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  1. PMP

    Heldman, Kim


    An up-to-date, concentrated study aide aimed at preparing you for PMP certification The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is the one of the most desired certification in today's IT marketplace. Candidates are required to have thousands of hours of Project Management experience even before taking the PMP exam. As the ideal reading companion to PMP: Project Management Professional Exam Study Guide, 6th Edition, this essential review gives you that extra preparation you need to approach the grueling PMP exam with confidence. More than 120 review questions, two bonus exams, elect

  2. A Young Woman Millionaire


    ZHANG Can is a young woman who likes to laugh. She is also the founder of a business kingdom worth 400 million yuan. Certainly, there were points in her career that were no laughing matter, but now she is general manager of Beijing Dyne Group Corporation. "She’s simply amazing—beyond description," say her friends.

  3. Young Woman Tames Wild Animals


    ON Shanghai’s acrobatic stage, the audience held its breath while it watched a lion put its front paws on the shoulders of a dainty and beautiful young woman and licked her face with its red tongue. The girl was perfectly calm, even smiling. This legendary woman is Zhang Xiuhong, a lion-tamer in the Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe. I Fear the Lion When she was 11, Zhang Xiuhong joined the Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe Soon afterward, she was assigned to work as a lion-tamer. The first animal she tamed was a lion cub. From the

  4. [A young woman with severe hyponatremia].

    Renard, C; Garcia, C; Perret, M-R; Vest, P; El Jahiri, Y; Fuilla, C


    We report here the case of a young woman, who came by herself at the emergency department, presenting with a severe hyponatremia (106 mmol/L), as shown by her initial biological report. The biological comment leads us to review the hyponatremia considering on one hand osmolarity and on the other hand volemia. Patient's tests results showed hyponatremia with hypoosmolarity and isovolemia, due to her potomania. At last, the authors expose the main guidelines for the correction of hyponatremia.

  5. [A young woman with acute abdominal pain

    Mooij, R.; Dillen, J. van


    A 17-year-old woman was operated in a Tanzanian hospital because of a suspected ruptured ectopic pregnancy. During laparatomy an interstitial ectopic pregnancy with an intact gestational sac was found. The ectopic pregnancy had ruptured into the abdominal cavity.

  6. A young woman with abdominal distension

    Appleby, Richard; Saroya, Haseeb; Postgate, Aymer; Meer, Ziad


    We present the case of a 34-year-old woman with haemorrhagic ascites and an extrinsic rectal mass on endoscopy. Endometrioma was subsequently confirmed by laparoscopy and biopsy. Intestinal endometriosis is common, and often mimics other gastrointestinal pathology. Haemorrhagic ascites or intestinal masses are rare presentations of endometriosis, and this is the only reported case of both occurring together. Endometriosis and ascites are more common in women of African descent, and although histological diagnosis requires laparoscopy, MRI has a high negative predictive value; 95% for intestinal endometriosis. Re-accumulation of ascites were prevented by starting a gonadotrophin antagonist. PMID:24717582

  7. Refeeding syndrome in a young woman with argininosuccinate lyase deficiency

    M. Stuy


    Full Text Available A severely chronically protein and calorie restricted young woman with argininosuccinate lyase deficiency developed transient refeeding syndrome (RFS and hyperammonemia after modest diet liberalization following initiation of glycerol phenylbutyrate (GPB. The patient required IV supportive care and supplementation with potassium, magnesium and calcium. She is now doing well on GPB and an appropriate maintenance diet. Susceptibility to RFS should be considered in chronically nutritionally restricted patients with metabolic disorders after liberalization of diet.

  8. Refeeding syndrome in a young woman with argininosuccinate lyase deficiency.

    Stuy, M; Chen, G-F; Masonek, J M; Scharschmidt, B F


    A severely chronically protein and calorie restricted young woman with argininosuccinate lyase deficiency developed transient refeeding syndrome (RFS) and hyperammonemia after modest diet liberalization following initiation of glycerol phenylbutyrate (GPB). The patient required IV supportive care and supplementation with potassium, magnesium and calcium. She is now doing well on GPB and an appropriate maintenance diet. Susceptibility to RFS should be considered in chronically nutritionally restricted patients with metabolic disorders after liberalization of diet.

  9. Refeeding syndrome in a young woman with argininosuccinate lyase deficiency☆

    Stuy, M.; Chen, G.-F.; Masonek, J.M.; Scharschmidt, B.F.


    A severely chronically protein and calorie restricted young woman with argininosuccinate lyase deficiency developed transient refeeding syndrome (RFS) and hyperammonemia after modest diet liberalization following initiation of glycerol phenylbutyrate (GPB). The patient required IV supportive care and supplementation with potassium, magnesium and calcium. She is now doing well on GPB and an appropriate maintenance diet. Susceptibility to RFS should be considered in chronically nutritionally restricted patients with metabolic disorders after liberalization of diet. PMID:26937403

  10. [Trochanteric bursitis due to tuberculosis in an immunocompetent young woman].

    Soro Marín, Sandra; Sánchez Trenado, María Asunción; Mínguez Sánchez, María Dolores; Paulino Huertas, Marcos; García Morales, Paula Virginia; Salas Manzanedo, Verónica


    Soft tissue infection due to Mycobacterium tuberculosis can affect muscle, tendons, fascia, bursa and synovial tissue. Tuberculous trochanteric bursitis is a rare entity that usually affects immunocompromised patients. Manifestations usually occur insidiously, which delays diagnosis and treatment. We present the case of an immunocompetent young woman who came to our department for chronic left hip pain. The study confirms the diagnosis of tuberculous trochanteric bursitis. This case demonstrates the importance of considering a possible infectious origin of bursitis in immunocompetent patients. Copyright © 2010 Elsevier España, S.L. All rights reserved.

  11. Hypertensive crisis in young woman with Takayasu arteritis.

    Ogawa, Osamu; Watanabe, Ritsuo; Shimizu, Hiroshi; Masani, Fumiaki


    A young woman who was experiencing repeated convulsions was admitted. The patient's brain magnetic resonance image revealed reversible posterior leukoencephalopathy. Blood pressure fluctuated at times to more than 200 mmHg, and the measurement of the right and left upper arms differed by approximately 70 mmHg. Enhanced computed tomography revealed stenotic lesions of some arteries including the left renal artery. Such findings led to an initial diagnosis of Takayasu arteritis and hypertensive encephalopathy caused by renovascular hypertension. A percutaneous transluminal renal angioplasty was successfully performed. The patient's blood pressure returned to normal value without the use of antihypertensive drugs.

  12. Unusual Perioperative Cardiac Emergency in a Healthy Young Woman

    Pragati Ganjoo


    Full Text Available Serious cardiac complications occurring during noncardiac surgery in a young and otherwise normal person can be quite alarming for the anesthesiologist. We report here the case of a young, healthy woman who immediately after an uncomplicated spinal surgery developed a clinical picture suggestive of an acute myocardial infarction (MI with positive relevant investigations. However, she had an abrupt and full clinical recovery and complete normalization of her cardiac investigations within a few days of this event and thereafter continued to lead a normal, symptom-free life unlike the usual course in an MI; her coronary angiography was also normal. A diagnosis of perioperative stress-induced cardiomyopathy or Takotsubo cardiomyopathy was subsequently made. This condition is characterized by a rapid, severe, but reversible, cardiac dysfunction triggered by physical or mental stress. Awareness of this entity should help anesthesiologists manage better this infrequent, but potentially life-threatening, perioperative complication.

  13. Krukenberg tumor in a young woman: A rare presentation

    Deepa Hatwal


    Full Text Available Krukenberg tumors mostly occur after 40 years. Metastatic ovarian tumors in young age are very rare and reported to be 2% of all the cases. Thirty percent of all ovarian neoplasms occurring during childhood and adolescence are malignant. A 25-year-old woman, parity- 2, presented with abdominal distension, pain in abdomen and amenorrhea. On examination, 18 weeks lump was palpable, firm to hard in consistency, non-tender and mobile. On ultrasonography bilateral ovarian tumors were reported, without any peritoneal free fluid. Total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy was performed. Microscopic examination revealed signet ring cells with glandular differentiation, diffusely invading the ovarian parenchyma. Tumor cells exhibited strong, diffuse immunopositivity for CEA with focal strong immunopositivity for CK7 and CK20 and immunonegativity for SATB2. Diagnosis of Krukenberg tumor was made. Endoscopic biopsy confirmed the diagnosis of adenocarcinoma stomach. This case is reported because of its rarity in younger age group.

  14. [Angina Pectoris in a Young Woman with Lupus Erythematosus].

    Braumann, Simon; Bartram, Malte P; Pfister, Roman; Michels, Guido


    History and clinical findings We present a 31-year old woman with a 6-year history of cutaneous lupus erythematosus (CLE) who presented to the emergency room with typical chest pain. ECG and transthoracic echocardiography were normal. Her working diagnosis of pericarditis was made due to systemic progression of her lupus erythematosus (LE). Treatment with NSAIDs was initiated and her immunosuppressive regimen intensified. The patient was discharged after resolution of her symptoms. A week later, the patient was seen at the rheumatology clinic with recurrence and aggravation of her symptoms. She was found to have elevated troponin and cardiac enzymes and therefore underwent cardiac catheterization, revealing three vessel coronary artery disease. Therapy and course The patient underwent urgent open surgical myocardial revascularization. Despite the immunosuppressive therapy the postoperative course was uneventful. Conclusions The risk for coronary artery disease in LE patients is very high. Particularly in young women presenting with chest pain, regardless of typical cardiopulmonary manifestations of LE such as pericarditis and pleurisy, acute coronary syndrome should always be considered. © Georg Thieme Verlag KG Stuttgart · New York.

  15. PMP exam prep

    Mulcahy, Rita


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  16. One young woman's campaign: rock concerts and graffiti.

    Malewska, J


    Prevailing law and church dictum in 1989 Poland precluded talking about condoms and sex on the radio. Accordingly, a young woman who did a radio-theater drama with some friends about how to avoid HIV infection was thrown out of school. This youth, however, knew that her audience found the emission to be provocative and interesting, and that people were having unprotected sex at concerts in toilet stalls with unknown partners. The Ministry of Health nonetheless said funds were unavailable for condom distribution. Undeterred, the author, her younger brother, and 2 friends joined forces to make large banners with pictures of condoms, bought 500 condoms with their own money, and went to the largest rock festival in Warsaw. She described on stage what AIDS is and how to contract it while friends handed out condoms and leaflets. Their success how has them cooperating with 20 other groups and going to concerts to talk about AIDS and hand out condoms. They have also sprayed graffiti across Warsaw aimed at preventing HIV transmission and provide leaflets and condoms with money from France to ticket holders at area clubs; letters requesting cooperative action have been received. Despite the success of these activities, the Ministry of Health requires receipt of a project and budget proposal before they may consider funding. Graffiti, however, is illegal in Poland and the new Catholic government made is impossible to obtain cheap Polish condoms in shops. The activists continued to develop banners and graffiti, but failed to keep people from engaging in high risk sex with multiple partners. 3 of the author's attractive and healthy female friends therefore began going to concerts and night clubs where they feigned soliciting sexual relations and being HIV-seropositive. Unsuspecting takers without condoms were informed of the girls contrived HIV serostatus and told they must surely desire death if they are ready to have unprotected intercourse. The desire to use condoms has

  17. Bilateral hand amyotrophy with PMP-22 gene deletion.

    Gochard, A; Guennoc, A M; Praline, J; Malinge, M C; de Toffol, B; Corcia, P


    Hereditary neuropathy with liability to pressure palsies (HNPP) phenotypes are heterogeneous. We report the case of a 52-year-old woman without medical history, who complained of bilateral hand weakness suggestive first of a motor neuron disorder. The presence of a diffuse predominant distal demyelinating neuropathy suggested a deletion of PMP-22 gene, which was confirmed by genetic analysis. This case report underlines a novel phenotype related to the deletion of PMP-22 gene.

  18. Young Adults' Perceptions and Memories of a Televised Woman Hero.

    Calvert, Sandra L.; Kondla, Tracy A.; Ertel, Karen A.; Meisel, Douglas S.


    College students viewed "Xena: Warrior Princess" (a woman in a nontraditional heroic role) under differing conditions. Researchers investigated how they perceived and remembered Xena as a function of the amount of shadow, an archetypal personality structure, portrayed in the episode, noting the influence of viewer characteristics. Viewer…

  19. Abdominal pain in a young woman (2009: 8b)

    Lopez Zarraga, F. [Hospital Santiago Apostol, Vitoria-Gasteiz (Alava) (Spain); Servicio de Radiodiagnostico, Hospital Santiago Apostol, Vitoria-Gasteiz (Alava) (Spain); Saenz De Ormijana, J.; Diez Orive, M.; Anorbe, E.; Aisa, P.; Aguirre, X.; Arteche, E.; Caton Santaren, B. [Hospital Santiago Apostol, Vitoria-Gasteiz (Alava) (Spain)


    Juxtapapillary duodenal diverticula and their possible complications are not frequent findings. We present the case of a woman with a giant juxtapapillary diverticulum, complicated by diverticulitis and areas of perforation of the wall that required urgent surgical treatment. We present the preoperative findings on computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. (orig.)

  20. A young woman with fever and a pericardial effusion

    Muntinghe, Friso; De Filippi,; Breedveld,; Halma,


    A 19-year-old woman is presented with high-spiking fever, pericardial tamponade and respiratory failure. A diagnosis of adult onset Still's disease was made. This is a rare inflammatory disease with an unknown aetiology. The diagnosis is made by exclusion and with the help of diagnostic criteria.

  1. Supraspinatus rupture at the musculotendinous junction in a young woman

    Benazzo, Francesco; MARULLO, MATTEO; Pietrobono, Luigi


    The vast majority of rotator cuff tears occur within the tendon or as an avulsion from the greater tuberosity. Supraspinatus injury at the musculotendinous junction is a very uncommon event. We describe a case of supraspinatus rupture at the musculotendinous junction, with successful conservative treatment. It occurred in a 23-year-old woman, the youngest patient with this uncommon type of injury. To our knowledge, this is the first case of rupture of the supraspinatus muscle at the musculote...

  2. Aggressive and multifocal pulmonary inflammatory myofiberblastic tumor in young woman

    Choi, Yang Sean; Chung, Myung Hee; Kim, Hyun Jung; Park, Ki Hoon; Kim, Jeanna; Kwon, Soon Suck; Yoo, Won Jong [Bucheon St. Mary' s Hospital, The Catholic University of Korea, Bucheon (Korea, Republic of)


    We report a case of pulmonary inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor (IMT) showing aggressive and unusually rapid progression. A 27-year-old woman was admitted to the emergency room due to dry cough, fever and blood-tinged sputum that lasted one week. Initial chest radiograph and computed tomography scan revealed multifocal pulmonary nodules, which subsequently progressed into large necrotic masses within two months. She underwent a fine needle biopsy of the largest mass in the right middle lung zone which revealed inflammatory myofibroblastic cells consistent with IMT. The masses showed complete regression after six months of corticosteroid therapy. This unusual clinical manifestation could help explain the reactive inflammatory nature associated with IMTs.

  3. Spontaneous Rupture of Pyometra in a Nonpregnant Young Woman

    Parvin Mostafa-Gharabaghi


    Full Text Available A 40-year-old woman presented with severe vaginal bleeding. Initial workup with an abdominal sonography revealed endometrium for about 3 mm and free fluid in the abdomen. Hemodynamic instability with abdominal pain and free fluid in the abdomen prompted blood transfusion and laparotomy. There were about 1000 cc blood and clots in the abdomen at laparotomy. There was a longitudinal rupture from fundus up to cervix at the left side of the uterus. Tearing was in full thickness from serosa to endometrium. Scar of previous cesarean was transvers and not associated with this tearing. There was not any myomectomy scar.

  4. Spontaneous Rupture of Pyometra in a Nonpregnant Young Woman

    Mostafa-Gharabaghi, Parvin; Bordbar, Shima


    A 40-year-old woman presented with severe vaginal bleeding. Initial workup with an abdominal sonography revealed endometrium for about 3 mm and free fluid in the abdomen. Hemodynamic instability with abdominal pain and free fluid in the abdomen prompted blood transfusion and laparotomy. There were about 1000 cc blood and clots in the abdomen at laparotomy. There was a longitudinal rupture from fundus up to cervix at the left side of the uterus. Tearing was in full thickness from serosa to endometrium. Scar of previous cesarean was transvers and not associated with this tearing. There was not any myomectomy scar. PMID:28299219

  5. Spontaneous Rupture of Pyometra in a Nonpregnant Young Woman.

    Mostafa-Gharabaghi, Parvin; Bordbar, Shima; Vazifekhah, Shabnam; Naghavi-Behzad, Mohammad


    A 40-year-old woman presented with severe vaginal bleeding. Initial workup with an abdominal sonography revealed endometrium for about 3 mm and free fluid in the abdomen. Hemodynamic instability with abdominal pain and free fluid in the abdomen prompted blood transfusion and laparotomy. There were about 1000 cc blood and clots in the abdomen at laparotomy. There was a longitudinal rupture from fundus up to cervix at the left side of the uterus. Tearing was in full thickness from serosa to endometrium. Scar of previous cesarean was transvers and not associated with this tearing. There was not any myomectomy scar.

  6. Aortic dissection accompanied by preeclampsia in a postpartum young woman

    Park, Jin-Wan; Kim, Su-Mi; Yu, Gyu-Bong


    Aortic dissection is very rare in obstetrics, but it is a fatal disease. A 37-weeks primigravida woman with dyspnea and pitting edema presented to our emergency room. The patient was diagnosed with preeclampsia and underwent an emergency cesarean section under spinal anesthesia. The patient complained of severe dyspnea after the cesarean section, and the chest computed tomography scan was done. With the finding of aortic dissection, cardiopulmonary arrest occurred 5 hours after the cesarean section, and the patient died without reaction to cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. If a patient with preeclampsia complains of severe dyspnea or chest pain, aortic dissection needs to be suspected and a diagnosis should not be delayed. PMID:27668205

  7. Identities in Online Communities: A Young Woman's Critique of Cyberculture

    Guzzetti, Barbara J.


    Cyberculture has been more celebrated as establishing sites of possibilities than critiqued as a source of limitations for identity representation. Few researchers have explored through "in situ" interviews and their own online participation how electronic forums may actually prevent young women's representations of themselves in cyberspace.…

  8. Solitary fibrous tumor of the greater omentum mimicking an ovarian tumor in a young woman

    Elisabet Rodriguez Tarrega


    Full Text Available We report a case of solitary fibrous tumor (SFT of greater omentum in a young woman. SFT arising from the greater omentum can mimic a gynecologic neoplasm. SFTs are generally benign but some of them are malignant and have uncertain prognosis. An adequate follow-up is essential in these patients.

  9. "Alla en Guatemala": Transnationalism, Language, and Identity of a Pentecostal Guatemalan-American Young Woman

    Ek, Lucila D.


    This article examines the transnationalism of a Pentecostal Guatemalan-American young woman who is a second-generation immigrant. Amalia traveled to Guatemala from when she was six months old until her sophomore year in college. These visits to Guatemala have helped her maintain her Guatemalan language, culture, and identity in the larger Southern…

  10. Right ventricular lipomatous mass and biventricular multifocal fat in a young woman: A case report

    Lee, Bo Rahm; Park, Jae Hyeong; Ahn, Kye Taek; Kim, Song Soo; Jeong, Jin Ok; Choi, Si Wan; Jin, Seon Ah; Lee, Jae Hwan [Chungnam National University Hospital, Chungnam National University School of Medicine, Daejeon (Korea, Republic of)


    Cardiac lipoma is a rare neoplasm of encapsulated mature adult adipose tissue. It is usually asymptomatic, but it may be related to hemodynamic obstruction depending on its location. We report a typical case of right ventricular lipomatous mass and multifocal fat infiltration of both ventricles, which were detected incidentally in a young woman.

  11. Epidermoid cyst of the ovay in young woman: A case report

    Hong, Jung Hee; Kim, See Hyung; Kang, Yu Na; Kim, Mi Jeong [Keimyung University School of Medicine, Dongsan Medical Center, Daegu (Korea, Republic of)


    In general, ovarian epidermoid cysts coexist with surface epithelial ovarian tumors. Pure epidermoid cysts are extremely rare diseases, comprising less than 1% of surface ovarian tumors. We present here a pathologically proven epidermoid cyst of the ovary in a young woman with ultrasonographic and magnetic resonance findings.

  12. Delayed Presentation of Sigmoid Volvulus in a Young Woman

    Daniel Weingrow


    Full Text Available Volvulus is an unusual condition in Western countries, generally isolated to elderly patients with multiple comorbidities. This report describes an unusual case of a very large gangrenous sigmoid volvulus in a young, otherwise healthy 25-year-old female. A review of the diagnosis and management is subsequently described. Without a consideration of the atypical demographics for sigmoid volvulus, the case illustrates the potential morbidity due to a delayed diagnosis. Early identification and management are crucial in treating sigmoid volvulus before the appearance of gangrene and necrosis, thereby avoiding further complications and associated mortality. [West J Emerg Med. 2012; 13(1:100–102.

  13. Delayed Presentation of Sigmoid Volvulus in a Young Woman

    Weingrow, Daniel; McCague, Andrew; Shah, Ravi; Lalezarzadeh, Fariborz


    Volvulus is an unusual condition in Western countries, generally isolated to elderly patients with multiple comorbidities. This report describes an unusual case of a very large gangrenous sigmoid volvulus in a young, otherwise healthy 25-year-old female. A review of the diagnosis and management is subsequently described. Without a consideration of the atypical demographics for sigmoid volvulus, the case illustrates the potential morbidity due to a delayed diagnosis. Early identification and management are crucial in treating sigmoid volvulus before the appearance of gangrene and necrosis, thereby avoiding further complications and associated mortality. PMID:22461935

  14. Post-ERCP Emphysematous Cholecystitis in a Young Woman: A Rare and Potentially Fatal Complication

    Roisin Stack


    Full Text Available A 45-year-old woman with suspected Functional Biliary Sphincter Disorder (FBSD developed Clostridium perfringens related emphysematous cholecystitis after ERCP. A low index of suspicion for emphysematous cholecystitis in this young, otherwise healthy woman led to a significant delay in making the correct diagnosis, and air in the gallbladder was wrongly attributed to a possible gallbladder perforation. ERCP is associated with significant risks, particularly in patients with FBSD, where diagnostic uncertainty renders the balance of risk versus benefit even more critical. Post-ERCP emphysematous cholecystitis secondary to Clostridium perfringens is a rare but potentially fatal complication.

  15. Osteoporosis in a young woman after 6 years of levonorgestrel administration from intrauterine devices?

    Greiner, Christine Ursula; Brune, Kay; Haen, Ekkehard


    This report describes a young woman who developed dysmenorrhoea at the age of 12. She received a levonorgestrel (LNg)-releasing intrauterine device at the age of 21, and this was replaced twice within 8 years. At the age of 28, she started to have multiple bone and joint pain (predominantly low back pain), which, after intensive diagnostic of blood parameters and bone CT, turned out to result – from a manifest (mild) osteoporosis. Since the woman developed very low (postmenopausal) oestradiol levels during the presence of the gestagen-releasing device and encountered normalisation of oestradiol production after removal, suppression of the hypophysial–ovarian axis is proposed as the cause of both lack of oestradiol and osteoporosis. This poses the question of whether long-term use of such devices in young women may result in reduced bone density in the early phases of life, paving the way to serious osteoporosis at menopause. PMID:21686786

  16. A rare case of recurrent malignant phyllodes tumor of the breast in a young nulliparous woman

    Zeeshanuddin Ahmad


    Full Text Available Phyllodes tumors (PT are fibroepithelial neoplasm characterized by a combination of hypercellular stroma and cleft-like or cystic spaces lined by epithelium, into which the stroma classically project in a leaf-like fashion and have a potential to recur and metastasize. These tumors are more common in 3 rd to 4 th decade. Here we present a case of recurrent malignant PT of the breast in a young nulliparous woman.

  17. A Case of Prolonged Cholestatic Hepatitis Induced by Azithromycin in a Young Woman

    Caterina Maggioli


    Full Text Available Azithromycin, a semisynthetic macrolides, is frequently prescribed for the treatment of middle ear and upper respiratory tract infections, bronchitis, and community-acquired pneumonia. This antibiotic is usually well tolerated, and a rapid resolving cholestatic hepatitis has been described up to now only in six patients all, except one, over 65 years of age. We here report the case of a prolonged cholestatic hepatitis after administration of azithromycin in a young woman with no history of liver disease.

  18. The Woman Image in Men-dominated Society——Analysis of Faith in Young Goodman Brown



    Faith, the woman character in Young Goodman Brown written by American writer Nathaniel Hawthorne, is regarded as the general woman character in the men-dominated society, who owned a low status both in family and society in relation to their male counterparts. This paper aims to analyse the female image represented by Faith based on the theory of androcentrism and feminism.

  19. Interpersonal Nurse-Patient Relationship With a Young Schizophrenic Pregnant Woman

    Renata Marques de Oliveira


    Full Text Available The objective of this study was to investigate elements of the personal and psychiatric history, as well as the challenges related to motherhood, of a young schizophrenic female, through person-centered therapeutic interaction. The investigation had an exploratory scope, undertaken in a teaching hospital and data were collected during nondirective interaction on the part of the nurse with a young schizophrenic woman who had been treated in the institution for 10 years. Thematic analysis of the content was undertaken, with emphasis on the nuclei of meaning, identification of the themes and definition of the categories. The patient, called L. in this study, was 30 years old, had a two-year-old child and was three months pregnant when data were collected. Her trajectory was characterized by doubts, fears and uncertainties. The episodes of hospitalization, the coexistence with other patients, and the medications promoted insight into the symptoms, and acceptance of the diagnosis. The main challenge was experiencing pregnancy and the puerperium concomitantly with the psychiatric treatment. The interpersonal relationship established evidenced that, the young woman felling understood and that her needs were attended, overcame several difficulties she had reported and felt fulfilled and integrated into her social environment.

  20. Delayed Diagnosis of Gastric Outlet Obstruction from Bouveret Syndrome in a Young Woman

    Smith, Zachary


    Full Text Available Bouveret syndrome is a rare presentation of gastric outlet obstruction caused by a gallstone in the proximal duodenum via a bilioenteric fistula. This is an infrequent although clinically significant cause of abdominal pain, almost exclusively in the elderly. The clinical presentation is similar to that of a small bowel obstruction with abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. Surgery or endoscopy is often required for definitive diagnosis and therapy. We describe the case of a young woman with this condition who had a delayed diagnosis in part because of her age and the rarity of the condition. [West J Emerg Med. 2015;16(1:151-153.

  1. A case of oesophageal ulcer developed after taking homeopathic pill in a young woman

    Vito D Corleto; Lidia D'Alonzo; Ermira Zykaj; Antonella Carnuccio; Francesca Chiesara; Cristiano Pagnini; Salvatore Di Somma; Gianfranco Delle Fave


    Oesophageal ulcers occur mainly as a result of gastrooesophageal reflux disease (GERD). However, pillinduced oesophageal ulcers are a fairly common event.The lesion is mainly due to entrapment of the pill and/or its chemical composition thereof. This case report describes an oesophageal mucosa ulcer occurred in a healthy 35-year old woman who had no previous history of oesophageal disorders and received homeopathic medication. The present case reveals that pill entrapment can occur even in the oesophagus of healthy young individuals and that oesophageal mucosal ulcer can be triggered by substances generally thought devoid of any potentially mucosal aggressive effect.

  2. Ureteroiliac Artery Fistula in a Young Woman with Short Bowel Syndrome for Radiation Enteritis

    Lidia Santarpia


    Full Text Available Ureteral-iliac artery fistula is a rare and potentially life-threatening complication, typically occurring after radiation therapy in already surgically treated cancer patients. This case report describes the diagnostic challenges and the successful management, with the positioning of an intra-arterial prosthesis, of a fistula between the internal iliac artery and the left ureter presenting as massive hematuria in a young woman with history of total colectomy and pelvic radiotherapy for rectal cancer and subsequent wide ileal resections and bilateral ureteral stent positioning for radiation enteritis. Ureteroiliac artery fistulas require a prompt diagnosis and intervention, to avoid life threatening clinical events.

  3. Asymptomatic papillary fibroelastoma of the Aortic valve in a young woman - a case report

    Pitsis Antonis


    Full Text Available Abstract Echocardiography represents an invaluable diagnostic tool for the detection of intracardiac masses while simultaneously provides information about their size, location, mobility and attachment site as well as the presence and extent of any consequent hemodynamic derangement. A 29-year-old asymptomatic young woman with incidental transthoracic echocardiographic (TTE discovery of an aortic valve mass is presented. The 2-dimensional TTE showed a mobile, pedunculated mass, attached by a thin stalk to the aortic surface of the right coronary aortic cusp at the junction of its base with the anterior aortic wall. The importance of valve sparing tumour resection even in asymptomatic patients is emphasised.

  4. Multicystic benign mesothelioma of the pelvic peritoneum presenting as acute abdominal pain in a young woman.

    Hong, Jung-Hee; Jeon, Seob; Lee, Ji-Hye; Nam, Kye-Hyun; Bae, Dong-Han


    Multicystic benign mesothelioma (MBM) of the peritoneum is a very rare condition. Since the first description of MBM in 1979, approximately 100 cases have been reported. This is a case report of MBM of the pelvic peritoneum presenting as acute abdominal pain in a young woman. Laparoscopy confirmed multiple grapelike clusters of cysts that originated in the peritoneum of the rectouterine pouch and histopathologic diagnosis was confirmed as MBM of the pelvic peritoneum. We hope to alert gynaecologists of the diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to MBM which can be accomplished by laparoscopy.

  5. Laparoscopic ovarian-sparing surgery for a young woman with an exophytic ovarian fibroma.

    Hasegawa, Akiko; Koga, Kaori; Asada, Kayo; Wada-Hiraike, Osamu; Osuga, Yutaka; Kozuma, Shiro


    Ovarian fibroma can occur in young women of reproductive age. Despite its benign feature, most surgical removals are done in open surgery with oophorectomy. However, an ovarian-sparing tumor resection can be an option, especially for an exophytic type of fibroma, which accounts for more than half of ovarian fibromas. Here we report a case of exophytic ovarian fibroma in a young woman treated by laparoscopic ovarian-sparing surgery. A 27-year-old woman presented with a pelvic mass. Magnetic resonance imaging revealed an 11 cm × 8 cm solid mass connected to the normal-appearing left ovary by a pedicle-like structure. A clinical diagnosis of an exophytic ovarian fibroma was made, and laparoscopic ovarian-sparing surgery with an intraoperative pathological examination was planned. The tumor was resected by cutting the pedicle, morcellated in a pouch and removed. All procedures were performed laparoscopically and the affected ovary was completely preserved. Having confirmation of its benign characteristics by the intraoperative examination, no further excision was performed. The patient conceived 3 months after the surgery and no recurrence was reported. We propose that gynecologists should consider laparoscopic ovarian-sparing surgery for exophytic ovarian fibroma in women of reproductive age.

  6. Sigmoid volvulus in a young woman nearly misdiagnosed as fecal impaction.

    Chang, Chih-Jung; Hsieh, Tsung-Hung; Tsai, Kuang-Chau; Fan, Chieh-Min


    Volvulus of the sigmoid colon is a potentially life-threatening condition rarely seen in younger age groups and is male predominant. We report a previously healthy young woman with the triad of constipation, progressive abdominal distension, and severe abdominal pain, with plain-film x-ray studies mimicking stool impaction and computed tomography disclosing the typical findings of sigmoid volvulus. The case reminds Emergency Physicians to consider sigmoid volvulus if mechanical obstruction is suspected, even in a young patient. A 33-year-old woman had the triad of symptoms for 3 days. Physical examination did not show peritoneal signs. Digital rectal examination disclosed neither palpable mass nor stool in rectum. Computed tomography revealed "coffee bean" sign and "whirl" sign. Laparoscopy demonstrated redundant sigmoid colon and she was treated with detorsion with colopexy uneventfully. Sigmoid volvulus is rarely seen in developed countries. Clinical manifestations vary with disease progression, but it typically presents with a triad of constipation, progressive abdominal distension, and severe abdominal pain. Plain-film x-ray studies can demonstrate a coffee bean or "omega loop" (inverted-U sigmoid) sign in entity occurs. The mortality rate is still >50% when bowel gangrene develops. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.


    Zende Prashant


    Full Text Available ABSTRACT: Primary Amenorrhea is defined as 1No periods by ag e 14 in the absence of growth or development of secondary sexual character.2No peri ods by age 16 regardless of the presence of normal growth & development with the appearance of secondary sexual characters. Incidence of Extrapulmonary TB(EPTBis increasing i n young women throughout the world. We report a case of young woman apparently having n o sings & symptoms of Tuberculosis. CASE REPORT :-18 years young female patient was referred to us as a case of Primary Amenorrhea.She had Normal secondary sexual characte rs & normal Breast Development(Tanner staging of Breast-IV.She had negative Progesterone Challenge Test (PCT.Estrogen & Progesterone Challenge Test was negative. Diagnosis of End Organ Problem was done. Diagnosis of Genital Tuberculosis was confirmed by Hysterolaparoscopy. S he was given AKT for six months. Now she has positive Progestogen Challenge Test. DISCUSSION : Hysterolaparoscopy is important investigation in a case of Primary Amenorrhea with negative Estrogen & Progesterone Challenge Test. Counseling is necessary in unmarried young wo man for Minimally Invasive procedure like Hysterolaparoscopy. Short Chemotherapy has found to useful for FGTB.

  8. 49 CFR 633.29 - PMP waivers.


    ... 49 Transportation 7 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false PMP waivers. 633.29 Section 633.29 Transportation... TRANSPORTATION PROJECT MANAGEMENT OVERSIGHT Project Management Plans § 633.29 PMP waivers. A waiver will be... basis, waive: (a) Any of the PMP elements in § 633.25 of this part if the Administrator determines...

  9. Recurrent ischemic strokes in a young celiac woman with MTHFR gene mutation

    Elisa Fabbri; Lisa Rustignoli; Antonio Muscari; Giovanni M Puddu; Maria Guarino; Rita Rinaldi; Elena Minguzzi


    Celiac disease (CD) is frequently associated with neurological disorders,but very few reports concern the association with ischemic stroke.A 26-year-old woman affected by CD with secondary amenorrhea,carrier of a homozygous 5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase mutation with hyperhomocysteinemia,was affected by two occipital ischemic strokes within a period of 5 mo.At the time of the second stroke,while she was being treated with folic acid,acetylsalicylic acid and a gluten-free diet,she had left hemianopsia,left hemiparesthesias,and gait imbalance.Brain magnetic resonance imaging showed a subacute right occipital ischemic lesion,which was extended to the dorsal region of the right thalamus and the ipsilateral thalamocapsular junction.Antitransglutaminase and deamidated gliadin peptide antibodies were no longer present,while antinuclear antibodies,antineuronal antibodies and immune circulating complexes were only slightly elevated.Since the patient was taking folic acid,her homocysteine levels were almost normal and apparently not sufficient alone to explain the clinical event.A conventional cerebral angiography showed no signs of vasculitis.Finally,rare causes of occipital stroke in young patients,such as Fabry's disease and mitochondrial myopathy,encephalomyopathy,lactic acidosis and stroke-like symptoms,were also excluded by appropriate tests.Thus,the most probable cause for the recurrent strokes in this young woman remained CD,although the mechanisms involved are still unknown.The two main hypotheses concern malabsorption (with consequent deficiency of vitamins known to exert neurotrophic and neuroprotective effects) and immunemediated mechanisms.CD should be kept in mind in the differential diagnosis of ischemic stroke in young patients.

  10. Prenatal diagnosis of Pallister-Killian syndrome in young woman: ultrasound indicators and confirmation by FISH.

    Kolarski, Milenko; Joksić, Gordana; Beres, Maja; Krstić, Aleksandar; Joksić, Ivana; Dobrojević, Boris; Nikić, Slavko


    We report the first case of Pallister-Killian syndrome diagnosed prenatally in Western Balkan region where one of the ultrasound markers was intrauterine growth restriction. During routine ultrasound control of the pregnancy at 21st gestation week (second pregnancy of the 25 year old woman) symmetrical intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR), short long bones, ventriculomegaly and oligoamnion were noted. Amniotic fluid was examined cytogenetically. Fetal karyotype obtained by GTG banding of amniocytes revealed mosaic female karyotype 46,XX/47,XX,+mar (F-like). C-banding indicated that F-like marker does not belong to F, E or G chromosomal group. Employing targeted FISH with arm-specific probe for chromosome 12, tetrasomy 12p was confirmed. Fetal lymphocytes revealed normal female karyotype. This case showed that i(12p) could be found in pregnancy of young woman, not only in those of advanced age, as usually reported in the literature. This case also showed that intrauterine growth restriction could be one of the ultrasound markers associated with Pallister-Killian syndrome.

  11. Cushing syndrome in a young woman due to primary pigmented nodular adrenal disease.

    Hackman, Kathryn L; Davis, Anna L; Curnow, Paul A; Serpell, Jonathan W; McLean, Catriona A; Topliss, Duncan J


    To report a case of Cushing syndrome due to apparently sporadic primary pigmented nodular adrenal disease in a young woman. We describe the clinical, biochemical, radiologic, and histologic findings of Cushing syndrome due to the rare condition of primary pigmented nodular adrenal disease. A 30-year-old woman presented with a 2-year history of worsening itch without rash over her shoulders and arms and weight gain, particularly around the abdomen and face. Careful questioning did not elicit any history of exogenous glucocorticoid use (systemic or topical), including hydrocortisone. On examination, the patient had a slightly rounded and plethoric face, a small buffalo hump, central adiposity, and thin skin with a few small striae on her inner thighs. No features of the Carney complex were observed. Investigations showed hypercortisolism with suppressed corticotropin and normal adrenal imaging despite documentation of enlarged adrenal glands at removal. High-dose dexamethasone administration was followed by a decrease in urinary free cortisol excretion rather than a paradoxical rise as previously reported in primary pigmented nodular adrenal disease. No mutations were detected in the PRKAR1A gene. Primary pigmented nodular adrenal disease should be suspected in patients with corticotropin-independent Cushing syndrome who have normal adrenal imaging. The role of genetic testing in apparently sporadic cases is not established, but cumulative experience may be helpful in defining the frequency of PRKAR1A mutations.

  12. A Rare Location of Angiofibroma in the Inferior Turbinate in Young Woman

    Salimov, Asif


    Full Text Available Introduction Juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma is a rare benign neoplasm in the nasopharynx. The tumor tends to be locally aggressive and is typically seen in adolescent boys. Extranasopharyngeal angiofibromas have been reported sporadically in the literature. They most commonly originate from the maxillary sinus. Objectives A 26-year-old woman was referred to our clinic with intermittent epistaxis from the right nasal passage for the previous 2 months. Maxillofacial magnetic resonance imaging showed a lobular, contoured mass originating from the right inferior turbinate and hanging in the right nasal cavity, with dense contrast enhancement denoting hypervascularity. Resumed Report Vascular feeding of the mass was seen from the right internal maxillary artery with angiography, and this branch was embolized. On the following day, the patient underwent transnasal endoscopic excision of the mass. An approximately 3-cm-diameter mass was excised by partial turbinectomy, and the posterior edge of the remaining turbinate was cauterized. Conclusion Extranasopharyngeal angiofibromas are rarely seen, and the inferior turbinate is an extremely rare location for them. This young woman is the first case reported in the English literature of angiofibroma originating from the inferior turbinate. We should consider these neoplasms can be found in female, nonadolescent patients with extranasopharyngeal localization, and we should not perform biopsy because of its massive bleeding.

  13. Coexistence of axial spondyloarthritis and thromboangiitis obliterans in a young woman

    G. Lopalco


    Full Text Available A peculiar coexistence of axial spondyloarthritis and ischemia of the feet and the fourth finger of the left hand in a young woman, who was a heavy smoker, is discussed in this report. This picture was considered within the context of thromboangiitis obliterans. Positivity of anti-nuclear antibodies and mild elevation of inflammatory parameters were noted. Computed tomography angiograms of upper and lower limbs showed luminal narrowing and occlusion of the left humeral, left anterior/posterior tibial and right anterior tibial arteries. Daily iloprost perfusions were started, and smoking cessation was strongly recommended. Coldness and rest pain in the distal extremities improved within a few weeks. The possibility that spondyloarthritis might precede the clinical picture of thromboangiitis obliterans should be considered in heavy smokers.

  14. Tuberculous mastitis simulating carcinoma of the breast in a young Nigerian woman: a case report.

    Sabageh, Donatus; Amao, Emmanuel Afolabi; Ayo-Aderibigbe A, Adebisi; Sabageh, Adedayo Olukemi


    Tuberculous mastitis is an uncommon disease even in countries where tuberculosis is highly endemic. It typically presents a diagnostic challenge masquerading as carcinoma or other primary disease of the breast. We report the case of a young multiparous Nigerian woman who presented with a tender left breast lump and enlargement of the left axillary lymph nodes for which a provisional diagnosis of carcinoma of the breast was made after clinical and radiological evaluation. The mass was pathologically diagnosed as tuberculous mastitis and anti-tuberculous therapy was instituted although she later absconded. This case shows that TM may present a diagnostic challenge on clinical, radiologic and microbiological investigation. Therefore, a high index of suspicion as well as FNAC and/or histological evaluation of tissue samples remain very important its diagnosis.

  15. A Healthy Young Woman with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome: an unfamiliar face of a familiar disease.

    Sheybani, Fereshte; Naderi, Hamid Reza; Moghaddam, Ahmad Bagheri; Amiri, Bezat


    The presented case features a rare manifestation of pulmonary tuberculosis in a previously healthy young woman who had acute presentation of tuberculous pneumonia complicated by acute respiratory distress syndrome. In developing countries, mycobacterium tuberculosis is an important cause of community-acquired pneumonia (CAP). TB can present as an acute process and should be included in the differential diagnosis of CAP. This case is special in its manifestation from several clinical perspectives, including the lack of an underlying medical condition or immune defect and the development of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) in non-miliary and non-disseminated tuberculosis. In conclusion, the diagnosis of TB should be considered in all patients who present with CAP in endemic regions.

  16. Strongyloidiasis in a young French woman raises concern about possible ongoing autochthonous transmission in Spain

    Alexandre Duvignaud


    Full Text Available Strongyloidiasis is one of the most common geohelminth infections in tropical and subtropical areas. Accurate diagnosis remains challenging, leading to an overall underestimation of strongyloidiasis prevalence. The possibility of ongoing autochthonous transmission in some temperate areas and especially in southern Europe is still debated, and data supporting this hypothesis are scarce. The case of a young French woman, who had travelled frequently to Spain and had acquired Strongyloides stercoralis infection as revealed by gastrointestinal symptoms and hypereosinophilia, is reported here. Physicians should keep in mind the risk of being infected in some areas of southern Europe, even if low, in order to avoid the life-threatening manifestations of strongyloidiasis favoured by pathological or therapeutic immunosuppression.

  17. McArdle's Disease Presenting as Unexplained Dyspnea in a Young Woman

    Nha Voduc


    Full Text Available McArdle's disease is a rare, inherited deficiency of myophosphorylase, an enzyme required for the utilization of glycogen. Patients with myophosphorylase deficiency classically present with exercise intolerance, leg pain and muscle fatigue. The case of a young woman with exertional dyspnea and leg cramps is described. Exercise testing confirmed the presence of exercise intolerance and demonstrated an accelerated heart rate response, despite the absence of an anaerobic threshold and a respiratory exchange ratio of less than 1.0. Subsequent ischemic forearm testing and muscle biopsy confirmed the diagnosis of myophosphorylase deficiency. Evaluation of lung mechanics with esophageal pressure measurements demonstrated the presence of respiratory muscle weakness and early fatiguability, suggesting that the patient's dyspnea might have been attributable to an increased respiratory effort. Dyspnea is not a classic symptom associated with myophosphorylase deficiency, although subclinical respiratory muscle impairment may be present. No previous studies have evaluated respiratory muscle function during exercise in patients with myophosphorylase deficiency.

  18. Non-puerperal uterine inversion due to submucous myoma in a young woman: a case report

    Perquin Denise


    Full Text Available Abstract Introduction Inversion of the uterus is an uncommon complication of the puerperium and it is an even rarer complication of the non-puerperal period. A submucous myoma is mostly the cause of the non-puerperal inversion but diagnosis can be difficult. In young women, non-puerperal uterine inversion is likely associated with a malignancy. Case presentation A 19-year-old nulliparous woman presented with abnormal vaginal bleeding, dysmenorrhoea, and a large mass protruding from her cervix. The mass was interpreted as a prolapsed pedunculated submucosal myoma. After extirpation of the mass by clamping and twisting its pedicle, a laparotomy was required under suspicion of a uterine rupture. The diagnosis was confirmed and the patient's uterus could be preserved. Pathological examination revealed a submucous myoma. The uterine inversion happened when the uterus retracted to expel the submucous myoma with fundal attachment. By extirpating the stalk the fundus was also resected, causing a uterine rupture. Conclusion We report a case of non-puerperal uterine inversion associated with a benign submucous myoma. Non-puerperal uterine inversion is very uncommon in women of reproductive age and is usually caused by a malignant tumour. However, uterine-sparing surgery should be attempted in young women until the final pathology is known.

  19. Ovarian endometrioid adenocarcinoma in a young woman with hemorrhagic shock due to tumor disintegration: A case report

    Hiroyuki Takahashi; Sabine Kajita; Yuki Tazo; Haruko Iwase; Toshihide Matsumoto; Miki Hashimura; Makoto Saegusa


    Acute abdomen secondary to ovarian carcinoma is rare, especially in a young woman. A 28-year-old obese woman underwent bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy and omentectomy as emergency surgery. The specimen from the right ovarian adenocarcinoma was fragmented because the tumor had disintegrated. The largest fragment measured 14 × 8 × 2.5 cm. The left ovary had a solid adenocarcinomatous tumor measuring 6 × 5 × 3 cm. In addition, there were disseminated lesions in the greater omentum, peritoneum, p...

  20. ALK-positive anaplastic large cell lymphoma with soft tissue involvement in a young woman

    Gao KH


    Full Text Available Kehai Gao, Hongtao Li, Caihong Huang, Huazhuang Li, Jun Fang, Chen Tian Department of Orthopaedics, Yidu Central Hospital, Shandong, People’s Republic of China Introduction: Anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL is a type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma that has strong expression of CD30. ALCL can sometimes involve the bone marrow, and in advanced stages, it can produce destructive extranodal lesions. But anaplastic large cell lymphoma kinase (ALK+ ALCL with soft tissue involvement is very rare.Case report: A 35-year-old woman presented with waist pain for over 1 month. The biopsy of soft tissue lesions showed that these cells were positive for ALK-1, CD30, TIA-1, GranzymeB, CD4, CD8, and Ki67 (90%+ and negative for CD3, CD5, CD20, CD10, cytokeratin (CK, TdT, HMB-45, epithelial membrane antigen (EMA, and pan-CK, which identified ALCL. After six cycles of Hyper-CVAD/MA regimen, she achieved partial remission. Three months later, she died due to disease progression.Conclusion: This case illustrates the unusual presentation of ALCL in soft tissue with a bad response to chemotherapy. Because of the tendency for rapid progression, ALCL in young adults with extranodal lesions are often treated with high-grade chemotherapy, such as Hyper-CVAD/MA. Keywords: anaplastic large cell lymphoma, ALK+, soft tissue involvement, Hyper-CVAD/MA

  1. Acute cerebellar ataxia in a young woman: Wernicke’s encephalopathy?

    S. G. Dolgova


    Full Text Available Wernicke’s encephalopathy (WE is a rare but severe neurological syndrome caused by thiamine deficiency. According to the data of autopsy studies, the prevalence of WE in the general population varies from 0.4 to 2.8 per 100,000 population; the disease occurs many times more frequently in alcohol abusers than in people who lead a healthy lifestyle. These studies also showed that most cases of WE were diagnosed postmortem; less than 20% of patients with the disease were diagnosed in life. A healthy adult requires 1–2 mg of thiamine daily, depending on the carbohydrate intake. Body’s reserves of thiamine are only 30–50 mg so any malnutrition condition lasting more than 3–4 weeks can cause complete depletion of the vitamin’s stores. Classically, WE is characterized by the sudden onset of a typical triad of symptoms: an altered mental state, ophthalmoplegia, and ataxia. However, this clinical picture can be seen in only one-third of patients. The onset of the disease may sometimes look completely different: heart failure with hypotension and tachycardia; gastrointestinal symptoms (abdominal pain and nausea; hypothermia due to the involvement of the posterior hypothalamus; deafness affecting the thalamus; epileptic seizures in case of enhanced activity of the glutamatergic system.The paper describes a clinical case of acute cerebellar ataxia that is apparently caused by Wernicke’s encephalopathy in a young woman.

  2. Fulminant pseudomembranous colitis caused by Clostridium difficile PCR ribotype 027 in a healthy young woman in Japan.

    Nishimura, Satoshi; Kou, Tadayuki; Kato, Haru; Watanabe, Masaki; Uno, Shoichi; Senoh, Mitsutoshi; Fukuda, Tadashi; Hata, Atsuko; Yazumi, Shujiro


    In the past two decades, Clostridium difficile polymerase chain reaction ribotype 027 strain has rapidly emerged as the leading cause of antibiotic-associated colitis in North America and Europe; however, it has been reported only occasionally in Japan. We report a case of fulminant pseudomembranous colitis caused by this strain in a healthy young woman in Japan without any previous medical history. The strain isolated from our patient was susceptible to both gatifloxacin and moxifloxacin, thus representing a historic strain. The acquisition of fluoroquinolone resistance was reported as the important key genetic event linked to the virulence of this strain. It is noteworthy that the fluoroquinolone-susceptible 027 strain caused fulminant colitis in a healthy young woman in a non-endemic area. Our experience suggests that C. difficile PCR ribotype 027 has the potential virulence factors that are not associated with a fluoroquinolone resistance-conferring mutation.

  3. PMP Project Management Professional Exam Study Guide

    Heldman, Kim


    Completely updated for the 2011 version of the PMP exam! If you're preparing for the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam, this thorough book is what you need. Not only does it reflect the very latest version of the exam, it is written by popular project management expert Kim Heldman—author of the five previous editions of this top-selling book—and it also includes a CD with practice exams, exam prep software, electronic flashcards, and over two hours of additional audio review. All exam objectives, as well as essential PMP topics, concepts, and key terms are covered.Prepares

  4. [Digestive complications of oral contraceptives: a case of extensive digestive necrosis in a young woman].

    Carpentier, E; Dufour, C; Baud, F; Contamin, C; Dupré, A; Carpentier, F; Guignier, M


    A case of acute intestinal vascular necrosis in a 19-year-old user of oral contraceptives (OCs) is described, and hypotheses explaining the digestive complications of synthetic estrogens are reviewed. The patient had originally presented with a violent gastric pain that subsequently spread to the entire abdomen. An abrupt worsening of her condition involved cardiovascular collapse associated with a peritoneal syndrome, vomiting and dehydration, and hyperleukocytosis. Emergency opening of the peritoneum was followed by evacuation of a large quantity of fetid gas and alimentary debris, and observation of a completely necrosed stomach. A careful lavage of the entire intestinal cavity led to temporary improvement, but it became clear during an attempt at gastrectomy that further treatment would be unavailing and the patient died shortly thereafter. Estrogens were believed to be responsible for the digestive necrosis because it occurred in a young woman who had used an estrogen-rich OC for 3 years and who smoked; a hapatic biopsy confirmed the diagnosis. No traces of other risk factors such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, neoplasia, or obesity were observed. Recent publications indicate that OCs are responsible for a certain number of digestive problems, which may include acceleration of intestinal transit, severe diarrhea, rectorrhagia, ischemic or ulcerative colitis, intestinal infarct which is usually localized, and hepatocellular problems ranging from moderate hepatic insufficiency to malignant tumor and Budd-Chiari syndrome. OCs do not modify hemodynamic regimes, but they may cause elevation of fibrinogen and thrombin, diminution of antithrombin III acitivty, increased platelet adhesivity, and decreased fibrinolysis leading to hypercoagulability. These modifications in hemostasis occur in all OC users and are not statistically correlated with occurence of thrombotic accidents. OCs are probably responsible for parietal vascular lesions; experimental

  5. Primary Peritoneal Malignant Mixed Müllerian Tumor in a Young Woman: Achieving the Best Clinical Benefit

    E. Uña


    Full Text Available Extragenital malignant mixed mesodermal müllerian tumors (MT are rare neoplasms with poor prognosis. Most of them affect women older than 60 years. We present here a case with primary peritoneal malignant mixed müllerian tumor occurring in a young woman who underwent previous hysterectomy and double oophorectomy secondary to a benign disease. We report on the clinical, pathological, and immunohistochemical features of this lesion, which was composed of a poorly differentiated epithelial component and multiple areas of chondromatous differentiation. Along with a brief review of previously reported literature about genital and extragenital MT, some concepts relevant to this case are discussed.

  6. Idiopathic, Serial Coronary Vessels Dissection in a Young Woman with Psychological Stress: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

    Alessio Arrivi


    Full Text Available Spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD is a very rare disease, associated with high mortality rate, whose etiology and pathogenesis are poorly understood. Its sporadic nature and the varied angiographic extent make firm recommendations regarding revascularization impossible. The case described is that of a young, otherwise healthy woman, without a known underlying condition which may lead to SCAD, but with a history of intense psychological stress. We managed the patient with a conservative approach based on watchful waiting, medical therapy, and plain old balloon angioplasty (POBA with low inflation atmospheres.

  7. Progressive outer retinal necrosis: a missed diagnosis and a blind, young woman.

    Parekh, Parth; Oldfield, Edward C; Marik, Paul E


    We present a 33-year-old woman with a history significant for HIV/AIDS (CD4 count of 17) and diabetes mellitus who was diagnosed as having progressive outer retinal necrosis (PORN) after presenting with peripheral vision loss. This case provided a diagnostic challenge and demonstrates the devastating effects of a misdiagnosis as it pertains to PORN.

  8. Paraneoplastic myasthenia gravis and polymyositis secondary to a thymoma in a young woman

    Ezzatian-Ahar, Shabnam; Pedersen, Emil Arnspang; Schrøder, Henrik Daa


    We present the case of a 33-year-old woman who within weeks developed severe swallowing difficulties and weakness in her limbs to an extent requiring hospitalization. Workup confirmed clinically suspected diagnoses of polymyositis and autoimmune myasthenia. A suspicion of malignant thymoma based...

