chu state affairs; Sima Qian's "ambition" is writing"historical records" in order to leave a name in history. Qu Yuan holds on the idea of"without me",while Sima Qian holds "for me"; Qu Yuan becomes famous without intention but Sima Qian intends to be well known.

  14. Evaluation of Chinese medicine Qian-Yu for chronic bacterial prostatitis in rats

    Jinhu Wu


    Full Text Available Objectives : Qian-Yu (QY, a Chinese medicine formula, has anti-inflammatory and broad spectrum anti-bacterial activity. This study is undertaken to evaluate the anti-inflammatory effects of Qian-Yu (QY in chronic bacterial prostatitis (CBP. Materials and Methods : The potential of QY in the treatment of CBP was evaluated using a CBP animal model by examining the anti-inflammatory activity. Its consequences were analyzed by immunological and histopathological methods. Experimental chronic bacterial prostatitis was induced by instillation of bacterial suspension of Escherichia coli 7.5 ΄ 10 5 CFU/ml into the prostatic urethra. Animals were followed up for four weeks and then treated with either 7 mg/kg QY or 7 mg/kg positive control agent-Qianlietai (QLT or 1 ml of phosphate-buffered saline (PBS for the controls. Ten rats in each group were sacrificed at the end of four weeks. The inhibition of inflammation and its consequences were analyzed histologically. Prostatic IL-8, SIgA and zinc concentrations were measured by ELISA, RIA and ICP-AES, respectively. The data was expressed as mean ± S.D. Least-significant difference (LSD of one-way ANOVA (SPSS 12.0 was used to determine the differences of scores. Results : The histopathology showed resolving prostatitis in QY-and QLT-treated groups and the immunology showed reduction of IL-8 and increment of SIgA contents in prostatic tissues as compared to the control groups. The prostatic zinc levels were higher in the QY-and QLT-treated groups than those in the controls. These results suggested that QY is effective in CBP treatment.

  15. A new species of Begonia L.(Begoniaceae) from Yunnan, Chinas Y. Y. Qian; New species; China%云南秋海棠属一新种



    @@ Begonia menglianensis Y. Y. Qian, sp. nov. (Sect. Platycentrum Ser. Cathayanae). Fig. 1 Habitu B. versicolori lrmsch. similis, sed foliorum laminis supra glabris, florum staminatorum tepalis 4, capsularum alis majoribus ligulatis, 20~22 mm longis differt.

  16. Qian Xuesen’s China Dream%钱学森的中国梦



    As a founder of Chinese aerospace undertaking and a scientist of the people,Qian Xuesen engaged his whole life in pursuing to the dream of serving the country by science,tried his best to build his motherland,and made outstanding contributions to the development of science,the modernization of national defense and the course of socialism. He could be called a typical representative of science workers practicing the China Dream. By sorting up and studying his manuscripts and relevant literature,we find that Qian’s China Dream is the inte-gration of his love of motherland,spirit of dedication,consciousness of seeking the truth,and courage of innova-tion,that it is the combination of dream setting,dream pursuing,dream realization and dream continuance,and that it is the unification of the heart of love of motherland,affection of serving the country,the ability of making contribution to the country,and the behavior of empowering the country. From the old - generation scientists re-presented by Qian Xuesen we can draw the spiritual force for the great revival of the Chinese nation and see the hope for the China Dream to come true.%作为中国航天事业奠基人和人民科学家,钱学森毕生追逐科学报国梦想,“竭尽努力建设自己的国家”,为我国科技振兴、国防现代化建设和社会主义事业作出了杰出贡献,堪称广大科技工作者群体中践行中国梦的典型代表。通过对钱学森手稿与文献进行整理与研究发现,钱学森的中国梦,是爱国情怀、奉献精神、求真意识、创新勇气的集成,是立梦、追梦、圆梦、续梦的结合,是爱国之心、报国之情、效国之能、强国之行的统一。从以钱学森为代表的老一辈科学家身上,可以汲取民族复兴的精神力量,为实现中国梦提供精神激励。

  17. First calibration results of Jason-2 and SARAL/AltiKa satellite altimeters from the Qianli Yan permanent Cal/Val facilities, China

    Yang, Lei; Zhou, Xinghua; Mertikas, S. P.; Zhu, Lin; Yang, Long; Lei, Ning


    This work presents the first calibration results for the Jason-2 and the SARAL/AltiKa altimetric missions by using the permanent calibration facilities on the Qianli Yan islet (China). Qianli Yan is located in the Yellow Sea and only ∼3 km from the Jason-2 and SARAL/AltiKa crossover point. Analysis of the Jason-2 and SARAL/AltiKa waveform data and geophysical data over the Qianli Yan calibration area has proven that the altimeters and microwave radiometers are not contaminated by the mainland or the islet. The accuracies of the regional geoid model, provided by the First Institute of Oceanography (FIO), State Oceanic Administration of China, and the DTU10 MSS model were assessed by a GNSS buoy experiment. The results indicated that the FIO model is suitable for altimeter calibration in the Qianli Yan area. From the observations and the geoid model, the absolute biases for the Jason-2 and SARAL/AltiKa altimeters (2013-2014) were determined as 21.0 ± 5.9 and -44.0 ± 7.3 mm, respectively. The 2 years' results indicated that the Jason-2 bias had no trend. However, the SARAL/AltiKa bias presented a downward trend that was more stable in 2014 than in 2013. The Qianli Yan results are consistent with those determined by other international dedicated calibration sites and crossover analysis.

  18. 王哲教授治疗高泌乳素血症性不孕症经验%Experience of Professor Wang Zhe Treatment of Hyperprolactinemia Infertility

    郭志莉; 王哲


    Objective]The article summarizes the essentials of hyperprolactinemia infertility experience by Professor Wang Zhe. [Methods]From following Professor Wang Zhe clincial studies,summarize experience and thoughts of treating hyperprolactinemia infertility with a case. [Results]Professor Wang Zhe thinks the main reason for the occurrence of hyperprolactinemia infertility ,which is related to the dysfunction of the liver,spleen and kidney.The spleen rules transformation and transportation that like dryness and dislike dampness.The liver stores the blood and rules flowing and spreading, that is sensitive to boundaries and maintains the smoothness and harmony of movement throughout the body.The kidneys store the essence and rule birth and hiding, which is foundation of innate existence. Its main types are liver depression and deficiency of the kidney block and phlegm-dampness stagnation.Therapeutically,using Fu Qingzhu medicine for women in the study of Yangjingzhongyu Decoction and the Ye Tianshi treatment recipe for women refers to Cangfudaotan Decoction in the treatment,to achieve nourishing the liver and kidney, invigorating spleen for eliminating dampness.[Conclusion]Professor Wang has exquisite medical skills, rigorous academic attitude, and richly professional knowledge and clinical experience.She has unique insights and experience in treating hyperprolactinemia infertility.Professor Wang Zhe's experience hopes to expand ideas of the clinical diagnosis and treatment.%[目的]总结导师王哲教授治疗高泌乳素血症性不孕症经验。[方法]通过跟随王哲教授出诊和学习王哲教授的相关医案,并以两则代表性医案为重点,结合历代名家的相关论述,系统总结王哲教授治疗高泌乳素血症性不孕症的临证经验和学术观点。[结果]王哲教授认为,本病临床证型以痰湿阻滞和肝郁肾虚为主,其发病主要与脾、肝、肾关系密切。其在长期的医疗实践过程中归纳出补

  19. Text Analysis of Yaksha by SHI Zhe -cun%施蛰存短篇小说《夜叉》文本分析



    Yaksha by SHI Zhe cun is a very special novel written in Shanghai in the 1930s. SHI Zhe cun is one of the representative writers of neosensuatist novels in the history of Chinese modern literature. He does creatively in literature style and literary ideas in his'works and he is the first to recognize the modernists need to have Chinese characteristics. Yaksha is influenced by Chi nese classical literature and western modernists, however, the author does not copy these experi ences and he is creative in style and ideas based on the features of the times, making the novel a successful practice of his theory.%施蛰存是中国现代文学史上新感觉派的代表作家,他的文学手法以及文学观念在作品中都有突出表现,并且他是最早认识到现代派需要有中国特色的一个作家。其短篇小说《夜叉》受到了中国古典文学的影响,同时又融入了许多西方现代派的思想,然而作者并不照搬这些经验,而是结合当时的时代背景,在继承的基础上有所创新,使得《夜叉》成为他创作理论的成功实践。

  20. 努力建设司马迁与史记研究重地%Striving to Construct the Research Base of Sima Qian and Historical Records

    丁德科; 王炳社


    司马迁故乡的渭南师范学院,多年来尤其是2011年以来高度重视司马迁与《史记》研究,抓好“一栏”(《渭南师范学院学报》教育部高校哲学社会科学学报名栏“司马迁与《史记》研究”)、“一院”(中国司马迁与史记研究院)、“一鉴”(编撰出版《司马迁与研究年鉴》)、“一馆”(中国司马迁与史记研究展览馆)等“四个一工程”,建设司马迁与《史记》研究重地,有力促进了教学、科研和学科建设工作,并在司马迁与《史记》研究界乃至社会科学界产生了良好的学术影响。%Weinan Normal University, located in the home of Sima Qian, has devotedly paid much attention to the research of Sima Qian and Historical Records for many years, especially since 2011.It stresses on the Project of “Four Ones”, such as “One Column” ( the column of Sima Qian and Historical Records, entitled with the Excellent Column inHumanities and Social Sciences by State Education Department), One Institute (China Sima Qian and Historical Records Institute), One Annual (Annual of Sima Qian and Historical Records Research) , One Exhibition Center ( Exhibition Center of China Sima Qian and Historical Records Re-search) .Construction of the Research Base of Sima Qian and Historical Records reinforces the construction of education, scientific research and discipline, hence, it will have great impact on the research of Sima Qian and Historical Records, and the research of social science.

  1. 近代汉语“这”“那”不平衡发展考察%A Study of Unbalanced Development of Chinese Demonstratives zhe and Na



    近指代词“这”和远指代词“那”不仅使用上存在不对称现象,它们的历时发展轨迹也并不完全平行。经过对晚唐五代至清代10部典籍的调查,可以发现总体上“这”的发展速度快于“那”,“这”在各种用法上的出现频率一般要高于“那”。但是“那”在“那+名词”“那厮”等用法上反而更突出。造成“这”“那”不平衡发展的根本原因是近指、远指的对立。%Not only do the proximal demonstrative zhe and the distal demonstrative na have asymmetry performance in their uses ,but also their development paths are not parallel. After investigating on 10 different texts,which were written from the Late Tang and Five Dynasties to the Qing Dynasty,we find out that generally zhe developed faster than na,and that the frequency of zhe was higher than that of na in most uses. However,na behaved promi-nently in some uses,for example,“na + noun”,“nabian”and“nasi”. The origin of the unbalanced develop-ment of zhe and na is the opposition of proximal deixis and distal deixis.

  2. [Species composition and distribution characteristics of pelagic copepods in the Northern Sea of Fujian during withdraw of Zhe-Min coastal current].

    Wang, Yan-Guo; Lin, Jing-Hong; Wang, Chun-Guang; Lin, Mao


    Based on oceanographic survey data in April 2009 in the north central Taiwan Strait, ecological characteristics such as species composition, individual density, dominant species and distribution were analyzed. The results were compared with the same area survey in spring 2007 for discuss the annual variety. The result shows that 48 pelagic copepods species have been recognized, and most of them belongs to Calanodia. The higher species number occurs in southern and eastern area. The average density of pelagic copepoda was 231.96 ind x m(-3). As to the horizontal distribution, the coast and northern areas are higher than those of eastern and southern areas of the density of pelagic copepods which are dependent on the dominant species Calanus sinicus and Euchaeta plana. The community structure of pelagic copepoda was same to the other survey result, which shows low biodiversity index with remarkable dominant species. Owing to the Zhe-Min coastal current effect, the higher density distribution is different in 2007 and 2009. As to the ecological character, all the copepoda in this paper belong to warm-water, warm-temperature and tropic oceanic groups. Warm-water and tropic oceanic groups are the dominant groups of the pelagic copepods composition. When it comes to density, warm-temperature group is the dominant. The relationship of species number, diversity index and abundance with the environment were also discussed in this paper. The result showed that the pelagic copepoda species number and diversity would increase with the temperature and salty increase.

  3. [Effects of compound Zhe-Bei granule (CZBG) combined with doxorubicin on expression of membrane transport proteins in K562/A02 cell xenografts].

    Li, Dong-Yun; Zheng, Zhi; Hou, Li; Jiang, Miao; Dong, Qing; Tian, Shao-Dan; Ma, Wei; Chen, Ju; Wang, Jing; Chen, Xin-Yi


    This study was purposed to investigate the effects of compound Zhe-Bei granule (CZBG) combined with doxorubicin on expressions of P-gp, MRP, LRP in K562/A02 cell xenografts. Tumor xenograft model were established by injecting the multidrug resistant cell line K562/A02 in the axillary flank of BALB/c-nu-nu mice. CZBG-intragastric administration and doxorubicin-intraperitoneal injection in combination were given to the BALB/c-nu nude mice. The tumor xenografts were made into slice after the dissection, and the expression of P-gp, MRP, LRP in K562/A02 tumor xenografts in mice were investigated by immunohistochemical technique. The integral optical density (IOD) of P-gp, MRP, LRP in K562/A02 tumor xenografts were measured by Image Pro Plus 6.0. The results showed that as compared with the doxorubicin alone, the combination of the doxorubicin and CZBG with high, middle and low dosage could decrease IOD of P-gp, MRP in K562/A02 tumor xenografts with statistical significance (p < 0.05). The LRP expression in K562/A02 tumor xenografts was not observed in five groups. It is concluded that the combination of CZBG with doxorubicin decreases the expressions of P-gp, MRP in K562/A02 tumor xenografts of mice.

  4. Sima Qian' s Relatives and Friends in Classical Documents and Folk Legend——Concurrently Discussing on Sima Qian' s Humanistic Spirit%古典文献与民间传说中的司马迁亲友——兼论司马迁的人文精神



    To unravel Sima Qian' s humanistic spirit, apart from his Historical Records and"A Letter to Ren An", communica?tion and dialogues of his friends, relatives and him also can be regarded as a convenient and effective way. We don' t discuss the true or false about Sima Qian' s relatives and friends in classical documents. We only select and recover Sima Qian' s emotional world and spiritual world from the limited documents, to further understand the cultural characteristics of Sima Qian' s humanistic spirit.%要寻绎司马迁的人文精神,除了从他的著作《太史公书》和《报任安书》等文本之外,从他与亲友的交往对话等也不失为一条便捷而有效的途径. 司马迁亲友的文献记载的真伪问题,姑且不谈,仅从有限的文献中抽绎并复原司马迁的情感世界、精神世界,可以进一步理解司马迁人文精神的文化特质.

  5. On the Generation of SHI Zhe -cun' s Historical Fictions Narrative Pattern%论施蛰存历史小说叙事模式的生成



    From the subject dimensions, the paper analyses the generation of Shi Zhe - cun' s historical fictions narrative pattern. According to the tendency of personality, he had the traits of loneliness and flinches, which indicated his introversion personality. So that he like focusing on the human beings who is the subject of activities. According to psychological needs, he grew up in the circumstance where his basic need of human was met, so the self- actualization need become to the centre of his con sciousness. He wanted to create a new writing - method which was different from others. According to personal experiences, he translated a series literary works, which made him to hold the psychoanalytical writing - method and put it into practice, so create a vivid modern narrative pattern of historical fictions.%基于主体维度,施蛰存历史小说叙事模式可以从以下三个方面来探究。就人格倾向来看,施蛰存具有孤独、退守等特质,在心理类型上属于内倾型人格,在叙事上倾向于叙述作为活动主体的人;就心理需要来看,施蛰存生长在基本需要相对满足的环境,自我实现在当时成为意识中心。在创作上,意图开辟一条新路径;就个人经验来看,施蛰存通过作品翻译,掌握了西方现代心理分析创作的方法,并将它运用于实践,创作出迥异于传统历史小说的叙事文本。

  6. 钱学森对我的影响——纪念钱学森先生一百诞辰%Qian Xuesen's Influence on Me:In Memory of the Centenary of Qian Xuesen's Birthday



    Qian Xuesen was a Chinese outstanding scientist,a primary pioneer and one of the founders in space technology.He was world-class authority in aviation,the third banner holder in aerodynamics,initiator in engineering cybernetics,and leader in applied mathematics and occurrence,as well as outstanding representative with great contributions to the growth of new China.In retrospect,it is vividly and eloquently proved that non-linear phenomena exist,and it is an exact reproduction of the great scientist's noble qualities to conduct himself and do research.%钱学森是我国杰出的科学家,是人类航天科技的重要开创者和主要奠基人之一,也是航空领域的世界级权威、空气动力学学科的第三代挚旗人,是工程控制论的创始人,是20世纪应用数学和应用力学领域的领袖人物,也是为新中国的成长做出无可估量贡献的老一辈科学家团体之中影响最大、功勋最为卓著的杰出代表人物。通过回顾,生动而雄辩地证明了非线性现象的存在,真实再现了一代伟人科学家的做人和做学问的高贵品格。

  7. Epigenetic battle of the sexes. Comment on: ;Epigenetic game theory: How to compute the epigenetic control of maternal-to-zygotic transition; by Qian Wang et al.

    Wu, Song


    Qian Wang et al. present an interesting framework, named epigenetic game theory, for modeling sex-based epigenetic dynamics during embryogenesis from a new viewpoint of evolutionary game theory [1]. That is, epigenomes of sperms and oocytes may coordinate through either cooperation or competition, or both, to affect the fitness of embryos. The work uses a set of ordinary differential equations (ODEs) to describe longitudinal trajectories of DNA methylation levels in both parental and maternal gametes and their dependence on each other. The insights gained from this review, i.e. dynamic methylation profiles and their interaction are potentially important to many fields, such as biomedicine and agriculture.

  8. [The classification method of syndromes in the Bei ji qian jin yao fang (Essential Recipes for Emergent Use Worth A Thousand Gold)].

    Shen, Xiaowei; Zheng, Wenjie; Ma, Mingyue; Zhang, Zhibin


    Bei ji qian jin yao fang (Essential Recipes for Emergent Use Worth A Thousand Gold) epitomizes the medical achievements of the Tang Dynasty with an extensive coverage. The classification method of syndromes in this book is derived from Nei jing (Inner Canon), Nan jing (Classic of Questioning), Shang han za bing lun (Treatise on Cold Pathogenic and Miscellaneous Diseases), Zhu bing yuan hou lun (General Treatise on Causes and Manifestations of All Diseases), and enlightens the later generation with many unique characteristics, reflecting the mature recognition of the diseases in the contemporary clinical medicine from one side. It is still of great significance for understanding the diseases and exploring its pathogenesis even today.

  9. 从汉语时问感知方式看“在”与“着”的语义差别%Research on the Semantic Difference between "Zai" and "Zhe" from the TPM in Chinese

    祝东平; 祝郝


    The time perception mode of Chinese speakers is as following: we ourselves stretch continuously as time goes by,and the Christian era is the reference of the stretch, which we take as the time axis. We define the time taken by speakers as speech time and the speech time is changing continuously. The adverb of time "zai + vp" indicates that in the time span taken by "vp",the speech time or the time showed by the timewords in the sentence is stretching continuously so that the time adverb "zai + vp" has the nature of continuity. The phrase "v +zhe" only shows the continuity of the verb,and it has no relationship with the speech time so that this phrase has difficulties in accomplishing communication,which determines that it cannot be used as an independent sentence. The existential sentence formed by "v +zhe" and the subject of "v +zhe",along with the sentence describing present views,can be used as an independent sentence because the context is related to the speech time.%操汉语者的时间感知模式是:我们自己随着时间流在不断延伸,公元纪年是我们延伸的参照,将其看作时间轴。说话人占据的时间——说话时是不断延伸变化的,时间副词“在+VP”表示的是说话时或者句中时间词语所表时间在VP占据的时间段中。说话时的不断延伸使得“在VP”具有持续性。“V着”只表示V的持续,不与说话时发生关系,难以完成交际任务,所以不能独立成句。

  10. 钱钟书论文学的虚拟性%Qian Zhongshu's Opinions on the Virtuality of Literary



    钱钟书认为“史有诗心、文心”,这里的“诗心、文心”主要指涉的是文学的虚拟性。对此可以从其反复阐发的两个命题来理解:“诗可凿空”;“文词有虚而非伪,诚而不实者”。对文学虚拟性的强调,凸显出钱钟书对文学主体性的认识,一定程度上构成对二十世纪以来以实证主义为代表的主流文艺社会学理论的一种反驳。%Qian Zhongshu thinks that history has the characteristics of literature which means mainly virtuality in the text. It shows two aspects: first, poem is a fiction ; second, content is not true and emotion is sincere. The emphasis on literary virtuality highlights Qian Zhongshu's thought about the subjectivity of the literature, to a certain extent, which is a reaction to the mainstream sociology of literature and art that positivism is its common example since the 20th century.

  11. Comment on Qian et al. 2008: La Niña and El Niño composites of atmospheric CO2 change

    Andrew M. Chiodi


    Full Text Available It is well known that interannual extremes in the rate of change of atmospheric CO2 are strongly influenced by the occurrence of El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO events. Qian et al. presented ENSO composites of atmospheric CO2 changes. We show that their composites do not reflect the atmospheric changes that are most relevant to understanding the role of ENSO on atmospheric CO2 variability. We present here composites of atmospheric CO2 change that differ markedly from those of Qian et al., and reveal previously unreported asymmetries between the effects on the global carbon system of El Niño and La Niña events. The calendar-year timing differs; La Niña changes in atmospheric CO2 typically occur primarily over September–May, while El Niño changes occur primarily over December–August. And the net concentration change is quite different; La Niña changes are about half the size of El Niño changes. These results illustrate new aspects of the ENSO/global carbon budget interaction and provide useful global-scale benchmarks for the evaluation of Earth System Model studies of the carbon system.

  12. 钱穆的音乐情缘及其音乐美育实践%Qian Mu's Music Affection and His Music Aesthetic Practice



    历史学家、国学大师钱穆有一段不为人熟知的音乐情缘,在他的一些著述里,对音乐以及音乐教育发表过很多真知灼见。无论是作为中小学教师还是大学教师,钱穆都身体力行地进行着包括音乐教育在内的课程改革和美育实验,给我们留下值得总结和反思的精神财富。%Qian Mu, a historian and great master of Chinese studies, had an unknown affection for music. In his writings, he offered many insightful views on music and music education. In his career as a primary and secondary school teacher and a university professor, Qian Mu practically carried out curriculum reform and aesthetic experiments including music education. These left us with spiritual wealth that deserves our reflection.




    王安石与苏洵、苏轼、苏辙同为唐宋八大家,同为北宋时期著名文人和士大夫。因为性格和素养有别,苏洵看不起王安石;因为王安石领导熙宁变法,苏轼上奏反对,苏辙是先拥护后反对,而王安石对苏轼兄弟给予挤压排斥。他们之间所产生的恩恩怨怨,体现出北宋士大夫的为君王忧和为天下忧的士大夫精神,也体现不同政见者之间的意气性格,由此可感知历史的厚重与性格的迥异。%Wang Anshiand Su Xun,Su Shi,Su Zhe were the fourofeightgreatprose writersin the Tang and Song Dynasties, also the well-known literati and scholar-officials in the N orthern Song Dynasty. Due to the different personality and accomplishment,SuXun despised Wang Anshi;because Wang leaded the Reform MovementofXining (1069),SuShiopposed it,Su Zhe supported atfirstand then opposed it,and so three ofthem were repelled and squeezed by Wang A nshi.The gratitude and resentm ent between them shows the scholar-officials'worry about the em pire and the nation in the N orthern Song Dynasty also em bodies the personalities am ong the people with different political view. Thereby, we can feel the thick and dignified history and different personalities.

  14. 秋海棠属孟连秋海棠的补充订正%Notes on the Species Status of Begonia menglianensis Y.Y.Qian (Begoniaceae)

    杨珍珍; 陈文红; 盛家舒; 罗林; 张嵘梅; 税玉民


    孟连秋海棠(Begonia menglianensisY.Y.Qian)曾被归并到歪叶秋海棠(Begonia augustinei Hemsl.).经过对比模式标本和模式产地标本,作者发现孟连秋海棠是个独立的种,在果的形态上它与大王秋海棠(Begonia rex Putz.)最为相似,但果实上最大翅的上缘有一个近三角形的平面可以很容易将二者分开.作者提供了该种的形态描述,并对花粉和种子形态进行了扫描电镜观察.

  15. Stratigraphic architecture of the Neoproterozoic glacial rocks in the "Xiang-Qian-Gui" region of the central Yangtze Block, South China

    ZHANG Qirui; CHU Xuelei; Heinrich BAHLBURG; FENG Lianjun; Nicole DOBRZINSKI; ZHANG Tonggang


    The Yangtze Block in South China is one of the important regions where Neoproterozoic glacial rocks are well developed and studied. However, the classification and correlation of the Neoproterozoic glacial sequences in the central Yangtze Block still remain controversial among Chinese geologists. The original Sinian sections around the Yangtze Gorges Region became an official standard for classification and correlation since the 1950s. Subsequent regional geologic studies, however, resulted in different classification and correlation, because of its incompleteness. We select one of the complete sections in the bordering areas of Xiang (Hunan), Qian (Guizhou) and Gui (Guangxi), as a standard of classification and correlation. The temporal and spatial distribution, i.e. the stratigraphic architecture, of the glacial rocks in the central Yangtze Block is suggested. Our results indicate that the glacial sequence on the Yangtze Block was deposited during the Nantuo Ice-age, the Datangpo Interglacial-age and Jiangkou Ice-age, in descending order.

  16. 司马谈临终遗命与司马迁人生转向%The Testament of Sima Tan and the Turning of Sima Qian' s Life



    司马氏家族的传统实为多元,司马迁并非出身于纯粹的"史官世家". 他处于武帝"有为"之世,青少年时期志在立功荣祖. 仕为郎中后以"辩智闳达"得到武帝器重,奉使西征南略,仕途不可限量.司马谈临终遗命改变了司马迁的人生取向,继任太史,由立功转为立言. 先父遗命成为司马迁的纂著指南和精神动力,指导、鞭策、支持他发愤著书,完成"究天人之际,通古今之变"的第二部《春秋》——《太史公书》.%The family of Sima was of multiple family traditions, which was not purely one of official historians. Sima Qian was living in the period when Emperor Wu was full of promise, and he made up his mind to render meritorious service and glorify his an?cestors. After he was appointed as a Langzhong, he won the appreciation of the emperor with his witty eloquence, and was ordered to go on an expedition in the west to conquer Nanlve, his official future being infinitely bright. The testament of Sima Tan changed the direction of Sima Qian' s life, and he carried on his father' s duty as an official historian, turning from rendering meritorious deeds to establishing his theory in words. His late father' s last orders became the guidance and spiritual power of his writings, until he fi?nally completed the second Spring and Autumn—The Book of the Greatest Official Historian.

  17. 钱学森对系统科学的创建与发展%Foundation and Development of Qian Xuesen on Chinese Systematic Science



    钱学森确立了中国学派系统科学的研究方向。他的"开放的复杂巨系统"的概念,是科学史上重大的理论创新。他独创性地提出了"从定性到定量综合集成方法",把自然科学的研究方法提升到一个新的、更高的层次——复杂性科学的研究方法。钱学森指出,未来将会出现第六次和第七次产业革命以及组织管理革命,有关信息网络建设、大农业、人体科学和组织管理领域的研究,是系统科学今后的发展方向。%Qian Xuesen established the research direction of systematic science in China.The definition of "open complex giant system" he proposed is a major theoretical innovation in scientific history.Originally,he put forward the synthetic and integrated methods from qualitative to quantitative determination,thus advancing the research method of natural science to a new and higher level,one of complex science.Qian Xuesen pointed out that there will be the sixth and seventh industrial revolution,as well as the organization revolution in the future.Studies on information network,large-scale agriculture,human body science and organization would be the direction of systematic science.

  18. On Compilation of Annual of Research of Sima Qian and Historical Records%见证“史记学”发展,为《史记》研究立传--论《司马迁与〈史记〉研究年鉴》的编撰

    张晶; 梁建邦


    Annual of Research of Sima Qian and Historical Records, which displays the novel and brief research on Sima Qian and Historical Records home and abroad year by year, fills the gaps of domestic and overseas research on Sima Qian and Historical Records, and the annuals record and arrange the data of research on the Sima Qian and Historical Records. The study witnesses the development of study of Historical Records, which has provided and collected the first⁃hand information for research on Sima Qian and Historical Records and has made a contribution to study and propaganda of Sima Qian and Historical Records.%《司马迁与〈史记〉研究年鉴》填补了国内外司马迁与《史记》研究的空白,逐年展示了国内外司马迁与《史记》研究的最新成果和研究概况,记录和整理了有关司马迁与《史记》的研究资料,见证着当代“史记学”的发展,为开展司马迁与《史记》研究提供和积累了第一手资料,为研究和宣传司马迁与《史记》作出了贡献。

  19. The Research on Narration Articles Created by Su Zhe When being Demoted in Junzhou%苏辙被贬筠州时所作记体文研究



    Su Zhe, who is one of the Eight Masters of Ancient Literature, created many famous poems and articles. Among his articles, the narration articles developed from simple natural aesthetics to integration of natural, reasoning and lyrical narra-tion,which has high research value. This development greatly improved the content, the information amount and social educational function of the narration article. In term of its artistic technique, the narrative, descriptive, lyrical content were alternatively used, which broke the previous mode of “narrative- descriptive-lyrical”.%苏辙是唐宋八大家之一,他创作了许多诗文,最有成就的是散文。苏辙的记体文有很高的研究价值,他的记体文由单纯的自然审美型向兼重议论抒情说理的复合型方向发展,大大地扩充了记体文的内容,提高了记体文的信息涵纳量和社会教化功能。在艺术手法上,打破了前人先叙事、后写景、再抒情的三段论模式,将记叙、描写、抒情穿插运用。

  20. How to Guide Social Practices Using Huang Di and Lao-tsu′s Thought on Sima Qian%如何运用司马迁的黄老思想指导实践



    The School of Huang Di and Lao-tsu Thought dated from the Warring States Period and became the remarkable learning at the beginning of Han Dynasty. Guided by history, Sima Qian created his own thought by putting the Huang Di and Lao-tsu's Thought in Warring States Period, in Han Dynasty together. On the basis of historical state-governing lessons, Sima Qian laid out the blueprint for Han Empire's efforts to unify the states and thus formed his systematical political philosophy centered with Huang Di and Lao-tsu Thought. Sima Qian's thought has a great guiding significance for the modem society.%黄老之学,实始于战国,汉初以黄老为显学,而司马迁以吏为鉴,集战国黄老之术、汉初黄老之治与历史治道经验之大成,他的黄老思想,为汉帝国之征伐一统规划了治国的蓝图,构成了其完整的黄老政治哲学,也对现代社会有着重大的指导意义.

  1. A mathematical view for ordinary differential equation models. Comment on ;Epigenetic game theory: How to compute the epigenetic control of maternal-to-zygotic transition; by Qian Wang et al.

    Fu, Guifang


    Qian Wang et al. have written an interesting article to propose a modeling framework named epiGame in this issue of Physics of Life Reviews [1]. The epiGame framework models how the methylation state of paternal and maternal genomes regulates the embryogenesis as an ecological system in which two highly distinct and specialized gametes coordinate through either cooperation or competition, or both, to maximize the fitness of embryos. Qian Wang et al. also provide solid simulation studies and real data analysis to validate the correctness of their epiGame framework. The importance of embryo development and fertility mechanism cannot be overemphasized, hence, I think that the present review by Qian Wang et al. will stand as a useful modeling guide for practicing biologists or researchers in fertility health to quantify how sperms and oocytes interact through epigenetic process to determine embryo development. In addition, it will serve as a source of many important references to work in the reproductive biology field.

  2. PioneeringWork of Sima Qian on Compilation of Literature%论司马迁在文献编纂学上的开创之功

    薛金玲; 丁海燕


    Sima Qian created the peak in history and his great book, Historical Records, was a great pioneering work as an ini⁃tiative in archive literature compilation. It mainly reflected on literature compilation stylistic rules and layout, compilation principle, compilation method and compilation content. It not only created a new paradigm of literature compilation after Confucius, but also a far-reaching impact on future generations.%司马迁将史学推向了一个后人难以逾越的高峰,他的巨著《史记》,又是一部文献学研究开疆辟域之作。《史记》在文献编纂学上的开创之功,主要表现在编纂体例、编纂原则、编纂方法、编纂内容等方面,它创立了继孔子之后文献编纂学新的范式,对后世影响深远。

  3. Qian Xuantong and Characters Commonly Used in Phonetics%钱玄同与《国音常用字汇》



    钱玄同是浙江湖州人,是民国时期语言文字改革的积极分子。他主编的《国音常用字汇》修正了《国音字典》的不足,正式确立了以北京语音为标准音的国音,为当时推广国音提供了依据。同时,《国音常用字汇》也为新中国《新华字典》的编纂提供了借鉴和参考。%Characters Commonly Used in Phonetics was edited by Qian Xuantong,an active advoca-tor of Chinese language reforms during the period of the Republic of China,who was born in Huzhou of Zhej iang Province.It made up for the deficiency of Phonetics Dictionary and made Peking dialect based phonetics the standard of Chinese Phonetics,providing a basis for promoting Chinese phonetics. Also,it offered some reference for the edition of Xinhua Dictionary of the New China,that is,the Peo-ple’s republic of China.

  4. Sedimentary Micro-facies and Macro Heterogeneity of Reservoir Beds in the Third Member of the Qingshankou Formation, Qian'an Area,Songliao Basin


    An analysis of drill cores and well logs shows that the main micro-facies of the third member sand bodies of the Qingshankou Formation in Qian'an are subaqueous distributary channel facies,sheet sand facies and subaqueous fan facies (olistostrome). Maps showing the distribution of these micro-facies together with inter-channel bay and prodelta mocro-facies are presented for different time-slices (lower, middle and upper parts of the Qingshankou Formation). These maps reveal the instability and change of sediment transport in the Baokang sedimentary system during the depositional period. Sediment transport was from the west in the early stage, from the south in the middle stage and from the northwest in the late stage. Values of thickness, porosity and permeability of the sand bodies in the third member of the Qingshankou Formation show that they have low to medium porosity and low permeability, and are characterized by serious reservoir heterogeneity. The joints between micro-facies and subaqueous fan micro-facies are characterized by the highest heterogeneity,the sheet sand and distal sand bar subfacies come next, and the heterogeneity of the subaqueous distributary channel sand bodies is relatively weak.

  5. 略论钱谦益对明代史学的认识%Qian Qianyi' s Review on the Historiography of Ming Dynasty



    Qian Qianyi argued that the false records of the national history, family history and unofficial history were caused by three reasons as follows: the lack of a fixed system to record history, the spread of The Ming Shilu to the non-governmental sector, and the inaccurate records of major political events on the part of the then authority. He criticized the academic atmosphere of blind self-assuredness, pointed out three fallacies in the field of historiography and advocated restoration of the historiographical study tradition characterized by respecting and valuing Confucian classics. On one hand, he was affected by Zheng Xiao and Wang Shizhen in term of historiographical study approach; on the other hand, he devoted himself to rectifying many mistakes in their books.%钱谦益指出记注制度缺失、实录流布民间以及官方对本朝重大事件记载失实是造成明代"三史"舛驳的原因。他批评师心自用的俗学,直陈史学界存在的三种谬误,倡导恢复尊经重道、严谨求实的治史传统。钱谦益既效仿郑晓和王世贞辩证明代史事的治学路向,又批评并纠正了两人不少谬误。

  6. Extraction optimization, isolation, preliminary structural characterization and antioxidant activities of the cell wall polysaccharides in the petioles and pedicels of Chinese herbal medicine Qian (Euryale ferox Salisb.).

    Wu, Chengying; Wang, Xinsheng; Wang, Hong; Shen, Bei; He, Xiaoxiao; Gu, Wei; Wu, Qinan


    Cell wall polysaccharides in the petioles and pedicels of Qian (Euryale ferox Salisb.) (EFPP) were extracted using ultrasound-assisted technique. Response surface methodology (RSM) based on Box-Behnken design (BBD) was employed to optimize extraction parameters for the maximum purity of polysaccharides. The results showed that the optimum extraction conditions were extraction temperature of 80 °C, extraction time of 32 min, ultrasonic power of 270W and liquid-to-solid ratio of 40 mL/g. Under the optimal conditions, the experimental purity of polysaccharides was 62.57% ± 1.68%, which was very close to the predicted. The crude EFPP were isolated using DEAE-52 column and four major fractions (EFPP-1, EFPP-2, EFPP-3 and EFPP-4) were obtained. Typical functional groups of polysaccharides were characteristic for EFPP-1, EFPP-3 and EFPP-4 from FT-IR spectrum. Furthermore, the crude EFPP and three fractions (EFPP-1, EFPP-3 and EFPP-4) possessed appreciable in vitro antioxidant effects on α,α-diphenyl-β-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH), 2,2'-azinobis(3-ethylbenzthiazoline-6-sulphonic acid) (ABTS), hydroxyl radical scavenging and reducing powers. Then, the crude EFPP and EFPP-4 could effective against H2O2-induced injury on HUVEC and VSMC through enhancement of T-AOC, SOD and CAT activities and decrease of MDA content.

  7. 司马迁否定轻重论质疑%Raising Doubts for Denying the Qingzhong Theory by Sima Qian



    许多学者认为司马迁提倡宏观经济管理的善因论,而否定国家干涉主义的轻重论。从司马迁对汉初盛世"物盛而衰"的历史记述可知,他对经济上的善因政策并非完全肯定。分析武帝政府实施轻重论的缘起及这种理论所带来的经济、政治实效,司马迁对轻重论是持赞同态度的。轻重论与善因论具有互补性,它是在特殊社会形势下采取的一种特殊政策。%It is believed that Sima Qian advocated the "Shanyin" theory in the macroeconomic management and denied the "Qingzhong" theory of state--led interventionist. We argue that he didn't approve of " Shanyin" theory totally from the record of the Golden Age in the beginning of the Han dynasty. And also, we discover that he didn't deny the "Qingzhong" theory through analyzing the reasons that this theory was brought into practice and the economic and political results that this theory brought about. The " Qingzhong" theory and "Shanyin" theory were complementary, and the "Qingzhong" theory, as a special policy, was taken under the special social situation.



    Land use changes are regarded as landscape pattern change driven by many interactive natural and social-economic factors. Different combination of physical geographical elements induced the difference of spatio-temporal pattern of land use change. There are four physical geographical regions in Mongolian Autonomou County of Qian Gorlos of Jilin Province. Based on spatial analysis and statistical analysis, we conclude that the primary pattern of land use and the tendency of land use changes are all different in four physical geographical regions. During 1987 - 1996, the dominant land use change processes were from grassland or forest to arableland, from unused land to paddy and grassland to unused land. Though land use change is mainly affected by social and economic condition in short period, the composite characters of physical geographical elements controls land use dynamic process. The relationship between land use dynamic process and the character of physical geographical units differ in different regions. Possible human impacts on land use change are explored with application of buffer areas of series distance along main roads and radius around main settlements. A few models are built to describe the relationship between land use spatial change rates and distance to road and settlements. According to our result, the relationship with the proximity to roads was a negative liner function, with the change rate decreasing rapidly when moving away from roads. Within a distance of less 7.5km from main traffic lines, land use changes occur red more. The bulk of grassland was apt to be opened up for cultivation around the settlements and the transformation from dryland to paddy occurred within the distance of 1km away from settlements.

  9. 封建社会司马迁经济思想研究评议%Study on Sima Qian's Economic Thoughts



    Sima Qian’ s remarkable economic insights in Historical Records have been exerted far⁃reaching influence on the Chinese history. During different feudal dynasties afterwards, the economic theory of Sima Qian was studied quite deeply, and dis⁃seminated broadly in the Han Dynasty, the Wei Dynasty and the Six Dynasties. For example, Heng Kuan wrote in The Discourses on Salt and Iron that Sang Hongyang, an economist, quoted on Sima Qian in the famous debate;Ban Gu, in the History of the Former Han Dynasty, criticized that Sima went too far on business, thus advocating the rich and yet looking down upon the poor, which de⁃veloped into a major lead on the study on Sima’ s economic theory. In the Song Dynasty, it was popular to write critique on Historical Records, laying the foundation for the academic discussion on Sima’ s economic thoughts in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Critics of Ming Dynasty clearly understood the significance of Sima’ s economic analysis and were quite close to the crux of Sima’ s original e⁃conomic views. They began to cross⁃read Biographies of Merchants and Pingzhunshu ( a book on intervention policy) , both in Histor⁃ical Records, which was very helpful to integrate various economic ideas of Sima Qian. The Qing Dynasty witnessed a leapfrog in studying Sima’ s ideas, in terms of both the subject and the achievement of the research. While in the modern times, Sima’ s eco⁃nomic thoughts have been widely recognized, applied in practice to guide economic development, and played a great role in promo⁃ting economic progress.%司马迁在经济史传中所反映的经济思想是十分卓越的,在中国历史上产生了十分深远的影响,封建社会各时期对司马迁经济思想开展了比较深入的研究和评论。汉魏六朝时期,是司马迁经济思想的流布时期,桓宽在《盐铁论》中记叙桑弘羊引用司马迁经济思想;班固撰《汉书》批评司马迁“述货殖,则崇

  10. 山田业广《千金要方读书记》初探%Preliminary study on Yamada's Qian jin yao fang du shu ji (Reading Notes of Essential Recipes Worth A Thousand Gold)



    Yamada was a Japanese famous textology expert and bibliographer of Kampo medicine in the middle and late Edo period, one of his representative works is Qian jin yao fang du shu ji ( Reading Notes of Essential Recipes Worth A Thousand Gold), which was completed after he studied Qian jia yao fang (Essential Recipes Worth A Thousand Gold) , with the Song edition of Edo medical library as the master text it check against the Yuan edition, Zbengde edition, Wanli edition, Jiajing edition and handcopied genuine version. The above editions were the best contemporary version even until today, with high literature values. Yamada made a perfect texture research on Qian jin yaofang with familiar textology knowledge so as to cor-rect mistakes, elaborate annotations and judge common words. Unfortunately, there were seldom new ideas and several checked mistakes and wrong annotations.%山田业广是江户中末期日本著名的汉方医学考据学专家、文献学家,是其代表著作之一.山田业广以江户医学馆模刻宋版作为底本,取元刊本、正德本、万历本、嘉靖本、手抄真本等为校本,对进行研究并完成的撰写.以上几种版本是当时乃至现在所存之最善者,具有较高的文献价值.山田业广在中运用熟稔的考据学知识,对进行精良的考证,纠正讹误、阐发文义、判断俗字等方面为其所得;但新颖见解较少,并存在误校误训之处.

  11. The Philosophy of Practice Through“Sincere Intention” and “Attainment of Understanding” in Qian Xushan’ s Perspective%钱绪山以“诚意”“致知”为进路的工夫哲学



    This paper firstly explains the philosophy of gongfu 工夫( ways of self-cultivation ) through defining “gongfu” and “philosophy of gongfu” and explains why philosophy of gongfu is applicable for the explanations of Qian Xushan ’ s texts. Secondly, this paper clarifies the definitions and connotations of yi 意( intentions ) , zhi 知 ( knowledge ) , chengyi诚意( orientating mind) and zhizhi致知 ( acquiring knowledge) in Qian Xushan’ s philosophy and explains how one can become a Confucian sage through different above-mentioned gongfu. To elaborate the above ideas, this paper is divided into the following five parts:introduction;Qian Xushan ’ s gongfu philosophical approaches; on “orientating mind”;“acquiring the knowledge”;the conclusion and prospects.%本文首先说明工夫哲学这个哲学课题的提出,解释从工夫哲学的视角探讨钱绪山文本的原因,并且界定“工夫”与“工夫哲学”的意义。接下来,借由界说与厘清“意”“知”“诚意”与“致知”的意义,理解钱绪山的工夫哲学如何从“意”与“知”上下工夫,亦即从“心”上下工夫,从心之工夫带出锻炼意志、具体操作的方法———见在工夫等,以作为儒家成圣修养的重要理论。

  12. Land use change and its ecological effect in Qian'an County of Jilin Province%乾安县土地利用变化及其生态效应

    钟林生; 张永民; 赵士洞


    Based on GIS and statistical methods, with the help of searching historical literatures and calculating the landscape indices, the land use changes of Qian'an County in both spatial and temporal aspects from 1945 to 1996 has been analyzed in this paper. And the driving forces of land use changes and their ecological effects are discussed too. The main findings of this study are as follows: (1) Land use changed greatly in Qian'an during 1945-1996, characterized by a decrease in grassland, wetland and water bodies, and an increase in cultivated land, saline-alkali land, and the land for housing and other construction purposes. Grassland decreased by 175,828.66 ha, and cultivated land increased by 102,137.23 ha over the half century. Accordingly, the main landscape type changed from a steppe landscape to a managed agricultural ecosystem. (2) Results of correlation analysis show that the land use change in the study area was mainly driven by the socioeconomic factors. (3) The ecological effects of land use change in the area are characterized by serious salinization, degression of soil fertility and the weakening of landscape suitability.

  13. Sense of humor and discrepancy between essays of Qian Zhongshu and Lin Yutang%钱钟书与林语堂散文的幽默品格及其文本差异



    Both Qian Zhongshu and Lin Yutang promoted humorous style of assays in the 1930s and 1940s though their styles are quite different. Qian was proned to the "truth", which won the prose narratives of the west and if full of scholar type of thinking and argu%20世纪三四十年代同时提倡幽默文风的文学大家钱钟书与林语堂,其幽默品格各有特色,前者重“理”,深得西方随笔的理趣,充满了学者式的思辨与博弈;后者重“情”,即情调,情趣,是对中国古典散文精神的继承,追求士大夫的闲适与雅趣,这与晚明“性灵文学”的渊源一脉相承。他们横移与纵向继承所形成的不同幽默风格及其文本差异,丰富了现代散文的内涵,对散文审美体系的建立产生了重要影响。

  14. 浅析闽浙赣革命根据地的党组织和军队建设-以古田会议决议为中心%On the Party Organization Construction and the Construction of the Min-Zhe-Gan Army Revolutionary Base -Around the Resolution of Gutian Meeting



    闽浙赣革命根据地,又被称为“方志敏式根据地”,是在土地革命战争时期中国共产党领导赣东北人民,经过艰难困苦、坎坷曲折的斗争建立和发展起来的。闽浙赣的党组织对革命新道路进行了勇敢探索,并开辟出了一种与“农村包围城市,武装夺取政权”的中国革命正确道路精神内核高度一致的根据地发展模式,其党组织和军队建设也是成功贯彻古田会议决议精神和原则的典范,为今天新形势下党组织建设、国防和军队建设提供了宝贵的经验和借鉴。%Min-Zhe-Gan army revolutionary base, also known as Fang Zhimin army Revolutionary base, was established by the people of north-east Jiangxi who were leadered by the Communist Party of China after difficult and rough fights. The CCP of the Min-Zhe-Gan army revolutionary base paid hard exploration on the new road of revolution and opened up a new pattern of development which was the same as the correct Chinese revolution road "Rural areas surrounding the city, seize political power by armed forces". The party organization construction and the construction of the Min-Zhe-Gan army revolutionary base is the successful implementation of spirit and principle of resolutions of Gutian meeting which provides valuable experience and reference to Party organization construction, national defense and army construction under the new situation.

  15. Changes of powder prescriptions in Qian jin yao fang (Essential Prescriptions Worth A Thousand Gold) made by Song people%简述宋人对《千金要方》散剂的改动



    两种重要传本、在内容上多有不同,其中在方剂文献方面的差异特别值得重视.宋人对原书的散剂相关内容进行了诸多改动,包括论述散剂的章节与内容、药味计量单位、药味重量、散剂制法等,其所有的改动均无任何标示,书前的"凡例"亦无任何说明.从内容来看,由于增补了诸多散剂相关医学资料,宋校本较之新雕本显然更为丰富,书籍的章节编排更为明确合理.作为中医临床百科全书,宋校本更便于阅读与使用.但从传统的文献整理的角度来看,径改原书确为学者之大忌.%As the contents in the two circulated versions of Qian jin yao fang (Essential Prescriptions Worth A Thousand Gold),i.e Bei ko qian jin yao fang (Essential Prescriptions Worth a Thousand Gold for Emergencies) and Xin diao sun zhen ren qian jin fang (Newly Printed Sun's Prescriptions Worth A Thousand Gold) aye different greatly,especially on the literature of prescriptions.Song people made a lot of changes on the contents of powder prescriptions,including the related chapters and its contents,computation unit of materia medica,weights,and processing methods etc.without any remarks,nor notes in its preface.The contents in the Song version were more enriched than the newly carved version with the reasonable arrangement of its texts.As a clinical encyclopedia of traditional Chinese medicine,the Song version is more convenient for reading and using.However,it is a great taboo for the scholars to tamper an ancient work at will from bibliographic viewpoints.

  16. The Reasons for Qian Mu's Setting up a Chapter for Chen Li in his Chinese Academic History in Almost Three Hundred Years%钱穆《中国近三百年学术史》特论陈澧之原因析论



    陈澧作为一个讲学著述终老的普通经生,在学术史上并没有像康有为等人能在晚清思想界留有重要轨迹,而钱穆却在《中国近三百年学术史》中将陈澧单列一章,并且致以"拳拳向往之意"。其原因是多方面的,一方面在于陈澧所处的时代与钱穆相似,即他们都处于学风转变的特殊时代;另一方面是缘于钱穆的高度社会责任感,因陈澧对于新学风的提倡而颇合钱穆"求人才,转世运"的殷切之望。%As an ordinary Confucian from cradle to grave, Chen li didn't play an important role in the academic history like Kang You wei in late Qing dynasty. Qian mu set up a chapter for Chen li and showed "a very admiring meaning" in his Chinese Academic History in Almost Three Hundred Years. This reflected Qian mu's subjective judgment for academic contexts. The reasons are various. On the one hand, there exist time similarities of Chen li and Qian mu, that is, they are in special times of study change. On the other hand, it is due to a high social sense of Qian mu, because Chen li's advocating for a new style of study complies with Qian mu's earnest hope of "seeking talents, reincarnation luck".

  17. “儿科宗师”钱乙的组方规律与用药特色探析%Analyze the Prescriptions Organization Principle and Medicine Usage Characteristics of Qian Yi, the Great Master of Pediatrics

    刘敏; 闫军堂; 刘晓倩; 王庆国; 潘利叶


    Objective]To analyze the prescriptions organization principle and medicine usage characteristics of Qian Yi, the great master of pediatrics. [Method]Through reading the book, Xiao'er Yao Zheng Zhi Jue, we analyze Qian Yi's medical records and prescriptions and summarize his medicine usage characteristics. [Result]We summarize the prescriptions organization principle and medicine usage characteristics as seven respects. They are changing old prescriptions, creating new prescriptions, medicate gently, never reinforcing the sluggish and violent, noticing the ascending and descending qi activity, medicating accurately and drug forms changeable, and so on.[Conclusion]Qian Yi medicated accurately and gently, noticed the children physiological and pathological Characteristics and the cold or heat, asthenia or sthenia degree of five zang-organs. Under the principle of trying one's best to remove the pathogenic factors, he emphasized that elimination did not harm healthy qi as wel as reinforcement did not stagnate pathogenic factors, and medicated either reinforcing and eliminating in combination or cold and warm simultaneously. Qian Yi strived to medicate gently, to reverse the doctors' abusing aromatic and violent medicine in that era. That has a great influence on the medicine usage of pediatricians in later era.%[目的]探讨“儿科宗师”钱乙的组方规律与用药特色。[方法]通过研读《小儿药证直诀》,对钱乙的临床验案及方剂药物进行分析与归纳,总结其组方用药的学术特色。[结果]钱乙的组方规律与用药特色为以下七个方面,即:化裁古方,创制新方,用药务求柔润,力戒呆补峻补,注意升降气机,用药精专以及剂型多变等。[结论]钱乙制方遣药,精炼轻灵,处处注意到小儿生理病理特点及五脏的虚实寒热,在祛邪务尽的原则下,力求攻不伤正,补不滞邪,或消补兼施,或寒温并投,并从柔润方面下功夫,以

  18. 论钱穆天人合一观的生态文明取向%Ecological Civilization Orientation for Qian Mu's View of “Oneness of Man and Nature”



    钱穆的天人合一观建基于其一生持守的“人文演进”观之上,越到晚年,其思维越趋于“道之大原出于天”的理念,越凸显出天人合一的生态价值之思维取向。钱穆深信天人合一为中国文化的最高信仰,有了这一信仰,就有其实践之路,这就是人是可以参赞天地之“化育”过程而促其功能实现的,而这一参赞须符合天道自然之规律。钱穆坚信,天人合一观的生态文明取向,将是中国思想对世界文化作出的最大贡献。%Qian Mu's view of “oneness of man and nature”is based on his“human evolution” idea. In his old age, his thinking trends toward the idea“truth comes from nature”, which highlights thinking orientation of ecolog-ical value of oneness of man and nature. Qian Mu firmly believes that oneness of man and nature is the supreme faith of Chinese culture, with which human finds the way to join in nature. He firmly believes that ecological civi-lization orientation of oneness of man and nature is the largest contribution of Chinese culture to the world.

  19. 前门东区历史与文化保护传承策略研究%The Historical And Cultural Protection Research Of East Area Of Qian Men

    李嘉文; 甘振坤


    The research object of this paper is the protection and inheritance of East area of QIAN MEN. The article first outlines the important historical value and existing problems of the front door. The article analyzes the urgent curent contradiction, from the aspect of building quality, living demand, public space and infrastructure, etc. In view of these contradictions, the article puts forward five regulation strategy: classified management, dynamic protection, strengthen public space construction, strengthen infrastructure construction and residents' participation. We hope that through the protection and utilization research of the East area of QIAN MEN traditional characteristics, we can can provide more reference for future protection projects.%本文的研究对象为前门东区的保护传承问题。文章首先概述了前门东区重要的历史价值与现存问题,并从建筑质量、公共空间和基础设施等角度,详细剖析了当前亟须解决的矛盾。针对这些矛盾,文章进而提出了分类整治、动态保护、加强公共空间营造、加强基础设施建设及提倡居民参与五项整治策略,希望通过对前门东区传统特色的保护与利用方法的研究,能对以后的保护项目提供更多的参考。

  20. The Song“Anger”Song into a Swan Song---“Sima Qian to Write‘Historical Records’”Second class Teaching Design%一曲“愤”歌成绝唱--《司马迁发愤写〈史记〉》第二课时教学设计



    以愤为主线,通过读课文,感受司马迁①忍辱负重、发愤著书的精神,引导学生思考生命的意义。%The main line to anger,by reading the text,feeling Sima Qian swallow humiliation and bear a heavy load,writing spirit,guide the students to think about life.

