Sample records for yosetsu ni kansuru

  1. Effect of massive transformation on formation of acicular structure in austenitic stainless steel weld metal solidified as ferritic single phase. Report 5. Study on solidification and subsequent transformation of Cr-Ni stainless steel weld metals; Feraito tanso de gyokosuru osutenaito kei sutenresu ko yosetsu kinzoku ni okeru ashikyura jo soshiki no keisei ni oyobosu masshibu hentai no eikyo.5. Cr-Ni kei sutenresu ko yosetsu kinzoku no gyoko/hentai ni kansuru kenkyu

    Inoue, H.; Koseki, T.; Okita, S.; Fuji, M. [Nippon Steel Corp., Tokyo (Japan)


    The authors clarified that massive transformation occurs at two phase region under To temperature and there is K-S relation between the massive formation phase and base phase using {gamma} stainless steel that solidifies at F mode and forms acicular structure at room temperature structure. There is a possibility of massive transformation in weld metals because the cooling rate below the high temperature To was high even for normal welding process. Thereupon, in this report, whether the massive transformation effects the formation of acicular structure or not was studied as for {gamma} stainless steel weld metal that solidifies at F mode and room temperature structure becomes acicular form of two {delta} and {gamma} phase. As a result, it was clarified that massive transformation occurs at two phase region with temperature below To, and the room temperature structure was acicular form structure irrespective to massive transformation in case of composition with small Cr/Ni ratio even in case of stainless steel that solidifies at F mode. 20 refs., 15 figs., 1 tab.

  2. Solidification and transformation behavior of Cr-Ni stainless steel weld metals with ferritic single phase solidification mode. Report 4. Study on solidification and subsequent transformation of Cr-Ni stainless steel weld metals; Feraito tanso de gyokosuru Cr-Ni kei sutenresu ko yosetsu kinzoku no gyoko/hendo kyodo. 4. Cr-Ni kei sutenresu ko yosetsu kinzoku no gyoko/hentai ni kansuru kenkyu

    Inoue, H.; Koseki, T.; Okita, S.; Fuji, M. [Nippon Steel Corp., Tokyo (Japan)


    The solidification modes of {gamma} stainless steel that solidifies at initial crystal {delta} are classified into FA mode where solidification at two phase of {delta}+{gamma} takes place after crystallization at {gamma} phase during solidification and F mode where solidification is completed at {delta} single phase, and solidification transformation behaviors of weld metal of FA mode are reported in the previous paper. Hereupon, in this report, solidification and transformation behaviors of stainless steel weld metal of F mode are studied. Cr-Ni stainless steel of F mode consists of two phase stainless steel with two phase base metal structure of {delta}+{gamma} besides {gamma} stainless steel. Further, two phase stainless steel with higher alloy compared to conventional one has been developed. In this report, not only the {gamma} stainless steel but also two phase stainless weld metals with varied amount of alloying metal are studied. The welding method and welding conditions are same as that of previous paper. Observation of structure was carried out by optical microscope, and crystal orientation and element distribution were measured by EBSP and CMA respectively. 11 refs., 18 figs., 1 tab.

  3. Numerical study of the mechanism of wavy interface generation in explosive welding; Bakuhatsu yosetsu ni okeru hajo kaimen keisei kiko ni kansuru kenkyu

    Abe, A. [Kobe University of Mercantile Marine, Kobe (Japan)


    Wavy interface generation is an interesting characteristic of explosive welding. There have been many theoretical and experimental discussions of the mechanism of wavy interface generation but there is no consensus of opinion as yet. We report a numerical approach to the analysis of the mechanism of interface wave generation in explosive welding. The phenomena of the interface wave generation are calculated using a two-dimensional finite difference scheme for elastic-plastic materials. In this simulation the equations for a symmetric collision between copper plates are solved. The concept behind this study is that the wavy interface and vortex streets are caused by the velocity distribution of shear flow and periodic disturbances at the interface. The calculation results show the deformation process of the wavy interface and we obtain qualitative agreements between numerical and experimental results. 13 refs., 10 figs., 1 tab.

  4. Study on unified fatigue strength assessment method for welded structure. Hot spot stress evaluating method for various combinations of plate thickness and weld leg length; Yosetsu kozo no toitsutekina hiro kyodo hyokaho ni kansuru kenkyu. Itaatsu to yosetsu ashinaga no kumiawase ni taisuru hot spot oryoku sanshutsu ni tsuite

    Nihei, K.; Inamura, F.; Koe, S. [Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., Kobe (Japan)


    There has been tried to apply unified assessment method using hot spot stress, which is effective to evaluate fatigue strength of fillet welded structures for ships and marine structures. This method can be applied to complicated structures and is independent of welding processes. In this study, first, stress analysis has been conducted for two-dimensional fillet welded joint models with various combinations of plate thickness and weld leg length of general fillet structures by means of boundary element method. Then, critical position, which is not affected by local stress concentration due to bead, was determined from the detailed stress distribution in the vicinity of weld toe. As a result, a general equation has been proposed to estimate the hot spot stress by one-point representative method. Second, the fatigue tests of typical fillet welded joints have been conducted by applying this method. Consequently, it was demonstrated that the unified fatigue strength can be evaluated by the S-N data based on hot spot stress range determined from the proposed equation, independent of structural stress concentration. 22 refs., 14 figs.

  5. Effect of transformation on residual stress in welding. Part 5. ; Stress releasement by transformation superplasticity. Sohentai ga yosetsu zanryu oryoku ni oyobosu eikyo. 5. ; Hentai chososei ni yoru oryoku kanwa

    Murata, H. (Yokogawa Medical System Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)); Kato, N. (Tokyo Inst. of Technology, Tokyo (Japan)); Tamura, H. (Nihon Univ., Tokyo (Japan))


    The residual stress and angular deformation occurred in welding are the important factors for the welding design. In the previous report, by measuring the welding angular deformation caused by the welding rod prepared experimentally with the various transformation temperatures, it was shown that the materials, which could transform at a low temperature, have been effective to restrain the welding deformation. In addition, also the elongation and stress variation in transformation after welding have been examined in detail, and consequently it has been shown quantitatively, that not only the transformation expansion, but also the transformation superplasticity have acted effectively for the stress relaxation during transformation depending on the condition. In this report, the same as in the previous report, the welding with the multilayers and multi-passes has been performed by using the welding rod prepared experimentally and of Fe-Ni-Cr system, which could transform at a low temperature and had a high stress releasement effect, and then the effect of phase transformation on the welding residual stress has been investigated. As a result, the phase transformation had a tight relation with the welding residual stress, and furthermore the compression stress has been observed on the welding metal depending on the transformation temperature. In addition, it was found that in the welding metal, the compression stress has occurred, the tensile stress has remained directly under it, and it has been connected with a peak part of the tension, and has been redistributed. 18 refs., 8 figs., 1 tab.

  6. Features on various monitoring for laser welding and their application. 3. Correspondence of detective signals to the welds on plate with artificial defects; Laser yosetsu no tame no monitoring ho no tokucho to sono oyo. 3. Laser yosetsu ni okeru keisoku shingo tokusei to kako seijo no sokan

    Matsunawa, A. [Osaka University, Osaka (Japan); Watanabe, M.; Nakabayashi, T.; Hiraga, H.; Inoue, T.


    Artificial defects are made initially on test pieces, and they are laser-welded. Discussions were given on correspondence of welding quality such as failures generated during the welding to signal behavior. In a joint recognition test, specimen joints were recognized in both of light emitting intensity and plasma potential. Insufficient penetration due to abnormal absorption of beam energy by Ar shield gas was also recognized by measuring simultaneously the light emitting intensity signal and the plasma potential signal. In a longitudinal hole recognition test, longitudinal holes were recognized by using the light emission, sound and plasma potential. It was also found that the key hole is disturbed because the molten pool is disturbed by the hole before laser beam reaches the hole, which caused change in output morphology of the sound, light emission and plasma potential before they reach the hole. In a lateral hole recognition, melting morphology of a concentrated layer of Ni powder was observed, by which data were derived on melting behavior in the bead longitudinal direction. It was found that the plasma potential signal has high plasma existence sensitivity, and the light emission signal has high sensitivity on movement of the plasma, including that of the key hole. 16 refs., 16 figs., 1 tab.

  7. Investigation into introduction and promotion of clean energy cars; Clean energy jidosha no donyu sokushin ni kansuru chosa



    Gazing the introduction target for fiscal 2000 and 2010, the paper arranged comprehensively and systematically the trend in Japan and overseas of clean energy cars and described subjects. Themes of the study to be promoted in terms of electric cars are: Li secondary batteries, heightening of performance of batteries such as Ni-hydrogen, power generation/power storage hybridization to make the long-distance travel possible. For the price reduction, the body is so made as to make it possible to select three kinds of power unit, that is, gasoline, hybrid, and electricity. Low noise and easy operation are also important. As to natural gas vehicles, the price is more than three times as high as that of gasoline vehicles, and relaxation of the related regulations on metal tanks, the Road Traffic Act, etc. is necessary. It is indispensable to establish quantity production and technical standards and reduce cost by the remodeling for bi-fueling with gasoline engines, development of FRP tanks, etc. Methanol vehicles are the closest to gasoline vehicles, but the introduction is delayed having no groups for generalization. Solar and hydrogen cars are promising, but are on a stage of developing the basic technology. 43 figs., 104 tabs.

