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  1. The Lexicalization Study Mode of Disyllabic Words ---Based on Word Formation of 'Yue Liang'%双音词词汇化研究模式的特点及思考——以“月亮”的成词为例



    The customary mode in disyllabic words study thinks that the ascent and deducing linear of a single word and disyllablization are rhythm factors in the lexicalization of specific words. Based on the reanalysis of the word ' yue liang' (moon) , this study investigates the following ques- tions: the ownership of lexicalization in lexicology, the role of disyllablization in the lexicalization and the relationship between the them, and the research method of Chinese vocabulary evolution. It is a must to examine whether the ascent and deducing linear of a single word is functional, for lexi- calization is a type of word formation, and only a small part of disyllabic words come from lexicaliza- tion. Disyllablization is the prerequisite and fundamental reason of lexicalization, and the research of lexicalization can not completely replace that of disyllablization. Emphasizing the research in a vari- ety of systems fits in with Chinese language , so we should connect lexicalization study with system study to reveal Chinese vocabulary history.%双音词词汇化研究中存在如下模式性的做法和认识:单个词语单线式上溯下推、双音化是具体词语词汇化中的韵律因素。笔者通过对“月亮”成词的再分析,对上述做法、认识及与之紧密相关的三个问题:词汇化在词汇学知识体系中的归属、双音化在词汇化中的作用及两种研究的关系、汉语词汇历史发展演变的研究方式等进行了探讨。并认为词汇化是一种造词法,只有小部分双音词经由词汇化而来,开展单线式上溯下推前要甄别是否适用;双音化是词汇化发生的先决前提和根本原因,词汇化研究不能完全取代双音化研究;重视在各种系统中开展研究的传统符合汉语汉字实际,应把词汇化研究和系统式研究传统有机结合起来,多方位、立体呈现汉语词汇历史发展演变的复杂状貌。

  2. Personage Columm: WU Zhongbi


    Prof. WU Zhongbi was born on March 19th, 1919. His native place is Dingyuan county, Anhui province. He was graduated from the National Tongji Medical College in June, 1945 and was assigned to work at Alma Mater after graduation until now.

  3. The Concept of Wu Xing


    Wu Xing is sometimes translated as Five Elements, but the Wu Xing are chiefly an ancient mnemonic device, hence the preferred translation of "movements", "phases" or "steps" over "elements". By the same token, Mu is thought of as "Tree" rather than "Wood".

  4. Wu Yifang and Ginling College


    ON the 26th of June in 1945, Wu Yifang, the only female member of a nine-person Chinese delegation, signed the United Nations Charter on behalf of the Chinese nation. During her stay in America, Wu Yifang, President of Ginling College in Nanjing made a wonderful speech in fluent English describing the period when Japanese imperialists invaded China,

  5. An Interview with Fan Wu



    Fan Wu grew up on a farm in South China, in the community to where her parents were exiled during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976). Wu moved to the United States in 1997, to attend Stanford University, and she began writing in 2002. She now lives and works in northern California, the United State. February Flowers is her first novel. During her recent book tour in China, she took time to talk to Women of China. Women of China (WOC): What inspired

  6. Ray Wu: united we prevail

    Yigong Shi


    @@ In the morning of Monday, February 11, 2008, I was in-formed of the sad news - Dr. Ray Wu passed away the night before - by Dr. Jun-Lin Guan, then on faculty with Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.

  7. The Paintings of Wu Guanzhong


    WU Guanzhong is the firstChinese painter to exhibithis works at the BritishMuseum in London.Last spring au-diences from England and othercountries praised his works as a mas-terful blend of traditional Chineseand Western elements.His success isdue to his diligent study and crea-tive genius.He expresses Chineseemotions,thoughts and interests inartistic language of the modern artera.

  8. Wu Haiyan’s Fashion Designs


    Wu Haiyan’s series of fashions entitled "In a Period of Great Prosperity" was awarded the gold prize by the first Brother Cup International Young Fashion Designers’ Works in 1993. With modern creative ideas and fashion structure, Wu Haiyan expressed the richness of national costumes by using fabric with a bamboo stripe reminiscent of the

  9. In memory of Dr. Ray Wu



    I want to thank Professor Jiang Chengyu from Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences for inviting me to participate in Ray Wu memorial seminar. Here I only want to write down some of my feelings on my several contacts with Academi-cian Ray Wu.

  10. Alien Wu:A Versatile Activist


    @@ "To promote global cooperation under the new century's trend of globalization,Asians all around the world play an important and irreplaceable role", said Allen Wu, the Chairman of the Asian American Republican National Federation, in his speech when attended "2007 Asian Pacific International Cooperation Conference among CEOs, Governors, and Mayors"and "Global Outsourcing Conference" held in Guangzhou and Tianjin, China.

  11. Ray Wu and the CUSBEA Program

    Xiaocheng Gu


    @@ I first met Dr Ray Wu in the late seventies of the last century, when China was beginning to re-engage with the western world. Deng Xiaoping laid out a bold, ambitious plan for the country to rapidly modernize. To realize this plan, China would need a new kind of work force. The responsibility fell upon the Ministry of Education to find the brightest young minds in China and to dispatch them to "scientifically advanced western countries" for post-graduate studies.

  12. Memories of Ray Wu by a Colleague



    I first met Ray Wu in the spring of 1977 during my inter-view at Cornell where he was the Chair of the Section of Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology. The meeting was brief and unremarkable but it achieved what it was meant to achieve. After I joined the Section of BMCB at Cornell as assistant professor that fall, I soon appreciated that that

  13. Zhang-Wu Directional LMMSE Image Demosaicking

    Pascal Getreuer


    Full Text Available Most digital cameras capture samples through a color filter array. At every pixel location, the camera observes one of either the red, green, or blue component. Demosaicking (or demosaicing is the problem of using this incomplete information to estimate all three color components at every pixel. Zhang and Wu proposed an effective solution to this problem in “Color Demosaicking via Directional Linear Minimum Mean-Square-Error Estimation”.

  14. Ray Wu and the CUSBEA Program


    I first met Dr Ray Wu in the late seventies of the last century, when China was beginning to re-engage with the western world. Deng Xiaoping laid out a bold, ambitious plan for the country to rapidly modernize. To realize this plan, China would need a new kind of work force. The responsi-bility fell upon the Ministry of Education to find the brightest young minds in China and to dispatch them to "scientifically advanced western countries" for post-graduate studies.

  15. Analysis of astronomical records of King Wu's Conquest


    All related astronomical records of King Wu's Conquest have been searched and analysed comprehensively. Constrained by the newest conclusions of archeology, philology and history in the Xia-Shang-Zhou Chronology Project and based mainly on dates in Wucheng, Jupiter's position in Guoyu and information on the season, our first choice of the date of King Wu's Conquest is Jun. 20, BC1046. This conclusion explains properly most relevant literature.

  16. 燃料棒破损超声检测技术研究%YIN Zhen-guo,WANG Hua-cai,LIU Xin-yue,LIANG Zheng-qiang

    殷振国; 王华才; 刘歆粤; 梁政强


    Single‐and pair‐wafer ultrasonic probes were developed .Through the study on the change of ultrasonic signal during fuel rod failure ,the detection method and pat‐tern of probe were determined .The results show that fuel rod failure can be identified through the difference of ultrasonic echo amplitude on the acoustic range of 15‐20 mm . Compared with single‐wafer probe ,pair‐wafer probe can detect the fuel rod failure more easily ,and can effectively detect the minimum amount of water with 0.2 mL .%研制了单探头和双晶片探头两种类型超声探头,通过对模拟燃料棒破损前后超声信号变化规律的研究,确定了超声检测探头的型式及检测方法。研究结果表明,可通过15~20 mm声程范围内超声回波幅度的差异来判定燃料棒是否破损;与单探头相比,所研制的双晶片探头更适用于燃料棒破损超声检测,该双晶片探头能有效分辨的燃料棒内的最小水量为0.2 mL。

  17. [The essence of Professor Wu Lian-Zhong's acupuncture manipulation].

    Liu, Jing; Guo, Yi; Wu, Lian-Zhong


    The painless needle insertion technique, summarized by Professor WU Lian-zhong during his decades of acupuncture clinical practice is introduced in this article, which is characterized as soft, flexible, fast, plucking and activating antipathogenic qi. The Sancai (three layers) lifting and thrusting manipulation technique is adopted by Professor WU for getting the qi sensation. And features of 10 kinds of needling sensation such as soreness, numbness, heaviness, distension, pain, cold, hot, radiation, jumping and contracture are summarized. Finger force, amplitude, speed and time length are also taken as the basis of reinforcing and reducing manipulations. Moreover, examples are also given to explain the needling technique on some specific points which further embodies Professor WU's unique experiences and understandings on acupuncture.

  18. A mild source for the Wu-Yang magnetic monopole

    Constantinidis, C P; Luchini, G


    We establish that the Wu-Yang monopole needs the introduction of a magnetic point source at the origin in order for it to be a solution of the integral equations for the Yang-Mills theory. That result is corroborated by the analysis of the differential Yang-Mills equations using distribution theory. The subtlety lies on the fact that with the non-vanishing magnetic point source required by the Yang-Mills integral equations, the Wu-Yang monopole configuration does not violate, in the sense of distribution theory, the differential Bianchi identity.

  19. [In memory of Dr. Lien-teh Wu].

    Zhao, P


    Based on materials dealing with early medical activities of Mr. Lien-teh Wu, this paper gives a description to his contribution to modern medical course in China. For examples, he inaugurated the Chinese Medical Journal both in Chinese and English within the same issue, which is the first of its kind in the history of Chinese journals. Moreover, Mr. Wu was also the first to establish modern hospital, port quarantine, banning drug abuse, and many others. He also advocated medical education, gave special attention to traditional medical morality and mottoes. He made substantial medical writing as well. He was a great contributor to the development of China's medicine.


    Ren Xin'an; Wang Shikun; WU Ke


    In this article, we discuss nonsymmetric solutions of the colored Yang-Baxter equation dependent on spectral as well as colored parameters and give all seven-vertex solutions by Wu's method. It is also proved that the solutions are composed of six groups of basic solutions up to five solution transformations. Moreover, all solutions can be classified into two categories called Baxter type and free-fermion type.

  1. Polyomaviruses KI and WU in immunocompromised patients with respiratory disease.

    Mourez, Thomas; Bergeron, Anne; Ribaud, Patricia; Scieux, Catherine; de Latour, Régis Peffault; Tazi, Abdellatif; Socié, Gérard; Simon, François; LeGoff, Jérôme


    Polyomaviruses KI (KIPyV) and WU (WUPyV) were recently identified, mainly in respiratory specimens from children. Among 200 patients with respiratory disorders admitted to Saint Louis Hospital, Paris, France, KIPyV was detected in 8% and WUPyV in 1%. KIPyV was significantly more frequent among human stem cell transplant patients (17.8% vs. 5.1%; p = 0.01).

  2. WU Liangyong:A Great Conductor of "Symphony of Concrete"


    <正> From ancient times to the present, Jiangnan (the region south of the Yangtze River) has been the breeding ground for great talents. While visitors are enchanted by the flamboyance of the decorated boats paddled down the Qinhuai River amidst lantern lights and music played on flutes and drums, countless refined scholars and artists have emerged from this very place.Mr. WU Liangyong, Professor at Tsinghua

  3. Towards a Collective Intelligence: Transmediality and the Wu Ming Project

    Melina Anne Masterson


    Full Text Available Dagli albori della Seconda Repubblica in Italia,  le strategie di dominio sui mass media dell’ex premier Silvio Berlusconi hanno avuto un effetto considerevole sull’immaginario culturale italiano. In un approccio multisensoriale e multimediale alla scrittura, il collettivo Wu Ming mette in questione i paradigmi culturali che negli ultimi venti anni sono diventati egemonici. L’esperienza di un romanzo dei Wu Ming va ben oltre la parola stampata poiché cerca di stimolare tutti i cinque sensi per arricchire il modo in cui il lettore vive quello che c’è sulla pagina, dimostrando esempi chiari della «convergence culture» coniata da Henry Jenkins. Questo saggio esamina l’interazione tra parola e immagine messa in atto dal collettivo tramite il sito Pinterest e illustra come questo aspetto del loro progetto rappresenti un microcosmo di un approccio complessivo alla creazione estetica e alla pratica culturale. Inoltre, questo saggio descrive in che modo il processo collettivo di consumo portato avanti dai Wu Ming contribuisca alla formazione delle «communities of sentiment» di Arjun Appadurai e alla «intelligenza collettiva» di Jenkins. Queste sono formazioni che rivitalizzano il concetto di cultura popolare per la nostra epoca digitale e offrono un’alternativa ad un immaginario culturale italiano sovra-determinato dalle pratiche del Berlusconismo.

  4. Wu Jinglian:No Timetable for RMB Appreciation


    @@ Professor Wu Jinglian recalled the changes of Renminbi exchange rate mechanism and analyzed that before 1994, China had a multi-exchange rate, such as official price and adjustable price, sometimes leading a higher evaluation of Renminbi. Since 1994, China has had a strict control floating exchange rate. After the financial crisis in Southeast Asia, China's neighboring countries as well as the US appealed for non-depreciation of Renminbi.China accepted the appeal and kept a steady exchange rate of Renminbi,which contributed to the economic resurgence of Asia and world.

  5. Wu Jinglian:No Timetable for RMB Appreciation


      Professor Wu Jinglian recalled the changes of Renminbi exchange rate mechanism and analyzed that before 1994, China had a multi-exchange rate, such as official price and adjustable price, sometimes leading a higher evaluation of Renminbi. Since 1994, China has had a strict control floating exchange rate. After the financial crisis in Southeast Asia, China's neighboring countries as well as the US appealed for non-depreciation of Renminbi.China accepted the appeal and kept a steady exchange rate of Renminbi,which contributed to the economic resurgence of Asia and world.……

  6. [Qualitative analysis of chemical constituents in Si-Wu Decoction based on TCM component database].

    Wang, Zhen-fang; Zhao, Yang; Fan, Zi-quan; Kang, Li-ping; Qiao, Li-rui; Zhang, Jie; Gao, Yue; Ma, Bai-ping


    In order to clarify the chemical constituents of Si-Wu Decoction rapidly and holistically, we analyzed the ethanol extract of Si-Wu Decoction by UPLC/Q-TOF-MSE and UNIFI which based on traditional Chinese medicine database, the probable structures of 113 compounds were identified. The results show that this method can rapidly and effectively characterize the chemical compounds of Si-Wu Decoction and provide a new solution for identification of components from complex TCM extract.

  7. Topological field theories on manifolds with Wu structures

    Monnier, Samuel

    We construct invertible field theories generalizing abelian prequantum spin Chern-Simons theory to manifolds of dimension 4ℓ + 3 endowed with a Wu structure of degree 2ℓ + 2. After analyzing the anomalies of a certain discrete symmetry, we gauge it, producing topological field theories whose path integral reduces to a finite sum, akin to Dijkgraaf-Witten theories. We take a general point of view where the Chern-Simons gauge group and its couplings are encoded in a local system of integral lattices. The Lagrangian of these theories has to be interpreted as a class in a generalized cohomology theory in order to obtain a gauge invariant action. We develop a computationally friendly cochain model for this generalized cohomology and use it in a detailed study of the properties of the Wu Chern-Simons action. In the 3-dimensional spin case, the latter provides a definition of the “fermionic correction” introduced recently in the literature on fermionic symmetry protected topological phases. In order to construct the state space of the gauged theories, we develop an analogue of geometric quantization for finite abelian groups endowed with a skew-symmetric pairing. The physical motivation for this work comes from the fact that in the ℓ = 1 case, the gauged 7-dimensional topological field theories constructed here are essentially the anomaly field theories of the 6-dimensional conformal field theories with (2, 0) supersymmetry, as will be discussed elsewhere.

  8. Topological field theories on manifolds with Wu structures

    Monnier, Samuel


    We construct invertible field theories generalizing abelian prequantum spin Chern-Simons theory to manifolds of dimension 4k+3 endowed with a Wu structure of degree 2k+2. After analysing the anomalies of a certain discrete symmetry, we gauge it, producing topological field theories whose path integral reduces to a finite sum, akin to Dijkgraaf-Witten theories. We take a general point of view where the Chern-Simons gauge group and its couplings are encoded in a local system of integral lattices. The Lagrangian of these theories has to be interpreted as a class in a generalized cohomology theory in order to obtain a gauge invariant action. We develop a computationally friendly cochain model for this generalized cohomology and use it in a detailed study of the properties of the Wu Chern-Simons action. In the three-dimensional spin case, the latter provides a definition of the "fermionic correction" introduced recently in the literature on fermionic symmetry protected topological phases. In order to construct the...

  9. On resolution to Wu's conjecture on Cauchy function's exterior singularities

    Theodore Yaotsu Wu


    This is a series of studies on Wu's conjecture and on its resolution to be presented herein. Both are devoted to expound all the comprehensive properties of Cauchy's function f(z) (z = x + iy) and its integral J[∫(z)] = (2πi)-1 φ f(t)(t - z)-1dt taken along the unit circle as contour C, inside which (the open domain D+)f(z) is regular but has singularities distributed in open domain Doutside C. Resolution is given to the inverse problem that the singularities of f(z) can be determined in analytical form in terms of the values f(t) of f(z) numerically prescribed on C (|t| = 1), as so enunciated by Wu's conjecture. The case of a single singularity is solved using complex algebra and analysis to acquire the solution structure for a standard reference. Multiple singularities are resolved by reducing them to a single one by elimination in principle, for which purpose a general asymptotic method is developed here for resolution to the conjecture by induction, and essential singularities aretreated with employing the generalized Hilbert transforms.These new methods are applicable to relevant problems in mathematics, engineering and technology in analogy with resolving the inverse problem presented here.

  10. Topologically Massive Gauge Theory: Wu-Yang Type Solutions

    Saygili, K


    We discuss euclidean topologically massive Wu-Yang type solutions of the Maxwell-Chern-Simons and the Yang-Mills-Chern-Simons theories. The most distinctive feature of these solutions is the existence of a natural scale of length which is determined by the topological mass. The topological mass is proportional to the square of the gauge coupling constant. We find the non-abelian solution by a SU(2) gauge transformation of the abelian magnetic monopole type solution. In the topologically massive electrodynamics the field strength locally determines the gauge potential modulo a closed term via the self-duality equation. We present the Hopf map including the topological mass. The Wu-Yang construction is based on patching up the local potentials by means of a gauge transformation which can be expressed in terms of the magnetic or the electric charges. We also discuss solutions with different first Chern numbers. There exists a fundamental scale of length over which the gauge function is single-valued and periodic...

  11. Experimental validation of Tsai-Wu failure criteria



    Full Text Available The paper continues recent research of the authors, consisting in experimental determination of Tsai-Wu failure criteria coefficients as well as criteria validation considering a certain composite. The tested composite, polyester resin reinforced with 1x1 fiber glass fabric was in house manufactured by using VARTM technology. Both elastic and ultimate tests were performed in order to define the constitutive equation of the composite and the ultimate answer under complex loading cases. Special test procedures were considered in order to realize a definite complex plane stress state where the components of stress tensor were clear known until the failure moments. The specimens subjected to the tests were flat and cylindrical ones.

  12. Spatial geometry and the Wu-Yang ambiguity

    Freedman, D.Z. [European Organization for Nuclear Research, Geneva (Switzerland). Theory Div.; Khuri, R.R. [European Organization for Nuclear Research, Geneva (Switzerland). Theory Div.


    We display continuous families of SU(2) vector potentials A{sup a}{sub i}(x) in 3 space dimensions which generate the same magnetic field B{sup ai}(x) (with det B {ne} 0). These Wu-Yang families are obtained from the Einstein equation R{sub ij} = -2G{sub ij} derived recently via a local map of the gauge field system into a spatial geometry with 2-tensor G{sub ij} = B{sup a}{sub i}B{sup a}{sub j} det B and connection {Gamma}{sup i}{sub jk} with torsion defined from gauge covariant derivatives of B. (orig.)

  13. Mr. Wu Yaowen Answers Questions About Sino-Foreign Cooperation of Chinese Onshore Oil Industry

    Luo Pu


    @@ The reporter interviewed Mr. Wu Yaowen on June 21, 1994. Mr. Wu, former director of the Department of Energy of State Planning Commission, was transferred to CNPC two months ago to form the International Cooperation Bureau (ICB)and act as director of ICB and president of China National Oil & Gas Exploration and Development Corporation (CNODC).

  14. Governing Civil Service Pay in China, by Alfred M. Wu. Copenhagen: NIAS Press, 2014. xvi+236 pp

    Brødsgaard, Kjeld Erik


    Book review of: Governing Civil Service Pay in China by Alfred M. Wu. Copenhagen: NIAS Press, 2014.......Book review of: Governing Civil Service Pay in China by Alfred M. Wu. Copenhagen: NIAS Press, 2014....

  15. One Yin-Yang Wu-Xing Model of TCM

    陈树新; 张文然


    Although Yin-Yang Wu-Xing (Yin-Yang and Five-Elements, subsystems of human body) has been the theoretical basis of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for more than 5 000 years, it has been primarily analytical or empirical in nature without a formal scientific foundation. Based on bipolar set theory, an equilibrium/non-equilibrium computational model of Yin-Yang Wu-Xing is proposed. The Yin-Yang Wu-Xing dynamical systems are formulated so that equilibrium and non-equilibrium conditions can be established and proved. Computer simulations of equilibrium and non-equilibrium processes show that this new approach can provide diagnostic decision support in TCM. Thus, this equilibrium-based approach provides a unique scientific basis for future research in TCM, Qi (vital energy), QiGong, Meridians and Collaterals (acupuncture channels) and herbal treatment. On the other hand, it provides a basic Yin-Yang cellular network architecture for modem scientific research in genomics such that regulation mechanisms of the ubiquitous YY1 protein for cell processes can be explained.%尽管5000多年来阴阳五行说(即阴阳和五种元素一人体的子系统)一直是传统中医的理论基础,但本质上阴阳五行说主要来自于人们的日常分析和经验,缺乏正规的科学依据.我们基于两极学说提出了一种阴阳五行的均衡/非均衡计算模型.文中我们阐述了该阴FEI_E行动态系统,以便于构建和验证均衡和非均衡条件.计算机模拟均衡和非均衡序列的实验表明,这种新方法可以给传统中医提供诊断决策支持.因此,这种基于均衡的方法给传统中医、气(生命力)、气功、经络(针刺通道)、草药医疗等领域未来的研究工作提供了唯一的科学依据.同时,该方法还为现代基因组学的科研工作提供了一个基本的阴阳细胞网络架构,这样的话人们就可以解释细胞序列中普遍存在YYl蛋白质的常规机理了.

  16. Utopian Registers of the New Italian Epic. Wu Ming and the Socially-Symbolic Act

    Kevin Potter


    Full Text Available Registri utopistici della New Italian Epic. Wu Ming e l’atto socialmente simbolicoWu Ming, un collettivo di scrittori fondato nel 2000, cerca di promuovere l’impegno collettivo e la rivoluzione sociale attraverso una ‘mitopoiesi di base’. Costruendo miti che riflettono i problemi e le contraddizioni dell’attuale società italiana, Wu Ming crea una coscienza unificatrice attraverso un’esperienza e un’identità condivise. Creando nuovi eroi popolari, interrogando la storia e resistendo alle visioni dominanti del sistema sociale, Wu Ming si impegna dunque in una mitopoiesi della resistenza politica. L’opera di scrittura politica e di mitopoiesi del gruppo produce quella che Jameson definisce un ‘atto socialmente simbolico’. In The Political Unconscious Jameson suggerisce che tutta la letteratura debba essere letta come ‘una meditazione simbolica sul destino di una comunità’, e che la forma narrativa e simbolica inventa ‘soluzioni’ immaginarie a contraddizioni sociali. Basandosi sulla prospettiva marxista di Jameson, il presente contributo analizza un racconto di Wu Ming, ‘I trecento boscaioli dell’imperatore’. Attraverso questa storia, e con una più ampia analisi dell’operato di Wu Ming, si sostiene che questa culmini in un atto socialmente simbolico. Le storie create da Wu Ming riflettono sul destino dell’oppressa comunità italiana che il collettivo di scrittori rappresenta, rendendo possibile una ‘compensazione utopica’ all’interno dei confini narrativi.

  17. Chien-Shiung Wu: An Icon of Physicist and Woman Scientist in China

    Zhu, Yuelin


    Chien-Shiung Wu, the first female president of APS, is a well-known figure in China, a figure who serves as an inspiration for youths, especially young women, to study science and particularly physics. In this presentation, a historical perspective will be used to show how such an icon was formed. Born in 1912, the year of the Republic Revolution, Wu was in the first generation of physicists in China and her college mentor was a student of Marie Curie. When Wu came to the U.S. for graduate studies in the 1930s, it was a ``golden age'' for nuclear physics, and the invention of the cyclotron by E. O. Lawrence put UC Berkeley at the frontier. Wu was trained there, with Lawrence as her advisor, and later became an expert in Beta-decay. In 1956, Wu conceived and initiated the experiment of Cobalt-60, which, together with other two experiments, eventually proved the asymmetry of parity in weak-interactions, a hypothesis proposed by T. D. Lee and C. N. Yang. The importance of the experiment gained Wu an enormous reputation which spread even to China, when this was a period of hostility in Sino-American relations, and near total isolation due to the Cold-War. Wu was the daughter of a revolutionary, and an activist in college in patriotic student movements, and she combined this background with her scientific career as the way of ``Saving China with Science,'' a common belief reflecting the Zeitgeist of her time. Although she spent most of her life in the U.S., Wu never wavered in her love for or loyalty to her motherland. Her patriotism, as well as her scientific achievement, made Wu a legend in China, being called ``the Chinese Madam Curie.'' Even during the Cultural Revolution, a novel supposedly taking Wu as the original model was very popular in underground circles, widely spread by hand-written-copies. From 1979-1988, the CUSPEA program enrolled hundreds of China's best graduate students into physics departments in American universities. Although Wu herself was not

  18. Effect of healthy Qigong “WuQinXi” exercise on peripheral blood T ...



    Jul 19, 2010 ... Moreover, the effect was better in female practitioners than male ones. This data suggest that “WuQinXi” exercise may improve immunity function of elderly practitioners. .... practitioners exhibit smaller increases in the index of.

  19. For Our founding father of ABRC, Prof. Ray Wu (1928-2008)

    Ning-Sun Yang; Chun-Wen Lan


    @@ Dr. Ray Wu, the Liberty Hyde Bailey Professor of Molecular Biology and Genetics at Comell University, passed away on Sunday, February 10, 2008, at the age of 79. Dr. Wu was a pioneer in DNA sequencing and recombinant DNA technology, a renowned scientist in rice genetic engineering, a strong and tong time advocate for scientific research and education in Chinese Taipei and Chinese Mainland, and most of all, a genuine mentor and true friend to many of us, worldwide and at ABRC.

  20. Wu Mart Lands Hong Kong:A Hint to Mainland Retailers


    One of the biggest chain supermarkets in Beijing——Wu Mart Group Co., Ltd. has been listed on Growth Enterprise Market of Hong Kong as the new share with most funds.The opening offer of the stock is HK$8 which is up 29% of the IPO HK$ 6.22. On the contrary to Bear Market in mainland, Wu Mart stock has been the favor of Hong Kong market that give morc confidence to mainland retailers.

  1. [Clinical study on professor Wu Lian-zhong's experience in acupuncture treatment for facial paralysis].

    Tang, Yan; Zheng, Li-juan; Yin, Li-li


    This paper introduce the professor WU Lian-zhong's clinical experience in acupuncture treatment for facial paralysis. Professor WU emphasizes the treatment based on syndrome differentiation. The appropriate theory, method, prescription and acupoints should be applied according to observing the subtle details of syndromes and differentiating the state of diseases development, so as to obtain effectiveness, to shorten the duration of treatment course and to reduce sequelae. The concrete methods of prognosis diagnosis for facial paralysis and three effective cases are introduced.

  2. Lattice models and integrability: a special issue in honour of F Y Wu

    Guttmann, A. J.; Jacobsen, J. L.


    Fa Yueh (Fred) Wu was born on 5 January 1932 in Nanking (now known as Nanjing), China, the capital of the Nationalist government. Wu began kindergarten in 1937 in a comfortable setting, as his father held a relatively high government position. But the Sino-Japanese war broke out in July 1937, and Nanking fell to Japanese hands in November. Fleeing the Japanese, his parents brought Wu to their hometown in Hunan, and then to the war capital Chungking (now Chongqing) in 1938, where they lived for eight years until the end of the war. Around that time the Japanese began bombing Chungking, and Wu's childhood memories were dominated by air raids, bombings and burning not dissimilar to those experienced by Londoners during the war. At times the air raids lasted for days disrupting everyday lives in Chungking, including Wu's schooling. One day during a fierce bombing raid, a bomb fell in their garden reducing a pavilion and the surrounding pond to a huge crater; another bomb fell just a few metres from the tunnel where his family took shelter, almost sealing the only entrance. The family moved the very next day to the countryside. As a result of the war, Wu attended seven schools before finishing his primary education. Fortunately, by the time he entered junior high school in 1943, the Japanese forces were on the wane and Wu entered the elite middle school, Nankai. His early academic performance in Nankai seemed to him mediocre, but he nevertheless impressed his geometry teacher by showing bursts of talent. With hindsight, this early interest in geometry may have led to his later insights in graphical analyses of statistical systems. The family returned to Nanking in 1946 after the Victory over Japan Day. By this time his father had become elected to the Legislative Yuan, the equivalent of the US Senate. Wu entered high school in Nanking in 1946. Since he came from an elite school in Chungking, he excelled in most of his classes, especially mathematics. Notwithstanding his

  3. 吴地剑舞考%The Generation of Sword Dance of Wu

    符姗姗; 罗莉莎


    As one of the important carrier of Wu culture,the sword dance is featured by traditional Chi-nese culture.This article discusses the generation of Sword Dance of Wu driven by the Wu cultural and its relevance with Wu culture;describes the development of sword dance in the period of stable development, the period of great prosperity,in multi-cultural period and contemporary era;demonstrates in detail the performances and performance style of sword dance in Tang Dynasty;and finally sums up the culture fea-tures and rules of development of sword dance,It has meaningful reference for historical research on the sword dance of Wu.%作为吴地文化的重要载体之一,剑舞具有其独特的中国传统文化特色。论述了吴文化背景推动下吴地剑舞的产生过程及其与吴文化的历史关联,阐述了剑舞在平稳发展期、鼎盛时期、多元融合期以及当代发展时期的不同状态,详细论述了剑舞在唐代的表演形式和表演风格,总结了剑舞的文化特色和发展规律。

  4. 吴澄论"心"%Wu Cheng's Theory on Xin



    Moral nature theory is the core of Neo-Confucianism. Wu Cheng is a famous philosopher of Yuan Dynasty. His thought on moral nature theory is complex and grand. In order to understand correctly content and significance of Xin, Wu Cheng stud-ied on Xin from three aspects as follows. First, Wu Cheng proposed Mind Is Great, Wu Cheng analyzed the three basic meaning of Xin, which is thinking, dominating, and having moral attribute. Then Wu Cheng elucidated the moral attribute of Xin, combining the idea of "Mind Is Humanity" in his theory. Finally, Wu Cheng set forth the abundant signification in Xin and Tao to clarify the misun-derstanding of Xin and put the school of Xin into Confucian orthodoxy on the basis of Mind Contains Tao.%元代理学家吴澄的心性论内容丰富,寓意深远. 吴澄从心能弘、心即仁及心具道三方面,结合"仁"、"道"、"理"等重要范畴对心性之可能及其形上根据进行充分论述,并以"弘"强调主体的道德自觉在心性之动态展开与现实呈现过程中的重要性. 吴澄以"弘"统贯心的三种基本含义(即知觉之义、主宰之义以及道德之义),并以"仁"为本心之全德. 在此基础上,吴澄通过对"心"的辨析疏理,为心学正名,将心学纳入儒家道统,体现了其弘扬心性的治学取向.

  5. Applications of interval arithmetic in solving polynomial equations by Wu's elimination method

    CHEN; Falai; YANG; Wu


    Wu's elimination method is an important method for solving multivariate polynomial equations. In this paper, we apply interval arithmetic to Wu's method and convert the problem of solving polynomial equations into that of solving interval polynomial equations. Parallel results such as zero-decomposition theorem are obtained for interval polynomial equations. The advantages of the new approach are two-folds: First, the problem of the numerical instability arisen from floating-point arithmetic is largely overcome. Second,the low efficiency of the algorithm caused by large intermediate coefficients introduced by exact compaction is dramatically improved. Some examples are provided to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm.

  6. The Hintermann-Merlini-Baxter-Wu and the infinite-coupling-limit Ashkin-Teller models

    Huang Yuan, E-mail: [Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at Microscale and Department of Modern Physics, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui 230026 (China); Deng Youjin, E-mail: [Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at Microscale and Department of Modern Physics, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui 230026 (China); Jacobsen, Jesper Lykke, E-mail: [Laboratoire de Physique Theorique, Ecole Normale Superieure, 24 rue Lhomond, 75231 Paris (France); Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, 4 place Jussieu, 75252 Paris (France); Salas, Jesus, E-mail: [Grupo de Modelizacion, Simulacion Numerica y Matematica Industrial, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Avda. de la Universidad 30, 28911 Leganes (Spain); Grupo de Teorias de Campos y Fisica Estadistica, Instituto Gregorio Millan, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Unidad asociada al IEM-CSIC, Madrid (Spain)


    We show how the Hintermann-Merlini-Baxter-Wu model (which is a generalization of the well-known Baxter-Wu model to a general Eulerian triangulation) can be mapped onto a particular infinite-coupling-limit of the Ashkin-Teller model. We work out some mappings among these models, also including the standard and mixed Ashkin-Teller models. Finally, we compute the phase diagram of the infinite-coupling-limit Ashkin-Teller model on the square, triangular, hexagonal, and kagome lattices.

  7. For Our founding father of ABRC,Prof. Ray Wu (1928—2008)


    Dr. Ray Wu, the Liberty Hyde Bailey Professor of Mo-lecular Biology and Genetics at Cornell University, passed away on Sunday, February 10, 2008, at the age of 79. Dr. Wu was a pioneer in DNA sequencing and recombinant DNA technology, a renowned scientist in rice genetic engi-neering, a strong and long time advocate for scientific re-search and education in Chinese Taipei and Chinese Mainland, and most of all, a genuine mentor and true friend to many of us, worldwide and at ABRC.

  8. Whole-genome characterization and genotyping of global WU polyomavirus strains

    Bialasiewicz, Seweryn; Rockett, Rebecca; Whiley, David W.; Abed, Yacine; Allander, Tobias; Binks, Michael; Boivin, Guy; Cheng, Allen C.; Chung, Ju-Young; Ferguson, Patricia E.; Gilroy, Nicole M.; Leach, Amanda J.; Lindau, Cecilia; Rossen, John W.; Sorrell, Tania C.; Nissen, Michael D.; Sloots, Theo P.


    Exploration of the genetic diversity of WU polyomavirus (WUV) has been limited in terms of the specimen numbers and particularly the sizes of the genomic fragments analyzed. Using whole-genome sequencing of 48 WUV strains collected in four continents over a 5-year period and 16 publicly available wh

  9. Critical behavior of the spin-$1/2$ Baxter-Wu model: Entropic sampling simulations

    Jorge, L N; Caparica, A A


    In this work we use a refined entropic sampling technique based on the Wang-Landau method to study the spin-$1/2$ Baxter-Wu model. The static critical exponents were determined as $\\alpha=0.6545(68)$, $\\beta=0.0818(30)$, $\\gamma=1.18193(77)$, and $\

  10. WU Polyomavirus in Respiratory Epithelial Cells from Lung Transplant Patient with Job Syndrome

    Siebrasse, Erica A.; Pastrana, Diana V.; Nguyen, Nang L.; Wang, Annie; Roth, Mark J.; Holland, Steven M.; Freeman, Alexandra F.; McDyer, John; Buck, Christopher B.


    We detected WU polyomavirus (WUPyV) in a bronchoalveolar lavage sample from lungs transplanted into a recipient with Job syndrome by using immunoassays specific for the WUPyV viral protein 1. Co-staining for an epithelial cell marker identified most WUPyV viral protein 1–positive cells as respiratory epithelial cells. PMID:25531075

  11. International Civil Aviation Co-operation Reinforced Wu Nianzu attends Asia Aviation Exhibition


    <正>Wu Nianzu, chairman and president of the Shanghai Airport (Group) Company, was invited by Huang Wenliang, director of Singapore Civil Aviation Administration, to attend 2004 Asia Aviation Exhibition held in Singapore on February 22 to 28. His party included Wang Guangdi, vice president of the company.They attended the opening ceremony, visited the

  12. Ray Wu, Cornell's acclaimed pioneer of genetic engineering and developer of insect-resistant rice


    @@ ITHACA, N.Y. - Ray J. Wu, Comell University professor of molecular biology and genetics, who was widely recognized as one of the fathers of genetic engineering and who developed and sought to feed the world with a higher yielding rice that resists insects and drought, died of cardiac arrest in Ithaca, Feb. 10.

  13. Production of keratinolytic enzyme by an indigenous feather-degrading strain Bacillus cereus Wu2.

    Lo, Wei-Hsun; Too, Jui-Rze; Wu, Jane-Yii


    A novel feather-degrading microorganism was isolated from a poultry farm in Taiwan, and was identified Bacillus cereus Wu2 according to 16S rRNA sequencing. The isolated strain produces keratinolytic enzyme using chicken feather as the sole carbon and nitrogen source. The experimental results indicated that the extra carbon sources (glucose, fructose, starch, sucrose, or lactose) could act as a catabolite repressor to the enzyme secretion or keratinolytic activity when keratinous substrates were employed as protein sources. However, addition of 2 g/L of NH(4)Cl to the feather medium increased the enzyme production. The optimum temperature and initial pH for enzyme production were 30°C and 7.0, respectively. The maximum yield of the enzyme was 1.75 kU/mL in the optimal chicken feather medium; this value was about 17-fold higher than the yield in the basal hair medium. The B. cereus Wu2 possessed disulfide reductase activity along with keratinolytic activity. The amino acid contents of feathers degradated by B. cereus Wu2 were higher, especially for lysine, methionine and threonine which were nutritionally essential amino acids and usually deficient in the feather meal. Thus, B. cereus Wu2 could be not only used to enhance the nutritional value of feather meal but is also a potential bioinoculant in agricultural environments.

  14. [Professor Wu Bing-huang's experiences in acupuncture treatment of facial paralysis].

    Huang, Dong-e; Wu, Qiang; Chen, Chuan-jiang


    Professor WU Bing-huang's unique experiences in acupuncture treatment of facial paralysis are introduced. He excellently uses anatomical and pathological knowledge of facial nerves, selecting acupoints according to nervous distribution, selecting needling methods according to the nervous trend, selecting acupuncture stimulation amount according to pathological changes and judging prognosis according to affected position.

  15. On the de Rham-Wu decomposition for Riemannian and Lorentzian manifolds

    Galaev, Anton S


    It is explained how to find the de~Rham decomposition of a Riemannian manifold and the Wu decomposition of a Lorentzian manifold. For that it is enough to find parallel symmetric bilinear forms on the manifold, and do some linear algebra. This result will allow to compute the connected holonomy group of an arbitrary Riemannian or Lorentzian manifold.

  16. Wu-Manber Multi-pattern Matching Algorithm Based on CUDA%基于CUDA的Wu-Manber多模式匹配算法

    马计; 王国平; 杨明


    Multi-pattern matching is a basic problem in computer science and used in many fields,in some cases,also the most time-consuming. GPU has more parallel computing capabilities than the CPU. With the introduction of CUD A,GPU computing for general purpose parallel programming becomes easier. This paper proposes Wu-Manber multi-pattern matching algorithm based on the CUD A,and evaluating the implementations we have achieved speedups up to 10 faster than the sequential implementations.%多模式匹配是计算机科学中最基本的问题,其应用在许多领域,在一些情形下也是比较耗时的.GPU拥有比CPU更强的并行计算能力,随着CUDA架构的推出,GPU用于通用计算领域的并行编程工作变得更加轻松.实现了基于CUDA架构的Wu-Manber多模式匹配算法,实验结果表明,相比传统串行算法而言,本文的实现获得了10倍以上的加速.

  17. [Professor WU Xu's clinical experiences on acupuncture for acute upper abdominal pain].

    Wu, Xiao-Liang; Lu, Bin; Sun, Jian-Hua; Ai, Bing-Wei; Bao, Chao; Wu, Wen-Zhong; Li, Jian-Bing; Liu, Lan-Ying; Wu, Wen-Yun; Pei, Li-Xia; Zhou, Jun-Ling; Li, Yan-Cai; Qin, Shan


    The clinical experiences and proven cases of distinguished doctor of TCM, professor WU Xu, on acupuncture for acute upper abdominal pain is introduced. Professor WU's manipulation characteristics of acupuncture for acute upper abdominal pain, including acute cholecystitis, kidney stone, acute stomach pain, are one-hand shape but both hands in nature, moving like Tai Chi, force on the tip of needle, movement of qi mainly. The main technique posture is one-hand holding needle with middle finger for pressing, the needle is hold by thumb and index finger, and is assisted by middle finger. The special acupuncture experience of emergency is treatment according to syndrome differentiation, combination of acupuncture and moxibustion, selecting acupoint based on experience, blood-letting acupuncture therapy and so on.

  18. Ray Wu's Golden Rules: How he achieved greatness in work, and in life

    Albert W.Wu; Christina C.Wu; Diana K.Sugg


    @@ Overview When Ray Wu passed away on February 10, 2008, he was 79, working full-time in his lab at Cornell University, and was at or near the top of his long and noteworthy career. He had developed the first method for DNA sequencing and pioneered recombinant DNA technology. He had identified key genes related to stress tolerance in plants and was poised to apply these to boost crop yields of rice and other foods.

  19. KI and WU polyomaviruses and CD4+ cell counts in HIV-1-infected patients, Italy.

    Babakir-Mina, Muhammed; Ciccozzi, Massimo; Farchi, Francesca; Bergallo, Massimiliano; Cavallo, Rossana; Adorno, Gaspare; Perno, Carlo Federico; Ciotti, Marco


    To investigate an association between KI and WU polyomavirus (KIPyV and WUPyV) infections and CD4+ cell counts, we tested HIV-1-positive patients and blood donors. No association was found between cell counts and virus infections in HIV-1-positive patients. Frequency of KIPyV infection was similar for both groups. WUPyV was more frequent in HIV-1-positive patients.

  20. Madame Wu Chien-Shiung the first lady of physics research

    Chiang, Tsai-Chien


    Narrating the well-lived life of the "Chinese Madame Curie" - a recipient of the first Wolf Prize in Physics (1978), the first woman to receive an honorary doctorate from Princeton University, as well as the first female president of the American Physics Society - this book provides a comprehensive and honest account of the life of Dr. Chien-Shiung Wu, an outstanding and leading experimental physicist of the 20th century.

  1. 伍铁平和语言学评论%Wu Tieping and Linguistics Comment

    彭泽润; 曹家鹏; 周琴


    Wu Tieping unequivocally pioneered and developed the Chinese linguistics comment discipline. Wu Tieping's linguistics comment pays attention to the facts, opposes fraud; dares to challenge, not afraid of authority, only pursuing academic truth. Wu Tieping is knowledgeable scholar, with rigorous schol-arship and stronger logic, can trace the origin and distinguish academic point of view. Wu Tieping lat-er years used scientific linguistic theory to carry out a comment of the field of linguistics, especially for unhealthy academic atmosphere, which has significant meaning for the healthy development of Chinese linguistics.%伍铁平开创和发展了中国语言学评论学科。伍铁平的语言学评论对事情讲究实际,反对弄虚作假;对人敢于挑战,不畏惧权威,只追求学术真理。伍铁平学识渊博,治学严谨,评论的逻辑性强,能够溯本求源,旁征博引,辨别学术观点的是非。伍铁平晚年运用科学的语言理论开展对语言学领域的评论,特别是针对学术歪风开展的扎实的批评,对中国语言学的健康发展有重大意义。

  2. On the Contrastive Study of Political Policies between Elizabeth I and Empress Wu

    JIN Hui; MAO Hai-yan


    Elizabeth I and Empress Wu, the former was the last queen of Tudor Dynasty in England and the latter was an empress who had crowned herself as the regent of Tang Dynasty. The two female monarchs had many similarities. First, in terms of cultur-al policies, both implemented moderately flexible policies, which promoted cultural development. Second, in terms of heir prob-lem, both did not determine their successors until old age so as that their heirs to the throne would not threaten their own politi-cal status. Third, in terms of religion, both implemented religious tolerance policies, which helped avoid social unrest and strengthened centralization of authority. However, due to different historical era and environment where the two female mon-archs lived, there still exist many differences between their policies. First, in matters of economy, Elizabeth I adopted mercantilist policies, while Empress Wu took agriculture into serious consideration and scorned commerce and trade. Second, in matters of military policies, under the leadership of Elizabeth I, the war between England and Spain took very long time and suffered tre-mendous losses, while Empress Wu was more successful in solving the border problem of her country.

  3. Aspects of Perturbation theory in Quantum Mechanics: The BenderWu Mathematica package

    Sulejmanpasic, Tin


    We discuss a general setup which allows the study of the perturbation theory of an arbitrary, locally harmonic 1D quantum mechanical potential as well as its multi-variable (many-body) generalization. The latter may form a prototype for regularized quantum field theory. We first generalize the method of Bender-Wu, and derive exact recursion relations which allow the determination of the perturbative wave-function and energy corrections to an arbitrary order, at least in principle. For 1D systems, we implement these equations in an easy to use Mathematica package we call BenderWu. Our package enables quick home-computer computation of high orders of perturbation theory (about 100 orders in 10-30 seconds, and 250 orders in 1-2h) and enables practical study of a large class of problems in Quantum Mechanics. We have two hopes concerning the BenderWu package. One is that due to resurgence, large amount of non-perturbative information, such as non-perturbative energies and wave-functions (e.g. WKB wave functions), ...

  4. Wu Xiaobing



    @@ On September 16, CCTV broadcast the news that 1,300 babies had been hospitalized and three dead from melamine-contaminated infant formula sold by dairy firm Sanlu (三鹿) and twenty- one other local Chinese companies - at the time of going to press, four babies had died and more than 6,000 hospitalized.

  5. A Reconsideration of Jia-wu Alert%甲午警示再议



    今年是甲午战争120周年祭,中日两国都没有忘记那场改变中国和日本历史进程的战争。日本并未从中汲取教训,痛定思痛,反而有些人称那场战争是“非计划,非预谋的突发事件”,认为日本进行的是一场合理的战争。一些极端分子还纷纷进入靖国神社参拜--包括甲午战争时践踏中国国土、蹂躏中国人民的“皇军”之鬼魂。过去,国人曾一再谈及甲午启迪,以警示人们,但在面对日趋恶化的中日关系的现实状况,甲午战争给人们的历史警示和告诫会更加深刻。%It is the 120th Anniversary of Jia-wu Marin-time War this year, both China and japan do not forget about the war that has changed the historical course of both countries. While Japan did not get any lessons from the war with rational reflection but called that war“not-planned and not predicted coincidence”, considering Japan was going a rational war. Some extremists even worship the military deaths in the Yasukuni Shrine, including the ghosts of the Japanese emperor in China. We have previously covered the Jia-wu Marime time War to alert the world. In rhe face of the more severe Sine-Japan conflicts, Jia-wu Marine time war may bring about more historical siren and Warnings.

  6. Gene identification and functional analysis of methylcitrate synthase in citric acid-producing Aspergillus niger WU-2223L.

    Kobayashi, Keiichi; Hattori, Takasumi; Honda, Yuki; Kirimura, Kohtaro


    Methylcitrate synthase (EC; MCS) is a key enzyme of the methylcitric acid cycle localized in the mitochondria of eukaryotic cells and related to propionic acid metabolism. In this study, cloning of the gene mcsA encoding MCS and heterologous expression of it in Escherichia coli were performed for functional analysis of the MCS of citric acid-producing Aspergillus niger WU-2223L. Only one copy of mcsA (1,495 bp) exists in the A. niger WU-2223L chromosome. It encodes a 51-kDa polypeptide consisting of 465 amino acids containing mitochondrial targeting signal peptides. Purified recombinant MCS showed not only MCS activity (27.6 U/mg) but also citrate synthase (EC; CS) activity (26.8 U/mg). For functional analysis of MCS, mcsA disruptant strain DMCS-1, derived from A. niger WU-2223L, was constructed. Although A. niger WU-2223L showed growth on propionate as sole carbon source, DMCS-1 showed no growth. These results suggest that MCS is an essential enzyme in propionic acid metabolism, and that the methylcitric acid cycle operates functionally in A. niger WU-2223L. To determine whether MCS makes a contribution to citric acid production, citric acid production tests on DMCS-1 were performed. The amount of citric acid produced from glucose consumed by DMCS-1 in citric acid production medium over 12 d of cultivation was on the same level to that by WU-2223L. Thus it was found that MCS made no contribution to citric acid production from glucose in A. niger WU-2223L, although MCS showed CS activity.

  7. Traduciendo el feminismo: Taiwán, Spivak, A-Wu

    Shu-Mei Shih


    Full Text Available Este artículo establece un diálogo entre las propuestas de Gayatri Spivak y las de la feminista taiwanesa A-Wu. Exponiendo las tensiones existentes dentro de los feminismos taiwaneses y su relación y negociación con las presiones imperialistas que configuran la identidad de la isla, la autora propone vías para una crítica recíproca entre grupos feministas que logre negociar productivamente con la universalización e intraducibilidad en cuyo marco tienen lugar los encuentros feministas transnacionales.

  8. The plague fighter: Wu Lien-teh and the beginning of the Chinese public health system.

    Flohr, C


    At the end of 1910, when the Qing dynasty was on the verge of collapse and the whole Chinese empire in a process of transformation, North Manchuria was devastated by a large pneumonic plague epidemic. The Russian and Japanese governments wanted to use the outbreak of the disease as a pretext to invade north-east China, making plague an issue of international politics. At this dramatic moment the empire relied on the skills of the young Chinese doctor Wu Lien-teh, the first Chinese medical graduate from Cambridge. Wu investigated the disease on the spot, chaired an international plague conference in Shenyang (Manchuria) in April 1911, and, later on, became the figurehead of fundamental public health reforms in Republican China. Highly ambitious, striving for personal fame and international renown for China, supported by an excellent network of personal connections, and equipped with a medical training considered the best in the world at the time, he launched on a startling career as one of China's key medical reformers and international representatives. His history is an example of the inseparable links between personal fate and historical events, and between the interests of scientists, medical men, politicians, and businessmen on the national and international stages.

  9. Ignition delay time correlation of fuel blends based on Livengood-Wu description

    Khaled, Fathi


    In this work, a universal methodology for ignition delay time (IDT) correlation of multicomponent fuel mixtures is reported. The method is applicable over wide ranges of temperatures, pressures, and equivalence ratios. n-Heptane, iso-octane, toluene, ethanol and their blends are investigated in this study because of their relevance to gasoline surrogate formulation. The proposed methodology combines benefits from the Livengood-Wu integral, the cool flame characteristics and the Arrhenius behavior of the high-temperature ignition delay time to suggest a simple and comprehensive formulation for correlating the ignition delay times of pure components and blends. The IDTs of fuel blends usually have complex dependences on temperature, pressure, equivalence ratio and composition of the blend. The Livengood-Wu integral is applied here to relate the NTC region and the cool flame phenomenon. The integral is further extended to obtain a relation between the IDTs of fuel blends and pure components. Ignition delay times calculated using the proposed methodology are in excellent agreement with those simulated using a detailed chemical kinetic model for n-heptane, iso-octane, toluene, ethanol and blends of these components. Finally, very good agreement is also observed for combustion phasing in homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) predictions between simulations performed with detailed chemistry and calculations using the developed ignition delay correlation.

  10. A Contrastive Appraisal Study on Modern Evolution of Female’s Non-prototype Characteristics—A Case Study of Different Wu Zetian’s Biographical Versions

    俞琳; 杨建梅


      Within the framework of Appraisal theory, this thesis attempts to do the discourse analysis of modern evolution of fe⁃males’non-prototype characteristics through six versions of biographies of Wu Zetian (included Lin Yutang’s Lady Wu, and Yuan Baidai’s Wu Zetian) in modern times, which aims to uncover the implicit relationship of language and ideology of these different Wu Zetian’s biographical versions composed by different authors with different genders and nationalities, which can evoke the readers resonance and affection towards them and reflect the interpersonal function between them by means of excavat⁃ing the regularity of Attitude, Engagement and Graduation resources distribution.

  11. 吴地舞蹈文化探源%Analysis of Dance Origin in Wu Area of China



    吴地是我国长江下游的一个重要文化区域,因历史上曾经建立过的吴国、吴郡而得名,也是今日江南的核心区域。吴地舞蹈有着丰富的历史资源和鲜明的地域文化特征。本文通过对吴地区域范围内发生的早期舞蹈活动进行历史线索的梳理,阐述吴地舞蹈从史前时期经春秋至汉代多地域文化因素合一的源头形成过程,从而探寻今日江南舞蹈独特地域性的内在成因和历史文化积淀。%Wu area is an important cultural region along downstream of Yangtze River in China. It got such name because a country of Wu and City of Wu were established here in ancient times. Today it has become a core region south of Yangtze River. The dance in Wu area has abundant historical resources and distinguished cultural characteristics. This article mainly deals with the history of danc~ activities occurring in Wu area in ancient times, expounding integration of various cultural elements to form the dance origin in Wu area from primitive period to Spring and Autumn Period to Han Dynasty. Therefore, the inherent causes and historical and cultural accumulation are examined to reveal the unique local characteristics of contemporary dance in area south of Yangtze River.

  12. Critical Behavior of the Spin-1/2 Baxter-Wu Model: Entropic Sampling Simulations

    Jorge, L. N.; Ferreira, L. S.; Leão, S. A.; Caparica, A. A.


    In this work, we use a refined entropic sampling technique based on the Wang-Landau method to study the spin- 1/2 Baxter-Wu model. We adopt the total magnetization as the order parameter and, as a result, do not divide the system into three sub-lattices. The static critical exponents were determined as α = 0.6697(54), β = 0.0813(67), γ = 1.1772(33), and ν = 0.6574(61). The estimate for the critical temperature was T c = 2.26924(2). We compare the present results with those obtained from other well-established approaches, and we find a very good closeness with the exact values, besides the high precision reached for the critical temperature.

  13. Prof. Wu Xiaoqiu:China Is Striving for the World's Most Developed Capital Market

    Sun Yongjian; Zhang Yue


    @@ China's capital market is a hot issue in the new year. The best strategy to develop the Chinese capital market in the coming 15 to 20 years was discussed in the China Capital Market Forum, which was held in China at Renmin University on January 13. Government officials, scholars, and entrepreneurs commented that by 2020, the Chinese capital market will develop into one of the best capital markets in the world,not only in terms of size, but also asset quality, liquidity and dynamic trade. Is this a realistic goal? What steps should we take to pursue this target? With these questions in mind, after the forum, China's Foreign Trade interviewed Prof. Wu Xiaoqiu, Vice President of Renmin University of China,and the Director of the Finance & Securities Institute of Renmin University.