  1. Dongchang Qian Family and Spectrum Continued Practice During the Historical Period:On the Value of Historical Materials of Genealogy%历史时期东昌钱族与谱续实践--兼谈族谱之史料研究价值



    The Dongchang Qian clan was the descendant of Qianliu who was the king of the Wu and Yue country during the Five Dynasties.Ancestor began to settle down Dongchang in the early Ming Dynasty, rooted in western Shandong Province to thrive,and by clan self-construction,therefore abandoned after a giant clan.The newly founded Qian genealogy which being compiled during Qianlong period recorded the surname reproduction,family lineage,population changes,residence migration,marital status,and the status,role and achievements of the family members who had obtained from the political,economic and cultural life.It reflects directly the Dongchang Qian family archives during the historical period.So it is of great significance.Firstly,the article elaborates the history of Dongchang Qian family,and then focus on the analysis of its own building family genealogy compilation practices,and finally explore the historical value of the spectrum.%东昌钱族为五代时期吴越国王钱镠后裔,始迁祖自明初随军北征落籍此地繁衍生息。乾隆年间所修族谱《钱氏世传宗谱》,记述东昌钱族源流、世代繁衍、人口变动、婚姻网络与科举仕宦等情况,成为反映历史时期钱族在东昌发展脉络的家族档案资料。该谱具有重要的研究意义,既能弥补文献记载之不足,又能为区域社会文化研究提供“文本”史料。

  2. The Study of Qian Ji-bo’ s Martyred Feelings in China’ s Resistance against Japan%论抗战时期钱基博的殉国情怀



    The China’ s Resistance against Japan is behavior of justice against Japanese imperialist aggression. All classes are involved and the scholar is no exception. Qian Ji-bo as important modern Chinese literature and history,devoted to resist foreign aggression of The Times with a pen as a weapon. In late War,the Japanese soldiers reaches contribution to the normal university of nation,teachers and students retreat. Qian Ji-bo want to test for what they have learned in my life,arouse peo-ple’ s Anti-Japanese War enthusiasm,and dedication to hold and martyred. Under the condition that the harm is less than the body,it is rare to have this outrageous. On the one hand is due to the outrage of wind and style of study,and on the one hand is based on rational judgments. Qian Ji-bo perusal of the Confucian classics,and have been practicing the morality of Confu-cian culture. It is based on this,so he want to prepare for the national spilled blood will only along the steps of the predeces-sors. Although he survived because of the change of The Times to save,but the stirring deeds of heroism have filled painters. To excavate detail of the historical facts and make a ideological depth analysis,it is to helpful to understand the parties at the time of determined choice and dig out the unique value of Confucian culture.%抗日战争是中国人民反抗日本帝国主义侵略的正义战争,各个阶层都参与其中,读书人也不例外。钱基博作为中国近现代重要的文史大家,以笔做武器,积极投身到抵抗外侮的时代洪流之中。抗战后期,日军兵锋直抵位于湖南蓝田的国立师范学院,师生纷纷后撤。钱基博为了检验平生所学,进而唤起国人的抗战热情,执着地坚守岗位,欲殉国明志。在害不及身的情况下,钱基博有此惊人之举,一方面是源于对士风与学风的义愤,一方面也是基于理智的判断。钱基博熟读儒家经典,一直践行着儒家文化

  3. 钱学森关于创建“科学技术是第一生产力”理论的思考%Qian Xuesen' s Thought on the Theory that Science and Technology is the Primary Productivity



    Qian Xuesen adheres to and develops Deng Xiaoping' s idea that science and technology is the primary productivity.By summarizing the histories of science and technology and society,he creatively proposed the cognition process of modern science and technology.Though analyzing the remarkable change of the relationship between science and technology and production function in the revolutions of steam force,electrical power and information,the increasing influence of science and technology on the social and economic development is proved.Qian Xuesen thought that new science and technology is necessary to develop productivity.He suggested to establish the industry of science and technology and to build national innovation system,while he regarded the knowledge innovation project as the pillar in establishing science and technology industry.%钱学森坚持与发展邓小平关于"科学技术是第一生产力"的观点,他总结了近代以来科学技术发展史与社会发展史,创造性地提出了现代科学技术的认识过程。文章通过蒸汽力革命、电力革命及信息革命三次重大科学技术革命时期科学技术与生产函数关系的重大变化的分析,证明科学技术对经济社会发展的作用在不断加强。钱学森认为发展生产力必须大力发展新的科学技术,提出要建立"科学技术业",建设"国家创新体系",并将知识创新工程作为建设科学技术业的支柱工程。

  4. Characterizing Cyclostationary Features of Digital Modulated Signals with Empirical Measurements using Spectral Correlation Function


    Yuan Qi, Wenbo Wang , Tao Peng, and Rongrong Qian, "Spectrum sensing combining time and frequency domain in multipath fading channels," in...2005. 2005 First IEEE International Symposium on, 8-11 Nov. 2005 , pp. pp.131-136. [35] Zhe Dang, I. Howitt, R. McKinney, and J. Conrad, "First and

  5. On Existential Sentence and its Historical Evolution in the Qian East Dialect of Hmub Language%黔东苗语存在句及其演变动因考察



    黔东苗语中的maix/niangb字存在句都可译成汉语中的“有”字句,二者不同的历史演变轨迹造成了句法语义上的差异:maix字存在句可广泛表达不同事物的存在,其源于领属句;而niangb字存在句强调当前存在,niangb的存在义源于身体部位动作义,经由居所义而来。%In the Qian East dialect of Hmub language,the existential sentence expressed by“maix” or“niangb”can be translated into“有”sentence in Chinese. These two kinds of existential sentence have different syntax and semantics and the difference caused by different historical evolution. The Maix existential sentence can be used to convey the presence of different things ,which originates from the possessive sentence. And the Niangb existential sentence emphasizes the present ,and its present meaning originates from the meaning of action through the meaning development of residence.

  6. Commentary on the erudict of scientific masters - mentioning from Qian Xue -Shen' s erudict%论科学大师的“博学”——从钱学森的“博学”谈起



    凡在科学探索中取得辉煌成就的科学家,大多是知识面广泛、涉及研究范围开阔的“博学”者。这已成为科学史上一大事实。从钱学森的“博学”谈起,探讨科学大师的“博学”现象、“博学”动机,及“博学”在科学探索中的创新作用,并对“博学”问题提出几点思考。%Of all the scientists who obtained glorions achievements in science exploration, most are sophist whose aspect of knowledge, and range of research is open. And this has been a big fact in the history of science and technology. This article will mentions from Qian Xue - Shen' s erudict, discusses thoroughly the phenomenon and motive of erudict of science masters as well as the innovation ruction in scientific exploration. Furthmore, a few ponders will be put forward for the issue of "erudict".

  7. The Comparison Study Between"Fortress Besieged"By Qian Zhongshu and "the Constantly Chauffeured" By Soseki%钱钟书《围城》与夏目漱石《公子哥》①比较研究



    parallel study is one of the research method of comparative literature. The paper makes a comparison study between "fortress besieged" by Qian zhongshu and "the constantly chauffeured" by soseki from the aspects of the author's similar experience, the influence of the works, the worship of education and Diploma and hero ending. they change as the period of criticism master, with their original penetrating insight and sharp humor tactful words to show a vivid picture of life.%平行研究是比较文学的研究方法之一。从作者的相似经历、作品的影响力、对教育和文凭的崇拜以及主人公的结局几方面,对钱钟书的《围城》和夏目漱石的《公子哥》二者进行比较。他们作为变革时期的批判大师,以他们独到精辟的知识和犀利幽默机智的文字向世人展示了一幅生动逼真的生活画卷。

  8. The classification method of syndromes in the Bei ji qian jin yao fang (Essential Recipes for Emergent Use Worth A Thousand Gold)%《备急千金要方》病证分类方法

    申晓伟; 郑文杰; 马明越; 张志斌


    Bei ji qian jin yao fang (Essential Recipes for Emergent Use Worth A Thousand Gold) epitomizes the medical achievements of the Tang Dynasty with an extensive coverage.The classification method of syndromes in this book is derived from Neijing (Inner Canon),Nanjing (Classic of Questioning),Shang han za bing lun (Treatise on Cold Pathogenic and Miscellaneous Diseases),Zhu bing yuan hou lun (General Treatise on Causes and Manifestations of All Diseases),and enlightens the later generation with many unique characteristics,reflecting the mature recognition of the diseases in the contemporary clinical medicine from one side.It is still of great significance for understanding the diseases and exploring its pathogenesis even today.%《备急千金要方》为唐代医书集大成者,内容涵盖十分广泛,其病证分类方法,上承《内经》、《难经》、《伤寒杂病论》、《诸病源候论》,下启后世诸家,有很多独创之处,从一个侧面体现出当时的临床医学对很多疾病的认识已相当成熟,直到现代,对于今人认识疾病,探讨疾病病机仍有很大的意义.

  9. A Cognitive Analysis of Emotion Metaphors in Fortress Besieged by Qian Zhongshu%钱钟书小说《围城》中情感隐喻的认知分析



    钱钟书小说《围城》中充满描述人物情感的语言,生动地描绘了小说人物的情感世界,揭示了人物的个性和特点。这些语言表达的产生和理解以情感隐喻为基础。《围城》中的情感隐喻类型多样,与中国语言文化背景密切相关,是汉语语言者对情感认知体验的结果。%There are many expressions concerned with the characters’emotion in the novel Fortress Besieged by Qian Zhongshu. They are very vivid descriptions for the emotional worlds of the characters. The expressions have contributed a lot to the characteristics of the people in the novel. The production and understanding of these expressions are based on the emotion metaphors. In Fortress Besieged, there are many different kinds of emotion metaphors, which are deeply concerned with the back-ground of Chinese culture and the result of the Chinese speakers’cognitive embodied experiences about their emotions.

  10. 浅析朱光潜《诗论》中论诗歌音律的重要性%The importance of Zhu Guang-qian's tonality in the "poetry"



    朱光潜的这部《诗论》中,作者对诗的节奏、音律、韵律等因素极为重视,他将诗歌起源、诗的本质等问题用音乐性这一线索贯穿起来探讨,把音律节奏看作是组成诗歌思想情趣的天然特征且对其加以强调。本文从音律是诗歌的命脉、音律是区分诗与散文的重要标志以及音律的艺术功用这三方面简要的论述了音律节奏对于诗歌的重要性。%In Zhu Guang-qian's "poetry", the author attaches great importance to poetic rhythm, melody, he treats the rhythm of music as a natural composition of poetry ideological appeal. This paper discusses the importance of the rhythm of music from the three aspects: tonality is the lifeblood of poetry, is an important symbol to distinguish poetry and prose, artistic function of tonality.

  11. On ZHANG Da-qian and His Fame as“an Expert in Studies of SHI Tao”%论张大千与“石涛专家”之名



    In his early years,ZHANG Da-qian was famous for imitation of SHI Tao’s works.And his imitated paintings of SHI Tao’s works were quite difficult to distinguish them from the original ones.In this sense,he was famed “an expert in studies of SHI Tao.However,he suffered a lot of controversy because of such experience.Nevertheless,the patterning and modeling after the ancient style helped him sort out the Chinese history of art,and led to his great progress in painting tech-niques.And he finally was able to integrate the ancient theories or techniques into his paintings and then make some changes. This event fully shows the complex relationship between the traditional and modern Chinese paintings in the 20 th century.%张大千早年在上海以仿石涛出名,所仿石涛画作让人真假难辨,所以被誉为“石涛专家”。一方面,摹古、仿古的经历让他饱受争议;然而另一方面,摹古、仿古又让他在技法上梳理了中国绘画史,使他的绘画技艺突飞猛进,最终能够熔古而变今。这一事件充分地表现了二十世纪中国画中传统与现代之间复杂的关系。

  12. Application of the donkey-hide gelatin in gynecology diseases in the Qian Jin Fang%阿胶在《千金方》妇科疾病中的应用

    王静; 王晓明; 田思胜


    Woman has the special physiological function, which determines different cure methods when they are ill. Catamenia, pregnancy, childbearing and lactation are all related with blood. The donkey-hide gelatin is regularly used in clinical practice with its function of regulating blood. It is a common gynecological herb in treatment of gynecological diseases, for the good effect of nourishing blood for moistening dryness and nourishing blood for preventing miscarriage. Because it is the sentient flesh thing, the donkey-hide gelatin can nourish Qi and blood, consolidate Chong vessel well in postpartum. This paper discusses the usage of donkey-hide gelatin in Qian Jin Fang which was written by SUN Si-miao for providing reference and inspiration in modern clinical and medical research.%妇人特殊的生理现象,决定了其治疗时立方有别.妇女经、孕、产、乳的生理活动均以血为用,而阿胶是治疗或调养时常用理血之药,同时为妇科疾病常用药,是养血润燥佳品,是养血安胎圣药,是产后调养气血,血肉有情之物,为养血固冲之上品.文章通过对阿胶在《千金方》中的运用浅析,以期阿胶在现代临床应用和医学研究中提供借鉴和启迪.

  13. Comparative research between Bai-hua Qian-hu, a Chinese traditional plant, and its active ingredient on nuclear factor-κB and tumor necrosisfactor-α in isolated ischemia-reperfusion heart of rat

    王弛; 常天辉


    @@Ischemia-reperfusion (I/R) injury is a complicated pathophysiological process, which is involved in calcium overload, free radical production, metabolic abnormalities, and inflammatory reaction. With the development of modern molecular biology, the expression and regulation of gene in myocardial I/R injury are focused on NF-κB.1Inflammatory reactions play an important role in I/R injury.2 TNF-α, an important inflammatory cytokine, is regulated by NF-κB and counteracts the activation of NF-κB. Sometimes, improper activation of NF-κB can induce excessive inflammatory responses and injury, so, modulation of NF-κB activation may dedicate a new target in alleviation of myocardial I/R injury.3Our previous studies have proved that Bai-hua Qian-hu (Peucedanum praeruptorum Dunn, BQ), a Chinese traditional plant had cardioprotective action in I/R animals.4 Its active ingredient Pd-Ia, a Ca2+-influx blocker5 and K+-channel opener,6 had similar effects. Meanwhile, it relieved inflammatory reaction and apoptosis in I/R myocardium through inhibition of interleukin-6 and Fas, bax, bcl-2 protein expression.7 However, the effects of BQ and Pd-Ia on the activation of NF-κB and the expression of TNF-α in I/R myocardium have not been clear yet. In this study, the effects of BQ and Pd-Ia on these two factors were investigated to further ascertain the molecular protective mechanism of BQ in I/R myocardium.

  14. 钱伟长“四个拆除”教育思想的现实意义%Study on the Practical Significance of Qian Weichang "Four Demolitions" Education Thought



    The famous scientist, educator Qian Weichang, dedicated his life to higher education for- ward -looking reform practice and theoretical thinking. This paper extensively absorbs excellent educa- tional thought in at all times and in all countries. It puts forward removing "walls" between school and society, between subject and subject, between teaching and scientific research, between teaching and learning. The "four demolitions" education thought reveals the essential elements and the inner relation- ship in the education of innovative talents. It plays an important guiding role in the past reform and devel- opment of higher education, and in the future edueation of innovative talents.%著名科学家、教育家钱伟长,毕生致力于高等教育富有前瞻性的改革实践与理论思考,在广泛汲取古今中外优秀教育思想成果基础上,明确提出拆除学校与社会之间的“墙”、拆除学科与学科之间的“墙”、拆除教学与科研之间的“墙”、拆除教与学之间的“墙”。这“四个拆除”教育思想,科学揭示了创新人才培养所必备的基本要素及其内在联系,无论对过去高等教育改革发展还是对未来创新人才培养,都具有十分重要的指导作用。

  15. On Qian Zhongshu’s Theory of Cognitive Metaphors and Its Relations with Vaihinger’s Metaphoric Thoughts%钱钟书的认知隐喻理论及其与费英格隐喻思想的关系



    钱钟书的隐喻理论中有不太为我们所注意的一面,他认为,隐喻具有十分重要的认知功能,人类赖以思维的范畴、概念,都建筑在隐喻之上;我们对于世界的认识,不过是一种比喻、象征的、像煞有介事的(als ob)、诗意的认识。这一认知隐喻观无疑是我国认知隐喻思想的滥觞。德国思想家费英格《虚构哲学》(Philosophie des Als Ob)中的隐喻观对钱钟书认知隐喻思想产生了直接的影响。%Some points in Qian Zhongshu’s metaphor theory have not been the central focus of study .According to Qian Zhongshu ,metaphor has very important cognitive functions ,on which man’s thinking categories and concepts are based .Our understanding of the world is actually a metaphoric ,symbolic ,Als Ob poetic cognition .The cognitive view of metaphors is the origin of Chinese cognitive metaphoric thoughts .The metaphoric view in Philosophie des Als Ob by the German thinker ,Vaihinger has a direct impact on the cognitive metaphoric thought of Qian Zhongshu .

  16. 论司马迁史传观念对汪道昆散传的影响%The Influence of Sima Qian's Concepts of Historical Biography on Wang Daokun's Biography Writing



    汪道昆对司马迁《史记》的学习是多方面的,其中之一就是对其史传观念的继承和发展。这主要体现在四个方面:一、必信而传,必征而信,在散传写作中坚持考信征实的原则;二、赞扬循吏,提出养民的观点,以检讨明代吏治;三、肯定商业,提倡以儒侠之义节利;四、秉承平民史观,为平民阶层尤其是女性作传,具有补正史之阙的重要意义。此论题的研究,不仅有助于揭示汪道昆散传与《史记》的亲密关系,同时对其散传真实性、批判性、时代性等个人特点的揭示也有所裨益。%Wang Daokun learned from Sima Qian's Historical Records in many aspects, one of which is the inheritance and development of his concepts of historical biography. This is mainly reflected in four aspects: firstly, he adheres to the principle of seeking truth in his biography writing; secondly, he praises honest officials, putting forward the idea of nourishing the people to reflect upon the bureaucracy in the Ming Dynasty; thirdly, he promotes business, advocating making profits in an honest way; fourthly, he upholds the civilian historical view, writing biographies for common people especially women, which fills the gap of history books written in biographical style. Research on this topic not only helps to reveal the intimate relationship between the biography writing of Wang Daokun and Historical Records, but also explores the authenticity and the critical and contemporary spirits of his biography writing.

  17. Sima Qian Was Born in the Sixth Year of Jianyuan in Emperor Wu of Han Period --The Rethought on Lost Article in Natural History Cited by Shiji Suoyin%司马迁生于汉武帝建元六年——对《史记索隐》所引《博物志》佚文的再认识



    《史记索隐》所引张华《博物志》佚文是考证司马迁生年最重要的史料。它的可靠性已经得到了学界的肯定。有证据表明,施丁先生误读了这条史料。正确的解读应该是:"太史令茂陵显武里大夫司马【迁】,年二十八。【元封】三年六月【乙卯】除,六百石。"据此,司马迁生于汉武帝建元六年。%Shiji Suoyin which quoted Lost Article of Zhang Hua's Natural History is the most important historical materials to re- search Sima Qian's date of birth. And its reliability has been affirmed by the academic community. There is evidence which explains that Shi Ding misunderstood this historical material. The correct interpretation should be this: "Sima Qian who was 28 was nomina- ted Taishiling on June, the third year of yuanfeng. And he could earn 600 Dans in one year. " According to this, Sima Qian was born in the sixth year of Jianyuan in Emperor Wu of Han period.

  18. Resistance to Qian soup ZhuSheKa interface sp6 joint foot acupoint treatment of chronic urticaria nucleic acid bacteria polysaccharide 30 cases curative effects%抗荨湯联合足三里穴位注射卡介菌多糖核酸治疗慢性荨麻疹30例疗效观察



    Objective: To observe Qian soup (bachelor since resistance points to ZhuSheKa sp6 joint foot fungus polysaccharide nucleic acid injection interface. Brand name: ji Sue, zhejiang million horses pharmaceutcal Co. Production. The curative effect of treating chronic urticaria. Methods Selected 60 cases were randomly divided into two groups: treatment group of 30 cases Qian soup to fight ZhuSheKa interface sp6 joint foot fungus polysaccharide acupuncture treatment of nucleic acid injection, four weeks. 30 cases in oral chlorobenzene that sensitivity to 4mg, three times/d, cimetidine 0. 2 g, 2 times a/d; Two groups of course are for 1 month, 2 months after the completion of course judge curative effect, and were followed up for half a year. Results The treatment group and control group 70% , 90% efficiency was statistically significant difference (P<0. OS ) -Conclusion Qian resistance points ZhuSheKa sp6 joint foot soup of nucleic acid injection dielectric bacteria polysaccharide treatment of chronic nettle has good curative effect, and clinical application.%目的:观察抗荨汤联合足三里穴位注射卡介菌多糖核酸注射液治疗慢性荨麻疹的疗效.方法:将入选的60例患者随机分为两组,各30例,治疗组予抗荨汤联合足三里穴位注射卡介菌多糖核酸注射液治疗,隔日1次;对照组予口服氯苯那敏4mg,3次/d,西咪替丁0.2g,2次/d;两组疗程均为1个月,疗程结束后2个月时判定疗效,并随访半年.结果:治疗组有效率90%,对照组70%,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05).结论:抗荨汤联合足三里穴位注射卡介菌多糖核酸注射液治疗慢性荨麻疗效好,值得临床选用.

  19. Experience of Professor QIAN Qiu-hai on treatment of Hashimoto's thyroiditis by Danggui Liuhuang decoction%钱秋海教授运用当归六黄汤治疗桥本氏甲状腺炎经验介绍

    张传科; 钱秋海


    桥本氏甲状腺炎为自身免疫性疾病,目前尚无疗效肯定的化学药物治疗。当归六黄汤自金元时期即誉为“盗汗之圣药”,钱秋海教授运用该方治疗桥本氏甲状腺炎中辨证为气阴两虚证者,疗效肯定。%Hashimoto's thyroiditis is an autoimmune disease without certain target chemical treatment till now. Danggui Liuhuang decoction is known as Efficacious prescription for night sweats. Professor QIAN Qiu-hai treats Hashimoto's thyroiditis differentiated as deficiency of both qi and Yin Syndrome with this prescription with obvious curative effects.

  20. From Elegance to Grandeur: Importance of Da-qian's Journey to Dunhuang in His Lotus Painting%由隽逸入磅礴——敦煌之行在“大千荷”发展过程中的重要作用



    In 1941, with yearning for Dunhuang and persistence in art, ZHANG Da-qian overcame various difficulties and carried out activities in Dunhuan, as numbering rock caves, collecting and sorting out text data, and copying fresco. While his painting skills tended to he mature and he got close knowledge of ancient Chinese culture, he made clear the line of Chinese art, which endowed the vitality to his lotus painting in both technique and spirit. From ZHANG's art experience, we can find his journey to Dunhuan for nearly three years was the main drive for his painting's change from elegance in his middle age to grandeur. And Da-qian's technique of lotus painting began to be perfect and his art style was hence promoted,%1941年,张大干怀着对敦煌的向往和对艺术的执着,克服重重困难,在敦煌进行了为石窟编号、收集整理文字资料、临摹壁画等一系列艺术活动,在画艺日趋成熟的同时较全面地了解了中国古代文化,理清了中华民族艺术的发展脉络,从技法和精神层面为“大干荷”赋予了活力与张力。纵观张大干的艺术历程,为期近三年的敦煌之行是他在中年时期画风由隽逸走向圆融磅礴的主要动因。“大千荷”的技法由此开始日臻完善,艺术风貌亦得到整体升华。

  1. 人物纪念馆陈展设计的新坐标--解析钱学森图书馆陈展设计%The New Coordinates of Figures Memorial Hall Design for Display--Analysis of design for display of the Qian Xuesen library & museum



    For the purpose, the Qian Xuesen Library & Museum will be built a national patriotic education base and the domestic first-class scientists’memorial hall. Display is the core of the memorial hall. In the design for display of the Qian Xuesen Library&Museum, we aim to innovation, trying to find the new design method. This method will be different from the previous figures memorial hall. We will show a display environment to meet the scientists’ identity, in distinct?themes, new and.%将钱学森图书馆打造成全国爱国主义教育基地和国内一流的科学家纪念馆是建馆的宗旨。陈列布展是纪念馆的核心。在钱馆的陈展设计中,我们以创新为主旨,努力寻找不同于以往人物纪念馆的设计手法,以主题鲜明、新颖大气的大印象主义风格,主客体时空变换的多重视角和充满诗情画意的抒情表达方式,向社会奉献了一个内容与形式高度统一、新颖而不怪异、寓时代特色、传统艺术、现代品位、精湛工艺,符合科学家身份特点的展示环境。

  2. "Tshto zhe budjet s rodinoi s nami?" / Jevgeni Golikov

    Golikov, Jevgeni


    Balti Vene Uuringute keskuse korraldatud seminaril "Venemaa aegade rägastikus: autoritarismist totalitarismini". Seminari avas Riigikogu liige Marko Mihkelson. Esinesid Vladimir Jushkin, Jevgeni Volk ja Aleksandr Sharavin

  3. Aleksii II: "Kakoi zhe ja okkupant?" / Jevgenija Garanzha

    Garanža, Jevgenija, 1979-


    President Arnold Rüütel ja ärimees Aadu Luukas said Rahvusvahelise Õigeusklike Ühtsuse Fondi preemia. Venemaa õigeusu kiriku patriarhi Aleksius II korraldatud üritustest, milles president Arnold Rüütel osales

  4. Obshtshestvennõi dogovor vsjo zhe podpissan / Alina Zelimhanova

    Zelimhanova, Alina


    Ühiskondliku leppe allkirjastamisel viibinud president Arnold Rüütel tundis rõõmu leppe üle. Lepingule ei tulnud alla kirjutama juhtivate erakondade Keskerakonna, Reformierakonna ja Res Publica esindajad, pidades lepet üldsõnaliseks

  5. Searching for Exotic Bulk and Interfacial Quantum Phenomena of Perovskite Ruthenates


    abstracts): Strong interplay between the lattice and spin degrees of freedom in (Sr1?xCax)3Ru2O7 Jin Peng, Zhe Qu,Bin Qian,David Fobes,Tijiang Liu...Xin, X. Wang , Z.X. Zhou, and J. P. Zheng, “Epitaxial Ca2RuO4+δ thin films grown on (001) LaAlO3 by pulsed laser deposition”, Thin solid Films 515

  6. Implications of China’s Growing Military Diplomatic Clout for the United States: Cooperation, Competition or Conflict


    for the latest figures in PLA budeget changes, see Zhu Zhe , “China Daily: Defense Budget to Rise by 17.6 Percent,” Open Source Center, March 5...diplomacy, see Yiwei Wang , “Public Diplomacy and the Rise of Chinese Soft Power,” The Annuals of The American Academy of Political and Social Science...mechanism between the two countries. Vice Director of the PLA General Logistics Department Lieutenant General Wang Qian paid a working visit to the

  7. Effects of Qian Lie Kang Tai formula on the expressions of TNF-α and IL-1β mRNA in prostate tissues of rats with chronic prostatitis%前列康泰方对慢性前列腺炎前列腺组织TNF-α、IL-1βmRNA表达的影响

    赵乔; 周安方; 曹继刚; 萧闵; 张晓艳


    目的 观察慢性细菌性和非细菌性前列腺炎大鼠前列腺组织中TNF-α、IL-1β mRNA的表达及前列康泰方对它们的影响.方法 利用大鼠前列腺两侧叶注入预先稀释好的浓度为10(7)~10(9)个/ml大肠杆菌混悬液0.2ml来建立慢性细菌性前列腺炎病理模型;在大鼠前列腺侧叶注入25%消痔灵注射液0.2ml来建立慢性非细菌性前列腺炎病理模型.采用逆转录-聚合酶链反应(RT-PCR)的方法测定大鼠前列腺组织中TNF-α、IL-1β mRNA表达的变化,观察前列康泰方对它们的影响.结果 与正常对照组比较,慢性细菌性和非细菌性前列腺炎模型组大鼠前列腺组织中TNF-α、IL-1β mRNA的表达均增强;与模型组比较,前列康泰方组大鼠前列腺组织中TNF-α、IL-1β mRNA的表达均降低.结论 前列康泰方对慢性前列腺炎前列腺组织中细胞因子及其受体有一定的调控作用,这可能是该方治疗慢性前列腺炎的作用机制之一.%Objective To analyze the changes of TNF- α and IL-1β expression in prostate tissues of rats with chronic bacterial and non-bacterial prostatitis treated by Qian Lie Kang Tai formula. Methods Rat model with chronic bacterial prostatitis was established by injecting with 0.2ml E.coli suspension with the concentration of 107~109/ml into two sides of prostate tissue. And rat model with chronic non-bacterial prostatitis was established by injecting with 0.2ml xiao zhi ling injection into two sides of prostate tissue. The levels TNF- α and IL-1 β mRNA in rat prostate tissues were detected by RT-PCR. Resuluts Compared with that of the normal group, the expressions of TNF- α and IL-1 β mRNA in rat prostate tissue were all increased in model groups(P<0.05) Compared with other model groups, the expressions of TNF- α and IL-1 β in prostate tissue were significantly decreased in Qian Lie Kang Tai formula group(P<0.05).Conclusion Qian Lie Kang Tai formula might regulate expressions of

  8. 河北迁安一迁西国家地质公园地质遗迹资源类型划分及评价%The Classification and Assessment of Geological Heritage Resources in the Qian'an-Qianxi National Geopark

    武红梅; 武法东


    迁安-迁西国家地质公园拥有古老地层、峡谷、溶洞、断层、褶皱等丰富的地质遗迹资源,其中以古老地层剖面为其主体内容.本文是在地质遗迹资源调查研究的基础上,将该公园地质遗迹类型划分为地层学遗迹、地貌类遗迹、构造地质遗迹和古生物化石遗迹4大类,然后以地质遗迹资源单体或类型为评价对象,运用层次分析法(AHP),对地质遗迹资源自身价值要素进行定量评价,得出迁安-迁西国家地质公园内的主要地质遗迹资源达到世界级1处,国家级10处,省级15处,地方级17处.该评价结果是深入分析迁安-迁西国家地质公园内地质遗迹资源状况的基础,对公园地质遗迹的保护、开发利用和规划管理等工作具有一定的参考价值.%The Qian'an-Qianxi National Geopark has rich geological heritage resources, such as ancient strata, canyons, caves, faults and folds, in which the whole stratigraphic systems, such as Qianxi Group, Changcheng System and Ordovician section, play an important role. On the basis of detailed researches, the geological heritage resources are divided into four categories, I.e., geological heritage sites of stratigraphy, geomorphological heritages, structural geological heritages and fossil heritages. In evaluating geological heritages, the monomers or types of geological heritage resources are taken as the objects of evaluation, the value of resource factor and the external factors of resources are chosen as the layer of comprehensive evaluation of the geological heritage resources, and the value of resource, the characteristics of resource, the influence on resources and the environmental factors are selected as the project of evaluation. In the project of evaluation, 13 evaluation factors are determined through refinement, which are scientific value, the value of science education, the value of tourism development, aesthetic value, rarity and peculiar nature, vulnerability

  9. Qian Xuesen’ s Thought of Social Systematic Engineering and Its Theoretical Contribution%一个影响了几代中央领导集体的重要思想--论钱学森社会系统工程思想及其理论贡献



    钱学森的社会系统工程思想对中国几代中央领导集体都产生了重要影响。钱学森以马克思主义世界观方法论为指导,揭示了系统思想的辩证本质,对系统思想与马克思主义哲学的关系进行了精辟论述,为以邓小平为核心的中央领导集体将系统思想运用于我国社会主义建设奠定了思想基础。钱学森强调社会主义建设是复杂的社会系统工程,并从系统整体性的角度提出,社会主义建设不仅包括物质文明建设和精神文明建设,而且包括政治文明建设,为以江泽民为核心的中央领导集体提出“三位一体”的社会主义建设布局提供了重要的理论支撑。钱学森在对社会主义建设系统结构的研究中,进一步提出了“地理建设”的概念,并对“社会建设”问题做出了深入的论证,为以胡锦涛为总书记的中央领导集体确立“五位一体”社会主义总布局,提供了重要的先期探索成果。%Qian Xuesen ’ s social systematic engineering thought exerts important influence on generations of central collective leadership of the C .P.C.Guided with the world outlook and methodology of Marxism , Qian Xues-en reveals the dialectical essence of systematic thought .He makes penetrating analysis on the relation between sys-tematic thought and Marxist philosophy , thus establishing an ideological foundation for systematic thought to be used in the socialist construction of China .He emphasizes that the socialist construction is a complicated social systemat-ic engineering .He proposes that political civilization , besides material civilization and spiritual civilization , should also be carried out in perspectives of the systematic integrity and the reality of the socialist construction of China . This provides important theoretical support for the plan for developing material , spiritual and political culture in China.Later, in the study on the systematic

  10. The Properties of Applied Psychology:An Analysis Based on the Qian Xuesen Model of Subject Structure%应用心理学的学科性质——基于钱学森学科结构模型的分析



    纯粹应用观和独立观是解释应用心理学学科性质的两个代表性理论。前者认为应用心理学仅是基础心理学知识和方法的直接应用;后者则认为应用心理学有独立的本质特征。钱学森学科结构模型赞同独立观,认为应用心理学有三个本质特征:1)研究旨趣面向心理工程技术中的重大问题,生产应用性理论;2)内容体系由社会需求决定,随着需求的变化而变化;3)研究方法的个人经验成分多于基础心理学,少于心理工程技术。在应用心理学建设中,1)要敏于实际需求;2)要大力发展、创立我国需要的应用心理学分支;3)要统一人才培养规制。%Although some researchers have discussed the properties of applied psychology, we are still confused by the question what is applied psychology? To answer it systematically, the present paper adopted Qian Xuesen’s theory of subject structure which was retrieved from the history of physics. There are two debating theories explaining the basic attributes of applied psychology, i.e. the pure application theory and the independence theory. The former argues that applied psychology just directly implicates the knowledge of basic psychology into practical realms; however, the latter insists that applied psychology has its own indispensable properties. The pure application theory dominates the history of psychology; however, it leaves some phenomena unexplained. For example, the basic psychology has not had all the knowledge about human beings’ psyche. In fact, the application has been a re-creative process distinguishable from the process of study. So more and more psychologists believe the independence theory is correct. As is expected, a compellent theory explaining why the independence theory is correct is wanted. Qian Xuesen, an applied scientist, put forth a theory that there are three distinctive groups of subjects within the field related to physics. They are pure

  11. The Enlightenment of Qian Zhongshu’s Using Scriptures to Refer to One ’s Own Experience by Way of Speaking to Literary Criticism Style%钱钟书“发经”言说方式对当代批评文体的启示



    “发经”言说方式即借经文以写自己见识,“依经立义”是当今知识生成和积累的重要方式。钱钟书先生的《管锥编》《谈艺录》即是用“发经”来构筑自己的学术大厦,这种言说方式继承中国批评文体诗话传统,崇尚注疏、札记等的“不成体系”。钱钟书以自己的学术实践为我们提供了一种学术与经学相结合的写作范式,呈现出自己独特的生命情趣和个性特征,这恰恰是当代文学批评所缺乏的。这种言说方式对于重新切入中国古人的言说语境,探讨传统文本的文化生成与文论话语,弘扬民族文化创新精神,提升创新能力,具有积极的借鉴意义和价值,对21世纪文学批评文体具有示范性意义。%Using scriptures to refer to one’s own experience by way of speaking as well as to establish their own thoughts according to scriptures is important in today’s knowledge generation and accumulation .In Essays on Ideas and Letters (Guan Zhui Bian) and Notes on Literature and A rt (Tan Yi Lu) ,Mr .Qian Zhongshu uses this method to lay the foundation for his academic achievements .It takes full advantage of poetry tradition in Chinese literature’s criticism style to advocate “systemless”in notes and commentaries of ancient China .Qian Zhongshu’s own practice provides us with an academic ,scientific writing model combining with the study of classics ,and life with its own unique erotic personality ,which is exactly miss-ing in contemporary literary criticism .This method has positive value and exemplary significance for re-ex-ploring the speech context of ancient Chinese ,discussing the cultural formation and theoretical discourse , carrying forward national culture as well as innovative spirit ,and enhancing innovative capability in the study of literary criticism style in the 21st century .

  12. Supplement and Correction of Qian Mu's Fragment Memories of Teachers and Friends --A Textual Research of Life Story of Zhu Huaitian%对钱穆《师友杂忆》一则重要记述的补正——兼及朱怀天生平事迹考辨



    Mr. Qian Mu is one of important masters of Chinese learning. During his later years, he settled down on solitary island Taiwan where he wrote a memoirs named Fragment Memories of Teachers and Friends in his senior age. Owing to fading memory and without enough references, memory errors are inevitable. However, The flaws do not detract from the jade's essential beauty, and it is still an important historical record Chinese academic develop- ment with independent research value of in the 20th century. Through comparing Posthumous Manuscript of Songjiang Mr. Zhu Huaitian and Fragment Memories of Teachers and Friends, as well as complementing each other, this paper gradually distinguishes the life story of Mr. Zhu Huaitian, discarding the false and retaining the true, sup- plementing newly found materials, makes a efforts to completely reappear a whole process of social interaction be- tween Qian Mu and Zhu Huaitian.%钱穆先生是现代中国最为重要的国学大师之一。他晚年定居台湾,在记忆衰退,又无大量文献可供稽考的情况下,耄耋之年写作回忆录——《师友杂忆》,因此记述难免出现偏差。但瑕不掩瑜,此书仍旧是一部20世纪中国学术发展史的实录,有着它书所无法替代的研究价值。文章主要利用1921年7月印行的《松江朱怀天先生遗稿》与《师友杂忆》比较参证,逐次辨析朱怀天生平事迹,去伪存真,增补缺失,力图完整展现钱穆与朱怀天交往的全过程。

  13. “The Old Principle”and the New Truth of Living---Re reading Sun Li’s Novella Tie Mu Qian zhuan%过日子的“老理儿”与新理儿*--重读孙犁中篇小说《铁木前传》



    创作于1950年代中期的孙犁中篇小说《铁木前传》在农村合作化题材小说中独树一帜。它没有直奔高歌猛进的时代主题,而是在对北方乡村百姓的“生活流”的描绘当中提炼作家对于时代主题的独特切入视角,从而巧妙地展现人际关系背后更深层的社会矛盾与人性冲突。%Written in the mid 1 950s,Sun Li ’s novella Tie Mu Qian zhuan (A Prequel of Black-smith and Carpenter),was a unique work among the rural cooperative novels.It did not go straight to the theme of the times which boasts the fast development,but expressed the writer’s unique perspective of the theme of his times by depicting northern country people’s “stream of life”,so as to show subtly the deep social contradictions and conflicts of human nature behind interpersonal relationships .

  14. Qian Zhongshu's Outlook on the Ego and the World and the Three Types of Realms of Classical Poems%“尔汝群物”与“强草木以还泪债”--从钱钟书的“物我”观看古典诗学中的三种境界



    Looking at the ego that presents us with different human nature and moral by observing the world ,Qian Zhongshu focuses on three types of relations between the ego and the world .One is the realm of "big ego"which combines all kinds of love for the world ,followed by the second being "big ego"which is selfish enough to conceal one's desire and last comes "non -ego" w hich show s the true nature of the world so as to reach the realm of harmony between heaven and nature .%钱钟书通过从“观物”之“我”所呈现出的不同心性修养入手,探讨了三种物我关系。第一种是具万物一体之爱的“大我”之境;第二种是“挟私蔽欲”的“小我”之境;第三种是呈现万物的本真情态,而达到天人合一的“无我”之境。

  15. Discussion about the Success and Failure of Qian Mu’ s Research Methods in the Ancient Historical Geology---Based on the Methods in Geography Research in Early Zhou Dynasty%钱穆考论古史地理研究方法得失论衡--以《周初地理考》的研究方法为中心

    杨兆贵; 赵殷尚


    钱穆考论古史地理,并不单纯考证地名、地理,他的古史地理研究不属于传统的“地名簿记之学”,而是人文地理学研究的典范。他在《周初地理考》一文中提出周人由山西往陕西迁徙、发展的看法,成为研究周初发展的重要一说。该文运用一些研究古史地理的方法,包括地名研究法,地名迁移,“人以地名,非地以人名”;地望研究法,考论古史地望、人事要结合当时历史条件,以诗释史,运用声韵学等。虽自圆其说,但在研究方法、阐释文献、处理神话与历史的关系等方面都有不足,如:在研究方法上犯了“征之于古迹”“求之于音似”两大毛病;在处理神话方面,把神话人物当作历史人物,没有运用考古资料。这些限制了该文的学术成就。%In his research on the ancient historical geology, Qian Mu didn’ t examine place names and geology only; his researches did not belong to traditional bookkeeping of the place names, but to human geography. In Geography Research in Early Zhou Dynasty, Qian Mu pointed out that Zhou clan who had originally lived in Shanxi province moved to and developed in Shaanxi province, which was an important explanation of how Zhou clan moved in early Zhou Dynasty. In the book, he employed some research methods for studying ancient historical geology, such as toponymy method, place name transfer, people being named after place names rather than place being named after people, location research, examination of the ancient historical geology, people and events with relative historical conditions, the use of poetry to explain history, the usage of phonology and the like. Though he had made out a good case for himself, he had some shortcomings in research method, document explanation, and dealing with the relationship between mythology and history. For example, in research method, he relied on historic sites and similar sounds

  16. 我国创新人才培养与思维方式转型进路--从李约瑟难题到钱学森之问%Education of Innovative Talents and Strategy of Thinking Mode Transition:From Joseph Needham Puzzle to Qian Xuesen’ s Question



    李约瑟难题与钱学森之问的核心都是创新人才培养问题。而思维方式是创新人才的核心要素,中国传统思维方式重类比、模糊与整体,西方思维方式重演绎、精确与分析;二者的差异是中国近现代科技发展和创新人才培养落后的一个重要原因。因此解决创新人才培养问题的一个关键是变革思维方式,变革的当务之急为融会中西思维方式,长期展望则需占领认知科学高地。%Joseph Needham Puzzle and Qian Xuesen ’ s Question are mainly concerned about the education of innovative talents, and the mode of thinking has played a key role in both questions. The mode of thinking in the West attaches importance to logical deduction, accuracy, mechanical and analysis, while the traditional mode of thinking in China pays more attention to analogy, fuzziness and the organic integrity. The history of science and technology shows that these differences can be described as one of the main reasons for the backwardness in education of creative talents in modern China. The key to solving the problem in innovative talents education is to transform the mode of thinking, for which we must take two steps. The first step is to popularize the thinking tools that are absorbed from the best of China and West, and the other one is to strategically stay in the forefront research field of thinking.

  17. Pragmatic analysis of traditional Chinese short cartoons---Applying Qian Guanlian′s Pragmatic Theory to analyzing Jia′er Selling Apricots%中国传统动画短片的语用学分析--运用钱冠连“三带一理论”分析《贾二卖杏》

    王钰; 刘金梅


    Animation production needs more creation of the story plot and language besides the technical support .Creativity and inspiration derive from the artists′experience in real life or what they have witnessed and heard in daily lives .The Chinese traditional short cartoon, with its unique design of the text creativity and story ideas , plays an important role in today′s anima-tion industry.This paper takes the text of the short cartoon “Jia′Er Sells Apricots” as the example of analysis, which is pro-duced by Nanjing Film Produce Plant in 1984.The authors have employed the pragmatic theory developed by Qian Guanlian to analyze the construction mode of the conversational texts and to elaborate their linguistic features so as to explore the pragmatic value of the traditional Chinese short cartoon′s conversational text.%  动画片的制作,除了需要技术支撑,更需要优秀的故事情节和文字创意。中国传统动画在文本创意和故事构想设计上具有其独到之处,并在今天的动画业界依然适用。本文以1984年由南京电影制片厂出品的动画短片《贾二卖杏》的文本为例,依据钱冠连的语用学“三带一理论”分析中国传统动画短片中会话语言的构建模式,并阐述其文本特点,旨在探索中国传统动画短片会话文本的语用价值。

  18. Analysis of Spontaneousness and Social Factor of Forming Xishui “Industrial Park” in the Qian-Jia period in the Qing Dynasty%乾嘉时期习水“工业园区”形成的自然、社会因素探析



    清乾隆嘉庆时,袁锦道在习水三岔河新建了数十间工业作坊,为封闭的黔北开启通往现代化的大门。从康熙二十年后黔北长期的社会稳定和经济繁荣是袁锦道成功的经济基础,赤水河流域的自然生态条件及形成的人文环境是重要的文化和物质基础,而人口的迅猛增长和交通条件的改善为劳动力的转移和产品的销售提供了有利的契机。正是各种因素的聚合和敏锐的前瞻意识,成就了袁锦道的事业,成为黔北历史辉煌的一页。%In the Qian -Jia period in the Qing Dynasty, Yuan Jindao established tens of industrial workshops on the Sishui Sancha River, making the then quite closed north area of Guizhou open to mod-ernization. In over 20 years of Kang Xi power, the social stability of long standing and economic flourish formed the economic base of Yuan Jindao’ s success. The natural ecology along the Chishui Valye and humanity environment it formed were the important cultural and material basis of his success and the speedy growth of population and improvement of traffic condition provided opportunities for the transfer of labour power and the sale of products. It is because of the aggregation of many factors and his acute pre-monitory sense that made Yuan Jindao’ s undertaking successful, leaving a glorious page in the history of the north area of Guizhou.

  19. Winning Respect with His Effort in Reviving Traditional Chinese Opera ——Qian Nanyang and His Study on Chinese Opera%戏曲宏扬举世尊——钱南扬和他的戏曲研究



    Qian Nanyang is a scholar cultivated through the new system of higher education and academy,and his whole life has been dedicated to studying folk art.His academic research is characterized by professionalness and exactness,which represents the new trend of research.In the field of South Opera study,he is universally acknowledged as a pioneer and master,credited with the highest achievement in the 20the century.He has also achieved considerably in the study of Ming legends and opera.%钱南扬是在新的高等教育和学术制度下培养出来的一代学人,受时代学术文化因素的重要影响,其一生治学兴趣主要集中在民间文艺这一领域。其治学具有专和精的特点,体现着现代学术的新变,他的成功既是个人努力的结果,也离不开恩师吴梅的指点和帮助。在南戏研究方面,钱南扬是学界公认的开拓者和集大成者,代表着20世纪南戏研究的最高成就。在明代传奇及曲谱研究方面,他也同样取得了不俗的成就。

  20. The Inheritance and Development of Jian ChaoLiang to the Theory of Zhu CiQi---The Discussion with Qian Mu%简朝亮对朱次琦学说的传承与发展--兼与钱穆先生榷议



    无论是重塑朱次琦的经师人师形象,接着朱次琦的“四行”、“五学”往下说,还是遍注儒家经典,简朝亮都是结合新的社会形势,朝着朱次琦学说的既定目标、具体路径为它输进新内容,使获得了较大发展的朱次琦学说延至民国中后期,并与同出一门的康有为别出的岭南近现代新儒学产生尖锐冲突,呈现岭南儒学近代转型的复杂性、艰巨性。因此,钱穆认为简朝亮未能传承朱次琦之学,实是未能抓住简朝亮经学生涯乃至朱次琦学说的要害。%Combined with new social situation ,Jian Chaoliang reshaped Zhu Ciqi’s image of being a teacher , investigated Zhu’s“four actions of morality cultivation” and“five areas of studies” and then he annotated many classics of the Confucian school .He followed Zhu’s set goals and roads ,and input new contents , extending Zhu’s theory to the semi-late period of the Republic of China .It had sharp conflict with the new Confucian school in Lingnan ,reflecting its complexity and hardship .Therefore ,Qian Mu’s view of Jian Chaoliang’s failing to inherit Zhu’ s theory failed to understand the gist of Jian Chaoliang ’ s academic thoughts ,nor the theory of Zhu Ciqi .

  1. 油田开发的生态经济补偿核算方法研究——基于吉林省乾安大情字井油田的实证研究%Ecological Economic Compensation Method of Petroleum Resource Exploitation: With A Special Reference To Qian' an Daqingzi Oil Well

    孙世军; 严晓飞; 崔朋; 冯江


    油田生态经济补偿机制的建立,是缓解油田开发与生态环境之间矛盾的重要途径之一.基于机会成本法等方法,引入经济学理论中的经济系数,建立油田生态经济补偿模型.以吉林省乾安大情字井油田为例,地区生态经济补偿应为182.95元/t,占石油价格的4.8%,反映该地区油田开发外部不经济的成本,属于油田开发单位可接受范围,同时基本可以达到当地居民、政府满意的程度.通过与其他成熟模型的对比验证,油田生态经济补偿模型应用灵活,补偿费用科学合理.%The establishment of ecological and economic compensation mechanism of oilfield is to ease the contradiction between oilfield development and the ecological environment. Nowadays, the research on ecological compensation is the hot field. The ecological and economic compensation is an important topic. The paper took the petroleum resources as the research subject, and tried to take the research on charge policy of petroleum resources for ecological and economic compensation as the breakpoint, and then established ecological and economic compensation mechanism far-reaching in such field. The study area is Qian' an Daqingzi oil well, a representative petroleum resources region located at Jilin. Based on the data collected in the investigation, the paper estimated the eco-compensation standards that were suitable to the study areas. Based on opportunity cost, and economic theory, authors established the ecological and economic compensation model. The ecological and economic compensations are calculated, which should be 182.95 yuan( RMB)/t, accounting for 4.8% of oil prices. It can reflect the external economic cost of oilfield development in the region, which is acceptable in oilfield development, and it can almost meet the satisfaction of the local residents and the government. By comparison with other mature models, the model is flexible, scientific and reasonable compensation. In view

  2. 领悟大道和生创造人生价值--钱耕森先生“大道和生学”的启示%Inspiring Harmony Originating from Tao to Create the Value of Life--Enlightenment of Qian Geng-sen’s Theory of Harmony Originating from Tao



    Qian Geng-sen, a professor of Anhui University puts forward the theory of harmony originating from Tao. It integrates Shi Bo’s “harmony generates vitality” and Lao tzu’s “the tao gave birth to all things”. It makes the creative development of them on the base of inheriting traditional theories in practice, which is important in theory study and practice. It is of great significance to people in the aspects of the maintenance of body and mind, the manner of dealing with people, the social stability, the development of economy and ecological protection. To grasp the essence of his theory will be of great help for people to achieve harmonious conditions between man and man, man and nature and man and society, even for people themselves, thus to create the value of life.%近年来安徽大学资深教授钱耕森先生提出了“大道和生学”理论,该理论把史伯的“和实生物”与老子的“道生万物”相结合,在继承传统的基础上联系现实作了创造性的发展,具有深刻的理论价值和积极的实践价值,对我们今天如何养护身心、待人接物、安定社会、发展经济、保护生态等方面都有重要的指导意义。认真学习领会“大道和生学”理论,必将帮助我们达到自我身心、人与他人、人与社会、人与自然等诸多领域的和谐,从而创造出有价值的人生。

  3. 秦汉社会方技--医药学探析--兼论司马迁为扁鹊仓公立传的历史意义%The Study of Medicine and Pharmacology in Qin and Han Dynasties--- Discussing H istorical Signi ficance of Sima Qian Writing Biography for Bian Que and Canggong



      医药学是我国古代科技的重要门类之一,在刘歆的《七略》中,医药学被称之为“方技略”,医生被称之为“方者”。司马迁在《史记》中撰《扁鹊仓公列传》,开创了正史为方技立传的先河,后世因袭,遂成故事。从长沙马王堆出土的《五十二病方》来看,从春秋战国至秦汉社会,医方包括部分禁方有了很大的普及。东汉初年编成的《神农本草经》集中反映了先秦秦汉时期药物学的成就。方技中不仅方者,甚至鼓吹神仙术的方士,都对药物学作出了一定的贡献。%  Medicine is one of the important categories of ancient science and technology in China .In the Seven Brie fwriten by Liu Xin ,medicine was called Fangji Brief ,the doctor was referred to as Fangzhe . Sima Qian had written Records of the Grand Historian :Collected Biographies of Bian Que and Cang Gong ,which had been pioneered the official history to write biography of Fangji .Through 52 Kinds of Disorders unearthed in Mawangdui Han Tomb in Changsha ,medical prescriptions including some taboo prescriptions extensively had been popularizing from the Spring and Autumn periods and Warring States periods to the Qin and Han dynasties .The Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic compiled in the early Eastern Han dynasty concentrated to reflect achievements of the Qin and Han’s medicine .Both the Fangzhe and alche-mists also made a certain contribution for medicine .

  4. From Philosophy of Harmony to Philosophy of Taoism and to the Theory of Harmony Originating from Taoism--A Review of the Theoretical Value of Professor Qian Gengsen’s“Theory of Harmony Originating from Taoism”%从和生、道生到大道和生--兼评钱耕森教授“大道和生学”的理论价值



    On traditional philosophy of the origin and formation of universe, Qian Geng-sen, a professor in Philosophy Department of Anhui University, gave birth to the “theory of harmony originating from Taoism” in experiencing and understanding the philosophy of harmony and the philosophy of Taoism of pre-Qin period. Thus, by integrating the philosophy of harmony and the philosophy of Taoism, he formed a complete theory of the formation of universe which fuses Taoism's natural culture and Confucian humanity and culture, reveals the theoretical origin of Chinese culture. It possesses important academic value in the history of Chinese philosophy.%就万物的起源、宇宙生成这一传统的哲学命题,安徽大学哲学系钱耕森教授从先秦诸子的和生、道生思想中体悟、发现、总结出“大道和生学”,打通了“道生”与“和生”的巷道,形成了完整的宇宙生成论,融和了道家的自然主义文化与儒家人文的和文化,揭示了中华文化生生不息的理论渊源,在中国哲学史上具有重要的学术价值。

  5. Tao's Harmony Giving Birth to the New Things Theory and the Origin of Buddhism--Qian Geng-sen’sTao's Harmony Giving Birth to the New Things Theory%“大道和生”与佛教“缘起论”--评钱耕森教授的“大道和生学”



    Professor Qian Gengsen’s philosophical thought regressed to the origin of Chinese philosophy. Through illustrating Shibo’s “harmony actually fosters new things”, he proposed hisTao’s harmony giving birth to the new things theory”, whose theory was regarded as the “new life” in Chinese philosophy history. He observed his theory by putting it in the scope of the origin of the universe. He thought that the world was constituted by different elements not the same ones, and only all the different elements were in a harmonious situation, could things be fostered eventually, which could be illustrated as the theory of the origin of Buddhism, for the origin of Buddhism emphasized that all the laws of the world combined for the harmony of the all the lots. Moreover, there was an equal relation among the lots which was the base of the origin of lot. Not only professor Qian’sTao’s harmony giving birth to the new things theory but also the theory of the origin of Buddhism have guiding significance in building a harmonious society and promoting the peace of the world.%钱耕森教授回归中国哲学的原初意境,通过解读史伯“和实生物”的观点而提出了“大道和生学”,自创新说,堪称当代中国哲学研究之老树发新芽。钱先生将“大道和生学”放在宇宙生成论的范畴来加以考察,指出世界不是由相同的元素而是由不同的元素构成的,而且各种不同的元素只有在和谐平等的状态下才能最终生成万物,这可与佛教的“缘起”论相互诠释相互发明,因为佛教的缘起论强调世界万法皆是众缘和合而成,而且参与缘起的缘与缘之间互相平等,唯其平等,才能缘起。无论是钱先生的“大道和生学”还是佛教的“缘起”论,都对我们今天建设和谐社会和促进世界和平具有指导意义。

  6. Research on Foreign Background and Musical Thought of Teng Gu

    Bo Zhang


    Full Text Available TENG Gu is a famous art historian in Republic of China. Together with early Chinese scholars studying abroad like ZONG Bai-hua, ZHU Guang-qian, DENG Yi-zhe, MA Cai and FU Bao-shi, he constructed a framework of early Chinese Art. We still know his influence after a century. In his artistic thought, the essential music idea occupies 1/3.He had given music the highest position among all arts and cultures. In his view, culture won’t have any value if art is removed. And all arts follow the rhythm of music.

