Sample records for yun nan province

  1. Analysis of Characteristics of Ore about Iron Deposit of Da Hong Mountain in Yun Nan Province

    Zhang Yuefeng


    Full Text Available This thesis aims to analyse the deposit characteristics about Da Hong Mountains Iron ore in Yunnan province. The texture and structure, especially the chemical composition, is different in every section of deposit after comparing. Moreover, the content of SiO2 is much higher than general iron ore. However, the content of other noble metals cannot reach the lowest industrial grade. Da Hong Mountains Iron ore has unique features because of metallogenic periods.

  2. 民族节庆产业的三重结构探析--以云南省马关县苗族“踩花山”为例%Analysis of the Triplex Structure of Ethnic Festival Industry---A Case Study of the Caihuashan Festival of Miao People in MaGuan County of YunNan Province

    郑宇; 杜星梅


    本文以云南省马关县苗族“踩花山”为例,在分析该节庆分布与产业格局、细分消费者市场的基础上,提出应当构建一种区域产业中心—过渡次中心—传统传承中心的,经济、社会与文化要素交相互补、有机连接的三重区域节庆产业结构,以解决目前我国民族节庆的开发普遍存在的模式化、同质化、功利化等不良趋向,及其衍生的资源运用不充分、功能分区不明确、内部无序竞争等结构性难题。%With the case of the Caihuashan festival of Miao people in Maguan county of Yunnan province,this paper analyzes the distribution,pattern and segmentation of the consumer market of the festival industry.Then it suggests developing a new trip_lex festival industrial structure that is composed of regional industry center,transitional subcenter and traditional culture center. The society,culture and economic factors are complementary and connected with each other in this structure.This is intended to deal with the unhealthy tendencies existing in the development of national festival industry like normalizing,homogeneity and utilitarianism and the structural problems as insufficient use of derivative resources,unclear division of function and internal dis_orderly competition.

  3. Rare Earth Element Geochemistry of Calcite from the World-class Huize Pb-Zn Deposits, Yunnan Province, China

    HUANG Zhi-long; ZHOU Mei-fu; LI Xiao-biao; LI Wen-bo; JIN Zhong-guo


    @@ The world-class Huize Pb-Zn deposits of Yunnan province, China, is located in the center of the Sichuan-Yun-nan-Guizhou Pb-Zn polymetallic metallogenic province, has Pb+Zn reserves of more than 5 million tons at Pb+Zn grade of higher than 25% and contains abundant metals, such as Ag, Ge, Cd, and Ga.

  4. NANNING China's Green Capital


    @@ Nanning,the capital city of Guangxi province,is not only the political,economic and cultural center of the province,but also plays an important role in the economic development of southwest China.Nanning's advantageous location makes the city a commercial and communication center,opening China to Southeast Asia.

  5. Turning Red Rural Landscapes Yellow? Sufficiency Economy and Royal Projects in the Hills of Nan Province, Northern Thailand

    Amalia Rossi


    Full Text Available This paper discusses the efforts of the royal family to moralise the environmental behaviour of their subjects in the name of the Sufficiency Economy philosophy solicited by King Bhumibol since the 1990s in Thailand. Drawing on ethnographic fieldwork conducted in Nan province, Northern Thailand, in 2008 and 2009, I focus particularly on Royal Projects recently promoted to correct the rural practices of the ethnic minority groups living in the hills of Nan. In the past, many of these ethnic groups took part in the Maoist insurgency while at present, they represent a key basin of support- ers for the reformist Red Shirts movement which is currently threatening the role of the monarchy in Thai politics. The research suggests that the recently increased trend of staging new projects for sustainable agro-forestry management in a ‘red’ area as Nan does not only aim at improving the conditions of mountain peoples and of the environment, but simultaneously increases the political influence of the conservative forces over this ‘ungovernable’ territory in times of political crisis. ----- Dieser Artikel diskutiert die Bemühungen der königlichen Familie in Thailand seit den 1990-er Jahren, das Umweltverhalten ihrer Subjekte im Namen der Sufficiency Economy Philosophie von König Bhumibol zu moralisieren. Mit Bezug auf ethnografische Forschung in der Provinz Nan in Nordthailand in den Jahren 2008 und 2009 fokussiere ich insbesondere auf Royal Projects, die in letzter Zeit gefördert werden, um ländliche Praktiken ethnischer Minderheiten in den Bergen von Nan zu korrigieren. In der Vergangenheit waren viele dieser ethnischen Gruppen am maoistischen Aufstand beteiligt, während sie heute ein zentrales Auffangbecken für UnterstützerInnen der reformistischen Rothemden, die derzeit die Rolle der Monarchie in der thailändischen Politik in Frage stellen, darstellen. Die Forschung deutet an, dass der Trend zur Einführung von neuen Projekten f

  6. A Brief Biography of Prof. Yun-chang Wang (1906-)

    ZHUANG Jian-yun; WEI Shu-xia; 宋银秋


    @@ Yun-chang Wang, a Chinese mycologist and pathologist, was born in Neihuang county of Henan province. After his graduation from Agricultural College of Peiping University, he became an assistant researcher in Botany Institute of Peiping Institute.

  7. Atrazine Contamination and Potential Health Effects on Freshwater Mussel Uniandra contradens Living in Agricultural Catchment at Nan Province, Thailand

    Tongchai Thitiphuree


    Full Text Available Seasonal cultivation in northern part of Thailand leads to widely uses of agrochemicals especially atrazine herbicide. To examine whether an intensive use of atrazine could lead to contamination in aquatic environment, sediment and water were collected from an agricultural catchment in Nan Province during 2010-2011 and subjected to analysis for atrazine by GC-MS. The results showed that detectable levels of atrazine were found in water (0.16 µg/ml and sediment (0.23 µg/g of the catchment. To monitor potential effects of atrazine on aquatic animals, a freshwater mussel Uniandra contradens was used as a sentinel species for bioaccumulation and potential health effects. Mussels collected from the catchment during 2010-2011 were subjected to analysis for atrazine residue in tissue and condition factor based on body weight and shell length. The results showed that detectable levels of atrazine were found in mussel tissue with the highest level (8.40  2.06 ng/g in late wet season when runoff from heavy rain was evidenced. Condition factor, an indicative of overall health, showed a significant negative correlation with atrazine residue in the tissue. This information could be used as part of the monitoring program for herbicide contamination and potential health effects in agricultural environment.

  8. Features of Female Clothing and Their Cultural Causes of Ethnic Yao in Yun 'nan%湖南瑶族女性的服饰特征及其文化成因

    肖宇强; 肖琼琼


    Ethnic Yao has originated and been staying in Hu'nan. Though they are descendants of the same ancestor, female clothing displays different styles and features. Female Yao living in mountains like to wear brocades, circumference hats and plain dresses, while Yao wearing huge shelving are of great imposing manner. Yao living on flat grounds wear headcloth, indigo clothes and patterned aprons, while Yao wearing colorful hats like to wear colorful ribbons, and cross-switch tight skirts. The cultural differences of these clothes are caused by local climate, ecology, national traditions and believes, propitious connotations and influences from advanced culture.%瑶族自古以来就长期生息于湖南境内,虽起源于同一祖先,但是分布于湖南各地区的瑶族女性服饰却呈现出迥然不同的风格与特征:高山瑶女性披织锦、戴围帽,服饰简洁素雅;顶板瑶女性头顶"大排架",气势庞大;平地瑶女性裹包头巾、穿青蓝衣、花围裙,朴实平和;花瑶女性戴花帽、缠五色丝带、着挑花筒裙,华丽多姿.这些服饰的文化成因主要受到当地生态气候环境、民族传统信仰、吉祥寓意观念和外来先进文化的影响,展现了我国少数民族独特的审美情趣、工艺技巧和文化内涵.

  9. A research on the evolvement of industrial structure and economic growth of He'nan Province, China


    This paper,based on the investigation of the statisties in the years of 1980-2005,using Shift-Share Method model,studies systematically the relation between the evolution of industrial structure and regional economic growth in five economic regions in He'nan to offer the foundation of policy for optimizing the industrial structure and promoting regional economic development in phase,and thereby comes to the conclusions:(1) the industrial structure level of He'nan,in comparison with the evolution of the industrial structure across the country,remains low,but yet the evolutional tendency of industrial structure in He'nan complies with the Clark law of the industrial structure evolution,(2)thespatial difference of He'nan industrial structure evolution is comparatively large,(3)the evolution of industrialstructure in He'nan that influences economic growth can be categorized into three types:in eastern and southern regions.the shift-share of the industrial structure is negative,and the shift-share model of competitiveness is negative:in western and central regions,the shift-share of the industrial structure is positive,and the shift-share model of competitiveness is positive;in northern regions,the shift-share of the industrial structure is positive,and the shift-share model of competitiveness is negative;(4) the evolution of industrial structure influences greatly the development of the regional economy of He'nan.As the results of the researches shown,it can claim that the technological innovation of He'nan traditional industry with high-tech,the vast development of the tertiary industry,the expansion of He'nan overall level of industrial structure,the growth of deep-processing manufacturing of agricultural products,and the increase of He'nan agricultural products subsidiary value will be the strategic choices of the rearrangement of He'nan industrial structure.

  10. Altered Immune Response of the Rice Frog Fejervarya limnocharis Living in Agricultural Area with Intensive Herbicide Utilization at Nan Province, Thailand

    Khattapan Jantawongsri


    Full Text Available Herbicides (atrazine, glyphosate and paraquat have been intensively used in Nan Province for a long time. Prior observations indicated that herbicide contamination and adverse health effects were found on the rice frog Fejervarya limnocharis living in paddy fields at Nan Province. Contamination of herbicides may influence disease emergence by acting directly or indirectly upon the immune system of amphibian or by causing disruptions in homeostasis, it is thus interesting to investigate potential effects of herbicide contamination in Nan Province on immune responses of the rice frog living in agricultural areas. Frogs were caught from a paddy field with no history of herbicide utilization (reference site and a paddy field with intensive herbicide utilization (contaminated site during 2010-2011. After dissection, frog livers were fixed in 10% neutral buffer formalin, processed by paraffin method and stained with hematoxylin and eosin. Number of melanomacrophage and melanomacrophage center (MMC were counted under a light microscope and used as markers of non-specific immune response. It was found that there was no significant sex-related difference in these numbers. However, there were significant seasonal differences in these numbers in both reference and contaminated site frogs, suggesting that seasonal difference in herbicide usage tend to affect frog's immune system in agricultural areas. Furthermore, numbers of melanomacrophage and MMC in early wet, late wet and early dry periods were markedly higher in the contaminated site frogs compared to those of the reference site frogs. The observation on amphibian's immune response to environmental contaminants could indicate the impacts of herbicide utilization on other vertebrates, as well as its role in amphibian declines.

  11. [Land use change and its effects on ecosystem services value in Ji' nan City of Shandong Province, East China].

    Liu, Jin-Yong; Kong, Fan-Hua; Yin, Hai-Wei; Yan, Wei-Jiao; Sun, Chang-Feng; Xu, Feng


    Based on the GIS software platform, referring to the China 'Terrestrial ecosystem services per unit area value', and by using transition matrix, Costanza evaluation formula, and sensitivity analysis, this paper studied the change characteristics of land use and ecosystem services value in Ji' nan City in 1989-2009. During the study period, the built-up area in the City increased by 99.65 km2, while agriculture land and green space reduced by 103.21 km2, 90.4% of which was taken by the built-up land. The total ecosystem services value decreased from 256.22 x 10(6) yento 214.16 x 10(6) yen, with a decrement of 42.06 x 10(6) yen, mainly due to the decrease in the areas of agriculture land and green space. For the sustainable development of the population, resources, and environment in Ji'nan City, future urban planning should pay more attention on the natural resources protection, reasonable planning of land use structure, and maintenance of ecosystem stability and balance.

  12. Temporal Variation and Prediction of Multiple Cropping Index in He'nan Province%河南省复种指数时序变化及预测

    张志国; 李琳


    Multiple cropping is one of the important measures of intensive land use and food security in regional agricultural production.Based on the analysis of the temporal variation of multiple cropping index in He'nan Province during 1978-2009,the paper predicts the changes of multiple cropping index during 2010-2019 using the GM(1,1) model.The results showed that:the multiple cropping index increased gradually during 1978-2009,and the trend was more significant since 1985;the prediction results showed that in the next decade(2010-2019),the multiple cropping index will also increase in He'nan Province.Although multiple cropping could be important in agricultural development and food security,it is noteworthy that the risk of land degradation would increase.%复种是集约利用土地资源,保证区域粮食生产的重要措施之一。利用常规统计方法和Mann-Kendall检验分析了1978-2009年河南省耕地复种指数时序变化特征,在此基础上,利用灰色理论,建立了河南省耕地复种指数预测的GM(1,1)模型,预测了2010-2019年河南省耕地复种指数值。结果表明:1978-2009年河南省耕地复种指数总体呈增长趋势,1985-2010年增长趋势明显;2010-2019年河南省耕地复种指数仍将保持增长趋势,且增速有加快的趋势。河南省土地资源有限,后备土地资源缺乏,复种指数的持续

  13. 河南罗山定远话的疑问代词%On the Interrogative Pronouns of Dingyuan Dialect in Luoshan,He'nan Province

    毕晋; 胡德明


    河南罗山地处鄂豫皖3省交界,多种方言在这里发生广泛接触,造成了比较复杂的方言状况。罗山定远话属于中原官话中的信蚌片,又深受孝感方言影响。定远话这种复杂的方言接触的特征在疑问代词中表现得较为突出。定远话的疑问代词主要有“哪”“么”“几”“多”“谁”等几组,各组中均有独具定远话特色的疑问代词形式,如“哪个1”“么搞”“几咱”“多长远”“谁个”等。%Luoshan county of He'nan province lies in the junction of Hubei ,He'nan and Anhui provinces .The wide contact of different dialects causes complicated state of dialect .Dingyuan dialect in Luoshan belongs to the Xin‐Bu district of Zhongyuan Mandarin . And it's affected by Xiaogan dialect . The characters of complicated contact of dialects in Dingyuan dialect have prominent expression in interrogative pronouns .The interrogative pronouns of Dingyuan dialect are divided into groups of “na (哪)” ,“me (么)” ,“ji (几)” ,“duo (多)”and“shui (谁)” .And each group has the distinctive forms ,such as “na ge1 (哪个1 )”“me gao (么搞)”“ji zan (几咱)”“duo chang yuan (多长远)” and“shui ge (谁个)” .

  14. 湖北省郧县2010年登革热蚊媒监测结果分析%Analysis on mosquito vectors surveillance results of dengue fever in Yun county of Hubei province in 2010

    崔小波; 胡晓东; 杨玖栓


    Objective To understand the seasonal growth regularity of Aedes albopictus larvae and adult in Yun county , Hubei province, and provide scientific basis for control it. Method The larval indexs ( BI ( CI, HI) and adult densities of Aedes albopictus were surveillance at the last third of every month by field survey. Results The larvaes of Aedes albopictus were found in April at the earliest and latest in November, the larvae indexs ascended from April to June and reached to the peak in June (BI =84, CI =56, HI =50), and then descended month by month. The adults of Aedes albopictus were found from May to November, the density ascended from May to August, and reached to the peak in August (20 per person hour), and then descended month by month. Conclusions The seasonal growth regularity of the larvae and adult of Aedes albopictus were obviously, the larvae indexs were higher during May to September, the risk of dengue fever outbreak caused by imported infection was higher, therefore we should enhance environmental punish and disease surveillance.%目的 了解湖北省郧县登革热媒介白纹伊蚊幼虫和成蚊季节性消长规律,为登革热的防控提供科学依据.方法 每月下旬对监测点进行现场调查,监测白纹伊蚊的幼虫指数(BI、CI、HI)和成蚊密度.结果 最早监测到白纹伊蚊幼虫为4月,最晚为11月,4~6月幼虫指数逐月长升,6月最高(BI=84、CI=56、HI =50),后逐月下降.5~11月监测到白纹伊蚊成蚊,5~8月成蚊密度逐月上升,8月最高(20只/人工?h),后逐月下降结论 郧县白纹伊蚊幼虫和成蚊密度消长季节性明显,且5~9月幼虫指数较高,输人性登革热病例引起疫情暴发的风险较大,应加强环境整治和疾病监测.

  15. Environmental factors and public health policy associated with human and rodent infection by leptospirosis: a land cover-based study in Nan province, Thailand.

    Della Rossa, P; Tantrakarnapa, K; Sutdan, D; Kasetsinsombat, K; Cosson, J-F; Supputamongkol, Y; Chaisiri, K; Tran, A; Supputamongkol, S; Binot, A; Lajaunie, C; Morand, S


    Leptospirosis incidence has increased markedly since 1995 in Thailand, with the eastern and northern parts being the most affected regions, particularly during flooding events. Here, we attempt to overview the evolution of human prevalence during the past decade and identify the environmental factors that correlate with the incidence of leptospirosis and the clinical incidence in humans. We used an extensive survey of Leptospira infection in rodents conducted in 2008 and 2009 and the human incidence of the disease from 2003 to 2012 in 168 villages of two districts of Nan province in Northern Thailand. Using an ad-hoc developed land-use cover implemented in a geographical information system we showed that humans and rodents were not infected in the same environment/habitat in the land-use cover. High village prevalence was observed in open habitat near rivers for the whole decade, or in 2008-2009 mostly in rice fields prone to flooding, whereas infected rodents (2008-2009) were observed in patchy habitat with high forest cover, mostly situated on sloping ground areas. We also investigated the potential effects of public health campaigns conducted after the dramatic flood event of 2006. We showed that, before 2006, human incidence in villages was explained by the population size of the village according to the environmental source of infection of this disease, while as a result of the campaigns, human incidence in villages after 2006 appeared independent of their population size. This study confirms the role of the environment and particularly land use, in the transmission of bacteria, emphasized by the effects of the provincial public health campaigns on the epidemiological pattern of incidence, and questions the role of rodents as reservoirs.

  16. Yun Zhong Jun and Da Si Ming(Deity of Clouds and Great Master of Fate)


    Artistic Value: Yun Zhong Jun and Da Si tiling was created in 1954. Fu Baoshi started painting figures after his relocation to Sichuan Province in the 1930Sl He was less prolific in this genre than in landscapes, but nevertheless developed and retained a distinctive style,Extensively cultured in Chinese history and dassical iterature,

  17. Genetic Polymorphism of Nine Non-CODIS STR Loci in Hu-nan Province-based Chinese Han Population

    GUO Juan-juan; LIU Ying; GUO Ya-dong; YAN Jie; CHANG Yun-feng; CAI Ji-feng; LU Ting; ZHA Lagabaiyila


    Objective To determine the allelic frequency distribution and genetic parameters of nine non-CODIS DNA index systems of the short tandemrepeat (STR ) loci (D2S1772, D6S1043, D7S3048, D8S1132, D11S2368, D12S391, D13S325, D18S1364, and GATA198B05). Methods A total of 353 blood samples were collected, extracted, amplified, and analyzed fromunrelated healthy individuals of Han na-tionality in Hunan Province, China. Results O ne hundred and fourteen alleles were observed in the pop-ulation with corresponding allelic frequencies ranged from0.001 0 to 0.323 0. For all the nine non-CODIS STR loci, the observed genotypic data showed no significant deviations fromthe Hardy-W einberg equi-librium. The Ho, He, PIC, D P, and PE of the studied non-CODIS STR loci ranged from0.108 0 to 0.195 0, 0.805 0 to 0.892 0, 0.770 0 to 0.860 0, 0.925 0 to 0.966 0 and 0.607 0 to 0.780 0, respectively. Conclusion N ine non-CODIS STR loci have high degrees of polymorphisms, which may be useful in in-dividual forensic identification and parentage testing in forensic practice.

  18. Resources of " Wood-grain Stone” Sand Rock and Their Development in Yun Nan Province%云南“木纹石”砂岩资源及开发概况

    王嘉杰; 刘李华


    @@近年来 , 云南省开发出了一种石材新品种 -- " 木纹石”砂岩 ( 也有称云南黄砂岩 ) . 这是我国石材行业继大理石、花岗石、板石之后 , 批量开发的又一装饰石材新矿种 . 它一问世 , 就受到石材专家和用户的好评 , 人们赞誉它 " 可与世界闻名的澳洲砂岩媲美 !是云南颇具开发前景的石材新品种” . 目前它已成为云南石材开发的一个热点产品 , 除畅销本省外 , 还批量销往广东和福建 . 现将其资源和开发概况作一简述 :

  19. the Research of the Plants for Medical Use in Dragon-Boat Festival in Pu'er of YunNan Province%云南普洱"端午药膳"植物研究

    李秀; 胡桂忠



  20. 云南省5个油茶良种及丰产栽培技术%High-yielding Cultivation Technology for the Five Improved Varieties of Tea-oil Tree in Yun'nan Province

    陈福; 贾代顺; 张林涛; 范志远



  1. 河南省整合资源,实施旅游精品发展战略研究%Research on Development Strategies of Integrating Re-sources and Implementing Tourism Competitive Products in He'nan Province



    进入21世纪以来,在“大旅游、大市场、大产业”思想指导下,我国各地相继进入了旅游资源整合的发展期。河南省在旅游业发展不断取得新成就的基础上,应该进一步整合资源,实施旅游精品发展战略,实现河南省旅游业的更高的提升。%Since the 21st century, under the guidance of the"great tourism, great market, and great industry" thought, the tourism resources in China have been integrated. Based on the achieve-ment of sustainable tourism development in He'nan Province, it should further integrate the resources, implement the develop-ment strategy of tourism competitive products, and realize the higher improvement of tourism in He'nan Province.

  2. External evaluation of the Ban Nam Paeng & Ban Nam Ki ComMod case study in Nan Province, Northern Thailand : Final Report

    Paassen, van A.; Patamadit, I.


    Verslag van de evaluatie rondom het gebruik van Companion Modelling (ComMod) bij projecten in Ban Nam Paeng & Ban Nam Ki, in de provincie Nan, in het noorden van Thailand. Een van de doelen is om de lokale bevolking (meer) inspraak te geven bij besluitvorming rond bijvoorbeeld het oprichten van

  3. Feng Yun-A higher Class


    TO this Weiqi player, rising to a higher class is like climbing a mountain. Hangzhou city is a lucky place for Feng Yun for it is where she won her first national championship 10 years ago. Commonly known by it's Japanese name "Go", Weiqi is actually of Chinese origin and is a game of

  4. Traffic Police in Ji’nan


    The 13 traffic policewomen of No. 7 Ergang Road in the city of Ji’nan. Shandong Province, hold a special feminine spiritual outlook. Wearing their olive green berets, under the guidance of Captain Shi Li, they began to take point duty at the traffic stand on October 1, 1996. Graduates of the Shandong Public Security Professional College at the average age of 22, these women began formal group training in Sep

  5. Current status of basic public health services equalization in Shunde District and Yun-an County in Guangdong Province%广东省顺德区和云安县基本公共卫生服务均等化现况调查

    郝爱华; 陈岩; 刘勇鹰; 易学锋; 梁宁; 张一愚; 张永慧


    problems in regard to inequity of basic public health services and the contributing factors through comparative study across regions with different economic development in Guangdong Province. Methods Sample-typical method was used in questionnaire survey between community health care and medical service in Shunde District and Yun-an County. Content of the questionnaire included human resources, financial resources, service items of basic public health service, etc. The investigation was conducted in 20% of all residents from these areas with systematic random sampling method. Questionnaire interview with face to face was carried out to study the awareness and utilization of the basic public health service. Results Shunde District had 11 community health service institutes . The average number of medical technicians was 4. 55/1 000 people, while of medical and preventive care staffs was 0. 12/1 000 people. Yun-an County had 9 township hospitals . There were 0. 70 medical technicians and 0.06 medical and preventive care staffs per thousand people in this county. 48. 9% (2 703/5 524) of medical technicians were college diploma holders in Shunde, while 67. 5% (172/255) were technical sec-ondary school degree holders in Yun-an. Junior professional title accounted for 65.2% (3 606/5 524) in Shunde and 60. 0% (153/255 ) in Yun-an. Among 9 basic public health service items, the awareness rate of 5 items or above was 50. 2% ( 287/572) in Shunde and 19. 5% (48/246) ( P <0. 01) in Yun-an. Among these items, the lower awareness rate of items in both Shunde and Yun-an were as follows: establishment healthcare record, management of dangerous psychopath, and elderly health care. The awareness rates of these three items in Shunde were 24.5% , 31.6% , and 36.4% .while 14.2% , 10.2% , and 20.7% in Yun-an, respectively. The residents gained less public health service items, especially related to establishment of healthcare record, elderly health care, and management of diabetic patients. The

  6. Investigate on current situation of puerperium health care of women from a village of He'nan province%河南省某村妇女产褥期保健现状调查

    伍东红; 渠利霞; 楚银萍; 高金玲; 潘雪


    Objective: To understand the current situation of puerperium health care of women from a village of He'nan province. Methods: Questionnaire investigation and individual interview were adopted to survey 57 mothers whose infants ≤2 years in a village of He'nan province. Results: Fifty - one puerperium women didn't eat fruits (89. 5% ) , 36 puerperium women didn't eat vegetables (63. 2% ) , 49 puerperium women didn't wash hair (86. 0% ) , 49 puerperium women didn't go out (89. 0% ) , 50 puerperium women stayed in a airproof environment (87. 7% ) . The educational levels of parturient women was one of influencing factors of self - health attitude. Conclusion: Misunderstandings exist in self-health of rural women during puerperium period, such as unreasonable dietary structure, bad health status, and less exercises; rural medical health care service is not widespread, maternal and child health care knowledge should be popularized to rural area according to specific circumstance to improve maternal - infantile health level.%目的:了解河南省某村妇女产褥期保健现状.方法:运用问卷调查和个别访谈法对河南省某村57名≤2岁婴幼儿的母亲进行调查.结果:产褥期妇女不吃水果51人,占89.5%;不吃蔬菜36人,占63.2%;不洗发49人,占86.0%;不外出活动49人,占89.0%;不通风50人,占87.7%.产妇的文化程度是自我保健态度的影响因素.结论:农村妇女产褥期自我保健存在误区,饮食结构欠合理、卫生状况欠佳、运动较少.农村医疗卫生保健服务尚未普及,应视具体情况,向农村普及妇幼保健知识,提高母婴健康水平.

  7. Close Relationship between the Frangibility of Mountain Eco-Environment and Mountain Disasters: A Case Study of Dong-chuan, Kunming in Yunnan Province

    WANG Yuyi; TIAN Bing; LIU Shuzhen


    Anatomical details are given in this article, which is performed by investigating the relationship between through the frangibility of mountain eco-environment and the status of irrational land-use in typical region of debris flow in Dongchuan district, Kunming city, yun-nan Province. This analysis is extended to the relationship between vicissitude of mountain disasters and the frangibility of mountain environment. The relatively coupling action of a vicious circle is a evolving characteristic by debris flow sand-gravel there. The eco-security is being faced with serious challenge. The tactics of eco-security has been constructed since 1980s. Thus, the eco-environment can gradually be repaired and optimized to achieve a fine circle.

  8. Characteristics of exon 7 mutation of phenylalanine hydroxylase gene in the patients with phenylketonuria in He'nan province%河南省苯丙酮尿症患者苯丙氨酸羟化酶基因外显子7突变特点

    赵德华; 王凤羽; 孟云; 苏立; 刘艳丽; 贾晨路; 贾莉婷


    目的:了解河南省苯丙酮尿症(PKU)患者苯丙氨酸羟化酶(PAH)基因外显子7突变类型和频率.方法:采用聚合酶链反应和基因测序的方法对河南省48例经典型PKU患者的PAH基因外显子7进行检测分析.结果:检出5种苯丙氨酸羟化酶基因突变,R243Q、G247R、G247V、R261X、L255S,其频率分别为18.8% (18/96),4.2% (4/96),3.0% (3/96),1.0% (1/96)和1.0% (1/96).48例PKU患者有15例携带R243Q突变,其中纯合突变3例,杂合突变12例.结论:R243Q、G247R和G247V为河南省PKU患者常见的突变类型,R243Q是PKU患者的基因突变热点.%Objective: To understand the types and frequencies of exon 7 mutation of phenylalanine hydroxylase (PAH) gene in the patients with phenylketonuria (PKU) in He nan province. Methods; PCR and gene sequencing were used to detect and analyze exon 7 of PAH gene in 48 patients with classic PKU in He'nan province. Results; Five kinds of PAH gene mutation were found, including R243Q, G247R, G247V, R261X, and L255S, the frequencies were 18. 8% (18/96) , 4. 2% (4/96), 3.0% (3/96), 1.0% (1/96), and 1. 0% (1/96), respectively. Conclusion; R243Q, G247R, and G247V are the common types of PAH gene mutation in the patients with PKU in He nan province, R243Q is a hot point of gene mutation in the patients with PKU.

  9. Research on the Construction and Development of University 's Digital Library———Taking the University Digital Libraries in Hu 'nan Province as the Examples%高校数字图书馆建设与发展研究——以湖南省高校数字图书馆为例



    This paper expounds the significance of the research on the construction and development of university's digital library, analyzes the development history of university's digital libraries in China and foreign countries, and based on the actual situation of the construction of university's digital libraries in Hu'nan Province, probes into its construction achievements, existing problems and solving ideas.%阐述了高校数字图书馆建设与发展研究的意义,分析了国内外高校数字图书馆的发展历程,基于湖南省高校数字图书馆建设的实际情况,探讨了其建设成果、发展中存在的问题和解决思路.

  10. 湘粤两省货币政策区域效应的差异性研究--基于动态分布滞后模型%Research on the Difference of the Regional Effect of Monetary Policy between Hu'nan and Guangdong Provinces:Based on the Dynamic Distributed Lag Model



    本文选取中部地区和沿海地区中的代表省份湖南省和广东省作为研究对象,基于货币政策的内部与外部传导机制,实证检验并分析了统一货币政策在湘粤两省产生的不同效应。实证结果表明,在货币政策操作中,应考虑区域非均衡因素,提高政策工具的灵活性和可操作性,以提高货币政策的有效性,达到缩小地区经济发展差距的目的。%Selecting two representative provinces of the central area and the coastal area, Hu'nan and Guangdong Provinces, as the research objects, based on the internal and external transmis-sion mechanism of monetary policy, this paper made an empirical test and analysis on the different effects of a uniformed monetary policy in the two provinces. The empirical result shows that re-gional non-equilibrium factors should be considered and flexi-bility and operability of policy should be improved in the opera-tion of monetary policy, in order to improve the effectiveness of monetary policy, and narrow the gap of regional economic devel-opment.

  11. The research on the current situation and countermeasures of He'nan Provincal health food%河南省保健食品的现状及对策



    本文剖析了河南省保健食品行业的产业基础和存在问题,在此基础上提出河南省保健食品行业需从强化GMP、提高市场准入、提高审评标准、严打违法广告、提高监管职能等五个方面进行改善,从而完善自我,谋求长远发展.%This article explores the industry foundation and disadvantages of He'nan health food industry. Based on the analysis, the research puts forward countermeasures and suggestions. In all, health food industry should be improved from five aspects including strengthening the GMP, improving the market access, improving the evaluation standard, to crack down illegal advertisements and improving regulatory functions, so as to acquire self-improvement and looking for long term development.

  12. Analysis on AIDS Cognitive Status Investigation of Nanning District in Guangxi Province%广西南宁地区艾滋病认知现状调查分析

    吴卫群; 章晓云; 辛政; 赵斌; 饶毅; 袁振中; 姚娟娟


    To understand the understanding of AIDS related knowledge of residents in Guangxi Nanning,and play to the role of the masses in the prevention of AIDS,to explore a set of suitable for the region′s AIDS knowledge education mode. Methods:Using random sampling method,extraction of 600 cases of aged from 14 to 65 years in Nanning area,permanent residents living 6 months or more,from the five aspects of basic characteristics,general knowledge of AIDS,the route of transmission of AIDS,AIDS knowledge and attitude towards AIDS patients to design the questionnaire,and then sent papers,filled out alone,the unified recycling,and analyzed the results. Results:The residents have higher understanding of the infectious,vulnerable and route of transmission of AIDS,and how to pre-vent,but awareness is relatively low on the pathogenesis,and medical professional knowledge such as how to identify infected;most resi-dents have higher awareness of sex,blood and mother-to-child transmission(PMTCT),common syringe needle,common impurity razor, tattoo which are easy to spread AIDS and staying away from narcotic drugs can prevent AIDS;different gender,age,occupation,educa-tional level and marital status of residents′ awareness of AIDS knowledge had statistically significant difference(P < 0. 05). Conclusion:Guangxi Nanning residents′ cognitive on AIDS related knowledge is fair,but it is not comprehensive,attitude to AIDS patients need to be improved,which prompt prevention and control work should be more comprehensive,systematic,and complete on the publicity and education of AIDS knowledge.%目的:分析广西南宁地区居民对艾滋病相关知识的了解程度,发挥群众在预防 AIDS 中的作用,探索一套适合本地区的AIDS 知识宣教模式。方法:采用随机抽样方法,抽取南宁市地区600例年龄14~65岁、居住6个月及以上的常住居民,从人口学基本特征、AIDS 一般知识、AIDS 传播途径、AIDS

  13. Professor YU Yun's Experience in Treating Tumor by Pulse-feeling and Acupuncture

    LI Yong-jian; DI Ruo-hong; LI Yong; LI Yan-li; CHENG Xiao-mi


    @@ Professor YU Yun was born in Suzhou city, Jiangsu province in 1940. After graduation from Xuzhou Medical College in 1964, professor YU has been engaged himself in integrative Chinese & western medicine practice in Shanghai Tumor Hospital. In the middle 1980s, he was invited to Spain for traditional Chinese medicine research. He participated in world acupuncture conferences many times and delivered speeches. He wrote the book Pulse-feeling and Acupuncture for Tumor Treatment and published articles at home and abroad. He is an honorary professor of American Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, permanent member of World Society of Integrative Chinese & Western Medicine, research fellow of Shanghai Center of Acupuncture and Meridian, and the director of Spain Institute of Pulsefeeling and Acupuncture. Greatly interested in Chinese medicine and acupuncture, professor YU has been engaged in Pulse-feeling and acupuncture to treat late tumor and various kinds of difficult disorders for nearly forty years, and achieved wonderful results. I am honored to follow professor YU and learnt a lot. Now I present professor's experience in treating tumor by Pulse-feeling and acupuncture.

  14. The NanI and NanJ Sialidases of Clostridium perfringens Are Not Essential for Virulence▿

    Chiarezza, Martina; Lyras, Dena; Pidot, Sacha J.; Flores-Díaz, Marietta; Awad, Milena M.; Kennedy, Catherine L.; Cordner, Leanne M.; Phumoonna, Tongted; Poon, Rachael; Hughes, Meredith L.; Emmins, John J.; Alape-Girón, Alberto; Rood, Julian I.


    The essential toxin in Clostridium perfringens-mediated gas gangrene or clostridial myonecrosis is alpha-toxin, although other toxins and extracellular enzymes may also be involved. In many bacterial pathogens extracellular sialidases are important virulence factors, and it has been suggested that sialidases may play a role in gas gangrene. C. perfringens strains have combinations of three different sialidase genes, two of which, nanI and nanJ, encode secreted sialidases. The nanI and nanJ genes were insertionally inactivated by homologous recombination in derivatives of sequenced strain 13 and were shown to encode two functional secreted sialidases, NanI and NanJ. Analysis of these derivatives showed that NanI was the major sialidase in this organism. Mutation of nanI resulted in loss of most of the secreted sialidase activity, and the residual activity was eliminated by subsequent mutation of the nanJ gene. Only a slight reduction in the total sialidase activity was observed in a nanJ mutant. Cytotoxicity assays using the B16 melanoma cell line showed that supernatants containing NanI or overexpressing NanJ enhanced alpha-toxin-mediated cytotoxicity. Finally, the ability of nanI, nanJ, and nanIJ mutants to cause disease was assessed in a mouse myonecrosis model. No attenuation of virulence was observed for any of these strains, providing evidence that neither the NanI sialidase nor the NanJ sialidase is essential for virulence. PMID:19651873

  15. The research on collage students,physical quality situation of HeNan province%河南省高校学生身体素质现状及对策研究

    杨志军; 肖丰


    The use of literature ,consulting interviews ,and other methods of mathematical statistics in 5 universities in Henan province school freshman ,two big2980 students physique test result is studied ,the results showed :the whole college students’ Constitution in Henan province is in good condition ,the boys than girls ;height and weight ,in addition to schoolboy height than 2010 age value ,its more than are low in 2010 age value;spirometry girls better than boys ;lower limb explosive force and the speed and endurance index of indicators are in the na-tional level but little advantage ;bench test results is relatively high ;pull up to sit-up performance .Recommendations :to increase health knowledge lectures ,promote the reform of college physical education ,improve the detection personnel quality and adjusting the same measure-ment in small ,poor compatibility between the project .%运用文献资料、咨询访谈、实验法、数理统计等方法,对河南省5所高校在校生(2010级、2011级)共2980名大学生身体素质测试结果进行研究。结果显示:整体上河南省高校学生身体素质处于良好状态,男生优于女生;身高体重方面,除男生身高优于2010年同龄值,其余均偏低于2010年同龄值;肺活量女生优于男生;下肢爆发力和速度指标及耐力指标均处于全国水平之上但优势不大;台阶试验成绩相对较高;引体向上成绩不及仰卧起坐成绩。建议:增加健康知识讲座、推进高校体育教学改革、提高检测人员素质以及调整同一选测项中相关性小、兼容性差的项目。

  16. 湖南省助产士核心胜任力的调查分析%Study on the core midwifery competencies and its influencing factors among midwives in Hu nan Province

    陆虹; 侯睿; 朱秀; 张贤


    Objective To identify the status of core midwifery competencies of midwives. Method A total of 102 midwives in 6 hospitals in Hunan Province were investigated by using the Midwife Core Competency Scale. Results The average score of core midwifery competencies was (4.08 ±0.48 ). Midwives 'competency for labor and delivery care had the highest score, while their competencies for social sciences and public care as well as pre - pregnancy care were relatively low. There were significant positive correlations between core midwifery competencies and individual factors of age, total working yeare, and years of midwifery practice. Meanwhile,there were significant differences in core midwifery competencies between midwives of different marriage status,professional title and midwifery certification status. Conclusion Proper interventions and policy support need to be achieved to improve Chinese midwifery education and regulation system, thereby to facilitate the enhancement of Chinese midwives'core competencies.%目的 了解湖南省助产士核心胜任力现状.方法 采用助产士核心胜任力量表对湖南省6所医院102名助产士进行调查.结果 助产士核心胜任力总均分为(4.08±0.48)分,其中分娩期保健和产后保健得分较高,而公共卫生保健和孕前保健得分较低;助产士的年龄、工作年限、助产工作年限与助产士核心胜任力得分呈显著正相关,而不同婚姻状况、职称、医院级别、有无助产证和产科进修的助产士核心胜任力水平不同.结论 应进一步完善我国助产专业教育体系,建立独立的助产士准入制度和职称体系,充分发挥助产士的角色职能,从而推动助产士队伍核心胜任力的全面提高.

  17. Radiation Measurement for Ji Nan MNSR Decommissioning


    Ji'Nan MNSR is an under moderated reactor of pool-tank type, UAl with high-enriched 235U as fuel, beryllium as reflector, and light water as coolant. It was built in 1989, and shutdown in 2008. It operated 840 times, the total operation time is 3 194.

  18. Effect of Crossbreed on the Muscle Quality (Chemical Composition) in Yun-Ling Black Goats

    JIA Jun-jing; TIAN Yun-bo; ZHANG Xi; HUANG Qi-chao; WEN Sheng-ping; GU Feng-ying; GE Chang-rong; CAO Zhen-hui; CHENG Zhi-bin; M. Jois


    Twenty castrated male goats, each of Yun-Ling Black goats (YLB goat), N×YLB hybrid goats (Nubian ♂×Yun-Ling Black goats ♀) and B×YLB hybrid goats (Boer ♂×Yun-Ling Black goats ♀), were used to evaluate the effect of crossbreeding on the meat chemical composition in the YLB goats of China. After weaning of 90 days, all the experimental goats were reared on natural pasture when they were slaughtered at an age of 730 days. The longissimus dorsi (LD) and biceps femoris (BF) muscles were sampled from each carcass to determine chemical compositions. Both hybrid goats had higher protein content (P0.05). The YLB goats had significantly higher (P0.05). In contrast, the proportion of poly-unsaturated in the YLB goats was significantly lower (P<0.05) than that in the hybrid goats.

  19. 广西南宁市健康人群黄曲酶毒素B1暴露影响因素的研究%A research of influencing factors on the aflatoxin B1 exposure to the healthy people lived in the city of Nanning in Guangxi Province

    莫新少; 彭涛; 黎乐群; 陈德凤; 游雪梅


    Objective To investigate the influencing factore of aflatoxin B1 (AFB1) exposure in healthy people who lived in aflatoxin high-exposure area and to provide a basis for preventing AFB1 exposure. Methods To the residents lived in the city of Nanning in Cuangxi Province, a questionnaire survey was used to acquaint relevant information. The AFB1-albumin adducts (AAA) levels were screened by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and the liver function detected using a Bekman LX20 Chemistry Analyzer and diagnostic agents from Randox, UK. Results AAA level was significantly higher (P<0.05) in the people with lowincome, having habits of smoking, drinking, eating bulk rice, and eating rice that had been saved for a time of more than 30 days, and keeping regularly dining out. Conclusions The level of income and the lifestyle are related with Aflatoxin Bl exposure. The risk factors about Aflatoxin Bl exposure include consumption of bulk rice, regularly dining out, and drinking.%目的 探讨黄曲酶毒素高暴露地区健康人群黄曲酶毒素B1(aflatoxin B1,AFB1)暴露的影响因素,为预防AFB1暴露提供依据.方法 以广西南宁市居民为对象,通过问卷调查了解相关资料,采用竞争酶联免疫法检测血浆黄曲酶毒素B1-白蛋白加合物(AFBI-albumin adducts,AAA)水平,采用Bekman LX20 Chemistry Analyzer配套英国Randox公司诊断试剂检测肝功能.结果 经济收入低、吸烟、饮酒、食用散装大米、大米保存超过30 d、经常在外就餐的人群,AAA水平显著增高(P<0.05).结论 人们经济收入水平及生活方式与AFB1暴露有关,食用散装大米、经常在外就餐、饮酒是AFB1暴露的危险因素.

  20. BULLETPROOF MONK Chow Yun-Fat%防弹武僧周润发



    @@ Hailed in the Los Angeles Times as "The Coolest Actor in the World", the endearingly(可爱地) plebeian yet strikingly handsome Chow Yun-Fat was a fixture of Hong Kong film and TV from his debut in the early 1970s. He is best known by American and British cultists as a hard-boiled (无情的) action hero specializing in portrayals of honorablehit-men, gangsters, thieves and trigger-happy cops.

  1. Characterization of a sialate-O-acetylesterase (NanS) from the oral pathogen Tannerella forsythia that enhances sialic acid release by NanH, its cognate sialidase.

    Phansopa, Chatchawal; Kozak, Radoslaw P; Liew, Li Phing; Frey, Andrew M; Farmilo, Thomas; Parker, Jennifer L; Kelly, David J; Emery, Robert J; Thomson, Rebecca I; Royle, Louise; Gardner, Richard A; Spencer, Daniel I R; Stafford, Graham P


    Tannerella forsythia, a Gram-negative member of the Bacteroidetes has evolved to harvest and utilize sialic acid. The most common sialic acid in humans is a mono-N-acetylated version termed Neu5Ac (5-N-acetyl-neuraminic acid). Many bacteria are known to access sialic acid using sialidase enzymes. However, in humans a high proportion of sialic acid contains a second acetyl group attached via an O-group, i.e. chiefly O-acetylated Neu5,9Ac2 or Neu5,4Ac2. This diacetylated sialic acid is not cleaved efficiently by many sialidases and in order to access diacetylated sialic acid, some organisms produce sialate-O-acetylesterases that catalyse the removal of the second acetyl group. In the present study, we performed bioinformatic and biochemical characterization of a putative sialate-O-acetylesterase from T. forsythia (NanS), which contains two putative SGNH-hydrolase domains related to sialate-O-acetylesterases from a range of organisms. Purification of recombinant NanS revealed an esterase that has activity against Neu5,9Ac2 and its glycolyl form Neu5Gc,9Ac. Importantly, the enzyme did not remove acetyl groups positioned at the 4-O position (Neu5,4Ac2). In addition NanS can act upon complex N-glycans released from a glycoprotein [erythropoietin (EPO)], bovine submaxillary mucin and oral epithelial cell-bound glycans. When incubated with its cognate sialidase, NanS increased sialic acid release from mucin and oral epithelial cell surfaces, implying that this esterase improves sialic acid harvesting for this pathogen and potentially other members of the oral microbiome. In summary, we have characterized a novel sialate-O-acetylesterase that contributes to the sialobiology of this important human pathogen and has potential applications in the analysis of sialic acid diacetylation of biologics in the pharmaceutical industry.

  2. The relation between water fluoride and other chemical composition i n water of Nan-shui-bei-diao middle line areas in Hebei province%河北省南水北调饮水含氟量及化学成分的调查

    马景; 陶跃华; 乔淑田; 章和平; 梁索理; 王海森; 姚光俊; 董振军; 程溆; 李桂云; 师贵文


    目的 探讨河北省南水北调中 线供水区饮水氟含量与水质其它化学成分的关系及对地氟病的影响。方法 按南水北调中线供水区地方性氟中毒调查实施方案 要求,对51个重点村采集的近、中、远水样进行水氟含量与水总硬度、水总碱度、pH、水碘等化学成分的测定分析。 结果 南水北调中线供水区水氟含量与水的硬度呈负相关,与水的总碱度、水碘含量呈正相关。结论 南水北调中线供水区水氟与水质中其它化学成分有关,对地氟病有一定影响。%Objective To study the relation between water fluoride and other chemical composition in water of Nan-shui-bei-diao middle line areas in Hebei and the effect to the endemic fluorosis. Methods Collected specimen of water in region of Nan-s hui-bei-diao to detect water fluoride,total hardness in water,total alkalinity in water and pH with chemical experiments.Results There is a positive correlation between the con centration of water fluoride and that of the total alkalinity and a negative cor relation between the water fluoride and the total hardness and water iodine. Conclusions The results showed that in the Nan-shui-b ei-diao middle line areas the water fluoride and other chemical composition have acertain effect on endemic fluorosis.

  3. Epidemiological survey of taeniasis/cysticercosis in Puer area of Yunnan Province%云南省普洱地区猪带绦/囊虫病流行病学调查

    徐安健; 汪丽波; 赵高潮; 乌姗娜; 靳庆娥; 谷俊朝


    Objective To understand the infectiousstatus of taeniasis/cysticercosis in Puer City in Yunnan Province. Methods The IgG antibody to taeniasis/cysticercosis in 2 870 persons randomly selected in the counties of Jingdong, Jinggu and Menglian in Pu er City in YunNan Province was detected using ELJSA. Results Anti-cysticercus IgG antibody was delected in 1 108 persons (38.61% )and there were a number of factors leasing to the prevalent of taeniasis/cysticercosis in this area. Conclusion The prevalence of taeniasis/cysticercosis is serious in Puer area and comprehensive intervention measures be taken to control the infection.%目的 了解云南省普洱地区的猪带绦/囊虫感染情况.方法 在云南省普洱地区的景东县、景谷县和孟连县随机抽查了2 870人,进行了猪带绦/囊虫IgG抗体检测,并进行了猪带绦/囊虫病的流行因素问卷调查.结果 猪带绦/囊虫IgG抗体阳性人数为1 108人,占调查总人数的38.61%.显示当地猪带绦/囊虫感染情况较为严重,而且当地存在较多的造成猪带绦/囊虫感染的流行因素.结论 云南省普洱地区的猪带绦/囊虫感染情况较为严重,应当因地制宜地对当地进行猪带绦/囊虫感染的综合防治干预.

  4. Model for Predicting Climatic Yield of Sugarcane in Nanning City

    Zhanggui; LAN; Guanghai; LI; Yulian; LIANG; Yuhong; YANG; Xiaoping; LI


    According to spatial distribution of climate disasters in Nanning City and physiological and ecological indicator demands of sugarcane,with the aid of HJ- 1 CCD satellite remote sensing images,basic meteorological data and geographic information data,this paper established the model for predicting climatic yield of sugarcane in Nanning City,to predict total yield of sugarcane in Nanning City. Results indicated that the distribution of sugarcane in Nanning City is greatly influenced by drought. In 2010,regions suffered from drought had sugarcane planting area of 346. 20 km2,accounting for 18.88% of the total sugarcane planting area. The influence of frost disaster on distribution of sugarcane in Nanning City is limited. Regions suffered from frost had sugarcane planting area of only 67. 1 km2,taking up 3.75% of the total sugarcane planting area. In 2010,the climatic yield of sugarcane in Nanning City was 8. 8446 million tons. It proved that the prediction accuracy of the model is up to 90%.

  5. Fine (PM2.5), coarse (PM2.5-10), and metallic elements of suspended particulates for incense burning at Tzu Yun Yen temple in central Taiwan.

    Fang, Guor-Cheng; Chang, Cheng-Nan; Chu, Chia-Chium; Wu, Yuh-Shen; Pi-Cheng Fu, Peter; Chang, Shyh-Chyi; Yang, I-Lin


    Ambient suspended particulate concentrations were measured at Tzu Yun Yen temple (120 degrees, 34('), 10(") E; 24 degrees, 16('), 12(") N) in this study. This is representative of incense burning and semi-open sampling sites. The Universal-sampler collected fine and coarse particle material was used to measure suspended particulate concentrations, and sampling periods were from 16/08/2001 to 2/1/2002 at Tzu Yun Yen temple. In addition, metallic element concentrations, compositions of PM(2.5) and PM(2.5-10) for incense burning at Tzu Yun Yen temple were also analyzed in this study. The PM(2.5)/PM(10) ratios ranged between 31% and 87% and averaged 70+/-11% during incense the burning period, respectively. The median metallic element concentration order for these elements is Fe>Zn>Cr>Cd>Pb>Mn>Ni>Cu in fine particles (PM(2.5)) at the Tzu Yun Yen temple sampling site. The median metallic element concentration order for these elements is Fe>Zn>Cr>Pb>Cd>Ni>Mn>Cu in coarse particle (PM(2.5-10)) at the Tzu Yun Yen temple sampling site. Fine particulates (PM(2.5)) are the main portion of PM(10) at Tzu Yun Yen temple in this study. From the point of view of PM(10), these data reflect that the elements Fe, Zn, and Cr were the major elements distributed at Tzu Yun Yen temple in this study.

  6. 云梦山文化资源开发的SWOT分析%SWOT Analysis for the Cultural Resources Exploitation in YunMeng Mountain



    The sustainable development of cultural resources in central china has important significance in realizing booming of central china and building economic region in central china. We make use of SWOT theory to make a comprehensive and systematic and objective analyse on advantages and disadvantages and opportunities and challenges in developing cultural resources in scenic areas of YunMeng mountain, in order to realize the harmonious development of economy and society of county region. We draw on cultural resource development in Henan province and promotion of cultural development ability.%中原文化资源的可持续发展,对于实现中原崛起和建设中原经济区具有十分重要的意义。运用SWOT理论方法,全面、系统、客观地分析了淇县云梦山景区文化资源开发过程中存在的优势与劣势以及所面临的机遇和挑战,以期推动县域经济社会的和谐发展,为我省文化资源开发与提升文化发展能力提供有益借鉴。

  7. Artifacts Attest to the Glorious Ancient Culture of Hunan Province



    HUNAN is located in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River and to the south of Dongting Lake. In Chinese, hu means lake and nan, south. The Xiangjiang River valley, which flows through the province from south to north, is the most developed region in the areas of politics, the economy and culture. Thus, Hunan is also called Xiang for short.

  8. 马云枝教授从肝论治失眠经验%Clinical experience of Professor MA Yun-zhi for treating insomnia



    Professor MA Yun-zhi is good at treating insomnia. This article introduce the clinical experience of Professor MA Yun-zhi in treating insomnia by the liver treating%  马云枝教授擅长治疗失眠,本文总结了马云枝教授从肝论治失眠的临床经验。

  9. Study on the volcanic ash cloud with Feng Yun-3 meteorological satellite data

    Gong, Cai-lan T.; Jiang, Shan; Hu, Yong; Meng, Peng


    Volcano eruption can produce a mass of volcanic ash floating in the air for a long period, which will seriously threaten the aerial planes safety, and cause the air pollution, it could do harm to people's living environment and their health. Take the Iceland Eyjafjallajokull volcano as an example which erupted in April to May 2010, the volcano ash cloud were derived with the visible and infrared scanning radiometer of FengYun-3(FY-3 VIRR) meteorological satellite data. The medium wave infrared (MWIR) and the thermal infrared split windows (THIR-SW) data were used separately. the MODIS THIR-SW data were also be used to retrieve ash cloud to test the results derived from FY-3 VIRR data. It showed that the MWIR was more applicable for the ash cloud retrieving than the THIR-SW with FY-3 VIRR data, and the threshold value should be adjusted to around negative 1 rather than 0 for VIRR THIR-SW data. And the threshold should be adjusted with the THIR-SW of FY-3. The ash cloud radiation and bright temperature(BT), spatial distribution characteristics were also analyzed quantitatively with the two channels data. The study could provide parameters for the prediction of volcanic ash cloud dispersion simulate. When the real temperature of lava flow were high enough, the sensor will show a false bright temperature, how to retrieve the real temperature of the higher lava flow is a problem need to be studied in the future.

  10. Agricultural Vocational Education Development Research under the Background of Modern Agriculture--Take Hu'nan Province as an example%现代农业背景下的农业职业教育发展研究--以湖南省为例



    This paper through the development of modern agriculture situation in Hunan Province, looking for development opportunities under the background of modern agricultural development of vocational education, professional development of Hunan agricultural proposed tasks and requirements.%文章通过对湖南省现代农业发展形势分析,寻找现代农业发展背景下职业教育的发展机遇,提出了湖南农业职业发展的任务和要求。

  11. 大数据环境下云南农产品精准营销模式研究%Research on Precision Marketing Pattern of Agricultural Products in Yunnan Province in the Big Data Environment

    龚映梅; 曹新波


    我国农产品营销领域在大数据环境的影响下,营销模式更加复杂化,营销方法更加精准化。通过对相关文献分析,对国内外精准营销模式的界定以及农产品精准营销模式的主要类型,进行了归纳总结。同时,对云南省农产品特征与精准营销概况进行了介绍,分析了大数据对云南农产品消费者特征、营销信息、营销手段和营销成本等方面带来的影响。在分析大数据环境、云南农产品和精准营销模式)者关系的基础上,构建了由数据采集、分析挖掘、精准营销模型、精准营销执行和效果评估反馈等重要环节组成的大数据环境下,云南省农产品精准营销模式,并对模式构建主体、数据采集处理、目标市场战略及策略实施过程中的关键要素展开了论述。%Under the influence of big data environment,the agricultural products marketing pattern becomes more complicated and marketing method more precise.By analyzing the related literature,the paper summarized the conception and types of precision marketing pattern of agricultural products as well as domestic and overseas marketing patterns.Combined with the characteristics of agricultural product and precise marketing situation in Yunnan province,it analyses the influence of big data on customer characteristics,marketing information, method and cost.Based on the analysis of relationship among big data environment,agricultural product of Yun-nan province and precise marketing,it constructed precise marketing pattern of agricultural product of Yunnan province,which is constituted of the data acquisition,analysis mining,precision marketing model,marketing implementation and feedback evaluation,discussing the key elements of model building subject,data collection and processing,target market strategy and tactics implementation as well.

  12. Activation of brain endothelium by pneumococcal neuraminidase NanA promotes bacterial internalization.

    Banerjee, Anirban; Van Sorge, Nina M; Sheen, Tamsin R; Uchiyama, Satoshi; Mitchell, Tim J; Doran, Kelly S


    Streptococcus pneumoniae (SPN), the leading cause of meningitis in children and adults worldwide, is associated with an overwhelming host inflammatory response and subsequent brain injury. Here we examine the global response of the blood-brain barrier to SPN infection and the role of neuraminidase A (NanA), an SPN surface anchored protein recently described to promote central nervous system tropism. Microarray analysis of human brain microvascular endothelial cells (hBMEC) during infection with SPN or an isogenic NanA-deficient (ΔnanA) mutant revealed differentially activated genes, including neutrophil chemoattractants IL-8, CXCL-1, CXCL-2. Studies using bacterial mutants, purified recombinant NanA proteins and in vivo neutrophil chemotaxis assays indicated that pneumococcal NanA is necessary and sufficient to activate host chemokine expression and neutrophil recruitment during infection. Chemokine induction was mapped to the NanA N-terminal lectin-binding domain with a limited contribution of the sialidase catalytic activity, and was not dependent on the invasive capability of the organism. Furthermore, pretreatment of hBMEC with recombinant NanA protein significantly increased bacterial invasion, suggesting that NanA-mediated activation of hBMEC is a prerequisite for efficient SPN invasion. These findings were corroborated in an acute murine infection model where we observed less inflammatory infiltrate and decreased chemokine expression following infection with the ΔnanA mutant.

  13. 广西南宁市种子植物区系的特征%Flora Characteristics of Spermatophyte in Nanning City of Guangxi

    杨宁; 李矿明; 黎育成; 马立荣; 刘恩林; 张亚威


    According to the preliminary statistics,There were 2 706 kinds of wild spermatophyte in Nanning city of Guangxi province,belong to 197 families,967 genus.Based on the research about the families and ge-nus of spermatophyte,most of spermatophyte are tropical plants in Nanning city,and there are plenty of specific plants,specific to be which the model samples were found in Nanning city and the national protective plants in this city.%初步统计,广西南宁有野生(含逸生)种子植物2706种,隶属197科967属。通过对种子植物科属进行研究表明,南宁种子植物地理成分比较丰富,均以热带地理成分为主,特有植物或模式标本产于南宁的准特有植物以及国家重点保护的野生植物较多。

  14. NanR, a Transcriptional Regulator That Binds to the Promoters of Genes Involved in Sialic Acid Metabolism in the Anaerobic Pathogen Clostridium perfringens.

    Blair Therit

    Full Text Available Among many other virulence factors, Clostridium perfringens produces three sialidases NanH, NanI and NanJ. NanH lacks a secretion signal peptide and is predicted to be an intracellular enzyme, while NanI and NanJ are secreted. Previously, we had identified part of an operon encoding NanE (epimerase and NanA (sialic acid lyase enzymes. Further analysis of the entire operon suggests that it encodes a complete pathway for the transport and metabolism of sialic acid along with a putative transcriptional regulator, NanR. The addition of 30 mM N-acetyl neuraminic acid (Neu5Ac to a semi-defined medium significantly enhanced the growth yield of strain 13, suggesting that Neu5Ac can be used as a nutrient. C. perfringens strain 13 lacks a nanH gene, but has NanI- and NanJ-encoding genes. Analysis of nanI, nanJ, and nanInanJ mutants constructed by homologous recombination revealed that the expression of the major sialidase, NanI, was induced by the addition of Neu5Ac to the medium, and that in separate experiments, the same was true of a nanI-gusA transcriptional fusion. For the nanI and nanJ genes, primer extension identified three and two putative transcription start sites, respectively. Gel mobility shift assays using purified NanR and DNA from the promoter regions of the nanI and nanE genes showed high affinity, specific binding by NanR. We propose that NanR is a global regulator of sialic acid-associated genes and that it responds, in a positive feedback loop, to the concentration of sialic acid in the cell.

  15. A conodont-based Middle Triassic age assignment for the Luoping Biota of Yunnan, China

    ZHANG QiYue; ZHOU ChangYong; LU Tao; XIE Tao; LOU XiongYing; LIU Wei; SUN YuanYuan; HUANG JinYuan; ZHAO LaiShi


    The Luoping Biota consists of abundant and well-preserved marine fishes, reptiles, Invertebrates, and plants. It occurs in the Middle Triassic Guanling Formation in Daaozi Village of Luoping County, Yun-nan Province, China. Based on conodonts, the Luoping Biota is determined to lie within the Nicoraella kockeli Zone, which is assigned to the Pelsonian substage of the Anisian.

  16. A conodont-based Middle Triassic age assignment for the Luoping Biota of Yunnan, China


    The Luoping Biota consists of abundant and well-preserved marine fishes, reptiles, invertebrates, and plants. It occurs in the Middle Triassic Guanling Formation in Daaozi Village of Luoping County, Yun-nan Province, China. Based on conodonts, the Luoping Biota is determined to lie within the Nicoraella kockeli Zone, which is assigned to the Pelsonian substage of the Anisian.

  17. Long Day's Journey into Peacock Garden



    YunNan is a province naturally illuminated in colors which named Color Place. Seven is maybe the best word to describe her. The peacocks, the eighteen strange things, the everlasting fl owers, the lively animals, the various ethnic groups and even my love, everything here is soaked with my emotion.

  18. Long Day’s Journey into Peacock Garden



    YunNan is a province naturally illuminated in colors which named Color Place. Seven is maybe the best word to describe her. The peacocks, the eighteen strange things, the everlasting fl owers, the lively animals, the various ethnic groups and even my love, everything here is soaked with my emotion.

  19. Prof WANG Xiao-yun's Experience in Treating Climacteric Syndrome from the Pathogenesis of Kidney Deficiency and Liver Stagnancy

    XU Ying; LIU Jian; WANG Xiao-yun


    @@ Prof. WANG Xiao-yun, a chief physician in the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou TCM University (Guangdong Provincial Hospital of TCM), is a leading physician, professor, and the supervisor of doctoral students in the national key subject of TCM gynecology. Having been engaged in TCM gynecological clinical practice and scientific researches for about 30 years, Prof. WANG has obtained rich experience in the treatment of obstinate and miscellaneous diseases of gynecology, especially in the analysis of pathogenesis and differential treatment of climacteric syndrome.

  20. Nanning to Build the Largest Aluminum Processing and Manufacturing Base in Southwest China


    <正>For a long time,nearly all high-end aluminum materials in China are imported from other countries;however,the situation will be changed by high-end aluminum materials "Made in Nanning".On the morning of May 22nd,the spokesman of Nanning government

  1. Sequence diversity of NanA manifests in distinct enzyme kinetics and inhibitor susceptibility

    Xu, Zhongli; von Grafenstein, Susanne; Walther, Elisabeth; Fuchs, Julian E.; Liedl, Klaus R.; Sauerbrei, Andreas; Schmidtke, Michaela


    Streptococcus pneumoniae is the leading pathogen causing bacterial pneumonia and meningitis. Its surface-associated virulence factor neuraminidase A (NanA) promotes the bacterial colonization by removing the terminal sialyl residues from glycoconjugates on eukaryotic cell surface. The predominant role of NanA in the pathogenesis of pneumococci renders it an attractive target for therapeutic intervention. Despite the highly conserved activity of NanA, our alignment of the 11 NanAs revealed the evolutionary diversity of this enzyme. The amino acid substitutions we identified, particularly those in the lectin domain and in the insertion domain next to the catalytic centre triggered our special interest. We synthesised the representative NanAs and the mutagenized derivatives from E. coli for enzyme kinetics study and neuraminidase inhibitor susceptibility test. Via molecular docking we got a deeper insight into the differences between the two major variants of NanA and their influence on the ligand-target interactions. In addition, our molecular dynamics simulations revealed a prominent intrinsic flexibility of the linker between the active site and the insertion domain, which influences the inhibitor binding. Our findings for the first time associated the primary sequence diversity of NanA with the biochemical properties of the enzyme and with the inhibitory efficiency of neuraminidase inhibitors.

  2. Identification and functional characterization of the NanH extracellular sialidase from Corynebacterium diphtheriae.

    Kim, Seonghun; Oh, Doo-Byoung; Kwon, Ohsuk; Kang, Hyun Ah


    Corynebacterium diphtheriae, a pathogenic Gram-positive bacterium, contains sialic acids on its cell surface, but no genes related to sialic acid decoration or metabolism have been reported in C. diphtheriae. In the present study, we have identified a putative sialidase gene, nanH, from C. diphtheriae KCTC3075 and characterized its product for enzyme activity. Interestingly, the recombinant NanH protein was secreted as a catalytically active sialidase into the periplasmic space in Escherichia coli, while the short region at its C-terminus was truncated by proteolysis. We reconstructed a truncated NanH protein (His(6)-NanH(DeltaN)) devoid of its signal sequence as a mature enzyme fused with the 6xHis tag at the N-terminal region. The purified His(6)-NanH(DeltaN) can cleave alpha-2,3- and alpha-2,6-linked sialic acid from sialic acid-containing substrates. In addition, even though the efficiency was low, the recombinant His(6)-NanH(DeltaN) was able to catalyse the transfer of sialic acid using several sialoconjugates as donor, suggesting that the reversible nature of C. diphtheriae NanH can be used for the synthesis of sialyl oligosaccharides via transglycosylation reaction.

  3. School-Based Intervention for Nutrition Promotion in Mi Yun County, Beijing, China: Does a Health-Promoting School Approach Improve Parents' Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviour?

    Wang, Dongxu; Stewart, Donald; Chang, Chun


    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to assess whether the school-based nutrition programme using the health-promoting school (HPS) framework was effective to improve parents' knowledge, attitudes and behaviour (KAB) in relation to nutrition in rural Mi Yun County, Beijing. Design/methodology/approach: A cluster-randomised intervention trial…

  4. School-Based Intervention for Nutrition Promotion in Mi Yun County, Beijing, China: Does a Health-Promoting School Approach Improve Parents' Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviour?

    Wang, Dongxu; Stewart, Donald; Chang, Chun


    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to assess whether the school-based nutrition programme using the health-promoting school (HPS) framework was effective to improve parents' knowledge, attitudes and behaviour (KAB) in relation to nutrition in rural Mi Yun County, Beijing. Design/methodology/approach: A cluster-randomised intervention trial…

  5. Applying a Multiple Screening Program Aided by a Guideline-driven Computerized Decision Support System—A Pilot Experience in Yun-Lin, Taiwan

    Jou-Wei Lin


    Conclusion: A computer-aided screening program driven by the US Preventive Services Task Force recommendations has been successfully implemented in Yun-Lin, Taiwan, and provided useful information about local epidemiology and implications for future health policy making. [J Formos Med Assoc 2007; 106(1:58-68

  6. Kinematic analysis of "Lou Yun" vaults performed by top level male gymnasts: Relationship between kinematic variables and judges' score

    Roman Farana


    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: In gymnastics judging, evaluation of routines in their execution is based on form and technique displayed during the performance. A vaulting performance takes a short time and is affected by the quantity of biomechanical variables. The significant relationships between the vault score and specific aspects of the gymnast’s vault should motivate coaches to monitor these variables as a part of training or routine testing. OBJECTIVE: The purpose of the study was to determine the biomechanical variables that are related to a successful performance of Lou Yun vaults performed by top level male gymnasts during the World Cup competition. METHODS: Ten top-level male gymnasts participated in this study. For the 3D kinematic analysis, two digital camcorders with a frame rate of 50 Hz were used. The data was digitized by Simi Motion software. The Hay and Reid method (1988 was used to identify the biomechanical variables that determine the linear motions of the Lou Yun vaults. A correlation analysis was used to establish the relationship between the biomechanical variables and the judges’ scores. The level of statistical significance was determined at the value of p RESULTS: Six out of 24 examined variables showed significant correlations with the scores. A significant correlation was found in the maximum height of the body centre of mass in the second flight phase (r = .68, in the height of centre of mass at mat touchdown (r = .75, in the relative height from table take-off to mat touchdown (r = –.85, in the duration of the table contact phase (r = –.71, in the duration of the second flight phase (r = .62 and in the vertical velocity of body centre of mass at table take-off (r = .70. CONCLUSIONS: The results of the study suggest that a successful execution of Lou Yun vaults and the achievement of a higher score required: to minimize duration of table support phase; to maximize the vertical velocity in the table take-off phase; to

  7. Suspended particulate variations and mass size distributions of incense burning at Tzu Yun Yen temple in Taiwan, Taichung.