  14. Description of the immature stages of Kuwanina betula Wu & Liu, with a discussion of its placement in the Acanthococcidae family group (Hemiptera: Coccoidea).

    Wu, San-An; Nan, Nan


    The immature stages of Kuwanina betula Wu & Liu are described and illustrated. Based on morphological and molecular data (18S and 28S rDNA), it is argued that K. betula is closer to Pseudochermes Nitsche than to Kuwanina Cockerell in Fernald and so this species is transferred to Pseudochermes as P. betula (Wu & Liu) comb. nov..

  15. UPLC-QTOF-MS with chemical profiling approach for rapidly evaluating chemical consistency between traditional and dispensing granule decoctions of Tao-Hong-Si-Wu decoction

    Shang Erxin


    Full Text Available Abstract Background In the present study, chemical consistency between traditional and dispensing granule decoctions of Tao-Hong-Si-Wu decoction was rapidly evaluated by UPLC-QTOF-MS coupled with the MarkerLynx software. Two different kinds of decoctions, namely traditional decoction: water extract of mixed six constituent herbs of Tao-Hong-Si-Wu decoction, and dispensing granules decoction: mixed water extract of each individual herbs of Tao-Hong-Si-Wu decoction, were prepared. Results Chemical difference was found between traditional and dispensing granule decoctions, and albiflorin, paeoniflorin, gallic acid, amygdalin, and hydroxysafflor yellow A were identified as the significantly changed components during decocting Tao-Hong-Si-Wu decoction. All the peaks of mass spectrum from Tao-Hong-Si-Wu decoction and each herb were extracted and integration by using QuanLynx™. And the optimized data was used for linear regression analysis. The contribution of each herb in Tao-Hong-Si-Wu decoction, and the optimal compatibility proportion of dispensing granule decoction were derived from the linear regression equation. Conclusions The optimal dosage proportionality of Tao-Hong-Si-Wu dispensing granule decoction was obtained as 2.5:0.2:1:0.5:0.6:0.1 (DG : CX : BS : SD : TR : HH, which guided better clinic application of Tao-Hong-Si-Wu decoction as dispensing granule decoctions usage, and it also provided some experimental data to reveal the compatibility rule of the relative TCM formulae.

  16. 31 july 2014 - H. WU Ambassador Permanent Representative of the People's Republic of China to the United Nations

    Egli, Laurent


    His Excellency Mr Hailong WU Ambassador Permanent Representative of the People's Republic of China to the United Nations Office at Geneva and other international organizations in Switzerland visiting the ATLAS cavern with ATLAS Spokesperson D. Charlton and the LHC tunnel at Point 1 with Technology Department, Vacuum, Surfaces and Coatings Group P. Cruikshank.

  17. A Response to Professor Wu Zongjie's "Interpretation, Autonomy, and Transformation: Chinese Pedagogic Discourse in a Cross-Cultural Perspective"

    Curran, Thomas D.


    In response to an essay by Prof Wu Zongjie that was published in the "Journal of Curriculum Studies" [43(5), (2011), 569-590], I argue that, despite dramatic changes that have taken place in the language of Chinese academic discourse and pedagogy, evidence derived from the fields of psychology and the history of Chinese educational…

  18. Shen Wu capsule affects the cognitive function and apoptosis protein in the ischemic-diabetic compound model rats

    Chenlian-zhen; Lilin; Anwen-lin; Zhangli; Chujin


    Aim: To explore the mechanism of diabetes mellitus eneephalopathy and the effect of cognitive function of Chinese patent medicine Shen Wu capsule and intervention to apoptosis in the ischemic diabetic compound model rats. Methods:The compound model of Wistar rats was duplicated with streptozotocin (STZ) (60mg/kg) once intraperitoneally and transient

  19. Ray Wu,Cornell’s acclaimed pioneer of genetic engineering and developer of insect-resistant rice


    ITHACA, N.Y. -- Ray J. Wu, Cornell University professor of molecular biology and genetics, who was widely recog-nized as one of the fathers of genetic engineering and who developed and sought to feed the world with a higher yield-ing rice that resists insects and drought, died of cardiac arrest in Ithaca, Feb. 10.

  20. Facets of Software Development Computer Science & Programming,Engineering & Management In fond Memory of Professor Wu Yunzeng,Peking University,China



    Professor Wu Yunzeng epitomiazed ancient and nodern Chinese culture,Professor Wu Yunzeng was an eminent computer scientist.logician and philosopher,professor Wu Yunzeng won innumerable friends for China.We are many,in the West,who were very fond of him.his visit to Denmark made positive,and lasting impressions,we found,also ,that professor Wu Yunzeng introduced into chinese scholarly life very commendable features,The wqay he guided his students and colleagues was an example to be followed by us all.Professor Wu Yunzeng was profoundly engaged in the mathematical (logic and other)foundations of the computation sciences,in the didactics of that field,and in the broader,philosophical issues at stake when pursuing scientific and engineering work in computation.In this testimonial allow me to speculate on a context in which our many,individual contributions to the computation sciences may fit into practical life.

  1. Investigation of the Livengood-Wu integral for modelling autoignition in a high-pressure bomb

    Hu, Zhixin; Somers, Bart L. M. T.; Cracknell, Roger F.; Bradley, Derek


    The reaction progress variable, which is widely used in premixed and diffusion combustion studies, comprises a set of pre-selected intermediate species to denote reaction progress. Progress towards autoignition can also be traced by the Livengood-Wu (LW) integral. Autoignition occurs when the LW integral attains a value of unity. This concept is further explored by applying it to an inhomogeneous mixture scenario, to determine the time and place of autoignition occurrence. A semidetailed mechanism (137 species and 633 reactions) for n-heptane/iso-octane/toluene is used in this study. Two numerical schemes based on the LW integral are proposed and incorporated into a computational fluid dynamics platform, to model autoignition in a 3D configuration, when a spray is injected into a constant volume bomb under diesel engine conditions. Tabulated chemistry, a traditional method of modelling autoignition using information from pre-calculated igniting diffusion flames, is also used for comparison purposes. The associated predicted pressure profiles are compared with experimental measurements.

  2. Dark energy fingerprints in the nonminimal Wu-Yang wormhole structure

    Balakin, Alexander B


    We discuss new exact solutions to nonminimally extended Einstein-Yang-Mills equations describing spherically symmetric static wormholes supported by the gauge field of the Wu-Yang type in a dark energy environment. We focus on the analysis of three types of exact solutions to the gravitational field equations. Solutions of the first type relate to the model, in which the dark energy is anisotropic, i.e., the radial and tangential pressures do not coincide. Solutions of the second type correspond to the isotropic pressure tensor; in particular, we discuss the exact solution, for which the dark energy is characterized by the equation of state for a string gas. Solutions of the third type describe the dark energy model with constant pressure and energy density. For the solutions of the third type we consider in detail the problem of horizons and find constraints for the parameters of nonminimal coupling and for the constitutive parameters of the dark energy equation of state, which guarantee that the nonminimal ...

  3. KI and WU Polyomaviruses and CD4+ Cell Counts in HIV-1–infected Patients, Italy

    Babakir-Mina, Muhammed; Ciccozzi, Massimo; Farchi, Francesca; Bergallo, Massimiliano; Cavallo, Rossana; Adorno, Gaspare; Perno, Carlo Federico


    To investigate an association between KI and WU polyomavirus (KIPyV and WUPyV) infections and CD4+ cell counts, we tested HIV-1–positive patients and blood donors. No association was found between cell counts and virus infections in HIV-1–positive patients. Frequency of KIPyV infection was similar for both groups. WUPyV was more frequent in HIV-1–positive patients. PMID:20735940

  4. PLE-wu, a new member of piggyBac transposon family from insect, is active in mammalian cells.

    Wu, Chunxiao; Wang, Shu


    piggyBac, a highly active transposon in insect and mammalian cells, is a very useful tool in genome manipulation. A new piggyBac-like element (PLE), named PLE-wu, was identified from a mutant baculovirus cultured in sf9 insect cells. This new transposon is 2931 bp in length and encodes two active forms of transposase, a 708-amino acid-long transposase and a short 576-residue-long transposase translated from a downstream in-frame initiation codon. PLE-wu has asymmetric terminal structures, containing 6-bp inverted terminal repeats, 32-bp imperfect inverted and direct sub-terminal repeats. Similar to piggyBac, PLE-wu exhibits traceless excision activity in both insect and mammalian cells, restoring the original TTAA target sequence upon excision. It also retains the insertion activity in mammalian cells with a plasmid to chromosome transposition rate about 10-fold higher than random integration. Plasmid rescue assays revealed that the TTAA target sequence was duplicated at the junctions of the insertion site. Deletion of the terminal sequences including the sub-terminal repeats decreased the transposition activity of the 708-residue-long transposase, while the transposition activity of the short form of transposase was not affected. With its low sequence similarity to piggyBac, PLE-wu will contribute to the understanding the mechanism of PLE transposition, as well as design of new transposon systems with higher activity. Copyright © 2014 The Society for Biotechnology, Japan. Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  5. A study of transient radiation from the Wu-King resistive monopole - FDTD analysis and experimental measurements

    Maloney, James G.; Smith, Glenn S.


    The cylindrical monopole antenna with a continuous resistive loading is considered as a radiator for temporally short broad-bandwidth pulses. Specifically, the variation of the resistance used along the monopole is one proposed by Wu and King (Wu-King profile). This antenna is analyzed by the finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method utilizing a new efficient technique for handling the thin-walled conducting tube that forms the resistance. The electromagnetic field in the space surrounding the antenna is determined as a function of time and quantities useful for describing the performance of the antenna are then calculated from these results: the reflected voltage in the transmission line, the surface charge density on the antenna, and the time-varying field in the far zone. Graphical displays of these results are used to give new insight into the physical processes for transient radiation from this antenna. An experimental model is constructed using a discretized version of the Wu-King profile formed from a set of precision high-frequency resistors. The fine details of these resistors are accurately included in the FDTD analysis. Measurements of both the reflected voltage in the feed fine and the time-varying radiated field are in excellent agreement with the theoretical calculations.

  6. Wu Zhiqing and Modern Martial Arts%吴志青与近代中国武术



    Wu Zhiqing was a famous martial arts activist in modern Chinese history.Wu Zhiqing participated in many martial arts activities,at the same time,he also wrote many martial arts monograph.He advocated sci-entific "martial arts",to make a beneficial exploration for the development of martial arts.This paper focuses on Wu zhiqing's life time story and illustrates his scientific "martiacarts".%吴志青是近代著名的武术活动家,同时他也写有不少武术专著。他所倡导“国术科学化”,为国术的发展作出了有益的探索,在当时颇有代表性。本文对吴志青一生进行综述性阐述,在梳理吴志青生平的同时,亦对他所倡导的“国术科学化”进行论述。

  7. Evaluation of the influence of sulfur fumigation on the pharmacokinetics of four active ingredients in Si Wu Tang.

    Pei, Ke; Cai, Hao; Liu, Xiao; Tu, Sicong; Cao, Gang; Li, Huan; Zhao, Yingying; Song, Xiaoqing; Lou, Yajing; Qiao, Fengxian; Cai, Baochang


    Sulfur fumigation may induce the decrease or the chemical transformation of some active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicines in vitro. Whether sulfur fumigation can cause the pharmacokinetic changes of the active ingredients in vivo is related to the efficacy and the safety of Chinese medicines' application clinically. A sensitive, specific, and accurate method for the simultaneous determination of paeoniflorin, ferulic acid, senkyunolide A, and senkyunolide I in rat plasma by ultra high performance liquid chromatography coupled with triple quadrupole mass spectrometry was developed to evaluate the influence of sulfur fumigation to Si Wu Tang for the first time. Each compound was extracted from plasma samples by liquid-liquid extraction with ethyl acetate, and the chromatographic separation was accomplished on an Agilent Extend C18 column with a linear gradient elution. The mass spectrometric detection and analysis were performed by using an AB Sciex triple quadrupole 5500 mass spectrometer in multiple reaction monitoring mode. The validated method was successfully applied to a pharmacokinetic study of four compounds in rats after oral administration of sun-dried and sulfur-fumigated Si Wu Tang. The results provided a meaningful basis for evaluating the affection of sulfur fumigation to the clinical application and the efficacy of Si Wu Tang. © 2014 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

  8. Critical behavior of the spin-1 and spin-3/2 Baxter-Wu model in a crystal field

    Dias, D. A.; Xavier, J. C.; Plascak, J. A.


    The phase diagram and the critical behavior of the spin-1 and the spin-3/2 two-dimensional Baxter-Wu model in a crystal field are studied by conventional finite-size scaling and conformal invariance theory. The phase diagram of this model, for the spin-1 case, is qualitatively the same as those of the diluted 4-states Potts model and the spin-1 Blume-Capel model. However, for the present case, instead of a tricritical point one has a pentacritical point for a finite value of the crystal field, in disagreement with previous work based on finite-size calculations. On the other hand, for the spin-3/2 case, the phase diagram is much richer and can present, besides a pentacritical point, an additional multicritical end point. Our results also support that the universality class of the critical behavior of the spin-1 and spin-3/2 Baxter-Wu model in a crystal field is the same as the pure Baxter-Wu model, even at the multicritical points.

  9. Vacuum Polarization Effects in the Global Monopole Spacetime in the Presence of Wu-Yang Magnetic Monopole

    De Mello, E R B


    In this paper we consider the presence of the Wu-Yang magnetic monopole in the global monopole spacetime and their influence on the vacuum polarization effects around these two monopoles placed together. According to Wu-Yang [Nucl. Phys. {\\bf B107}, 365 (1976)] the solution of the Klein-Gordon equation in such an external field will not be an ordinary function but, instead, {\\it section}. Because of the peculiar radial symmetry of the global monopole spacetime, it is possible to cover its space section by two overlapping regions, needed to define the singularity free vector potential, and to study the quantum effects due to a charged scalar field in this system. In order to develop this analysis we construct the explicit Euclidean scalar Green {\\it section} associated with a charged massless field in a global monopole spacetime in the presence of the Abelian Wu-Yang magnetic monopole. Having this Green section it is possible to study the vacuum polarization effects. We explicitly calculate the renormalized va...

  10. High prevalence of antibodies against polyomavirus WU, polyomavirus KI, and human bocavirus in German blood donors

    Opitz Andreas


    Full Text Available Abstract Background DNA of the polyomaviruses WU (WUPyV and KI (KIPyV and of human bocavirus (HBoV has been detected with varying frequency in respiratory tract samples of children. However, only little is known about the humoral immune response against these viruses. Our aim was to establish virus-specific serological assays and to determine the prevalence of immunoglobulin G (IgG against these three viruses in the general population. Methods The capsid proteins VP1 of WUPyV and KIPyV and VP2 of HBoV were cloned into baculovirus vectors and expressed in Sf9 insect cells. IgG antibodies against WUPyV VP1, KIPyV VP1, and HBoV VP2 were determined by immunofluorescence assays in 100 plasma samples of blood donors. Results The median age of the blood donors was 31 years (range 20 - 66 yrs, 52% were male. 89% of the samples were positive for WUPyV IgG (median age 31 yrs, 49.4% male, 67% were positive for KIPyV IgG (median age 32 yrs, 46.3% male, and 76% were positive for HBoV IgG (median age 32 yrs, 51.3% male. For WUPyV and HBoV, there were no significant differences of the seropositivity rates with respect to age groups or gender. For KIPyV, the seropositivity rate increased significantly from 59% in the age group 20 - 29 years to 100% in the age group > 50 years. Conclusions High prevalences of antibodies against WUPyV, KIPyV, and HBoV were found in plasma samples of healthy adults. The results indicate that primary infection with these viruses occurs during childhood or youth. For KIPyV, the seropositivity appears to increase further during adulthood.

  11. Wu-Ling-San formula prophylaxis against recurrent calcium oxalate nephrolithiasis - a prospective randomized controlled trial.

    Lin, Eugene; Ho, Lin; Lin, Mao-Sheng; Huang, Min-Ho; Chen, Wen-Chi


    Wu-Ling-San (WLS) formula has been proved to prevent calcium oxalate nephrolithiasis both in vitro and in vivo. This is the first prospective, randomized and placebo-controlled clinical trial of WLS in calcium oxalate nephrolithiasis prevention. All patients who enrolled were asked to drink enough fluid to urinate at least 2 L daily during the study period. A 24-hour urine collection was performed to establish the baseline levels of multiple urinary parameters before taking the medicine. The patients were randomized and divided into two groups. The medication group took 2 gm WLS formula three times daily for 1 month. The control group took 2 gm placebo three times daily for 1 month. A 24-hour urine collection was performed to evaluate multiple urinary and serum parameters from all patients during the study period. A total of 39 patients were enrolled and 28 patients completed the study. Fourteen patients were allocated to WLS group and 14 patients to placebo group. After treatment, the mean urine output level increased to 2796.4 ± 525.7 ml/day (percentage of change, 13.9 %) in the WLS formula group. With placebo therapy, the mean decreased slightly to 2521.4 ± 762.7ml/day (percentage of change, -5.7 %). The percentage of change was significantly different between the two groups (independent t-test, P=0.02). No patient complained of side effects, such as fatigue, dizziness, musculoskeletal symptoms, or gastrointestinal disturbance. WLS formula is a promising adjunct to surgical and medical management of kidney stones. Active therapy with WLS formula has a positive effect on diuresis without leading to electrolyte imbalance.

  12. Evaluation of the Influence of Sulfur-Fumigated Paeoniae Radix Alba on the Quality of Si Wu Tang by Chromatographic and Chemometric Analysis.

    Pei, Ke; Cai, Hao; Duan, Yu; Qiao, Feng-Xian; Tu, Si-Cong; Liu, Xiao; Wang, Xiao-Li; Song, Xiao-Qing; Fan, Kai-Lei; Cai, Bao-Chang


    An accurate and reliable method of high-performance liquid chromatographic fingerprint combining with multi-ingredient determination was developed and validated to evaluate the influence of sulfur-fumigated Paeoniae Radix Alba on the quality and chemical constituents of Si Wu Tang. Multivariate data analysis including hierarchical cluster analysis and principal component analysis, which integrated with high-performance liquid chromatographic fingerprint and multi-ingredient determination, was employed to evaluate Si Wu Tang in a more objective and scientific way. Interestingly, in this paper, a total of 37 and 36 peaks were marked as common peaks in ten batches of Si Wu Tang containing sun-dried Paeoniae Radix Alba and ten batches of Si Wu Tang containing sulfur-fumigated Paeoniae Radix Alba, respectively, which indicated the changed fingerprint profile of Si Wu Tang when containing sulfur-fumigated herb. Furthermore, the results of simultaneous determination for multiple ingredients showed that the contents of albiflorin and paeoniflorin decreased significantly (P < 0.01) and the contents of gallic acid and Z-ligustilide decreased to some extent at the same time when Si Wu Tang contained sulfur-fumigated Paeoniae Radix Alba. Therefore, sulfur-fumigation processing may have great influence on the quality of Chinese herbal prescription.

  13. Mineralogical and Biogeochemical Characteristics of Rhodolith from Wu Island, Jeju-do, Korea

    Roh, Y.; Kang, S.; Roh, E. H.


    This study focused on investigation of mineralogical and biogeochemical characteristics of the rhodoliths and examination of the rhodolith origin whether they were formed by chemical or biological processes. Rhodoliths are free-living forms of calcareous, coralline red algae formed under specific environmental conditions, but their formation processes are still controversial. The rhodoliths and sea water were sampled at Seogwang-ri coast in the western part of Wu Island, Jeju-do, Korea. The chemical compositions and pHs of sea water were measured by ICP-AES and pH meter. Microorganisms enriched from rhodoliths were aerobically cultured at room temperature in D-1 media containing various concentrations (0, 30, 100 mM) of Ca and Mg-acetate, and the microorganisms were analyzed by 16S rRNA gene DGGE analysis to confirm microbial diversity. Mineralogical characteristics of the rhodoliths and precipitates formed by the enriched microorganisms were determined by XRF, XRD, and SEM-EDS analyses. The sea water had a range of pH 6 to 7, and consisted of approximately 400 mg/L of Ca and 1200 mg/L of Mg which are low to form carbonate minerals by chemical process in natural environments. XRF and XRD analyses showed the rhodoliths mainly consisted of 46% CaO and 5 % MgO and mineralogy is Mg-rich calcite. A 16S rRNA sequence analysis showed the enriched microorganisms contained a carbonate forming microorganism, Proteus mirabilis. The enriched microorganisms precipitated carbonate minerals using D-1 media containing Ca- and Mg-acetate (30, 100 mM) and mineralogy of the precipitated carbonate mineral was Mg-rich calcite, whereas the microorganisms did not form carbonate minerals without Ca- and Mg-acetate in D-1 media. SEM-EDS analyses showed that the Mg-rich calcite formed by the microorganisms had a rhombohedron shape. And the Mg-rich calcite consisted of Ca, Si and Mg with extracellular polymeric substance (EPS). These results indicate that the rhodoliths at Seogwang-ri coast

  14. Newly described human polyomaviruses Merkel Cell, KI and WU are present in urban sewage and may represent potential environmental contaminants

    Carratala Anna


    Full Text Available Abstract Recently, three new polyomaviruses (KI, WU and Merkel cell polyomavirus have been reported to infect humans. It has also been suggested that lymphotropic polyomavirus, a virus of simian origin, infects humans. KI and WU polyomaviruses have been detected mainly in specimens from the respiratory tract while Merkel cell polyomavirus has been described in a very high percentage of Merkel cell carcinomas. The distribution, excretion level and transmission routes of these viruses remain unknown. Here we analyzed the presence and characteristics of newly described human polyomaviruses in urban sewage and river water in order to assess the excretion level and the potential role of water as a route of transmission of these viruses. Nested-PCR assays were designed for the sensitive detection of the viruses studied and the amplicons obtained were confirmed by sequencing analysis. The viruses were concentrated following a methodology previously developed for the detection of JC and BK human polyomaviruses in environmental samples. JC polyomavirus and human adenoviruses were used as markers of human contamination in the samples. Merkel cell polyomavirus was detected in 7/8 urban sewage samples collected and in 2/7 river water samples. Also one urine sample from a pregnant woman, out of 4 samples analyzed, was positive for this virus. KI and WU polyomaviruses were identified in 1/8 and 2/8 sewage samples respectively. The viral strains detected were highly homologous with other strains reported from several other geographical areas. Lymphotropic polyomavirus was not detected in any of the 13 sewage neither in 9 biosolid/sludge samples analyzed. This is the first description of a virus isolated from sewage and river water with a strong association with cancer. Our data indicate that the Merkel cell polyomavirus is prevalent in the population and that it may be disseminated through the fecal/urine contamination of water. The procedure developed may

  15. DNA from KI, WU and Merkel cell polyomaviruses is not detected in childhood central nervous system tumours or neuroblastomas.

    Géraldine Giraud

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: BK and JC polyomaviruses (BKV and JCV are potentially oncogenic and have in the past inconclusively been associated with tumours of the central nervous system (CNS, while BKV has been hinted, but not confirmed to be associated with neuroblastomas. Recently three new polyomaviruses (KIPyV, WUPyV and MCPyV were identified in humans. So far KIPyV and WUPyV have not been associated to human diseases, while MCPyV was discovered in Merkel Cell carcinomas and may have neuroepithelial cell tropism. However, all three viruses can be potentially oncogenic and this compelled us to investigate for their presence in childhood CNS and neuroblastomas. METHODOLOGY: The presence of KI, WU and MCPyV DNA was analysed, by a joint WU and KI specific PCR (covering part of VP1 and by a MCPyV specific regular and real time quantitative PCR (covering part of Large T in 25 CNS tumour biopsies and 31 neuroblastoma biopsies from the Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden. None of the three new human polyomaviruses were found to be associated with any of the tumours, despite the presence of PCR amplifiable DNA assayed by a S14 housekeeping gene PCR. CONCLUSION: In this pilot study, the presence of MCPyV, KI and WU was not observed in childhood CNS tumours and neuroblastomas. Nonetheless, we suggest that additional data are warranted in tumours of the central and peripheral nervous systems and we do not exclude that other still not yet detected polyomaviruses could be present in these tumours.

  16. A Discussion on the SuWu 's Patriotic Image and the Contemporary Value of the SuWu 's Biography in HanShu--A First Talk about the Similarities and Differences between the SuWu 's Biography in HanShu and the SuWu of JieShi in XinXu%论《汉书·苏武传》中苏武爱国形象的塑造及其当代价值--由《汉书·苏武传》和《新序·节士·苏武章》的异同说起



    Compared with the SuWu of JieShi in XinXu Written by LiuXxiang, the SuWu's biography in HanShu written by BanGu appears more image, vivid and real history. Through the description of the SuWu 's deeds,the SuWu 's biography in HanShu shows the SuWu 's patriotic image and valuable patriotism, and using contrast against the backdrop of the way, sublimates the SuWu 's unswervingly patriotic spirit. The SuWu 's patriotic deeds and patriotic spirit is a concentrated expression and practice of the Chinese nation's outstanding traditional culture, provides valuable spiritual food for future generations of patriotic people, and is undoubtedly a medicine for today's emphasis on materialistic society.%与刘向《新序·节士·苏武章》相较,班固《汉书·苏武传》显得更加形象、生动而合乎历史真实。《苏武传》通过对苏武事迹的叙述,塑造了苏武光辉的爱国形象,展现了苏武可贵的爱国情操,并运用对比衬托的手法,升华了苏武矢志不渝的爱国精神。苏武的这种爱国事迹及其所展现的爱国精神,是中华民族优秀传统文化的集中体现和实践,也为后世人们的爱国行为提供了宝贵的精神食粮,对于当今偏重于物质的社会无疑也是一剂良药。

  17. His Excellency Mr Ken WU Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People’s Republic of China to Switzerland

    Jean Claude Gadmer


    Photo 1-5:The delegation visiting the ATLAS visitor Center with P.Jenni, ATLAS Collaboration former Spokesperson Photo 6-14,15-20:visiting the ATLAS experimental area Photo 15:Y. YANG,Attaché-Q. WAN,First Secretary-Z. Ren,ATLAS Collaboration,High Energy Group,Shandong University-H.E. Mr K. Wu-P. Jenni-R. Voss,Adviser for the People’s Republic of China-H. FENG,Counsellor Photo 21-38:Signature of the Guest Book with CERN Director-General R. Heuer

  18. Textual research on the edition of WU Kun' s books%吴崐著作版本考

    王旭光; 陆翔


    吴崐是新安医学名家之一.1584年,吴崐撰成《医方考》6卷.1594年,撰成《素问吴注》24卷.1618年,撰成《针方六集》6卷,由程标捐资刊刻.吴崐尚撰有《脉语》2卷,成书年代不详.《医方考》有明刊本、日本及朝鲜刊本、旧抄本、现代版本4类版本.《吴注素问》有明清刊本、日本刊本、旧抄本、影印本、现代版本5类版本.《针方六集》有明刊本、抄本、影印本及现代版本4类版本.《脉语》多与《医方考》合刊,除部分现代版本未附《脉语》之外,《脉语》的版本大致同于《医方考》.%WU Kun is a famous physician of the Xin' an School.He wrote a 6-volume Yi fang kao (Textual Research on Recipes) in 1584,a 24-volume Wu zhu su wen (Wu' s Annotation of Plain Questions)in 1594,a 6-volume Zhen fang liu ji (Six Collections of Acupuncture and Prescription) in 1618 block-printed and funded by CHENG Biao,and a 2-volume Mai yu (Language of Pulse) with writing date unknown.For Yifang kao,there were 4 editions,including Ming-dynasty block-printed edition,Japanese and Korean block-printed edition,old hand-copied edition and modern printing edition.For Wu zhu su wen,there were 5 editions,Ming-Qing-dynasty block-printed edition,Japanese block-printed edition,old hand-copied edition,photocopy and modern edition.For Zhen fang liu ji,there were Ming-dynasty block-printed edition,hand-copied edition,photocopy and modern edition.Mai yu always was printed together with Yi fang kao,and its editions were same as those of Yifang kao,except some modern printing edition with Mai yu excluded.

  19. Use of herbal dietary supplement si-wu-tang and health-related quality of life in postpartum women: a population-based correlational study.

    Chang, Pei-Jen; Lin, Ching-Chun; Chen, Yi Chun; Chuang, Chao-Hua; Tseng, Yu-Ching; Hsieh, Wu-Shiun; Lin, Shio-Jean; Chen, Pau-Chung


    Objective. The aim of the study was to explore the association between women's use of herbal dietary supplement Si-Wu-Tang during the postpartum period and their health-related quality of life. Methods. This is a population-based correlational study. We used multistage, stratified, systematic sampling to recruit 24,200 pairs of postpartum women and newborns from the Taiwan National Birth Registry in 2005. A structured questionnaire was successfully administered to 87.8% of the sampled population. Trained interviewers performed home interviews 6 months after the women's deliveries between June 2005 and July 2006. The Medical Outcomes Study 36-item Short-Form (SF-36) was used to measure the quality of life of the women along with the frequency of Si-Wu-Tang use. Results. Si-Wu-Tang use after delivery improved women's score for bodily pain and also improved their score for mental health when used more than 10 times. In addition, there were increases in general health and vitality scores in the group who continuously used Si-Wu-Tang more than 10 times after using Sheng-Hua-Tang. Conclusion. Use of Si-Wu-Tang after delivery may be associated with women's health-related quality of life especially for those who previously used Sheng-Hua-Tang. These results are exploratory and need to be replicated.

  20. Use of Herbal Dietary Supplement Si-Wu-Tang and Health-Related Quality of Life in Postpartum Women: A Population-Based Correlational Study

    Pei-Jen Chang


    Full Text Available Objective. The aim of the study was to explore the association between women’s use of herbal dietary supplement Si-Wu-Tang during the postpartum period and their health-related quality of life. Methods. This is a population-based correlational study. We used multistage, stratified, systematic sampling to recruit 24,200 pairs of postpartum women and newborns from the Taiwan National Birth Registry in 2005. A structured questionnaire was successfully administered to 87.8% of the sampled population. Trained interviewers performed home interviews 6 months after the women’s deliveries between June 2005 and July 2006. The Medical Outcomes Study 36-item Short-Form (SF-36 was used to measure the quality of life of the women along with the frequency of Si-Wu-Tang use. Results. Si-Wu-Tang use after delivery improved women’s score for bodily pain and also improved their score for mental health when used more than 10 times. In addition, there were increases in general health and vitality scores in the group who continuously used Si-Wu-Tang more than 10 times after using Sheng-Hua-Tang. Conclusion. Use of Si-Wu-Tang after delivery may be associated with women’s health-related quality of life especially for those who previously used Sheng-Hua-Tang. These results are exploratory and need to be replicated.

  1. Two Novel Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cycle Inhibitory Cyclodepsipeptides from a Hydrothermal Vent Crab-Associated Fungus Aspergillus clavatus C2WU

    Wei Jiang


    Full Text Available Two novel cyclodepsipeptides containing an unusual anthranilic acid dimer and a d-phenyllactic acid residues, clavatustides A (1 and B (2, were identified from cultured mycelia and broth of Aspergillus clavatus C2WU isolated from Xenograpsus testudinatus, which lives at extreme, toxic habitat around the sulphur-rich hydrothermal vents in Taiwan Kueishantao. This is the first example of cyclopeptides containing an anthranilic acid dimer in natural products, and the first report of microbial secondary metabolites from the hydrothermal vent crab. Clavatustides A (1 and B (2 suppressed the proliferation of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC cell lines (HepG2, SMMC-7721 and Bel-7402 in a dose-dependent manner, and induced an accumulation of HepG2 cells in G1 phase and reduction of cells in S phase.

  2. Primary study on WU Jie-ping's medical teaching thought%吴阶平医学教学思想初探

    李效义; 于书彦; 兰泓; 许永照; 陈嬿


    本文以下卷为基本资料,从对吴阶平长达50余年的医学教育经历中,探讨了他的医学教学思想,尤其是对他的"教本领"与"学本领"以及改变课堂教学中"满堂灌"的教学方法等思想进行了分析提炼,并结合吴阶平创办北京第二医学院的教学实践,对其医学教学思想中的几个关键问题进行了初步探讨.%Using "WU Jie-ping's collected works (vol. 2)" as the basic material and through his more than 50 years teaching experience, WU Jie-ping' s medical teaching thought is studied. Especially, WU Jie-ping' s teaching method, that"whole-house fill" in classroom teaching is changed into" teaching skills" and "learning skills", has been analysed and summarized. Combined with the practice in medical teaching thought during the foundation of Beijing Secondary Medical College, several key points in WU Jie-ping' s teaching thought are primary explored. All the above are aiming to have a certain value for reference in current medical education.

  3. 吴深涛辨治糖尿病眩晕经验探析%Wu Shentao's experience in differentiating and treating vertigo in diabetic patients



    从辨证分型、处方用药等方面探讨吴深涛治疗糖尿病眩晕临床辨治经验.%This paper discusses Professor Wu Shentao' s experience with vertigo in diabetic patients from the following aspects: syndrome differentiation, prescription and medication.

  4. A study of WU Shao-zu’s sports ideologies%伍绍祖体育思想初探



    Wu Shao-zu was the last director of Sports Commission of China and the first director of General Sports Administration of China. During his 11-year term of office, he put forward ideologies for guiding sports develop-ment, such as “harmonious development of various sports”, “six-trend and six-transformation”, “four-basis”,“eight-function” etc., issued Sports Law of the People’s Republic of China, “National Fitness Program Outline”,“Olympic Glory Program Outline”, and “Sports Industry Development Outline”. During his tenure, WU Shao-zu advocated the ideology of dialectically unified sports development, valued the comprehensive development of sports, and formed a unique sports ideological system. He carried out a series of reforms on Chinese sports, and cre-ated systematic and scientific sports management.%伍绍祖是我国最后一位国家体委主任和第一任国家体育总局局长,在他任职的11年里提出了“各类体育协调发展”、“六化六转变”、“四个基本、八个功能”等体育发展指导思想,国家颁布了《中华人民共和体育法》、“全民健身计划纲要”、“奥运争光计划纲要”、“体育产业发展纲要”。伍绍祖任职期间倡导辩证统一的体育发展思想,注重体育的全面发展,形成了独特的体育思想体系。他对中国体育进行了一系列的改革,开系统科学管理体育的先河。

  5. 论“酒道”之大和谐——从中国酒都之五粮液与五黑液的文化谈起%Discussion on the Harmony of Principle of Liquor in China Liquor: Talking About the Liquor Cultures of Wu Liang Ye and Wu Hei Ye Made in Chinese Liquor City

    王金月; 骆凤文; 郭五林


    酒都的"酒道",是"天道""、人道"和"地道"的和谐统一;五粮液是"天地人道"的集大成者,而产于高县庆符镇的五黑液则是"人生长寿之道"的美醇典范。五粮液(Wu Liang Ye)是Water+Liquid+Yangtze river;而五黑液(Wu Hei Ye)首字母的缩写为英文的WHY(为什么,为何之意),为什么喝白酒,饮五粮液,品五黑液,喝白酒何为?此"酒道"不仅涵盖了古今,也囊括了中外,将历史与现实有机地统一在两个白酒名优佳品,即"都邑王者"五粮液与"天地生民"五黑液之形质之中。"酒道"乃"和谐融汇之道"也。%Jiudao, the principle of liquor, is a harmony of Tiandao, Rendao, and Didao. Wu Liang Ye is a complex of the above principles, whereas Wu Hei Ye is the apotheosis of longevity liquor. Wu Liang Ye stands for Water plus Liquid plus Yangtze river, whereas the abbreviation of the capital letters of Wu Hei Ye is WHY. The principle of liquor not only covers the modem and ancient, but also includes Chinese and foreign ones. The fusion of history and reality is realized in these two famous liquors. The principle of liquor is the principle of harmony.

  6. GIS and SBF for estimating groundwater recharge of a mountainous basin in the Wu River watershed, Taiwan

    Hsin-Fu Yeh; Hung-I Lin; Shing-Tsz Lee; Min-Hsiang Chang; Kuo-Chin Hsu; Cheng-Haw Lee


    The temporal and spatial distributions of precipitation are extremely uneven; so, careful management of water resources in Taiwan is crucial. The long-term overexploitation of groundwater resources poses a challenge to water resource management in Taiwan. However, assessing groundwater resources in mountainous basins is challenging due to limited information. In this study, a geographic information system (GIS) and stable base-flow (SBF) techniques were used to assess the characteristics of groundwater recharge considering the Wu River watershed in central Taiwan as a study area. First, a GIS approach was used to integrate five contributing factors: lithology, land cover/land use, lineaments, drainage, and slope. The weights of factors contributing to the groundwater recharge were obtained from aerial photos, geological maps, a land use database, and field verification. Second, the SBF was used to estimate the groundwater recharge in a mountainous basin scale. The concept of the SBF technique was to separate the base-flow from the total streamflow discharge in order to obtain a measure of groundwater recharge. The SBF technique has the advantage of integrating groundwater recharge across an entire basin without complex hydro-geologic modelling and detailed knowledge of the soil characteristics. In this study, our approach for estimating recharge provides not only an estimate of how much water becomes groundwater, but also explains the characteristics of a potential groundwater recharge zone.

  7. 吴稚晖和里昂中法大学%Wu Zhihui and The University of Lyon



    Wu Zhihui was the first to propose the establishment of University in China outside .Each link in the Sino French university he founded ,Lyon ,enrollment management in both pay great efforts ,more have the deepest hopes ,but because he was lazy nature and economic problems ,suffered as a result of students siege and opposition ,eventually had to disappoint‐ment .%吴稚晖作为第一任里昂中法大学的校长,在大学的创办、招生、管理等各个环节都付出了极大心血。但是,由于受到学潮、经济以及外方制约等因素的影响,教育事业一再受挫。吴稚晖虽然承认他办学失败,但他对学校和学生却未失去信心。

  8. A Comparison Between WU Xun and James YEN%武训与晏阳初之比较研究

    杨梅; 王小丁


      “千古奇丐”武训怀着对贫苦大众的仁爱,数十年如一日行乞兴办义学;“世界平民教育之父”晏阳初70多年从事平民教育和乡村建设。他们将毕生精力和心血投入平民教育事业的精神,值得弘扬。今天的教育仍需要持之以恒的探索精神和实验精神,仍需要这种淡薄名利脚踏实地的改良者。%Wu Xun raised educational funds by begging and provided free education for the masses in all his life ,while James YEN spent over 70 years in civilian education and rural development .Both educators de-voted all their lives to civilian education laudably .Similarly ,nowadays China’s education still calls for such devotion and spirit ,and such altruistic reformers .

  9. 吴银根辨治间质性肺疾病经验%Professor Wu Yingen' s clinical experience in treating interstitial lung disease

    喻晓; 方泓; 唐斌擎


    This article introduces Professor Wu Yingen' s clinical experience in treating interstitial lung disease by traditional Chinese medicine. Professor Wu thinks that obstruction of lung collaterals is the basic pathogenesis of interstitial lung disease, so tonifying and activating the lung collaterals is the basic treatment method. And one case is presented.%介绍吴银根教授运用中医药辨治间质性肺疾病的临床经验.认为肺络痹阻为间质性肺疾病的基本病机;其基本治法为通补肺络,以辛通络痹、搜络化痹为主;遣方用药,灵活变通,并根据患者不同病情,中西医结合,规范用药.并附验案1则.

  10. The Dynamic Analysis of Agro-ecological Economic System on the Basis of Emergy : A Case Study of Wu'an City in Hebei Province


    Using the method of emergy analysis, we analyze the input and output of agro-ecological economic system, and select five indicators (net emergy yield ratio, emergy investment ratio, environmental loading ratio, emergy sustainability index, and dominance of emergy yield system) for assessment. The results show that the emergy input-output in Wu'an City is in general on the rise; the emergy investment ratio rises constantly, but the net emergy yield ratio decreases, and the comparative advantag...

  11. John C. H. Wu and Sociological Jurisprudence’s Spreading in China%吴经熊与法社会学在中国的传播



    John C.H. Wu studied at US and Europe, and had a profound understanding of American and European sociological jurisprudence through top jurists as Holmes, Pound, Geny, Stammler, Cardozo,etc. After going back to China, John C.H. Wu spread sociological jurisprudence through his essays. John C.H. Wu not only introduced the knowledge by translation, but made some innovation at the theories of psychological jurisprudence, law pluralism and three dimensions of law. Through John C.H. Wu’s influence, sociological jurisprudence was highly praised, and became popular in China.%吴经熊留学欧美,结识了霍姆斯、庞德、施塔姆勒等世界顶级法学大师,汲取了法社会学理论。吴经熊回国后,大力传播法社会学思想。他并不停留于浅显译介,而是力图创新,终于在心理法学、法律多元论和法律三度论等方面取得突破。在吴经熊等法学家影响下,法社会学思想在国内受到推崇,渐渐汇成一股潮流。

  12. Influence of filling-drawdown cycles of the Three Gorges reservoir on deformation and failure behaviors of anaclinal rock slopes in the Wu Gorge

    Huang, Da; Gu, Dong Ming


    The upper Wu Gorge on the Yangtze River has been the site of tens of reservoir-induced landslides since the filling of the Three Gorges reservoir in 2003. These landslides have been occurring in heavily fractured carbonate rock materials along the rim of the reservoir in the Wu Gorge. A detailed investigation was carried out to examine the influence of reservoir operations (filling and drawdown) on slope stabilities in the upper Wu Gorge. Field investigations reveal many collapses of various types occurred at the toe of the anaclinal rock slopes, owing to the long-term intensive river erosion caused by periodic fluctuation of the reservoir level. Analysis of data from deformation monitoring suggests that the temporal movement of the slopes shows seasonal fluctuations that correlate with reservoir levels and drawdown conditions, with induced slope acceleration peaking when reservoir levels are lowest. This may illustrate that the main mechanism is the reservoir drawdown, which induces an episodic seepage force in the highly permeable materials at the slope toes, and thus leads to the episodic rockslides. The coupled hydraulic-mechanical (HM) modeling of the G2 landslide, which occurred in 2008, shows that collapse initiated at the submerged slope toe, which then caused the upper slope to collapse in a rock topple-rock slide pattern. The results imply that preventing water erosion at the slope toe might be an effective way for landslide prevention in the study area.

  13. Pseudo-science in the Chinese linguistics circle:A brief summary of the ongoing academic dispute between Xu Dejiang(徐德江)and Wu Tieping(伍铁平)%Pseudo-science in the Chinese linguistics circle:A brief summary of the ongoing academic dispute between Xu Dejiang (徐德江) and Wu Tieping (伍铁平)

    David Moser


    @@ Ⅰ. Introduction A recent issue of the Chinese academic jourrai Foreign Language Education1 contained an article by one of China's linguists,Wu Tieping,a professor in the Chinese Department of Beijing Normal University, accusing Xu Dejiang,the editor of a journal Chinese Character Culture()of being an "academic fraud".

  14. Architect Wu Liangyong



  15. Textual Research on Wu Jingzi' s Acquaintance with the Gentleman Yang Kai in Zhenzhou%吴敬梓交接真州缙绅杨凯略考



    杰出小说家吴敬梓生前与真州朋友、原提督杨凯缔有交谊,堪为文士与官绅交往典型之一例。两人之间的交游,既使吴敬梓获得一定的精神慰藉和生活之需,也丰富了他的人生阅历,对其思想嬗变与诗歌创作都产生了微妙而积极的影响。其交游更为吴敬梓成功创作长篇讽刺小说《儒林外史》,潜心塑造汤奏(镇台)、汤奉(知县)等若干正反面典型人物形象,构拟诸多章回精采故事情节,积聚了丰富且珍贵的素材。%The acquaintance of outstanding novelist Wu Jingzi before his death with his friend Yang Kai, the former senior official, can be taken as a model among contacts between men of letters and gentries. The acquaintance be- tween them not only makes Wu Jingzi obtain certain mental comfort and life need, but also enriches the experience of his life, which performs a subtle and positive effect on his thoughts transmutation and poetry creation. Wu Jingzi' s acquaintance accumulates rich and precious materials for his successful creation of long ironic fiction The Scholars, shaping a number of images of positive and negative character such as Commanding officer Tang and Sheriff Tang with great concentration, and making up many wonderful plots of story with captions for each chapter.

  16. A Study of Food culture in the Wu Region: with Comparison to that in Yangzhou%吴地饮食文化研究——兼与扬州饮食文化之比较



    With its unique geographical location, the Wu region in south China has developed a special food culture in the prolonged history, which embodies the philosophy of harmonious interaction between human and nature. With strong geographical and cultural features, The Wu food is characterized by its diversity and varie- ty on the one hand, and consistency and unity on the other hand. This paper examines in depth the geograph- ical and ecological environment in which the food culture of the Wu Region was cultivated, the flavor and fea- tures of the Wu Region food and the folkways of the food culture in the Wu Region. Rooted in the ideology of harmony and union, the food culture of the Wu Region is both traditional and fresh, reflecting the deep histori- cal and cultural heritage of the Wu Region.%在漫长的历史与独特的地理生态环境中,吴地形成了人与自然和谐发展的饮食文化。她具有丰富而又和谐、多样而又统一的特点,带有浓郁的地域文化色彩。从吴地饮食的风味特色以及饮食民俗中可以看出,在“和合”思想的指导下,吴地饮食文化给人们一种既传统而又清新的感觉,充分体现了吴地深厚的历史文化传统。

  17. Effect of Hash Function on the Performance of Wu-Manber Algorithm%Hash函数对WM算法性能的影响

    张速; 王锐利



  18. 维西香茶菜化学成分的研究%Studies on the chemical constituents of Rabdosia weisiensis C. Y. Wu

    杨东娟; 马瑞君; 王莱; 孙坤; 丁兰; 王瀚


    从甘肃产维西香茶菜(Rabdosia weisiensis C.Y.Wu)茎叶的乙酸乙酯部分分离得到6个已知化合物,用波谱学方法将其结构鉴定为:熊果酸(1);3β-乙酰氧基-12-烯-28-乌苏酸(2);胡麻素(3);欧槲寄生甙乙(4);胡萝卜甙(5);β-谷甾醇(6).

  19. Elucidating pharmacological mechanisms of natural medicines by biclustering analysis of the gene expression profile: a case study on curcumin and Si-Wu-Tang.

    Quan, Yuan; Li, Bin; Sun, You-Min; Zhang, Hong-Yu


    Natural medicines have attracted wide attention in recent years. It is of great significance to clarify the pharmacological mechanisms of natural medicines. In prior studies, we established a method for elucidating pharmacological mechanisms of natural products contained in connectivity map (cMap), in terms of module profiles of gene expression in chemical treatments. In this study, we explore whether this methodology is applicable to dissecting the pharmacological mechanisms of natural medicines beyond the agents contained in cMap. First, the gene expression profiles of curcumin (a typical isolated natural medicine) and Si-Wu-Tang (a classic traditional Chinese medicine formula) treatments were merged with those of cMap-derived 1309 agents, respectively. Then, a biclustering analysis was performed using FABIA method to identify gene modules. The biological functions of gene modules provide preliminary insights into pharmacological mechanisms of both natural medicines. The module profile can be characterized by a binary vector, which allowed us to compare the expression profiles of natural medicines with those of cMap-derived agents. Accordingly, we predicted a series of pharmacological effects for curcumin and Si-Wu-Tang by the indications of cMap-covered drugs. Most predictions were supported by experimental observations, suggesting the potential use of this method in natural medicine dissection.

  20. A Brief Study on Wu Dialect Sounds in Local Chronicles%地方志所见吴语方音考略



    A local chronicle is a sort of literature which records the information within an area or a certain space-time. The dialect document in a local chronicle is one of the important documents for studying ancient Chinese dialect, based on which, the history of modem Chinese dialect can be traced back. The article make a brief study on WU dialect sounds from some key local chronicles in Jiangsu and Zhejiang as of the Song Dynasty by combining other literatures and utilizing contemporary Wu dialect.%地方志是记载一定时空内一个方面或各个方面情况的资料性文献,其中的方言材料是研究古代汉语方言的重要资料之一,据此可以回溯现代汉语方言的历史。本文选取宋代以来几部重要的江浙地方志,简要考察其中的吴语方音现象。考察时,一方面结合其他文献,另一方面利用现代吴方言。

  1. WU Mengchao: A Contemporary Model of Medical Ethical Spirit%吴孟超:医学伦理精神的当代楷模



    吴孟超的医学伦理精神是他卓越医学成就的内在支撑,堪为当代楷模,值得世人学习.它包括独立自强、奋勇争先的科研伦理精神,事业为重、生命为本的医务伦理精神,慧眼识才、业以人兴的人才伦理精神,以及矢志报国、为国争光的医学价值追求.弘扬吴孟超的医学伦理精神,具有重要的时代意义.%WU Mengchao's medical ethical spirit is the inner support of his outstanding medical achievements. It can be a contemporary model and worthy for us to learn from. It involves ethical spirit of independence, self—reliance and courageously striving in medical research, taking career as the foremost and life as the foundation in medical treatment, distinguishing greatness from mediocrity and taking talent as foundation of prosperous career in talent cultivation, and pledging his devotion to serve and win glory for the country in medical value pursuit. It is of great significance in our times to carry forward Wu's medical ethical spirit.

  2. “忍无可忍”源流考辨%A Probe into the Source of "Ren Wu Ke Ren"



    “忍无可忍”这个成语意义的源头是“忍之无可忍”,形式是借鉴汉译佛经的“忍不可忍”之后类推而成的。踏踏实实阅读第一手资料、仔细深入地分析文献例证。是保证溯源准确的前提。%The source of the literal meaning of the idiom "ren wu ke ren ( beyond endurance) " is from "ren zhi wu ke ren (endure to one's limit)", and its form is evolved from "ren bu ke ten (endure whatever one cannot endure)" in the Chinese translation of Buddhist sutras. Probing into the first-hand resources in a down-to-earth manner, and analyzing the examples in literature in a careful and thorough way are the premi- ses of the accurate trace into the source.

  3. The characteristics of the insidious pathogen doctrine of WU You-xing%吴有性伏邪学说的特点



    The concept of insidious pathogen originated in Nei jing (Yellow Emperors Inner Clas-sic). WU You-xing put forward the concept of an epidemic noxious factor on the basis of predecessors' work and gave a new connotation to insidious pathogen in the late Ming dynasty. WU You-xing held that the cold pathogen was invisible while the epidemic noxious factor was tangible and concrete; the hidden location of the pathogen is Mo yuan, and the pathogen concealed in Mo ynan is the elementary process of epidemic dis-ease, not hidden and not attacking. It can be treated by Da ynan yin.%"伏邪"概念源自,明末吴有性在前人基础上提出"戾气"的概念,赋予"伏邪"新的内涵.吴有性认为寒邪无形,而戾气有形,具有物质性;邪气所伏病位为"膜原",且邪伏膜原为温疫初起阶段,并非"伏而不发",可以达原饮治疗.

  4. Wu-Chia-Pi Solution Attenuates Carbon Tetrachloride-Induced Hepatic Injury through the Antioxidative Abilities of Its Components Acteoside and Quercetin

    Ching-Chiung Wang


    Full Text Available Wu-Chia-Pi medicated wine, composed nine Chinese medicines soaked in 35% alcohol, is widely used in Asia for its health-promoting functions. However, long-term consumption of alcohol could result in liver dysfunction. In this study, Wu-Chia-Pi solution (WCPS and extract (WCPE were prepared by modification of the principals given by the Committee on Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy in Taiwan. The aim of this study was to explore the protective effect of WCPS against carbon tetrachloride (CCl4-induced liver injury and to clarify its active component(s. Antioxidative effects of the test samples were evaluated via MDA inhibition, catalase activity and DPPH-scavenging assays. HPLC was used to analysis the active components. Results showed that WCPS (1 and 5 mL/kg significantly prevented CCl4-induced liver injury without chronic liver toxicity. Referring to the antioxidative activities, WCPE displayed significant MDA inhibitory and DPPH-scavenging activities with IC50 values of 0.91 ± 0.03 and 0.60 ± 0.04 mg/mL, respectively. Catalase activity was also enhanced by treatment of WCPE, acteoside and quercetin. Therefore, we suggest that acteoside and quercetin are the major contributors to the antioxidative and hepatoprotective activities of WCPS, and a possible mechanism could be mediated through reduction of oxidative stress.

  5. 塵世幾人識我?--記政治學家、詩人吴其玉先生%Notes on Politics Researcher and Poet Wu Qiyu



    Prof. Wu Qiyu ( 1904—1995 ) graduated from the Department of Politics of Yenching University in 1927, and got a doctor’ s degree from Princeton University, USA in 1933. Afte returning to China, he acted as professor, Dean of the Department of Politics and Dean of the College of Law, Yenching University. From 1945, he was successively appointed as professor of Central and Jinling universities, and then as Dean of Studies of Zhijiang University. He won great prestige in the field of politics. From 1957 , he suffered unjust treatment for political season until his rehabilitation in the 1970s. Upon returning to Beijing, he acted as concurrent professor at the Depart-ment of Law, Peking University and Special Senior Fellow at the Institute of Nationali-ty Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. At that time he was over seventy. He often wrote old-style poems in memory of his teachers and friends, as well as for taking part in poetical exchanges among scholars. In the present paper, the author an-alyzes a lot of Wu Qiyu’ s poems, discovers from them anecdotes in his association with other men of letters, and thus provides valuable information on minds and feel-ings of the then Yenching literati.

  6. Overexpression of the NADP+-specific isocitrate dehydrogenase gene (icdA) in citric acid-producing Aspergillus niger WU-2223L.

    Kobayashi, Keiichi; Hattori, Takasumi; Hayashi, Rie; Kirimura, Kohtaro


    In the tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle, NADP(+)-specific isocitrate dehydrogenase (NADP(+)-ICDH) catalyzes oxidative decarboxylation of isocitric acid to form α-ketoglutaric acid with NADP(+) as a cofactor. We constructed an NADP(+)-ICDH gene (icdA)-overexpressing strain (OPI-1) using Aspergillus niger WU-2223L as a host and examined the effects of increase in NADP(+)-ICDH activity on citric acid production. Under citric acid-producing conditions with glucose as the carbon source, the amounts of citric acid produced and glucose consumed by OPI-1 for the 12-d cultivation period decreased by 18.7 and 10.5%, respectively, compared with those by WU-2223L. These results indicate that the amount of citric acid produced by A. niger can be altered with the NADP(+)-ICDH activity. Therefore, NADP(+)-ICDH is an important regulator of citric acid production in the TCA cycle of A. niger. Thus, we propose that the icdA gene is a potentially valuable tool for modulating citric acid production by metabolic engineering.