  7. A Contrastive Study of Fan Wenlan′s Compendium of Chinese History and Qian Mu′s Outline of Chinese History%范文澜《中国通史简编》与钱穆《国史大纲》比较研究



    范文澜《中国通史简编》、钱穆《国史大纲》在有关中国历史发展进程、动因、主体等问题上,表现出了不同甚至对立的观点,代表了20世纪三四十年代关于中国历史的两种不同认识。《中国通史简编》强调经济基础在历史发展中的决定作用,认为人民群众的革命斗争是历史发展的直接推动力,而中国历史在这两股力量的推动下不断从低级社会形态向高级社会形态发展,合乎人类历史发展的一般规律。《国史大纲》则力图证明中国历史是在民族文化与民族精神的推动下,以士大夫阶层为领导,于和平的环境中以舒齐的步骤不断进步,有异于在斗争中凸显其活力的西方社会。有关中国历史认识的这种差异,一方面反映出其撰述者用以考察中国历史的指导思想有别,另一方面则折射出面对历史巨变人们所采取的应变对策的不同。《中国通史简编》第一次系统地说出了革命者对中国历史的全部看法,而《国史大纲》则更多地代表传统知识分子面对国家民族危机所采取的应变策略。不难看出,人们对历史的认识,不仅受制于其历史观,同时也与其对现实社会的思考和历史前途的憧憬密切相关。%Both Fan Wenlan's Compendium of Chinese History and Qian Mu's Outline of Chinese History show different and even opposing views on the Chinese historical development, motivation, subjects, and other issues, representing two different understandings of Chinese history in the 1930s and 1940s. The former emphasizes that the economic basis plays a decisive role in historical develop-ment. The people's revolutionary struggle is the direct driving force of historical development, and Chinese history will constantly develop from the lower form of social development to the higher under the impetus of these two forces, in line with the general law of development of human history

  8. Color in packaging design : Case: ZheJiang JinSheng packaging Co,Ltd

    Hu, Cuicui


    Color occupies an important position in packaging design, with the improvement of living standard, the higher requirement of color design in packaging. The aim of this thesis was to discuss key issues concerning aesthetics of packaging design. Topics will include an overview of the packaging design, the influence factor of packaging design, and introduce the aesthetics from packaging aspect. This thesis will also identify common problems of the production process, and list the phases of ho...

  9. Renald Simonjan : "Estonija - nash most v Jevropu. Eto zhe dar nebes!" / Renald Simonjan ; interv. Nikolai Nortov

    Simonjan, Renald


    Venemaa TA Vene-Balti Keskuse direktor professor Renald Simonjan räägib oma raamatu "Venemaa ja Baltimaad" 2. osa valmimisest ja selle esitlusest Tallinnas, Eesti ja Venemaa suhetest ning koostöö võimalustest, pronkssõduri probleemist, integratsioonist ja Baltimaades elavatest venelastest. Vt. samas raamatut tutvustav art. "Koostöö Venemaaga on Eestile vältimatu"

  10. Tsepljajutsja-to k jazõku, a tsenjat vsjo zhe po materi / Jevgeni Savtshenko

    Savtshenko, Jevgeni


    Uue integratsiooniprogrammi järgi on igal Eestimaa elanikul võrdsed võimalused tunda end täisväärtusliku ühiskonna liikmena, rahvusvahelise organisatsiooni Amnesty International arvates valitseb meil majanduslik ja sotsiaalne ebavõrdsus põliselanike ja teiste rahvusgruppide vahel. Vt. samas: Amnesty Internationali soovitused, mida tuleks arvesse võtta uues integratsioniprogrammis

  11. Zdorovje nasselenija vsjo zhe hotjat dovesti do uma / Margarita Kornõsheva

    Kornõsheva, Margarita, 1957-


    2. märtsil toimus Tallinnas regionaalne tervisepoliitika arutelu, arutelul osalesid Tallinna abilinnapea Merike Martinson ja Ühiskondliku Leppe Sihtasutuse juhatuse esinaine Andra Veidemann. Tervisepoliitika eesmärgiks on luua võimalused ja tingimused Eesti elanike eluea pikendamiseks

  12. The Role of Cultural Tradition in Forest Management of the Ethnic Minority Communities——Based on the Investigation of Forest Management in Qian Dongnan Miao and Dong Minority Communities%文化传统在民族社区森林管理中的作用——基于黔东南苗族、侗族社区森林管理的调查研究



    民族社区基于文化传统产生的价值信仰、社会规范,在民族社区的森林管理中发挥着显著的促进合作、改善激励的效果。黔东南苗族侗族社区基于长期的生产生活经验形成的传统文化价值观,体现了民族社区尊重自然、顺应自然的朴素生态观;基于文化传统基础上形成的规则、制度和组织机制,表现出管理原则、管理策略、管理主体与管理方式的独特性,其地方权威—乡村精英的作用、激励—奖惩机制和合作—协商议事机制在社区森林管理中效果明显,在社区森林经营和管理中发挥着重要的作用,它为社区内生的森林经营、管理机制和制度的构建提供了有益的启示。%The value beliefs and social norms generated from the cultural tradition of ethnic minority communities give a significant scope of promoting cooperation and improving stimulation in the forest management of ethnic minority communities.The value beliefs of traditional culture generated from the perennial life and production experience of Miao and Dong ethnic communities in Qian Dongnan Autonomous Prefecture embody the simple ecological concept of nature esteem and nature complying of ethnic minority communities.The rules,institutions and organizational mechanisms formed on the basis of cultural tradition show the uniqueness of management principles,strategies,subjects and management mode.The roles of local authority-rural elite,the mechanisms of incentive-rewards and punishments,and cooperation-consultation have brought obvious effect in forest management of the communities.Meanwhile,it plays an important role in forest management of the communities.Also,beneficial enlightenment was provided for the construction of endogenous mechanism of forest management,management mechanisms and institutions.

  13. A Brief Discussion on the “Human Nature”of QIAN Zhong-shu’s Reviews in Histories---As an example of guanzhuibian’s interpretation about zuozhuan and shiji%略论钱锺书史论中的“人性”--以《管锥编》对《左传》《史记》的诠解为中心



    Human nature played the important part of history because of its complexity and contingency . Qian Zhong -shu broke dow n barriers of space -time and disciplines ,and interpreted human nature in histories with aesthetic vision .His reviews in histories had discussed about historical figures and historical events in history which performed surge high and sweep forward .His reviews in histories could lead to introspect of historical law s and effect of human nature in history .%历史学是一门以弘扬人性之真、善、美和鞭笞人性之假、恶、丑为旨归的人学,因而在求真之外尚有求善、求美的使命。历史发展的复杂性和偶然性决定了人性在历史中扮演着至关重要的角色。钱锺书打破时空界线和学科壁垒,独辟蹊径,从常心、常情、常理出发,用貌似拙朴的分析方法,以美学慧眼诠解史学作品中表现出来的人性,给人以心灵的震撼和历史之美的洗礼。其史论通过对人性的自然性的确认、对社会性的剖释和对复杂性的体察,将散落于历史间隙中的寻常之人和事置于波澜壮阔的历史进程之中,引起人们对宏大叙事下的历史规律进行重新审视和对人性在历史进程中所起作用进行深切反思。

  14. [Niche and interspecific association of nekton in the south coastal waters of Cangnan, Zhe-jiang, China].

    Hu, Cheng-ye; Shui, Yu-yue; Du, Xiao; Shui, Bo-nian


    In this paper, the interaction between the species Population were analyzed based on the data of major nekton species in the south coastal waters of Cangnan in spring and autumn 2014. A series of methods including niche breadth, niche overlap, χ2 - test and association coefficient (AC) based on a 2x2 contingency table were used. The results showed that the major nekton species in the south coastal waters of Cangnan were classified into three groups, i.e. wide niche breadth species, moderate niche breadth species and narrow niche breadth species based on the niche breadth values. The wide niche breadth species of nekton were Harpodon nehereus, Portunus trituberculatus, mantis shrimp and other 2 species. The moderate niche breadth species of nekton were Collichthys lucidus, Parapenaeopsis hardwickii, Parapenaeopsis tenella and other 5 species. While the species with narrow niche breadths were Charybdis japonica, Amblychaeturichthys hexanema, Palaemon gravieri and other 7 species. There were great differences in the niche overlap values among the major nekton populations, with the maximum value of 0.93 and the minimum of 0, which indicated that resource utilization competition in some nekton might exist. The results of variance ratio analysis for major nekton in the south coastal waters of Cangnan showed that they were significantly positively correlated. χ2 - test results showed that there were significantly interspecific association for 78 species pairs (χ2≥3.841), among which more association coefficients (AC) of species pairs are positive.

  15. Colon Cancer Risk Factors in Jiashan County of Zhe-jiang Province, the Highest Incidence Area in China

    XianghuiWang; ZhaoyiHe; KaiyanYao; KangChen; QilongLi


    OBJECTIVE To investigate the risk factors of colon cancer in Jiashan county, the highest incidence area in China and to provide a scientific basis for monitoring and prevention. METHODS With a population-based case-control study, 109 colon cancer patients with 1:7 matched controls were interviewed with uniform questionnaires. Conditional logistic regression was used for univariate and multivariate analysis of colon cancer. RESULTS High monthly pork consumption (OR=1.608), and high monthly animal fat consumption (OR=1.391) over a ten-year period, psychological depression (OR=9.887), negative emotion (OR=1.723), lower digestivetract diseases (OR=4.163), and history of colorectal cancer in first-degree relatives (OR=3.421) were the main risk factors of colon cancer. During that time, high monthly vegetable consumption was a protective factor for colon cancer (OR=0.422).CONCLUSIONS Colon cancer in Jiashan county was related to dietary factors. The research results support the colon cancer etiological hypothesis of "fat-bile acid" and "deficiency of dietary fibre". Psychological depression, in heritance and lower digestive tract diseases were also correlated with colon cancer.

  16. Yi zhi xing jiao yi zhe, fangdichan paomo yu fangdichan zhengce: jian lun zhongguo de fangdichan zhengci

    Bao, T.; Wang, Y.


    Based on the classical De Long et al (1990), we build a model of housing bubbles to analyze the role of market imperfections (noise traders, liquidity constraint, limited liability and weak property rights protections, etc) and their interactions in the formation of housing bubbles. We show that the

  17. On the Learner-Centered Teaching Approach --The Reflection Getting from New College English By ZheJiang University



    This paper first focuses on a brief evaluation of the teacher-centered and the learner-centered methodologies and the relevant result and the necessity for changing. Secondly ,it represents the practical ways of teaching based on the learner-centered approach in classrooms to show how students' initiative is given .Thirdly , it presents the guidance for fellow teachers and students in group activities .The author of the paper believes that getting students started is the initial step towards active learning and fruitful teaching. It is proposed that efforts made to get students involved should focus not only on forms of activities but also on their contents , skill integration and establishing cooperative relationships between teachers and students or among students.

  18. Groundwater protection from cadmium contamination by permeable reactive barrier in Qian'an of Jilin, China

    Alkali Mohammed; Changlai XIAO; Chao DU


    This research studies the reliability of an activated carbon permeable reactive barrier in removing cadmium from a contaminated shallow aquifer. Laboratory tests have been performed to characterize the equilibrium and kinetic adsorption properties of the activated carbon in cadmium-containing aqueous solutions. A 2D numerical model has been used to describe pollutant transport within a groundwater and the pollutant adsorption on the permeable reactive barrier (PRB). In particular, it has been considered the case of a PAB used to protect a lake or downstream from Cd (Ⅱ) contaminated groundwater. Numerical results show that the PAB can achieve a long-term efficiency by preventing lake or downstream pollution for several months.

  19. English Translation of Qian Wenrong's Article%钱文荣文英译文

    By Qian Wenrong


    @@ A year of anti-terrorist war has passed since President Bush declared war on Afganistan on October 7,2001. In the course of the war, Bush's anti-terrorist strategic thinking has been enriched and perfected gradually as the war develops in greater depth and was finally formed as so-called "Bushism" ,which has become the guideline not only for the American war on anti-terrorism, but also for the Bush administration's external strategy. It is exerting profound impact on international politics and international relations.

  20. Millal riigid finantskriisidest välja kasvavad? / Carmen M. Reinhart, Rong Qian, Kenneth Rogoff

    Reinhart, Carmen M.


    Artiklis kirjutatakse pangandus-, välisvõla- ja inflatsioonikriiside esinemissagedusest ja kestvusest ning jõutakse järeldusele, et arenenud riikide panganduskriisidest väljakasvamisest pole praegu mingit põhjust rääkida. Skeem

  1. Millal riigid finantskriisidest välja kasvavad? / Carmen M. Reinhart, Rong Qian, Kenneth Rogoff

    Reinhart, Carmen M.


    Artiklis kirjutatakse pangandus-, välisvõla- ja inflatsioonikriiside esinemissagedusest ja kestvusest ning jõutakse järeldusele, et arenenud riikide panganduskriisidest väljakasvamisest pole praegu mingit põhjust rääkida. Skeem

  2. bu ke kao xu shu zhe zhi zai shen shi (不可靠叙述者之再审视)

    Hansen, Per Krogh


    Kinesisk oversættelse af "Reconsidering the Unreliable Narrator" in Semiotica 165 - 1/4 2007: 227-246. Oversætter: Shang Biwu.......Kinesisk oversættelse af "Reconsidering the Unreliable Narrator" in Semiotica 165 - 1/4 2007: 227-246. Oversætter: Shang Biwu....

  3. Belaja shkola, Dom ofitserov i notshnoi klub v raznoje vremja razmeshtshalis pod odnoi i toi zhe krõshei / Olaf Esna

    Esna, Olaf, 1934-


    Pärnu Tütarlaste Gümnaasiumi hoone ehitusest Rüütli tänavale (1866). Ehitasid eesti külamehed eesotsas Jaan Tammanniga Šveitsi arhitekti Rudolf Maagi järelvalve all. Alates 1902. a. tegutsesid nn. "valges majas" mitmed asutused, ka linnaapteek, millele projekteeris unikaalse mööbli Olev Siinmaa

  4. 钱钟书评"信巫不信医"%Qian Zhongshu's Comments on Witchcraft and Medicine



    @@ 司马迁在中叙述扁鹊"病有六不治"的议论,其中之一曰"信巫不信医".后世医家学者对此评论甚多.前不久读钱钟书先生,发现钱先生有一篇文章也专门谈论"信巫不信医",其所引材料之丰富,立论之精辟,见识之不群,为以前所罕见.现略作转述于下,愿与同道分享、体味.

  5. The Portrait of Xiao Qian in Letters by George Orwell%奥威尔书信中的萧乾




  6. 钱乙儿科学术思想浅析%An Approach to Qian Yi's Academic Thinking of Pediatry



    @@ 钱乙是北宋时期著名的儿科医学家,业医40余年,在儿科疾病诊治方面积累了丰富的经验,著有传世于后.笔者多次拜读是书,每有收获,认为其学术思想是在继承、等理论的基础上产生的,具有较高的学术水平和应用价值.

  7. Discussion about the Core Irrigation Works in Tang Dynasty:mainly in Zhe Dong,Zhe Xi,He Nan and He Dong%关于唐代水利建设重心的一些思考——以浙东、浙西和河南、河东四道为核心




  8. An analysis on academic features of Zengguang Dasheng Yaozhi%《增广大生要旨》学术特色探析

    钱俊华; 毕丹


      On the basis of Dasheng Yaozhi Zengguang writted by TANG Qian-qing, YE Hao collected Chanke Xinfa writted by WANG Zhe, and integrated into their own clinical experience made a book of Zengguang Dasheng Yaozhi, is the crystallization of the wisdom of the three physicians. From Qiusi, Baotai, Yangtai, Linchan, postpartum, pediatric nursing aspects, discussed in detail the academic features of the book, but also pointed out that the book exists some problems.%  《增广大生要旨》是清代医家叶灏在唐千顷《大生要旨》的基础上,采集汪喆的《产科心法》,并融入自己的临床经验而成的一部著作,是三位医家智慧的结晶。本文从求嗣、保胎、养胎、临产、产后、小儿调护等方面入手,详细探讨了该书的学术特色,同时也指出书中存在的一些问题。

  9. 朱光潜的文学、美学修辞论%Zhu Guang-qian's theory of literary and aethetical rhetoric




  10. Racism of prohibition and destruction of novels in QianLong dynasty%论乾隆朝小说禁毁的种族主义倾向

    胡海义; 程国赋



  11. 钱石臣——印尼早期华文文化的耕耘者%Qian Shichen: the Pioneer of Chinese Culture in Indonesia




  12. 钱永健——是这样获得诺贝尔化学奖的%Yongjian Qian This is the Nobel Prize in Chemistry




  13. A new concept: Epigenetic game theory. Comment on: ;Epigenetic game theory: How to compute the epigenetic control of maternal-to-zygotic transition; by Qian Wang et al.

    Zheng, Xiu-Deng; Tao, Yi


    The evolutionary significance of the interaction between paternal and maternal genomes in fertilized zygotes is a very interesting and challenging question. Wang et al. developed the concept of epigenetic game theory, and they try to use this concept to explain the interaction between paternal and maternal genomes in fertilized zygotes [1]. They emphasize that the embryogenesis can be considered as an ecological system in which two highly distinct and specialized gametes coordinate through either cooperation or competition, or both, to maximize the fitness of embryos under Darwinian selection. More specifically, they integrate game theory to model the pattern of coordination of paternal genome and maternal genomes mediated by DNA methylation dynamics, and they called this epigenetic game theory.

  14. Sima Qian's Spirit of Recording History and Our Gains%论司马迁的著史精神对新闻记者的影响




  15. Game theory in epigenetic reprogramming. Comment on: ;Epigenetic game theory: How to compute the epigenetic control of maternal-to-zygotic transition; by Qian Wang et al.

    Hsu, Fei-Man; Chen, Pao-Yang


    Von Neumann and Morgenstern published the Theory of Games and Economic Behavior in 1944, describing game theory as a model in which intelligent rational decision-makers manage to find their best strategies in conflict, cooperative or other mutualistic relationships to acquire the greatest benefit [1]. This model was subsequently incorporated in ecology to simulate the ;fitness; of a species during natural selection, designated evolutionary game theory (EGT) [2]. Wang et al. proposed ;epiGame;, taking paternal and maternal genomes as ;intelligent; players that compete, cooperate or both during embryogenesis to maximize the fitness of the embryo [3]. They further extended game theory to an individual or single cell environment. During early zygote development, DNA methylation is reprogrammed such that the paternal genome is demethylated before the maternal genome. After the reset, the blastocyst is re-methylated during embryogenesis. At that time, the paternal and maternal genomes have a conflict of interest related to the expression of their own genes. The proposed epiGame models such interactive regulation between the parental genomes to reach a balance for embryo development (equation (2)).

  16. 钱学森谈科学艺术与创新思维%Qian Xuesen's Talking about Science,Fine Arts and Innovative Thinking




  17. 迦达默尔与钱钟书解释学思想比较研究%A Comparative Research between Gadamer's and QIAN Zhongshu's Hermeneutic Thoughts




  18. Sulfonate-modified phenylboronic acid-rich nanoparticles as a novel mucoadhesive drug delivery system for vaginal administration of protein therapeutics: improved stability, mucin-dependent release and effective intravaginal placement

    Li CY


    Full Text Available ChunYan Li,1 ZhiGang Huang,2 ZheShuo Liu,1 LiQian Ci,3 ZhePeng Liu,3 Yu Liu,2 XueYing Yan,1 WeiYue Lu2 1School of Pharmacy, Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine, Harbin, 2Department of Pharmaceutics, School of Pharmacy, Key Laboratory of Smart Drug Delivery, Ministry of Education, Fudan University, 3School of Medical Instrument and Food Engineering, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China Abstract: Effective interaction between mucoadhesive drug delivery systems and mucin is the basis of effective local placement of drugs to play its therapeutic role after mucosal administration including vaginal use, which especially requires prolonged drug presence for the treatment of gynecological infectious diseases. Our previous report on phenylboronic acid-rich nanoparticles (PBNPs demonstrated their strong interaction with mucin and mucin-sensitive release profiles of the model protein therapeutics interferon (IFN in vitro, but their poor stability and obvious tendency to aggregate over time severely limited future application. In this study, sulfonate-modified PBNPs (PBNP-S were designed as a stable mucoadhesive drug delivery system where the negative charges conferred by sulfonate groups prevented aggregation of nanoparticles and the phenylboronic acid groups ensured effective interaction with mucin over a wide pH range. Results suggested that PBNP-S were of spherical morphology with narrow size distribution (123.5 nm, polydispersity index 0.050, good stability over a wide pH range and 3-month storage and considerable in vitro mucoadhesion capability at vaginal pH as shown by mucin adsorption determination. IFN could be loaded to PBNP-S by physical adsorption with high encapsulation efficiency and released in a mucin-dependent manner in vitro. In vivo near-infrared fluorescent whole animal imaging and quantitative vaginal lavage followed by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA assay of

  19. March toward the first grade telecommunication enterprise-the story of ZheJiang Unicom fast development%向世界一流电信企业迈进--浙江联通快速发展纪实


    @@ 自1994年成立以来,经过8年的艰苦创业,浙江联通从小到大、由弱到强,实现了超常规、跨跃式发展.浙江联通的发展壮大,有效打破了浙江通信行业原来的垄断局面,使得电信资费不断下降,促进了电信市场的繁荣与发展.8年后的今天,浙江联通已经从原来弱小的幼苗长成了参天大树.目前,浙江联通的移动电话用户总数已超过700万;长途数据业务的市场占有率以每年100%的速度增长;寻呼业务实现了成功转型;增值业务今年预计将占到总收入的10%.

  20. 浙赣线电气化改造工程站场改建方案%The Yard Rebuilding Plan for the Electrification Modification Project of Zhe-Gan Line




  1. Survey on addiction tendency for internet among senior middle school students in ZheJiang Jinhua%金华市高中生的网络成瘾倾向调查

    黄恩; 吕望强; 陈建民; 俞巧湘; 徐晓青; 汪丽敏



  2. 参芪虫汤对S180小鼠抑瘤后生存期的影响%S180 mice' s surviving period of anti-tumour by SHEN-QI-ZHE-CHONG-TANG

    吴翠珍; 吕翠霞



  3. 26 Cases of Syndrome of Stomach Abdominal Distension Treated with Additional or Reduced Xuan fu Dai zhe Tang%旋覆代赭汤加减治疗胃痞证26例

    庞素银; 卓鹏伟



  4. 旋覆代赭汤加味治疗幽门不全梗阻26例%26 Cases of Partial Pyloric Obstruction Treated with Additional and Reducing Xuan fu Dai zhe Tang



    @@ 幽门不全梗阻大多是由十二指肠溃疡引起,若经内科保守治疗无效则多需手术.笔者自1998年~2002年间共收治本病经西医保守治疗无效者26例,采用经方旋覆代赭汤加味治疗,获效满意,现总结报道如下.

  5. Efficacy and safety of gemcitabine plus erlotinib for locally advanced or metastatic pancreatic cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis

    Wang Y


    Full Text Available Yuan Wang,1 Guo-fang Hu,1 Qian-qian Zhang,1 Ning Tang,1 Jun Guo,2 Li-yan Liu,2 Xiao Han,2 Xia Wang,2 Zhe-hai Wang2 1School of Medicine and Life Sciences, Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences, University of Jinan, 2Shandong Cancer Hospital, Shandong University, Jinan, Shandong, People’s Republic of China Background: Pancreatic cancer is considered as a chemoresistant neoplasm with extremely dismal prognosis. Gemcitabine is recommended as the standard agent for locally advanced or metastatic pancreatic cancer. A series of trials have been conducted to improve the outcome of advanced pancreatic cancer with other anticancer drugs in combination with gemcitabine. Unfortunately, the designers of the clinical trials failed to improve the poor prognosis of patients with advanced pancreatic cancer. Erlotinib was the first additional drug that improved the overall survival of patients with advanced pancreatic cancer with gemcitabine. We performed this systematic review and meta-analysis to explore the efficacy and safety of the combination of gemcitabine with erlotinib (GemErlo for patients with advanced pancreatic cancer using the currently available evidence. Methods: PubMed/MEDLINE, EMBASE, the Cochrane Library, and relevant abstracts of major conferences were comprehensively searched. Data results on objective response rate, disease control rate, and 1-year survival were pooled by using MetaAnalyst with a random-effects model. Results on progression-free survival and overall survival were only summarized descriptively. Results: A total of 24 studies with 1,742 patients with locally advanced or metastatic pancreatic cancer treated with GemErlo were included. Combined objective response rate was 14.4% (95% CI: 11.6%–17.7%, disease control rate was 55.0% (95% CI: 51.5%–58.5%, and 1-year survival rate was 28.5% (95% CI: 24.0%–33.4%. Progression-free survival ranged from 2.63 to 9.6 months, and overall survival varied from 6 to 10 months. As

  6. Deformation Driven Alloying and Transformation


    Rolling, Acta Materiala (08 2014) Zhe Wang , John H Perepezko, David Larson, David Reinhard. Mixing Behaviors in Cu/Ni and Ni/V Multilayers Cold Rolling, Journal of Alloys and Compounds (07 2014) Zhe Wang , John H. Perepezko. Deformation-Induced Nanoscale Mixing Reactions in Cu/Ni...FTE Equivalent: Total Number: Discipline Zhe Wang 0.50 0.50 1 Names of Post Doctorates Names of Faculty Supported Names of Under Graduate students

  7. Construction of ZHANG Da-qian Culture Brand Image Based on CI Strategy%基于CI战略的张大千文化品牌形象构建



    分析了CI的历史、"大千"文化品牌CI的内涵和在"大千"品牌中导入CI的意义,并结合内江城市品牌形象发展的现状,论述了"大千"CI是"大千"品牌形象构建的战略选择。进一步分析了构成"大千"CI的三大要素:"大千"品牌理念识别、"大千"品牌行为识别、"大千"品牌视觉识别。从现实的角度提出了如何通过CI战略的理念、方法来建构"大千"文化品牌形象。%It analyzed the history of CI,the connotation of "Daqian" cultural brand and the meaning of CI in the "Daqian" brand.Combined with the development status of Neijiang city brand image,it discussed the "Daqian" CI was the strategic choice of "Daqian" brand building.Further it analyzed three elements of consisting "Daqian" CI: concept identification of "Daqian" brand,behavior recognition of "Daqian" brand,visual identity of "Daqian" brand.From a practical point of view,it put forward how to construct "Daqian" cultural brand image through the idea of CI strategy.

  8. Addendum: Qian, C.; Fang, Q.; Wang, L.; Ye, G.Y. Molecular Cloning and Functional Studies of Two Kazal-Type Serine Protease Inhibitors Specifically Expressed by Nasonia vitripennis Venom Apparatus. Toxins 2015, 7, 2888–2905

    Cen Qian


    Full Text Available This research was supported by grants from the National Program on Key Basic Research Projects (973 Program, 2013CB127600, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 31272098, 31472038, 31402018, the Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education of China (Grant Number 2012010113004, the National Science Fund for Innovative Research Groups of Biological Control (Grant No. 31321063, the Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Number Y14C140006 and the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (Grant Number 2014FZA6014. [...

  9. Using game theory to investigate the epigenetic control mechanisms of embryo development: Comment on: "Epigenetic game theory: How to compute the epigenetic control of maternal-to-zygotic transition" by Qian Wang et al.

    Zhang, Le; Zhang, Shaoxiang


    A body of research [1-7] has already shown that epigenetic reprogramming plays a critical role in maintaining the normal development of embryos. However, the mechanistic quantitation of the epigenetic interactions between sperms and oocytes and the related impact on embryo development are still not clear [6,7]. In this study, Wang et al., [8] develop a modeling framework that addresses this question by integrating game theory and the latest discoveries of the epigenetic control of embryo development. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  10. Ecological Risks and Managerial Strategies in the Tourist Development of Qian-dao Lake%千岛湖旅游开发的生态风险及管理对策

    文军; 唐代剑



  11. 萨特在中国的精神之旅--柳鸣九、钱林森教授对话%The intellectual tour of Jean-Paul Sartre:Dialogue between Lu Mingjiu and Qian linsen

    柳鸣九; 钱林森


    @@ 编者按 2005年6月21日,是法国著名思想家、文学家让-保尔·萨特(Jean-Paul Sartre,1905-1980)百年诞辰.在20世纪现代西方作家中,萨特无疑是我国最为熟悉的名字之一.早在上世纪40年代,当萨特在故乡声名鹊起的时候,他的一些创作(如小说)便由诗人戴望舒等人两度译介到中国①.50年代,萨特和西蒙娜·德·波伏瓦应邀访华,我国翻译出版了他的剧作及其哲学著作.但萨特真正为我国广大知识读者所知晓,并对他们的精神产生深刻影响的,是80年代改革开放时期.发表于本时期的和,是萨特从真正意义上进入中国的两座碑石.从此,萨特的哲学论著、文学作品和传记,源源不断地进入中国.在萨特百年诞辰之时,本刊特发表中国社会科学院外国文学研究所柳鸣九研究员、南京大学中文系钱林森教授就萨特在中国的精神之旅所进行的反思、交流与对话.本文有删节,原文将发表在第18期.

  12. 《黔北20世纪文学史》的双重视野%A Double Field of Vision in The 20th Century Literature History of the Northern Qian




  13. 治前丸2号对慢性非细菌性前列腺炎的实验研究%Experimental study of zhi qian wan No.2 treating chronic prostatitis

    张潋; 张良圣


    Objective: To observe the effect of zhiqianwan no.2 on chronic prostatits. Methods:Nonbacterial chronic pro— statitis model was induced by injecting Xiaozhiling injection into the prostate of rat,the effects of rat urine output and Prostate viscera coefficient of Zhiqianwan No.2 on chronic prostatitis were obserbed; The body, in vitro antibacterial experiment to observe the antibacterial function to prostatitis pathogenic bacteria. Result: Zhiqianwan No.2 can increase urine output and reduce prostate viscera coefficient of the model rat; has obvious antibacterial function with prostatitis pathogenic bacteria. Conclusion: Zhiqianwan No.2 has obvious micturition stimulation and antibacterial function,It has treatment effect on experimental nonbacterial chronic prostatitis.%目的:观察治前丸2号治疗慢性前列腺炎的作用.方法:应用消痔灵引起大鼠慢性前列腺炎模型,观察治前丸2号对慢性前列腺炎大鼠尿量、前列腺重量系数的影响;采用二甲苯致小鼠耳廓肿胀法、醋酸扭体法观察治前丸2号的抗炎镇痛作用.结果:治前丸2号能使模型大鼠尿量增加(P<0.01),能减少前列腺重量系数(P<0.01),具有抗炎镇痛作用(P<0.01).结论:治前丸2号对慢性非细菌性前列腺炎有明显的治疗作用.

  14. Two Undiscovered Reviews on Pearl S.Buck and Xiao Qian by George Orwell%国内赛珍珠和萧乾研究未发现的两则乔治·奥威尔书评




  15. Prof.Qian Sanqiang(Tsien San-Tsiang)and the Early Efforts in the Development of Atomic Energy Science in China%钱三强和早期中国原子能科学




  16. The Theory of Creating Life from Red Energy of Qian and Black Energy of Kun: Taigu School's Study of the Life Origin%乾坤生成说:太谷学派对生命本源的探索




  17. 略论司马迁的好奇与《史记》叙事之奇美%Sima Qian's curiosity and fantastic beauty of Records of the Historian in narrative style




  18. Sima Qian' s View on Life and Death as Seen in"Letter to Ren An"%由《报任安书》看司马迁的生死观




  19. Epigenetic information in gametes: Gaming from before fertilization. Comment on ;Epigenetic game theory: How to compute the epigenetic control of maternal-to-zygotic transition; by Qian Wang et al.

    Shi, Junchao; Zhang, Xudong; Liu, Ying; Chen, Qi


    In their interesting article [1] Wang et al. proposed a mathematical model based on evolutionary game theory [2] to tackle the fundamental question in embryo development, that how sperm and egg interact with each other, through epigenetic processes, to form a zygote and direct successful embryo development. This work is based on the premise that epigenetic reprogramming (referring to the erasure and reconstruction of epigenetic marks, such as DNA methylation and histone modifications) after fertilization might be of paramount importance to maintain the normal development of embryos, a premise we fully agree, given the compelling experimental evidence reported [3]. Wang et al. have specifically chosen to employ the well-studied DNA methylation reprogramming process during mammalian early embryo development, as a basis to develop their mathematical model, namely epigenetic game theory (epiGame). They concluded that the DNA methylation pattern in mammalian early embryo could be formulated and quantified, and their model can be further used to quantify the interactions, such as competition and/or cooperation of expressed genes that maximize the fitness of embryos. The efforts by Wang et al. in quantitatively and systematically analyzing the beginning of life apparently hold value and represent a novel direction for future embryo development research from both theoretical and experimental biologists. On the other hand, we see their theory still at its infancy, because there are plenty more parameters to consider and there are spaces for debates, such as the cases of haploid embryo development [4]. Here, we briefly comment on the dynamic process of epigenetic reprogramming that goes beyond DNA methylation, a dynamic interplay that involves histone modifications, non-coding RNAs, transposable elements et al., as well as the potential input of the various types of 'hereditary' epigenetic information in the gametes - a game that has started before the fertilization.

  20. On the Two-Sidedness in Translation Selection of Qian Deming's French Translation of Sun Tzu's Art of War%钱德明法译《孙子兵法》之双面性选择探究




  1. Dissecting genomic imprinting and genetic conflict from a game theory prospective. Comment on: ;Epigenetic game theory: How to compute the epigenetic control of maternal-to-zygotic transition; by Qian Wang et al.

    Cui, Yuehua; Yang, Haitao


    Epigenetics typically refers to changes in the structure of a chromosome that affect gene activity and expression. Genomic imprinting is a special type of epigenetic phenomenon in which the expression of an allele depends on its parental origin. When an allele inherited from the mother (or father) is imprinted (i.e., silent), it is termed as maternal (or paternal) imprinting. Imprinting is often resulted from DNA methylation and tends to cluster together in the genome [1]. It has been shown to play a key role in many genetic disorders in humans [2]. Imprinting is heritable and undergoes a reprogramming process in gametes before and after fertilization [1]. Sometimes the reprogramming process is not reversible, leading to the loss of imprinting [3]. Although efforts have been made to experimentally or computationally infer imprinting genes, the underlying molecular mechanism that leads to unbalanced allelic expression is still largely unknown.

  2. Integrating evolutionary game theory into epigenetic study of embryonic development. Comment on ;Epigenetic game theory: How to compute the epigenetic control of maternal-to-zygotic transition; by Qian Wang et al.

    Wang, Zuoheng


    DNA methylation is an essential component in the epigenetic regulation of embryonic development, and plays a crucial role in various biological processes, including repression of gene transcription, parent-of-origin genomic imprinting, and X-chromosome inactivation [1-5]. Understanding the epigenetic processes in different stages of embryo development has become an important research topic in the field. It has potential to offer new insight into reproductive medicine and contribute to the improvement of long-term health outcomes.

  3. Walk on the Edge of Life——Research on Qian zhongshu′s Academic Thought%走在人生边上的人——钱钟书先生治学思想管锥




  4. 沙龙与小说创作——奥尔德斯·赫胥黎与钱锺书比较%Salon and Novel-Writing: Comparison between Aldous Huxley and Qian Zhongshu




  5. See the productive and managerial ideas of Sima- qian from Huozhi collected biographies%从《货殖列传》看司马迁的生产经营思想




  6. 清乾隆粉彩开光八仙过海图瓶%Polished Pastel Plate-Mouthed Vase with the Picture of Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea of the Qian Long Period of the Qing Dynasty

    陈连勇; 闫东梅; 张迪



  7. 千岛湖10客位观光潜艇强度分析%Analysis on the intension of 10-seats tour submarine in Qian Dao Lake



    With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards,tourism in water is on the rise.As the most direct way of underwater sightseeing tourism,the research and development of tourism submarine are attracting more and more attention.At present,China's tourist submarine is still in the initial stage,This paper is to provide a technical reference for the strength analysis for tourist submarine.%作为现代潜艇的一个分支,观光潜艇与完备的现代潜艇具有共同的技术基础.同时由于观光潜艇以游客为主,对于潜艇的安全性和可靠性有更高的要求.本文对一艘航行于千岛湖的10客位观光潜艇进行了概念设计,参考合适的母型船,确定了观光潜艇的主尺度,建立了观光潜艇的三维模型,基于Abaqus对潜艇的耐压结构进行了强度校核,本文为观光潜艇的强度分析提供了技术参考.

  8. 刚强劲健的中国龙——周易乾卦六龙发微%Vigorous and Sturdy Dragon of China——The Six Dragons from Qian in I-Ching




  9. Using game theory to investigate the epigenetic control mechanisms of embryo development. Comment on: ;Epigenetic game theory: How to compute the epigenetic control of maternal-to-zygotic transition; by Qian Wang et al.

    Zhang, Le; Zhang, Shaoxiang


    A body of research [1-7] has already shown that epigenetic reprogramming plays a critical role in maintaining the normal development of embryos. However, the mechanistic quantitation of the epigenetic interactions between sperms and oocytes and the related impact on embryo development are still not clear [6,7]. In this study, Wang et al., [8] develop a modeling framework that addresses this question by integrating game theory and the latest discoveries of the epigenetic control of embryo development.

  10. Epigenetic game theory and its application in plants. Comment on: ;Epigenetic game theory: How to compute the epigenetic control of maternal-to-zygotic transition; by Qian Wang et al.

    Zhang, Yuan-Ming; Zhang, Yinghao; Guo, Mingyue


    Wang's et al. article [1] is the first to integrate game theory (especially evolutionary game theory) with epigenetic modification of zygotic genomes. They described and assessed a modeling framework based on evolutionary game theory to quantify, how sperms and oocytes interact through epigenetic processes, to determine embryo development. They also studied the internal mechanisms for normal embryo development: 1) evolutionary interactions between DNA methylation of the paternal and maternal genomes, and 2) the application of game theory to formulate and quantify how different genes compete or cooperate to regulate embryogenesis through methylation. Although it is not very comprehensive and profound regarding game theory modeling, this article bridges the gap between evolutionary game theory and the epigenetic control of embryo development by powerful ordinary differential equations (ODEs). The epiGame framework includes four aspects: 1) characterizing how epigenetic game theory works by the strategy matrix, in which the pattern and relative magnitude of the methylation effects on embryogenesis, are described by the cooperation and competition mechanisms, 2) quantifying the game that the direction and degree of P-M interactions over embryo development can be explained by the sign and magnitude of interaction parameters in model (2), 3) modeling epigenetic interactions within the morula, especially for two coupled nonlinear ODEs, with explicit functions in model (4), which provide a good fit to the observed data for the two sexes (adjusted R2 = 0.956), and 4) revealing multifactorial interactions in embryogenesis from the coupled ODEs in model (2) to triplet ODEs in model (6). Clearly, this article extends game theory from evolutionary game theory to epigenetic game theory.

  11. Applications and extensions of epigenetic game theory. Comment on: ;Epigenetic game theory: How to compute the epigenetic control of maternal-to-zygotic transition; by Qian Wang et al.

    Wang, Yaqun


    The authors are to be congratulated for a thought-provoking article [1], which reviews the epigenetic game theory (epiGame) that utilizes differential equations to study the epigenetic control of embryo development. It is a novel application of evolutionary game theory and provides biology researchers with useful methodologies to address scientific questions related to biological coordination of competition and cooperation.

  12. Iz perevodov : [tõlkevalimik] / Svetlan Semenenko

    Semenenko, Svetlan, 1938-2007


    Sisu: Traat, Mats. Samoje lutshsheje vremja; Suuman, Aleksander. 'Voronu ne popast domoi...'; Viiding, Juhan. 'Vo sadu vo zeljonom...'; Kurg, Kalle. 'I zdes to Zhe samoje zdes to zhe samoje...'; Rummo, Paul-Eerik. Uteshenje; Nitshja; Alver, Betti. Mezhdu Jõgeva i Pedja : iz poemõ; S dikim krikom

  13. Appendix:Contents of Vol.16,No.1,2000


    A Smooth Expansion Model for PKI Gong Jian,Liu Jianhang(1) Research on Tunneling Techniques in Virtual Private Networks Zhao Aqun,Yuan Yuan,Ji Yi,Gu Guanqun(6) Wavelet Network Based MQAM Digital Communication Adaptive Equalizers Zhang Guoan,Zhang Xiaodong,Bi Guangguo(13) Application of VQ-HMM to Chinese Spoken Digit Recognition Zhao Li,Liu Yilong,Zou Cairong,Wu Zhenyang(20) Image Enlargement Via Local Matching Fang Zhongxuan,Wu Lenan(24) A Self-Referenced Fiber-Optic Refractive Index Sensor for Cure Monitoring of Epoxy Composites Yang Chun,Luo Fei(28) Research on Rugged Resonant DC Link Soft-Switching Static Inverter Xiao Lan,Hu Minqiang(34) A Decentralized Autonomous Control on Highly Redundant Robot Manipulators Li Chunmei,Du Zhengchun,Yan Yuling,Yan Jingping(41) A General Study of the Number of Assembly Configurations for Multi-Circuit Planar Linkages Hang Lubin,Jin Qiong,Wu Jun,Yang Tingli(46) Research of Shaping Law of Electrochemical Perforation with Fixed Cathode Wang Yihong,Xu Jiawen,Yun Naizhang(52) Analysis and Simulation of Errors in Software Synchronous Sampling in Periodic-Signal Measurement Ma Hongzhong,Hu Qiansheng(57) New Principle for Grounding Fault Feeder Detection in MV Distributions with Neutral Ineffectively Earthed Zeng Xiangjun,Yin Xianggen,Chen Deshu,Zhang Zhe(64) Numerical Calculations and Cold Tests for Flow Fields of a 220t/h Retrofitted Oil-Boiler Zhu Shijun,Cheng Yongyuan,Cai Song,Xiao Jun(70) Active Vibration Control and Stability Analysis of Cantilever Plate Qian Zhendong,Huang Wei,Chen Guoping,Zhu Demao(75) Study on the Design Criteria for Prestressed Concrete Pavements Sun Baojun,Roger K.Hawkins,Lii Zhitao(80) Theoretical Analysis of a New Artificial Plastic Hinge at the Frame Beam End Fu Chuanguo,Jiang Yongsheng,Liu Meijing,Liang Shuting,Xu Qingfeng(89) Virtual Laboratory for Corporations:The Source of Policy Yu Yuehai,He Jianmin(95) Fan-Type Condition and Panconnectivity Lin Wensong,Gu Guohua,Song Zengmin(101) Mushroom Pulp

  14. Power, identity and antiquarian approaches in modern Chinese art’

    Chia-Ling Yang


    Full Text Available The pursuit of antiquity was important for scholarly artists in constructing their knowledge of history and cultural identity in late Imperial China. Following various publications by Bi Yuan 畢沅 (1730-1797, Wu Yi 武億 (1745-1799 and Qian Daxin 錢大昕 (1728-1804 in the 18th century, the study and collecting of rubbings of Northern Wei stone inscriptions and steles was popular. Such spread of interest in jinshi, inscriptions on metal and stone, also formed a base for studying seal carving, epigraphy and archaic painting. While traditional antiquarians would cherish inscriptions which enabled them to correct mistakes in the transmitted historical texts and the Classics, however, much of the antiquarian activity was adapted to mere literary exercise or connoisseurship, for instance, to supplying materials which could provide models for seal-carving and calligraphy. Examples could be seen in the calligraphy works and seal carvings of the Xiling bajia 西泠八家 (Eight Masters of Xiling, i.e. Hangzhou, also known as Zhe School of Calligraphy and Carving. Their keen interest in seeking inspiration from steles for their artistic presentations has been recorded in their writing and painting. In addition, the way the scholar-collector of the 19th and early 20th centuries mounted the rubbings, seals, inscriptions, paintings, letters and textual evidence studies into one album shows a changing ideology: rubbings were not only for scholarly study in classical learning, but were regarded as part of the art form and were appreciated on various social occasions. The antiquarian movement ultimately served as a tool for re-writing art historiography in modern China. This paper aims to address the phenomenon and formation of the jinshi painting that dominated in late Imperial and early modern China. Through case studies of three important jinshi societies in Shanghai, I will investigate in what way literary taste from the southern region gradually

  15. Investigating the origin of the Chinese name for alfalfa

    Sun, Q. Z.; Xu, L. J.; Tang, X. J.; Ma, J. T.; Wang, D.; Li, D.; Liu, Q.; Tao, Y.; Li, F.


    It is assured that alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) was introduced in Han dynasty. There are cognitive differences on whether Zhang Qian introduced alfalfa. Based on the previous studies, research inductive method was used. The relationship between Zhang Qian and alfalfa introduction was analyzed from the motivation, experience and influence of Zhang Qian to the Western Regions and the image generation of Zhang Qian brought back alfalfa’s seeds. Till to now, there are four opinions about Zhang Qian introducing Alfalfa seeds, including : (1) Zhang Qian introduced alfalfa seeds;(2) Zhang Qian did not introduce alfalfa seeds;(3) the information of Zhang Qian transferring alfalfa;(4)for commemoration Zhang Qian to the Western Regions. Although there are not direct historical materials to support Zhang Qian brought alfalfa seed to Han dynasty, it believes and confirms that the introducing of alfalfa is inextricably interwoven with Zhang Qian’s western travel. Zhangqian brought relative information from western regions during the introduction, which was the basis of non-native theory, and after that, Chinese began to plant alfalfa in Han dynasty., According to historical literatures, it is clear that the Chinese diplomat brought alfalfa seeds back to China. Alfalfa, as the favorite forage to Ferghana horse, have been already planted in Dawan in Han dynasty. Despite the debate, Zhangqian played an important pioneering role in introducing alfalfa.

  16. Pathogen Changes and Risk Factor Analysis of Community-acquired Pneumonia in the Elderly of A Hospital in Zhe- jiang Province in Recent 5 Years%浙江省某院5年来老年社区获得性肺炎的病原体变迁及危险因素分析

    钟雷; 裘雨林


    目的:了解我院老年社区获得性肺炎(CAP)的病原体和耐药性变迁,分析 CAP 发病的高危因素,为老年 CAP 的预防和治疗提供指导意见。方法回顾性分析2008-2012年的315例老年 CAP 患者的资料,对痰标本进行培养、分离和鉴定,药敏试验采用 K - B 法。对相关危险因素进行单因素和多因素 Logistic 回归分析。结果315份痰标本病原体培养阳性113份,阳性率为35.9%,2008-2012年各年阳性率分别为36.2%(21/58)、33.9%(19/56)、36.1%(22/61)、36.4%(24/66)和36.5%(27/74),差异无统计学意义(χ2=0.574,P ﹥0.05);共分离出130株病原体,革兰阳性菌43株(占33.1%),革兰阴性菌51株(占39.2%),非典型病原体36株(占27.7%)。其中分布最多的4种病原体为肺炎链球菌、肺炎支原体、流感嗜血杆菌和肺炎克雷伯菌,分别占23.9%、20.8%、15.4%和14.6%。2008-2012年肺炎链球菌(由34.8%下降至18.8%)和流感嗜血杆菌(由26.1%下降至9.4%)的比重逐年下降,肺炎克雷伯菌(由8.7%上升至18.8%)和肺炎支原体(由13.0%上升至31.3%)逐年上升;肺炎链球菌对青霉素的耐药率在5年都很高,且在后2年达到100%。多因素 Logistic 回归分析显示年龄、吸烟史、烟龄、慢性阻塞性肺疾病(COPD)、哮喘、慢性支气管炎、肺结核、支气管扩张和肺癌是 CAP 的独立危险因素(P ﹤0.05)。结论本地区老年 CAP 的病原体构成和耐药性均发生了明显变迁,由以往以肺炎链球菌为主,逐渐变为以肺炎支原体为主,耐药性增强且呈多重耐药特点;吸烟和呼吸道疾病是老年 CAP 的高危因素。%Objective To explore the pathogen changes and drug - resistance evolution of community - acquired pneu-monia(CAP)in the elderly,and to analyze the risk factors related to CAP,in order to to provide guidance for the prevention and treatment of CAP in the elderly. Methods 315 elderly cases with CAP were reviewed during 2008 ~ 2012 years. The sputum specimens were cultured,isolated and indentified. The drug sensitive was tested by K - B method. The related risk factors were analyzed by single factor and multi - factor logistic test. Results 113 specimens were cultured positively,and the positive rate was 35. 9% ,and in 2008 ~ 2012 years it was 36. 2% (21 / 58)、33. 9% (19 / 56)、36. 1% (22 / 61)、36. 4% (24 / 66)and 36. 5% (27 / 74)respectively;the difference was not significant(χ2 = 0. 574,P ﹥ 0. 05). A total of 130 pathogens were isola-ted with 43 strains of Gram - positive bacteria(33. 1% ),51 strains of Gram - negative bacteria(39. 2% )and 36 strains of a-typical pathogen(27. 7% ). The four most common pathogens were Streptococcus pneumoniae,Mycoplasma pneumoniae,Hae-mophilus influenzae and Klebsiella pneumoniae,accounting for 23. 9% ,20. 8% ,15. 4% and 14. 6% ,respectively. From 2008 to 2012,the proportions of Streptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenzae were dropped from 34. 8% (26. 1% )to 18. 8% (9. 4% ),while the proportions of Mycoplasma pneumoniae and Klebsiella pneumoniae increased year by year from 8. 7% (13. 0% )to 18. 8% (31. 3% ). The resistance rate of Streptococcus pneumoniae to penicillin were high in five years, and up to 100% in the last two years. Logistic regression analysis showed that age,smoking,smoke age,COPD,asthma, chronic bronchitis,tuberculosis,bronchiectasis and lung cancer were the independent risk factors for CAP( P ﹤ 0. 05 ).Conclusion The pathogen changes and drug - resistance evolution are both obvious in the elderly with CAP in our region. The main pathogen is changed from Streptococcus pneumoniae in the past to Mycoplasma pneumoniae nearly,and Streptococcus pneu-moniae gives multiple drug resistance characteristics. Smoking and respiratory diseases are high risk factors for CAP.

  17. ABCG2基因rs2231142位点多态性与浙南地区人群原发性痛风的关系%The relationship between polymorphism of rs2231142 of ABCG2 gene and primary gout in Zhe Nan population

    王金丹; 余玲玲; 黄德益; 施苏雪; 赵敏敏; 方丽丽; 李芳


    目的 探讨三磷酸腺苷结合盒转运蛋白G2基因(ABCG2) rs2231142位点与浙南地区原发性痛风的相关性.方法 收集浙南地区原发性痛风样本508例和正常健康体检样本558例,用微滴式数字化PCR技术进行基因分型,分析该位点多态性与痛风的相关性.结果 痛风组尿酸、三酰甘油、胆固醇、尿素氮、肌酐以及收缩压水平显著高于正常组(P<0.05).痛风组ABCG2基因rs2231142位点AA型和A等位基因频率显著高于正常组(P<0.05).痛风组AA基因型/AC基因型尿酸、尿素氮和肌酐水平型显著高于痛风组CC基因(P<0.05).结论 ABCG2基因rs2231142位点是浙南地区原发性痛风的易感基因位点,提示A等位基因提高了痛风患者的尿酸水平,携带AA基因型的个体更易患痛风.

  18. Retrospective Analysis of Perinatal Birth Defects in a City of Zhe Jiang Province during 2000-2010%浙江省兰溪市2000-2010年围产儿出生缺陷及相关因素分析



    Objective: To analyze the Zhejiang city of birth defects and dynamics in the basic situation, seek to influence the city's main reason for birth defects and prevention strategies. Methods: Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Obstetrics city 2000-2010 Statistical analysis of birth defects. Results: 9458 cases of perinatal birth defects occurred in 216 patients, the total incidence of birth defects 28.86‰; birth defects. child mortality rate 3.62 ‰.The top five birth defects are cleft lip and palate, neural tube development defects. no brain child, congemtal heart disease, umbilical hemia; the incidence of birth defects is proportional to matemal age, 36 years old pregnant women are high risk factors ofbirth defects occur;The incidence of birth defects in rural areas than urban . Conclusions: Prenatal screening of pregnant women of childbearing age, pregnant women of childbearing age in rural areas and knowledge of universal care, prenatal and postnatal care ofwomen during pregnancy bearing age to create a favorable social and cultural environment of birth, in health policy and health insurance system to give moderate tiltreduce the incidence of birth defects.%目的:分析浙江省兰溪市围产儿出生缺陷的基本情况及动态变化,探索影响该市围产儿出生缺陷的主要原因和预防策略.方法:对2000-2010年兰溪市妇幼保健院产科出生缺陷资料进行统计分析.结果:9458例围产儿中发生出生缺陷216例,总出生缺陷发生率28.86‰;出生缺陷儿死亡率3.62‰.出生缺陷前五位的是唇腭裂、神经管发育畸形、无脑儿、先天性心脏病、脐疝;出生缺陷发生率与孕产妇年龄成正比,36岁以上孕妇是发生出生缺陷的高危因素;农村出生缺陷的发生率高于城市.结论:加强育龄孕妇产前筛查、农村育龄妇女孕期护理和相关知识的普及,降低围产儿的出生缺陷发生率.