  8. Study of highly efficient power generation system based on chemical-looping combustion; Chemical loop nenshoho ni yoru kokoritsu hatsuden system no kaihatsu ni kansuru kenkyu

    Ishida, S.; Suzuki, T.; Yamamoto, M. [Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo (Japan). Research Laboratory of Resources Utilization


    This paper describes the research and development of power generation system by means of chemical-looping combustion. For this system, fuel flows in a reduction reactor and air flows in an oxidation reactor. These two flows are separated. As a result, recovery of CO2 without energy consumption, drastic improvement of power generation efficiency, and suppression of NOx emission are expected. To realize the above, two promising candidates, NiCoO2/YSZ and NiO2/NiAl2O4, have been found as recycle solid particles between the both reactors. These have excellent oxidation/reduction cycle characteristics. By these particles as well as the existing particle, NiO/YSZ, practical application of the chemical-looping combustion is realized. Besides LNG, coal and hydrogen were considered as fuels. When using coal or hydrogen, it was found that temperature of the reduction reactor should be increased the same as that of the oxidation reactor. This is a different point from a case using LNG as a fuel. 5 refs., 2 figs.

  9. Effect of reversion treatment on strength and ductility of low C, Cr-Ni martensitic stainless steel with high resistance to weld softening. Yosetsu nanka teiko no takai teitanso Cr-Ni maruten saito kei stainless ko no kyodo, ensei ni oyobosu gyaku hentai shori no eikyo

    Igawa, T.; Takemoto, T.; Uematsu, Y. (Nisshin Steel Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan). Steel R and D Lab.); Hoshino, K. (Nisshin Steel Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan))


    Like the stainless steel and the stainless steel belt used in the rolling stock, materials treated by process and weld has a high strength and a good ductility, moreover, was expected that weld softening would not occurred. In this study, formation of the ultra-fine crystal grains based on the M to [gamma] reversion transformation of low C, Cr-Ni martensitic stainless steel and effect of Si on change of mechanical properties were investigated. A high-strength stainless steel with a good ductility and without weld softening was developed. Main results obtained are as follows: After a steel was cold-rolled, the reversion treatment at the region between As and Af temperatures (600 to 640[degree]C) was carried out, a duplex structure with diameter of the ultra-fine grains of about 0.5 micron meter that is composed of [gamma] phase concentrated Ni and sintered M phase was formatted, and excellent mechanical properties with a high strength and a good ductility could be obtained, diameter of reversion [gamma] grains was dependent on reversion temperature. Diameter of [gamma] grains became large, and more homogeneous and uniform at higher reversion temperature. 20 refs., 11 figs., 2 tabs.

  10. Strengthening and toughening of 13%Cr-5Ni martensitic stainless steel for welded structure and its application to foils and struts of an ultra-high-speed hydrofoil; Yosetsu kozoyo 13%Cr-5%Ni martensite kei stainless atsukoban no kokyodoka to chokosoku suichu yokusen eno tekiyo

    Kimura, T.; Oka, Y.; Mishiro, Y. [Kawasaki Steel Corp., Tokyo (Japan)


    Struts and hydrofoils supporting the hull of an ultra-high-speed passenger hydrofoil boat use high-strength materials because the boat weight acts on these components when the hull is levitated. In addition, the components are demanded of fatigue strength and corrosion resistance in sea water. Therefore, investigations were given on effects of Nb and Mo as well as manufacturing processes on strength improvement in 13%Cr-5%Ni martensitic stainless steel for welded structures, and on effects of Mo on fatigue properties of the steel in sea water. Adding a small amount of Nb and applying direct tempering treatment after hot rolling have provided tensile strength of greater than 960 N/mm{sup 2} and tenacity of 100 J at -100 deg C. Addition of Mo at 1% has improved the fatigue strength in sea water. Steel sheets of 13%Cr-5%Ni-1%Mo-0.06%Nb with thickness from 5.5 to 205 mm were fabricated by using the manufacturing process for commercial production, where it was verified that sufficient strength and tenacity can be obtained. The steel can be suppressed of low-temperature cracking during welding by giving preheating at 75 deg C. The developed steel was adopted as a material for hydrofoils and struts of an ultra-high-speed hydrofoil boat. 14 refs., 10 figs., 4 tabs.

  11. Interface physical chemistry of enamels (Part 1). Examination of cobalt and nickel behevior and adhesion of enamel; Hourou ni kansuru kaimen butsuri kagakuteki kenkyu (1). Micchakusei ni oyobosu cobalt to nickel no kyodo no kento

    Shimizu, T.; Shirasaki, M.; Kozuka, T. [Chiba Inst. of Tech., Narashino (Japan)] Zhaohua, J. [Harbin Institute of Technology Harbin (China). Applied Chemisty] Kawashima, T. [Ikebukuro Horo Kogyo Co. Ltd., Saitama (Japan)


    Observation of the enameles interface with SEM, EPMA and ESCA, and measurement of adhesive strength of the enameles were done. Simultaneously, cobalt and nickel in the enamel layer examined a given influence at the interface and the adhesive strength. As a result, the relationship between iron-oxygen, cobalt-oxygen and nickel-oxygen, at the reaction of enamel process was explained by the interface thermodynamics. Furthermore, characteristics and differences of reaction of cobalt and nickel were clarified. (1) The adhesive ability of Co-enamel was larger than that of Ni-enamel. (2) The adhesive behavior of cobalt changes at about 730degC, but that of nickel remains unchanges. Consequently, cobalt has an adhesion with the high temperature (over 730degC) but nickel does not have an influence on the temperature. (3) At high firing temperature, the Co-enamel can create FeO easily compared with Ni-enamel, and dissolve Fe{sub 2}O{sub 3} of steel surface into glass. (4) Cobalt spreads for a vertical direction of interface, but nickel tends deposition on the interface surface. And the diffusion capability of cobalt into the steel was considerably greater than that of nickel. 18 refs., 7 figs., 3 tabs.

  12. Trend survey of the global environment adaptation type industrial technology. Chikyu kankyo tekiogata sangyo gijutsu doko chosa. ; Chikyu kankyo kanren kenkyu doko no chosa (nisanka tanso no kankyo fuka teigensaku ni kansuru chosa kenkyu)


    The paper studies the measures for reduction of environmental load of CO2 from the standpoint of chemical technology. As for methanol synthesis from CO2, accelerating of the reaction using Cu base compound catalyst is reported. Also, CO2 is methanated at high speed by low temperature waste heat using Ni-La2O3-Ru catalyst. Discussions are given on the subject for development of catalyst reaction relating to hydrogen production technology by methane reforming reaction using steam or CO2. Synthesis of polymetric materials by use of CO2 is also described. The paper mentions that it is indispensable to design high-function electrode and elucidate the reaction mechanism of electrochemical CO2 reduction for electrochemical and photochemical CO2 reduction measures. Moreover, in case of using solar energy, it is required to study photovoltaic excitation process in semiconductor electrode/ electrolyte solution interface. For production of hydrogen from CO2 by photosynthetic organisms and solar energy, the problem is control of inhibiting effect of oxygen combinedly produced. Described are production of polyhydroxy butyric acid and biodegradable polymer from CO2 and hydrogen by bacteria, and CO2 fixation imitating the enzyme reaction. 267 refs., 79 figs., 32 tabs.

  13. Study of selective oxidation of methane catalyzed by solid superacid in unique reaction field; Tokushu hannoba no kotai chokyosan wo mochiiru methane no sentaku sanka hanno ni kansuru kenkyu

    Misonoo, M.; Tatsumi, T.; Mizuno, T.; Inumaru, T. [The University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)


    Selective oxidation of lower alkanes by use of heteropolymeric compounds is studied. Alkanes are activated on Cs2.5H0.5PW12O40 serving as catalyst, and their activity and selectivity improve when the catalyst is developed into a dual function catalyst in which Cs and Pt are combined. A success is reported of the synthesis of a heteropolymeric acid in which two molecules of the coordination element wolfram are replaced with a transition metal of the first period, on which acid the oxidation of cyclohexane is enhanced. Cs2.5Ni0.08H1.34PVMo11O40 as a metal/heteropolymeric acid dual function catalyst enables the direct oxidation (9% recovered at 340{degree}C) of isobutane into a methacrylic acid, which is attributed to the harmonious coordination of the oxidizing work of the catalyst and acidity. It is possible to oxidize propane into the acrylic acid, but not ethane into the acetic acid. In the case of Pd/Cs2.5H1.5PVMo11O40, the formic acid, methanol, etc., are produced upon addition of hydrogen to the system. This reaction in the hydrogen/oxygen system is supposed to take place via activated oxygen seeds as in the case of oxidation by hydrogen peroxide. 10 refs.