  7. 论吴冠中油画风景创作观%On the Concept of Creation in Wu Guanzhong's Landscape Painting

    李超峰; 刘勇


    Oil painting and traditional Chinese landscape painting are two different painting styles.They are based on completely different culture backgrounds.There are also differences in aesthetic orientation.In the composition of oil painting scenery,Wu guan-zhong took not only the excellence in western paint-color and the western modern notion,but also the spirit of Chinese landscape.He mixes the advantages of both Chinese and western into a body perfectly.In the "renovation"to paint in Wu-style,he combines the two organically the creation of"substituting stealthily,removing mountains and fill seas".Wu brings the spirits of Chinese landscape into the creation of the oil painting scenery,which includes the method of observation and the view of creation—observing and travelling extensively,ways of building space by virtual and actual such as extending and closing,as well as the personification of the landscape etc.,and combines it with the very essence of the western paints—color and modern concepts to form his unique art vocabulary.Mr.Wu is neither constrained by master-apprentice nor surrenders in fashion,he pursues the expression of emotion by choosing all means.All of these demonstrate his unique artistic style,express his penetrating to the traditional and the modern,the oriental and western and also accomplishes oil painting in Wu-style which is different from the other artistic schools.%西方风景画和传统中国山水画,是不同的两种绘画样式,构建于完全不同的文化背景下,审美取向上也有不同。在油画风景创作中,吴冠中他既取西方油彩之优———色彩,及西方的现代观念,也取中国山水之精神,博取中西之长,融成一家之言。在吴氏对于油彩的"翻新"中,他以"移花接木,移山填海"的创作方式将二者有机的结合起来。他将中国山水中的观察方式和创作观,饱游沃看,面面观;中国山水的拉大法,拉近法等以虚实来营造空间;以及

  8. Studies on the Pollination, Fertilization and Embryo Development of Chinese Date‘Wu-He-Zao'(Ziziphus jujuba)%枣授粉受精及胚胎发育研究

    张学英; 彭士琪; 郭振怀


    The processes about pollination, fertilization and embryo development of Chinese Date ‘Wu-he-zao' (ziziphus jujuba) were observed by means of lightmicrocope combining histochemical dyeing and fluorescent technique. The results were summarized as follows:The pollen grains germinated on the stigma at the 4th hour after pollination. On the 5th day after pollination,the primary endosperm nucleus formed, and the zygote formed on the 6th day. The double fertilization of Wu-he-zao was the type premitotic syngamy. The first division of the zygote took place after a dormancy for about 6 - 7 days. The proembryonal development of Wu-he-zao belonged to the Solanad type. The development of the endosperm belonged to the nuclear type.

  9. Review on Wu Zetian's Anecdotes: from historical reality to film and television reality%《武则天秘史》影评:从历史真实到影视真实



    2011年年底电视剧《武则天秘史》走红之后,武则天及唐代宫廷历史为人们所高度关注。作为一种大众娱乐现象,这非常值得研究。唐代的大气磅礴在武则天时期表现得特别明显。对武则天的女性认识与形象进行分析,发现人们对武则天的女性认识有一个明显的演变过程,这是历史学界和影视学界"性别书写"的例证。女性意识在初唐的初步松动,到武则天称帝时期妇女开放观念达到高潮,武则天玩弄各种权术达到中国封建社会女权时代的巅峰。通过三部影视作品三个不同的武则天和太子形象分析,从历史真实到影视真实,作为武则天的"她"把女人的妩媚与刚强娇柔浑然一体地结合在一起,造就帝王风范和媚女风流。%Since the TV series of Wu Zetian's Anecdotes had its moments at the end of 2011, Wu Zetian and the royal history of the Tang dynasty have been paid particular attention. As a phenomenon of mass entertainment, it is worthy of studying. The power and prosperity of the Tang dynasty was especially obvious during Wu Zetian' s rule. Through analyzing Wu' s image and character, we find a clear evolution process for people to understand her, which is the example of "gender writing', in the circle of history and film and television. Female consciousness was awoken in the early Tang. When Wu Zetian proclaimed herself empress, it reached its climax. The power tactics which was practiced by Wu Zetian reached to the peak of feminist era of China feudal society. Through analyzing three works of film and television, and three different images of Wu Zetian and prince from the historical truth to film and television reality, we comes to the conclusion that Wu Zetian which was regarded as the women's charm and strength, combined consistently to bring up the imperial style and seductive female.

  10. The Romantic Elements of the Legal Thoughts of John Ching-Hsiung Wu%论吴经熊法律思想的浪漫因素



    John Ching Hsiung Wu was graduated in law department at Soochow University,and served as the first Dean of the law school after the reform of law department. John C. H. Wu possessed profound legal knowledge,had a thorough knowledge of both western and traditional Chinese Learning,fused the philosophy of Confucian,Taoist and Buddhist,understood the artistic conception of poetry of the Tang Dynasty from the spirit of Chinese culture,identified the moving factor and aesthetic feeling of the art of law,and believed that dealing with conflicts of interest depends on a thinking mind and a feeling heart,intuition and patience of lawyers. John C. H. Wu deemed that the essence of law can be comprehended from the perspective of macrography,conception and perception. At the same time,the reason,experience should be cooperated in jurisprudential study,for practice could justify theory. Romantic elements is motive power of constant innovation,and methodological study can be inspired by human vitality and sensibility,uncontrolled and abundant life,which is valued by romanticism. After a turning point,John C. H. Wu eventually converted to religion,romantic elements is a motivation.%吴经熊毕业于东吴大学法科,系法科改制后首任东吴法学院院长。他法学根底深厚,学贯中西,融合儒、道、禅哲学,以中华文化的玄妙精髓参悟唐诗的意境,并进而体会法律的艺术有其动人因素及美感经验,坚信均衡利益之冲突有赖法律人的智思心觉和直觉与耐心。他认为法之本质需通观整体,概观与个观兼备,法学研究应融贯理性与经验,实践可印证学理。浪漫因素是不断突破与创新的动力,从浪漫主义注重人的生命力与感受力,以及自由与丰富生活,获得方法论研究态度之启发。终其一生,吴经熊的法律思想几经转折,最后依归宗教,其动因与过程,浪漫因素有以致之。视吴氏为浪漫的人本法学家,不亦可乎!

  11. Baicalein attenuates the quorum sensing-controlled virulence factors of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and relieves the inflammatory response in P. aeruginosa-infected macrophages by downregulating the MAPK and NFκB signal-transduction pathways

    Luo J


    Full Text Available Jing Luo,* Jin-liang Kong,* Bi-ying Dong, Hong Huang, Ke Wang, Li-hong Wu, Chang-chun Hou, Yue Liang, Bing Li, Yi-qiang Chen Department of Respiratory Disease, First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University, Nanning, People’s Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this work Abstract: Burgeoning antibiotic resistance and unfavorable outcomes of inflammatory injury after Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection have necessitated the development of novel agents that not only target quorum sensing (QS but also combat inflammatory injury with the least risk of resistance. This study aimed to assess the anti-QS and anti-inflammatory activities of baicalein, a traditional herbal medicine that is widely used in the People’s Republic of China, against P. aeruginosa infection. We found that subminimum inhibitory concentrations of baicalein efficiently interfered with the QS-signaling pathway of P. aeruginosa via downregulation of the transcription of QS-regulated genes and the translation of QS-signaling molecules. This interference resulted in the global attenuation of QS-controlled virulence factors, such as motility and biofilm formation, and the secretion into the culture supernatant of extracellular virulence factors, including pyocyanin, LasA protease, LasB elastase, and rhamnolipids. Moreover, we examined the anti-inflammatory activity of baicalein and its mode of action via a P. aeruginosa-infected macrophage model to address its therapeutic effect. Baicalein reduced the P. aeruginosa-induced secretion of the inflammatory cytokines IL-1β, IL-6, IL-8, and TNFα. In addition, baicalein suppressed P. aeruginosa-induced activation of the MAPK and NFκB signal-transduction pathways in cocultured macrophages; this may be the mechanism by which baicalein inhibits the production of proinflammatory cytokines. Therefore, our study demonstrates that baicalein represents a potential treatment for P. aeruginosa infection because it

  12. On Currency Circulation and Inflation of Wei Shu Wu Period%三国时期的货币流通与通货膨胀∗



    The society had been disordered in late Han Dynasty, at that time, a person who was named Dong Zhuo destroyed mo⁃netary system, forged poor small coin, which created serious inflation, and influenced currency circulation damagingly. Wei, Shu, Wu Dynasties took different approaches to solve this serious economic crisis:Wei Dynasty had not minted and reformed tax policy, which changed the tax method from money to real objects;while Wu and Shu Dynasties had forged big coins to deal with it. The monetary sys⁃tem had been chaotic, inflation had continued to grow because of the wrong currency policy and severe economic damages, which un⁃locked the prologue of natural economy in Medieval Times, and promoted the flourishing of real objects as currency.%汉末丧乱,董卓破坏钱法,铸造劣质小钱,引起了严重的通货膨胀,三国时期的货币流通秩序也因此受到严重影响。魏、蜀、吴政权面对这次经济危机采取了不同的应对方法,北方的曹魏政权主要采取不铸钱与赋税改收实物的办法;南方的吴、蜀政权则以铸造大钱的手段予以应对。由于经济破坏严重,货币政策不合时宜,导致了整个三国时期货币制度混乱,通货膨胀持续增长,为此后实物货币兴盛、“中古自然经济”的出现揭开了序幕。

  13. 高产D-塔格糖植物乳杆菌WU14的筛选与鉴定


    D-tagatose is a kind of natural sweetener with low-calorie.L-arabinose isomerase is the key enzyme for D-galactose isomerization to D-tagatose by biological method.In this study lactic acid bacteria strains were isolated from pickled vegetables and pickled cabbage.A lactic acid bacteria strain with high yield of D-tagatose was screened by the thin layer chromatography and modified cysteine carbazole method from the lactic acid bacteria strains and its L-arabinose isomerase activity was 13.95 U/mL after analysed.This strain was named Lactobacillus plantarum WU14 based on the se-quence analysis of 16S rDNA and biochemical characteristics.The result of this study could lay the foundation for the bio-conversion D-tagatose industrial production.%D-塔格糖是一种天然低热量甜味剂。 L-阿拉伯糖异构酶(L-AI)是生物法异构化D-半乳糖为D-塔格糖的关键酶。本研究从腌菜和泡菜中分离出一批乳酸菌,经薄层色谱法初筛和改良半胱氨酸咔唑法复筛,获得一株高产D-塔格糖的乳酸菌,其发酵粗酶液中L-阿拉伯糖异构酶酶活达13.95 U/mL,经16S rDNA序列比对及生化特征分析,该菌被鉴定并命名为Lactobacillus plantarum WU14。研究结果可为生物转化D-塔格糖达到工业化生产奠定基础。

  14. “立宪运动”与吴趼人的小说创作%“Constitutional Movement” and Wu Jianren’ s Novel-writing



    “立宪运动”是晚清兴起的社会改革运动,吴趼人的多部小说对其有充分描写。研读这些小说,能够感受到作者对立宪运动的质疑、否定和超越,体悟到晚清知识分子对救国道路的思索与选择。无论从特定视角描绘晚清社会思潮的变化与社会变革的画面,还是完整描述立宪运动带给国人的复杂感受、勾勒知识分子感悟立宪的心路历程等方面,吴趼人的小说创作均具有独特价值。%The late Qing Dynasty witnessed “Constitutional movement”, the social reform movement, which was fully described in Wu Jianren’ s novels. Reading these novels, the question, negation and transcendence to the movement could be felt, as well as the intellectuals’ speculation and selection at that time for the road to save the nation could be realized. On the description to changes of social thoughts and the society from the particular view in late Qing Dynasty, whether on a complete description of the people’ s complex feelings to the movement, or intellectuals’ soul journey on it, Wu Jianren’ s novels have unique value.

  15. 论吴颖20世纪50年代中期的文学研究%On Wu Ying’s Literary Study in the Mid 1950s



    吴颖是潮汕本土第一位面向全国从事文学批评与研究,与国内高层次学者对话的潮汕学人。该文首先简略介绍吴颖的生平,接着从文艺思想研究、鲁迅《故事新编》体裁性质争鸣、古典文学研究的李煜词评价争鸣中吴颖的主要学术观点及当时争鸣的情况作系统的梳理评述;以此综论20世纪50年代中期吴颖文学研究的成就和影响。%Wu Ying was the first Chaoshan native scholar engaged in literary criticism, having high-lev-el dialogues with other domestic scholars.This paper briefly describes the life of Wu Ying first, and reviews Wu Ying’s main academic points of view on Lu Xun literary thought, on Lu Xun’s“New Stories”genre nature contend and on the study of classical literature of Li Yu’s CI evaluation. Then, comprehensive discussions are given on the achievements and impact of Wu Ying’s literary studies in the mid 1950s.

  16. Food-Grade Induced Expression and Enzymatic Properties of Nitrite Reductase from Lactobacillus plantarum WU14 Under Nitrite Stress%亚硝酸盐胁迫下植物乳杆菌 WU14亚硝酸盐还原酶的食品级高效诱导表达及其酶学性质研究

    应碧; 昌晓宇; 刘志文; 周通; 陈瑶; 钟平安; 徐波


    [Objective]The study aimed to explore the mechanism of nitrite reductase from Lactobacillus plantarum WU14 under nitrite stress so that lay a foundation for pure culture technology of lactic acid bacteria in fermented food. [Method] Growth density, pH and nitrite degradation quantity of L. plantarum WU14 were determined when the liquid medium contained sodium nitrite ranged from 0.02% to 0.16% under the condition of 37℃. The recombination strain Lactococcus lactic NZ9000/pRNA48-NirS was constructed followed the putative nitrite reductase gene from L. plantarum WU14 was amplified by PCR and then cloned into the food-grade cytoplasmic inducible expression vector pRNA48 of L. lactic NZ9000. After induced with 30 ng·mL-1 nisin, the expressed target protein and the enzyme activity of nitrite reductase of the recombinant strains were analyzed by SDS-PAGE and Naphthyl ethylenediamine dihydrochloride spectrophotometric method. Using the bioinformatics software, the high level protein structure, membrane structure and hydrophobicity of nitrite reductase gene were predicted and analyzed. [Result]L. plantarum WU14 could routinely grow in MRS medium containing less than 0.12% nitrite, along with degradation of nitrite. After the strain L. plantarum WU14 was cultured for 24 hours in the liquid medium containing 0.10% sodium nitrite, the nitrite reductase activity of L. plantarum WU14 was 2 347.5 U·mL-1, and the degradation quantity was 56.34 μg·mL-1 according to the analysis of its nitrite degradation ability. the NirS gene could express in the recombinant strain. Nitrite reductase gene encodes a kind of hydrophilic protein containing alpha helix and random coil, no signal peptide and transmembrane structure. The recombination strain could routinely grow in GM17 medium containing less than 0.10% nitrite, meanwhile, its enzyme activity reached 925.41 U·mL-1 and the degradation quantity reached 22.21 mg·mL-1 after 24 h fermentation in the 0.04% nitrite concentration

  17. 存“至德”之诚义扬吴地之人文--评吴恩培点校的《至德志(外二种)》%Sincere in Attaining Virtuousness and Conducive to Boosting the Wu Culture:On Zhi De Zhi Punctuated and Revised by Professor Wu Enpei

    许凌雯; 陈璇


    As the ifrst book of the second volume of Suzhou Literature Series, Zhi De Zhi, punctuated and revised by Professor Wu Enpei, takes into full consideration of the value of the edition of the literature, the value of historical materials, the historical value of the local culture research and the application value of the social culture, playing an active role in f acilitating the spreading and advancing the humanitarian spirit of Wu Region.%作为《苏州文献丛书》第二辑中的一本,吴恩培教授点校的《至德志(外二种)》在整理时注重了文献版本价值、史料价值、地域文化研究的历史价值以及社会文化的应用价值,对于推扬吴地的人文精神起着积极的作用。

  18. Modification of Sako-Wu-Prausnitz equation of state for fluid phase equilibria in polyethylene-ethylene systems at high pressures

    F. Gharagheizi


    Full Text Available In order to model phase equilibria at all pressures, it is necessary to have an equation of state. We have chosen the Sako-Wu-Prausnitz cubic equation of state, which had shown some promising results. However, in order to satisfy our demands, we had to modify it slightly and fit new pure component parameters. New pure component parameters have been determined for ethylene and the n-alkane series, using vapor pressure data, saturated liquid volume and one-phase PVT-data. For higher n-alkanes, where vapor pressure data are poor or not available, determination of the pure component parameters was made in part by extrapolation and in part by fitting to one-phase PVT-data. Using one-fluid van der Waals mixing rules, with one adjustable interaction parameter, good correlation of binary hydrocarbon system was obtained, except for the critical region. The extension of the equation of state to polyethylene systems is covered in this work. Using the determined parameters, flash and cloud point calculations were performed, and treating the polymer as polydisperse. The results fit data well.

  19. Identification of Multiple Ingredients for a Traditional Chinese Medicine Preparation (Bu-yang-huan-wu-tang by Liquid Chromatography Coupled with Tandem Mass Spectrometry

    Tung-Hu Tsai


    Full Text Available Bu-yang-huan-wu-tang (BYHWT is a popular Traditional Chinese Medicine formula consisting of seven herbal medicines (Astragalus membranaceus, Angelica sinensis, Paeonia lactiflora, Ligusticum chuanxiong, Carthamus tinctorius, Amygdalus persica and Pheretima aspergillum, that has been used in China for centuries to overcome stroke-induced disability. To ensure the consistency of quality, a reliable analytical method is required, therefore, we developed a liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS method for quantitative analysis of the major constituents in BYHWT. The herbal ingredients consisting of the cycloartane-type triterpene glycosides of astragaloside I, astragaloside II and astragaloside IV; isoflavones of formononetin, ononin calycosin, calycosin-7-O-β-d-glucoside; ligustilide and paeoniflorin were separated on a C18 column with gradient elution of methanol/10 mM ammonium acetate buffer–formic acid (100:0.1, v/v. This study was performed by a mass spectrometer using electrospray ionization (ESI with positive ionization ions monitored in the multiple reaction-monitoring (MRM mode. The linearity, accuracy, precision, limit of detection (LOD and lower limit of quantification (LLOQ were validated for this quantification method, and the sensitivity, reliability and reproducibility were all confirmed. The experiments provided a good method for analyzing BYHWT extracts. This study also quantitated the active components in various brands of commercially available products. The results indicated that the pharmaceutical industrial products of BYHWT exhibited considerable variation in their contents of the herbal compounds.

  20. Income and Expenditure Records of Taxes in Wu Slips Unearthed at Zoumalou%走马楼吴简赋税收支记录管窥



    根据走马楼吴简的赋税收支记录可知,赋税的种类不同,征收与管理的方式也有所不同.例如赋税的缴纳,有自送与代输;对于不宜分割物品,采用合户征收或折纳等方式;对赋税的账目管理,采用"莂"的形式,以便各方面互相监督;船师在不同仓库之间的赋税转运中发挥着重要作用.%According to income and expenditure records of taxes in Wu slips unearthed at Zoumalou, Changsha, different types of taxes were levied and managed by different methods. For example, some taxes were sent to pay by tax hearers themselves, but other taxes were collected by those who were designated by authorities and sent to government warehouses. Items which should not be split were levied on joint families or were substituted by other items with the same price. Accounts were managed by the methods facilitating mutual supervision. Chuanshi (boatmen) played important role in tax transshipment among warehouses.

  1. Protective Effects of Tao-Hong-Si-Wu Decoction on Memory Impairment and Hippocampal Damage in Animal Model of Vascular Dementia

    Lan Han


    Full Text Available Tao-Hong-Si-Wu decoction (TSD as a traditional chinese medicine (TCM has been developed to treat thrombotic diseases for hundreds of years, and vascular dementia (VD is a cognitive dysfunction syndrome caused by cerebral embolism. In this study, the protective effect of TSD on memory impairment and brain damage in rat model of VD induced by middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO was investigated. The study showed that rats in MCAO treatment with TSD for 14 days significantly improved behavioral function, increased densities of neuron, and induced angiogenesis in the brain compared with model rats. TSD also adjusted the neurotransmitter levels, reduced the content of endothelin-1 (ET-1, and induced the activities of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF in hippocampus. Moreover, the immunohistochemical staining and western blotting results also revealed that TSD decreased apoptosis via upregulated B-cell lymphoma-2 (Bcl-2/Bcl-2 associated X protein (Bax ratio. These results demonstrated TSD possesses neuroprotective and antidementia properties by preventing the loss of neural cells, adjusting brain neurotransmitter, promoting cerebral blood circulation, and decreasing apoptosis. These results suggested that TSD might be developed as an effective drug for the prevention of VD.

  2. Proteomic Identification of Nrf2-Mediated Phase II Enzymes Critical for Protection of Tao Hong Si Wu Decoction against Oxygen Glucose Deprivation Injury in PC12 Cells

    Hong-yi Qi


    Full Text Available Chinese herbal medicine formula Tao Hong Si Wu decoction (THSWD is traditionally used in China for cerebrovascular diseases. However, the molecular mechanisms of THSWD associated with the cerebral ischemia reperfusion injury are largely unknown. The current study applied the two-dimensional gel electrophoresis-based proteomics to investigate the different protein profiles in PC12 cells with and without the treatment of THSWD. Twenty-six proteins affected by THSWD were identified by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry. Gene ontology analysis showed that those proteins participated in several important biological processes and exhibited diverse molecular functions. In particular, six of them were found to be phase II antioxidant enzymes, which were regulated by NF-E2-related factor-2 (Nrf2. Quantitative PCR further confirmed a dose-dependent induction of the six phase II enzymes by THSWD at the transcription level. Moreover, the individual ingredients of THSWD were discovered to synergistically contribute to the induction of phase II enzymes. Importantly, THSWD’s protection against oxygen-glucose deprivation-reperfusion (OGD-Rep induced cell death was significantly attenuated by antioxidant response element (ARE decoy oligonucleotides, suggesting the protection of THSWD may be likely regulated at least in part by Nrf2-mediated phase II enzymes. Thus, our data will help to elucidate the molecular mechanisms underlying the neuroprotective effect of THSWD.

  3. Stress-driven discovery of a cryptic antibiotic produced by Streptomyces sp. WU20 from Kueishantao hydrothermal vent with an integrated metabolomics strategy.

    Shi, Yutong; Pan, Chengqian; Auckloo, Bibi Nazia; Chen, Xuegang; Chen, Chen-Tung Arthur; Wang, Kuiwu; Wu, Xiaodan; Ye, Ying; Wu, Bin


    Marine hydrothermal microorganisms respond rapidly to the changes in the concentrations and availability of metals within hydrothermal vent microbial habitats which are strongly influenced by elevated levels of heavy metals. Most hydrothermal vent actinomycetes possess a remarkable capability for the synthesis of a broad variety of biologically active secondary metabolites. Major challenges in the screening of these microorganisms are to activate the expression of cryptic biosynthetic gene clusters and the development of technologies for efficient dereplication of known compounds. Here, we report the identification of a novel antibiotic produced by Streptomyces sp. WU20 isolated from the metal-rich hydrothermal vents in Taiwan Kueishantao, following a strategy based on metal induction of silent genes combined with metabolomics analytical methods. HPLC-guided isolation by tracking the target peak resulted in the characterization of the novel compound 1 with antimicrobial activity against Bacillus subtilis. The stress metabolite 1 induced by nickel is structurally totally different compared with the normally produced compounds. This study underlines the applicability of metal induction combined with metabolic analytical techniques in accelerating the exploration of novel antibiotics and other medically relevant natural products.

  4. 基于“体质-疾病谱-主症”模式的黄芪桂枝五物汤方证规范化文献研究%Formula Syndrome Standardization Study of Classical Formula of Huang-Qi-Gui-Zhi-Wu-Wu Decoction Based on Mode of "Constitution-Spectrum of Disease-Main Symptom" on Document Data

    刘晓丽; 周美启; 李锋刚; 郜峦; 陆翔; 李净; 吴元洁


    Objective:It is to study the formula syndrome rule of Classical formula of Huang-qi-gui-zhi-wu-wu decoction on relative document data based on the mode of constitution-spectrum of disease-main symptom.Methods:By collecting,sorting out the individual clinical cases,then analysis and data mining of them.Results:Constitution and appearance of its formula syndrome are lack of vitality and fatigue,chills,lack of energy even to speak,lusterless or sallow complexion.Diseases mainly treated are neuritis,postpartum disease,Raynaud's disease,cervical vertebra disease,urticaria.Differentiation syndromes are syndrome of meridian obstruction and defense-qi and nutrient blood deficiency,Qi deficiency and blood stasis syndrome owing to yang deficiency,blood stasis syndrome complicated cold coagulation.Main symptoms include pain,numbness,swelling,sweating,dizziness,etc.Pulses mostly are sinking and thin or thin and weak or sinking and weak.Tongue color is pale white or pink and tongue coats are thin white or white mainly.Among this formula,common dosage of Astragalus is higher than other medicinal,and maximum dosage of stragalus and jujube are significantly higher than other medicinal.Chinese angelica,licorice,spatholobus stem,Rhizoma ligustici wallichii are frequently be added.Conclusion:Formula syndrome of Huang-qi-gui-zhi-wu-wu decoction includes the constitution and appearance and main symptom characteristics attending to the diseases above mentioned.Based on the original formula,other medicinal are added accordingly promoting blood circulation to remove blood staais,tonifying deficiency,releasing the exterior,dispelling wind and dampness,calming the liver to stop the wind.%在“体质-疾病谱-主症”模式下,通过对黄芪桂枝五物汤个案的搜集整理分析与数据挖掘,从文献角度探讨该方的方证规律.结果显示该方证体质及体貌特征为神疲乏力、畏寒、少气懒言、面色无华或萎黄等;所治疾病以神经炎、产后病

  5. The Correlation Research Between the Loneliness and Wu-Tai Personality Theory of University Students%大学生孤独感与五态人格相关性研究

    刘婕; 杨振宁


    探讨大学生孤独感与五态人格的相关关系.通过对某高校218名大学生随机抽样,比较UCLA孤独量表和五态人格量表问卷调查结果,显示孤独感与阴阳平和、太阴之人的性格特点有显著相关.%The aim of the paper is to discuss the correlation relationships between the loneliness and Wu-Tai personality theory of university students. Based on the random sampling of 218 university students of a university, the investigation results between UCLA loneliness Scale and the Wu-Tai personality Scale are compared. The results showed that there is a significant correlation between loneliness and the personality characteristics of Yin- Yang peaceful people, Tai-Yin people.

  6. 吴克明教授治疗节食减肥后闭经经验介绍%Brief Introduction to Professor WU Keming′s Experience on Treatment of Amenorrhea after Losing Weight by Dieting

    敖荣娜; 罗娟; 李晶晶; 吴克明


    从典型病例入手介绍吴克明教授运用中西医两法诊治减肥后闭经的临床经验,以期为相关临床研究提供参考.%We are discussing professor WU Keming's experience of treating amenorrhea after losing weight with western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine through analyzing classic cases, aiming to provide reference for associated clinical study.

  7. Reclassification of Halomonas caseinilytica Wu et al. 2008 as a later synonym of Halomonas sinaiensis-Comments on the proposal by Hwang et al., Antonie van Leeuwenhoek 109:1345-1352, 2016.

    Oren, Aharon


    Hwang et al. (Antonie van Leeuwenhoek 109:1345-1352, 2016) proposed the reclassification of Halomonas caseinilytica (Wu et al. 2008) as a later synonym of Halomonas sinaiensis, based on the publication of the latter name in 2007 by Romano et al. However, the name H. sinaiensis was validly published only in 2011. Therefore the proposal by Hwang et al. is not appropriate; instead, the name H. sinaiensis can be proposed as a later synonym of H. casinilytica.

  8. 拟缺香茶菜化学成分的研究%Studies on the chemical constituents of Isodon excisoides(Sun ex C.H.Hu) C.Y.Wu et H.W.Li

    丁兰; 王瀚; 刘国安; 杨东娟


    从甘肃产拟缺香茶菜(Isodon excisoides(Sun ex C.H.Hu)C.Y.Wu et H.W.Li)的叶中分离得到6个化合物,利用现代波谱学方法鉴定其结构为:β-谷甾醇,熊果酸,线蓟素,胡麻素,胡萝卜甙,槲皮甙.

  9. Diagnostic and Treatment Features and Clinical Thought of Pro.Wu Xuesu Treating Diabetic Foot%吴学苏教授治疗糖尿病足的临床思路与诊疗特色初探

    邵鑫; 吴学苏


    [Objective] To summarize the clinical diagnosis and treatment ideas for diabetic foot by Professor Wu Xuesu,which called "five combinations". [Methods] By learning from Professor Wu Xuesu, typical cases of her "five combinations"clinical characteristics for the treatment of diabetic foot were collected, analyzed and summarized. [Results] The diabetic foot Integrative Medicine Platform,which multidisciplinary participated could relieve the symptoms and showed a positive effect on the prognosis of patients. [Conclusion] The clinical diagnosis and treatment ideas and clinical characteristics of Professor Wu Xuesu for diabetic foot has an important guiding significance in clinic.%[目的]总结吴学苏教授以“五个结合”为特色治疗糖尿痛足的诊疗思路.[方法]通过跟师学习收集吴学苏教授多年治疗糖尿病足的典型病例,分析、总结其“五个结合”诊疗特色.[结果]多学科共同参与的中西医结合治疗平台治疗糖尿病足能较好地改善患者的症状,对患者的预后有积极的作用.[结论]吴学苏教授提出的诊疗思路及诊疗特色对临床有重要的指导意义.

  10. 吴银根辨治间质性肺疾病验案分析%Effective Cases Analysis of Professor WU Yingen in Differentiating and Treating Interstitial Lung Disease

    石克华; 熊必丹; 吴银根


    通过验案分析,总结吴银根教授辨治间质性肺疾病的临床经验.其辨治要点是:认为本病的病位在肺络,病机为肺络痹阻,痰瘀互结.虚、痰、瘀是其主要病理特点,以通补肺络为大法,主张络虚宜通补,采用祛痰通络,活血化瘀,温阳益气,滋阴补肾等治法,善用峻烈、有毒和虫类药物.%This article introduced the clinical experience of Professor WU Yingen who differentiated and treated interstitial lung disease by analyzing effective cases. The important point of syndrome differentiation and treatment is that lung collaterals is the position of the disease, obstructing lung collaterals and intermingled phlegm and blood stasis are the basis pathogenesis of interstitial lung disease. Deficiency,phlegm and blood stasis are the main pathological features. And tonifying the lung collaterals is the method of treatment. Professor WU thinks that collaterals deficiency must be tonified,and the disease can be treated by using therapeutic principles and methods like reducing phlegm and vein relaxing, promoting blood circulation for removing blood stasis, wanning yang and benefiting qi, replenishing vital essence to tonify the kidney, and so on. Professor WU makes full use of drastic, toxic and insects medicine of TCM.

  11. Pursuit of Wu Xiaobang' s "Tianma Dance Art Studio" and Contemporary Enlightenment%吴晓邦 "天马舞蹈艺术工作室" 的实验追求与当代启示



    从吴晓邦 "天马" 的创作实验入手, 探讨其实验追求, 可通过个案研究管窥建国 "十七年" 舞蹈的创作生态格局, 进而结合社会、 政治、 文化思潮阐释 "天马" 在特定语境中的特殊价值, 揭示吴晓邦"新舞蹈" 艺术的审美转型. 同时, 重提吴晓邦启蒙、 思辨的创造精神, 寻求民族之根与身份认同的文化自觉性, 以期为当代舞蹈创作提供启示.%From Wu Xiaobang' s experimental creation of "Tianma", the paper explores the experimental pursuit, and the ecological creation pattern of the seventeen years since the founding of new China with case studies. It ex?pounds the special value of "Tianma" in the specific context with social, political and cultural trends, and reveals the aesthetic transformation of Wu Xiaobang' s "new dance" art. Meanwhile, Wu Xiaobang' s enlightenment and speculative spirit of creation can inspire contemporary dance creation along with the cultural consciousness of seeking roots and identity of the nation.

  12. The Examination for the Time of Emperor Wu Currency Reform during the Han Dynasty%汉武帝钱币改革系年考

    曾维华; 窦葳


    《史记》《汉书》等文献以及考古资料记载汉武帝时期有过多次钱币改革。通过梳理、分析、考证,可确定汉武帝即位后继续沿用文帝时铸行的四铢半两钱,自元狩三年开始先后进行了多次货币改革,具体年代、内容为:元狩三年,造皮币、白金三品,并销四铢半两钱,铸三铢钱;元狩四年,罢三铢钱,铸郡国五铢钱;元狩六年,京师钟官铸赤侧钱,规定以赤侧钱为赋;元鼎二年,废白金三品;元鼎四年,废赤侧钱,禁郡国五铢铸钱,铸行三官五铢钱;太始二年,铸麟趾金、褭蹏金,主要用作赏赐诸侯王等。%The Historical Records ,the History of Han Dynasty and other documents recorded that there were several currency reforms in Emperor Wu of Han. With combing,analysis and textual research,we can determine that the Emperor Wu of Han still used the money of four baht and a half which was cast by the Emperor Wen of Han.Since the third year of Yuan Shou,they began multiple currency reforms, the specific time and content is:in the third year of Yuan Shou,they made artificial leather coins, white Gold three level and forbade the money of four baht and a half,cast the money of three baht; in the fourth year of Yuan Shou, they forbade three baht, casting the money of county five baht ; in the sixth year of Yuan Shou, the official of Capital began to cast the red side money and provide that the red side money to pay the tax only;in the second year of Yuan Ding,they forbade white gold three level; in the fourth year of Yuan Ding, they forbade the red side money and the county casting the five baht money, began to cast the money of three official five baht; in the second year of Tai Shi, they began to cast gold of Lin Chi, gold of NiaoTi, used for reward vassal king etc.

  13. The urban flood control embankment engineering design of Wu-Yuan City%婺源县城区防洪治理工程设计

    蔡方昕; 王建峰


    Aimed at the problems of unblocked flood protection levee , no blocking flood drainage facilities in water-logging area and cannot resist the 20 year design flood with low flood control standard in the Wu-Yuan urban flood control system , according to the overall planning of urban flood control, the distribution of Le-An river, and flood control standard of the planning years,combining with the existing flood control facilities, protection object and other factors, the integrated protection and reinforcement scheme with building new embankment, new flood wall and dry masonry stone revetment has been design and adopted. The anti sliding and anti overturning stability, seepage stability and stress analysis results show that the overall stability, permeability and stress indicators of the protection and reinforcement structure conform to the standard requirement totally. The flood prevention and strengthening scheme has good technical and economic benefits.%针对婺源县城区防洪体系中防洪堤未封闭,涝区无挡洪排涝设施,防洪堤防洪标准偏低、无法抵御20年一遇洪水等问题,结合防洪堤现状、防护对象等因素,设计采取有针对性的新建土堤、新建防洪墙和干砌石护岸等为一体的防护加固方案。计算结果表明:防护加固建筑结构整体稳定性、抗渗性和应力指标均符合规范要求,防洪加固方案具有较好的技术和经济效益。

  14. Image of Wu Zetian in the Novels of Ming and Qing Dynasties%明清小说中的武则天形象简论

    刘健; 雷勇


    Empress Wu Zetian was frequently the depicting interest of writers in Ming and Qing dynasties,who mostly focused on her cruelty,licentiousness,and bloodthirstiness,to highlight her political ambitions,whereas diminished her political and insight talents,which desalted her historical contribution and presented her as either a demon or a deity.Following their forerunners,writers of the times intensified the criticism against Wu's usurping power as a female,blinding the emperor by seduction,and having illegitimate sex relations in the imperial court.Her image is more complicated and diversified in novels of the times for their varied narrative angles.%在明清小说中武则天是一个颇受作者关注的人物。小说家在塑造武则天形象时,大多着眼于她的残忍、荒淫和嗜杀,突出了她的政治野心,因此,武则天基本上是以"中淫外酷"的负面形象出现的。小说家削弱了武则天作为一代女皇的政治才能、远见卓识,淡化了她的历史功绩,将这一形象妖魔化或神化,在前人的基础上,小说家更加强了对武则天"牝鸡司晨"、"狐媚惑主"和"淫秽宫闱"的诋毁和道德批判。由于叙事角度不同,明清小说中的武则天形象更加复杂、多样。

  15. Contamination and Human Health Risk Assessment of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Oysters After the Wu Yi San Oil Spill in Korea.

    Loh, Andrew; Yim, Un Hyuk; Ha, Sung Yong; An, Joon Geon; Kim, Moonkoo


    After the collision of the Singapore-registered oil tanker M/V Wu Yi San into the oil terminal of Yeosu, Korea on January 31, 2014, approximately 900 m(3) of oil and oil mixture were released from the ruptured pipelines. The oil affected more than 10 km of coastline along Gwangyang Bay. Emergency oil spill responses recovered bulk oil at sea and cleaned up the stranded oil on shore. As part of an emergency environmental impact assessment, region-wide monitoring of oil contamination in oyster had been conducted for 2 months. Highly elevated concentrations of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) were detected at most of the spill affected sites. Four days after the spill, the levels of PAHs in oysters increased dramatically to 627-81,000 ng/g, the average of which was 20 times higher than those found before the spill (321-4040 ng/g). The level of PAHs in these oysters increased until 10 days after the spill and then decreased. Due to the strong tidal current and easterly winter winds, the eastern part of the Bay-the Namhae region-was heavily contaminated compared with other regions. The accumulation and depuration of spilled oil in oyster corresponded with the duration and intensity of the cleanup activities, which is the first field observation in oil spill cases. Human health risk assessments showed that benzo[a]pyrene equivalent concentrations exceeded levels of concern in the highly contaminated sites, even 60 days after the spill.

  16. Molecular mechanisms of the analgesic action of Wu-tou Decoction on neuropathic pain in mice revealed using microarray and network analysis.

    Zhang, Yan-Qiong; Wang, Chao; Guo, Qiu-Yan; Zhu, Chun-Yan; Yan, Chen; Sun, Dan-Ni; Xu, Qiong-Hong; Lin, Na


    Wu-tou Decoction (WTD) is a classic herbal formula in traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of joint diseases, neuropathic pain (NP) and inflammatory pain. In this study we investigated whether WTD produced analgesic action in a mouse spinal nerve ligation (SNL) model and elucidated the underlying molecular mechanisms. Mice were subjected to SNL and orally treated with WTD (3.15, 6.30 or 12.60 g·kg(-1)·d(-1)) for 21 d. SNL induced mechanical hyperalgesia and heat hyperalgesia characterized by rapid and persistent pain hypersensitivity. In addition, the expression levels of IL-1β, TNF-α, CCL2 and CXCL1 in the spinal cord dorsal horn were dramatically increased on the 10(th) d post-surgery. Oral administration of WTD dose-dependently suppressed both mechanical and heat hyperalgesia as well as the expression levels of inflammatory cytokines in the spinal cord dorsal horn on the 21(st) d post-surgery. Then whole-genome microarray analyses were conducted to detect the gene expression profiles of spinal cord dorsal horn in SNL mice with or without WTD treatment. After construction of the WTD-SNL-network and topological analysis, a list of candidate target genes of WTD acting on SNL-induced NP was identified and found to be functionally enriched in several glial cell activation-related pathways and neuroinflammatory pathways. Our data have clarified the gene expression patterns in the mouse spinal cord under the NP condition. We also demonstrate the analgesic action of WTD through suppression of glial cell activation and neuroinflammation, which suggest the potential of WTD as a promising candidate for the treatment of NP.

  17. Inhibition of Neoplastic Transformation and Chemically-Induced Skin Hyperplasia in Mice by Traditional Chinese Medicinal Formula Si-Wu-Tang

    Liu, Mandy M.; Huang, Kevin M.; Yeung, Steven; Chang, Andy; Zhang, Suhui; Mei, Nan; Parsa, Cyrus; Orlando, Robert; Huang, Ying


    Exploring traditional medicines may lead to the development of low-cost and non-toxic cancer preventive agents. Si-Wu-Tang (SWT), comprising the combination of four herbs, Rehmanniae, Angelica, Chuanxiong, and Paeoniae, is one of the most popular traditional Chinese medicines for women’s diseases. In our previous studies, the antioxidant Nrf2 pathways were strongly induced by SWT in vitro and in vivo. Since Nrf2 activation has been associated with anticarcinogenic effects, the purpose of this study is to evaluate SWT’s activity of cancer prevention. In the Ames test, SWT demonstrated an antimutagenic activity against mutagenicity induced by the chemical carcinogen 7,12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene (DMBA). In JB6 P+ cells, a non-cancerous murine epidermal model for studying tumor promotion, SWT inhibited epidermal growth factor (EGF)-induced neoplastic transformation. The luciferase reporter gene assays demonstrated that SWT suppressed EGF-induced AP-1 and TNF-α-induced NF-κB activation, which are essential factors involved in skin carcinogenesis. In a DMBA-induced skin hyperplasia assay in ‘Sensitivity to Carcinogenesis’ (SENCAR) mice, both topical and oral SWT inhibited DMBA-induced epidermal hyperplasia, expression of the proliferation marker Proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA), and H-ras mutations. These findings demonstrate, for the first time, that SWT prevents tumor promoter and chemical-induced carcinogenesis in vitro and in vivo, partly by inhibiting DNA damage and blocking the activation of AP-1 and NF-κB. PMID:28335476

  18. John Ching Hsiung Wu on the Artistic Spirits of Law%吴经熊论法的艺术精神



    As an encyclopedic scholar in both western and traditional Chinese culture,John Ching Hsiung Wu’s theory made a major impact on the world stage in the twentieth century. Wu’s research field refers to philosophy,law,literature,religion and so on. From these perspectives,John C. H. Wu’s character in scholarship and world view can be tasted under the special background of the time.The article takes John C. H. Wu’s ideas on the art as a starting point,and the transition of the position of legal philosophy as background. The part one talks about the art of law from John C. H. Wu’s positivism standpoint on the early stage,which behaves in equitable interest,symmetrical order and the beauty of harmony. The part two pays attention to the philosophy of natural law. Through compromising the nature and human intelligence,John C. H. Wu realizes the transcendent level of the art of law. The inherent value of law,equity and justice,shows the beauty of caring for human nature in essence. According to John C. H. Wu’s philosophy of natural law,justice is rooted in the changeless value of the eternal law. Through transforming into human law from natural law,the eternal law of God reflects the glory of the divine. The last part discusses the reason,for which John C. H. Wu gains the special thoughts. Besides the Catholic beliefs,the most important reason is the cognitive style intuition,which is cultivated under the background of different cultural tradition. With the help of intuition,John C. H. Wu got perfect temperament and life.%作为一位学贯古今,纵横中西方文化的集大成者,吴经熊在二十世纪的世界舞台上留下了浓墨重彩的一笔。他的研究领域涉及哲学、法学、文学、宗教等多个领域。不管从哪个角度观察之,人们都能从中领略到吴经熊在那个特殊时代背景下所代表的一般志士仁人的治学治世的品性。本文以吴经熊前后期法哲学立场的转向为大背景对其法的

  19. Analogous Formulae of Si-Wu Decoction for Nourishing Blood and Regulating Menstruation%四物汤类方养血调经配伍功效探析

    范欣生; 陈菲; 刘培; 宿树兰; 段金廒


    Si-Wu Decoction act not only as the classic formula for nourishing blood but also as the basic formula for regulating menstruation, and therefore is widely applied in clinic. In this paper, we discuss the nourishing blood and regulating menstruation function of Si-Wu Decoction based on the main syndrome as well as the characteristics of it and its analogous formulae. Si-Wu Decoction can nourish blood by affecting blood system, neu-roendocrine system, specific physiological matter of women and related hormones. It also can regulate blood by improving blood rheology, regulating the relationship between coagulation and anti-coagulation and improving uterine smooth muscle, whose mechanism involves different cytokines secreted by vascular endothelial cells. The comparison between analogous formulae indicates that the derived analogous ones share similar function and featured differences. For example, Too -Hong -Si-Wu Decoction lays particular stress on activating blood and resolving blood stasis by improving blood rheology, preventing blood platelets aggregation; Xiang-Fu-Si-Wu Decoction regulates Qi and relieves pain by inhibiting contraction frequency and amplitude of uterine smooth muscle as well as the average muscular tension. Qin-Lian-Si-Wu Decoction clears heat and activates blood by inhibiting inflammatory factors. Therefore, effect manifestations of the similarity and difference of Si-Wu Decoction analogous formulae helps go deep into the study of classic formulae to guide clinical practice.%四物汤为补血剂的代表方,也是调经基本方,是后世众多补血方的祖方,临床应用广泛.本文探讨基于主证的四物汤配伍功效,以及四物汤衍化方的特点.四物汤具有补血调血之功,其补血作用不仅表现在对血液系统的影响,也包括对神经内分泌系统、妇女特异性生理物质及相关激素水平的影响;其调血之用,具有改善血液流变、维持凝血与抗凝平衡,同时还改善子宫平

  20. 新型四物胶囊对辐射损伤小鼠造血功能的影响%Effect of New Si-wu Capsules on Hematopoietic Function of Irradiated Mice

    谭洪玲; 高月; 马增春; 邵帅; 刘浩生; 洪倩; 王宇光; 梁乾德; 肖成荣; 甄蓓


    Objective To evaluate the hematopoietic function of new Si-wu capsules on low-dose 60Coγ irradiated mice. Methods Balb/c mice were irradiated using 60Coγ resources. Following irradiation, the extract of new Si-wu capsules was administered intragastrically for 7 consecutive days at doses of 20.0,10. 0,5.0 g·kg-1. The normal group and model group were given an equal volume of distilled water. Blood samples were collected from the tail end and the number of peripheral blood cells was counted on day 0,1,4,7,11,14,17 and 23 using a microcell counter. The ability of the colony-forming unit of bone marrow cells and the percentage of CD34 + cells in bone marrow were observed. Results Extracts of new Si-wu capsules could increase the percentage of CD34+ cells and the ability of the colony-forming unit of granulocyte macrophage. High doses of new Si-wu capsules treatment could also improve the ability of erythroid and mixed colony-forming units, new Si-wu capsule could accelerate the recovery of white blood cells and platelets. Conclusion new Si-wu capsule can reverse hematopoietic injury induced by 2.5 Gy 60Coγ irradiation, improve the hematopoietic function of bone marrow and accelerate blood cell recovery.%目的 评价新型四物胶囊对60C0 γ射线所致小鼠造血功能损伤的影响,为该药的临床研究提供参考依据.方法 采用2.5 Gy60C0γ射线全身照射,照后连续给药7d.正常组和模型组给予等体积的蒸馏水,新型四物胶囊高、中、低剂量(20.0、10.0、5.0 g·kg-1)组分别在照前、照后第1、4、7、11、14、17、23天检测外周血象,同时在照后第7天进行CD34+细胞检测、骨髓造血祖细胞集落培养.结果 新型四物胶囊各剂量在造模后7d提高CD34+细胞数,促进CFU-GM增殖,同时高剂量还促进CFU-E、BFU-E及CFU-Mix增殖;第7~14天显著升高白细胞与血小板数.结论 新型四物胶囊可有效改善60C0 γ射线对小鼠所致的造血损伤,提高骨髓造血功能,

  1. 盾上的痕迹:吴岸诗歌中的本土实践与身份确立%Traces on the Shield:Native Practices and the Establishment of Identity in Wu An ’s Poetry



    吴岸从1962年《盾上的诗篇》便开始其半个世纪的创作,在砂华文学担任先锋者的角色。对吴岸而言,本土即是砂捞越,其本土书写集中在土地(砂捞越)与个人的回忆与经历。文章核心以吴岸作为砂华文学底下的个体,从本土出发,以书写的独特性展示砂华文学的自主文学场域的可能性。吴岸创作中的本土与现实主义融合并促成思想与空间的交织,形成土地与世界两面维度的接轨,展示具“本土世界观点”的文学。%With his collection, Poems on a Shield, in 1962, Wu An began his career of writing for half a century, playing the role of an avant-garde in Sarawak. For Wu, his native country is Sarawak, and his native writing focuses on his personal memory and experience in his native country(Sarawak). This article centres around Wu An, who, in his unique writing, shows the possibility of the autonomous literary site in Sarawak literature as an individual at the bottom of that literature and from a native point of view. The merging of the native and realism in Wu’s writings that makes it possible for thought and space to be interwoven has bi-dimensionally integrated the land and the world in showing a literature of“native world views.”

  2. 中风偏瘫应用补阳还五汤加味治疗的临床分析%Clinical analysis of Bu Yang Huan Wu soup modified in the treatment of stroke hemiplegia



    目的:探讨补阳还五汤加味治疗中风偏瘫的临床效果.方法:收治中风偏瘫患者120例,随机分成对照组和观察组各60例,对照组给予脑血康片治疗,观察组给予补阳还五汤加味治疗.结果:观察组治疗总有效率明显高于对照组(P<0.05);观察组治疗后运动及语言表达功能改善程度均优于对照组(P<0.05).结论:补阳还五汤加味治疗中风偏瘫效果显著,可有效改善患者运动、语言表达功能及神志状态.%Objective:To investigate the clinical effect of Bu Yang Huan Wu soup modified in the treatment of stroke hemiplegia. Methods:120 patients with stroke hemiplegia were selected,they were randomly divided into the control group and the observation group with 60 cases in each group,the patients in the control group were given the cerebral blood kang tablet treatment,the observation group were given Bu Yang Huan Wu soup modified treatment.Results:The total effective rate of the observation group was significantly higher than that of the control group(P<0.05);the improvement of the movement and language expression after treatment was better than that of the control group(P<0.05).Conclusion:The effect of Bu Yang Huan Wu soup modified in the treatment of stroke hemiplegia is remarkable,it can improve the patients' movement,language expression function and the state of consciousness effectively.

  3. Investigation on version and author of Zeng bu shi wu ben cao bei kao (Augmented Dietary Materia Medica for Investigation)%《增补食物本草备考》版本及作者考

    郑洪; 廖春红


    Zeng bu shi wu ben cao bei kao,a masterpiece of Guangdong dietary materia medica works,has a variety of different versions.Based on our investigation on the existing versions,it is claimed that the statement in Zhong guo zhong yi gu ji zong mu (General Catalogues of Chinese Ancient Books),showing the first version of this book to be the version at the “renzi year of Emperor Yongzheng”,is wrong.We infer that the author of Zeng bu shi wu ben cao bei kao,HE Kejian and that of Sheng cao yao xing bei yao,HE Jian,is the same person.However,the former book is mainly a book on HE Ke-jian' s experiences sorted by HE Sheng-xuan on the basis of Shi wu ben cao hui zuan,and probably it maybe initially carved in 1738.%《增补食物本草备考》为广东食物本草类著作的代表作,现有多种版本存世,经考察,《中国中医古籍总目》著录该书最早版本为“雍正壬子”之说有误.此书署名作者何克谏与《生草药性备要》署名作者何谏为同一人.此书系何省轩整理何克谏经验,以《食物本草会纂》为蓝本辑编而成,可能初刻于1738年.

  4. Application of Wu Qin Xi in nursing rehabilitation of shoulder joint dysfunction%谈五禽戏在肩关节功能障碍康复护理中的应用

    熊惠秀; 董鸿雁; 潘绵; 傅秋媛; 胡克萍


    目的:探讨五禽戏在肩关节功能障碍患者康复护理中的应用。方法:选取采用常规护理的肩关节障碍患者30例,作为对照组;另选取采用常规护理加五禽戏锻炼的肩肘肩关节障碍患者30例,作为观察组。比较两组肩关节障碍患者的护理疗效。结果:观察组患者护理疗效明显优于对照组(P<0.05);两组比较差异有统计学意义(P<0.05)。结论:在护理干预中加入五禽戏锻炼对肩关节障碍患者提高肩关节的功能具有重要意义,可明显促进患者肩关节功能的恢复。%Objective: To explore application of Wu Qin Xi in nursing rehabilitation of shoulder joint dysfunction. Method: 60 patients were divided into the control group and the observation group, 30 cases for each group. The control group received conventional nursing, while the observation group received Wu Qin Xi exercise more. The nursing effect of two groups of patients were compared. Results: the effects of the observation group was better than that of the control group (P<0.05), the difference between the two groups was statistically significant (P<0.05).Conclusion: nursing rehabilitation combined with Wu Qin Xi exercise had a resignificant effect on treating shoulder joint dysfunction.

  5. Acculturation and Transformation:Immigration and Wu Yue,Guan Dong Regional Wushu Cul ture%涵化与蜕变:移民与吴越、关东地域武术文化

    丁丽萍; 徐烈


    Based on the perspective of cultural acculturation theory ,with basic theory and meth‐od of culture ,history as research method ,the effect of immigration flows on evolution of Wu Yue and Guan Dong wushu culture in historical period as the main research object ,this paper aimed to reveal the phenomenon of North and South China wushu culture and its reasons by comparison .The study concluded that 1 ) From the migration time ,Wu Yue region has the characteristics of early contact time and long term acculturation by Han immigrants culture compared with Guan Dong region .2 ) Migration properties comparison of Wu Yue and Guan Dong region ,one is in the advantage of the elite culture ,the other is the underlying non elite culture group .3) Migration time and characteristics of immigrants make acculturation degree of Wu Yue regional wushu culture different from the Guan Dong region ,thus forming a regional Wushu culture phenomenon of “South is Wen and North is Wu” .%从文化涵化理论视角出发,运用文化学、史学的基本理论与方法,以历史时期中吴越、关东地域发生的移民流动而引起的该地域武术文化的演变为主要研究对象,通过比较以期揭示中国武术文化的南北现象及其形成之因。研究认为,从移民迁移时间来看,吴越与关东地域相比,受到汉族移民文化的涵化具有接触时间早、持续时间长的特征。从移民性质来看,吴越与关东地域相比,一种是居于优势的上层精英文化群体,一种是底层的非精英文化群体。移民的迁移时间和性质使吴越地域武术文化的涵化程度异于关东地域,从而形成了“南文北武”的地域武术文化现象。

  6. 豆瓣兰的无菌播种与快速繁殖%Asepsis Sowing and in vitro Propagation of Cymbidum serratumr(Schltr)Y.S.Wu et S.C.Chen

    卜朝阳; 何荆洲; 闭志强; 董伟清; 严华兵


    @@ 1 植物名称豆瓣兰[Cymbidum serratum(Schltr)Y.S.Wu et S.C.Chen]. 2 材料类别种子. 3 培养条件种子萌发培养基:(1)MS+1 mg·L~(-1)BAP+10%椰子水;(2)改良Kyoto+1 mg·(-1)BAP+10%椰子水;(3)1/3MS+1 mg·L~(-1)BAP+10%椰子水.