    Fang, Guor-Cheng; Chang, Cheng-Nan; Wu, Yuh-Shen; Yang, Chang-Ju; Chang, Shyh-Chyi; Yang, I-Lin


    Ambient suspended particulate concentrations were measured at Tzu Yun Yen temple in this study. This is characteristic place of incense burning and indoor air pollution sampling site. A universal sampler, micro-orifice uniform deposited impactor (MOUDI) sampler and dry deposition plate were used to measure particulate concentrations. Tzu Yun Yen temple is a typical famous Buddhist-Taoist combined temple, where many pilgrims come from different areas and various belief systems indicating the eclecticism of the temple. The average number of people visiting this temple is above 5000 per day. The PM2.5/PM10 ratios ranged between 31.2 and 87.4% and averaged 69.6+/-12.3% during the incense-burning period, respectively. The results also demonstrated that the fine particulates concentrations (PM2.5) constituted the majority of indoor-suspended particulates at Tzu Yun Yen temple. PM10 concentration was 110.1 microg m(-3) for Zhong Yuan Jie (A festival on the seventh full moon in a lunar year, otherwise known as a summer lantern festival and (or) the commemoration of the dead. Almost all temples have maximum pilgrims for the commemoration of the dead on this day.) and the 1st or 15th of nong li (Nong li is a Chinese lunar calendar system in which 1 year is divided into fixed periods, and the beginning and end of a year is determined. The new moon and full moon are the 1st and 15th, respectively of each month in the Chinese lunar calendar. Many pilgrims appeared at each temple for blessing and good luck for themselves on the 1st and 15th of each Chinese lunar month.) with numbers higher than non-Zhong Yuan Jie and non-1st or -15th day of nong li (average = 85.5 microg m(-3)). In general, the average dry deposition flux (49.4 mg m(-2) day(-1)) in the indoor environment is lower than those measured in the outdoor environment (184.0 mg m(-2) day(-1)) in this study. The mean dry deposition flux of indoor/outdoor ratio was 46.2%. The average mass size distributions were bimodal

  8. Professor RUAN Shao-nan's Clinical Experience in Treating Apoplectic Hemiplegia

    ZHU Xiao-ying


    @@ It is my great honor as a successor of national senior doctor of Chinese medicine to follow doctor RUAN Shao -nan. Now I summarize his clinical experience in the treatment of hemiplegia after apoplexy as follows.

  9. Elements of the Yue Culture in Jade Ornaments in the Ancient Yun- nan-Guizhou Plateau%云贵高原古代玉饰的越文化因素



    In remote antiquity, members of the Yue people in the region south of the Five Ridges migrated westward by the water route of Xijiang-Yujiang-Yongjiang-Youjiang and settled in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. This led to the wide spread of the jades originally prevailing in the territory ofthe Yue people, such as "horned", crescent and square jue penannular ornaments, necked bracelets and mushroom-shaped fittings for sword butt-ends. With the development of amalgamation of ethnic groups, these types of jades (along with a few antler artifacts) became ornaments of the natives in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, including the Yelang, Dian, Qiongdu and Quting groups.

  10. 云南河口植胶区橡胶林现状分析和发展建议%Current Situation and Development Proposal of Natural Rubber Plantations in Hekou of Yun-nan Provice

    王树明; 张勇; 郭艳


    通过对2013年云南河口植胶区4个农场橡胶幼林普查资料和2000年以后多次低温寒害的分析表明:橡胶林更新时间和面积与寒害出现时间及危害程度有关;2000年后新植和更新种植的幼林普遍大量种植云研77-4新品种,过于单一的品种结构为植胶业留下新的隐患。针对橡胶林更新现状,提出要提高对胶园更新的正确认识,合理规划,多品种配置植胶,提高橡胶树群体抗御自然灾害的能力,及建设新一代高产稳产胶园的建议;并对在寒害频繁的河口地区如何巩固和发展天然橡胶产业进行了探讨,认为要转变理念,重新科学定位和规划植胶区域,探索经济、社会、生态效益更好的种植和经营模式,创建与其它产业经济互利共存的环境友好型生态胶园。%Cold injury has occurred in Hekou rubber plantations several times since 2000, there is correlation between rubber renew time and planting area and cold injury based on the data from general survey in four young rubber plantations in 2013. Clone Yunyan 77-4 with high cold resistance has become the dominant cultivar to renew plantations since 2000, but this single source makes a new threat to the development of natual rubber. The renewal situation makes growers must consider the ecosys-tem, plantation design and multi-clone disposition strategies to ensure the ability of rubber population against natural hazard. Measures to consolidate and develop rubber industry in cold waves frequently attacked areas are discussed. Plant pattern and management pattern with good economic, social and ecological benefits are needed to creat an environment friendly planta-tion with other industries for mutual benefit.

  11. An orthologue of Bacteroides fragilis NanH is the principal sialidase in Tannerella forsythia.

    Thompson, Hayley; Homer, Karen A; Rao, Susmitha; Booth, Veronica; Hosie, Arthur H F


    Sialidase activity is a putative virulence factor of the anaerobic periodontal pathogen Tannerella forsythia, but it is uncertain which genes encode this activity. Characterization of a putative sialidase, SiaHI, by others, indicated that this protein alone may not be responsible for all of the sialidase activity. We describe a second sialidase in T. forsythia (TF0035), an orthologue of Bacteroides fragilis NanH, and its expression in Escherichia coli. Sialidase activity of the expressed NanH was confirmed by using 2'-(4-methylumbelliferyl)-alpha-D-N-acetylneuraminic acid as a substrate. Biochemical characterization of the recombinant T. forsythia NanH indicated that it was active over a broad pH range, with optimum activity at pH 5.5. This enzyme has high affinity for 2'-(4-methylumbelliferyl)-alpha-D-N-acetylneuraminic acid (K(m) of 32.9 +/- 10.3 microM) and rapidly releases 4-methylumbelliferone (V(max) of 170.8 +/- 11.8 nmol of 4-methylumbelliferone min(-1) mg of protein(-1)). E. coli lysates containing recombinant T. forsythia NanH cleave sialic acid from a range of substrates, with a preference for alpha2-3 glycosidic linkages. The genes adjacent to nanH encode proteins apparently involved in the metabolism of sialic acid, indicating that the NanH sialidase is likely to be involved in nutrient acquisition.

  12. Role of Tannerella forsythia NanH sialidase in epithelial cell attachment.

    Honma, Kiyonobu; Mishima, Elina; Sharma, Ashu


    Tannerella forsythia is a Gram-negative oral anaerobe which contributes to the development of periodontitis, an inflammatory disease of the tooth-supporting tissues leading to tooth loss. The mechanisms by which this bacterium colonizes the oral cavity are poorly understood. The bacterium has been shown to express two distinct sialidases, namely, SiaHI and NanH, with the latter being the major sialidase. Bacterial sialidases can play roles in pathogenesis by cleaving sialic acids on host glycoproteins, destroying their integrity, and/or unmasking hidden epitopes on host surfaces for colonization. In the present study, we investigated the roles of the SiaHI and NanH sialidases by generating and characterizing specific deletion mutants. Our results showed that the NanH deficiency resulted in a total loss of sialidase activity associated with the outer-membrane and secreted fractions. On the other hand, the SiaHI deficiency resulted in only a slight reduction in the total sialidase activity, with no significant differences in the levels of sialidase activity in the outer membrane or secreted fractions compared to that in the wild-type strain. The results demonstrated that NanH is both surface localized and secreted. The NanH-deficient mutant but not the SiaHI-deficient mutant was significantly attenuated in epithelial cell binding and invasion abilities compared to the wild-type strain. Moreover, the NanH-deficient mutant alone was impaired in cleaving surface sialic acids on epithelial cells. Thus, our study suggests that NanH sialidase might play roles in bacterial colonization by exposing sialic acid-hidden epitopes on epithelial cells.

  13. 陈云与三年困难时期的救灾工作%Chen Yun and the Relief Work in the Period of Three Difficult Years

    尚长风; 刘春


    由于政策失误以及自然灾害等原因,1959年—1961年(三年困难时期),我国发生严重灾荒。1958年,陈云因为领导"反冒进",曾受到严厉批判,处境艰难。在灾荒早期,陈云就出现的问题,采取力所能及的措施,力求把损失降低到最低限度。当灾荒全面暴露以后,陈云把缓解灾情、安排好人民生活作为自己在这一时期的主要工作。为此,陈云提出了一系列救灾措施。主要有:紧急进口粮食、精简城镇人口、救济城镇人口、调整党的农村政策等。%As a result of policy failures and natural disasters,severe famine occurred in China from 1959 to 1961,i.e.,the Period of Three Difficult Years.Severely criticized,Chen Yun got into extreme difficulty in 1958,resulted from his leading role in the Opposing-Rash-Advance issue.In the early phase of the famine,Chen Yun strived to reduce the loss to the minimal level by expending best efforts.When the famine had widely spread out of control,Chen Yun focused his responsibility on the famine relief and maintenance of people's livelihood.For this purpose,Chen Yun put forward a series of relief measures,including emergency food importation,streamlining urban population,relieving urban residents,and adjusting the Party's rural policy, etc.

  14. 湖南名菜辣味特征及相关味型分析%Pungency Characteristics of Hu'nan Dishes and Analysis of the Related Taste Types

    何帅; 杨帆; 叶小清; 谢定源


    Take the book TheHu'nanFlavorofChineseFamousRecipes as a statistical reference,the quantitative analysis of the pungency characteristics of Hu'nan dishes is carried out.Meanwhile,based on the reference and analysis of the spicy food's composition in the representative recipes and the spicy food's consumption per person in Hu'nan Province,synthesize the overall pungency characteristics of Hu'nan dishes.Use the HPLC method to analyze and detect the content of capsaicin and dihydrocapsaicin in seasonings.With the combination of the pungency degree calculation principle and recipes weight calculation principle,the pungency degree in all kinds of Hu'nan dishes is counted.The research shows that the average pungency degree of capsaicin in the dishes is 1.474°,while the average pungency degree of capsaicin in all dishes is 0.264°.In all Hu'nan spicy dishes,the largest proportion of taste type is “hot-and-sour”.%以《中国名菜谱·湖南风味》为统计参考,量化分析湖南名菜的辣味特征。同时,基于对湖南省代表性食谱中含辣食品的构成以及湖南省辣味食品人均消费情况的参考分析,综合归纳出湖南名菜辣味的整体特征。采用高效液相色谱法分析测定各调味料中辣椒素、二氢辣椒素的含量,并结合辣度计算和菜谱计重原则,统计出湖南各类名菜的辣度特征。研究表明:辣椒素类物质在所有添加含辣椒素类物质的菜肴中的平均辣度为1.474°,辣椒素类物质在所有菜肴中的平均辣度为0.264°。在湖南辣味菜肴中,“酸辣”味型所占比例最大。

  15. Genetic and functional characterization of the NanA sialidase from Clostridium chauvoei.

    Vilei, Edy M; Johansson, Anders; Schlatter, Yvonne; Redhead, Keith; Frey, Joachim


    Clostridium chauvoei is the causative agent of blackleg, a wide spread serious infection of cattle and sheep with high mortality. In this study we have analyzed the sialidase activity of the NanA protein of C. chauvoei and cloned the sialidase gene nanA. Sialidase is encoded as a precursor protein of 722 amino acids with a 26 amino acid signal peptide. The mature sialidase has a calculated molecular mass of 81 kDa and contains the carbohydrate binding module 32 (CBM32, or F5/8 type C domain), the sialic acid binding module CBM40 and the enzymatically active sialidase domain found in all pro- and eukaryotic sialidases. Sialidase activity does not require the CBM32 domain. The NanA protein is secreted by C. chauvoei as a dimer. The nanA gene was found to be conserved and sialidase activity was found in C. chauvoei strains isolated over a period of 50 years from various geographical locations. Antiserum directed against a recombinant 40 kDa peptide containing CBM40 and part of the enzymatically active domain of NanA neutralized the secreted sialidase activity of all C. chauvoei strains tested.

  16. The surface-anchored NanA protein promotes pneumococcal brain endothelial cell invasion.

    Uchiyama, Satoshi; Carlin, Aaron F; Khosravi, Arya; Weiman, Shannon; Banerjee, Anirban; Quach, Darin; Hightower, George; Mitchell, Tim J; Doran, Kelly S; Nizet, Victor


    In humans, Streptococcus pneumoniae (SPN) is the leading cause of bacterial meningitis, a disease with high attributable mortality and frequent permanent neurological sequelae. The molecular mechanisms underlying the central nervous system tropism of SPN are incompletely understood, but include a primary interaction of the pathogen with the blood-brain barrier (BBB) endothelium. All SPN strains possess a gene encoding the surface-anchored sialidase (neuraminidase) NanA, which cleaves sialic acid on host cells and proteins. Here, we use an isogenic SPN NanA-deficient mutant and heterologous expression of the protein to show that NanA is both necessary and sufficient to promote SPN adherence to and invasion of human brain microvascular endothelial cells (hBMECs). NanA-mediated hBMEC invasion depends only partially on sialidase activity, whereas the N-terminal lectinlike domain of the protein plays a critical role. NanA promotes SPN-BBB interaction in a murine infection model, identifying the protein as proximal mediator of CNS entry by the pathogen.

  17. NAN fusions: a synthetic sialidase reporter gene as a sensitive and versatile partner for GUS.

    Kirby, J; Kavanagh, T A


    GUS continues to be the reporter of choice for many gene fusion applications, due to the unparalleled sensitivity of the encoded enzyme and the ease with which it can be quantified in cell-free extracts and visualized histochemically in cells and tissues. A compatible and functionally equivalent reporter gene would facilitate dual promoter studies and internal standardization of expression analyses in the same plant. A search for a candidate enzyme activity not found in plants, which might form the basis of a novel GUS-compatible reporter system, led us to investigate nanH, a Clostridium perfringens gene which encodes the so-called 'small' cytoplasmic sialidase. Expression of the native, AT-rich nanH gene in transgenic plants did not, however, result in detectable sialidase activity. For this reason, a codon-optimized derivative, NAN, was synthesized which possesses a GC content similar to that found in highly expressed plant genes. NAN enzyme activity was expressed at high levels in both stably and transiently transformed cells, possessed kinetic and stability properties similar to those of GUS, and showed optimal activity in GUS buffer. Moreover, NAN and GUS activity could be visualized simultaneously in polyacrylamide gels using the corresponding methylumbelliferone-based substrates, and in whole seedlings and tissue sections using the histochemical substrates 5-bromo-4-chloro-3-indolyl alpha-d-N-acetylneuraminic acid (X-NeuNAc) and 5-bromo-6-chloro-3-indolyl beta-d-glucuronide (X-GlucM), respectively.

  18. Study on the key virulence factor neuraminidase Nan A in Streptococcus pneumoniae%肺炎链球菌主要毒力蛋白神经氨酸酶Nan A的基本特性研究

    陈乾华; 黄汉琮; 李泽年; 徐国纲


    目的 研究肺炎链球菌主要毒力蛋白神经氨酸酶Nan A的基本特性,为新型疫苗研究打下基础.方法 分离、纯化和鉴定重组Nan A;利用生物信息学和蛋白分析软件探索Nan A的蛋白特性.结果 Nan A全长1039个氨基酸,其功能单位为第316~791位氨基酸片段,活性与全长NanA无差异;NanA片段水溶性和稳定性佳;NanA蛋白表面负性电荷为主,活性中心以正性电荷为主,Tyr752或Asp372突变即可令其失活.结论 Nan A可作为新型肺炎链球菌疫苗研发的新靶点.

  19. Evaluation of Special Speed Endurance Training Methods of Elite BMX Athlete MA Li-yun%优秀小轮车运动员马丽芸专项速耐训练手段的综合评价

    张莉; 林丽雅; 陈建敏


    Objective :During the preparation for 12 th National Games ,the main problem for elite BMX athlete MA Li-yun from Gaungdong province is the poor ability in late course .The pur-pose of this study is to provide an objective basis and recommendations for coaches to develop special training by monitoring the speed endurance training of MA Li-yun .Method :Taking elite BMX athlete MA Li-yun from Gaungdong as research object ,the blood lactate and heart rate were measured after the game and during the five speed endurance training ,and 30 sec-onds anaerobic Wingate-test is performed on cycle ergometer before and after stage training , the training effect is elevated .The result shows that 1 ) After game ,peak concentration of blood lactate was 15 .2 mmol/L .2) 1 km interval training :the value of blood lactate after each 1km was 11 .25~13 .15 mmol/L .3) the whole process technical training :the value of blood lactate was 11 .57~14 .18 mmol/L .4) departure training and test :the value of blood lactate after each test was 13 .94 ~ 15 .21 mmol/L .5 )40 s interval training on cycle ergometer :method 1 :the value of blood lactate after each set was 10 .7 ~ 13 .9 mmol/L ;method 2 :the value of blood lactate after each set was 13 .0~15 .3 mmol/L .5 )anaerobic Wingate-test :the value of peak power ,mean power and blood lactate increased obviously after the period of spe-cial speed endurance training .Conclusion :1) the main power output during BMX racing is de-rived from glycolysis .2) The main effects of 1 km interval training and 40s interval training was improving the body's tolerance for lactate .3) the whole process technical training was not suitable for lactate-resistant training .4) In the test and 40s interval training ,the concentration of blood lactate was the same as that after the game .These two methods had better effects on improving the ability of glycolytic energy supply .5 ) These specific training had better effects on improving explosive force and speed

  20. A New Dopant of NaN3 for High-Concentration-Nitrogen Diamond Synthesized by HPHT

    LIANG Zhong-Zhu; JIA Xiao-Peng; Hisao Kan-da; MA Hong-An; WANG Dong-Mei; LIU Wan-Qiang; YU Run-Ze


    Nitrogen is successfully doped in diamond by adding sodium azide (NaN3) as the source of nitrogen to the graphite and iron powders. The diamond crystals with high nitrogen concentration, 1000-2200 ppm, which contain the same concentrations of nitrogen with natural diamond, have been synthesized by using the system of iron-carbonadditive NaN3. The nitrogen concentrations in diamond increase with the increasing content of NaN3. When the content of NaN3 is increased to 0.7-1.3 wt.%, the nitrogen concentration in the diamond almost remains in a nitrogen concentration range from 1250 ppm to 2200 ppm, which is the highest value and several times higher than that in the diamond synthesized by a conventional method without additive NaN3 under high pressure and high temperature (HPHT) conditions.

  1. Recombinant sialidase NanA (rNanA) cleaves α2-3 linked sialic acid of host cell surface N-linked glycoprotein to promote Edwardsiella tarda infection.

    Chigwechokha, Petros Kingstone; Tabata, Mutsumi; Shinyoshi, Sayaka; Oishi, Kazuki; Araki, Kyosuke; Komatsu, Masaharu; Itakura, Takao; Shiozaki, Kazuhiro


    Edwardsiella tarda is one of the major pathogenic bacteria affecting both marine and freshwater fish species. Sialidase NanA expressed endogenously in E. tarda is glycosidase removing sialic acids from glycoconjugates. Recently, the relationship of NanA sialidase activity to E. tarda infection has been reported, however, the mechanism with which sialidase NanA aids the pathogenicity of E. tarda remained unclear. Here, we comprehensively determined the biochemical properties of NanA towards various substrates in vitro to provide novel insights on the potential NanA target molecule at the host cell. GAKS cell pretreated with recombinant NanA showed increased susceptibility to E. tarda infection. Moreover, sialidase inhibitor treated E. tarda showed a significantly reduced ability to infect GAKS cells. These results indicate that NanA-induced desialylation of cell surface glycoconjugates is essential for the initial step of E. tarda infection. Among the natural substrates, NanA exhibited the highest activity towards 3-sialyllactose, α2-3 linked sialic acid carrying sialoglycoconjugates. Supporting this finding, intact GAKS cell membrane exposed to recombinant NanA showed changes of glycoconjugates only in α2-3 sialo-linked glycoproteins, but not in glycolipids and α2-6 sialo-linked glycoproteins. Lectin staining of cell surface glycoprotein provided further evidence that α2-3 sialo-linkage of the N-linked glycoproteins was the most plausible target of NanA sialidase. To confirm the significance of α2-3 sialo-linkage desialylation for E. tarda infection, HeLa cells which possessed lower amount of α2-3 sialo-linkage glycoprotein were used for infection experiment along with GAKS cells. As a result, infection of HeLa cells by E. tarda was significantly reduced when compared to GAKS cells. Furthermore, E. tarda infection was significantly inhibited by mannose pretreatment suggesting that the bacterium potentially recognizes and binds to mannose or mannose containing

  2. Ediacaran Macro Body Fossils

    Huang, Timothy D.; Jei-Fu Shaw; Liang Zheng; Chun-Lan Huang; YiLung Chang; ChuanWei Yang


    This paper, Ediacaran Macro Body Fossils, reports a new discovery of well preserved three dimensional macro body fossils of the Ediacaran Period in central YunNan province in the People's Republic of China. These body fossils will enable more detailed and in-depth exploration of the evolution of multi-cellular macro organisms on this planet, whereas in the past, researches could only rely on cast or imprint fossils.

  3. Interpretation of Nan Yongqian's Poetry from the Perspective of Ecological Poetics

    YIN Yunzhen; WANG Yifan


    In recent years , those in the liter-ary world of the Korean ethnic group in China in-terpret Nan Yongqian's poetry mostly from the an-gle of“totem”, from which has arisen people's dis-cussion on some questions , such as “what is a to-tem”, “what is a totem poem” and “what is an ethnic totem”.Obviously , this kind of discussion is necessary and has a very important value and meaning, especially when the present literary world of China's ethnic Koreans is in a stage of re-cession.However, regarding to Nan Yongqian's poetry, it is not only possible for us to interpret it from the angle of “totem”, but also from the angle of ecologism.Most poetry of Nan Yongqian takes nature , celestial bodies , animals and plants as lyr-ical objects;it shows his views on the nature , soci-ety, environment, ecology and life, etc.Speaking from this meaning , to interpret Nan Yongqian's po-etry by using the popular theory of ecologism might more in accord with the reality of Nan Yongqian's poetry, and also can provide us a new perspective to interpret completely Nan Yongqian's poetry.There-fore , this article tries to analyze Nan Yongqian's po-etry by using the theory of ecologism . Ecological literary theory is a concept devel-oped from the theory of ecologism .It is a kind of literary concept for the way to handle the relation-ship between man and ecology , man and nature from the angle of literature .It could be regarded as one of the newest popular approaches for literary researchin thecontemporary world .The key words of ecologism include “human being”, “nature”,“ecology”,“environment”, and “life” etc.The ecology that we are discussing now is a very big system, which includes nature , society, human beings, and life.Within this big system , the ide-ology related to the ecology includes “taking hu-man beings and nature as a whole”.Speaking from this overall systemic concept , all the things in the ecological system , as all the chains in

  4. Naringenin suppresses Edwardsiella tarda infection in GAKS cells by NanA sialidase inhibition.

    Shinyoshi, Sayaka; Kamada, Yuko; Matsusaki, Koki; Chigwechokha, Petros Kingstone; Tepparin, Supawan; Araki, Kyosuke; Komatsu, Masaharu; Shiozaki, Kazuhiro


    Edwardsiella tarda (E. tarda) is a gram-negative bacterium, which causes Edwardsiellosis in aquaculture. Previous studies indicate that E. tarda NanA sialidase plays crucial roles in infection through the desialylation of glycoproteins in fish cells. On the other hand, 2-deoxy-2,3-dehydro-N-acetylneuraminic acid, classic sialidase inhibitor, negatively regulates E. tarda infection of goldfish scale GAKS cells. Here, to development the suppression model of E. tarda infection for aquaculture application, the possibility of NanA inhibitory activities in citrus phytochemicals was evaluated as citrus extracts have widely been used as a supplement in fish diets for the improvement of meat quality. Some flavanones such as naringenin, hesperetin, hesperidin and naringin showed sialidase inhibitory activity toward recombinant NanA in vitro. Among them, naringenin showed the most potent inhibitory activity and its inhibitory pattern was non-competitive. Naringenin significantly suppressed E. tarda infection in GAKS cells at 200 and 400 μM without bactericidal effect on E. tarda. On the other hand, naringin, glycosylation form of naringenin, showed slight suppression of E. tarda infection toward GAKS cells, suggesting the glycosides on flavanone could be important for NanA inhibition. Fluorescence microscopy analysis verified that number of invading E. tarda in GAKS cells was declined by naringenin treatment. The present study exhibited the possibility of naringenin as an effective ingredient in fish diet for the inhibition of E. tarda infection.

  5. The Sixth Meeting of China-Vietnam People’s Forum Held in Nanning

    Xu; Yan


    The CPA FFC,the China Vietnam Friendship Association(CVFA),Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations(VUFO)and the Vietnam-China Friendship Association(VCFA)jointly held the Sixth Meeting of China-Vietnam People’s Forumin Nanning,capital of China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region,from December1 to 3,2014,attracting delegates from political,economic,academic

  6. NanOx, a new model to predict cell survival in the context of particle therapy

    Cunha, M.; Monini, C.; Testa, E.; Beuve, M.


    Particle therapy is increasingly attractive for the treatment of tumors and the number of facilities offering it is rising worldwide. Due to the well-known enhanced effectiveness of ions, it is of utmost importance to plan treatments with great care to ensure tumor killing and healthy tissues sparing. Hence, the accurate quantification of the relative biological effectiveness (RBE) of ions, used in the calculation of the biological dose, is critical. Nevertheless, the RBE is a complex function of many parameters and its determination requires modeling. The approaches currently used have allowed particle therapy to thrive, but still show some shortcomings. We present herein a short description of a new theoretical framework, NanOx, to calculate cell survival in the context of particle therapy. It gathers principles from existing approaches, while addressing some of their weaknesses. NanOx is a multiscale model that takes the stochastic nature of radiation at nanometric and micrometric scales fully into account, integrating also the chemical aspects of radiation-matter interaction. The latter are included in the model by means of a chemical specific energy, determined from the production of reactive chemical species induced by irradiation. Such a production represents the accumulation of oxidative stress and sublethal damage in the cell, potentially generating non-local lethal events in NanOx. The complementary local lethal events occur in a very localized region and can, alone, lead to cell death. Both these classes of events contribute to cell death. The comparison between experimental data and model predictions for the V79 cell line show a good agreement. In particular, the dependence of the typical shoulders of cell survival curves on linear energy transfer are well described, but also the effectiveness of different ions, including the overkill effect. These results required the adjustment of a number of parameters compatible with the application of the model in

  7. [Anatomical discoveries and concept of human body structure in Nan-jing (Classic of Questioning)].

    Yang, Shi-zhe


    What Nan-jing (Classic of Questioning) contributes to the anatomical discoveries and concepts of human body structure in TCM is that it clarifies the concept, function and anatomical essence of viscera and bowels. It is the first. book that clearly defines the triple jiao as a "qi bowel", This statement is a typical example of Chinese dualistic system of its view on the human body, consisting of physical and spiritual components. This has stirred up confusion for modern interpretation and, as a result, some thought the visceral theory in the book is not based on substantial basis of anatomy. However, the Forty-second Question in Nan-jing not only carries the contents about Wei (stomach), Xiaochang (small intestine), Huichang (large intestine) and Guangchang (anus) in the chapter of "Intestine and Stomach" in Lingshu Jing (Miraculous Pivot), but also changes these names to those we actually use today in the latter chapters; and it also records the gross anatomical shape and size of gall bladder, urinary bladder and all the five viscerae. So, Nan-jing discusses the structure of human body in ancient times, and is equivalent to an integrated science of modern physiology and anatomy, and establishes a solid basis for the fundamental theory of TCM.

  8. Effects of the Application of Different Concentrations of NaN3 for Different Times on the Morphological and Cytogenetic Characteristics of Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) Seedlings

    Ali Irfan ILBAS; Yasemin EROGLU; Halil Erhan EROGLU


    Sodium azide (NaN3) has been used in many biological studies as a mutagen. In the present study, the morphological and cytogenetic effects of NaN3 on barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) seedlings were investigated. Seeds of barley were treated with different concentrations of NaN3 (0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, and3.0 mmol/L) and applied for different periods of time (3 and 4 h). Parameters investigated, except for the mitotic index, were determined on Days 7 and 14. Increasing concentrations of NaN3 affected germination rates on Days 7 and 14 following application for 3 and 4 h. Although the length of the roots and leaves was affected by treatment with NaN3 on Day 14 of the germination period, coleoptile length was affected by NaN3 treatment on Day 7. Increasing concentrations of NaN3 and increased treatment period decreased the mitotic index compared with the untreated control. The inhibitory effects of NaN3 on the mitotic index indicate that NaN3 can have genotoxic and mutagenic effects on barley seedlings.

  9. Chen Yun' s Thought on the Progressiveness of CPC Members%论陈云的共产党员先进性思想



    Comrade Chen Yun is a great proletarian revolutionist and politician, an outstanding Marxist, and a long -tested extraordinary leader of the Party and the state. In his revolutionary career of over 70 years, Chen Yun made great attainment in both theory and practice in the progressiveness of CPC members, and raised a lot of meaningful thoughts. He thought that the progressiveness of CPC members was mainly embodied in working hard to arm their mind with scientific theory and master correct ideology and methodology;firmly setting up the communism ideal and faith and striving for it all the life ; always remembering the tenet of the Party to seek bene- fits for the people wholeheartedly;abiding by the discipline of the Party and passing on the good tradition of the Party. As one important component of Chen Yun' s theory of party building, these thoughts were the product of combining the party building theory of Marxism and Leninism with the CPC' s practice of party building, having greatly enriched and developed the membership construction thought of the party building theory of Maoism. Chen Yun' s thought on the progressiveness of CPC members has an important meaning of guidance for strength- ening the progressiveness construction, maintaining the progressiveness of CPC members, and keeping the Party' s purity under the new situation.%陈云同志是伟大的无产阶级革命家、政治家,杰出的马克思主义者,党和国家久经考验的卓越领导人。在70多年的革命生涯中,陈云同志对共产党员的先进性从理论到实践都有重大建树,提出了许多具有深远意义的思想。他认为,共产党员的先进性主要体现在:奋发学习,以科学理论武装头脑,把思想方法搞对头;牢固树立共产主义的理想信念,并终身为之奋斗;始终牢记党的宗旨,全心全意人民谋利益;严守党的纪律,自觉继承和发扬党的优良传统作风。这些思想是他党建思想理

  10. A Review on Zeng Yun-qian’s Three Textbooks of Confucian Classics Studies%曾运乾经学研究三书述评



    As one of the most famous scholars in modern Hunan,Zeng Yun-qian was proficient in ancient Chinese phonology as well as Confucian classics studies.In Zeng’s three textbooks of Confucian classics studies,namely Shangshu Zhengdu,Maoshi Shuo and Chunqiu Sanzhuan Tonglun,he applied phonological,exegetical,grammatical and rhetorical knowledges and skills in a flexible way,so that he made great progress in explanation and interpretation to Confucian classics.Zeng Yun-qian,regarded as a symbolic figure in the history of Hunan learning,his enormous success in Confucian classics studies pro-ceeded from Chinese phonology and philology,which changed in large part the situation that Hunanese scholars had been bad at phonology and philology.%曾运乾不仅以精通声韵名家,经学研究也有骄人成绩。在《尚书正读》、《毛诗说》、《春秋三传通论》等著述中,他综合运用音韵、训诂、语法、修辞等知识,在解说经义、训释字词、点断句读、剖析文理、抉发经书意蕴、裁决经学争讼等方面屡有新获,能兼汉、宋之长,不拘今、古家法。曾运乾由小学入手治经,一改湖南经师不通小学的旧观,在湘学史上尤其具有标志性的意义。

  11. Issues Chen Yun Pondered on in his Later Years%陈云晚年对几个重要问题的探讨



    陈云晚年反复思考以下几个问题:一是加强党的自身建设,提出:“执政党的党风问题是有关党的生死存亡的问题”;二是倡导学习哲学,强调:学好哲学,终身受用;三是加强农业生产,提出:无农不稳,无粮则乱;四是保护环境,提出:保护环境是我国一项大的国策。我们重温陈云晚年思考的这几个问题,对于我们加强执政党建设,落实科学发展观,构建和谐社会,都有重要意义。%Chen Yun pondered on several issues in his later years. Firstly, as to the Party' s self - construction, he claimed that "the ruling Party' s conduct construction is a life - and - death matter". Secondly, he initiated philosophy study, emphasizing the life -long benefit of a good mastery of philosophy. Thirdly, he proposed to strengthen agricultural production, in his belief that "national stability is threatened without a sound agriculture, and shortage of grain entails a chaotic situation". His forth proposal concerns environmental protection, stating that "environmental protection is a basic national policy in our country". Nowadays, a revision of these issues pondered on by Chen Yun in his later years is still of great significance, to strengthen the ruling Party's construction, to carry out scientific development concept and to build a harmonious society.

  12. NAN-190 potentiates the circadian response to light and speeds re-entrainment to advanced light cycles.

    Kessler, E J; Sprouse, J; Harrington, M E


    Health problems can arise from de-synchrony between the external environment and the endogenous circadian rhythm, yet the circadian system is not able to quickly adjust to large, abrupt changes in the external daily cycle. In this study, we investigated the ability of NAN-190 to potentiate the circadian rhythm response to light as measured by phase of behavioral activity rhythms. NAN-190 (5 mg/kg, i.p.) was able to significantly potentiate the response to light both in dark-adapted and entrained hamsters. Furthermore, NAN-190 was effective even when administered up to 6 h after light onset. Response to a light pulse was both greater in magnitude and involved fewer unstable transient cycles. Finally, NAN-190 was able to speed re-entrainment to a 6 h advance of the light/dark cycle by an average of 6 days when compared with vehicle-treated animals. This work suggests that compounds like NAN-190 may hold great potential as a pharmaceutical treatment for jetlag, shift work, and other circadian disorders.

  13. Severe haze episodes and seriously polluted fog water in Ji'nan, China.

    Wang, Xinfeng; Chen, Jianmin; Sun, Jianfeng; Li, Weijun; Yang, Lingxiao; Wen, Liang; Wang, Wenxing; Wang, Xinming; Collett, Jeffrey L; Shi, Yang; Zhang, Qingzhu; Hu, Jingtian; Yao, Lan; Zhu, Yanhong; Sui, Xiao; Sun, Xiaomin; Mellouki, Abdelwahid


    Haze episodes often hit urban cities in China recently. Here, we present several continuous haze episodes with extremely high PM2.5 levels that occurred over several weeks in early 2013 and extended across most parts of the northern and eastern China-far exceeding the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. Particularly, the haze episode covered ~1 million km(2) on January 14, 2013 and the daily averaged PM2.5 concentration exceeded 360 μg m(-3) in Ji'nan. The observed maximum hourly PM2.5 concentration in urban Ji'nan reached 701 μg m(-3) at 7:00 am (local time) in January 30. During these haze episodes, several fog events happened and the concurrent fog water was found to be seriously polluted. For the fog water collected in Ji'nan from 10:00 pm in January 14 to 11:00 am in January 15, sulfate, nitrate, and ammonium were the major ions with concentrations of 1.54 × 10(6), 8.98 × 10(5), and 1.75 × 10(6) μeq L(-1), respectively, leading to a low in-situ pH of 3.30. The sulfate content in the fog sample was more than 544 times as high as those observed in other areas. With examination of the simultaneously observed data on PM2.5 and its chemical composition, the fog played a role in scavenging and removing fine particles from the atmosphere during haze episodes and thus was seriously contaminated. However, the effect was not sufficient to obviously cleanse air pollution and block haze episodes.

  14. 125 million Yuan has been In-vested in the Aluminium Fluoride Project in Mianchi County,He-nan Province


    <正>In May this year,Orient Shaoxing Salt Fluoride Co.,Ltd.under China Nonferrous Metals Min- ing Co.,Ltd.launched its 60,000-ton dry- process aluminium fluoride project.Currently, a total of 125 million Yuan has been invested in this project.It is reported that the project,lo-

  15. NanTroSEIZE: The IODP Nankai Trough Seismogenic Zone Experiment

    Harold J. Tobin


    Full Text Available The IODP Nankai Trough Seismogenic Zone Experiment (NanTroSEIZE will, for the fi rst time ever, attempt to drill into, sample, and instrument the seismogenic portion of a plate-boundary fault or megathrust within a subduction zone. Access to the interior of active faults where in situ processes can be monitored and fresh fault zone materials can be sampled is of fundamental importance to the understanding of earthquake mechanics. As the December 2004 Sumatraearthquake and Indian Ocean tsunami so tragically demonstrated,large subduction earthquakes represent one of the greatest natural hazards on the planet. Accordingly, drilling into and instrumenting an active interplate seismogenic zone is a very high priority in the IODP Initial Science Plan (2001. Through a decade-long series of national and international workshops, a consensus emerged that the Nankai Trough is an ideal place to attempt drilling and monitoring of the seismogenic plate interface. The fi rst phase of NanTroSEIZE drilling operations has now been scheduled for the late summer of 2007. It involves parallel deployment of both the new U.S. Scientifi c Ocean Drilling Vessel (SODV, this volume and the riser drilling vessel Chikyu.

  16. Effects of additive NaN3 on the HPHT synthesis of large single crystal diamond grown by TGM


    In this paper,large single crystal diamond with perfect shape and high nitrogen concentration approximately 1671-1742 ppm was successfully synthesized by temperature gradient method (TGM) under high pressure and high temperature (HPHT).The HPHT synthesis conditions were about 5.5 GPa and 1500-1550 K.Sodium azide (NaN3) with different amount was added as the source of nitrogen into the synthesis system of high pure graphite and kovar alloy.The effects of additive NaN3 on crystal growth habit were investigated in detail.The crystal morphology,nitrogen concentration and existing form in synthetic diamond were characterized by means of scanning electron microscope (SEM) and infrared (IR) absorption spectra,respectively.The results show that with an increase of the content of NaN3 added in the synthesis system,the region of synthesis temperature for high-quality diamond becomes narrow,and crystal growth rate is restricted,whereas the nitrogen concentration in synthetic diamond increases.Nitrogen exists in diamond mainly in dispersed form (C-centers) and partially aggregated form (A-centers).The defects occur more frequently on crystal surface when excessive NaN3 is added in the synthesis system.

  17. Precipitation Interpolation by Multivariate Bayesian Maximum Entropy Based on Meteorological Data in Yun- Gui-Guang region, Mainland China

    Wang, Chaolin; Zhong, Shaobo; Zhang, Fushen; Huang, Quanyi


    Precipitation interpolation has been a hot area of research for many years. It had close relation to meteorological factors. In this paper, precipitation from 91 meteorological stations located in and around Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi Zhuang provinces (or autonomous region), Mainland China was taken into consideration for spatial interpolation. Multivariate Bayesian maximum entropy (BME) method with auxiliary variables, including mean relative humidity, water vapour pressure, mean temperature, mean wind speed and terrain elevation, was used to get more accurate regional distribution of annual precipitation. The means, standard deviations, skewness and kurtosis of meteorological factors were calculated. Variogram and cross- variogram were fitted between precipitation and auxiliary variables. The results showed that the multivariate BME method was precise with hard and soft data, probability density function. Annual mean precipitation was positively correlated with mean relative humidity, mean water vapour pressure, mean temperature and mean wind speed, negatively correlated with terrain elevation. The results are supposed to provide substantial reference for research of drought and waterlog in the region.

  18. Sialic acid transporter NanT participates in Tannerella forsythia biofilm formation and survival on epithelial cells.

    Honma, Kiyonobu; Ruscitto, Angela; Frey, Andrew M; Stafford, Graham P; Sharma, Ashu


    Tannerella forsythia is a periodontal pathogen implicated in periodontitis. This gram-negative pathogen depends on exogenous peptidoglycan amino sugar N-acetylmuramic acid (NAM) for growth. In the biofilm state the bacterium can utilize sialic acid (Neu5Ac) instead of NAM to sustain its growth. Thus, the sialic acid utilization system of the bacterium plays a critical role in the growth and survival of the organism in the absence of NAM. We sought the function of a T. forsythia gene annotated as nanT coding for an inner-membrane sugar transporter located on a sialic acid utilization genetic cluster. To determine the function of this putative sialic acid transporter, an isogenic nanT-deletion mutant generated by allelic replacement strategy was evaluated for biofilm formation on NAM or Neu5Ac, and survival on KB epithelial cells. Moreover, since T. forsythia forms synergistic biofilms with Fusobacterium nucleatum, co-biofilm formation activity in mixed culture and sialic acid uptake in culture were also assessed. The data showed that the nanT-inactivated mutant of T. forsythia was attenuated in its ability to uptake sialic acid. The mutant formed weaker biofilms compared to the wild-type strain in the presence of sialic acid and as co-biofilms with F. nucleatum. Moreover, compared to the wild-type T. forsythia nanT-inactivated mutant showed reduced survival when incubated on KB epithelial cells. Taken together, the data presented here demonstrate that NanT-mediated sialic transportation is essential for sialic acid utilization during biofilm growth and survival of the organism on epithelial cells and implies sialic acid might be key for its survival both in subgingival biofilms and during infection of human epithelial cells in vivo.

  19. The contributions of Nan Goldin’s photographic work with the formation of a plural humanism

    Iván Darío Moreno Acero


    Full Text Available In the last two centuries the photography in its function to retain the immediately brief and momentary present, has been a central narrator of the human history, not only as a passive narrator of events, but also as an active one, to say it as a tenacious sensitizer of the situation that the human being and its society has lived. The photographic work of Nan Goldin in the investigation group “Ehics, pedagogy and literature” has been assumed as a narrative that thinks about human condition throughout history, as well as a vehicle that goes beyond established limits. In general, we propose that photography is a central element in the humanist formation because it makes the individual thinks about himself in a new way.

  20. Sintering AL2O3-CR composites made from micro-and Nan powders

    Pietrzak K.


    Full Text Available This paper presents the results of studies on sintering Al2O3-Cr composites of different chemical compositions (from 25 to 75 vol.% of each component. The factor analyzed was the influence of time (from 15 to 60 min temperature (from 1200-1600°C, pressure (0.5 and 30 MPa and powder graining (for Al2O3 powders-80nm or 1μm on the density of sinters obtained. It was found that Nan powder composites are characterized by a higher density (by about 1-2% than the micro powder composite, the remaining conditions of the process intact. Using the pressure of 30MPa allows obtaining of a definite sintering degree at a temperature of about 200°C lower than at a pressure of 0.5 MPa.

  1. 《礼运》成篇的时代及思想特点分析%The Age and Ideology Features of Li Yun



    《礼运》是儒学和中国文化思想史的一篇重要文献,出于西汉,它是汉儒采辑、编撰的,有三段采自先秦文献.最关键的部分,是论礼与阴阳、五行、太乙、仁义的关系,这部分是汉人撰写的,反映汉人天人同类的大礼乐观.如以为是孔子与弟子论礼之言,就会把孔子思想汉人化、董仲舒化,会导致思想史的错置和混乱."大同""小康"之说,是儒家思想,但非孔子之言.%Li Yun,which was an important document of Confucianism and the history of Chinese culture and ideology in the Western Han Dynasty, wascollected and compiled by Han Confucianists, among which three paragraphs were extracted from the documents of Pre-Qin Dynasty. The important part about the relationship between etiquette and yin-yang, the five elements (metal, wood, water, fire and earth) and Taiyi (world outlook of the ancient ancesters), kindheartedness and justice was written by the Hans, and it reflected the Hans' ettiquette-oriented outlook that heaven and man were similar. If it is considered as Confucius' and his pupils' idea of etiquette, Confucius's thoughts will be considered as the Hans' or Dong Zhongshu's, which will lead to the confusion of the history of ideology. The ideas of "Datong"(an orderly society based on morality) and "Xiaokang"( an orderly society based on interests distribution and etiquette ) are Confucian thoughts rather than what Confucius said.

  2. Analysis of Causes and Countermeasures of Traffic Jam in Nanning City%南宁市交通拥堵成因及对策分析

    彭燕; 余丕远


    文章基于对南宁市交通状况的调查,分析了南宁市交通拥堵问题产生的原因,提出了相应的对策与建议。%Based on the survey of the traffic status of Nanning City, the article analyzed the causes of traffic jam in Nanning City, and put forth appropriate countermeasures and sug- gestions.

  3. The Historical Evolution of Nan Yue Zhong Zheng Library%南岳中正图书馆历史演变



    文章记述南岳中正图书馆的历史。从古代南岳的文化渊薮,继而建立南岳图书馆,抗战胜利后发展成南岳中正图书馆。新中国成立,南岳中正图书馆撤销建制,改为南岳古典书库,藏书分散保存在湖南数家图书馆。%〔Abstract〕The article describes the history of Nan Yue Zhong Zheng Library that Nan Yue Library was established from the ancient Nan Yue culture and developed into Nan Yue Zhong Zheng Library after the victory of Anti—Japanese War. After the founding of New China Nan Yue Zhong Zheng Library was revoked and renamed Nan Yue Stacks of Ancient Books that the library collection has been scattered in several libraries of Hunan.

  4. Pneumococcal neuraminidase A (NanA) promotes biofilm formation and synergizes with influenza A virus in nasal colonization and middle ear infection.

    Wren, John T; Blevins, Lance K; Pang, Bing; Basu Roy, Ankita; Oliver, Melissa B; Reimche, Jennifer L; Wozniak, Jessie E; Alexander-Miller, Martha A; Swords, W Edward


    Even in the vaccine era, Streptococcus pneumoniae (pneumococcus) remains a leading cause of otitis media, a significant public health burden, in large because of its high prevalence of nasal colonization in children. The primary pneumococcal neuraminidase NanA, which is a sialidase that catalyzes the cleavage of terminal sialic acids from host glycoconjugates, is involved in both of these processes. Coinfection with influenza A virus, which also expresses a neuraminidase, exacerbates nasal colonization and disease by S. pneumoniae, in part via the synergistic contributions of the viral neuraminidase. The specific role of its pneumococcal counterpart NanA in this interaction, however, is less well-understood. We demonstrate in a mouse model that NanA-deficient pneumococci are impaired in both nasal colonization and middle ear infection. Coinfection with neuraminidase-expressing influenza virus potentiates both but not to wild-type levels, suggesting an intrinsic role of NanA. Using in vitro models, we show that while NanA contributes to both epithelial adherence and biofilm viability, its effect on the latter is actually independent of its sialidase activity. These data indicate that NanA contributes both enzymatically and non-enzymatically to pneumococcal pathogenesis and, as such, suggest that it is not a redundant bystander during coinfection with influenza A virus. Rather, that its expression is required for the full synergism between these two pathogens.

  5. Geochemical characteristics of island-arc volcanic rocks in the Nan-Nam Pat-Phetchabun zone, northern Thailand

    SHEN Shangyue; FENG Qinglai; YANG Wenqiang; ZHANG Zhibin; Chongpom Chonglakmani


    Late Permian-Early Triassic (P2-T1) volcanic rocks distributed on the eastern side of ocean-ridge and oceanic-island basalts in the Nan-Uttaradit zone were analyzed from aspects of petrographic characteristics, rock assemblage, REE, trace elements, geotectonic setting, etc., indicating that those volcanic rocks possess the characteristic features of island-arc volcanic rocks. The volcanic rock assemblage is basalt-basaltic andesite-andesite. The volcanic rocks are sub-alkaline, dominated by calc-alkaline series, with tholeiite series coming next. The chemical composition of the volcanic rocks is characterized by low TiO2 and K2O and high Al2O3 and Na2O. Their REE patterns are of the flat, weak LREE-enrichment right-inclined type. The trace elements are characterized by the enrichment of large cation elements such as K, Rb and Ba, common enrichment of U and Th, and depletion of Nb, Ta, Zr and Hf. The petrochemical plot falls within the field of volcanic rocks, in consistency with the plot of island-arc volcanic rocks in the Jinsha River zone of China. This island-arc volcanic zone, together with the ocean-ridge/oceanic island type volcanic rocks in the Nan-Uttaradit zone, constitutes the ocean-ridge volcanic rock-island-arc magmatic rock zones which are distributed in pairs, indicating that the oceanic crust of the Nan-Uttaradit zone once was of eastward subduction. This work is of great significance in exploring the evolution of paleo-Tethys in the Nan-Uttaradit zone.

  6. 南宁皂角村土话语音%The Phonetics of Zaojiao Village Dialect of Nanning



    描写南宁市皂角村土话语音,内容包括声韵调系统、语音特点和同音字汇三个部分。%Zaojiao Village is located in Nanning, Guangxi.The paper describes the phonetic system of Zaojiao Village dialect, which includes its tones, phonetic changes and homophone lexicon.

  7. Occurrence of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs and estrogenic activity in the Nan River, Phitsanulok, Thailand

    Saowanee Deemoon


    Full Text Available The occurrence of EDCs (OP, NP, BPA, and E1 and estrogenic activities were investigated in the water, suspended solids, sediments, and fish from the Nan River, Phitsanulok, Thailand. The samples were collected from 12 sites along the Nan River, which was divided into 3 zones as upstream, midstream (municipality area and downstream. Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS was used to determine EDCs concentrations and yeast estrogen screen (YES bioassay was used to test for estrogenic activity. The results from this study showed that in water samples, OP, NP, BPA, and E1 were found in ranges of 0.87-10.09 ng/L, 179.63-1,164.41 ng/L, 34.97-1,554.14 ng/L, and ND-9.73 ng/L, respectively. In sediment samples, NP, BPA, and E1 were found in ranges of 5.55-35.60 ng/g, 5.15-7.62 ng/g, and 1.32-11.31 ng/g, respectively, while OP not detected at all sites. In suspended solids samples, OP, NP, BPA, and E1 were found in ranges of 4.04-18.03 ng/L, 225.29-554.90 ng/L, 10.80-22.61 ng/L, and 6.48-22.28 ng/L, respectively. In addition, in fish samples, OP, NP, BPA, and E1 were found in ranges of 62.40-600.98 ng/g, 5,623.75-5,7281.48 ng/g, 9.04-44.12 ng/g, and 5.62-133.82 ng/g, respectively. For the results of estrogenic activities in terms of the EEQ for water, sediment, suspended solids, and fish samples were found in ranges of 0-0.985 ng EEQ/L, 0-0.168 ngEEQ/g, 0-0.391 ng EEQ/L, and 0.087-0.873 ng EEQ/g, respectively. Risk assessment of EDCs present in water, sediments, suspended solids, and fish indicated low to medium risk.

  8. Evaluation of Production Efficiency of the County-level Crop Farming in He'nan Based on GIS and DEA

    Liu Yu


    Full Text Available The aim of this study is to reveal the resource utilization pattern of county-level crop farming production in He'nan in 2010, which can provide scientific basis for formulation of crop farming production policies and adjustment of production elements. The empirical analysis of the production efficiency of 126 country-level crop farming in He'nan in 2010 is conducted by applying GIS software and DEA model from three aspects of "combined efficiency", "technical efficiency" and "scale efficiency" and non-DEA effective states of mechanical power input, pesticide input, effective irrigation area and so on are revealed. The results show that: the average value of the combined efficiency of crop farming in the research period is 0.69 and the county-level spatial differentiation is remarkable; the technical efficiency is the main factors influencing the combined efficiency and its spatial pattern is basically consistent with the spatial pattern of the combined efficiency; the average value of the scale efficiency of crop farming is 0.95, which indicates that the overall scale efficiency of crop farming in He'nan is at a higher level; it further reveals looseness of various input elements in various counties. It is suggested to optimize and adjust the element input amount and input structure by type and improve the combined efficiency of crop farming.

  9. Group Authentication Scheme for Neighbourhood Area Networks (NANs in Smart Grids

    Bashar Alohali


    Full Text Available A Neighbourhood Area Network is a functional component of the Smart Grid that interconnects the end user domain with the Energy Services Provider (ESP domain. It forms the “edge” of the provider network, interconnecting homes instrumented with Smart Meters (SM with the ESP. The SM is a dual interface, wireless communication device through which information is transacted across the user (a home and ESP domains. The security risk to the ESP increases since the components within the home, interconnected to the ESP via the SM, are not managed by the ESP. Secure operation of the SM is a necessary requirement. The SM should be resilient to attacks, which might be targeted either directly or via the network in the home. This paper presents and discusses a security scheme for groups of SMs in a Neighbourhood Area Network that enable entire groups to authenticate themselves, rather than one at a time. The results show that a significant improvement in terms of resilience against node capture attacks, replay attacks, confidentiality, authentication for groups of SMs in a NAN that enable entire groups to authenticate themselves, rather than one at a time.

  10. [On Liu qin xi (six animal frolics) in Huai nan zi (Discourses of Master Huainanzi)].

    Sun, Xiaozhong


    The six styles of the art of Daoyin recorded in Liu An's Huai nan zi (Discourses of Master Huainanzi) of the Western Han Dynasty was called the Liu qin xi which was simplified from the complicated ancient Daoyin art of bionic practice imitating the movements of six kinds of animal. Among them, the "xiong jing"imitates the erecting walking style of a bear so as to strengthen the waist and lower extremities; the "niao shen"follows the spreading of wings of a bird so as to extend the arms and legs, to train the shoulders and extremities; the "fu yu"imitates the movements of swimming and moving head of a wild duck so as to train the head and neck; the "yuan jue"imitates the jumping of a monkey among the tree branches so as to train the legs and waist; the "chi shi"imitates the streching neck movements of an eagle so as to strengthen the neck and improvement of vision; while the "hu gu"imitates the movement of turning head of a tiger so as to train one's nape and the buttock.

  11. Measurement of (23)Na(n,2n) cross section in well-defined reactor spectra.

    Košťál, Michal; Švadlenková, Marie; Baroň, Petr; Milčák, Ján; Mareček, Martin; Uhlíř, Jan


    The present paper aims to compare the calculated and experimental reaction rates of (23)Na(n,2n)(22)Na in a well-defined reactor spectra of a special core assembled in the LR-0 reactor. The experimentally determined reaction rate, derived using gamma spectroscopy of irradiated NaF sample, is used for average cross section determination. The resulting value averaged in spectra is 0.91±0.02µb. This cross-section is important as it is included in International Reactor Dosimetry and Fusion File and is also relevant to the correct estimation of long-term activity of Na coolant in Sodium Fast Reactors. The calculations were performed with the MCNP6 code using ENDF/B-VII.0, JEFF-3.1, JEFF-3.2, JENDL-3.3, JENDL-4, ROSFOND-2010 and CENDL-3.1 nuclear data libraries. Generally the best C/E agreement, within 2%, was found using the ROSFOND-2010 data set, whereas the worst, as high as 40%, was found using the ENDF/B-VII.0.

  12. 樊运宽咏桂林山水诗词艺术特色%On the Artistic Features of Guilin Landscape Poems by Fan Yun-kuan



    FAN Yun-kuan, the professor of literature department of Guangxi Normal University, has created thousands of poems, and published the poetic collection entitled The charm of bamboo and the sound of spring, in which the author shows his special preference to Guilin landscape scenery that is the main theme of the collection. The poems in the collection have the poetic elegancy and the spirit of time. The collection is an indicator of the author’ s broad mind and grand ambition just as what described in the famous poetic lines: “A time will come for me to ride the wind and cleanse the waves, I will set my cloud while sail and cross the sea which waves” . The poems in the collection are characterized by the rich meaning and profound thoughts, vivid imagination, the unique description skills, marvelous images, pleasant melody and smooth rhyme, the abundant feeling of colors and sounds, complicated styles, abundant new ideas.%广西师范大学文学院樊运宽教授创作诗词逾千首,出版诗词集《竹韵泉声集》。他对桂林山水风光情有独钟,这类题材的作品数量最多,份量最重,韵味最浓。字里行间流淌的典雅诗美和时代气息,展现了他“长风破浪会有时,直挂风帆济沧海”的旷达情怀和不凡抱负。其诗词命意高远,思致渊永;想象超拔,意象奇杰;写境非凡,神领意造;韵律协畅,声色俱全;曲昭文体,孚甲新意彰显了鲜明的个性和艺术特色。

  13. 湖北郧县西峰汉墓群发掘简报%A Preliminary Excavation Report of Han Tombs in Xifeng Site of Yun County


    Twenty-four Hart-dynasty tombs, located in Xifeng Village of Wufeng Town, Yun County, were excavated from May to August in 2010, by Xiangfan College and Research Institute of the History and Culture of Xiangyang and Three Kingdoms. All of the tombs are of rock-cave chambered with a passage. The tomb chambers, some with rectangular bricked walls and floors, have three forms, rectangular, T-shaped, and character-f J-shaped ones. A total of 226 burial objects were recovered from 17 tombs, including pottery, bronzes, irons, stones, shells, crystals, and gold and silver. The artifacts are indicative of the period covering from late Western Han to early Eastern Han. Forms of these object sets suggest a combined feature of a unified Hart Culture and a local tradition. It is reported that these Han tombs might have been an adjunctive cemetery to the Wangzhuang Han Dynasty ruin-site.%西峰墓汉群位于郧县五峰乡西峰村,2010年5月至8月襄樊学院襄阳及三国历史文化研究所在此发掘了24座墓葬。所有墓葬均为带墓道的岩坑洞室墓,平面形状有长方形、“凸”形、“刀”形三种,少量墓室以条砖砌筑、铺地。17座墓葬出土陶、硬陶、铜、铁、铅锡、石、蚌、水晶料、金银、蜜蜡等随葬器物228件(枚),时代在西汉晚期至东汉中期之间。随葬器物组合和形制既有汉文化大一统的特点,又有着自身的地方特色。该墓地是上庄汉代遗址外围墓地。

  14. Generalized Split-Window Algorithm for Estimate of Land Surface Temperature from Chinese Geostationary FengYun Meteorological Satellite (FY-2C Data

    Jun Xia


    Full Text Available On the basis of the radiative transfer theory, this paper addressed the estimate ofLand Surface Temperature (LST from the Chinese first operational geostationarymeteorological satellite-FengYun-2C (FY-2C data in two thermal infrared channels (IR1,10.3-11.3 μ m and IR2, 11.5-12.5 μ m , using the Generalized Split-Window (GSWalgorithm proposed by Wan and Dozier (1996. The coefficients in the GSW algorithmcorresponding to a series of overlapping ranging of the mean emissivity, the atmosphericWater Vapor Content (WVC, and the LST were derived using a statistical regressionmethod from the numerical values simulated with an accurate atmospheric radiativetransfer model MODTRAN 4 over a wide range of atmospheric and surface conditions.The simulation analysis showed that the LST could be estimated by the GSW algorithmwith the Root Mean Square Error (RMSE less than 1 K for the sub-ranges with theViewing Zenith Angle (VZA less than 30° or for the sub-rangs with VZA less than 60°and the atmospheric WVC less than 3.5 g/cm2 provided that the Land Surface Emissivities(LSEs are known. In order to determine the range for the optimum coefficients of theGSW algorithm, the LSEs could be derived from the data in MODIS channels 31 and 32 provided by MODIS/Terra LST product MOD11B1, or be estimated either according tothe land surface classification or using the method proposed by Jiang et al. (2006; and theWVC could be obtained from MODIS total precipitable water product MOD05, or beretrieved using Li et al.’ method (2003. The sensitivity and error analyses in term of theuncertainty of the LSE and WVC as well as the instrumental noise were performed. Inaddition, in order to compare the different formulations of the split-window algorithms,several recently proposed split-window algorithms were used to estimate the LST with thesame simulated FY-2C data. The result of the intercomparsion showed that most of thealgorithms give

  15. 探析云南佤族木鼓文化与民族武术文化的符号之缘%Analysis of the Relations between the Wooden-drum Culture of YunNan Wa Nationality and National Wushu Culture



      The article analyzes the cultural factors of Wa Nationality wooden-drum culture in Yunnan comprehensively in the views of anthropology, sociology and folklore. The study finds that there are special symbols of the wooden-drum culture and the national Wushu culture on the edge.%  文章从人类学、社会学、民俗学的角度,对云南佤族木鼓文化因子进行了较为全面、系统的分析。经研究后发现,佤族木鼓文化的孕育、形成与民族武术文化的发展有着特质性的符号之缘。

  16. Wòch nan Soley: the denial of the right to water in Haiti.

    Varma, Monika Kalra; Satterthwaite, Margaret L; Klasing, Amanda M; Shoranick, Tammy; Jean, Jude; Barry, Donna; Fawzi, Mary C Smith; McKeever, James; Lyon, Evan


    This article combines health and water research results, evidence from confidential documents released under the Freedom of Information Act, legal analysis, and discussion of historical context to demonstrate that actions taken by the international community through the Inter-American Development Bank are directly related to a lack of access to clean water in Haiti. The article demonstrates that these actions constitute a clear violation of Haitians' right to water under both domestic and international law. The article exposes the United States governments role in blocking the disbursal of millions of dollars in international bank loans that would have had life-saving consequences for the Haitian people. The loans were derailed in 2001 by politically-motivated interventions on behalf of the US and other members of the international community in direct violation of the Inter-American Development Bank charter. To demonstrate the impact of these interventions, the article presents data gathered in a study that employed human rights and public health methodologies to assess the right to water in Haiti. The data reveal that Haitians experience obstacles concerning every aspect of the right to water: diffculties with water availability, limited physical and economic accessibility, and poor water quality. The article provides a framework of concrete duties and obligations that should be followed by all actors involved in Haiti in order to realize Haitians' human right to water. In response to the undeniable link between the international community's political interference and the intolerably poor state of potable water in Haiti, the article concludes with a recommendation that all actors in Haiti follow a rights-based approach to the development and implementation of water projects in Haiti. The full report of Wòch nan Soley: The Denial of the Right to Water in Haiti is available online at

  17. Bacterial characterization in ambient submicron particles during severe haze episodes at Ji'nan, China.

    Xu, Caihong; Wei, Min; Chen, Jianmin; Wang, Xinfeng; Zhu, Chao; Li, Jiarong; Zheng, Lulu; Sui, Guodong; Li, Weijun; Wang, Wenxing; Zhang, Qingzhu; Mellouki, Abdelwahid


    In January 2014, severe haze episodes which sweep across Chinese cities have attracted public concern and interest at home and abroad. In addition to the physicochemical properties of air pollutants, bacteria are thought to be responsible for the spread of respiratory diseases and various allergies. We attempted the bacterial characterization of submicron particles (PM0.18-0.32, PM0.32-0.56, and PM0.56-1) under severe haze episodes using high-throughput sequencing and real-time quantitative PCR detecting system based on 21 samples collected from January to March 2014 at Ji'nan, China. The high bacterial concentration in PM0.32-0.56 (7314cells m(-3)), PM0.18-0.32 (7212cells m(-3)), and PM0.56-1 (6982cells m(-3)) showed significant negative correlations with SO2, NO2, and O3. Under sufficient sequencing depth, 37 phyla, 71 classes, 137 orders, 236 families, and 378 genera were classified, and the bacterial community structure varied significantly in different size fractions. For example, Holophagaceae (Acidobacteria) in PM0.32-0.56 showed 6-fold higher abundance than that in PM0.18-0.32. Moreover, functional categories and bacterial species (Lactococcus piscium, Pseudomonas fragi, Streptococcus agalactiae, and Pseudomonas cichorii) that may potentially be responsible for infections and allergies were also discovered. Source track analysis showed that the ambient bacteria mainly originated from soils, leaf surfaces, and feces. Our results highlighted the importance of airborne microbial communities by understanding the concentration, structure, ecological and health effects, especially those in submicron particles during haze episodes.

  18. Informatization Construction of Small and Medium Legal Bank Based on SWOT Analysis; A Case Study in He'nan Small and Medium Corporate Bank%基于SWOT分析的中小法人银行信息化建设研究——以河南省中小法人银行为例

    李晓东; 杨亚军


    This article takes the medium-sized legal banks in He'nan province as an example, make use of the SWOT method to analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the process of informatization construction in banks, and then puts forward the development strategy to the medium-sized legal bank.%文章以河南省的中小法人银行为例,运用SWOT方法,全面分析银行信息化建设中面临的优势、劣势、机遇和威胁,并提出中小法人银行的信息化发展策略.

  19. A new 2-(2-phenylethyl)chromone derivative in Chinese agarwood 'Qi-Nan' from Aquilaria sinensis.

    Yang, De-Lan; Wang, Hao; Guo, Zhi-Kai; Dong, Wen-Hua; Mei, Wen-Li; Dai, Hao-Fu


    Phytochemical analysis of the high quality Chinese agarwood 'Qi-Nan' originating from Aquilaria sinensis (Lour.) Glig led to the isolation of a new 2-(2-phenylethyl)chromone derivative, qinanones G (1), and four known 2-(2-phenylethyl)chromones (2-5). Their structures were elucidated by spectroscopic techniques (UV, IR, 1D and 2D NMR) and MS analyses. The NMR data of chromones 1-3 were first reported, and chromones 2 and 3 showed weak inhibitory activity against acetylcholinesterase.

  20. A new 2-(2-phenylethyl)chromone glycoside in Chinese agarwood "Qi-Nan" from Aquilaria sinensis.

    Shao, Hang; Mei, Wen-Li; Kong, Fan-Dong; Dong, Wen-Hua; Li, Wei; Zhu, Guo-Peng; Dai, Hao-Fu


    A new 2-(2-phenylethyl)chromone glycoside, 2-[2-(4-glucosyloxy-3-methoxyphenyl)ethyl]chromone (1), was isolated from the high-quality Chinese agarwood "Qi-Nan" originating from Aquilaria sinensis (Lour.) Glig. The structure including the absolute configuration of the sugar moiety was elucidated by spectroscopic techniques (UV, IR, 1D and 2D NMR), MS analysis, PMP-labeling HPLC analysis methods, as well as comparison with literature data. To the best of our knowledge, it is the first time that chromone glycoside was discovered in agarwood, or even in the whole Aquilaria plants.

  1. Real time flood forecasting in the Nan Basin, Thailand, by using a distributed Xin'anjiang Model

    Chen, Xiaohong; Qiu, Xiaobin


    Taking Nan basin in Thailand as a research case, on the basis of DEM, this paper extracts the digital information of Nan basin and divides it into ten sub-basins, considering the land usage and terrain distribution, to construct the distributed Xinanjiang model. Before the model simulation, various digital basin information is established involving elevation matrix, river net matrix, direction matrix and so on. The three-water-source Xinanjiang model is adopted in the grids to calculate the runoff yield under a specific precipitation in grids, and then all the water flows of the grids are convoluted to the sub-basin's outlet to synthesize the runoff process of a subbasin. Eventually the subbasin runoff is routed to the basin outlet to obtain runoff process of the whole basin with real-time correction. The model parameters are calibrated by using the trial and error method. The sensitivity and uncertainty of the parameters are analyzed. The main achievements of this paper are as follows. (1) The basin information is extracted and the digital NAN basin is constructed on the basis of DEM data. As a result, a series of basin information matrix and digital Nan basin are generated. (2) The constant flow in grids and isochrones concept are used to replace the unit hydrograph of sub-basins. The basin discharge process is obtained through calculating the grid runoff yield and subbasin runoff convolution and routing the subbasin runoffs to the basin outlet. (3) The model is calibrated on more than 50 historical flood processes. The sensitivity and uncertainty of model parameters are analyzed by the perturbation analysis method, showing that some parameters, including KC, KKG, KKSS, WUM, KG, WLM, KSS and WDM are more sensitive. At the same time, the model uncertainty is analyed by the GLUE method and the results illustrate that the simulation effect depends on the values of parameter group while the observed runoff is in the uncertainty range. (4) The calculated discharge

  2. Technical Knowledge, Cultural Practices and Social Boundaries: Wan-Nan Scholars and the Recasting of Jesuit Astronomy, 1600-1800

    Chu, Ping-Yi.