  14. Steel structure (bridge and building); Doboku/kenchiku bun`ya ni okeru yosetsu gijutsu no tenkai

    Fukazawa, M. [Yokogawa Bridge Corp., Tokyo (Japan)


    In this article, the trends of welding engineering are discussed in two groups, namely bridges and steel frames. First of all, in the field of bridges, as the themes of technical innovation of steel bridges, the challenge to build long span bridges, coping with new structural forms, and rationalization of general bridges are selected. Concerning very long bridges, considerable elongation of its spans and technological development for materials, design, construction and erection relating to improvement of profitability become inevitable. Besides, in addition to the functions of bridges, the bridges playing the roles of environmental and/or artistic structures become many, thereby the cases of using welding for the site joints increase. As the measure for rationalize bridge construction, it is to reduce steel weight and working costs for increasing profitability, and the progress of welding technology therefor has been observed. With regard to the manufacture of bridge portions in a factory, labor saving, automatization and robotization of in-house welding have been made, and bridge maintenance as well as pursuance of attaining the state of maintenance free are also important. The trend that the bridge load is becoming larger and enhancement of earthquake resistance are also important. Regarding steel frames, functionalization of steel, making steel very thick, various automatization of manufacturing, and pursuance of earthquake resistant safety are being made. 14 refs., 7 figs.

  15. Study on cobalt oxide; Sanka kobaruto ni kansuru kenkyu



    This is No.91 report of National Institute for Research in Inorganic Materials, concerning cobalt oxide. For the growth of single crystal by the Czochralski method, shape of interface and contamination of impurities are affected by the convection of molten liquid in the atmosphere. Various oxides besides CoO were investigated. Solid solutions of Cr2O3 and Al2O3 into CoO were also studied. Non-linear optic and dielectric properties of single crystals, such as Ba2NaNb5O15 and LiNbO3, were examined. It was considered that the positive electron having positive electric charge can be used for the study on the negative electric charge defect in materials. However, the positive electron itself is rare, which results in the too low efficiency of measurement. Efficiency improvement of 50 times was achieved by introducing a high performance 2D position detector, which was still low efficiency of one-hundredth compared with photoelectron spectroscopy. It was found that the aggregation structure of positive ion defects in CoO is a misunderstanding of phenomenon caused by the electronic state in bulk crystals. As a result of the study on the optical properties of f-electron transition metals, transparent ceramics with addition of various rare earth ions were described. 162 refs., 106 figs., 14 tabs.

  16. Study on apatite compounds; Apataitokei kagobutsu ni kansuru kenkyu



    To clarify the material properties of apatite compounds, the synthesis method, and the evaluation of physical properties of material and elementary technology were investigated. For the study on synthesis and crystal growth, a method of precipitating calcium phosphate on the surface of metal was investigated by means of relatively mild electrolytic method using liquid phase system. A new molding method of Ca defective apatite was established. Composite similar to vital bone was prepared by means of a new low-temperature sintering. For the study on chemical properties, from the model experiments, it was found that the self-organizing phenomenon, which is observed in the composite of apatite and collagen, happened between the organic single molecular film and crystal of apatite. For the study on evaluation of physical properties and elementary technology, the surface and interface of ceramics such as apatite were investigated by means of spectroscopy, the electronic state was analyzed by the quantum chemical calculation, and the crystalline structure was analyzed using X-ray equipment. 270 refs., 102 figs., 10 tabs.

  17. Study of biogas storage; Biogas no chozo ni kansuru kenkyu

    Fujii, I.; Kimura, T.; Umeda, H. [Meiji University, Tokyo (Japan)


    Study was made on the storage method of a methane component in biogas mainly composed of CO2 and methane gases. Methane clathrate as molecular complex is one kind of clathrate compounds. Eight methane gas molecules are absorbed into 46 water molecules, or methane gas of 216 l is absorbed into water of 1 l, resulting in considerable compact methane storage. Although methane clathrate is usually stable only under a condition of low temperature and high pressure, its formation equilibrium shifts toward a low pressure/high temperature side by adding additives such as amine, ether and ketone. Acetone can shift formation pressure from 30 to 10atm at 1degC, and formation temperature from 1 to 10degC at 30atm. Although methane liquefaction is also an efficient storage method, it requires liquefaction temperature and pressure of -83degC and 45.6atm, respectively. The distance between methane molecules in clathrate lattice can be more shortened than that in high- pressure charged gas, suggesting higher storage efficiency. The study result showed that the handling of methane clathrate is possible around room temperature and pressure. 7 refs., 5 figs.

  18. Study of white noise; Hakushoku zatsuon ni kansuru ichikosatsu

    Kano, R.; Tada, R. [Teikoku Oil Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    A study was made on conditions available for white noise belonging to a finite power function with the use of a power spectrum conception. It was defined that a real variable function with a finite waveform energy was a finite energy function while that with a finite waveform power was a finite power function. A noncorrelative white noise was defined as a real variable function in which an autocorrelation function took a specific value at a certain point; however, the autocorrelation function was different between the finite energy function and the finite power function. In other words, the definition of white noise was such that `an energy spectrum was a fixed value` in the finite energy function, and that `a power spectrum was a fixed value` in the finite power function. It was pointed out, by Matsuyama (1994) with the use of the energy spectrum conception, that the white noise belonging to the finite energy function took only the form of `an arbitrary impulse function that all turned to zero except a certain point`. The same conclusion was obtained with respect to the white noise belonging to the finite power function. 1 ref., 1 tab.

  19. Noise characterization in SWD survey; SWD ni okeru noise ni kansuru kento

    Tsuru, T.; Ozawa, T. [Japan National Oil Corp., Tokyo (Japan)


    SWD (Seismic While Drilling) is located as one kind of the reverse VSP (Vertical Seismic Profiling) technology, and a working drill-bit is used as its energy-source. The SWD is carried out for a check-shot survey as well as a prediction ahead of the bit. The largest advantage of the SWD technology may be a prediction, while drilling, of a drilling hazard such as an abnormal pressure zone. On the other hand, a serious disadvantage exists in the data quality due to a contamination by large noises generated from a working rig, because the SWD survey is done `while drilling`. Regarding the characteristics of these noises, especially the noise received by surface geophones has not been clarified quantitatively yet. Through several field experiments, the authors have evaluated the characteristics. In this paper, the dominant frequency range of the surface geophone noise is discussed. Furthermore, the noise from the mud motor is also discussed. 9 refs., 13 figs.

  20. Quality assurance in welded structures. Part 3. ; NDT technology enhanced by computer. Yosetsu kozobutsu no hinshitsu hosho. 3. ; Computer riyo ni yoru hihakai shiken no kodoka

    Matsumura, H.; Ogata, T. (Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd., Kobe (Japan))


    The basic theory of nondestructive testing (NDT) technology enhanced by computer and its practical example are outlined. Higher reliability of the products, reduction in production cost by automation, countermeasures for dirty, hard and dangerous works, technical communication by skilled workers, and higher efficiency of the products are the principles of enhancement of nondestructive testing. The fields of application of computer to the NDT specially handy, light and cheap micro-computer are numerical analysis, drawings, image processing, automation, artificial intelligence, measurement/control, data reserve and so forth. As for the trend of NTD advancement, radiation penetrating test, automation of probe in ultrasonic flow detection or real time measurement of inspection, three dimensional graphic expression of defect results and so forth are advanced. Future topics are the normalization of appropriate thinking of quality level and improvement and clarification of reliability of NDT. 13 refs., 5 figs., 2 tabs.

  1. Trend survey of the global environment adaptation type industrial technology. Trend survey of global environment related studies (researches on measureds for reduction of environmental load of CO2); Chikyu kankyo tekiogata sangyo gijutsu doko chosa. Chikyu kankyo kanren kenkyu doko no chosa (nisanka tanso no kankyo fuka teigensaku ni kansuru chosa kenkyu)


    The paper studies the measures for reduction of environmental load of CO2 from the standpoint of chemical technology. As for methanol synthesis from CO2, accelerating of the reaction using Cu base compound catalyst is reported. Also, CO2 is methanated at high speed by low temperature waste heat using Ni-La2O3-Ru catalyst. Discussions are given on the subject for development of catalyst reaction relating to hydrogen production technology by methane reforming reaction using steam or CO2. Synthesis of polymetric materials by use of CO2 is also described. The paper mentions that it is indispensable to design high-function electrode and elucidate the reaction mechanism of electrochemical CO2 reduction for electrochemical and photochemical CO2 reduction measures. Moreover, in case of using solar energy, it is required to study photovoltaic excitation process in semiconductor electrode/ electrolyte solution interface. For production of hydrogen from CO2 by photosynthetic organisms and solar energy, the problem is control of inhibiting effect of oxygen combinedly produced. Described are production of polyhydroxy butyric acid and biodegradable polymer from CO2 and hydrogen by bacteria, and CO2 fixation imitating the enzyme reaction. 267 refs., 79 figs., 32 tabs.