  7. 蒙药嘎日迪乌日勒毒理研究%Toxicological research on traditional Mongolian medicine Ga-Ri-Di-Wu-Ri-Le

    韩志强; 徐艳华; 娜日苏; 安达; 巴图德力根


    Objective To observe the acute toxicity and long term toxicity of traditional Mongolian medicine Ga -Ri-Di-Wu-Ri-Le ( GRD-WRL).Methods Acute toxicity experiment:Mice LD50 experiment was applied to observe the toxic reaction and death of mice .Long term toxici-ty experiment:Rats were treated with different dosage of GRD -WRL for 12 weeks and observe the blood routine , blood biochemistry , viscera in-dex and histopathological changes after drug withdrawal and 2 weeks after drug withdrawal.Results The LD50 of acute toxicity experiment was 2.96 g? kg -1 , 95% confidence lower limit was 2.60 g? kg -1 , upper limit was 3.36 g? kg -1 , was 177.5 times greater than adult dosage . After 12 weeks of long term experiment , no abnormal change observed in blood routine , blood biochemistry , viscera index at 12 weeks of medica-tion and 2 weeks after drug withdrawal .No pathological changes observed in histopathologicalHE staining of tissue .Conclusion The LD50 of GRD-WRL is 2.96 g? kg -1 , is low toxic drug and no chronic toxic or delayed toxic observed .%目的 观察蒙药嘎日迪乌日勒的急性毒性和长期毒性. 方法 急性毒性实验,用小鼠LD50方法,观察小鼠的毒性反应及死亡情况;长期毒性实验,不同剂量嘎日迪乌日勒连续给药12周、给药结束和停药2周时,测试血常规、血生化、脏器系数及病理组织学变化. 结果 急性毒性实验LD50为2.96 g? kg-1 , 95%可信下限为2.60 g? kg-1、上限为3.36 g? kg-1 ,为成人临床用量的177.5倍. 长期毒性实验,给药12周和停药2周后,血常规、血生化、脏器系数均未见明显异常改变,各脏器HE染色未见明显病理改变. 结论 嘎日迪乌日勒LD50为2.96 g? kg-1 ,属于低毒性药物,无明显的慢性毒性反应和延缓毒性反应.

  8. 吴泽霖贵州苗夷社会研究及其贡献初论%The Research on the Society of Miao and Yi People in Guizhou by Wu Zelin and His Achievements

    王晓峰; 赵定东


    Under the guidance of the approach of the modern ethnology and based on the understanding of racial issues in American, Wu Zelin studies the society of Miao and Yi people systematically with the approaches of fieldwork and residual and the perspectives of weddings,funerals,women and religions etc..Wu makes great achievements focusing on Miao people.Wu′s ideas including collective identity and the criticism of nationalism push the development of Chinese sociology.%在现代民族学理论方法的指导下和认识美国种族问题的基础上,吴泽霖先生审视中国少数民族并应用田野调查法、残余分析法等方法,对苗夷社会进行了系统的研究,其内容涵盖了婚丧、妇女、宗教等社会各个方面,其中尤以苗族研究最为突出,可谓成果卓著。吴泽霖先生“小集体认同”“大民族主义批判”等理论观点的提出,更进一步推动了中国社会学的发展。

  9. Qualitative screening of absorbed indoloquinazoline alkaloids and their metabolites in rat plasma after the oral administration of Wu-Zhu-Yu decoction by high-resolution mass spectrometry with multiple data mining algorithms.

    Xu, Huarong; Geng, Yajing; Liu, Ran; Yuan, Ziyue; Liu, Xujia; Li, Qing; Bi, Kaishun


    A rapid and sensitive liquid chromatography with high-resolution mass spectrometry method with multiple data processing algorithms was developed and applied for the metabolite profiling of evodiamine and its analogous alkaloids in rat plasma after the administration of Wu-Zhu-Yu decoction. All samples were purified using hydrophilic-lipophilic balanced solid-phase extraction cartridges and analyzed by a Sciex TripleTOF 5600(+) mass spectrometer with a 35 min liquid chromatography gradient elution. High-resolution full-scan mass spectrometry and information-dependent acquisition tandem mass spectrometry data were analyzed using multiple data processing approaches. The results indicated that the detected eight prototype alkaloids could be metabolized to 58 metabolites through both phase I and phase II reactions. Oxidation was demonstrated to be the principle metabolic pathway of the parent compounds. The study contributes to the understanding of the absorption and metabolism of the alkaloids in Wu-Zhu-Yu decoction and provides a detailed analysis of scientific data. © 2016 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

  10. Test Slightly on Silk Ancient Roads Dances Horse and Ma Wu Activity Inquisition and the Modern Remains%丝绸古道上的舞马与马舞活动的现代遗存考略

    张新辉; 赵凤霞; 朱梅新


    This text with history angle of view ancient to silk way creation and evolution of the horse and Ma3 Wu3 activity of the ancient generation athletics cultural phenomenon dance carried on to delineate to test to say with Chien slightly and objectively recovered to dance a horse and Ma3 Wu3's activity of basic outline and modern loose to save of dynamic state circulate track, make ancient athletics in Western Regions and Central plains the region communicate of historical fact and history view can body now, and pay attention to the reality existence that it spreads up to now.%本文以历史视角对丝绸古道上古代体育文化现象舞马和马舞活动的产生和演进进行勾勒和简略考述,客观地复原了舞马和马舞活动的基本轮廓与现代遗存的动态运行轨迹,使西域古代体育与中原地区交流的史实与史观得以体现,并注重其流传至今的现实存在。

  11. Comparison of Nephrotoxicity Induced By MongolianMeng-Gen-Wu-Su (Mercury) Processed Products, MongolianMeng-Gen-Wu-Su(Mercury)-18-Composition Pill and Mercuric Sulfide, Mercuric Chloride and Mercurous Chloride%蒙药孟根乌苏(水银)炮制品、孟根乌苏(水银)-18味丸与硫化汞、氯化汞、氯化亚汞急性毒性的比较研究

    佟海英; 范盎然; 白亮凤; 于雪; 乌吉斯古冷; 李婧; 张月; 呼日乐巴根


    目的:对比研究孟根乌苏(水银)炮制品、孟根乌苏(水银)-18味丸与硫化汞、氯化汞、氯化亚汞对大鼠单次给药后的急性毒性.方法:将Wistar雄性大鼠,根据体重随机分为正常对照组、孟根乌苏(水银)炮制品低、高剂量组(0.033,0.33 g·kg-1·d-1)、孟根乌苏-18味丸低、高剂量组(0.29,2.9 g·kg-1·d-1)、孟根乌苏-18味丸简化方组(0.26 g·kg-1·d-1)、硫化汞组(17.39 mg·kg-1·d-1)、氯化汞组(4.06 mg·kg-1·d-1)、氯化亚汞组(35.3 mg·kg-1·d-1)共9组,每组6只.各组大鼠适应1周后,灌胃给药1次,24 h后取材,分别检测肝肾功能,肝肾组织形态学变化;并用电感耦合等离子体发射光谱仪(ICP-OES)和电感耦合等离子体质谱仪(ICP-MS)法测肾汞蓄积量;原位末端标记(TUNEL)法测肾细胞凋亡;免疫组化法测肾Ⅲ型胶原蛋白表达;实时荧光定量PCR(Real-Time-PCR)法检测肾脏MT-1、MT-2基因表达的变化.结果:各组大鼠血清ALT、AST检测结果与正常对照组相比无统计学意义(P>0.05).氯化亚汞组大鼠血清CREA和UREA均明显高于正常对照组和孟根乌苏炮制品低剂量组(P0.05). CREA and UREA in mercurous chloride group were apparently higher than normal control group and low dose group of Meng-Gen-Wu-Su processed products (P<0.01). Hepatic and renal pathologic examination results showed that liver cell of low dose groups ofMeng-Gen-Wu-Su processed products andMeng-Gen-Wu-Su-18-composition pill swelled to a low degree and glomerular disease was not obvious. In high-dose groups ofMeng-Gen-Wu-Su processed products,Meng-Gen-Wu-Su-18-composition pill and mercuric sulfide group, liver and kidney appeared some pathological changes and such changes were more significant in mercuric chloride and mercurous chloride groups. Compared with normal control group and low dose group ofMeng-Gen-Wu-Su processed products, the mercury kidney volume in mercuric chloride and mercurous chloride groups increased

  12. 熟悉的旋律陌生的情感-吴地民间音乐融入校园的实践研究%Familiar Melody, Unfamiliar Emotion:The Practice and Research of Integrating Wu Folk Music into Music Teaching in Junior Middle Schools



    The gentle, elegant, rich and colorful Wu folk music is both familiar and strange to contemporary junior middle school students. The inheritance of the excellent Wu culture lies in schools. The research of integrating Wu folk music into music teaching in junior middle school should start f rom seeking the teaching resources of local music. The study of the curriculum of Wu music needs to be strengthened, and the students are guided to have emotional resonance to the familiar melody in exchange and practice, so that the folk tune and songs of Wu dialect can be passed down from generation to generation, and the foundation of the Chinese nation and the essence of Wu culture can be preserved in globalization.%柔婉清雅又丰厚多姿的吴地民间音乐对于当代中学生来说既熟悉又陌生,优秀吴文化传承的根应该在学校,研究吴地民间音乐融入中学校园,要从挖掘地方音乐教学资源入手,加强吴地音乐的课程化研究,在交流与实践中引导学生在熟悉的旋律中引起亲切的情感共鸣,让吴方言的民间曲调、歌谣能代代传唱下去,在全球化过程中留下吴文化的精、气、神,留住民族的根。

  13. Discussion on Development of Leisure Tourism Products of Intangible Cultural Heritages in WuXi City%论无锡市非物质文化遗产的休闲旅游产品开发

    吴媛媛; 胡其伟; 蒋丽芹


    在概述非物质文化遗产概念,介绍非物质文化与休闲市场的关系的基础上,分析了无锡市旅游休闲产品的现状和存在的问题,指出无锡市休闲产品包括风景名胜、自然山水、城市休闲、乡村生态休闲、文化休闲5种类型,并针对其目前存在的休闲产品结构单一,缺乏参与性与文化性,夜游产品单调且价格偏贵,部分产品设施配套不齐全,消费能力不强的问题,提出基于非物质文化遗产视角的无锡市休闲旅游产品开发的相关主张,强调应利用无锡市非物质文化遗产丰富休闲产品形态,提升现有休闲产品的文化内涵,并为夜游增色,促进休闲消费.%Based upon the brief introduction of the concept of intangible cultural heritage and the relationship between intangible culture and leisure market, the current situation and existing problems of leisure tourism products of WuXi City are analyzed. It points out that there are 5 types of leisure products in WuXi City including scenic spots, natural landscape, urban leisure, rural biological leisure as well as cultural leisure. As for problems of single structure of leisure products, lack of participation and culture, monotonous and unreasonably expensive night travel products, incomplete facilities for certain products, and weak consumption ability, some relevant propositions on leisure tourism products of WuXi City from the angle of intangible cultural heritage are made, emphasizing to take advantage of the various forms of leisure products in order to enhance the cultural connotation of the present leisure products, add charm to night travel, and boost leisure consumption.

  14. Un imaginaire dévoilé/déphasé. Stratégies narratives et mémoire culturelle dans le roman 54 des Wu Ming

    Matteo Martelli


    Full Text Available This essay analyses the narrative strategies through which cultural memory is portrayed in 54, a novel in which Wu Ming (a collective of four Italian fiction writers suggests a literary mapping of the Fifties. This is obtained by a recovery of a shared imaginary tradition which is close to the reader, mixing fictional and historical characters, films, books, different genres of popular literature. Nevertheless, the rewriting of these imaginary traditions involves their displacement, a presentation which is constantly created from an unusual point of view. Thus, shifting the image of what is already known, the text inquires into several modalities of a questioning about cultural memory and its redefinition in relation to contemporary culture. By focusing on these elements, this study proposes an analysis which starts from the construction of the characters, the role of suspense and the adoption of multiple traditions of novel writing.

  15. 走马楼三国竹简所见“取禾简”解析%An Analysis on the Quhe Slips in the Bamboo Slips of Wu Period



    Quhe (取禾) slips in the bamboo slips of Wu period were a kind of record that the labor in the Qiu(丘)to get corn from the warehouse periodical. The labor at Qiu(丘)was requisite collective by government. It reflected the concrete pattern of forced labor in Sunwu state.%长沙走马楼吴简中出现的“取禾”简反映的是集中在某丘的服役者定期(半月或一个月)向仓领取粮食的记录,这些服役者通常是以丘为单位集体征发的。它反映了孙吴政权征发徭役的具体形态。

  16. 维西香茶菜二萜化学成分及细胞毒活性的研究%Studies on Antitumor Activity Diterpenoids Constituents from Rabdosia weisiensis C. Y. Wu

    杨东娟; 马瑞君; 王莱; 刘国安; 王瀚; 丁兰


    从甘肃产维西香茶菜(Rabdosia weisiensis C.Y.Wu)的干茎叶中分离出5个贝壳杉烷型二萜化合物,用波谱学方法进行了结构鉴定,依次为:Kamebacetal A(工),Kamebanin(Ⅱ),Weisiensin B(Ⅲ),Macrocalyxin D(Ⅳ),Excisanin K(Ⅴ).用SRB法分别进行了体外细胞毒活性测试,结果表明化合物Ⅰ~Ⅴ对癌细胞株Bel-740,HO-8910都具有较强的细胞毒活性.

  17. Retracted: Sirt3 activation attenuated oxidized low-density lipoprotein-induced human umbilical vein endothelial cells' apoptosis by sustaining autophagy by Luo, X, Yang, Z, Zheng, S, Cao, Y and Wu, Y.


    The above article, published online on 05 May 2014 in Wiley Online Library (, has been retracted by agreement between the authors, the journal Editor, Sergio Schenkman, and John Wiley & Sons Ltd. The retraction has been agreed because the authors discovered that the results of section 3 in this paper were irreproducible. In addition, Zhiqiang Yang, a co-author, states conflict of interest in this paper. The authors and publisher apologize for any inconvenience. Reference Luo X, Yang Z, Zheng S, Cao Y, Wu Y (2014) Sirt3 activation attenuated oxidized low-density lipoprotein induced human umbilical vein endothelial cells' apoptosis by sustaining autophagy. Cell Biol Int, © 2017 International Federation for Cell Biology.

  18. 再析吴健雄未获诺贝尔奖的原因%A New Study on the Reasons Why Wu Jian xiong failed to Obtain Nobel Prize

    梁慕宇; 严建新


    20世纪中期,吴健雄最先开展实验验证杨掁宁、李政道提出的弱作用下宇称可能不守恒的假说,并最早取得突破。然而她却未能因此而获得或分享诺贝尔物理学奖。其中一个重要原因是李政道提前透露了吴健雄实验的"初步结果",最终导致她未能独享验证假说的优先权。而吴健雄在实验过程中未能与国家标准局的科学家建立良好的合作关系,使她难以通过诺贝尔评奖委员会的调查关,这可能也是她未能获奖的另一个重要原因。%In mid 20th century,C.S.Wu was the first scientist who experimentally proved the Lee-Yang Hypotheses of parity conservation in weak interactions and made breakthrough firstly.However,she failed to obtain or share Noble Prize in Physics.By analyzing literatures,authors argue that one of the important reasons is Lee's revealing Wu's preliminary observation in her experiment,resulting in her failure to own exclusively the priority of proving Lee-Yang Hypotheses.The poor cooperative relationship between Wu and the scientists of the National Bureau of Standards might be the other reason that made her difficult to pass the investigation held by the Nobel Committee.

  19. 吴贻芳教育思想对当代女大学生培养的启示%The Study on Wu Yi-fang's Education Idea Enlightenment to the Cultivation of College Girls

    樊晶; 李纯蛟


    吴贻芳在担任金陵女子大学校长20余年的办学实践中,形成了独特的女子高等教育思想:鲜明的教育目标———造就女界领袖;明确的人才培养规格———德智体群美全面发展的全人;科学的培养途径———深化课程改革。吴贻芳的教育思想启迪我们,对女大学生的培养应体现时代特点,加强理想信念教育;注重女大学生的全面发展,促使其独立完整人格的形成;持续推进学校课程改革,提高女大学生的社会适应能力。%During the school practice of WuYi-fang as Ginling college' President in more than 20 years, formed the unique women's higher education thought: The education target make bright leader among women;The clear personnel training specifications -- develop all-round morality and strong bodies;The scientific training methods deep the curriculum reform. Wu Yi fang's educational idea enlightenment to us: the cultivation of college girls should reflect the characteristics; strengthen the ideal and faith education; pay attention to the overall development of the college girls, and urge the formation of a whole independent personality; promote continuously curriculum reform in schools; improve college girls' social adaptation.

  20. Journal of Neijiang Normal University%On ZHANG Zhu-po’s Standards of Comment on Characters in Chin Ping Mei:A Case Study of WU Yue-niang and MENG Yu-lou



    In ZHANG Zhu-po’s comments on ChinPing Mei,we can find great difference of commenting between WU Yue-niang and MENG Yu-lou.He took WU as a “wicked good person”and poured blames on her;in contrast,he called MENG a “real good person”and believed that she was the proj ection of the writer herself in the novel.This is because that the commentator merged the feeling of his life and the standards of comment on characters in pursuing certain values into his com-ment.These include three aspects:moral standards of wealth and sex,traditional words and deeds of rite and virtue,positio-ning of literati’s self-regarding images and second wives.%张竹坡批评《金瓶梅》中,对吴月娘和孟玉楼的评价有着较大差异:视吴月娘为“奸险好人”,大加贬斥;称孟玉楼为“真正好人”,认为她是作者本人在小说中的投射。原因在于评点者融入自己身世之感与价值追求所建立的人物品评标准。这主要包括三个方面:财与色的道德尺度、礼与贤的传统言行、继室与文人自喻的形象定位。

  1. The Lost World Exposition Gold Medal -A study on Wu Luheng sundial and compass%失落的世博会金牌奖——吴鲁衡日晷、罗盘考辨



    万安罗盘曾被认定为2010年上海世博会特许商品和行政礼品,媒体纷纷报道这是万安罗盘继1915年获巴拿马世博会金牌奖后再续世博缘。各种文献中对于“万安罗盘获巴拿马世博会金牌奖”的记载却各执一词、互有抵牾。经历史考察及田野调查,1915年应为安徽休宁吴鲁衡毓记出品的日规(晷)在美国巴拿马世博会上获金牌奖。对吴鲁衡日晷、万安罗盘制作技艺进行传承和保护。要避免急功近利的短视做法。%Wan' an compass was designated as the licensed product of The World Exposition 2010 Shanghai China. It's reported that it was the second time for Wan' an compass to gain world exposition gold medal after The World Expo 1915 Panama. Opinions are divided among documents as to the record that Wan" an compass won gold medal in The World Expo 1915 Panama. This paper proves that it was Wu Luheng sundial that gained the World Exposition gold medal in 1915 Panama based on history and field investigation, and suggests that the passed making technique of Wu Luheng sundial and Wan" an compass be on and protected avoiding the shortsighted practice of being eager for instant success and quick profits.

  2. The Practice of Water Purification and Landscape Construction in Wu River Wetland%武河湿地水质净化及景观营造的实践



    This article mainly discusses the concrete project practice of water purification and landscape construction in Wu River Wetland. According to actual conditions of the wetland, cofferdam, dam, sluice and overflow weir of the water conservancy projects are taken to the upstream two river coming water for distribution configuration, making the river flow through the uniform ecological wetland. In wetland areas, all kinds of aquatic plants are scientific configured to achieve the purpose of purifying water quality by using aquatic plants. On the whole the planning and design of the wetland is made with gardening art skills, based on ecological water purification function, to greatly enhance the landscape quality of Wu river wetland, to achieve the unifying of the wetland ecological restoration and landscape construction and to improve the ecological environment of the wetland.%主要论述了武河湿地进行水质净化及景观营造的实践.该项目根据武河湿地场地实际状况,通过围堰、挡水坝、节制闸和溢流堰等各项水利工程对上游2条河水进行重新配水,使河水均匀流经各湿地生态区.在湿地生态区内,科学配置各种水生植物,达到利用水生植物净化水质的目的.对整个湿地的规划设计采用造园艺术手法,在满足水质净化功能的基础上,提高武河湿地的景观效果,达到湿地生态修复与景观营造的统一,改善湿地的生态环境.

  3. 北京大学药学院张强教授获第十届"吴·杨"医学药学研究奖药剂专业一等奖%Professor Qiang Zhang won the first prize of Pharmaceutics of the 10th Wu Jieping-Paul Jansson Award



    @@ October 22nd,2008,the 10th Ceremony of "Wu Jieping Medical Science Award- Paul Jansson Pharmaceu-tical Science Award"was held in Beijing, which is one of the most influential science and technology awards in Chinese medical field.

  4. Curative effect of WuHuangYe irrigation on the treatment of non-invasive fungal rhinosinusitis%真菌性鼻窦炎术后五黄液灌洗的干预研究

    刘强; 孙永东; 黄永林; 朱佳丽; 钟伦坤; 吕彩凤; 覃刚


    Objective:To observe the clinical curative effect of WuHuangYe irrigation on non-invasive fungal rhinosinusitis (NIFS)after nasal endoscopic surgery. Methods: By randomized controlled method, 146 effective cases (157 sides) of clinically diagnosed non-invasive fungal rhinosinusitis from two centers were divided into treatment group (73 cases, 80 sides) and control group (73 cases, 77 sides). In treatment group, traditional Chinese medicine WuHuangYe 100 ml was began to irrigate nasal sinuses at the fourth day postoperation once a day in the first month,then,changed to once a week,a total of 3 months for a course of treatment. Physiological saline was used to irrigate nasal sinuses in control group with the same frequency and dose. Every patient received follow-up observation and nasal endoscopy check for 6 months to evaluate curative effect. Results: The total effective rate was 92.3% in the treatment group and 79.2% in the control group with significant difference between two groups (P<0.05). Conclusion:WuHuangYe irrigation after operation can improve the cure rate of noninvasive fungal sinusitis and without toxic effects.%目的:观察真菌性鼻窦炎经鼻内镜鼻窦手术后“五黄液”灌洗鼻腔鼻窦的临床疗效。方法:采用两个中心随机对照试验方法,对临床确诊的真菌性鼻窦炎(属肺经湿热或胆腑郁热证型)146例(157侧)有效病例,其中实验组73例(80侧),使用:内中药制剂“五黄液”灌洗,总量100 ml,术后第4 d开始每天1次,1个月后,改为每周1次,共3月为一个疗程;对照组73例(77侧)采用生理盐水灌洗,频次与剂量同实验组。门诊随访6个月并行鼻内镜检查评估疗效。结果:实验组总有效率92.3%,对照组总有效率79.2%,2组间总有效率差异有统计学意义(孕<0.05)。结论:在真菌性鼻窦炎手术后鼻腔鼻窦内灌洗“五黄液”可提高治愈率,未发现毒副作用。

  5. Wu Jian-xiong's contribution to the history of science and its inspiration%吴健雄在科学史上的贡献与启迪



    Aim To analyze Wu Jian-xiong's main contribution in the history of science and education, study the inspiration of his deeds to young students, and provide new clues for the history of physics research. Methods A-nalysis of the original journal and literature research. Results Wu Jian-xiong's main scientific achievements; overthrowing the parity conservation law in the weak interaction; beine the world authority of the decay experiment; proving the weak vector current conservation law; usine the Mossbauer effect for biological research; supporting the orthodox rule of quantum mechanics, and so on. Conclusion Noble attitudes and values is the soul of the outstanding talents. Wu Jian-xiong was able to become outstanding, made remarkable achievements in the scientific career, one of the most fundamental reasons is because of her noble attitudes and values; dedicated, ready to help, full of; courage and the scientific spirit of innovation; spirit of cooperation and teamwork; focused while keeping wide interests, integrating arts with science sense of mission and responsibility of rejuvenating China and so on.%目的 分析吴健雄在科学史上的主要贡献和教育思想,研究其事迹对青年学生的启迪,为物理学史研究提供新线索.方法 原始期刊文献整理与分析.结果 吴健雄的主要科学成就是:推翻弱作用中的宇称守恒定律;在β衰变实验方面做出突出贡献;证明弱矢量流守恒定律;将穆斯堡尔效应用于生物学研究;支持了量子力学的正统法则等.结论 高尚的情感态度与价值观是杰出人才的灵魂.吴健雄之所以能够成为杰出人才,在科学事业上取得显著成就,其最根本的原因就是因为她有高尚的情感态度与价值观:虚怀若谷、甘为人梯的奉献精神;不畏艰辛、勇于创新的科学态度和科学精神;博专配合、文理渗透的进取精神;在探究中养成的合作精神与团队精神;振兴中华的使命感和责任感等.

  6. 湖州市吴兴区社区体育设施建设的现状调查和分析%Sc Wu Xing district, huzhou city, the status quo of community sports facilities construction

    胡凯; 肖玲


    With the development of society and economy, people's pursuit of healthy living has become more and more urgent, sports facilities, as a kind of economic and functional exercise tool was welcomed by the masses. Quantity and quality of the city sports facilities in residential area is directly related to people's healthy life. And the lack of city community sports fitness facilities is also a common problem. This paper adopted the random sampling of the judgment sampling method to extract the Wu Xing district, huzhou city, twenty community as investigation object, by on-the-spot investigation method and the way of questionnaire survey method, the investigation has carried on the investigation and study of the system. Based on the results of the survey, this article will revolve around Wu Xing district, huzhou city, the present situation of the sports facilities and sports facilities construction problems in the discussion puts forward my own Suggestions aiming at the problems found.%随着社会与经济的发展,人民群众对健康生活的追求越来越迫切,体育设施作为一种经济又实用的锻炼工具受到了广大群众的欢迎。城市居民小区体育设施的数量与质量直接关系到人民群众的健康生活,而城市社区体育健身设施的缺乏也是一个普遍性的问题。本文采用了非随机抽样中的判断抽样法抽取了湖州市吴兴区的二十个社区为调查对象,以实地考察法和问卷调查法相结合的方式,对调查对象进行了系统的调查研究。基于此次调查的结果,本文将围绕湖州市吴兴区体育设施建设的现状和体育设施建设中的问题展开讨论并针对发现的问题提出个人的建议。

  7. On the Root Causes for Emperor Wu of Han to Develop the Southwestern Barbarian Areas%浅谈汉武帝开拓西南夷地区的根本原因



    在两汉边疆思想中对西南夷地区存在着“无用”和“国本”两种相互对立而又紧密联系的思想观念,这一观念之争几乎贯穿了两汉的始终。由于交通和地理环境的影响,西南夷地区一直被汉王朝视其为“无用之地”,而在汉武帝时期西南夷地区却得到了进一步的开拓,并由此奠定了我国疆域基础。通过对汉武帝时期西南夷的基本概况及当时的边疆观的介绍,以及对该时期许多史实的论述,分析了汉武帝当时开拓西南夷地区的根本原因,即西南夷地区的开拓是为征讨南越寻找便捷通道,以及寻找通往大夏的交通线,而不是为了开发西南夷地区的经济资源。%During the West and East Han Dynasty,the southwestern barbarian areas were considered to be both “useless”and “fundamental”to their boundary.Owing to the influence of transportation and geo-graphical environment,the southwestern areas had been taking as useless land by the rulers of Han Dynas-ty.But Emperor Wu explored this area with more efforts,which contributed to the foundation of China's territory.Through the introduction of the basic situation of southwestern barbarian areas and the concept of the frontier at that time,by reviewing the historical recordings,this paper is aimed at discussing the root causes for Emperor Wu to develop the southwestern barbarian area.It is found that the exploration of southwestern area was to get easy access to the expedition to South Vietnam,as well as looking for trans-port to Da Xia,rather than to develop the economic resources in southwestern barbarian areas.

  8. Clinical Experience of Professor WU Sheng-yuan Using Qianyang Fengsui Dan in Treatment of Rheumatism%吴生元教授应用潜阳封髓丹治疗风湿病的经验

    李兆福; 刘维超; 彭江云; 吴生元


    Fengsui Dan first appeared in “Qixiao Liangfang”writed by Dong Su in Ming dynasty and Qianyang Dan was invented by Zheng Qinan in Qing dynasty,but later medical scientists often use the two together,which is called Qianyang Fengsui Dan by Wu Pei-heng. Professor Wu Sheng-yuan is good at using the recipe in treatment of rheumatism. Through compatibility of medicines on the basis of the original prescription(amomum villosum,monkshood,tortoiseshell,liquorice and cortex phellodendri),He can make Qianyang Fengsui Dan have some effects,such as clearing upper-jiao,warming lower-jiao,guiding fire to origin,making Qi belongs to the kidney,supporing Yang Qi and producing Yin jin,etc. It has a good curative effect in treatment of rheumatism,such as heat in the upper and cold in the lower syndrome,and cold-heat complex syndrome resulted by nonhoming lower-jiao archaeus and flaming of asthenia-fire,so which is worth further studying and spreading.%封髓丹首见于明·董宿《奇效良方》,潜阳丹为清·郑钦安所创,后世医家常将二者合方应用,吴佩衡称之为“潜阳封髓丹”。吴生元教授擅用潜阳封髓丹治疗风湿病,在原方的基础上(砂仁、附子、龟板、甘草、黄柏)加减配伍,能清上温下,引火归元,纳气归肾,助阳生津,对于下元不藏、虚火上浮之上热下寒、寒热错杂之风湿病具有良好的疗效,值得深入研究和推广应用。

  9. Clinical experiences of Professor WU Bing-huang on emergency treatment with acuuressure%吴炳煌教授徒手急救法临床经验介绍

    洪昆达; 万甜; 王林林; 吴明霞


    介绍吴炳煌教授徒手急救法的取穴及操作要点,内容包括昏迷急救法(虚脱、昏厥、血晕、晕针、晕灸或休克等),手法镇痛、镇咳止喘法(包括腹痛、呕吐、腹泻、头痛、牙痛、痛经、腰痛、落枕、咳嗽及哮喘等),并列举了典型病例.%The key points of acupoint selection and manipulations of Professor WU Bing-huang's experiences on emergency treatment with acupressure are introduced.It includes emergency treatment on coma (collapse, faint, faint at the sight of blood, faint during acupuncture, faint during moxibustion, shock, etc.), and pain, cough as well as asthma relieving with acupressure (include abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, toothache, dysmenorrhea, lumbago,neck stiffness after sleep, cough, asthma, etc.).At the same time, typical cases are given as examples.

  10. 高普运用补阳还五汤治疗糖尿病多汗症经验%The experience of Gao Pu apply Bu Yang Huai Wu decoction in the treatment of diabetes hyperhidrosis



    高普教授认为糖尿病多汗症的基本病机为气阴两虚、气血瘀滞。当以益气养阴、活血化瘀为治则。高教授采用“异病同治”之法,应用益气活血的代表方剂补阳还五汤,合并生脉散、玉屏风散、麦味地黄汤、当归六黄汤等,辨证治疗多汗症获效良多。%Professor Gao Pu considers that the basic pathogenesis of diabetes hyperhidrosis is deficiency of both qi and yin,qi and blood stasis.The treatment principle is tonifying qi and yin,promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis.Professor Gao use"treating different diseases with same method",apply representative prescription Bu Yang Huai Wu decoction of benefiting qi for activating blood circulation combined with shengmai powders,Yu Ping Feng San,Mai Wei Di Huang decoction, Dangguiliuhuang decoction and so on.Syndrome differentiation and treatment in hyperhidrosis has many effects.

  11. Review on relative research of WuQinXi and primary osteoporosis disease%五禽戏与原发性骨质疏松症相关研究概述

    魏杰; 吴亚东; 郭梁; 刘钟; 何伟涛; 史晓林


    原发性骨质疏松症的主要特征是骨量减少、骨组织微结构破坏、骨脆性增高和骨折危险性增加.而科学合理的运动可有效地增加骨量,延缓骨量丢失,从而起到防治骨质疏松的目的.为更深刻地认识和探讨运动与原发性骨质疏松的关系,笔者从运动防治原发性骨质疏松的机制方面就五禽戏与原发性骨质疏松症相关研究进行综述.%Primary osteoporosis is mainly characteristics of osteopenia, damaged microstructure in bone tissues,increased bone fragility and risk of bone fracture. However, scientific and reasonable exercise can effectively increase the bone mass and postpone the loss of bone mass,and accordingly prevent and cure the osteoporosis. In order to further understand the relation on exercise and osteoporosis,the relative research between WuQinXi and osteoporosis was reviewed from the mechanism of exercise on the prevent and treatment of osteoporosis in this article.

  12. Using“Xiajiquan” Acupoint to Treat Upper Limb Spastic Paralysis by Professor Wu Lian-zhong%武连仲教授妙用“下极泉”治疗上肢痉挛性瘫痪

    吴芬芬; 武连仲; 孟智宏


    脑卒中的致残率较高,严重影响人类生活质量,尤其上肢遗留不同程度的功能障碍.如何较快地恢复上肢尤其是末端的运动功能已成为治疗的重点与难点.针灸在这方面治疗上有相当的优势,某些穴位更有特殊的疗效;临床治疗中,武连仲教授运用独特手法针刺“下极泉”,治疗脑卒中后上肢痉挛性瘫痪,疗效甚佳.%The relatively high incidence of disability that is caused by stroke has seriously affected the quality of human life, especially leaving different degrees of dysfunction over the upper limb. How to regain the function of the upper limb as soon as possible, especially terminal of upper limb, has become the important and difficult points of treatment. Acupuncture has a definite advantage in treating the limb dysfunction, and certain acupoints have special curative effects. In clinic, Professor WU lian -zhong acupunctures "Xiajiquan" with u-nique manipulation to treat upper limb spastic paralysis which is caused by stroke, and it has gained very excellent effect. In this article, the author makes an introduction about the therapeutic method.

  13. Biology and the Dynamic Change of First Generation of Nymphae of Cyamophila willieti Wu Population%国槐木虱生物学及第一代若虫种群数量消长动态研究

    张军; 王鸿喆


    国槐木虱(Cyamophila willieti Wu)在关中中部地区发生危害,造成国槐生长不良,严重影响其观赏价值。该虫主要危害当年生嫩叶、嫩枝,4月底至5月下旬为第一代若虫危害高峰期;种群数量大,树冠南方位数量最高;世代重叠。在若虫盛发初期喷洒40%氧化乐果乳油或50%久效磷乳油1000~1500倍液等,或保护利用瓢虫、草蛉等天敌措施,控制其危害。%Cyamophila willieti Wu. often occurs in the center region of Shaanxi, attacking shoots and young leaves of Sophora japonica. The peak of first generation nymphae is from the late April to mid- dle of May, with nymphae population density biggest in the south crown. At this period, spray 40% Omethoate Ec or 50% Monocrotophos and water in a proportion of 1 : 1000--1500 can be effective. Or biological control applies through protecting natural enemy, such as Ladybird Beetle.

  14. The Cognitive Association of Variable Components and Construction Meanings of“you A wu B”%“有 A无B”变项的认知关联及其构式语义



    “有A无B”是现代汉语中具有较高使用频率的四字格框式结构,该结构中变项的选用与组配需要接受认知关联的条件制约。整体构式表义大致分为双向加合、单向否定、叠加复综、逻辑关联、修辞转移等五种类型,而单体独用、双体合用和双向循环则是其动态语境分布的主要样态。%The four-character frame structure “you A wu B” is often used in modern Chinese.Its choice of variable compo-nents and group is constrained by cognitive association .The overall construction meanings are mainly divided into five types: two-way composite, one-way negative, multiple integration, logic relation and rhetoric transfer.The main distribution patterns in the dynamic context include single-body use, double-body combination and two-way circulation.

  15. 吴晓邦的舞蹈教育生涯及其教育思想初探%A Study on Wu Xiaobang’s Dancing Education Career and Thoughts on Education



    吴晓邦在长期的舞蹈表演和教育生涯中努力探索有中国特色的新舞蹈艺术,并逐渐形成自己独特、全面、丰富的舞蹈教育思想。回顾了吴晓邦的舞蹈教育生涯,进一步挖掘吴晓邦舞蹈教育思想的舞蹈教育实践和理论,以期探讨新时期吴晓邦舞蹈教育思想对中国舞蹈教学的重要意义。%Exploring the new art of dancing with Chinese characteristics during his life-long dancing per-formance and education career,Wu Xiaobang has gradually formed his own thoughts on dancing education with unique and rich connotations.Reviewing Wu’s dancing education career,this paper further probes in-to Wu’s theory and practice of dancing education,trying to reveal the enlightenment of his thoughts to the teaching of dance in the new period of China.

  16. The Comparison Between Xi Linchun's Prelude to Water Melody and Li Qingzhao's Wu Lingchun%李清照《武陵春》与西林春《水调歌头》之比较

    佘军; 马婧伟


    李清照的《武陵春》与西林春的《水调歌头》都是对亡夫以及过往岁月的怀念之作。二词相似性的主题是二人相似性命运的反映,她们都经历过婚姻的美满与破灭、山河沦落的动荡、独自生活的艰难。特别是“婚姻”的不幸对二位词人的人生、诗词创作具有重要的影响。%The content of Li Qingzhao's Wu Lingchun and Xi Linchun's Prelude to Water Melody were the same:missing late husband and the past years.The similar theme of the two Song Poems reflected their similar fate.They both had been in a happy marriage and burst.They experienced the social turbulence and the hardship of living alone.Unfortunate marriage life had important influence on their poetry creation.

  17. 吴怀祺“封建史学二重性”思想探析%Analysis on Wu Huaiqi's Thought of"The Duality of Chinese Feudal Historiography"



    吴怀祺先生在研究中国史学思想史的过程中,发现并总结了中国封建史学二重性的特征。他认为封建史学二重性是真实的历史和虚幻的历史的结合,两者统一在古代典籍中,中国古代多部史书都表现这一特征。认识中国封建史学二重性的特征,重视史学思想的发展,更好地总结中国丰富的史学遗产。%In the process of the research on the Chinese historiography ,M r Wu Huaiqi found and summed up the characteristics of the duality of Chinese feudal historiography .He thought the duality of Chinese feu‐dal historiography is the combination of the real history and the unreal ,w hich are unified in ancient volumes of literature .Learning the duality of Chinese feudal historiography and attaching great importance to the de‐velopment of historical thoughts can help sum up Chinese rich historical heritage better .

  18. HaerWuSu Dense Medium Washing System Shunt Adjusting Device Applications%重介浅槽洗选系统分流调整装置的研制与应用



    介绍了哈尔乌素露天煤矿选煤厂重介浅槽洗选工艺,针对该生产系统中重介质密度调整存在诸多问题,提出技术革新方案。设计了一套适合现场环境、空间使用要求的分流装置,对其工作原理、结构特点以及在生产实践过程中的应用和使用效果进行科学阐述。%this paper introduces open-pit coal WuSu Haer dense medium shallow groove wash process,according to the production systems exist heavy medium density adjusted can not control in effective limits,design of a suitable site environment,space requirements of the use of distributary equipment,its working principle,structural characteristics,in the production practice process application and use effects scientifically elaboration.

  19. 论刘宋孝武帝政治经济改革的努力及其失败%A Study on Political and Economic Reformation of Emperor Xiao-wu in Liu Song Dynasty and Its Failure



    “元嘉之治”后,孝武帝刘骏励精图治,延续文帝的劝农政策,强化君主专制权力,力求恢复元嘉繁荣局面。但是孝武帝的上述努力很难使刘宋恢复到“元嘉之治”的治世水平。国家财政体系发生重大改变,朝廷对地方经济控制力减弱,财政状况持续恶化,币制日益混乱,甚至不得不对地方豪强的经济利益做出重大让步。孝武帝去世后,刘宋王朝在残酷的宗室内战中毁灭。%Emperor Xiao-wu in Liu Song Dynasty continued emperor Wen' s agricultural policy, strengthened despotism power and tried his best to recover the time of peace and prosperity of Yuan Jia after Yuan Jia times. However, it was difficult for him to recover the former glory. Especially, Liu-song Dynasty' s financial system was altered significantly and even it had to concede to local hosts' economic benefit. Liu-Song Dynasty exterminated gradually for cruel battles among royal clans after this emperor.

  20. Morphological descriptions on immature stages of Porisaccus jiuhuaensis (Wu) and the origin of bag-like appendage (Homoptera: Pseudococcidae )%九华囊粉蚧幼期形态描记及其袋状附器来源讨论(同翅目:粉蚧科)




  1. To Meet on the Way to Language---Analyze the Linguistic of Heidegger and "Qi Wu Lun"%语言路上的相遇--海德格尔和庄子《齐物论》研究



    In the view of the language issue,Zhuangzi and Heidegger have the high degree of identity.In their view,the start-ing point of all languages is not people,but language itself.People are able to understand Tao and existence in the language. By means of analysis of the language of Heidegger,Zhuangzi's "Qi Wu Lun"is discussed.And expound the correspond of their language ways in many aspects.Their language is not one description of things,but the communication of mind and matter.A-bandon paranoid and make it a natural appearance.%在语言问题的看法上,庄子与海德格尔存在着高度的同一性。在他们看来,一切语言的出发点并不是人,而是语言本身,人们能够在语言中去体悟道、体悟存在。这里借助海德格尔对语言的分析对庄子《齐物论》之言进行了探讨,从多方面阐述出二者在语言道路上的契合。他们的语言不是人对事物的描述,而是心与物的交流,放弃偏执,使其自然显现。

  2. The Thinking of Prof.Wu Chengyu to Diagnose and Treat Cerebral Apoplexy that was Complicated with Diabetes%吴承玉教授诊治糖尿病并发脑卒中的诊治思路



    本文主要总结吴承玉教授在诊治糖尿病并发脑卒中的诊治思路与经验,提出病位结合病性的辨治原则.辨病位、肝肾亏虚是糖尿病合并脑卒中的发病之源,滋补肝肾是根本,心脾气血失调是糖尿病合并脑卒中的诱发和加重因素,养心健脾是关键;辨病性,重在区分糖毒性质,火热糖毒采用清热解毒、泻火解毒;瘀、痰、湿浊糖毒采用除湿化痰解毒与化瘀消毒为原则.%Abstract: This article mainly summarized Professor Wu Chengyu in the diagnosis of diabetes concurrent cerebral apoplexy and the treating experience. Proposed the principle of disease spot combined with disease character. Distinguishing the disease spot, liver and kidney deficiency are the original of this disease. The basic treating is to nourish liver and kidney. It is being out of balance of Heart, spleen, Qi and Blood are the aggravation and induction factor. Cultivating heart and tonifying spleen is critic. Distinguishes sickness nature, especially discriminating sugar poisonous nature and the treating principle is to clearing away heat and toxic material. Using dehumidify, reduce phlegm, detoxification and removing blood stasis are principles of this dis-

  3. On Song of "Solitaries" Exploring into the Abyss of Being --Analysis of Wu Touwen's Poetries%探入存在深渊的“孤独者”之歌——吴投文诗歌略论



    In recent years, Wu Touwen pays more attention to the individual life experiences and the details of daily life with penetrating speculation in his poetries. As a modern poet who is suffering the distress, he expresses his insight and metaphysical questioning on the era and the situation with intuition through comprehension, imagi- nation and unique way of thinking and writing. And for thus, his poetries disclose some neglected or obscured spiritual presences and unmentionable disease of humanity, reveal inner anxiety and compassion as a humanistic intellectual, and create a melancholy self - image of the "solitaries" by self - examination and criticism.%吴投文近些年来的诗歌更加注重个体性的内在生命经验,注重日常生活细节的思辨性穿透。他以一个饱受存在困扰的现代诗人的直觉式感受、透悟以及想象,以其独到的思想方式和诗语表达方式,呈现出对时代以及人在这个时代处境的洞察和形而上追问,揭示出被忽视或被遮蔽的某些精神存在和人性暗疾,表露了一个人文知识分子的内心焦虑和悲悯情怀,在自省与批判中塑造出一个忧郁“孤独者”的自我形象。

  4. 生命体验中的知性言说——吴投文诗歌创作略论%Intellectual Explanation in Life Experience -- On Poetic Creation from Wu Touwen



    作为一位经历过20世纪80年代诗歌辉煌时期的诗人,吴投文的诗歌创作历程对应了其人生转型的几个重要阶段:从狂热,到沉寂,再到回归,终至成熟。他的诗歌既无学院知识分子的玄秘,也没有一些民间诗人的随意,而是在孤独言说中剖析自我,寻找创新的可能,在生命体验中保持人文关怀,以求美感的再现。他在新世纪以来的诗歌写作,越发显得成熟、大气,与其诗歌批评和文学研究形成互动,并相得益彰。%As a poet of having experienced the splendid period of 1980s'poem, Wu Touwen's poetic creation is di- vided into several important stages corresponding to his life transition, which including from fanaticism to dreari- ness, then got back to origin, reached maturity finally. His poems have neither intellectuals" mystery words from academy, nor the casual style of some folk poets. Instead, his poems are conducting self - analysis in solitary ex- planation and searching for possibilities of innovation; meanwhile, his poems are also holding humanistic care in life experience for representation of aesthetic sensibility. His poetic creation has become more mature and powerful since the new century, which formed an interaction with his poetic criticism and literary study, and complemented well among the all.

  5. [Simultaneous determination and quantitation of anthraquinones, lignans and flavonoids in Xiao-Cheng-Qi Tang, Hou-Po-San-Wu Tang and Hou-Po-Da-Huang Tang by HPLC].

    Chen, Li; Li, Tao; Wang, Yan-li; Dong, Yu; Zhuang, Shuai-xing; Wang, Dun-fang; Yang, Wei-peng


    A simple and selective HPLC method for simultaneous determination and quantification of anthraquinones, lignans and flavonoids in Xiao-Cheng-Qi Tang (XCQT), Hou-Po-San-Wu Tang (HPSWT) and Hou-Po-Da-Huang Tang (HPDHT) was developed and validated. An Agilent Zorbax SB-C 18 (4.6 mm x 250 mm, 5 µm) column with the mobile phase of acetonitrile and 0.5% acetic acid aqueous solution in gradient elution mode was used. The flow rate was 1.0 mL · min(-1) at 30 °C, and injection volume was 10 µL. The detection wavelength was set at 254 nm and 294 nm simultaneously for the quantitative analysis. The current HPLC assay was validated for linearity, intra-day and inter-day precisions, accuracy, recovery and stability. The method was applied to the content comparison of the gallic acid, cinnamic acid, sennoside A, sennoside B, rhein, emodin, aloe-emodin, chrysophanol, physcion, magnolol, honokiol, narirutin, naringin, hesperidin, neohesperidin, hesperetin, naringenin and nobiletin in XCQT, HPSWT and HPDHT. The good linear equations of eighteen constituents were obtained within the investigated ranges (r > 0.998). The recovery of the method was 94.28%-99.89% and the precision was less than 5%. The sample was stable within 16 h. There were some differences between the contents of anthraquinones, lignans and flavonoids in analogous formulae about XCQT. XCQT contained the greatest abundance of anthraquinones and flavonoid, HPSWT contained the greatest abundance lignans. In conclusion, the methods are simple, low-cost, precise, accurate and reliable for the determination of eighteen constituents in analogous formulae about XCQT, and these results provide methodological support for its quality control.

  6. 中国免疫皮肤病学的开拓者、吴阶平医学奖得主:陈洪铎%Prof.Chen Hongduo: the China Immune Dermatology Pioneer and Wu Jieping Medicine Prize Winner

    郭秀芝; 高兴华


    Prof.Chen Hongduo is an internationally-renowned expert in the field of dermatology and the first academician at the Academy of Dermatology and Venereology in China.In particular,he has been internationally recognized as the authority in relation to his research on the Langerhans cell,like its origin,distribution,conversion rules,surface antigen,immune function,pathology and closely related-keratinocytes studies.As a result,he made a systematic,creative,meaningful and significant contribution.In 2009,Prof.Chen was awarded the International Society of Dermatology Alliance Recognition Prize by the International Society of Dermatology Alliance,and this is the first time for Chinese to get the honor.In 2012,Prof.Chen was awarded the Wu Jieping Medicine Prize,which is known as China's Nobel Prize in the medical field.%陈洪铎,皮肤性病学界国际知名专家,我国皮肤性病学界首位院士.在皮肤免疫系统,尤其是关于朗格汉斯细胞的研究上,他被国际上公认为权威学者之一.在朗格汉斯细胞的来源、分布、转换规律、表面抗原、免疫功能、病理及与其密切相关的角质形成细胞研究中,他做出了系统的、创造性的、有实际意义的重大贡献.2009年陈洪铎被国际皮肤科学会联盟授予国际皮肤科学会联盟表彰奖,这是我国皮肤科医生首次获得该荣誉.2012年陈洪铎获吴阶平医学奖,该奖项被称为中国医学界的诺贝尔奖.

  7. CO2 Storage and Surface Flooding Process of Wu 38 Well Block in Yanchang Oilfield%延长油田吴38井区CO2埋存与驱油地面工艺

    陈龙龙; 江绍静; 杨永超; 黄春霞; 余华贵; 白成来


    3 movable injection stations have been built in Wu38 well block of YanChang Oilfield. At the same time, five gas injection wells can be gas injected, which involving 24 production Wells. It is the first standardization surface process system that CO2 storage and CO2-EOR in the northwest.The system main body consists of two big modules:low pres-sure and high pressure. Low pressure module includes CO2 storage tank, CO2 feeding and circulation area, supercharging area; high-pressure module includes CO2 injection and loop area, auxiliary monitoring system. After the surface process system put into use, the single well CO2 injection rate is 25 t/d, it can realize automatic monitoring and data storage. Ac-cording to the forecast, the oil recovery of CO2 flooding is 10.79% higher than that of water flooding, which has the vital significance to the reduction of CO2 greenhouse gas emissions and low permeability reservoir development.%延长油田吴38井区已建成3座橇装式注入站,可同时对5口井实施注气,涉及24口生产井受效。它是西北第一个实施CO2埋存与驱油的标准化地面工艺系统,系统主体由低压及高压两大模块组成,低压模块包括CO2存储区、CO2喂液及循环区、增压区,高压模块包括CO2注入及循环区、辅助监测系统。地面工艺系统投入使用后,单井注入量为25 t/d,可实现数据全自动监控和存储。根据预测,原油采收率与水驱相比提高10.79%,这对减少CO2温室气体排放及低渗油藏开发具有重要的意义。

  8. About Five Kinds of Fault in "Shu Wu Guo Lun" for Today's Doctors%谈《疏五过论》的五种过错对当今医生的教育意义

    李锦绣; 郭福玲; 尹学东


    传统的医学道德观认为:“医乃仁术”、“生命至贵”等就是“大医精诚”。医者要做到“大医精诚”,就要避免《疏五过论》中医者的五种过错,使患者保持健康的生命。所以,医生要以严谨认真的工作态度,充分了解患者的病情;以生物心理社会医学模式来处理患者;不能急功近利,追求名誉,应常怀仁爱之心建立和谐的医患关系。医生处理患者的态度及自身的道德修养直接影响患者的健康和生命,这种理念应该成为医生终生追求的目标,这样才能顺应新医改的要求。%Traditional medical ethics is that "Medicine is the benevolence" ,"Life is the most valuable ," and so on ,which is the "big medicine sincere" .To reach the "big medicine sincere" ,a physician is need to avoid Chinese five persons fault in "Shu Wu Guo Lun" ,so that patients maintain a healthy life .Therefore ,a physician should take rigorous work attitude ,to fully understand the patient's condition ;and deal with patients by bio-psycho-social medical model ;not instant success ,the pursuit of fame ,a doctor shall be dedicated to providing competent medical care with compassion and respect for human dignity and rights ,establish a harmonious doctor-patient relationship .The attitudes which doctors to handle patients and their own morality can directly affect the patient's health and life .This idea should be lifelong goal to become a doctor ,so as to conform to the new health care reform requirements .

  9. Comparisons of pharmacokinetic and tissue distribution profile of four major bioactive components after oral administration of Xiang-Fu-Si-Wu Decoction effective fraction in normal and dysmenorrheal symptom rats.

