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  1. Increases in Xu Zheng and Yu Zheng among Patients with Breast Cancer Receiving Different Anticancer Drug Therapies

    Sheng-Miauh Huang


    Full Text Available Aim. The objectives of this study were to compare yang-xu, yin-xu, and yu among patients with breast cancer right before, one month after, and three months after receiving target, chemo, or combined therapy. Method. After recruiting 126 patients from 4 hospitals in northern Taiwan, a longitudinal study was carried out with 61 patients receiving chemotherapy, 30 receiving target therapy, and 35 receiving combined therapy. Yang-xu, yin-xu, and yu were assessed using the Traditional Chinese Medical Constitutional Scale (TCMCS, with higher scores indicating more xu and yu. Results. There were significant increases in yang-xu, yin-xu, and yu at 1 month and 3 months after than before the start of the chemotherapy, target, or combined therapy. Patients receiving combined therapy had significantly higher scores in yang-xu and yin-xu than patients receiving chemo or target therapy. A history of coronary heart disease was associated with more yin-xu. Those patients who had undergone a mastectomy were associated with less yu zheng than those patients who had not. Conclusion and Implications. TCM doctors should focus their treatment on dealing with xu and yu in order to support their patients, as they complete their modern anticancer treatments.

  2. Subjective Me or My Objectivity----An Exploration of LI Jian-xin's Poetic Journey%六经注我或我注六经--李见心诗学路径探微

    杨海峰; 孙悦


    李见心的诗歌并不排斥技术的运用和语言形式的打磨,她把日常生活展现为一个符号的世界,用语言还原诗意人生本身的快感。她有意识地运用语符、语义、语形、语体等多种语言手段,突入心灵超验领域,为诗歌开拓了巨大的表现空间。李见心的诗歌不是线性的,其空间性大于时间性,强调来自生活的现场感与结构感,通过修辞化、符象化的日常生活敞开本真,通过创造日常化景观去埋葬历史的记忆,摆脱日常消息性语言和无意识对生活的遮蔽,建构起充满张力的文学生态。%LI Jian-xin makes great use of linguistic skills in her poems-semiotic representation of daily life. She purposely employs glossematics, semantics, morphology and stylistics in her poetry to convey happiness in life and to explore inner world of spirit, so that the range of poetry is largely broadened. Her poetry is nonlinear in that she focuses on actual life in a broad sense by using rhetorical and semiotic devices. She discards ordinary language forms to build an ecological field in poetry.

  3. 血浆氨基酸代谢变化与肿瘤肾虚痰瘀证的相关性研究%Relevant research on plasma amino acid profiling of cancer patients with ShenXu-TanYu syndrome

    巴吐尔·买买提明; 娜孜古力·托合塔森; 孔彬; 陈音; 尤丽; 哈木拉提·吾甫尔


    Objective To investigate metabolic signatures in plasma of cancer patients with ShenXu-TanYu syndrome using plasma-free amino acid profiles,and identify the underlying mechanism of ShenXu-TanYu syndrome in traditional Chinese medicine.Methods Case group were selected from 80 cancer patients with ShenXu-TanYu or 78 non ShenXu-TanYu)and 50 cases from healthy volunteers were selected as control group,plasma samples were analyzed using high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).Spectral profiles were subjected to Student′s t-tests to assess statistical significance.Results Compared with the healthy group,the levels of amino acids decreased significantly in plasma of patients with ShenXu-TanYu and non ShenXu-TanYu syndrome except cystine in patients with ShenXu-TanYu (all P 0.05).Conclusion Plasma-free amino acid profiling could potentially assist in under-standing and determining ShenXu-TanYu in traditional Chinese medicine.A HPLC-based metabonomic platform could be a powerful tool for the classification of different symptoms in traditional medicine.%目的:探讨肿瘤肾虚痰瘀证患者血浆中相关的氨基酸代谢变化及其机制。方法选取健康志愿者50例、肿瘤肾虚痰瘀证患者80例和肿瘤非肾虚痰瘀证患者78例。采用高效液相色谱法(High-Performance Liquid Chromatography,HPLC)检测血浆中17种氨基酸含量,分析各组不同氨基酸含量的差异性。结果健康志愿者与肿瘤肾虚痰瘀证患者血浆中将胱氨酸含量没有差异以外,肿瘤肾虚痰瘀证和肿瘤非肾虚痰瘀证患者血浆中其他所有氨基酸含量均明显降低,与健康志愿者比较差异有统计学意义,(P <0.05)。肿瘤肾虚痰瘀证患者血浆中天冬氨酸、谷氨酸、丝氨酸、胱氨酸、苯丙氨酸、缬氨酸、蛋氨酸、赖氨酸、异亮氨酸、亮氨酸和酪氨酸11种氨基酸含量均高于肿瘤非肾虚痰瘀证患者,差异有统计学意义,(P <0.05)。

  4. The Narration about the True Civilian Life in the Native Literature--Take Two Books,"Alive"and"the Blood-selling Legend of Xu Sanguan", of Yu Hua as Examples%乡土文学本真的平民生存叙事*--以余华《活着》《许三观卖血记》为例



    Yu Hua adheres to people-oriented native narration. In this article, the native novels,"Alive"and"the Blood-selling Legend of Xu Sanguan", of Yu Hua will be regarded as texts. According to the following three aspects--narrative visual angle, narrative content, and narrative utterance of civilian life, this paper will analyze how the narration about the true civilian life in the native literature reconstructed.%余华坚守以人为本体的乡土叙事。本文将以余华的乡土长篇小说《活着》《许三观卖血记》为个案文本,通过平民生存的叙事视角、叙事内容、叙事话语三方面,分析作家余华的乡土文本如何重构了乡土文学本真的平民生存叙事。

  5. [Gao Jingyi. Han yu yu bei Ou yu yan : Han yu yu Wula'er yu yan ji Yin Ou yu yan tong yuan tan jiu] / Ago Künnap

    Künnap, Ago, 1941-


    Arvustus: Gao Jingyi. Han yu yu bei Ou yu yan : Han yu yu Wula'er yu yan ji Yin Ou yu yan tong yuan tan jiu = Chinese language and languages of northern Europe. Beijing : Zhongguo she hui ke xue chu ban she, 2008

  6. [Gao Jingyi. Han yu yu bei Ou yu yan : Han yu yu Wula'er yu yan ji Yin Ou yu yan tong yuan tan jiu] / Ago Künnap

    Künnap, Ago, 1941-


    Arvustus: Gao Jingyi. Han yu yu bei Ou yu yan : Han yu yu Wula'er yu yan ji Yin Ou yu yan tong yuan tan jiu = Chinese language and languages of northern Europe. Beijing : Zhongguo she hui ke xue chu ban she, 2008

  7. Prose Writer Si Yu


    SI Yu, pen name of Zhan Shaojuan, is well known through her prose works. During the recent more than ten years, Chinese prose writing has developed rapidly, from its previous level to the present flourishing conditions. Si Yu is a distinguished woman writer, whose creative prose alternately displays either

  8. Zhang Xu and Naxi Culture


    Zhang Xu, who has travelled to the remote city of Lijiang in Yunnan Province a dozen times or more, has been adopted by the Naxi people. Her passionate interest in Naxi culture drives her efforts to introduce it to the world. The house of Zhang Xu’s Naxi parents in Mingyintuli Village is surrounded by Jade Dragon Mountain.

  9. Inspired Violinist Yu Lina


    YU Lina is a famous Chinese violinist and a professor at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. In 1959, she became famous when she collaborated with classmates He Zhanhao and Chen Gang from the Conservatory on a violin concerto called "Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai" which is based on a well-known folk tale.~* The concerto combined Shaoxing opera and Western-style music.

  10. Breast Tumor pH: Design, Evaluation, and Application of Novel Reporter Molecules


    Li, Xin-ming Zao, Yu-ting Liu, Cong Liu, Synthesis of Some Substituted 3-(3’-Acetyl-5’-Aryl-l’,3’,4’-Oxadiazoline -2’-yl)- Chromones . Chin. J. Org...Sinica, 1998, 56, 618-624. 19. Fang-ming Liu, Jian-xin Yu, Wei Wang, Yu-ting Liu, Yao-zu Chen, Synthesis of Some New Chromones and Pyrimidinones

  11. An Exploration on Historical Facts Related to Tibetan Areas in The Travelogue of Xu Xiaka

    MU Shihua


    annotations that have not yet been included in the ‘jing ’ and‘zhu’ , and also includes information that the ‘yu-gong’ ( ‘jing’, ‘zhu’ and ‘yugong’ are all classics of ancient China ) that‘yugong ’ ) had not yet reached .” Qian Qianyi also praised The Trave-logue of Xu Xiake by saying that “the true words , the great words , and the mysterious words should be transmitted instead of being lost” and regarded it as “the best travelogue in all of history ”.He said that “Xu Xiake is a miraculous person in his-tory, and his ‘travelogue’ is a miraculous book in history .” History has proven that Qian Qianyi ’ s praise is not exaggerated .The Travelogue of Xu Xiake actually made magnificent contributions to various disciplines , including geography , tourism studies , travelogue literature , and ecology studies . Moreover , The Travelogue of Xu Xiake recor-ded various flora of China , and discovered the in-fluences of landform , climate, and wind speed with regard to their distribution and time of bloom-ing.Xu Xiake carried out a practical investigation of the volcanic vent of Tengchong in Yunnan .He recorded scientifically the nature of the red pumice stone which erupted from the volcano , and ex-plained the causes for its formation .He also gave a detailed description of the geothermal phenomenon near the volcano area .His learning style was total-ly different from the traditional one in that he advo-cated learners to step out of the classroom , to make practical investigations , and write knowledge gained from the field into a great diary -style book with simple but beautiful prose . Since the Ming and Qing dynasties , The Trav-elogues of Xu Xiake has been cited as one of the important Chinese classics , and Xu Xiake has be-come one of the most famous historical cultural fig-ures.The Travelogue of Xu Xiake is not only an immortal travel literature , but also an encyclopedia which reflects society in the later Ming Dynasty . For more

  12. Appreciation and comments on Professor Xu Yuanchong's translation



    Professor XuYuanchong is one of the most greatest translators in contemporary China.He founds the"Three beauties" theories and has made consistent efforts in translating ancient Chinese poems into English. The author here tries to analyze the beauty conveyed in Professor Xu's translation of ancient Chines poetry .

  13. On the Romanticism Art in Xu Yu's Novels%论徐(訏)小说的浪漫主义艺术




  14. Kelke da aferoj pri Xu Shouzhen kaj Yang Fuchen

    Fu; Xianpei


    Antau 50 jaroj, la 7-an de decembro 1949, martiroj Xu Shouzhen(Eltunko) kaj Yang Fuchen(Yang Qiuzhen) oferis sian vivon al la movado por Esperanto kaj demokratio en Chengdu, la cefurbo de la provinco Sichuan. Xu Shouzhen estis kompetenta cina esperantisto. Komence de la 40-aj jaroj li venis de Chongqing al Chengdu kaj aktivis por nia lingvo. Tiam Li Shijun(Laulum) enhospitaligis en

  15. Xu Weiping: Pioneer in New Economy Real Estate


      In Xu's mind, ABP is different from real estate in its conventional bears an analogy to a computer sustaining a network, in which real estate is hardware, resident companies (moving into ABP) are softwares, and the headquarters economy system is the network.……

  16. Xu Weiping: Pioneer in New Economy Real Estate


    @@ In Xu's mind, ABP is different from real estate in its conventional bears an analogy to a computer sustaining a network, in which real estate is hardware, resident companies (moving into ABP) are softwares, and the headquarters economy system is the network.

  17. Xu Guangqi’s Thought On Supplementing Confucianism With Christianity

    Anna Seo


    Full Text Available Xu Guangqi is one of the most influential Chinese scholars who accepted Christian faith during the late Ming dynasty. His idea of “supplementing Confucianism and replacing Buddhism by Christianity” had great impact on the development of Christianity in China. His idea, however, has often been accused of syncretism, and genuineness of his Christian faith has been put into question. Some argue that his theology lacks Christology. Others suggest that his ultimate goal was to achieve the Confucian political ideals through adopting some of the Christian moral teachings. Through the analysis of Xu Guangqi’ works and life, we find that he accepted all the essential Christian doctrines and Christology is the core of his understanding of “Tianzhu”. His view on Confucianism itself istransformed through Christian perspective. In his new understanding, the ultimate goal of Confucianism is to serve and to worship “Tianzhu”,same as Christianity. The ultimate problem of life is to save one’s soul.Xu Guangqi considered his scientific works as a way to propagate Christian faith,since science was seen as an integral part of Christian thought and practice. His idea of “supplementing Confucianism by Christianity” integrated Confucianism into the overarching framework of Christian thought.

  18. Alonso Xuárez, de la particella al ipad

    Ballesteros Valladolid, Pablo


    Alonso Xuárez fue, según los documentos de la época, uno de los músicos españoles que mayor prestigio alcanzó durante el último tercio del siglo XVII en España. Ejerció su labor como maestro de capilla en las catedrales de Cuenca y Sevilla, que conservan un amplio catálogo de su obra. Sin embargo, la información publicada sobre el compositor es muy escasa y su obra totalmente desconocida. El objetivo principal del trabajo es diseñar una estrategia de difusión que permita divulgar la ...

  19. Preface in dedication to Professors Yong Jin and Zhiqing Yu

    Jesse Zhu; Xiaotao Bi


    @@ This special issue of China PARTICUOLOGY is dedicated to Professors Yong Jin and Zhiqing Yu of Tsinghua University, China, to celebrate over five decades of their careers in chemical engineering research and education.

  20. Preface in dedication to Professors Yong Jin and Zhiqing Yu

    Jesse; Zhu; Xiaotao; Bi


      This special issue of China PARTICUOLOGY is dedicated to Professors Yong Jin and Zhiqing Yu of Tsinghua University, China, to celebrate over five decades of their careers in chemical engineering research and education.……

  1. [Professor Xu Fu-song's traditional Chinese medicine protocols for male diseases: A descriptive analysis].

    Liu, Cheng-yong; Xu, Fu-song


    To analyze the efficacy and medication principles of Professor Xu Fu-songs traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) protocols for male diseases. We reviewed and descriptively analyzed the unpublished complete medical records of 100 male cases treated by Professor Xu Fu-song with his TCM protocols from 1978 to 1992. The 100 cases involved 32 male diseases, most of which were difficult and complicated cases. The drug compliance was 95%. Each prescription was made up of 14 traditional Chinese drugs on average. The cure rate was 32% , and the effective rate was 85%. Professor Xu Fu-song advanced and proved some new theories and therapeutic methods. Professor Xu Fu-song's TCM protocols can be applied to a wide range of male diseases, mostly complicated, and are characterized by accurate differentiation of symptoms and signs, high drug compliance, and excellent therapeutic efficacy.

  2. Complete Synchronization Of Hyperchaotic Xu And Hyperchaotic Lu Systems Via Active Control

    Sundarapandian Vaidyanathan


    This paper deploys active control for achieving complete synchronization of hyperchaotic Xu (2009) andhyperchaotic Lü (2006) systems. Specifically, this paper derives complete synchronization results foridentical hyperchaotic Xu systems, identical hyperchaotic Lü systems and non-identical hyperchaotic Xuand Lü systems. The complete synchronization results have been proved using Lyapunov stability theory.Numerical simulations have been shown to validate and demonstrate the effectiveness of th...

  3. Regional distribution of putative NPY Y*U1 receptors and neurons expressing Y*U1 mRNA in forebrain areas of the rat central nervous system

    Larsen, Philip J.; Sheikh, Søren P.; Jakobsen, Cherine R.


    Anatomi, neurobiologi, neuropeptide Y, NPY analogues, receptor autoradiography, in situ hybridization histochemistry, Y*U1 mRNA, Y*U1 andY*U2 receptors, rat......Anatomi, neurobiologi, neuropeptide Y, NPY analogues, receptor autoradiography, in situ hybridization histochemistry, Y*U1 mRNA, Y*U1 andY*U2 receptors, rat...

  4. Study on Yang-Xu Using Body Constitution Questionnaire and Blood Variables in Healthy Volunteers

    Hong-Jhang Chen


    Full Text Available Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM formulates treatment according to body constitution (BC differentiation. Different constitutions have specific metabolic characteristics and different susceptibility to certain diseases. This study aimed to assess the Yang-Xu constitution using a body constitution questionnaire (BCQ and clinical blood variables. A BCQ was employed to assess the clinical manifestation of Yang-Xu. The logistic regression model was conducted to explore the relationship between BC scores and biomarkers. Leave-one-out cross-validation (LOOCV and K-fold cross-validation were performed to evaluate the accuracy of a predictive model in practice. Decision trees (DTs were conducted to determine the possible relationships between blood biomarkers and BC scores. According to the BCQ analysis, 49% participants without any BC were classified as healthy subjects. Among them, 130 samples were selected for further analysis and divided into two groups. One group comprised healthy subjects without any BC (68%, while subjects of the other group, named as the sub-healthy group, had three BCs (32%. Six biomarkers, CRE, TSH, HB, MONO, RBC, and LH, were found to have the greatest impact on BCQ outcomes in Yang-Xu subjects. This study indicated significant biochemical differences in Yang-Xu subjects, which may provide a connection between blood variables and the Yang-Xu BC.

  5. The Round Table 03 圆桌: A Conversation with Xu Bing

    Madeline Eschenburg


    Full Text Available The following is an excerpt from a conversation between contemporary Chinese artist Xu Bing, Madeline Eschenburg, and Ellen Larson. Xu Bing curated an exhibition at the Central Academy of Fine Arts titled The Second CAFAM Future Exhibition, Observer-Creator: The Reality Representation of Chinese Young Art, on exhibition through March 2015. Our conversation centered around his thoughts on a new generation of young Chinese artists as well as reflection on his own early career and time in New York. The conversation was conducted in Chinese and has been translated into English.

  6. The Stylistic Characteristics and Variation of Xu%序文之体与古今嬗变



    Xu (preface) is the old writing style in China. It attaches itself to the front ( or back) of books, articles and pictures; it shows this version in the any side; its writing is free, but it has some rules. The Xu is the growing style. It includes two kinds. One is the dependent article; it includes Shu Xu, Wen Xu, Shi Xu, Za Xu. Another one is the independent article, and it includes You Yan-Xu and Zeng Xu. When Zeng Xu was developing in the history, the writers invent Ming Zi-Xu and Shou Xu.%序是中国古老文体之一,它依附或并列于典籍、文章、地图等之前或之后,旨在说明与该文本相关的任何内容,在自由中又讲究行文次第的文体。序文在发展中逐渐繁衍流变。一是具有依附性的序文,内容多为述篇章之所作,言内容之次第。这其中有书序、文序、诗序、杂序等四大类。二是具有独立性的序文,内容多为叙事件之缘起,抒情绪之所蕴。主要有游宴序、赠序等。其中,赠序在发展的过程中,文人们又进一步将其文体功能扩充,这便产生了名字序与寿序。

  7. Chronological Records of Li Anzhai and Yu Shiyu

    WANG Hongliang


    In the history of Chinese ethnolo-gy, Li Anzhai and Yu Shiyu were not only life partners, but also an important academic married couple, especially in Tibetology.Li Anzhai was not only a representative in frontier research in China , but also a core figure in the West China school of Anthropology .He also has an important position in the history of modern academics . Yu Shiyu had an extremely rich talent for languages , and was good at sorting out bibliographies .Moreo-ver, she was interested in field investigation , which laid a solid foundation for her research on Tibetology .She also provided important support for Li Anzhai’ s fieldwork in Tibetan areas.The cou-ple ’ s academic life blended with each other , and they could be regarded as “two birds with the same destination” ( tianya tongming niao) . The life of this couple can help us understand that their life was both manifested and hidden from view by the times, and their academic life was both created and destroyed by the times .With regard to their academic position and social impact , it was a pity that their academic research did not meet the expectation of academic circles . Within various works related to the review of the history of the dis-ciplines, the couple was always included , in spite of the fact that the introductions to them were al-ways very simple .Although they are mentioned in some sporadic works , most of these works are only introductory articles or book reviews . Up until now, no one has systematically researched their life and academic thought .Hence, the author, by combing through various documents and archives , gives a chronological record of Li Anzhai ’ s and Yu Shiyu ’ s life story and academic achievements in order to provide basic historical data for academ-ic circles to carry out further research on the histo-ry of the discipline .

  8. Yu's Wavelet-a New Wavelet Used to Improve Resolution in Seismic Data Processing

    Fan Weicui; Liu Jiren


    @@ Yu Shoupeng, a senior geophysicist in Bureau of Geophysical Prospecting (BGP) of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) announced his new researched result - a broad band Ricker wavelet in Science and Technology Fair of (Geophysical Research Institute)GRI early this year. For his result, Yu,Shoupeng was rewarded with First Prize of GRI and all participants of the fair were impressed very much by his work. The new wavelet was named as Yu's wavelet.

  9. Dr. Yu Wenqiu's Experience in Treating Seborrheic Alopecia

    Ding Xiongfei


    @@ In China, the occurrence of seborrheic alopecia is on the rise. Chief physician Yu Wenqiu, by combining the rich experience obtained by physicians at all times with his own long-term clinical practice, has developed Shenying Yihao Shengfa Tang and Shenying Erhao Shengfa Tang(神应Ⅰ号生发汤Decoction for Hair Growth No.Ⅰand 神应Ⅱ号生发汤 Decoction for Hair Growth No. Ⅱ), which have yielded very good therapeutic effects for seborrheic alopecia. Following is an introduction to his experience in this aspect.

  10. Orbital Picture of Yu-Shiba-Rusinov Multiplets.

    Ruby, Michael; Peng, Yang; von Oppen, Felix; Heinrich, Benjamin W; Franke, Katharina J


    We investigate the nature of Yu-Shiba-Rusinov (YSR) subgap states induced by single manganese (Mn) atoms adsorbed on different surface orientations of superconducting lead (Pb). Depending on the adsorption site, we detect a distinct number and characteristic patterns of YSR states around the Mn atoms. We suggest that the YSR states inherit their properties from the Mn d levels, which are split by the surrounding crystal field. The periodicity of the long-range YSR oscillations allows us to identify a dominant coupling of the d states to the outer Fermi sheet of the two-band superconductor Pb.

  11. [On the contribution of Prof. Yu. S. Balashov to the fundamental parasitology].

    Ryss, A Iu


    Brief review of main conceptions of Yu. S. Balasov in fundamental parasitology: types of host-parasite relations, evolution, transmissive infections, econiches, population structure, parasite communities.

  12. Naturally light neutrinos in the flipped SU(5)xU(1) superstring model

    Antoniadis, I.; Rizos, J. (Centre de Physique Theorique, Ecole Polytechnique, 91 - Palaiseau (France)); Tamvakis, K. (Physics Dept., Univ. Ioannina (Greece))


    We analyze the SU(5)xU(1)'xU(1){sup 4}xSO(10)xSU(4) superstring model, taking into account non-renormalizable superpotential interactions up to sixth order, and find that all neutrinos stay naturally light within the experimental mass bounds. (orig.).

  13. Bose realization of the Sp(4) contains SU(2)xU(1) tensor operators

    Tello-Llanos, R.A. [Departamento de Formacion General y Ciencias Basicas, Universidad Simon Bolivar, Caracas (Venezuela)]. E-mail:


    A realization of irreducible tensor operators under the non-canonical reduction of the compact symplectic group Sp(4){approx}O(5) contains SU(2)xU(1) is developed in terms of a system of Bose creation and annihilation operators. The method of derivation of their matrix elements is presented and some concrete cases are explicitly computed as illustration. (author)

  14. Ma-Xu quantization rule and exact JWKB condition for translationally shape invariant potentials

    Grandati, Y. [Institut de Physique, ICPMB, IF CNRS 2843, Universite Paul Verlaine, 1 Bd Arago, 57078 Metz, Cedex 3 (France); Berard, A., E-mail: aberard001@noos.f [Institut de Physique, ICPMB, IF CNRS 2843, Universite Paul Verlaine, 1 Bd Arago, 57078 Metz, Cedex 3 (France)


    For translationally shape invariant potentials, the exact quantization rule proposed by Ma and Xu results from the exactness of the modified JWKB quantization condition proved by Barclay. We propose here a very direct alternative way to calculate the appropriate correction for the whole class of translationally shape invariant potentials.

  15. XU Yi-hou's Experience in Herbal Administration for the Differential Treatment of Skin Diseases

    LI Bo; SHI Yue-jun; SONG Shun-peng; ZHAN Cheng; WANG Xin-zhong


    @@ Prof.XU Yi-hou, director of the Department of Dermatology of Wuhan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a famous expert in dermatology of combined Chinese and western medicine, and awarded special governmental subsidy granted by the State Council.

  16. Xu Bing, Ed Pien and Gu Xiong: Lost and Found in Translation

    Mahon, Patrick


    The works of contemporary artists Xu Bing, Ed Pien and Gu Xiong are involved in bringing to light some of the factors inherent in social, cultural and linguistic translation. In doing so, each artist is also engaged in the nuanced activity of moving between historical and contemporary aesthetic strategies in order to interrogate the way meaning is…

  17. Yu Zida Vice President and CTO of Haier Group


    Yu Zida is the Vice President and CTO of Haier Corporation,Member of IEC/MSB,Vice President of Patent Protection Association of China,Vice Chairman of CAS,Member of CNAB,Vice Director of the Board of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment and Vice Chairman of China Energy Conservation Association.He was rated as a National Young and Middle-Aged Expert with Great Contributions and awarded many times the National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology,enjoying allowance from the State Council.Under the leadership of Yu,Haier has become the household appliance enterprise that participate most widely in the development and revision of international,national and industrial standards in the industry in China,undertaking the secretariat of Sub-committee on Service of National Household Appliances Standardization Technical Committee and the secretariat of Sub-committee on Reliability of National Household Appliances Standardization Technical Committee.It has promoted the overall improvement of quality and service in the Household Appliances industry by standards.

  18. Data used in Xu et al., 2016 paper entitled "Characteristics and distributions of atmospheric mercury emitted from anthropogenic sources in Guiyang, southwestern China

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — Mercury emissions data from anthropogenic sources as described in Xu et al., 2016. This dataset is associated with the following publication: Xu, X., N. Liu, M....

  19. Molecular mapping of leaf rust resistance genes in the wheat line Yu 356-9

    HAN Liu-sha; LI Zai-feng; WANG Jia-zhen; SHI Ling-zhi; ZHU Lin; LI Xing; LIU Da-qun; Syed J A Shah


    The Chinese wheat line Yu 356-9 exhibits a high level of resistance to leaf rust. In order to decipher the genetic base of resistance in Yu 356-9, gene postulation, inheritance analyses, and chromosome linkage mapping were carried out. Gene postulation completed using 15 leaf rust pathotypes and 36 isogenic lines indicated that Yu 356-9 was resistant to al pathotypes tested. F1 and F2 plants from the cross Yu 356-9 (resistant)/Zhengzhou 5389 (susceptible) were tested with leaf rust pathotype“FHNQ”in the greenhouse. Results indicated a 3:1 segregation ratio, indicative of the presence of a single dominant leaf rust resistance gene in Yu 356-9 which was temporarily designated as LrYu. Bulk segregant analysis and molecular marker assays were used to map LrYu. Five simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers on chromosome 2BS were found closely linked to LrYu. Among these markers, Xwmc770 is the most closely linked, with a genetic distance of 5.7 cM.

  20. Study on Yu Guangzhong’s Flexibility and Opposition of Translationese



    Yu Guangzhong, a well-known Chinese scholar, promotes his thoughts in his book Yu Guangzhong’s Comment on Translation.This paper analyses his thoughts of flexibility and opposition of translationese and prove significances of his thoughts by making a comparison of two English versions of The Old Man and the Sea.

  1. Dr. Yu Wang, Director, Natural Science Division, National Science Council, Taiwan

    Patrice Loïez


    Photo 01: L. to r.: Dr. Philippe Bloch, CERN CMS ECAL Deputy Project Manager, Dr. Yu Wang, Dr. Etiennette Auffray, CERN, responsible of the CERN ECAL Regional Centre. Photo 02: L. to r.: Dr. Yu Wang, Dr. Philippe Bloch, Dr. Apollo GO, National Central University, Taiwan, Dr. Etiennette Auffray.

  2. XIANG Yu and Guanzhong%项羽与关中



    项羽是中国古代杰出的军事家,在灭秦的过程中立下了汗马功劳,充分展示出他的军事天才,但他属于悲剧英雄。这一悲剧的原因与他的关中情节有关,对关中的不仁不义使他失去了立国关中的基础,造成了他的最后失败。%XIANG Yu is an outstanding military strategist of ancient China, and he showed his great military talents and genius in destroying Qin, but he is a tragic hero. The cause of this tragedy had some- thing to do with Guanzhong in inhumane unjust and caused him to lose the nation in Guanzhong, leading to his final defeat.

  3. 论徐灿词中的家国之思%The Feeling of Homesickness in the Poetry by Xu Can



    In the history of Chinese woman poetry,as an important pioneer of poetry style,Xu Can is placed on the same level as Li Qing Zhao.She wrote the poems with sadness but stirring passion and implicit artistic conception in a smart and expansive style.Therefore,her poetry-Zhuo Zheng Yuan Shi Yu,being implicit and meaningful,has the style that is both bold and graceful,and breaks through the traditional delicate style of woman poetry.In the poetry,she expressed the feeling of homesickness–sadness of losing her home and country,showing a unique style and uncommon luster.%在中国女性词史上,徐灿可与李清照相媲美,也是开拓词风的关键人物。她以悲壮的豪情、深隐幽微的意境以及俊爽的风格从事创作,故其词作———《拙政园诗馀》,兼具豪放与婉约的风格,突破传统闺秀词作纤细委婉的词风,含蓄蕴藉、意味深长。她在其词作中抒发的家国之思———怀乡之愁、亡国之音,均呈现出独特的风格,焕发出夺目的光彩。

  4. A novel alkaloid from the fruiting bodies of Ganoderma sinense Zhao,Xu et Zhang


    A new alkaloid,sinensine(1),had been isolated from the fruiting bodies of Ganoderma sinense Zhao,Xu et Zhang.Its structure was elucidated on the basis of 1D and 2D spectral analysis.This alkaloid exhibited activity in protecting the injury induced by hydrogen peroxide oxidation on HUVEC,with EC_(50) value 6.2μmol/L.

  5. Personage Column: Prof. Binghe Xu%人物专栏:徐兵河教授


    @@ Dr. Binghe Xu is the Professor and Director of Breast Cancer Section, Department of Medical Oncology; Deputy Director, Department of Medical Oncology, Cancer Hospital & Institute, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & Peking Union Medical College; Chief, Lab of Clinical Pharmacology, GCP Center of Cancer Hospital, CAMS.He earned his M.D. degree from Hubei Medical University in 1982 and Ph.D. degree from Peking Union Medical College in 1999.

  6. Elementary Proof of Yu. V. Nesterenko Expansion of the Number Zeta(3 in Continued Fraction

    Gutnik Leonid


    Full Text Available Yu. V. Nesterenko has proved that , , , , , , and for ; , , and , for His proof is based on some properties of hypergeometric functions. We give here an elementary direct proof of this result.

  7. Xu Fuguan’s Concept of Anxiety and Its Connection to Religious Studies



    Full Text Available Although Xu Fuguan (1903–1982 belongs to the most important representatives of the Modern Confucian intellectual movement, he is rather unknown outside China. However, his concept of “anxiety” (youhuan yishi 憂患意識 is not only relevant for the recognition of the special characteristics, which determines the ideological and political structure of ancient Chinese society, but also for the intercultural elaboration of Jaspers’s “axial age” theory. This article introduces this concept to the European academic readership, and provides an analysis of its connection to the Modern Confucian hypothesis regarding the absence of an external God (or Deities in classical Chinese culture.

  8. Factorization for Power Corrections to B->Xs gamma and B-> Xu e nu

    Lee, K S M; Lee, Keith S. M.; Stewart, Iain W.


    We derive factorization theorems for Lambda_QCD/mb power corrections to inclusive B-decays in the endpoint region, where mX^2 ~mb Lambda_QCD. In B-> Xu e nu our results are for the full triply differential rate. A complete enumeration of Lambda_QCD/mb corrections is given. We point out the presence of new Lambda_QCD/mb-suppressed shape functions, which arise at tree level with a $4 pi$-enhanced coefficient, and show that these previously neglected terms induce an additional large uncertainty for current inclusive methods of measuring |Vub| that depend on the endpoint region of phase space.

  9. LHC phenomenology of general SU(2)xSU(2)xU(1) models

    Ježo, Tomáš; Schienbein, Ingo


    General SU(2)xSU(2)xU(1) models represent a well-motivated intermediate step towards the unification of the Standard Model gauge groups. Based on a recent global analysis of low-energy and LEP constraints of these models, we perform numerical scans of their various signals at the LHC. We show that total cross sections for lepton and third-generation quark pairs, while experimentally easily accessible, provide individually only partial information about the model realized in Nature. In contrast, correlations of these cross sections in the neutral and charged current channels may well lead to a unique identification.

  10. Progress of projection computed tomography by upgrading of the beamline 37XU of SPring-8

    Terada, Yasuko; Suzuki, Yoshio; Uesugi, Kentaro; Miura, Keiko


    Beamline 37XU at SPring-8 has been upgraded for nano-focusing applications. The length of the beamline has been extended to 80 m. By utilizing this length, the beamline has advantages for experiments such as X-ray focusing, X-ray microscopic imaging and X-ray computed tomography. Projection computed tomography measurements were carried out at experimental hutch 3 located 80 m from the light source. CT images of a microcapsule have been successfully obtained with a wide X-ray energy range.

  11. Progress of projection computed tomography by upgrading of the beamline 37XU of SPring-8

    Terada, Yasuko, E-mail:; Suzuki, Yoshio; Uesugi, Kentaro; Miura, Keiko [Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute, SPring-8, 1-1-1 Koto, Sayo, Hyogo 679-5198 (Japan)


    Beamline 37XU at SPring-8 has been upgraded for nano-focusing applications. The length of the beamline has been extended to 80 m. By utilizing this length, the beamline has advantages for experiments such as X-ray focusing, X-ray microscopic imaging and X-ray computed tomography. Projection computed tomography measurements were carried out at experimental hutch 3 located 80 m from the light source. CT images of a microcapsule have been successfully obtained with a wide X-ray energy range.

  12. On Regional Division of Suitable Producing Areas of Yu Salvia miltiorrhiza

    WEI Zhi-hua; WANG Xin-min; QIAO Qing-mei; CHENG Mao-gao; LIU Yong-lu; XIE Cai-xiang; CHEN Shi-lin


    With the aid of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Geographic Information System(TCMGIS-I),on the basis of planting base of Yu Salvia miltiorrhiza in Fangcheng County of Henan Province,we selected key ecological factors such as the temperature,altitude,soil type,and precipitation that affect growth of Yu Salvia miltiorrhiza,and analyzed ecological suitability of Yu Salvia miltiorrhiza in China and in Henan Province.Results show that Yu Salvia miltiorrhiza has large suitable area in China,up to 10 provinces.At the similitude degree of 90% to 100%,its suitable distribution area can reach 309 205 km 2 theoretically.Among the suitable areas,the distribution area is large in Sichuan,Shaanxi,Jiangsu,Hubei and Henan provinces,each of which up to 24 000 km 2.At the similitude degree of 80% to 90%,the suitable areas of Yu Salvia miltiorrhiza are mainly in Fangcheng,Xichuan,Dengzhou,Xinyang and Nanzhao counties,which are consistent with record of relevant data.

  13. YU Ren-cun(郁仁存)——A Famous Oncologist in Integrative Medicine


    @@ YU Ren-cun was born on August 1,1934.After graduating from Jiangxi Medical College in 1955,he took part in the very first Western Doctors' Class for Learning Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) held in Beijing from March 1959 to December 1961.Prof.YU systematically learned TCM while taking this class.Since 1962,he has been working in the Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine,eventually being promoted to a Chief Physician by the Beijing Municipal Government in May of 1981.In 1997,Prof.YU was selected as a well-known veteran for the National TCM Doctor Inheritance Work by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SATCM).The State Council of China has awarded him a special subsidy every month for his excellent work.

  14. Prof.Yu Weichao's Life%俞伟超先生生平



    Prof. Yu Weichao, a famous archaeologist and the former Director of the Museum of Chinese History, passed away on December 5, 2003, at the age of 70, from an incurable disease. As a master of great learning and integrity of our time, Prof. Yu not only cultivated for our country a great amount of talent specialized personnel in archaeology, but also carried out researches as the main pioneer of Qin-Han archaeology. In the archaeology of the Neolithic Age and studies of the Chu culture, he also obtained authoritative research accomplishments. Prof. Yu fought all his life for the cause of Chinese archaeology and museology. His unfortunate passing away is a great loss for the cause of archaeology.

  15. [Professor WU Xu's clinical experiences on acupuncture for acute upper abdominal pain].

    Wu, Xiao-Liang; Lu, Bin; Sun, Jian-Hua; Ai, Bing-Wei; Bao, Chao; Wu, Wen-Zhong; Li, Jian-Bing; Liu, Lan-Ying; Wu, Wen-Yun; Pei, Li-Xia; Zhou, Jun-Ling; Li, Yan-Cai; Qin, Shan


    The clinical experiences and proven cases of distinguished doctor of TCM, professor WU Xu, on acupuncture for acute upper abdominal pain is introduced. Professor WU's manipulation characteristics of acupuncture for acute upper abdominal pain, including acute cholecystitis, kidney stone, acute stomach pain, are one-hand shape but both hands in nature, moving like Tai Chi, force on the tip of needle, movement of qi mainly. The main technique posture is one-hand holding needle with middle finger for pressing, the needle is hold by thumb and index finger, and is assisted by middle finger. The special acupuncture experience of emergency is treatment according to syndrome differentiation, combination of acupuncture and moxibustion, selecting acupoint based on experience, blood-letting acupuncture therapy and so on.

  16. XU-RSM: Diffuse response surface model for reliability-based design optimization

    Zhang, P. P.; Breitkopf, P.; Vayssade, C.; Zhang, W. H.; Tao, H.


    We focus on a new response surface methodology (XU-RSM) adapted to RBDO, based on Diffuse Approximation. This method uses simultaneously the points in the space of probabilistic variables (U-space) and the points in the space of physical variables (X-space). The two grids form a "virtual design of experiments" and are progressively explored in order to minimize the number of the "exact" function evaluations. A variant of the first order reliability method FORM is chosen to calculate the safety index. A case study is investigated for the numerical control (NC) machining operations of ultrahigh strength steel. We show how the proposed method can decrease the amount of function calculations and reduce the computing time.

  17. English Translation Strategies of Lun Yu:A Post-colonial Approach

    Zhang Xiaoman; Peng Zhen


    This paper discusses English translation strategies of Lun Yu from the perspec-tive of post-colonialism translation theory. Post-colonial translation theory makes research like cultural archaeology on translation practice, and influences translation practice through power difference of power discourse. It researches and interprets the translator’ s conscious and unconscious value orientations and choices of strategy. Under its guidance,a research is made concerning the English translation of Lun Yu,and four strategies,namely,domestication,for-eignization,hybridization and decolonization,are explicitly explained and analyzed.

  18. Low Impact Development Intensive Rural Construction Planning in Xu Fu Village Ningbo, China: Planning Review through Rural Resilience Perspective

    Roosmayri Lovina Hermaputi


    Full Text Available Xu Fu Village Ningbo LID Intensive Rural Construction Planning is a cooperation project between Zhejiang University and Ningbo Institute of Technology which named "12th Five-Year National Science and Technology support program-the comprehensive demonstration of the key technology of the beautiful rural construction in the rapid urbanization area of the Yangtze River Delta". This plan focuses on intensive rural construction as part of rural development and construction project that applies the principles of low impact development. Xu Fu Village located in the Yangtze River Delta Region. Currently, the rural growth brings the high impact of development, as a result of rapid urbanization growth arising several issues, such as low land use efficiency, dispersed rural residence, homestead occupies more, rural roads covering over, etc. Meanwhile, Xu Fu village wishes to develop its tourism potential. Thus, the intensive rural construction should be done to avoid the severe effect. The project result hopefully can improve the quality and level of rural residential planning, design, and construction; improve their living environment; save construction land and water use; and improve energy efficiency. The aim of this study is to review the Low Impact Development (LID Intensive Rural Construction in Xu Fu Village, Ningbo City through the rural resilience perspective. This paper will describe the project plan first, then review it through rural resilience perspective. This paper will elaborate the rural resilience theory and then review the rural resiliency through two parts; the first part is identifying rural resilience in rural infrastructure development based on the criteria created by Ayyob S. and Yoshiki Y. (2014, about urban resiliency criteria, and then the second part is reviewing Xu Fu Village resilience through Arup Resilience Qualities (2012, considering three rural resilience domain (economy, ecology, and cultural.

  19. 巴西固氮螺菌Yu62在玉米根的定植%Colonization Pattern of Azospirillum brasilense Yu62 on Maize Roots

    刘元; 陈三凤; 李季伦


    Plasmid pVK1001 which carried the gfp gene of GFPmut2, a mutant of GFP, was introduced into Azospirillum brasilense Yu62 by electroporation. Maize seedlings were inoculated with the GFP-labelled bacteria and grown gnotobiotically in flask with semi-solid agar medium. Observations were performed with confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM) and electron microscopy, respectively, at 8 d and 12 d after inoculation. Confocal laser scanning microscopy showed that A. brasilense Yu62 could penetrate into the cortex tissue, colonizing in the intercellular spaces of the parenchyma cells of the cortex tissue. Transmission and scanning electron microscopy (TEM) showed that the majority of the bacteria colonized on the root surface and only a minority of them resided in the root interior.%将GFPmut2质粒中的gfp基因 (编码绿色荧光蛋白)克隆到载体pVK100中,构建成重组质粒pVK1001.将pVK1001通过电转化方法导入到联合固氮菌巴西固氮螺菌Yu62中,获得GFP标记的巴西固氮螺菌Yu62菌株.用标记菌株接种限菌培养条件下生长的玉米(农大3318)幼苗,在接种后8 d、12 d,用激光共聚焦扫描显微镜进行观测,结果表明巴西固氮螺菌Yu62菌株能定植于玉米根部皮层的薄壁细胞间隙.用扫描电镜和超薄切片电镜观察表明,大多数细菌主要定植于根表,少数菌可进入玉米根组织内.

  20. CCD Photometric Observations of 2005 YU55 During the 2011 November Flyby

    Warner, B. D.; Stephens, R. D.; Brinsfield, J. W.; Larsen, F. R.; Jacobsen, J.; Foster, J.; Richmond, M.; Franco, L.


    Analysis of CCD photometric observations of the near-Earth asteroid 2005 YU55 during the 2011 flyby determined one of two possible periods: 16.3 h or 19.3 h. Initial indications from radar observations are that the longer period is the more probable.

  1. Yu-Shiba-Rusinov states in phase-biased S-QD-S junctions

    Kiršanskas, Gediminas; Goldstein, Moshe; Flensberg, Karsten;


    We study the effects of a phase difference on Yu-Shiba-Rusinov (YSR) states in a spinful Coulomb-blockaded quantum dot contacted by a superconducting loop. In the limit where charging energy is larger than the superconducting gap, we determine the subgap excitation spectrum, the corresponding...

  2. Professor YU Yun's Experience in Treating Tumor by Pulse-feeling and Acupuncture

    LI Yong-jian; DI Ruo-hong; LI Yong; LI Yan-li; CHENG Xiao-mi


    @@ Professor YU Yun was born in Suzhou city, Jiangsu province in 1940. After graduation from Xuzhou Medical College in 1964, professor YU has been engaged himself in integrative Chinese & western medicine practice in Shanghai Tumor Hospital. In the middle 1980s, he was invited to Spain for traditional Chinese medicine research. He participated in world acupuncture conferences many times and delivered speeches. He wrote the book Pulse-feeling and Acupuncture for Tumor Treatment and published articles at home and abroad. He is an honorary professor of American Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, permanent member of World Society of Integrative Chinese & Western Medicine, research fellow of Shanghai Center of Acupuncture and Meridian, and the director of Spain Institute of Pulsefeeling and Acupuncture. Greatly interested in Chinese medicine and acupuncture, professor YU has been engaged in Pulse-feeling and acupuncture to treat late tumor and various kinds of difficult disorders for nearly forty years, and achieved wonderful results. I am honored to follow professor YU and learnt a lot. Now I present professor's experience in treating tumor by Pulse-feeling and acupuncture.

  3. [Cloning and functional analysis of glnB from Azospirillum brasilense Yu62].

    Li, Z H; Chen, S F; Li, J L


    The glnB gene of A. brasilense Yu62 was determined in a 3.7 kb EcoRI + PstI fragment. The glnA is located downstream of glnB and an ORF for hypothetical protein is on upstream of glnB. The deduced amino acid sequence of PII encoded by glnB is 71%, 77%, 79% and 69% identical to that of K. pneumoniae, Bradyrhizobium japonicum, Rhizobium leguninosarum and E. coli, respectively. A Km-casette was inserted into BglII site of glnB coding region and GlnB- mutant was obtained by homologous recombination. The GlnB- mutant has lost the nitrogenase activity, i.e.: Nif-. For the functional confirmation of glnB gene, a complementary test was carried out and it was shown that C-glnB(glnB::Km/glnB) can restore the nitrogenase activity. When the recombinant plasmid pVK-II which containined the coding region of glnB was introduced into A. brasilense Yu62 and A. brasilense Yu62 DraT-, respectively, the Yu62-II (containing pVK-II) and draT-II(containing pVK-II) showed higher nitrogenase activity than wild type. These results confirmed that glnB plays an important role in the regulation of nitrogen in A. brasilense.

  4. Belief for Two Loyal Officials and Adoration for Han Yu --Cultural Interpretations of the Settlement of Two Loyal Officials' Temple in Chaoshan Area%“双忠”信仰与韩愈崇拜——“双忠”庙祀落户潮汕地区的文化阐释



    唐代“双忠”张巡、许远二人享祀于非亲非故的僻远的潮汕地区,成为战神和保护神而受到人民的尊崇,形成一种独特的民俗信仰文化。究其因,与韩愈刺潮后而形成的韩愈崇拜密切相关,尊韩文化热孵化出“双忠”崇拜文化,韩愈的崇文兴教,滋润了“双忠”赖以生存的忠义土壤。%Two loyal officials of Tang Dynasty, Zhang Xun and Xu Yuan, venerated by people for being Mars and guardian, were given memorial ceremonies in remote Chaoshan area, where they had neither relatives nor friends, forming a particular kind of culture of folk custom belief. It is closely concerned with the adoration for Han Yu shaped after his being Ci Shi in Chaozhou. The culture of adoration for two loyal officals was engendered by the upsurge of Honoring-Han Yu Culture and the two loyal officals were impacted by Han Yu' s highlight for culture and education.

  5. 《奎章政要》真伪及虞、揭关系辨析%The Authenticity of Kuizhang Zheng Yao and the Relationship between Yu Ji and Jie Xisi



      揭斯著《奎章政要》一书的说法,最早见于元末陶宗仪《辍耕录》“奎章政要”条。根据与揭斯同时的欧阳玄为揭斯写的墓志铭、黄蟳为揭斯写的神道碑可以确定,《奎章政要》是讹窜揭斯的《太平政要》所致。“奎章政要”条的描述逻辑乖谬,基本是杜撰,这与元季人士对虞集、揭斯才华的估定以及对他们的熟稔程度有关。人们以揭斯在《范先生诗序》中所提供的虞集关于“元诗四家”的诗评为导火索,对虞、揭关系的解读逐渐偏离事实,引发出许多讹谬。%The earliest mention of Jie Xisi's writing of the book Kuizhang Zheng Yao(《奎章政要》) can be found in Tao Zong yi's Chuo Geng Lu(《辍耕录》). From Jie's epitaph written by his contem-porary Ouyang Xuan and the inscriptions on his tombstone written by Huang Jin,we can conclude that Kuizhang Zheng Yao was actually Jie's Taiping Zheng Yao(《太平政要》). That is to say,the entry of Jie's Kuizhang Zheng Yao in Chuo Geng Lu was invented by its author Tao Zongyi,which is against the fact and logic. Tao's invention is due to the fact that scholars in the late Yuan Dynasty misinterpreted the talents of and the relationship between Yu Ji and Jie Xisi,which gave rise to many misleading ac-counts in that regard. Their interpretation of the relationship between Yu and Jie is based on the shaky foundation of their misunderstanding of Jie's review of Yu's poems in Fanxiansheng Shi Xu(《范先生诗序》).

  6. A comparative analysis of a fuzzless-lintless mutant of Gossypium hirsutum L. cv. Xu-142

    于晓红; 朱勇清; 卢山; 张天真; 陈晓亚; 许智宏


    A fuzzless-lintless (fl) seed mutant of Gossypium hirsutum L. cv. Xu-142 was investigated to study cotton fiber development. Scanning electron microscopy revealed that fiber initials were virtually absent from fl ovules. RT-PCR analysis showed that the steady-state levels of transcripts of the fiber-specific E6 and Expansin genes were high in wild type (WT) ovules during the fiber initiation and elongation stages, and peaked around 15 days post anthesis (DPA), but only a trace amount of these transcripts was detectable in fl ovules of alt developmental stages investigated. CotmybA, a member of the Myb family, exhibited a clear expression in developing WT ovules, but the expression was abnormal in fl ovules. Application of GA3, or GA3 plus IAA, to the culture medium rescued in vitro fiber initiation and growth of fl ovules only partially. In addition, transcription of E6 and Expansin genes of in vitro cultured WT and fl ovules responded similarly to exogenous hormones. The hormones had less effect on Cot

  7. A comparative analysis of a fuzzless-lintless mutant of Gossypium hirsutum L. cv. Xu-142


    A fuzzless-lintless (fl) seed mutant of Gossypium hirsutum L. cv. Xu-142 was investigated to study cotton fiber development. Scanning electron microscopy revealed that fiber initials were virtually absent from fl ovules. RT-PCR analysis showed that the steady-state levels of transcripts of the fiber-specific E6 and Expansin genes were high in wild type (WT) ovules during the fiber initiation and elongation stages, and peaked around 15 days post anthesis (DPA), but only a trace amount of these transcripts was detectable in fl ovules of all developmental stages investigated. CotmybA, a member of the Myb family, exhibited a clear expression in developing WT ovules, but the expression was abnormal in fl ovules. Application of GA3, or GA3 plus IAA, to the culture medium rescued in vitro fiber initiation and growth of fl ovules only partially. In addition, transcription of E6 and Expansin genes of in vitro cultured WT and fl ovules responded similarly to exogenous hormones. The hormones had less effect on CotmybA transcription in ovules cultured in vitro, and again the WT and fl ovules showed a similar expression. These results suggest that the abnormal or extremely low level of expression of E6, Expansin and CotmybA genes in developing fl seeds is related to the absence of seed-hairs, and the mechanism underlying needs further investigation.

  8. Descriptions of the final stadium larva and female adult of Coeliccia mingxiensis Xu (Odonata: Zygoptera: Platycnemididae).

    Xu, Qi-han


    The final stadium larva of Coeliccia mingxiensis Xu is described and illustrated. The female adult is also described for the first time. The larva can be easily separated from all known Coeliccia larvae by the following distinct morphological characters: (1) prementum longest in all known Coeliccia larvae; median lobe with 4 pairs of premental setae and palpal lobe with 6 palpal setae; (2) caudal gills shortest of all known Coeliccia larvae when compared with body length; median gill rounded at apex and lateral gill with a small median projection at apex. The female is similar to the male in many respects, differing chiefly in several respects as follows: the transverse yellow band on vertex of head broader and straighter than in male; antehumeral stripe on mesepisternum somewhat incurved basally, not forming a strong hook, which is present in male; distal abdomen with obviously different colour pattern; anal appendages brownish-black, shorter than S10; vulvar scales robust, brownish-yellow, projecting well beyond end of abdomen.

  9. Sequence of densification and hydrocarbon charging of Xu2 reservoir in Anyue-Hechuan area, Sichuan Basin, China

    陈聪; 徐国盛; 徐昉昊; 袁海锋; 陈飞


    The sequence of the densification and hydrocarbon charging of the Xu2 reservoir in the Anyue–Hechuan area of Central Sichuan Basin is discussed. The diagenetic sequence is considered a time line to determine the historical relationship between the densification process and the hydrocarbon charging of the Xu2 reservoir in the study area:Early diagenetic stage B (the first stage of hydrocarbon charging, which was about 200–160 Ma ago, with a porosity of about 20%, consolidated and not tight) → middle diagenetic stage A (the second stage of hydrocarbon charging, which was about 140–120 Ma ago, with a porosity of 10%–20%and relatively tight) → middle diagenetic stage B (the third stage of hydrocarbon charging, which was about 20–5 Ma ago, with a porosity of 6%–10%and tight;However, fractures have developed). The study results prove that large-scale hydrocarbon charging and accumulation completed before the densification of the Xu2 reservoir, showing that the Upper Triassic Xujiahe Fm unconventional tight reservoir in the Sichuan Basin is prospective for exploration.

  10. Analysis and Critical Evaluation of Xu Fuguan’s Interpretation of the Concept qiyun shengdong 气韵生动



    Full Text Available The present article deals with Xu Fuguan’s analysis and interpretation of qiyun shengdong, which is regarded as one of the most significant and fundamental, as well as complex, concepts in Chinese aesthetics. It was developed in the Wei Jin period (220–420 AD, which is considered the turning point in Chinese aesthetics and art. Its complexity is expressed in literary works, painting, calligraphy and music, as well as in literary and painting theory. In Xu’s interpretation, the concept of qi refers to the outward characteristics of the art work. The concept yun reflects the inner characteristics that are an integral part of the human spirit, while shengdong is merely a spontaneous and natural effect of the interaction between qi and yun. First, the author presents Xu Fuguan’s interpretation and places it in the context of contemporary debates on Chinese aesthetics. The author then concentrates on Xu Fuguan’s philological and historical analysis of the semantic and philosophical development of the concept, and at the end gives a critical evaluation of his study in the context of the re-evaluation of the basics of classical Chinese aesthetics.

  11. Reflection on Law Case of Xu Ting%许霆案之法学反思



    According to the rules of current "Penal Pode", Xu Ting case, compared with curt ruling "thieves offencs", is a typical criminal case that has been resulted form the civil case and is more suitable when it is regarded as embezzlement crime. The apocalypse getting from "Tu Ting case" is that penal code can not wrong an innocent people as well as indulge a crime personp; And, penal should go with in response to the offense, such as:offense is light when penal is light, offense is heavy when the penal weigh. These should be under the modern social penal code principle by the common citizen,lawgiver andjudicatory who are going to pursuing law candor.%“许霆案”是一个由民事行为转化为犯罪行为的典型案件,根据我国现行《刑法》的规定,比之于法院判决“盗窃罪”的定性,其定性为“侵占罪”更为合适。“许霆案”的启示是,刑法既不能冤枉一个无辜者,也不能放纵一个犯罪人;而且,应罪刑相适,罪轻则刑轻,罪重则刑重。这是现代社会刑法理念下普通公民、立法者、司法者应该追求的法律公正。

  12. Professor LIAN Yu-lin's Experience in Treating Gynecological Disorders by Acupuncture



    @@ Professor LIAN Yu-lin, a chief doctor in the acupuncture department of the first affiliated hospital of Tianjin College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, has been engaged himself in Chinese medicine for over 30 years with perfect medical skills and rich experience in the treatment of cerebrovascular diseases and cervical and lumbar diseases, especially in the treatment of gynecological disorders by acupuncture. I follow professor Lian as an intern and have learnt some skillful techniques in the treatment of gynecological disorders by acupuncture.

  13. Yu Zhengsheng Attends Reception Marking 45th Anniversary Of China-Equatorial Guinea Diplomatic Relations

    Xu; Liya


    On April 29,the CPAFFC held a reception in Beijing to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Equatorial Guinea.Yu Zhengsheng,Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference(CPPCC)and Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo,President of Equatorial Guinea,spoke on the occasion.Among the audience of some 150were Abdul’ahat Abdulrixit,former

  14. 论庾信礼学观%On YU Xin’ s Concept of Ritual Theory



    庾信的作品可谓篇篇有“礼”。从具体的作品考察可知,庾信知耻铭辱的礼学观念与其所处的时代背景、家学传统、个人学养以及上层统治者对“礼”教化功能的重视都是紧密相连的。庾信怀国以礼、弘扬至孝及事君以礼等观念对后世所起的影响亦不可忽视。%Each of YU Xin’ s works can be described with the word "ritual". The study of his specific works shows that YU Xin’ s ritual concept of shame and disgrace is closely related to his historical back-ground, family tradition, personal knowledge and cultivation as well as the upper ruler’ s emphasis on the educational function of rituals. YU Xin yearned for his country with ritual, promoted piety and served the emperor with ritual, all of which have great influence on the following generations.

  15. Variational Data Assimilation Experiments of Mei-Yu Front Rainstorms in China

    王云峰; 王斌; 韩月琪; 朱民; 侯志明; 周毅; 刘宇迪; 寇正


    The numerical forecasts of mei-yu front rainstorms in China has been an important issue. The intensity and pattern of the frontal rainfall are greatly influenced by the initial fields of the numerical model. The 4-dimensional variational data assimilation technology (4DVAR) can effectively assimilate all kinds of observed data, including rainfall data at the observed stations, so that the initial fields and the precipitation forecast can both be greatly improved. The non-hydrostatic meso-scale model (MM5) and its adjoint model are used to study the development of the mei-yu front rainstorm from 1200 UTC 25June to 0600 UTC 26 June 1999. By numerical simulation experiments and assimilation experiments, the T106 data and the observed 6-hour rainfall data are assimilated. The influences of many factors, such as the choice of the assimilated variables and the weighting coefficient, on the precipitation forecast results are studied. The numerical results show that 4DVAR is valuable and important to mei-yu front rainfall prediction.

  16. Xu Fuguan’s Study of the Axial Period in China and the Concept of Concerned Consciousness

    Téa Sernelj


    Full Text Available Although Xu Fuguan (1903–1982 belongs to the most important representatives of the Modern Confucian intellectual movement he is rather unknown outside China. However, his concept of “concerned consciousness” (youhuan yishi 憂患 意識 is relevant not only for the recognition of the special characteristics which determine the ideological and political structure of ancient Chinese society, but also for the intercultural elaboration of Jaspers’ “axial age” theory. This article introduces the concept to the European academic readership and provides an analysis of its connection to the Modern Confucian hypothesis regarding the absence of an external God (or Deities in classical Chinese culture.

  17. Gauge symmetry breaking in the hidden sector of the flipped SU(5)xU(1) superstring model

    Antoniadis, I.; Rizos, J. (Centre de Physique Theorique, Ecole Polytechnique, 91 - Palaiseau (France)); Tamvakis, K. (Theoretical Physics Div., Univ. Ioannina (Greece))


    We analyze the SU(5)xU(1)'xU(1){sup 4}xSO(10)xSU(4) superstring model with a spontaneously broken hidden sector down to SO(7)xSO(5) taking into account non-renormalizable superpotential terms up to eight order. As a result of the hidden sector breaking the 'exotic' states get a mass and the 'observable' spectrum is composed of the standard three families. In addition, Cabibbo mixing arises at sixth order and an improved fermion mass hierarchy emerges. (orig.).

  18. Bose realization for non-canonical representations of the symplectic group Sp(4) contains SU(2)xU(1)

    Tello-Llanos, R.A. [Departamento de Formacion General y Ciencias Basicas, Universidad Simon Bolivar, Caracas (Venezuela)]. E-mail:


    A new method is formulated for the construction of arbitrary unitary irreducible representations of the compact symplectic group Sp(4){approx}O(5) in orthonormal bases which are reduced with respect to the non-canonical group chain Sp(4) contains SU(2)xU(1). The method is based on a realization of the algebra of generators and basis states by means of a system of Bose creation and annihilation operators. As an illustration, some series of representations with multiplicities equal to, or less than, three are given in explicit algebraic form. (author)

  19. Small angle scattering at the IBR-2 reactor Festschrift Ostanevich (Yu M)

    Gordeliy, V I


    This is a short review intended for the eminent Russian physicist professor Yu.M. Ostanevich, laureate of the 2000 Award of the Russian Federation on Science and Technology for substantial contribution to the development of highly effective SANS spectrometer at IBR-2. Not pretending to highlight all the numerous sides of his scientific activities, in this review we wanted to emphasize his decisive role in installation of the unique spectrometer at IBR-2 and his notable contribution to the development and investigation of different scientific fields at this spectrometer.

  20. [Textual research on Guang dong xin yu (New Sayings of Guangdong) quoted in Ben cao gang mu shi yi (Supplements to Compendium of Materia Medica].

    Zhang, Ruixian; Zhang, Wei; Li, Jian; Liang, Fei


    Altogether 15 terms for Guang dong xin yu (New Sayings of Guangdong) were used in Ben cao gang mu shi yi (Supplements to Compendium of Materia Medica), including Yue yu (Cantonese sayings), Chong yu (Sayings from Insect Drug), Jie yu (Sayings from Crustacean Drug), Xin yu (New Sayings), Yue hai xiang yu (Fragrant Sayings from Cantonese Region), Yue zhi mu yu (Sayings from Plants in Cantonese Annals), Guang dong suo yu (Trivial Sayings from Guangdong), Yue shan lu (Records of Cantonese Mountains), Yue lu (Cantonese Records), Jiao guang lu (Joint Guangdong Records), Yue cao zhi (Records of Cantonese Grasses), Guang guo lu (Records of Guangdong Fruits), Nan yue suo ji (Trivial Records of Southern Canton), Guang zhi (Guangdong Records), Yue zhi (Cantonese Records) etc. dealing with 57 sorts of drugs (with individual overlapping ones), the author of Xin yu was Qu Dajun, a surviving fogy of the Ming Dynasty actively involved in the activities to restore the old dynasty and resist the Qing Dynasty, and was persecuted in the literary inquisition in which his works were burnt so that Zhao Xuemin, when quoting his texts, had to go in a roundabout way.

  1. [Textual research on the time of completion of XU Shuwei' books on exo-pathogenic cold diseases].

    Lu, Mingxin


    Shang han bai zheng ge (Poets of Syndromes of Exo-pathogenic Cold Disease), Shang han fa wei lun (Discourse on Elucidation of Exo-pathogenic Cold Disease), Shang han jiu shi lun (90 Discourses on Exo-pathogenic Cold Disease) were the three extant books on exo-pathogenic cold disease written by Xu Shuwei among his other works of its kind. Although there were carved editions of the Yuan and Ming Dynasties, these books were gradually paid attention for citations by other physicians till the Qing Dynasty. Through comparison of its texts, it can be found that the title of Shang han bai zheng ge was mentioned in his other medical works. While Shang han fa wei lun and Shang han jiu shi lun contained some overlapping contents, some even carrying concept contradictory to each other. According to historical materials, Xu Shuwei began to write the above-mentioned 3 books in the Northern Song Dynasty. In the several early years of the Southern Song Dynasty after crossing the Yangtze River, he collected the remained manuscripts and continued to write. Among them, Shang han bai zheng ge was completed first, followed by Shang han fa wei lun, with Shang han jiu shi lun came as the last.

  2. High time resolution CCD camera with X-ray image intensifier for SPring-8 BL40XU

    Oka, T; Yagi, N


    SPring-8 BL40XU is designed to use high flux X-ray for small angle X-ray scattering and multi purpose. The flux at the experimental hutch is about 1 x 10 sup 1 sup 5 photons/sec at 12.4 KeV, which is larger 2 approx 3 figures than other beamlines at SPring-8. To utilize the high flux X-ray efficiently, new high-speed detector is needed. Therefore, a high frame rate CCD camera C7770 (Hamamatsu) and a new 6-inch X-ray image intensifier V5445P (Hamamatsu) were developed for BL40XU. The CCD camera has three CCD chips to increase the readout speed. Three identical images are created by a prism system in the CCD camera and projected onto the three chips. The pixel number of the CCD is 640 x 480 and the frame rate is 291 frames/sec. Reduction of the number of horizontal lines leads to a faster frame rate up to a few thousands. The combination of the CCD and with an X-ray shutter also leads to faster discrete data acquisition. (author)

  3. Spin-chain with PSU(2|2)xU(1)^3 and Non-linear Sigma-model with D(2,1;gamma)

    Aoyama, Shogo


    We propose that the spin-chain with the PSU(2|2)xU(1)^3 symmetry is equivalent to the non-linear sigma-model on PSU(2|2)xU(1)^3/{HxU(1)} with a certain subgroup. To this end we show that the spin-variable of the former theory is identified as the Killing scalar of the latter and their correlation functions can have the same integrability. It is crucial to think that the respective theory gets the PSU(2|2)xU(1)^3 symmetry by a symmetry reduction the exceptional supergroup D(2,1;gamma), rather than by an extension of PSU(2|2).

  4. 试述俞正燮妇女思想%On Yu Zhengxie's Thoughts on Women



    俞正燮,字理初,清安徽黟县人,是清嘉道年间的一位重要考据学家和思想家。少年时的俞正燮天资聪颖,喜好读书。后因家道变故,他不得不四处奔走,傭书为业,期间两次科考均名落孙山。在妇女思想方面,俞正燮大声疾呼男女平等,切实维护妇女权益,如他提出一夫一妻制、反对妇女缠足、抨击妇女贞洁观以及妒非女人恶德等。%Yu Zhengxie, with Lichu as his courtesy name, born in Yixian of Anhui in Qing Dynasty, is an important textual criticism scholar and thinker during Jiaqing and Daoguang period of Qing Dynasty. Young Yu Zhengxie was talented and loved reading. Afterwards, he had to go hither and thither and lived by copying books, and during this period he failed in official examinations twice. On women, he actively advocated gender equality, earnest-ly maintained women's rights, for example, he proposed one-wife for one-husband system, opposed foot binding, slashed the out-look on women's chastity and women's immorality.

  5. Traces and echoes of De Architectura by Marcus Vitruvius Pollio in the work of Xu Guangqi in 17th century China

    Cigola, Michela; Fang, Yibing


    This study aims to investigate the role played by Xu Guangqi (1562-1633), minister of the Ming Dynasty, in the development of European scientific and technical knowledge in China between the 16th and 17th centuries by analyzing a book of Western technology that he wrote, namely, Taixi Shuifa ( On Western Hydraulics). Several Western books related to machine knowledge are searched to trace the source of the illustrations in Taixi Shuifa. We found that Archimedes' screw and Ctesibius' machine, which are included in Vitruvius' De Architectura volumes, also appear in the work of Xu Guangqi.

  6. Comparison of congener profiles of polychlorinated biphenyls between Yu-cheng children and a potential food source

    Lung Shih-Chun Candice [Research Center for Environmental Changes, Academia Sinica, Taipei (Taiwan); Guo Yu-Liang Leon; Chang Ho-Yuan [Dept. of Environmental and Occupational Health, Coll. of Medicine, National Cheng Kung Univ., Tainan (Taiwan)


    In 1979, about two thousand people in central Taiwan were intoxicated by consumption of the rice oil that was contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). This ''Yu-cheng'' incident was one of the two human tragedies which people ingested substantial amounts of PCBs within a short period of time. Some of the follow-up epidemiological studies focused on the children born to the exposed mothers, the Yu-cheng children, since they could be exposed to PCBs via breast-feeding or transplacental transfer. This report presents the results of the serum PCB levels of the 21 Yu-cheng children with a congener-specific analysis. On the other hand, fish consumption is thought to be the single most important exposure route to PCBs to the general public; thus, it is crucial to understand PCB exposure from fish consumption. In a separated study to assess PCB contamination in fish, PCB congener concentrations in tilapia (Oreochromis hybrids), the most popular fish in Taiwan, were evaluated. The consumption quantity of tilapia is the highest throughout the Island. It is mostly farmed in fresh water but can also be bred in saltwater. This report presents the concentrations and profiles in the serums of the Yu-cheng children. The congener profile is compared with PCB profile in the serum of Yu-cheng women reported previously and that in one of the potentially significant exposure source, tilapia, conducted in a separated work. Remarkable similarity between the profile of Yu-cheng children and that of the tilapia is revealed and discussed.