  9. Deep venous thrombosis in a young woman with hypoplastic inferior vena cava.

    Lavens, Matthias; Moors, Boudewijn; Thomis, Sarah


    We present a 33-year-old woman with deep venous thrombosis of the left iliac vein and the left lower limb. A computed tomography scan of her abdomen revealed a hypoplastic inferior vena cava and agenesis of the right kidney. Congenital anomalies of the inferior vena cava are uncommon and are sometimes an unrecognized cause of deep venous thrombosis.

  10. Spontaneous coronary artery dissection in a young woman: from emergency coronary artery bypass grafting to heart transplantation.

    Ferrari, Enrico; Tozzi, Piergiorgio; von Segesser, Ludwig Karl


    Primary spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD) as cause of acute myocardial infarction is a rare entity with complex pathophysiology. SCAD must be considered every time that a healthy young patient presents an onset of acute myocardial ischemic syndrome or sudden death. Mostly it appears in young women without traditional risk factors for coronary artery disease and a significant proportion of them are hutted during the peripartum or early postpartum period. SCAD is frequently fatal and a great number of known cases have been diagnosed at necroscopy. The quick recognition of SCAD as cause of acute myocardial ischemia in a young patient is important to establish the best medical/surgical treatment between the different therapeutic attitudes. We describe the case occurred to a young low cardiac risk woman who suffered of idiopathic SCAD and was successfully treated by heart transplantation few days after that a conventional surgical myocardial revascularization had been attempted. Waiting for cardiac transplantation the patient survived several days, thanks to a mechanical left ventricular assist device (LVAD). The following hospital course was uncomplicated. To our knowledge, this is the second case of SCAD treated successfully by LVAD and orthotopic heart transplantation reported in literature.

  11. Bloom syndrome complicated by colonic cancer in a young Tunisian woman.

    Benjazia, Elhem; Turki, Hajer; Atig, Amira; Khalifa, Mabrouk; Letaief, Amel; Bahri, Fethi; Braham, Ahlem


    Bloom syndrome (BS) is an autosomal recessive inherited disorder characterized by chromosomal instability leading to a high risk of cancer at an early age. The diagnosis should be considered in patients with short stature, photosensitivity, variable degrees of immunodeficiency, and hypogonadism. We report a 19-year-old woman, with history of dysmorphic features and recurrent infections. The diagnosis of bloom syndrome was made and confirmed cytogenetically at the age of 14 years. She developed a colon cancer revealed by venous thrombosis and anemia. She died after 15 days of the cancer diagnosis. This is the first registrated case of confirmed Bloom syndrome in Tunisian population.

  12. Sclerosing lymphocytic lobulitis manifesting as suspicious microcalcifications with Hashimoto's thyroiditis in a young woman.

    Park, Sung Hee; Choi, Seung Joon; Jung, Hyun Kyung


    Sclerosing lymphocytic lobulitis (SLL) is a rare inflammatory disorder, which is also known as fibrous mastopathy and lymphocytic mastitis. It is commonly associated with autoimmune disorders, particularly type 1 diabetes and thyroiditis. We report the case of a 28-year-old woman diagnosed as SLL with Hashimoto's thyroiditis, but without diabetes. She presented suspicious microcalcifications without palpable mass in routine mammograms in both breasts. She had been diagnosed as Hashimoto's thyroiditis several years before and had been followed up in endo-clinics.

  13. Cecal Schwannoma: A Rare Cause of Gastrointestinal Bleeding in a Young Woman with Review of Literature

    Kalyan Kanneganti


    Full Text Available Schwannomas are rare mesenchymal tumors of the gastrointestinal tract. Occurrence of these tumors is more common in the stomach than in the large intestine. These tumors usually present as polypoidal intraluminal lesions and based on their location can present with rectal bleeding, colonic obstruction, and abdominal pain or defecation disorders. We present a case of a thirty-five-year-old woman who presented with abdominal pain and melena. Patient was diagnosed with a nonobstructing superficially ulcerated mass in the cecum on colonoscopy and required right hemicolectomy. A very rare pathological diagnosis of cecal schwannoma was made postoperatively.

  14. Botryoid-type of embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma of renal pelvis in a young woman

    A Kaabneh


    Full Text Available A 22-year-old woman presented with three weeks history of intermittent left loin pain, on radiological evaluation by U\\S and MRI revealed left renal pelvic mass, ureterorenoscopy and biopsy taken, but couldn′t reveal definitive diagnosis other than presence of a malignant process. Left nephroureterctomy was performed. Grossly there is a polypoid mass attached to the upper pole of the kidney by stalk. Light microscopic examination and immunohistochemical staining confirm a diagnosis of Botryoid-type of embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma. Treatment and follow up to 1 year is mentioned. Reviewing the literature the presented case is the second of this tumor in adult renal pelvis.

  15. Treatment Complexities of a Young Woman Suffering Psychosis and Pituitary Adenoma

    Maxine Sigman


    Full Text Available This paper is a clinical description of the presentation, therapy, and pharmacological management of a 28-year-old woman who had nine admissions to a psychiatry ward, the last four within one year. It became clear that the treatments, which the patient had received concurrently for ten years for a pituitary adenoma and for psychotic symptoms, were counteractive. The case highlights the importance of the role of prolactin in psychosis and of an interdisciplinary team approach when patients present with complex symptoms.

  16. Rare Cause of Cephalalgia in a Young Woman - a Case Report

    Andreea Varga


    Full Text Available Background: Young adults meeting hypertension diagnostic criteria have a lower prevalence of a hypertension diagnosis. Headache is a rather common symptom among young people. Fibromuscular dysplasia (FMD is an idiopathic, segmental, nonatherosclerotic and noninflammatory disease of the muscular tunica of arterial walls, leading to stenosis of small and medium-sized arteries. Fibromuscular dysplasia is much more common than previously thought and is a treatable cause of secondary hypertension.

  17. Prescribers and pharmacists requests for prescription monitoring program (PMP) data: does PMP structure matter?

    Fleming, Marc L; Chandwani, Hitesh; Barner, Jamie C; Weber, Stephanie N; Okoro, Tony T


    Prescription monitoring programs (PMPs) have been purported to be an effective tool to combat prescription drug abuse. However, utilization rates of PMP data by health care providers (e.g., prescribers and pharmacists) is relatively low. The objectives of the study were to describe (1) PMP utilization (e.g., requested reports) by prescribers, pharmacists, and law enforcement for active state PMPs; (2) PMP utilization by health care providers with and without online access; (3) average annual operational costs for PMPs from 2008 to 2009; and (4) PMP requests based on PMP housing authority (law enforcement vs. non-law enforcement [e.g., board of pharmacy]). This was a cross-sectional study employing a Web-based survey. A 16-item questionnaire was e-mailed to the 33 operational state PMP administrators and responses were collected from January to March 2011. Descriptive statistics were used to describe PMP request rates and annual operating costs. The usable survey response rate was 45.5%. Among all authorized users, prescribers had higher mean (±SD) requests per 100,000 population (2198.2 ± 3218.0) compared with pharmacists' requests (268.9 ± 261.2). Online accessibility resulted in higher request rates per 100,000 population (2996.4 ± 3021.5) compared with mail/fax access (14.6 ± 2.8). On average, PMP annual costs were $12,515 ± $14,911 per 100,000 population. In law enforcement-governed PMPs, health care provider utilization was lower compared with PMPs under health or pharmacy boards. Prescriber request rates were higher than pharmacists and online access for providers (e.g., prescribers and pharmacists) resulted in higher request rates per 100,000 population. More research is needed to determine other factors that may be associated with PMP utilization by prescribers and pharmacists.

  18. Ovarian endometrioid adenocarcinoma in a young woman with hemorrhagic shock due to tumor disintegration: A case report

    Hiroyuki Takahashi


    Full Text Available Acute abdomen secondary to ovarian carcinoma is rare, especially in a young woman. A 28-year-old obese woman underwent bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy and omentectomy as emergency surgery. The specimen from the right ovarian adenocarcinoma was fragmented because the tumor had disintegrated. The largest fragment measured 14 × 8 × 2.5 cm. The left ovary had a solid adenocarcinomatous tumor measuring 6 × 5 × 3 cm. In addition, there were disseminated lesions in the greater omentum, peritoneum, pouch of Douglas and the serosal surface of the uterus. Microscopically, the specimen was a Grade 3 poorly differentiated ovarian endometrioid adenocarcinoma with focal cyst-like structures. Several moderately dilated follicular cysts were seen in addition to the adenocarcinomas but no definite endometriosis was identified in the noncancerous areas of the bilateral ovaries. The endometrium was atrophic and there was endometriosis in the serosa of the uterus, which was resected 3 months later during a second-look operation. These observations suggest that the acute abdomen in this case was caused by disintegration and bleeding right ovarian cancer. The risk factors for ovarian endometrioid adenocarcinoma in this case might have been obesity and possibly endometriosis.

  19. Chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension in young woman with history of caesarian section

    Nitia A. Asbarinsyah


    Full Text Available Chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension (CTEPH is one of subgroups of pulmonary hypertension. This is a serious medical condition that severely under diagnosed. CTEPH is commonly underdiagnosed due to non specific symptoms and lack of diagnostic tools. The aim of this presentation is to discuss the etiology, risk factors, diagnosis and management of CTEPH. A 36-year-old woman presented with easily fatigue and dyspneu on effort since two years ago. The symptom occured about three months after she gave birth with caesarian section due to preeclampsia. Further history taking, physical examination, electrocardiography (ECG and echocardiography were highly suggestive of pulmonary hypertension. No deep vein thrombosis (DVT was found on vascular femoral sonography. It was found after the lung perfusion scintigraphy performed that she actually had CTEPH. This patient was categorized as inoperable because CT pulmonary angiography showed no thrombus. The patient got pulmonary vasodilator and oral anticoagulant for lifelong.

  20. Severe rhinovirus pneumonia in a young woman taking performance-enhancing drugs.

    Mayer, Kristina Nadine; Wyder, Daniel; Spasic, Danijela; Herren, Thomas


    A 22-year-old woman presented to the emergency room of a local hospital with pleuritic chest pain. She regularly worked out and admitted to taking performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). Clinical findings and further diagnostic work up revealed a diagnosis of perimyocarditis, and adequate therapy was initiated. During the course of the first day, the patient had to be intubated and mechanically ventilated. A diagnosis of bilateral pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) due to an infection by rhinovirus spp was made. A smoking habit, the intense physical training and the use of PED's may have exacerbated the course of the viral pneumonia. After 12 days the patient could be extubated. The length of stay in the intensive care unit was 16 days. After hospital discharge, the patient went to a pulmonary rehabilitation facility for 2 weeks. The outcome was favourable and the patient resumed her strength and endurance training.

  1. Coexistence of megaloblastic anemia and iron deficiency anemia in a young woman with chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis.

    Chen, Shih-Hsiang; Hung, Chia-Sui; Yang, Chao-Ping; Lo, Fu-Sung; Hsu, Hsun-Hui


    Pernicious anemia is a megaloblastic anemia caused by vitamin B12 deficiency, and is the end-stage of autoimmune gastritis that typically affects persons older than 60 years. It is the most common cause of vitamin B12 deficiency. Pernicious anemia can also be diagnosed concurrently with other autoimmune diseases. We report the occurrence of megaloblastic anemia in a 22-year-old woman with chronic autoimmune thyroiditis for 10.5 years. Recently, she presented with microcytic anemia, and iron deficiency anemia was diagnosed initially. After administration of ferrous sulfate, macrocytic anemia was revealed and vitamin B12 deficiency was detected. Pernicious anemia was highly suspected because of the endoscopic finding of atrophic gastritis, and high titer of antigastric parietal cell antibody, as well as elevated serum gastrin level. After intramuscular injections of hydroxycobalamine 100 microg daily for 10 days, and monthly later, her blood counts returned to normal.

  2. A Radial Sclerosing Lesion Mimicking Breast Cancer on Mammography in a Young Woman

    Masashi Furukawa


    Full Text Available A spiculated mass on a mammogram is highly suggestive of malignancy. We report the case of a 32-year-old woman with a radial sclerosing lesion that mimicked breast cancer on mammography. She visited her physician after palpating a lump in her left breast. Mammography showed architectural distortion in the upper inner quadrant of the left breast. Ultrasonography showed a low echoic area with an ambiguous boundary. Core needle biopsy was performed because of the suspicion of malignancy. Histological examination did not reveal any malignant cells. After 6 months, the breast lump became larger and the patient was referred to our hospital. Mammography performed in our hospital showed a spiculated mass, and therefore mammotome biopsy was performed. Histological examination revealed dense fibroelastic stroma with a wide variety of mastopathic changes, leading to a diagnosis of a radial sclerosing lesion. One year after the biopsy, the lump on her left breast had disappeared and mammography showed no spiculated mass.

  3. Tardive dyskinesia occurring in a young woman after withdrawal of an atypical antipsychotic drug.

    Alblowi, Mohammed A; Alosaimi, Fahad D


    Tardive dyskinesia (TD) is one of the most serious and disturbing side-effects of dopamine receptor antagonists. It affects 20-50% of patients on long-term antipsychotic therapy. The pathophysiology of TD remains poorly understood, and treatment is often challenging. Here, we present a 32-year-old woman presenting with a 9-month history of TD occurring after risperidone withdrawal, and characterized almost exclusively by tongue protrusion. After being seen by different specialties and undergoing multiple investigations, she was eventually correctly diagnosed with TD by a specialist team and successfully treated with amantadine. Vigilance and awareness of this condition and its risk factors are required to make the correct diagnosis, especially in cases with unusual presentations caused by atypical antipsychotics, and treatment can be challenging.

  4. Delusion of pregnancy in a drug-naïve young woman showing hyperprolactinemia and hypothyroidism: a case report.

    Penta, Elena; Lasalvia, Antonio


    The present article reports the case of a delusional pregnancy that developed in a drug-naïve young woman affected by paranoid schizophrenia and Hashimoto-related hyperprolactinemia. The literature in this field has addressed the phenomenon of distorted thoughts of pregnancy being elicited by physical changes due to drug-induced hyperprolactinemia. The present report gives account of a case of delusional pregnancy that developed in a schizophrenic patient with concurrent hyperprolactinemia induced by a primary endocrine disease. In this instance, however, amelioration of delusional beliefs did not ensue from hyperprolactinemia normalization, but was mostly due to cognitive restructuring of distorted thinking (together with the antipsychotic treatment). This finding confirms the importance of considering the key role of the interaction of biological, cognitive and psychological mechanisms in the construction of inaccurate beliefs and feelings about pregnancy.

  5. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman: Memory, Myth, and the Real

    Sweeney, Chad


    In this article, the author focuses on the development of a young poet from Bulgaria, Indiana Pehlivanova, who experienced an explosive growth as a poet. Activating memory, myth, and reality, Pehlivanova's imagination wove together what the author terms as "the finest lines I have ever witnessed in youth poetry."

  6. PMP-2 Report: Equatorial Wave Dynamics

    Hirota, I.


    The activities of the pre-MAP project 2 (PMP-2) from 1978 through 1981 are described. The following topics relating to the equatorial middle atmosphere are discussed briefly: (1) the semi-annual oscillation and Kelvin waves; (2) planetary Rossby waves; (3) upper mesospheric waves; and (4) gravity waves.

  7. [Ideal body weight of a young woman--sociocultural and health aspects].

    Kärkkäinen, Ulla; Dadi, Yasmina; Keski-Rahkonen, Anna


    A common question made by a young person attending a practice concerns her/his ideal body weight. Culture and health may result in a conflicting definition of good weight. Discontent with one's own body can motivate for successful weight control, but may also lead to unnecessary dieting or disturbed eating. Too strict dieting and accentuating of weight control increase the risk of eating disorders, but on the other hand, adolescent overweight is a risk factor of obesity in adulthood as well.

  8. Perfectionistic Self-Presentation and Suicide in a Young Woman with Major Depression and Psychotic Features

    Sabrina Hassan


    Full Text Available A woman in her midtwenties with a history of major depressive disorder and a recent major depressive episode with mood-congruent psychotic features died by suicide. Two weeks before her death, she demonstrated exceptional elevations on the nondisplay of imperfection factor of Hewitt and Flett’s Perfectionistic Self-Presentation Scale. Perfectionism and especially perfectionistic self-presentation have been strongly associated with suicide across several populations, accounting for unique variance in suicidality beyond depression and hopelessness. Yet interpersonal facets of perfectionism are not recognized as clinical risk factors for suicide. There is also a paucity of research on perfectionism in relation to psychotic symptoms. This case account illustrates the role of perfectionistic self-presentation in suicides that occur seemingly without warning and, to our knowledge, this is the first examination of perfectionistic self-presentation and suicide in a case where psychotic features occurred. This study, though single case-based, draws attention to perfectionism and perfectionistic self-presentation and their potential roles in suicide, especially when accompanied by other risk factors. Future research in this area may elucidate the role of perfectionism in suicide, singularly and in the context of a comprehensive clinical risk assessment, demonstrating whether perfectionism confers information about suicide risk beyond known clinical risk factors.

  9. Pneumococcal sepsis associated with adrenal apoplexy in a young woman with anorexia nervosa

    Nicola Maria Vitola


    Full Text Available BACKGROUND A crude rate of mortality of 5% has been quoted for anorexia nervosa in recent studies. Nowadays the mechanism of death is unclear and various authors recommend that any anorexia nervosa death be reported and that, where possible, an autopsy be performed. METHODS In this work we present a case of sudden death in anorexia nervosa with unexpected autopsy findings. A 21-years-old woman with long-standing anorexia nervosa, severely underweight with a body mass index of 14.47 kg/m2, has been taken to the Emergency Department in very critical conditions. Despite the attempts of resuscitation, she died shortly afterwards. Therefore an autopsy has been requested in order to clarify the causes of death. RESULTS The clinical picture, laboratory parameters, histology and microbiological investigations were consistent with pneumococcal sepsis associated adrenal apoplexy. CONCLUSIONS The cause of death in anorexia nervosa cannot reliably be established from antemortem clinical features. All anorexia nervosa deaths should be reported together with description of necropsy. This may lead to advances in the knowledge and treatment practices.

  10. Severe Bioprosthetic Mitral Valve Stenosis and Heart Failure in a Young Woman with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

    Siddharth Wartak


    Full Text Available A 23-year-old African American woman with a past medical history of systemic lupus erythematous (SLE, secondary hypertension, and end stage renal disease (ESRD on hemodialysis for eight years was stable until she developed symptomatic severe mitral regurgitation with preserved ejection fraction. She underwent a bioprosthetic mitral valve replacement (MVR at outside hospital. However, within a year of her surgery, she presented to our hospital with NYHA class IV symptoms. She was treated for heart failure but in view of her persistent symptoms and low EF was considered for heart and kidney transplant. This was a challenge in view of her history of lupus. We presumed that her stenosis of bioprosthetic valve was secondary to lupus and renal disease. We hypothesized that her low ejection fraction was secondary to mitral stenosis and potentially reversible. We performed a dobutamine stress echocardiogram, which revealed an improved ejection fraction to more than 50% and confirmed preserved inotropic contractile reserve of her myocardium. Based on this finding, she underwent a metallic mitral valve and tricuspid valve replacement. Following surgery, her symptoms completely resolved. This case highlights the pathophysiology of lupus causing stenosis of prosthetic valves and low ejection cardiomyopathy.

  11. New onset neuromyelitis optica in a young Nigerian woman with possible antiphospholipid syndrome: a case report

    Komolafe Morenikeji A


    Full Text Available Abstract Introduction Devic's neuromyelitis optica is an inflammatory demyelinating disease that targets the optic nerves and spinal cord. It has a worldwide distribution and distinctive features that distinguish it from multiple sclerosis. There has been no previous report of neuromyelitis optica from our practice environment, and we are not aware of any case associated with antiphospholipid syndrome in an African person. Case presentation We report the case of a 28-year-old Nigerian woman who presented with neck pain, paroxysmal tonic spasms, a positive Lhermitte's sign and spastic quadriplegia. She later developed bilateral optic neuritis and had clinical and biochemical features of antiphospholipid syndrome. Her initial magnetic resonance imaging showed a central linear hyperintense focus in the intramedullary portion of C2 to C4. Repeat magnetic resonance imaging after treatment revealed resolution of the signal intensity noticed earlier. Conclusion Neuromyelitis optica should be considered in the differential diagnoses of acute myelopathy in Africans. We also highlight the unusual association with antiphospholipid syndrome. Physicians should screen such patients for autoimmune disorders.

  12. The promise of post-menopausal pregnancy (PMP).

    Landau, Ruth


    Postmenopausal pregnancy (PMP) is presented as a means of alleviating women's suffering by helping them realize their wish for a child of their "own." The availability of IVF technology and oocyte donation, both necessary for PMP, create the illusion of unlimited female fertility. The aim of this paper is twofold: (1) to examine the psychosocial, health, and ethical aspects of PMP; and (2) to answer the question of whether PMP's promise of unlimited fertility really offers more personal freedom and control for women. The paper concludes that PMP seems to increase, rather than to decrease, human suffering.

  13. A Sequential Developmental Field Defect of the Vertebrae, Ribs, and Sternum, in a Young Woman of the 12th Century AD

    Christensen, Mette Nørregaard; Usher, Bethany


    Changes in the vertebral column are often noted in skeletal material. Descriptions of these anomalies are often lacking, and their developmental origins are not often discussed. The skeleton of a young woman from the medieval cemetery of Tirup, in Denmark, has multiple defects of the axial skeleton...

  14. Pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP - a rare entity

    Zaeem Ismail Ebrahim


    Full Text Available Pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP is a rare complication of mucinous tumours of appendiceal or ovarian origin that results in peritoneal and omental implants. Clinical morbidity and mortality arise from the fact that copious amounts of extracellular and peritoneal mucin result in distortion and loss of function of visceral organs. Therapeutic paracentesis is not possible because of the nature of the mucin. Currently, new techniques are being used to attempt to debulk the mucin volume; none, however, has lead to superior outcome.

  15. Takayasu's arteritis following Crohn's disease in a young woman: Any evidence for a common pathogenesis?

    Melissa AL Farrant; Justin C Mason; Newton ACS Wong; Robert J Longman


    Takayasu's arteritis and Crohn's disease are chronic inflammatory diseases of uncertain aetiology. They rarely occur together, with only twenty nine cases of co-existent Takayasu's arteritis and Crohn's disease reported in the literature. In 88% of these cases, Takayasu's arteritis was diagnosed simultaneously or following a diagnosis of Crohn's disease. We present a case of a young Caucasian medical student, incidentally found to have bilateral carotid bruits on auscultation by a colleague. Magnetic resonance angiography revealed stenoses of the common carotid arteries with established collaterals, and a diagnosis of Type 1 Takayasu's arteritis was made. An 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography scan revealed no active disease. Nine months later, she presented with a short history of abdominal pain, vomiting and abdominal distension. Barium follow-through and computer tomography revealed a terminal ileal stricture and proximal small bowel dilation. An extended right hemicoloectomy was performed and histopathology supported a diagnosis of Crohn's disease. This case report is presented with a particular focus on the temporal relationship between these two disease processes and explores whether their concurrence is more than just co-incidence.

  16. An unusual case of altered mental status in a young woman

    Rama Mohana Rao Challapalli Sri


    Full Text Available Context : We describe a case of paraneoplastic neurologic syndrome, namely N-Methyl-D-Aspartic acid receptor antibody associated limbic encephalitis, a rare cause of altered mental status in the young. Case Report : A 28 year old Caucasian female nurse presented with acute onset difficulty with word finding and increasing confusion and agitation. She also had visual hallucinations, transient episodes of unresponsiveness, and lingual dyskinesias. Workup including blood, imaging and regular cerebrospinal fluid (CSF studies was unremarkable. She subsequently developed complex partial seizures. Computerized Tomography scan of chest/abdomen/pelvis revealed a dermoid cyst of the left ovary and CSF N-Methyl-D-Aspartic acid receptor antibody returned positive confirming the diagnosis of paraneoplastic NMDA receptor antibody associated limbic encephalitis. She was treated with methylprednisolone therapy along with plasmapheresis and a left salpingo-opherectomy was performed. The patient showed significant improvement with respect to her cognitive function and had no more seizures. Conclusion : N-Methyl-D-Aspartic acid receptor antibody associated limbic encephalitis is a rare paraneoplastic neurologic syndrome with symptoms including psychiatric manifestations, seizures, language disturbances and autonomic instability. It develops due to antibody induced decrease in N-Methyl-D-Aspartic acid receptors. There is a significant association with ovarian teratoma in >50% female cases. Treatment includes resection of tumor, glucocorticoids, plasmapheresis and Intravenous Immunoglobulin therapy.

  17. An eye opening experience: A critical turning point in the life of a young woman with a severe visual impairment

    Nikki Wedgwood


    Full Text Available Research on social inclusion often focuses on social exclusion. However, in order to gain greater insights into ways to facilitate social change, it is equally important to research the social inclusion of those normally excluded. Indeed, while one important purpose of studying disabilism is to catalogue and critique all its forms, another critical purpose is to better understand how disabilism can be resisted and/or ameliorated at individual and/or societal levels. Thus, it is equally important to understand when, why and how disabilism does not negatively impact the lives of people with impairments as well as when it does. This paper presents a single case study of Lynette, a young woman with a severe visual impairment who has a life-changing experience in an inclusive environment. In particular, it explores the impact of exclusive and inclusive contexts on Lynette's identity development as she transitions to adulthood. By juxtaposing Lynette's experiences of exclusion with those of inclusion, it highlights contexts in which there is a critical mass of people with impairments living alongside able-bodied people as a possible antecedent/impetus for greater social inclusion of people with impairments in society more generally.

  18. PMP practice makes perfect over 1000 PMP practice questions and answers

    Estrella, John A; Zahran, Sami


    A unique learning resource to prepare for the PMP certification exam Without sufficient practice and preparation for taking the Project Management Institute's (PMI's) PMP certification exam, you won't be able to actually put your skills into practice in the real world! To help you achieve your goal of passing the exam, this two-part prep book covers all elements of the brand-new Project Management Professional exam. A team of experts presents you with a solid overview of the exam as well as hundreds of questions, detailed answers, and explanations. In addition, each question is accompa

  19. Drospirenone detected in postmortem blood of a young woman with pulmonary thromboembolism: A case report and review of the literature.

    Idota, Nozomi; Kobayashi, Masaki; Miyamori, Daisuke; Kakiuchi, Yasuhiro; Ikegaya, Hiroshi


    Progestin/estrogen oral contraceptives have some side effects, including venous thromboembolism. To alleviate side effects, improvements have been made to low-dose oral contraceptives, including reductions in the amount of estrogen and/or changes the type of progestin. A compound drug containing 3mg drospirenone and 20μg ethinylestradiol (DRSP/EE20, YAZ®) was released in overseas markets in 2006, and in Japan in 2010 as a newly developed low-dose medicines. This drug is expected to have lower side effects. We received a medicolegal autopsy case of a young woman who had been prescribed YAZ for dysmenorrhea for 17months. The autopsy revealed a blood clot in her pulmonary artery bifurcation. Blood screening by ultra-performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis did not detect any medicinal toxicants. However, from police investigations, it is strongly believed that she had been taking YAZ. Therefore we performed a single ion resolution mode assay and detected DRSP. A quantitative analysis revealed 32.3ng/mL of DRSP. As no other cause of the pulmonary thromboembolism was evident, we consider YAZ as the likely cause of the pulmonary thromboembolism. Recent reports from the past few years suggest a higher risk of venous thromboembolism with DRSP/EE20 than earlier progestin/estrogen oral contraceptives. Comparing the risk associated with DRSP/EE20 and DRSP/EE30, one report found no differences and another report showed DRSP/EE20 was associated with a higher risk than DRSP/EE30. No cases of thrombosis caused by progestin alone have been reported. But comparing the risk between DRSP/EE20 and other progestins/EE20, two studies reported DRSP/EE20 had a higher risk than other progestins/EE20. The incidence of venous thromboembolism is highest in the first year of use and decreases thereafter. Because DRSP/EE20 has been on the market for only a couple of years, it is necessary for clinicians to use the drug carefully and accumulate more side-effect data. It is

  20. Characterization of human and murine PMP20 peroxisomal proteins that exhibit antioxidant activity in vitro.

    Yamashita, H; Avraham, S; Jiang, S; London, R; Van Veldhoven, P P; Subramani, S; Rogers, R A; Avraham, H


    We have isolated the cDNAs encoding human and mouse homologues of a yeast protein, termed peroxisomal membrane protein 20 (PMP20). Comparison of the amino acid sequences of human (HsPMP20) and mouse (MmPMP20) PMP20 proteins revealed a high degree of identity (93%), whereas resemblance to the yeast Candida boidinii PMP20A and PMP20B (CbPMP20A and CbPMP20B) was less (30% identity). Both HsPMP20 and MmPMP20 lack transmembrane regions, as do CbPMP20A and CbPMP20B. HsPMP20 mRNA expression was low in human fetal tissues, especially in the brain. In adult tissues, HsPMP20 mRNA was expressed in the majority of tissues tested. HsPMP20 and MmPMP20 contained the C-terminal tripeptide sequence Ser-Gln-Leu (SQL), which is similar to the peroxisomal targeting signal 1 utilized for protein import into peroxisomes. HsPMP20 bound directly to the human peroxisomal targeting signal 1 receptor, HsPEX5. Mutagenesis analysis showed that the C-terminal tripeptide sequence, SQL, of HsPMP20 is necessary for its binding to HsPEX5. Subcellular fractionation of HeLa cells, expressing epitope-tagged PMP20, revealed that HsPMP20 is localized in the cytoplasm and in a particulate fraction containing peroxisomes. Double-staining immunofluorescence studies showed colocalization of HsPMP20 and thiolase, a bona fide peroxisomal protein. The amino acid sequence alignment of HsPMP20, MmPMP20, CbPMP20A, and CbPMP20B displayed high similarity to thiol-specific antioxidant proteins. HsPMP20 exerted an inhibitory effect on the inactivation of glutamine synthetase in the thiol metal-catalyzed oxidation system but not in the nonthiol metal-catalyzed oxidation system, suggesting that HsPMP20 possesses thiol-specific antioxidant activity. In addition, HsPMP20 removed hydrogen peroxide by its thiol-peroxidase activity. These results indicate that HsPMP20 is imported into the peroxisomal matrix via PEX5p and may work to protect peroxisomal proteins against oxidative stress. Because some portion of PMP20 might

  1. PMP22 and its related diseases%PMP22及其相关疾病

    郭家松; 李俊


    由基因突变引起的外周神经病统称为Charcot-Marie-Tooth(CMT)病,它是最常见的遗传性神经系统疾病之一,发病率为1/2 500.目前已知有超过53个染色体位点和35个特定基因与CMT有关,但是大部分CMT都是由周围髓鞘蛋白22(PMP22)基因变异所引起的.该文重点对PMP22的生物学及相关疾病的病理生理学进行综述.

  2. A young woman with visual hallucinations, delusions of persecution and a history of performing arson with possible three-generation Fahr disease.

    Shirahama, M; Akiyoshi, J; Ishitobi, Y; Tanaka, Y; Tsuru, J; Matsushita, H; Hanada, H; Kodama, K


    Fahr disease (FD) is a rare neurological and psychiatric disorder. The disease is classified by intracranial calcification of the basal ganglia with the globus pallidus region being particularly affected. We examined a young woman with visual hallucinations, delusions of persecution and a history of performing arson with possible third-generation FD. Case report of third-generation FD. A 23-year-old woman was arrested for two arsons: i) The patient exhibited progressive psychotic symptoms, including visual hallucinations, delusion of injury, irritability, lability of mood, mental retardation and visual disorders and ii) Computed tomography (CT) imaging demonstrated bilateral calcifications of the basal ganglia (globus pallidus) in the patient, her mother and her grandmother. We found a family with a three-generation history of FD who exhibited calcification in the brain and mental retardation. Compared to her mother, the patient described here displayed anticipation of disease onset.

  3. Development of chronic heart failure in a young woman with hypertension associated with renal artery stenosis with preserved renal function

    Byrne, Christina; Abdulla, Jawdat


    A 33-year-old woman with presumed essential hypertension and symptoms equivalent to New York Heart Association class II was suspected of heart failure and referred to echocardiography. The patient's ECG showed a left bundle branch block. Electrolytes, serum creatinine and estimated-glomerular fil......A 33-year-old woman with presumed essential hypertension and symptoms equivalent to New York Heart Association class II was suspected of heart failure and referred to echocardiography. The patient's ECG showed a left bundle branch block. Electrolytes, serum creatinine and estimated...

  4. Ostial stenosis of the left main coronary artery in a young woman 10 years after radiation therapy.

    Orzan, F; Bellis, D; Mollo, F; Brusca, A


    A 26-year-old woman developed critical stenosis of the left main coronary artery 10 years after radiation treatment for Hodgkins disease. She was operated on but died in the immediate postoperative period. At autopsy the pathological findings were indistinguishable from those described in "typical" atherosclerotic plaques.

  5. Karakterisasi Enzim Selulase PMP 0126Y dari Limbah Pengolahan Agar

    Ekowati Chasanah


    Full Text Available Hasil penapisan bakteri penghasil enzim selulase terdahulu mendapatkan isolat PMP 0126 sebagai isolat yang berpotensi yang diisolasi dari limbah pengolahan agar skala UKM di Pamengpeuk, Garut. Isolat tersebut ternyata belum merupakan koloni tunggal, terdiri dari 2 isolat bakteri yaitu PMP 0126Y dan PMP 0126W. Isolat PMP 0126Y memiliki kemampuan mendegradasi selulosa yang lebih besar dibanding PMP 0126W. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah untuk memproduksi dan mengkarakterisasi enzim selulase dari isolat PMP 0126Y, serta mengidentifikasi isolat tersebut. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa enzim selulase diproduksi optimum pada hari ke-3 kultivasi menggunakan medium cair berisi  CMC 1%. Enzim kasar yang diperoleh dapat bekerja optimal pada suhu 30 °C dan pH 5, dapat ditingkatkan aktivitasnya dengan ion logam dalam bentuk garam CaCl2 dan ZnCl2 5 mM.. Pemurnian dengan sistem penukar anion dapat meningkatkan aktivitas enzim 15x dengan perolehan 20%. Dari hasil SDS-PAGE terlihat bahwa ada 3 selulase dengan perkiraan berat molekul 39, 30, dan 14 kDa. Enzim kasar ini memiliki kemampuan menghidrolisis limbah pengolahan agar sebaik ketika memecah substrat CMC,  yang mengindikasikan bahwa enzim dari isolat ini berpotensi sebagai kandidat agen sakarifikasi pada produksi bioetanol. Identifikasi bakteri dengan 16S-rDNA menunjukkan bahwa isolat ini memiliki kemiripan 96% dengan bakteri Chryseobacterium indologenes McR-1.

  6. Information Security Pmp Report: August 23, 2013

    Wegener, Henning


    I have to start this brief report with a rueful confession: the PMP did not manage over the last months to complete the work program it had ambitiously laid out in its report of last year. Due to unforeseen circumstances, mainly professional reasons of some long-term members, the Group lost a number of them as active participants, and as a consequence failed to maintain the critical mass required for successful work as a group. However, thanks to the vision and generosity of Professor Zichichi, we were given the opportunity to draw in a number of new high-level cybersecurity experts from a number of countries which not only broadened our collective expertise, but also enhanced geographical distribution. Commensurate with the global nature of cyber affairs, we are now ourselves more global. A panel discussion in this year's plenary on topical issues of cybersecurity under the title "Cybersecurity at the Crossroads: Are We Losing the Battle" allowed some of our new members to display their prowess and expertise. At the same time, we have attempted to weld this new revitalized team into an effective work unit...

  7. Unusual presentation of multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 in a young woman with a novel mutation of the MEN1 gene.

    Balogh, Katalin; Patócs, Attila; Majnik, Judit; Varga, Fatima; Illyés, György; Hunyady, László; Rácz, Károly


    We report an unusual presentation of multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 (MEN 1) in a young woman who was subsequently proven to have a novel mutation of the MEN1 gene. The young patient, aged 25 years, was investigated for abdominal discomfort and left upper abdominal pain. Her family history was unremarkable, except an unknown disorder of her father causing early death. Abdominal ultrasonography (USG) and computed tomography revealed a giant pancreatic tumor measuring 10 cm in diameter. The diagnosis of a clinically nonfunctioning pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor was established by clinical and other studies, including USG-guided aspiration biopsy and octreotide scintigraphy, and the patient underwent a distal pancreatectomy. Histology proved a well-differentiated multinodular neuroendocrine tumor of the pancreas. During surgery, a subcutaneous lipoma was also removed from the abdominal wall. Two years later, the patient developed primary hyperparathyroidism, and two enlarged parathyroid glands were surgically removed. Magnetic resonance imaging of the pituitary gland was normal. Screening for MEN1 gene mutation by temperature gradient gel electrophoresis revealed heterozygosities in exons 3, 8, and 9, while direct sequencing indicated a novel germline mutation (C354X) resulting in a stop codon in exon 8 and polymorphisms in exon 3 (R171Q) and exon 9 (D418D and L432L). Genetic screening revealed no mutation in living family members. Our unusual case suggests that a multinodular pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor in a young patient may justify screening for MEN 1 syndrome, even in the absence of other endocrinopathy or family history.

  8. Treatment of uterine prolapse with bilateral hydronephrosis in a young nulliparous woman; a new minimally invasive extraperitoneal technique.

    Kurt, S; Guler, T; Canda, M T; Demirtas, Ö; Tasyurt, A


    A 37-year-old nulligravid woman presented with a 2-year history of uterine prolapse along with mixed incontinence. Gynecological examination confirmed third degree cystocele and uterine prolapse. Renal ultrasonography showed enlarged kidneys and marked dilation of the bilateral pelvicalyceal system. She was hospitalized and a ring pessary was inserted after bladder catheterization. Her preoperative evaluation was performed and the patient was operated one month after her first admission. Anterior colporrhaphy along with Kurt Extraperitoneal Ligamentopexy was performed without any complication. A control visit on second postoperative month revealed recovery of incontinence symptoms and no prolapse was observed. To our knowledge this is the first reported treatment of a case with bilateral hydronephrosis due to uterine prolapse that were corrected and overcame with a novel minimally invasive extraperitoneal approach by fixation of bilateral round ligaments to the rectus fascia sheet.

  9. Recurrent discrete subaortic stenosis and small aortic annulus successfully repaired by the Konno procedure in a young woman.

    Kashima, Ichiro; Ueda, Toshihiko; Katogi, Toshiyuki; Taguchi, Shinichi; Inoue, Yoshito; Koizumi, Kiyoshi


    A 24-year-old woman who had undergone excision of the membrane for discrete subaortic stenosis when 6 years old displayed recurrent subaortic stenosis and had a small aortic annulus, with a peak pressure gradient of 60mmHg. We chose to perform the Konno operation with a mechanical valve. This released the left ventricular outflow tract obstruction adequately, and she recovered uneventfully with New York Heart Association functional class I. In our experience, an aggressive strategy such as myectomy is an appropriate initial procedure for preventing recurrence when the geometry of the problem may lead to recurrence in the left ventricular outflow tract. The Konno operation is a good option for recurrent subaortic stenosis with small aortic annulus.

  10. Anti-AMPA-Receptor Encephalitis Presenting as a Rapid-Cycling Bipolar Disorder in a Young Woman with Turner Syndrome

    Giuseppe Quaranta


    Full Text Available Background. Autoimmune encephalitis is a disorder characterised by the subacute onset of seizures, short-term memory loss, and psychiatric and behavioural symptoms. Initially, it was recognised as a paraneoplastic disorder, but recently a subgroup of patients without systemic cancer was identified. Case Description. We describe a 20-year-old woman with Turner syndrome presenting with a treatment-resistant rapid cycling bipolar disorder with cognitive impairment. She was diagnosed with anti-AMPA-receptor encephalitis. She showed marked improvement after starting memantine and valproic acid. Conclusion. This case description emphasises the importance of timely recognition of autoimmune limbic encephalitis in patients with psychiatric manifestations and a possible predisposition to autoimmune conditions, in order to rule out malignancy and to quickly initiate treatment.

  11. [Ischemic stroke in a young woman of Turner syndrome with T1-weighted imaging-pulvinar sign].

    Sangkyun, Ko; Kawano, Akiko; Yamanoi, Takahiko; Tokunaga, Keiko


    A 39-year-old woman developed right hemiparesis in a few days. Magnetic resonance images revealed cerebral infarction in the territory of the left lenticulostriate artery, and MR angiography showed severe stenosis of the middle and anterior cerebral arteries and moderate one of the vertebral arteries. Bilateral and symmetric T1 hyperintensity in the pulvinar (T1-weighted imaging-pulvinar sign; "T1 pulvinar sign") was detected, which is recognized as a key imaging of Fabry disease. The α-galactosidase A gene analysis, however, showed no mutation. Although specific physical symptoms were solely short stature and oligomenorrhea, the diagnosis of Turner syndrome was confirmed by the chromosome analysis which showed mosaicism of 45XO and 46X,r(X) (60%:40%). To our knowledge, this is the first report of Turner syndrome with "T1 pulvinar sign".

  12. Myxofibrosarcoma of the Breast in a Young Pregnant Woman: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

    Fatemeh Nili


    Full Text Available Sarcomas of the breast are rare and comprise less than 1% of mammary cancers. Myxofibrosarcoma as an unusual variant of malignant fibrous histiocytoma in the breast and during pregnancy has not previous been reported in the literature. We present the case of a 32-year-old woman with a rapidly growing subcutaneous left breast mass that appeared during her first pregnancy. After ultrasonography and core needle biopsy, she underwent a modified radical mastectomy. Pathologic examination revealed a multinodular subcutaneous mass with characteristic microscopic features consistent with myxofibrosarcoma. Immunohistochemistry findings supported the diagnosis and excluded other differential diagnoses. There has been no consensus about proper management and surveillance in these rare groups of malignancies, however wide local excision and adjuvant treatment for moderate and high grade tumors are recommended.

  13. Diagnostic Dilemma in a Young Woman with Acute Headache: Delayed Diagnosis of Third Ventricular Colloid Cyst with Hydrocephalus

    Jasem Y. Al-Hashel


    Full Text Available Objectives. To highlight the importance of early diagnosis of colloid cyst of the third ventricle and its early management. Clinical Presentation and Intervention. This is a young lady who presented with sudden onset headache. She attended a local clinic and also her area hospital. Her diagnosis was delayed several hours due to a diagnostic dilemma initially. No surgical intervention was tried since the patient developed early signs of brainstem coning by the time she was seen by neurosurgeon. Patient died after few days in spite of intensive ICU measures. Conclusion. Sudden onset headache in young adults should be looked at carefully. Early imaging is mandatory to prevent mortality.

  14. Young woman with breast cancer and cardiotoxicity with severe heart failure treated with a HeartMate IITM for nearly 6 years before heart transplantation.

    Sundbom, Per; Hedayati, Elham; Peterzén, Bengt; Granfeldt, Hans; Ahn, Henrik; Hubbert, Laila


    Cardiotoxicity is a multifactorial problem, which has emerged with the improvement of cancer therapies and survival. Heart transplantation is relatively contraindicated in patients with breast cancer, until at least 5 years after complete remission. We present a case where a young woman who in 2001, at the age of 31, was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was considered cured, but 4 years later she suffered a relapse. During her second treatment, in 2006, she suffered from severe heart failure. She received a HeartMate II, as a long-term bridge to transplantation and 6 years later she was successfully transplanted. In this case report we discuss the use of mechanical circulatory support in cancer patients with drug-induced heart failure.

  15. A young woman presenting with psychotic and mood symptoms from anti-N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor (NMDA-R) encephalitis: an emerging diagnosis.

    Yuan, Neal; Glezer, Anna


    Anti-N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor (NMDA-R) encephalitis, first characterized in 2005, is a neurological disease with prominent psychiatric features that frequently involves the consultation of psychiatrists. Since its discovery, the rate of diagnosis of new cases has increased rapidly and several epidemiological studies now confirm that NMDA-R encephalitis may be as common as many other prominent infectious etiologies of encephalitis. We describe a case of a young woman presenting initially with psychotic and mood symptoms who was found to have anti-NMDA-R encephalitis. We further provide details of her treatment and prolonged recovery process after hospital discharge with a review of the literature and discussion of the epidemiology, symptomology, diagnosis, and management of both the neurologic and psychiatric manifestations of this condition. Last, we contextualize the importance of anti-NMDA-R encephalitis for psychiatrists, highlighting the role for psychiatrists in establishing the initial diagnosis as well as in providing ongoing psychiatric care.

  16. Hypertensive Crisis in A Young Woman: A Rare Presentation of an Uncommon Disease (Poster), New Nerve racking Neurologic Symptoms (Podium)


    lesions or bleeding. CT evaluation of chest and abdomen demonstrated c ircumferential th ickening of the abdomina l aorta I at the level of the renal...Takayasu arteritis is a large vessel vascu li tis primary affecting young adult fema les involving the ao11ic arch and upper extremities. Hypertension, fat

  17. Exposure to soda commercials affects sugar-sweetened soda consumption in young woman: an observational experimental study

    Koordeman, R.; Anschutz, D.J.; van Baaren, R.B.; Engels, R.C.M.E.


    The present study examines the direct effects of television commercials advertising soda on actual sugar-sweetened soda consumption among young women. An experimental-observational study design was used, in which 51 female students (ages 18-29) were exposed to a 35-min movie clip, interrupted by two

  18. Exposure to soda commercials affects sugar-sweetened soda consumption in young woman: an observational experimental study

    Koordeman, R.; Anschutz, D.J.; van Baaren, R.B.; Engels, R.C.M.E.


    The present study examines the direct effects of television commercials advertising soda on actual sugar-sweetened soda consumption among young women. An experimental-observational study design was used, in which 51 female students (ages 18-29) were exposed to a 35-min movie clip, interrupted by two

  19. Real-Time DMB Video Encryption in Recording on PMP

    Seong-Yeon Lee


    Full Text Available At July 2008, the nationwide DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting has got started. As DMB device's volume of sales has been over 12 million already, the development of rapidly changing network systems has increased the dangers of infringing the copyright of DMB contents. For solving this problem, we suggest that real-time encryption algorithm without additional expenses, and implemented that on PMP. We used the SEED algorithm for encryption. As the experimental result, we confirmed that the real-time encryption and decryption of DMB videos were working well. Also confirmed that recorded contents in PMP were not replayed in other devices, and also the contents recorded by other devices were not played in PMP. Suggested algorithms can be useful in the VOD, IPTV or cable TV.

  20. PMP Certification All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies

    Stackpole, Cynthia Snyder


    Be as prepared as possible to take the PMP certification exam The PMP certification is the most popular project management certification available, but also a very difficult certification to obtain with very demanding requirements. That's where this All-in-One reference comes in. Packed with valuable information for taking the exam, the nine books in one covers everything from the certification process to gathering information for the application and signing up to take the exam, as well as studying for the most pertinent parts of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), and review que

  1. Recurrent Factitious Subcutaneous Emphysema: Report of a Complex Case in a Young Woman and a Literature Review

    Yi-Pei Lee


    Full Text Available Subcutaneous emphysema (SE can be caused by antecedent trauma, surgery, rupture of visceral organs or serious infection from gas-forming microorganisms. Factitious SE is very rare; only about a dozen cases have been reported. Most patients had an underlying psychiatric condition or relevant history. The diagnosis and management of factitious SE are challenging. We report a new case of factitious SE with a very complex clinical course. A 29-year-old woman was seen at consultation for recurrent attacks of painful soft tissue swelling, affecting her chest wall, abdomen and neck over several months. Factitious disease was suspected because of the negative medical history of identifiable visceral perforations or gas-forming infections and the presence of multiple bizarre linear scars on the arm. This was supported by finding multiple recent puncture marks on the neck, chest and upper extremities on close inspection. The patient's history was remarkable for multiple stressful events in her life, frequent job changes, substance abuse and suicide attempts. Psychiatric evaluation revealed adjustment disorder with depression and anxiety, cluster B personality with bipolar II disorder and substance abuse. During the 1-year period, she had 20 visits to our ER for attacks of SE affecting various parts of her body. This case illustrates that self-infliction should be suspected in a patient presenting with medically unexplained recurrent SE and a hollow history, and one should search for puncture marks to support the diagnosis.

  2. Orlistat-induced acute pancreatitis in a type II diabetic and hypothyroid young woman : A case report

    Patralekha Ray Chaudhuri


    Full Text Available Background: Orlistat is an anti-obesity drug that acts by inhibiting pancreatic and gastric lipase in the gastrointestinal tract. It has been linked to rare instances of acute pancreatitis, some of which have been severe. Case Report: A 31-year-old obese woman was prescribed orlistat 120-mg capsule three times a day with each main meal containing fat for 6 months. She developed acute abdominal pain and vomiting with epigastric tenderness 5 weeks after starting anti-obesity therapy. Serum lipase and computed Tomography (CT scan of the patient suggested the presence of acute pancreatitis. The patient was hospitalized; orlistat was stopped and she was treated symptomatically. A diagnosis of drug-induced pancreatitis was made following exclusion of other possible factors precipitating pancreatitis. Conclusion: This case report suggests that orlistat can trigger drug-induced acute pancreatitis in some cases and clinicians should be vigilant about it. A total of 99 cases of orlistat-related pancreatitis have been reported to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA, but no causative link has been found in the clinical trials. It is therefore not in the list of adverse drug reactions of orlistat.

  3. Giant mediastinal mature teratoma with increased exocrine pancreatic activity presenting in a young woman: a case report

    Davoli Fabio


    Full Text Available Abstract Introduction Mediastinal mature teratoma is a benign, slow-growing tumor typically affecting 20- to 40-year-old adults. Fluid examination from the cystic masses rarely shows enzymatic activity as we describe in this report. Case presentation We report a case of a giant mediastinal germ cell tumor (measuring 15 cm × 14 cm × 8 cm detected in a 35-year-old Caucasian woman. Microscopic examination showed that the lesion resembled a mature cystic teratoma with areas of pancreatic tissue with mature ductal and acinar structures intermixed with islets of Langerhans. Fluid from the cysts in the mass was examined after removal showed amylase activity of 599 U/l despite normal serum levels. The post-operative period was free of complications, and the patient was discharged on post-operative day 10. Conclusion Complete surgical removal is the treatment of choice for mature cystic teratomas, with optimal results and acceptable surgical risk. Exocrine pancreatic function may be an aid to pre-operative or intra-operative diagnosis; however, these findings have no impact on survival or the therapeutic pathway.

  4. Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis Presenting as an Acute Psychotic Episode in a Young Woman: An Underdiagnosed yet Treatable Disorder

    Shikma Keller


    Full Text Available Anti-NMDA receptor (NMDAR encephalitis is a recently identified autoimmune disorder with prominent psychiatric symptoms. Patients usually present with acute behavioral change, psychosis, catatonic symptoms, memory deficits, seizures, dyskinesias, and autonomic instability. In female patients an ovarian teratoma is often identified. We describe a 32-year-old woman who presented with acute psychosis. Shortly after admission, she developed generalized seizures and deteriorated into a catatonic state. Although ancillary tests including MRI, electroencephalogram, and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF analysis were unremarkable, the presentation of acute psychosis in combination with recurrent seizures and a relentless course suggested autoimmune encephalitis. The patient underwent pelvic ultrasound which disclosed a dermoid cyst and which led to an urgent cystectomy. Plasmapheresis was then initiated, yielding partial response over the next two weeks. Following the detection of high titers of anti-NMDAR antibodies in the CSF, the patient ultimately received second line immunosuppressive treatment with rituximab. Over several months of cognitive rehabilitation a profound improvement was eventually noted, although minor anterograde memory deficits remained. In this report we call for attention to the inclusion of anti-NMDAR encephalitis in the differential diagnosis of acute psychosis. Prompt diagnosis is critical as early immunotherapy and tumor removal could dramatically affect outcomes.

  5. Girl, woman, lover, mother: towards a new understanding of child prostitution among young Devadasis in rural Karnataka, India.

    Orchard, Treena Rae


    The emotive issue of child prostitution is at the heart of international debates over 'trafficking' in women and girls, the "new slave trade", and how these phenomena are linked with globalization, sex tourism, and expanding transnational economies. However, young sex workers, particularly those in the 'third world', are often represented through tropes of victimization, poverty, and "backwards" cultural traditions, constructions that rarely capture the complexity of the girls' experiences and the role that prostitution plays in their lives. Based on ethnographic fieldwork with girls and young women who are part of the Devadasi (servant/slave of the God) system of sex work in India, this paper introduces an alternative example of child prostitution. Demonstrating the ways in which this practice is socially, economically, and culturally embedded in certain regions of rural south India underlies this new perspective. I argue that this embeddedness works to create, inform, and give meaning to these girls as they grow up in this particular context, not to isolate and produce totally different experiences of family, gender identity, and moral character as popular accounts of child prostitution contend. Data pertaining to socialization, 'positive' aspects of being a young sex worker in this context, political economy, HIV/AIDS, and changes in the Devadasi tradition are used to support my position. Taken together, this alternative example presents a more complex understanding of the micro- and macro-forces that impact child prostitution as well as the many factors that affect the girls' ideas of what they do and who they are as people, not just sex workers.

  6. Membrane proteins PmpG and PmpH are major constituents of Chlamydia trachomatis L2 outer membrane complex

    Mygind, Per H; Christiansen, Gunna; Roepstorff, P;


    The outer membrane complex of Chlamydia is involved in the initial adherence and ingestion of Chlamydia by the host cell. In order to identify novel proteins in the outer membrane of Chlamydia trachomatis L2, proteins were separated by sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis....... By silver staining of the protein profile, a major protein doublet of 100-110 kDa was detected. In-gel tryptic digestion and matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry identified these proteins as the putative outer membrane proteins PmpG and PmpH....