    Liu, Pei; Li, Wei; Li, Zhen-hao; Qian, Da-wei; Guo, Jian-ming; Shang, Er-xin; Su, Shu-lan; Tang, Yu-ping; Duan, Jin-ao


    Xiang-Fu-Si-Wu Decoction (XFSWD) has been widely used to treat primary dysmenorrhea in clinical practice for hundreds of years and shown great efficacy. One fraction of XFSWD, which was an elution product by macroporous adsorption resin from aqueous extract solution with 60% ethanol (XFSWE), showed great analgesic effect. The present study was conducted to investigate the possible pharmacokinetic and tissue distribution profiles of four major bioactive constituents (berberine, protopine, tetrahydrocoptisine and tetrahydropalmatine) after oral administration of XFSWE in dysmenorrheal symptom rats, and to compare the difference between normal and dysmenorrheal symptom rats. Estradiol benzoate and oxytocin were used to produce dysmenorrheal symptom rat model. The experimental period was seven days. At the final day of experimental period, both normal and dysmenorrheal symptom rats were orally administrated with XFSWE, and then the blood and tissues samples were collected at different time points. Berberine, protopine, tetrahydrocoptisine and tetrahydropalmatine in blood and tissue samples were determined by LC-MS/MS. Pharmacokinetic parameters were calculated from the plasma concentration-time data using non-compartmental methods. The differences of pharmacokinetic parameters among groups were tested by one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA). There were statistically significant differences (Pnormal and dysmenorrheal symptom rats that orally administered with same dosage of XFSWE. In tissue distribution study, the results showed that the overall trend was C(Spleen)>C(Liver)>C(Kidney)>C(Uterus)>C(Heart)>C(Lung)>C(Ovary)>C(Brain)>C(Thymus), C(M-60 min)>C(M-120 min)>C(M-30 min)>C(C-60 min)>C(C-120 min)>C(C-30 min). The contents of protopine in liver, spleen and uterus were more than that in other tissues of dysmenorrheal symptom rats. Compared to normal rats, partial contents of the compounds in dysmenorrheal symptom rats׳ tissues at different time points had significant

  10. On the Thoughts of Selection and Criticism in Ancient Prose Selections Complied by WU Kai-sheng%发幽阐微形塑典范--吴闿生《古文范》选评思想刍议



    WU Kai-sheng was one of the most important successors in terminal phase of the Tongcheng School.He has complied prose anthology works named Ancient Prose Selections in which has profound theoretical value and abundant literature thought .On the content of compositions , natural revelation of true feelings and genuine emotion was emphasized and democratic republic thought was canonized .On the art of compositions , writing methods such as beginning , connection , transition , ending was given an all-round analysis .On the style of compositions , writing style of connotative elegance as well as magnificence and splendors was advocated .This prose anthology occupied an important position in the history of anthology compilation of the Tongcheng School in which not only the writing theory of the Tongcheng school was summarized and developed but also ancient prose connotations was elucidated with new knowledge at that time.%吴闿生是桐城派末期最重要的传人之一,其所编《古文范》是现存桐城派文章选本中评点详赡、理论价值很高的一部,选评之中蕴含着丰富的文学思想:内容方面,重视文章中至性至情的自然流露,推阐古人文章中的民主共和思想;章法方面,全面评析了文章起首、转接、提顿、收束等驭文之术;风格方面,崇尚含蓄蕴藉和雄奇恣肆两种文风。此选既能对桐城派文章理论进行总结与发扬,又能结合时代新知对古代文章精义予以新的阐发,在桐城派文章选本编纂史中占有重要的地位。

  11. Reality and Fiction——On the Salters in The Scholars Written by Wu Jingzi%现实与虚构——论吴敬梓小说《儒林外史》中的盐商

    梁振; 宋斌


    In order to widely reflect the society,Wu Jingzi created over two hundred characters in The Scholars,who,in accordance with the generally accepted ethical standards,could be divided into sixteen types,i.e.sage,person of virtue,elegant person,couple,pure person,knight,bookish person,artist,shed person,idiot,stingy person,lucky person,wicked,bandit,villain,capable and so on.However,three salters to whom the writer paid much attention were not included.The writer plainly described the salters as those who are stupid,mean,profit only.But these remarks were not the real description of the salters in Qing dynasty.It is necessary,from the comparison between historical materials and literature,to restore the image of the salters,especially the true contribution of the saters of Anhui in the early Qing dynasty and the social image of those good merchants.%《儒林外史》为了更广泛地反映社会,塑造了200多个人物形象,按照当时普遍公认的道德标准来划分,可以分为:圣人、贤人、雅人、良人等16种人。作者着力描写的3个盐商却没有入类。作者"穿入隐微"地把盐商作为"资性蠢愚,心术卑鄙,货利声色之外不知其他"的鄙夷对象,这种价值评判却不是清代盐商真实的写照。有必要从史料与文学作品的比较角度,还原盐商——尤其是徽商在清初作为良贾的社会形象。

  12. A discussion with Mr. Xin on the issue that Sima Guang reconstructed the political intentions in the late years of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty%“司马光重构汉武帝晚年政治取向”说献疑--与辛德勇先生商榷



    Mr. Xin, in his latest research, points out that the policy shift in the late years of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty is non-excised and that Sima Guang adopted a fictional story by Wang Jian with the purpose of molding Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty into his ideal image, which misled many scholars. But there are some misreadings in Mr. Xin’s article and his conclusion is not standing. Here are the arguments. Firstly, lots of actions of policy shift in the late years of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty are manifested in theDebates on Salt and Iron andthe Book of Han, and the narratives inthe Comprehensive Mirror for Aid Government go in line with the above historical documents. Secondly, if we readthe Comprehensive Mirror for Aid Governmentcarefully, we will never reach a conclusion that Sima Guang adopted a fictional story calledthe Story of Emperor Wu in the Han Dynasty because it is cited as historical documents and no one can deny it as the book exists there. Thirdly, historical interpretation is not the equivalent of historical reconstruction, the narration and comments inthe Comprehensive Mirror for Aid Governmentare simply a history review of true history under a particular perspective, and Si Maguang does not and cannot reconstruct history. Last but not the least, the editor and the publishing year ofthe Story of Emperor Wu in the Han Dynasty are controversial, and it is worthless to compare Wang Jian’s Dynasty with the late years of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty.%辛德勇先生新近撰文指出,司马光采录王俭的《汉武故事》刻意建构了符合其政治需要的武帝形象,《资治通鉴》对武帝末年史事的记载并不可信,田余庆等前辈学者因盲从《通鉴》得出了汉武帝晚年存在政治转向的错误结论。辛先生文中存在不少史料误读现象,其结论不能成立:一是武帝末年的政治转向体现在悔过、劝农、休兵等一系列见诸《盐铁论》《汉书》的实际行动里

  13. 吴地西施“响屐舞”的民族风格与地域风格研究∗%A Study of National Style and Geographical Style of“Xiang Ji Dance”by Xi Shi in Wu

    符姗姗; 冯程程


    西施“响屐舞”是吴地舞蹈史上的经典与代表,因其独特的舞蹈风格从古至今备受关注,该舞蹈风格的形成也离不开吴地民族风格与地域风格的影响。通过具体分析吴地民族文化、环境、图腾等对舞蹈动作、姿态、动律、节奏等民族风格形成的影响,以及吴地地域环境对舞蹈表现形式、表演形式、舞蹈动作、舞蹈道具等同质性与异质性地域风格形成的影响,论述了西施“响屐舞”的独特价值。%the “Xiang Ji Dance”by Xi Shi (who was one of the renowned Four Beauties of ancient Chi-na)sets up a separate flag in the dance history of Wu (referred to the Wu Country in Spring and Autumn Period of ancient China).Its unique characteristics are influenced by the national style and regional style of Wu .In the paper,the author discusses the influence of regional culture,environment and spirit on the dance movements,postures and rhythm,as well as the influence of geographical environment on the re-gional homogeneity and heterogeneity style of dance patterns,performance forms,dance movements and dance properties.It discusses the unique value of the"Xiang Ji Dance".

  14. WU多瘤病毒在急性呼吸道感染儿童中的检出及初步临床研究%Detection and clinical characterization of WU polyomavirus in acute respiratory tract infection in children

    庄婉莉; 陆学东; 林广裕; 谢淑霞; 张娜; 林创兴; 陈派镇; 吴扬; 马廉


    Objective WU polyomavirus (WUPyV), a new member of the genus Polyomavirus in the family Polyomaviridae, has been found to be associated with respiratory tract infections recently. But the role of the WUPyV as agents of human disease remains uncertain. We sought to describe the detection and clinical characterization of WUPyV in acute respiratory tract infection in children. Method From July 2008 through June 2009, nasopharyngeal aspirates were collected from 771 children who were hospitalized with acute respiratory tract infection in Second Affiliated Hospital of Shantou University Medical College, and from 82 asymptomatic children who visited the health checkup clinic. WUPyV was detected by using PCR technology and was identified by using DNA sequencing. All WUPyV-positive specimens were screened for 9 common viruses [influenza A and B, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), parainfluenza virus (PIV) 1 and 3, human metapneumovirus, human bocavirus, adenovirus and rhinovirus] by using PCR or RT-PCR. The clinical data of WUPyV infection were collected and analyzed. Result In this study, fifteen of the 771 tested specimens with acute respiratory tract infection were positive for WUPyV, the positive rate was 1.95% and all of the asymptomatic children who visited the health checkup clinic were negative. Of the 15 cases who were positive for the virus, the age range was 2 to 48 (mean 18.8) months, 9 (60%) were male and 6 (40%) were female. WUPyV was the sole virus detected in 9 specimens (60%) from patients with acute respiratory tract infection. WUPyV was associated with the co-infection with another respiratory virus in 6 of 15 (40%) cases, most frequently with RSV (n =4), followed by adenovirus (n = 1) and rhinovirus (n = 1). The most common clinical findings in the patients with WUPyV were cough, fever and wheezing. The most frequent diagnoses were pneumonia (n = 8), bronchiolitis (n = 4), upper respiratory tract infections (n = 2) and bronchitis (n = 1). A severe case

  15. Separate Annotation on Wang Yangming's Theories of GeWu and Zhizhi——Centering on the book of 《ChuanXiLu》%王阳明"格物""致知"说分疏——以《传习录》为中心



    王阳明从自身的生命体验出发,其对"格物致知"说的阐释颇具革命性,不仅突破了程朱理学的解释框架,而且因此发扬和深化了心学一途的学思脉络. 与朱子相比,王阳明对"格物致知"的训释的反动体现在:将朱子训物为客观物质实体与人类道德行为二义窄化为道德事为,物成了心之物,并且相应地穷理被局限于体认天理或良知,即格心. 与此同时,所谓致知,仅仅变成了克除私欲,发明本心或使天理流行充塞,最终导致了贯通心与物、心与理,心外无物,心外无理. 王阳明与朱子学说分道扬镳,但也因此以简易直接的方式宣告了自己心学理论的特色,并成为心学的集大成者.%On the basis of his own life experience, Wang Yangming embraced a revolutionary explanation on "GeWuZhiZhi", which was not only a breakthrough in the philosophical framework of Zhuxi and Chengyi, but also widened and deepened the philosophi-cal thread of XinXue. In comparison to Zhuxi, Wang Yangming had four features in the interpretation of "GeWuZhiZhi":(1) narrow the interpretation of Wu from objective and physical things and human ethical acts into human ethical acts;(2)investigating the princi-ples (Qiongli)is confined to experience the utmost principle Tianli or Liangzhi;(3)Zhizhi therefore is a kind of act of getting rid of selfish desires and revealing the utmost principle ;(4)channel Xin(heart-mind)and Wu(things),Xin and Li. Eventually, Wang Yangming and Zhuzi went their separate ways, but the former thereafter announced his own theoretical characteristics and became the most successful achiever of Xinxue.

  16. On Emperor Liang Wu abandoning Taoism to Buddhism Three-religions Debate in the Tang Dynasty%梁武舍道事佛与唐代三教论衡



    It is a great mystery in the history of medieval culture that Emperor Liang Wu adandoned Taoism, which, however, became a special concern in early Tang Dynasty. The article proposes that, rather than commenting on whether the event was true or false, a better way of working out the mystery is to investigate its happenings and functions in the religious and cultural context of Tang Dynasty. Judging from the existing literature, emperors and ministers connected Liang Wu’s Buddhism worship with the national subjugation, which was taken advantage by Taoists who propagated that Buddhism resulted in the subjugation. However, the event itself of Liang Wu’s abandoning Taoism to Buddhism has not been paid any attention to by either Confucianists or Taoists. In early Tang Dynasty, Buddhists responded in a different way to both Confucianist and Taoist criticisms, believing that the event itself was undertaking the mission of attacking Taoism. But influenced by the practice that Confucianism and Taoism collaborated in criticizing Buddhism, the event also functioned in glorifying Buddhism, suppressing Confucianism and diminishing Taoism. The Buddhists’ narration of the event in Tang Dynasty highlighted the adversial relations among the three religions at the time, and the event was a response from Taoists like Fuyi.%梁武帝舍道事佛是中古思想文化史上的一大疑案,但此一说法真正被关注是在唐代。与其斤斤计较此说的真伪,不如从唐代宗教文化环境中考察其发生与功能。从现存文献来看,唐代帝王史臣在反思南北朝政教关系的潮流中,将梁武帝崇奉佛教与萧梁亡国联系起来,道教徒也乘势将此提升为佛教亡国论,但梁武帝舍道事佛并未被儒、道二教关注。唐初佛徒对儒家、道教的批判采取了不同的回应方式,梁武帝舍道事佛主要承担起了抨击道教的使命,但受儒、道联合批评佛教惯例的影响,此事同时具有了

  17. 毛泽东心目中的理想社会——从《学生之工作》到《五七指示》%Mao Zedong's Ideal Society——From "Students Work" to "WuQi Instructions"



    "Students Work" and "WuQi Instructions" were written on December 1,1919 and May 7,1966.Biliteracy crossing long time and huge space,we can see that there is still a logical connection between them through serious study and repeated comparisons.It is not difficult to find old age and young Mao Zedong's pursuit of his ideal society with continuity,consistency and uniformity.The difference is that "critical bourgeois" task was added to "WuQi Instructions".%《学生之工作》和《五七指示》分别写于1919年12月1日和1966年5月7日。两文跨越的时空很大,但认真研读,反复比较,就能看到其中仍有一种合乎逻辑的联系,从中不难发现晚年毛泽东和青年毛泽东对他心目中理想社会的追求有着连续性、一贯性和统一性。所不同的是,和《学生之工作》相比,《五七指示》增加了"批判资产阶级"的任务。

  18. Interpretation of Lao She's Qilv· Dragon Boat Festival: Two Poems: on Friendship between Lao She and Wu Zuxiang as Well%老舍《七律·端午(二首)》解读——兼论老舍与吴组缃的友谊



    老舍《七律·端午(二首)》,塑造了吴组缃父子两个个性鲜明、生动的艺术形象,表现了老舍与吴组缃之间非同寻常的深情厚谊。这种深情厚谊,70年来,成为文人之间友谊的典范,成为我们今天珍惜美好生活和亲密友情的绝好教材。%Qilv · Dragon Boat Festival:Two Poems written by Lao She in 1942 portrayed two artistic images with peculiar and vivid personality for Wu Zuxiang and his son, and displayed the unusually profound friendship be- tween Lao She and Wu Zuxiang. In the past 70 years, the profound friendship has set a good example for the friendship among intellectuals and has become an excellent textbook for us to cherish our happy life and intimate friendship.

  19. 埃及女王与中国女皇主要家庭成员比较研究--哈特谢普苏特与武则天%Comparative Research of Main Family Members about the Queen of Egypt and China:Hatshepsut and Wu Ze-tian



    第十八王朝国王哈特谢普苏特,是古埃及历史上第一位女法老[1];武周王朝皇帝武则天,则是中国历史上唯一一位女皇帝。她们的生平经历有着惊人的相似,不仅如此,就连她们的公公、丈夫、儿女等主要家庭成员都似乎因为与她们命运相系而有着极为相似的生平经历,本文将探寻其中的相似性并加以比较。%Hatshepsut was the king of Ancient Egypt during the eighteenth dynasty and the first female Pharaoh[1];Wu Zetian was the emperor of Wu Zhou Dynasty, and she was also the only fe-male emperor in the Chinese history. Their life experiences are strikingly similar, even their father, husband and children had a very similar life experiences. This paper will explore and compare the similarities among them.

  20. The Tradition of Local-Lineage Autonomy among the Hakka in Western Hokkien --A Case Study of The genealogies of the Wu lineage in Peitian%清代闽西客家的乡族自治传统——《培田吴氏族谱》研究



    In order to better understand the historical origin of local lineage autonomy(乡族)in Late Qing, this article, largely based on The Genealogies of the Wu Lineage in Peitian, Changting County, investigates the tradition of local-lineage autonomy among the Hakka in this area of western Hokkien. Although many statesmen and intellectuals, beginning in the Northern Song, attempted to carry out "local-lineage" autonomy based on the lineage structure, this article argues that the form of such autonomy was quite variegated and depended on the specific historical conditions. Therefore, empirical and comparative studies are needed to understand how such local autonomy was actually carried out. The Wu lineage, which had lived together for a long time, achieved local-lineage autonomy largely through relying on the lineage structure. Within the confines of the national law and governing authorities, the Wu lineage tried to manage lineage affairs through family instructions, family discipline, and lineage regulations. The Wu lineage~s success represents an ideal model of lineage autonomy. The branches and associations of the Wu lineage possessed wealth and effectively managed communal affairs and public welfare. For example, the Peitian Public Welfare Association, established during the New Deal period of Late Qing, replaced the administrative functions of the communal compacts and reflected the historical transformation from lineage autonomy to local autonomy.%在中国传统社会中,实行以家族组织为基础的乡族自治,曾经是许多政治家和思想家的社会理想。在不同的时代与不同的地区,由于客观历史条件的限制,乡族自治的形式与内容不尽相同。所谓乡族自治,是指在国家法律和官府授权之下,对乡族事务实行自我管理;在聚族而居的社会环境中,乡族自治主要表现为家族自治。解读福建省长汀县培田吴氏家族的族谱资料,可以发现闽西客家的

  1. Reply to the comment by Wu et al. (2016) on "Behavior of Re and Os during contact between an aqueous solution and oil: Consequences for the application of the Re-Os geochronometer to petroleum" [Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 158 (2015) 1-21

    Reisberg, Laurie; Michels, Raymond; Mahdaoui, Fatima


    We reply here to the questions raised by Wu et al. concerning the results published by Mahdaoui et al. (2015). This paper describes experiments in which aqueous solutions containing ReO4- and OsCl62- were brought in contact with natural oils at various ranges of concentration, time and temperature. The main observation is that the transfer of Re and Os to oils is very efficient under all experimental conditions. Wu et al. argue that thermodynamic equilibrium was not achieved in these experiments as apparent partition coefficients are inconsistent. They conclude that the experiments were flawed by possible leaking of reactors and that the conclusions by Mahdaoui et al. (2015) were not justified. In the following reply we explain that Mahdaoui et al. (2015) never claimed that thermodynamic equilibrium was achieved. Any calculations or considerations in this context are therefore meaningless. We recall the objectives of our publication, which were to experimentally test the behavior of ReO4- and OsCl6- (two plausible chemical forms of Re and Os in deep aquifers of petroleum systems) in aqueous solution-oil systems. To our knowledge these are the first experiments of their kind. The parameters that could influence the precision and reproducibility of our results were discussed in detail in Mahdaoui et al. (2015). The essential point is that all 60 of the experiments provide evidence of substantial transfer of Re and Os from water to oil. In contrast to what was mistakenly understood by Wu et al., the paper does not challenge the use of Re-Os to date geological events affecting petroleum. Instead, by providing a mechanism that might allow Os isotopic homogenization on a basin-wide scale, a critical step missing from most current models, it offers a possible explanation of how Re-Os geochronology in oils could potentially work. More generally, our study suggests that transfer of Re and Os from waters to oil may be an important phenomenon that should not be overlooked.

  2. Fusion of Traditional Culture and the New Era---Analysis of the Image Wu Shi -bao in Snuff%传统文化与新时代的融合--《烟壶》中乌世保形象分析



    “Snuff” is one of the fiction masterpieces of Deng You -mei with special Beijing flavor . The writer creates a lot of distinctive characters , one of whom is Wu Shi Bao , the main character . This character is characterized by his traditional banner culture and at the same time the writer gives him the content of the new era .%《烟壶》是著名作家邓友梅京味小说的代表作之一,其小说为我们塑造了一批个性鲜明的人物形象,乌世保作为贯穿小说始终的主要人物,在他的性格中既有传统旗人生活给他留下的烙印,同时作家又赋予了他新的时代的内容。

  3. Preliminary Study on the Composing Features and Stylistic Innovations of Linxi-based Wu Family’ s Genealogy in Chongzhen Period%崇祯《临溪吴氏宗谱》编纂特点与体例创新初探



    徽州地区宗族社会历来十分重视纂修家谱,《临溪吴氏宗谱》具有重视史实考证、注重家谱的教化功能的编纂特点,同时其对徽州家谱体例结构和断限问题的研究使得该谱成为一部具有代表性的家谱,其创立的家谱编修体例影响了后世两百多年徽州地区的修谱体例,对梳理明代徽州家谱体例的发展脉络,全面展现明代徽州家谱体例的继承和发展状况有十分重要的作用。%Huizhou ’ s lineage society always pays a lot of attention to composing genealogical trees .The Linxi-based Wu Family’ s genealogy was featured in composition with the emphasis on textual research about history facts and on the edification effect of the genealogical tree .Meanwhile , studies on the stylistic structure and starting -end-ing time of genealogical trees in Huizhou region have made the Wu family ’ s genealogical tree a very representative one.This genealogical tree created a composing style that influenced later styles of genealogical tree in Huizhou for two hundred years , so it has very important significance in terms of sorting out the development process of the styles of genealogical tree in Ming Dynasty and presenting an all -round status of the inheritance and development of the styles of genealogical trees in Huizhou region .

  4. The Beginning of the "17-year Film"Political Ideological Literary Theory and the In-depth Study of The Life of Wu-xun%“十七年电影”政治形态文艺学发轫与《武训传》再考



    The critical event of The Life of Wu-xun has obviously identified the landform of the "17-year film" political ideological literary theory .As the practical representation of socialism ideologies ,the film breeds the audiences'political intervenes with the form of national parable .The Life of Wu-xun is the mile-stone of "17-year film",w hich helps to understand the political rhetoric speech of "17-year film".Its unique narrative texture closely connects the special social context of the "17-year period",which need to be reread and studied in the grand historical viewpoint .%从《武训传》开始,渐变的年代清晰指认出“十七年电影”政治形态文艺学地貌。作为主流意识形态实践的社会主义现实主义艺术,观众无意识幻觉所投射的,无疑是以民族寓言形式为表征的高度政治介入。作为“十七年电影”中的具有里程碑意义的电影,《武训传》有助于我们理会“十七年电影”的政治修辞表述。其独特的叙事肌理和文本结构、所紧密联系的“十七年”特殊社会政治语境,都需要我们借助大历史的视野,去除误读、重启对话。

  5. The Research of the Tourism Urbanization in the Contiguous Destitute Areas---Take Wu Meng Mountauin Area As An Examlpe%连片特困区旅游城镇化发展研究--以乌蒙山区为例



    The tourism urbanization takes tourism development as its impetus. It is aimed to realize tourism destination's population agglomeration, industrial integration and the changes of producing and living style, and subsequently promote the urbanization level of the tourism destination. This thesis takes Wu Meng Mountain area as an example. It analyzes its tourism urbanization development status, existing problem, and the settlement countermeasures. To improve tourism development is necessary for quality level of the tourism urbanization and promoting urbanization development of Wu Meng Mountain contiguous destitute area. Furthermore, it makes strategic sense for realizing harmonious development between destitute areas tourism and urbanization.%旅游城镇化是以旅游业的发展为推动力,通过旅游业的发展,实现旅游目的地人口集聚、产业融合、生产生活方式改变,从而提升旅游目的地城镇化水平。本文以乌蒙山片区为例,分析该地旅游城镇化发展现状,存在问题及解决对策。提高旅游发展对旅游城镇化的质量水平,进而推动乌蒙山连片特困区城镇化发展实为必要,实现特困区旅游与城镇化协调发展具有战略性意义。

  6. The idea of external and internal cultivation-Compare Wu-Cheng’s“knowledge and behavior”with Wang-Yangming’s“the unity of knowledge and action”%合内外之道-吴澄的“知行兼赅”与王阳明的“知行合一”比较



    The theory of knowing and doing plays a significant role in Chinese traditional philosophy.The central thesis of it is“character”and “natural law”.Will it be possible to be sanctified,and how to be sanctified has been the focus-set of this theory.Accordingly,the resulting questions of knowing and doing closely connect to the temperament theory and the theory of Ontology.Both Wu Cheng and Wang Yang-ming’s theory begin with the theory of knowing and do-ing.Wu-Cheng’s investigation of things and extension of knowledge was mainly focusing on the lack of Zhu Xi’s study by emphasizing the strength of Lu school to cover the shortage of Zhu Xi’s theory,and illustrating the unity of external and internal cultivation by taking the idea as its premise.Wang Yang-ming pointed out that Zhu Xi misunderstood the theory of knowing and doing because he put the reason and mind second,and in the point of view of“the mind is princi-ple”,the theory of knowing and doing was neither internal nor external.They both had similar views on explaining the theory of knowing and doing.As to knowing,Wu-Cheng regarded the innate mind as knowing.He also believed that knowing only came from practice.Wu Cheng promoted the theory of knowledge and behavior after analyzing the theory of knowing and doing in the aspect of“enlightenment is investigation,practice is truth”.But Wang Yang-ming claimed that knowing and doing and Ontology were inseparable from one another.First he explained that“knowing without doingis nothing”,and he further theorized that “knowing is practice”.Then he explained how knowing and doing came up with the unity based on the dynamic process of knowing-doing-knowing.In Wang Yang-ming’s opinion,the unity of knowledge and action was a dynamic process.From self-knowledge to things-in-itself,the unity of knowing and action can be completed in the process of natural knowledge and actual knowledge.As to the relationship between know-ing and doing,Wu and

  7. Effect of Bu Yang Huan Wu Decoction (补阳还五汤) Combined with Lumbar Sympathetic Ganglionec-tomy on Recovery of Sciatic Nerve%补阳还五汤和腰交感神经节切除对大鼠坐骨神经损伤的影响

    刘青龙; 秦振龙; 王绣伯


    Objective To investigate the effect of Bu Yang Huan Wu decoction (补阳还五汤) and Lumbar Sympathetic Ganglionectomy (LSG) on recovery of sciatic nerve. Methods Sixty Sprague Dawley rats with left sympathectic ganglion injury were divided into two groups. The rats in control group received LSG only while those in the experimental group also took oral administration and medicine bath of Bu Yang Huan Wu decoction (补阳还五汤) as well as LSG. The skin temperature of their left feet, the sciatic nerve function index (SFI) as well as the sciatic nerve conduction velocity (SNCV) were studied before and after injury. Results The skin tem-perature of their left feet in experiment group was higher than that in control group (P<0.05). The recovery of SFT in experimental group was significantly better than that in control group (P<0.01) at 2,4,6 weeks following the experiment. SNCV in the experimental group was significantly faster than that in control group (P<0.01) af-ter Lumbar Sympathetic Ganglionectomy therapy for 2, 4 ,6 weeks. Conclusion Oral administration and medi-cine bath of BuYangHuanWu decoction and LSG is beneficial for injured peripheral nerve.%目的:探讨补阳还五汤和腰交感神经节切除对大鼠坐骨神经损伤的影响。方法:60只SD大鼠损伤左侧坐骨神经,随机分为2组,对照组钳夹并切除腰交感神经节(LSG),实验组在钳夹并切除腰交感神经节后加用补阳还五汤口服及药浴治疗。观察对照组和实验组大鼠左足皮肤温度、坐骨神经功能指数(SFI)和坐骨神经传导速度(SNCV)的差异。结果:实验开始后1、2周实验组皮肤温度较对照组有明显升高(P<0.01)。实验组的坐骨神经功能指数2、4、6周恢复均快于对照组(P<0.01)。分别测实验组、对照组的坐骨神经传导速度。实验组2、4、6周坐骨神经传导速度恢复快于对照组(P<0.01)。结论:补阳还五汤口服加药浴并切除

  8. 四物汤合失笑散加味联合吲哚美辛治疗气滞血瘀型原发性痛经40例%Modified SiWuTang and ShiXiaoSan Combined with Indomatacin in Treating 40 Cases of Primary Dysmenorrhea of Qi Stagnation and Blood Stasis Pattern



    目的:观察四物汤合失笑散加味联合吲哚美辛治疗气滞血瘀型原发性痛经的临床疗效.方法:将80例患者随机分为观察组和对照组各40 例.2 组患者均给予吲哚美辛治疗,25 mg/ 次,4 次/d,口服.观察组同时在月经来潮前5 天给予四物汤合失笑散加减,水煎分服,1 剂/d,经后2 天停药.2 组均以1 个月经周期为1 个治疗周期,连续治疗3个周期后观察疗效.结果:全血高切黏度(200/s)、低切黏度(3/s)、血浆黏度2组治疗后均较治疗前明显改善(P<0.05),且治疗后观察组与对照组相比差异显著(P<0.05).观察组治愈率为52.50%,总有效率为92.50%;对照组治愈率为35.00%,总有效率为77.50%,2 组相比差异显著(P<0.05).结论:四物汤合失笑散加味联合吲哚美辛治疗气滞血瘀型原发性痛经疗效显著.%Objective: To observe curative effects of modified SiWuTang and ShiXiaoSan combined with indomatacin in the treatment for primary dysmenorrhea of Qi stagnation and blood stasis pattern. Method: Eighty patients were randomly divided into the observation group and the control group. Both groups received oral indomatacin, 25 mg each time, 4 times each day. The observation group took modified SiWuTang and ShiXiaoSan in the five days of the periods, decocted with water, one dose each day, till the 2nd day when the period finished. One menstrual cycle was one course of treatment. Curative effects were explored after three consecutive courses of treatment. Result: Whole blood high shear viscosity (200/s), low shear viscosity (3/s) and plasma viscosity of both groups were improved after treating than before treating significantly (P<0.05), and the observation groups showed significant difference compared with the control group after treating (P<0.05). Cure rate and total effective rate of the observation group were 52.50% and 92.50% , superior to 35.00% and 77.50% of the control group with significant difference (P<0.05). Conclusion

  9. Effect of Acupoint Application with Wu's Blistering Plaster Combined with Seretide Inhalation in Preventing and Treating Children with Asthma:40 Cases Report%吴氏发泡膏穴位贴敷联合舒利迭吸入防治儿童哮喘40例临床观察

    施品英; 朱金凤; 尤菊松; 沈鸣


    Objective To observe the effect of acupoint application with Wu's Blistering Plaster combined with seretide inhalation in preventing and treating children with asthma in remission stage and to study its influence on immune function. Methods Eighty cases of children with asthma in remission stage were randomized into two groups, 40 in treatment group and 40 in control group. Both groups were treated with seretide inhalation 50μg/100μg, one or two times a day for 6 months, based on which, the treatment group was treated with Wu's Blistering Plaster for acupoint application in dog-days. The effect and changes in symptom scores of both groups were observed, and serum IgE, IL-4, and IFN-γ were determined before and after treatment.Results The total effective rate of the treatment group and control group was 95.0% and 80. 0% respectively, with significant difference (P<0. 05). The treatment group was superior to the control group in increase of IFN-γ and decrease of total IgE and IL-4 (P<0. 05 or P<0. 01). Conclusion Acupoint application with Wu's Blistering Plaster combined with seretide inhalation is effective in improving the immune function of asthma children and its good at preventing and treating asthma.%目的 观察吴氏发泡膏穴位贴敷联合舒利迭吸人防治缓解期儿童哮喘的临床疗效及其对免疫功能的影响.方法 将80例哮喘缓解期患儿随机分成治疗组和对照组各40例,两组均正规吸入舒利迭50μg/100μg,视病情每日1~2次,共6个月,治疗组在此基础上于三伏期给予吴氏发泡膏穴位贴敷,观察两组患儿临床疗效、治疗前后症状评分变化及血清总免疫球蛋白E(IgE)、白细胞介素4(IL-4)、干扰素γ(IFN-γ)等指标的变化.结果 治疗组总有效率95.0%,对照组为80.0%,临床疗效治疗组优于对照组(P<0.05).治疗组IFN-γ升高水平及总IgE、IL-4、症状评分下降水平优于对照组(P<0.05或P<0.01).结论 吴氏发泡膏穴位贴

  10. 六朝后期及隋唐三吴地区的道教信仰--以栝州叶氏家族为例%The Religious Beliefs of Three Wu Areas in the Late Period of the Six Dynastiesand Sui and Tang Dynasties---Taking the Guazhou Yip Family for Example



    六朝时期,三吴地区的宗教信仰有些受外来移民的影响,有些则是由自身激发、转化、延续、继承而来,其中道教文化信仰的源头便可一直追溯到春秋时期。此后又潜流涌动,到齐梁之际,在其西南部边陲地区孕育诞生了直到隋唐时期还有广泛影响的著名道教世家栝州叶氏家族。叶氏家族在六朝及隋唐的发展从一个侧面说明,三吴地区经济、文化发展受到内外双重因素的推动,如果单纯强调一个方面而忽视另一方面,便很难反映当时的历史全貌。%In the six dynasties period, the religious beliefs in Three Wu areas were influenced by some immigrants, while others were inspired, transformed, extended and inherited by itself, in which the source of Taoist cultural beliefs can be traced back to the Spring and Autumn Period. After that, undercurrent surging to the Qi and Liang dynasty, it gave birth to the famous Taoist family Guazhou Yip family, which had wide-ran-ging implications in southwestern border region until the Sui and Tang dynasties. The development of Yip family in the Sui and Tang Dynasties had indicated from a side note that economic and cultural development in the Three Wu areas has come from double factors both inside and outside. If we just simply focus on one aspect and ignoring the other aspect, it would be difficult to fully reflect the historical panorama.

  11. Re-Understanding Fan Jun ’ s Philosophy of the Mind and His Status as “Originator of the Wu School”%范浚思想的心学迹象及其“婺学开宗”地位再认识

    王锟; 石寅


    Deeply convinced by the Simeng School and influenced by his family academic tradition as well as his friends, Fan Jun (1102-1150 ) develops a distinct philosophy of the mind in his thinking .Ad-dressing the “mind” in its ontological sense , Fan advocates the goodness of human nature as well as the ne-cessity of self-cultivation , and holds a moral-based point of view on literature and history .It is on the basis of such a heart-mind theory that he participates in the debates on pragmatism and on “reign and justice vs.he-gemony and profit”, and is admired by Zhu Xi (1130-1200 ) for his ideas that differ from those of the East-ern-Zhejiang Pragmatic School represented by Chen Liang (1143-1194) and Ye Shi (1150-1223).Fan is regarded posthumously as the “originator of the Wu School” not only because of his own academic achieve-ments but , more importantly , because of the rejuvenization of the Wu Studies by Zhang Mao ( 1436-1521 ) and other scholars from Jinhua during the Ming Dynasty ( 1368 -1644 ) .Later scholars , being ignorant of this, has been misunderstanding the whole thing based on incomplete records about it .%范浚服膺思孟学派,又受家学与友朋的影响,思想颇具心学迹象。在范浚的思想中,“心”具有本体意味,同时主张性善论、“存心养性”的修养工夫,并秉持以“人心道德”为主轴的经史观。正是以心性之学为基础,范浚开展了事功经世与“王霸义利”的讨论,因而与陈亮、叶适的浙东事功学派有别,受到朱熹的高度赞赏。范浚在后世被追溯为“婺学开宗”,除了其自身的学术造诣外,还与明代章懋等金华士人重振婺学、自励励人的乡学建构密切相关。后来学者却不明此意,爰引相袭,遂成定论。

  12. 五禽戏对中老年颈型颈椎病患者简化McGill疼痛询问表疼痛指数的影响%The effects of WuQinXi on simplified inquiry impact statement McGill pain index of elderly patients with cervical neck pain

    张鹏程; 兰崴; 唐巍


    目的:探讨华佗五禽戏对中老年颈型颈椎病患者简化McGill疼痛询问表疼痛指数的影响。方法将60例患者随机分为练功+药物组(实验组)和药物组(对照组)各30例。观察颈部功能评分、疼痛评分及视觉模拟量表的变化。结果实验组练习后患者的疼痛程度降低( P<0.01)、疼痛分级指数显著改善(P<0.01)。两组练习前各项指标无显著差异(P>0.05),练习后两组比较多数指标有统计学差异(P<0.05)。结论五禽戏对中老年颈椎病的康复以及预防有着积极的意义,能够有效减缓颈椎病的发病率。%Objective To study the effects of WuQinXi on simplified inquiry impact statement McGill pain index of elderly patients with cervical neck pain.Methods 60 patients were randomly divided into practice+drug ( experimental group) and drug groups ( control group)30 cases in each group.The neck function score,pain score,and visual analog scale were observed.Results In experimental group, after WuQinxi practice,the cervical pain of patients was decreased(P<0.01),pain rating index was improved significantly(P<0.01).All the indexes had no significant differences between the two groups before practice, but most of indexes showed differences after practice ( P<0.05).Conclusions Wuqinxi could improve the neck discomfort,relief the pain,mitigate the cervical disease.

  13. The Self-criticism and Renewal of Zhuism and the Confluence of Zhu Xi and Lu Jiuyuan's Theory Centered on Wu Cheng's Zhongyong Study%朱子学的自我批判、更新与朱陆合流以吴澄中庸学为中心∗



    朱子学在后世传衍中逐渐显出异化为记诵口耳之学的一面,元代吴澄传承晚宋以来勉斋学派的批判创新精神,对朱子思想加以修正,彰显了潜伏已久的朱陆合流之思潮。以《中庸》诠释为例,草庐批评《中庸章句》过于精详而流于分裂,对全书章句作出了新的划分,突出尊德性对道问学的优先性,重新诠释“本心”概念,显示出宋元时期朱子学者经典诠释的创新能力,表明元代“朱陆合流”实为朱子学内部自我更新调适所至。%As time goes by,Zhuism has been gradually alienated to memory,fragmentary and hearsay knowledge.Wu Cheng in Yuan Dynasty,who inherited the spirit of criticism and innovation from Mi-anzhai School in late Song Dynasty,tried his best to amend the thought of Zhu Zi,highlighting the lurk i-deological trend of the confluence of Zhu Xi and Lu Jiuyuan's theory.Taking the annotation of Zhongyong as an example,Wu Cheng criticized that chapters and sentences in Zhongyong were too details to split and made a new division on the chapters.Meanwhile,he emphasized honoring virtuous nature prior to inquiry and knowledge,and reinterpreted the concept of "conscience".That shows the innovative annotation of classics of Zhuism scholars in Song-Yuan Dynasty and indicate that the ideological trend of confluence of Zhu Xi and Lu Jiuyuan's theory is the result of Zhuism's self-renewal and adjustment.

  14. 以诗歌重塑民族心灵--1930年代吴经熊的双语写作与诗学观念%To Reshape the National Soul in Poetry:John Ching Hsiung Wu ’ s Bilingual Writing and Poetics Concept in the 1930 s



    吴经熊在民国时期不但是著名的法学家,而且也是享有声誉的文学家。他既参与创办英文期刊,发表大量中国古典诗歌的英译作品,同时也热衷于写作汉语旧体诗。本文通过梳理英文期刊的资料,还原当时文学氛围的疏离与语言环境的分裂,考察吴经熊向英语世界译介中国古典诗歌的策略与动机;并可得出结论,他的双语实践不仅以“唐诗四季”诗学观念回应“感时忧国”的抒情传统,而且主张以诗歌重塑中国人的民族心灵,期待可以克服现代性危机,超越东西方文化的权力等级。%In the Republic of China , John Ching Hsiung Wu ( John C.H.Wu) was not only a famous ju-rist, but also a renowned writer .He took part in establishing the English periodicals and translated a large number of Chinese classical poems into English .At the same time , he was keen on writing classical poems . By reviewing the English periodicals , the paper restores the literary atmosphere of alienation and the split lan-guage environment at that time , and studies the strategies and motivations of John C .H.Wu’ s translation of Chinese classical poems into English to the world .In conclusion , his bilingual practice not only responses to the lyric tradition of “Obsession with China” by inventing the poetic idea of “The Four Seasons of Tang Poet-ry”, but also claims to reshape the Chinese people ’ s national soul by poetry , which can overcome the crisis of modernity and transcend the hierarchy of cultural power between East and West .

  15. 清盛京内务府《正白旗吾尔占家汉军银丁户口册》再探%Restudy on WU Er Zhan ' s Household Register in Imperial Palace in Mukden in Qing Dynasty



    Imperial palace file in Mukden keeps many documents between imperial palace and overman in Beijing,five departments in Mukden, Mukden generals, and prefectural magistrates, which provides great help fro deep understanding the work. Through analyzing two cases in the documents, we find that WU Er zhan' s household register in imperial palace is rich in purpose, regular edition, tax collection and household living status.%辽宁档案馆藏《盛京内务府档》保存了很多盛京内务府与北京总管内务府、盛京五部、奉天将军、府尹衙门等处往来的各类文书,为《盛京内务府户口册》的深入解读提供了极大的帮助。通过其中两份文书的个案分析,在立册宗旨与原则、定期编审实态、银丁征收细节以及人户居住状态等方面,《正白旗吾尔占家汉军银丁户口册》的史料内涵更显鲜活。

  16. ON PERSONALIZED POSITIONING AND DEVELOPMENT CONCEPT OF BRANDS--- With“Bai Wu Xi”as an Example%论品牌的个性化定位与发展理念--以“百武西”为例



    品牌价值在于其创造财富的巨大潜能,而在品牌的塑造中,个性化的理念已经成为日趋关键的要素。在全球化趋势下的品牌设计中,要想脱颖而出,就不能没有个性。这些个性化的形象使之区别于同类产品,便于人们识别与记忆。“百武西”以它独特的品牌理念和坚持自我的品牌个性,塑造出一个自然、简约、和谐的品牌形象。%Brand value lies in its great potential to create wealth, and in brand shaping, and the individuality concept has be-come an increasingly crucial factor. Under the trend of economic globalization, it is impossible to stand out in brand design without individuality. These highly individualized images distinguish them from similar products and help people to identify and memorize them. “Bai Wu Xi”with its unique brand concept and brand individuality of self-adherence creates a natural, simple and harmonious brand image.

  17. 外国留学生社区管理模式探析--以北京市海淀区五道口留学生聚居区为例%An Analysis of the Management Mode of International Student Community-Taking Wu Daokou International Student Community as an Example



    外国留学生住宿社会化背景下,留学生聚居区逐渐形成。北京市海淀区五道口留学生聚居区是北京市管辖外国留学生数量最多,处理留学生事务最多,留学生管理服务最先进的社区之一。通过研究在京留学生居留现状,分析留学生社会化管理中存在的问题,对完善公安机关外国留学生管理提出建议和意见。%With the socialization of foreign student accommodation management, international student community has gradually taken shape. Due to its special geographical location, Wu Daokou, located in Haidian District in Beijing, becomes one of the advanced communities which accepts the greatest number of international students and tackles a large amount of foreign affairs with best service. Through research on the current residential situation of international students in Beijing, this paper analyzes the prominent problems in socialized management over international students, and provides suggestions to improve international student management by public security.

  18. View of Sima Qian' s Profound Criticism of Dark Feudal Regime Tyranny from Biography of Marquis Wei Qi and Wu An in Historical Records%司马迁对封建黑暗专制制度的批判——解读《史记·魏其武安侯列传》



    Biography of marquis Wei Qi and Wu An in Historical Records is a famous works about dark feudal regime tyranny of the Western Han Dynasty, written by Sima Qian. This book exposed the darkness of feudal regime tyranny and the brutal essence of ruling class by Wai Wei' s despicable acts, feudal aristocracy' s power struggles, bureaucratic snobbish, inconstancy of human and so on. It expressed Sima Qian' s profound criticism of reality.%《史记·魏其武安侯列传》是揭露西汉黑暗的封建专制制度的力作,司马迁从外戚的卑劣行径,封建贵族之间的争权夺利以及当时官场的势利、世态炎凉等不同侧面,有力揭示了封建专制制度的黑暗和统治阶级残酷暴虐的本质,表达了司马迁对现实的深刻批判。

  19. Sima Qian Was Born in the Sixth Year of Jianyuan in Emperor Wu of Han Period --The Rethought on Lost Article in Natural History Cited by Shiji Suoyin%司马迁生于汉武帝建元六年——对《史记索隐》所引《博物志》佚文的再认识



    《史记索隐》所引张华《博物志》佚文是考证司马迁生年最重要的史料。它的可靠性已经得到了学界的肯定。有证据表明,施丁先生误读了这条史料。正确的解读应该是:"太史令茂陵显武里大夫司马【迁】,年二十八。【元封】三年六月【乙卯】除,六百石。"据此,司马迁生于汉武帝建元六年。%Shiji Suoyin which quoted Lost Article of Zhang Hua's Natural History is the most important historical materials to re- search Sima Qian's date of birth. And its reliability has been affirmed by the academic community. There is evidence which explains that Shi Ding misunderstood this historical material. The correct interpretation should be this: "Sima Qian who was 28 was nomina- ted Taishiling on June, the third year of yuanfeng. And he could earn 600 Dans in one year. " According to this, Sima Qian was born in the sixth year of Jianyuan in Emperor Wu of Han period.

  20. Once Destroyed, Forever Remembered:A Review of The City Walls of Suzhou Chief-edited by Professor Wu Enpei%毁于一旦牢记万世--评吴恩培先生主编的《苏州城墙》



    The City Walls of Suzhou chief-edited by Professor Wu Enpei gives a complete collection and assortment of the archeological discoveries, literary descriptions, modern evolutions, current situations as well as the historical literature, archives and pictures related to the city walls of Suzhou. Despite the fact that the city walls were destroyed and left only sporadic relics, the book presents before the readers’ eyes the vivid past and present pictures of the city walls, and strikes an everlasting memory in the readers’ mind.%吴恩培先生主编的《苏州城墙》一书全方位地搜集与梳理了有关苏州城墙的历史文献、考古发掘、历史档案、历史图录、文学描述、现代变迁和当前现状,虽然苏州城墙已经毁于一旦、所剩无几,但是这本书却把苏州城墙的前世今生活灵活现地一一呈现在读者的眼前,可以让人们永世不忘。

  1. 乌龙丹对多梗死性痴呆模型大鼠血液黏度、内皮素及一氧化氮的影响%Effect of wu long dan on blood viscosity,endothelin and nitric oxide in rat model of multi-infarct dementia

    彭康; 臧坤堂


    BACKGROUND: Wu long dan is the experienced formula summarized in the long-term clinical practice on the treatment ischemic cerebral vascular disorder and aims at "benefiting qi,strengthening spleen,tonifying kidney,activating blood circulation,promoting circulation of collaterals and resolving phlegm". It is indicated in the previous researches that such formula acts on improving microcirculation of cerebrum,regulating neural endocrinal system and being against cerebral ischemic injury. The increased blood viscosity and disturbance endothelin and nitric oxide(NO) secreted from vessels and nerve cells have participated in the pathological progression of multi-infarct dementia(MID) and affect mutually.OBJECTIVE: To probe into the effect of wu long dan on blood viscosity,NO and endothelin in MID model in rats by duplicating MID rat model.DESIGN: A randomized controlled and experimental study based on the experimental animals.SETTING: Department of traditional Chinese medicine in a military medical university of Chinese PLA.MATERIALS: The experiment was performed in Laboratory of Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine in First Military Medical University of Chinese PLA and Laboratory of Department of Neurological Internal Medicine in affiliated Zhujiang Hospital from January to August 2002. SD male rats of clean grade were employed,weighted(270 ± 30) g (Qualified No. 2000337). In the experiment,there were blank control,model group,wu long dan low dosage group and wu long dan high dosage group.METHODS: After internal carotid artery isolated,dried blood suspension of homologous rats was injected at the ratio of 1:200 to prepare MID rat model. Cone-plate stationary method was adopted for the determination of blood viscosity,radioimmunoassay was for the determination of endothelin and cadmium-reduction-colorimetric method was for NO determination. Water-alcohol sedimentation was for the preparation of wu long dan.MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Primary indexes: whole blood

  2. Characteristics of fish fauna and status of fish resources in Wu Jiao nature reserve and its adjacent%勿角自然保护区及邻近水域鱼类区系特征和资源现状

    曾燏; 马永红; 陈建武


    2010年11月、2011年5月对四川省九寨沟勿角自然保护区及其邻近水域鱼类物种多样性进行调查,共采集到鱼类6种,共182尾,隶属于3目4科.其中,土著鱼类5种,外来种1种;鲤形目4种,占鱼类物种数的66.67%,鲇形目和鲑形目各有1种,均占鱼类物种数的16.67%.保护区鱼类主要组成为老第三纪原始类群和青藏高原类群,兼有少量的北方冷水类群.其中长江上游特有鱼类3种,占鱼类物种总数的50%;属于四川省重点保护野生动物的有2种,占鱼类物种总数的33.33%.保护区鱼类在食性和栖息习性等方面分别属于不同的生态类型.掠夺性获取,水环境破坏,以及外来种入侵是保护区鱼类资源面临的最大威胁,针对以上威胁提出了相应的保护对策.%An investigation was conducted to the fish biodiversity and fish habitats of Wu Jiao Nature Resources and its adjacent from November 2010 to May 2011. A total of 182 specimens of fish belonging to 6 species 4 families and 3 orders were recorded. Among them, 5 were endemic, 1 were exotic. There were 4 species of Cypriniformes, one specie of Siluri-formes and Salmoniformes, accounting for 66. 67% , 16. 67% of the total species, respectively. The faunal characteristic was mainly of Later Tertiary Period Primitive group and Tibetan Plateau Croup, and a spot of North Cold Water Croup. Among them, 3 species were endemic to the Yangtze River, accounting for 50% of the total and 2 species were Sichuan provincial wild animals, accounting for 33.33% of the total. The fish in the Wu Jiao Nature Reserve belonged to different ecological types in feeding and inhabitation. Devastating fishing, changes in environmental water and the invasion of alien species were the most serious threats to the local fishery resources, and some countermeasures were proposed for conservation and management of the resources.

  3. 准噶尔盆地乌夏地区二叠系风城组云质岩类成因研究%Origin of Dolomitic Reservoir Rock in the Permian Fengcheng Formation in Wu-Xia Area of the Junggar Basin

    朱世发; 朱筱敏; 陶文芳; 刘诗奇; 陈贺贺; 张越迁


    The dolomitic rocks of the Permian Fengcheng Formation are formed under special geologic conditions, and are important hydrocarbon reservoir rocks in Wu-Xia area in the Junggar Basin. Data of petrologic characteristics, SEM EDS and stable isotope composition indicate that dolomitizing host rocks are volcaniclassic rocks. Dolomitizing fluids probably came from brine from nearshore and shallow-water lake deposits in the Fengcheng Formation, which formed under arid climatic conditions, and from residual Mg-rich seawater from underlying Jiamuhe Formation and Carboniferous strata. Tuff has a significant content of plagioclase, in which anorthite and labradorite hydrolysis by CO2 can be couple with calcite precipitation. Later, Mg-rich brine percolate and replace calcite of the first stage to precipitate dolostones. The dolomitizing fluid has been driven by the thermal convection flow generated by volcanic eruption. At the same time, the overthrust of the Wu-Xia growth fault have speeded up the flow of deep Mg-rich water upwards, and induced the water to quickly penetrate and horizontally migrate in the strata. Fracture and fault play important role in controlling the formation of dolostone and the distribution of favorable reservoir.%  准噶尔盆地乌夏地区风城组发育的云质岩类是一套特殊成因的、重要的油气储层。岩石学、扫描电镜能谱和稳定同位素分析表明,发生白云岩化作用的母岩是火山凝灰物质,白云岩化的流体来自风城组干旱气候条件下形成的咸化滨浅湖卤水以及下伏佳木河组和石炭系残留的富镁海水。凝灰岩中富含大量的斜长石,其中的富钙长石在二氧化碳参与下水解蚀变,沉淀方解石(即方解石化)。后期富镁卤水渗滤早期形成的方解石,成岩交代形成白云岩。富镁流体运移受火山喷发产生的热流驱动,产生热对流环。同时,乌夏断裂同生逆掩活动加快深层

  4. GC-MS Analysis on the Components of Volatile Oil from Wu MedicineMentha haplocalyx and Measurement of Menthol Contents%吴药薄荷挥发油成分的GC-MS分析与薄荷醇含量测定

    祝祎玮; 怀悦; 何翠翠


    目的 通过对苏州市地区5个吴药薄荷药材挥发油成分、含量等相关的研究,为吴门药用植物资源的保护问题提供理论和实验依据.方法 采用水蒸汽蒸馏法进行挥发油的提取,运用GC-MS进行化学成分鉴定及含量测定,计算其相似度.结果 挥发油含量从0.2%至1.7% (mL/g)不等.除一个样品外,其余相似度都较高.结论 苏州地区吴药薄荷其化学成分丰富,薄荷醇含量较高,值得保护与开发.%OBJECTIVE To provide theoretical and experimental basis for protection of the Wu medicinal plant resources on the basis of study into the components and contents of volatile oil from mentha species in Suzhou region. Method Volatile oils were extracted with steam distillation, their chemical components were identified and contents were conducted by GC-MS to analyze their similarity. Result The contents of violate oil from five Mentha Haplocalyx samples varied from 0.2% to 1.7 % (mL/g). 9,8, 16,12 and 9 compounds in the oils were identified respectively. Besides, the menthol contents were determined with naphthol as the internal standard. The method is rapid, accurate and reproducible. With the help of computer aided similarity evaluation system, four samples were found high similarity. Conclusion: Since there are abundant chemical components and high levels of menthol in Mentha haplocalyx in Suzhou region, it is worthy of protection and development.

  5. 儿童权利的法律呵护--读吴鹏飞著《儿童权利一般理论研究》%Legal Rights of the Child Care---Reading Wu Pengfei’s General Theory Study of Children’s Rights



    儿童权利理论研究领域中的新篇大作---吴鹏飞先生的《儿童权利一般理论研究》,最近由中国政法大学出版社出版发行。书中明确了儿童权利概念的内涵与外延,拓展和深化了儿童权利研究的范围,有力地回应了我国儿童权利理论与实践所面临的困境。著作以儿童为本位,从宪法学人权理论入手,站在权利哲学的高度,基于全球视野,对儿童权利理论进行的基础性研究的新理念、多视角、落脚点等值得理论与实务界高度重视。%A new masterpiece in the field of theoretical research of children's rights --- Mr. Wu Pengfei’s General Theory Study of Children’s Rights -has recently been published by the Press of China University of Political Science and Law. The book defines the connotation and denotation of the concept of children’s rights, expands and deepens the scope of the study of children’s rights, and effectively responds to the dilemma facing the theory and practice of children’s rights in China. Taking children as the center and starting with theory of human rights in Constitution studies, the books reaches the height of philosophy of rights and pays great attention to new concepts, multiple perspective and foundations of the basic research of children’s rights.

  6. 女儿笔底女儿心——《吴吴山三妇合评牡丹亭还魂记》评语的女性立场%Heart of Women Seen in Female Literature——On Feminine Stand in Wu Wushan's Three Wives Commenting on The Peony Pavilion



    在《牡丹亭》的众多评点本中,《吴吴山三妇合评牡丹亭还魂记》以其清丽典雅的评语和独具一格的女性视角,鲜明地反映了当时闺阁妇女的文学艺术观念和生活观念。本文先总论三妇批语,分析她们对杜、柳之"情"的心理观照和对丽娘之"梦"的深层解析,探讨她们所表现出的对美好爱情生活的理想追求;然后分论三妇批语,剖析她们对《牡丹亭》之"情"的不同体悟,研究她们所表现出的强烈的女性意识。%Among the various annotated versions of The Peony Pavilion,Wu Wushan's Three Wives Commenting on The Peony Pavilion reflects vividly women's ideas about literature,art and life at the time with its lucid and elegant style and unique feminine perspective.This paper first discusses views of the three wives on"love"between Du and Liu in the story and their deep analysis on the"dream" of Du Liniang,probing into their pursuit of beautiful love and happy life.Then the paper analyzes three wives' different understandings of the"love" in The Peony Pavilion and studies their strong feminine consciousness.

  7. The Representative Poet of Wu School of Poor Scholars of Poems in the Daoguang and Xianfeng Period of Qing Dynasty--Shen Jinxue%道咸诗坛吴门寒士群体的代表诗人沈谨学



      清代道咸年间,沈谨学与江湜、贝青乔等相酬唱,他们的诗歌主要反映当时底层知识分子艰难的生活,也关心国家内忧外困的政局。同时,他们对当时弥漫诗坛的格调派和性灵派,均有所不满。他们学宋,又倡导清新自然的诗风。因此,他们被称为“吴门寒士群体”诗人。沈谨学无疑是其中的杰出代表。他足不出吴地,穷困潦倒,以纯粹白描的手法抒写了艰难时世之苦难人士的磨难生活%  During the Daoguang and Xianfeng period of Qing Dynasty, Shen Jinxue, Jiang Shi, Bei Qinqiao and some others responded with a poem as their communicative means. Their poems reflect the common intellectual’s tough life and the crisis of domestic and overseas political situations. And at the same time, they dissatisfied the school of formal style and personal nature which had spread all over the place of poetic circles. They learned the poems of Song Dynasty and proposed organic and refreshed poetic style. So they were called Wu School of Poor Scholars of Poems. This paper tries to summarize the key methods and content of their poems’characteristics and values by means of the research of Shen Jinxue’s poetry.

  8. Simultaneous determination of three alkaloids, four ginsenosides and limonin in the plasma of normal and headache rats after oral administration of Wu-Zhu-Yu decoction by a novel ultra fast liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry method: application to a comparative pharmacokinetics and ethological study.