  2. Microstructure and properies of hot roll bonding layer of dissimilar metals. Part 2. Bonding interface microstrcuture of Zr/stainless steel by hot roll bonding and its controlling; Ishu kinzoku no atsuen setsugo kaimen soshiki to shotokusei ni kansuru kenkyu. 2. Jirukoniumu to sutenresu ko no netsukan atsuen kaimen to sono seigyo

    Yasuyama, M.; Ogawa, K.; Taka, T.; Nasuji, K. [Sumitomo Metal Industries Ltd., Osaka (Japan); Nakao, Y.; Nishimoto, K. [Osaka Univ., Osaka (Japan)


    When using melt welding for bonding of Zr and stainless teel, it is well known that Zr, Fe, Cr and Ni reacts to form intermetallic compound and high bonding strength can not be obtained. And, on diffusion bonding of joint used as transition joint, it is reported that growth of the intermetallic compound is controlled and characteristics of the bonding is improved by inserting pure tantalum foil as a diffusion prevention wall, on foreign materials bonding of Zr and stainless steel due to metal systematic investigation. In this study, rolling bonding interface using three axes tilt type special rolling mill (rotary mill) was investigated metal-systematically. As a result, it was found that on executing bonding under optimum condition using rotary rolling method, and bonding interface of the foreign materials bonding such as Zr/Ta and Ta/SUS304L, sound foreign materials bonding without hardened layer due to deposition of intermetallic compound and solid solution and with sufficient bonding strength could be obtained. 7 refs., 17 figs., 2 tabs.

  3. Survey and research on precision polymerization polymeric materials; Seimitsu jugo kobunshi zairyo ni kansuru chosa kenkyu



    Survey and research on the precision control of primary structure of polymeric materials and the precision evaluation technology have been conducted to develop advanced polymeric materials. It is proposed that the three basic processes of polymer synthesis, i.e., addition, condensation, and biomimesis, in forming the precision polymerization skeleton are to be covered through a centralized joint research effort with participation of industry, academia, and the government institute and under the leadership of researchers from academic institutions as the team leaders. For the study of technology trends, international conferences held in UK, Germany, and Hawaii are introduced, and domestic meetings, i.e., Annual Polymer Congress and Polymer Conference, are summarized. In addition, Precision Polymerization Forum and International Workshop on Precision Polymerization were held. The basic studies include a quantum-chemical elucidation of the elementary process in polymerization reaction, time-resolved analysis of polymerization process and polymer properties, synthesis of polymers with controlled microstructures by coordination polymerization using metal complexes, synthesis of polymer with controlled microstructures by precision polycondensation, molecular recognition in catalyst-reaction site, and synthesis of imprinting polymers. 246 refs., 117 figs., 14 tabs.

  4. Research study on harmonized molecular materials (HMM); Bunshi kyocho zairyo ni kansuru chosa kenkyu



    As functional material to satisfy various needs for environmental harmonization and efficient conversion for information-oriented and aging societies, HMM were surveyed. Living bodies effectively carry out transmission/processing of information, and transport/conversion of substances, and these functions are based on harmonization between organic molecules, and between those and metal or inorganic ones. HMM is a key substance to artificially realize these bio-related functions. Its R & D aims at (1) Making a breakthrough in production process based on innovation of material separation/conversion technology, (2) Contribution to an information-oriented society by high-efficiency devices, and (3) Growth of a functional bio-material industry. HMM is classified into three categories: (1) Assembly materials such as organic ultra-thin films (LB film, self-organizing film), and organic/inorganic hybrid materials for optoelectronics, sensors and devices, (2) Mesophase materials such as functional separation membrane and photo-conductive material, and (3) Microporous materials such as synthetic catalyst using guest/host materials. 571 refs., 88 figs., 21 tabs.

  5. Study on development of adsorbent of acetaldehyde; Acetaldehyde yo kyuchakuzai no kaihatsu ni kansuru kenkyu

    Noda, T. [Nippon Steel Corp., Tokyo (Japan); Suzuki, M. [The University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan). Institute of Industrial Science


    The adsorption of acetaldehyde by porous ceramics impregnated with hydrazinium aluminum sulfate (HAS) is studied. Silicagel, activated alumina, activated clay, and activated carbon are compared, and it is found that silicagel and activated clay are suitable as a substrate for HAS impregnated adsorbent. The adsorption mechanism of acetaldehyde by the adsorbent is believed to be one in which acetaldehyde reacts with hydrazinium and yields acetaldazine. The adsorption capacity of the adsorbent at low acetaldehyde concentration of 0.1 ppm was as large as 1.36 mol/kg. This adsorption capacity at 0.1 ppm acetaldehyde concentration is remarkably larger than that of conventional activated carbon. Hydrazinium decomposes easily in the air because it is a strong reducing agent and reacts with oxygen or carbon dioxide. But hydrazinium impregnated on porous ceramics with HAS becomes more stable and maintains reactivity with acetaldehyde for longer than six months. An adsorbent made of porous ceramics impregnated with HAS is useful as a deodorant for acetaldehyde. 8 refs., 6 figs., 6 tabs.

  6. Survey on commercial use of fuel cells; Nenryo denchi ni kansuru jitsuyoka no tame no chosa



    The basic survey was carried out for the future approach to R & D of fuel cells. Phosphoric acid fuel cell (PAFC) is in the stage of demonstration research and field test supported by subsidy after the end of Sunshine project. Its reliability and durability problems are being solved, and its cost reduction is only one problem for practical use. Distributed systems or on-site systems will be used utilizing its excellent environmental characteristics. Molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFC), solid oxide one (SOFC) and polymer electrolyte one (PEFC) under development were thus surveyed. The following are surveyed: (1) Contribution to a human society such as improvement of energy demand/supply structure and environmental protection, (2) Technological items such as outlook for R & D, validity of developmental issues, comparison between various R & D and significance in industrial promotion, (3) Economic items such as profitability and feasible period, and (4) Social items such as sociability, compatibility to needs, possibility of locations, international meaning, market scale and promotion scenario. 90 refs., 67 figs., 96 tabs.

  7. Recent surveys and researches on pollinosis in Japan; Kafunsho ni kansuru chosa kenkyu

    Shido, T. [The Inst. of Public Health, Tokyo (Japan)


    In this paper, recent investigations and researches on pollinosis are summarized as centering on the investigation entrusted by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and executed since 1992, and especially the surveys on Japanese cedar pollinosis during 1995 to 1996. The quantity of pollen surveyed in 1995 is the greatest in the survey history of nationwide flying pollen. Particularly, the quantity of cedar and hinoki pollen is 10 to 40 times as many as that in the year before. Consequently, since the sensitization and onset due to the cedar pollen increased greatly, the objects of the surveys and the researches were mainly in respect to the analysis of onset factors of pollinosis, clarification of its natural process, evaluation on the effectiveness of desensitization therapy, the clinical subjects including the confirmation of pharynx symptom and asthma symptom, and the discovery of naturally sensitizing dog. A fact that the quantity of flying pollen concerns the occurrence and degree of the clinical symptom has already been indicated by a clinical observation carried out for a long period of time. In respect to specific prophylaxis and therapy, for the first time the pollen masks and glasses sold on the market are investigated, and the necessity of the verification thereof is described. 27 refs., 7 figs., 5 tabs.

  8. Consideration on corrosion fatigue crack life assessment; Fushoku hiro kiretsu hassei jumyo hyoka ni kansuru ichikosatsu

    Yajima, H.; Yamamoto, M.; Saito, T. [Hiroshima University, Hiroshima (Japan). Faculty of Engineering; Morita, K. [Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    Discussions were given on corrosion fatigue crack life by using corrosion fatigue crack initiation test and analysis. The test used 13Cr-based stainless steel as a test material, and aquamarine at 60{degree}C as a corrosion environment. The fatigue test was performed under a tension loading condition with a stress ratio of 0.1 and an iterative velocity of 1.7 Hz by using a 10-tonf fatigue testing machine. In the corrosion fatigue crack initiation test, a pit has been generated on a boundary of an exposed part and a painted part for masking, hence direct observation was impossible on pit growth behavior. Therefore, an intrinsic crack model was introduced from pit dimensions as observed from a fracture face, and analysis was made on corrosion fatigue crack growth by using the linear fracture dynamics, wherein clarification was made on a phenomenon occurring after the crack growth passes the pit growth until the test piece is fractured. A proposal was made to define the time when fatigue crack initiates and grows from the bottom of a pit as a result of surpassing the growth of corrosion pit as the corrosion fatigue crack life. 4 refs., 7 figs., 1 tab.

  9. Carbon dioxide fixation in green plants; Shokubutsu no tansan gas kotei ni kansuru kiso kenkyu

    Onishi, S. [Kansai Electric Power Co. Inc., Osaka (Japan); Kiyota, M. [University of Osaka Prefecture, Osaka (Japan); Nishimura, M. [Kansai Tech Co., Osaka (Japan)


    Concerning the effects of carbon dioxide whose level of concentration is on the rise, the short-term effect that works on the amount of exchanged gas and the long-term effect that works on the growth of green plants are studied by use of several kinds of green plants. Changes in the carbon dioxide absorption rate (photosynthetic rate) in saplings in the wake of a rise in carbon dioxide concentration are studied, and it is found that a rise in carbon dioxide concentration results in an increase in the photosynthetic rate and that the rate rises with an increase in the intensity of light. The effect of temperature is stronger when concentration is higher, with the temperature suitable for photosynthesis moving toward the high-temperature side. Growth is investigated of seedlings of Acacia mangium two years after transplantation, and then it is found that seedlings in the 1000ppm carbon dioxide section are greater by 20% in height and by 30% in trunk diameter than those in the 350ppm carbon dioxide section. In addition, the total dry matter weight is heavier by 82%. As for dry matter accumulation, there are noticeable amounts in the branches, trunks, and roots, while there is but a 15% increase in the leaf area. Leaves fall early in the high carbon dioxide environment, and this is supposedly the cause for a slowdown in the rate of the increase of photosynthesis. 6 refs., 7 figs., 2 tabs.