  7. Association between obesity and suicide in woman, but not in man: a population-based study of young adults.

    Branco, Jerônimo Costa; Motta, Janaína; Wiener, Carolina; Oses, Jean Pierre; Pedrotti Moreira, Fernanda; Spessato, Barbara; Dias, Luciano; da Silva, Ricardo


    The relationship between obesity and suicide risk is still unclear with controversial research results. The aim of this study is to investigate the relationship between obesity and suicide risk for men and women in a population-based study of young adults. This is a cross-sectional population-based study that identified young adults between 18 and 35 years of age. Suicide risk was investigated through the structured clinical interview Mini. Weight and height were assessed, and participants were classified as normal-weight body mass index (BMI  30). The prevalence of obesity was of 19.9% of the total sample (n = 1953). Obesity was more prevalent among women and participants between 27 and 35 years of age. Suicide risk was present in 13.0% of the sample and more prevalent among women. In our study we found an association between obesity and suicide risk for women, but not for men. Obesity was associated with a higher prevalence of suicide risk in women. Given the strength of the relationship between BMI and suicide, identifying the mechanisms associated with obesity, especially for women, can lead to new insights into the prevention of suicide risk.

  8. Mother and Child Health Pmp Report: 2011-2012 Activities

    Charpak, Nathalie; Ruiz-Pelaez, Juan G.; de Leon-Mendoza, Socorro



  9. 49 CFR 633.23 - FTA review of PMP.


    ... 49 Transportation 7 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false FTA review of PMP. 633.23 Section 633.23 Transportation Other Regulations Relating to Transportation (Continued) FEDERAL TRANSIT ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION PROJECT MANAGEMENT OVERSIGHT Project Management Plans § 633.23 FTA review of...

  10. Aids and Infectious Diseases (aid) Pmp 2013 Report

    Buonaguro, Franco M.


    The AIDS and Infectious Diseases (AID) PMP of the WFS contributed this year with a session on August 22nd to the Plenary Sessions of the International Seminars on Planetary Emergencies and Associated Meetings--46th Session: The Role of Science in the Third Millennium (Erice, 19-24 August 2013). Furthermore a workshop on August 24th was organized...

  11. "A magical little pill that will relieve you of your womanly issues": What young women say about menstrual suppression.

    McMillan, Colleen; Jenkins, Amanda


    Perceptions of menstruation by media discourses portray this bodily function to be messy, inconvenient, and as an unnecessary phenomenon to be controlled or possibly eliminated. Commercials shown on YouTube targeted toward young women suggest that having a monthly period is not healthy and a lifestyle that is menses free is both pharmacologically available and recommended in order to live a fuller life. We explored the meanings attached to online menstrual suppression commercials with 10 women aged between 18 and 25. In-depth open-ended interviews were conducted over a 10-month period in 2014 after each participant viewed three menstrual suppression online advertisements. Feminist critical discourse was used for analysis with both authors coding for inter-rater reliability recognizing how our age difference and relationship as mother and daughter informed our interpretation. An overarching theme of tension emerged from the interviews with participants feeling detached due to the gendered stereotypes the commercials used to frame menstruation as compared to their own lived experience. Meanings associated with the menstrual suppression commercials were contrary to the participants' lived experience of menstruation as a healthy process not a detrimental one to their well-being as suggested by the commercials. Subliminal messages within the advertisements were identified as reinforcing gender bias and prejudices, including those associated with femininity. Despite attempting to emulate popular culture, the menstrual suppression advertisements were largely dismissed by this group of participants as undermining their intelligence and of intentionally creating divisive binaries between groups of women. This study suggests that historical bias and stereotypical prejudices were identified by this group of young women within the marketing of menstrual suppression products and, as such, were dismissed as inauthentic to the menstruation experience reflecting a form of

  12. Proteolytic cleavage of the Chlamydia pneumoniae major outer membrane protein in the absence of Pmp10

    Juul, Nicolai Stefan; Timmerman, E; Gevaert, K;


    that Pmp10 is differentially expressed in the C. pneumoniae CWL029 isolate. To evaluate whether the absence of Pmp10 in the outer membrane causes further changes to the C. pneumoniae protein profile, we subcloned the CWL029 isolate and selected a clone with minimal Pmp10 expression. Subsequently, we...... compared the proteome of the CWL029 isolate with the proteome of the subcloned strain and identified a specific cleavage of the C-terminal part of the major outer membrane protein (MOMP), which occurred only in the absence of Pmp10. In contrast, when Pmp10 was expressed we predominantly observed full...

  13. Concise and enantioselective synthesis of Fmoc-Pmp(But)2-OH and design of potent Pmp-containing Grb2-SH2 domain antagonists.

    Li, Peng; Zhang, Manchao; Peach, Megan L; Liu, Hongpeng; Yang, Dajun; Roller, Peter P


    [reaction: see text] L-Phosphonomethylphenylalanine (L-Pmp) is an important phosphatase-resistant pTyr analogue. A most concise and stereoselective approach to the synthesis of the suitably protected Fmoc-Pmp(Bu(t))(2)-OH was developed in order to incorporate the functionally significant L-Pmp residue into peptides and peptidomimetics efficiently using standard Fmoc protocol. With this key building block, we are able to efficiently synthesize a series of potent Pmp-containing Grb2-SH2 domain antagonists, which can be used as chemotherapeutic leads for the treatment of erbB2-overexpressed breast cancer.

  14. Comparative study of SOS2 and a novel PMP3-1 gene expression in two sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) lines differing in salt tolerance.

    Saadia, Mubshara; Jamil, Amer; Ashraf, Muhammad; Akram, Nudrat Aisha


    Gene expression pattern of two important regulatory proteins, salt overly sensitive 2 (SOS2) and plasma membrane protein 3-1 (PMP3-1), involved in ion homeostasis, was analyzed in two salinity-contrasting sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) lines, Hysun-38 (salt tolerant) and S-278 (moderately salt tolerant). The pattern was studied at selected time intervals (24 h) under 150 mM NaCl treatment. Using reverse transcription PCR, SOS2 gene fragment was obtained from young leaf and root tissues of opposing lines while that for PMP3-1 was obtained only from young root tissues. Both tolerant and moderately tolerant lines showed a gradual increase in SOS2 expression in sunflower root tissues. Leaf tissues showed the gradually increasing pattern of SOS2 expression in tolerant plants as compared to that for moderately tolerant ones that showed a relatively lower level of expression for this gene. We found the highest level of PMP 3-1 expression in the roots of tolerant sunflower line at 6 and 12 h postsalinity treatment. The moderately tolerant line showed higher expression of PMP3-1 at 12 and 24 h after salt treatment. Overall, the expression of genes for both the regulator proteins varied significantly in the two sunflower lines differing in salinity tolerance.

  15. A sequential developmental field defect of the vertebrae, ribs, and sternum, in a young woman of the 12th century AD.

    Usher, B M; Christensen, M N


    Changes in the vertebral column are often noted in skeletal material. Descriptions of these anomalies are often lacking, and their developmental origins are not often discussed. The skeleton of a young woman from the medieval cemetery of Tirup, in Denmark, has multiple defects of the axial skeleton, including extra thoracic and lumbar vertebrae, border shifting, extra ribs, block vertebra, and deformed sternum. This case study is particularly interesting because of the number and diversity of anomalies seen; the rarity of these defects, even in living populations; and her survival to adult age. Careful analysis of the bones and use of the morphogenetic method of determining development stages has led to the conclusion that the initial defect probably occurred very early in development, during blastogenesis, with the initial development of at least two extra somitomeres in the paraxial mesoderm. These extra elements in turn led to problems in union and differentiation, and later chondrification and ossification of the vertebra. The malformations of the vertebrae also induced changes in the ribs and sternum. The initial error of segmentation is identified as a developmental field defect, and the cascade of anomalies seen is a developmental sequence caused by the initial field defect. The genetic and environmental causes of developmental field defects are reviewed.

  16. Improved sensitivity of PCR for Chlamydophila using pmp genes.

    Laroucau, K; Souriau, A; Rodolakis, A


    Primers targeting the conserved pmp gene family of Chlamydophila abortus were evaluated for their ability to improve the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) sensitivity. In purified DNA, specific pmp primers (named CpsiA and CpsiB) allowed at least a 10-fold increase of the PCR sensitivity compared to the specific ompA primers for C. abortus, but also for C. psittaci and C. caviae strains. No amplification was observed on C. felis, C. pecorum, C. pneumoniae and Chlamydia trachomatis strains. Tested on contaminated specimens such as genital swabs, the PCR sensitivity observed with CpsiA/CpsiB was also better than with the ompA primers. This study demonstrated that these specific pmp primers could serve as valuable, sensitive and common tools for a specific Chlamydophila diagnosis in ruminant, avian and human diseases. Digestion by AluI of the CpsiA/CpsiB fragments allowed a specific discrimination of the strains in function of their hosts and/or their serotypes.

  17. Functional and comparative genomics analyses of pmp22 in medaka fish

    Kawarabayasi Yutaka


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Pmp22, a member of the junction protein family Claudin/EMP/PMP22, plays an important role in myelin formation. Increase of pmp22 transcription causes peripheral neuropathy, Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type1A (CMT1A. The pathophysiological phenotype of CMT1A is aberrant axonal myelination which induces a reduction in nerve conduction velocity (NCV. Several CMT1A model rodents have been established by overexpressing pmp22. Thus, it is thought that pmp22 expression must be tightly regulated for correct myelin formation in mammals. Interestingly, the myelin sheath is also present in other jawed vertebrates. The purpose of this study is to analyze the evolutionary conservation of the association between pmp22 transcription level and vertebrate myelin formation, and to find the conserved non-coding sequences for pmp22 regulation by comparative genomics analyses between jawed fishes and mammals. Results A transgenic pmp22 over-expression medaka fish line was established. The transgenic fish had approximately one fifth the peripheral NCV values of controls, and aberrant myelination of transgenic fish in the peripheral nerve system (PNS was observed. We successfully confirmed that medaka fish pmp22 has the same exon-intron structure as mammals, and identified some known conserved regulatory motifs. Furthermore, we found novel conserved sequences in the first intron and 3'UTR. Conclusion Medaka fish undergo abnormalities in the PNS when pmp22 transcription increases. This result indicates that an adequate pmp22 transcription level is necessary for correct myelination of jawed vertebrates. Comparison of pmp22 orthologs between distantly related species identifies evolutionary conserved sequences that contribute to precise regulation of pmp22 expression.

  18. PMP-1 Report: the Fourth Winter of PMP-1, 1981 - 1982: a Winter with Several Interesting Features

    Labitzke, K.


    A synoptic description is given for the fourth winter of pre-MAP project 1 (PMP-1), 1981/82. The main characteristics of this winter are a Canadian warming in the beginning of December, a very strong minor warming in January, and an early final warming in mid-March. The eddy momentum budget, calculated from the daily height and temperature charts, is discussed in terms of the divergence of the Eliassen-Palm-vector.

  19. The Number, Organization, and Size of Polymorphic Membrane Protein Coding Sequences as well as the Most Conserved Pmp Protein Differ within and across Chlamydia Species.

    Van Lent, Sarah; Creasy, Heather Huot; Myers, Garry S A; Vanrompay, Daisy


    Variation is a central trait of the polymorphic membrane protein (Pmp) family. The number of pmp coding sequences differs between Chlamydia species, but it is unknown whether the number of pmp coding sequences is constant within a Chlamydia species. The level of conservation of the Pmp proteins has previously only been determined for Chlamydia trachomatis. As different Pmp proteins might be indispensible for the pathogenesis of different Chlamydia species, this study investigated the conservation of Pmp proteins both within and across C. trachomatis,C. pneumoniae,C. abortus, and C. psittaci. The pmp coding sequences were annotated in 16 C. trachomatis, 6 C. pneumoniae, 2 C. abortus, and 16 C. psittaci genomes. The number and organization of polymorphic membrane coding sequences differed within and across the analyzed Chlamydia species. The length of coding sequences of pmpA,pmpB, and pmpH was conserved among all analyzed genomes, while the length of pmpE/F and pmpG, and remarkably also of the subtype pmpD, differed among the analyzed genomes. PmpD, PmpA, PmpH, and PmpA were the most conserved Pmp in C. trachomatis,C. pneumoniae,C. abortus, and C. psittaci, respectively. PmpB was the most conserved Pmp across the 4 analyzed Chlamydia species.

  20. Head First PMP A Brain-Friendly Guide to Passing the Project Management Professional Exam

    Stellman, Andrew


    Media Reviews "I have been doing project management for over 30 years and am considered a subject matter expert in the PMBOK(r) Guide -Third Edition primarily because I am the Project Manager who led the team that developed this edition. As a consultant I was hired to review and evaluate eight of the top selling PMP Exam Preparation books for their accuracy in following the PMBOK® Guide - Third Edition. I have developed and taught a PMP Exam Prep course for a leading R.E.P., and taught PMP Exam preparation classes for PMI Chapters. I can honestly say that Head First PMP is by far the best P

  1. Hot topics flashcards for passing the PMP and CAPM exams

    Mulcahy, Rita


    If you are looking for a way to prepare for the PMP or the CAPM exam that fits into your busy schedule, these flashcards are it. Now you can study at the office, on a plane or even in your car with RMC's portable and extremely valuable Hot Topics Exam Flashcards-in hard copy or audio CD format. Over 300 of the most important and difficult to recall PMP® and CAPM® exam-related terms and concepts are now available for study as you drive, fly or take your lunch break. Order them both!

  2. Mujer joven con hipertiroidismo asociado a insuficiencia tricuspídea grave Young woman with hyperthyroidism associated with severe tricuspid regurgitation

    Ariel K. Saad


    Full Text Available Las manifestaciones cardiovasculares del hipertiroidismo son frecuentes, y en ocasiones dominan el cuadro clínico. Con frecuencia, la enfermedad se manifiesta por un estado circulatorio hiperdinámico, con disminución de la resistencia vascular periférica, aumento de la volemia y del volumen minuto cardíaco. La dilatación de las cavidades cardíacas con insuficiencia tricuspídea grave e insuficiencia cardíaca derecha sin hipertensión pulmonar constituye una forma inusual de presentación. Se presenta el caso de una joven paciente, portadora de enfermedad de Graves Basedow, sin antecedentes cardiovasculares, que evoluciona en el transcurso de un mes con edema de miembros inferiores, palpitaciones, diarrea, pérdida de peso y fiebre. Al examen clínico se evidencian taquicardia con pulso irregular, signos de insuficiencia cardíaca derecha acompañado de un intenso soplo regurgitante que aumentaba con la inspiración. Por radiografía de tórax y ecocardiograma se constata cardiomegalia e insuficiencia tricuspídea grave sin hipertensión pulmonar. El cuadro se resuelve en forma rápida luego del tratamiento con propranolol, corticoides y diuréticos, con reversión de la arritmia y franca mejoría de los signos y síntomas. Se analizan en forma breve los efectos de las hormonas tiroideas en el aparato cardiovascular y se postulan probables mecanismos fisiopatológicos de la insuficiencia cardíaca en el hipertiroidismo.Cardiovascular manifestations of hyperthyroidism are frequent and sometimes are relevant in the clinical picture. Usually an hyperdynamic circulatory state hallmarks the disease with low peripheral resistance, increased intravascular volume and cardiac output. However, right chamber dilatation with tricuspid valve regurgitation and cardiac failure are unusual. We present the case of a young woman with Graves-Basedow disease without cardiovascular history who complained about palpitations, peripheral edemas, weight loss and

  3. “What is Essential is Invisible to the Eye” - A Music Therapy Tale of a Young Woman with Visual Impairment

    Markus Dauber


    Full Text Available This article describes the case of Maria, a young woman with visual impairment and mild learning difficulties, whose involvement in music therapy helped her develop an understanding of the importance of music for her personal life. Whereas in the sessions her verbal comments about herself were very negative to start with, focusing on her back pains and everyday problems caused by her visual impairment, her singing brought to light a gifted musical personality in the course of therapy who felt strongly about her musicality. During a period of one and a half years of individual music therapy sessions at a creative day centre for people with disabilities, Maria developed a strong sense of confidence in her musical abilities, which made her believe more in herself as a musician. The joy of music making and singing as well as the interpersonal therapeutic relationship based on mutual trust and respect made her focus away from perceiving herself as ‘disabled’ and engage in searching for a new musical identity. The case study summarises this process and explains how Maria was helped by temporarily ‘stepping out’ of the boundaries of therapy in order to communicate her musical skills to a wider community at the annual summer concerts where she could ‘try out’ this new identity. The case of Maria shall further be used to reflect on how disabled people in Greece can find support at local creative day centres, which are essential infrastructural support facilities that contribute to their care and wellbeing locally. I shall also argue that music therapy is an ideal therapeutic intervention for such settings, as it is able to address individual needs of programme attendees, focusing its therapeutic interventions on a person’s existing and at first glance ‘invisible’ hidden possibilities and talents. This essentially humanistic therapeutic approach employed by the author and described below, shall be exemplified by employing examples of the

  4. A case report of collagenous gastritis in a young Chinese woman and literatures review%胶原性胃炎一例并文献复习

    张贺军; 金珠; 林三仁; 丁士刚; 白鹏; 崔荣丽; 韩亚京; 张颖; 尚惠茹


    Objective Collagenous gastritis is a rare entity, characterized by the deposition of a subepithelial collagen band with an inflammatory infiltrate in the mucosa.This report describes the first case of collagenous gastritis occurring in a young Chinese woman and reviews the literatures.Methods The patient underwent the gastroscopy screening, and the biopsy specimens were treated with HE staining, Masson staining, Congo red staining and Warthin-Starry staining.Patients' clinical data was discussed and followed up.Results A twenty-year-old girl had intermittent epigastric pain for 4 years, abdominal distention, hiccup and weight loss for two months.The gastric endoscopy revealed diffuse white nodular appearance of the mucosa in angular incisure and antrum.Pathologic examination of the gastric biopsies from the antrum and angular showed a subepithelial collagen deposition with moderate infiltrates of lymphoplasma cells and eosinophils of the lamina propria.The collagen band measured up to 120.3 μm (mean 43.8 μm).Prednisone 20 mg/d for 4 weeks led to clinical remission and weight gain.Conclusion There are about 40 cases in literatures to date, and the cause and pathogenesis of collagenous gastritis remain unknown.According to the clinical and pathological characteristics, the patient in this article is the subtype of collagenous gastritis that occurring in children and young adults.Specific therapy has not been established, the gluten-free diet and glucocorticosteroid may be helpful to relieve symptoms in collagenous gastritis patients.%目的 胶原性胃炎(coHagenous gastritis,CG)临床少见,现报道一例CG并进行文献复习.方法 患者行胃镜检查,活检组织切片分别行HE染色、Masson染色、刚果红染色及Warthin-Starry染色;分析病例临床资料并进行随访.结果 1例20岁女性患者主因无规律上腹痛4年,伴腹胀、呃逆、体重明显下降2个月就诊.胃镜检查于角切迹及窦部可见白色结节(活检).病理

  5. Members of the Pmp protein family of Chlamydia pneumoniae mediate adhesion to human cells via short repetitive peptide motifs.

    Mölleken, Katja; Schmidt, Eleni; Hegemann, Johannes H


    Chlamydiae sp. are obligate intracellular pathogens that cause a variety of diseases in humans. Adhesion of the infectious elementary body to the eukaryotic host cell is a pivotal step in chlamydial pathogenesis. Here we describe the characterization of members of the polymorphic membrane protein family (Pmp), the largest protein family (with up to 21 members) unique to Chlamydiaceae. We show that yeast cells displaying Pmp6, Pmp20 or Pmp21 on their surfaces, or beads coated with the recombinant proteins, adhere to human epithelial cells. A hallmark of the Pmp protein family is the presence of multiple repeats of the tetrapeptide motifs FxxN and GGA(I, L, V) and deletion analysis shows that at least two copies of these motifs are needed for adhesion. Importantly, pre-treatment of human cells with recombinant Pmp6, Pmp20 or Pmp21 protein reduces infectivity upon subsequent challenge with Chlamydia pneumoniae and correlates with diminished attachment of Chlamydiae to target cells. Antibodies specific for Pmp21 can neutralize infection in vitro. Finally, a combination of two different Pmp proteins in infection blockage experiments shows additive effects, possibly suggesting similar functions. Our findings imply that Pmp6, Pmp20 and Pmp21 act as adhesins, are vital during infection and thus represent promising vaccine candidates.

  6. Use of the Pathogen Modeling Program (PMP) and the Predictive Microbiology Information Portal (PMIP)

    The Predictive Microbiology Program,(PMP)is based on the fact that most bacterial behaviors are reproducible and can be quantified by characterizing the environmental factors that affect growth, survival, and inactivation using mathematical modeling. The contents of PMP, a collection of models, are ...

  7. The Standardized 2-Dimensional PMP: A New Assessment Technique in Optometric Credentialing and Education.

    Gross, Leon J.


    A written clinical simulation exercise known as patient management problems (PMP) developed by the National Board of Examiners in Optometry is discussed. The new PMP format is considered standardized in the sense that the "visible" portion of the problem will be identical. (MLW)

  8. The Young Woman Squash Athletes Body Function Monitoring%青年女子壁球运动员运动训练机能监控

    缪律; 陈简妮; 蒋健


    Objective:to in this study, the detection of blood and saliva index mainly, supplemented by psycho-logical questionnaire,in the different period of training of young female squash player for monitoring the state of mo-tion. Methods:in Shanghai Institute of P. E. 10 young women’s squash player,biochemical test,the test blood in-dexes including hemoglobin ( RBC ) , hematocrit ( HCT ) , creatine kinase(CK),blood urea nitrogen(BUN)and de-termination of saliva index including alpha amylase (SAA),salivary cortisol(c),salivary alpha amylase/cor-tisol ratio( AOC) . Blood indexes were selected in the ear-ly morning hours, without any exercise, and saliva was sampled 5 times per day, and the stress recovery of ath-letes was investigated by using psychological questionnaire RESTQ. Results:(1)the level of serum creatine kinase in a large number of weeks and weeks was significant ( P<0. 05 ) . In a large number of large and large intensity training, the activity of alpha amylase was significantly higher than that of the basic training ( P<0. 01 ) . ( 2 ) the levels of salivary cortisol were significantly decreased (P<0. 01),and the response rate was significantly lower than that of( AOC <) . Conclusion:( 1 ) In our research, we find that in a large number of weeks and weeks, the functional status of the athletes should be monitored by serum creatine kinase and -amylase. ( 2 ) young woman squash players in the training process, with increasing training load, induced asymmetric activities of two stress system of athletes,the athletes’ psychological changes and athletic performance decline are associated with this. The changes of CAR and AOC are more timely and accurate, and can be judged by their ability to train the athletes to the stress and recovery.%目的::本研究以血液、唾液指标检测为主,心理问卷为辅,在不同训练周期对青年女子壁球运动员进行运动状态的监控。方法:对上海体育学院的10名青年女子壁

  9. The Drop That Spilled the Cup: Acute Myocardial Infarction in a Young Woman with Underlying Thrombophilic Polymorphisms and Oral Contraceptive Use

    Nunzio Russo


    Full Text Available We present the case of a 28-year-old woman who was admitted to our cardiology unit for acute coronary syndrome. Her history was notable for cardiovascular disease familiarity, active smoking, and oral contraceptive use. On further analysis, she was noted to have thrombophilic polymorphisms involving the plasminogen activator inhibitor (PAI, angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE, and methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR genes. We discuss the implications that these cofactors may have had in the genesis of the disease.

  10. Head First PMP A Brain-Friendly Guide to Passing the Project Management Professional Exam

    Greene, Jennifer


    Learn the latest principles and certification objectives in The PMBOK Guide, Fourth Edition, in a unique and inspiring way with Head First PMP . The second edition of this book helps you prepare for the PMP certification exam using a visually rich format designed for the way your brain works. You'll find a full-length sample exam included inside the book. More than just proof of passing a test, a PMP certification means that you have the knowledge to solve most common project problems. But studying for a difficult four-hour exam on project management isn't easy, even for experienced project

  11. Uterine prolapse in a primigravid woman.

    Kim, Jeong Ok; Jang, Shin A; Lee, Ji Yeon; Yun, Nae Ri; Lee, Sang-Hun; Hwang, Sung Ook


    Uterine prolapse during pregnancy is an uncommon condition. It can cause preterm labor, spontaneous abortion, fetal demise, maternal urinary complication, maternal sepsis and death. We report the case of uterine prolapse in a 32-year-old healthy primigravid woman. She had no risk factors associated with uterine prolapse. She was conservatively treated, resulting in a successful vaginal delivery. This report is a very rare case of uterine prolapse in a young healthy primigravid woman, resulting in a successful vaginal delivery.

  12. Lithium amide assisted asymmetric Mannich-type reactions of menthyl acetate with PMP-aldimines.

    Hata, Seiji; Iguchi, Mayu; Iwasawa, Tetsuo; Yamada, Ken-ichi; Tomioka, Kiyoshi


    A lithium enolate of menthyl acetate added to PMP-imines, in the presence of an equimolar amount of lithium diisopropylamide, affords the Mannich-type addition products in high stereoselectivity. [reaction--see text

  13. Disabled Woman Heads Beijing Fans Association


    THE next time you go to a football match in Beijing, look around the edge of the field. You might see a young woman in a wheelchair cheering her favorite team. Wu Jinghong is more than a handicapped person, more than a woman football fan. She is the head of the Beijing Football Fans Association, a group more than 1,000 members strong. Wu alone started the association in 1988 and because she is a woman, encouraged other women fans to openly support their favorite teams.

  14. Isolation and characterization of maize PMP3 genes involved in salt stress tolerance.

    Jing Fu

    Full Text Available Plasma membrane protein 3 (PMP3, a class of small hydrophobic polypeptides with high sequence similarity, is responsible for salt, drought, cold, and abscisic acid. These small hydrophobic ploypeptides play important roles in maintenance of ion homeostasis. In this study, eight ZmPMP3 genes were cloned from maize and responsive to salt, drought, cold and abscisic acid. The eight ZmPMP3s were membrane proteins and their sequences in trans-membrane regions were highly conserved. Phylogenetic analysis showed that they were categorized into three groups. All members of group II were responsive to ABA. Functional complementation showed that with the exception of ZmPMP3-6, all were capable of maintaining membrane potential, which in turn allows for regulation of intracellular ion homeostasis. This process was independent of the presence of Ca(2+. Lastly, over-expression of ZmPMP3-1 enhanced growth of transgenic Arabidopsis under salt condition. Through expression analysis of deduced downstream genes in transgenic plants, expression levels of three ion transporter genes and four important antioxidant genes in ROS scavenging system were increased significantly in transgenic plants during salt stress. This tolerance was likely achieved through diminishing oxidative stress due to the possibility of ZmPMP3-1's involvement in regulation of ion homeostasis, and suggests that the modulation of these conserved small hydrophobic polypeptides could be an effective way to improve salt tolerance in plants.

  15. Energy Optimal Control Strategy of PHEV Based on PMP Algorithm

    Tiezhou Wu


    Full Text Available Under the global voice of “energy saving” and the current boom in the development of energy storage technology at home and abroad, energy optimal control of the whole hybrid electric vehicle power system, as one of the core technologies of electric vehicles, is bound to become a hot target of “clean energy” vehicle development and research. This paper considers the constraints to the performance of energy storage system in Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV, from which lithium-ion battery frequently charges/discharges, PHEV largely consumes energy of fuel, and their are difficulty in energy recovery and other issues in a single cycle; the research uses lithium-ion battery combined with super-capacitor (SC, which is hybrid energy storage system (Li-SC HESS, working together with internal combustion engine (ICE to drive PHEV. Combined with PSO-PI controller and Li-SC HESS internal power limited management approach, the research proposes the PHEV energy optimal control strategy. It is based on revised Pontryagin’s minimum principle (PMP algorithm, which establishes the PHEV vehicle simulation model through ADVISOR software and verifies the effectiveness and feasibility. Finally, the results show that the energy optimization control strategy can improve the instantaneity of tracking PHEV minimum fuel consumption track, implement energy saving, and prolong the life of lithium-ion batteries and thereby can improve hybrid energy storage system performance.

  16. Difficulties with neurological prognostication in a young woman with delayed-onset generalised status myoclonus after cardiac arrest due to acute severe asthma

    Arvind Rajamani


    Full Text Available Neurological prognostication in cardiac arrest survivors is difficult, especially when the primary etiology is respiratory arrest. Prognostic factors designed to have zero false-positive rates to robustly confirm poor outcome are usually inadequate to rule out poor outcomes (i.e., high specificity and low sensitivity. One of the least understood prognosticators is generalised status myoclonus (GSM, with case reports confusing GSM, isolated myoclonic jerks and post-hypoxic intention myoclonus (Lance Adams syndrome [LAS]. With several prognostic indicators (including status myoclonus having been validated in the pre-hypothermia era, their current relevance is debatable. New modalities such as brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI and continuous electroencephalography are being evaluated. We describe here a pregnant woman resuscitated from a cardiac arrest due to acute severe asthma, and an inability to reach a consensus based on published guidelines, with a brief overview of myoclonus, LAS and the role of MRI brain in assisting prognostication.

  17. Analysis of Polymorphic Membrane Protein Expression in Cultured Cells Identifies PmpA and PmpH of Chlamydia psittaci as Candidate Factors in Pathogenesis and Immunity to Infection

    Van Lent, Sarah; De Vos, Winnok H.; Huot Creasy, Heather; Marques, Patricia X.; Ravel, Jacques; Vanrompay, Daisy; Bavoil, Patrik; Hsia, Ru-ching


    The polymorphic membrane protein (Pmp) paralogous families of Chlamydia trachomatis, Chlamydia pneumoniae and Chlamydia abortus are putative targets for Chlamydia vaccine development. To determine whether this is also the case for Pmp family members of C. psittaci, we analyzed transcription levels, protein production and localization of several Pmps of C. psittaci. Pmp expression profiles were characterized using quantitative real-time PCR (RT-qPCR), immunofluorescence (IF) and immuno-electron microscopy (IEM) under normal and stress conditions. We found that PmpA was highly produced in all inclusions as early as 12 hpi in all biological replicates. In addition, PmpA and PmpH appeared to be unusually accessible to antibody as determined by both immunofluorescence and immuno-electron microscopy. Our results suggest an important role for these Pmps in the pathogenesis of C. psittaci, and make them promising candidates in vaccine development. PMID:27631978

  18. Becoming a Woman in the Dutch Republic : Advice Literature for Young Adult Women of the 17th and 18th Centuries

    van Tilburg, Marja; Reeves, Margaret; Cohen, Elizabeth


    In the Dutch republic seventeenth-century authors of marriage manuals and conduct books for women did not distinguish the young, nubile ones from married adults. Marriage was the core teaching, and all were admonished not merely to obey their husbands but also to identify with them. In stressing the

  19. Dramatic change in a young woman's perception of her diabetes and remarkable reduction in HbA1c after an individual course of Guided Self-Determination.

    Zoffmann, Vibeke; Prip, Anne; Christiansen, Anette Wendelboe


    A 24-year-old woman with type 1 diabetes participated in a randomised controlled trial proving effectiveness of a flexible Guided Self-Determination (GSD) intervention. She had for 10 years been living with a complex situation of eating disorder, poor glycaemic control, non-attendance and psychosocial distress. She managed to change her perception of diabetes dramatically and improved her glycaemic control. Considering the complexity of her case, we explored how she achieved these changes. A GSD-trained nurse delivered the intervention, which involves reflection sheets and advanced professional communication. Glycated hemoglobin was reported in the patient's record and an interview conducted by external interviewers was analysed thematically, indicating that a four-stage process of empowerment had taken place: 'focusing on life prior to numbers', 'unpacking a heavy burden', 'breaking out of isolation through communication' and 'finding strength within oneself'. The article emphasises that GSD works by breaking isolation through communication as an appropriate way to achieve good diabetes control.

  20. Regulation of tissue-specific expression of alternative peripheral myelin protein-22 (PMP22) gene transcripts by two promoters

    Patel, P.I.; Schoener-Scott, R.; Lupski, J.R. [Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX (United States)] [and others


    Mutations affecting the peripheral myelin protein-22 (PMP22) gene have been shown to be associated with inherited peripheral neuropathies. We have cloned and characterized the human PMP22 gene which spans approximately 40 kilobases and contains four coding exons. Towards developing gene therapy regimens for the associated peripheral neuropathies, we have initiated detailed analysis of the 5{prime} flanking region of the PMP22 gene and identified two alternatively transcribed, but untranslated exons. Mapping of separate PMP22 mRNA transcription initiation sites to each of these exons indicates that PMP22 expression is regulated by two alternatively used promoters. Both putative promoter sequences demonstrated the ability to drive expression of reporter genes in transfection experiments. Furthermore, the structure of the 5{prime} portion of the PMP22 gene appears to be identical in rat and human, supporting the biological significance of the observed arrangement of regulatory regions. The relative expression of the alternative PMP22 transcripts is tissue-specific and high levels of the exon 1A-containing transcript are tightly coupled to myelin formation. In contrast, exon 1B-containing transcripts are predominant in non-neural tissues and in growth-arrested primary fibroblasts. The observed regulation of the PMP22 by a complex molecular mechanism is consistent with the proposed dual role of PMP22 in neural and non-neural tissue.

  1. Development of a Novel PmpD-N ELISA for Chlamydia psittaci Infection

    LIU Shan Shan; CHU Jun; ZHANG Qiang; SUN Wei; ZHANG Tian Yuan; HE Cheng


    ObjectiveChlamydia psittaci is an avian respiratory pathogen and zoonotic agent.The wide prevalence ofC. psittaci poses a threat to the poultry industry and its employees. However, few commercial kits are available for detecting avian antibodies excluding the in-house ELISA kit. In this study, we developed a novel ELISA kit for detecting antibodies againstC. psittaci based on the N-terminal fragment of polymorphic outer membrane protein D (PmpD-N) as the coating antigen. Methods The antigen concentrations, primary antibody, and cut-off value were determined and optimized. The ELISA, designated PmpD-N ELISA, was assessed for sensitivity, specificity, and concordance using sera samples from 48 experimentally infected and 168 uninfected SPF chickens. Results The sensitivity and specificity of PmpD-N ELISA were 97.9%, 100%, respectively, while the concordance was 98.1% as compared to that of MOMP-ELISA. No cross-reaction with positive sera for other avian pathogens was found. Using PmpD-N ELISA, 799/836 clinical samples were positive, including 93.0% and 98.1% positivity in layers and broilers, respectively. Conclusion These data indicate that indirect ELISA with PmpD-N as the antigen candidate is a promising approach for the surveillance ofC. psittaci infection.

  2. Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP) over mountainous region of Cameron Highlands- Batang Padang Catchment of Malaysia

    Sidek, L. M.; Mohd Nor, M. D.; Rakhecha, P. R.; Basri, H.; Jayothisa, W.; Muda, R. S.; Ahmad, M. N.; Razad, A. Z. Abdul


    The Cameron Highland Batang Padang (CHBP) catchment situated on the main mountain range of Peninsular Malaysia is of large economical importance where currently a series of three dams (Sultan Abu Bakar, Jor and Mahang) exist in the development of water resources and hydropower. The prediction of the design storm rainfall values for different return periods including PMP values can be useful to review the adequacy of the current spillway capacities of these dams. In this paper estimates of the design storm rainfalls for various return periods and also the PMP values for rainfall stations in the CHBP catchment have been computed for the three different durations of 1, 3 & 5 days. The maximum values for 1 day, 3 days and 5 days PMP values are found to be 730.08mm, 966.17mm and 969.0mm respectively at Station number 4513033 Gunung Brinchang. The PMP values obtained were compared with previous study results undertaken by NAHRIM. However, the highest ratio of 1 day, 3 day and 5 day PMP to highest observed rainfall are found to be 2.30, 1.94 and 1.82 respectively. This shows that the ratio tend to decrease as the duration increase. Finally, the temporal pattern for 1 day, 3day and 5 days have been developed based on observed extreme rainfall at station 4513033 Gunung Brinchang for the generation of Probable Maximum Flood (PMF) in dam break analysis.

  3. A novel frameshift mutation in PMP22 accounts for hereditary neuropathy with liability to pressure palsies.

    Young, P; Wiebusch, H; Stögbauer, F; Ringelstein, B; Assmann, G; Funke, H


    Peripheral myelin protein PMP22 deficiency is associated with hereditary neuropathy with liability to pressure palsies (HNPP). Most HNPP cases are caused by a 1.5-megabase deletion in chromosome 17p11.2-12, a region that contains the PMP22 gene, whereas point mutations leading to HNPP are extremely rare. We have identified a family with clinical and electrophysiologic features of HNPP,in which all affected members are heterozygous carriers of a single base insertion in codon 94. This mutation is predicted to alter the reading frame and to result in a delayed termination signal. We conclude that the functional consequences of the frameshift are equivalent to those of the PMP22 deletion allele.

  4. Osteopoikilosis: A Cause of Elevated Bone Mineral Density on Dual X-Ray Absorptiometry Measurement in a Young Woman: Case Report

    Asylbek Kaparov


    Full Text Available Osteopoikilosis (OPK is an asymptomatic, rare bone dysplasia. It causes an increase in bone density. The etiology and pathogenesis is unknown. OPK is generally diagnosed incidentally on plain radiographies which were performed for other locomotor system symptoms. Diagnostic lesions of OPK are typically diffuse, round, symmetrically shaped sclerotic bone areas. Laboratory findings and bone scintigraphy are usually normal. OPK should be considered in the differential diagnosis of osteoblastic bone disorders. OPK is a benign disease and invasive diagnostic procedures as well as aggressive treatment modalities should be avoided. In young individuals who have elevated scores on dual-energy X-Ray absoptiometry measurement, OPK as well as other sclerosing bone disorders would be considered. (From the World of Osteoporosis 2010;16:25-8

  5. “A magical little pill that will relieve you of your womanly issues”: What young women say about menstrual suppression

    Colleen McMillan


    Full Text Available Perceptions of menstruation by media discourses portray this bodily function to be messy, inconvenient, and as an unnecessary phenomenon to be controlled or possibly eliminated. Commercials shown on YouTube targeted toward young women suggest that having a monthly period is not healthy and a lifestyle that is menses free is both pharmacologically available and recommended in order to live a fuller life. We explored the meanings attached to online menstrual suppression commercials with 10 women aged between 18 and 25. In-depth open-ended interviews were conducted over a 10-month period in 2014 after each participant viewed three menstrual suppression online advertisements. Feminist critical discourse was used for analysis with both authors coding for inter-rater reliability recognizing how our age difference and relationship as mother and daughter informed our interpretation. An overarching theme of tension emerged from the interviews with participants feeling detached due to the gendered stereotypes the commercials used to frame menstruation as compared to their own lived experience. Meanings associated with the menstrual suppression commercials were contrary to the participants’ lived experience of menstruation as a healthy process not a detrimental one to their well-being as suggested by the commercials. Subliminal messages within the advertisements were identified as reinforcing gender bias and prejudices, including those associated with femininity. Despite attempting to emulate popular culture, the menstrual suppression advertisements were largely dismissed by this group of participants as undermining their intelligence and of intentionally creating divisive binaries between groups of women. This study suggests that historical bias and stereotypical prejudices were identified by this group of young women within the marketing of menstrual suppression products and, as such, were dismissed as inauthentic to the menstruation experience

  6. “A magical little pill that will relieve you of your womanly issues”: What young women say about menstrual suppression

    McMillan, Colleen; Jenkins, Amanda


    Perceptions of menstruation by media discourses portray this bodily function to be messy, inconvenient, and as an unnecessary phenomenon to be controlled or possibly eliminated. Commercials shown on YouTube targeted toward young women suggest that having a monthly period is not healthy and a lifestyle that is menses free is both pharmacologically available and recommended in order to live a fuller life. We explored the meanings attached to online menstrual suppression commercials with 10 women aged between 18 and 25. In-depth open-ended interviews were conducted over a 10-month period in 2014 after each participant viewed three menstrual suppression online advertisements. Feminist critical discourse was used for analysis with both authors coding for inter-rater reliability recognizing how our age difference and relationship as mother and daughter informed our interpretation. An overarching theme of tension emerged from the interviews with participants feeling detached due to the gendered stereotypes the commercials used to frame menstruation as compared to their own lived experience. Meanings associated with the menstrual suppression commercials were contrary to the participants’ lived experience of menstruation as a healthy process not a detrimental one to their well-being as suggested by the commercials. Subliminal messages within the advertisements were identified as reinforcing gender bias and prejudices, including those associated with femininity. Despite attempting to emulate popular culture, the menstrual suppression advertisements were largely dismissed by this group of participants as undermining their intelligence and of intentionally creating divisive binaries between groups of women. This study suggests that historical bias and stereotypical prejudices were identified by this group of young women within the marketing of menstrual suppression products and, as such, were dismissed as inauthentic to the menstruation experience reflecting a form of

  7. [Detection of the PMP22 gene duplication in peripheral neuropathy patients: a study in Mexican population].

    Cortés, Hernán; Hernández-Hernández, Óscar; Bautista-Tirado, Teresa; Escobar-Cedillo, Rosa Elena; Magaña, Jonathan J; Leyva-García, Norberto


    Introduccion. La enfermedad de Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) es una neuropatia que afecta los nervios motores y sensitivos, y la CMT1A es el subtipo mas frecuente en el mundo. La CMT1A se produce por una duplicacion de 1,5 Mb en el locus 17p11.2-p12, donde se localiza el gen PMP22. Para el diagnostico de CMT1A es importante contar con tecnicas moleculares especificas para la determinacion de esta mutacion. Objetivos. Establecer un metodo de uso rutinario para detectar la duplicacion de PMP22 en la poblacion mexicana y estimar su frecuencia en pacientes con caracteristicas clinicas para la CMT. Pacientes y metodos. Se analizaron 157 pacientes mexicanos no relacionados entre si, diagnosticados de CMT por valoracion clinica. La determinacion de la duplicacion de PMP22 se realizo a traves de reaccion en cadena de la polimerasa en tiempo real mediante el metodo comparativo 2–ΔΔCT. Resultados. El metodo 2–ΔΔCT para detectar la duplicacion del gen PMP22 mostro ser sensible y fiable. Los resultados fueron consistentes con los obtenidos mediante la tecnica de hibridacion in situ fluorescente. Se detecto la duplicacion de PMP22 en 79 pacientes (50,3%), con un comportamiento similar a lo comunicado en Estados Unidos, Australia, Finlandia, Suecia y España. Sin embargo, se observo que existen diferencias con otras poblaciones. Conclusiones. La tecnica de reaccion en cadena de la polimerasa cuantitativa se implemento como un diagnostico molecular de CMT1A eficaz y de bajo coste, por lo que puede utilizarse rutinariamente en Mexico. Esto es esencial para el asesoramiento genetico y el tratamiento oportuno de los pacientes con CMT. La frecuencia de la duplicacion del gen PMP22 varia entre regiones geograficas, por lo que es importante estimarla en diferentes poblaciones.

  8. Lakota Woman: Authentic Culture on Film or Exploitation?

    Merritt, Judy


    Reviews the movie "Lakota Woman," the story of Mary Crow Dog, a young woman who gave birth to her first child during the American Indian Movement's occupation of Wounded Knee, South Dakota, in 1973. Although the majority of the crew and cast were Native Americans, many subtleties and nuances of American Indian culture were overlooked.…

  9. Performance Analysis of QoS in PMP Mode WiMax Networks

    kamboj, Maninder Singh


    IEEE 802.16 standard supports two different topologies: point to multipoint (PMP) and Mesh. In this paper, a QoS mechanism for point to multipoint of IEEE 802.16 and BS scheduler for PMP Mode is proposed. This paper also describes quality of service over WiMAX networks. Average WiMAX delay, Average WiMAX load and Average WiMAX throughput at base station is analyzed and compared by applying different scheduler at Base station and at fixed nodes.

  10. Genetic factors for nerve susceptibility to injuries-lessons from PMP22 deifciency

    Jun Li


    Genetic factors may be learnt from families with gene mutations that render nerve-injury sus-ceptibility even to ordinary physical activities. A typical example is hereditary neuropathy with liability to pressure palsies (HNPP). HNPP is caused by a heterozygous deletion of PMP22 gene. PMP22 deficiency disrupts myelin junctions (such as tight junction and adherens junctions), leading to abnormally increased myelin permeability that explains the nerve susceptibility to injury. This ifnding should motivate investigators to identify additional genetic factors contribut-ing to nerve vulnerability of injury.

  11. Correlation between PMP-22 messenger RNA expression and phenotype in hereditary neuropathy with liability to pressure palsies.

    Schenone, A; Nobbio, L; Caponnetto, C; Abbruzzese, M; Mandich, P; Bellone, E; Ajmar, F; Gherardi, G; Windebank, A J; Mancardi, G


    Hereditary neuropathy with liability to pressure palsies (HNPP) is associated with a deletion in chromosome 17p11.2, which includes the gene for the peripheral myelin protein 22 (PMP-22). A "gene dosage" effect is probably the mechanism underlying HNPP, but the amount of PMP-22 mRNA in sural nerves of HNPP patients is highly variable and the role of PMP-22 underexpression in impairing myelination has yet to be clarified. We have studied 6 genetically proven HNPP patients, to evaluate the relationship between PMP-22 mRNA levels, and clinical, neurophysiological, and neuropathological findings. Underexpression of PMP-22 mRNA correlates with disease severity and with mean axon diameter and g ratio, but not with myelin thickness, number of "tomacula," or nerve conduction parameters. Our findings further confirm that underexpression of PMP-22 is the main pathogenetic mechanism underlying the severity of clinical symptoms and signs in HNPP. Smaller axons in sural nerves of HNPP patients with lower PMP-22 levels suggests that underexpression of PMP-22 may also affect axon development.

  12. Stoichiometric alteration of PMP22 protein determines the phenotype of hereditary neuropathy with liability to pressure palsies.

    Li, Jun; Ghandour, Khaled; Radovanovic, Danijela; Radovanovic, Danuijola; Shy, Rosemary R; Krajewski, Karen M; Shy, Michael E; Nicholson, Garth A


    Hereditary neuropathy with liability to pressure palsies (HNPP) is caused by a 1.4-megabase deletion at chromosome 17p11.2, which bears the PMP22 gene and other genes. However, whether other genes besides PMP22 contribute to the phenotype is unknown. Whether any mutation within the coding region of the PMP22 gene ultimately causes HNPP by reducing the amount of peripheral myelin protein 22 (PMP22) expressed in myelin is also unknown. To determine whether affected patients develop a phenotype identical to that found in HNPP and whether the leucine 7 frameshift (Leu7fs) mutation reduces PMP22 levels in myelin. We evaluated affected family members by neurological examination, electrophysiology, and skin biopsies. We identified a large family with a Leu7fs mutation of PMP22 (11 affected members across 3 generations) that predicts truncation of the protein prematurely and eliminates PMP22 expression from the mutant allele. We found that PMP22 levels were reduced in peripheral nerve myelin in dermal skin biopsies in patients with an Leu7fs mutation. Through clinical and electrophysiological evaluation, we also found that patients with the Leu7fs mutation were indistinguishable from patients with HNPP caused by deletion. We also found that a length-dependent axonal loss became pronounced in elderly patients with Leu7fs mutations, similar to what has been described in heterozygous knockout mice (pmp22 +/-). Taken together, these results confirm that the phenotypic expression is identical in patients with Leu7fs mutation and patients with HNPP caused by chromosome 17p11.2 deletion. They also demonstrate that reduction of PMP22 is sufficient to cause the full HNPP phenotype.

  13. Favorable outcome in a newborn with molybdenum cofactor type A deficiency treated with cPMP

    Hitzert, Marrit M; Bos, Arend F; Bergman, Klasien A.; Veldman, Alex; Schwarz, Guenter; Santamaria-Araujo, José Angel; Heiner-Fokkema, Rebecca; Sival, Deborah A; Lunsing, Roelineke J; Arjune, Sita; Kosterink, Jos G W; van Spronsen, FrancJan


    Molybdenum cofactor deficiency (MoCD) is a lethal autosomal recessive inborn error of metabolism with devastating neurologic manifestations. Currently, experimental treatment with cyclic pyranopterin monophosphate (cPMP) is available for patients with MoCD type A caused by a mutation in the MOCS-1 g

  14. Safe Surgery Trainer Project Management Plan (PMP), Version 1.0


    Methodology including SCRUM (see for more info). Although this Safe Surgery Trainer - PMP Version 1.0 5...3.5  High Level Task Identification and Scheduling Methodology ......................................................................... 8  4...30/2014 Distribution Statement – Approved for Public Release, Distribution is Unlimited. 8 methodology does not specifically describe a life cycle

  15. Expression, processing, and localization of PmpD of Chlamydia trachomatis Serovar L2 during the chlamydial developmental cycle.

    Andrey O Kiselev

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: While families of polymorphic membrane protein (pmp genes have been identified in several Chlamydia species, their function remains mostly unknown. These proteins are of great interest, however, because of their location in the outer membrane and possible role in chlamydial virulence. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDING: We analyzed the relative transcription of the pmpD gene, a member of the pmp gene family in C. trachomatis serovar L2, and its protein product translation and processing during the chlamydial developmental cycle. By real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction, the pmpD gene was found to be upregulated at 16 to 24 four hours after infection. Using polyclonal antibodies generated against the predicted passenger domain of PmpD, we demonstrated that it is initially localized on the surface of reticulate bodies, followed by its secretion outside Chlamydia starting at 24 hours after infection. In elementary bodies, we found a approximately 157 kDa PmpD only inside the cell. Both events, the upregulation of pmpD gene transcription and PmpD protein processing and secretion, are coincidental with the period of replication and differentiation of RBs into EBs. We also demonstrated that, in the presence of penicillin, the cleavage and secretion of the putative passenger domain was suppressed. CONCLUSION/SIGNIFICANCE: Our results are in agreement with the general concept that PmpD is an autotransporter protein which is post-translationally processed and secreted in the form of the putative passenger domain outside Chlamydia at mid- to- late point after infection, coinciding with the development of RBs into EBs.

  16. Woman in Combat


    caper was "Nancy Hart’s dinner party". Five 0 Tories, who had just shot a neighbor, forced their way into her home, demanding a meal. Nancy Hart fed... Barbara and Umlauf, Hana. The Good Housekeeping Woman’s Almanan. New York: Newspaper Enterprise Association, Inc., 1977. Miller, Donald L. An Album of

  17. PMP Estimations at Sparsely Controlled Andinian Basins and Climate Change Projections

    Lagos Zúñiga, M. A.; Vargas, X.


    Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP) estimation implies an extensive review of hydrometeorological data and understandig of precipitation formation processes. There exists different methodology processes that apply for their estimations and all of them require a good spatial and temporal representation of storms. The estimation of hydrometeorological PMP on sparsely controlled basins is a difficult task, specially if the studied area has an important orographic effect due to mountains and the mixed precipitation occurrence in the most several storms time period, the main task of this study is to propose and estimate PMP in a sparsely controlled basin, affected by abrupt topography and mixed hidrology basin; also analyzing statystic uncertainties estimations and possible climate changes effects in its estimation. In this study the PMP estimation under statistical and hydrometeorological aproaches (watershed-based and traditional depth area duration analysis) was done in a semi arid zone at Puclaro dam in north Chile. Due to the lack of good spatial meteorological representation at the study zone, we propose a methodology to consider the orographic effects of Los Andes due to orographic effects patterns based in a RCM PRECIS-DGF and annual isoyetal maps. Estimations were validated with precipitation patterns for given winters, considering snow route and rainfall gauges at the preferencial wind direction, finding good results. The estimations are also compared with the highest areal storms in USA, Australia, India and China and with frequency analysis in local rain gauge stations in order to decide about the most adequate approach for the study zone. Climate change projections were evaluated with ECHAM5 GCM model, due to its good quality representation in the seasonality and the magnitude of meteorological variables. Temperature projections, for 2040-2065 period, show that there would be a rise in the catchment contributing area that would lead to an increase of the

  18. Clinical analysis of neovaginal reconstruction and ovarian transposition in radical surgery of early cervical cancer in young woman%年轻早期宫颈癌患者卵巢移位阴道延长术临床分析

    李潇; 刘春玲


    Objective To explore efficacy of neovaginal reconstruction and ovarian transposition of early cervical canser in young woman, the main indicator is blood hormone levels and sexual life quality. Methods The experimental group consist of 43 early cervical canser young woman Which performed radical hysterectomy, in the meantime which carry out Neovaginal Reconstruction and ovarian transposition; The Matched group consist of 40 early cervical canser young woman, They only be performed radical hysterectomy. Results There was no significant variation in sexual life quality and blood hormone levels in the experimental group. ( P > 0. 05 ) ; The Matched group has low sexual life quality and hormone levels compared to preoperation (P 0.05);对照组40例患者出现明显的激素水平绝经变化和阴道缩短(P<0.05).结论 在年轻早期宫颈癌患者广泛性子宫切除术加盆腔淋巴结清扫术中实施卵巢移位+阴道延长术,手术操作简单,易于掌握,对术后患者的生活质量的维持效果好,很值得在临床普及和推广.

  19. Tríada de Carney incompleta e hipertensión arterial en una mujer joven Incomplete Carney’s triad and arterial hypertension in a young woman

    Alberto Allievi


    Full Text Available Se presenta una el caso de paciente joven, con tríada de Carney incompleta que cursa hipertensión arterial de dos años de evolución y anemia ferropénica grave por pérdida crónica de sangre por tubo digestivo, con tumores gástricos múltiples y paraganglioma pararrenal. No presenta aún desarrollo de condromas pulmonares visibles por tomografía axial computada. En nuestra paciente el paraganglioma no resultó funcionante. Resaltamos que la presencia de tumores gástricos múltiples en un adulto joven debe sugerir la posibilidad de tumores estromales (GIST, cuyo diagnóstico por biopsia endoscópica es difícil debido a su localización profunda, situada en las capas musculares de la pared gástrica. Asimismo queremos remarcar la importancia de las técnicas de marcación descriptas para el diagnóstico preciso. El seguimiento debe ser constante dado el pronóstico incierto de estos tumores. Los condromas pulmonares pueden aparecer años después de la resección del GIST y ser confundidos con metástasis del GIST.The case of young woman with arterial hypertension diagnosed two years before, is here presented; she had a ferropenic anemia caused by digestive loss of blood. Multiple gastric tumors and pararenal non functioning paraganglioma were found. No chondromas were detected. An incomplete Carney’s Triad was diagnosed. We remark that multiple gastric tumors in a young adult suggest the possibility of gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST Endoscopic biopsy frequently is not effective because these tumors are deep placed in the muscular gastric layers. The importance of specific techniques for a positive diagnosis are emphasized. Continuous follow up is needed because these tumors have uncertain prognosis. Lung chondromas may appear years later after the GIST was removed and might be confused with GIST metastases.

