Sample records for yuryo oyobi jikuuke

  1. Wide area stabilization of a magnetic bearing using exact linearization; Genmitsuna senkeika ni yoru jiki jikuuke no koiki anteika

    Matsumura, F.; Namerigawa, T.; Murata, T. [Kanazawa University, Ishikawa (Japan)


    An active magnetic bearing (AMB) is a bearing to suspend a rotor by magnetic forces without any contact. Feedback control is indispensable for a magnetic bearing, because it is essentially an unstable system. To design a feedback control system, a linear mathematical model of the plant is convenient, however the force of electromagnet is highly nonlinear. Then usually a linear approximation around the operating point is employed, but the obtained linearized model can not express the exact behavior of the system at any other operating points. In this paper, we discuss the wide area stabilization of magnetic bearing using exact linearization approach. At first, we derive a nonlinear mathematical model for a magnetic bearing, then we show this nonlinear system is belong to a class of exactly linearizable nonlinear systems. Next, by using exact linearization method, we transfer the nonlinear model of a magnetic bearing to a linear time invariant state model in spite of change of the operating point and the rotational speed of the rotor. Then we construct the state feedback control system by conventional LQ method. Finally, we evaluate the validity of our proposed method by experiment. 13 refs., 8 figs., 1 tab.

  2. Development of detective system for abnormal wear of engine bearings; Engine suberi jikuuke ijo mamo kenshutsu system no kaihatsu

    Koike, N.; Kumagai, Y.; Nakamura, K. [Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    A technique has been developed for sensing abnormal wear of engine bearings at its incipient stage, and the result of application of the technique to a real engine on the bench is outlined. The abnormal wear sensor unit comprises an ultrasonic microphone for collecting AE signals and a detector including a signal processing circuit. The ultrasonic microphone senses ultrasonic waves in the air in the direction that it faces, and the detector converts them into voltage signals and amplify them. The detector next squares the amplified signals and gets the absolute values. AE signals that are emitted during normal operation are used to establish the detection threshold, and AE signals that are beyond the threshold value are fed into a counter circuit for the numerical representation of the frequency of occurrence. So as to observe quantitavely the increase in the frequency of AE signals as abnormal wear advances, the number per unit time of acoustic signals that are beyond the threshold value is counted. The bearing performance aboard the real engine is checked by stopping the supply of lubricant for purposely producing abnormal wear. The result is that abnormal wear can be definitely detected at its incipient stage. 7 refs., 10 figs., 1 tab.

  3. Quantitative analysis of sulfur forms of coal and the pyrolysis behavior of sulfur compounds; Sekitanchu no io kagobutsu no keitaibetsu gan`yuryo no teiryo to sono netsubunkai kyodo

    Mae, K.; Miura, K.; Shimada, M. [Kyoto University, Kyoto (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    As part of the studies on coal utilization basics, considerations were given on quantification of sulfur forms of coal and the pyrolysis behavior of sulfur compounds. With the temperature raising oxidation method, a thermo-balance was connected directly to a mass analyzer, and the coal temperature was raised at a rate of 5{degree}C per minute and gasified. Peak division was performed on SO2 and COS production to derive sulfur forms of coal. Using the slow-speed pyrolysis method, production rates of H2S, COS, SO2 and mercaptans were measured at a temperature raising rate of 20{degree}C per minute. Sulfur content in char was also measured. With the quick pyrolysis method, a Curie point pyrolyzer was connected directly to a gas chromatograph, by which secondary reaction is suppressed, and initial pyrolytic behavior can be tracked. All kinds of coals produce a considerable amount of SO2 in the slow-speed pyrolysis, but very little in the quick pyrolysis. Instead, H2S and mercaptans are produced. Sulfur compound producing mechanisms vary depending on the temperature raising rates. By using a parallel primary reaction model, analysis was made on reactions of H2S production based on different activation energies, such as those generated from pyrite decomposition and organic sulfur decomposition. The analytic result agreed also with that from the temperature raising oxidation method. 4 refs., 6 figs., 1 tab.

  4. Influence of carbon content on superplastic behaviour in Ti and B doped Cr-Mo steels; Ti, B tenka kuromu moribudenko no chososei ni oyobosu tanso gan`yuryo no eikyo

    Aramaki, M.; Nakai, O.; Onodera, R.; Higashida, K. [Kyushu University, Fukuoka (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    Superplasticity has been investigated in various ferrous alloys and steels. However, in these materials, especially in the hypoeutectoid steel bellow A1 temperature, the relationship between the content of carbon and elongation to failure is not obvious. In the present investigation, the influence of carbon content on superplastic behaviour is studied using carbon steels based on Cr-Mo steel. In order to obtain the fine grain structure, a small amount of Ti and B were added and the content of carbon was controlled to be in the range of 0.24% to 0.83%. The largest value of elongation to failure was 644% which was obtained by the tensile test of the specimen containing 0.58% carbon. The temperature and strain rate at which the maximum value was obtained were 710degC and 5 times 10{sup -4}s{sup -1}, respectively. Of all the specimens, this. specimen had the minimum grain size. Moreover, the area fraction of carbide took the maximum value at the temperature where the largest elongation value was obtained. These results show that the addition of carbon has an effect on grain refinement by formation of carbide, but excess amounts of carbons (>0.6%) bring about premature failure because of coarse microstructure and larger carbide. 17 refs., 9 figs., 1 tab.

  5. Science and technology on ceramics and cerments materials; Ceramics oyobi cermet zairyo no kagaku to gijutsu

    Iwamato, N. [Osaka Univ. (Japan)


    Applications of ceramics coat and cerment coat are being rapidly improved with the development of VSOP. But, while forming a spraying coat, there are many working factors such as powder ingredients, coat forming conditions, compatibility of the spraying coat with the substrate, and individually particular problems concerning properties, hollowness microstructure and sticking strength to the substrate of the spraying coat have to be solved. In this paper, the history of development of cerment and bulk materials and the problems thereof are described. Influences on shapes and mechanical properties of compound particles, wettability of compound with the spraying metal, and generation of {eta}(Co6W6C) in the WC-Co alloy are pointed out as the problems. Then, the application field of the cerment and bulk materials is introduced. At last, as the recent development of cerment coat engineering, WC coat, WC-Co coat, diamond coat and TiC coat by using the CVD or PVD process are described. 34 refs.,4 figs., 2 tabs.

  6. New steel-materials for bridge-construction; Kyoryo yoto no shinkozai oyobi shinkenzai

    Sakata, Y.; Fujii, Y.; Suzuki, A.; Takagi, M.; Nishiumi, K.; Kusunoki, T.; Tsuzuki, T.; Usami, A. [Nippon Steel Corp., Tokyo (Japan)


    Nippon Steel Corporation is exerting endeavors for the development of various technologies which concern materials, designing, and execution in the field of bridges. Outlined in this report are the merits and effects of some fruits of such endeavors, which involve a new weather-resistant steel to reduce the maintenance cost, longitudinally profiled steel plates to reduce the manufacturing cost, rectangular steel tubes using a high-tenacity steel, long-span-conscious grating slabs and steel elements to save labor in bridge construction, etc. For instance, the newly developed weather-resistant steel is a product intended for use for Japan`s big cities and trunk lines near the seashore, and is so designed as to contain 5% Ni to withstand seashore climate after studies and tests. This steel will contribute to the reduction in the cost for maintaining bridges in seashore belts where the conventional weather-resistant steel does not work effectively or in snowy regions where the use of snow-melting agents is inevitable. In another example, the steel is used for the construction of Nippon Steel Corporation`s Minami-Ohashi Bridge situated in the sea-facing zone of Nagoya Works of the corporation, where tests are still under way. 18 refs., 23 figs., 4 tabs.

  7. Biodegradation and aquatic toxicity of surfactants. Kaimen kasseizai no seibunkaisei oyobi suisei seibutsu ni taisuru tokusei

    Kikuchi, M. (The Tokyo Metropolitan Research Institute for Environmental Protection, Tokyo (Japan))


    This paper describes biodegradation, toxicity, and harmfulness to aquatic life of surfactants as starting materials for household synthetic detergents. The JIS and the chemicals examination law determine that linear alkylbenzene sulfonate (LAS) has good biodegradation, which is removed at a rate of more than 90% in sewage treatment plants as a methylene blue activated substance (MBAS). Too high concentration in a biodegradable surfactant makes decomposition more difficult to occur. A homolog with larger number of carbons in the alkyl group in LAS and an isomer attached with sulfophenyl groups are decomposed more preferentially. The larger the number of carbons in LAS, the toxicity becomes stronger. Increase in hardness of test water increases the toxicity. Rainbow trouts, exposed to surfactants for an extended period of time, emerge with the effect therefrom at lower concentrations. The effect of the toxicity varies depending on difference in growth stages and types of fishes. Algae get their growth impaired at higher concentrations, but may get it accelerated on occasion at lower concentrations. Fishes show changes in motion and in such a structure as gills. 31 refs., 4 figs., 5 tabs.

  8. Solar cell module and its manufacturing process. Taiyo denchi module oyobi sono seizo hoho

    Nakano, Akihiko.


    The reason behind the high power costs of solar cells is expensiveness of solar cell element devices and its modules, and efforts to lower the costs of the former have so far been made, but the same efforts are necessary for the latter too. Concerning CdS/CdTe or CdS/CuInSe {sub 2} solar cells, when the oxygen concentration in the atmosphere available around the element device becomes less, deterioration of its performance occurs. Heretofore, concerning the above two kinds of solar cell modules, a stress was placed on prevention of infiltration of water into the element device and no concern has been paid to the effect of oxygen. Consequently, several issues have remained unsolved like alteration of crude material around the element of module with material which does not react with oxygen or absorb it. In view of the above, this invention proposes to make a solar cell module of the structure that thermosetting resin is set at the peripheral blank part of the substrate with no formation of solar cell element and a box with a flange is applied to that part in the heated and pressurized condition at the time of making protection of the back of the CdS/CdTe or CdS/CuInSe {sub 2} solar cell element device. 7 figs.

  9. Production of energy and chemical substances by microalgae. Bisai morui ni yoru energy oyobi kagaku busshitsu no seisan

    Miyamoto, Kazuhisa; Miura, Yoshiharu (Osaka Univ., Osaka, (Japan). Faculty of Pharamaceutical Science)


    Microalgae can fix carbon dioxide by photosynthesis but the conversion rate is only 5 to 6%. Dried algae contain different lipids of 20 to 40%. Therfore, it is desirable to culture a large amount of an alga or algae having high photosynthetic and lipid producing abilities in order to effectively convert photoenergy to liquid fuel. It is reported that US established the target of 50g dry wt/m{sup 2}/day by greatly improving the productivity for 4 years since 1982 and the lipid amount exceeded 60% in 1986. A method to make photosysnthesis during daytime to avoid the interference with oxygen and to generate hydrogen by decomposing stored organic substances during night is studied and regarded as promising. In addition, the production of vitamines and other fine chemicals by microalgae is also paid attention. 15 refs., 5 tabs., 3 tabs.

  10. Electric and VLF-MT survey of Tegatayama tunnel; Tegatayama tunnel no denki tansa oyobi VLF tansa

    Nishitani, T. [Akita University, Akita (Japan). Mining College


    To survey the structure at the depth between 20 and 30 m, field tests were conducted by means of vertical electric and VFL-MT (magnetotelluric) survey. Tegatayama tunnel has a total length of 276 m, width of 7.5 m, and height of 4.7 m, and the depth from the surface is about 28 m near the top of mountain. Near the tunnel, the thickness of surface soil is about 60 cm, which consists of clay soil including soft mudstone gravel. It was found that terrace deposit is distributed up to the depth of 8 m, and that mudstone is distributed below the depth of 8 m. Weighted four-electrode method was adopted for the vertical electrical survey. Measurements were conducted at the immediately above the tunnel, 10 m apart from the center of tunnel in the right and left, and 20 m apart from the center in the east. For the VLF-MT method, component of frequency 22.2 kHz was used. As a result of the tests, it was difficult to illustrate the existence of tunnel from the vertical electrical survey only at one point. Feature of the tunnel could be well illustrated by means of the VLF-MT method. 3 refs., 9 figs.

  11. UPAC and personal computer loader for FRENIC5000VG7; FRENIC5000VG7 yo UPAC oyobi pasokon roda



    A technology card (UPAC) and a VG7 supporting loader program have been developed as options for the high-performance vector inverter VG7. The UPAC enables the development of user programs in the same environment as the programmable controller MICREX-SX series of Fuji Electric Co., Ltd., and is capable of controlling plural VG7's en bloc via an optical option link. Thanks to these features, the card is compatible with winders, printers, and testers, and so on. The VG7 supporting loader program inherits the same functions and operability from the servo system FALDIC-{alpha} of Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. The VG7 function codes may be referred to or updated, data on the screen may be traced, and monitoring of plural VG7s may be conducted in a multiple monitor mode, all through operations at the personal computer. The Japanese or English language may be selected during the program installation process. (translated by NEDO)

  12. Improvement of airtight property and workability of joint packing material; Teikeimejizai no shirusei oyobi sagyosei no kaizen

    Ouchi, Tatsuya.; Harada, Tsutomu.; Ando, Hideyuki.; Yamato, Tsugio. [Kurosaki Corp., Fukuoka (Japan). Technical Research Center


    It is connected, and many refractories s are being used with continuous cast law. An including air volume from these union parts causes the quality decline of the steel and the problem of unusual loss around the union part of the refractories. Therefore, there is a big thing in the part, which the eye area material used for the union part of the refractories for the continuous cast plays. This time, the fixed form area material of the hard type which has a sticker and work between the excellent heat could get it in comparison with the usual fixed form area material for the purpose of the improvement in the sticker of the eye area material and the work (acceptable convenience time in the normal temperature form, the space of the heat) as a result of examining the application of the Al metal which doesn`t react easily with the new binder and the water. As for the utility test as well, it is reported because it was used without problem and that validity could be confirmed. (NEDO)

  13. Reactions of supercritical water and supercritical methanol with benzaldehyde; Chorinkaisui oyobi chorinkai methanol to benzaldehyde tono hanno

    Yokoyama, C.; Yasuda, T.; Nishi, K.; Takahashi, S. [Tohoku University, Sendai (Japan). Institute for Chemical Reaction Science


    The reactions of supercritical water and supercritical methanol with benzaldehyde have been examined in the temperature range from 553 to 693 K, and the reaction pathways have been examined from the temporal variations of the reaction products. For the reaction of benzaldehyde with supercritical water, the major product was benzene, which was formed from the pyrolysis of benzaldehyde. The benzoic acid and benzyl alcohol were the by-products, produced from the Cannizzaro-type disproportionation reaction of benzaldehyde with the hydrate formed from the reaction with water and benzaldehyde. The major product for the reaction of benzaldehyde with supercritical methanol was benzyl alcohol, and the by-product were dimethylacetal, benzene, and methyl benzoic acid. Under the reaction conditions of this study, a significant amount of acetal was produced from benzaldehyde and methanol. The pyrolysis of acetal yielded benzyl alcohol. 29 refs., 6 figs., 4 tabs.

  14. Modification during heat treatment and application service of austempered ductile iron parts. ADI buhin no netsushori oyobi shiyochu no henkei

    Shiokawa, T. (Subiyama Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan))


    Austempered ductile iron (ADI) has a very high mechanical strength, and excellent tenacity and ductility, but has also problems of dimensional changes in ADI parts. This paper describes dimensional changes in ADI parts, and further discusses points requiring cautions on dimensions when using ADI parts. To reduce dimensional changes before and after a heat treatment of an ADI, a use of ferrite is desirable as a texture before the heat treatment. Or otherwise the dimensional change due to heat treatment may be reflected initially on the dimensions before the heat treatment as an effective means of reducing the change. As an ADI varies its dimension-related thermal stability according to its chemical composition and the heat treatment method, parts that need the stability require a consideration to use a low Ni content and extend the austempering time. Since the ADI parts have different thermal expansion coefficient from the conventional ductile cast irons, parts subjected to a temperature rise should be used with considerations given to the thermal expansion difference with the mating parts. 4 refs., 4 figs., 3 tabs.

  15. Thin film polycrystalline silicon photoelectric converter and fabricating method; Hakumaku takkesho shirikon koden henkan sochi oyobi sono seizo hoho

    Yamamoto, K. [Kobe (Japan); Suzuki, T. [Kobe (Japan); Yoshimi, M. [Kobe (Japan)


    This invention relates to a fabricating method for a thin film polycrystalline silicon photoelectric converter which has a large area and can be produced at low cost. Successive formation of mono-conductive polycrystalline silicon thin film and reverse conducting polycrystalline silicon thin film on a translucent substrate requires no vapor phase epitaxial growth, and the film formation temperature for silicon thin film can be lowered. Orientation of the monocrystalline silicon thin film to any of the surface bearings of (100), (111), and (110) results in the function of determining the orientation of the reverse conducting polycrystalline silicon thin film formed thereon. This orientation is effective to obtain excellent characteristics, and results in effective surface orientation of the entire power generating area. In addition, the supporting substrate and the surface protective film of the solar cell can be combined by orienting the translucent substrate side to the light incident side. 2 figs., 1 tab.

  16. Improvement of airtight and operation efficiency of joint packing material; Teikei mokuzizai no sirusei oyobi sagyosei no kaizen

    Ouchi, Tatsuya.; Harada, Tsutomu.; Ando, Hideki.; Yamato, Tsugio


    Formed joint packing materials presently used in each place of continuous casting factories are manufactured from a main material of refractory powder and various subsidiary materials, added with binder, mixed and formed to products. This joint material has disadvantages of 1) Setting to flange part of long nozzle is difficult owing to inferior ordinary temperature shape retaining property (workability), and 2) Hot workable time (workability) is short, when used under hot condition. To solve these problems, sealing property and workability (ordinary temperature shape retaining property and hot workable time) of joint packing material were improved using new binder and Al system materials, and hard type formed jpint packing material of excellent hot sealing property and workability compared to conventional formed packing materials was obtained. Examining various resins and refractory powders, special emulsion type resin and a material which consisted of a main refractory material of alumina and subsidiary materials of clay, flint, Al system metals were finally selected. The measurement results on ordinary temperature shape retaining property, hot workable time and hot sealing property of this joint packing material showed excellent results. (NEDO)

  17. On noise, traffic and factory vibrations in Akita city; Akitashi ni okeru soon oyobi kotsu kojo shindo ni tsuite

    Nogoshi, M.; Kikuchi, T.; Morino, T.; Sannohe, M. [Akita University, Akita (Japan). College of Education


    Noise and vibration were measured in Akita City. In 1994, noise and traffic-caused vibration were measured along the trunk lines and other roads across the entire Akita City area. In 1995, the effort centered on the Ibarashima manufacturing quarters, the important source of noise and vibration in Akita city. The general-purpose noise meter LA-220S was used to measure noise and the vibration level meter VR-5100 was used to measure vibration. The results of noise measurement carried out at 122 points in Akita City indicated that the noise level was high along Route 7, Route 13, and the southern line belonging to the newly built national highway, marking the highest of approximately 74dB. As compared with the measurement made in 1968, the value was higher by 3-13dB. A roughly similar trend was seen in vibration. The noise level measurement of 1995 accomplished at 100 points in the vicinity of Ibarashima district indicated that the factories were responsible for high levels of noise and vibration. It was found that the levels lowered in proportion to the increase in the distance from the factories. 11 figs., 1 tab.

  18. Application of VSP to geological investigation; P ha oyobi S ha VSP wo mochiita shinso chishitsu chosa

    Kinugasa, Y. [Geological Survey of Japan, Tsukuba (Japan); Feng, S.; Sugiyama, T.; Ishikawa, K. [Chuoh Kaihatsu Corp., Tokyo (Japan)


    Discussed in this paper are the P-wave and S-wave zero-offset VSPs carried out utilizing boreholes located in Nada Ward, Kobe City, and Hokudan-cho, Hyogo Prefecture, as part of the deep layer boring survey following Hanshin Earthquake Disaster. This effort aims at the elucidation of P-wave and S-wave velocity structures, high-precision identification of data obtained by the surface reflection method, and collection of basic data for active faults investigation in the future. Among the velocity structures obtained for various layers, the S-wave velocity structures in particular agree with the stratigraphy excellently and may be utilized in seismic analyses to be conducted in the future. Reflection from geological boundaries is received with precision, providing accurate information about correlation between reflection and geological cross sections. The records will be useful in formulating plans for reflection surveys for instance of the boundary between the Osaka group and Kobe group. Generally speaking, reflection coefficients are large when the reflection is from a boundary where difference is great in elastic wave impedance (mainly difference in velocity). In the case of the boundary between the Kobe group and granite in Awaji Island, however, no strong reflection is found despite the great difference in velocity. This is attributed to the complicated, sharp inclination of the basement rock and to its weathering. 4 refs., 8 figs.

  19. Studies on plant materials as energy resources 2. Jojoba-new raw material for industry. Energy-gen to shiteno baiomas no tansaku to hyoka ni kansuru kenkyu dai 2 ho. Miriyo YURYO shokubutsu hohoba saibai no genjyo to kaihatsu jyo no kadai

    Suganuma, Hirotoshi.


    The studies have the objective of searching and evaluating biomass as energy resources and in this report, the current situation and the issues concerning development of cultivation of jojoba which has been an unused oily plant growing in arid and semi-arid areas in the southwestern USA. Its summary is as follows: (1) Jojoba is cultivated experimentally over about 20,000ha in the tropical and semitropical arid and semiarid regions at the almost same latitudes of the areas where it grows wild, (2) With regard to the areas qualified for development in the Chaco region of the western Paraguay, the La Rioja Province in the northwestern Argentina and the Eastern Province in the eastern Kenya, ample production can be expected judging from their natural environmental conditions and the growing characteristics of jojoba. (3) Jojoba is a dioecious plant and it takes 4-5 years from seeding to flowering. During this period, its sex difference cannot be identified, but a conclusion was obtained that the sex difference might possibly be identified by the isozyme method at its stage of young seedlings. (4) When cultivation techniques are firmly established and its price goes down to about 2 dollars/kg, jojoba becomes promising as substitute for sperm whale oil. 20 refs., 8 figs., 18 tabs.

  20. House-dust mite and mite-and pet-allergens in indoor environment; Dani oyobi dani-allergen, pet-allergen no jittai

    Irie, T. [Shinshu Univ., Matsumoto, Nagano (Japan)


    In this paper, the actual state of mite and mite-allergen, and the actual state of pet-allergen that the researches thereof proceed gradually in recent years are described. The following findings are obtained as the results of the actual state investigations. In respect to the mite-allergen, airborne mite, particularly I with high allergen activity shows high concentration from fall to winter. The reasons thereof are considered from two aspects, I.e., the fragmentation and suspension of mite-allergen, and the decrease of ventilation frequency, while it can also be explained from a fact that the fit of infantile asthma is most frequent during a period from October to November. Mite-allergen contained in futon dust is about 10 times more than that contained in floor dust. In respect to pet-allergen, although the indoor accumulative amount and airborne concentration of main pet-allergen such as cat-, and dog-allergen varies greatly depending on whether pet is kept indoor or outdoor, the quantities of dog- and cat-allergen are almost of the same order, but 2 to 3-order higher than the quantity of mite-allergen. 9 refs., 9 figs.

  1. Development of long life pulse power supply for copper vapor laser. Do joki laser yo chojumyo reiki dengen no kaihatsu. ; Saidai shutsuryoku unten oyobi laser hasshin

    Fujii, T.; Goto, N.; Nemoto, K. (Central Research Inst. of Electric Power Industry, Tokyo (Japan))


    Long life pulse power supply for Cu vapor laser was developed. This is composed of the pulse generation circuit and the pulse compression circuit. Current pulse of 10 mu second pulse width is generated in the pulse generating circuit by switching electric charge on the condensor charged through GTO (gate turn off) thyristors. The pulse compression circuit makes the current pulse fast to 300ms utilizing the difference of inductance at the saturation and the unsaturation on the circuit which uses a reactor having saturable property using a ferromagnetic substance for the core as the magnetic switch. The operation was carried out at the GTO generasting full power. Co base amorphous alloy of low loss was used for the core of saturable inductor and the circuit efficiency of 77% could be obtained by suppressing the heat generation in core even at 4,000Hz operation. The full output power of 8.2kW was possible which corresponds to 100W class laser oscillation. Repeated Cu vapor laser oscillation of 30W succeeded at the condition of 4,000Hz and power supply output of 5.9kW. 7 refs., 21 figs., 8 tabs.

  2. Seebeck effect of Fe-Al-Si alloy and low temperature thermoelectric properties; Fe-Al-Si gokin no zebekku koka oyobi teion netsugen netsuden henkan tokusei

    Shoda, M.; Kado, M.; Tsuji, T.; Suzuki, R.; Ono, K. [Kyoto University, Kyoto (Japan)


    In order to effectively utilize unutilized low heat sources, the Seebeck effect and thermoelectric conversion properties of Fe-Al-Si alloy were investigated. Unutilized low heat sources at temperatures below 600 K have small energy density generally, but their total quantity is huge. High-efficiency electric power conversion utilizing these sources is expected. In order to realize the expectation, thermoelectric power generation is most suitable as a direct energy conversion system of completely stand-still type having no driving components. The Fe-Al-Si based alloy was taken as the object of the investigation because of the following reasons: Al and Si have a wide solid solution range against Fe, and 3p orbit electrons of the respective elements are expected capable of changing the electron state in the vicinity of Fermi surface, which is characteristic to the transition metal, Fe; the alloy has electric conductivity even under low temperatures including subzero temperatures; and the alloy elements are affluently available as natural resources. Measurements were performed on such thermoelectric properties as Seebeck coefficient (thermoelectric capability), electric conductivity and thermal conductivity. As a result, it was made clear that iron-based p-n junction elements in Fe13%Al12%Si(p)-Fe12%Al(n) exhibit highest performance in this alloy system. In addition, the measured thermoelectric properties were used to derive the theoretical surface specific output power of the elements. 9 refs., 10 figs., 1 tab.