  10. Catalytic activity of pyrite for coal liquefaction reaction; Tennen pyrite no shokubai seino ni kansuru kento

    Hirano, K.; Kozu, M.; Okada, T.; Kobayashi, M. [Nippon Coal Oil Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    Since natural pyrite is easy to obtain and cheap as coal liquefaction catalyst, it is to be used for the 150 t/d scale NEDOL process bituminous coal liquefaction pilot plant. NEDO and NCOL have investigated the improvement of catalytic activity of pulverized natural pyrite for enhancing performance and economy of the NEDOL process. In this study, coal liquefaction tests were conducted using natural pyrite catalyst pulverized by dry-type bowl mill under nitrogen atmosphere. Mechanism of catalytic reaction of the natural pyrite was discussed from relations between properties of the catalyst and liquefaction product. The natural pyrite provided an activity to transfer gaseous hydrogen into the liquefaction product. It was considered that pulverized pyrite promotes the hydrogenation reaction of asphaltene because pulverization increases its contact rate with reactant and the amount of active points on its surface. It was inferred that catalytic activity of pyrite is affected greatly by the chemical state of Fe and S on its surface. 3 refs., 4 figs., 1 tab.

  11. Studies of coal slurries property; Slurry no seijo ni kansuru kento

    Kawabata, M.; Aihara, Y.; Imada, K. [Nippon Steel Corp., Tokyo (Japan); Nogami, Y.; Inokuchi, K. [Mitsui SRC Development Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan); Sakaki, T.; Shibata, M.; Hirosue, H. [Kyushu National Industrial Research Institute, Saga (Japan)


    It was previously found that the increase of slurry temperature provides a significant effect of slurry viscosity reduction for the coal slurry with high concentration of 50 wt%. To investigate the detailed influence of slurry temperature for the coal slurry with concentration of 50 wt%, influence of temperature on the successive change of apparent viscosity was observed at the constant shear rate. When the concentration of coal was increased from 45 wt% to 50 wt%, viscosity of the slurry was rapidly increased. When heated above 70{degree}C, the apparent viscosity decreased during heating to the given temperature, but it increased successively after reaching to the given temperature. The apparent viscosity showed higher value than that of the initial viscosity. The coal slurry with concentration of 50 wt% showed the fluidity of Newtonian fluid at the lower shear rate region, but showed the fluidity of pseudo-plastic fluid at the higher shear rate region. The slurry having high apparent viscosity by the successive change showed higher apparent viscosity with increasing the higher even by changing the shear rate. 1 ref., 4 figs.

  12. Characteristics estimation of coal liquefaction residue; Sekitan ekika zansa seijo no suisan ni kansuru kento

    Itonaga, M.; Imada, K. [Nippon Steel Corp., Tokyo (Japan); Okada, Y.; Inokuchi, K. [Mitsui SRC Development Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    The paper studied a possibility of estimating characteristics of coal liquefaction residue from liquefaction conditions in the case of fixing coal kind in the NEDOL process coal liquefaction PSU. Wyoming coal was used for the study, and the already proposed simplified liquefaction reaction models were used. Among material balances explained by the models, those of asphaltene, preasphaltene, THF insoluble matters are concerned with residue composition. Ash content is separately calculated from ash balance. Reaction velocity constants of simplified liquefaction reaction models which influence the residue composition were obtained by the multiple regression method from experimental results in the past. The estimation expression of residue viscosity was introduced from residue ash/composition. When the residue composition is estimated by the model from liquefaction conditions, and the residue viscosity is obtained using it, the higher the liquefaction temperature is, the higher the residue viscosity is. The result obtained well agreed the measuring result. The simplified liquefaction model of a certain coal kind has been established, and characteristics of residue can be estimated even at liquefaction conditions which have never been experienced before if there is a certain amount of the accumulated data on residue composition/characteristics. 4 refs., 4 figs., 4 tabs.

  13. Runoff load of pesticides on golflinks; Golf jo shiyo noyaku no ryushutsu ni kansuru tokeiteki kosatsu

    Natsume, S.; Inoue, T.; Ito, H. [Hokkaido Institute of Environmental Science, Sapporo (Japan)


    The runoff load of water exhausted from the golflinks was surveyed to obtain the data to standardize the water environmental assessment against the pesticide exhausted from the golflinks. The exhausted water was qualitatively and quantitatively measured every week during three years from fiscal 1990 through 1992. The survey was based on the sprinkled quantity of pesticide and amount of rainfall which were both recorded every day. The golflinks are divided into two catchment areas. The measurement was made at the spot (h) of pondage water flow in the catchment area having a pondage reservoir and at the spot (m) of fluvial water flow together with the catchment area having no pondage reservoir. In the analysis, the sprinkled quantity of pesticide and amount of rainfall were both accumulated, for each runoff load of the catchment areas, during 14 days retroactively from the time of survey, and then analyzed, by multiple regression, relatively to their corresponding runoff load. As a result, the runoff load was known to be mostly correlative to the amount of rainfall during the same day but independent of the sprinkling method of pesticide. The long-term runoff behavior of pesticide due to the rainfall was shown to be macroscopically expressible by regression formula. 7 refs., 15 figs., 1 tab.

  14. Investigation research on autonomous responsive materials; Jiritsu oto zairyo ni kansuru chosa kenkyu



    A survey was made on autonomous responsive materials as a new material which reversibly change molecular structures and the aggregation state according to external stimuli. Autonomous responsive materials imitate environmental responsibility in the living organism system and have sensing, control and active functions for external stimuli. The materials are highly efficient and environmentally friendly. In biomimetic materials for soft actuators, drastic changes by temperature of elastic modulus of water-swollen hydrogel are used to the motion. In order to molecularly design stimulus-responsible polymer gel, studied are the relation between the micro structure and stimulus responsibility, dynamic correlation between the micro structure and the macro structure, etc. In the biomedical field, new cure and diagnosis using innovative materials are expected, and the application of autonomous responsive materials to the field is studied. For example, using hydrogel responding the temperature and the surface and controlling by temperature the interaction with components of the organism such as protein and cells, drug delivery in the organism is optimized. Also studied is the application of hydrophilic/hydrophobic changes by temperature to the chromatography. 215 refs., 47 figs., 11 tabs.

  15. Development of an airborne asbestos monitoring system. Taiki kankyo no asbesto monitoring ni kansuru kento

    Takatsuki, H.; Sakai, S.; terazono, A. (Kyoto Univ., Kyoto (Japan). Environment Preservation Center)


    In order to develop an airborne asbestos monitoring system, the efficiency of FAM (fibrous aerosol monitor) was evaluated in which the scattered light due to vibration of fibrous particles is detected by applying He-Ne laser to the particles after vibration was induced in them by high voltage quadrupole electrodes. As compared with the data concurrently obtained by phase contrast microscope (PCM) and transmission electron microscope (TEM), no correlation of an asbestos concentration was observed between FAM and PCM in low concentration environment, however, FAM offered comparatively reliable results in high concentration environment. As an asbestos concentration was measured with time by FAM around a duct outlet during removal of sprayed-on asbestos, FAM responded instantaneously to emergent emission of a large amount of asbestos in the event of dust collector failure for example. FAM was thus useful for monitoring asbestos leakage. 8 refs., 6 figs., 3 tabs.

  16. Relationship between stacking process and resolution; Jugo shori to bunkaino ni kansuru kiso kenkyu

    Matsushima, J.; Rokugawa, S.; Kato, Y. [Geological Survey of Japan, Tsukuba (Japan); Yokota, T.; Miyazaki, T. [The University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    This paper evaluates influences of stacking of incident angles against the reflecting surface on the resolution. Basic equations for evaluating the influences were deduced. A simple evaluation method has been provided using these equations. The present evaluation method is considered to be useful for acquisition design, processing, and interpretation of data as an indicator. According to the equations introduced in this study, there are some demerits for stacking traces whose incident angles were large. A total reflection region often appears due to the decreased resolution, and the vertical resolution decreases prior to stacking. Occasionally, it is not effective to remove traces having large incident angles from the viewpoint of resolution. In practice, the selection of most suitable trace through trial and error is not easy due to difference in individual regions. An evaluation method must be discussed, by which the optimal trace can be selected automatically during the data processing. 6 refs., 15 figs.

  17. Investigation on food sanitation controlling technologies; Shokuhin eisei kanri gijutsu ni kansuru chosa

    Doi, Y. [Hokkaido Electric Power Co. Inc., Sapporo (Japan); Nishioka, J.