  19. Assessment of cathodic protection effectiveness for Su-Zhe-Hu section of west-east gas pipeline by coupon tests%阴极保护检查片评估西气东输苏浙沪管段的保护效果

    许述剑; 翁永基; 李英义; 韩昌柴



  20. On The Prose of Eight Great Men of Letters of The Tang And Song Dynasties(Han Yu, Liu Zongyuan, Ouyang Xiu, Wang Anshi, Su Xun, Su Shi, Su Zhe And Zeng Grong)%唐宋八大家文章论




  1. A Re-Discription of the New Image of Foreign People with Chinese Origin--Comment on Tang Tingting's Sun Xing Zhe%重书华裔新形象--评华裔女作家汤婷婷的《孙行者》




  2. The effect and mechanism of Xuan Fu Dai Zhe Tang on the change of EGG induced by DDP in cats%旋复代赭汤对顺铂所致猫胃电图改变的胃肠道机制研究

    韩冰; 王宏; 王德山



  3. Better Steganalysis (BEST) - Reduction of Interfering Influence of Image Content on Steganalysis


    Ph.D.Thesis – Ciclo XXI. [3] Giacomo Cancelli, Gwenaël Doërr, Ingemar J. Cox, and Mauro Barni. Detection of ±1 LSB steganography based on the...2008. [4] Sorina Dumitrescu, Xiaolin Wu, and Zhe Wang. Detection of LSB steganography via sample pair analysis. In Fabien A. P. Petitcolas, editor...Xiaolin Wu, and Zhe Wang. Detection of LSB steganography via sample pair analysis. IEEE Trans. of Signal Processing, 51:1995–2007, 2003. [6] Jessica

  4. Hormonal Resistance and Metastasis: ER-coregulator-Src Targeted Therapy


    1. Dimple Chakravarty, Sujit Nair, Binoj Chandrasekhar Nair, Long Wang , Abhik Bandyopadhyay, Joseph K. Agyin, Frank Lee, Lu- Zhe Sun, I-Tien Yeh...Poster Board Number: 11 Author Block: Dimple Chakravarty, Sujit Nair, Binoj Chandrasekhar Nair, Long Wang , Abhik Bandyopadhyay, Joseph K. Agyin, Frank...Lee, Lu- Zhe Sun, I-Tien Yeh, Rajeshwar Rao Tekmal, Ratna K. Vadlamudi. UT Health Science Ctr., San Antonio, TX, Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical

  5. Role of the Rb and p53 Tumor Suppressor Pathways in Mammary Tumorigenesis


    kinase screen and off-patent drug screen) REPORTABLE OUTCOMES Jones, Robert., Jiang, Zhe ., Deng, Tao., Schimmer, AD., Moffat, J and...Robert., Jiang, Zhe ., Deng, Tao., Schimmer, AD., Moffat, J and Zacksenhaus, E. Role of the RB and p53 tumor suppressor pathways in mammary tumorigenesis...CDMRP 2011 Era of Hope Conference Jiang Z, Jones R, Liu JC, Deng T, Robinson T, Chung PE, Wang S, Herschkowitz Jl, Egan SE, Perou CM

  6. "Molecule secret" for the high production of rice


    @@ With the funding support from NSFC, the research team directed by Prof. Jiaxiang Li (Member of CAS) from Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology of CAS and Prof. Qian Qian from China National Rice Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences deeply studied "Rice Tillering" in the subject of Molecular Genetics, and made glorious achievement.

  7. National Center for Food Safety and Technology


    Gladys Sapp , Eunice Sriperambudur, Sriram Sun, Shengqian Wang, Qian Wei, Kunni Xu, Jianwen Xu, Meng Yang, Fei Yen, Li-Han Zhang, Sicong Zhang, Wenqi...Gladys Aiswarya Sapp , Eunice Sriperambudur, Sriram Sun, Shengqian Wang, Qian Wei, Kunni Xu, Jianwen Xu, Meng Yang, Fei Yen, Li-Han Zhang

  8. Creating new middle breeding materials by utilizing new techniques


    @@ A new breeding program" Creating new middle breeding materials by utilizing new techniques", cooperated by China National Rice Research Institute (CNRRI) and Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Science (JIRCAS)", started in Hangzhou, China in 1999.The study led by Dr Kunihiro Y. (Japan) and Dr QIAN Qian (China) now advances smoothly.

  9. 三个热爱咖啡的女子

    盈袖; 朱迪


    A person is known by the company he keeps. Niao dong lores ererything about coffee, from beans to cups. Qian Qian has a well-maintained mental map of all the coffee shops in town, They are the persons that I can depend on to get and do a coffee break with at a moments motice.

  10. 绍嵩《江浙纪行集句诗》对《全唐诗》校勘、辨重和辑佚的文献价值%On Document Value of Shao song the Ji Ju poetry of Jiang-Zhe Travel Diary to the Complete Poetry of Tang Dynasty in the Editing and Distinguishes the Redundant Poems and Collection of the Missing Poems




  11. Discussion of the Essence of Present Existence through Civilian Narration and Realistic Solicitude: on Qian Zhongshu's Anti-fable Tendency in his Fiction%平民叙事与现世关怀言说当下生存本真——谈钱锺书小说的"反神话"写作




  12. "楸枰小技,可以喻大"——钱谦益围棋诗中反清复明的微辞隐语%The Whole Universe in a grain of Sand: Implications of Restoration of Ming against Qing in Qian Qianyi's Wei Qi Poems



    @@ 中国古代围棋诗不可胜数,名家如唐代杜甫、刘禹锡,宋代苏轼、陆游等都有佳作传世.其中最为突出者当数北宋理学家邵雍(1011-1077)及在明末清初"四海宗盟五十年"的钱谦益(1582-1664).

  13. 紫茜胶囊对慢性原发性血小板减少性紫癜患者IL-2、sIL-2R的影响%The Effect on IL - 2 and sIL - 2R of chronic Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura treated by Zi Qian capsule

    孙凤; 朱云丽



  14. Window Is the Point of Tangency between Id and Ego——the Comparison of the "Window" by Qian Zhongshu and "Wuthering Heights" by Emily%窗:本我与自我斗争的切点——比较钱钟书的《窗》和艾米莉的《呼啸山庄》




  15. From Id Release to Super-ego Conversion——A Study on the Female Image's Tragedy Attribute in Qian-nv's Soul Fleeing with Her Lover%从本我的释放到向超我的皈依——简论《倩女离魂》中倩女形象的悲剧属性




  16. PASCO在“钱学森创新拓展班”物理实验教学中的应用%Discussion about the Introduction of PASCO Experimental System into the Physical Experiment Course to the Students of “Innovation and Exploitation Class of QIAN Xue - Sen”

    吴伟; 刘伟涛; 丁道一; 沈志; 刘振祥



  17. Quantitative analysis of oyster larval proteome provides new insights into the effects of multiple climate change stressors, supplement to: Dineshram, R; Chandramouli, K; Ko, W K Ginger; Zhang, Huoming; Qian, Pei Yuan; Ravasi, Timothy; Thiyagarajan, Vengatesen (2016): Quantitative analysis of oyster larval proteome provides new insights into the effects of multiple climate change stressors. Global Change Biology, 22(6), 2054-2068

    Dineshram, R


    The metamorphosis of planktonic larvae of the Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) underpins their complex life-history strategy by switching on the molecular machinery required for sessile life and building calcite shells. Metamorphosis becomes a survival bottleneck, which will be pressured by different anthropogenically induced climate change-related variables. Therefore, it is important to understand how metamorphosing larvae interact with emerging climate change stressors. To predict how larvae might be affected in a future ocean, we examined changes in the proteome of metamorphosing larvae under multiple stressors: decreased pH (pH 7.4), increased temperature (30 °C), and reduced salinity (15 psu). Quantitative protein expression profiling using iTRAQ-LC-MS/MS identified more than 1300 proteins. Decreased pH had a negative effect on metamorphosis by down-regulating several proteins involved in energy production, metabolism, and protein synthesis. However, warming switched on these down-regulated pathways at pH 7.4. Under multiple stressors, cell signaling, energy production, growth, and developmental pathways were up-regulated, although metamorphosis was still reduced. Despite the lack of lethal effects, significant physiological responses to both individual and interacting climate change related stressors were observed at proteome level. The metamorphosing larvae of the C. gigas population in the Yellow Sea appear to have adequate phenotypic plasticity at the proteome level to survive in future coastal oceans, but with developmental and physiological costs.

  18. Present World Elegy and Life Ode -- Life and Death View of SI Ma-qian in "The Letter For REN An"%现世的悲歌生命的颂歌--从《报任安书》看司马迁的生死观




  19. 传承与执着--访坤乾道通物流有限公司董事长耿开学%Life Is Kind of Absolute-Interview of Mr. Geng Kaixue, Chairman of Zhengzhou Kun qian dao tong Logistic Co., Ltd



    During the event of off-line of Jiefang Anniversary Edition, reporter of magazine got to know a passionate customer who had truly impressed him with his stories with Jiefang trucks. With much curiosity of his J6’s running 2 million km without overhaul, the reporter conducted an interview of this legendary guy during a business trip in Zhengzhou, Henan province.

  20. 从《宫中档乾隆朝奏折》看清代中叶陕西省河渠水利的时空特征%The Features of Waterways Irrigation works of Shaanxi Province in the Middle Time of the Qing Dynasty: A Perspective from the Memorials Filed in the Imperial Palace in Qian Long Period




  1. No waste Ethnography in the Prose of Sun Yumin%赫哲族作家孙玉民散文作品中“不浪费”的民族志



    The traditional fishing knowledge of HeZhe ethnic group is described and presented in the prose of the HeZhe ethnic writer--Sun Yumin. In the perspective of no-waste anthropology, as a local HeZhe ethnic writer ,his works present the ethnographic characteristics of the harmony of being the owner of ethnic culture and the teller of traditional knowledge. As a HeZhe ethnic writer, his works are the important part of the nowaste ethnography of HeZhe ethnic group.%赫哲族作家孙玉民的散文作品中描述和呈现了赫哲族冬季捕鱼生活的地方性知识,在"不浪费的人类学"视野中,作为本土话语书写的赫哲族作家作品呈现出文化主体的主体权与表述权和谐统一的民族志特征,本族群的作家作品是该族群民族志"不能浪费"的重要组成部分。

  2. Timing and Style of Deformation in the Floresta Massif, Axial Eastern Cordillera, Colombia

    Saylor, J.; Stockli, D. F.; Mora, A.


    The Floresta Massif is one of the largest exposures of Paleozoic and Pre-Cambrian rocks in the Eastern Cordillera. Estimates for the age of onset of shortening-related deformation in the Eastern Cordillera range from late Cretaceous to late Miocene (e.g., Hoorn et al., 1995; Bayona et al., 2008; Parra et al., 2009). The massif is typically interpreted as being exhumed along a high-angle reverse fault (the Soapaga fault) that reactivated Mesozoic extensional structures (e.g., Kammer and Sanchez, 2006). We examined these dual linked issued with new zircon U/Th-He (ZHe) data, new geological mapping and previously published apatite fission track (AFT) data from the Floresta Massif and the associated footwall strata. Previously, an overturned Paleozoic - Cretaceous sequence was mapped emplaced on Tertiary strata along the Soapaga fault. However, new geologic mapping identifies two previously unrecognized thrusts which place, from west to east, Paleozoic strata on Jurassic strata (Fault 3), Jurassic strata on Cretaceous strata (Fault 2) and Cretaceous strata on Tertiary strata (along the previously identified Fault 1). These results are confirmed by AFT and ZHe data. ZHe ages show no resetting in the Tertiary footwall strata, but show partial resetting in the Cretaceous strata and full resetting in the Jurassic and Paleozoic strata. Similarly, AFT data show older ages in the Cretaceous strata than in the Jurassic or Paleozoic strata. Fully reset ZHe ages from Jurassic strata show that exhumation of the Floresta Massif was ongoing by at least the early Oligocene (~ 30 Ma). However, this deformation post-dates an older episode of deformation associated with partially reset ZHe ages in the Cretaceous strata. Based on a decrease in lag time in detrital ZHe data, we infer that the earlier episode of deformation occurred in the mid - late Eocene (45 - 35 Ma).

  3. Detection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in sputum samples by ...



    Mar 4, 2008 ... Amann RF, Krumhols L, Stahl DA (1990). Fluorescent- ... In: Bailey & Scott's Diagnostic. Microbiology. 11th ed. Mosby, USA, St. Louis, pp 385-398. Hayden RT, UHL JR, Qian X, Hopkins MK, Aubry MC, Limper AH, Lloyd.

  4. Analysis of seed and maternal genetic effects on cooking quality characters in indica hybrid rice

    SHIChunhai; ZHUJun


    We analysed seed and maternal genetic effects on characters of cooking quality in indica hybrid riceby using the model for quantitative characters of seeds of cereal crops. IncompLete dialiel crosses were made by using six male sterile lines (Zhenshan 97A, Erjiuqing A, Erjiunan 1A, V2OA, Zhe'nan |A and Zhe'nan 3A)as females and three restorer lines (Cezao 2-2, T49 and 26715) as males. Sampled seeds were used to measure the cooking quality characters ncluding amylose content (%), gelatinization temperature (alkali spreading score)and gelconsistency(ram).

  5. Cells of Origin of Epithelial Ovarian Cancers


    AWARD NUMBER: W81XWH-14-1-0280 TITLE: Cells of Origin of Epithelial Ovarian Cancers PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Zhe Li, PhD CONTRACTING...Xie, Zhe Li 5d. PROJECT NUMBER 5e. TASK NUMBER E-Mail: 5f. WORK UNIT NUMBER 7. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION NAME(S) AND...Lined Inclusion Cysts or Teratomas. PLoS ONE 8, e65067. Sherman-Baust, C.A., Kuhn, E., Valle, B.L., Shih Ie, M., Kurman, R.J., Wang , T.L., Amano, T

  6. Integration of screening and identifying ligand(s) from medicinal plant extracts based on target recognition by using NMR spectroscopy


    Authors: Yalin Tang, Qian Shang, Junfeng Xiang, Qianfan Yang, Qiuju Zhou, Lin Li, Hong Zhang, Qian Li, Hongxia Sun, Aijiao Guan, Wei Jiang & Wei Gai ### Abstract This protocol presents the screening of ligand(s) from medicinal plant extracts based on target recognition by using NMR spectroscopy. A detailed description of sample preparation and analysis process is provided. NMR spectroscopies described here are 1H NMR, diffusion-ordered spectroscopy (DOSY), relaxation-edited NMR, ...

  7. Plasmonic Graphene Transparent Conductors

    2012-01-01 FU LL P A P ER Guowei Xu,* Jianwei Liu, Qian Wang , Rongqing Hui, Zhijun Chen, Victor A. Maroni, and Judy Wu Plasmonic...decision, unless so designated by other documentation. 12. DISTRIBUTION AVAILIBILITY STATEMENT Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. UU...Box 12211 Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-2211 15. SUBJECT TERMS surface plasmon, graphene, transparent conductors Guowei Xu, Jianwei Liu, Qian

  8. AcEST: DK945307 [AcEST

    Full Text Available - E-value - Report BLASTX 2.2.19 [Nov-02-2008] Reference: Altschul, Stephen F., Thomas L. Madden, Alejandro...9 [Nov-02-2008] Reference: Altschul, Stephen F., Thomas L. Madden, Alejandro A. Schaffer, Jinghui Zhang, Zhe

  9. Assessment of toxicity of heavy metal contaminated soils for Collembola in the field and laboratory

    Xu, Jie; Krogh, Paul Henning; Luo, Yongming


    We present a field and laboratory investigation of effects of increasing levels of heavy metal contamination on the biodiversity and performance of collembolans. A 40 year old pollution with Cu, Zn, Pb and Cd pollution due to Cu smelting over 40 years was investigated in a paddy field area of Zhe...

  10. 两只猪的刻骨爱情


    @@ Wen and Zhe are pigs.They have known each other and been in love since they were little. They love each other so much,as if there were no others in the world. 纹和哲是两只猪,从小青梅竹马. 他们互相偎依,非常相爱.

  11. QTL Information Table: 484 [Q-TARO

    Full Text Available qPL3-1 Morphological trait Panicle/flower panicle length Mixture C)Interval RIL Zhe...tic analysis of the panicle traits related to yield sink size of rice. Yi Chuan Xue Bao 29, 144-152. ...

  12. Hypothalamus


    2008403 Analysis of catch-up growth pattern to recombinant human growth hormone treatment in prepubertal children with short stature and various secretory forms of growth hormone. SU Zhe(苏吉吉), et al. Dept Pediat, 1st Affili Hosp, Sun Yat-sen Univ, Guangzhou 510080. Chin J Endocrinol Metab 2008;24(3):239-243.

  13. Chemical Dynamics at Surfaces of Metal Nanomaterials


    H. J.; Molecules: Wen, X. W lecular heat X. W.; Zhe spectroscop o, X. M.; -Cysteine D . B. 2013, K. J.; Wen, and Dyna Mode Mu try C 2012, heng...Two Distinctive Energy Dissipation Pathways of Monolayer Molecules on Metal Nanoparticle Surfaces. To be submitted 2014. (13) Li, J. B.; Wang , J. K

  14. Overcoming Pose Limitations of a Skin-Cued Histograms of Oriented Gradients Dismount Detector Through Contextual Use of Skin Islands and Multiple Support Vector Machines


    Wang . “A SVM-based classifier with shape and motion features for a pedestrian detection system”. Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, 2006 IEEE. 0 2006. [8...1:878 – 885 vol. 1, 2005. ISSN 1063-6919. [25] Lin, Zhe and L.S. Davis. “Shape-Based Human Detection and Segmentation via Hier- archical Part

  15. Model-Based Control using Model and Mechanization Fusion Techniques for Image-Aided Navigation


    sized helicopter, LQG control has also been utilized in controlling the same type of vehicle. Zhe Jiang, Jianda Han, Yuechao Wang , and Qi Song, from the...Han J. Wang Y., Z. and Q. Song. “Enhanced LQR Control for Unmanned Helicopter in Hover”. Proceedings of Systems and Control in Aerospace and As

  16. Development of Lipid-based Nanoparticles for in vivo Targeted Delivery of Imaging Agents into Breast Cancer Cells


    Semin. Orig. Invest. 26, 74-85 (2008). 2 Cho, K., Wang , X., Nie, S., Chen, Z. & Shin, D. M. Therapeutic Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery in...K .; Wa rren, M. S.; N avab, R.; Bandarchi, B.; Mullins, S.; Tsa o, M.; Cheng, J. D.; Zhe ng, G. J. Med. Chem. 2009, 52, 358-368. (b) Stefflova, K

  17. ERG Oncoprotein Expression in Prostate Cancer: Clonal Progression of ERG-Positive Tumor Cells and Potential for ERG-Based Stratification


    Amina Ali, Mr Zhe Chang and Ms Lakshmi Ravindranath for outstanding medical infor- matics, biospecimen banking and technical assistance. This research was...multifocal prostate cancer: clinical and biologic implications. Urology 2007; 70: 630–633. 14 Mehra R, Han B, Tomlins SA, Wang L, Menon A, Wasco MJ et al

  18. Non-Local Propagation of Correlations in Quantum Systems with Long-Range Interactions


    LETTER doi:10.1038/nature13450 Non-local propagation of correlations in quantum systems with long-range interactions Philip Richerme1, Zhe -Xuan Gong1...2013). 29. James, D. F. V. Quantum dynamics of cold trapped ions with application to quantum computation. Appl. Phys. B 66, 181–190 (1998). 30. Wang

  19. Masticatory Efficacy in Individuals with Normal and in Malocclusion was Examined by Absorbance Method%吸光度法测量正常合者和错合畸形者咀嚼效能的研究



    目的比较18~22岁错合畸形者与正常合者咀嚼效率的差异。方法采用722型光栅分光光度计吸光度法测量错合畸形者与正常合者的吸光度值,用SPSS13.0件对有关组分别进行比较。结果错合畸形者的吸光度值明显低于正常合者(P<0.05)。结论错合畸形者的咀嚼效能比正常合者低。%Objective Compare zhe dif erence of masticatory ef icacy in zhe malocclusion and zhe normol that they were 18 and 22. Methods The absorbance value of malocclusion and zhe normal was dermined by Using 722 type grating spectrophotometer, comparing to the related groupwith SPSS13.0. Results The absorbance value of malocclusion was significantly lower than the normal( P<0.05).Conclusion The masticatory ef icacy of malocclusion was lower than the normal.

  20. Main: 1U79 [RPSD[Archive

    Full Text Available palan, Z.He, Y.Balmer, P.Romano, R.Gupta, B.B.Buchanan, K.Swaminathan, S.Luan Structural Analysis Uncovers A Role For Redox In Regula...ting Fkbp13, An Immunophilin Of The Chloroplast Thylakoi


    TRANSPORT AND DEPOSITION OF NANO-SIZE PARTICLES IN THE UPPER HUMAN RESPIRATORY AIRWAYS. Zhe Zhang*, Huawei Shi, Clement Kleinstreuer, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC 27695-7910; Chong S. Kim, National Health and En...





  3. 创新平台:农业企业自主创新现状及策略研究——来自中国农业企业技术创新"千百十"调研工程的思考%Innovation platform: the research on the status and tactics of independent innovation of agribusiness——the consideration from the investigation program of "Qian, Bai, Shi" about the innovation of agribusiness




  4. Disagreement of XIONG Shi-li on the Theory of Construction of Both Qian and Kun of Chuan-shan——Also on the Criticism of"Post-Neoconfucianism"on Modern Neoconfucianism%熊十力对船山乾坤并建说的异议——兼论"后新儒学"对现代新儒学的批评




  5. Applications of detrital geochronology and thermochronology from glacial deposits to the Paleozoic and Mesozoic thermal history of the Ross Embayment, Antarctica

    Welke, Bethany; Licht, Kathy; Hennessy, Andrea; Hemming, Sidney; Pierce Davis, Elizabeth; Kassab, Christine


    Till from moraines at the heads of six major outlet glaciers in the Transantarctic Mountains (TAM) and from till beneath three West Antarctic ice streams have a ubiquitous zircon U-Pb age population spanning the time of the Ross/Pan-African Orogenies (610-475 Ma). Geochronology and thermochronology of detrital minerals in these Antarctic glacial tills reveal two different thermal histories for the central and southern TAM. Double-dating of the zircons reveals a geographically widespread (U-Th)/He (ZHe) population of 180-130 Ma in most of the till samples. Sandstone outcrops at Shackleton Glacier, and three Beacon Supergroup sandstone clasts from three moraines, have ZHe ages that fall entirely within this range. The similar population and proximity of many of the till samples to Beacon outcrops lead us to suggest that this extensive ZHe population in the tills is derived from Beacon Supergroup rocks and reflects the thermal response of the Beacon Basin to the breakup of Gondwana. A second population of older (>200 Ma) ZHe ages in tills at the head of Byrd, Nimrod, and Reedy Glaciers. For the tills at the head of the Nimrod and Byrd Glaciers, integrating the double-dated zircon results with 40Ar/39Ar of hornblende, muscovite and biotite, and U-Pb and (U-Th-Sm)/He double-dates on apatite yields a typical pattern of early rapid orogenic cooling (˜4-10°C/Myr) 590-475 Ma after the emplacement of the Granite Harbour Intrusives. Low temperature thermochronometers at these sites yield variable but quite old ages (ZHe 480-70 Ma and AHe 200-70 Ma) that require a long history at low temperature.

  6. “钱学森之问”的社会学分析%Sociological Analysis on "Questions of Qian"

    许春东; 杨科; 周智


    The question of Qian as a community hot topic in recent years,until now is still alive.From a sociological perspective,focusing on " Questions of Qian-who to ask"," Questions of Qian-why might","crack Questions of Qian-Where is the way,made a comprehensive analysis from three aspects of Questions of Qian,in order to have a deeper understanding of this so-called "Heaven".%钱学森之问作为近几年社会各界热议的话题,直至现在仍热度不减。本文从社会学视角,围绕"钱学森之问—谁之问"、"钱学森之问—何以可能"、"破解钱学森之问—路在何方"三个方面对钱学森之问作了一个全方位的剖析,以期对这个所谓的"天问"有更深的认识。

  7. The Bivalve Yangtzedonta is not the Brachiopod Xianfengella

    YU Wen


    The alleged "holotype" of the bivalve Yangtzedontaprimitiva Yu, 1985 figured by Qian (2001) is a broken and distorted specimen of the brachiopod Xianfengella prima He and Yang, 1982 and not the holotype of Y. primitiva. Qian contends that the oldest recognized monoplacophoran, Maikhanella pristinis (Jiang, 1980), is neither a monoplacophoran nor the oldest molluscan fossil in the Meishucunian Stage of China. Furthermore, he considers that the oldest bivalve Xianfengoconcha elliptica Zhang, 1980 is an inarticulate brachiopod, not a mollusc. Watsonella yunnanensis (He and Yang, 1982), is associated with Yangtzedonta primitiva Yu but indicates no evolutionary relationship between the Classes Rostroconchia and Bivalvia in the Lower Cambrian Zhongyicun Member of the Yuhucun Formation. Qian's confusion in using non-molluscan fossils to discuss the early evolution of shelled molluscs also confuses the basic concepts of the respective groups.

  8. 浅谈《史记》闾巷之人之入传



    司马迁中不乏轰轰烈烈的大人物,但其中也不乏独到传神的小人物.笔者就从小人物入传的原因入手,顺着司马迁的足迹,去追寻闾巷之人的与众不同之处.Although there are many great figures in the Records of the Grand Historian of Sima Qian,there are also some common people.The writer traces Sima Qian's foot to view their uncommonness.

  9. Eternal Love Comes from Sincerity


    IT was a time of happiness three years ago when Qian Kui, leader of the Chinese Gymnastics Team, took out a platinum ring with an inlaid diamond from a small velvet box and placed it on his wife’s finger. Qian, a senior team leader in his 50s, said to his wife with deep feeling, "Twenty-five years ago when we got married, we just put our single beds together. I didn’t bring you any gift, which I have long regretted. Today is the Silver anniversary of our marriage. Please accept

  10. A new synonym of Hylodesmum podocarpum ssp.podocarpum (Leguminosae)%圆菱叶长柄山蚂蝗一新异名



    Close examination of the type material of Podocarpium lancangense Y. Y. Qian has shown that this species is indistinguishable from Hylodesmum podocarpum (DC.) H. Ohashi & R. R. Mill ssp. Podocarpum, and thus is reduced to synonymy herein.%查阅了澜沧长柄山蚂蝗Hylodesmum lancangense (Y. Y. Qian) X. Y. Zhu & H. Ohashi的模式标本后,确认该种应归并入圆菱叶长柄山蚂蝗H. podocarpum (DC.) H. Ohashi & R. R. Mill ssp. podocarpum.

  11. [An introduction to literature on infantile asthmatic coughing in the period of Sui - Tang to Song dynasties].

    Wan, F; Liu, Y


    Records in Zhu bing yuan hou lun are the primary accumulation of materials on infantile asthmatic coughing. The material from Bei ji qian jin yao fang and Qian jin yi fang were based on the author's life - long practical experience and applied by later generations. The guideline based on differential diagnosis of zheng for treating this ailment was established by Xiao er yao zheng zhi jue. While You you xin shu contains the most rich and detailed materials for this ailment before the Song dynasty, which, exerting profound influence on later generations in this field, is a milestone in the history of academic development of infantile asthmatic coughing.

  12. 奥运短讯


    Steel Group to Partly RelocateShougang Group, one of China's largest steel mills, plans to move some of its facilities out of Beijing next year to further ease pollution in the city ahead of the 2008 Olympic Games.The facilities, capable of producing 2 million tons of steel per year, will be relocated to Qian'an County in Hebei Province, which borders Beijing. Shougang has an iron ore base in Qian'an.Shougang, located in southwestern Beijing, used to be one of major polluters in the city.

  13. New Thermochronologic Data Constraining the Exhumation History of the Pangong Range, Ladakh, NW India

    Bohon, W.; Tripathy, A.; Hodges, K.; Arrowsmith, R.; Van Soest, M. C.


    Major transcurrent fault systems have played a fundamental role in the late Cenozoic evolution of the Himalayan-Tibetan orogenic system. One of the most dramatic of these is the NW-SE striking, dextral-oblique Karakoram fault system (KFS), which effectively serves as the SW boundary of the Tibetan Plateau. In the Ladakh region of NW India, the fault system bifurcates into 2 fault strands bounding the Pangong Range (PR), a lozenge-shaped region of high elevation that is commonly regarded as a transpressional uplift. We are studying the partitioning of slip over time between shortening and translational components during transpression along both KFS strands. An important aspect of this work is a study of the differential exhumation history of the PR relative to two other high elevation regions to the north and south: the Karakoram Range (KR) and the Ladakh Range (LR), respectively. Although a variety of thermochronometric data will be reported for the LR, PR, and KR in our presentation, we focus here on (U-Th)/He zircon (ZHe) data for the KR and LR. Four published ZHe dates for the northern margin of the LR (Kirstein et al., 2009, Geological Society of London, special pub.) range from 12.9 ± 2.0 Ma to 19.2 ± 3.0 Ma (2 σ) with a rough correlation of older dates at higher elevations. Our new dates for samples collected nearer to the SW strand of the KFS are substantially younger: 7.5 ± 0.12 Ma. It is unclear if the combined datasets are indicative of protracted cooling of the northern part of the LR during rotational exhumation of the LR to the south, as postulated by Kirstein et al., or if the ca. 7.5 Ma dates represent local resetting during KFS activity. Interestingly, detrital ZHe data for modern sands from large catchments that drain the KR range to the north of the NE strand of the KFS indicate cooling of the KR below the nominal bulk closure temperature of the ZHe system (ca. 190C) within a narrow time range of 5.5-7.8 Ma. This range includes the ZHe cooling

  14. Space-Time Crystals of Trapped Ions


    Space-Time Crystals of Trapped Ions Tongcang Li,1 Zhe-Xuan Gong ,2,3 Zhang- Qi Yin,3,4 H. T. Quan,5 Xiaobo Yin,1 Peng Zhang,1 L.-M. Duan,2,3 and Xiang...Z.-X. Gong , G.-D. Lin, and L.-M. Duan, Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 265703 (2010). [12] K. Kim, M.-S. Chang, S. Korenblit, R. Islam, E. E. Edwards, J. K

  15. Determination of the binding mode for anti-inflammatory natural product xanthohumol with myeloid differentiation protein 2

    Fu W; Chen L.; Wang Z.; Zhao C; Chen G; Liu X; Dai Y; Cai Y; Li C; Zhou J.; Liang G


    Weitao Fu,1,* Lingfeng Chen,1,* Zhe Wang,1 Chengwei Zhao,1 Gaozhi Chen,1 Xing Liu,1 Yuanrong Dai,2 Yuepiao Cai,1 Chenglong Li,1,3 Jianmin Zhou,1 Guang Liang1 1Chemical Biology Research Center, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2Department of Respiratory Medicine, the Second Affiliated Hospital, Wenzhou Medical University, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, People’s Republic of China; 3Division of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy, College of Pharmacy, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA ...

  16. O tom, tshto ushlo : [luuletused] / Aleksander Suuman ; Lühibiograafia: T. L. [Toomas Liiv

    Suuman, Aleksander, 1927-2003


    Sisu: O tom, tshto ushlo ; "Gde-to dolzhno zhe bõt stshastje..." ; "Serõje lessa..." ; Zholtogolovõ ; "Teh iv serebristõh nelzja oboiti..." ; "Vzroslõje vkladtshinu pili..." ; "U nas tut, za Giperborejem..." / tlk. Svetlan Semenenko ; Odno hotshu skazat ; Los idjot / tlk. Boris Baljasnõi.Orig.: "Kusagil peab olema õnn..." ; Kullerkupud ; "Ei hõbepajust ma mööduda saand..." ; "Meil siin Hüperboreas..." ;

  17. Biomedical photoacoustics: fundamentals, instrumentation and perspectives on nanomedicine

    Zou C; Wu B.; Dong Y; Song Z; Zhao Y.; Ni X; Yang Y.; Liu Z


    Chunpeng Zou,1,* Beibei Wu,1 Yanyan Dong,1 Zhangwei Song,1 Yaping Zhao,1,* Xianwei Ni,1 Yan Yang,1 Zhe Liu1–3 1Department of Ultrasonic Diagnosis, The Second Affiliated Hospital and Yuying Children’s Hospital, Wenzhou Medical University, 2Wenzhou Institute of Biomaterials and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 3Wenzhou Institute of Biomaterials and Engineering, Wenzhou Medical University, Wenzhou, People’s Republic of China *These authors contri...

  18. (U-Th)/He and U-Pb double dating constraints on the interplay between thrust deformation and basin development, Sevier foreland basin, Utah

    Pujols, E.; Stockli, D. F.; Horton, B. K.; Steel, R. J.; Constenius, K. N.


    The degree of connectivity between thrust-belt deformation and foreland basin evolution has been a matter of debate for decades. This is in part due to the lack of temporal constraints on the relationship between thrust-belt deformation and associated deposition. New high-resolution zircon (U-Th)-(Pb-He) double dating of pre- and syn-tectonic sedimentary strata along the Sevier thrust front and basin provide an unprecedented geochronological framework to temporally and spatially link the Sevier foreland basin stratigraphy to deforming hinterland sources. Results improve constraints on timing and magnitude of deformation, depositional ages, sediment dispersal and sources. In Late Cretaceous proximal deposits of the Indianola Group (IG) and Canyon Range Conglomerates (CRC), detrital zircon U-Pb (zUPb) and (U-Th)/He ages (ZHe) chronicle the sequential unroofing of the Charlestone-Nebo Salient (CNS) and Canyon Range (CR) duplexes. Furthermore, short ZHe depositional lag-times indicate rapid hinterland exhumation (>1km/my) associated with active thrusting during Cenomanian and Coniacian-Santonian times as supported by bedrock ZHe ages in the CNS and CR thrust sheets. Detrital zircon analyses on the Late Cretaceous marine Book Cliffs strata suggest a more complex source-to-sink evolution compared to the time-equivalent IG and CRC proximal strata due to mixing of multi-source detrital zircons, sediment recycling and more prominent volcanic input. Nonetheless, the overall cooling history recorded in the Book Cliffs clearly reflects three hinterland exhumational phases, an early phase derived from the frontal thrusts and two additional phases with more integrated hinterland ZHe signatures. These three short lag-time phases correlate with fast clastic progradational wedges in the Sevier foreland. These results strengthen the role played by hinterland deformation on clastic progradation and elucidate the temporal relationship between thrusting and foreland basin architecture.

  19. Insights into the Tectonic Evolution of the North American Cordilleran Hinterland from Detrital Zircon Double Dating of the Eocene Elko Formation

    Canada, A.; Cassel, E. J.; Smith, M. E.; Stockli, D. F.; Jicha, B. R.; Singer, B. S.


    The North American Cordilleran hinterland, from eastern Nevada to western Utah, is the product of Mesozoic crustal thickening and eventual orogen collapse. In NE Nevada, the Eocene Elko Formation represents ~10 Myr of high-elevation (up to 3.5 km) lacustrine deposition within a Paleogene orogenic plateau interior, prior to Neogene extensional collapse. Detrital zircon U-Pb and (U-Th)/He (ZHe) double dating from the Elko Formation constrains the timing and magnitude of tectonic-scale processes as well as the evolution of hinterland paleohydrology and magmatism. Eocene maximum depositional ages from detrital zircon are largely consistent with new single crystal sanidine 40Ar/39Ar ages for Elko Formation tuff beds. U-Pb-He double dating of Eocene sediments supports several phases of exhumation and surface uplift in the hinterland. ZHe ages, combined with U-Pb geochronology, clast assemblages, and paleocurrent analysis suggest a significant amount of detritus from the Roberts Mountain Allochthon (RMA) and back-arc plutons was transported to the Elko Basin during the middle Eocene. Detrital zircons sourced from the RMA record progressive unroofing and are characterized by Archean-Paleoproterozoic crystallization ages and Mesoproterozoic-Triassic cooling ages. The preponderance of Precambrian ZHe ages during the middle-late Eocene and the absence of reset ZHe ages throughout the basin imply that sediment burial did not exceed depths of >6 km during the Phanerozoic. Double dating of several grains from a sandstone below the base of the lacustrine section also confirms the presence of volcanic detritus derived from the Challis volcanic field of central Idaho 400 kilometers to the northeast. Lag time analysis permits discrimination of syndepositional volcanic grains from grains derived from rapidly exhumed sources. Lag time analysis (excluding volcanic grains) indicates that several source areas west of the Elko Basin have undergone major exhumation during the late Eocene.

  20. Attacks and Countermeasures in Communications and Power Networks


    Anandkumar, Oliver Kosut, Brandon M. Jones, Shiyao Chen, Liyan Jia, Zhe Yu, Yuting Ji, Daniel Munoz Alvarez, and Tirza Routtenberg. They have provided me...many algorithms have been proposed to detect a flow with a delay constraint. As an active detection scheme, Wang et al. [2] proposed a watermark-based...2] X. Wang and D. Reeves, “Robust correlation of encrypted attack traffic through stepping stones by manipulation of inter-packet delays,” in Proc

  1. Behavior of Machine Learning Algorithms in Adversarial Environments


    Computer Science, pages 226–248. Springer, September 2006. ISBN 3-540-39723-X. Zhe Wang , William K. Josephson, Qin Lv, Moses Charikar, and Kai Li. Filtering...take significantly more time than text-based filtering [Dredze et al., 2007, Wang et al., 2007]. An attacker could exploit such overhead by sending...generalize, such as through regularization. Wang et al. [2006] present Anagram, an anomaly detection system using n-gram models of bytes to detect intrusions

  2. Large Scale Visual Recognition


    Sanjeev Satheesh, and Hao Su. I thank my colleagues, Barry Chai, Jia Li, Juan Carlos Niebles, Olga Russakovsky, Min Sun, Zhe Wang , and Bangpeng Yao...Fergus et al. explore semi-supervised learning on 126 hand labeled Tiny Images categories [83] and Wang et al. show classification on a maximum of 315...natural scene categories. In: CVPR06. (2006) [16] Wang , J., Yang, J., Yu, K., Lv, F., Huang, T., Gong, Y.: Locality-constrained linear coding for image

  3. Nanoscience


    Performance Macromolecular Materials, 28 February 2010, ADA518688, Hahn, H.T.; Choi, O.; and Wang , Zhe ...Silica Microspheres [2]  Solid phase microextraction (SPME) [3] Footnotes 1. 2. Wang , Y. et al...Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited 21 Wang , Y.; Chen, L.; Yang, H.; Guo, Q.; Zhou, W.; and Tao, M., University of Texas

  4. O tom, tshto ushlo : [luuletused] / Aleksander Suuman ; Lühibiograafia: T. L. [Toomas Liiv

    Suuman, Aleksander, 1927-2003


    Sisu: O tom, tshto ushlo ; "Gde-to dolzhno zhe bõt stshastje..." ; "Serõje lessa..." ; Zholtogolovõ ; "Teh iv serebristõh nelzja oboiti..." ; "Vzroslõje vkladtshinu pili..." ; "U nas tut, za Giperborejem..." / tlk. Svetlan Semenenko ; Odno hotshu skazat ; Los idjot / tlk. Boris Baljasnõi.Orig.: "Kusagil peab olema õnn..." ; Kullerkupud ; "Ei hõbepajust ma mööduda saand..." ; "Meil siin Hüperboreas..." ;

  5. 浙江出土的金银器



    The gold was put into use as early as Shang dynasty. From the late Tang dynasty on, the private gold and silver workshop came into being in accord with the improvement of excavation and workmanship systems, which stimulates greatly the gold and silver production in the southern China. Most of the gold and silver wares unearthed in Zhe Jiang are from Late Tang to Ming dynasty. Its categories and shapes are closely fit in with the needs of daily life.

  6. 瞻仰毛主席遗容




  7. Reducing arsenic accumulation in rice grain through iron oxide amendment.

    Farrow, Eric M; Wang, Jianmin; Burken, Joel G; Shi, Honglan; Yan, Wengui; Yang, John; Hua, Bin; Deng, Baolin


    Effects of soil-arsenic (As), phosphorus and iron oxide on As accumulation in rice grain were investigated. Cultivars that have significantly different sensitivity to As, straighthead-resistant Zhe 733 and straighthead-susceptible Cocodrie, were used to represent different cultivar varieties. The grain accumulation of other elements of concern, selenium (Se), molybdenum (Mo), and cadmium (Cd) was also monitored. Results demonstrated that high soil-As not only resulted in high grain-As, but could also result in high grain-Se, and Zhe 733 had significantly less grain-As than Cocodrie did. However, soil-As did not impact grain-Mo and Cd. Among all elements monitored, iron oxide amendment significantly reduced grain-As for both cultivars, while the phosphate application only reduced grain-Se for Zhe 733. Results also indicated that cultivar type significantly impacted grain accumulation of all monitored trace elements. Therefore, applying iron oxide to As-contaminated land, in addition to choosing appropriate rice cultivar, can effectively reduce the grain accumulation of As.

  8. Wedding Bells?


    For more Chinese women, marriage becomes a matter of choice, but freedom also poses dilemmas Lin Qian, a 22-year-old sophomore at a normal university in Beijing, recently has begun thinking of marriage. Snuggling up to her boyfriend, He Tiezhi, 24, who works for an insurance company, Lin said, "Yes, I'd like

  9. Self Assembled Semiconductor Quantum Dots for Spin Based All Optical and Electronic Quantum Computing


    associates 1. Carmen Stefanita 2. Ifthikar Ahmed 3. V. Avrutin 4. U Ozgur 5. T. Morisato (visiting from Japan) 6. M. Qian 7. A. Reber Graduate...Cahay, “ Monte Carlo simulation of spin transport in nanowires”, IEEE NTC Workshop on Quantum Device and Technology, Clarkson University, Pottsdam

  10. Metformin improves cardiac function in a nondiabetic rat model of post-MI heart failure

    Yin, Meimei; van der Horst, Iwan C. C.; van Melle, Joost P.; Qian, Cheng; van Gilst, Wiek H.; Sillje, Herman H. W.; de Boer, Rudolf A.


    Yin M, van der Horst IC, van Melle JP, Qian C, van Gilst WH, Sillje HH, de Boer RA. Metformin improves cardiac function in a nondiabetic rat model of post-MI heart failure. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol 301: H459-H468, 2011. First published May 13, 2011; doi:10.1152/ajpheart.00054.2011.-Metformin

  11. Fine-scale responses of phytoplankton to freshwater influx in a tropical monsoonal estuary following the onset of southwest monsoon

    Pednekar, S.M.; Matondkar, S.G.P.; Gomes, H.R.; Goes, J.I.; Parab, S.G.; Kerkar, V.

    estuary; Estuarine Coast. Shelf Sci. 1 107–111. Hallegraeff G M, Anderson D M and Cembella A D 2003 Manual on harmful marine microalgae; UNESCO Publishing. Huang L, Jian W, Song X, Huang X, Liu S, Qian P, Yin K and Wu M 2004 Species diversity...

  12. Research Articles


    World Expositions and the Shaping of the Chinese Concept of "State" during the Late Qing Dynasty;The Transformation of the Silk Weaving Industry in Jiangsu and Zhejiang around the 1911 Revolution;Xu Qian and Making the Judiciary an Arm of the Party Around the Time of the National Revolution;The Web of Interests Linking Business, Government and the Banks;

  13. Role of Diatoms in marine biofouling

    Anil, A.C.; Patil, J.S..; Mitbavkar, S.; DeCosta, P.M.; DeSilva, S.; Hegde, S.; Naik, R.

    -80. Lackenby, H. 1962. The resistance to ships with special reference to skin friction and hull surface condition. Thomas Lowe Gray Lecture. Proc. Inst. Mech. Eng. 176:l-35. Lam, C., Harder, T. & Qian, P. Y. 2003. Induction of larval settlement...

  14. Assessing the Depth and Breadth of Vocabulary Knowledge with Listening Comprehension

    Teng, Feng


    This study was inspired by Qian (1999) and Staehr (2009) and researched 88 Chinese learners who had already passed the College English Test 4 (CET). These learners volunteered to participate in the study regarding the depth and breadth of vocabulary knowledge and its relationship with listening comprehension, which was assessed by analyzing the…

  15. Acquisition of Cooperative Small Unmanned Aerial Systems for Advancing Man Machine Interface Research


    sensor platforms. In this project, we aim to develop distributed algorithms to optimally sense dynamically changing environments by formulating synthetic...NAME OF RESPONSIBLE PERSON 19b. TELEPHONE NUMBER Daniel Pack Daniel Pack , Yufei Huang, Chunjiang Qian, Victor Maldonado, and David Akopian 106012 c...sensor platforms. In this project, we aim to develop distributed algorithms to optimally sense dynamically changing environments by formulating

  16. QTL Information Table: 638 [Q-TARO

    Full Text Available sd6 Morphological trait Panicle/flower Spikelet density RFLP C)Interval F2 Tesanai ...2 CB A RG138 RG64 rgn Lin, H.X., Qian, H.R., Zhuang, J.Y., Lu, J., Min, S.K., M.Xiong, Z., Huang, N., and Zheng, K.L. (1995). Interva

  17. QTL Information Table: 636 [Q-TARO

    Full Text Available gwt4a Morphological trait Seed Grain weight per plant RFLP C)Interval F2 Waiyin 2 C...B A RG788 RG190 rgn Lin, H.X., Qian, H.R., Zhuang, J.Y., Lu, J., Min, S.K., M.Xiong, Z., Huang, N., and Zheng, K.L. (1995). Interval

  18. QTL Information Table: 634 [Q-TARO

    Full Text Available tgwt4 Morphological trait Seed 1000-grain weight RFLP C)Interval F2 Tesanai 2 CB A ...RG143 RG214 rgn Lin, H.X., Qian, H.R., Zhuang, J.Y., Lu, J., Min, S.K., M.Xiong, Z., Huang, N., and Zheng, K.L. (1995). Interval

  19. 中国篮球和美国乒乓球



    In 1985, Chinese basketball coach Qian Chenghai led his team touring in the Untied States. The Chinese national cagers were trained with teams of the National Basketball Association and played exhibition games with those NBA stars. In the eyes of most American sportswriters at that time, the Chinese hoop boys were equaled to the level of some division B players in

  20. Application of Finite Element to Evaluate Material with Small Modulus of Elasticity


    the lights are switched off, however, the adults will fly for hours against the walls of the enclosure and damage their wings. This is to be avoided...Introduction to Contact Mechanics. Springer‐Verlag, New York, NY, 2000. 30. Cao, Y., X. Qian, and N. Huber, “Spherical indentation into elastoplastic

  1. People in Foundry Field of China


    @@ Professor Qian Hancheng was born in Wujin, Jiangsu in 1935. Upon graduation from Xi'an Jiaotong University in 1960, he was appointed to Chongqing University to teach. In 1961, he came back to Xi'an Jiaotong University to study postgraduate courses primarily covering math, English, heat transfer and other core curriculum.

  2. Dangjia Village: Holding Its Ground



    THE Yellow River, the second longest in China, billows through the Shanxi-Shaanxi canyons. On its west bank in Shaanxi is an historical city - Hancheng, birthplace of Sima Qian, author of the Records of the Historian and inaugurator of Chinese biography. Within the city limits is a village with a 670-year history - Dangjia.

  3. Building a Global Responsive Organization:

    Sun, Xinbo; Cao, Yi; Li, Suxiu


    (“qian”: humbleness, modesty) from I-Ching is linked to Mr. Zhang’s humble approach and analyze how the six parts of the hexagram of Qian are related to the six development stages of the Haier Group. These insights are used to give some thoughts to the leadership challenge associated with the creation...

  4. Optimization studies of HgSe thin film deposition by electrochemical atomic layer epitaxy (EC-ALE)

    Venkatasamy, V


    Full Text Available .M. Bhuse, K.M. Garadkar, A.D. Jadhav, Mater. Chem. Phys. 71 (2001) 53. [8] P. Pramanik, S. Bhattacharya, Mater. Res. Bull. 24 (1989) 945. [9] Y. Li, Y. Ding, H. Liao, Y. Qian, J. Phys. Chem. Solids 60 (1999) 965. [10] C. Reig, Y.S. Paranchych, V. Munoz...

  5. JPRS Report, China.


    freezing irony and cutting graduate students. Why is this so? It is easier for out- satire . Yet he did not give up; last year he finally passed standing...proved to be wrong. Question: During the Persian Gulf War, the Taiwanese government put its armed forces on alert, fearing that Qian: This can also be

  6. Remote sensing object-oriented approaches coupled with ...


    forests with their small patch size are rich in flora and fauna, and trees that exhibit their own .... Peters, A. J., Reed, B. C., Eve, M. D., & Mcdaniel, K. C. (1992). ... health. Annual Review of Environment and Resources, 35, 25-55. Qian H, Ricklefs ...

  7. Research in Ancient Chinese Language


    LU Guo-yao, A Comprehensive Study of Muhua's Haifu in Linguistic and Aesthetic Perspective Abstract: The distinguished scholar Qian Zhongshu once highly praised Muhua's Haifu. As a complement of his saying, this paper appraises it in linguistic and aesthetic perspective. When combined with Longinus' On Sublime, it seems more practical while the latter is more theoretical. In phonological perspective,

  8. Response to Comments on "Disentangling the Drivers of β Diversity Along Latitudinal and Elevational Gradients"

    Kraft, Nathan J.B.; Sanders, Nathan J.; Stegen, James C.;


    Qian et al. and Tuomisto and Ruokolainen critique our analyses of elevational and latitudinal variation in tree diversity. We address their points by reanalyzing different subsets of our data and by clarifying certain misconceptions, and reiterate that gradients in β diversity can be explained in...

  9. QTL Information Table: 684 [Q-TARO

    Full Text Available fon3 mutant from Guguanghuang RM4601 RM1233 pha Jiang, L., Zhang, W., Xia, Z., Jiang, G., Qian, Q., Li, A., ...FON3 Morphological trait Panicle/flower floral organ number SSR C)Interval F2 9311

  10. Studies on Moss Flora Make Progress


    @@ A research group led by Prof. Gao Qian (Chien Gao) from the CAS Shenyang Institute of Applied Ecology was recently awarded a first prize in natural science by Liaoning Province in recognition of its many years of bryophyte studies. The award was conferred by S&T authorities of the northeast China province.

  11. QTL Information Table: 502 [Q-TARO

    Full Text Available qSBR-3 Resistance or Tolerance Sheath blight resistance Sheath blight response RFLP C)Interval DHL ZYQ8 Ji...ngxi 17 G249 G164 pha Kunihiro, Y., Qian, Q., Sato, H., Teng, S., Zeng, D.L., Fujimot

  12. QTL Information Table: 286 [Q-TARO

    Full Text Available qCC-1 Physiological trait Source activity Chlorophyll content Mixture C)Interval DHL ZYQ8 Ji...ngxi 17 B RG541 RG101 pha Teng, S., Qian, Q., Zeng, D., Kunihiro, Y., Fujimoto, K., Huang, D., and

  13. Foreign Diplomats Help the Disabled


    Charity sate stalls set up by foreign envoys were the most popular stands at this year’s fundraising charity fair, an event initiated by Mme. Zhou Hanqiong, wife of Vice Premier and former minister of foreign affairs Qian Qichen. The fundraising activity has been held annually since 1996, thanks to the support of foreign diplomats in

  14. A Cup of English%教你正确用(二十六)

    Xiao Ge


    @@ At the Doctor's--看医生 The process of aging is a perfect example for Professor Qian Zhongshu's metaphor of a besieged fortress-people outside want to go in while those inside want to get out. Indeed, when we are young, we cannot wait to grow up; but when we get older,we desperately want to be young again.

  15. [Study on weight units of chinese medicine in Sui and Tang dynasties].

    Zhang, Rui-xian; Lu, Qin; Zhang, Wei; Zhang, Mu-qun


    Although there were changes in measuring system of Sui dynasty, the measuring units of medicine, astronomy and music still remained unchanged. So there appeared two systems of measuring units. For medicine, the government of Tang dynasty followed the regulations of Sui dynasty in measuring system. Besides this, the measuring units of Qian and Fen also were also related to medicine.

  16. 教育(英文)


    At a recent foreigners' donation sponsored by Shanghai Charity Funds, Mike Conwell (2nd L) from America chatted with Qian Qinming (R), a student she helped. Altogether 114 people from 14 countries have offered financial help to 1,013 primary and high school

  17. Bibliography of In-House and Contract Reports. Supplement 14.


    Jacqueline Srinivasan, Babu Waxman, Allen M. Pietikainen , Matti University of Maryland DACA76-84-C-0004 Keywords: Image Processing, Computer Vision, Road...Ned A. 20 Pietikainen , Matti 18 Fox, Margaret F. 13 Franks, D.T. 7 Qian, Jianzhong 17 Glicksman, Jay 17 Radl, Bruce 15 Gold, Arthur A. 10 Rand, Robert S

  18. 读书


    Old Silk Road《丝绸之路》Author: Zhang Yiping Publisher: China Intercontinental Press The Old Silk Road is where Sino-foreign trade and cultural exchanges first occurred. It is where Eastern and Western traders met and their cultures overlapped, as reflected in Dunhuang's Mogao Grotto murals. Zhang Qian's journey as envoy to the

  19. Treatment of 50 Cases of Shoulder Periarthritis by Tung's Special Acupuncture Technique



    @@ The author applied Tung's special acupuncture technique [Activating Qi Technique (动气针法), Dao Ma Method (倒马针法) and Qian Yin Method (牵引针法)] on traditional acupoints to treat shoulder periarthritis, and got a remarkable result. Now it is reported as follows.



    3.1 Autoimmune disease2004022 BL-2, IL-6 and their receptors in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus. QIAN Qihong (钱齐宏), et al. Dept Dermatol & Venereol, 1st Affili Hosp, Suzhou Univ, Suzhou 215006. Chin J Dermatol 2003; 36 (12): 696-698.

  1. Suzhou Silk Museum


    THEIR city’s beautiful gardens and exquisite silk are the pride of the people of Suzhou. The Suzhou Silk Museum has combined the two arts and become one of the biggest local attractions for visitors. Silk culture forms an important part of Suzhou’s history. In 1981 Qian Xiaoping, a female

  2. Ultra-Dense Quantum Communication Using Integrated Photonic Architecture: Second Quarterly Report


    bipartite states. Phys. Rev. Lett., 98(6):060503, Feb 2007. [3] Po Dong, Wei Qian, Shirong Liao, Hong Liang, Cheng- Chih Kung, Ning-Ning Feng, Roshanak...with different azimuthal indices, i.e., different orbital angular momenta. Our effort is now picking up as a new postdoc, Ligong Wang , has arrived at

  3. QTL Information Table: 645 [Q-TARO

    Full Text Available ai CB B RG788 RZ69 rgn Zhuang, J.Y., Lin, H.X., Lu, J., Qian, H.R., Hittalman, S., Huang, N., and Zheng, K.L...Morphological trait Panicle/flower panicle length (PAL) RFLP C)Interval F2,F3 Tesan

  4. QTL Information Table: 641 [Q-TARO

    Full Text Available Morphological trait Seed 1000-grain weight (TGW) RFLP C)Interval F2,F3 Tesanai CB A RG13 RG573 rgn Zhuang..., J.Y., Lin, H.X., Lu, J., Qian, H.R., Hittalman, S., Huang, N., and Zheng, K.L. (1996

  5. Overproduction and Improved Strategies for Isolation and ...

    Yajing Zhou


    Apr 24, 2012 ... Xiao Li, Huiqing Chen, Lei Zhang, Liu Liu, Yujue Wang, Qian Zhang, ... chromatography in combination with ion-exchange chromatography. Starting from 500 ml of infected Sf-9 cells, as much as 5 mg of recombinant pol δ ...