  3. Interfacial area between gases and liquid in a valve plate column and a bubble cap tray; Barubu danto oyobi hosho danto ni okeru kieki sesshoku menseki

    Nakoua, M.; Dribika, M.; Besher, E


    A mathematical model has been developed for absorption accompanied by chemical reaction of H{sub 2}S and CO{sub 2} in alkanolamine solutions encountered in plants for natural gas sweetening in Libya. The model has been used to calculate actual number of plates in industrial columns. The model results errors in number of trays predictions due to the lack of procedures for estimating interfacial area for the in between flow regime that prevailed in two industrial plants. The developed correlation for interfacial area estimation for the in between flow regime gives zero error in number of trays prediction. (author)

  4. Evaluation of fatigue strength of WC cermet- and 13Cr steel-sprayed materials; WC cermet oyobi 13Cr ko yosha hifukuzai no hiro kyodo hyoka

    Ogawa, T.; Tokaji, K.; Ejima, T. [Gifu University, Gifu (Japan); Kobayashi, Y.; Harada, Y. [Tocalo Co. Ltd., Kobe (Japan)


    Rotating bending fatigue tests have been conducted at room temperature in air using the specimens of medium carbon steel (S45C), low alloy steel (SCM435) and titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V) with HVOF sprayed coating of a cermet (WC-12%Co) and S45C with WFS sprayed coating of a 13Cr steel (SUS420 J2). The fatigue strength and fracture mechanisms were studied. The fatigue strength evaluated by nominal stress was strongly influenced by substrate materials and the thickness of sprayed coatings. Detailed observation of crack initiation on the coating surface and fracture surface revealed that microcracks initiated at the WC grain boundary coalesced, and then the crack grew rapidly in the coating. Cracks in the substrate were initiated by the stress concentration of the crack in the coating, which was modeled by finite element analysis. For the specimens tested in this study, the fatigue strength of sprayed specimens was dominated by that of sprayed coating. Thus, the fatigue strength could be evaluated uniquely by the true stress on the coating surface. 9 refs., 12 figs., 2 tabs.

  5. Influence of catalytic activity and reaction conditions on the product distribution in coal liquefaction; Sekitan ekikayu no seiseibutsu bunpu ni taisuru shokubai kassei oyobi hanno joken no eikyo

    Hasuo, H.; Sakanishi, K.; Mochida, I. [Kyushu University, Fukuoka (Japan). Institute of Advanced Material Study


    The NiMo sulfide supported on Ketjen Black (KB) was more effective and yielded lighter oil products containing light fractions with their boiling point below 300{degree}C during the two stage liquefaction combining low temperature and high temperature hydrogenation the conventional NiMo/alumina catalyst and FeS2 catalyst. Although the NiMo/alumina yielded increased oil products during the two stage liquefaction, the lighter oil fractions did not increase and the heavier fractions increased mainly. This suggests that the hydrogenation of aromatic rings and successive cleavage of the rings are necessary for producing the light oil, which is derived from the sufficient hydrogenation of aromatic rings using catalysts. For the two stage reaction with NiMo/KB catalyst, it was considered that sufficient hydrogen was directly transferred to coal molecules at the first stage of the low temperature reaction, which promoted the solubilization of coal and the successive hydrogenation at the high temperature reaction. Thus, high activity of the catalyst must be obtained. It is expected that further high quality distillates can be produced through the optimization of catalysts and solvents at the two stage reaction. 1 ref., 4 figs., 1 tab.

  6. Solubilization of lignite and behavior of oxygen containing functional groups in coal with superacid; Chokyosan wo mochiita kattan no kayoka oyobi sanso kannoki no kyodo

    Shimizu, K.; Saito, I. [National Institute for Resources and Environment, Tsukuba (Japan); Sasaki, S.; Suganuma, A. [Science University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan). Faculty of Science and Technology


    Solubilization of lignite including a large amount of oxygen containing functional groups was attempted using HF/BF3, and the behavior of oxygen containing functional group, one of the important factors for coal liquefaction, was studied. In experiment, the cooled slurry of Yallourn coal specimen and solvent (toluene, isopentane) was filled into a vacuum autoclave together with HF/BF3. Reaction was performed under spontaneous pressure at 50, 100 or 150{degree}C for 3 hours. The distribution of oxygen containing functional groups in each coal specimen was determined by quantification of carboxyl group, hydroxyl group and carbonyl group. As the experimental result, the superacid mixture of HF and BF3 considerably improved the solubility of coal specimens into solvent as compared with individual HF and BF3. The solubility was 68wt% into benzene, 96% into THF and 99% (nearly 100%) into pyridine. It was suggested that production of Broensted acid with strong acidity causes strong catalysis. 6 refs., 2 figs., 1 tab.

  7. Estimation for origin of coals on biomaker analysis; Jinko sekitan oyobi tennen sekitan no biomaker bunseki ni yoru sekitan kigen busshitsu no suitei

    Suzuki, Y. [Geological Survey of Japan, Tsukuba (Japan); Sugimoto, Y. [National Institute of Materials and Chemical Research, Tsukuba (Japan); Okada, K. [Coal Mining Research Center, Tokyo (Japan)


    In order to study coal production processes, an estimation study was carried out on coal originating materials by using biomaker analysis. Test samples are original coals collected directly from a mine in Hokkaido (not having been subjected cleaning). Mixing and solvent extraction were performed after pulverization, and then tests were given on saturated hydrocarbon components divided by using a silicagel column chromatograph for the present study. It can be known from n-alkane distribution in the coal that low molecular alkane increases with increasing degree of coalification. Artificial coal made by wet-heating Metasequoia leaves contains only little n-alkane. Diterpenoid compound exists in the Taiheiyo and Akabira coals. Tetra-cyclic diterpernoid is contained abundantly in subtropical coniferous trees, serving as a parameter for warm environment. The compound is contained also in the Fushun coal, but not in Indonesian coals. Hopanoid constitution shows very high similarity, but H/C atomic ratio may vary largely even if the coalification is at the same degree. This is likely to be caused from difference in originating materials. Hopanoids are bacteria attributed substances, whose activities are not affected by the originating materials. 2 figs., 1 tab.

  8. Construction of quantum mechanics for photon and relations with classical electromagnetism. Koshi no ryoshi rikigaku no kosei oyobi koten denjikigaku tono kankei

    Sasabe, S.; Adachi, T. (Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Technology, Tokyo (Japan))


    At first, the equations of motion for the field quantities of free photon field, which are derived from proposed Lagrangian density, are shown to take the same form as that of the wave equation for a free photon, which has been proposed by the authors in the preceding paper. Using the Hamiltonian of quantized photon field, which is derived from the Lagrangian density by means of the second-quantization method, each of the above equations of motion is demonstrated to be identical with Heisenberg equation for the field quantity and the total number of photons is confirmed to be an invariant. Secondly, the wave equation for a photon which is interacting with a charged particle is proposed on the assumption that the term representing the interaction between them can be expressed in the form of a potential energy function. Using this wave equation, the probability density of each photon is shown to vanish at a certain rate in the course of time. Thirdly, following the correspondence principle, quantum mechanics for photons which are interacting with charged particles is correlated to the classical electro-magnetism. It is noted that the principle does not hold well except where Maxwell {prime} s equations are modified so as to have a symmetrical form concerning electricity and magnetism. 11 refs.

  9. Performance and regeneration of a pellet-packed-bed diesel-particulate trap; Ryutai jutenso diesel biryushi trap no seino oyobi saisei

    Shioji, M.; Nakai, S.; Ikegami, M. [Kyoto University, Kyoto (Japan); Hori, Y. [Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd., Shizuoka (Japan)


    This paper demonstrates with the feasibility of a pellet-packed bed for trapping diesel particulates. After making pellets loose from the packed condition, regeneration is established by a circulation of pellets in the trap and collected particulates are efficiently dropped out through the wire mesh on the bottom of the trap. An experimental trap with the pellet-circulation system using a spiral feeder is tested on a single-cylinder test engine to show the trap and regeneration efficiencies. In addition, the condition of pellet circulation is observed using the transparent cylinder, based on which the design of pellet and trap sizes are discussed. 6 refs., 10 figs.

  10. Laboratory investigation on streaming potential for sandy soil and weathered rock; Shitsunai jikken ni yoru sashitsu jiban oyobi fuka ganban no ryudo den`i no kento

    Sato, H.; Shima, H. [OYO Corp., Tokyo (Japan)


    Laboratory experiment on sandy soil and weathered rock was conducted to clarify the generation mechanism of streaming potential due to underground fluid. Streaming potential is caused by underground fluid flow, namely by fluid flow in porous substances as electrokinetic phenomenon. In experiment, Inagi sand, Toyoura sand and strongly decomposed weathered granite were used. In Inagi and Toyoura sands, positive streaming potential was observed downstream in fluid flow. Streaming potential could be nearly determined as primary function of fluid velocity, and generated streaming potential increased with fluid resistivity. Streaming potential was higher in Inagi sand than Toyoura sand, probably depending on hydraulic radius, size of bleeding channel, and conductivity of sand surface. In weathered granite, negative streaming potential was measured. In the case of positive {zeta} potential, negative streaming potential is theoretically generated downstream in fluid flow. This experiment suggested possible generation of negative streaming potential in some kinds of ground. 2 refs., 6 figs., 1 tab.

  11. Fluidized-bed incineration system and materials recovery facility. In use at Kosai City Environmental Center; Ryudoshoshiki gomi shokyaku shisetsu oyobi recycle plaza. Kosaishi kankyo center nonyu

    Asao, S.; Nishiyama, K.; Ishikawa, Y.; Takada, J.; Onishi, M.; Takahashi, S.; Kumisawa, G.; Shiba, T.; Tsuchiya, A.; Inaba, N.; Iio, M. [Ebara Corp., Tokyo (Japan)


    Ebara`s fluidized-bed incineration system and materials recovery facility are being used at Kosa City Environmental Center, a municipal waste incineration plant, since July 1998. The incineration system includes two incinerators, each with an incineration capacity of 60 tons per day. It is also the first such plant in Japan to include a counterflow absorber tower in which activated coke is used to absorb dioxins. The most advanced technology is used in all aspects of this system. The materials recovery facility is capable of recovering 30 tons of materials (metals, plastics, and glass) per day and includes various equipment for recycling and incombustibles treatment, as well as a stock yard for storing recovered materials. Both the incineration system and the materials recovery facility are designed to cause minimal impaction the environment. (author)

  12. Research activities at thermo-fluid engineering laboratories in Takushoku University; Takushoku Daigaku kogakubu kikai system kogakuka ni okeru ryutai kogaku oyobi netsukogaku kankei no kenkyu

    Fujimoto, I.; Hori, M.; Matsunaga, N. [Takushoku University, Tokyo (Japan)


    This paper introduces general conditions of studies at the Machine System Engineering Department of the Faculty of Engineering at the Takushoku University. Studies related to transonic cascade flutters in fluid engineering include behavioral analysis of impact waves around vibrating blades. Behavior of impact waves making twisting vibration at high vibration frequency is elucidated by means of schlieren photography. In addition, the single blade vibration method is used to analyze aerodynamic decay properties of cascades. Elucidation is made on non-steady stalling properties of vibrating single blades (particularly, the hysteresis phenomenon of stalling elevation angles with restoring elevation angles). In the field of thermal engineering, studies are being made on effects of unburned components on NO-NO{sub 2} conversion using a fluidity reactor. Similar reactions are being studied by means of chemical dynamics calculations using the CHEMKIN-II/SENKIN program. A coaxial jet flow experimenting equipment is used to study NO{sub 2} generating mechanism in the field closer to real combustors. Data are accumulated to verify numerical computation by experiments and measurements of spraying flames produced by a model spray combustor. Measurements and experiments are also performed on absorption of NO{sub 2} into water, and on coefficient of diffusion between two kinds of gases. (NEDO)

  13. Solar cells and thin film LED using amorphous SiC. Amorphous SiC wo mochiita taiyou denchi oyobi usumaku LED

    Hamakawa, Y. (Osaka Univ., Osaka (Japan). Faculty of Engineering Science)


    This paper introduced the photoelectric properties of amorphous SiC (a-SiC), application to highly efficient solar cells, application to wide area emitting elements such as LED (light emitting diode) and application to OEIC (optoelectronic integrated circuit) which is expected in near future. The light sensitizing effect in which photoconductivity of a-SiC:H film increases 2-3 figures by B dopping, was found. Flexible and wide area thin film LED has been able to manufacture by this discovery. In addition, highly efficient conversion rate has been able to get by the technical development such as solar cells made of a-SiC/ a-Si hetrojunction. Further, wide area sollar cells has been able to manufacture on any substrate by the development of TFLED (thin film light emitting diode). The application of TFLED made of SiC to OEIC is also investigated. 18 refs., 15 figs., 2 tabs.

  14. Questionnaire investigation for the earthquake in Honjo city and Yazawa city, Akita Prefecture; Jishin ni kansuru ishiki chosa (Akitaken Honjoshi oyobi Yuzawashi ni okeru anketo kara)

    Nogoshi, M. [Akita University, Akita (Japan). College of Education; Kabutoya, S.


    Consciousness for the earthquake was investigated by questionnaire surveys made in Honjo City and Yuzawa City, Akita Pref. in October 1995 twelve years after the Nihonkai Chubu Earthquake (M=7.7) in May 1983. The survey was conducted in terms of 27 items including personality, memory, knowledge/interest, psychology/action, mental attitude/preparations, wishes for researchers and administration, etc. Also included were the items on the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake and the earthquake blank areas. The number of distributed questionnaires and the recovery rate of them are 1500 and 79.2% in Honjo City, and 1700 and 84.7% in Yuzawa City. From the survey, it was found that people have a lot of knowledge of and high interest in the earthquake and well remember it, and a lot of people know of tsunami, liquefaction phenomena, and the earthquake blank area. Further, they are afraid of earthquakes and think of their actions to be taken in case of earthquake. However, most people are little prepared for earthquakes. Important future subjects were suggested for the study of disaster prevention measures. 13 figs.

  15. Thermochemical recuperative combined cycle with methane-steam reforming combustion; Tennengasu kaishitsu nensho ni yoru konbaindo saikuru hatsuden no kokoritsuka oyobi denryoku fuka heijunka taio

    Kikuchi, R.; Essaki, K.; Tsutsumi, A. [The University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan). Dept. of Chemical System Engineering; Kaganoi, S.; Kurimura, H. [Teikoku Sekiyu Co., Tokyo (Japan); Sasaki, T.; Ogawa, T. [Toshiba Co., Tokyo (Japan)


    Thermochemical recuperative combined cycles with methane-steam reforming are proposed for improving their thermal efficiency and for peak-load leveling. For targeting higher thermal efficiency, a cycle with methane-steam reforming reaction heated by gas turbine exhaust was analyzed. The inlet temperature of gas turbine was set at 1,350 degree C. Low-pressure steam extracted from a steam turbine is mixed with methane, and then this mixture is heated by part of the gas turbine exhaust to promote a reforming reaction. The rest of the exhaust heat is used to produce steam, which drives steam turbines to generate electricity. The effect of steam-to-methane ratio (S/C) on thermal efficiency of the cycle, as well as on methane conversion, is investigated by using the ASPEN Plus process simulator. The methane feed rate was fixed at constant and S/C ratio was varied from 2.25 to 4.75. Methane conversion shows an increasing trend toward the ratio and has a maximum value of 17.9 % at S/C=4.0. Thermal efficiency for the system is about 51 % higher than that calculated for a conventional 1,300 degree C class combined cycle under similar conditions. A thermochemical recuperative combined cycle is designed for peak-load leveling. In night-time operation from 20 : 00 to 8 : 00 it stores hydrogen produced by methane steam reforming at S/C=3.9 to save power generation. The gas turbine inlet temperature is 1,330 degree C. In daytime operation from 8 : 00 to 20 : 00 the chemically recuperated combined cycle operated at S/C=2.0 is driven by the mixture of a combined cycle operated at constant load with the same methane feed rate, whereas daytime operation generated power 1.26 times larger than that of the combined cycle. (author)

  16. Adaptive control in an aircraft propulsion system and system integration with flight control; Kokukiyo enigne - tekio seigyo gijutsu oyobi hiko seigyo tono togo

    Nagatome, S.; Seo, N.; Negoro, T.; Kaneda, S.; Matsushita, T.; Kono, Y.; Kanbe, K.; Fujiwara, K. [Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., Kobe (Japan)


    Aircraft engine controllers incorporating computer technology have enabled the highly automated control of the entire engine system, and consequently have been put to practical use as Full-Authority Digital Electronic Control (FADEC). In future such FADEC technology will be evolved and combined into an Integrated Flight and Propulsion Control (IFPC) system which will automatically optimize the whole aircraft propulsion system. In this paper the application of the adaptive control, part of the IFPC technology, is described. (author)

  17. Analysis of the inter-relationship of pedestrian leg and pelvis injuries; Hokosha no kyakubu oyobi yobu shogai no sogo kankei

    Matsui, Y. [Japan Automobile Research Institute Inc., Tsukuba (Japan)


    This paper elucidated correlations of pedestrian leg and pelvis injuries, and made a proposal, based on the leg injury occurrence mechanism, on the specifications for leg impacter used in the pedestrian leg protection testing method presently discussed in EEVC. In the analysis, using the pedestrian injury information database of 316 pedestrians owned by the U.K.' Major Trauma Outcome Study, the occurrence ratio of leg, pelvis and thigh of pedestrians was examined limiting the level of thigh injury to bone fracture. As the result of studying correlations between leg injury and pelvis injury, the pelvis or the thigh tends not to break in case tibia breaks, and the trend is markedly seen in case both tibia and fibula break. As to correlations between injuries at legs, there appear no bone fractures of knee joints and ankles in case tibia breaks. Accordingly, the paper made a proposal that the specifications for leg impacter should be provided with the structure by which the tibia fracture can reappear. (NEDO)

  18. Cultivation of spirulina platensis and its growth behavior controlling cultivation medium; Baiyoeki sosei no seigyo ni yoru spirulina platensis no baiyo oyobi sono zoshoku kyodo

    Kobayashi, K.; Fujita, K. [Babcock-Hitachi K.K., Tokyo (Japan)


    Cultivation of Spirulina platensis while controlling pH and nitrate ion in the culture medium was investigated in order to obtain a high density culture. In the cultivation of Spirulina platensis using sodium bicarbonate as a carbon source, the pH value increased during growth of Spirulina, and then the growth stopped at a pH value of more than 12. The cell concentration reached 2.2g/l by maintaining a pH range of 8.5 to 10.0 using CO2 gas without controlling the nitrate ion concentration. By controlling the pH and adding nitrate to a concentration of 2.0g/l, the cell concentration reached 4.2g/l at 350 hours. It was found that the cell concentration was about four times that of the culture without controlling pH and nitrate. 4 refs., 6 figs.

  19. Studies on sleep patterns and fatigue due to shift work and their work adaptability. Kotai sagyo ni yoru suimin dotai to hiro oyobi sono sagyo tekiosei no kenkyu

    Matsuoka, N.; Yokota, A. (Univ. of Occupational and Environmental Health, Kitakyushu (Japan). School of Medicine)


    Studies were made on sleep patterns and fatigue due to shift work and their work adaptability with respect to the following items: (1) With a nurse work system as the object, a survey of rectum temperature, heart rate and rhythm before and after a midnight shift, and sleep at rising in the morning using the OSA survey method; (2) To analyze actual conditions of cumulative fatigue felt by shift workers and fatigue factors, a survey on shift work history, overtime work time, work patterns, symptoms of cumulative fatigue, and and life satisfaction; (3) A survey on daytime sleep record maintained at working places of guards including those of middle or advanced age, and sleep as affected by a nap; (4) A method of improving complains of circadian rhythm disorders because of variations in sleep and emergence rhythms experienced by shift workers, and discussions of usability of light radiation; and (5) Establishment of a technique to indicate effects of psychological burdens and psychogenic stress on visual functions of shift workers using tensions in focal adjustment. 5 figs., 5 tabs.

  20. Effects of fuel properties and oxidation catalyst on diesel exhaust emissions; Keiyu seijo oyobi sanka shokubai no diesel haishutsu gas eno eikyo

    Aihara, S.; Morihisa, H.; Tamanouchi, M.; Araki, H.; Yamada, S. [Petroleum Energy Center, Advanced Technology and Research Institute, Tokyo (Japan)


    Effects of fuel properties (T90 and Poly-Aromatic Hydrocarbons: PAH) and oxidation catalyst on diesel exhaust emissions were studied using three DI diesel engines and two diesel passenger cars. (IDI engine) PM emissions were found to increase as T90 and PAH increased and could be decreased considerably for each fuel if an oxidation catalyst was installed. 5 refs., 9 figs., 3 tabs.

  1. In vitro analysis of signal peptidase and membrane tannslocation activity in yeast microsomal membranes. Kobomaku kakubun wo mochiiru signal peptidase kassei oyobi makutoka kassei sokuteiho no kento

    Nakayama, K.; Machida, M.; Jigami, Y. (The National Chemical Laboratory for Industry, Tsukuba (Japan))


    Studies have been pursued on proteins produced using microorganisms and cultured cells. The studies aim at facilitating the purification of the protein by making it secrete outside the cell and improving productivity. Signal peptidase is related to the secretion/translocation process of the protein. An in vitro analysis system for activity of yeast signal peptidase is made to elucidate effects of activity of signal peptidase on velocity and amount of secretion of the protein. As a result, in a combination of wheat germ extract and canine pancreatic membranes, the single peptidase activity and the membrane translocation activity are seen in a colibacillus {beta}-lactamase precursor and a yeast {alpha}-factor precursor, respectively. Moreover, in a combination of yeast lysates and yeast microsomal membranes, as the result of measuring the activity with the {alpha}-factor precursor as a substrate, the membrane translocation activity can be detected in this system. 16 refs., 4 figs., 1 tab.

  2. Geoelectrical structure by electrical logs and Schlumberger sounding at the Akinomiya geothermal field, Akita Prefecture; Denki kenso oyobi Schlumberger ho ni yoru Akinomiya chinetsu chiiki no hiteiko kozo

    Kajiwara, T.; Takemoto, S.


    Based on the electrical logging data of the existed well and Schlumberger sounding data obtained in 1974, a two-dimensional inversion analysis of the specific resistance profile was conducted at the Akinomiya geothermal field, Akita Prefecture. From the electrical logging data, relationships between the geology and the specific resistance were illustrated. The specific resistance values of basement rocks showed more than 100 ohm-m, which were higher than those of the other seams. Intrusive rocks and tuffs in the basement rocks showed locally low values less than 100 ohm-m. Younger volcanic rocks showed low values around 10 ohm-m. As a result of the two-dimensional inversion analysis, the basement rocks could be detected as high specific resistance layers. Accordingly, it was considered that the basement rocks in this field can be detected as high specific resistance layers by analyzing the results of field survey sufficiently. Low specific resistance zones were observed in the shallow depth, which corresponded to the fumarolic gases. There were some layers with remarkably varied specific resistance values, which were considered to be related with alteration. 6 refs., 3 figs.

  3. Effects of ultra-violet ray and aqueous environment on deformation behavior of spider threads; Kumoito no henkei kyodo ni oyobosu hikari oyobi mizu kankyo no eikyo

    Kitagawa, M.; Katsumi, S. [Kanazawa University, Ishikawa (Japan). Faculty of Engineering; Wako, Y. [Hachinohe Institute of Technology, Aomori (Japan). Laboratory of Food Technology


    As a series of the studies on the mechanical properties of spider threads, the effects of ultra- violet rays (UV) and water was investigated using drag lines of Nephila clavata (Jorougumo) and capture threads of Argiope amoena (Koganegumo). It was shown for the effect of water that (1) the drag line was contracted as soon as immersed in water (super contraction), while the capture thread was not so contracted and the viscid droplets attached to it were dissolved in water, and (2) the super contracted drag fine behaved like a capture thread with a j shaped load-draw ratio curve. For the effect of UV, it was found that (1) the degradation due to UV irradiation with short wave length was accelerated more than that with long one and (2) the degree of degradation for each wave length was governed by the integrated irradiation energy of UV. 9 refs., 8 figs.

  4. Effects of ultraviolet rays and acid rain on strength of spider silk; Kumo ito no kyodo ni oyobosu shigaisen oyobi sanseiu no eikyo

    Kitagawa, M.; Sasagawa, H. [Kanazawa Univ., Ishikawa (Japan). Faculty of engineering; Kawagoe, M. [Toyama Prefectural Univ., Toyama (Japan)


    Spider silk, differing to the synthetic fibers yarned at high temperature or using hazardous solvents, is a fiber in the body of animal and the process itself is safe. Again, the silk is made of up protein and is kind to the environment because does not cause pollution even after disposal. Also, it is a material of interest as a strong fiber having high tensile strength reaching to 2000 MPa. Accordingly, spider silk can be taken as an effective industrial material if the mass production of the fiber is possible by genetic engineering. In previous report, the mechanical properties of dragline silk spewed out from the same silk gland as the warp, a kind of silk spewed out by Nephila clavata, so called Jorogumo, were studied. In this report, the deformation behavior of circular net made by Jorogumo and applicability to environmental evaluation are under study, and effect of acid environment and ultraviolet rays on the mechanical properties of spider silk are studied. As a result, it was revealed that ultraviolet rays degraded the spider silk, and further, promoted the degradation when the acid rain acted at the same time. 16 refs., 11 figs.

  5. Effect of synthetic detergent and soap on the waste-water treatment. Gosei senzai oyobi sekken no haisui shori ni oyobosu eikyo

    Inamori, Y. (national Institute for Environmental Studies, Tsukuba (Japan)); Takamatsu, Y. (University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba (Japan))


    This paper describes the effect of surfactants on purification capability and living life phases in the living life membrane method and the activated sludge method as biological waste water treatment methods. As a result of treating artificial waste water in an immersion hearth process of the living life membrane method, it was found that LAS added concentration at 50 mg/l or higher would not affect noticeably the quality of water treated under a steady-state operation, but that at 100 mg/l has aggravated the treated water quality by increasing COD. In the case of soaps, the COD in the treated water has aggravated when the added concentration is 70 mg/l or higher. The result of discussing the activated sludge process using urban sewage water indicated that COD in the treated water shows higher value for synthetic detergents than for soaps at the detergent added concentration of 140 mg/l or higher, having affected adversely the treated water quality. An activated sludge treatment process was operated to identify the effects of synthetic detergents and soaps on living life phases in the activated sludge and living life membranes. The result suggests that either the LAS added system or the soap added system presents no problems in a long-time aeration, while activated sludge aerated for the standard period of time has a possibility of abnormally proliferating filamentous microorganisms that can cause bulking in the soap system. 14 refs., 3 tabs.