    Xu, Huarong; Li, Qing; Yin, Yidi; Lv, Chunxiao; Sun, Wanyang; He, Bosai; Liu, Ran; Chen, Xiaohui; Bi, Kaishun


    A novel, sensitive and reliable ultra fast liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (UFLC-MS/MS) method has been developed and validated for simultaneous quantitation of eight main active ingredients (evodiamine, rutaecarpine, dehydroevodiamine, limonin, ginsenoside Rb1, Rd, Re and Rg1) in rat plasma after oral administration of Wu-Zhu-Yu (WZY) decoction, which is a celebrated and widely used Traditional Chinese Medicine formula for the treatment of headache. The analytes and internal standard (IS) were separated on a SHIM-PACK XR-ODS II column, and the detection was performed on a UFLC-MS/MS system with turbo ion spray source. The lower limits of quantification were 1.5, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 2.0, 1.0, 0.5 and 0.2 ng ml(-1) for evodiamine, rutaecarpine, dehydroevodiamine, limonin, gensenoside Rb1, Rd, Re and Rg1, respectively. Linearity, accuracy, precision and absolute recoveries of the eight analytes were all within satisfaction. The IS-normalized matrix factor was adopted for assessing the matrix effect and accompanied with a satisfactory result. The validated method has been successfully applied to compare pharmacokinetic profiles of the eight active ingredients in rat plasma between normal and headache rats after administration. Exact pharmaceutical effect of WZY decoction on headache was demonstrated by the ethological response of headache rats induced by nitric oxide donor after administration. The results indicated that the absorption of evodiamine, rutaecarpine, gensenoside Rb1, Re and Rg1 in headache group were significantly higher than those in normal group with similar concentration-time curves while no significant differences existed in limonin and ginsenoside Rd between the two groups.

  9. The Solemnity and Charm of Oscar Wilde:a Review of Wu Gang's A Study of Oscar Wilde's Literary Theory%王尔德的严肃与魅力——试评吴刚《王尔德文艺理论研究》



    Speaking of Wilde and his literary theory,most of us like to talk about his aestheticism and his theory about life imitating art.However,his theory system is not limited to this point.A Study of Oscar Wilde's Literary Theory by Professor Wu gang is the first monograph that specializes in Wilde's literary theory and it expounds Oscar Wilde's theory system from many aspects,including the function and position of criticism and critic,the relationship between art and virtue,art and nature,art and society.He analyzes Wilde's theory in a very comprehensive and detailed way,which brings a new perspective for studies on Oscar Wilde and his literary theory.%关于奥斯卡.王尔德和文学理论的关系,大家津津乐道的是他的唯美主义和生活模仿艺术的观点,然而王尔德的理论体系不仅仅是这么一点,吴刚教授所著《王尔德文艺理论研究》,作为国内第一部综合专门论述王尔德文艺理论思想的专著,从王尔德理论中批评及批评家的功能和位置,艺术和道德,艺术和自然,艺术和社会的角度深层次地分析了王尔德的理论体系。这种研究角度和方法为王尔德研究提供了一条新的研究思路。

  10. 近代江南市镇的空间分布——以1930年代吴县市镇为中心%Spatial Distribution of Modern Jiangnan Towns: Taking Towns in Wu County in 1930s as the Center

    胡勇军; 陆文青


    The famous theory of "the Skinner Model" put forward by the American historian G. William Skinner, provides a new analytical model for researches on Chinese market and regional system from the perspective of market structure. In the modern times, the distribution of towns in the areas south of Yangtze River was mainly affected by nature, geographical environment and economic structure. However, with increasing prosperity of towns, markets have exerted greater influences on the distribution of towns. Towns in Wu County have developed maturely into town network system, whose distribution is similar to "the Skinner model" in some aspects.%美国历史学家施坚雅提出“施坚雅模式”是从市场结构角度对中国集市和区域体系研究提出的一种新的分析模式。近代江南市镇分布最初多受自然、地理环境和经济结构的影响,但随着市镇经济的不断繁荣。市场因素对市镇分布的影响越来越大。吴县地区的市镇经由点到面的发展,最终形成一个比较成熟的市镇网络体系,其分布在某些方面与施坚雅模式存在一定的吻合。

  11. Interactions between Official Records and Folk Discourses:A Study around the Mysterious Stories about WU Ze-tian%官方记载与民间话语的互动--以武则天神秘类故事为中心



    The stories concerning WU Ze-tian has gone through the change from history to literature.Her image has changed from an ordinary person to a goddess.The attitude toward her has undergone alternation from depreciation to sincere compliment.As for the content,there were only a few words at first,but now the stories about her can be found anywhere. The mysterious stories concerning the empress are mainly from the official records and folk tales.The different standing leads to different inclination of depreciation and compliment.And the official records are largely depreciated,whereas the folk leg-ends are mostly commendatory.%武则天故事经历了一个从历史到文学的转移过程,其间经历了一系列变化。人物形象从普通凡人转移成灵异神人,感情色彩上从逐渐贬低到真心褒扬,结构内容上从只言片语到连缀全篇。武则天神秘类故事主要分为两个层面,官方记载和民间传说。立场不同产生不同的褒贬倾向,官方的记载以贬低武则天为主,而民间故事多以颂扬武则天为主。

  12. 秘响傍通 恍惚相似——论李贺诗与梦窗词艺术处理之异同%A Study on the Similarities and Dissimilarities Between Li He and Wu Wenying in the Artistic Treatment of their Poems



    Both Wu Wenying (alias, Meng Chuang) and Li He felt intensely depressed in the reality. They also made an elaborate study and strove for perfection in their artistic treatment of their writings. Their poems were bright, colorful and vague. They had quite a lot of similarities between their poetic context and ci-poetic context, especially the creative use of color, sound, time and space in Li He' s poems received some kind of unusual response and reactivation in Meng Chuang' s ci-poems. Instead of just following Li' s steps, Meng Chuang, as Li He' s follower in a different dynasty, chose to derive rich and adequate artistic nutrition from Li' s poems and brightened his artistic life by the development and creation of his own ci-poems.%吴文英和李贺在现实中都有强烈的压抑感,他们在艺术处理上也都苦心经营、精益求精,其作品艳丽多姿、迷离恍惚,在“词境”和“诗境”方面有很多相似之处,特别是李贺诗中对色彩、声音、时间、空间的创造性运用,在梦窗词中得到了某种异乎寻常的响应和复活。梦窗作为李贺的异代知己,不是一味地拜倒在其脚下,而是善于汲取李贺诗中丰富而又切合自身的艺术营养,有所发展和创新,使自己的艺术生命焕发出新的光彩。

  13. 霜钟摇落溪山月惟有梅花冷自香*--评吴淑元著作《传统文化的璀璨明珠--中国古典音乐审美特征研究》%Frost Bell Shakes Down the Moon on Mountain Xi, Only the Plum Blossom Incense in the Cold---Comments on the Book Bright Pearl in Traditional Culture -Research on Aesthetic Characteristics ofChinese Classical Music Written by Wu Shuyuan



    The book Bright Pearl in Traditional Culture-Research on Aesthetic Characteristics ofChinese Classical Music written by Wu Shuyuan has far-reaching significance,strict scientific system,thorough novel analysis, rich information,and high academic value.%吴淑元老师《传统文化的璀璨明珠———中国古典音乐审美特征研究》一书,选题意义深远,体系科学严密,分析新颖透彻,资料丰富翔实,具有较高的学术价值。

  14. Computer solutions of Wu's equations for compressible flow through turbomachines

    Smith, D. J. L.


    Two computers programs, known as Matrix Through-Flow and Matrix Blade-To-Blade, for analyzing the meridional and blade-to-blade flow patterns are described. The numerical solutions are obtained by finite difference approximations to the governing Poisson-type differential equations for the stream function. Solutions for several turbomachines, giving flow patterns and velocity distributions, are included.


    Preferred Customer

    for Nationalities, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Nanning, Guangxi 530006,. China ... During the last decade, the number of studies related to the synthesis of ... possibility to rationally design and prepare supramolecular networks. ... syntheses, structural characterization, and spectral analyses of two new ...

  16. Analysis of astronomical records of King Wu's Conquest

    LIU; Ciyuan


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  17. Supply chain management in selected clothing retail businesses / Jianling Wu

    Wu, Jianling


    In today's highly competitive, global market place the pressure on organizations to find new ways to create and deliver value to customers grows ever strong. At the same time, market maturity combined with new sources of global competition has led to over-capacity in many industries leading to an inevitable pressure on price. Managers are increasingly interested in actively managing their supply chains because of environmental changes. The study is aimed to identify the importa...

  18. 恽铁樵《武侠丛谈》的写实倾向--兼论清末民初小说的写实主义潮流%On the Realistic Tendency of Wu Xia Cong Tan Edited by Yun Tie-qiao



    Wu Xia Cong Tan, edited by Yun Tieqiao, is a collection of martial arts fictions published in Novel Monthly during the time he was the editor of the journal. This book shows the realism color with the characteristics of the times from two aspects. Firstly, some authors emphasized the credibility of the novel with the help of comments and literature. Secondly, some work also highlighted the function of education based on the chivalrous spirit of writing. Yun�s realistic thought not only emphasized the social function of novel, but also looked on writing realistically as the important path to realize the function of novel. The realistic tendency of the book was a concrete manifestation of the concept of Yun. Yun�s thoughts played a transitional role in the trend of realism in the late Qing dynasty and early Republic of China.%恽铁樵编辑的《武侠丛谈》是一部武侠小说合集,其中的篇目在小说集出版前大多已刊发在由其主编的《小说月报》上。《武侠丛谈》在两个方面表现出具有时代特征的写实倾向:一是其中不少作者借助点评和文学呈现强调了小说的可信度;一是部分作品还通过对侠义精神的书写突出了小说的训谕性。恽铁樵的写实主义小说观强调小说的社会功用,并将写实作为小说功用实现的重要路径,《武侠丛谈》的写实倾向正是恽铁樵这一观念的具体表现。恽铁樵的写实主义小说观在清末民初写实主义潮流中具有承前启后的意义。

  19. 落花之咏:陈宝琛王国维吴宓陈寅恪之心灵诗学%Poetry of Falling Flowers:Mental Poetics of Chen Baochen,Wang Guowei,Wu Mi and Chen Yinke



    透过长达近百年的一组“落花诗”,挖掘近现代诗学一支深隐的心灵诗学谱系。即从陈宝琛到王国维、吴宓、陈寅恪,代代相传、自觉而灵心相通、有文化托命意识的一种精神传统。“落花之咏”成为认知的图式和抒情的背景,笼罩着众多繁杂深细的诗学书写。其中又隐藏着有关近现代诗与思、历史与政治、个人命运与家国大局、信仰与理性等论域的重大信息。在百年中国文学与文化的传统与变革大背景中,既属知识心灵的一种诗性记忆,亦不失为极富启示意义的一笔美学遗产。%Through poetry of falling flowers over the 100 years,explore a system of mental poetics in mod-ern times,which is a spiritual tradition from Chen Baochen,Wang Guowei,Wu Mi to Chen Yinke,with a consciousness of cultural task passing from generation to generation.“Poetry of falling flowers”becomes a cognitive schema and background to express feelings in many deep and detailed poetic writing,which covers important information on modern poetry and thinking,history and politics,personal fate and national situa-tion,belief and reason.In the 100 year background of Chinese literary and cultural traditions and transfor-mation,it is both a poetic memory of knowledge mind and significant aesthetic heritage.

  20. 《苏州城墙》:复活每一块城砖的历史记忆--以城墙为中心的吴文化巡礼%The City Walls of Suzhou:To Resurrect the Historical Memory of Each Block Bricks:A Survey of Wu Culrure Centering on City Walls



    The City Walls of Suzhou is not a ifrst book on city walls, but compared with similar studies home and abroad, this book, in addition to full and accurate data, pictures, has several prominent features:general size and tolerance, the pursuit of archaeology and measurement precision, highlight of the Wu culture. As for the protection of Suzhou city wall and rehabilitation, this book follows the principles of authenticity and integrity, rather than large-scale restoration and construction. The full collection and collation of literature on ancient city wall, the completion of archaeological and measuring work of the Suzhou ancient city wall ruins and the recovery of historical memory of every piece of brick, are supposed to go before the rehabilitation work. The publication of The City Walls of Suzhou is a remarkable step in all the above-mentioned solid work.%《苏州城墙》一书无意开城墙研究的风气之先,但与国内外的同类研究专著相比,该著除了资料翔实、图文并茂之外,具有几个突出特点:通史的规模与气度、追求考古与测量的精确、凸显吴文化的深厚底蕴。关于苏州城墙的保护与复建,该著认为应认真调研、循序渐进,遵循真实性和整体性原则,不必急于大规模复原与兴建。充分搜集整理古城墙的文献资料、完成苏州古城墙遗址的考古与测量、恢复每一块城砖的历史记忆,理应是走在复建前面的更为扎实有益的工作。《苏州城墙》的编著出版,便是这扎实工作中具有标志性的一步。

  1. A Probe into Three Wives of ZHU Ba-jie and WU Cheng-en Who Is not the Author of Western Journey%猪八戒三“妻”考议——兼及《西游记》非吴承恩所作



    早期西游文学文本以至百回本《西游记》中猪八戒之“妻”有三:裴海棠、卵二姐、高翠兰。这三个形象的设计分别植根于不同的文化渊源,具有各自的文化内涵,体现了不同作者或同一作者不同情况下的艺术匠心。但一贯地都主要服务于猪八戒典型形象的塑造,即作为猪八戒欲望的对象,以成就猪八戒为世俗“好丈夫”、“好女婿”形象,尤其是帮助突出了猪八戒“有顽心,色情未泯”(第一百回)之为“色”所累者的本性。这一本性是八戒修行学佛最大障碍,却是他作为文学形象最根本的性格特点。至于从《西游记》两写猪八戒“倒踏门”的无所顾忌甚或以为得意,推断其《西游记》的作者不象是父为赘婿的吴承恩,虽不自本文始,但其作为《西游记》作者非吴承恩的内证,却是再作强调而决不过分的。%In the early books concerning western journey including the one with 100 chapters, ZHU Ba-jie had three wives: PEI Hai-tang, LUAN Er-jie and GAO Cui-lan. The design of the three figures was rooted in different cultures and they had different cultural connotations. In addition, they showed the artistic capability of different authors or the same author un- der different circumstances. Nevertheless, this has contributed to the shaping of the classical figure ZHU Ba-jie with strong lust and the figure as a good husband and son-in-law. And it has especially helped to highlight the randy nature of ZHU who found his head deeply in sex. This nature has become the biggest barrier to the practice of Buddhism. In spite of that, it is made a striking literary feature. From ZHU's hesitation at no act in his two marriages, one can infer that the author of Western Journey does not seem to be WU Cheng-en whose father was the son-in-law living together with his wife's parents.

  2. 再评邬焜先生关于人类认知的客观对象不是物质而是客观信息(自在信息)问题%A Re-Comment on Mr Wu Kun's View that the Object of Human Being's Cognition is not Substance but Objective Information(In-itself Information)



    "Philosophy of Information"makes a division of"The realms of existence"by the case of"the moon in water", considering Lenin's definition of matter is an priori view without strict scientific or logical argumentation, which is not able to be unestablished;The objective things"that can be duplicated, filmed and reflected by our feelings"are not"objective realities (like the moon)"are objective unrealities(like the moon in water), which functions as"objective information (self-being information)"indeed."Objective information (self-being information) exists from the beginning of the universe (when the cosmological time is zero), and it can"make an evolution on its own"via its pure ways. The so-called"discussion on the stage of human's cognition"repeats that"the cognition"or"subjective information(spirit)"must depend on the objects from"objective information (self-being information)"to describe or create;"secondary qualities (unrealities, mediate existing )"are "the primary qualities". It is still indefensible when Pro.Wu Kun's allegations faced with logical and practical inspection. "Objective information (self-being information)"makes the matter being in vain in the field of philosophy .%“信息哲学”以“水中月”为案例,对“存在领域”进行重新“分割”,认为列宁关于物质的定义“是未经严格的科学或逻辑论证的、难以成立的先验性观念”;能够被“我们的感觉所复写、摄影、反映”的客观对象不是“客观实在(如月亮)”的物质,而是“客观不实在(如水中月)”的“客观信息(自在信息)”。“客观信息(自在信息)”不仅自宇宙开端(宇宙时为零)就存在,而且能够“以其纯自然的方式”“自身演化自身”。所谓“人类感知能力发展阶段的讨论”,再次重申“人类感知”或“主观信息(精神)”,必须以“客观信息(自在信息)”为“把握或创造”的对象;“客观

  3. 加权Logistic回归模型在火山岩型铜矿预测中的应用:以宁芜盆地中段为例%Application of the Weighted Logistic Regression Model in Prediction of Volcanic Rock-Hosted Copper Deposits-Taking the Middle Part of Ning-Wu Basin as an Example

    赵增玉; 陈火根; 潘懋; 贾根; 李向前; 徐士银; 郭刚; 张祥云


    Application of the Weighted Logistic Regression model in prediction of volcanic rock type Copper deposits in the Middle part of Ning-Wu Basin is studied. First, the geological setting of ore-forming processes is analyzed. Three kinds of factors including geological body, structure and wall rock alteration are extracted based on the spatial distribution of copper deposits from the geologic map. Then, the spatial relationships between Copper mineral occurrence and each evidence factor are analyzed. It is suggested that Niangniangshan and Gushan volcanic edifice play an important role in spatial distributions of volcanic rock-hosted Copper deposits. The ten evidence raster layers including Longwangshan Formation, Gushan Formation, trachyte porphyry of Gushan volcanic edifice, monzonite porphyry of Niangniangshan volcanic edifice, buffers of the structure lines with NE, NW and EW trending, and the alteration areas of chalcopyrite, silicide and Limonite are selected. Finally, metallogenic probabilities are calculated using the Weighted Logistic Regression model. Four ore-forming prospects, including P1, P2, P3 and P4, are indicated based on the geological conditions of metallogenesis and model results. Among these prospecting areas, P1, P2 and P3, which are controlled by Niangniangshan and Gushan volcanic edifice, are spread in the northeast direction. P4 extends in the west-east direction and is controlled by Longwangshan volcanic edifice. The copper ore bodies are already found in these prospecting areas, suggesting that the results should be generally reliable.%文中探讨了加权Logistic回归模型在宁芜盆地中段火山岩型铜矿预测中的应用.首先,结合研究区的成矿地质背景,提取地质体、构造、围岩蚀变三大类证据因子;其次,分析各证据因子与铜矿点之间的空间关系,认为姑山旋回、娘娘山旋回火山机构控制了本区火山岩型铜矿的空间分布,根据计算结果,选取与火山岩型铜矿密

  4. Clinical Observation on Promotion Effect of Wound Healing Postoperative Anal Fistula by Retention Enema of ModifiedWu-Wei Xiao-DuDecoction%五味消毒饮加味保留灌肠促进肛瘘术后创面愈合的临床观察*

    王燕; 麻清; 丁克; 梅笑玲; 周永坤


    目的:观察五味消毒饮加味保留灌肠在减轻肛瘘术后并发症的临床疗效并探讨其作用机理。方法:在符合纳入标准的病例中选择60例病人,随机分为治疗组和对照组,各30例。两组患者均诊断为低位单纯性肛瘘,并采用低位单纯性肛瘘切开术,术后换药时分别给予五味消毒饮加味或复方黄柏液各30 mL保留灌肠,每日1次。详细观察创面渗液、色泽、肛周瘙痒情况,并评分,比较腐肉脱落时间、新生上皮出现时间、创面缩小率、创面愈合时间及术后第21天临床总疗效。结果:两组比较,创面渗液情况在术后第7天、第14天治疗组优于对照组,第21天两组无显著差异;创面色泽情况在术后第7天、第14天治疗组优于对照组;肛周瘙痒情况在术后第7天、第14天、第21天治疗组优于对照组;创面腐肉脱落时间及新生上皮出现时间,治疗组均早于对照组;术后第7天、第14天、第21天两组创面缩小率无显著差异;术后第21天两组临床总疗效以及两组创面平均愈合时间均无明显差异。结论:五味消毒饮加味可缩短炎症反应阶段、减少创面渗出、减轻瘙痒症状,可使腐肉尽早脱,促进新生上皮组织生长。%This study was aimed to observe the promotion effect of wound healing retention enema for postoperative anal fistula by modifiedWu-Wei Xiao-Du(WWXD) decoction, in order to explore its mechanism. A total of 60 patients who met the inclusion criteria were randomly divided into the treatment group and control group, with 30 cases in each group. Patients in both groups were diagnosed as simple low anal fistula and treated with low anal fistula incision. The retention enema of 30 mL modified WWXD decoction or complexHuang-Bai fluid were given once a day for postoperative dressing changes. Detailed observations and scores were made on wound exudate, color, and itching around the anus. The

  5. A New Vision of Theoretical Study of Mongolian Instrumental Music:An Evaluation of “Individual, Tradition and New Vision--Research of Wu Yunlong’s Four-string Fiddle Art”%蒙古族器乐理论研究的新视界--评苏雅《个体•传统与新视界--吴云龙四胡艺术研究》



    The monograph “Individual, Tradition and New Vision—Research of Wu Yunlong’s Four-string Fiddle Art” by Mongolian four-string fiddle performer Su Ya was published by Chinese Academy of Sciences Press in October 2014. With experience of playing four-string fiddle more than a dozen years, Su Ya made herself a master of Horchin folk songs, Uliger tunes and instrumental music. On this basis, she used research methods such as oral history interview, field work, comparative musicology, ethnomusicology to write this book which includes an introduction and six chapters. In this book reflecting original views and shining ideas, Su Ya respectively interpreted social changes of modern Horchin area, folk music inheritance and distribution, history origin of four-string fiddle culture, personal history of Wu Yunlong, and his experiences of performing four-string fiddle, composing, teaching four-string fiddle, especially his unique four-string fiddle routines. Su Ya also proved her outstanding writing abilities by reasonable structure, clear logic, balanced length and language fluency. For a young minority student, all these are praiseworthy achievement.%2014年10月,中国科学院出版社出版了蒙古四胡演奏家苏雅的专著《个体•传统与新视界——吴云龙四胡艺术研究》(以下简称《个体•传统与新视界》)。苏雅通过十几年的四胡演奏,熟悉了大量的科尔沁民歌、说书调和器乐曲,在此基础上,作者采取口述史、田野调查、比较音乐学、民族音乐学等不同研究方法对此书进行撰写。《个体·传统与新视界》一书,由绪论和六个章节构成。分别阐释了现代科尔沁地区的社会变迁、民间音乐的传承流布、四胡文化的历史渊源、乌云龙的个人历史、演奏、创作、教学活动,以及独特的四胡套路等,多有独到见解和闪光点。结构合理,逻辑清晰,篇幅均衡,语言流畅。对于一个少数

  6. The Academic Responsibilities of the Featured Sections in Vocational College Journals:Centering on the“Wu Culture Study”Section in Journal of Suzhou College of Education%高职院校学报特色栏目的学术担当--以《苏州教育学院学报“》吴文化研究”为中心



    At present vocational college journals cannot lead the trendf oacademic studies, but with the constant effort s of featured sections, they are possible to contribute positivye lto such areas as presenting results, accumulating material s, and combining theory and practice. Over the past decade, the achievements of “Wu Culture Study” section in the Journal of Suzhou College of Education has proved the sense and value of the“ small-stepped” manner of accumulation, and has demonstrated the academic responsibilities of the featuresde ctions in vocational college journals. The future of t he featured section should improve planning, stick to the combiniaotn of “general trend” and “particular feature”, continue the practice of opening-up and cooperation, carry on the expainosn and specialization of contents, take on the academ ic responsibilities of vocational college journals and promote academic studies.%受多种因素所限,目前高职院校学报对学术研究走向的引领作用还无法完全实现,但可以通过特色栏目坚持不懈地努力,在成果呈现、资料积累及理论研究与实践的结合等方面做一些有益的尝试《。苏州教育学院学报“》吴文化研究”栏目十多年的成果就证明了这种“跬步”式积累工作的意义和价值,也显示了高职院校学报特色栏目学术担当的探索。今后栏目的发展,要围绕加强特色彰显与学术担当相结合的策划意识“、大方向”与“小专题”相结合的栏目形式、开放与合作相结合的举办方式、拓展与细化相结合的载文内容进行,继续在高职院校学报学术担当方面有所作为,为推动学术研究的发展有所贡献。

  7. The Calculation Method of Landscape Perception Sensitivity on Sightseeing Route in Ecotourism Destinations: A Case Study of Qixiagu Scenic Region in Wu'an National Geopark%山岳型风景区观光线路景观感知敏感度计算方法——以武安国家地质公园奇峡谷景区为例

    李仁杰; 路紫; 李继峰


    Based on past researches on landscape preference, landscape aesthetics assessment, landscape quality evaluation, and tourist perception evaluation, this paper proposes the concept of landscape perception sensitivity, and describes eco-tourists' perception degree about landscapes through the perspective of quantitative calculation of the ecological landscapes, which is unlike the angle from the tourists. Although public preferences on landscapes are shaped by many different factors, such as age, sex, social and economic status etc., there are also some common preferences on landscape types, especially for the people with similar education background and environmental viewpoints. Considering the common preferences on landscape types, we design a calculation method for landscape perception sensitivity on sight-seeing route in ecotourism destinations. The method includes 2 types of impact factors: visible perception factors and ecological perception factors. The visible perception is used to describe the perception stimulated by visual sense, which includes 3 factors, namely landscape visibility, the best viewing distance and the best viewing orientation. The ecological perception is mainly to emphasize the perception difference influenced by the ecological landscape, which also includes three factors, i.e., landscape type, resource grade and some landscapes for experiencing in them. By the method, we can obtain the eco-tourist's landscape perception sensitivity and its spatial variation at any locations,The method is applied in the case study of Qixiagu scenic region, Wu'an National Geopark in Handan, Hebei Province. Based on Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and high-resolution satellite images, the authors build the virtual 3D landscape in the ecotourism destination and design a guideline for calculation of landscape perception sensitivity on sightseeing route using the tools of view-shed analysis, spatial overlay analysis, buffer and others on ArcGIS9.3 platform. The

  8. Wu Zhongxin and the Enthronement Ceremony for the 14th Dalai Lama



  9. You Wei and Wu Wei: Ambivalence of Chinese outbound mergers and acquisitions

    Z. Sun


    China is assuming an increasingly prominent position in the world economy as the investment begins to flow from China to the world. Compared to the ‘West goes to China’, the institutional environment, the cultural roots and the corresponding managerial behaviours are quite distinct. These distinct c

  10. Reviving ancient Chinese mathematics mathematics, history and politics in the work of Wu Wen-Tsun

    Hudecek, Jiri


    Twentieth-century China has been caught between a desire to increase its wealth and power in line with other advanced nations, which, by implication, means copying their institutions, practices and values, whilst simultaneously seeking to preserve China's independence and historically formed identity. Over time, Chinese philosophers, writers, artists and politicians have all sought to reconcile these goals and this book shows how this search for a Chinese way penetrated even the most central, least contested area of modernity: science.Reviving Ancient Chinese Mathematics is a study of the life

  11. [Screening genes related to 'black' character in wu-ding chicken by delta differential display].

    Wu, Ge-Min; Liu, Xiao-Chun; Lou, Yi-Zhou; Shi, Qi-Shun


    The 'black' character is a cardinal character of black chicken that is very important to the medical value and economical value of black chicken. The study compared gene expression between black chicken and non-black chicken by delta differential display method, and obtained twenty-nine expressed sequence tags(ESTs) by extraction, amplification, purification, northern blotting, cloning and sequencing of gel-embedded DNA. Of twenty-nine ESTs, eight ESTs have high similarity rate with known gene in chicken-beta-trepomyosin gene, cardiac myosin alkali light chain gene, insertionally activated c-Ha-ras oncogene, fra-2 oncogene, 16S rRNA gene and mitochondrion genome sequence, respectively, with similarity rate 97%,100%, 98%, 98%, 98%, 99%, 99% and 97%. Five ESTs have high similarity rate with human TTN gene, human phosphoglucomutase 5 gene, human or mouse signal recongnition particle 54 kD gene, human or mouse ribonuclease/angiogenin inhibitor gene, respectively, with similarity rate 82%, 82%, 87%, 99% and 99%. Their homologous genes in chicken are still not cloned. Thirteen ESTs are novel gene fragments. Of thirteen ESTs, nine ESTs have high similarity with ESTs in database. Four ESTs have not high similarity with any EST in database. The results of gene expression analysis show that one known gene (insertionally activated c-Ha-ras oncogene) fragment and one novel gene fragment are expressed in all non-black chicken and are not expressed in all black chicken, and that one known gene (signal recongnition particle 54 kD gene) fragment is expressed in all black chicken and is not expressed in all non-black chicken. According to these results, we conclude that the expression of insertionally activated c-Ha-ras oncogene, signal recongnition particle 54 kD gene and one novel gene are related to the 'black' character in chicken.

  12. VizieR Online Data Catalog: WISE and HIP 22um excess stars (Wu+, 2013)

    Wu, C.-J.; Wu, H.; Lam, M.-I.; Yang, M.; Wen, X.-Q.; Li, S.; Zhang, T.-J.; Gao, L.


    In this paper, we present a catalog that includes 141 bright candidates (search for extra-solar planets; we cross-match our catalog with known IR-excess stars with planets but found no matches. Finally, we give the fraction of stars showing excess IR for different spectral types of main-sequence stars. (2 data files).

  13. 乌海市乌达区3~5岁儿童患龋情况调查%A survey of primary teeth caries among 3 ~ 5-year-old children in Wu Hai Wu Da district


    Objective To investigate wuda district, wuhai city for 3 to 5 years old children's teeth caries situation, help the baby teeth caries prevention and control of caries children and oral health. Method Using stratified and cluster sampling method, according to the third national oral health epidemiological survey scheme and technical requirement, of wuda district, wuhai city, 329 for 3 to 5 years old children's teeth caries condition were investigated. Results In 2012, wuda district, 3 ~ 5 years old children's teeth caries rate, caries, dental caries filling composition is 45.6%, 1.72, 4.26%. Gender on deciduous teeth caries rate affect no differences, statistically insignificant (P > 0.05). Among various age groups for 3 to 5 years old, caries and caries rate were statistically significant (P < 0.05). Conclusion Wuda district, wuhai city for 3 to 5 years old children with dental decay in children number is more, the situation is not optimistic, deal with udaya area for 3 to 5 years old children and their parents to strengthen oral health care education.%  目的调查乌海市乌达区3~5岁儿童乳牙患龋情况,帮助该地区乳牙患龋儿童进行龋齿防治及口腔保健。方法利用分层、整群抽样方法,根据第三次全国口腔健康流行病学调查方案和技术要求,对乌海市乌达区329名3~5岁儿童的乳牙患龋情况进行调查。结果2012年乌达区3~5岁儿童乳牙患龋率、龋均、龋齿充填构成比分别是45.6%、1.72、4.26%。性别对乳牙患龋率影响无差异,统计学无意义(P >0.05)。3~5岁各年龄组间患龋率和龋均有统计学差异(P<0.05)。结论乌海市乌达区3~5岁儿童患有龋病儿童数量较多,情况不容乐观,应对乌达区3~5岁儿童及其父母加强口腔卫生保健宣教。

  14. On Wu Tingfang's Thought on Diplomacy%试论伍廷芳的外交思想




  15. Ecolgical research of Rana Tormotus%凹耳蛙(Rana tormotus Wu)生态学研究

    刘必融; 华田苗



  16. 吴文化背景下的舞蹈形态探微%Exploration of Choreography under Wu Culture




  17. Benzodiazepine-afhankelijkheid bij de rat: Pilotexperimenten met desmethyldiazepam en lorazepam in de Cpb:WU rat

    van der Laan JW


    Van benzodiazepine is bekend dat langdurig gebruik hiervan kan leiden tot lichamelijke afhankelijkheid. Er zijn suggesties dat een of meer van deze middelen in dit opzicht sterker werken dan de groep als geheel. Dit rapport beschrijft de eerste resultaten van gedragsstudies om verschillende benzod

  18. An Exploration of the Enigma of Wu Renbi' Death%吴仁璧沉江事件考论




  19. 吴筠审美心态论蠡测%On the beauty psychology theory of WU Yun




  20. 實徵研究/Information Literacy in the Workplace: A Cross-cultural Perspective/Yuhfen Diana Wu

    Yuhfen Diana Wu Yuhfen Diana Wu


    Full Text Available This cross-cultural study has two main purposes: to investigate how information literacy is perceived in the workplace and to discover how employees obtain information to carry out their jobs in an effective and timely fashion. This project applies a mix of research methods, including site visits, interviews, and a survey. More than 120 participants from forty companies were involved in this study. They were from a wide variety of industries in Taiwan and Silicon Valley, in Northern California, where many companies base offices or operations from around the world. Major obstacles in conducting cross-continent research are cost, time demands, scheduling, and adaptation to local culture. In this global economy, cross-cultural and cross-border research will help educators, such as librarians, understand the complexity of skills expected in the workplace. Much has been written on information literacy, yet very few can relate how information literacy is applied in the workplace. This primary study sheds some light to help academic librarians reposition themselves as researchers-educators integral to student success. 本論文為一跨文化性的研究,具有兩個主要目的:一是探討在職場中對於資訊素養的認知;二是探討員工如何及時有效的獲取和應用資訊來執行自己的任務。本研究採用混合式研究方法,包括實地考察、訪談和問卷調查。研究對象來自北加州矽谷和臺灣40家企業的120多名員工,他們分別從事不同行業。其中許多世界級的跨國企業選擇矽谷或臺灣作為公司總部或世界營運樞紐。進行跨洲研究的主要阻礙包括經費、時間、行程安排與適應當地的文化。跨文化和跨國界的研究將有助於教育工作者,如圖書館員,了解職場上所需技能的複雜性。目前已出版許多關於資訊素養的文獻,僅少涉及職場上資訊素養的應用。由於學術圖書館員在學生的學習過程中扮演不可或缺的角色,此初步研究,可幫助學術圖書館員重新為自己定位。 頁次:84-104

  1. Response to Wu et al. — Cost-effectiveness analysis of infant pneumococcal vaccination in Malaysia and Hong Kong

    Varghese, Lijoy; Mungall, Bruce; Zhang, Xu-Hao; Hoet, Bernard


    ABSTRACT A recently published paper that assessed the comparative cost-effectiveness of the 2 pneumococcal conjugate vaccines (PCVs) in Malaysia and Hong Kong reported that the 13-valent PCV vaccine (PCV13) is a better choice compared to the 10-valent pneumococcal non-typeable Haemophilus influenzae protein D conjugate vaccine (PHiD-CV or PCV10) from both a payer and societal perspective as well as under various scenarios. However, the analysis relied on a large number of assumptions that were either erroneous or did not take into account the most recent body of evidence available. A rigorous evaluation of the underlying assumptions is necessary to present a fair and balanced analysis for decision-making. PMID:27459265

  2. Inheriting and Advancement of Furniture in Regions of Wu and Yue%吴越地区家具设计文化的传承与发展




  3. 论巫文化视野下的三峡丧礼习俗%On Three Gorges Funeral Rites Customs Based on Wu Culture (Sorcery)




  4. Hydrofluoric acid chemical cleaning for running boiler WU Lierong, SHENG Peng%直流锅炉氢氟酸化学清洗

    吴列荣; 盛鹏


    本文介绍了运行直流锅炉采用氢氟酸半闭半循环化学清洗方法的工艺特点、控制方法等,详细叙述了化学清洗过程,通过清洗效果比较,说明了半闭半循环化学清洗方法的优势,炎同类型锅炉进行氢氟酸化学清洗提供了经验借鉴。%This article described the run Boiler process characteristics of hydrofluoric acid semi-closed cycle chemical cleaning method, the control method described in detail the chemical cleaning process, cleaning effect, indicating that the advantages of semi-closed cycle chemical cleaning method, for the HF chemical cleaning of the same type of boiler to provide the experience.

  5. Life Noumenon Nuture in Taigu School's Ge Wu Zhi Zhi%太谷学派格物致知说的生命本位特色




  6. "V无可V"结构的句法、语义分析%A Syntactic and Semantic Analysis of the Structure "V Wu Ke V"




  7. 述评:1981年以来的废名小说研究%Image of Wu Zetian in Historical Fiction since 1990's




  8. Narration form of Wu state in the Historical Novel of Three Kingdoms%孙吴在《三国演义》中的叙事形态




  9. The Local Novels of Shen Congwen and Wu Shi Tradition%沈从文的乡土小说与巫诗传统

    张招娣; 季玢


    The great patriotic poet Qu Yuan creates the wizard-poem tradition .Influenced by this tradition, Shen Congwen carried forward the wizard-poem tradition continually. His rustic novels present an idyllic world of Xiangxiin through the use of poetic and prosaic words. Gradually, Shen Congwen's creation makes the human na⁃ture and the divine nature in perfect harmony, with mysticism and romantism being like nature itself-highest quali⁃ty of art. This creates not only an ideal home with truth, goodness and beauty for the human being, but also the eth⁃nic earth which is full of innocent poetic quality, inspiring people to find the destination of the national soul.%  沈从文继承了屈原所开创的巫诗传统,用诗意散文化的语言描绘了一个田园牧歌式的湘西世界,实现了人性与神性的水乳交融、神秘主义与浪漫主义的浑然天成。这为世人构筑了真、善、美的理想家园,展现了民族的旺盛生命力,启迪人们发现民族灵魂的归宿。

  10. 吴语拟声词的状态标记"叫"%Jiao, a Marker of State Description of Onomatopoeias in Wu Dilect




  11. 圖書館事業與交流/The Relationship of Leadership Development and Learning Organization Dimensions/Connie K. Haley, Yuhfen Diana Wu

    Connie K. Haley, Yuhfen Diana Wu Connie K. Haley, Yuhfen Diana Wu


    Full Text Available This research examined the relationship among learning organization dimensions, leadership development, employee development, and their interactions with two demographic variables (gender and ethnicity in the context of libraries. The researchers conducted a multivariate analysis of the variance to assess the differences by leadership training groups (low training hours vs. high training hours, or by gender; and by workplace training groups (low vs. high, or by ethnicity (white vs. all others on a linear combination of the seven dimensions of the learning organization. A conclusive summary is provided along with contributive discussion. Implications and contributions to librarians are discussed in addition to future research recommendations. Also included are conclusive final thoughts accompanied by the limitations of this research. 本研究旨在探討美國圖書館界學習型組織,領導智能與員工發展之間的關系,以及它們與兩項人口變量(性別、種族)的相互作用。作者採用線性組合研究了學習型組織的七個範疇,並且使用多變量變異數分析方法來評估領導智能培訓組的差異(培訓時數多寡對比),在職培訓組的差異(培訓時數多寡對比),及種族的差異(白人或其他族裔對比)。除了討論未來研究方向的建議,作者並提供人力資源發展工作者和圖書館員一些啟示。研究最後提出作者的想法及本研究的侷限性。 頁次:146-165

  12. 孙悟空形象的悲剧性本质问题%The Tragic Nature of the Image of Monkey Sun Wu-Kong

    赵心宪; 聂树平



  13. 从梁武帝看"素食"制度的颁行%Emperor Wu of the Liang Dynasty and the System of Vegetarian




  14. 吴宗恩 虎父无犬女%Wu Zong En——An Outstanding Daughter of an Excellent Father



    @@ 身为名门望族之后,吴宗恩从小就吸引了无数的目光.多年来吴家的低调既屏蔽了外界的好奇,又激发了外界的好奇.不过,业已长大、成熟的吴氏家族接班人吴宗恩,近年来渐渐以理智、从容的姿态走进了人们的视线.

  15. Ms.Wu Yi inspected Lafarge Dujiangyan Cement CO.,LTD%吴仪视察都江堰拉法基水泥有限公司



    @@ 2004年8月14日上午,中共中央政治局委员、国务院副总理吴仪,在商务部副部长马秀红、四川省委副书记、常务副省长蒋巨峰,四川省委常委、成都市委书记、市人大主任李春城,主管工业旅游的副省长王怀臣,成都市委副书记、市长葛红林,以及都江堰市委书记张宁生,市长刘俊林等人的陪同下,视察了都江堰拉法基水泥有限公司.

  16. Wu Shaoxiong,Music of Hui'an Women and Something Else%吴少雄及其《惠安女人》音乐




  17. The Awareness of Women's Awakening in WU Zao's Composition of Poetry and Music%吴藻词曲创作中的女性觉醒意识




  18. On Wu Ding's Crusade against Two Kingdoms:Jing and Chu%商王武丁 奋伐荆楚




  19. A case of treating tetanus by Professor FENG Wu-jin%冯五金教授治破伤风验案一则



    Tetanus is an acute specific infectious diseases generated by clostridium tetani invading the cuts of our bodies. Antibacterial, tetanus antitoxin(TAT) and immune globulin are usually used for tetanus. TCM has its own procedures and therapies for tetanus. The thesis will share famous doctor’s experience in a case of treating tetanus with Wuhu Zhuifeng San.%破伤风是一种急性特异性感染性疾病,是由破伤风杆菌经创口入侵人体后引起的。临床常用抗菌药物、破伤风抗毒素与免疫球蛋白预防和治疗。祖国医学对其有一套有别于其他证候的诊疗程序和理论。本文借导师冯五金教授运用五虎追风散治疗破伤风的一则验案,与大家分享名医经验。

  20. Absorbable scaphoid screw development: a comparative study on biomechanics

    Wang Y


    Full Text Available Yi Wang, Muguo Song, Yongqing Xu, Xiaoqing He, YueLiang Zhu Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Kunming General Hospital, Chengdu Military Command, People’s Liberation Army, Kunming, Yunnan, People’s Republic of China Background: The scaphoid is critical for maintaining the stability and movement of the wrist joints. This study aimed to develop a new internal fixator absorbable scaphoid screw (ASS for fixation of the scaphoid waist after fracture and to test the biomechanical characteristics of ASS.Materials and methods: An ASS was prepared using polylactic acids and designed based on scaphoid measurements and anatomic features. Twenty fractured scaphoid waist specimens were randomly divided into experimental and control groups (n=10/group. Reduction and internal fixation of the scaphoid were achieved with either Kirschner wires (K-wires or ASS. A moving target simulator was used to test palmar flexion and dorsal extension, with the range of testing (waist movement set from 5° of palmar flexion to 25° of dorsal extension. Flexion and extension were repeated 2,000 times for each specimen. Fracture gap displacements were measured with a computerized tomography scanning. Scaphoid tensile and bending strengths were measured by using a hydraulic pressure biomechanical system.Results: Prior to biomechanical fatigue testing, fracture gap displacements were 0.16±0.02 mm and 0.22±0.02 mm in the ASS and K-wire groups, respectively. After fatigue testing, fracture gap displacements in the ASS and the K-wire groups were 0.21±0.03 mm and 1.52±0.07 mm, respectively. The tensile strengths for the ASS and K-wire groups were 0.95±0.02 MPa and 0.63±0.02 MPa, respectively.Conclusion: Fixation using an ASS provided sufficient mechanical support for the scaphoid after fracture. Keywords: absorbable scaphoid screw, biomechanics, internal fixator, Kirschner wires

  1. Research on the Ingredient of Wu Yin-gen's,Herbal Paste in Treatment of Asthma%吴银根教授治疗哮喘膏方用药研究




  2. 四物汤煎液真空包装微生物不同条件下污染情况研究%The study on vacuum-packed microbial pollution of Si-Wu-Tang decotion

    王令; 程华军; 耿国平


    目的 通过对中药煎液真空包装在不同条件下微生物污染情况的研究,进一步探讨真空包装的安全性和储存时间.方法 以四物汤为研究对象,分别在不同条件下储存不同时间,检测真空包装煎液微生物的污染情况.结果 低温保存可使药物保存更长久,可一定程度抑制微生物污染.结论 从卫生学角度来看,采用适当的储存方法 ,在一定的储存时间内中药煎液采用真空包装是安全可靠的.%Objective Decoction of Chinese medicine through the vacuum-packed microbial contamination, to further explore the security vacuum packaging and storage time. Methods Siwutang for the study were stored under different conditions at different times, the detection of vacuum-packed decoction of microbial contamination. Methods Siwutang to study objects in different storage conditions at different times, the detection of vacuum-packed decoction of microbial contamination, Results Microbial Limit Tests in line with the 2005 version of "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" provisions. Conclutions From the point of view of hygiene, proper storage methods used in a certain period of time stored decoction of Chinese medicine using a vacuum packaging is safe and reliable.

  3. 技娴艺湛相得为文--论吴印咸的艺术道路及其电影摄影%Wu Yinxian's Artistic Career and His Cinematography



    @@ 在百年中国电影史上,电影摄影艺术家行列中,吴印咸是十分突出的一位.他一生跋涉近一个世纪,跨越了民国和共和国两个时代.他对于左翼电影运动的开展,解放区人民电影的创立,新中国电影事业和电影教育事业的建设,都有重大贡献;尤其是在摄影和电影摄影的创作上,更是取得了长久不衰、永志青春的卓越成就.

  4. 莱芜市发展新材料产业化基地的经验与对策%The Experience and Countermeasures for the Development of the New Materials Industrial Zone in LaiWu City




  5. Research on the Fifth Dalai Lama and the Event Rebelled against the Qing Dynasty by Wu Sangui%五世达赖喇嘛与吴三桂反清叛乱事件




  6. The Mysterious Culture of Han Dynasty and Communication between Men and Gods in the Legends about the Emperor HanWu%两汉神秘文化与武帝传说系列文本的人神遇合




  7. 《李卓吾先生批评西游记》之"幻"%Magic and Illusion in Zhuo-wu Li's Comments on Journey to the West




  8. New Study on Why WU Jian-xiong could not have Won the Nobel Prize%吴健雄未获诺贝尔奖原因新论




  9. 《无题》英译和法译的隐喻学对比研究%A Metaphor Study of English version and French version of Wu Ti







    This paper gives a analytic solution of a boundary value problemof partial differential equation of the second order in the form of series on a reproducing kernel space H02(D). This series solution possesses following characteristics:1. Truncating the series, the analytic numerical solution can be obtained. 2.when in creasing the number of the node, the error of the analytic numerical solution is monotone decreasing in the sense of the norm on H02 (D) space.

  11. 《道子墨宝:地狱变相图》中的家具研究%Furniture in Treasured Scrolls Painted by Wu Daozi : Truth in the Hell

    邵晓峰; 李汇龙



  12. The Medical Science, the Study of Change Law, and Parapsychology of the Wu Culture (Sorcery) in the Area of Three Gorges%三峡巫文化中的医学易学灵学

    滕新才; 师育杰



  13. Survey of cognitive impairment in aged diabetics patients in community of Xuan Wu District in Beijing%北京市宣武区社区老年糖尿病患者认知功能障碍调查

    冯金玉; 陶树利; 张俊杰; 柴英娟; 王德宏; 张燕; 薛春燕; 吴昊; 郭英华


    Objective To evaluate the relationship between aged diabetes mellitus and cognitive impairment in community elders.Method 308 type Ⅱ diabetic patients, including 225 diabetes patients and 164 diabetes with hypertension patients, were random selected in our study. 225 hypertension and 186 healthy elders were random selected as controls. Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) was tested on each case. According to DSM-IV, all participants were classified into three groups ( normal, MCI and dementia) .Result MMSE scores in diabetes patients were lower than that in healthy controls(25. 87±3.33 vs 26. 86 ±2. 82, F = 9.62, P < 0. 01), and scores in diabetes with hypertension group (24. 68 ±4. 36 ) were much lower than that in healthy controls ( F =37. 16, P <0.01). Conclusion Senile diabetes were positive correlated with cognitive impairment. Diabetes were a risk factor of dementia in seniles. Diabetes with hypertension can increase cognitive impairment in community elders.%目的 评价社区老年糖尿病与认知功能障碍之间的关系及影响因素.方法 在宣武区社区居民健康体检管理档案中,随机抽取符合2型糖尿病诊断标准的糖尿病患者308例,其中单纯糖尿病144例,糖尿病合并高血压164例,作为研究对象,并随机抽取了225例高血压病和186例相同年龄段及性别的社区健康老人作为对照组,进行MMSE测查,根据DSM-IV痴呆诊断标准及轻度认知功能障碍(MCI)诊断标准分为认知功能正常组、MCI组及痴呆组.结果 单纯糖尿病组MMSE评分低于正常对照组(25.87±3.33 vs 26.86±2.82,F=9.62,P<0.01),糖尿病合并高血压组MMSE评分(24.68±4.36)明显低于正常对照组(F=37.16,P<0.01).结论 老年糖尿病与认知功能障碍之间存在正相关,糖尿病是老年人痴呆的危险因素.糖尿病合并高血压时,可加重认知功能障碍.

  14. Hantian(旱田),Shoutian(熟田) and the Way of Collecting Land Rent in the Bamboo Slip literature of Sun Wu State%三国吴简"旱田""熟田"与田租征纳方式




  15. Mourning for Prof.Wu Jiepinf——an influential figure for Chinese sexology%沉痛悼念中国性科学泰斗吴阶平院士

    中国性学会; 《中国性科学》杂志社; 北京大学医学部性学研究中心


    @@ 著名的医学科学家、医学教育家、泌尿外科专家和社会活动家,九三学社的杰出领导人,第八届、九届全国人民代表大会常务委员会副委员长,九三学社第九届、十届中央委员会主席,十一届名誉主席,中国科协名誉主席,中国医学科学院名誉院长,中国科学院、中国工程院资深院士,中国性学会名誉理事长,中国性科学杂志名誉主编吴阶平同志今年3月离开了我们.吴阶平同志病重期间和逝世后,中国性学会徐天民、薛福林、徐震雷、王颖等同志前往医院看望或以各种形式向其亲属表示慰问;中国性学会张金钟、胡佩诚、崔以泰、杨文质、潘晓明也前往送别.

  16. On the Labour Subject of Marx's Philosophy——And Discussing with Prof. Wu Xiaoming%马克思哲学劳动主题引论——兼与吴晓明教授对话




  17. 專論與議題/學習共享空間面面觀/吳政叡 │ An Overview of Learning Commons / Cheng-Juei Wu

    吳政叡 Cheng-Juei Wu


    Full Text Available 學習共享空間(或資訊共享空間是大學圖書館自1990年代以來的重要發展趨勢之一,本文前半部先從學習共享空間(或資訊共享空間的興起背景、定 義、基本類型和組成要素等方面來顯示其基本內涵:本文後半部則從目前大學圖書館所面對的(所謂網路世代學生之學習特質角度出發,來探討這些學習特質對傳 統圖書館運作模式的衝擊,以及它們如何與協同學習共同引領一些相關調查與評估來突顯學習共享空間的成效與特色,希望藉此能較完整呈現其面貌。Learning Commons (or Information Commons has been one of the most important trends of libraries since 1990. In the first part of this paper, some basic aspects, such as definition, types, and elements, are introduced. In the second part of this paper, the impact of two important concepts, Collaborative Learning and the characteristics of Net Generation, is discussed. In the last part of this paper, some survey results are presented to indicate the effectiveness of Learning Commons.頁次:115-123

  18. 从赤脚医生到卫生院长——记重庆市开县义和镇卫生院院长吴远银%Wu Yuanyin: From Barefoot Doctor to Dean of Hospital

    邹继富; 刘著民


    @@ 站在重庆市开县义和镇卫生院的大门前,记者看到患者往来不断.从10年前固定资产仅1.7万元、流动资金赤字3万多元、房屋面积370平方米、年收入仅7万余元、管理松散的卫生院,到如今拥有固定资产280多万元、流动资金140多万元、年收入310多万元的乡镇卫生院,义和镇卫生院10年间的巨大变化令人感慨.

  19. Exploration of Wu Weikang's Experience in Applying the Method of "Pungency and Sweetness Transforming into Yang"%吴惟康运用“辛甘化阳法”经验探析

    姜德友; 倪丽娟



  20. An Analysis of the Disaster of "Rare Famine of Ding Wu" in Henan Province and Its Social Cause%河南"丁戊奇荒"灾情与社会成因探析




  1. The Linguistic Value of Inscribed Bamboo-slips of Wu Kingdom in the Lexical History of Medieval Chinese%走马楼吴简在中古汉语词汇史上的语料价值




  2. 顺产接生会阴伤口侧切与纵切的临床比较%Clinical Comparison on Perineum Wound of Side -cutting and Cross -cutting in Normal Labor/LI Yanchao, WU Xiaowei

    李艳超; 吴晓蔚


    Objective To analysis the effect and difference on side -cutting and cross-cutting of episiotomy in nor-mal labor .Methods 104 cases of vaginal delivery performed episiotomy were analyzed ,these maternal women were hos-pitalized in our hospital from February 2014 to February 2015 .The recovery effect of perineum incision and maternal sat-isfaction were compared between two methods .Results The adverse effects of side -cutting were lower than cross -cut-ting for the maternal ,the wound recovery degree and maternal pain less than cross -cutting.But the postoperative pain , wound recovery and probability of wound rupture of cross -cutting were superior to side -cutting.Conclusions Ac-cording to situation of maternal , choosing the more suitable incision method for women were very important .The correct episiotomy method can guarantee the safety of the mother's life, prevent pain enhancement , and improve maternal satis-faction , which was great significance for clinical research .%目的:对产妇进行顺产时,行会阴侧切以及纵切的效果以及差异性进行分析。方法将2014年2月~2015年2月进行顺产接生并行会阴切开术的产妇共104例的数据进行对比分析,对会阴切开不同方法的效果以及产妇的满意度进行比较。结果采取会阴侧切的产妇其所产生的不良影响低于行纵切的产妇,其伤口的恢复程度以及产妇的痛感小于纵切产妇。但是行纵切的产妇其术后痛感以及伤口的恢复程度、伤口裂开的几率要优于行侧切的产妇。结论根据产妇的自身情况,选择更适合产妇的会阴切开方法更重要,且采取正确的会阴切开法能够保证产妇的生命安全,防止痛感增强,且提高产妇的满意度,这对于临床研究具有重要意义。

  3. From Rambles to the Returns--Looks the Sun Wu-kong image from "Monkey"%由逍遥到回归--从《西游记》看孙悟空形象




  4. 叩响诺贝尔医学奖大门的中华第一人——伍连德%The First Chinese Person Knocking Door to Nobel Prize——Lien-teh Wu




  5. 1951年上海批判电影《武训传》运动始末%On the Campaign of Criticizing the Film Wu Xun Zhuan in Shanghai in 1951




  6. Pursuing in-depth stuay in history of education: on professor Wu Shiying's academic career%走向教育历史的深处——吴式颖教授的学术追求

    褚宏启; 王保星



  7. On the Heritage and Development of Musician Law of the Musician Emperor Wu of the Southern Dynasty%论南朝音乐家梁武帝对乐律的传承与发展



    梁武帝是南朝伟大的音乐家,他的贡献表现在正乐、创造清商曲、创作佛曲音乐、发明四通十二笛及"八十四调"理论。梁武帝早年深受传统儒、道思想影响,晚年潜入佛门,其音乐创作及音乐思想受其行为观念影响,尤其在正乐及佛曲创作中,他将佛乐融入传统雅乐、燕乐中,为我国雅乐俗化做出巨大贡献。%The emperor of Liang Dynasty, is a great musician, his contribution to performance in positive music, created Qingshang music, music video, the invention four through twelve flute and" eighty-four"theory. The emperor was deeply affected by the traditional Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism later dive, its music and musical thought was influenced by his behavior idea, especially in music and video, will be integrated into traditional music, music for our country to make enormous contribution to popularization. Through its music theory, is put forward in this paper, the emperor was the first person to the " eighty-four" theory in detail of the musician's point of view.