    Taking four Wan-nan Confucian scholars--Yang Kuang -hsien, Mei Wen-ting, Chiang Yung and Tai Chen--as examples, this dissertation studies how an immigrant Jesuit scientific community built and defended itself in a specialized institutional niche located at the Ch'ing court and how a defeated Chinese scientific tradition successfully survived by occupying a broader cultural space, with the Manchu emperor in between. Special attention is paid to how these four Confucian scholars constructed social boundaries between the Chinese and the Westerners in their astronomical discourses and how they domesticated Western astronomy in order to fit the Chinese cultural conditions situated in the power structure built by the Manchus. This inquiry begins with a brief introduction of Wan-nan and the Wan-nan school. I then discuss how the Jesuits legitimated their knowledge during the Ming -Ch'ing transition, and how Jesuit astronomy was situated within the power nexus between the Confucian literati and the emperors. The next chapter focuses on Yang Kuang-hsien and his challenges to the Jesuits. I examine his strategies and the power structure in which Yang carried out his challenge to the Jesuits. The fourth and fifth chapters investigate how Mei Wen-ting restructured the relationship between Confucianism and astronomy. The former chapter focuses on Mei's social networking and his ambivalence towards the Ming and Ch'ing dynasties, on the one hand, and towards Chinese and Western learning on the other. The latter chapter deals with how Mei Wen-ting recast Chinese astronomical tradition and Confucianism. In the sixth chapter, I will compare the fame of Chiang Yung and Tai Chen in order to demonstrate how astronomy was practiced in evidential studies after Mei Wen-ting, and how evidential studies itself conveyed an ideological construction of the other. Through integrating Western astronomy with indigenous tradition while exorcising the otherness contained within the cultural package

  3. 星云大师佛教财富观对现代经济学的超越∗%Grand Master Hsing Yun's Buddhist View of Wealth as an Overstepping of Modern Economics



    佛教在两千多年的发展中,尽管蕴含着丰富的经济学思想,但几乎很少有佛教学者敢于正面直视“经济问题”,造成了诸多的误读。星云大师以其几十年的弘法体验,向公众“开示”佛教的“财富课”,对现代经济学而言既是一种纠偏,也是一种超越。星云大师从“经世济民”的高度综合地看待经济问题,用“圣财”、“净财”来界定财富,用“因果法则”来指导“经商伦理”,并用“惜福”、“环保”来理财,不仅涵盖了富兰克林提出的"赚钱格言",而且颠覆了“韦伯难题”。也许人们并不承认有所谓的“佛教经济学”,但对于佛教的财富观念、生财、理财之道,当一定不敢轻视。%In the course of development for thousands of years,few Buddhist scholars chose to face di-rectly the economic issue,though there did exist abundant economical ideas in Buddhism,which led to a-mounts of misunderstanding.Grand Master Hsing Yun shed light upon economic ideas in Buddhism based on his experiences in Buddhism promotion for decades,which is undoubtedly a rectification,even a tran-scendence to modern economics.Grand Master Hsing Yun dissects economic issues aiming at benefiting the people.All these ideas define wealth by “Sheng Cai”or “Jing Cai”,and instruct business ethics by the law of cause and effect,while conducting financial management through treasuring blessings and environ-mental protection.Buddhist economic ideas proposed by Grand Master Hsing Yun not only cover money-making motto by Franklin,but also a subversion to Weber Puzzle.Maybe so-called Buddhist Economics has never been admitted,however,the idea about wealth,money-making,and financial management in Buddhism can never be neglected.

  4. Cherry Lane Movies


    Friday & Saturday, October 8-9, 8pmSouth of the CloudsYun De Nan Fang 云的南方Director: Zhu Wen Starring: Li Xuejian and Jin Zi Produced: 2004, 100 minutesA work of stringent and serene intelligence, South of the Clouds combines a sense of absurdity with delicate sadness and a feeling of tragic necessity. The hero is an affable, usually disoriented middle-aged widower who, encouraged by his daughter, makes a trip to the Yunnan Province of Southern

  5. The Origin and Development of Nan Zen Sect Culture and its Modern Cultural Significance%南禅文化的源流及其现代意义



    南禅作为一种宗教,它以六祖为祖,以《坛经》为经。其总体思想内核是"心性自由"。在思想上,南禅文化在宋以降对儒道文化产生了影响。南禅文化不但对思想界产生了重大影响,对文艺界也产生了重大影响。在这个过程中,南禅的心性哲学渐渐演化为一种美学趣味,渗透到文学、艺术各个领域,出现了禅诗、诗僧、禅画、书法等艺术形态。韶关是南禅文化的发源地。南禅在韶关本地的传承甚广。南禅文化是韶关最具有优势的研究文化。%Nan Zen sect is a religion with the Sixth Patriarch being the founder,and Platform Sutra acting as the platform.The core of Nan Zen sect is the freedom of mind,and it exerts an influence on Confucianism and Taoism of Song Dynasty in thoughts.Besides the influence on the circle of thoughts,Nan Zen sect also plays an important role in the circle of literary and art.The philosophy of human nature and mind of Nan Zen sect gradually becomes a sense of aesthetics permeating into areas of literary,art,etc,which covers art forms such as Zen poem,poem-monk,Zen painting and calligraphy.Shaoguan is where Nan Zen sect originates and prevails,having the superiority to intensively study on the Nan Zen sect culture.

  6. Chemical constituents and free radical scavenging activity of corn pollen collected from Apis mellifera hives compared to floral corn pollen at Nan, Thailand

    Chantarudee Atip


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Bee pollen is composed of floral pollen mixed with nectar and bee secretion that is collected by foraging honey (Apis sp. and stingless bees. It is rich in nutrients, such as sugars, proteins, lipids, vitamins and flavonoids, and has been ascribed antiproliferative, anti-allergenic, anti-angiogenic and free radical scavenging activities. This research aimed at a preliminary investigation of the chemical constituents and free radical scavenging activity in A. mellifera bee pollen. Methods Bee pollen was directly collected from A. mellifera colonies in Nan province, Thailand, in June, 2010, whilst floral corn (Zea mays L. pollen was collected from the nearby corn fields. The pollen was then sequentially extracted with methanol, dichloromethane (DCM and hexane, and each crude extract was tested for free radical scavenging activity using the DPPH assay, evaluating the percentage scavenging activity and the effective concentration at 50% (EC50. The most active crude fraction from the bee pollen was then further enriched for bioactive components by silica gel 60 quick and adsorption or Sephadex LH-20 size exclusion chromatography. The purity of all fractions in each step was observed by thin layer chromatography and the bioactivity assessed by the DPPH assay. The chemical structures of the most active fractions were analyzed by nuclear magnetic resonance. Results The crude DCM extract of both the bee corn pollen and floral corn pollen provided the highest active free radical scavenging activity of the three solvent extracts, but it was significantly (over 28-fold higher in the bee corn pollen (EC50 = 7.42 ± 0.12 μg/ml, than the floral corn pollen (EC50 = 212 ± 13.6% μg/ml. After fractionation to homogeneity, the phenolic hydroquinone and the flavone 7-O-R-apigenin were found as the minor and major bioactive compounds, respectively. Bee corn pollen contained a reasonably diverse array of nutritional components, including

  7. Survey on Resident Catering Buying Behaviors in Nanning%南宁市居民餐饮购买行为调查研究



      Based on the data about resident catering buying behaviors in Nanning, the paper analyzes the buying behaviors and catering consumption and puts forward the related suggestions about the development of Nanning catering market.%  文章以收集到的南宁市居民餐饮购买行为数据为基础,对南宁市居民餐饮购买行为和餐饮消费评价数据进行分析评价,并提出开发南宁餐饮市场的相关建议。

  8. Clinical Observation on Treatment of Infant Anorexia of Spleen Deficiency Type by YunPi Granules%运脾颗粒治疗脾虚型小儿厌食的临床观察

    周黎黎; 任耀全; 柳春玲


    Objective:To observe the effect of YunPi granules on infants with anorexia of spleen deficiency type. Methods: Totally 80 patients with infant anorexia of spleen deficiency type were randomized into treatment group of YunPi granules and control group of control group of ErBao granules with 40 cases in each; the YunPi granules administered to children of 1 to 3 years were 3 g for once, to those of 3 to 6 years 6 g for once and those of 6 to 12 years 6 g for once and 3 times a day, orally taken with hot water half hour before meals, while the ErBao granules given to children of 1 to 3 years were 5 g for once, to those of 4 to 6 years 7.5 g for once and those of more than 6 years 10g for once and 3 times a day, orally taken with hot water half hour before meals;the treatment courses of both groups were 1 month. Results:The effective rates of both groups were near to each other as the rates in treat-ment group and control group were 92.50% and 90.00% respectively. The infant appetites and constitutions in-creased and the cumulative points of infant symptoms decreased in both groups;the appetite of the treatment group was better than that of control group. Conclusion:The therapeutic effect of YunPi granules in treating infant anorexia of spleen deficiency type is accurate and certain.%目的:观察运脾颗粒治疗脾虚型小儿厌食症的疗效。方法:将脾虚型小儿厌食症患者80例随机分成运脾颗粒治疗组40例予运脾颗粒治疗,1~3岁3 g/次,3~6岁4.5 g/次,6~12岁6g/次,3次/d,餐前半小时开水冲服;儿宝颗粒对照组40例服用儿宝颗粒,1~3岁5 g/次,4~6岁7.5 g/次,6岁以上10 g/次,3次/d,餐前半小时开水冲服;2组疗程均为1个月。结果:有效率治疗组为92.50%,对照组为90.00%,2组疗效接近;治疗后2组患儿食量、体质量均升高,症状积分均下降;治疗组食量优于对照组。结论:运脾颗粒治疗脾虚型小儿厌食疗效确切。

  9. Experience of Professor ZHANG Yun-ke in treating dizzy with the Tianma Gouteng Drink%张运克运用天麻钩藤饮治疗眩晕经验



      眩晕为内科常见疾患,影响人们的工作及生活,是目前困扰人们身心健康的常见疾病之一,天麻钩藤饮是一首平熄内风的方剂,张运克教授认为眩晕应以平肝潜阳,滋养肝肾为主。%Dizzy is a common disease in Medical Department and is a frequent disease harmful for both physical and mental health. Tianma Gouteng Drink is a formula for Pingxi Neifeng. Professor ZHANG Yun-ke uses it to calm the liver and suppress yang and nourish liver and kidney, and achieves good efficacy in treating dizzy.

  10. NIBLES - an HI census of stellar mass selected SDSS galaxies: I. The Nan\\c{c}ay HI survey

    van Driel, W; Schneider, S; Lehnert, M D; Minchin, R; Blyth, S-L; Chemin, L; Hallet, N; Joseph, T; Kotze, P; Kraan-Korteweg, R C; Olofsson, A O H; Ramatsoku, M


    To investigate galaxy properties as a function of their total stellar mass, we obtained 21cm HI line observations at the 100-m class Nan\\c{c}ay Radio Telescope of 2839 galaxies from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) in the Local Volume (900Nan\\c{c}ay Interstellar Baryons Legacy Extragalactic Survey (NIBLES) sample. They were selected evenly over their entire range of absolute SDSS z-band magnitudes (-13.5 to -24 mag), which were used as a proxy for their stellar masses. Here, a first, global presentation of the observations and basic results is given, their further analysis will be presented in other papers in this series. The galaxies were selected based on their properties, as listed in SDSS DR5. Comparing this photometry to their total HI masses, we noted that, for a few percent, the SDSS magnitudes appeared severely misunderestimated, as confirmed by our re-measurements for selected objects. Although using the later DR9 results eliminated this problem in most cases, 38...

  11. 南宁市卫星城镇规划建设研究%SateliteTown Plan Of Nanning



    研究通过对南宁市周边城镇进行分析评价,确定适宜作为卫星城发展的城镇,并根据各卫星城镇自身的条件和基础,提出了卫星城镇发展的功能定位;综合考虑区域城镇分布格局、城镇化背景及与中心城的空间关系,提出了南宁市卫星城镇规划的空间结构组织模式、整体空间结构规划方案及主导功能用地规划布局思路。%By analyzing the situation of peripheral towns, the paper ensures the satelite town of nanning, and proposes their functional orientation base on the conditions and basis. Thinking of the relations among layout, backgroup and central city, the paper proposes the layout method, spatial structure and main functional landuse plan to the satel ite towns of Nanning.

  12. Formation of Mixture of A and C Centres in Diamond Synthesized with Fe90Ni10-C-High-Content Additive NaN3 by HPHT

    LIANG Zhong-Zhu; JIA xiao-Peng; LIANG Jing-Qiu


    Very rich nitrogen concentration with the dominant C centres and some A centres are found in diamonds grown from a Fe90Ni10-C-high-content NaN3 additive system.The concentrations of C centres rapidly increase with increasing content of NaN3 additive,while the concentrations of A centres increase slowly.The total nitrogen concentration tends to increa.rapidly with increasing content of NaN3 additive when the content of NaNa is below 0.7wt%.However,the total concentration of nitrogen in the diamonds increases slowly when the content of NaN3 is further increased up to 1.0wt%,and the total nitrogen average concentration are calculated to be around 2230ppm for most of the analysed synthetic diamonds.Furthermore,the nitrogen impurities in different crystal sectors of the diamonds are inhomogeneously distributed.The nitrogen impurities in the diamonds in [111] zones are incorporated more easily than that in[100].

  13. [Effect of synchronous perfusion of NaN3 in changes in content of cholinergic neurotransmitter in medial prefrontal cortex and hippocampal extra-cellular fluid].

    Zhang, Mei-Yu; Sun, Dan-Dan; Liu, Yang; Cui, Yue; Zhao, Xiao-Liang; Zhang, Ying; Wang, Zhi-Guo; Wang, Dan-Qiao


    To observe the effect of synchronous perfusion of specific respiratory chain complex IV inhibitor sodium azide (NaN3) in brain on rat ventromedial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) and acetylcholine (ACh) and choline (Ch) contents in hippocampal extra-cellular fluid, and establish the AD rat model induced by mitochondrial acute injury. The synchronous dual-probe dual-channel brain microdialysis sampling technology was applied to synchronously perfuse modified Ringer's solution containing NaN3 (50 micro mol L-1) and neostigmine (2 micro mol L-1) into mPFC and hippocampus of conscious, freely moving normal rats, and continuously collect dialysates from different encephalic areas. Dynamic contents of ACh and Ch were determined by high performance liquid chromatography-post-column immobilized enzyme reactor-electrochemical process. ACh and Ch contents in mPFC extracellular fluid of normal rats were higher than that in hippocampus. During the process of perfusion, NaN3 could significantly reduce ACh in mPFC/hippocampal extra-cellular fluid, but remarkably increase Ch, and constantly inhibit the recovery of ACh and Ch contents in mPFC/hippocampus. The synchronous perfusion of NaN3in rat mPFC and hippocampus can injure functions of the cholinergic nerve projection area, and cause the acute AD model with ACh and Ch metabolic disorders. This model can be used in pathogenetic and pharmacological studies.

  14. Three surface exoglycosidases from Streptococcus pneumoniae, NanA, BgaA, and StrH, promote resistance to opsonophagocytic killing by human neutrophils.

    Dalia, Ankur B; Standish, Alistair J; Weiser, Jeffrey N


    Streptococcus pneumoniae (the pneumococcus) is a major human pathogen and a leading cause of inflammatory infections such as pneumonia and otitis media. An important mechanism for host defense against S. pneumoniae is opsonophagocytic killing by neutrophils. To persist in the human host, the pneumococcus has developed strategies to evade opsonization and subsequent neutrophil-mediated killing. Utilizing a genomic approach, we identified NanA, the major pneumococcal neuraminidase, as a factor important for resistance to opsonophagocytic killing in ex vivo killing assays using human neutrophils. The effect of NanA was shown using both type 4 (TIGR4) and type 6A clinical isolates. NanA promotes this resistance by acting in conjunction with two other surface-associated exoglycosidases, BgaA, a beta-galactosidase, and StrH, an N-acetylglucosaminidase. Experiments using human serum showed that these exoglycosidases reduced deposition of complement component C3 on the pneumococcal surface, providing a mechanism for this resistance. Additionally, we have shown that antibodies in human serum do not contribute to this phenotype. These results demonstrate that deglycosylation of a human serum glycoconjugate(s) by the combined effects of NanA, BgaA, and StrH, is important for resistance to complement deposition and subsequent phagocytic killing of S. pneumoniae.

  15. Subtype and sequence analysis of HIV-1 strains in Heilongjiang Province

    WANG Fu-xiang; ZHOU Hui; LING Hong; ZHOU Hai-zhou; LIU Wei-hua; SHAO Yi-ming; ZHOU Jin


    Background Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1) is divided into two types, HIV-1 (groups M, N and O) and HIV-2.Heilongjiang Province located in the northeast of China, and the feature of the subtype distribution and sequence characteristics of HIV-1 strains prevalent in Heilongjiang Province is still uncertain. The aim of this study was to investigate the subtype distribution and genetic characteristics of HIV-1 strains in one hospital in Heilongjiang Province.Methods HIV-1 env gene was amplified by nested-PCR from peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) obtained from 19 HIV-1 seropositive individuals in Heilongjiang Province. The C2-V3 region was sequenced. Aligned the nucleotide sequence of 19 samples with CLUSTAL W (BioEdit) software, results were acquired and used for phylogenetic tree analysis after artificial adjustment. Reference sequence, downloaded from Los Alamos HIV Sequence Database,was used to identify the subtype of obtained sequence. Genetic distance between sequences was assessed using the software MEGA 3.1 Kimura 2-parameter, and the Phylogenetic tree was reestablished with Neighbor-Joining method.Results Phylogenetic tree analysis showed that 19 Heilongjiang strains clustered closely to subtype B strain from Thailand and were far from other international subtype reference strains. Statistical test showed no significant discrepancy between the genetic distance of interclass and intra-class (P>0.05). The analysis of V3 loop amino sequence of 19 Heilongjiang B strains revealed that V3 tip motif of 10 samples (52.63%) was GPGQ, and of 4 samples (21.53%) was GPGR.Conclusions The subtype of 19 HIV-1 seropositive individuals in Heilongjiang Province is B', and it is introduced from He'nan Province. V3 tip motifs of the HIV-1 isolates are mainly GPGQ and GPGR.

  16. Preliminary documentation of the comparable efficacy of vitoss versus NanOss bioactive as bone graft expanders for posterior cervical fusion.

    Epstein, Nancy E


    Laminectomies with posterior cervical instrumented fusions often utilize bone graft expanders to supplement cervical lamina/iliac crest autograft/bone marrow aspirate (BMA). Here we compared posterior fusion rates utilizing two graft expanders; Vitoss (Orthovita, Malvern, PA, USA) vs. NanOss Bioactive (Regeneration Technologies Corporation [RTI: Alachua, FL, USA]). Two successive prospective cohorts of patients underwent 1-3 level laminectomies with 5-9 level posterior cervical fusions to address cervical spondylotic myelopathy (CSM) and/or ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament (OPLL). The first cohort of 72 patients received Vitoss, while the second cohort or 20 patients received NanOss. Fusions were performed utilizing the Vertex/Rod/Eyelet System (Medtronic, Memphis, TN, USA) with braided titanium cables through the base of intact spinous processes (not lateral mass screws) cephalad and caudad to laminectomy defects. Fusion was documented by an independent neuroradiologist blinded to the study design, utilizing dynamic X-rays and two dimensional computed tomography (2D-CT) studies up to 6 months postoperatively, or until fusion or pseudarthrosis was confirmed at 1 year. Vitoss and NanOss resulted in comparable times to fusion: 5.65 vs. 5.35 months. Dynamic X-ray and CT-documented pseudarthrosis developed in 2 of 72 Vitoss patients at one postoperative year (e.g. bone graft resorbed secondary to early deep wound infections), while none occurred in the 20 patients receiving NanOss. In this preliminary study combining cervical laminectomy/fusions, the time to fusion (5.65 vs. 5.35 months), pseudarthrosis (2.7% vs. 0%), and infection rates (2.7% vs. 0%) were nearly comparable sequentially utilizing Vitoss (72 patients) vs. NanOss (20 patients) as bone graft expanders.

  17. Uranium Provinces in China


    Three uranium provinces are recognized in China, the Southeast China uranium province, the Northeast China-lnner Mongolia uranium province and the Northwest China (Xinjiang) uranium province. The latter two promise good potential for uranium resources and are major exploration target areas in recent years. There are two major types of uranium deposits: the Phanerozoic hydrothermal type (vein type) and the Meso-Cenozoic sandstone type in different proportions in the three uranium provinces. The most important reason or prerequisite for the formation of these uranium provinces is that Precambrian uranium-enriched old basement or its broken parts (median massifs) exists or once existed in these regions, and underwent strong tectonomagmatic activation during Phanerozoic time. Uranium was mobilized from the old basement and migrated upwards to the upper structural level together with the acidic magma originating from anatexis and the primary fluids, which were then mixed with meteoric water and resulted in the formation of Phanerozoic hydrothermal uranium deposits under extensional tectonic environments. Erosion of uraniferous rocks and pre-existing uranium deposits during the Meso-Cenozoic brought about the removal of uranium into young sedimentary basins. When those basins were uplifted and slightly deformed by later tectonic activity, roll-type uranium deposits were formed as a result of redox in permeable sandstone strata.

  18. XuanYun Kang Decoction Combined with Betahistine in Treating 99 Cases of Stable Angina Pectoris%眩晕康汤联合倍他司汀治疗无痛性心绞痛99例

    写国斌; 展存丽; 张军


    Objective: To observe clinical effects of XuanYunKang decoction jointed with betahistine in treating stable angina pectoris. Methods: All 198 patients were randomized into the observation group and the control group, 99 cases each group, both groups accepted routine treatment, the control group were treated by betahistine, the treatment group received XuanYunKang decoction and betahistine, both groups were treated for 14 days. Results: Total effective rates of the observation group and the control group were 94.9% and 84.8% respectively, the observation group was superior to the control group in clinical effects(P<0.05). The levels of LVEDD, LVESD, hsCRP and cTnI decreased obviously after treating (P<0.05), the decrease of the observation group was more obvious (P<0.05). The observation group was significantly lower than the control group in the incidences of the complications including discomforts in the upper abdomen, sour regurgitation, poor appetite, liver function damage and others (P<0.05). Conclusion: XuanYunKang decoction jointed with betahistine in treating stable angina pectoris could effectively improve heart function and decrease the expressions of inflammatory factors with high safety.%目的:观察眩晕康汤联合倍他司汀治疗气虚血瘀型无痛性心绞痛的临床疗效。方法:将198例患者随机分为观察组与对照组各99例,2组均给予常规基础治疗,对照组在此基础上给予倍他司汀治疗,治疗组给予眩晕康汤联合倍他司汀治疗,2组均治疗14天。结果:总有效率观察组、对照组分别为94.9%、84.8%,临床疗效观察组优于对照组(P<0.05)。左心室舒张末期内径(LVEDD)、左心室收缩末期内径(LVESD)及超敏C-反应蛋白,肌钙蛋白(cTnI)值2组治疗后均明显下降,观察组下降更明显,2组比较差异有统计学意义(P<0.05)。治疗期间上腹部不适、反酸、纳差、肝功能损害等并发症发生率观察

  19. 河南省扫盲教育调查报告%An Investigation Report on Education for Illiteracy in He Nan Province

    王身佩; 徐宏升; 王连照



  20. 河南省CMACAST数据处理系统研究%The Study of HeNan Province CMACAST Data Processing System



    After the completion of the“9210”project,Henan Provincial Meteorological Information Center receives all kinds of meteorological data by DVBS satellite data broadcasting system and processes into MICAPS data for forecaster accessing in Henan meteorological bureau.Witj modern living standards improving and the rapid development of the meteorological cause,the public has put forward higher requirements on ageing and fine meteorological forecast products.Therefore meteorological forecasters put forward higher requirements on needing forecast information..Henan Provincial Meteorological Information Center processing data reveiving through the DVBS satellite data broadcasting system has been unable to meet the needs of the forecasters.Henan Provincial Meteorological Information Center receives various kinds of meteorological data through the CMACAST satellite data broadcasting system, receiving daily data of thirty-eight categories, more than 100 G. Massive meteorological data needs high per-formance system processing into weather products accesed for forecasters.CMACAST data processing system is composed of 5 modules and respectively is the server configuration module, data processing module, data monitoring module, data backup mod-ule and data reduction module.These models provide an important technical support for monitor and maintain the CMACAST data processing system and reduce the maintenance difficulty and complexity.XML is data interface of CMACAST data process-ing system,and makes the system having highly scalability. CMACAST data processing system is an improtant supproting technol-ogy of data service for Henan meteorological bureau.%“9210”工程建成后,河南省气象信息中心通过DVBS卫星数据接收系统接收各种气象原始资料,由MICAPS处理程序处理为各类气象资料供气象台预报员调阅使用。伴随着现代生活水平的提高以及气象事业的迅速发展,公众对气象预报产品的时效和精细化都提出了更高的要求。因此气象台预报员对预报所需要的资料也提出了更高的要求。河南省信息中心将通过DVBS卫星数据系统接收到的原始资料进行处理已经不能满足预报员的需求。河南省气象信息中心通过CMACAST卫星数据广播系统接收各种气象资料,每天接收到的资料有三十八类,多达100多G。海量的气象资料需要高性能的处理系统将其处理为气象产品,供预报员调阅。CMACAST数据处理系统将接收到的气象资料推入队列中依次进行处理为MICAPS资料,供气象台预报员调阅。CMACAST数据处理系统由5个功能模块组成,分别为服务器环境配置模块,数据处理模块,数据监控模块,数据备份模块,数据还原模块。这些模块为维护人员监控各类资料的处理情况和维护CMACAST数据处理系统提供了重要的技术支持,降低了维护的难度和复杂度。采用XML作为数据接口文件,使CMA-CAST数据处理系统具有较强的可扩展性。目前CMACAST数据处理系统已经成为为气象台提供资料服务的重要平台。

  1. 瑜伽对河南中学生心理康复研究%Yoga on Psychological Rehabilitation of Middle School Students in He’nan Province



    目的:探讨瑜伽运动对中学生心理康复的干预效果。方法:设计瑜伽运动处方对有心理障碍的44例中学生进行干预,对患者进行SLC-90测试,比较干预前后的效果,同时与青少年常模的进行比较。结果:干预后,SCL-90各因子分均明显低于干预前,差异有统计学意义(P<0.01);且均与中国青少年常模接近,其中躯体化、人际关系敏感、焦虑、偏执因子分甚至低于全国青少个常模。结论:瑜伽运动对中学生心理康复具有非常好的干预效果,应在中小学推广普及。%Objective:To study the intervention effect of yoga exercise on psychological rehabilitation of middle school students.Method:The yoga exercise prescription was designed and intervened for 44 middle school students with psychological barriers,for patients with SLC-90 test,the effect of before and after the intervention was compared,at the same time compared with youth norm.Result:After the intervention,each factor points of SCL-90 were significantly lower than before,the differences were statistically significant(P<0.01);and were close to Chinese youth norm,included somatization,interpersonal sensitivity,anxiety,paranoid factor points or even lower than the national youth norm. Conclusion:Yoga has very good effect on the mental health of middle school students,should be popularized in primary and secondary schools.

  2. Physical and underway data collected aboard the KILO MOANA during cruise KM0910 in the Philippine Sea and South China Sea (Nan Hai) from 2009-04-14 to 2009-05-04 (NODC Accession 0089592)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — NODC accession 0089592 includes physical and underway data collected aboard the KILO MOANA during cruise KM0910 in the Philippine Sea and South China Sea (Nan Hai)...

  3. Physical and underway data collected aboard the MELVILLE during cruise MGLN32MV in the Philippine Sea, South China Sea (Nan Hai) and Sulu Sea from 2008-02-07 to 2008-02-28 (NCEI Accession 0155954)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — NCEI Accession 0155954 includes physical and underway data collected aboard the MELVILLE during cruise MGLN32MV in the Philippine Sea, South China Sea (Nan Hai) and...

  4. Physical and underway data collected aboard the MELVILLE during cruise MGLN23MV in the Philippine Sea and South China Sea (Nan Hai) from 2007-07-18 to 2007-07-28 (NODC Accession 0098573)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — NODC accession 0098573 includes physical and underway data collected aboard the MELVILLE during cruise MGLN23MV in the Philippine Sea and South China Sea (Nan Hai)...

  5. Physical and underway data collected aboard the MELVILLE during cruise MGLN22MV in the Philippine Sea and South China Sea (Nan Hai) from 2007-07-09 to 2007-07-15 (NODC Accession 0098571)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — NODC accession 0098571 includes physical and underway data collected aboard the MELVILLE during cruise MGLN22MV in the Philippine Sea and South China Sea (Nan Hai)...

  6. Physical and underway data collected aboard the MELVILLE during cruise MGLN29MV in the South China Sea (Nan Hai) from 2007-11-27 to 2007-11-29 (NODC Accession 0098577)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — NODC accession 0098577 includes physical and underway data collected aboard the MELVILLE during cruise MGLN29MV in the South China Sea (Nan Hai) from 2007-11-27 to...

  7. Chemical, optical and other data collected aboard the MELVILLE during cruise MV0902 in the Philippine Sea, South China Sea (Nan Hai) and Sulu Sea from 2009-02-06 to 2009-02-23 (NODC Accession 0116957)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — NODC Accession 0116957 includes chemical, optical and other data collected aboard the MELVILLE during cruise MV0902 in the Philippine Sea, South China Sea (Nan Hai)...

  8. Physical and underway data collected aboard the ROGER REVELLE during cruise RR1007 in the Philippine Sea and South China Sea (Nan Hai) from 2010-06-01 to 2010-06-10 (NODC Accession 0089637)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — NODC accession 0089637 includes physical and underway data collected aboard the ROGER REVELLE during cruise RR1007 in the Philippine Sea and South China Sea (Nan...

  9. Sea surface temperatures and salinities from platforms in the Barents Sea, Sea of Japan, North Atlantic Ocean, Philippine Sea, Red Sea, and the South China Sea (Nan Hai) from 1896-1950 (NODC Accession 0000506)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Surface temperatures and salinities were collected in the Barents Sea, Sea of Japan, North Atlantic Ocean, Philippine Sea, Red Sea, and South China Sea (Nan Hai)...

  10. Physical and underway data collected aboard the MELVILLE during cruise MV0906 in the Philippine Sea and South China Sea (Nan Hai) from 2009-04-14 to 2009-05-01 (NODC Accession 0089608)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — NODC accession 0089608 includes physical and underway data collected aboard the MELVILLE during cruise MV0906 in the Philippine Sea and South China Sea (Nan Hai)...

  11. Physical and underway data collected aboard the ROGER REVELLE during cruise RR1004 in the Philippine Sea and South China Sea (Nan Hai) from 2010-04-06 to 2010-04-07 (NODC Accession 0089634)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — NODC accession 0089634 includes physical and underway data collected aboard the ROGER REVELLE during cruise RR1004 in the Philippine Sea and South China Sea (Nan...

  12. Physical and underway data collected aboard the MELVILLE during cruise MV0904 in the Philippine Sea and South China Sea (Nan Hai) from 2009-03-22 to 2009-03-27 (NODC Accession 0089606)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — NODC accession 0089606 includes physical and underway data collected aboard the MELVILLE during cruise MV0904 in the Philippine Sea and South China Sea (Nan Hai)...

  13. Physical and underway data collected aboard the MELVILLE during cruise MGLN27MV in the Philippine Sea and South China Sea (Nan Hai) from 2007-10-22 to 2007-11-03 (NODC Accession 0098575)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — NODC accession 0098575 includes physical and underway data collected aboard the MELVILLE during cruise MGLN27MV in the Philippine Sea and South China Sea (Nan Hai)...

  14. Physical and underway data collected aboard the ROGER REVELLE during cruise RR1305 in the Philippine Sea and South China Sea (Nan Hai) from 2013-05-07 to 2013-05-16 (NCEI Accession 0132725)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — NODC Accession 0132725 includes physical and underway data collected aboard the ROGER REVELLE during cruise RR1305 in the Philippine Sea and South China Sea (Nan...

  15. Physical and underway data collected aboard the KILO MOANA during cruise KM0909 in the Philippine Sea and South China Sea (Nan Hai) from 2009-03-20 to 2009-04-09 (NODC Accession 0089676)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — NODC accession 0089676 includes physical and underway data collected aboard the KILO MOANA during cruise KM0909 in the Philippine Sea and South China Sea (Nan Hai)...

  16. Physical and underway data collected aboard the MELVILLE during cruise MGLN30MV in the Philippine Sea, South China Sea (Nan Hai) and Sulu Sea from 2007-11-30 to 2008-01-04 (NODC Accession 0098586)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — NODC accession 0098586 includes physical and underway data collected aboard the MELVILLE during cruise MGLN30MV in the Philippine Sea, South China Sea (Nan Hai) and...

  17. Buruh Perempuan di Negeri Perempuan (Pergeseran Peran Perempuan Minangkabau Studi Kasus Buruh Tani Kubang Nan Duo Kabupaten Solok 2007-2016

    Mery Kurnia


    Full Text Available The sudy aims to  reveal a shifting paradigm of the role of  women in Minangkabau. Generally, the society perceived that the country is dominanted by women in which culture becomes an important and secure shield for women economy. This makes the cases of marginalization of women's rights is irrelevant to be discussed, but the pradigm can be re-evaluated by the emergence of the case. Historical method (heuristic, criticism, interpretation, historiogaraphy was used in this research, where the data taken from the case in Kubang Nan Duo. The finding of the study showed that there was a shifting role of women Kubang Nan Duo massively. From economic rulers, it has been shifted into a production center due to the many treasures have been sold and pawned heirlooms, forcing them plunge into agricultural labor. Wwomen have undermined from two sides, where the eternal patriarchal culture overwhelmed them.

  18. On Ji'nan Historical and Cultural Heritage Development Framework%济南历史文化遗产开发框架浅议

    贾敬龙; 徐备


    本文通过对济南市现状历史文化遗产框架组成的各因素分析,分别从古代人物、市井文化、佛教文化、殖民建筑等方面提出其开发设想,进而采用框图的模式,总结归纳出济南古城历史文化遗产的开发对策。%This article through to the Ji'nan state historical and cultural heritage framework consisting of various factors analysis,respectively,from the ancient characters,pop culture,Buddhist culture,colonial architecture and other aspects of its development,and then using the block diagram model,summed up Ji'nan city history cultural heritage development countermeasure.

  19. Evaluation on the Bibliometric Indicators of Journal of yun cheng University in the Period of 2005 -2009%《运城学院学报》2005-2009年文献计量指标评析

    王蓉; 冯忠红


    Based on bibliometric analysis indicator and statistical data from Chinese Citation data, this pa- per statisc and analysis jouma of yun cheng university, from 2005 to 2009 by numbers of published articles, times cited, times cited per article and h index literature types fund - sponsored articles, The results revals total aca- demic level and status in the subject, and realize and evaluate its academic quality Integratedly.%以中国引文数据库提供的文献计量指标和统计数据,对《运城学院学报》2005-2009年的发文量、引文量、被引率、H指数、引文类型、基金论文进行统计和分析,比较客观地揭示了《运城学院学报》的总体学术水平、学科地位,从而可以综合地认识和评估该刊的学术质量。

  20. 陈云与新中国50-70年代的对外贸易%Chen Yun and China's Foreign Trade From 1950s to 1970s



    From 1950s to 1970s ,both the New China and its foreign trade faced a very complicated in‐ternational and domestic situation .Chen Yun led the work of foreign trade during this period in line with the principle of the supremacy of the state and the people ,and finally broke down the blockade of western capitalist countries toward China which not only made a good start for the new China's foreign trade ,but al‐so provided a strong support for the subsequent construction of China's national economy .%新中国建立后,面临十分复杂的国际国内形势,20世纪50-70年代的中国对外贸易也在艰难的环境中展开。陈云本着国家和人民利益至上的原则,领导了这一时期中国的对外贸易工作,最终打破西方资本主义国家对中国的封锁。不但使新中国的对外贸易有了一个良好开端,也为随后中国的国民经济建设提供了有力支持。

  1. Lattice dynamics and electronic structure of energetic solids LiN3 and NaN3: A first principles study

    Babu, K Ramesh; Vaitheeswaran, G.


    We report density functional theory calculations on the crystal structure, elastic, lattice dynamics and electronic properties of iso-structural layered monoclinic alkali azides, LiN3 and NaN3. The effect of van der Waals interactions on the ground- state structural properties is studied by using various dispersion corrected density functionals. Based on the equilibrium crystal structure, the elastic constants, phonon dispersion and phonon density of states of the compounds are calculated. Th...

  2. Research on determination of the scale of parking space on High Speed Rail Station, using East Ji’nan Station as an example

    Lv, Jie; Guo, Jianmin; Zhang, Yibin


    With the rapid growth of High-Speed Railway network in China, more and more stations has been designed. Based on the work of planning practice, this article has analyzed the influencing factors of proper supplement of parking space in High-Speed Railway Stations with analogy and parking turnover method, and taking East Ji’nan High-Speed Railway Station as an example to give recommended values.

  3. Refractory Minerals in Henan Province

    JIN Qinguo; LI Jing; LIU Jiehua; LIU Yanjun


    Henan province is very rich in refractory minerals of many varieties including silica, dolomite, graphite,pearlite, sepiolite, olivine, and sillimanite group minerals, besides the abundant reserves of fireclay and bauxite,which lay a good foundation for the development of the refractories industry of the province. The paper introduces the reserves, distribution and character of the refractory minerals in Henan province.

  4. The First D/V Chikyu IODP Operations: Successful Logging and Coring During NanTroSEIZE Stage 1 Expeditions

    Moe Kyaw Thu


    Full Text Available The Nankai Trough Seismogenic Zone Experiment (NanTroSEIZE is a multi-expedition IODP drilling project aimed at drilling, coring, logging, and instrumenting the seismogenic zone of an active subduction margin , in a region thought to generate megathrust earthquakes of magnitude >8.0 on the moment-magnitude scale (Tobin and Kinoshita, 2006. The Nankai Trough, offshore of the Kii Peninsula, Honshu, Japan (Fig. 1 was chosen as the location for thisproject based on a number of scientific drilling proposals to IODP. These reviewed existing drilling data in the region, the long-term historical and recent record of great earthquakes, the social and societal relevance of the area, and the accessibility of the seismogenic zone to present drilling technology. The first stage of this multi-stage project was intended to accomplish a broad characterization of the shallow geology, geophysics, physical properties, heat flow, and fluid flow in a transect across the downgoing Philippine Sea Plate, the toe of the Nankai accretionary prism, the megasplay fault zone region on the continental slope, and the Kumano Basin that lies between the accretionary prism and the KiiPeninsula, on the continental shelf (Fig. 2.

  5. [An investigation of bacterial ecology and analysis of bacterial resistance to antibiotics in a burn ward in Nanning district].

    Li, Hong-mian; Liang, Zi-qian; Liu, Da-en; Meng, Cheng-yue


    To investigate the changes in the bacterial ecology and to analyze the bacterial resistance to antibiotics in a burn ward in Nanning district during the past 15 years, so as to provide reference to the clinical management of burn infection under subtropical climate. Five thousand eight hundred and fifty-five strains of bacteria were isolated from the wounds and blood of 2269 burn patients admitted to our hospital from April of 1989 to March of 2004. Kiry-Bauer method was employed for the detection of antibiotic sensitivity test. The bacterial examination and bacterial resistance were analyzed in spans of every five years. Burn patients in our district were mainly infected by the gram negative bacilli (3559 strains, accounting for 60.79%), among which Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Enterobacter cloacae and Nitrate negative bacilli were major ones in every period. Gram positive cocci accounted for 33.99% (1990 strains), which ranked the second, among which Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus epidermidis, and Coagulase negative staphylococci (MRCNS) were the most predominant ones. The bacterial resistance to multiple antibiotics, such as Gentamicin, third generation of Cephalosporin, and Norfloxacin showed a tendency of increase or maintained at high level while the incidence of resistance to Imipenem and Vancomycin was very low. The climate and the way of using antibiotics exerted direct effects on the status of the bacterial ecology and change in bacterial resistance to various antibiotics.

  6. NIBLES: an H I census of stellar mass selected SDSS galaxies. I. The Nançay H I survey

    van Driel, W.; Butcher, Z.; Schneider, S.; Lehnert, M. D.; Minchin, R.; Blyth, S.-L.; Chemin, L.; Hallet, N.; Joseph, T.; Kotze, P.; Kraan-Korteweg, R. C.; Olofsson, A. O. H.; Ramatsoku, M.


    To investigate galaxy properties as a function of their total stellar mass, we obtained 21 cm H i line observations at the 100-m class Nançay Radio Telescope of 2839 galaxies from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) in the Local Volume (900 half-magnitude bin over the Mz range -16.5 to -23 mag. Down to -21 mag the overall detection rate is rather constant at the 75% level but it starts to decline steadily towards the 30% level at -23 mag. Making regression fits by comparing total H i and stellar masses for our sample, including our conservatively estimated H i upper limits for non-detections, we find the relationship log(MH I/M⋆) = -0.59 log(M⋆) + 5.05, which lies significantly below the relationship found in the MH I/M⋆ - M⋆ plane when only using H i detections. Tables A.1-A.3 and spectra (ASCII files) are only available at the CDS via anonymous ftp to ( or via


    梁淑敏; 王颖; 杨琼芬; 李燕山; 白建明; 李先平; 隋启君


    potential yield was(134. 2 ± 9. 0)t/hm2of spring potato, (76. 6 ± 14. 8)t/hm2 of early spring potato, (76. 2 ± 8. 3) t/hm2 of fall potato and(70. 1 ± 15. 1) t/hm2 of winter potato. When the water was not a limiting factor, the area of the altitude above 1000 meter was the high and stable yield area of spring potato, the areas of northeast, southeast Yunnan and between 25. 5 to 26. 5 degrees north latitudeweresuit-able for the high and stable yield early spring potato, and the area of the northeast Yunnan was suitable for the high and stable yield of autumn potato(the longitude between E102. 5-105. 5 ). The suitable aera for planting winter pota-to mainly distributed in the middle of Yunnan and south of Yunnan, and northwest of Yunnan and northeast of Yun-nan most area were not suitable for planting winter potato due to the altitude of above 2200 m. The area with the high-est photosynthesis and light-temperature potential yield of winter potato was in the altitude between 550-950m, and the area of the high and stable yield of winter potato in south of Yunnan was below the altitude of 950 meter.

  8. Nine Provinces Submerged



    @@ After being plagued with severe drought earlier this year,the southern part of China has been ravaged by heavy rainfall since May. According to the China Meteorological Administration (CMA),from June 23-25 a new round of storms swept the southern part of the country including all nine provinces in the south.It was the 11th round of storms since May 5,said CMA.

  9. Thinking about Migrant Workers Rights Protection Channels- Caused by Liu Shuang-yun Arson Case%关于农民工维权渠道的思考--由“刘双云纵火案”引发



      本文以“刘双云纵火案”为切入点,分析了当前诸多如“裸体讨薪”、“模仿新闻发布会讨薪”甚至由讨薪未成而演变为暴力性犯罪事件背后隐藏的深层次问题。阐述了当前“农民工维权难”的现状,分析了“农民工维权难”的原因,提出了解决“农民工维权难”的对策,以期引起社会对农民工基本权利和生存状态的关注,避免农民工流血、流汗又流泪现象的发生。%  Taking “Liu Shuang yun arson case” as the breakthrough point, this paper analyzes the current asking for payment cases by such as“naked”,“ news conference” even evolve into violent crime, the hidden deep seat-ed problems behind the cases. The paper described the current situation of“difficult to protect the rights of migrant workers”, gives analysis on “the difficult reason of migrant workers rights protection”, proposed the countermeas-ures to solve the problem to cause the social attention on the basic rights and living conditions of the migrant work-ers, avoiding phenomenon in which migrant workers give blood, sweat and tears at the same time.

  10. The Fu Takes Care of the Young to Care Organization File the Influence of the Construction Upon the Age Pregnant Woman of Gao Chan Yun%妇幼保健机构档案建设对高产孕龄产妇的影响



    Take care of the young to care a business development in the Fu in, the organization file construction has a very im-portant position.Particularly age pregnant woman of Gao Chan Yun, pass file construction, can provide Fu to take care of the young to care for pregnant woman, social service function.Care at the age pregnant woman of Gao Chan Yun in, the abundant information of file has to act for a function.Pass information-based means, promote the management, business work that the age pregnant wom-an of Gao Chan Yun cares, well develop an information to drill, integrate file resources advantage, raise economic efficiency, social efficiency, help the Fu to take care of the young to care business of positive, healthy development.%在妇幼保健事业发展中,机构档案建设具有十分重要的地位。尤其是高产孕龄产妇,通过档案建设,可为产妇提供妇幼保健、社会服务功能。在高产孕龄产妇保健中,档案的丰富信息具有不可替代作用。通过信息化手段,促进高产孕龄产妇保健的管理、业务工作,充分发挥信息作用,整合档案资源优势,提高经济效益、社会效益,促进妇幼保健事业的良性、健康发展。

  11. The distributions of BTEX compounds in the ambient atmosphere of the Nan-Ji-Do abandoned landfill site in Seoul

    Kim, Ki-Hyun; Kim, Min-Young

    In this study, the concentrations of major aromatic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which include benzene, toluene, m-xylene, p-xylene, o-xylene, and ethylbenzene were measured at the Nan-Ji-Do (NJD) landfill site during the spring and fall season of 2000. According to our study, the mean (and median) concentration values for these VOC species were computed to be 1.65 (1.12) ppb for benzene, 9.62 (6.63) ppb for toluene, 1.84 (1.08) ppb for m, p-xylene, 0.83 (0.46) ppb for o-xylene, and 1.17 (0.78) ppb for ethylbenzene; large differences in two statistical terms appear to originate from the consistent occurrences of data sets with unusually high concentrations such that they induce eccentricities in the predictable, Gaussian-type patterns of their frequency distribution. The concentration levels of major aromatic species in our study area, when compared with those of other environmental settings, are slightly higher or comparable to those typically found in urbanized areas affected by various anthropogenic source types. The findings of the moderately high concentration levels at NJD may reflect at least partially the effects of efficient mixing at high elevation of 95 m, despite the fact that large quantities of VOCs are emitted from this landfill area. Inspection of our measurement data further indicated that in many occasions these VOCs can be subordinate to different, but distinctive, patterns of periodicity over diurnal or seasonal scale. Results of correlation analysis indicate that toluene is correlated most significantly and abundantly with both VOC and the concurrently determined environmental parameters, while benzene lacks strong correlations even with other aromatic VOCs. In light of the peculiarity in the behavior of benzene, we suggest that the processes affecting BTEX levels in the landfill area may be distinguished from other source processes that can also be important in the urbanized areas.

  12. [An investigation of psychological state at different stages of occupational AIDS exposure and related influencing factors in Nanning, China].

    Lin, Q; Ge, X M; Mo, J C; Li, S S; Chen, C C; Chen, S Y


    Objective: To investigate the changes in psychological state after occupational exposure in the AIDS occupational exposure population and related influencing factors, and to provide baseline data and a basis for related departments to conduct mental health prevention and intervention for personnel with occupational AIDS exposure. Methods: AIDS risk assessment was performed for all personnel with occupational AIDS exposure in 2014 in Nanning, China, and the Symptom Checklist-90 (SCL-90) psychological scale was used for psychological state evaluation at 24 hours, 1 week, and 3 months after occupational exposure in all persons who met the research criteria. Results: Most of the persons with occupational AIDS exposure came from secondary and tertiary hospitals (85%) , and nurses accounted for the highest percentage (78.3% ). The age ranged from 21 to 50 years, and the mean age was 31.02 ± 7.92 years. The persons with occupational AIDS exposure aged 20~29 years accounted for the highest percentage (51.6%) , and most persons (76.7%) graduated from junior colleges. Compared with the adult norm, there was significant increases in the total psychological score and the number of positive items after occupational exposure (P<0.05). The scores of all items at 24 hours were significantly higher than those at the other time points, and the scores of all items gradually decreased over time (F=227.24, 267.57, and 287.46, P<0.05). Compared with the adult norm, there were significant increases in the factor points at 24 hours and significant reductions in the factor points at 3 months (P<0.05). Compared with those at 24 hours, the factor scores at 3 months decreased significantly (P<0.05). Conclusion: Occupational AIDS exposure affects the mental status of related personnel, and the mental status at 24 hours after exposure is poor. Related departments should provide corresponding psychological counseling for the occupational exposure population at different exposure times.

  13. A Method Construction of Amplification Fusion Gene FliA (C)-NanA of Clostridium chauvoei by SOE-PCR and TD-PCR Technology%利用SOE-PCR与TD-PCR技术对气肿疽梭菌FliA(C)-NanA融合基因扩增方法的构建

    李香春; 金鑫; 朴春宇; 金成德; 朴春实



  14. Da porta para dentro: Nan Goldin, Cia de Foto e as poéticas da intimidade na fotografia contemporânea

    Omar Gonçalves Dos Reis Filho


    Full Text Available O texto a seguir se propõe a fazer uma breve análise dos trabalhos "The Ballad of Sexual Dependency", da fotógrafa americana Nan Goldin, e "Caixa de Sapato", do coletivo brasileiro Cia de Foto. De que forma esses artistas utilizam a fotografia para se apropriar do cotidiano e quais implicações estéticas e políticas provêm dessas apropriações? A pesquisa visa contribuir com as recentes discussões sobre a relação entre as subjetividades e a fotografia contemporânea.

  15. Recyclable Polymer-Supported Terpyridine–Palladium Complex for the Tandem Aminocarbonylation of Aryl Iodides to Primary Amides in Water Using NaN3 as Ammonia Equivalent

    Toshimasa Suzuka


    Full Text Available Primary aromatic amides are valuable compounds, which are generally prepared via Beckmann rearrangement of oximes and the hydration of nitriles in organic solvents. We investigated the environmentally friendly catalytic aminocarbonylation in water. Thus, a novel heterogeneous transition-metal catalyst, a polymer-supported terpyridine–palladium(II complex, was prepared and found to promote azidocarbonylation of aryl iodides with NaN3 and to reduce the generated benzoyl azides in water under CO gas to yield primary aryl amides with high to excellent yield in a one-pot reaction. The catalyst was recovered and reused several times with no loss of catalytic activity.

  16. A Comparative Study of Jie Nan Shan and Shu Li%《节南山》《黍离》比较研究



    Jie Nan Shan and Shu Li, are two famous political sentiment poems in Shi Jing. In terms of senti-ment expression, artistic forms, the angle of social concerns and singability, the two poems are significantly differ-ent.%《节南山》与《黍离》是《诗经》中两首著名的“政治感怀诗”,但二者在情感表达方式、艺术表现形式、对社会关注的角度以及可歌唱性等方面存在着明显差异。

  17. 广西南宁市香蕉产业发展探讨%Discussion on the Development of Banana Industry of Nanning City in Guangxi

    卢亭君; 林作晓; 周金娇; 陈永宁


    在分析国内外香蕉产业概况和对南宁市香蕉产业现状调查的基础上,针对南宁市香蕉生产存在的制约因素,提出南宁市香蕉产业发展的七大对策,即加快南宁市香蕉产业化生产进程,实行香蕉标准化生产,推广香蕉“无伤化”采收包装和“冷链”贮藏运输技术,减少损耗、提高商品价值,努力实现香蕉生产基地与销售市场零对接,设立市级“香蕉产业协调办公室”,建立“香蕉期货交易中心”和采取坚决有力的措施控制香蕉灾害性病害的蔓延扩大,为南宁市香蕉产业的发展提供理论参考。%Based on analysis of industry overview in China and abroad and investigation on banana industry status of Nanning city, aimed to restrictive factors existing in banana production of Nanning city, seven countermeasures to develop banana industry of Nanning city were put forward, including accelerating the banana industrial process, standardizing production, promoting the banana recovery packaging without wound and the store and transportation technologies with the cold chain, reducing loss and improving commodity value, realizing the connection of banana production base with sell market, establishing the banana industry coordination office and futures transaction center, adoping the fim~ powerful measure to control expansion of banana catastrophie diseases, and so on, which provided the theory reference for the Nanning banana industry's development.

  18. “Enterprises into Class”student management model to explore--10 interior design professional of Nanning College for Vocational Technology stationed Yun de Group silver shirt enterprise as an example%“企业进班级”学生管理工作模式探究--以南职院10室内设计专业进驻运德集团银衫企业实习为例



    The combination of work and study, school-enterprise cooperation, the enterprise into the classroom has become the features and advantages of the higher vocational colleges, schools and businesses depth of cooperation on the management of the school's teaching and students bring new challenges. Conventional management based on class work, school-enterprise cooperation, an active practitioner of the enterprise into the class activities, this paper, and classroom management collaboration, institutionalized, standardized and table management model to deal with school-enterprise cooperation Student Management. In order to explore vocational college’s school-enterprise cooperation student management mode, explore new ways of educating people of school-enterprise cooperation to gain practical experience.%  工学结合,校企合作,企业进班级已成为高职院校办学的特色与优势,而学校和企业的一系列深度合作则对学校的教学和学生的管理工作带来全新的挑战。在班级工作的常规管理基础上,通过校企合作,企业进班级活动的积极实践,文章提出班级管理协作化、制度化、规范化、表格化管理模式来应对校企合作学生管理工作的新情况,为探索高职院校校企合作学生管理新模式、探索校企合作育人新途径积累实践经验。

  19. On the Utilitarian and Impartial Nature of the Law of Voluntary Surrender under Arrest by A'yun Case%从阿云案谈宋朝按问自首法的功利性与公正性



    People in Song Dynasty carried on the law of Tang Dynasty, they properly broadened the terms of voluntary surrender, and set further detailed regulations of the Law of Voluntary Surrender under Arrest. This demonstrated the tendency that the utilitarianism of law had gradually influenced the legislation of confession to justice, which has been manifested by the controversies over A' yun Case in Shenzong's age of Earlier Song Dynasty, and the legislative changes in the system of voluntary surrender. Therefore, as is the same with the other countries, ancient China was experiencing the process from absolute surrender to relative surrender. In this process, the basic reason why the utilitarianism and impartiality of law are going to merge in conflicts is that it is "outside the law", which is closely related to the then social environment, historical conditions, which was a need-based process.%宋代因袭唐律,在自首制度中适度放宽了自首条件,进一步详细规定了按问自首法,反映了法律功利性逐渐影响自首立法的趋势,北宋神宗朝围绕阿云一案展开的争论以及前后自首制的立法变化就是其中一个缩影。可见,中国古代社会正如与其他国家一样,都经历着从绝对自首走向相对自首的过程。在这个过程中,法律功利性与公正性在矛盾中走向融合,其根本原因在于“法外”,这与当时社会环境、历史条件密切相关,是为需而定。

  20. 重庆缙云山典型紫色土吸附TNT动力学研究%Research on the Adsorption Kinetics of TNT onto Chongqing Jin-yun Mountain Representative Purple Soil

    郝全龙; 谯华; 周从直; 彭伟


    The adsorption process of TNT onto the Jin⁃yun Mountain representative purple soil was investigated with batch equilibrium method, and the characteristics of adsorption kinetics were explored in the study. The results showed that the process of TNT adsorption onto the soil could be divided into two stages:fast adsorption and slow equilibrium. The fast adsorption stage mainly occurred in the initial 15 minutes, and the equilibrium time of adsorption was after 8 hours. The data of kinetic experiments were fit⁃ted with pseudo first⁃order, pseudo second⁃order, Elovich and intra⁃particle diffusion kinetic models. The fitting results showed that the fitting order of four models was pseudo⁃second order kinetic model>Elovich kinetic model>pseudo⁃first order kinetic model>intra⁃particle diffusion kinetic model. It was indicated that the process of TNT adsorption onto the soil included three stages:liquid film diffusion, surface adsorption and intraparticle diffusion.%采用振荡平衡法对缙云山典型紫色土吸附TNT过程进行研究,探讨供试土壤对TNT吸附的动力学特征。结果表明,TNT在供试土壤上的吸附可分为快速吸附和慢速吸附2个过程,快速吸附过程主要发生在初始的15 min内,并且在吸附8 h后基本达到平衡。对动力学数据采用准一级动力学模型、准二级动力学模型、Elovich动力学模型以及颗粒内扩散模型进行拟合,拟合结果排序为准二级动力学模型>Elovich动力学模型>准一级动力学模型>颗粒内扩散模型,说明供试土壤对TNT的吸附过程具体可分为液膜扩散、表面吸附以及内扩散3个阶段。

  1. Effects of Different Rootstocks on the Contents of Nutrient in Leaves of Yunning No.1 Citrus×Limon%不同砧木对云柠1号柠檬叶片养分含量的影响

    胡敏; 兰翔; 何玉广; 郑苍松; 李进学; 胡承孝; 谭启玲


    以云柠1号柠檬(Citrus ×limon‘ Yunning No.1’)为研究对象,在相同管理条件下研究红橘(Citrusreticulata Blanco)、酸柚(Citrus grandis Osbeck)、香橙(Citrus junos Lsieb)、富民枳(Poncirus polyandra S.)、小香橼(Citrus medica V.)、枳橙(Poncirus trifoliata L.Raf.×Citrus.sinensisL.Osb.)、枳类(Poncirus trifoliata)7种砧木对云柠1号柠檬叶片养分含量的影响.试验结果表明,不同砧木接穗组合对云柠1号柠檬叶片养分含量影响显著.大量元素中,以小香橼为砧木处理的云柠1号柠檬叶片N含量最高,比7种处理的平均含量高出0.80个百分点:以富民枳为砧木处理的云柠1号柠檬叶片K含量为0.91%,为7种处理中含量最高.微量元素中,以红橘和香橙为砧木处理的云柠1号柠檬叶片Ca和Mg含量最高;以富民枳和小香橼为砧木处理的的云柠1号柠檬叶片Fe、Mn含量最高,各处理间差异显著.结合叶片养分诊断指标适宜范围,综合评价得出以富民枳为砧木处理的叶片中矿质元素养分含量最佳,当地适宜推广富民枳为云柠1号柠檬砧木以达到养分的高效吸收利用.

  2. Instituciones e innovación: La experiencia del grupo K’NAN CHOCH en Chiapas, México (

    Federico Morales Barragán


    Full Text Available Institutions and innovation: The experience of the K’NAN CHOCH group in Chiapas, MexicoIn areas lacking an institutional framework oriented toward encouraging productive innovation,  it is necessary, in the first place, to identify the  spaces of social interaction where solutions are  sought for specific problems of production, and in  the second place, to analyse the effects of institutional dynamics on the formation and development of those spaces. In order to consider this problem, it is pointed out that the institutions that  have encouraged innovations within industrial districts are specific and deeply rooted. Next, a  case of productive innovation situated in the state  of Chiapas (México is considered in which the  spaces of social interaction where an innovation  was developed are identified, and the influence of  institutional dynamics in the formation and development of these spaces is evaluated. Resumen:En regiones donde no existen mecanismos institucionales orientados a estimular la innovación  productiva, es necesario, en primer lugar, identificar los ámbitos de interacción social en los que se  busca dar solución a problemas productivos específicos, y en segundo término, analizar el efecto  de la dinámica institucional en la constitución y  desarrollo de dichos ámbitos. Para abordar este problema se hace referencia al arraigo y especificidad de los mecanismos institucionales que han  impulsado las innovaciones en los distritos industriales. Luego se presenta una experiencia de  innovación productiva ubicada en el estado de  Chiapas (México, en la que se identifican los  ámbitos de interacción social donde fue gestándose una innovación de producto, y se valora la influencia de la dinámica institucional en la formación y desarrollo de esos ámbitos.

  3. 肺炎链球菌神经氨酸酶nanA蛋白的原核表达、纯化及其免疫保护效果%Prokaryotic expression, purification and protective effects of nanA protein of Streptococcus pneumonia

    黎美君; 曹炬; 闵讯; 蔡莺莺; 尹一兵; 张雪梅; 王虹


    目的 原核表达并纯化肺炎链球菌(Streptococcus pneumonia,神经氨酸酶nanA蛋白,并在小鼠模型中检测其保护效果,评价其作为S.pn疫苗候选蛋白的可行性.方法 构建重组原核表达质粒pET28a(+)-nanA,重组nanA蛋白经IPTG诱导及Ni-NTA亲和层析柱纯化后,采用黏膜(与CT佐剂混合)和腹腔(与Alum佐剂混合)给药途径免疫BALB/c小鼠,建立相应的S.pn感染模型,同时设相应对照组(佐剂+ PBS),ELISA法检测特异性抗体及亚型;小鼠鼻腔滴定试验检测主动免疫保护效果;体内抗定植试验检测nanA蛋白对19F型S.pn在鼻咽部定植的保护作用.结果 重组表达质粒pET28a(+)-nanA经双酶切(Nde Ⅰ/Xho Ⅰ)及测序鉴定证明构建正确;重组蛋白的相对分子质量为55 000,主要以可溶性形式表达,约占菌体总蛋白的55%,纯化后纯度达90%;黏膜免疫组小鼠唾液中IgA及IgG效价分别为1.6× 103和3.2× 102,血清中IgG效价为2.0× 106,亚型主要为IgG2a;腹腔免疫组血清中IgG效价为0.5×106,亚型主要为IgG1;黏膜和腹腔免疫小鼠生存时间较相应对照组显著延长(P<0.05),黏膜免疫组小鼠生存率较其对照组显著增加;黏膜免疫可显著降低 19F在宿主鼻咽部和肺部的定植.结论 原核表达并纯化了nanA蛋白,诱导的小鼠免疫反应可有效抵抗S.pn的感染,并可显著降低S.pn在宿主鼻咽部及肺部的定植,表明nanA蛋白是较理想的S.pn疫苗候选蛋白.

  4. From the Perspective of Marxism in China :Analysis the Economic Theory of CHEN Yun%陈云经济思想探析——以马克思主义中国化为研究视角



    CHEN Yun as an important member of the central leadership , Who has contributed to china'economic development greatly. It's economic theory rich the Marx' Materialist dialectics ,develop the economic theory of Marx, implement the mass viewpoint and line of Materialism. From the perspective of Marxism in china , comprehensively analysis the economic the- ory of CHEN Yun which has great theoretical and practical significance.%陈云作为我国第一、二代中央领导集体的重要成员,为我国经济建设作出了突出贡献。其经济思想既丰富和发展了马克思主义的唯物辩证法思想,又创造性地发展了马克思主义的经济学理论,并将唯物史观的群众观点和群众路线落到了实处。陈云的经济思想是马克思主义中国化进程中的具体成果。

  5. The Research on the Relations between Shi Xiao-ying’LUO HU YE LU and YUN WO JI TAN and Their Historical Value%论释晓莹《罗湖野录》与《云卧纪谈》的关系及史料价值



    Shi Xiao-ying was a big important historian in the Chinese Buddhism history,who had two important Bud-dhism works———LUO HU YE LU and YUN WO JI TAN. The two works had some relations,in which YUN WO JI TA was based on LUO HU YE LU. The two works had some historical values in the Buddhism history,literature history and histori-cal history.%释晓莹是我国佛教史上具有一定影响的佛教史家,现存有两部重要的佛教著作———《罗湖野录》和《云卧纪谈》。两书的关系为:《云卧纪谈》应是《罗湖野录》的续作。两书对佛教史、文学史、史学史研究等具有一定的史料价值。

  6. HACCP在南安板鸭生产中的应用%Application of HACCP system in Nan- an dry salted duck production

    危贵茂; 吴海


    The application of HACCP system in Nan - an dry salted duck was discussed in this pa- per. By analyzing the hazard factors in processing of Nan -an dry salted duck, the critical control points was determined, including duck selecting, soaking and epilating, post - slaughter testing, salting, drying (roasting), forming and vacuum packing. And the HACCP plan was established, in order to reduce haz- ard factors to the lowest during processing and improve product quality continuously.%主要探讨了HACCP在南安板鸭生产中的应用。通过对南安板鸭生产过程的危害分析,确定了选鸭、浸烫脱毛、宰后检验、腌制、晒制(烘制)、修整及真空包装等6个关键控制点,并制定了HACCP计划表,将生产过程中的危害因素降低到最低程度,从而使产品质量得以不断提高。

  7. Species Diversity and Abundance Distribution of Pelagic Siphonophores in Nan Wan Bay of Taiwan, China, in Late Autumn and Early Winter


    Zooplankton surveys were carried out on November 2-3 and December 8-10, 2001at 12 stations in the Nan Wan Bay of Taiwan, China. Altogether 92 quantitative zooplankton samples were collected from subsurface water and bottom water layers with two conical plankton nets (180 cm in length, 45 cm in opening diameter, 333 μm and 200 μm in mesh size).A total of 31 species of Siphonophores were identified, among them 7 species are new records in the waters around Taiwan Island, of which Rocacea cymbiformis is a new record in China.Dominated by Chelophyes appendiculata, Bassia bassensis, Diphyes bojani, Diphyes dispar,Abylopsis eschscholtzi and Chelophyes contorta, these species accounted for over 76 % and 63 % of the total abundance in November and December. The species number and Siphonophores abundance in December (25 species, 1.99 inds/m3) were more than those in November (19 species, 0.438 inds/m3), and they were more in the surface water layer than in the bottom layer at most sampling stations. In early winter, the offshore high salinity water mass was a main factor influencing the distribution. The sampling efficiency for two plankton nets is discussed and the seasonal variation of species number and abundance in the Nan Wan Bay is compared with that in the neighboring waters.

  8. Concentrations and potential health risks of methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE) in air and drinking water from Nanning, South China.

    Zhang, Li'e; Qin, Jian; Zhang, Zhiyong; Li, Qin; Huang, Jiongli; Peng, Xiaowu; Qing, Li; Liang, Guiqiang; Liang, Linhan; Huang, Yuman; Yang, Xiaobo; Zou, Yunfeng


    Levels of methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE) in occupational air, ambient air, and drinking water in Nanning, South China, were investigated, and then their potential health risks to occupational workers and the general public were evaluated. Results show that the MTBE concentration in occupational air from 13 service stations was significantly higher than that in ambient air from residential areas (pwater samples from household taps yielded detectable MTBE in the range of 0.04-0.33 μg/L, which is below the US drinking water standard of 20-40 μg/L. The non-carcinogenic risk of MTBE from air inhalation may be negligible because the calculated hazard quotient was less than 1. The mean MTBE lifetime cancer risk was within the acceptable limit of 1 × 10(-6) to 1 × 10(-4), but the lifetime cancer risk of refueling workers in the urban service station at the 95th percentile slightly exceeded the maximum acceptable carcinogen risk (1 × 10(-4)), indicating the potential carcinogenic health effects on the population highly exposed to MTBE in this region. The hazard index and carcinogenic risk of MTBE in drinking water were significantly lower than the safe limit of US Environmental Protection Agency, suggesting that drinking water unlikely poses significant health risks to the residents in Nanning.

  9. Silicic Large Igneous Provinces

    Scott Bryan


    @@ Large Igneous Provinces (LIPs) are the end-product of huge additions of magma to the continental crust both at the surface and at depth. Since the first categorisation of LIPs by Coffin & Eldholm (1994), it has been recognised that LIPs are more varied inform, age and character, and this includes the recognition of Silicic LIPs. Silicic LIPs are the largest accumulations of primary volcaniclastic rocks at the Earth's surface with areal extents >0.1 Mkm2 and extrusive and subvolcanic intrusive volumes >0.25 Mkm3. The Late Palaeozoic to Cenozoic Silicic LIP events are the best recognised and are similar in terms of their dimension, crustal setting, volcanic architecture and geochemistry.

  10. 南宁市热岛效应的遥感研究%Remote Sensing Research of Heat Island Effect in Nanning

    林奕桐; 叶骏菲; 林开平; 张家安


    利用MODIS数据、TM数据对南宁市的地表温度、植被覆盖度、热场强度、热岛强度分别进行计算,从热岛的时空分布、热岛强度与面积、热岛成因三方面讨论南宁热岛特征及近十年的演变,研究南宁市热岛与高温天数的关系,建立了植被覆盖度与热场强度的联系。结果表明:南宁市从2000年的单一热岛中心逐渐发展成为多热岛中心;热岛面积以年均15.7%的速率增长,与之对应的是南宁市的高温天数平均以每年1.1 d的速率增长。尽管南宁市的植被对热岛的缓解作用强于城市用地及裸土的增温作用,但由于南宁市植被覆盖的面积(26.44%)远小于城市用地的面积(55.33%),城市热岛仍处于发展的状态。%The surface temperature,vegetation coverage,thermal field intensity and heat island intensity in Nanning are respectively calculated with MODIS and TM data.And the characteristics and evolution of heat island in Nanning in recent ten years are discussed from three aspects which are spatial and temporal distribution,intensi-ty and area,the factors of formation of heat island.Then the relations between heat island and days of high temper-ature are researched and the relations between vegetation coverage and thermal field intensity were built.The re-sults show that the single center of heat island in Nanning has become multi-centers since 2000;the heat island are-a has grown at an annual average rate of 15.7%,and corresponding days of high temperature has increased at an annual average rate of 1.1 days.Though the alleviation efficiency of the vegetation for heat island in Nanning is higher than calescence efficiency of the urban and bare land,the urban heat island is still in a developmental state as the area of vegetation coverage (26.44%)in Nanning is much smaller than the urban land′s (53.33%).