  6. Travel time and ray path computation in 2D-heterogeneous structures; Fukinshitsu kozo ni okeru jishinha soji oyobi hasen no atarashii keisan hoho

    Fujie, G.; Kasahara, J.; Sato, T.; Mochizuki, K. [The University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan). Earthquake Research Institute


    Methods were studied for determining the initial travel time and ray paths with stability when an non-linear travel time inversion is performed in an inhomogeneous structure. The travel time calculation was based on Faria and Stoffa`s method. First, the 2-dimension space was sectioned by grids, and `slowness` was assigned to all the lattice points. Starting from the vibration source, travel time at each lattice point is sequentially calculated. This method calculates travel time for any structure without breakup. In this study, an algorithm more sophisticated than the method of Faria, et al., was developed, and the improvement of travel time calculation accuracy led to the accurate determination of the direction of incidence into the lattice points during the initial motion. The calculation of ray paths was effected by tracing back from the receiving points the incidence into the lattice points or by following back the ray paths to the vibration source. This method performs stable calculation for a heavily inhomogeneous structure and, with the algorithm being simple, do the parallel programming as well. 1 ref., 6 figs., 1 tab.

  7. Subsurface geology by shallow seismic reflection survey and microgravity survey in Kobe area; Senso hanshaho danseiha tansa oyobi seimitsu juryoku tansa ni yoru Kobe chiiki no chika chishitsu

    Endo, H.; Makino, M.; Murata, Y.; Watanabe, S. [Geological Survey of Japan, Tsukuba (Japan)


    This paper reports discussions on subsurface structure of the Kobe area by means of microgravity survey. A Bouguer anomaly distribution graph was obtained (which is close to a near straight line) by measuring the gravity at measurement points with an interval of about 25 m along a traverse line (with a total length of about 1.7 km) in an approximately NNW-SSE direction crossing the downtown of the city of Kobe. Viewing the residuals to a straight line linking the values at both ends of the traverse line revealed that the gradient in the Bouguer anomaly distribution changes as if it is bent at a point near the center of the traverse line as a boundary. Deriving the residuals from fine changes seen in a distribution graph for the residuals made clear that this residual distribution has two discontinuous points. The paper indicates that the bending point in the former case corresponds to a reverse fault in a base bed of a flat land as compared with the result of model calculation on the base structure and gravity distribution. The discontinuous points in the latter case agree with positions of fault distribution derived by a reflection elastic wave survey. 6 refs., 4 figs.

  8. Study of fiber materialization from unutilized cellulose and fungal chitosan resources; Miriyo cellulose oyobi biseibutsu chitosan shigen no sen`i sozaika no kenkyu

    Kubo, T.; Hosokawa, J.; Yoshihira, K.; Nishiyama, M.; Kobayashi, T.; Akamatsu, I.; Kobayashi, Y.; Kimura, Y. [Shikoku National Industrial Research Institute, Kagawa (Japan)


    Unutilized cellulose and fungal chitosan resources were examined from the viewpoints of resource protection and effective utilization. As for Hevea brasilliensis wastes (by-product of natural rubber extraction) and Leucaena latisliqua timber, it is difficult to reduce them into fibrils because their fibers are short and thick, and therefore they are not fit for treatment by pulping machines. In this study, they were subjected to the CTMP (chemi-thermomechanical pulp) method which employs alkaline sulphites in the pre-treatment, and the result was a fibril longer per average weight, flexible and strong enough to be pulp for newsprint paper. A sheet making use of alkali-insoluble cell walls (hollow filament) of Rhizopus acetoinus containing chitinous substances, chitosan in particular, and a sheet utilizing this material and natural pulp fiber, were also studied. Optimal conditions were identified under which fungi containing more chitosan in their cell walls could be cultured en masse with ease. The sheets using this hollow filament material adsorbed heavy metal. This will make a fine material for functional sheets if allowed to adsorb functional materials before fabrication into sheets. 72 refs., 42 figs., 24 tabs.

  9. Application of Ni-Ti base shape memory and super-elastic alloys; Ni-Ti kikeijo kioku oyobi chodansei gokin no jitsuyoka jokyo

    Suzuki, Y. [Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd., Yokahama (Japan). Yakahama R and D Laboratories


    The thermal hysteresis Hs of Ni-Ti binary alloy was between 20K and 40K. Those values had no problem when the alloy was used as a one-way element, but were too large for the use of the alloy as a reversible two-way actuator. Hs decreased to 10 - 15K by copper addition, and shape memory effect due to R (Rhombohedral) phase transformation was found later which decreased Hs by a large margin. Hs became as small as about 2K with the repetition life of more than 1 million times, and Hs became 100K by utilizing micro-dispersion of niobium. Applications of Ni-Ti binary alloy, Ni-Ti-Cu alloy, R phase alloy, and Ni-Ti-Nb alloy were discussed. Superelasticity was put to practical use in such a surprising field as the core grid for the brassiere, and used also for medical corsets. The field of spectacles rim is a treasure-house for the application of superelasticity. Applications also to antennas for portable telephones and orthodontic wire are successful. 30 refs., 21 figs., 1 tab.

  10. Prizes awarded in fiscal 1999 by the Minister for International Trade and Industry on factories having applied excellent energy management. Energy conservation by installing fuel cell power generation facilities utilizing methane gas generated from waste water treatment plants / Improvements toward a clean room and energy saving air conditioning system; 1999 nendo energy kanri yuryo kojo tsusho sangyo daijin hyosho jusho. 1999 nendo shigen energy sho chokan hyosho jusho



    In order to achieve energy conservation in a waste water treatment plant in a brewery factories, an anaerobic treatment facility was introduced, and a fuel cell power generation facility effectively utilizing methane gas generated from the anaerobic waste water treatment plant was installed. This has resulted in large reduction in the operating number of blowers in the waste water treatment facility of activated sludge system. In addition, electric power, steam, and hot water generated from the fuel cells are effectively utilized as the factory utility. In energy conservation in an optical communication device manufacturing factory, the fan filter unit system was adopted, having been changed from the circulation air conditioner, a conventional type air conditioning system. The present system is a circulation system integrating the fan with the filter, making it possible to circulate air in the room to perform control of temperature, humidity, and dust in a clean room. Thus, the system has eliminated the circulating air conditioner, and reduced the air conditioner capacity by 42% and power consumption by 58.6% compared with those in the conventional circulation system. (NEDO)

  11. In-situ testing of the liquefaction potential of soft ground using an s-wave vibrator and seismic cones. Part 1. System, concept and preliminary test result; S ha vibrator oyobi seismic cone wo mochiita gen`ichi jiban ekijoka potential no hyoka. 1. System kosei oyobi genchi yosatsu keisoku kekka

    Inazaki, T. [Public Works Research Institute, Tsukuba (Japan)


    For the purpose of evaluating liquefaction in situ, it was proposed that an S-wave vibrator designed to serve as a source in a reflection exploration method be utilized as a strong vibration generating source, and measurement was conducted in this connection. Equipment used in this test included an S-wave vibrator, static cone penetration machine, and various measuring cones. A multiplicity of measuring cones had been inserted beforehand into the target layers and comparison layers, and changes upon vibrator activation were measured. On a dry bed of the Tonegawa river, a 40m{sup 2} field was set up, and 41 cone penetration tests were conducted, with the cones positioned zigzag at 5m intervals. In this way, the ground structure was disclosed from the surface to the 10m-deep level. For the measurement, 3-component cones and seismic cones were placed at prescribed depths, and fluctuations and waveforms presented by pore water pressure at each level were determined with the vibration source changing its place. It was found that the changes in the pore water pressure exposed to vibration assume characteristic patterns corresponding to the conditions of vibration application. 5 figs., 1 tab.

  12. Consideration on the dynamic behavior and the structural design of large scale floating structure. 2nd Report. Stability of elastic structure and design of elastic response; Choogata futai no kozo kyodo oyobi kozo sekkei ni kansuru kosatsu. 2. Dansei henkei wo koryoshita fukugensei oyobi kozo oto no sekkei

    Suzuki, H.; Yoshida, K. [The University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)


    A policy of improving a very large floating body was planned based on its dynamic characteristics, and a proposal was made thereon. Furthermore, discussions were given on stability that considers effect of elastic deformation required when a structure is mounted on a floating body. With respect to a structural design of a very large floating body in which elastic response is governing, and upon modeling the very large floating body into an aeolotropic plate on an elastic supporting floor, it was shown that the existing range of natural vibration speed in the elastic response is in higher range than the natural vibration speed of heave. It was also indicated that the peak height of response to waves in resonance is inversely proportional to wave frequency, and furthermore, degree of flowing in of vibration energy during the resonance is determined by an inner product of spatial vibration patterns of wave force and the excited mode shape. A proposal was made on a floating body improved of excessive response in the floating body edges by changing the characteristics of the floating body edges. In addition, discussions were given on stability that considers elastic deformation of a floating body that becomes necessary when a structure, such as a building, is built on a very large floating body. 9 refs., 9 figs., 3 tabs.

  13. Relationships between oxygen content, modulation period and superconducting property of Bi-based superconducting oxides. Bi kei sankabtsu chodendotai ni okeru sanso ganryo, hencho kozo oyobi chodendo tokusei no sokan

    Deshimaru, Y.; Shimizu, Y.; Miura, N.; Yamazoe, N. (Kyushu Univ., Fukuoka (Japan). Graduate School of Engineering Sciences); Hiroi, Z.; Bando, Y. (Kyoto Univ., Kyoto (Japan). Inst. for Chemical Research)


    Two (2223 and 2212) of three superconducting phases in the Pb-doped Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O (BSCCO) oxide superconductor were examined for their changes of crystal structures and superconducting properties with changing oxygen content. Their oxygen sorption behavior examined by the temperature-programmed-desorption method showed that both samples desorb trace amounts of oxygen in a temperature range of 350-600 centigrade and the behavior examined by the temperature-programmed oxidation method showed that they absorb (absorb) reversibly oxygen desorbed above in a range of 100-350 centigrade. The critical temperature to bear diamagnetism (Tc) of the 2223 sample fell from 111 K to 96 K as oxygen was desorbed up to 600 centigrade. However, Tc recovers reversibly to the initial value when oxygen was re-absorbed. Contrary to the 2223, the 2212 sample showed the opposite Tc change. Both samples increased in their c-axes lengths and their modulation periods and the changes were reversible respectively. It was pointed out that the Tc behaviors of both sample systems were dependent on the concentration of holes on the CuO2 surfaces. 33 refs., 9 figs.

  14. Technologies adopted in the lean-burn GA15DE engine for improving combustion and controlling the air-fuel ratio; Kogata 4 kito lean burn engine (GA15DE) ni okeru nensho kaizen oyobi seigyo gijutsu ni tsuite

    Saito, K.; Matsumura, M. [Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    This paper summarizes an automotive engine with improved fuel consumption, having realized lean combustion. The lean-burn engine is such an engine that can be operated in an air-fuel ratio compatible in the combustion stability limit and the NOx emission limit by means of combustion improvement, and achieved improvement in fuel consumption as the result. The engine can be expected of higher fuel consumption improving effect than the EGR of the conventional engines because of the lean-burn mechanism. The newly developed lean-burn engine is characterized by less change in its specifications from the basic specifications. Lean fuel burning requires creating a gas mixture condition that is easy to ignite and acquiring a gas flowing field which spreads quickly upon ignition. To achieve these goals, swirl control valves and phase difference cams were disposed. Further, long-discharge coils are used to improve the ignitability. In order to operate the tertiary catalyst more effectively, an A/F sensor that operates in the catalytic area was adopted for the air-fuel ratio feedback control in place of an O2 sensor. The mileage of a vehicle equipped with the lean-burn engine was increased by 17.8% to 20.5 km/l. 2 refs., 13 figs., 2 tabs.

  15. Data acquisition and evaluation analysis on advanced high-efficiency energy system field test project (fiscal 2000); 2000 nendo sendoteki kokoritsu energy system field test jigyo ni okeru data shuyaku oyobi hyoka kaiseki



    Field tests have been performed on the next generation phosphoric acid fuel cell power generation systems to collect and analyze the long-term operation data and trouble cases by introducing the final proliferation pattern into the actual demand on a trial basis. This paper reports the achievements in fiscal 2000. The locations of executing the field tests in fiscal 2000 are the 15 sites, including the NTT Central Training Center, and the Environment and Energy Exploratirium. Measurements were carried out at each test site on fuel gas consumption, fuel cell output power amount, utilized quantity of heat at low temperatures, utilized quantity of heat at elevated temperatures, and discarded quantity of heat. In addition, the total demand power amount and the shutdown information were also put into order. As a result of the evaluation analysis, the second factory of Senhoku Manufactory recorded the longest operation time of 23,777 hours, whose operation factor has reached 92%. Five systems had the continuous operation time exceeded 5,000 hours. The power generation efficiency was about 40% in a system using the town gas 13A fuel, wherein the total efficiency was 90% or greater. The largest number of failures in fiscal 2000 was seven at Tochigi Factory of Kirin Brewery, whose average number of failure was 1.6 a year. (NEDO)

  16. Investigation on standard deviation of high strength concrete in field and trial of its prediction at relatively large age. Kokyodo concrete no kyodo zoshin ni tomonau baratsuki no henka oyobi sono yosoku ni tsuite

    Tomatsuri, K. (Taisei Corp., Tokyo (Japan))


    Concrete strength varies in accordance with material proportioning and age, and is usually mixed and designed at the determined age in order to manifest the specified strength. Concerning high strength concrete with design strength over 360kg/cm{sup 2}, however, there is no clear provision to estimate increse and deviation of the strength in the case where either age or cumulative temperature varies. In this study, the strength and the distribution of standard curing concrete and concrete after long piriod of time were measured and analyzed statistically in regard to 14 kinds of high strength concrete with the nominal strength between 360 to 465kg/cm{sup 2} of three construction projects. Considering that strength ratio of concrete at two different kinds of cumulative temperature showed the nominal distribution, a method to predict the strength distribution of concrete after a long period of time was presented. In this method, for instance, use of such parameters as standard deviation of strength on the 28th day of age and strength index could make it possible to predict the average strength and the standard deviation at different ages. 9 refs., 15 figs., 6 tabs.

  17. Positron lifetime measurements and positron-annihilation induced auger electron spectroscpy using slow positron beams; Teisoku yodenshi bimu wo mochiita yodenshi jumyo sokutei oyobi yodenshi shometsu reiki oje denshi bunko

    Suzuki, R. [Electrotechnical Lab., Tsukuba (Japan)


    Slow positron beam with less than several eV can be controlled freely such as accelerating, throttling the beam size, shortening the pulse or making pulse with short time width and so forth. These low positron beams are applied to various measurements like Doppler broadening measurement of annihilation {gamma} rays or lifetime measurement of positron, and secondary particle measurements using positron microscope, positron electron ray diffraction, flight time method and so forth. In particular, these recent years, high intensity slow positron beams were possible using accelerators like electron linac and its application is increasing. In this report, pulse shortening method for high intensity slow positron beam, and incidence energy variable positron lifetime measurement method using this slow pulsed beam and flight time type positron-annihilation-induced auger electron spectroscopy are outlined. In future, these measurements can be possible to carry out with high resolution and also with high counting rate if higher intensity monochromatic excellent positron beam than present one is produced. 31 refs., 5 figs.

  18. Application of resin lining system for countermeasures for preventing leakage from openings in low temperature materials storage; Teion busshitsu chozoji no ekimore oyobi reiki more taisaku toshite no kobunshikei zairyo no tekiyosei

    Inada, Y. [Ehime Univ., Ehime (Japan). Faculty of Engineering; Seki, S.


    Recently, many of the low temperature materials such as LNG and LPG used as an energy substitution for petroleum were stored in the reclaimed land of the sea side district, however, it is necessary for those storage methods to enlarge sites. Therefore, it was considered to directly store the low temperature materials in openings excavated in the rock mountains. However, countermeasures for leakage of liquid and cold gas from cracks in openings would be an important subject. In this study, as a countermeasure for leakage of liquid and cold gas in the case in which low temperature materials were stored in openings in the rock mountains, the lining of resin materials on the surface of openings was proposed. Characteristics of strength and deformation and values of the thermal physical properties for the resin materials at the low temperature were obtained by experiments. This material was compared with granite supposed as a parent rock, and the thermal property of the resin materials was understood. Next, an analysis was conducted in the case of using the resin materials as a lining, the behavior of the surrounding rocks of the openings and the stability of the lining were investigated. 17 refs., 25 figs., 2 tabs.

  19. Determination of electron impact ionization and excitation coefficients in He-Xe gas mixtures. He-Xe kongo gas ni okeru denshi shototsu denri keisu oyobi reiki keisu no sokutei to kaiseki

    Takahashi, K.; Tachibana, K. (Kyoto Inst. of Technology, Kyoto (Japan))


    The rare gas discharge gives a stable discharge and light emission characteristics at low temperature in comparison with the discharge of the vapor of such a metal as Hg. The present barrier for the commercialization of the color PDP lies in the lower level of its emission intensity and efficiency in comparison with that of CRT. In this report, an electron impact ionization coefficient in a gas mixture and an electron impact excitation coefficient for a XeIs {sub 4} level were analyzed using a Boltzmann equation by means of a steady state Townsend method using a drift tube. By comparing both, the elementary process in the gas mixture is investiagted to discuss the respective contributions for the effective ionization coefficient and the excitation coefficient. As a result, it was found that the ionization process in the He-Xe gas mixture could be described by the processes of direct ionization of Xe and He, and an indirect ionization (Penning effect) by an active helium. 37 refs., 12 figs.

  20. Study on the annular leakage-flow-induced vibrations. 1st Report. Stability for translational and rotational single-degree-of-freedom systems; Kanjo sukimaryu reiki shindo ni kansuru kenkyu. 1. Heishin oyobi kaiten 1 jiyudokei no anteise

    Li, D.W. [Hitachi, Ltd., Tokyo (Japan); Kaneko, S. [The University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan); Hayama, S. [Toyama Prefectural University, Toyama (Japan)


    This study reports the stability of annular leakage-flow-induced vibrations. The pressure distribution of fluid between a fixed outer cylinder and a vibrating inner cylinder was obtained in the case of a translationally and rotationally coupled motion of the inner cylinder. The unsteady fluid force acting on the inner cylinder in the case of translational and rotational single-degree-of-freedom vibrations was then expressed in terms proportional to the acceleration, velocity, and displacement. Then the critical flow rate (at which stability was lost) was determined for an annular leakage-flow-induced vibration. Finally, the stability was investigated theoretically. It is known that instability will occur in the case of a divergent passage, but the critical flow rate depends on the passage increment in a limited range: the eccentricity of the passage and the pressure loss factor at the inlet of the passage lower the stability. (author)

  1. Synthetic studies on axial chiral biaryls and functional materials utilizing arene-metal complexes; aren kinzokusakutai no tokusei wo riyo shita jikufusai biariru, oyobi shinki kinosei zairyo no gosei kenkyu

    Uemura, Motokazu [Osaka Prefecture University, Osaka (Japan). Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sceinces


    Axially chiral biaryls compounds are of importance not only as chiral ligands for asymmetric reactions but also as biologically active natural products, e. g., korupensamine, michellamine and vancomycin. (Arene) chromium complex exists in two enantiomeric forms based on a planar chirality. Axially chiral biaryls were stereoselectively prepared by palladium(0)-catalyzed cross-coupling of (aryl halide)Cr(CO){sub 3} complexes with arylboronic acids. This method was applied for the total synthesis of antimaralial agent korupensamine A, naphthyltetrahydro-isoquinoline alkaloid. Furthermore, chiral 1,2-diols and diamines are important compounds for asymmetric reactions. These enantionerically pure 1,2-diols and 1,2-diamines were stereoselectively prepared by pinacol coupling of planar chiral chromium complexes of benzaldehydes and benzaldimines with samarium iodide. Moreover, non-biaryl axial compounds, N,N-dialkyl 2,6-disubstituted benzamides were synthesized in enantiomerically pure form utilizing planar chiral arene chromium complex. (author)

  2. Toxicity evaluation and structure-activity relation of chlorophenols to activated sludge and liver mitochondria; Kassei odei oyobi kan mitochondria ni taisuru chlorophenol rui no doku sei hyoka to kozo kassei sokan

    Inoue, T.; Mihara, Y.; Ichinoseki, M.; Yokota, K.


    Toxicity evaluation (IC{sub 50} value, RCR{sub 50} value) and structure-activity relation of 16 chlorophenols were investigated. The toxicity of chlorophenols to both IC{sub 50} value and RCR{sub 50} value was found to be enhanced with the increase of the chlorine atom number. A good correlation was observed between them from the regression equation showing the relationship between IC{sub 50} value and RCR{sub 50} value. As regards sensitivity, RCR{sub 50} value was proved to be superior to IC{sub 50} value in the order of 4 to 87 times, but IC{sub 50} value surpassed RCR{sub 50} value from the viewpoints of simplicity and rapidity. The toxicity to IC{sub 50} value was closely correlated to log P{sub ow}, {Sigma}{sigma}, MCI and {Sigma}D, but had little correlation with pKa and mp. In addition, the toxicity to RCR{sub 50}value showed similar correlation coefficient to IC{sub 50} value for 6 parameters, and IC{sub 50} value showed higher correlation than RCR{sub 50} value. 24 refs., 3 figs., 5 tabs.

  3. Experiment for estimating phase velocity and power fraction of Love wave from three component microtremor array observation in Morioka area; Moriokashiiki deno bido no sanseibun array kansoku ni yoru love ha no iso sokudo oyobi power hi suitei no kokoromi

    Yamamoto, H.; Yakuwa, A.; Saito, T. [Iwate University, Iwate (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    Three component microtremor array observations were carried out in two locations in the city of Morioka for an attempt of estimating phase velocity and power fraction of Love wave by applying the expanded three component spatial self-correlation method. The microtremors were observed by using a seismograph with a natural period of one second. The arrays were so arranged as to form an equilateral triangle consisted of seven points. The maximum radii were 100 m, 50 m, 25 m and 12.5 m for vertical movements, and 100 m and 30 m for horizontal movements at the Iwate University, and 80 m, 40 m, 20 m and 10 m for vertical movements and 90 m for horizontal movements at the Morioka Technical Highschool. The analysis has used three sections, each with relatively steady state of about 40 seconds as selected from records of observations for about 30 minutes. The result of the discussions revealed that it is possible to derive phase velocity of not only Rayleigh waves but also Love waves by applying the expanded spatial self-correlation method to the observation record. Thus, estimation of underground structures with higher accuracy has become possible by using simultaneously the Rayleigh waves and Love waves. 3 refs., 11 figs., 2 tabs.

  4. Chemical characterization of insoluble macromolecules (kerogen) from marine and lacustrine sediments. Molecular distribution of aliphatic dicarboxylic acids in alkaline KMnO4 oxidation products; Kaiyo oyobi konuma taisekibutsuchu no fuyosei yukibutsu (kerogen) no characterization

    Morinaga, S.; Ishiwatari, R.; Machihara, T. [The University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan). Faculty of Science


    The insoluble macromolecules (kerogen) in marine and lacustrine sediments was oxidated by alkaline KMnO4, and the kerogen was characterized by molecular distribution of produced aliphatic dicarboxylic acids. Seven seas and ten lakes in the world are used as a sample. The oxidation products consist of n-C4-C15 {alpha}, {omega}-dicarboxylic acids, n-C7-C28 mono-carboxylic acids, and benzene carboxylic acids. The dicarboxylic acid decreases from C4 to C15 for the marine kerogen and has a maximum at C8 to C9 for the lacustrine kerogen. The method for representing the molecular distribution by two mathematical expressions was proposed. The marine and lacustrine kerogens are classified into different groups, and the sample of an eruption bay is located between the two kerogens. The polymerized structure of polyhydoroxy acids in these kerogens is assumed to have been transformed into aliphatic dicarboxylic acids by oxidation. This is also backed up by the result of cutin oxidation. 38 refs., 4 figs., 4 tags.

  5. Development of WELDABLE12CR stainless steel seamless pipe with superior weldability and corrosion resistance for linepipe application; Yosetsusei oyobi taishokusei ni sugureta linepipe yo stainless keimokumukokan WELDABLE12CR no kaihatsu

    Miyata, Y.; Kimura, M.; Toyooka, T.; Nakano, Y.; Murase, F. [Kawasaki Steel Corp., Tokyo (Japan)


    Severe corrosive circumstance of oil wells and gas wells including high temperature, high CO2 partial pressure, high chlorine ion concentration, and further H2S are becoming more and more serious in recent years. Measures to prevent CO2 corrosion and sulfide stress crack are necessary for pipelines called flowlines and gathering line for transporting oil or gas which has severe corrosivity before treatment. WELDABLE12CR steel pipe which is seamless martensite stainless steel with excellent weldability and corrosion resistance is developed by the present authors. There two kinds of such steel pipes, one is 11Cr steel (0.01C-11Cr-1.5Ni-0.5Cu-0.01N-based steel) that is superior in corrosion resistance to 13Cr steel for oil well so that it can be used in CO2 circumstance, and the other one is 12Cr steel (0.01C-12Cr-5Ni-2Mo-0.01N-based steel) that has excellent SSC-resistance thus being used in the circumstance containing CO2 and a trace quantity of H2S. 5 refs., 4 figs., 3 tabs.

  6. Magnetic field distributions on Ag-Bi2223 tape by the magnetic optical and scanning hall sensor measurements; Jiki kogakuho oyobi sosagata horu soshiho wo mochiita Ag-Bi2223 tepu hyomen deno jiba bunpu

    Otake, A.; Ota, A. [Toyohashi Univ. of Tech., Aichi (Japan); Kawano, K.; Abell, S.