  8. 武术教学中影响学生训练情绪的因素分析%Analysis on the Factors Influencing the Student's Training Mood in Wu Shu's Teaching




  9. Rev. Wu Hong-yu, a Chinese Clergyman who ever Participated the American Civil War%美国南北战争中的中国牧师——吴虹玉



    @@ 在亲历被美国史家称为"合众国成立的洗礼"的美国南北战争的联邦军队士兵中,竟有一位鲜为人知、来自大洋彼岸的中国人,他就是中国圣公会的牧师吴虹玉先生.

  10. Enquête d’historien sur un conte des Mille et Une Nuits. Uns al-Wuǧūd et al-Ward fī l-akmām

    Garcin, Jean-Claude


    Ce conte des Mille et Une Nuits est relativement long puisqu’il occupe environ 16 pages de l’édition de Būlāq (de la 371° à la 382° Nuit), et 27 pages de l’édition de Breslau. C’est un beau conte de la passion amoureuse et du malheur des amants séparés. Tous les personnages du conte ont un jour vécu ces épreuves, et se sentent tenus de venir en aide aux deux héros. C’est un conte moral, presque normatif. Le malheur des amants séparés « Un puissant roi, nommé Šāmiḫ avait à son service un garço...

  11. 理学心论的殿军——论吴澄的心之诸说%The last advocate of mentality theory in the field of reason—philosophy--on Wu Cheng's doctrines about mentality




  12. 1950-2013年顾炎武著述生平学术研究综述%Literature Review on Gu Yan-wu's Academic Writing form 1950 to 2013




  13. 吴组缃短篇小说中的女性命运与叙事技巧%The Female Destiny and Narrative Skills in Wu Zuxiang's Short Stories




  14. Wang Yang-ming's" Long-chang Wu Dao" and I-ching Learning%王阳明"龙场悟道"的《易》学因素




  15. 建国初史学界的武训批判述论%Critique of Wu Xun in history field at the beinning of the foundation of China




  16. The Structural Power of Timbre-Acoustics in Wu Xing%音色-音响在管弦乐组曲《五行》中的结构力作用




  17. 石头的记忆--吴少雄《惠安女人》舞剧音乐印象%Memory of Stones:Impressions of the Music of Wu Shaoxiong's Dance Drama Women of Huian



    @@ 2003年12月,由文化部主办的第三届全国舞剧观摩演出(比赛)在福州举行.由吴少雄作曲的荣获最佳作曲奖.这是作曲家继1992年(沈阳)第一届全国舞剧观摩演出(比赛)其作品(合作)获得作曲第一名之后,时隔11年再度捧冠.

  18. Some additional considerations in modelling the dynamic traits and genome-wide association studies. Comments on "Mapping complex traits as a dynamic system" by L. Sun and R. Wu

    Das, Kiranmoy


    The revolution in the genetic research in our time is mainly due to (i) the successful completion of human genome project (2003) and its derivative hapmap project (2005), (ii) advanced statistical methodologies for analyzing ultrahigh dimensional data and (iii) the availability of statistical softwares (R, SAS etc.) to analyze large datasets. When complex traits are to be modeled as dynamic systems, the statistical issues regarding the complexity in the model, predictive power of the model, computational cost etc. are to be addressed adequately for powerful inferences. I will mention two additional considerations (statistical) which make dynamic models more meaningful and the results from GWAS more reliable.

  19. Russian olive - a suitable target for classical biological control in North America? In: Wu, Yun; Johnson, Tracy; Sing, Sharlene; Raghu, S.; Wheeler, Greg; Pratt, Paul; Warner, Keith; Center, Ted; Goolsby, John; Reardon, Richard, eds

    K. Delaney; E. Espeland; A. Norton; S. Sing; K. Keever; J. L. Baker; M. Cristofaro; R. Jashenko; J. Gaskin; U. Schaffner


    Projects to develop biological control solutions against invasive plants are midto long-term endeavors that require considerable financial support over several years. Discussions of concerns and potential conflicts of interests often occur when biological control agents are first being proposed for release into the environment. Such late discussion, which in some cases...

  20. 重温吴文俊先生关于现代画家对古代数学家造像问题的教诲——庆祝吴文俊先生90华诞%Review Wu Wen-tsun's Instruction to the Problem of Ancient Mathematician Portraits by Modern Painters——Celebration of Wu Wen-tsun's 90th Birthday




  1. CAS Mathematician Receives Shaw Prize


    @@ WU Wentsun (WU Wenjun), a CAS Member from the Academy of Mathematics and System Sciences, has been honored with the 2006 Shaw Prize in Mathematical Sciences for his contributions to the new interdisciplinary field of mathematics and mechanization.

  2. With A Star At Home


    HUANG Zhaoce and her husband Wu Guanzhong know about sudden fame. During the Eighth National Games held in August of last year, their daughter Wu Yanyan broke a world record, thus becoming the toast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Friends and relatives swarmed to their home to express their congratulations. And at the Guangxi Daily, where Wu Guanzhong works as a driver, Wu Yanyan was declared the pride of the whole staff. Wu Guanzhong still remembers a happy encounter he had with a shopowner. Taking the certificate issued by the International Amateur Swimming Federation (FINA) confirming Yanyan’s world record, he

  3. 论权利操控下的佛经翻译——武则天时期的佛经翻译%The Translation of Buddhist Scriptures Manipulated by Power——The Translation of Buddhist Scriptures during the Time of WU Zetian's Control



    武则天时期,佛教的发展达到了一个鼎盛阶段,因此研究武则天时期相关的佛经翻译有着特殊的学术价值.武则天作为权力代表对当时的佛经翻译活动起到了操控,本文运用安德烈·勒菲弗尔(Andre Lefever)的操纵理论和法国哲学家米歇尔·福柯(Michel Foucault)的权力话语理论,从武则天时期佛经翻译的数量与选材,译经中心的迁移,与佛经翻译的高僧交往情况入手,分析武则天是如何运用权力对佛经翻译进行操纵,从而达到自己的政治目的——夺得政权,巩固政权.

  4. Yunnan' Miner Group and Borderland Order in the Mid-Qing Dynasty: Based on Wu Shangxian from Mau-long Silver Mine(茂隆银厂)%清代中期滇边银矿的矿民集团与边疆秩序——以茂隆银厂吴尚贤为中心




  5. Commentary on "tissue-specific mutagenesis by N-butyl-N-(4-hydroxybutyl) nitrosamine as the basis for urothelial cell carcinogenesis." He Z, Kosinska W, Zhao ZL, Wu XR, Guttenplan JB, Department of Basic Science, New York University Dental College, NY, USA.: Mutat Res 2012;742(1-2):92-5 [Epub 2011 Dec 4].

    Scherr, Douglas S


    Bladder cancer is one of the few cancers that have been linked to carcinogens in the environment and tobacco smoke. Of the carcinogens tested in mouse chemical carcinogenesis models, N-butyl-N-(4-hydroxybutyl)nitrosamine (BBN) is one that reproducibly causes high-grade, invasive cancers in the urinary bladder, but not in any other tissues. However, the basis for such a high-level tissue-specificity has not been explored. Using mutagenesis in lacI (Big Blue™) mice, we show here that BBN is a potent mutagen and it causes high-level of mutagenesis specifically in the epithelial cells (urothelial) of the urinary bladder. After a 2-6-week treatment of 0.05% BBN in the drinking water, mutagenesis in urothelial cells of male and female mice was about two orders of magnitude greater than the spontaneous mutation background. In contrast, mutagenesis in smooth muscle cells of the urinary bladder was about five times lower than in urothelial tissue. No appreciable increase in mutagenesis was observed in kidney, ureter, liver or forestomach. In lacI (Big Blue™) rats, BBN mutagenesis was also elevated in urothelial cells, albeit not nearly as profoundly as in mice. This provides a potential explanation as to why rats are less prone than mice to the formation of aggressive form of bladder cancer induced by BBN. Our results suggest that the propensity to BBN-triggered mutagenesis of urothelial cells underlies its heightened susceptibility to this carcinogen and that mutagenesis induced by BBN represents a novel model for initiation of bladder carcinogenesis. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  6. XingWu Chen Formula and AnMei Wan Formula Treating 40 Insomnia Patients of Nutritive Qi and Defensive Qi Disharmony Syndrome Who take TCM by Choosing Time%醒寤晨方与安寐晚方择时用药治疗营卫不和型失眠40例




  7. “意志自由”及其归无、入禅的终结——一种对叔本华的解读%Schopenhauer's Free Will and Its End of Wu and Zen——A Way of Understanding Arthur Schopenhauer




  8. From Lao-Zhuang, Schopenhauer to Wang Guowei:Discussing the Art View-point of "Wu-Wo Shuang Hui"%物我双会:从老庄、叔本华到王国维的审美观照理论




  9. 吴定寰宫廷正骨手法的计算机多媒体展示与研究%A Presentation and Research of the Computer's Multi-media to the Practitioner Wu Dinghuan's "Palace Manipulation of Bone-setting"

    刘刚; 吴冰; 徐斌



  10. 从五星聚房与帝辛占星陶文看武王克商日(公元前1018年2月22日)%A Judgment of the Date(Feb.22, 1018 B.C.) of King Wu's Defeating Shang according to Records of Five planets' Converging near Room (房) and Di Xin Astrologic Pottery Inscriptions




  11. 考辨张竹坡家世生平 撰述《金瓶梅》研究长编——吴敢金学研究综论%To Trace Back ZHang Po-zhu's Family Saga, To Summarize the Researches on The Golden Lotus A Review of WU Gan's Researches on The Golden Lotus




  12. Letter of congratulations from Prof. Wu Jieping, Vice-Chairman of National People's Congress,and Honorary President of China Sexology Association, for the inauguration of Symposium of Male Health and Planned Prarenthood Experts%男性参与分担责任--全国人大副委员长吴阶平的贺信



    @@ 欣闻"男性健康与计划生育专家研讨会"在京召开,并于10月28日在全国一些主要城市开展男子健康教育活动,这是一次很有意义的健康教育活动,谨此表示衰心祝贺.

  13. 索利那新治疗尿急及急迫性尿失禁的有效性和安全性分析%Efficacy and safety of Solifenacin in the treatment of patients with urgency and urge incontinence WU

    吴士良; 肖云翔; 段继宏; 丁强; 孙颖浩; 黄翼然; 宋波; 蔡松良; 那彦群


    eiving Solifenacin 5.8% compared to those recei-ving Tolterodine 10.4%(P<0.05). Conclusion Solifenacin could be the safer and effective drug in the treatment of OAB patients with main complaints of urinary urgency and urgy incontinence.%和23.04 ml,组间比较差异均无统计学意义(P=0.54,P=0.29).试验组和对照组不良反应总发生率分别为11.7%(14/120)和23.5%(27/115),差异有统计学意义(P<0.05),其中主要不良反应口干发生率分别为5.8%和10.4%(P<0.05). 结论 索利那新治疗尿急和急迫性尿失禁等OAB症状安全有效.

  14. 地域文化视野下武陵山片区中小学体育课程开发研究%On the DeveIopment of Sports CurricuIum in Primary and Secondary SchooIs in WuIing Mountain Area from the Perspective of RegionaI CuIture



    武陵山片区拥有特定地域体育文化,文章通过研究与分析地域文化资源课程开发的意义、原则、步骤以并提出相应对策,对促进武陵山区片区体育文化遗产的传承与发展和中小学体育教学具有重要意义。%Wuling mountain area has a specific regional sports culture. Therefore, this paper does research and analyze the significance, principle and steps of regional culture curriculum resources development and put forward the corresponding countermeasures. And it was of important significances to promote the Wuling mountain area sports cultural heritage inheritance and develop physical education teaching in primary and secondary school.

  15. Important Issues in Correctly Handling the Study of Sun Zi's Art of War--Commentary on Lu Yunchang's Recent Study of Sun Wu%正确对待孙子研究的几个重要问题--评陆允昌《孙武研究新探》

    吴如嵩; 霍印章



  16. Works of a Painstaking Effort and Gold Uncovered Below the Dust——After Reading Wu Rusong's New Interpretation of Sun Zi's Art of War%千淘万漉虽辛苦 吹尽狂沙始到金——吴如嵩先生《孙子兵法新说》读后




  17. Investigation and Analysis of Pharmaceutical Affairs Management of 23 Hospitals in Hanyang District of Wu-han%武汉市汉阳区23家医院药事管理工作现状调查分析

    付美霞; 吕中明


    目的:为推动基层医疗卫生机构药事管理工作标准化建设提供参考.方法:采用填报调研表结合实地考察的方式,对武汉市汉阳区23家医院的药事管理工作进行调研,并就调查结果进行汇总分析.结果:共发放23份调研表,回收有效调研表23份,有效回收率为100%.受访医院中,3家一级医院无药品调剂管理制度,所有一级医院均无临床药师管理制度,3家一级医院无药事管理与药物治疗学组制度,三级以下医院信息化管理系统无统计功能,5家一级医院没有规范的阴凉库;13家一级医院抗菌药物门诊使用率超过20%;21家有特殊管理药品的医院中18家三级以下医院未使用国家统一标识;4家一级医院未每年组织药学人员培训.结论:武汉市汉阳区医疗卫生机构特别是一级医院在药事管理组织机构建设、临床药学学科建设、设备设施配备及药学人员管理及培训等方面均存在一些问题.建议基层医疗卫生机构通过扩建药学工作人员队伍、注重基础建设和信息化建设、认真履行工作职责、重视培训及效果评价、着力发展临床药学学科建设等,以提升药事管理水平.%OBJECTIVE:To provide reference for promoting the standardization construction of pharmaceutical affairs manage-ment in primary medical institutions. METHODS:Completing the survey forms was combined with field trip to investigate the phar-maceutical affairs management in 23 hospitals in Hanyang district of Wuhan,and the results were summarized and analyzed. RE-SULTS:Totally 23 survey forms were sent out,and 23 were effectively received with effective recovery rate of 100%. In the sur-veyed hospitals,3 community hospitals had no adjust management system,all community hospitals had no clinical pharmacists management system,3 community hospitals had no pharmaceutical management and pharmacotherapeutics system,the information-ization management system in hospitals below third-grade had no statistics function,5 community hospitals had no standardized cool warehouse;use rate of antibiotics in the outpatient of 13 community hospitals was more than 20%;among the 21 hospitals with special management drugs,18 hospitals below third-grade did not use the unified state identification;4 community hospitals did not train pharmacy staff every year. CONCLUSIONS:Medical institutions in Hanyang district of Wuhan,especially the commu-nity hospitals,exist some problems,including construction of pharmaceutical institutions,clinical pharmacy disciplines,equipment and facilities,management and training of pharmacy staff. It is suggested that primary medical institutions should enhance pharma-ceutical management level by expanding pharmacy staff,paying attention to the basic construction and informationization construc-tion,performing job duties,attaching importance to training and effect evaluation and focusing on the construction of clinical phar-macy disciplines.

  18. 试论李健吾与莫里哀的喜剧创作——以《新学究》和《太太学堂》为例%On the Comedy Creation of Li Jian-wu And Moliere: taking New Pedant and The School of Wives for examples




  19. Hydrocarbon Accumulation Models and the Main Controlling Factors for the Lower Member of the Upper Triassic Yanchang Formation in the Wu-Ding area of the Ordos Basin%鄂尔多斯盆地吴定地区延长组下部油气成藏模式与主控因素

    于波; 周康; 郭强; 白奋飞


    Based on the integrated studies of the sedimentary facies,oil-source correlation,formation pressure structure and homogenization temperatures of fluid inclusions,this paper researches the hydrocarbon accumulation models and the main controlling factors for the lower member of Upper Triassic Yanchang Formation in the Wuqi-Dingbian area of the Ordos Basin.The result shows that the formations Chang 7 and Chang 9 are the two sets of fine source rocks which possess good hydrocarbon generation potential in the region.Oil-source correlation shows hydrocarbon in the Chang 7 and Chang 9 formations mainly derives from the source rock Chang 7 in the Wuqi-Dingbian area,and the Chang 9 formation follows.Hydrocarbon generating pressurization is the main drive force for petroleum migration in the Chang 7 formation of the region.The area with high values in the background of low values in excess pressure difference for Chang 7 and Chang 8 is the main locus for hydrocarbon accumulation in the lower member of the Yanchang formation.The main sedimentary facies of the Yanchang formation in the research region is deltaic front subaqueous distributary channels and debouch bars;which may serve as reservoir space with generally higher porosity and permeability.The Chang 8 and Chang 9 reservoirs are characterized by episodic injection and continuous accumulation,and both of the reservoirs belong to hydrocarbon accumulation assemblages under source rocks.Comprehensive analysis suggests that the distribution of the upper Jurassic reservoirs is mainly controlled by three major factors of near sources,low pressure and good facies.%在综合沉积相、油源对比、地层压力结构、包裹体均一温度等方面的基础上,对鄂尔多斯盆地吴起-定边地区延长组下部油气成藏模式与主控因素进行了研究,认为研究区发育长7和长9两套烃源岩,油源对比显示吴定地区长8、长9油气主要来源于长7烃源岩,长9烃源岩次之;延长组长7生烃增压是石油向下运移的主要动力,平面上长7及长8过剩压力差低值背景下的高值区是油气聚集的主要场所;延长组下部以三角洲前缘水下分流河道和河口坝为主,能够形成孔渗条件较好的储集空间;且长8、长9油藏具有"幕式充注、连续成藏"的特征,两者同属于源下成藏组合;综合分析认为上三叠统油藏分布主要受"近源、低压、优相"三大因素的控制。

  20. 第一届"金显宅乳腺癌研究纪念奖"获奖专家吴蔚然教授简介%Introduction to WU Wei-ran, Winner of "The First JIN Xian-zhai Memorial Prize in Breast Cancer Research"


    @@ 吴蔚然,男,汉族,1920年10月出生于江苏省常州市.1938年秋至1941年夏就读于北京燕京大学医预系.1941年秋进入北京协和医学院.1946年毕业于四川成都华西大学医学院,获医学博士学位.

  1. 朱武兰:探索“为学而教”的课堂改革--语文教育改革专题访谈之三%ZHU Wu-lan:Exploring Classroom Reform of “Teaching for Learning”---The Third Interview about Reform of Chinese Language Education

    李金云; 朱武兰


    针对当前语文课堂实践问题,朱武兰老师提出并强调语文教师应积极探索“为学而教”的课堂改革。语文课堂亟需唤醒学生对语文学习的“自觉”,需要教师从原点上搞清楚语文的“独当之任”;语文教师没有丰富的学科素养,就难以获得学科的尊严;从课程论的视角提高教师独立研读教材的能力,是解决目前语文教学低效的急切需要。%Facing with issues of current Chinese language class teaching , teacher ZHU Wu‐lan proposes and emphasizes that Chinese language teachers should actively explore the classroom reform of “teaching for learning” . It is badly needed to arouse students'awareness of Chinese language learning in class so that teachers ought to figure out the unique responsibility of Chinese language teaching . Without solid academic knowledge , Chinese language teachers have difficulties obtaining the dignity of discipline . In order to solve the low effectiveness of current Chinese language teaching , it is urgently needed to improve teachers'ability to study the teaching materials from curriculum theory .

  2. A Deliberation on Methodology of Modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicines Based on the Research and Development of New Drugs from "Cao Wu"%从草乌化学研究开发的新药思考中药现代化的方法




  3. 走近诺贝尔医学奖之中华第一人——写在伍连德逝世50周年之际%The First Chinese Approached The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine:Written on the Occasion of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Death of Wu Lien-teh




  4. Wu Guanying's Graphic Design——the Mascot "Fu Niu Lele" of Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games%吴冠英平面设计作品——2008年北京残奥会吉祥物"福牛乐乐"



    @@ 设计方案的灵感来自中国古老的农耕文明.设计吸收了中国民间版画和玩具的造型与设计风格,并结合现代卡通造型的特点,体现了传统中国风格、平民化的趣味性和现代感.设计方案具有以下特点:

  5. "Bureaucrat" and Socialism: A Reappraisal of Liu Shi-wu from" A Young Newcomer in CPC's Organization Deportment"%"官僚主义者"与社会主义——重评《组织部来了个年轻人》中的刘世吾




  6. 曲折的理性之路——反思吴以义的《从哥白尼到牛顿:日心学说的确立》%The Tortuous Paths of Rationality: On Wu Yiyi's From Copernicus to Newton: The Establishment of Heliocentrism




  7. 探寻中国体育奥运战略背景下体育魅力的回归--解放日报吴驷先生访谈录%Exploring the Return of the Sports Charm under the background of China Sports Olympic Strategy--An Exclusive Interview to Wu Si,Director of“Jiefang Daily”Newspaper Group



    The sports should be representatives of city spirit ,the development of sports and city development is a process of synchro-nization .The game is the essence of sports ,Sports charm is the most core elements in the sports culture rules ,fair competition and orderly competition are important principles .China should be out of the Olympic strategy and find the charm of sports .Reform the existing system ,injection sports entertainment spirit ,to help sports new vitality ;Sports media and Chinese sports supplement each other ,The development of new media provides more imagination space for sports coverage ,Sports media should boost the develop-ment of Chinese sports .%体育是城市精神的代表者,体育运动的发展与城市发展是一个同步的过程;游戏是体育的本质,体育魅力是体育文化里最核心的元素,规则意识、公平竞争、有序竞争是体育所承载的重要原则;中国应该走出单纯的奥运战略,竞技体育的观念,寻求体育的魅力的回归;改革现有体制弊端,注入体育的娱乐游戏精神,才能焕发体育全新活力;体育传媒与中国体育相辅相成,新媒体的发展对于体育报道提供了更多的想象空间,体育传媒应助力中国体育发展。

  8. New Vision of "Chu Ci" Study——Evaluation of Chen Pu-qing's "Nan Chu Wu Ge Hua Wei CI"%《楚辞》研究的新视角——陈蒲清《南楚巫歌化纬辞》评析




  9. Entering the Chilly and Lonesome, Call back the Spirits of Warriors——A Review of Wu Kang' s Writing%入荒寒寂寞之境,招浩歌狂热之魂——吴康著述论评




  10. Uncovering"Ulcer"underneath the Surface:A Review of Lao Wu's"Trilogy of Educational Reflections"%揭露出表皮下的“痈疽”--老悟“反思教育三部曲”综论



    "Trilogy of Educational Reflections"refers to the three novels entitled Director of Admission Office, Changes of Professors and University President, all of which focus on the life of intellectuals by criticizing the academic corruption and moral degradation in the present higher educational system. The writer shows his concern about the reality and his courage to face the society in the trilogy, but his criticism of the reality is weakened by the"happy"endings. The artistic value in the trilogy lies in complicated plots, clear clues, rigid structures, a combination of emotion and reason, and an integration of history and philosophy.%  “反思教育三部曲”包括《招生办主任》《教授变形记》和《大学校长》。三部长篇小说均以知识分子生活为题材,对当下高等教育界普遍存在的学术腐败、道德堕落进行了揭露和抨击,表现出作者的忧患意识和直面现实的勇气。“大团圆”结局使得作品的批判精神在一定程度上有所削弱。小说在艺术上存在着情节曲折、线索清晰、结构严谨,感性与理性的并存、文史哲交融的特点,为作品添加了魅力。

  11. 关于邬焜先生“信息生产和信息生产力”观点的再质疑%Another Query into Wu Kun's View About "Information Production and Information Productivity"



    Based on information ontology, the objective information is a kind of formulation by images or traces of the material itself in mediator, fully analyzing the impossibility of human being's producing what is called objective information. So-called information production is in effect a disguised replacement of concept. The essence of human' s production is reproduction or sustainable production of means of livelihood and populace.%根据"信息本体论"关于"物质"无"信息","客观信息"是物质本体在中介物里的影像或痕迹等范畴的规定,翔实分析了人类不能生产所谓"客观信息",不能通过认知"客观信息"来"生产""主观信息",所谓"信息生产"实质是一直在玩弄偷换概念的游戏。人类生产的本质不是"信息生产",不是"抽象物质"的生产,而是关于生活资料和人口的再生产或可持续生产;"具体物质"的生产决定信息生产,信息生产为"具体物质"的生产服务。同时,深入探讨了物质守恒、信息不守恒与人类生产的关系问题。

  12. 太极养生在白领阶层开展的现状及对策--以成都市武侯区白领阶层为例%Tai chi Perservation in White-collar Workers to Carry out Investigation--In Chengdu WuHouou White-collar Survey



    太极起源于《易经》,而太极拳则是由太极演变而来。太极拳讲究的是阴阳相生、刚柔并济,同时也很重视气的修炼,御内气循经脉运行,以疏通经络调和阴阳,保持正常的人体生理机能。本文运用文献资料法、问卷调查法等对太极养生在白领阶层开展情况的调查研究,认为白领阶层工作压力大,精神常处于紧张状态,习练太极拳可以调节工作压力、缓解精神紧张,提高工作效率,使工作、生活、身体状况进入一个良性循环状态。%The tai chi originated in the I ching, and tai chi chuan is by tai chi evolved. Taijiquan cultured is Yin and Yang of birth, Rigid-flexible economic, Also attaches great importance to the practice of royal gas within gas follow meridians run to clear the meridians harmonic Yin and Yang, Maintain normal human physiological function. And according to the taijiquan narrative tai chi regimen of evolution. White-collar personage high-pressure working condition and lifestyle produce certain conflict, Analysis the white-collar life attitude, physical condition, Is put forward by using the advantages of taiji boxing exercise regimen, Regular exercise can adjust working pressure, Relieves mental stress, Which is beneficial to the health. Make work and life, Healthy body into a virtuous cycle state.

  13. 从“杨乃武与小白菜案”透视晚清法律文化%Legal Culture Perspective in the Late Qing Dynasty:A Case Study on Yang Nai-wu & Bi Xiu-gu

    虞佳臻; 赵婷婷


    The opium war in 1840, knocking the door of the Qing Dynasty, marked China stepped towards the rule of law in a broader sense, along with the decline of the Dynasty. Meanwhile western legal culture was introduced to China by media, impacting and interacting fiercely with the ancient legal concept rooted in people’s hearts. Then the “newborn” idea was carried out and well-known by media. The culture of the late Qing era soaked the life in dribs and drabs, while the media demonstrated the legal culture from every aspect of life.%1840年的鸦片战争,叩开了大清王朝的大门。自此以后,与其说清王朝走向了衰败,不如说从更广的意义上,中国朝着法治迈进了一大步。西方的法律文化随着晚清的媒体传入中国,与自古以来根植于人们内心的法律观念激烈碰撞、相互交融,孕育出的“新生儿”随着媒体被广为人知。晚清时代的文化浸透在生活中的点点滴滴,而媒体则透过生活展现了法律文化的方方面面。

  14. "马锡五审判方式"的当代效度和限度——以"张院长新政"为考察对象%The Effect and Limitation of Ma Xi-wu Trial Mode in the Contemporary Era:a Review of the New Policies of Chief Justice Zhang Li-yong




  15. 0173 Grouping strategies for exposure assessment of the psychosocial work environment

    Vejs Willert, Morten; Schlünssen, Vivi; Basinas, Ioannis;


    OBJECTIVES: Individual response style, mood, expectations, and health status may affect reporting of the psychosocial work environment, and bias associations with outcomes. Reporting bias may be avoided by aggregating individual responses, ideally preserving exposure contrast. In this study, we...... (n = 751), and 3 occupational levels: sector (n = 7), profession (n = 46), and job title (n = 77). Exposures, calculated as means of items scored on 5-point Likert scales, included psychological demands, decision latitude, social support, effort, reward, and procedural and relational justice......: Within each hierarchy contrasts rose with increasing group-level detail. Grouping by either work unit (wu) or by job title (jt) contrasts were: psychological demands: 0.28(wu); 0.26(jt), decision latitude: 0.24(wu); 0.32(jt), social support: 0.24(wu); 0.06(jt), effort: 0.23(wu); 0.16(jt), reward: 0.19(wu...

  16. X-Ray Phase Imaging for Breast Cancer Detection


    A. Yan, X. Wu, and H. Liu, Robustness of phase retrieval methods in x-ray phase contrast imaging: A comparison, Medical Physics 38: 5073-5080...2004. A new theory of phase-contrast x-ray imaging based on Wigner distributions. Medical Physics 31, 2378-2384. Wu X, Liu, H, Yan, A. 2005...Yan A., Wu X., Liu H. 2011. Robustness of phase retrieval methods in x-ray phase contrast imaging: A comparison, Medical Physics 38: 5073-5080

  17. Effects of in-water and dryland warm-ups on 50-meter freestyle performance in child swimmer

    Kaya Fatih; Erzeybek Mustafa Said; Biçer Bilal; Meral Tuncay


    In this study, effectiveness of 3 warm-up (WU) modes on 50m free style on child swimmers has been evaluated. In repeated-measures counterbalanced design, 10 male swimmers of a local sports club (10-12 ages) have tried out 50m freestyle after each WU on different days. Each WU took 15 minutes and the intensity of WU has been checked over by Borg’s rating of perceived exertion (RPE) 15-point scale. a) no warm-up (NWU): the swimmers sat or laid down for 15 minutes, b) dryland warmup (DWU): conti...

  18. A Study of the "Desertion" Slips from Zoumalou in Changsha City%长沙市走马楼出土“叛走”简探讨



    During the Three Kingdoms period featuring split, turbulence and frequent wars, population desertion was serious in the Wu Kingdom. Based on the "desertion" slips recently unearthed from Zoumalou in Changsha City and relevant literary records, the present paper makes a preliminary study of related problems, including the status of the deserting population, the cause of desertion and the Wu government's measures against deserting acts. The author holds that despite severe punishments administered to put down transgressors, the main factors of population desertion could not be eliminated. In the late reign of the Wu Kingdom, this phenomenon became even more serious, endangering the stability and existence of the Wu power.

  19. Integrable Deformations of the (2+1)-Dimensional Heisenberg Ferromagnetic Model Service and feedback Email this article to a colleague Add to Bookshelf Add to Citation Manager Cite This Article Email Alert Keywords Heisenberg ferromagnet model integrable deformation nonlinear Schr?dinger equation Authors YAN Zhao-Wen CHEN Min-Ru WU Ke ZHAO Wei-Zhong Integrable Deformations of%Integrable Deformations of the (2+1)-Dimensional Heisenberg Ferromagnetic Model Service and feedback Email this article to a colleague Add to Bookshelf Add to Citation Manager Cite This Article Email Alert Keywords Heisenberg ferromagnet model integrable deformation nonlinear Schr?dinger equation Authors YAN Zhao-Wen CHEN Min-Ru WU Ke ZHAO Wei-Zhong Integrable Deformations of

    颜昭雯; 陈敏茹; 吴可; 赵伟忠


    Based on the covariant prolongation structure technique,we construct the integrable higher-order deformations of the (2+1)-dimensional Heisenberg ferromagnet model and obtain their su(2)×R(λ) prolongation structures.By associating these deformed multidimensional Heisenberg ferromagnet models with the moving space curve in Euclidean space and using the Hasimoto function,we derive their geometrical equivalent counterparts,i.e.,higher-order (2+1)-dimensional nonlinear Schr?dinger equations.



    Chronically water-short Beijing is carrying out elaborate plans to ensure a steady flow for 2008 "Water demand during the 2008 Olympics will be guaranteed," said Wu Jisong, director of the water supply program under (he Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games. Wu's confident response belies what is, to say the least, a difficult situation. Beijing has

  1. 广西假糙苏属植物增补%A Supplement to the Paraphlomis (Lamiaceae) from Guangxi,China

    严克俭; 方鼎


    Two new taxa and two newly recorded species of the Paraphlomis from Guangxi,China are reported.The two new taxa are P.javanica(Blume)Prain var.pteropoda D.Fang & K J.Yan and P.javanica(Blume)Prain var.angustifolia(C.Y.Wu)C.Y.Wu & H. W.Li f.albinervia D.Fang & K. J.Yan.The two newly recorded species are P.hispida C.Y.Wu and P.subcoriacea C.Y.Wu ex H.W.Li.%报道假糙苏属(Paraphlomis)植物在中国广西2个新分类群和2个新记录种.2个新分类群是翅柄假糙苏(P.javanica(Blume)Prain var.pteropoda D.Fang & K. J.Yan)和白脉狭叶假糙苏(P.javanica(Blume)Prain var.angustifolia (C.Y. Wu)C.Y.Wu&H. W.Li f.albinervia D.Fang & K J.Yan).2个新记录种是刚毛假糙苏(P.hispida C.Y.Wu)和近革叶假糙苏(P.subcoriacea C.Y Wu ex H. W.Li).

  2. 中国大陆锥花属(唇形科)植物新记录%New records of Gomphostemma (Lamiaceae) in mainland China

    严克俭; 黄云峰; 许为斌


    Gom phostemma chinense Oliv .var .cauli f lorum C .Y .Wu ,Gom phostemma hainanense C .Y .Wu are firstly reported to mainland China .%  中华锥花茎花变种、海南锥花在中国大陆首次报道。

  3. DMPD: Mechanism of age-associated up-regulation in macrophage PGE2 synthesis. [Dynamic Macrophage Pathway CSML Database

    Full Text Available 15331118 Mechanism of age-associated up-regulation in macrophage PGE2 synthesis. Wu...e-associated up-regulation in macrophage PGE2 synthesis. PubmedID 15331118 Title Mechanism of age-associated... up-regulation in macrophage PGE2 synthesis. Authors Wu D, Meydani SN. Publicatio

  4. Models of Success


    @@ Wu Renbao made national celebrity for his commitment to achieving common prosperity among his co-villagers in Huaxi Village, Jiangsu Province.Wu's recipe for success was to take advantage of collective strength by encouraging mutual assistance between villages and households.

  5. A review of the legged mealybugs on bamboo (Hemiptera: Coccoidea: Pseudococcidae) occurring in China.

    Li, Wen-Chao; Tsai, Ming-Yu; Wu, San-An


    Twenty-two species of legged mealybugs occur on bamboo (Poaceae: Bambusoideae) in China. These species are reviewed and two of them are described for the first time: Dysmicoccus luoyangensis Li & Wu, sp. nov. and Trionymus indocalamus Li & Wu, sp. nov. Two new combinations are established: Pseudococcus bambusicola Takahashi and Kaicoccus bambusus Wu are transferred to genus Formicococcus Takahashi as F. bambusicola (Takahashi) comb. nov. and F. bambusus (Wu) comb. nov., respectively. Formicococcus bambusicola, Heliococcus bambusae (Takahashi), Neoripersia miscanthicola Takahashi and Trionymus formosanus Takahashi are redescribed and reillustrated based on type specimens. Brief notes are provided for Balanococcus kwoni Pellizari & Danzig, B. zhejiangensis Li & Wu, Dysmicoccus dengwuensis Ferris, D. indocalamus Wu, Eumyrmococcus smithii Silvestri, Ferrisicoccus angustus Ezzat & McConnell, Heliococcus lingnaniae Wang, H. takae (Kuwana), Heterococcus abludens Borchsenius, Miscanthicoccus miscanthi (Takahashi), Palmicultor lumpurensis (Takahashi), Paraporisaccus guizhouensis Lu & Wu, Paraserrolecanium fargesii Wu, Pseudantonina magnotubulata Borchsenius and Trionymus bambusae (Green). A key to the species of legged mealybugs on bamboo occurring in China is given. A list of bamboo mealybugs worldwide is also provided. 

  6. Women in physics

    Indovino, Shaina


    What does it take to be a physicist? Lise Meitner, Katharine Blodgett, Maria Goeppert-Mayer, Chien-Shiung Wu, Ursula Franklin, Argelia Velez-Rodriguez, Sau Lan Wu, Shirley Ann Jackson, Lisa Randall and opportunities for women in physics today.

  7. QTL Information Table: 138 [Q-TARO

    Full Text Available OsGNA1 Morphological trait Root short-root A)Physical AK063214 pha Jiang, H., Wang,... S., Dang, L., Wang, S., Chen, H., Wu, Y., Jiang, X., and Wu, P. (2005). A novel short-root gene encodes a g

  8. Subcellular localization of Bombyx mori ribosomal protein S3a and ...



    Apr 5, 2010 ... Zhou Wu-song1, Bao Xian-xun2, Xu Jia-ping1*, You Zheng-ying1, Yang Ying1, Wu Hui-ling3 .... With BmNPV genomic DNA as template, IE1 promoter region was ... were examined by a confocal laser scanning microscope.

  9. Review of the East Palaearctic and North Oriental Psyttalia Walker, with the description of three new species (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Opiinae)

    Wu, Q.; Achterberg, van C.; Tan, J.-L.; Chen, X.-X.


    The East Palaearctic and North Oriental species of the genus Psyttalia Walker (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Opiinae) are reviewed. Three new species are described and illustrated: P. latinervis Wu & van Achterberg, sp. n. and P. majocellata Wu & van Achterberg, sp. n. from China, and P. spectabilis van

  10. QTL Information Table: 288 [Q-TARO

    Full Text Available Physiological trait Eating quality hot paste viscosity RFLP C)Interval DHL IR64 Azu...cena A RG139 RZ58 pha Bao, J.S., Wu, Y.R., Hu, B., Wu, P., Cui, H.R., and Shu, Q.Y. (2002). QTL for rice grain quality

  11. QTL Information Table: 290 [Q-TARO

    Full Text Available Physiological trait Eating quality breakdown RFLP C)Interval DHL IR64 Azucena A RZ5...90 RG214 pha Bao, J.S., Wu, Y.R., Hu, B., Wu, P., Cui, H.R., and Shu, Q.Y. (2002). QTL for rice grain quality

  12. QTL Information Table: 289 [Q-TARO

    Full Text Available Physiological trait Eating quality cool paste viscosity RFLP C)Interval DHL IR64 Az...ucena A RZ574 RZ284 pha Bao, J.S., Wu, Y.R., Hu, B., Wu, P., Cui, H.R., and Shu, Q.Y. (2002). QTL for rice grain quality

  13. Hopes for Confucian Pedagogy in China?

    Hayhoe, Ruth


    This commentary on Wu Zongjie's article "Interpretation, autonomy and transformation: Chinese pedagogic discourse in a cross-cultural perspective" begins by suggesting the usefulness of Wu's polar opposite depiction of Confucian and modern pedagogy as ideal types for comparative exploration. It goes on to suggest that the term…

  14. Pedagogy: East and West, Then and Now

    Cheng, Kai-Ming


    This is the first of six commentaries discussing Zongjie Wu's essay, "Interpretation, autonomy, and transformation". Wu's analyses of pedagogy have opened a new window for looking at the essence of education. The comparison of Confucius's pedagogy with contemporary teaching in China provides a striking contrast. However, perhaps it is…


    Ertugrul Gelen


    Full Text Available The purpose of this study was to compare the acute effects of static stretching; dynamic exercises and high volume upper extremity plyometric activity on tennis serve performance. Twenty-six elite young tennis players (15.1 ± 4.2 years, 167.9 ± 5.8 cm and 61.6 ± 8.1 kg performed 4 different warm-up (WU routines in a random order on non-consecutive days. The WU methods consisted of traditional WU (jogging, rally and serve practice (TRAD; traditional WU and static stretching (TRSS; traditional WU and dynamic exercise (TRDE; and traditional WU and high volume upper extremity plyometric activity (TRPLYP. Following each WU session, subjects were tested on a tennis serve ball speed test. TRAD, TRSS, TRDE and TRPLYO were compared by repeated measurement analyses of variance and post-hoc comparisons. In this study a 1 to 3 percent increase in tennis serve ball speed was recorded in TRDE and TRPLYO when compared to TRAD (p 0.05. ICCs for ball speed showed strong reliability (0.82 to 0.93 for the ball speed measurements.The results of this study indicate that dynamic and high volume upper extremity plyometric WU activities are likely beneficial to serve speed of elite junior tennis players.

  16. Imaging Primary Prostate Cancer and Bone Metastasis


    AAPM 48th Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL, July 2006 Zhang X, Cao F, Cai W, Schreibmann E, Wu Y, Wu JC, Xing L, Chen X. 18F-Labeled Bombesin...147– 155 . 3. Chung DH, Evers BM, Beauchamp RD, et al. Bombesin stimulates growth of human gastrinoma. Surgery. 1992;112:1059–1065. 4. Glover SC

  17. QTL Information Table: 19 [Q-TARO

    Full Text Available K., and Wu, P. (2004). Comparative mapping of QTLs for Al tolerance in rice and identification of positional Al-induced genes. J Zhejiang Univ Sci 5, 634-643. ... ...)Interval RIL Azucena IR1552 A RZ801 RG323 pha Mao, C.Z., Yang, L., Zheng, B.S., Wu, Y.R., Liu, F.Y., Yi, K.

  18. Important roles of brain-specific carnitine palmitoyltransferase and ceramide metabolism in leptin hypothalamic control of feeding%Important roles of brain-specific carnitine palmitoyltransferase and ceramide metabolism in leptin hypothalamic control of feeding


    In a recent issue of PNAS, Professor Wu Donghai of Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health (GIBH) and his colleagues published a paper titled "Important roles of brain-specific carnitine palmitoyltransferase and ceramide metabolism in leptin hypothalamic control of feeding". Prof. Wu has receivedsustained support from NSFC since 2006.

  19. Review of the East Palaearctic and North Oriental Psyttalia Walker, with the description of three new species (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Opiinae)

    Wu, Q.; Achterberg, van C.; Tan, J.-L.; Chen, X.-X.


    The East Palaearctic and North Oriental species of the genus Psyttalia Walker (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Opiinae) are reviewed. Three new species are described and illustrated: P. latinervis Wu & van Achterberg, sp. n. and P. majocellata Wu & van Achterberg, sp. n. from China, and P. spectabilis van

  20. Profiling and Identification of the Metabolites of Evodiamine in Rats ...

    Spectrometer. Fang Ping Wu, Yong Yang, Liang Hong Liu, Hong Pu, Ping Jin, Zu Fu Yao* and. Wei Cai* .... experiment, all rats were fasted for 12 h and fed with water. ..... Zhang J, Cai W, Zhou Y, Liu Y, Wu XD, Li Y, Lu JQ, Qiao. YJ. Profiling ...

  1. Maillard reaction induces changes in saccharides and amino acids ...

    Mei-Bian Hu, Wei Peng, Yu-Jie Liu, Dan Yan, Xi Chen, Chun-Jie Wu*. College of Pharmacy ... extracted with 80 % ethanol for 3 h to remove colored materials. ..... Xu M, Yang SL, Peng W, Liu YJ, Xie DS, Li XY, WU CJ. A Novel Method for the ...

  2. Concern for Material Benefit: the Basis for Effective Ideological and Political Work——Realistic Enlightenment from the Event of Prize Money Donation by Model Worker Wu Ru%关注物质利益是有效开展思想政治工作的基础——劳模吴如捐献奖金事件的现实启迪

    邹建平; 孟志中



  3. The Ideas and Practices of “Yanching School”about Sociology of Knowledge:A Comparative Study on Wu Wenzao,Fei Xiaotong,and Li An-che%“燕京学派”的知识社会学思想及其应用围绕吴文藻、费孝通、李安宅展开的比较研究



    Sociology of knowledge was introdrced to China by some professors and strdents of sociology at Yanching University in the 1930s.Its introdrction was seen as a tool for constrrcting a social scientific framework of knowledge in Chinese strdies,which world cover commrnity strdies of Han Chinese,ethnic strdies and overseas strdies.The three parts shared a character in common:the approach of comparative strdies of sociology of knowledge.Under this approach,the sociologists of “Yanching School”focrsed on the ethos of commrnity or nation and how ethos were diversely expressed throrgh different kinds of relationships between ideas and institrtions. It is throrgh the comparative strdy of social ethos that the plrralistic strrctrre of Chinese civilization corld be examined.To reveal this method specifically,this paper offers a comparative analysis of three key figrres ’ works from “Yanching School”:Wr Wenzao,Fei Xiaotong and Li An-che.These three sociologists developed their own rniqre path of empirical strdies of sociology of knowledge. Wr was a follower of Karl Mannheim and believed that society constrains knowledge and intelligentsia,leading to a type of statism that trrsts state to frnction as a reformer above society throrgh action.Fei seemed to waver between Mannheim and Max Weber rntil the 1950s.In his late years,Fei began paying attention to New Confrcianism and srggested that social science shorld borrow from hermenertics and strdy the qrestion of “Mind”.At this time,Fei actrally went back to Zhang Dongsrn for the same inqriries.Li was originally the most faithfrl follower of Mannheim of the three,brt he soon trrned to Weber rnder the inflrence of Zhang Dongsrn.He was interested in how the entire system of knowledge was being interpreted and internalized at different levels of society,whether they were elite intelligentsia,the dominant class or common people.All three sociologists cared for the same qrestion:did Chinese civilization achieve its internal order throrgh combining and organizing variors types of knowledge system?With the enormors complicity of modern society,it world be a good idea to incorporate sociology of knowledge and commrnity strdies.It will help deepen orr rnderstanding of state and society. Sociologists of Yanching School have given rs a good start already.%本文比较了吴文藻、费孝通和李安宅对知识社会学的引介与消化,以及在此指导下的经验研究,基于此尝试论证三人分别开拓了三种知识社会学的经验研究路径。吴氏以曼海姆的知识社会学为主要依据,主张知识与知识人受限于社会本体论,走向实践改造社会的国家主义。费氏一直到1950年代之前似乎在曼海姆与韦伯之间摇摆;到晚年则尝试从新儒家出发,提出社会科学应借鉴诠释学,关注“心”的问题,从而重新接近张东荪的知识社会学。李氏原先引介曼海姆最积极,后来转向吸收张东荪的思想而走向韦伯,认为应该更全面地考察整个知识系统在社会中沉淀的不同层面。通过上述比较,文章尝试指出,社区研究可能需要与知识社会学结合,才能将我们对国家与社会的理解推至更深处。

  4. Extending raw materials ordering policy with genetic algorithm%用遗传算法拓展原材料的采购策略

    余玉刚; 梁樑; 王志强


    A fractional-integral multiple ordering method was proposed to improve the integral multiple ordering method in material procurements. To illustrate the improvement effect, a new model considering a fractional-integral multiple ordering method was presented to extend the model proposed by Woo, Hsu, and Wu (2001), and a genetic algorithm was developed to resolve the modified model. Finally a numerical study based on the example used by Woo, Hsu, and Wu was presented to illustrate that the proposed model provided a lower or equal joint total relevant cost compared with Woo, Hsu, and Wu's model.

  5. Economic Facelift


    Wu Jinglian, 74, is a respected Chinese economist. He has been a visiting professor at Yale University, MIT, Stanford University and Oxford University and is now a member of the Executive Committee (2005-08) of the International Economic Association. Wu's outspoken viewpoint in 2001 that China's stock markets are more ruthless than casinos created a big stir, but it also earned him widespread respect. At a recent forum held by the China Europe International Business School, Wu talked about why and how Ch...

  6. The Role of Retinal Determination Gene Network (RDGN) in Hormone Signaling Transduction and Prostate Tumorigenesis


    Wu K, Wang L, Jiao X, Ju X, Li Z, Ertel A, Addya S, McCue P, Lisanti MP, Wang C, Davis RJ, Mardon G, Pestell RG. Androgen therapy resistant...Li Z, Hu J, Chen K, Wu J, Pestell RG. DACH1 inhibited prostate cancer cellular proliferation and Interleukon-6 signaling. AACR 103rd Annual Meeting...March 31 – April 4, 2012, Chicago, IL.  Wang J, Cai S, Chen K, Sun Y, Li S, Pestell RG, Wu K. Regulation of AR transcriptional activity and

  7. Impact of in-band interference on a wake-up radio system in wireless sensor networks

    Lebreton, J. M.; Murad, N. M.; Lorion, R.


    The energy efficiency of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) is considerably improved with Wake-up Radio (WuR) systems. However, their resilience to interference is often neglected in the literature. This might be an issue due to the proliferation of wireless devices and the growing field of internet of things. In this paper, we evaluate the impact of in-band interference from wireless devices on a WuR system. The approach proves that WuR systems are still performing well when coexisting with external wireless networks, even if the energy-efficiency is slightly reduced.

  8. Fundamental Investigations into the Infrared Properties of Carbon Nanotubes


    Jun Li, Judy Wu. The effect of annealing on the photoconductivity of carbon nanofiber/TiO2core-shell nanowires for use in dye-sensitized solar cells ...Judy Wu. Development of Nanopatterned Fluorine-Doped Tin Oxide Electrodes for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells with Improved Light Trapping, ACS Applied...heterojunction solar cell photocurrent enhancement, Nanoscale, (06 2012): 0. doi: 10.1039/c2nr30735a 08/30/2011 1.00 Rongtao Lu, Rayyan Kamal, Judy Z Wu

  9. Taxonomy of the subgenus Euleptarthrus Jakobson (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Osoriinae, Priochirus) of China with descriptions of three new species.

    Wu, Jie; Zhou, Hong-Zhang


    Three new species of subgenus Euleptarthrus Jakobson, 1908 of the genus Priochirus Sharp, 1887 are described from China: P. (E.) trifurcus Wu & Zhou sp. nov. from Xizang, P. (E.) deltodontus Wu & Zhou sp. nov. from Yunnan and P. (E.) curtidentatus Wu & Zhou sp. nov. from Xizang and Yunnan. Diagnoses are also given for two species previously described from China, P. (E.) chinensis Bernhauer, 1933 and P. (E.) subbrevicornis Bernhauer, 1934. An updated version of the key to all Chinese species of the subgenus Euleptarthrus is provided. Important morphological characters are illustrated.

  10. 身影


    WuYi吴仪Wu Yi, China's Vice-Premier, has been named the world's third most-powerful woman by Forbes magazine. German Chancellor Angela Merkel topped the list, followed by US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. The ranking was published by Forbes on September 1. The US-based magazine said China's resource-starved and fast-paced economy has kept Wu busy this year. Among the issues on her full plate have been addressing intellectual property rights concerns, trade imbalances and nurturing new markets.

  11. Epidemiology and management of osteoporosis in the People’s Republic of China: current perspectives

    Lin X.; Xiong D; Peng YQ; Sheng ZF; Wu XY; Wu XP; Wu F; Yuan LQ; Liao EY


    Xiao Lin,1 Dan Xiong,1 Yi-Qun Peng,1 Zhi-Feng Sheng,1 Xi-Yu Wu,1 Xian-Ping Wu,1 Feng Wu,2 Ling-Qing Yuan,1 Er-Yuan Liao1 1Institute of Metabolism and Endocrinology, 2Department of Pathology, The Second Xiangya Hospital, Central South University, Changsha, Hunan, People’s Republic of China Abstract: With the progressive aging of the population, osteoporosis has gradually grown into a global health problem for men and women aged 50 years and older because of its consequence...

  12. Pop / Andri Riid

    Riid, Andri, 1972-


    Heliplaatidest: Nice Try "Nice Try", Wu Tang Clan "8 Diagrams", Niki "Äike päike", Röövel Ööbik "Popsubterranea", Tijuana Mon Amour Broadcasting Inc. "Cold Jubilee (of the Snowqueen), "Holy Fuck "LP"

  13. Unearthing the Past

    Bagger-Petersen, Mai Corlin


    Wu Wenguang, considered the father of independent Chinese documentary film, has since 2005 slowly but surely been handing over the camera to people on the margins and to younger generations of Chinese documentary filmmaking. In 2010 Wu and Caochangdi Workstation initiated the Folk Memory Document......Wu Wenguang, considered the father of independent Chinese documentary film, has since 2005 slowly but surely been handing over the camera to people on the margins and to younger generations of Chinese documentary filmmaking. In 2010 Wu and Caochangdi Workstation initiated the Folk Memory...... Documentary Project, where young filmmakers go to the countryside to gather and document memories of the Great Famine (1959-1961) from elderly villagers....

  14. Dollar Summary of Federal Supply Classification and Service Category by Company, FY88. Part 6. (Z129-Z299).


    P- " 22 "- < ɜ a 2 a A C A a 0 cI 0 0 04 04 x4 0. 0) w) tic 4w w4 4) 0 C 4 4 4) - ZO 3 C.) m£ nL HZZ Z H 22 1 2 . .3 C I.I VI I e I l I j I -4 .1 am...u) U) W) W LU U) U) U) UJ U) U) W) U) WWU U) ) U ) w U) U) U) z . 01 -1 1 U w wU LU 09 wU wU wU LU cc w w U WLU CK cc w U Ix w U CE W- cc Uix aULa U

  15. Media and Security Team

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The Media And Security Team led by Prof. Min Wu was established in Fall 2001 at University of Maryland, College Park. A number of research and education activities...

  16. The Choices of Childhood



    Young employees at Zhangjiagang City’s Knitwear Import and Export Corporation treat middle-aged Director Wu Jing as their mother. They not only admire her capabilities, but also place faith in her ability to help them with the vicissitudes of life. Many of the corporation’s young employees are college graduates from various parts of the country. When faced with personal problems, such as failed or failing love affairs, marriage disputes or gaining kindergarten admittance for their children, they seek the help of Wu Jing, who exhibits great concern and offers motherly advice. Wu was faced with the responsibilities of motherhood at the tender age of 13. Wu Jing tells her stow below.

  17. Contents and Abstracts


    Li Ying, Ph.D Candidate, Institute tor the History orAncient Civilizations, Northeast Normal University, Changchun, Jilin, 130024, China; Wu Yuhong, Professor, Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations, Northeast Normal University, Changchun, Jilin, 130024, China.

  18. Enhancement production of qinlingmycin by a soil- derived ...



    Sep 19, 2011 ... Light touching the tube, the deposited ... contained red-blue clone was determined and by an optics- microscope (Wu, 2004). .... eyes observation. The earlier ... Glycine concentration is a sensitive factor for the protoplast ...

  19. China Report, Economic Affairs No. 349


    Mar 83) .. 3 ECONOMIC MANAGEMENT Definition , Content of Economic Results Summarized (Wu Xiangjun; XINHUA RIBAO, 5 Apr 83) estimates and of economic and technical information. 10019 CSO: 4006/504 ECONOMIC MANAGEMENT DEFINITION , CONTENT OF ECONOMIC RESULTS

  20. Measured and Calculated Volumes of Wetland Depressions

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — Measured and calculated volumes of wetland depressions This dataset is associated with the following publication: Wu, Q., and C. Lane. Delineation and quantification...

  1. Muscular disease


    970393 Polymyositis animal model and glucosidorumtriptery giitotorum therapy. WU Yongquin(武勇琴),et al. Dept Neurol, Huashan Hosp, Shanghai 2nd MedUniv, Shanghai, 200040. Chin J Nerv & Ment Dis1997; 23(17): 29-31.