  20. Intracranial Aspergillosis in an Immunocompetent Young Woman.

    Panda, Prasan Kumar; Mavidi, Sunil Kumar; Wig, Naveet; Garg, Ajay; Nalwa, Aasma; Sharma, M C


    Intracranial aspergillosis (ICA) is very rare in the immunocompetent individuals, usually misdiagnosed as a tumor or an abscess. A high index of clinical suspicion is required in patients who present with focal neurological deficits, headache, or seizures. We report the case of a 25-year-old immunocompetent female, who presented with a 15-month history of headache, seizures, left-sided proptosis and ophthalmoplegia, and right hemiparesis. Recovery from the symptoms and decrease in the lesion size seen on the radiological assessment were achieved through two decompressive craniotomies followed by prolonged combined systemic antifungal therapies. Although the initial neuroimaging suggested a mitotic pathology, the surgical sample confirmed ICA. Now the patient is on single antifungal therapy (Tab. voriconazole, 200 mg twice daily) and doing her daily activities, but with a reduced intelligent quotient. We report a challenging case of ICA where multiple courses of combined antifungal therapies and repeat surgeries paved the way for a good prognosis.

  1. From a Girl to a Young Woman.

    Population Education Newsletter and Forum, 1987


    Describes a 27-part flip chart developed in the Marshall Islands which was designed to be used with sixth graders in an effort to prevent teenage pregnancy. Examples of various parts of the materials are included, along with discussion questions. (TW)

  2. Maria Montessori: Portrait of a Young Woman

    Povell, Phyllis


    In this article, the author presents the biography of Maria Montessori, who pioneered early childhood education and introduced a new method of pedagogy. The innovations in education that Montessori introduced were enough to reserve a place for her in the history books. Montessori was ahead of her time in many aspects of her life. The decisions…

  3. Massive pleural effusion in a young woman

    Paolo Ghiringhelli


    Full Text Available Pleural effusion is a clinical manifestation shared by several underlying pathologies. The differential diagnosis is based on the clinical history, the physical examination, the analysis of the pleural fluid, and the laboratory data (mainly blood tests. There are cases, such as the patient described, where TC is not enough, and unusual imaging techniques are required for the study of pleural effusion, i.e. magnetic resonance cholangiography, cholangiopancreatography (MRCP and endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP.This case analyses a 42-year-old female patient who arrived with progressive dyspnoea, chest pain, cough, a history of alcohol abuse, and a recent episode of acute pancreatitis. The physical examination revealed signs of right-sided pleural effusion. These features, together with laboratory data, made it possible to pose the diagnosis of pancreaticopleural fistula, to treat it, and to obtain a complete healing in a two-month period.

  4. [A young woman with progressive cerebral atrophy].

    Shahbazi Fashtali, S.N.; Liauw, L.; Kaanders, J.H.A.M.


    A 21-year-old patient suffering from neurofibromatosis type 1 had received radiotherapy for a chiasm glioma 17 years ago. Fourteen years later, there was progressive deterioration of several neurological functions. MRI scans showed a progressively increasing volume loss of the left hemisphere and st

  5. House While Woman Grows

    Şengül Öymen Gür


    Full Text Available Discourses on woman/space relations boomed in the 90s. The fundamental reason was to give support to the Feminist Movement. This trend which has had feeble effect on architectural design remained controversial. The comprehensive research expounded in this article which was based on an open-ended questionnaire that targeted at determining the gender roles at home, applied to female subjects who simulated the national demographics, clearly demonstrated that the home experience of an average Turkish woman basically consists of kitchens; the female who runs the house does not really have a place for herself at home. However she does not perceive her restrained, secondary role an issue worthy of struggling to change and she grants spaces for recreation and study to the male. The well-established civil laws conducive for equality has not changed this disturbing situation and do not seem to do so in the near future.

  6. De novo PMP2 mutations in families with type 1 Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease.

    Motley, William W; Palaima, Paulius; Yum, Sabrina W; Gonzalez, Michael A; Tao, Feifei; Wanschitz, Julia V; Strickland, Alleene V; Löscher, Wolfgang N; De Vriendt, Els; Koppi, Stefan; Medne, Livija; Janecke, Andreas R; Jordanova, Albena; Zuchner, Stephan; Scherer, Steven S


    We performed whole exome sequencing on a patient with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 1 and identified a de novo mutation in PMP2, the gene that encodes the myelin P2 protein. This mutation (p.Ile52Thr) was passed from the proband to his one affected son, and segregates with clinical and electrophysiological evidence of demyelinating neuropathy. We then screened a cohort of 136 European probands with uncharacterized genetic cause of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease and identified another family with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 1 that has a mutation affecting an adjacent amino acid (p.Thr51Pro), which segregates with disease. Our genetic and clinical findings in these kindred demonstrate that dominant PMP2 mutations cause Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 1. © The Author (2016). Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the Guarantors of Brain. All rights reserved. For Permissions, please email:

  7. Partial Gene Deletions of PMP22 Causing Hereditary Neuropathy with Liability to Pressure Palsies

    Sun-Mi Cho


    Full Text Available Hereditary neuropathy with liability to pressure palsies (HNPP is an autosomal neuropathy that is commonly caused by a reciprocal 1.5 Mb deletion on chromosome 17p11.2, at the site of the peripheral myelin protein 22 (PMP22 gene. Other patients with similar phenotypes have been shown to harbor point mutations or small deletions, although there is some clinical variation across these patients. In this report, we describe a case of HNPP with copy number changes in exon or promoter regions of PMP22. Multiplex ligation-dependent probe analysis revealed an exon 1b deletion in the patient, who had been diagnosed with HNPP in the first decade of life using molecular analysis.

  8. Japanese Woman Chooses China


    IN Qianyang Village, Gucheng Township, Bozhou city in Anhui Province, lives Mitsui Yoshie, a 72-year-old Japanese woman. Her Chinese name is Wang Fengying. This is the story of how she decided to spend the rest of her life in China. Mitsui Yoshie was born into a well-to-do family in Kumamoto, Japan. Her father, Mitsui Kichizo, followed her grandfather into the timber business. She and her older brother, Mitsui Seiki, and

  9. Woman Swims Atlantic



    Jennifer Figge pressed her toes into the Caribbean sand, excited and exhausted as she touched land this week for the first time in almost a month. Reaching a beach in Trinidad, she became the first woman on record to s,Mm across the Atlantic Ocean-a dream she'd had since the early 1960s, when a stormy trans-Atlantic flight got her thinking she could wear a life vest and swim the rest of the way if needed.

  10. PMP与现代项目管理%PMP and Modern Management



    @@ PMP及其发展状况PMP的英文是Project Management Professional,简称PMP,是美国项目管理学会(Project Management Institute,简称PMI)开展的对项目管理专业人员资格认证.其目的是为了给项目管理人员提供一个行业标准.

  11. The Fu Takes Care of the Young to Care Organization File the Influence of the Construction Upon the Age Pregnant Woman of Gao Chan Yun%妇幼保健机构档案建设对高产孕龄产妇的影响



    Take care of the young to care a business development in the Fu in, the organization file construction has a very im-portant position.Particularly age pregnant woman of Gao Chan Yun, pass file construction, can provide Fu to take care of the young to care for pregnant woman, social service function.Care at the age pregnant woman of Gao Chan Yun in, the abundant information of file has to act for a function.Pass information-based means, promote the management, business work that the age pregnant wom-an of Gao Chan Yun cares, well develop an information to drill, integrate file resources advantage, raise economic efficiency, social efficiency, help the Fu to take care of the young to care business of positive, healthy development.%在妇幼保健事业发展中,机构档案建设具有十分重要的地位。尤其是高产孕龄产妇,通过档案建设,可为产妇提供妇幼保健、社会服务功能。在高产孕龄产妇保健中,档案的丰富信息具有不可替代作用。通过信息化手段,促进高产孕龄产妇保健的管理、业务工作,充分发挥信息作用,整合档案资源优势,提高经济效益、社会效益,促进妇幼保健事业的良性、健康发展。

  12. PLP and PMP radicals: a new paradigm in coenzyme B6 chemistry.

    Agnihotri, G; Liu, H W


    Enzymes frequently rely on a broad repertoire of cofactors to perform chemically challenging transformations. The B6 coenzymes, composed of pyridoxal 5'-phosphate (PLP) and pyridoxamine 5'-phosphate (PMP), are used by many transaminases, racemases, decarboxylases, and enzymes catalyzing alpha,beta and beta,gamma-eliminations. Despite the variety of reactions catalyzed by B6-dependent enzymes, the mechanism of almost all such enzymes is based on their ability to stabilize high-energy anionic intermediates in their reaction pathways by the pyridinium moiety of PLP/PMP. However, there are two notable exceptions to this model, which are discussed in this article. The first enzyme, lysine 2,3-aminomutase, is a PLP-dependent enzyme that catalyzes the interconversion of L-lysine to L-beta-lysine using a one-electron-based mechanism utilizing a [4Fe-4S] cluster and S-adenosylmethionine. The second enzyme, CDP-6-deoxy-L-threo-D-glycero-4-hexulose-3-dehydrase, is a PMP-dependent enzyme involved in the formation of 3,6-dideoxysugars in bacteria. This enzyme also contains an iron-sulfur cluster and uses a one-electron based mechanism to catalyze removal of a C-3 hydroxy group from a 4-hexulose. In both cases, the participation of free radicals in the reaction pathway has been established, placing these two B6-dependent enzymes in an exclusive class by themselves.

  13. Dual-frequency grating method based research on phase measurement profilometry (PMP) technology

    Wang, Binbin; Liang, Yijun; Deng, Hu


    With more than three decades of development, three-dimensional optical measurement technology has reached a mature stage in commercial applications, meanwhile new ones have continually arisen. Due to the development of Charge Coupled Device (CCD) array camera and digital projection technology, the applications of Phase Measurement Profilometry (PMP) become more and more broad. Among these, dual-frequency grating method has drawn many attentions because of its simplicity in principle and optical path, low requirement of equipment, high accuracy and level of automation comparing with other methods. The phase calculation is one of the key technologies in PMP. However, phase unwrapping algorithm in PMP is a difficult issue. A lot of new algorithm have been proposed, but neither one can solve all the problems, so how to set up new phase unwrapping algorithm becomes urgent. In this chapter, we systematically investigate the phase unwrapping method in dual-frequency grating method, and experimentally set up the system. To verify our method, we experimentally measure a three dimensional object which possesses complicated stair shapes on its surface. The results show that our dual-frequency grating method could achieve phase unwrapping without doing conventional phase unwrapping calculations, and it could also detect the detailed stair shapes on the surface of this three dimensional object automatically.

  14. Costate Estimation of PMP-Based Control Strategy for PHEV Using Legendre Pseudospectral Method

    Hanbing Wei


    Full Text Available Costate value plays a significant role in the application of PMP-based control strategy for PHEV. It is critical for terminal SOC of battery at destination and corresponding equivalent fuel consumption. However, it is not convenient to choose the approximate costate in real driving condition. In the paper, the optimal control problem of PHEV based on PMP has been converted to nonlinear programming problem. By means of KKT condition costate can be approximated as KKT multipliers of NLP divided by the LGL weights. A kind of general costate estimation approach is proposed for predefined driving condition in this way. Dynamic model has been established in Matlab/Simulink in order to prove the effectiveness of the method. Simulation results demonstrate that the method presented in the paper can deduce the closer value of global optimal value than constant initial costate value. This approach can be used for initial costate and jump condition estimation of PMP-based control strategy for PHEV.

  15. Solution structure of PMP-C: a new fold in the group of small serine proteinase inhibitors.

    Mer, G; Hietter, H; Kellenberger, C; Renatus, M; Luu, B; Lefèvre, J F


    The solution structure and the disulfide pairings of a 36-residue proteinase inhibitor isolated from the insect Locusta migratoria have been determined using NMR spectroscopy and simulated annealing calculations. The peptide, termed PMP-C, was previously shown to inhibit bovine alpha-chymotrypsin as well as human leukocyte elastase, and was also found to block high-voltage-activated Ca2+ currents in rat sensory neurones. PMP-C has a prolate ellipsoid shape and adopts a tertiary fold hitherto unobserved in the large group of small "canonical" proteinase inhibitors. The over-all fold consists mainly of three strands arranged in a right-handed twisted, antiparallel, beta-sheet that demarcates a cavity, together with a linear amino-terminal segment oriented almost perpendicular to the three strands of the beta-sheet. Inside the cavity a phenyl ring constitutes the centre of a hydrophobic core. The proteinase binding loop is located in the carboxy-terminal part of the molecule, between two cysteine residues involved in disulfide bridges. Its conformation resembles that found in other small canonical proteinase inhibitors. A comparison of PMP-C structure with the recently published solution structure of the related peptide PMP-D2 shows that the most significant differences are complementary changes involved in the stabilization of similar folds. This comparison led us to review the structure of PMP-D2 and to identify two salt bridges in PMP-D2.

  16. Woman's lot in India.

    Goyal, S K


    I read Dr. Rao's article on attitudes to women and nutrition programmes in India (Dec. 22/29, p. 1357) with considerable interest. In India parents have to save a lot of money to be able to give a dowry when a daughter marries. In addition they are expected to spend considerable sums when their daughters' children are born and when the grandchildren in turn marry. The task of looking after elderly parents--and of discharging their responsibilities if they themselves are unable to do so--falls upon the sons. In India daughters rarely help out their parents in this way, and the parents will not usually agree to accept help from daughters if they have a son who is prepared to discharge the sacred duty of helping parents in time of need. Once she marries, a daughter's obligations to her parents cease while their obligations to her extend even further to include her husband, children, and in-laws. No wonder the birth of a girl is rarely a cause of celebration in India. The main cause for the plight of women in India is poverty. In most Indian families, the woman of the house will consume less than anyone of nutritious items such as milk, cheese, meat, fish, and butter. Whenever the family's meagre resources are shared out, whether for food, for education, for medical care, it is the males who are given preference. This unequal distribution takes place with the full approval of the woman of the house. Food is normally allocated by the woman, and when food is scarce they tend to favour sons over daughters. Readers in the West may feel that women get the worst possible deal in India. However, although parents do not normally spend as much on the education of their daughters as they do on their sons, in the long run daughters very often get more than their fair share of the family's fortunes because of the dowry system and other social customs.

  17. The Woman in Pieces

    Everardo Rocha


    Full Text Available This article aims to analyze the representation of the feminine identity in advertising. It explores the notion of social identity as a category that is experienced in the tension between classification and value. It also discusses the logic by which ads elaborate an image and, while in this process, transform the woman into a silent and fragmented body. In this article, I follow the anthropological tradition of symbolic systems analysis, and with it contribute to the debate concerning social representations throughout mass communication in general and, particularly, in advertising.

  18. PMP-22 expression in the central nervous system of the embryonic mouse defines potential transverse segments and longitudinal columns.

    Parmantier, E; Braun, C; Thomas, J L; Peyron, F; Martinez, S; Zalc, B


    PMP-22, a major constituent of peripheral nervous system (PNS) myelin, is also present in the central nervous system (CNS), in motoneurons of the cranial nerve motor nuclei and spinal cord (Parmantier et al. [1995] Eur. J. Neurosci. 7:1080-1088). The expression of PMP-22 in the CNS during embryonic and early postnatal development was investigated and showed a biphasic spatio-temporal pattern. The expression of PMP-22 started at embryonic day (E)11.5, in restricted longitudinal and transverse domains, in the ventricular zone of the spinal cord, rhombencephalon, mesencephalon and prosencephalon. In the mid- and forebrain, the PMP-22 signal was detectable in a longitudinal domain that followed ventrally the basal/alar boundary but could no longer be detected dorsally at some distance from the roof plate. Along the caudo-rostral axis, the territory in which PMP-22 was detected spanned the mesencephalon and the prosencephalon, extending caudally from the limit between the isthmus and the mesencephalon, and rostrally to the boundary between prosomeres 4 and 5 (p4/p5). In agreement with the prosomeric model of forebrain organization proposed by Puelles and Rubenstein ([1993] TINS 16:472-479), differences in the level of PMP-22 expression in p2, p3, and p4 clearly defined the p2/p3 and p3/p4 neuromeric boundaries. By E17.5, PMP-22 was no longer detected in the ventricular zone, but at E18.5 it began to be expressed in motoneurons of cranial nerve motor nuclei and, after birth, following a rostro-caudal gradient, in the ventral spinal cord.

  19. Vulvar pityriasis versicolor in an immunocompetent woman.

    Day, Tania; Scurry, James


    To report a case of isolated vulvar pityriasis versicolor in a 24-year-old healthy woman. A 24-year-old woman presented with variable color change on the vulva of 8 months in duration. Areas of tan and white skin were observed on the mons pubis. The pubic hair had been shaved. Initially, the paler areas were deemed abnormal suggesting vitiligo, but the biopsy showed normal skin including normal numbers of melanocytes. Subsequently, biopsy of the tan area showed pityriasis versicolor. She was successfully treated with topical 2% ketoconazole, with gradual fading of lesions. With increased body awareness and the current popularity of pubic hair removal, young women may consult clinicians about color changes on the vulva. Clinicians should be aware that vulvar pityriasis versicolor may occur in healthy women with no other skin involvement.

  20. Polymorphic membrane protein (PMP) 20 and PMP 21 of Chlamydia pneumoniae induce proinflammatory mediators in human endothelial cells in vitro by activation of the nuclear factor-kappaB pathway.

    Niessner, Alexander; Kaun, Christoph; Zorn, Gerlinde; Speidl, Walter; Türel, Zeynep; Christiansen, Gunna; Pedersen, Anna-Sofie; Birkelund, Svend; Simon, Susan; Georgopoulos, Apostolos; Graninger, Wolfgang; de Martin, Rainer; Lipp, Joachim; Binder, Bernd R; Maurer, Gerald; Huber, Kurt; Wojta, Johann


    We tested whether polymorphic membrane proteins (PMPs) of Chlamydia pneumoniae might play a role in triggering an inflammatory response in human endothelial cells. Of 15 purified, recombinant chlamydial PMPs tested, 2 (PMP 20 and PMP 21) dose-dependently increased the production of the inflammatory mediators interleukin (IL)-6 and monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 (MCP-1), in cultured human endothelial cells; production of IL-8 was also increased. When endothelial cells were infected by live C. pneumoniae, an increase in the production of IL-6, IL-8, and MCP-1 was seen. We used adenovirus-induced overexpression of IkappaBalpha-an inhibitor of nuclear factor (NF)-kappaB-to demonstrate that PMP 20 and PMP 21 increase the production of IL-6 and MCP-1 in human endothelial cells by activation of the NF-kappaB pathway, because, in cells overexpressing IkappaBalpha, treatment with the respective PMP did not result in increased production of IL-6 and MCP-1. Thus, C. pneumoniae could, by interactions of its PMPs with the endothelium, contribute to the process of vascular injury during the development and progression of atherosclerotic lesions.

  1. A highly efficient route to enantiomerically pure l-N-Bz-Pmp(t-Bu)2-OH and incorporation into a peptide-based protein tyrosine phosphatase inhibitor.

    Hubbard, Caitlin E; Barrios, Amy M


    Phosphonomethyl phenylalanine (Pmp), a nonhydrolyzable mimic of phosphotyrosine, is an important building block in the development of peptide-based PTP inhibitors. We have designed a novel, efficient synthesis of N-Bz-Pmp(t-Bu)2-OH. A Pmp-containing peptide based on a known biological substrate of the tyrosine phosphatase CD45 (Ac-TEGQ-Pmp-QPQP-NH2) inhibits CD45 with an IC50 value of approximately 100 microM with virtually no inhibition of TCPTP up to concentrations of 120 microM.

  2. Project Manager Street Smarts A Real World Guide to PMP Skills

    Zaval, Linda Kretz


    The perfect workbook for project managers and PMP exam candidates seeking practical experience New project managers and students pursuing the Project Management Professional certification are looking for practical experience to solidify their skills. The step-by-step tasks presented in this book offer them an opportunity to practice the common tasks project managers face in the real world. The authors, both expert project management trainers and consultants, explore each phase of project management: initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and control, and closing the project, with in-depth

  3. Transgenic rice expressing a cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) plasma membrane gene MePMP3-2 exhibits enhanced tolerance to salt and drought stresses.

    Yu, Y; Cui, Y C; Ren, C; Rocha, P S C F; Peng, M; Xu, G Y; Wang, M L; Xia, X J


    Plasma membrane proteolipid 3 (PMP3) is a class of small hydrophobic proteins found in many organisms including higher plants. Some plant PMP3 genes have been shown to respond to abiotic stresses and to participate in the processes of plant stress tolerance. In this study, we isolated the cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) MePMP3-2 gene and functionally characterized its role in tolerance to abiotic stress by expressing it in rice (Oryza sativa L.). MePMP3-2 encodes a 77-amino acid protein belonging to a subgroup of plant PMP3s that have long hydrophylic C-terminal tails of unknown function. In silico analysis and co-localization studies indicated that MePMP3-2 is a plasma membrane protein with two transmembrane domains, similar to other PMP3s. In cassava leaves, MePMP3-2 expression was up-regulated by salt and drought stresses. Heterologous constitutive expression of MePMP3-2 in rice did not alter plant growth and development but increased tolerance to salt and drought stresses. In addition, under stress conditions MePMP3-2 transgenic plants accumulated less malondialdehyde, had increased levels of proline, and exhibited greater up-regulation of the stress-related genes OsProT and OsP5CS, but led to only minor changes in OsDREB2A and OsLEA3 expression. These findings indicate that MePMP3-2 may play an important role in salt and drought stress tolerance in transgenic rice.

  4. A novel point mutation in PMP22 gene in an Italian family with hereditary neuropathy with liability to pressure palsies.

    Muglia, Maria; Patitucci, Alessandra; Rizzi, Romana; Ungaro, Carmine; Conforti, Francesca Luisa; Gabriele, Anna Lia; Magariello, Angela; Mazzei, Rosalucia; Motti, Luisa; Sabadini, Rossella; Sprovieri, Teresa; Marcello, Norina; Quattrone, Aldo


    Hereditary neuropathy with liability to pressure palsies (HNPP) is an autosomal dominant inherited disorder characterized by recurrent sensory or motor dysfunction. In 85% of HNPP cases the genetic defect is a 1.4 Mb deletion on chromosome 17p11.2, encompassing the PMP22 gene. Point mutations in the PMP22 gene responsible for HNPP phenotypes are rare. We investigated a 17-years-old girl who led to our detecting a novel mutation in PMP22 gene. The mutation was also detected in her father and corresponded to a deletion of one tymidine at position 11 in exon2 (c.11delT). This novel mutation creates a shift on the reading frame starting at codon 4 and leads to the introduction of a premature stop at codon 6.

  5. Early indication of noise-induced hearing loss from PMP use in adolescents: A cross-sectional analysis

    Diana C Colon


    Full Text Available Context: Distortion product otoacoustic emissions (DPOAEs may indicate preclinical noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL in adolescents from unsafe personal music player (PMP use. Aims: The objective, therefore, was to observe preclinical signs of NIHL in 9th grade adolescents with clinically normal hearing by comparing DPOAE signals between different levels of A-weighted equivalent PMP exposure. Settings and Design: Subjects were recruited from all secondary-level schools located in the city of Regensburg, Germany during two academic years 2009/2010 and 2010/2011. Subjects and Methods: A-weighted equivalent sound pressure levels (SPLs for a 40-hour work week (LAeq,40h were estimated from questionnaire responses on output and duration of PMP use of the previous week. Subjects were then categorized into four levels of exposure: 85 to <90, and ≥90 A-weighted Decibel [dB(A]. DPOAE signals were collected by trained audiological staff, applying a standard optimized protocol, at the Department of Otorhinolaryngology of the University Hospital Regensburg. Statistical Analysis Used: Mean DPOAE signals were compared between levels by unpaired t test. Novel linear regression models adjusting for other leisure noise exposures and with outcome variables DPoutcome and 4 kilo Hertz (kHz DPOAEs estimated effects between levels. Results: A total of 1468 subjects (56% female, mostly aged 15 or 16 years were available for analysis. Comparison of DPOAE means by PMP exposure typically showed no greater than 1 dB difference between groups. In fact, comparisons between ≥90 dB(A and <80 dB(A presented the least differences in magnitude. Both DPoutcome and 4 kHz linear regression models presented a weak association with the 4-level PMP exposure variable. An expected dose-response to PMP exposure was not observed in any analyses. Conclusions: DPOAE signal strength alone cannot indicate preclinical NIHL in adolescents.

  6. PMP22 related neuropathies: Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 1A and Hereditary Neuropathy with liability to Pressure Palsies


    PMP22 related neuropathies comprise (1) PMP22 duplications leading to Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 1A (CMT1A), (2) PMP22 deletions, leading to Hereditary Neuropathy with liability to Pressure Palsies (HNPP), and (3) PMP22 point mutations, causing both phenotypes. Overall prevalence of CMT is usually reported as 1:2,500, epidemiological studies show that 20-64% of CMT patients carry the PMP22 duplication. The prevalence of HNPP is not well known. CMT1A usually presents in the first two decades with difficulty walking or running. Distal symmetrical muscle weakness and wasting and sensory loss is present, legs more frequently and more severely affected than arms. HNPP typically leads to episodic, painless, recurrent, focal motor and sensory peripheral neuropathy, preceded by minor compression on the affected nerve. Electrophysiological evaluation is needed to determine whether the polyneuropathy is demyelinating. Sonography of the nerves can be useful. Diagnosis is confirmed by finding respectively a PMP22 duplication, deletion or point mutation. Differential diagnosis includes other inherited neuropathies, and acquired polyneuropathies. The mode of inheritance is autosomal dominant and de novo mutations occur. Offspring of patients have a chance of 50% to inherit the mutation from their affected parent. Prenatal testing is possible; requests for prenatal testing are not common. Treatment is currently symptomatic and may include management by a rehabilitation physician, physiotherapist, occupational therapist and orthopaedic surgeon. Adult CMT1A patients show slow clinical progression of disease, which seems to reflect a process of normal ageing. Life expectancy is normal. PMID:24646194


    Suresh Kumar Nigam


    Full Text Available Pan masala plain (PMP with or without tobacco (PMT cause testis impairment. Three sets of mice (n = 60, 2% PMP and PMT diet were fed for12 & 13 months. Further six sets of mice in two groups plus control (n=20 received by oral feeding (PO a commercial brand PM (at doses of 8, 40 and 100 mg/kg b.w. in olive 0il by oral administration as a single dose and zarda (PMT too was given same doses and the controls were kept at staple diet only and by oral administration 0.5 ml vehicle for a period of 3 months. The animals were sacrificed (n=10 after 2 weeks and 3 months to study graded dose effects of PM plain and blend on sperm abnormalities. The plain and zarda group showed graded dose related elevated sperm abnormalities compared to control. The damages were high with 100 mg zarda group after 3 months period. The plain and Zarda group when compared, dose-duration wise, at each dose level, and in between two test groups, showed significant structural and functional changes of sperm head and mutilations. The sperm head anomalies were maximum in 12 and 13 months PMP and zarda fed groups in terms of morphology and other abnormalities. The damage is more in 13 months fed mice (p<0.01 and 12 months fed mice (p<0.05 when compared to the control group. Both the groups of PM, showed different types of sperm head abnormalities i.e., banana, beak, hammer shaped, amorphous etc. Testis of 12 and 13 months PMP and PMT groups were processed for histopathology. It was found that PMP and PMT inducts no effects after 2 weeks exposure, whereas caused liver tumor after 56 weeks exposure. PMP and PMT in comparison, and both significantly effect mouse testis showing degenerative changes in seminiferous tubules and interstitial tissue being more prominently effected in PMT group.

  8. PMP22 related neuropathies: Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 1A and Hereditary Neuropathy with liability to Pressure Palsies.

    van Paassen, Barbara W; van der Kooi, Anneke J; van Spaendonck-Zwarts, Karin Y; Verhamme, Camiel; Baas, Frank; de Visser, Marianne


    PMP22 related neuropathies comprise (1) PMP22 duplications leading to Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 1A (CMT1A), (2) PMP22 deletions, leading to Hereditary Neuropathy with liability to Pressure Palsies (HNPP), and (3) PMP22 point mutations, causing both phenotypes. Overall prevalence of CMT is usually reported as 1:2,500, epidemiological studies show that 20-64% of CMT patients carry the PMP22 duplication. The prevalence of HNPP is not well known. CMT1A usually presents in the first two decades with difficulty walking or running. Distal symmetrical muscle weakness and wasting and sensory loss is present, legs more frequently and more severely affected than arms. HNPP typically leads to episodic, painless, recurrent, focal motor and sensory peripheral neuropathy, preceded by minor compression on the affected nerve. Electrophysiological evaluation is needed to determine whether the polyneuropathy is demyelinating. Sonography of the nerves can be useful. Diagnosis is confirmed by finding respectively a PMP22 duplication, deletion or point mutation. Differential diagnosis includes other inherited neuropathies, and acquired polyneuropathies. The mode of inheritance is autosomal dominant and de novo mutations occur. Offspring of patients have a chance of 50% to inherit the mutation from their affected parent. Prenatal testing is possible; requests for prenatal testing are not common. Treatment is currently symptomatic and may include management by a rehabilitation physician, physiotherapist, occupational therapist and orthopaedic surgeon. Adult CMT1A patients show slow clinical progression of disease, which seems to reflect a process of normal ageing. Life expectancy is normal.

  9. OmpA family proteins and Pmp-like autotransporter: new adhesins of Waddlia chondrophila.

    Kebbi-Beghdadi, Carole; Domröse, Andreas; Becker, Elisabeth; Cisse, Ousmane H; Hegemann, Johannes H; Greub, Gilbert


    Waddlia chondrophila is a obligate intracellular bacterium belonging to the Chlamydiales order, a clade that also includes the well-known classical Chlamydia responsible for a number of severe human and animal diseases. Waddlia is an emerging pathogen associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes in humans and abortion in ruminants. Adhesion to the host cell is an essential prerequisite for survival of every strict intracellular bacteria and, in classical Chlamydia, this step is partially mediated by polymorphic outer membrane proteins (Pmps), a family of highly diverse autotransporters that represent about 15% of the bacterial coding capacity. Waddlia chondrophila genome however only encodes one putative Pmp-like protein. Using a proteomic approach, we identified several bacterial proteins potentially implicated in the adhesion process and we characterized their expression during the replication cycle of the bacteria. In addition, we demonstrated that the Waddlia Pmp-like autotransporter as well as OmpA2 and OmpA3, two members of the extended Waddlia OmpA protein family, exhibit adhesive properties on epithelial cells. We hypothesize that the large diversity of the OmpA protein family is linked to the wide host range of these bacteria that are able to enter and multiply in various host cells ranging from protozoa to mammalian and fish cells.

  10. Enantioselective Synthesis of N-PMP-1,2-dihydropyridines via Formal [4 + 2] Cycloaddition between Aqueous Glutaraldehyde and Imines.

    Ramaraju, Panduga; Mir, Nisar A; Singh, Deepika; Gupta, Vivek K; Kant, Rajni; Kumar, Indresh


    A simple and highly practical one-pot formal [4 + 2] cycloaddition approach for the enantioselective synthesis of N-PMP-1,2-dihydropyridines (DHPs) is described. This chemistry involves an amino-catalytic direct Mannich reaction/cyclization followed by IBX-mediated chemo- and regioselective oxidation sequence between readily available aqueous glutaraldehyde and imines under very mild conditions. A series of N-PMP-1,2-DHPs have been prepared in high yields and excellent enantioselectivity. This method also gives access to both enantiomers of 1,2-DHPs in surplus amount by shifting the catalyst configuration.

  11. Gene expression of PMP22 is an independent prognostic factor for disease-free and overall survival in breast cancer patients

    Schiebel Ingrid


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Gene expression of peripheral myelin protein 22 (PMP22 and the epithelial membrane proteins (EMPs was found to be differentially expressed in invasive and non-invasive breast cell lines in a previous study. We want to evaluate the prognostic impact of the expression of these genes on breast cancer. Methods In a retrospective multicenter study, gene expression of PMP22 and the EMPs was measured in 249 primary breast tumors by real-time PCR. Results were statistically analyzed together with clinical data. Results In univariable Cox regression analyses PMP22 and the EMPs were not associated with disease-free survival or tumor-related mortality. However, multivariable Cox regression revealed that patients with higher than median PMP22 gene expression have a 3.47 times higher risk to die of cancer compared to patients with equal values on clinical covariables but lower PMP22 expression. They also have a 1.77 times higher risk to relapse than those with lower PMP22 expression. The proportion of explained variation in overall survival due to PMP22 gene expression was 6.5% and thus PMP22 contributes equally to prognosis of overall survival as nodal status and estrogen receptor status. Cross validation demonstrates that 5-years survival rates can be refined by incorporating PMP22 into the prediction model. Conclusions PMP22 gene expression is a novel independent prognostic factor for disease-free survival and overall survival for breast cancer patients. Including it into a model with established prognostic factors will increase the accuracy of prognosis.

  12. Characterization of phosphodiesterase 2A in human malignant melanoma PMP cells.

    Morita, Hiroshi; Murata, Taku; Shimizu, Kasumi; Okumura, Kenya; Inui, Madoka; Tagawa, Toshiro


    The prognosis for malignant melanoma is poor; therefore, new diagnostic methods and treatment strategies are urgently needed. Phosphodiesterase 2 (PDE2) is one of 21 phosphodiesterases, which are divided into 11 families (PDE1-PDE11). PDE2 hydrolyzes cyclic AMP (cAMP) and cyclic GMP (cGMP), and its binding to cGMP enhances the hydrolysis of cAMP. We previously reported the expression of PDE1, PDE3 and PDE5 in human malignant melanoma cells. However, the expression of PDE2 in these cells has not been investigated. Herein, we examined the expression of PDE2A and its role in human oral malignant melanoma PMP cells. Sequencing of RT-PCR products revealed that PDE2A2 was the only variant expressed in PMP cells. Four point mutations were detected; one missense mutation at nucleotide position 734 (from C to T) resulted in the substitution of threonine with isoleucine at amino acid position 214. The other three were silent mutations. An in vitro migration assay and a terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase-mediated dUTP nick end-labeling assay revealed that suppressing PDE2 activity with its specific inhibitor, erythro-9-(2-hydroxy-3-nonyl)-adenine (EHNA), had no impact on cell motility or apoptosis. Furthermore, the cytotoxicity of EHNA, assessed using a trypan blue exclusion assay, was negligible. On the other hand, assessment of cell proliferation by BrdU incorporation and cell cycle analysis by flow cytometry revealed that EHNA treatment inhibited DNA synthesis and increased the percentage of G2/M-arrested cells. Furthermore, cyclin A mRNA expression was downregulated, while cyclin E mRNA expression was upregulated in EHNA-treated cells. Our results demonstrated that the PDE2A2 variant carrying point mutations is expressed in PMP cells and may affect cell cycle progression by modulating cyclin A expression. Thus, PDE2A2 is a possible new molecular target for the treatment of malignant melanoma.

  13. The presence of a woman increases testosterone in aggressive dominant men

    van der Meij, Leander; Buunk, Abraham P.; van de Sande, Johannes P.; Salvador, Alicia


    In line with the challenge hypothesis, this study investigated the effects of the presence of a woman on the testosterone (T) levels of young men. An informal contact with a woman of approximately 5 min resulted in an increase in salivary T among men. These effects occurred particularly in men with

  14. PMP22-Related neuropathies and other clinical manifestations in Chinese han patients with charcot-marie-tooth disease type 1.

    Zhan, Yajing; Zi, Xiaohong; Hu, Zhengmao; Peng, Ying; Wu, Lingqian; Li, Xiaobo; Jiang, Mingming; Liu, Lei; Xie, Yongzhi; Xia, Kun; Tang, Beisha; Zhang, Ruxu


    Most cases of Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease are caused by mutations in the peripheral myelin protein 22 gene (PMP22), including heterozygous duplications (CMT1A), deletions (HNPP), and point mutations (CMT1E). Single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) arrays were used to study PMP22 mutations based on the results of multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification (MLPA) and polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism methods in 77 Chinese Han families with CMT1. PMP22 sequencing was performed in MLPA-negative probands. Clinical characteristics were collected for all CMT1A/HNPP probands and their family members. Twenty-one of 77 CMT1 probands (27.3%) carried duplication/deletion (dup/del) copynumber variants. No point mutations were detected. SNP array and MLPA seem to have similar sensitivity. Fifty-seven patients from 19 CMT1A families had the classical CMT phenotype, except for 1 with concomitant CIDP. Two HNPP probands presented with acute ulnar nerve palsy or recurrent sural nerve palsy, respectively. The SNP array has wide coverage, high sensitivity, and high resolution and can be used as a screening tool to detect PMP22 dup/del as shown in this Chinese Han population. © 2014 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  15. Assessing the forecasting performance of a generic Bio-Economic farm model calibrated with two different PMP variants

    Kanellopoulos, A.; Berentsen, Paul; Heckelei, T.; Ittersum, van M.K.; Oude Lansink, A.G.J.M.


    Using linear programming in bio-economic farm modelling often results in overspecialised model solutions. The positive mathematical programming (PMP) approach guarantees exact calibration to base year data but the forecasting capacity of the model is affected by necessary but arbitrary assumptions

  16.  Hypertelorism in Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease 1A from the common PMP22 duplication: A Case Report

    Josef Finsterer


    Full Text Available  The 1.4Mb tandem-duplication in the PMP22 gene at 17p11.2 usually manifests as hereditary sensorimotor polyneuropathy with foot deformity, sensorineural hearing-loss, moderate developmental delay, and gait disturbance. Hypertelorism and marked phenotypic variability within a single family has not been reported. In a single family, the PMP22 tandem-duplication manifested as short stature, sensorimotor polyneuropathy, tremor, ataxia, sensorineural hearing-loss, and hypothyroidism in the 27 years-old index case, as mild facial dysmorphism, muscle cramps, tinnitus, intention tremor, bradydiadochokinesia, and sensorimotor polyneuropathy in the 31 year-old half-brother of the index-patient, and as sensorimotor polyneuropathy and foot deformityin the father of the two. The half-brother additionally presented with hypertelorism, not previously reported in PMP22tandem-duplication carriers. The presented cases show that the tandem-duplication 17p11.2 may present with marked intra-familialphenotype variability and that mild facial dysmorphism with stuck-out ears and hypertelorism may be a rare phenotypic feature of this mutation. The causal relation between facial dysmorphism and the PMP22 tandem-duplication, however, remains speculative.

  17. Silver(I) triflate-catalyzed direct synthesis of N-PMP protected alpha-aminopropargylphosphonates from terminal alkynes.

    Dodda, Rajasekhar; Zhao, Cong-Gui


    [reaction: see text] N-PMP protected alpha-aminopropargylphosphonates have been synthesized by using a silver(I) triflate-catalyzed one-pot three-component reaction of terminal alkynes, p-anisidine, and diethyl formylphosphonate hydrate. Good to excellent yields of the desired products may be obtained with a very simple procedure.

  18. Assessing the forecasting performance of a generic Bio-Economic farm model calibrated with two different PMP variants

    Kanellopoulos, A.; Berentsen, Paul; Heckelei, T.; Ittersum, van M.K.; Oude Lansink, A.G.J.M.


    Using linear programming in bio-economic farm modelling often results in overspecialised model solutions. The positive mathematical programming (PMP) approach guarantees exact calibration to base year data but the forecasting capacity of the model is affected by necessary but arbitrary assumptions i

  19. Crystalline phase transition information induced by high temperature susceptibility transformations in bulk PMP-YBCO superconductor growth in-situ

    Zhang, C.P., E-mail: [SMRC, Northwest Institute for Non-ferrous Metal Research, Xi’an (China); Physics Department, Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble (France); State Key Lab of Solidification Processing, Northwest Polytechnical University, Xi’an (China); Chaud, X. [CRETA/CNRS, 25 avenue des martyrs, 38042 Grenoble Cedex 9 (France); Beaugnon, E. [Physics Department, Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble (France); CRETA/CNRS, 25 avenue des martyrs, 38042 Grenoble Cedex 9 (France); Zhou, L. [SMRC, Northwest Institute for Non-ferrous Metal Research, Xi’an (China); State Key Lab of Solidification Processing, Northwest Polytechnical University, Xi’an (China)


    Highlights: • It was the first time we measured the susceptibility of bulk YBCO in powder-melting-process at high temperature up to 1060 °C. • It revealed that the crystalline phase transition of bulk PMP-YBCO growth in process. • A new discovery of Y123 phase pre-formed then melted in heating stage has been found. • It discovered that Y123 crystal solidification started at 1004 °C in cooling stage in PMP route. - Abstract: The dynamic susceptibility transformations of bulk HTSC PMP-YBCO growth have been investigated from 200 °C up to 1060 °C by the Faraday Balance in-situ. It revealed that the crystalline phase transitions of bulk PMP-YBCO growth in process. A new discovery of Y123 phase pre-formed then melted in heating stage has been found. It also discovered that Y123 crystal solidification started at 1004 °C in cooling stage. Before Y123 solidification the liquid phase CuO change to Cu{sub 2}O reciprocally as well as the copper ion valence changed between divalent Cu{sup 2+} and trivalent Cu{sup 1+} each other. It was essential to keep quantities of CuO phase instead of the Cu{sub 2}O for Y123 crystal solidification.

  20. [Survival by a young woman with malnutrition due to alcoholism and eating disorders and with acute respiratory distress syndrome due to severe pneumonia who showed increased serum neutrophil elastase activity].

    Nakajima, Hirokazu; Sawaguchi, Hirochiyo; Nakajima, Shigenori


    A 30-year-old woman with malnutrition due to alcoholism and eating disorders was found to have acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and sepsis due to severe Streptococcus pneumoniae pneumonia. S. pneumoniae was detected by an in vitro rapid immunochromatographic assay for S. pneumoniae antigen in urine on the day of admission and by blood culture 2 days after admission. Symptoms and laboratory findings improved after treatment with sivelestat sodium hydrate, antibiotics, and mechanical ventilation. Treatment with sivelestat sodium hydrate also decreased serum neutrophil elastase activity. This case demonstrates the usefulness of early treatment with sivelestat sodium hydrate in ARDS due to severe pneumonia.

  1. Physical and chemical characteristics of mucin secreted by pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP)

    Pillai, Krishna; Akhter, Javed; Mekkawy, Ahmed; Chua, Terence C; Morris, David L


    Background: Pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP) is a rare disease with excess intraperitoneal mucin secretion. Treatment involves laparotomy, cytoreduction and chemotherapy that is very invasive with patients often acquiring numerous compromises. Hence a mucolytic comprising of bromelain and N-acetyl cystein has been developed to solubilise mucin in situ for removal by catherization. Owing to differences in mucin appearance and hardness, dissolution varies. Therefore the current study investigates the inter-mucin physical and chemical characteristics, in order to reformulate an effective mucolytic for all mucin. Method: PMP mucin, from the three categories (soft, semi hard and hard mucin) was solubilised and then various physical characteristics such as turbidity, density, kinematic viscosity were measured. The water content and the density of solid mucin were also determined. This was followed by the determination of sialic acid, glucose, lipid, Thiol (S-S and S-H) content of the samples. Lastly, the distribution of MUC2, MUC5B and MUC5AC was determined using western blot technique. Results: Both turbidity and kinematic viscosity and sialic acid content increased linearly as the hardness of mucin increased. However, density, hydration, protein, glucose, lipid and sulfhydryl and disulphide content decreased linearly as hardness of mucin increased. The distribution ratio of mucins (MUC2:MUC5B:MUC5AC) in soft mucin is 2.25:1.5:1.0, semi hard mucin is 1:1:1 and hard mucin is 3:2:1. Conclusion: The difference in texture and hardness of mucin may be due to cellular content, hydration, glucose, protein, lipids, thiol and MUC distribution. Soft mucin is solely made of glycoprotein whilst the others contained cellular materials. PMID:28138305

  2. Cloning and prokaryotic expression of N-domain of PmpD gene of Chlamydophila psittaci%禽鹦鹉热嗜性衣原体PmpD基因N端区的克隆与表达

    袁吉磊; 何诚; 蒋毅; 凌勇; 杨君敬; 张发明; 李应超; 陈曦


    为探讨禽鹦鹉热嗜性衣原体PmpD基因的生物学功能,本实验根据禽类鹦鹉热嗜性衣原体Cal-10株全基因序列设计引物,用PCR法扩增禽嗜性衣原体PmpD基因N端区,将特异性目的基因片段克隆入PBS-TⅡ栽体,经测序后确认为目的基因,并提交GenBank.试验扩增的禽鹦鹉热嗜性衣原体Cal株PmpD基因与禽鹦鹉热衣原体6BC株的PmpD基因和氨基酸序列的相似性均达99%,与流产衣原体成员嗜流产衣原体S26/3株、嗜豚鼠衣原体(GPIC)、嗜猫衣原体(Fe/C-56)核苷酸相似性分别为89%、82%和77%.PmpD基因N端区基因亚克隆到pET-32a(+)载体上,重组表达栽体转化BL21(DE3)表达宿主菌,以IPTG诱导该重组菌,结果表达了约63 ku大小的融合蛋白;分别用禽鹦鹉热嗜性衣原体多克隆抗体、猪、羊流产嗜性衣原体多克隆抗体与表达出的重组蛋白进行Western blotting检测,结果表明该蛋白与禽源衣原体多克隆抗体呈阳性反应,与猪、羊源衣原体多克隆抗体呈阴性反应,显示该重组蛋白具有种属特异性.本研究首次表达了禽类鹦鹉热嗜性衣原体PmpD基因的N端区的重组蛋白,为进一步研究其生物学功能提供依据.

  3. 灵芝孢子粉多糖的PMP-HPLC指纹分析%Analysis of PMP-HPLC Fingerprints of Polysaccharides From Ganoderma lucidum Spores

    王浩豪; 戴军; 陈尚卫; 朱松


    Partial acidic hydrolysis coupled PMP-HPLC analysis was applied to indentify and characterize polysaccharides from Ganoderma lucidum spores from different zones in China.Chromatographic fingerprint of the polysaccharide was built using 15 different sources of Ganoderma lucidum spore powder samples and 19 common peaks were found.The similarity between products from the same zone was much higher than 0.97,while it was lower but still greater than 0.80 when the products originated in different zones.There are quite a lot of differences among Ganoderma lucidum spore and other species spore and between spore and fruit body of Ganoderma lucidum.The similarities and differences may be used as main basis for quality control,identification from different origins and parts of Ganoderma and their adulteration detection.%采用部分酸水解耦合PMP柱前衍生反相高效液相色谱法对15个不同灵芝(赤芝)孢子粉样品中多糖进行检测和指纹表征,研究建立灵芝孢子粉多糖的HPLC指纹图谱。标定了19个共有特征指纹峰,同一产地不同批次产品间的相似度均大于0.97,不同产地产品间的相似度大于0.8;赤芝孢子粉与其他不同部位及不同品种的灵芝类产品的多糖指纹图谱显示出较大的差异。这些相似性和差异可作为灵芝孢子粉产品质量监控、与其他不同部位和不同品种的灵芝类产品的区别鉴定以及灵芝孢子粉的真伪与掺假检测的主要依据之一。

  4. [Growing old as a woman].

    Boyer-Weinmann, Martine


    Growing old as a woman. Since Diderot, a classic writer, and his friend Sophie Volland with whom he corresponded, debated the difference between the "handsome old man" and "beautiful old age", or a hypothetical "beautiful old woman", the representations of growing old have changed, to the benefit of women. Has the considerable contribution of female writers to the debate played a role? In what ways does literature, through its figurations of the ages of life, provide a valuable perspective of the contemporary mutations of the view of old age?


    Aleksandra KOLESNIKOVA


    Full Text Available The paper considered a trend showing the women who strive to get leading posts increase in numbers every year. However, on the other hand, stereotypes persist on women as a staffer unable to perform the executive du-ties. The study examined the working men and women who told their mind on an image of a chief woman; how the image correlated to a concept of an ideal woman. The authors have carried out a qualitative survey thereto with the sentence completion technique applied.

  6. Computational Analysis Reveals the Association of Threonine 118 Methionine Mutation in PMP22 Resulting in CMT-1A

    Chundi Vinay Kumar


    Full Text Available The T118M mutation in PMP22 gene is associated with Charcot Marie Tooth, type 1A (CMT1A. CMT1A is a form of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, the most common inherited disorder of the peripheral nervous system. Mutations in CMT related disorder are seen to increase the stability of the protein resulting in the diseased state. We performed SNP analysis for all the nsSNPs of PMP22 protein and carried out molecular dynamics simulation for T118M mutation to compare the stability difference between the wild type protein structure and the mutant protein structure. The mutation T118M resulted in the overall increase in the stability of the mutant protein. The superimposed structure shows marked structural variation between the wild type and the mutant protein structures.

  7. Crystalline phase transition information induced by high temperature susceptibility transformations in bulk PMP-YBCO superconductor growth in-situ

    Zhang, C. P.; Chaud, X.; Beaugnon, E.; Zhou, L.


    The dynamic susceptibility transformations of bulk HTSC PMP-YBCO growth have been investigated from 200 °C up to 1060 °C by the Faraday Balance in-situ. It revealed that the crystalline phase transitions of bulk PMP-YBCO growth in process. A new discovery of Y123 phase pre-formed then melted in heating stage has been found. It also discovered that Y123 crystal solidification started at 1004 °C in cooling stage. Before Y123 solidification the liquid phase CuO change to Cu2O reciprocally as well as the copper ion valence changed between divalent Cu2+ and trivalent Cu1+ each other. It was essential to keep quantities of CuO phase instead of the Cu2O for Y123 crystal solidification.

  8. Every Woman's Right to Learn

    Ward, Jane; Turner, Cheryl; Watts, Jane; Eldred, Jan


    As people celebrate the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day this year, NIACE has organised an event, "Every woman's right to learn," that will offer an opportunity for educators and learners to celebrate women's progress and achievements in and through learning, to find one's hopes and aspirations for the future and work…

  9. Woman Breast-Feeds Baby


    Since ancient times, there have been many legends about maternal love, but few relics reflect that. This pottery figurine, unearthed from a brick tomb in 1954 in Chenjiadashan, Changsha is at present China’s only historic relic showing maternal love. The pottery figurine is 12 cm. in height. The woman dressed in asymmetrical

  10. Molecular dynamics simulations on pars intercerebralis major peptide-C (PMP-C) reveal the role of glycosylation and disulfide bonds in its enhanced structural stability and function.

    Kaushik, Sandeep; Mohanty, Debasisa; Surolia, Avadhesha


    Fucosylation of Thr 9 in pars intercerebralis major peptide-C (PMP-C) enhances its structural stability and functional ability as a serine protease inhibitor. In order to understand the role of disulfide bonds and glycosylation on the structure and function of PMP-C, we have carried out multiple explicit solvent molecular dynamics (MD) simulations on fucosylated and non-fucosylated forms of PMP-C, both in the presence and absence of the disulfide bonds. Our simulations revealed that there were no significant structural changes in the native disulfide bonded forms of PMP-C due to fucosylation. On the other hand, the non-fucosylated form of PMP-C without disulfide bonds showed larger deviations from the starting structure than the fucosylated form. However, the structural deviations were restricted to the terminal regions while core β-sheet retained its hydrogen bonded structure even in absence of disulfide bonds as well as fucosylation. Interestingly, fucosylation of disulfide bonded native PMP-C led to a decreased thermal flexibility in the residue stretch 29-32 which is known to interact with the active site of the target proteases. Our analysis revealed that disulfide bonds covalently connect the residue stretch 29-32 to the central β-sheet of PMP-C and using a novel network of side chain interactions and disulfide bonds fucosylation at Thr 9 is altering the flexibility of the stretch 29-32 located at a distal site. Thus, our simulations explain for the first time, how presence of disulfide bonds between conserved cysteines and fucosylation enhance the function of PMP-C as a protease inhibitor.

  11. Vanadium-catalyzed oxidative Strecker reaction: α-C-H cyanation of para-methoxyphenyl (PMP)-protected primary amines.

    Zhu, Chen; Xia, Ji-Bao; Chen, Chuo


    We describe an oxidative Strecker reaction that allows for direct cyanation of para-methoxyphenyl (PMP)-protected primary amines. A vanadium(V) complex was used as the catalyst and TBHP as the oxidant. The cyanation occurs at the α-C position bearing either an alkyl or an aromatic group. This method provides a direct access to α-aminonitrile from amines with one-carbon extension.

  12. Synchronous high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion and adenocarcinoma in situ of cervix in a young woman presenting with hyperchromatic crowded groups in the cervical cytology specimen: report of a case.

    Zafar, Nadeem; Balazs, Louisa; Benstein, Barbara D


    We report a 29-year-old woman who underwent routine gynecologic evaluation at a community clinic and had a cervical sample drawn for liquid-based cytologic evaluation. At cytology, many hyperchromatic crowded groups (HCG) were present, but a consensus could not be established whether the abnormal cells were primarily glandular or squamous with secondary endocervical glandular involvement. An interpretation of atypical endocervical cells, favor neoplastic, was rendered and biopsy advised if clinically appropriate. At biopsy, the cervix contained synchronous squamous cell carcinoma in situ, secondarily involving endocervical glands, and neighboring adenocarcinoma in situ. Immunohistochemistry for Ki-67 and p16(INK4A) crisply and precisely stained both the lesions, clearly separating them from the adjacent uninvolved mucosa. This case re-emphasizes the challenge associated with accurate evaluation of HCG at cytology, the significance of ancillary testing for surrogate markers of high-risk HPV (HR-HPV) infection, the need for adjunct testing for HPV-DNA in the setting of HCG at cervical cytology, and a recommendation to set up studies to evaluate the role of surrogate markers of HR-HPV infection in cytologic samples with HCG.