  6. Coarse-grained numerical bifurcation analysis of lattice Boltzmann models

    Leemput, P. Van; Lust, K.W.A.; Kevrekidis, I.G.


    In this paper we study the coarse-grained bifurcation analysis approach proposed by I.G. Kevrekidis and collaborators in PNAS [C. Theodoropoulos, Y.H. Qian, I.G. Kevrekidis, "Coarse" stability and bifurcation analysis using time-steppers: a reaction-diffusion example, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 97 (18)

  7. Does Mandarin spatial metaphor for time influence Chinese deaf signers’ spatio-temporal reasoning?

    Gu, Yan; Zheng, Yeqiu; Swerts, Marc; Gunzelmann, G.; Howes, A.; Tenbrink, T.; Davelaar, E. J.


    In Mandarin Chinese, the space-time word “前/qian” is used to express both the spatial concept of front/forward and the temporal concept of early/before (e.g., “前天/qian-tian”, literally front day, meaning the day before yesterday). This is consistent with the fact that Mandarin speakers can gesture

  8. Hope that more excellent projects in China will compete for "Oscar Award" in international project management field--interview with Professor Qian Fupei, vice president of IPMA and planned chairman of 20th IPMA Global Congress on Project Management%希望国内更多优秀项目角逐国际项目管理领域的"奥斯卡奖"--访IPMA副主席、第20届IPMA项目管理全球大会计划主持人钱福培教授



    @@ 一年一度国际上影响最大、历史最悠久的电影奖--"奥斯卡奖"的评选和颁奖典礼,不仅是电影界的盛事,同时也为世人所瞩目;电影巨星们以能出席"奥斯卡奖"的颁奖典礼和赢取"奥斯卡奖"而备感自豪和荣耀.其实在国际项目管理领域也设有类似"奥斯卡奖"的最高奖项--"IPMA国际项目管理大奖"(以下简称"大奖").大奖真正全球化是从2001年开始的,此前仅是德国项目管理界的一项大奖.

  9. Evaluation of Dwarf Caster (Ricinus communis L.) Varieties Introduced from America%美洲矮秆蓖麻品种的引进鉴定

    陈小龙; 魏佳; 裘晓云; 姚陆松; 胡荣斌; 张红; 沈国新


    A field evaluation was conducted to 15 dwarf castor varieties introduced from America on their phenological periods, agronomic traits and major economic characters so as to obtain excellent varieties for production or materials for breeding. The results indicated that, the height of 15 introduced varieties was between 76. 1 cm and 89. 3 cm, in which 7 varieties were super-dwarf types with plant height below 80 cm. Among them, Zhe-intro 15, Zhe-intro 10, Zhe-intro 2, Zhe-intro 5, Zhe-intro 12, Zhe-intro 6 and Zhe-intro 14 produced 38 773 -42 647 kg/hm2 castor leaves, similar to those of domestic dwarf castor varieties as control. However, they produced 4 038. 0-4 657. 5 kg/hm2 castor beans, being significantly or extremely significantly higher than the control varieties. Among the 7 high yield varieties, 3 varieties had higher oil and ricinoleic acid contents than the domestic control varieties. A preliminary evaluation revealed that the above high yield dwarf castor varieties have good agronomic traits and adaptability, being excellent leaf- and bean-yielding castor varieties. After multi-point evaluation, it is promising to use them for production directly or as materials for breeding new varieties.%2011 ~2012年对从美洲引进的15个矮秆蓖麻品种进行物候期、农艺性状和主要经济性状的大田鉴定,选拔可直接应用于生产的优良品种或优异的育种材料.引进的15个品种株高在75.5 ~ 89.3 cm之间,其中有7个品种的株高在80 cm以下,为超矮秆蓖麻品种.浙引15号、浙引10号、浙引2号、浙引5号、浙引12号、浙引6号和浙引14号7个品种的蓖麻叶产量为38 773~42647 kg/hm2,与国内矮秆蓖麻对照品种相仿,而蓖麻籽产量为4 038.0 ~4 657.5 kg/hm2,均显著或极显著高于对照品种.7个高产品种中,有3个品种的含油率和蓖麻油酸含量高于国内对照矮秆品种.经初步鉴定,上述高产矮秆蓖麻品种的主要农艺性状及适应性优

  10. TABLE OF CONTENTS and ABSTRACTS reprinted from ACTA PHYSICA SINICA,Vol.49,No.3 (2000)


    an Electron Cyclotron Reso- nance Plasma Source……………………………… Liu Ming- hai, Hu Xi-wei, Wu Qin-chong, Yu Guo-yang ( 501 )Linear Theory of Magnetic Helical Instabilities of Plasma Discharge Columns………………………… Liu Jin-yuan, Gong Ye, Wang Xiao-gang, Ma Teng-cai, Lui Wen-yah (507)Experiments on Stochastic Resonance Near Hopf Bifur- cation in a Non-Magnetized Plasma .Yang Hong-bo, Liu Wan-dong, Zheng Jian, Zhuang Ge, Liang Xiao-ping, Xie Jin-lin, Yu Chang-xuan (512)6000 CONDENSED MATTER: STRUCTURE, THERMAL AND MECHANICAL PRO- PERTIESThe Equilibrium Sites of Alkali Cations in Light Alkali- Doped C60……………………………………………… Chen Xiao-hua, Peng Jing-cui, Li Wen-zhu (517)A Simple Growth Model of Ternary BCN Compounds .…………………………………………………………………………………… Tang Bi-yu, Yang Guo-wei, Ren Zhi-ang, Cai Meng-qiu (521)The Influence of Ball-Milling on the Structure of Graphite Yang Hang-sheng, Wu Guo-tao, Zhang Xiao-bin, Chen Xiao-hua, Lu Xiao-nan, Wang Miao, Wang Chun-sheng, He Pi-mo, Xu Zhu-de, Li Wen-zhu (526) Study on the Surface Oxidation of Ni-Like Nd Target Used in Soft-X-Ray Laser…………………………………… Zhang Zhe, Chen Ling-yan, Wu Yong-gang, Qiao Yi ( 531 ) Heteroepitaxial Diamond Growth on Pre-Deposited β- SiC Oriented Layer on Si(001) Substrate…………………………………………………… He Xian-chang, Shen He-sheng, Zhang Zhi-ming, Wan Yong-zhong, Shen Ting (537) 7000 CONDENSED MATTER: ELECTRONIC STRUCTURE, ELECTRICAL, MAGNE TIC, AND OPTICAL PROPERTIESModel for Thermal/Electric-Field Poling of Fused Silica.………………………… Liu Xue-ming, Zhang Ming-de, Sun Xiao-han (543)Study on the Properties of PVK/C60 Composite Films with Photoinduced Charge Transfer……………………Wang Gong-ming, Qian Shi-xiong, Xu Jian-hua, Wang Wen-jun, Liu Xiu, Lu Xing-ze, Li Fu-ming (547)Electronic Specific Heat

  11. Extreme Uplift and Erosion Rates in Eastern Himalayas (Siang-Brahmaputra Basin) Revealed by Detrital (U-Th)/He Termochronology

    Tibari, B.; Pik, R.; France-Lanord, C.; Carignan, J.; Lave, J.


    The distribution of erosion intensity in a major mountain range such as the Himalaya is a fundamental clue to investigate the interaction between climatic, tectonic and erosion processes that govern the morphology and evolution of an orogen. At the first order, the sediment flux measured on the two major rivers - Ganga and Brahmaputra - suggest higher mean denudation rates for the Eastern Himalaya than Western Himalaya (Galy and France-Lanord, 2001). However, the distribution of erosion in the Brahmaputra basin is not uniform and the Namche Barwa area, drained by the Siang-Tsangpo, appears to supply up to 50 % of the total sediment flux of the Brahmaputra (Singh and France-Lanord, 2002). In order to further constrain the relationships between such localized erosion and the associated exhumation rate of basement, we measured (U-Th)/He ages in detrital zircons from river sediments in the Brahmaputra basin. This thermochronological system (Z-He) is particularly interesting for detrital material because: (i) zircon is preserved during weathering and erosion processes, (ii) its closure temperature (150-180°C, Reiners et al., 2004) corresponds to a depth which is close to the surface but deep enough to avoid perturbations by topography variations, and (iii) the error associated to single grain measurement (8-10 %) allows a good definition of population ages. Z-He ages from the Brahmaputra river in Bangladesh range from 0.4 to 77 Ma. 40 % of the zircon population exhibit Z-He ages between 0.4 and 1 Ma defining the major distribution peak centred at 0.5 Ma. These very young ages correspond to extreme denudation rates of 5 to 7 mm/yr. Dispersed Z-He ages from 12 to 77 Ma do not define any population groups, whereas the remaining 40 % of the zircons have ages distributed between 2.5 and 7 Ma, which correspond to the pool of ages recorded by preliminary Z-He ages on the other Himalayan rivers of the basin. Therefore, such very high denudation rates (5-7 mm/yr) seems to

  12. 天然气管道作业风险管理与预控措施

    傅文奎; 李霖; 王尚林; 刘玉华; 张火箭


    依据西气东输苏浙沪管理处近年来作业风险管理成效,梳理了天然气管道作业风险管理与预控措施:提出“生产必须安全,安全必须风险预控”的思路;编制《天然气管道企业作业风险预控与管理手册》;要求项目开工前进行QHSE审计和工作安全分析,严格执行作业许可制度;加强作业风险识别和过程控制;在作业现场设置安全警示标识等.%According to the practice in construction risk management of gas pipeline in SuZheHu Department of West-East Gas Pipeline in recent years, construction risk management and precontrol measures are introduced, which include objective audit of QHSE before pipeline construction; enhancing employees and operation companies' cognizance of construction risk management by safety education training and cases study, drawing up the "Manual of Construction Risk Precontrol and Management for Natural Gas Pipeline Enterprise" and abiding by it; launching safety analysis before pipeline construction and carrying out the system of construction license; reinforcing the identification of construction risk and the process control; setting up site safety warning markings, etc.. It is by these measures that the construction risks are controlled by SuZheHu Department although there are thousands of projects under construction per year, which guarantee the safety of gas pipelines under running. The practices in risks precontrol of pipeline construction from SuZheHu Department provide examples to the gas transmission enterprises inland.

  13. Post-Variscan thermal history of the Moravo-Silesian lower Carboniferous Culm Basin (NE Czech Republic - SW Poland)

    Botor, Dariusz; Dunkl, István; Anczkiewicz, Aneta; Mazur, Stanisław


    Apatite fission track analysis (AFT) and zircon (U-Th)/He thermochronology (ZHe) have been carried out for a lower Carboniferous greywacke succession of the Moravo-Silesian Culm Basin in the Nízký Jeseník Mountains. The range of apparent zircon helium ages is 303-233 Ma (late Carboniferous to Early Triassic) in the eastern part of the basin, whilst they are significantly younger in the western part, ranging from 194 to 163 Ma (Early-Middle Jurassic). Apatite fission track central ages range from 152 (Latest Jurassic) to 44 Ma (Eocene), with the majority being grouped between 114 (Aptian) and 57 Ma (Paleocene). All samples experienced substantial post-depositional thermal reset; both the AFT ages and the ZHe are considerably younger than the depositional ages. The mean track length varies in the range between 12.5 and 15.4 μm. The unimodal track length distribution, the relatively short mean track length (in most samples), and their rather low standard deviation values (1.2 to 2.1 μm) indicate that their thermal history was determined by Variscan and post-Variscan heating event(s) followed by a prolonged residence in the apatite partial annealing zone in the Mesozoic and finally by cooling in the Paleogene. Geological evidence combined with thermal modeling based on AFT and ZHe data indicate that the lower Carboniferous strata had already reached maximum palaeotemperatures in the late Carboniferous, however, they were presumably later re-heated during the Permian-Triassic. Post-Variscan extensional tectonics events were responsible for high heat flow that together with Carboniferous burial could account for the reset of both thermochronometers. A major phase of cooling occurred in the Late Cretaceous. Finally, exhumation was probably faster in the Paleogene, causing the present-day exposure of the studied rocks.

  14. Coarse Grain Progradation in a Foreland basin: Application of Detrital Zircon Double Dating to Cenozoic Stratigraphy, Eastern Cordillera, Colombia.

    Odoh, S.; Saylor, J. E.; Higuera-Diaz, C.; Lapen, T. J.; Copeland, P.


    Progradation of coarse clastic material into distal foreland basins has been attributed to both 1) enhanced sediment production during rapid tectonic exhumation and 2) sediment reworking during tectonic quiescence. The Floresta and Medina basins in the Eastern Cordillera record deposition of alternating coarse- and fine-grained clastic strata in medial and distal (respectively) Cenozoic foreland basins. The Medina Basin records the continued eastward progradation of the deformation front in the Neogene. We use detrital zircon U-Pb (ZPb) and (U-Th)/He (ZHe) analyses from the Paleogene Floresta Basin and the entire Cenozoic Medina Basin record to evaluate the effects of episodic thrust-belt exhumation and wide-spread deposition of coarse-grained sediments in the adjacent foreland basin. Both ZPb and ZHe systems are applied to individual grains (double dating) to constrain source area and up-section variations in exhumation rates. Changes in exhumation rate or introduction of new sediment sources are recorded as changes in lag time (ZHe age - depositional age). Analysis of 6 samples from the Floresta Basin shows a decrease in lag time during deposition of the coarse-grained middle Eocene Picacho Formation and upper Paleocene Socha Sandstone suggesting that Paleogene deposition of coarse-grained intervals in this medial location corresponds to an increase in exhumation rate. However, initial results from the Medina basin are less clear as there is evidence for Paleocene volcanic input but no clear evidence for thrust-belt related sediment until the Oligocene-early Miocene. We interpret the evidence for different sediment sources for Eocene strata in the axial Eastern Cordillera (Floresta) versus the Eastern foothills (Medina) as indicative of separation of these two regions by an emergent forebulge. Exhumation rate and granularity appear to be inversely correlated in post-Oligocene strata, though confirmation of initial interpretations awaits larger samples sizes

  15. The paleomagnetism and geological significance of Meso- proterozoic dyke swarms in the central North China Craton

    HOU; Guiting


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  16. Land-total and Ocean-total Precipitation and Evaporation from a Community Atmosphere Model version 5 Perturbed Parameter Ensemble

    Covey, Curt [Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States); Lucas, Donald D. [Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States); Trenberth, Kevin E. [National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO (United States)


    This document presents the large scale water budget statistics of a perturbed input-parameter ensemble of atmospheric model runs. The model is Version 5.1.02 of the Community Atmosphere Model (CAM). These runs are the “C-Ensemble” described by Qian et al., “Parametric Sensitivity Analysis of Precipitation at Global and Local Scales in the Community Atmosphere Model CAM5” (Journal of Advances in Modeling the Earth System, 2015). As noted by Qian et al., the simulations are “AMIP type” with temperature and sea ice boundary conditions chosen to match surface observations for the five year period 2000-2004. There are 1100 ensemble members in addition to one run with default inputparameter values.

  17. Anti-depression effect of Kai Xin San and research of its compatibility

    CHEN Yi-hong; WANG Dong-xiao; LIU Ping; WANG Jin-liang; DAI Chang; CHENG Gui-fang


    @@ Kai Xin San (KXS) is a category of traditional complex prescription that was first recorded in Bei Ji Qian Jin Yao Fang by SUN Si-miao in the Tang Dynasty and then also recorded in Tai Ping Hui Min He Ji Ju Fang, Qian Jin Yao Fang and Gu Jin Lu Yan in later generations. It was mainly used by herbalist doctors to treat symptoms including desolation, moodiness, forgetfulness etc., which are similar to the neurosis such as depression, anxiety and difficulty in studying and memory in the West medicine. The former recorded formulas were all composed of ginseng, polygala, hoelen and acori graminei with different proportion. But there are no systematic studies on the clinical adaptive symptom corresponding to different matching and the best anti-depressive matching so far.

  18. Hydrodynamics of pair-annihilating disclination lines in nematic liquid crystals.

    Svensek, D; Zumer, S


    The pair annihilation of straight line defects with strength +/-1/2 in bulk nematic systems is studied numerically, considering a full coupling of orientational degrees of freedom and hydrodynamics. This work is based on the generalization of the Ericksen-Leslie theory to the tensor order parameter as proposed by Qian and Sheng [T. Qian and P. Sheng, Phys. Rev. E 58, 7475 (1998)]. The approach is particularly suited for the late stages of the annihilation process. It is confirmed that the +1/2 disclination line moves considerably faster than the -1/2 one (e.g., twice as fast) due to the hydrodynamic flow. Symmetries of the important stress tensor terms upon inverting the sign of the winding number and performing a homogeneous in-plane rotation of the Q-tensor eigensystem are discussed. The stress tensor terms that dominantly contribute to the advective flow and to the flow asymmetry are identified.

  19. Synchronous unroofing and faulting in the Precordillera of Argentina: thermochronometric constraints on fault-propagation in a thin- to thick-skinned orogenic system

    Fosdick, J. C.; Carrapa, B.


    Mass removal via erosion is an important process that interacts with deformation in convergent mountain belts such as the Andes, and improved quantification of denudation is critical for elucidating spatio-temporal patterns of deformation. We report new apatite and zircon (U-Th)/He (AHe, ZHe) and apatite fission track (AFT) results from the Precordillera of Argentina that record Neogene fault-related unroofing during growth of the Andean retroarc fold-and-thrust belt. The Precordillera fold-and-thrust belt of Argentina is located west of the thick-skinned Sierras Pampeanas and evolved concurrently with the Bermejo retroarc foreland basin since at least the early Miocene. At the Rio Jáchal latitude (30°S), most crustal shortening associated with the Andean orogen is accommodated across the Precordillera, however, its unroofing record remains poorly constrained. Here we test the relationships between thrust faulting and exhumation and quantify the erosional input of sediments to the foreland basin. ZHe samples from Silurian-Carboniferous metasedimentary rocks collected across the Rio Jáchal transect yield entirely Permo-Triassic cooling ages, indicating that the present-day erosional depth of the Precordillera has resided above the ZHe partial retention zone (PRZ) throughout Mesozoic-Cenozoic time. Preliminary AFT data of the Precordillera also indicate mixed pre-Cenozoic ages. ZHe and AFT ages provide a nominal Iglesia piggy-back basin and the Las Salinas anticline at the eastern boundary between the Precordillera and Pampean craton. Apatite AHe and AFT data from the western Sierras Pampeanas indicate cooling through both AHe and AFT PRZs between ~5-4 Ma and suggest rapid exhumation during faulting of the Sierra de Valle Fértil. These data suggest a higher magnitude of Miocene exhumation of the Sierras Pampeanas compared to the Precordillera. Miocene exhumation rates across the Precordillera range from 0.16 to 1.11 mm/yr, with highest rates concentrated along

  20. Chinese-English Automation and Computer Technology Dictionary. Volume I.


    cl’uni chuai chai zhai chfi ju ch’uan chuan chan zhan chtlan juan cl uang chuang chang zhang ch~3eh jue ch’ui chui chao zh-ao chfn jvn ch’un chun ce zhe... hsiang xiang Jo ruo M’ang kang hsiao xiao jou rou M’ao kao hsieh xie ju ru W’e (ko) ke hsiean xian juan ruan kM ean ken hsin xin jui mi Meng kang...control; sequence control; preset control; time schedule control; time variable control chengxu kongzhi chuan - # .V ,14, program-controlled 19 dong

  1. Adjacency Preserving Bijection Maps of Hermitian Matrices over any Division Ring with an Involution

    Li Ping HUANG


    Let D be any division ring with an involution, H(D) be the space of all n × n hermitian matrices over D. Two hermitian matrices A and B are said to be adjacent if rank(A - B) =1. It is proved that if ψ is a bijective map from H(D)(n ≥ 2) to itself such that ψ preserves the adjacency,then ψ-1 also preserves the adjacency. Moreover, if H(D)≠F3(F2), then ψ preserves the arithmetic distance. Thus, an open problem posed by Wan Zhe-Xian is answered for geometry of symmetric and hermitian matrices.

  2. Activation of Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells in Bone Marrow


    Curr Protoc Pharmacol 2010;Chapter 14:Unit14.15. 21. Jung Y, Shiozawa Y, Wang J, McGregor N, Dai J, Park SI, et al. Prevalence of prostate cancer... Wang J, Jung Y, et al. Proteoglycan 4, a novel immunomodulatory factor, regulates parathyroid hormone actions on hematopoietic cells. Am J Pathol...Nephrol 2000;11:1085–92. 36. Sabbota AL, Kim H-RC, Zhe X, Fridman R, Bonfil RD, Cher ML. Shedding of RANKL by tumor-associated MT1-MMP activates Src

  3. Realization of a Quantum Integer-Spin Chain with Controllable Interactions


    Haldane phase. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We thank Brian Neyenhuis, Paul Hess, Alexey Gorshkov, and Zhe -Xuan Gong for critical discussions. A. R. acknowledges the...Lett. 106, 060503 (2011). [35] R. Islam, E. E. Edwards, K. Kim, S. Korenblit, C. Noh, H. Carmichael, G.-D. Lin, L.-M. Duan, C.-C. Joseph Wang , J. K...Chang, C. Noh, H. Carmichael, G.-D. Lin, L.-M. Duan, C.-C. Joseph Wang , J. K. Freericks, and C. Monroe, Quantum Simulation of the Transverse Field Ising

  4. A Coherent Ising Machine Based On Degenerate Optical Parametric Oscillators

    Wang, Zhe; Marandi, Alireza; Wen, Kai; Byer, Robert L.; Yamamoto, Yoshihisa


    A degenerate optical parametric oscillator network is proposed to solve the NP-hard problem of finding a ground state of the Ising model. The underlying operating mechanism originates from the bistable output phase of each oscillator and the inherent preference of the network in selecting oscillation modes with the minimum photon decay rate. Computational experiments are performed on all instances reducible to the NP-hard MAX-CUT problems on cubic graphs of order up to 20. The numerical results reasonably suggest the effectiveness of the proposed network. This project is supported by the FIRST program of Japanese Government. Zhe Wang is also grateful for the support from Stanford Graduate Fellowship.

  5. Development of Data-Assimilation-Quality MODIS and MISR Over Ocean Aerosol Products


    graduate students in the Atmospheric Sciences Department, especially Prof. David Delene, Aaron Kennedy, Hongchun Jin, and Zhe Feng, for their, as well as impact air quality (e.g. Wang and Christopher, 2003) and visibility (e.g. Appel et al., 1985). Studies have found that aerosols...16,988, July 27. 1997. Tong, Y. P., G. L. Zhang, M. G. Tan, W. Wang , J. M. Chen, Y. Hwu, P. C. Fsu, J. H. Je., G. Margaritondo, W. M. Song, R. F

  6. Novel and Efficient Synthesis of the Promising Drug Candidate Discodermolide


    supported in part by this award: Ph.D. SUNY Stony Brook: Zhou Zhou Ph.D. SUNY Stony Brook: Peng Wang Ph.D. SUNY Stony Brook: Qiu- zhe Xie Ph.D. SUNY...Stolarzewicz Ph.D. SUNY Stony Brook: Pei Wang Continuing in the PhD program at SUNY Stony Brook Junyong Lee Hee Nam Lim Daniel C. Elliot Matthew E...IBS) in Waltham, MA. Intelligent Biosystems is a biotech company that is focused on efficient gene sequencing. Peng Wang is employed by Ren

  7. Exploring the Mechanisms of Pathogenesis in Prostate Cancer Involving TMPRSS2-ERG (Or ETV1) Gene Rearrangement


    Esther Baena, PhD; Zhe Li, PhD. Conclusion: We planned to use both a series of mouse models and biochemical approaches to study the mechanisms of...Apr 1, 2006). 9. S. A. Tomlins et al., Science 310, 644 (Oct 28, 2005). 10. J. Wang , Y. Cai, C. Ren, M. Ittmann, Cancer Res 66, 8347 (Sep 1, 2006...Cancer Res 68, 3584 (May 15, 2008). 23. S. Wang et al., Cancer Cell 4, 209 (Sep, 2003). 24. Y. Y. Kisanuki et al., Dev Biol 230, 230 (Feb 15, 2001

  8. Challenging Credit Dominance


    @@ Europe's widening sovereign debt crisis has brought independent credit ratings to the forefront of the EU's agenda.To directly address the mat ter,the EU announced plans to set up a European creditrating authority for sovereign debt ratings on April 30.This marked a milestone in the international credit history,and the beginning of changes to U.S.-dominated international credit ratings and the pattern of international politics and economics,said Sun Zhe,Director of the Center for U.S.

  9. Endocrinology


    5.1.Diabetes mellitus2005316 Associalion between endothelial nitric oxidesynthase gene polymorphism and type 2 diabetic ne-phropathy XING Qian(邢倩),et al.Dept EndocrinoHospital,Dalian Med Univ,Dept Endocrino Hosp,Dalian Med Univ,Dalian 116011.China J EndocrinolMetab,2004;20(5):435-437Objective:To investigate the associantion of an inser-tion/deletion(4b/4a)polymorphism of endothelial nitric

  10. El multilateralismo estratégico en la política exterior de China.

    María Florencia Rubiolo.


    Full Text Available In 1991, Qian Chen, then Minister of Foreign Relations of the People's Republic of China, attended the ASEAN Ministerial Meeting. This event set the beginning of China's opening to multilateralism in the region. After the financial crisis of 1997, this trend became accentu-ated when Beijing took on a role that involved more leadership and initiative in multilateral bodies. In this article we are interested in exploring the role China plays in strategic multilateral regional initiatives.

  11. 循着木屐之声走来——记日本日中友好人士代表团赴绵山栽种“中日友谊林”



    According to a certain document, there is at least 3,000 years' history of Chinese people wearing wooden clogs. “Historical Records”, written by Sima Qian,recorded that Duke Wen of Jin, one of five hegemonies during the Spring and Autumn period, had once worn a pair of clogs to commemorate the death of Jie Zitui,a loyal minister of his. As a result,we have a phrase “zu xia” (under feet).

  12. Role of ERalpha-ERRalpha Heterodimers in Tamoxifen-Resistant Breast Cancers


    Willy, I.R. Murray, J. Qian, B.B. Busch, W.C. Stevens Jr., R. Martin, R. Mohan, S. Zhou, P. Ordentlich, P. Wei, D.W. Sapp , R.A. Horlick, R.A. Heyman, I.G...Sci. USA 101 (2004) 8912–8917. [42] B.B. Busch, W.C. Stevens Jr., R. Martin, P. Ordentlich, S. Zhou, D.W. Sapp , R.A. Horlick, R. Mohan

  13. 略论司马迁的隐逸观--兼及太史公与班固隐逸观的差异%On Sima Qian’ s Seclusion Concept---The Difference between Sima Qian’ s and Ban Gu’ s Seclusion Concepts



    Ban Gu had criticized that Sima Qian retired hermits and praised treacherous hero. The behavior of “retiring her⁃mits” did not refer to that Sima Qian repelled hermits, but was the reflection of different hermit concept between Sima Qian and Ban Gu. Sima Qian was cautious about the earliest happening of ancient hermit phenomenon. He praised the hermits’ ambition and re⁃spected the hermits but did not advocate the hermitage behavior, which was different from the Ban Gu’ s concept of respecting and advocating hermits. These features were not only related with the method of Sima Qian’ s processing historical data and writing tech⁃niques, but also depended on the author’ s aggressive outlook on life.%班固曾批评司马迁“退处士而进奸雄”。“退处士”并非指司马迁排斥隐士,而是司马迁、班固两人不同隐逸观的反映。司马迁对于古代隐逸现象的最早发生持谨慎态度,他褒扬隐士的志节,尊重隐士但不崇尚归隐行为,与班固的既尊隐又崇隐不同。这些特点跟时代风气、司马迁处理史料的方法以及写作手法有关,更取决于作者积极进取的人生观。

  14. A Potent Vector: Assessing Chinese Cruise Missile Developments


    navigation/iner- tial guidance system, but may also use terrain contour mapping for redundant midcourse guidance and a digital scene- matching sensor to...International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Andrew S. Erickson is an Associate Professor in the Strategic Research Department at...coordinating national efforts in ASCM research , design, and licensed production. Established in 1956 with U.S.-trained scientist Qian Xuesen as

  15. Intrusion Detection and Forensics for Self-Defending Wireless Networks


    of security protocols for Wireless LAN, as well as the Return Routability of Mobile IPv6 , an emerging lightweight security protocol in new IPv6 ...ICNP), Nov. 2007. 5. Yao Zhao, Yan Chen, Bo Li, and Qian Zhang, Hop ID: A Virtual Coordinate based Routing for Sparse Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, in...IEEE Transaction on Mobile Computing, Volume 6, Number 9, September 2007. 6. Ehab Al-Shaer and Yan Chen, Integrated Fault and Security Management

  16. QTL Information Table: 633 [Q-TARO

    Full Text Available sf1 Physiological trait Source activity Spikelet fertility RFLP C)Interval F2 Tesan...erval mapping of QTLs for yield and other related characters in rice. Rice Genetics Newsletter 12, 251-253. ... 2 CB A RG374 RG394 rgn Lin, H.X., Qian, H.R., Zhuang, J.Y., Lu, J., Min, S.K., M.Xiong, Z., Huang, N., and Zheng, K.L. (1995). Int

  17. Mesh-free modelling of liquid crystals using modified smoothed particle hydrodynamics

    Yakutovich, Mikhail; Care, Chris; Newton, CJP; Cleaver, Doug


    We present a generalisation of the Modified Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics simulation technique capable of simulating static and dynamic liquid crystalline behaviour. This generalisation is then implemented in the context of the Qian-Sheng description of nematodynamics. To test the method, we first use it to simulate switching in both a Freedericksz setup and a chiral hybrid aligned nematic\\ud cell. In both cases, the results obtained give excellent agreement with previously published results....

  18. Interrogating Spatio-Mechanical EphA2 Signaling in Cancer


    Diego, CA  "Determining if spatio-mechanosensitivity of EphA2 signaling stems from physical impedance of endocytosis." Adrienne Greene, (Poster...EphA2 signaling stems from physical impedance of endocytosis." Adrienne C. Greene (Poster), Systems Imaging: Applications in Immunology and Cencer...Membrane Proteins, June 2011, Snowmass, CO Degrees Obtained  Qian Xu, PhD Funding Applied for Based on Work Supported by this Grant  Adrienne C



    Public Procurators Group Established in Beijing The China Women Public Procurators Association was established November 17, 1994, when the regulations were passed. Chen Muhua and Qian Zhengying are honorary presidents of this association. Huang Qizao, Vice-President of the All-China Women’s Federation, and Jurist Yan Rui are advisers. It is estimated that there are now 26,000 women public procurators in Beijing, accounting for 15.7 percent of the national total.

  20. LXY6090 – a novel manassantin A derivative – limits breast cancer growth through hypoxia-inducible factor-1 inhibition

    Lai, Fangfang; Liu, Qian; LIU, Xiaoyu; Ji, Ming; Xie, Ping; Chen, Xiaoguang


    Fangfang Lai,1 Qian Liu,2 Xiaoyu Liu,3 Ming Ji,1 Ping Xie,3 Xiaoguang Chen1 1Department of Pharmacology, State Key Laboratory of Bioactive Substances and Functions of Natural Medicines, Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College, 2Department of Pharmacology, National Institutes for Food and Drug Control, 3Department of Pharmacochemistry, Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College, Be...

  1. LXY6090 – a novel manassantin A derivative – limits breast cancer growth through hypoxia-inducible factor-1 inhibition

    Lai F; Liu Q; Liu X; Ji M; Xie P; Chen X


    Fangfang Lai,1 Qian Liu,2 Xiaoyu Liu,3 Ming Ji,1 Ping Xie,3 Xiaoguang Chen1 1Department of Pharmacology, State Key Laboratory of Bioactive Substances and Functions of Natural Medicines, Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College, 2Department of Pharmacology, National Institutes for Food and Drug Control, 3Department of Pharmacochemistry, Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College, Be...

  2. Stationary Digital Tomosynthesis System for Early Detection of Breast Tumors


    Detector. Proceeding of SPIE, 2010. 7622: p. 11. 16. Qian, X., et al., Design and characterization of a spatially distributed multibeam field emission x...load at the desired focal spot size and to design the electron focusing optics . Field emission current from CNT cathode was measured for an extended...Finite element analysis was performed to determine the 135 maximum x-ray tube current at the targeted focal spot size and power. Electron beam optics

  3. Combat Identification of Synthetic Aperture Radar Images Using Contextual Features and Bayesian Belief Networks


    object. The second is unsupervised classification , in which the target is assigned to an unknown class. Jain et al.[17] defined the four best 10 known...0277):413–424, 1999. [34] Yang, He, Ben Ma, Qian Du, and Liangpei Zhang. “Comparison of spectral- spatial classification for urban hyperspectral ... classification accuracy at similar or extended operating conditions. Classification accuracy improvements achieved through Bayesian Belief Networks and the direct

  4. Neurological Disorder


    2008563 Skin nerve biopsy in the diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy. QIAN Min(钱敏),et al.Dept Neurol,PUMC & CAMS,Beijing 100730. Chin J Neurol 2008;41(10):666-669. Objective To find out a reference range of epidermal nerve fiber density in normal humans and compare the concordance between clinical features,electrophysiology and the results of skin biopsy.

  5. Corrigendum to "Isometric immersions of generalized Berger spheres in S4(1) and CP2(4) " [J. Geom. Phys. 98 (2015) 21-27

    Li, Qichao


    The author regrets that there was a gap in the proof of the original paper [1]. The gap occurs on pp. 23 where we tried to prove that the generalized Berger spheres isometrically immersed in S4(1) have constant principal curvatures. In this note we fill in the gap by proving the following lemma, and the result in the original paper remains true. The author is grateful to Dr. C. Qian for pointing out the mistake to him.

  6. Acta Aeronautica et Astronautica Sinica (Selected Articles),


    TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1."-Application of -A0aptive Gontrol to W*icraft Sfstems;-by Chen Zhongji and Zhang Hongyue.................................. I 2...Kpplication to Zhin Tfings With A~ack Xngle at Xupersonic and H~personic Speedso by He Longde, Han Yanliang and Qian Fuxing...the best quality copy available. ii APPLICATION OF ADAPTIVE CONTROL TO AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS Chen Zonglf and Zhang Hongyue (Beijing Institute of Aeronautics

  7. BFH-OST, a new predictive screening tool for identifying osteoporosis in postmenopausal Han Chinese women

    Ma Z.; Yang Y.; Lin JS; Zhang XD; Meng Q; Wang BQ; Fei Q


    Zhao Ma, Yong Yang,* JiSheng Lin, XiaoDong Zhang, Qian Meng, BingQiang Wang, Qi Fei* Department of Orthopedics, Beijing Friendship Hospital, Capital Medical University, Beijing, People’s Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this work Purpose: To develop a simple new clinical screening tool to identify primary osteoporosis by dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) in postmenopausal women and to compare its validity with the Osteoporosis Self-Assessment ...

  8. Study of Total Quantity Control of Air Pollutants in Planning Industrial District


    The total quantity control of pollutant emissions for an industrial district is determined by coefficient (A) method (Qian, 1990). It is suggested that average daily concentrations of air pollutants should be estimated in relation with metrological parameters, such as wind directions, wind speed and atmospheric stability in the period of monitoring by Gaussian model (SEPB, 1991), and that the sources of pollution should be redistributed on the basis of the result of monitoring with a view improving local atmosphere environment.

  9. Evaluation of the Performance of Iodine-Treated Biocide Filters Challenged with Bacterial Spores and Viruses


    community acquired pneumonia, Legionella, rhinovirus , measles, meningitis and tuberculosis, in addition to many not known to humans [5]. 1 1.2.2...shapes of aerosols and surface structure —are also important factors in collection on the filters. Qian et al. [16] reported that penetration by...among various fungal spore species depending on the surface structure [18]. Deactivation of previously collected microorganisms is important for two

  10. Luo Haocai Elected New President of CSHRS



    @@ At the first meeting of the Third National Council of China Society for Human Rights Studies(CSHRS) in Beijing on May 10, 2007, more than 120members elected Luo Haocai,a vice-chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), new president of the CSHRS. Cai Wu and Qian Xiaoyu, minister and deputy minister respectively of the State Council Information Office, attended and spoke at the meeting.




    GUIZHOU,known as Qian, is a beautiful province covered in karst formations, primitive forest, numerous sparkling rivers, forests of bamboo, China fir, rung, tea oil, and raw lacquer trees, and intermittently patched with buckwheat fields, rice paddies, vegetable gardens, luscious fruit trees and scented flowering plants and shrubs. Home to waterfalls and canyons, exotic animals, reptiles and birds, and many culturally rich and colorful minority tribes

  12. Photoinduced hydrogen evolution in an artificial system containing photosystem I,hydrogenase,methyl viologen and mercaptoacetic acid

    Dong Jin Qian; Ai Rong Liu; Chikashi Nakamura; Stephan Olav Wenk; Jun Miyake


    Hydrogen evolution was detected in an artificial system composed of light-harvesting unit of purified photosystem Ⅰ, catalyst ofhydrogenase, methyl viologen and electron donor under radiation. Absorption spectral features confirmed that electron transferfrom electron donors to proton was via a photoinduced reductive process of methyl viologen.2008 Dong Jin Qian. Published by Elsevier B.V. on behalf of Chinese Chemical Society. All rights reserved.

  13. Durability and Intelligent Nondestructive Evaluation of Adhesive Composite Joints


    Technical Report No. 10, 1998 [11] A. Spivak and Y. Dzenis, "Model for flexural wave propagation through single lap composite joints", AFOSR Technical...Students Involved in this Project: A. Spivak 1999 UNL Best Graduate Research Assistant Award (two for the University) M. Qin UNL Department of...Engineering Mechanics W. Brooks Fellowship Award (1999) A. Spivak UNL College of Engineering and Technology Milton E. Mohr Fellowship Award (1999) 22 J. Qian

  14. 钱谦益藏书题跋简论



    The prefaces and postscripts of Qian Qianyi's private library are highly academic. He stated clear opinions on those errors in writing and vague meanings which previously couldn't be decided. This academic direction directly influenced The Diligent Reading written by Qian Zeng. Qian Qiany's contribution to ancient books collection lies in raising the academic values of his private library and correcting the academic direction formed since the Qing Dynasty.%钱谦益藏书题跋学术性强,凡文之舛误、义之聚讼,昔人不能明断者,皆确有定见。这一学术方向直接影响了钱曾《读书敏求记》。钱谦益古籍整理与校勘之功,在于提升其所藏之书的学术价值,矫正有清一代学术方向。

  15. Temporal and Spatial Variations of Drought in China: Reconstructed from Historical Memorials Archives during 1689-1911.

    Wan, Jinhong; Yan, Denghua; Fu, Guobin; Hao, Lu; Yue, Yaojie; Li, Ruoxi; Li, Yunpeng; Liu, Jiangang; Deng, Jun


    In China, Zou Zhe (Memorials to the Throne, or Palace Memorials), an official communication to the emperors of China by local officials, offers an opportunity to reconstruct the spatial-temporal distributions of droughts at a high-resolution. A 223-year, 1689-1911, time series of drought events was reconstructed in this study based on 2494 pieces of Zou Zhe. The results show that: 1) on the temporal scale, the drought affected areas, i.e., number of affected counties, showed three peak periods during the last 223 years and nine extreme drought years with more than 300 counties affected have been identified; 2) on the spatial scale, there existed three drought-prone areas in China, i.e., Gansu province and Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in Northwest China, Shandong, Hebei, and Henan provinces and Tianjin in the North China, and Anhui and Jiangsu provinces in Jianghuai area, respectively; 3) the drought-prone areas have been expanding from North China to South China since the second half of 19th century; 4) on the seasonal scale, summer witnessed the largest number of drought events. Meanwhile, the uncertainties of the results were also discussed, i.e. what caused the spatial-temporal distribution of drought. The results of this study can be used to mitigate the adverse effects of extreme weather events on food increasing and stable production.

  16. Antimicrobial Susceptibilities of Aerobic and Facultative Gram-Negative Bacilli from Intra-abdominal Infections in Patients from Seven Regions in China in 2012 and 2013.

    Zhang, Hui; Yang, Qiwen; Liao, Kang; Ni, Yuxing; Yu, Yunsong; Hu, Bijie; Sun, Ziyong; Huang, Wenxiang; Wang, Yong; Wu, Anhua; Feng, Xianju; Luo, Yanping; Hu, Zhidong; Chu, Yunzhuo; Chen, Shulan; Cao, Bin; Su, Jianrong; Gui, Bingdong; Duan, Qiong; Zhang, Shufang; Shao, Haifeng; Kong, Haishen; Badal, Robert E; Xu, Yingchun


    To evaluate the antimicrobial susceptibility of Gram-negative bacilli that caused hospital-acquired and community-acquired intra-abdominal infections (IAIs) in China between 2012 and 2013, we determined the susceptibilities to 12 antimicrobials and the extended-spectrum β-lactamase (ESBL) statuses of 3,540 IAI isolates from seven geographic areas in China in a central laboratory using CLSI broth microdilution and interpretive standards. Most infections were caused by Escherichia coli (46.3%) and Klebsiella pneumoniae (19.7%). Rates of ESBL-producing E. coli (P = 0.031), K. pneumoniae (P = 0.017), and Proteus mirabilis (P = 0.004) were higher in hospital-acquired IAIs than in community-acquired IAIs. Susceptibilities of enterobacteriaceae to ertapenem, amikacin, piperacillin-tazobactam, and imipenem were 71.3% to 100%, 81.3% to 100%, 64.7% to 100%, and 83.1% to 100%, respectively, but imipenem was ineffective against P. mirabilis (Zhe) area where the rates of carbapenem resistance were also highest. Ertapenem, amikacin, piperacillin-tazobactam, and imipenem are the most efficacious antibiotics for treating IAIs in China, especially those caused by E. coli or K. pneumoniae. Resistance to cephalosporins and carbapenems is more common in the Jiang-Zhe area than in other regions in China.

  17. Identifying Core Herbal Treatments for Children with Asthma: Implication from a Chinese Herbal Medicine Database in Taiwan

    Hsing-Yu Chen


    Full Text Available Asthma is one of the most common allergic respiratory diseases around the world and places great burden on medical payment. Chinese herbal medicine (CHM is commonly used for Taiwanese children to control diseases. The aim of this study is to analyze the CHM prescriptions for asthmatic children by using a nationwide clinical database. The National Health Insurance Research Database (NHIRD was used to perform this study. Medical records from 1997 to 2009 with diagnosis with asthma made for children aged 6 to 18 were included into the analysis. Association rule mining and social network analysis were used to analyze the prevalence of single CHM and its combinations. Ma-Xing-Gan-Shi-Tang (MXGST was the most commonly used herbal formula (HF (20.2% of all prescriptions, followed by Xiao-Qing-Long-Tang (13.1% and Xing-Su-San (12.8%. Zhe Bei Mu is the most frequently used single herb (SH (14.6%, followed by Xing Ren (10.7%. MXGST was commonly used with Zhe Bei Mu (3.5% and other single herbs capable of dispelling phlegm. Besides, MXGST was the core formula to relieve asthma. Further studies about efficacy and drug safety are needed for the CHM commonly used for asthma based on the result of this study.

  18. 《杨柳枝》词调溯源及歌舞声情特点%The Origin of"Yang Liuzhi"Poetry and Its Beauty



    北朝乐府《折杨柳》是唐人《杨柳枝》的前身。作为乐府古曲的《折杨柳》,主要抒写离别行旅之苦,唐代《杨柳枝》仍然是以哀怨的声情作为其底色的。《杨柳枝》之舞,主要是摹拟临风而舞的杨柳的姿态,似为软舞。至晚唐薛能,始成健舞。%T he Northern Dynasty's Yuefu poetry "Zhe Yangliu"is the predecessor of "Yang Liuzhi "poetry .As a classic Yuefu "Zhe Yangliu",it mainly describes the pain of separation and long time journey , and so does the "Yang Liuzhi "poetry of Tang Dynasty .The dancing of"Yang Liuzhi "poetry mainly imi-tates the posture of willows swinging in the wind ,which looks like soft dancing .Until the late Tang Dy-nasty ,Xue Neng recreated it as a new popular dance .

  19. Cooling and Exhumation of the Coastal Batholith in the Peruvian Andes (5-12°S)

    Michalak, M.; Hall, S. R.; Farber, D.; Hourigan, J. K.; Audin, L.


    The South American Andes exhibit strong morphological differences along strike, shaped by a combination of tectonic forces and surface processes. In the central Peruvian Andes (~12°S) a major morphological transition occurs; to the north, the spines of the Western and Eastern Cordilleras come together into a relatively narrow configuration of high topography. In Southern Peru, the region of high topography widens, where the Western and Eastern Cordilleras flank the broad, Altiplano plateau. Despite this morphological change, the Mesozoic-early Cenozoic Coastal Batholith outcrops continuously from 0°-18°S along the western margin of the Peruvian Andes, emplaced along a trench-parallel marginal basin in the Mesozoic. The Coastal Batholith is an ideal geologic setting to investigate potential differences in rock exhumation and cooling histories along the western margin of Peru. While the cooling history of the southern Coastal Batholith has been previously used to estimate timing and magnitude of rock exhumation in Southern Peru, north of 12°S it is poorly constrained. We present 16 zircon and 7 apatite (U-Th)/He mean-ages from three sites, across seven degrees of latitude (5°S to 12°S). In general, ZHe and AHe ages capture two stages of cooling, Oligocene-to-mid-Miocene and mid-to-late Miocene, respectively. We model time-temperature histories of samples with paired AHe and ZHe ages using a Monte-Carlo inversion of HeFTy® (Ketcham, 2005); best fit time-temperature pathways show cooling rates ranging from ~2-24°C/my, where fastest cooling rates are generally observed in the mid-Miocene. To estimate exhumation rates, we apply a simple thermal model to account for nonuniform geothermal gradients expected in a trench-arc setting. Exhumation rates range from ~0.2mm/yr in the north, to 0.4-0.7mm/yr in the south, and rates increase orogenward, where mean elevation is highest. These results, particularly the predominance of Miocene ZHe and AHe data, and the younging

  20. Early myocardial damage assessment in dystrophinopathies using 99Tcm-MIBI gated myocardial perfusion imaging

    Zhang L


    Full Text Available Li Zhang,1,* Zhe Liu,2,* Ke-You Hu,3 Qing-Bao Tian,3 Ling-Ge Wei,4 Zhe Zhao,5 Hong-Rui Shen,5 Jing Hu5 1Department of Cardiovascular Disorders, 2Department of Geriatrics, The Third Hospital of Hebei Medical University, 3The Public Health Department, Hebei Medical University, 4Department of Nuclear Medicine, 5Department of Neuromuscular Disorders, The Third Hospital of Hebei Medical University, Shijiazhuang, People’s Republic of China *Li Zhang and Zhe Liu are first coauthors of this paper Background: Early detection of muscular dystrophy (MD-associated cardiomyopathy is important because early medical treatment may slow cardiac remodeling and attenuate symptoms of cardiac dysfunction; however, no sensitive and standard diagnostic method for MD at an earlier stage has been well-recognized. Thus, the aim of this study was to test the early diagnostic value of technetium 99m-methoxyisobutylisonitrile (99Tcm-MIBI gated myocardial perfusion imaging (G-MPI for MD.Methods and results: Ninety-one patients underwent 99Tcm-MIBI G-MPI examinations when they were diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD (n=77 or Becker muscular dystrophy (BMD; n=14. 99Tcm-MIBI G-MPI examinations were repeated in 43 DMD patients who received steroid treatments for 2 years as a follow-up examination. Myocardial defects were observed in nearly every segment of the left ventricular wall in both DMD and BMD patients compared with controls, especially in the inferior walls and the apices by using 99Tcm-MIBI G-MPI. Cardiac wall movement impairment significantly correlated with age in the DMD and BMD groups (rs=0.534 [P<0.05] and rs=0.784 [P<0.05], respectively. Intermittent intravenous doses of glucocorticoids and continuation with oral steroid treatments significantly improved myocardial function in DMD patients (P<0.05, but not in BMD patients.Conclusion: 99Tcm-MIBI G-MPI is a sensitive and safe approach for early evaluation of cardiomyopathy in patients with DMD or BMD

  1. Miocene Onset of Extension in the Turkana Depression, Kenya: Implications for the Geodynamic Evolution of the East African Rift System

    Boone, S.; Gleadow, A. J. W.; Kohn, B. P.; Seiler, C.


    The Paleogene-Recent East African Rift System (EARS) is the foremost modern example of continental rifting, providing much of our understanding of the early stages of continental breakup. The EARS traverses two regions of crustal uplift, the Ethiopian and East African Domes, separated by the Turkana Depression. This wide region of subdued topography coincides with the NW-SE trend of the Jurassic-Paleogene Anza Rift. Opinions on the fundamental geodynamic driver for EARS rifting are divided, however, principally between models involving migrating plume(s) and a single elongated 'superplume'. While competing models have similar topographic outcomes, they predict different morphotectonic evolutions for the Turkana Depression. Models inferring southward plume-migration imply that the plume must have passed below the Turkana Depression during the Paleogene, in order to have migrated to the East African Dome by the Miocene. The possible temporal denudational response to such plume activity is testable using low temperature thermochronology. We present apatite fission track (AFT) and (U-Th)/He (AHe), and zircon (U-Th)/He (ZHe) data from the Lapurr Range, an uplifted Precambrian basement block in northern Turkana. Low radiation damage ZHe results displaying an age range of ~70-210 Ma, and combined with stratigraphic evidence, suggest ~4-6 km of Jurassic-Early Cretaceous denudation, probably associated with early Anza Rift tectonism. AFT ages of ~9-15 Ma imply subsequent burial beneath no more than ~4 km of overburden, thus preserving the Jurassic-Cretaceous ZHe ages. Together with AFT results, AHe data (~3-19 Ma) support ~2-4 km of Miocene-Pliocene uplift of the Lapurr Range in the footwall of the E-dipping Lapurr normal fault. Miocene AFT and AHe ages are interpreted to reflect the initiation of the EARS in the Turkana Depression. If extension is associated with plume activity, then upwelling in the Turkana region is unlikely to have started prior to the Miocene, much

  2. Late Cenozoic acceleration of erosion in the Southern Central Andes revealed by low-temperature thermochronology

    Franziska Stalder, Nadja; Herman, Frédéric; Reiners, Peter W.; Aguilar, German


    The Earth's topography is shaped by feedback mechanisms between tectonics, climate, and surface processes. To understand the influence of these interactions on mountain building processes, one can quantify the temporal and spatial history of exhumation using thermochronology. The Andes are a suitable natural laboratory to study such feedbacks, because they result from the steady subduction of the Nazca plate below the South American plate and their meridional extent crosses several global climate zones. Furthermore, the recent growth of regional low-temperature thermochronological studies led to an extensive data coverage, which can now be inverted to estimate the exhumation history at the scale of a mountain range. In this study, we present a total of 172 new thermochronological AHe, ZHe, and AFT bedrock ages filling remaining data gaps between 26°S and 34°S latitude. To avoid dating of emplacement ages instead of exhumation, ZHe and AFT analyses are restricted to pre-Miocene intrusions only present in the northern part of the study area. From about 31°S to 34°S, the study area covers a key transitional zone where topography decreases, precipitation increases, and the subduction regime changes from flat to steep dip angle. ZHe and AFT ages to the north of 33°S indicate erosion rates lower than 0.2 mm/yr since the Paleogene, except for few localized areas showing middle-to-late Miocene increased exhumation in their AHe ages. To the south of 33°S, two AHe age-elevation profiles reveal ages between 0.5 to 3.5 Ma and suggest intensified erosion during the Plio-Pleistocene relative to the northern area, with southward increasing rates from about 1.3 mm/yr to 3.8 mm/yr. The transition occurs more than 150 km south of the tectonic change in the subduction regime. However, the establishment of the modern atmospheric circulation pattern in the late Pliocene led to increased moisture transport to the North and the initiation of glaciations. Higher precipitation and

  3. 《谁是中国的企业家?》

    龙腾; 范合君


    《美国经济评论》(American Economic Review)2006年5月第96卷第2期530~542页刊登了美国加州大学经济学家Simeon.Djankov,Qian Yingyi(钱颖一),Gerard.Roland以及Ekaterina.Zhuravskaga合作的一篇题为“谁是中国的企业家?”(Who are China’s Entrepreneurs?)的论文。

  4. A novel spray-dried nanoparticles-in-microparticles system for formulating scopolamine hydrobromide into orally disintegrating tablets

    Li FQ; Yan C; Bi J; Lv WL; Ji RR; Chen X; Su JC; Hu JH


    Feng-Qian Li1, Cheng Yan2, Juan Bi1, Wei-Lin Lv3, Rui-Rui Ji3, Xu Chen1, Jia-Can Su3, Jin-Hong Hu31Department of Pharmaceutics, Shanghai Eighth People’s Hospital, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China; 2Department of Pharmacy, Bethune International Peace Hospital, Shijiazhuang, People’s Republic of China; 3Changhai Hospital, Second Military Medical University, Shanghai, People’s Republic of ChinaAbstract: Scopolamine hydrobromide (SH)-loaded microparticl...

  5. China Report Economic Affairs No. 348.


    8217.ung-wei; WEN WEI PO, 20 Apr 83) 74 Hubei Holds Conference To Promote Foreign Investment (Cheng Hsiang ; WEN WEI PO, 3 May 83) 79 Foreign...Yu [Chengdu-Chongqing], Gui-Kun [Guiyang-Kunming], Chuan -Gui [Sichuan-Guizhou] and Xiang-Qian [Hunan-Guizhou] railway lines, built to develop Yunnan...Guizhou and Si- chuan , and the Bao-Lan [Baotou-Lanzhou], Lan-Xin [Lanzhou-Xinjiang] and Lan-Qing [Lanzhou-Qinghai] railway lines, built to develop

  6. 瑞士军刀?医药箱!