  7. Biopolítica, Gobierno y Salud Pública. Miradas para un diagnóstico diferencial, de Tuillang Yuing y Rodrigo Karmy

    Adán Salinas Araya


    Full Text Available Tuillang Yuing y Rodrigo Karmy (editores.Participan: Rodrigo Karmy, Philippe Monti, Mariela Cecilia Ávila, Tuillang Yuing, Miguel Kotow, Jimena Carrasco, Sandra Caponi,  Luis David Castiel, Yuri Carvajal, Jorge Gaete.Escuela de Salud Pública- Ocho Libros EdicionesOctubre 2014, 206 pp.ISBN: 978-956-335-213-9

  8. Biopolítica, Gobierno y Salud Pública. Miradas para un diagnóstico diferencial de Tuillang Yuing y Rodrigo Karmy

    Adán Salinas Araya


    Tuillang Yuing y Rodrigo Karmy (editores).Participan: Rodrigo Karmy, Philippe Monti, Mariela Cecilia Ávila, Tuillang Yuing, Miguel Kotow, Jimena Carrasco, Sandra Caponi,  Luis David Castiel, Yuri Carvajal, Jorge Gaete.Escuela de Salud Pública- Ocho Libros EdicionesOctubre 2014, 206 pp.ISBN: 978-956-335-213-9

  9. Measurements of Partial Branching Fractions for Bbar --> X_u ell nubar and Determination of |V_{ub}|

    Aubert, B; Boutigny, D; Karyotakis, Yu; Lees, J P; Poireau, V; Prudent, X; Tisserand, V; Zghiche, A; Garra Tico, J; Graugès-Pous, E; López, L; Palano, A; Pappagallo, M; Eigen, G; Stugu, B; Sun, L; Abrams, G S; Battaglia, M; Brown, D N; Button-Shafer, J; Cahn, R N; Groysman, Y; Jacobsen, R G; Kadyk, J A; Kerth, L T; Kolomensky, Yu G; Kukartsev, G; Lopes-Pegna, D; Lynch, G; Mir, L M; Orimoto, T J; Osipenkov, I L; Ronan, M T; Tackmann, K; Tanabé, T; Wenzel, W A; Del Amo-Sánchez, P; Hawkes, C M; Watson, A T; Koch, H; Schröder, T; Walker, D; Asgeirsson, D J; Çuhadar-Dönszelmann, T; Fulsom, B G; Hearty, C; Mattison, T S; McKenna, J A; Barrett, M; Khan, A; Saleem, M; Teodorescu, L; Blinov, V E; Bukin, A D; Druzhinin, V P; Golubev, V B; Onuchin, A P; Serednyakov, S I; Skovpen, Yu I; Solodov, E P; Todyshev, K Yu; Bondioli, M; Curry, S; Eschrich, I; Kirkby, D; Lankford, A J; Lund, P; Mandelkern, M; Martin, E C; Stoker, D P; Abachi, S; Buchanan, C; Foulkes, S D; Gary, J W; Liu, F; Long, O; Shen, B C; Vitug, G M; Zhang, L; Paar, H P; Rahatlou, S; Sharma, V; Berryhill, J W; Campagnari, C; Cunha, A; Dahmes, B; Hong, T M; Kovalskyi, D; Richman, J D; Beck, T W; Eisner, A M; Flacco, C J; Heusch, C A; Kroseberg, J; Lockman, W S; Schalk, T; Schumm, B A; Seiden, A; Wilson, M G; Winstrom, L O; Chen, E; Cheng, C H; Fang, F; Hitlin, D G; Narsky, I; Piatenko, T; Porter, F C; Andreassen, R; Mancinelli, G; Meadows, B T; Mishra, K; Sokoloff, M D; Blanc, F; Bloom, P C; Chen, S; Ford, W T; Hirschauer, J F; Kreisel, A; Nagel, M; Nauenberg, U; Olivas, A; Smith, J G; Ulmer, K A; Wagner, S R; Zhang, J; Gabareen, A M; Soffer, A; Toki, W H; Wilson, R J; Winklmeier, F; Altenburg, D D; Feltresi, E; Hauke, A; Jasper, H; Merkel, J; Petzold, A; Spaan, B; Wacker, K; Klose, V; Kobel, M J; Lacker, H M; Mader, W F; Nogowski, R; Schubert, J; Schubert, K R; Schwierz, R; Sundermann, J E; Volk, A; Bernard, D; Bonneaud, G R; Latour, E; Lombardo, V; Thiebaux, C; Verderi, M; Clark, P J; Gradl, W; Muheim, F; Playfer, S; Robertson, A I; Watson, J E; Xie, Y; Andreotti, M; Bettoni, D; Bozzi, C; Calabrese, R; Cecchi, A; Cibinetto, G; Franchini, P; Luppi, E; Negrini, M; Petrella, A; Piemontese, L; Prencipe, E; Santoro, V; Anulli, F; Baldini-Ferroli, R; Calcaterra, A; De Sangro, R; Finocchiaro, G; Pacetti, S; Patteri, P; Peruzzi, I M; Piccolo, M; Rama, M; Zallo, A; Buzzo, A; Contri, R; Lo Vetere, M; Macri, M M; Monge, M R; Passaggio, S; Patrignani, C; Robutti, E; Santroni, A; Tosi, S; Chaisanguanthum, K S; Morii, M; Wu, J; Dubitzky, R S; Marks, J; Schenk, S; Uwer, U; Bard, D J; Dauncey, P D; Flack, R L; Nash, J A; Panduro-Vazquez, W; Tibbetts, M; Behera, P K; Chai, X; Charles, M J; Mallik, U; Cochran, J; Crawley, H B; Dong, L; Eyges, V; Meyer, W T; Prell, S; Rosenberg, E I; Rubin, A E; Gao, Y Y; Gritsan, A V; Guo, Z J; Lae, C K; Denig, A G; Fritsch, M; Schott, G; Arnaud, N; Bequilleux, J; D'Orazio, A; Davier, M; Grosdidier, G; Höcker, A; Lepeltier, V; Le Diberder, F; Lutz, A M; Pruvot, S; Rodier, S; Roudeau, P; Schune, M H; 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Neal, H


    We present partial branching fractions for inclusive charmless semileptonic B decays Bbar --> X_u ell nubar, and the determination of the CKM matrix element |V_{ub}|. The analysis is based on a sample of 383 million Y(4S) decays into B Bbar pairs collected with the BaBar detector at the PEP-II e+ e- storage rings. We select events using either the invariant mass M_X of the hadronic system, the invariant mass squared, q^2, of the lepton and neutrino pair, the kinematic variable P_+ or one of their combinations. We then determine partial branching fractions in limited regions of phase space: Delta B = (1.18 +- 0.09_{stat.} +- 0.07_{sys.} +- 0.01_{theo.}) x 10^{-3} (M_X 8 GeV^2/c^4). Corresponding values of |V_{ub}| are extracted using several theoretical calculations.

  10. Hard x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy equipment developed at beamline BL46XU of SPring-8 for industrial researches

    Yasuno, Satoshi, E-mail:; Koganezawa, Tomoyuki; Watanabe, Takeshi [Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute, 1-1-1 Kouto, Sayo, Hyogo 679-5198 (Japan); Oji, Hiroshi [Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute, 1-1-1 Kouto, Sayo, Hyogo 679-5198 (Japan); SPring-8 Service Co., Ltd., 1-20-5 Kouto, Shingu, Tatsuno, Hyogo 679-5165 (Japan)


    Hard X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (HAXPES) is a powerful tool for investigating the chemical and electronic states of bulk and buried interface in a non-destructive manner due to the large probing depth of this technique. At BL46XU of SPring-8, there are two HAXPES systems equipped with different electron spectrometers, which can be utilized appropriately according to the purpose in various industrial researches. In this article, these systems are outlined, and two typical examples of HAXPES studies performed by them are presented, which focus on the silicidation at Ni/SiC interface and the energy distribution of interface states at SiO{sub 2}/a-InGaZnO.

  11. Development of high spatial resolution X-ray CT system at BL47XU in SPring-8

    Uesugi, K; Yagi, N; Tsuchiyama, A; Nakano, T


    High spatial resolution, micrometer range, X-ray CT system has been developed at SPring-8. The experiments were performed at the undulator beam line BL47XU. An 'in-vacuum type' undulator is employed as an X-ray source, and the X-rays are monochromatized with a liquid nitrogen cooled Si(1 1 1) double crystal monochromator. High precision rotation stage with air bearing was used for sample rotation. The transmitted images were obtained with a two-dimensional image detector, which consists of a single crystal phosphor screen (Lu sub 2 SiO sub 5 : Ce), an objective lens and a cooled CCD camera. In this system the smallest effective pixel size was set to 0.5 mu mx0.5 mu m. As a result of the experiments, three-dimensional images of a few micrometer-order texture has been successfully obtained with the developed CT system.

  12. PREFACE: SANS-YuMO User Meeting at the Start-up of Scientific Experiments on the IBR-2M Reactor: Devoted to the 75th anniversary of Yu M Ostanevich's birth

    Gordely, Valentin; Kuklin, Alexander; Balasoiu, Maria


    The Second International Workshop 'SANS-YuMO User Meeting at the Start-up of Scientific Experiments on the IBR-2M Reactor', devoted to the 75th anniversary of the birth of Professor Yu M Ostanevich (1936-1992), an outstanding neutron physicist and the founder of small-angle neutron scattering (field, group, and instrument) at JINR FLNPh, was held on 27-30 May at the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics. The first Workshop was held in October 2006. Research groups from different neutron centers, universities and research institutes across Europe presented more than 35 oral and poster presentations describing scientific and methodological results. Most of them were obtained with the help of the YuMO instrument before the IBR-2 shutdown in 2006. For the last four years the IBR-2 reactor has been shut down for refurbishment. At the end of 2010 the physical launch of the IBR-2M reactor was finally realized. Nowadays the small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) technique is applied to a wide range of scientific problems in condensed matter, soft condensed matter, biology and nanotechnology, and despite the fact that there are currently over 30 SANS instruments in operation worldwide at both reactor and spallation sources, the demand for beam-time is considerably higher than the time available. It must be remembered, however, that as the first SANS machine on a steady-state reactor was constructed at the Institute Laue Langevin, Grenoble, the first SANS instrument on a 'white' neutron pulsed beam was accomplished at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research at the IBR-30 reactor, beamline N5. During the meeting Yu M Ostanevich's determinative and crucial contribution to the construction of spectrometers at the IBR-2 high-pulsed reactor was presented, as well as his contribution to the development of the time-of-flight (TOF) small-angle scattering technique, and a selection of other scientific areas. His leadership and outstanding scientific achievements in applications of the

  13. La fuerza expresiva del deseo en Lan Yu de Stanley Kwan .

    David L. Eng


    Full Text Available Stanley Kwan's Lan Yu configures the emergence of homosexuality in contemporary China far beyond its validation in recognizably Western identitarian terms: the affirmation of an existing but misrecognized minority population; the defense of sexual "perversion"; the positing of sexual freedom, legal recognition, and political rights; the justification of a bourgeois consumer lifestyle, or even the expression of a universalizing and bindingtove bringing togethertwo abstract individuáis. Instead, in Kwan's film, homosexuality and its expressive desire mark the emergence of a new humanism in (postsocialist China under the shadows of global capitalism and neoliberal development. Gays and lesbians, that is, are harbingers of a new modernity, helping to situate China in its proper place within a cosmopolitan globalized world. From this perspective, homosexuality functions as a critical tool for organizing and evaluating the historical continuities and ruptures among China's (semicolonial past, its revolutionary aspirations for a socialist modernity, and its present investments in a neoliberal capitalist world order.

  14. On the Differences between Chinese and Western Culture--From Fighting Against the Flood of King Yu to Noah's Ark



    With the increasing cross-culture communication, more and more linguists come to realize that the cultural gap is a large obstacle in cultural transition and social intercourse.This paper discusses the differences between Chinese and Western culture from King Yu combating the flood to Noah's Ark to help Chinese communicate with westerners and develop Cross-Cultural Communication smoothly.

  15. Serum concentrations and profiles of polychlorinated biphenyls in Taiwan Yu-cheng victims twenty years after the incident

    Lung, S.-C. Candice [Research Center for Environmental Changes, Academia Sinica, Nankang, Taipei, Taiwan 115 (China); Guo, Y.-L.L. [Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, College of Medicine, National Cheng Kung University, 138 Sheng-Li Rd., Tainan, Taiwan 70428 (China); Chang, H.-Y.[Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, College of Medicine, National Cheng Kung University, 138 Sheng-Li Rd., Tainan, Taiwan 70428 (China)]. E-mail:


    In 1979, about 2000 people in central Taiwan were intoxicated via rice oil consumption that was contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). This 'Yu-cheng' incident was one of the two known major human PCB intoxication episodes. Twenty years after the intoxication, serum samples of 435 Yu-cheng victims, 414 adults and 21 children, were collected. Sixteen PCB congeners were analyzed with a gas chromatograph-electron capture detector. We found the median concentration of total PCBs in the adult serum was 1500 ng/g lipid, still substantially higher than that of the general population in Taiwan (3.7-fold) and most seafood consumers in the world. Most of analyzed PCB congeners in children were below or around the detection limits. Congener no. 138, however, had the highest concentrations, approximately accounting for 55% and 29% in the child and adult groups, respectively. Given that PCBs are persistent organic pollutants and endocrine disruptors, the concentrations and congener-specific profiles regarding the Yu-cheng victims provide valuable information for the investigation of such chemicals in humans. - Total serum PCBs in the Yu-cheng adult victims twenty years after the incident were still higher than that of the general population in Taiwan.

  16. Migration of Azospirillum brasilense Yu62 from Root to Stem and Leaves Inside Rice and Tobacco Plants

    CHIFeng; SHENShi-Hua; CHENSan-Feng; JINGYu-Xiang


    Azospirillum brasilense Tarrand, Krieg et Doebereiner is one of the important plant growthpromotion endophytes. A. brasilense Yu62 tagged with gfp gene was inoculated into roots of rice and tobacco seedlings, which were then, cultured in gnotobiotic condition. At a certain days after inoculation the different portions of the seedling were observed under laser confocal microscope, resulting in that A.brasilense Yu62 bacteria were colonized in epidermal and cortical cells, intercellular spaces and vascular system of stem and leaf tissue interiors besides in roots. Higher populations of the bacteria isolated from roots, stems and leaves indicated that A. brasilense Yu62 bacteria could ascend themselves from roots to stems and leaves of rice and tobacco. This observation lays down the foundation for ecology and cell morphology of bacterial migration inside plants, interaction between A. brasilense Yu62 bacteria and host cells as well as the plant-growth promotion, provides scientific basis for further application, and is of importance in science and practice.

  17. Evaluation of Chinese medicine Qian-Yu for chronic bacterial prostatitis in rats

    Jinhu Wu


    Full Text Available Objectives : Qian-Yu (QY, a Chinese medicine formula, has anti-inflammatory and broad spectrum anti-bacterial activity. This study is undertaken to evaluate the anti-inflammatory effects of Qian-Yu (QY in chronic bacterial prostatitis (CBP. Materials and Methods : The potential of QY in the treatment of CBP was evaluated using a CBP animal model by examining the anti-inflammatory activity. Its consequences were analyzed by immunological and histopathological methods. Experimental chronic bacterial prostatitis was induced by instillation of bacterial suspension of Escherichia coli 7.5 ΄ 10 5 CFU/ml into the prostatic urethra. Animals were followed up for four weeks and then treated with either 7 mg/kg QY or 7 mg/kg positive control agent-Qianlietai (QLT or 1 ml of phosphate-buffered saline (PBS for the controls. Ten rats in each group were sacrificed at the end of four weeks. The inhibition of inflammation and its consequences were analyzed histologically. Prostatic IL-8, SIgA and zinc concentrations were measured by ELISA, RIA and ICP-AES, respectively. The data was expressed as mean ± S.D. Least-significant difference (LSD of one-way ANOVA (SPSS 12.0 was used to determine the differences of scores. Results : The histopathology showed resolving prostatitis in QY-and QLT-treated groups and the immunology showed reduction of IL-8 and increment of SIgA contents in prostatic tissues as compared to the control groups. The prostatic zinc levels were higher in the QY-and QLT-treated groups than those in the controls. These results suggested that QY is effective in CBP treatment.




    Through the investigation and preliminary study of 19 kilnsites at Dang Yang Yu kiln , I basically master the modeling, decoration and fire craft of porcelain works with white glaze, dichroic glaze,twistable glaze, twistable color, dark brown glaze, black glaze, green glaze, Jun glaze and three-color glazed pottery, emerald glazed pottery of Dang Yang Yu kiln, and find the material about “double-firing process” .Through the investigation, I find Dang Yang Yu kiln' s first burning was in the late Tang Dynasty. During its first burning and development phases, Dang Yang Yu kiln was influenced by Gongyi kiln, Yaozhou kiln,Xing kiln, Ding kiln, Cizhou kiln, Jun kiln and other kilns nearby at different degree. The generalized Dang Yang Yu kiln is Huaiqing kiln according to the literature, and the ancient kiln at Boai county local is Henei kiln. Dang Yang Yu kiln reached its height of prosperity at Song and Jin period, it influenced and promoted the development of Zibo kiln and other kilns nearby, and went down to Qing Dynasty. Besides satisfying common market consumption, Dang Yang Yu kiln also went into the rank of tribute because of its outstanding quality.%通过对当阳峪窑19处窑址的考察与初步研究,基本掌握了当阳峪窑白釉、双色釉、绞胎、绞彩、酱釉、黑釉、青釉、钧釉瓷器和三彩、翠兰釉陶器的造型、装饰和烧造工艺,发现"二次烧成"的资料.通过研究,发现当阳峪窑始烧于唐代晚期.在其创烧与发展阶段,受到了巩义窑、耀州窑、邢窑、定窑、磁州窑及钧窑等周边窑口不同程度的影响.广义的当阳峪窑即文献记载的怀庆窑,博爱县地域的古代窑场即文献记载的河内窑.当阳峪窑在宋金时期达到鼎盛,影响、促进了淄博窑等周边窑口的发展,并延续至清代.除了满足一般性的市场消费,由于品质优秀,还跻身贡奉之列.

  19. A Study of the Quality of Xu Xiake and China's National Tourism%徐霞客与国民旅游素质研究



    Xu Xiake combined traveling with study,communication and spiritual improvement together which reflects the real significance of traveling.You can find the national qualities of patriotism,love of life and science from Xu Xiake which quality most contemporary Chinese lacks of.Today many tourists do not understand etiquette,taboo and lack of tourism culture connotation and national tourism quality.Through the research on Xu Xiake,the most important thing is to make Xu Xiake a carrier,and help tourists learn from Xu Xiake's spirit of science,practice,innovation and fortitude from the traveling.It has a profound meaning to enhance national quality and promote national tourism quality education.%徐霞客把旅行与学习、交流、陶冶情操等结合在一起,体现了旅游的实质意义。在徐霞客身上,可以看到一种爱国、爱生活、爱科学的国民素质,这也正是当代中国人所缺乏的一种素质。如今,很多旅游者不懂礼仪、触犯禁忌,旅游文化内涵与国民旅游素质相对欠缺,今天通过研究徐霞客,最重要的是让徐霞客成为一个载体,可以学习徐霞客在旅游中的科学、实践、创新和坚韧精神,这对提高国民的素养有深远意义,从而可以推进国民旅游素质教育。

  20. A Study of Formation and Development of One Kind of Cyclone on the Mei-yu (Baiu) Front

    张凤; 赵思雄


    The paper presents one diagnosis of baroclinity and the coupling of jets during the developing process of a cyclone that occurred on the mei-yu (Baiu) front around the end of the second stage of the mei-yu (Baiu)in 1998. Results have shown that: (1) The advantageous changes of upper-level large-scale circulation caused the appearance and maintenance of the coupling between the upper-level jet (ULJ) and lower-level jet (LLJ) over the cyclone's area. The coupling of jets in this case possesses some different characteristics from previous cases. Moreover, the coupling between the ULJ and LLJ caused the intensification of both lower-level convergence and upper-level divergence, which was favorable for the development of this cyclone. (2) From the analysis of the voricity budget, the role of lower-level convergence in the development of the cyclone was emphasized. Divergent wind in the lower troposphere was a direct contributor to the development of the cyclone. (3) During the development of the cyclone, cold air and warm air were_active over the cyclone's domain. Although this cyclone occurred at the mei-yu (Baiu) front, its development assumed baroclinity to a certain extent, which was just the main difference between this kind of cyclone and the first kind of low which is usually barotropic (or quasi-barotropic). (4) In recent years, studies on mei-yu front lows have paid more attention to the lower troposphere. In this paper, the analysis of the energy budget further supports this point: the certain effect of baroclinity forcing in the upper troposphere on mei-yu front lows cannot be ignored.

  1. Literature Characteristics and Value of The Genealogy of Dun Xu Hall in Nan Guan, Ji Xi---A Study of evaluation of the Style and Content of the Genealogyof Huizhou in Late Qing Dynasty%《绩溪南关悖叙堂宗谱》的文献特色及其价值——兼论晚清时期徽州族谱体例与内容的嬗变

    谈家胜; 郝瑞平


    《绩溪南关悖叙堂宗谱》是许、余二姓的合谱,成书于光绪十五年(1889),收录的文献极为丰富,在谱牒理论、成同兵燹、宗族规章、里居民俗等方面的记载尤重,具有较高的史学、谱牒学和民俗学的研究价值;著录的文献类型突破传统体例的束缚,折射出徽州族谱体例与内容在晚清时期出现嬗变的迹象。%The Genealogy of Dun Xutang in Nan~guan Jixi is a combined genealogy of Xu and Yu. It came out in the fifteenth year of Emperor Guangxu (1889), and collected abundant literature, especially about the genealogical theory, turmoil caused by wars during Emperor Xianfeng and Tongzhi Reigns, regulations of genealogy, folk customs, which has high academic value of history, genealogy and folklore; its literature types break through the limitation of traditional system and reflect the evaluation of styles and content of genealogy of Huizhou in late Qing Dynasty.

  2. 再论杨荫榆与女师大风潮%Rethinking on Yang Yin-yu and Agitation in Peking National Teachers College for Women



    The great attention to the agitation in Peking National Teachers College for Women is relat-ed to the influence of Lu Xun.Previous investigation regarding the agitation no matter in terms of descrip-tion or comments has been at Lu’s standpoint,but leaving little space for Yang Yin-yu to have a say. While making comments on historical people,it is important to trace back to the historical process and con-sider more the multiple sides and complexity of human nature.Yang was the best choice as the college president given her knowledge and experience.Since the start of the agitation,Yang had been in an oppo-site position to the student autonomy committee of the college.Not until Yang fired six staff of the com-mittee including Xu Guang-ping etc.,out stepped teachers like Lu to support students publically.They portrayed Yang as one who was ignorant and reactionary and the agitation became a focus of the education field.Yang dealt with the agitation in a relatively harsh manner,even leading military police to keep students on campus.This made the students become the advantaged side and Yang had to resign.%杨荫榆与女师大风潮一直能受到特别的关注,与鲁迅本身的影响力有关。以往对此的考察,无论是对事件的描述还是评价,大都只站在鲁迅的立场,而未给杨荫榆一方以同等的发言机会。对历史人物的评价,重要的是回到历史过程中去,更多考虑到人性本身的多面和复杂性。杨荫榆无论在学识、资历、经验都可称得上是担任女校校长的绝佳人选。风潮开始后,杨与女师大学生自治会的对决,一直处于僵持状态。在开除包括许广平在内的六名自治会干事之后,鲁迅等多位教师才站出来公开支持学生,并将杨塑造为不学无术、反动落后的形象,女师大风潮逐渐成为教育界关注焦点。杨为了化解风潮,采取了相对决绝的方式,甚至带领军警入校执行封校命令,使学

  3. Color Difference Detection of Technology Ceramic Tile Based on CIE YU'V'%基于CIE YU'V'的瓷砖颜色色差检测技术

    黄颖怡; 汪仁煌; 蔡建新


    为实现瓷砖颜色分级的自动检测,提出一种基于CIE YU'V'空间的色差计算方法.该方法将数据从RGB颜色空间转换CIE YU'V'均匀颜色空间,利用U'、V'分量计算标准瓷砖与被测瓷砖的色差.通过对总体平均色差和小区域窗口色差进行分析,确定瓷砖颜色等级.该方法对颜色匀度及缺陷具有一定的检测效果.

  4. Maps of Relocation and Poems of Tang Dynasty Poets: Li Bai, Du Fu, and Han Yu

    羅鳳珠、白璧玲、廖泫銘、范毅軍 、鄭錦全 Feng-Ju Lo,Pi-Ling Pai,Hsiung-Ming Liao,I-Chun Fan,Chin-Chuan Cheng


    Full Text Available Geographic environments affect literary contents and genre and thus, since ancient times, geographical area has been used to classify Chinese literature. In 1936 Liang Qichao was keenly aware of the relationship between literature and geography and brought up the idea of “literarygeography”. In 1979 Professor Chen Zhengxiang produced maps of birthplaces of Tang and Song poets to show the shift of Chinese cultural center from north to south. Furthermore, in the pastdecade, the attention to research in literary geography and geographical distribution of writersgradually increased. However, most studies focused on geographical distribution of birthplaces of writers and very few focused on the relationship between poets’ journey and the contents of their writings and their geographic environment. Meanwhile, geographic information system and aerialphotography have developed quickly and have become useful tools for the study of literary geography.Since then, the academic circles in Taiwan have built a solid foundation in this area. While Li Baiand Du Fu were called poetic immortal and poetic sage of the middle and end periods of the heydayof Tang Dynasty, respectively, Han Yu advocated the classical Chinese movement and becameone of the eight great authors of Tang and Song dynasties. Han Yu was also the best representative of Middle Tang poets. While the styles of these three poets differed from each other, they held key positions in the development and evolution of Tang poetry. Their footprints spread all over the countryand greatly affected later developments and contemporary of poetry. This project makes use of the digital Tang Dynasty maps by Tan Qixiang, Tang Dynasty transportation route maps by Yan Gengwang,aerial maps, the All Tang Poems, and chronicles of the poets to build the three poets’ relocation maps and study their poetic literature, language, geography, and interactions with others, in hopesof opening a new research direction

  5. 林则徐与海神祭祀%Lin Ze-xu and Sacrifice to the God of Sea



    Lin Ze-xu is a progressive thinker and great patriot in the history of modern China, and is a devout theist at the same time. He led the splendid action of destroying opium stocks in Humen Beach, which is a glorious page in Chinese history, moreover, he left us a famous immortal literary piece, a Funeral Oration to the God of Sea, declaring to the world our Chinese people’s decision to ban opium and refuse drugs.%林则徐是中国近代进步的思想家和伟大的爱国主义者,同时他也是一位虔诚的有神论者。他领导的轰轰烈烈的虎门销烟在中国历史上留下了光辉的一页,也为我们留下了不朽名篇《祭海神文》,向世界宣告了中国禁烟和拒毒的决心。

  6. "Love" and "Beauty" Under"the Last Judgement" ~on Mother-daughter Relationship in Feathered Serpent by Xu Xiaobin%“末日审判”下的“爱”与“美”论徐小斌《羽蛇》中的母女关系



    Xu Xiaobin's novel Feathered Serpent builds a charming and weird history of woman hiding in patriarchal society with a cold glitter. The novel, unfolding in a halo of the maternal family, with Xuanming-Ruomu and Ruomu-Yu as the center, presents the complex relationship between the mother and the daughter, simulating and dependent on each other, with fear and hatred, denoting the author's confusion about the blood rule in the name of "love" and the doubt on female survival by "beauty". The author puts it in the religious background of "the Last Judgement" , launching the ultimate thinking about "love" and "beauty". etc.%徐小斌的《羽蛇》以犀利冷峻的笔锋建构了一部隐匿在男权社会之下的神秘诡异的女性历史,作品在母系家族血缘的统摄下展开,以玄溟和若木,若木和羽为核心,剖析了母女之间自我复制相互依赖又彼此恐惧和仇恨的复杂关系。传达出作者对以“爱”之名的血缘法则的困惑以及对以“美”贯之的女性生存的追问。作者更将这种审视置于“末日审判”的宗教文化背景下,展开了对“爱”与“关”等问题的终极思考。

  7. The Significance of The Internet Finance in China-as Yu Ebao for example

    Liang Jialin


    Today,in China,the internet finance appears and develops fast,in addition,the strengthening of network security, the development of mobile Internet,cloud computing,big data,all the relevant information technology in domestic development is ex-tremely fast and provides powerful support for the development of finance in China.Over the years,basically,Chinese financial indus-try is dominated by the banks and the banks mainly serve the state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises and government finan-cing platform.Under such environment,the regulations for the Internet finance.the people's bank of China,the China banking regula-tory commission,securities and insurance regulatory commission,and other financial regulators are issued to support the development of the Internet financial signals.Meanwhile,the emergence of zong an online,Internet marketing insurance license,P2P,Yu Ebao show the supports of the government to the development of the Internet finance.

  8. On the Hermit of Yu Pingpo%论俞平伯的"隐逸"

    许海丽; 徐元绍


    俞平伯是中国现代隐逸文学的代表性作家之一,在他身上体现出了现代隐逸的种种特质.他隐于自然,在美丽的山水中表现自我,感悟人生;他隐于书斋,读书著书,教书育人;他隐于宗教,近佛结禅心,以宽容豁达的态度对待一切;他隐于昆曲艺术,唱曲谱曲,用昆曲的美妙缔结了他与爱妻的一世情缘.%Yu Pingpo is one of the representative Chinese hermit writers, and he embodies the idiosyncrasy of modern hermit. He lives in nature, displaying himself in landscape and comprehending of the true meaning of life. He lives in companionship of books as he indulges himself in reading books and writing books and at the same time he imparts knowledge and educates people. He also believes in religion, firmly believing in Buddhism and treating everything in a tolerant and open-minded way. In addition, he is full of enthusiasm about Kunqu opera, singing the lyrics, composing the music and plighting himself to his beloved wife.

  9. 英国浪漫主义诗歌对徐志摩诗歌的影响%Influences of English Romantic Poetry on Xu Zhimo’s Poetry

    西南石油大学,四川 成都 610500


    Xu Zhimo is one of the representatives of modern poets in China, and his poetry have a major impact on Chinese modern poetry. The representatives of English Romantic poets have a great effect of different levels and different degrees on Xu’s poetry. This article mainly analyzes the influence of English Romantic Poetry on Xu’ s Poetry from the style of his poetry, content, form, creative style and artistic skil s by the comparison.

  10. M.Yu. Lermontov’s linguistic/literary personality through perspective of linguistic personality perception by philologist V.V. Vinogrado

    Larisa N. Kuznetsova


    Full Text Available The article considers M.Yu. Lermontov’s linguistic / literary personality through perspective of linguistic personality perception by Great Russian scientist-philologist and linguist, Academician V.V. Vinogradov.

  11. Primary Exploration about Yu Xin's Ni Lian-Zhu%庾信《拟连珠》初探



    在对连珠体的形成与演变加以概述的基础上,从题旨、语言形式与艺术表现手法、逻辑推理方式三方面探究了庾信《拟连珠》的艺术成就,并将其与陆机的《演连珠》进行比较,认为庾信的《拟连珠》虽直接脱胎于陆机的《演连珠》,但正是经过庾信的点化,才使得连珠获得了自我的个性生命色彩。%On the basis of summarizing the condition about Lian-Zhu's formation and evolvement,this thesis has explored the artistic achievement of about Yu Xin's Ni Lian-Zhu from three aspects:thematic role;form of language and artistic technique of expression,and compared it with Lu Ji's Yan Lian-Zhu,this thesis considered,although Yu Xin's Ni Lian-Zhu comes directly from Lu Ji's Yan Lian-Zhu,Lian-Zhu is no other than sublimated by Yu Xin's,it then has received its own individual living feature.

  12. Downscaling of the climatic change in the Mei-yu rainband in East Asia by a pseudo climate simulation method

    Kawase, H.; Yoshikane, T.; Hara, M. [JAMSTEC, Yokohama (Japan). Frontier Research Center for Global Change; Ailikun, B. [Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing (China). Institute of Atmospheric Physics; Kimura, F. [JAMSTEC, Yokohama (Japan). Frontier Research Center for Global Change]|[Univ. of Tsukuba (Japan). Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences; Yasunari, T. [JAMSTEC, Yokohama (Japan). Frontier Research Center for Global Change]|[Nagoya Univ. (Japan). Hydrospheric Atmospheric Research Center


    This study focuses on the reproducibility of the climatic change in the early summer rainfall in East Asia (Mei-yu rainband) by the Pseudo Climate Simulation (PCS) using a regional climate model. In the PCS, the lateral boundary condition is given by the composite of six hourly reanalysis data and the difference between two decadal climate means. The daily variation on the lateral boundary of the PCS is similar to that of the control hindcast in one decade, but its climate is the same as the other decadal mean. The PCS accurately reproduces the change in the Mei-yu rainband over Southern China between the 1960s and the 1990s, suggesting that the climatic features of the Mei-yu rainband are controlled by the climatic change in a large-scale circulation. The PCS reduces the uncertainty caused by the interannual variability in case of the downscaling of global warming projected by the General Circulation Models (GCMs) even if the number of sample years is the same as that in the conventional dynamical downscaling. The PCS can also exclude model biases in the present climatology reproduced by each GCM.

  13. Pseudo-science in the Chinese linguistics circle:A brief summary of the ongoing academic dispute between Xu Dejiang(徐德江)and Wu Tieping(伍铁平)%Pseudo-science in the Chinese linguistics circle:A brief summary of the ongoing academic dispute between Xu Dejiang (徐德江) and Wu Tieping (伍铁平)

    David Moser


    @@ Ⅰ. Introduction A recent issue of the Chinese academic jourrai Foreign Language Education1 contained an article by one of China's linguists,Wu Tieping,a professor in the Chinese Department of Beijing Normal University, accusing Xu Dejiang,the editor of a journal Chinese Character Culture()of being an "academic fraud".

  14. On Xu Gan's Aesthetic Education Thought——Also on the Enlightenment of Xu Gan's Thought to the Current College Aesthetic Education%徐幹美育思想略论——兼谈其对当今高校美育的启示



    In the ideological history of Chinese aesthetic education,Xu Gan was the first to put forward the phrase"Aesthetic Education",which was indelible.Xu Gan's theory of "Educating the Talents with Aesthetics" took inner spiritual beauty as aesthetic ideal,and aimed to train excellence who was good both in character and scholarship.Xu Gan wanted to continue Confucius's doctrine and to return to the Confucian tradition.Xu Gan's aesthetic education thought inspires today's college aesthetic education,and it is worth learning and promoting.%徐幹在中国美育思想史上首次提出"美育"一词,具有不可磨灭的地位。他的"美育群材"说以内在精神美为审美理想,以培育"德""艺"双馨的君子为目的,旨在承继孔子学说,恢复儒家传统。徐幹的美育思想对当今高校美育很有启发意义,值得借鉴和发扬。

  15. A study on the Statement of Duality of the Origin of Chinese Characters from Xu and Shi of Things and Symbols%从事物和符号的虚实论汉字起源二元说



    As things have xu and shi situations,the symbols to reflect things also have xu and shi. The dichotomy of early Chinese characters between pictographs and ideographs which signify xu and shi respectively proves that Chinese characters originated from duality.The dichotomous practice of xu and shi of prehistoric pictographic and ideographic symbols have prepared for the origin of Chinese characters in methods.%由于事物有虚实,则反映事物的符号也有虚实。早期汉字象形和指事一实一虚的二分,证明了汉字起源于二元。史前象形性符号和指事性符号一实一虚的二分实践,则从方法上为汉字起源于二元做好了铺垫。

  16. Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Integration in the National Airspace System (NAS) Project: Advanced Collision Avoidance System for UAS (ACAS Xu) Interoperability White Paper Presentation

    Fern, Lisa


    The Phase 1 DAA Minimum Operational Performance Standards (MOPS) provided requirements for two classes of DAA equipment: equipment Class 1 contains the basic DAA equipment required to assist a pilot in remaining well clear, while equipment Class 2 integrates the Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance (TCAS) II system. Thus, the Class 1 system provides RWC functionality only, while the Class 2 system is intended to provide both RWC and Collision Avoidance (CA) functionality, in compliance with the Minimum Aviation System Performance (MASPS) for the Interoperability of Airborne Collision Avoidance Systems. The FAAs TCAS Program Office is currently developing Airborne Collision Avoidance System X (ACAS X) to support the objectives of the Federal Aviation Administrations (FAA) Next Generation Air Transportation System Program (NextGen). ACAS X has a suite of variants with a common underlying design that are intended to be optimized for their intended airframes and operations. ACAS Xu being is designed for UAS and allows for new surveillance technologies and tailored logic for platforms with different performance characteristics. In addition to Collision Avoidance (CA) alerting and guidance, ACAS Xu is being tuned to provide RWC alerting and guidance in compliance with the SC 228 DAA MOPS. With a single logic performing both RWC and CA functions, ACAS Xu will provide industry with an integrated DAA solution that addresses many of the interoperability shortcomings of Phase I systems. While the MOPS for ACAS Xu will specify an integrated DAA system, it will need to show compliance with the RWC alerting thresholds and alerting requirements defined in the DAA Phase 2 MOPS. Further, some functional components of the ACAS Xu system such as the remote pilots displayed guidance might be mostly references to the corresponding requirements in the DAA MOPS. To provide a seamless, integrated, RWC-CA system to assist the pilot in remaining well clear and avoiding collisions, several

  17. Shen-Qi-Jie-Yu-Fang has antidepressant effects in a rodent model of postpartum depression by regulating the immune organs and subsets of T lymphocytes

    Qu M


    Full Text Available Miao Qu,1 Qisheng Tang,1 Xiaoli Li,1 Ruizhen Zhao,1 Jingya Li,1 Hong Xu,2 Yushan Gao,2 Yingqiu Mao31Third Affiliated Hospital, 2School of Basic Medical Sciences, 3Center of Scientific Research, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Beijing, People’s Republic of China Background: Shen-Qi-Jie-Yu-Fang (SJ Fang is a herbal preparation used in traditional Chinese medicine, and is a potentially important new therapeutic agent in postpartum depression (PPD. Previously, we have elucidated the effects of SJ Fang on hormone receptors and monoamine neurotransmitters involved in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal and hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axes in PPD rats. However, the immune-modulating effects of SJ Fang in PPD are still unknown. In this study, we explored the effects of SJ Fang on the immune organs and subsets of T lymphocytes in PPD rats.Methods: PPD was created in Sprague-Dawley rats by inducing hormone-simulated pregnancy followed by hormone withdrawal. After hormone withdrawal, the PPD rats were then treated with fluoxetine at 1, 2, and 4 weeks, and the SJ Fang rats were also treated at 1, 2, and 4 weeks. Depressive behavior in the rats was evaluated by the forced swim test, sucrose consumption test, and open field test. The thymus index and spleen index were calculated. Hematoxylin-eosin staining was used to identify pathological features in the thymus and spleen. CD3, CD4, and CD8 lymphocyte subsets were analyzed by flow cytometry.Results: Both fluoxetine and SJ Fang increased immobility time, sucrose consumption, an horizontal and vertical movements. After 4 weeks of treatment with fluoxetine or SJ Fang, the thymus index and spleen index were significantly higher than at baseline, and the morphology of the thymus and spleen were returning to normal. Two weeks after hormone withdrawal, subsets of T lymphocytes indicated a shift from immune activation to immune suppression, which was reversed by 4 weeks of treatment with fluoxetine or SJ

  18. Colonization of Azospirillum brasilense Yu62 in Wheat Via EGFP%巴西固氮螺菌Yu62的EGFP标记及其在小麦体内的定殖研究

    刘华伟; 王庆贺; 张宏; 王蕊; 肖红利; 郭蔼光


    以质粒pEGFP-C1为模板,采用PCR方法特异性扩增增强型绿色荧光蛋白(EGFP)基因全长序列,将其与原核表达载体pVK-100连接,构建成重组载体pVK-EGFP.利用电转化法将重组载体导入巴西固氮螺菌Yu62中,得到EGFP标记菌株.用EGFP标记菌接种小麦'小偃107'种子,室内限菌条件下培养10 d后,用荧光显微镜观测标记菌在小麦体内的定殖规律并观察接菌植株的田间生长状况.结果显示,巴西固氮螺菌Yu62能定殖于小麦根毛区、茎组织的细胞间隙等部位,而且接菌小麦'小偃107'植株在根系发育、株高、分蘖数等方面比对照有较明显的优势.研究表明,巴西固氮螺菌Yu62能够定殖于小麦根茎内,并具有促进植物生长的作用.

  19. Quantitative Analysis of Yu Ebao Based on Linear Regression Model%基于线性回归模型的余额宝价值分析



    余额宝以其较低的门槛让更多的人接触到货币基金。通过介绍余额宝的主体框架以及2013年余额宝的收益和费用情况,建立线性回归模型,定量分析了余额宝的收益。经过研究发现:可以怀疑在高额利益的背后余额宝公司可能存在前期的贴息问题以吸引客户;余额宝通过协议存款将利润从银行转给客户的同时,并且在一定程度上也把风险转嫁给了客户;余额宝给金融行业带来了革命性的创新是不可否认的,同时也带来了潜在的系统性风险。%Yu Ebao,with its low threshold, let more people access to the monetary fund.Through detailed introduction of the main frame of Yu Ebao ,and the income and expenses of Yu Ebao.Establish a linear regression model,to analysis the Yu Ebao quantitatively.Through the study found that: in order to attract customers,Yu Ebao may have the problem of interests behind the high profits;Yu Ebao transfer the profit to customers from bank through agreement deposits ,and to a certain extent also the risk on to their customers at the same time ;Yu Ebao has brought the revolutionary innovation to the financial industry is undeniable,but also brought the potential systemic risk.

  20. Supercavitation Advances and Perspectives A collection dedicated to the 70th jubilee of YuN Savchenko


    This collection is dedicated to the 70th jubilee of Yu. N. Savchenko, and presents experimental, theoretical, and numerical investigations written by an international group of well-known authors. The contributions solve very important problems of the high-speed hydrodynamics, such as supersonic motion in water, drag diminishing, dynamics and stability of supercavitating vehicles, water entry and hydrodynamic performances of hydrofoils, ventilated cavities after a disc and under the ship bottom. The  book is written for researches, scientists, engineers, and students interested in problems of hydromechanics.

  1. Introduction to ba-yu culture in the animation creation practice--“who sent lfowers to animation, for example



    Cultural Creative Industries Cultural and Creative Industries, is a kind of economic globalization under the background of the creativity as the core of the emerging Industries, emphasis on a subject or Cultural factors depend on personal (team) through the industrialization of technology, Creative, and ways of industry development, marketing, intellectual property rights. With the high-speed development of creative cultural industry. As a cultural creative industries in the animation industry began to rise rapidly across the country. Based on the creation of animation who sent flowers as an example, analyzes how the ba-yu culture in the animation creation practice. Hope to be able to achieve this effect.

  2. Edward Denison, Guang Yu Ren, Luke Him Sau Architect: China’s Missing Modern, Chichester: John Wiley & Son

    Kögel, Eduard


    This book by Edward Denison and Guang Yu Ren is one of the first of its kind, focusing on the biography of a first-generation architect from twentieth-century China. Like his fellow architects of that period, Luke Him Sau (Lu Qianshou, 陸謙受, 1904-1991) belonged to a group of architects educated at a Western school with a formal academic tradition. In late 1930s this generation designed the curricula for the architectural education system in China according to their experience in the West. The ...

  3. Clarification of Some Facts in Biographic Works on Xu Zhimo%徐志摩传记作品若干事实辨正



    有关徐志摩的传记作品,已有数十种之多。这些传记在描述徐志摩一生的浪漫经历与文学成就的同时.也存在着一些与事实不符或表述不当的问题。“志摩”一名用于何时?张君劢与张公权,到底是谁“发掘”了徐志摩?是否徐志摩送张幼仪去德国求学?徐志摩与张幼仪的离婚是否因为林徽因?是胡适主持了徐志摩与陆小曼的婚礼吗?文章就这些问题根据相关资料进行辨正,以期对徐志摩研究、对徐志摩传记的创作提供参考与确证。%Alongside with the profuse elaboration on the romances and literary achievements of Xu Zhimo, some contra-factual and misrepresented descriptions are also observed in dozens of biographic works on Xu Zhimo circulated nowadays. Some of the typical indistinct or confusable questions include: "When was the name Zhimo first used? Who discovered him, Zhang Junli or Zhang Gongquan? Did he send Zhang Youyi to German for study? Did he divorce just because of Lin Huiyin? Was his wedding with Lu Xiaoman presided over by Hushi?" These questions and more will be discussed in this paper on the basis of probing into relevant data available so as to provide better references and evidence to the study of Xu Zhimo and to the biographic works on him.

  4. Greetings: Professor Pei-Ming Ho won the 2011 AAA Award and Prof.Cenke Xu won the 2011 OYRA Award


    Professor Pei-Ming Ho won the 2011 Achievement in Asia Award (AAA),and Prof.Cenke Xu won the 2011 Outstanding Young Researcher Award (OYRA) of the Overseas Chinese Physics Association (OCPA).The OCPA AAA Award is given annually to Chinese physicists working in Asia in recognition of their outstanding achievements in physics,and the OYRA Award is given annually to a physicist of Chinese ethnicity working in North America,Europe,or other regions outside Asia,to encourage and to recognize the young researcher's contributions in physics.

  5. Fermion masses and proton decay in string-inspired SU(4)xSU(2){sup 2}xU(1){sub X}

    Dent, Thomas [Theoretical Physics, University of Ioannina, Ioannina 45110 (Greece); Leontaris, George [Theoretical Physics, University of Ioannina, Ioannina 45110 (Greece)]. E-mail:; Rizos, John [Theoretical Physics, University of Ioannina, Ioannina 45110 (Greece)


    We present a supersymmetric model of fermion masses with SU(4)xSU(2){sup 2}xU(1){sub X} gauge group with matter in fundamental and antisymmetric tensor representations only. The up, down, charged lepton and neutrino Yukawa matrices are distinguished by different Clebsch-Gordan coefficients due to contracting over SU(4) and SU(2){sub R} indices. We obtain a hierarchical light neutrino mass spectrum with bi-large mixing. The condition that anomalies be cancelled by a Green-Schwarz mechanism leads to fractional U(1){sub X} charges which exclude B violation through dimension-4 and -5 operators.

  6. Xu Gui Tomb of the Jin Period in Datong City, Shanxi%山西大同市金代徐龟墓



    In June 1996, A brick tomb of the Jin period was discovered at Xiaoqiao Street to the east of the railway station in Datong City, Shanxi. Its interior is built in imitation of a wooden structure and painted in colors. On the northern, eastern and western walls and the two sides of the corridor are colored murals representing musicians, wine serving, processions and other scenes of everyday life. The funeral objects unearthed number 24 pieces, falling into porcelain, pottery and ironware. According to the epitaph, the tomb-owner was Xu Gui, who died in the sixth year of Zhenglong reign (AD 1161) and was intombed in the same year.

  7. 关于《芋粥》的叙事分析%On the narrative analysis of "Yu Zhou"



      "Yu Zhou" is the history written novel based on "Akutagawa". Both in content and in form, his original creation is recreated again. Recreation of forms is mainly embodied in that the narrator is "explicit". Through analysis of the narrator's type in "Yu Zhou", can be better for the text narrative analysis.%  《芋粥》是芥川龙之介取材于《今昔物语集》写就的历史题材的小说。无论从内容上还是从形式上,芥川都对原作进行了再创作。形式上的再创作主要体现在让叙述者“外显”这一点上。而通过分析《芋粥》中叙述者的类型,可以更好地对文本进行叙事分析

  8. Ground-based radar reflectivity mosaic of mei-yu precipitation systems over the Yangtze River-Huaihe River basins

    Luo, Yali; Qian, Weimiao; Gong, Yu; Wang, Hongyan; Zhang, Da-Lin


    The 3D radar reflectivity produced by a mosaic software system, with measurements from 29 operational weather radars in the Yangtze River-Huaihe River Basins (YRHRB) during the mei-yu season of 2007, is compared to coincident TRMM PR observations in order to evaluate the value of the ground-based radar reflectivity mosaic in characterizing the 3D structures of mei-yu precipitation. Results show reasonable agreement in the composite radar reflectivity between the two datasets, with a correlation coefficient of 0.8 and a mean bias of -1 dB. The radar mosaic data at constant altitudes are reasonably consistent with the TRMM PR observations in the height range of 2-5 km, revealing essentially the same spatial distribution of radar echo and nearly identical histograms of reflectivity. However, at altitudes above 5 km, the mosaic data overestimate reflectivity and have slower decreasing rates with height compared to the TRMM PR observations. The areas of convective and stratiform precipitation, based on the mosaic reflectivity distribution at 3-km altitude, are highly correlated with the corresponding regions in the TRMM products, with correlation coefficients of 0.92 and 0.97 and mean relative differences of -7.9% and -2.5%, respectively. Finally, the usefulness of the mosaic reflectivity at 3-km altitude at 6-min intervals is illustrated using a mesoscale convective system that occurred over the YRHRB.

  9. Comparative Studies of Different Mesoscale Convection Parameterization Schemes in the Simulation of Mei-Yu Front Heavy Rain

    PING Fan; LUO Zhe-Xian


    The mei-yu front heavy rainstorms occurred over Nanjing on 3-5 and 8-9 July 2003 and were simu-lated in this paper using the Weather Research and Fore-casting Model (WRFv3.1) with various mesoscale con-vection parameterization schemes (MCPSs). The simula-tions show that the temporal and spatial evolution and distribution of rainstorms can be modeled; however, there was incongruity between the comparative simulations of four different MCPSs and the observed data. These dis-parities were exhibited in the simulations of both the 24-hour surface rainfall total and the hourly precipitation rate. Further analysis revealed that the discrepancies of vertical velocity and the convective vorticity vector (CVV) between the four simulations were attributed to the devia-tion of rainfall values. In addition, the simulations show that the mid-scale convection, particularly the mesoscale convection system (MCS) formation, can be well simu-lated with the proper mesoscale convection parameteriza-tion schemes and may be a crucial factor of the mei-yu front heavy rainstorm. These results suggest that, in an effort to enhance simulation'and prediction of heavy rain-fall and rainstorms, subsequent studies should focus on the development and improvement of MCPS.

  10. 盛唐江西诗人刘昚虚交游及诗歌研究%Liu Shen-xu's View of Life and Poems



    An analysis of the view of life, poems and writing style of Liu Shen-xu, a Jiangxi native poet in the flourishing Tang Dynasty, shows that the circle of Jiangxi native poets at that time began to revive. Liu Shen-xu's poems were deeply affected by the poetry school of landscape and pastoral in the flourishing Tang Dynasty, which is believed to be a gorgeous aftereffect resulting from the expansion of the climax of poetry writing from the north to the south and east and also evidences that the culture of the Central Plain culture moved south.%通过分析盛唐江西诗人刘昚虚的交游、诗作及其诗歌风格,表明盛唐江西诗坛初步打破唐以前的封闭低靡状态.刘昚虚的诗歌深受盛唐山水田园诗派的影响,这既是诗国高潮向东向南扩展的绮丽余波,同时也是中原文化南下的又一次佐证.

  11. A Dissussion on Xu Guangqi’s Cogitations of Famine Relief%浅议徐光启的荒政思想



    "Famine policy"refers to the Government's policy on emergency relief for famine. Xu Guangqi illustrated his thought on"Famine Relief". By focusing on Xu's famine policy, and combining with his personal experience as well as late Ming’s natural social conditions, this article intends to investigate the causes of his famine policy, explore his core ideas, and analyze the mutual association and contradictions between different disaster stages, with the aim to interpret Xu’s famine policy comprehensively and systematically.%“荒政”是指政府的赈灾救荒政策。徐光启在《农政全书》中用三分之一的篇幅阐释其荒政思想。本文从徐光启个人成长经历出发,结合明末自然社会状况,考察徐光启荒政思想的成因,探讨其防灾备灾思想、赈灾思想。徐光启的理想与现实间有着很大差距。

  12. Nuevos hallazgos documentales y biográficos sobre Alonso Xuárez maestro de Sebastián Durón

    de la Fuente Charfolé, José Luis


    Full Text Available Alonso Xuárez was no minor composer in the musical field of his time. The quality and effectiveness of his compositions makes them deserving of a leading place in Spanish and European music of the 17th century. In spite of this almost nothing is known about this composer prior to his being appointed to teach in the chapel of Cuenca cathedral. Virtually all the currently available data is of a secondary and collateral nature and arises from research into his disciple the organist Sebastián Durón, the renowned opera composer and teacher at the Capilla Real of Charles II.

    Alonso Xuárez no fue un compositor menor dentro del panorama musical de su tiempo. La calidad y eficacia de su música merece estar en primera línea de la música española y europea del siglo XVII. Sin embargo, el desconocimiento de este músico es casi completo con anterioridad a su nombramiento en el magisterio de capilla de la catedral de Cuenca. Prácticamente todos los datos expuestos hasta el momento han sido restos secundarios y colaterales desprendidos de otras investigaciones realizadas sobre la figura de su discípulo, el reputado compositor de teatro lírico y maestro de la Capilla Real de Carlos II, el organista Sebastián Durón.

  13. 从生成至对接与深化--于赓虞研究述评%From Generation to Docking and Deepening:An Overview of Studies on YU Geng-yu



    YU Geng-yu’s research can be divided into two stages:the research from 1923 to 1949 was often done by his friends,who opened the channel of YU Geng-yu ’s research in the poetic content,artistic form and influence at home and abroad.People of that time passed different judgments on the content and form of his poetry both positively and negatively.Some review involved complex human factors.The study after 1980 was the period of comprehensive deepening.Research on Poetry was gradually deepened based on the previous stage.Extraterritorial impact source extended from Shelley to Baudelaire,“rubayat”,Kuriyagawa,Wordsworth and so on.Diversity of poetry stage ,life experience of poets and poetic theory received more attention,which means that a new field of research was opened and research ideas and research method are also updated.%于赓虞研究可分为两个阶段:1923—1949年的研究多为其好友所作,在诗歌内容、艺术形式、中外影响等方面为于赓虞研究打开了通道,其中,诗歌的情感内容与艺术形式时人毁誉不一,牵涉到复杂的人事因素;1980年后的研究为全面深化期,诗歌方面在延续前一阶段研究的基础上逐渐深化,影响源由雪莱扩展至波德莱尔、《鲁拜集》、厨川白村和华兹华斯等,诗歌分期多样化,生平经历和诗论获得关注,意味着开辟了新的研究领域,研究观念和研究方法也得以更新。

  14. Transcriptomic Profiling Reveals Complex Molecular Regulation in Cotton Genic Male Sterile Mutant Yu98-8A.

    Weiping Fang

    Full Text Available Although cotton genic male sterility (GMS plays an important role in the utilization of hybrid vigor, its precise molecular mechanism remains unclear. To characterize the molecular events of pollen abortion, transcriptome analysis, combined with histological observations, was conducted in the cotton GMS line, Yu98-8A. A total of 2,412 genes were identified as significant differentially expressed genes (DEGs before and during the critical pollen abortion stages. Bioinformatics and biochemical analysis showed that the DEGs mainly associated with sugars and starch metabolism, oxidative phosphorylation, and plant endogenous hormones play a critical and complicated role in pollen abortion. These findings extend a better understanding of the molecular events involved in the regulation of pollen abortion in genic male sterile cotton, which may provide a foundation for further research studies on cotton heterosis breeding.

  15. [Professor ZHANG Yu-Lian's experiences in treatment of post-stroke ataxia by regulating marrow sea acupuncture].

    Zhang, Su-Ling


    The experiences and characteristics of professor ZHANG Yu-lian in regulating marrow sea acupuncture for treatment of post-stroke ataxia is introduced. Professor ZHANG established regulating marrow sea acupuncture based on the fundamentals of traditional Chinese medicine combined with brain functional region projection and cerebrovascular distribution of modern medicine. "Three acupoints regulating balance" "3 acupoints regulating transportation" "3 acupoints regulating tremor" and Fengchi (GB 20), Fengfu (GB 16), Wangu (GB 12), Tianzhu (BL 10) and C3-C6 Jiaji (Ex-B2) acupoints were applied in this kind of manipulation. We combined holding spirits of doctor and patient together, and controlled the sensation transduction with different manipulations to reach the foci, which emphasis on the doctor-patient cooperation and body-mind co-regulation, finally promote patients' comprehensive rehabilitation.

  16. 赤壁之战后的周瑜考论%On Zhou Yu After The Chibi Battle



    周瑜等在赤壁之战获胜后发动江陵之战,并最终迫使曹仁撤走。占领南郡江陵等地使得孙权后来在与刘备就荆州问题的交涉中处于较为有利的地位。刘备赴江东谈判“都督荆州”之事,周瑜、吕范劝孙权借机留下刘备。不过孙权接受了鲁肃的建c义,对刘备采取笼络、联合的立场,但又力求从刘备那谋取一定实际利益。周瑜向孙权提出先攻取巴蜀、汉中而后进占襄阳的战略规划。他或想到刘备以后会染指益州.因此主张先西进益州,这样可挤压刘备未来的战略发展空间,实现“二分天下”的目标。他的病逝使这一战略规划未能实现。赤壁之战后的周瑜是江东方面向外扩张的急进派,而且他抓住了向荆州扩张的机会。%Zhou Yu and other commanders launched the Jiangling Battle after their victory in the Chibi Battle, and later forced Cao Ren to retreat. After occupying Jiangling and some other places in Nanjun, Sun Quan strengthened his position in the negotiation on Jingzhou with Liu Bei. Liu Bei went to Jiangdong to carry on negotiations on his controlling Jingzhou, but Zhou Yu and Lu Fan advised Sun Quan to detain him. However, Sun Quan was persuaded by Lu Su to ally with Liu Bei, though with seeking certain benefits from the latter. Zhou Yu produced a strategic planning to capture Ba, Shu and Hanzhong, and then occupy Xiangyang. Perhaps at that time he realized Liu Bei would attack Yizhou later, so he argued for marching westwards to Yizhou in advance in order to squeeze the future strategic space of Liu Bei, and achieved his objectives of "dividing the empire into two parts". This strategic planning was not carried out because of his death. Zhou Yu belonged to the radical expansionists in Jiangdong after the Chibi Battle, and he seized the chance to expand into Jingzhou.

  17. On the Differences between Chinese and Western Culture——From Fighting Against the Flood of King Yu to Noah’s Ark



    With the increasing cross-culture communication,more and more linguists come to realize that the cultural gap is a large obstacle in cultural transition and social intercourse.This paper discusses the differences between Chinese and Western culture from King Yu combating the flood to Noah’s Ark to help Chinese communicate with westerners and develop CrossCultural Communication smoothly.

  18. WANG Yongping,Zhonggu shiren qianyi yu wenhua jiaoliu%王永平:《中古士人迁移与文化交流》



    @@ In Zhonggu shiren qianyi yu wenhua jiaoliu (Literati migration and culturalexchange in the medieval period), Wang Yongping argues that large-scalerelocation and dislocation of shiren or educated elite during the medieval period(220-581) contributed greatly to the spread of region-specific learning traditions,religious practices, and social customs.

  19. Contrasts of Atmospheric Circulation and Associated Tropical Convection between Huaihe River Valley and Yangtze River Valley Mei-yu Flooding

    HONG Jieli; LIU Yimin


    The significant differences of atmospheric circulation between flooding in the Huaihe and Yangtze River valleys during early mei-yu (i.e.,the East Asian rainy season in June) and the related tropical convection were investigated.During the both flooding cases,although the geopotential height anomalies always exhibit equivalent barotropic structures in middle to high latitudes at middle and upper troposphere,the phase of the Rossby wave train is different over Eurasian continent.During flooding in the Huaihe River valley,only one single blocking anticyclone is located over Baikal Lake.In contrast,during flooding in the Yangtze River valley,there are two blocking anticyclones.One is over the Ural Mountains and the other is over Northeast Asia.In the lower troposphere a positive geopotential height anomaly is located at the western ridge of subtropical anticyclone over Western Pacific (SAWP) in both flooding cases,but the location of the height anomaly is much farther north and west during the Huaihe River mei-yu flooding.Furthermore,abnormal rainfall in the Huaihe River valley and the regions north of it in China is closely linked with the latent heating anomaly over the Arabian Sea and Indian peninsula.However,the rainfall in the Yangtze River valley and the regions to its south in China is strongly related to the convection over the western tropical Pacific.Numerical experiments demonstrated that the enhanced latent heating over the Arabian Sea and Indian peninsula causes water vapor convergence in the region south of Tibetan Plateau and in the Huaihe River valley extending to Japan Sea with enhanced precipitation; and vapor divergence over the Yangtze River valley and the regions to its south with deficient precipitation.While the weakened convection in the tropical West Pacific results in moisture converging over the Yangtze River and the region to its south,along with abundant rainfall.

  20. 论《国语》的史学特色%On historical features of Guo Yu



    先秦时期是我国史学的兴起时期,先后出现了《春秋》、《左传》、《国语》、《竹书纪年》、《世本》、《战国策》等历史著述,为后世了解春秋战国时期的政治、文化提供了较为丰富的史料。就《国语》而言,作为我国历史上第一部“分国记言”的史书,主要运用特定的对话形式展现了这一时期诸侯国之间的政治和社会历史状况,它的体裁和风格、内容以及史学意识也都对后世史学产生了重要影响,是先秦史学的重要代表。%Pre-Qin period witnessed the booming of China’ s historical studies, in which such historical books as The Spring and Autumn Annals, Guo Yu, Bamboo Annals, Shi Ben and Intrigues of the Warring States were suc-cessively compiled.These books provided the future generations with valuable historical records about the politics and culture in Spring and Autumn and the Warring States periods.Guo Yu, the first history book in China’ s his-tory in which each state was given its respective description, depicted the politics, society and history in the member states in a special colloquial style.Its genres, style, content and the infused historical awareness have exerted great influnce on the historical studies in the future generations, which makes it a representative work in historical studies in pre-Qin periods.

  1. 徐荣斋对绍派伤寒的贡献%Mr.Xu Rongzhai's Contribution to Shao School Typhoid Fever



    Mr. Xu Rongzhai,contemporary TCM classical master, with fashion of exploring the origin of Shao School typhoid fever and starting Shao School study.wrote "Revise Common Treatise on Febrile Disease",first was to make a summary,and second was elucidation,supplement and correction, extruding practical applicability, without regulating structure; while the revision was all made from practice.%徐荣斋先生,当代中医经学名家,其学探绍派伤寒之源流、启绍派研究之风气。著《重订通俗伤寒论》,一作提要,二作阐发、补充、辨误,突出实用性,不调整结构,而增删内容,都从临证实用出发。

  2. Study on the most early glass eye-beads in China unearthed from Xu Jialing Tomb in Xichuan of Henan Province, China

    GAN FuXi; CHENG HuanSheng; HU YongQing; MA Bo; GU DongHong


    The eye-beads dating to the early Warring States Period unearthed from Xu Jialing Tomb in Xichuan County of Henan Province, China are studied. The structure and the chemical composition of the samples are analysed by the undestructive methods of X-ray diffraction (XRD) and the Proton Induced X-ray Emission (PIXE) technique. The results show that these eye-beads are of glass state. Its chemical composition indicates that they belong to the glass of soda lime silicate system (Na2O-CaO-SiO2). By comparing the decorative design and the chemical composition of the samples with those from ancient Babylon and ancient Egypt, we think that these ancient eye-beads in Xichuan were most possibly imported from the West.

  3. Study on the most early glass eye-beads in China unearthed from Xu Jialing Tomb in Xichuan of Henan Province,China


    The eye-beads dating to the early Warring States Period unearthed from Xu Jialing Tomb in Xichuan County of Henan Province, China are studied. The structure and the chemical composition of the sam- ples are analysed by the undestructive methods of X-ray diffraction (XRD) and the Proton Induced X-ray Emission (PIXE) technique. The results show that these eye-beads are of glass state. Its chemical composition indicates that they belong to the glass of soda lime silicate system (Na2O-CaO-SiO2). By comparing the decorative design and the chemical composition of the samples with those from ancient Babylon and ancient Egypt, we think that these ancient eye-beads in Xichuan were most possibly im- ported from the West.

  4. 论许地山小说中的女性形象——兼谈许地山人生观的转变%On Female Images in Xu Dishan' s Novels ---A Talk on the Change of Xu Dishan' s View of Life



    This paper focuses on analyzing the heroines in Xu Dishan' s four short stories--Ming Ming Niao ( Mingming' s Bird), The Merchant' s Wife, The Daughter' s Heart and Chun Tao ( The Spring Peach). Through the change of the heroines' attitude towards destiny can be discerned the distinct transformation course of Xu Dis- han' s view of life, that is, he has changed from negative to positive in his attitude towards life, from the denial of life to the salvage of life, from nihility to reality and from illusions to actual life. By analyzing Xu Dishan' s change in his view of life, this paper attempts to further ponder on the delicate relationship between a writer' s religious faith and his/her writing principle as well as on the ethic issue of how to make a choice.%论文着重分析了许地山《命命鸟》、《商人妇》、《女儿心》和《春桃》四个短篇小说中的女性主人公形象,透过这些人物之于命运的不同态度,可以明显洞察出作家人生观的清晰转变轨迹,即从消极遁世转向积极人世,从抛弃人生转向拯救人生,从由虚无走向充实,由梦与幻走向了血与火。论文试图借助许地山这种人生观的变化,去进一步考量一个作家的宗教信仰同其写作原则之间的微妙关联,以及如何从中作出抉择的伦理问题。

  5. 许昕教授论治垂体泌乳素微腺瘤临床经验%Clinical experiences of Professor XU Xin in treating microprolactinoma

    赵培; 许昕


    This article aims to summarize Professor XU Xin of gynecological diseases by microprolac- tinoma adenomas, the use of Chinese medicine theory and the pathogenesis of experiences of differential treatment. She believes that the initial pathogenesis of this disease is liver qi stagnation, but the basic mechanism and essence of syndrome is the vacuity. The virtual persons are kidney, spleen deficiency, qi and blood virtual, etc.; In fact who is the liver Shangni, contact the blocked brain.When the argument from the liver spleen and kidney treatment in order to regulate the flow of qi and nurture lane roadway, to promote transport and eventually to restore menstruation and improve the reproductive capacity purposes. Professor XU Xin of clinical experiences, that is worth further summary and study.%文章旨在总结许昕教授对妇科疑难疾病垂体泌乳素微腺瘤,运用中医理论进行病机分析及辨证治疗的经验与体会.她认为本病初始病机是肝气郁结,基本病机与证候实质是本虚标实.其虚者,即肾虚、脾虚、阴虚、气血虚等;其实者,乃肝气上逆、脑络受阻.治疗当从肝脾肾立论,以调畅气机,培育下元,促进运化,最终达到恢复月经和提高生殖能力之目的.

  6. 许嵩歌词的辞格类型及其结构格式%Rhetoric Types of Xu Song's Lyrics and It’s Structure Format

    余伟; 叶莉


    许嵩歌词运用了多种辞格类型,如比喻、比拟、拈连、反复、移就和量词移用等,比喻分为:明喻、有暗喻词的暗喻、同位式暗喻、偏正式暗喻、主谓式暗喻、借喻。比拟分为:以物拟人、以物拟物、以人拟物。拈连分为:全式拈连、略式拈连。反复分为:连续反复和间隔反复。移就分为:移人物性状词就抽象事物、移颜色词就本体。不同的辞格类型具有不同的结构格式和语法功能。各种辞格的运用丰富了许嵩歌词的意象和意境。%Xu Song’s lyrics contain a variety of figures of speech, such as metaphor, analogy, zeugma, repetition,transferred epithet and quantifiers embezzle, metaphor is divided into simile, a metaphor of meta⁃phor, appositive, partial official metaphor, subject predicate type metaphor and metonymy. analogy is divided into the personification to quasi, the quasi physical. Zeugma is divided into: a full twist, abridging zeugma. Repetition is divided into continuous and repeated interval repetition. Transferred epithet is divided into shift character traits words abstract things, color words ontology. Different type has different structure form and grammatical function. Various rhetoric speeches rich XuSong lyrics imagery and artistic conception.