    We have measured the magnetic field distribution of silver sheath Bi2223 wire rod in the surface until now using the scanning Hall element method. In magnetic field distribution measuring method, there is magneto-optic method using the Faraday effect of a magnetism network film except for the Hall element method. We measured the magnetic field distribution of silver sheath Bi2223 wire rod using two techniques of the Hall element and magneto-optics method in order to understand magnetic field distribution further, and both results were compared and were examined. (NEDO)

  7. Influences of species of metals and supports on the hydrogenation activity of carbon-supported metal sulfides catalysts; Tanso biryushi tanji shokubai no suisoka kassei ni taisuru kassei kinzoku oyobi tantaishu no eikyo

    Sakanishi, K.; Hasuo, H.; Taniguchi, H.; Nagamatsu, T.; Mochida, I. [Kyushu University, Fukuoka (Japan). Institute of Advanced Material Study


    In order to design catalysts suitable for primary liquefaction stage and secondary upgrading stage respectively in the multi-stage liquefaction process, various carbon-supported catalysts were prepared. Catalytic activities of them were investigated for the hydrogenation of 1-methylnaphthalene, to discuss the influences of metals and carbon species on the catalytic activity. Various water soluble and oil soluble Mo and Ni salts were used for NiMo supported catalysts. Among various carbon supports, Ketjen Black (KB) was effective for preparing the catalyst showing the most excellent hydrogenation activity. The KB and Black Pearl 2000 (BP2000) showing high hydrogenation activity were fine particles having high specific surface area more than 1000 m{sup 2}/g and primary particle diameter around 30 nm. This was inferred to contribute to the high dispersion support of active metals. Since such fine particles of carbon exhibited hydrophobic surface, they were suitable for preparing catalysts from the methanol-soluble metals. Although Ni and Mo added iron-based catalysts provided lower aromatic hydrogenation activity, they exhibited liquefaction activity competing with the NiMo/KB catalyst. 3 refs., 1 fig., 3 tabs.

  8. Relations between flash pyrolysis reactivity and oil/gas products from coals of different rank; Sekitankado no kotonaru shushu no sekitan no flash pyrolysis hannosei to gas oyobi eki seiseibutsu no kankei

    Nonaka, T.; Kishino, M.; Sakanishi, K.; Korai, Y.; Mochida, I. [Kyushu University, Fukuoka (Japan). Institute of Advanced Material Study


    Curie point flash pyrolysis (FP) reactivity was studied experimentally using three kinds of coals with different coal ranks such as Yallourn brown coal, Tanitoharum sub-bituminous coal and Wandoan sub-bituminous coal. Experiment was performed using a curie point pyrolyzer in carrier gas of 20ml/min in gas flow rate at 450, 590 and 740{degree}C for 5sec. The experimental results were as follows. Each gas component obviously increased at 450-590{degree}C, however, C4-C6 gases drastically decreased at 590-740{degree}C accompanying reduction of the whole gas quantity. All of each polar component remarkably increased at 450-590{degree}C. Yallourn brown coal with high Owt%, in particular, contained a large amount of alkyl-hydroxybenzene group. The amount of cresol of all of three coal specimens also increased at 740{degree}C. It was thus suggested that this is coal constituent molecules derived from cutting of methylene-ether bridged bond by higher-temperature FP. 8 refs., 5 figs., 3 tabs.

  9. Effect of coal rank and mineral matter on gasification reactivity of coal char treated at high temperature; Netsushorishita sekitan char no gas ka tokusei ni taisuru tanshu oyobi kobutsushitsu no eikyo

    Morishita, K.; Takei, H.; Harano, A.; Takarada, T. [Gunma University, Gunma (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    In the wide range from brown coal to anthracite, an investigation was made of effects of heat treatment on physical/chemical properties and of coal rank dependence. For the experiment, 12 kinds of coal samples were used, and for heat treatment, the fluidized bed heated by the electric furnace and the infrared-ray gold image furnace were used. To examine characteristics of the heat-treated coal char, conducted were oxygen gasification, TPD measurement, XRD measurement, alkali metal measurement, and pore distribution measurement. The following were obtained from the experiment. The gasification reaction rate of the char heat-treated in the temperature range between 900{degree}C to 1700{degree}C decreases with a rise of the temperature of heat treatment, and the degree of decrease in the rate depends on coal rank. The order of gasification rate between coal ranks depends on the temperature of heat treatment, and the lower the heat treatment temperature is, the more largely the gasification rate is influenced by catalysis of mineral matters included in the coal. As causes of the decrease in gasification rate associated with the rise in temperature of heat treatment, indicated were release of alkali metal having catalysis and decrease of active sites by carbonaceous crystallinity. 6 figs.

  10. Estimation of acid deposition in East Asia. Model development and validation; Higashi Ajia chiiki wo taisho toshita sansei kokabutsu no chinchakuryo suitei. Moderu no kaihatsu oyobi genkyo saigensei hyoka

    Ikeda, Y.; Higashino, H.; Ihara, K. [Osaka Prefecture Univ., Osaka (Japan); Mizohata, A. [Osaka Perfecture Univ., Osaka (Japan). Research Inst. for Advanced Science and Technology


    The model developments for prediction of acid deposition are being widely carried out in Europe and America there serious damages caused by the acidification such as forest detroy and lake acidifications etc. are going on, but few of study on the acidification damages has been conducted in East Asia including Japan. In this study, a model for grasping the acid deposition amount during a long term such as annual acid deposition and seasonal acid deposition in East Asia has been developed and estimations of the acid depositions in Japan islands have been carried out. The whole country of Japan has been divided into 5 regions, the observation values of wet depositions of SO4{sup 2-}, NO3{sup -} in each region from January to September, 1991 are compared with the results calculated by this model. The comparison of the observed data of the monthly concentrations of SO4{sup 2-} and NO3{sup -} in precipitation during 9 months obtained from 16 selected stations with the calculated monthly variations shows that the developed model is fully capable of reproducing the tendency of the monthly variations of the acid depositions. 28 refs., 13 figs., 9 tabs.

  11. Roles of calcareous nannofossil in petroleum exploration. Its usefulness for biostratigraphy, sequence stratigraphy and paleoceanography; Sekiyu tanko ni okeru sekitanshitsu nanno kaseki no yakuwari. Sono seiso jogaku, sequence so jogaku oyobi kokaiyogakuteki yukosei

    Hiramatsu, C. [Japan Petroleum Exploration Corp., Musashino, Tokyo (Japan)


    Conventionally, stratigraphy of oil field area of East-northern Japan Sea side was decided and used by foraminifer fossils. Foraminifer fossils analysis has various types of benefits not only from the aspect of rich in data, easy available of data at the exploration site, promptness, formation sequence decision but also from the point of view of wider application area such as estimation of paleo-environment using bottom species and so forth, and even at present, it covers the most important position in the fine fossil analysis of well samples. Research of calcareous nannofossil of East-northern coast region of the Japan Sea has been promoted rapidly since the beginning of 1980`s, and its effectiveness for the detail determination of stratigraphy age has been stressed. According to this research findings, quaternary section will be possible with contrast of about 10,000 order by using calcareous nannofossil base. In this report, simple introduction of the application of calcareous nannofossil stratigraphy to oil exploration in the same region together with the role of calcareous nannofossil in the oil exploration, are described. 29 refs., 8 figs.

  12. Effect of surface active compounds on growth and adhesion of anchorage-dependent animal cells at liquid/liquid interface; Eki/ekikaimen ni okeru fuchaku izonsei dobutsu saibo no zoshoku oyobi fuchaku ni taisuru kaimen kassei busshitsu no eikyo

    Shiba, Y.; Oshima, T.; Sato, M. [Gunma Univ., Kiryu (Japan). Faculty of Technology


    A cell cultivation using a liquid/liquid (culture medium/fluorocarbon) interface has been practiced as a novel culturing method for anchorage-dependent animal cells, and it is known that cell adhesion at the interface is dependent on the contaminants contained in the hydrophobic liquid. Substances effective for the adhesion and growth of cells are investigated using various surfactants. As a result of comparison of ionic and nonionic surfactants, cell adhesion is observed when ionic surfactant is used, indicating the importance of the electric charge of surfactant. Cell growth is better when ionic surfactant is added to fluorocarbon than when surfactant is added to the culture medium. The cell growth using fluorocarbon added with pentafluorobenzoyl chloride and perfluorooctanoyl chloride is similar to that of culturing using polystyrene, and the importance of surfactant addition to fluorocarbon is indicated. 7 refs., 4 figs.

  13. Evaluation of geological conditions by ''drilling logging system''. Yuatsu drill ni yoru sakuko data wo mochiita ganban hyoka oyobi kiriha zenpo chishitsu no yosoku gijutsu ni tsuite

    Aoki, K.; Inaba, T.; Shiogama, Y.; Tezuka, Y. (KajimaCorp., Tokyo (Japan))


    In order to predict precisely geological conditions ahead of a face changing with the progress of excavation work of rock caverns such as a tunnel, the drilling logging system was developed which allows to measure, store and analyze drilling data during drilling by hydraulic rotary percussion drilling machines, and the quantitative prediction of geological conditions ahead of a face was tested applying the system to a granite site. As a result, by adopting the drilling energy rate (workload per rock volume of a drilling machine during drilling) as an analytical parameter, the good correlation was found between the drilling energy rate and geological condition (rock property classification) such as a hardness of rocks and quantity of cracks. In addition, the geological condition ahead of a face was probably predictable by estimating the distribution of the drilling energy rate in a wide area by geostatistics mehtod. 5 refs., 9 figs.

  14. TEM observation of the Al and Cu interfaces bonded at room temperature by means of the surface activation mehtod. Hyomen kasseikaho ni yoru Al oyobi Cu joon setsugo kaimen no TEM kansatsu

    Suga, T.; Miyazawa, K.; Takagi, H. (The Univ. of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan). Faculty of Engineering The Univ. of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan))


    Al and Cu were bonded to various ceramics and Si by a surface activation method with irradiation of an Ar fast atom beam before bonding at room temperature, and their interfaces were observed by a TEM (transmission electron microscopy). Al was bonded successfully to various oxides and nitrides with bond strengths of 50-100MPa in the vacuum range of 9 {times} 10 {sup {minus} 5}- 2 {times} 10 {sup {minus} 6} Pa, while no macroscopic bonding could be obtained between Cu and ceramics. Amorphous intermediate layers of 10-20nm in thickness were observed in the Al-Al and Al-Si interfaces by the TEM which were possibly formed with the reaction between some residual gases and Al surfaces by irradiation of an Ar fast atom beam. On the other hand, since no intermediate layers but interfacial dislocations were observed in the Cu-Cu interfaces, it was supposed that the direct bonding between Cu lattices was formed. 20 refs., 11 figs., 2 tabs.

  15. Effects of inhalation of and exposure to gaseous substances to genital organs, and sexual difference. (6). Gas jo busshitsu kyunyu bakuro ni yoru seishokuki eno eikyo oyobi seisa. (6)

    Inoue, N.; Mori, K.; Fujishiro, K.; Hori, H. (Univ. of Occupational and Environmental Health, Kitakyushu (Japan). Institute of Industrial Ecological Science)


    Results of studies and knowledges therefrom are reported on intermediate materials used in the chemical industry and ethylene oxide used as a sterilizer for medical devices as to how their toxicity affects the different sexes and feminine genital organs. Male and female rats were subjected to inhalation of and exposure to ethylene oxide at a concentration of 250 ppm 6 hours a day, 5 days a week for 17 weeks (some of them for 10 weeks), and chronic toxicity of ethylene oxide was investigated on sexual difference and female genital organs. The female rats showed their estrous cycle extended, and an increase in ratio of the estrous periods accounting for in the entire cycles was idenfified. While no sexual difference was identified in the degree of disorders in peripheral nervous system, strong macrocytic normochromia anemia was observed in female rats. Activity of glutathione reductase in ovaries has decreased, and an increase in glutathione-S-transferase activity was observed. It was made clear from these facts that ethylene oxide affected also female genital organs. 15 refs., 7 figs., 10 tabs.

  16. R and D of a house total system. Research on new functions and improvement of controllability of the regenerative air-heater; Jutaku total sytem no kenkyu kaihatsu. Chikunetsu danboki no aratana kino oyobi seigyosei no kojo kenkyu.

    Inaba, S.; Takeyama, S. [Hokkaido Electric Power Co. Inc., Sapporo (Japan)


    Research was made on new functions and control of the already developed regenerative air-heater to maintain a more comfortable air-heated environment through the further improvement in method to use it. In the regenerative air-heater, the night power of low cost in the electric rate schedule is stored as thermal energy in its internal regenerative refractories, and when necessary, taken out to heat the air. To improve the switching operation for it, eight different switches were made selectable to set the initial condition. Released against the quantitative shortage of stored heat, its function of continuous operation was automated by putting the heating conditions in order. As measures against the absence, the house was prevented from cooling as a whole by continuing the air-heating operation at low temperatures. The air-heating operation was made controllable by three ways with a telecontrol system connected through the communication line. Also applied to decrease the deviation in room temperature, the fuzzy control could do the conventional deviation of {plus_minus}1{degree}C to within {plus_minus}0.5{degree}C with the fan noise abated. 3 refs., 10 figs., 5 tabs.

  17. Simulation study on reduction of peak power demand and energy consumption in residential houses with solar thermal and PV systems; Taiyo energy riyo jutaku no fuka heijunka oyobi energy sakugen koka no simulation ni yoru kento

    Endo, T. [Yokohama City Office, Yokohama (Japan); Udagawa, M. [Kogakuin Univ., Tokyo (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    In this study, taking the all factors involved in the energy consumption in residential houses as subjects, the effectiveness of the solar PV system and solar thermal utilizing system in residential houses has been studied by simulating a model residential house considering the improvement of the residual environment in the future. Therefore, a model residual house is assumed, 18 kinds of combinations of construction style, cooling and heating type and solar energy utilizing form are assumed and year round simulation is carried out. The conclusions obtained by the simulation are as follows. The energy consumption in residential houses may decrease greatly by using a solar hot water supplying system. If combined with a solar PV system, the energy consumption in one year is about 8.7 to 9.7 MWh. The combined use of a solar thermal utilizing system and a PV system is more effective to reduce the second-time energy in comparison with the PV system only. 36% of the space heating energy consumption may be decreased by using the solar space heating system, but the decrease effect of the energy consumption of the solar space heating system is smaller than the solar hot water supplying system. 12 refs., 26 figs., 3 tabs.

  18. Recent exploration and production technologies on natural gas; 20 seiki ni okeru tennengasu kaihatsu gijutsu no henkan. Tanko oyobi kaihatsu {center_dot} seisan gijutsu no gaiyo to sono suii

    Tada, Y. [Japan National Oil Corp., Tokyo (Japan). Natural Gas and Project Planning Dept.


    New diplomatic policies based on energy diversification and multinational cooperation, the rapid growth of economic development and energy demand, and the social consideration of preventing environmental pollution (such as CO{sup 2} emissions, acid rain, destruction of the ozone layer and global warming) have caused the utilization of natural gas resources to become the new energy trend. Exploration and production technologies for natural gas are basically very similar to those for crude oil. They also consist of various relevant technical aspects such as gravity survey, seismic survey, logging, well drilling, reservoir simulation, field development planning and production monitoring. Additionally, the oil and gas industry has been continuously making efforts to resolve various technical issues and improve its performance and efficiency. For the past ten years, as the result of these tremendous and ceaseless efforts, we have obtained various innovations and reduced risks and costs. Furthermore, new natural gas utilization technologies such as GTL (Gas to liquid), DME(Di-methyl ether), fuel cell and hythane are now under development and moreover, it's expected that the utilization of natural gas resources will further increase. This paper briefly explains the outline of exploration and production technologies applied to natural gas in the world. (author)

  19. Imaging technique for magnetic susceptibility and resistivity by electromagnetic tomography. 2. Scale modeling and applications; EM tomography ni yoru taijiritsu to hiteiko no imaging gijutsu. 2. Mokei jikken oyobi tekiyorei

    Sakashita, S.; Fukuoka, K. [OYO Corp., Tokyo (Japan)


    This paper outlines an EM tomographic analyzer developed by the authors, and the results of its applications to experiments for grasping resistivity structures of complex geographic structures and also to detection of underground pipes in urban areas. The actual analysis procedure starts with scanning, to determine which frequency is optimum for obtaining information regarding magnetic susceptibility and resistivity. This step is followed by the logging measurement at the predetermined frequency, where the signal-receiving points are moved at adequate intervals for repeated logging measurements, to obtain spatially dense data for the measured section. The tests were conducted at Shirakawa Heights, Fukushima Pref., where two bores, 50m apart with each other were excavated at a depth of 120m. The analysis results are in agreement with the logging results. The experiments were also conducted to accurately locate approxiamtely 20m deep underground sewage pipes. Validity of the new technique is confirmed by comparing the analysis results with the boring results. 10 refs., 16 figs., 1 tab.

  20. Studies on the roles of small GTP-binding proteins and heterotrimeric G proteins in intracellular vesicular transport; Saibonai shoho yuso ni okeru teibunshiryo GTP ketsugo tanpakushitsu oyobi 3 ryotai G tanpakushitus no kino ni kansuru kenkyu

    Nakayama, Kazuhisa [Tsukuba University, Tsukuba (Japan). Institute of Science


    Transport of proteins between organelles involves carrier vesicles. A variety of GTP-binding proteins are responsible for the formation of carrier vesicles. A family of small GTP-binding proteins, ARFs, trigger budding of the vesicles, while a high molecular weight GTP-binding protein, dynamin, is responsible for fission of the neck of the budding vesicles. In this study, we cloned and determined the subcellular localization of six mouse ARF proteins, and cloned three human guanine nucleotide exchange factors (GEFs) for ARF. We also cloned and determined its subcellular localization of a novel dynamin-like protein, named DVLP (for Dnm 1p/Vps 1p-like protein). (author)

  1. Effect of hydrogen on transformation characteristics and deformation behavior in a TiNi shape memory alloy. Ti-Ni kei keijo kioku gokin no hentai tokusei oyobi henkei kyodo ni oyobosu suiso no eikyo

    Yoshiya, T.; Katsuta, H.; Ando, H. (Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute, Tokyo (Japan)); Den, S. (Irie Koken Co. Ltd., Saitama (Japan))


    Transformation characteristics and deformation behavior of Ti-50.5at%Ni shape memory alloys, which were occluded hydrogen in various levels, were investigated through electrical resistivity measurements, tensile tests, and X-ray diffraction. Specimens were heated in a low pressure range of hydrogen between 1.1 and 78.5kPa for equilibrium, and thus obtained the specimen which occluded hydrogen up to a maximum value of 5.6 mol%. Martensitic transformation starting temperature(Ms) decreased with an increase in hydrogen content. This corresponds to the fact that the improvement of stabilization of the parent phase during cooling due to hydrogen occlusion was confirmed by X-ray diffraction. It also shows that hydrogen has the suppression effect on this deformation. Critical stress for slip deformation changed with hydrogen content so that hydrogen influenced greatly on deformation behavior of the alloys. Lattice softening occurred with hydrogen contents up to 0.032 mol%, and changed into hardening above 0.032 mol%. Hydrides formed with hydrogen contents over 1.9 mol% resulted in reorientation in variants of the R phase and an increase in lattice strains of the parent phase. 29 refs., 14 figs., 1 tab.

  2. Stress releasement by transformation superplasticity. Part 2. ; Effect of alloying elements and transformation temperature on stress releasement. Hentai chososei ni yoru oryoku kanwa. 2. ; Oryoku kanwa ni oyobosu gokin genso oyobi hentai ondo no eikyo

    Murata, H. (Yokogawa Medical System, Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)); Kato, N. (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo (Japan)); Tamura, H. (Nihon University, Tokyo (Japan))


    Steel test pieces having various transformation temperatures (M {sub S}) were fabricated varying Ni and Cr contents, and tests were done on their torsional transformation resistance in cooling process, and stress relaxing characteristics due to transformation superplasticity, using a forced twisting equipment. The test pieces, while being twisted, were heated by high frequency induction from an external source to 1000 {degree} C in 50 seconds, retained for 50 seconds, and then their transformation resistance was detected during cooling. The motor was so controlled in five steps that the added shear distortion speed is constant per unit temperature reduction. The Ni and Cr contents and M {sub S} are in linear relation, and its experimental formula was sought. Even if Ni and Cr contents differ, similar stress relaxing characteristics were presented as long as the M {sub S} points are identical. Therefore, hardness and corrosion resistance can be controlled in welding metals by means of so varying Ni and Cr contents that the M {sub S} point is maintained in a certain range. The transformation resistance showed the minimum value lower by 70 to 80 {degree} C than the M {sub S} point. To apply the phenomena of transformation superplasticity, the temperature difference between preheating paths is important in addition to chemical constituents. 18 refs., 8 figs., 1 tab.

  3. Effect of VN precipitates on formation of grain boundary and intragranular ferrite in a high N-V bearing steel; V-N tenkako no ryukai oyobi ryunai ferrite hentai ni oyobosu austenite chu no VN sekishutsu no eikyo

    Omori, A.; Oi, K.; Kawabata, F.; Amano, K. [Kawasaki Steel Corp., Tokyo (Japan)


    The enhancement of ferrite nucleation owing to vanadium nitride (VN) precipitated in the austenite phase was studied for a 0.14%C- 1.45%Mn-0.06%V-0.009%N steel and the isothermal ferrite transformation behavior associated with VN precipitation was also quantitatively discussed. Vanadium nitrides precipitate on the austenite grain boundary in preference to the grain interior and increase the density of grain boundary ferrites. On the other hand, VN precipitates in austenite grain interior are less effective to intragranular ferrite nucleation. The calculation based on the classical nucleation theory shows that the activation energy of VN precipitates for a critical ferrite nucleus formation is one-fifth lower than that in case of no precipitate. The ferrite nucleation potency of VN precipitates is kept high even in higher temperature range above 700degreeC. (author)

  4. Effect of austenite grain size in Fe-Mn alloys on {epsilon} martensitic transformation and their mechanical properties; Fe-Mn gokin no {epsilon} marutensaito hentai oyobi kikaiteki seishitsu ni oyobosu kessho ryukei no eikyo

    Nakatsu, H. [Kyushu Univ., Fukuoka (Japan). Graduate School; Takaki, S. [Kyushu Univ., Fukuoka (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    The Fe-Mn two-components alloy samples varied with Mn content of 12 to 31 mass% were prepared by charging {gamma}-crystalline grain size using its recrystallization, and were surveyed on effects of the {gamma}-crystalline grain size on athermal {epsilon}-martensitic ({epsilon})-transformation and machining- induced {epsilon}-transformation. As a result of examining the relationship between the {gamma}-crystalline grain size or the {epsilon}-transformation and their mechanical properties, conclusion shown as follows is obtained. The athermal {epsilon} was formed at the alloy containing more than 10 mass% of Mn, maximum {epsilon} was shown at the composition containing about 17 mass% of Mn and the {epsilon} was almost not formed at the steel containing more than 27 mass% of Mn. When crushing the {gamma}-crystalline grain to fine powder, the {epsilon} martensitic transformation beginning temperature tended to reduce somewhat and production amount of the {epsilon} decreased extremely. On the steel containing Mn ranged 15 to 31 mass%, the fine powdering affected scarcely its durability but improved its elongation and its tensile strength. 26 refs., 11 figs., 1 tab.

  5. Formation of austenite and martensite in the surface layer of pure iron due to ion-nitriding hardening. Ion chikka ni yoru juntetsu hyomen kokasonai no austenite oyobi martensite no keisei

    Yasumaru, N. (Fukui National College of Technology, Fukui (Japan))


    To investigate the ion-nitriding behavior including the phase transformation on the surface of iron, the mechanism of formation and growth of the nitrided case was studied by ion-nitriding pure iron with well-known properties. Pure iron for industrial use was nitrided in the mixed gas (80vol% N {sub 2}+20vol% H {sub 2}) inder a pressure of 665 Pa at temperatures of 803K, 923K, and 1013K with treatment time 2.1-14.7ks and then quenched in water. Consequently, a surface hardened layer and a diffusion layer with specific characteristics were formed in each occasion with different temperature and quenching method. Under the eutectoid transformation temperature of 863K, the nitrided case consisting of a compound layer and a diffusion layer is formed. In nitriding above the eutectoid transformation temperature, the following formation can be considered: a {gamma} phase, which has a denser nitrogen concentration than that estimated from the intersection of the nitriding temperature and the A {sub 3}-line, is formed above the upper part of the diffusion layer and grows as the nitriding time passes; during the quenching process, this {gamma} phase is transformed either to single {gamma} phase structure or to martensite structure, corresponding to different M {sub s} temperature accompanied with different nitrogen concentration. 16 refs., 12 figs.

  6. Development of stereoselective analytical methods of chiral drugs and biological substances and application of hepatic local drug disposition; Yakubutsu oyobi biryo seiri kassei busshitsu no rittai sentakuteki bunri bunsekiho no kaihatsu to kanzo kyokusho dotai kaiseki eno oyo

    Nakagawa, T. [Kyoto University, Kyoto (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    With an objective to elucidate the structure recognizing ability possessed by living organisms, discussions were given on methods to analyze the bonds between optically active drugs and polymers, and methods to analyze drug disposition fluid-dynamically. Studies have been advanced on the following themes, and the results were obtained therefrom: development of an on-line system to quantify non-protein bonding type concentrations in drugs utilizing the high-performance fraction analysis (HPFA, using a restricted movement type HPLC column) that had been already developed, establishment of a method to analyze hepatic local drug disposition by using the MULTI (drug disposition analyzing) program, and studies on stereoselectivity by using NMR generated by interactions of local anesthetics and lipids. The following findings were obtained: using the above on-line system, a discussion was given on protein bonds between BOF-4272 (xanthine oxidase inhibitor) and serum albumins, and the discussion was found effective in analyzing the stereoselectivity in drugs with strong protein bond; and with the above analytic method, optical behavior of ketoprofen (KP) in rat liver perfusion was discussed, wherein the transfer of KP into liver tissues was estimated to have been caused by involvement of active transportation rather than physical diffusion. 7 refs., 6 figs., 4 tabs.

  7. Reactions of 3-phthalimido-2-propenal and its derivatives with active methyl and methylene compounds. 3-phthalimido-2-propenal oyobi sono yudotai to kassei methyl, methylene kagobutsu tono hanno

    Yanagi, K. (Kinki Univ., Osaka (Japan). Faculty of Engineering)


    In this paper, as a result of a study made with the objective of utilization in terms of organic synthetic chemistry of N-vinylimides with the enimide type structure, it was discovered that such compounds could be synthesized as pentamethincyanines, imido-substituted polymethine cyanine and merocyanine-like compounds which were utilized as functional pigments in various ways, through reactions of heterocyclic compounds with activated methyl groups and activated methylene compounds with 3-phthalimido-2-propenal and its derivatives, which were synthesized by the Vilsmeier reaction, and such structural analogues as 3-(1,3-dihydro-1-oxio-2H-isoindole-2-il)-2-propenal. Also it was found that through the reactions of activated methyl compounds with ethyleneacetal derivative 1b, diacetoxi derivative 1c, amine base derivatives 1d, 1e, and 1f, and iminium derivative 1g, etc. of 3-phthalimido-2-propenal 1a, cyanines were obtained and these products had the features in their reactivities respectively. 4 refs., 7 figs., 3 tabs.