    Investigation has been made on the current status of food sanitation controlling technologies. Eighty percent of food poisoning is caused by bacte such as Salmonera, enteritis vibrio, staphylococcus, and pathogenic colibacillus. Putrefaction as the cause for food poisoning occurs from proliferation of different microorganisms. Heating sterilization is the main method being performed, but non-heating method may include sterilization by flash and high voltage pulse discharge in addition to ultra-high pressure and ultraviolet ray sterilization. As a result of the questionnaire survey, what is extracted as the problems in the food sanitation controlling technologies is to establish a rinsing and sterilizing method with large sterilization effect, an effective sterilizing method and thawing of processed marine products, and a cooling method in food processing. Increasingly demanded for the future is to develop a foodstuff sanitation control system using as the core the hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP, a quality control program developed by the U.S. NASA to ensure safety in manufacturing space food), and micro-organism control and sterilizing technologies to support the above system. The flash pulse and high-voltage pulse sterilizing technologies as the non-heating sterilizing technology are more effective than the conventional heating sterilization methods also from the aspect of quality retention after sterilization. More active development thereof is desired. (NEDO)

  18. Study of odor inside cars; Kuruma no nioi ni kansuru kenkyu

    Sato, S.; Ito, H.; Sakakibara, K.; Kaitani, K.; Hamada, C. [Toyota Central Research and Development Labs., Inc., Aichi (Japan); Matsuo, M. [Toyota Motor Corp., Aichi (Japan)


    This paper describes odor in automotive cabin. Odor of new cars is rapidly disappeared during the use. This is greatly due to the adaptation of olfaction. The generation of odor is also decreased. It was found that aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons were rapidly disappeared. Decrements of oxygen containing and sulfur compounds were low. For amines, high boiling amines increased after three months. The odor component from crews was derived from the exhalation. Trimethylamine, methyl sulfide as well as iso-prene were detected. They could be derived from tobacco smoke, perfume and hair conditioner. Exhaust gas of diesel vehicle going ahead is one of unpleasant odors from the running atmosphere. A correlation coefficient 0.77 was obtained between the stimulation and aldehyde/ketone. A correlation equation was deduced using stimulation, discomfort degree and odor characteristics as object variables and using logarithms of trace analysis values as explanation variables. There are still a lot of unknown issues concerning combined odors. 9 refs., 9 figs., 1 tab.

  19. Medical chemical engineering the research; Iyo kagaku kogaku ni kansuru kenkyu

    Sakai, Kiyotaka [Waseda University, Tokyo (Japan)


    He taking the chemical-engineering technique as a weapon, it participates in research and education over the perennial in the field of medical chemical engineering, medical engineering, bioengineering, and the excellent research result has been raised. Moreover, leading research result is raised in these research field which are the interdisciplinary field between medicine and chemical engineering, and the considerable contribution in these fields has been done. He enables the new development of the dialysis technology by advancing the research first of all from the viewpoint of hemodialysis film, hemodialyzer and three of the patient pharmacokinetics, in respect of dialysis technology in the artificial kidney, and developing the original dialysis system enables optimum dialysis treatment. Next, he on the oxygen which is the feed which is the most important for the organism, it originally crosses, and the gas is run in figuring hollow yarn lattice in the hollow yarn inside, and it is clarified that the system for washing the blood outside is advantageous, and it has succeeded in the development of the more efficient artificial lung. And, the artificial gill is examined from the original idea, which takes in the oxygen by using of a film in the oxygen carrier (the substitution blood), as intermediary. Next, he some of the phenomenon in the blood plasma viscosity of patient with renal failure or are measured and the relationship between blood plasma viscosity and disease state is clarified, and the knowledge which is useful for the diagnosis has been obtained. And, it is examined that the quantity that the hydrophobic drug is adsorbed in the albumin differs in normal subject and dialysis patient, and the system for deciding chemical administration quantity to the dialysis patient is being found. Next, in research progress of the above, various measuring technique are devised, and remarkably the research advances. For example, the considerable contribution for measurement of diffuse transmission coefficient of hollow yarn dialysis membrane by the optical measurement technology, glucose using the electrochemiluminescence and immunisation center, this advance on development of the continuous measurement method of the endotoxin, etc. of the research of the direction more and more has been done. In the interdisciplinary field of medical chemical engineering and biochemistry engineering, chemical engineering such as the bioengineering as an importance, he will apply chemical-engineering technique, approach in future more and more, while the above, he make the chemical engineering association to be a basis of the activity, many-sided, and various creative research result have been raised, and the result has been evaluated high in domestic and overseas. (translated by NEDO)

  20. Survey of energy load leveling system in Europe; Energy fuka heijunka taisaku ni kansuru Europe chosa

    Suzuki, Y. [Setsunan University, Osaka (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    This paper describes the survey of energy load leveling systems in Europe. In Denmark, especially regional heating is remarkably diffused, and they have 350 plants. With extending the service areas, the energy load leveling has been promoted. For the cogeneration plants of SK Power, the largest electric power company, they have hot water heat storage tanks for regional heat supply with a total capacity 2,200 MWh. The regional heating system in Goeteborg City of Sweden supplies 80% of the total heat demand of the city. Unused energy sources derived from petroleum refining, sewage treatment, and garbage burning are utilized. In Uppsala, they have seasonal heat storage systems using solar heat. The Vienna Regional Heat Supply Corporation supplies heat equivalent to 5,000 GWh a year. Cogeneration plants and garbage burning plants are used as heat sources, and 25% of the total heating in the city is supplied. In Austria, they have an electric power demand with a peak in winter, and they have a pumped-storage power station in Kaprun for the annual load leveling using dump power in summer. This paper also introduces a compressed air storage gas turbine plant at Huntorf of Germany, and a large-scale underground natural gas storage of Gaz de France. 6 figs.

  1. Studies on ternary silver sulfides; Fukugo gin ryukabutsu ni kansuru kenkyu



    Some sulfides containing silver show high ion mobility based on movability of silver, whose application is expected. Studies have been carried out centrally on synthesis of new compounds of ternary silver sulfides by elucidating the relationship among their compositions, structures and properties by means of crystal chemical studies mainly on their phase relationship. A few new compounds have been synthesized, such as the ones having the argyrodite family compound structure including transition metals. The synthesizing process takes a kind of turbulent liquid state structure at elevated temperatures because of movability of silver, but silver is fixed at low temperatures in different sites between skeleton structures made by other atoms. These studies on phase transfer, structures, and silver movability have been based on X-ray diffraction, infrared and Raman spectroscopic measurements, NMR, measurements of electric and thermal characteristics. For the studies related to compositions and structures of ternary metal sulfides which take compound crystalline structure, a structure analyzing method based on multi-dimensional hyperspatial groups was used. This paper reports the summary of the studies in seven chapters, and dwells on the remaining problems and future prospects. 158 refs., 114 figs., 65 tabs.

  2. Proceedings of RITE international workshop on valuation; Total eko balance ni kansuru kokusai workshop hokokusho



    The RITE International Workshop on Valuation was held in Tokyo and Osaka in February 1996, and eight papers on total ecobalance were reported. In The Field of Impact Assessment, described were constitution and methodology about impact assessment in a wide sense. In LCA Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, discussed were the historical development and future outlook of LCA. In Standardization of Product Life Cycle Assessment, a survey of the present situation of LCA international standardization was made. In the Relationship between Product Life Cycle Assessment Methodology, considered was the relationship between the goal definition of the product life cycle assessment and the methodological choices. In Valuation in LCA, the present study of LCA was reviewed. Besides, reviews of the LCA study in Japan were made public.

  3. Measuring techniques for martensitic transformations; Marutensaito hentai ni kansuru sokutei gijutsu

    Murakami, Y.; Morito, S. [Univ. of Tsukuba, Tsukuba (Japan). Graduate School; Otsuka, K. [Univ. of Tsukuba, Ibaraki (Japan). Inst. of Materials Science


    It is better to measure physical amount that shows significant change during transformation in order to carry out precise detection of martensitic transformations or to decide the transformation temperature. One of it is Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) method. This method is very easy along with the determination of transformation enthalpy and also specific heat and is used widely. In martensitic transformation, there exist the intrinsic crystal habit face to the alloy system and crystal azimuthal relation between parent phase and martensite, and it is important to decide them correctly as crystallographic parameters. Overhere, method for measuring crystallographic parameters from martensite caused in parent phase single crystal material is introduced. Further, role of electron microscope is extremely large regarding the revelation of martensitic transformation mechanism in atomic scale. In this report, as for what is revealed regarding martensitic transformation when using electron microscope, crystal structure of martensite, form, structure of the interface and so forth are cited. 39 refs., 5 figs.

  4. Bioprocessing of coal. 1. Sekitan no seibutsu kako. 1. ; Sekitan wo datsuryusuru biseibutsu ni kansuru chosa

    Kimura, K.; Omura, N.; Saiki, H.; Kono, Y.