  11. The Study on Mutagenic Effect of Bougainvillea Induced by NaN3%NaN3对宝巾的诱变效应初步研究

    陈庭; 王爱敏; 刘运权; 刘伟


    旨在研究宝巾的化学诱变育种.以宝巾品种为母本,利用化学诱变法建立变异群体,用不同剂量的NaN3处理材料,对VM1代存活率、变异率及变异性状进行统计,对变异株系作同工酶的遗传效应分析.建立了反映剂量和存活率关系的一元线性回归方程:y=101.307-10.201x(R2=0.8922),确定了NaN3对宝巾诱变的半致死剂量为5.03 mmol/L,剂量和存活率呈显著的负相关;一定范围内剂量和变异率呈正相关.9个变异株的过氧化物同工酶分析表明,BN6和BN7是有育种价值的变异株系,其与母本材料的相似系数分别为0.80和0.83.在本研究中,NaN3主要引起宝巾的叶色、叶型等性状的变异,利用过氧化物同工酶分析对变异株系做初步鉴定,有利于变异株系的早期选育.%The variation populations were established selecting Bougainvillea (B.glabra) as female parent by chemical mutagenesis.Then a preliminary study of the mutagenic and genetic effect for the populations was conducted.The materials were processed by different doses of soduim azide.The heteromorphosis type and mutation rate and survival were counted in VMi generation group, simultaneously the genetic effects of isozyme for variation populations were analysed.Establishing a univariate linear regression equations with the relationship of dose and survival rate: y=101.307-10.201x(b2=0.8922).Therefore it concluded the half a lethal dose was 5.03 mmol/L and there was significant negative correlation between dose and survival.Phenotypic mutation rates had positive correlation with dose.Nine variant in VM, were analyzed by techniques of peroxidase isozyme and the fingerprint showed that variant BN6 and BN7 were possible new strains with breeding value.Their similarity coefficients compared with female parents were 0.80 and 0.83, respectively.These varied characters such as leaf color and leaf shape etc.for Bougainvillea had been caused principally by soduim azide mutagenesis

  12. Exposure of E. coli to DNA-Methylating Agents Impairs Biofilm Formation and Invasion of Eukaryotic Cells via Down Regulation of the N-Acetylneuraminate Lyase NanA

    Di Pasquale, Pamela; Caterino, Marianna; Di Somma, Angela; Squillace, Marta; Rossi, Elio; Landini, Paolo; Iebba, Valerio; Schippa, Serena; Papa, Rosanna; Selan, Laura; Artini, Marco; Palamara, Anna Teresa; Duilio, Angela


    DNA methylation damage can be induced by endogenous and exogenous chemical agents, which has led every living organism to develop suitable response strategies. We investigated protein expression profiles of Escherichia coli upon exposure to the alkylating agent methyl-methane sulfonate (MMS) by differential proteomics. Quantitative proteomic data showed a massive downregulation of enzymes belonging to the glycolytic pathway and fatty acids degradation, strongly suggesting a decrease of energy production. A strong reduction in the expression of the N-acetylneuraminate lyases (NanA) involved in the sialic acid metabolism was also observed. Using a null NanA mutant and DANA, a substrate analog acting as competitive inhibitor, we demonstrated that down regulation of NanA affects biofilm formation and adhesion properties of E. coli MV1161. Exposure to alkylating agents also decreased biofilm formation and bacterial adhesion to Caco-2 eukaryotic cell line by the adherent invasive E. coli (AIEC) strain LF82. Our data showed that methylation stress impairs E. coli adhesion properties and suggest a possible role of NanA in biofilm formation and bacteria host interactions. PMID:26904018

  13. Exposure of E. coli to DNA-Methylating Agents Impairs Biofilm Formation and Invasion of Eukaryotic Cells via Down Regulation of the N-Acetylneuraminate Lyase NanA.

    Di Pasquale, Pamela; Caterino, Marianna; Di Somma, Angela; Squillace, Marta; Rossi, Elio; Landini, Paolo; Iebba, Valerio; Schippa, Serena; Papa, Rosanna; Selan, Laura; Artini, Marco; Palamara, Anna Teresa; Palamara, Annateresa; Duilio, Angela


    DNA methylation damage can be induced by endogenous and exogenous chemical agents, which has led every living organism to develop suitable response strategies. We investigated protein expression profiles of Escherichia coli upon exposure to the alkylating agent methyl-methane sulfonate (MMS) by differential proteomics. Quantitative proteomic data showed a massive downregulation of enzymes belonging to the glycolytic pathway and fatty acids degradation, strongly suggesting a decrease of energy production. A strong reduction in the expression of the N-acetylneuraminate lyases (NanA) involved in the sialic acid metabolism was also observed. Using a null NanA mutant and DANA, a substrate analog acting as competitive inhibitor, we demonstrated that down regulation of NanA affects biofilm formation and adhesion properties of E. coli MV1161. Exposure to alkylating agents also decreased biofilm formation and bacterial adhesion to Caco-2 eukaryotic cell line by the adherent invasive E. coli (AIEC) strain LF82. Our data showed that methylation stress impairs E. coli adhesion properties and suggest a possible role of NanA in biofilm formation and bacteria host interactions.

  14. NaN3 addition, a strategy to overcome the problem of sodium deficiency in P2-Na0.67[Fe0.5Mn0.5]O2 cathode for sodium-ion battery

    Martinez De Ilarduya, Jaione; Otaegui, Laida; López del Amo, Juan Miguel; Armand, Michel; Singh, Gurpreet


    Sodium-ion full cell with hard carbon as anode and a layered oxide cathode based on earth abundant elements i.e., Na0.67[Fe0.5Mn0.5]O2 is reported. The irreversible capacity of the negative electrode in the full cell configuration is compensated by the addition of a sacrificial salt such as NaN3 to the P2-Na0.67[Fe0.5Mn0.5]O2 cathode material. 60% increase in the reversible capacity is achieved with the addition of 10% of sodium azide in the composite cathode without compromise on the cycle life. Though, there is a limit in its use because of the capacity fade which can be observed with the further increase in NaN3 content. The quantification of sodium ions at the end of discharge (at 1 V) after 40 cycles by ex-situ X-ray diffraction and solid state nuclear magnetic resonance supports the electrochemical data. Scanning electron microscopy shows the effect of NaN3 on the electrode microstructure in terms of the porosity created by NaN3 decomposition.

  15. Exposure of E. coli to DNA-methylating agents impairs biofilm formation and invasion of eukaryotic cells via down regulation of the N-acetylneuraminate lyase NanA

    Pamela eDi Pasquale


    Full Text Available DNA methylation damage can be induced by endogenous and exogenous chemical agents, which has led every living organism to develop suitable response strategies. We investigated protein expression profiles of Escherichia coli upon exposure to the alkylating agent methyl-methane sulfonate (MMS by differential proteomics. Quantitative proteomic data showed a massive downregulation of enzymes belonging to the glycolytic pathway and fatty acids degradation, strongly suggesting a decrease of energy production. A strong reduction in the expression of the N-acetylneuraminate lyases (NanA involved in the sialic acid metabolism was also observed. Using a null NanA mutant and DANA, a substrate analogue acting as competitive inhibitor, we demonstrated that down regulation of NanA affects biofilm formation and adhesion properties of E. coli MV1161. Exposure to alkylating agents also decreased biofilm formation and bacterial adhesion to Caco-2 eukaryotic cell line by the adherent invasive E. coli (AIEC strain LF82. Our data showed that methylation stress impairs E. coli adhesion properties and suggest a possible role of NanA in biofilm formation and bacteria host interactions.

  16. 南宁市社会体育指导员的现状调查与对策研究%Social sports instructors Nanning Investigation and Countermeasures



      文章通过文献资料法、问卷调查法、访谈法和数理统计法,对南宁市的健身俱乐部、社区、学校和公园等健身场所的社会体育指导员进行调查分析。表明:南宁市社会体育指导员总体数量不足,高层次级别比例偏少,性别比例不协调,多为兼职;体育专业大学生从事该行业的人数少,持证只为谋出路;老年社会体育指导员持证少,缺少后期培训;女性社体指导员地位越发突出,酬劳低,多为无偿服务;组织管理机构不完善等问题。并提出相应对策,为南宁市和广西的社会体育指导员工作可持续发展提供参考。%In this paper, literature, questionnaire survey, interview, mathematical statistics of Nanning, for example, the health club, community, schools, parks and other places of social sports instructors fitness investigation and analysis. Show that: the overall Nanning insufficient number of social sports instructors, the proportion of high-level less than normal level, gender disproportion, mostly part-time;sports majors in the industry, the small number of holder only to fend for themselves;old social sports instructors certified less, the lack of post-training; the status of women in society more and more prominent body of instructors, low reward, mostly for free services;organization and management bodies imperfect. And propose countermeasures for Nanning and Guangxi, social sports instructors work to provide a reference for sustainable development.

  17. 郧县职业病哨点监测项目粉尘监测结果%Dust Monitoring Results of Occupational Disease Sentinel Surveillance Project in Yun County

    王佩强; 方正斌; 王定芳; 黄超


    [Objective]To understand the basic information and distribution of the enterprise with dust exposure in Yun County, to provide scientific basis for the government to formulate strategies and plans of the occupational disease control and prevention, and further help and guide enterprises to do health protection well in workplaces. [ Methods ] The determination was based on GBZ/T 192.1 -2007 " Determination of Dust in The Air of Workplace Part 1: Total Dust concentration Determination" ; GBZ/T 192. 1 -2007" Determination of Dust in The Air of Workplace Part 4: Determination of Free Silica Content" [ Results] The dust concentration was qualified at 254 monitoring sites, and unqualified at 150 monitoring sites, with total qualified rate of 62.87%. The silicious dust contained highest concentration of free SiO2(93. 42% ), and the limestone contained lowest concentration of free SiO2( 1. 65% ). [Conclusion]The productive dust concentration is over standard in some enterprises which existed dust hazards. Comprehensive measures for dust control should be developed in the future work. It is necessary to implement planned and targeted control of the productive dust hazards, to improve the operation conditions, and to effectively protect the health benefits of workers.%目的 了解郧县粉尘作业企业的基本情况及粉尘的分布情况,为政府制定职业病防治策略和规划提供科学依据,进一步帮助和指导企业做好作业场所的卫生防护.方法 依据GBZ/T 192.1 - 2007《工作场所空气中粉尘测定第1部分:总粉尘浓度的测定》和GBZ/T 192.1 - 2007《工作场所空气中粉尘测定第4部分:游离二氧化硅含量的测定》进行检测.结果 粉尘浓度监测点合格的254个,超标的150个,总合格率62.87%.游离SiO2含量为矽尘最高(93.42%),石灰石最低(1.65%).结论 郧县存在粉尘危害因素的企业中,部分企业的生产性粉尘浓度超标.在今后的工作中,应制定相应的防尘综

  18. Helminth Infections of Stray Dogs from Garmsar, Semnan Province, Central Iran

    A Eslami


    Full Text Available Background: The aim was to study the gastro-intestinal helminths of stray dogs of Garmsar, Sem­nan Province, Central Iran, and its impacts on human health and animal production.Methods: During 2006, the alimentary tracts of 50 stray dogs at necropsy, selected from villages around Garmsar, were removed, and examined for helminth infections. Subsequently helminths were collected from the contents of each part and scraped sample of small intestines of washed materials in a 100-mesh sieve. To identify the species of helminths, the nematodes were cleared in lactophenol and cestodes were stained using carmine acid.Results: Mixed infection was the rule and 40 dogs (80% harbored more than one species of helminth. Taenia hydatigena was the most prevalent species (80% followed by Echinococcus granulosus (64%, Toxocara canis (22%, Mesocestoides lineatus (12%, Taenia multiceps (10% and Dipylidium caninum (4%. The mean intensity of worm infection was low (1-3 ex­cept for that of E. granulosus (645. No significant difference was noticed between sex, age and most helminth infections except for that of sex and T. hydatigena (P=0.001 as well as age and T. canis (P=0.001.Conclusion: Although human infection with T. hydatigena is unlikely, but other helminths re­ported in this study are of zoonotic importance, and may pose a threat to community health, and reduce the productions of ruminants harboring taeniid metacestodes.

  19. Study on Sustainable Development of Resettlement in Urbanization Process——A Case Study on the ADB-Funded Nanning Qingxiu Mountain Ecological Protection Project


    Based on derivation of permanent income hypothesis(PIH),the conflict is analyzed between expected profitability of migrants and government policy in resettlement project.Government has provided compensation for relevant building and land losses,but farmers are still unwilling to dismantle and move.On the contrary,it results in more serious social problems.The implementation and effect of resettlement policy is analyzed with ADB-funded Nanning Qingxiu Mountain Resettlement Project as an example.Finally,following suggestions are put forward for promoting sustainable development of resettlement:change ideas of resettlement to promote establishment of civil rights protection ideas;carry out early survey to protect rights and interests of owners and migrants;communicate with migrants to ensure their smooth appeal channel;and enhance coordination work with government department to ensure smooth completion of resettlement.

  20. 南宁吴圩国际机场北部排涝涵设计%Drainage culvert design for northern zone of Nanning Wuxu International Airport



      The northern zone of Nanning Wuxu International Airport requires a new drainage channel to discharge water into Naleng river. An introduction was made on the comparison and selection of drainage routes and cross sec⁃tion types based on topographical,geological and hydrological information,determination of profile dimensions, preliminary design of selected scheme.%  南宁吴圩国际机场建成后需要新建1条排涝渠将从北部出水口排出的水引入那楞河。为此,根据地形地质及水文资料对北部排涝涵工程进行线路、断面型式比选,并确定断面尺寸,然后对选定的方案进行初步设计。

  1. 南宁市金花茶公园观赏植物资源调查%Investigation on ornamental plant resources in Nanning Camellia Park

    胡佩龙; 和太平; 文祥凤; 陈丽; 陈心明


    [目的]调查南宁市金花茶公园非山茶科观赏植物资源及绿化现状,为植物资源的选择、分析、评价和景观绿化及园林建设提供参考.[方法]通过实地调查和查阅相关文献的方法对南宁市金花茶公园非山茶科观赏植物资源进行分析与评价.[结果]南宁市金花茶公园观赏植物有193种,隶属于70科149属;观赏植物中乡土物种64种,占种数的33.16%,外来种占37.82%;观赏植物以木本植物为主,达124种,落叶树种和常绿树种的比例为1∶3.8;按观赏特性统计,观果植物、观姿植物、观花植物、观叶植物的种数比例为1∶4.7∶4.8∶5.7.[建议]充分利用乡土植物资源,大力营建区域特色公园绿地景观;积极引进和应用水生植物,丰富城市湿地绿化景观的多样性;丰富藤本植物种类,营造公园垂直绿化景观.%[Objective]Non-eameIIia ornamental plant resources and afforestation status were investigated in Nanning Camellia Park in order to provide references for selection,analysis and evaluation of plant resources,and landscape design and garden building. [Method]Non-camellia ornamental plant resources in Nanning Camellia Park were analyzed and assessed through field survey and literature reference. [Result]It was found that the park had 193 species of ornamental plants belonging to 70 families and 149 genera. There were 64 species of local plants accounting for 33.16% of the total species in the park,and the exotic plants occupied 37.82%. There were 124 species of woody plants as the major ornamental plants,and ratio of deciduous trees to evergreen trees was 1:3.8. Based on the statistics of ornamental characteristics,the ratio of fruit ornamentals:appearance-viewing plants:flower ornamentals:foliage plants was 1:4.74.8:5.7. [ Conclusion]In light of afforestation status in Nanning Camellia Park and experiences from other Nanning parks,it was suggested that local plants should take full advantage of

  2. Excavation on the Baozitou Shell- mound Site in Nanning City, Guangxi%广西南宁市豹子头贝丘遗址的发掘

    中国社会科学院考古研究所广西工作队; 广西壮族自治区文物工作队; 南宁市博物馆


    The Baozitou site is an important riverbank shell-mound site in the Nanning area.Excavation there revealed substantial cultural and natural remains in good stratigraphieal order, including pottery, stone, bone and shell artifacts for daily use and implements of production, as well as bones of aquatic and terrestrial animals as remains of diet. The cultural deposits can be divided into two phases.Belonging to the Dingshishan culture on the whole, they provide new evidence for understanding its pe-riodization and distribution. In addition, vestiges of primitive ceramics were revealed on the site. As the first discovery of this sort in Guangxi and even in all South China, they are of great significance to studying into the making technology of proto-pottery, including the selection of clay and temper and thefiring method of products.

  3. Health and human rights concerns of drug users in detention in Guangxi Province, China.

    J Elizabeth Cohen


    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Although confinement in drug detoxification ("detox" and re-education through labor (RTL centers is the most common form of treatment for drug dependence in China, little has been published about the experience of drug users in such settings. We conducted an assessment of the impact of detention on drug users' access to HIV prevention and treatment services and consequent threats to fundamental human rights protections. METHODS AND FINDINGS: Chinese government HIV and anti-narcotics legislation and policy documents were reviewed, and in-depth and key informant interviews were conducted with 19 injection drug users (IDUs and 20 government and nongovernmental organization officials in Nanning and Baise, Guangxi Province. Significant contradictions were found in HIV and antinarcotics policies, exemplified by the simultaneous expansion of community-based methadone maintenance therapy and the increasing number of drug users detained in detox and RTL center facilities. IDU study participants reported, on average, having used drugs for 14 y (range 8-23 y and had been confined to detox four times (range one to eight times and to RTL centers once (range zero to three times. IDUs expressed an intense fear of being recognized by the police and being detained, regardless of current drug use. Key informants and IDUs reported that routine HIV testing, without consent and without disclosure of the result, was the standard policy of detox and RTL center facilities, and that HIV-infected detainees were not routinely provided medical or drug dependency treatment, including antiretroviral therapy. IDUs received little or no information or means of HIV prevention, but reported numerous risk behaviors for HIV transmission while detained. CONCLUSIONS: Legal and policy review, and interviews with recently detained IDUs and key informants in Guangxi Province, China, found evidence of anti-narcotics policies and practices that appear to violate human rights

  4. Significance of academic thoughts of Ling Su Wei Yun in the diagnosis and treatment of sudden deafness%《素灵微蕴》学术思想对治疗突发性耳聋诊疗的指导意义

    忻耀杰; 滕磊; 高旭青


    The article analyzes the guiding significance of the academic thoughts of Ling Su Wei Yun in the diagnosis and treatment of sudden deafness.It is argued that sudden deafness is rooted in kidney-yang deficiency and spleen-dampness,based on spleen collapse and stomach descent and manifested by fire adversity.%探讨《素灵微蕴》的学术思想对治疗突发性耳聋的指导意义。《素灵微蕴》以“耳窍虚则清彻而灵通”立论,认为突发性耳聋的发病之本是“水寒土湿”,发病之机为“脾陷胃逆”,发病之标为“君相火逆”。

  5. 评清初小说《金云翘传》——由"才子佳人"向"妓院流俗"的转变%The Changes from "Perfect Match" to "Brothel Evil" --'The Early Qing Dynasty Novel ,]in Yun Chuan



    中国古典青楼小说从唐传奇开始,就奠定了“才子佳人”遇合的高雅浪漫模式.而此类小说到清末狭邪之作中却一变而为描写妓院现实与审美趣味世俗化。清初长篇小说《金云翘传》在这种转变过程中起着重要的承前启后的作用。%Chinese brothel classical novels, from the Tang Dynasty laid the foundation of the romantic model of the "perfect match", and in the late Qing Dynasty, such novels turned to describe the evil reality of the brothels. The novel Jin Yun Chuan in the early Qing Dynasty play an important role in the course of the transformation.

  6. Strategy of converting Jiangsu Province A Foreign-trade Large Province into A Foreign-trade Strong Province


    @@ Jiangsu Province, after executing economic internationalization strategy and establishing the strategic goal of foreign-trade strong province,meaning to pursue a dominating position in the foreign trade relations, has become one of the foreign-trade large provinces of China and provided considerable international competitive power in some important fields.

  7. Strategy of converting Jiangsu Province A Foreign-trade Large Province into A Foreign-trade Strong Province


      Jiangsu Province, after executing economic internationalization strategy and establishing the strategic goal of foreign-trade strong province,meaning to pursue a dominating position in the foreign trade relations, has become one of the foreign-trade large provinces of China and provided considerable international competitive power in some important fields.……

  8. Fjve Ways to Revive Liaoning Province


    Construction of development zones along the Liaoning Province coastline could be the next big attraction for multinational investors Though the infrastructure is still under construction, Li Wancai, Vice Governor of Liaoning Province, is highly confident about the future of

  9. Yihuang Opera of Jiangxi Province


    JIANGXI Province hosts many mountains and rivers. Wherever you stroll on the winding mountain passes or sail along rivers, you will hear a kind of local opera similar to the sounds of Beijing opera. That is Yihuang opera. In fact, Jiangxi is considered a birth-place of Chinese opera. Opera was at its

  10. Plant Landscape Planning in Zoo : Taking Nanning Zoo for Example%动物园植物景观建设研究——以南宁动物园为例

    谈燕君; 龚本海; 胡佩龙; 周妍


    通过对南宁动物园植物景观进行实地调查与分析,总结其优势特色,并从动物园的科普功能、动物的生境需要、动物的安全。陛以及满足游客休憩等需求几个方面对南宁动物园植物景观建设提出合理的建议。%Through field survey and analysis of Nanning zoo' s plant landscape, the author sums up its characters and successes, and proposes that plant landscape planning of zoo should take the zoo' s science function, animal habitat needs, animal' s security, and meet the shade, recreation needs into account. Finally, the author puts forward some reasonable proposals for plant landscape planning of Nanning Zoo.

  11. Analysis of Nanning Maternal Mortality Levels and Influencing Factors%南宁市孕产妇死亡率水平及影响因素分析



    Objective:To investigate the maternal mortality rate in Nanning and influencing factors,and propose specific solutions.Method:From January 2012 to December 2014 Multivariate and univariate Nanning 200 cases of women were analyzed,which after the death of their 57 cases of maternal deaths in pregnant women were analyzed statistical location and causes of his death,and analysis,to provide effective measures to reduce maternal mortality. Result:The statistical results showed that the most common place of death for pregnant women to the hospital,the ratio was 85.96%.The most common cause of death was amniotic fluid embolism(11 cases),the proportion of 19.30%.Logistics multivariate regression analysis:maternal hospital delivery,high risk maternal hospital delivery,prenatal examination,maternal mortality were disinfected midwifery factors(P<0.05).Conclusion:The levels of maternal mortality in Nanning is lower,the relevant departments should strengthen maternal health as well as the management of high-risk pregnant women and treatment,and continuously improve the survival rate of critically ill pregnant women.%目的:探讨南宁市孕产妇死亡率及影响因素,并提出针对性解决措施。方法:对2012年1月-2014年12月南宁市200例产妇资料进行分析,其中死亡孕产妇57例,孕妇死亡后对其进行分析,统计其死亡的地点与原因,并进行多因素和单因素分析,为降低孕产妇死亡率提供有效措施。结果:统计结果显示,孕妇最为常见的死亡地点为医院,比例为85.96%。最为常见的死亡原因为羊水栓塞(11例),占19.30%。多因素Logistics回归分析结果,孕产妇住院分娩、高危孕产妇住院分娩、产前检查、消毒接生均为孕产妇死亡率影响因素(P<0.05)。结论:南宁市孕产妇死亡率水平较低,相关部门应该加强孕产妇保健及高危孕产妇的管理及救治,不断提高危重孕产妇抢救成功率。

  12. 2009年南宁市食品安全风险监测结果%Surveillance Results of Food Safety in Nanning City in 2009

    龚祖康; 丁伟


    [ Objective] To understand the current situation of food safety in Nanning city, and provide scientific basis for strengthening food safety supervision and administration. [ Methods] Based on the food safety risk monitoring plan formulated by Nanning Office of Food Safety Coordination Committee, 279 food samples of 16 categories were selected from the city monitoring points, and then detected by qualified technical institution according to the national standards for food safety. [ Results ] The average pass rate was 72.4%. the pass rate of food samples less than 80% in ascending order were flour-made food, dessert, frozen food, fried food, meat ball, aquatic products and fresh milk. Microorganisms, food additives and food contaminants failed to meet the food safety standards. [ Condnsioil] The situation of food safety in Nanning is not optimistic. It is necessary to strengthen supervision and guidance on the food production of small workshops and vendors, to keep food source safety. It is suggested to emphasize the guidance of the construction of honesty-credit system in the food industry, to promote the development of industry standards, to enhance food safety education and publicity, to improve the quality of employees and awareness of the public, to increase risk monitoring and assessment on the large consumption food (such as fresh rice noodles, dairy products, etc), and better guide the safe consumption of food.%目的 了解南宁市食品安全现状,为加强食品安全监管提供依据.方法 依据南宁市食品安全协调委员会办公室制定的监测计划,在全市各监测点抽检16类279份食品样品,委托有资质的检验机构按照国家食品安全标准进行检测.结果 食品样品总合格率72.4%.合格率低于80%的食品(由低到高排序)有面点、甜品、冷冻食品、油炸食品、肉丸、水发产品、大米和鲜牛奶,以微生物、食品添加剂、污染物限量超标为主.结论 南宁市食品安全现

  13. 南宁市职业卫生现状及对策探讨%Occupational Health Situation and Countermeasures in Nanning City

    龚斌忠; 林树旺


    [Objective]To understand the present situation of occupational health in Nanning City, to discuss the existing problem, and put forward relevant solutions. [ Methods ] Occupational health technical data and occupational health supervision data of Nanning City (including 6 counties and 6 districts) in recent 3 years were analyzed comprehensively. [ Results] Of 456 enterprises with occupational hazards, according to the requirement of " Law of the Peoples Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Occupational Diseases" , 267 enterprises had occupational disease management department and Legal person responsibility system, 244 had occupational disease prevention plans or programs with 306 full-time or part-time administrators; there were 67 619 employees, 31 130 (46.04% ) with occupational hazard exposure. A total of 20 297 employees received occupational examination in recent 3 years, the examination rate was 65.2%. Pneumoconiosis was detected in 113 employees, and occupational contraindication on 223 employees, all employees with occupational contraindication had been transferred. Totally 17 977 occupational health surveillance files were established, with establishing rate of 57.75% , and administrative penalty was carried out in 35 illegal enterprises. Three units (only 1 in urban area) in Nannig City obtained the qualification of occupational health technical service institutions. [ Conclusion]The occupational hazards are serious in Nanning City. The employing units, especially the small and medium-sized enterprises are lack of effective management system. Occupational health service institutions are not sufficient, and the professional and technical levels of occupational health workers need to be improved.%目的 了解南宁市职业卫生现状,探讨存在的问题并提出相应的对策.方法 对近3年南宁市(含6县6区)的职业卫生技术工作及职业卫生监督工作总结资料进行综合分析.结果 在

  14. Evaluation of Aquatic Ecosystem Service Value of the Rivers and Reservoirs Connection Project in Ji′nan City%济南市河库连通工程水生态系统服务价值评估

    解文静; 茅樵; 曹升乐


    The aquatic ecosystem service value of the rivers and reservoirs connection project in Ji′nan City was divided into four parts:providing product function,regulating function,cultural function and life support function. The direct market value method,shadow engineering method,replacement cost method,carbon tax method and assets value method were used to evaluate the aquatic ecosystem service value of the rivers and reservoirs connection project in Ji′nan City. The results show that the rivers and reservoirs system of ecological service value in Ji′nan City is diverse and of great value,especially remarkable in the living environment,the function of leisure tourism and the function of water supply. This conclusion conforms to the actual situation of Ji′nan City,and the evaluation results are reasonable.%将济南市河库连通工程河库水系生态系统服务功能分为提供产品功能、调节功能、文化功能和生命支持功能4类,采用直接市场评价法、影子价格法、替代费用法、碳税法、费用支出法等方法评估了该工程的生态服务价值。结果表明:济南市河库系统生态服务价值多样,且价值巨大,尤其是发挥人居环境功能、休闲旅游功能、水供给功能的价值,评估结果符合济南市实际情况。

  15. 广西南宁市城、郊区儿童肥胖发生率比较%Comparison of incidences of obesity in children in urban area and rural area of Nanning,Guangxi

    唐晴; 陈少科


    Objective: To understand the status of overweight and obese incidences in children in urban area and rural area of Nanning, Guangxi. Methods: More than 110 000 students aged 7 ~ 18 years old in Nanning were analyzed statistically, the status of overweight and obese incidences in children at different age groups in urban area and rural area in Nanning were analyzed statistically. Results: The overweight and obese ages in children in urban area and rural area of Nanning had the same trend, the incidences of overweight and obesity in urban children were significantly higher than those in rural children. Conclusion: There is a certain difference in incidences of overweight and obesity between urban children and rural children because of different life styles.%目的:了解广西南宁市城、郊区儿童超重、肥胖发生率的情况.方法:对广西南宁地区11万余7~18岁的中小学生资料进行统计分析,将南宁划分为城、郊区两部分,分别统计不同年龄段儿童超重、肥胖发生率情况.结果:在城区及郊区儿童超重、肥胖的发生年龄存在相同的趋势,城区儿童超重、肥胖发生率高于郊区.结论:城、郊区儿童由于生活方式不同,儿童超重、肥胖发生率也存在一定的差异.

  16. Prevalence of Pediculus humanus capitis among school girls of Chuang-Wei and Nan-Ao Districts in I-Lan County and Man-Chow District in Ping-Tung County, Taiwan.

    Chao, D; Liu, H Y; Fan, P C


    By using the naked eye examination and comb method, a field survey and combing collection of head louse (Pediculus humanus capitis) among school girls in three different area (Man-Chow, Nan-Ao and Chuang-Wei) of Taiwan were performed from July 1979 to February, 1980. The general infestation rate of head louse was 39.8% (or 998/2,509). In the primary schools, comparatively, the rate at Man-Chow (66.7%) was highest, the next at Nan-Ao (55.4%) and the lowest at Chuang-Wei (39.4%). While in the junior high schools, the rate was apparently higher at Nan-Ao (38.4%) than that at Man-Chow (15.6%) and Chang-Wei (12.0%). The highest rate in the primary schools was found in 3rd graders except at Chuang-Wei in 5th graders. The corresponding figure in the junior high schools was found in 1st graders except at Nan-Ao in 2nd graders. Of 774 infested girls studied, according to the number of lice per infested girl, the percentages of infestation in the 5 groups were: the very light (nits only) 54.5, light (1-10) 38.5, moderate (11-50) 6.5, heavy (51-100) 0.4 and very heavy (over 100) 0.1 respectively. Of 2,178 head lice examined, 53.0% was nymphs; 28.7% females; 18.2% males. The average number of head louse in each infested girl 6.2.

  17. "Societies" of Nan Song in Notes Novels of Song and Yuan Dynasties and Causes for Their Prosperity%宋元笔记小说中的南宋“社会”及其繁盛原因



    Notes novels of Song and Yuan Dynasty have recorded various kinds of "societies" of Nan Song, including the society of entertainment, religion and making a living. The reason for their prosperity lies in the fully developed urban culture of Nan Song, the extreme custom of seeking entertainment, the psychology of seeking recognition and belonging of those who were forced to leave their home and the abnormal prosperity and decadence at the end of Nan Song.%宋元笔记小说记载了大量南宋时期各种类型组织的"社会",包括娱乐消遣型、宗教组织型和谋生服务型。这些"社会"之所以在南宋时期繁盛,离不开南宋高度发达的都市文化,浓郁的享乐风气,背井离乡者寻求认同感和归属感的心理需求,以及南宋末世的畸形繁华与颓废气象。

  18. Causality Analysis of Population Urbanization and Real Estate Investment in Ji′nan City%济南市人口城镇化与房地产投资额的因果关系分析

    马丽丽; 王海民


    This paper used cointegration analysis and causality of Grainger to conduct an empirical study on investment data of Ji′nan population urbanization and real estate from 1990 to 2010.Research showed that there was a long-run cointegration relationship ,the reason of the rising level of urbanization in Ji′nan City was not the amount of real estate investment increased,but the urbanization process of Ji'nan raised was why real estate investment rising.%运用协整分析法、格兰杰因果法对1990-2010年济南人口城镇化与房地产投资数据进行了实证研究。研究表明:两者存在着长期的协整关系,济南市房地产投资额的上升不是城镇化水平提高的原因,但是济南市城镇化进程提高是房地产投资额上升的原因。

  19. Acoustic Emission Signal of Lactococcus lactis before and after Inhibition with NaN 3 and Infection with Bacteriophage c2.

    Ghosh, Debasish; Stencel, John M; Hicks, Clair D; Payne, Fred; Ozevin, Didem


    The detection of acoustic emission (AE) from Lactococcus lactis, ssp lactis is reported in which emission intensities are used to follow and define metabolic activity during growth in nutrient broths. Optical density (OD) data were also acquired during L. lactis growth at 32°C and provided insight into the timing of the AE signals relative to the lag, logarithmic, and stationary growth phases of the bacteria. The inclusion of a metabolic inhibitor, NaN3, into the nutrient broth eliminated bacteria metabolic activity according to the OD data, the absence of which was confirmed using AE data acquisition. The OD and AE data were also acquired before and after the addition of Bacteriophage c2 in L. lactis containing nutrient broths during the early or middle logarithmic phase; c2 phage m.o.i. (Multiplicity of infection) was varied to help differentiate whether the detected AE was from bacteria cells during lysis or from the c2 phage during genome injection into the cells. It is proposed that AE measurements using piezoelectric sensors are sensitive enough to detect bacteria at the amount near 10(4) cfu/mL, to provide real time data on bacteria metabolic activity and to dynamically monitor phage infection of cells.

  20. Air Conditioning Energy Saving Methods of Office Building in Nanning City%南宁市办公建筑空调节能途径



    Based on the public notification of building energy consumption in Guangxi, and the analysis of air conditioning energy consumption of four low - energy office buildings, proposes air conditioning energy saving methods of office building in Nanning City. It is suggested that the capable local government should formulate standards of annual office building energy consumption and incentive methods to encourage all units to explore methods of saving energy actively and reduce office building energy consumption.%根据广西建筑能耗公示的情况,通过分析4栋低能耗办公建筑的空调能耗状况,提出了南宁市办公建筑空调节能途径.建议有条件的地方政府通过制定办公建筑全年能耗标准及奖励办法,来鼓励各单位积极探索节能途径,降低办公建筑能耗.

  1. 南宁非饱和膨胀土蠕变特性试验研究%Experimental Study on Creep Characteristics for Nanning Unsaturated Expansive Soils

    范志强; 肖宏彬; 汤艳


    On the basis of a series of indoor tests for unsaturated Nanning expansive soils through loading test and creep testing apparatus controlled by shearing force, non-liner rheological characteristics of the expansive soils have been researched. The results show that the soil has obvious non-linear rheological behavior. Through the experimental creep curve can be described by Bulgers model, the constitutive equation and the creep equation of the expansive soils also can be obtained.%通过压缩蠕变试验与改装的剪应力控制式剪切蠕变试验对南宁非饱和膨胀土进行了系列室内试验研究,探讨了非饱和膨胀土的非线性流变特性.试验结果表明:土体具有明显的非线性流变特性.同时,通过对蠕变曲线的拟合可以发现,南宁非饱和膨胀土的流变可以用Bu体模型来描述,并能得出其相应的本构方程和蠕变方程.

  2. Simulating the Impact of Future Land Use and Climate Change on Soil Erosion and Deposition in the Mae Nam Nan Sub-Catchment, Thailand

    Nitin Kumar Tripathi


    Full Text Available This paper evaluates the possible impacts of climate change and land use change and its combined effects on soil loss and net soil loss (erosion and deposition in the Mae Nam Nan sub-catchment, Thailand. Future climate from two general circulation models (GCMs and a regional circulation model (RCM consisting of HadCM3, NCAR CSSM3 and PRECIS RCM ware downscaled using a delta change approach. Cellular Automata/Markov (CA_Markov model was used to characterize future land use. Soil loss modeling using Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE and sedimentation modeling in Idrisi software were employed to estimate soil loss and net soil loss under direct impact (climate change, indirect impact (land use change and full range of impact (climate and land use change to generate results at a 10 year interval between 2020 and 2040. Results indicate that soil erosion and deposition increase or decrease, depending on which climate and land use scenarios are considered. The potential for climate change to increase soil loss rate, soil erosion and deposition in future periods was established, whereas considerable decreases in erosion are projected when land use is increased from baseline periods. The combined climate and land use change analysis revealed that land use planning could be adopted to mitigate soil erosion and deposition in the future, in conjunction with the projected direct impact of climate change.

  3. Garra waensis, a new cyprinid fish (Actinopterygii: Cypriniformes) from the Nan River Basin of the Chao Phraya River system, northern Thailand.

    Lothongkham, Amornchai; Arbsuwan, Sakda; Musikasinthorn, Prachya


    A new cyprinid fish, Garra waensis, is described from the Wa River, a tributary of the Nan River of the Chao Phraya River system in northern Thailand. The species is distinguishable from its congeners by the combination of the following characters: the absence of barbels; 7 branched dorsal fin rays; 31-37 lateral-line scales; 10-12 circumpeduncular scales; a small and broad head (head length [HL] 22.7-26.1% in standard length, head depth 56.1-64.9% HL, head width 74.0-85.0 % HL); a weakly developed proboscis in front of nostrils; the presence of reddish-orange spots (white or dull yellowish white in preserved specimens) on the side of the body; and a dark mid-lateral stripe running from the upper edge of the gill opening to the caudal peduncle and expanding into a large anteriorly-pointed triangular blotch at the end of the body (in preserved condition). A vomero-palatine organ of the species is also described in detail for the first time for Asian species of Garra. The genus Placocheilus is treated as a junior synonym of Garra. 

  4. Les Méduses dans la Marée de l’Histoire: L’Anse aux Meadows, Nan Sdins and Cultural Heritage Agendas

    Philip Hayward


    Full Text Available This paper reflects upon the relation of island communities to global cultural heritage agendas through discussion of two particular examples, the first two island locations successfully nominated by the Canadian government for UNESCO World Heritage listing: L’Anse aux Meadows, on Newfoundland, and Nan Sdins (Ninstints on SGang Gwaii . This reflection involves discussion of the motives and discourses that led to their formal establishment as cultural heritage sites and those that have come into play in subsequent social inscriptions and interpretations. This line of inquiry intersects with – and is illuminated by - a consideration of the spatial contexts of the island networks that have facilitated particular moments upon which their heritage status is based. In particular, I refer to their relation to sea-lanes and coastal/inter-island lines of contact that are, in turn, predicated on particular moments of climatic, navigational and socio-economic history. The paper concludes by offering a point of mediation between traditional concepts of heritage agendas and socio-cultural development in island communities pertinent to the development of Island Studies as an activist enterprise.

  5. 南宁市居民消费行为研究及实践意义%Research on the Consumption Practice of Nanning Habitants



    The consumption practice of Nanning habitants is influenced bysuch factors as living environment, business environment and social environment.Besides, their individual features( psychology, age and sex) and demands also influence their preference. As “probability persons”, the activity model of consumers is influenced by their study and cognition experiences, thus the distribution of business network and rearrangement of business structure are of practical significance.%南宁市居民消费行为受生活环境、商业环境和社会环境的影响,同时,消费者的个性特征(心理、年龄、性别和性格)和需求刺激也影响到居民的消费偏好。消费者作为“概率人”,其行为空间模型,受到认知和学习经验的影响,这对南宁市商业网点布局和调整商业结构具有现实意义。

  6. Synthesis,Crystal Structure and Fluorescent Properties of a New One-Dimensional Polymer [Sm(sal)4(phen)2Na]n

    Xu Cunjin; Yang Hui


    The title complex, [Sm(sal)4(phen)2Na]n (Ⅰ), where Hsal=salicylic acid, phen=1, 10-phenanthroline, was synthesized by the reaction of samarium chloride with phen and Hsal in ethanol solution and its crystal structure was determined by X-ray diffraction. The crystal is monoclinic, space group C2/c with cell dimensions of a=2.84989 (7) nm, b=0.93347 (2) nm, c=2.27954 (5) nm, β=132.4010 (8), V=4.4781 (2) nm3, Z=4, μ (Mo Kα)=13.97 cm-1, Dc=1.605 g*cm-3. The title complex is a compound, with centre of the Sm and Na atoms which are bridged by two carboxylate ligands. The structure of the complex demonstrates one-dimensional chain bridged by carboxyl groups. The fluorescence spectrum of the complex indicates that the second ligand phen shows enhancement effect on the fluorescence of the complex.

  7. Potential health hazards of the water resources development: a health survey in the Phitsanulok Irrigation Project, Nan River Basin, Northern Thailand.

    Bunnag, T; Sornmani, S; Impand, P; Harinasuta, C


    A health survey was carried out among residents of 33 villages under the Phitsanulok Irrigation Project Area, Nan River Basin, Northern Thailand, whereby general health conditions were examined including intradermal tests for schistosomiasis japonica, stools for intestinal parasites and sera tested by circumoval precipitin test for antibodies to S. japonicum and by agglutination test for leptospiral infection. Health investigations revealed that 913 (60.9%) of 1,499 people examined had experienced gastro-intestinal disorders, 254 (17%) had poor oral hygiene and a few had mild anemia. 799 (62%) of 1,298 examined had intestinal parasites. Hookworm (45%) was most common, followed by Opisthorchis viverrini (20%), Entamoeba coli (10%), Ascaris lumbricoides (6%), intestinal flukes (2%), Enterobius vermicularis (1%) and Giardia lamblia (1%). 149 (10%) of 1,422 people gave positive skin reaction to crude S. japonicum antigen. Circumoval precipitin test was strongly positive in 7 (1.6%) persons out of 449 tested for schistosome infection and 6 (4.0%) out of 1,358 people were positive for leptospiral infection. The significant endemic diseases as potential health problems in this water resources development are discussed.

  8. Research on Operational Risks of Sports Events in Nanning%南宁市体育赛事经营风险研究



    体育赛事是对以体育比赛为核心的一系列活动的总称。经营体育赛事,面临着人身安全、财务、经营、运作和信息等风险。风险管理的价值就是有效地处置和规避风险,围绕"DIM"(Develop、Implement、Manage)风险管理模式来实施"发展、执行、管理"三个步骤,将是南宁市对体育赛事经营实施风险管理的有效途径。%Sports events represents the general name for a series of sports games-centered activities. Sports events operation and management faces a series of risks, such as personal safety risk, financial risk, operational risk and information risk. The value of risk management lies in the risk disposition and risk aversion. Therefore, the implementation of DIM (development ~ implementation -- management ) risk management model is bound to be the effective risk management of sports events operation in Nanning.

  9. Clinical Observation on JianPi ZhuYunTang Combined with Triple Therapy in Treating 58 Cases of Peptic Ulcer%健脾助运汤联合三联疗法治疗消化性溃疡58例疗效观察



    Objective: To observe clinical effects of JianPi ZhuYunTang combined with triple therapy in treating peptic ulcer. Method: All 116 patients were randomized into the observation group and the control group equally. Both groups received classic triple therapy: metronidazole tablets, 400mg/time, twice each day, oral; colloidal bismuth pectin tablets, 100mg/time, three times each day, took in 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and supper; omeprazole, 20 mg/time, twice each day. The observation group took JianPi ZhuYunTang. One course of treatment was seven days, curative effects were observed after four courses of treatment. Result: Cure rate and total effective rate of the observation group were 51.72% and 94.83%; and that of the control group were 36.21% and 79.31%, comparison between both groups showed significant difference (P<0.05). Comparisons within one group demonstrated significant difference before and after treating in symptom scales of abdominal pain, abdominal distention, regurgitation, sour reflux and belching (P<0.05). Comparison between both groups after treating showed significant difference (P<0.05). Conclusion: JianPi ZhuYunTang and triple therapy have notable clinical effects in treating peptic ulcer.%目的:观察健脾助运汤联合三联疗法治疗消化性溃疡的疗效.方法:将116 例消化性溃疡患者随机分为观察组和对照组各58 例.2 组患者均给予经典的三联疗法:甲硝唑片,400 mg/ 次,2 次/d,口服;果胶铋片,100 mg/ 次,3次/d,于早、中、晚饭前30 分钟口服;奥美拉唑,20 mg/ 次,2次/d.观察组同时给予健脾助运汤.2组均以治疗7 天为1 个疗程,治疗4 个疗程后观察疗效.结果:观察组治愈率为51.72%,总有效率为94.83%;对照组治愈率为36.21%,总有效率为79.31%.2 组相比差异显著(P<0.05).治疗后腹痛、腹胀、反胃、反酸、嗳气等症状积分2 组治疗前后组内相比,有显著差异(P<0.05),组间相比,有显著差异(P<0.05).结论:健

  10. 恽铁樵《武侠丛谈》的写实倾向--兼论清末民初小说的写实主义潮流%On the Realistic Tendency of Wu Xia Cong Tan Edited by Yun Tie-qiao



    Wu Xia Cong Tan, edited by Yun Tieqiao, is a collection of martial arts fictions published in Novel Monthly during the time he was the editor of the journal. This book shows the realism color with the characteristics of the times from two aspects. Firstly, some authors emphasized the credibility of the novel with the help of comments and literature. Secondly, some work also highlighted the function of education based on the chivalrous spirit of writing. Yun�s realistic thought not only emphasized the social function of novel, but also looked on writing realistically as the important path to realize the function of novel. The realistic tendency of the book was a concrete manifestation of the concept of Yun. Yun�s thoughts played a transitional role in the trend of realism in the late Qing dynasty and early Republic of China.%恽铁樵编辑的《武侠丛谈》是一部武侠小说合集,其中的篇目在小说集出版前大多已刊发在由其主编的《小说月报》上。《武侠丛谈》在两个方面表现出具有时代特征的写实倾向:一是其中不少作者借助点评和文学呈现强调了小说的可信度;一是部分作品还通过对侠义精神的书写突出了小说的训谕性。恽铁樵的写实主义小说观强调小说的社会功用,并将写实作为小说功用实现的重要路径,《武侠丛谈》的写实倾向正是恽铁樵这一观念的具体表现。恽铁樵的写实主义小说观在清末民初写实主义潮流中具有承前启后的意义。

  11. 新时期陈云对抵御执政风险问题的战略思考及其当代价值%Chen Yun' s Strategic Thinking on Defense against Risks in Governance in the New Era and its Contemporary Values



    陈云对抵御执政风险问题的战略思考有其深刻的背景因素,是他总结历史、面对现实、着眼未来综合性认识的成果。陈云对抵御执政风险问题的战略思考包括对党和国家的政治发展、经济发展、民生建设、精神文明建设、党的建设等多方面。这种思考表现出强烈的忧患意识,对我们今天居安思危、拒腐防变具有很强的警示作用;蕴含着深刻的科学理念对我们今天把握规律、安全执政具有重要的指导作用;体现出坚定的理想信念,对我们今天排除干扰、奋勇前行具有巨大的激励作用。%Chen Yun's strategic thinking on defense against risks in governance has profound background factors. It is an achievement of comprehension drawn from reviewing the history, facing the reality, and looking to the future. Chen Yun' s strategic thinking on defense against risks in governance includes quite a few aspects for the Par- ty and the country such as political development, economic development, people' s livelihood building, spiritual civilization building, and party building. This type of thinking illustrates forceful awareness of potential dangers and has strong alerting effects for us today to stay prepared for adversities in times of peace and to resist corruption and decadence. Its profound scientific ideas have important guiding effects for us today to grasp the laws and govern safely. Its firmly embodied ideals and beliefs have great motivation effects for us today to clear obstacles and forge ahead.

  12. Income and health inequality across Canadian provinces.

    Safaei, Jalil


    This paper uses the aggregate data from the Public Use Microdata Files (PUMF) of Canadian National Population Health Survey to estimate income related health inequalities across the ten Canadian provinces. The unique features of the PUMF allow for a meaningful cross-provincial comparison of health indices and their measured inequalities. It concludes that health inequalities favouring the higher income people do exist in all provinces when health status is either self assessed or measured by the health utility index. Moreover, it finds considerable variations in measured health inequalities across the provinces with consistent rankings for certain provinces.

  13. Characteristics of Min-nan offshore shallow seismic sequence%闽南海岸带浅层地震层序特征

    许江; 赵绍华; 李海东; 胡毅; 毛建利; 房旭东


    On Min-nan coastal zone, shoreline is zigzag and its types are diverse, coastal waters is rich in natural resources. In history, some engineering and environmental research have been carried on these areas, however, due to the limits of former technical conditions, the accuracy and resolution of exploration can not meet the needs of offshore engineering construction. In this paper, using sub-bottom profiler, shallow stratigraphic sequence of Min-nan coastal zone is surveyed. According to the characteristics of contact relationship between the upper and lower seismic sequences, the whole shallow seismic reflecting layer can be divided into 3 different regional reflecting boundaries,which marked as:T0, T1, T2. Besides, among them there are 2 partial reflecting boundaries: R1, R2 developed off and on. Based on the characteristics of 3 regional reflecting boundaries: T0, T1, T2, the whole shallow seismic sequence can be divided into 3 major seismic sequences: Ua, Ub, Uc. According to the characteristics of R1, R2 reflecting boundaries, seismic sequences Ua, Ub can be separately divided into 4 sub-seismic sequences: U1a, U2a, Ub1 and U2b. At last, through comparative analysis of historical geological data, the geological evolution in the study area is briefly discussed since the Holocene.%闽南海岸带类型多样、岸线曲折,近岸海域资源丰富,历史上曾对该地区作过一些工程环境调查研究,受当时技术条件的限制,探测精度、分辨率,已不能满足近海工程建设的需要.本文主要采用海底浅层剖面仪进行探测,根据上下地震层序之间的接触关系特征,将研究区内浅部地震反射界面主要分为T0、T1和T2三个区域性地震反射界面,其间还断续发育R1和R2两个局部性反射界面.根据T0、T1和T2三个区域性地震反射界面特征,划分出Ua、Ub和Uc三个主要地震层序,根据R1、R2的反射界面特征,可将Ua、Ub分别划分为Ua1、Ua2和Ub1、Ub2四个亚地震层

  14. Test Research on Beneficiation of Calcite Type Fluorite Ore in Hu'nan%湖南某方解石型萤石选矿试验研究

    胡瑞彪; 吉红; 陈典助; 荆正强


    The CaF 2 grade of calcite type fluorite ore from Hu'nan is reaching up to 56 .72%,regard as high-grades fluorite ore .According to the mineralogical characteristic of the ore ,the fluorite was studied,Using sodium carbonate as pH adjusting agent ,sodium silicate and starch as depressant ,so-dium oleate as collector , closed -circuit test were carried out in the condition that the roughing grinding fineness was -0 .074 mm 65%.The grade and recovery of the fluorite concentrate were 97.16%and 80.38%respectively,and the content of SiO2 and CaCO3 meet the national standards . The results showed that concentrate were obtained by swept one rougher -five cleaners-one scav-enging and coarse concentrate regrinding closed -circuit process .%湖南某方解石型萤石矿原矿含CaF256.72%,属高品位萤石矿。结合该矿石的工艺矿物学特性,采用碳酸钠为pH调整剂、水玻璃+淀粉为抑制剂、油酸钠为捕收剂进行浮选试验研究。闭路试验在粗选磨矿细度-0.074 mm占65%的情况下,通过一粗五精一扫-粗精矿再磨的工艺流程,可以获得品位97.16%、回收率80.38%的萤石精矿,且萤石精矿中含SiO21.20%、CaCO30.65%,达到国家萤石粉F97C的质量标准。

  15. Thoughts on Process Design of Ji'nan West Wheel Axle Workshop%济南西轮轴车间工艺设计思考



    This paper, according to the relevant design contents of wheel axle workshop of Ji'nan West Rolling Stock Depot, investigates comprehensively the whole maintenance process and the equipment configuration of wheel axle's overhaul, from several aspects such as the function partitioning of inspection and repair depots, wheelset-input inspection , wheelset-export inspection, mechanical processing of wheel axle, HMIS system and so on. Moreover, the paper introduces emphatically the working principle, main features and the related functions about the process line which consists of the loading and unloading robot, axle transmission line, wheel transmission line, and the press-fit units. In addition, this paper summarizes the entire maintenance process in relation to the wheel axle's automation and process line's maintenance, with a view to provide reference for wheel axle repair design of other projects.%根据济南西车辆段轮轴车间设计相关内容,从轮轴检修库房工艺功能划分、轮对收入检查部分、轮对支出检查部分、车轴轮片机械加工部分、HMIS系统等几个方面入手,全面探讨轮轴大修的整个检修工艺流程和设备配置情况,并着重介绍上下料机械手、车轴输送线、车轮输送线和压装单元组成的工艺流水线的工作原理、主要特点和相关功能.总结轮轴自动化、流水线检修的整个检修工艺流程,可为其他工程轮轴检修设计提供参考依据.

  16. 苍雪大和尚《南来堂集》辑佚∗%Poems by Monk Cangxue Not Collected in Nan Lai Tang Ji



    Cangxue Duche ( 1588-1656 ) composed some of the best poems among monks in the late Ming Dynasty. His poems, however, had long been circulating in hand-written copies until Nan Lai Tang Ji –Collected Poems by Master Cangxue, the best of his collected works edited by Wang Peisun, came in-to being in the era of the Republic of China ( 1912-1949 ) . By reading collected works of the contempora-ry monks of Cangxue, the present author has identified some other poems and essays not included in the a-bove mentioned collection, especially forwards Cangxue wrote for the collected works of other authors. These poems can show that Cangxue, well versed in quite a number of topics and styles, made great contri-butions to the amalgamation between the monks and the laymen.%苍雪读彻之诗为晚明诗僧中之翘楚,但其诗长期以抄本形式流传。民国王培孙先生辑校《苍雪大师南来堂诗集》为苍雪诗歌流传最佳版本。今翻检明清僧传与诗文集,另有零星苍雪之作存世,尤以其为当日僧人诗歌总集与僧传所作序文,可见这位高僧对儒门诸科的谙熟以及本人为僧俗融合所作出的努力。

  17. 南宁市智慧公园建设初探%The Experimenting Construction of Smart Park in Nanning City



    随着物联网、云计算等新兴信息技术的兴起,智慧化成为城市发展的新潮流。南宁市“智慧公园”的建设是将公园的管理与对外的互动集中建设,实现公园信息化建设。集成应用地理信息系统( GIS)、遥感( RS)、全球定位系统(GPS)、无线射频识别(RFID)、电子商务(EB)、虚拟现实等现代科学技术和方法,整合各类公园、旅游信息资源,搭建信息基础设施、数据基础设施、信息管理平台和决策支持平台,以实现公园服务、管理、营销的智慧化。%With the development of Internet of things,cloud computing and other new information technology,intelli-gence has become the new direction of city development,the construction of “Smart Park” in Nanning city contains the park's management and external interaction construction,in order to reach the park’s computerized management,integrat-ed application of geographic information system(GIS),remote sensing(RS),global positioning system(GPS),radio fre-quency identification( RFID) ,electronic commerce( EB) ,virtual reality and other modern technology and methods,we in-tegrating parks and tourist information resources,building the information infrastructure,information infrastructure,infor-mation management platform and decision support platform,reach the park service,management,marketing intelligence.

  18. IODP Expedition 319, NanTroSEIZE Stage 2: First IODP Riser Drilling Operations and Observatory Installation Towards Understanding Subduction Zone Seismogenesis

    Sean Toczko


    Full Text Available The Nankai Trough Seismogenic Zone Experiment (NanTroSEIZE is a major drilling project designed to investigate fault mechanics and the seismogenic behavior of subduction zone plate boundaries. Expedition 319 is the first riser drilling operation within scientific ocean drilling. Operations included riser drilling at Site C0009 in the forearc basin above the plate boundary fault, non-riser drilling at Site C0010 across the shallow part of the megasplay faultsystem—which may slip during plate boundary earthquakes—and initial drilling at Site C0011 (incoming oceanic plate for Expedition 322. At Site C0009, new methods were tested, including analysis of drill mud cuttings and gas, and in situ measurements of stress, pore pressure, and permeability. These results, in conjunction with earlier drilling, will provide a the history of forearc basin development (including links to growth of the megasplay fault system and modern prism, b the first in situ hydrological measurements of the plate boundary hanging wall, and c integration of in situ stress measurements (orientation and magnitude across the forearc and with depth. A vertical seismic profile (VSP experiment provides improved constraints on the deeper structure of the subduction zone. At Site C0010, logging-while-drilling measurements indicate significantchanges in fault zone and hanging wall properties over short (<5 km along-strike distances, suggesting different burial and/or uplift history. The first borehole observatory instruments were installed at Site C0010 to monitor pressure and temperature within the megasplay fault zone, and methods of deployment of more complex observatoryinstruments were tested for future operations.

  19. On the Creature of the Perfect Image "Night-rain Dropping on the Indus" in Ci of Wen Ting-yun%论温庭筠“梧桐·夜雨”意象入词的开创之功

    董灵超; 蓝秋燕; 莫莉荣


    梧桐意象、梧桐·雨的组合意象是中国古典诗词中的常用意象。然综观晚唐五代词作,温庭筠《更漏子》(玉炉香)则是第一次成功运用“梧桐·夜雨”意象人词的典范,它对后世词作泛用“梧桐·夜雨”意象影响深远。%The perfect image of the indus and the perfect image of the "night-rain dropping on the indus" are both common perfect images in the Chinese ancient poetry and Ci, but when we study all Ci till the later-Tang dynasty to the Song dynasty, we will find that Geng Lou Zi ( fragrance out of the jade censer) by Wen Ting-yun is the model which is the first time using the image of the "night-rain dropping on the indus" and has a profound influence to the future Ci of using the same image.

  20. 政策驱动与伦理诉求--生态文明视阈下陈云的工程伦理思想探析%The Policy-Driver and Ethics-Appeal-On Chen Yun's Engineering Ethics from the Perspective of Ecological Civilization



    Chen Yun put forward important expositions concerning construction engineering problems, which is reflected as ecological civilization from the perspective of engineering ethics, mainly in the divine life, safety first engineering ethics value goal, project decision makers and project implementation such as the community of engineering ethics responsibility, government ethics institutionalization, and specific measures of launching broad participation of the masses etc. It well reflects the engineering aspects of the ethical conscious⁃ness in ecological civilization.%陈云对建筑工程问题提出过重要论述,体现为生态文明视阈下的工程伦理思想,主要有生命神圣、安全至上的工程伦理价值目标,工程决策者和工程实施者等工程共同体的伦理责任,以及政府伦理制度化、发动群众广泛参与的具体对策等,体现了生态文明思想下工程方面的伦理自觉。

  1. The automatic sprinkler system for sorting equipments of Guangzhou BaiYun International Airport transshipment center%广州白云国际机场某转运中心分拣设备自动喷水灭火系统设计

    王玉玲; 刘亮; 李楠


    广州白云国际机场某转运中心分拣设备按照FM保险公司要求设置自动喷水灭火系统,介绍其设计、施工及验收等方面的要求,并对比执行FM标准与执行现行国家标准.通过对系统的介绍,从系统的设计标准、喷头安装及验收要求等方面对国内类似物流工程中的皮带输送机分拣设备设置自动喷水灭火系统提供参照和借鉴.%In accordance with the requirements of FM Insurance Company, the automatic fire sprinkler system for sorting equipments was installed at Guangzhou BaiYun International Airport. This article focuses on the design, construction and in-spection requirements and compares FM standards and Code for design of automatic fire sprinkler systems. For the domestic similar logistics sorting equipment belt conveyor projects, a reference to the installation of the automatic fire sprinkler system for sorting equipments was provided, including design standards, sprinkler installation and inspection requirements.

  2. Prevalence of dementia among elderly people in Santang community,Nanning city%南宁社区老年人痴呆患病率调查

    李海洪; 杨秀塔; 张健; 杨泽; 胡才友; 韦冬梅; 付棉; 吕泽平; 邓名英; 吕渊; 张为; 冯以真


    Objectives To investigate the prevalence of dementia among elderly people aged 60 yeas and over in Santang com-munity,Nanning.Methods A cross-sectional study of prevalence of dementia was conducted in Santang community ,located in the snorth suburb of Nanning .Residents aged 60 years and over were eligible to participate in the study .The mini-mental status examina-tion( MMSE) was used to screen subjects with cognitive impairment .The diagnosis of dementia and its subtypes was validated by neurologists according to the recently recommended diagnostic criteria .Results Cognitive impairment was recognized in 156 sub-jects and dementia was diagnosed in 59 subjects.38 were AD(64.4%),18 were VD(30.5%),3 were mixed dementia (5.1%), the prevalence of dementia , AD, VD were significant different among different age groups; Women ’ s groups has higher dementia and AD prevalence than male;the prevalence of dementia , AD, VD in illiterate group were significantly higher than the primary school.Conclusions The prevalence of dementia and AD among elderly people in Santang community ,Nanning,Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is higher then other region , AD was the first type of dementia , and VD was the second .Illiteracy old man and the women has the higher dementia prevalence , the old age dementia prevalence increases with age .%目的:调查南宁市三塘社区老年人的痴呆患病现状。方法采用横断面研究方法,对在南宁市三塘社区年龄≥60岁以上常住居民的痴呆患病率进行研究。调查采用筛查和确诊两阶段法,以简易智能状态检查量表( MMSE)筛查认知功能障碍,并进一步由神经科医师通过相关神经科检查及有关量表测试,参照美国精神障碍诊断与统计手册第4版修订本的标准诊断痴呆。结果①确认为认知功能障碍者156例,诊断痴呆者59例,其中阿尔茨海默病(AD)38例(64.4%),血管性痴呆(VD)18例(30.5

  3. Analysis of maternal mortality from 2008 to 2012 in Nanning%南宁市2008至2012年孕产妇死亡分析

    周霓; 劳诚毅


    Objective To grasp the main causes of death in pregnant women and its related factors by analyzing maternal deaths and the changing trend of death causes from 2008 to 2012 in Nanning, so as to put forward interventions to reduce maternal mortality. Methods Statistical analysis was conducted on the Survey Annual Report of Pregnant Women Health Care, Death Report Card from Resident Pregnant Women, survey on maternal death and assessment materials of maternal death in 6 counties and districts in Nanning from 2008 to 2012. Results There were 520 091 cases of live births and 149 cases of maternal mortality in Nanning, and the average mortality rate was 28. 64/100 000 (household mortality rate of 17. 49/100 000). The top five causes of maternal mortality were amniotic fluid embolism, pregnancy complicated with heart disease, pregnancy complicated with liver disease, pregnancy with cancer, and obstetric hemorrhage. Assessment results indicated 125 cases of inevitable death (71. 84%) and 49 cases of avoidable death (28. 16%). Monitoring data analysis showed that although the impact of maternal mortality was multifactorial, pregnancy complications proceeded in the rank of death causes. Among the top 5 causes, indirect obstetric death causes were more than direct obstetric ones. Conclusion The improvement of prenatal care tertiary care network management, early identification of medical complications of pregnancy by medical personnel, multidisciplinary joint monitoring management and the emergency treatment capability of obstetric team highlight their importance in rescuing critical cases and reducing maternal mortality rate.%目的:通过对南宁市2008至2012年孕产妇死亡监测情况和死因变化趋势分析,掌握孕产妇主要死因及其相关因素,有针对性的提出干预措施以降低孕产妇死亡率。方法对南宁市2008至2012年南宁市6县6城区孕产妇保健情况调查年报表、常住人口孕产妇死亡报告卡、孕产妇死亡

  4. Analysis on Tattoo Patterns of Li Nationality in Hai'nan Province from Perspective of Gender%性别视角下海南黎族文身形态探析



    文身是黎族人民的文化活化石,在黎族历史上留下了光辉灿烂的一页.本文结合有关文献和学者调查资料对黎族男、女文身习俗进行比较研究认为,同处在相同社会背景下,男、女文身习俗在文身时间、继承、部位、图案及象征意义等文化特征有较大的不同,特别表现在文身的部位、图案和象征意义上,同时,对造成这一现象的原因作了初步的探讨.%Tattoo is the Li nationality's cultural living fossil and left a brilliant page in the history.According to the relevant literature and scholars survey data on a comparison of male and female tattoo custom,this paper deems that there are signiifcant differences in tattoo's time,inheritance,part,pattern,and symbolic signiifcance,specially in performance at the site of the tattoo,pattern and symbolic sense,at the same time,for the cause of this phenomenon has made the preliminary discussion.

  5. Investigation of investinal parasites in large-scale pig farms of Yongzhou, Hu'nan province%湖南永州地区规模化猪场肠道寄生虫感染情况调查

    邓发清; 陈松明


    目的 了解湖南永州地区规模化猪场寄生虫病流行情况,为今后综合防治提供依据.方法 采集10个猪场1 230头猪所排新鲜粪便,漂浮法检查粪便中虫卵,观察各虫卵形态和大小,依据相关文献确定虫种类别.结果 10个猪场中猪蛔虫、毛首线虫、小球袋纤毛中、球虫、结节虫感染率分别7.4%、3.7%、19%、20%、14.4%.结论 球虫是感染率最高的寄生虫,母猪是猎场寄生虫感染的重要来源.

  6. 河南林州植物物候变化特征及其原因分析%Analysis of plant phenological variation characters and its potential reasons in Linzhou of He'nan Province

    陈彬彬; 郑有飞; 赵国强; 陈怀亮


    根据河南省林州市1987年至2004年的物候和气象资料,运用一元线性回归法和相关分析法分析了林州市近20年来植物物候的变化特征及其对气候变化的响应.结果表明,近20年来,林州地区的毛白杨(Populus tomentosa Carr.)、刺槐(Robinia hispida Linn.)、梧桐(Firmiana simplex W. F. Wight)和白梨(Pyrus bretschneideri Rehd.)等木本植物的春季物候期提前,秋季物候期变化不一致,生长期延长;车前(Plantago asiatica Linn.)、藜(Chenopodium album Linn.)和苍耳(Xanthium sibiricum Patr.)等草本植物的春季物候期变化不一致,秋季物候期均提前,生长期缩短.木本植物春季物候变化受冬末春初气温变化的影响最大、日照次之、降水最小,秋季物候期对气候变化基本没有响应;草本植物的物候期主要受气温影响,降水能促进草本植物开花.木本植物的春季物候变化可作为反映气候变化的代用指标.