  7. The new research on LuXun’s novels:Comments on the interdisciplinary art research of LuXun’ s novels by XU Zuhua,YU Xinming and SUN Shufang%鲁迅小说研究之新探究--评《鲁迅小说的跨艺术研究》



    LuXun’s novels ,as the classics of contemporary literature of China ,received wide attention from academic circles as soon as they were published for its particular ways of expression and styles .The former LuXun’s novels mainly focused on the art of novels , which could not recognize the diverse artistic features of LuXun’s novels .The Interdisciplinary A rt Research of LuXun’s novels , based on the relationship between LuXun’s novels and other sorts of art ,from an original perspective of interdisciplinary art research , employed the method of both biography and close reading .In addition ,it summarized all the relationship between LuXun’s novels and other kinds of art and the deep combination of them in both pursuit and effect of appreciation of beauty .And it combined the techniques of expression and thought of LuXun’s novels ,which paved the way for us to do research on LuXun and his novels .%  鲁迅小说作为中国现代文学的经典,以其“表现的独特和格式的特别”在问世之初即受到学界的广泛关注。已往的鲁迅小说研究主要集中于小说艺术的领域范畴内,未能充分认识到鲁迅小说所包容的多种艺术特质。《鲁迅小说的跨艺术研究》一书从鲁迅小说与其他非小说艺术的渊源关系入手,从“跨艺术”研究这一新颖独特的视角,综合运用“传记学”和“文本细读”两种研究方法,系统梳理了鲁迅和各种艺术的关系及鲁迅小说和非小说艺术在审美追求和审美效果上的深层契合,卓有成效地将鲁迅小说的表达技巧与思想内涵相结合,为人们研究鲁迅及其小说提供了新的借鉴。

  8. Cloning and Functional Analysis of glnB from Azospirilum brasilense Yu62%巴西固氮螺菌Yu62 glnB基因的克隆及其功能分析

    李周华; 陈三凤; 李季伦


    通过原位杂交从巴西固氮螺菌Yu62的基因文库中,筛选到glnB基因的阳性克隆,将3.7kb/EcoRI+PstI的阳性克隆亚克隆到pUC19中,进行了全序列分析,其在GenBank中的登记号是AF323960。DNA序列分析表明该阳性克隆含有完整的glnB基因,glnB基因下游是编码谷氨酰胺合成酶(GS)的glnA基因,glnB基因上游是一个编码未知蛋白的ORF。glnB基因编码区长336bp,编码112个氨基酸,与肺炎克氏杆菌、大豆慢生根瘤菌、豌豆根瘤菌及大肠杆菌在氨基酸顺序的同源性分别高达71%、77%、79%和69%。将卡那霉素抗性片段(Km-cas-sette)插入glnB基因的BglⅡ位点,通过三亲杂交法将其引入到巴西固氮螺菌Yu62中,通过同源重组,获得GlnB-突变株(glnB::Km)。为了进一步分析glnB基因的功能,将glnB基因的编码区(339bp)构建在pVK100中,置于Km启动子下组成型表达,形成重组质粒pVK-Ⅱ。将重组质粒pVK-Ⅱ转入到GlnB-突变株,构建成互补株C-glnB(glnB::Km/glnB)。对GlnB-突变株和互补株的固氮酶活性和生长性能的测定表明,GlnB-突变体无固氮酶活性,即表型 为Nif-;而互补株像野生型菌株一样具有固氮酶活性。突变株、互补株及野生型在菌落生长速度上基本相同。将含有glnB基因的重组质粒pVK-Ⅱ分别转移到野生型Yu62菌株和具有一定抗铵能力的DraT-突变株中,使glnB基因的拷贝数增加,并进一步比较它们的固氮酶活性,结果表明多拷贝的glnB基因能显著提高固氮酶活性。

  9. The Canonized Image of Guan Yu under the Contemporary Vision---From Guan Yu on Romance of the Three Kingdoms%当代视野下关羽形象的经典化--从《三国演义》中的关羽谈起



    《三国演义》塑造了关羽鲜明的性格特征,成功展示了关羽忠信智勇的艺术形象,诠释了具有中华民族审美特征的英雄情怀。《三国演义》中的关羽已具有神异的色彩,这与历史上的关羽形象不尽相同,是其在历史真实基础上的艺术升华。纵观关羽形象的历史演变,可知这一英雄形象产生于中国特定的文化环境,是中华民族信守忠义文化心理的体现。在当今社会,分析关羽崇拜的社会影响,能够更好地解读关羽形象经典化的精神价值。%Romance of the Three Kingdoms shapes Guan Yu's distinct personality characteristics , shows his faithfu and brave artistic image , and illustrates the heroic feelings with Chinese aesthetic characteristics .Guan Yu in Romance of the Three Kingdoms is something of a god , which is not the same the historical image of Guan Yu.His movie image is the sublimation of art on the basis of historical truth .From the historical evolution of Guan Yu's image , we find that this hero image grows out of China's specific cultural environment and it is the cultural and psychlogical embodyment of Chinese loyalty .In today's society , by analyzing the socail effect of people's worship of Guan Yu , we can have a better understanding of the spirit value of Guan Yu's canonized image.

  10. Radar-observed diurnal cycle and propagation of convection over the Pearl River Delta during Mei-Yu season

    Chen, Xingchao; Zhao, Kun; Xue, Ming; Zhou, Bowen; Huang, Xuanxuan; Xu, Weixin


    Using operational Doppler radar and regional reanalysis data from 2007-2009, the climatology and physical mechanisms of the diurnal cycle and propagation of convection over the Pearl River Delta (PRD) region of China during the Mei-Yu seasons are investigated. Analyses reveal two hot spots for convection: one along the south coastline of PRD and the other on the windward slope of mountains in the northeastern part of PRD. Overall, convection occurs most frequently during the afternoon over PRD due to solar heating. On the windward slope of the mountains, convection occurrence frequency exhibits two daily peaks, with the primary peak in the afternoon and the secondary peak from midnight to early morning. The nighttime peak is shown to be closely related to the nocturnal acceleration and enhanced lifting on the windward slope of southwesterly boundary layer flow, in the form of boundary layer low-level jet. Along the coastline, nighttime convection is induced by the convergence between the prevailing onshore wind and the thermally induced land breeze in the early morning. Convection on the windward slope of the mountainous area is more or less stationary. Convection initiated near the coastline along the land breeze front tends to propagate inland from early morning to early afternoon when land breeze cedes to sea breeze and the prevailing onshore flow.

  11. 试析李渔的烹饪选料观%On Li Yu's View on Choice of Cooking Meteriais



    李渔作为清初著名文学家、戏曲家,著有《闲情偶寄》一书,其中《饮馔部》对饮食之道提出了自己独到的见解,比较全面地反映了作者的饮食观。在烹饪原料的选择方面,作者形成了崇尚自然、重蔬轻肉;推崇节俭、反对奢靡;注重产地、讲究品质;谨慎杀生、人文关怀的烹饪选料观。分析其观点,对促进人们了解烹饪原料特点,科学选择原料并优化工艺具有一定的参考价值。%Li Yu, a renowned writer and dramatist in early Qing dynasty, author of Pleasant Diversions, put forward his unique understanding and overall view of diet in chapter Diet. In regard to the choice of raw mate- rials, Li prefers vegetables to meat, advocates thrift rather than extravagancy, emphasizes quality and places of growth. He proposes less killing and more humanity. His view is of some value as to our understanding of and scientifically choosing from those cooking materials and optimizing cooking process.

  12. Spin-polarized currents and noise in normal-metal/superconductor junctions with Yu-Shiba-Rusinov impurities

    Persson, Daniel; Shevtsov, Oleksii; Löfwander, Tomas; Fogelström, Mikael


    Conventional superconductors disordered by magnetic impurities demonstrate physical properties that are drastically different from their pristine counterparts. In our previous work [D. Persson et al., Phys. Rev. B 92, 245430 (2015), 10.1103/PhysRevB.92.245430], we explored the spectral and thermodynamic properties of such systems for two extreme cases: completely random and ferromagnetically aligned impurity magnetic moments. Here we consider the transport properties of these systems and show that they have a potential to be used in superconducting spintronic devices. Each magnetic impurity contributes a Yu-Shiba-Rusinov (YSR) bound state to the spectrum, residing at subgap energies. Provided the YSR states form metallic bands, we demonstrate that the tunneling current carried by these states can be highly spin polarized when the impurities are ferromagnetically ordered. The spin polarization can be switched by tuning the bias voltage. Moreover, even when the impurity spins are completely uncorrelated, one can still achieve almost 100 % spin polarization of the current, if the tunnel interface is spin active. We compute electric current and noise, varying parameters of the interface between tunneling and fully transparent regimes, and analyze the relative role of single-particle and Andreev reflection processes.

  13. [A brief textual research on circulated versions of Dan tai yu an (Jade Case Records of Red Stage].

    Xu, Gao; Zhu, Jianping


    Dan tai yu an (Jade Case Records of Red Stage) was compiled by a doctor of the Ming Dynasty Sun Wenyin, including 6 volumes. This book involves Chinese internal medicine, paediatrics, gynaecology, external medicine, and Department of the sense organs (ENT) classified into 73 categories, each of which contains 80 kinds of disease. The total number of disease was 157. Each kind of disease is discussed under the order of etiology, syndrome, pulse condition and treatment. The range of traditional Chinese prescriptions in this book is rather extensive with its indications, administrations and modification of main prescriptions given concretely. Both internal and external treatment are included, and the individual drug and proved recipe are practical and effective, which is a significant reference to clinical practice. There are many versions of this book extant. According to our investigation and research, we replenished some information to the"General Catalogue of TCM Ancient Books", and at the same time, correct some mistakes, providing the basis for further collation and publishing.


    О. В. Полевщикова


    Full Text Available The professor of Novorossiysky (Odessa University I. Yu. Timchenko (1863-1939 managed to collect a remarkable library on the history of Mathematics which contained primarily antiquarian books including incunabula and 16th century editions. Various aspects of this valuabe book collection have been studied lately. Books from this dispersed collection have been revealed and examined de visu. Their cataloguing incudes the description of individual book copies in view of their provenance. The purpose of the article is to provide the information on a complex of owners’ recordings and dedicatory inscriptions as well as bookplates left on the books making an attempt to trace the fate of the copies incorporated in the library of the Odessa mathematician. The information collected is considered in the context of the history of Mathematics. Many may characterise both direct and indirect expressions of the readers’ interests in books and reading. The study of provenance records demonstrate that the copies acquired by professor Timchenko used to be in the libraries of a number of men of science – mathematicians, physicists, philologists, etc. The findings of this article enable to enlarge the database of provenance making the practical value and results of the research.

  15. 许地山的学术思想与方法研究%Study on Xu Dishan’s Academic Thinking and Methods



    Xu Dishan ,a famous w riter in the history of Chinese literature ,has made remarkable achievement in the fields of religion studies ,folklore ,anthropology and archaeology .However ,the studies of him have long been limited to field of literature ,ignoring his achievements and contribution in the academic field .By using the methods of literature review and culture study , the paper makes a preliminary clarification of his academic thoughts and methods .Xu Dishan pursued “wide learning and retentive memory” academically .His research method inherited the textual study in Qing Dynasty and absorbed the western scientific spirit . He was determined to “learn”,advocated the scholarism from politics ,and kept off the “popular academic style”.He analyzed the reasons for separationf of the lack of “governance structures of learning”in China ,and the relation between the traditional “social science”, living conditions of modern scholars and the shortage of academic resources .%许地山是中国文学史上著名的作家,且在宗教学、民俗学、人类学、考古学等多个学术领域都有所建树,然而学术界对他的研究长期拘囿在文学领域,忽略了他在学术方面的成就与贡献。文中采用文献梳理与文化研究的方法,初步廓清了许地山的学术思想与学术方法:许地山在学术上追求“博闻强识”;在治学方法上承继了清代考证学并汲取了西方的科学精神;他立志“为学”,提倡“政学分途”,并能与“流行学风”保持距离;分析了中国缺少“治物之学”原因与传统学术的“社交学问”、中国现代学者的生存状态以及学术资源的匮乏的关系。

  16. Analysis of a Group of Weak Small-Scale Vortexes in the Planetary Boundary Layer in the Mei-yu Front

    ZHAI Guoqing; ZHOU Lingli; WANG Zhi


    A mei-yu front process in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River on 23 June 1999 was simulated by using the fifth-generation Pennsylvania State University-NCAR (PSU/NCAR) Mesoscale Model (MM5) with FDDA (Four Dimension Data Assimilation). The analysis shows that seven weak small mesoscale vortexes of tens of kilometers, correspondent to surface low trough or mesoscale centers, in the planetary boundary layer (PBL) in the mei-yu front were heavily responsible for the heavy rainfall. Sometimes, several weak smallscale vortexes in the PBL could form a vortex group, some of which would weaken locally, and some would develop to be a meso-α-scale low vortex through combination. The initial dynamical triggering mechanism was related to two strong currents: one was the northeast flow in the PBL at the rear of the mei-yu front, the vortexes occurred exactly at the side of the northeast flow; and the other was the strong southwest low-level jet (LLJ) in front of the Mei-yu front, which moved to the upper of the vortexes. Consequently, there were notable horizontal and vertical wind shears to form positive vorticity in the center of the southwest LLJ.The development of mesoscale convergence in the PBL and divergence above, as well as the vertical positive vorticity column, were related to the small wind column above the nose-shaped velocity contours of the northeast flow embedding southwestward in the PBL, which intensified the horizontal wind shear and the positive vorticity column above the vortexes, baroclinicity and instability.

  17. Interdecadal Modulation of the Influence of La Ni(n)a Events on Mei-yu Rainfall over the Yangtze River Valley

    WANG Xin; WANG Dongxiao; ZHOU Wen; LI Chongyin


    The aim of this study was to investigate changes in the relationship between mei-yu rainfall over East China and La Ni(n)a events in the late 1970s,a period concurrent with the Pacific climate shift,using meiyu rainfall data and the National Centers for Environmental Prediction/National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCEP/NCAR) reanalysis.This relationship was modulated by the climate shift:Before the 1977/1978 climate shift and after the 1992/1993 climate shift,mei-yu rainfall levels were above normal in most La Ni(n)a years,whereas during the period 1979-1991,mei-yu rainfall was usually below normal levels in La Ni(n)a years.Both composite analyses and results from an atmospheric general circulation model show remarkable detail in terms of La Ni(n)a's impacts on mei-yu rainfall in the late 1970s due to the change in the mean climatic state over the tropical Pacific.After the late 1970s.the tropical Pacific SSTs were warmer,and the mean state of low-level anticyclone circulation over the western North Pacific (WNP) weakened.Superimposed on La Ni(n)a related cyclonic anomaly over the WNP.anticyclonic circulation weakened.Prior to the late 1970s,the mean state of low-level anticyclone circulation over the WNP was stronger and was less affected by La Ni(n)a-related anomalous cyclones.Anticyclone circulation may have brought moisture to the Yangtze River valley,leading to above-normal rainfall.

  18. Immunomodulatory Effect of Chinese Herbal Medicine Formula Sheng-Fei-Yu-Chuan-Tang in Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Acute Lung Injury Mice

    Chia-Hung Lin; Ching-Hua Yeh; Li-Jen Lin; Shulhn-Der Wang; Jen-Shu Wang; Shung-Te Kao


    Traditional Chinese medicine formula Sheng-Fei-Yu-Chuan-Tang (SFYCT), consisting of 13 medicinal plants, was used to treat patients with lung diseases. This study investigated the immunoregulatory effect of SFYCT on intratracheal lipopolysaccharides- (LPS-) challenged acute lung injury (ALI) mice. SFYCT attenuated pulmonary edema, macrophages, and neutrophils infiltration in the airways. SFYCT decreased inflammatory cytokines, including tumor necrosis factor- α (TNF α ), interleukin-1 β , and...

  19. Impact of 4DVAR Assimilation of Rainfall Data on the Simulation of Mesoscale Precipitation Systems in a Mei-yu Heavy Rainfall Event


    The multi-scale weather systems associated with a mei-yu front and the corresponding heavy precipitation during a particular heavy rainfall event that occurred on 4-5 July 2003 in east China were successfully simulated through rainfall assimilation using the PSU/NCAR non-hydrostatic, mesoscale, numerical model (MM5) and its four-dimensional, variational, data assimilation (4DVAR) system. For this case, the improvement of the process via the 4DVAR rainfall assimilation into the simulation of mesoscale precipitation systems is investigated. With the rainfall assimilation, the convection is triggered at the right location and time, and the evolution and spatial distribution of the mesoscale convective systems (MCSs) are also more correctly simulated. Through the interactions between MCSs and the weather systems at different scales,including the low-level jet and mei-yu front, the simulation of the entire mei-yu weather system is significantly improved, both during the data assimilation window and the subsequent 12-h period. The results suggest that the rainfall assimilation first provides positive impact at the convective scale and the influences are then propagated upscale to the meso- and sub-synoptic scales.Through a set of sensitive experiments designed to evaluate the impact of different initial variables on the simulation of mei-yu heavy rainfall, it was found that the moisture field and meridional wind had the strongest effect during the convection initialization stage, however, after the convection was fully triggered,all of the variables at the initial condition seemed to have comparable importance.

  20. [The different functions of glnB and glnZ from Azospirillum brasilense YU62 in the control of nitrogen fixation].

    Chen, S; Guan, Y; Ying, J; Li, Z; Wang, J; Li, J


    The glnB and glnZ genes of A. brasilense have 70% homology at nucleotide sequence. glnB is located in a 3.7 kb Eco RI+ PstI fragment and glnZ is located in a 3.7 kb SalI fragment. Both glnB and glnZ genes were mutagenized by Kmr cassette insertions and glnB- and glnZ- mutants were obtained. glnB- mutant did not have any nitrogenase activity, while glnZ- mutant still has nitrogenase activity. The coding regions of glnB and glnZ were cloned into pVK100 vectors and recombinant plasmids pVK-II and pVK-Z were obtained, respectively. The recombinant plasmids pVK-II and pVK-Z were introduced into glnB- and glnZ- to produce C-glnB and C-glnZ, respectively. C-glnB can restore nitrogenase activity and C-glnZ does not have effect on nitrogenase activity. When pVK-II and pVK-Z were introduced into A. brasilense Yu62 and draT-, respectively, the Yu62-II (containing pVK-II) and draT-II (containing pVK-II) have higher nitrogenase activity than that of wild type Yu62. In contrast, Yu62-Z (containing pVK-Z) and draT-Z (containing pVK-Z) has no effect on nitrogenase activity. The nifA(-)-II (containg pVK-II) and nifA(-)-Z (containing pVK-Z) still have no nitrogenase activity.

  1. Physical Properties of Asteroid (308635) 2005 YU55 derived from multi-instrument infrared observations during a very close Earth-Approach

    Mueller, T G; Kiss, C; Gurwell, M A; Hasegawa, S; Vilenius, E; Sako, S; Kamizuka, T; Nakamura, T; Asano, K; Uchiyama, M; Konishi, M; Yoneda, M; Ootsubo, T; Usui, F; Yoshii, Y; Kidger, M; Altieri, B; Lorente, R; Pal, A; O'Rourke, L; Metcalfe, L


    The near-Earth asteroid (308635) 2005 YU55 is a potentially hazardous asteroid which was discovered in 2005 and passed Earth on November 8th 2011 at 0.85 lunar distances. This was the closest known approach by an asteroid of several hundred metre diameter since 1976 when a similar size object passed at 0.5 lunar distances. We observed 2005 YU55 from ground with a recently developed mid-IR camera (miniTAO/MAX38) in N- and Q-band and with the Submillimeter Array (SMA) at 1.3 mm. In addition, we obtained space observations with Herschel/PACS at 70, 100, and 160 micron. Our thermal measurements cover a wide range of wavelengths from 8.9 micron to 1.3 mm and were taken after opposition at phase angles between -97 deg and -18 deg. We performed a radiometric analysis via a thermophysical model and combined our derived properties with results from radar, adaptive optics, lightcurve observations, speckle and auxiliary thermal data. We find that (308635) 2005 YU55 has an almost spherical shape with an effective diamete...

  2. 文学四要素视阈下的余华创作转型%Yu Hua's Novels Transformation in the Perspective of Four Elements of Literature



    As the representative writer of the vanguard fiction,Yu Hua has gone through two transformations,after Long Travel at the Age of Eighteen since 1987. For Yu Hua's two transformations,the critics always express different opinions. With the help of the theory of literary activities elements raised by Meyer Howard Abrams,we prepare to analyze this phenomenon from four perspectives ---the world,writers,works,readers,trying to make a comprehensive and objective evaluation for Yu Hua's vanguard creation.%!押余华作为先锋小说的代表作家,自1987年的《十八岁出门远行》以来,历经了两次转型。余华的这两次转型,评论界历来莫衷一是,褒贬不一。借助艾布拉姆斯有关文学活动要素的理论,从“世界、作家、作品、读者”等四个角度对这一现象进行剖析,试图对以余华为代表的先锋创作转型作出全面而客观的评价。

  3. 贾雨村讹夺石扇案辨正%Explore the Truth of JIA Yu-cun Grabbing SHI Dai-zi's Fans by Blackmail



    学界历来认为讹夺石扇为贾雨村欺压良善的铁证,不假辨别地信以为真,对其人品大加挞伐,实属误会。讹夺石扇是平儿、贾琏合谋的谎言,是对纳妾鸳鸯事件的影射,并非贾琏挨打的真相。贾琏挨打的导火索是鸳鸯事件;远因是大不孝——无子。%Academia has regarded the case of JIA Yu-cun grabbing SHI Dai-zi's fans by blackmail as an indisputable fact of his bully oppression of good people without identification. Then lots of critics of JIA Yu-cun's moral character leaded to injustice, which is a misunderstanding. The truth of JIA Yu-cun grabbing SHI Dai-zi's fans by blackmail was a mendacity collaborated by Ping Er and JIA Lian, wich was a shadow Of Yuan Yang event actually, not the truth of JLA Lian beaten. The fuse of JIA Lian beaten was Yuan Yang event, and the underlying cause was that JIA Lian had no son.

  4. PI3K/Akt Pathway Contributes to Neurovascular Unit Protection of Xiao-Xu-Ming Decoction against Focal Cerebral Ischemia and Reperfusion Injury in Rats

    Rui Lan


    Full Text Available In the present study, we used a focal cerebral ischemia and reperfusion rat model to investigate the protective effects of Xiao-Xu-Ming decoction (XXMD on neurovascular unit and to examine the role of PI3K (phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt pathway in this protection. The cerebral ischemia was induced by 90 min of middle cerebral artery occlusion. Cerebral infarct area was measured by tetrazolium staining, and neurological function was observed at 24 h after reperfusion. DNA fragmentation assay, combined with immunofluorescence, was performed to evaluate apoptosis of neuron, astrocyte, and vascular endothelial cell which constitute neurovascular unit. The expression levels of proteins involved in PI3K/Akt pathway were detected by Western blot. The results showed that XXMD improved neurological function, decreased cerebral infarct area and neuronal damage, and attenuated cellular apoptosis in neurovascular unit, while these effects were abolished by inhibition of PI3K/Akt with LY294002. We also found that XXMD upregulated p-PDKl, p-Akt, and p-GSK3β expression levels, which were partly reversed by LY294002. In addition, the increases of p-PTEN and p-c-Raf expression levels on which LY294002 had no effect were also observed in response to XXMD treatment. The data indicated the protective effects of XXMD on neurovascular unit partly through the activation of PI3K/Akt pathway.

  5. Professor Yu Jingmao's Experience in Coordinating and Treating Pediatric Disease with Herbal Pas te%俞景茂膏方调治小儿疾病经验



    [目的]探讨俞景茂教授运用膏方调治小儿疾病的临证经验。[方法]通过跟师临诊,总结俞师运用膏方治疗小儿顽疾的学术经验,并附验案举隅。[结果]俞师认为,膏方剂型适合小儿服用,强调膏方治疗小儿疾病须辨病、辨证结合,因时、因人制宜。临证时注重调补固本,以平为贵;补中寓攻,以和为要;顾护脾胃,以喜为补。所附小儿哮喘医案1则,俞景茂教授巧用膏方调治2月,哮喘发作次数减少,发作时症状减轻。[结论]俞景茂教授根据小儿生理病理特点,运用膏方个体化辨治小儿诸疾,扶正祛邪,调和阴阳,经验丰赡,值得推广应用。%Objective] To explore professor Yu Jingmao's clinical experience in coordinating and treating pediatric disease with herbal paste. [Method] By fol owing the teacher clinic, the author summarizes professor Yu Jingmao's academic experience of treatment of children with chronic il ness with herbal paste, and for proven cases. [Result] Professor Yu Jingmao uses herbal paste for modulating pediatric intractable disease with curative effect. In his opinion, herbal paste treatment of pediatric diseases must be combined with disease and syndrome differentiation, and considered in accordance with seasonal conditions and the patient's individuality. Professor Yu considers that herbal paste formulations are suitable for children, and pays attention to regulating and nourishing to strengthen the body focused on harmony, reinforcing with elimination based on balance, protecting and tonifying the spleen and stomach based on enjoying oral application. [Conclusion] According to children's physiological and pathological characteristics, professor Yu Jingmao has rich experiences in using herbal paste for personalized syndrome differentiation treatment of pediatric diseases to strengthen body resistance and eliminate evil, regulate Yin and Yang, which is worth generalizing and

  6. 从尤金·奈达的翻译理论鉴赏许渊冲的译诗名句%An Analytical Appreciation of Xu Yuanchong's Tranlation Rhesis from the Perspective of Eugene Nida's Translation Theory

    牛云平; 王亚南


    The paper briefly introduces Eugene Nida's translation theories and gives an analytical appreci-ation of Xu Yuanchong's English translation of“不爱红妆爱武装”from the aspects of diction ,rhetorical device ,style and culture .As is demonstrated ,Nida's translation theory and Xu's translation principles are very similar to each other .%简要介绍了尤金·奈达的翻译理论,并从选词、修辞、风格和文化四个角度分别鉴赏了许渊冲对“不爱红妆爱武装”的英译。通过具体的分析和鉴赏,可以看出,奈达的翻译理论和中国翻译大家许渊冲的翻译原则如出一辙、遥相呼应。

  7. Experience on Xu Li-ran Application Tlumbricus Treatment of Pulmonary System Disease%徐立然应用地龙治疗肺系疾病经验举隅

    王东旭; 孟鹏飞; 马秀霞


    Objective: To explore the clinical experience of Henan province doctor of traditional Chinese medicine professor Xu Li-ran application Earthworm treatment of lung disease. Methods :To summarize the study with teacher Xu Li-ran outpatient clinic experience.Results: Found that professor Xu Li-ran application of TCM Earthworm clear heat, smooth wheezing, dredging and promoting blood flow. In the treatment of lung disease, Especially of pulmonary intersitital fibrosis, bronchial asthma, acute and chronic bronchitis,chronic obstructive pulmonary disease caused by sputum, virtual, blood stasis, has unexpectod curative effect. Conclusion: The idea and experience of Xu Li-ran application Earthworm treatment of lung disease have a high clinical value and deserve to inherit and carry forward.%目的:探讨河南省名中医徐立然教授应用地龙治疗肺系疾病的临床经验.方法:门诊跟师学习总结徐立然教授临床经验.结果:发现徐立然教授应用中药地龙的清热、平喘、通络和活血作用,在治疗肺系疾病,尤其是由痰、虚、瘀引起的肺间质纤维化、支气管哮喘、急慢性支气管炎、慢性阻塞性肺疾病等起到出乎意料的疗效.结论:徐立然教授应用地龙治疗肺系疾病的思路及验方有很高的临床价值.值得继承和发扬.

  8. 韦绪性教授治疗腰椎间盘突出症学术思想撷要%Academic thought of Professor WEI Xu-xing for treating lumbar disc herniation



    Analysis academic thoughts of Professor WEI Xu-xing from four aspects in treatment of lumbar disc herniation, and study his differentiation therapy through the medical record examples.%从四个方面分析韦绪性教授治疗腰椎间盘突出症的学术思想,通过病案举隅研究其辨证施治要诀。

  9. Screening active components from Yu-ping-feng-san for regulating initiative key factors in allergic sensitization.

    Shen, Dandan; Xie, Xuejian; Zhu, Zhijie; Yu, Xi; Liu, Hailiang; Wang, Huizhu; Fan, Hongwei; Wang, Dawei; Jiang, Guorong; Hong, Min


    Yu-ping-feng-san (YPFS) is a Chinese medical formula that is used clinically for allergic diseases and characterized by reducing allergy relapse. Our previous studies demonstrated that YPFS efficiently inhibited T helper 2 cytokines in allergic inflammation. The underlying mechanisms of action of YPFS and its effective components remain unclear. In this study, it was shown that YPFS significantly inhibited production of thymic stromal lymphopoietin (TSLP), an epithelial cell-derived initiative factor in allergic inflammation, in vitro and in vivo. A method of human bronchial epithelial cell (16HBE) binding combined with HPLC-MS (named 16HBE-HPLC-MS) was established to explore potential active components of YPFS. The following five components bound to 16HBE cells: calycosin-7-glucoside, ononin, claycosin, sec-o-glucosylhamaudol and formononetin. Serum from YPFS-treated mice was analyzed and three major components were detected claycosin, formononetin and cimifugin. Among these, claycosin and formononetin were detected by 16HBE-HPLC-MS and in the serum of YPFS-treated mice. Claycosin and formononetin decreased the level of TSLP markedly at the initial stage of allergic inflammation in vivo. Nuclear factor (NF)-κB, a key transcription factor in TSLP production, was also inhibited by claycosin and formononetin, either in terms of transcriptional activation or its nuclear translocation in vitro. Allergic inflammation was reduced by claycosin and formononetin when they are administered only at the initial stage in a murine model of atopic contact dermatitis. Thus, epithelial cell binding combined with HPLC-MS is a valid method for screening active components from complex mixtures of Chinese medicine. It was demonstrated that the compounds screened from YPFS significantly attenuated allergic inflammation probably by reducing TSLP production via regulating NF-κB activation.

  10. 论林语堂的幽默文学观%On LIN Yu-tang's View of Humorous Literature



    林语堂发明了"幽默"一词,建构了他的幽默文学观.在"语丝"时期,将"幽默"看成是"真实的,宽容的,同情的人生观", 此间的散文,多在"真实"、真诚上面用力,讽刺力量较强."论语"、"人间世"时期的幽默则多从个人性灵上抒写闲适的情调,其幽默观中多带个人主义色彩,是"以自我为中心,以闲适为格调" 的自由主义的人生观.他的幽默观和幽默小品创作又特别重视幽默的审美价值,创造了滑稽、机警、俏皮、讽刺的"笑"的美感情趣.%LIN Yu-tang creates a new concept of humor in order to construct his literary thoughts. During the period when he writes for a magazine called "Yusi",he considers "humor" as "a sincere, tolerant and sympathetic view of life". As a result, his prose usually has sarcastic strength rooted in the real human life and his open heart. However, during the period when he edits magazines called "Lunyu" and "Renjianshi", his prose changes to express his personal spirit with a leisurely style. At this time, his view of humor inclined to individualism and liberalism. Besides, his thinking and writings on humor paid attention to the aesthetic value of humor, which includes farcicality, wittiness, naughtiness, irony and laugh.

  11. Effect of Xiao-tan-jie-yu Prescription on sleep quality of soldiers acute exposure to high altitude

    Yu-xing YANG


    Full Text Available Objective  To observe the efficacy of Xiao-tan-jie-yu prescription (XTJYF on sleep quality of the soldiers who acutely exposed to western area of high altitude. Methods  In this prospective, completely randomized, parallel, placebo-controlled study, 550 soldiers acutely exposed to western area of high altitude were investigated by the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI, 100 soldiers with sleep disorder were selected and divided into two groups (50 each: treatment group received TCM XTJYF therapy and control group was treated with placebo. After 2 weeks' treatment, PSQI total score and respective factor scores before and after treatment were assessed, and clinical therapeutic efficacy and adverse reactions were observed. Results  The PSQI total score and respective factor scores of these soldiers were significantly higher than those of normal adults, but significantly lower than those of insomnia patients, while their sleep disorder factor score was significantly higher compared with insomnia patients. XTJYF reduced the total score and some factor scores (subjective sleep quality, time for initiating sleep, total sleep time, and sleep efficiency for PSQI in the soldiers with sleep disorder, and the overall response rate was 91.49% which is higher than those in the placebo control group (P<0.05 or 0.01, without toxic side effects. Conclusions  The sleep quality of soldiers who acutely exposed to western area of high altitude in China is not high, and XTJYF may safely and effectively improve the sleep quality. DOI: 10.11855/j.issn.0577-7402.2016.10.15

  12. Breeding and Identification of Herbicide-resistant Genic Male-sterile Line Yu98-8A1 of Cotton(Gossypium hirsutum L.)%新型抗除草剂棉花不育系Yu98-8A1的培育及鉴定

    杨晓杰; 谢德意; 赵元明; 李武; 赵付安; 段铮铮; 祝水金; 房卫平


    通过连续回交,将抗除草剂基因EPSPS-G6转育花粉败育彻底(无微量花粉,不育度达100%)的棉花单基因隐性控制的核不育系Yu98-8A,进而培育成抗除草剂核不育系Yu98-8A1.对该转育不育系花冠表型测量观察表明,与同质系正常可育株比较,不育株花冠较小,不育株子房直径略大于可育株,花柱长和花柱外露长度均明显高于同质系正常可育株,花柱头外露为其最显著的表型特征;显微观察显示,不育系Yu98-8A1小孢子败育主要是在四分体形成后的小孢子发育期.小孢子败育特征表现为花粉粒无内含物、无刺突产生,最后解体、退化.PCR分子鉴定表明,抗除草剂基因EPSPS-G6转育入Yu98-8A,除草剂抗性试验表明,该转育不育系可抗质量百分比浓度达0.3%的草甘膦.该抗除草剂核不育系的培育在棉花杂种优势利用方面有重大利用价值.%Yu98-8A1,a herbicide-resistant cotton genic male-sterile line,was developed from a genic malesterile line Yu98-8A by successive backcrossing cotton line EHC09-002 which possessed the herbicide-resistant gene EPSPS-G6.Compared with homogeneity normal fertile plants,its significant characteristics included smaller corolla,bigger Ovary diameter,style length,and exposed stigmas by corolla phenotype observation.Among theses characteristics,exposed stigmas was the most significant one.Cytological observation showed that the anther abortion of Yu98-8A1 occurred during the stage of microspore development,which displayed without inclusion in pollen grain and spinescent protuberance on the pollen wall,and the microspore appeared abnormal and break down gradually.PCR identification and glyphosate resistance test indicated that herbicide-resistant gene EPSPS-G6 had been successfully aggregated into Yu98-8A,and the anti-herbicide concentration reached up to 0.3%.The cultivation of herbicide-resistant sterile line made Yu98-8A1 have significant value in the utilization of

  13. 长索跳小蜂属一新种及五斑敌若跳小蜂雄虫记述(膜翅目:跳小蜂科)%Descriptions of a New Species of Anagyrus Howard and the Male of Dinocarsiella quinqueguttata Xu (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae)

    黄波; 徐志宏; 徐兵强; 王莹莹


    Two species of parasitoids on mealybugs, Anagyrus flaviclavatus Xu, sp. nov.and the male of Dinocarsiella quinqueguttata Xu, 2000 are described from Xinjiang Uigur Autonomous Region. Type specimens are deposited in Department of Plant Protection, School of Agriculture and Food Science, Zhejiang Agriculture & Forestry University.%记述采自新疆的2种粉蚧寄生蜂,即黄棒长索跳小蜂Anagyrus flaviclavatus Xu,sp.nov.和五斑敌若跳小蜂 Dinocarsiella quinqueguttata Xu,2000的雄虫,该种雄虫为首次记录.模式标本保存于浙江农林人学农业与食品科学学院植物保护系.

  14. An Analysis of Xu Hun's Life in Shangluo and His Poem Creation%许浑在商洛的生活与诗歌创作探析

    魏丹丹; 席忍学


    Xu Hun's desire of creation was stimulated greatly by the two droppings in Shangluo when he saw attractive nature and cultural landscape. His creations in Shangluo are mostly reclusive poems and leisure poems, with a style of gracefulness, a language of naturalness, a poetry of frankness, the images of popularization and barely no perplexing allusions. To a certain degree, the state of mind and the spiritual outlook at that time were reflected as well as the influence of the unique natural conditions and the cultural environment on his creation.%!摘要押唐代诗人许浑在历览名山大川中两次途经商洛,商洛的自然山水和人文景观激发了他的创作欲望。其在商洛的创作以恬淡的隐逸诗、闲适诗居多,诗歌风格清新婉丽,语言自然,诗意直白易懂,意象大众化,很少使用令人费解的典故。许浑在商洛的诗歌创作,一定程度上反映了那个时代士人的心理状态和精神风貌,同时也可以体现出商洛特殊的地理环境和文化环境对诗人创作的影响。

  15. Engineering geological characteristics and the hydraulic fracture propagation mechanism of the sand-shale interbedded formation in the Xu5 reservoir

    Lu, Cong; Li, Mei; Guo, Jian-Chun; Tang, Xu-Hai; Zhu, Hai-Yan; Yong-Hui, Wang; Liang, Hao


    In the Xu5 formation the sandstone reservoir and the shale reservoir are interbedded with each other. The average thickness of each formation is about 8 m, which increases the difficulty of the hydraulic fracturing treatment. The shale thickness ratio (the ratio of shale thickness to formation thickness) is 55-62.5%. The reservoir is characterized by ultra-low porosity and permeability. The brittleness index of sandstone is 0.5-0.8, and the brittleness index of shale is 0.3-0.8. Natural fractures are poorly developed and are mainly horizontal and at a low angle. The formation strength is medium and the reservoir is of the hybrid strike-slip fault and reverse fault stress regime. The difference between the minimum principal stress and the vertical stress is small, and the maximum horizontal principal stress is 20 MPa higher than the minimum horizontal principal stress and vertical stress. A mechanical model of a hydraulic fracture encountering natural fractures is built according to geological characteristics. Fracture mechanics theory is then used to establish a hydraulic fracturing model coupling the seepage-stress-damage model to simulate the initiation and propagation of a fracture. The hydraulic fracture geometry is mainly I-shaped and T-shaped, horizontal propagation dominates the extension, and vertical propagation is limited. There is a two to three meter stress diversion area around a single hydraulic fracture. The stress diversion between a hydraulic fracture and a natural fracture is advantageous in forming a complex fracture. The research results can provide theoretical guidance for tight reservoir fracturing design.

  16. On the Reform and Contribution of Han Yu's Style of Writing%论韩愈的文体文风改革及其贡献



    文体文风改革是韩愈倡导的古文运动的重要内容。针对六朝以来的淫侈靡丽文风,韩愈标举复古,借古文以明儒家之道,创建出一种既承载儒家之道,又采用奇句单行的体式,而且没有对偶、声律的严格限制的新体散文。这种新式散文不仅与当时流行的骈体文相敌对,而且不因袭古圣先贤之成言,而是自铸伟辞,既明道传道,又抒泄郁积于胸中的怨愤不平及遭遇不幸之情,体现出韩愈对于创造性的高度重视。%The reform to style of writing which was advocated by HanYu was an important content in movement of ancient writing. Aimming at the flowery wrinting style from six Dynasties, Han Yu raised retro viewpoint to clear ancient doctrine by way of ancient writing, to create a new prose which was not only a bearer of Confucianism but also with a single row for odd sentence, and there was no strict restrictions of duality and sound. The new prose was not only hostile to the parallel prose and not inherited into ancient sages of the words, but invented new words, both preaching confucianism, and expressing vent anger smoldering in the hearts of injustice and feelings of the less fortunate. This reflected the great importance which Hart Yu attached to the creativity.

  17. Analysis on the Yu'ebao Phenomenon Based on SWOT Model%基于SWOT模型对余额宝现象的分析



    Through SWOT analysis method, this paper analyzes the internal advantages and disadvantages, external opportunities and threats of Yu'ebao in the background of information globalization and puts forward the related policy suggestions.%本文运用SWOT态势分析法,对余额宝在当前信息全球化的大背景下的内部优势与劣势、外部机会和威胁进行了研究分析,并提出了相关政策建议。

  18. Introduction to ba-yu culture in the animation creation practice--Taking animation“the white tiger legend”as an example



    Cultural Creative Industries Cultural and Creative Industries, is a kind of economic globalization under the background of the creativity as the core of the emerging Industries, emphasis on a subject or Cultural factors depend on personal (team) through the industrialization of technology, Creative, and ways of industry development, marketing, intellectual property rights. With the high-speed development of creative cultural industry. As a cultural creative industry in the animation industries, it begins to rise rapidly across the country. Based on the creation of the animation white tiger legend as an example, analyzes how the ba-yu culture influences in the animation creation practice. Hope to be able to achieve this effect.

  19. 20世纪中国文学中的鲧禹原型阐释%20th Century Chinese Literature Gun Yu Archetypical



    Gun Yu myth as a prototype in the literature as a hero mythology, it is perhaps the epitome of human to the hero worship, accumulate at the bottom of the pioneers of the original consciousness. In 20th century Chinese literature Gun Yu prototype is not simply repeat the Gun Yu myth, not just confined to a single, forever hero model, but with the development of history and the cultural background of the different age is rich, the constantly changing, constantly displacement deformation, from hero to ordinary mortals. In 20th century Chinese literature Gun Yu prototype become forces so as to express its own cultural codes, not only reflects the profound connotation of culture and history of the works, but also let us in the same original thinking mode of the experience of different cultures, and more direct, more profound understanding prototype this is both abstract and concrete, is both varied and genetic stability of human culture and literature.%鲧禹神话作为原型在文学中被塑造成英雄神话,它凝结了人类对英雄的崇拜,积淀在原始先民的意识底层。20世纪中国文学中的鲧禹原型并不是对鲧禹神话的简单重复,也不仅局限在单一的、永远不变的英雄模式,而是随着历史发展和不同时代文化背景被不断丰富、变化,不断置换变形,从英雄走向普通凡人。20世纪中国文学中的鲧禹原型成为各种力量借以表达自身的文化符码,既体现出了作品的深厚的文化底蕴和历史内涵,又能让我们在相同的原始思维的模式下体验不同的文化,也能更直接、更深刻地认识原型这一既抽象又具体,既多变又稳定的人类文化与文学基因。

  20. On the Relationship between Translation and Creation-Take Yu Guangzhong's use of Run-On Line as an Example



    The studies on relation between translation and creation mostly focus on macro-level, lacking evidence at micro-level.This thesis deals with the influence of translation upon creation at a micro-level, and studies one sample literary person, famous andprolific poet writer and translator Yu Guangzhong's use of run-on line in love poems. This thesis finds that Yu's translation hadan influence on his creation, and this influence increased with time. To make clear the subtle differences in the changes of creationby translation, SPSS software is applied as a quantitative tool.

  1. 明月一樽酒,清风一卷诗--余珍诗歌简论%Drinking in a Moonlight, Improvising an Extempore Verse in a Breeze--Brief Comments on Yu Zhen's Poems



    YU Zen is one of the Datun chieftains of Bijie in Guizhou. He is well-versed in both polite and martial arts,he is also good at poems. He has high aspirations to join the army and organizes to encircle and an-nihilate the anti Qing forces. His painting and calligraphy level are second to none in Yu's family. His Si Yus’ poems are leisurely and comfortable, some are abandoned themselves to nature, some are composed on history. YU Zhen is influenced by YU Jia-ju and he carries on YU Jia-ju’ s style of Leisure, tone and artless, soft firmness, and blending the poet’s unique aesthetic experience with his really sincere emotion, YU Zhen’s poem is a little inferior to those of YU Jia-ju, Yu Zhao and YU Da-fu. Poetry, but he still has a proper place in Chinese outstanding family of minority literature.%余珍是贵州毕节大屯土司之一,文武兼备,诗艺兼擅。他曾壮志凌云,投笔从戎,以都司身份组织围剿反清势力;他的书法、绘画水平在余氏家族中首屈一指,所著《四余诗草》清朗疏淡、闲适宁静,或寄情山水,或咏史怀古,充分体现了其“四余”之意。余珍深受余家驹影响,更多地继承了余家驹诗歌的闲适疏淡风格,色调烂漫,柔中见刚,情景交融,意境创造独具特色。余珍诗歌创作成就稍逊于余家驹、余昭和余达父,但在全国少数民族汉语古诗创作中仍占有一席地位。

  2. 测井资料 Xu-White 模型预测横波速度的一些新观点%New Viewpoints on S-wave Velocity Prediction Using Xu-White Model Based on Well Logging Data

    石双虎; 邓志文; 白光宇; 李红星; 蔡敏贵


    目前横波预测的方法大致可以分为两种:经验公式预测和理论岩石物理模型。由于经验公式预测一般具有区域性,研究者更重视岩石物理模型预测。目前大多数岩石物理模型预测横波的方法假定地下流体的物性参数(速度和密度)不受地层深度的影响,且孔隙扁率是恒定的,实际上这并不科学。因为矿物的体积模量和剪切模量随所处地层深度发生改变,而对于孔隙扁率则随颗粒形状、孔隙度等的变化有较大变化。针对这些情况,提出一种新的改进的Xu-White横波预测方法,并可取得较好的效果。%Physical quantities such as the Poisson ratio and Lame modulus,which represent fluid properties,can be obtained using S-wave velocity.These parameters can be used to reduce the multiple interpretations of seismic amplitudes.Thus,although it is very important to use S-wave velocity in performing seismic data AVO analysis,prestack inversion,and fluid identification, there is seldom information about this velocity in actual logging data.Currently,methods for S-wave velocity prediction can be divided into two types:empirical formula method and theoretical rock-physics-model-prediction method.The former is simple,limited to some exploration area, and requires larger workloads to increase its general overall applicability.Compared with the em-pirical formula method,the rock physics model method is complex,but it has universal applica-tion in different areas.Most rock physics model methods for predicting S-wave velocity assume that the physical parameters of an underground fluid (velocity and density)are not affected by the depth of the stratum or pore aspect ratio.However,this is not a valid assumption even for the most popular rock physics model,the Xu-White model.In fact,the bulk modulus and shear mod-ulus of minerals change with the depth of a reservoir.For fluid parameters,this type of effect will increase.With respect to the


    王娟; 陈三凤; 马旅雁; 李季伦


    用TD-PCR法克隆了巴西固氮螺菌(Azospirillun brasilense)Yu62的nifA基因.序列分析表明它与巴西固氮螺菌Sp7的nifA序列高度同源(96.5%),其编码的产物NifA蛋白与Sp7菌株NifA的氨基酸序列同源性为97.6%.该基因可以完全互补巴西固氮螺菌Sp7 nifA-突变株的Nif-表型.研究了NH4+和O2对Yu62 nifA基因的表达及NifA活性的影响.结果表明:mfA基因在Yu62菌株中是部分组成型表达的,氨和氧不能完全阻遏其表达,在5mmol/LNH4Cl与微氧(0.5%O2)条件下表达最高;NifA蛋白在0.4%~0.5%O2时活性最高,氧分压降低和提高都使NifA活性下降,1mmol/L NH4Cl足以抑制NifA的活性.




    Heterophaulactis Yu是作者建立并发表于1974年的一四射珊瑚属,产自广西郁江沿岸、南宁至六景一带的泥盆纪郁江组.其时代属早埃姆斯期牙形刺kitabacus带(前dehiscens带).对此珊瑚属再行研究,是出于:1)发表在"中国南方泥盆系的新进展"一文,是与其它门类化石共同作为划分和对比地层的化石依据,只限于中文简短描述,对化石图影的展示也有严格的数量限制.尽管此属己被收录在Hill(1981)主编的古生物专论的珊瑚分册中,也只是简短的英文描述和有限的图影,未能充分展示其骨骼演变特征;2)此属的分类位置、科的归属及与相关属的属征比较与讨论,当初均未交待,应予阐明;3)Heterophaulactis属的地理分布广,遍及滇桂两省,通过再研究,其产地已扩展至中国西北地区;其地层分布又有一定的时限性,在广西仅限于郁江组下部的石州段,时代为kitaba-cus带,其它地区也仅见于下泥盆统.文中对Heterophaulactis属的模式种,Heterophaulactis semicrassa的骨骼特征及个体发育过程中的演变均作详细的英文描述和图影展示;与相关属比较之后,认为与本属关系最为密切的是产于西秦岭山区下泥盆统、发表在西北区化石图册上的有些属种,其中的有些属种可以归于本属.文中还记述一新建种Heterophaulactis yujiangense sp.nov..文章对Heterophaulactis的分类位置和科的归属也有详细比较讨论,认为它是源出自志留纪Pycnactis--Phaulactis的演化序列,应归属于Lykophyllidae Wedekind,1927科.对Miroelasmatinae Cao,1983亚科的原始定义作全面修订后.把它归为Lykophyllidae Wedekind,1927科下的一个亚科;在对化石图册及相关文献上记述的产自西秦岭区下泥盆统四射珊瑚属种的全面修订之前,暂把以下各属置于此亚科:Heterophaulactls Yu,Miroelasma Cao,Qinlingophyllum Cao,Wenxianophyllum Cao,Protaulacophy-llum Cao,Bethanphyllum sensu Cao

  5. 李培旭治疗慢性肾功能衰竭经验%Li Pei-xu's Experience of Treating Chronic Renal Failure

    袁小飞; 许辉


    慢性肾功衰竭病因复杂,病机多变,病情加重的因素较多,容易受外邪、饮食失宜、劳倦、情志失调等的影响,另外因肾脏本身排出毒素和代谢废物的功能下降,也会导致病情加重而出现恶心呕吐、厌食、头痛等症状.李培旭根据多年的临床经验发现在慢性肾功能衰竭的不同的阶段,一定时期内疾病的病理变化相对稳定,只要辨证准确,分清主次,通过补益脾肾、通利六腑、疏利三焦、清热祛实、补气化瘀,配合化毒、解毒、排毒、攻毒等方法,在慢性肾功能衰竭的早期阶段及早干预,可使病变的肾功能得到逆转,或者病情的发展得到控制,防止病情快速向尿毒症发展.%Chronic renal function failure has complex etiology,and changeable pathogenesis and many factors which lead to disease aggravation such as exogenous factors,improper diet,fatigue,emotional disorders,etc.Besides,the kidney function of ejecting toxin and metabolic waste decline may also lead to worsening illness and symptoms such as nausea and vomiting,anorexia,headache,etc.According to many years of clinical experience,Li Pei-xu has found that the pathological changes of chronic renal failure are relatively stable in the different stages or during a given period of time,so as long as finding the accurate syndrome differentiation,distinguishing between primary and secondary,nourishing the spleen and kidney,unblocking six fu-organs,unblocking the three energizers,clearing away heat and removing sthenia,tonifying qi and removing blood stasis,chronic renal failure is given early intervention,the pathological changes of renal function can be reversed,or the development of the disease can be controlled and prevented from changing into uremia quickly.

  6. Analysis of the Royalism in Song Yu's Jiu Bian%析宋玉《九辩》的忠君思想



    《九辩》是宋玉骚体赋的代表,是其身世遭遇的自述。全诗围绕“贫士失职而志不平”展开,将忠君思想融入个人理想,抒发了忠于君而君不知的孤独、苦闷情绪。忠君思想贯穿全诗,是理解诗人情感表达的关键所在。忠君思想的表达与《九辩》自称词的使用特点是一致的,忠君思想是联系人生之秋与社会之秋的心理基础,是宋玉思想矛盾的根源。%Jiu Bian is Song Yu's representative Fu of Sao style, and his self-statement. The whole poem centers on his losing office but losing no heart, integrates the royalism into his own ambition, conveys his lonely and depressed emotion of unappreciated loyalty. The royalism serves as a leitmotif of the poem and the key to understanding the poet's emotional expressions. It is consistent with the usage of self-addressing words, the mental foundation between the autumn in life and society, and the origin of Song Yu's mental conflicts.

  7. 李渔《闲情偶寄》饮食观略论%A Brief Discussion of Li Yu's Catering Concept in His Occasional Leisurely Life



    李渔《闲情偶寄》之“饮馔部”,真实地展现了李渔独到的饮食文化观,也可称作清代难得的饮食理论与实践之作。从李渔的饮食文化观、饮食哲学观以及海鲜饮食观等方面看出,李渔的饮食之道,是基于他所崇尚的“自然、本色、天成”之思想。%In the catering section of Occasional Leisurely Life, Li Yu realistically demonstrated his unique cater-ing culture concept, which makes it known as an uncommonly great works on catering theory and practice during the Qing dynasty. Li Yu's catering recipe emerging out of his catering culture concept, catering philosophy and seafood concept is based on his thought of advocating nature and inherent qualities.

  8. “韩欧”文价值认识比较论%Comparative Study on the Prose Value of Han Yu and Ouyang Xiu



    唐代韩愈、宋代欧阳修是中国古代散文代表唐宋八大家中的领袖人物,“韩欧”是唐宋散文、正统散文、文以明道、古代成熟散文的标志。历史上对“韩欧”文价值的比较认识存在差异,有韩高欧低、欧高韩低、“韩欧”各具特色、“韩欧”否定论等各类看法,本文就此进行归纳探讨。%Han Yu in the Tang dynasty and Ouyang Xiu in the Song dynasty are the representatives of Chinese ancient prose leader of Eight Giants of Tang and Song prose ."Han Yu and Ouyang Xiu"is a sign of prose in Tang and Song dynasty ,the classical prose ,the article to carry doctrine ,the mature ancient prose .In history ,there are different understanding of their prose value ,each having its ow n characteristics .This article gives its summary and discussion .

  9. On Prospects of Society in Yu Hua’ s Friends%余华《朋友》里的社会图景



    余华的《朋友》发表多年一直不被评论界注意,在余华作品中极为例外。而这一看似对“血腥暴力”缺乏渲染的作品,实际上在人类社会对暴力、权力的态度,以及群体与个人之间的微妙关系等方面都有深刻的批判,并最终完成了对暴力和权力的解构。%Yu Hua's Friends published many years ago and yet remains unnoticed by the critics, which of Yu Hua's works is exceptional. But this works, seemingly lack of rendering the"violence", had a critical attitude towards the violence and power in the Chinese society, delicate relationship between groups and individuals, and eventually completed the deconstruction of violence and power.

  10. 玉红膏治疗手部皲裂性湿疹疗效观察%Clinical Effects of YuHongGao in Treating Hand Eczema Fissum

    呼荟茹; 贾育蓉; 贾育新


    目的:观察玉红膏治疗手部皲裂性湿疹的临床疗效.方法:玉红膏外用治疗手部皲裂性湿疹56例,观察症状及体征改善情况.结果:治愈率42.0%,总有效率100%.结论:玉红膏外用治疗手部皲裂性湿疹疗效确切.%Objective: To observe clinical effects of YuHongGao in treating hand eczema fissum. Method: 56 cases of hand eczema fissum were given by YuHongGao. The improvements of symptom and sign were explored. Result: The cure rate was 42.0%, total effective rate was 100%. Conclusion: YuHongGao in treating hand eczema fissum can obtain definite effects.

  11. 俞景茂名老中医儿科学术经验述要%Professor Jingmao Yu's Clinical Experience in Pediatrics of TCM

    陈华; 李岚; 邬思远; 董逸翔


    [目的]总结全国第四批名老中医药专家学术继承工作指导老师俞景茂教授的儿科学术思想与临证经验,以更好地传承与创新。[方法]通过对俞景茂教授著作、论文的研究,跟师学习,聆听教诲,典型医案的收集、整理,以及临证思路、辨证规律的探究,总结其学术思想与临证经验。[结果]俞景茂教授拥有7个方面的独特学术思想:重基础,致力《小儿药证直诀》研究;集百家,重视中医儿科各家学说研究;诊儿病,强调病机学说是辨证论治体系的核心;治未病,提倡先证而治是辨证论治的充实和发展;汇中西,注重取长补短推动学术发展;深研究,提出多元多靶点治疗抗小儿哮喘复发;顺时代,主张养血疏风乃治疗小儿过敏性疾病之策等。[结论]俞景茂教授在中医儿科理论研究及临床疾病诊疗中积累了丰富的经验,其学术思想与临证经验值得传承和推广。%Objective] Yu Jingmao is advisor of fourth Chinese medicine inheritance in China, and also is famous doctor of TCM in Zhejiang Province. Professor Jingmao Yu has strength of basic knowledge and rich experience. This article aims to draw Professor Jingmao Yu's academic experience and preserve his clinical technology. [Method]With teacher learning, listening teaching, the study of teacher works and papers, typical cases of collecting and sorting, and clinical thinking, pattern researching, summarize his academic experience. [Result]Professor Jingmao Yu has seven unique academic ideas as follows. First, focusing on basis, and researching ancient book xiao er yao zheng zhi jue. Second, paying attention to theories of different schools. Third, emphasizing pathogenesis in pattern identification. Fourth, promoting preventive treatment of disease. Fifth, combining Chinese and western medicines. Sixth, preventing recurrence of asthma through multiple points. Seventh, treating allergic

  12. 徐霞客对我国丹霞地貌旅行考察的贡献--纪念徐霞客逝世360周年%On XU Xiake's investigation into China's Danxia Landform-Memory XU Xiake 360 anniversary



    Danxia landform, a widely distributed geomorphic type in China with high appreciation and scientific research value, has been thoroughly and systematically studiedand investigated by modern geologists and geographers. The article gives a general reviewof the description of the above-mentioned features of Danxia landform made by Xu Xiake, a famous tourist, geologist and geographer in ancient China so as to display China'sage-old history in the study of Danxia landform. It also analyses the practical significancein the study of the landform.%丹霞地貌是一种具有很高景观美学价值和科学研究价值的地貌类型,在我国分布范围较广,现代地质地理学家对其进行了深入而系统的考察研究。而我国明代著名的旅行家和地理学家徐霞客,早在360多年前便对丹霞地貌进行过多方面的观察和描述,并留下宝贵的文字资料。这充分展示了丹霞风景地貌在我国研究的古老历史,也预示着丹霞风景地貌进行现代旅游开发的广阔前景。

  13. 许建中教授治疗肺间质性疾病的经验%The Experience of Professor XU Jian-zhong on Treating Interstitial Lung Disease



    从中医病名病机分析入手,对许建中教授治疗肺间质性疾病的经验进行总结,以期为临床治疗此类疾病提供借鉴.%This article summarized the experience of professor XU Jian-zhong on treating interstitial lung disease from analyzing the name and pathogenesis of disease in TCM,in order to provide a reference for clinical treatment of these diseases.

  14. Shandong province Yishui County Xu Jia Hu geothermal lfuid scaling evaluation%山东省沂水县许家湖地热田地热流体结垢性评价

    高庆; 彭文泉; 王峰; 孙鹏


    The scaling problem is a common problem in the development and utilization of geothermal energy, In this paper, Xu Jia Hu area of geothermal fluid as an example,Analysis of the geothermal fluid scaling, It provides the basis for the development and utilization of geothermal resource.%结垢问题是地热开发利用中普遍存在的问题,本文以许家湖地区地热流体为例,分析了该区地热流体结垢性,为地热资源的开发利用提供了依据。

  15. 福鼎槟榔芋主要轮作模式及其栽培技术%Main rotation models and cultivation techniques of Colocasia esculenta schott cv.fuding-yu



    Rotation cropping is the most effective technique measure in keeping the yield and quality of Colocasia esculenta schott cv.fuding-yu,this paper summarized the main advantages of rotation cropping,introduced the main rotation models and key cultivation techniques of Colocasia esculenta schott cv.fuding-yu.%轮作是保持福鼎槟榔芋产量和品质的最有效技术措施,本文综述了槟榔轮作的主要优点,介绍了福鼎槟榔芋主要轮作模式以及关键栽培技术。

  16. 体育审视:身体运动与人的全面发展%Inspection of "TiYu":physical movement and all -round development of human



    当前体育理论研究工作最重要的问题是对“体育”本身进行科学认识与统一的界定,这也是当前体育学发展与改革要解决的首要问题。应用文献资料法、逻辑分析法分析我国体育研究的症结与原因,厘清“体育”同 Physical education、Sport 之间的关系,阐明了我国体育的实质。结合我国当前教材中“体育”定义过于宽泛、不严谨等问题,用逻辑学定义的方法对“体育”重新定义。指出我国“体育”是一个中国化概念,其本质是以现代运动项目为载体,以身体发展为目的促进人全面发展的身体运动。%The most important issue of "TiYu"theoretical research is to have a scientific understand-ing and united definition on "TiYu"itself,which is also the primary problem that needs to be solved for the development and reform of "TiYu".The paper analyzed the problems of "TiYu"research, clarified the distinct relations between TiYu and physical education or Sport in China with methods of literature review and logic analysis,and then illuminated the essence of "TiYu".In view of the de-ficiencies of definition in the textbooks,such as being too broad or imprecise,the author has rede-fined the concept of "TiYu"with logic means.The study indicates that "TiYu"is a Chinese -char-acterized concept,and its essence is to take modern sports as carrier to promote the all -round de-velopment of human body by physical development.

  17. Workshop on Education in Computer Security (WECS7) (7th): Practical and Experimental Approaches to Information Security Education, Held in Monterey, California on 4-6 January 2006


    Animated Simulator for Packet Sniffer 79 XIAOHONG YUAN, PERCY VEGA, JINSHENG XU, HUIMING YU, AND STEPHEN PROVIDENCE The Science of Information Protection... Jackson State University 103 HOUSSAIN KETTANI Two Successful Miniprojects in an Overview Information Assurance Course 107 JUDITH L. GERSTING...Rose Shumba, Carol Taylor, Mike Thompson, Percy Vega, James Walden, Daniel F. Warren, Alexander Wijesinha, Jinsheng Xu, Huiming Yu, Xiaohong Yuan

  18. 论余华小说《第七天》的艺术张力%The Artistic Tension in the Novel The Seventh Day by Yu Hua



    继《兄弟》之后,沉寂七年的余华在2013年推出长篇新作《第七天》。小说一经发表,随之而来的各种评论不绝于耳,褒奖者有之,批评者更甚。余华深谙张力因素对小说的功用,在《第七天》中完美地呈现了三组显著的艺术张力:一是叙事结构上真实与虚构形成的巨大张力贯穿小说始终,推动故事的发展;二是苦难与温情的张力体现作家对底层人深沉的爱与同情;三是活着与死亡两个世界之间的张力体现作者强烈的现实主义批判精神。客观说来,《第七天》以其饱满的艺术张力,理应在余华的所有创作中占有一席之地。%After the novel Brothers,Yu Hua who has been dormant for seven years publishes a new novel The Seventh Day in 2013. All kinds of comments followed by the novel,in these comments have praise,but more criticism. Yu Hua knows tension for the role of the novel, The Seventh Day perfectly presents three groups of artistic tension: first, the huge tension formed from reality and fiction throughout the novel to promote the development of the plot;second,tension formed from suffering and warmth reflects writer's deep love and sympathy for the underlying people;thirdly,tension formed from the world of the living and death reflects the author's strong realistic critical spirit. Objectively speaking,The Seventh Day should place in Yu Hua's all creation because it's full of artistic tension.

  19. The Dilemma of Regulation against Yu-E-Bao and Its Solution%余额宝规制的困境与出路



    余额宝的混业经营型创新金融产品特征、金融法律相对于互联网金融市场创新的滞后性等是导致余额宝规制困境——过度规制与规制缺位并存的主要原因。突破困境,要基于增利宝业务的众筹本质填补规制缺位,借鉴美国JOBS法案,将众筹纳入我国证券法的调整范围,从发行总额限制、投资者总额限制、发行人的信息披露义务及众筹经纪人与集资门户的注册要求等方面,建立和完善我国的众筹发行豁免注册制度;还要纠正与防范对余额宝的过度规制,具体路径是对余额宝规制措施进行全面的成本收益分析,最终以规制措施的总体效果作为取舍的标准。%There is a dilemma of regulation for Yu-E-Bao that is the coexistence of excessive regulation with absent regulation,most of reasons for which are Yu-E-Bao’s feature as a kind of mixed management innovation financial products,hysteresis quality of financial law relative to internet financial innovation.How to break through the dilemma? The absence of regulation should be filled on the basis of Zeng-Li-Bao’s essence of crowdfunding.In other words,crowdfunding should be adjusted by securities law in our country referred by the American JOBS Act and crowdfunding issuing exemption from registration systems should be established and improved such as issuer’s total amount limit,investor’s total amount limit,issuer’s information disclosure obligation and registration requirements for raising agent and raise portal.Secondly,excessive regulation against Yu-E-Bao should be corrected and prevented,the concrete path of which is to conduct a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis of regulation measures.At last the standard of trade-offs is the overall effect of regulation measures.

  20. Physical properties of asteroid 308635 (2005 YU55) derived from multi-instrument infrared observations during a very close Earth approach

    Müller, T. G.; Miyata, T.; Kiss, C.; Gurwell, M. A.; Hasegawa, S.; Vilenius, E.; Sako, S.; Kamizuka, T.; Nakamura, T.; Asano, K.; Uchiyama, M.; Konishi, M.; Yoneda, M.; Ootsubo, T.; Usui, F.; Yoshii, Y.; Kidger, M.; Altieri, B.; Lorente, R.; Pál, A.; O'Rourke, L.; Metcalfe, L.


    The near-Earth asteroid 308635 (2005 YU55) is a potentially hazardous asteroid which was discovered in 2005 and passed Earth on Nov. 8, 2011 at 0.85 lunar distances. This was the closest known approach by an asteroid of several hundred metres in diameter since 1976 when an object of similar size passed at 0.5 lunar distances. We observed 2005 YU55 from the ground with a recently developed mid-IR camera (miniTAO/MAX38) in N and Q bands and with the Submillimeter Array (SMA) at 1.3 mm. In addition, we obtained space observations with Herschel/PACS at 70, 100, and 160 μm. Our thermal measurements cover a wide range of wavelengths from 8.9 μm to 1.3 mm and were taken after opposition at phase angles between -97° and -18°. We performed a radiometric analysis via a thermophysical model and combined our derived properties with results from radar, adaptive optics, lightcurve observations, speckle, and auxiliary thermal data. We find that 308635 (2005 YU55) has an almost spherical shape with an effective diameter of 300 to 312 m and a geometric albedo pV of 0.055 to 0.075. Its spin axis is oriented towards celestial directions (λecl, βecl) = (60° ± 30°, -60° ± 15°), which means it has a retrograde sense of rotation. The analysis of all available data combined revealed a discrepancy with the radar-derived size. Our radiometric analysis of the thermal data together with the problem to find a unique rotation period might be connected to a non-principal axis rotation. A low to intermediate level of surface roughness (rms mean slope in the range 0.1-0.3) is required to explain the available thermal measurements. We found a thermal inertia in the range 350-800 Jm-2 s-0.5 K-1, very similar to the rubble-pile asteroid 25 143 Itokawa and indicating a surface with a mixture of low conductivity fine regolith with larger rocks and boulders of high thermal inertia. Table 2 is available in electronic form at

  1. 余生无日不相思——论许杰晚年旧体格律悼亡诗词创作%On Xu Jie's Creation of Regulated Mourning Poems in His Late Years



    许杰在1975-1976年间写下大量旧体格律悼亡诗词.这些作品的主要内容是对家庭生活的追忆,表现知音已逝的孤寂以及无坟可上的凄凉.在艺术表现上,它们具有感情强烈真挚,语言平实素朴,注重细节刻画等特点.这些悼亡作品的写作,首先缘于作者对妻子深切的爱恋和怀念,同时也因为作者当时内外交困、凄清落寞的现实境遇和对妻子所怀有的歉疚之情.%This paper explores into Xu Jie's regulated mourning poems written from 1975 to 1976, the main contents of which is the recollection of past family life and the reveal of haunting melancholy and solidarity that filled him when he missed his wife but could not mourn at his wife's grave. Artistically, Xu Jie's poetry features intense and sincere emotion in plain language with touching details, which is mostly attributed by his profound affection for and memories of his wife, as well as by his actual life filled with hardship and struggle, and his guilty towards his wife.

  2. The natural beauty of the Famous Scenic Mountclins and Rivers Reflect:A Study of Xu Xiake’s Poem%名山胜水映自然--徐霞客诗歌创作简论



    徐霞客文学成就虽著于游记,然非游记可限,其诗歌创作也十分可观,取得了卓越的成就。无论思想内容还是艺术形式,徐霞客诗歌都达到了很高的境界。在“徐学”研究日益兴盛、不断拓展的今天,学习、研究其诗,有着重要的意义。%As we all know ,xu xiake’s literary achievements known to the“travels of xu xiake”.However Xuxiake’s poetry is also very impressive ,has made outstanding achievements.Both the ideological content and artistic form ,his poem have reached a very high level.Thers is an important significance of learning and research xuxiake’s poems.

  3. Identification of active compounds and their metabolites by high-performance liquid chromatography/electrospray ionization Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry from Xiao-xu-ming decoction (XXMD).

    Wang, Yilin; Ding, Chunguang; Du, Kehe; Xiao, Yao; Wu, Caisheng; Zhang, Jinlan; Qin, Hailin; Du, Guanhua


    Xiao-xu-ming decoction (XXMD) prescription is a traditional Chinese prescription that has been widely used to treat theoplegia and the sequela of theoplegia. Modern pharmacological research has also indicated that the active fraction from XXMD is able to treat cardiovascular diseases and Alzheimer's disease. In the study reported here, high-performance liquid chromatography coupled with Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry (HPLC/FTICR-MS) was developed to identify active compounds and their metabolites after oral administration of active fraction from Xiao-xu-ming decoction to rats, using parent mass list triggered data-dependent multiple-stage mass analysis at a resolving power of 100,000 in the external calibration mode. The mass accuracies obtained for full-scan MS were within 2 ppm in most cases. Fifteen constituents were identified in the active fraction from XXMD and the biological samples of rats. The fragmentation behaviors of these constituents were summarized which would be helpful for structural characterization. The profiles of the constituents in the active fraction and biological samples of rats were obtained which provided us with much information for a better understanding of the chemical basis of the pharmacologic actions of XXMD.