  13. Carcinoma de células escamosas da hipofaringe em mulher jovem com anemia de Fanconi Squamous cell carcinoma of the hypopharynx in a young woman with Fanconi’s anemia

    Henrique de Lins e Horta


    Full Text Available A anemia de Fanconi é um raro distúrbio autossômico recessivo caracterizado por malformações congênitas, aplasia da medula óssea e instabilidade genômica, com predisposição ao desenvolvimento de neoplasias malignas, em especial as leucemias e os tumores do trato aerodigestivo alto. Em razão de características inerentes à síndrome em questão, o tratamento de tais neoplasias é particularmente difícil. Relata-se o caso de anemia de Fanconi uma jovem de 24 anos, que desenvolveu carcinoma de células escamosas da hipofaringe, na ausência de fatores de risco como o tabagismo e o alcoolismo, e faz-se uma revisão sumária da literatura a respeito do tema.Fanconi’s anemia is a rare autosomal recessive disorder characterized by congenital malformation, bone marrow failure and genomic instability, with a predisposition to develop malignancies, especially the leukemias and upper aerodigestive tract tumors. Due to inherent characteristics to this syndrome, the treatment of such neoplasms is particularly difficult. In this paper we report the case of a 24-year-old woman with Fanconi’s anemia who developed a squamous cell carcinoma of the hypopharynx; she had none of the traditional risk factors, such as smoking and alcohol abuse. We also briefly review the literature about this topic

  14. Identification of structurally closely related monosaccharide and disaccharide isomers by PMP labeling in conjunction with IM-MS/MS.

    Yang, Hongmei; Shi, Lei; Zhuang, Xiaoyu; Su, Rui; Wan, Debin; Song, Fengrui; Li, Jinying; Liu, Shuying


    It remains particularly difficult for gaining unambiguous information on anomer, linkage, and position isomers of oligosaccharides using conventional mass spectrometry (MS) methods. In our laboratory, an ion mobility (IM) shift strategy was employed to improve confidence in the identification of structurally closely related disaccharide and monosaccharide isomers using IMMS. Higher separation between structural isomers was achieved using 1-phenyl-3-methyl-5-pyrazolone (PMP) derivatization in comparison with phenylhydrazine (PHN) derivatization. Furthermore, the combination of pre-IM fragmentation of PMP derivatives provided sufficient resolution to separate the isomers not resolved in the IMMS. To chart the structural variation observed in IMMS, the collision cross sections (CCSs) for the corresponding ions were measured. We analyzed nine disaccharide and three monosaccharide isomers that differ in composition, linkages, or configuration. Our data show that coexisting carbohydrate isomers can be identified by the PMP labeling technique in conjunction with ion-mobility separation and tandem mass spectrometry. The practical application of this rapid and effective method that requires only small amounts of sample is demonstrated by the successful analysis of water-soluble ginseng extract. This demonstrated the potential of this method to measure a variety of heterogeneous sample mixtures, which may have an important impact on the field of glycomics.

  15. Claudins reign: The claudin/EMP/PMP22/γ channel protein family in C. elegans.

    Simske, Jeffrey S


    The claudin family of integral membrane proteins was identified as the major protein component of the tight junctions in all vertebrates. Since their identification, claudins, and their associated pfam00822 superfamily of proteins have been implicated in a wide variety of cellular processes. Claudin homologs have been identified in invertebrates as well, including Drosophila and C. elegans. Recent studies demonstrate that the C. elegans claudins, clc-1-clc- 5, and similar proteins in the greater PMP22/EMP/claudin/voltage-gated calcium channel γ subunit family, including nsy-4, and vab-9, while highly divergent at a sequence level from each other and from the vertebrate claudins, in many cases play roles similar to those traditionally assigned to their vertebrate homologs. These include regulating cell adhesion and passage of small molecules through the paracellular space, channel activity, protein aggregation, sensitivity to pore-forming toxins, intercellular signaling, cell fate specification and dynamic changes in cell morphology. Study of claudin superfamily proteins in C. elegans should continue to provide clues as to how claudin family protein function has been adapted to perform diverse functions at specialized cell-cell contacts in metazoans.

  16. A pmp genes-based PCR as a valuable tool for the diagnosis of avian chlamydiosis.

    Laroucau, Karine; Trichereau, Alain; Vorimore, Fabien; Mahé, Anne-Marie


    In a previous study we described the use of a new set of PCR primers (CpsiA/CpsiB) specific of the conserved pmp-family genes of Chlamydophila abortus as an efficient tool for the detection of these bacteria in ruminants including also preliminary results on avian strains. In this work, the use of this set of primers was extended to representative strains of the six major avian serovars (serovars A-F) and to field isolates of C. psittaci. For all the studied representative strains, using purified genomic DNA as a template, CpsiA/CpsiB primers allowed, as observed for C. abortus, a minimal 10-fold PCR signal increase compared to the one observed with ompA specific primers. In comparison to primers targeting the 16S-23S rRNA intergenic spacer, similar or increased sensitivity was observed depending on the strain. All the field isolates were amplified with CpsiA/CpsiB primers. On clinical samples, our primers are the best among those tested for detection of C. psittaci by simple conventional PCR. RFLP experiments performed using PCR fragments amplified with the CpsiA/CpsiB primers gave promising results demonstrating that these primers may provide an interesting tool for molecular typing when the bacterium cannot be grown from pathological samples.

  17. A cross-layer design approach on spectrum allocation and resource scheduling in cognitive PMP networks

    Jie CHEN; Min-jian ZHAO; Qiao ZHOU; Shi-ju LI


    We propose the spectrum allocation and resource scheduling algorithms in cognitive point to multipoint (PMP)networks with rapid changes of spectrum opportunities and present a media access control (MAC) protocol based on these algorithms. The objective of spectrum allocation is to make efficient use of the spectrum while maintaining the transceiver synchronization on frequency and time in the network. The objective of resource scheduling is to guarantee the quality of service (QoS)requirements of different kinds of connections and to minimize the total energy consumption in the network as well. By sensing only a small set of possible channels in each slot based on the state transition probability of each channel, our spectrum allocation algorithm achieves high spectrum efficiency in the network. The resource scheduling problem is divided into three sub problems and we derive optimal solutions to these problems by greedy algorithm and convex optimization. The simulation results show that our algorithm can make efficient use of the spectrum and the network resources at a cost of low computational complexity.

  18. The Woman in the Contemporary Arab World in Norma Khouri’s Forbidden Love: Perceived by Culture or Religion?


    Many women in the Arab world are facing cultural challenges against society, that are considered as gender inequalities. Whether the woman is a young girl, wife and mother, the man is considered superior than her in some cases. This dissertation studies the main issues of the contemporary Arab woman as well as the main reasons behind Arab and society's guidance. In this case, is the contemporary Arab woman conducted by a true follow of Islamic values or is it just a matter of ...

  19. Professional practice among woman dentist


    Objective: This review aims to give an inside view of professional career of a women dentist, addresses the unique demands of being a woman dentist, and highlight ways to address these issues. Materials and Methods: The Medline database, scholarly literature, and informal literature were considered for this review. Results: Working hours of female dentists do not differ significantly from the working hours of their male counterparts, until they have children. The female dentists’ working hour...

  20. A Woman with Eight Roles


    THEY say that a woman's work is never done but I wonder how many women fulfill eight roles at the same time? My family is a special and somewhat unusual union. Five generations living together under one roof is rare anywhere but is very rare in Gongqing City, Jiangxi Province. As well as my vocation - Manager of the Gongqing Branch of the People's Insurance Company of China - I inhabit seven roles under that roof: wife, grand-

  1. [A woman with iris heterochromia].

    Birker, I L; Boons, L S T M; Luyten, G P M


    A 20-year-old woman with congenital iris heterochromia presented with loss of vision of her right eye. We made de diagnosis of a large 'uvea melanoma' and enucleated the eye. Pathological examination showed an underlying oculodermal melanocytosis (ODM). The life-time risk of uveal melanoma in the general population is 0.7:100,000, but 1:400 in patients with ODM. Therefore, annual fundoscopy is recommended in these patients.

  2. Can Stress Lower a Woman's Fertility?

    ... Can Stress Lower a Woman's Fertility? Greatest impact is around ... HealthDay News) -- New research seems to confirm that stress lowers a woman's chances of becoming pregnant, particularly ...

  3. Newly Diagnosed Colonic Adenocarcinoma: The Presenting Sign in a Young Woman with Undiagnosed Crohn’s Disease in the Absence of Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis and a Normal Microsatellite Instability Profile

    Brett Matthew Lowenthal


    Full Text Available Ulcerative colitis has long been linked with an increased risk for colonic adenocarcinoma, whereas Crohn’s disease (CD has recently been reported to pose a similar increased risk. We report a 33-year-old healthy female with no family history who presented with abdominal pain and a colon mass. Histopathology revealed a moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma extending through the muscularis propria with metastatic lymph nodes and intact mismatch repair proteins by immunohistochemical expression and gene sequencing. The nonneoplastic grossly uninvolved background mucosa showed marked crypt distortion, crypt abscesses, CD-like lymphoid hyperplasia, transmural inflammation, and reactive epithelial atypia. Additional patient questioning revealed frequent loose stools since she was a teenager leading to diagnosis of a previously undiagnosed CD without primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC. The adenocarcinoma is suspected to be related to the underlying CD. Newly diagnosed adenocarcinoma in a young female as the presenting sign for CD in the absence of PSC is extremely rare.

  4. Investigation of Atmospheric Modelling Framework for Better Reconstruction on Historical Extreme Precipitation Event in PMP Estimation

    Chen, X.; Hossain, F.; Leung, L. R.


    During May 1-2, 2010, a record-breaking storm hit Nashville, and caused huge humanity and societal loss. It raises the importance of forecasting/reconstructing these types of extreme weather systems once again, in the meanwhile providing an excellent case for such atmospheric modelling studies. However, earlier studies suggest that successful reconstruction of this event depends on and is sensitive to a number of model options, making it difficult to establish a better model framework with more confidence. In this study we employed the Weather Research and Forecast (WRF) model to investigate how this extreme precipitation event is sensitive to the model configuration, and identified options that would produce better results. We tested several combinations of modelling grid sizes together with initial/boundary conditions (IC/BC). At different grid sizes, we conducted a set of tests on various combinations of microphysics (Morrison, new Thompson and WSM5) and cumulus process (Kain-Fristch, Grell-Devenyi and Grell-Freitas) parameterization schemes. The model results were intensively evaluated under bias analysis as well as other metrics (probability of detection, bias, false alerts, HSS, ETS). The evaluation suggests that in general, simulation results benefit from finer model grids (5km). At 5km level, NCEP2 or NAM IC/BCs are more representative for the 2010 Nashville storm. There are no universally good parameterization schemes, but the WSM5 microphysics scheme, Kain-Fristch and Grell-Freitas cumulus schemes are recommended over other tested schemes. These better schemes would help to make better estimation of PMP in the region.

  5. She Does Not Look Like a Woman


    EVERY time a man of dignified bearing sees me, he will say, "Hu Meili, I don’t like you." "Why?" I’d ask him. "You don’t look like a woman," he’d say. But, what does "like a woman" mean? What "should" a woman look like? You

  6. On the Feminism in French Lieutenant's Woman



    Sarah in The French Lieutenant's Woman has been regarded as a representative of feminism in modern literature field.Undoubtedly, Sarah is an independent woman ahead of her time.The paper is attempted to focus on the feminism in The French Lieutenant's Woman from many aspects and analyze the reasons of such kind of feminism.

  7. Woman in Khalil Motran\\'s poem

    zahra soleymanpoor; mansore zarkub


    Woman in Motran's poem -Abstract This article explains the issue of woman in two fields of social and romance. In social case, Motran defends the rights of woman and considers her as a human with its rights and one of the two major factors in the society. Woman is a basic and essential party in building the social and even political body of the society, at Motran's point of view. The woman in his explanation, encourages the man for the revolution against the cruel government...

  8. Pmp-like proteins Pls1 and Pls2 are secreted into the lumen of the Chlamydia trachomatis inclusion.

    Jorgensen, Ine; Valdivia, Raphael H


    The obligate intracellular pathogen Chlamydia trachomatis secretes effector proteins across the membrane of the pathogen-containing vacuole (inclusion) to modulate host cellular functions. In an immunological screen for secreted chlamydial proteins, we identified CT049 and CT050 as potential inclusion membrane-associated proteins. These acidic, nonglobular proteins are paralogously related to the passenger domain of the polymorphic membrane protein PmpC and, like other Pmp proteins, are highly polymorphic among C. trachomatis ocular and urogenital strains. We generated antibodies to these Pmp-like secreted (Pls) proteins and determined by immunofluorescence microscopy that Pls1 (CT049) and Pls2 (CT050) localized to globular structures within the inclusion lumen and at the inclusion membrane. Fractionation of membranes and cytoplasmic components from infected cells by differential and density gradient centrifugation further indicated that Pls1 and Pls2 associated with membranes distinct from the bulk of bacterial and inclusion membranes. The accumulation of Pls1 and, to a lesser extent, Pls2 in the inclusion lumen was insensitive to the type III secretion inhibitor C1, suggesting that this translocation system is not essential for Pls protein secretion. In contrast, Pls secretion and stability were sensitive to low levels of beta-lactam antibiotics, suggesting that a functional cell wall is required for Pls secretion from the bacterial cell. Finally, we tested the requirement for these proteins in Chlamydia infection by microinjecting anti-Pls1 and anti-Pls2 antibodies into infected cells. Coinjection of anti-Pls1 and -Pls2 antibodies partially inhibited expansion of the inclusion. Because Pls proteins lack classical sec-dependent secretion signals, we propose that Pls proteins are secreted into the inclusion lumen by a novel mechanism to regulate events important for chlamydial replication and inclusion expansion.

  9. Analyses of the differentiation potential of satellite cells from myoD-/-, mdx, and PMP22 C22 mice

    Huxley Clare


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Sporadic and sometimes contradictory studies have indicated changes in satellite cell behaviour associated with the progressive nature of human Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD. Satellite cell proliferation and number are reportedly altered in DMD and the mdx mouse model. We recently found that satellite cells in MSVski transgenic mice, a muscle hypertrophy model showing progressive muscle degeneration, display a severe ageing-related differentiation defect in vitro. We tested the hypothesis that similar changes contribute to the gradual loss of muscle function with age in mdx and PMP22 mice, a model of human motor and sensory neuropathy type 1A (HMSN1A. Methods Single extensor digitorum longus muscle fibres were cultured from mdx and PMP22 mice and age- and genetic background-matched controls. Mice at several ages were compared with regard to the differentiation of satellite cells, assayed as the proportion of desmin-expressing cells that accumulated sarcomeric myosin heavy chain. Results Satellite cells of 2 month, 6 month, and 12 month old mdx mice were capable of differentiating to a similar extent to age-matched wild type control animals in an in vitro proliferation/differentiation model. Strikingly, differentiation efficiency in individual 6 month and 12 month old mdx animals varies to a much higher extent than in age-matched controls, younger mdx animals, or PMP22 mice. In contrast, differentiation of myoblasts from all myoD null mice assayed was severely impaired in this assay system. The defect in satellite cell differentiation that occurs in some mdx animals arises from a delay in differentiation that is not overcome by IGF-1 treatment at any phase of cultivation. Conclusion Overall, a defect in satellite cell differentiation above that arising through normal ageing does not occur in mdx or PMP22 mouse models of human disease. Nonetheless, the impaired differentiation of satellite cells from some mdx animals

  10. A case report of psychological consultation on a young woman with emotional disorder%情绪问题女青年心理咨询个案报告∗

    杜光会; 漆平; 杨晓君; 苏理华


    该个案介绍的是一位大学学生因毕业考试不合格,未拿到毕业证而致焦虑情绪问题的的心理咨询和治疗的过程。该女生因为学习受挫后认知产生偏差,由此滋生了强烈的自卑心理和强烈的情绪问题,进而产生躯体症状,并影响到学习、择业和日常生活。经诊断和分析为焦虑情绪问题,通过认知治疗的理论和方法,分析来访者不合理的观念,帮助她改变认知方式,强化“合理观念”,帮助其以合理的认知方式重新认识自我,增强自信,从而消除不合理信念带来的情绪困扰和不适应行为,恢复了正常的生活和学习。%The case report describes the psychological consultation and treatment process of a young female college student with anxiety problem caused by her failure to pass the college graduation examination and acquire university diploma.The girl suffered from intense inferiority complex and emotional disorder because her frustration of study gave rise to cognitive bias.The emotional problem gradually evoked somatic symptoms,which had a negative influence on her study,job-seeking and daily life.She was diag-nosed with anxiety disorder and treated with cognitive therapy.The client’s unreasonable ideas are analyzed for the purpose of chan-ging her cognitive style and strengthening “reasonable ideas”.The cognitive therapy is conducive to understanding herself anew with reasonable cognitive style and to heightening her self-confidence.Through the cognitive therapy,the client got rid of her emotional perplex and improper behaviors caused by unreasonable ideas,and resumed a normal life.

  11. What is a Woman? What is a Woman?

    Maria Conceição Monteiro


    Full Text Available A primeira parte, principal interesse desta resenha – e que constitui, sem dúvida, um livro per se (assim o considera a própria autora –, compõese de dois ensaios: “What is a Woman? Sex, Gender, and the Body in Feminist Theory” e “‘I am a Woman’: The Personal and the Philosophical”. Aqui Moi discute as tendências dominantes no pensamento feminista contemporâneo, optando pelo que chama “feminismo de liberdade”, que tem como base o trabalho filosófico e feminista de Simone de Beauvoir, em The Second Sex, dado que, segundo enfatiza a ensaísta, a liberdade é a concepção fundamental do feminismo de sua referência francesa.

  12. The Woman in the Mirror: Imaging the Filipino Woman in Short Stories in English by Filipino Woman Authors

    Veronico Nogales Tarrayo


    Full Text Available This paper attempted to draw the image of the Filipino woman as depicted by female protagonists in selected short stories in English (1925-1986 written by Filipino woman authors. Specifically, the paper aimed to answer the following questions: (1 How are female protagonists depicted in the selected short stories written by Filipino woman authors? What are their virtues, vices, passions, and struggles?; and (2 What roles do these female protagonists play in the Philippine society? A virtue displayed by the most female characters is having a sense of responsibility. Most of the woman characters are passionate in preserving their relationship with their loved ones or keeping the peace among the family members. The Filipino woman, in the short stories, has projected varied images which could be categorized as martyr, social victim, homemaker, mother, and fighter. The Filipino woman is a product of her time and milieu – heterogeneous in looks, psyche, and roles in the society.

  13. Research of Spectrometric and Exploitation Characteristics of BGO-PMP-165 Scintiblock in Temperature Interval from +25 to -140$^{o}$C

    Ainbund, M R; Gundorin, N A; Matveev, D V; Serov, D G


    Photomultipliers based on microchannel plates are used for fast systems which form time marks of physical setups as well as in special technical areas. It is not uncommon when they substitute traditional dynode system photomultipliers. The possibility of compatible work of the PMP-165 photomultiplier with BGO crystal which were cooled down to temperature necessary for appropriate functioning of a semiconductor Ge detector with taking into account of temperature dependencies of own PMP characteristics is investigated during experiment. Cooling down of the system from room temperature down to v140^{o}C during 8 hours is done. Lower limit of temperature which allows PMP to function properly is registered. Changes of spectrometric characteristics caused by temperature are studied.

  14. All subtypes of the Pmp adhesin family are implicated in chlamydial virulence and show species-specific function.

    Becker, Elisabeth; Hegemann, Johannes H


    The bacterial pathogens Chlamydia trachomatis and C. pneumoniae are obligate intracellular parasites, cause a number of serious diseases, and can infect various cell types in humans. Chlamydial infections are probably initiated by binding of the bacterial outer membrane protein OmcB to host cell glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). Here, we show that all nine members of the polymorphic membrane protein (Pmp) family of C. trachomatis mediate adhesion to human epithelial and endothelial cells. Importantly, exposure of infectious particles to soluble recombinant Pmps blocks subsequent infection, thus implicating an important function of the entire protein family in the infection process. Analogous experiments with pairs of recombinant Pmps or a combination of Pmp and OmcB revealed that all Pmps probably act in an adhesion pathway that is distinct from the OmcB-GAG pathway. Finally, we provide evidence that the Pmps of C. trachomatis and C. pneumoniae exhibit species and tissue specificity. These findings argue for the involvement of C. trachomatis Pmps in the initial phase of infection and suggest that they may interact with a receptor other than the epidermal growth factor receptor recently identified for their counterparts in C. pneumoniae.

  15. An integrated PMP model to assess the development of agro-energy crops and the effect on water requirements

    Michele Donati


    Full Text Available This paper presents an integrated model for the economic and environmental assessment of the use of natural resources when new activities (i.e. biomass crops for energy production are introduced into the farm production plan. The methodology is based on the integration of positive mathematical programming (PMP with the AquaCrop model developed by FAO. PMP represents farmer decision processes and evaluates how farms react to the biomass-sorghum activity option at different price levels. AquaCrop evaluates the relationship between water needs and biomass production and assesses the effect of the land allocation on water requirements at regional level. The integration of these two models assists global policy evaluation at regional level as it makes it possible to identify the economic threshold for biomass crops, the change in land allocation and total water requirement. The model can help policy makers to evaluate the impacts of variations in crop profitability and market innovations on farm profitability, land use and water consumption and the sustainability of the market scenario.

  16. A woman with forearm amyotrophy.

    Sagui, Emmanuel; Correa, Eléonore; Ricobono, Diane; Bregigeon, Michel; Brosset, Christian


    We present the case of a 33-year-old woman with benign sporadic monomelic amyotrophy of the distal part of the arm, called Hirayama disease. Clinical features included forearm amyotrophy sparing the brachioradialis muscle, cold paresis and causalgia. Neck magnetic resonance imaging was normal in neutral and flexion position. Electromyography showed denervated patterns in the extensor digitorum communis, and conduction studies ruled out multifocal motor neuropathy. Motor evoked potentials were normal. Serum IgG anti-GM1 antibodies were moderately raised but were negative 8 months later. Outcome was favourable within 15 months, with partial motor recovery. Pathogenesis remains controversial: neck flexion induced myelopathy via chronic anterior horn ischaemia due to forward displacement of the posterior wall of the dura mater, or benign variant of lower motor neuron disease? Whatever the pathomechanism is, the clinical features and outcome are the same.

  17. Ischemic Monomeric Neuropathy in a Woman with Sickle Cell Anaemia

    Alexandra Agapidou


    Full Text Available Sickle cell disease is an inherited haemoglobinopathy that can affect multiple organs and systems. The most common neurological complication in sickle cell disease is stroke and silent cerebral infarcts. Peripheral nervous system involvement has been described but is exceedingly rare. Herein, we describe the case of a young woman who presented with acute flaccid paralysis and sensory loss of the left lower extremity in the context of a painful vasoocclusive crisis which resolved rapidly after receiving an emergency automated red cell exchange transfusion.

  18. Sir Galahad, skiing and a woman's quest for freedom

    Pfister, Gertrud Ursula


    (Mütter und Amazone [1932]), a cultural history of women focusing on matriarchies. Bertha Eckstein-Diener had an unusual life: the daughter of a well-to-do factory owner, she grew up in Vienna, married polymath Friedrich Eckstein against her father's will, divorced her husband after several years...... of marriage, survived a tragic love affair and travelled constantly. She was proud both of her slim figure and of her sporting achievements. As a young woman, she was one of Vienna's best figure skaters, an excellent horse rider and a mountaineer. She gave up skating for skiing, which became her main pastime...

  19. Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis in a Pregnant Woman.

    Kim, Jiyoung; Park, Seung Ha; Jung, Yu Ri; Park, Soon Won; Jung, Dae Soo


    Anti N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor encephalitis is one of the most common types of autoimmune synaptic encephalitis. Anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis commonly occurs in young women with ovarian teratoma. It has variable clinical manifestations and treatment responses. Sometimes it is misdiagnosed as a psychiatric disorder or viral encephalitis. To the best of our knowledge, anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis is a rare condition in pregnant women. We report a case of anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis in a pregnant woman who presented with abnormal behavior, epileptic seizure, and hypoventilation.

  20. "Bionic Woman" (2007): Gender, Disability and Cyborgs

    Quinlan, Margaret M.; Bates, Benjamin R.


    This paper explores a representation of overlapping categories of gender, disability and cyborgs in "Bionic Woman" (2007). The television show "Bionic Woman" (2007) is a popular culture representation that uniquely brings together these categories. Three themes emerged from an analysis of blogger discourse surrounding the show. The themes reveal…

  1. "Bionic Woman" (2007): Gender, Disability and Cyborgs

    Quinlan, Margaret M.; Bates, Benjamin R.


    This paper explores a representation of overlapping categories of gender, disability and cyborgs in "Bionic Woman" (2007). The television show "Bionic Woman" (2007) is a popular culture representation that uniquely brings together these categories. Three themes emerged from an analysis of blogger discourse surrounding the show. The themes reveal…

  2. Epidural abscess caused by Streptococcus milleri in a pregnant woman

    Bearman Gonzalo


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Bacteria in the Streptococcus milleri group (S. anginosus, S. constellatus, and S. intermedius are associated with bacteremia and abscess formation. While most reports of Streptococcus milleri group (SMG infection occur in patients with underlying medical conditions, SMG infections during pregnancy have been documented. However, SMG infections in pregnant women are associated with either neonatal or maternal puerperal sepsis. Albeit rare, S. milleri spinal-epidural abscess in pregnancy has been reported, always as a complication of spinal-epidural anesthesia. We report a case of spinal-epidural abscess caused by SMG in a young, pregnant woman without an antecedent history of spinal epidural anesthesia and without any underlying risk factors for invasive streptococcal disease. Case presentation A 25 year old pregnant woman developed neurological symptoms consistent with spinal cord compression at 20 weeks gestation. She underwent emergency laminectomy for decompression and was treated with ceftriaxone 2 gm IV daily for 28 days. She was ambulatory at the time of discharge from the inpatient rehabilitation unit with residual lower extremity weakness. Conclusion To our knowledge, this is the first reported case of a Streptococcus milleri epidural abscess in a healthy, pregnant woman with no history of epidural anesthesia or invasive procedures. This report adds to the body of literature on SMG invasive infections. Treatment of SMG spinal-epidural abscess with neurologic manifestations should include prompt and aggressive surgical decompression coupled with targeted anti-infective therapy.

  3. Afferent Visual Pathway Affection in Patients with PMP22 Deletion-Related Hereditary Neuropathy with Liability to Pressure Palsies

    Rinnenthal, Jan Leo; Zimmermann, Hanna; Mikolajczak, Janine; Oberwahrenbrock, Timm; Papazoglou, Sebastian; Pfüller, Caspar F.; Schinzel, Johann; Tackenberg, Björn; Paul, Friedemann; Hahn, Katrin; Bellmann-Strobl, Judith


    Background The PMP22 gene encodes a protein integral to peripheral myelin. Its deletion leads to hereditary neuropathy with liability to pressure palsies (HNPP). PMP22 is not expressed in the adult central nervous system, but previous studies suggest a role in CNS myelin development. The objective of this study was to identify potential structural and functional alterations in the afferent visual system in HNPP patients. Methods Twenty HNPP patients and 18 matched healthy controls (HC) were recruited in a cross-sectional study. Participants underwent neurological examination including visual acuity, visual evoked potential (VEP) examination, optical coherence tomography (OCT), and magnetic resonance imaging with calculation of brain atrophy, regarding grey and white matter, and voxel based morphometry (VBM), in addition answered the National Eye Institute’s 39-item Visual Functioning Questionnaire (NEI-VFQ). Thirteen patients and 6 HC were additionally examined with magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS). Results All patients had normal visual acuity, but reported reduced peripheral vision in comparison to HC in the NEI-VFQ (p = 0.036). VEP latency was prolonged in patients (P100 = 103.7±5.7 ms) in comparison to healthy subjects (P100 = 99.7±4.2 ms, p = 0.007). In OCT, peripapillary retinal nerve fiber layer thickness RNFL was decreased in the nasal sector (90.0±15.5 vs. 101.8±16.5, p = 0.013), and lower nasal sector RNFL correlated with prolonged VEP latency (Rho = -0.405, p = 0.012). MRS revealed reduced tNAA (731.4±45.4 vs. 814.9±62.1, p = 0.017) and tCr (373.8±22.2 vs. 418.7±31.1, p = 0.002) in the visual cortex in patients vs. HC. Whole brain volume, grey and white matter volume, VBM and metabolites in a MRS sensory cortex control voxel did not differ significantly between patients and HC. Conclusion PMP22 deletion leads to functional, metabolic and macro-structural alterations in the afferent visual system of HNPP patients. Our data suggest a

  4. Severe hyperosmolarity and hypernatremia in an adipsic young woman.

    Latcha, S; Lubetzky, M; Weinstein, A M


    Combined deficits in arginine vasopressin secretion (AVP) and thirst sensation can result in life threatening hyperosmolality and hypernatremia. Complications include seizures, profound volume contraction and renal failure. Fortunately, this is an uncommon clinical condition, with approximately 70 cases reported in the literature over the past 47 years [1]. Defects in AVP secretion and/or synthesis produce central diabetes insipidus (DI), polyuria with polydipsia, hypernatremia and hyperosmolality. Most awake and alert patients with an intact thirst stimulus will "drink" themselves back to a normal serum sodium and osmolality. However, if there is concomitant destruction of the osmoreceptors that regulate thirst, osmolal and volume homeostasis cannot be maintained. The relationships between urine osmolarity and serum osmolarity and plasma vasopressin levels are vital for distinguishing a reset osmostat from central DI. After obtaining approval from our institutional review board, we retrospectively reviewed the medical record of a 37-year-old patient who presented to our institution with a serum sodium of 176 mEq/l. Admission laboratory examination revealed: hemoglobin 12.8 g/dl; white blood cell count 4.7 × 103/µl, with a normal differential; random serum glucose 91 mg/dl ; sodium 176 mEq/l; plasma osmolality 366 mOsm/kg; BUN 33 mg/dl; serum creatinine 1 mg/dl; calcium 9.5 mg/dl; urine specific gravity 1.032; and urine osmolality 1,172 mOsm/kg. An MRI with contrast of the sella/ pituitary revealed an enhancing mass centered within the suprasellar cistern and anterior third ventricle, measuring 3.0 × 3.9 × 3.4 cm. The lesion appeared to involve the hypothalamus and displaced the optic chiasm inferiorly. Evaluation of pituitary function revealed normal serum levels of thyroid stimulating hormone, AM cortisol, luteinizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone and prolactin. Figure 1 illustrates the relationship between measured serum AVP levels and serum osmolality. Figure 2 shows the relationship between measured urine and serum osmolality. If the serum AVP levels were not available, it would appear as though the patient had a reset osmostat. The kidneys appear to appropriately generate maximally concentrated urine at a serum osmolality above 348 but are unable to below this value. When compared with the normal curve, our patient's AVP levels were lower than expected for the corresponding osmolality. This pattern is consistent with a partial central DI. She does not have a reset osmostat. In the presence of significant volume contraction and a reduced GFR, her kidneys produced more concentrated urine despite markedly decreased central vasopressin production. As the volume contraction abated and the GFR improved, polyuria recurred, despite persistent hyperosmolarity and hypernatremia.

  5. A young woman with a huge paratubal cyst

    Ceren Golbasi


    Full Text Available Paratubal cysts are asymptomatic embryological remnants. These cysts are usually diagnosed during adolescence and reproductive age. In general, their sizes are small but can be complicated by rupture, torsion, or hemorrhage. Paratubal cysts are often discovered fortuitously on routine ultrasound examination. We report a 19-year-old female patient who presented with irregular menses and abdominal pain. Ultrasound examination revealed a huge cystic mass at the right adnexial area. The diagnosis was confirmed as paratubal cyst during laporotomy and, hence, cystectomy and right salpingectomy were performed. [Cukurova Med J 2016; 41(3.000: 573-576

  6. Young Woman with a Fever and Chest Pain

    Kristin H. Dwyer, MD, MPH


    Full Text Available A 26-year-old female presented to the emergency department with three days of subjective fevers, dry cough and pleuritic chest discomfort. On exam, her vital signs were significant for a heart rate of 106/minute and oxygen saturation of 95% on room air. Her lung exam revealed decreased breath sounds at the right base. A bedside lung ultrasound and a chest radiograph were performed (Figure 1a, Figure 2, and Video.

  7. Did Cannabis Precipitate an STEMI in a Young Woman?

    Jehangir, Waqas; Stanton, Michael; Khan, Rafay; Sahgal, Puneet; Yousif, Abdalla


    Cannabis is a substance that contains compounds that bind cannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2. Cannabis also contains substances that do not bind these receptors. Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the compound in cannabis responsible for its psychoactive effects and binding to cannabinoid receptors. Despite increasing popularity of the medical and recreational uses of cannabis, little attention has been paid to the adverse effects of the use of the substance. Evidence demonstrating an association between cannabis use and acute coronary syndromes has emerged with case reports and in vitro studies. This case report highlights an ST-segment myocardial infarction in a 27-year-old female with little cardiovascular risk factors, but a significant history of frequent cannabis use. PMID:28197241

  8. Angiokeratoma Of the Vulva In A Young Woman

    Joshi Arun


    Full Text Available A 34 year old female had vascular, keratotic papules on her external genitalia for 4 years. The histopathology was diagnostic of angiokeratoma. The case is being reported because of its uncommon occurrence.

  9. Perceived Parenting Self-Efficacy (PMP S-E) of mothers who are breastfeeding hospitalised preterm neonates.

    Barnes, Christopher R; Adamson-Macedo, Elvidina N


    Breastfeeding is a complex task for many mothers but may be particularly difficult when coping with the birth of a preterm. In the following article the task of breastfeeding a preterm neonate is identified as one facet of the parenting process and the many problems encountered when breastfeeding are highlighted. Research is presented which investigates whether breastfeeding a preterm neonate mediates mothers' Perceived Parenting Self-Efficacy (PMP S-E) whilst in hospital. The findings from this study suggest that not only do mothers who are breastfeeding their preterm neonate have a lower self-efficacy than non-breastfeeding mothers, but they also require further support in all aspects of parenting. The authors discuss these results in terms of self-efficacy theory and suggest that they may have implications for Neonatal Health Psychologists practice particularly with regard to the facilitation of breastfeeding within the neonatal unit.

  10. A dual-frequency online PMP method with phase-shifting parallel to moving direction of measured object

    Peng, Kuang; Cao, Yiping; Wu, Yingchun; Chen, Cheng; Wan, Yingying


    A dual-frequency online phase measurement profilometry (PMP) method with phase-shifting parallel to moving direction of measured object is proposed in this paper. The high-frequency fringe is used for the better modulation patterns in pixel matching and it is not modified by the measured object's surface. Based on the relative positive between the moving measured object and digital light processing (DLP), the high-frequency fringe in each dual-frequency deformed pattern after pixel matching is the same. As a result, the phase can be calculated directly by the improved Stoilov algorithm without filtering out the low-frequency component containing the measured object's height information. As there is no filtering process in phase calculation, the valid information loss can be avoided so that the accuracy of the proposed method can be guaranteed. Simulations and experiments prove the method's feasibility and precision.

  11. Well-Woman Task Force: Components of the Well-Woman Visit.

    Conry, Jeanne A; Brown, Haywood


    The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 includes strong well-woman health care provisions as a means of optimizing preventive health care across a woman's lifetime. In 2013, The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists convened a task force of leading professional associations representing women's health clinicians to develop age-specific well-woman health care guidelines with a goal of improving health outcomes. The charge of the Well-Woman Task Force was to provide guidance to women and clinicians with age-appropriate recommendations for a well-woman visit. Evidence-based guidelines, evidence-informed guidelines, and uniform expert agreement formed the foundation for the final recommendations. The resulting list of recommendations, "Components of the Well-Woman Visit," identifies needs across a woman's lifespan and is intended for use by any provider who cares for adolescents or women.

  12. Mutation analysis of PMP22 in Slovak patients with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease and hereditary neuropathy with liability to pressure palsies.

    Resko, Peter; Radvansky, Jan; Odnogova, Zuzana; Baldovic, Marian; Minarik, Gabriel; Polakova, Helena; Palffy, Roland; Kadasi, Ludevit


    Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT) and related peripheral neuropathies are the most commonly inherited neurological disorders in humans, characterized by clinical and genetic heterogeneity. The most prevalent clinical entities belonging to this group of disorders are CMT type 1A (CMT1A) and hereditary neuropathy with liability to pressure palsies (HNPP). CMT1A and HNPP are predominantly caused by a 1.5 Mb duplication and deletion in the chromosomal region 17p11.2, respectively, and less frequently by other mutations in the peripheral myelin protein 22 (PMP22) gene. Despite being relatively common diseases, they haven't been previously studied in the Slovak population. Therefore, the aim of this study was to identify the spectrum and frequency of PMP22 mutations in the Slovak population by screening 119 families with CMT and 2 families with HNPP for causative mutations in this gene. The copy number determination of PMP22 resulted in the detection of CMT1A duplication in 40 families and the detection of HNPP deletion in 7 families, 6 of which were originally diagnosed as CMT. Consequent mutation screening of families without duplication or deletion using dHPLC and sequencing identified 6 single base changes (3 unpublished to date), from which only c.327C>A (Cys109X) present in one family was provably causative. These results confirm the leading role of PMP22 mutation analysis in the differential diagnosis of CMT and show that the spectrum and frequency of PMP22 mutations in the Slovak population is comparable to that seen in the global population.

  13. Nonrecurrent PMP22-RAI1 contiguous gene deletions arise from replication-based mechanisms and result in Smith-Magenis syndrome with evident peripheral neuropathy.

    Yuan, Bo; Neira, Juanita; Gu, Shen; Harel, Tamar; Liu, Pengfei; Briceño, Ignacio; Elsea, Sarah H; Gómez, Alberto; Potocki, Lorraine; Lupski, James R


    Hereditary neuropathy with liability to pressure palsies (HNPP) and Smith-Magenis syndrome (SMS) are genomic disorders associated with deletion copy number variants involving chromosome 17p12 and 17p11.2, respectively. Nonallelic homologous recombination (NAHR)-mediated recurrent deletions are responsible for the majority of HNPP and SMS cases; the rearrangement products encompass the key dosage-sensitive genes PMP22 and RAI1, respectively, and result in haploinsufficiency for these genes. Less frequently, nonrecurrent genomic rearrangements occur at this locus. Contiguous gene duplications encompassing both PMP22 and RAI1, i.e., PMP22-RAI1 duplications, have been investigated, and replication-based mechanisms rather than NAHR have been proposed for these rearrangements. In the current study, we report molecular and clinical characterizations of six subjects with the reciprocal phenomenon of deletions spanning both genes, i.e., PMP22-RAI1 deletions. Molecular studies utilizing high-resolution array comparative genomic hybridization and breakpoint junction sequencing identified mutational signatures that were suggestive of replication-based mechanisms. Systematic clinical studies revealed features consistent with SMS, including features of intellectual disability, speech and gross motor delays, behavioral problems and ocular abnormalities. Five out of six subjects presented clinical signs and/or objective electrophysiologic studies of peripheral neuropathy. Clinical profiling may improve the clinical management of this unique group of subjects, as the peripheral neuropathy can be more severe or of earlier onset as compared to SMS patients having the common recurrent deletion. Moreover, the current study, in combination with the previous report of PMP22-RAI1 duplications, contributes to the understanding of rare complex phenotypes involving multiple dosage-sensitive genes from a genetic mechanistic standpoint.

  14. Difference between Expressions of PMP22 and MBP in Sural Nerve Biopsy and Its Significance%髓鞘特异蛋白PMP22和MBP在腓肠神经活检标本中表达差异及其意义

    唐璐; 张俊; 孙阿萍; 张燕; 王盛兰; 樊东升; 钟延丰


    目的 探讨周围髓鞘蛋白22(peripheral myelin protein 22,PMP22)、髓鞘碱性蛋白(myelin basic protein,MBP)在周围神经活检标本中的表达差异及其诊断意义.方法 收集35例成人腓肠神经活检标本,进行抗PMP22、MBP免疫组织化学染色,对其灰度值做定量分析,并与相应的光镜和电镜下组织学形态进行比较分析.结果 PMP22和MBP的表达部位并不完全相同;PMP22表达水平与有髓纤维髓鞘的残存数目、完整程度及无髓纤维-Schwann细胞单位的数量、功能状态等多个因素相关;MBP表达水平主要与残存的有髓纤维的数量和髓鞘脱失的程度相关;两者的表达具有一定的相关性,但PMP22更多反映Schwann细胞状态,而MBP反映有髓纤维髓鞘的状态.结论 周围神经活检中PMP22和MBP的检测有助于判断受损髓鞘的神经纤维分布以及Schwann细胞的功能状态,可考虑作为周围神经活检诊断的常规检测.

  15. [Thyroid myopathy in an aged woman].

    Oscuro, F; Antico, C N; Calvanese, A; Chianese, U; Gallo, M


    The case is reported of an old woman with a myopathy syndrome. Upon differential diagnosis this myopathy was attributed to hypothyroidism. Treatment with low doses of L-thyroxine lead to complete remission of the clinical and serologic syndrome.

  16. Divorce May Shrink an Older Woman's Waistline…

    ... fullstory_163508.html Divorce May Shrink an Older Woman's Waistline… … while marriage may widen it, study suggests ... News) -- Divorce can be plenty stressful for older women. But it doesn't translate into the weight ...

  17. Being with woman: claiming midwifery space.

    Hunter, Louise


    Being 'with woman' is characterised as presence, a spiritual concept which is nevertheless bound up with physical space. In this article, the work of the American philosopher Judith Butler is used to explore the interplay between space and relationships in midwifery practice. Butler argues that relationships based on mutual recognition and respect define the actions possible within physical space. In midwifery, being with woman creates a therapeutic space necessary for the wellbeing and empowerment of women and midwives alike.

  18. Woman in Robert Frost’s Poems



    Most studies of Robert Frost usually focus on his great arts in describing the rural and folksy things, and this thesis is to have a tentative reading of Robert Frost from the feminism perspective. It will shed light on the poet ’s view towards woman by analyzing woman characters in his dialogic poems and his subtle use of pronouns and other semantic strategies.

  19. A formal [3,3]-sigmatropic rearrangement route to quaternary alpha-vinyl amino acids: use of allylic N-PMP trifluoroacetimidates.

    Berkowitz, David B; Wu, Bin; Li, Huijie


    Pd(II)-mediated rearrangement of allylic N-PMP (p-methoxyphenyl) trifluoroacetimidates provides the first formal sigmatropic route to quaternary, alpha-vinylic amino acids, potential suicide substrates for PLP enzymes. The amino acid side chains enter via transition-metal-mediated C-C bond constructions, including (i) Cu(I)-mediated conjugate addition (Ala); (ii) Pd(0)/AsPh3-mediated Stille coupling (allyl-Gly, Phe, DOPA, m-Tyr); and (iii) Pd(0)/Pt-Bu3-mediated Negishi coupling (Leu). In the synthesis of the DOPA decarboxylase inactivator, alpha-vinyl-m-tyrosine, the new N-PMP trifluoroacetimidate rearranges much more efficiently than the corresponding trichloroacetimidate.

  20. Alice Walker’s Womanism in Meridian

    GAN Lin


    Meridian is one of Alice Walker’s early work. It tells a story that happened in the American south during the 1960s and early 70s’. It describes the life of the main character, Meridian Hill, a black woman from a southern town, who got out of the oppression of white society, and ends up in participate in Civil Rights Movement. The paper firstly illustrates the soul of womanism—anti-sexism, anti-racism, sisiterhood as well as the maternity love, then analyzes how these theories permeated into the novel—Meridian. The paper paid attention to the function of this novel on the improvement of Alice Walker ’s womanism. In proving that womanism not only permeates into Meridian, but also improved womanism from many perspectives, it comes to the conclusion that Meridian is a novel to improve Alice Walker’s womanism, it serves as the good novel to highlight the African Culture, and made a great contribution for the encouragement of black women to seek for freedom in the society.

  1. The woman I love and the woman I cannot live without.

    Bergmann, Martin S


    The relationship between love and the symbiotic phase of childhood is explored from a new angle in terms of a conflict between "the woman I love" and "the woman I cannot live without." Love requires dependency, but it can also lead to giving up independent existence; then it becomes inimical to the relationship.

  2. Function of the PEX19-binding site of human adrenoleukodystrophy protein as targeting motif in man and yeast. PMP targeting is evolutionarily conserved.

    Halbach, André; Lorenzen, Stephan; Landgraf, Christiane; Volkmer-Engert, Rudolf; Erdmann, Ralf; Rottensteiner, Hanspeter


    We predicted in human peroxisomal membrane proteins (PMPs) the binding sites for PEX19, a key player in the topogenesis of PMPs, by virtue of an algorithm developed for yeast PMPs. The best scoring PEX19-binding site was found in the adrenoleukodystrophy protein (ALDP). The identified site was indeed bound by human PEX19 and was also recognized by the orthologous yeast PEX19 protein. Likewise, both human and yeast PEX19 bound with comparable affinities to the PEX19-binding site of the yeast PMP Pex13p. Interestingly, the identified PEX19-binding site of ALDP coincided with its previously determined targeting motif. We corroborated the requirement of the ALDP PEX19-binding site for peroxisomal targeting in human fibroblasts and showed that the minimal ALDP fragment targets correctly also in yeast, again in a PEX19-binding site-dependent manner. Furthermore, the human PEX19-binding site of ALDP proved interchangeable with that of yeast Pex13p in an in vivo targeting assay. Finally, we showed in vitro that most of the predicted binding sequences of human PMPs represent true binding sites for human PEX19, indicating that human PMPs harbor common PEX19-binding sites that do resemble those of yeast. Our data clearly revealed a role for PEX19-binding sites as PMP-targeting motifs across species, thereby demonstrating the evolutionary conservation of PMP signal sequences from yeast to man.

  3. Darcy permeability of hollow fiber membrane bundles made from Membrana® Polymethylpentene (PMP) fibers used in respiratory assist devices

    Madhani, Shalv. P.; D’Aloiso, Brandon. D.; Frankowski, Brian.; Federspiel, William. J.


    Hollow fiber membranes (HFMs) are used in blood oxygenators for cardiopulmonary bypass or in next generation artificial lungs. Flow analyses of these devices is typically done using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling HFM bundles as porous media, using a Darcy permeability coefficient estimated from the Blake – Kozeny (BK) equation to account for viscous drag from fibers. We recently published how well this approach can predict Darcy permeability for fiber bundles made from polypropylene HFMs, showing the prediction can be significantly improved using an experimentally derived correlation between the BK constant (A) and bundle porosity (ε). In this study, we assessed how well our correlation for A worked for predicting the Darcy permeability of fiber bundles made from Membrana® polymethylpentene (PMP) HFMs, which are increasingly being used clinically. Swatches in the porosity range of 0.4 to 0.8 were assessed in which sheets of fiber were stacked in parallel, perpendicular and angled configurations. Our previously published correlation predicted Darcy within ±8%. A new correlation based on current and past measured permeability was determined: A=497ε-103; using this correlation measured Darcy permeability was within ±6%. This correlation varied from 8% to −3.5% of our prior correlation over the tested porosity range. PMID:26809086

  4. Future PMP Estimation in Korea under AR5 RCP 8.5 climate change scenarios and its Changes Cause Analysis

    Kim, S.; Lee, J.; Okjeong, L.; Bogyeong, C.; Park, M. W.


    In this presentation, Korea's probable maximum precipitations (PMPs) which reflects all of the storm data until recently are calculated, and are compared to the existing PMPs which were calculated at 2000. In Korea, abnormal weather phenomena such as typhoon Rusa and Maemi, and the extreme rainfall event occurred on the east coast of the northern region, that can have a significant impact on the PMP estimation, have frequently happened since 2000. After selecting 240 major storm events from 1973 to 2012, new PMPs are proposed with respect to storm areas (25, 100, 225, 400, 900, 2025, 4900, 10000 and 19600 km2) and storm durations (1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 18, 24, 48 and 72 hours) using the Korea hydro-meteorological method. After estimating future PMPs using future rainfall and dew point temperature information under the Korea Meteorological Administration AR5 RCP 8.5, changes in the PMPs under climate change will be investigated by comparison with present and future PMPs. By separating the changes in PMPs under climate change into the changes caused by rainfall and dew point temperature, the relative impact of future rainfall and dew point temperature information under climate change on future PMPs is quantified. This research was supported by a grant 'Development of the Evaluation Technology for Complex Causes of Inundation Vulnerability and the Response Plans in Coastal Urban Areas for Adaptation to Climate Change' [MPSS-NH-2015-77] from the Natural Hazard Mitigation Research Group, Ministry of Public Safety and Security of Korea.

  5. Development of a methodology to evaluate probable maximum precipitation (PMP) under changing climate conditions: Application to southern Quebec, Canada

    Rousseau, Alain N.; Klein, Iris M.; Freudiger, Daphné; Gagnon, Patrick; Frigon, Anne; Ratté-Fortin, Claudie


    Climate change (CC) needs to be accounted for in the estimation of probable maximum floods (PMFs). However, there does not exist a unique way to estimate PMFs and, furthermore the challenge in estimating them is that they should neither be underestimated for safety reasons nor overestimated for economical ones. By estimating PMFs without accounting for CC, the risk of underestimation could be high for Quebec, Canada, since future climate simulations indicate that in all likelihood extreme precipitation events will intensify. In this paper, simulation outputs from the Canadian Regional Climate Model (CRCM) are used to develop a methodology to estimate probable maximum precipitations (PMPs) while accounting for changing climate conditions for the southern region of the Province of Quebec, Canada. The Kénogami and Yamaska watersheds are herein of particular interest, since dam failures could lead to major downstream impacts. Precipitable water (w) represents one of the key variables in the estimation process of PMPs. Results of stationary tests indicate that CC will not only affect precipitation and temperature but also the monthly maximum precipitable water, wmax, and the ensuing maximization ratio used for the estimation of PMPs. An up-to-date computational method is developed to maximize w using a non-stationary frequency analysis, and then calculate the maximization ratios. The ratios estimated this way are deemed reliable since they rarely exceed threshold values set for Quebec, and, therefore, provide consistent PMP estimates. The results show an overall significant increase of the PMPs throughout the current century compared to the recent past.

  6. [Comparison on polysaccharide content and PMP-HPLC fingerprints of polysaccharide in stems and leaves of Dendrobium officinale].

    Zhou, Gui-Fen; Pang, Min-Xia; Chen, Su-Hong; Lv, Gui-Yuan; Yan, Mei-Qiu


    In order to provide scientific basics for exploitation and sufficient application of Dendrobium officinale leaves resources, the phenol-sulfuric acid method was applied to determine the polysaccharide content. The monosaccharides were derivated by PMP and the derivatives were identified by HPLC-DAD-ESI-MS(n) and the contents of mannose and glucose were determined simultaneously. Similarity evaluation system for chromatographic fingerprint of traditional Chinese medicine (2004A) was employed to generate the mean chromatogram and similarity analysis of the samples was carried out. The results demonstrated that polysaccharide content, monosaccharide compositions and composition ratio had an obvious difference between stems and leaves. The polysaccharide content of stems was higher than that of leaves. Monosaccharide composition in leaf was significantly different from that in stem. The polysaccharide from stems was composed of mannose and glucose, however the polysaccharide of leaves was acid heteropolysaccharide and was mainly composed of five monosaccharides, including mannose, galacturonic acid, glucose, galactose and arabinose. The similarity value of the 14 batches was above 0.9, indicating that similarity of fingerprints among different samples was high. The study can provide evidence for expanding the medicinal parts of D. officinale.

  7. Syncope with spontaneous coronary artery dissection in an elderly woman

    CHEN Yu-feng; CHANG Mu-hsin; CHANG Ting-chuan; LAI Chao-hung; JONG Gwo-ping


    Diagnosis of spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD) is challenging because of its rarity and uncertain etiology.It frequently occurs in young women during pregnancy and in the postpartum period,and rarely found in elder women with no history of cardiovascular disease or coronary risk factors.In this article we report a case of SCAD in a 75-year-old woman without traditional cardiovascular risk factors who presented with syncope and mild chest discomfort.There were no abnormal electrocardiographic changes and no elevated cardiac enzymes were detected.Computed tomography of brain revealed nothing abnormal.Coronary artery disease was suspected.Coronary angiogram revealed dissection in the middle left circumflex artery.The patient underwent percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty and was free of symptoms at 6-month follow-up.Our report suggests that emergency coronary angiography is indicated if syncope caused by coronary artery disease is suspected.

  8. How a Married Woman`s Characteristics Affect her Contraceptive Behavior?

    Khan, Rana Ejaz Ali; Khan, Tasnim

    In Pakistan, population growth rate is 2.2% and Total Fertility Rate (TFR) is as high as 5.4. It is the result of low Contraceptive Prevalence Rate (CPR) of only 28%. Due to low CPR, women have high rate of unwanted births in Pakistan. In this study using probit estimation on primary data, we have analyzed the woman=s characteristics responsible for low contraceptive prevalence among married women in urban areas of Punjab (Pakistan). For the purpose one thousand married women in the age group of 15-49 years, who were not currently pregnant were interviewed from urban areas of Bahawalpur and Lahore. The individual characteristics of married women were focused, although household characteristics, socio-economic conditions of the community where woman is living, religious and cultural factors are also important. It is found that age of woman, education of woman, woman`s status, her economic activity, income level and age at marriage were found major determinants of contraceptive prevalence in women. The policies towards the education of women, status of women, labor force participation of women and legal interventions towards the increase in marriage age are stressed to increase the CPR.

  9. [A woman with a special cervix].

    Hamont, D. van; Bekkers, R.L.M.; Struik-van der Zanden, P.H.


    A 40-year-old woman (nulligravida) presented with abnormal cervical cytology. At colposcopy a double external uterine os was discovered with a levonorgestrel intra uterine contraceptive device placed in the opening on the left side. Ultrasound revealed an uterus bicornis bicollis. Despite frequent

  10. Woman in Khalil Motran\\'s poem

    zahra soleymanpoor


    In explaining the subject of woman, his genre is romanticism that proposes the highest emotions and senses of the poet. Sometimes he uses the story poems to imply the romance. He uses this method even to explain the social and political subject to increase the influence.

  11. Sherry Red Owl, Stands at Dawn Woman

    Crazy Bull, Cheryl


    This article introduces Sherry Red Owl, also known as "Stands at Dawn Woman," because she greets each day as a new opportunity and has spent her life working at new things. She worked at Sinte Gleska University (SGU) during its founding years, taught at an elementary school when few Native teachers were employed in the school systems,…

  12. Excessive libido in a woman with rabies.

    Dutta, J. K.


    Rabies is endemic in India in both wildlife and humans. Human rabies kills 25,000 to 30,000 persons every year. Several types of sexual manifestations including excessive libido may develop in cases of human rabies. A laboratory proven case of rabies in an Indian woman who manifested excessive libido is presented below. She later developed hydrophobia and died.