  8. Survey report for fiscal 1998. Evaluation by industrial circles of the COP3 outcome and their future response (America); 1998 nendo chosa hokokusho. COP3 no kekka ni taisuru sangyokai no hyoka oyobi kongo no taio ni tsuite (Beikoku)



    Response in America to COP3 (Third Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) is investigated. Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EE) of America's Department of Energy conducts activities designed to protect environments and supports America's economic competitiveness. The scope of EE activities is quite wide, covering efforts at energy efficiency improvement and renewal energy utilization for all energy consuming sectors involving construction work and equipment for buildings, various industries and public utility works, and transportation. EE also supports and promotes the development of advanced industrial materials, electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, fuel cells, etc. In the field of renewable energy, it deals with the exploitation of sunlight, biomass, wind force, water power, geothermal energy, etc. It also supports efficiency improvement efforts being undertaken through studies of advanced power transmission and distribution, high-temperature superconduction, energy storage, etc. The said supports are provided not only by Federal Government but also by state governments, and include financial aids. A number of programs are under way, worked out and promoted by the respective bureaus and departments. They are evaluated, protected, and implemented through the partnership of official and civilian organizations. (NEDO)

  9. Production method of electrode or electrode/electrolyte membrane assembly of fuel cell and electrode of fuel cell; Nenryo denchi yo no denkyoku matawa denkyoku/denkaishitsumaku setsugotai no seizo hoho oyobi nenryo denchi yo no denkyoku

    Kawahara, T. [Toyota Motor Co. Ltd., Aichi (Japan)


    This invention relates to the production method of assembly of porous electrode and polymer electrolyte membrane used for solid electrolyte fuel cell. Camphor is dissolved in alcohol solvent, and carbon particle carrying catalyst is dispersed to form paste type ink. The sheet type electrode is formed on electrolyte membrane by means of screen printing. The electrode is then dried at 80degC for one hour to precipitate camphor contained in the electrode. The electrode and electrolyte membrane is hot-pressed to be united. The assembly of electrode and electrolyte membrane is dried in vacuum at 80degC for three hours to sublimate the precipitated camphor. The assembly of porous electrode and electrolyte membrane is thus produced. The produced electrode/electrolyte membrane assembly has good gas-permeability and electric conductivity. 8 figs.

  10. Study and utilization of water-dominated and low-temperature geothermal fields in Italy; Itaria ni okeru nessui takuetsugata oyobi teion chinetsu shigen no kenkyu to riyo jokyo

    Yasukawa, K. [Geological Survey of Japan, Tsukuba (Japan)


    This paper reports the state of research and development of hot-water dominated and low-temperature geothermal resources in Italy. Geothermal explorations and studies are conducted by the Italian electric power company ENEL and the International Geothermal Research Institute, of which the development of geothermal power generation is carried out by ENEL. Hot water dominated geothermal fields in the central Italy include the Tuscany area having Larderello south of Firenze and the Monte Amiata area, the Latium area around Rome, and the Campania area around Napoli. Low-temperature geothermal fields in the northern Italy include Ferrara, Vicenza, Euganei Hills, and Aqui Terme. A large number of wells have been drilled to as deep as 3000 m in high-temperature geothermal areas for power generation. The present drilling is targeted exclusively at deep reservoirs. In the hot water dominated areas in the central Italy, power plants of 20-MW class are built even in areas with not too high productivity, where waste hot water is utilized in binary cycle. In the northern low-temperature geothermal area, warm water is utilized directly. 8 refs., 14 figs.

  11. Effect of aluminum on the growth and nutrient uptake in cryptomeria japonica D.Don and Chamaecyparis obtusa Sieb. et Zucc.; Sugi oyobi hinoki no ikusei to yobun kyushu ni oyobosu aluminium no eikyo

    Kono, Y.; Matsumura, H.; Kobayashi, T. [Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Tokyo (Japan)


    Two-year-old seedlings of Sugi (Japanese cedar: Cryptomeria japonica D. Don) and Hinoki (Japanese cypress: Chamaecyparis obtusa Sieb. et Zucc.) were grown for 4 months in 1/5 Hoagland`s No.2 nutrient culture solution containing aluminum chloride in the concentration range of 0.5 to 20 mM within the pH range of 3.5 to 4.0. Aluminium supplied at or below 1 mM of Al had no effect on the mortality of these species. However, the increase Al concentration higher than 2 mM increased the mortality. While they showed significant growth reduction at or higher Al concentration of 5 mM, there were no difference in growth response to Al between the two species in this experiment. While Al contents in leaf and root significantly increased with increasing Al concentration in the solution, contents of Ca, Mg and P in leaf decreased. Roof p content in Sugi increased with the increase of Al concentration in the solution, while no such change was observed in Hinoki root. This result suggests that Al might make phosphate immobile or inviolable form in Sugi root and this might lead to the reduced translocation of P into the leaf. In contrast, Al did not interfere with the uptake of phosphate in the root, however, it might interrupt phosphate transport into leaf from root system in Hinoki. The Al concentration such as 5 mM in the root sphere induced growth reductions in Sugi and Hinoki, with no significant difference in the response between the two species. This concentration was much higher than those reported in the field crops, vegetables and/or herbs. Thus, if soil acidification will be induced by acidic deposition in future, these herbaceous plants will be influenced faster than the conifer trees. This also means that ground vegetation change will be observed earlier than the conifer decline by the soil acidification stress. 23 refs., 5 figs., 3 tabs.

  12. Release and degradation of Microcystins during the batch culture of Microcystis aeruginosa and grazing with and without microanimals; Microcystis aeruginosa no baiyo katei oyobi bisho dobutsu no sesshoku katei ni okeru microcystin no yoshutsu to bunkai

    Park, H.; Ryu, J. [National Institute of Environmental Research, Seoul (Korea, Republic of); Inamori, Y. [National Inst. for Environmental Studies, Tsukuba (Japan); Jin, I. [Kyungbuk National University, Daegu (Korea, Republic of)


    In order to investigate growth of Microcystis aeruginose, a representative toxic blue algae, and dynamics involved in microcystin degradation, the samples collected in Korean fresh water were cultured. Microcystin is an intracellar toxin, and is retained in a cell as long as it is alive. It is eluted out into surrounding water, when the cell which retains it is dead, and cannot be removed by a general purification treatment. It is therefore essential to remove the algae, when it is abnormally grown, to grasp the dynamics involved in transfer of the toxin resulting from cell breakdown, and to develop the adequate treatment method, to secure safe water. A. hemprichi and M. guttula as a protozoan show high ability of predating the M. aeruginose. Of the systems grazed with microanimals, those with A. hemprichi, P. erythrophthalma and M. guttula show higher degradation ability than the others. It is also found that microcystin is eluted out into surrounding water, when M. aeruginose is abnormally grown in a natural water area and self-degraded, and possibly persists for extended periods. 17 refs., 7 figs., 2 tabs.

  13. Returning method of hot water in geothermal power generation and structure of pipeline for hot water returning; Zinetsu hatsuden ni okeru nessui no kangen shori hoho oyobi kangen nessuiyo haikan kozo

    Mori, Y.


    According to the invention, the geothermal fluid consisting of steam and hot water gushing out of steam production well is separated into steam and hot water by means of gas-liquid separator, and the hot water is returned into the ground through the returning well without being exposed to the atmosphere. At that time, the temperature of the hot water to be returned to the ground is lower than the temperature of the hot water remained in the well. Before returning the hot water to the ground, the hot water level in the return well is lowered by means of compressed air so as to keep the temperature of hot water remained in the well being higher than the temperature of hot water to be returned. The pipeline of the hot water closed system including the production well and return well is either upward inclined or downward inclined in the flowing direction. In these ways, the hot water can be returned safely to the ground without causing hammering. 2 tabs.

  14. Optimization of dynamic source depth for seismic surveys. Part 7; Dynamite shingen no hasshin shindo no saitekika ni tsuite (hyoso kozo no suitei (kusssetsuho jishin tansa oyobi denki denjiho tansa)). 7

    Tanaka, H.; Murayama, R.; Mitsuhata, Y.; Ishikawa, H. [Japan National Oil Corp., Tokyo (Japan). Technology Research Center


    For the improvement of quality of data collected by reflection aided seismic exploration using dynamite as the seismic source, information has to be collected about the surface layer structure before the charge depth is determined. For this purpose, refraction, electric, and electromagnetic exploration methods were tried. In the refraction method, an impactor was used as the seismic source. In the records, the surface wave prevails because vibration was generated on the surface. Analysis was made by the use of the initial travel time tomography. In the electric exploration, a double pole array was used to measure resistivity. The measured data was subjected to a fully automatic inversion for analysis. As the result, it was disclosed that it was useful to know the deep-level structure directly by use of tomographic methods in refraction seismic exploration so as to find the optimum charge level. Furthermore, about the electric and electromagnetic exploration techniques, it was found that these methods can be applied making use of resistivity to the evaluation of groundwater saturation. 7 refs., 5 figs., 3 tabs.

  15. Influence of shape change of impeller and scroll in the axial direction on performance and noise for multiblade blower; Tayoku sofuki no haneguruma oyobi scroll keijo no jiku hoko henka ga seino to soon ni oyobosu eikyo

    Yanazaki, S.; Hashimoto, K.; Fukasaku, Y. [Hitachi, Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    In this paper, the influence of shape change of the impeller and scroll in the axial direction on performance and noise are investigated. It is shown that a 14% increase in the hub-side diameter of the impeller over that of the shroud side leads to a 4% increase in the efficiency {eta}t, and a 2dB reduction in the specific sound level SLs. It is also shown that an increase in the diffusion angle of the hub side of the scroll to that of the shroud side raises the efficiency by 2%. 8 refs., 10 figs.

  16. Influence of the helical impeller and the silencer within the scroll on performance and noise for multiblade blower; Tayoku sofuki no hane herikaruka oyobi shoon kiko naizoka ga seino to soon ni oyobosu eikyo

    Yamazaki, S.; Hashimoto, K.; Fukasaku, Y. [Hitachi, Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    In this paper, the velocity distributions around the impeller of a multiblade blower and noise reduction by the silencer within the scroll are investigated. It is shown that the region of small meridian velocity Cm2 at the outlet of the impeller is about 40% of the blade width b2 due to the inclination of the main sow to the hub. It is also shown that the velocity fluctuations at the trailing edge of a blade are about 30% of the maximum velocity and that a silencer composed of sound-absorbing fiber and an air chamber within the scroll can reduce the specific sound level SLs by 2.5 dB. 10 refs., 14 figs.

  17. Absorption and release of lanthanoid lons during the germination and growing period of radish in culture solution; Suiko saibaiho ni yoru kaiwaredaikon no hatsuga {center_dot} seichoji ni okeru rantanoido ion no kyushu, hoshutsu oyobi kakubui eno chikuseki

    Fujino, O.; Katsube, H. [Kinki Univ., Osaka (Japan). Research Inst. for Science and Tech.


    The radish (Kaiware daikon) was grown in the culture solution containing lanthanoid ions at 20 degree C. The absorption and release behavior of hydrogen, potassium and lanthanoid ions were examined during the germination and growing period of the radish. During the germination period (ca. 30 h) from the seed in the culture solution of pH 5 at 20 degree C, the concentration of potassium in increased, and hydrogen and lanthanoid ions decreased. On the other hand, in the growing period (ca. 1 week), almost all potassium ion which liberated from the seed to the culture solution in the germination period was absorbed to the radish, and hydrogen and lanthanoid ions were released to the solution. The correlation coefficients of correlation between the concentration of potassium and lanthanoid ions were -0.96- -0.99, -0.77- -1.0 in the germination and growing period, respectively, and a good negative correlation was observed between them. Furthermore, it was examined about the influence of the concentration of lanthanoid ions and the accumulation. As for the lower concentration than 1 ppm, it did not have an influence at all against the germination of radish and the growth. And these ions showed that it was often accumulated in comparison with the stem and the leaf of by a root. On the other hand, at concentration higher than 3 ppm of lanthanoid ions in the culture solution the radish germinated poorly and did not completely mature. When the concentration of lanthanoid ions were more than 10 ppm, a seed germinated a little, but did not grow at all. From the above results, the positive effect of the lanthanoid ions on the growth of radish could not be admitted. (author)

  18. Effect of C, Si and P on intergranular corrosion susceptibility of type 316 stainless steel; 316 kei stainless ko no ryuiaki fushokusei ni oyobosu kochu C, Si oyobi P no eikyo

    Kaneko, M.; Abe, S. [Nippon Steel Corp., Tokyo (Japan)


    The effect of C, Si and P on intergranular corrosion (IGC) susceptibility of Type 316 painless steels (SS) has been studied in terms of the composition dependent IGC and the impound dependent IGC. The results obtained are as follows; (1) C increases the IGC existence of Type 316 SS in Huey and Coriou tests by suppressing the precipitation of Laves phase. However, severe IGC occurs in HNO3 + HF and Huey tests when the Cr depleted one is continuously formed at grainboundaries (GB). (2) Si raises the IGC susceptibility both in Huey and Coriou tests. It is considered that Si enhances the precipitation of Laves phase at GB. (3) p also increases the IGC susceptibility both in Huey and Coriou tests by decapitating as Ni-P phosphides at GB. 10 refs., 12 figs., 2 tabs.

  19. Calculation of heat balance considering the reflection, refraction of incident ray and salt diffusion on solar pad; Hikari no hansha kussetsu oyobi shio no kakusan wo koryoshita solar pond no netsukeisan

    Kanayama, K.; Li, X.; Baba, H.; Endo, N. [Kitami Institute of Technology, (Japan)


    In calculating heat balance of solar pond, calculation was made considering things except quality of the incident ray and physical properties of pond water which were conventionally considered. The real optical path length was determined from the reflection ratio of ray on the water surface based on the refraction ratio of pond water and the locus of water transmitted ray in order to calculate a total transmission rate. The rate of absorption of monochromatic lights composing of solar light in their going through the media is different by wavelength, and therefore, calculation was made in each monochromatic light. As to four kinds of salt water solution, NaCl, KCl, MgCl2 and CaCl2, these phenomena seen in solar pond are taken in, and a total transmission rate based on reality can be calculated by the wavelength integration method. Moreover, in the salt gradient layer, there are gradients in both concentration and temperature, and thermal physical values of each layer change. Accordingly, mass transfer and thermal transfer by both gradients were considered at the same time. An analytic solution was introduced which analyzes salt diffusion in the temperature field in the gradient layer and determines the concentration distribution. By these, concentration and physical values of each layer were calculated according to phenomena, and thermal balance of each layer of the solar pond was able to be accurately calculated. 6 refs., 5 figs., 2 tabs.

  20. Design and construction of radiant panel for cooling and heating with photovoltaic and thermoelectric element modules; Taiyo denchi to netsuden soshi module wo mochiita fukusha reidanbo panel no sekkei oyobi shisaku

    Sato, M.; Tani, T. [Science University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan); Kadotani, K.; Imaizumi, H. [Komatsu Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    Utilizing cooling properties and current voltage characteristics of a small cooling panel using thermoelectric elements which had been fabricated previously on a trial basis, design and prototype production were executed on a large radiant cooling and heating panel driven by photovoltaic cell modules. The panel design set the cooling area to about 0.5 m {sup 2} and the number of elements to 70 pieces, and optimum number of elements in series and parallel connection was derived. As a result of the analysis, it was made clear that the optimum number of thermoelectric module arrays in series and parallel connection varies depending on insolation intensity. It was found preferable that the number of parallel connection array be set to one to two in a region or time period in which low insolation intensity is distributed in greater amount. In the case where high insolation intensity is distributed in a greater amount, setting it to two to three is preferable. By using the structured design method and the HASP Tokyo data, thermoelectric element modules were interconnected with 35 modules in series and two in parallel on a cooling panel installed on the roof of the Science University of Tokyo. A simulation result revealed that the average temperature difference on the cooled surface in summer is 4.37 degC, and the solar cell utilization rate is 0.67. It is necessary in the future to improve heat dissipation efficiency and area ratio. 1 ref., 12 figs., 5 tabs.

  1. ECOLO-HOUSE in the heavy snow-fall region. Ground-water and wasted-wood become resources by utilizing storage-tank; Yukiguni ECOLO-HOUSE. Chikunetsuso wo riyoshita chikasui oyobi mokushitsu gomi no shigenka

    Umemiya, H.; Fukumuro, S. [Yamagata University, Yamagata (Japan)


    This paper reports living comfort in summer by operating a groundwater utilization system using a hot water storage tank and a floor air conditioning system. The groundwater utilization system is a system for room cooling by using groundwater and for supplying water for living use. The system operates as follows: groundwater is passed through a coil-type heat exchanger having pipes each 100 m long laid in parallel for a total length of 200 m, the heat exchanger being installed in a hot water storage tank; the water is used to cool water in the storage tank in summer; and the water is warmed up in the storage tank in winter, further heated by an oil boiler to be used as hot water for cooking and bathing. In the floor air conditioning system, cold water in the water storage tank (warm water in winter) is pumped up by a circulation pump, and passed through the floor air conditioning circuit having a pipe with a total length of 400 m at a flow rate of 14 liters per minute. The system is of a closed circuit in which the water is re-heated by a wood burning boiler in winter and returned to the hot water storage tank. The amount of supplied cold heat from groundwater to the hot water tank obtained on a daily average is 90W. About 20% of the monthly cumulative cold heat amount dissipated from the floor circuit is the monthly cumulative cold heat amount supplied from the groundwater circuit to the hot water storage tank. 1 ref., 10 figs., 1 tab.

  2. Distribution coefficients of amino acid, peptide and enzyme in respect to aqueous two phase system composed of dextran, polyethylene glycol and water; Dekisutoran+poriechiren gurikoru+mizu karanaru suiseinisokei ni taisuru aminosan, pepuchido oyobi koso no bunpai keisu

    Iwai, Yoshio [Kyushu University, Fukuoka (Japan); Kakizaka, Keijiro; Shindo, Takashi; Ishida, Otetsu; Arai, Yasuhiko


    Distribution coefficients of five kinds of amino acids (aspartic acid, asparagines, methionine, cysteine and cytidine) and two kinds of peptides (glycylglycine and hexane glycine) were measured. These distribution coefficients are in good correlation with the osmosis viral expression. The interaction parameter in the osmosis viral expression can be estimated by hydrophilic group parameter. The distribution coefficient of {alpha}-amylase was estimated by the osmosis viral expression using the above-mentioned hydrophilic group parameter, and the estimated value showed substantially good correspondence with the actually measured value, but for the distribution coefficient of {beta}-amylase, no coincidence was found. (translated by NEDO)

  3. Synthesis of New Branched Polysaccharide by Ring-Opening Polymerization of Anhydro-deoxyglucose Derivative and the Subsequent Glycosylation of the Polysaccharide Derivative; Musui deokishigukoru yudotai no kaikan jugo oyobi porima eno tofuka ni yoru shinki bunshi taso no gosei

    Hatanaka, Ken`ichi.; Ota, Sanae.; Kasuya, M.C.Z.; Kanno, Ken`ichi. [Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo (Japan). Department of Biomolecular Engineering


    1,6-Anhydro-2-deoxy-glucose derivatives having two kinds of protective groups were polymerized and copolymerized in order to synthesize branched polysaccharides. Deoxy-glucose monomers showed high polymerizability. The obtained polymer was selectively deprotected and then glucosylated to give 2-deoxy-(1{yields}6)-{alpha}-D-glucopyranan with glucose branch at C-3. In the present report, it is firstly described that the comb-shaped branched polysaccharide (100% branching) was synthesized by the glycosylation of the polysaccharide derivative. (author)

  4. Report on the FY 1999 research survey on the industrial utilization/development of the biofilm formation mechanism and antifouling substances; 1999 nendo bio film keisei kiko oyobi sogai busshitsu no sangyoteki riyo kaihatsu chosa hokokusho



    The paper described the results of the FY 1999 research on the fouling by marine aufwuchs. The survey is aimed at searching the nature world for active substances for biological antifouling. The fouling mechanism in the ocean is as follows. The adsorption of organisms called the conditioning film first occurs on the surface, and next, bacteria and diatom around the surface form biofilm and cover. After that, biological fouling by large aufwuchs occurs. Therefore, the control of biofilm formation was regarded as most important, and with this as a guidepost, the search was conducted. Using biofilm anti-formation activity and periphytic bacteria anti-growth activity as guideposts, some compounds were searched for. Being aimed at Porifera, in particular, new compounds were isolated from it. Since few of other organisms attaches on the surface of sponge, there is a great possibility of Porifera's producing any anti-fouling substances. Further, it is thought that symbiotic microorganisms of sponge (40% of the total weight) produce various biologically active substances. Synthetic phenethyl amine derivatives were also studied. (NEDO)

  5. Changes of the temperature coefficients of the characteristics which accompany degradation and recovery of a-Si solar cells; A-Si taiyo denchi no hikari (denryu) rekka oyobi kaifuku ni tomonau tokusei ondo keisu no henka

    Yanagisawa, T.; Koyanagi, T.; Nakamura, K.; Takahisa, K.; Kojima, T. [electrotechnical Laboratory, Tsukuba (Japan)


    Pursuant to the measuring of temperature dependency of the characteristics such as conversion efficiency, during the process of degradation in a-Si solar cells due to light and electric current and the process of recovery by annealing, this paper describes changes in temperature coefficients, correlation between the characteristic parameters and the degradation, and the results of the examination of their characteristics. The conversion efficiency {mu} degraded approximately by 45% of the initial value each by the irradiation under a light intensity with 3 SUN accelerated and by the infusion of current at 20mA/cm{sup 2}; and then, the efficiency recovered to 70-75% of the degradation by subsequent annealing. In addition, in the temperature dependency at 80{degree}C against at 20{degree}C, Isc slightly increased while Vcc greatly decreased. This slight increase in Isc was mainly due to the decrease in the width of the forbidden band, while the decrease in Vcc was due to the increase in the reverse saturation current. The temperature dependency of {mu}N was negative, becoming small in accordance with the degradation. The temperature dependency of FF/FFO was negative initially both in light and current, but it decreased with the degradation and turned to positive. The temperature coefficients of I-V parameters reversibly changed corresponding to the degradation and recovery of these parameters and stayed in a good correlation. 7 refs., 8 figs., 1 tab.

  6. Fiscal 1999 geothermal energy development promotion survey. Report on survey of structural boring (No. B-7 Kuwanosawa area); 1999 nendo chinetsu kaihatsu sokushin chosa. Kozo shisui chosa koji oyobi kaiseki hokokusho (No.B-7 Kuwanosawa chiiki)



    Borehole N11-KN-1 was digged and investigated for clarifying the geothermal structure of the Kuwanosawa area, with attention fully paid to the existing survey results. The hole is inclined, 1,802.30m deep in total, with a casing pipe installed down to the 1,101.76m level. Temperature was measured and electrical logging was performed at levels 410m, 1,110m, and 1,802.23m while the hole walls were still exposed bear. The maximum temperature of 161 degrees C was observed at the hole bottom, and the product of permeability - layer thickness transmission coefficient was described by 3.72 to 4.75 times 10{sup -1} darcy.m. The geothermal structures in presence in the south-western part of the survey area and along the Wasabizawa fault were made clear, and it was found that there exists no high-temperature water system in the vicinity of borehole N11-NK-1. As tasks for the future, it was proposed that a geothermal survey of the south-eastern part which includes borehole N57-YO-2 and a geochemical survey of fluids including hot spring water and surface be conducted. (NEDO)

  7. Strength evaluation for modified 12Cr steel and A286 steel of USC turbine rotor material. Chocho rinkaiatsu turbine rotorzai kairyo 12Cr ko oyobi A286 ko no kyodo tokusei hyoka

    Ogata, Takashi; Nitta, Akito.; (Central Research Inst. of Electric Power Industry, Tokyo, Japan)


    For candidate materials of the ultra super critical (USC) turbine rotor in a coal fired power plant, the modified 12Cr steel and A286 steel are subjects of the study under the first step steam condition (316 atg, 593 centigrade) and under the second step steam condition (350 atg, 650 centigrade), respectively. The strength evaluation tests of the modified 12Cr steel untreated material and aging (630 centigrade, 4860 hours) material I were conducted previously, and obtained a prospect that the material can be applied to the first step turbine rotor. In this report, the strength evaluation tests and microstructure observation of the long period aging (630 centigrade, 8190 hours) material II, and the strength tests of the A286 steel have been conducted. As a result, it was found that the modified 12Cr steel is a stable material in the microstructure and has enough strength characteristics to apply the first step rotor, and the A286 steel also can be applied to the second step rotor. 9 refs., 27 figs., 8 tabs.

  8. Fiscal 1993 investigational study of a model of international cooperation for an environmentally harmony type green technosystem; 1993 nendo Oshu ni okeru haikibutsu shori oyobi recycle no doko ni kansuru chosa kenkyu hokokusho



    For the natural environment preservation, effective utilization of resources, and maintenance of the ecosystem, an international cooperation model was proposed for the environmental harmony type green technosystem. A comprehensive evaluating analysis of a green forest resource, etc. as the global resource, and an intensive extraction of subjects and needs was made. The analysis was conducted of technical possibility and abstract business development effects toward the industrialization with high values added which is in harmony with the environment. As a case study, the Papua New Guinea area, Malaysia was selected and re-evaluated. For this typical tropical forest area, a new technical system was studied based on the natural environment, industry/economy, social/cultural assessment, etc., and a model for industrializing new international cooperation was proposed. For the model making for industrialization, various steps to be taken and conditions to be prepared were studied and arranged for the realization. Upon going ahead with the international technical cooperation, Japan, a large lumber consuming country, needs to always consider the fostering and effective use of lumber resource in particular. 27 refs., 28 figs., 30 tabs.