  4. Errors in Han Yu Da Ci Dian:Corrections and Supplements%《汉语大词典》商补再续



    文章以“碍眼”等22个词语为例,对《汉语大词典》存在的语源失考、词条失收、义项不全、误释引例、引例滞后等失误进行了补正。%The present paper, taking 22 words, including “ai yan” (lit.:be an eyesore), as example, makes corrections of , or supplements to , the errors in the Han Yu Da Ci Dian ( A Dictionary of Chinese) re-garding etymological mistakes , ignorance of entries , incomplete word-meaning , defects in quotation explana-tions, outdated quotations , etc.

  5. Changes in composition and pore space of sand rocks in the oil water contact zone (section YU1 3-4, Klyuchevskaya area, Tomsk region)

    Nedolivko, N.; Perevertailo, T.; Pavlovec, T.


    The article provides an analysis of specific features in changes of rocks in the oil water contact zone. The object of study is the formation YU1 3-4 (J3o1) of Klyuchevskaya oil deposit (West Siberian oil-gas province, Tomsk region). The research data allow the authors to determine vertical zoning of the surface structure and identify the following zones: oil saturation (weak alteration), bitumen-content dissolution, non-bitumen-content dissolution, cementation, including rocks not affected by hydrocarbon deposit. The rocks under investigation are characterized by different changes in composition, pore space, as well as reservoir filtration and volumetric parameters. Detection of irregularity in distribution of void- pore space in oil-water contact zones is of great practical importance. It helps to avoid the errors in differential pressure drawdown and explain the origin of low-resistivity collectors.

  6. Professor SUN Yu-xin treats coughing from damp%孙玉信教授从湿论治咳嗽

    刘博; 王鹏; 孙玉信


    Professor SUN Yu-xin considers that damp pathogen is an important factor in coughing, and divides coughing into three different types, including Fengshi coughing, Xire coughing and Hanshi coughing. In clinic, herbs of effects in invigorating the spleen, including fried Semen Raphani, raw Semen Coicis, Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae and Poria are added, and satisfied efficacy is achieved.%  孙玉信教授认为湿邪是咳嗽的重要病因,并将湿邪咳嗽主要分为风湿咳嗽、湿热咳嗽和寒湿咳嗽,临床治疗中多加用炒卜子、生薏苡仁、陈皮、茯苓等健脾胃的药物,取得良好的疗效。

  7. Qualitative analysis of major constituents from Xue Fu Zhu Yu Decoction using ultra high performance liquid chromatography with hybrid ion trap time-of-flight mass spectrometry.

    Fu, Chunyan; Xia, Zian; Liu, Yonghui; Lu, Hongmei; Zhang, Zhimin; Wang, Yang; Fan, Xiaqiong


    Xue Fu Zhu Yu Decoction, a famous formula that has been used for treating many blood stasis-caused diseases for many centuries, comprises 11 kinds of traditional Chinese medicines. A convenient, efficient, and rapid analytical method was developed to simultaneously determine the major compounds in this decoction. An ultra-high performance liquid chromatography with hybrid ion trap time-of-flight mass spectrometry method was used to rapidly separate and detect the major constituents of the decoction. Using this technique, we identified or tentatively identified 34 compounds, including 21 flavonoids, 5 terpenoids, 3 organic acids, 2 lactones, 1 alkaloid, 1 amino acid, and 1 cyanogenic glycoside. The MS analysis of these constituents was described in detail. Findings may contribute to future metabolic and pharmacokinetic studies of this medicine.

  8. On Yu Pingbo's Artistic Personality in His New Poetry%俞平伯新诗艺术风格探微



    Yu Pingbo is a famous pioneer poet on the May Fourth Movement, and he hid the foundation for the development of new poetry. The gloom conception, philosophy, and beautiful temperament are made up of its unique artistie personality.%俞平伯是“五四”以来著名的新诗人,是新诗运动的先驱和闯将。朦胧的意境、富有哲理的思想和音律美的语言,共同构成了其新诗独特的艺术风格,体现了他淳朴、恬适、自甘的文学追求。

  9. Migration of Azospirillum brasilense Yu62 from Root to Stem and Leaves Inside Rice and Tobacco Plants%巴西固氮螺菌Yu62由水稻和烟草根部向茎、叶的迁移运动

    迟峰; 沈世华; 陈三凤; 荆玉祥


    Azospirillum brasilense Tarrand, Krieg et Dobereiner is one of the important plant growthpromotion endophytes. A. brasilense Yu62 tagged with gfp gene was inoculated into roots of rice and tobacco seedlings, which were then, cultured in gnotobiotic condition. At a certain days after inoculation the different portions of the seedling were observed under laser confocal microscope, resulting in that A.brasilense Yu62 bacteria were colonized in epidermal and cortical cells, intercellular spaces and vascular system of stem and leaf tissue interiors besides in roots. Higher populations of the bacteria isolated from roots, stems and leaves indicated that A. brasilense Yu62 bacteria could ascend themselves from roots to stems and leaves of rice and tobacco. This observation lays down the foundation for ecology and cell morphology of bacterial migration inside plants, interaction between A. brasilense Yu62 bacteria and host cells as well as the plant-growth promotion, provides scientific basis for further application, and is of importance in science and practice.%巴西固氮螺菌(Azospirillrm brasilence)是重要的植物促生内生菌之一.用gfp基因标记固氮螺菌后接种无菌的水稻和烟草幼苗的根部,限制培养一定时间后,用共聚焦激光显微镜观察,结果表明:除了根部有发荧光的螺菌定殖外,螺菌还分布在茎、叶的表皮细胞,皮层细胞和维管系统组织的细胞间隙.从根、茎、叶器官分离固氮螺菌,都存在有较高的螺菌群体密度.这一结果证明螺菌在植物内存在着从根部向茎、叶顶端的迁移现象.这一发现为研究巴西固氮螺菌在窠主植物体内的迁移运动的机制、与植物细胞间的分子相互作用及其对植物的促生作用奠定了生态学和细胞形态学的基础,也为实际应用提示了进一步的科学依据,具有重要的科学和实践意义.

  10. 论于光远先生的生态经济伦理观%On Yu Guang-yuan's Ethical Thought of Eco-economy



    Yu Guang-yuan had a unique profound understanding of eco-economy.He emphasized the consistency of ecology-economy and differences of perspective;he underlined the ecological value and economic significance of ar-tificial nature .Furthermore , he emphasized the identity of ecology , economy and ethics , and adhered to practical ethics position in ecological research .These viewpoints have significant guiding function in ecology protection , eco-logical civilization construction acceleration , and industrial structure adjustment and even in circular economy de-velopment .Yu's interdisciplinary research method and the foresight prospective make our vision wider and bring us a lot of enlightenments to construct our beautiful country .%于光远先生对生态经济有非常独特的认识,强调生态与经济之对象一致性和视角的差异;强调人工自然的生态价值和经济意义。进而,于先生强调生态、经济与道德的同一性,并坚持研究生态问题的实践伦理学立场。他的这些观点对保护生态、提速生态文明建设,对经济结构、产业结构的合理调整,发展循环经济,都有重要的指导作用。于先生这种跨学科的研究方法和前瞻性思维方式在开阔我们视野的同时,也给我们“圆美丽中国梦”以深远启示。

  11. Study on Sedimentary Microfacies of Xu 30 Block in Yushulin Oil Field%榆树林油田徐30地区沉积微相研究

    秦明; 马世忠; 秦旗


    Xu 30 block is located in the southwest of Yushulin oil field, Putaohua reservoir is the main reservoir. Based on the analysis of the core information and well logging facies elements, and combined with the sedimentary characteristics of the study area, types of sedimentary microfacies of Xu 30 block in Yushulin oil field were discussed in order to guide the future oil and gas exploration and development. The results show that the target layer in the study area with obvious characteristics of underwater distributary channel is delta front facies, and it can be divided into underwater distributary channel, seat body, sheet sand, the inner front sheet sand and the external delta front sedimentary microfacies. Through further analysis of sedimentary characteristics, logging microfacies models were established, and plane distribution diagrams of 9 time unit sedimentary microfacies were drawn out. This study can offer not only an important geologic evidence for Xu 30 block of Putaohua reservoir, but also a basement for the distribution law of oil, water and the remaining oil.%徐30区块位于榆树林油田西南部,葡萄花油层是其主要目的层。通过分析取心井的岩心资料和测井相要素,并结合研究区沉积特征,探讨了榆树林油田徐30区块葡萄花油层的沉积微相类型。结果表明,本研究区目的层段具有明显的水下分流河道特征,为三角洲前缘亚相,主要发育水下分流河道、席主体、席状砂、席内缘、席外缘5种微相。进一步分析研究区沉积特征,建立测井微相模式,绘制出9个时间单元平面沉积微相展布图,为徐30区块葡萄花油层的开发提供重要的地质依据,为油水分布规律及剩余油分布规律研究打下基础。

  12. A Heterogeneous Dialogue:On Goddess of the Arabian Sea, a Novel of Ocean by Xu Xu%异质文化间对话:论徐訏海洋小说《阿喇伯海的女神》



    Goddess of the Arabian Sea is a novel about Xu Xu’s experience overseas as a student and it deals with the characters’communications through dialogue, which is closely related to the author’s embracive mentality as part of an oceanic culture. The novel is a narration of seven dialogues between Chinese overseas students and an Arab mother and her daughter, all on board a ship in the Arabian Sea. Looked at from the theory of cultural interactivity, the characters have effectively practiced a heterogeneous dialogue. Dialogue between cultures, as a literary form, can play a variety of roles in fiction as plot develops in the dialogue, story is told in it and characters are portrayed in it, too. For this reason, dialogue not only has a cultural significance but is also a way by which text completes itself. And, in that sense, the novel has a certain creative value.%《阿喇伯海的女神》创作与徐留学经历有关,小说以文化间对话的形式处理人物交往,这与作家海洋文化的包容心态密不可分。小说叙述阿喇伯海航船上中国留学生与阿喇伯母女的七场对话,从文化间性理论看,人物有效地实践了异质文化间对话。文化间对话作为一种文学形式,它在小说中起到多种作用:情节在对话中发展、故事在对话中讲完、场景在对话中描述、人物在对话中刻画。因此,对话不仅有文化上的意义,也是文本完成的一种途径,小说有一定的创新价值。

  13. 风雨过后见彩虹--徐志摩的历史定位及其诗歌的经典化问题%Rainbow after the Storm:Xu Zhimo’s Historical Position and Poetry Classicization



    Xu Zhimo's position in the history of Chinese poetry depends mainly on two important parts, that is, a call for free spirit of new poetry and expansion of aesthetic realm. Discussion of the classicization process of his poetry is a reconfirmation of his position in Chinese poetry.%  徐志摩在中国诗坛的历史地位,主要取决于他给中国诗坛带来了最重要的两点:一是对新诗自由精神的呼唤,一是对新诗美学境界的拓展。而谈徐志摩诗歌经典化的曲折、反复的过程,则是对徐志摩在中国诗坛位置的再确认。

  14. 内道外佛:许地山的文学世界%The Literature World of Xu Dishan. Taoism on the Inside and Buddhism on the Outside



    许地山的文学世界诸教杂糅,佛教色彩最为明显,这只是表面。道家思想才是许地山作品的内核,他笔下的女性形象昭示着道家的理想人格模式和道家的人生哲学模式。%The literature world of Xu Dishan is a mixture of religions, with Buddhism appearing the most obvious. Actually, Daoism is the root of his literary works. The female images of his works re- veal the ideal personality model and philosophy of life of the Taoism.

  15. Formalism and the Rhythm and Rhyme in Xu Yuanchong’s Translation of Tang Poetry%形式主义诗学与许渊冲英译唐诗中的节奏与声韵



    An important idea of Russian Formalism is that the rhythem and rhyme as a means have become a necessary part of the content.In Xu Yuanchong’s translation,the rhythm and rhyme represents beauty in form and beauty in sound principles respectively,which serves the purpose of beauty in sense principle as a means.Therefore,in Xu Yuanchong’s translation, beauty in sense,in sound,and in form principles perform as a whole,which makes the rhyme and rhythm as a means to make sense and further makes rhyme and rhythm of poetry and semantic meaning of poetry to achieve unity.%俄国形式主义诗学的一个重要思想是诗歌中的节奏和韵律等手段已成为内容的一部分。在许渊冲先生的翻译中,节奏和韵律则反映为“形美”和“音美”,作为前提和手段为实现“意美”服务。因此在许渊冲先生的翻译中,意美、音美、形美是一体的,形式成为诗歌话语的内容并作为手段为意义服务,使诗歌中的韵律、节奏和语义达到了统一。

  16. Caryotricha minuta (Xu et al., 2008) nov. comb., a unique marine ciliate (Protista, Ciliophora, Spirotrichea), with phylogenetic analysis of the ambiguous genus Caryotricha inferred from the small-subunit rRNA gene sequence.

    Miao, Miao; Shao, Chen; Jiang, Jiamei; Li, Liqiong; Stoeck, Thorsten; Song, Weibo


    A population of Kiitricha minuta Xu et al., 2008, a small kiitrichid ciliate, was isolated from a brackish water sample in Jiaozhou Bay, Qingdao, northern China. After comparison of its morphology and infraciliature, it is believed that this morphotype should be assigned to the genus Caryotricha; hence, a new combination is suggested, Caryotricha minuta (Xu et al., 2008) nov. comb. The small-subunit (SSU) rRNA gene sequence was determined in order to elucidate the phylogenetic position of this poorly known, ambiguous genus. The organism can be clearly separated from its congener, Caryotricha convexa Kahl, 1932, by the extremely shortened ventral cirral rows in the posterior ends. Based on the data available, an improved diagnosis is given for the genus: marine Kiitrichidae with prominent buccal field; two highly developed undulating membranes; non-grouped, uniform cirral rows on both ventral and dorsal sides; enlarged transverse cirri present, which are the only differentiated cirri; marginal cirri not present; one short migratory row located posterior to buccal field; structure of dorsal kineties generally in Kiitricha pattern. The sequence of the SSU rRNA gene of C. minuta differs by 13 % from that of Kiitricha marina. Molecular phylogenetic analyses (Bayesian inference, least squares, neighbour joining, maximum parsimony) indicate that Caryotricha, together with Kiitricha, diverges at a deep level from all other spirotrichs. Its branching position is between Phacodiniidia and Licnophoridia. The results strongly support the distinct separation of the Kiitricha-Caryotricha clade, which always branches basal to the Stichotrichia-Hypotrichia-Oligotrichia-Choreotrichia assemblage. These results also confirm the previous hypothesis that the Kiitricha-Caryotricha group, long assumed to be a close relation to the euplotids, represents a taxon at subclass level within the spirotrichs.

  17. Art Freak---Comparison between Xu Wei and Caravaggio's Painting Art%艺术狂士--徐渭与卡拉瓦乔绘画艺术之比较



    Xu Wei and Caravaggio , one in West , the other east , are called a lunatic on the art .Art is from life, actually more from life.Studying on the art of painting , it is outrageous to them, pioneering task of artistic exploration of life.Xu Wei, creating Chinese Freehand flower and bird painting , in art, would never fall back on others, like original one, with a strong personality, style, bold and pramada; Caravaggio is the pioneer of Western realism art , works with the distinctive democratic spirit , with the then -classical rival , bringing poor people in real life to the icon paintings in the Church .%徐渭与卡拉瓦乔,一中一西,却都被称为艺术上的疯子。艺术源于生活,其实更源于生命。研究二者的绘画艺术,是对二者惊世骇俗、敢为天下先的艺术生命的探索。徐渭开创了中国大写意花鸟画先河,在艺术上绝不依附他人,喜好独创一格,具有强烈的个性,风格豪迈而放逸;卡拉瓦乔则是西方现实主义艺术开拓者,作品具有鲜明民主主义精神,与当时古典主义分庭抗礼,将现实生活中贫苦百姓引入教堂圣像画。

  18. On the Composition of the Peaceful Frontier Fortress Tune: Xu Wei's Frontier Fortress Poem%谱写和平边塞曲——徐渭边塞诗研究



    The poet Xu Wei in the Ming Dynasty created a variety of frontier fortress poems,quite different from the previous ones which traditionally were about dismal subjects,such as the poverty-stricken frontier fortress life,the complaint and missing emotion of the soldiers and the wives,the determination of the officers and soldiers to safeguard the boundary and to die in the battles.His poems full of tender feelings,demonstrated the peaceful frontier fortress,as well as the wonderful scenery and different living style beyond the Great Wall,which will give the readers a brand-new impression.So compared with the previous frontier fortress poems,Xu Wei's have been valued more.%明代诗人徐渭创作了大量异于前代的边塞诗,其边塞诗所表现的不再是传统的边塞生活寒苦、征夫思妇的哀怨与思念、边地将士保疆的壮志、马革裹尸的悲凉等主题,而是向读者展示了一幅幅边塞和平图,以及在和平之下塞外的奇异风光、人情风貌,诗中处处充溢着温情,给读者以全新的感受,其和平边塞诗比前代战争边塞诗更有价值。

  19. 在现代与传统之间%Between Modernity and Tradition ——On the Characteristics of Yu Guang-zhong's Poetry



    余光中的诗融会了西方现代文化的灵性和中国传统文化的神韵,在传统与现代、历史与现实之间走出了一条属于自己的现代主义诗歌的创作道路,具有鲜明特征。在内容上,表现出强烈的“中国情结”和“乡愁母题”特征,体现出强烈的中华民族意识和坦诚的人生情怀。在艺术上,将西方现代诗艺与中国传统诗歌精神相融合,一方面受西方象征主义、存在主义和超现实主义的影响,另一方面借助于中国古代诗词传统的联想、象征手法和结构的优点,在表现现代人自身的主体意识方面有很大的突破。他的诗构思巧妙、想象丰富、追求诗的整齐,讲究诗的和谐,强调诗的节奏韵律,创造了与中国语言文字特点相结合的民族化的诗歌艺术美,赋予了现代新诗活力。%Blending the charm of Chinese traditional culture and theintelligence of modern western culture in his poetry, Yu Guang-zhong has blazed his own trail of peotry writing of modernism, which goes between the paths of convention and modernity as well as between the paths of history and reality. Yu Guang-zhong's poetry possessed the following distinctive characteristics: as to the content, his poetry always focuses on the theme of nostalgia cherished by overseas Chinese, which represents intense love for life. As to his means of artistic expression, being greatly influenced by the symbolism, existentialism , and super-realism in the west as well as association, symbol and structure in classic Chinese poetry, he combines the spirits of traditional Chinese poetry with techniques of modern western poetry. By this means, he has made a breakthrough in expressing the self-consciousness of modern individuals. With the ingenious plot, abundant imagination, neat structure, harmonious form and melodious rhythm and rhyme, Yu Guang-zhong's poetry exhibits the poetic beauty which is closely related to the features of

  20. 安神解郁胶囊治疗神经症50例%AnShen JieYu Capsule in Treating 50 Patients with Neurosis



    Objective:To observe therapeutic effects of AnShen JieYu capsules in the treatment for neurosis. Methods: One hundred patients were randomized into the treatment group and the control group, both groups re-ceived routine treatment of western medicine:antianxiety drug, antidepressant drug, selective serotonin reuptake in-hibitors (SSRIs) and other drugs. The treatment group took AnShen JieYu capsules, six pills each time, three times each day. Both groups were medicated for one month consecutively. The changes of symptom scales such as the mood, mind, language, behavior and sleep in both groups were explored between before and after treating. Results:Total effective rate of the treatment group was 90.0%, higher than 80.0%of the control group with significant differ-ence (P<0.05). Symptom scales of the mood, mind, language, behavior, sleep and others were decreased significant-ly after treating (P<0.05), the decrease of the observation group was more evident (P<0.05). Conclusion:AnShen JieYu capsules could relieve the syptoms of the patients obviously.%目的:观察安神解郁胶囊治疗神经症的临床疗效。方法:将100例神经症患者随机分为治疗组与对照组各50例,2组均给予抗焦虑剂、抗抑郁剂、选择性5-羟色胺再摄取抑制剂等西药常规治疗。治疗组在此基础上加服安神解郁胶囊,6粒/次,3次/d。2组均连续用药1个月。观察2组治疗前后情绪、神志、语言、行为、睡眠等症状评分的变化情况。结果:总有效率治疗组为90.0%,对照组为80.0%,2组比较差异有统计学意义(P<0.05)。情绪、神志、语言、行为、睡眠等症状评分2组治疗后均明显降低(P<0.05),观察组降低更明显(P<0.05)。结论:安神解郁胶囊可明显缓解患者症状。

  1. 劳伦斯与郁达夫小说的性伦理思想%Sex Ethics Thought in the Fictions by Lawrence and Yu Dafu



    劳伦斯和郁达夫小说的性伦理思想主要体现为:反对理性、道德对人性的干预;主张回归人的自然本性;追求"灵"、"肉"相谐.他们从自己的性伦理标准出发,塑造了一系列具有或丑陋或理想的性关系的人物形象.这对于揭露批判资本主义工业文明对人性的扭曲、封建道德对生命本能的压抑,创建情欲相谐、灵肉统一的新型两性关系具有积极意义.由于劳伦斯在否定资产阶级道德的同时,也否定了任何道德的必要,因而他的性伦理是有缺陷的.郁达夫用充满人道精神的性伦理来反对传统的封建伦理,因而社会现实意义更大一些.%The major thoughts of the sex ethics embodied in Lawrence's and Yu da-fu's fiction are mainly the following points: opposition to the oppression of humanity by rationality and existing social morality, advocacy of the restoration of human nature, pursuit of the harmony between "spirit" and "flesh". They describe some character images (evil or ideal ) with sex relation according to their own sex ethics standards. It has active meaning in Lawrence's criticism of the distortion of humanity by industrialization and the opposition of life nature by feudalism morality, creation of a new sex relation in sexuality harmony and unity of "flesh"and "spirit". However, Lawrence's own sex ethics is also flawed, for he denies the necessity of any morality when he negates the bourgeois morality. While Yu da-fu oppresses traditional feudalism ethics by way of humanity spirit in his fictions, so it gets more realism.

  2. 尧、舜、禹禅让说之证伪%On the Falsification of the Account of the Abdication of Yao,Shun and Yu

    史芳树; 方嘉珍


    When examined with reason and logic, several important links of the account of the abdication of Yao,Shun,Yu are self-contradictory. For instance, both Dan Zhu and Shang Jun lost their throne for being "unworthy", yet their unworthiness was not only inconsistent with the meaning of unworthiness but with the father-son affection. The account of Yao's marrying his two daughters to Shun and sending his nine sons to inspect him is defected in its inversion of methods and results. The two attempting to murder Shun by setting fire and live burying are in the lack of motives and the ridiculous strategies of both the murderer and the victim are ridiculous. The details of Shun's avoidance of Dan Zhu and Yu's avoidance of Shang Jun can not withstand scrutiny. The cause of Yi's loss of opportunity is contradictory with Qi's succession to the throne for being "virtuous". In a word, the accounts of the abdication of Yao,Shun and Yu must be falsified.%以情理与逻辑检验尧、舜、禹、启禅让说中的几个重要环节皆自相矛盾。诸如丹朱、商均因“不肖”而失去天子位,不符合“不肖”的词义,有违父子亲情;帝尧嫁二女为舜妻、遣九男为舜仆的说法,存在着手段与结果倒置等诸多漏洞;谋杀舜的纵火、活埋两案,既无合理的作案动机,凶手亦无作案机会,凶手与受害人在策略上同样乖谬;舜避让丹朱、禹避让商均的细节经不起推敲;益错过机会的理由与启因“贤”而继位同样自相矛盾。因此,尧、舜、禹、启禅让说是伪作。

  3. Topical problems of the theory of Transcendental numbers: Development of approaches to their solution in the works of Yu. V. Nesterenko

    Chirskii, V. G.


    The present paper is a survey of a part of the theory devoted to certain problems concerning the algebraic independence of the values of analytic functions, to quantitative results on estimates for the measure of transcendence or the measure of algebraic independence of numbers, to functional analogs of these results on the algebraic independence of solutions of algebraic differential equations, and estimates for the multiplicities of zeros for polynomials in these solutions, which play an important role in the proof of numerical results. This choice is related to the fact that, in December 2016, the head of the Department of Number Theory of Moscow State University, Corresponding Member of the RAS Yu.V. Nesterenko, who did a lot to develop these directions of the theory Transcendental numbers and whose works are marked by many awards, became seventy. He is a laureate of the Markov RAS Prize, 2006, of the Ostrovsky international prize, 1997, of the Hardy-Ramanujan Society Prize, 1997, and the Alexander von Humboldt Prize, 2003. Since the article is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the birth of Yurii Valentinovich, we preface the scientific part with a brief biography.

  4. Identification and Functional Analysis of microRNAs Involved in the Anther Development in Cotton Genic Male Sterile Line Yu98-8A

    Xiaojie Yang


    Full Text Available Hybrid vigor contributes in a large way to the yield and quality of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum fiber. Although microRNAs play essential regulatory roles in flower induction and development, it is still unclear if microRNAs are involved in male sterility, as the regulatory molecular mechanisms of male sterility in cotton need to be better defined. In this study, two independent small RNA libraries were constructed and sequenced from the young buds collected from the sporogenous cell formation to the meiosis stage of the male sterile line Yu98-8A and the near-isogenic line. Sequencing revealed 1588 and 1536 known microRNAs and 347 and 351 novel miRNAs from male sterile and male fertile libraries, respectively. MicroRNA expression profiles revealed that 49 conserved and 51 novel miRNAs were differentially expressed. Bioinformatic and degradome analysis indicated the regulatory complexity of microRNAs during flower induction and development. Further RT-qPCR and physiological analysis indicated that, among the different Kyoto Encyclopedia Gene and Genomes pathways, indole-3-acetic acid and gibberellic acid signaling transduction pathways may play pivotal regulatory functions in male sterility.

  5. Detection and identification of Huo-Xue-Hua-Yu decoction (HXHYD) using surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) spectroscopy and multivariate analysis

    Chen, Weiwei; Lin, Jia; Chen, Rong; Feng, Shangyuan; Yu, Yun; Lin, Duo; Huang, Meizhen; Shi, Hong; Huang, Hao


    We have evaluated the capabilities of surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) technology for analyzing two Huo-Xue-Hua-Yu decoctions (HXHYDs) prepared according to different prescriptions. The aim of this study was to evaluate the relevance of SERS technology applied to decoction of traditional Chinese medicines (TCM). HXHYD I was prepared according to the original prescription; the same preparation method was used for the HXHYD II, except for the crudeweight ratio described in the original prescription. There was no Raman signal in conventional Raman spectra of HXHYDs. Silver nanoparticles were directly mixed with HXHYDs to enhance the Raman scattering of biochemical constituents, and high quality SERS spectra were obtained. Significant differences in SERS spectra between HXHYD I and II can be observed, which showed special changes in the percentage of biochemical constituents in different decoctions. Principal components analysis (PCA) combined with linear discriminant analysis (LDA) were employed to generate diagnostic algorithms for classification of SERS spectra of two HXHYDs, and showed that a diagnostic accuracy of 100% can be achieved. This work demonstrated that the SERS technique has potential for spectral characteristic detection for decoction of TCM with high sensitivity, and that this technique, combined with PCA-LDA, can be used for quality control of the extracted decoction of TCM and production management of Chinese herbal preparations.

  6. 租界文化影响下的曹禺及其剧作%Cao Yu and his Plays Influenced by the Culture of Leased Territory



    Living in a time of leased territory and settled in one literarily in Tianjin, playwright Cao Yu could not be free from influence of the culture of the leased territory, neither his character or his plays. Some of his best plays -The Tempest, The Sunrise, and The Beijing Natives -are set in the leased terri-tory and provide pictures of the leased territory not unintentionally.The author of this paper attempts to read his plays and the playwright himself from the perspective of the culture of leased territory.%身处租界时代又长在天津租界区的曹禺,不可能不受到租界空气的影响,从而形成他的独特个性气质及创作心理。在这一创作心理的潜性诱导下,他创作了一系列优秀的剧作,以《雷雨》、《日出》、《北京人》为代表,并在其中绘制了一幅幅鲜明的租界图景。笔者试图从租界文化的角度来解读曹禺及其剧作,以期为理解曹禺寻求另一种解读路径。

  7. 论曹禺早期剧作中的空白人物%Discussion on Blank Characters in CAO Yu's Early Drama



    CAO Yu creates many vivid drama characters. They include not only visible figures with distinct personality and color- ful feature, but also blank characters that have never showed up on the stage. Though these blank characters do not appear on the stage, they closely interact with visible figures, participating in the story, deepening the figures, and demonstrating the u- niquely aesthetic implication of the writers. Starting with Thunderstorm, Sunrise, Champaign and Pekingese, the blank characters are explored.%曹禺塑造了许多栩栩如生的戏剧人物,既有个性鲜明、有声有色的有形人物,也不乏不曾现身舞台的空白人物。这些空白人物在舞台上虽然是无形的,但他们与有形人物遥相呼应,一起参与剧情,深化人物,展示着作家独特的审美意趣。从曾禺早期的几部戏剧作品《雷雨》、《日出》、《原野》和《北京人》入手分析其中的空白人物。

  8. Analysis on YU Jiayan’s Understanding of Diabetes%浅谈喻嘉言对消渴的认识

    罗文娟; 喻嵘; 唐元; 陈聪; 曾婧; 张翔


    Most ancient physicians believed that the pathogenesis of diabetes is Yin deficiency and dry heat,while YU Jiayan had inherited the theoretical ideas from Inner Canon of Huangdi and ZHANG Zhongjing,he thought the etiology of diabetes is originate from deficiency of Qi energy and the pathogenesis of diabetes is beginning in stomach and ends in lung and kidney ,so the treatment focus on spleen and stomach,which has provided new theoretical orientations for later physicians and clinic ideas on the diabetes treatments.%历代医家多认为消渴的病机在于阴虚燥热,然喻嘉言承袭《黄帝内经》和仲景理论提出独特的见解,认为消渴“源于气虚”,“始于胃而极于肺肾”,治疗强调注重脾胃,为后世医家治疗消渴提供了新的论治方向和临床思路。

  9. On Yu Dafu's Novel Style%“带实写风”的浪漫抒情--郁达夫小说风格∗



    Yu Dafu's novels display romantic and realistic features in theme,lyrical methods,structure and pursuit of natural and emotional beauty.They are a poetic,sentimental,and unique literary landscape, which improves Chinese literary taste in novels and lyrical literature.His style is distinctive,but imperfect, providing imaginary space for aesthetic reading towards “ascending beauty”.%郁达夫小说在题材选择、抒情方式、结构形态和自然美、感伤美追求诸方面,呈现出带写实风的浪漫抒情特征。它是一道诗意盈盈,情意绵绵,风格独异的文学风景,提升了中国现代小说和抒情文学的艺术品位。郁达夫的风格奇特,但不是完美的,它给我们的审美阅读“朝着美的上升”提供了想象空间。

  10. Metabolic Flux Redirection and Transcriptomic Reprogramming in the Albino Tea Cultivar ‘Yu-Jin-Xiang’ with an Emphasis on Catechin Production

    Liu, Guo-Feng; Han, Zhuo-Xiao; Feng, Lin; Gao, Li-Ping; Gao, Ming-Jun; Gruber, Margaret Y.; Zhang, Zhao-Liang; Xia, Tao; Wan, Xiao-Chun; Wei, Shu


    In this study, shade-induced conversion from a young pale/yellow leaf phenotype to a green leaf phenotype was studied using metabolic and transcriptomic profiling and the albino cultivar ‘Yu-Jin-Xiang’ (‘YJX’) of Camellia sinensis for a better understanding of mechanisms underlying the phenotype shift and the altered catechin and theanine production. Shaded leaf greening resulted from an increase in leaf chlorophyll and carotenoid abundance and chloroplast development. A total of 1,196 differentially expressed genes (DEGs) were identified between the ‘YJX’ pale and shaded green leaves, and these DEGs affected ‘chloroplast organization’ and ‘response to high light’ besides many other biological processes and pathways. Metabolic flux redirection and transcriptomic reprogramming were found in flavonoid and carotenoid pathways of the ‘YJX’ pale leaves and shaded green leaves to different extents compared to the green cultivar ‘Shu-Cha-Zao’. Enhanced production of the antioxidant quercetin rather than catechin biosynthesis was correlated positively with the enhanced transcription of FLAVONOL SYNTHASE and FLAVANONE/FLAVONOL HYDROXYLASES leading to quercetin accumulation and negatively correlated to suppressed LEUCOANTHOCYANIDIN REDUCTASE, ANTHOCYANIDIN REDUCTASE and SYNTHASE leading to catechin biosynthesis. The altered levels of quercetin and catechins in ‘YJX’ will impact on its tea flavor and health benefits. PMID:28332598

  11. Metabolic Flux Redirection and Transcriptomic Reprogramming in the Albino Tea Cultivar 'Yu-Jin-Xiang' with an Emphasis on Catechin Production.

    Liu, Guo-Feng; Han, Zhuo-Xiao; Feng, Lin; Gao, Li-Ping; Gao, Ming-Jun; Gruber, Margaret Y; Zhang, Zhao-Liang; Xia, Tao; Wan, Xiao-Chun; Wei, Shu


    In this study, shade-induced conversion from a young pale/yellow leaf phenotype to a green leaf phenotype was studied using metabolic and transcriptomic profiling and the albino cultivar 'Yu-Jin-Xiang' ('YJX') of Camellia sinensis for a better understanding of mechanisms underlying the phenotype shift and the altered catechin and theanine production. Shaded leaf greening resulted from an increase in leaf chlorophyll and carotenoid abundance and chloroplast development. A total of 1,196 differentially expressed genes (DEGs) were identified between the 'YJX' pale and shaded green leaves, and these DEGs affected 'chloroplast organization' and 'response to high light' besides many other biological processes and pathways. Metabolic flux redirection and transcriptomic reprogramming were found in flavonoid and carotenoid pathways of the 'YJX' pale leaves and shaded green leaves to different extents compared to the green cultivar 'Shu-Cha-Zao'. Enhanced production of the antioxidant quercetin rather than catechin biosynthesis was correlated positively with the enhanced transcription of FLAVONOL SYNTHASE and FLAVANONE/FLAVONOL HYDROXYLASES leading to quercetin accumulation and negatively correlated to suppressed LEUCOANTHOCYANIDIN REDUCTASE, ANTHOCYANIDIN REDUCTASE and SYNTHASE leading to catechin biosynthesis. The altered levels of quercetin and catechins in 'YJX' will impact on its tea flavor and health benefits.

  12. A Deep Exploration Into the "word of God" Reputation About LiYu in the Realm of Literature%千古词帝钩沉



    李煜之所以能在文学史上享有“词帝”的美誉,是与他所生长的环境培养出深厚的文学功底、独特的生活经历和率真的性情息息相关的。就词学审美来说,主要是因为他善于调动各种表现手法来抒发内心的真情实感。可以说率真的性情和高超的艺术表现手法是成就李煜千古词帝的最根本原因。%Li Yu can enjoy the "word of God" reputation in the history of literature,with his growth environment cultivating profound literary background,the unique life experience and openness of temperament,mainly because he is good at mobilizing various ways to express the his inner real feelings as the aesthetic of Ci poetry. It can be said sincere temperament and superb artistic expression that is the most fundamental reason for enjoying the "word of God" reputation .

  13. Tn5-mutagenesis and identification of atr operon and trpE gene responsible for indole-3-acetic acid synthesis in Azospirillum brasilense Yu62


    To bring more information about synthesis of indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) from Azospirillum brasilense, a Tn5-insertion library of A. brasilense Yu62 was constructed and subjected to screening for IAA producing mutants. Two mutants with decreased IAA levels, named as A3 and A24, were isolated. The sequence analysis of loci tagged showed that the Tn5-1063a was located in the atrA gene encoding GntR family transcriptional regulator and trpE gene encoding component I of anthranilate synthase respectively. At the same time, atrB encoding phosphotransferase and atrC encoding aminotransferase were cloned downstream the atrA gene and atrA,atrB and atrC were clustered in an operon. Mutagenesis and complementation studies showed that atrA and atrC were involved in IAA synthesis. IAA levels of trpE mutant and wild-type strain could be improved by adding anthranilate into the medium.

  14. Application of Traditional Pattern of Ba and Yu to Tourist Souvenirs%巴渝传统图案在旅游纪念品中的应用



    This paper expounds that the tourist souvenirs in the tourism industry have an important position and play a un-neglec-ted role, objectively analyzes the problems existed in the tourism souvenir markets and the souvenirs themselves, and based on this, proposes how to combine “traditional pattern”, one of representatives of local culture, with the design and development of tourist souvenirs from the angle of product design in order to design and make the tourist souvenirs with the characteristics of Ba and Yu local culture.%本文阐述了旅游纪念品在旅游业中的不可忽视的重要地位和作用,客观分析了目前巴渝地区旅游纪念品市场、纪念品本身所存在的问题。在此基础上,本文从产品设计的角度提出了如何将地域文化的代表之一---“传统图案”与旅游纪念品设计开发相结合,设计制造出具有巴渝地区地域文化特色的旅游纪念品。

  15. Bold and Straightforward: Remark on Denouncing Buddhism Articles by Han-yu%气壮而理直:韩愈辟佛之文刍议



    中唐时期,佞佛风气盛行,全民癫狂,为挽当时之佞佛风气,树儒家之正统,韩愈作《原道》《论佛骨表》等文,文章正气凛然,有冲决一时之效。笔者试论其文气盛之表现与缘由,感受韩文“长江大河,浑浩流转”之风貌。%At the middle Tang dynasty, Buddhism-flattering prevailed that rendered the whole society mania. In order to rescue the country from this abnormality of heretical vogue whereby to set up the legitimacy of Confucianism, Han-yu wrote articles of The Original Doctrine and The Dispute of Buddhist Bone, which merited boldness, straightforward,and instantaneous effectiveness of shocking. This article analyzes his articles in terms of their grandiose spirits as well as their causes,revealing the features in his articles of the "giant river, gorgeous and surging".

  16. A Lexical Study On the Chinese Translations of Dong-Mun-Yu-Hae%《同文类解》汉译语词研究



    Dong-Mun-Yu-Hae is a Chinese-Korean-Manchu trilingual classify vocabulary book edited by the Korean Translation Bureau Sayogwon.Compared with the Korean and Manchu translations,we find that many of the Chinese words in this book reflected the features of the Spoken Han'er Language in Qianlong period in Qing Dynasty.Some of the words even present the unique characteristics of Northeast Dialect.And few words are not the standard expressions which were affected by the mother tongue of Korean editors.%《同文类解》是朝鲜王朝司译院编辑的一部汉—韩—满三语对译分类词汇书。通过对照该书的韩国语、满语对译来考释该书的汉译语词,发现该书大量汉译语词较好地反映清代乾隆年间"汉儿言语"的口语特点,部分语词还呈现出东北方言独有的特质。少量语词是受编著者母语韩国语影响的不规范表达方式。

  17. The summer snow cover anomaly over the Tibetan Plateau and its association with simultaneous precipitation over the mei-yu-baiu region

    Liu, Ge; Wu, Renguang; Zhang, Yuanzhi; Nan, Sulan


    The summer snow anomalies over the Tibetan Plateau (TP) and their effects on climate variability are often overlooked, possibly due to the fact that some datasets cannot properly capture summer snow cover over high terrain. The satellite-derived Equal-Area Scalable Earth grid (EASE-grid) dataset shows that snow still exists in summer in the western part and along the southern flank of the TP. Analysis demonstrates that the summer snow cover area proportion (SCAP) over the TP has a significant positive correlation with simultaneous precipitation over the mei-yu-baiu (MB) region on the interannual time scale. The close relationship between the summer SCAP and summer precipitation over the MB region could not be simply considered as a simultaneous response to the Silk Road pattern and the SST anomalies in the tropical Indian Ocean and tropical central-eastern Pacific. The SCAP anomaly has an independent effect and may directly modulate the land surface heating and, consequently, vertical motion over the western TP, and concurrently induce anomalous vertical motion over the North Indian Ocean via a meridional vertical circulation. Through a zonal vertical circulation over the tropics and a Kelvin wave-type response, anomalous vertical motion over the North Indian Ocean may result in an anomalous high over the western North Pacific and modulate the convective activity in the western Pacific warm pool, which stimulates the East Asia-Pacific (EAP) pattern and eventually affects summer precipitation over the MB region.

  18. The Unhappy Boys--- On the Boys' Survival Situation in Yu Hua's Novels%失乐的少年--论余华小说中男孩的生存境遇



    In the contemporary literature , children often appear ,many writers prefer children's perspective narrative . In Yu Hua's novels , children are everywhere . Especially on the boy image , Yu Hua's writing shows more in - depth bone marrow , and is more impressive .The boys in Yu Hua's novels are often unhappy and their growing - up is full of hardships and suffering . Doomed fate of starvation ,unable to resist physical violence and homeless souls make these teenagers caught in a dilemma of unhappiness .The three fates , taking a beating ,suffering from hunger and getting a scolding are Yu Hua's unique understanding and reflection for boys' world .%在当代文学中,儿童的出镜率很高,许多作家也都偏爱儿童视角的叙事。在余华的小说里,儿童的身影更是随处可见。特别是在男孩形象的塑造上,余华的书写更深入骨髓,也更震撼人心。余华小说中的男孩常常与快乐绝缘,他们的成长岁月充满艰辛和苦难。在劫难逃的饥饿命运,无法抵挡的肉体暴力以及灵魂无家的四顾茫然让这群少年陷入一种失乐的困境。挨饿、挨打、挨弃这三种人生命运是余华对男孩世界的独特理解和反映。

  19. 《汉语大字典》“艸”部字际关系考辨%Research on Inter-Characters Relations in Han Yu Da Zi Dian



    The paper researchs the Characters of “艸”bu in Han Yu Da Zi Dian ,and points out some mis-takes existing in dealing with the inter -Characters relations .%以第二版《汉语大字典》第六册“艸”部若干字为例,指出其在字际关系沟通上存在的问题,并对其进行考辨。

  20. Boiling desi re---Analysis Yu Dafu’s emotional life While he was studying in Japan%沸腾的欲望--谈郁达夫留日期间的情感生活

    马维; 鲁守广


    In the May Fourth generation of writers ,Yu Dafu’s works and himself have strong characteristics of the time .Yu Dafu’s experience is very legendary ,but also a very controversial one .In this article ,I think Yu Dafu is only shy and confident when he was young ,and its “humble themselves from animal husbandry ,” the temperament real life experience in Japan caused .During his stay at no capital or symbolic capital transcend racial distance to meet their instinc-tive desire ,the impact of Yu Dafu thereafter for Japan’s attitudes and political views as well as to his understanding of gender .%在“五四”一代的作家中,郁达夫的作品和人都具有浓厚的时代特征。郁达夫的经历是极具传奇性的,同时也是很有争议的一个人。郁达夫少时性格只是内向腼腆而已,是很自信的,其“卑己自牧”的性情实为日本生活经验所造成。他留日时期没有资本或者象征性的资本超越种族上的距离以满足自己的本能欲望,影响了郁达夫此后对于日本的态度和政治观点以及他对两性的认识。

  1. 成渝产业带主要城市空间关系研究%The Research of Main Cities Space Relations of Cheng-Yu Industry Belt

    黄炳康; 李忆春; 吴敏


    The cities space relations mean space interative relations among cities, its complicated degree is an im-portant index of regional cities assemble benefits. This article discusses main cities space relations of Cheng-Yuindustry belt. First, this article measures some indexes which mark the main cities space interactive strengths ofChen-Yu industry belt, and compares them with other main industry belts in China. Then, the article makes aconcrete analysis of main cities interaction of ChengYu industry belt. The third main part discusses the harmo-nious development thinkings of main cities space interaction of Cheng-Yu industry belt.%城市空间关系是指城市与城市空间相互作用关系,它的复杂程度是区域城市群体集聚效益的重要标志之一。通过对成渝产业带主要城市空间相互作用强度进行测算,分析了产业带内主要城市空间关系,提出了产业带内主要城市空间关系协调发展的思路。

  2. Violence and Warmth:on the Postmodern Context of Yu Hua's Avantgarde Novels%暴力与温情——试论余华的先锋小说



    余华是先锋小说的代表作家,他在20世纪90年代创作的小说依然是读者和文学批评家所津津乐道的对象。基于后现代话语支配下余华写作思路的起承转合,从消解人物和暴力叙述两个角度回顾了他在先锋小说创作时期对文本结构和内容的突破,并从暴力与温情的张力中彰显余华小说写作的当代魅力。%Yu Hua is a representative of Chinese Avantgarde Novel writers, whose novels published in 1990s are still heatedly talked about by readers and literary critics. This paper focuses on Yu Hua's writing thoughts influenced by the discourse of postmodernism. In Yu hua's new novel-writing period, he breaks through text structure and contents from the aspects of character digestion and violent narration, and also highlights his contemporary writing charm from the tension of violence and warmth.

  3. 从《医门法律》论喻昌重规范的医德思想%Discussion on Yu Chang′s Medical Moral Thoughts Characterized by Highlighting the Criterion Based on "Medical Laws"

    李占立; 赵群


    重规范是清代名医喻昌医德思想的重要特征。喻昌在继承传统医德思想的基础上在其医学著作《医门法律》中援“佛”入“医”借鉴佛教的戒律思想进一步阐述了他的“以律戒医”的医德规范。分析了喻昌在《医门法律》中提出的“慎”“精”“诚”以及“求真”等具体的医德规范或要求,并指出了喻昌医德思想的基本特征及其意义。%Yu Chang,a famous doctor in Qing dynasty,puts a high value on criterion, which is the most impor-tant characteristic in his medical moral thoughts. Based on the traditional medical moral, Yu Chang quoted Buddha into medicine and further expounded the medical moral criterion ( restrain the doctors by laws) referring to Buddhist commandment. This article analyzed the detailed medical moral criterion and requirements of "carefulness","per-fection","honesty"and "pursuing the truth"that mentioned in Medical Laws. Furthermore, it pointed out the es-sential features and significance of Yu Chang′s medical moral thoughts.

  4. Witness,Participating,Intervening and Judgment:Xu Jingya's Poetic Glory of an Era%见证亲历介入与评判--“朦胧诗/人”徐敬亚的时代荣光



    Xu Jingya is not only an important poem critic for the Ambiguous Poetry and the Third-Generation Poetry in the last century in China,but also a poet who has kept writing poems for 40 years. However,his status as a poet has been overshadowed by that he was widely accepted as a poetic critic. Therefore,it is necessary to discuss and confirm his status as a poet.Studies indicate that Xu Jingya's po-ems bear typical marks of the Ambiguous Poetry.Although his writing styles in terms of aesthetics were markedly different from one writing period to another,his misty style in poem writing remained un-changed,which can be perceived in three aspects:distinct political aesthetics,idealism,and realism.As a symbol of modern poetry,Xu Jingya with his double identity of poet and critic should not just simply be stricken on a label as a misty poet with his rich intentions compared with his simplicity.It is absolutely reasonable that he can be upgraded to a“Poet of Ambiguous Poetry”and regarded as one of the best sym-bolic figures of Chinese poetic culture in a particular time.%上世纪中国“朦胧诗”和“第三代”诗歌时期的重要批评家徐敬亚,同时也是一位坚持诗歌创作已达四十年之久的诗人,其“诗人”身份一直被“批评家”身份所遮蔽,有必要重新加以认证。徐敬亚的诗具有典型的“朦胧诗”特征,虽然其诗歌美学风格在不同时期有着明显的变化,但其“朦胧诗”的底色不变,具体表现在三个方面:鲜明的政治美学追求;理想主义的坚守;现实主义的底蕴。具有诗人和批评家双重身份的“徐敬亚”,作为一个当代诗歌符号,其内涵远丰富于单纯的“朦胧诗人”标签,完全可以升级为“朦胧诗/人”而被视为一个特定时代的汉语诗歌文化在总体性上的最佳象征性人物。

  5. Variational Assimilation of GPS Precipitable Water Vapor and Hourly Rainfall Observations for a Meso-β Scale Heavy Precipitation Event During the 2002 Mei-Yu Season

    ZHANG Meng; NI Yunqi; ZHANG Fuqing


    Recent advances in Global Positioning System (GPS) remote sensing technology allow for a direct estimation of the precipitable water vapor (PWV) from delayed signals transmitted by GPS satellites, which can be assimilated into numerical models with four-dimensional variational (4DVAR) data assimilation. A mesoscale model and its 4DVAR system are used to access the impacts of assimilating GPS-PWV and hourly rainfall observations on the short-range prediction of a heavy rainfall event on 20 June 2002. The heavy precipitation was induced by a sequence of meso-β-scale convective systems (MCS) along the mei-yu front in China.The experiments with GPS-PWV assimilation successfully simulated the evolution of the observed MCS cluster and also eliminated the erroneous rainfall systems found in the experiment without 4DVAR assimilation. Experiments with hourly rainfall assimilation performed similarly both on the prediction of MCS initiation and the elimination of erroneous systems, however the MCS dissipated much sooner than it did in observations. It is found that the assimilation-induced moisture perturbation and mesoscale low-level jet are helpful for the MCS generation and development. It is also discovered that spurious gravity waves may post serious limitations for the current 4DVAR algorithm, which would degrade the assimilation efficiency, especially for rainfall data. Sensitivity experiments with different observations, assimilation windows and observation weightings suggest that assimilating GPS-PWV can be quite effective, even with the assimilation window as short as 1 h. On the other hand, assimilating rainfall observations requires extreme cautions on the selection of observation weightings and the control of spurious gravity waves.

  6. To Discuss Three Kinds of Witchcraft about Yu in RiShu%秦简《日书》涉禹出行巫术考论



    The reason that Yu's some behaviors had been used by the Pre-Qin sorcerer as witchcraft in RiShu, first, had lied in Pre-Qin sorcerer to want to obtain Yu's authority by imitating his behavior; Next, Yu had played an important role in witchcraft history;%秦简《日书》涉禹出行巫术的产生,首先是由于禹在长期的行旅生涯中,立下了赫赫的功绩,确立了崇高的威望,故而先秦巫师在作法之时,意欲通过模仿禹的行为以获得禹所拥有的无上权威;其次禹既是一个伟大的君主,也是一个在巫术发展史上曾经起到过举足轻重作用的大巫,故巫师施展法术之时,视禹之巫术为正宗并效法之;第三,相信鬼神巫术、在先秦社会影响极大的显学墨家对禹倍加推崇,所以涉禹巫术自然也就会得到他们的信奉并宣扬。总之,由于以上三种原因,使禹的一些行为遂为先秦巫师所采纳,作为其解决与出行相关的问题时的重要巫术加以利用。此后

  7. 余华小说《第七天》中的生与死%Life and Death of Yu Hua’s Novel The Seventh Day



    The Seventh Day, for which Yu Hua spends seven years, is her latest novel after Brothers.The story tells a man’s experience and memories after his death and shows us a fair and harmonious world, which is different from the real one. Characters in the novel could face death rationally, without pain or fear. The meanings of life and death get reversed. The dead world gets close to the idealized real world, which attracts people to long for. Life and death are linked by love to enable people to feel the warmth. The novel is also criticized for superficiality in thought for an over-exposure of reality.%《第七天》描绘了主人公死去后所经历的事情以及勾起的回忆,为读者展现了一个不同于现实世界的平等、和谐的死亡世界。作品中的人物对死亡没有痛苦或恐惧,能够理性地看待死亡。生与死的意义被颠倒,死亡世界接近理想中的现实世界,更加吸引人们去向往。生与死由“爱”这条纽带联系起来,让人们在冰冷中感受到温情。这部小说也因为大量暴露现实而显得思想深度不足,出版后便备受争议。

  8. Life and Death of Yu Hua's Novel The Seventh Day%余华小说《第七天》中的生与死



    The Seventh Day is Yu Hua's latest novel,which was spent seven years to finish after the completion of Brothers. The story told us a man's experience and memories after his death and showed us a fair and harmonious dead world. The analysis of the view in the works includes following three aspects:The characters of the story didn't have feel-ings of pain or fear and could face death rationally;The meanings of life and death were upside down and the dead world was close to the real world,which attracted people a lot;Life and death were linked by love,which made people feel warm. The novel is thought - provoking and controversial because of the overly realistically exposure.%《第七天》是余华继《兄弟》七年之后完成的最新一部长篇小说,描绘了主人公死去后所经历的事情以及勾起的回忆,为读者展现了一个平等、和谐的死亡世界。经过分析,作品中的生死问题包括三个方面:作品中的人物对死亡没有痛苦或恐惧,能够理性地看待死亡;生与死的意义被颠倒,死亡世界接近理想中的现实世界,更加引人向往;生与死由“爱”这条纽带联系起来,让人们在冰冷中感受到温情。这部小说暴露了大量的社会现实,引人深思,也备受争议。

  9. Comparison of Aesthetic Tendency Between Han Yu and Baudelaire%韩愈与波德莱尔审美趋向之比较



    作为两个民族不同时代的杰出诗人,韩愈与波德莱尔相似的生活背景与经历使他们诗歌审美方面出现了不同程度的趋同。他们在文学创作上都大量运用“以丑为美”手法;都不约而同地打破散文与诗歌的界限,创作散文诗或者说是“以文为诗”。这绝非偶然,而是文学艺术创作规律作用的必然。这表明:在不同文化背景中存在某种精神层面上的共性,这种共性使不同文化之间的互相沟通有了现实可能性。%As brilliant poets of different nationalities in the different times, due to the similar living background and experience, Han Yu and Baudelaire have followed to various extents the convergence of poem aesthetics, with the writing skill of “Ugliness as Beauty”widely applied in literature creation. Both of them have broken the boundary of prose and poem, creating prose poem or “taking prose as poem”. It is the inevitable result of the role of literature and art creating rule. It shows that commonness of spirits exists in the different cultural background, which makes the mutual communication between the different cultures realistically possible.

  10. Conceptive Features of Han Yu and Meng Jiao Poetry Creation%韩孟诗派诗歌创作的构思特色



    学界对韩孟诗派诗歌创作特色的研究,都主要从诗派成员的创作心理层面探究其奇崛怪异的美学追求,对其诗歌创作的构思特色则少有专论。韩孟诗派诗歌创作以矫激的情绪对抗艰难的生存状况,诗歌构思险怪奇崛,主要表现在三个方面:其一是在立意构思上有意追求奇特超常、曲折多变,其二是在句式上有意追求构辞的散文化,其三是在用辞上有意追求造语生新、奇崛险怪的效果。%Academic studies on creative characteristics of Han Yu and Meng Jiao poetry were mostly from poets’creative psychology, exploring the pursuit of aesthetics of the peculiar and the weird, but rarely on the ideas and conceptive features of their poems. Han & Meng poetry’s creation used changing and powful stress of feeling against the tough living conditions. The odd and strange poetry style is mainly presented in the following three aspects: first, it intended to pursue in the lyrical concept of strange paranormal, meandering;Second, it intended to pursue at the sentence structure-speech prose;Third, it intended to pursue the creation of new words and the peculiar and dangerous effects on the terminology.

  11. Analgesic effect and mechanism of the three TCM-herbal drug-combination Tou Feng Yu pill on treatment of migraine.

    Li, Jia-chuan; Shen, Xiao-fei; Meng, Xian-li; Zhang, Yi; Lai, Xian-rong


    It is well known that pain is one of the most important characteristics of migraine. Therefore, it is important and interesting to investigate the analgesic effect and mechanism of drugs which are used to treat migraine. Tou Feng Yu pill (TFY) is a traditional Chinese herbal medicine, consisting of the three Chinese herbal drugs Radix Angelicae dahuricae (Baizhi), Rhizome Ligustici (Chuanxiong) and Folium Camelliae sinensis (green tea) for the treatment of migraine. In this study, we found that TFY could significantly reduce the writhing times induced by acetic acid and licking foot response induced by formalin, and extend the writhing latent period. But the analgesic effect was not observed at hot-plate test. Meanwhile, experimental migrainous model induced by nitroglycerin was used to investigate the therapeutic effect of TFY. Compared with the control group, the levels of plasma calcitonin gene related to peptide (CGRP), serum nitric oxide (NO) and contents of brain dopamine (DA) in TFY administration groups were significantly decreased, and the levels of plasma endothelin (ET) and contents of brain 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) and norepinephrine (NE) were remarkably increased, also the ratio of ET/NO was clearly corrected. Furthermore, the improving effect of behavior abnormality was observed in TFY administration rats. Meanwhile, isolated vascular ring test indicated that TFY had an significant effect on vasomotion, and antagonize vasospasm; moreover TFY also could increase cerebral blood flow (CBF) and reduce cerebrovascular resistance index (RI) in normal rabbits, which verified the effect of TFY on vasomotion and abnormal hemorheology. All the results indicate that TFY has an effective therapeutical action on migraine, which may be related to three aspects as following: firstly, adjusting the level of neurotransmitters, neuropeptides and vasoactive substances, relieving neurogenic inflammation; secondly, improving vasomotion, increase cerebral blood flow

  12. The Functional Study of a Chinese Herbal Compounded Antidepressant Medicine--Jie Yu Chu Fan Capsule on Chronic Unpredictable Mild Stress Mouse Model.

    Lingling Ding

    Full Text Available Jie Yu Chu Fan capsule (JYCF is a new compounded Chinese herbal medicine for the treatment of depression. The present study was designed to explore the antidepressant effects and the possible mechanisms of JYCF by using chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS mouse model and comparing results to that of fluoxetine. Behavioral tests including an open field test, sucrose preference test and forced swim test were performed to evaluate the antidepressant effects of JYCF. The concentrations of monoamine neurotransmitters and metabolic products including norepinephrine (NE, 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT, dopamine (DA, 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid (5-HIAA, homovanillic acid (HVA and 3,4-dihydroxyphenylacetic acid (DOPAC in the cerebral cortex and hippocampus of mice were determined by means of high performance liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection (HPLC-EC. The results show that a successful mouse CUMS model was established through 5 weeks of continuous unpredictable stimulation, as indicated by the significant decrease in sucrose preference and locomotor activity and increase in immobility time in the forced swim test. Chronic treatment of JYCF (1.25, 2.5 and 5 g/kg and fluoxetine (20 mg/kg significantly reversed the CUMS-induced behavioral abnormalities. JYCF (1.25, 2.5 and 5 g/kg significantly increased NE in CUMS mouse prefrontal cortex (P < 0.01, P < 0.01, P < 0.05 respectively and 5-HT in hippocampus (P < 0.05. In summary, our findings suggest that JYCF exerts comparable antidepressant-like effects to that of fluoxetine in CUMS mice. Besides, the antidepressant-like effect of JYCF is mediated by the increase of monoaminergic transmitters including 5-HT and NE.

  13. 时间和情欲--论鱼玄机的生命孤独%Time and Lust:Loneliness in the Life of Yu Xuanji



    鱼玄机自充任侍妾被弃之后,一生之中都在苦苦寻觅自己的感情寄托,但是终究无法获得眷顾。在时间的流转更替中,她越加觉得生命孤独无助,诗歌中关注了大量有关岁月流逝的意象,如春秋日夜等。本应过着枯寂的道观生活,但她却和诸多的世俗士子交往甚密,放荡不羁,纵情声色。其实,她二元相悖的生活正源于她苦苦追寻爱情而不得的生命孤独。她这样的生活状态成为了唐代社会开放、追求精神自由的一个有力注脚。%After being deserted as a concubine,Yu Xuanji had been seeking for an emotional sustenance bit-terly through her life,but she never got the favor all along.As time flew,she was more and more lonely and helpless.Her poems focused largely on images about fleeting time,such as the shift of spring and autumn, day and night and so on.She should have lived a dull and lonely life in the Taoist Temple,but she rubbed to-gether with many mundane scholars,dissolute and sensual.In fact,the extremes of her life originated from loneliness and the absence of love which she bitterly sought for.Her living situation thus became a powerful footnote which explained the open Tang Dynasty and people’s search for spiritual freedom.

  14. On Divination and Hexagram in the Age of Xia Yu%论夏禹时代的占卜易卦

    史东雨; 史善刚


    夏禹时代是尧(唐)舜(虞)禹(大)及夏王朝时代,其时大约为距今4300—3700年。此一时代,在考古学上谓之龙山文化后期和二里头文化时代。夏禹时代之占卜易卦,需要深入探讨的有两处:一个是陶寺遗址出土的朱书“文”字扁壶及其铭文中的占卜易卦;一个是二里头遗址中所发现的卜骨现象和数字符号。作为单个数字的出现,如舞阳贾湖出土的时为8000年前的一个“八”字,西安半坡遗址出现的6000年前的“╳”(五)字,仅可作为一层意思。到了陶寺遗址中出现的4000年前的“O一∧一”(日一六一),几个数字符号连用且又和文字符号并署,由此构成了一个完整的数字易卦。这一征象表明数字易卦作为完整的单卦,发展到此已树起了一座可资确证的里程碑。而到了二里头文化时代,则出现了一、二、三、∧(六)、十(七)、(八),即大多数的单个奇、偶数都出现了。这又一变化,不禁使人联想起由奇偶所组成的阴阳卦画,并可由此去探寻其卦画符号之渊源问题。%The Age of Xia Yu refers to the Yao ( Tang) , Shun ( Yu) and Yu ( Da) as well as the Xia Dynasty, when it was about 4300 - 3700 years ago. This age was archaeologically recorded as the time of the late Longshan Culture and Erlitou Culture. The de⁃mand for depth researches on the divination and hexagram at this stage falls on two aspects:one is the scarlet lettered flat Pot unearthed from the Taosi site and the divination and hexagram of its inscription;the other is oracle bone phenomenon and digit symbol discovered from the Erlitou Site. The appearances as a single number, such as “八”, used 8000 years ago with the meaning of eight, excavated from Jiahu in Wuyang County, and the symbol"╳", meaning five, used 6000 years ago and found in Xi′an Banpo should be one layer of historical significance. When it came

  15. Parody, citation, metaphor:extraordinary deviated rhetoric in Xu Kun's novels%仿拟、超常引用、比喻:徐坤小说语言的变异修辞

    陈碧莲; 王炳中


    Xu Kun appeared in the literary world in 1990s as a female writer of the new generation.She impresses us with her unique exquisiteness and boldness and shows us a distinctive innovation in language form. The “innovational”use of rhetorical devices such as parody, citation, metaphor, marks the diversity of language variation.%徐坤是20世纪90年代登上文坛的新生代女作家,她以其特有的细腻笔法和大胆的情致,为我们展示了一种具有鲜明“创新”意识的语言形态,也正是“创新”修辞的运用,使其语言在仿拟、引用、比喻等常规修辞上呈现了异彩纷呈的语言变异。

  16. 长篇佳构韵文之史——徐枋《怀旧篇》探论%A Well-structured Long Poem Makes Poetic History:On Xu Fang's Poem Nostalgia



    Xu Fang is a famous poet during the transitional period between the Ming Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty. Good at writing long poems, his poem Nostalgia contains one thousand and four hundred words. The poem shows the content of his profound thoughts and distinct features of his times mainly through depicting the images of adherents of the Ming Dynasty and displaying their inner world poetically. Meanwhile, the poem is his practice of his poetic ideas, which is of great artistic value and of practical significance for poetic writing.%徐枋是清初著名的遗民诗人。徐枋诗善赋长篇,其长迭一千四百字的《怀旧篇》,集中地描绘了明季遗民群像,诗意地展示了明季遗民的内心情怀,显示出深厚的思想内涵和鲜明的时代特色。同时,《怀旧篇》又很好地实践了徐枋的诗学主张,具有极高的艺术价值及实践指导意义。

  17. Reduction of N=1, E{sub 8} SYM over SU(3)/U(1)xU(1)xZ{sub 3} and its four-dimensional effective action

    Irges, Nikos, E-mail: irges@mail.ntua.g [Department of Physics, National Technical University of Athens, Zografou Campus, GR-15780 Athens (Greece); Zoupanos, George [Institut fuer Theoretische Physik, Universitaet Heidelberg, Philosophenweg 16, D-69120 Heidelberg (Germany); Department of Physics, National Technical University of Athens, Zografou Campus, GR-15780 Athens (Greece)


    We propose an extension of the Standard Model inspired by the E{sub 8}xE{sub 8} Heterotic String. In order that a reasonable effective Lagrangian is presented we neglect everything else other than the ten-dimensional N=1 supersymmetric Yang-Mills sector associated with one of the gauge factors and certain couplings necessary for anomaly cancellation. We consider a compactified space-time M{sub 4}xB{sub 0}/Z{sub 3}, where B{sub 0} is the nearly Kaehler manifold SU(3)/U(1)xU(1) and Z{sub 3} is a freely acting discrete group on B{sub 0}. Then we reduce dimensionally the E{sub 8} on this manifold and we employ the Wilson flux mechanism leading in four dimensions to an SU(3){sup 3} gauge theory with the spectrum of a N=1 supersymmetric theory. We compute the effective four-dimensional Lagrangian and demonstrate that an extension of the Standard Model is obtained with interesting features including a conserved baryon number and fixed tree level Yukawa couplings and scalar potential. The spectrum contains new states such as right-handed neutrinos and heavy vector-like quarks.

  18. Poly(Dopamine)-Assisted Immobilization of Xu Duan on 3D Printed Poly(Lactic Acid) Scaffolds to Up-Regulate Osteogenic and Angiogenic Markers of Bone Marrow Stem Cells

    Yeh, Chia-Hung; Chen, Yi-Wen; Shie, Ming-You; Fang, Hsin-Yuan


    Three-dimensional printing is a versatile technique to generate large quantities of a wide variety of shapes and sizes of polymer. The aim of this study is to develop functionalized 3D printed poly(lactic acid) (PLA) scaffolds and use a mussel-inspired surface coating and Xu Duan (XD) immobilization to regulate cell adhesion, proliferation and differentiation of human bone-marrow mesenchymal stem cells (hBMSCs). We prepared PLA scaffolds and coated with polydopamine (PDA). The chemical composition and surface properties of PLA/PDA/XD were characterized by XPS. PLA/PDA/XD controlled hBMSCs’ responses in several ways. Firstly, adhesion and proliferation of hBMSCs cultured on PLA/PDA/XD were significantly enhanced relative to those on PLA. In addition, the focal adhesion kinase (FAK) expression of cells was increased and promoted cell attachment depended on the XD content. In osteogenesis assay, the osteogenesis markers of hBMSCs cultured on PLA/PDA/XD were significantly higher than seen in those cultured on a pure PLA/PDA scaffolds. Moreover, hBMSCs cultured on PLA/PDA/XD showed up-regulation of the ang-1 and vWF proteins associated with angiogenic differentiation. Our results demonstrate that the bio-inspired coating synthetic PLA polymer can be used as a simple technique to render the surfaces of synthetic scaffolds active, thus enabling them to direct the specific responses of hBMSCs. PMID:28793441

  19. 从许渊冲“三美”原则论化妆品品牌的翻译%On Cosmetic Brand Translation From the Perspective of Xu Yuanchong’s Three-beauty Principle



    好的品牌名称是打开顾客心灵之门的一把钥匙,国外化妆品要在中国市场占有一席之地,译名起着不可忽视的作用。化妆品的主要功能是美容,消费群体又以女性为主,因此,品牌译名必须具有美感,符合女性的审美心理。鉴于此,我国著名翻译家许渊冲先生提出的“三美”翻译原则也可以作为翻译化妆品品牌的重要标准,对于化妆品品牌名称的翻译具有重要的借鉴和指导作用。%A good brand is the key to attract consumers. To occupy a certain share in Chinese market, the importance of brand translation can not be ignored. As the main function of cosmetic is to beautify appearance and its main consumers are women, the translation should arouse women’s aesthetic feeling and accord to their aesthetic psychology. Therefore, the three-beauty princi-ple proposed by Professor Xu Yuanchong can also be used as an important standard and guidance to translate cosmetic brand names.

  20. Writhing about the Love, Humanity and Reality:A Paper about the Specialty of Xu Xu’s Fictions%爱情、人性与现实的书写--论徐訏小说的独特世界

    王荣国; 吴萍


    According to the ideological content and artistic style, Xu Xu’s fictions can be classified into three cate⁃gories: romantic fictions, psycho-fictions and realistic fictions. Romantic fictions had a unique artistic charm with the romantic legend, fantastic idealism, lively but complicated plots. Psycho-fictions penetrated deeply into the in⁃ner world and discovered the mysterious and gloomy elements of people. Realistic fictions mainly revealed the so⁃cial problems to show his earnest concern for the real world.%根据徐訏小说的思想内容和艺术风格,可将其分为三类:奇幻小说、心理小说和现实小说。奇幻小说浪漫的传奇色彩、幻美的理想主义情调和生动曲折的故事情节赋予作品奇特的艺术魅力;心理小说深入人物的内心世界进行隐秘的人性探测;现实小说以展示社会问题为主旋律,显示了徐訏对现实社会的热切关注。

  1. 中西方浪漫主义美术之比较--以徐渭与德拉克洛瓦为例%Comparison of Western and Chinese Romanticism Fine Art-- Taking Xu Wei and Delacroix for Example



    在艺术创作过程中,浪漫主义艺术家以现实生活为基础,用无限的幻想和饱满的热情,来抒发主体对理想世界的追求和表现内在精神世界的渴望。但中西方浪漫主义美术无论从历史发展的角度还是从具体艺术表现形式来看都存在很大的差异,我们可以从浪漫主义艺术家徐渭和德拉克洛瓦的作品中得以充分的感悟。%Romanticism artists express their ideas on the spiritual world with boundless imagination and enthusiasm and these artistic creations are rooted in their real lives. However,there is a great difference between western and eastern ro-manticism fine art,both in historical development and specific artistic form. We can gain an insight from romanticism artists Xu Wei and Delacroix’s works.