  7. 1995-2014年河南省周口市 AIDS 流行特征分析%Epidemiological Characteristics of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome in Zhoukou, He′nan Province From 1995 to 2014



    Objective To investigate the epidemiological characteristics of acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) in Zhoukou and to provide scientific evidence for the formulation of prevention and control strategies .Methods We collected the data of HIV-infected patients and AIDS patients in Zhoukou from the Information System for AIDS Prevention and Control of China′s Information System for Disease Prevention and Control , with a time range of 1995 to 2014.Results From 1995 to 2014, the total reported number of HIV -infected people and AIDS patients in Zhoukou was 9 187, among which 8 215 (89.42%) were AIDS patents and 3 254 (35.42%) died.After the exclusion of deceased patients , there were 5 933 HIV-infected patients and AIDS patients surviving , accounted for 67.37/105 in all permanent residents of Zhoukou and of which 5 164 were AIDS patients.From 1995 to 2003, with the HIV/AIDS monitoring strengthened , the detected HIV -infected and AIDS patients had been increasing year by year; 2004 witnessed more reported cases than other years , for HIV census was carried out on FPDs this year; from 2005 to 2012, the number of reported cases was in a decreasing trend; from 2013 to 2014, the disease showed a slight rebound .From 2006, death cases began to decrease year by year .HIV-infected patients and AIDS patients of Zhoukou distributed in 204 villages or towns in 10 districts or counties, and significant differences (χ2 =1 181.0, P<0.01) existed among the 10 counties or districts in the proportion of surviving cases in permanent residents .There were five first-class AIDS counties and five second -class AIDS counties.Among HIV-infected patients and AIDS patients , the number of male patients was more than female patients , with a ratio of 1.23∶1; the patients were aged from 2 to 82, with a majority ranging from 30 to 60, accounting for 83.37% (7 659/9 187).Ratio of survival cases in permanent residents varied significantly among the groups of different genders, ages, urban and rural areas, nationalities, education levels, occupations and marital status.The number of cases found through screening and consultation was the largest , which was 3 365 (36.63%), and the number of cases found through paid blood/plasma donation and special survey was the second largest , which were 2 928 ( 31.87%) and 1 410 (15.35%).From 2006, the proportion of cases of blood transmission and of mother -to-child transmission in all reported cases was in a downtrend (χ2trend =1 096.0, 11.8; P<0.01), and the proportion of cases by sexual transmission was in an uptrend (χ2trend=193.4, P<0.01).From 2006, the proportion of case by unmarried two -gender sexual transmission was in an increasing trend (χ2trend =1 419.0, P<0.01), and the proportion of case by sexual transmission between spouse or fixed sex partners was in a declining trend (χ2trend =43.6, P<0.01).A case of MSM transmission was first reported in 2007, and the proportion increased after that (χ2trend =132.1, P<0.01).Conclusion In recent years, the epidemic situation of ADIS in Zhoukou has been in a rising trend , with a widespread and aggregated distribution .Relevant clinical detection is a major source of discovering HIV/AIDS.Sexual transmission is replacing blood transmission as the primary route gradually .Unmarried two-gender sexual transmission and MSM transmission are increasing .The prevention of sex transmission is the crucial task for the control of AIDS .%目的:分析1995—2014年河南省周口市AIDS流行特征,为制定预防控制策略提供科学依据。方法检索中国疾病预防控制信息系统 AIDS综合防治数据信息系统,选取报告时间为1995—2014年,现住址为周口市的HIV感染者和AIDS患者信息。结果1995—2014年周口市累计报告HIV感染者和AIDS患者9187例,其中累计AIDS患者8215例(89.42%),累计死亡3254例(35.42%);现存HIV感染者和AIDS患者5933例,其中AIDS患者5164例,现存HIV感染者和AIDS患者占常住人口的比例为67.37/10万。1995—2003年,随着监测力度的加大,发现HIV感染者和AIDS患者也逐年增加;2004年对既往有偿献血员( FPDs)开展HIV普查,故报告病例较其他年份显著增高;2005—2012年疫情趋于平稳,呈下降趋势;2013—2014年AIDS疫情有抬头迹象。死亡病例自2006年起逐年下降。 HIV感染者和AIDS患者分布于10个县(区、市)204个乡镇(办事处),各县(区、市)现存病例占常住人口比例比较,差异有统计学意义(χ2=1181.0, P<0.01)。 AIDS流行一类县、二类县各有5个。 HIV感染和AIDS患者中,男性多于女性,性别比为1.23∶1;年龄2~82岁,以30~60岁为主,占83.37%(7659/9187)。不同性别、年龄、现住址、民族、文化程度、职业、婚姻状况的现存病例占常住人口比例比较,差异均有统计学意义( P<0.01)。累计报告病例来源以检测咨询最多,为3365例(36.63%),有偿供血/血浆人员检测和专题调查次之,分别为2928例(31.87%)和1410例(15.35%)。2006年起,经血传播、母婴传播病例占当年累计报告病例的构成比呈下降趋势(χ2趋势=1096.0、11.8, P<0.01),性传播呈上升趋势(χ2趋势=193.4, P<0.01)。2006年起,非婚异性传播病例占当年累计报告病例的构成比呈上升趋势(χ2趋势=1419.0, P<0.01),配偶/固定性伴传播占当年累计报告病例的构成比呈下降趋势(χ2趋势=43.6, P<0.01)。男男同性传播自2007年报告首例后,其占当年累计报告病例的构成比呈上升趋势(χ2趋势=132.1, P<0.01)。结论周口市AIDS疫情近年有所抬头,分布范围广,呈聚集性分布。临床相关检测是HIV感染和AIDS患者的重要来源之一,感染途径已由经血传播向性传播转变,非婚异性传播和男男同性传播上升趋势明显,阻断性传播是当前控制AIDS疫情的重要任务。

  8. Market information revealed on dark tea in 1950's in Hu'nan province%50年代湖南黑茶显露的市场信息

    纪晓明; 王双如



  9. 河南省漯河市孕期口腔保健的抽样调查%Sampling Survey of Oral Care in Luohe City of He’nan Province

    赵树娟; 刘彦杰; 吴彩琴


    目的:了解漯河市孕产期口腔卫生习惯及口腔保健知识,为漯河市及区县卫生和教育行政部门开展孕产期口腔预防保健提供依据。方法采用多层随机抽样方法进行抽样,按全国第3次口腔健康流行病学调查方法和WHO口腔健康调查方法,对漯河市3个城市地区和2个农村地区的321名孕产期进行了调查。结果漯河市孕妇关于导致龋齿发生因素及龋病预防知识知晓情况较差,牙龈出血占87.9%,孕妇在孕期口腔就诊情况仅占3.2%。结论漯河市孕期口腔健康状况较差,应采取有效措施,开展社区口腔卫生服务,为进一步开展孕期口腔保健干预提供依据。%Objective To understand the Luohe city maternal oral hygiene and oral health knowledge, for the Luohe city and county administrative department of health and education provide a basis for maternal preventive oral health care.Methods Using multi-layer random sampling method, according to the third national oral health epidemiological survey methods and WHO oral health survey method, 321 pregnant in Luohe city, 3 city areas and 2 in rural areas were investigated.Results Pregnant women in Luohe city, as a result of factors and caries prevention knowledge poor dental caries, gingival bleeding accounted for 87.9% of pregnant women during pregnancy, oral treatment accounted for only 3.2%. Conclusion Oral health status in Luohe is poor, and effective measures should be taken to develop community oral health services, which provide the basis for the further development of oral health care in pregnancy.

  10. Ground-water provinces of southern Rhodesia

    Dennis, Philip Eldon; Hindson, L.L.


    Ground-water development, utilization, and occurrence in nine ground-water provinces of Southern Rhodesia are summarized in this report. Water obtained from drilled wells for domestic and stock use has played an important part in the social and economic development of Southern Rhodesia from the beginnings of European settlement to the present. Most of the wells obtain water from fractures and weathered zones in crystalline rocks, before recently, there has been an interest in the possibility of obtaining water for irrigation from wells. Studies of the authors indicate that quantities of water sufficient for irrigation can be obtained from alluvial sediments in the S'abi Valley, from Kalahari sands in the western part of the country, are perhaps from aquifers in other areas. The ground-water provinces fall into two groups--those in the crystalline rocks and those in the noncrystalline rocks. Historically, the wells in crystalline rocks, especially the Gold belts province and the Intrusive granites province, have played a major role in supplying water for the needs of man. These provinces, together with two other less important crystalline rock provinces, form the broad arch which constitutes the central core of the country. The noncrystalline rocks overlie and flank the crystalline rocks to the southeast, northwest, and north. The noncrystalline rock provinces, especially the Alluvium-Kalahari province, contain the most productive or potentially productive ground-water reservoirs in Southern Rhodesia and offer promise of supplying water for irrigation and for other purposes.

  11. South West Province Eye Care Programme, Cameroon

    Joseph Enyegue Oye


    Full Text Available Situation analysis The South West Province of Cameroon is one of two English speaking provinces, much of which is situated in the equatorial rainforest. Most of the estimated 1.2 million inhabitants live in rural areas. The main occupation is agriculture for subsistence and employment in agro-industrial estates.

  12. Genotype identification of Orientia tsutsugamushi isolated from Nan Peng Lie Islands in China%南澎列岛恙虫病东方体分离株的PCR/RFLP分析

    彭桂福; 王志斌; 王珊珊; 黄佳亮; 姜普林; 曾年华; 刘金华; 朱少凡


    目的为确定我国南澎列岛是否为恙虫病疫源地,对来自该地的8个恙虫病东方体分离株进行基因鉴定.方法应用套式聚合酶链反应(NPCR)和限制片段长度多态性分析(RFLP),NPCR的引物来自恙虫病东方体56kDa蛋白基因,NPCR阳性产物由HincII和PstI消化并产生特异性酶切图谱并予以分析.结果南澎列岛的8个恙虫病东方体分离株属三个型,即Karp,Kato和一新型恙虫病东方体.结论南澎列岛是恙虫病疫源地.%Objective To identify genotype of eight strains of Orientia tsutsugamushi (O.tsutsugamushi) isolated from Nan Peng Lie Islands in China and establish tsutsugamushi disease nature foci for this region. Methods The nested polymerase chain reaction and restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) were used. Three primers were selected from the DNA sequence of the gene encoding type-specific 56-kDa protein of the Karp strain. The positive products were digested by HineII and PstI, meanwhile profiles specific to each strain were analyzed. Results Three genotypes of O. tsutsugamushi including Karp, Kato and a new strain existed on Nan Peng Lie Islands. Conclusion Nan Peng Lie Islands is tsutsugamushi disease nature foci.

  13. 广西南宁市腹泻人群空肠弯曲菌流行状况调查%Epidemic status investigation of campylobacter jejuni in the patients with diarrhea living in Nanning, Guangxi


    Objective To determine the infectious status of campylobacter jejuni in the patients with diarrhea who lived in Nanning. Methods Epidemiologic investigation was conducted on the diarrheal patients living in Nanning, Their stool samples were collected and cultured for bacterial pathogens and were analyzed by means of Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and Pulsed field gel electrophoresis (PFGE). Results Campylobacter jejuni was isolated from 3 of 775 stool samples with a positive rate of 0.39%. All positive isolates for biochemical tests were also positive for PCR reconfirmation. The PFGE patterns of 3 Campylobacter jejuni isolates belonged to 3 different clusters. Conclusion The cases infected with campylobacter jejuni have been identified in Nanning.The results of this study have provided scientific basis for appropriate evaluation of epidemic status of campylobacter jejuni in diarrheal patients in Nanning and for developing control measures.%  目的了解南宁市腹泻人群中空肠弯曲菌的感染流行状况。方法在南宁市对腹泻病例进行流行病学调查并采集粪便标本,进行实验室空弯菌的分离培养、PCR鉴定以及脉冲场凝胶电泳分型(PFGE)分析。结果在775份粪便样品中,3份空肠弯曲菌阳性,平均阳性率0.39%。所有生化结果阳性的菌株其PCR复核鉴定结果均为阳性。3株空肠弯曲菌经Cluster分析后得到3个PFGE带型。结论南宁市存在空肠弯曲菌感染病例,本研究结果为正确评价南宁市腹泻人群弯曲菌的流行状况和制定防控措施提供了科学依据。

  14. A Conception on Building the Economic Corridor from Nanning of China to Lang Son, Hanoi, Haiphong and Quang Ninh of Vietnam%建设南宁-谅山-河内-海防-广宁经济走廊构想



    Leaders from both China and Vietnam have reached agreements on building“Two Corridors and One Ring”, in which “the Economic Corridor from Nanning of China to Lang Son, Hanoi, Haiphong and Quang Ninh of Vietnam”is one of them.The paper mainly analyzes its favorable conditions, content and significance, suggesting that China and Vietnam cooperate in building projects of top priority and then extend their scope. The paper also suggests ways on how governments, research and e-ducational institutions guarantee the successful construction of the corridor.

  15. Genetic Polymorp hi sm of 17 ST R Loci in NanningZ huang Popu lation%南宁壮族人群17个 STR 基因座遗传多态性研究

    刘学军; 何保仁; 杨亚丽; 申卫东


    Objective To explore the allele frequency and population genetics parameters of the 17 short tandem repeat(STR) loci in Nanning Zhuang population .Methods PowerPlex ® 18D System and ABI3130 genetic analyzer were used to analyze the DNA polymorphism of the blood samples collected from 596 individuals of Nanning Zhuang population.Results The genotype distribution of the 17 STR loci,which was analyzed by χ2 test,accorded with Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium in Nanning Zhuang population .The power of discrimination ranged from 0.781 0 to 0.977 7,the triple probability of paternity exclusion ranged from 0.297 8 to 0.783 8,the loci matching probability ranged from 0.022 3 to 0.219 0,the polymorphism information content ranged from 0.540 1 to 0.879 1,the total probability of discrimination power of the 17 STR loci was greater than 0.999 999 999 999.Conclusion PowerPlex ®18D System has a higher application value in the individual discrimination identification and paternity test of Nanning Zhuang population .%目的:探讨17个短串联重复序列(STR)基因座在南宁壮族人群中的等位基因频率分布及群体遗传学参数。方法应用 PowerPlex ®18D System 和 ABI3130遗传分析仪,对596名南宁壮族、无关个体的血DNA 进行多态性研究。结果在南宁壮族人群中,17个基因座的基因型分布经χ2检验符合 Hardy-Weinberg 平衡,个体识别概率0.7810~0.9777,三联非父排除率0.2978~0.7838,基因座偶合率0.0223~0.2190,多态性信息总量为0.5401~0.8791,17个基因座累积个体识别能力>0.999999999999。结论PowerPlex ®18D System 在南宁壮族人群的个体识别和亲权鉴定中具有较高的应用价值。

  16. 南钢无锡金鑫轧钢厂设备基座搬迁精密工程测量方法%The Precision Engineering Survey Method of NanGang Wuxi Jinxin Rolling Mill's Equipment Base Relocation



    In this paper,NanGang Wuxi rolling mill equipment for the precision engineering measurement base,combined with measurement of the actual situation,with a focus on how to avoid and reduce the error of measurement of mechanical equipment for large-scale impact.%本文主要介绍了针对无锡轧钢厂设备基座的精密工程测量,并结合测量中的实际情况,重点提出如何避免和降低误差对大型机械设备测量的影响.

  17. Heap Leaching Test for a Low Grade Gold Ore in He'nan%河南某低品位金矿堆浸试验研究

    曹飞; 吕良; 李文军; 岳铁兵


    河南某金矿为低品位高泥质氧化金矿,金含量0.98 g/t,实验室采用柱浸工艺模拟现场堆浸进行试验研究,通过对矿石粒度、氧化钙用量、喷淋液氰化钠浓度、浸出时间等工艺参数进行优化,确定了最佳条件,并获得了较好的选别指标,金浸出率89.23%,浸渣金品位0.11 g/t。如原矿含泥较高,则可进行分级处理,分级后粗级别采用堆浸工艺,细级别则采用搅拌浸出工艺。试验所采用的工艺为处理同类型金矿提供了强有力的技术支撑。%A high politic, low grade oxidized gold ore in He'nan contains 0.98 g/t of Au.Labora-tory test was conducted by the column leaching , which can simulate heap leaching process .The processing parameters , including ore granularity , calcium oxide dosage ,spraying liquid -sodium cyanide concentration and leaching time , were optimized and the best result was obtained .The fi-nal leaching rate was 89.23%and the gold content of the leaching residues was 0.11 g/t.When the slime content goes high in the run -of-mine, classification is recommended before leaching process .In this case, the coarse size can go to heap leaching while agitation leaching is more suit -able for the undersize particles .The study can be a reference for exploitation of similar gold ore.

  18. Gas in Place Resource Assessment for Concentrated Hydrate Deposits in the Kumano Forearc Basin, Offshore Japan, from NanTroSEIZE and 3D Seismic Data

    Taladay, K.; Boston, B.


    Natural gas hydrates (NGHs) are crystalline inclusion compounds that form within the pore spaces of marine sediments along continental margins worldwide. It has been proposed that these NGH deposits are the largest dynamic reservoir of organic carbon on this planet, yet global estimates for the amount of gas in place (GIP) range across several orders of magnitude. Thus there is a tremendous need for climate scientists and countries seeking energy security to better constrain the amount of GIP locked up in NGHs through the development of rigorous exploration strategies and standardized reservoir characterization methods. This research utilizes NanTroSEIZE drilling data from International Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) Sites C0002 and C0009 to constrain 3D seismic interpretations of the gas hydrate petroleum system in the Kumano Forearc Basin. We investigate the gas source, fluid migration mechanisms and pathways, and the 3D distribution of prospective HCZs. There is empirical and interpretive evidence that deeply sourced fluids charge concentrated NGH deposits just above the base of gas hydrate stability (BGHS) appearing in the seismic data as continuous bottoms simulating reflections (BSRs). These HCZs cover an area of 11 by 18 km, range in thickness between 10 - 80 m with an average thickness of 40 m, and are analogous to the confirmed HCZs at Daini Atsumi Knoll in the eastern Nankai Trough where the first offshore NGH production trial was conducted in 2013. For consistency, we calculated a volumetric GIP estimate using the same method employed by Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC) to estimate GIP in the eastern Nankai Trough. Double BSRs are also common throughout the basin, and BGHS modeling along with drilling indicators for gas hydrates beneath the primary BSRs provides compelling evidence that the double BSRs reflect a BGHS for structure-II methane-ethane hydrates beneath a structure-I methane hydrate phase boundary. Additional drilling

  19. Problem-solving for Capacitor Banks Tripping in Nanning Substation%南宁变电站电容器组跳闸及其处理

    王宏斌; 周敏; 贺艳芝; 邓婧


    During the start of Nanning substation, the capacitor banks at No. 3 main transformer’s low voltage side tripped for voltage off-normal , when putting into use manually. The paper analyzed the 500 kV voltage control curve, rated voltage of low voltage wind-ing, voltage rise capacitance, capacitive rise effect, voltage setting value, etc, proved that only one capacitor bank at No. 3 main transformer’s low voltage side could be put into use in the normal conditions. With the demand of operation department, the paper analyzed the modification scheme to reduce one set of capacitor bank’s capacitance and the condition of the modified capacitor banks putting into use, resonance and harmonic were also verified. Finally, the paper provided suggestions on technology and design man-agement aim to above problems.%500 kV南宁变电站在启动过程中,手动投入3号变低压侧两台电容器组后,电容器组端电压越限跳闸。文章通过对本站500 kV电压控制曲线、主变绕组额定电压、电容器投入后容升效应及电压整定值等因素的分析,说明了在正常运行方式下,3号变低压侧仅可投入一组电容器。结合运行单位的需求,分析了减少单组电容器组容量的改造方案,及改造后电容器投入条件,并校验了改造后谐振和谐波情况。最后就以上问题对具体技术和设计管理提出了建议。

  20. 2011年南宁市人间布鲁氏菌病监测分析%Analysis on the monitoring results of brucellosis in Nanning at 2011

    闭志友; 黄世美; 覃健敏; 甘文烨


    目的 了解南宁市布鲁氏菌病疫情动态情况,掌握其流行规律,为制订防制策略提供科学依据.方法 对常规疫情监测和人间布鲁氏菌病监测点资料进行统计分析.结果 南宁市2011年常规疫情监测布病发现1例患病,发病率低;监测点监测211人,阳性5人,阳性率2.36%.男性感染1人,女性感染4人,男女感染率差异无统计学意义(P>0.05),阳性感染年龄30岁以上为主,职业以饲养、管理及后勤人员为主.结论 2011年南宁市布鲁氏菌病发病率低;监测点阳性率较高,应加强传染源管理,继续加强人间布病监测,对重点人群及时开展布病相关知识的健康教育.%Objective To understand the dynamics of brucellosis epidemic in Nanning City, grasp the epidemic regularity and provide scientific basis for making prevention and control strategies. Method Statistically analyze the data of brucellosis surveillance system and sentinel surveillance. Results One case of brucellosis was found by surveillance system, and the incidence rate was low. 211 persons were monitored by sentinel surveillance , of which, 5 were positive, and the positive rate was 2. 36% , including 1 male and 4 females. There was no statistical significance between gender ( P > 0. 05 ) . Most^of the infected persons were persons over 30 years old and breeders, intendants and support staff. Conclusions The incidence rate of brucellosis was low in 2011, but the positive rate of sentinel surveillance were higher and needed to strengthen the management of infectious sources and development brucellosis - related knowledge health education among the key population.

  1. On Liu qin xi (Six animal frolics) in Huai nan zi (Discourses of Master Huainanzi)%论《淮南子》六禽戏



    西汉刘安《淮南子》中记载的6种导引术式,学者们称之为“六禽戏”.六禽戏是从古代繁杂的导引术式中简化而来的,是模仿6种动物的形象而成的仿生导引.其中“熊经”是模仿熊直立摇晃行走的动作,以锻炼腰背下肢;“鸟伸”是模仿鸟伸展双臂和双腿的动作,以锻炼肩膀四肢;“凫浴”是模仿野鸭摇头游水的动作,以锻炼头颈;“蝯躩”是模仿猿在树间跳跃的动作,以锻炼腰腿;“鸱视”是模仿鸱鹰的伸颈动作,以锻炼颈项和眼睛;“虎顾”是模仿老虎扭头回视的动作,以锻炼项臀.%The six styes of the art of Daoyin recorded in Liu An's Huai nan zi (Discourses of Master Huainanzi) of the Western Han Dynasty was called the Liu qin xi which was simplified from the complicated ancient Daoyin art of bionic practice imitating the movements of six kinds of animal.Among them,the "xiong jing" imitates the erecting walking style of a bear so as to strengthen the waist and lower extremities;the "niao shen" follows the spreading of wings of a bird so as to extend the arms and legs,to train the shoulders and extremities ; the "fu yu" imitates the movements of swimming and moving head of a wild duck so as to train the head and neck; the "yuan jue"imitates the jumping of a monkey among the tree branches so as to train the legs and waist; the "chi shi" imitates the streching neck movements of an eagle so as to strengthen the neck and improvement of vision; while the "hu gu" imitates the movement of turning head of a tiger so as to train one's nape and the buttock.

  2. Overview of the extensive logging use in the scientific ocean drilling's most challenging project, Nankai Trough Seismogenic Zone Experiment (NanTroSEIZE)

    Kyaw Thu, Moe; Sanada, Yoshinori; Kido, Yukari; Kawamura, Yoshihisa; Kuramoto, Shin'ichi; Matsuda, Shigemi


    First of its kind in scientific drilling history, NanTroSEIZE is complex drilling project with multiyear and multistage effort, aimed at drilling, coring, logging, and instrumenting the seismogenic zone of an active subduction margin, in a region thought to generate megathrust earthquakes of magnitude >8.0 on the moment-magnitude scale. Four stages are divided to realize ambitious scientific objectives using CHIKYU, most advanced floating laboratory in scientific drilling. Unlike the industry use of logging technology, expeditions in the scientific ocean drilling used logging data in much wider applications by working various software onboard Chikyu and laboratory measurements of core-cuttings throughout single or multiple expeditions, ranging from 40 to 56 days. Instead of traditional full coring, logging-while-drilling was made across the transect at the beginning to quickly access the geological and structural information from the formation. In line with changing tactic of heavy use on logging, four working groups were organized and worked on the logging data; lithologic characterization/lithostratigraphy, physical properties and hydrogeology, structural geology and geomechanics and cuttings/core-log-seismic integration (CLSI). During the Stage 1 with three expeditions, a transect of eight sites were drilled frontal thrust region, the midslope megasplay fault region, and the Kumano forearc basin region using full suite of MWD-LWD and made coring and downhole measurements. Stage 2 composed of two expeditions with the aims of building on the results of Stage 1 and preparing for later observatory installations for long-term monitoring of deformation at the updip limit of the seismogenic zone. Extensive logging program at riser site, first ever in scientific ocean drilling history, includes conventional wireline logging with long-awaited formation stress measurements and wide-angle walk-away VSP with longest-ever offset to have better velocity information of the

  3. Deepening Design Technology of Nanning Station Mechanical and Electrical Installation Engineering%南宁东站机电安装工程深化设计技术



    中国铁路高速发展,大型高铁站房对机电安装的质量要求越来越高,安装施工前,传统的机电安装主要在设计院提供的蓝图基础上,对各专业管线进行叠加、对重要部位绘制局部剖面,普遍存在不能详细反映整体管线走向、多专业管线碰撞检测难的问题。因此,需要施工单位对设计蓝图进行深入综合分析,对设计图纸进行具体化、精细化。在南宁东站工程中,应用三维管线综合排布技术及MagiCAD三维软件,对机电安装图纸进行了三维设备管线综合排布的深化设计,形成了一整套机电安装工程深化设计技术。%The China railway high-speed development,large high-speed room for mechanical and electrical installation quality requirements more and more high,traditional mechanical and electrical installation mainly based on the design institute to provide blueprint,superposition,the important part for each professional line to draw local section before installation,which cannot reflect the whole pipe route, more professional pipeline in detail,the difficulty of collision detection ubiquity. Therefore,it was needed that the construction unit to design blueprint for further comprehensive analysis,the design drawings for the concretization and intensification. Nanning east station engineering comprehensive configuration technology and the application of three-dimensional pipeline MagiCAD three-dimensional software,mechanical and electrical installation drawings for the three-dimensional pipeline equipment comprehensive deepening of configuration design,and formed a whole set of machine electric installation engineering design technology.

  4. Investigation and Analysis of Nanning Urban Pupils Vision%南宁市区小学生视力状况调查分析

    韦丽娇; 谢祥勇; 何碧华; 程子昂


    Objective To investigate the Nanning City 6~12 years old students with low vision and myopia. Methods Naked visual acuity examination of urban primary school students, for any eye or eyes naked vision < 0.8 students subjective optometry and vision correction. Results The naked visual acuity examination of 6315 students, one to the sixth grade bad eyesight proportion increases gradual y, the total number of myopia accounted for 93.4% of the total number of poor vision, compared to the low grade and the first grade, there is significant dif erence of positive rate of poor eyesight and number of myopia population (P< 0.05). Conclusion Students with grade increasing, poor eyesight and the incidence of myopia increased significantly, the total incidence rate of poor eyesight is increased with increasing incidence of myopia.%目的:了解南宁市城区6~12岁小学生视力低常及近视状况。方法对市区小学学生进行裸眼远视力检查,对任意一眼或双眼裸视力<0.8的学生进行主觉验光并矫正视力。结果裸眼远视力检查6315名学生,1~6年级视力不良所占比例逐渐增大,其中近视总人数占视力不良总人数的93.4%,各年级与其低一年级相比,视力不良人数及近视人数阳性率有显著差异(P<0.05)。结论学生随着年级增加,视力不良及近视发生率均有显著增加,总视力不良发病率的升高实为近视发病率的增加。

  5. A Comparative Study on the Values of West Hu'nan's Na-tive Mythology and Greek Mythology%湘西本土神话与古希腊神话价值观比较研究



    一个民族对自然界和历史的认识通常会反映到其流传的神话中,作为古老东方神话重要组成部分的湘西本土神话因其独特地域性,与西方古希腊神话所表现出来的价值观大相径庭。本文拟以湘西本土神话中的创世神话与古希腊神话中奥林匹斯神话价值观对比研究,初步探讨东西方先民对人文主义的认识及其蕴含的文化内涵。%A nation's knowledge of the natural world and his-tory is generally reflected in the widespread myths among the nation. As an important component of the ancient Oriental my-thology, west Hu'nan's native mythology, with its own unique regional characteristics, carries its values that are quite different from that of Occidental Greek mythology. Through a compara-tive study on the creation myth in west Hu'nan's mythology and the myths of Olympus in Greek mythology, this paper intends to preliminarily explore Occidental ancestors' knowledge of hu-manism and the cultural connotation embodied in it.

  6. Discussion on city hydrological effects and hydrological work of Nanning%南宁城市水文效应与城市水文工作对策探讨



    Urbanization construction of Nanning City had led to change of climate, runoff and confluence;flood pre-vention and drainage becoming more and more difficult;deterioration of inland river water environment. Based on analysis of these hydrological effects, the author discussed the countermeasures for the hydrological work, aiming to provide safeguard for healthy development of urbanization in Nanning City.%通过对南宁市城市化建设带来的气候条件改变、产汇流条件变化、城区防洪排涝日趋严峻、内河水环境恶化等水文效应问题的分析,探讨了应对南宁市城市水文效应问题,水文工作应采取的一些对策与措施,为南宁市城市化建设健康发展提供保障。

  7. Principle of Sports Tipping Point and Its Inspiration for The Nan Jing Youth Olympic Games%体育引爆流行的机制及其对南京青奥会的启示



    运用文献分析、归纳演绎等研究方法,对体育引爆流行的历史事实进行了梳理,探讨了体育引爆流行的归因及机制。本文认为,南京青奥会可以借助体育引爆流行的法则进行城市营销,并初步提出了南京青奥会引爆流行的设想。%The history of Sports Tipping Point was reviewed in this paper by the method of literature analysis, induction and deduction. It discussed the attribution and mechanism of Sports Tipping Point. This paper proposed that, The Nan Jing 2014 Youth Olympic Games can improve its competence by city marketing with the law of Sports Tipping Point. It also put forward the ideas of Tipping Point for Nan Jing Youth Olympic Games.

  8. Analyzing Pictures of Attack - Defence Art with Apparatus in Han Dynasty' s NanYang%南阳汉画像中持器械技击图像解析



    本文通过对南阳汉画像中持器械技击图像特点的分析入手,对图象进行归类,并对所分的三类图像从动作和所体现的意义进行了解析,意在让人们了解汉代器械技击的水平已相当高超,为后世的武术发展起到了一定的奠基意义。%This thesis classifies the characters of pictures of the art of attack and defence with apparatus in Hart Dynasty' s NanYang, and analyzes the pictures ' actions and meanings,in order to let people understand the excellent level of the art of attack and defence with Apparatus in Han Dynasty' s NanYang, which lay a foundation to develop the later WuShu.

  9. 南宁市区不同群体的临终关怀认知调查分析%Hospice Care Related Knowledge Among Different Population in District of Nanning

    韦晓楠; 阳永红


    Objective To provide evidence for the development of hospice care in Nanning city by investigating peiple's cognitive, attitude and the influencial factors. Methods Residents in Nanning and part of the college/ university students in Nanning were conducted questionnaire survey, and part of working staff of The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medical University and The First Affiliated Hospital Of Guangxi Medical University was conducted interviews. The data was recorded and processed by using SPSS 17. 0 soft-ware and analyzed with x2 test. Results The awareness rates of hospice care related knowledge among residents, medical students and non -medical students were 14. 92% , 19. 04% and 6. 00% respectively . At the same time, most of three groups have some understanding of content, purpose and meaning of hospice care f but not completely. There were 67. 40% of the general residents, 52, 68% of non - medical students, and 97. 09% of medical students thought that the hospice care is necessary and are willing to participate the activities. Social attitudes, customs are the major factors affecting the hospice care in Nanning. People more tended to accept the family - care model. Conclusions The coverage rate of hospice care in Nanning is not high, and the health care technology is not mature enough.%目的 对南宁市市区内普通市民、医学类学生、非医学类学生的临终关怀认知、态度及影响发展的因素进行调查分析,为南宁市临终关怀的发展提供依据.方法 分别对普通市民及南宁市部分高校进行问卷调查;对广西中医学院第一附属医院和广西医科大学第一附属医院宁养院部分工作人员进行访谈;采用spss17·0进行数据处理和x2检验进行统计分析.结果 普通市民、医学类学生、非医学类学生对临终关怀的认知率分别是:14.92%、19.04%和6.00%,认知率最高的是医学类学生,其次是普通市民,非医学类学生

  10. Geologic Provinces of the Arctic, 2000 (prvarcst)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This coverage includes arcs, polygons and polygon labels that describe Arctic portion of the U.S. Geological Survey defined geologic provinces of the World in 2000.

  11. The Comedian Face of LIU Zhen-yun:Re reading News, Officialdom Series and Back to 1942%“喜剧面孔”刘震云--重读《新闻》、“官场”系列和《温故一九四二》



    Rereading LIU Zhen-yun’s novellas composed between the 1989s and the 1990s, such as News, Officialdom Series and Back to 1942, enables us to spot his comedian side:News featuring the humorous and enigmatic language; officialdom series characterized by a playful writing way; Back to 1942 marked by historical narration in which he reveals tragic historical facts , co-median historical significance and dramatic historical bravery .The truth of his comedian face lies in his value of “writing to pene-trate into life in a tragic mood and detach from life in a humorous mood”, which is also the “golden humor” of LIU Zhen-yun.%重读刘震云20世纪80-90年代的小说,我们可发现其“喜剧面孔”之特征:《新闻》中有“谐词隐言”,“官场”系列“于嬉笑诙谐之处包含绝大文章”;《温故一九四二》是历史叙事呈现悲剧的史实,喜剧的史鉴,正剧的史胆。这种“喜剧面孔”的真谛在于他写小说是“以悲剧情绪透入人生,以幽默情绪超脱人生”,这也是刘震云的“黄金的幽默”。

  12. Ectomycorrhizal Fungi in Jiangsu Province, China

    LIAN Bin; DONG Yuan-Rong; HOU Wei-Guo; TONG Li-Hua; YUAN Sheng


    A survey was conducted for about 3 years to study the abundance and diversity of ectomycorrhizal fungi (EMF) in Jiangsu Province, China. The identification of the fungal species was based on the microscopic and macroscopic characteristics of their fruiting bodies. About 126 species of EMF were found in Jiangsu Province. These fungi were largely categorized into three orders (of 121 species), four families (of 96 species), and six genera (of about 86 species).

  13. Study on Banana Cooperatives in Hainan Province

    Huang, Huide; ZHANG, Wanzhen; Liu, Enping; ZHANG, Xizhu


    This paper gives an overview of the distribution, member scale, production and operation of banana cooperatives in Hainan Province, and points out the market risk and natural risk faced by the production of banana cooperatives in Hainan Province. In order to promote the banana cooperatives to form new agricultural management system integrating organization and intensification, this paper puts forth the production and operation recommendations, such as joint production of banana cooperatives, ...

  14. Economic Periodicity Analysis of Shandong Province

    Liu Zhaode; Yao Lili; Sun Jinfang; Yu Wei


    The paper analyses the periodical characteristics of the economic development of Shandong Province by using the mini-mum variation analysis model. The analysis shows that the eco-nomic development process of Shandong Province has short, medium and long cycles respectively for 6, 12, 19 years, and the fluctuation of the economic development becomes gentler with time passing by. The fluctuation of macro-control policy, invest-ment and consumption are the main reasons of the economic fluc-tuation.

  15. An ethnobotanical survey on hormozgan province, Iran

    Omid Safa


    Full Text Available Objective: The present study is based on an ethnobotanical research project conducted in Hormozgan province that is located in south of Iran, bordering waters of the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea. This survey was carried out in order to recover the ethnobotanical and ethnomedicinal knowledge of the residents of this province. They are using medicinal and functional plants for treating or preventing several diseases. Materials and Methods: Ethnobotanical data sheets were run with the native inhabitants and people of the province by arranging frequent field trips to different parts of the province and direct interviews with them especially those who were more familiar with the plants and their usage.Results: A total of 150 plant species belonging to 53 families were recorded for their ethnobotanical and ethnomedicinal uses among the people of province. The records were developed by scientific names, family names, local names, medicinal parts used, different ways of their application, and traditional uses of the plants. There was high compliance in the use of plants in painful disorders, gastrointestinal, and dermatological diseases.Conclusion: This study revealed that the people of Hormozgan province have a rich knowledge of natural resources. The use and consumption of medicinal plants are still important parts of their life. Rational use of native medicinal plants may benefit and improve their living standards and quality of life. The results of this study can be used as a basis for selecting herbs for further pharmacological, phytochemical, and pharmacognostical studies.

  16. Intestinal acariasis in Anhui Province

    Chao-Pin Li; Jian Wang


    The mites found in stored food and house comprise a large group of subclass Acari, belonging to the suborder Acardida of the order Acarifornes. They can be found in dust and vacuum samples from floors, furniture, mattresses, Chinese herbal medicine, dry fruit, grain, flour, sugar, and bedding. These mites are nidicolous and feed on organic debris, including sloughed human skin, fungi, spilled food, pollen, etc. These mites are particularly prevalent in Chinese herbal medicine, dry fruit, grain, flour, sugar, beds, though carpeted floors near beds or couches may also have large numbers. The most common species are Acarus siro, Tyrophagus putrescentiae , Dermatophagoides farinae , D . pteronyssinus, Glycyphagus domesticus, G. Ornatus, Carpoglyphus lactis and Tarsonemus granarius, etc. The viability of mites in storage is quite strong and they can invade and parasitize the intestines of humans[1 -15]. They can cause pulmonary acariasis[16-25] , urinary acariasis[26-33] and so on. The dejecta of mites is a quite strong allergen and can cause different allergic diseases[34-44]. Intestinal acariasis can be caused by some mites related to the way of diet intake and invading against intestinal mucosa, intestinal muscle[45-5a]. The first report of intestinal acariasis caused by these mites was made by Hinman et al (1934)[45]. From then on, all kinds of studies on the disease have been reported gradually. In order to make an epidemiological survey of intestinal acariasis the investigation of the disease was taken in some areas of Anhui Province from 1989 to 1996.

  17. Thematic cartography in Tigrai Province

    Marini, A.; Melis, Maria T.


    Tigre Province is in northern Ethiopia between Eritrea on the north and east, and Begemdir and Wollo on the south. The area is comprised of five main physiographic units: Danakil Depression, Escarpment, Tigre and Eritrea Plateau, Semien Mountains and the Western Lowlands. The first two drain into the closed drainage basin of Dallol whilst the other three drain into the Nilo Through the Tezeke, Mareb and Barka River. Three main rock complexes build up the prospect area. The metamorphic and intrusive rocks of the Precambrian basement, the Paleozoic-Mesozoic Sediments and Tertiary Trap Volcanics, and the Young Sedimentary and Volcanic Rocks of the Danakil Depression. The only existing geological data on this area is represented by maps assembled from different sources on very large scale. Thanks to interactive computer processing, it is becoming possible to trace, on the relief as it appears on the display unit, lithological boundaries and the faults which affect them, measuring each of their geometric characteristics. Image processing coupled with pattern recognition programs has made it possible to take into consideration landscape units combining morphological, botanical and geological signatures, and more generally to quantify the morphological elements. Satellite images (Landsat TM and Spot XS) have been processed to produce thematic maps.

  18. Somatotype characteristics of Bai ethnicity children and adolescents in Hu’ nan%湖南白族少年儿童体型特征

    黄大元; 张惠娟; 吴国运; 梁成青; 朱耀峰


    目的:探讨湖南白族少年儿童体型发育特征及其规律。方法采用Heath-Carter 体型法对1525例(男性748例,女性777例)湖南白族少年儿童的体型进行评价。结果男性中因子值大于女性,内因子值小于女性;男性体型以中胚层、外胚层为主,女性体型以中间型、外胚层为主;随着年龄增长,男性由均衡的中胚层体型、偏外胚层的中胚层体型、中胚层-外胚层均衡体型、偏中胚层的外胚层体型发展为中胚层-外胚层均衡体型。女性由中间型、均衡的外胚层体型、中间型、内胚层-中胚层均衡体型发展为偏中胚层的内胚层体型。结论白族少年儿童男女性的体型发育存在着差异,男性身体线性程度相对较高,肌肉发达;女性脂肪含量较多、线性度较差。与蒙古族等群体比较,白族学生脂肪含量较少,身材矮小,肌肉不发达。%Objective To study the characteristics and regularities of somatotype of Bai ethnicitty children and adolescents in Hu ’ nan.Methods The somatotype growth of 1525 Bai children and adolescents ( male: 748, female:777) was evaluated by the Heath-Carter anthropometric method.Results The mesomorphy of male was bigger than that of female, and endomorphy of female was bigger than that of male .The primary somatotype in male was mesomorph and ectomorph , and it was central and ectomorph in female .The somatotypes developed from balanced mesomorph , ectomorphic mesomorph , mesomorph-ectomorph , mesomorphic ectomorph to mesomorph-ectomorph in male; however , in female from central, balanced ectomorph , central, endomorph-mesomorph to mesomorphic endomorph .Conclusion The somatotypes are very different between males and females of Bai ethnicity children and adolescents .The somatotype of males is slender with less fat and more muscular , however , they are plumper with more body fat and shorter stature in females .Bai ethnicity children and

  19. 南宁市大中学生减肥行为现状%Weight loss behaviors among college and high school students in Nanning

    施向东; 卢洁; 龙兮; 李大峰; 王春双


    目的 了解在校大中学生对肥胖的认知情况及减肥行为现状,为采用相应健康教育措施提供参考依据.方法 采用分层随机整群抽样的方法,对南宁市8所大中学校共3 571名学生,使用中国城市青少年健康危险行为调查问卷进行调查.结果 35.20%的大中学生认为自己体重超重,且中学生的报告率明显高于大学生.锻炼减肥为大中学生的首选方法(55.08%),其余依次为限食(26.6%)、不吃肉(8.26%)、长时间禁食(3.08%)、私自服用减肥药(1.62%).结论 大中学生对自身体型满意度偏低,大多数会选择以锻炼为主的减肥方式,但也存在盲目减肥和减肥方法不合理现象.应对大中学生开展肥胖与科学减肥相关知识的健康教育.%Objective To understand knowledge on obesity and current status of weight loss behaviors among college and high school students (CHS),and to provide scientific basis for future health education programs.Methods By using stratified cluster random sampling,a total of 3 571 students were randomly selected from eight colleges and high schools in Nanning.Health Risky Behavior Questionnaire among Urban Chinese Adolescents was implemented.Results About 35.20% of all CHS perceived they were overweight,with rate in high school students being higher.Most CHS preferred exercises to lose weight (55.08%).The following options to lose weight among CHS were restricted diet (26.6%),not eating meat (8.26%),long time fasting (3.08%) and diet pills (1.62%),respectively.Conclusion The degree of body satisfaction is low among CHS.The most commonly method to lose weight is exercises.However,knowledge on obesity is not comprehensive.The healthy education should be developed in high schools and colleges to enhance student's knowledge of scientific weight-loss behaviors.

  20. Structural design of the station building in Nanning East Railway Station%南宁东站站房结构设计

    邱剑; 韩志伟; 温四清; 叶志雄


    As a large railway transportation hub, bridge-station combined structure with high elevated waiting hall is used to Nanning East Railway Station. The railway bridge structure floor is divided into 4 parts by 3 main line rails. Concrete frame structure system is adopted in the arrival and departure track, and tunnel type frame bridge is used in the main line track, which increases the headroom of the out station floor. The overhead waiting hall chooses two-way prestressed concrete beams, which reduces the weight of the structure. Two structural joints are set at the positions corresponding to the main line rails to reduce the temperature-induced internal forces. The combination structure of pipe truss and steel girder supported by concrete filled steel tubular column is used to the roof of the station, and the structure layout is economic and security. The roof truss structure which consists of steel bars and box beams is used to the skylight, this structure is simple and effectual, and easy for construction. The perfect combination of architecture and structure is realized too. Analysis and calculation indicate that the whole structure has good economy and seismic performance.%南宁东站采用线上式高架候车的大型桥建合一铁路站房。其站台层被3条正线分成4部分,到发线采用普通混凝土框架结构体系,正线桥采用地道式框架桥,提高了出站层的建筑净空。高架候车层采用双向预应力混凝土框架梁,减轻了结构自重,并对应于正线桥的位置设置2道结构缝,有效地降低结构的温度作用。屋盖采用钢管混凝土柱支承的管桁架与网架相结合体系,结构布置安全、经济;而且结构和建筑形态、效果完全统一。天窗采用由钢梁和钢拉杆组成的屋架结构,结构受力合理又便于施工,实现结构与建筑的完美结合。结构计算与分析表明,结构体系传力明确,具有良好的经济性和抗震性能。

  1. Design of Main Bridge of Xi′nan Bridge in Guigang City,Guangxi%广西贵港西南大桥主桥设计

    李翠霞; 张巨生


    广西贵港市西南大桥主桥为(46+88+280+88+46) m双塔双索面预应力混凝土边主梁斜拉桥。主梁采用等高度带悬臂的矩形混凝土边主梁与“工”字形钢横梁相结合的形式,整幅桥面宽36.5m,设双向2.0%横坡。桥塔采用“鱼”状流线弧形框架钢筋混凝土结构,塔柱高102.5 m,采用外侧为“D”形圆弧段的箱形截面。桥塔设上、下横梁,均采用预应力混凝土单箱单室结构。全桥共设136根斜拉索,斜拉索采用φs 15.2 m m镀锌钢绞线索,空间双索面扇形布置。桥塔墩采用分离式基础,上、下游分离式基础中心距34.7 m ,其下各设9根φ2.5 m钻孔桩。承台为正方形钢筋混凝土结构。4号墩顶面设一圆端形塔座。%The main bridge of the Xi′nan Bridge in Guigang City ,Guangxi is a prestressed concrete edge main girders cable‐stayed bridge with double pylons ,double cable planes and with span arrangement (46+88+280+88+46) m .T he main girders of the bridge are of the structural type combining the rectangular concrete edge main girders having constant depth and cantilevers with the I‐shape steel cross beams .The width of the whole bridge deck is 36 .5 m and the deck is provided with dual 2 .0% transverse slopes .A pylon of the bridge is the“fish”‐shape streamlined arc frame reinforced concrete structure that is 102 .5 m in height and the outer side of the pylon is of the“D”‐shape round arc box section .The upper and lower cross beams of the pylon are all the prestressed concrete single‐cell single‐box structures .There are totally 136 stay cables arranged for the whole bridge .The stay cables are the φs 15 .2 mm galvanized steel wire strand cables and are arranged in fan shape and spatial double cable planes .The pylon pier is supported on the sep‐arated foundations .T he center‐to‐center distance of the foundations on the upstream and dow n‐stream sides is 34 .7

  2. 2004-2009年南宁市5岁以下儿童死亡监测分析%Death Surveillance Among Children Aged《5 Years in Nanning,2004-2009

    龚祖康; 蒋武; 刘伟; 林文珍


    Objective To understand the mortality of children aged < 5 years in Nanning from 2004 to 2009,and provide evidence for the intervention measures. Methods Statistical analysis was conducted on the data of death surveillance among children aged < 5 years in Nanning. Results The mortality rate in children under 5 years old showed a decreasing trend in past 6 years. From 2004 to 2009, neonatal mortality rate dropped from 8. 10 to 3. 34, infant mortality rate dropped from 11. 84 to 5. 18, the mortality rate in children under 5 years old dropped from 14. 86 to 7. 15 . The first five death causes were premature birth, low birth weight,unintentional injury, pneumonia, congenital anomalies and birth asphyxia. Conclusion The mortality rate for children aged <5 years in Nanning showed a decreasing trend from 2004 to 2009.%目的 分析2004-2009年南宁市5岁以下儿童死亡情况,提出干预措施.方法 对5岁以下儿童死亡监测资料进行分析.结果 2004-2009年南宁市新生儿死亡率、婴儿死亡率、5岁以下儿童死亡率分别由2004年的8.10‰、11.84‰和14.86‰下降到2009年的3.34%‰,5.18‰和7.15‰.5岁以下儿童前5位死因分别是早产和低出生体重、意外伤害、肺炎、先天异常、出生窒息.结论 2004-2009年南宁市5岁以下儿童死亡率呈明显下降趋势.

  3. Epidemiology of Ectopic Pregnancy in Hamadan Province

    Fatemeh Shobeiri


    Full Text Available Background: The blastocyst implantation in any place other than uterus cavity endometrium is called ectopic pregnancy. The prevalence of ectopic pregnancy is different in various countries. This study has been conducted to investigate the epidemiology of ectopic pregnancy in Hamadan province during 2000-2010.Materials and Methods: The present study is a retrospective descriptive study. The data on 872 ectopic pregnancies were extracted by questionnaires from the files in the records department of hospitals and delivery centers in Hamadan province during 2000-2010. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and the obtained data were analyzed using SPSS-16 software.Results: The frequency of ectopic pregnancy in Hamadan province during 2000-2010 was averagely 2.6 per 1000 pregnancies. Tubal pregnancy with 95.2% is the most prevalent type of ectopic pregnancy most of which had occurred in the right tube (52.4%. Most ectopic pregnancies (52.2% were in the age group of 25-34.Conclusion: The prevalence of ectopic pregnancy in Hamadan province during the mentioned years has been 2.6 in 1000 pregnancies, which is lower compared to many existing data. However, the prevalence of ectopic pregnancy in this province has increased over time, so that it has become 3.3 times as much from 2000-2010.

  4. Analysis on the Work Status of Migrant Workers in Nanning Construction Industry%南宁市建筑行业农民工工作现状分析



    The article analyzes the basic situation of migrant workers in all aspects that include the work status, psychological traits, labor remuneration and so on through the actual investigation to migrant workers in Nanning construction industry, in or-der to reveal existing problems in migrant workers social security.%  文章通过对南宁市建筑业农民工的实际调查,分析农民工的工作现状、心理特点及劳动薪酬等各方面的基本情况,揭示农民工社会保障中存在的问题。

  5. The Quantitative Analysis of Lexical Similarities Between Nanning Cantonese and of Tingzi Ping Dialect%南宁白话与南宁亭子平话的词汇计量比较



    This paper makes a quantitative analysis of the lexical similarities in more than 1900 daily lexical items between Nanning Can-tonese And of Tingtsi Ping Dialect so as to illustrate the correlation and differences between the two dialects.%南宁市主要分布着两种方言:白话和平话。白话通行于市区,平话通行于郊区,其分布地域毗邻。文章选取了两种方言的1991个词进行计量分析,结果表明两种方言在植物、代词两种词类的一致性程度最高,在形容词和动词两类相似度最低。

  6. Review of fixed assets investment in Nanning during the period of " 12th Five-Year"%“十二五”时期南宁市固定资产投资情况综述

    黄沛明; 刘雁


    文章通过详实的数据和具体实例,阐述南宁市在十二五期间投资总量、投资增速和投资结构的基本情况,并重点介绍五个项目建设领域固定资产投资所取得的巨大成就。%Based on detailed data and examples, this paper introduces the situation of total investment, investment growth and investment structure in Nanning city during 12th Five-Year, great achievements of five construction projects is got in fixed assets investment field.

  7. Situation Assessment (POE) Research after the Use of Nanning People's Park%南宁人民公园使用后状况评估(POE)研究

    王炜; 陈益; 韦钰; 罗蕊


    文章运用POE(post occupancy evaluation)基本研究方法,对南宁人民公园做了调查研究。通过观察公园使用者的各类活动,采访公园的使用者以及发放抽样调查问卷等形式,了解南宁人民公园的使用状况,并对调查所获直接、真实的信息和数据做分析、整理,得到POE评价分析报告。该报告可为该公园改善服务设施、提高管理水平提供一定的依据,也可为其它类似公园的设计管理提供借鉴。%this paper applies to POE(Post Occupancy Evaluation) basic research method,to the people's Park to do a survey of nanning.Through the observation of park users of all types of activities,the park users as well as interview survey questionnaire to understand people's Park,Nanning usage,and to investigate the direct,real information and data analysis,collation,POE evaluation and analysis report.The report for the people's Park to improve services,improve the level of management provides a basis,and also be used for other similar park design and management to provide reference.

  8. 南岸区酸雨污染现状及成因分析%On Currant Status of Acid Rain Pollution in Nan'an District of Chongqing and Its Cause

    刘筱琳; 李杰; 熊万明; 曾雪梅; 钟成华


    Based on the comprehensive analysis of precipitation data in Nan'an District in the past 10 years,this study deals with the pollution characteristics and the changing tendency of acid rain in this area. The result shows that contaminants can be eliminated by precipitation,and the formation of acid rain does not have direct relationship with the concentration of air contaminants,but the amount of precipitation,air temperature,wind speed,relative humidity and so on. Meantime,this study has concluded that the fundamental causes for acid rain in Nan'an District and Chongqing are the massive emission of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide,the bad diffusion condition for air contaminants caused by the physiognomy of mountain city and the steamy weather condition.%在对重庆市南岸区近十年的降水监测数据进行综合分析的基础上,研究了南岸区酸雨污染特征和变化趋势,分析了酸雨的成因.结果表明,降水对空气污染物有清除作用,但酸雨的形成与空气污染物浓度无直接关联,而是取决于降水量、气温、风速、相对湿度等气象因子.大量二氧化硫和氮氧化物的排放、不利于污染物扩散的山城地貌以及潮湿闷热的气象条件是导致南岸乃至重庆酸雨污染的根本原因.

  9. [Road dust loading and chemical composition at major cities in Fujian Province].

    Zheng, An; Yang, Bing-yu; Wu, Shui-ping; Wang, Xin-hong; Chen, Xiao-qiu


    A total of 57 road dust and 16 urban soil samples were collected from four cities, Xiamen, Zhangzhou, Quanzhou and Putian in Fujian Province, China. Twenty-six elements, eight water soluble ions, organic carbon and elemental carbon in the fraction of particulate diameter less than 2.5 microm (PM2.5) derived through a suspension chamber were analyzed. The average loading of road dust with diameter less than 100 microm in the four cities ranged from 6.99 g x m(-2) to 10.11 g x m(-2), while the loading of PM2.5 ranged from 4.0 mg x m(-2) to 12.5 mg x m(-2). Both the soil and road dust samples were characterized with much higher concentrations of Si, Ca, Al, Fe and K. But for the anthropogenic elements such as Cu, Pb, Zn,Cr and Ti, much lower levels were found in the soil PM2.5, than those in the road dust PM2.5. Significantly higher levels of NH4+, NO3- and SO4(2-) were found in the road dust PM2.5 from Zhangzhou in comparison with those from other cities in this study. The calcium ion (Ca2+) content was significantly positively correlated with the Mg2+ content in the road dust PM2.5 from Xiamen, Zhangzhou and Quanzhou. The levels of organic carbon (OC) in the road dust PM2.5 in these four cities were higher than those reported in Ji'nan, Shijiazhuang and Beijing while the levels of elemental carbon (EC) were all lower than those in the urban road dust from Beijing, Significant positive correlation between EC and OC was found in samples from Quanzhou and Putian, suggesting the same and/or similar sources. The result of mass balance indicated that higher percentage compositions were soil and OM in both Quanzhou and Putian. Based on the cluster analysis, the 57 road dust samples were divided into four types: influenced by atmospheric deposition, influenced by soil dust, influenced by atmospheric deposition and soil dust, and influenced by soil and construction dust.

  10. Study on Banana Cooperatives in Hainan Province

    Huide; HUANG; Wanzhen; ZHANG; Enping; LIU; Xizhu; ZHANG


    This paper gives an overview of the distribution,member scale,production and operation of banana cooperatives in Hainan Province,and points out the market risk and natural risk faced by the production of banana cooperatives in Hainan Province. In order to promote the banana cooperatives to form new agricultural management system integrating organization and intensification,this paper puts forth the production and operation recommendations,such as joint production of banana cooperatives,timely planting of banana,brand management,and improvement of production and operation technical level.


    Christina GOMULKA


    Full Text Available Polish-Russian Cooperation of Pomorskie Province commenced in 1999 and was based on the intergovernmental agreements. The new agreement, executed between the authorities of the Pomeranian Province and Kaliningrad Oblast in 2002, provided for cooperation in many areas. The contacts between the partners were dominated by economic cooperation. The Polish–Russian cooperation stopped with Polish accession to the Schengen zone. Cooperation resumed when in 2011 and agreement on small cross-border traffic was signed and then ratified in 2012. 

  12. [Terrestrial gastropods from Misiones Province, Argentina].

    Gregoric, Diego Eduardo Gutiérrez; Núñez, Verónica; Vogler, Roberto Eugenio; Beltramino, Ariel Aníbal; Rumi, Alejandra


    The Atlantic Forest represents one of the global priority eco-regions for biodiversity conservation. In Argentina, this is represented by the Paranense Forest, which occupies much of the Misiones Province. In this paper, an updated list of land mollusks from Misiones Province is presented, and its species richness was evaluated comparing protected and unprotected areas. For this, we reviewed La Plata Museum Mollusk Collection, updated the literature review, and developed some field work between 2009 and 2010. For the areographic work, a grid (50 x 50 km) was applied to a Misiones province map. In this region, large areas of native vegetation constituting the Paranaense Forest still persist, and include protected areas such as the Iguazú National Park and Puerto Peninsula Provincial Park. These areas have been the most explored at the malacological level (both terrestrial and aquatic environments), a fact that is consistent with the greater number of records found, which may also be the explanation for the highest number of species recorded in the region. A database containing 497 records was compiled. The number of species occurring in this Province was increased from 28 to 56; 11 of which were exotic species. A total of 38 of the species occurred in protected areas and 53 in unprotected areas; and 25 species were micro-mollusks. Orthalicidae was the family with the highest species number (10) and the widest distribution, occupying 16/20 sampling units. Megalobulimus was the genus found in a greater number of sampling units (14/20). The highest values of specific richness of land gastropods were found in Northern Misiones (R=32). This richness was similar to that previously reported for the Tucumán Province, although species occurring in both provinces were mostly different. The richness in Misiones Province border areas, as the Republic of Paraguay and the state of Santa Catarina (Brazil), was about twice that found in the province. The present study showed the

  13. 羽毛球男子双打运动员蔡赟/傅海峰、郑在成/李龙大技术运用对比分析%Comparative Analysis Of The Technique Used By Men's Badminton Doubles Players Cai Yun/Fu Haifeng,Zheng Zaicheng/Li Long Da



    This article through the methods of video observation,mathematical statistics and so on,made comparative studies of the technology characteristics of six international badminton tournaments in men's doubles players in China(Cai Yun / Fu Haifeng) and South Korean men's doubles players(Zheng Zaicheng / Lee Yong Dae) in 2011.The research shows that an opponent has been directed at Fu Haifeng killed again assigned tactical preparation,reducing the pick ball technology use,weakened Fu Haifeng 's attacking threat;net drop both averaged differ from small,notably in the net twisting put the ball technology,net ball quality,net ball circuit and placement changes,and predict each other.Zheng Zaicheng's defensive consciousness is strong,drive fast ball speed,pitch changes,landing.%通过录像观察法、数理统计法等对2011所进行的6项国际羽毛球赛事中中国男双运动员(蔡斌贝/傅海峰)和韩国男双运动员(郑在成/李龙大)的技术特点进行对比研究,研究显示:对手已经针对傅海峰的重杀布置了技战术准备,减少了挑球等技术的使用,减弱了付海峰的进攻威胁;网前球双方场均得分相差距不大,值得注意的是在网前搓放球技术的运用中,网前球质量,网前球线路和落点的变化,以及预判对方球路的能力上都不如对手;郑在成/李龙大防守反击的意识强,平抽快挡球的速度快、落点刁、球路变化多。

  14. Geologic Provinces of the Caribbean Region, 2004 (prv6bg)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This dataset includes a modified subset of polygon features that describe U.S. Geological Survey's defined geologic provinces of the World. Each province has a set...

  15. On the Present Situation of Social Education and Teaching for the Teenagers in Nanning City---Based on the Investigation of Nanning Teenagers Activity Center%南宁市青少年社会教育教学现状分析*--基于南宁市青少年活动中心的调查

    曾令辉; 刘欣茹; 苏梅芳; 韦爱丽; 姜旭


    With the thorough advancement of our country ’ s education reform ,social education has become an important part in the quality education of the teenagers as an important complement and extension of the school education .In order to precisely learn and grasp the present situation of the social education and teaching ,the project team has made a theme investigation to the situation of the social education and teaching for the teenagers in Nanning City .It is found that the curricular setup in social education is relatively regular , teaching management strict , teaching content rational , and teaching environment basically satisfied to the requirements .T hey have got quite higher recognition from the society by offering basic social education to meet the demand of the teenagers .But there are still some problems worth stressing and solving by relevant management units .%随着我国教育改革的深入发展,社会教育已经成为青少年素质教育的重要内容,是学校教育的重要补充和延伸。为准确了解和把握青少年社会教育教学现状,课题组对南宁市青少年社会教育教学现状进行了主题调查。调查显示:南宁市青少年社会教育教学总体上课程设置比较规范,教学管理较规范,教学内容设置合理,教学环境基本满足教学需要,具有较高的社会认同度,基本能满足青少年接受社会教育的需要,但也有值得关注和需要解决的问题,需要加以解决。

  16. Comprehensive Evaluation of Circular Economic Development in North Anhui Province

    Hu, Shuheng; Zhang, Simei; Chen, Guangzhou; Xu, Min


    In view of the characteristics of north Anhui Province, an index system was constructed for evaluating the development level of circular economy according to relevant principles, Principal Component Analysis and Analytic Hierarchy Process were adopted to evaluate the circular economic development in north Anhui Province, and corresponding measures were put forward to promote the circular economy in north Anhui Province.

  17. USMC Rethinking Coin in Helmand Province Afghanistan


    2010 and the introduction of the United States Marines and their brand of counter insurgency (COIN) did the people of Helmand province fully embrace the...incapable of operating a shadow government. They encountered a society in upheaval with cultural baggage attached to century old battles at Maiwand

  18. Payenia volcanic province, southern Mendoza, Argentina

    Søager, Nina; Holm, Paul Martin; Llambias, Eduardo Jorge


    The Pleistocene to Holocene Payenia volcanic province is a backarc region of 60,000 km2 in Mendoza, Argentina, which is dominated by transitional to alkaline basalts and trachybasalts. We present major and trace element compositions of 139 rocks from this area of which the majority are basaltic...

  19. Two Mysteries of Nature in Liaoning Province


    JUST to the north of Shenyang,the capital of Liaoning Province,motorists along the Harbin-Dalian highway will encounter apeculiar slope khat is much easier to ascend than to descend.Theslope,approximately 90 meters long and 15 meters wide,slants abouttwo degrees toward the west.

  20. Investigation on Atmospheric Corrosiveness in Hainan Province


    According to the results of four-year exposure tests for carbon steel samples in Hainan province, the influences of meteorological factors and Cl- on atmospheric corrosion were investigated. The feature of atmospheric corrosion in this area was summarized. A corrosive map for the area was drawn. The corrosion products on carbon steel at some typical places were analyzed by XRD and XPS.

  1. Nontyphoidal Salmonella Infection, Guangdong Province, China, 2012.

    Huang, Xi; Huang, Qiong; Dun, Zhongjun; Huang, Wei; Wu, Shuyu; Liang, Junhua; Deng, Xiaoling; Zhang, Yonghui


    We used active and passive surveillance to estimate nontyphoidal Salmonella (NTS) infection during 2012 in Guangdong Province, China. Under passive surveillance, for every reported NTS infection, an estimated 414.8 cases occurred annually. Under active surveillance, an estimated 35.8 cases occurred. Active surveillance provides remarkable advantages in incidence estimate.

  2. Metallogenetic and geochemical provinces : book review

    Schuiling, R.D.


    In November 1972 a symposium on metallogenetic and geochemical provinces was organized in Leoben by Prof. W.E. Petrascheck; the proceedings of this symposium have now appeared. The book is recommended to all those who want to combine their interest in economic geology with a somewhat wider

  3. Metallogenetic and geochemical provinces : book review

    Schuiling, R.D.


    In November 1972 a symposium on metallogenetic and geochemical provinces was organized in Leoben by Prof. W.E. Petrascheck; the proceedings of this symposium have now appeared. The book is recommended to all those who want to combine their interest in economic geology with a somewhat wider outlook i

  4. Analysis on the inbound tourist source market in Fujian Province

    YU, Tong


    The paper analyzes the development and structure of inbound tourism in Fujian Province by Excel software and conducts the cluster analysis on the inbound tourism market by SPSS 23.0 software based on the inbound tourism data of Fujian Province from 2006 to 2015. The results show: the rapid development of inbound tourism in Fujian Province and the diversified inbound tourist source countries indicate the stability of inbound tourism market; the inbound tourist source market in Fujian Province can be divided into four categories according to the cluster analysis, and tourists from the United States, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore are the key of inbound tourism in Fujian Province.

  5. Shopping for high-technology treatment in another province.

    Revah, Giselle; Bell, Chaim


    In order to address long healthcare waits, political and professional groups have recommended sending patients to other provinces for diagnostic procedures or treatment. We investigated the feasibility of such recommendations, specifically, whether residence in one province can impede access to MRIs in another province. We contacted all public MRI facilities in Canada and found no difference in wait times between prospective in- and out-of-province patients, although wait times were highly variable from province to province. Over one-fifth (19/86=22%) of centres imposed barriers for out-of-province patients to access care. We discuss several jurisdictional, financial and logistic considerations regarding the feasibility and appropriateness of implementing a national strategy of interprovincial patient transfer for healthcare.

  6. The Agricultural Export Competitiveness and Independent Innovation in Liaoning Province

    Guimin; WANG; Haixian; XIA


    Through the vertical and horizontal analysis of agricultural export data in Liaoning Province during the period 2006-2010,we can find that Liaoning Province has already a major exporter of agricultural products,but there is no significant increase in many indicators with great fluctuation or declining trend. Meanwhile,compared with other provinces,the competitive advantages of agricultural export in Liaoning Province are not obvious,lacking competitive potential. Analysis shows that it is a strenuous task for Liaoning Province to transform from a major exporter of agricultural products to strong export province; during the course,relying on independent innovation is the fundamental guarantee. Liaoning Province should rely on independent innovation,to create new agricultural varieties,lead the international standards of agricultural products,form the brand agriculture,and improve the agricultural industry chain.

  7. [Hyperspectral extraction of soil available nitrogen in Nan Mountain coal waste scenic spot of Jinhuagong Mine based on enter-PLSR].

    Lin, Li-xin; Wang, Yun-jia; Xiong, Ji-bing


    Soil available nitrogen content is an important index reflecting soil fertility. It provides dynamic information for land reclamation and ecological restoration if soil available nitrogen can be monitored and evaluated using hyperspectral technology. Facing the study blank of soil available nitrogen in National Mine Park and the deficiency of poor computational efficiency of partial least squares regression (PLSR) method, the present paper presents the relationship between soil spectrum and soil available nitrogen based on spectrum curves (ranging from 350 to 2 500 nm) of 30 salinized chestnut soil samples, which were collected from southern mountain coal waste scenic spot, located in Jinhuagong mine in Datong city, Shanxi Province, China (one part of Jinhuagong national mine park). Soil reflection spectrum was mathematically manipulated into first derivative and inverse-log spectral curves, then a corresponding estimation model was built and examined by PLSR and Enter-partial least squares regression (Enter-PLSR) based on characteristic absorption. The result indicated that Enter-PLSR corresponding estimation model greatly increased the computation efficiency by reducing the number of independent variables to 12 from 122 in case of a close accuracy of PLS corresponding estimation model. By using hyperspectral technology and Enter-PLSR method, the study blank of soil available nitrogen in National Mine Park was filled. At the same time, the computation efficiency problem of PLSR was resolved.

  8. 199株淋球菌对环丙沙星和头孢三嗪的敏感性测定%Sensitivity test of 199 Neisseria gonorrhoeae strains in Nanning to ciprofloxacin and ceftriaxone

    李伟; 赵秀梅; 覃善列; 唐桂林


    Obiective To measure the susceptibility of Neisseria gonorrhoeae to ciprofloxacin and ceftriaxone in Nanning.Method 199 clinical isolates of Neisseria gonorrhoeae obtained from patients with gonorrhea in Nanning were tested for their susceptibilities to ciprofloxacin and ceftriaxone in vitro.The mininum inhibitory concentrations(MIC)of ciprofloxacin and ceftriaxone were determined by agar dilution method.Rusults The MIC ranges were from 0.002mg/L to 2mg/L for ciprofloxacin.MIC ranges were from 0.25 to≥ 16mg/L in 1999.14.5% of the isolates were susceptible to ciprofloxacin,41.71% were less sensitive;the prevalence of resistant gonococci were 43.72%.There are 4 strains out of the isolates in 1999,MIC of which were≥ 16mg/L.The MIC ranges were between 0.002mg/L and 1mg/L for ceftriaxione.The MICs at which 50% and 90% of isolates inhibited were 0.03mg/L and 0.5mg/L,respectively.55.28% of the isolates were susceptible to ceftriaxone,39.2% were less sensitive;A total of 5.53% strains were found to be ceftrixone resistant.None of the Isolates isolated were detected to be resistant of ceftriaxone in 1999.Conclusion The study shows that ciprofloxacin hasn′ t given priority to treating patients with gonorrhea in Nanning.Wheather ceftriaxione is still given priority to treating patients with gorrhea or not depends on continued surveillance of sensitivity of contemporary gonococci to ceftriaxione in vitro.%目的了解南宁地区淋球菌对环丙沙星,头孢三嗪的敏感性。方法采用琼脂稀释法分别测定环丙沙星、头孢三嗪对 199株淋球菌的最小抑菌浓度。结果环丙沙星 MIC范围为 0.002~ 2mg/L,其中 1999年 MIC范围为 0.25~≥ 16mg/L; 14.5%菌株对环丙沙星敏感, 41.71%为低度敏感, 43.72%为耐药,其中 1999年有 4株淋球菌 MIC≥ 16mg/L。头孢三嗪 MIC为 0.02~ 1mg/L, MIC50为 0.03mg/L, MIC90为 0.5mg/L; 55.28%菌株对头孢三嗪敏感, 39.20

  9. 南宁市301例儿童饮食行为调查分析%Prevalence of eating problems among 1~3 years old children: A local survey in Nanning.