    In the bioprocessing of coal using biotechnology, desulfurizing microorgaisms were examined. 30-70% of total sulfur in coal is occupied by inorganic sulfur, almost of that is a form of FeS {sub 2}. Using some acidophilic sulfur oxidizing bacteria such as Thiobacillus ferrooxidans and Thermophilic-acidophilic bacterial such as Sulfolobus acidocaldarius, about 90% of inorganic sulfur in coal can be removed in 1 or 2 weeks in pulverized coal-water slurry, a high possibility in practical use is shown. Organic sulfur (total sulfur {minus} inorganic sulfur) is difficult to be removed, since it is combined with carbon in a from of covalent bond. Sulfolobus acidocaldarius can remove both inorganic and organic sulfur simultaneously. One mutant strain of Pseudomonas is excellent at the rate of desulfurization. These organisms must be superior to others, but their desulfurization ratios are generally low. Some bacteria can degrade some kinds of low-rank coals into water soluble liquid fuel, and the ash content is decreased. Bioconversion of low-rank coals to methane gas applying methane enzyme principle, has been proposed, however, still an idea. 81 refs., 5 figs., 15 tabs.

  5. Systematic analysis on mooring systems of floating structures; Futai keiryuho ni kansuru keitoteki kenkyu

    Yoshida, K.; Suzuki, H.; Ide, T. [The University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)


    Discussed herein are mooring performance requirements of the new types of marine structures now proposed, and characteristic ranges and future expansion potential of the existing mooring systems. The mooring systems studied for floating structures are catenary, single point (multi-leg and single-leg types), fixed structure with fender and tension leg mooring systems. The studied items include extraction of the elements that constitute rigidity of the spring for horizontal mooring, survey on and data collection for each element, determination of element ranges, programs for mooring analysis, assessment of mooring characteristic ranges, and potential development of the characteristic ranges. It is concluded that the existing systems with their current characteristic ranges and future possibility are insufficient for the future marine structures. It is therefore necessary to develop new mooring concepts, instead of expanding the current concepts, in order to meet the mooring performance requirements for the new marine structures. 14 refs., 9 figs., 11 tabs.

  6. Survey on the FRP waste recycling system; FRP haikibutsu recycle system ni kansuru chosa



    Using the area around the Ariake Sea in Kyushu as a model case, the FRP (fiber reinforced plastics) waste recycling system which can be established in Japan has been investigated in cooperation with local government bodies and fishery organizations. As a result, some proposals are provided. The recovery of waste boats utilizing existing sales outlets for fishing boats will facilitate efficient transport, efficient removal of vessel fixtures, and information management and user guidance via existing sales routes. This should make it possible to systematically secure and dispose a certain volume of scrapped FRP boats, and thus generate savings in the disposal costs. In the Phase 1, the main focus will be on establishing the recovery system for scrapped FRP boats to promote reuse and prevent improper disposal. In the Phase 2, the economics will be improved by expanding the recovery system to include other FRP waste products. In the Phase 3, the number of recyclable items will be increased, and thus the recycling system will be completed. 3 refs., 11 figs., 7 tabs.

  7. Analysis methods for excavation and tunneling; Kussaku koji ni kansuru kaiseki shuho

    Kobayashi, A. [Iwate Univ., Morioka (Japan). Faculty of Agriculture


    The effect of groundwater in excavation is a problem regarding the issue of the excavation work. Accordingly, effective measures for spring water, deformation, stability and so forth may be expected if proper exploration of groundwater behavior in excavation is possible beforehand. However, highly reliable forecast is difficult in reality. The main reason for it is that it is not so easy to find out the nonuniformity of permeability of the ground. Seepage flow analysis method can be used if only the movement of groundwater is to be predicted, However, even for this, it is difficult to identify the prominent channel route in the ground beforehand. In existing analysis, only the appropriateness of prediction of whole flow out quantity from the excavation side can be discussed. In addition, finding out the sudden water gushing or escaped water beforehand is very difficult. However, prediction can be possible using numerical analysis in case of comparatively uniform ground. In this report, effect of groundwater behavior prediction on the analysis of excavation work is described and its evaluation method is outlined. 19 refs., 6 figs.

  8. Research on harmonized molecular materials; Bunshi kyocho zairyo ni kansuru chosa kenkyu



    Harmonized molecular materials (HMM) were researched to create functional materials adaptable to needs such as environmental harmony and high-efficient conversion in post-industrial society and aging society. Superior mechanisms function efficiently in organisms for perception, transmission and processing of information, and transport and conversion of substances. These functions are caused by harmonization between organic molecules, or organic molecule and metal or inorganic substance. HMM is a key substance to realize these functions similar to those of organisms artificially. It is the purpose of this research to develop HMMs, reform production process by innovating separation and conversion technologies, and finally realize molecular chemical plants. This research also develops high-efficient devices to contribute to the information society, and progresses the industry of bio-functional materials such as high-sensitive bio-sensor. The functions, applications and creation technologies of three kinds of HMM such as assembly, mesophase and microporous materials were researched in fiscal 1995. 956 refs., 128 figs., 13 tabs.

  9. Systematic analysis on mooring systems of floating structures; Futai keiryuho ni kansuru keitoteki kenkyu

    Yoshida, K.; Suzuki, H.; Ide, T. [The University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)


    Discussed herein are mooring performance requirements of the new types of marine structures now proposed, and characteristic ranges and future expansion potential of the existing mooring systems. The mooring systems studied for floating structures are catenary, single point (multi-leg and single-leg types), fixed structure with fender and tension leg mooring systems. The studied items include extraction of the elements that constitute rigidity of the spring for horizontal mooring, survey on and data collection for each element, determination of element ranges, programs for mooring analysis, assessment of mooring characteristic ranges, and potential development of the characteristic ranges. It is concluded that the existing systems with their current characteristic ranges and future possibility are insufficient for the future marine structures. It is therefore necessary to develop new mooring concepts, instead of expanding the current concepts, in order to meet the mooring performance requirements for the new marine structures. 14 refs., 9 figs., 11 tabs.

  10. Study on a non-powered heat transporting system; Mudoryoku netsu hanso system ni kansuru kenkyu

    Kamiya, Y. [Kanto Gakuin University, Yokohama (Japan)


    This paper proposes a non-powered heat transportation (HT) system. The system is composed of an evaporator, condenser, receiver, switching chamber (SC) and 3 check valves which are connected with each other by vapor and liquid tubes. Condensed liquid supercooled in the condenser exists in the receiver forming a saturated condition at a concerned temperature, and condensed liquid is lifted up from the condenser to the receiver by pressure difference between the evaporator and receiver. Generally evaporation pressure is higher by pressure difference between liquid levels in the condenser and receiver. The lifted up amount of condensed liquid increases with evaporation pressure, resulting in an increase in heating surface area of the condenser and amount of condensed liquid. A proper evaporator pressure is thus retained by reduction of evaporation pressure. SC is connected with the receiver and evaporator, and switches high- and low-pressure valves by motion of an inner float to transport heat from the evaporator to condenser. Reverse HT is possible as normal latent HT by installing a bypass. Some problems are also described. 2 refs., 8 figs.

  11. Study on intelligent structural materials; Intelligent kozo zairyo ni kansuru kenkyu



    Materials having intelligent properties against fracturing were investigated. Synthesis of materials with high toughness, understanding of elementary process of fracturing, and investigation of intelligent structural materials were selected as research themes. For the experiments, relationship was examined between fracture resistance and crack propagation of the highly tough silicon nitride produced by the newly developed texture control method. As a result, it was found that the crack propagation of this material can be detected by abnormally grown grains, and that the resistance against fracturing increases with crack propagation. It was revealed that the present material is a crack diagnostic intelligent material. The crack edge of these liquid phase sintered materials with high toughness is very active. The cracks can be recovered below the sintering temperature. This means that the strength can be recovered by the proper heat treatment on the way of use. The reliability can be secured by the different method from the conventional investigation aiming at high performance. 140 refs., 82 figs., 8 tabs.

  12. Experimental study on the control interaction force coefficient; Soju ryutairyoku kansho keisu ni kansuru jikkenteki kenkyu

    Nakatake, K.; Oda, K.; Yoshitake, A.; Fujita, K.; Nakajima, A. [Kyushu University, Fukuoka (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    The interaction force induced to hull by steering is important for prediction of control performance of ships. The control interaction force coefficient dependent on the steering has been investigated through the rudder angle tests using three small model ships with a length of 2.5 m, i.e., mathematical type of ship, cargo type of ship, and tanker type of ship. The interaction forces acting on the hull, propeller, and rudder were determined by measuring the lateral force as well as the forward force of the hydrodynamic forces acting on the rudder. These forces were compared with the theoretically calculated values. Prior to the rudder angle tests, the self propulsion factor and the number of revolution of propeller were determined from the results of the open water tests, resistance tests, and self propulsion tests by the changing load method. The rudder angle tests were conducted under this number of revolution of propeller as a standard condition, and under those increasing and decreasing by 15%. Consequently, the interaction forces determined from the rudder angle tests agreed well with those determined from the other tests. When comparing the control hydrodynamic forces determined from the tests with those theoretically calculated, a similar trend was observed. Effectiveness of the theoretical model was confirmed. 4 refs., 14 figs., 3 tabs.