  2. Experience and Narrative of Wandering Individual of Xu Xu’s Novel Vagabond Legend%漂泊个体的经验与叙述--论徐訏的长篇小说《江湖行》



    《江湖行》是徐訏后期代表作,也是其全部创作中带有总结性的长篇小说。作品以个人风月与时代风云组成的两重“江湖”,作为叙述漂泊个体经验的背景,探寻有关爱与自由的真义。同时,在传奇与写实的基础上借鉴隐喻手法使小说具备了现代叙事的某些形式。%Vagabond Legend is a Xu Xu’s late representative work, a conclusive novel among all his creation. By taking the double “vagabond” combined with individual romance and age events as background, this work narrates the experience of wandering individuals with a view to explore the truth of love and freedom. Meanwhile, some modern narrative forms take shape in this work by the use of metaphor and symbolism on the basis of romanticism and realism.

  3. Poly(Dopamine-Assisted Immobilization of Xu Duan on 3D Printed Poly(Lactic Acid Scaffolds to Up-Regulate Osteogenic and Angiogenic Markers of Bone Marrow Stem Cells

    Chia-Hung Yeh


    Full Text Available Three-dimensional printing is a versatile technique to generate large quantities of a wide variety of shapes and sizes of polymer. The aim of this study is to develop functionalized 3D printed poly(lactic acid (PLA scaffolds and use a mussel-inspired surface coating and Xu Duan (XD immobilization to regulate cell adhesion, proliferation and differentiation of human bone-marrow mesenchymal stem cells (hBMSCs. We prepared PLA scaffolds and coated with polydopamine (PDA. The chemical composition and surface properties of PLA/PDA/XD were characterized by XPS. PLA/PDA/XD controlled hBMSCs’ responses in several ways. Firstly, adhesion and proliferation of hBMSCs cultured on PLA/PDA/XD were significantly enhanced relative to those on PLA. In addition, the focal adhesion kinase (FAK expression of cells was increased and promoted cell attachment depended on the XD content. In osteogenesis assay, the osteogenesis markers of hBMSCs cultured on PLA/PDA/XD were significantly higher than seen in those cultured on a pure PLA/PDA scaffolds. Moreover, hBMSCs cultured on PLA/PDA/XD showed up-regulation of the ang-1 and vWF proteins associated with angiogenic differentiation. Our results demonstrate that the bio-inspired coating synthetic PLA polymer can be used as a simple technique to render the surfaces of synthetic scaffolds active, thus enabling them to direct the specific responses of hBMSCs.

  4. Poly(Dopamine)-Assisted Immobilization of Xu Duan on 3D Printed Poly(Lactic Acid) Scaffolds to Up-Regulate Osteogenic and Angiogenic Markers of Bone Marrow Stem Cells.

    Yeh, Chia-Hung; Chen, Yi-Wen; Shie, Ming-You; Fang, Hsin-Yuan


    Three-dimensional printing is a versatile technique to generate large quantities of a wide variety of shapes and sizes of polymer. The aim of this study is to develop functionalized 3D printed poly(lactic acid) (PLA) scaffolds and use a mussel-inspired surface coating and Xu Duan (XD) immobilization to regulate cell adhesion, proliferation and differentiation of human bone-marrow mesenchymal stem cells (hBMSCs). We prepared PLA scaffolds and coated with polydopamine (PDA). The chemical composition and surface properties of PLA/PDA/XD were characterized by XPS. PLA/PDA/XD controlled hBMSCs' responses in several ways. Firstly, adhesion and proliferation of hBMSCs cultured on PLA/PDA/XD were significantly enhanced relative to those on PLA. In addition, the focal adhesion kinase (FAK) expression of cells was increased and promoted cell attachment depended on the XD content. In osteogenesis assay, the osteogenesis markers of hBMSCs cultured on PLA/PDA/XD were significantly higher than seen in those cultured on a pure PLA/PDA scaffolds. Moreover, hBMSCs cultured on PLA/PDA/XD showed up-regulation of the ang-1 and vWF proteins associated with angiogenic differentiation. Our results demonstrate that the bio-inspired coating synthetic PLA polymer can be used as a simple technique to render the surfaces of synthetic scaffolds active, thus enabling them to direct the specific responses of hBMSCs.

  5. 金源人物风流散,易代臣搜普济方--《续夷坚志》的故国之思%With the Decline and Fall of Jin Dynasty,Yuan Haowen Haowen Explored Feasible Salvage Conception for Civilian---Nostalgia of“Xu Yi j ianzhi”



    Hong Mai of Song Dynasty writed mystery novel“Xu Yijianzhi” ,Yuan Haowen in Jin Dynasty composed its sequels“XuYijianzhi”in his later years .It includes a series of vivid account of the social phenomenon of Jin Dynasty and early Yuan with profound ideological and artistic features .This article discusses the nostalgia of“Xu Yijianzhi”through its text analysis ,including criticism of the war ,celebration of the government and the public ,which keeps the old state literatures and records local conditions .%《续夷坚志》是元好问晚年撰写的一部笔记小说集,书名承袭南宋洪迈所著《夷坚志》。其虽为志怪小说,却生动记述了金末元初的社会现象,具有深刻的思想和艺术特点。通过对《续夷坚志》进行文本分析,论述了其中体现出来的作者的故国之思。元好问极力反对战争,赞扬优秀的官民,尽力留存旧邦文献,记录风土人情,用一种独特的方式把对故国的怀恋倾注于小说的字里行间。

  6. 从《无声戏》看李渔悖谬性的叙事策略及其效果%On LiYu's Unreasoning Narrative Tactics and Its Narrative Effect in The Unvoiced Drama



    LiYu adopted absurd narrative tactics in The Unvoiced Drama,had The Unvoiced Drama produce the narrative effect of “new”、“strange” and reached the aim of making people feel “new” and “strange”,the main reason of which was that LiYu remarkably strengthened people's trust in these stories by the clever blending of the rationalized notion,the moralized feelings, the open teaching, the amusing narration and absurd plots;at the same time,the absurd narrative tactics powerfully reduced the understandability about these stories;the others exerting their functions,too.That LiYu adopted absurd narrative tactics in The Unvoiced Drama was a useful practice of the theory that the literature must create something new.%李渔在《无声戏》中采取了悖谬性的叙事策略,使《无声戏》产生了“新”、“奇”的叙事效果,达到了新人耳目的叙事目的。其主要原因是李渔通过观念理性化、感情道德化、训谕明示化、叙事娱乐化和情节悖谬化的巧妙融合,显著地增强了人们对故事的信任感;同时,悖谬性叙事策略也有力地降低了故事的可理解性;其它叙事因素也发挥了积极的作用。李渔在《无声戏》中采取的悖谬性叙事策略是他文学创新思想的一次有益的实践。

  7. Shen-Qi-Jie-Yu-Fang exerts effects on a rat model of postpartum depression by regulating inflammatory cytokines and CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells

    Li JY


    Full Text Available Jingya Li,1,* Ruizhen Zhao,1,* Xiaoli Li,1 Wenjun Sun,1 Miao Qu,1 Qisheng Tang,1 Xinke Yang,1 Shujing Zhang2 1Third Affiliated Hospital, 2School of Basic Medical Sciences, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Beijing, People’s Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this work Background: Shen-Qi-Jie-Yu-Fang (SJF is composed of eight Chinese medicinal herbs. It is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine for treating postpartum depression (PPD. Previous studies have shown that SJF treats PPD through the neuroendocrine mechanism. Aim: To further investigate the effect of SJF on the immune system, including the inflammatory response system and CD4+CD25+ regulatory T (Treg cells. Materials and methods: Sprague Dawley rats were used to create an animal model of PPD by inducing hormone-simulated pregnancy followed by hormone withdrawal. After hormone withdrawal, the PPD rats were treated with SJF or fluoxetine for 1, 2, and 4 weeks. Levels of Treg cells in peripheral blood were measured by flow cytometry analysis. Serum interleukin (IL-1β and IL-6 were evaluated by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, and gene and protein expressions of IL-1RI, IL-6Rα, and gp130 in the hippocampus were observed by reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction and Western blot. Results: Serum IL-1β in PPD rats increased at 2 weeks and declined from then on, while serum IL-6 increased at 1, 2, and 4 weeks. Both IL-1β and IL-6 were downregulated by SJF and fluoxetine. Changes in gene and protein expressions of IL-1RI and gp130 in PPD rats were consistent with changes in serum IL-1β, and were able to be regulated by SJF and fluoxetine. The levels of Treg cells were negatively correlated with serum IL-1β and IL-6, and were decreased in PPD rats. The levels of Treg cells were increased by SJF and fluoxetine. Conclusion: Dysfunction of proinflammatory cytokines and Tregs in different stages of PPD was attenuated by SJF and fluoxetine through

  8. 俞樟华的学术探索与创新之路%Professor Yu Zhanghua’ s Exploration and Innovation of Academic Career



    Professor Yu Zhanghua’ s academic career, from the research of Historical Records, to the research of biographical literature, to the research of academic history, is an exploration and innovation road. In the field of research on Historical Records, his Historical Records Research Data Indexing and Papers Monographs Abstract and Research History of Historical Records have the properties of integrated. Historical Records New Discussion and On Historical Records’ Art and a series work on Historical Records ac⁃ceptance history showed innovation. In the research field of biographical literature, Research of China Biography Literature Theory and The Study of Ancient Miscellaneous Biography and Analects of Biographical Literature and Research on Qing Dynasty Biography and On the Authenticity of Ancient Biography also reflect his creative spirit. In the field of research on academic history, Annals of Wang Xue and Annals of Tongcheng School and Annals of Chinese Academic and Xin Hai Log as the representative, these works re⁃flected on the persistence and transcendence of the former two.%俞樟华教授的学术之路,从《史记》研究到传记文学研究再到学术史研究,是一条探索与创新之路。《史记》研究领域,其《史记研究资料索引和论文专著提要》《史记研究史略》具有集大成的性质,《史记新探》《史记艺术论》及系列《史记》接受史等论著则凸显了创新性;传记研究领域,《中国传记文学理论研究》《古代杂传研究》《传记文学谈薮》《清代传记研究》《古代传记真实论》等体现了其创新的精神;学术史研究,以《王学编年》《桐城派编年》《中国学术编年》《辛亥日志》为代表,体现了对前两者的坚守与超越。

  9. The Research on ZHAO Huai-yu about Ancestors of Poetry%家声我敢负高曾--赵怀玉述祖诗文研究

    蓝士英; 王文荣


    ZHAO Huai-yu was a famous scholar in Qing Dynasty. He was considered as one of the seven Piling poets and focused on the poetry of classical Chinese words. Five Handwriting Sequence is a long article about the morality of his ancestors. According to the lines, we can feel the kind heart of transferring the ancestors’good deeds and characters. In addition, he also has a certain number of poetry about his progenitors. Through those po-etry, we could find the power of his glory and pride, the defence and uplift. At the same time, there are lingering stress and anxiety. His poetry of progenitors offers a variety of view. According to the literary point of view, it is necessary to concentrate on the origin and evolution. From the angle of history, the relationship between family history and the official history was fascinating. Last but not least, from the angle of sociology, readers can think deeply about the relationship between the individual and the whole family.%赵怀玉,清代著名文人,“毗陵七子”之一,工诗古文词。《五世手迹跋》是其缕述祖德的一篇长文,字里行间,跃动着欲传先祖懿德嘉行之拳拳之心。赵怀玉另有一定数量的述祖诗文,于中可见其对待先祖的荣光与骄傲、守护与振拔的动力,还有挥之不去的压力与焦虑。其述祖诗文,提供了多种考察角度,从文学的角度看,其渊源流变值得关注;从历史的角度,家族私史与官史的关系颇堪玩味;从社会学的角度,可思考个体与家族的关系。

  10. 于艳茹诉北京大学案的法律评析%Legal Analysis on Yu Yanru vs. Peking University

    湛中乐; 王春蕾


    The ‘Yu Yanru Case’ is the first administrative litigation in China regarding the revocation of a doctor degree due to the plagiarism of a thesis.The legality of the revocation decision shall be analyzed and evaluated coordinated with the basic theory of education administrative law and the fact of this case. The main issues in this case include the legal basis of the revocation of a degree,whether such plagiarized thesis constitutes a key condition of the revocation decision of a doctor degree or not, the difference between fraud and plagiarism, the legality of the proceeding regarding such revocation decision, and the remedy of both parties in this case. Finally, for the purpose of plagiarism regulation, it is suggested to build up a kind of academic review rules obeying to the cognitive rationality in addition to pure judicial review proceedings.%“于艳茹案”是我国首个因论文抄袭导致博士学位撤销的行政诉讼案件。撤销于艳茹博士学位决定的合法性,必须结合教育行政法治的基本原理并结合案件事实予以评析。本案中的主要问题有:学位撤销的法律依据;这篇涉嫌抄袭的论文是否构成博士学位撤销的要件;“舞弊作伪”与“抄袭、剽窃”的区分;博士学位撤销的程序合法性;以及当事人权利救济。对抄袭剽窃行为的治理,除司法审查外,还应当建立一种回归知识理性的学术评审规范。

  11. Unique Mechanisms of Sheng Yu Decoction (聖愈湯 Shèng Yù Tang on Ischemic Stroke Mice Revealed by an Integrated Neurofunctional and Transcriptome Analysis

    Yu-Chang Hou


    Full Text Available Sheng Yu Decoction (聖愈湯 Shèng Yù Tang; SYD is a popular traditional Chinese medicine (TCM remedy used in treating cardiovascular and brain-related dysfunction clinically; yet, its neuroprotective mechanisms are still unclear. Here, mice were subjected to an acute ischemic stroke to examine the efficacy and mechanisms of action of SYD by an integrated neurofunctional and transcriptome analysis. More than 80% of the mice died within 2 days after ischemic stroke with vehicle treatment. Treatments with SYD (1.0 g/kg, twice daily, orally or p.o. and recombinant thrombolytic tissue plasminogen activator (rt-PA; 10 mg/kg, once daily, intravenously or i.v. both significantly extended the lifespan as compared to that of the vehicle-treated stroke group. SYD successfully restored brain function, ameliorated cerebral infarction and oxidative stress, and significantly improved neurological deficits in mice with stroke. Molecular impact of SYD by a genome-wide transcriptome analysis using brains from stroke mice showed a total of 162 out of 2081 ischemia-induced probe sets were significantly influenced by SYD. Mining the functional modules and genetic networks of these 162 genes revealed a significant upregulation of neuroprotective genes in Wnt receptor signaling pathway (3 genes and regulation of cell communication (7 genes and downregulation of destructive genes in response to stress (13 genes and in the induction of inflammation (5 genes, cytokine production (4 genes, angiogenesis (3 genes, vasculature (6 genes and blood vessel (5 genes development, wound healing (7 genes, defense response (7 genes, chemotaxis (4 genes, immune response (7 genes, antigen processing and presenting (3 genes, and leukocyte-mediated cytotoxicity (2 genes by SYD. Our results suggest that SYD could protect mice against ischemic stroke primarily through significantly downregulating the damaging genes involved in stress, inflammation, angiogenesis, blood vessel

  12. 九尾白狐与禹娶涂山女神话%Mythology of Nine Tailed White Fox and the Marriage between Yu and the Lady from Tushan



    The History of Wu and Yue written by ZHAO Ye recorded the famous myth of Yu marrying the lady from Tushan. However, when some books,such as Shu Chao, Lei Ju, Yu Lan, and so on, quote this myth, part of their items may be noted Spring and Autumn by LV. As a result, scholars from both ancient and modern times always annotate Spring and Autumn by LV as the place where the myth comes from, which is cer-tainly false. The mystical part of this myth is the Nine Tailed White Fox. During the Warring States Period, the Nine Tailed White Fox was regarded as the mascot of Shang Dynasty rising with gold. It had nothing to do with Yu Dynasty that grew up with wood. Later on, people took the Nine Tailed White Fox as a symbol of Yu�s ris-ing. People lived in Han Dynasty connected the Nine Tailed White Fox with the marriage between Yu and the lady from Tushan, which transformed a historical legend into a romantic myth. Therefore, we should correct two misunderstandings about this mythology, which turns to be an example of making history mythical.%赵晔《吴越春秋》记载了著名的禹娶涂山女神话。但《书钞》、《类聚》、《御览》等类书引此神话时,部分条目注出《吕氏春秋》,故古今有学者据此认为这是该书佚文,这是错误的。禹娶涂山女神话神秘怪诞之处在于九尾白狐意象。战国时期,九尾白狐被认为是以金德王天下的商汤兴起之瑞,与以木德王天下的禹无关。汉儒根据五行相生说改造古史系统,以禹为金德,九尾白狐遂成禹兴之瑞。汉人将九尾白狐意象纳入禹与涂山女的婚姻故事,一段近实的历史传说蜕变为一则浪漫的神话。禹娶涂山女神话是历史神话化的一个实例。

  13. 周玉艳主任医师治疗难治性周围性面瘫经验初探%Experience of Doctor ZHOU YU-yan to Treat Peripheral Facial Paralysis

    张彩荣; 陈朝明; 李静


    This article summarized famous doctor Zhou Yu-yan' s clinical experience in the treatment of Refractory facial paralysis, who pointed out the differentiation is different root excessive superficial. Mr. Zhou especially pays attention to adjust immunity and manipulation of acupuucture.%总结了名老中医周玉艳主任治疗难治性周围性面瘫的临床经验,指出难治性面瘫为本虚标实症,周主任临床上治疗上重调节免疫及针刺补泻手法,讲究治调并济.

  14. Effects of SongYuAnShenFang on Serum Cytokines Levels of Sleep Dep-rivation Rats%松郁安神方对睡眠剥夺大鼠血清细胞因子的影响

    李星; 黄俊山; 张一帆; 曾雪爱; 张娅


    OBJECTIVE To observe the effects of SongYuAnShenFang on serum cytokines levels of sleep depri-vation rats.METHODS The sleep deprivation in rats model was constructed with the method called “modified mul-tiple platform method”.Comparions were housed either in normal cages or in tanks with large platforms.After the treatment of SongYuAnShenFang in Sleep Deprivation Rats ,serum levels of IL-1β、TNF-αwere measured by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay.RESULTS Significant differences in serum level of TNF-αwere observed between SongYuAnShenFang group and REM sleep deprivation group ( P0.05 ).CONCLUSION SongYuAnShenFang in improving sleep quality may be based on its regulation of serum level of TNF-α,then adjust the excessive body metabolism caused by sleep depriveation.%目的:观察松郁安神方对睡眠剥夺大鼠血清细胞因子的影响,进一步探讨松郁安神方调节睡眠的机制。方法采用“改良多平台睡眠剥夺法”构建睡眠剥夺大鼠模型,以正常笼养及大平台作为对照组,采用酶联免疫吸附法测定睡眠剥夺大鼠经松郁安神方治疗后,血清细胞因子IL-1β、TNF-α水平的变化。结果松郁安神方组血清TNF-α高于REM睡眠剥夺组(P<0.05);松郁安神方组血清IL-1β较正常对照组、大平台环境对照组及REM睡眠剥夺组无显著性差异(P>0.05)。结论松郁安神方可能通过调节血清细胞因子TNF-α的含量从而调节睡眠,且通过对睡眠剥夺大鼠睡眠的调节继而改善睡眠剥夺所致机体的过度能量代谢。

  15. 文化漫游与精神家园——当代中国文化散文的公共语境 (Cultural Tours and the Spiritual Home: On Yu Qiuyu and Contemporary Chinese Cultural Essays

    Yi Zheng


    Full Text Available The essay explores the public social dimension of the “great cultural essays” as a popular post-socialist genre. It looks into the genre’s emergence and popularity as part of the making of a middleclass taste in contemporary China and its claim to a re-imagined cultural national inheritance. In particular, the discussion focuses on the example of essayist Yu Qiuyu and examines the implications of his successful transformation of an obsolete historical “Culture” into a desirable commodity that offers spiritual home to the aspiring and successful of a “Greater China”.

  16. On Xu Bing's "Tobacco Project-Durham" from the Per-spective of Homi K. Bhabha's Postcolonial Theory%从霍米·巴巴的后殖民理论看徐冰的“烟草计划·达勒姆”



    Xu Bing is one of the most active contemporary artists. As an artist influenced by the 85 new trend in the specific period, Xu Bing does not advocate wholesale Westernization like some artists, but takes a more creative and energetic form of art, inte-grating a large number of Chinese and Western cultural forms and creating a conflict and collision, which arouses people's re-flections. Tobacco Project is Xu Bing's works since 2000. The works can be interpreted from multiple perspectives, just as the understanding of artist himself:returning the right of interpreta-tion to the audience. The writer found that Xu Bing's Tobacco Project are highly integrated with the contradiction and mixture in Homi K. Bhabha's postcolonial theory, so the interpretation from this perspective will be interesting. This paper mainly interprets Xu Bing's "Tobacco Project-Durham" from the perspective of Homi K. Bhabha's postcolonial theory.%徐冰是当代最活跃的艺术家之一,作为一个受85新潮影响的特定时代的艺术家,徐冰不像有些艺术家那样全盘西化,走出一条更有创造和生命力的艺术形式,大量地结合中西的文化形式,产生出一种矛盾和碰撞,引人反思。“烟草计划”是徐冰2000年以来的作品,对于这个作品的解读可以是多角度的,就像是艺术家自己理解的那样:将解释权归给观众。笔者发现徐冰的“烟草计划”与霍米•巴巴的后殖民主义思想中的矛盾、混杂性非常契合,用此来解读也会很有意思。本文主要是通过霍米•巴巴的后殖民主义思想来解读徐冰的“烟草计划•达勒姆”。

  17. 论徐坤小说《白话》的反讽修辞%On the Rhetoric of Irony in The Vernacular of the Novel of Xu Kun



    《白话》是徐坤知识分子题材小说的典型代表。当代知识分子题材小说似乎总是与反讽联系紧密,两者的结合也使文章尖刻而发人深省,并具有相当强的象征意味。《白话》中作者通过言语反讽、情境反讽和总体反讽等反讽类型举重若轻地展现了知识分子的思想挣扎和生存困境,这三种反讽类型在徐坤小说《白话》中运用自如,一方面增加了文章可读性,一方面体现了作者对精英文化的消解。也因此,《白话》奠定了徐坤小说反讽的修辞策略,在其小说中占有重要地位。%The Vernacular is the representative intellectuals novels of Xu Kun.Contemporary intellectuals novelsalways seems to be closely linked with irony,the combination of both make the article harsh and thought-provoking,and have very strong symbol meaning.The author reveals ideological struggle and existence dilemma of intellectuals through verbal irony,situational irony and general irony etc.This three types of irony in The Vernacular are used freely,on the one hand,increases the readability of the article,on the other hand,eliminate the elite culture.Therefore,The Vernacular laid the foundation for the irony strategy in her novels,Occupies an important position.

  18. Correlative Study on Mucosal Immunity and Theory of "Shen-Xu Pang-Guang-Re"%粘膜免疫与“肾虚膀胱热”理论相关性探讨

    蒋春波; 金伟民; 孙伟


    Theory of "Shen-Xu Pang-Guang-Re (SXPGR)" is an important part of the theory of zang-fu in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). And it is the generalization for etiology and pathogenesis of "Lin-Zheng (LZ)". In immunology, mucosal immune system is composed of mucosal-associated lymphoid tissues and immune cells, which can resist the invasion of microorganisms. Mucosal immune plays an important role in the occurrence of urinary tract infection. This paper, which was based on "SIgA" and "homing mechanism", was to investigate the relevance between mucosal immunity and the theory of SXPGR, in order to study the connotation of SXPGR in TCM.%“肾虚膀胱热”是中医脏腑相关理论的重要组成部分,是祖国医学对淋证病因病机的主要概括。现代免疫学认为,粘膜免疫系统由粘膜局部的粘膜相关淋巴组织及免疫细胞共同组成,主要针对经粘膜表面进入的微生物产生应答,抵抗微生物对机体的侵袭。粘膜免疫在尿路感染的发生中发挥着重要作用。本文以“SIgA”和“归巢机制”为基点,探讨粘膜免疫与“肾虚膀胱热”理论相关性,以期更好地挖掘中医“肾虚膀胱热”理论的内涵。

  19. 辨体:许学夷论汉魏六朝诗歌流变%Form-distinguishing:Xu Xueyi' s Discussion on the Evolution of Poetry in Han,Wei and Six Dynasties



    晚明诗论家许学夷以精于辨体著称,其《诗源辩体》通论先秦至晚唐诗之演变。所论汉魏六朝诗部分,力求调和七子派宗汉魏黜六朝与六朝派嗜好“偏奇”、公安竟陵“诡诞相尚”之间的理论对峙,通过对诗歌体制中俳偶、声韵等因素的详尽考察,把握汉魏六朝诗歌的流变轨迹,并对此前“诗溺于陶”的辨体命题予以修正,为该段诗史研究确立了系统的辨体认知方式。%Xu Xueyi,a critic of poetry,is skilled in distinguishing poetic forms in different dynasties. His work Ci Yuan Bian Ti mainly discusses the evolution of poetry from before Qin dynasty to Tang dynasty. In commenting on poems of Han, Wei and Six Dynasties, he tries to balance contrary views from different schools of poetry, and also reevaluates Tao Yuanming' s position in the history of literature. Through investigating into the formal changes of antithetical par- allelism and sound in different dynasties,he precisely describes the evolutionary trend of poetry in Han,Wei and Six Dynasties. This academic achievement in poetry embodies his work' s theoretical values.

  20. 鲜活的敌人神化的英雄--评徐贵祥的《八月桂花遍地开》%Living Enemies and Deified Heroes:Comments on Xu Guixiang's "Sweet Osmanthus Blooming Everywhere in August"

    储冬叶; 王莉莉


    《八月桂花遍地开》是军旅小说家徐贵祥于世界反法西斯战争胜利60周年之际创作出的作品。小说通过叙述发生在江淮地区的抗日斗争来反思抗战,反思我们的敌人和我们自己。与同类题材文学作品相比,《八月桂花遍地开》成功地表现了我们的敌人,不仅写得像,而且写得真、写得深,尤其是对汉奸群体的刻画。但小说中的女性角色,则比较单调、平面,对男主人公沈轩辕的处理也稍嫌过火,有神化英雄之嫌。%"Sweet Osmanthus Blooming Everywhere in August"was created by the military novelist Xu Guixiang, at the 60th an-niversary of the victory of the world anti-Fascist war. Through narrating the anti-Japanese struggles in Jianghuai Region, the novel reflects the Anti-Japanese War, as well as our enemies and ourselves. Compared with literature works of the same theme,"Sweet Osmanthus Blooming Everywhere in August" has suc-cessfully expressed our enemies, not only living, but also real and thorough, especially the description of the traitor group. However, female characters in the novel are relatively monotonous and life-less, and the hero Shen Xuanyuan is slightly exaggerated, which gives the readers the appearance of being deified.

  1. Clinical experience of Professor WEI Xu-xing in treating DPN%韦绪性教授治疗糖尿病周围神经病变临证经验

    郭素芳; 崔敏; 张爱玲; 韦绪性


      Professor WEI Xu-xing considers that diabetes is mainly because asthenia in origin and asthenia in superficiality. There are different types of deficiency on vital energy, blood, Yin and Yang, and the deficiency on both vital energy and blood was common. Asthenia in origin also has different types, stagnation of blood, and stagnation of phlegm, cold coagulation and pyretic arthralgia in collaterals. Deficiency and stagnation are promoting agents, while asthenia and impotency of qi and blood were the key points leading to appendicular muscles anaesthesia and aches. On the basis of the characteristics, deficiency of both vital energy and yin and stagnation of arteries and veins, the Xiaodan Tongbi decoction is effective in treating peripheral neuropathy of diabetes (DPN).%  韦绪性教授认为,本病乃本虚标实之证。本虚有气、血、阴、阳之不同,尤以气阴两虚为多见,标实则多为瘀血、痰阻、寒凝、燥热痹阻脉络。“虚”、“瘀”是本病的促进因素,气血“不荣”与“不通”并存是导致肢体肌肉麻木不仁、疼痛的关键。根据本病多为气阴两虚,脉络瘀阻证之特点,所研制的消瘅通痹汤治疗糖尿病周围神经病变效果显著。

  2. QTL Information Table: 659 [Q-TARO

    Full Text Available qRCT6b Resistance or Tolerance Cold tolerance cold tolerance at the reproductive st...K., Kato, A., Xu, F., Yu, T., and Zhang, D. (2004). Identification of Quantitative Trait Loci Controlling Cold Tolerance

  3. To Look For Human Literature: Lin Yu-tang' s Views on Biographical Literature%寻求人的文学:论林语堂的传记文学观



    Biographical literature has actractted the attention of Lin Yu-tang. He not only wrote a few autobiographies and celebrity biographies,but also introduced many excellent works. Studying ancient literature, Lin Yu-tang found natural humanity and happy life. He expressed the idea about the development of Chinese modern biographical literature.%林语堂特别关注传记文学的创作,在不同时期都写有自传,并创作了几部重要的人物传记,且对中外优秀的传记作品大加推介. 在考察中国古代传记文学时,林语堂从现代个体意识出发,发现了自然人性的流露和生命愉悦的存在. 在这样的发现里,他表达了对中国现代传记文学发展的构想:尊重人性的自然流露,在日常俗世中追求超越性,实现审美文化人格的建构.

  4. The Relationship of Yu Dafu's "Trouble of Sex" and "Creation of ChenLun"%论郁达夫“性的苦闷”与《沉沦》的创作



    Trouble of Sex "is considered one of the most important character in Yu Dafu's autobiographical fiction,from Qian Xingcun put forward in 1928 for the first time," Trouble of Sex " was used by the later researchers constantly." the creation of ChenLun and Yu Dafu' trouble of sex when he studyed in Japan have a close relationship actually.%"性的苦闷"被认为是郁达夫自传体小说的一个重要特征,从钱杏邨1928年评论《沉沦》时首次提出开始,"性的苦闷"便被后来的研究者们不厌其烦的使用。《沉沦》是的创作,也确实与郁达夫留学日本时遭遇的"性的苦闷"有着密切的关系。

  5. The Influence of Painting Theory of the Six Dynasties on Yu Xin’ Early Creation%六朝画论对庾信前期诗歌创作的影响



    Generally speaking, Yu Xin’s early creation didn’t break away from the style of imperial court but refreshingly lucid style could be seen everywhere in his poems. Under the influence of Poets Xiao Gang and Xiao Yi, who advocated to reform writing mode, Yu Xin used painting theory in the Six Dynasties for reference. He successfully combined the painting skill with art principle in his poems and created beautiful and refreshing poetic flavor. His many new art skills and writing methods provided useful reference to the development of poetry creation in the Tang Dynasty.%庾信前期作品,虽说总体上不脱离宫体的窠臼,但清新之作随处可见。在萧氏兄弟力主革新的文风影响下,诗人借鉴六朝绘画理论,把画学的原则和技巧用之于诗,创造出绮丽、清新的诗境,并由此形成了许多新鲜的艺术技巧和手法,为唐代诗歌的发展提供了许多有益的借鉴。

  6. 韩愈《顺宗实录》的史传文学价值%On History Biography Value of "Shun Emperor Cases of Record" by Han Yu



    Han Yu applied history-pen to the writing of "Shun cases of Record" with the spirit of the "Record",recording all the corruption cases about people and things of Shun Dynasty.This book Biographies for the crafty and fawning violent person,also for the Tadao Zhijian.Recording of events must be Careful Exceedingly.The whole story will be traced back to the narrative of the issue,and one view,with details of his life."Shun cases of Record",although not fully demonstrating the history only of Han Yu,it's value of historical literature should be affirmed.%韩愈兼善史笔,本"实录"之精神修撰《顺宗实录》,记载顺宗朝种种腐败的人和事,既为奸佞暴戾之人,亦为忠勇直谏之士立传;记事书法,必无所苟;一事之叙,必溯原委;一人之见,具详生平。《顺宗实录》虽没有充分展现韩愈的史才,但其史传文学的价值值得肯定。

  7. Collation on Shen Quanqi’s Yao Tongdu’s Five Passages of Yu Ling%沈佺期《遥同杜五过庾岭》考校



    There were as many as 16 variants in Shen Quanqi ’s poem collection Yao Tongdu ’s Five Pas-sages of Yu Ling. Through a collation with “An Anthology of Tang Poems”, “the entire Tang poem”, the poems titles should be combined into “With Five Other Members Outside the Instance Du Yu Ling”. “Luopu scenery to jaw joint like nothing Chongshan Dan disease unbearable smell” has been regarded as the best; the neck joint word “Kite” is inferior to the word “man”; and the tail stock “Jiangshan”is superior to the word “spring”.%沈佺期《遥同杜五过庾岭》,异文多达16处。经与《唐诗别裁集》、《全唐诗》比勘校释,诗题应合为《遥同杜五员外审言过庾岭》。颔联似以“洛浦风光何所似?崇山瘅疫不堪闻”为佳;颈联出句中“鸢”字不若“人”字;尾联“江山”一词胜于“春风”一词。

  8. Qualitative screening of absorbed indoloquinazoline alkaloids and their metabolites in rat plasma after the oral administration of Wu-Zhu-Yu decoction by high-resolution mass spectrometry with multiple data mining algorithms.

    Xu, Huarong; Geng, Yajing; Liu, Ran; Yuan, Ziyue; Liu, Xujia; Li, Qing; Bi, Kaishun


    A rapid and sensitive liquid chromatography with high-resolution mass spectrometry method with multiple data processing algorithms was developed and applied for the metabolite profiling of evodiamine and its analogous alkaloids in rat plasma after the administration of Wu-Zhu-Yu decoction. All samples were purified using hydrophilic-lipophilic balanced solid-phase extraction cartridges and analyzed by a Sciex TripleTOF 5600(+) mass spectrometer with a 35 min liquid chromatography gradient elution. High-resolution full-scan mass spectrometry and information-dependent acquisition tandem mass spectrometry data were analyzed using multiple data processing approaches. The results indicated that the detected eight prototype alkaloids could be metabolized to 58 metabolites through both phase I and phase II reactions. Oxidation was demonstrated to be the principle metabolic pathway of the parent compounds. The study contributes to the understanding of the absorption and metabolism of the alkaloids in Wu-Zhu-Yu decoction and provides a detailed analysis of scientific data. © 2016 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

  9. Microstructural characterization of the stabilized fluorite phases formed in the Ca 1- yLa yU 2O 6+ x (0 ≤ y ≤ 0.8) system

    Gómez-Rebollo, E.; Herrero, P.; Rojas, R. M.


    The thermal behaviour and stability of the fluorite structure in the Ca 1- yLa yU 2O 6+ x (0 ≤ y ≤ 0.8) system during ageing have been studied by thermal analysis and X-ray powder diffraction. When the amount of La 3+ incorporated into the Ca 1- yLa yU 2O 6+ x structure is ≥ 0.6 the complete stabilization of the fluorite phase is achieved. This phase remains stable over the temperature range from room temperature-1400°C even after being submitted to long term give time. For lower amounts of La 3+ a mixture of cubic fluorite and calcium lanthanum diuranate solid solution is obtained on annealing. The microstructural characterization carried out by electron diffraction and high resolution transmission electron microscopy reveals short range order for the high temperature quenched materials. Annealing of the oxides leads to the formation of ordered nanodomains embedded within the fluorite matrix, but no ordered single phase is isolated. A hexagonal cell of a H = 3.8 and c H = 18.8 Å has been deduced for the domains.

  10. 75 FR 17927 - Kevin Xu: Debarment Order


    ...: Submit applications for special termination of debarment to the Division of Dockets Management (HFA-305... for shipment to the United States various blister strips containing counterfeit TAMIFLU, CASODEX..., namely a shipment containing blister strips of TAMIFLU capsules that were labeled in a manner to...

  11. Clinical research on treating Xiaoke Yinxu Zaore plus Yu syndrome with the Xiaoke Ping decoction%消渴平汤治疗消渴阴虚燥热兼瘀证的临床研究



    Objective: To investigate clinical effects of the Xiaoke Ping decoction on Xiaoke Yinxu Zaore plus Yu syndrome. Methods: 40 patients with Xiaoke Yinxu Zaore plus Yu syndrome were randomly divided to the observation group and the control group, 20 cases for each group. The control group received biguanide sustained-release tablets. The observation group received the Xiaoke Ping decoction. 4 weeks for a course. During the treatment, clinical efficacy in two groups were observed. Results: The clinical symptoms in two groups were improved. The main symptoms, signs, physical and chemical inspection in the observation group were better than that in the control group. The total efficiency in the treatment group was higher. Conclusion: The Xiaoke Ping decoction was effective on Xiaoke Yinxu Zaore plus Yu syndrome, and worthy of promotion.%目的:分析消渴平汤对消渴阴虚燥热兼瘀证的治疗效果。方法:收集40例消渴阴虚燥热兼瘀证患者,随机分为观察组和对照组,每组各20例。对照组患者使用口服盐酸二甲双胍缓释片进行治疗,观察组患者口服消渴平汤进行治疗,4周为一个疗程,在治疗过程中观察患者的治疗效果。结果:两组患者的临床症状均有好转,但是观察组患者在主要症状、患者体征以及理化检查方面比对照组患者明显要好,同时观察组患者的总有效率也明显比对照组患者要高。结论:在对消渴阴虚燥热兼瘀证患者治疗的过程中,使用消渴平汤能够更好的对患者进行治疗,同时治疗效果以及治疗总有效率也明显比使用传统盐酸二甲双胍缓释片进行治疗的患者高,在实际对消渴阴虚燥热兼瘀证患者治疗的过程中值得推广应用。

  12. 基于二项检验的庾信五言诗篇调四声研究%On the Tonal Pattern of Yu Xin's Pentasyllabic Poems Based on Binomial Test



    This article divides Yu Xin's pentasyllabic -poems into 16 categories according to how many lines are there in one poem.All the calculation methods and approximate methods of the Binomial Test are used in this article.When observed the different -tone -positions within one five -character -sentence throughout one poem, it finds that 2&4 position is the most significant different -tone-position, 3&5 takes the second place.Observed the poem lines, 2&5 position is one of the most important different -tone-positions for Yu Xin; but observed from the whole poem, 2&5 position doesn't show any significance.When creating a penta-syllabic -poem,Yu Xin paid greatest attention to 2&4 position, trying to make the second and the fourth character of every poem line different.He also tended to make the third and fifth character of every poem line different in his long five -character-poems.%文章将庾信五言诗按照句联数划分为16类,运用二项检验的计算方法和近似方法,得出结论:从通篇调四声的角度观察庾信五言诗句内调四声情况,2&4位置是显著性最强的调四声位置,3&5位置次之;从诗句观察,2&5位置是庾信最重视的调四声位置之一,但从诗篇观察则不是;“五言诗通篇在2&4位置调四声”是庾信创作五言诗时最为讲究的一种“格律”;庾信还倾向于使篇幅较长的五言诗的第三字和第五字声调不同。

  13. 余嘉锡《四库提要辨证·神僧传》考证辨析%Yu Jiaxiˊs Textual Criticism and Discrimination on God Monk Biography of Four Abstract Dialectics

    元文广; 靳利翠


    余嘉锡所著《四库提要辨证》是对《四库全书总目》研究的重要成果.此书对《四库总目》中的 490余篇提要进行了辨证,提出不少宝贵意见,但也存在一些可以进一步讨论的问题.仅就《四库提要辨证·神僧传》条的考证思路、论据等进行讨论,认为余嘉锡先生从目录学角度讨论《神僧传》的撰者问题,其论述过程不够严谨,所提供论据存在问题,不能直接指向结论,因此,所得结论很难令人信服.从《神僧传》版本源流角度入手,用直接论据使《神僧传》撰者问题更加明确、所得结论《神僧传》为明成祖所撰集更具说服力.%Four Abstract Dialecticswritten by Yu Jiaxi is one important result of the research on 〞Four Abstract Dialectics〞. In this book,Yu made dialectical research on490 articles in General Catalogue of Si Ku QuanShu,presenting some valuable suggestions. However,there are some problems which need further discus-sion . The dialectical thought train and grounds of argument for God Monk Biography of Four Abstract Dialectics are one example that needs further discussion. Since he studied the author from the angle of its catalogue,Yuˊs argument process of Biography of God Monk was not precise,and grounds of argument he offered could not reach the conclusion,so his conclusion was unconvincing. If the study starts with the version source of Biogra-phy of God Monk,makes the author of God Monk Biography more clear with direct grounds,and thus reach a more persuasive conclusion that Biography of God Monk was written by Emperor Cheng Zu in Ming Dynasty.

  14. 安徽省蚌埠余家皮影戏的造型艺术考略%Research on the Art of Puppet Figure Design of Yu Family Shadow Play in Bengbu of Anhui

    宋蔚; 王倩


    Shadow play ’ s history and the evolution of shadow puppet are a synchronous process of develop -ment.Generations of artists gradually developed a set of convention and characteristics of creating puppet figures . Over a hundred odd years of inheriting and adjusting , carrying on the opera culture ’ s tradition of distinguishing the good and evil characters with different designs of puppet figures , as well as folk artists ’ aesthetic notions and styles of folk fine arts, Yu Family Shadow Play has developed a full set of formulaic puppet figure artistic models and graphic patterns , which are not the creation of a single individual , but a artistic convention passed on , developed and perfected by three generations of artists .Yu Family Shadow Play reflects substantially folk artists ’ figure desig-ning style where concrete life experiences and abstract notions are mingled together , vividly representing the history of Yu Family Shadow play ’ s development over a hundred odd years .%影偶的造型与影戏的演变历史是一个同步发展的过程。历代艺人通过不断的经验积累,受寺庙雕塑、壁画和戏剧的影响,吸收小说中人物的描写,逐步形成了一整套适用于影戏的造型规律和特征。在历经百余年的传承与腾挪变化后,蚌埠余家皮影戏除沿袭戏曲文化中对忠奸、正邪角色寓褒贬、别善恶于其上的造型传统外,糅合艺人的审美理念和民间美术等诸多元素,形成了一整套程式化的造型谱式和图案纹样,这种谱式并非某个人的独创,而是历经了三代艺人的学习、积累和创造逐渐完善定型的艺术程式。它质朴生动地折射出民间艺人集具象的生活经验和意象的审美理念于一体的造型艺术特征,生动地折射出蚌埠余家皮影戏百余年来的发展历程。

  15. 精研覃思中西汇参功擅脾胃继承创新——国医大师徐景藩教授治学之路%Studying and Thinking Combining Chinese and West Medicine, Expert in Spleen and Stomach to Inherite and Innovate Learning Way of Xu Jing-fan National Chinese Medical Science Master

    徐丹华; 章茂森


    Objective: To explore the growth course, academic achievements and lofty ethics of Xu Jing-fan national chinese medical science master. Methods: From inherited blood clinical experience, research achievement, neo- confucianism of professor or master and specialist of spleen and stomach disease of nanjing university of traditional Chinese medicine Xu Jing-fan medalists Norman Bethune,deal with well - known growth path, the academic thoughts and clinical research achievements and neo - confucianism. Results and conclusion: Xu Jing-fan professor in clinical, teaching and scientific research gets great achievements, the spirit and the lofty ethics should carry forward%目的:探讨首届国医大师徐景藩教授成长历程、学术成就厦高尚品德.方法:从南京中医药大学教授,首届国医大师,全国脾胃病大家,白求恩奖章获得者徐景藩教授继承家学、临床经验、科研成就、临证心法等方面,讲述徐景藩教授成长之路,评述其学术思想、临证心法和科研成就.结果和结论:徐景藩教授在临床、教学、科研方面成就斐然,堪称中医临床大家,其治学精神和崇高医德应该发扬光大.

  16. Reply to Comment by Xu et al. on "Sr-Nd isotope composition and clay mineral assemblages in eolian dust from the central Philippine Sea over the last 600 kyr: Implications for the transport mechanism of Asian dust" by Seo et al.

    Seo, Inah; Lee, Yong Il; Yoo, Chan Min; Kim, Hyung Jeek; Hyeong, Kiseong


    Against Xu et al. (2016), who argued that East Asian Desert (EAD) dust that traveled on East Asian Winter Monsoon winds dominates over Central Asian Desert (CAD) dust in the Philippine Sea with presentation of additional data, we reconfirm Seo et al.'s (2014) conclusion that CAD dust carried on the Prevailing Westerlies and Trade Winds dominates over EAD dust in overall dust budget of the central Philippine Sea. The relative contribution of dust from EADs and CADs using clay mineral composition should be evaluated with elimination of mineralogical contribution from the volcanic end-member which is enriched in kaolinite and overestimate the contribution of EAD dust.

  17. Ancient Tibet and Indian Place Names and Related Issues in the Buddhist Scriptures BenXu Written in Xixia Words%西夏文藏传佛经《本续》中的古代印藏地名及相关问题



    There are over twenty transliteration words from the Xixia language, it’ s about the Buddha hengLeJinGang’ s Mandala in the Buddhist scriptures.JiXiangBianZhiKouHeBenXu ( hereinafter referred to s the BenXu) written in Xixia words.These words in BenXu are place names in ancient Tibet and ndia.And these words are the names of 24 Holy Lands of Tantrism and most of them derived from hinese.The 24 place names respectively 24 corresponds with the human body,which are the 24 veins sed to self-cultivation,namely the primordial Qi through the veins shunt in various parts of the body. The transliteration place names contains upper and lower case in BenXu.The lower case is used to cal-bration the double consonants and the diphthongs of Tibetan and Sanskritcan not be found in Xixia anguage.%西夏文藏传佛经《吉祥遍至口合本续》(简称《本续》)胜乐金刚本尊坛城身语意三轮存在二十多处西夏语音译词。通过与藏文、梵文和汉语之间的审音勘同,这些译词是古代印地名,即密教二十四处圣地,它们中的绝大多数可勘同中原汉文文献译名;《本续》中二十四地名分别与人体二十四部位对应,是指藏传密教修法中的二十四域脉,即修行者的“气”通各脉分流于人体不同的部位;《本续》音译地名中有大小字之分,这些小字不仅是用来比定夏语中没有的梵藏语复辅音,也用来比定西夏语中没有的梵语双元音。

  18. Exotic Image of Southeast Asia in Xu Dishan’s Literature--Focus onSymbiotic Birds andKeep Mending Nets Spiders%许地山笔下的南洋形象--以《命命鸟》《缀网劳蛛》为中心

    李朦; 孙良好


    As a distinctive scholar in the history of the 1920s Chinese Modern Literature, Xu Dishan describes quite a lot of exotic features about the Southeast Asian style in his early novels. Both the deeply quiet Buddhist spirits in Burma from his Symbiotic Birds and the Christian feelings of mercy in Malaysia from his Keep Mending Nets Spiders embody the influence of the religion fusion and the exotic folk-custom in Xu Dishan’s novel. The factors of geographic, family, deity make a complicated relationship between Nan Yang (Southeast Asia) and the whole world, especially the Chinese civilization. The exotic images of Nan Yang, which Xu Dishan portrayed in his novels from the 19th to 20th century, hide the way behind “the others” how Xu Dishan makes efforts to solve the national issues in China by means of Southeast Asian literature.%许地山是20世纪中国现代文学史上与众不同的一位,他早期小说中描画的南洋风情极具异域特色。《命命鸟》中缅甸深厚静谧的佛教精神、《缀网劳蛛》中“我爱人人”的马来基督教情怀,都是宗教及异域风情浸润其早期小说的集中体现。地缘、族缘和神缘的因素让南洋和世界,尤其是和中国产生了复杂的交集和羁绊。19世纪20年代许地山小说中所描绘的南洋异域形象,在“他者”的背后,看许地山如何借助南洋文化试图解决中国本土的国民性问题。


    Tahir AŞİROV


    Full Text Available Tasavvuf meşrepli Türkmen şairi ve düşünürü Mahtumkulu’yu anlamak ve anlatmak, tarihî süreç içinde değişik zamanlarda ayrı ayrı ilim adamları tarafından istenmiştir. Bu bilimsel edim genel olarak iki yönden ele alınabilir. Bunların birincisi sufi şairin şiirlerinin yazmalarının doğru okunup belirlenmesi, diğeri ise anlamlarının bilinmesidir. Bunlar gerçekten de sorgulanması gereken konulardır. Kısacası birincisi anlamlar ya da kavramları oluşturucu kültürel birikimlerin yansıması olan yapıtın veya şiirin yayımlanmasıyla, diğeri ise şairin kelimelere yüklediği anlam ilgilidir. Şaire ait şiirlerin incelenerek yayımlanması şiir külliyatını anlamanın bir yönünü oluşturuyorsa, o günün sosyal – düşünce yapısının bilmek ise diğer tamamlayıcı tarafını oluşturduğu söylenebilir. Bu konu doğru yapıldığında veya anlamlandırıldığında XVIII. yüzyılın Türkmen bilinç ve düşünce yapısını belirlenmesinde olumlu etkisi olacaktır. Bu demektir ki, aklı önemseyen irfan ehlinden olan Türkmenlerin XVIII. yüzyıldaki bilinç ve düşünce yapısını bilmekle olumlu yaklaşım olabilir. Şairin şiirlerinin yayımlanması ve anlamlandırılması veya içeriği konusunda yol gösterici olan, diğer bir ifade ile bunu gerçekleştirmeye canı gönülden çalışan Ahmet Zeki Velidi Togan’ın yazılarını irdeleyerek belirlemeye çalışacağız. Togan’ın kültürel ortam ve olanakları kullanarak kendisinden önce ve zamanesindeki Mahtumkulu’nun şiirlerinin neşri ve şair hakkındaki betimlemeleri eleştirel değerlendirmelerine geniş yer verilecektir ve başvurulacaktır. Bununla beraber Togan Mahtumkulu’nun şiirlerini kapsamlı olarak ilk defa Orenburg’da 1913 senesinde Şura mecmuasının 12.-17. sayılarında yayımlanması ve şairi “Mahtumkulu’nun şiirleri dinî olmakla beraber “meşrep” veya “Ahmed Yesevi” gibi halis tasavvuf

  20. 格理论指导下的《项羽本纪》兼语式%Analysis on Pivotal Structure in Biographic Sketches of Emperor Xiang Yu under the Guidance of Case Theory

    马王储; 王显志


    兼语式是汉语特有的一种结构形式,《项羽本纪》采用大量兼语式式,其文学语言具有很高的艺术价值和研究价值。乔姆斯基提出的普遍语法格理论为兼语式名称、范围、存废问题的研究提供了理论依据。%Pivotal structure is a special kind of sentence structure in Chinese language ,it adapted many piv‐otal sentence structure in Biographic Sketches of Emperor Xiang Yu ,which is of high aesthetic and re‐search value .The Case theory provides theoretical basis for the discussion of pivotal structure .

  1. Problemas y métodos para la enseñanza del inglés como segunda lengua a los hablantes del mek-a-tel-yu en la provincia de Limón

    Wright M, Fernando


    En este estudio presentaré un esbozo descriptivo del inglés criollo conocido como mek-a-tél-yu (M) que se habla en la provincia de Limón. Mencionaré algunos de los obstáculos que el hablante de esta lengua encuentra en el aprendizaje del inglés normativo que se enseña a nivel de secundaria en Costa Rica y sugeriré métodos y técnicas que el educador podría implementar para mejorar la enseñanza del inglés. 

  2. 降成本增效益在峪耳崖矿业公司的应用%Application of decreasing cost and increasing benefit principle in Yu'erya mining company

    范秀凤; 张晓春


    成本管理是企业管理的重中之重。加强基础管理,千方百计降低成本成了矿业公司内部完成利润指标的法宝。阐述了峪耳崖矿业公司近几年的成本管理体系和标准化成本管理的基本思路,提出生产成本控制措施。%Cost management is the vital part of the overall management of an enterprise .Enhancing basic manage-ment and lowering costs has become the key for companies to fulfill internally expected profits .The paper states funda-mental ideas Yu'erya company adopts for cost management system and normalizing its cost management ,and put for-ward measures to control production costs .

  3. Functional Mechanism of Shao Fu Zhu Yu Wan in Resisting Menalgia No. 4 Hospital of Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province%少腹逐瘀丸抗痛经作用机制研究

    贺克; 刘姣; 李清


    目的:观察少腹逐瘀丸对缩宫素诱发小鼠痛经的镇痛作用及作用机制.方法:取KM小鼠50只,随机分为空白对照组、模型组、丹莪妇康煎膏组、少腹逐瘀丸高剂量组及低剂量组.除空白对照组外,其余各组小鼠灌胃给药同时灌服乙烯雌酚,连续7天.末次给药30 min后,除空白对照组外,其余各组小鼠腹腔注射缩宫素,观察小鼠离体子宫平滑肌收缩变化,小鼠30 min内扭体反应次数,并检测小鼠血浆血栓烷B2(TXB2)、6-酮-前列腺素F1α(6-Keto-PGF1α)及血清超氧化物歧化酶(SOD)、丙二醛(MDA)含量.结果:少腹逐瘀丸能够明显抑制缩宫素诱导小鼠离体子宫平滑肌收缩(P<0.05),使痛经小鼠扭体反应次数有降低趋势,但差异无显著性(P>0.05),并能明显降低小鼠血浆TXB2含量(P<0.05),明显升高血浆6-Keto-PGF1α含量(P<0.05),显著降低血清MDA含量(P<0.01),明显升高血清SOD含量(P<0.05).结论:少腹逐瘀丸对缩宫素诱导小鼠痛经模型具有较好治疗作用,其作用可能与调节TXB2/6-Keto-PGF1α比值、抗氧化有关.%Objective: to observe the analgesic effect and the functional mechanism of Shao Fu Zhu Yu Wan on oxytocin - induced menalgia of mice. Method: 50 KM mice were randomly divided into control group, model group, soft extract group of Dan'e Fukang, high dose and low dose groups of Shao Fu Zhu Yu Wan, all of which, except the first group, were given intragastric administration and diethylstilbestrol for 7 days successively, then in-traperitoneal injection with oxytocin 30 minutes after the last administration, for the purpose to observe the contraction changes of the uterus smooth muscle in vitro, frequency of writhing response in 30 minutes and the following contents: TXB2 , 6 - Keto - PGF1, SOD and MDA. Results: Shao Fu Zhu Yu Wan could inhibit significantly the muscle contraction of the uterus in vitro induced by oxytocin ( P 0. 05 ), significantly decrease TXB2( P <0. 05

  4. 情结与指向:郁达夫小说的现代性内蕴%Complex and Intention:Modern Connotations of Yu Dafu’s Novels

    邓在艳; 聂和平


    Lonely wandering is Yu Dafu’s wanderer attitude and he also gives the same attitude to the heroes in his works. The journey of“He”,“She”and“Y man”to Japan in The Fall is just closely connected with the lonely wandering. In the emotion tone of his works, his national dream and yardstick of females as leads weave an existence land:co-living between wandering and loneliness, coexistence between soothing and vacillation. The paper studies Yu Dafu’s wandering and end-result, soothing and vacillation through analyzing parts of his works to proifle their modern connotations.%孤独的漂泊是郁达夫的行者姿态,同时也将这种姿态赋予其作品中的主人公。《沉论》中“他”“伊人”“丫君”的东洋之行正与这种郁式特有的行者姿态紧密相连。在其作品的情绪基调中,郁达夫式的民族梦想和衡量女性的尺度作为引子缀起了其作品主人公的生存之境——飘零与孤独共生、游移与渴望并存。文章将以郁达夫的部分作品来探视郁达式的飘零与归宿、寄情与游移,从而分析、探讨并彰显其现代性内蕴。

  5. Cloning and Sequencing of glnB and glnZ Genes from Azospirillum brasilense%巴西固氮螺菌Yu62 glnB基因和glnZ基因的克隆和序列分析

    陈三凤; 杨红; 王娟; 李季伦


    glnB基因编码的PII蛋白在巴西固氮螺菌的固氮过程中起着非常重要的调控作用,而glnZ是与glnB高度同源的基因,其产物 Pz可能也在固氮调控中起作用.本研究用PCR法克隆了巴西固氮螺菌Yu62 glnB基因和glnZ基因.DNA序列分析表明glnB和glnZ这2个基因的编码区的长度都为336 bp,编码112个氨基酸.将巴西固氮螺菌Yu62 菌株与标准菌株Sp7的glnB基因和glnZ基因分别进行比较,结果表明这2个菌株的glnB基因在编码区的核苷酸顺序完全相同,而glnZ基因在长336 bp的编码区内有4个碱基发生变化,但改变后都是同义密码子,即编码的氨基酸并未改变.glnB基因和glnZ基因在核苷酸顺序上的同源性高达73.2%,氨基酸顺序的同源性达66.7%.

  6. The Position of Dong Yu Zheng Gui in the History of Japanese Education in China%《东语正规》在中国日语教育史上的意义



    《东语正规》是中国日语教育史上具有划时代意义的一部教材。与此前中国人编写的日语教材仅仅收录日语单词和日常用语相比,《东语正规》详细讲解了日语的语音和语法,对日语的品词进行了细致的划分,标志着中国人的日语学习开始逐渐走向科学和系统。从该书使用的语言学术语来看,该书既参考了当时日语语法书的术语,也借鉴并使用了中国传统语言学的术语来解释相关日语语言现象。%Dong Yu Zheng Gui was an epoch-making textbook in the history of Japanese education in China. Compared with the former Japanese textbook composed by Chinese authors, Dong Yu Zheng Gui gave a detailed description of the phonetics and grammar of Japanese and explained the parts of speech in Japanese in great detail to the Chinese, which indicates that the Chinese had begun to learn Japanese in a scientific and systematic way. From the perspective of the linguistic terminologies in this textbook, we can discover that not only the terminologies in Japanese grammar books at that time but also the terminologies of traditional Chinese were used to explain some linguistic phenomena in Japanese.

  7. 论诗歌翻译的文体风格对等--以许渊冲对李白诗歌的英译本为例%On the Equivalence of Style in Poem Translation:A Case Study on Xu Yuanchong’s English Translation of Li Bai’s Poem



    李白诗歌从古至今广为流传,因语言精练、旋律优美,深受读者喜爱。其诗歌也被多个学者翻译,译本众多,然而以许渊冲的译本广为人知,受到目标语读者的青睐。该文以尤金·奈达的动态对等理论为指导,从语音、词汇和句法三个层面对许渊冲译本进行赏析,探讨诗歌翻译中文体风格的再现。%Li Bai’s poems are popular through ages, loved by audiences because of their concise language and musical rhyme. There are many translation versions, while Xu Yuanchong’s version is known to us and hailed by the target audiences. By the guid⁃ance of Eugene Nida’s Dynamic Equivalence Theory, this thesis tries to appreciate and analyze Xu Yuanchong’s version from three levels, named phonological, lexical and syntactic and discuss the reproduction of literary style in the translation of poems.

  8. Theoretical analysis of optical coupling properties of the waveguide grating with novel rectangular structure

    Yang, Yong-Bin; Wang, Yu-Rong; Yu, Xiao-Qiang


    For the waveguide grating photocoupler with novel structure [Yu XQ, Zhang X, Wong KS, Xu GB, Xu XG, Ren Y, et al. A fabrication of coupling grating in the polymeric waveguide by using two-photon initiated photopolymerization. Mater Lett 2004;58:3879-83. [1]; Yu XQ, Zhang X, Xu GB, Zhao HP, He W, Shao ZS, et al. Fabrication of grating waveguide and coupling grating using two-photon initiated photopolymerization. Chem J Chin Univ 2004;25(10):1931-3 (in Chinese). [2

  9. Cloning and Sequencing of glnZ and the other Genes Clustered Around glnZ from Azospirillum brasilense Yu62%巴西固氮螺菌Yu62 glnZ基因及其相邻基因的克隆和序列分析

    陈三凤; 杨红; 李季伦


    通过原位杂交从巴西固氮螺菌(Azospirillum brasilense)Yu62的基因组文库中获得glnZ基因的阳性克隆,对该阳性克隆进行亚克隆和序列分析,结果表明glnZ基因位于3.7 kb的SaLI片段上。glnZ基因编码区长336 bp,编码的产物是Pz蛋白,由112个氨基酸组成,分子量为1.12 kD。用Blastax 软件对Pz蛋白的氨基酸序列在GenBank数据库中进行同源比较,结果表明Pz蛋白与其它几种固氮菌及大肠杆菌的GlnK蛋白的同源性(identities)达66%以上;与 PII蛋白的同源性达64%以上。glnZ基因上游是部分ubiH-like 基因,与E.coli ubiH基因 (编码辅酶Q,ubiquinone)N-端有31%的同源性(identity)和50%相似性(similarity);glnZ基因下游是aat-like基因,与E.coli和 Bacillus subtilis aat基因(编码天冬氨酸氨基转移酶, aspartate aminotransferase)有同源性和相似性都为26% 和42%;aat-like基因下游是部分ftsK-like基因,与E.coli ftsK基因 (编码肽聚糖, peptidoglycan)N-端有42%同源性和56%相似性。这几个基因在GenBank中的登录号是AF279917。%The glnZ gene of A.brasilense was determined in a 3.7 kb SalI fragment,and ubiH-like,aat-like and ftsK-like genes were clustered around glnZ.A partial ubiH-like gene(required for ubiquinone synthesis)precedes glnZ and is transcribed from the opposite strand.The ubiH-likegene of A.brasilense has 31% identitiy and 50% similarity with ubiH gene of E.coli.The aat(aspartate aminotransferase)-like and ftsK(involved in peptidoglycan synthesis during cell septation )-like genes were found clustered downstream of glnZ.The aat-like gene of A.brasilense has 26% identity and 42% similarity with aat gene of E.coli. The ftsK-like gene of A.brasilense has 42% identity and 56% similarity with ftsKgene of E.coli.The glnZ gene encodes 112 amino acid-long Pz polypeptide, maping between positions 1057~1395bp.The amino acid sequence of Pz from A.brasilense is more than 66% identical to that

  10. 玉屏风颗粒治疗过敏性鼻炎的临床疗效观察%Clinical effects of Yu Pingfeng granule in the treatment of allergic rhinitis

    罗懿明; 易伟民


    目的:观察玉屏风颗粒联合西药治疗过敏性鼻炎的临床疗效。方法:将64例过敏性鼻炎患者随机分为对照组和观察组,每组各32例,两组患者均以西药进行抗过敏治疗,观察组在此治疗基础上加用中药复方制剂玉屏风散颗粒进行治疗,并比较两组患者喷嚏、流涕、鼻塞、鼻痒等临床症状改善时间及治疗2个月后的复发率。结果:观察组患者喷嚏、流涕、鼻塞、鼻痒等临床症状改善时间显著短于对照组,且治疗2个月后的复发率显著低于对照组,差异显著,均具有统计学意义( P﹤0.05)。结论:玉屏风颗粒联合西药治疗过敏性鼻炎的临床疗效显著,值得临床上推广应用。%Objective To observe the clinical effect of Yu Pingfeng granule combined with western medicine in the treatment of allergic rhinitis. Method 64 cases of patients with allergic rhinitis were randomly divided into control group and observation group,32 cases in each group,the patients of two groups were treated with western medicine of anti allergy treatment,on the basis of this,the patients of the observa-tion group were treated with Yu Pingfeng granule,and the improvement time of the clinical symptoms such of sneezing,runny nose,nasal con-gestion,nasal itching of patients in the two groups were compared,the recurrence rate were compared after 2 months of treatment. Results In the observation group,sneezing,runny nose,nasal congestion,nasal itching and other symptoms improved time was significantly shorter than that in control group after 2 months of treatment,and the recurrence rate was significantly lower than the control group,the difference was sig-nificant,the differences were statistically significant(P﹤0. 05). Conclusion The curative effect of Yu Pingfeng granule combined with west-ern medicine in the treatment of allergic rhinitis is significant,which was of clinical application.

  11. 养阴逐瘀汤联合西医常规治疗喉白斑病50例%Treatment for 50 Cases of Laryngeal Leukoplakia with YangYin ZhuYuTang and Conventional Western Medicine



    Objective: To explore clinical effects of YangYin ZhuYuTang, western medicine and surgery in treating laryngeal leukoplakia. Method: One hundred patients were randomized into two groups on average. Operation was performed after anesthesia of nasal surface and the patients of both groups were banned from smoking and drinking, administered with ultrasonic atomizing inhalation, once each time, 60 mg/1mL of gentamycin sulfate injection and 5 mg of dexamthasone each time. Observation group received YangYin ZhuYuTang based on the treatment given to control group, one dose per day, taking after breakfast and supper. One session was one month and both groups were treated for two consecutive sessions. Result: Cure rate and total effective rate of observation groups were 84.00% and 98.00%, superior to 70.00% and 88.00% of control group with notable differences (P<0.05). No adverse reaction or complication occurred in both groups. Conclusion: YangYin ZhuYuTang combined with western medicine and surgery can obtain better clinical effects in treating laryngeal leukoplakia without adverse reaction.%目的:观察养阴逐瘀汤联合西药及手术治疗喉白斑病的临床疗效.方法:将100 例喉白班病患者随机分为2 组,每组50 例.对照组采用鼻腔表面麻醉后进行手术,术后禁烟酒,给予患者超声雾化吸入,1 次/d,每次庆大霉素6 万单位,地塞米松5 mg.观察组在对照组治疗的基础上给予中药养阴逐瘀汤,1 剂/d,早、晚饭后服用.2 组均以1个月为1 个疗程,连续治疗2 个疗程.结果:观察组痊愈率为84.00%,总有效率为98.00%;对照组痊愈率为70.00%,总有效率为88.00%,2 组相比有统计学差异(P<0.05).2 组均未出现或发生不良反应及并发症.结论:养阴逐瘀汤联合西药及手术治疗喉白斑病临床疗效好,无不良反应.