    设计师Qian Jiang.Yiying Wu还有Carolina Flores重新定义了瑞士军刀多功能的设计理念。他们以瑞士军刀的外型设计了这个袖珍的医药箱。里面包括了创可贴、用于紧急呼救的的哨子、消毒喷雾和胶囊,真是极富创意而精致的设计。

  7. JPRS Report, Science & Technology, China.


    operation, many studies have been conducted worldwide.3ř In this paper, the development of a poly emitter silicon bipolar npn transistor suitable...electron-hole pair by means of collision ionization in the depletion region of the BC junction.21 Let us use an npn transistor as an example (see...Appraisal [Qian Weihua; WEN HUI BAO, 7 Nov 92] 44 JPRS-CST-92-025 nu. „ 16 December 1992 3 <-«"«« Silicon Bipolar Transistors With Poly Emitter

  8. A Class of Transformation Matrices and Its Applications

    Wenhui Liu


    Full Text Available This paper studies a class of transformation matrices and its applications. Firstly, we introduce a class of transformation matrices between two different vector operators and give some important properties of it. Secondly, we consider its two applications. The first one is to improve Qian Jiling's formula. And the second one is to deal with the observability of discrete-time stochastic linear systems with Markovian jump and multiplicative noises. A new necessary and sufficient condition for the weak observability will be given in the second application.

  9. Roundtable:Research Opportunities and Challenges for Large-Scale Software Systems

    Xusheng Xiao; Jian-Guang Lou; Shan Lu; David C Shepherd; Xin Peng; Qian-Xiang Wang


    For this special section on software systems, six research leaders in software systems, as guest editors for this special section, discuss important issues that will shape this field’s future research directions. The essays included in this roundtable article cover research opportunities and challenges for large-scale software systems such as querying organization-wide software behaviors (Xusheng Xiao), logging and log analysis (Jian-Guang Lou), engineering reliable cloud distributed systems (Shan Lu), usage data (David C. Shepherd), clone detection and management (Xin Peng), and code search and beyond (Qian-Xiang Wang). — Tao Xie, Leading Editor of Software Systems.

  10. Plasmid-encapsulated polyethylene glycol-grafted polyethylenimine nanoparticles for gene delivery into rat mesenchymal stem cells

    Chen X; Zhang LJ; He ZJ; Wang W; Xu B; Zhong Q; Shuai X; Yang L; Deng YB


    Xiao-Ai Chen1,5*, Li-Jun Zhang2*, Zhi-Jie He3, Wei-Wei Wang4, Bo Xu1, Qian Zhong1, Xin-Tao Shuai4, Li-Qun Yang4, Yu-Bin Deng11Department of Pathophysiology, Zhongshan School of Medicine, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China; 2Futian Affiliated Hospital, Guangdong Medical College, Shenzhen, China; 3Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China; 4Institute of Polymer Science, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, BME Center, State Key Laboratory of Optoelec...

  11. Peart Pawden——A Guard Against Aging


    In China, the pearl has always beenconsidered a powerful agent to keep theravages of time at bay. It is said that EmpressWu Zetian of the Tang Dynasty (618-907)took pills made of pearl powder and appliedcream made of the same material to her faceas a way of keeping her beauty. When sheascended the throne at the age of 68, it issaid, she still looked young and beautiful.According to the Records of the Historianwritten by Sima Qian between 104 B.C. and91 B.C., Empress Wu was still full of vigor

  12. Not Congruent but Quite Complementary: U.S. and Chinese Approaches to Nontraditional Security


    integrated and upgraded coast guard to perform more comprehen- sive near-coast duties, which are now performed by all “five dragons ” (maritime enforce- ment...Realizing the dream of an enduring China-U.S. partnership will require concerted efforts from both sides. 1. “China-US Joint Statement,” Ministry...of the Foreign Affairs Office in the Ministry of National Defense, Maj. Gen. Qian Lihua, said that “having an aircraft carrier is the dream of any

  13. Sample sizes in dosage investigational clinical trials: a systematic evaluation

    Huang JH; Su QM; Yang J; Lv YH; He YC; Chen JC; Xu L; Wang K; Zheng QS


    Ji-Han Huang,1,* Qian-Min Su,2,* Juan Yang,1 Ying-Hua Lv,1 Ying-Chun He,1 Jun-Chao Chen,1 Ling Xu,1 Kun Wang,1 Qing-Shan Zheng11Center for Drug Clinical Research, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China; 2Department of Computer, College of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Shanghai University of Engineering Science, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this workAbstract: T...

  14. Cerebrovascular disorder


    930179 A study on senescence of red blood cellin patients with stroke.QIAN Caiyun(钱采韵),et al.Dept Neurol,1st Affili Hosp ZhongshanMed Univ,Guangzhou,510080.Chin J NervMent Dis 1992;18(3):146-148.Measurements of malonyldialdehyde(MDA)and superoxide dismutase(SOD)were per-formed on the patients with cerebral infarction(27 cases),cerebral hemorrhage(18 cases)and42 age-matched healthy controls.The resultsshowed that MDA content increased significant-

  15. Mesh-free modeling of liquid crystals using modified smoothed particle hydrodynamics.

    Yakutovich, M V; Care, C M; Newton, C J P; Cleaver, D J


    We present a generalization of the modified smooth particle hydrodynamics simulation technique capable of simulating static and dynamic liquid crystalline behavior. This generalization is then implemented in the context of the Qian-Sheng description of nematodynamics. To test the method, we first use it to simulate switching in both a Fréedericksz setup and a chiral hybrid aligned nematic cell. In both cases, the results obtained give excellent agreement with previously published results. We then apply the technique in a three-dimensional simulation of the switching dynamics of the post aligned bistable nematic device.

  16. The influence of modern Chinese architectural landscape landscape painting aesthetics



    the modern architecture to the spread of Chinese localization were style of architecture, this article is based on the research on localization urban landscape to explore traditional Chinese landscape painting aesthetics and the cognitive way of Chinese garden aesthetics art, through the Chinese traditional aesthetics to explore the modern people and the nature harmonious living environment, the traditional aesthetic concept of “landscape” for the development of Chinese modern city landscape, qian xuesen proposed the concept of “landscape city” and the development, purpose is to find the environment concept of Chinese national culture characteristics.

  17. Credit checksVS.debit balances


    <正> Lu Qian, a business manager in a Beijing company, faced legal pro ceedings because he failed to make the mortgage loan payments on his newly-purchased house for several months in succession.Lu stopped paying the amounts due to the Beijing-based Haidian branch of China Construction Bank in September 2002, 21 months after the latter had approved a 10-year mortgage worth 4.55 million yuan (US$ 550,000), to be repaid at the rate of 49,000 yuan (US$ 6,000) per month. Demanding the payment from Lu without success, the bank took him to

  18. 铅试金-石墨炉原子吸收测定微量金%Lead Tries Gold-graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Determination of Grace Golden



    adopting containing gold 0.0004 g/tons of YangHuaQian,studied your catch micrograms of technical conditions,amount of gold slag and lead to determine the best ratio,and buckles added silver improve your catch golden effect.%采用含金0.0004克/吨的氧化铅,研究了捕收微克量金的技术条件,确定了渣和铅扣的最佳比,以及加银提高捕收金的效果。

  19. Economists Evaluate China’s 30 Year Reform



    The Guanghua School of Management at Peking Universityorganized a new forum entitled "30 Years of China’s Reform:A Review and Outlook" several months ago,inviting many economists such as Cheng Siwei,Wu Jinglian,Li Yining,Mao Yushi,Zhang Weiying,Justin Lin,Fan Gang,Zhou Qiren,Qian Yingyi and Chen Zhiwu to conduct in-depth analysis and discussion on the issues of widespread concern about 30 Years of China’s Reform.

  20. Codelivery of curcumin and doxorubicin by MPEG-PCL results in improved efficacy of systemically administered chemotherapy in mice with lung cancer

    Wang BL; Shen YM; Zhang QW; Li YL; Luo M; Liu Z; Li Y.; Qian ZY; Gao X; Shi HS


    Bi-Lan Wang,1,* Yong-mei Shen,1,3,* Qiong-wen Zhang,1,* Yu-li Li,1 Min Luo,1 Ze Liu,1,2 Yan Li,1 Zhi-yong Qian,1 Xiang Gao,1 Hua-shan Shi1,2 1State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy and Cancer Center, West China Hospital, West China Medicine School, Sichuan University, Chengdu, Sichuan, 2State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy and Department of Head and Neck Oncology, West China Hospital, West China Medical School, Sichuan University, Chengdu, Sichuan, 3Sichuang Haoyisheng Pharmacy, Chengdu, People&...

  1. Solid State Raman Materials Characterization and Raman Shifting Of 1.3 Micron Laser Radiation


    Cryst. Liq. Cryst. 123 (1985) 295. 5.7. Ichiro Hatta, Thermochimica Acta 304/305 (1997) 27. 5.8. K. Ema, H. Yao, Thermochimica Acta 304/305 (1997) 157...5.9. Yasuo Saruyama, Thermochimica Acta 304/305 (1997) 171. 5.10. M. Castro, J. A. Puertolas, Thermochimica Acta 304/305 (1997) 291. 5.11. D. Finotello...S. Qian, G. S. Iannacchione, Thermochimica Acta 304/305 (1997) 303. 5.12. A.A. Minakov, Yu.V. Bugoslavsky, C. Schick, Thermochimica Acta 317 (1998

  2. Prevention


    950429 Implementation of national tuberculosis con-trol programme(focus on registration,case-manage-ment and treatment).QIAN Yuanfu(钱元福),et al.Nation Tuberc Contr Center.Public Health Ministr,Beijing,101149.Chin J Tuberc & Respir Dis 1995;18(1):16-18.The results of three nationwide epidemiological sur-veys on tuberculosis showed that the declination in theincidence of tuberculosis from 1979 to 1990 was slowThe rates of case registration and new case registrationrates within ten years(1982~1991) were graduallyincreasing year by year and came to a climax in 1988.

  3. What is "meta-" for?



    This paper revisits Qian Zhongshu's theory of vehicular diversity and multivalency in an attempt to question the plausibility and necessity of postulating conceptual metaphors that have dominated so much of our contemporary discussions of metaphor. Using examples from both Chinese and English, it tries to show that conceptual metaphors are nothing more than linguists'meta-metaphorical constructs whose number could proliferate towards infinity due to the polysemic nature of figurative expressions. It also argues that lower-level semantic associations between the vehicle and the tenor are sufficient for explaining the existence or the emergence of a metaphor.

  4. After Sang Lan Fell


    SANG Lan lies quietly in her bed, her pretty face composed and sweet. The 17-year-old Chinese gymnast looks more like a little girl than an experienced athlete, and yet she has displayed tremendous strength after a terrible accident on the vault on July 21st that left her paralyzed. Sang was sleeping when Chinese Vice Premier Qian Qichen arrived at her Nassau County Medical Center room for a visit. Since the most frightful tragedy of the Goodwill Games happened right before the eyes of thousands of audience members, the Chinese national vaulting champion has become the focus of people all over the

  5. 读书(英文)


    Fortress Besieged 《围城》 Author: Qian Zhongshu (Translated by Jeanne Kelly and Nathan K. Mao) Publisher: New Directions Publishing Corp First published in China in 1947, Fortress Besieged is arguably the greatest Chinese novel written during the 20th century. Set in the days leading up to the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression (1937-1945), the hapless hero, Fang Hung-chien, with no particular goal in life and with a bogus degree from a fake university in hand, returns home to Shanghai. On the Fr...

  6. Qian′an County The cause of the degradation of shelter forest and reform measures%吉林省乾安县退化防护林的成因及改造措施

    韩国林; 李新华; 于世宏; 于学


    Qian ′an degradation of shelter forest area has 13% of the total area of into the existing protection forest,There is a growing trend ,For reverse shelter forest decline ,In this paper,the reasons and modification measures for protection forest degradation.%吉林省乾安县退化防护林面积已经占到现有防护林总面积的13%,且呈增长趋势。为扭转防护林衰退的局面,阐述了该县防护林的退化原因和改造措施。

  7. Tissue engineering scaffold material of porous nanohydroxyapatite/polyamide 66

    Xu, Qian


    Qian Xu1, Hongyan Lu1, Jingchao Zhang1, Guoyu Lu2, Zhennan Deng2, Anchun Mo31State Key Laboratory of Oral Diseases, Sichuan University, Chengdu, 610041, P.R. China; 2Research Center for Nano-Biomaterials, Sichuan University, Chengdu, 610064, P.R. China; 3Department of Oral Implant, West China College of Stomatology, Sichuan University, Chengdu, 610041, P.R. ChinaAbstract: The aim of the study was to investigate a porous nanohydroxyapatite/polyamide 66 (n-HA/PA66) scaffold material that was im...

  8. Study of Total Quantity Control of Air pollutants in Planning Industrial District



    The total quantity control of pollutant emissions for an industrial district is determined by coefficient(A) method(Qian,1990).It is suggested that average daily concentrations of air pollutants should be estimated in relation with metrological parameters,such as wind directions,wind speed and atmospheric stability in the period of moniforing by Gaussian model(SEPB,1991),and that the sources of Pollution should be redistributed on the basis of the resulf of monitoring with a view improving local atmosphere environment.

  9. 梅花草属四个种的新异名%Four New Synonyms of Four Species in the Genus Parnassia(Parnassiaceae)

    吴丁; 高连明; 王红; 李德铢


    将丽江梅花草(Parnassia lijiangensis Ku)处理为凹瓣梅花草(P.mysorensis Heyne ex Wight et Arn.)的异名;彝良梅花草(P.yiliangensis Ku)处理为大叶梅花草(P.monochorifolia Franch.) 的异名;思茅梅花草(P.simaoensis Y.Y.Qian)处理为鸡眼草(P.wightiana Wall.ex Wight & Arn.)的异名;龙胜梅花草(P.longshengensis Ku)处理为宽叶梅花草(P.dilatata Hand.-Mazz.)的异名.

  10. 新粒子Y玻色子



    Y bosons, is to use the I ching mechanism of deduction particles.《I ching》is the Chinese ancient classics, profound mystery. Mechanism of the I ching is the "the tao gave birth to a new one, one gave birth to two, two gave birth to four, four gave birth to eight, eight gave birth to sixty-four". With mechanism of the I ching"64"deduction standard model particles, much more than the higgs mechanism+Y boson (QianQian zi) and-Y boson (KunKun zi). +Y boson (QianQian zi) and-Y boson (KunKun zi), is a new member of the boson particle. With new members-is Z boson particle research at the end of the end, also cannot call the"god particle".+Y boson is not the end of the particle research, continue to exercise in the I ching mechanism, there are many particles needs people to know.%新粒子“Y玻色子”,是用易经机制推演粒子所得。用易经机制“64”标准模型推演粒子,比希格斯机制多了+Y玻色子(乾乾子)和-Y玻色子(坤坤子)。+Y玻色子(乾乾子)和-Y玻色子(坤坤子),是玻色子粒子中的新成员。既然有了新成员,-Z玻色子就不是粒子研究的最后终结,也不能称其谓“上帝粒子”。Y玻色子也不是粒子研究的终结,用易经机制继续推演,还有众多粒子有待人们去认识。

  11. Novel Coatings for Enhancement of Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs)


    nano-scale YAG:Ce+3 ,’ Qian Li, Lian Gao, and Dongsheng Yan, Materials Chemistry and Physics, 64 (2000) 41). In brief: Nanoscale powders of cerium -doped...observed in fluorides . Jaffe [14] reports for Eu +:A120 3 an absorption peak at a wavelength of 380 nm and an emission peak at a wavelength of 480 nm...R. Metselaar, "Luminescence properties of terbium-, cerium -, or europium-doped c•-SiA1ON ceram- ics", J. Solid State Chemistry, 165, 19-24 (2002). 31

  12. Eumeces capito: A Lizard New To Guizhou Province%贵州省爬行类新纪录——黄纹石龙子

    龚大洁; 张永宏; 孙立新; 令利军; 闫礼


    2011年7月30日在贵州省黔东南布依族苗族自治州从江县秀塘乡九万大山采得石龙子1只,经鉴定为黄纹石龙子( Eumeces capito),为贵州省爬行动物新纪录.%A sample of lizard was collected from Jiuwanda Mountain in Xiutang Village of Congjiang County, Qian Southeast of the Buyi and Miao Nationality Autonomous Prefecture,in Guizhou Province on July 30,2011. It was identified as Eumeces capito which was a Reptilian new to Guizhou Province.

  13. Cross Directorate Proposal: Nanostructured Materials for Munitions and Propellants-Production, Modeling, and Characterization


    Professor Tim Weih’s group at Johns Hopkins University who have utilized a nanocalorimetry technique developed at NIST, sensitive to thin films of energetic...Qian, B.C. Sweeny, A.C. Johnston -Peck, W. Niu, J.O. Graham, J.S. DuChene, J. Qiu, Y-C Wang, M.H. Engelhard, D. Su, E.A. Stach, and W.D. Wei “Surface...Defense Technical Info Center AFRL/RWME (1) 8725 John J. Kingman Rd Ste 0944 AFRL/RWORR (STINFO Office) (1) Fort Belvoir VA 22060-6218

  14. BESCT (Biology, Education, Screening, Chemoprevention and Treatment) Program


    Qian T, Trost LC, Elmore SP, Nishimura Y, Crowe RA, Cascio WE, Bradham CA, Brenner DA and Herman B. (1998). Biochim. Biophys. Acta., 1366, 177–196...82. 46. Qiu RG, Chen J, Kirn D, McCormick F, Symons M. An essential role for Rac in Ras transformation. Nature 1995;374:457^9. 47. Hess P, Pihan Herman et al. (15). Briefly, DNA was denatured with 2 M NaOH, followed by treatment with 10 mM hydroqui- none and 3 M sodium bisulfite (Sigma

  15. The spectrum of a turbulent passive scalar in the viscous-convective range

    Qian, J.


    The closed equations of isotropic turbulence, obtained by the method of nonequilibrium statistical mechanics and a perturbation-variation approach (Qian 1983, 1985, 1988), are applied to the study of the spectrum dynamics of a turbulent passive scalar in the viscous-convective range. Batchelor's 1/k spectrum is further confirmed. Moreover, the effective average value of the least principal rate of strain gamma in Batchelor's spectrum function is theoretically evaluated, and the results are in agreement with experimental data reported by Grant et al. (1968) and Williams and Paulson (1977).

  16. Nanophotonic Devices in Silicon for Nonlinear Optics


    34 presented at the Group IV Photonics, Beijing, China, Sept. 1-3, 2010, Paper ThC7. [9] Po Dong, Shirong Liao, Dazeng Feng, Hong Liang, Dawei Zheng...Roshanak Shafiiha, Cheng- Chih Kung, Wei Qian, Guoliang Li, Xuezhe Zheng, Ashok V. Krishnamoorthy, and Mehdi Asghari, "Low Vpp, ultralow-energy...with 0.65 V half wave voltage at 1550 nm," Appl. Phys. Lett., vol. 91, 093505, 2007. [17] T. Baehr-Jones, M. Hochberg, Guangxi Wang , R. Lawson, Y

  17. 40Ar/39Ar geochronology and exhumation of mylonitized metamorphic complex in Changle-Nanao ductile shear zone

    王志洪; 卢华复


    New 40Ar/39Ar plateau ages from rocks of Changle-Nanao ductile shear zone are 107.9 Ma(Mus), 108.2 Ma(Bi), 107. 1 Ma(Bi), 109. 2 Ma(Hb) and 117. 9 Ma(Bi) respectively, which are concordant with their isochron ages and record the formation age of the ductile shear zone. The similarity and apparent overlap of the cooling ages with respective closure temperatures of 5 minerals document initial rapid uplift during 107-118 Ma following the collision between the Min-Tai microcontinent and the Min-Zhe Mesozoic volcanic arc. The 40Ar/39Ar plateau ages, K-Ar date of K-feldspar and other geochronologic information suggest that the exhumation rate of the ductile shear zone is about 0.18-1.12 mm/a in the range of 107-70 Ma, which is mainly influenced by tectonic extension.

  18. Analysis of sea surface temperature fronts in the Taiwan Strait and its adjacent area using an advanced edge detection method


    A morphology-based edge detection method has been used to study sea surface temperature (SST) fronts in the Taiwan Strait and its adjacent area. The method is based on mathematical morphology with multi-dimensional and multi-structural elements. Using six years’ SST data from September 2002 to August 2008, we distinguished the large SST front like Kuroshio Front as well as the smaller ones: namely Taiwan Bank Front, Zhe-Min Coastal Front and Zhang-Yun Ridge Front. The seasonal and monthly variations of these fronts were also studied. Generally, the SST fronts are stronger in winter but weaker in summer. And the fronts are at their active stage during the period from January to May but at their declining stage during the period from July to October.

  19. 汉语流行口语——“推卸”类


    I'm Here, Am I Not?我这不是来了吗?Wo zhe bushi lai le ma? Some people like finding excuses-such as traffic jams or having been busy with something-for arriving late, rather than apologizing. Sometimes, they even blame their critics, by saying "I'm here, am I not," as if they have been wronged by others. Example例句: 1. A: Well, everyone who ought to come has come. Oh, why isn't Lao Li here yet? B: (Lao Li hurries in, panting heavily, and takes a seat) But I'm here already! A:啊,该来的差不多都来了。咦!老李怎么还没来?B:(老李喘着粗气跑进来坐下)我...

  20. Tagging RAPD markers to a bacterial blight resistance gene in rice


    @@The somaclonal mutant HX_3 has shown a broad spectrum resistance to bacterial blight. To study the inheritance of the bacterial blight resistance in HX_3, a cross was made between HX_3 and a susceptible cultivar Longtefu A. The F2 population of 418 plants was inoculated with Chinese bacterial blight strain Zhe 173 (pathotype Ⅳ ). Results showed that the F2 progenies segregated in a ratio of 3R∶ 1S (324 resistant plants and 94 susceptible plants). From the plants tested, 114 individuals (86 resistant and 28 susceptible) were chosen randomly for RAPD analysis. Twelve highly resistant and 12 highly susceptible plants were selected to form a resistant pool and a susceptible pool, respectively.

  1. A Discussion on the Universality Of Face



    this paper strongly supports zhe argument that different cultures find expression in different systems of speech acts and that different speech acts become entrenched and to some extent, codified in different languages. Indeed, speakers of a given culture have been shown to have mutually shared expectations about what the appropriate behavior and its social meaning are in different contexts. For compliment responses, the practice in English culture, which places special emphasis on agreement in discoursal activities, appears to be for the speaker to respond to compliments with acceptance forms. By contrast, Chinese attaches a high value to relative power and modesty in spoken interactions, respond to compliments with non-acceptance forms. However it requires great efforts for the exploration of the dimensions of politeness across native Chinese and English speaker to show the importance of a culture for its speakers' speech act performance.

  2. [Study of literature on disease in the Rongchengshi of the Warring States].

    Luo, Bao-Zhen


    Many scholars have studied and disputed over the names of diseases recorded in Rongchengshi, bamboo slips of the Chu kingdon in the Warring States collected in the Shanghai Museum. According to comments of scholars and other literature it could be concluded: JinLong in slip 2 and AnLong in slip 36 means deaf-mutism; MaoFa in slip 2 means blindness; PiBi in slip 2 means lameness; ZhangZhe in slip 2 means persons who are strong and tall; An in slip 3 that it is the variant form of Ying, which means thyroid enlargement; Lou in slip 2 it means kyphosis of the spine; Xia in slip 3 it means pruritus and scabies; Δ in slip 36 means blindness; and Shang in slip 37 means bald head.

  3. Petrochemical Enterprise Equipment Tendering Evaluation Methods Are Discussed%石化企业设备招标评标方法探讨



    Petrochemical enterprise equipment tendering the bid assessment methods, is using the bid assessment standards reviews, compare the concrete method of the bidding scheme actor. Petrochemical enterprise equipment tendering evaluation methods to implement the scientific equal competition, fair and reasonable choice ZhongBiaoZhe is extremely important. This paper discusses its bid assessment method.%石化企业设备招标评标的方法,是运用评标标准评审、比较投标方案优劣的具体方法。石化企业设备招标评标方法的科学性对于实施平等的竞争、公正合理地选择中标者是极其重要的。本文探讨了其评标方法。

  4. Propagations of fluctuations and flow separation on an unsteadily loaded airfoil

    Tenney, Andrew; Lewalle, Jacques


    We analyze pressure data from 18 taps located along the surface of a DU-96-W180 airfoil in bothand steady flow conditions. The conditions were set to mimic the flow conditions experienced by a wind turbine blade under unsteady loading to test and to quantify the effects of several flow control schemes. Here we are interested in the propagation of fluctuations along the pressure and suction sides, particularly in relation to the fluctuating separation point. An unsteady phase of the incoming fluctuations is defined using Morlet wavelets, and phase-conditioned cross-correlations are calculated. Using wavelet-based pattern recognition, individual events in the pressure data are identified with several different algorithms utilizing both the original time series pressure signals and their corresponding scalograms. The data analyzed in this study was collected by G. Wang in the Skytop anechoic chamber at Syracuse University in the spring of 2013; the work of Zhe Bai on this data is also acknowledged.

  5. Five Dragons Stirring Up the Sea: Challenge and Opportunity in China’s Improving Maritime Enforcement Capabilities (China Maritime Study, Number 5)


    Carrying and Use of AIS Equipment aboard Chinese Ships], 中 国海事 [China Maritime Affairs] (July 2006), pp. 35–37; 张哲, 卢言朋, 邓霞 [Zhang Zhe , Lu Yanpeng, and...Regarding typhoon preparedness and response, see, for example, 王海潮 [ Wang Haichao], “台 风: 考验海上灾害预警机制” [Typhoon: A Test for the Maritime Disaster...Aquaculture Country Profiles: five dragons stirring up the sea 37 China,” and also from 李德水, 王曙光 [Li Deshui and Wang Shugang], 中国海洋统计年鉴 2004 [China

  6. China-Africa Seeking Equality


    In the context of today’s globalization,peace and stability will not prevail in the world unless they first materialize in Africa.This is the view of Liu Guijin,Special Representative of the Chinese Government for African Affairs.As long as the African continent is mired in pov- erty,wars and chaos,the world will not be able to embrace common prosperity,said Liu.He is calling for the international community to assist the continent in resolving its problems with concrete actions,an endeavor that requires the collaboration of all countries and regions, including those from Europe,China and Africa.Liu recently made these and other assessments on the China-Africa connection at a joint interview with CHINAFRICA reporter Wang Zhe and Beijing Review reporter Yan Wei.The main points follow:

  7. Occurrence of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in seawater from the Western Taiwan Strait, China.

    Wu, Yu-Ling; Wang, Xin-Hong; Li, Yong-Yu; Hong, Hua-Sheng


    Seawater samples (including surface water and bottom water) were collected from the Western Taiwan Strait (WTS) during June 24-25, 2009; polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in dissolved phase and particulate phase were analyzed, respectively. The results showed that the total concentrations of PAHs in the dissolved phase and particulate phase were ranged from 12.3 to 58.0 ng L(-1), and 10.3-45.5 ng L(-1), which showed a low-middle contamination level in the China Seas. The spatial variability of PAHs may be related to the complicated currents of WTS, especially the Min-Zhe coastal current. PAHs diagnostic ratios suggested that PAHs mainly originated from the inputs of pyrolytic (combustion) sources, which might be contributed to land-based atmospheric deposition. The particle-water partition coefficients of individual PAH showed that partitions were not correlated with suspended particulate matter content, dissolved organic carbon or salinity, similar to the Yangtze coastal area.

  8. Resistance to Bacterial Leaf Blight in a Somaclonal Rice Mutant HX-3 at Cellular Level

    GAO Dong-ying; ZHOU Yi-hong; HUANG Xue-qing; SUN Li-hua; LIU Ai-min


    The interaction between rice host and its pathogen Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae (Xoo) at cellular level was studied by using a resistant somaclonal mutant HX-3 and its susceptable donor Minghui 63. After inoculation with Xoo strain Zhe 173 (Chinese pathotype Ⅳ), the activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD) and peroxidase (POD) in the callus of Minghui 63 was increased dramatically, and the active oxygen(O2 - .) was produced at a higher rate; Meanwhile, the callus grew slowly with the reduction of protein content. Compared to the activity of SOD and POD, the production rate of O2-. and the fresh weight in HX-3 callus varied little after the inoculation. It could be proposed that there were great differences between the resistance of HX-3 and Mighui 63 at cellular level. There was no difference detected concerning resistance to bacterial leaf blight in HX-3 between the plant and the callus.

  9. Current perspectives on the role of TRAMP in nuclear RNA surveillance and quality control

    Pan K


    Full Text Available Kewu Pan, Zhe Huang, Jimmy Tsz Hang Lee, Chi-Ming Wong State Key Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Department of Medicine, Shenzhen Institute of Research and Innovation, the University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam, Hong Kong Abstract: The TRAMP complex assists the nuclear exosome to degrade a broad range of ribonucleic acid (RNA substrates by increasing both exoribonucleolytic activity and substrate specificity. However, how the interactions between the TRAMP subunits and the components of the nuclear exosome regulate their functions in RNA degradation and substrate specificity remain unclear. This review aims to provide a summary of the recent findings on the role of the TRAMP complex in nuclear RNA degradation. The new insights from recent structural biological studies are discussed. Keywords: TRAMP, nuclear exosome, NEXT, RNA surveillance

  10. 大象和小象



    <正> 盛夏(sheng xia),骄(jiao)阳似火。大象妈妈用自己的身子搭(da)成一个活动的凉棚(liang peng),为小象遮挡(zhe dang)住灼(zhuo)人的阳光。听着妈妈呼哧(hu chi)呼哧的喘息(chuan xi)声,看着妈妈顺着四肢流淌(liu tang)的汗水,小象非常感动:"我能为妈妈做点什么呢?"于是,他扇(shan)动着两只像蒲(pu)扇一

  11. 对西安市东郊唐墓出土契丹王墓志的解读%Decipherment of the Qidan King Epitaph Unearthed from a Tang Tomb in the Eastern Suburb of Xi'an City



    In 2001, the epitaph of Qidan King Li Guo Zhe was unearthed from a tomb of the Tang period in the eastern suburb of Xi'an City. The text consists of 369 characters in 19 lines. It records the relationship of Qidan with the Tang Dynasty in the Kaiyuan reign, reflects the contradiction and differentiation in the Qidan ruling group and the policy of the Tang court in the borderland, and narrates Li's career and his posterity's servicing the Tang Dynasty. Combining the text with historical records, the present paper makes a detailed analysis of the fact that Li died in the Qidan territory but his tomb was discovered in the area of the Tang capital Chang'an. The epitaph offers invaluable evidence for the academic study of the early Qidan's activities and their relationship with the "Fang Dynasty.

  12. 荒诞的故事




  13. Accessing probable thermal histories through dispersed, partially-reset zircon (U-Th)/He ages

    Powell, Jeremy; Schneider, David


    We have applied the ZRDAAM model (Guenthner et al., 2013; Am. J. Sci. 313) to assess the thermal evolution of the Neoproterozoic stratigraphy of the Mackenzie Mountain fold-thrust belt (NWT, Canada), which witnessed protracted (100's m.y.) cooling through the uppermost crust. Single crystal ZHe dates from rocks in the cores of anticlines span 432 ± 35 Ma to 46 ± 4 Ma, with intrasample ZHe date dispersion as great as 350 m.y., indicating that the strata have not been heated sufficiently to fully reset the zircon (U-Th)/He system. The modeling has its most utility in samples where self-irradiation of zircon has occurred over long geologic timescales without significant annealing of damaged zones. Partially- to fully-reset detrital datasets can contain a tremendous amount of T-t information, due to the wide range in grain size, eU, and potential for variable pre-depositional histories and inherited radiation damage in the zircon population. These variables result in a broad spectrum of closure temperatures within a single sample, and in tectonic settings where strata are never buried to sufficiently high temperatures can potentially record more than the most recent thermal event. Additionally, modeling of these datasets has added value in strata where apatite is absent or too small for (U-Th)/He analysis, as highly damaged zircon can record similar parts of the cooling history as the apatite He system. However, several factors complicate interpretation of these datasets including the influences of pre-depositional history (e.g. inherited 4He and radiation damage, on ZHe dates and date-eU relationships). As a result of these variables, sampling from the same stratigraphic succession can yield substantially different ZHe date populations, despite having experienced the same T-t history, should the strata have different grain sizes or provenance. For these reasons, we believe that detailed thermal modeling is required to understand the probable geologic history

  14. The Researches of CEO Human Resource Value Evaluation System---the Empirical Study Based on Zhejiang Listed Companies%CEO人力资源价值评价体系构建--基于浙江上市公司的实证分析

    金惠红; 胡洁; 薛希鹏


    本文旨在构建CEO 人力资源价值评价体系。本研究在综述前人研究的基础上构建了CEO人力资源价值的四个维度,即人口特征价值、能力价值、商业伦理价值、社会资本价值等。并利用75家典型浙江上市公司样本数据,通过实证分析,验证了CEO 人力资源价值及其四个维度与企业绩效均存在显著正相关关系。其中,四个维度对企业绩效的解释力从高到低的排序为商业伦理价值、社会资本价值、能力价值、人口特征价值。%The purpose of this paper is to build a CEO human resource value evaluation system. We constructed four aspects of CEO human resource value, which is CEO population characteristic value, ability value, business ethics value and social capital value on the basis of predecessors ’ researches. And based on related data of samples of 75 typical ZheJiang listed companies, we used empirical analysis to verify that CEO human resource value of ZheJiang listed companies and four aspects of it have a significant positive correlation relationship with enterprise performance. Among them, the order of the explanatory power of the four aspects to enterprise performance, which is from high to low, is business ethics value, social capital value, ability value and population characteristic value.

  15. 加快高等教育改革创新支撑创新驱动发展战略--浙江省实施区域创新驱动发展情况调研报告%Accelerate the Reform and Innovation of Higher Education and support the strategy of Innovation-driven Development---Research Report on the Strategy of Regional Innovation - driven Development in Zhejiang Province



    实施创新驱动发展战略,奏响了打造浙江经济“升级版”的时代强音,同时赋予浙江高等教育新的历史使命和发展机遇。为深入了解和掌握浙江高等教育支撑区域创新驱动发展的现状,课题组针对部分企业和高校展开调研,认真总结浙江省高等教育服务创新驱动的实践经验,分析浙江省高等教育在支撑创新驱动方面存在的主要问题,并借鉴国内外的经验做法,提出若干具体对策建议,供政府相关部门决策参考。%To implement the strategy of innovation - driven development and play the sound of the age in build-ing“upgraded version”economy in Zhejiang and gave new historical mission and development opportunities to Zhe-jiang higher education at the same time,in order to understand and master the situation of supporting the strategy of innovation - driven development of Zhejiang higher education,the research group investigated some enterprises and u-niversities,conscientiously sum up the practical experience of supporting the innovation - driven development of Zhe-jiang higher education,analyzed the main problems,and borrowed the domestic and foreign experiences for refer-ences,put forward several policy suggestions which provide referential value for the relevant government departments.

  16. Multiple low-temperature thermochronology constraints on exhumation of the Tatra Mountains: New implication for the complex evolution of the Western Carpathians in the Cenozoic

    Anczkiewicz, Aneta Agnieszka; Danišík, Martin; Środoń, Jan


    The tectonothermal evolution of the highest mountain range in the Carpathian arc—the Tatra Mountains— is investigated by zircon and apatite fission track and zircon (U-Th)/He (ZHe) dating methods in order to unravel the disputed exhumation and geodynamic processes in the Western Carpathians. Our data in combination with geological evidences reveal a complex Cenozoic history, with four major tectonothermal events: (i) a very low grade metamorphism of the crystalline basement at temperatures >240°C due to tectonic burial during the Eo-Alpine collision in the Late Cretaceous (~80 Ma); (ii) exhumation and cooling of the basement to temperatures 150°C after burial to 5-9 km depths by the Paleogene fore-arc basin; (iv) final exhumation of the segmented basement blocks during Oligocene-Miocene (32-11 Ma) owing to lateral extrusion of the North Pannonian plate and its collision with the European foreland. The spatial pattern of thermochronological data suggests asymmetric exhumation of the Tatra Mountains, beginning in the northwest at ~30-20 Ma with low cooling rates (~1-5°C/Ma) and propagating toward the major fault bounding the range in the south, where the youngest cooling ages (16-9 Ma) and fastest cooling rates (~10-20°C/Ma) are found. Our data prove that the Tatra Mountains shared Cenozoic evolution of other crystalline core mountains in the Western Carpathians. However, the Miocene ZHe ages suggest that the Tatra Mountains were buried to the greatest depths in the Paleogene-Early Miocene and experienced the greatest amount of Miocene exhumation.


    Crapse, K.; Cozzi, A.; Crawford, C.; Jurgensen, A.


    In order to assess the effect of extended curing times at elevated temperatures on saltstone containing Tank 48H waste, saltstone samples prepared as a part of a separate study were analyzed for benzene using a modification of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) method 1311 Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP). To carry out TCLP for volatile organic analytes (VOA), such as benzene, in the Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL) shielded cells (SC), a modified TCLP Zero-Headspace Extractor (ZHE) was developed. The modified method was demonstrated to be acceptable in a side by side comparison with an EPA recommended ZHE using nonradioactive saltstone containing tetraphenylborate (TPB). TCLP results for all saltstone samples tested containing TPB (both simulant and actual Tank 48H waste) were below the regulatory limit for benzene (0.5 mg/L). In general, higher curing temperatures corresponded to higher concentrations of benzene in TCLP extract. The TCLP performed on the simulant samples cured under the most extreme conditions (3000 mg/L TPB in salt and cured at 95 C for at least 144 days) resulted in benzene values that were greater than half the regulatory limit. Taking into account that benzene in TCLP extract was measured on the same order of magnitude as the regulatory limit, that these experimental conditions may not be representative of actual curing profiles found in the saltstone vault and that there is significant uncertainty associated with the precision of the method, it is recommended that to increase confidence in TCLP results for benzene, the maximum curing temperature of saltstone be less than 95 C. At this time, no further benzene TCLP testing is warranted. Additional verification would be recommended, however, should future processing strategies result in significant changes to salt waste composition in saltstone as factors beyond the scope of this limited study may influence the decomposition of TPB in saltstone.

  18. Constraining the age of Liuqu Conglomerate, southern Tibet: Implications for tectonic evolution of the Indus-Yarlung Suture Zone

    Li, G.; Sandiford, M.; Kohn, B.


    The depositional age and provenance of the Liuqu Conglomerate (LC), distributed along the Indus-Yarlung suture zone (IYSZ) in South Tibet, remain controversial, leading to different interpretations, such as a Paleogene basin deposited during India-Asia collision (Wang et al., 2010) or the result of the collision between India and an intra-oceanic arc (Aitchison et al., 2007). Here, we report low-temperature thermochronometry data (apatite fission track, apatite and zircon U-Th/He) for the LC in the Xigaze area, to constrain its depositional age, provenance and burial-exhumation history. Five samples from Liuqu yielded consistent AFT ages of ~6-8Ma, and dispersed single-grain AFT ages of six samples range from ~ 140 to 5 Ma, and single grain AFT ages for grains with >0.4 Cl (wt%) content was calculated three age-peaks of ~16.4 ±3.0, 37.3 ± 6.4 and 89.5 ± 22.2 Ma. Four groups of detrital ZHe ages, including 18 scattered single grain ages in the range of ~20 - 107.9 Ma, yielded four age peaks of ~20, 37, 66 and 104 Ma. We interpret the AHe ages of the LC as having been completely thermally reset, while AFT ages have been partially annealed and ZHe ages have not been thermally reset, suggesting that the post-depositional maximum temperature of the LC was > 80 °C and Wang, J.G., Hu, X.M., Wu, F.Y., and Jansa, L., 2010, Provenance of the Liuqu Conglomerate in southern Tibet: A Paleogene erosional record of the Himalayan-Tibetan orogen: Sedimentary Geology, v. 231, p. 74-84, doi:10.1016/j.sedgeo.2010.09.004.

  19. GAIA modeling of electrodynamics in the lower ionosphere during a severe solar flare event

    Matsumura, M.; Shiokawa, K.; Shinagawa, H.; Jin, H.; Fujiwara, H.; Miyoshi, Y.; Otsuka, Y.


    Recent studies indicated that the ionospheric F-region disturbances due to solar flare irradiance are controlled not only by photoionization but also by electrodynamical changes of the ionosphere [Liu et al., 2007; Qian et al., 2012]. The electric field changes during solar flare events occur mainly in the E-region due to the X-ray flux enhancement, and in the equatorial counter electrojet regions the eastward electric field turns into westward below 107-km altitude [Manju and Viswanathan, 2005]. The TIME-GCM model has been used to investigate the flare-related electrodynamics of the ionosphere [Qian et al., 2012]. However, the model did not consider the flare effects at altitudes below 97 km due to the ionospheric lower boundary of the model. On the other hand, the GAIA model [Jin et al., 2011] can simulate electron density variations and electrodynamics around and below 100 km because the model does not have the limitation of the lower boundary. We have improved the GAIA model to incorporate the Flare Irradiance Spectral Model (FISM) [Chamberlin et al., 2007; 2008] to understand the global response of the whole ionosphere including E and D regions to the solar flares. We have performed a simulation for the X17 flare event of October 28, 2003, and have showed that soft X-ray considerably enhances conductivity even at an altitude of 80 km. We will report its effect on the ionospheric electric field and the equatorial electrojet currents.

  20. The Modern Value of Chinese Literary Criticism——Image Criticism Method as the Center%论古代文学批评的现代价值——以意象批评法为中心



    It points out that ancient literary criticism has its peculiar value.In the book of Qian Zhong-shu,Qian vividly,precisely and appropriately reflects the poet's style and genre with the method of image criticism.The literary criticism widely used before can still be applied now.And researches prove that it is necessary to let the ancient literature research return tothe traditional characteristics of Chinese literature.%古代文学批评有它独特的现代价值,前辈学术大师已做出很好的榜样,如《宋诗选注》中钱锺书利用意象批评执简驭繁、由博返约、精当传神地反映出宋诗特征。意象批评法应有其现代价值,藉此方法,可使文学批评回归文学本体、回归批评本体。

  1. 15th International Conference on Man–Machine–Environment System Engineering

    Dhillon, Balbir


    This research topic was first established in China by Professor ShengZhao Long in 1981, with direct support from one of the greatest modern Chinese scientists, XueSen Qian. In a letter to ShengZhao Long from October 22nd, 1993, XueSen Qian wrote: “You have created a very important modern science subject and technology in China!” MMESE primarily focuses on the relationship between Man, Machine and Environment, studying the optimum combination of man-machine-environment systems. In this system, “Man” refers to working people as the subject in the workplace (e.g. operators, decision-makers); “Machine” is the general name for any object controlled by Man (including tools, machinery, computers, systems and technologies), and “Environment” describes the specific working conditions under which Man and Machine interact (e.g. temperature, noise, vibration, hazardous gases etc.). The three goals of optimization are to ensure safety, efficiency and economy. These proceedings are an academic showcase of t...

  2. Evaluation of the eco-environmental frangibility in west Jilin Province based on the matter-element model

    Mingquan WANG; Jinda WANG; Jingshuang LIU; Jingxin DOU


    The west Jilin Province is a typical area in the ecotone between agriculture and animal husbandry, with a frangible eco-environment. With respect to the three aspects of water resource, natural disasters and land degradation, 10 indices were selected to establish a mat-ter-element model for the assessment of eco-envir-onmental frangibility in the west Jilin Province. The results indicate that during 1985-2000, Qian'an, Fuyu, and Changling had the least frangibility (level I), followed by Da'an and Qianguo (level II), and Taobei, Zhenlai, Taonan, and Tongyu had the highest frangibility (level III). On the whole, the counties in Songyuan city were less frangible than those in Baicheng city. Different counties had different frangibilities to environmental factors, e.g., Da'an and Tongyu were frangible in water resource con-ditions; Taobei, Zhenlai, Taonan, Tongyu and Qian'an suffered most from natural disasters; while Taobei, Taonan and Qianguo were threatened by severe land degradation.

  3. Chinese-English bilinguals processing temporal-spatial metaphor.

    Xue, Jin; Yang, Jie; Zhao, Qian


    The conceptual projection of time onto the domain of space constitutes one of the most challenging issues in the cognitive embodied theories. In Chinese, spatial order (e.g.,/da shu qian/, in front of a tree) shares the same terms with temporal sequence (", /san yue qian/, before March). In comparison, English natives use different sets of prepositions to describe spatial and temporal relationship, i.e., "before" to express temporal sequencing and "in front of" to express spatial order. The linguistic variations regarding the specific lexical encodings indicate that some flexibility might be available in how space-time parallelisms are formulated across different languages. In the present study, ERP (Event-related potentials) data were collected when Chinese-English bilinguals processed temporal ordering and spatial sequencing in both their first language (L1) Chinese (Experiment 1) and the second language (L2) English (Experiment 2). It was found that, despite the different lexical encodings, early sensorimotor simulation plays a role in temporal sequencing processing in both L1 Chinese and L2 English. The findings well support the embodied theory that conceptual knowledge is grounded in sensory-motor systems (Gallese and Lakoff, Cogn Neuropsychol 22:455-479, 2005). Additionally, in both languages, neural representations during comprehending temporal sequencing and spatial ordering are different. The time-spatial relationship is asymmetric, in that space schema could be imported into temporal sequence processing but not vice versa. These findings support the weak view of the Metaphoric Mapping Theory.

  4. 浅议《李斯列传》的叙事特点%The Narrative Characteristics of Biography of Li Si



    In Biography of Li Si, Sima Qian used a variety of narrative techniques and skills, viewing the situation of rats to see big things through small ones, to indicate his philosophy of life. “Five times of complaints and six times of persuasions” as the nar⁃rative joints, the development of Li’ s life is the rise and fall of the Qin Dynasty. Sima Qian used the reasonable narrative structure and proper details in Biography of Li Si, which makes the dialogues very vivid. Hence, the history of the Qin Dynasty stands vividly to reveal on the paper, so that future generations can be used for reference and alert.%在《李斯列传》中,司马迁运用了多种叙事特点和技巧,以观鼠之境遇来以小见大,预示李斯的人生哲学;又以“五叹六说”为叙事关节点;而李斯的人生发展实为秦朝的兴衰史;司马迁叙事一向结构合理,详略得当,《李斯列传》中的人物对话更使叙事生动,历史跃然纸上,使后世得以借鉴和警醒。

  5. Land use change and its ecological effect in Qian'an County of Jilin Province

    ZHONGLinsheng; ZHANGYongmin; ZHAOShidong; KarlE.Rvavec


    Based on GIS and statistical methods, with the help of searching historical literatures and calculating the landscape indices, the land use changes of Qian'an County in both spatial and temporal aspects from 1945 to 1996 has been analyzed in this paper. And the driving forces of land use changes and their ecological effects are discussed too. The main findings of this study are as follows: (1) Land use changed greatly in Qian'an during 1945-1996, characterized by a decrease in grassland, wetland and water bodies, and an increase in cultivated land, saline-alkali land, and the land for housing and other construction purposes. Grassland decreased by 175,828.66 ha, and cultivated land increased by 102,137.23 ha over the half century. Accordingly, the main landscape type changed from a steppe landscape to a managed agricultural ecosystem. (2) Results of correlation analysis show that the land use change in the study area was mainly driven by the socioeconomic factors. (3) The ecological effects of land use change in the area are characterized by serious salinization, degression of soil fertility and the weakening, of landscaoe suitability.

  6. What is an Author? Taking Confucius for an Example

    Chieh Liu


    Full Text Available The proposed study is a case study of the author function by examining a famed “author” - Confucius. Preliminary results are presented of an analysis based on “The Hereditary House of Confucius” in The Records of the Grand Historian by Sima Qian that paints a picture of Confucius as an author, as conceived in the 2nd century BCE (the Former Han dynasty. The study uses the method of qualitative content analysis to answer the following research questions: (1 What types of authorship is Confucius said to have performed according to his biography by Sima Qian? (2 What are the works related to Confucius? (3 What does each type of authorship entail? To answer these questions, a three-stage process is conducted to analyze the text: First, isolation of useful segments; then, identification and coding of relevant works mentioned in the biography; and finally, specification and analysis of the outcomes. Tentatively, the analysis has identified at least three types of authorship: writer, editor, and transmitter. As part of a larger study to examine the images of Confucius as an author over time, the primary purpose of the research reported here is to gain more understanding of the author function in Chinese culture. This study’s findings are undoubtedly important for expanding research on authorship in KO. Eventually such research will lead to improved KO system design, especially in the area of author data. [Article content in Chinese

  7. 13th International Conference on Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering

    Dhillon, Balbir


    The integrated and advanced science research topic Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering (MMESE) was first established in China by Professor Shengzhao Long in 1981, with direct support from one of the greatest modern Chinese scientists, Xuesen Qian. In a letter to Shengzhao Long from October 22nd, 1993, Xuesen Qian wrote: “You have created a very important modern science and technology in China!”   MMESE primarily focuses on the relationship between man, machines and the environment, studying the optimum combination of man-machine-environment systems. In this system, “man” refers to people in the workplace (e.g. operators, decision-makers); “ machine” is the general name for any object controlled by man (including tools, machinery, computers, systems and technologies), and “environment” describes the specific working conditions under which man and machine interact (e.g. temperature, noise, vibration, hazardous gases etc.). The three goals of optimization of Man-Machine-Environment system...

  8. 14th International Conference on Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering

    Dhillon, Balbir


    The integrated and advanced science research topic man-machine-environment system engineering (MMESE) was first established in China by Professor Shengzhao Long in 1981, with direct support from one of the greatest modern Chinese scientists, Xuesen Qian. In a letter to Shengzhao Long from October 22nd, 1993, Xuesen Qian wrote: “You have created a very important modern science and technology in China!”   MMESE primarily focuses on the relationship between man, machines and the environment, studying the optimum combination of man-machine-environment systems. In this system, “man” refers to people in the workplace (e.g. operators, decision-makers); “ machine” is the general name for any object controlled by man (including tools, machinery, computers, systems and technologies), and “environment” describes the specific working conditions under which man and machine interact (e.g. temperature, noise, vibration, hazardous gases etc.). The three goals of optimization of man-machine-environment system...

  9. 《围城》的语言幽默艺术研究%A Study of Language Humor in Fortress Besieged



    Fortress Besieged”is the representative literary work of Mr. Qian Zhongshu, since it was published in 1946, it has attracted worldwide attention. This literary work established the outstanding position of Mr. Qian Zhongshu in the Chinese literary circles and even the world literary circles. The whole work is famous for its humorous style, especially the humorous art of language, which has a profound influence on the later writers' creation. Fortress Besieged language art of humor mainly humor in speech, figures of speech caused the humor and idioms to use humor and so on.%《围城》是钱钟书先生的代表作,从1946年问世以来,就备受世人关注,此部作品奠定了钱钟书先生在中国文坛甚至是世界文坛的杰出地位。整部作品以诙谐幽默的格调著称,尤其是语言的幽默艺术,对后世其他文人创作产生了深刻的影响。《围城》语言的幽默艺术主要表现在语音上的幽默,修辞格造成的幽默以及成语活用造成的幽默等等。

  10. [Cosmetological thinking and methods in TCM in the Sui-Tang Dynasty].

    Wu, Y J


    In the heyday of Chinese feudal society, women's status in the society of the Sui-Tang period was improved in the Tang Dynasty.The demand for female to stay young and anti-aging had attracted lots of attention in the society, thus providing a favorable social environment for the formation and development of Chinese herbal cosmetology. The important representative medical works on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) were published in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, such as Bei ji qian jin yao fang (Essential Recipes for Emergent Use Worth A Thousand Gold), Qian jin yi fang (Supplement to Recipes Worth A Thousand Gold), Wai tai mi yao (Arcane Essentials from the Imperial Library) etc., all carry chapter(s) on Chinese herbal cosmetology. In the Tang Dynasty, beauty techniques became perfect, with rich exquisite make-up style. Make-up had become an integral part of daily life. Cosmetic surgery has reached a fairly high level, with a number of cosmetic surgeries appeared, such as the making of artificial dimples, artificial eyes, and dental cosmetic.

  11. 论《史记》的人格自尊精神及其生成%The Spirit of Self-esteem and Its Origin in Historical Records



    Historical Records by Sima Qian has summarized and promoted the spirit of Chinese culture during three thousand years.In this masterpiece,Sima Qian promoted and praised a gentleman with great personality and valued the people with the high ideals who paid great attention to dignity and justice and would die bravely when he believed it was valuable.This spirit of self-esteem personality had a close relationship with Sima Qian's own special world.%司马迁的《史记》是对近三千年来中华民族文化精神的总结与弘扬。在这部巨著中,司马迁弘扬与赞颂了那些具有浩大弘毅的君子人格和重视人格尊严、义不受辱的志士仁人,肯定为维护生命尊严而死,强调要有价值地赴死。《史记》人格自尊精神品格的生成与司马迁本人的特殊精神气质具有密切的关系。

  12. 16th International Conference on Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering

    Dhillon, Balbir


    This research topic was first established in China by Professor Shengzhao Long in 1981, with direct support from one of the greatest modern Chinese scientists, Xuesen Qian. In a letter to Shengzhao Long from October 22nd, 1993, Xuesen Qian wrote: “You have created a very important modern science subject and technology in China!” MMESE primarily focuses on the relationship between Man, Machine and Environment, studying the optimum combination of man-machine-environment systems. In this system, “Man” refers to working people as the subject in the workplace (e.g. operators, decision-makers); “Machine” is the general name for any object controlled by Man (including tools, machinery, computers, systems and technologies), and “Environment” describes the specific working conditions under which Man and Machine interact (e.g. temperature, noise, vibration, hazardous gases etc.). The three goals of optimization are to ensure "Safety, High efficiency and Economy" of man-machine-environment systems. These...