  13. Fatal Monocytic Ehrlichiosis in Woman, Mexico, 2013

    Sosa-Gutierrez, Carolina G.; Solorzano-Santos, Fortino; Walker, David H.; Torres, Javier; Serrano, Carlos A.


    Human monocytic ehrlichiosis is a febrile illness caused by Ehrlichia chaffeensis, an intracellular bacterium transmitted by ticks. In Mexico, a case of E. chaffeensis infection in an immunocompetent 31-year-old woman without recognized tick bite was fatal. This diagnosis should be considered for patients with fever, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, and elevated liver enzyme levels. PMID:27088220

  14. [A woman with a rare vascular malformation

    Koning, G.G.; Vries, M. de


    A 30-year-old woman with trisomy 8 syndrome and coagulopathy was diagnosed with a malformation of the vena cava superior. This is a rare anatomical variation, which originates from a non-development of Marshall's ligament during the 8th week of gestation (prevalence: 0.3%).

  15. Clostridium septicum Empyema in an Immunocompetent Woman

    Alexander B. Granok


    Full Text Available We report a case of a Clostridium septicum empyema in an immunocompetent woman following operation for an incarcerated internal hernia. The patient was successfully treated with pleural decortication and an extended course of postoperative antibiotics. This is the first report of such an infection in the medical literature.

  16. A Seoul Woman Professor’s Guest


    IT must have been our fate to meet. On the first day I arrived at the Korean University in the Republic of Korea, as a visiting professor from China’s Qinghua University, I got a phone call. "Are you Professor Zhao?" A South Korean woman asked me in Chinese. "Yes."

  17. A Tibetan Woman Has Conquered Mt. Qumolangma


    KUN Sang, which means "perfect" in Tibetan, is the name of an ordinary Tibetan woman. Obviously, it contains her parents’ wishes for her. Kun Sang, the heroine of this article, is a mountaineer and conqueror of the highest peak of the world.

  18. Paraurethral leiomyoma in a postmenopausal woman

    Shim, Susy; Borg, Camilla Skovvang; Majeed, Huda Galib


    Leiomyomas are benign tumors extending from smooth muscle cells and only few cases of paraurethral leiomyomas have been described in the literature. They are often seen in the reproductive age and around 50% of the cases are asymptomatic. We describe a 59-year-old woman with a solid mobile tumor...

  19. Immature ovarian teratoma in a postmenopausal woman

    Ornvold, K; Detlefsen, G U; Horn, T


    We report the first case of immature ovarian teratoma occurring after menopause in a 57-year-old, 3 years postmenopausal woman. Within one year after resection of the teratoma she developed peritoneal botryoid rhabdomyosarcoma, which probably originated from initially unrecognized rhabdomyoblasts...

  20. Carrie Chapman Catt and Woman Suffrage.

    Hardesty, Carolyn, Ed.


    Most of the material for this issue of the "Goldfinch," which explores the life of Carrie Chapman Catt, came from the archives of the State Historical Society of Iowa. Carrie Chapman Catt (1859-1947) was an Iowan who advocated woman suffrage and spent 26 years actively working for that cause. The issue contains a biography of Catt, and…

  1. Analysis on the novel The French Lieutenant’s Woman--from desire and postmodern perspective

    Zhao Yan


    French Lieutenant’s Woman written by John Fowles mainly talks about the developing relationship between Sarah Woodruff and Charles Smithson.Sarah Woodruff known as“Tragedy”,or“The French Lieutenant’s Woman” is caught between the Victorian and modern ages.Rumors spread around that she stands by the sea to wait for the French Lieutenant who seduced her to return.And Charles is a young,lazy but intelligent English gentleman,who breaks off his engagement to a traditional young woman Tina to pursue Sarah.The novel is very special and attractive in many ways,so my purpose of the paper is to analyze how characters’ desire and postmodern environment wind through the story.

  2. Inhibition of acetylcholinesterase in CSF versus brain assessed by 11C-PMP PET in AD patients treated with galantamine.

    Darreh-Shori, T; Kadir, A; Almkvist, O; Grut, M; Wall, A; Blomquist, G; Eriksson, B; Långström, B; Nordberg, A


    The relationship between acetylcholinesterase (AChE) activity in the CSF and brain of patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD) was investigated in 18 mild AD patients following galantamine treatment. The first 3 months of the study had a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled design, during which 12 patients received galantamine (16-24 mg/day) and six patients placebo. This was followed by 9 months galantamine treatment in all patients. Activities and protein levels of both the "read-through" AChE (AChE-R) and the synaptic (AChE-S) variants in CSF were assessed in parallel together with the regional brain AChE activity by (11)C-PMP and PET. The AChE-S inhibition was 30-36% in CSF, which correlated well with the in vivo AChE inhibition in the brain. No significant AChE inhibition was observed in the placebo group. The increased level of the AChE-R protein was 16% higher than that of AChE-S. Both the AChE inhibition and the increased level of AChE-R protein positively correlated with the patient's performance in cognitive tests associated with visuospatial ability and attention. In conclusion, AChE levels in CSF closely mirror in vivo brain AChE levels prior to and after treatment with the cholinesterase inhibitors. A positive cognitive response seems to dependent on the AChE inhibition level, which is balanced by an increased protein level of the AChE-R variant in the patients.

  3. Is Economic Status Really Important for a Woman Important for a Woman



    <正>Simone de Beauvoir said,"A woman is not born but made."Then,what makes women?Culture?Parental teaching?Social environments?...When women are born,they are told they are a girl and brought up in the way that girls grow up.Gradually,an invisible and powerful voice is rooted in their mind,"I’m a girl and that I’ll be a woman or housewife."

  4. [Assistance to the climacteric woman: new paradigms].

    Lorenzi, Dino Roberto Soares De; Catan, Lenita Binelli; Moreira, Karen; Artico, Graziela Rech


    Population aging is a demographic reality for Brazil. Consequently, in the next years it is expected a progressive increase in seeking health care services in the country by women with complaints related to climacterium. Parallel to it, assistance at this part of woman's life has been going through a paradigm shift which has imposed to health professionals a change of attitude in relation to this stage of woman's life. Today it is acknowledged that the climacterium is influenced by biological, psychosocial and cultural factors, whose knowledge is fundamental for planning a more qualified and humanized care. This article proposes a reflection on the paradigm shifts in assistance at climacterium, highlighting important aspects as multidisciplinarity and interdisciplinarity, so as to serve better this portion of population, and provide it with more integrated and individualized care, bringing together knowledge and sensitivity, and always aiming at a better quality of life.

  5. Oscar Wilde and the scarlet woman.

    Hanson, E


    In the late nineteenth century, England was embroiled in a political debate over the importation of Roman Catholic rituals into the Anglican Church, not to mention the re-establishment of the Roman Church itself in Great Britain. Victorian anti-Catholic rhetoric draws upon the figure of the Whore of Babylon to depict the Roman Catholic Church as the Scarlet Woman, a femme fatale who perverts Christianity and seduces Englishmen with elaborate rituals and lascivious whisperings in the confessional. In writing Salomé, Oscar Wilde played ironically on the hysterical eroticism of the No Popery movement by mining the paradox of biblical sensuality. He invested his play with a biblical wealth of archaic metaphors and gestures that took their cues from The Song of Songs and The Book of Revelation. He became the ecclesiastical dandy that evangelicals feared most, a poet enamored of the Scarlet Woman, a would-be convert who exposed the scandal of Christianity as art.

  6. The Woman Who“Manages Weather”


    TENG Youlian, a Miao woman and the chief director of the Meteorological Bureau of Mayang County, Hunan, is one of the most reliable people in the area. The local people affectionately refer to Teng as "the woman who manages weather," because she and her meteorological bureau can forecast weather precisely, and predict rainstorms and floods in advance. Several times, they have been able to greatly reduce the losses for Mayang County caused by disastrous floods. Though only a junior high school graduate, and one who had never formally learned meteorology, Teng studied very hard to gain practical knowledge after she transferred to the meteorological bureau in 1969; gradually, she became familiar with the work. In 1981, she became a technician in weather forecasting, and was promoted to assistant engineer in 1988. She worked diligently and carefully; in 1989, she set a record

  7. [Aged woman's vulnerability related to AIDS].

    Silva, Carla Marins; Lopes, Fernanda Maria do Valle Martins; Vargens, Octavio Muniz da Costa


    This article is a systhematic literature review including the period from 1994 to 2009, whose objective was to discuss the aged woman's vulnerability in relation to Acquired Imunodeficiency Syndrome (Aids). The search for scientific texts was accomplished in the following databases: Biblioteca Virtual em Saúde, Scientific Eletronic Library Online (SciELO), Literatura Latino-Americana e do Caribe em Ciências da Saúde (LILACS) and Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System Online (MEDLINE). The descriptors used were vulnerability, woman and Aids. Eighteen texts were analyzed, including articles in scientific journals, thesis and dissertations. As a conclusion, it was noted that aged women and vulnerability to Aids are directly related, through gender characteristics including submission and that were built historical and socially. We consider as fundamental the development of studies which may generate publications accessible to women, in order to help them see themselves as persons vulnerable to Aids contagion just for being women.

  8. Woman Sacrifices All for Family, Community



    YUAN Shuguo, 82, is an amiable and kind woman. Despite many years of hardship and frustration, she has brought up and educated four children. Even her granddaughter is married. Many of Yuan’s burdens have been lifted from her shoulders and she now lives a content life with her husband. Yet deep in her heart, there will always be one regret. This is her story, in her own words.

  9. Reconstructive metroplastic myomectomy of an infertile woman

    Nader Esmailpoor; Mitra Ahmad Soltani


    Background: While myoma is the most common pelvic mass of women, most women do not seek screening tests for uterine myoma and if they have any fibroid they are not volunteer for its surgical removal. Case: We present here a novel technique of vascular skeletonization to preserve uterus, making pregnancy possible for an infertile woman with a large uterine myoma, situated in the uterine lower segment. Conclusion: Vascular skeletonization to preserve vessels for a case of myomectomy helped pres...

  10. Woman Mayor Devotes Herself to Her People


    SHI Lijun used to be the Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Zibo in Shandong Province. When she stood before the 257 deputies to the People’s Congress in Laiwu on January 12, 1993, she perceived the anticipation and skepticism in their eyes. Although the deputies voted her into office as the first woman mayor of this city because of her past achievement in her official career, they still wanted to know what she would say

  11. African Woman Gets No.2 UN Post


    With a pledge to work for an inte-grated UN, former Tanzanian Foreign Minister Asha-Rose Migiro was sworn in as UN deputy secretary gen-eral on February 5, making her the first woman from the African conti-nent to hold such a powerful posi-tion in the world body.Migiro’s appointment early last month was widely seen as a signal of new UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon’s reform initia-

  12. Nucleotide sequences of two fimbrial major subunit genes, pmpA and ucaA, from canine-uropathogenic Proteus mirabilis strains.

    Bijlsma, I G; van Dijk, L; Kusters, J G; Gaastra, W


    Proteus mirabilis strains were isolated from dogs with urinary tract infection (UTI) and fimbriae were prepared from two strains. The N-terminal amino acid sequences of the major fimbrial subunits were determined and both sequences appeared identical to the N-terminal amino acid sequence of a urinary cell adhesin (UCA) (Wray, S. K., Hull, S. I., Cook, R. G., Barrish, J. & Hull, R. A., 1986, Infect Immun 54, 43-49). The genes of two different major fimbrial subunits were cloned using oligonucleotide probes that were designed on the basis of the N-terminal UCA sequence. Nucleotide sequencing revealed the complete ucaA gene of 540 bp (from strain IVB247) encoding a polypeptide of 180 amino acids, including a 22 amino acid signal sequence peptide, and the pmpA (P. mirabilis P-like pili) gene of 549 bp (from strain IVB219) encoding a polypeptide of 183 amino acids, including a 23 amino acid signal sequence. Hybridization experiments gave clear indications of the presence of both kinds of fimbriae in many UTI-related canine P. mirabilis isolates. However, the presence of these fimbriae could not be demonstrated in P. vulgaris or other Proteus-related species. Database analysis of amino acid sequences of major subunit proteins revealed that the UcaA protein shares about 56% amino acid identity with the F17A and F111A major fimbrial subunits from bovine enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli. In turn, the PmpA protein more closely resembled the pyelonephritis-associated pili (Pap)-like major subunit protein from UTI-related E. coli. The evolutionary relationship of UcaA, PmpA and various other fimbrial subunit proteins is presented in a phylogenetic tree.

  13. Crystal structures of the PLP- and PMP-bound forms of BtrR, a dual functional aminotransferase involved in butirosin biosynthesis.

    Popovic, Bojana; Tang, Xiao; Chirgadze, Dimitri Y; Huang, Fanglu; Blundell, Tom L; Spencer, Jonathan B


    The aminotransferase (BtrR), which is involved in the biosynthesis of butirosin, a 2-deoxystreptamine (2-DOS)-containing aminoglycoside antibiotic produced by Bacillus circulans, catalyses the pyridoxal phosphate (PLP)-dependent transamination reaction both of 2-deoxy-scyllo-inosose to 2-deoxy-scyllo-inosamine and of amino-dideoxy-scyllo-inosose to 2-DOS. The high-resolution crystal structures of the PLP- and PMP-bound forms of BtrR aminotransferase from B. circulans were solved at resolutions of 2.1 A and 1.7 A with R(factor)/R(free) values of 17.4/20.6 and 19.9/21.9, respectively. BtrR has a fold characteristic of the aspartate aminotransferase family, and sequence and structure analysis categorises it as a member of SMAT (secondary metabolite aminotransferases) subfamily. It exists as a homodimer with two active sites per dimer. The active site of the BtrR protomer is located in a cleft between an alpha helical N-terminus, a central alphabetaalpha sandwich domain and an alphabeta C-terminal domain. The structures of the PLP- and PMP-bound enzymes are very similar; however BtrR-PMP lacks the covalent bond to Lys192. Furthermore, the two forms differ in the side-chain conformations of Trp92, Asp163, and Tyr342 that are likely to be important in substrate selectivity and substrate binding. This is the first three-dimensional structure of an enzyme from the butirosin biosynthesis gene cluster.

  14. Coffee to Go: Woman "Thinks" First Cup in 15 Years

    ... turn Javascript on. Feature: NIBIB Robotics Coffee to Go: Woman "Thinks" First Cup in 15 Years Past ... Athlete Stands Again…On His Own! / Coffee to Go: Woman "Thinks" First Cup in 15 Years Spring ...

  15. The Ideal Man and Woman According to University Students

    Weinstein, Lawrence; Laverghetta, Antonio V.; Peterson, Scott A.


    The present study determined if the ideal man has changed over the years and who and what the ideal woman is. We asked students at Cameron University to rate the importance of character traits that define the ideal man and woman. Subjects also provided examples of famous people exemplifying the ideal, good, average, and inferior man and woman. We…

  16. Alice Walker's Womanism Colored in The Color Purple



    In her famous novel The Color Purple,Alice Walker's womanism is colored by four kinds of conseiousness-female consciousness,racial consciousness,root-seeking consciousness,and universal consciousness.It is owing to the womanism that the heroine celie grown from an abused woman to an independent selfhood.

  17. The Ideal Man and Woman According to University Students

    Weinstein, Lawrence; Laverghetta, Antonio V.; Peterson, Scott A.


    The present study determined if the ideal man has changed over the years and who and what the ideal woman is. We asked students at Cameron University to rate the importance of character traits that define the ideal man and woman. Subjects also provided examples of famous people exemplifying the ideal, good, average, and inferior man and woman. We…

  18. Study of orotidine 5'-monophosphate decarboxylase in complex with the top three OMP, BMP, and PMP ligands by molecular dynamics simulation.

    Jamshidi, Shirin; Jalili, Seifollah; Rafii-Tabar, Hashem


    Catalytic mechanism of orotidine 5'-monophosphate decarboxylase (OMPDC), one of the nature most proficient enzymes which provides large rate enhancement, has not been fully understood yet. A series of 30 ns molecular dynamics (MD) simulations were run on X-ray structure of the OMPDC from Saccharomyces cerevisiae in its free form as well as in complex with different ligands, namely 1-(5'-phospho-D-ribofuranosyl) barbituric acid (BMP), orotidine 5'-monophosphate (OMP), and 6-phosphonouridine 5'-monophosphate (PMP). The importance of this biological system is justified both by its high rate enhancement and its potential use as a target in chemotherapy. This work focuses on comparing two physicochemical states of the enzyme (protonated and deprotonated Asp91) and three ligands (substrate OMP, inhibitor, and transition state analog BMP and substrate analog PMP). Detailed analysis of the active site geometry and its interactions is properly put in context by extensive comparison with relevant experimental works. Our overall results show that in terms of hydrogen bond occupancy, electrostatic interactions, dihedral angles, active site configuration, and movement of loops, notable differences among different complexes are observed. Comparison of the results obtained from these simulations provides some detailed structural data for the complexes, the enzyme, and the ligands, as well as useful insights into the inhibition mechanism of the OMPDC enzyme. Furthermore, these simulations are applied to clarify the ambiguous mechanism of the OMPDC enzyme, and imply that the substrate destabilization and transition state stabilization contribute to the mechanism of action of the most proficient enzyme, OMPDC.

  19. Primary Meningococcal Polyarthritis in an Adult Woman

    José Celso Giordan Cavalcanti Sarinho


    Full Text Available Primary joint infection caused by the Gram-negative bacteria Neisseria meningitidis is rare. Normally, joint involvement comes secondary to meningitis or severe sepsis caused by this agent. When primary arthritis is seen, monoarthritis is the most common presentation. A meningococcal polyarthritis is described in less than 10 case reports according to current literature. This case report aims to briefly review this rare clinical event in an adult woman with no previous history of rheumatological disease. Early diagnosis of polyarthritis caused by meningococcal bacteria usually present a good prognosis when properly treated.

  20. The Secret and Curious Histories of Wonder Woman & Wonder Woman, a multiple book review:

    Reyns-Chikuma, Chris


    Any search for references on « Wonder Woman » would show hundreds of articles but only 3 or 4 « serious » books. After the brief, yet forerunning, references in Trina Robbins’s various books on Women and Comics, in 2000, Les Daniels, one of the greatest fans-specialists of comics, published Wonder Woman, the Complete History (San Francisco Chronicle Books). Although the text is interesting, Daniels’ book is first and foremost useful for its many gorgeous illustrations. The text is relatively ...

  1. The Secret and Curious Histories of Wonder Woman & Wonder Woman, a multiple book review:

    Reyns-Chikuma, Chris


    Any search for references on « Wonder Woman » would show hundreds of articles but only 3 or 4 « serious » books. After the brief, yet forerunning, references in Trina Robbins’s various books on Women and Comics, in 2000, Les Daniels, one of the greatest fans-specialists of comics, published Wonder Woman, the Complete History (San Francisco Chronicle Books). Although the text is interesting, Daniels’ book is first and foremost useful for its many gorgeous illustrations. The text is relatively ...

  2. Five-year follow-up of a woman with pregnancy and lactation-associated osteoporosis and vertebral fractures

    Sato Y


    Full Text Available Jun Iwamoto1, Yoshihiro Sato2, Mitsuyoshi Uzawa3, Hideo Matsumoto11Institute for Integrated Sports Medicine, Keio University School of Medicine, 2Department of Neurology, Mitate Hospital, Fukuoka, 3Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Keiyu Orthopaedic Hospital, Gunma, JapanAbstract: We report the 5-year follow-up of a young woman who developed vertebral fractures after pregnancy and lactation and was treated with active vitamin D hormone. A 32-year-old Japanese woman consulted us because of acute lower back pain caused by L2 and L5 vertebral fractures after pregnancy and lactation. Following cessation of breast-feeding, analgesia, bed rest, and wearing of a hard brace, her lower back pain disappeared within 2 months. After 5 years of treatment with alfacalcidol 1 µg daily, the lumbar spine (L1, L3, L4 bone mineral density increased by 21.4% following vigorous reductions in bone turnover markers. No osteoporotic fractures occurred, and the vertebral fractures healed. The patient experienced no side effects, including hypercalcemia. Thus, the present case report shows long-term changes in bone turnover markers and lumbar spine bone mineral density, as well as long-term safety of alfacalcidol treatment in a young woman with pregnancy and lactation-associated osteoporosis and vertebral fractures.Keywords: young woman, pregnancy, alfacalcidol, bone mineral density, osteoporosis, vertebral fracture

  3. [The first woman surgeons in the Netherlands].

    Mulder, M; De Jong, E


    This article describes the position of woman surgeons in the Netherlands. In 1913 the first woman, Heleen Robert, was accepted as member of the Dutch Society of Surgery. Three others, Jeanne Knoop, Frieda van Hasselt and Rosalie Wijnberg, followed during the next ten years. The nomination of Rosalie Wijnberg caused a turbulent discussion as she was working as a gynaecologist and not as a surgeon. One can wonder about this argument as other members were gynaecologists too. It seems that the male attitudes towards women were changing as more women entered the male dominated field. Nevertheless, from 1931 on, the year in which the registration of specialists was created, a number of women succeeded in obtaining a registration in surgery. Four of them were interviewed: dr. D.A.E. Norel, A.G. Wiersum-de Kwaadsteniet, J. Leeksma-Lievense and A.A. Fierstra. The general opinion still is that surgery is not a female profession. At the moment there are some twenty women working as general surgeon compared to a seven hundred men.

  4. The Needs of the Spanish Speaking Mujer [Woman] in Woman-Manpower Training Programs.

    Nieto-Gomez, Anna

    Although the Spanish Speaking woman is usually considered to be outside the labor market, 36 percent of the 52 percent Spanish Speaking women were in the labor force in March 1972. These women suffer economic-sexist discrimination due to ascription of work according to sex and race by a racial-sexual hierarchy existing within the traditional…

  5. Am I a Woman? The Normalisation of Woman in US History

    Schmidt, Sandra J.


    The curriculum of US History has improved substantially in its presentation of women over the 40 years since Trecker's 1971 study of US History textbooks. While studies show increased inclusions, they also suggest that women have not yet claimed their own place in the school curriculum. This paper seeks to better understand the woman who is…

  6. An Adult Case of Kawasaki Disease in a Pregnant Japanese Woman: A Case Report

    Kyoko Kanno


    Full Text Available Kawasaki disease is an acute febrile disease predominantly seen in young children. We report a case of Kawasaki disease in a 32-year-old pregnant woman. She developed a generalized erythematous skin rash accompanied by high fever. Bilateral conjunctival congestion, tender cervical lymphadenopathy, an edematous lower lip and peripheral edema followed by desquamation were observed. She was successfully treated with aspirin and intravenous gammaglobulin (1 g/kg/day. Her course was not complicated by coronary artery aneurysm and she delivered a healthy baby. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first case of Kawasaki disease in a pregnant woman. We suggest that Kawasaki disease should be included in the differential diagnosis of a generalized, erythematous skin rash accompanied by high fever in adults.

  7. Pregnancy complicated by haemorrhagic ascites in a woman with newly diagnosed HIV.

    Morgan, Catrin; Nicholls, Kate; Gangat, Nusraat; Sansome, Stafford


    A young pregnant Zambian woman was referred from a district hospital in South Zambia to the university teaching hospital, Lusaka with severe anaemia and ascites. The ascites had developed over a month and the woman was currently 15 weeks pregnant. Further workup revealed that the patient was HIV-positive and the ascitic tap showed haemorrhagic fluid. After being reviewed by multiple doctors, the cause of the haemorrhagic ascites remained unclear; therefore, the decision was made to do a laparotomy. The laparotomy revealed haemoperitoneum and a large cyst attached to the liver containing 5 L of bloodstained fluid. The histopathology report revealed features consistent with a giant haemangioma. There were many barriers to accessing optimum healthcare in this case. These included limited access to blood, poor communication resulting in the patient being unaware of her HIV status and lack of patient education about HIV. 2016 BMJ Publishing Group Ltd.

  8. The voices of Iris: Cinematic representations of the aged woman and Alzheimer's disease in Iris (2001).

    Graham, Megan E


    Audiences must be critical of film representations of the aged woman living with Alzheimer's disease and of dangerous reinscriptions of stereotypical equations about ageing as deterioration. This paper analyses the representation and decline of the aged woman through the different voices of Iris Murdoch in Richard Eyre's film Iris (2001). Key vocal scenes are considered: On-screen encounters between young and aged Iris, vocal representations of dementia symptoms and silencing Iris as her disease progresses. Further, Iris' recurrent unaccompanied song, "The Lark in the Clear Air," compels audiences to "see" Iris with their ears more than with their eyes, exemplifying the representational power of sound in film. This paper is an appeal for increased debate about sonic representations of aged women, ageing and Alzheimer's disease and dementia in film. The significance of audiences' critical awareness and understanding about the social implications of these representations is discussed. © The Author(s) 2014.

  9. Retrospective Analysis of Predictors of Proficient Power Mobility in Young Children With Severe Motor Impairments.

    Mockler, Shelley R; McEwen, Irene R; Jones, Maria A


    To determine if child characteristics, maternal education, intervention parameters, type of wheelchair control mechanism, or a combination of these variables were associated with proficient power mobility skills in children with severe motor impairments aged 14 to 30 months; and to determine if performance on the Wheelchair Skills Checklist (WSC) was associated with performance on the Powered Mobility Program (PMP). Secondary data analyses on data collected from 2 previously completed randomized controlled trials (RCTs). Intervention and outcomes measurements took place in natural environments. Participants included children who were assigned to the intervention groups in 2 RCTs (N=31). Children practiced maneuvering individually customized power wheelchairs for 12 months in natural environments. Proficiency was assessed using the WSC and the PMP. The Battelle Developmental Inventory and Merrill-Palmer-Revised were used to assess baseline cognition and motor skills. Baseline mobility was assessed using the Pediatric Evaluation of Disability Inventory. Cognition, fine motor skills, and wheelchair control mechanism were associated with proficiency. Cognition, type of wheelchair control, and diagnosis all predicted proficiency while controlling for other covariates using multiple regression analysis. Agreement between the WSC and PMP was 94.7%. Cognition, type of wheelchair control, and diagnosis might predict power mobility proficiency in young children with severe motor impairments. These factors however should not be used to determine whether a child has the opportunity to participate in a training program. Agreement between the WSC and PMP could help researchers and clinicians compare results across studies that use only one of these outcome measures. Copyright © 2017 American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  10. Conservative coloprotectomy for the sexually active woman.

    Entman, S S; Coleman, J L; Wilson, G


    The procedure described herein, capitalizes on a knowledge of the relationships between the pelvic viscera, its autonomic innervation and its tissue support. Operative time is shorter, not only because of the presence of a simultaneous second surgical team, but also because the improved exposure and use of bloodless planes facilitates dissection and reduces blood loss. The careful treatment of the cul-de-sac peritoneum helps protect the autonomic innervation of the pelvis, preserving the function of the bladder and sexual response. Preserving the perineal body and obliterating the dead space behind the posterior vaginal wall with the levator ani muscle provides a muscular cushion for the vagina, preserving maximum coital function. For the woman who is sexually active, these are important goals. Her improved sense of well-being following successful surgical therapy of the disease will result in increasing libido, and her successful adaptation to her new condition will be influenced favorably by her ability to function sexually.

  11. Physical and genetic mapping of the CMT4A locus and exclusion of PMP-2 as the defect in CMT4A

    Othmane, K.B.; Loeb, D.; Roses, A.D.; Pericak-Vance, M.A.; Vance, J.M. [Duke Univ. Medical Center, Durham, NC (United States)] [and others


    We have previously localized one form of the autosomal recessive Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 4 (CMT4A) to a 5-cM region of chromosome 8q13-q21. We now report the formation of a 7-Bp YAC contig spanning the region. This contig was used to map nine additional microsatellites and six STSs to this region, and subsequent haplotype analysis has narrowed the CMT4A flanking interval to less than 1 cM. In addition, using SSCP and our physical map, we have demonstrated that the myelin protein PMP-2, mapped by FISH to this region, is not the defect in CMT4A. 27 refs., 3 figs., 1 tab.

  12. Young Market: Young Consumers

    Shang Lin'aiyi


    @@ This young generation enjoys a staggering amount of purchasing power in China.That's because the population of young consumers in China is massive. They were born after China instituted its one-child policy in the late 1970s and grew up in the context of China launching its economic reforms and opening up to the world outside.

  13. Comparison of polysaccharides of Haliotis discus hannai and Volutharpa ampullacea perryi by PMP-HPLC-MS(n) analysis upon acid hydrolysis.

    Wang, Hongxu; Zhao, Jun; Li, Dongmei; Wen, Chengrong; Liu, Haiman; Song, Shuang; Zhu, Beiwei


    Haliotis discus hannai Ino (Haliotis) is a highly valued marine shellfish, and it is sometimes replaced by another cheaper Gastropoda mollusk, Volutharpa ampullacea perryi (Volutharpa). Polysaccharides from pleopods, viscera and gonads of these two gastropods were compared by analyzing the mono- and di-saccharides in their acid hydrolysates using high performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (HPLC-MS(n)) after 1-phenyl-3-methyl-5-pyrazolone (PMP) derivatization. Disaccharide analysis revealed the distribution of uronic acid-containing polysaccharides (UACPs) in the biological samples. GlcA-(1 → 2)-Man, GlcA-(1 → 3)-GalN, and another disaccharide consisting of a hexuronic acid linked to a hexose were found in the hydrolysates, which indicated the existence of AGSP (abalone gonad sulfated polysaccharide) with the backbone composed of → 2)-α-Man(1 → 4)-β-GlcA(1 → repeating unit, AAP (abalone glycosaminoglycan-like polysaccharide) with the backbone of → 3)-GalNAc-(1 → 2)-GlcA-(1 → 3)-GalNAc-(1 → 4)-GlcA-(1 → repeating unit, and unidentified DS1P containing a hexuronic acid linked to a hexose unit, respectively. As shown by extracted ion chromatograms (XICs), AAP was the only UACP found in pleopods of the two gastropods; gonads and viscera of Haliotis contained DS1P and AGSP, while those of Volutharpa contained DS1P, AGSP as well as AAP. Monosaccharides in the acid hydrolysates were demonstrated in XICs by extracting their corresponding PMP derivative quasi-molecular ions one by one, and the results indicated the similar conclusion to the disaccharide analysis. Therefore, it could be concluded that polysaccharides from pleopods of the two gastropods are very similar, while those from their viscera and gonads differ greatly.

  14. Primary Hyperparathyroidism with Extensive Brown Tumors and Multiple Fractures in a 20-Year-Old Woman

    Choi, Ju Hee; Kim, Kyoung Jin; Lee, Ye Jin; Kim, Sun Hwa; Kim, Sin Gon; Jung, Kwang Yoon; Choi, Dong Seop


    A brown tumor is a benign fibrotic, erosive bony lesion caused by localized, rapid osteoclastic turnover, resulting from hyperparathyroidism. Although brown tumors are one of the most pathognomonic signs of primary hyperparathyroidism, they are rarely seen in clinical practice. In this report, we present a case of 20-year-old woman with recurrent fractures and bone pain. Plain digital radiographs of the affected bones revealed multiple erosive bone tumors, which were finally diagnosed as brown tumors associated with primary hyperparathyroidism due to a parathyroid adenoma. This case shows that multiple, and clinically severe form of brown tumors can even occur in young patients. PMID:26354493

  15. Primary Hyperparathyroidism with Extensive Brown Tumors and Multiple Fractures in a 20-Year-Old Woman

    Ju Hee Choi


    Full Text Available A brown tumor is a benign fibrotic, erosive bony lesion caused by localized, rapid osteoclastic turnover, resulting from hyperparathyroidism. Although brown tumors are one of the most pathognomonic signs of primary hyperparathyroidism, they are rarely seen in clinical practice. In this report, we present a case of 20-year-old woman with recurrent fractures and bone pain. Plain digital radiographs of the affected bones revealed multiple erosive bone tumors, which were finally diagnosed as brown tumors associated with primary hyperparathyroidism due to a parathyroid adenoma. This case shows that multiple, and clinically severe form of brown tumors can even occur in young patients.

  16. A Case of Pneumococcal Peritonitis after Caesarean Section in a Healthy Woman

    Georgios Kourounis


    Full Text Available Pneumococcal peritonitis is prevalent in children and adults with comorbidities but extremely rare in healthy adults. Here we describe a case of pneumococcal peritonitis in a previously healthy woman with no known risk factors who presented with constipation, abdominal pain, and distention. Her only past medical history was an uncomplicated C-section two months prior to presentation. A laparotomy revealed a pneumococcal peritonitis without visible source of infection. The patient remained hospitalized until completion of antibiotic regimen with Ceftriaxone and resolution of symptoms. This report adds to the small body of evidence showing possible pneumococcal peritonitis in healthy young adults.

  17. Angustia e mulher // Anguish and woman

    Elisabeth da Rocha Miranda


    Full Text Available O artigo visa discutir, a partir dos postulados por Freud e Lacan, a possibilidade de uma angústia específica à mulher. Não há universal feminino e a posição feminina de um sujeito é referida ao modo como ele se relaciona com o gozo, isto é, situando-se do lado do gozo não-todo fálico. A questão seria então melhor formulada: haveria uma angustia específica da não-toda fálica? A angústia nas mulheres pode ser experimentada em aspectos diferentes; a angústia da mulher histérica cuja defesa é a inveja do pênis e a eternização da reivindicação fálica; a angústia da mãe que presentifica a possibilidade da perda do filho enquanto falo. Mas a angústia própria à mulher, ao não-toda fálica, é esta que tem relação direta com o S(A com a falta no Outro, com o gozo experimentado como infinito. // The article tries to discuss, based on Freud and Lacan premises, the possibility of a specific anguish in women. There is neither a female universe nor a female position in an individual more referred to the manner as it is related to the jouissance (sexual pleasure; i.e., being beside no- quite phallic jouissance. The question, then, would be better asked: would there be a no-quite phallic specific anguish? The anguish in women can be experimented in different aspects; the anguish of the hysterical woman whose defense is the envy of the penis and the perpetuation of the phallic claim; the anguish of a mother who thinks about the possibility of losing her child as phallus. But the proper anguish of woman, no-quite phallic, is that which is directly related to S(A the lack in the Other, with the jouissance experimented as infinite.

  18. Polymorphic membrane protein I of Chlamydia trachomatis:prokaryotic expression, purification, antibody preparation and identification%沙眼衣原体多形外膜蛋白PmpI的原核表达、纯化、抗体制备及鉴定

    郭睿; 刘原君; 郑蕾; 王生; 魏世娟; 刘全忠


    Objective To clone and express the polymorphic membrane protein I(PmpI)gene of Chlamydia trachomatis(Ct), and to assess the immunogenicity and biological characteristics of PmpI. Methods A bioinformatic software was used to analyze the sequence of the PmpI gene of Ct, and to predict B cell epitopes in PmpI. With Ct serovar D DNA as the template, PCR was performed to amplify the N⁃terminal region(from position 90 to 1464)of the PmpI gene, which was cloned into a prokaryotic expression vector pET28a to express the recombinant protein PmpI. A Ni⁃ion affinity chromatography column was used to purify the recombinant protein, which was used to immunize New Zealand rabbits for preparation of polyclonal antibodies. Western blot analysis was conducted to evaluate the immunogenicity of this protein. Results A comprehensive analysis was carried out on the secondary structure, flexible regions, hydrophilicity plot, antigenic index and surface probability plot of the protein, which suggested that PmpI had 8 dominant B⁃cell epitopes. The product of PCR targeting the PmpI gene of Ct serovar D showed a total length of 1 375 bp. The recombinant prokaryotic expression vector pET28a⁃PmpI was successfully constructed. A recombi⁃nant protein with a relative molecular mass of approximately 50 000 was successfully expressed after isopropylβ⁃d⁃1⁃thiogalactopyranoside (IPTG) induction, and purified by affinity chromatography. Polyclonal antibodies against the recombinant protein were successfully prepared. Conclusion The N⁃PmpI protein of Ct serovar D is cloned and expressed successfully, laying a foundation for further studies on its biological functions.%目的:克隆、表达沙眼衣原体多形外膜蛋白I(PmpI)基因,并进行免疫原性鉴定,分析其生物学特征。方法用生物信息软件分析沙眼衣原体多形外膜蛋白PmpI的基因序列并预测PmpI蛋白的B细胞抗原表位。以D型沙眼衣原体DNA为模板,PCR扩增Pmp

  19. [Assistance to the woman in labor: some psychosocial aspects].

    Barbieri, Doroty Leite; Tsunechiro, Maria Alice


    The woman in labor and the natural parturition process are considered within a psychosocial context, in order to provide for childbirth in hospital environment a aspect more humanized. Some aspects are pointed out as to influencing the hospital process and the behavior of the woman in labor, such as: hospital admission, emotional reactions and feelings relatives to labor and delivery and others.

  20. The Creation of Man and Woman in Early Jewish Literature

    Ruiten, J.T.A.G.M. van; Luttikhuizen, G P


    J.T.A.G.M. van Ruiten, “The Creation of Man and Woman in Early Jewish Literature,” in The Creation of Man and Woman: Interpretations of the Biblical Narratives in Jewish and Christian Traditions (ed. Gerard P. Luttikhuizen; Themes in Biblical Narrative 3; Leiden, Boston, and Köln: Brill, 2000), 34-6

  1. Fertility preservation in young women with breast cancer

    Klemp, Jennifer R; Kim, S Samuel; Andersen, Claus Yding


    When a young woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, there is often a sense of urgency by the patient and her providers to initiate treatment. This article provides guidelines for incorporating the discussion of fertility preservation with newly diagnosed young women with breast cancer....

  2. Woman to Woman: Coming Together for Positive Change--Using Empowerment and Popular Education to Prevent HIV in Women

    Romero, Lisa; Wallerstein, Nina; Lucero, Julie; Fredine, Heidi Grace; Keefe, Joanna; O'Connell, JoAnne


    HIV risk is the product of social, cultural, economic, and interpersonal forces that create sex-role definitions and expectations that can lead to gender inequalities in health. Woman to Woman: Coming Together for Positive Change is an HIV/AIDS prevention intervention that takes into account that choices and actions may be constrained by poverty,…

  3. "You Have Come a Long Way Woman": A Sparkle Slogan without Realistic Meaning for Woman Status in Jordan

    Khudeir, Dua'a Ibrahim


    This research paper discusses woman status in the country of Jordan in terms of rights, equality and personal liberties, freedom of choice in particular. It argues that, although Jordan is working hard to be open to Western values and civilization; however, it lags behind when it comes to woman liberty and equality. Jordan is a patriarchal…

  4. Psychological profile of bodily self features of young Polish women – comparative analysis of bodily self structure of woman with eating disorders and psychosis [Psychologiczny profil cech ja cielesnego u młodych kobiet polskich – analiza porównawcza struktury ja cielesnego u kobiet chorych na zaburzenia odżywiania się i zaburzenia psychotyczne

    Izydorczyk, Bernadetta


    Aim. The aim of the study was psychological diagnosis of body self structure in Polish group of women (120 young women) suffering from eating disorders (anorexia and bulimia nervosa) and schizophrenic psychosis.Method. The authoress used the following method: Eating Disorder Inventory EDI D.Garner, Satisfaction of Body Questionnaire T.Thompson and projection methods: Thompson’s Figures Test and drawing test “body image”. 120 women in age 20–26 took part in the study.Results. Conducted statist...

  5. Pseudomembranous colitis in a pregnant woman.

    Mridula, T; Pai, R R; Mathai, A M; Tantry, B V; Adhikari, P


    Pseudomembranous colitis in association with pregnancy has not been well described in English literature. Recent studies show a drastic increase in the incidence and severity of Pseudomembranous colitis in pregnant women, who were once thought to be at low risk. We report here a case of Pseudomembranous colitis in a young healthy immunocompetent pregnant lady. An early suspicion of this entity with the characteristic appearance of pseudomembranes on colonoscopy and histology confirmed the diagnosis enabling prompt treatment and complete recovery without any serious consequences.

  6. Young Women's Positive and Negative Perceptions of Self in Northern Ireland

    McAlister, Siobhan; Neill, Gail


    This paper represents analysis of one aspect of a larger research project examining the everyday lives and experiences of young women in Northern Ireland. As an introductory exercise within focus groups, 48 young women considered and discussed the good and not so good things about being a young woman in Northern Ireland. Through these accounts…

  7. Development and piloting the Woman Centred Care Scale (WCCS).

    Brady, Susannah; Bogossian, Fiona; Gibbons, Kristen


    In midwifery we espouse a woman centred care approach to practice, yet in midwifery education no valid instrument exists with which to measure the performance of these behaviours in midwifery students. To develop and validate an instrument to measure woman centred care behaviours in midwifery students. We identified four core concepts; woman's sphere, holism, self-determination and the shared power relationship. We mapped 18 individual descriptive care behaviours (from the Australian National Competency Standards for the Midwife) to these concepts to create an instrument to articulate and measure care behaviours that are specifically woman centred. Review by expert midwifery clinicians ensured face, content and construct validity of the scale and predictive validity and reliability were tested in a simulated learning environment. Midwifery students were video recorded performing a clinical skill and the videos were reviewed and rated by two expert clinicians who assessed the woman centred care behaviours demonstrated by the students (n=69). Test and re-test reliability of the instrument was high for each of the individual raters (Kappa 0.946 and 0.849 respectively pcentred care behaviours (Kappa 0.470, pstudents who had repeated exposures to higher levels of simulation fidelity demonstrated higher levels of woman centred care behaviours. The WCCS has implications for education and the wider midwifery profession in recognising and maintaining practice consistent with the underlying philosophy of woman centred care. Copyright © 2016 Australian College of Midwives. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  8. Wonder Woman for a day: Affect, agency, and Amazons

    Matt Yockey


    In this paper, I consider the ways in which the feminist utopian ethos of Wonder Woman, as defined by her creator, William Marston, has been used to actualize real-life social change. Specifically, I examine fan Andy Mangels's creation of Wonder Woman Day, a charity event held annually at a Portland, Oregon, comic book store to raise funds for local domestic violence programs. I look at how an affective bond with Wonder Woman informs and guides an affective attachment to one's local and natio...

  9. Body Fuzzy Pattern Recognition in Woman Basic Block Design

    谢红; 张渭源


    Basic block is the foundation of clothing construction design because it is the media between body and clothes and the fitness of clothes should be based on the accuracy of basic block. That needs us to recognize body not to record it. This paper reports the Algorithm of woman body fuzzy pattern recognition. It is organized in three sections:(i) extracting woman body feature; (ii) establishing membership functions of feature indexes;(iii) presenting an Algorithm for woman body fuzzy pattern recognition by example.

  10. Ondansetron Exposure Changes in a Pregnant Woman.

    Lemon, Lara S; Zhang, Hongfei; Hebert, Mary F; Hankins, Gary D; Haas, David M; Caritis, Steve N; Venkataramanan, Raman


    Pregnancy results in many physiologic changes that can alter the pharmacokinetic profiles of medications used during pregnancy. One of the primary factors leading to these pharmacokinetic changes is altered activity of drug-metabolizing enzymes. Ondansetron is a substrate of cytochrome P450 (CYP) 3A4 (primary metabolic pathway), 2D6, and 1A2, all of which are altered during pregnancy. We evaluated the pharmacokinetics of ondansetron at three different gestational time points in a 26-year-old, pregnant, Caucasian woman with normal liver and kidney function, who was maintained on ondansetron 8 mg administered orally 3 times/day throughout her pregnancy. Serial plasma samples were collected from the subject over one 8-hour dosing interval at 14, 24, and 35 weeks' gestation (representing early-, mid-, and late-pregnancy time points, respectively). Ondansetron plasma concentrations were determined using liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. Ondansetron area under the plasma concentration-time curve decreased progressively across gestation (634 ng hr/ml in early pregnancy, 553 ng hr/ml in mid-pregnancy, and 387 ng hr/ml in late pregnancy), with a corresponding increase in apparent oral clearance (12.6 L/hr in early-pregnancy, 14.5 L/hr in mid-pregnancy, and 20.7 L/hr in late-pregnancy). The decreased area under the plasma concentration-time curve and exposure to ondansetron across gestation is likely due to increased activity of CYP3A4 and CYP2D6 during pregnancy. We were not able to study this patient during the postpartum period; however, as with other CYP3A4 and CYP2D6 substrates, the apparent activities of these isoenzymes are likely return to baseline. To our knowledge, this is the first report to describe ondansetron pharmacokinetics across gestation. Additional pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic data are needed to confirm our results and to evaluate clinical impact; however, in the meantime, clinicians should be aware of these pharmacokinetic changes in

  11. A Hong Kong Woman on Teaching


    "SHE has black hair,very beautiful eyes and a smile alwaysplaying on her lips,"sixth-grade Pan Yong wrote in his diary.Hewas describing his teacher,Zhou Kefan,a young Hong Kong womanwho came to teach for half a year in the mainland’s southern remotemountains inhabited by the Yao people. A graduate of the preparatory course from Hong Kong LiBaochun United International Academy of Classical Learning,ZhouKefan has been a good scholar with an agreeable demeanor since shewas little.Just as she had decided to go to the United States to studyfurthe,a voluntary teaching position on the mainland made herchange her mind. A long-term help and support to the Nangang Primary School in

  12. The Cultural Conflicts and Balance in The Woman Warrior



    InThe Woman Warrior, Kingston revealed the conlficts between Chinese culture and American culture under the complex social and cultural backgrounds and made her own exploration for cultural balance and integration.

  13. Wonder Woman for a day: Affect, agency, and Amazons

    Matt Yockey


    Full Text Available In this paper, I consider the ways in which the feminist utopian ethos of Wonder Woman, as defined by her creator, William Marston, has been used to actualize real-life social change. Specifically, I examine fan Andy Mangels's creation of Wonder Woman Day, a charity event held annually at a Portland, Oregon, comic book store to raise funds for local domestic violence programs. I look at how an affective bond with Wonder Woman informs and guides an affective attachment to one's local and national communities, actualizing the utopian promise of self, commodity icon, and America. These utopian iterations are primarily defined by a celebration of pluralism, and thus Wonder Woman is used to validate the inherent pluralism of the self in relation to society, an empowering strategy for all consumer-citizens.

  14. 'Superbug' Resistant to All Antibiotics Killed Nevada Woman

    ... news/fullstory_163038.html 'Superbug' Resistant to All Antibiotics Killed Nevada Woman She died after possibly picking ... September from a "superbug" infection that resisted all antibiotics, according to a report released Friday. The case ...

  15. Haemodynamic monitoring of the pregnant woman in intensive care.

    Edwards, Sharon


    A brief summary of the reasons why a pregnant woman may require intensive care is outlined. The clinical relevance of the physiological changes occurring in pregnancy is discussed. The haemodynamic differences and their relevance to monitoring are highlighted

  16. Fall 1979 moose surveys, Sheenjek, Old Woman, Coleen drainages

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Summary of fall moose population statistics for the upper Sheenjek River drainage (including all tributaries upstream of Lobo Lake) and of Old Woman Creek. William...

  17. Minority Business Enterprises and Woman Business Enterprises Grant Utilization

    The policy goal of the MBE/WBE Programs is to assure that minority business enterprises and woman business enterprises are given the opportunity to participate in contract and procurement for supplies, construction, equipment & services under any EPA grant

  18. Feminism and its Impact On woman in the Modern Society

    GHORFATI, Amina; MEDINI, Rabha


    This dissertation examines the wishes, dreams and the ability of woman to change her position in the society not just as being a daughter, wife or a mother but rather as normal citizen with regular rights and duties. This research produces a number of key findings: recent research and statistics that confirm a significant development of woman participation in different fields such as economic growth, cultural upheavals in addition to the political and social structures. The main conclusion dr...

  19. Spa as Arena of Career Woman Resistance to Patriarch Domination

    Bhernadetta Pravita Wahyuningtyas


    This study examines the career women who use the habit of treating the body through the routine of coming to spas, which aims to overcome the dominance of patriarchy. This study uses several concepts. First, muted group theory, which states that woman, is the one that silenced; so to overcome this condition, women should perform self-transformation. The transformation is aligned with the second concept, feminist existentialist, which defines the transformation as the change of a woman concept...

  20. Draw a Young and an Older Person: Schoolchildren's Images of Older People

    Villar, Feliciano; Faba, Josep


    The goal of this study was to explore stereotypes of older people as expressed in drawings by a sample of primary school children. Sixty children from fourth to sixth grades (30 boys and 30 girls aged 9 to 12 years) were asked to draw a young man, a young woman, an old man, and an old woman. The drawings were content analyzed. Children in our…

  1. 基于PMP模式的IEEE 802.16 系统中Ranging问题%Ranging problem in IEEE 802.16 system based on PMP mode

    关艳峰; 胡爱群; 王兴建


    研究了IEEE 802.16在PMP(点到多点)模式下的Ranging过程中竞争冲突问题.运用生灭过程分析了在确定SS数目的情况下需要Ranging的SS数量模型,并计算出了需要Ranging的SS数量的稳态解.根据随机过程理论提出了SS在Ranging过程中单步竞争转移模型,在此基础上以单位Ranging带宽下SS的 Ranging竞争成功率最大为原则推导出了最优的Ranging带宽.最后,分别在非最优带宽、Sungmin给出的带宽和最优带宽下对Ranging过程进行仿真,结果表明,最优Ranging带宽下比其他2种带宽下的Ranging成功率提高20%,而Ranging的竞争次数和总的Ranging时延分别降低25%和20%.

  2. Structural investigation of a uronic acid-containing polysaccharide from abalone by graded acid hydrolysis followed by PMP-HPLC-MSn and NMR analysis.

    Wang, Hong-xu; Zhao, Jun; Li, Dong-mei; Song, Shuang; Song, Liang; Fu, Ying-huan; Zhang, Li-peng


    A new strategy was applied to elucidate the structure of a polysaccharide from abalone gonad (AGSP). It was hydrolyzed by 0.05 M, 0.2 M, 0.5 M, and 2.0 M TFA at 100 °C for 1 h, sequentially. Every hydrolysate was ultrafiltrated (3000 Da) to collect oligo- and monosaccharides, and the final retentate was further hydrolyzed with 2.0 M TFA at 110 °C and 121 °C for 2 h, respectively. 1-Phenyl-3-methyl-5-pyrazolone (PMP) derivatization followed by HPLC-MSn analysis was applied to detect the sugar residues in these hydrolysates, which allowed proposing their location in the polysaccharide structure. The retentate after 0.5 M TFA hydrolysis was confirmed as the polysaccharide backbone, and it was further analyzed by 1D and 2D NMR spectroscopy. Thus, the structural elucidation of AGSP was accomplished, and it has a backbone of →4)-β-GlcA(1→2)-α-Man(1→ repeating unit with Fuc, Xyl and Gal in the branch. The analytical strategy demonstrated was useful to characterize the structure of polysaccharides.

  3. Clinical, electrophysiological and magnetic resonance findings in a family with hereditary neuropathy with liability to pressure palsies caused by a novel PMP22 mutation.

    Yurrebaso, Izaskun; Casado, Oscar L; Barcena, Joseba; Perez de Nanclares, Guiomar; Aguirre, Urko


    Hereditary neuropathy with liability to pressure palsies (HNPP) is a disorder mainly caused by a 1.5-Mb deletion at 17p11.2-12 (and in some rare cases by point mutations) and clinically associated with recurrent painless palsies. Here, we performed electrophysiological (motor, sensory and terminal latency index), MRI and genetic studies in a family referred for ulnar neuropathy with pain. Surprisingly, we found typical neurophysiological features of HNPP (prolongation of distal motor latencies and diffuse SNCV slowing with significant slowing of motor nerve conduction velocities). Besides, the proband presented conduction block in left ulnar, left median and both peroneal nerves. MRI findings were consistent with an underlying neuropathy. Molecular studies identified a novel frameshift mutation in PMP22 confirming the diagnosis of HNPP. Our data suggest that neurophysiological studies are essential to characterize underdiagnosed HNPP patients referred for peripheral neuropathy. Our experience shows that MRI could be a complementary tool for the diagnosis of these patients. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  4. Births per U.S. woman? Depends on race, ethnicity.

    Haub, C


    A profile of mothers giving birth is presented for the US for 1990 based on race and ethnicity. Some of the complexities involved in compiling racial and ethnic data are described. The total fertility rate was 2.1 for all American women, 1.1 for Japanese Americans, and 3.2 for Hawaiians and Mexican Americans. The number of births per woman was derived from state birth registration data, which culls data from preadmission hospital forms filled out by the mother. The denominator of the birth rate comes from the number of women in the specified age group as determined by the Census. The problem arises from self-reports themselves. Consistency between recording systems has been improved since 1989 when births were counted based on mother's race and ethnicity. There have been greater percentages of interracial births for which race of both parents were known, and the trend was for 15% of the births for race of the father not to be reported in 1990. The data revealed that in 1990, Mexican Americans and Hawaiians had the highest birth rate of 3.2, which was comparable to developing countries in Latin America. The other Hispanic group was another high fertility group for a developed country. Low fertility was found among Japanese, Chinese, and Cuban Americans. The actual numbers revealed that non-Hispanic whites constitute 2.6 million out of 4.2 million children born in the US. 595,100 were Hispanics, 661,700 were non-Hispanic blacks, 142,000 were Asian or Pacific Islander, and less than 40,000 were American Indian. Teenage pregnancy was considerable among the ethnic populations: nearly 25% of African Americans, and about 20% of American Indians, Puerto Ricans, Hawaiians, and Mexican Americans having births to women under 20 years of age. The birthing patterns were different among minority groups. Hispanic women had early childbearing and continued childbearing throughout the reproductive years. Black and American Indian women tended to complete childbearing early. Asian

  5. The status of a breastfeeding woman in labour law

    Rabovanović Dragana


    Full Text Available The legal status of an employed woman who is breastfeeding is regulated by the special Occupational Safety and Health Act. This Act implies a number of specific measures developed to ensure that breastfeeding women and their children, as a particularly vulnerable group, are provided with a fuller support and protection. Thus, a breastfeeding woman is guaranteed the right to take one or more daily breaks to breastfeed her child, or the right to work shorter working hours on the daily basis, provided that she returns to work within a period of one year from the birth of her child. Moreover, a breastfeeding woman shall not be obliged to perform work which has been assessed as significantly risky to her health or to the health of her child. However, a complete occupational safety and health protection of a breastfeeding woman also implies protection from discrimination on the grounds of family responsibilities, as well as creating work environment where every employee can effectively exercise the right to fair working conditions, taking into consideration the risk of discrimination that the breastfeeding woman is exposed to and the difficulties she faces while exercising certain employment rights. This paper analyses the status of employed breastfeeding women in labour legislation in order to discuss and underscore the legal protection goals and to indicate the risks which endanger their dignity and wellbeing.