  9. Concurrently inhibitory and allelopathic effects of allelochemicals secreted by Myriophyllum spicatum on growth of blue-green algae; Hozakinofusamo ga hoshutsushita areropashi busshitsu no aisorui ni taisuru fukugo sayo oyobi areropashi koka no hyoka

    Nakai, S.; Inoue, Y.; Hosomi, M.; Murakami, A. [Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Technology, Tokyo (Japan)


    This paper describes effects of allelochemicals secreted by Myriophyllum spicatum on growth of blue-green algae. In order to propose an effective growth inhibitory method of blue-green algae with less impact on the ecosystem, biological interaction (allelopathy) between large aquatic plants and algae was investigated. Pyrogallic acid, gallic acid, catechin and ellagic acid secreted by M. spicatum provided growth inhibitory effects of blue-green algae (Microcyctis aeruginosa), individually. Complex interaction and allelopathic contribution of these four polyphenols were evaluated. By comparing the actual effects with the expected values, synergetic growth inhibitory effects were recognized by adding four polyphenols at the same time. Furthermore, growth inhibitory effects were evaluated for actual culture solution of M. spicatum and simulated culture solution made by four polyphenols. As a result, it was found that these four polyphenols relate to allelopathy of M. spicatum. 25 refs., 6 figs., 4 tabs.

  10. Fault-related-folding structures and reflection seismic sections. Study by seismic modeling and balanced cross section; Danso ga kaizaisuru shukyoku kozo no keitai to jishin tansa danmen. 2. Seismic modeling oyobi balanced cross section ni yoru study

    Tamagawa, T.; Matsuoka, T. [Japan Petroleum Exploration Corp., Tokyo (Japan); Tsukui, R. [Japan National Oil Corp., Tokyo (Japan). Technology Research Center


    It occasionally happens that there exists a part where reflection near the thrust is not clearly observed in a thrust zone seismic survey cross section. For the effective interpretation of such an occurrence, the use of geological structures as well as the reflected pattern is effective. When the velocity structures for a fold structure having a listric fault caused anticline (unidirectionally inclined with a backlimb, without a forelimb) and for a fault propagation fold are involved, a wrong interpretation may be made since they look alike in reflection wave pattern despite their difference in geological structure. In the concept of balanced cross section, a check is performed, when the stratum after deformation is recovered to the time of deposition, as to whether the geologic stratum area is conserved without excess or shortage. An excess or shortage occurs if there is an error in the model, and this shows that the fault surface or fold structure is not correctly reflected. Positive application of geological knowledge is required in the processing and interpreting of data from a seismic survey. 6 refs., 6 figs.

  11. Experimental study of lightning protection effects to a overhead ground wire by a lightning rod and projection rods; Yuraishin oyobi dosshi wo mochiita kakuchisen no raigai boshi ni kansuru jikkenteki kento

    Katsuragi, Y. [Chubu Electric Power Co. Inc., Nagoya (Japan); Aihara, Y. [Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Tokyo (Japan)


    The overhead ground wire is generally used on transmission lines as one of the lightning protection devices for the power conductors. In recent years, the ground wire with an optical fiber cable in it (OPGW) has been employed on the transmission systems. The strands of the ground wire are, however, frequently melted down because of lightning strokes to them not only in summer but also in winter. For this reason, it is necessary to devise the new lightning protection method for the ground wire. As the protection method, lightning rods installed on the transmission tower arms and projection rods wound around a ground wire are proposed by authors. Lightning protection effects of these methods are shown by model experiments which simulate summer and winter lightning strokes. It has been made clear that these methods are useful as one of the lightning protection methods for transmission lines, and application conditions of them for practical use are also shown. 4 refs., 12 figs., 2 tabs.

  12. Application of algal growth inhibition test and frog embryo teratogenicity test to sewage samples; Sorui zoshoku sogai shiken oyobi kaeru haisai kikeisei shiken no kisoteki kento to gesui shiryo eno tekiyo

    Matsubara, M.; Harada, A.; Tanaka, H. [Public Works Research Institute, Tsukuba (Japan)


    As sewerage has spread in Japan, evaluation of the effects of sewage and treated sewage on aquatic organisms has been becoming important. In this paper, applicability of two bioassays to sewage samples was discussed. One is an algal growth inhibition test using the green alga, Selenastrum capricornutum, proposed by Environment Canada that is conducted in a microplate for simplicity of handling. Because sewage samples include high concentration of nutrients, the test medium was modified here. The other is teratogenicity test with embryos of the frog, Xenopus laevis proposed by ASTM. Application of both the assays to sewage samples has been little reported. Therefore, we applied these bioassays to sewage, treated sewage and its receiving water at three sewage treatment plants (STPs). MICROTOX acute toxicity test was also conducted for comparison with the above bioassays. As a result from all the bioassays, the following findings were observed: (1) significant reduction of the toxicity of sewage during biological treatment in all the STPs, (2) no significant toxicity of disinfection with ozone and low-chlorine-dose, (3) high toxicity due to disinfection with high-chlorine-dose from MICROTOX test, (4) toxicity due to high-chlorine-dose from algal test even after dechlorination, (5) no significant toxicity of high-chlorine-dose from frog embryo test. Considering the above results, these bioassays are useful for evaluating the toxicity of sewage samples to each organism. 14 refs., 8 figs., 4 tabs.

  13. 『支那革命外史』からみた中国革命と日本ファシズム : アジア民族主義革命の理念と現実


    Kita Ikki has a most important turning point in his life, that is to say, his joining the Chinese Revolution of 1911.He is not a natural-born facist: his maiden work called Kokutairon-oyobi-junseishakaishugi (State System Theory and Pure Socialism) does not yet maintain facist view.The Chinese Revolution and his friendly relations with revolutionary personalities gave him deep suggestions for his recognition on the present situation and the future of Asia.His second work Shina-kakumei-gaishi ...


    Takahashi, Masanori; Takayama, Jun-Ichi; Nakayama, Shoichiro

    Noto Peninsula earthquake occurred in Ishikawa Pref., in March, 2007, and the Noto Yuryo, and many arterial roads were damaged. This led to the conosiderable confusion of the road traffic in Noto Peninsula area and gave the influence on all kinds of social/economic activities. Therefore, an method of providing the traffic information for drivers is important in the case of disasters such as earthquakes. We carried out a questionnaire survey for local inhabitants and investigated the road use situation at the time of the Noto Peninsula earthquake and the information acquisition situation about it. We also analyzed whether or not the method of providing the traffic information was appropriate. In addition, we examined the best traffic information in the case of earthquakes.

  15. Reaction performance of methanation of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide over supported ruthenium catalysts. ; Mainly on effects of remaining chlorine and dechlorination. Ruthenium tanji shokubaijo no issanka tanso oyobi nisanka tanso no methane ka no hanno tokusei. ; Shutoshite zanryu enso no eikyo to datsuenso shori no koka

    Kasaoka, S.; Sasaoka, E.; Okazaki, Y.; Hanaya, M. (Okayama University, Okayama (Japan). Faculty of Engineering)


    An establishment of the methanation catalytic process is desired on CO and CO {sub 2} generated in coal gasification and other various processes. In this study as one reply to this requirement, Ru catalysts supported on ZrO {sub 2}, Al {sub 2} O {sub 3} ({theta}) and SiO {sub 2} were prepared, and the relationship between the reaction condition and the catalytic reaction performance was investigated, especially from a view to the effects of remaining chlorine in catalysts and dechlorination based on raw salt of Ru. Experiments were carried out using a flow fixed-bed reactor under an atmospheric temperature at mainly 120-350 {degree}C. The results are as follows: Knowledge was obtained about the amount of remaining chlorine after a hydrogen reduction treatment or after washing with warm water at 85 {degree}C; the effect of remaining chlorine one the catalytic activity was much larger for CO {sub 2} methanation than for CO methanation; the remaining chlorine suppresses the formation of carbonaceous species on the catalyst surface and decreases the catalytic activity; and Ru/ZrO {sub 2}, dechlorinated with water washing at 85 {degree}C is most active. 10 refs., 12 figs., 1 tab.

  16. Measurement of physical property values of molten semiconductor in microgravity environments and analysis of heat flow in silicon crystal growing furnace; Bisho juryoku kankyoka ni okeru handotai yueki no busseichi sokutei oyobi silicon kessho seicho ronai netsu ryudo kaiseki no kenkyu

    Imaishi, Y. [Kyushu University, Fukuoka (Japan). Institute of Advanced Material Study; Tsukada, T. [Tohoku University, Sendai (Japan). The Institute for Chemical Reaction Science; Kitagawa, S.


    Simulation is conducted, covering a range from microscopic atom scale phenomena to a Cz furnace as a whole, for the analysis of high-quality silicon crystal growing Cz furnaces and for the evaluation of the degree of soundness represented by measured physical property values. Physical property value measuring experiments are being conducted in microgravity environments using the JAMIC (Japan Micro Gravity Center) free-fall tower, etc., and part of the results achieved so far is reported. In an `analysis of behavior of droplets afloat in an electromagnetic field,` electromagnetic levitation furnace coils and molten silicon drops are modelled, and the effect of gravitational acceleration on the drop shape and on the gravity center displacement upon application of a high-frequency current to the levitation coils is examined. In a `study of organization of comprehensive analysis codes for Cz furnace,` analysis programs for all the factors, a heat conduction analysis code, and a heat radiation code have been completed. In a `microsimulation,` studies of crystals and phenomena in molten semiconductor on the atomic scale are discussed. 6 figs.

  17. Combustion-driven oscillation in a furnace with multispud-type gas burners. 4th Report. Effects of position of secondary air guide sleeve and openness of secondary air guide vane on combustion oscillation condition; Multispud gata gas turner ni okeru nensho shindo. 4. Nijigen kuki sleeve ichi oyobi nijigen kuki vane kaido no shindo reiki ni oyobosu eikyo

    Akiyama, I.; Okiura, K.; Baba, A.; Orimoto, M. [Babcock-Hitachi K.K., Tokyo (Japan)


    Effects of the position of a secondary air guide sleeve and the openness of a secondary air guide vane on combustion oscillation conditions were studied experimentally for multispud-type gas burners. Pressure fluctuation in furnaces was analyzed with the previously reported resonance factor which was proposed as an index to represent the degree of combustion oscillation. As a result, the combustion oscillation region was largely affected by both position of a guide sleeve and openness of a guide vane. As the openness having large effect on the ratio of primary and secondary air/tertiary air and the position hardly having effect on the ratio were adjusted skillfully, the burner with no combustion oscillation region was achieved in its normal operation range. In addition, as the effect of preheating combustion air was arranged with a standard flow rate or mass flow flux of air, it was suggested the combustion oscillation region due to preheating can be described with the same manner as that due to no preheating. 5 refs., 8 figs.

  18. Study on the annular leakage-flow-induced vibrations. 2nd Report. Stability analysis and experiments for translationally and rotationally coupled two-degree-of-freedom systems; Kanjo sukimaryu reiki shindo ni kansuru kenkyu. 2. heishin kaiten 2 jiyudo renseikei no anteisei kaiseki oyobi jikken

    Li, D.W. [Hitachi, Ltd., Tokyo (Japan); Kaneko, S. [The University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan); Hayama, S. [Toyama Prefectural University, Toyama (Japan)


    In this study, the stability of annular leakage-flow-induced vibrations was investigated theoretically and experimentally for a translationally and rotationally coupled two-degree-of-freedom system. The critical flow rate was both theoretically and experimentally obtained as a function of the passage increment ratio and the eccentricity of the passage. A good agreement between the theoretical and experimental results was obtained. It was discovered both theoretically and from the experiments that instability will occur in the case of a divergent passage: the eccentricity of the passage lowers the stability of the systems. (author)

  19. Discharge-current characteristics in UV-preionized Kr/He, F2/He gas-mixtures and KrF excimer laser gas. Shigaisen yobi denri Kr/He, F2/He kongo kitai hoden oyobi KrF laser reiki hoden no denryu tokusei

    Nakagawa, N.; Kawakami, H.; Yukimura, K. (Doshisha University, Kyoto (Japan))


    In order to study effects of Kr and F2 on discharge characteristics of KrF excimer laser gas, gap phenomena in Kr/He and F2/He gas-mixtures were observed and discharge current (I[sub d]) was measured. In the range where Kr concentration was over 10% in Kr/He gas, in which production of filamentation as well as glow discharge started, discontinuous change in I[sub d] in the second or third half cycle was observed. According to the results of experiments and model analyses, it was considered that the discontinuity of the current showed the transition point to filamentation. When F2 concentration was in the range between 0.1 and 0.3% in F2/He mixture gas, filamentation and arc with glow were observed. Sine-waveform I[sub d] ended in the first half cycle, and began to flow again after cessation or had almost constant current due to arc and others. When F2 was over 0.4%, only are discharge was observed. It was thus found that F2 has a large effect on discharge characteristics of KrF laser gas. 18 refs., 9 figs.

  20. Survey for making a data book on the new energy technological development. Waste-fueled power generation, solar heat utilization, geothermal power generation, clean energy vehicles, coal liquefaction/gasification, and traversal themes; Shin energy gijutsu kaihatsu kankei data shu sakusei chosa. Haikibutsu hatsuden, taiyonetsu riyo, chinetsu hatsuden, clean energy jidosha, sekitan ekika, gas ka oyobi odanteki tema



    The paper concerns the following six fields among the fields of new energy technology: the waste-fueled power generation, solar heat utilization, geothermal power generation, clean energy vehicles, coal liquefaction and coal gasification. The up-to-date data made public were collected and classified into the following items: outline of systems, specific examples of the introduction in Japan and other countries, policies/laws and rules/subsidy systems, production quantity/actual amount of introduction/projected amount of introduction (target), cost, terminology, listing of main related companies and groups, etc. Further, arrangement was traversally conducted on the outlook of the energy introduction by the Japanese government and measures taken for development of new energy by Japan and other countries. Namely, the items of the book are as follows: classification of new energy, outlook for energy supply/demand, cost of new energy technology (power generation) and outlook for the introduction, menus of buying surplus electricity of electric companies, policies/laws and rules/subsidy systems concerning the new energy introduction in Japan and overseas, and a list of organizations engaged in the new energy technological development.

  1. Formation of reacted interfacial zone and improvement of bonding strength in aluminum alloy clad stainless steel and aluminum alloy clad copper plateusing explosive welding technique. Al gokin no stainless ko oyobi do eno bakuhatsu assetsu ni okeru kaimen hannoso no keisei to setsugo kyodo

    Hokamoto, K.; Fujita, M. (Kumamoto University, Kumamoto (Japan). Faculty of Engineering); Izuma, T. (Asahi Chemical Industry Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan))


    Explosive welding experiments using intermediate materials have been performed on combinations of aluminum alloy with stainless steel, and aluminum alloy with copper that are difficult of explosive welding with an ordinary method. The experiments have investigated interfacial reaction layers and bonding strength. The drive plates have used four kinds of aluminum alloy plates with a thickness of 4 mm and a base material of stainless steel (SUS 304) or copper having a thickness of 9 mm. Investigation has been given on how the interfacial structure and the bonding strength change as a result of using intermediate materials of the similar kind with the base material. The composition in the generated reaction layers has higher aluminum concentration than that has been predicted. This is because more aluminum component has been dissolved because of transformation having converged on the side of the aluminum alloy with smaller transformation resistance. Use of the intermediate materials can reduce energy of collision given on the interface, thus controlling the formation of reactive layers on the interface. This has improved the bonding strength largely, leading to a possibility of fabricating clad materials that have good interface properties. 10 refs., 9 figs., 3 tabs.

  2. Response characteristics of a long life type floating offshore airport in waves. 3rd Report. Response due to short waves and an attempt of active inclination control; Chojumyogata futaishiki kaijo kuko no harochu oto tokusei. Tanhachoiki no oto oyobi shisei seigyo no kokoromi

    Hirayama, T.; Ma, N.; Nishio, O.; Sato, N. [Yokohama National University, Yokohama (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    Notice was given on response characteristics in a short wavelength range of a large floating structure for an offshore airport consisting of semi-submersible replaceable type units, and influence of unit lacking. An attempt was also made on performing restoration of inclination change during unit lacking and suppression of long-cycle variation in waves by using air pressure control. The result of a numerical calculation based on a three-dimensional singular point method may be summarized as follows: mass force added vertically on columns in short wavelength range differs in the outer edges and the central part; relatively uniform values are shown in the central part; and interactive interference is recognized in wave forces in the vertical direction, but the influence therefrom decreases as the wave length decreases. Calculations on vertical movements and bending moments in waves were performed by using a mode synthesizing method. The calculations used fluid force which was calculated based on the three-dimensional singular point method utilizing symmetry with respect to each condition for a complete model plus unit lacking and unit lacking plus inclination control. As a result of verifying the calculations by using an experiment, relatively good agreement was achieved in either case. A high-frequency vibration experiment made clear the characteristics of elastic response in the short-wave length range. 14 refs., 14 figs.

  3. Flight test evaluations of the head-up display and the inertial reference unit of the NAL QSTOL experimental aircraft (Aska) by the NAL B-65 Queen Air research aircraft. Teisoon STOL jikkenkiyo HUD (head up display) oyobi IRU (kansei kijun sochi) no hiko hyoka shiken


    A head-up display (HUD) and an inertial reference unit (IRU) were developed by the National Aerospace Laboratory (NAL) for the NAL QSTOL (Quiet Short Take Off and Landing) experimental air craft (Aska). In order to evaluate both the performance of the HUD which provides the pilot with landing aid information, and the accuracy and characteristics of the IRU to be used for flight control and measurements, flight tests were conducted on board the B-65 Queen Air research aircraft. The results indicated that the characteristics of the HUD as an approach and landing aid system were good, and also that the IRU was useful as a sensor for flight control and measurements. Furthermore, it was shown that fundamental methods of evaluating the HUD characteristics and the IRU accuracy in actual flight were established for application of the HUD and the IRU to a new aircraft in the future. In addition, possibility of a new technology with landing aid information by means of the HUD was made clear. 21 refs., 48 figs., 14 tabs.

  4. Evaluation of dynamic properties of soft ground using an S-wave vibrator and seismic cones. Part 2. Vs change during the vibration; S ha vibrator oyobi seismic cone wo mochiita gen`ichi jiban no doteki bussei hyoka. 2. Kashinchu no Vs no henka

    Inazaki, T. [Public Works Research Institute, Tsukuba (Japan)


    With an objective to measure a behavior of the surface ground during a strong earthquake directly on the actual ground and make evaluation thereon, a proposal was made on an original location measuring and analyzing method using an S-wave vibrator and seismic cones. This system consists of an S-wave vibrator and a static cone penetrating machine, and different types of measuring cones. A large number of measuring cones are inserted initially in the object bed of the ground, and variation in the vibration generated by the vibrator is measured. This method can derive decrease in rigidity rate of the actual ground according to dynamic strain levels, or in other words, the dynamic nonlinearity. The strain levels can be controlled with a range from 10 {sup -5} to 10 {sup -3} by varying the distance from the S-wave vibrator. Furthermore, the decrease in the rigidity rate can be derived by measuring variations in the S-wave velocity by using the plank hammering method during the vibration. Field measurement is as easy as it can be completed in about half a day including preparatory works, and the data analysis is also simple. The method is superior in mobility and workability. 9 figs.

  5. FY 1998 results of the intellectual basement project using functions of private companies (venture promotion type basement creation R and D project). Development of endocrine disrupter testing method and development of environmental assessment method; 1998 nendo naibunpi kakuran busshitsu ni taisuru shiken hoho kaihatsu oyobi eikyo hyoka shuho kaihatsu hokokusho



    For the purpose of assessing the risk in relation to endocrine disrupting chemicals, the following were conducted: development of testing/assessment method for endocrine disrupting chemicals, survey of the actual exposure assessment, development of measuring method for the concentration in the environment. In the development of the testing method, the following were carried out: development of a high-throughput screening method for evaluating endocrine disrupting chemicals; as screening testing method using mammals, uterotrophic assay, Hershberger assay using castrated male rats, thyroid hormone assay in pubertal rats, enhanced OECD 407 test guideline for 28-day toxicity test; study on yeast two-hybrid assay for endocrine disrupter; sex-reversal assay for suspected endocrine disrupting chemicals using S-rR strain medaka. In the development of exposure assessment method, estrogenic potency of individual nonylphenol congeners isolated from technical mixtures; determination of endocrine disrupters and related chemicals from industry and nature origin in river water and sediment; research for the flow of industrial origin chemicals; reconstruction of pollution history of chemicals using sediment cores. (NEDO)

  6. Elucidation of hydrogen mobility in tetralin under coal liquefaction conditions using a tritium tracer method. Effects of the addition of H2S and H2O; Tritium tracer ho wo mochiita sekitan ekika hanno jokenka deno tetralin no suiso idosei hyoka. Ryuka suiso oyobi mizu no tenka koka

    Kanbe, M.; Saito, M.; Ishihara, A.; Kabe, T. [Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Tokyo (Japan)


    It was previously reported that the tritium tracer method is useful for the quantitative consideration of hydrogen behavior in coal during coal liquefaction reaction. Tetralin is excellent hydrogen donating solvent, and is considered as one of the model compounds of coal. In this study, effects of H2S and H2O on the hydrogen exchange reaction between tetralin and gaseous hydrogen labeled by tritium were investigated. It was suggested that the conversion of tetralin and the hydrogen exchange reaction between gaseous hydrogen and tetralin proceed through the radical reaction mechanism with a tetralyl radical as an intermediate product. When H2S existed in this reaction, the hydrogen exchange yield increased drastically without changing the conversion yield. This suggested that the hydrogen exchange reaction proceeds even in the reaction where radical does not give any effect. In the case of H2O addition, the conversion yield and hydrogen exchange rate decreased into a half or one-third. It was suggested that H2O inhibited the formation process of tetralyl radical. 6 refs., 4 figs.

  7. Recent energy situation in the U.S. and Europe. Trend of discussions on energy safety security and energy policies in the E.U. and CIS (commonwealth of independent states) countries; Obei ni okeru saikin no energy jijo. Energy anzen hosho ni kansuru giron no doko to EU oyobi CIS shokoku no energy seisaku



    The E.U. intends to establish the stabilized new partnership and economic area, based on free trades and tighter economic cooperation with Mediterranean countries. For the purpose of establishing the effective cooperative relationship in the energy field, the E.U. committee taking the short- and medium-term initiative prepares as follows: The establishment of the European/Mediterranean Energy Forum is thought of. This is for the joint management of cooperation in the energy field and the organization of the conferences and meetings of information exchanges between partners. The discussion is started for the final joining in the organization of partners of Mediterranean countries who do not participate in the Pan-European Energy Charter conference. They study options adoptable for easing investments. They cooperate with the related countries for carrying out the project having common interest in the TENs (Trans-European energy networks) field. The working-out of plans and projects is promoted for coordinating energy projects according to the purposes and procedures of MEDA. 59 refs.

  8. Fiscal 1997 report on the survey for a data book on new energy technology development. Waste power generation, solar energy utilization. geothermal power generation, clean energy vehicles, coal liquefaction/gasification, and traverse themes; 1997 nendo chosa hokokusho. Shin energy gijutsu kaihatsu kankei data shu sakusei chosa (haikibutsu hatsuden, taiyonetsu riyo, chinetsu hatsuden, clean energy jidosha, sekitan ekika gas ka oyobi odanteki theme)



    The paper collected and arranged data on new energy technology. As to the waste power generation, in terms of general waste, 161 places have power generation facilities, 657,000 kW in output, as of the end of FY 1996. Out of them, 100 facilities (scale of output: 555,000 kW) are selling power. In terms of industrial waste, 53 places (209,000 kW) have power generation facilities. The output will be 2 million kW in FY 2000. In relation to the solar energy utilization, the number of solar systems introduced in FY 1996 is 25,000, that of water heating appliances produced in FY 1996 is 170,000. Geothermal power of 494,000 kW and 37,000 kW was introduced for electric power industry use and private use, respectively. Clean energy vehicles have not been so much spread, but the hybrid car was put on sale in 1997. Concerning the coal liquefaction, the R and D were made at a pilot plant of NEDOL process, and operation started in 1997. As to the coal gasification, investigational study and element study on the demonstration plant are being conducted in FY 1997 and 1998, making use of the research results obtained from the existing pilot plant of coal gasification combined power generation

  9. Analysis of air motion in a rotary valve. Measurement of static coefficient of discharge and numerical analysis of air motion for the columnar-notch type rotary valve; Rotary valve ni yoru kyunyu uki ryudo no kaiseki. Enchugata kirikaki shiki rotary valve no seiteki ryuryo keisu no sokutei oyobi kuki ryodo no kaiseki

    Muroki, T.; Moriyoshi, Y.; Suzuki, M. [Chiba University, Chiba (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    Characteristic test and numerical analysis were performed of the prototype notch type rotary valve prepared as intake and exhaust valve for 4-cycle internal combustion engines. In experiment, a model cylinder and cylinder head were mounted on a surge tank, and the static coefficient of discharge was determined by measuring an intake flow rate and the differential pressure between an intake pipe and surge tank pipe while reducing static pressure in a surge tank to -20mmHg. As an experimental result, the static coefficient of discharge of the notch type rotary valve was dependent on opening shape of a valve air passage, and was higher in the second half of intake-stroke than the first one at the same minimum opening area. Prediction of the relation between an opening angle and flow rate was possible by numerical analysis of flow in the valve. The fact that the static coefficient of discharge of rotary valves is smaller than that of poppet valves at smaller opening area, seemed to be caused mainly by separation of air flow in the passage of rotary valves. 2 refs., 8 figs.