  13. Exploration of Sima Qian’s Nation Unity Thoughts:Take the Ethnic Relations in Qin to Han Dynasties for Instance%司马迁民族大一统思想探究--以秦汉之际的民族关系为例

    黄明明; 严琳


    The biography for minorities was unprecedented except the Shiji written by Sima Qian which de‐picted his view of national unity .The thoughts were generated from the“Unity”of pre-Qin Dynasty and were adapted to the political needs of the united empire .It was a result of the communication between pre‐Qin and Qin and Han dynasty as well as the political promotion of the Qin and Han dynasty .Sima Qian's thoughts of national unity has been followed by the historians of the later generations which can also be re‐garded as the academic source for different countries to deal with national relations .%司马迁撰《史记》为少数民族开篇立传,以此管窥其民族大一统思想。其思想继承了前代思想家的“大一统”理论,适应了大一统帝国的政治需求,是先秦及秦汉时期民族之间交流及其政治举措促进的结果。司马迁的民族观被后代史学家所沿袭,亦可看成当今国家处理民族关系的理论源泉。

  14. Finite-amplitude vibration of a bubble in water

    Qian Zu-Wen; Xiao-Ling


    The numerical results obtained by Rayleigh-Plesset(R-P)equation failed to agree with the experimental Mie scattering data of a bubble in water without inappropriately increasing the shear viscosity and decreasing the surface tension coefficient.In this paper,a new equation proposed by the present authors(Qian and Xiao)is solved.Numerical solutions obtained by using the symbolic computation program from both the R-P equation and the Qian-Xiao(Q-X)equation clearly demonstrate that Q-X equation yields best results matching the experimental data(in expansion phase).The numerical solutions of R-P equation also demonstrate the oscillation of a bubble in water depends strongly upon the surface tension and the shear viscosity coefficients as well as the amplitude of driving that the uniqueness of the numerical solutions may be suspected if they are varied arbitrarily in order to fit the experimental data.If the bubble's vibration accompanies an energy loss such as the light radiation during the contract phase,the mechanism of the energy loss has to be taken into account.We suggest that by use of the bubble's vibration to investigate the state equations of aqueous solutions seem to be possible.We also believe that if one uses this equation instead of R.P equation may be expected.

  15. Next-generation EGFR/HER tyrosine kinase inhibitors for the treatment of patients with non-small-cell lung cancer harboring EGFR mutations: a review of the evidence

    Wang X


    Full Text Available Xiaochun Wang,1,2 David Goldstein,3 Philip J Crowe,1,2 Jia-Lin Yang1,2 1Department of Surgery, 2Sarcoma and Nanooncology Group, Adult Cancer Program, Lowy Cancer Research Centre, 3Department of Medical Oncology, Prince of Wales Clinical School, Faculty of Medicine, University of New South Wales, Sydney, NSW, Australia Abstract: Tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs against human epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR/HER family have been introduced into the clinic to treat cancers, particularly non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC. There have been three generations of the EGFR/HER-TKIs. First-generation EGFR/HER-TKIs, binding competitively and reversibly to the ATP-binding site of the EGFR TK domain, show a significant breakthrough treatment in selected NSCLC patients with activating EGFR mutations (actEGFRm EGFRL858R and EGFRDel19, in terms of safety, efficacy, and quality of life. However, all those responders inevitably develop acquired resistance within 12 months, because of the EGFRT790M mutation, which prevents TKI binding to ATP-pocket of EGFR by steric hindrance. The second-generation EGFR/HER-TKIs were developed to prolong and maintain more potent response as well as overcome the resistance to the first-generation EGFR/HER-TKIs. They are different from the first-generation EGFR/HER-TKIs by covalently binding to the ATP-binding site, irreversibly blocking enzymatic activation, and targeting EGFR/HER family members, including EGFR, HER2, and HER4. Preclinically, these compounds inhibit the enzymatic activation for actEGFRm, EGFRT790M, and wtEGFR. The second-generation EGFR/HER-TKIs improve overall survival in cancer patients with actEGFRm in a modest way. However, they are not clinically active in overcoming EGFRT790M resistance, mainly because of dose-limiting toxicity due to simultaneous inhibition against wtEGFR. The third-generation EGFR/HER-TKIs selectively and irreversibly target EGFRT790M and actEGFRm while sparing wtEGFR. They yield

  16. The giant South China Mesozoic low-temperature metallogenic domain: Reviews and a new geodynamic model

    Hu, Ruizhong; Fu, Shanling; Huang, Yong; Zhou, Mei-Fu; Fu, Shaohong; Zhao, Chenghai; Wang, Yuejun; Bi, Xianwu; Xiao, Jiafei


    The South China Craton was formed by amalgamation of the Yangtze and Cathaysia Blocks during the Neoproterozoic. During the Mesozoic, voluminous granitic plutons and associated W-Sn polymetallic deposits were formed in the Cathaysia Block. The giant South China low-temperature metallogenic domain (LTMD) includes an area of ∼500,000 km2 in the Yangtze Block and is composed of the Chuan-Dian-Qian Pb-Zn, Youjiang Au-As-Sb-Hg and Xiangzhong Sb-Au metallogenic provinces. The Chuan-Dian-Qian Pb-Zn province contains numerous MVT Pb-Zn deposits, whereas the other two provinces are characterized by Carlin-type Au deposits and vein-type Sb, Hg and As deposits. These epigenetic deposits, which formed under low temperature conditions (∼100-250 °C), are typically hosted in sedimentary rocks and are locally controlled by faults and fractures. The deposits formed dominantly at 200-230 Ma and 130-160 Ma, corresponding to Indosinian (Triassic) and Yanshanian (Jurassic to Cretaceous) orogenies, respectively. Indosinian mineralization is recognized in all three provinces, but Yanshanian mineralization occurred only in the Youjiang and Xiangzhong provinces. The Indosinian orogeny, which involved collision of the Indochina Block with the South China Craton, resulted in circulation of basinal brines that leached ore-forming elements from adjacent sedimentary strata to form the Chuan-Dian-Qian Pb-Zn province. Deep-seated granitic magmas generated during this orogeny caused extensive circulation of meteoric water that mobilized ore-forming elements from the sedimentary strata to form the Carlin-type Au deposits in the Youjiang province, and the Sb-Au deposits in the Xiangzhong province. The Indosinian orogeny was the key factor in establishing the metallogenic framework of the LTMD. It produced widespread mineralization in the three metallogenic provinces, each of which has unique features reflecting differences in the nature and composition of the basement rocks. The Yanshanian


    J.A. Ezquerro; M.A. Hernández


    The Super-Halley method is one of the best known third-orderiteration for solving nonlinear equations. A Newton-like method which is an approximation of this method is studied. Our approach yields a fourth R-order iterative process which is more efficient than its classical predecessor. We establish a Newton-Kantorovich-type convergence theorem using a new system of recurrence relations, and give an explicit expression for the a priori error bounds of the iteration.CLC Number:O17 Document ID:AAuthor Resume:J.A. Ezquerro,e-mail : jezquer@siur. unirioja. es mahernan@siur. unirioja. es References:[1]Argyros,I.K. ,Chen,D. andQian,Q. ,An Inverse-Free Jarratt Type Approximation in a Banach Space,J. Appr. Th. Appl.,12(1996),No. 1,19-30.[2]Argyros,I. K. ,Chen,D. And Qian,Q. ,The Jarratt Method in Banach Space Setting,J.Comput. Appl. Math.,51(1994),103-106.[3]Candela,V. And Marquina,A. ,Recurrence Relations for Rational Cubic Methods I: The Halley Method,Computing,44(1990),169- 184.[4]Candela,V. And Marquina,A. ,Recurrence Relations for Rational Cubic Method I : TheChebyshev Method,Computing,45(1990),355-[3]67.[5]Chen,D.,Argyros,I.K.andQian,Q.,ALocalConvergenceTheoremfortheSuper-HalleyMethodinaBanachSpace,Appl.Math.Lett.,7(1994),No.5,49-52.[6]Hernández,M.A.,Newton-Raphson'sMethodandConvexity,Zb.Rad.Prirod.Mat.Fak.Ser.Mat.,22(1992),No.1,1591-66.[7]Kantorovich,L.V.,TheMajorantPrincipleforNewton'sMethod,Dokl.Akad.Nauk,SSSR,76(1951),17-20.[8]Potra,F.A.adnPták,V.,NondiscreteInductionandIterativeProcesses,Pitman,NewYork,1984.[9]Rall,L.B.,ComputationalSolutionofNonlinearOperatorEquations,JohnWiley&-Sons,NewYork,1979.[10]Safiev,R.A.,OnSomeIterativeProcesses,Z,Vyccisl.Mat.Fiz.,4,193-143(TranslatedintoEnglishbyL.B.RallasMRCTechnicalSummaryReport,No.649,Univ.Wisconsin-Madison,1966).Manuscript Received:1998年10月20日Published:2001年9月1日

  18. New thermochronologic data reveals disturbed cooling histories near the intersection of Karakoram and Longmu Co faults, NW India

    Bohon, W.; Hodges, K.; Arrowsmith, R.; Van Soest, M. C.; Wartho, J.; Tripathy, A.


    from the Ladakh, Pangong, and Karakoram Ranges help constrain the timing and kinematics of the vertical component of slip along the KFS and the related exhumation of the blocks on either side of the fault. 40Ar/39Ar biotite ages cluster at 10 Ma within the Pangong Range. In the Karakoram Range, between the KFS (34°07'30" 78°12'10") and the inferred trace of the LCF (34°19'15" 78°18'10"), biotite ages are notably younger but inconsistent (7.5-9.2 Ma), indicative of younger exhumation of this part of the Karakoram. However, 40Ar/39Ar biotite ages from the Karakoram Range north of the LCF and farther NW in the Karakoram Range (beyond the NW terminus of the Pangong Range) are similar to those within the Pangong Range (~10 Ma). AHe and ZHe ages from the Karakoram Range directly north of the Pangong Range are consistently younger (ZHe 3.4-4.4; AHe 2.7-3.3 Ma) than the ages within the Pangong Range (ZHe 5.4-6.2; AHe 4.4-4.5 Ma), again implying differential exhumation of the part of the Karakoram Range between traces of the KFS and and LCF. Our work implies that the KFS and LCF are intimately linked, both influencing regional exhumation in northern Ladakh. Raterman, N.S., Cowgill, E., Lin, Ding, Variable structural style along the Karakoram fault explained using triple-junction analysis of intersecting faults, GEOSPHERE, Vol 3, Issue 2, p 71-85

  19. On the Analogy of Water in Su Zhe’s Proses and the Comparison and Significance in that of Su Shi’s Proses%苏辙散文以“水”为喻及与苏轼同类文之比较和意义



    苏辙乃是“唐宋八大家”中坚之一,其散文以“水”为喻之审美具有如下丰厚意蕴:(1)以“涉海”为喻,说明一个人读书治学应如“东海”之水综观博览,涵纳万方;(2)以治水喻治国,表达作者审时度势的政治眼光和积极进取精神风貌;(3)以“水流”谈“养气”,表达作者以静制动、以柔克刚的生活意绪;(4)以“膏泽”颂扬朝廷君主对黎民百姓的庇祐与带来福祉。苏辙散文以“水”为喻的审美形成之原因亦大致有三:一是苏辙一生独特之治学历程和“儒、道、释”融会贯通之知识结构所使然;二是苏辙独具之沉稳、内敛、不事张扬性格所使然;三是北宋时代文化特质之影响等。与此同时,苏辙散文以“水”为喻之审美与乃兄苏轼同类散文有迥异之美学特征,在我国散文发展史上具有独特的地位与深远意义。%Su Zhe is one of the greatest eight prose masters of the Tang and Song dynasties. His proses have the following significance considering his use of water analogy. Firstly,the analogy of “maritime trip”suggests that one should read large numbers of books with content in wide range like the water of“East Sea”. Secondly,the analogy of water-control expresses the writer’s political standpoint and his proactive attitude. Thirdly,using water current to analog the fostering of “Qi” demonstrates the writer’s life attitude of controlling mobility with stillness and curbing the strong with the weak. Fourthly,he uses dew to analog the emperorˊs concern and protection to his fellows. The reasons why Su Zhe like using water analogies can be concluded in three points. First, his study experience and his learning structure combining“Confucian, Taoism and Shi”;Second,his steady and introverted character;Third,the unique features of culture in Northern Song Dynasty. Meanwhile,Su Zheˊs proses analogized with water are

  20. Growing Energy Demand ProvidesImmense Opportunities to Chinese Investors:Minister Naveed Qamar

    Audrey Guo


    Fdoeral Minister for Water and wer of Pakistan,Syed Naveed Qamar said that the growing energy demand in Pakistan is a challenge for the government,yet it provides immense opportunities for Chinese investors to contribute towards reducing energy shortage in the country while sharing the benefits on August 2,2011.Leading the Pakistani delegation in the 1st China-Pakistan Joint Energy Working Group (JEWG) meeting in Beijing,the Minister thanked the Chinese government “for extending every possible support to Pakistan at all times,especially in the hours of need.”Qian Zhimin,Deputy Administrator of National Energy Administration (NEA) of the National Development Reform Commission of China led the Chinese side in the largely attended JEWG meeting.

  1. Confucianism and Motherhood in Liu Hsiang' s Lieh-nü-chuan (劉向『列女傳』)

    下見, 隆雄


    Liu Hsiang (劉向 • 79-8 B.C.), Confucianist in the closing period of Qian Han (前漢) is well known for his compilation of a classified catalogue of the old books owned by the court library. Moreover, he published a number of books himself, which include Lieh-nü-chuan (『列女傳』), Xin-xu (『新序』) and Shuo-yuan (『説苑』) . They are all moral stories gleaned from classics and edited on the Confucian principles. Lieh-nü-chuan is the first biographies of women in China, and is worthy of note in that it adv...

  2. Notes and Cmmentary on liu Hsiang's Lieh-nü-chuan (劉向『列女伝』)

    下見, 隆雄


    Liu Hsiang (劉向 • 79-8 B.C.) Confucianist in the closing period of Qian Han (前漢) is well known for his compilation of a classified catalogue of the old books owned by the court library. Moreover, he published a number of books himself, which include Lieh-nü-chuan (『列女傳』), Xin-xu (『新序』) and Shuo-yuan (『説苑』). They are all moral stories gleaned from classics and edited on the Confucian principles. Lieh-nü-chuan is the first biographies of women in China, and is worthy of note in that it a...

  3. The maximum power efficiency 1-√τ: Research, education, and bibliometric relevance

    Calvo Hernández, A.; Roco, J. M. M.; Medina, A.; Velasco, S.; Guzmán-Vargas, L.


    The well-known efficiency at maximum power for a cyclic system working between hot T h and low T c temperatures given by the equation 1-√ τ( τ= T c /T h), has become a landmark result with regards to the thermodynamic optimization of a great variety of energy converters. Its wide applicability and sole dependence on the external heat bath temperatures (as the Carnot efficiency does) allows for an easy comparison with experimental efficiencies leading to a striking fair agreement. Reversible, finite-time, and linear-irreversible derivations are analyzed in order to show a broader perspective about its meaning from both researching and pedagogical point of views. Its scientific relevance and historical development are also analyzed in this work by means of some bibliometric data. This article is supplemented with comments by Hong Qian and a final reply by the authors.

  4. Application of Seismic Anisotropy Caused by Fissures in Coal Seams to the Detection of Coal-bed Methane Reservoirs


    Coal-bed methane is accumulated in micro-fissures and cracks in coal seams. The coal seam is the source terrace and reservoir bed of the coal-bed methane (Qian et al., 1996). Anisotropy of coal seams is caused by the existence of fissures. Based on the theory of S wave splitting: an S wave will be divided into two S waves with nearly orthogonal polarization directions when passing through anisotropic media, i.e. the fast S wave with its direction of propagation parallel to that of the fissure and slow S wave with the direction of propagation perpendicular to that of the fissure.This paper gives the results of laboratory research and field test on the S wave splitting caused by coal-seam fissures. The results show that it is feasible to detect fissures in coal seams by applying the converted S wave and finally gives the development zone and development direction of these fissures.

  5. The High Energy Neutrino Nuisance at a Medium Baseline Reactor Experiment

    Ciuffoli, Emilio; Zhang, Xinmin


    10 years from now medium baseline reactor experiments will attempt to determine the neutrino mass hierarchy from the differences (RL+PV) between the extrema of the Fourier transformed neutrino spectra. Recently Qian et al. have claimed that this goal may be impeded by the strong dependence of the difference parameter RL+PV on the reactor neutrino flux and on slight variations of Delta M^2_32. We demonstrate that this effect results from a spurious dependence of the difference parameter on the very high energy (8+ MeV) tail of the reactor neutrino spectrum. This dependence is spurious because the high energy tail depends upon decays of exotic isotopes and is insensitive to the mass hierarchy. An energy-dependent weight in the Fourier transform not only eliminates this spurious dependence but in fact increases the chance of correctly determining the hierarchy.

  6. Vulnerabilities Classification for Safe Development on Android

    Ricardo Luis D. M. Ferreira


    Full Text Available The global sales market is currently led by devices with the Android operating system. In 2015, more than 1 billion smartphones were sold, of which 81.5% were operated by the Android platform. In 2017, it is estimated that 267.78 billion applications will be downloaded from Google Play. According to Qian, 90% of applications are vulnerable, despite the recommendations of rules and standards for the safe software development. This study presents a classification of vulnerabilities, indicating the vulnerability, the safety aspect defined by the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas - ABNT norm NBR ISO/IEC 27002 which will be violated, which lines of code generate the vulnerability and what should be done to avoid it, and the threat agent used by each of them. This classification allows the identification of possible points of vulnerability, allowing the developer to correct the identified gaps.

  7. On the Horizontal Speed of the Lower Extremities in Javelin Thrower Chen Qi's Cross Steps%标枪运动员陈奇交叉步中下肢水平速度的分析



    By the methods of experiment and comparison,the author made an overall,systematic and quantitative analysis of the horizontal speed changes of the lower extremity joints in the course of cross steps of Chen Qi,an elite Chinese male javelin thrower.The result shows that Chen Qi's technical structure needs to be further perfected and technical movements must be improved.%运用实验法和对比法对我国优秀男子标枪运动员陈奇交叉步过程中下肢各关节水平速度的变化进行全面、系统、定量的分析,结果表明,陈奇的技术结构有待进一步优化,技术细节须改进。

  8. Ou Yang-xiu biographical prose chronicle method and "aeolus"%欧阳修散传的记事方法与“风神”



    欧阳修的散传创作很丰富,他的散传根据传主身份的不同而采用不同的记事方法,从而形成了不同的风格。而他最引入注目的风格是“史迁风神”,这让他的散传作品具有很高的文学价值。%Ou Yang-xiu's biographical prose creation is very rich, his biographical prose according to his identity is different and adopt different note method, thereby forming a different style. He is most attract sb's attention style is" only Shi Qian Fengshen", which makes his biographical prose works with high literary value.

  9. About the internal stress measurements during sigmoidal transient creep in Cu-16at. %Al. [Cu-16Al

    Montemayor-Aldrete, J. (Inst. de Investigacion en Materiales, Univ. Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (Mexico)); Mendoza, A.; Orozco, E. (Inst. de Fisica, Univ. Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (Mexico))


    It is well established that during steady state power law creep, the main sources of long-range internal stress [sigma][sub i] are the cell wall dislocations. However, the physical source of [sigma][sub i] for sigmoidal transient creep is not so well established. From literature on the subject, the pioneer work due to Hasegawa, Karashima and Ikeuchi was taken for a deep analysis. According to our analysis the mobile dislocation must be taken into account in order to explain [sigma][sub i] during sigmoidal transient creep. An experimental technique for determining [sigma][sub i] during the primary stage of creep, based on previous ideas from Qian and Reed-Hill, is proposed. (orig.).

  10. New method of solving the optimized paired-phonon analysis equations and stability of thin films of liquid 4He at T=0 K

    Szybisz, L.; Ristig, M. L.


    We propose a novel numerical method to solve the two-body Euler-Lagrange equation derived by Krotscheck, Qian, and Kohn in the paired-phonon analysis for an inhomogeneous Bose liquid at zero temperature. The new algorithm is applied to thin films of liquid 4He supported by an external potential. Numerical results are reported for density profiles, chemical potentials, binding energies, and corrective Jastrow correlation factors as a function of the particle number of the film and the strength of the external potential. The stability of this kind of film is discussed in detail. Some evidence for a long-wavelength instability of free thin films is provided. In addition, in order to unify results obtained from different derivations, it is proved that the expression for the Hartree potential reported by Krotscheck et al. is equal, within the framework of the hypernetted-chain theory, to a previously published one by Saarela, Pietiläinen, and Kallio.


    ZHANG Li-sha; SHEN Wei-hong


    Objective:To observe the therapeutic effect of the integrated acupuncture-moxibustion and herbal therapies for facial paralysis. Methods: A total of 68 cases of facial paralysis were treated by integration of acupuncture-moxibustion and herbal therapies. For facial palsy patients with wind-phlegm blocking meridian-collaterals and wind-stirring due to yin deficiency types in the acute stage, Modified respectively; and for those in convalescent stage and sequela stage, Replenishing Blood) + Qian Zheng San (Powder for Treating Wry-mouth) and Recuperation) were employed. Results: After the treatment, the curative rate of the 68 cases accounted for 90% of the total cases, the remarkably effective 6%, the improved 3% and the poor 1% respectively. Conclusion: The therapeutic effectiveness of the integrated treatment of acupuncture-moxibustion and herbal therapies for facial paralysis is certain.

  12. Learning Matlab a problem solving approach

    Gander, Walter


    This comprehensive and stimulating introduction to Matlab, a computer language now widely used for technical computing, is based on an introductory course held at Qian Weichang College, Shanghai University, in the fall of 2014.  Teaching and learning a substantial programming language aren’t always straightforward tasks. Accordingly, this textbook is not meant to cover the whole range of this high-performance technical programming environment, but to motivate first- and second-year undergraduate students in mathematics and computer science to learn Matlab by studying representative problems, developing algorithms and programming them in Matlab. While several topics are taken from the field of scientific computing, the main emphasis is on programming. A wealth of examples are completely discussed and solved, allowing students to learn Matlab by doing: by solving problems, comparing approaches and assessing the proposed solutions.

  13. CNPC Beefs up Cooperative Development for Onshore Oil and Gas Fields

    Cui Yaonan; Wang Kefu


    @@ China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) has made remarkable progress in cooperation with foreign firms for joint develoment of China's onshore oil and gas fields. A total of more than 30blocks from China's nine oil areas such as Daqing, Shengli,Liaohe, Xinjiang, Dagang, Zhongyuan, Tairm, Sichuan and Qinghai are now put up for cooperative development with foreign firms in various forms. By the end of August 1996, CNPC has signed eight development contracts with foreign firms, of which four contracts are for development of proven non-producing reserves (namely: Contract for Block Min-114 and Contract for Block Qian-130 in Jilin,Contract for Block Zhao-13 in Daqing, and Contract for West Chengdao Development in Shengli); one contract is for EOR ( contract for heavy crude in Xinjiang ) and three contracts are for well workover service and productionsharing ( in Shengli, Liaohe and Dagang ).



    Dr. Zhao Honored Dr. Zhao Xuefang is in charge of the Obstetrics/Gynecology Department of the Changzhi City People’s Hospital in Shanxi Province. On April 23, 1994, she received from the hands of Qian Zhengying, Vice-Chairman of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the first Norman Bethune Medal, granted by the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Labor and Personnel. Since Dr. Zhao began working in the medical field in 1963, she has continued to improve her techniques. After more than 30 years in medicine, she has treated thousands of patients without incident. Though Dr. Zhao has been diagnosed with cancer and has had two operations, she has continued to heal the wounded and rescue the dying. Her only wish is to relieve the pain of more patients as long as she can. —China Women’s News

  15. 番茄不同品种露地栽培比较试验研究%Comparison Test of Tomato Cultivar in Open Field

    李竹莹; 郑晓峰; 吴正凯; 黄刚; 何宪江


    对7个番茄品种进行了品种比较试验.试验结果表明,综合性状最好的品种是以色列198,其次是天正红奥,表现出丰产、抗疫病、果实鲜红有光泽、皮硬肉厚、耐贮运等优点,是适合黔东南州栽培的番茄品种.%Characters of growth period, yield and diseas-resistance was studied in tomato by randomized blocks design. The results showed that the best cuhivar was Israel 198, followed by Tianzhenghong'ao, suitable for cultivation in Qian-dongnan, which featured high yield, high resistance to disease had bright-red fruit with hard skin and thick flesh and long storage time.


    LI Fang; HE Yan-fen; LIU Zhi-ming; ZHANG Bai


    By establishing the interpreting elements, and applying supervised classification, the sandy desertification was interpreted and the desertified land areas of the counties in the western Jilin Province in 1986 and in 2000 were obtained. Taking Tongyu and Qian'an as examples, the natural driving forces and man-made driving forces were analyzed. The paper comes the conclusions that the material sources and the warming and dry climate are the internal causes of potential land desertification; the irrational human activities, such as destroying forest and reclaiming the grassland, are the external causes of potential land desertification; while more rational human activities, such as planting trees and restoring grassland can reverse the land desertification. Furthermore, the countermeasures and suggestions for the development of agriculture and animal husbandry in the western Jilin Province are put forward.


    Jifa GU; Xijin TANG


    In the early 1990s, Professor Qian Xuesen (Tsien HsueShen) and his colleagues proposed the Metasynthesis system approach for solving the open complex giant system problems. The method emphasizes the synthesis of collected information and knowledge of various kinds of experts, and combining quantitative methods with qualitative knowledge. Later it is evolved into Hall of Workshop for Meta-Synthetic Engineering (HWMSE) which emphasizes to make use of breaking advances in information technologies. Then continuous endeavors have been taken to put those ideas into practice. With tremendous advances in networking and distributed computing technologies, past difficulties in implementation are disappearing together with further understandings of HWMSE and fruitful results achieved in similar or relevant research fields in recent years in China. In this paper some of those development are introduced, together with some parallel research work abroad.

  18. Fusion Data Grid Service

    Shasharina, Svetlana; Wang, Nanbor


    Simulations and experiments in the fusion and plasma physics community generate large datasets at remote sites. Visualization and analysis of these datasets are difficult because of the incompatibility among the various data formats adopted by simulation, experiments, and analysis tools, and the large sizes of analyzed data. Grids and Web Services technologies are capable of providing solutions for such heterogeneous settings, but need to be customized to the field-specific needs and merged with distributed technologies currently used by the community. This paper describes how we are addressing these issues in the Fusion Grid Service under development. We also present performance results of relevant data transfer mechanisms including binary SOAP, DIME, GridFTP and MDSplus and CORBA. We will describe the status of data converters (between HDF5 and MDSplus data types), developed in collaboration with MIT (J. Stillerman). Finally, we will analyze bottlenecks of MDSplus data transfer mechanism (work performed in collaboration with General Atomics (D. Schissel and M. Qian).

  19. Immunobiological Aspects of erbB Receptors in Breast Cancer


    slight modifications. Cells were lysed in Nonidet P-40 lysis terminus of p1855" l . TA5 is generated by the deletion of ectodomain of buffer (20 mm Tris...HC1 (pH 7.4), 137 mm NaC1, 1 mM MgC 2, 1 mM p185"" but retains -10 aa and the signal sequence. These mutant CaC12, 10% glycerol, 1% Nonidet P-40, 1...Methods 119, 203-210. and both p40 and p42 are subunits of the regulatory protea- 17. O’Rourke, D. M., Qian, X., Zhang, H.-T., Davis, J. G., Nute, E

  20. Time-frequency analysis of heart rate variability in elderly people

    Sager, Herbert C.; Guntermann, Juergen


    Assessment of the ability of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) to regulate blood pressure (BP). This is of particular importance for elderly people, for whom the project was designed. We measure a patient's BP noninvasively under various conditions: deep respiration, passive tilt, etc. The variability of the heart rate in the lower frequency band (LF) (0.04 - 0.15 Hz) is known to have sympathetic- and parasympathetic origin, while in the higher (HF) (0.15 - 0.4 Hz) it is vagally mediated. We do a Time-Frequency analysis for the two frequency bands (Wigner) and eliminate the 'cross-terms' with a novel method due to Qian and Chen. We obtain a clear resolution of the activity in LF and HF over time. Research is ongoing aiming at identifying unambiguously the sympathetic and vagal activity.



    Research of Theory & Method. Study on Analysis Method of the Continuous Monitoring Data of Low-Permeability Reservoir. 2012,21 ( 1 ).1 - 3 Lin Jia' en ( Xi' an Petroleum University), Wang Qian ( Yanchang Oilfield Co., Ltd. ) Based on analysis methods of the existed Fetkovieh and Blasingame production data, the non-Dare}, flow model of the circular bound- ary homogeneous reservoirs with vertical wells radial shed is built, and the typical curves of the Fetkovich and Blasingame in case of non-Dare}, flow are drawn. This analysis method of the continuous produetion data through the continuous monitoring production data of unclosing well can get the same interpretation results of reservoir from the we1 testing analysis of conventional closing well, which solves the applied problems of data analysis for a long time of continuous monitoring in low-permeability reservoir.

  2. Numerical Analysis of Hydrodynamic Pressure Induced by Fluid-Solid Impact


    - As a further development of the authors′ work (Huang and Qian, 1993), in this paper a newnumerical method based on the time domain boundary element technique is proposed for solving fluid-sol-id coupling problems, in which a rigid body impacts normally on the calm surface of a half-space fluid. Afundamental solution to the half-space potential flow problem is first derived with the method of images.Then, an equivalent boundary integral equation in the Laplace transform domain is established by meansof Green′s second identity. Through the inverse Laplace transform and discretization in both time andboundary of the fluid region, the numerical calculation for the problem under consideration has been car-ried out. Several examples demonstrate that the present method is more efficient than existing ones, fromwhich it is also seen that the shape of the impacting body has a considerable effect on the total impactforce.

  3. 建国以来《游侠列传》研究综述%Study on the“Knight errant biography”since the founding of the country



    Since the establishment of new China, especially since 1980s, scholars do many researches around the"Knight errant biography"from multi angle. The research before the 1980s has some political tendency. In the 1980s, people more from the angle of history and literature to study Sima Qian's knight errant spirit.%新中国成立尤其是八十年代以来,学者围绕《游侠列传》进行了多角度的研究。八十年代以前研究颇有政治化倾向,八十年代以后人们更多地从历史学、文献学的角度研究司马迁的游侠精神。

  4. 26th Conference of Spacecraft TT&C Technology in China

    Qian, Weiping


    Proceedings of the 26th Conference of Spacecraft TT&C Technology in China collects selected papers from the 26th Conference of Spacecraft TT&C Technology in China held in Nanjing on October 16-19, 2012. The book features state-of-the-art studies on spacecraft TT&C in China with the theme of “Shared and Flexible TT&C Systems”. The selected works can help  promote development of spacecraft TT&C technology towards interconnectivity, resource sharing, flexibility and high efficiency. Researchers and engineers in the field of aerospace engineering and communication engineering can benefit from the book. Rongjun Shen is the Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering; Weiping Qian is the Director General of Beijing Institute of Tracking and Telecommunications Technology.

  5. Syntactic Analysis of Chinese/English Code-switching in Besieged City

    Shi Yao-hong


    Code-switching(CS)is an important field of research in sociolinguistics,drawing more and more attention from various perspectives home and abroad.Although there have been extensive researches and achievements in this area,they mainly focus on oral data analysis.Few people have ever attempted to explore CS in the field of literature.The paper thus attempts to introduce CS study into the literary critics,approaching the written CS data in Qian Zhongshu's Besieged City from a syntactic perspective.Based on the grammatical constraints proposed by Bhatt,the paper points out the constraint-ranking configuration of Chinese/English code- switching in the selected data.

  6. Biosignal processing principles and practices

    Liang, Hualou; Peterson, Donald R


    Digital Biomedical Signal Acquisition and ProcessingLuca T. Mainardi, Anna M. Bianchi, and Sergio CeruttiTime-Frequency Signal Representations for Biomedical SignalsG. Faye Boudreaux-Bartels and Robin MurrayMultivariate Spectral Analysis of Electroencephalogram: Power, Coherence, and Second-Order Blind IdentificationRamesh Srinivasan and Siyi DengGeneral Linear Modeling of Magnetoencephalography DataDimitrios Pantazis, Juan Luis Poletti Soto, and Richard M. LeahyEmergence of Groupwise Registration in MR Brain StudyGuorong Wu, Hongjun Jia, Qian Wang, Feng Shi, Pew-Thian Yap, and Dinggang ShenFunctional Optical Brain ImagingMeltem IzzetogluCausality Analysis of Multivariate Neural DataMaciej Kamiński and Hualou Liang.

  7. Timing of Accretion and Mountain-Building in The Northern Andes of Colombia through Low-Temperature Thermochonology

    Vinasco, C. J.; Restrepo-Moreno, S. A.; Marín, M. I.; Botero, M.; Bermudez, M. A.; Min, K. K.; Foster, D. A.; Noriega, S., Sr.; Montoya, E., Sr.; Londoño, L., Sr.; Bernet, M.


    Orogenic configuration of the Northern Andes is closely associated to accretional processes since the Upper Cretaceous. In Colombia, the regional boundary between a Paleozoic continental domain to the east and Cretaceous accreted terrenes to the west is well exposed in several E-W sections near Medellin City and along the Cauca River, which occupies a major depression located between the Central and Western cordilleras. The area is dominated by the N-S trending Romeral Fault System (RFS) that can be traced to southern Ecuador. Relationships between the RFS and W-SW verging thrust system are unknown, although they represent key components of a transpressional orogeny. To understand timing of accretion and associated mountain building processes, we performed (U-Th)/He and fission track dating on samples derived from vertical profiles in cordilleran massifs. Samples were collected along four vertical profiles on two distinct litho-tectonic units: (1) three vertical profiles in the older eastern realm corresponding to metamorphic basement rocks of the Paleozoic Paleo-continental margin and associated Cretaceous intrusives, and (2) one vertical profile in the Mande batholith, Eocene in age at the eastern portion of the Panama Chocó Block (PCB) . The resulting zircon (U-Th)/He (ZHe) ages show a clear contrast between the ancient eastern realm (~50-60 Ma) and the Mande Batholith (~30-40 Ma). Apatite (U-Th)/He (AHe) ages also show a strong contrast with 23-42 Ma for the eastern realm and a well defined cluster at ~4 Ma for the Mande Batholith. These preliminary results suggest distinctive cooling histories for the two litho-tectonic blocks. The Mande batholith (western block) records both the late Eocene and Pliocene events whereas the ancient eastern block does not preserve any of these events. The Paleocene events recorded by the eastern block are probably related to the Laramic orogenetic phase. Finally, elevation-invariable ZHe ages from the ancient eastern block

  8. Thermochronological investigation of the timing of rifting and rift segmentation in the Gulf of Suez, Egypt

    Bosworth, W.; Stockli, D. F.


    The Tertiary Gulf of Suez rift system is one of the best-studied continental rift systems and has inspired many fundamental geodynamic models for continental rifting. However, our limited knowledge of how extensional strain is spatially and temporally distributed has made it difficult to adequately evaluate models for the dynamic evolution of this rift. A critical aspect of constraining the evolution of rifting and rift segmentation in the Gulf of Suez involves acquiring reliable geochronological constraints on extensional faulting. This study has commenced a systematic investigation of the timing and spatial distribution of rifting, lateral rift segmentation, and rift localization within the Gulf of Suez, Egypt, employing apatite and zircon (U-Th)/He thermochronometry. (U-Th)/He thermochronometric analysis of sample transects from exhumed fault blocks within the rift integrated with structural data will allow us to directly determine the timing, distribution, and magnitude of extension. The onset of major rifting (~24-19 Ma) in the Gulf of Suez was marked by the development of crustal domino-style tilt blocks and syn-rift deposition of the late Oligocene non-marine Abu Zenima Fm and non-marine to restricted marine Nukhul Fm. Development of the Gulf of Aqaba-Dead Sea transform cut off the rift from the Red Sea rift at an early extensional stage. Apatite (AHe) and zircon (ZHe) (U- Th)/He data were collected from basement and pre-rift sedimentary sample transects from the central and southern Sinai Peninsula portion and the Gebel El Zeit area in the southern Gulf of Suez as well as from basement samples from selected drill cores off Gebel El Zeit. Preliminary data exhibit partially reset ages trending as old as ~70 Ma (AHe) and ~450 Ma (ZHe) from shallower structural levels (Proterozoic basement and Phanerozoic cover sequence). Structurally deeper samples yield abundant AHe ages of ~22-24 Ma, indicative of rapid cooling and exhumation during the early Miocene. More

  9. Sam68 is a novel marker for aggressive neuroblastoma

    Zhao X


    Full Text Available Xiaohong Zhao,1,* Zuoqing Li,2,* Benfu He,3 Juncheng Liu,2 Suisheng Li,2 Li Zhou,2 Cuiling Pan,2 Zhe Yu,4 Zhe Xu21State Key Laboratory of Oncology in Southern China, Department of Experimental Research, Cancer Center, Sun Yat-sen University, 2Department of Pediatric Surgery, First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, 3Oncology Department, PLA421 Hospital, 4Laura Biotech Co, Ltd, Guangzhou, People’s Republic of China*These authors contributed equally to this workBackground: Neuroblastoma (NB is the most common solid extracranial tumor in children. However, the molecular mechanism and progression of NB is largely unknown, and unfortunately, the prognosis is poor. Src-associated in mitosis with a molecular weight of 68 kDa (Sam68 is associated with carcinogenesis and neurogenesis. The present study aimed to investigate the clinical and prognostic significance of Sam68 in NB.Methods: The expression of Sam68 in immortalized normal epithelial cells, NB cell lines, and in four cases of paired NB tissue and adjacent normal tissue from the same patient was examined using Western blotting, reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (PCR and real-time reverse transcription-PCR. The proliferation of NB cells was determined by 3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide (MTT assay. Furthermore, Sam68 protein expression was analyzed in 90 NB cases characterized as clinicopathological using immunohistochemistry. Statistical analyses were applied to evaluate the diagnostic value and associations of Sam68 with clinical parameters.Results: Western blotting and reverse transcription-PCR showed that the expression level of Sam68 was markedly higher in NB cell lines than in the immortalized normal epithelial cells at both messenger RNA and protein levels. The MTT assay revealed that Sam68 expression supported proliferation of NB cells. Sam68 expression levels were significantly up-regulated in tumor tissues in comparison to the

  10. The compressibility and the capacitance coefficient of helium-oxygen atmospheres.

    Imbert, G; Dejours, P; Hildwein, G


    The capacitance coefficient beta of an ideal gas mixture depends only on its temperature T, and its value is derived from the ideal gas law (i.e., beta = 1/RT, R being the ideal gas constant). But real gases behave as ideal gases only at low pressures, and this would not be the case in deep diving. High pressures of helium-oxygen are used in human and animal experimental dives (up to 7 or 12 MPa or more, respectively). At such pressures deviations from the ideal gas law cannot be neglected in hyperbaric atmospheres with respect to current accuracy of measuring instruments. As shown both theoretically and experimentally by this study, the non-ideal nature of helium-oxygen has a significant effect on the capacitance coefficient of hyperbaric atmospheres. The theoretical study is based on interaction energy in either homogeneous (He-He and O2-O2) or heterogeneous (He-O2) molecular pairs, and on the virial equation of state for gas mixtures. The experimental study is based on weight determination of samples of known volume of binary helium-oxygen mixtures, which are prepared in well-controlled pressure and temperature conditions. Our experimental results are in good agreement with theoretical predictions. 1) The helium compressibility factor ZHe increases linearly with pressure [ZHe = 1 + 0.0045 P (in MPa) at 30 degrees C]; and 2) in same temperature and pressure conditions (T = 303 K and P = 0.1 to 15 MPa), the same value for Z is valid for a helium-oxygen binary mixture and for pure helium. As derived from the equation of state of real gases, the capacitance coefficient is inversely related to Z (beta = 1/ZRT); therefore, for helium-oxygen mixtures, this coefficient would decrease with increasing pressure. A table is given for theoretical values of helium-oxygen capacitance coefficient, at pressures ranging from 0.1 to 15.0 MPa and at temperatures ranging from 25 degrees C to 37 degrees C.

  11. Low-temperature thermochronometric data from the Japanese Islands and preliminary report on (U-Th)/He ages across NE Japan Arc

    Tagami, T.; Sueoka, S.; Kohn, B. P.; Fukuda, S.


    A paradox of the deformation pattern in the NE Japan Arc is that the short-term (104 years) deformation estimated from geomorphic and geologic evidence are different in both rate and/or direction. It has been proposed that elastic deformation released by a megathrust earthquake along the Japanese Trench, could resolve this paradox. However, co-seismic and post-seismic deformation associated with the 2011 Tohoku-oki earthquake (Mw9.0) has not compensated for the misfit. To understand the physical properties of the crust and mechanism of strain accumulation and release in the NE Japan Arc, more careful and detailed comparisons of deformation using various timescales and methods may provide a fundamental clue. For estimating long-term vertical deformation rates of NE Japan Arc, we performed 1) a compilation of previous low-temperature thermochronometric data in the Japanese Islands and 2) apatite and zircon (U-Th)/He (AHe and ZHe) thermochronometric analyses on the late Cretaceous and Paleogene granitoids across the NE Japan Arc. Both the previous fission-track (FT) and newly obtained AHe ages indicate an obvious contrast in cooling/denudation histories between the fore-arc and back-arc sides of the NE Japan Arc. FT ages of 100-46 Ma and AHe ages of 59-50 Ma in the Abukuma Mountains in the fore-arc side indicate relatively slow cooling/denudation and a stable tectonic setting during the Cenozoic. On the other hand, younger apatite FT ages of 6.1 and 4.6 Ma and AHe ages of 11-1.5 Ma in the Ou Backbone range, Iide-Asahi Mountains, and Echigo Mountains in the back-arc side may reflect rapid cooling/denudation since the latest Miocene or late Pliocene. ZHe ages in the back-arc side range between 54-11 Ma, which is generally consistent with their coexisting AHe ages considering the difference in their closure temperatures.

  12. Selected Terms in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Their Interpretations (

    XIE; Zhufan


    Treat disease before it arises (治未病) [zhi wei bing]: A preventive perspective in clinical medicine, mainly including two pointspreventive treatment of disease, and early treatment for prevention of complications. Therefore, it is said that a good doctor treats disease before it arises.    Treat according to time, place and person. (因时, 因地, 因人制宜) (因时, 因地, 因人制宜) [yin shi, yin di, yin ren zhi yi]: One of the therapeutic principles referring to the application of different treatment in accordance with climatic and seasonal conditions, geographical localities, and the patient's constitution.    Supporting the normal and dispelling the evil (扶正祛邪) [fu zheng qu xie]: two general principles of treatment which can be applied separately or in combination according to the patient's condition. They are closely correlated, as supporting the normal, i.e., strengthening the body resistance, facilitates the elimination of pathogenic factors, and dispelling the evil, i.e., eliminating the pathogens, promotes the restoration of normal Qi.    Routine treatment (正治) [zheng zhi]: use of medicines opposite in nature to the disease, e.g., to treat heat syndrome with medicines cold or cool in nature, also known as counteracting treatment (逆治) [ni zhi]. This is applied in most cases, such as to treat excess with purgation or reduction (实则泻之) (实则泻之) [shi ze xie zhi], to treat deficiency with tonification or reinforcement (虚则补之) (虚则补之) [xu ze bu zhi], to treat cold with the hot (寒者热之) (寒者热之) [han zhe re zhi], and to treat heat with the cold (热者寒之) (热者寒之) [re zhe han zhi].……

  13. Selected Terms in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Their Interpretations (ⅩⅣ)


    @@  Treat disease before it arises (治未病) [zhi wei bing]: A preventive perspective in clinical medicine, mainly including two pointspreventive treatment of disease, and early treatment for prevention of complications. Therefore, it is said that a good doctor treats disease before it arises.   Treat according to time, place and person. (因时, 因地, 因人制宜) (因时, 因地, 因人制宜) [yin shi, yin di, yin ren zhi yi]: One of the therapeutic principles referring to the application of different treatment in accordance with climatic and seasonal conditions, geographical localities, and the patient's constitution.   Supporting the normal and dispelling the evil (扶正祛邪) [fu zheng qu xie]: two general principles of treatment which can be applied separately or in combination according to the patient's condition. They are closely correlated, as supporting the normal, i.e., strengthening the body resistance, facilitates the elimination of pathogenic factors, and dispelling the evil, i.e., eliminating the pathogens, promotes the restoration of normal Qi.   Routine treatment (正治) [zheng zhi]: use of medicines opposite in nature to the disease, e.g., to treat heat syndrome with medicines cold or cool in nature, also known as counteracting treatment (逆治) [ni zhi]. This is applied in most cases, such as to treat excess with purgation or reduction (实则泻之) (实则泻之) [shi ze xie zhi], to treat deficiency with tonification or reinforcement (虚则补之) (虚则补之) [xu ze bu zhi], to treat cold with the hot (寒者热之) (寒者热之) [han zhe re zhi], and to treat heat with the cold (热者寒之) (热者寒之) [re zhe han zhi].

  14. On the extent and significance of Oligocene mountain building in eastern Tibet (Invited)

    Kirby, E.; Furlong, K. P.; Cook, K. L.; Ouimet, W. B.; Shi, X.; Wang, E.; Kamp, P. J.; Hodges, K. V.


    High topography in the region north and east of the Indo-Asian collision zone is typically considered to have developed in Miocene time, potentially in response to outward flow of weak lower crust from beneath the Tibetan Plateau. Much of the evidence for an increase in surface elevation in eastern Tibet is inferential and relies on the onset of rapid cooling and deep exhumation in the great river valleys along the plateau margin as recorded in low-temperature thermochronometers. Recently, detailed reconstruction of thermal/exhumational histories along the Longmen Shan, adjacent to the Sichuan Basin, reveals a pre-Miocene phase of mountain building (Wang et al., 2012). However, whether this event is confined to the Longmen Shan or whether it reflects widespread mountain building in the region remains unknown. Here, we synthesize emerging thermochronologic evidence from studies that utilize higher-temperature systems which are sensitive to deeper exhumation and that span various regions of the plateau margin. In the western Longmen Shan, late Oligocene - early Miocene zircon (U-Th)/He (zHe) ages from the summit of the Xuelongbao Massif (~5500m) require that mountain building was well underway along this margin by Oligocene time. In the Danba region, farther south, biotite and muscovite 40Ar/39Ar ages of samples from both fault zones and the surrounding rocks indicate that the faults were active at about 25- 30 Ma. Combined with structural and regional thermochronology data, this suggests that folding and exhumation of the Danba Anticlinorium began in mid-Tertiary time. Even farther south, along the Yalong River, biotite 40Ar/39Ar ages and zHe ages along an age-elevation transect reveal that the onset of rapid exhumation began around the same time, at ca. 30 Ma. Our results, in conjunction with existing data on the timing of deformation along the Aliao-Shan/Red River shear zone, implies that the onset of mountain building in eastern Tibet was widespread in late

  15. Preventing postoperative abdominal adhesions in a rat model with PEG-PCL-PEG hydrogel

    Yang B


    Full Text Available Bing Yang1,2*, ChangYang Gong1*, Xia Zhao2, ShengTao Zhou2, ZhengYu Li2, XiaoRong Qi2, Qian Zhong2, Feng Luo1, ZhiYong Qian11State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy, West China University Hospital, Sichuan University, Chengdu, People's Republic of China; 2Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, West China Second University Hospital, Sichuan University, Chengdu, People's Republic of China*These authors contributed equally in this workBackground: Poly (ethylene glycol-poly (ε-caprolactone-poly (ethylene glycol (PEG-PCL-PEG, PECE hydrogel has been demonstrated to be biocompatible and thermosensitive. In this study, its potential efficacy and mechanisms of preventing postsurgical abdominal adhesions were investigated.Results: PECE hydrogel was transformed into gel state from sol state in less than 20 seconds at 37°C. None of the animals treated with the hydrogel (n = 15 developed adhesions. In contrast, all untreated animals (n = 15 had adhesions that could only be separated by sharp dissection (P < 0.001. The hydrogel adhered to the peritoneal wounds, gradually disappeared from the wounds within 7 days, and transformed into viscous fluid, being completely absorbed within 12 days. The parietal and visceral peritoneum were remesothelialized in about 5 and 9 days, respectively. The hydrogel prevented the formation of fibrinous adhesion and the invasion of fibroblasts. Also, along with the hydrogel degradation, a temporary inflammatory cell barrier was formed which could effectively delay the invasion of fibroblasts during the critical period of mesothelial regeneration.Conclusion: The results suggested that PECE hydrogel could effectively prevent postsurgical intra-abdominal adhesions, which possibly result from the prevention of the fibrinous adhesion formation and the fibroblast invasion, the promotion of the remesothelialization, and the hydroflotation effect.Keywords: anti-adhesion, thermosensitive, barrier, biocompatible

  16. A Review on Zeng Yun-qian’s Three Textbooks of Confucian Classics Studies%曾运乾经学研究三书述评



    As one of the most famous scholars in modern Hunan,Zeng Yun-qian was proficient in ancient Chinese phonology as well as Confucian classics studies.In Zeng’s three textbooks of Confucian classics studies,namely Shangshu Zhengdu,Maoshi Shuo and Chunqiu Sanzhuan Tonglun,he applied phonological,exegetical,grammatical and rhetorical knowledges and skills in a flexible way,so that he made great progress in explanation and interpretation to Confucian classics.Zeng Yun-qian,regarded as a symbolic figure in the history of Hunan learning,his enormous success in Confucian classics studies pro-ceeded from Chinese phonology and philology,which changed in large part the situation that Hunanese scholars had been bad at phonology and philology.%曾运乾不仅以精通声韵名家,经学研究也有骄人成绩。在《尚书正读》、《毛诗说》、《春秋三传通论》等著述中,他综合运用音韵、训诂、语法、修辞等知识,在解说经义、训释字词、点断句读、剖析文理、抉发经书意蕴、裁决经学争讼等方面屡有新获,能兼汉、宋之长,不拘今、古家法。曾运乾由小学入手治经,一改湖南经师不通小学的旧观,在湘学史上尤其具有标志性的意义。

  17. Impacts of SABER CO2-based eddy diffusion coefficients in the lower thermosphere on the ionosphere/thermosphere

    Salinas, Cornelius Csar Jude H.; Chang, Loren C.; Liang, Mao-Chang; Yue, Jia; Russell, James; Mlynczak, Martin


    This work estimates global-mean Kzz using Sounding of the Atmosphere using Broadband Emission Radiometry/Thermosphere-Ionosphere-Mesosphere Energetics and Dynamics monthly global-mean CO2 profiles and a one-dimensional transport model. It is then specified as a lower boundary into the Thermosphere-Ionosphere-Electrodynamics General Circulation Model (TIE-GCM). Results first show that global-mean CO2 in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere region has annual and semiannual oscillations (AO and SAO) with maxima during solstice seasons along with a primary maximum in boreal summer. Our calculated AO and SAO in global-mean CO2 are then modeled by AO and SAO in global-mean Kzz. It is then shown that our estimated global-mean Kzz is lower in magnitude than the suggested global-mean Kzz from Qian et al. (2009) that can model the observed AO and SAO in the ionosphere/thermosphere (IT) region. However, our estimated global-mean Kzz is similar in magnitude with recent suggestions of global-mean Kzz in models with explicit gravity wave parameterization. Our work therefore concludes that global-mean Kzz from global-mean CO2 profiles cannot model the observed AO and SAO in the IT region because our estimated global-mean Kzz may only be representing eddy diffusion due to gravity wave breaking. The difference between our estimated global-mean Kzz and the global-mean Kzz from Qian et al. (2009) thus represents diffusion and mixing from other nongravity wave sources not directly accounted for in the TIE-GCM lower boundary conditions. These other sources may well be the more dominant lower atmospheric forcing behind the AO and SAO in the IT region.

  18. Age as a risk factor for acute mountain sickness upon rapid ascent to 3,700 m among young adult Chinese men

    Tang XG


    Full Text Available Xu-gang Tang,1 Ji-hang Zhang,1 Jun Qin,1 Xu-bin Gao,1 Qian-ning Li,2 Jie Yu,1 Xiao-han Ding,1 Lan Huang1 1Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, 2Department of Neurology, Xinqiao Hospital, Third Military Medical University, Chongqing, People’s Republic of China Background: The aim of this study was to explore the relationship between age and acute mountain sickness (AMS when subjects are exposed suddenly to high altitude.Methods: A total of 856 young adult men were recruited. Before and after acute altitude exposure, the Athens Insomnia Scale score (AISS was used to evaluate the subjective sleep quality of subjects. AMS was assessed using the Lake Louise scoring system. Heart rate (HR and arterial oxygen saturation (SaO2 were measured.Results: Results showed that, at 500 m, AISS and insomnia prevalence were higher in older individuals. After acute exposure to altitude, the HR, AISS, and insomnia prevalence increased sharply, and the increase in older individuals was more marked. The opposite trend was observed for SaO2. At 3,700 m, the prevalence of AMS increased with age, as did severe AMS, and AMS symptoms (except gastrointestinal symptoms. Multivariate logistic regression analysis showed that age was a risk factor for AMS (adjusted odds ratio [OR] 1.07, 95% confidence interval [CI] 1.01–1.13, P<0.05, as well as AISS (adjusted OR 1.39, 95% CI 1.28–1.51, P<0.001.Conclusion: The present study is the first to demonstrate that older age is an independent risk factor for AMS upon rapid ascent to high altitude among young adult Chinese men, and pre-existing poor subjective sleep quality may be a contributor to increased AMS prevalence in older subjects. Keywords: acute mountain sickness, age, Athens Insomnia Scale, rapid ascent, sleep

  19. 基于ANSYS的角接触混合陶瓷球轴承接触分析%Contact Analysis of Angular Contact Hybrid Ceramic Ball Bearing Based on ANSYS

    沈禾凯; 张淳; 郑甲红


    This aritcal takes the angular contact hybrid ceramic ball bearing whose specification is VEX65/NS 7CE1 as zhe research object, establishes analytical model based on FEA of ANSYS, gives a minute description to contact analysis of ball bearing about the logical simplification of the model and the set up of boundary conditions than solves the problem,thus it has important guiding significance on the further study on failure damage and on Rolling Bearing-Spindle System.%以VEX65/NS 7CE1角接触陶瓷球轴承为研究对象,建立了基于ANSYS的有限元分析模型,对轴承的接触分析中模型的合理简化和边界条件的设定作了详尽的说明并进而求解.其结果对进一步研究陶瓷球轴承的疲劳破坏及转子系统的研究提供了重要指导基础.

  20. The Current Situation of Healthcare Industry%浅谈医疗健康气体产业的发展现状



    简述了国内外医疗健康气体产业的发展现状。重点针对国外大型工业气体公司在医疗健康产业的发展,从医用气体产品、医用气体供给模式和相关服务三个方面,进行了较为详细的阐述。提出了医疗健康产业在我国及浙江省将迎来发展新契机,并将成为今后我国大型工业气体生产企业扩大业务领域的新重地。%The current situation of healthcare industry in the world is described. Especially the development of healthcare industry in the large-scale industrial gas enterprises in foreign countries is indicated from three aspects of ( medical gas products, supply modes and services) . There will be new opportunities for the development of healthcare industry in Zhe-jiang province and even China. The healthcare industry will become the important field that the large-scale industrial gas enterprises expand the business market in the future.