  6. Spa as Arena of Career Woman Resistance to Patriarch Domination

    Bhernadetta Pravita Wahyuningtyas


    Full Text Available This study examines the career women who use the habit of treating the body through the routine of coming to spas, which aims to overcome the dominance of patriarchy. This study uses several concepts. First, muted group theory, which states that woman, is the one that silenced; so to overcome this condition, women should perform self-transformation. The transformation is aligned with the second concept, feminist existentialist, which defines the transformation as the change of a woman concept from Other to Self. The transformation can be achieved not only by working outside the domestic sphere, but also supported by a good appearance through a complete body treatment. Grooming habits acquired through socialization that derived in woman since their childhood. The socialization is about how women as a person who is considered weak by the world of patriarchal domination using the power of their beauty to master, subdue, and break the domination in her life. Then, with their good appearance, woman can express their existence in everything that they do from object become subject. Spa and the whole result of the activities contained in it then consciously become a way of resistance that being used by the career woman against the domination of patriarchy which overshadowing their lives. 

  7. Ancient and modern women in the "Woman's World".

    Hurst, Isobel


    Under the editorship of Oscar Wilde, the "Woman's World" exemplified the popular dissemination of Hellenism through periodical culture. Addressing topics such as marriage, politics, and education in relation to the lives of women in the ancient world, the magazine offered an unfamiliar version of the reception of ancient Greece and Rome in late-Victorian aestheticism, one that was accessible to a wide readership because it was often based on images rather than texts. The classical scholar Jane Ellen Harrison addressed herself to this audience of women readers, discussing the similarities between modern collegiate life and the "woman's world" that enabled Sappho to flourish in ancient Greece. The "Woman's World" thus questions gender stereotypes by juxtaposing ancient and modern women, implicitly endorsing varied models of womanhood.

  8. Sofia Ionescu, the first woman neurosurgeon in the world.

    Ciurea, Alexandru-Vlad; Moisa, Horatiu Alexandru; Mohan, Dumitru


    The authors present the activity of Mrs. Sofia Ionescu, the one female surgeon who was nominated as the first woman neurosurgeon in the world. Sofia Ionescu worked in the field of neurosurgery for 47 years, performing all the known neurosurgical procedures of the time. She made herself known through her incredible surgical skill and her enormous work power. Due to her incredible modesty and workload, she never participated at international congresses or manifestations. The nomination as first woman neurosurgery took place in Marrakech, Morocco, during the 2005 WFNS Congress. Although some claim that Diana Beck was the first woman neurosurgeon in the world, our theory suggests otherwise. The first documented surgical intervention performed by Diana Beck dates to 1952. Sofia Ionescu operated for the first time on a human brain as early as 1944. Furthermore, Diana Beck's actions surfaced in the year 1947, long after the war had ended and Sofia Ionescu had become a neurosurgeon.

  9. Expression of TM4SF10, a Claudin/EMP/PMP22 family cell junction protein, during mouse kidney development and podocyte differentiation.

    Bruggeman, Leslie A; Martinka, Scott; Simske, Jeffrey S


    Cell junctions in the nephron are highly specialized to perform specific and distinct filtration and reabsorption functions. The mature kidney forms complex cell junctions including slit diaphragms that prevent the passage of serum proteins into the filtrate, and tubule cell junctions that regulate specific paracellular ion reuptake. We have investigated the expression of TM4SF10 (Trans-Membrane tetra(4)-Span Family 10) in mouse kidneys. TM4SF10 is the vertebrate orthologue of Caenorhabditis elegans VAB-9, a tetraspan adherens junction protein in the PMP22/EMP/Claudin family of proteins. We found that TM4SF10 localizes at the basal-most region of podocyte precursors before the capillary loop stage, at some tubule precursors, and at the ureteric bud junction with S-shaped bodies. Overall expression of TM4SF10 peaked at postnatal day 4 and was virtually absent in adult kidneys. The very limited expression of TM4SF10 protein that persisted into adulthood was restricted to a few tubule segments but remained localized to the basal region of lateral membranes. In undifferentiated cultured podocytes, TM4SF10 localized to the perinuclear region and translocated to the cell membrane after Cadherin appearance at cell-cell contacts. TM4SF10 colocalized with ZO1 and p120ctn in undifferentiated confluent podocytes and also colocalized with the tips of actin filaments at cell contacts. Upon differentiation of cultured podocytes, TM4SF10 protein disappeared from cell contacts and expression ceased. These results suggest that TM4SF10 functions during differentiation of podocytes and may participate in the maturation of cell junctions from simple adherens junctions to elaborate slit diaphragms. TM4SF10 may define a new class of Claudin-like proteins that function during junctional development.

  10. Determination of the degree of acetylation and the distribution of acetyl groups in chitosan by HPLC analysis of nitrous acid degraded and PMP labeled products.

    Han, Zhangrun; Zeng, Yangyang; Lu, Hong; Zhang, Lijuan


    Chitin is one of the most abundant polysaccharides on earth. It consists of repeating β-1,4 linked N-acetylated glucosamine (A) units. Chitosan is an N-deacetylated product of chitin. Chitosan and its derivatives have broad medical applications as drugs, nutraceuticals, or drug delivery agents. However, a reliable analytical method for quality control of medically used chitosans is still lacking. In current study, nitrous acid was used to cleave all glucosamine residues in chitosan into 2,5-anhydromannose (M) or M at the reducing end of di-, tri-, and oligosaccharides. PMP, i.e. 1-phenyl-3-methyl-5-pyrazolone, was used to label all the Ms. Online UV detection allowed quantification of all M-containing UV peaks whereas online MS analysis directly identified 11 different kinds of mono-, di-, tri-, and oligosaccharides that correlated each oligosaccharide with specific UV peak after HPLC separation. The DA (degree of acetylation) for chitosans was calculated based on the A/(A+M) value derived from the UV data. This newly developed method had several advantages for quality control of chitosan: 1. the experimental procedures were extensively optimized; 2. the reliability of the method was confirmed by online LC-MS analysis; 3. the DA value was obtainable based on the UV data after HPLC analysis, which was comparableto that of (1)H NMR and conductometric titration analyses; 4. finally and most importantly, this method could be used to obtain the DA as well as chemical acetylation/deacetylation mechanisms for chitosan by any laboratory equipped with a HPLC and an online UV detector.


    Johanna Camacho Gonzalez


    Full Text Available A historiographical study of Jane Marcet’s role in spreading chemistry knowledge to a wider audience in the 19th century is presented here. Her efforts to spread scientific knowledge were crucial to sharing the most important theories of chemistry among different audiences, particularly women and young people. Through her book, “Conversations on Chemistry,” which was published in several editions from 1806 to 1853, she contributed significantly to chemistry education. Despite controversy over the large number of editions, this text is a strong witness to the active participation of women in science. Her scientific rigor and contribution to narrative strategies in chemistry pedagogy have given Jane Marcet consideration not only as an important woman in the scientific community of England during the first half of the 19th century but also as a central figure in the early development of chemistry diffusion and education.

  12. Pulmonary embolism in a healthy woman using the oral contraceptives containing desogestrel

    Park, Min-Jeong


    Venous thromboembolism is well known as one of the rare but serious adverse effects of combined oral contraceptives (COCs). The COCs with third and fourth generation progestogens were found to have higher risk of venous thrombosis than those with second generation progestogens. We present a case of pulmonary embolism in a 23-year-old nulligravid woman who was using COCs containing the third generation progestogen (desogestrel). At the time of presentation of the adverse effect, she had been using the COCs for 4 months. She had no additional risk factors for thrombosis such as smoking, surgery, tumor as well as genetic factors. This case demonstrates even young women in otherwise good health may be at risk of venous thromboembolism from low-dose formulations of COCs as an over-the-counter drug. We describe this case with a brief review of literatures. PMID:28344968

  13. Recovery of prolactin function following spontaneous pregnancy in a woman with Sheehan's syndrome.

    Laway, Bashir A; Mir, Shahnaz A; Zargar, Abdul H


    Sheehan's syndrome (SS) presents with hypopituitarism after parturition, usually preceded by postpartum hemorrhage. The first symptom of the disorder is lactation failure because of lactotroph cell necrosis. Recovery of lactotroph function after initial insult has not been reported in the literature. We describe the evaluation of a case of SS in whom lactotroph function recovered after the second pregnancy. A young woman delivered her first child at the age of 25 years; delivery was followed by severe postpartum hemorrhage and required blood transfusion. Sheehan's syndrome was diagnosed because of lactotroph, corticotroph, thyrotroph and somatotroph failure and empty sella on MRI. She conceived twice spontaneously and had normal lactation after the second delivery; investigations confirmed the normal basal and stimulable prolactin levels. We presume that recovery of lactotroph function after the second pregnancy in a patient with SS is possibly because of stimulatory effect of estrogen and progesterone on residual lactotroph cells.

  14. Recovery of prolactin function following spontaneous pregnancy in a woman with Sheehan′s syndrome

    Bashir A Laway


    Full Text Available Sheehan′s syndrome (SS presents with hypopituitarism after parturition, usually preceded by postpartum hemorrhage. The first symptom of the disorder is lactation failure because of lactotroph cell necrosis. Recovery of lactotroph function after initial insult has not been reported in the literature. We describe the evaluation of a case of SS in whom lactotroph function recovered after the second pregnancy. A young woman delivered her first child at the age of 25 years; delivery was followed by severe postpartum hemorrhage and required blood transfusion. Sheehan′s syndrome was diagnosed because of lactotroph, corticotroph, thyrotroph and somatotroph failure and empty sella on MRI. She conceived twice spontaneously and had normal lactation after the second delivery; investigations confirmed the normal basal and stimulable prolactin levels. We presume that recovery of lactotroph function after the second pregnancy in a patient with SS is possibly because of stimulatory effect of estrogen and progesterone on residual lactotroph cells.

  15. On the Narrative Art in The French Lieutenant's Woman



    The French Lieutenant's Woman, written by John Fowles, is one of the most successful postmodern novels in contemporary English literature. This article is attempted to focus on its special narrative art and make a deeper penetration into its theme. In the novel, the master storyteller uses old writing tricks along with his own new ones originally and effectively. By criticizing and reshaping the conventions of earlier fiction, Fowles creates a new old story and a postmodern Victorian woman, which no Victorian writers can ever bring out.

  16. A pregnant woman with spontaneous rupture of the uterine artery

    Jònsdòttir, Fjòla; Pinborg, Anja; Wilken-Jensen, Charlotte


    Pregnant women with acute abdominal pain are a clinical challenge. We present a rare but potential life-threatening condition of a pregnant woman with acute abdominal pain. The woman was in gestational week 37 with severe abdominal pain and was admitted to the labour ward. She became haemo......-dynamic instable 24 hours after vaginal delivery, and emergency laparotomi revealed a spontaneous rupture of the right uterine artery. Spontaneous rupture of the uterine artery is rare but should be considered as a possible cause of acute abdominal pain in pregnant women....

  17. Simplified pregnant woman models for the fetus exposure assessment

    Jala, Marjorie; Conil, Emmanuelle; Varsier, Nadège; Wiart, Joe; Hadjem, Abdelhamid; Moulines, Éric; Lévy-Leduc, Céline


    In this paper, we introduce a study that we carried out in order to validate the use of a simplified pregnant woman model for the assessment of the fetus exposure to radio frequency waves. This simplified model, based on the use of a homogeneous tissue to replace most of the inner organs of the virtual mother, would allow us to deal with many issues that are raised because of the lack of pregnant woman models for numerical dosimetry. Using specific absorption rate comparisons, we show that this model could be used to estimate the fetus exposure to plane waves.

  18. The "Education" of the Indian Woman against the Backdrop of the Education of the European Woman in the Nineteenth-Century

    Peacock, Sunita


    The essay discusses the role and education of the women of India, with special reference to the women of Bengal during the nineteenth-century and a comparison is made between the education of the Indian woman and the education of the European woman during this era. The education of the Indian woman is also referenced against the backdrop of the…

  19. C1q nephropathy in an old woman with acute renal failure: a case report and literature review.

    Zhao, Yu; Fan, Heng; Bao, Bei-yan; Liu, Ting; You, Xiao-Qing; Li, Guo-fu


    Reports on the clinical entity of C1q nephropathy have focused on older children and young adult, data on old people are rare. In this report, we would introduce a 77-year-old woman who was diagnosed as C1q nephropathy by means of electron microscopic and immunofluorescence examination. Facial and lower extremity edema was the main reason for her to go for medical treatment, and she developed into acute renal failure within 5 d. Complete remission was observed after hemodialysis and steroid drugs treatments.

  20. "Supposing History Is a Woman--What Then?"

    Himmelfarb, Gertrude


    The sexual imagery of Friedrich Nietzsche and English historian Michael Oakeshott in characterizing perspectives on the past, especially the comparison of the relationship of a historian to history with that of a man to a woman, are compared and discussed. (MSE)

  1. Becoming Aboriginal: Experiences of a European Woman in Kamchatka's Wilderness.

    Churikova, Victoria


    A Russian woman describes how living in remote Kamchatka helped her develop an aboriginal perspective. Chopping wood, hauling water, gathering food, alternately homeschooling her children and sending them to an ecological school, and interacting with local aboriginal people taught her the importance of conserving natural resources and living in…

  2. John Fowles' Philosophical Ideology Embodied in The French Lieutenant's Woman



    This paper gives a tentative analysis on John Fowles' philosophical ideology embodied in The French Lieutenant's Woman, and discusses the existence of God and its existence but not intervening of human affairs, the philosophical concept of existentialism and the characters' freedom of choosing their own identity in this novel.

  3. 276 The Felonious Stereotyping of the Woman in Nollywood Films ...


    IDEMILI (a film by Earnest Obi) has violated the character called woman, in its guise to ... the cable television networks or as a digital versatile disc/the digital video disc (DVD) .... In another development, where the king insists the prince take certain ..... Psychology: Eleventh Edition, Prentice-Hall of India Private. Limited, New ...

  4. Woman and Multifunctional Sexuality in Crimen Legal by Alejandro Sawa

    Óscar Casado Díaz


    Full Text Available The present investigation examines the situation of women in the Restoration society through the novel Crimen legal by Alejandro Sawa. It is analyzed, in this way, the reification that female characters suffer when they play the married middle-class woman and prostitute. In spite of their disparity, both cases, are shown as a denunciation against the gender oppression.

  5. Meetings with Elaine, an African and Native American Woman

    O'Donnell, Melanie Merola


    The author, a Caucasian doctoral student of clinical psychology, examined her ongoing interaction with Elaine, an adult woman of African and Native American descent. Incidents of learning during the interaction process are reviewed and qualitative and quantitative assessments are provided to examine the effectiveness of such interactions in a…

  6. Postpartum spinal cord injury in a woman with HELLP syndrome.

    Groothuis, J.T.; Kuppevelt, DH van


    OBJECTIVE: To report a rare cause of spinal cord injury. STUDY DESIGN: Case report. CASE REPORT: A 36-year-old woman presented with acute onset of paresis of the upper and lower extremity (level C5, ASIA B) the day after delivering a healthy daughter (39 weeks' gestation). Prior to giving birth, she

  7. The Comical Image of the Dragon in The Woman Warrior



    The figuration of the dragon is quite eye-catching and meaningful, particularly in the second episode of The Woman Warrior. By analyzing the image of the dragon in the text, and the relations of the dragon to the Chinese mythology and the tra⁃ditional Chinese medicine, this study argues Kingston has universalized the Chinese culture and exhibted her transnational world⁃view.

  8. Expanding the Black Woman's Horizon: Picking From a Higher Bush ...

    Expanding the Black Woman's Horizon: Picking From a Higher Bush Motif in Zora ... While bringing up Janie, Nanny overprotects her and shields her from the ... In her quest, Janie discovers that it is not comfort or money that brings about love ...

  9. The New Woman in "The Sun Also Rises"

    Yu, Xiaoping


    Hemingway is a famous American writer and a spokesman of the Lost Generation. His life attitude of the characters in the novels influenced the whole world. His first masterpiece "The Sun Also Rises" contributes a lot to the rise of feminism and make the world began to be familiar with a term: The New Woman through the portrayal of Brett.…

  10. Regrinding the Lens of Gender: Problematizing "Writing as a Woman."

    Graves, Heather Brodie


    Argues that codifying the characteristics of "writing like a woman" (or like a man) can result in a limited--and limiting--conception of gender and its effect on writing. Uses the writing of Kenneth Burke as an example of "l'ecriture feminine" and the prose of Julia Kristeva as an example of writing like a man. (SR)

  11. Two hospitals join forces to sponsor "A Woman's Comfort Day".


    Two Baton Rouge, La., hospitals--usually strong competitors--decided to join forces and collaborate on a special event for the women of the community. "A Woman's Comfort Day," now in its third year, was the successful result. If they're feeling good about themselves, can the Super Bowl be far behind?

  12. "Woman Speaks": Representations of Working Women in Postwar America.

    Kalas, Andrea; Berenstein, Rhona J.


    Looks at the ways in which the relationship between women and work was characterized during the late 1940s in "Woman Speaks," a combination newsreel/television show in Chicago. Expands upon the work of other historians and critics who have examined the representations of gender in early television marketing ploys and variety/situation…

  13. [A woman with skin abnormalities and muscle weakness

    Steggink, L.C.; Hettema, M.E.; Delsing, C.E.


    A 54-year-old woman presented to the emergency department with progressive proximal muscle weakness and a symmetric skin rash. Physical examination demonstrated a heliotrope rash, Gottron lesions, mechanic's hands and symmetrical erythema of the face, neck and upper legs. The diagnosis 'dermatomyosi

  14. Regrinding the Lens of Gender: Problematizing "Writing as a Woman."

    Graves, Heather Brodie


    Argues that codifying the characteristics of "writing like a woman" (or like a man) can result in a limited--and limiting--conception of gender and its effect on writing. Uses the writing of Kenneth Burke as an example of "l'ecriture feminine" and the prose of Julia Kristeva as an example of writing like a man. (SR)

  15. Alexa Irene Canady: the first African-American woman neurosurgeon.

    McClelland, Shearwood


    The advances of the civil rights movement in the mid-20th century made it possible for many African Americans to have the opportunity to enter the distinguished field of neurosurgery, beginning in 1953 with Clarence S. Greene, Sr. This report details the career and exploits of the first African-American woman neurosurgeon, Alexa Irene Canady, MD. A comprehensive review of pertinent modern and historical records spanning the past century was performed. Born on November 7, 1950, in Lansing, MI, Canady received her MD from the University of Michigan in 1975, graduating with distinction and being elected into the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society. Training in neurosurgery under Dr. Shelley Chou from 1976-1981 at the University of Minnesota, she became the program's first female graduate. Following residency, she trained as a pediatric neurosurgery fellow at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. In 1984, Canady became the first African-American woman certified by the American Board of Neurological Surgery. She subsequently continued a long, distinguished career in pediatric neurosurgery, first at Henry Ford and later as chief of neurosurgery at Children's Hospital of Michigan before retiring in 2001. Among her many accolades, she was named 1993 Woman of the Year by the American Woman's Medical Association. Canady's diligence, perseverance and commitment enabled her to overcome tremendous odds to become the first African-American woman neurosurgeon, trained at the University of Minnesota. A true pioneer, her achievements have inspired many, opening the door for subsequent women and African Americans to enhance the field of neurosurgery.

  16. Evaluation of ovary dose for woman of childbearing age woman with breast cancer in tomotherapy

    Lee, Soo Hyeong; Park, Soo Yeon; Choi, Ji Min; Park, Ju Young; Kim, Jong Suk [Dept. of Radiation Oncology, Samsung Medical Center, Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    The aim of this study is to evaluate unwanted scattered dose to ovary by scattering and leakage generated from treatment fields of Tomotherapy for childbearing woman with breast cancer. The radiation treatments plans for left breast cancer were established using Tomotherapy planning system (Tomotherapy, Inc, USA). They were generated by using helical and direct Tomotherapy methods for comparison. The CT images for the planning were scanned with 2.5 mm slice thickness using anthropomorphic phantom (Alderson-Rando phantom, The Phantom Laboratory, USA). The measurement points for the ovary dose were determined at the points laterally 30 cm apart from mid-point of treatment field of the pelvis. The measurements were repeated five times and averaged using glass dosimeters (1.5 mm diameter and 12 mm of length) equipped with low-energy correction filter. The measures dose values were also converted to Organ Equivalent Dose (OED) by the linear exponential dose-response model. Scattered doses of ovary which were measured based on two methods of Tomo helical and Tomo direct showed average of 64.94±0.84 mGy and 37.64±1.20 mGy in left ovary part and average of 64.38±1.85 mGy and 32.96±1.11 mGy in right ovary part. This showed when executing Tomotherapy, measured scattered dose of Tomo Helical method which has relatively greater monitor units (MUs) and longer irradiation time are approximately 1.8 times higher than Tomo direct method. Scattered dose of left and right ovary of childbearing women is lower than ICRP recommended does which is not seriously worried level against the infertility and secondary cancer occurrence. However, as breast cancer occurrence ages become younger in the future and radiation therapy using high-precision image guidance equipment like Tomotherapy is developed, clinical follow-up studies about the ovary dose of childbearing women patients would be more required.

  17. 腓骨肌萎缩症1型患者肌电图及PMP22基因特点分析%Electromyography and PMP22 gene analysis in patients with type 1 Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease

    潘晓丽; 潘志宏; 张楠楠; 高红


    目的:探讨和研究腓骨肌萎缩症1型(Charcot‐Marie‐Tooth disease 1,CMT1)患者肌电图和 PMP22基因改变特点。方法对43例CM T1患者进行常规神经传导速度和肌电图检查,应用PCR双酶切方法对其中33例CM T1患者及15名健康志愿者(对照组)检测17p11.2‐12 PM P22基因重复序列(即1760 bp片段)。33例CM T1患者依有无17p11.2‐12 PM P22基因特异性片段分为 PM P22基因特异性片段阳性组与阴性组,比较两组患者神经传导改变有无差异。结果43例患者均行肌电图检测,均表现为运动或感觉神经传导速度存在明显减慢(100%),感觉神经病变重于运动神经,下肢受累程度重于上肢;所检129块肌肉中,88块(68.2%)呈神经源性损害。经 PM P22基因学检测的33例中20例(60.6%)检测出1760 bp片断,对照组均未检测到此片段。PM P22基因特异性片段阳性组感觉神经传导速度、运动神经传导速度及远端潜伏期与阴性组比较差异均无统计学意义(P>0.05)。结论 CMT1患者肌电图改变具有其特异性,结合PCR‐双酶切法检测 PMP22特异性基因重复序列可提高诊断CM T1的准确性及敏感性。%Objective To study the electromyography and PM P22 gene features in patients with type 1 Charcot‐Marie‐Tooth (CMT ) disease . Methods Routine electromyography and nerve conduction were performed in 43 patients with CMT 1 .Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) combined with restriction enzyme digestion was used to detect PMP22 gene duplication on chromosome 17p11.2‐12 (1760 bp) in 33 CMT 1 patients and 15 healthy volunteers (the control group) .According to the presence or absence of 17 p11.2‐12 PMP22 gene segments ,33 CMT 1 patients were divided into the positive group and the negative group . Parameters of nerve conduction were compared between two groups .Results All of the patients had the nerve conduction velocities slower or disappeared

  18. Are Good Deeds Compulsory for Young Bus Riders?


    A recent popular post on the Internet concerns friction on a bus in Hangzhou, east China’s Zhejiang Province. A young female passenger surnamed Wu refused to give herseat to a 77-year-old woman when she wasasked to do so by an elderly man surnamed

  19. First Trimester Spontaneous Uterine Rupture in a Young Woman with Uterine Anomaly

    Esra Nur Tola


    Full Text Available Spontaneous uterine rupture is a life-threatening obstetrical emergency carrying a high risk for the mother and the fetus. Spontaneous uterine rupture in early pregnancy is very rare complication and it occurs usually in scarred uterus. Uterine anomalies are one of the reasons for spontaneous unscarred uterine rupture in early pregnancy. Obstetricians must consider this diagnosis when a pregnant patient presented with acute abdomen in early pregnancy. We present a case of spontaneous uterine rupture at 12 weeks of gestation in 24-year-old multigravida who had uterine anomaly presenting as an acute abdomen. Our preoperative diagnosis was ectopic pregnancy. Emergency laparotomy confirmed a spontaneous uterine rupture. Uterine anomaly is a risk factor for spontaneous uterine rupture in the early pregnancy. Clinical signs of uterine rupture in early pregnancy are nonspecific and must be distinguished from acute abdominal emergencies.

  20. Non-infectious osteomyelitis of the mandible in a young woman

    Rasmussen, Anne Q; Andersen, Ulrik B; Jørgensen, Niklas R


    INTRODUCTION: We present the case of a patient with non-infectious osteomyelitis of the mandible, which is a recognized but unusual condition of unknown cause. CASE PRESENTATION: A 14-year-old Caucasian girl presented with pain and edema in the left side of her jaw. A clinical examination led...... to a diagnosis of osteomyelitis and she was treated with antibiotics. Our patient continued antibiotic treatment for osteomyelitis and underwent decortication. Histology based on a biopsy showed new bone formation and chronic inflammation, and a diagnosis of sclerotic osteomyelitis was made. Over the next few...... years, she experienced pain on the left side of her jaw and increasing edema, and the size of the left side of her jaw bone increased. She was then sent to our Department of Medicine at the age of 16 years. Her symptoms included pain in the left side of her jaw that scored 4 on a visual analogue scale...

  1. Contradictions in Learning how to be Thai: A Case Study of a Young Hmong Woman

    Tracy Pilar Johnson-Messenger


    Full Text Available This paper comes from a three month period of fieldwork that I conducted in a green Hmong village in northern Thailand during the summer of 1998. During that time a crisis erupted between a local Thai government organization and the families of “Muban”1 in which one of my main informants, Ga, a 20 year old Hmong kindergarten teacher, played a major role. Although the conflict remained unresolved at the time I left Thailand, I believe that an analysis of the events, along with an analysis of Ga's role in the crisis, will illustrate the way in which education contributes to the production of new identities which social actors draw on to interpret ambiguous and contradictory social situations. I am not suggesting that Ga's project can ultimately be considered successful in effectively accomplishing such a transformation, but what I do believe her experience shows is the ways in which education, history and politics may impact the production and distribution of cultural meanings, which make such transformations possible. Moreover, the shifting identities members of a culture may craft out of different social discourses position them in and around such cultural meanings thus making it possible for them to pursue contradictory social aims within a cultural formation, and to possibly alter the way in which cultural resources are reproduced. After a brief introduction to the Hmong in northern Thailand and a discussion of some of the social reproduction theory as it has been considered within anthropology and more particularly educational anthropology, the paper will proceed to the crisis and its analysis.

  2. Cushing’s Syndrome in a Young Woman: A Rare Presentation of Adrenocortical Carcinoma

    Nikhil Talwar, Manoj Andley, Bina Ravi, Ajay Kumar


    Full Text Available Cushing’s Syndrome is rarely caused by a malignant adrenal tumor. We report the case of a 24-year-oldfemale patient with Cushing’s syndrome caused by a functioning adrenocortical carcinoma and recoveredafter adrenalectomy.

  3. Cushing’s Syndrome in a Young Woman: A Rare Presentation of Adrenocortical Carcinoma

    Nikhil Talwar, Manoj Andley, Bina Ravi, Ajay Kumar


    Cushing’s Syndrome is rarely caused by a malignant adrenal tumor. We report the case of a 24-year-oldfemale patient with Cushing’s syndrome caused by a functioning adrenocortical carcinoma and recoveredafter adrenalectomy.

  4. A Case Report of Acute Esotropia in a Young Woman following Heroin Withdrawal

    Bethel Shiferaw


    Full Text Available Introduction. Esotropia is a form of strabismus that can give the affected individual a “cross-eyed” appearance. Acute onset of esotropia is an uncommon form; in the vast majority of cases, no underlying neurological etiology is found. Case Presentation. A 22-year-old female with a long history of opiate abuse presented with acute onset of diplopia. She noted her eyes were crossing and started seeing double. She stopped using heroin 11 days prior to presentation. There was large inward deviation of her left eye. Convergence was difficult and accompanied by horizontal nystagmus. Diplopia resolved by covering each eye. Further investigations including imaging studies were normal. Discussion. Acute onset esotropia is rare and must be investigated right away to exclude central nervous system pathologies, where no opiates use is reported. Diplopia in the form of acute esotropia may manifest in up to 30% of individuals undergoing heroin withdrawal. Evaluating acute esotropia requires detailed information of medical history with an emphasis on drug use. Conclusion. Acute onset esotropia with double vision can be caused by abrupt withdrawal of opiates. This case should serve to raise awareness among health care professionals, to avoid costly and unnecessary diagnostic evaluations and interventions.

  5. Chester Higgins, New York City, a Young Moslem Woman in Brooklyn, 1990

    Fatma Zrann


    Full Text Available Né en 1946, Chester Higgins est l’un des photographes majeurs de sa génération. Témoin de périodes phares de l'histoire politique et artistique noire américaine, il explore à travers ses images l’identité culturelle des Africains-Américains. Son rapport à la photographie a été fortement influencé par sa rencontre avec P.H. Polk (1898-1985, photographe officiel du Tuskegee Institute,  (le premier établissement d'enseignement afro-américain fondé en 1881 en Alabama. Tandis que Higgins fut en...

  6. Bereavement and Loss: Developing a Memory Box to Support a Young Woman with Profound Learning Disabilities

    Young, Hannah; Garrard, Brenda


    Supporting bereaved people with profound learning disabilities still remains an under-researched area. Moreover, the barriers of communication and disenfranchised grief mean that they often do not receive the support they require, leading to emotional and behavioural difficulties. This article describes research using a case study design, which…

  7. Catastrophic antiphospholipid antibody syndrome in a young woman in the postpartum period.

    Jacobson, Tatiana B; Kolade, Victor O; Kapadia, Avni S


    A 27-year-old Hispanic female was admitted to hospital with fever, a sudden marked decrease in vision, and multi-organ failure shortly after preterm delivery by cesarean section for eclampsia. Her past history was significant for a spontaneous first trimester abortion and one live birth complicated by intrauterine growth retardation. She was found to have several focal brain infarcts, exudative retinal detachment, bilateral adrenal hemorrhage, renal insufficiency, hypertension and subsequently hypotension. Positive anticardiolipin antibodies, lupus anticoagulant, and anti-B2 glycoprotein-I, as well as deranged coagulation profile and PTT mixing studies aided in the diagnosis of catastrophic antiphospholipid antibody syndrome. Anticoagulation and high-dose intravenous steroids led to significant improvement in the patient's condition, including her vision.

  8. Noncanalized horns of uterus didelphys with prolapse: a unique case in a young woman.

    Christopoulos, P; Deligeoroglou, E; Liapis, A; Agapitos, E; Papadias, K; Creatsas, G


    The authors report the unique case of a 20-year-old patient with prolapsed uterus didelphys with noncanalized horns, who complained of primary amenorrhea. Clinical examination revealed a rudimentary noncanalized cervix with a third degree prolapse and no palpable uterus. A small prolapsing remnant of a uterus didelphys with 2 noncanalized uterine horns was excised by laparotomy. Ultrastructural examination of subepithelial cervical connective tissue revealed collagen of normal structure, but of low concentration. The etiologies of both the Mullerian ducts anomalies and the genital prolapse are probably multifactorial. Low collagen concentration indicates a constitutional tissue weakness contributing to the development of genital prolapse. Copyright 2008 S. Karger AG, Basel.

  9. Granulomatous tattoo reaction and erythema nodosum in a young woman: common cause or coincidence?

    Wollina, Uwe; Gruner, Monika; Schönlebe, Jaqueline


    Tattooing has become quite popular in Western countries. With the increasing prevalence, there is also an increased risk of adverse effects. We describe a 17-year-old female patient with a black and red-colored tattoo, who developed immediately after red tattooing general malaise with fever, nausea, and vomiting. A bullous reaction was temporarily seen within the red part of her tattoo. The reaction later shifted to a subacute dermatitis with bacterial superinfection. Two months later, she felt ill again. She developed painful tender nodules on the anterior aspect of both lower legs identified as erythema nodosum without sarcoidosis. Is this is a unique case of adverse reaction to tattoo pigments with a type I and a type IV reaction, or is this a coincidence? The treatment was initiated with systemic and topical corticosteroids and topical antibiotics combined with compression bandages for the legs. After 3 weeks of treatment, the erythema nodosum completely resolved and did not reappear during a 1-year follow-up. The treatment of the local reactions, however, was unsatisfactory without complete response. There is an indispensable need for regulation of tattoo pigments and tattooing to improve consumer safety.

  10. PMP-2: Equatorial wave dynamics

    Hirota, I.


    After the discovery of the quasi-biennial oscillation (QBO) in the stratospheric zonal wind, there were, in the last two decades, a large number of observational and theoretical studies on the structure and behavior of the mean zonal wind and waves in the tropical stratosphere. Planetary-scale, vertically propagating equatorial waves play an important role in producing the QBO through the mechanism of wave-mean flow interaction. Concerning the dynamics of the equatorial upper stratosphere and mesosphere, however, little was known about the possible wave motions, except for tides, mainly because of the lack of adequate observations in this region. The main purpose is to provide the nature of various types of equatorial wave modes, with the aid of improved sounding techniques and sophisticated numerical modelings.


    MARSHALL, PA; KRIMKEVICH, YI; LARK, RH; DYER, JM; VEENHUIS, M; GOODMAN, JM; Krimkevich, Yelena I.; Lark, Richard H.; Dyer, John M.; Goodman, Joel M.


    Peroxisomes perform many essential functions in eukaryotic cells. The weight of evidence indicates that these organelles divide by budding from preexisting peroxisomes. This process is not understood at the molecular level. Peroxisomal proliferation can be induced in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by olea

  12. Ovarian intratumoral 21-hydroxylase deficiency in a postmenopausal hirsute woman.

    Souto, Selma B; Baptista, Pedro V; Barreto, Filomena; Sousa, Pedro F; Braga, Daniel C; Carvalho, Davide


    Virilising ovarian tumours are a rare cause of hyperandrogenism in women, accounting for less than 5% of all ovarian neoplasms. It occurs most often in - and postmenopausal women. We report a case of a 64 year-old woman with signs of virilisation that had started 3 years before. Blood hormone analysis revealed increased levels of testosterone, and 17-hydroxyprogesterone. The tetracosactin test revealed 21-hydroxylase deficiency. Radiological imaging demonstrated a nodule in her left ovary. The patient was submitted to bilateral laparoscopic oophorectomy, and histopathological examination revealed a luteoma of the left ovary. Postoperative serum testosterone level and 17-hydroxyprogesterone returned to normal levels in one month. Virilism regressed within six months. Our patient also showed an elevation in 17-OHP serum levels. Normalization of 17-OHP after oophorectomy suggests a case of intratumoral 21-hydroxylase deficiency. To our knowledge, this is the first description of ovarian intratumoral 21-hydroxylase deficiency in a postmenopausal woman.

  13. Reading and Hearing The Womans Booke in Early Modern England.

    Richards, Jennifer


    This essay takes seriously Thomas Raynalde's advice in The Womans Booke that women might read this work aloud. The evidence I use to sketch the scene of reading includes Raynalde's advice to readers in his long prologue, and also the kind of reading practice that his own writing represents. But I also go outside the text, considering what we know about the experience of listening to a book, and emphasizing the link between this practice and rhetorical education. I also examine the evidence left behind by two male readers: William Ward, who marked his copy of the 1565 edition privately, and Edward Poeton of Petworth, who represented instead a semipublic or shared reading: the evaluation of The Womans Booke and other books of generation by a Midwife and her Deputy in a fictional dialogue "The Midwives Deputie" (ca. 1630s).

  14. Disseminated Mycobacterium avium complex infection in an immunocompetent pregnant woman

    Kim Woo


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Disseminated mycobacterium avium complex (MAC occurs mainly in immunocompromised hosts, which is associated with abnormal cellular immunity. Case presentation A 26-year-old pregnant woman presented with fever and general weakness. Miliary lung nodules were noted on chest X-ray. Under the impression of miliary tuberculosis, anti-tuberculosis medication was administered. However, the patient was not improved. Further work-up demonstrated MAC in the sputum and placenta. The patient was treated successfully with clarithromycin-based combination regimen. Conclusion This appears to be the first case of disseminated MAC in an otherwise healthy pregnant woman. Clinicians should be alert for the diagnosis of MAC infection in diverse clinical conditions.

  15. Uterine prolapse during late pregnancy in a nulliparous woman.

    Ishida, Hiromi; Takahashi, Kazuhiro; Kurachi, Hirohisa


    A pregnancy that is complicated by a uterine prolapse is rare and primarily occurs in multiparous women during their first or second trimester. In the present report, we describe a case of a 31-year-old nulliparous woman who experienced sudden uterine prolapse at 38 weeks' gestation without labor pains. The cervix was congested, the cervical mucosa was partially lacerated, and bleeding was noted; the protruding cervix could not be repositioned into her vagina. Although the cervical congestion worsened over time, she still did not experience any labor pains. She was delivered by emergency cesarean section. Following delivery, the prolapse promptly improved and did not recur before her 1-month postpartum examination. To our knowledge, this is the first case where uterine prolapse occurred in a nulliparous woman during late gestation.

  16. A ray of hope for a woman with Sheehan's syndrome.

    Jain, Deepti


    A 25-year-old woman presented with a history of secondary amenorrhoea for the last 3 years, coinciding with her delivery. She delivered at home and had massive postpartum haemorrhage. She was brought in a state of circulatory collapse to the nearest teaching hospital, where she was resuscitated. She developed anaemia, septicaemia and extradural empyema. The complications were managed and the woman improved. Presently, she approached us for infertility. She was investigated and diagnosed with postpartum hypopituitarism, that is, Sheehan's syndrome. Her gonadotrophin levels, luteinising hormone/follicle-stimulating hormone, were normal, serum oestradiol was low and serum prolactin was also on the lower side. She had started with genital atrophy and was given three cycles of cyclic oestrogen +progesterone combination. Ovulation was induced. She conceived and her antenatal period was uneventful. She delivered a full-term baby vaginally. However, she had inadequate lactation after delivery and lost the baby at one-and-a-half months' age due to gastroenteritis.

  17. Nanoscience and Reminiscences of a Woman in Physics

    Dresselhaus, Mildred

    My entry into carbon science and nanoscience at an early stage in my career occurred in part because I was a woman in physics. In these reminiscences I will relate why working on carbon science started because I was a woman interested in working on a topic that interested me greatly, but was unpopular at the time; carbon science and thermoelectricity are two examples. I will elaborate on how our research system allows safe study of unpopular topics so that both the researcher and research sponsor are satisfied with outcomes. I also learned a lot from my family and acknowledge their contributions as well as those of sponsors who supported high-risk projects.

  18. Analyses of the cell-wall peptidoglycan structures in three genera Micromonospora, Catenuloplanes, and Couchioplanes belonging to the family Micromonosporaceae by derivatization with FDLA and PMP using LC/MS.

    Také, Akira; Nakashima, Takuji; Inahashi, Yuki; Shiomi, Kazuro; Takahashi, Yōko; Ōmura, Satoshi; Matsumoto, Atsuko


    It is the major characteristic of the cell-wall peptidoglycan structure in members of the family Micromonosporaceae that N-acetylmuramic acid (MurNAc) of glycan strand is replaced with N-glycolylmuramic acid (MurNGlyc). Consequently, it is difficult to use enzymatic methods for their peptidoglycan analyses. We therefore developed analysis method of peptidoglycan without using cell wall lytic enzymes as example to take the 3 genera, Micromonospora, Catenuloplanes, and Couchioplanes belonging to the family Micromonosporaceae, and their peptidoglycans were partially hydrolyzed with 4 M HCl at 60°C for 16 h followed by derivatization with N(α)-(5-fluoro-2,4-dinitrophenyl)-D-leucinamide (FDLA) or 1-phenyl-3-methyl-5-pyrazolone (PMP) and LC/MS analysis. Peptidoglycan of the genus Micromonospora consisted of a MurNGlyc-Gly-D-Glu-meso-diaminopimelyl (DAP)-D-Ala peptide stem and direct linkage between D-Ala and meso-DAP. In contrast, peptidoglycans of the genera Catenuloplanes and Couchioplanes consisted of a MurNGlyc-Gly-D-Glu-L-Lys-D-Ala peptide stem, and cross-linkage between D-Ala and L-Lys was mediated by an L-Ser residue. This method can be used to analyze the cell-wall peptidoglycan structure of other bacteria as well. By derivatization with FDLA or PMP followed by LC/MS analysis, the structure can be determined using only 0.2 mg of purified peptidoglycan.

  19. 女工:一个重生的社会阶层%Woman Workers:An Reliving Social Layer



    This paper describes the change of woman workers from 1982 to 2000. there is a great replacement between old and new woman workers. The floating woman worker is a different social group compared local woman worker . The change of the woman worker is the result of the changing China in the world-system.

  20. [Stress fractures of the distal fibula in an osteoporotic woman].

    Schwartz, Frederik; Heerfordt, Ida Marie


    We report a case of an 81-year-old osteoporotic woman, who suffered stress fractures of the distal fibula on both sides within a two-year period. The risk factors for stress fractures are reviewed and the importance of a high index of suspicion for stress fractures is emphasized. When a stress fracture is suspected it should lead to plain radiography and treatment with protected weight-bearing with crutches or a brace.

  1. An 80-Year-Old Woman with Left Shoulder Pain

    Khoo, SB


    This case history illustrates the real life experience and dilemma of an 80-year-old woman in pursuit of medical care for her left shoulder pain. Points for discussion range from clinical features of Pancoast tumor, importance of pain management, good principles of Family Medicine and Palliative care to ethical issues of conspiracy of silence, limited treatment plan and palliative versus curative radiotherapy treatment without a known biopsy report. This paper provides opportunity for analysi...

  2. The Transitivity Analysis of A Woman on a Roof



      From the perspective of the transitivity theory, this dissertation aims to analyze feminist ideas in Doris Lessing’ s novel A Woman on a Roof. The analysis triumphantly proves that the transitivity system in SFG is an effective method in understand⁃ing author’ s feminist ideas. It is strongly hoped that this attempt will provide some valuable experience for better appreciating of other English novels.

  3. Cultural Implications of Dragon in The Woman Warrior



    <正>The Woman Warrior,written by Maxine Hong Kinston,won the National Book Critic Circle Award for the best work of nonfiction in 1976.It was also acclaimed as one of the top nonfiction books of the 1970s by Time Magazine.As a second generation immigrant female writer being raised in California,Kingston was in an awkward dilemma hovering

  4. Cultural aspects in the care of the orthodox Jewish woman.

    Berkowitz, Bayla


    This article offers an overview and explanation of some of the main customs and laws in the Jewish religion surrounding the reproductive health care of the Torah-observant woman. By understanding the religious and spiritual needs and preferences of a patient, the midwife is better able to provide optimal, culturally-competent care. Some of the aspects discussed include procreation, menstruation, modesty, contraception, abortion, genetic testing, induction, the Sabbath, Kosher diet, circumcision, and naming of the child.

  5. Woman-Centered Maternity Nursing Education and Practice

    Giarratano, Gloria


    The purpose of this Heideggerian phenomenological study was to uncover the meanings of the clinical experiences of registered nurses working in maternity settings after they studied maternity nursing from a woman-centered, feminist perspective in a generic baccalaureate nursing program. Purposeful sampling was conducted to locate and recruit nurses who had graduated from this nursing program between the December 1996 and December 1998 semesters and were currently working in a maternal-newborn...

  6. A 65-year-old woman diagnosed with PHACE syndrome.

    Burch, Ezra A; Garzon, Maria C; Parikh, Anuraag; Meyers, Philip M


    PHACE syndrome is characterized by the association between infantile hemangioma and varied but characteristic systemic manifestations, including cerebrovascular and cardiac abnormalities. The disorder has primarily been diagnosed in children, with little information available regarding long-term outcomes in affected individuals. We report the oldest known individual with PHACE syndrome in the medical literature, a 65-year-old woman who was diagnosed after a transient ischemic attack.

  7. Young Money

    Roelsgaard Obling, Anne


    Book review of: Kevin Roose: "Young Money: Inside the Hidden World of Wall Street's Post-Crash Recruits". New York: Grand Central Publishing, 2014. 320 pp.......Book review of: Kevin Roose: "Young Money: Inside the Hidden World of Wall Street's Post-Crash Recruits". New York: Grand Central Publishing, 2014. 320 pp....

  8. The pregnant woman and the good Samaritan: can a woman have a duty to undergo a caesarean section?

    Scott, R


    Although a pregnant woman can now refuse any medical treatment needed by the fetus, the Court of Appeal has acknowledged that ethical dilemmas remain, adverting to the inappropriateness of legal compulsion of presumed moral duties in this context. This leaves the impression of an uncomfortable split between the ethics and the law. The notion of a pregnant woman refusing medical treatment needed by the fetus is troubling and it helps little simply to assert that she has a legal right to do so. At the same time, the idea that a pregnant woman fails in her moral duty unless she accepts any recommended treatment or surgery--however great the burden--is also not without difficulty. This article seeks to find a way between these two somewhat polarized positions by arguing that, instead of being a question primarily about whether legally to enforce moral obligations, the 'maternal-fetal conflict' begins with previously unrecognized difficulties in determining when a woman's prima facie moral rights invoked in the treatment context should 'give way' to the interests of the fetus. This difficulty is mirrored within the law. Thus, how can we tell when a pregnant woman has the moral or legal duty to submit to a caesarean section? Seen in this way, the conflict is a problem which lies at the interface between moral and legal rights and duties, showing that there are important conceptual links between the ethics and the law. Against this background, this article explores the limits of a pregnant woman's right to bodily integrity by focusing upon the idea of her moral duty to aid the fetus through her body. Here we find difficulties in determining the existence and extent of this somewhat extraordinary duty. Such a duty is contrasted with both negative and positive duties toward others in the course of 'general conduct.' Attention to the social context of pregnancy and the refusal of treatment within this is also instructive. Overall, the purpose is to foster understanding and

  9. Are you Wo(man enough to get married?

    Tiurma M. P. Allagan


    Full Text Available Indonesian marriage states that marriage is physical and spiritual relationship between a man and a woman as husband and wife in order to create an eternal happy family based on the Almighty God. This definition reflects that the marriage in Indonesia must be between heterosexual couple. However, a question appears as to whether a man or a woman mentioned thereof is included a man and a woman who were, hermaphrodite, intersex, or nowadays known as person with Disorder of Sexual Development (DSD? The case of AH whereby his marriage is cancelled by the Supreme Court in 2014 for he is not considered as a man, is confirming that this question is important to value the capacity of a person to marry. This writing will apply normative research as well as literature research method upon the positive rules and regulations. The decisions of district courts upon the revision or change of gender and its legal basis will be analysed and be the topic of discussion. Comparison will be applied to compare the marriage requirements between Indonesian Law, Singapore Law and Hong Kong Law. The results of analyse and discussion will be the closure of the writing, as conclusions and advise, if any.

  10. German philosophy, Freud, and the riddle of the woman.

    Makari, G J


    After Kant's critique of empiricism, subjectivist epistemologies cropped up in 19th-century German philosophy. Schopenhauer argued that the true essence of every object was an irrational and sexual will. This underlying will distorted a subject's knowledge of the world. Schopenhauer's notion of this true essence was analogous to his portrayal of women; they too were natural, irrational, and instinctual. Nietzsche postulated a will-to-power that structured and hence distorted a chaotic world. That structureless "real" world Nietzsche symbolized as the essential "truth of a woman," a truth which for Nietzsche was unknowable to the desirous male philosopher. Freud, while maintaining belief in empirical truth, developed a psychology of mis-knowledge which had much in common with Schopenhauer's epistemology. His theory of transference grew from a need to explain how female patients libidinally distorted the reality of their male analysts. Conversely, Freud's later writings on women are hampered by the author's realization of his own precarious and subjective position as man trying to know woman. These counter-transferential concerns ultimately made the woman's psychological essence an unknowable riddle for Freud.

  11. A will to youth: the woman's anti-aging elixir.

    Smirnova, Michelle Hannah


    The logic and cultural myths that buttress the cosmeceutical industry construct the older woman as a victim of old age, part of an "at-risk" population who must monitor, treat and prevent any markers of old age. A content and discourse analysis of 124 advertisements from the US More magazine between 1998 and 2008, revealed three major themes working together to produce this civic duty: (1) the inclusion of scientific and medical authorities in order to define the cosmeceutical as a 'drug' curing a disease, (2) descriptions of the similarities (and differences) between the abilities of cosmeceuticals and cosmetic surgery to restore one's youth, and (3) the logic equating youth with beauty, femininity and power and older age with the absence of these qualities. Together these intersecting logics produce the "will to youth"-the imperative of the aging woman to promote her youthful appearance by any and all available means. Further, by using images and references to fantasies and traditional fairytales, cosmeceutical advertisements both promise and normalize expectations of eternal youth of the aging woman.

  12. Woman's Right to Know Act: a legislative history.

    Stam, Paul


    This article provides a comprehensive legislative history of North Carolina's Woman's Right to Know Act of 2011. The Act requires informed consent and a mandatory twenty-four hour waiting period for abortion, thus protecting a woman's right to make an informed choice. Informed consent provisions and mandatory waiting periods give individuals making decisions the information and time necessary to make informed choices. The Act further provides that an ultrasound be performed and explained no less than four hours and no more than seventy-two hours before the abortion. The article first provides a brief overview of sources of legislative history recognized in North Carolina. It then details the history of the Woman's Right to Know Act, from the first informed consent bill introduced in 1981, to the passage of the 201l law, and to the federal court case that followed. Finally it provides specific objections that were raised against the bill and responses to each. Legislators considering similar legislation need to be aware of the opposition they inevitably will encounter when passing such a bill. The author expects that this history and the ultimate success of North Carolina will encourage other states' legislators and lawyers and give them the tools to make their case effectively.

  13. 78 FR 8682 - Culturally Significant Object Imported for Exhibition Determinations: “Vermeer's Woman in Blue...


    ... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office DEPARTMENT OF STATE Culturally Significant Object Imported for Exhibition Determinations: ``Vermeer's Woman in Blue Reading a... ``Vermeer's Woman in Blue Reading a Letter,'' imported from abroad for temporary exhibition within...

  14. Exertional Rhabdomyolysis in a 21-Year-Old Healthy Woman: A Case Report.

    McKay, Brianna D; Yeo, Noelle M; Jenkins, Nathaniel D M; Miramonti, Amelia A; Cramer, Joel T


    McKay, BD, Yeo, NM, Jenkins, NDM, Miramonti, AA, and Cramer, JT. Exertional rhabdomyolysis in a 21-year-old healthy woman: a case report. J Strength Cond Res 31(5): 1403-1410, 2017-The optimal resistance training program to elicit muscle hypertrophy has been recently debated and researched. Although 3 sets of 10 repetitions at 70-80% of the 1 repetition maximum (1RM) are widely recommended, recent studies have shown that low-load (∼30% 1RM) high-repetition (3 sets of 30-40 repetitions) resistance training can elicit similar muscular hypertrophy. Incidentally, this type of resistance training has gained popularity. In the process of testing this hypothesis in a research study in our laboratory, a subject was diagnosed with exertional rhabdomyolysis after completing a resistance training session that involved 3 sets to failure at 30% 1RM. Reviewed were the events leading up to and throughout the diagnosis of exertional rhabdomyolysis in a healthy recreationally-trained 21-year-old woman who was enrolled in a study that compared the acute effects of high-load low-repetition vs. low-load high-repetition resistance training. The subject completed a total of 143 repetitions of the bilateral dumbbell biceps curl exercise. Three days after exercise, she reported excessive muscle soreness and swelling and sought medical attention. She was briefly hospitalized and then discharged with instructions to take acetaminophen for soreness, drink plenty of water, rest, and monitor her creatine kinase (CK) concentrations. Changes in the subject's CK concentrations, ultrasound-determined muscle thickness, and echo intensity monitored over a 14-day period are reported. This case illustrates the potential risk of developing exertional rhabdomyolysis after a low-load high-repetition resistance training session in healthy, young, recreationally-trained women. The fact that exertional rhabdomyolysis is a possible outcome may warrant caution when prescribing this type of resistance


    Ahmet SAÇKESEN (M.A.H.


    Full Text Available Importance and function of Turkish woman will be analyzed during historical process in this article named as “Types of Woman in Er Tabıldı Epic” Types of woman in Er Tabıldı Legend will be explained as ideal wife and mother types ideal lover and assistant types.

  16. The Significance of Career Narrative in Examining a High-Achieving Woman's Career

    Elley-Brown, Margaret J.


    In this qualitative study, the career journey of one New Zealand woman was analysed. Three key findings emerged: the power of narrative as a vehicle for this woman's story, her movement towards greater authenticity and spiritual fulfilment as a mature woman, and the ongoing struggle for concurrent fulfilment from communal and agentic perspectives.…

  17. 76 FR 78569 - Medical Benefits for Newborn Children of Certain Woman Veterans


    ... AFFAIRS 38 CFR Part 17 RIN 2900-AO05 Medical Benefits for Newborn Children of Certain Woman Veterans... to provide certain health care services to a newborn child of a woman veteran who is receiving... woman veteran who is receiving maternity care furnished by for not more than seven days after the...

  18. [Myocardial infarction associated with oral contraceptive use, smoking and elevated cholesterol level in a young patient].

    Krasznai, Zsuzsa; Tóth, Péter


    Oral hormonal contraceptives are the safest methods for young patients to avoid unwanted pregnancy. They are well accepted and have certain beneficial effects; however, physicians should pay attention to risk factors even when applied in young age. Obesity, dyslipidemia, smoking and oral contraceptive pills alone or in combination may lead to serious adverse events. Authors present a young woman who developed acute myocardial infarction in association with several unconsidered risk factors including the use of contraceptive pills.

  19. Young Love

    Regmi, Pramod; Simkhada, Padam; van Teijlingen, Edwin


    Your article on love and relationship deals with a very important issue (“Love makes the world go round,” Feb. 15, Page 1).It is now widely accepted that romantic relationships and dating are normative among adolescents and young people in Nepal. In our qualitative study of urban and rural young males and females using same sex researchers — in perhaps the first study of dating practice among Nepali youth — almost all of our respondents reported that young people in Nepal form partnerships wi...