    吴葆宁; 班彩霞; 梁燕婷; 朱才荣


    [目的]了解南宁市社区1~3岁儿童饮食行为问题及家庭喂养状况,为进一步开展早期干预提供科学依据.[方法]随机抽取南宁市两个社区1岁至不满4岁健康儿童301名作为调查对象,采用自填问卷的调查方法,内容包括儿童一般资料,儿童饮食行为问题,抚养人的喂养行为问题.[结果]65.1%的儿童存在有饮食行为问题,饮食行为问题发生率由高到低顺位依次为进餐时间过长46.5%、进餐分心37.9%、吃得少35.9%、进餐地点不固定34.2%,对食物不感兴趣23.6%、强烈偏爱某种食物20.6%、拒绝某种食物19.3%、不愿尝试新食物11.0%.[结论]南宁市社区1~3岁儿童饮食行为问题发生率较多见,加强营养与喂养知识的健康教育,针对个性化指导和行为干预,使儿童形成良好的饮食行为习惯.%[Objective] To investigate prevalence of eating problems among cnildren of 1 - 3 years old in Nanning and provide scientific evidence for the early intervention. [Methods] 301 healthy children aged 1 - 3 from two communities in Nanning were selected randomly and surveyed. Cross-sectional survey was conducted . Date included children, Social demographic information,eating behavior and their caregiver' sinformation. [Result] 67. 1 % of children identified as eating problem,the incidence of dietary behavior problems from high to low were long mealtime 46. 5% ,dining distraction 37. 9% , eat less 35. 9%, fixed eating place 34. 2%, 23. 6% had lost interest in food, 20. 6% preferred some kinds food itensely, 19.3% Refuse some food, 11.0% try nothing new. [Conclusion] The children of 1-3 years old from two communities in Nanning have a high rate of eating problem, we are calling for improvements in feeding and nutrition knowledge, behavioural interventions personalized guidance to develop healthy eating habits.

  10. New access to the deep interior of the Nankai accretionary complex and comprehensive characterization of subduction inputs and recent mega splay fault activity (IODP-NanTroSEIZE Expedition 338)

    Strasser, Michael; Moore, Gregory F.; Kanagawa, Kyuichi; Dugan, Brandon; Fabbri, Olivier; Toczko, Sean; Maeda, Lena


    The Nankai Trough Seismogenic Zone Experiment (NanTroSEIZE) is a coordinated, multi-expedition Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) drilling project designed to investigate fault mechanics and seismogenesis along subduction megathrusts through direct sampling, in situ measurements, and long-term monitoring in conjunction with allied laboratory and numerical modeling studies. IODP Expedition 338 (1 October 2012 - 13 January 2013), extended riser Hole C0002F from 856 meters below the sea floor (mbsf) to 2005 mbsf. Site C0002 is the centerpiece of the NanTroSEIZE project, and is planned to be deepened to eventually reach the seismogenic fault zone during upcoming drilling expeditions. The original Exp. 338 operational plan to case the hole to 3600 mbsf had to be revised as sudden changes in sea conditions resulted in damage to parts of the riser system, thus the hole was suspended at 2005 mbsf but left for future re-entry. The revised operation plan included additional riserless logging and coring of key targets not sampled during previous NanTroSEIZE expeditions, but relevant to comprehensively characterize the alteration stage of the oceanic basement input to the subduction zone, the early stage of Kumano Basin evolution and the recent activity of the shallow mega splay fault zone system and submarine landslides. Here we present preliminary results from IODP Exp. 338: Logging While Drilling (LWD), mud gas monitoring and analysis on cuttings from the deep riser hole characterize two lithological units within the internal accretionary prism, separated by a prominent fault zone at ~1640 mbsf. Internal style of deformation, downhole increase of thermogenically formed formation gas and evidence for mechanical compaction and cementation document a complex structural evolution and provide unprecedented insights into the mechanical state and behavior of the wedge at depth. Additionally, multiple samples of the unconformity between the Kumano Basin and accretionary prism

  11. 2003-2010年南宁市婚前保健与出生缺陷发生状况分析%Premarital Health Care and Birth Defects Situation in Nanning,2003-2010

    李颖; 龚祖康; 覃颛; 李芳


    Objective To analyze the pre - marital medical examination ( PME) and birth defects situation in Nanning, improve the quality of the newbom population, and provide the theoretical evidence for formulating birth defect preventive measure scientifically. Methods The PME and birth defects situation in Nanning from 2003 to 2010 was analyzed. Results The PME rate in 2002 was 70. 66%. From 2003 to 2010, totally 1 087 060 people registrated marriage, 167 931 people had accepted PME, the average rate of PME was 15.45% ;during 2004 - 2008 the PME rate maintains between 2% to 3. 37%. Free PME was conducted since June,2009, with the PME rate of 14. 73% , and by 2010, the PME rate reached 65. 70% . The detected prevalence rate was 15. 70% . There were totaUy 10 437 birth defects during 2003 - 2010, the incidence rate was 16. 24 ‰, in which fetal edema syndrome ( thalassemia children) ranked frist Birth defects rate in 2002 was 14.73‰, and in 2010 was 18. 72‰. Conclusion The PME rate in Nanning during 2003 - 2008 was low, which increased after implementation of free PME. PME has the positive sense to reduce the birth defects rate.%目的 分析南宁市婚前医学检查(婚检)与出生缺陷发生状况,提高出生人口素质,为科学制定出生缺陷预防措施提供理论依据.方法 对2003-2010年南宁市婚检与出生缺陷发生状况进行分析.结果 2002年婚检率为70.66%.2003-2010年南宁市结婚登记人数1087 060人,婚检人数167 931人,平均婚检率15.45%;2004-2008年婚检率持续在2%~3.37%,2009-06起实施免费婚检,婚检率14.73%,2010年婚检率达65.70%.检出患病率15.70%.2003-2010年出生缺陷儿共10 437人,发生率16.24 ‰,胎儿水肿综合症(地贫儿)排列出生缺陷第1位,2002年出生缺陷为14.73‰,2010年出生缺陷率18.72‰.结论 2003-2008年南宁市婚检率较低,免费婚检后高婚检率上升,婚检对降低出生缺陷有积极意义.


    林健燕; 陈婷; 汤洪洋; 陈燕萍; 曾毅


    [Objective] To analyze the epidemiological characteristics of hand-food-mouth disease (HFMD) in Nanning and provide scientific basis for making preventive control strategy. [Methods] The data of HFMD from January 1, 2008 to May 31, 2010 in Nanning were from the China information system for disease control and prevention, and were analyzed by descriptive epidemiology method. [Results] The annual incidence rate from 2008 to May 31, 2010 was respectively 123.35/100 000, 203.31/100 000 and 350.98/100 000. Epidemic peak of HFMD occurred through February to June which accounted for 75.23%. The incidence rate of HFMD among dispersed children was the highest. Male patients were more than female ones with the sex ratio of 1.69 : 1. 89.09% patients were below 5 years old. Overall, 55.48% of the patients were tested EV71 positive. However, the dominant pathogenic strain of HFMD was different in every year. 89.56% of severe cases and all dead cases infected with EV71. [Conclusion] Incidence of HFMD in Nanning increased year by year. Kindergartens and the settlements of floating population were main districts of preventing and controlling HFMD. EV71 showed more powerful toxicity than others pathogens of HFMD, and EV71 was the dominant pathogenic strain in 2010.%[目的]分析南宁市手足口病的流行特征,为制定有效防制策略提供科学依据.[方法]从中国疾病预防控制信息系统中将南宁市2008年1月1日~2010年5月31日的手足口病网络直报信息导出,并用描述性流行病学方法对资料进行分析.[结果]2008年1月~2010年5月31日年发病率分别为123.35/10万、203.31/10万、350.98/10万;2~6月为发病高峰期,发病数占总病例数的75.23%;病例以散居儿童为主,男性发病比例高于女性,男女发病比为1.69:1;5岁以下儿童占发病总数的89.09%a.总体上55.48%的实验室诊断病例显示EV71阳性,但各年度的优势病原不同;89.56%的重症病例和全部死亡病例由EV71感染所

  13. 南宁地区221株淋球菌对青霉素、壮观霉素的敏感性测定%Sensitivity test of 221 Neisseria gonorrhoeae strains in Nanning to penicillin and spectinomycin

    李伟; 赵秀梅; 覃善列; 唐桂林


    目的:了解南宁地区淋球菌对青霉素、壮观霉素的敏感性。方法:我们于1996年至1999年对221株淋球菌临床分离株以琼脂稀释法测定青霉素、壮观霉素的最小抑菌浓度(MIC)。结果:7株(3.17%)为产青霉素酶淋球菌(PPNG)。青霉素MIC范围为0.008~16mg/L;2.71%菌株对青霉素敏感,36.20%为低敏,61.09%为耐药。其中1996至1999年各年耐药率分别为23.92%、37.10%、89.16%、90.00%。壮观霉素MIC范围2~>128mg/L;92.76%菌株对壮观霉素敏感,7.24%菌株为耐药;1999年未发现耐壮观霉素菌株。结论:南宁地区淋球菌对青霉素耐药比率较高,且呈逐年上升趋势。出现了耐壮观霉素的菌株。持续性监测青霉素、壮观霉素对临床合理用药十分重要。%Objective: To measure the susceptibility of Neisseria gonorrhoeae to penicillin and spetinomycin in Nan ning. Methods:221 clinical isolates of Neisseria gonokrrhoeae abtained from patients with gonorrhea in Nanning were tesed for their susceptiblities to penicillin and spectinomycin in vitro. The mininum inhibitory concentrations (MIC) of penicillin and spectinomycin were determined by agar dilution method. Rusults: 7 strains (3.17%) were penicilinase producers (PPNG). The MIC ranges were from 0.008mg/L to 16mg/L for Penicillin. 2.71% of the isolates were susceptible to penicillin,36.20% were less sensitive; 61.09% exhibited resistance to penicillin. The prevalence of resistant gonococci every year was 23.92%, 37.1%, 89.16%, 90% respectively in 1996~1999. The MIC ranges were from 2mg/L to>128mg/L for spectinomycin.92.76% of the isolates were susceptible to spectinomycin, 7.24% exhibited resistance to spectinomycin. None of the isolates were detected to be resistant of spectinomycin in 1999. Conclusion: A high proportion of goncoccal isolates remain resistant to penicillin, with the emergence of spectinomycin resistance strains in Nanning. For the

  14. Investigation of Metabolic Syndrome in Junior Middle School Students of Shizhong District in Ji’nan City%济南市市中区初中学生代谢综合征状况调查

    孔春妍; 王春香


    Objective:To explore the incidence of metabolic syndrome(MetS) in junior middle school students of Shizhong district Ji’nan city in order to provide evidence for its prevention.Method:From 2008 to 2013,health checkup were given to 6862 junior middle school students in Shizhong district of Ji’nan city.The detection rates of MetS and its associative signs were analyzed and compared.Result:The detection rate of MetS was 1.4%.The difference in detection rates of MetS between boys and girls was not statistically significant(P>0.05).Boys with hypertension were more than girls with hypertension,boys with low HDL were less than girls with low HDL,the differences above were all statistically significant(P0.05).The differences in detection rates of central obesity,high TG,low HDL and hypertension in different ages were statistically significant(P0.05),男生高血压人数多于女生,低HDL人数少于女生,比较差异均有统计学意义(P0.05),各年龄段中心性肥胖、高TG、低HDL及高血压检出率比较差异均有统计学意义(P<0.01),中心性肥胖检出率15岁年龄组最高;中心性肥胖初中生MetS相关症状高TG、低HDL、高血压、高血糖检出率均明显高于非中心性肥胖者,比较差异均有统计学意义(P<0.01)。结论:应采取措施控制青少年肥胖以减少青少年代谢综合征的发生。

  15. Investigation of Snoring among Boarders of High School in Nanning City%南宁市寄宿高中生睡眠打鼾的调查研究

    王自秀; 韦宇宁; 王昕云; 柯斓; 凌芸


    目的 调查南宁市寄宿高中生打鼾情况及其相关因素,为防治中学生打鼾提供依据.方法 对南宁市3所寄宿制学校高中生共663名进行问卷调查及体格检查,分析高中生打鼾情况,并对打鼾影响因素进行单因素和多因素Logistic回归分析.结果 663名学生中打鼾发生率为22.3%,其中男生发生率31.2%,高于女生的14.7%,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05);打鼾组的体重指数和颈围大于不打鼾组(P<0.05);有鼻咽部疾病患者的打鼾率高于无鼻咽部疾病者(P<0.05).Logistic回归分析显示性别、颈围、体重指数、鼻咽喉疾病等因素与打鼾有关(P<0.05).结论 打鼾在寄宿高中生中发生率较高,应引起学生、家长及有关机构的重视.%Objective To study the prevalence of snoring and its correlative factors among boarders of high school in Naming city,and put forward the prevention and control measures. Methods The questionnaire survey was conduct in six hundred and sixty-three boarders of three high schools in Nanning, and they all received physical examinations. Chi-square test and Logistic regression analysis were used to evaluate the risk factors of snoring. Results The incidence of snoring was 22.3%( 31.2% in males and 14.7% in females ). There was significant difference between the male and the female( P <0.05 ). Logistic regression analysis indicated that the factors associated with snoring were gender, neck circumference, body mass index, diseases of the pharynx and so on. Conclusion There is a little higher incidence of snoring among boarders of high school in Nanning. People including students and their parents, even the related authorities should pay more attentions to the danger of snoring.

  16. 城市道路交通拥堵的分析及对策研究--以济南市为例%Analysis of Urban Road Traffic Congestion and Countermeasure Study:Take Ji'nan as an Example



    随着经济的发展,人们的生活质量也在不断提高,衣食住行都有了很大的转变,尤其是近几年来,私家车数量不断增多,这在方便人们出行的同时也增加了城市道路的负荷。济南作为省会城市,拥堵现象更是严重,虽然也采用了许多措施如拓宽道路、继续修建高架桥等等,但由于私家车增长速度过快,此类方法效果并不显著。本文从济南市交通状况的实际情况出发,通过提高道路运营车辆的满载率来实现车辆的合理利用,从而达到缓解交通拥堵的目的,并为其他城市治理交通拥堵的问题提供依据。%With the development of economy, people's living quality has been improved, causing great changes in basic necessities of life, especially the increasing number of private cars, which has increased the load of urban roads as well as making travel convenient. Ji'nan as the capital city, the traffic congestion is very serious. Although many measures have been taken such as widened pavement, and building more viaducts, but the effect is not significant due to the excessive growth of number of private cars. Based on the actual traffic situation of Ji’nan, this article studies to realize reasonable use of cars by improving the loading rate of operating cars on the road so as to ease traffic congestion and provide reference for other cities to deal with traffic congestion.

  17. On the Development of Star Hotels after Adjustment Period---A Case Study of Nanning City%星级饭店步入调整期后的发展分析--以南宁市为例



    After a period of expansion ,star hotels in China have stepped into a period of adjust‐ment .The survival of the fittest is increasingly obvious and the competitiveness of enterprises deter‐mines its survival and development .Through analyzing the current development of star hotels in Nan‐ning City ,the paper shows that although the number of star hotels has decreased ,the overall quality has improved .However ,star hotels in Nanning City exist some problems :price competition is the uppermost method in marketing competition ,the products are of inferior quality ,and brand competi‐tion is scarce ,which make the enterprises become less competitive .Therefore ,star hotels in Nanning City must strengthen their competitive ability to achieve better beneficial result by providing differen‐tiated products ,improving the quality of products and implementing brand strategy .%我国星级饭店的发展由扩张期转入调整期后,行业的优胜劣汰日益明显,竞争力成为企业生存与发展的关键因素。通过对南宁市星级饭店的发展现状进行分析,发现在调整期尽管星级饭店的数量减少了,但整体质量却有所提高。然而,南宁市星级饭店目前还存在着以价格竞争为主、产品质量竞争能力较差、品牌竞争意识不强等问题,企业竞争力较弱。对此,南宁市星级饭店应通过差异化经营、提升产品质量、实施品牌战略等措施增强市场竞争能力,获得良好的市场效益。

  18. JPRS Report, China, Work Reports: Northeast Provinces.


    cultural market . [passage omitted] county and township People’s Congresses throughout the province. By conscientiously performing functions and III...nationalities," thus promoting the work concerning cultural market by deeply waging the antipornography minority nationalities. We actively promoted the...pornography" or enhance the mechanism of having leading personnel thoroughly, and further purify the cultural market . be responsible for the family planning

  19. US Local Government Delegation Visits Sichuan Province

    Chuan; You


    A 12-member US Local Government Delegationled by Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch visited Sichuan Province December 11-13 at the invitation of the CPAFFC.Consisting of lieutenant governors,state legislators,mayors,government officials of cities and counties from eight states—Wisconsin,Washington,New York,Colorado,Illinois,Tennessee,Kansas and Missouri—the delegation was organized by the China-United States Exchange Foundation(CUSEF).Established in Hong Kong in 2008

  20. A Glance at Bohai Bay Oil Province

    Gao Shoubai


    @@ Chinese oil industry keeps on developing in 1994. The oil production of Bohai Bay Oil Province located in East China also keeps on growing. Geologically,the total area of Bohai Bay Basin is about 200 000 km2 and the main structural units are: Liaohe Depression, Huanghua Depression,Jizhong Depression, Linqing Depression, Jiyang Depression, Changwei Depression, Bozhong Depression,Chengning Uplift and Cangjing Uplift (see figure 1). Area of the main structural units is listed in following:

  1. An Analysis of the Theme of Li Bai's Shu dao nan%李白《蜀道难》历代主题说平议--兼论李白与《文选》赋的关系及其“以赋为诗”的艺术特征



    Shu dao nan ,one of Li Bai's masterpieces ,is one of famous pieces among the Tang Poems . So far there have been six different interpretations of its theme .This paper discussed the different explana-tions from Tang through Qing dynasties until today ,and explored the relationship between Li Bai's Shu dao nan and Zuo Si's Shu du fu ,and pointed out that to write Poemas Fu is an obvious characteristic in Shu dao nan .%《蜀道难》是唐诗中的名篇,也是李白歌行的代表作。自其产生以来,历唐、宋、元、明、清直至今天,对其主旨的阐释莫衷一是。在系统地梳理历代主题说的基础上,可以看出李白《蜀道难》与左思《蜀都赋》之间的关系和其“以赋为诗”的创作特征。

  2. Curie surface of Borborema Province, Brazil

    Correa, Raphael T.; Vidotti, Roberta M.; Oksum, Erdinc


    The Curie surface interpreted from magnetic data through spatial frequency domain techniques is used to provide information on the thermal structure of Borborema Province. The Borborema Province is part of the neoproterozoic collision of an orogenic system situated between the São Francisco-Congo and São Luís-West Africa cratons, which formed the Gondwana Supercontinent. The Curie surface of Borborema Province varies from 18 to 59 km, which reveals the complexity in the crustal composition of the study area. The thermal structure shows different crustal blocks separated by the main shear zones, which corroborates the evolution model of allochthonous terranes. The Curie surface signature for the west portion of Pernambuco Shear Zone may indicate processes of mantle serpentinization, once the Curie isotherm is deeper than Mohorovic discontinuity. In this region, the amplitude of Bouguer anomaly decreases, which corroborates long wavelength anomaly observed in the magnetic anomaly. We interpreted this pattern as evidence of the Brasiliano-Pan-Africano's subduction/collision event. Earthquakes in the region are concentrated mainly in shallow Curie surface regions (less resistant crust) and in transition zones between warm and cold blocks. We calculated the horizontal gradient of the Curie depth to emphasize the signature of contact between the thermal blocks. These regions mark possible crustal discontinuities, and have high correlation with orogenic gold occurrence in the study area.

  3. Simulated water productivity in Gansu Province, China

    Zhan, Jinyan; Sun, Zhongxiao; Wang, Zhan; Chen, Jiancheng; Li, Zhaohua

    Economic value of water and economic analysis of water use management in Gansu Province of China have attracted widespread public attention. With the socioeconomic development, research on water resources has become more important than before. In this study, we define "water productivity" as the changes of economic production outputs of sectoral activities in every cubic meter of water input, which is also the technical coefficient of water resource use in each sector. According to Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) framework, based on the Input-Output Table 2007 and water resources bulletin of Gansu Province, we introduced the water into the ORANI-G (A Generic Single-Country Computable General Equilibrium model) model through the nested constant elasticity of substitution (CES) production function to analyze the changes of economic productions caused by water supply changes. We then examined water productivity in different sectors. Empirical results showed that current water productivity is underestimated. Agricultural water productivity is lower than that of the secondary and tertiary industries, even although agricultural water use is the largest part of water use in Gansu Province, and therefore improving agricultural water productivity can greatly mitigate the water shortage. Simulation results indicate that industrial transformation and development of water-saving industries will also mitigate water scarcity. Moreover, sensitivity analysis shows that the empirical results are robust under different scenarios. The results also show that higher constant elasticity of substitution rate (CES) between water and other production factors will contribute to sustainable development.

  4. Rodent consumption in Khon Kaen Province, Thailand.

    Suwannarong, Kanokwan; Chapman, Robert S


    Rodents are important reservoirs of rodent-borne infections worldwide, including Southeast Asia and Northeast Thailand (Isaan), where rodent consumption may be a source of rodent-borne diseases. The behavior of consuming rodents is related to a population's traditions, knowledge, cultural, and household contexts, among other factors. This cross-sectional survey was conducted in Khon Kaen Province, Thailand during November-December 2011. It aimed to elicit information about rodent consumption among residents of this province, and to identify factors associated with rodent consumption there. Multiple logistic regression analysis indicated that male gender, large family size, and use of rainwater as the main source of drinking water were positively associated with reported rodent consumption in this province, while having proper knowledge/attitudes towards animal-borne disease was negatively associated. These results provide evidence-base information for further studies, such as participatory ac- tion research, to further explore how people interact with rodents in different contexts. Further research is also needed to characterize risk of zoonotic diseases in relation to rodent consumption.

  5. 走近“文化遗产学”:问题与对策——贺云翱教授专访%Approaching Cultural Heritage Studies: Problems and Countermeasures:An Interview with Professor HE Yun-ao

    贺云翱; 毛颖


    The disciplinary construction of Cultural Heritage Studies has been a great concerns in ac-ademia in the recent years.HE Yun-ao,Professor of Nanjing University,points out: Cultural Heritage Studies is likely to be questioned of its disciplinary construction as it is a newly built discipline which still suffers from the lack of practices and the obstruction caused by other existing disciplines.However,as cultural heritage studies is strongly characterized of modernity,sociality,and interdisciplinarity,differentiating from close dis-ciplines such as Archaeology,Cultural Relics Studies and Museology,the disciplinary construction of Cultural Heritage Studies enjoys an advantage in meeting the needs of China's modernization construction and national development and responding to the challenge of globalization.All concerned parties(the education department and other relevant authorities,college and universities,research institutions,and museums) should seek close collaboration on making creative efforts to promote the disciplinary construction of Cultural Heritage Studies by approaches including learning the experience from the advanced countries,particularly the neigh-boring countries such as Japan and Korea,and giving full play to academic journals as the guide and platform.Moreover,the construction of Cultural Heritage Studies toward a full-fledged disciplinary system is expected to be effectively promoted with it being listed as a major discipline by the Ministry of Education.%近年来文化遗产学的学科建设颇为学术界关注。南京大学贺云翱教授认为:虽然文化遗产事业因为兴起时间及学科建设时间短暂、实践积累不足、原有学科存在一定的阻碍作用等原因,学术界不可避免地会对学科建设产生一些疑虑,但文化遗产学具有强烈的现代性、社会性、跨学科等特点,与考古学、文物学及博物馆学等相近学科有明显的差异,其学科建设具

  6. Empirical Analysis of the Vegetable Industry in Hebei Province


    We first introduce the status quo of the development of vegetable industry in Hebei Province,and then conduct empirical analysis of the development of vegetable industry in Hebei Province.Further,we analyze the development advantage of the vegetable industry in Hebei Province using SAI(Scale Advantage Indices) and SCA(Symmetric Comparative Advantage),drawing the conclusion that the vegetable industry in Hebei Province has much room for development;at the same time,we analyze the factors influencing vegetable consumption of residents in Hebei Province through the regression model,drawing the conclusion that the vegetable consumer price index is the main factor affecting the consumption.Finally we make recommendations for the development of vegetable industry in Hebei Province as follows:increasing financial input,promoting policy guarantee capacity;implementing brand strategy,promoting the competitiveness of products;improving the ecological environment,promoting industrialization of pollution-free vegetables.

  7. Ji'nan City Water Information Extraction of Remote Sensing Image%济南市遥感影像的水体信息提取方法研究

    张勇; 吉雅


    A remote sensing image fusion technology is introduced.Some common remote sensing image fusion method and its application are presented with image processing system ERDAS as a platform,in Ji'nan by using satellite remote sensing images as study materials,the ERDAS computer image processing on the process is discussed.How to take water from the remote sensing image extraction come out is studied.The results show that the extracting water research method is correct and feasible,for GIS thematic mapping provides important basic remote sensing information.%介绍了遥感影像融合技术,并对几种常见的遥感影像融合方法及其应用作了系统的阐述,以图像处理系统ERDAS为平台,利用济南市卫星遥感图像作为研究材料,讨论了ERDAS计算机图像处理的有关过程,研究了如何把水体从遥感图像中提取出来。结果表明:该提取水体的研究方法正确可行,可为地理信息专题制图提供重要的遥感基础信息。

  8. Geo-environmental Protection and Recovery Management of Hongqi Third Mine in He'nan%河南红旗三矿矿山地质环境保护与恢复治理

    张婧; 陈南祥; 张福然


    Through theoretical analysis and field survey, the geological environment problems in Hongqi Third Mine of He' nan are found out and understood deeply, the quantitative-half quantitative evaluation method is used for the present situation evaluation and predictive evaluation of the geological environment effects, the superposition method is used for dividing the geological environment protection and treatment area, and the technical measures for prevention, protection, recovery and management are put forward targetedly, which could provide some references for other engineering design personnel of similar projects.%通过理论分析和实地调查,深入了解河南红旗三矿的矿山地质环境情况,利用定量-半定量评估方法对其地质环境影响程度进行了现状评估和预测评估,利用叠加法划分了地质环境保护与恢复治理区域,有针对性地提出了预防、保护和恢复治理的技术措施,工程设计人员从事类似工程设计提供一定的参考依据.

  9. 南宁市居住建筑能耗调查与综合能耗定额分析%Investigation on Energy Consumption of Residential Buildings in Nanning and Analysis on Comprehensive Energy Consumption Quota

    黄箐; 李念平


    In this paper, in order to obtain the energy consumption level and structure of residential buildings in Nanning, the characteristics of summer energy consumption and the range of comprehensive energy consumption per unit were studied based on the evaluation index of comprehensive energy consumption per unit and the related statistical results. Furthermore, the applicability and significance of the evaluation index were analyzed with the software of SPSS.%为了更好地了解南宁市居住建筑夏季用能水平和能耗结构,本文采用单位综合能耗作为能耗评价指标,结合相关调研结果,应用统计分析方法进行计算分析,得出了南宁市居住建筑夏季的用能特征及其单位综合能耗定额范围,并用SPSS软件分析了该指标的适用性和意义.

  10. Epidemic analysis of 1010 cases of brucellosis in Ji'nan from 2010 to 2014%2010-2014年济南市1010例布鲁菌病患者流行病学分析

    王晶波; 崔师玉; 李玲; 赵秀红; 李晓迎; 耿大影


    目的 分析济南市传染病医院门诊2010-2014年接诊的布鲁菌病(简称布病)的流行病学特征,为其防治提供数据参考.方法 将济南市传染病医院自2010-2014年接诊、明确诊断的布病病例纳入研究,采用回顾性分析方法,对其流行病学资料进行数据统计,包括发病时间、年龄及职业分布等.结果2010-2014年,济南市传染病医院共接诊布病患者1010例,各年份分别为12、69、134、274、521例,呈快速上升趋势.发病高峰期有两个,首先是4-8月,各月份发病率分别为9.1%(92/1 010)、12.2%(123/1 010)、13.4%(135/1010)、11.1%(112/1010)、10.7%(108/1010);其次为1月,发病率为9.4%(95/1010).发病检出时间1周内者仅占13.4%(135/1010),72.4%(731/1010)的患者距发病时间2周以上.男性布病患病率明显高于女性,男女比例为2.36∶1.00;年龄分布,40~ 49、50 ~ 59岁为发病高峰,发病率分别为29.3%(296/1010)、25.0%(252/1010);职业以农牧民为主,占85.6%(865/1010);96.4%(974/1010)的患者有明确接触史,主要与羊、牛、猪等家畜有关,也有宠物饲养和喝羊奶致病者.结论济南市传染病医院接诊的布病患者数量,近5年来显著增加,传播途径主要为家畜饲养、加工,多数患者未能在早期及时诊断,当引起足够重视.%Objective To provide data evidence for brucellosis prevention by a retrospective analysis of brucellosis epidemiologic feature in Ji'nan Infectious Disease Hospital from 2010-2014.Method The brucellosis patients with confinned diagnosis from 2010 to 2014 admitted to Ji'nan Infectious Disease Hospital were included in this study,and their epidemic data were statistically analyzed,including time,age and occupation distributions.Results There were 1 010 brucellosis patients in total in Ji'nan Infectious Disease Hospital from 2010 to 2014,and 12 cases,69 cases,134 cases,274 cases and 521 cases,respectively,in each year,which showed rapid rising trend

  11. 鄂南地区传统竹工艺品及竹制家具的保护与开发初探%Protection and Development of the Traditional Bamboo Crafts and Bamboo Furniture in E'nan Region



    咸宁作为远近闻名的“楠竹之乡”,竹制品有着悠久的历史和传统,文章在对竹产业现状进行充分分析的基础上,结合自身的优势和特色,对未来鄂南地区竹产业的发展提出了设想和策略,旨在通过研究,能更好的对传统技艺进行充分的发掘和开发.让传统竹工艺品和竹制家具产业焕发新的活力.%Xianning as known for the Nanzhu hometown of bamboo products have a long history and tradition. The article, on the basis of a full analysis of the status of the bamboo industry, combined with its own advantages and characteristics, put forward the vision and strategy on the future development of bamboo industry in E'nan region, aimed at fully excavating and developing the traditional skills through research to revitalize the traditional bamboo crafts and bamboo furniture industry.

  12. Kinematics of the Local Universe XIV. Measurements from the 21 cm line and the HI mass function from a homogeneous catalog gathered with the Nan\\c{c}ay radio telescope

    Theureau, Gilles; Hallet, Nicole; Hanski, Mikko; Poulain, Mélina


    This paper presents 828 new 21 cm neutral hydrogen line measurements carried out with the FORT receiver of the meridian transit Nan\\c{c}ay radio telescope (NRT) in the years 2000 -- 2007. This observational program was part of a larger project aimed at collecting an exhaustive and magnitude-complete HI extragalactic catalog for Tully-Fisher applications. Through five massive data releases, the KLUN series has collected a homogeneous sample of 4876 HI-spectra of spiral galaxies, complete down to a flux of 5^{-1} and with declination delta > -40{\\deg}. We publish here the last release of the KLUN HI observational program, corresponding to the faint end of the survey, with HI masses ranging from 5 10^8 to 5 10^{10} solar masses. The size of this final sample is comparable to the catalogs based on the Arecibo and Parkes radio telescope campaigns, and it allows general HI mass distribution studies from a set of homogeneous radio measurements.

  13. Three Topics of Harmonious Development Between Man and Nature of Philosophy Connotation in Huai Nan Zi%《淮南子》人与自然和谐发展的哲学内涵三题

    王险峰; 聂民玉


    Huai Nan Zi explores the philosophy connotation between human and nature harmonious development from the three aspects, namely, the Tao begets all things of the world,natural inactivity, quietness and inaction. Man and nature are the same origin, with harmonious and unified relation. Harmony between man and nature should stick to the principles of respecting the nature, holding on positive work ideas with little selfishness.%《淮南子》基于人与自然相互关系的思维视角,从道生万物、自然无为和清静无为三方面内容入手.透视出人与自然和谐发展观的哲学内涵。人与自然是同根同源、和谐统一的关系,人与自然和谐相处应坚持因顺自然、积极事功的思想和少私寡欲、功约事省的观点。

  14. Termite species and their damage to urban trees in Nanning, Guangxi%广西南宁市园林树木白蚁发生种类及危害情况

    韦戈; 陆温; 陈正麟; 杨峰; 刘治山; 黄莹磐; 覃天乔; 黄冬云; 檀志全; 刘吉敏


    A survey of termite species and their damage to urban trees was conducted in Nanning, Guangxi during March to November 2009. The results show that damage to urban trees was caused by 6 termite species. Coptoterrnes formosanus Shiraki appeared to be the dominant species and had damaged 45 of the 57 tree species surveyed (78.95%). 13. 11% of trees had sustained termite damage, of which 1.66% were seriously damaged. Among the tree species damaged by termites, Grevillea robusta, Platycladus arientalis and Cinnamomum camphora appeared to be the most seriously affected.%2009年3-11月对南宁市园林树木白蚁为害情况进行了调查.结果表明,台湾乳白蚁Coptotermes formosanus Shiraki是危害园林树木的优势种;调查的57种树木中,45种树木受到了白蚁的侵害,占总数的78.95%,树木受害株率达13.11%,严重受害株率为1.66%.银桦、侧柏和樟树等树种受白蚁危害最为严重.

  15. The Study on the Promotion of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Development——Take Nanning for example%促进中小企业发展初探——以南宁市为例



    With developing and improving the socialist market economic deeply, small and medium-sized enterprises in our country will strengthen more and more powerful, and their position and role in economic and social development will be increasingly important, small and medium-sized enterprises in Nanning exist talent development bottleneck, financing bottleneck, manage bottleneck, credit bottleneck, the bottleneck of innovation, strategic bottleneck and other issues, so they should do a good job in system innovation, product innovation, technological innovation, environmental innovation, and so on.%随着社会主义市场经济的深入发展和不断完善,我国中小企业将越来越发展壮大,在经济与社会发展中的地位和作用也会越来越重要.南宁市中小企业发展存在人才瓶颈、融资瓶颈、管理瓶颈、信用瓶颈、创新瓶颈、战略瓶颈等问题,因此应抓好制度创新、产品创新、技术创新、环境创新等.

  16. Kinematics of the Local Universe. XIV. Measurements from the 21 cm line and the HI mass function from a homogeneous catalog gathered with the Nançay radio telescope

    Theureau, G.; Coudreau, N.; Hallet, N.; Hanski, M. O.; Poulain, M.


    Aims: This paper presents 828 new 21 cm neutral hydrogen line measurements carried out with the FORT receiver of the meridian transit Nançay radio telescope (NRT) in the years 2000-2007. Methods: This observational program was part of a larger project aimed at collecting an exhaustive and magnitude-complete HI extragalactic catalog for Tully-Fisher applications. Through five massive data releases, the KLUN series has collected a homogeneous sample of 4876 HI-spectra of spiral galaxies, complete down to a flux of 5 Jy km s-1 and with declination δ > -40°. Results: We publish here the last release of the KLUN HI observational program, corresponding to the faint end of the survey, with HI masses ranging from 5 × 108 to 5 × 1010 solar masses. The size of this final sample is comparable to the catalogs based on the Arecibo and Parkes radio telescope campaigns, and it allows general HI mass distribution studies from a set of homogeneous radio measurements. Full Tables 2 and 3, together with HI profiles in ascii format, are only available at the CDS via anonymous ftp to ( or via

  17. 南宁市会展业与酒店业互动发展策略%Development strategy of interaction between exhibition industry and hotel industry in Nanning city

    韦莉莉; 高兴; 李立严


    For the current development status of exhibition industry and the hotel industry in Nanning city, this paper analyzes the interactive development relationship between the convention and exhibition industry and hotel industry, and interactive development mode of operation, to provide theoretical support and policy suggestions for the service innovation and development, in order to promote the development of interaction of exhibition industry and hotel industry and sustainable.%针对目前南宁市会展业、酒店业的发展现状,研究分析南宁市会展业与酒店业互动发展的关系,以及互动发展的运作模式,为南宁市服务业创新发展提供理论支撑和政策建议,从而促进南宁市会展业和酒店业互动且可持续的发展。

  18. 南宁市城区学龄前儿童忽视状况的调查分析%Survey on child neglect among urban preschool children in Nanning City

    蒋武; 张志勇; 韦金露; 蒙晓; 熊传庆; 刘伟; 何林


    Objective To explore the status of child neglect among urban children aged 3 to 6 years in Nanning City .Methods A total of 3 395 parents of children aged 3 to 6 years were extracted by stratified cluster sampling method from 12 kindergartens(6 urban districts) in Nanning City ,and the Child Neglect Questionnaire for Chinese Urban Children Aged 3 to 6 Years was applied to a survey among them.The status of child neglect was analyzed from the aspects of physical ,emotional,educational,safety and medical levels. Results The incidence of child neglect and total neglect degree were 25.01%and 40.20,respectively,among urban children aged 3 to 6 years in Nanning City .There was no significant difference in physical , emotional , educational , safety and medical levels as well as total neglect rate and neglect degree between boys and girls (P>0.05).The physical,emotional,educational levels and total neglect rate were the highest among children aged 3 years(P<0.05),but were the lowest among children aged 6 years(P<0.05).The degree of physical neglect was the highest among children aged 3 years,but was the lowest among children aged 6 years(P<0.05).The degree of emotional neglect was the highest among children aged 5 years,but was the lowest among children aged 3 years(P<0.05).The degree of safety neglect was the highest among children aged 6 years,but was the lowest among children aged 5 years(P<0.05).The children who involved in two to four types of neglect accounted for 82.69%(702/849),and children who involved in five types of neglect accounted for 3.18%(27/849).Conclusion The status of child neglect among urban children in Nanning City is serious ,which is different among children of different ages .We should pay more attention to child neglect .%目的:了解南宁市城区3~6岁儿童忽视发生状况。方法采用随机整群抽样的方法,用《中国3~6岁城区儿童忽视状况评价问卷》对南宁市6个城区12所托幼机构的3395名3~6岁

  19. 广西南宁市2014年登革热暴发疫情特点及处置%Characteristics and management of dengue fever outbreak in Nanning of Guangxi in 2014

    阳益萍; 汤洪洋; 蒙增慧; 陆以壮; 廖健; 黄中学; 凌洪习; 林盛智; 唐振柱; 林玫; 谭毅; 唐小兰; 李永红; 陈敏玫; 冯向阳; 周开姣


    Objective To summarize the characteristics and management of dengue fever outbreak in Nanning of Guangxi in 2014,and to provide the basis for formulating the effective measures of dengue fever prevention and control .Methods The data about dengue fever outbreak and its management in Nanning from June to December in 2014 were collected and analyzed.Results Totally 722 cases of dengue fever were reported in Nanning in 2014,including 13 imported cases and 709 local cases.The first case was imported.The peak of the outbreak was from September 22 to October 18,with an average case of 20.70 per day.The common outbreak areas were distributed in Xingning District ,Xixiangtang District,Qingxiu District and Jiangnan District,accounting for 96.26%(totally 695 cases).The male-to-female ratio was 1∶1.41.The youngest and oldest onset ages were 1 year and 82 year respectively .The patients were common in young adult aged 15-<45 years.The occupations of patients mainly included business and service ,housework ,unemployment and retirees .Most patients had acute onset ,and all of the cases were clinically classificated as the mild .The main clinical manifestations were fever , fatigue, headache, myalgia, arthrodynia and facial blushing.The main genotype of blood specimen was dengue fever virus type Ⅰ.The house index,container index and Breteau index were 91.67,24.90 and 338.89,respectively,during the outbreak,and they met the requirement of controlling after disinfection .Conclusion The outbreak of dengue fever in Nanning is a local outbreak caused by the imported cases .The key to successful management of dengue fever outbreak is prevention ,control and rapid mosquito eradication by the government-dominated alliance of various departments .%目的:总结2014年广西南宁市登革热暴发疫情特点及处置经验,为制定有效的登革热防控措施提供依据。方法收集南宁市2014年6~12月登革热暴发疫情及其处置的相关资

  20. 论《淮南子》神话寓言的诗性之美和理性之思交相辉映%Poeticb Beauty and Thongt Rational of Myth Fable about Huai nan-zi

    刘秀慧; 白庆新


    Myth Fable and story of history be applieated in Huai nan-zi, be displayed charm of art and poeticb beauty, the myth fable by the use of the poetic language be accumulated having great imagination. So reader in between the lines to generate broad space flight take one's ease, to capture the rich connotation, formation of implicit beauty, poetic beauty, the beauty of artistic conception. At the same time a fabulous be used not staying in the general level of the surface mining, but its connotation, highlight its philosophical meaning, for the distillation of rational beauty.%《淮南子》运用神话寓言和历史故事的穿插,使之富有吸引人的艺术魅力,增强了诗性美;《淮南子》神话寓言所运用的诗化的语言蕴籍着巨大想象空间,让读者在字里行间产生的广阔空间里自由翱翔,去捕捉其丰富内蕴,形成含蓄美、诗性美、意境美。同时神话寓言的运用也没有停留在一般的表层层面,而是挖掘了其内涵,彰显其哲理意义,升华为理性的诗意美。

  1. Study on Sustainable Development Capability of Shandong Province

    Ren Ziping; Luo Qishan; Wang Yanchun; Deng Hongbing; Zhao Jingzhu


    Based on the indicator system of Sustainable Development ( SD ), Shandong Province was selected as an example for assessment with AHP method and the standard year was 1978. The conclusion was that Shandong Province' s ability of SD was being strengthened step by step, and there were also some restrictive factors, and according to the basic conditions of Shandong Province, countermeasures and strategy of SD were put forward.

  2. CBERS-2B Monitored Forest Fires In Yunnan Province



    @@ Several forest fires hit Yunnan Province,in the southwest of China from April 6 to 9.Two disastrous fires happened near Shangri-La County,Yunnan Province.According to the requirement of the Land and Surveying Department of Yunnan Province,the China Center for Resources Satellite Data & Application (CRESDA) provided satellite monitoring images to detect the events.The processed CBERS-2B images were delivered to the related departments for decision making and disaster relief.

  3. Evaluation of the Rural Human Settlement in Shandong Province

    Xu Hong; Shen Meiyu; Chen Xiangxiang


    Taking Shandong Province as the research object, this paper uses the principal component analysis method to evaluate the status of the rural human settlement in Shandong Province. It establishes the evaluation index system of the rural residential environment in Shandong Province, including living environment, economy, infrastructure, public service facilities, and ecological environment, in total five comprehensive index, and 20 second~ ary indexes. Through measurement and sorting of rural human environment development level of Shandong Province in 2010, the 17 cities are divided into-excellent, good, ordinary, poor-four development areas and are analyzed based on the restriction factor in the development of the region.

  4. Assessing Hospital Disaster Preparedness of Bushehr province

    Hakimeh Vahedparast


    Full Text Available Background: In disasters, large number of causalities rash into the hospitals in order to get health facilities. So, hospitals are the reference point for delivering the health services in all levels for helping to the most percent of injured people. Aim of study was to assess hospital disaster preparedness of Bushehr province. Maretial and Methods: This was a cross-sectional descriptive study which has been done in all Bushehr province hospitals. In order to collect data, we used 210 questions checklist with 10 different aims each aim had consisted of 6 different domains (equipment, working stuff, physical space, structure, protocols and functional chart. The checklists were completed by direct observation and evaluation of equipment, programs and documents based on their domains with different people. Results: The hospital preparedness in traffic base was very poor with mean number of 19/04±16/10 evaluation of security education and management domain with mean number 35/29±26/52, 38/65±19/46, 36/36±24/05, respectively were poor. In logistics, workforce, communications, excused transportation and addition to the hospitals with the mean number of 53/26±26/31, 49/65±27/61, 45/53±18/29, 43/33±19/72, and 40/47±20/37 were estimated as average. The most number was belonged to the emergency with the mean number of 53/80±19/18. Conclusion: The Bushehr province hospitals have not enough preparation against unexpected disasters and cannot be a good supporter for disaster happening, and in the occasions of happenings so many serious problems will occur. It will be suggested that the hospital managers should pay more attention to the unexpected disasters.

  5. Prenatal Care Services in Aydin Province

    Erdal BESER


    Full Text Available Aim of the study was to evaluate the quality and quantity of prenatal care in Aydin province. It was a cross-sectional study. 195 women (pregnant/women at postpartum period living in the Aydin province participated in the study. Cluster and simple random sampling method was used in the selection of women from 10 health centers (one rural-one urban health station each. Data obtained by face to face interview technique. Turkey Demografic Health Survey criteria were used for evaluation of the quantity of prenatal care as “sufficient” or “insufficient” and quality of prenatal care was scored as “1-2”(bad, “3-4”(moderate and “5-6”(good. Chi-square, Mann Whitney-U and t tests were used for analysis. One fifth of each pregnant women who were in last trimester and 11.3% of women in postpartum period stated that they were not followed up by an health personnel during pregnancy. One third of pregnant women who were in last trimester and 58.5% of women in postpartum period said they weren’t visited by an health personnel in the first trimester. Besides, quality points of prenatal care were found low, both in pregnant women and women in post partum period. It was found that living in urban areas, high education level and presence of social security effected getting adequate prenatal care. The quality and quantity of prenatal care was found less than expected in Aydin province which is located in the western region of Turkey. It is necessary that, health personnel must be more sensitive to convey “adequate” prenatal care especially women who are living in rural areas, who have low educational level and who have no social security. [TAF Prev Med Bull 2007; 6(2.000: 137-141

  6. Prenatal Care Services in Aydin Province

    Erdal BESER


    Full Text Available Aim of the study was to evaluate the quality and quantity of prenatal care in Aydin province. It was a cross-sectional study. 195 women (pregnant/women at postpartum period living in the Aydin province participated in the study. Cluster and simple random sampling method was used in the selection of women from 10 health centers (one rural-one urban health station each. Data obtained by face to face interview technique. Turkey Demografic Health Survey criteria were used for evaluation of the quantity of prenatal care as “sufficient” or “insufficient” and quality of prenatal care was scored as “1-2”(bad, “3-4”(moderate and “5-6”(good. Chi-square, Mann Whitney-U and t tests were used for analysis. One fifth of each pregnant women who were in last trimester and 11.3% of women in postpartum period stated that they were not followed up by an health personnel during pregnancy. One third of pregnant women who were in last trimester and 58.5% of women in postpartum period said they weren’t visited by an health personnel in the first trimester. Besides, quality points of prenatal care were found low, both in pregnant women and women in post partum period. It was found that living in urban areas, high education level and presence of social security effected getting adequate prenatal care. The quality and quantity of prenatal care was found less than expected in Aydin province which is located in the western region of Turkey. It is necessary that, health personnel must be more sensitive to convey “adequate” prenatal care especially women who are living in rural areas, who have low educational level and who have no social security. [TAF Prev Med Bull. 2007; 6(2: 137-141

  7. Colorectal cancer trends in Kerman province, the largest province in Iran, with forecasting until 2016.

    Roya, Nikbakht; Abbas, Bahrampour


    Colorectal cancer is one of the most common cancers. The aim of this study is determination its trends in Kerman province and individual cities separately until year 2016. This analytical and modeling study was based of cancer registry data of Kerman University of Medical Sciences, collected during 2001-2010. Among 20,351 cancer case, 792 were colorectal cancer cases in age group 18-93 years with a mean of 59.4 and standard deviation of 15.1. By applying time series and data trends, incidences were predicted until 2016 for the province and each city, with adjustment for population size. In colorectal cases, 413 (52%) were male, and 379 (48%) were female. The annual increasing rate in Kerman province overall was and can be expected to be 6%, and in the cities of the province Rafsanjan, Bardsir, Bam, Kerman, Baft, Sirjan, Jiroft, Kahnuj and Manujan had an increasing range from 5 to 14% by the year 2016. But in Ravar, Zarand and Shahrbabak reduction in rates of at least 2% could be predicted. The time series showed that the trend of colorectal cancer in female will increase 15% and in male 7% by year 2016. Given the trend of this cancer is increasing so that resources will be consumed in the treatment of the patients, efforts shoudlbe focused on prevention and early diagnosis of the disease. Screening could have an important role leading to improved survival.

  8. Hydrogeologic Provinces for California based upon established groundwater basins and watershed polygons.

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — Ten hydrogeologic provinces of California are represented by a region- class feature called "provinces" within this digital data set. These provinces were identified...

  9. The polypores of Guizhou Province I


    Thirty five species of polypores (Basidiomycetes,Aphyllophorales) from Guizhou Province are found from a field trip in Kuankuoshui Nature Reserve and Mt. Qianling, among which 6 species are new to China and 19 species are new to Guizhou. Three taxa in Antrodiella and Perenniporia were identified to genus, but no names were found for them in the literature, and they are evidently previously unkown species. Fomitopsis pinicola ( Sw.: Fr. ) P. Karst., Ganoderma applanatum (pers. ) Pat., Ganoderma tsunodae (Lloyd) Trott. and Rigidoporus lineatus (Pers. :Fr. ) Ryvarden are the pathogens on several trees of angiosperms in the province.%对贵州省宽阔水自然保护区和黔灵山的多孔菌进行了初步研究,共发现多孔菌35种,其中中国新纪录种6个,贵州新记录种19个.3个分类单位只鉴定到属,它们明显是中国以前未报道的种类,或为新种.松生层孔菌Fomitopsispinicola(Sw.:Fr.)P.Karst.,树舌灵芝Ganoderma applanatum(pers.)Pat.,粗皮灵芝Ganodermatsunodae(Lloyd)Trott.和平丝硬孔菌Rigidoporus lineatus(Pers.:Fr.)Ryvarden为树木病原菌.

  10. Guide the Construction of Ecological Province of China with the Ecological Economics Theory



    A major issue in China's present ecological economic construction is to build the ecological province. In March of 1999,Hainan Province of China proposed setting up the first ecological province and was accredited by the Bureau of State Environment Protection as the pilot project. Up to now for only four years, Hainan, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Fujian, Zhejiang,Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu, eight provinces in the wholecountry, having launched the establishment of the ecological province. Meanwhile, the provinces such as Shaanxi, Hebei,

  11. Hainan Province Obtained 61 Exploration Rights in Multiple Countries


    <正>According to news sources from Hainan Province Land and Resources Department, Hainan Province actively implemented geological prospecting "Walking out" strategy, up till now Hainan geological prospecting units and enterprises have acquired 61 exploration rights, and 4 mining rights in Mozambique, Madagascar,

  12. A Low-Li Geochemical Province in the NE Atlantic

    Bailey, J. C.; Gwozdz, R.


    Lithium was analysed in 392 basalts and related igneous rocks from the North Atlantic Tertiary-Recent province using activation analysis and Čerenkov counting. Monotonous Li values of 5.5±2 ppm in NE Atlantic basalts define a low-Li geochemical province which has persisted for 60 million years...

  13. Integrated Coastal Management in the Province Ca Mau - Vietnam

    Stoop, B.; Bouziotas, D.; Hanssen, J.L.J.; Dunnewolt, J.; Postma, M.G.


    The province of Ca Mau is the southernmost part of Vietnam and the Mekong Delta. The water system of Ca Mau faces multiple challenges, both in its coastal zone and in its inland regions. the coastal zone in the province. In view of this, this study presents an integrated approach for combined coasta

  14. The Development Model of Agricultural Insurance in Anhui Province

    Pu; YOU


    The agricultural economy in Anhui Province is developing so fast,but farmers are severely affected by the frequent occurrence of natural disasters. The current agricultural insurance mode is not suitable,therefore,the research on agricultural insurance modes of Anhui Province helps to promote the steady development of the agricultural production. Starting from situation of agricultural insurance in Anhui Province,learning from both experience of foreign country and the latest successful domestic modes,we try to put forward agricultural insurance mode framework which is suitable for Anhui Province. Based on the actual situation of Anhui Province,it is necessary to adopt the mode of government leading combined with agricultural mutual aid rather than copy the existing mode.

  15. Developmental Strategies of Betel Nut Industry in Hainan Province


    The developmental status of the betel nut industry is introduced, including cultivation situation, processing and development situation, and consumer market situation. The result shows that the cultivation of betel nut in Hainan Province develops rapidly and the primary processing of betel nut has formed certain scale, but the deep processing of betel nut is backward. Except for the mino amount of the betel nuts consumed by Hainan Island, a large majority of the betel nuts are processed into dry fruit to sell to Hunan Province to reprocess. The problems exist in the development of betel nut industry in Hainan Province are analyzed, covering blind cultivation, extensive management, backward processing, lagged new product development and the single and concentrated consumer market. The strategic choice of developing the betel nut industry of Hainan Province is analyzed as well. Hainan Province should carry out the green, sustainable, diversified, cooperative and export-oriented industrial developmental strategy.

  16. 近年来广西南宁稻纵卷叶螟大发生原因分析%Analysis on the Causes of Recent Outbreaks of Cnaphalocrocis medinalis in Nanning, China

    王凤英; 胡高; 陈晓; 沈慧梅; 罗善煜; 辛德育; 徐盛刚; 张孝羲; 翟保平


    The population feature and source areas of the rice leaffolder, Cnaphalocrocis medinalis (Guenée) on early-season rice in Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China were studied through systematic field survey, dissection of female ovarian, trajectory analysis, synoptic analysis and historical data analysis. The results indicated that the possible source areas of the major immigrant populations of C. medinalis in Nanning, China in 2007 were the northern parts of Vietnam, and the northern and central parts of the Laos and Thailand. The amount and date of the spring immigration in April-May and autumn return migration and their relationships with rainfall and rainy days between 1970-1980 and the recent years after 2000 were compared. It was found that the enormous increase of the spring immigrants of C. medinalis and earlier appearance of the autumn return immigration were the main causes for the consecutive outbreaks and serious damages after 2003. There were no relationships between the spring immigration and the autumn return migration, neither on its amount nor the date.%通过田间系统调查、雌蛾卵巢系统解剖、轨迹分析、天气学背景分析及历史虫情分析,阐释了广西早稻上稻纵卷叶螟前期虫源和种群性质,发现2007年广西南宁市稻纵卷叶螟主迁入峰的主要虫源地为越南北部、老挝或泰国的中北部地区.通过比较1970-1980年和2000年以来两个不同时段中稻纵卷叶螟前期迁入(4、5月份)和秋季回迁(9、10月份)高峰期和高峰日的发生时间和发生量,分析1981-2002年与2003年以来两个时段之间的雨量、雨日与前期迁入量之间的关系, 发现2003年以来境外虫源前期迁入量倍增及秋季回迁提早(从9月中旬提前到9月初)是造成南宁稻纵卷叶螟连年大发生到特大发生的主要原因,而早期迁入与秋季回迁在时间和发生虫量上并无必然的联系.

  17. 2006-2010年南宁市兴宁区麻疹流行病学特征分析%Epidemiological Characteristics of Measles in Xingning District of Nanning City during 2006 -2010

    曹军; 麻巍峨; 陈汉平; 方艳晖; 吴丹琴


    目的 了解南宁市兴宁区2006-2010年麻疹流行病特征与规律,为今后麻疹防治策略和措施提供科学依据.方法 根据中国疾病预防控制信息系统和麻疹流行病学个案调查表,对南宁市兴宁区2006-2010年麻疹发病情况进行描述性流行病学分析.结果 南宁市兴宁区2006-2010年共报告麻疹240例,病例以散发和局部暴发为特征,年平均发病率1.6/10万.发病高峰在3-8月份,以散居儿童为主,发病年龄集中<5岁年龄组,其中<8月龄和8月~组占大多数,成人麻疹也有一定比例.结论 加强儿童麻疹接种率,普种和强化接种相结合是降低麻疹发病率的有效手段;落实入学入托查验接种证制度保证大年龄组儿童免受麻疹感染的根本途径,卫生部门、社区组织、派出所等部门形成一个长效的计划免疫管理机制是提高流动儿童麻疹接种率的有效探索.同时考虑对麻疹初免年龄提前到6月龄以及对育龄妇女在生育前进行麻珍疫苗注射是降低<8月龄儿童麻疹的有效措施.%[Objective]To understand the epidemic characteristics and rules of measles in Xingning District of Nanning City from 2006 to 2010, and provide scientific evidence for developing future measles control strategies. [Methods] According to the China Disease Prevention mid Control Information Systems and cases of measles epidemiological survey, the incidence of measles in Xingning District of Nanning City from 2006 to 2010 was analyzed by descriptive epidemiology. [Results] A total of 240 cases of measles were reported during 2006 -2010, case distribution were characterized as sporadic cases and local outbreak, the average annual incidence rate was 1. 6/100 000. The peak incidence appeared during March to August, mainly scattered children, the age of onset concentrated in <5 years age group, among which children aged <8 months and 8 months to 5 years accounted for the majority group, there was a certain

  18. Effect of tea polyphenols and astaxanthin on antioxide of fish oil of Nan-Wan sand gurnard%虾青素联合茶多酚对南湾鳙鱼油抗氧化作用的研究

    邢淑婕; 刘开华


    Objective; The study was to explore the feasibility of using astaxanthin and tea polyphenols in fresh - keeping of Nan - Wan Sand Gurnard fish. Method; The fish oil were extracted from fish flake by chloroform - ethanol method , staxanthin blended with tea polyphenols were added fish oil stored at 60℃. The changes of acid value and peroxide value of fish oil at a certain period of time were measured. Fish oil oxidization and antioxidation were tested and compared by five kinds of antioxidants: astaxanthin, tea polyphenols, tert - butyl hydroquinone ( TBHQ) , butyl-hydroxyanisd (BHA) and VE Result; Antioxidants significantly inhibited the increase of acid value and peroxide value of fish oil, each antioxidant had different activities to fish oil; TBHQ was bitter than astaxanthin, followed by tea polyphenols, BHA and vitamin E. Antioxidant compound had the same anti -oxidation effect on fish oil as TBHQ. The optimum combination of antioxidant compound was tea polyphenol 0. 02% and astaxanthin 0. 02%. It prolonged the storage time from 20d to 120d. Conclusion; Compared with the control test, antioxidant compound with 0.02% tea polyphenols and 0. 02% astaxanthin exhibited the best antioxidation effect on Nan - Wan Sand Gurnard fish oil.%目的:分析虾青素联合茶多酚对南湾鳙鱼进行保鲜的可行性.方法:三氯甲烷-乙醇法从南湾鳙鱼肉糜中提取鱼油,将虾青素和油溶性茶多酚的混合物添加到在烘箱强化保存条件下(60℃~65℃)的鱼油中,定时测定鱼油酸价、过氧化值等指标的变化,并和虾青素、茶多酚、叔丁基对苯二酚(TBHQ)、丁基羟基茴香醚(BHA)、维生素E五种单一抗氧化剂对鱼油的抗氧化作用进行比较,考查虾青素和茶多酚联合作用对南湾鳙鱼油抗氧化性能的影响.结果:鱼油中添加抗氧化剂可明显抑制酸价和过氧化值的上升,单一抗氧化剂对南湾鳙鱼油的抗氧化性能表现为:TBHQ>虾青素>油溶性

  19. Analysis on Maternal and Child Health Statistics Annual Report of Nanning from 2007 to 2008%2007~2008年南宁市妇幼卫生统计年报主要指标分析

    龚祖康; 谭永萍; 李芳; 林文珍


    目的 通过分析南宁市妇幼卫生工作现状,为今后制定干预措施提供依据.方法 对2007~2008 年南宁市妇幼卫生统计年报中的主要指标进行统计分析研究.结果 与2007年相比,2008年南宁市孕产妇死亡率有所上升;婴儿死亡率和5岁以下儿童死亡率有所下降.南宁市孕产妇死亡率、婴儿死亡率和5岁以下儿童死亡率存在明显城乡差异.结论 南宁市孕产妇保健和儿童保健管理工作有待进一步加强.孕产妇保健和儿童保健的重点应放在农村和城市流动人口,应联合有关部门,加强对城市非户籍常住人口中孕产妇的追踪管理,提高产前检查率和住院分娩率;加大对农村孕产妇健康教育宣传和干预.要重视儿童急性呼吸系统疾病的防治,要积极开展儿童伤害监测,应加强安全教育和积极防范儿童意外.%Objective To analyse the current situation of maternal and child health care in Nanning, and provide a basis for the future intervention measures.Methods The Maternal and Child Health Statistics Annual Report of Nanning from 2007 to 2008 were statistically analysed.Results Compared with 2007 ,the maternal mortality increased,while the infant mortality rate and under-five mortality rate decreased in 2008.There was statistically significance difference in the maternal mortality ratio,infant mortality rate and under-five mortality rate between urban and rural areas.Conclusion The works for maternal and child health care should be further strengthened, especially in rural areas and urban migrants.The follow-up management on the pregnant women of non-permanent resident population in urban aeas should be paid more attentions and increase the rate of antenatal examination and hospital delivery.We shouled improve the education and intervention on pregnant women living in rural areas, pay more attentions on prevention and treatment on acute respiratory diseases of children, carry out monitoring of child

  20. Survey on the reference values of HbA2 and HbA for healthy adults in Nanning%南宁地区健康成人HbA2和HbA参考范围调查

    李友琼; 劳忠婵; 覃桂芳; 黄慧嫔; 阳文辉


    目的 建立广西南宁地区健康成人血红蛋白(Hb)A2和HbA参考范围.方法 采用Capillarys2毛细管电泳仪检测810例健康成人Hb,以95%参考区间(x±1.96s)建立参考范围.随机选择112例受试对象进行验证试验.结果 男、女HbA2检测结果分别为(2.79±0.24)%和(2.70±0.23)%,组间比较差异有统计学意义(P<0.01);HbA检测结果分别为(97.14±0.28)%和(97.17±0.39)%,组间比较差异无统计学意义(P>0.05).不同年龄组HbA2和HbA检测结果差异无统计学意义(P>0.05).HbA2和HbA参考范围分别为2.3%~3.3%、96.4%~97.9%.112例验证标本中,仅1例结果不适于该参考范围.结论 本研究建立的参考范围适用于该地区绝大部分健康成人.%Objective To establish the reference values of hemoglobin(Hb) A2(HbA2) and HbA for healthy adults in Nanning. Methods 810 cases of healthy adults were detected for hemoglobin by Capillarys2 Electrophoresis. Reference values were con, structed according to 95% reference range. 112 randomly selected subjects were enrolled for verification experiment. Results HbA2 levels in males and females were (2. 79 ± 0. 24)% and (2. 70 ± 0. 23)% respectively with statistical difference(P< 0. 01). HbA lev, els were (97. 14 ± 0. 28)% and (97. 17 ± 0. 39)% in males and females respectively without significant difference(P>0. 05). There was no statistical difference of HbA2 and HbA levels between different age groups(P>0. 05). Reference values of HbA2 and HbA ranged from 2. 3% to 3. 3% and from 96. 4% to 97. 9% respectively. Among all the cases of verification samples,only 1 case was unfit for the reference values. Conclusion Reference values of HbA2 and HbA constructed in the research might be fit for most healthy adults in nanning.

  1. Investigation on intestinal helminth infection in primary school students in Nanning city%南宁市小学生肠道蠕虫感染情况调查

    胡缨; 李艳文; 石焕焕


    目的:了解南宁市小学生肠道蠕虫感染现状,为儿童保健及寄生虫病防治工作提供科学依据.方法:按照自愿受检的原则,对南宁市12所小学的5 769名学生进行肠道蠕虫的病原学检查,并分析阳性者的感染情况.结果:肠道蠕虫总感染率为6.74% (389/5 769),均为单一虫种和轻度感染;蛔虫、鞭虫和钩虫的总感染率为2.84% (164/5 769),感染率城乡差异明显,男女生感染率差异无统计学意义,低年级组学生感染率最高;华支睾吸虫感染率为3.90% (225/5 769),感染率城乡差异明显,男女生感染率差异有统计学意义,高年级组学生感染率最高;感染者大多有不良饮食习惯和或卫生习惯.结论:只有全面推进和落实健康教育工作,才能降低肠道蠕虫感染,切实保护儿童身体健康.%Objective: To understand the current situation of intestinal helminth infection in primary school students in Nanning city, and provide a scientific basis for child health care and prevention and control of parasitic diseases. Methods: According to the principle of voluntariness, etiological examination of intestinal helminth was conducted among 5 769 students from 12 primary schools in Nanning city, and the infectious status of positive cases was analyzed. Results: The total infection rate of intestinal helminth was 6.74% (389/ 5 769) , all the cases were infected by simple intestinal helminth and the infection was mild; the total infection rate of roundworm, whipworm, and hookworm was 2. 84% (164/5 769) , the difference of infection rate between urban areas and rural areas was significant, there was no statistically significant difference in the infection rate between boys and girls, the infection rate in low - grade students was the highest; the infection rate of clonorchis sinensis was 3. 90% (225/5 769) , the difference of infection rate between urban areas and rural areas was significant, there was statistically significant

  2. Influence of Stress History on Elastic and Frictional Properties of Core Material from IODP Expeditions 315 and 316, NanTroSEIZE Transect: Implications for the Nankai Trough Accretionary Prism

    Knuth, M. W.; Tobin, H. J.; Marone, C.; Saffer, D. M.; Hashimoto, Y.


    We present results of ultrasonic P and S-wave velocity measurements on core material recovered during NanTroSEIZE Stage 1 Expeditions 315 and 316 to the Nankai Trough Accretionary Margin, focusing on how different stress paths during subduction and exhumation along regional thrust faults influence the elastic moduli and anisotropy of various components of the accretionary prism. The influence of changes in pore pressure and confining pressure on the elastic properties of prism material has important implications for its mechanical strength, and understanding how elastic properties change along various stress paths will help us use 3D seismic tomography to draw inferences about overpressurization and fluid flow within the accretionary prism. We compare the velocities measured during shipboard physical properties characterization and logging-while-drilling data from Expedition 314 with 3D seismic velocity data and the results of previous shore-based studies to establish in situ conditions for material at various locations within the prism. We test both intact core material and disaggregated gouge and unlithified sediments from the upper prism, subjecting both samples types to a progression of confining pressure, pore pressure, and axial loading conditions representing normal consolidation and overconsolidation stress paths due to compaction and dewatering during burial and subsequent uplift by thrust faulting. While making continuous ultrasonic velocity measurements to determine changes in dynamic and quasistatic elastic moduli during axial and isotropic loading, we also subject granular material to frictional shear in a biaxial double-direct shearing configuration to measure how its frictional properties vary as a function of stress history.

  3. 南宁市18005例新生儿α地中海贫血筛查结果分析%Analysis result of 18005 newborn α-thalassemia screening in Nanning

    罗超; 李东明; 玉晋武; 李旺; 林彩娟; 俸诗瀚; 陈少科; 郑陈光


    目的:了解南宁市新生儿α地贫筛查情况。方法:使用全自动毛细管电泳仪对18005例新生儿血样进行筛查,筛查出Hb Bart’s>0者召回进行基因确诊。结果:检出Hb Bart’s>0共1932例,检出率为10.73%;其中静止型(0.2%~0.9%)608例,标准型(1%~6%)1259例,HbH病(6%~30%)53例。共召回647例阳性患儿进行基因检测,确诊622例,确诊率96.14%。结论:通过新生儿足跟血可以准确快速地筛查出α地贫,为临床提供参考。%Objective:To investigate the result of newborn α-thalassemia screening in Nanning.Method:Sebia Capillarys electrophoresis system was used in 18005 newborn screening, recall Hb Bart’s>0 and perform gene test.Result:1932 Hb Bart’s>0 cases was detected, detection rate was 10.73%, among them, static type(0.2%~0.9%) was 608 cases, standard type(1%~6%) was 1259 cases, HbH disease(6%~30%) was 53 cases. 647 newborns were recalled for gene test, 622 was conifrmed α-thalassemia, coincidency was 96.14%.Conclusion:Newborn heel blood can effectively and fast screen out who infected with α-thalassemia, so that provide reference for clinic.