  1. Hidden Advertising In Film and Television Works and its Influence%影视作品中的隐性广告及其对受众的影响



    随着影视事业的发展与壮大,“隐性广告”悄然诞生。作为市场经济的产物,相比于显性广告遭受众抵触的处境,隐性广告越来越以其“隐性”并且形式多样的特点慢慢潜入了人们的生活中,对受众产生了一系列的影响。本文通过对影视作品中隐性广告的举例分析,阐释了隐性广告的内涵及其植入过程中存在的问题,进而指出受众面对隐性广告应该保持的正确心态。%With zhe development and film industries expanded gradually, "hidden advertising" was born quietly. As the product of a market economy, compared to the contravenc the dominant advertising suffered situation recessive ads increasingly with Its "hidden" and various characteristics into the people's life slowly the audience to join produced a series of influence. This paper demonstrates the meanings and problemsof hidden advertisting, indicates that advertisting should keep right face implicit attitude conclusion.

  2. Nitrogen mineralization and immobilization in sediments of the East China Sea: Spatiotemporal variations and environmental implications

    Lin, Xianbiao; Hou, Lijun; Liu, Min; Li, Xiaofei; Zheng, Yanling; Yin, Guoyu; Gao, Juan; Jiang, Xiaofen


    Nitrogen (N) mineralization and immobilization are important processes of N biogeochemical cycle in marine sediments. This study investigated gross N mineralization (GNM) and NH4+ immobilization (GAI) in the sediments from the East China Sea (ESC), using 15N stable isotope dilution technique. Results show that measured rates of GNM and GAI ranged from 0.04 to 6.1 µg N g-1 d-1 and from undetectable to 9.82 µg N g-1 d-1, respectively. In general, both GNM and GAI rates were significantly greater in summer as compared to winter, and the high rates occurred mainly in the muddy area and increased gradually from the Yangtze Estuary to Zhe-Min Coastal muddy areas. The GNM and GAI processes were related closely to sediment temperature, pH, ammonium (NH4+), nitrate (NO3-), total organic carbon (TOC), and total nitrogen (TN) contents in the muddy area, while they were associated tightly with sediment temperature, pH, NH4+, TOC, TN, sulfide, and Fe(III) concentrations in the sandy area. In addition, the total mineralized and immobilized N in the East China Sea (ECS) were estimated to be approximately 2.1 × 106 t N yr-1 and 2.7 × 106 t N yr-1, respectively. Overall, these results highlight the importance of N mineralization and immobilization in controlling the N budget in the ECS and improve the understanding of both processes and associated controlling mechanisms in the coastal marine ecosystem.

  3. Resistance of Antimicrobial Peptide Gene Transgenic Rice to Bacterial Blight

    WANG Wei; WU Chao; LIU Mei; LIU Xu-ri; Hu Guo-cheng; SI Hua-min; SUN Zong-xiu; LIU Wen-zhen; Fu Ya-ping


    Antimierobial peptide is a polypeptide with antimicrobial activity.Antimicrobial peptide genes Np3 and Np5 from Chinese shrimp (Fenneropenaeus Chinensis) were integrated into Oryza sativa L.subsp.japonica cv.Aichi ashahi by Agrobacterium mediated transformation system.PCR analysis showed that the positive ratios of Np3 and Np5 were 36% and 45% in T0 generation,respectively.RT-PCR analysis showed that the antimicrobial peptide genes were expressed in T1 generation,and there was no obvious difference in agronomic traits between transgenic plants and non-transgenic plants.Four Np3 and Np5 transgenic lines in T1 generation were inoculated with ×anthomonas oryzae pv.oryzae strain CR4,and all the four transgenic lines had significantly enhanced resistance to bacterial blight caused by the strain CR4.The Np5 transgenic lines also showed higher resistance to bacterial blight caused by strains JS97-2,Zhe 173 and OS-225.It is suggested that transgenic lines with Np5 gene might possess broad spectrum resistance to rice bacterial blight.

  4. 清代词学理论与词创作的关系探析——以陈维崧、朱彝尊、张惠言为例%Ralation between the Theory of Ci and the creation of Ci in Qing dynasty



    Abstruct : Ralation is very intimate between the Theorys of Ci and the creation of Ci in Qing dynasty.The representatives are the Leader′s Chen wei song of Ci′School in yang Xian and Leader′s Zhu yi zun of Ci′School in Zhe Xi and Leader′s Zhang hui yan of Ci′School in Chang Zhou.They made an achievement about Theory and creation,had exhibited common Characteristices about creation first,consciousness of Theory,influence each other and common prosperity.%清代词创作与词学理论的关系非常密切。其中又以阳羡词派领袖陈维崧、浙西词派领袖朱彝尊、常州词派宗主张惠言最具有代表性。三位词派领袖,创作各有成就,理论各有建树,体现出创作先行、理论自觉、双向互动、繁荣词派的共同特点。

  5. 地方外语类高校师资队伍国际化研究--以浙江外国语学院为例%Research on Local Foreign Language College Teachers’ Internationalization---Take Zhejiang International Studies University for Example



    师资队伍国际化是高等教育国际化的一项重要内容。分析我国地方外语类高校师资队伍国际化的现状和制约因素,认为地方外语类高校,一方面面临师资队伍国际化方面的问题与挑战,另一方面师资队伍国际化战略又是其必然的选择。以浙江外国语学院为例,通过SWOT分析提出师资队伍国际化建设的有效路径。%The Internationalization of teachers is an important content of the internationalization of higher education. This article is based on the basic analysis of the current situation and restricting factors of the internationalization of teachers in local foreign language colleges in China,and draws a conclusion that although the local foreign language colleges are faced with the issues and challenges of the internationalization of teachers,the internationalization strategy of teachers is an inevitable choice. In this paper we take the Zhe-jiang International Studies University as an example,analyze and put forward the effective path of the internationalization of teachers through SWOT.

  6. On the Original Form of Zaju in Yuan Dynasty from the Perspective of Yuankan Zaju%从元刊杂剧重新审视元杂剧体制之原貌



    是现存刊刻最早的元杂剧选本,也是最早的戏曲刊本.它保留了元杂剧体制、内容、版本最原始的资料,从中可以看出元杂剧分折的不规范,题目正名使用的不规范,诸宫调形式的影响等.若以戏曲的标准衡量,某些作品在许多方面还没能达到今日戏曲史所云之规范.%Thirty Types of Yuankan Zaju is the earliest selection of zaju so far and also the earliest opera selection. It keeps the most original system, content, and version information of zaju, which shows that the non-standard form of dividing zaju into zhe, the non-standard form of the name of zaju and the influence by all kinds of Gongdiao. According to standard of opera, some zaju can not reach the standard mentioned in opera history.

  7. Interannual variability of remotely sensed chlorophyll a during an autumn monsoon transitional period in the Taiwan Strait

    ZHANG Caiyun; HONG Huasheng


    The time series of multiple sources of satellite data are used to examine the interannual variability of chlo-rophyll a concentration (Chl a) and its relation to the physical environment during the autumn monsoon transitional period in the Taiwan Strait (TWS). The satellite data included the Chl a concentration and sea surface temperature (SST) derived from the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS)/Aqua as well as the multi-sensors merged wind products from 2002 to 2012. The results show that the aver-age Chl a concentration of the whole TWS is mainly contributed by the northern TWS. The average Chl a in the northern TWS is 3.6 times that in the southern TWS. The maximum variability of Chl a is located in the frontal regions between the cold Zhe-Min Coastal Water and the strait warm water. The temporal change of Chl a concentration is different in the northern and southern TWS. The changes in the relative strength of the cold and warm water masses is suggested to be the dominant processes in controlling the phytoplankton growth in the northern TWS, while there is wind-induced mixing in the southern TWS. Additionally, La Niña events exhibited complex effects on the interannual variability of Chl a concentration in autumn. The long-term time series of physical and biological observations are especially needed to better understand how the TWS complex ecosystem responds to climate variations.

  8. Morphology and mapping analysis of rice (Oryza sativa L.) clustered spikelets (Cl) mutant


    The rice clustered spikelets (Cl) mutant exhibits a phenotype that most of branch apical have 2-3 spikelets clustered together. SEM (scanning electron microscope) observation suggested that the Cl gene controlled branch apical development, and influenced the terminal spikelets elongation. The spikelet number was reduced in mutant, indicating that Cl may also have an effect on spikelet number. To map Cl locus, two F2 mapping populations derived from the crosses between the Cl and ZhongHua11, and Cl and ZheFu802 were constructed, respectively. The Cl locus was roughly mapped between two CAPS markers, CK0214 and SS0324. A further fine mapping analysis showed that the Cl locus was mapped between makers R0674E and Cl2560, with genetic distances of 0.2 and 2.1 cM, respectively. Then we found a PAC contig spanning Cl locus, the region was delimited to 196 kb. This result was useful for cloning of the Cl gene. Allelism test demonstrated that Cl was allelic to Cl2, another rice clustered spikelets mutant.

  9. 高等旅游教育发展与旅游人才需求的适应性问题探讨%On the Adaptibility of Higher Tourism Education Development with the Demands for Human Resource



    本文就当前中国高等旅游教育与旅游人才需求的主要矛盾问题进行了探讨,从分析旅游产业发展对高层次旅游人才的基本要求入手,从高等旅游教育的培养目标、培养方案、培养途径、培养师资、培养环境等方面论述了高等旅游教育与旅游人才需求相适应的问题。%This paper, makes an analysis of the current situation of. higher tourism education. based on the demands for human resource in tourism industry, starting from an analysis of zhe Training objectives, training programs, training means, training teachers and training environment, expounds the adaptibility of higher tourism education development with the demands for human resource.

  10. A systematic review of RCTs and quasi-RCTs on traditional Chinese patent medicines for treatment of chronic hepatitis B.

    Zhan, Tao; Wei, Xing; Chen, Ze-Qi; Wang, Dong-Sheng; Dai, Xing-Ping


    Traditional Chinese patent medicines (TCPMs) are widely used for treatment of chronic hepatitis B (CHB) in China. To estimate the overall effectiveness of TCPMs for CHB, we performed a systematic review of clinical reports designed as randomized controlled trials (RCTs). One hundred and thirty-eight available RCTs and quasi-RCTs on 62 TCPMs, involving 16,393 patients, were included. The methodological quality of these trials was generally "poor". Few trials (6.52%) reported the methods of randomization correctly. Another common problem was the lack of allocation concealment, proper blinding, and the reporting of lost cases and dropouts. Forty-two trials (30.43%) on 27 TCPMs reported some anti-viral effect of TCPMs. Others reported beneficial aspects, including improvements of liver function (79.71% of the studies), liver fibrosis (29.99%), and CHB symptoms (92.75%). Forty-one articles (29.71%) reported mild adverse events with TCPMs but these occurred infrequently. In summary, the outcome of the report on currently registered TCPMs may be biased due to poor methodology. The data from these trials, therefore, is too weak to use in forming a recommendation for treatment of CHB. Nevertheless, five drugs (Dan Shen agents, Da Huang Zhe Chong pill/capsule, Shuang Hu Qing Gan granule, Fu Zheng Hua Yu granule and Cao Xian Yi Gan capsule) appear to be more effective than the other TCPMs.

  11. THz and infrared excitation spectrum below the Jahn-Teller transition in Sr3Cr2O8

    Wang, Zhe; Schmidt, Michael; Günther, Axel; Schaile, Sebastian; Pascher, Nikola; Mayr, Franz; Goncharov, Yurii; Krug von Nidda, Hans-Albrecht; Loidl, Alois; Quintero-Castro, Diana; Islam, A. T. M. N.; Lake, Bella; Deisenhofer, Joachim


    We report on optical excitations observed recently in Sr3Cr2O8 by THz and infrared spectroscopy. Low-energy excitations below 3 THz are detected by THz time domain spectroscopy. These excitations can be divided into two different classes according to the temperature-dependent properties. One is emergent right below the Jahn-Teller transition temperature, which is determined by specific heat measurement to occur at 285 K [1, 2]. The other appears only below 100 K, where the fluctuations are sufficiently suppressed, consistent with the temperature dependence of low-energy Raman modes [3]. Infrared transmission measurements reveal a broad crystal-field excitation, which can be associated with an electronic transition from E to T2 orbital states. [4pt] [1] Zhe Wang et al., Phys. Rev. B 83, 201102 (2011) [0pt] [2] D. L. Quintero-Castro et al., Phys. Rev. B 81, 014415 (2010) [0pt] [3] D. Wulferding et al., Phys. Rev. B 84, 064419 (2011)


    Jiun-Shiung Wu


    Full Text Available This paper examines how the temporal relation between a clause containing the experiential guo and an adjacent clause is determined. Mandarin is a language not morphologically marked for tenses (e.g., Lin 2006, and therefore, tenses cannot help in determining temporal relations in Mandarin. However, Mandarin has a rich aspectual system. This paper argues that the experiential guo indirectly influences temporal relations via rhetorical relations by either specifying a default rhetorical relation, or by constraining the circumstances under which a certain rhetorical relation can connect a clause with guo to an adjacent clause. This paper also argues that the default rhetorical relation and the constraints are determined by the aspectual properties of the experiential marker. Other information, such as discourse connectors, lexical information, etc., can override the default rhetorical relation indicated by guo and specifies a rhetorical relation. Therefore, this paper concludes that in Mandarin aspect markers can indirectly affect temporal relations by means of rhetorical relations, a result consistent with Wu’s (2005b paper on the perfective marker le in Mandarin, and Wu’s (2007b, 2004 work on the progressive marker zai and the durative marker zhe.

  13. The Impression of the Yue Culture Appeared in the Eastern Zhejiang Sing-and-Echo Poems during the Dali Period of the Tang Dynasty%论唐代宗大历年间浙东唱和中的越文化印象



    唐代宗大历年间,鲍防、严维等人在浙东越州组织了一场规模较大的诗歌联唱活动,后称大历浙东唱和。该唱和受越地文化的影响较深,作品中随处可见越文化对自然的崇尚、对自由的向往、对现实的关注、对家国的忠爱的印象。%During the Dali Period(766-779) of Tang Dynasty,the poets such as Bao Fang,Yan Wei and so on organized a larger poetry reception activity in the Yue State of the eastern Zhejiang,which was called the Dali Eastern Zhe Sing-and-Echo.This event was deeply influenced by the culture of the Yue State.From the collection of poems resulted from this event,we can find vivid characteristics of the Yue culture such as advocating the nature,yearning for freedom,the attention of reality,and the loyalty and love to the homeland.

  14. Exhumation of the Panama basement complex and basins: Implications for the closure of the Central American seaway

    Ramírez, Diego A.; Foster, David A.; Min, Kyoungwon; Montes, Camilo; Cardona, Agustín.; Sadove, Gephen


    The emergence of the Central American isthmus occurred episodically from Eocene to Pliocene time and was caused by a series of tectonic and volcanic processes. Results from zircon U-Pb geochronology, zircon (U-Th)/He (ZHe) and apatite (U-Th)/He (AHe) thermochronology, and zircon Lu-Hf isotopic data from sedimentary (sandstones and recent river sands) and plutonic rocks from the Azuero Peninsula and Central Panama document the exhumation and uplift history of the Panamanian basement complex. Our data support previous paleobotanical and thermochronological studies that suggest that by middle Eocene time some areas of Central Panama and Azuero Peninsula were exposed above sea level as a series of islands surrounded by shallow open marine waters. The Gatuncillo, Cobachón and Tonosí formations were deposited during this partial emergence. Transtension in the Oligocene-early Miocene produced various pull-apart basins (e.g., the Canal Basin) and local uplift that exhumed the Eocene strata (Gatuncillo and Cobachón formations). This event probably reduced circulation between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The Tonosí Formation records late Miocene to Pleistocene cooling and exhumation, which may be related to uplift above the subducting Coiba Ridge. These results suggest that the emergence of the Isthmus of Panama followed a series of diachronous events that led to the final closure of the Central American seaway.

  15. 粤、苏、鲁、浙四省科技进步贡献率比较分析%A Comparative Analysis on Contribution Rate of Sic - tech Progress of Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong and Zhejiang Province

    潘烽; 吴俊


    For the purpose of exploring the contribution of Sic - tech progress to Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong and Zhe-jiang Province, with incremental rate equation model and the acquired data during period of 1990 to 2009, this paper calcu-lates the contribution rale of Sic - lech progress of Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong and Zhejiang Province. The results show that the contribution rate of Sic - tech progress is unstable, followed by the detailed analysis of the factora which influence the contribution rate and the guide for the Sic - tech policy of the four provinces from a general perspective.%为探索科技进步对粤、苏、鲁、浙四个省份经济发展的贡献,基于增长速度方程模型及收集的四省1990-2009年统计数据,对四省份科技进步贡献率进行测算,结果表明科技进步对四省的经济贡献率时高时低,呈现不稳定态势.并从广义角度对影响科技进步率的因素进行分析.

  16. Review and Reflection on the Religious Studies of the Qiang during the Past One Hundred Years

    YUAN Linrong


    religious life in the Taoping community of Lixian .In looking at the content , the author did not provide a description of the collective religious activities .Moreover , the book did not mention an-ything about the stability and change of the reli-gious activities after the 1950s, nor did it explain how much or what part of traditional religious fea-tures were still preserved by the Qiang . 4 ) Commercialization of white stone worship The Review of Qiang Religious Studies by Ma Ning and Qian Yongping considers the many tourism companies that hire Qiang shamans to engage in the religious activities in order to attract tourists in the 21st century .Although the income of the shamans increased , their social prestige was reduced .Wang Mingke gives another interpretation on this phenom-enon by using functionalism in his book titled the Qiang between the Han and Tibetan. 5 ) Investigating and sorting out religious scriptures The most prominent research on Qiang reli-gion during this period was made by Qian Anjing from Sichuan University .Based on the foundation built by Hu Jianming , Qian restarted collecting and sorting out the Qiang ’ s primitive religious scriptures and rituals, and, in doing so, he made a lot of contributions in this field .

  17. Sun Xi-miao in T he Biogr aphy of T he Avatamsaka - Sutra

    LEE Hyun- Sook


    Full Text Available This paper aimed to introduce and examine the biography of Sun Xi-miao(孫思邈581-682 which I found in The Biography of The Avatamsaka-Sutra(華嚴經傳記, that Fazang(法藏643-712 wrote in 692 A.D. This document was neglected to understand Sun who was the famous medical writer of the collection of prescriptions, the Bei ji qian jin yao fang(備急千金要方. His life is rather well documented, because he has his own biographies in Jiu Tang shu and Xin Tang shu(新唐書 which cited from Da Tang sin yu(大唐新語, published in 807. But I found several new informations about Sun in The Biography of The Avatamsaka-Sutra, such as he use to be a military medicine in the troops of Li Yuan(李淵 who became the first emperor Kao Tsu(高祖 of Tang dynasty and treat Sun with great favour. This document let us know that the Bei ji qian jin yao fang(備急千金要方 was dedicated to Kao Tsu, known as published in 652 A.D. MY CONCLUSIONS ARE AS FOLLOWS: First, it was written by Fazang in 692 A.D, who was the real establisher of the fraternity of the Avatamsaka in China, for the purpose of encouraging to copy the Avatamsaka-Sutra(華嚴經. According to this biography, Sun made 750 copies to persuade the monks and the peoples, and that's the reason Fazang wrote his biography.Secondly, it was not conveyed to posterity, such as Sun was good looking, tall and use to be the medicine of Kao Tsu and dedicated his medical book to the first emperor. It might be left out for Tai Tsung(太宗's sake in the official records, who murdered his brother, the heir apparent to the throne and became the second emperor by himself. On the contrary, it was written in Da Tang sin yu, Jiu and Xin Tang shu that Sun made a prediction that his collection of prescriptions would help the holyman after 50 years from Xuan Di(宣帝578-579 of Northern Chou(北周 Dynasty. Holyman meant Tai Tsung. It shows that Sun's biographies in the Da Tang sin yu, Jiu and Xin Tang Shu were

  18. Estimation of Local Scour around Wind Turbine's Base of Offshore Wind Farm%近海风电场风机基础局部冲刷估算

    王卫远; 李睿元; 杨娟; 何倩倩


    建设近海风电场时,风机所处的海洋环境十分复杂,在复杂的气象水文条件影响下,风机基础周围会出现冲刷坑,进而影响风机基础的稳定.所以,风机基础的局部冲刷深度是工程设计的重要参数.采用埕岛油田海洋平台基础局部冲刷现场观测资料,对国内常用的两个计算基础局部冲刷深度的经验公式(韩海骞公式和王汝凯公式)进行验证,发现该海域波浪对泥沙的作用不可忽略.运用波流合成速度代替纯潮流速度,改进的韩海骞公式计算结果与实测值吻合良好.最后,对与埕岛油田海域环境相似的拟建的风电场工程风机基础的局部冲刷深度进行了计算,计算结果对实际工程具有一定的参考价值.%When building the offshore wind farm, the wind turbine's marine environment is very complex. Seour hole around wind turbine's base will form because of complex meieorology and hydrology factors' influence. Thereby, il will affect the stability of wind turbine's base. So, the local scour depth of wind turbine is an important parameter for engineering design. We use the field observed data of Chengdao oil field's pile to test domestic two commonly used empirical formulas (HAN Hai-qian's formula and WANG Ru-kai's formula), and we find that the role of wave on sand can not be ignored in the area. And then, we use the synthesis speed of wave and current instead of the pure tidal current speed, and we can find that the result by the improved HAN Hai-qian's formula is in good agreement with the measured result. At last, we calculate the local scour depth of wind turbine of the proposed wind farm which has a similar marine environment to Chengdao oil field. The results have some reference value to the actual project.

  19. Calculation of local scour around wind turbine's pile of offshore wind farm%海上风电场风机桩基局部冲刷计算

    王卫远; 杨娟; 李睿元


    建设海上风电场时,风机所处的海洋环境十分复杂,在风、浪、流等气象水文要素的影响下,风机桩基周围会出现冲刷坑,进而影响风机基础的稳定.因此,风机桩基的局部冲刷深度是工程设计的重要参数.采用埕岛油田海洋平台桩基局部冲刷现场观测资料,对国内常用的2个计算桩基局部冲刷深度的经验公式(韩海骞公式和王汝凯公式)进行验证,运用波流合成速度代替纯潮流速度.结果表明该海域波浪对泥沙的作用不可忽略.韩海骞公式重新计算的结果与实测值吻合良好.%When building the offshore wind farm, the marine environment of wind turbine is very complex. Scour hole around wind turbine's pile will form because of the influence of meteorology arid hydrology factors, such as wind,wave,current,and so on.It will affect the stability of wind turbine.Therefore,the local scour depth of wind turbine is an important parameter for engineering design. Based on the field observation data of the piles in Chengdao oil field,two commonly used empirical formulas (HAN Hai-qian and WANG Ru-kai) were verified.The synthesis speed of wave and current was used to replace the pure tidal current speed.The results show that the role of wave on sand can not be ignored in this area.The re-calculated result by HAN Hai-qian formula is in good agreement with measured result,and the results have some reference value to the actual project.

  20. Does Tao Yuaming Deserve the Title of "Poet Sage" ?%论陶渊明的“诗圣”之名



    中国古人曾以“诗圣”之名称许曹植、陶潜、李白、杜甫。而清末以来,“诗圣就是杜甫”的观点似乎成为不刊之论了。评判“诗圣”,究竟是以诗歌艺术价值为标准,还是以诗歌的道德教化为标准,这是应该澄清和解决的学术问题。我们认为,评判“诗圣”的首要标准是诗歌的艺术价值,其次是诗歌弘扬圣贤先达思想,以及善化人心、教化社会的功效。在数千年的诗史上,“诗圣”不止一人,“中国诗圣”当为集合名词。从诗道、守训、弘儒、入圣四个层面论证陶潜的“诗圣”之名,并认为,陶渊明堪为中国首席诗圣。%In ancient times, people awarded the title "Poet Sage" to Cao Zhi, Tao Qian, Li Bai and Du Fu while after the late Qing Dynasty, Du is the only one to hold title above. It is an academic question to be clarified and resolved whether we should treat somebody as a Poet Sage on the basis of the artistic value of poetry or moral cultivation. We hold the view that the primary criterion is the artistic value of poetry, and the secondary one is the function of advocating the ideas of sages and saints, as well as their positive influence on others and their educational role in society. In the view of this, there are so many "Poet Sages" the thousands of years of poem history and "Poet Sage" is not a term that can be awarded to many poets rather than exclusively to one person. The paper is intended to demonstrate the tide proper for Tao Qian from the four aspects of advocating poeticalness, following conventional practice, promoting Confucianism, and enlightening the people, and maintain that he fully deserves to be awarded the title of Chief Poet Sage.

  1. pH-sensitive strontium carbonate nanoparticles as new anticancer vehicles for controlled etoposide release

    Wang SL


    Full Text Available Wen-Yu Qian,1,* Dong-Mei Sun,1,* Rong-Rong Zhu,1 Xi-Ling Du,1 Hui Liu,2 Shi-Long Wang11Shanghai Tenth People's Hospital, School of Life Science and Technology, Tongji University, Shanghai, PR China; 2Eastern Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital, Second Military Medical University, Shanghai, PR China*Wen-Yu Qian and Dong-Mei Sun contributed equally to this workAbstract: Strontium carbonate nanoparticles (SCNs, a novel biodegradable nanosystem for the pH-sensitive release of anticancer drugs, were developed via a facile mixed solvent method aimed at creating smart drug delivery in acidic conditions, particularly in tumor environments. Structural characterization of SCNs revealed that the engineered nanocarriers were uniform in size and presented a dumbbell-shaped morphology with a dense mass of a scale-like spine coating, which could serve as the storage structure for hydrophobic drugs. Chosen as a model anticancer agent, etoposide was effectively loaded into SCNs based on a simultaneous process that allowed for the formation of the nanocarriers and for drug storage to be accomplished in a single step. The etoposide-loaded SCNs (ESCNs possess both a high loading capacity and efficient encapsulation. It was found that the cumulative release of etoposide from ESCNs is acid-dependent, and that the release rate is slow at a pH of 7.4; this rate increases significantly at low pH levels (5.8, 3.0. Meanwhile, it was also found that the blank SCNs were almost nontoxic to normal cells, and ESCN systems were evidently more potent in antitumor activity compared with free etoposide, as confirmed by a cytotoxicity test using an MTT assay and an apoptosis test with fluorescence-activated cell sorter (FACS analysis. These findings suggest that SCNs hold tremendous promise in the areas of controlled drug delivery and targeted cancer therapy.Keywords: strontium carbonate, nanoparticles, pH-sensitive drug delivery, etoposide, anticancer activity

  2. 《史记》失载秦人始出地考%Research on Qin people's Origin Lost in Historical records



    Sima Qian gave his great concern about the history of the Qin people. In the twelve chronicles he specially wrote The Qin Biography and The First Emperor of the Millennium, and these are very different from The Yin Dynasty and The Zhou Dynasty, reflecting the Sima Qian' s historical view,"to detail history of his times and to simplify history of the ancient times". In The Qin Biography the history of the development of Qin was written with the great historical value, while there are still some problems, especially Qin people' s origin lost having the great influence. Fortunately, the classical documents such as Mencius and The Annals of Zuo Zhuan and other unearthed masterpieces of literature and documents such as Book of Warring-States Strategic Advisors and Bamboo slips Collected by Tsinghua University, all these recorded Qin people starting out Shanggai, which is located in Qufu regions of Shandong Province today. These make up the defect of Historical Records and provide the precious new historical evidence for Qin people' s moving towards the West.%司马迁对于秦人的历史非常关注,他在十二本纪当中特意撰写了《秦本纪》和《秦始皇本纪》,与《殷本纪》《周本纪》之一朝一纪迥然不同,体现出司马迁本人详今略古的治史原则. 其中《秦本纪》专门记载秦人发展的历史渊源,具有很高的史料价值,同时也存在一些问题,尤其是对于秦人始出地的失载影响很大,幸好《孟子》《春秋左传》等传世的文献和出土文献《战国纵横家书》和《清华简》记载了秦人始出于"商蓋",即今天山东省的曲阜一带地,弥补了《史记》的缺憾,为解开秦人西迁之谜,提供了弥足珍贵的新史证.

  3. 浅谈《史记·龟策列传》——兼与《庄子》之《外物》等篇的比较%Discussion on Turtle Biographies in Historical Records, Comparing with the Objects and Other Articles in Chuang-tzu



    according to the basic ideas about the Turtle Biographies, in Records of the Historian, Sima Qian' s Preface, Mr. Chu said about its modern version,"The first and the last part of Oracle' s records should be the original of Sima Qian and it is also all contents of the biography. The ancient historians think it is no recorded book or improper to be sorted in biographies, which is worth discussing. Mr. Chu' s words are the complete misunderstanding of the uniqueness of the biography, which leads to the later historian' s criticism;at the same time, as to Chu Shaosun' s so-called complements it is undeniable about its certain literary and historical value, which is the re-creation of the text and historical biography of Chuang Tzu. Mr. Chu' s remarks crossed with several texts of Chuang Tzu shows that the doctrine of the pre-Qin presents the quality of history; history and biography literature is the product of the historiographer' s culture, and pre-Qin philosophers are also originated from the official and the relationship between those two.%按《史记·太史公自序》关于《龟策列传》的基本构想,今本《史记·龟策列传》"褚先生曰"之前的第一部分和最后的"卜辞"记录,应该就是司马迁的原作和该篇传记的全部内容. 旧史家认为其"有录无书"或不当入于"列传"之体,是值得商榷的. 而"褚先生曰"完全是作者不领会该篇传记的独特性所致,也招致了后世史论家的一致诟病;同时,也不可否认,所谓褚少孙补作,仍有一定文献性和史料性价值,是对《庄子》文本和有关历史传说的再创作. "褚先生曰"之所以杂凑《庄子》多篇,也说明先秦诸子之书,与"史"有同质的关系;史传文学是史官文化的产物,先秦诸子亦源于史官,二者的关系是同源而生.

  4. The Study of Ji Tian in Shang and Zhou Dynasty%商周籍田研究



    Ji means cultivating ,developing to the means of cultivating the land by people’s strength .Ji Tian is referring to“Ji Tian Qian Mu”narrowly ,and that generally refers to noble’s farmland .Big family organization ,king can communicate with God and people believe the king’s power and rights comes from the God ,which are two significant basic essentials of the exist of Ji Tian .Ji Tian is the important perform‐ance of The Assigned Labour System in agriculture .Ji Tian is a scientific measurement of count and con‐trol the population .King Xuan did not cultivate“Qian Mu” ,shows “Shi” are hard to maintain ,which is characterized by knowing the number of people without census count .Ji Tian was included in the“Shi” , and gradually intended to collapse .The economic reformations in the Spring -autumn times ,achieved that the assigned labour in Ji Tian was completely replaced by fixed material tax in land .%籍,本作耤,本义是耕作,后引申为借民力耕田。狭义上的籍田是殷周时期王侯举行籍礼的籍田,广义上的籍田是王侯贵族田庄,前者仅仅是后者中的最重要的一块。强大的家族组织、王能够“绝地天通”和民众相信“君权神授”是籍田存在的社会组织基础和社会信仰基础。籍田是指定服役制度在农业上的重要表现,也是清点人数和实现人口控制的重要举措。宣王料民于太原,表明以“不料民”为特征便可知民数的“事”难以维持了,籍田便包括在这些“事”之中。春秋战国时期的改革是实物地租彻底取代了籍田上固定劳役。




    The genus Yangtzedonta Yu,1985 have not been accepted by bivalve specialists as a bivalve as Yu originally reported in studying early phylogeny and evolution of the class Bivalvia. Recently,Qian Yi(2001)solved this puzzle.He confirms that Y.primitiva Yu is only an incomplete specimen of Xianfengella prima He et Yang,a problematical small shelly fossil.It is a pity that Qian confused Xianfengoconcha elliptica Zhang with the oldest certain bivalve. It is necessary to review comprehensively the study of Cambrian bivalves in China.Xiangfengoconcha Zhang,1980 shows an elongate,weakly inclined anterior and posterior toothlike structure on each side of the beak.This is an obolellid type hinge structure rather than the bivalve palaeoheterodont type.Moreover lamellar teeth of palaeoheterodonts were derived from the fusion of discrete teeth of palaeotaxodont type.Therefore,it is unlikely that the most primitive bivalve was such a form with lamellar teeth as Xianfengoconcha elliptica Zhang.At present,Pojetaia Jell,1980 is the only undoubted Cambrian bivalve in China.%长期以来,双壳类研究者虽未将扬子蛤(Yangtzedonta Yu)纳入到双壳类早期系统演化的研究范畴,却又难以予以完全否定.最近,钱逸的工作终于解决了这一悬案,这是寒武纪带壳软体动物研究的一项重要进展.然而,钱逸对双壳类早期演化的理解仍存在着误解,例如,将Xianfengoconcha Zhang当作是"最古老的双壳类",为此有必要对近二十年来我国寒武纪双壳类的研究进行回顾与总结.Xianfengoconcha发育有两侧对称排列的所谓"片状齿",实属腕足类小圆货贝型铰合构造.化石证据表明,真正的片状齿是由古栉齿型铰齿演化而来,因此,古异齿型不是双壳类最古老的铰齿类型.目前,我国没有争议的寒武纪双壳类只有Pojetaia Jell一属.

  6. Interpretation of thermochronological cooling ages using thermal modelling: an example from shallow magma intrusions from the Kerguelen archipelago

    Ahadi, Floriane; Delpech, Guillaume; Gautheron, Cécile; Nomade, Sébastien; Zeyen, Hermann; Guillaume, Damien


    Low temperature thermochronology on plutonic rocks is traditionally used to calculate erosion rates over large time scale. However, this method requires a good knowledge of the local or regional geology and particularly the thermal structure and evolution of the crust. The Kerguelen Islands (48-50°S, 68/5-70.5°E, Indian Ocean) are the emerged part of a vast oceanic plateau and are mostly made up of Oligocene basaltic traps that are cross cut by a dense network of large and deep valleys. Numerous plutonic complexes of various age (20-4.5 Ma) locally intrude theses traps and cover about 15% of the main island's surface. The Rallier du Baty peninsula is the largest plutonic complex, it is mainly constituted of syenites and is divided into two adjacent circular plutonic complexes whose centres are distant of 15 km. The southern part has a laccolith structure with satellites plutons and was emplaced at shallow depth (about 1 to 3 km) between 13.7 ± 0.3 and 8.0 ± 0.2 Ma. The northern part was emplaced later between 7.8 ± 0.25 and 4.5 ± 0.1 Ma. The Kerguelen Islands are of particular interest to understand the impact of Cenozoïc climatic variations on the long-term geomorphological evolution of emerged reliefs at mid-latitudes. To understand the erosion of the area, we conducted the first study on the Kerguelen Islands using the biotite 40Ar/39Ar (BAr), apatite and zircon (U-Th)/He thermochronometers (AHe and ZHe). In the southern part, the BAr ages for the various intrusions of the complex range from 9.44 ± 0.13 Ma to 13.84 ± 0.07 Ma. These ages are identical to high-temperature crystallisation ages (U-Pb on zircon) indicating an extremely rapid cooling between ˜700 and ˜300°C. The mean ZHe ages range between 7.1 ± 2.3 and 8.8 ± 1.4 and the mean AHe ages range between 4.4 ± 0.3 Ma and 7.4 ± 0.7 Ma. The AHe ages of the southern complex are similar to the crystallization ages of the northern part of the complex. The mean AHe ages in the northern part are

  7. Damages dependent sensitivity of Zircon (U-Th)/He ages to thermal processes: the case of Pyrenean samples

    Pik, Raphael; Zimmermann, Laurent; Bellahsen, Nicolas; Vacherat, Arnaud; Ternois, Sébastien; Mouthereau, Frédéric; Ford, Mary


    During the last decade (U-Th)/He thermochronology experienced important developments and improvements based on the combined use of extensive age documentation on various contexts and numerous experimental data. The main advance has been achieved when it has been shown that He diffusion in apatites is partly controlled by the amount of radiation damages accumulated in the grains. Concerning zircons, it has been noticed that Z-He ages could positively or negatively correlate with the amount of effective uranium (eU) of the grains (a parameter proportional to the accumulated damages). It has been shown that the alpha-dose is correlated to the amount of accumulated radiation damages and controls the diffusivity of helium by first inhibiting helium migration at low damage, before a threshold (2 x 1018 alpha/g), after which interconnection of damage zones drastically drives higher diffusivity at high damage (Gunethner et al., 2013). In this study we provide new Zircon Fission Track ages (ZFT) and single grain Zircon (U-Th)/He ages (Z-He) from Hercynian Pyrenean granites. The time-temperature history of exhumation for the western part of the Axial Zone in the Pyrenees is particularly well suited for such an investigation given that (1) the age of granite bodies is very well known (~ 305 Ma), and (2) they have spent a large part of their Mesozoic history close to the surface favoring accumulation of radiation damages before Paleocene sedimentary and tectonic burial 5. In general, data exhibit a wide range of ages with maximum variation mainly recorded for a narrow eU concentration window from 200 to 500 ppm, with a first steep positive gradient, and a subsequent more gentle negative one up to the youngest ages recorded for the highest eU. For individual localities, the total age variation range from published AFT dates for the lower bound to ages in good agreement with ZFT for the upper bound. Such pattern is qualitatively in pretty good agreement with the model of

  8. Research on Emergency Management of Colleges%高校突发事件的应急管理研究



    Strengthening emergency response to emergencies in the social transition, how to establish and improve the emergency response system to ensure that colleges and universities stability and harmonious development, with important theoretical and practical value. Adhere to people-oriented, strengthen internal management, establish a sense of crisis and building a safety culture, focus on creating social and eco-oriemed prevention mechanism for the guidance of chaos theory and complex to adapt to systems theory, to build Zhe division of labor clear inside and outside the linkage of, emergency management system, to be effective prevention in Universities of public emergencies and reduce the harm and loss.%在社会转型期,如何加强高校对突发事件的应急处理以及建立完善的应急处理体系,对保证高校稳定与和谐发展,具有重要理论意义和实践价值。坚持以人为本,强化内部管理,树立危机意识,建设安全文化,注重创建社会化和生态化的预防机制,以混沌理论和复杂适应系统理论为指导,构建分工明确内外联动的应急管理体系,才能有效预防高校突发公共事件和减少其造成的危害和损失。

  9. 宋代给侍之法:"养儿防老"的古代实践%The Law of Gei-Shi in Song Dynasty: the Ancient Practice of the Concept of "Bring up Sons to Support Parents in their Old Age"



    为保证老年人能够得到儿子的居家侍养,宋代继承了前代的给侍之法,包括侍丁免役、侍丁的刑罚变通以及禁止"委亲之官"等制度.但由于时代的变迁,上述制度在宋代又有所变化:其侍丁免役制度似乎呈现出弱化的趋势;由于折杖法的实施,侍丁在刑罚上的优待主要体现在编配等刑的变通执行上;"委亲之官"之禁出于平衡忠孝的动机,也有了一些变通的方法,包括给予解官侍亲者重新朝参注官的机会、给予有养老责任的职官以就近注官的便利等.%In order to ensure the old man can get son's support at home, Song Dynasty inherited the law of Gei-Shi. By means of regulations of exempting from service, probation, changing punishment, and resigning to go back home, the son who had parents to support could avoid defaulting their responsibility because of "official business" or punishment. Under the changes of social, institution of service-exempt weakened in Song Dynasty.Because of enforcement of Zhe-Zhang-Fa, the son's legal privilege consisted on the relieving of punishment such as Bian-Guan and Pei-Yi. In order to balance loyalty and iflial piety, there were some provisions in Song Dynasty which authorized resigned ofifcials to resume their career while prohibiting Wei-Qin-Zhi-Guan, and permitted ofifcials to work in local ofifce while demanding assignment evasion.

  10. Current Situation and Development Thought on Ruanxian Education of Zhejiang Province%浙江阮教育现状与发展思考



    近十几年来, 阮作为民族器乐的后起之秀在浙江发展迅速, 社会普及面逐年提升, 各类培训机构如雨后春笋般出现. 值得高兴的是, 一些专业艺术院校也开设了阮的专业教学, 并取得了一定的成绩, 但相比北京、 上海等大城市, 浙江省阮教育还存在着学科建设薄弱、 社会普及度不够和师资力量薄弱等问题.浙江省阮教育发展的初步思路包括提高阮教学的质量、 促进阮专业的发展和积极利用各类社会力量等方面.%In recent years, as the rising star of national instrumental music, ruanxian is developing rapidly in Zhe-jiang Province. The social popularity increases year by year, and various types of training institutions have mush-roomed. Happily, some professional art colleges and universities have also offered specialized teaching of ruanxian, and obtained certain achievement. But compared to Beijing, Shanghai and other large cities, the problems of ruanxian education in Zhejiang Province are the weak discipline construction, the low social popularity and shortage of quali-fied teachers, etc.. The development ways of ruanxian education of Zhejiang province include improving the teaching quality of ruanxian, promoting the professional development of ruanxian and actively using various types of social forces, etc..

  11. Residues of Eight Antibiotics in Vegetable Soils Affected by Fertilization Methods

    BAO Chen-yan


    Full Text Available Total forty-four representative soil samples were collected from vegetable fields in Hangzhou, Jiaxing, and Shaoxing city of Zhe-jiang Province for measuring concentrations of eight antibiotics, including chloroteracycline, tetracycline, oxytetracyline, enrofloxacin, sulfa-diazine, sulfamethazine, sulfamethoxazole, and tylosin. Effects of four fertilization methods(application of livestock and poultry manure, appli-cation of commercial organic fertilizer, application of biogas residue and application of chemical fertilizeron residues of the antibiotics in the soils were investigated. The results showed that the detection proportions and concentrations of the antibiotics in the soils varied with appli-cation methods of fertilizers and species of antibiotics. The concentration of chloroteracycline in the soils was much higher than those of other antibiotics. Mean percentage proportion of chloroteracycline in total residues of eight antibiotics was 67.03%. The detection proportions and concentrations of the antibiotics decreased in the sequence of chloroteracycline>sulfamethazine>enrofloxacin>tetracycline>sulfamethoxazole, tylosin>oxytetracycline>sulfadiazine. The detection proportion and concentration of the tetracyclines were greater than those of the sulfon-amides. The residues of the antibiotics in the soils applied with livestock and poultry manure were much greater than those of other vegetable soils, and the detection proportions and concentrations of the antibiotics in the soils decreased in the sequence of fields with application of livestock and poultry manure>fields with application of commercial organic fertilizer>fields with application of biogas residue>fields with ap-plication of chemical fertilizer. The results indicate that the livestock and poultry manure is the main source of antibiotics in vegetable soils, and application of commercial organic fertilizer and biogas residue also have certain contribution to antibiotics residues

  12. Synoptic fluctuation of the Taiwan Warm Current in winter on the East China Sea shelf

    Xuan, Jiliang; Huang, Daji; Pohlmann, Thomas; Su, Jian; Mayer, Bernhard; Ding, Ruibin; Zhou, Feng


    The seasonal mean and synoptic fluctuation of the wintertime Taiwan Warm Current (TWC) were investigated using a well-validated finite volume community ocean model. The spatial distribution and dynamics of the synoptic fluctuation were highlighted. The seasonal mean of the wintertime TWC has two branches: an inshore branch between the 30 and 100 m isobaths and an offshore branch between the 100 and 200 m isobaths. The Coriolis term is much larger than the inertia term and is almost balanced by the pressure gradient term in both branches, indicating geostrophic balance of the mean current. Two areas with significant fluctuations of the TWC were identified during wintertime. One of the areas is located to the north of Taiwan with velocities varying in the cross-shore direction. These significant cross-shore fluctuations are driven by barotropic pressure gradients associated with the intrusion of the Taiwan Strait Current (TSC). When a strong TSC intrudes to the north of Taiwan, the isobaric slope tilts downward from south to north, leading to a cross-shore current from the coastal area to the offshore area. When the TSC intrusion is weak, the cross-shore current to the north of Taiwan is directed from offshore to inshore. The other area of significant fluctuation is located in the inshore area between the 30 and 100 m isobaths. The fluctuations are generally strong both in the alongshore and cross-shore directions, in particular at the latitudes 26.5 and 28° N. Wind affects the synoptic fluctuation through episodic events. When the northeasterly monsoon prevails, the southwestward Zhe-Min coastal current dominates the inshore area associated with a deepening of the mixed layer. When the winter monsoon is weakened or the southwesterly wind prevails, the northeastward TWC dominates in the inshore area.

  13. An Efficient Algorithm for Mixed Noise Removal in Image%一种有效的去除图像混合噪声的算法



    提出一种有效的去除图像混合噪声的算法.该方法包括空间域的脉冲噪声去除和小波域的高斯噪声去除两个阶段.空间域的脉冲噪声去除利用一种加权平均的同组滤波算法进行,完成图像初始滤波;小波域的高斯噪声去除则利用NeighShrink阈值化方法对小波系数进行收缩,其中,为了提高峰值信噪比和增强视觉效果,修正了NeighShrink方法中小波系数的收缩因子.最后,对所提算法进行了仿真研究,仿真结果表明所提算法能有效去除图像中的脉冲和高斯混合噪声,并较好地保存了图像细节.%An efficient algorithm for mixed noise removal in image is studied in this paper including space impulse noise removal and wavelet Gaussian noise removal. Firstly, a weighted algorithm based on peer group filter is given to filter impulse noise. Secondly, the NeighShrink method is used to shrink the wavelet coefficients. In order to improve the visual quality of the denoising image, zhe shrinkage factor for the wavelet coefficient is modified by introducing an extra parameter. At last, simulations are conducted on the presented algorithm, and the simulation result shows that the presented algorithm can not only remove mixed Gaussian and impulse noise in image efficiently, but also preserve image edge information.

  14. The Treatment of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine for Denture Stomatitis%中西医结合治疗义齿性口炎疗效观察

    谷群英; 牛光良


    Objective: To observe the curative effect of integrative medicine for denture stomatitis. Methods: Totally 51 cases were randomized into two groups,both were treated with itraconazole capsules, but to zhe treated group, integrative medical treatment was given additionally according to syndrome differentiatian. The course for both groups was tow weeks. Changes of clinical symptoms,the effective rate were observed, and the next study was implemented two weeks after ending medication to compare the relapse rate between groups. Results: Symptoms were improved after treatment in both groups (P<0.05). The effective rate and relapse rate of treated group were better than control group. Conclusion: Integrative medical treatment could improv the clinical symptoms with high efficacy and low relapse rate.%目的:观察中西医结合治疗义齿性口炎的疗效.方法:51例义齿性口炎患者随机分为两组,治疗组按中医辨证分型施治,同时口服伊曲康唑胶囊;对照组仅口服伊曲康唑胶囊.疗程2周.观察两组临床症状变化及有效率,停药后2周复查比较复发率.结果:两组治疗后临床症状均有改善,与治疗前比较有临床意义(P<0.05),治疗组的临床疗效和控制复发率均优于对照组.结论:中西医结合治疗义齿性口炎可改善临床症状,提高有效率,降低复发率.

  15. Development of agricultural informatization under four synchronization in industrialization, informatization, urbanization and agricultural modernization in Zhejiang%“四化”同步下浙江农业信息化发展的探讨



    在“四化”(工业化、信息化、城镇化、农业现代化)同步的宏观环境下,探讨浙江农业信息化的发展问题。农业信息化是现代化建设规律的客观要求,推进农业信息化关键要把握战略机遇,确立发展意识。提出当前应重点突破的农业信息化建设领域,拓展现代农业地理信息系统应用领域,强化农民信箱运行绩效管理,发展全省农业电子政务,开展农业电子商务应用和推进农业物联网应用。%Under the macro-environment of four synchronization including industrialization , informatization, urbani-zation and agricultural modernization , we discussed the developmental issues in agricultural informatization in Zhe-jiang.Agricultural informatization is the objective request of modernization construction .It is essential to grasp the strategic opportunity and establish the awareness of social development to promote agricultural informatization .We proposed that it is necessary to break some key points of agriculture informatization , including expanding applicable fields of modern agricultural geographic information system , strengthening the performance management of Farmer Mailbox, developing the agriculture E-government in the whole province , carrying out the agricultural E-commerce and promoting the application of agricultural internet of things .

  16. 级差系统角度下旅游文本分析--以主题公园宣传手册为例%Analysis of Theme Park Brochures from the Perspective of Graduation System---Taking theme park tourism brochures as examples



    Taking"Dream Valley"and other famous theme park tourism brochures in Jiangsu and Zhe-jiang area as examples and based on two subsystems of the Graduation System-force and focus,the paper attempts to analyze the means by which the graduated resources are realized throughout the tourist bro-chures,as well as its correspondent interpersonal meaning.It can be found that the pamphlets are abun-dant with a great variety of graduated resources,among which words construing force are far beyond those construing focus,intensification and quantification are basically the same,and the force roses a-bout 90%,which reflects the high confidence intended by the propagator over tourist programs.%以江浙地区“梦幻谷”等著名主题乐园旅游宣传手册为例,以级差的子系统语势(force)和聚焦(focus)为切入点,研究旅游宣传语言中分级资源的实现方式及其相对应的人际意义。宣传手册里级差资源丰富多样,其中语势明显多于聚焦,语势实现方式程度化和量化基本等同,且语势上扬约占90%,这充分体现了宣传者对其旅游项目的高度自信心。

  17. An Empirical Study of Zhejiang Province on the Relationship between the Disposable Income, the Income Gap and the Housing Price%可支配收入、收入差距与商品房价格的关系--以浙江为例的实证研究

    潘琴; 陈多长


    This article illustrates the relationship between the disposable income,the income gap and the housing price by the use of the VAR model,the impulse response function and variance decomposition method,which is based on the data of housing price and peoples’income in ZheJiang from 1991 to 2011. The result shows that housing price is Granger cause the income gap,but the income gap isn’t Granger cause housing prices. Housing price has different effects on the disposable incomes of low-income, medium-income and high-income groups. However,the medium-income and the high-income are the forces that support the rise of housing price.%  本文基于浙江1991-2011年商品房价格与城镇居民收入数据,运用VAR模型、脉冲响应函数以及方差分解方法,研究居民可支配收入、收入差距与商品房价格之间的关系。结果表明,商品房价格上涨是收入差距扩大的格兰杰原因,而收入差距并不是房价上涨的格兰杰原因。房价上涨对低、中、高收入群体可支配收入有着不同影响,而中、高收入群体则是房价上涨的支撑力量。


    李莉霞; 李后魂


    Anabasis zhengi sp. Nov. Is described in this paper. Images of the adult and male genitalia are provided, along with a key to all the described species of the genus Anabasis. The type specimen is deposited in the Insect Collection, College of Life Sciences, Nankai University.Anabasis zhengi sp. Nov. (Figs 1-4)Diagnosis. This new species is similar to Anabasis medogia Li et Ren, 2010, but can be distinguished by the antemedia ridge of forewing boarded by a broad fascia along both outer and inner edges; the lateral margin of uncus concave at middle portion; the valva protruded in sector at about 3/4 ventrally, the sacculus with willow-shaped scales distally (Fig. 3 ); and the eighth sternite board and protruded on end (Fig. 4 ).In Anabasis medogia, the antemedia ridge of forewing is boarded by a broad fascia along inner edge only; the uncus is not concave laterally; the valva is not protruded ventrally, the sacculus bears some distally expanded scales (Fig. 5); and the eighth sternite is narrow, not protruded on end (Fig. 6).Female. Unknown.Holotype ♂ , Yunnan, Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture (23°21'N, 103° 22'E), 7 Nov. 2010, collected by HU Bing-Bing, ZHANG Jing and CAI Yan-Peng.Etymology. This species is named after Professor ZHENG Zhe-Min for celebrating his sixtieth anniversary of teaching activities.%记述采自云南的拟峰斑螟属Anabasis Heinrich 1新种,即郑氏拟峰斑螟Anabasis zhengi sp.nov..文中附有成虫和外生殖器特征图,提供了拟峰斑螟属包括新种在内的分种检索表.

  19. Identifying candidate agents for lung adenocarcinoma by walking the human interactome

    Sun Y


    Full Text Available Yajiao Sun,1 Ranran Zhang,2 Zhe Jiang,1 Rongyao Xia,1 Jingwen Zhang,1 Jing Liu,1 Fuhui Chen1 1Department of Respiratory, The Second Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, 2Department of Respiratory, Harbin First Hospital, Harbin, People’s Republic of China Abstract: Despite recent advances in therapeutic strategies for lung cancer, mortality is still increasing. Therefore, there is an urgent need to identify effective novel drugs. In the present study, we implement drug repositioning for lung adenocarcinoma (LUAD by a bioinformatics method followed by experimental validation. We first identified differentially expressed genes between LUAD tissues and nontumor tissues from RNA sequencing data obtained from The Cancer Genome Atlas database. Then, candidate small molecular drugs were ranked according to the effect of their targets on differentially expressed genes of LUAD by a random walk with restart algorithm in protein–protein interaction networks. Our method identified some potentially novel agents for LUAD besides those that had been previously reported (eg, hesperidin. Finally, we experimentally verified that atracurium, one of the potential agents, could induce A549 cells death in non-small-cell lung cancer-derived A549 cells by an MTT assay, acridine orange and ethidium bromide staining, and electron microscopy. Furthermore, Western blot assays demonstrated that atracurium upregulated the proapoptotic Bad and Bax proteins, downregulated the antiapoptotic p-Bad and Bcl-2 proteins, and enhanced caspase-3 activity. It could also reduce the expression of p53 and p21Cip1/Waf1 in A549 cells. In brief, the candidate agents identified by our approach may provide greater insights into improving the therapeutic status of LUAD. Keywords: lung adenocarcinoma, drug repositioning, bioinformatics, protein–protein interaction network, atracurium

  20. Promoting adherence to nebulized therapy in cystic fibrosis: poster development and a qualitative exploration of adherence

    Jones S


    Full Text Available Stephen Jones,1 Nathan Babiker,2 Emma Gardner,2,3 Jane Royle,2 Rachael Curley,3,4 Zhe Hui Hoo,3,4 Martin J Wildman3,4 1Psychology Department, University of Sheffield, 2Psychological Services, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, 3Adult Cystic Fibrosis Unit, Northern General Hospital, 4School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK Background: Cystic fibrosis (CF health care professionals recognize the need to motivate people with CF to adhere to nebulizer treatments, yet little is known about how best to achieve this. We aimed to produce motivational posters to support nebulizer adherence by using social marketing involving people with CF in the development of those posters. Methods: The Sheffield CF multidisciplinary team produced preliminary ideas that were elaborated upon with semi-structured interviews among people with CF to explore barriers and facilitators to the use of nebulized therapy. Initial themes and poster designs were refined using an online focus group to finalize the poster designs. Results: People with CF preferred aspirational posters describing what could be achieved through adherence in contrast to posters that highlighted the adverse consequences of nonadherence. A total of 14 posters were produced through this process. Conclusion: People with CF can be engaged to develop promotional material to support adherence, providing a unique perspective differing from that of the CF multidisciplinary team. Further research is needed to evaluate the effectiveness of these posters to support nebulizer adherence. Keywords: behavior change, social marketing, patient participation, nebulizers, medication adherence