  12. Influence of Qing Jin Zhu Yu Fang iontophoresis on the respiratory function of COPD patients%清金逐瘀方离子导入对COPD患者呼吸功能的影响

    郭义娟; 赵晓霞; 秦玉玲; 黄立强


    Objective:To observe the influence of Qing Jin Zhu Yu Fang iontophoresis on the respiratory function of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD).Methods:120 cases of COPD patients were selected from February 2011 to February 2013.According to random number table method,the patients were divided into the experimental group and the control group with 60 cases in each.The control group was given conventional western medicine treatment,and the experimental group was given Qing Jin Zhu Yu Fang iontophoresis on the basis of conventional western medicine treatment.After treatment for two weeks, the lung function of patients were compared,such as forced expiratory vital capacity(FVC),forced expiratory volume in 1 second(FEV1),FEV1/predicted value(FEV1%),blood gas analysis index(arterial blood oxygen partial pressure PaO2,carbon dioxide pressure PaCO2).Results:After treatment for two weeks,the lung functions of two groups were all significantly improved.FVC,FEV1, FEV1% of the experimental group improved more significantly than those of the control group,and the difference was statistically significant(P<0.05).Conclusion:On the basis of conventional western medicine treatment,adding Qing Jin Zhu Yu Fang iontophoresis can significantly improve lung function in COPD patients,reduce inflammation,and obtain apparent curative effect.%目的:观察清金逐瘀方离子导入对慢性阻塞性肺疾病(COPD)患者呼吸功能的影响。方法:2011年2月-2013年2月收治COPD患者120例,按随机数字表法分为试验组和对照组,每组60例。对照组给予常规西医治疗,试验组在常规西医治疗的基础上予以清金逐瘀方离子导入,治疗2周后对比两组肺功能,即用力呼气肺活量(FVC)、1 s用力呼气容积(FEV1)、FEV1/预计值(FEV1%),血气分析指标(动脉血氧分压 PaO2、二氧化碳分压 PaCO2)。结果:治疗2周后,两组患者肺功能均有显著改善,其中试验组 FVC、FEV1、FEV1%

  13. 李渔观看术:多角色的“喜剧”与跨文体的“创造”*--以韩南《创造李渔》为中心%Ways of Viewing Li Yu:‘Comedies’of Multiple Characters and the‘Invention’of Trans-Genres:On Patrick Hanan’s The Invention of Li Yu



    As a renowned scholar in the field of sinology overseas of literature in the Ming and Qing dynasties, Patrick Hanan, as early as the 1980s, published his book, The Invention of Li Yu, an‘Oriental micro-type’of a book that demonstrates his own theory. Based on that, this article explores the functional signified in the concept of‘comedy’in Hanan’s writin g system, his‘invention’of the concrete strategies executed by Li Yu, the patterned purification of‘sexual texts’in literature, the use of‘inversion’as a vehicle for the cognizance of literary phenomena, the observation and deduction based on such character frames as‘the narrator’and‘sponsor’and the practice of the theoretical view of‘trans-genre’. In fact, Hanan’s is the typical mechanism through which the Orient is viewed in the world of sinology as he has deliberately chosen Li Yu, a Chinese man of letters, as his case to write about and has actively introduced the critical discourse of Western theory. It is only by using a specific theory or perspective as an incision for entry that time, space and cultural differences can be transcended with possible discoveries. Here, the‘telescope’, that inspired Hanan with Li Yu’s fiction and that concerned him, and its principle serve as a behavioral metaphor. What makes Hanan more a forward thinker than otherwise is the fact that he has lifted Li Yu out of phenomenology to the level of methodology and, further, is using him as a mirror image in his literary research for reference, creating an equal and interactive posture of dialogue between Hanan and Li Yu.%作为海外汉学界颇负盛名的中国明清文学研究者,韩南早在20世纪80年代,便推出了彰显个人理论基色的“东方微观型”著作《创造李渔》。本文以此为中心,重点探讨了韩南书写体系中“喜剧”概念的功能性所指,以及“创造”李渔所施行的具体策略:文学中“性文本”的模式化提炼,

  14. Analysis the monitoring results of endemic fluorosis by lowering fluoride in drinking water in Yu County Hebei province%河北省蔚县地方性氟中毒改水降氟监测结果分析

    赵秀平; 王志祥; 郝冬梅; 韩国毅; 杨富花


    目的 掌握河北省蔚县地方性氟中毒病区的改水现状及防治措施、控制效果.方法 选取蔚县55个病区村,对8~12岁儿童氟斑牙患病率及改水设施运行情况进行调查.儿童氟斑牙检查采用Dean氏法,水氟含量检测采用氟离子选择电极法.结果 正常使用的改水工程为29个,受益人口达56 751人,管网末梢水氟含量均值为0.80mg/L,范围为0.2~2.1mg/L.氟斑牙患病率为15.92%,氟斑牙指数为0.27.结论 蔚县地氟病防治取得较好效果,但病区改水降氟的防病措施尚须加强.%Objective To master the drinking water defluoridation current state, preventive measures and control effects in endemic fluorosis areas of Yu County Hebei province. Method Selected 55 endemic villages and investigated the dental fluorosis prevalence rate of 8 to 12 old children and the operation status of drinking water defluoridation facilities. Children's dental fluorosis was examined by Deans, fluoride content in drinking water was determined by fluorion selective electrodes. Results Total of 56 751 people were profited from 29 drinking water defluoridation projects. The average value of fluorides content in water of end pipe network was 0. 80mg/ L (0. 2 ~2. Lmg/L) . The dental fluorosis prevalence rate was 15. 92% and dental fluorosis index was 0. 27. Conclusions Endemic fluorosis prevention and control work received good effect in Yu County, but we still need to improve the drinking water defluoridation projects in endemic areas.

  15. Analysis on the Status and Dynamic Changes of Forest Resources in Yu'an District,Lu'an City%六安市裕安区森林资源现状与动态变化分析

    王升堂; 陈传胜; 黄敏; 倪建华


    利用裕安区2004年与2013年森林资源二类调查数据,分析了森林资源现状特点及十年间的变化。结果表明:全区林地比重较高,占土地总面积的36.31%,林地主要分布在南部低山和中部丘陵岗地地区,北部平原区相对较少;林种、龄组结构比较合理,树种结构有所改善。2004~2013年10年间林地面积、活立木蓄积、森林覆盖率和林木绿化率均实现了增长。裕安区实施生态公益林建设工程、森林增长工程、森林长廊工程取得显著成效,使森林资源快速增长,生态环境安全得到改善。%This paper analyzed the percent characteristics and developing changes of forest resources in Yu'an district according to the 2nd‐class inventory data of years in 2004 and 2013 .The results showed that percentage of the region's forest land was higher , accounting for 36 .31% of the total land area .The distribution of forest land was uneven .Forest land mainly distributed in low mountains located in the south and hilly region in the middle part .Forest resources were poor in the northern plain .The forest categories and age structure of forest were more reasonable and plant species slightly improved .The woodland area ,forest volume of stumpages ,the percentage of forest cover and greening rate achieved growth during 2004‐2013 .There was a rapid growth of forest resources and environmental security was significantly improved in Yu'an district with the implementation of ecological forest construction ,forest grow th projects ,forest corridor project .

  16. Rose with Thrones: On the allegorical features of Yu Hua's novel%带刺的玫瑰——论余华小说的寓言性特征



    作为先锋派的代表作家,余华以其特殊的审美视角和写作风格给文坛带来一股强烈的冲击波。他的小说不以故事的曲折见长,而是以内蕴的丰厚别具一格。他的小说运用了寓言以此喻彼的思维模式和夸张、讽喻、变形、荒诞等寓言的写作手法,才使其能在先锋派诸多优秀作家中脱颖而出,尤其在20世纪90年代引起了评论界的广泛关注,在读者中也是好评如潮。从寓言化的角度来观照余华的小说创作,分析他的小说与寓言之间千丝万缕的联系,以此为突破口,找到一个新的理解余华小说的视域。%Yu Hua, the representative of the avant-garde writers, has brought the literary world a strong shock by his unique aesthetic view and writing style. Rather than stories with good twists and turns, he wrote novels with rich connotation in a style of his own. It is believed that the writer is good at applying fables in his fiction with such writin deformation and absurdity, which enable him to stan g d techniques as hyperbole, metaphor, allegory, out among the excellent avant-garde writers. Especially in the 1990 his novels aroused wide concern of critics and readers as well. This paper aims to study Yu Hua's novel writing from the allegorical his novels and the fables there are to find perspective and analyze the relationship between a better appreciation of the writer and his novels.

  17. Content determination of amygdalin in Xue Fu Zhu Yu oral liquid by HPLC-ELSD%HPLC-ELSD法测定血府逐瘀口服液中苦杏仁苷的含量

    孙琦; 仲崇琳; 杨美林


    Objective:To develop a method for the content determination of amygdalin in Xue Fu Zhu Yu oral liquid.Methods:High performance liquid chromatography-evaporative light-scattering detector method was used.The chromatographic column was octadecylsilane chemically bonded silica as the filler,the moving phase was methanol-water(25:75),the flow velocity was 1ml one minute,the column temperature was 30℃.The drift tube temperature of evaporative light-scattering detector was 105℃,air or nitrogen was as the atomizing gas,its flow velocity was 3.0L one minute.Results:The incoming sample amount of amygdalin was 0.856~4.28 μ g,the natural logarithm of peak area and the natural logarithm of incoming sample amount had good linear relationship(r=0.9995),the average recovery was 99.06% ,RSD=1.39(n=6).Conclusion:This method is sensitive,accurate,can be used for the content determination of amygdalin in Xue Fu Zhu Yu oral liquid.%目的:建立测定血府逐瘀口服液中苦杏仁苷的含量的方法。方法:采用高效液相色谱-蒸发光散射检测器法。色谱柱为十八烷基硅烷键合硅胶为填充剂,流动相为甲醇-水(25:75),流速控制在1ml/分,柱温控制在30℃;蒸发光散射检测器的漂移管温度控制105℃,空气或氮气作为其中的雾化气体,其流速控制在3.0L/分。结果:苦杏仁苷的进样量0.856~4.28μg,其峰面积的自然对数与进样量的自然对数具有良好的线性关系(r=0.9995),平均回收率99.06%,RSD=1.39(n=6)。结论:该方法灵敏、准确,可用于血府逐瘀口服液中苦杏仁苷的含量测定。

  18. A New Book on the Law System of the Golden Horde: Pochekaev R.Yu. Legal Culture of the Golden Horde (Historical and Legal Essays (Moscow: Yurlitinform, 2015. 312 p.

    D.V. Nefedov


    Full Text Available This book is a study at the intersection of such academic disciplines as general history, history of state and law and source study. The subcect of R.Yu. Pochevalev’s book appears very relevant since the interest of the scientific community and readership toward the Golden Horde and its role in the history of the Russian state remains traditionally high for several centuries. However, the author is trying to take a fresh look at this state and refute the stereotype of the Golden Horde as a some kind of bunch of nomads who lived only by plundering neighboring sedentary peoples. He succeeds in this by studying such an important part of the Golden Horde history as its law and legal culture. The book examines a number of questions on the history of state and law of the Golden Horde, which have not previously been the subject of a special study (for example, possessions of the Golden Horde in other uluses, dualism of power in different states, relations between authorities and traders, etc.. On some other issues that have already been studied by experts, he proposes new interpretations in the framework of historical and legal approach (for example, the causes of intestine strife in the Golden Horde in the mid-14th century, yarliks of the Golden Horde khans granted to the Russian Chruch, relations of the Golden Horde rulers and Italian colonies in the Northern Black Sea region. The author examines to a great extent the themes of state and legal regulation of economic relations: status of merchants in the Golden Horde and post-Golden Horde states, role of economic sanctions in the resolution of political conflicts. In other essays contained in the book, the author also emphasizes the role of the economic component of the political and legal relations. For example, R.Yu. Pochekaev convincingly shows that relations of the Golden Horde with other states of the Mongol Empire was based on the principle of mutual provision of possessions to the rulers of

  19. 徐筱汀戏曲研究的主要特色与学术贡献*--民国时期戏曲研究学谱之十六%Main Characteristics and Academic Contributions of Xu Xiaoting's Traditional Opera Research

    赵兴勤; 赵韡


    Xu Muyun is a world-famous historian of the traditional Chinese opera.His younger brother Xu Xiaoting also falls in love with Chinese opera.He is versatile in the opera research in that his study covers the Chinese opera's history,performance,education,music and costumes,etc.and has achieved great success in these aspects.His academic views have been frequently quoted by distinguished scholars both at home and abroad.His Chinese opera creation includes the plays performed by Xun Huisheng, one of the four leading actors in Beijing opera,and the sensational plays such as"Lu Wenlong"and"Spanking the Princess",etc.Xu Xiaoting's study of opera characters and opera terminology and his study of"Shanghai style" and"Beijing style",two different schools of Beijing opera,have much academic values for they have blazed the trail in the Chinese opera research.%戏曲史家徐慕云驰名中外,其弟徐筱汀亦与戏曲结缘,且堪称多面手。在戏曲研究方面,涉及戏曲史、戏曲演出、戏曲教育、戏曲音乐、戏曲服饰等多个领域,且均取得不俗成果,其学术观点屡为国内外著名学者征引;在戏曲创作方面,曾为四大名旦之一的荀慧生写过剧本,并编有《陆文龙》、《打金枝》等轰动一时的剧目。徐筱汀的戏曲脚色研究、戏曲术语研究、“京派”“海派”研究等,在一定意义上开风气之先,颇具学术价值。

  20. Historical Responsibility Thought of Intergenerational Climate Justice:Discussion with Dr. XU Feng%代际气候正义中的历史责任沉思--兼与徐峰博士商榷



    The formation of climate change is not only a specific social and historical process, and also a process of constantly from local to global. As a product of modern industrial civilization, the issue of climate change is the consequence of modernity. Intergenerational climate justice deals with the relationship between in-tergenerational justice on climate resource allocation and consumption, mainly includes the former generations should bear what kind of historical responsibility and contemporary people have what kind of obligation for the future. In identification of the historical responsibility of Intergenerational climate justice, Dr. Xu Feng proposed“pardonable ignorance” can not disclaim for atmospheric pollution behavior of developed countries or the previ-ous generation�s exemption. The basis of historical responsibility in the developed countries is “reasonable care”. Human beings must conduct social cooperation under the condition of limited resources, and the “rea-sonable care” is able to guarantee the smooth realization of the social cooperation and social development;Cli-mate change is the important embodiment of modernity risk, “reasonable care” is an effective idea to address climate change. Imputation foothold on climate change is that the parties to the main body of the behavior, it is the main body failed to fulfill their obligation to“reasonable care” and has caused the global greenhouse effect.%气候变化问题的生成既是一个具体的社会历史进程,也是一个不断地由地方性转向全球性的过程。作为现代工业文明的产物,气候变化问题是现代性的后果。代际气候正义处理的是代际之间在气候资源配置与消费上的正义关系,主要包括前代人应该承担什么样的历史责任和当代人对未来人具有什么样的义务。在代际气候正义的历史责任认定上,“可原谅的无知”不能为发达国家或前代人的大气污染行为免

  1. Attention to Difficult Growth of Children——On the Images of Children in Cries in the Drizzle by Yu Hua%关注儿童的艰难成长——论余华小说《在细雨中呼喊》的儿童形象



    Yu Hua presents children of several images lonely,treacherous and melancholy in the novel of Cries in the Drizzle.Yu describes their difficult growth always with blood,violence and death,which is resistent to the oppression of the adult world,with violence against violence.Concern with the fate of children is the concern with the fate of adult.%余华的长篇小说《在细雨中呼喊》中有几类儿童形象,或孤独或叛逆或忧郁。余华以一贯的血腥、死亡、暴力描述了这些儿童艰难的成长,其实是以此反抗成人世界的压迫,以暴力反对暴力。关注儿童的命运,也是关注成人的命运。

  2. The Summary of Professor Yu Juan's Experience of Massage for Infantile Anorexia%于娟教授推拿治疗小儿厌食症经验总结

    蔡可燕; 于娟; 刘明; 任艳; 王莉; 霍晶晶


    Infantile anorexia is a clinical common disease, the growing development may even be affected in serious cases. Professor Yu Juan, as a few of domestic doctoral tutors that engages in infantile massage studies, has unique understanding on treating infantile anorexia by massage. This ar-ticle would try to summarize tutor's experience of massage for infantile anorexia, in order to provide some references for clincial practice.%小儿厌食症是临床常见病,严重者会影响小儿的生长发育。于娟教授作为国内为数不多的专业从事小儿推拿研究工作的博士研究生导师,对推拿治疗此病有独特认识。本文试将导师推拿治疗小儿厌食症的经验进行总结,以供临床参考。

  3. 新峪矿综放工作面注氮气泡沫防灭火技术应用%Application of fire fighting technology of nitrogen foam injection on fully mechanized coal face in Xin Yu mine coal

    孙红俊; 陈军伟; 康怀宇


    氮气防灭火技术是防治煤层内因火灾的有效技术措施之一,但氮气轻,易流失,本文针对新峪矿5110综放工作面的实际情况,采用了氮气泡沫结合的方法进行防灭火,对注氮设备、注氮方式、注氮工艺、进行了详细的阐述,并对防灭火效果进行了深入分析。%Fire fighting technology of nitrogen injection is one of the most effective technical measures in preventing coal seam fire.However,nitrogen is light and loses easily.Regarding the practical situation on 5110 fully mechanized coal face of Xin Yu mine coal,this thesis analyzes the combination of nitrogen and foam for firefighting technology.It elaborates the nitrogen produce equipment,nitrogen injection way,and nitrogen injection technology.Furthermore,it analyzes the fire control results in details.

  4. 刘宇教授中医药治疗运动神经元病经验%Experience of Prof. LIU Yu for treating motor neuron disease inTCM

    曹静; 武庆花


    刘宇教授是山东省济南市中医医院主任中医师、教授、硕士生导师,原山东省卫生厅副厅长、毛主席保健专家刘惠民先生的嫡孙。在中医学众多领域都有很高深的造诣,尤善治疗疑难杂病。在治疗运动神经元病时强调补益肝肾、调理脾胃,取得较好疗效。%Professor LIU Yu is the director phsician, Professor and master advisor in TCM hospital of Jinan city of Shandong province. He has a very profound attainment in many fields of TCM, especially good at treating difficult diseases. In the treatment of motor neuron disease, the treatment of supplementing liver and kidney, regulating Pi and Wei, had achieved great successes.

  5. 爱情碎片中映出的时代图景——读于晓威长篇小说《我在你身边》%Yu Xiaowei' s Novel I Am with You Interpreted



    The novel I Am with You by Yu Xiaowei is about a young couple' s love story from the very beginning to the end of their life. As mirrored in the novel, the modemized society makes obsolete the universally ac- cepted beliefs in morality, stability and personality; while the so-called new code of life like flexibility or versatility does not necessarily make people happy. What may the future bring for human beings? In the novel, a genuine and profound introspection is made on the complexity of actual life as well as the conflict and confusion of human beings.%于晓威的长篇小说《我在你身边》写的是一对青年男女的爱情故事,写爱情的从有到无、从生到死。现代化社会使道德与约束、坚守与稳定、人格与自我等一贯为我们所认可的范畴变得陈旧、过时,而完全的灵活、变通等所谓新的生活准则也并未能使人走上幸福之路。人何去何从?小说对现实生活的复杂和人的矛盾困惑进行了真实、深刻的反思。

  6. 郁达夫对日本文化和日本国民性的认识%Yu Dafu's Recognition of Japanese Culture and Japanese National Character



    Yu Dafu's recognition of Japanese culture and Japanese national character from the early favor of Japanese culture and sad telling about weak people to rational evaluation of Japanese culture and Japanese national character in 1930s includs a tangle of love and hate feelings. He takes Japan as a reference to China~s national culture and national characters, and then makes criticism on them, which is just a miniature of the recognition of Japan of the Chinese who studied in Japan in Meiji Taisho Period.%郁达夫对日本文化和日本国民性的认识从早期对日本文化的喜爱和弱国子民的悲哀诉说到20世纪30年代对日本文化和国民性的理性评价,包含着爱与憎的感情纠结。他以日本为镜子参照本民族文化和国民性,进而对之进行批判,这正是明治大正时期留学日本的一代中国人认识日本的缩影。

  7. 从语境顺应理论看《虞美人》的英译%On the Translation of Yu Meiren:From the Perspective of Contextual Adaptation Theory

    朱媛媛; 刘娟


      In Understanding Pragmatics, Verschueren puts forward that language use is a dynamic process in which various linguistic choices should be made. As a form of language uses, translation is also influenced greatly by the Adaptation Theory. Thus, this paper, from the perspective of the Contextual Adaptation Theory, endeavors to analyze the English versions of Yu Meiren from the mental world, physical world and the social world to find out how these three translations make linguistic choices to adapt to the artistic conception of the text.%  Verschueren在其《语用学新解》中提出,语言使用的过程是一个不断选择语言的过程。翻译活动作为语言使用的一种形式,也受到语言顺应理论很大的影响。本文试图从顺应理论的角度出发,对《虞美人》的英译从心理世界、物理世界和交际世界三个方面进行讨论,分析译文是如何来顺应原文的意境的。

  8. A Study of Water Accessibility Landscape of City Watercourses:A Case Study of River Bank Landscape Design along Xu Xiake Avenue,Ninghai%城市河道亲水景观研究——以宁海徐霞客大道大溪两岸景观设计为例

    陈倩倩; 马军山


    城市河道是特殊的滨水环境,文中以宁海徐霞客大道大溪两岸景观设计为例,阐述城市河道亲水景观设计的理念及其内容并提出亲水景观营造的方法。%Water is an element of vitality,and waterbody brings life and vigor to its surrounding environment.City watercourse is a special waterfront environment.Taking the river bank landscape design along Xu Xiake Avenue in Ninghai as the example,the paper described the concept and content of water accessibility landscape design along city watercourses,and elaborated the methods for the landscape building.

  9. News Events and Meaning of Novel Text---A case study of Yu Hua′s "The Seventh Day"%新闻事件与小说文本的意义∗--以余华的《第七天》为例



    余华的新作《第七天》,是一部可以被当作新闻阅读的小说文本。新闻事件经想象与虚构在小说文本中的运用既能体现出其现实价值,也反映出余华创作观念与方法上的一些变化。《第七天》里新闻事件与小说文本分别采用的官方报道与民间叙事立场的不同与对比,则是余华审视现实社会的一种独特探索方式。不过小说的艺术世界与现实世界的失衡也折射出余华在直面现实时的精神焦灼以及艺术处理的不妥之处。%The Seventh Day, a new book by Yu Hua, is a novel text which can be regarded as a kind of news read-ing. News events, through the application of imagination and fiction in the novel text, can reflect both their real value and some changes of Yu Hua′s creative ideas and methods in his writing. The difference and comparison of the official reports and the folk narration standpoint respectively adopted in news events and the novel text of The Seventh Day is Yu Hua′s u-nique exploring way of surveying the realistic society. But the unbalance between art world and real world also reflects Yu Hua′s mental anxiety when he faces the real world and the inappropriateness in his dealing with art.

  10. From Salvation to Revelry——The Conversion of Violence Depiction about the Cultural Revolution from 1986 and Brothers Written by Yu Hua%由救赎到狂欢——从《一九八六》、《兄弟》看余华关于“文革”暴力叙事的转换



    The violence of the "Cultural Revolution" was the theme that YuHua presented and pondered with strong desire in his novels,and some of them that mattered the violence showed us the Aesthetics of Violence.The exaggeration about the violence essentially reflects the tense relations between the author and the reality.The novels in different times of YuHua showed the way to deal with the tensity.1986,an early works of YuHua and his latest novel Brothers,that showed different opinions about the violence of the "Cultural Revolution".Through the text perusing of the two representative works of YuHua,the article showed us the conversion of violence depiction about the" Cultural Revolution".%"文革"暴力是余华在小说中极力呈现和思考的主题,一些涉及暴力题材的小说显现了"暴力美学"。这种对暴力的极端渲染,其本质原因是作家和现实存在的紧张关系。余华不同时期的小说体现了处理这种紧张的方式,在早期的《一九八六》和近期的《兄弟》中,余华表达了对"文革"暴力不同的看法。这两个具有代表性的文本,反映了余华关于"文革"暴力叙事的变化。

  11. 松郁安神方对REM睡眠剥夺大鼠认知功能及神经递质的影响%Effects of Song-Yu-An-Shen-Fang on Learning and Memory Capability and Levels of neurotransmitter in REM Sleep Deprivation Rats

    曾雪爱; 黄俊山; 王雅丽


    Objective: To observe the effects of the compound Song-Yu-An-Shen-Fang on learning and memory capability and levels of monamine-neurotransmitter in REM sleep deprivation rats. Methods: The rats were randomly divided into normal group, environment control group, REM sleep deprivation group, Song-Yu-An-Shen-Fang treatment group and alprazolam treatment group. Morris water maze was used to measure Learning and memory performance. The levels of NE, DA and 5-HT were determined by HPLC-ECD. Results; Song-Yu-An-Shen-Fang improved the learning and memory capability of REM sleep deprivation rats and regulated the levels of NE, DA and 5-HT in plasma. Conclusion: Song-Yu-An-Shen-Fang can significantly improve the learning and memory capability in REM sleep deprivation rats, the underlying mechanism may be related to regulate the levels of some neurotransmitters.%目的:研究松郁安神方对REM睡眠剥夺大鼠认知功能及血浆中神经递质的影响.方法:药物治疗5d后水迷宫实验观察大鼠的学习记忆,用高效液相-电化学检测NE、DA、5-HT的含量.结果:中药治疗后大鼠的学习记忆能力较模型组明显改善,NE含量明显降低,DA、5-HT含量明显升高.结论:松郁安神方不仅可改善REM睡眠剥夺大鼠的学习记忆能力,而且可调节大鼠睡眠相关物质NE、DA、5-HT的含量,其学习记忆能力的改变可能与某些神经递质的改变有关.

  12. 20世纪中国文学的异文化观照——从《变形记》与《一九八六年》看卡夫卡对余华的影响%In twentieth Century the Chinese literature from Cultural Perspective --Influence of Kafka's ‘The Metamorphosis' on Yu Hua' s ‘The 1986'



    This article analyses the influence of Austrian writer Kafka on Yu Hua who is one of the Chinese vanguard writers in the style of the two novels The Metamorphosis and The 1986. Not only on narrative style, but on the mode of plot, the processing of details and the thought of theme, Yu Hua echoes from afar with Kafka who is the originator of modernist sehool in the 20th century. Such influence en- abled Yu Hua to break through and innovate from the level of both the form and tile thought in his novels. Under the deep influence of Kafka, Yu Hua' s creation, has witnessed space for free expression and no longer gets bogged down in the bondage of reality.%摘要:本文从影响研究的角度,以《变形记》和《一九八六年》两部短篇小说为例,分析奥地利作家卡夫卡对中国先锋作家余华的影响。余华的《一九八六午》在叙事风格、情节模式、细节处理和主题思路方面,均与20世纪现代文学鼻祖卡夫卡遥相呼应。这种影响使余华的写作无论是在形式层面上还是在思想层面上,都有了相当的突破与创新;在卡夫卡的深刻影响下,余华的创作同时有了一个自由表述的空间,而不再拘泥于现实的束缚。

  13. Repetition or Breakthrough——On the Status Quo & Dilemma of Xu Guixiang′s Writing%老调重弹,抑或突出重围——论徐贵祥创作现状及其困顿



    Since the 1990s,the creation condition of Xu Guixiang has progressed steadily.After the publication of Historical Sky,Immediately World causes its creation enter into the peak condition once again.Re-read through all his works once again,behind the highly praise of the readers,you will find that his writing is marked with the trace of duplicating himself inevitably.And in characterization,heroic growth,etc.appears the patterning tendency.Under the dilemma of the subject explanation is exhaustive and writing resources is over exploitation,what should Xu Guixiang manage in following creation,this is the reality the writer must be faced,also the reader′s expectations.%20世纪90年代伊始,徐贵祥在小说创作之路上一直稳步前行。《马上天下》的问世使其创作继《历史的天空》之后又一次走向巅峰。但其创作在好评如潮的背后还是不可避免地打上了重复的烙印,并在人物形象塑造、英雄成长等方面出现了模式化倾向。在已有主题阐释详尽、写作资源过度开发的窘境下,徐贵祥在接下来的创作中何去何从,这是作者必须面对的现实,也是读者的期待。

  14. Disclosing New Meanings from Classical Thoughts and Making Fresh Explanations out of Prehistoric Works:Interpretation of Pre-Qin Confucianism by Mr.Xu Fuguan%赋古典以新义,出新解于陈编--徐复观先生先秦儒学诠释述略



    Mr.Xu Fuguan is one of a handful figures specialized in both ideology and academic study in the 20th century.His interpretation on Pre-Qin Confucianism not only embodies his noble aspiration to return to tradition and be creative,but also reflects his ambition to elaborate the Chinese culture.With unique approaches and self-consciousness,his interpretation focused on the theory of human nature and rule of morality.Being an important monument,the influential arguments of Mr.Xu Fuguan enforced his own scholarly attainment and benefit the academic circle as well.%徐复观先生是20世纪屈指可数的思想与学术俱称大师之人物,其对于先秦儒学之诠释,体现了其返本开新之宏愿,亦见其疏释中国文化之雄心。其于先秦儒学之诠释,有其独特之方法与态度自觉。徐复观所诠释之先秦儒学,主要体现于人性论与德治思想两方面。其论建基于文献之梳理与归纳,其说深契于儒家义理之堂奥,深造自得,嘉惠学林,至今仍为难以逾越之丰碑。

  15. Ecological Prose“The Cambridge I Know”by Xu Zhi-Mo and His Ecological Ideal%论徐志摩生态散文《我所知道的康桥》及其生态理想



      徐志摩《我所知道的康桥》是中国现代生态散文的代表作。作家以留学剑桥大学的生活体验为书写对象,描绘了一幅自然与人文和谐统一的校园生态画卷,表现了作家热爱自然、崇尚生命、向往自由、追求本真的生态理想。徐志摩生态观的形成不仅受到江南地域生态文化与中国传统生态观念的浸润,还受到受西方浪漫主义文学思潮与剑桥大学校园生态文化的滋养。%The Cambridge I know by XU Zhi-Mo is a masterpiece of modern Chinese ecological prose. Set on his life in University of Cambridge, the essay draws a picture of a campus where human is harmonious with nature, and expresses the writer’s ecological ideal for nature, life, freedom and inwardness. The ecological viewpoint of XU Zhi-Mo is not only affected by ecological culture in South China and traditional Chinese ecological concept, but also by ecological thought of the western romanticism literary trend and ecological culture of the University of Cambridge.

  16. A Discussion of how Emperor Li Yu Was Highly- priced as Sakyamuni or Jesus Christ by Wang Guowei%以“沈腰潘鬓”而“担荷罪恶”——王国维如何把李煜推高至“释迦”“基督”的地位



    王国维《人间词话》对李煜作品的评价认为,李煜"俨有释迦、基督担荷人类罪恶之意"。对此学界解说纷纭。从王国维的学识背景、哲学思想及文学创作等进行分析可以了解,在对人生的追究与考索方面,王国维与李后主有相似之处,这是把李煜推高至"释迦""基督"的教主地位的原因。%Wang guowei highly priced Li Yu, the emperor of Tang dynasty, as Sakyamuni or Jesus Christ in his book Ren Jian Ci Hua. However, there are various reviews and contentions on this comment. From Wang Guowei' s academic background, philosophical thinking and literature writing, it can be concluded that Wang Guowei and Li Yu had some thing in common in life pursuing and exploring, which explains why Wang Guowei highly priced Emperor Li Yu as Sakyamuni or Jesus Christ.

  17. To Touch Absurdity in History and Reality: Philosophical Interpretation to Yu Xiaowei' s Novels%在历史和现实中触摸荒诞——于晓威小说的哲学解读



    Yu Xiaowei is a novelist with the consciousness of tragedy, whose novels always display his persistent thinking about human, life and destiny. Absurdity is the key word of his works, for it is the cause as well as the conclusion of his creation: he finds the pervasiveness and irresistibility of absurdity while examining both the history and reality. His narration of humans in absurdity highlights the value of life and existence, and reveals the meaning of life instead of expressing tragedy only. Besides, his passion of exploration enables him to extend his art feelers deeply, which shows his sober rationality as a writer.%于晓威是有着悲剧意识的当代小说家,其创作一直体现着对人、人生、人的命运的关注与思考,“荒诞”是其小说创作的核心性词语。他在对历史和现实的双重审视中发现了荒诞的普遍性和不可抗拒性,可以说,荒诞既是他创作的起因,也是他探索的结论。对处于荒诞中的人的叙写凸显出生命、生存的价值,也使得小说避免了单纯的悲感而彰显出人生的意义。探索的激情促使他不断将艺术的触角延伸至生活的深处,表现出一个作家清醒的理性。

  18. 中国近代心理学史上的丁韪良及其《性学举隅》%Ding Weiliang and His Xing Xue Ju Yu in the History of Modern Chinese Psychology



    传教士丁韪良出于借心理学来传播宗教的目的在1898年出版了,这是融入了许多西方科学心理学知识的中文心理学著作.中国最早开设心理学课程的登州文会馆的两名毕业生在丁韪良撰写过程中进行了笔述工作.丁韪良曾为益智书会撰写心理学教材但未完成,益智书会转而出版了颜永京的(上本).以丁题目及其为纽带,19世纪后半叶中国近代心理学发展进程中的几个重要事件构成了一副较完整的历史图景,反映出中国近代心理学的发展与宗教传播有着密切联系.吸收了当时西方心理学前沿性的生理心理学知识,向中国引介了催眠术和颅相学知识,并对中国的"五官说"、"七情说"进行了修正与补充,同时也借用了汉字的造字法来阐述其部分心理学观点.由于丁韪良向中国传播心理学是其宜传宗教思想的手段之一,而颜永京译述海文原著的更倾向于向中国传播心理学这一学科,强调了心理学与众多学科的联系和应用价值,因此丁韪良在心理学术语创制上的历史功绩要逊于颜永京.颜永京于1882年将psychology翻译为"心才学",这是目前发现心理学学科的最早汉语翻译名称.%Xing Xue Ju Yu 性学举隅 (Introduction to psychology) was written by the American missionary Ding Weiliang (W. A. P. Martin). As one of the earliest books on psychology written in Chinese, it was published in 1898. This book contains three prefaces written by Qing premier Li Hongzhang, Luo Shanzhi and Ding, which was written in a form of question and answer. It contains a brief outline, with fifteen chapters in the first volume named Ling Cai灵才, and fourteen chapters in the second volume named Xin De心德. In this publication on psychology, Ding introduced the state-of-the-art psychological knowledge in the West, largely in the field of physiological psychology, along with some psychological theories, such as hypnotism and

  19. 贾雨村形象特点及其在《红楼梦》文本中的作用%JiaYu-cun's Characteristics and the Role He Plays in the A Dream of Red Mansions



    Jia Yu-cun is one of the earliest characters appearing in the A Dream of Red Mansions. He was a typical scholar in that age and chose a way which was regarded as an orthodox way of official career. In this text, he was a poor scholar and then became a high-ranking official through taking the imperial examinations, and thus realized his dream of a scholar's ideal. He was one of the successful people in the age, and was considered to be a good example for Baoyu by parents in Jia Mansion. The author leads the readers into the story step by step through the description of his activities. Jia Yucun is a clue character throughout the whole book.%贾雨村是《红楼梦》中最早出现的人物之一,他是那一时代读书人的一个典型,走的是当时被奉为正途的仕途经济的道路。在书中他由一个穷书生通过科举应试做了大官,实现了作为一个读书人的理想追求,是当时社会里的成功人士,被贾府家长看作宝玉学习的样板。作者就是通过他的活动将读者一步步引入红楼故事中,贾雨村是一个贯穿始终的线索式人物。

  20. High performance liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry with programmed ionization mode switching and time segment scanning approach for quantifying multi-components in traditional complex herbal medicines, Qiong-Yu-Gao as an example.

    Xu, Jin-Di; Wu, Jie; Zhou, Shan-Shan; Shen, Hong; Mao, Qian; Zhu, He; Kong, Ming; Li, Song-Lin


    An improved high performance liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry (HPLC-ESI-MS) method was developed to quantitatively evaluate the holistic quality of traditional complex herbal medicines (CHMs). Qiong-Yu-Gao (QYG), a classical CHM consisting of Rehmanniae Radix, Poriae and Ginseng Radix, was used as an example. Thirty-eight major components (including six pairs of epimers/isomers) belonging to five chemical types, i.e., iridoid glycosides, phenethylacohol glycosides, furfural derivatives, ginsenosides and triterpenoid acids, were selected as marker compounds. Programmed ionization mode switching and time segment scanning were designed to improve the sensitivity of the MS detection concerning the diverse chemical features of the analytes. The reference compounds of the analytes were individually injected directly into MS to optimize the ionization cone voltage and to select monitoring ion of each analyte. Nine channels with eight time segments were determined for monitoring the thirty-eight analytes, among which six were detected in positive and thirty-two in negative ion modes respectively. Higher signal-to-noise ratios of the analytes were achieved when compared with full time scanning. In addition, the linearity, precision, accuracy and stability of the method were also validated. The established method was applied for the quantitative evaluation of QYG samples prepared with three different methods. Obvious difference in the contents of thirty-eight components, in particular the original ginsenosides, degraded ginsenosides and furfural derivatives, was found among these QYG samples. All these results demonstrated that the established HPLC-ESI-MS with programmed ionization mode switching and time segment scanning approach is very suitable for the standardization investigation of CHMs.

  1. Motivation of the Theory of Studying poetry under the guidance of ideas of Zen Proposed by YanYu%浅析严羽《沧浪诗话》“以禅喻诗”的审美动因



    严羽“以禅喻诗”的提出,在诗歌理论创作上无疑是一面旗帜。进一步说,“以禅喻诗”上升到审美意义层面,其审美意义上的贡献也是毋庸置疑的。审美活动作为人的一种精神上的高层次追求,其审美主体不同,审美需求也会随之不同,审美的心理动因也必然会随之表现出多元化的倾向;反之,即使审美主体相同,表现出的审美心理动因也会不尽相同。旨在从审美心理等方面揭示严羽《沧浪诗话》“以禅喻诗”的审美动因。%Studying poetry under the guidance of ideas of Zen put forward by YanYu, which is undoubtedly a banner in the the-ory of poetry study.Aesthetic activities is a spirit pursuit of the aesthetic subject , the psychological motivation shows a diversified tendency;conversely, even if the same aesthetic subjects may show different psychological motivation.In order to reveal the aes-thetic psychology and other aspects of YanYu’ s CanglangShihua, it is necessary for us to study the theory of Studying poetry under the guidance of ideas of Zen.

  2. Journal of Neijiang Normal University%On ZHANG Zhu-po’s Standards of Comment on Characters in Chin Ping Mei:A Case Study of WU Yue-niang and MENG Yu-lou



    In ZHANG Zhu-po’s comments on ChinPing Mei,we can find great difference of commenting between WU Yue-niang and MENG Yu-lou.He took WU as a “wicked good person”and poured blames on her;in contrast,he called MENG a “real good person”and believed that she was the proj ection of the writer herself in the novel.This is because that the commentator merged the feeling of his life and the standards of comment on characters in pursuing certain values into his com-ment.These include three aspects:moral standards of wealth and sex,traditional words and deeds of rite and virtue,positio-ning of literati’s self-regarding images and second wives.%张竹坡批评《金瓶梅》中,对吴月娘和孟玉楼的评价有着较大差异:视吴月娘为“奸险好人”,大加贬斥;称孟玉楼为“真正好人”,认为她是作者本人在小说中的投射。原因在于评点者融入自己身世之感与价值追求所建立的人物品评标准。这主要包括三个方面:财与色的道德尺度、礼与贤的传统言行、继室与文人自喻的形象定位。

  3. 余华小说《河边的错误》中的文革叙述分析%Narrative of Cultural Revolution in Yu Hua’s MistakesbytheRiver

    郭兴; 张岚


    余华早期的作品《河边的错误》是一部反映其文革体验的作品。在历史意蕴层面,《河边的错误》通过小孩和主人公马哲对河边世界的探索来建构文学世界中的文革社会,反映了文革社会的荒谬性。在哲学意识层面,河边世界的疯子被赋予了深刻的意义,暗示着人类永恒的原始生命力和性冲动,以及人类本性中永恒的“恶魔性”因素。作品通过“探索者”和具有历史普遍意义的疯子来反映世界的荒谬性。%Early works of Yu Hua, Mistakes by the River , is a reflection of his experience during the Cultural Revolution. In the implication level of history, through the river exploration of the child and Mazhe in Mistakes by the River, it constructs Cultural Revolution society in literature to reflect its absurdity. In the philosophy level of consciousness, the profound meaning is given to a madman in the river world, suggesting primitive, eternal vitality and sex drive of humans, as well as the eternal human nature:factors of demon. His works reflect the absurdity of the world through the"Explorer"and a madman with a history of general significance.

  4. 从剧场性看曹禺戏剧文体的范式意义%On Paradigmatic Style of Cao Yu's Plays from the Perspective of Theatricality



    Cao Yu creats a kind of dramatic literature that sets the stage performance as its highest goal. He insists that literariness and theatricality should be developed simultaneously and the latter made a pri- ority; as a result, his dramatic texts have not only the literary tension but also theatrical attraction, which can be both read and performed and therefore keep unfailing in the history of Chinese drama. By catering to various tastes and telling bittersweet stories, his poetic plays show a nationalized characteristic of the Chinese drama and set up a paradigm for its development.%曹禺创造了一种以舞台演出为最高目标的戏剧文学。他坚持文学性与剧场性并举,且始终将剧场性放在首位,使戏剧文本既具有文学的张力,又具有剧场的引力,既可读又可演,从而打造了中国现代话剧史上久演不衰的风景。曹禺这种既可读又可演的戏剧,以其雅俗兼备的审美定位、悲喜交织的审美形态、诗化戏剧的审美取向,显示了中国话剧民族化的文体特征,树立了中国话剧的发展范式。

  5. 李煜«浪淘沙.帘外»二元结构研究%A Study On LiYu"Lang Tao Sha.Lian Wai"Binaryopposition structure



    二元对立是结构主义重要的理论基础和批评方式,其源于索绪尔语言学理论的二元对立理论。李煜«浪淘沙。帘外»全词充满了结构主义的二元对立结构形式,词作以历时和共时的二元对立的言语层面,融入了作者强烈的个人情感,以“赤子之真”构建了天上、人间二元对立的艺术世界,展现了雄奇、幽怨的艺术境界,开拓了词的境界。现从结构主义语言学理论的历时和共时的方法对词作进行相应的研究,以彰显其词的内涵。%binary is an important theoretical basis and structuralism criticism way,it is the re-sult of somalia's introduction,linguistics theory,theory of binary opposition.Li yu"LangTaoSha. Lian Wai"the word is full of the binary structure of structuralism,words in the words of binary op-position of diachronic and synchronic level,strong personal feelings into the author,in order to build heaven and earth"nobody really"the art world of dualism,and showed the artistic state of Japan,bit-terness,opens up a word boundary.Now from the diachronic and synchronic structural linguistics theory to research method,therefore,to reveal the connotation of the word.

  6. Professor LIU Yu-xin's Treatment Characteristics Experience on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome%刘宇新教授治疗多囊卵巢综合征治法特点经验总结

    刘欣; 刘宇新


    Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a kind of endocrine disorder syndrome including reproductive dysfunction and sugar metabolism disorder. Persistent no ovulation, too much androgen and insulin resistance are the important characteristics. According to different ages, patients were given corresponding treatment, the growth season women were treated to induce ovulation for the final purpose, and for adolescent girls is to restore the hypothalamus-pituitary gland-ovarian function properly and establish regular menstrual cycle. Professor LIU Yu-xin's early treatment on the basis of nourishing kidney, regulating Chong and Ren meridians and promoting ovulation by regulating menstrual cycle, and the curative effect is good.%多囊卵巢综合征是一种生殖功能障碍与糖代谢异常并存的内分泌紊乱综合征.持续性无排卵、雄激素过多和胰岛素抵抗是其重要特征[1].根据年龄阶段不同分别给予相应的治疗,对生育期妇女给予诱发排卵促孕为最终目的,而对于青春期少女则以恢复下丘脑—垂体—卵巢轴正常功能,建立规律月经周期为主.导师刘宇新教授遵循治病求本,及早治疗的基础上,注重补肾、调冲任、调周促排治疗多囊卵巢综合征,疗效良好.

  7. Relationships among Constitution, Stress, and Discomfort in the First Trimester

    Hsiao-Ling Wang


    trimester of pregnancy. We adopted a descriptive and correlational research design and collected data from 261 pregnant women during their first trimester in southern Taiwan using structured questionnaires. Results showed that (1 stress was significantly and positively correlated with Yang-Xu, Yin-Xu, and Tan-Shi-Yu-Zhi constitutions, respectively; (2 Yin-Xu and Tan-Shi-Yu-Zhi constitutions had significant correlations with all symptoms of discomfort, while Yang-Xu had significant correlations with all symptoms of discomfort except for “running nose”; (3 Tan-Shi-Yu-Zhi constitution and stress were two indicators for “fatigue”; Tan-Shi-Yu-Zhi was the indicator for “nausea”; Yang-Xu and Yin-Xu were indicators for “frequent urination.” Our findings also indicate that stress level affects constitutional changes and that stress and constitutional change affect the incidence of discomfort. This research can help healthcare professionals observe these discomforts and provide individualized care for pregnant women, to nurture pregnant women into neutral-type constitution, minimize their levels of discomfort, and promote the health of the fetus and the mother.

  8. 徐深绿1号苦瓜的特征特性及高产栽培技术%Traits and Main High-yield Culture Techniques for of Blasam Pear (Momordica charantia L.) Cultivar Xu Dark Green No.1

    胡新燕; 孙亚伟; 冯营; 李卫华


    The aim was to select the new spring and autumn blasam pear cultivar for planting in Xuhuai District suitably.[Method] The test was conducted by many years and many points evaluation.[Result] The Blasam pear cultivar Xu Dark Green No.1 was characterized by follow traits:medium growth vigor,first female flower bossoming at the 12th to 15th nodes,setting fruits at both main and side vines; spindle shaped,dark green fruits with dense nodules,crisp flesh,and light bitter tastes; mature fruits 30.3 cm in vertical diameter and 4.8 cm in transverse diameter,the flesh thickness 1.0 cm; single fruit weight of about 0.386 kg,setting fruit number per plant 125.67 ; the fruits began to be harvested approximately 60 days after spring sowing.[Conclusion] Xu Dark Green No.1 has good comprehensive traits,and is suitable for spring and autumn cultivation in Xuhuai District.%[目的]为了筛选适宜徐淮地区春、秋季栽培种植的苦瓜(Momordica charantia L.)新品种.[方法]进行多年多点鉴定.[结果]徐深绿1号植株长势中等,第1雌花节位12 ~ 15节,主侧蔓均可结果瓜;外观品质好,果实纺锤形,果色深绿,瓜瘤密生,肉质脆嫩,苦味轻;瓜纵径30.3 cm,瓜横径4.8 cm,瓜肉厚1.0cm;单果重0.386 kg,单株结果数125.67个;春播约60d始收.[结论]徐深绿1号苦瓜综合性状优良,适合在徐淮地区进行示范种植.

  9. Chuangzaoli xinlixue yu jiechu rencai peiyang

    Shi, Jiannong; Chen, N.; Du, Xiangyun


    The authors emphasize the importance of systemic perspectives for understanding human creativity after briefly introducing and commenting different theories or perspectives on creativity. It is emphasized that the manifestation of creativity or excellent achievement should not be treated as indiv......The authors emphasize the importance of systemic perspectives for understanding human creativity after briefly introducing and commenting different theories or perspectives on creativity. It is emphasized that the manifestation of creativity or excellent achievement should not be treated......, roles of family and social environment on development of creativity and cultivation of excellent talent....

  10. Laule : [luuletused] / Li Yu ; tlk. Jaan Kaplinski

    Yu, Li


    Sisu : "Vahused lained kui kuhjaksid kokku lund..."; "Õhtuks mingitud näo ja ihu valendus..."; "Kirkad lilled, hämus kuu, udu hõljuv loor..."; "Pool kevadet lahkumisest..."; "Sõnatult astun läänekambrisse..."; "metsapuilt on pudenenud kevadevärvid..."; "Vihmasabin kardina taga..."; "Möödunut võib ainult leinata..."; "Öö oli rajune-vihmane...";"Kevadlilled, sügisekuu - kaua veel..."

  11. Selected papers of Yu. I. Manin

    Manin, Yu I


    The book is a collection of research and review articles in several areas of modern mathematics and mathematical physics published in the span of three decades. The ICM Kyoto talk "Mathematics as Metaphor" summarises the author's view on mathematics as an outgrowth of natural language.

  12. 余秀华诗歌谱系与疼痛美学--以《诗经》、海子、“梨花体”为参照%The Pedigree of YU Xiu-hua’ s Poems and Her Pain Aesthetics---Taking “The Book of Songs”, Hai Zi,“Lihua Style” as a Reference

    刘云峰; 李俊国


    余秀华是新近爆红的诗人,她的诗歌理应纳入一个比较系统的评价体系之中。从互文与弃妇诗传统、意象选择与陌生化以及疼痛与戏仿三个方面分别将她的诗歌放在《诗经》、海子,以及与之同时而稍早的“梨花体”诗歌系统中,看她的诗对《诗经》以及当代诗人作品的继承、发扬和疏离,并由此衡量其诗歌创作的谱系、特色和得失。%As a newly -explosive poet, YU Xiu-hua’ s poems should be included in the evaluation system of a comparative system.There is a phenomenon of intertexuality between YU Xiu-hua’ s poetry and “The Book of Songs”, and her poems which reflect the difficulties and misfortune in marriage not only inherit but also develop the tradition of Chinese classical poems on deserted wives since “The Book of Songs”; her poetry is influenced profoundly by Hai Zi in the choice of image and the way of stranger; com-pared with Zhao Lihua, YU Xiu-hua’ s poems more meet for the reading expectation of poetic style which formed in a long time , it is mainly the pain in her poetry which conquers the readers.

  13. The Clinical Observation in Wound Healing of Dressing Changes after Anal Fistula Surgery with Gauzes of Sheng Ji Yu Hong Gao%生肌玉红膏纱条换药对肛瘘术后创面愈合的临床观察

    张羽; 王艳逊; 高文帅; 陈雄


    目的:观察生肌玉红膏纱条对肛瘘术后换药促伤口愈合的疗效。方法:治疗组83例以生肌玉红膏纱条治疗;对照组83例以0.2%乳酸依沙吖啶纱条治疗。结果:创面愈合天数治疗组为(10.02±3.52)d,对照组为(15.23±4.57)d,P<0.05,有显著性差异。结论:生肌玉红膏纱条对肛瘘术后创面有明显促进伤口愈合、活血行气、生肌止痛的功效。%Objective:Judge the efficacy in wound healing of dressing changes after anal fistula surgery with gauze of Sheng Ji Yu Hong Gao. Methods:The treatment group 83 patients who have dressed changes after anal fistula surgery with the gauzes of Sheng Ji Yu Hong Gao and the control group 83 patients who have dressed changes after anal fistula surgery with the gauzes of ethacridine lactate solution. Results:The wound healing time of treatment group was (10.02±3.52)days and the control group was (15.23±4.57)days,there were significant differences. Conclusions:The gauzes of Sheng Ji Yu Hong Gao have a obvious role such as promoting wound healing, blood circulation of qi and the the growth of fresh granulation and analgesic for wound of anal fistula surgery.

  14. Analysis of the Conflict Between Father and Son Presented in the Novels of YuHua and Kafka%试析余华与卡夫卡创作中的父子关系--以《变形记》和《在细雨中呼喊》两部作品为例



    细读卡夫卡的《变形记》和中国现当代作家余华的《在细雨中呼喊》,都能够感到强烈的父子冲突。作家余华在谈论到其创作时承认受卡夫卡影响深远,余华的写作具有西方20世纪现代主义文学的一些特色。这两位作家在塑造父子关系中带有颠覆传统的叛逆性,但是,由于中西方不同的文化背景和作家不同的人生经历,使得《在细雨中呼喊》这部作品较为成功地学习了西方文学的特点,又继承了中国文学传统中的优点。%When reading Kafka's Metamorphoses and Chinese contemporary writer Yu Hua's Cry in Rains, we can strongly feel the conflict between father and son in those novels .Yu Hua recognized the fat that he was influenced by Kafka Yu Hua's writing has some features of twentieth Century western modernism literatures .However , because of the different culture background and differ-ent life experiences , Cry in Rains has successfully grasped western literary type , at the same time he has inherited the advantages of tradition of Chinese literature .

  15. 对政治的惧怕和躲避:余秋雨文化散文论析%Fear and Elusion Politics:YU Qiuyu and His Cultural Prose



    YU Qiuyu's prose can be cognized from the relation between politics and the prose itself except for the interpretation made by many previous theorists about the meaning of literature itself .The experience of the "cul-tural revolution"brought him the psychological fear of politics .Because of fear , he chose to elude , but failed . Therefore , the uneasiness has been lingering in his mind , which helps to bring about new form of creation in his cultural proses .On the one hand he takes political cultural relics and historical cultural characters and events as narrated and described objects , and on the other hand , he pays attention to describing his own cultural inspira-tion without obviously expressing his own political view , which makes his prose appear to be kept at an arm's length of politics .This is actually the normal status of literature .The psychology of this is also a normal state of mind for writers and artists .%对于余秋雨的散文,除了以往许多论者从文学本身的意义去阐释之外,还可以从它与政治的关系上去认识。余秋雨在“文革”中的经历,使他对政治产生了惧怕的心理。因为惧怕,所以躲避,但却又无法躲避,所以他的内心一直忐忑。正是这一心态,促成了他对“文化散文”这一具有新意的体式的创造,即一方面以具有政治色彩的文化古迹和历史上的文化人物、文化事件作为记述和描写的对象,另一方面又注重抒写自己的文化感悟,而不明显地发表自己的政治见解,从而使他的文化散文显现出和政治若即若离的面貌。而这一面貌却是文学正常的状态,余秋雨对政治的若即若离的心态,也是作家、艺术家正常的心态。

  16. 从《拔河》《御毬》二赋看盛唐体育之精神%From Two Fu Literature Ba He and Yu Qiu to Study the Sportsmanship in the Glorious Age of Tang Dynasty



    盛唐薛胜《拔河赋》、阎宽《温汤御毬赋》,极尽描摹之能事,夸饰唐代开元天宝年间拔河、打毬的竞技场面,精彩传神,充分展示了体育文学的艺术魅力。两赋明晰揭示“百戏”“杂技”的精神内核:“败无隐恶,强无蔽能”“武由是存,义不可舍”“称物以平施”、“耀武于外”。体育赋作为体育文学的体裁、题材之一,从一个侧面折射了盛唐的体育精神,为后代体育研究保存了极其珍贵的“非物质文化遗产”。%In the glorious age of Tang Dynasty ,the Ba He Fu written by Xue Shen and the Wen Tang Yu Qiu FU written by Yan Kuan vividly described and praised the athletics scenes of tug -of -war and ball games which were held during the Kaiyuan Tianbao .These two Fu with wonderful and vivid description fully presented the artistic charm of sports literature .They clearly revealed the core essences of “Bai Xi (acrobatics)”and“Za Ji(juggling)” ,which were“Facing the failure no need hide the incompetent ,achie‐ving victory no need cover the great talent” ,“Keep the kung fu spirit in sports ,and never lose the kung fu morality” ,“Ensure fairness” ,“Present the power to foreigners” .As one type and topics of sports litera‐ture ,the sports literature Fu indicated the sportsmanship in the glorious age of Tang Dynasty from anoth‐er prospective ,and conserved extremely valuable Intangible Cultural Heritage for the future sport re‐search .

  17. 从“雅致”到“新奇”*--在继承中发展的李渔造物思想%From “Elegance” to “Novelty”:Li Yu's Thought of Creation

    杨婧; 陈建新


    “Elegance” has been rooted in the traditional Chinese culture for thousands of years. It is present in the Book of Songs and the Analects of Confucius with aesthetic propositions such as “Yadao” (elegant methods), “Yazhi”( elegant and delicate), “Yaye” (the industry of verse), “Yaqu” (a sense of elegant humor). "Elegance" is often used to describe the literati and upper culture. Until the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the traditional literati class still clung to the elegant world with classic beauty and elegant taste, but Li Yu duly explored and chased the road of "novelty" at the base of theory of elegant, and formed a set of creation aesthetics for both common people and the literati.%“雅”根植于绵延数千年的中华传统文化。从《诗经》到《论语》,屡屡出现如“雅道”、 “雅致”、 “雅业”、“雅趣”等审美命题。“雅”多用于描写和介绍文人,形容他们的清高风雅,因此极具文化的内隐性与象征意义。“雅致”即典雅精致,是中国古代上层文化、精英文化的代名词。时至明清,传统的文人士大夫仍然固守在雅致的世界中,大有“唯古雅是从”的倾向,而李渔却适时地挣脱出来,以雅致入理为追求,在“新奇”的道路上不断实践和探索,于是形成了一种雅俗共赏的造物美学思想。

  18. 《丹台玉案》版本考略%A brief textual research on circulated versions of Dan tai yu an (Jade Case Records of Red Stage)

    徐高; 竹剑平


    Dan tai yu an (Jade Case Records of Red Stage) was compiled by a doctor of the Ming Dynasty Sun Wenyin,including 6 volumes.This book involves Chinese internal medicine,paediatrics,gynaecology,external medicine,and Department of the sense organs (ENT) classified into 73 categories,each of which contains 80 kinds of disease.The total number of disease was 157.Each kind of disease is discussed under the order of etiology,syndrome,pulse condition and treatment.The range of traditional Chinese prescriptions in this book is rather extensive with its indications,administrations and modification of main prescriptions given concretely.Both internal and external treatment are included,and the individual drug and proved recipe are practical and effective,which is a significant reference to clinical practice.There are many versions of this book extant.According to our investigation and research,we replenished some information to the" General Catalogue of TCM Ancient Books",and at the same time,correct some mistakes,providing the basis for further collation and publishing.%《丹台玉案》系明末医家孙文胤汇辑成编,凡6卷.该书涉及内、儿、妇、外、五官诸科,分73门类,门下另各附病症80种,总收病种约157种,每种病证按因、证、脉、治的次序论述.选方较广泛,对于一些主方的适应症,用法及加减法,叙述比较具体,内服外治并重,单方验方多切实用,对临床实践有重要的参考价值.该书现存多种版本,经笔者调研考证,补充《中国中医古籍总目》中有关该书版本记载的内容,并订正部分错误,为该书整理及出版提供依据.

  19. Bodily Experience and Literary Construction---On Keywords in Yu Xiuhua's Poetry%身体经验与文学行旅--试论余秀华诗歌的关键词


    Taking body metaphors as the point of departure, Yu Xiuhua dissolves the boundary between body and mind in her po-etry and creates an embodied mindscape.Apart from deriving from body experience of moving, her poetry is rooted in feminine and regional experience, the above three of which interact with each other to form a unique net of poetic language.Lakoff and Johnson's relevant notions of conceptual metaphors and Julia Kristeva's concept of poetical language as a revolution offer theoretical basis for interpreting the beauties of scenes woven with mind and body, female subjectivity and nature in her poems.Moreover, the theoretical interpretations demonstrate that the poet expands the life consciousness in ways of constructing body metaphor, feminine subject consciousness and natural scene, and invokes an intimate revolt against the power order implied by male authori-ty and mainstream culture.%余秀华以身体隐喻作为观察核心,在诗歌中消融肉体和心录的界线,抒写出饱含情境的诗心景观。除了取材于情动于中的身体经验,她的诗歌亦根植于女性经验和乡土经验两个层面,这三者互为感应,形成独特的诗歌语言张力网。雷可夫和詹森的概念性隐喻视点和茱莉亚·克里斯蒂娃的诗性语言革命观为解读余秀华诗歌所流露出的身心景观之美、女性情感之美和自然之美提供了有力的理论依据,并进一步论证了诗人通过身体隐喻、女性主体意识和自然场景的构建,扩大生命意识的感知,运用诗歌语言完成了对男权和主流文化所暗指的强权秩序的亲密反叛。

  20. Effect of Yi-nao-jie-yu decoction on γ-aminobutyric acid type A receptor in the hippocampus and serum inflammatory factors in a rat model of poststroke anxiety

    Zhang W


    Full Text Available Wen Zhang,1 Ruizhen Zhao,1 Xiaoli Li,1 Xia Cui,1 Zijun Zhao,1 Yingqiu Mao,2 Fengzhi Wu,3 Qisheng Tang1 1Department of Encephalopathy, The Third Affiliated Hospital, 2Center of Scientific Research, 3Center of Journals, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Chaoyang District, Beijing, People’s Republic of China Background: The Yi-nao-jie-yu decoction (YNJYD is a herbal preparation widely used in the clinics of traditional Chinese medicine and has been recently used as an important new therapeutic agent in poststroke anxiety (PSA. The neuroendocrine–immune system plays an important role in PSA mechanisms, although the modulating effects of YNJYD remain unknown. This study investigated the potential effects of YNJYD on the neuroendocrine–immune system in a rat model of PSA.Materials and methods: The PSA model was induced by injecting collagenase (type VII into the right globus pallidus, accompanied by empty water bottle stimulation for 2 weeks. The sham group and the PSA model group were gavaged with saline, while the treatment groups received buspirone (BuSpar or YNJYD. Behavior was evaluated with the open field test and elevated plus maze once a week. Pathological changes were observed by hematoxylin and eosin staining. Serum levels of tumor necrosis factor, interleukin (IL-6, adrenocorticotropic hormone, thyroid stimulating hormone, free triiodothyronine, free thyroxine, IL-1α, and cortisol were detected by radioimmunoassay. Expression of the γ-aminobutyric acid type A receptor (GABAAR α2 subunit was examined by Western blot and real-time polymerase chain reaction.Results: YNJYD-treated rats exhibited significantly better recovery than BuSpar-treated rats at 21 days and 28 days in the open field test and elevated plus maze. Hematoxylin and eosin staining revealed neural repair in the hippocampus in the treatment groups. Serum levels of IL-1α in the YNJYD group were significantly less than those in the model group and the Bu

  1. The Characters' Fates in Yu Hua's Novel"on the Seventh Day"%浅析余华小说《第七天》中的人物命运



    Yu Hua's novel"seventh day"is a masterpiece after"Brothers","Brothers"after the novel tells the story of the hero Yang Fei, as an office clerk, after the death of seven-day experience, which is seven days souls experience. From the perspective of the whole narrative, the novel itself reflects one from folk customs-the first seven! That is, each person after death, will be in the form of disembodied spirits exist in the real world seven times in seven days time, as human souls must be completed when the entity through which the journey and experience, which in the folk the statement called"lifetime sun between the footprints have seized", otherwise, this person is not able to participate in reincarnation, will never be able to bounce back.%余华的长篇小说《第七天》是继《兄弟》之后的又一部力作,小说讲述了主人公杨飞,作为一名公司的小职员,死后七天的经历,也就是七天的游魂经历。从整个叙事的角度上来说,小说本身体现出了一种来自民间的习俗--头七!即,每个人在死亡之后,都会以游魂的形式存在于现实世界里七天的时间,在这七天的时间里,游魂必须走完作为实体的人时所经过的路程和经历,这在民间的说法叫“把生前阳间的脚印都要捡走”,否则,这个人是不能够参加轮回的,将永远不能超生。

  2. An Analysis of the Poetry Creative Flow Change of Xu Wei under the Influence of Wang Yangming’s Mind Philosophy%王阳明心学影响下的徐渭诗歌创作流向变化探析



    Xu Wei of Ming Dynasty is a strange figure,his poetry creation show different characteristics in different periods under the influence of Wang Yangming’s mind philosophy.His early works mainly present on two aspects in the imitation and sculpted flow,a romantic youth image.In his middle works mainly present on three aspects:inheritance and innovation,the attention to social reality,exploration of the selfconsciousness of life;His terminal works mainly present on two aspects:the transcendence and development,self indulgence and Nature.%明代徐渭是一个奇特的人物,他的诗歌创作在王阳明心学影响下在各时期呈现不同特点。前期创作流向主要表现在模仿与雕琢,呈现浪漫青年才士形象;中期创作流向主要表现在继承与创新、对社会现实的关注、对自我生命意识的探索;晚期的创作流向主要表现在超越与发展、任情而自然。

  3. The Rebirth of Syllables--On the Discovery of Syllable Connotations by Xu Zhimo and Other Giants of New Verse%音节之新生——徐志摩及新诗诸杰对音节内涵的发现



    As regards the poetics in the early phase of new verse development in the 20'h century, the "three points of beauty"--" beauty in music" in particular--proposed by the School of New Moon was considered the core of poetic beauty. Having stressed the significance of poetic beauty, Xu Zhimo and other poets believed that the "syllable" was the very key to the formation of "beauty in music" and had consequently contributed much to the creative expansion and discovery of the connotation of "syllables".%回归20世纪中国新诗建设初期的诗论,新月派提出的“三美”特别是“音乐美”被视为诗美之核心。徐志摩等人则十分强调音节对于诗歌美的重要意义,认为“音乐美”形成的关键正在于“音节”,并对“音节”内涵作出了创造性的拓展与发现。

  4. 从追求个性自由到迎合雅俗——论徐前期小说创作风格的演变%From pursuing individual freedom to catering to the refined and popular taste:change in the creating style of Xu Xu's early novels



    Many scholars divide Xu Xu's novel creating style into two periods with the year 1950 as the dividing line.But it may not be exact because his creating style had already undergone great change before that year.Influenced by his childhood and his experience in Beijing and France,his early novel creation was characteristic of romantic style which advocated individual freedom;With the development of popular novel after the Anti-Japanese War broke out,his creation was characteristic of the refined and popular taste by integrating romanticism with realism.%研究者大多将徐小说创作风格以1950年为界分为前后两个时期,其实未必确切。因为1950年以前,其小说创作风格就已经发生了很大的转变。徐初期小说创作受其童年经历、北京求学以及留法履历的影响,形成了追求个性自由的浪漫主义风格;抗战爆发后,随着通俗小说的发展,其小说创作在追求个性自由的同时融入了现实主义的成分,形成了雅俗共赏的风格。

  5. On the Translation of Reduplication in Song Ci Poems by--Xu Yuanchong with His“Three Beauties”%从三美原则看宋词中叠字的英译--以许渊冲的译本为例



    I t is well known that Chinese poets have largely taken advantage of reduplication to enhance the artistic expressiveness of their poems, which results in a lot of difficulties for translators. Namely, they not only have to accurately present the basic properties andthe cultural meanings of reduplicativewords,butalsoshouldpay attention to their forms.Concerningthis matter,this paper starts with a briefintroduction about thereduplication’s classification and its function in poetry, and then further analyzes some translation examples in Song Ci poems by Xu Yuanchong based on his“Three Beauties”theory, which aims to be beneficial for translation studies and translation teaching.%  众所周知,为了增加诗歌的魅力,中国古代诗人在创作诗歌的过程中运用了大量的叠字,这在很大程度上给译者带来了严峻挑战—因为他们不仅要准确呈现诗歌的意义及其蕴含的文化含义,而且也不能忽视叠字特有的表现形式。许渊冲先生认为“音美”、“形美”、“意美”是古诗歌翻译的最高境界,三者相辅相成。

  6. 徐大堡核电站运行和维修技术支持大楼的火灾自动报警系统设计%Automatic Fire Alarm System Design of Operation and Maintenance Technical Support Building of XU Dapu Nuclear Power Plant



    Compared with other auxiliary workshops,XU Dapu Nuclear Power Plant has the characteristic of higher personnel density,more fire compartments and more concentrated communication machine rooms, etc. This paper introduced the design of the automatic fire alarm system based on the fire detection requirements,fire-fighting requirements and the characteristics of the building. The design could provide a certain guarantee for the safe operation of the building,and also provide a reference of automatic fire alarm system design for the operation and maintenance technology support building of subsequent AP1000 million kilowatt PWR nuclear power plant.%相比核电站其他辅助厂房,徐大堡核电站运行和维修技术支持大楼具有人员密度高、防火分区多、通信机房集中等特点。根据该建筑物特点、火灾探测和灭火要求对大楼火灾自动报警系统进行设计,为大楼安全运行提供一定保障,也为后续A P1000百万千瓦级压水堆核电站运行和维修技术支持大楼的火灾自动报警系统设计提供参考。

  7. 河北蔚县地区人群痛风和高尿酸血症现状调查%Epidemiological Study on Hyperuricemia and Gout in Community of Yu County in Hebei Province

    崔淑芬; 王晓东; 田志莲; 魏合成; 田秀娟; 尹玉圣


    Objective To investigate the prevalence of hyperuricemia and gout in community of Yu County in Hebei Province, and explore the relevance between hyperuricemia and body mass index (BMI), systolic pressure, plasma cholesterol, triglyceride and fasting blood-glucose.Methods A random stratified cluster sampling was conducted, and 7,083 inhabitants aged over 20 years were investigated for prevalence of hyperuricemia and gout. Results①Blood uric acid level and hyperuricemia situation: The mean blood uric acid level was (345.43±68.52)μmol/L, (371.82±78.22)μmmol/L in the male and (315.28±73.67)μmmol/L in the female. The total incidence of hyperuricemia was 15.40%, 16.88% in men and 10.83% in women.②Incidence situation of gout: The number of patients suffering from gout was 125, gout prevalence rate was 1.76%, including 113 men (2.11%), 12 women (0.70%).③Compared with normal uric acid group, the body mass index and systolic pressure were higher, the blood level of plasma cholesterol, triglyceride and fasting blood-glucose were higher in hyperuricemia group. Conclusion The prevalence of hyperuricemia and gout in community of Yu County in Hebei Province was higher than other districts in China. The rate of over-weighted, hyperlipidemia, hypertension and diabetes was higher in hyperuricemia group. All these suggested hyperuricemia, as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, hyperuricemia prevalence rate is still continuing to rise, and hyperuricemia has become a major hazard to human health risks.%目的:调查河北省蔚县居民高尿酸血症与痛风的流行情况,并观察高尿酸血症与体重指数、收缩压、血浆胆固醇、甘油三脂和空腹血糖的相关性。方法采用随机、分层、整群抽样的方法,调查了该县各地区7,083名20岁以上居民的高尿酸血症和痛风的患病情况。结果①血尿酸水平及高尿酸血症情况:总体血尿酸水平为(345.43±68.52)μmol/L,其中男性为(371.82±78.22

  8. 羽调音乐对大学生恐惧情绪的缓解作用%Effect of the Yu-tone music to reduction of fear emotion

    王金芳; 张宁


    目的 探讨羽调音乐对恐惧情绪的缓解作用.方法 招募72名大学生通过观看恐怖影片片断诱发恐惧情绪,后听音乐或休息,分别比较两者的生理指标、主观体验指标间的差异.结果 当被试产生恐惧情绪后,与安静休息相比[分别为(0.96±1.64)1/Ω,(0.85±1.73)min-1,(4.48±43.54)μV,(-5±15.37)min-1],听羽调音乐引起皮肤电阻、呼吸频率、肌电、心率[分别为(2.04±2.22)1/Ω,(0.09±1.79)min-1,(8.47±26.24) μV,(1.57±20.88)min-1]更大的下降,差异有显著性 ( P <0.01,P <0.01,P <0.01,P <0.05).当被试产生恐惧情绪后,与安静休息相比[分别为(-0.37±2.71)μV,(0.13±1.16)℃],听羽调音乐引起血容波幅、指温[分别为(-0.53±3.8)μV,(-0.02±0.87)℃]更大的上升,差异无显著性( P >0.05,P >0.05).结论 听羽调音乐相比安静休息更能促进恐惧情绪的恢复,降低交感神经系统的兴奋性,提高副交感神经的功能,且提升个体愉快和平静等正性情绪体验和认知.%Objective To explore the effect of the Yu-tone music to reduction of fear emotion. Methods 72 undergraduate students listened to Yu-tone Music or had a rest for ten minutes after elicitation of fear emotion by film clip;and measured from autonomic nerves system include skin conduction,BVP amplitude,heart rate,respiration,finger temperature and self-report subjective experience. Result 1.Compared with silence[(0.96±1.64)1/Ω,(0.85±1.73)min-1,(4.48±43.54)μV,(-5±15.37)min-1],music was associated with a significantly decreased skin resistance,respiration rate,heart rate and myoelectricity after fear emotion[(2.04±2.22)1/Ω,(0.09±1.79)min-1,(8.47±26.24) μV,(1.57±20.88) min-1,P <0.01,P <0.01,P <0.01,P <0.05]; 2.Compared with silence[(-0.37±2.71)μV, (0.13±1.16) ℃ ],music was enlarged BVP amplitude and skin temperature[(-0.53±3.8)μV,(-0.02±0.87)℃],but there was no significant difference( P >0.05,P >0.05).Conclusion Music advance the restore of

  9. Research on Diaries of Modern Chinese Writers: Examples of Hu Shi, Lu Xun and Yu Dafu%现代作家日记研究——以胡适、鲁迅、郁达夫为例



    s diaries hardly present us with any narration of his mind and personal emotion, we still could trace some critical clues and ev- idence for his literary life of that time. Due to many odd and simple narrations in Lu Xun' s diaries, one must associate these diary elements with his or other people' s essays in order to know more about a certain historical event. Diaries written by Yu Dafu( 1896 -1945 ) could be viewed as some meaningful texts of both "dairy literature" and "life record". As a very honest writer, Yu Dafu intended to "unveil all the curtains of his privacy", and thus he so far provided us with a great many first-hand reference materials for studying him. His diaries were also written in a story'teller' s manner, but rich in literary flavor, such as plots, scenes, and protagonists. They could be regarded no more than diaries but masterpieces of literary prose in modem Chinese literature.