  4. A Comparative Study of Musical Thoughts of Boethius and Huai-Nan-Zi%波爱修与«淮南子»音乐美学思想之比较



    The Fundamentals of Music by Boethius has played a vital role in inheriting the ancient Greek music theory and has exerted great influence on medieval musical thoughts that shares many similarities with the Taoist work Huai-Nan-Zi in Qin and Han Dynasties in China concerning the musical aesthetic views. For instance, both make sim-ilar interpretations of “silent music”, the moral enlightenment of music and musical thoughts;yet due to different cul-tural contexts and times, differences do arise from these similarities. It is beneficial for people to grasp better the devel-opment and direction of Chinese and Western musical aesthetics by comparing these two musical thoughts.%波爱修的«音乐原理»对古希腊音乐理论的信息来源与中世纪音乐观念所起的作用非常重要,其中许多音乐美学观点与中国秦汉道学著作«淮南子»有惊人的相似之处。他们都对“无声之乐”、音乐的道德教化作用及音乐观念等方面做出了相似的阐释,但彼此文化环境与时代差异等诸多因素的存在,也在这些“相似”之中融入了“相异”的成分,对两者音乐美学思想的研究与解读有利于我们更好地把握中西音乐美学发展的脉络与方向。

  5. Survey of Local Plants on Street Greening along Urban Streets in Nanning%乡土树种在南宁主要道路绿化中的应用



    对乡土树种在南宁市22条主要城市道路绿化的应用情况进行调查,并对其结构进行分析.结果表明,南宁市现有道路绿地主要应用的乡土树种中乔木有18科、37种,灌木22科、28种;出现频度最高的乔灌木乡土树种分别为扁桃63%,黄金榕73%;乔木与灌木的种类比为1.3∶1.0;乔木的常绿、落叶树种的种类比37∶2.在此基础上,针对目前乡土树种在南宁市道路绿化存在的问题,提出了道路绿化建设的建议和对策.%A street greening survey of local plants was conducted to 22 major streets in the urban area of Nanning and their composition and structural characteristics were analyzed. The results showed that there were 37 arbor tree species from 18 families, and 28 shrub species from 22 families. It was found out that the highest application frequency of arbor tree specie was Amygdalus communis,which reached 63% and Ficus mi-crocarpa cv. Was the shrub tree specie with the highest application frequency that reached 73%. The ratio of arbor tree species and the shrub tree species was 1.3:1; the number ratio between the evergreen arbor tree species and the deciduous arbor tree species was 37: 2. On the above of this, aiming at the problems, several advices were put forward for road greening construction.

  6. Nanning Wuxiang New District Planning Under Macro-level Development Strategies%宏观战略背景下的南宁市五象新区规划探讨

    荣海山; 梁立东


    新区的空间选择和职能定位是城市总体规划中用地发展方向选择和城市功能定位的核心内容,其抉择过程受到宏观发展背景的影响,尤其是国家宏观发展战略的影响.南宁市五象新区是新一轮南宁市城市总体规划确定的城市重点发展地区,研究从空间选择、职能定位、产业发展及空间规划等方面对其规划进行分析,探讨宏观战略背景下城市总体规划阶段新区规划的方法路径,以期为我国其他类似的城市新区规划提供借鉴和启示.%New district location choice and functional orientation is crucial to city growth and urban function in urban master plan. The choice is influenced by macro factors such as national development strategies. Wuxiang new district is the emphatic development zone in the new Nanning urban master plan. The paper analyzes spatial choice, functional orientation, industrial development, and spatial planning in the master plan, and studies new approaches for new district planning. It is a reference for other new districts planning.

  7. Case analysis of advanced treatment project design and operation of Ji'nan Quehua Water Treatment Plant%济南鹊华水厂深度处理改造工程设计及运行分析

    李浩; 贾瑞宝; 刘衍波


    济南鹊华水厂以引黄调蓄水库为水源,原水存在低浊高藻高臭味等问题,水厂原有工艺难以有效处理.为适应国家《生活饮用水卫生标准》(GB 5749-2006)要求,水厂将“混凝—沉淀—过滤液氯消毒”工艺改造为“中置式高密度沉淀—臭氧催化氧化—上向流生物活性炭吸附—V型砂滤—液氯消毒”工艺,改造后的净水工艺对有机物、臭味等特征污染物去除效果明显,出厂水水质稳定达标.%The Yellow River reservoir is used as water source of Ji' nan Quehua Water Treatment Plant. The raw water is characterized by low turbidity, high algae concentration, and high odor, which is difficult to remove by existing process. In order to meet the Standards of drinking water quality (GB 5749-2006), the process of "coagulation-sedimentation-filtration-liquid chlorine disinfection" was reconstructed into "middle high concentration sedimentation-ozone catalytic oxidization-upward flow biological activated carbon adsorption-V type sand filter-liquid chlorine disinfection" process. The new process could remove the characterized pollutants effectively, such as organic matter and odor, and the effluent water quality could meet the standards stably.

  8. The changing trend of chronic disease prevalence and its related risk factors in Nanning community residents%南宁市某社区居民慢性病及其危险因素变化趋势分析

    周芳华; 周吉; 叶琳; 江珊; 杨建敏


    目的:了解南宁市某社区居民慢性病及其危险因素的变化趋势。方法使用同一个心血管危险因素调查表分别在2007年、2012年调查南宁市某社区居民主要慢性病及其危险因素情况,并进行体格检查及统计学分析。结果2007年高血压、高脂血症、糖尿病和脑卒中患病率分别为22.8%、14.4%、4.2%和2.7%;现在吸烟率、过去12个月饮酒率、中心性肥胖率、肥胖率分别为23.1%、22.0%、60.8%和9.8%。2012年高血压、高脂血症、糖尿病和脑卒中患病率分别为23.2%、19.4%、8.3%和2.8%。现在吸烟率、过去12个月饮酒率、中心性肥胖率、肥胖率分别为17.5%、19.4%、68.1%和16.8%。与2007年相比,2012年高脂血症患病率和糖尿病患病率呈上升趋势(χ2=4.536,P=0.033和χ2=7.280,P=0.007)。中心性肥胖率、肥胖率呈上升趋势(χ2=5.655,P=0.017和χ2=10.858,P =0.001)。现在吸烟率呈下降趋势(χ2=4.779,P=0.029)。高血压和脑卒中患病率、过去12个月饮酒率变化不大(χ2=0.018、0.017、0.989,P=0.892、0.898、0.320)。结论5年间,南宁市某社区居民高脂血症、糖尿病患病率、肥胖率及中心性肥胖率显著上升,现在吸烟率稍有下降,应采取控制合理膳食和加强体育锻炼等针对性的“吃动两平衡”行为干预措施,重点控制高脂血症、糖尿病和肥胖的发生;继续加大控烟、限酒等宣传力度,减缓慢性病危险因素的上升速度。%[ Abstratc] Obje ctive To study the changing trend of chronic disease and its related risk factors in Nanning community residents.Methods The certain community residents in Nanning were investigated using the same ques-tionnaire in 2007 and 2012, respectively.The survey items included smoking, drinking risk factors, and physical ex-amination.The comparative analysis was done statistically.Results In 2007

  9. Surveillance on abnormal reaction following immunization in Nanning (2008-2011)%南宁市2008-2011年疑似预防接种异常反应监测分析

    唐金芳; 梁正铁; 巫丰宏; 苏磊静; 伍海燕


    Objective To analyze the features of adverse effects following immunization in Nanning from 2008 to 2011. To evaluate the implementation of AEF1 surveillance system and the safety of vaccines. Methods The AEFI data of Nanning during the period of 2008-2011 were collected through the National AEFI Information System. Descriptive methodology was used in this study. Results A total of 578 AEFI cases were reported during the period of 2008-2011. Among them, 252 cases with general reaction, accounted "for 43. 60% ,280 cases with vaccine paradoxical reaction, accounted for 48. 44% ,31 cases with coincidental illness, accounted for 5. 36% ,6 cases with operational, error, accounted for 1.04%. 336 cases were under 1 year old, accounted for 58. 13%. 456 cases occurred with aggregation tendency during the period between March and October, accounted for 78.90% . 25 kinds of vaccines were involved in AEFI cases ,26. 99% of AEFI cases were induced by BCG vaccine,20.24% of AEFI cases were induced by DTwP vaccine , 15.40% of AEFI cases were induced by MV vaccine ; 382 cases appeared after the 1st dose , accounted for 66. 09% ;The reported incidence of AEFI were estimated as 0.28-101.63 per one hundred thousand doses. Conclusions According to the data of surveillance, the AEFI surveillance system of Nanning was operating normally, safety of vaccines and quality of immunization service were fine. AEFI cases were mainly distributed in the low — age children, NIP vaccines, first — dose and in the early period of vaccination. Considering the above factors; surveillance on the privately purchased vaccination should be strengthened; personnel training should be promoted;, regular AEFI supervision should be carried out so as to ensure the quality of AFEI surveillance.%目的 分析南宁市2008-2011年疑似预防接种异常反应的发生特征,评价预防接种异常反应监测系统的运转情况、疫苗接种安全性.方法 通过AEFI信息管理系统收集南宁市2008

  10. 南宁市农村留守儿童意外伤害流行病学调查%Epidemiological investigation on unintentional injuries of left-behind children in rural area of Nanning

    蒋武; 黄华兴; 韦金露; 石海丽; 朱微微; 张获华


    目的:了解南宁市农村留守儿童意外伤害发生的流行特征及其影响因素,为制定相关预防和控制策略提供依据.方法:采用整群分层随机抽样方法抽取南宁市4个城区的儿童共2584例,以问卷形式调查农村留守儿童意外伤害的现况.结果:在本次调查中,农村留守儿童1096例,留守组意外伤害的发生率为29.7%,高于非留守组,差异有统计学意义(x2=12.94,P<0.05);留守组男童意外伤害发生率比女童高,差异有统计学意义(x2=4.623,P<0.05),7~12岁组比2~6岁组高,差异有统计学意义(X2=5.60,P=0.015);留守儿童组前5位意外伤害依次为:跌倒/坠落(45.6%)、割伤/刺伤(29.6%)、烧烫伤(12.9%)、碰撞/挤压(11.5%)、交通事故(10.4%);留守儿童伤害发生的地点主要在家中(37.5%)、学校(32.4%)、道路上(19.2%),多发季节在夏季(35.6%)及冬季(24.2%);留守儿童发生伤害后有12.3%需住院治疗,约半数儿童需请假休息,治疗费用在2 000元以上占5.0%,以白费居多;留守组再发意外伤害率12.9%,高于非留守组再发意外伤害率8.5%,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05).结论:南宁市农村留守儿童意外伤害发生率较高,负担较大,应针对原因采取有效措施,减少农村留守儿童意外伤害的发生.%Objective: To understand the epidemiological characteristics and effect factors of unintentional injuries of left - behind children in rural area of Nanning, provide a basis for making related preventive and controlling strategies. Methods: Cluster stratified random sampling method was used to select 2 584 children from 4 urban areas of Nanning, and questionnaires were used to survey the status of unintentional injuries of left- behind children. Results: Among 1 096 left -behind children in rural area, the incidence of unintentional injuries was 29. 7%, which was significantly higher than that of non - left - behind children group ( x2 = 12. 94, P < 0. 05 ); in left - behind children

  11. Dengue virus serotype in Aceh Province



    Full Text Available WHO estimated 50 million dengue infections happen every year in the world. In Indonesia, there were 90,245 DHF cases on 2012 with 816 deaths. In the Province of Aceh, 2,269 cases happened in the same year. This study aimed to identify dengue virus serotype in Aceh. Sampling was done in Kota Banda Aceh Hospital, Kota Lhokseumawe Hospital, Kabupaten Aceh Tamiang Hospital, Kabupaten Aceh Barat Hospital, and Kabupaten Simeulue Hospital between May to December 2012. This was a clinical laboratory research with observation design using cross sectional approach. Research’s population was sample from patients with dengue clinical symptom. Using purposive sampling technique, we have collected 100 samples from the five hospitals (20 samples from each hospital. From RT-PCR, we found 16 positive samples (9 samples were DENV-4, 3 samples were DENV-1, 2 samples were DENV-2, and 2 samples were DENV-3.

  12. Agricultural Investment Environment in Shaanxi Province


    The features of ageing,low educational level and female domination on the part of agricultural labor forces,determine that the sustainable development of agriculture can not rely entirely on farmers,who are engaged in dispersed planting and small-scale operation,therefore,improving agricultural investment environment,and taking positive measures to promote diversification of the main body of agricultural investment,is the key to the healthy development of agriculture.From four aspects(the industrial base of agriculture,arable land resource conditions,capital investment capacity,input of means of production),this article establishes evaluation indicator system of agricultural investment environment in Shaanxi Province,and based on this,make recommendations for improvement of agricultural investment environment in Shaanxi.

  13. Pediatric burns in Khuzestan Province, Iran.

    Houshyarikhah, Hojjat; Shayestehfard, Marzieh; Javaherizadeh, Hazhir; Cheraghian, Bahman; Latifzadeh, Shila; Madari, Zahra


    Burn injuries are the most frequently occurring injuries among pediatric populations worldwide, and they are significant pediatric injuries in Iran. This study was conducted to analyze the pattern of pediatric burns in Khuzestan province in the south-west of Iran from April 2006 to March 2007. The location of the study was Taleghani Hospital, a sole center for burn patients in Khuzestan province. The number of patients with burns admitted to the center in 1 year (from April 2006 to March 2007) was 211. Data were obtained by reviewing the medical records of patients hospitalized at the center. Of the patients, 85 (40.3%) were female and 126 (59.7%) were male. Of the 85 female patients, 50 were from urban areas and 35 were from rural areas. Of the 126 male patients, 68 (54%) were from urban areas and 58 (46%) were from rural areas. The mean ± SE age of the children ranging between 0 and 11 years was 3.20 ± 0.188. Scalding was the predominant cause of burns and caused 86.7% of the burns. The age of the patients with scald injuries (2.95 ± 2.56 years) was significantly lower than that of patients with flame injuries (4.28 ± 3.3 years) (P=0.007). Correlation analysis showed that younger children and urban residents are more vulnerable to scald injuries. The mean body surface area of burns was 20.5 ± 10.26 cm in all patients. Scalding was the most common cause of burns. Age burn accidents in children in Khuzestan. An appropriate burn prevention program, with focus on education, is needed to prevent this injury.

  14. Strategic Ideas of Greenway Construction in Ecological Zhejiang Province

    LIUBinyi; XUWenhui


    This article grasps the implication of ecology based on the theory of greenway, With the purpose of making Zhejiang Province become an ecological province, it points out that the problems exist in the greenway construction and makes it clear that the greenway construction is very important. Furthermore, in combination with the linear green open spaces, such as greening passages, tourist areas, and administration facilities in Zhejiang Province, this article puts forward the strategic ideas of the greenways construction and the strategies, measures to apply the greenways construction.

  15. Contribution on the Tabanidae (Diptera Fauna of Antalya Province

    Ferhat Altunsoy


    Full Text Available In this study, carried out 35 species in Antalya province. Totally 35 species, belonging Tabanidae were determined. The species Silvius alpinus, Chrysops viduatus, Atylotus loewianus, Tabanus atropathenicus, T. bifarius, T. cordiger, T. darimonti, T. glaucopis, T. leleani, T. lunatus, T. maculicornis; T. miki, T. portschinski, T. prometheus, T. spodopteroides, T. tinctus, T. sudeticus, Hemotopota italica, H. ocelligera, H. pallens, and H. subcylindrica are the first records for this province. The total number of determined species in Antalya province reaches to 52 with the result of this study and the previous studies.

  16. The Path Analysis of Farmers’ Income Structure in Yunnan Province

    Yongtian; XIAO; Yu; CUI; Lijia; HU


    The problem of farmers’ income growth is the key of issues concerning agriculture,countryside and farmers,so the farmers’ income growth is the fundamental starting point for agricultural and rural economic development. In this paper,we use the statistics concerning farmers’ income in Yunnan Province from 1995 to 2012,to perform the path analysis of components of farmers’ income in Yunnan Province,study the path of influence of components of farmers’ income on farmers’ net income,and then set forth the policy recommendations for increasing farmers’ income in Yunnan Province.

  17. Construction and application of 3D hidden geological model in Yuncao area,Anhui Province%安徽运漕地区隐伏地质体三维模型构建及应用∗

    陈忠良; 童劲松; 吴雪峰; 陈永宁; 包海玲; 王小莺


    On the basis of the information of geology and geophysics,by studying on the characteristics of strata and rock mass,a 3D hidden geological model in shallow-covered areas is constructed taking Yun-cao area in Anhui Province as an example.It introduces how to divide the modeling units and how to con-struct geological-geophysical model and 3D geological model,and a parallel model of strata and intrusions and a thinking of “first in separation and then in combination”are pointed out to build the final 3D hidden geological model considering the developmental conditions of intrusion and shallow intrusive rocks in this area.It is found that the resulting-model can reveal the distributions of physical properties of hidden geo-logical bodies,major faults,folded structures and magma bulge structure.In addition,it can display grav-ity and magnetic regional field,fault distribution,known ore occurrence,diorites and Zhouchongcun For-mation to identify the spatial positions of metallogenetic favorable sections by 3D visualization.%以安徽运漕地区为例,从地层与岩体特征入手,结合地质—地球物理信息,开展浅覆盖区隐伏地质体三维建模研究。介绍了划分建模单元及建立地质—地球物理模型和构建最终地质体模型的过程,针对区内侵入岩、浅成侵入岩发育情况,提出采用地层与岩体并行建模的思路,通过“先分后合”的方式构建地质体三维模型。最终的成果模型反映了研究区隐伏地质体的主要物性层(建模单元)、主要断裂与褶皱构造、岩浆隆起构造的空间展布特征,模型将区域重磁、断层展布、已知矿点与闪长岩类及三叠世周冲村组叠加显示,以三维可视化的方式标识了成矿有利地段的空间位置。

  18. Highlights from Johannesburg, Gauteng Province, South Africa


    Although the extraction of mineral wealth has been the major influence in the history of Johannesburg and the surrounding Witwatersrand regions (with about 45% of all gold ever mined coming from there), the discovery of now-famous hominid fossils at the Sterkfontein Caves, and the convening of the world's largest-ever conference on environment and development, are setting a new stage for the future. The United Nations began the second Development and Environment Conference in Johannesburg on August 26, 2002. This meeting addresses the implementation of international goals to fight poverty and protect the global environment that were established at the first such conference held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. The Johannesburg summit involves about forty thousand participants, and perhaps 100 world leaders. One of several official opening ceremonies for the conference was held at the Sterkfontein Caves to recognize the outstanding universal value of the paleo-anthropological fossils found there.These views from the Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR) highlight a number of the land use, vegetation, and geological features found within Gauteng Province (including the urban center of Johannesburg and the capital city Pretoria) and parts of the North West and Free State Provinces. The image on the right displays vegetation in red hues and is a false-color view utilizing data from MISR's near-infrared, red and blue bands. Both the natural-color view (left) and the false-color version were acquired by MISR's nadir camera on June 16, 2002. The urban areas appear as gray-colored pixels in the natural-color view, and exhibit colors corresponding with the relative abundance of vegetation found in the urban parts of this arid region.The mountains trending east-west near the center of the images extend from Pretoria in the east to Rustenberg in the west. These ranges, the Magaliesberg and Witwatersberg, separate the low-lying, hotter bushveld to the north from the cooler

  19. Healthcare system responsiveness in Jiangsu Province, China.

    Chao, Jianqian; Lu, Boyang; Zhang, Hua; Zhu, Liguo; Jin, Hui; Liu, Pei


    The perceived responsiveness of a healthcare system reflects its ability to satisfy reasonable expectations of the public with respect to non-medical services. Recently, there has been increasing attention paid to responsiveness in evaluating the performance of a healthcare system in a variety of service settings. However, the factors that affect the responsiveness have been inconclusive so far and measures of improved responsiveness have not always thoroughly considered the factors. The aim of this study was to evaluate both the responsiveness of the healthcare system in Jiangsu Province, China, the factors that influence responsiveness and the measures of improved responsiveness considering it, as determined by a responsiveness survey. A multistage, stratified random sampling method was used to select 1938 adult residents of Jiangsu Province in 2011. Face-to-face interviews were conducted using a self-designed questionnaire modeled on the World Health Organization proposal. The final analysis was based on 1783 (92%) valid questionnaires. Canonical correlation analysis was used to assess the factors that affect responsiveness. The average score of all responsiveness-related domains in the surveyed healthcare system was satisfactory (7.50 out of a maximum 10.0). The two highest scoring domains were dignity and confidentiality, and the two lowest scoring domains choice and prompt attention. The factors affecting responsiveness were age, regional economic development level, and geographic area (urban vs. rural). The responsiveness regarding basic amenities was rated worse by the elderly than by younger respondents. Responsiveness ranked better by those with a poorer economic status. Choice in cities was better than in rural regions. The responsiveness of the Jiangsu healthcare system was considered to be satisfactory but could be improved by offering greater choice and providing more prompt attention. Perceptions of healthcare system responsiveness differ with age

  20. Women in Poverty: Experience from Limpopo Province, South Africa ...

    Nekky Umera

    unemployment, vulnerable people, poverty strategy. Introduction. This study .... socio-economic development in the province is very poor compared to any ... unemployment rate and lower education status than those not working in agriculture.

  1. SWOT Analysis of Vinegar Export of Shanxi Province



      This article is based on the SWOT theory, and analyze the vinegar export situations of Shanxi province. Finding out the opportunities and challenges the vinegar plants confronts is this article’s main purpose.

  2. Geologic Provinces of the Far East, 2000 (prv3al)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This coverage includes arcs, polygons and polygon labels that describe U.S. Geological Survey defined geologic provinces of the Far East (China, Mongolia, North and...

  3. The evaluation of public psychiatric services in three provinces of ...

    To describe the quality of care in communityand hospital-based care in three ... of care were addressed covering a comprehensive array of indicators of care. ... On another three all the provinces fared poorly (management, regular review ...

  4. Geologic Provinces of Southeast Asia, 2000 (prv3bl)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This coverage includes arcs, polygons and polygon labels that describe U.S. Geological Survey defined geologic provinces of Southeast Asia (Brunei, Indonesia,...

  5. Basin and Range Province, Western US, USGS Grids, #1

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These grid files were used to produce gravity and basin depth maps of the Basin and Range Province, western United States. The maps show gravity values and modeled...

  6. South America Province Boundaries, 1999 (prv6ag)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — South America is part of Region 6 (Central and South America) for the World Energy Assessment. South America was divided into 107 geologic provinces as background...

  7. Alumina Producers in Shandong Province Allied to Win Negotiation


    <正>Faced with the soaring bauxite price,five alu- mina producers in Shandong Province jointly established Shangdong Bauxite Import Compa- nies Club to gain a better position in price ne- gotiation with foreign counterparts by getting

  8. Basin and Range Province, Western US, USGS Grids #5

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These grid files were used to produce gravity and basin depth maps of the Basin and Range Province, western United States. The maps show gravity values and modeled...

  9. Comparative Study on Property Income of Farmers in Shaanxi Province

    DONG Hong


    According to statistic data of Shaanxi Province during 1997 to 2010,I conducted a comparative analysis on farmers’ property income from region,urban and rural factors and structure,established regression model,and studied the relationship between farmers’ property income and gross income.Results show that the growth of average property income of farmers in Shaanxi Province is clearly slow,and the gap is widening from the average national level;except 2001 and 2002,the average property income of urban and rural residents of Shaanxi Province kept a great difference;the proportion of rural residents’ property income is very small,basically not higher than 3%;there is a significant correlation between the property income and gross income of farmers in Shaanxi Province.Energetically developing rural economy and increasing farmers’ property are favorable to growth of farmers’ property income.

  10. Development Strategy of Sugarcane Industry in Guangdong Province

    CHEN Yue-gui; WU Jian-tao; YANG Jun-xian; LI Qi-wei; XIE Jing; PAN Fang-yin; WU Wen-long; LIU Fu-ye; DENG Hai-hua; QI Yong-wen


    Guangdong Province is one of the main producing areas of sugarcane in China, and one of China’s three regions with dominant advantage in sugarcane, having good basis and conditions for developing sugarcane industry. In this research, using the SWOT-AHP method, we set 20 assessment indicators (such as the regions with dominant advantage in sugarcane, huge demand for domestic sugar, increased production costs and backward system of sugarcane), to analyze the development strategy of sugarcane industry in Guangdong Province, from strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges of sugarcane industrial development in Guangdong Province. The results show that in order to promote the development of sugarcane industry in Guangdong Province, it is necessary to adopt the SO development strategy (relying on its own strengths and using favorable external environment), to achieve the rapid development.


    JIANG Hui-ming; GU Li-li


    Jilin Province is one of the main grain-producing provinces of China, which has dominant position in maize production, by the view of its advantages in policy, location, breed and market. And after entering WTO,some measures have been taken to enhance maize competitive ability. But there are some difficulties in concentrating production to maize advantaged areas. This paper expounds the basis that Jilin Province becomes the advantage area of maize, analyzes the problems and puts forward the supporting policy. Some strategic measures are proposed,as developing comparable advantages, carrying out the strategy of un-equilibrium development and cultivating advantaged product areas of maize to rapidly improve the international competitive ability and productivity of maize in Jilin Province, cast the agricultural predicament off and promote the agricultural development into a new stage.

  12. Basin and Range Province, Western US, USGS Grids #3

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These grid files were used to produce gravity and basin depth maps of the Basin and Range Province, western United States. The maps show gravity values and modeled...

  13. Geologic provinces of Iran, 2000 (prv2cg)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This data set includes arcs, polygons, and polygon labels for geologic and petroleum provinces interpreted and designated by R.M. Pollastro based on numerous...

  14. Developing Potential of Low-carbon Agriculture in Heilongjiang Province

    Yang Hui; Li Cui-xia; Chen Yao; Fu Rao


    Based on the trace of origin and development process of low-carbon economy, the paper defined the concept of low- carbon agriculture. As a case, the development of low-carbon advantage and disadvantage of agriculture in Heilongjiang Province made a systematic analysis of factors; it based on the empirical and comparative analysis of low-carbon development in Heilongjiang Province and put forward countermeasures and suggestions of agriculture. At last, the low-carbon agriculture was prospected in the future.

  15. Pharmacovigilance in children in Camagüey Province, Cuba

    Bárzaga Arencibia, Z.; López Leyva, A.; Mejías Peña, Y.; González Reyes, A.R.; Fernández Manzano, E.; Choonara, Imti


    Purpose: Our aim was to describe the adverse drug reactions (ADRs) detected following increased education about pharmacovigilance and drug toxicity in children in Camagüey Province, Cuba. Methods: Over a period of 24 months (January 2009 to December 2010), all reports of suspected ADRs in children to the Provincial Pharmacovigilance Centre in Camagüey Province were analysed. ADRs were classified in relation to causality and severity. Results: There were 533 reports involvi...

  16. Measuring drought and drought impacts in Red Sea Province, Sudan

    Cole, R.


    Metadata only record The report assesses the 1987 and 1988 drought in Red Sea Province, Sudan putting it in the wider context of other droughts and floods, and the impact of food aid on the province. There are three major coping strategies employed in times of drought, which are essentially intensification of activities already performed. The first of these involves food consumption reduction, the consumption of bush foods, borrowing, the sale of livestock, and herd splitting. The medial r...

  17. Philonotis calcarea (Bryophyta) in the Opole Province (Poland)

    Stebel Adam


    Philonotis calcarea (Bruch & Schimp.) Schimp. in Poland is a montane species, very rarely occurring in lowland, strictly protected by law. In the Opole Province till this time it has been known from four localities, reported from the 19th and first half of the 20th century. The paper presents description of the new locality and list of stations of P. calcarea in the Opole Province. Current distribution of this species is presented on the map.

  18. Philonotis calcarea (Bryophyta in the Opole Province (Poland

    Stebel Adam


    Full Text Available Philonotis calcarea (Bruch & Schimp. Schimp. in Poland is a montane species, very rarely occurring in lowland, strictly protected by law. In the Opole Province till this time it has been known from four localities, reported from the 19th and first half of the 20th century. The paper presents description of the new locality and list of stations of P. calcarea in the Opole Province. Current distribution of this species is presented on the map.

  19. Reconstruction of recent 10Ma thermal structure seaward of updip limit of Nankai seismogenic zone off Kumano inferred from IODP NanTroSEIZE geothermal data and time-dependent numerical model

    Kinoshita, Masataka; Araki, Eiichiro; Kimura, Toshinori; Kopf, Achim; Saffer, Demian; Toczko, Sean


    Understanding the slip behavior of the seismogenic faults in subduction zones requires accurate estimates on the present & past thermal structures. Some geochemical processes that affect the effective fault strength (such as clay mineral dehydration) require a knowledge on the thermal history of sediment particles since its deposition. To depict the thermal history, we need to know the tectonics and thermal regime of the Philippine Sea plate (PHS), which may have stopped subduction until 6MaBP, and restarted afterwards. Our purpose here is to test if such subduction tectonics can affect the 'present' thermal regime, which can be constrained by the heat flow measured at the seafloor or by the borehole measurements. During the IODP NanTroSEIZE expeditions, we deployed 2 borehole observatories containing 5 thermistors. In 2012, the first observatory was deployed at Site C0002 above the updip limit of locked portion of megathrust, and the temperature and heat flow at 900 m below seafloor is determined as 37.8 degC and 57 mW/m2, respectively (Sugihara et al., 2014). In 2016, we deployed the second observatory at Sites C0010 across the shallow portion of megasplay fault zone. Thermistors are located between 400 mbsf (crossing the fault zone) and 562.72 mbsf, and the temperature at 562.7 mbsf is 26.7 degC. With core thermal conductivity data, average heat flow is determined as 60 mW/m2. It is slightly higher than the heat flow at the nearby Site C0004 (54 mW/m2; Harris et al., 2011). This high heat flow may be attributed wither to pore fluid flow or transient phenomena (e.g., burial due to thrust faulting). Using these heat flow data, a thermal structure model around the updip zone of Nankai seismogenic zone is constructed for 2 end-member models; subduction of 12Ma-old Shikoku Basin (SB) started at 6MaBP, vs. subduction of 5Ma-old SB continued since 13MaBP. To account for the high heat flow seaward of trough axis, we followed the effective thermal conductivity model

  20. "子见南子/子路不悦":功能语言学者新解%A Functional Discourse Analysis of Zi Jian Nan Zi / Zi Lu Bu Yue (Confucius saw Nanzi / Zilu was not pleased)



    In recent years, the functional discourse analysis with Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL) as its theoretical framework in the studies of the translated texts of Lun Yu (The Analects of Confucius) has been proposed and illustrated. Following this approach, the paper attempts to evaluate a number of Chinese and English translation versions of Zi Jian Nan Zi / Zi Lu Bu Yue (Confucius saw Nanzi / Zilu was not pleased), and the focus is on logical-semantic relations and Transitivity analysis. The paper argues that the functional discourse analysis approach can help evaluate the translation product in a systemic and systematic way.%《论语》“雍也篇第六·子见南子”一直以来颇受学界争议,历代学者从不同角度,采用不同研究方法得出非常丰富和有趣的相关研究成果。近几年,功能语言学对《论语》及其英译研究的指导作用已在实践中得到验证。本文继续以功能语言学为理论框架,采用功能语篇分析方法,重点从小句复合体的逻辑语义关系入手,探讨“子见南子/子路不悦”之间的逻辑语义关系在原文(源语)以及不同今译、英译文(目的语)中的体现情况;考察其不同语言形式传递的意义内涵;探索功能语言学“形式是意义的体现”的思想对评价《论语》及其今译、英译文质量的指导意义。

  1. 南宁市1053例糖尿病患者糖化血红蛋白检测分析%Investigation and Analysis on Testing Glycosylated Hemoglobin of 1503 Patients with Diabetes Mellitus in Nanning City

    李锦宏; 唐冬梅; 刘铁牛


    目的 通过对南宁市1503 例糖尿病(DM) 患者糖化血红蛋白进行检测,调查分析南宁地区DM 患者血糖控制现状.方法 采用高压液相免疫荧光色谱法对1503 例DM 患者的糖化血红蛋白含量进行检测.结果 1503 例DM 患者平均糖化血红蛋白含量为7.14%.糖化血红蛋白含量在4%~6% 有281 例,占总数的18.70%;糖化血红蛋白含量在6%~8% 有895 例,占总数的59.55%;糖化血红蛋白含量在8% 以上的327 例,占总数的21.76%.结论 糖化血红蛋白检测是DM 及其并发症监测的一个有效指标,联合空腹血糖、餐后血糖、糖化血清蛋白检测等,可更加准确快速的诊断和治疗DM,具有重要的应用价值.%Objective: Through testing lycosylated hemoglobin of 1503 patients with diabetes mellitus(DM) in Nanning city, the condition of blood glucose control in those patients was investigated and analyzed. Methods: The content of lycosylated hemoglobin of 1503 patients with DM was tested by using HPLC method. Results: The average content of glycosylated hemoglobin of 1503 patients with DM was 7.14%. The number of patients whose glycosylated hemoglobin content was 4%~6%, 6%~8% and beyond 8% was 281 (18.70% of the total), 895(59.55% of the total), and 327(21.76% of the total), respectively. Conclusion: Glycosylated hemoglobin was an important reference index on monitoring DM and its complication. Connecting fasting blood glucose, postprandial blood glucose and glycosylated serum protein can diagnose and treat DM fast and accurately, which had an important value in clinical application.

  2. Survey and Analysis on the Occupational Stress of Private College Teachers in Ji'nan City%济南市民办高校教师职业压力调查分析

    霍雨艳; 张苗宇; 白婧; 贾甜甜


    Private higher education has become an important component of China's education system and is developing rapidly in recent years. There is a huge gap on the wages and welfare benefits, professional title appraisal and social status between private colleges and public colleges, resulting in increasingly prominent occupational stress of private college teachers, and severely affecting their physical and psychological health as well as the development of their colleges. Therefore, it is of great real-istic significance to survey and analyze the source and current situation of private college teachers' occupational stress. "Ques-tionnaire on Sources of College Teachers' Occupational Stress" by Shu Renlong[1] was adopted by this paper to measure the occupa-tional stress of private college teachers in Ji'nan City, and the re-sult shows that the overall stress of private college teachers has exceeded the moderate level, and the occupational stress of pro-fessional teachers is closely related to such sources as scientific research and evaluation, and besides, there are differences on different demographic variables.%民办高等教育现已成为我国教育体系中的重要组成部分,近年来发展迅速。民办高校教师在工资福利待遇、职称评定以及社会地位等方面与公办高校的教师存在较大差距,其职业压力也日益明显,严重影响其身心健康及所在高校的发展。因此,对民办高校教师的职业压力来源及现状进行调查分析,具有重要的现实意义。本研究采用束仁龙[1]的《高校教师职业压力来源问卷》对济南市民办高校教师进行职业压力测量,结果显示,民办高校教师总体压力已超过中等水平,专职教师的职业压力与科研、考核等压力源关联度较大,且在不同人口学变量上存在差异。

  3. 南宁膨胀土直剪蠕变特性及长期强度试验研究%Experimental Study on Direct Shear Creep Characteristics and Long-term Strength for Nanning Expansive Soil

    许豪; 肖宏彬; 滕珂


    On the basis of a series of indoor direct shear creep tests for Nanning expansive soils, creep characteristics under the condition of direct shearing for the unsaturated remodeling expansive soils have been researched.The results shown that the structure of soil has loosened owing to the swelling power offset the part of the vertical load.Therefore, it accelerating the development of shear creep.When the shear load reached the long-term anti-shear strength limit, soil has been accelerated creep down with constant creep rate when the vertical load was large enough.But soil has been suddenly cut when the vertical load was not large enough.The long-term strengths of the soil are about 72.9% of the short-term strengths when water content is 16%.The indicators of long-term strength of the cohesion force c and internal friction angle Φ was also smaller than that of the short-term strength.%针对南宁膨胀土进行了一系列室内直剪蠕变试验,探讨了南宁非饱和重塑膨胀土在直剪条件下的蠕变特性.试验结果表明:由于膨胀土的膨胀力一直在发生作用,膨胀力抵消了部分竖向荷载,使土的结构变松,加速了剪切蠕变的发展,所以在剪切荷载达到长期抗剪强度极限之后,当竖向荷载足够大时土体表现为以恒定的蠕变速率一直加速蠕变下去,当竖向荷载不够大时土体表现为突然被剪坏;在含水率为16%的条件下土样的长期强度约为短期强度的72.9%,长期强度的指标粘聚力c和内摩擦角¢均比短期强度的小.




    Full Text Available RACT Protein consumption level of society in Yogyakarta Province has yet to meet the target, but the beef is a source of animal protein that is easily obtainable. Therefore, research on the analysis of demand for beef in this province needs to be done. Objective: (1 Determine the factors that affect the demand for beef in Yogyakarta. (2 Determine the own price elasticity and income elasticity of demand for beef in this province, and to know the cross-price elasticity of demand for beef to changes in the price of mutton, chicken, rice, and cooking oil. Metode: descriptive statistics, followed by inductive statistics , and hypothesis testing. The data used are primary and secondary data. Data were analyzed by multiple linear regression with the value of t and F tests, and analysis of the coefficient of determination. Results: Taken together, the factors that affect the demand for beef in the province is the price of beef, mutton, chicken, rice, cooking oil, income, number of inhabitants. Individually, beef demand is influenced by the price of beef and income residents. Beef inelastic demand means that beef is the daily necessities that are affordable and easy to obtain population of Yogyakarta Province. The increase in income population does not add to demand for beef. Substitutes of beef in the province is goat and chicken, while the complementary goods are rice and cooking oil.

  5. Municipal solid waste management in Cartago province

    Silvia M. Soto-Córdoba


    Full Text Available This paper resumes the principals results obtained by the grant EUROPEAID/126635/M/ACT/CR”, that was realized by FUNDATEC, and whose bene­ficiary was the “Federación de Municipalidades de Cartago, Costa Rica”, the Project received a funding of 74,920 euros. We work with all the Municipalities of the Cartago Province. In addition, we show the results of the interviews of social actors, visits to the recycle sites, visits of municipalities, during the years 2010, 2011 and 2012, and the review of literature. We describe the actual situation of the management of solid waste in Cartago, determinate the gene­ration rates by person and identified the principal landfill disposes, the recycle companies and deter­minate the main problems associated with the solid waste. It is hope that the information presented here, pro­vides the basis for the future construction of plans of municipal solid waste management, and for the capacitation of community organization in the pro­vince of Cartago.

  6. Church Tourism in Batangas Province, Philippines



    Full Text Available Church tourism has clearly increased over the past ten years. Churches are an important part of the tourism product of many parts of the country. This study aimed to determine the contribution of the churches in terms of social, cultural and economic aspects of the place, to identify the problems encountered in the promoting church tourism and propose plan of action to sustain the tourism of the Province of Batangas through churches. The researchers used the descriptive method of research and utilized self-made questionnaire as the main data gathering instrument of the study. The respondents were consisting of 5 people in the offices of the pilgrim churches from Batangas City and 10 churchgoers. The respondents agree that pilgrim churches contribute to tourism in terms of social and economics aspect while they strongly agree in term of cultural aspect. The most commonly experienced problems were the accessibility of the transportation and an action plan was proposed to address the problems encountered. The recommendation addressed that roving guards should be provided to ensure the safety and security of the tourists during their visit in the church. The church personnel may provide creative and command activities that will encourage people. Also they may have a briefing about the history of the church so that if visitor needs information it easy for them to answer and an action plan may be implemented to solve the problem encountered.

  7. ICT Strategic Planning for Mazandaran Province

    Mohammad Reza Shojaie


    Full Text Available Today, regarding rapid changes in the environment, any organization, institution or country that overlooks its capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, will face real challenges. Strategic planning in organizations is a common response to these challenges which also facilitate achieving goals in an organization. Today, the importance of ICT is increased, which necessitates ICT strategic planning to use ICT in organizations. So, this study aimed to propose ICT strategic plans for Mazandaran province. For this end, at first using stakeholders' viewpoints, the vision, mission and goals are provided. Then, Internal & External Matrix was suggested and identified factors were ranked using Analytic Network Processing (ANP. Then, concerning strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and using SWOT analysis, ICT strategies were provided. Finally, using QSPM matrix, the strategies were ranked. Regarding this ranking, dedicated budget to ICT in governmental organizations, using integration architecture, developing organizational and inter-organizational information systems, developing mechanisms to absorb national and local financial resources for extending ICT infrastructures and finally concerning ICT trainings for managers and people, were in the top of the list.

  8. 旅游节庆活动志愿者绩效管理体系设计--以南宁国际民歌艺术节为例%System Design for the Performance Management of Volunteers in Tourism Festival Activities---Taking Nanning International Folk Song Arts Festival as an example

    邓娟娟; 钟颖; 鄂筱曼


    运用现代人力资源绩效管理的思想和方法,以南宁国际民歌艺术节为例,对旅游节庆活动志愿者的管理进行了研究。通过访谈调查和实地跟踪调查,分析民歌节志愿者工作中的绩效管理问题,构建民歌节志愿者绩效管理组织架构,在此基础上,以“片区负责人-团队负责人”层级为例,设计绩效管理体系五个环节工作内容和绩效管理指标体系。%Taking Nanning International Folk Song Arts Festival as a case,this paper analyzes the management of volunteers in tourism festival activities based on the ideas and methods of modern human resources performance management. Through field investigation,the author analyzes the problems of the performance management of the volunteers in Nanning International Folk Song Arts Festival and constructs an organization structure for the volunteers performance management. Then an index system and specific job content of six aspects are designed.

  9. 贵州南北盘江地区姜黄挥发油成分的气相色谱-质谱联用分析%Study on Essential Oil Constituents of RHIZOMA CURCUMAE LONGAE in Nan-Beipanjiang Rivers of Guizhou by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry

    叶世芸; 黄勇其; 骆红梅; 徐文芬


    [ Objective] The aim was to study the chemical constituents of the essential oil from RHIZOMA CURCUMAE LONGAE in NanBeipanjiang rivers in Cuizhou. [ Methods] Essential oil was extracted by using steam distillation. The chemical constituents of essential oil was analyzed by using GC-MS. [ Result] Sixty-eight peaks were seperated and fourteen constituents were identified, among which the content of ar-turmerone (28. 17% ) occupied most. [Conclusion] The experimental results provided scientific reference for the evaluation about qualities of the plant in the Nan-Beipanjiang rivers of Guizhou.%[目的]分析贵州南北盘江地区姜科植物姜黄挥发油的化学成分.[方法]用水蒸气蒸馏法提取姜黄挥发油,并用气相色谱-质谱联用(GC-MS)法对挥发油成分进行分析.[结果]共分离了68个峰,确认了其中14个化合物,含量最多的是芳姜黄酮(28.17% ).[结论]该试验为贵州南北盘江地区姜黄植物药材的品质评价提供科学的参考依据.

  10. 济南站东咽喉五渡八交组合道岔换铺施工方案研究%Working Plan for Relaying the Five Crossings into Eight Assembly Turnout on the East Throat in Ji'nan Railway Station

    金增禄; 马玉军


    Relaying five crossings into eight assembly turnout of the east throat was a project of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway in Ji'nan railway station. This article introduces the project carried out under the difficult conditions of transportation and construction in Ji'nan station. A plan was adopted that the turnout was laid outside in advance and laid again inside by man labor together with machines.%济南站东咽喉五渡八交组合道岔换铺是京沪高速铁路引入济南站工程,通过对该组合道岔要点换铺方案研究,确定合理优化的方案,保证有效实施.在济南站运输和施工极为困难条件下采取了场外预铺、正线集中要点52 h,使用人工和机械相结合的方法一次换铺五渡八交组合道岔方案,通过实施,工程保质保量、安全正点顺利完成,达到了预期目的.实践证明,在复杂枢纽车站的改造施工中采取这种要点方案可行.

  11. 民国文学史的建构与书写--以南社群体(1912-1917)的文学创作活动为考察对象%The Construction and Writing of the Literary History of the Republic by Taking the Literary Creation of Nan She as a Study Object



    民国文学史的建构与书写成为当前学者争论的焦点,尤其在分期上,将1912-1917的文学创作置之一个荒芜边缘,此时正是南社文学活动的高峰期,南社的文学创作影响到整个文学史的发展,是文学由古典向现代性转变的桥梁,成为民国文学史一道靓丽的风景线。%The construction and writing of the literary history of the Republic becomes the focus of the current literary, especially on the installments which put the literature creation of the period from 1912 to 1917 on a barren edge when it was the peak of literary activities of Nan she. Nan she’s literature style, which is a bridge for literature to transform from classics to modern, affects the development of the whole literary history. And it becomes beautiful scenery in the literary history of the Republic.

  12. Ancient Road For Tea Horse Trade


    For many, manypeople in theworld,a roadexclusively devot-ed to the tea-horse tradewould be considered some-thing of a tall tale.However,such a road did exist,fromthe Tang Dynasty(618-907)to the opening of the Yun-nan-Tibet and Sichuan-TibetHighways in the 196Os.Insome areas,sections of theroad are still used for trans-port purposes.

  13. 南宁市流动人口妇女卫生保健服务现状及对策研究概述%Migrant Population Status and Countermeasures of women health services in Nanning



    目的:了解南宁市流动妇女的卫生服务需要、需求和利用现状。方法采用整群随机抽样的方法,随机抽取南宁市青秀区5个社区,每个社区调查200户共1000例流动妇女,采用问卷调查方法进行入户调查。结果调查的社区流动妇女有48.63%没有做过妇女病普查,181人自报在两周内患有各类疾病,共计201人次,两周患病率为201.9‰;136人自报半年内患有各类慢性病,共计209人次,慢性病患病率为20.9%。54.01%的妇女有病愿意去医院看病,72.7%的妇女就诊时首选社区卫生院,181名两周患病者就诊307人次,两周就诊率为30.7%;46.80%的妇女认为诊治费会对他们的生活有影响,有86.70%的妇女愿意了解和获取卫生科普知识。结论流动人口收入低,负担重,选择医疗服务最重视价格因素,服务便捷性,要优化社区卫生服务,改革社区卫生服务的收费制度,减轻流动人口的就医负担,同时加强对流动人口的健康教育,转变其传统的健康观,提高流动人口妇幼保健服务利用。%Objective Learn Nanning migrant women health service needs and utilization status demand.Methods A cluster random sampling, random Nanning Green show District 5 community, each community survey a total of 1000 cases of 200 women, using household survey questionnaire method.Re-sults Community migrant women surveyed have not done diseases census 48.63%women, 181 were self-reported suffering from various diseases within two weeks, a total of 201 people, two-week prevalence rate was 201.9‰; 136 people suffering from the inside of each half year report class chronic, totaling 209 people, chronic disease prevalence was 20.9%.54.01%of women are willing to go to the hospital sick, while 72.7 percent preferred the community health center visits for women, 181 307 people visit the sick for two weeks, two weeks of treatment was 30.7%; 46.80%of women be

  14. 南宁市郊不同类型土壤腐殖质垂直分布特征研究%Vertical distribution characteristics of different types of soil humus in Nanning suburb

    罗应刚; 林清; 王观远; 李孙桂; 曾洋


    [Objective]Vertieal distribution characteristics of different types of soil humus were analyzed to disclose the distribution characteristics of soil organic C, humus C and their correlations with soil moisture content and pH. [Method]Combining field sampling with laboratory analysis, correlation analysis was conducted on organic carbon content and humus components in 0-80 cm soil collected from paddy field and vegetable garden in Nanning suburb. [Result]Soil humus carbon content showed descending trend with the increase of soil depth. On the whole, organic carbon content of vegetable garden soil was higher than that of paddy soil. For vegetable garden soil, organic carbon content gradually decreased from 16.16 (0-10 cm soil) to 5.32 g/kg (70-80 cm soil); for paddy soil, organic carbon content gradually decreased from 12.37 (0-10 cm soil) to 4.19 g/kg (70-80 cm soil). Total carbon content of humic acid (HA) and fulvic acid (FA) in the two types of soil both showed descending trend with the increase of soil depth. HA/FA value in vegetable garden soil was higher than that in paddy soil. For two types of soil, total carbon content in humus showed extremely significantly positively correlated with fulvic acid, and significantly positively correlated with humic acid and humin, while extremely significantly and negatively correlated with pH, water content and HA/FA value. For vegetable garden soil, total carbon content in humus was extremely significantly and positively correlated with fulvic acid and humin, while significantly and negatively correlated with pH, moisture content and HA/FA value. [Conclusion]Humification degree of vegetable garden soil was relatively higher. Total carbon contents in humus of the two types of soil in Nanning suburb were positively correlated with fulvic acid, humic acid and humin, while were negatively correlated with pH, water content and HA/FA value.%[目的]分析南宁市郊不同类型土壤腐殖质垂直分布特征,以揭示土壤

  15. Crust structure beneath Jilin Province and Liaoning Province in China based on seismic ambient noise tomography

    Pang, Guanghua; Feng, Jikun; Lin, Jun


    We imaged the crust structure beneath Jilin Province and Liaoning Province in China with fundamental mode Rayleigh waves recorded by 60 broadband stations deployed in the region. Surface-wave empirical Green's functions were retrieved from cross-correlations of inter-station data and phase velocity dispersions were measured using a frequency-time analysis method. Dispersion measurements were then utilized to construct 2D phase velocity maps for periods between 5 and 35 s. Subsequently, the phase-dispersion curves extracted from each cell of the 2D phase velocity maps were inverted to determine the 3D shear wave velocity structures of the crust. The phase velocity maps at different periods reflected the average velocity structures corresponding to different depth ranges. The maps in short periods, in particular, were in excellent agreement with known geological features of the surface. In addition to imaging shear wave velocity structures of the volcanoes, we show that obvious low-velocity anomalies imaged in the Changbaishan-Tianchi Volcano, the Longgang-Jinlongdingzi Volcano, and the system of the Dunmi Fault crossing the Jingbohu Volcano, all of which may be due to geothermal anomalies.

  16. Edible Macrofungi of Çorum Province

    Sinan Alkan


    Full Text Available According to the scientists, the world's population by 2050 is estimated to exceed 9 billion, in order to meet the nutritional needs of people, it is expected that in the future to need more food production than today. Therefore in the world, food organizations, institutions and communities various action plans provide in the reports published. In these plans, diversification of the production, fast, quick and easy way to produce food, less harmful farming practices to the nature and the environment, and etc. topics are included. In line these plans with last years, the greater the number of species used as food and with ease of cultivation, mushrooms and mushroom cultivations are gaining importance. For this purpose, the determination of the diversity of edible mushrooms in nature and investigation that how can be taken to culture, it will also provide support to the production of different species of mushrooms. In the field studies performed between 2011 and 2013, after taking pictures on their habitats mushroom samples, collected within the Çorum province limits, were brought to the laboratory wrapped in aluminum foil properly. After measuring and studying on special structures under a microscope in the laboratory, they were identified according to the literature. Fungarium tag were prepared for identified mushrooms. These mushrooms, made into the Fungarium materials, were stored in Fungarium of the Directorate of Mushroom Application and Research Centre of Selçuk University. In conclusion, according to the literature four taxa belong to Ascomycota and 52 taxa belong to Basidiomycota, in totally of 56 taxa were found to be edible feature. These 56 taxa were represented by two divisio, four ordo and 14 families. The localities of identified species in the provincial boundaries are given. The names of species known among people with ethno mycological research, done during field studies, also were detected.

  17. Building corporate character. Interview by Nan Stone.

    Hiatt, A


    Stride Rite is a good company by any definition: Keds, Sperry Top-Siders, and Stride Rite children's shoes are consumer favorites for their fit, quality, and comfort. Wall Street analysts praise the company's outstanding financial performance. Innovative programs such as the first corporate child-care center and public service scholarships support Stride Rite's reputation as one of the most responsible employers and corporate citizens in the United States. Behind Stride Rite's good performance are the building blocks of corporate character: a legacy of quality and service and a leader committed to keeping that legacy lively. When Stride Rite shipped its first children's shoes in 1919, they came with the company's commitment "to produce an honest quality product in an honest way and deliver it as promised." For Arnold Hiatt, that commitment has been the driving force behind the company's evolution from manufacturing into marketing and product development as well as the guiding principle in its relations with consumers, dealers, suppliers, and employees. But Stride Rite's corporate character is also a reflection of Hiatt himself. In his early 20s, Hiatt fled a management training program "designed to make carnivores" out of its new employees and bought Blue Star Shoes, a small manufacturing company that had gone into Chapter 11. Through experience and "stumbling around," he built Blue Star's sales to $5 million-and got a practical education in management, markets, and human nature that has proved equally useful in running Stride Rite.

  18. Moskvasse? - Tänan, ei! / Peeter Tulviste

    Tulviste, Peeter, 1945-2017


    Ilmunud ka Põhjarannik (2005/Mar/11) lk. 2 ; Severnoje Poberezhje (2005/Mar/11) lk. 2 ; Elva Postipoiss (2005/Mar/12) lk. 2 ; Võrumaa Teataja (2005/Mar/12) lk. 2 ; Koit (2005/Mar/12) lk. 6 ; Nädaline (2005/Mar/15) lk. 5 ; Pärnu Postimees (2005/Mar/17) lk. 11 ; Hiiu Leht (2005/Mar/18) lk. 2 ; Meie Maa (2005/Mar/18) lk. 2. Autor analüüsib Venemaa poolt Eesti vastu õhkuva vale, vaenu ja laimu põhjuseid ning kiidab heaks president Arnold Rüütli otsuse mitte osaleda 9. mai pidustustel Moskvas

  19. Hinnaralli? Tänan, ei! / Eva Kiisler

    Kiisler, Eva


    YIT Ehituse Kinnisvaraosakonna müügijuht Tõnu Toompark, ASi NCC Ehitus turundusdirektor Heikki Põhi, OÜ Manutent Eesti juhatuse liige Meelis Männik, SRV Kinnisvara ASi tegevjuht Margus Mändmets ja kinnisvarainvestoritele teenuseid osutava ettevõtte Newsec analüütik Olev-Mait Makk olukorrast üha pingelisemaks muutuval kinnisvaraturul. Vt. samas: Valik lähiajal Eestis kasutatud elupindade müügiedendusnippe

  20. Moskvasse? - Tänan, ei! / Peeter Tulviste

    Tulviste, Peeter, 1945-2017


    Autor analüüsib Venemaa poolt Eesti vastu õhkuva vale, vaenu ja laimu põhjuseid ning kiidab heaks president Arnold Rüütli otsuse mitte osaleda 9. mai pidustustel Moskvas. Ilmunud ka Koit, 2005/Mar/12, lk. 6 ; Nädaline, 2005/Mar/15, lk. 5 ; Pärnu Postimees, 2005/Mar/17, lk. 11 ; Hiiu Leht, 2005/Mar/18, lk. 2 ; Meie Maa, 2005/Mar/18, lk. 2

  1. Moskvasse? - Tänan, ei! / Peeter Tulviste

    Tulviste, Peeter, 1945-


    Ilmunud ka Põhjarannik (2005/Mar/11) lk. 2 ; Severnoje Poberezhje (2005/Mar/11) lk. 2 ; Elva Postipoiss (2005/Mar/12) lk. 2 ; Võrumaa Teataja (2005/Mar/12) lk. 2 ; Koit (2005/Mar/12) lk. 6 ; Nädaline (2005/Mar/15) lk. 5 ; Pärnu Postimees (2005/Mar/17) lk. 11 ; Hiiu Leht (2005/Mar/18) lk. 2 ; Meie Maa (2005/Mar/18) lk. 2. Autor analüüsib Venemaa poolt Eesti vastu õhkuva vale, vaenu ja laimu põhjuseid ning kiidab heaks president Arnold Rüütli otsuse mitte osaleda 9. mai pidustustel Moskvas

  2. Moskvasse? - Tänan, ei! / Peeter Tulviste

    Tulviste, Peeter, 1945-


    Autor analüüsib Venemaa poolt Eesti vastu õhkuva vale, vaenu ja laimu põhjuseid ning kiidab heaks president Arnold Rüütli otsuse mitte osaleda 9. mai pidustustel Moskvas. Ilmunud ka Koit, 2005/Mar/12, lk. 6 ; Nädaline, 2005/Mar/15, lk. 5 ; Pärnu Postimees, 2005/Mar/17, lk. 11 ; Hiiu Leht, 2005/Mar/18, lk. 2 ; Meie Maa, 2005/Mar/18, lk. 2

  3. Hinnaralli? Tänan, ei! / Eva Kiisler

    Kiisler, Eva


    YIT Ehituse Kinnisvaraosakonna müügijuht Tõnu Toompark, ASi NCC Ehitus turundusdirektor Heikki Põhi, OÜ Manutent Eesti juhatuse liige Meelis Männik, SRV Kinnisvara ASi tegevjuht Margus Mändmets ja kinnisvarainvestoritele teenuseid osutava ettevõtte Newsec analüütik Olev-Mait Makk olukorrast üha pingelisemaks muutuval kinnisvaraturul. Vt. samas: Valik lähiajal Eestis kasutatud elupindade müügiedendusnippe

  4. The Advantages, Difficulties and Suggestions for the Development of Sports Industry in Hunan Province%弯道超车:湖南体育产业发展的优势、困境与对策

    贺培育; 郑自立


    在阐释湖南体育产业发展基本态势的基础上,指出了“十二五”时期湖南体育产业实现“弯道超车”的有利条件和现实困境,并切合实际地提出了加快经济发展,着力提升民众体育消费水平;转变政府职能,健全体育产业管理体制;提升体育产业的自主创新能力和竞争力;加强产业人才队伍建设,重点培养一批高层次复合型人才;改善产业投融资环境,拓展资金融汇渠道;加强和改进体育产业统计工作;重点扶持体育本体产业的发展等方面的对策。%Based on the interpretation of the basic situation of the sports industry in Hu- nan Province, the paper points out its favorable conditions and dilemma for further development during China' s 12th Five-year Plan, and puts forward practical countermeasures: to speed up the economic development and improve the level of public sports consumption; to transform administrative functions and improve the sports industry management system; to promote the independent innovation ability and competition ability of sports industry; to strengthen industrial talent team construction and cultivate a group of high-end talents; to improve the environment of industrial investment and expand fund-raising channel; to improve the statistics work of sports industry; to support the development of sports industry itself, etc.

  5. Hydrocarbon provinces and productive trends in Libya and adjacent areas

    Missallati, A.A. (Agip (N.A.M.E.)Ltd., Tripoli (Libya))


    According to the age of major reservoirs, hydrocarbon occurrences in Libya and adjacent areas can be grouped into six major systems which, according to their geographic locations, can be classified into two major hydrocarbon provinces: (1) Sirte-Pelagian basins province, with major reservoirs ranging from middle-late Mesozoic to early Tertiary, and (2) Murzog-Ghadames basins province, with major reservoirs ranging from early Paleozoic to early Mesozoic. In the Sirte-Pelagian basins province, hydrocarbons have been trapped in structural highs or in stratigraphic wedge-out against structural highs and in carbonate buildups. Here, hydrocarbon generation is characterized by the combined effect of abundant structural relief and reservoir development in the same hydrocarbon systems of the same age, providing an excellent example of hydrocarbon traps in sedimentary basins that have undergone extensive tensional fracturing in a shallow marine environment. In the Murzog-Ghadames basins province, hydrocarbons have been trapped mainly in structural highs controlled by paleostructural trends as basement arches which acted as focal points for oil migration and accumulation.

  6. Urbanization of Jilin Province and Its Spatial Pattern

    WANG Bo; GUO Qinghai; Dou Sen


    Urbanization is a crucial criterion of assessing a nation's or a particular region's level of modernization. It has been accelerated all over the world in the 21th century. The main purpose of this research is to provide a strategy of spatial pattern ofurbanization for rural areas in Jilin Province based on the reality of economic development in Jilin and the imbalance of natural resources distribution. The strategy divides the nine central cities of Jilin Province into three economic circles. The outer economic circle, open circle, includes Yanbian, Baishan, Tonghua and Baicheng, covering the eastern and western parts of Jilin Province. The middle one includes Jilin, Liaoyuan, Siping and Songyuan. The inner one, centring as Changchun, includes Gongzhuling, Yitong, Nong'an, Jiutai and Dehui. It needs to centre as Changchun which has the good foundation of economic development and more economic increase, then by economic effect extending out gradually, other areas develop subsequently. To construct Jilin as a green ecological province, cultivation in the outer circle should be controlled, with the main aim to recover grassland. Large population should be moved to other places by developing labor economy. From economy and ecology, to decrease the load of the land can reduce the loss of the resources and benefit the balance of ecology. Subsequently, the whole province's economy will be developed sustainably.

  7. Landscape Analysis of Geographical Names in Hubei Province, China

    Xixi Chen


    Full Text Available Hubei Province is the hub of communications in central China, which directly determines its strategic position in the country’s development. Additionally, Hubei Province is well-known for its diverse landforms, including mountains, hills, mounds and plains. This area is called “The Province of Thousand Lakes” due to the abundance of water resources. Geographical names are exclusive names given to physical or anthropogenic geographic entities at specific spatial locations and are important signs by which humans understand natural and human activities. In this study, geographic information systems (GIS technology is adopted to establish a geodatabase of geographical names with particular characteristics in Hubei Province and extract certain geomorphologic and environmental factors. We carry out landscape analysis of mountain-related geographical names and water-related geographical names respectively. In the end, we calculate the information entropy of geographical names of each county to describe the diversity and inhomogeneity of place names in Hubei province. Our study demonstrates that geographical names represent responses to the cultural landscape and physical environment. The geographical names are more interesting in specific landscapes, such as mountains and rivers.

  8. Environmental factors of urinary stones mineralogy, Khouzestan Province, Iran

    Zarasvandi, Alireza; Carranza, E. J. M.; Heidari, Majid; Mousapour, Esmaeil


    Urinary stone diseases in the Khouzestan province (southwest Iran) are growing in number and it required extensive studies on various factors of the urinary stones formation in this province. In this research, in addition to distribution of urinary stones in different areas of province, the role of bioenvironmental (race), climate (temperature) and geology (water hardness) factors in urinary stones diversity has been studied. Mineralogical studied using X-ray diffraction showed that uricite and whewellite are the most frequency mineral phases. Struvite, Cystine, hydroxyapatite, weddellite, and Niahite can be observed as urinary stones, too. These data show that the urinary stone in the Khouzestan province can divide into 7 groups: calcium oxalate, phosphate, calcium oxalate/ phosphate, Urate, Urate/calcium, Urate/calcium oxalate/phosphate, Cystine/calcium oxalate. Also the results which attained from temperature effect investigation on the mineralogy of urinary stones, confirms that from Mediterranean sub-humid climates (northeastern area) to warm and dry climates (south and southwest area), calcium oxalate stones and urate stones concentration decreases and increases respectively. Comparison of data related to the drinking water hardness and mineralogy of urinary stones in different areas of Khouzestan province show that the combination of drinking water (especially water hardness) affects mineralogy of urinary stones in some areas (such az Ramhormoz and Hendijan). Finally, the data suggest that frequency of calcium oxalate in women is more than that of men. Moreover, there is direct relationship between the age (>45 years) and the increase in frequency of Urate minerals.

  9. Spatial distribution of cancer in Kohgilooyeh and Boyerahmad province

    M Fararouei


    Full Text Available Spatial distribution of cancer is one of the powerful tools in epidemiology of cancer. The present study is designed to understand the geographical distribution of most frequent types of cancer in K&B province. Methods: All registered cases of cancer are reviewed and duplicate cases were removed. The data was analyzed using Arcgis software. Results: Of all registered cases, 1273  remained for analysis of which 57% were residences of urban areas. Cities including  Sisakht, Yasuj and Dehdsasht were shown to have highest incidence rates among the Urban areas. Dena, Sepidar and Kohmare Khaleghi had the highest rates among the rural areas in the province. Skin cancer was the most common type of cancer which had the highest rates of incidence in Sisakht and Dehdasht and Dena and Sepidar among urban and rural areas respectively. Conclusion: The distribution of cancer was not even in the province. Attitude and consumption of wild and regional plants are introduced as the potential risk factors for such a spatial distribution of the common cancers I the province. The results of this study could be used for further analytical studies to understand the regional etiology of cancer in the province.

  10. [Emergy analysis of ecological-economic system in Liaoning Province].

    Liu, Hao; Wang, Qing; Li, Xiu-Juan; Song, Yang; Li, Guang-Jun


    By the methods of emergy analysis, this paper studied the emergy flow in the ecological-economic system in Liaoning Province in 1990-2005, and the relationships between the environmental stress caused by resources' input, output and consumption and the sustainable development of the Province. The results showed that in Liaoning Province, the non-renewable resources occupied over 74% of the total consumed emergy, and the realistic population in 2005 was 3.26 times higher than the supportable population. In 1990-2005, the emergy yield ratio decreased from 65.40 to 10.13, emergy loading ratio increased from 2.72 to 7.18, and emergy sustainable index decreased from 24.03 to 1.41. The rapid economic growth in Liaoning Province was chiefly supported by the consumption of vast non-renewable resources, which caused the pressure of economic development on ecosystem getting more and more intense, the economic development increasingly depending on exogenous resources, and the sustainable development of Liaoning ecological-economic system having a continuing decrease. To realize the sustainable development in Liaoning Province, the principles of reduction, reutilization and recycling should be taken as the guidelines for promoting the reuse of wastes and the closed fine circulation of resources to minimize the discharge of wastes.

  11. 南宁市大学生消化不良与精神心理和社会因素的关系%Relationships of psychological and social factors on dyspepsia of the college students in Nanning city

    左国文; 齐晶晶; 梁列新; 叶会兰; 郭先文; 张法灿


    Objective To investigate the prevalence of dyspepsia and the relationship between dyspepsia,psychological and social factors among the college students in Naning city,and to improve the prevention and treatment of dyspepsia in this region.Methods Rome Ⅲ diagnostic questionnaire for adult dyspepsia,Chinese college student mental health scale (CCSMHS),Chinese college student psychological stress scale (CCSPSS),Chinese college student adaptation scale (CCSAS) and Chinese college student personality scale (CCSPS) were performed through interview survey in 2 580 Nanning college students.Chi square test and rank sum test were used to compared differences between groups.Correlation analysis was performed by Pearson correlation and Logisitic regression analysis.Results A total of 2 520 qualified Rome m questionnaires were recovered.The prevalence of dyspepsia in Nanning college students was 5.36%(135/2 520).The most common appearance of dyspepsia in college students were dislike of drinking tea (86.96%(100/115) vs 79.10%(1 605/2 029)),dislike of pickled food (85.22%(98/115) vs 76.29%(1 548/2 029)) and missing meals (40.87%(47/115) vs 30.31%(615/2 029)),the differences were statistically significant (x2 =4.122,4.860,5.685;all P<0.05),while the dyspepsia was not related with drinking,smoking and taking raw,cold or spicy food (all P>0.05).The results of multifactor regression analysis showed that the prevalence of dyspepsia was not correlated with diet.Among the twelve dimensions of psychological health,the somatization,anxiety,depression,low self-esteem,social withdrawal,sexual psychology,paranoia,force,dependency,psychotic tendencies of dyspepsia group were significantly higher than those with non-dyspepsia group (x2 =16.981,21.805,12.520,13.539,6.998,6.154,15.013,9.457,10.715,4.260,all P<0.05).Among the seven dimensions of psychological stress,study pressure and development pressure were negative life events,and their of dyspepsia group were

  12. Magmatic systems of large continental igneous provinces

    E. Sharkov


    Full Text Available Large igneous provinces (LIPs formed by mantle superplume events have irreversibly changed their composition in the geological evolution of the Earth from high-Mg melts (during Archean and early Paleoproterozoic to Phanerozoic-type geochemically enriched Fe-Ti basalts and picrites at 2.3 Ga. We propose that this upheaval could be related to the change in the source and nature of the mantle superplumes of different generations. The first generation plumes were derived from the depleted mantle, whereas the second generation (thermochemical originated from the core-mantle boundary (CMB. This study mainly focuses on the second (Phanerozoic type of LIPs, as exemplified by the mid-Paleoproterozoic Jatulian–Ludicovian LIP in the Fennoscandian Shield, the Permian–Triassic Siberian LIP, and the late Cenozoic flood basalts of Syria. The latter LIP contains mantle xenoliths represented by green and black series. These xenoliths are fragments of cooled upper margins of the mantle plume heads, above zones of adiabatic melting, and provide information about composition of the plume material and processes in the plume head. Based on the previous studies on the composition of the mantle xenoliths in within-plate basalts around the world, it is inferred that the heads of the mantle (thermochemical plumes are made up of moderately depleted spinel peridotites (mainly lherzolites and geochemically-enriched intergranular fluid/melt. Further, it is presumed that the plume heads intrude the mafic lower crust and reach up to the bottom of the upper crust at depths ∼20 km. The generation of two major types of mantle-derived magmas (alkali and tholeiitic basalts was previously attributed to the processes related to different PT-parameters in the adiabatic melting zone whereas this study relates to the fluid regime in the plume heads. It is also suggested that a newly-formed melt can occur on different sides of a critical plane of silica undersaturation and can


    韦继光; 徐同


    @@ In survey of diversity of endophytic Pestalotiopsis associated with Theaceae in Nanning, Guangxi Province and Kunming, Yunnan Province, Pestalotiopsis karstenii, a dominant endophytic fungus isolated from stem of Camellia sasanqua, is a new record in China.