  2. Comparison theorems for neutral stochastic functional differential equations

    Bai, Xiaoming; Jiang, Jifa


    The comparison theorems under Wu and Freedman's order are proved for neutral stochastic functional differential equations with finite or infinite delay whose drift terms satisfy the quasimonotone condition and diffusion term is the same.

  3. Longfeng Textile Strives for Excellence

    Zhao Fei


    The reporter of the magazine found an opportunity to have an interview with Wu Xiujian, vice- general manager of Longfeng Textile, in terms of its products, marketing, competitive advantages, the feeling of the show, etc.

  4. Anti-Secession Law Reflects Common Will



    @@ Chinese top legislator Wu Bangguo on Dec.29, 2004 promised that the 10th National People's Congress (NPC) would do its best to fully reflect the common will of all Chinese people in making the anti-secession law.

  5. QTL Information Table: 612 [Q-TARO

    Full Text Available Li, M.S., Wu, J.H., and Luo, L.J. (2005). Grain yield responses to moisture regimes in a rice population: association among traits and genetic markers. Theor Appl Genet 112, 106-113. ...

  6. Autism and green space_clean

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — Autism and green space metrics in California elementary school districts. This dataset is associated with the following publication: Wu, J., and L. Jackson. Inverse...

  7. Genetic heterogeneity of noncompaction

    Josef Finsterer; Claudia St(o)llberger


    @@ To the Editor: With interest we read the article by Wu et al1 on a 53-year male with agenesia of the right lung and left-ventricular hypertrabeculation / noncompaction (LVHT). The paper raises the following concerns.

  8. More Than 1 in 10 Pilots Suffer from Depression, Survey Finds

    ... author Alex Wu, the study "hints at the prevalence of depression among pilots -- a group of professionals that is responsible for thousands of lives every day -- and underscores the importance of accurately assessing pilots' mental health and increasing ...


    new polyomaviruses — WU and I

  10. China's Cultural Industry Development in Governments' Eyes

    Cai Wu; Wang Taihua; Liu Binjie; Zhang Shaochun


    * Cai Wu,Minister of the Ministry of Culture The implementation of the Cultural Industry Promotion Plan will have a very significant impact not just on China's cultural development, but also the entire national economic and social development.



    20160428 Chen Chixin(Key Laboratory of Marine Mineral Resource,MLR,Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey,Guangzhou510075,China);Wu Cong Diatom Assemblages from Borehole ZK201-2in Zhongshan Area of the Zhujiang River Delta Guangdong

  12. DS-Connect: The Down Syndrome Registry

    ... Balance Control and Motor Strategy in Children with Down syndrome Dr. Jerry Wu at Georgia State University is conducting ... Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) National Cancer Institute ( ...

  13. Correction: Molecular evolution of the keratin associated protein gene family in mammals, role in the evolution of mammalian hair

    Irwin David M


    Full Text Available Abstract Correction to Wu DD, Irwin DM, Zhang YP: Molecular evolution of the keratin associated protein gene family in mammals, role in the evolution of mammalian hair. BMC Evol Biol 2008, 8:241.



    In March 12, former leaders in metallurgy industry circle Gao Yangwen, Lin Zesheng, Duan Dingbo, General Manager of China National Nonferrous Metals Industry Corporation(CNNC)Fei Ziwen, Vice General Manager He Boquan, Assistant General Manager Wu Gong, directors of

  15. A New 6,7-Seco-Ent-Kaurane Diterpenoid from Isodon eriocalyx Var. laxiflora


    A new 6,7-seco-ent-kaurane diterpenoid, together with two known ones, was isolated from the leaves of Isodon eriocalyx var. laxiflora C. Y. Wu & H. W. Li. Their structures were established by spectroscopic methods.

  16. AFRREV IJAH, Vol.1 (4) November, 2012

    First Lady

    esteem, strong academic self-concept); (b) background variables (working mother, supportive father .... The self-awareness exercise apart from generation personal critical for matching self and .... Druva-Roush, C.A., & Wu, Z. (1989). Gender ...

  17. Pop / Andri Riid

    Riid, Andri, 1972-


    Heliplaatidest: Nice Try "Nice Try", Wu Tang Clan "8 Diagrams", Niki "Äike päike", Röövel Ööbik "Popsubterranea", Tijuana Mon Amour Broadcasting Inc. "Cold Jubilee (of the Snowqueen), "Holy Fuck "LP"

  18. Study on Effect of alfalfa, ryegrass and wheat middlings contents in ...



    Mar 13, 2013 ... Berghman LR, Van Beemen J, Decuypere E, Kuhn ER, Vandesande F. (1988). ... of digestion kinetics of two fibre sources in geese (Anseris). S. Afr. J. Anim. Sci. ... Ravindran V, Wu YB, Thomas DG., Morel PCH (2006).

  19. Spectral wave climatology off Ratnagiri, northeast Arabian Sea

    Nair, M.A.; SanilKumar, V.

    -41. Goswami BN, Guoxiong Wu, Yasunari T (2010) The Annual Cycle, Intraseasonal Oscillations, and Roadblock to Seasonal Predictability of the Asian Summer Monsoon. Journal of Climate 19: 20, 5078- 5099. Hanson JL, Phillips OM (2001) Automated analysis...

  20. Periodic Solution of the Hematopoiesis Equation

    Ji-Huan He


    Full Text Available Wu and Liu (2012 presented some results for the existence and uniqueness of the periodic solutions for the hematopoiesis model. This paper gives a simple approach to find an approximate period of the model.

  1. Dissolving and biodegradable microneedle technologies for transdermal sustained delivery of drug and vaccine

    Hong X; Wei L; Wu F; Wu Z.; Chen L.; Liu Z; Yuan W


    Xiaoyun Hong,1,2,* Liangming Wei,3,* Fei Wu,2,* Zaozhan Wu,2 Lizhu Chen,2 Zhenguo Liu,1 Weien Yuan2 1Department of Neurology, Xinhua Hospital, Shanghai, People's Republic of China; 2School of Pharmacy, Shanghai JiaoTong University, Shanghai, People's Republic of China; 3Research Institute of Micro/Nano Science and Technology, Shanghai JiaoTong University, Shanghai, People's Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this work Abstract: Microneedles were ...

  2. Loop-Extended Symbolic Execution on Binary Programs


    ARG “-d aaaaaaaaa-2” “-d 4222222222-2” 1/1 676 11 Sendmail 7 DNS Response Fmt TXT Record : “aaa” Record : “a” (32 times) 1/1 237 16 WuFTP 1...discovery of linear restraints among variables of a program. In POPL, 1978. [17] J. R. Crandall, S. F. Wu, and F. T. Chong. Minos: Architectural support for

  3. Dysregulation of RNA Interference in Breast Cancer


    Suppression of tumor growth by anti-miRNA-21 Min-Liang Si, Hailong Wu, Zhaohui Lu, Fangting Wu and Yin-Yuan Mo Department of Medical Microbiology , Immunology... Medical Microbiology , Immunology and Cell Biology, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, Springfield, IL MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are ~22...of Medical Microbiology , Immunology and Cell Biology, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, Springfield, IL, USA MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are

  4. A 3-D Global History from a Glober Identity ina Noncentric and Holistic Perspective


    Wu Yujin (吴于廑,1913-1993) was a renownedhistorian in the world history research field inChina. Graduated from Harvard University with aPhD and returned to China in 1947, Wu became ahistory professor at Wuhan University and workedthere for the rest of his life. His earlier academicinterests were mainly devoted to earlier Chinesehistory and comparative history of China and theWestern world regarding kingship and law underfeudalism.

  5. A Game Theoretic Model Of Strategic Conflict In Cyberspace


    by Shiva , Dasgupta, and Wu (2010). They develop a taxonomy of game theoretic models with two broad categories:  Static versus Dynamic. A “one date on cyber conflict deals only with noncooperative games. In the taxonomy of Shiva et al. (2010) our proposed model is a noncooperative, dynamic...approach for cyber situational awareness. SPIE’s Defense and Security Symposium, Orlando, FL. Shiva , S., Dasgupta, D., & Wu, O. (2010). Game theoretic

  6. Quadric Resistive Sheet Profile for Wideband Antennas

    Z. Raida


    Full Text Available A new type of a nonreflecting resistive dipole antenna with quadric continuous resistivity profile is presented in this paper. The antenna is mathematically described and compared with the antenna originally proposed by Wu and King. The verification of a proposed theory and the comparison between Wu-King and quadric profile are carried out by simulation models that were designed for this purpose. The attention is turned to the proper attenuation of a wave excited on the resistive sheet, especially.

  7. Evidence for the two-body nature of the E1 transition operator in the sdf-interacting boson model

    Barfield, A. F.; von Brentano, P.; Dewald, A.; Zell, K. O.; Zamfir, N. V.; Bucurescu, D.; Ivaşcu, M.; Scholten, O.


    Two new absolute transition rates are reported for the nucleus144Sm following an ( α, α') Coulomb excitation study. They are B(E3; 3-→ 0+)=(38±3) W.u. and B(E1;3- → 2+)=(2.8±0.4)×10-3 W.u. This large E1 matrix element, along with the previously known B(E1; 1- →+) value support the interpretation of

  8. 吴仪:中美贸易关系的本质是双赢关系


    Chinese Vice-Premier Wu Yi, who led China s delegation to the Second China-US Strategic Economic Dialogue (SED), said Sino-US trade creates a win-win situation. In her article, published in The Wall Street Journal on May 17, Wu noted that China and the United States depend on each other in trade, despite some disputes. In essence, she wrote, it is a kind of mutually beneficial relationship.

  9. Modeling and Simulation Environment for Critical Infrastructure Protection


    Alabama, April 2-6, 2006 (CD- ROM) 77. Somesh Jha, Louis Kruger, Thomas G. Kurtz, Yoonjung Lee, Adam Smith , and Zhengxiao Wu, Optimal filtering...Association. Maastricht, the Netherlands. 87. Somesh Jha, Louis Kruger, Thomas G. Kurtz, Yoonjung Lee, Adam Smith , and Zhengxiao Wu, Optimal filtering...and Prospects, Siena, Italy, 2005 140. Thomas G. Kurtz, Somesh Jha, Yoonjung Lee, and Adam Smith . Optimal Filtering Techniques for Intrusion



    Influence of Madam Wu Forbes magazine describes her as proud, elegant and intelligent and recently ranked her third most influential woman in the world in its annual power poll. Chinese Vice Premier Wu Yi, widely regarded as the country's top woman politician, is in potent company in the upper echelons of the poll. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is in top spot, with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in second place.

  11. Wage Discrimination in Urban China: How Hukou Status Affects Migrant Pay

    Xiaogang Wu; Zhuoni Zhang


    Prof. Xiaogang Wu, an HKUST Faculty Associate and Professor of Social Science at HKUST, investigates the earnings disadvantages faced by rural Chinese migrants in urban cities as compared to their local urban counterparts, and uses empirical evidence to conclude that such disadvantages are largely attributable to occupational segregation based on workers' hukou (residency) status. Prof. Wu's findings carry important implications for hukou-related reform policies aimed at better assimilating r...

  12. Three synonyms of Annonaceae in China%中国番荔枝科植物三新异名

    侯学良; 李秉滔


    报道了3个新异名,即西藏暗罗Polyalthia chinensis S.K.Wu & P.T.Li、Enicosanthellum plagioneurum var.oblanceolatum Ban和桂南瓜馥木Fissistigma guinanense Y.wan,分别并入疣叶暗罗P.verrucipes C.Y.Wu ex P.T.Li、云桂暗罗P.petelotii Merr.和凹叶瓜馥木Fissistigma retusum(Lévl.)Rehd..

  13. Better Steganalysis (BEST) - Reduction of Interfering Influence of Image Content on Steganalysis


    Ph.D.Thesis – Ciclo XXI. [3] Giacomo Cancelli, Gwenaël Doërr, Ingemar J. Cox, and Mauro Barni. Detection of ±1 LSB steganography based on the...2008. [4] Sorina Dumitrescu, Xiaolin Wu, and Zhe Wang. Detection of LSB steganography via sample pair analysis. In Fabien A. P. Petitcolas, editor...Xiaolin Wu, and Zhe Wang. Detection of LSB steganography via sample pair analysis. IEEE Trans. of Signal Processing, 51:1995–2007, 2003. [6] Jessica

  14. The Role of BRCA1/BARD1 Heterodimers in the Mitosis-Interphase Transition


    Littlepage, L., Wu, H., and Ruderman, J. V. (2003). Aurora A, meiosis and mitosis. Biol Cell 96, 215-229. Deng, C. X., and Wang, R. H. (2003...mitosis. J. Cell Biol. 120, 947–957. Crane, R., Gadea, B., Littlepage, L., Wu, H., and Ruderman, J.V. (2003). Aurora A, meiosis and mitosis. Biol. Cell...and the mitotic state. Extract naturally arrested in metaphase of meiosis II (CSF-arrested extract) was prepared by crushing unfertilized eggs in

  15. Summary of Research 1993


    Language, backend database. User Interface. PUDLICATIOU. Wu, C.T., *An Integrated Visual Environment for Relational Databases,0 HCI International Conference...Orlando, FL, August 1993. COSFES PRESENTATION: Wu, C.T., "An Integrated Visual Environment for Relational Databases,0 poster presentation at the HCI ...Psychological Association, Toronto, Canada, August 1993. 662 Thomam, R.W. and Tymon, W.G., Jr., *An Interpretive Approach to Empowerment ? Ja pirica1

  16. Object—Oriented Analysis of ELIMINO

    林东岱; 刘卓军


    ELIMINO is a mathematical research system developed for the implementation of Wu's method,a powerful method for polynomial equation system solving and geometric theorem proving.The aim of ELIMINO is to provide user a programmable interpreting environment to use Wu's method in scientific research and engineering computation.In this paper,the development of ELIMINO system is outlined and the techniques adopted are discussed,then some details about the aobject-oriented analysis of ELIMINO are presented.

  17. Focused Ion Beam Milling Applied in Future Tunable-Wavelength Nano-LED’s Fabrication


    Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 40, 2044-2049 (2009) 2. Shang-En Wu, Yu-Wen Huang, Tao-Hung Hsueh, and Chuan-Pu Liu, Japanese Journal of Applied Physics , 47...4906-4908 (2008) 3. Shang-En Wu, Tao-Hung Hsueh, Chuan-Pu Liu, Jinn-Kong Sheu, Wei-Chih Lai, and Shoou-Jinn Chang, Japanese Journal of Applied Physics , 47

  18. The Deep End


    China's seniors have warmed up to winter swimming, but in some cases these 'polar bears' are breaking the law Wu Shoutian, a 59-year-old Beijing resident, swam every day in 2004. In the winter of 2005, he stopped for two weeks when his 88-year-old mother was sick and needed care. Wu, retired from an auto supply company in Beijing, has insisted on swimming

  19. Crossing the Cultural Divide

    Zhou Xiaoyan


    American TV shows and their impact on the lives of Chinese youth Not everyone is as lucky as Monica Wu, who knew exactly what she wants to do with her life since she was a little girl. "I want to open a shop," said Wu. "That's what I want to do for a living. But I don't know what kind of shop or where to mak

  20. Uncertainty of Wheat Water Use: Simulated Patterns and Sensitivity to Temperature and CO2

    Cammarano, Davide; Roetter, Reimund P.; Asseng, Senthold; Ewert, Frank; Wallach, Daniel; Martre, Pierre; Hatfield, Jerry L.; Jones, James W.; Rosenzweig, Cynthia E.; Ruane, Alex C.; Boote, Kenneth J.; Thorburn, Peter J.; Kersebaum, Kurt Christian; Aggarwal, Pramod K.; Angulo, Carlos; Basso, Bruno; Bertuzzi, Patrick; Biernath, Christian; Brisson, Nadine; Challinor, Andrew J.; Doltra, Jordi; Gayler, Sebastian; Goldberg, Richie; Heng, Lee; Steduto, Pasquale


    Projected global warming and population growth will reduce future water availability for agriculture. Thus, it is essential to increase the efficiency in using water to ensure crop productivity. Quantifying crop water use (WU; i.e. actual evapotranspiration) is a critical step towards this goal. Here, sixteen wheat simulation models were used to quantify sources of model uncertainty and to estimate the relative changes and variability between models for simulated WU, water use efficiency (WUE, WU per unit of grain dry mass produced), transpiration efficiency (Teff, transpiration per kg of unit of grain yield dry mass produced), grain yield, crop transpiration and soil evaporation at increased temperatures and elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations ([CO2]). The greatest uncertainty in simulating water use, potential evapotranspiration, crop transpiration and soil evaporation was due to differences in how crop transpiration was modelled and accounted for 50 of the total variability among models. The simulation results for the sensitivity to temperature indicated that crop WU will decline with increasing temperature due to reduced growing seasons. The uncertainties in simulated crop WU, and in particularly due to uncertainties in simulating crop transpiration, were greater under conditions of increased temperatures and with high temperatures in combination with elevated atmospheric [CO2] concentrations. Hence the simulation of crop WU, and in particularly crop transpiration under higher temperature, needs to be improved and evaluated with field measurements before models can be used to simulate climate change impacts on future crop water demand.

  1. Solving SAT by Algorithm Transform of Wu‘s Method

    贺思敏; 张钹


    Recently algorithms for solving propositional satisfiability problem, or SAT,have aroused great interest,and more attention has been paid to transformation problem solving.The commonly used transformation is representation transform,but since its intermediate computing procedure is a black box from the viewpoint of the original problem,this approach has many limitations.In this paper,a new approach called algorithm transform is proposed and applied to solving SAT by Wu's method,a general algorithm for solving polynomial equations.B y establishing the correspondence between the primitive operation in Wu's method and clause resolution is SAT,it is shown that Wu's method,when used for solving SAT,,is primarily a restricted clause resolution procedure.While Wu's method introduces entirely new concepts.e.g.characteristic set of clauses,to resolution procedure,the complexity result of resolution procedure suggests an exponential lower bound to Wu's method for solving general polynomial equations.Moreover,this algorithm transform can help achieve a more efficient implementation of Wu's method since it can avoid the complex manipulation of polynomials and can make the best use of domain specific knowledge.

  2. From the "thought of body - mind unification physical education" to "that of all - brain physical education"——On the formation, connotation and value of body - mind unification physical education by WU Yun - rui and YUAN Dun - li%从"身心一统体育教育思想"到"全脑体育教育思想"——兼论吴蕴瑞、袁敦礼"心身一统体育教育思想"的形成、内涵与价值




  3. 基于高分辨率遥感影像的乌拉山北坡中小型铁矿开采对生态环境的影响分析-以五不台铁矿采矿工程为例%Impact and Analysis of the Ecological Environment of the Wula shan's Northern Slope Small and Medium-Sized Iron Mine based on Remote Sensing of Hi-Resolution Satellites-Example to the Wu BuTai iron mining project

    陶赛喜雅拉图; 吴孟根巴根; 胡志勇


      在GIS平台支持下利用建设前、后的矿区SPOT 5高分辨率卫星影像,对矿区的土地利用动态变化进行解译,并得到矿区的工程占地面积,通过建立转移矩阵获得矿区的土地利用类型转化情况,从而分析铁矿开采对矿区生态环境的影响。%By adopting the SPOT 5 High-Resolution Satellite images of the mining area before and after the construction with the sup-port from GIS platform, we offer explanation on the dynamic changes for the land use in the mining area while acquiring the covering area of the project in mining area.Therefore, we conclude the influence of iron mining operation on the ecological environment of mining area with the information concerning the transformation of land use which was confirmed with the help of transition matrix .


    徐正会; 周兴国


    记述中国塔蚁属Pyramica Roger昆虫26种,其中描述3新种,提出1个新组合Pyramica dayui(Xu).提供了各个种的地理分布,编制了25种工蚁分种检索表,台湾塔蚁P.formosa(Terayama,Lin & Wu)仅知蚁后.26个中国已知种是:多氏塔蚁P.doherti(Emery),平岛塔蚁P.hirashimai (Ogata),命运塔蚁P.1achesis Bolton,王氏塔蚁P.emeswangiBolton,节膜塔蚁P.membranifera(Emery),高作塔蚁P.takasago(Terayama,Lin&Wu),弄巴塔蚁P.nongba sp.nov.,威氏塔蚁P.wilsoni Wang,日本塔蚁P.japonica(Ito),山地塔蚁P.formosimonticola(Terayama,Lin & Wu),典剑塔蚁P.benten(Terayama,Lin&Wu),细毛塔蚁P.leptothrix (Wheeler),高雅塔蚁P.elegantula(Terayama & Kubota),哀牢山塔蚁P.ailaoshana sp.nov.,玛祖塔蚁P.mazu(Terayama,Lin & Wu),吉上塔蚁P.kichijo(Terayama,Lin & Wu),杨氏塔蚁P.yangi sp.nov.,中华塔蚁P.sinensis Wang,六节塔蚁P.hexamera(Brown),提西塔蚁P.tisiphone Bolton,大禹塔蚁P.dayui(Xu),犬齿塔蚁P.canina(Brown & Boisvert),邵氏塔蚁P.sauteri(Forel),温和塔蚁P.mitis Brown,截头塔蚁P.mutica(Brown),台湾塔蚁P.formosa (Terayama,Lin&Wu).%Twenty-six species of the ant genus Pyramica Roger are recorded in China. Three new species are described and one new combination, Pyramica dayui (Xu) is proposed. Geographic distribution is provided for each species. A key is prepared for 25 species based on worker caste. P. formosa (Terayama, Lin & Wu) is known only from queen caste. The 26 known Chinese species are: P. doherti (Emery), P. hirashimai (Ogata), P. lachesis Bolton, P. emeswangi Bolton, P. membranifera (Emery), P. takasago (Terayama, Lin & Wu), P. nongba sp. nov., P. wilsoni Wang, P. japonica (Ito), P. formosimonticola (Terayama, Lin & Wu), P. benten (Terayama, Lin & Wu), P. leptothrix (Wheeler), P. elegantula (Terayama & Kubota), P. ailaoshana sp. nov. , P. mazu (Terayama, Lin & Wu), P. kichijo (Terayama, Lin & Wu), P. yangi sp. nov., P. sinensis Wang, P. hexamera (Brown), P. tisiphone Bolton, P

  5. Acute and Time-Course Effects of Traditional and Dynamic Warm-Up Routines in Young Elite Junior Tennis Players.

    Ayala, Francisco; Moreno-Pérez, Víctor; Vera-Garcia, Francisco J; Moya, Manuel; Sanz-Rivas, David; Fernandez-Fernandez, Jaime


    Despite the large number of studies that have examined the acute effects of different warm up modalities (WU) on physical performance, none of them have documented the time course of potential performance recovery in tennis players. The aim of this study was twofold: (a) to analyze and compare the acute effects of two different WU modalities (traditional WU [TWU] and dynamic WU [DWU]) on physical performance (i.e., CMJ, sprint, serve speed and accuracy) in elite junior players, as well as (b) to monitor the time course of any WU-induced changes after 30 and 60 min of simulated match-play. Twelve junior elite players completed both WUs modalities (TWU and DWU) in a counterbalanced order on separate days. In each experimental session, counter movement jump (CMJ), 20-m sprint, tennis serve speed and accuracy tests were performed before (immediately after TWU or DWU) during (30 min) and after 60 min of a simulated match play. Measures were compared via four factorial (WU intervention and time) repeated measures ANOVAs. There were main effects of WU (TWU and DWU) throughout the time for all the variables analysed. The results indicate that DWU routine led to significantly faster 20 m sprint times and higher CMJs as well as faster and more accurate tennis serves at both post warm-up and 30 min match-play testing moments in comparison with the scores reported by the TWU routine (p 75-99%). No significant intergroup differences were found at 60-min match-play testing moment in any variable (except for the 20 m sprint). Therefore, the findings of this study recommend for optimal performance in these elite tennis players, DWU routines should be performed prior to formal training and competition rather than TWU routines.

  6. Effects of general, specific and combined warm-up on explosive muscular performance

    David Cristobal Andrade


    Full Text Available The purpose of this study was to compare the acute effects of general, specific and combined warm-up (WU on explosive performance. Healthy male (n=10 subjects participated in six WU protocols in a crossover randomized study design. Protocols were: passive rest (PR; 15 min of passive rest, running (Run; 5 min of running at 70% of maximum heart rate, stretching (STR; 5 min of static stretching exercise, jumping [Jump; 5 min of jumping exercises – 3x8 countermovement jumps (CMJ and 3x8 drop jumps from 60 cm (DJ60], and combined (COM; protocols Run + STR + Jump combined. Immediately before and after each WU, subjects were assessed for explosive concentric-only (i.e. squat jump – SJ, slow stretch-shortening cycle (i.e. CMJ, fast stretch-shortening cycle (i.e. DJ60 and contact time (CT muscle performance. PR significantly reduced SJ performance (p =0.007. Run increased SJ (p =0.0001 and CMJ (p =0.002. STR increased CMJ (p =0.048. Specific WU (i.e. Jump increased SJ (p =0.001, CMJ (p =0.028 and DJ60 (p =0.006 performance. COM increased CMJ performance (p =0.006. Jump was superior in SJ performance vs. PR (p =0.001. Jump reduced (p =0.03 CT in DJ60. In conclusion, general, specific and combined WU increase slow stretch-shortening cycle (SSC muscle performance, but only specific WU increases fast SSC muscle performance. Therefore, to increase fast SSC performance, specific fast SSC muscle actions must be included during the WU.

  7. Acute and Time-Course Effects of Traditional and Dynamic Warm-Up Routines in Young Elite Junior Tennis Players

    Moreno-Pérez, Víctor; Vera-Garcia, Francisco J.; Moya, Manuel; Sanz-Rivas, David


    Despite the large number of studies that have examined the acute effects of different warm up modalities (WU) on physical performance, none of them have documented the time course of potential performance recovery in tennis players. The aim of this study was twofold: (a) to analyze and compare the acute effects of two different WU modalities (traditional WU [TWU] and dynamic WU [DWU]) on physical performance (i.e., CMJ, sprint, serve speed and accuracy) in elite junior players, as well as (b) to monitor the time course of any WU-induced changes after 30 and 60 min of simulated match-play. Twelve junior elite players completed both WUs modalities (TWU and DWU) in a counterbalanced order on separate days. In each experimental session, counter movement jump (CMJ), 20-m sprint, tennis serve speed and accuracy tests were performed before (immediately after TWU or DWU) during (30 min) and after 60 min of a simulated match play. Measures were compared via four factorial (WU intervention and time) repeated measures ANOVAs. There were main effects of WU (TWU and DWU) throughout the time for all the variables analysed. The results indicate that DWU routine led to significantly faster 20 m sprint times and higher CMJs as well as faster and more accurate tennis serves at both post warm-up and 30 min match-play testing moments in comparison with the scores reported by the TWU routine (p 75–99%). No significant intergroup differences were found at 60-min match-play testing moment in any variable (except for the 20 m sprint). Therefore, the findings of this study recommend for optimal performance in these elite tennis players, DWU routines should be performed prior to formal training and competition rather than TWU routines. PMID:27071014

  8. Pre-Exercise Hyperpnea Attenuates Exercise-Induced Bronchoconstriction Without Affecting Performance

    Eichenberger, Philipp A.; Scherer, Thomas A.; Spengler, Christina M.


    Whole-body warm-up exercises were shown to attenuate exercise-induced bronchoconstriction (EIB). Whether intense pre-exercise hyperpnea offers similar protection and whether this might negatively affect exercise performance is unknown. Nine subjects with EIB (25±5 yrs; forced expiratory volume in 1s [FEV1], 104±15% predicted) performed an exercise challenge (ECh) followed—after 30min—by a constant-load cycling test to exhaustion. The ECh was preceded by one of four conditions: by i) control warm-up (CON) or by 10min of normocapnic hyperpnea with partial rebreathing at either ii) 50% (WU50) or iii) variable intensity (8x 30s-80%/45s-30%; WU80/30), or at iv) 70% (WU70) of maximal voluntary ventilation. FEV1 was measured at baseline and in 5-min intervals until 15min after CON/warm-up and 30min after ECh. None of the warm-up conditions induced EIB. The maximal post-ECh decrease in FEV1 was -13.8±3.1% after CON, −9.3±5.0% after WU50 (p = 0.081 vs. CON), −8.6±7.5% after WU80/30 (p = 0.081 vs. CON) and −7.2±5.0% after WU70 (p = 0.006 vs. CON), and perception of respiratory exertion was significantly attenuated (all p≤0.048), with no difference between warm-up conditions. Only after CON, FEV1 remained significantly reduced up to the start of the cycling endurance test (−8.0±4.3%, p = 0.004). Cycling performance did not differ significantly between test days (CON: 13±7min; WU50: 14±9min; WU80/30: 13±9min; WU70: 14±7min; p = 0.582). These data indicate that intense hyperpnea warm-up is effective in attenuating EIB severity and accelerating lung function recovery while none of the warm-up condition do compromise cycling performance. PMID:27898744

  9. Comparison of the effects of active, passive and mixed warm ups on swimming performance.

    Adams, S; Psycharakis, S G


    The aim of this paper was to compare the effects of an active (AWU), passive (PWU) and mixed warm up (MWU) on swimming performance. Eight male competitive swimmers completed each type of WU and, following a 20-minute rest, performed a maximum 100m test on their specialised stroke. The order of WUs was randomized and there was a 7-day period between subsequent testing sessions. The time taken to complete the 100m trial was the performance measure. The rating of perceived exertion (RPE) was measured immediately post WU, while heart rate (HR) was measured pre and post WU and pre and post the maximum swim. During the 20-minute rest, the swimmers' psychological state was assessed with the CSAI-2 questionnaire. Post WU HR and RPE had the lowest values following the AWU and the highest values following the PWU (Pswimming performance. The MWU produced nearly identical values to the AWU for most variables, and was therefore found to be an appropriate alternative WU type that swimmers may use before competition. The PWU also seemed to be appropriate, but the somewhat worse performance and lower cognitive anxiety and self confidence scores recorded, albeit non-significant, suggested that more swimmers and distances are tested before any firm conclusions regarding its effectiveness can be drawn.

  10. A weighted U-statistic for genetic association analyses of sequencing data.

    Wei, Changshuai; Li, Ming; He, Zihuai; Vsevolozhskaya, Olga; Schaid, Daniel J; Lu, Qing


    With advancements in next-generation sequencing technology, a massive amount of sequencing data is generated, which offers a great opportunity to comprehensively investigate the role of rare variants in the genetic etiology of complex diseases. Nevertheless, the high-dimensional sequencing data poses a great challenge for statistical analysis. The association analyses based on traditional statistical methods suffer substantial power loss because of the low frequency of genetic variants and the extremely high dimensionality of the data. We developed a Weighted U Sequencing test, referred to as WU-SEQ, for the high-dimensional association analysis of sequencing data. Based on a nonparametric U-statistic, WU-SEQ makes no assumption of the underlying disease model and phenotype distribution, and can be applied to a variety of phenotypes. Through simulation studies and an empirical study, we showed that WU-SEQ outperformed a commonly used sequence kernel association test (SKAT) method when the underlying assumptions were violated (e.g., the phenotype followed a heavy-tailed distribution). Even when the assumptions were satisfied, WU-SEQ still attained comparable performance to SKAT. Finally, we applied WU-SEQ to sequencing data from the Dallas Heart Study (DHS), and detected an association between ANGPTL 4 and very low density lipoprotein cholesterol.

  11. Construction and Genetic Analysis of Murine Hepatitis Virus Strain A59 Nsp16 Temperature Sensitive Mutant and the Revertant Virus

    Guo-hui Chang; Bao-jun Luo; Pin Lu; Lei Lin; Xiao-yan Wu; Jing Li; Yi Hu; Qing-yu Zhu


    Coronaviruses (CoVs) are generally associated with respiratory and enteric infections and have long been recognized as important pathogens of livestock and companion animals. Mouse hepatitis virus (MHV) is a widely studied model system for Coronavirus replication and pathogenesis. In this study, we created a MHV-A59 temperature sensitive (ts) mutant Wu"-ts18(cd) using the recombinant vaccinia reverse genetics system. Virus replication assay in 17C1-1 cells showed the plaque phenotype and replication characterization of constructed Wu"-ts18(cd) were indistinguishable from the reported ts mutant Wu"-ts 18. Then we cultured the ts mutant Wu"-ts 18(cd) at non-permissive temperature 39.5℃, which "forced" the ts recombinant virus to use second-site mutation to revert from a ts to a non-ts phenotype. Sequence analysis showed most of the revertants had the same single amino acid mutation at Nsp16 position 43. The single amino acid mutation at Nsp16 position 76 or position 130 could also revert the ts mutant Wu"-ts 18 (cd) to non-ts phenotype, an additional independent mutation in Nsp13 position 115 played an important role on plaque size. The results provided us with genetic information on the functional determinants of Nsp16. This allowed us to build up a more reasonable model of CoVs replication-transcription complex.

  12. A New Species of the Genus Armeniaca (Rosaceae)%杏属(蔷薇科)一新种

    张加延; 吴相祝


    A new species of the genus Armeniaca, Rosaceae-A. xianjuxing J. Y. Zhang et Z. X. Wu was found. The distinction between A. xianjuxing J. Y. Zhang et Z. X. Wu and Armeniaca vulgaris Lam are both sides of leaves with sophie short hair, the length of pedicel or stalk is 1-1. 2 cm, the petal margin is crenation or lobule, and the edge of calyx with small blunt sawtooth.%发表了蔷薇科杏属的一个新种,即仙居杏(Armeniaca Xianjuxing J.Y.Zhang et Z.X.Wu),其与普通杏(Armeniaca vulgaris Lam.)的区别在于叶片两面具有短柔毛,花梗或果梗长1~1.2 cm,花瓣边缘钝锯齿或小裂片状,萼片边缘有小钝锯齿.

  13. 关于吴方法应用在非线性规划问题中的几个测试问题



    The nonlinear programming problems are important in mathematics applications.They are usually solved by various kinds of numerical methods.This will give solutions in the from of local extremal values but not necessarily global optimal ones.The present paper shows how to solve the nonlinear programming problems by the MM-method(Mathematics-Mechanization method)or Wu's method.Wu's method is different from the numerical method in that the computations are symbolic instead of numerial ones.Theoretically it is based on computer algebra and algebraic geometry.The author uses the computer to get complete global solutions of some practical test problems in the nonlinear programming.The computations shows that Wu's methtod is concise for solving the nonlinear programming problems,and is also quite efficient.

  14. Correction: Long, H. et al. More Wind Power Integration with Adjusted Energy Carriers for Space Heating in Northern China. Energies 2012, 5, 3279-3294.

    Li Guo


    Full Text Available In the original version of the article published in Energies [1], insufficient acknowledgement was given for the contributors Mr. Li Guo and Prof. Kai Wu in Xi’an Jiaotong University. The main work was completed by the research group in Xi’an Jiaotong University led by Prof. Kai Wu.  Mr. Li Guo was his master student who gave a lot of efforts in the measurement of daily loads of heating and electricity in different families, and his data was used in Section 2.1. Prof. Kai Wu was involved in the whole work; he put forward the basic idea, made the research plan and participated in the detailed discussion about the algorithm for calculation. [...

  15. Response to Niklasson's comment on Lin, et al. (2012) : "the relation between postural movement and bilateral motor integration".

    Lin, Chin-Kai; Kuo, Bor-Chen; Wu, Huey-Min


    In the study of Lin, Wu, Lin, Wu, Wu, Kuo, and Yeung (2012 ), the relationship between the validity of postural movement and bilateral motor integration in terms of sensory integration theory was examined. Postural movement is the ability to use the antigravity postures required for stabilization of the neck, trunk and upper extremities via muscle co-contractions in the neck and upper extremities, and balance. Niklasson's (2013 ) comment argued that postural movement should include primitive reflexes in terms of the general abilities approach. Niklasson (2013 ) focused on the efficacy of the treatment rather than the theoretical frameworks implied in the therapeutic activities. For that purpose Lin, et al. (2012 ) used sensory integration as the theoretical foundation, and the relationship between postural movement and bilateral motor integration was assessed via empirical data. The result of Lin, et al. (2012 ) was offered as a theoretical reference for therapeutic activities.

  16. Strutting Her Stuff


    Hip-hop granny rolls back the years to prove that with passion,anything is possible Who says hip hop belongs to the teenagers? In China,more and more seniors are choosing this trendy dance style as a way to keep fit,rather than the more serene move- ments of taiji or ballroom dancing in the parks. Wu Ying is one of them.The 71-year- old Wu is the founder of a granny hip-hop dance team in Beijing,whose participants are in their 60s.Wu is the oldest in the team.In their loose modern outfits and hair wrapped in bandanas,these old ladies are


    Yugang YU; Feng CHU; Haoxun CHEN


    In this paper, we propose a new model for improving the lot size obtained with the model of Woo, Hsu, and Wu (2001) proposed in their paper "An integrated inventory model for a single vendor and multiple buyers with ordering cost reduction" (Int. J. Production Economics 73 203-215). The new model can provide a lower or equal joint total cost as compared to Woo, Hsu, and Wu's model due to the relaxation of their integral multiple material ordering cycle policy to a fractional-integral multiple material ordering cycle policy. The proposed model is analyzed and an algorithm for calculating the optimal lot size of the model is developed. A numerical study based on the example used by Woo, Hsu, and Wu is presented.

  18. Calculation of Bremsstrahlung energy spectrum induced by beta ray

    Fukano, S


    Bremsstrahlung energy spectra induced by beta ray from radionuclides sup 3 H, sup 6 sup 3 Ni, sup 1 sup 4 C, sup 1 sup 4 sup 7 Pm, sup 9 sup 0 Sr, sup 3 sup 2 P and sup 9 sup 0 Y are calculated by using numerical data of radiation yield published by Berger et. al. and compared with those obtained from classical approximate expressions of Wu and Segre. The results for sup 3 H, sup 6 sup 3 Ni, sup 1 sup 4 C and sup 1 sup 4 sup 7 Pm are in good agreement with those from Segre's, while spectra from such as sup 3 sup 2 P and sup 9 sup 0 Y are similar to those obtained by using Wu's expression. The result for sup 9 sup 0 Sr is in fair agreement with those from Wu's and Segre's.

  19. Case-study magnetic resonance imaging and acoustic investigation of the effects of vocal warm-up on two voice professionals.

    Laukkanen, Anne-Maria; Horáček, Jaromir; Havlík, Radan


    Vocal warm-up (WU)-related changes were studied in one male musical singer and one female speech trainer. They sustained vowels before and after WU in a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) device. Acoustic recordings were made in a studio. The vocal tract area increased after WU, a formant cluster appeared between 2 and 4.5 kHz, and SPL increased. Evidence of larynx lowering was only found for the male. The pharyngeal inlet over the epilaryngeal outlet ratio (A(ph)/A(e)) increased by 10%-28%, being 3-4 for the male and 5-7 for the female. The results seem to represent different voice training traditions. A singer's formant cluster may be achievable without a high A(ph)/A(e) (≥ 6), but limitations of the 2D method should be taken into account.

  20. Implementation of envelope detection based Wake-Up Receiver for IEEE 802.15.4 WPAN from off-the-shelf components

    Arndt, Josua; Krystofiak, Lukas; Bonehi, Vahid; Wunderlich, Ralf; Heinen, Stefan


    Power consumption in wireless networks is crucial. In most scenarios the transmission time is short compared to the idle listening time for data transmission, the most power is consumed by the receiver. In low latency systems there is a need for low power wake-up receivers (WuRx) that reduce the power consumption when the node is idle, but keep it responsive. This work presents a WuRx designed out of commercial components to investigate the needs of a WuRx when it is embedded in a Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) system in a real environment setup including WLAN and LTE communication and considering interferer rejection. The calculation necessary for the attenuation of those interferers is explained in detail. Furthermore, a system design is presented that fulfills the requirements for this environment and is build from off-the-shelf components.

  1. Top Economists End Decade-Long Spat


    After a 10-year suspension of face-to-face talks,economist adversaries Li Yining (left)and Wu Jinglian,two of the most respected men in their field in China,held a direct dialogue on January 12.The meeting,part of a high-profile forum marking the 30th anniversary of the initiation of China’s reform and opening-up policy,was lauded as a signal of the academic community’s strong will to tackle theoretical chal- lenges ahead together. Li and Wu,both 77 years old,first clashed on the orientations of China’s reform in the late 1980s,when Li prioritized restructuring of state-owned enterprises while Wu

  2. Performance Evaluation and Comparative Analysis of SubCarrier Modulation Wake-up Radio Systems for Energy-Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks

    Joaquim Oller


    Full Text Available Energy-efficient communication is one of the main concerns of wireless sensor networks nowadays. A commonly employed approach for achieving energy efficiency has been the use of duty-cycled operation of the radio, where the node’s transceiver is turned off and on regularly, listening to the radio channel for possible incoming communication during its on-state. Nonetheless, such a paradigm performs poorly for scenarios of low or bursty traffic because of unnecessary activations of the radio transceiver. As an alternative technology, Wake-up Radio (WuR systems present a promising energy-efficient network operation, where target devices are only activated in an on-demand fashion by means of a special radio signal and a WuR receiver. In this paper, we analyze a novel wake-up radio approach that integrates both data communication and wake-up functionalities into one platform, providing a reconfigurable radio operation. Through physical experiments, we characterize the delay, current consumption and overall operational range performance of this approach under different transmit power levels. We also present an actual single-hop WuR application scenario, as well as demonstrate the first true multi-hop capabilities of a WuR platform and simulate its performance in a multi-hop scenario. Finally, by thorough qualitative comparisons to the most relevant WuR proposals in the literature, we state that the proposed WuR system stands out as a strong candidate for any application requiring energy-efficient wireless sensor node communications.

  3. Performance evaluation and comparative analysis of SubCarrier Modulation Wake-up Radio systems for energy-efficient wireless sensor networks.

    Oller, Joaquim; Demirkol, Ilker; Casademont, Jordi; Paradells, Josep; Gamm, Gerd Ulrich; Reindl, Leonhard


    Energy-efficient communication is one of the main concerns of wireless sensor networks nowadays. A commonly employed approach for achieving energy efficiency has been the use of duty-cycled operation of the radio, where the node's transceiver is turned off and on regularly, listening to the radio channel for possible incoming communication during its on-state. Nonetheless, such a paradigm performs poorly for scenarios of low or bursty traffic because of unnecessary activations of the radio transceiver. As an alternative technology, Wake-up Radio (WuR) systems present a promising energy-efficient network operation, where target devices are only activated in an on-demand fashion by means of a special radio signal and a WuR receiver. In this paper, we analyze a novel wake-up radio approach that integrates both data communication and wake-up functionalities into one platform, providing a reconfigurable radio operation. Through physical experiments, we characterize the delay, current consumption and overall operational range performance of this approach under different transmit power levels. We also present an actual single-hop WuR application scenario, as well as demonstrate the first true multi-hop capabilities of a WuR platform and simulate its performance in a multi-hop scenario. Finally, by thorough qualitative comparisons to the most relevant WuR proposals in the literature, we state that the proposed WuR system stands out as a strong candidate for any application requiring energy-efficient wireless sensor node communications.

  4. Progress in the study on the composition and formation mechanism of gallstone

    SUN; Ying


    [1]Soloway, R. D., Trotman, B. W., Maddrey, W. C. et al., The influence of hemolysis, infection and stasis on the calcium salts in pigment gallstones, Dig. Dis. Sci., 1986, 31: 454-460.[2]Cheng, L. J., Zhang, Y., Ma, J. S. et al., Chemical preparation and properties of ditaurobilirubin disodium salt, Chemical Reagents, 2000, 22(2): 70-71.[3]Ma. J. S., Wang, C. Q., Yan F., Hypocrellin A-sensitized photooxidation of bilirubin in aprotic solvents, Photographic Science and Photochemistry, 1991, 9(1): 58-61.[4]Yang, Z. H., Wang, K., Liu, X. T., Studies of electron-spin-resonance on bilirubin free radicals, Science in China, Series B,1992, 35(9): 1093-1100.[5]Ostrow, J. D., Overview the bile pigment metabolism, in Bile Pigments and Jaundice: Molecular, Metabolic, and Medical Aspects (ed. Ostrow, J. D.), New York: Marcel Dekker, 1986, 1-6.[6]Ouyang, J. M., Li, C., Li, Y. Q. et al., Monolayer and Langmuir-Blodgett films of bilirubin dihexadecyl ester, Thin Solid Films, 1999, 348: 242-247.[7]Wu, J. G., Shen, G. R., Zhou, X, S. et al., Structure characteristics of bilirubin gallstone, Chinese Science Bulletin, 1979,24: 1054-1056.[8]Zhou, X. S., Wang, S. S., Wu, J. G. et al., Pigment gallstones study, Chinese Medical Journal, 1982, 95(12): 905-911.[9]Wu, J. G., Shen, G. R., Zhou, X. S. et al., Study on the composition, structure and mechanism of formation of bilirubin gallstone, Acta Scientiarum Naturalium Universitatis Pekinensis, 1980, 1: 34-43.[10]Zhou, X. S., Shen, G. R., Wu, J. G. et al., A spectroscopic study of pigment gallstone in China, Biospectroscopy, 1997,3(3): 371-380.[11]Soloway, R. D., Wu, J. G., Analysis of Gallstones, Boca Raton, Ann Arbor, London, Tokyo: CRC Press, 1995, 167-190.[12]Yang, Z. L., Weng, S. F., Wu, J. G., Study on the composition of pigment gallstones, Acta Scientiarum Naturalium Universitatis Pekinensis, 1998, 34(4): 429-434.[13]Soloway, R. D., Song, Y. Y., Wu, J. G. et al., Serial Fourier

  5. List Decoding of Algebraic Codes

    Nielsen, Johan Sebastian Rosenkilde

    We investigate three paradigms for polynomial-time decoding of Reed–Solomon codes beyond half the minimum distance: the Guruswami–Sudan algorithm, Power decoding and the Wu algorithm. The main results concern shaping the computational core of all three methods to a problem solvable by module...... give: a fast maximum-likelihood list decoder based on the Guruswami–Sudan algorithm; a new variant of Power decoding, Power Gao, along with some new insights into Power decoding; and a new, module based method for performing rational interpolation for theWu algorithm. We also show how to decode...

  6. Keep ing Logistics Rolling New guidelines will give a boost to the country's logistics industry



    Wu Zhongyao,a truck owner and driver,often transports goods between northeast China's Liaoning Province and south China'sGuangdong Province.Many truck owners and drivers like Wu have taken up cross-country driving excursions to deliver goods as the country's logistics industry continues to grow.The emergence of a domestic market,rising demand for industrial and consumer goods and a large geographical spread have resulted in the development of logistics services,said Ding Junfa,Vice Chairman of the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing (CFLP).

  7. Flame Driving of Longitudinal Instabilities in Liquid Fueled Dump Combustors.


    W NJMflmpYA J Nu M vrpl~ Z v -d 71. lU2 wv wwswv wu wu Wwu WV VWiIw% u l WV. W~ W6 W.- 0. E 4-4 CO 0 0 140 4).. td -4 𔃾 040 00 0~~~~~- Q*0 ( 0 ( V 0...Excitation at 385 Hz. ft..• % ŕ % % ,% % -, • - %.. ... ’: ft .. . ... t -.. %. .- 6, k.. .k~ .%, J% 0 f 69 H4Z 0 *00l0O0 X fo 6 7 ez A fo 85 NX HzJ x

  8. Financial Performance Remained Stable in 2007


    NUMBERS OF THE WEEK"1>5"Total yields from insurance premium investment in 2007 reached 279.17 billion yuan($38.77 billion),exceeding the aggregate amount of the previous five years,according to Wu Dingfu, Chairman of China Insurance Regulatory Commission.Wu said it was the best achievement ever for the insurance industry,and the 2007 premium totaled 703.58 billion yuan($97.72 billion), increasing 25 percent year on year. Beijing’s Vice Mayor Chen Gang said(?) total cost of Beijing Olympic venues would amount to 13 billion yuan($1.81(?)

  9. Speaking for the Common People and Taking Action for Women


    WU QING has become a well-known figure among an increasing number of people in recent years. Those in the literary world know her as the daughter of Bing Xin, the most celebrated contemporary writer in the country. Wu has often participated in important events in literary circles on her mother’s behalf. People in academia know her as an excellent English professor at the Beijing University of Foreign Languages Studies. Her educational philosophy of teaching and cultivating morals simultaneously makes many of her

  10. Peart Pawden——A Guard Against Aging


    In China, the pearl has always beenconsidered a powerful agent to keep theravages of time at bay. It is said that EmpressWu Zetian of the Tang Dynasty (618-907)took pills made of pearl powder and appliedcream made of the same material to her faceas a way of keeping her beauty. When sheascended the throne at the age of 68, it issaid, she still looked young and beautiful.According to the Records of the Historianwritten by Sima Qian between 104 B.C. and91 B.C., Empress Wu was still full of vigor

  11. 请君入瓮(英文)


    In order to suppress those who were against her, Wu Zetian, the empress of the Tang Dynasty (618-907), appointed a few merciless persons to be judges. Two of them were extremely brutal; one was called Zhou Xing and the other was called Lai Junchen. They killed many upright civil and military officials as well as ordinary people by framing up cases against tham and by administering inhuman corporal punishment to them.Once, Wu Zetian received a letter which informed against Zhou Xing. The letter aside that Zh...

  12. Effectiveness of pharmacist dosing adjustment for critically ill patients receiving continuous renal replacement therapy: a comparative study

    Jiang SP; Zhu ZY; Wu XL; Lu XY; Zhang XG; Wu BH


    Sai-Ping Jiang,1 Zheng-Yi Zhu,2 Xiao-Liang Wu,3 Xiao-Yang Lu,1 Xing-Guo Zhang,1 Bao-Hua Wu1 1Department of Pharmacy, the First Affiliated Hospital, 2Department of Pharmacy, Children’s Hospital, College of Medicine, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, 3Intensive Care Unit, the First Affiliated Hospital, College of Medicine, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, People's Republic of China Background: The impact of continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) on drug removal is complicated...

  13. Dynamics of an M-Level Atom Interacting with Cavity Fields. 3. Nonclassical Behavior of the Initially Squeezed Field


    1988). 7. V . Buzk, Phys. Lett. A 139, 231 (1989); Phys. Rev. A 39, 3196 (1989). 8. M. V . Satyanarayana , P. Rice, R. Vyas and H. J. Carmichael, J. Opt...nth-order Hermite polynomial andn P- a + a* v . (12) - cosh7, v - sinh7 . (13) Thus, the initial density matrix elements of the cavity field are pnn...Perlmutter, R. V . DeVoe and D. F. Walls, Phys. Rev. Lett. 57, 691 (1986). 4. L. A. Wu, H. J. Kimble, J. L. Hall and H. Wu, Phys. Rev. Lett. 57, 2520


    周守标; 郭新弧


    @@ 腺毛黄芩新种图1 Scutellaria adenotricha X. H. Guo et S. B.Zhou, sp. nov. Species S. tenerae C. Y. Wu et H. W. Li et S.tienchuanensis C. Y. Wu et C. Chen affinis, sedcamosis fusiformibus tuberantibus radicibus; cauleerecto nullo conspicuo serpente rhizomate; caule,petiolis et laminis subtus dense albis septatis villosis etglandulosopilosis; lamisis supra et corollis extus rareglandulosopilosis; caulis basi brevibus intemodiis etparvis foliis, supeme longsis intemodiis et magnisfoliis; vulgo intemodiis brevioribus foliis; laminisherbaceis; bracteis herbaceis spathulatiellipticisdiffert.

  15. [Study on words about taboos in ancient literature on materia medica].

    Yang, Huan; Fan, Xin-Sheng; Tao, Jing


    Words about drug taboos are often used in ancient literature on materia medica. It has been found by analysis of their application that taboo words have their own scope of application. For example, 'fan' and 'wu' are used most in drug incompatibility; 'jin', 'ji' and 'jie' are used in taboos on drugs and food for patients; words such as 'should not be eaten with…', 'wu, wuyu (wufan)…' and 'buyu…and buyi' are primarily used in taboos for food. Adverse incidents could be found in situations described by those words, especially in sections about drug and food taboos.

  16. From the transnational to the Sinophone: lesbian representations in Chinese-language films.

    Wong, Alvin Ka Hin


    This article theorizes global lesbian cinema in Chinese-language films through regionalism, diaspora studies, and Sinophone studies. Through an inter-regional analysis of Butterfly (Yan Yan Mak, 2004, Hong Kong) and diasporic and Sinophone readings of Saving Face (Alice Wu, 2005, USA), I argue that Mak's film illustrates a Hong Kong regional retranslation of a Taiwanese lesbian story, which complicates any claim to a stable "Chinese" identity. Finally, Wu's representation of lesbianism also troubles the politics of Chineseness by pointing to the ways diasporic reproduction of "community" works through the disciplining of other non-normative sexualities.


    胡超; 王岩; 王立国; 黄文虎


    Based on the mechanized mathematics and WU Wen-tsun elimination method,using oil film forces of short-bearing model and Muszynska's dynamic model, the dynamical behavior of rotor-bearing system and its stability of motion are investigated. As example,the concept of Wu characteristic set and Maple software, whirl parameters of short- bearing model, which is usually solved by the numerical method, are analyzed. At the same time,stability of zero solution of Jeffcott rotor whirl equation and stability of self-excited vibration are studied. The conditions of stable motion are obtained by using theory of nonlinear vibration.

  18. In search of a new initialization of K-means clustering for color quantization

    Frackiewicz, Mariusz; Palus, Henryk


    Color quantization is still an important auxiliary operation in the processing of color images. The K-means clustering (KM), used to quantize the color, requires an appropriate initialization. In this paper, we propose a combined KM method that use to initialize the results of well-known quantization algorithms such as Wu's, NeuQuant (NQ) and Neural Gas (NG). This approach, assessed by three quality indices: PSNR, ΔE and ΔM, improves the results. Experimental results of such combined quantization indicate that the deterministic Wu+KM and random NG+KM approaches leading to the best quantized images.

  19. Borehole radar system for South African gold and platinum mines

    Vogt, D


    Full Text Available arm contains the battery and the electronics. The resistively loaded arm is designed with a Wu-King taper (Wu and King, 1965), and implemented using 'A W metal film resistors. The receiver is illustrated in Figure 3. The transmitter has similar... directional ambiguity. Acknow^ledgements I would like to thank the CSIR and DEEPMINE for funding this research. I would also like to thank all my colleagues who helped me to build and use the radar, especially Reinhard Bilged, Stephens Letlotla, Marianne...

  20. Numerical Investigations of Active Flow Control for Low-Pressure Turbine Blades


    discretization and the Reynolds-stresses are computed from the explicit algebraic stress model (EASM) by Rumsey and Gatski (2001). The code was...Jeong, J., and Hussain, F. 1995, "On the Identification of a Vortex," J. Fluid Mech., 285: 69-94. Kalitzin, G., Wu, X., and Durbin , P.A., 2003, "DNS of...and Durbin , P.A., 1999, "Simulation of boundary layer transition induced by periodically passing wakes," J. Fluid Mech., 398: 109-153. Wu, X., and