  10. 朱载堉才是“需求层次理论”的鼻祖--且更独特,更显棋高一着%It States that It was the Chinese Scientist Zhu Zai Yu in Ming Dynasty that Firstly PutForward the Hierarchy Theory of Needs---Which was Superior and More Unique



    Academics in the past consider the American psychologist Abraham Maslow as the founder of the hierarchy theory of needs. However,the latest study results from the author have overthrown such kind of biases.It states that it was the chinese scientist Zhu Zai Yu in Ming dynasty that firstly put forward the hierarchy theory of needs which was about 360 years as earlier as Maslow.Also ,the knowledgement from Zhu Zai Yu is suoerior and more unique than that from Maslow.%以往学术界都把美国心理学家马斯洛奉为需求层次理论的鼻祖;但最新的研究成果,彻底推翻了这一陈见,认为中国明朝的科学家朱载堉才是需求层次理论的鼻祖,比美国人马斯洛还要早约三百六十多年,且朱载堉对需求层次的认知,要比马斯洛更独特,更显棋高一着。

  11. 身体超验与诗学探索--以20世纪90年代余怒诗歌作例的考察%Physical Transcendentalism and Poetic Exploration-A Probe into YU Nu’ s Poetry in the 1990 s



    余怒诗歌在语言本体意识中不断探索当代诗歌的发展,融合现代的都市、乡土经验,不断进行自我的形而上学的追问与探索;利用现代西方的表现技巧,从语言处入手,最终又与思想交融,进行了魔幻现实主义、超验主义、超现实主义等话语实践,使得他成为20世纪90年代诗歌书写中不可复制的一个重要个案,他的重心呈现都市经验与语言本体意义的诗意创造。%By integrating modern urban and rural experiences, YU Nu’ s poems constantly explore modern poetic development with linguistic ontological consciousness, metaphysically questioning and probing into his self.By making use of modern western expressive skills, YU Nu starts from language, and ends in mentality fusion, committing himself to various discourse practices, including magic realism, transcendentalism, surrealism and so on.By focusing on poetical presentation of urban experience and linguistic ontology significance, he already becomes an irreplaceable figure in 1990s’ poetic composition.

  12. 羅振玉日本教育考察與晚清學制制定的關係 Chen-Yu Lo’ Educational Visit to Japan and the Drafting of School Systems in Late Ch’ing

    周愚文 Yu-Wen Chou


    Full Text Available 羅振玉早年關心農業與教育,曾辦東文學社教日語,出版《農報》,譯農書,故受張之洞聘請,掌湖北農務局及農學堂。1901年辛丑詔改各省書院為學堂,獲張之洞與劉坤一共薦率員考察日本教育兩個月。先後訪談重要政教人物,參訪東京、京都、奈良等地學校24所,蒐購中小學教科書及理化器材。因時短、行程緊湊及語言限制,未讀前人考察紀錄,自認收穫有限。返國後,他曾獲張之洞五次接見,並命向鄂官員講說教育。又代張之洞擬教育制度草案欲與劉督會奏,但因劉屬官反對遂寢。他遂出版訪日紀錄及資料,並發表〈學制私議〉等文建議興學,部分被鄂參採。當朝廷擬訂壬寅及癸卯學制時,羅未參與而資料只供參考,但章程規定中小學堂學科八科及小學堂以學國語為主等二項,可能與其建議有關。隨行陳毅曾譯日教育法規並兩度遊日,起草奏定章程時,當不會只憑文獻閉門造車,但主政者乏直接經驗,故教育借用日制時難盡合國情。 Chen-Yu Lo had concern about agriculture and education. He was invited by Governor-General Chih-tung Chang to preside over the Agriculture Department of Hubei and its Agriculture School. In 1901, ordered by Chang and Governor-General Kun-I Liu, he led a group of delegates to visit educational institutions in Japan. Within two months, he discussed with influential politicians and educators, visited 24 schools in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Nara, and purchased elementary and secondary school textbooks and laboratory equipments. When he returned, he had five meetings with Chang, and lectured on education for Hubei officials. On behalf of Chang, Lo had drafted a new educational system, and it was to be presented to the throne by Chang and Liu, however, the proposal was withdrawn due to the objections of Liu’s subordinates. Later, Lo made the collected

  13. XU Te-li's "Double-qualified Teachers" Education Thought and the Direction of the Team Construction of College Counselors%徐特立“双师”教育思想与高校辅导员团队建设的方向

    蒋福玲; 肖维


    徐特立先生“经师人师合二为一”的“双师”教育思想可以为高校辅导员团队建设提供重要的发展方向,有效增强大学生思想政治教育工作的实效。以徐特立的“双师”教育思想为指导,开展“经师+人师”型辅导员团队建设,具体包括:其一,打造团队精神和团队文化,拓宽团队成员的学习培训和实践成长渠道,提高团队成员自身的思想政治素质和学生德育工作能力等“人师”水平,提高团队成员的专业知识涵养、学生管理能力和科学研究能力等“经师”水平,培育德才兼备的“双师”型辅导员;其二,将“双师”教育思想落实到每个辅导员的日常工作当中,创新学生思想政治教育工作平台,面向学生开展个性化特色辅导和主题教育活动,引导学生将专业学习和德育实践结合起来,提高大学生的专业能力和德育水平,培养德艺双馨的大学生。%Mr. XU Te-li's "Double-qualified Teachers" education thought of knowledge-teacher and ideological-teacher can provide an important development direction for the construction of college counselor team, and greatly enhance the effectiveness of ideological and political education of college students. "Knowledge-teacher and ideological-teacher" counselor team can be developed on the basis of Mr. XU's "Double-qualified Teachers" education thought. First, we could build team spirit and team culture, broaden the training and practice growth channels of team members, improve the team's ideological level and knowledge level and cultivate the "double-qualified" counselors who have both ability and political integrity ; Second, we could implement the "double-qualified teachers" education thought into the daily work of each counselor, innovate the platform of ideological and political education, carry out carry out the individualized counseling and the theme education activities for students, and


    毕海龙; 周文; 谢润成; 邓虎成


    Natural fractures with complex formation periods are important factors to affect the development capacity in the 2nd Xu Member in Xinchang area, west Sichuan basin. Based on the identification and statistic of natural fractures in field, cores and thin section, the characteristics of the nature fractures are concluded and summarized. According with different geological factors such as bed thickness, structural deformation, faults, lithology, physical properties et al. , it is analyzed that those control of the natural fractures and figure out the main controlling factors of the natural fractures. Under the premise of the natural fracture characteristics and the main controlling factors, by comparing the results of single factor fractures predicting and the results of single well interpreting and considering the main controlling factors of the 2nd Xu member in Xinchang area, a comprehensive evaluation factor of distribution predication of natural fractures is established. It is evaluated that the fractures distribution prediction results by the production performance data and the consistent rate of evaluation results is more than 80% and the results meet the requirements of the development and application of precision.%川西新场须二气藏天然裂缝发育,成因期次复杂,是影响开发产能的一个重要因素.这里通过对野外、岩心、薄片中天然裂缝的调查、鉴定及统计等工作,对天然裂缝的发育特征进行了归纳和总结;从岩层厚度、构造变形、断层、岩性、物性等不同地质因素,分析了其对天然裂缝发育的控制作用,并了解了天然裂缝发育的主要控制因素.在天然裂缝特征、主控因素认识的前提下,通过对比分析单一因素裂缝预测结果与单井裂缝解释结果的吻合率,确定了各因素的影响权值,并综合考虑主控因素建立了适合新场须二气藏天然裂缝分布预测的综合评价因子.通过生产动态资料对裂缝分布预

  15. 浅谈许渊冲“三美”论的古典诗歌翻译--以《鹿柴》的不同英译本为例%On Xu Yuanchong’s Theory of“Three Beauties”of Chinese Classical Poetry--Take Different English Versions of Poem Luzhai as Examples



    Poetry, featured concise language, beautiful rhythm and plentiful content, has attracted many readers. Above all, Tang poetry is a bright pearl in Chinese literature history. While poetry translation has always been in disputation. As a master of C-E translator of Chinese classical poetry, Mr. Xu Yuanchong came up with the“Three Beauties”theory, that is melopoeia, phanopoeia, logop oeia. The paper took different English versions of poem Luzhai as examples, using“Three Beauties”theory to analyze how translators maximize retaining original conception, rhythm and form of Chinese classical poems.%诗歌,因其语言凝练,韵律优美,内涵充盈等特点深受读者喜爱,唐诗更是中国文学史上一颗璀璨的明珠。诗歌翻译历来在翻译界中有较多争议,作为汉语古诗英译的大家,许渊冲先生提出了翻译诗歌的“三美”论,即音美、形美和意美。该文以《鹿柴》的不同英译本为例,运用“三美”论进行分析,探讨译者在翻译诗歌时如何做到最大限度的保留原文的意境、音韵及形式。

  16. 不同世代的精神共鸣——"现代艺术论战"中的徐复观与刘国松%Sympathetic Soul between Different Generations——Xu Fuguan and Liu Guosong in "Modern Art Controversy"



    The Taiwan Modern Art Controversy is an important part of Chinese fine art modernization. Although Xu Fuguan and Liu Guosong have different ideas to the modern art, the essence and the innovative ways of art, They both have the same at-titude to the tradition, the status of technology, the function, the future direction of Chinese fine arts and the influence of Chuang Tzu. Summary and reflexion are important to promote the modernization both Chinese fine arts and Chinese culture.%20世纪60年代的台湾"现代艺术论战",是中国美术现代化的重要组成部分.虽然徐复观和刘国松对现代艺术的态度、艺术的本质及艺术创新的方式上有着不同的理解,但他们在中国画的传统、技术在绘画中的地位,绘画的功能,庄学对中国艺术的影响及中国画现代化的路向等方面实有着诸多的精神共鸣,对这两个世代在社会转型期的美学选择和价值取向进行总结和反思,对中国画的现代化和中国文化的现代创新有着重要的启示意义.

  17. Pro. Xu Xiaofeng’s Experience in Treating Primary Amenorrhea Combined with Infertility with Combination of TCM and Western Medicine (WM)%许小凤教授中西医联合治愈原发性闭经伴不孕1例

    李成婷; 许小凤


    [Objective]Exploring from the specific case analysis of Chinese and western medicine treatment of primary amenorrhea with the clinical curative effect of infertility. [Method]In2013 January by Professor Xu Xiaofeng, doctor diagnosed primary amenorrhea with infertility and 1 patient of typicalcase, combined traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) and western medicine artificial menstrual cycle for 3 months, 3 months after the Chinese medicine Tiaozhou method combined with low dose of HMG with HCG inovulation induction treatment. [Result]After the treatment, the patients had pregnancy 70D, blood hormone and B Ultrasound examination were normal. [Conclusion]Combined treatment of TCM and western medicine is better than pure Chinese medicine or western medicine, suggesting that combination of TCM and western medicine is effective for the treatment of primary amenorrhea with infer-tility.%[目的]探究中西医联合治疗原发性闭经伴不孕的临床疗效。[方法]以许小凤教授2013年1月就诊的确诊为原发性闭经伴不孕的1患者为典型病例,先中药联合西药人工周期调经治疗3个月,3个月后中药调周法联合HMG小剂量递增配合HCG促排卵治疗。[结果]治疗后该患者成功妊娠,孕70d时,血激素及B超检查正常。[结论]中西医联合治疗优于单纯中医或西医治疗,提示中西医联合是治疗原发性闭经伴不孕的有效方法。

  18. 益气涤痰化瘀方对哮喘小鼠气道炎症及Th1/Th2平衡的影响%Effects of YiQi DiTan HuaYu Formula on Th1/Th2 Balance and Airway Inflammation of Mice with Asthma

    赵文娟; 袁嘉丽; 陈静; 邢海晶; 韩妮萍


    目的:探讨益气涤痰化瘀方对哮喘小鼠气道炎症及Th1/Th2平衡的调节作用。方法:将SPF级BALB/c雌性小鼠50只随机分为正常对照组、哮喘模型组,益气涤痰化瘀方低、中、高剂量组。采用卵清白蛋白(OVA)腹腔注射及雾化激发法构建哮喘模型,益气涤痰化瘀方干预治疗。观察各组小鼠行为学改变;制作肺组织病理切片行镜下观察;收集肺泡灌洗液(BALF)进行白细胞总数及分类计数;取小鼠血清以ELISA法检测IFN-γ、IL-4的变化。结果:1)与哮喘模型组比较,药物干预组哮喘症状有所减轻,肺组织炎性细胞浸润减轻;2)益气涤痰化瘀方中剂量组小鼠BALF中白细胞总数和嗜酸性粒细胞(EOS)、中性粒细胞(NEU)、淋巴细胞(LYM)分类计数较哮喘模型组减少(P<0.05);3)与哮喘模型组比较,益气涤痰化瘀方高、中剂量组小鼠血清IFN-γ浓度升高(P<0.05),IL-4浓度降低(P<0.05)。结论:益气涤痰化瘀方可对免疫细胞Th2优势所致的免疫失衡状态进行调节,恢复Th1/Th2平衡;益气涤痰化瘀方可能通过调节机体平衡而减轻哮喘急性气道炎性病变,从而起到防治哮喘的作用。%Objective:To observe the adjustment of YiQi DiTan HuaYu formula to Th1/Th2 balance and air-way inflammation of mice with asthma. Methods:Fifty SPF BALB/c female mice were randomized into normal con-trol group, asthma model group, high, moderate and low dosages groups of YiQi DiTan HuaYu formula. The mice models were established through peritoneal injection of ovalbumin (OVA) and atomization-excited method, and they were intervened by YiQi DiTan HuaYu formula. To observe behavioral changes of the mice in different groups;to prepare pathological section of the lung and observe the section under the microscope; to count total white blood cells and classifications after collecting broncho-alveolar lavage fluid (BALF);to draw the serum from the mice and to

  19. 中药生精逐瘀汤联合手术治疗精索静脉曲张不育症患者的疗效观察%Clinical efficacy of Chinese traditional medicine Sheng Jing Zhu Yu Tang combined with operation in the treatment of patients with varicocele

    何思挺; 陈乐仲; 黄常青; 田小园; 陈球; 刘向崇


    Objective To observe the clinical effect of Sheng Jing Zhu Yu Tang for treating infertile patients with varicocele after varicocelectomy. Methods Eighty patients with varicocele were randomly divided into two groups, the experimental group (n=40) and control group (n=40). Patients in the experimental group took Sheng Jing Zhu Yu Tang after the operation, while those in the control group underwent operation only. The semen quality, sex hormone in the peripheral blood (testosterone, luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone), and the pregnancy rate of their spouse were observed before operation, 3 and 6 months after operation. Results The semen quality, peripheral blood testosterone and the pregnancy rate of their spouse in the experimental group were significantly better than those in the control group (P<0.05). Conclusion Sheng Jing Zhu Yu Tang could enhance the quality of sperm and semen in infertile patients with varicocele after varicocelectomy, improve and regulate their reproductive hormone disturbance to increase the pregnancy rate of their spouses.%目的 观察中药生精逐淤汤对精索静脉曲张不育患者手术后治疗的临床疗效.方法 将精索静脉曲张不育症患者80例随机分为实验组和对照组,各40例,实验组手术后予结合生精逐瘀汤治疗,对照组予单纯手术治疗.观察两组患者术前、术后3个月、6个月精液质量、外周血性激素(睾酮、黄体生成素和卵泡刺激素)以及配偶受孕率的情况.结果 实验组精液各参数、外周血T及术后配偶自然怀孕率均有明显提高,优于对照组(P<0.05).结论 生精逐淤汤对精索静脉曲张不育术后患者有提高精液质量、改善和调节生殖内分泌激素失调、增加配偶受孕率的作用.

  20. A double blind randomized study of Shu Gan Jie Yu capsule combined with mosapride in the treatment of senile functional constipation%舒肝解郁胶囊合并莫沙必利治疗老年功能性便秘的随机双盲对照研究



    目的:探讨舒肝解郁胶囊合并莫沙必利对老年功能性便秘的临床治疗效果。方法:本研究设计使用随机双盲对照研究的方法。入组老年功能性便秘患者共68例,将患者随机分为研究组34例和对照组34例。研究组使用莫沙必利辅以舒肝解郁胶囊治疗,对照组使用莫沙必利治疗。两组分别治疗4周。观察两组治疗前后的排便次数和大便性状,并对排便困难症状进行评分。结果:与对照组比较,研究组治疗后的排便次数明显增加,大便性状改善显著(P<0.05)。两组排便困难症状评分均下降(P<0.05),但研究组与对照组组间比较差异无统计学意义(P>0.05)。结论:舒肝解郁胶囊能辅助莫沙必利减轻老年功能性便秘患者的症状。%Objective:To investigate the clinical therapeutic effect of Shu Gan Jie Yu capsule combined with mosapride in the treatment of senile functional constipation.Methods:In this study we used a randomized double-blind controlled clinical trial.68 patients with senile functional constipation were randomly divided into the study group and the control group with 34 cases in each.Study group used Mosapride combined with Shu Gan Jie Yu capsule treatment,and the control group only used mosapride. Both of the two groups were treated for 4 weeks.Then we observed the stool frequency and stool in the two groups before and after the treatment,and scored the defecate difficulty symptom.Results:When compared with the control group,the defecation frequency of the study group was significantly increased,and the stool was also significantly improved(P0.05).Conclusion:Shu Gan Jie Yu capsule combined with mosapride in the treatment of senile functional constipation can improve their assist symptoms.

  1. A Study of the Relationship between Wuyue Culture and the National Culture of Japan from a Diffusion to the East and the Changes to Yu Sacrifices%从"禹祭"的东传及流变看吴越文化与日本民族文化的渊源关系



    大禹被吴越地区民众作为治水英雄的神话广为歌颂,称为"地王"受到祭祀,俗称"禹祭".日本亦有相似的神话,流传于日本最大的河流——利根川流域,神话的主人公被称作"土神之母"受到民间祭拜,俗称"泥祭".种种迹象表明",泥祭"脱胎于"禹祭"",土母治水"源于"大禹治水",从中发现,吴越文化早在古代就已经传播到当时还被称为"岛夷"的日本.但是,同一治水神话,日本民众的祭祀方式与吴越地区民众的祭祀方法也很不一样,它经过日本民族的再创造之后,早已远离原型,成为本民族特有的神话,唯留有原神话若干因子而已.%Da Yu was widely praised as a hero who fought the floods in the Wuyue region, where he was known as"God of the Land", and where the sacrifices to this God are known as Yu sacrifices. In Japan, there are similar myths along the course of the river Tonegawa. The hero is named"Mother of the Land God", and sacrifices are made by people during Mud sacrifices. Evidence shows that Mmud sacrifices come from Yu sacrifices, just as the myth of the fight with floods by Mother of Land God comes from the myth of the fight with floods by Dayu. It can be concluded that in ancient times, Wuyue culture influenced ancient Japan although the specifics of ceremony changed over the subsequent years. Because of the innovation by Japanese people, these myths and sacrifices journeyed far from the originals, and became a unique myth of Japan which still reflects shadows of the original.

  2. Clinical Observation on Treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis by Only Sodium Hyaluronate and Its Combination with JieDu XiaoYu Ointment%玻璃酸钠单独使用与联合解毒消瘀膏治疗膝骨性关节炎疗效观察

    王想福; 石瑞芳; 武纪玲; 赵军; 孔令俊; 谭小花


    Objective:To observe the clinical curative effect of JieDu XiaoYu ointment combined with sodi-umhyaluronate on knee osteoarthritis. Methods: All 60 patients were randomized into the research and control groups with 30 cases in each, sodium hyaluronate was injected to patients of control group in articular cavity while the combination of JieDu XiaoYu ointment with sodium hyaluronate were administered to the cases of research group;one course of treatment is 4 weeks in both groups and the therapeutic effects presented from osteoarthritis indexes were assessed by WOMAC. Results: The total effective rate in research group was 83.33% significantly better than that of 53.33%in control group (P<0.05). Conclusion:The curative effect of JieDu XiaoYu ointment combined with sodium hyaluronate in treating knee osteoarthritis is superior to that of the pure injection of sodium hyaluronate in articular cavity.%目的:观察解毒消瘀膏联合玻璃酸钠治疗膝关节骨性关节炎的临床疗效。方法:将门诊就诊的膝关节骨性关节炎患者60例随机分为对照组和研究组各30例,对照组采用玻璃酸钠关节腔注射治疗,研究组采用解毒消瘀膏膝关节外敷配合玻璃酸钠关节腔注射治疗,2组治疗4周为1个疗程,采用WOMAC骨性关节炎指数评分评价疗效。结果:研究组总有效率为83.33%,疗效明显优于对照组的53.33%(P<0.05)。结论:解毒消瘀膏外敷配合玻璃酸钠关节腔注射治疗膝关节炎疗效优于单纯采用玻璃酸钠关节腔注射。

  3. 晚清《论语》诠释路径之考察--以刘恭冕《论语述》为中心%The Methodological Study of The Analects of Confucius in the Late Qing Dynasty---The Investigation of Liu Gongmian’s Account for Lun Yu Centered



    With the rise of the Changzhou School in the late Qing Dynasty, many Confucianists gradually began to ease the gap between Han Dynasty and Song Dynasty of learning, and the reform and change in Han learning sprung up. Within the study of Confucius classics, there was an upsurge of Gongyang to explain Confucius classics, especially famous for the collection of the Analects Note. For Liu Fenglu’s Lun Yu Shu He, many descendants criticized it because it was far-fetched. Compared with Lun Yu Shu He, Liu Gongmian’s Lun Yu Zhu Xun had many merits, such as it was conscientiously sum up, it could demonstrate deep meaning, it had its own conclusion, and it could convince people because of rigorously argument. Liu identified the“Crownless King” righteous of the present era, and produce a fusion of matter and reason. Therefore, he became unique in the group of studying the Analects in the Gongyang period in the late Qing Dynasty, which played a very important role for those who do research on Analects and should be affirmed.%随着晚清常州公羊学派的兴起,诸儒逐渐开始舒缓汉宋之防,汉学的自我更新亦随之兴起。经学研究内部出现了一股以《公羊》解《论语》的热潮,尤以辑录何休《论语注训》为盛。其中,刘逢禄的《论语述何》被后人批评为师心自用,而有“郢书燕说”之讥;相比之下,刘恭冕的《论语注训》,或兢兢于辑录,或引申其说,间裁断于己,而又论证严谨,令人信服。刘氏以朴实的乾嘉学风为根基,去认同今文家的素王大义,故而产生一种事与理的融通,在晚清群经公羊化学潮中独树一帜,并对后学产生一定影响,应予肯定。

  4. Xu Ningning: Business with ASEAN Easy to Learn


      It is reasonable to believe that with three major advantageous elements including God's Will, Favorable Geographical Position and Support of People efficiently utilized, the economic and trade relations between the two sides will be developed greatly.……

  5. Xu Ningning: Business with ASEAN Easy to Learn


    @@ It is reasonable to believe that with three major advantageous elements including God's Will, Favorable Geographical Position and Support of People efficiently utilized, the economic and trade relations between the two sides will be developed greatly.

  6. Male sterile line in Rice Xu 29A


    @@The line is an early Indica rice line of WA type and with early maturity. It is bred by CHHRRC and was released by HCVRC in January, 2000.Its maintaining line is bred with the backcrossing Progeny of V20A×the F3 of (Digu B×Jin 23B).The line is characterizied by its short growth duration,about two days earlier than Jin 23 A, Stable sterility which is proved by its sterile plant rate to 100%,aborted pollen rate to 99.99% and selfed seeds to zero under the tests by pollen microscopic inspection and bagged for selfing for multiple generations.

  7. XU Guangxian: Father of Chinese rare earths chemistry

    XIN Ling


    @@ Decades ago, he invented a cascade extraction theory and technique that have greatly facilitated the production of the so-called "industrial vitamins," shifting China's role from a low-profit exporter of raw ores to the world's dominant supplier of separated individual rare earth compounds and metals in high purity.

  8. The Forgotten Great War: Viewpoint of a Political Scientist. Book review: Russia in the Great War of 1914-1918. The images and texts / ed. by A. K. Sorokin, A. Yu. Shutov ; auth.-comp. K. M. Anderson, et al. – Moscow : Politicheskaya entsik

    Pankratov Sergey Anatolyevich


    Full Text Available This publication is a review of the book Russia in the Great War of 1914-1918. The images and texts, prepared by the team of authors and edited by A.K. Sorokin and A.Yu. Shutov in the context of joint activity of the Russian Society of Political Scientists,Faculty of Political Science of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russian State Archive of Social and Political History. The reviewer characterizes the specifics of the publication which represents an attempt to reveal the atmosphere of the century-old events, semantic plots, images of people and their actions through the photographs from the pages of periodicals, posters and cartoons, leaflets and official documents of the First World War.

  9. “日常生活”与“闲情偶寄”——列斐伏尔和李渔“日常生活世界”之比较%"Daily life" and "Xian Qing Ou Ji"——comparison of "dailylife world" in Henri Lefebvre and Li Yu

    彭洲飞; 李佳裔


    Henri Lefebver is the pioneer of the daily life theory,while Li Yu is the initiator of the daily life arrangement in ancient times of China.Both of them focus their eyes on the daily life's new world,finding the beauty and arts there.There exist the differences that Lefebver's contribution to Marxism is to expand and apply the alienation of Marx to daily life of capitalism society with aim to get rid of the alienation;while Li Yu mainly states how to arrange our daily life affairs more effectively and scientifically so as to enjoy the life.%列斐伏尔是日常生活理论的开拓者,李渔是编撰中国古代"日常生活指南"第一人。两人都把视野投射在日常生活的新天地,发现了其中的美、其中的艺术。不同的是,列斐伏尔是把马克思异化劳动理论拓展、运用到资本主义社会日常生活领域,寻求人摆脱异化之路;李渔是要告知人们如何简便实用、科学有效地安排生活起居事宜,进而享受生活的闲情和惬意。

  10. 狂欢与规训--大众文化视域下的“余秀华诗歌现象”%Revelry and discipline:the phenomenon about YuXiuhua’s poetry from the perspective of mass culture



    YuXiuhua’s poetry, which has become unexpectedly popular through WeChat, symbolizes an end to the self-sufficient private writing as well as an entry into the field of mass culture, which is full of various sounds, consumption law, discourse power and identity code. At the same time, network community has directed carnival poetry which gains much attention from the mainstream media and publishers. In some sense, Yu Xiuhua’s poetry has undergone a process from writing for herself to writing for others, from silence to hubbub and from resistance to fusion, in which the folk standpoint and grass-root writing of her poetry have been obscured and disciplined.%在微信朋友圈中意外走红的余秀华诗歌,告别了自足自为的私性书写,进入到众声喧哗的大众文化场域。在这个杂合着消费法则、话语权力、身份符码的场域里,上演了一场网络社群的诗学狂欢,进而获得了主流媒体和出版机构的关注。从自为到共谋,从沉默到喧嚣,从抵抗到融合,余秀华诗歌的民间立场和草根书写的意义在某种程度上被遮蔽与规训。

  11. 东西方女性主义艺术思潮的异同分析--以弗里达和喻红作品艺术风貌为例%An Analysis on Similarities and Differences between Eastern and Western Feminist Art Trends-Taking Art Styles of Works by Frida Kahlo and Yu Hong as Case Studies

    张嘉博; 王洪章


    墨西哥现代女艺术家弗里达卡洛与中国当代女性画家喻红,他们二人的艺术实践无论是在创作理念还是在作品格调上都具有某种程度的相似性,但由于东西方在艺术审美经验上的根本差异,又使得两人作品的艺术风貌呈现出较为明显的区别。弗里达卡洛以女性对个体生命的独特体验来表现充满异域风情的墨西哥民族画风,喻红通过描绘个体生命的成长历程反映当代社会快速的时代变迁,重新界定了个人在社会群体中的角色定位。%Mexico modern female artist Frida Kahlo and Chinese contemporary female painter Yu Hong, whose art practice have certain similarities both in creation concept and works style, however,the fundamental differences between eastern and western art aesthetic experiences make their works have more obvious differences in art style.Frida Kahlo expresses the Mexican national style full of exotic culture through women’ s unique experience on individual life, while Yu Hong reflects contemporary rapid social era change by depic-ting the growth course of individual life to redefine the role of the individual in the society.

  12. 社会团结的悖论:变动社会下的法治秩序--以“许云鹤案”为切入%The Paradox of Social Solidarity:the Order of Rule of Law in the Transformation of Society---Taking the Case of"XU Yun-he"as the Breakthrough



    司法对于解决纠纷维护社会稳定具有十分重要的作用,但是转型中国遭遇的许多案件使得法院难以给出一个令人信服的判决,进而导致更多的社会危机,这是追求确定性的法律在社会变动时期所遭遇的难题。社会变迁所带来的高风险无法用已有的法律来化解,形式理性法及其推崇者所追求的那种确定性无法实现。在类似“许云鹤案”这样的情形中,公平责任在分担这种风险时极有可能瓦解这个社会,带来社会团结的悖论。保持司法适度的克制,同时加大法律共同体与社会大众之间的协商,是解决这一难题的可能选择,也是司法在构建现代化治理体系中所要采取的基本态度。%Justice is very important to resolve the disputes in the maintenance of the social stability, but in the transformation period it is difficult for the court to give a convincing judgment in China, leading to more social crisis which is the difficulty to pursue the legal certainty encountered in the period of social change. High risk in society change cannot dissolve with the existing laws, so the formal rational law and the certainty pursued by its advocates cannot be achieved. In the cases like"Xu Yunhe case", the fair responsibility in sharing that risk at the time of this risk is likely to collapse this society and to bring social solidarity paradox. Maintaining a moderate judicial restraint, and at the same time increasing consultation between the legal community and the public might be a possible choice to solve the problem, which is the basic attitude of the judiciary in the con-struction of modern governance system.

  13. Imagining the Flavor of Huai River in the Open-minded "Attitude"On XU Hui Novels%以豁达者的“姿态”想象江淮风情——许辉小说论



    Xu Hui's novels have a flavor of enriched life and local characteristics, while describing the native landscapes, he focuses on the depiction of "water", and takes advantage of the water's flowing and being crystal clear as the metaphor for people's happy life and refined personality, demonstrating an open-minded attitude. Many works of Xuhui also take circle of officials as the central topic, revealing various negative aspects of modern circle of officials with a modern intellectuaP s humanistic concerns with people's livelihood and a clear sense of criticism. In addition, Xuhui's novels also provide a detailed investigation of human nature and serious exploration of the meaning of life, they are the summary of author's literary career while serving as the records of the ordinary Jiang Huai people's life.%许辉小说具有浓郁的生活气息与浓厚的地方特色,在叙述家乡自然风景时,写作者重在写"水",借水的流动与清澈来隐喻活泼快乐的生活与高洁脱俗的人格,呈现出豁达的姿态。许辉的不少作品还以官场社会为中心,展现现代官场种种积习流弊,体现了一个现代知识分子独有的关注民生、体恤万物的人文主义情怀和清醒尖刻的批判意识。此外,许辉小说还细致地勘察与体悟了人情、人性,认真地探寻与追问了人生意义和价值,在为普通江淮人作传的同时,也对自己的文学生涯进行了一次总结。

  14. 徐复观与伽达默尔:解释学的比较——"意义"和"意味"的张力%Xu Fukuan and Hans-George Gadamer: A Hermeneutical Comparison——The Tension between "meaning" and "significance"



    The approach that Xu Fukuan adopted in interpreting the concrete ideological and art history has theoretical hermeneu-tical significance. The core of his hermeneutics is to "pursue experience", which fits into the inner' characteristics of Chinese thought. It emphasizes the meaning generation process in the subjective and objective fusion of text, author and reader. It is dif-ferent from Gadamer's hermeneutics which, built on the basis of logos center, is philosophically text-centered. While absorbing the rational elements in Chinese classical hermeneutics such as "zhiren iunshi" and "yiyi nizhi", the distinction of "meaning" and "significance" prevent it from following a subjective tendency. Under the guidance of "meaning", "significance" is gener-ated in the understanding of the reader by the author and text, and hence resolving the "conflict in hermeneutics" and making a breakthrough into the "hermeneutic circle".%徐复观在具体的思想史和艺术史阐释中所运用的方法具有解释学的理论意义,他的解释学核心是"追体验"."追体验"契合中国思想的"内在性"特征,它强调理解作为文本、作者与读者之间主客观融合的意味生成过程,这与伽达默尔解释学建基于逻各斯中心基础上、以文本为中心的哲学解释学不同.它一方面吸收了中国古典理解观中"知人论世"和"以意逆志"的合理性,另一方面则以"意义"和"意味"的区分避免了此种解释方法的主观化倾向.在"意义"的指引下,"意味"在作者和文本对读者的理解召唤中生成,化解了"解释学冲突",带来对解释学循环的突破.

  15. 新场气田须二气藏天然裂缝有效性定量表征方法及应用%Quantification characterization of the valid natural fractures in the 2nd Xu Member, Xinchang gas field

    邓虎成; 周文; 周秋媚; 陈文玲; 张昊天


    天然裂缝是地层中广泛分布的一种地质构造现象,当其在油气开发过程中保持一定有效性时具有重要作用,其有效程度高低是裂缝性油气藏高产富集的关键.本次研究以川西新场气田须二气藏裂缝特征及成因认识为基础,利用气藏各类动静态资料对裂缝张开度、裂缝渗透率、裂缝孔隙度等参数进行解释和评价,明确了不同资料计算获取裂缝参数的物理含义及相互之间的关系,为裂缝有效性评价奠定了基础.文中以井筒附近、地质模型网格单元体内裂缝网络系统作为裂缝有效性定量表征对象,通过裂缝网络系统裂缝参数的分布特征,选取并组合了参数分布的特征变量从而建立了裂缝有效性定量表征指标;基于裂缝有效性定量表征方法和建立的定量表征指标对新场气田须二气藏单井产层段裂缝的有效性及气藏裂缝有效性的纵横变化规律进行了研究和评价,其评价结果与区域构造、应力场分布、井下监测、生产动态具有很好的一致性.本文对油气藏中天然裂缝有效性的认识和定量表征方法为裂缝性油气藏地质建模中裂缝有效参数场的建立和数值模拟工作奠定了基础,为裂缝性油气藏的描述和生产动态研究提供了方向和思路.%The natural fracture is a geological phenomenon which is widely distributed in the strata, and plays an important role in the oil & gas development. The fractures effectiveness level is the key to get high oil & gas yielding and enrichment in fractured oil & gas reservoirs. Based on the characteristics and igneous cognition of fractures and all kinds of static and dynamic data in the 2nd Xu Member gas reservoirs in Xinchang gas field in western Sichuan, the parameters such as aperture, permeability and porosity of fractures are interpreted and evaluated. The physical meanings of fracture parameters obtained from different data are clear that laid the

  16. QTL Information Table: 657 [Q-TARO

    Full Text Available L Zhenshan 97 Minghui 63 A RG424 RZ667 jsa Cui, K., Peng, S., Ying, Y., Yu, S., and Xu, C. (2004). Molecular Dissection of the Relati...onships among Tiller Number, Plant Height and Heading Date in Rice. Plant Production Science 7, 309-318. ...

  17. 2016 Multifunctional Materials and Structures: Science of Autonomic, Adaptive and Self-Sustaining Systems GRC


    Registered Reitz, Thomas L Air Force Research Laboratory Poster Presenter Registered Rivera , Jesus University of California, Riverside Poster Presenter...Windsor, Shane P University of Bristol Poster Presenter Registered Xu, Sheng University of California, San Diego Attendee Registered Yanagisawa, Yu The

  18. QTL Information Table: 989 [Q-TARO

    Full Text Available Physiological trait Eating quality Chalkiness RFLP C)Interval F2 Zhenshan 97 Minghu...i 63 A C161 R753 pha Tan, Y.F., Xing, Y.Z., Li, J.X., Yu, S.B., Xu, C.G., and Zhang, Q. (2000). Genetic bases of appearance quality

  19. QTL Information Table: 519 [Q-TARO

    Full Text Available ph1 Morphological trait Dwarf Plant height Mixture C)Interval F3 Zhenshan 97 Minghu...i 63 A RG236 C547 pha Yu, S.B., Li, J.X., Xu, C.G., Tan, Y.F., Li, X.H., and Zhang, Q. (2002). Identification of quantitative trait

  20. Confucius Institute


    @@ Confucius Institute(simplified Chinese:孔子学院;traditional Chinese:孔子學院;pinyin:kǒngzǐ xuéyuàn)is a non-profit public institute which aims at promoting Chinese language and culture and supporting local Chinese teaching internationally through affiliated Confucius Institutes.

  1. QTL Information Table: 482 [Q-TARO

    Full Text Available qRA5-1 Morphological trait Shoot/Seedling Root activity Mixture C)Interval RIL Zhenshan 97 Minghui 63 B C246 RM26 pha Cui, H., Peng, B., Xing, Z., Xu, G., Yu, B., and Zhang, Q. (2002). Molecular dissection of seedling-vigor and associated physiological traits in rice. Theor Appl Genet 105, 745-753. ...

  2. QTL Information Table: 655 [Q-TARO

    Full Text Available nshan 97 Minghui 63 A RM241 C2807 jsa Cui, K., Peng, S., Ying, Y., Yu, S., and Xu, C. (2004). Molecular Dissection of the among Tiller Number, Plant Height and Heading Date in Rice. Plant Production Science 7, 309-318. ...

  3. QTL Information Table: 656 [Q-TARO

    Full Text Available nshan 97 Minghui 63 A RG424 RZ667 jsa Cui, K., Peng, S., Ying, Y., Yu, S., and Xu, C. (2004). Molecular Dissection of the among Tiller Number, Plant Height and Heading Date in Rice. Plant Production Science 7, 309-318. ...

  4. Maillard reaction induces changes in saccharides and amino acids ...

    Mei-Bian Hu, Wei Peng, Yu-Jie Liu, Dan Yan, Xi Chen, Chun-Jie Wu*. College of Pharmacy ... extracted with 80 % ethanol for 3 h to remove colored materials. ..... Xu M, Yang SL, Peng W, Liu YJ, Xie DS, Li XY, WU CJ. A Novel Method for the ...

  5. Dynamics of Laser Driven, Ablatively Accelerated Targets


    Tenierature Hydrodynamic Phenomena," V.I. II. pg. 676. Academic Press NY (1966) 21. R. Resnick , and 1). lHalliday, "Physics." Vol. I. pg. 178, J. Wiley...Attn: Prof. Gan Fu-xi GI. Barifi Prof. Yu Wen-yan Istituto Fisica Application Prof. Xu Zhi-2han Universita di Paria Prof. Deng Xi-ming Pavia 27100 Italy

  6. QTL Information Table: 343 [Q-TARO

    Full Text Available enshan 97 Minghui 63 B RZ667 RG424 pha Cui, K.H., Peng, S.B., Xing, Y.Z., Yu, S.B., Xu, C.G., and Zhang, Q. (2003). Molecular dissect...ion of the genetic relationships of source, sink and transport tissue with yield traits in rice. Theor Appl Genet 106, 649-658. ...

  7. QTL Information Table: 341 [Q-TARO

    Full Text Available section of the genetic relationships of source, sink and transport tissue with yield traits in rice. Theor Appl Genet 106, 649-658. ... ...enshan 97 Minghui 63 B R753 RG352 G359 pha Cui, K.H., Peng, S.B., Xing, Y.Z., Yu, S.B., Xu, C.G., and Zhang, Q. (2003). Molecular dis

  8. QTL Information Table: 342 [Q-TARO

    Full Text Available enshan 97 Minghui 63 B RZ667 RG424 pha Cui, K.H., Peng, S.B., Xing, Y.Z., Yu, S.B., Xu, C.G., and Zhang, Q. (2003). Molecular dissect...ion of the genetic relationships of source, sink and transport tissue with yield traits in rice. Theor Appl Genet 106, 649-658. ...

  9. QTL Information Table: 347 [Q-TARO

    Full Text Available 97 Minghui 63 B RG393 RZ403 C1087 pha Cui, K.H., Peng, S.B., Xing, Y.Z., Yu, S.B., Xu, C.G., and Zhang, Q. (2003). Molecular dissect...ion of the genetic relationships of source, sink and transport tissue with yield traits in rice. Theor Appl Genet 106, 649-658. ...

  10. 汉语白话史及其研究意义--兼评徐时仪《汉语白话史(第二版)》%The History of the Written Form of Modern Chinese and the Significance of the Research-A Comment on the book The History of the Written Form of Modern Chinese (the 2nd Edition) by Xu Shiyi



    the corpuses of Chinese language need to be distinguished into the classical and the modern in the study of Chinese language history, because the modern Chinese provides authentic materials for the study of Chinese language history. The significance of the study of modern Chinese language history is mainly beneficial to the study of classification of Chinese language history, and to the descripti on and research on the historical development of Chinese pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. There are three characteristics in the book The History of the Written Form of Modern Chinese (the 2nd Edition) by Xu Shiyi: Exhaustively share linguistic data, neaten the development of modern Chinese language history, and combine the comprehensive historical investigations and case analyses. The study of modern Chinese language history has great significance to the study of Chinese language history, and the book The History of the Written Form of Modern Chinese (the 2nd Edition) by Xu Shiyi make an important contribution in the field.%汉语史研究的语料需要区分文言与白话,白话为汉语史研究提供了真实可信的材料。汉语白话史的研究意义主要表现在有利于对汉语史进行分类与分阶段研究,以及对汉语语音、词汇、语法等的历史发展做更准确的描写与研究。徐时仪《汉语白话史(第二版)》有三个特点:穷尽性占有语料,对汉语白话的发展历史作了系统的清理;高瞻远瞩,对汉语白话的发展作了理论上的探讨与阐释;宏观与微观相结合,全面的历史考察与细致的个案分析相结合。汉语白话史的研究对于汉语史的研究具有很强的学术意义,《汉语白话史(第二版)》对此做出了重要贡献。

  11. 基于数据挖掘技术的俞景茂教授诊治小儿遗尿的规律研究%Analysis on Professor Yu Jingmao’s Medication Rules for Treating Childhood Enuresis Based on Database and Data Mining

    邬思远; 季聪华; 陈华; 吴龙涛; 蒋燕华; 王珊珊


    [目的]探讨俞景茂教授治疗小儿遗尿的诊疗规律和学术经验。[方法]收集俞景茂教授诊治小儿遗尿的门诊病案,利用 EpiData软件建设病案数据库,采用Clementine12.0,运用关联规则Apriori算法对症候和药物出现的频次,以及药物之间的相互关联性进行统计分析,并结合临床实践,分析并总结俞景茂教授治疗小儿遗尿的诊治规律。[结果]统计分析显示舌淡红、夜尿不约、眠深难醒等十项症候为高频症候,炙甘草、菟丝子、巴戟天等二十味药物为高频药物,菟丝子、黄芪、白术、巴戟天等九味药物为核心药物,提示俞景茂教授在诊治小儿遗尿中重在补肾、健脾和开窍。[结论]通过数据挖掘方法,有效总结了俞景茂教授在小儿遗尿方面的诊疗思路和临床经验,该方法的应用对于挖掘名老中医临床经验具有重要的价值。%Objective] To investigate professor Yu Jingmao’s medication rules and clinical experience for treating childhood enuresis. [Methods] Outpatient prescriptions of treating childhood enuresis were collected and database was established relying on Software EpiData. The usage frequency of drug, syndrome manifestations and the correlations between them were analyzed by using clementine 12.0 software and association rules, such as Apriori. Also, clinical experience was taken into consideration to analyse characteristic in treating childhood enuresis. [Results] Ten syndrome manifestations are frequently existed, for example, pink tongue, childhood enuresis and hard to awake. Twenty herbs are frequently existed, for example, Zhi-gancao, Tu-sizi and Ba-jitian. There are nine core herbs, like Tu-sizi, Huang-qi, Bai-shu and Ba-jitian. Professor Yu Jingmao prefers to tonify kidney and spleen and wake up from sleep in treatment.[Conclusion]The experience for treating childhood enuresis of professor Yu Jingmao is concluded according to data mining. And it

  12. 徐迟诗歌地理意象呈现的三种形态--以三十年代诗歌为例%On Three Expressive Ways of Geographical Images in XU Chi’s Poems---A Case Study of His Poems in the 1930s



    There existed three expressive ways of geographical images in XU Chi’s poems of 1920s,especially of 1930s:the self-centered plane observation of natural geography which led to the geographical images in plane form,the stereoscopic observation of China,world and unverse which contributed to the three-dimensional form of the geographical images,the deep observation of his hometown,towns and world which resulted in the symbolic form of such images.The connotation and artis-tic expression of the poems in plane form are not so deep.While those in stereoscopic form can impress people with the vast images and multi-space of imagination.And the poems in symbolic form may often give people vast poetic and beautiful space and the endless aftertastes.Such three expressive means in his poems did not exist absolutely.They are often interwoven.We can find XU’s poetic composition was not stable,but in constant exploration around the geographical images.%徐迟20实际30年代的诗歌中的地理意象存在三种形态,即以自我为中心对自然地理的平面观察,因而诗中的地理意象以平面形态出现;以对中国、世界与宇宙三位一体空间的立体观察,因而诗中的地理意象以立体形态出现;以对故乡、都市与世界等地理的深度观察,因而诗中的地理意象以象征形态出现。处于平面形态的诗歌,其内在的意蕴及其艺术的表现缺乏深度;进入立体形态的诗歌,往往能够给人以开阔的意境与多重想象的空间;进入象征形态的诗歌,往往能够给人高远的诗美空间,令人回味无穷。三种形态在其诗歌之中,并不是绝对的呈现,往往有所交叉与渗透。以地理意象作为视点,会发现徐迟的诗歌写作并不稳定,而是时刻处于不断探索之中。

  13. Research on the Leading Industry Selection of Ecological Environment: Take Cheng-Yu Economic Zone as an Example%面向生态环境的主导产业选择研究——以成渝经济区为例

    肖红艳; 袁兴中; 李波; 曹慧; 廖正军


    区域经济与生态环境保护协调发展是当代研究的热点.为了保证区域经济发展与生态环境协同共进,对区域经济发展核心和支柱的主导产业的选择必须基于生态环境的考量.本文综合考虑产业资源环境效益、经济效益、社会效益,构建了面向生态环境的主导产业选择指标体系,包括生态环境指数、经济规模指数、产品市场指数、经济效益指数、社会效益指数以及行业关联效应指数,并以成渝经济区为研究对象,运用熵值法和投入产出模型等方法进行定量综合比选.在结合研究区域发展要求的基础上,结果确定成渝经济区主导产业为装备制造业、食品制造和加工业及电力、燃气及水资源生产和供应业.%The coordinated development of the environment and the economy is a focus these days. In order to coordinate the regional economic development and eco-environmental conservation, the leading industry, being the core and pillar of the regional economic development, must be selected based on ecological environment. Considering the economical, social, and ecological efficiencies of industries, a six sets of index system consist of eco-environment index, scale economical index, market index, economic benefit index, social benefit index and correlation degree was established on the basis of leading industry selection principles and criterion for leading industry selection under the constraints of ecological environment, and in accordance with regional development requirements, the leading industry of the Cheng-Yu economic zone was analyzed by entropy method and input-output method. The results showed that, the comprehensive indexes of equipment manufacturing industry, food manufacturing and processing industries, and electric power, gas & water production and supply were determined as leading industries of Cheng-Yu economic zone.

  14. 从“政治救国”到“文化救世”--徐复观创办《民主评论》前后的心路历程%From “Saving the Nation by Politics”to “Saving the World by Culture”---Looking Back to the Whole Story of Xu Fuguan Starting to Issue “Democratic Review ”



    《民主评论》是现代新儒家代表人物徐复观创办的在港台地区具有重要影响的刊物。《民主评论》凝聚起一大批优秀的学者,成为港台新儒家的思想舞台和发言地。通过徐复观在创办《民主评论》前后的几个重要事件,能够看出一个创办者的艰难求索和心路历程,体察到他从“政治救国”到“文化救世”的良苦用心。%It is great influenced publication in Hong Kong and Taiwan that founded by Xu Fuguan,the representative of Modern Neo-Confucianism.“Democratic Review”has united a quite group of scholars,which became the stage of thinking and place of speaking of Neo-Confucianism in Hong Kong and Taiwan.Through reviewing the several important events during the whole story of issuing “Democratic Review”,we could see the struggling experience of the founder,and also feel his transition from “saving the nation by politics”to “saving the world by culture”.

  15. Problems of and Solutions to the Chinese -English Translation of Public Signs of Scenic Spots in Fuzhou---A Case Study of Mount Yu Scenic Spot%福州市景区公示语英译存在的问题及对策--以福州市于山风景区为例



    Fuzhou plays a leading role in the construction of the west side of the Taiwan Straits.With the ongoing cultural ex-changes and expanding international influence,Fuzhou has attracted an increasing amount of foreigners to come for traveling and sightseeing.Therefore,it is significant for the public signs of scenic spots to be correct.This thesis takes Fuzhou Mount Yu Scenic Spot as an example and analyzes the problems of and solutions to C -E translation of public signs of scenic spots in Fuzhou.%福州作为海西建设的领跑者,对外文化交流愈加频繁,国际影响日益扩大,吸引了越来越多外国友人来此观光旅游。因此,旅游景区的公示语的英语翻译就显得尤为重要。本文以福州市于山风景区为例,分析了景区内公示语英译存在的问题并提出了改善目前现状的对策。

  16. 《朱子语类》软硬反义概念词语类聚考%A Textual Research on Antithetical Words Denoting “Softness”and “Hardness”in Zhu Zi Yu-lei (朱子语类)



    The system of vocabulary is composed of individual words which are clustered together on the basis of meaning relationships. A lexical cluster denoting the same meaning is equivalent to a lexical field. There are many words and expressions found in Zhu Zi Yu-lei (朱子语类) , literally Classified conversations of Master Zhu, deno-ting the concepts of softness and hardness respectively. This paper presents an investigation into the network of lexi-cal clustering under which antithetical words denoting softness and hardness are subsumed.%词汇系统由一个个概念词语类聚互相关联构成,同一概念的词语类聚相当于一个词汇场。《朱子语类》中表达软硬概念的有“柔、软、坚、硬、刚、顽”等词,形成以这些词及其组合的词语为核心而聚合其他词汇成分的软硬概念词语聚合网络。

  17. 佛教心性论与韩孟诗派创作的主体精神%The Ideology of the Mind of Buddhism and the Subject Spirit in the Creation of Poetry by the School of Han Yu and Meng Jiao



    佛教禅宗心性论是佛学的核心义理之一,旨在启迪人从心灵中寻求“自我意识和自我感觉”,它强化了人的主体意识和主体精神。这一特征与艺术创作的主体精神有着内在的相互通融和契符。韩孟诗派是中唐最具特征的诗派,此派诗人在诗歌创作实践中都表现自我主体意识,抒写心性,而形成这一创作特征的深层文化思想背景正是佛教禅宗心性论的影响。%The ideology of the mind of Dhyana is one of the key doctrines of Buddhism, which is directed to seek self- consciousness and self- recognition in human mind. This concept strengthens human subject consciousness and spirit, thus an intrinsic connection with the subject spirit of literary creation. The school of Han Yu and Meng Jiao was typical of the mid - Tan Dyansty poetry, their deep cultural background of Dhyana determined the representation of self- subject consciousness and mind as well as soul in the creation of poetry.

  18. 凡音之起乐由心生--于右任《望大陆》诗歌曲创作理念与音调设计%Music Raises from the Bottom of Heart-Creative Idea and Tone Design of the Poetry Song of Yu Youjen′s "Gaze on the Mainland"



    于右任先生在耄耋之年的国殇绝唱《望大陆》诗深刻表达了祖国被撕裂、国土不完整、亲人不能团聚的痛楚之情。为了承继于老原诗的意境,《望大陆》诗歌曲创作理念以秦腔音乐风格为主线,乐曲音调设计采用 G 宫 A 商清乐音阶七声调式,结构为带有对比性的单二部曲式,音乐表达出哀伤、悲怆、悲壮的情境。%Mr.Yu Youjen wrote a poem "Gaze on the Mainland"at his age of eighties,which expresses profound feel-ings about the sorrow of torn and incomplete homeland and the sadness of family separation.In order to inherit the origi-nal mood and conception,the poetry song "Gaze on the Mainland"is composed on the Shaanxi opera music style.The song uses the seventh grades of the QingYue scale style of G Gong A Shang as its tonality and its musical structure is the two -single form with a contrasting style.The music expresses a sad,pathetic,and tragic feeling.

  19. 《汉语大词典》收双音假设连词书证义项商补%Discussion and Supplement on Documentary Evidence and Dictionary Entry of the Dual Tone Hypothetical Conjunction in“HanYuDaCiDian”(汉语大词典)



    “HanYuDaCiDian”(《汉语大词典》)has included and defined most of the dual tone hypothesis conjunction in history of Chinese language. It has important reference value for the study of the history of Chinese language. However, there are still some problems to be solved. For example,the documentary evidences of some entries are too later even some entries have no documentary evidence;Besides everal hypothetical conjunctions have other uses which the dictionary have not collected. These problems need further discussion and supplement.%提《汉语大词典》收释了大部分双音假设连词,对于汉语史研究有重要的参考价值。不过尚存在部分词条书证偏晚或者缺少书证的问题;此外个别假设连词还有其他连词用法而词典漏收相应的义项。这些问题还需要做进一步的商榷和补充。

  20. The Current Situation of Folk Story Inheritance among the Zang Nationality——a Case Study in YU Tong Region%康巴藏族民间故事传承的现状——以鱼通地区为例



    通过口耳相传的方式传承了千百年的康巴藏族民间故事,深刻地反映了康区社会、历史、风俗、文化等方方面面。虽然不同区域的传承方式会打上本土文化特征的烙印,但仍是有共性可循的。本文仅以鱼通地区的民间故事口头传承为例,对康巴藏族民间故事的传承现状进行初步的探析,以期引起康巴文化研究者和当地文化部门的关注。%The oral way to inherit the folk story has a history of more than one thousand years among the Zang nationality,and this reveals the society,history,convention and culture in this region.The definite ways may differ from place to place,but they share some similarity in culture.Taking the oral inheritance of folk story in YU Tong region for instance,this paper attempt an initial research on the current situation of folk story inheritance,so as to attract more attention to this culture from scholars and local government.

  1. 司空图感性学三维视角下评析《虞美人》的英译本%A Comparative Study on Three English Versions of the Chinese Poem The Beautiful Lady Yu from the Perspective of Sikong Tu’s Three Dimensions of Aesthetics



    在诗歌翻译批评中,司空图诗学思想即三维说提供了一个很好的诗评原则。本文从司空图感性学三维出发,对《虞美人》3个英文译本的音像美、视像美和含蓄美进行了比较研究。好的诗歌译本应从听觉、视觉和味觉3个维度尽量保留和再现原诗的意境美,实现原诗的“韵外之致”、“景外之景”和“味外之旨”。%Sikong Tu proposes the theory of “three dimensions of aesthetics” on criticizing poems .In this paper ,three English versions of the Chinese poem The Beautiful Lady Yu are compared and studied based on this theory ,which covers acoustic beauty ,visual beauty and vague sense of beauty .The paper comes to a conclusion that a successful poem translation should convey the poetic mood of the original text from the above three dimensions .

  2. “语言”定义问题研究综论--兼评于全有《语言本质理论的哲学重建》中的语言观%A Summary on Language Definition:Also on Yu Quanyou’ s Philosophic Reconstruction of Language Essence Theory

    李玉娟; 王芳


    There are many definitions of language .Among them , the theories of tool and symbol are more in-fluential .Nevertheless , they have obvious weakness and shortages for these definitions .Yu Quanyou reconstructs the concept of language .His brand-new definition overturns the recognition on the essence of language and clears the problems of traditional view on the essence of language .%目前学术界对语言的界定和认识有很多,但其中影响较大的主要是工具说、符号说。而这几种语言定义都存在着明显的弱点和不足。于全有教授对“语言”的概念重新进行了定义,这种全新的定义,颠覆了传统的有关语言本质观的认识,从根本上肃清并解决了传统的语言本质观存在的诸多问题。


    Hanife Nalan GENÇ


    Full Text Available The concept of Theater of the Absurd accelerating especially in the second half of the twentieth century was not only evaluated as incomprehensible but also found ridiculous and surprised when it was considered as a new genre. The aimlessness of people who cannot make their presence felt with their actions and their despair were exhibited in the tragic-comic contrast. The concept of Theater of the Absurd which can be assessed in two periods with the themes and the principles it defends developed under the leadership of the authors including mostly Ionesco, Beckett and Genet of the second period putting emphasis on the harmony of dissonance. These three pioneers of this theater existed with their unique style of playwriting. In this study, Ionesco’s ‘Kel Şarkıcı’ (The Bald Soprano, Samuel Beckett’s Godot’yu Beklerken (Waiting for Godot and Jean Genet’s Hizmetçiler (Maids were examined in the context of cyclical structures. The plays’ own texture and the fact that they were fictionalized with its cyclical structures associated with their concept of theater caused these three plays which have different styles of plays and the playwrights who defend different ideas to find common ground. As a result, it was found out that the structure in these plays served to concretize the fundamentals of theatre of the Absurd.

  4. Views on Spirits and Gods in Yin Gao Zong Wen Yu San Shou and Tang Zai Chi Men of Qinghua Bamboo Manuscripts%清华简《三寿》《汤在啻门》二文中的鬼神观



    There is great respect for spirits and gods in the text Yin Gao Zong Wen Yu San Shou and Tang Zai Chi Men, two texts of Qinghua Bamboo Manuscripts. In Yin Gao Zong Wen Yu San Shou, Pengzu emphasizes the fulfillment of the want of gods and people as an important element in the evaluation of a ruler. Tang Zai Chi Men discusses the important elements in the construction of“human”( Ren) , “country”( Bang) ,“earth”( Di) and “heaven”( Tian) where the four gods ( Si Shen) and the nine gods ( Jiu Shen) have crucial effect. These texts show great respect for spirits and gods but do not focus on them. They focus on both rationality of humans and the mysterious effects of spirits and gods. Therefore, these texts are not related to Mohist School which gives spirits and gods absolute power; instead they are more close to Huang-Lao Daoism. The specific term ‘Di Zhen” of religious Daoism appears in Tang Zai Chi Men. Also concepts like the four gods ( Si Shen ) and the nine gods ( Jiu Shen ) are possibly related to the ‘ Shen Ren” and‘ Zhen Ren”immortals of religious Daoism and philosophical Daoism. Therefore, the religious Daoism may have absorbed the resources from the views on spirits and gods of these early texts.%清华简《殷高宗问于三寿》和《汤在啻门》两篇文献都对鬼神非常敬重。《殷高宗问于三寿》中彭祖反复强调,让“神”与“民”均得到满足,是衡量统治者是否高明的一个重要标志。《汤在啻门》讨论了构成“人”“邦”“地”“天”的重要因素,其中“四神”和“九神”起到了重要的作用。但此二文既重视鬼神,又不惟鬼神;既重视人的理性思考,又借重鬼神作为禁忌所能产生的神秘作用,因此和将鬼神视为绝对力量的墨家无关,思想倾向更接近黄老道家。《汤在啻门》出现了“地真”这个特定的道教用语,“四神”和“九神”也很有可能和

  5. Clinical Observation on Early Treatment of Multiple Injuries of Bone and Joint with the Combination of Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang and Injury Control%血府逐瘀汤联合损伤控制技术早期救治骨关节多发伤的疗效观察

    王旭光; 初海滨; 鞠传宝


    Objective To sum up the curative effect of the early treatment of bone and joint injury by the combination of Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang and injury control technology. Methods Our hospital between January 2014 and December 2015 were treated 112 cases of joint multiple trauma patients as the research object of this experiment, according to the double blind method will be involved in the study of patients, divided into two different groups, two groups of patients the appellation of the control group respectively, and the team, each group of 56 patients, control group patients use the conventional methods for treatment, the team is to provide patients with therapeutic and the combined treatment of damage control technology. Results After the operation, the team with the total effective was 96.43%, signiifcantly higher than control group in patients with 85.71%, the comparison between the two groups, data signiifcant difference (P<0.05).Patients in the study group were pain stop time, swelling clearance time and hospitalization time were less than the control group patients, the difference between the groups was signiifcant. Conclusion The combination of Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang and the therapeutic joint damage control technology in the early treatment polytrauma curative effect is obvious, bone can be promoted.%目的:总结血府逐瘀汤联合损伤控制技术早期救治骨关节多发伤的疗效。方法选取本院2014年1月至2015年12月收治的112例骨关节多发伤患者作为本次实验的研究对象,根据双盲法将参与研究的患者,分为两个不同的组别,两组患者的称谓分别为对照组以及研究组,每组各56例患者,对照组的患者使用常规的方法进行治疗,研究组则为患者提供血府逐瘀汤以及损伤控制技术的联合治疗。结果手术后,研究组患者的总有效为96.43%,明显高于对照组患者的85.71%,两组间比较,数据差异显著,(P<0.05)。研究组患者疼痛停止时

  6. The SWOT Analysis of Internet -based Finance and Its Strategic Options:Taking YuˊeBao as an Example%互联网金融的 SWOT 分析及其战略选择--以余额宝为例

    张瑾; 陈丽珍; 张道海; 罗建强


    YuˊeBao is the typical representative of internet -based finance,the leader of internet finance and the typical case of service innovation activities in China.It has greatly driven interest rate marketing process and promoted the innova-tion and development of financial industry.SWOT analysis approach in strategic management is carried out to study the re-lated factors of internet -based finance strategies by taking YuˊeBao as an example.Based on the strength (earnings advan-tage,liquidity advantage,customer advantage and operating advantage),weakness (monetary fundsˊliquidity,profitability and safety weakness,network information security weakness,and customer legal dispute weakness),opportunity (innova-tion opportunity,and financial system reform opportunity)and threat of internet -based finance (being threatened threats, and more strict regulatory threats),internet -based finance strategies are proposed,including striving continuously for na-tional policyˊs support,diversifying investment,guarding against the risk with the aid of big data,guiding customers to ra-tionally choose,and fulfilling social responsibilities actively.%余额宝是互联网金融的典型代表,是引领互联网金融的排头兵,是我国服务创新活动的典型案例。它的出现极大地推动了利率市场化进程,促进了金融业的创新与发展。以余额宝为例,运用战略管理中的 SWOT 分析方法对互联网金融战略相关联因素进行分析,确定互联网金融的内部优势(收益优势、流动性优势、客户优势及操作优势)、劣势(货币基金的流动性、收益性、安全性劣势、网络信息安全劣势及与用户的法律纠纷劣势),外部机遇(创新机遇、金融体制改革机遇)以及威胁(被封杀威胁、更严格的监管威胁),进而提出继续争取国家政策的支持、多元化投资、利用大数据防范风险、引导顾客进行理性选择以及积极履行社会责任的互联网金融战略。

  7. 通瘀化痰法对异丙基肾上腺素致大鼠心衰模型的实验研究%The Experimental Study of TongYuHuaTan Methods on the Effects in Rat Model with Isoproterenol Induced Chronic Heart Failure

    王敏; 王晓峰; 艾静; 徐新利


    目的:研究通瘀化痰法对异丙基肾上腺素(ISO)诱导大鼠慢性心力衰竭(CHF)模型的治疗作用和对血清脑钠肽(BNP)的影响.方法:76只Wistar大鼠(雌雄各半)随机分为空白组和造模组,造模组皮下注射异丙基肾上腺素2次(170 mg·kg-1)间隔24小时,空白组皮下注射生理盐水O.25 ml,间隔24小时,6周后应用超声心动图检测,以左室射血分数≤45%确定造模成功,将心衰大鼠模型随机分为模型组、中药低、中、高剂量组及西药组,平均治疗4周后进行心脏超声检查,利用酶联免疫吸附法(EUSA)测定各组大鼠血清BNP的含量.结果:异丙肾致慢性心衰大鼠心功能下降、心脏重量指教增加、BNP升高明显;经治疗4周,各治疗组均有不同程度改善,其中中药中、高剂量组作用优于西药组,统计有显著性差异(P<0.01).结论:通瘀化痰法能显著改善心功能,减轻心衰症状,逆转心室重构,其作用可能与抑制心衰大鼠血清BNP表达有关.%Objective: To study the treatment of TongYuHuaTan Methods in rat model with isoproterenol induced chronic heart failure and to observe the effects on brain natriuretic peptide (BNP).Methods: 76 Wistar rats (male and female) were randomly divided into blank control group and ISO-induced CHF group ( ISO group).The rats in ISO group were subcutaneously injected with 170 mg/kg ISO for 2 times at a 24 hours interval.While the rats in blank control group were given a subcutaneous injection of 0.25 ml normal saline for 2 times at a 24 hours interval.At the sixth week, echocardiography was used to evaluate the change of heart function in heart failure rats.The ISO-induced CHF rats, with an the left vontricular ejection fraction ( LVEF ) ≤45%, were randomly divided into 5 groups: model group, the Traditional Chinese Medicine low, medium and high dose group and weatem medicine group; after 4 weeks of treatment, the heart function parameters were detected by echocardiogram

  8. Study on the characteristics of Yu yi′s teaching and assessment in writing A case study of fifty examples in writing teaching and assessment%从《作文讲评五十例》看于漪作文讲评的特点



    于漪是我国当代公认的教育名家,她有很丰富的教学经验。本文以其《作文讲评五十例》为中心,对其作文讲评特点进行了探析。她以学生为主体,坚持兴趣、启发、鼓励的教学原则,从讲前的辅导、讲评目的的设定,到习作的分析、讲评材料的选择,每一个环节都精心设计。教学方式灵活,课堂灵动高效,真正做到了教书育人,体现了新课程所追求的教学理念。%Yu yi is a well⁃known modern educator who has rich teaching experience in China. This article focuses on her book "Fifty Examples in Writing Teaching and Assessment", and analyses her characteristics of teaching and assessment in writ⁃ing.Using the interest, inspiration and encouragement as teaching principles, she takes the students as the main part. And she elaborates every teaching procedure, including the guidance before teaching, the set of teaching aims, the analysis of writing and the selection of teaching materials.With flexbile teaching methods, effective teaching results, Mrs Yu′s teaching reflects the ideas of the new curriculm.