  14. Regulation of water and fertilizer in banana cultivation in Nanning City%南宁市香蕉栽培水肥调控技术应用研究

    欧桂兰; 陆丹; 刘厚铭


    [目的]研究水肥调控对香蕉生产的影响,探索节水、节肥的栽培技术,以提高香蕉种植的经济效益.[方法]通过田间试验,从水肥调控人手,探讨水肥一体化滴灌施肥、喷水带灌溉加人工撒肥、传统的畦沟灌溉施肥3种水肥管理方式对香蕉生长的影响,并对3种灌溉施肥方式下的经济效益进行比较分析.[结果]在一个香蕉生长周期,与传统的畦沟灌溉施肥相比,水肥一体化滴灌技术每公顷节水2788.1~3164.2 t、节肥3582.1~5977.6 kg、节本增效17810.05~44806.15元;喷水带灌溉加人工撒肥每公顷节水2716.4 t、节肥3582.1 kg、节本增效20005.95元.[结论]水肥一体化滴灌施肥和喷水带灌溉加人工撒肥两种灌溉施肥方式均有节水、节肥、增效作用,不同种植人群可根据具体情况选择不同的方式种植香蕉.%The effects of different water and fertilizer regulation practices on banana production were studied in order to find out a water and fertilizer saving cultivation technology and to increase the economic benefits from banana crop. [Method]Three treatments, viz., (1) integrated drip irrigation and fertilizer management; (2) irrigation with water-spraying belt and artificial fertilization; (3) ridge fertilization (traditional management), were used under field conditions and e-conomic benefits were compared. [Result]During one crop cycle of banana, 2788.1-3164.2 t/ha water and 3582.1-5977.6 kg/ha fertilizer were saved in treatment 1 compared to treatment 3, which resulted in economic benefits of 17810.05 - 44806.15 Yuan/ha. Treatment 2 saved 2716.4 t/ha water and 3582.1 kg/ha fertilizer and resulted in economic benefits of 20005.95 Yuan/ha compared to treatment 3. [ Conclusion Jtreatments 1 and 2 both saved water and fertilizer and increased economic benefits from banana production in Nanning City. It was recommended to choose suitable water and fertilizer regulation practices according to local

  15. Investigation and prevention of residual detergents on tableware treated by centralized disinfection enterprises in Nanning%南宁市集中式餐饮具消毒洗涤剂残留量调查及控制对策

    张东生; 冯少雄; 黄涛


    目的 为掌握南宁市集中式餐饮具消毒企业消毒餐饮具的洗涤剂残留量情况,为监督工作提供理论依据.方法 从2009年至2011年间,全市20家集中式餐饮具消毒企业消毒的餐饮具,按照标准检测并评价消毒餐饮具表面烷基(苯)磺酸钠残留量合格情况,结合清洗工艺流程的监督检查情况,分析存在问题,提出控制措施.结果 大中小消毒企业的碗碟勺的消毒洗涤剂残留量检测合格率均较高;大中小消毒企业的筷子的消毒洗涤剂残留量检测合格率均较低,三者合格率差异有统计学意义(P<0.05);筷子“再清水浸泡”环节残留量检测合格率88.1%比未“再清水浸泡”流程的残留量检测合格率60.8%高,两者合格率差异有统计学意义(P<0.01);筷子再浸泡时间越长,合格率也随之提高,浸泡5~6 min以上的筷子,合格率为100%.结论 洗涤剂残留量的控制措施重点在餐饮具清洗流程的工艺,对竹子或密胺的筷子清洗浸泡流程的监督检查尤其重要.%Objective To master the situation of residual detergents on tableware treated by centralized disinfection enterprises in Nanning, and to provide a theoretical basis for supervision. Methods The detergent residues on tableware from 20 centralized disinfection enterprises in 2009 -2011 were detected by the national standard methods. The content of alkyl benzene sodium sulfonate remained on the surface of tableware was inspected and evaluated, and combined with inspection of cleansing technology procedure. Results The qualified rates for detergent remained on dishes and spoons in the large - , medium- and small-sized disinfection enterprises were high, while that on chopsticks were low (P <0. 05). The process of soaking chopsticks again in clean water made the qualified rate increased from 60. 8% to 88. 1 % ( P < 0.01). Soaking chopsticks in water for more than 5-6 minutes, the qualified rate could be 100%. Conclusion The

  16. 南宁市江南区幼儿园儿童体检情况分析%Analysis on Physical Examination Results of Children in Kindergartens of Jiangnan District, Nanning



    Objective To investigate the health status of children in kindergartens, to provide a basis for guiding health care of kindergarten children, and to put forward the improvement measures. Methods Data about physical examinations of 7,580 children from 37 kindergartens of Jiangnan District, Nanning in 2012 were analyzed. Results There were 793 cases of malnutrition, of which the prevalence rate of low birth weight was 3.6%, and the prevalence rates of age groups more than 3 years were higher. The prevalence rate of stunting was 2.9% , and the rate of age group 3 - 4 years was the highest. The prevalence rates of emaciation and obesity were 3.9% and 6.1%, respectively, and the rates of age group 5 - 6 years were both the highest. The prevalence rate of caries was 32. 6% , and it increased with the increasing age. The prevalence rate of anemia was 1.8% , and no statistically significant difference was found among the different age groups. The detection rate of poor eyesight was 3.7%, and the rate of age group 4-5 years was the highest. Conclusions It is necessary to strengthen the health care of kindergarten children, especially the management of children suffering from malnutrition and dental caries, reinforce the communication with the parents, and jointly safeguard the children s health.%目的 掌握幼儿园儿童身体健康状况,为指导托幼机构儿童保健提供依据和提出改进措施. 方法 对2012年南宁市江南区37所幼儿园的7 580名儿童健康检查的资料进行分析. 结果 营养不良793例,其中低体重患病率3.6%,3岁以上各年龄组患病率较高;发育迟缓患病率2.9%,3~4岁患病率最高.消瘦患病率3.9%,5~6岁患病率最高.肥胖患病率6.1%,5~6岁患病率最高.龋病率32.6%,随年龄增加患病率增加.贫血患病率1.8%,各年龄组患病率差异无统计学意义.视力不良检出率3.7%,4~5岁检出率最高. 结论 应加强幼儿园儿童保健工作,尤其是营养不

  17. 重庆市南岸区2010年土源性线虫感染现状调查研究%Soil-transmitted nematode infections in the Nan an District of Chongqing city, 2010

    袁红; 陶杨; 方勇


    Objective To analyze the distribution of soil-transmitted nematode infections in Nan-an District and provide scientific evidence for prevention and remedial measures. Methods A stratified sampling method was applied to select target towns and residential districts according to the geographic features and economic condition. Villages were selected by random cluster sampling. The modified Kato-Katz method of thick smear was applied to detect nematode eggs. Enterobius vermicularis eggs were collected by scrubbing sticky tapes around the anus of children. Results Four detected species of geohelminthes were identified as Ascaris lumbricoides, Pinwornl, Trichuris trichiura and Hookworm,which had the infection rate of 0. 48%, 1.90%, 0. 10% and 16. 36%, respectively. The rate of parasite infestation was 17. 13% on average, with the lowest infection rate in Haitangxi (2. 37%), and the highest in Changshengqiao (28. 80%). The infection rate of soil-transmitted nematode was significantly higher in rural area than that in city. The highest risk people were farmers (26.08%) and residents without education (25.99%). Conclusion Efficient education program needs to be developed to prevent the high risk people from soil-transmitted nematode infections.%目的 分析重庆市南岸区人群土源性线虫感染的分布现状,为制定防治对策提供依据.方法 按照规定的方法 和要求进行.根据地理位置和经济条件两特征分层抽样到乡镇、街道,再随机整群抽样到村,抽到的村为调查点;用改良藤涂片法(Kato-Kolz厚涂片法)检查粪便标本中各种虫卵,另外用透明胶纸肛拭法查蛲虫卵.用SAS8.2版统计分析软件,进行x2检验,α=0.05.结果共调查2 066人,查出4种土源性线虫,蛔虫、蛲虫、鞭虫,钩虫的感染率分别为0.48%、1.90%、0.10%、16.36%,人群土源性线虫总感染率为17.13%,海棠溪街道土源性线虫感染率(2.37%)最低,长生桥镇土源性线虫感染率(28

  18. Screening results of deafness gene mutations in 4 679 newborns in Nanning%南宁市4679例新生儿突变耳聋基因筛查结果

    杜娟; 许涓涓; 黄萍丽; 付华钰


    Objective To understand the newborns ' carrying situation of the mutation of deafness-related genes in Nanning. Methods Samples of heel blood were collected from 4 679 newborns in Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region who were born in 3-5 days. DNA samples were extracted and detected by Matrix-assis-ted Laser Desorption-Ionization Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry ( MALDI-TOF-MS ) , including 20 mutation sites of 4 deafness-related genes ( GJB2, GJB3, SLC26A4 and 12SrRNA). Results Among 4 679 newborns, 143 cases (3. 056%) were detected with 13 mutation types, which included 76 cases of GJB2 (235delC, 299_300delAT, 176_191del16) gene mutation, 5 cases of GJB3 (538C>T, 547G>A) gene mutation, 48 cases of SLC26A4 ( IVS7-2A>G, 1174A>T, 1229C>T, 1975G>C, 2027T>A, 2168A>G) gene mutation and 14 cases of 12SrRNA (1555A>G) gene mutation. Conclusion The mutation of deafness-related gene screening in neonates may be useful in early detection of de-layed deafness and it helps for the prevention and control of hearing impairment.%目的:了解南宁市新生儿突变耳聋基因携带情况。方法选择在广西壮族自治区妇幼保健院出生3~5 d的新生儿4679例,采集其足跟末稍静脉血,提取 DNA,采用基质辅助激光解吸电离飞行时间质谱技术检测GJB2、GJB3、SLC26A4、12SrRNA四个耳聋基因的20个突变位点。结果4679例新生儿中有143例检出四个耳聋基因的13种突变类型,突变耳聋基因携带率为3.056%。 GJB2基因检出235delC、299_300delAT、176_191del16三种突变共76例,GJB3基因检出538C >T、547G >A 两种突变5例,SLC26A4基因检出 IVS7-2A >G、1174A >T、1229C>T、1975G>C、2027T>A、2168A>G、六种突变48例,12SrRNA基因检出1555A>G突变14例。结论通过突变耳聋基因筛查可早期发现迟发性耳聋患儿,为人群听力障碍防控提供帮助。

  19. Monitoring and analysis on food safety risk in Nanning City in 2010%2010年南宁市食品安全风险监测与分析

    龚祖康; 丁伟; 韦波


    [Objective]To understand current situation of food safety in Nanning City, provide the scientific basis for strengthening food safely supervision and administration. [ Methods ] The food safety risk monitoring plan was formulated, 33 kinds of 874 food samples and 200 tableware samples were collected and tested. [ Results]The total eligible rate of food samples was 77.57%. The food samples that the eligible rates were less than 60% from low to high were edible ice, dessert, fried food, pasteurized milk, cooked meat products, fermented milk, cured meat products and fresh milk. The main reasons included total bacterial count and coliform bacteria exceeded the limits, protein content and fat content did not meet the standards. The eligible rate of tableware disinfection was 76%. [Conclusion]The total bacterial count and coliform bacteria of some food samples exceed the limits, so the supervision should be strengthened. The punishment on behaviors of illegal use of food additives and non-food substances should be enhanced. In order to ensure food safety, the government shall organize the food safety supervision and administration departments to carry out the food safety risk monitoring, assessment and intervention, including the food-borne disease surveillance.%目的 了解南宁市食品安全现状,为加强食品安全监管提供依据.方法 制定食品安全风险监测计划,在全市抽样33类874份食品样品和200份餐具样品并委托检测.结果 食品样品总合格率77.5%;合格率低于60%的食品(由低到高排序)有食用冰块、甜品、油炸食品、巴氏消毒奶、熟肉食品、酸牛奶、腌腊肉制品和鲜牛奶.以菌落总数或大肠菌群超标、蛋白质或脂肪指标低于标准限值为主.餐具消毒合格率为76%.结论 部分食品样品菌落总数或大肠菌群超标,应有针对性地加强监管;对违规使用食品添加剂、违法添加非食用物质的行为,应加大制裁力度;应组织各

  20. 南宁某警犬基地蜱虫及病原体感染调查%Investigation of ticks and pathogen infection at a police dog breeding and training base in Nanning

    王华素; 徐金山; 彭恒; 李孟英; 陈要朋; 刘铁牛; 朱淮民; 薛绍礼


    Objective To survey the infestation and pathogens infections of ticks at a police dog breed-ing and training base in Guangxi Nanning.Methods In July 2013,ticks from the police dogs and doghouses at a police dog breeding and training base were sampled; Using nest-PCR,PCR,with the universal primers of 18S rRNA of Babesia spp.,16S rRNA of prokaryote,and mitochondria 16S rRNA of eukaryote,the infection of pathogens in ticks was investigated.Results A total of 5 engorged ticks and 13 non-blood sucking ticks were collected.The ticks sampled were Rhipicephalus sanguincus identified by PCR.Some of the ticks from the police dogs and doghouses had positive amplifications of B.microti,C.burnetii,Pseudomonas sp.,Methylobacterium sp.,and the positive rates were 27.8%(5/18),22.2%(4/18),11.1%(2/18),11.1%(2/18),respectively.Conclusion Ticks at the police dog breeding and training base were found.The ticks were R.sanguineus according to the results of PCR amplification.And some of the tested ticks were infected with B.microti,C.burnetii,Pseudomonas sp.,Methylobacterium sp..Those microbes are zoonosic pathogens and are threatening to human and livestocks.Prevention and control strategy should be strengthened.%目的 了解广西南宁某警犬养殖训练基地蟀虫及病原体携带情况. 方法 2013年7月在广西南宁某警犬养殖训练基地,采用逆毛式检蜱法采集犬体表以及犬舍墙壁的蜱虫,用巴贝虫属18S rRNA通用引物的巢式PCR、原核生物16S rRNA及真核生物线粒体16S rRNA通用引物的PCR和序列测定方法,鉴定蜱虫体内的病原体感染情况和蜱虫种类. 结果 从警犬体表及犬舍墙壁共计采集5只饱血蜱和13只饥饿蜱;经PCR鉴定均为血红扇头蜱(Rhipicephalus sanguineus).蜱虫体内扩增到田鼠巴贝虫(Babesia microti)、伯纳特氏立克次氏体(Goxiella burnetii)、假单胞球菌(Pseu-domonas sp.)、甲基杆菌(Methylobacterium sp.)DNA序列,阳性率分别为27.8% (5/18)、22.2

  1. 南宁市房地产业对经济发展的影响及应对措施%The Impact of Nanning's Real Estate Industry on the Economy and the Possible Problem Solutions



    房地产业的运行不仅关系到国民经济的发展,还和人民群众生活息息相关.近几年来,我国很多地区房价快速飙升,远远超过了居民收入的增长,南宁市亦不例外.虽政府多有调控,但因刚需的存在,房地产价格仍只升不降.诚然,房地产能通过拉动建筑行业、金属业、家电业、金融业、建材行业等多行业的发展短期内极大的刺激经济的快速增长,但长期来说,房价的高涨挤压了人们的消费能力,不利于经济的稳健运行,同时,房价过高存在泡沫的风险,一旦泡沫破灭,经济和社会都会产生动荡.所以,政府应维持房地产的健康运行,将住房价格控制在与人均可支配收入水平相适应的程度,打击房地产投机炒作,挤出泡沫,引导房价回归理性,实现经济社会的长期稳定.%The operation of the real estate industry is not only related to the development of national economy, and people's life is closely linked. In recent years, The real estate prices grow rapid in many areas in our country, far more than the income growth, Nanning City is no exception . Although the government has a regulation, but because of the existence of just need, real estate prices are still only go up. It is true that real estate can pass the heavy metal industry, industry, construction industry, the development of financial industry, building materials industry and other industries more greatly the rapid growth of economic stimulus in the short term, but in the long run, soaring house prices squeezed the spending power of people, is not conducive to economic stable operation, at the same time, the price is too high the risk of a bubble, once the bubble burst, economic and social unrest. So, the government should maintain the health of the real estate operation, to control the housing price the degree of adaptation to the level of per capita disposable income, against real estate speculation, extrusion foam, guide prices return

  2. Surveillance Results and Analysis of Legionella pneumophila in Cooling Water of Central Air-conditioning Systems in Public Places in Nanning, Guangxi, 2009-2012%2009-2012年广西南宁市公共场所中央空调冷却水嗜肺军团菌监测结果分析

    权怡; 方锦嵩; 林玫


    目的 了解南宁市冷却水嗜肺军团菌污染情况及基因型特征,为预防和控制军团菌病提供依据.方法 2009年1月-2012年12月,采集南宁市部分公共场所中央空调冷却水进行病原分离和基因鉴定.结果 冷却水中嗜肺军团菌阳性率达21.98%,阳性率呈逐年递减趋势;除1-4月外,各月份均有嗜肺军团菌检出;脉冲场凝胶电泳(PFGE)聚类分析结果显示南宁市嗜肺军团菌1型(Lp1)的遗传相似度差异有统计学意义. 结论 南宁市公共场所中央空调冷却水嗜肺军团菌污染严重,菌型多样,且嗜肺军团菌1型菌株呈现遗传多样性.%Objective To investigate the contamination status of Legiondla pneumophila (Lp) in the cooling water of the central air-conditioning systems in the public places in Nanning,to identify the genetic features of the target organism,so as to provide basis for the control and prevention of Legionella disease.Methods The cooling water of the central air-conditioning systems in the public places in Nanning were collected from January,2009 to December,2012 for testing Legionella pneunophila and identifying their genetic features.Results The detection rate of Legionella pneumophila in the cooling water from 2009 to 2012 was 21.98%,and it decreased year by year.Legionella pneumophila was detected in the cooling water each month except from January to April.The pulsed field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) indicated significant difference in the genetic similarity in most of the Lpl strains.Conclusions Contamination by Legionella pneumophila in the cooling water of the central air-conditioning systems in the public places in Nanning is serious.The Lpl strains are found to have genetic diversity.

  3. [Malignant pustule in province of Milan, Italy (author's transl)].

    Gelosa, L


    Preliminary the statistical data are reported about human malignant pustule denounced in Italy in different Districts, in Lombardia and in Province of Milan. Correlatively the outbreaks and cases of haematic anthrax in animals declared in Italy, in different Districts, in Lombardia and in Province of Milan. Then the outbreaks of malignant pustule in Province of Milan are related in 1975-1977 period in the resident population where is considerable concentration of the leather manufactures. The epidemiological and microbiological researches have determined the relation among the outbreak of malignant pustule and the working of the hides imported from African Countries (Nigeria, Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Africa, Burundi-Kenya, Uganda) containing the spores of b. anthrax. The spores besides to cause infections of the workmen employed in the hide manufacture (industrial anthrax) through the effluents and solid refuses from the tanneries, are dispended upon the tiled ground and determine outbreak the haematic anthrax in the animals and agricultural coutaneus anthrax in the men.

  4. The Mycetophagidae (Coleoptera of the Maritime Provinces of Canada

    Christopher Majka


    Full Text Available The Mycetophagidae (hairy fungus beetles of the Maritime Provinces of Canada are surveyed. Seven species in the genera Mycetophagus, Litargus, and Typhaea are found in the region. Six new provincial records are reported including Mycetophagus punctatus and Mycetophagus flexuosus, whichare newly recorded in the Maritime Provinces. The distribution of all species is mapped, colour habitus photographs of all species are figured, and an identification key to species is provided. The discussion notes that four of the species found in the region are apparently rare, possibly due to the history of forest management practices in the region; a situation similar to that of a significant proportion of other saproxylic beetles found in the Maritime Provinces.

  5. The application of environmental certification to the Province of Siena.

    Ridolfi, R; Andreis, D; Panzieri, M; Ceccherini, F


    The SPIn-Eco project has provided very broad and precise data collection regarding the Province of Siena. These data and their elaborations have also been developed as a basis for the environmental certification of this organization. In this way, the Administration of the Province of Siena (the first Province in Italy) has reached its goal of obtaining better knowledge of the state of the system and of constructing its environmental management system (EMS) according to the environmental aspects directly and indirectly arising from the organization's activities. Indirect aspects are mainly related to the territorial monitoring and planning. Indicators based on the classical pressure-state-response approach, as well as more complex ones based on CO(2) balance, emergy and ecological footprint analyses, have been used to assess the environmental performance of the EMS. This paper presents how this EMS is constructed, as well as the indicators that are used to analyze the system, paying particular attention to sustainability indicators.

  6. Health Technology Assessment of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Shanxi Province

    Yueze Liu; Jianwen Cao; Zuxun Lu


    Assess the current status of MRI in Shanxi province by health technology assessment method to provide suggestion and guidelines for future government decisions on the procurement and installation of new high-tech medical equipments. All of the 21 hospitals installed MRIs were surveyed.The results showed that 1 ) Diffusion of MRI is consistent with the economic development in different regional districts and hospital levels in Shanxi province. 2) There are better monetary returns of MRI in higher level hospitals than lower level hospitals. 3) Most MRIs in Shanxi province had been running at a loss, and the first class tertiary level hospitals had been making profit from providing MRI services to patients. 4) Better cost-benefit accorded with higher hospital level, more patients serviced etc. 5 ) The biggest investment risk is the initial purchase and installation of MRI. 6) Positive rates and veracity of MRI diagnosis were higher. 7) MRI is a safe equipment.

  7. Contribution to the Tabanidae (Insecta: Diptera Fauna of Kayseri Province

    Ferhat Altunsoy


    Full Text Available As a result of study in Kayseri province subfamily Pangonine depending 1 species, subfamily Chrysopsinae depending 3 species and subfamily Tabaninae depending 36 species. Totally 40 species, belonging Tabanidae were determined. The species Chrysops caecutiens, Atylotus fulvus, Atylotus loewianus, Hybomitra acuminata, Tabanus armeniacus, Tabanus atropathenicus, Tabanus autumnalis, Tabanus cordiger, Tabanus eggeri, Tabanus glaucopis, Tabanus holtzianus, Tabanus indrae, Tabanus prometheus, Tabanus quatuornatatus, Tabanus regularis, Tabanus rupium, Tabanus spodopterus, Tabanus tergestinus, Tabanus tinctus, Haematopota crassicornis, Haematopota grandis, Haematopota pallens, Haematopota subcylindrica, Dasyrhamphis carbonarius and Philipomyia aprica are the first records for this province. The total number of determined species in Kayseri province reaches to 42 with the result of this study and the previous studies.

  8. Political Ideology and Economic Freedom across Canadian Provinces

    Bjørnskov, Christian; Potrafke, Niklas

    This paper examines how political ideology influenced economic freedom in the Canadian provinces. We analyze the dataset of economic freedom indicators compiled by the Fraser Institute in 10 Canadian provinces over the 1981-2005 period and introduce two different indices of political ideology: go...... leftist and rightwing governments concerning the role of government in the economy and (2) indicates that ideological polarization concerns governments but less parliamentary fractions in the Canadian provinces. ......: government and parliament ideology. The results suggest that government ideology influenced labor market reforms: market-oriented governments promoted liberalization of the labor market. Parliamentary ideology did not influence economic liberalization at all. This finding (1) identifies differences between...

  9. Empirical Analysis of Agricultural Production Efficiency in Shaanxi Province


    This article analyses the agricultural production efficiency of all cities and areas in Shaanxi Province in the period 2006-2009 using data envelopment analysis method,and compares the agricultural production efficiency between all cities and areas.The results show that the agricultural production efficiency and scale efficiency of agriculture of Shaanxi Province are high on the whole,but the efficiency of agricultural technology is very low,agricultural development still relies on factor inputs,and the driving role of technological progress is not conspicuous.Finally the following countermeasures are put forward to promote agricultural productivity in Shaanxi Province:improve the construction of agricultural infrastructure,and increase agricultural input;accelerate the project of extending agricultural technology into households,and promote the conversion and use rate of agricultural scientific and technological achievements;establish and improve industrial system of agriculture,and speed up the building of various agricultural cooperative economic organizations.

  10. Thermodynamic analysis of the province of Ravenna (Italy).

    Bastianoni, Simone; Marchettini, Nadia; Panzieri, Margherita; Ridolfi, Roberto


    This is a thermodynamic analysis of the Province of Ravenna (Italy) and its districts (Ravenna, Faenza and Lugo) and an evaluation of entropy waste production based on a balance sheet of greenhouse gases. The method used is energy analysis. The results show that the Province and Ravenna are characterized by a heavy exploitation of local non renewable resources, Faenza strikes a good balance between economic development and environment conservation and Lugo is less sustainable than the others. The greenhouse gas balance shows that the Province emits 10.5 times the quantity of greenhouse gases that it adsorbs and that the emissions reduction is required in the energy sector, which is responsible for 92% of the total.

  11. 南宁市传染病医院重症医学科患者现状调查%Investigation on present situation of patients in Department of Critical Care Medicine in Infectious Disease Hospital of Nanning City

    林艳荣; 吴锋耀; 刘升; 韦静


    ObjectiveTo investigate the current situation of intensive care unit (ICU) inpatients in Infectious Disease Hospital of Nanning to provide a reference for the prevention and control of infectious diseases and construction and development of ICU in such a hospital.Methods The clinical data of inpatients from January 2011 to December 2015 in the Infectious Disease Hospital Affiliated to Guangxi Medical University (that is the Fourth People's Hospital of Nanning City) were retrospectively analyzed, and the distributions of patients with various diseases, ages, of the characteristics of children severe infectious diseases in ICU, the numbers of patients with infectious diseases in general ward and ICU, the average time and daily cost of hospitalization and mortality were conducted.Results During 2011 to 2015, 855 cases in ICU were treated, including 709 cases of infectious diseases, 146 cases of non-infectious disease. The top 5 infectious diseases were ranked as follows: tuberculosis, human acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), hand-foot-mouth disease (HFMD), viral hepatitis, tetanus, accounting for 96.47% of the total infectious disease inpatients in ICU; there were 25 cases of other legal infectious diseases, accounting for 3.53%, including dengue fever, measles, malaria, chicken pox, mumps, rabies, typhoid fever, paratyphoid fever, scrub typhus, bacillary dysentery, leptospirosis, human infections with highly pathogenic H7N9 avian influenza, epidemic hemorrhagic fever, A H1N1 influenza, and besides, critically ill patients carrying virus (viral hepatitis B and AIDS) in 7 pregnant women, 22 surgical patients, and 117 patients with internal medicine diseases were also admitted and treated. The top 4 infectious diseases causing deaths in ICU were tuberculosis, AIDS, viral hepatitis and HFMD: The infectious diseases with top 6 high mortalities in ICU were as follows: rabies, viral hepatitis, AIDS, tuberculosis and tetanus. The age range was wide in this study

  12. 广西地区类鼻疽伯克霍尔德氏菌的分布调查%Prevalence of Burkholderia pseudomallei in Guangxi province

    马广强; 王倩; 朱金华; 叶荷平; 万红娇; 汪建民


    目的 调查类鼻疽伯克霍尔德氏菌在广西地区的详细分布情况.方法 于2007年底对广西地区的14个地级市进行了大规模调查,共采集了77个地点的154个土壤样品和130个水样.采样通过细菌分离培养方法、16S rDNA基因测序和鞭毛基因检测的方法进行鉴定分析,对类鼻疽伯克霍尔德氏菌检出情况的地理分布进行绘图记录.结果 154份土壤样品中分离纯化出13株类鼻疽伯克霍尔德氏菌,阳性率为8.4%,没有在水样中发现该菌;分离纯化结果与16S rDNA基因测序和鞭毛基因检测的结果完全一致.分离纯化类鼻疽伯克霍尔德氏菌阳性的采样点分布在中东、南宁、钦州、放城、北海5个地区.结论 广西地区的类鼻疽伯克霍尔德氏菌主要分布在北回归线以南,南海附近地区.%Objective To detect the prevalence and distribution of Burkholderia pseudomallei (B. pseudomallei) in Guangxi province, China, Methods Samples were harvested from several locations in Guangxi region in the year of 2007. A total of 154 soil samples and 130 water samples were screened for B. pseudomallei by bacterial culture, and identification by PCR for species-specific 16S rDNA and flagellin genes. Results B. pseudomallei was detected in 8. 4% of the soil samples but in none of the water samples. These results were identical with those from species-specific 16S rDNA and flagellin genes. All positive samples were confined to 5 locations including Zhongdong, Nanning, Qinzhou, Fangcheng and Beihai. Conclusion Almost all positive samples are isolated from places in the south of the Tropic of Cancer and nearby the South China Sea.

  13. Note on Cladonia species (lichenized Ascomycota from Ardahan province (Turkey

    Piotr Osyczka


    Full Text Available This paper is the first report on Cladonia species from Ardahan, a north-eastern province of Turkey. A circumpolar boreal-low arctic species, Cladonia acuminata, rarely reported from Asia, and the recently described Cladonia monomorpha are reported as new for Turkey. Their detailed descriptions and taxonomical remarks are provided. Localities of other ascertained Cladonia species in the province supplement the knowledge of their distribution patterns in the country. In addition, the typically corticolous/lignicolous species Vulpicida pinastri is mentioned as also growing on primary squamules and podetia of C. pyxidata.

  14. Genetic diversity of Tricholoma matsutake in Yunnan Province

    SHA Tao; ZHANG HanBo; DING HuaSun; LI ZongJu; CHENG LiZhong; ZHAO ZhiWei; ZHANG YaPing


    To investigate the genetic diversity of Tricholoma matsutake, we studied ITS and IGS1 sequences and PCR polymorphism of a retrotransposon in 56 fruit bodies collected from 13 counties of 9 regions in Yunnan Province. We found one and three haplotypes based on ITS and IGS1 sequences, respectively.Moreover, there was no significant difference in PCR polymorphism of the retrotransposon among different populations. Compared with Jilin Province (China) and Japanese populations, although Yunnan was highly homogenous to Japanese populations, Iow genetic diversity of T. matsutake in Yunnan did not support the view that this species originated from Yunnan.

  15. Quaternary basaltic volcanism in the Payenia volcanic province, Argentina

    Søager, Nina

    The extensive Quaternary volcanism in the Payenia volcanic province, Mendoza, Argentina, is investigated in this study by major and trace element analyses, Sr, Nd, Hf and Pb-isotopic analyses and Zr-Hf isotope dilution data on samples from almost the entire province. The samples are mainly...... in basalts from all the studied volcanic fields in Payenia is signs of lower crustal contamination indicating assimilation of, in some cases, large amounts of trace element depleted, mafic, plagioclase-bearing rocks. The northern Payenia is dominated by backarc basalts erupted between late Pliocene to late...

  16. Formal and Informal Rural Credit in Four Provinces of Vietnam

    Barslund, Mikkel Christoffer; Tarp, Finn

    This paper uses a survey of 932 rural households to uncover how the rural credit market operates in four provinces of Vietnam. Households obtain credit through formal and informal lenders. Formal loans are almost entirely for production and asset accumulation, while informal loans are used for co...... are striking. A ‘one size fits all' approach to credit policy in Vietnam would be inappropriate......This paper uses a survey of 932 rural households to uncover how the rural credit market operates in four provinces of Vietnam. Households obtain credit through formal and informal lenders. Formal loans are almost entirely for production and asset accumulation, while informal loans are used...

  17. RTG resource book for western states and provinces: Final proceedings



    The Western Interstate Energy Board held a workshop and liaison activities among western states, provinces, and utilities on the formation of Regional Transmission Groups (RTGs). Purpose of the activities was to examine the policy implications for western states and provinces in the formation of RTGs in the West, the implications for western ratepayers and utilities of the RTG formation and potential impacts of RTGs on the western electricity system. The workshop contributed to fulfilling the transmission access and competition objectives of Title VII of the Energy Policy Act of 1992.

  18. Empirical Analysis on the Determinants of Economic Growth in Shaanxi Province, China


    Status of economic development in Shaanxi Province is analyzed, showing that Shaanxi Province has achieved the fast and stable economic growth; and total GDP and fixed assets investment have shown a sustainable growth. According to the time series statistics of Shaanxi Province in the years 1978-2008, Cobb-Douglas Function is used to carry out the empirical analysis on the contribution of fixed assets investment and labor input to economic growth of Shaanxi Province, China. Result shows that capital and labor input are the major driving forces for the economic growth of Shaanxi Province. In other words, economic growth mode of Shaanxi Province is still extensive. Economic growth of Shaanxi Province is increasingly dependent on capital investment and technological progress. Contribution rates of capital and labor to economic growth are 66.9% and 33.1%, respectively. Therefore, investment is a source of economic growth in Shaanxi Province through the reform and opening up in the last three decades.

  19. Geologic Provinces of the Former Soviet Union, 2000 (prv1ec)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — These data represent geologic and petroleum provinces interpreted and designated by the authors and based on numerous literature and map resources. Geologic province...

  20. The Emeishan large igneous province: A synthesis

    J. Gregory Shellnutt


    Full Text Available The late Permian Emeishan large igneous province (ELIP covers ∼0.3 × 106 km2 of the western margin of the Yangtze Block and Tibetan Plateau with displaced, correlative units in northern Vietnam (Song Da zone. The ELIP is of particular interest because it contains numerous world-class base metal deposits and is contemporaneous with the late Capitanian (∼260 Ma mass extinction. The flood basalts are the signature feature of the ELIP but there are also ultramafic and silicic volcanic rocks and layered mafic-ultramafic and silicic plutonic rocks exposed. The ELIP is divided into three nearly concentric zones (i.e. inner, middle and outer which correspond to progressively thicker crust from the inner to the outer zone. The eruptive age of the ELIP is constrained by geological, paleomagnetic and geochronological evidence to an interval of ≤3 Ma. The presence of picritic rocks and thick piles of flood basalts testifies to high temperature thermal regime however there is uncertainty as to whether these magmas were derived from the subcontinental lithospheric mantle or sub-lithospheric mantle (i.e. asthenosphere or mantle plume sources or both. The range of Sr (ISr ≈ 0.7040–0.7132, Nd (ɛNd(t ≈ −14 to +8, Pb (206Pb/204Pb1 ≈ 17.9–20.6 and Os (γOs ≈ −5 to +11 isotope values of the ultramafic and mafic rocks does not permit a conclusive answer to ultimate source origin of the primitive rocks but it is clear that some rocks were affected by crustal contamination and the presence of near-depleted isotope compositions suggests that there is a sub-lithospheric mantle component in the system. The silicic rocks are derived by basaltic magmas/rocks through fractional crystallization or partial melting, crustal melting or by interactions between mafic and crustal melts. The formation of the Fe-Ti-V oxide-ore deposits is probably due to a combination of fractional crystallization of Ti-rich basalt and fluxing of CO2-rich fluids

  1. Some Environmental Consequences of Large Igneous Provinces

    Coffin, M. F.


    The formation of large igneous provinces (LIPs)—continental flood basalts, ‘volcanic’ margins, and oceanic plateaus—may impact the atmosphere, oceans, and biosphere by rapidly releasing huge amounts of particulates, magmatic volatiles (CO2, SO2, Cl, F, etc.), and potentially volatiles (CO2, CH4, SO2, etc.) from intruded sediments (e.g., carbonates, organic-rich shales, evaporites). A key factor affecting the magnitude of volatile release is whether eruptions are subaerial or marine; hydrostatic pressure inhibits vesiculation and degassing of relatively soluble volatile components (H2O, S, Cl, F) in deep water submarine eruptions, although low solubility components (CO2, noble gases) are mostly degassed even at abyssal depths. Directly or indirectly, such injections may cause changes in the atmosphere/ocean system that can lead to perturbations of atmosphere/ocean chemistry, circulation, ecology, and biological productivity. These changes can be global in extent, particularly if environmental conditions were at or near a threshold state or tipping point. LIPs may have been responsible for some of the most dramatic and rapid changes in the global environment. For example, between ~145 and ~50 Ma, the global ocean was characterized by chemical and isotopic variations (especially in C and Sr isotope ratios, trace metal concentrations, and biocalcification), relatively high temperatures, high relative sea level, episodic deposition of black shales (oceanic anoxic events), high production of hydrocarbons, mass extinctions of marine organisms, and radiations of marine flora and fauna. Temporal correlations between the intense pulses of igneous activity associated with LIP formation and environmental changes suggest more than pure coincidence. The 1783-84 eruption of Laki on Iceland provides the only historical record of the type of volcanism that constructs transient LIPs. Although Laki produced a basaltic lava flow representing only ~1% of the volume of a typical

  2. Study on the Driving Forces of Rocky Desertification in Guizhou Province Based on Variation Coefficient Method


    [Objective] The aim was to study the driving forces of rocky desertification in Guizhou Province. [Method] Based on GIS and RS technology, the main driving forces of rocky desertification in Guizhou Province were analyzed by means of correlation analysis and variation coefficient method, and then the distribution of rocky desertification in Guizhou Province was assessed synthetically. [Result] The main driving forces of rocky desertification in Guizhou Province were vegetation cover, rainfall, peasant incom...

  3. Actuality and Influencing Factors of Integrated Production Capacity of Foodstuff in Heilongjiang Province

    Zhou Hui-qiu; Zhang De-hua


    Heilongjiang Province is an important marketable grain depot in China. Since the reform and opening up, Heilongjiang Province production capacity of foodstuff is increasingly growing into a new level. This paper started with the actuality of Heilongjiang Province integrated production capacity of foodstuff, and analyzed its major factors empirically through the mathematical model, then proposed some measures to enhance Heilongjiang Province production capacity of foodstuff which ensured China foodstuff security

  4. 南宁地区2009-2011年淋球菌抗生素耐药性的检测结果分析%The Analysis of Antibiotic Resistance in Nesisseria Gonorrhoeae in Nanning From 2009 to 2011

    谢海莉; 朱邦勇; 李世远


    Objective To study the resistances of Neisseria gonorrhoeae to five antibiotics in Nanning area. In order to provide fundamental basis for gonorrhea reasonable effective treatment programs. Methods Total 96 strains of Neisseria gonorrhoeae from 3 years (2009 -2011) were separated to test their antibiotic susceptibilities based on the systemic identification. And then according to the WHO standard to judge its sensitivity, moderate sensitivity and resistance. Results The results showed that there were 28 strains of PPNG and 57 strains of TRNG in 96 gonococcal isolates. The percentage of the resistances to ciprofloxacin were 98. 96% . No gono-coccal isolates were resistant to ceftriaxone and spectinomycin. Conclusion In Nanning the gonococci were highly resistant to ciprofloxacin, next were to tetracycline and penicillin.%目的 了解淋球菌对5种抗生素的耐药情况,为制定淋病合理有效的治疗方案提供理论依据.方法 对2009-2011年广西南宁地区分离的96株淋球菌,在系统鉴定的基础上,根据世界卫生组织(WHO)标准判定其敏感、中度敏感及耐药.结果 96株淋球菌中β-内酰胺酶(+)菌株为28株;质粒介导的高度耐四环素淋球菌TRNG(+)57株.环丙沙星耐药率为98.96%.头孢曲松和大观霉素未发现耐药菌株.结论 南宁地区淋球菌耐药以环丙沙星为甚,四环素和青霉素次之.

  5. A Probe into the Relations between Industrial Economic Development and Local Financial Revenue and Industrial Financial Resource Construction in Nanning%南宁市工业发展与财政收入关系及工业财源建设探讨



    采用Granger因果关系模型检验南宁市工业经济发展与财政收入关系,得出结论:随着南宁市工业总产值的上升,南宁市地方财政收入必然呈现上升的趋势;但财政收入的提高,并不一定导致其工业总产值的上升。南宁市工业财源建没,应加快发展重点产业,壮大财源总量;壮大工业企业,培植财税来源;发展总部经济,抓好新兴后续财源;加快发展园区经济,增强财源后劲;发展开放型工业经济,拓宽工业财源。%Granger Causality Model is used to test the relations between industrial economic development and financial revenue in Nanning, which leads to a conclusion that the rise in total industrial output inevitably contributes to an increasing trend in local financial revenue in Nanning, which could not lead to an increase in total industrial output. The article suggests that, in the case of industrial financial resource construction, efforts should be made to speed up the development of key industries, expand total amount of financial resource, expand industrial enterprises and develop the; sources of revenue, develop headquarter economy and stress follow-up financial resource, accelerate economic development of industrial parks and reinforce financial iresource momentum, develop open industrial economy and broaden industrial financial resource.

  6. Counter-measure Research on the Improvement of Urban Distribution and Development of "Urban Freight Taxis" in Nanning%南宁市提高城市配送水平设置“城市货的”的对策研究



    “市货的”作为一种新的城市货运配送方式机动灵活,及时高效,可带来资源优化和集约化效果。南宁城市配送市场发展潜力巨大,但是目前南宁市内货运物流配送市场混乱,缺乏规范性的小型货物运输车辆。南宁市要制定符合自治区城市统一配送相关的政策和税收体系,搭建城市配送货运公共物流信息平台,加大对城市配送市场供应主体的培育力度,形成一批知名品牌的大型配送企业。%"Urban freight taxis" is a new flexible,timely and efficient urban freight delivery mode, which brings about resources optimization and intensive effect. Nanning urban distribution market has a huge potential for development. Presently, Nanning urban distribution market gets out of rail and lacks small-size standard transport vehicles, accordingly, it is suggested that some policies and tax revenue system should be established in line with urban unified distribution in Guangxi,the public logistics information platforms for urban distribution freight should be constructed, and greater efforts should be made to develop the main body of urban distribution market so as to develop a number of famous brand large distribution enterprises.

  7. 连锁酒店产品战略分析--以济南市槐荫区7天连锁酒店为例%Analysis of chain hotel product strategy:Taking Ji'nan District 7 Days Inn as an example



      以济南市槐荫区7天连锁酒店经十中路分店的产品销售战略为研究对象,主要采用随机问卷调查和实地考察的方法进行数据收集,运用 Excel软件对调查的数据进行整理分析,以SWO T战略组合模型提出该酒店可以采用WO 战略,即扭转内部劣势把握外部机会,使其产品在同类酒店中更具优势,从而使得7天连锁酒店在济南市经济型酒店市场中更具竞争力。%In Huaiyin District of Ji'nan city 7 Days Inn after ten road store sales strategy as the research ob-ject ,mainly adopts the method of random questionnaire and on-the-spot investigation to collect data ,use Excel software to analyze the survey data ,the SWOT strategic combination model is proposed for the hotel can adopt the WO strategy ,namely the torsion internal weaknesses grasp the external opportunities ,make the products more competitive in the same hotel ,w hich makes the 7 Days Inn in the more competitive mar-ket in Ji'nan city Econo Hotel .

  8. 中国民俗文化旅游节日对比与研究--以南宁国际民歌艺术节与吴桥国际杂技艺术节为例%Comparison and study of Chinese Folk Culture Tourism Festival--Take the Nanning International Folk Song Festival and the Wuqiao international acrobatics festival as an example



    文章主要研究具有中国特色的民俗文化旅游节日,以南宁国际民歌艺术节与吴桥国际杂技艺术节为例,既从纵向研究对比两个国际文化旅游艺术节日的文化背景,历史由来,又从横向对比两个民俗文化旅游节日的开发及利用,以南宁国际民歌艺术节与吴桥国际杂技艺术节的对比研究为例。通过分析各自的优势与劣势,借鉴彼此成功经验,避免不足与缺陷,由此为中国少数民族民俗文化旅游资源的开发找到正确的途径。%This paper mainly studies the Chinese characteristics of Folk Culture Tourism Festival, take the Nanning International Folk Song Festival and Wuqiao International Art Festival as an example, from the longitudinal study of two international cultural tourism festival of cultural background, historical origin, and from the horizontal contrast of the two folk culture tourism festival development and utilization, compare Nanning International Folk Song Festival with Wuqiao international Acrobatics Art Festival. Through the analysis of their respective advantages and disadvantages, to learn from each other's successful experience, to avoid the shortage and defect, which is to find the right way for the development of China's minority folk culture tourism resources.

  9. 75 FR 36347 - Determination of Pest-Free Areas in Mendoza Province, Argentina; Request for Comments


    ... Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Determination of Pest-Free Areas in Mendoza Province... Argentina asked that we recognize the Southern and Central Oases in the southern half of Mendoza Province as... southern half of Mendoza Province meet the criteria of Sec. 319.56-5(a) and (b) with respect to freedom...

  10. 76 FR 51934 - Determination of Pest-Free Areas in Mendoza Province, Argentina; Request for Comments


    ... Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Determination of Pest-Free Areas in Mendoza Province... half of Mendoza Province as an area that is free of Medfly. In accordance with our process, we... in the area. The second commenter provided information to support a finding that the Mendoza Province...

  11. Geomorphic provinces of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland: A physiographic subdivision for earth and environmental scientists

    Partridge, TC


    Full Text Available . Distinct groups were, however, evident for macro-reaches within each province. These reflect the extent of uniformity in the slopes, valley widths, altitudes and shape descriptors of each province. A description of each of the 34 provinces and 12 sub...

  12. The marine mollusk fauna of the Virginian area as a basis for defining Zoogeographical provinces

    Coomans, H.E.


    The marine fauna of the American Atlantic coast between Cape Cod and Cape Hatteras, the Virginian area, is placed by zoogeographers in different provinces: in the Transatlantic, or in the Boreal province. It is sometimes considered to be a province of its own, or only a transition between the Boreal

  13. China's Most Populous Province to Ban Fetus Sex Identification


    Henan, the most populous province in central China,is plagued by an excessively high sex ratio imbalance at birth in certain parts of the province. To ameliorate the situation, the province will enact regulations to ban non-medically necessary fetus gender identification and sex-selective abortions.

  14. Study on the Lifestyle and Potential Health Problems of College in He ’nan Province%河南省某高校大学生生活方式与潜在健康问题调查研究

    于芳; 贾焕霞; 吴彩琴; 赵艳丽; 高振亚


    Objective:To study the relationship between the lifestyle and potential health problems in one college . Methods :To select the students in one college as the study objects .To divide the study objects into the abnormal group and the healthy group which were 100 cases at random according to the result of freshman entrance examination in Sep‐tember 2015 .To find out the relationship between the lifestyle and potential health problems in the two groups of students through the self‐designed lifestyle questionnaire .Results:In the abnormal group ,the snack ,night snack and out eating times were significantly decreased and the frequency of sports was significantly increased than which in the healthy group ,the differences was statically significant (P< 0.05) .Conclusion:The relationship between the bad diet‐exercise behavior and health problems is closely .The education of healthy lifestyle should begin from the youth .%目的:调查某高校大学生潜在健康问题与生活方式之间的关系。方法:选择某高校大学生为研究对象,根据2015年9月大一新生的入学体检结果,随机分为异常组和健康组,各100例,对两组学生进行自行设计的生活方式问卷调查,并找出大学生潜在健康问题与不良生活方式的关系。结果:健康组学生进食零食、夜宵、学校外就餐行为明显较异常组少,体育运动次数明显较异常组多,差异均具有统计学意义(均 P<0.05)。结论:不良的饮食和运动行为与健康问题关系密切,健康生活方式教育应从青少年抓起。

  15. Making the Charm of Music Class Bloom:On the Experience of Taking Part in the Competition of Primary and Secondary Schools Music Qualify Lessons in He'nan Province%绽放音乐课堂魅力——谈参加河南省中小学音乐优质课大赛体会



    A successful and wonderful class possesses many crucial and important factors,such as the preparation of teaching outline,blackboard writing,multimedia courseware and so on.The success of primary school music class is also inseparable from these factors,but the interaction between teachers and students in class is particularly important.Music not only requires students to sing and listen to,but also their appreciation and love,for good music can cultivate their sentiments.Through the interaction between children in teaching process,the children can feel the charm of music and the fun of learning,which will lay a good foundation for the children's future learning and life.%成功而又精彩的一堂课有很多关键而重要的因素,例如:授课前大纲的准备、授课过程中整齐的板书、吸引学生的生动的多媒体课件等等。小学音乐课堂的成功也离不开这些因素,但是课堂上师生之间的真实互动尤其重要,音乐不仅仅需要学生会唱、会听,更需要学生懂得欣赏与热爱,好的音乐可以陶冶情操,通过教学过程中与孩子们的互动,真真切切地让孩子们体会到音乐的魅力与学习的乐趣,为以后的学习和生活打下好的基础。

  16. Evaluation of KAP of nutrition education intervention among health care doctors in rural kindergartens in He'nan province%河南省农村托幼机构保健医生营养教育干预的KAP评价

    杨国俊; 李宜培; 李宁; 王金花; 张军; 王保伟; 李艳



  17. The Present Situation and Analysis of Private Kinder-gartens Game Activities Materials Input in He'nan Province%河南省民办幼儿园游戏活动材料投放现状与分析



    本研究采用观察法、问卷调查等方法,分析出民办幼儿园游戏活动材料投放存在种类不丰富、数量不充足且利用率不高的问题;影响其投放状况的因素主要是缺乏教育部门的保障、安全第一的管理理念、幼儿教师教育观念与教学行为的脱节。在此基础上,本文进一步提出合理化的建议。%The main methods that we adopt in this study are questionnaire and observation. Present situation of the game ac-tivities materials input in private kindergartens are as follows:the material species is poor;the quantity is insufficient, and the uti-lization rate is not high. The major causes are absence of the pro-tection of education sectors and management idea of safety fore-most, and education concept of preschool teachers can not con-nect with actual teaching behavior. On that basis, there are some reasonable suggestions to be given.

  18. 农业信息化发展与新型职业农民培养——以湖南省的实践为例%On the Development of Agricultural Informatization and the Cultivation of New Type of Professional Farmers——The?Case?of?Hu'nan?Province



    农业信息化发展与新型职业农民培养有着相辅相成的关系.当前湖南农业信息化发展面临资源整合难、信息推广难、企业化运营难等困境,而新型职业农民培养同样存在农民思想认识较低、规模经营尚未成型、投入力度不大、接受培训形式落后等问题.解决这些困境和问题,需要出台加快农业信息化发展与培养新型职业农民的相关政策,积极开展农业信息化技术培训,提高新型职业农民队伍素质,加大对结合农业信息化培养新型职业农民的教育培训机构支持,适应农业信息化大力推进建立新型职业农民开放教育培训体系.%There is a complementary relationship between the development of agricultural informatization and the new type of professional farmers' training. The agricultural informatization development in Hunan is facing some difficulties, such as resources integrating, information promoting and enterprise operating dilemma, farmers Low thinking, no formed scale operation, insufficient investment, under-developed training form still exists in new professional farmers' training. In order to solve these problems, relevant policies of speeding up the development of agricultural information and the training of new professional farmers should be promulgated, agricultural information technology training should be carried out actively to improve the quality of new professional farmer team, the support to new professional farmers' vocational education and training institutions should be increased, which can adapt to the agricultural informatization vigorously and promote the establishment of new professional farmers' open education and training system.

  19. A Study on Class Differentiation of Female Rural Migrant Workersin Social Mobility——Take He'nan Province for Example%社会流动中农村外出务工女性的阶层分化研究——以河南省为例

    蒋美华; 汤秀丽


    在我国工业化、城市化和市场化的进程中,农村外出务工女性群体成为了一个非常值得关注的新型群体。在社会流动过程中,绝大多数农村女性通过外出务工,实现了社会阶层的向上流动。她们的层次分化已经初步显现,但层次分布很不合理。为了促进农村外出务工女性合理进行阶层分化,需要从以下几方面进行努力:大力宣传社会性别平等文化,努力培育社会性别平等意识;加大对农村女性劳动力的教育培训力度,提高农村女性劳动力的就业能力;积极在农村发展多元化的托幼养老组织,解决农村已婚女性外出务工的后顾之忧;继续深化户籍制度改革,着力提升城市社会对务工女性的公共服务水平。%In the process of industrialization,urbanization,and mercerization of our country,the female group of rural migrant workers becomes a major concern.Most rural women achieve the upward mobility of social class through the process.Their polarization levels have preliminarily appeared,but it is not reasonable.In order to promote rural migrant women are properly class differentiation,we need efforts from the following aspects: programming the publicity of gender equality culture,working hard to cultivate social awareness of gender equality;To increase rural female labor education training of strength,improving the rural female labor employment ability;Active in rural development diversified child-care endowment organization,solving the trouble back at home of married women migrant workers;Continuing to deepen the household registration system reform and improving social workers of the city of women level of public service.

  20. 乡村旅游开发设计规划研究——以河南省南召县大石窑村农家游为例%A Study of the Design and Planning of the Countryside Tourism:Exampled on the Countryside Tourism Planning in Dashiyao Village,Nanzhao County,He'nan Province



    乡村游蕴藏着很大的市场潜力,已经开始遍及我国大部分地区.通过旅游产品、重点项目、景观系统、旅游服务设施、民俗娱乐活动、基础配套设施等的设计和规划,以及保障性政策法规制度的制定等,可以全方位地对乡村旅游资源进行因地制宜性的规划和开发,从而打造出具有一定特色的旅游景点.%The countryside tourism has had a very strong market potential and hegun to spread over most regions of our country. By the design and planning of the tourism products, key projects. sightseeing system, tourism service facilities, folk-custom entertainments and basic matched establishment,and through making the policies, rules and systems with assurance, we can plan and develop the countryside tourism resources according to its local conditions in order to build a special tourism scenery spot.

  1. 高校图书馆与公共图书馆合作问题研究--以河南省安阳市为例%Research on the Cooperation between University Library and Public Library---Taking Anyang City of He’nan Province as an Example



    This paper expounds the necessity of the cooperation between university library and the public library, analyzes the possibility of the cooperation between university library and the public library, and puts forward the mode of the cooperation between university library and the public library.%阐述了高校图书馆与公共图书馆合作的必要性,分析了安阳市高校图书馆与公共图书馆合作的可行性,提出了安阳市高校图书馆与公共图书馆的合作模式。

  2. [Preliminary investigation on Paragonimus in Lvchun county of Yunnan province].

    Yang, Bin-Bin; Zhou, Ben-Jiang; Li, Ru-Qing; Bai, Zhong-Wen; Wu, Ou-Bao; Gao, Xiu-Fang


    69 crabs were collected from Daxing, Gekui and Niukong townships of Lvchun county, Yunnan Province in 2006 and excysted metacercariae were only obtained from crabs of Niukong. The infection rate was 27.6% (8/29) with an average metacercaria number of 2.25 each crab. No encysted metacercariae were found. The excysted metacercariae were morphologically identified as Paragonimus proliferus.

  3. Service Needs and Provision in the Northern Province.

    O'Leary, B. M., Ed.; Govind, V., Ed.; Schwabe, C. A., Ed.; Taylor, J. M., Ed.

    This book, one of a series that uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to outline the need for and provision of services (education, health, housing, electricity, roads, telecommunications, postal services, and police services) in each of the nine South African provinces, presents a global view or indicator of the simultaneous influence of the…

  4. Service Needs and Provision in the North West Province.

    O'Leary, B. M., Ed.; Govind, V., Ed.; Schwabe, C. A., Ed.; Taylor, J. M., Ed.

    This book, one of a series that uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to outline the need for and provision of services (education, health, housing, electricity, roads, telecommunications, postal services, and police services) in each of the nine South African provinces, presents a global view or indicator of the simultaneous influence of the…

  5. Malaria Epidemiology in Mersin Province, Turkey from 2002 to 2011



    Full Text Available Background: Malaria is an infectious disease caused by Plasmodium spp. with high morbidity and mortality in human in tropical and subtropical regions. In recent years, number of malaria cases has been significantly reduced because of fight with the disease in Turkey. This study intended to investigate the malaria epidemiology in Mersin Province from 2002 to 2011 using data from the provincial Public Health Directorate.Methods: Over ten years, 303573 blood samples were taken from the people by active and passive surveillance methods and blood smears were prepared. Smears were stained with Giemsa and examined under the microscope.Results: Totally, 73 people including 44 male and 29 female were positive in terms of Plasmodium spp. It was determined that P. vivax observed in 67 cases while P. falciparum in 6 cases. Cases were mainly observed in 15 to 44 years old range, showed an increase between June-September periods and a significant decrease after 2006. Out of the 73 malaria cases, 54 cases were from Mersin Province and 13 cases were imported from another province of Turkey. Six cases were transmitted from abroad.Conclusion: These results provide information about malaria epidemiology in an endemic area in Turkey and contribute its prevention in Mersin Province

  6. Characterizing preventive activity in Camagüey province

    Hernández, María


    Full Text Available The article describes the characteristic features of preventive activities within the System of Education at Camaguey province. This information herein gathers results from a research investigation project and might be of interest for teachers, principals and investigators as a professional tool.

  7. [Genetic subtyping of HIV-1 in Liaoning province of China].

    Han, X; Jiang, Y; Shang, H


    To study the prevalence of HIV-1 in Liaoning province of China. Nuclear acids were extracted from blood samples of 16 HIV-1 infected individuals collected locally in Liaoning province of China from Jun. 1997 to Dec. 2000. The 0.7 kb or 1.2 kb segments of HIV-1 env gene were amplified using nested-PCR and the HIV-1 genetic subtypes were then assayed by heteroduplex mobility assay. Fifteen of 16 samples were positive by PCR amplification of HIV-1 env region and samples were found to be genetic subtype A,B',C,E. The proportion due to sexual transmission in all HIV infection was 31.25% (5/15), among which subtype B' (3/5) was the majority. A man who returned from Africa together with his spouse both had type A (2/5) infection. Intravenous drug users (IDUs) took up 31.25% (5/15) of all the HIV infections. Subtype C (2/4) and E were predominant among intravenous drug users. However, there was one IDU with subtype B or E. Nearly all blood recipients and blood donors were B' (4/5) except one with C. There have been several subtypes of HIV-1 existed in Liaoning province, demonstrating the complexity of HIV epidemology in Liaoning province and the difficulty conducting prevention and treatment.

  8. Child Maltreatment among School Children in the Kurdistan Province, Iran

    Stephenson, Rob; Sheikhattari, Payam; Assasi, Nazilla; Eftekhar, Hassan; Zamani, Qasem; Maleki, Bahram; Kiabayan, Hamid


    Objective: This study examines the determinants of three types of child maltreatment: physical maltreatment, mental maltreatment, and child neglect among school children in the Kurdistan Province of Iran. The analysis examines the impact of socioeconomic, familial, demographic, and household dynamic factors on the three child maltreatment…

  9. Identification of mantle plumes in the Emeishan Large Igneous Province

    Yi-Gang Xu; Jifeng Xu; Yue-Jun Wang; Bin He; Xiaolong Huang; Zhenyu Luo; Sun-Lin Chung; Long Xiao; Dan Zhu; Hui Shao; Wei-Ming Fan


    @@ The plume hypothesis has been recently challengedlargely because some fundamental aspects predicted bythe modeling of plumes are found to be lacking in someclassic hotspot regions. This review paper summarizesrecent achievements made in the late Permian Emeishan continental flood basalt province in southwest China.

  10. Textile & Garment Export Situation from five Provinces in Nov


    Guangdong:The Decline Trend of Export Growth Rate Slowered In the first 11 months of 2008,the export of textile and garment in Guangdong province reached 30.8 billion USD,down 19.7%on the same periond of previous

  11. Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (Glomeromycota of soils of the Lubuskie province

    Sławomir Kowalczyk


    Full Text Available In the year 2003, the occurrence of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF of the phylum Glomeromycota in cultivated and uncultivated soils of the Lubuskie province was investigated. The occurrence of AMF was examined based on 56 root and rhizosphere soils collected under 7 species of cultivated and uncultivated plants growing in 28 localities. Spores of AMF were isolated from both field-collected samples and trap cultures. They were revealed in 100% of field soils and 93.8% of trap cultures and represented 7 of the 8 recognized genera of the Glomeromycota. The arbuscular fungi occurring distinctly more frequently in the soil and root samples examined were members of the genus Glomus. The species of AMF most frequently occurring in cultivated soils of the Lubuskie province were G. claroideum, G. constrictum, G. deserticola and G. mosseae, whereas G. claroideum, G. constrictum, G. deserticola, G. mosseae, and S. dipurpurescens were more frequently found in uncultivated sites. The analysis of similarity of the species composition of AMF populations in sites of the Lubuskie province and the Western Pomeranian province earlier examined showed that (1 the occurrence in Poland of most taxa of these fungi detected in the study presented here is even and does not change with time, (2 the communities of AMF area are stable, despite the arduousness resulting from the agricultural and chemical practices conducted, and (3 the species diversity of the plants cultivated in a long period of time has no influence on the species composition of populations of AMF.

  12. From Friendship Provinces to University Teacher/Student Exchange

    Kao-Walter, Sharon; Huang, Yayu


    The establishment of the province friendship between Blekinge (Sweden) and Yunnan (China) has lead to a coperation agreement between two local Universities: Blekinge Institute of Technology and Kunming University of Science and Technology. It leads to the development of the cooperation of two provices in the fields of culture, business and education.

  13. Rice quality in relation to market prices in Yunnan Province

    CHENLijuan; FANXingming


    Factors affecting rice quality and their impacts on market price were investigated in this study. On-farm survey and market survey was undertaken in three selected sites namely Kunruing, Dali, and Xishuangbanna in Yunnan Province, China. Market sampling was conducted to determine important rice quality characteristics.

  14. Economic and nutritional conditions at settlement schemes in Coast Province

    Hoorweg, J.


    This report is concerned with land distribution and rural development and presents the final results of a survey carried out in 1985-1986 in four settlement schemes: Diani and Ukunda in Kwale District and Roka and Mtwapa in Kilifi District, Coast Province, Kenya. In each scheme 100 households were v

  15. Nutritional aspects of rice cultivation in Nyanza province, Kenya

    Niemeijer, R.


    Leiden [etc.] : African Studies Centre [etc.] (FNSP Report, no. 14), p. 156, 1985.Based on a survey conducted in 1984, the authors discuss the nutritional conditions prevailing among farming households engaged in irrigated rice cultivation in the Kano plain, Nyanza Province, Kenya. The survey covere

  16. Large-Scale Survey for Tickborne Bacteria, Khammouan Province, Laos

    Vongphayloth, Khamsing; Vongsouvath, Malavanh; Grandadam, Marc; Brey, Paul T.; Newton, Paul N.; Sutherland, Ian W.; Dittrich, Sabine


    We screened 768 tick pools containing 6,962 ticks from Khammouan Province, Laos, by using quantitative real-time PCR and identified Rickettsia spp., Ehrlichia spp., and Borrelia spp. Sequencing of Rickettsia spp.–positive and Borrelia spp.–positive pools provided evidence for distinct genotypes. Our results identified bacteria with human disease potential in ticks in Laos. PMID:27532491

  17. Cancer epidemiology and trends in Sistan and Baluchestan province, Iran.

    Rafiemanesh, Hosein; Mehtarpoor, Mojtaba; Mohammadian-Hafshejani, Abdollah; Salehiniya, Hamid; Enayatrad, Mostafa; Khazaei, Salman


    Cancer is the second leading cause of death in developing countries. In Iran, cancer is the third cause of death. The present study aimed at providing the incidence rates (crude and agestandardized) of different types of cancers in Sistan and Baluchestan province (Southeastern of Iran). Data were collected retrospectively reviewing all new cancer patients registered in Cancer Registry Center of Health Heputy for Sistan and Baluchestan province. Common cancers were defined based on the number of cases and standardized incidence rates. To compute the annual percentage change (APC), joinpoint software was applied. A total of 3535 cases of cancers registered during 2004-2009 were identified. Of these, 46.82% occurred in females and 53.18% in males. The most frequent cancer in women was breast cancer followed by esophagus, skin, colorectal and leukemia. The 5 most frequent cancers in men were stomach, skin, leukemia, esophagus and bladder. Joinpoint analyze showed a significant increasing trend for adjusted standard incidence rate (ASIR) for both sexes (p<0.05). According to The results of the present study and comparison to previous studies for other provinces in Iran, cancer incidence in Sistan and Baluchistan is less common but trends of cancers are increasing in Sistan and Baluchestan Province. It is necessary to have a comprehensive health policy for prevention and control of this problem.

  18. A biogenic volatile organic compounds emission inventory for Yunnan Province

    WANG Zhi-hui; BAI Yu-hua; ZHANG Shu-yu


    The first detailed inventory for volatile organic compounds(VOC) emissions from vegetation over Yunnan Province, China was presented. The spatially and temporally resolved inventory was developed based on a geographic information system (GIS), remote sensing(RS) data and field measurement data, such as digitized land-use data, normalized difference vegetation index (NDVl) and temperature data from direct real-time measurement. The inventory has a spatial resolution of 5 km × 5 km and a time resolution of 1 h.Urban, agriculture, and natural land-use distributions in Yunnan Province were combined with biomass factors for each land-use category to produce a spatially resolved biomass inventory. A biogenic emission inventory was developed by combining the biomass inventory with hourly emission rates for tree, shrub and ground cover species of the study area. Correcting for environmental factors, including light intensity and temperature, a value of 1.1 × 1012 gC for total annual biogenic VOC emissions from Yunnan Province, including 6.1 × 1011 gCfor isoprene, 2.1 × 1011 gC for monoterpenes, and 2.6 × 1011 gC for OVOC was obtained. The highest VOC emissions occurred in the northwestern, southwestern and north region of Yunnan Province. Some uncertainties were also discussed in this study.

  19. Genotyping Cryptosporidium andersoni in cattle in Shaanxi Province, Northwestern China.

    Guang-Hui Zhao

    Full Text Available The present study examined the prevalence and genotypes of Cryptosporidium andersoni in cattle in Shaanxi province, China. A total of 2071 fecal samples (847 from Qinchuan cattle and 1224 from dairy cattle were examined for the presence of Cryptosporidium oocysts, and 70 samples (3.4% were C. andersoni-positive and those positive samples were identified by PCR amplification of the small subunit ribosomal RNA (SSU rRNA and the Cryptosporidium oocyst wall protein (COWP genes. C. andersoni was the only species found in the examined cattle in this province. Fifty-seven C. andersoni isolates were characterized into 5 MLST subtypes using multilocus sequence typing analysis, including a new subtype in the native beef breed Qinchuan cattle. All of these C. andersoni isolates presented a clonal genetic structure. These findings provide new insights into the genetic structure of C. andersoni isolates in Shaanxi province and basic data of Cryptosporidium prevalence status, which in turn have implications for controlling cryptosporidiosis in this province.

  20. Peste des petits ruminants virus in Heilongjiang province, China, 2014.

    Wang, Jingfei; Wang, Miao; Wang, Shida; Liu, Zaisi; Shen, Nan; Si, Wei; Sun, Gang; Drewe, Julian A; Cai, Xuehui


    During March 25-May 5, 2014, we investigated 11 outbreaks of peste des petits ruminants in Heilongjiang Province, China. We found that the most likely source of the outbreaks was animals from livestock markets in Shandong. Peste des petits ruminants viruses belonging to lineages II and IV were detected in sick animals.