  10. Basic investigation on promotion of joint implementation in fiscal 2000. Investigations on modification and improvement project for Potoshani district heating and heat supplying facilities in Romania; 2000 nendo kyodo jisshi nado suishin kiso chosa hokokusho. Romania koku Potoshani chiiki danbo netsukyokyu setsubi no kaishu oyobi kaizen keikaku chosa



    Discussions have been given on the improvement and modification project intended of saving energies and reducing greenhouse gas emission in the Potoshani district heating and heat supplying facilities in Romania. Thirty years have elapsed since the building of the Potoshani district heating and heat supplying facilities, whereas noticeable energy loss has occurred due to aged deterioration, such as thermal efficiency decrease, performance decrease, and hot water leakage due to piping corrosion. The present project is intended to improve the heat production and power generation facility efficiencies, and reduce the heat loss in heat transportation and distribution to less than 5%. The improvements will be implemented by replacing and rehabilitating the existing boilers, replacing the turbine generators, and replacing the transportation and distribution pipelines and heat exchangers. As a result of the discussions, the present project is estimated to result in annual fuel conservation of 35,820 tons of crude oil equivalent, and annual reduction of the greenhouse gas emission of 110,835 t-CO2. The total amount of the initial investment for the project would be 11.369 billion yen, and the payback period would be 12 years. The project will produce profit of 31.358 billion yen in 20 years, thus the project is financially feasible. (NEDO)

  11. Fiscal 1999 report on basic research for promotion of joint implementation programs. Feasibility study on energy saving and environmental improvement for Radom City district cogeneration station; 1999 nendo Radom shi chiiki netsuden heikyu station sho energy oyobi kankyo kaizen kanosei chosa hokokusho



    Pursuant to the COP3 (Third Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) protocol, studies are conducted on a district cogeneration station for Radom City, Poland. Using the annual load pattern of heat supply, cogeneration will be built only for the amount that covers utilization factors not lower than a specified level, and the shortage in winter when the load is heavy due to demand for heat will be dealt with by the existing hot water boilers. Daily change in load is to be covered by a new, additional boiler which will bear 20% of the whole output. The system is a natural gas fired turbine cogenerator, and hot water is supplied by a waste heat recovery boiler. Cogeneration will cover 80% of the annual heat supply. As for heat supply capability, it is set at 72MWt with the additional boiler taken into account, and 35MWe is to be generated. Heat efficiency will increase to be higher than 80%, coal consumption will decrease, and 28,117 tons/year in terms of oil will be saved with the increase in natural gas consumption subtracted. CO2 reduction will also be as large as 206,000 tons/year, decreasing air pollutants. Provided that 4.336-billion yen for facilities are financed by Japan's environmental yen loan, Poland's National Fund, and Radom City's own fund, IRR (internal rate of return) on investment will be fairly good at 10% in 30 years of operation. Investment will be recovered in nine years and there is no problem in cash flow. (NEDO)

  12. Measurement of behavior of secondary sealing areas of rotary engine apex seals. ; Two-piece nonsplit and three-piece slanted horizontal split types. Apex seal no dainiji kimitsumen no kyodo no sokutei. ; Joge ittaigata nihen oyobi joge nanamebunkatsugata 3 hen seal

    Matsuura, K.; Terasaki, K.; Yamane, K. (Aoyama University, Tokyo (Japan). School of Science and Engineering)


    Behavior of secondary sealing areas has been measured with two displacement sensors and an underseal pressure sensor, using an overhanging eccentric shaft-type single-rotor research engine equipped with a packaged multichannel slip ring. For the experiment, two-piece nonsplit type and three-piece slanted horizontal split type apex seals were used. The two-piece seal was tilted to the leading and trailing sides of a seal slot during its movement along the rotor housing surface and vibrated on the top end of the leading side of the slot as a fulcrum after the shift from the trailing side to the leading side of the slot. On the other hand, for the three-piece seal, its top part was tilted in all operating conditions, but its bottom part maintained effective area contact with the side of the slot under light load conditions up to medium engine speeds. The working chamber pressure was induced in the underseal in the same manner as the case with the two-piece type. 6 refs., 12 figs., 1 tab.

  13. Report on achievements in fiscal 1999 on the project for research and development of an intellectual base creating and utilizing technology. Development of a screening test method with high accuracy for internal secretion disturbing substances; 1999 nendo chiteki kiban sosei riyo gijutsu kenkyu kaihatsu. Naibunpi kakuran busshitsu no koseido screening shiken hoho no kaihatsu oyobi data kiban seibi



    This paper describes the achievements in fiscal 1999 on developing a screening test method with high accuracy for internal secretion disturbing substances. Development was made in cooperation with the OECD on the screening method that uses as a parameter whether a chemical substance has a hormone-like activity. For the womb breeding assay method to evaluate a feminine hormone-like activity, a reproducibility and comparison test was performed on womb breeding in immature rats administered with ethinylestradiol, the administration routes, and animals used (young and weak rats, and rats whose ovaries have been extracted). In order to evaluate a masculine hormone-like activity, the basic data were collected to develop the Hershberger method, and participation was made in the OECD verification tests. Discussions were given on comparison on castrated and non-castrated rats when 17 {alpha}-methyltestosterone was administered, the administration period of time and reproducibility when immature rats were used. The Hershberger method reactivity was discussed on rats relative to estrogen. In a toxicity test using 28-day repetitive administration, bisphenol A gave impacts on the kidney, the stomach and intestine tubes. (NEDO)

  14. FY 1999 report on the results of the fundamental investigation for promotion of Joint Implementation. Preliminary evaluation of introduction of VICS systems in Klang Valley and Multimedia Super Corridor in Malaysia; 1999 nendo Malaysia koku Klang Valley oyobi multimedia super corridor ni okeru VICS system donyu no jizen hyoka chosa hokokusho



    Feasibility study is conducted for introduction of the VICSs (Vehicle Information and Communication Systems) in Malaysia's Klang Valley and Multimedia Super Corridor, to contribute to abatement of the greenhouse effect gases and saving energy. This study has produced the following results. The systems need a total fund of about 1.4 billion yen, including the design fees, when based on the FM multiplex broadcasting, and annual operation/maintenance cost of about 110,000 million yen. These systems are expected to save 4,850 toe/y of fuel and abate CO2 emissions by 11,200 t/y, with the benefit cost ratios of 20.2 toe/million yen and 46.6 tons of CO2/million yen, respectively, when they are in service for 10 years. Introduction of the VICS system in Malaysia is highly feasible both technically and economically, which, however, will need establishment of, e.g., the JICA-proposed integrated traffic information system and Malaysia Traffic Information Authority. (NEDO)

  15. Measurement of the thermal diffusivity of thin film on substrate by the photoacoustic method. 1st Report. ; Examination of the mehtod and measurement of metal thin foils. Hikarionkyoho ni yoru kibanjo usumaku no ondo dendoritsu sokutei no kenkyu. 1. ; Sokutei genri no kakunin oyobi kinzokuhaku no sokutei

    Akabori, M. (Keio University, Tokyo (Japan)); Miyagi, S. (Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd., Osaka (Japan)); Nagasaka, Y.; Nagashima, A. (Keio University, Tokyo (Japan). Faculty of Science and Technology)


    A new apparatus was designed and fabricated to measure temperature conductivity of metal foils on substrates in order to confirm the measuring principle of the photoacoustic method as a method to measure thermal properties of thin substrate films and to verify the reliability of the measuring apparatus. When a test piece placed in an enclosed container called a photoacoustic cell is irradiated with a cyclically intermittent light through a frontal glass window, the test piece absorbs the light and gets heated, whereas the temperature in the test piece rises cyclically. Heat is transmitted from the test piece surface onto the gas in its front through heat transfer action, and temperature rise occurs in the gas cyclically corresponding to the cycles of the intermittent light, which accompanies a pressure change that is detected as a sound. The sound thus created has a phase delay from the intermittent light. This phase delay is measured to derive the temperature conductivity in the test piece upon analyzing the data. The results of measuring metal foils made from SUS 304, titanium and platinum showed a reproducibility of within {plus minus} 7%, and agree approximately with measurements done by Bottani et al using the thermoelastic method. 16 refs., 8 figs., 2 tabs.

  16. Survey report for fiscal 1998 on research and development and its staff training. Towards cooperation among Japan, Australia and developing nations in Asia; Kenkyu kaihatsu to sono jinzai ikusei 1998 nendo chosa hokokusho. Nippon, Australia oyobi Asia no hatten tojokoku no kyodo wo mezashite



    This paper makes an analysis on the characteristics of R and D concerning Australia, one of the core nations in the cooperation, on the basis of the idea that 'establishment of new comparative superiority through cooperation' can be realized by joint work among Japan, Australia and Asian nations. In Australia, it was found that R and D was often promoted through a new idea obtained by recruiting heterogeneous persons and communicating mutually internally. It was also found that in Australia an affinity exists to such persons of different nature. Accordingly, Australia was presumably quite suitable for the place to bring up the persons of developing nations. On the basis of these analytical results, proposal was made to promote three programs; namely, preparation of a data base for R and D organizations and the staff, commencement of a partnership program, and opening of a needs searching conference. (NEDO)

  17. Leveling of battery load and extension of battery life by serial connection of electric double layer capacitors with batteries for electric vehicles. Experimental results on the small model; Denki jidoshayo denchi to denki nijuso capacitor no chokuretsu setsuzoku ni yoru denchi futan no heijunka oyobi denchijumyo no enshinka. (kogata model ni yoru jikken seika). Kogata model ni yoru jikken seika

    Takehara, J.; Okubo, N.; Miyaoka, K. [Chugoku Electric Power Co. Inc., Hiroshima (Japan)


    The load leveling method of batteries for electric vehicles was studied for extension of a battery life and mileage every charging. Under large load fluctuation conditions such as deceleration and acceleration, use of electric power sources other than battery for peek load at acceleration can improve a battery life, output power capacity and mileage every charging. Combination of effective recovery of regenerative power at deceleration with its discharge at acceleration is one of the effective methods. The electric double layer capacitors are serially connected with the batteries, regenerative power is charged only into the capacitors, and both voltages of the battery and capacitor are applied to a power circuit. Battery load is reduced by load on the capacitor. Until the capacitor is re-charged by regenerative power after full discharge, power is supplied only by battery through a diode. Capacitor power is used as effectively as possible until approaching considerably low voltage. As peak load of the battery is reduced by 30%, the mileage increases by 5.7%, and the battery cycle life becomes 1.5 times longer. 7 refs., 5 figs., 3 tabs.

  18. Fiscal 1997 report on the results of the international standardization R and D. Study of safety of laser and light emitting diodes (LED) for human body; 1997 nendo seika hokokusho kokusai hyojun soseigata kenkyu kaihatsu. Laser, oyobi hakko diode (LED) ni taisuru jintai eno anzensei no kenkyu



    LD and LED are used in a wide range from telecommunication systems to residential/commercial equipment. Optical semiconductor devices existing in the domain between LD and LED are also being commercialized. In the field of this project, there are a lot of contradictions about the international standards. For the purpose of promoting the common understanding of standards and improving the consistency, the paper examined mainly safety, principles of motion and various applications of laser and LED, and developed international standards for the output measuring method. At the same time, the paper systematically studied the biological safety, determined regulatory values which were backed up as safety standards, and proposed/worked out a draft for new international standardization for safety of LED. Further, by the definition of laser in general, standards related to a lot of TCs among ISO and IEC standards were harmonized for the common understanding on the basis of a common idea. 40 refs., 163 figs., 6 tabs.

  19. Survey for preparing the database for R and D of new engines. Waste power generation, solar heat system, geothermal power generation, clean energy vehicle, coal liquefaction/gasification, and combined systems; Shin energy gijutsu kaihatsu kankei data shu sakusei chosa. Haikibutsu hatsuden, taiyonetsu riyo, chinetsu hatsuden, clean energy jidosha, sekitan ekika gas ka oyobi odanteki tema



    The present developmental conditions and issues of new energies are systematically arranged for effective promotion of their diffusion. One hundred and forty six general waste power generation facilities of 558,000kW are in operation in 1995, and among them 89 facilities supplies 1,080 GWh to power companies. 50 industrial waste power facilities of 247,000kW are in operation. 20,000 solar systems and 180,000 hot water heaters are in operation in 1995. Commercial geothermal power generation facilities of 490,000kW and private ones of 36,000kW are in operation. Introduction of expensive clean energy vehicles is making very slow progress. The pilot study on bituminous coal liquefaction is in promotion mainly by NEDO. The experiment of entrained bed coal gasification in Nakoso was successfully completed, and development of a commercial plant is to be expected. Power rates of 10 power companies were reduced in 1996, and unit purchase prices of surplus power of photovoltaic and wind power generation were also revised. The new menu and unit purchase price were announced in 1996 for surplus power of waste power generation and fuel cell. 67 figs., 284 tabs.

  20. Environmental liability on the risk of hazardous meterials. (2). ; Problems and trends in the international companies, especially with regards to the techniques and law of insurances (from the lst international congress on safety science). Kikenbusshitsu risk ni taisuru kankyo sekinin. (2). ; Kokusai hikaku ni okeru mondaiten to keiko, oyobi koreyori shozuru hoken gijutsu to hokenhojo no mondaiten (daiikkai anzen kogaku kokusai kaigi kara shoyaku)

    Shimizu, H. (Yokohama National University, Yokohama (Japan). Faculty of Engineering)


    An environmental liability act was promulgated in the European Community where the regulation on air, water, soils and foods, and the liability provisions are increasingly tightened. This paper introduces the Conditions in Germany'' for the circumstances thereabout as seen from the insurance company point of view, using an extract from the presentations at the lst International Safety Engineerings Conference. In Germany, the consciousness to the problem of Altlasten'' (inadequate disposition areas) has been heightened since about 1983. This has made the problems of soil and ground water contamination handled in more advanced ways, whereas the criterion values are not fixed but incessantly revised downwards, causing a situation embarrassing for insurance companies in how to handle liabilities of unspecified number og parties on the pollutions accumulated over many years. The new environmental act is unified under one common concept from the water quality control act to the gene technologies act. For instance in the gene technologies act enforced in July 1990, all the related operations must follow the intentions of the law makers, and are subject to statutory regulations. Liabilities must be fulfilled on any damage that even operators and scientists were not able to be aware of.

  1. Development of fiber product recycling technology in fiscal 1998. Achievement report on 'technological development in relation with regeneration and utilization of wool fibers'; 1998 nendo sen'i seihin recycle gijutsu kaihatsu seika hokokusho. Wool sen'i no saisei oyobi riyo ni kansuru gijutsu kaihatsu



    With an objective to develop products of regenerated wool made by utilizing used clothes, and enhance the added value thereon, research and development has been made. In using the recovered suits as the regenerated resources, discussions were given on performing primary mechanical classification before carrying out rag opening and crushing. As a result, it was discovered that the classification is possible if such facilities as electrostatic devices and air-blowing separators are used. However, the secondary classification was difficult either by manual or mechanical means because the opened and crushed materials must be divided according to the original materials. In the research of the re-commercialization technology, discussions were given on developing the applications of felt products (non-woven fabrics) occupying the majority of consumption of wool materials recovered from suits, and of spun yarns utilized in cotton fabrics. As a result, it was discovered that the recovered wool materials can be made into products having features not available in conventional mops, if their feature of oil absorbing performance is made of the best use. Furthermore, researches were made on wool as a synthetic leather material that utilizes the protein constituent being the wool constituting substance. (NEDO)

  2. FY 1999 development of a technology to recycle fabric products. Development of recycle technology for wool products and use of reclaimed fiber; 1999 nendo sen'i seihin recycle gijutsu kaihatsu seika hokokusho. Wool sen'i no saisei oyobi riyo ni kansuru gijutsu kaihatsu



    Experimental equipment was fabricated and an experiment was carried out to evaluate the performance of recycle wool heat insulating materials. In the test on the performance of ordinal housing use heat insulating materials, used was JIS A 1420 'heat insulation measuring method for architectural use structural materials.' The heat insulating material of 910 x 1,820mm in size was used according to the size of the construction material. The experimental equipment was fabricated with the 'method of calibration heat box with a small heating area' described in JIS A 1420 Attachment B as reference, and the size is 300 x 300mm. In the experiment, the following results were obtained. Even in the case of using a specimen smaller in size than 900 x 900mm, it is possible to make the relative insulation evaluation. The recycle wool heat insulating materials have the heat insulation equivalent to or more than the glass wool heat insulating materials. Further, even if they are equal in weight, the thicker the material is, the higher the heat insulating performance becomes. The recycle wool heat insulating material has moisture absorption/release against the environmental humidity the same as wool does. Changes in environmental humidity have effects on the performance of heat insulating materials. How influential the environmental humidity is depends on characteristics of material. (NEDO)

  3. Effect of chromium and carbon contents in cast iron on bonded microstructure of copper brazed high chromium cast iron and mild steel. Braze ho ni yoru kokuromu chutetsu to ko hagane no setsugo soshiki ni oyobosu chutetsuchu kuromu oyobi tansoryo no eikyo

    Sasaguri, N.; Matsubara, Y. (Kurume College of Technology, Fukuoka (Japan)); Ogi, K. (Kyushu University, Fukuoka (Japan))


    For the purpose of enhancing toughness, workability and weldability of high chromium castiron, hypoeutectic, eutectic and hypereutectic high chromium cast irons containing 10 to 30mass% Cr and mild steel were bonded by the brazing method using pure copper filler. This paper describes the effect of chromium and carbon contents in cast iron on the microstructural variations and behaviors of alloying elements in the bonded zone. The length of rod-like crystal precipitated at the cast iron-copper interface and the width of bonded zone decreased with an increase in Cr/C value of cast iron. It was considered that this is because diffusion of iron from steel to cast iron becomes less due to the decrease of difference in chemical potential of iron between the cast iron and the steel sides. Furthermore, alloy phase was composed of Fe, Cr, Cu and C, and the iron concentration in the alloy phase decreased and the chromium concentration increased with increasing the Cr/C value. The copper concentration was almost constant independent of the Cr/C value. It was suggested that the growth of alloy phase occurs under the diffusion control. 9 refs., 10 figs., 1 tab.

  4. Performance of direct injection methanol engine using the fuel jet impingement and diffusion. ; Comparison between the spark plug and glow plug ignitions. Nenryo funryu no shototsu kakusan wo riyoshita chokufun methanol kikan no seino. ; Spark plug oyobi glow plug chakka hoshiki no hikaku

    Kato, S.; Onishi, S.


    The purpose of this paper is to compare the performance of direct fuel injection methanol engines with the spark plug and glow plug ignition systems. These methanol engines utilize the formation of fuel-air mixture by the fuel jet impingement and diffusion. Engine performance and cylinder pressure for the both ignition systems were analyzed. Piezoelectric pressure indicator was used for the cylinder pressure measurements, and combustion analyzer was used for their analyses. In order to estimate engine performance, effects of load and engine speed were analyzed. Consequently, almost the same brake thermal efficiencies (maximum value of 42%) were obtained for both ignition systems. For the glow plug ignition system, the combustion noise and NOx emission were lower than the spark plug engine. The NOx emission did not excess 500ppm with the glow plug ignition system. In the impingement and diffusion method, both the piston attached type impingement part and cylinder head fixed type one were applicable. 4 refs., 9 figs., 2 tabs.

  5. Flow and mixing of gas in cylinder of a stratified charge engine with two intake valves. Effects of late closing valve timing and intake port configurations; Kyuki nibenshiki sojo kyuki engine no cylinder nai gas ryudo to kongo. Osotoji valve timing oyobi port keijo ni yoru eikyo

    Charoenphonphanich, C.; Niwa, H.; Ennoji, H.; Iijima, T. [Tokai University, Tokyo (Japan)


    A numerical analysis of the flow and mixing of rich mixture and air inducted into the cylinder through each of the two intake ports of a stratified charge engine have been carried out. Numerical calculations were performed by finite volume method for three types of the intake port configurations: inverse V type, parallel type and V type and two types of valve timing; conventional and late closing (Miller cycle). Velocity field, turbulent kinetic energy and distribution of mixture concentration in the cylinder were examined. 3 refs., 10 figs.

  6. Fiscal 1997 feasibility survey of an environment friendly type coal utilization system. Feasibility survey of the environment friendly type coal utilization system in Malaysia and Vietnam (case of Vietnam); 1997 nendo chosa hokokusho. Kankyo chowagata sekitan riyo system kanosei chosa (Malaysia oyobi Vietnam ni okeru kankyo chowagata sekitan riyo system kanosei chosa (Vietnam ban))



    The paper grasped the state of coal utilization by coal consumption field, the state of coal physical flow in Vietnam, etc., surveyed/studied a possibility of introducing the environment friendly type coal utilization system, and assessed the possibility. As to energy resources, the north is abundant in hydroelectric and coal (mainly anthracite) resources, and the south in oil and natural gas resources. Coal production in fiscal 1997 is planned to be 10 million tons. Coal preparation technique presently available is only grain size sieving. Accordingly, it is necessary to study for heightening efficiency of facilities and modernizing facilities in accordance with the introduction of the environment friendly type coal utilization technology. During the study, it is possible to propose improvement on coal processing technology (coal preparation technology). Assessment and study are made especially of the coal selection system, fine coal recovery system and waste water treatment system. For the plan on new coal-fired power plants (300MWtimes4), there is left much necessity of proposing studying models considered of the anthracite combustion technology and environmental improvement and of assessing/studying them. 60 figs., 117 tabs.

  7. Effect of processed oils and fats on cholesterol metabolism. III. ; Comparison of the effects of palm oil, hardened soybean oil and cacao butter. Kako yushi no cholesterol taisha ni oyobosu eikyo. (3). ; Palm yu to koka daizuyu oyobi cacao abura tono eikyo no hikaku

    Murakami, C.; Chimi, K.; Kanematsu, H.; Niiya, I. (Japan Institute of Oils and Fats, Other Foods Inspection, Foundation, Tokyo (Japan)); Shimura, M. (Japan Margaruibe, Shortening and Lard Industries Association, Tokyo (Japan)); Mizutani, H. (Ueda Oils and Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Kobe (Japan)); Hirai, C. (Nihon University, Tokyo (Japan). College of Industrial Technology)


    Effects on cholesterol contained in serum lipids, levers and feces of rats and the metabolism were compared between palm oil, hardened soybean oil and cacao butter. In addition, the relations to the physical and chemical properties of these oils were also studied. In the case of cacao butter, saturated triglyceride of high fusing point was not contained at all and the main component is 2-oleo-1,3-disaturated glycerides. This component was the main cause for cacao butter to show the unique behavior. Concerning the cholesterol concentrations in lever, the hardened soybean oil group tended to be lower than other 3 groups and this tendency agreed approximately with that in serum. Cholesterol in the feces was also analyzed. Cholesteol content in the case of cacao butter was higher than those for the hardened soybean oil group and palm oil group, and much higher than that of the soybean oil group. But the lathosterol content did not show any significant difference compared with that of palm oil group, and the coprostanol content showed the lower value, which had the significant difference. 14 refs., 1 figs., 7 tabs.

  8. Effects of light intensity on the growth of gametophytes and on the growth of juvenile sporophytes of eisenia bicyclis and ecklonia cava (Laminariales, Phaeophyta). Sekitanbai riyo jinko mosho no kaihatsu. Arame*kajime no haigutai oyobi yohoshitai no seicho ni taisuru koryo no eikyo

    Goto, Hiroshi; Ito, Yasuo.


    In order to utilize the coal ashes from a coal fired power plant, the study of marine macrophyte beds creation using concrete blocks which were mixed with the coal ashes, was carried out. The reaction between the light intensity which is closely related to the depth of water and the growth of laminariacese macrophyte was clarified. Furthermore, the basic data for the marine macrophyte beds creation were studied. Gametophytes and juvenile sporophytes of Eisenia bicyclis and Ecklonia cava were cultured for 20 days under the conditions as follows: water temperature 20 {plus minus} 0.5{degree}C; light intensity 0, 25, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1300 {mu}E/m{sup 2}/s (abbreviated to e{mu}E); photoperiod 12/12h. The gametophytes of the two species showed maximum growth at 100 {mu}E and growth rate reduced at more than 200 {mu}E. On the other hand, the sporophytes of the two species showed maximum growth at 400 {mu}E, indicating a greater light demand than that gametophytes. 12 refs., 15 figs., 5 tabs.

  9. Ab Initio MO study on the nucleophilic oxirane ring opening of exo and endo Aflatoxin B{sub 1} 8,9-Oxide; Ekiso oyobi endo Aflatoxin B{sub 1} 8,9-Oxide no kyukaku kaikan hanno ni taisuru Ab Initio ho ni yoru kaiseki

    Okajima, Toshiya; Hashikawa, Akane [Saga University, Saga (Japan). Department of Chemistry


    The difference of the reactivity for S{sub N}2 type oxirane ring opening of exo and endo Aflatoxin B{sub 1} (AFB{sub 1}) 8,9-oxide (exo-1 and endo-1, respectively) was analyzed with ab initio molecular orbital theory. All stationary points including transition-state structures were optimized with no geometry constraint at the RHF/3-21G basis set, and energies were evaluate at Becke3LYP/3-21G level based on the RHF/3-21G geometries. The calculation clarified the following three points: (1) the activation energy ({delta}E{sup {ne}}) for endo attacking of NH{sub 3} molecule (the reaction with exo derivatives containing exo-1) is considerably smaller than those for exo attacking (the reaction with endo ones containing endo-1), (2) the reactivity for nucleophilic oxirane ring opening is controlled by the distortion of LUMO{sub C-O} of oxirane ring, which is probably caused by exo/endo relationship between oxirane ring and five-membered dihydrofurano ring (B) with respect to A ring, and (3) the remaining part (inclusing coumarin skeleton) of AFB{sub 1} oxid has little influence on the geometry around the reaction center and the activation energy. (author)

  10. Effective cleaning of oil-protected bearing steel examined by XPS analysis. Part 2. Low pollution cleaning (Cleaning by synthetic detergent and weak-alkaline detergent); Jikuukeko ni fuchakushita boseiyu no senjo ni kansuru kenkyu. 2. Teikogai senjoho (Chusei senzai oyobi jaku alkaline senzai ni yoru senjo)

    Nishimura, M. [National Aerospace Laboratory, Tokyo (Japan); Minami, M. [NTT Corp., Tokyo (Japan); Matsui, A. [Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    An effective cleaning procedure for ball bearings was investigated which has a low possibility for environmental pollution. Specimens of bearing steel protected by an anti-rust oil containing barium sulfonate and zinc sulfonate were tested. For detergents, combination of ethanol and a commercially-available synthetic detergent was used, which was considered lower pollutive among organic detergents. Instead of synthetic detergents, a weak alkaline detergent containing a potassium fatty acid (27 % solution), much lower pollutive, was used also for the tests. An X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) analysis was performed to evaluate their effectiveness. Results showed that a synthetic detergent ultrasonic cleaning followed by an ethanol completely cleaned a mirror-finished surface, whereas not a turned one (R{sub max}: 20 micron m). It was additionally determined that the potassium fatty acid solution exhibited superior cleaning capability when compared to organic solvents including trichloroethylene, although being inferior to the alkaline detergents. 5 refs., 7 figs., 3 tabs.