  20. Retinal Arterial Occlusive Disease in a Young Patient with Cat Scratch Disease

    Georgios Batsos; Kabanarou, Stamatina A.; Pantelis Fotiou; Alexandros Rouvas; Tina Xirou


    Purpose: To report an unusual case of a branch retinal arterial occlusion and bilateral multifocal retinitis in a young woman with cat scratch disease. Methods: A 23-year-old woman was referred to our clinic complaining of a sudden scotoma in the upper part of the visual field of her left eye. Fundoscopy revealed occlusion of an inferior temporal branch of the retinal artery in the left eye and bilateral multifocal retinitis, which was confirmed by fluorescein angiography. Subsequent indocyan...

  1. Immunization of a wild koala population with a recombinant Chlamydia pecorum Major Outer Membrane Protein (MOMP) or Polymorphic Membrane Protein (PMP) based vaccine: New insights into immune response, protection and clearance

    Robbins, Amy; Jelocnik, Martina; Khan, Shahneaz Ali; Hanger, Jon; Gerdts, Volker; Potter, Andrew; Polkinghorne, Adam; Timms, Peter


    We assessed the effects of two different single-dose anti-Chlamydia pecorum (C. pecorum) vaccines (containing either Major Outer Membrane Protein (3MOMP) or Polymorphic Membrane Protein (Pmp) as antigens) on the immune response of a group of wild koalas. Both vaccines elicited a systemic humoral response as seen by the production of anti-chlamydial IgG antibodies in more than 90% of vaccinated koalas. A mucosal immune response was also observed, with an increase in Chlamydia-specific mucosal IgG and/or IgA antibodies in some koalas post-vaccination. Both vaccines elicited a cell-mediated immune response as measured by the production of the cytokines IFN-γ and IL-17 post-vaccination. To determine the level of protection provided by the vaccines under natural conditions we assessed C. pecorum infection loads and chlamydial disease status of all vaccinated koalas pre- and post-vaccination, compared to a non-vaccinated cohort from the same habitat. The MOMP vaccinated koalas that were infected on the day of vaccination showed significant clearance of their infection at 6 months post-vaccination. In contrast, the number of new infections in the PMP vaccine was similar to the control group, with some koalas progressing to disease. Genotyping of the ompA gene from the C. pecorum strains infecting the vaccinated animals, identified genetic variants of ompA-F genotype and a new genotype ompA-O. We found that those animals that were the least well protected became infected with strains of C. pecorum not covered by the vaccine. In conclusion, a single dose vaccine formulated with either recombinant PmpG or MOMP can elicit both cell-mediated and humoral (systemic and mucosal) immune responses, with the MOMP vaccine showing clearance of infection in all infected koalas. Although the capability of our vaccines to stimulate an adaptive response and be protective needs to be fully evaluated, this work illustrates the necessity to combine epitopes most relevant to a large panel of

  2. Pregnancy outcome in a woman with prune belly syndrome.

    Hillman, R Tyler; Garabedian, Matthew James; Wallerstein, Robert J


    Prune belly syndrome is a rare congenital syndrome that primarily affects male fetuses. Affected men are universally infertile; however, there is a paucity of information published on the reproductive potential of affected women. Pregnancy outcomes in affected women have not been described in the literature. We describe the case of pregnancy in an affected woman. Her pregnancy progressed without complication. Her fetus had no stigmata of the syndrome. Her labour and delivery were, however, complicated by a prolonged second stage of labour and need for vacuum-assisted vaginal delivery.

  3. Pemphigus vulgaris in a pregnant woman and her neonate

    Ibrahim, Sameera Begum Kader; BM, Yashodhara; Umakanth, Shashikiran; Kanagasabai, Sachchithanatham


    A 23-year-old pregnant woman in her second trimester of pregnancy presented with blisters on the face, abdomen and the leg. Based on the clinical presentation and skin biopsy (histopathology and direct immunofluorescence) the diagnosis of pemphigus vulgaris was established. The child born to this patient also had similar skin lesions. The lesions in the mother and the child improved after treatment. The authors report a rare case of pemphigus vulgaris in a pregnant lady and neonatal pemphigus in her child, both of whom were treated successfully. PMID:22744241

  4. Primary cardiac osteosarcoma in a 42-year-old woman

    Zou Jianyong


    Full Text Available Abstract We describe here a 42-year-old woman who was admitted to hospital with a pedunculated mass in her left atrium. She was diagnosed with a primary cardiac osteosarcoma with special immunohistochemical characteristics. Echocardiography and computed tomography can be used to differentiate cardiac osteosarcomas from routine intracardiac tumors. The patient was treated by surgical removal of the mass. Two years later, she has shown no evidence of disease recurrence. We discuss primary osteosarcomas in the cardiac cavity and their management.

  5. Mesenteric lymphangioma: A rare intraabdominal finding in a pregnant woman

    Anju Bansal


    Full Text Available Mesenteric cavernous lymphangioma is a rare benign tumor, not often described in literature. The etiopathogenesis of this tumor is largely unknown. Clinically, the presentation is variable and may be asymptomatic or present with subacute or acute abdomen. We describe here a case of 23 - year - old pregnant woman with an asymptomatic abdominal mass which was incidentally detected after ultrasound examination during antenatal visit. The pregnancy was subsequently terminated and the patient underwent surgical excision of the tumor along with intestinal resection. The mass was pathologically diagnosed to be mesenteric cavernous lymphangioma

  6. Silence:An Effective Resistance in"No Name Woman"



    "No Name Woman", written by Maxine Hong Kingston, depicts different life of Chinese or Chinese American women. They go through different life experiences, but their life experiences reflect the same attitude toward life that is silence. Is si-lence effective or not? By analyzing the textual contents, life experience of the aunt combining with contemporary social envi-ronment, the paper argues that silence is an effective resistance against patriarchal system. It illuminates the ways that resistance not only relies on violence, but also on silence and sometimes silence is more powerful than violence.

  7. Wonder Woman et la mythologie contemporaine des amazones

    Álvares, Cristina


    [Extrait] Notre point de départ est la constatation dans les différents médias, genres et arts de la culture populaire et médiatique de la grande quantité de personnages féminins qui défendent par la force la liberté de choisir leur destin: Wonder Woman, Lara Croft, Beatrix Kiddo (Kill Bill), Salt, Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games), Tris (Divergent), Lisbeth Salander (The Millenium Trilogy), Elektra, Yoko Tsuno, Marie des Dragons, Artémis Delambre (Les Pirates de Barataria), Isabellae, ...

  8. Wandering biliary ascariasis with hepatic abscess in a postmenopausal woman.

    Nahar, N; Khan, N; Islam, S M; Chakraborty, R K; Rima, S Z; Alam, M N; Roy, A S


    Hepatobiliary ascariasis is common in developing countries where there is a low standard of public health and hygiene. We are reporting a rare case of ascariasis which induced multiple liver abscesses in a post menopausal woman who presented with fever, anorexia, nausea, vomiting and mild hepatomegaly. Ultrasonography revealed biliary ascariasis with multiple hepatic abscesses. Laparoscopic drainage of hepatic abscesses was done and microscopic examination of drainage materials showed decorticated eggs of Ascaris Lumbricoides. The post operative recovery of the patient was uneventful. Ultrasonography is a reliable modality to diagnose and follow up of such cases.

  9. A case of bovine ketoacidosis in a lactating woman.

    Sandhu, Harminder S; Michelis, Michael F; DeVita, Maria V


    A 36 year-old 5 weeks postpartum lactating woman presented to the emergency room with severe nausea and vomiting for 48 hours. The patient was found to be in non-diabetic ketoacidosis with a serum pH 6.9 and a HCO3 of <5mEq/L. This condition rapidly improved with the administration of intravenous dextrose and bicarbonate and with the cessation of breast feeding. The course and pathophysiology of the rarely described phenomenon of bovine ketosis in a human is discussed here.

  10. Pregnant Woman: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

    Ricardo Figueroa Damián


    Full Text Available Background: In the late 1960s, the first isolates of Aeromonas were recovered from human specimens. Presently, there is sufficient evidence to suggest that the different isolates of the genus Aeromonas are human pathogens. The most frequent site of infection is the digestive tract, although extraintestinal infection also occurs. In those cases involving septicemia, most infections occur in individuals with underlying diseases. This report presents the case of a pregnant woman with no underlying disease or signs of immunodeficiency who developed A. hydrophila septicemia at 24 weeks gestation.

  11. [Cerebral venous thrombosis imagiologic features in a pregnant woman].

    Ferreira, Maria Madalena; Rios, Ana Cristina; Fragata, Isabel; Baptista, José Tiago; Manaças, Rui; Reis, João


    Cerebral venous thrombosis (CVT) is a relatively rare but serious condition potentially reversible upon accurate diagnosis and adequate therapy. The peri-partum state and pregnancy are predisposing factors and TVC accounts for about 6% of maternal deaths. Its clinical symptoms depend on the the thrombus site and extension, and also on the existing collateral vessels network. We present the case of a 33 year-old woman, 13 weeks pregnant, that complained of headaches and whose cranial magnetic resonance imaging revealed a subtotal oclusión of the superior sagittal sinus. We discuss the imaging features of dural venous thrombosis in the acute phase.

  12. Late-onset monomelic amyotrophy in a Caucasian woman.

    Patel, Dharmesh R; Knepper, Laurie; Jones, H Royden


    We describe a 53-year-old Caucasian woman with a 19-year history of an evolving amyotrophy confined to her dominant right arm and hand. Although this atypical case of a late-onset monomelic amyotrophy in some respects mimics Hirayama disease or O'Sullivan-McLeod syndrome, it does not conform precisely with either of those disorders. We compare this individual's difficulties and clinical temporal profile to other disorders considered in the differential diagnoses with regard to her evolving clinical setting.

  13. Care of the woman who has been raped.

    Hampton, H L


    There is an escalating epidemic of rape in the United States. All victims have psychological injury, and over half sustain physical injury in the assault. The response of health care professionals to these women demands sensitivity and expertise. A focused history and well-documented physical examination are crucial. Consistency among the history and physical findings, objective findings of recent trauma, and evidence of recent sexual activity are critical. Compliance with forensic protocols ensures that this information will be available for criminal proceedings. Long-term follow-up care and psychological support are necessary for the woman to make the transition from victim to survivor.

  14. Ectopic Intrauterine Device in the Bladder of a Pregnant Woman

    Zehra Kurdoglu


    Full Text Available Background. Uterine perforation and transvesical migration of an intrauterine device are rare complications. Case. A 28-year-old woman who had an intrauterine device was admitted to our outpatient clinic with complaints of amenorrhea lasting 5 weeks and pelvic pain lasting a year. Transvaginal ultrasonography revealed embedding of the intrauterine device in the bladder. The misplaced device was removed by laparotomy. Conclusion. The followup of intrauterine device localization with transvaginal ultrasonography is essential for early detection of possible serious complications.

  15. Dermatologic and cosmetic concerns of the older woman.

    Bolognia, J L


    The cutaneous signs of aging including wrinkles, solar lentigines ("liver spots"), and telangiectasias are primarily the result of repeated exposures to ultraviolet light (photoaging). Chronologic aging, and in women, estrogen withdrawal also exert an effect on the structure and function of the epidermis and dermis. In this article, the relative roles of these three factors are discussed, as are the most common skin lesions found in the older woman. Lastly, the therapeutic options available for the treatment of these age-associated cutaneous disorders are outlined.

  16. [A 74-year-old woman with macrocytic anemia].

    Picardi, A; Navajas, F; Spoto, S; Palma Modoni, A; De Galasso, L; Costantino, S


    A seventy-four years old woman is assessed for asthenia, fatigue, non ulcerous dyspepsia with macrocytic anemia. The patient's medical history taking in Binswanger disease--diagnosed 5 aa before-, epilepsy-2 aa before- and a previous episode of TVP of the left leg, suggested the hypothesis that a B12 deficiency, by a chronic gastritis, would involve an increase of homocysteine cause of the clinical manifestations of megaloblastic anemia, Binswanger disease, tardive epilepsy and previous TVP. The fisic and blood and instrumental exams confirmed the clinical diagnosis. The patient is having vitamin B12.

  17. [Small bowel intussusception and Vanek's tumor in an elderly woman].

    Maya, Antonio M; Gallo, Antonio; Castelli, Mariano; Paz, Leonardo; Espinosa, Juan C; Giunippero, Alejandro


    Inflammatory fibroid polyps are non-frequent benign lesions, described by Vanek in 1949, originated in the sub mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract. They have an uncertain origin and they are formed of fibroblastic and mesenchymal proliferations with an important eosinophilic proportion. Depending on where are they localized, could present different type of symptoms. The inflammatory fibroid polyps are one of the rare benign conditions causing intestinal intussusception in adults. We present the case of a 82 years old woman, who presented an intestinal intussusception due to an inflammatory fibroid polyp localized in the small bowel.

  18. The First Woman Doctor in the New Fourth Army


    WHILE a university student in Kuomintang-controlled Shanghai, she met a Communist who changed her life. This man set her on the way to become the first woman doctor in the Communist New Fourth Army. Zhang Yangfen now enjoys her old age in peace and satisfaction with her fruitful life. Sitting under the grape arbor in her courtyard, Zhang recalls her past. Every Common Person Has Her Obligation To the Country My childhood was spent in the years when China was in a desperate situation and people were living in dire poverty.

  19. 周围髓鞘蛋白22基因重复突变致夏科-马里-图斯病1A亚型的临床变异性%Clinical variability of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 1A patients with PMP22 duplication mutation

    段晓慧; 顾卫红; 王国相; 郝莹; 王康; 汪仁斌; 孙少杰; 杨斯柳


    目的 探讨夏科-马里-图斯病(CMT)患者周围髓鞘蛋白22(PMP22)基因重复突变特征及临床变异性.方法 联合应用改良的等位基因特异性PCR-双酶切和基于荧光标记毛细管电泳短串联重复序列(STR)分析对45例临床拟诊CMT患者进行PMP22基因重复突变的检测,详细分析其中阳性病例的临床特征.结果 在45例拟诊CMT患者中共检测出PMP22基因重复病例21例,包括10例临床特征符合四肢远端萎缩无力的典型CMT1型患者和11例不典型的CMT患者,后者具有特殊表型:1例仅以轻度头晕就诊;1例合并听力障碍;2例以反复发作性肢体无力起病;2例伴有上肢姿势性震颤;4例伴有小脑性共济失调;1例伴有癫(癎)发作.结论 PMP22基因重复突变为CMT病最常见的病因,改良的等位基因特异性PCR-双酶切提供了一种准确、可靠并易于操作的检测方法,有助于该病的诊断和鉴别.同时,通过综合分析PMP22重复突变阳性的CMT1A患者临床表现、电生理及病理特征,提示该组疾病具有高度的临床变异性.%Objective To investigate the characteristics of PMP22 duplication mutation and the clinical variability of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 1A (CMT1A) patients. Methods PMP22 duplication mutation analysis were performed in 45 cases diagnosed probably CMT by combination of improved allele-specific PCR-restriction enzyme digestion and short tandem repeat (STR) analysis based on laser-induced fluorescence detection in capillary electrophoresis. The clinical features of the positive cases were precisely analyzed. Results With the combined use of two methods, PMP22 duplication was detected in 21 cases, i.e. 10 CMT1 cases with typical presentations including weakness and atrophy in the distal limbs, and 11 atypical cases with special phenotypes including 1 case with mild dizziness, 1 case with hearing loss, 2 cases with recurrent limbs weakness, 2 cases with postural tremor in the upper limbs, 4

  20. Takotsubo cardiomyopathy in a Caucasian Italian woman: Case report

    Castellani Debora


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Takotsubo cardiomyopathy is an acute cardiac syndrome characterized by transient LV regional wall motion abnormalities (with peculiar apical ballooning appearance, chest pain or dyspnea, ST-segment elevation and minor elevations of cardiac enzyme levels Case presentation A 68-year-old woman was admitted to the Emergency Department because of sudden onset chest pain occurred while transferring her daughter, who had earlier suffered a major seizure, to the hospital. The EKG showed sinus tachycardia with ST-segment elevation in leads V2–V3 and ST-segment depression in leads V5–V6, she was, thus, referred for emergency coronary angiography. A pre-procedural transthoracic echocardiogram revealed regional systolic dysfunction of the LV walls with hypokinesis of the mid-apical segments and hyperkinesis of the basal segments. Coronary angiography showed patent epicardial coronary arteries; LV angiography demonstrated the characteristic morphology of apical ballooning with hyperkinesis of the basal segments and hypokinesis of the mid-apical segments. The post-procedural course was uneventful; on day 5 after admission the echocardiogram revealed full recovery of apical and mid-ventricular regional wall-motion abnormalities. Conclusion Takotsubo cardiomyopathy is a relatively rare, unique entity that has only recently been widely appreciated. Acute stress has been indicated as a common trigger for the transient LV apical ballooning syndrome, especially in postmenopausal women. The present report is a typical example of stress-induced takotsubo cardiomyopathy in a Caucasian Italian postmenopausal woman.

  1. A singularly unfeminine profession one woman's journey in physics

    Gaillard, Mary K


    In 1981 Mary K Gaillard became the first woman on the physics faculty at the University of California at Berkeley. Her career as a theoretical physicist spanned the period from the inception — in the late 1960s and early 1970s — of what is now known as the Standard Model of particle physics and its experimental confirmation, culminating with the discovery of the Higgs particle in 2012. A Singularly Unfeminine Profession recounts Gaillard's experiences as a woman in a very male-dominated field, while tracing the development of the Standard Model as she witnessed it and participated in it. The generally nurturing environment of her childhood and college years, as well as experiences as an undergraduate in particle physics laboratories and as a graduate student at Columbia University — which cemented her passion for particle physics — left her unprepared for the difficulties that she confronted as a second year graduate student in Paris, and later at CERN, another particle physics laboratory near Geneva,...

  2. Woman abuse in South Africa: an exploratory study.

    Dangor, Z; Hoff, L A; Scott, R


    This study aims to address the problem of woman abuse in South Africa as a basis for program development for survivors of violence. It also presents documentation for the expansion of social, health, and legal services for abused women and children. Ethnographic interviews were conducted on 37 South African women from various community settings and institutions in the Johannesburg region. Two focus groups discussed issues from the interview data. Two aspects of woman abused in South Africa were revealed in this study, namely, the endemic culture of violence, and the existence of cheap labor of domestic workers. It was observed that women abuse and sexual assault are rampant because of the endemic culture of violence and by customs, culture, and tradition which tends to objectify women and make them feel like male property. Regarding child and elderly abuse, it appears that more cases are being reported in South Africa. This study confirms the need for national survey data and in-depth research with abused women themselves in order to acquire a clearer picture of the personal, familial, and societal costs of violence against women. Furthermore, acknowledgement of domestic violence and its overall burden on community stability and health is vital in implementing reforms in South Africa.

  3. Divergent, stereoselective access to heterocyclic α,α-quaternary- and β(2,3,3)-amino acid derivatives from a N-Pmp-protected Orn-derived β-lactam.

    Núñez-Villanueva, Diego; García-López, M Teresa; Martín-Martínez, Mercedes; González-Muñiz, Rosario


    A suitably protected Orn-derived (3S,4S)-β-lactam was used as common intermediate in the synthesis of conformationally constrained (3S,4S)-2-oxoazepane α,α- and (2S,3S)-2-oxopiperidine-β(2,3,3)-amino acid derivatives. Compared to alternative procedures using an N-p-methoxybenzyl group at the 2-azetidinone, the incorporation of a p-methoxyphenyl moiety is crucial for the excellent stereochemical outcomes in the preparation of these heterocyclic amino acids. Chemoselective 7- or 6-exo-trig cyclization was achieved through alternative sequences of Pmp-deprotection/Boc-activation, followed by inter- and intramolecular β-lactam ring opening, respectively.

  4. The L2b real-time PCR targeting the pmpH gene of Chlamydia trachomatis used for the diagnosis of lymphogranuloma venereum is not specific to L2b strains.

    Touati, A; Peuchant, O; Hénin, N; Bébéar, C; de Barbeyrac, B


    The French Reference Centre for chlamydiae uses two real-time PCRs targeting the pmpH gene of Chlamydia trachomatis to differentiate between L strains and variant L2b, responsible for a lymphogranuloma venereum outbreak in Europe. We compared the results obtained for 122 L2b C. trachomatis-positive specimens, using the two real-time PCRs, with the sequencing of the ompA gene. Only 91 specimens were confirmed as L2b. Our results demonstrate that the lymphogranuloma venereum outbreak is no longer dominated by the variant L2b, and that many L-positive specimens were misidentified as L2b with the method used, which raises the question of its specificity. Copyright © 2016 European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  5. Negotiations on Tradition and Modernity in the German Migration Context: a Comparison of the Life Histories of a Young Kurdish Woman and a Moroccan Woman

    Anıl Al-Rebholz


    When we view gender as an accomplishment, an achieved property of situated conduct, our attention shifts from matters internal to the individual, and focuses on interactional and, ultimately, institutional arenas. (West et al., 1987, 126

  6. Multidisciplinary Management of Sexual Dysfunction, Perineal Pain, and Elimination Dysfunction in a Woman with Multiple Sclerosis

    Bogliatto, Fabrizio; Bacchio, Leonardo


    Background: Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic disease that commonly affects young women and is associated with sexual dysfunction (SD) and lower anourogenital dysfunction, which affect quality of life. We evaluated the importance of an integrated multidisciplinary approach in the Lower Female Ano-Uro-Genital Network (LFAUGN) to manage a variety of complex symptoms. Methods: A 40-year-old woman with MS and primary concerns about perineal pain and SD was treated by a trained midwife from the LFAUGN and a physical therapist after a multidisciplinary diagnostic process that included gynecologic evaluation for perineal pain and SD, physiatric assessment, urologic assessment for bladder retention (BR), and surgical examination for obstructed defecation syndrome (ODS). Physical therapy was integrated with pharmacologic therapy for ODS and with self-catheterization for BR. Results: After 5 months of treatment, the patient reported improvement in functional perineal parameters and perineal pain (visual analogue scale score: 9 at T1 vs. 5 at T2), with resolution of pelvic floor hypertonia. Furthermore, ODS and BR symptoms improved (5-item score: 18 of 20 at T1 vs. 10 of 20 at T2; 1 self-catheterization daily, with postvoid residual volume [PRV] sexual satisfaction increased (Female Sexual Function Index score: 18 of 36 at T1 vs. 23 of 36 at T2). Conclusions: These results suggest that physical therapy, as an integral component of a multidisciplinary approach in a multiprofessional network, may play a pivotal role in improving anourogenital dysfunction and sexual satisfaction. PMID:28243183

  7. Leptospirosis presenting in a woman with fulminant hepatic failure from Wilson's disease: a case report

    Andreadis Emmanuel A


    Full Text Available Abstract Introduction We report an unusual case of Wilson's disease that was revealed by presentation of leptospirosis. The prompt detection of this potentially life-threatening disease highlights the importance of careful investigation. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first reported case of leptospirosis involving the development of fulminant liver failure due to Wilson's disease. Case presentation A 17-year-old Caucasian woman presented with fever, rigors, vomiting and scleral jaundice. Following clinical and laboratory evaluation she was diagnosed with leptospirosis. After remission of this disease her condition inexplicably deteriorated. Further investigations revealed that she had Wilson's disease. Conclusions The unexplained deterioration of hepatic function in a young person in remission from leptospirosis should alert the clinician to the presence of an underlying disorder, such as Wilson's disease, the early detection of which is crucial to the prognosis. The mechanism that initiates the development of Wilson's disease is not fully understood, but it is thought that an intercurrent illness, such as viral infection or drug toxicity, could be implicated. In our case, leptospirosis appeared to precipitate the deterioration of liver function in a patient with Wilson's disease, advancing our knowledge of this association. This original case report could have a broader clinical impact across medicine.

  8. U.S. grants political asylum to woman who fled female genital mutilation.


    Fauziya Kasinga fled to the US from Togo in 1994 at the age of 17 years after an aunt forced her to marry a 45-year-old man with three wives. From the time of her arrival to the US in December 1994 to April 24, 1996, Kasinga was detained at two correctional facilities awaiting a decision by the US Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) on her request for political asylum. That asylum was granted in a 11-1 decision issued on June 13 on the grounds of Kasinga's fear of being forced to undergo female genital mutilation (FGM) if sent back to Togo. This is the first time that the BIA has ruled that FGM can be grounds for asylum. 50% of women in Togo are estimated to have undergone FGM. The BIA decided that the young woman met the criteria for receiving refuge because she is a member of a particular social group, the unmutilated women of the Tchamba-Kunsuntu tribe who face but oppose FGM, which has a well-founded fear of persecution which is country wide. Moreover, Kasinga's husband has influence with the police in Togo, a rather small country. This decision not only sets precedent with regard to FGM, but also is the first gender-based asylum claim to be considered since the Immigration and Naturalization Service revised its guidelines in May 1995 to cover such persecution.

  9. A 31-year-old woman with a transformed low-grade glioma.

    Warnke, Peter C


    Low-grade gliomas in adults have an incidence of 0.8 to 1.2 per 100,000, and their causes are unknown. Despite their histological classification as low-grade, they cannot be cured by any current treatment mode, and no class I evidence exists to guide initial treatment of these tumors. Median survival ranges between 7.5 years and 10 years, with a 5-year survival probability between 55% and 86%. The prognosis depends on age, World Health Organization (WHO) tumor grade, Karnofsky performance score, cytological type (oligodendroglioma vs astrocytoma), and, potentially, the extent of resection. Oligodendrogliomas with loss of heterozygosity on chromosomes 1p and 19q have a distinctly more favorable prognosis and therapeutic response rate. Low-grade tumors progress to high-grade gliomas with aggressive biological behavior at increasing frequency with advancing age. Ms P is a young woman with a previously treated oligodendroglioma, WHO grade II, with loss of heterozygosity on chromosomes 1p and 19q, which at a third resection had transformed into an oligodendroglioma of WHO grade III. She wants to know her current and future therapeutic options.

  10. Small supernumerary marker chromosomes derived from chromosomes 6 and 20 in a woman with recurrent spontaneous abortions.

    Guediche, Narjes; Tosca, Lucie; Nouchy, Marc; Lecerf, Laure; Cornet, Dominique; Brisset, Sophie; Goossens, Michel; Tachdjian, Gérard


    In this report, we describe a case of multiple small supernumerary marker chromosomes (sSMC) presenting with recurrent abortions. Peripheral blood lymphocytes of a young, healthy and non-consanguineous couple who asked for genetic evaluation after two spontaneous miscarriages were obtained for karyotypes. Lymphocytes of the woman were analyzed by FISH techniques and DNA was extracted and used for array CGH investigation. Karyotyping revealed 48,XX,+2mar[24]/47,XX,+mar[5]/46,XX[3] for the woman and 46,XY for her husband. FISH analysis showed that the two sSMC consisted of chromosomes 6 and 20. Array CGH analysis showed gains of the 6p11.2q12 (9 Mb) and 20 p11.21 (3.3 Mb) chromosomal regions with a total of 42 genes present on both sSMC. Our findings support also the hypothesis that the modification of the expression of some genes involved in embryo implantation, like THBD gene, could be responsible in the recurrent abortions. This report underpins the necessity of array CGH for characterizing precisely sSMC and helping in genotype-phenotype correlations. Furthermore, a literature review on sSMC is included.

  11. Mirror writing: a tachistoscopic study of a woman suffering from migraine when writing with the right hand.

    Nakano, Mitsuko; Tanaka, Shigeki; Izuno, Kenji; Ichihara, Shigeru


    An experimental study was conducted with a young woman who had suddenly developed mirror writing in the right hand, which she used for writing. She was not cured for eight years. The patient was ambidextrous and had no medical complaints except for migraine with perceptual and sensory abnormalities, and an enlarged cavity of the septum pellucidum. A previous study using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), conducted when she imagined letters and wrote letters in the air with either hand, indicated that both her cerebral hemispheres were active. In the present study three experiments were conducted using a tachistoscope to explore the stage in the cognitive process when directional errors emerged. In the experiments, after independently being presented with Attneave's meaningless figures or letters to each hemisphere, participants were requested to do the following: (a) verbally respond whether the orientation of two consecutively shown figures were the same or different and the letters were standard or reversed; (b) distinguish the orientations with right and left hand movements other than by writing (by pushing a button); and (c) reproduce the stimuli (drawing) immediately after the presentation. Results showed a higher rate of incorrect directions only when drawings were reproduced by the right hand. Results also indicated that the woman's inaccurate judgment in direction emerged only when in writing and not at the perceptual level, or when responding with hand movements other than writing. Her migraine was cured after five years following the experiment. The mirror writing was cured 2-3 months later.

  12. Staphylococcus lugdunensis Endocarditis Complicated by Embolism in an 18-Year-Old Woman with Mitral Valve Prolapse

    Rosaria Pecoraro


    Full Text Available Staphylococcus lugdunensis is a coagulase-negative staphylococcus (CNS. It is a major cause of prosthetic valve endocarditis; mitral valve prolapse (MVP has emerged as a prominent predisposing structural cardiac abnormality. We describe a case of Staphylococcus lugdunensis endocarditis in an 18-year-old woman with preexisting mitral valve prolapse complaining of fever, a one-month history of continuous-remittent fever ( 38.6°C. The transthoracic echocardiogram revealed large vegetation on the anterior mitral valve leaflet flopping from the atrial side to the ventricular side. Five sets of blood cultures were positive for coagulase-negative staphylococci. During hospitalization, after two weeks of antibiotic therapy, the patient complained of sudden pain in her right leg associated with numbness. Lower limb arterial Doppler ultrasound showed an arterial thrombosis of right common iliac artery. Transfemoral iliac embolectomy was promptly performed and on septic embolus S. lugdunensis with the same antibiotic sensitivity and the same MIC values was again isolated. Our patient underwent cardiac surgery: triangular resection of the A2 with removal of infected tissue including vegetation. Our case is an example of infective endocarditis by S. lugdunensis on native mitral valve in a young woman of 18 with anamnesis valve prolapse.

  13. Dorrit Hoffleit: A Century of being a Woman in Astronomy

    Hoffleit, Dorrit; Gay, P. L.


    From working as one of Harlan J. Smith's female calculators in 1928 to running Maria Mitchell Observatory in 1957 to being an emeritus research scientist at Yale University today, Dr. Dorrit Hoffleit has been a professional woman in astronomy for 78 years and an astronomy lover for a century. She has faced both accolades, starting with the Carolyn Wilby Prize in 1938 for her dissertation work, as well as discrimination, most notably being hired at the Aberdeen Proving Ground at a sub-professional rating during WWII. Through both good and bad, she kept her eye on the stars, and her focus on doing the best work she could. In this presentation, Dr. Hoffleit reflects on her experiences and her inspirations in an video-interview. Additionally, archival film provided by the AAVSO will be shown.

  14. Unilateral laterothoracic exanthem in a pregnant woman – case report

    Anca Chiriac


    Full Text Available Unilateral laterothoracic exanthem (ULE (also termed asymmetric periflexural exanthem of childhood APEC has been linked to viral infection, in particular parvovirus B-19, citomegalovirus and Ebstein Barr virus. Its prevalence is higher during spring and winter, most published reports involve white people. The diagnosis is clinical, the virusological tests, in most of the cases, are negative. The exanthem is self-limited, it resolves in four-six weeks, it requires only symptomatic treatment. Our case is particular by the appearance in a pregnant woman to whom we have not succed to identify any virus involved, with wonderful clinical results under no medication.We follow the evolution of the pregnancy.

  15. Bilateral Tubal Gestation Associated with Schistosomiasis in an African Woman

    K. H. Odubamowo


    Full Text Available Background. The incidence of tubal ectopic gestation caused by schistosomiasis induced tubal pathology is undocumented in this environment, which may be due to rarity of this pathology. Bilateral tubal gestation is common in patients that have undergone in vitro fertilization. We report a hitherto undocumented case of spontaneous bilateral ectopic gestation following tubal schistosomiasis. Case Report. Mrs. OB was a 32-year-old G4P3+0 (3 alive woman who complained of abdominal pain and bleeding per vaginam of 4 and 2 days’ duration respectively following 8 weeks of amenorrhea. A clinical impression of ruptured ectopic gestation was confirmed by ultrasound scanning. She had bilateral salpingectomy with histology of specimens showing bilateral ectopic gestation with Schistosoma haematobium induced salpingitis (findings of Schistosoma haematobium ova noted on slide. Conclusion. Schistosoma induced salpingitis is a rare but possible cause of bilateral tubal gestation.

  16. Tess——A Pure But Tragic Woman

    ZhouLei; LinShan


    Thomas Hardy is a realistic author,who shouts loudly and makes an effort for women's freedom.In this paper we will have a discussion on the causes of Tess's tragic fate,and then we will find out how the author's ideas surpassed the traditional vision of male.From his awareness of women's problems,he protects woman's societal benefit.In the text,the analysis about the heroine's tragic fate and what reason causes the consequence is the emphases of the article.It displays the different treatment for man and woman at that time,and exposures the cruel reality of the capitalist society.Hardy is a male writer,but he expresses in his novel certain feminist ideas.

  17. Atrial Septal Defect in a Very Old Woman

    Pinho, Elika; Gomes, Andre Amaral; Silva, Maria Joao; Torres, Tiago Pinheiro; Coelho, Andreia; Almeida, Pedro Bernardo; Lourenco, Patricia; Bettencourt, Paulo


    Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) is one of the most frequently congenital heart diseases in adults and it is often asymptomatic until adulthood. We report a case of a 90-year-old woman admitted to hospital with dyspnea and orthopnea insidiously progressing over the preceding 5 years and becoming severe with dyspnea on minimal activities, orthopnea and paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea, in the last 2 weeks. The transthoracic echocardiogram revealed an atrial septal defect ostium secundum type, with left-to-right shunt, moderate to severe tricuspid insufficiency, severe pulmonary hypertension (72 mmHg) and preserved biventricular function. With diuretic therapy optimization the patient showed symptomatic improvement. This present case represents and unusual and very late presentation of an atrial septal defect ostium secundum type, which is usually diagnosed at the mild adult age. Our patient lived symptom-free for over 80 years.

  18. The aging woman: the role of medical therapy.

    Wilken-Jensen, C; Ottesen, B


    The growth of the postmenopausal population demands a change in the medical profession's approach to health and disease. Especially in the developed world, lifespan is increasing, and at the age of 60 the majority of women will still have at least 20 years to live. There will, therefore, be an increasing need for health programs that lead to more years of disability free life. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is but one example of the dilemmas medical therapy of the aging woman poses. In the sixties, estrogen was considered a wonder drug, effective for a multitude of postmenopausal problems and illnesses. Recent research has placed this notion into a more balanced perspective, emphasizing that every medical treatment should be based on evidence. It is therefore worrisome if the decline in the use of HRT is followed by an increased use of alternative medicine with mostly undocumented effects.




    Full Text Available This case history illustrates the real life experience and dilemma of an 80-year-old woman in pursuit of medical care for her left shoulder pain. Points for discussion range from clinical features of Pancoast tumor, importance of pain management, good principles of Family Medicine and Palliative care to ethical issues of conspiracy of silence, limited treatment plan and palliative versus curative radiotherapy treatment without a known biopsy report. This paper provides opportunity for analysis of a real complex clinical situation, application of medical knowledge to problem solving in clinical practice and relevant topics for discussions. (For anonymity sake, the names of patient, doctors, general and private hospitals are not mentioned.The aim of this paper is solely for continuous medical education without any intention to ridicule any party.

  20. [Fatal amnioinfusion with previous choriocarcinoma in a parturient woman].

    Hrgović, Z; Bukovic, D; Mrcela, M; Hrgović, I; Siebzehnrübl, E; Karelovic, D


    The case of 36-year-old tercipare is described who developed choriocharcinoma in a previous pregnancy. During the first term labour the patient developed cardiac arrest, so reanimation and sectio cesarea was performed. A male new-born was delivered in good condition, but even after intensive therapy and reanimation occurred death of parturient woman with picture of disseminate intravascular coagulopathia (DIK). On autopsy and on histology there was no sign of malignant disease, so it was not possible to connect previous choricarcinoma with amniotic fluid embolism. Maybe was place of choriocarcinoma "locus minoris resistentiae" which later resulted with failure in placentation what was hard to prove. On autopsy we found embolia of lung with a microthrombosis of terminal circulation with punctiformis bleeding in mucous, what stands for DIK.

  1. Chronic Myeloid Leukemia In a Pregnant Woman: A Case Report

    Aytekin Tokmak


    Full Text Available Chronic myeloid leukemia (CML is a rare disease in pregnancy. Our aim is to present a 37 weeks of pregnant woman with chronic myelogenous leukemia. A 27 Years in multigravi (gravida 5, parity: 4, at 37 weeks gestation was admitted with the diagnosis of painful pregnancy and CML. Physical examination findings were normal, complete blood count and peripheral blood smear results were consistent with CML. The patient was diagnosed CML in the 30th week of pregnancy and were treated with hydroxyurea and interferon. Treatment depends on the mother and the fetus did not develop any side effects. Our patient with CML is interesting due to lack of perinatal effects and take the diagnosis at an early age. CML diagnosed during pregnancy requires a multidisciplinary approach and hydroxyurea and interferon treatment on the mother and fetus are at low risk of inducing adverse effects. [Cukurova Med J 2015; 40(4.000: 811-813

  2. Treatment of a woman with emetophobia: a trauma focused approach

    Ad de Jongh


    Full Text Available A disproportionate fear of vomiting, or emetophobia, is a chronic and disabling condition which is characterized by a tendency to avoid a wide array of situations or activities that might increase the risk of vomiting. Unlike many other subtypes of specific phobia, emetophobia is fairly difficult to treat. In fact, there are only a few published cases in the literature. This paper presents a case of a 46-year old woman with emetophobia in which a trauma-focused treatment approach was applied; that is, an approach particularly aimed at processing disturbing memories of a series of events which were considered to be causal in the etiology of her condition. Four therapy sessions of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR produced a lasting decrease in symptomatology. A 3-year follow up showed no indication of relapse.

  3. Intentional chlorpyrifos poisoning in pregnant woman and subsequent fetal death

    T H Indu


    Full Text Available Organophosphate poisoning is an important medical emergency exist in agriculture-oriented countries such as India. This case report describes the treatment strategies followed for a management of suicidal intoxication of a pregnant woman by chlorpyrifos compound at a secondary care public hospital, Udhagamandalam, India. The patient was unable to perceive fetal movements and had classic clinical symptoms of organophosphate poisoning such as excess salivation and pinpoint pupil. The patient was administered with 2 g of pralidoxime and 10 ampoules of atropine sulfate (1.2 mg each. The fetotoxic evaluation showed fetal death. The antidote given to the patient was according to the criteria given by the World Health Organization. The late admission of the patient may be considered as a reason for fetal death. Psychosocial, educational programs are highly recommended for the population in this region to reduce the number of intentional poisoning attempts.

  4. Marked hypertriglyceridemia in a woman receiving metoprolol succinate.

    Kim, Yeunjung; Miller, Michael


    β-blockers are commonly used therapies after acute myocardial infarction and in the management of congestive heart failure and hypertension. We report a case of a middle-aged woman with a history of mild hypertension who was placed on metoprolol succinate. Before initiation of the β-blocker, her triglyceride level was in the borderline-high range (150-199 mg/dL). On treatment, her triglyceride levels exceeded 1000 mg/dL. She developed fatigue and mild abdominal discomfort but without biochemical evidence of pancreatitis. After discontinuation of metoprolol succinate, her triglyceride levels receded. This case illustrates an uncommon side effect with a very commonly used therapy in clinical practice. Clinicians should closely evaluate medications and/or other therapies in patients presenting with new-onset hypertriglyceridemia especially when levels are sufficiently elevated to pose increased risk of pancreatitis.

  5. Treatment of a woman with emetophobia: a trauma focused approach.

    de Jongh, Ad


    A disproportionate fear of vomiting, or emetophobia, is a chronic and disabling condition which is characterized by a tendency to avoid a wide array of situations or activities that might increase the risk of vomiting. Unlike many other subtypes of specific phobia, emetophobia is fairly difficult to treat. In fact, there are only a few published cases in the literature. This paper presents a case of a 46-year old woman with emetophobia in which a trauma-focused treatment approach was applied; that is, an approach particularly aimed at processing disturbing memories of a series of events which were considered to be causal in the etiology of her condition. Four therapy sessions of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) produced a lasting decrease in symptomatology. A 3-year follow up showed no indication of relapse.

  6. Caring for the woman with acute fatty liver of pregnancy.

    Holub, Karen; Camune, Barbara


    Acute fatty liver of pregnancy, although rare, is usually a third trimester of pregnancy occurrence that may be life threatening for both the pregnant woman and the fetus. Often, the onset resembles gastroenteritis or cholecystitis and correct diagnosis is delayed. Because it can also present with preeclampsia and eclampsia, it may be mistakenly diagnosed as hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes, low platelet syndrome. This article presents diagnostic differences between liver conditions that can complicate pregnancy and management strategies for treating and maintaining the well-being of pregnant women, fetuses, and infants who are affected by acute fatty liver of pregnancy. Early recognition and rapid intervention from antepartum diagnosis through delivery and the postpartum period are required by the nursing team and medical providers to reduce maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality.

  7. An elderly woman with Prevotella bacteraemia secondary to pyometra

    Guerrero, Patricia Perez; Zamorano, Marina Martin; Trujillo, Ignacio Garcia; Gonzalez, Jose Antonio Giron


    An 87-year-old woman was admitted to our hospital with sepsis and foetid vaginal discharge. She presented an abdominal mass that had been present for the last 20 years, refused diagnostic or therapeutic procedures. A computed tomography scan detected a uterine body with multiple calcifications and an internal collection of 10 cm. No other infectious sources were apparent. A tentative diagnostic of pyometra was made and empiric antibiotic treatment was initiated. A hysteroscopy was performed with incomplete drainage of purulent material, due to important vaginal atrophy. In both blood and vaginal fluid cultures Prevotella spp. was isolated. Clinical evolution was favourable with metronidazole. The patient refused a hysterectomy or other surgical drainages, and she was discharged from hospital with oral antibiotics. The patient underwent antibiotic therapy during 1 month; 1 week after finishing this treatment, the patient died. The characteristics of clinical evolution in these last days were not known. PMID:21686575

  8. [HPV diagnosis: woman's process of interaction with her partner].

    Vargens, Octavio Muniz da Costa; Silva, Carla Marins; Azevedo E Silva, Gulnar; Girianelli, Vânia Reis


    This is a descriptive research, with qualitative approach, which aimed at analyze the interaction process between woman and her partner starting from the diagnosis of infection by the human papilomavirus (HPV). It was accomplished in 13 communities in the cities of Duque de Caxias and Nova Iguaçu, Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil, from October/2006 to September/2008. Twenty women, diagnosed with HPV infection related to oncogenic high risk, were interviewed. The Symbolic Interactionism and Grounded Theory perspectives guided data collection and analysis. The results revealed that the HPV diagnosis means serious challenges in the women's relationship with her partner mainly regarding to the adoption of preventive initiatives. It is concluded that these issues lead to the need of a humanized care in order to favor the women's empowerment.

  9. A 31-year-old pregnant woman with angioedema.

    Speck, Aimee L; Killen, Paul D; Greenhawt, Matthew J


    Angioedema is swelling of the deep layers of the dermis and subcutaneous tissue due to an increase in vascular permeability. Angioedema sometimes occurs concomitantly with urticaria and represents an allergic disease. In other cases, angioedema is not associated with an allergic condition. We present the case of a 31-year-old woman with new-onset angioedema in the setting of her first pregnancy. After detailed history, physical examination, and laboratory evaluation, a cause for her angioedema was found that had not been considered previously and had significant implications for future management, particularly in light of her current pregnancy. Because allergists are commonly called on to evaluate and treat angioedema, we should be aware of the many disease processes that can present with this symptom and be well-versed in the workup of new-onset angioedema.

  10. Sylvia Plath - a woman between Eros and Thanatos

    Barbara Galle


    Full Text Available The opposition between the Hughes family  and the radical feminists led to the emergence of two diametrically opposite Plath  myths: a mentally disturbed, manipulative woman, unstoppably driven towards suicide, or an innocent victim of a treacherous husband? Both sides interpret Plath's life and works in view of her untimely  death, neglecting the underlying life force that pervades her poetry and prose. Relying on the psychoanalytical theory of instincts, the author shows how Eros complements and even makes use of Thanatos on different levels of Plath's writing:  on the level of language asa meaningful structure, on the level of meaning, and in the function of language as therapy. The duality of instics is particulary evident in Sloveirian criticism; where the physicar  and temporal distance from political scandal enabled the development oftwo distinct critical currents: one following Hughes's morbid determinism, the other concentrating on Plath's intelligence and joyful observation of nature.

  11. Ascites in the Puerperium in the Context of a Woman with Turner Syndrome Who Conceived through Assisted Reproductive Technology

    Nikolaos Tsagkas


    Full Text Available The case is about a young female who delivered twins by caesarean section (CS. On the 4th postoperative day, she presented with ascites which was resistant to empirical antibiotic and diuretic treatment. The woman was affected by Turner syndrome (TS; she had a medical background of chronic use of hormonal medication since puberty and conceived through ART- (assisted reproduction techniques- IVF-oocyte donation. It is important to exhibit high suspicion for clot formation in the hepatic vasculature during the puerperium, especially in the case of history of chronic hormone treatment. Ascites albumin gradient and Doppler values lead to the diagnosis of thrombosis and the administration of high doses of anticoagulants is considered to be fundamental.

  12. Enlightenment via simulation: "crone-ology's" first woman.

    Moran, Michael E


    A little known 18th century midwife, Angélique Marguerite Le Boursier (1715-1794) may well be the true founder of modern surgical simulation. This fiercely independent medical practitioner stood equally amongst the many enlightened minds of this period and fought with every modern method to reduce infant/maternal mortality during childbirth. Her original textbook Abrégé utilized some of the first color anatomical illustrations, her method of teaching complex birthing techniques to peasant woman throughout France, and most notably her birthing simulator complete with fluids (wet ware) were all available for close scrutiny. The color illustrations in Abrégé remain profoundly effective but the only existent models of her simulator are even more remarkable. Le Boursier du Coudray sought to bring education to the woman and physicians in villages and towns throughout France in response to the population crisis and the high birth morbidity and mortality. Her teaching methods affected untold thousands of medical practitioners, from midwives to surgeons. Voltaire wrote about her and she became an icon of progressive France, but remained ostracized by much of the conventional medical practitioners. She continued to train midwives for 23 years before retiring at the age of nearly 70. Madame du Coudray began to write, illustrate and simulate in the mid 18th century and obtained unprecedented success in bringing to the public the humane practices of modern childbirth with relevant understanding of anatomy and physiology. She is the matron not only of modern simulation methods in healthcare but was the epitome of professional healthcare commitment, educating approximately 10,000 students regardless of social status for free.

  13. Witness to Change: A Tibetan Woman Recalls Her Life



    Full Text Available Nangchukja. 2015. Witness to Change: A Tibetan Woman Recalls Her Life in Gerald Roche, Keith Dede, Fernanda Pirie, and Benedict Copps (eds Asian Highlands Perspectives 37 Centering the Local, A Festschrift for Dr. Charles Kevin Stuart on the Occasion of his Sixtieth Birthday, 250-278. Women play a critical role in rural Tibetan households. As youths and adults, they engage in labor-intensive chores, including farming, herding, fetching water, cooking, tailoring, cleaning, collecting fuel, and child care. In their old age, most Tibetan women dedicate themselves to chanting, prostrating, going on pilgrimage, and meditating. Prior to the early twenty-first century, in such areas as Mang ra County in A mdo, women seldom traveled away from their family and community for work, though nomadic women seasonally traveled long distances between summer and winter camps with their family's livestock. Farming and herding have sustained life on the Tibetan Plateau for millennia. These traditional lifestyles have been changing in most Tibetan communities today in China's rapidly urbanizing society. Despite the massive transformations that have taken place in A mdo over the last sixty years, much continuity remains in how Tibetan women in A mdo spend their time. In 2015, average women in their forties and above are still actively engaged in such religious practices as chanting, prostrating, going on pilgrimage, and meditating. This paper presents the life-story of an elder Tibetan woman, Lha mtsho (b. 1946. Similar to many other Tibetan women born in the late 1940s, she was witness to the chaos of 1958, the Great Leap Forward (1958-1961, the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976, and also saw China's economic reform and development from the late 1970s up until today.

  14. A large primary vaginal calculus in a woman with paraplegia.

    Avsar, Ayse Filiz; Keskin, Huseyin Levent; Catma, Tuba; Kaya, Basak; Sivaslioglu, Ahmet Akın


    The study aimed to report a primary vaginal stone, an extremely rare entity, without vesicovaginal fistula in a woman with disability. We describe the case of a large primary vaginal calculus in a 22-year-old woman with paraplegia, which, surprisingly, was not diagnosed until she was examined under general anesthesia during a preparation for laparoscopy for an adnexal mass. The stone had not been identified by physical examination with the patient in a recumbent position or by transabdominal ultrasonography and pelvic tomography during the preoperative preparation. Vaginoscopy was not performed because the vagina was completely filled with the mass. As a result of its size and hard consistency, a right-sided episiotomy was performed and a 136-g stone was removed using ring forceps. A vesicovaginal fistula was excluded. There was no evidence of a foreign body or other nidus on the cut section of the stone, and it was determined to be composed of 100% struvite (ammonium magnesium phosphate). Culture of urine obtained via catheter showed Escherichia coli. After the surgical removal of the calculus without complications, a program of intermittent catheterization was started. The follow-up period was uneventful, and the patient was symptom free at 6 months after the operation. We postulate that the calculus formed as a consequence of urinary contamination of the vagina in association with incontinence and prolonged maintenance in a recumbent posture. This report is important because it highlights that, although vaginal stones are very rare, their possibility should be considered in the differential diagnosis of individuals with long-term paraplegia.

  15. Budd-Chiari syndrome in a 25-year-old woman with Behçet's disease: a case report and review of the literature

    Évora Paulo RB


    Full Text Available Abstract Introduction The risk that patients with Behçet's disease will develop thrombotic complications has been previously described. Although it is distributed worldwide, Behçet's disease is rare in the Americas and Europe. Even though the pathogenic mechanisms of vascular complications of Budd-Chiari syndrome in patients with Behçet's disease are unknown, severe vascular complications of Budd-Chiari syndrome associated with Behçet's disease seem to affect mainly young men. Case presentation We report a case of Budd-Chiari syndrome, a severe vascular complication that developed in a 25-year-old Afro-Brazilian woman with Behçet's disease. Conclusion Severe vascular complications of Budd-Chiari syndrome in patients with Behçet's disease are much more common in young adult male patients; we present a rare case of Budd-Chiari syndrome in a young Afro-Brazilian woman with Behçet's disease.

  16. Unusual Presentation of Hypothyroidism in a Pregnant Woman, Mimicking Gestational Trophoblastic Neoplasm

    Aminimoghaddam, Soheila; Karisani, Narmin; Mazloomi, Maryam; Rahimi, Maryam


    .... We report a woman who experienced an incomplete abortion and undiagnosed hypothyroidism who was referred to the oncologist with the suspicion of metastatic gestational trophoblastic neoplasm (GTN...

  17. [Atraumatic hip pain in young adults].

    González Murillo, M; Turcu, V; De Nicolás Navas, M B; Yeguas Bermejo, A


    Hip pain in the young adult is a disabling pathophysiological process may be related to multiple etiologies. The process must be determined in order to make a diagnosis and follow-up treatment. The case is presented of a 29 year old woman with anemia, atraumatic hip pain on the right side, and a limp of one month onset. The differential diagnosis includes infectious, rheumatological, tumor, avascular necrosis of hip, hip impingement, hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis and other syndromes. Copyright © 2014 Sociedad Española de Médicos de Atención Primaria (SEMERGEN). Publicado por Elsevier España, S.L.U. All rights reserved.

  18. ST-elevation acute myocardial infarction due to arterial thrombosis in a 29-year-old woman with normal coronary arteries

    Male, Eneida; Morton, Talitha; Farber, Adam


    Acute myocardial infarction (AMI) is rare in young adults. We present a case of a 29-year-old black woman who presented with an acute onset of chest pain while sleeping. Anterior wall ST-elevation AMI was diagnosed based on clinical presentation, electrocardiographic findings, and elevated cardiac biomarkers. Coronary angiography revealed a totally occluded proximal left anterior descending artery. The obstructing lesion, thrombus, was removed. There was no evidence of atherosclerotic disease or dissection. An evaluation for a hypercoagulable state was unrevealing. Echocardiography 1 year later revealed normal left ventricular wall motion and systolic function. PMID:28127135

  19. Legal Implications of Same-Sex Marriage (Prohibition Act, 2013 on Customary “Female Husband Marriage” or “Woman-to-Woman Marriage” in Nigeria

    Oyedotun Omoteye


    Full Text Available Female husband marriage has been an age-long customary practice in many parts of Nigeria. The practice embedded in the customary law of the people. This study critically examines of legal implications of same-sex marriage (Prohibition Act, 2013 on customary “female husband marriage” or “woman-to-woman marriage” in Nigeria. It is therefore necessary to give the statutory and judicial considerations of custom and customary law as these terms are relevant to this study. The statutory and judicial considerations together with the provisions of same-sex law form the legal framework of this work. The study observes that customary female husband or woman-to-woman marriage has been documented in many African cultures. The position of this study is that African female-husband and male-daughter practices are different from the woman-to-woman marriages or lesbianism practiced in the Western world. Whereas the African practices are to enable the people who face challenges in child bearing, the lesbianism practiced in the Western world and elsewhere is mainly for sexual satisfaction.

  20. Staphylococcus saprophyticus bacteremia after ESWL in an immunocompetent woman.

    Hofmans, M; Boel, A; Van Vaerenbergh, K; De Beenhouwer, H


    Staphylococcus saprophyticus is a well-known cause of uncomplicated urinary tract infections, especially in young and sexually active women. Presence in blood cultures is rare and often attributed to contamination. When bacteremia is significant, it occurs mostly in patients with hematologic malignancies and is predominantly catheter-related. However, we describe a case of significant bacteremia with S. saprophyticus associated with urinary tract infection after extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy of an ureterolithiasis in an otherwise healthy patient.