  9. The Beauty of Image in Yu Guangzhong's Nostalgic poems——Case Study ofNostalgiaandFour Rhymes of Nostalgia%论余光中乡愁诗的意象美——以《乡愁》与《乡愁四韵》为例

    周利萍; 周利林


    余光中是台湾著名的乡愁诗人,其写作的乡愁诗表达了他们那一代人对祖国的强烈思念之情.在乡愁诗的写作中,作者成功地运用意象表达了其内心的真实感情.在其乡愁诗的代表作《乡愁》和《乡愁四韵》中,作者各自选取了四个典型意象表达了他浓浓的思乡之情.其中,《乡愁》中的"邮票"、"船票"、"坟墓"和"海峡"四个意象层层递进地表达了作者在人生不同时期的乡愁,《乡愁四韵》中的"长江水"、"海棠红"、"雪花白"和"腊梅香"四个意象同时在空间中展开,表达了作者剪不断理还乱的乡愁.%Yu Guangzhong is a well-known Taiwan nostalgia poet, who expresses his strong homesick for mother country in his poems. In the writing, the poet successfully delivers his true feeling by image. In his two masterpiecesNostalgiaand Four Rhymes of Nostalgia, he respectively selects four images to express his strong homesick. In Nostalgia, the four images of stamp, ship-ticket, tomb and strait are used to tell his homesick at different ages. In Four Rhymes of Nostalgia, another four images of water in Changjiang River, cherry-apple red, snow white and wintersweet fragrance to convey the poet's helpless melancholy.

  10. Simultaneous determination of three alkaloids, four ginsenosides and limonin in the plasma of normal and headache rats after oral administration of Wu-Zhu-Yu decoction by a novel ultra fast liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry method: application to a comparative pharmacokinetics and ethological study.

    Xu, Huarong; Li, Qing; Yin, Yidi; Lv, Chunxiao; Sun, Wanyang; He, Bosai; Liu, Ran; Chen, Xiaohui; Bi, Kaishun


    A novel, sensitive and reliable ultra fast liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (UFLC-MS/MS) method has been developed and validated for simultaneous quantitation of eight main active ingredients (evodiamine, rutaecarpine, dehydroevodiamine, limonin, ginsenoside Rb1, Rd, Re and Rg1) in rat plasma after oral administration of Wu-Zhu-Yu (WZY) decoction, which is a celebrated and widely used Traditional Chinese Medicine formula for the treatment of headache. The analytes and internal standard (IS) were separated on a SHIM-PACK XR-ODS II column, and the detection was performed on a UFLC-MS/MS system with turbo ion spray source. The lower limits of quantification were 1.5, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 2.0, 1.0, 0.5 and 0.2 ng ml(-1) for evodiamine, rutaecarpine, dehydroevodiamine, limonin, gensenoside Rb1, Rd, Re and Rg1, respectively. Linearity, accuracy, precision and absolute recoveries of the eight analytes were all within satisfaction. The IS-normalized matrix factor was adopted for assessing the matrix effect and accompanied with a satisfactory result. The validated method has been successfully applied to compare pharmacokinetic profiles of the eight active ingredients in rat plasma between normal and headache rats after administration. Exact pharmaceutical effect of WZY decoction on headache was demonstrated by the ethological response of headache rats induced by nitric oxide donor after administration. The results indicated that the absorption of evodiamine, rutaecarpine, gensenoside Rb1, Re and Rg1 in headache group were significantly higher than those in normal group with similar concentration-time curves while no significant differences existed in limonin and ginsenoside Rd between the two groups.

  11. 试析鄂豫皖革命根据地的灾荒救济工作——以1931年水灾为中心的考察%On the Famine Relief Work of the E-Yu-Wan Revolutionary Base Areas Inspection of the Floods in 1931



    In 1931 the region of Jianghuai generally encountered great floods,which led to people living in distress and the rural economy on the edge of bankruptcy,further aggravating the revolutionary crisis.In the E-Yu-Wan Revolutionary Base Areas,the Soviet government under the leadership of CPC actively took a series of measures to carry out relief work,including distributing food,allocating funds,reducing tax,thus to some extent alleviated people's difficult living situation.In sharp contrast to the serious famine in the areas under leadership of Kuomintang,the communist party's practice won more people's support,and strengthened the Soviet regime's mass basis.%1931年江淮地区普遍遭遇大水灾,致使城乡民众生活窘迫,农村经济更处于破产的边缘,进而加剧了革命危机。在鄂豫皖革命根据地,中国共产党领导苏维埃政府积极开展救济工作,采取了施粥放粮、拨款救济、减免税收等一系列措施,从而一定程度上缓解了民众的生产和生活困难,并与国民党统治地区发生的严重灾荒形成了鲜明对照,从而进一步赢得了民众的支持,扩大了苏维埃政权的群众基础。

  12. MOOCs建设的实践与未来--访香港大学MOOCs执行主席郭予光教授%The Practice and Future of MOOCs:An lnterview with Prof. Ricky Yu-Kwong KWOK from the University of Hong Kong

    王娟; 蓝敏; 魏志慧


    MOOCs的实践和研究正风靡全球,日益成为课堂改革的流行语。如何制作高质量的MOOCs,如何促进MOOCs的创新共享,实现其可持续发展,已成为众多高等教育机构和研究者关注的焦点。本期我们邀请到香港大学(简称港大) MOOCs执行主席与总负责、校长助理、电气电子工程学系副主任郭予光( Ricky Yu-Kwong KWOK)教授,他负责香港大学MOOCs课程开发、技术处理、交付管理、资金调度与宣传发布,并代表香港大学在edX全球会议上汇报交流。他的研究和教学兴趣主要是大规模分布式计算机系统、无线电系统与网络安全,目前他担任国际期刊《并行与分布式计算》( Parallel and Dis-tributed Computing)主编,《电气与电子工程师协会并行与分布式系统汇刊》( IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems)副主编及《传感器网络》( Sensor Networks)编委,发表论文170多篇,出版20多本专著。借助在香港大学研修的机会,笔者与郭予光教授就MOOCs制作流程、运作机制、存在问题、创新共享及可持续发展等进行了深入的交流和探讨。  选取港大MOOCs为研究对象的原因是:一、港大在国际高等教育研究机构首次QS公布的亚洲大学排行榜中名列第一,学术水平较高。二、港大的国际接轨教育模式沿袭了英国教育体系,其特有的教学理念和教学模式为学习者提供了极佳的学习环境。港大的全部课程都以英文授课,并在Moodle平台上提供课程讨论、作业等辅助教学手段,线上和线下教学有效融合。三、港大独特的地理位置和文化有优势。香港是自由港口,是一座国际化大都市,又有着几千年中国传统文化的熏陶,具有相当强的本土化特色。因此,港大有背靠东学、面向西学的绝佳优势,该校MOOCs建设实践可以为国内外开放课程的建设及可持续发展提供借鉴。%Nowadays, MOOCs

  13. Fictional Plot in Novel and Historical Narrative——On Shiba Ryotaro's Xiang Yu and Liu Bang%小说虚构与历史叙述——论司马辽太郎的《项羽与刘邦》



    司马辽太郎的《项羽与刘邦》围绕秦汉时期权力/权利系统的更迭,生动地描绘了各种势力集团的明争暗斗,以及在这些争斗中各种人物的命运。作者从文化、政治、经济的角度探索历史演变的奥秘,不乏独到的见解。但历史书写的冲动又使作者抑制不住地在作品中大谈“历史观”。这些所谓的“历史观”与该小说的叙述逻辑自相矛盾,在一定程度上损害了小说的艺术性。%In Xiang Yu and Liu Bang, Shiba RyStaro vividly described the in-fighting among various blocs and the fate of various characters during a change of power and rights system. He explored the mysteries of historical evolution from the perspective of culture, politics, and economy, and included many original opinions. But on the other hand, the writer was driven by an irrepressible urge of historical writing to talk about the "view of history" in this work. This so-called "view of history" is in contradiction with the historical novel narrative, so it may be harmful to the artistic quality of the novel.

  14. 不同的文化背景,相似的悲剧命运——尤金·奥尼尔的《榆树下的欲望》和曹禺的《雷雨》之比较%Different Cultural Backgrounds yet Similar Tragic Fates——Comparison of O'Neill's Desire Under the Elms and Tsao Yu's Thunderstorm



    This paper focuses on comparing Desire Under the Elms written by the great American playwright Eugene O'Neill and Thunderstorm by the well-known Chinese playwright Tsao Yu.Though set in two different cultural backgrounds,the two dramas share many similarities in the themes,the creation of characters and the dramatic stage techniques.%本文就美国戏剧大师尤金·奥尼尔的《榆树下的欲望》和中国戏剧家曹禺的作品《雷雨》进行了比较.虽然两部戏剧发生在不同的文化背景中,但其主题、人物创造和戏剧舞台技艺却极其相似.

  15. Look at the System Semantics from the Cognate Words’ First Connection and Re Association--Taking the Words of the Ancient Labial Bang Pang Bing and Rhyme Yu Duo Yang for Instance%从同源词的初度和再度系联看语义的系统性--以上古声纽帮滂並、韵部鱼铎阳语词为例



    《同源字典》收录一组上古声纽为唇音帮滂並、韵部为鱼铎阳的词,对其进行补充性的系联,通过初度和再度系联,以期从词族的角度理解语义的系统性。%The Dictionary of Paronyms includes a group of cognate words of the ancient labial Bang Pang Bing nd rhyme Yu Duo Yang. This paper carries on the complementary linking of the words through the first connection and re association of cognate words, by which to understand the system of semantic from the word family perspective.

  16. On the Association of Song Yu's Fu with Fu of Han Dynasty on Their Spatial Narration——With the Analysis on the Types and Characteristics of Spatial Narration in Fu of Han Dynasty%宋玉辞赋与汉代散体大赋空间叙事的关联——兼论汉赋空间叙事的类型及其特征



    Song Yu played an important role in the transformation process of Chuci to Fu. Song Yu's works are closely related with Fu in Han dynasty on the following aspects: the extreme and growingly detailed numeration, the special idea and the three-dimensional space system embodied in the narration of Fu. The Fu writers in Han dynasty pushed the space narration to its maturity by combining the spatial ideas in ancient works and using the writing techniques of previous works. The space narration can be mainly classified into three types: position narration, class narration, and shift narration. The characteristics of space narration are as follows: the interdependence of space narration and time narration, the combination of realistic writing and fiction, the collaboration of surface structure and spatial idea.%宋玉在由楚辞到汉赋的文体转换过程中起到了重要的作用,尤其是其辞赋作品建构的立体空间坐标系,以及逐次相加的极度铺排、渲染所体现出的空间观念、"空间图式"成为与汉代散体大赋关联的新角度.汉赋作家综合古代空间意识及前代作品的创作经验进一步将空间叙事推向成熟.汉赋空间叙事主要有空间方位叙事、空间"连类"叙事和空间移位叙事三种主要类型,并具有空间叙事与时间叙事互为依存、征实与虚构互为补充以及表层结构与空间意义互为支撑等鲜明特征.

  17. In vitro release and in vitro–in vivo correlation for silybin meglumine incorporated into hollow-type mesoporous silica nanoparticles


    Xia Cao*, Wen-Wen Deng*, Min Fu*, Liang Wang, Shan-Shan Tong, Ya-Wei Wei, Ying Xu, Wei-Yan Su, Xi-Ming Xu, Jiang-Nan YuDepartment of Pharmaceutics, School of Pharmacy, and Center for Nano Drug/Gene Delivery and Tissue Engineering, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang, People’s Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this workBackground: The purpose of this study was to develop a sustained drug-release model for water-soluble drugs using silica nanoparticles.Methods: Hollow-...

  18. In vitro release and in vitro–in vivo correlation for silybin meglumine incorporated into hollow-type mesoporous silica nanoparticles


    Xia Cao*, Wen-Wen Deng*, Min Fu*, Liang Wang, Shan-Shan Tong, Ya-Wei Wei, Ying Xu, Wei-Yan Su, Xi-Ming Xu, Jiang-Nan YuDepartment of Pharmaceutics, School of Pharmacy, and Center for Nano Drug/Gene Delivery and Tissue Engineering, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang, People’s Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this workBackground: The purpose of this study was to develop a sustained drug-release model for water-soluble drugs using silica nanoparticles.Methods: Hollow-...

  19. Bilinear Heterogeneous Information Machine for RGB-D Action Recognition


    2008. [2] L. Bo, K. Lai, X. Ren, and D. Fox. Object recognition with hierarchical kernel descriptors. In CVPR, June 2011. [3] L. Chen, W. Li, and D. Xu...6] S. Ji, W. Xu, M. Yang, and K. Yu. 3D convolutional neural networks for human action recognition. PAMI, 2013. [7] C. Jia, Y. Kong, Z. Ding, and Y...CVPR, 2012. [18] J. B. Tenenbaum and W. T. Freeman. Separating style and content with bilinear models. Neural Computation, 2000. [19] C. H. Teo, Q. Le, A

  20. Meet Paris in Yu Xi's Documentaries



    "This is a documenfary porlrayal of cultural celebrities.All the 60 interviewees have devoted themselves to the greal cause of China-France cultural exchange.Today,it is highly important to stress the preservation and promotion of cultural diversity and make

  1. Ertong Zaoqi Jingxi Dongzuo Jineng yu Renzhi Fazhan de Guanxi

    Geng, Da; Zhang, Xingli; Shi, Jiannong


    Fine motor skills refer to any movement where an individual uses the small muscles or muscle areas of the hands and fingers; these movements serve to development of muscle while also improving the cognitive recognition of the object. Automatic fine motor skills can save limited attention resources...... for advanced cognition tasks as required by an individual; in the development of fine motor skills and cognition, the two abilities interact, some motor skills are the prerequisite for some cognition and the practice of cognition. Fine motor skills also can predict the academic performance of young students....... The two abilities are inter-related because they share common areas of the brain: the prefrontal lobe and the cerebellum. As a result, some cognition disorders could be treated through fine motor skill training and exercises....

  2. Scholarly Gentry of Ba-Yu%巴渝书香

    熊恰; 刘汪洋(图)



  3. On Sequencing of Senses in Han Yu Da Ci Dian:A Case Study of “Wan” and “Lian”%《汉语大词典》义项排列层级研究--以“顽”、“廉”两词为例



    《汉语大词典》目前所采用的单一层级的单线型义项排列形式不能很好地反映词语的历史演变过程,应按照历史发展原则与逻辑联系原则,根据词义引申发展的具体方式,增加义项排列的层级。首先,将各义项分类归并,把相近的义项归为一个大的义项群,这几组大的义项群构成义项排列的第一层级;其次,把每个义项群中的各义项按照具体的引申发展的顺序列出,构成义项排列的第二层级;最后,根据词义引申发展的实际情况,还可以再增加义项的层级,以尽可能全面、完整、准确地反映词义发展的脉络,更清楚地展现词义间的逻辑关系。%The one-fold arrangement of senses adopted by the Han Yu Da Ci Dian ( A Dictionary of Chi-nese) fails to represent the diachronic change of word-meaning.It is therefore advisable to enrich the hierarchy of sense sequencing in the light of word-meaning extensions , followed the principles of diachronic change and logical relationship:first, similar senses should be combined into sense groups , which constitute the first level of sense sequencing;secondly , in each sense group , the componential senses should be sequenced according to their extensional development , and this makes the second level of sense sequencing , and finally , more lev-els of sense sequencing can be added in view of the word-meaning extensions , so as to reflect the diachronic change of word-meaning completely and accurately , and represent the logical relationship among different sen-ses more clearly .

  4. 从川端康成到卡夫卡——余华小说创作的转型与新时期小说审美范式的变化%From Yasunari Kawabata to Kafka:Yu Hua's Shifts in Fiction Writing as Seen from the Evolution of Aesthetic Paradigms in Contemporary Chinese Novels



    Yu Hua has been deeply influenced by Yasunari Kawabata (1899 -1972) and Franz Kafka ( 1883 - 1924) in his fiction writing. The last two decades of the 20th century witnessed two of his shifts in writing style : one was from lyrical to narrative, and the other from imagination ( the conceptual world) to real- ity ( the real world). Neither marked a farewell to the two literary giants; rather, the two shifts made him clos- er to the inner world of Kawabata and Kafka. It happened that Yu' s literary shifts went almost side by side with the turns of aesthetic paradigms in contemporary Chinese literature. Thus Yu' s shifts mark not only his personal progress but, more importantly, the general turn of Chinese literature from emotionality to rationality, as well as its appeal for innovations and international perspectives, in a new historical period.%余华的小说创作深受川端康成和卡夫卡的影响,上个世纪八九十年代,余华经历了两次创作转型:由抒情转向叙事、从想象/观念世界走向现实/真实世界,两次转型不是告别川端康成和卡夫卡,而是更加贴近两位大师的精神世界。余华的创作转型与整个新时期文学整体审美范式的转变几乎同步进行,从川端康成到卡夫卡不只是余华一个人的创作现象,而是一种共相,是新时期文学告别感性走向理性、求变创新走向世界的诉求与标志。

  5. Research on the Individual Education Program in PE Teaching for the Mentally Disabled Children-A Sample of Mental-teaching School in Pan Yu of Guangzhou City%智障儿童IEP体育教学研究--以番禺培智学校为例



    运用个案研究法、田野工作法、访谈法等,对番禺培智学校实施IEP体育教学进行调查。研究发现:番禺培智学校在制定IEP体育教学计划时没有按规定程序要求进行制定,缺少长、短期教育目标的测量标准,长短期目标不全面;实施IEP体育教学时存在IEP与教学相分离的问题,学生间体育教学内容的差异性以及物质条件的缺乏,体育教师无法完成IEP的体育教学目标。因此要打破按智障程度分班的班级界限,在进行体育教学时按运动能力重组分班教学;改善体育教学的场地和器材设备,从特殊儿童的特殊需求出发采购专门的体育器材等。%This article make a investigation to the method of IEP's PE teaching with case study method, execution of work field, interview method, etc. in mental-teaching school in Pan Yu.Study found:the school hadn't follow the instruction of the plan of IEP teaching method and lacked long-term and short-term measurement standard.The IEP was separate from the teaching when put the teaching method of IEP into practice and teachers can ’t finish the teaching goal of the IEP becasue of the different of the teaching-method and the lack of the equipment. Suggestion: make a class according to the sport capicity and break the rule which form class by mental level . Improving the quality of the teaching venues and the equipment of PE; Purrchasing the sports equiment should considerate the need of the disable children.

  6. From custody to scientific therapy: Wei Yu-lin's contribution to the founding of the Peiping Municipal Psychopathic Hospital%从收容到科学治疗:魏毓麟与北平精神病疗养院的创建



    1908年8月,清朝民政部建贫民教养院,院内附设一所疯人院.这是中国第一所由政府设立的疯人救助机构.1917年12月,贫民教养院改组,疯人院脱离贫民教养院成为独立机构,更名为疯人收养所.在协和医学院脑系科主任雷门的推动下,协和医学院和北平社会局达成协议,于1933年合作改组疯人收养所,更名为北平精神病疗养院,由魏毓麟担任院长.在魏毓麟的主持下,精神病人的生活待遇得到了改善,建立了包括社会服务、工作治疗、心理治疗在内的精神病专业治疗体系,完成了从旧式疯人院到现代精神病院的转变.1937年,北京被日军占领后,北平精神疗养院迁址安定门外,魏毓麟继续担任院长,使精神病疗养院在艰难岁月得以维持.%In August 1908,the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the Qing Dynasty established a pauper reformatory,attached to it was a lunatic asylum,which was the first of its kind set up by the Government.In December 1917,with the restructuring of the pauper reformatory,the asylum became an independent organization called asylum for the maniac which was jointly reorganized by Peping Union Medical College (PUMC) and the Bureau of Public Welfare and renamed it as Peiping Municipal Psychopathic Hospital,with Wei Yu-lin as the director.Led by Dr.Wei Yun-lin,tremendous efforts were made to improve sanitary condition and physical comfort of the patients.Professional treatment system was set up,including psychiatric social service,occupational therapy,and psychotherapy,symbolizing the transformation of an old asylum to a modern mental hospital.

  7. The Real Suffering and Classical Feelings of Last Century:Interpretation of the Key Words of Tong Bo Yu by Guo Xiaodong%逝去时代的现实忧患与古典情怀--郭小东小说《铜钵盂》关键词解读



    Taking “blind musician”, “water trader” and “revolutionary” as key words, Guo Xiaodong's novel Tong Bo Yu tells patrilineal and matrilineal family story, displaying the overseas remittance history and Chaoshan culture of 20th century, and re-presenting the real suffering and classical feelings of the last century as well. The blind musician is the singer and disseminator of the Chaozhou ballad whose voice reveals nostalgia and individual fate. The water trader or postman is the practitioners and writers of the history of Chaoshan overseas remittance. Their life is full of compassion and faith. The revolutionary party is the subverter and thinker of Chaoshan traditional culture, their thinking presents the antinomy of violence and justice. These three kinds of identity are mutually twisted together to form the symbolic structure of the whole novel, composing a spiritual schema of Chaoshan area.%郭小东家族小说《铜钵盂》以“瞽师”“水客”“革命党”为关键词,讲述父系和母系家族的故事,书写20世纪潮汕地区的侨批史与潮汕文化,再现了一个逝去时代的现实忧患与古典情怀。瞽师是潮州歌谣的演绎者和传播者,他们的声音充盈着乡愁与命运的启应。水客批脚是潮汕侨批史的实践者和书写者,他们的人生流淌着信守与悲悯的情怀。革命党是潮汕传统文化的颠覆者和反思者,他们的思考呈现出暴力与正义的背反。三者的身份相互流转,共同形成小说整体的象征结构,谱写出潮汕地区的精神谱系。


    陈三凤; 管乐; 应娇妍; 李周华; 王娟; 李季伦


    在巴西固氮螺菌(Azospirillum brasilense)中,glnB和glnZ是两个高度同源基因,分别位于3.7kb/EcoRI+PstI和3.7kb/SalI的两个不同的染色体片段上.用卡那霉素盒(Kmr-cas-sette)插入法,对glnB和glnZ分别进行定位诱变,并获得相应的突变株,即glnB-和glnZ-.研究表明,glnB-突变株丧失固氮酶活性,表现为Nif-,而glnZ-象野生型菌株一样具有固氮酶活性.为了进一步研究这两个基因的功能,将glnB和glnZ分别构建在pVK100载体上形成重组质粒pVK-Ⅱ和pVK-Z,对glnB-和glnZ突变株进行互补实验,进一步证明了glnB与固氮酶活有直接相关性,而glnZ无此作用.同时,通过三亲接合法将pVK-Ⅱ和pVK-Z分别转移到巴西固氮螺菌野生型Yu62和具有一定抗铵能力的draT-突变株中,使glnB和glnZ的拷贝数增加,进一步比较它们的固氮酶活性.结果表明多拷贝的glnB基因,能显著提高固氮酶活性,而多拷贝的glnZ对固氮酶活性无影响.同时,将pVK-Ⅱ和pVK-Z分别转移到nifA-突变株中,结果表明glnB和glnZ均不能恢复nifA-的固氮酶活性.

  9. Centi-pixel accurate real-time inverse distortion correction

    De Villiers, Johan P


    Full Text Available lens distortion model is that of Brown1, 2 and Conrady.3 The equation for Brown’s model is: xu =xd + (xd − xc)(K1r2 + K2r4 + . . .)+( P1(r2 + 2(xd − xc)2) + 2P2(xd − xc)(yd − yc))(1 + P3r2 + . . .) yu =yd + (yd − yc)(K1r2 + K2r4 + . . .)+( 2P1(xd... − xc)(yd − yc) + P2(r2 + 2(yd − yc)2))(1 + P3r2 + . . .)) (1) where: (xu, yu) = undistorted image point, (xd, yd) = distorted image point, (xc, yc) = centre of distortion, Kn = Nth radial distortion coefficient, Pn = Nth tangential distortion...

  10. Modeling of radial asymmetry in lens distortion facilitated by modern optimization techniques

    De Villiers, Johan P


    Full Text Available of incorporating an angular component for lens distortion, the Brown/Conrady model was augmented to include a polar angle dependant gain for the radial components as shown in Eq. 1. xu = xd + f( )(xd xc)(K1r 2 +K2r 4 + : : :)+ P1(r 2 + 2(xd xc) 2) + 2P2...(xd xc)(yd yc) (1 + P3r 2 + : : :) yu = yd + f( )(yd yc)(K1r 2 +K2r 4 + : : :)+ 2P1(xd xc)(yd yc) + P2(r 2 + 2(yd yc) 2) (1 + P3r 2 + : : :)) (1) where: (xu; yu) = undistorted image point, (xd; yd) = distorted image point, (xc...

  11. 原住民完全中學的實施現況與挑戰:以蘭嶼高級中學為例 The Implementation and the Challenges Involved in Indigenous Integrated Secondary Schools in Taiwan: A Case Study of Lan-Yu High School

    張如慧Ju-Hui Chang


    Full Text Available 建立以原住民為主體,符合原住民需求的教育體系,是原住民社區本位教育的重要理念,而此理念亦納入我國的《原住民族教育法》中。本研究以全國第一所原住民完全中學―蘭嶼高級中學為例,進行個案研究,希望由原住民社區本位教育的理論觀點出發,瞭解在地師生及居民的經驗和想法,重新解讀該校在完全中學原訂目標上的實施現況,及其面臨的挑戰。研究時間為2007年8月至2008 年7月,蒐集資料的方法以師生和社區人士的訪談為主,並輔以部分時間的田野觀察。研究結果發現,蘭嶼成立完全中學的成效包括:提供最弱勢學生的升學和學習機會;透過完全中學經費的溢注,提高城鄉高中教育均衡發展的可能性;以及透過文化融入課程與相關活動,促進學校社區化等。然而因為社區和在地參與 仍有限,所以官方的政策或經費運用,無法完全符合當地真正的需求,更遑論激發社區對教育的主體性和能動性。 Indigenous community-based education argues that indigenous peoples are the subject of educational systems and institutions whose needs should be fulfilled. This concept is also reflected in Indigenous Education Law in Taiwan. This case study is based on the theory of indigenous community-based education and focuses on the first indigenous integrated secondary school in Taiwan, Lan-Yu High School, trying to understand the implementation of the school and the challenges it faced. The research was conducted from August 2007 to July 2008. Its data was collected through interviews with teachers, students, and community members, as well as by participant observation. The findings showed that the integrated secondary school improved educational equality for the most disadvantaged students, that the financial subsidies helped to promote balanced development of secondary education, and that

  12. The Preliminary Study on Benchmark- Price of the Collective Land in Village---Take LiangYu Village in Anhui Province as an Example%农村集体建设用地基准地价初步研究——以安徽省良玉村为例

    揣小伟; 黄贤金; 许益林


    以安徽省良玉村为例,对农村集体建设用地的地价内涵、估价方法、地价影响因素进行了研究,并从6个方面选取了影响土地价格最为密切的17个因子,采用层次分析法定级,其定级综合分值位于0.35—0.65之间,土地等级被划分为四个,主要评价单元属于二级水平。考虑集体建设用地的特点,采用收益还原法、成本逼近法、市场比较法计算样点地价,并采用平均值法分别确定商业用地、住宅用地、工业用地的基准地价。结果表明:对于商业用地和住宅用地,一级土地和二级土地之间的价格差异最大,其余各级土地之间的地价差异依次递减,表明土地质量越好,价格反映越敏感。同级土地价格变化范围的差异:商业用地价格级差大于住宅用地,住宅用地大于工业用地,表明与城镇建设用地相同,集体建设用地地价对土地质量敏感性的反应也是商业用地〉住宅用地〉工业用地。%Take LiangYu village in AnHui Province as an example, the land price connotation, estimating method and the influenced factors to the collective construction land in village had been studied. This paper had chosen 17 factors in 6 aspects which affect land quality and land grade closely, using the method of AHP, the value for land grade was calculated between 0.35 and 0.65, and according to the calculated values, four land grades had been divided, most of the evaluation units belonged to the second grade. This paper used the income capitalization method, the direct sales comparison method and the cost approximation method to calculate the sample land price, and according to the calculated results, benchmark-price had been made to commercial land, residential land and industrial land respectively. The results showed that: the price between the first and the second land grade had much difference to commercial land and residential land, the Benchmark

  13. 襄渝线HXD1型电力机车牵引性能仿真及试验研究%Simulation and Test Study on the Traction Performance of HXD1 Electric Locomotive on Xiang-Yu Line



    Simulation and line test on typical mountain railway of Xiang-Yu Line were conducted to study the feasibility and concerning problems for the operation of HXd1 (9 600 kW 8-axle locomotive) on line with long steep grades, based on which, reasonable tonnage of traction for this type of locomotive was provided for hauling freight train on typical mountain railway in western China. Study results show that the tonnage of traction for this type of locomotive should be no more than 4 500 t for line with 12. 8‰ gradient. Under fine weather condition, the adhesion utilization of the locomotive is good, operations such as starting on slopes, stopping and starting at stations with difficult conditions can be successfully completed. But the traction force is applied to the utmost and slight slips are found. Operations including starting on slopes and operating in stations with difficult conditions are suggested to be avoided under unfavorable adhesion conditions, such as, light rain, dense fog and so on. Compared with DC driven locomotives, when hauling freight train of same weight, AC driven locomotives can save 33. 6% energy. Moreover, the restoration of locomotive after neutral section is proved to be slow, which does not satisfy the requirement of quick restoration for operation on line with long steep grades. It is suggested to optimize the control logic of locomotive's neutral section passing.%选取典型山区铁路襄渝线,采用仿真计算和线路试验相结合的方法,研究HXD1型8轴9 600 kW电力机车在山区铁路长大坡道地段应用的可能性及存在的问题,确定该型机车牵引货物列车在西部典型线路上运行时合理的牵引定数.结果表明:在坡度为12.8‰的坡道上,该型机车的牵引定数不宜超过4 500 t;在天气良好的情况下,该型机车的黏着利用较好,能够在限制坡道起动,在困难车站完成出站等作业,但牵引力已经用到最大,并出现了轻微空转;建议在小雨、大

  14. Effect on Distribution and Expression ofμ-opioid Receptor in Hippocampus of Premenstrual Syndrome Liver-qi Stagnation Rat Model by Shu-Yu Capsule%舒郁胶囊对PMS肝气郁证模型大鼠海马μ阿片受体分布表达的影响

    王美艳; 宋春红; 薛玲


    目的:探讨经前期综合征(PMS)肝气郁证模型大鼠海马脑区μ阿片受体(MOR)分布形态、蛋白水平表达,初步揭示PMS肝气郁证的发生机理及舒郁胶囊对该病证的干预作用.方法:采用慢性束缚应激法复制PMS肝气郁证模型大鼠,分别予以调肝方药舒郁胶囊进行干预.采用免疫荧光标记(IF)和蛋白免疫印迹(WB)技术对各组大鼠海马CA1、CA3脑区MOR进行检测.结果:与正常组大鼠相比,模型组大鼠海马脑区MOR分布排列杂乱且蛋白含量增多(P<0.01),给予药物干预后,MOR蛋白含量基本恢复至正常水平.结论:PMS肝气郁证的发病机理可能与大鼠海马中CA1、CA3区 MOR高表达有关;舒郁胶囊可以有效纠正其恢复近正常水平,这可能是舒郁胶囊治疗PMS肝气郁证的中枢机制之一.%This study was aimed to discuss the distribution and protein expression level ofμ-opioid receptor (MOR) in hippocampus of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) liver-qi stagnation rat model, in order to initially reveal the action mechanism of PMS liver-qi stagnation and intervention effect ofShu-Yu (SY) capsule. Chronic restraint stress method was used to copy PMS liver-qi stagnation rat model.SY capsule ofTiao-Gan prescription was given as intervention. Immunofluorescence (IF) and western blot (WB) technique were used to detect MOR in hippocampal CA1 and CA3 brain area of rats from each group. The results showed that compared with the normal group, the hippocampus MOR distribution arrangement was messy with increased protein concentration in the model group (P< 0.01). After drug intervention, the MOR protein level returned to normal level. It was concluded that the pathogenesis of PMS liver-qi stagnation may be associated with high expression of MOR in hippocampus CA1 and CA3 region of rats. SY capsule can effectively correct and restore it to nearly normal level. It may be one of the central mechanisms in SY capsule treatment of PMS liver-qi stagnation.

  15. 论徐訏小说的文化价值取向%On the Culture Mindset of Xu Xu's Stories




  16. A novel pH–enzyme-dependent mesalamine colon-specific delivery system

    Jin L; Ding Y; Zhang Y; Xu X; Cao Q


    Lei Jin, Yi-cun Ding, Yu Zhang, Xiao-qing Xu, Qin Cao Department of Gastroenterology, Putuo Hospital, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China Abstract: The aim of the present study was to design a new pH–enzyme double-dependent mesalamine colon-specific delivery system. The drug release behaviors in vitro and pharmacokinetics and biodistribution in vivo were further evaluated. The mean particle diameters of mesal...

  17. QTL Information Table: 520 [Q-TARO

    Full Text Available hd7a Physiological trait Flowering Heading date Mixture C)Interval F3 Zhenshan 97 M...inghui 63 B RM18 R1789 pha Yu, S.B., Li, J.X., Xu, C.G., Tan, Y.F., Li, X.H., and Zhang, Q. (2002). Identifi...cation of quantitative trait loci and epistatic interactions for plant height and heading date in rice. Theor Appl Genet 104, 619-625. ...

  18. QTL Information Table: 479 [Q-TARO

    Full Text Available qMRL5-1 Morphological trait Shoot/Seedling Max. root length Mixture C)Interval RIL Zhenshan 97 Minghui 63 A RM26 C1447 pha Cui, H., Peng, B., Xing, Z., Xu, G., Yu, B., and Zhang, Q. (2002). Molecular dissection of seedling-vigor and associated physiological traits in rice. Theor Appl Genet 105, 745-753. ...

  19. On Standard Nomenclature of Basic Chinese Medical Terms (VB)



    The common disorders of qi includes diminished functions of qi and disturbances in qi movement. The former usually originate from qi deficiency (气虚[qi xu]), and the latter may be further divided into qi depression (气郁[qi yu]), qi stagnation (气滞[qi zhi] ), qi counterflow (气逆[qi ni]), qi sinking (气陷[qi xian]), and qi collapse (气脱[qi tuo] ).

  20. QTL Information Table: 539 [Q-TARO

    Full Text Available Maroof, M.A.S. (1997). Importance of epistasis as the genetic basis of heterosis in an elite rice hybrid. PNAS 94, 9226-9231. ... 97 Minghui 63 B RM1 R753 pha Yu, S.B., Li, J.X., Xu, C.G., Tan, Y.F., Gao, Y.J., Li, X.H., Zhang, Q., and

  1. QTL Information Table: 540 [Q-TARO

    Full Text Available ortance of epistasis as the genetic basis of heterosis in an elite rice hybrid. PNAS 94, 9226-9231. ... ...97 Minghui 63 B R19 RZ403 pha Yu, S.B., Li, J.X., Xu, C.G., Tan, Y.F., Gao, Y.J., Li, X.H., Zhang, Q., and Maroof, M.A.S. (1997). Imp

  2. 胡仔与严羽诗学观之比较——以《苕溪渔隐丛话》与《沧浪诗话》为视角%Comparison of the Poetics of Hu Zi and Yan Yu Based on "Series of Poetic Notes Taken by the Recluse of the Brook Tiao" and "Cang Lang Notes on Poetry"



    "Series of Poetic Notes Taken by the Recluse of the Brook Tiao" (《苕溪渔隐丛话》) is one of the top three poetry collections of Song Dynasty, " Cang Lang Notes on Poetry"(《沧浪诗话》)is one of the best three poetry anthologies of Song Dynasty. Both Hu Zi and Yah Yu led a great comprehensive summary and a deep reflection. Poetics of both are identical: thinking highly of literary writings of Qu Yuan, poetries of dynasties Han, Wei, Jin and Tang, pursuit of beauty for ensemble and the beauty introverted, with creations emphasized. There are also some differences in their points Song Dynasty, the view they hold of characters, and the promote the self-construction of the criticism system of the of view : attitudes of criticism towards the poetries of profundity of their personal style. They two truly poetics of Song Dynasty.%《苕溪渔隐丛话》是宋代三大诗话总集之一,《沧浪诗话》是宋代三大诗话别集之一。胡、严二人都对宋代诗学进行了全面总结和深刻反思。他们的诗学观既有相合处:如推崇诗骚、汉魏、晋、盛唐,追求诗歌的整体美与含蓄美,注重创新等;也有差异处:对宋诗的批评态度不同,二人提出的师法对象有别,以体派论诗的精深度有别等。他们促进了宋代诗学批评理论体系自身的建构。

  3. 马克思文化人类学视角下的非物质文化遗产表演艺术传承研究——以广东郁南禾楼舞为例%Non-material cultural heritage for the performing arts under the Marx's culture anthropological perspective——take Guangdong Yu 'nan Qiao-he dance, for example



    The intangible cultural heritage has "rheology" features, the protection of it is urgent, the theory study of it is imminent. Many modern scholars adopt not mature theory, cannot effectively guide and protect intangible cultural heritage. In the face of this situation, we apply the Marxist theoretical analysis, especially targeted choose national nonmaterial cultural heritage - Guangdong Yu 'nan Qiao-he dance, such a typical case. As researchers in local culture, it is necessary to produce this kind of cultural consciousness, we have a responsibility to also have the mission guard this precious non-material cultural heritage of the history, present and future.%非物质文化遗产有着"流变性"的特性,对它的保护是刻不容缓的,对它的理论研究也是迫在眉睫的.当前众多非物质文化遗产研究的学者采用的多是没有被充分论证的不成熟理论,对指导和保护非物质文化遗产起不到应有的作用.面对此种现实情况,我们应尽快运用马克思这样科学性理论视角来进行分析,尤其是有针对性选择国家非物质文化遗产—广东郁南禾楼舞这样的典型个案展开论述.作为地方文化研究者,产生这种文化自觉是必要的,我们有责任也有使命守护着这份宝贵的非物质文化遗产的历史、现在以及未来.

  4. A Discussion on the SuWu 's Patriotic Image and the Contemporary Value of the SuWu 's Biography in HanShu--A First Talk about the Similarities and Differences between the SuWu 's Biography in HanShu and the SuWu of JieShi in XinXu%论《汉书·苏武传》中苏武爱国形象的塑造及其当代价值--由《汉书·苏武传》和《新序·节士·苏武章》的异同说起



    Compared with the SuWu of JieShi in XinXu Written by LiuXxiang, the SuWu's biography in HanShu written by BanGu appears more image, vivid and real history. Through the description of the SuWu 's deeds,the SuWu 's biography in HanShu shows the SuWu 's patriotic image and valuable patriotism, and using contrast against the backdrop of the way, sublimates the SuWu 's unswervingly patriotic spirit. The SuWu 's patriotic deeds and patriotic spirit is a concentrated expression and practice of the Chinese nation's outstanding traditional culture, provides valuable spiritual food for future generations of patriotic people, and is undoubtedly a medicine for today's emphasis on materialistic society.%与刘向《新序·节士·苏武章》相较,班固《汉书·苏武传》显得更加形象、生动而合乎历史真实。《苏武传》通过对苏武事迹的叙述,塑造了苏武光辉的爱国形象,展现了苏武可贵的爱国情操,并运用对比衬托的手法,升华了苏武矢志不渝的爱国精神。苏武的这种爱国事迹及其所展现的爱国精神,是中华民族优秀传统文化的集中体现和实践,也为后世人们的爱国行为提供了宝贵的精神食粮,对于当今偏重于物质的社会无疑也是一剂良药。

  5. 地理研究第19卷(2000年)总目录


    ……………………………………………………………………… XIA Yu-nei WANG Pei-fang ( 59 ) Analyzing the Climate Features in Princess Elizabeth Land, Antarctica…………………………………………………………………………………ZHANG Ming-jun LI Zhong-qin QIN Da-he et al ( 64 ) A Study on the Regional Combiantion and Synthetical Evaluation of Coastal Port Resources in Liaoning Province …………………………………………………………………… YANG Yin-kai HAN Zeng-lin ( 72 ) A Study on Basic Territorial Differences in the Man-land System in Karst Regions of South China vv…………………………………………………………………… CHEN Hui-lin ( 79 ) The Frist Research on Constructive Land Suitability Evaluation in Connective Location between Town and Country v………………………………………………………………… LIU Gui-li ( 85 ) GIS Interoperability and Its Architecture … HUANG Yu-xia CHEN Chang-song HE Jian-bang ( 92 ) Identification and Generalization of Area Clusters by Mathematical Morphology…………………………………………………………………………… ZHANG Qing-nian Qin Jian-xin ( 1 00 ) DiscussionEconomy Geography in the Times of Knowledge Economy …………………………………………………………… JIA Shao-feng ( 106 ) On the Transfomation of Geography in China ……………………………………………………… CAO Shi-tu SUN Tian-sheng ( 112 ) News ( 64 ) No. 2Chemical characteristics of water environment of saline mire in the west of Songnen Plain v………………………………………………………… DENG Wei HE Yah SONG Xin-shan et al ( 119 ) An approach to the regional model of agriculture integration in more developed rural areas -Taking Haian County as an example vv………………………………………………………………… ZENG Zun-gu XIONG Ning SHEN Si

  6. Master formula approach to broken chiral U(3)xU(3) symmetry

    Hiroyuki Kamano


    The master formula approach to chiral symmetry breaking proposed by Yamagishi and Zahed is extended to the U_R(3)xU_L(3) group, in which effects of the U_A(1) anomaly and the flavor symmetry breaking m_u \

  7. First Constraints on SU(5)xU(1) Supergravity from Trilepton Searches at the Tevatron

    López, J L; Park, G T; Wang, X; Zichichi, A


    We present the first constraints on the parameter space of $SU(5)\\times U(1)$ supergravity (in both no-scale and dilaton scenarios) which arise from the recently announced limits on trilepton searches at the Tevatron. The trilepton rate has been calculated for those points in parameter space which satisfy not only the minimal theoretical and experimental LEP constraints, but also the {\\em combined} effect of the following indirect experimental constraints: (i) the CLEO limits on the $b\\to s\\gamma$ rate, (ii) the long-standing limit on the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon, (iii) the non-observation of anomalous muon fluxes in underground detectors (``neutrino telescopes"), and (iv) the electroweak LEP high-precision measurements in the form of the $\\epsilon_{1},\\epsilon_b$ parameters. For $m_t=150\\GeV$, the trilepton constraint rules out some regions of parameter space with chargino masses as high as $m_{\\chi^\\pm_1}\\approx105\\GeV$, although it is not possible to establish a new absolute lower bound on the...

  8. VizieR Online Data Catalog: The epoch ICRF (Xu+, 2013)

    Xu, M. H.; Wang, G. L.; Zhao, M.


    The epoch International Celestial Reference Frame (epoch ICRF) is proposed as a new concept in order to consider the effect of apparent proper motion of the position of a radio source due to acceleration of the spatial origin of the ICRF, the centre of mass of the Solar system. This apparent proper motion has a magnitude of approximately 5.8-microarcsec (μas) per year, and for the 30-year very long baseline interferometry (VLBI) observational history these position variations will exceed 100μas. We show that the dipole structure of the apparent proper motions leads to global rotation in the ICRF2 and the main term, the shift of direction of the origin of right ascension, reaches 25μas per century. The 'epoch ICRF' is constructed using epoch positions at J2000.0 and apparent proper motions of radio sources, which are reported here for 295 ICRF2-defining sources. (1 data file).

  9. 北流市山洪灾害与防治对策%XU Ying



      山洪灾害是山区防汛工作的重点和难点。分析了广西北流市山洪灾害发生的特点和山洪灾害防御工作中存在的问题,提出了非工程措施防治山洪灾害的具体对策。%  Flash flood disaster is the keystone and difficulty of flood protection in mountainous region. Based on analysis of the characteristics of flash flood disaster of Beiliu City and the problems existing in prevention,the au⁃thor put forward the detailed countermeasures for preventing flash flood disaster with non-engineering measures.

  10. Unification of SU(2)xU(1) Using a Generalized Covariant Derivative and U(3)

    Chaves, M


    A generalization of the Yang-Mills covariant derivative, that uses both vector and scalar fields and transforms as a 4-vector contracted with Dirac matrices, is used to simplify and unify the Glashow-Weinberg-Salam model. Since SU(3) assigns the wrong hypercharge to the Higgs boson, it is necessary to use a special representation of U(3) to obtain all the correct quantum numbers. A surplus gauge scalar boson emerges in the process, but it uncouples from all other particles.

  11. NNVub: a Neural Network Approach to $B\\to X_u \\ell \

    Gambino, Paolo; Mondino, Cristina


    We use artificial neural networks to parameterize the shape functions in inclusive semileptonic $B$ decays without charm. Our approach avoids the adoption of functional form models and allows for a straightforward implementation of all experimental and theoretical constraints on the shape functions. The results are used to extract $|V_{ub}|$ in the GGOU framework and compared with the original GGOU paper and the latest HFAG results, finding good agreement in both cases. The possible impact of future Belle-II data on the $M_X$ distribution is also discussed.

  12. The strongest experimental constraints on SU(5)xU(1) supergravity models

    López, J; Park, G; Zichichi, A


    We consider a class of well motivated string-inspired flipped $SU(5)$ supergravity models which include four supersymmetry breaking scenarios: no-scale, strict no-scale, dilaton, and special dilaton, such that only three parameters are needed to describe all new phenomena $(m_t,\\tan\\beta,m_{\\tilde g})$. We show that the LEP precise measurements of the electroweak parameters in the form of the $\\epsilon_1$ variable, and the CLEOII allowed range for $\\bsg$ are at present the most important experimental constraints on this class of models. For $m_t\\gsim155\\,(165)\\GeV$, the $\\epsilon_1$ constraint (at 90(95)\\%CL) requires the presence of light charginos ($m_{\\chi^\\pm_1}\\lsim50-100\\GeV$ depending on $m_t$). Since all sparticle masses are proportional to $m_{\\tilde g}$, $m_{\\chi^\\pm_1}\\lsim100\\GeV$ implies: $m_{\\chi^0_1}\\lsim55\\GeV$, $m_{\\chi^0_2}\\lsim100\\GeV$, $m_{\\tilde g}\\lsim360\\GeV$, $m_{\\tilde q}\\lsim350\\,(365)\\GeV$, $m_{\\tilde e_R}\\lsim80\\,(125)\\GeV$, $m_{\\tilde e_L}\\lsim120\\,(155)\\GeV$, and $m_{\\tilde\

  13. Comparative Study of Discourse Makers “yeah/yes”and “dui”from the Perspective of Multimodal Discourse Analysis:Taking Oprah Winfrey Show and Lu Yu You Yue as Examples%话语标记语“yeah/yes”与“对”的多模态话语对比分析--以电视访谈节目《奥普拉秀》和《鲁豫有约》为例

    赵颖; 张存颖


    随着多媒体技术的发展,人们发现单纯从语言角度已经不能对话语展开深入全面的分析和研究。话语标记语作为一种语言模态已不仅仅以文本模式出现,而是和图像、声音、动作、颜色等多种模态同时出现,共同完成语篇衔接的构建。本研究以《奥普拉秀》和《鲁豫有约》为研究对象,自建两个节目的文本和图片语料库,从多模态话语分析视角对比研究英、汉两种语言使用话语标记语的情况。研究发现英、汉话语标记语在话轮、接触及手势的运用上差异不大,在社会距离及视点的选取上存在显著性差异。%With the development of multimedia technology,people find it impossible to conduct an intensive and compre-hensive analysis on discourses simply from the perspective of language.Discourse Makers as a kind of language mode, not only appear in text mode,but also appear simultaneously with other modes to complete the construction of discourse cohesion,such as:image,sound,action and color,etc.In this study,Oprah Winfrey Show and Lu Yu You Yue are used as the research objects,and corpus of words and pictures are built based on the two TV programs in order to make a com-parative study of English and Chinese discourse makers from the perspective of multimodal discourse analysis.The study found that the differences between English and Chinese makers are not significant in such aspects as:turn,contact,and gesture;while the differences in social distance and perspective are significant.

  14. 谈《马氏文通》到《新著国语文法》前中国的语法研究(下)--纪念劭西师《新著国语文法》出版九十年%Chinese Grammar Study:from"MaShiWenTong"(《马氏文通》)to"XinZhuGuoYuWenFa"(《新著国语文法》)(Ⅱ)



    1898《马氏文通》到1924《新著国语文法》前中国语法研究分两个阶段。本文上篇谈前段“词本位”体系文法,已发表于本刊总第19辑。这里属下篇,谈后段“句本位”体系文法。“句本位”体系文法初建的原因和条件:国语运动的胜利,代替文言成为正式书面语;国外语言学类型理论、重句法文法体系引进,文法研究方法和文法与逻辑关系探索。所建体系基本内容:文法研究重视句中词的位置次序,以句子的结构和类型研究为重点。分词法(词类)、句法两部门,前者为后者服务;文法单位有词、语、句三级。词类继承前段研究分九品,继用“假借”说,说明词的转类;提出按句法成分位置辨分词品。句子整体结构分主语谓语:主语可含形容性附加语;谓语可含副词性附加语,谓语动词可带宾语、足语;谓语形容词和同动词后成分是表语。谈说句成分所任词语种类、变化和句子结构简式、复式及相互转化。认识句法结构蕴含语义关系并注意二者的结合分析。句子类型,按组织结构分单句、复句;按语气分直述句、疑问句、祈使句、感叹句。用表格法、图解法显示文法分析结果。行文有“附则”、“注意”,配合正文又适合教学需要。书后附标点符号用法,表现语法与标点符号关系密切;也反映新文化运动胜利,国语代替文言的一个成果。“句本位”文法体系的初建,是1922—1923年多位学者多年辛苦探索的成果;也为由《马氏文通》“词本位”科学体系发展为《新著》“句本位”科学体系奠定了基础。%From 1898’s“MaShiWenTong”(《马氏文通》)to 1924’s“XinZhu GuoYuWenFa”(《新著国语文法》), Chinese grammar study is divided into two stages. The first part of this article talks about the first stage: the generation of word based

  15. Chuancheng yu gengxin: Liu Mei sheng yu Minguo shiqi de shixue%传承与更新:留美生与民国时期的史学



    @@ As it has long been acknowledged that historians do not simply write objectivehistories, but are themselves products of Specific times and places, there is littlequestion that histories of historiography can provide important insights. ProfessorLi Chunlei, of Tianjin Polytechnic University, contributes to our understandingof the origins of the modem discipline of history in China by focusing on theimportant role of returned students from the U.S. in fostering its developmentand shaping its direction.

  16. Design, synthesis, and antifungal activities of novel triazole derivatives containing the benzyl group

    Xu K


    Full Text Available Kehan Xu,1,* Lei Huang,1,* Zheng Xu,2 Yanwei Wang,1,3 Guojing Bai,1 Qiuye Wu,1 Xiaoyan Wang,1 Shichong Yu,1 Yuanying Jiang1 1School of Pharmacy, Second Military Medical University, Shanghai, 2Shanghai Changzheng Hospital, Second Military Medical University, Shanghai, 3Number 422 Hospital of PLA, Zhanjiang, People’s Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this work Abstract: In previous studies undertaken by our group, a series of 1-(1H-1,2,4-triazole-1-yl-2-(2,4-difluorophenyl-3-substituted-2-propanols (1a–r, which were analogs of fluconazole, was designed and synthesized by click chemistry. In the study reported here, the in vitro antifungal activities of all the target compounds were evaluated against eight human pathogenic fungi. Compounds 1a, 1q, and 1r showed the more antifungal activity than the others. Keywords: triazole, synthesis, antifungal activity, CYP51

  17. Clinical Distribution and Molecular Basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine ZHENG in Cancer

    Zhen Chen


    Full Text Available In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM clinical practice, ZHENG (also known as syndrome helps to guide design of individualized treatment strategies. In this study, we investigated the clinical use of ZHENG in TCM-treated cancer patients by systematically analyzing data from all relevant reports in the Chinese-language scientific literature. We aimed to determine the clinical ZHENG distributions in six common cancers (lung, liver, gastric, breast, colorectal, and pancreatic with the expectation of uncovering a theoretical basis for TCM ZHENG as a clinical cancer treatment. In addition, we also reviewed the molecular basis underlying Xue-Yu (blood stasis, Shi-Re (dampness-heat, Yin-Xu (Yin deficiency, and Pi-Xu (spleen deficiency ZHENG that are commonly found in cancer patients. The results from our summary study provide insights into the potential utility of TCM ZHENG and may contribute to a better understanding of the molecular basis of TCM ZHENG in cancer.

  18. EDITORIAL: Focus on Iron-Based Superconductors FOCUS ON IRON-BASED SUPERCONDUCTORS

    Hosono, Hideo; Ren, Zhi-An


    Tegel, Inga Schellenberg, Falko M Schappacher, Rainer Pöttgen, Joachim Deisenhofer, Axel Günther, Florian Schrettle, Alois Loidl and Dirk Johrendt The superconductor KxSr1-xFe2As2: normal state and superconducting properties B Lv, M Gooch, B Lorenz, F Chen, A M Guloy and C W Chu Effect of 3d transition metal doping on the superconductivity in quaternary fluoroarsenide CaFeAsF Satoru Matsuishi, Yasunori Inoue, Takatoshi Nomura, Youichi Kamihara, Masahiro Hirano and Hideo Hosono Influence of the rare-earth element on the effects of the structural and magnetic phase transitions in CeFeAsO, PrFeAsO and NdFeAsO Michael A McGuire, Raphaël P Hermann, Athena S Sefat, Brian C Sales, Rongying Jin, David Mandrus, Fernande Grandjean and Gary J Long Heat capacity measurements on FeAs-based compounds: a thermodynamic probe of electronic and magnetic states P J Baker, S R Giblin, F L Pratt, R H Liu, G Wu, X H Chen, M J Pitcher, D R Parker, S J Clarke and S J Blundell Spin fluctuations, interband coupling and unconventional pairing in iron-based superconductors Zi-Jian Yao, Jian-Xin Li and Z D Wang Superconductivity induced by Ni doping in BaFe2As2 single crystals L J Li, Y K Luo, Q B Wang, H Chen, Z Ren, Q Tao, Y K Li, X Lin, M He, Z W Zhu, G H Cao and Z A Xu Metamagnetic transition in EuFe2As2 single crystals Shuai Jiang, Yongkang Luo, Zhi Ren, Zengwei Zhu, Cao Wang, Xiangfan Xu, Qian Tao, Guanghan Cao and Zhu'an Xu Pressure dependence of the thermoelectric power of the iron-based high-Tc superconductor SmFeAsO0.85 N Kang, P Auban-Senzier, C R Pasquier, Z A Ren, J Yang, G C Che and Z X Zhao Superconductivity in some heavy rare-earth iron arsenide REFeAsO1-δ (RE = Ho, Y, Dy and Tb) compounds Jie Yang, Xiao-Li Shen, Wei Lu, Wei Yi, Zheng-Cai Li, Zhi-An Ren, Guang-Can Che, Xiao-Li Dong, Li-Ling Sun, Fang Zhou and Zhong-Xian Zhao The delicate electronic and magnetic structure of the LaFePnO system (Pn = pnicogen) S Lebègue, Z P Yin and W E Pickett

  19. Plasmid-encapsulated polyethylene glycol-grafted polyethylenimine nanoparticles for gene delivery into rat mesenchymal stem cells

    Chen X; Zhang LJ; He ZJ; Wang W; Xu B; Zhong Q; Shuai X; Yang L; Deng YB


    Xiao-Ai Chen1,5*, Li-Jun Zhang2*, Zhi-Jie He3, Wei-Wei Wang4, Bo Xu1, Qian Zhong1, Xin-Tao Shuai4, Li-Qun Yang4, Yu-Bin Deng11Department of Pathophysiology, Zhongshan School of Medicine, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China; 2Futian Affiliated Hospital, Guangdong Medical College, Shenzhen, China; 3Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China; 4Institute of Polymer Science, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, BME Center, State Key Laboratory of Optoelec...

  20. III-Nitride Based Optoelectronics


    c • N =5x1011 cm𔃼 LU -, FT ac v A A A - -3.5 \\/\\/\\ : VB -4.0 V \\ N- N N • - I 1 • Length (nm) 50...GaAs/AlGaAs based npn structures," Appl. Phys. Lett., vol. 70, pp. 2876- 2878, May 1997. 102. J. M. Shah , Y.-L. Li, Th. Gessmann, and E. F. Schubert...Ning, Phys. Rev. B 74, 155308 (2006). 105. Z.-M. Liao, K.-J. Liu, J.-M. Zhang, J. Xu, and D.-P. Yu, Phys. Lett. A 367, 207 (2007). 106. J. M. Shah , Y



    Adhesive traction test of HXD3 locomotive under simulated rain conditions HAN Chang-hu1, LIU Jie-min2, XU Hao-dong1, SONG Yu-ping1 (1. West Jinan Locomotive Depot, Jinan 250117, China; 2. Jinan Railway Administration, Jinan 250001, China)Abstract: To study the impact of severe weather on HXD3 locomotive adhesive traction force, Jinan Rail- way Administration conducted a adhesive traction test of HXD3 locomotive under simulated rain conditions and accumulated large amount of data for reference.

  2. QTL Information Table: 990 [Q-TARO

    Full Text Available Physiological trait Eating quality White belly RFLP C)Interval RIL Zhenshan 97 Ming...hui 63 A R1245 R1789 pha Tan, Y.F., Xing, Y.Z., Li, J.X., Yu, S.B., Xu, C.G., and Zhang, Q. (2000). Genetic bases of appearance quali...ty of rice grains in Shanyou 63, an elite rice hybrid. TAG Theoretical and Applied Genetics 101, 823-829. ...

  3. QTL Information Table: 988 [Q-TARO

    Full Text Available Physiological trait Eating quality Length-width ratio RFLP C)Interval F2 Zhenshan 9...tic bases of appearance quality of rice grains in Shanyou 63, an elite rice hybrid. TAG Theoretical and Applied Genetics 101, 823-829. ... ...7 Minghui 63 A RZ403 R19 pha Tan, Y.F., Xing, Y.Z., Li, J.X., Yu, S.B., Xu, C.G., and Zhang, Q. (2000). Gene

  4. Rotationally Commensurate Growth of MoS2 on Epitaxial Graphene


    532 nm (with spot size ∼1 μm2) in ambient conditions. The Raman signal was collected using a 100× Olympus objective (NA = 0.9) and dispersed by 1800...Emery, J. D.; Lipson, A. L.; Bedzyk, M. J.; Elam, J. W.; Pellin, M. J.; Hersam, M. C. Seeding Atomic Layer Deposition of High-k Dielectrics on...Amani, M.; Najmaei, S.; Xu, Q.; Zou, X.; Zhou, W.; Yu, T.; Qiu, C.; Birdwell, A. G.; Crowne, F. J.; et al. Strain and Structure Heterogeneity in MoS2

  5. Final Report String Phenomenology 2011: The Tenth Annual Meeting on String Phenomenology

    Shiu, Gary; Everett, Lisa


    The Tenth Annual International String Phenomenology Conference was held at the University of Wisconsin, Madison on August 22-26, 2011. The Conference was organized by Profs. Gary Shiu and Lisa Everett, with the help of two postdoctoral fellows Heng-Yu Chen and Jiajun Xu. The scientific subjects of the talks and discussions were chosen to be widely interdisciplinary, reflecting the scope and maturity of the field. The conference brought together researchers of diverse subfields in physics and mathematics to present and discuss recent developments in connecting observable particle physics and cosmology with the domain of fundamental theory. This report summarizes the outcome of this conference.

  6. Ozhirenie sredi bol'nykh, obrativshikhsya za meditsinskoy pomoshch'yu (dannye krupnogo otechestvennogo epidemiologicheskogo issledovaniya

    M Yu Drobizhev


    Full Text Available Research objective: to study obesity among 10541 patients in therapeutic, neurologik and cardiologikal practices in 29 cities of the Russian Federation from St.-Petersburg to Vladivostok (COMPASS program. All patients are divided on two groups: with obesity (average BMI=33,7+4,1 kg/m2, and without this disease (average BMI=24,4+3,0 kg/m2. Groups were compared under demographic characteristics; features of a medical route; somatic and mental state. 20% from all patients in mentioned practices in various cities of Russia have obesity. Patients with obesity are predominantly women (middle age 54,0+12,0 year. For these patients low social and economic status (with low educational level, absence of employment, loneliness etc. are characteristic. Patients with obesity are more often observe in cardiological practice. They suffer from cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes. The hypothesis about obesity formation within mental disorders (depression, food addiction - dependence on food is presented. Possibility of treatment of patients with the help of sibutramine is discussed.

  7. Back to Business ——China and ASEAN bond via economic cooperation By Yu Lintao


    Though territorial disputes exist between China and some ASEAN nations in the South China Sea, the multiple economic cooperation mechanisms between China and ASEAN have deepened their overall relationship.

  8. Kan Yu Ret an Rayt en Ingles: Children Become Literate in English as a Second Language.

    Hudelson, Sarah


    Research on second language reading and writing development in children suggests (1) children who speak little English are reading some of the print in their environment, (2) they can read English before they have complete oral control of it, (3) their comprehension is influenced by their knowledge and culture, and (4) their second language…


    O B Ershova


    Full Text Available Aim: Study offactors influencing on the fractures of proximal femur not connected with osteoporosis. Material and methods: Study is based on the simultaneous and prospective clinical-epidemiological study in patients of Yaroslavl aged 50 and more with proximal femoral fractures. Radiological method of assessment of femoral fractures followed by radiomorphological analysis of hip joints radiographs was used. Control group standardized by sex and age included persons without fractures and was numbered twice more than experimental group. Results: In 132 out of 133 cases the fractures were connected with falling down and only in one case with lifting the load. Accidental falling in males were reliably more frequent as compared with other reasons of falling (p=0.03. In females the fallings connected with cardiovascular diseases and cerebral disturbances reliably prevailed. Decreasing of points in psychodiagnostic test (MMST lower than 24 is the risk factor of fallings (OP-3.022, p<0.01. Conclusion: Aside from osteoporotic process during femoral fractures one should consider other factors, such as anatomical peculiarities of proximal femur, body mass, height and concomitant diseases.

  10. Xinjiang Keji Rencai dui Chuangxin Huanjin de Neiyin Pingjia Moxing Goujian yu Shizheng Yanjiu

    Tan, Chunping; Tang, ChaoYing; Jiannong, Shi


    Innovation environment is the key factor to give full play to the dynamic role of the scientific talents. The article has investigated and analyzed the environmental factors and the degree of satisfaction of Xinjiang scientific talents in innovation activities by implicit theory, and structured...... evaluation index system of innovation environment on Xinjiang scientific talents, then evaluated the innovation environment of Xinjiang scientific talents through the two order structural equation model and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method. The results show that: the whole innovation environment...... of Xinjiang scientific talents has been in the general level, and it has a better organizational support and cultural atmosphere , the second is innovation network and innovation resources, lacking in the material foundation, social security; The enterprise scientific talents has the highest evaluation...

  11. Kan Yu Ret an Rayt en Ingles: Children Become Literate in English as a Second Language.

    Hudelson, Sarah


    Research on second language reading and writing development in children suggests (1) children who speak little English are reading some of the print in their environment, (2) they can read English before they have complete oral control of it, (3) their comprehension is influenced by their knowledge and culture, and (4) their second language…

  12. The Sensible and Romantic Yu Zhaoping%理性与浪漫的俞兆平



    @@ 学生们对老师的了解往往起源于一些小道和趣闻,我刚考入厦大时,宿舍里住着一位"研三"的师姐,她在厦大已经呆了七年了,知道很多事,平日里无聊,她便和我们讲述老厦大的种种人情与物语.我是俞先生的弟子,先生也就自然地成为了她和我的话题.

  13. *Corresponding author. E-mail:


    copper(II) with correlation coefficient of 0.9994 and the detection limit of 0.99 ng mL-1. ... iron absorption from the gastrointestinal system. It is involved in the transport of .... at maximum wavelengths using a UV-Vis spectrophotometer. Results ...

  14. Yu Hua’s Brothers in and out of China:A Critical Review



    This article offers a critical review of the existing evaluation of Brothers,both the Chinese and English texts,focused on reviews of the English translation,through which the reception of the novel is examined.It is found that unlike the heated controversy over the novel in China,Brothers received warm critical reception in the English-speaking world,though also with criticism.However,there are still insufficient reviews of the English version,concerning its translation quality and style.Thus,"translator’s invisibility"is still a common phenomenon.It is therefore concluded that a sociological analysis of its production,circulation and reception in the target culture is both significant and worthwhile to shed new light on the mechanism by which Chinese literature can be successfully exported.

  15. Yu Hua’s Brothers in and out of China:A Critical Review



    This article offers a critical review of the existing evaluation of Brothers,both the Chinese and English texts,focused on reviews of the English translation,through which the reception of the novel is examined.It is found that unlike the heated controversy over the novel in China,Brothers received warm critical reception in the English-speaking world,though also with criticism.However,there are still insufficient reviews of the English version,concerning its translation quality and style.Thus,“translator’s invisibility” is still a common phenomenon.It is therefore concluded that a sociological analysis of its production,circulation and reception in the target culture is both significant and worthwhile to shed new light on the mechanism by which Chinese literature can be successfully exported.

  16. Biological Evaluation of ChuangYuLing Dressing-A Multifunctional Medicine Carrying Biomaterial

    PENG Rui; ZHENG Qixin; HAO Jie; ZOU Yang; CHENG Jie


    The safety of Chuangyuling (CYL) dressing-a multifunctional medicine carrying biomaterial was evaluated in order to provide foundation for the application of CYL as material used in the wound healing. The traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) extract solution was compounded with scaffolds (gelatin and Bletilla hyacinthine gum), and then frozen and dried to form spongy and porous material CYL. According to the standard of biological evaluation of medical devices that was instituted by the ministry of health of China[1] , the biological evaluation of CYL dressing was conducted. The results showed that all the contents of biological evaluation test consisting of acute toxicity, skin irritation, sensitization and cytotoxicity met the requirement of standards. It was concluded that the biomaterial carrying TCM (CYL dressing) is safe for application of wound healing.

  17. Shanxi to Institute Permanent Mechanism Protecting Migrant Workers——An interview with Yu Youjun



    @@ EDITOR'S NOTE:On June 1,2007,the Standing Committee of the Shanxi Provincial People's Congress approved a local decree entitled the Regulations on Protection of the Rights and Interests of Migrant Workers,which became effective on July 1,2007.The Regulations,the first local legislation of its kind ever adopted by a Chinese province,immediately followed exposure of some shocking cases in which hundreds of migrant workers from poverty-stricken rural areas,including junior and mentally retarded citizens,were held in virtual slavery at illegally-run brickworks in the province.

  18. Yizhi jiaoyizhe, fangdichan paomo yu fangdichan zhengce: jian lun zhongguo fangdichan zhengce

    Bao, T.; Wang, Y.


    HETEROGENOUS TRADERS, HOUSING BUBBLES AND POLICIES Based on the classical De Long et al (1990), we build a model of housing bubbles to analyze the role of market imperfections (noise traders, liquidity constraint, limited liability and weak property rights protections, etc) and their interactions in


    S. SH. Aytov


    Full Text Available The purpose of this work is to study the cognitive interferences philosophical and social sciences and humanities. The aim of the article is to analyze the cognitive interaction of historical anthropology and semiotics in the space of philosophical-cultural concepts Lotman. Methodology. The methodology of this work includes the theoretical approaches, such as system-structural method, interdisciplinary method, comparative and source study methods. Teoretical basis and results. Philosophy of Culture Lotman contains a large number of cognitive dimensions. Significant role in the cognitive universe of his work is semiotics and historical anthropology. However interaction of these semiotic components of Lotman creation little explored yet. The latter applies to the redesign of the historical-anthropological ideas and research scientist. Conclusions. Understanding the interaction of cognitive semiotics and historical anthropology in the space of culture philosophy of Lotman logically leads to the conclusion that the effectiveness of cognitive symbiosis methodological approaches these sciences. In particular, the cognitive structure allows us to study the underlying causes of the motives and actions of individuals and entire societies past. The realization of semiotic, historical and anthropological methods allows us to analyze the underlying mechanisms of the spiritual culture and social and cultural institutions of societies from different historical periods.

  20. Shuang Yu: Vertical and Horizontal Dimensions of China's Extraordinary Learning Village

    Boshier, Roger; Huang, Yan


    The Chinese Communist Party has invoked the Faure report as part of a large-scale learning initiative involving 61 cities and numerous streets, neighbourhoods and villages. By embracing western ideas and infusing them with Chinese characteristics, the Central School of the Communist Party has embarked on what looks increasingly like the 5th…