  11. Report on the survey in fiscal 1998. Evaluation by the industry on the result of COP3 and the future activities (Germany); 1998 nendo chosa hokokusho. COP3 no kekka ni taisuru sangyokai no hyoka oyobi kongo no taio ni tsuite (Doitsu)



    A survey was carried out on activities taken in Germany. The industry has a strong opinion to take voluntary regulations rather than those by laws. The nation's activities are being moved forward centrally with the suppression policies that follow the declaration on the voluntary regulation by the German industry to prevent global warming, which had been submitted by the German Industry Federation to the federal government in 1996. The participation to the declaration, which is optional, covers 71% of the energy consumption by manufacturing industries and 99% of the public electric power consumption, but large-scale industrial departments such as machine and electric power sectors who have not participated can also been found. The plan calls for reduction of inherent CO2 and energy per added value production amount in the entire industry by as much as 20% of the result in 1990 by 2005. According to the third party monitoring system employed by the federal government, the industry submits results of periodical analyses to the government. According to the result, the industries participated in the voluntary regulation have achieved annual exhaust suppression of 42 million tons during the period of 1990 to 1996. The public electric power industrial department whose CO2 emission accounts for a little less than 30% of the nation's total emission amount has a great effect. The industry is making efforts to improve the power generation efficiency aiming at reduction of CO2 emission of 12% of the 1990 result by 2015. (NEDO)

  12. FY 1998 survey report on the potential study of cooperation related to the activity implementation joint in 6 countries of Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia); 1998 nendo Indoshina 6 kakkoku (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Tai oyobi Malaysia) ni okeru energy kankyo kanren kyodo kenkyu jisshi kanosei chosa hokokusho



    A potential study in FY 1998 was made of the energy/environment related activity implementation joint (COP3 related AIJ) in 6 Southeast Asian countries. Vietnam is a country which is the lowest in greenhouse effect gas (GHG) emission in the world, but they want the international assistance for their continued development and contribution to the global environment. Laos has to continue their economic development for extermination of poverty and improvement of life level. Accordingly, AIJ has to be the one that supports those and is helpful for both industrial development and environmental improvement. The same in Cambodia as in Laos, AIJ has to be the one that is helpful for both industrial development and promotion of environmental improvement. In Myanmar, GHG emits (CO2 conversion) 94.5% in the agricultural sector where methane is emitted from livestock and rice growing. There, the forest protection plays a big role. In Thailand, the use of land and forest protection are subjects mainly with the heightening of energy efficiency and fuel substitution. Malaysia, of course, promotes the economic development, has the leading GHG policy (traffic management in urban area, etc.), and wants the international technology transfer. (NEDO)

  13. Record of controlling hydroponic solution temperature by using heat pumps in water culture facilities (for onions and tomatoes) and the cost thereof; Suiko saibai shisetsu (negi, tomato) no heat pump ni yoru yoeki ondo seigyo no jisseki oyobi sono cost ni tsuite

    Yonezawa, K. [Chugoku Electric Power Co. Inc., Hiroshima (Japan)


    This paper summarizes operation record of heat pumps used in controlling temperatures of hydroponic solution in onion and tomato hydroponic culture facilities. The facilities are of greenhouse structure constructed by glass, and their environmental temperatures are controlled by heaters, heat insulating curtains, and light shielding curtains. The hydroponic solution temperatures are controlled by heat pumps, with target temperatures set to 22-24{degree}C in summer and 13-18{degree}C in winter for onion, and 22-23{degree}C in summer and 18-20{degree}C in winter for tomato. The hydroponic solution temperatures for onion and tomato were maintained at the targeted temperatures even if the outside temperature has varied from maximum to minimum. The hydroponic solution controlling cost as calculated from the heat pump facility cost and annual onion harvest amounted to 51 yen/kg, which corresponds to about 6% of the shipment price of the onion. In the case of tomato, the hydroponic solution temperature having fallen below 15{degree}C causes delay in growth and Mg depletion. Temperatures higher than that develop reduction in physiological function of roots, and the root rot disease. Controlling the hydroponic solution should have resulted in stabilized harvest. The solution controlling cost for tomato is 15 yen/kg, which is about 5% of the shipment price. 3 refs., 15 figs.

  14. Activity of indium in molten In-Pb-Ag and In-Bi-Sb alloys measured by EMF method using zironia electrolyte; Jirukonia kotai denkaishitsu denchiho ni yoru yoyu In-Pb-Ag kei oyobi In-Bi-Sb kei gokin no injiumu no karyo sokutei

    Kameda, K.; Yamaguchi, K.; Kon, T. [Iwate Univ., Iwate (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    In, Ag, Bi, Sb and so forth are slight amount of coexisted elements in non iron metal such as Cu, Pb, Zn and so forth. It has been used as a structure element of electronic material or functional material of superconductors, surface terminal element, transparent electrode and so forth. Further, in future, development regarding its use in optical communication, photovoltaic power generation and so forth is expected. Ag, Bi when combined with In, forming low melting point alloy, can be used as a contact material or dental alloy. Demand of Sb as a flame auxiliary retarder has been increased. In this report, as for molten In-Pb-Ag, In-Pb-Ag type alloys which are not reported so far, cell using zirconia solid electrolyte was prepared and electromotive force was measured. From the obtained value of electromotive force, activity of indium in the whole composition region of In-Pb-Ag type at 1100K and 1200K, and In-Bi-Sb alloy at 1000K and 1100K was measured directly, and isoactivity curve of three elemental alloy was determined. 7 refs., 6 figs., 2 tabs.

  15. FY 1995 basic research to develop instruments for diagnosis of atherosclerosis on the basis of autofluorescence analysis of blood and vascular walls; 1995 nendo ketsueki oyobi kekkanheki no jiko keiko bunseki ni yoru domyaku koka shindan kiki kaiahtsu no tame no kisoteki kenkyu



    To obtain the basic data to develop instruments for diagnosis of atherosclerosis and to elucidate the mechanisms of atherogenesis by focusing on the autofluorescence of blood and vascular walls of atherosclerotic animal models and human patients. We have performed experiments to examine the relationships between autofluorescence of blood and vascular walls of guinea pig atherosclerotic model and human patients and obtained the following results. 1. The autofluorescence from human atherosclerotic aorta included the components with longer wave length than normal aorta, suggesting that diagnosis of atherosclerotic aortic walls will be possible using spectroscopic analysis through glass fiber catheter into vascular system. Further studies should be needed to the quantitative diagnosis. 2. The autofluorescence from blood plasma of human atherosclerotic patients has showed that the peak wave length was shorter than that of normal plasma. This phenomenon was mainly caused by the oxidization of plasma, especially lipoproteins, LDL and HDL. 3. Atherosclerotic model of the guinea pigs was quite similar to human atherosclerosis at the points of cholesterol levels and localization of lipid deposit to arterial walls, and showed to be useful for the studies of atherosclerosis. (NEDO)

  16. Study on the two-dimensional jet impinging on a circular cylinder. 1st report. ; Measurements of flow-field and heat transfer around a circular cylinder mounted near two flat plates. Enchu eno nijigen shototsu funryu ni kansuru kenkyu. 1. ; Enchu ni kinsetsushite secchishita heiban no nagareba oyobi enchu netsudentatsu eno eikyo

    Haneda, Y.; Kurasawa, H. (Nagano National College of Technology, Nagano (Japan)); Tsuchiya, Y. (Shinshu Univ., Nagano (Japan). Faculty of Engineering); Suzuki, K. (Kyoto Univ., Kyoto (Japan). Faculty of Engineering)


    The flow field and heat transfer around a circular cylinder is investigated experimentally when two dimensional jet is impinged on a circular cylinder mounted near two flat plates which are set at a fixed inclination against the axis of jet. Flow field varies markedly depending on whether the minimum channel width is the minimum space B between the flat plates or the space C between the cylinder and the plates. The local Nusselt number of the cylinder strongly depends on the value of space C between the cylinder and the plates. The minimum and maximum locations correspond to the locations of separation and reattachment, respectively, of the flow around the cylinder. When the ratio between the nozzle-to-cylinder distance L and the short side h of the nozzle is 3 (L/h=3), the mean Nusselt number around the cylinder becomes the maximum when C/D is 0.1 where D is the diameter of the cylinder, and increases by about 9 to 12% as compared with the case where no plate is provided. For L/h=7 and L/h=10, the mean Nusselt number does not increase distinctly as compared with the case where no flat plate is provided. 16 refs., 15 figs.

  17. Research report of FY 1997 on the environmentally acceptable coal utilization system feasibility survey. Environmentally acceptable coal utilization system feasibility survey in Malaysia and Vietnam (Malaysia); 1997 nendo chosa hokokusho. Kankyo chowagata sekitan riyo system kanosei chosa (Malaysia oyobi Vietnam ni okeru kankyo chowagata sekitan riyo system kanosei chosa (Malaysia ban))



    In this survey, the coal utilization status in individual consumption sectors and coal distribution status in Malaysia are summarized as basic data for the introduction of environmentally acceptable coal utilization systems. In this fiscal year, the status of existing coal utilization technology and environmental issues in Malaysia are summarized as basic data for the introduction of above-mentioned systems on the basis of data and information collected by basic research and site survey in FY 1996. Malaysia is one of the rich countries producing the primary resources with crude petroleum, natural gas, hydro-power, and coal. The coal demand will be realized after saturating LNG development since 2000. The major coal consumption industries are power generation sector and cement industry sector. As expected increase in the future coal consumption, efficiency of coal utilization and environmental issues are problems in the future. Based on the FS results of this survey, the survey will be continued for planning and conducting the model project required from Malaysia. 8 figs., 34 tabs.

  18. Analysis and evaluation for practical application of photovoltaic power generation system. Analysis and evaluation for thin substrate polycrystalline solar cells (compound semiconductors and their fabrication technologies); Taiyoko hatsuden system jitsuyoka no tame no kaiseki hyoka. Usumaku taiyo denchi jitsuyoka no tame no kaiseki hyoka (kagobutsu taiyo denchi zairyo oyobi seisaku gijutsu no kaiseki hyoka)

    Oyagi, H.; Okada, Y.; Yamaguchi, H.; Shiota, T.; Kuroda, S.; Igarashi, O.; Tanino, H.; Makita, Y.; Yamada, A.; Kimura, S.; Ohara, A.; Niki, S.; Shibata, H.; Fons, P. [Electrotechnical Laboratory, Tsukuba (Japan)


    Described herein are the results of the FY1994 research program for analysis and evaluation for thin-film compound semiconductor solar cells. The study on epitaxial growth and optical properties of the thin films of CuInSe2 and CuGaSe2 evaluates the thin epitaxial films grown under various conditions, showing morphology of the defects at the interface of heteroepitaxial growth. These results are used to set the growth conditions under which a thin film of high luminescence by exciter recombination is produced. The study also gives information of luminescence transition in the vicinity of the band ends and of energy level between the bands. The study on structural analysis of the epitaxially grown thin films of CuInSe2 investigates dependence of lattice constants of the MBE-grown CIS layer on film thickness by the X-ray diffractometry based on the bond method. The study on epitaxial growth by the Se(CH3)2-halogen transfer method tests epitaxial growth of the single-crystalline Mo on a substrate of single-crystalline sapphire. 5 figs.

  19. Report on the results of the fiscal 1998 survey of arrangement/promotion of the overseas coal import base. Model survey for high level coal utilization promotion models (survey of the present and future situation of coal energy after COP3); 1998 nendo kaigaitan yunyu kiban seibi sokushin chosa (sekitan kodo riyo sokushin model chosa). COP3 iko no sekitan energy no genjo oyobi shorai chosa hokokusho



    For the purpose of contributing to the future coal industrial policy of Japan, an investigational study was conducted on the nature of coal as resource, the production/utilization status, policies of other countries, etc. The coal demand during the period of 1991 through 1995 rapidly increased in Asia, slightly rose in North America, decreased in East and West Europe, and largely declined in the former U.S.S.R. The energy demand showed a large growth rate with the economic growth in developing Asian countries in and after the 1980s as a background. The power demand which supports the economic growth will continue to improve. It connects with the coal demand in Asia, and the coal demand seems to rapidly increase. Further, the global warming issue became a great matter of concern in the 1990s. Coal, which emits more CO2 per unit calorific value than oil and natural gas, is not a powerful candidate for petroleum substituting energy as used to be regarded, but became a bad thing. Moreover, recently the economic stagnation in Asia which was triggered by the currency crisis has long been continuing, and it started to appear that the coal consumption will possibly fall very short of the prediction. The future is unclear. 20 refs., 25 figs., 39 tabs.

  20. Bioremediation by wood-rotting fungi. 2. Relationship between enzyme activities of fungi having ability for degradation of dioxins and degradation of 2,7-dichlorodibenzo-p-dioxin and an improved screening method of fungi having ability for degradation of dioxins; Mokuzai fukyukin ni yoru bioremediation. 2. Dioxin bunkaikin no koso kassei to 2,7-dichlorodibenzo-p-dioxin no bunkai tono kanren oyobi dioxin bunkaikin no screening ho no kairyo

    Ito, K.; Okawa, H.; Tachibana, S. [Ehime University, Ehime (Japan). Faculty of Engineering; Hirabayashi, T. [Osaka City Office, Osaka (Japan). Water Bureau


    Discussed is the relationship between the rate of 2,7-Dichlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (2,7-DCDD) decomposition by dioxin-decomposing fungi and the activity of Lignin peroxidase (Lip), Manganese peroxidase (MnP), and Laccase (Lac). In the experiment, three kinds of fungi found in nature and two kinds of wood-rotting fungi are evaluated. As the result, it is found that fungi higher in Lip activity and capable of sustaining the active state longer are also higher in 2.7-DCDD decomposition rate; that there exists a correlationship between the 2,7-DCDD decomposition rate and the accumulated Lip activity; and that there exists no correlationship between the 2,7-DCDD decomposition rate and the accumulated MnP activity or accumulated Lac activity. The above-obtained results enable an inference that, when highly decolorizing fungi are selected in the first screening by use of pigment Remazol brilliant blue R and then highly dioxin-decomposing ones are selected in the second screening by use of the accumulated Lip activity, fungi that are capable of effectively decomposing dioxins will be isolated. Eventually, three kinds of fungi are obtained. 20 refs., 12 figs.

  1. FY 1998 annual report on the development of laser-aided, noncontacting, realtime, in-process dressing method using a grinding stone with ultrafine abrasive grains, and study on techniques for applying the method to grinding stone of superthin blades; 1998 nendo laser wo mochiita choteiryu toishi no hisesshoku real time inprocess dressing ho no kaihatsu oyobi gokuusuha toishi eno tekiyo gijutsu ni kansuru kenkyu chosa hokokusho



    A new noncontacting dressing method using a laser as a tool has been studied and developed, in order to develop environment-compatible, energy-saving type machining machines. In this study, a cup-shaped grinding stone is developed for grinding performance testing by micron-order diamond abrasive powder, used for producing a grinding stone of superthin blades, is mixed with a cast iron binder, molded and sintered. In the grinding performance test, zirconia as a work is ground at a constant pressure to the grinding stone working surface before and after the laser-aided dressing, to analyze grinding/removal efficiency and grinding resistance. The grinding stone working surface conditions are observed by a scanning electron microscope after the laser-aided dressing, to correlate the surface conditions with the grinding data. It is found that the laser-aided dressing method needs no lubricant, is clean, cutting grinding time when incorporated in the machining process, suitable for grinding stone of low stiffness and ultrathin blades by use of ultrafine abrasive grains, suffering no exfoliation of the diamond grains, and hence economical. (NEDO)

  2. Achievement report for fiscal 1999 on project for supporting the formation of energy/environmental technology verification project. International joint verification research project (Verification project relative to ignition and NOx reduction using plasma sub-burner in pulverized coal-fired furnace); 1999 nendo plasma sabubana ni yoru bifuntan nenshoro ni okeru chakka oyobi NO{sub x} teigen gijutsu ni kansuru jissho project seika hokokusho



    This project is executed through the cooperation of a Russian research institute, Akita Prefectural University, and the Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. In the development of a plasma sub-burner and the basic research for its verification, a pulverized coal burning plasma sub-burner is designed and fabricated, a basic burning experiment is conducted for the plasma sub-burner, and plasma stabilization in a pulverized coal flow is simulated. In the verification study of the ignition by the plasma sub-burner in a pulverized coal-fired furnace, it is found that the newly-developed plasma sub-burner satisfies the prescribed operating conditions in the system and that the ignition of pulverized coal takes place across the air ratio range of 0.5-1.5 when pulverized coal is fed to the sub-burner. It is also found that NOx is reduced a great deal when a plasma operating on an orifice gas of air or nitrogen is generated in a gas which contains NOx. (NEDO)

  3. Public subscription project for international joint research proposals in fiscal 2000 - public subscription of international proposal (Substitution No.2). Report on achievements in developing technologies to produce oil-alternative energies from fibrous material based biomass and industrial wastes; 2000 nendo kokusai kyodo kenkyu teian kobo jigyo - kokusai teian kobo (daitai No.2). Sen'ishitsukei biomass oyobi sangyo haikibutsu kara no sekiyu daitai energy seisan gijutsu no kaihatsu seika hokokusho



    Development has been advanced on technologies to manufacture methanol efficiently by combining a technology to convert selectively fibrous material based biomass into sugar under high concentration sulfuric acid condition with the immobilized enzyme flash fermentation process, both being developed in the United States. Activities have been taken in the following three fields: 1) establishment of an optimal biomass treatment condition by using concentrated sulfuric acid, 2) chromatographic separation of sugar and sulfuric acid, and 3) discussions on conditions to apply the immobilized enzyme flash fermentation process. In Item 1), discussions were given, using rice straw and waste woods as the object, on effects of biomass particle size, sulfuric acid to biomass feeding ratio, sulfuric acid concentration, reaction temperature and time on the cellulose to hemicellulose reaction ratio and the sugar conversion factor, whereas it was revealed that the governing factors are the biomass/sulfuric acid contact area and the reaction temperature. In Item 2), a chromatographic device filled with anion ion exchange resin was used to set the sugar recovery rate of 100% and the sulfuric acid recovery rate of 93%. (NEDO)

  4. Influence of bonding temperature on interfacial phases in diffusion-bonded joints of 6063, 5005, and 7NO1 alloys. Report 3. Diffusion-bonding mechanism of aluminum alloys by transmission electron microscopy; 6063, 5005 oyobi 7NO1 gokin no setsugo kaimen no keiseiso ni oyobosu setsugo ondo no eikyo. 3. Toka denshi kenbikyo kansatsu ni yoru Al gokin no kakusan setsugo kiko no kento

    Kotani, K. [Industrial Research Inst. of Aichi Prefecture, Aichi (Japan); Ikeuchi, K.; Matsuda, F. [Osaka Univ., Osaka (Japan). Welding Research Inst.


    The authors of the paper have observed oxide films and oxide grains formed at joint interfaces of practical alloys with a transmission electron microscopy up to now. In this paper, among the practical alloys reported in the former report, 3 kinds of alloys with different Mg contents, Al-Mg-Si 6063 alloy, Al-Mg 5005 alloy and Al-Zn-Mg 7N01 alloy are selected, the joint interfaces of the alloys at different bonding temperatures are observed with TEM and the formed phases in the joint interfaces are identified by electron ray diffraction. Then, by comparing the TEM observation results with the bonding strength as well as the tensile fracture, the influences of the formed phase on the bondability are investigated. As the results of the study, the followings are clarified. The oxides formed at the joint interfaces alter from uncrystallized oxide films to crystallized grains with the increasing of the bonding temperature. The uncrystallized oxide films disappear at lower bonding temperature as the Mg content is higher. 7 refs., 16 figs., 2 tabs.

  5. Report on achievements in fiscal 1999 on the project for research and development of an intellectual base creating and utilizing technology. Research and development of standard substances related to internal secretion disturbing chemical substances (researches on preservation stability and the valuing methods related to pure substance standard substances, mixed standard substances and composition type standard substances); 1999 nendo chiteki kiban sosei riyo gijutsu kenkyu kaihatsu seika hokokusho. Naibunpi kakuran kagaku busshitsu kanren hyojun busshitsu no kenkyu kaihatsu (junbusshitsu hyojun, kongo hyojun oyobi soseigata hyojun busshitsu ni kakawaru hozon anteisei, nezuke hoho nado ni tsuite no kenkyu)



    This paper describes the achievements in fiscal 1999 on researching and developing standard substances related to internal secretion disturbing chemical substances. Environmental contamination due to environmental hormones has a large number of scientifically unclear points. These points are related to the basic conditions for the existence of living organisms, whereas serious impacts transcending the generations are feared. In addition, the environmental hormones have been observed in water quality, water bottom quality, and living environments for aquatic animals. Standardization in technologies to measure them, and arrangement of standard substances are demanded strongly. Based on these circumstances, evaluations were given on the following matters: determination of purity of the reference substances with regard to the standard solutions of di-2-ethyl hexyl phthalate, di-n-butyl phthalate, and diethyl phthalate among the standard substances required for the measurement, establishment of methods for measuring impurities and preparing the standard solutions, establishment of the methods to measure concentrations of the standard solutions, and the preservation stability of the standard solutions. As a result, standard solutions with accurate concentrations and excellent stability were developed. In addition, development was performed on the composition type standard substance for which a certified value was given to PCB in soil. (NEDO)

  6. Research and development of a color-related global database of sensory values concerning color cognition, color emotions, etc. and the multimedia system to feedback it into products and living environment. FY 1995 data book 6 Analysis results of experiments; 1995 nendo shikisai ninchi ya shikisai kanjo nado, shikisai ni taisuru kannochi no kokusaiteki database no kochiku to, sore wo seihin oyobi seikatsu kankyo no shikisai sekkei ni han'eisaseru multimedia system no kenkyu kaihatsu. Shiryoshu dai 6 kan shikisai hyoka jikken no bunseki kekka



    This data is the results of the analysis on the color evaluation experiment. In the analysis of an experiment on 'single color image evaluation,' described were the average evaluation value by sex, profile of each color, position of each color in image space, etc. In the 2-color coloring evaluation, the experiment on 2-color coloring matching degree evaluation, analysis of factors determining the matching degree, comparison between the results of the coloring matching feeling experiment and the results of the survey of the world's youth, results of the analysis of difference in country, etc. In the analysis of the color simulation experiment, the experiment on 3-color coloring matching degree evaluation, relations between the area ratio and the matching degree of coloring stimulation, etc. In the experiment on evaluation of the matching degree of interior/exterior/fashion stimulation, 28 types of combination of colors of lipstick/suit/blouse, combination of suit/sweater/wall face of architecture, combination of sofa/floor/carpet, combination of wall/bed, evaluation of the matching degree of street colors (street stimulation), etc. (NEDO)

  7. Research and development of a color-related global database of sensory values concerning color cognition, color emotions, etc. and the multimedia system to feedback it into products and living environment. FY 1995 data book 4 'Color statistics' tables; 1995 nendo shikisai ninchi ya shikisai kanjo nado, shikisai ni taisuru kannochi no kokusaiteki database no kochiku to, sore wo seihin oyobi seikatsu kankyo no shikisai sekkei ni han'eisaseru multimedia system no kenkyu kaihatsu. Shiryoshu dai 4 kan 'shikisai tokei' shukeishu



    Surveys made on 'color statistics' in countries/regions of the world were collected and arranged. In the survey of 'exterior,' investigators were sent to 35 cities and took pictures there. Looking at the pictures, they recorded in the table the names of the colors selected from color samples. In the survey of 'interior' and 'fashion,' the pictures of the magazines bought in Japan were sorted in each city, and the color in each item of the table was selected from the 1995 sample book of coating use standard colors of Japan Paint Manufacturers Association. In the survey of streets in major cities of the world/exterior, colors of the following were described: road surface, roof, outer wall, window frame, door, verandah, bench, public telephone, trash can, bus, train, car, fence, chimney, etc. In the survey of interior, colors of the following: gate, passage, living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, nursery, study, etc. In the survey of fashion, colors of the casual, sporty, formal and business clothes of teens-thirties, etc. (NEDO)

  8. Abuse of Modernity: The Korean Medical Journal and Colonial Identity

    Mark Caprio


    Full Text Available Medical researcher Kubo Takeshi’s contributions to professional publications, such as Chōsen igakkai zasshi (The Korean medical journal, and more popular magazines, such as Chōsen oyobi Manshū (Korea and Manchuria, reflected many of the prejudicial attitudes that Japanese held toward Koreans during the first decade of colonial rule. His scholarship was based on biological determinist thinking, an approach developed by eighteenth-century European medical researchers to establish race, class, and gender hierarchies. For Kubo this approach provided a means for exploiting scientific inquiry to establish and manage Japanese superiority over Korean subjects in a more stable manner than one based on more malleable cultural differences. A people could adjust its customs or mannerisms to amalgamate with a suzerain culture but could not do so with hereditarily determined features, such as blood type or cranium size, shape, or weight. Practitioners, however, often linked the physical with the cultural by arguing that a people’s physical structure was a product of its cultural heritage. The subjectivity injected into this seemingly objective research methodology abused the lay community’s blind trust in modern science in two ways. First, it employed this inquiry to verify biased observations, rather than to uncover new truths; second, it altered the approach, rather than the conclusions, when this inquiry demonstrated the desired truths to be inaccurate. Biological determinism proved useful in substantiating a Japanese-Korean colonial relationship that acknowledged historically similar origins while arguing for the historically different evolutions of the two peoples.

  9. Effects of suspension of air-conditioning on airtight-type racks.

    Kanzaki, M; Fujieda, M; Furukawa, T


    Although isolation racks are superior to open-type racks in terms of securing breeding conditions for laboratory animals, the contingency-proofing capability of the former has yet to be determined. Therefore, from the view of risk management, we studied the environmental change in isolation racks by forcibly suspending ventilation and air-conditioning and confirming the maximal time length for complete recovery to the original condition after restarting their operations. The isolation racks were placed in a room that was equipped with an independent air-conditioning system. When the inside condition of the racks reached 22-24 degrees C and 59-64% of relative humidity, the air-conditioning and ventilation were forcibly suspended and the subsequent temperature, relative humidity, ammonium and CO2 concentrations in the racks were measured over time. We found that after suspending the air-conditioning and ventilation, it took 40-60 min for temperature, and about 10 min for relative humidity to exceed the maximum values (temperature and relative humidity) referred to in the Showa 58 Nenban Guideline Jikken Doubutsu Shisetsu no Kenchiku oyobi Setsubi (Guidelines of buildings and facilities for experimental animals in Japan; Year 1983 edition). After 17 hr 25 min of the suspension of air-conditioning and ventilation, two rats were found dead. Then, the air-conditioning and ventilation were restarted. It took about 2 hr for temperature, and 50 min for relative humidity to regain the guideline values. The ammonium concentration stayed within the guideline value with a maximum concentration of 2 ppm in the experimental period, whereas the CO2 concentration was found to exceed 9% at the time of animal death.