  13. HTS trap flux under temperature cycles; Koon chodendo torappu jisoku no ondo saikuru ni kansuru kenkyu

    Nitta, K.; Sawa, K. [Keio Univ., Tokyo (Japan); Kang, Y.M.; Fujimoto, S. [Daikin Industries, Ltd., Tsukuba (Japan); Iwasa, Y.


    In the application of the high-temperature superconductor, there are utilization as a under wire rod and utilization of bulk body itself. As a utility form of the bulk superconductivity, the application as magnetic field source, which generates magnetic field, which is by far high in function equal to permanent magnet, attracts large attention by trapping magnetic field by pinning effect. However, the constraint of the method for always cooling is big, when the freedom for the portability is considered. The new cooling mechanism is required. Then, it cools using the temporary refrigerating machine, and the equipment that it keeps under the critical temperature using the cooling vessel and keeps the superconducting state is considered. However, it is necessary to cool by refrigerating machine again, before the superconductor reaches critical temperature, for the slight temperature rise without also avoiding in cooling in. By the temperature cycle by the repetition of this temperature rise and cooling, the place in of today of where a magnetic flux trapped in the disk does what kind of change has not been clarified. The experiment under the temperature cycle was tried, and the change of a trap magnetic flux of the high-temperature superconductor YBCO Disk melts by the temperature change was examined. (NEDO)

  14. Basic study on intelligent materialization of glass; Glass no intelligent ko zairyoka ni kansuru kenkyu



    This is the report No. 98 issued by the Inorganic Material Research Institute. An intelligent material is a substance and/or material which responds intelligently to environmental conditions and exhibits functions. One of the features of amorphous materials including amorphous glass is a large freedom in chemical composition. These materials maintain order in short distance, but have as a whole the turbulent and specific atom orientation. Therefore, high tolerability in selecting the composition, and diverse synthesizing methods are available. A wide range of utilization may be conceived, such as introduction of the state of electrons having different valences in a structure, and the diverse chemical combinations. Patterns of existence of polyhedrons having different orientations, and how they are connected correlate closely with an external environment. Intelligent materials have high freedom against change in the external environment and are suitable to exhibit intelligent functions. Setting heat and light as the external conditions, attempts have been made on search and creation of intelligent materials based on state change induced by interactions between the two factors. Fundamental studies have been made on synthesis of different environment responding glasses and films, and on factors and phenomena for exhibition of the intelligence. 62 refs., 91 figs., 8 tabs.

  15. Layered multinary lanthanum oxide [La-Mo-O]; Sojo rantan fukugo sankabutsu ni kansuru kenkyu



    Studies have been carried out systematically on properties of oxides including representative transition metal, vanadium, and alkali metals. With respect to Ln2CuO4 (Ln is a rare earth element) being a simple and representative rare earth multinary oxide showing superconductivity, and its related compounds, this paper reports thermal chemistry, superconduction, and making them a superconductor by using soft chemical treatment. The paper also reports centrally on synthesis of new copper oxide superconductors under high pressure, the compositions, structures, superconductive properties of the synthetics, and the relationship between them. It describes phase equilibrium, synthesis, and structures of vanadium multinary oxides being the object of continued studies, and also reports the studies related to structure and phase transfer of NaV6O11 which shows especially interesting properties among the oxides. Studies have also been made on NMR of these compounds and copper oxide superconductors by using magnetic resonance. The paper also describes a method to analyze the structure of quasi-crystal having rotary symmetry which is not allowed in crystals, and has special long-distance order phase. 209 refs., 127 figs., 6 tabs.

  16. Wing structure of dragonfly; Tonbo no hane kozo ni kansuru kenkyu

    Sudo, S.; Tsuyuki, K. [Iwaki Meisei University, Fukushima (Japan); Hashimoto, H.; Katagiri, K. [Tohoku Univ., Sendai (Japan). Inst. of Fluid Science


    This paper is concerned with the wing structure and the aerodynamics of a flying dragonfly. The structural properties of dragonfly wings were studied through the measurements of some morphological parameters. The wings of the dragonfly Sympetrum infuscatum were examined with a scanning electron microscope. Some structural features of dragonfly wings were revealed. Some aerodynamic aspects of dragonflies were considered on the leases of experimental results. The relationship between flapping frequency and total weight for dragonflies was found through dimensional analysis. 13 refs., 11 figs.

  17. Study of freshwater red tide control measures; Tansui akashio taisaku ni kansuru kenkyu

    Onishi, M.; Hatamochi, K. [Kansai Electric Power Co. Inc., Osaka (Japan)


    Basic research of biological measures for which the accumulation of basic findings is mandatory and the applied research of chemical and physical measures that are higher in feasibility are conducted for the establishment of measures to counter freshwater red tides. In the basic research, natural enemies, algaecidal microbes, conjugation inhibiting substances, and allelopathy are studied, but none of them is found feasible at the current stage. In the basic research, however, factors are discovered that inhibit the multiplication of Peridinium bipes or perish the same. In the applied research, chemical algaecidal methods, UV-aided algaecidal methods, and various red-tide constituent collection methods are studied. Collection methods are compared, and it is concluded that a method of Toray Industries, Inc., efficiently collects red-tide constituents. In this method, red-tide constituents are screened by and condensed on a cloth filter provided on the internal wall of a drum, and are dehydrated and then transferred. The applied research further involves the prediction of red tide outbreak and the raising of fish on a food containing substances extracted from red tides, and it is suggested that these are feasible. 18 refs., 15 figs., 3 tabs.

  18. Investigation into the emission of greenhouse effect gases; Onshitsu koka gas no haishutsu ni kansuru chosa



    The paper grasped the situation of greenhouse effect gas emissions of advanced countries based on the reports from them. The advanced countries which concluded the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change (OECD member countries, the former U.S.S.R., and East European countries) are to be reported to the office concerned with work for the framework the situation of their greenhouse effect gas emissions according to the obligation of the framework. In and after April 1997, they made the second report. The paper summarized changes in emission amount, the future trend, and the policies/measures mainly taken of nine countries which have already presented the second report (the U.S., the U.K., Germany, Holland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and New Zealand) and one country (Russia) which has made only the first report. Moreover, the literature was collected and summed up concerning the mechanism and coefficients of the emission of nitrous oxide and methane. The collected literature was classified into all fields/plural number of fields, energy relation, industrial process relation, relation with the use of organic solvent and other products, agricultural relation, relation with changes in land use and forests, and waste relation. 4 figs., 228 tabs.

  19. Review on departure time choice theory for highway traffic; Doro kotsu ni okeru shuppatsu jikoku sentaku ni kansuru kenkyu kaisetsu

    Kuwahara, M. [The University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan). Institute of Industrial Science


    This paper explains theoretical results achieved to date on the fundamental theory for time smoothing which is drawing attention as a measure to mitigate traffic congestion, that is departure time choice theory for highway traffic. If a trip having a definite restriction on arrival time is used as an object of the discussion, the travel expense for a traveler consists of an expense for travel time when a car was driven at free speeds, an expense for waiting time at bottlenecks, and an expense incurred by schedule delay (s). Under an assumption that the traveler selects departure time to minimize the expense, a time-based equilibrium condition can be introduced. If a schedule expense function (f(s)) to convert `s` into an expense is convex with regard to the `s`, the first in first work (FIFW) principle can be established, that the bottleneck is reached in the order of earlier departure time that is desired. Thus, starting from handling numerically the relationship between queuing expense function in the bottleneck and the f(s), the theory developed to the multiple bottleneck and random effect theory. 19 refs., 8 figs.

  20. Research on crystal growth by using pressure as a control parameter; Atsuryoku seigyo ni yoru kessho seicho ni kansuru kenkyu



    This research project aims to establish a technique for crystal growth using pressure as a principal control parameter, and combining it with a microgravity condition, to develop a novel process material fabrication. Since the solubility of materials depends on pressure, it is possible to control a supersaturated condition for crystal growth by changing pressure. The growth condition can be controlled precisely, which is not possible by conventional methods that vary temperature and other factors. On the other hand, because a concentration diffusing field is formed autonomically around crystals in association with their growth, density convection is generated under gravity as a result of difference in the concentrations, making the growth conditions severely complex and uncontrollable. Ideal crystal growth condition control may be possible if the pressure control is performed under micro-gravity by which generation of the density convection can be suppressed. Realization has been achieved on in-situ observation by using high-magnification microscope which uses a diamond anvil cell, development of a hydraulic type optic pressure cell, and a high- speed crystal growing technology by means of pressure control utilizing the cell. New findings were also obtained on effects of pressure on crystal forms, and the pressure induced solid phase transfer mechanism. 67 refs., 49 figs., 3 tabs.

  1. Estimation of course stability at initial design stage; Shoki sekkeiji ni okeru shinro anteisei no suitei ni kansuru kenkyu

    Yukawa, K. [Ministry of Transportation, Tokyo (Japan)] Kijima, K. [Kyushu Univ., Fukuoka (Japan)


    The theoretical prediction method for the hydrodynamic forces acting on the ship hull in maneuvering motion in consideration of effect of frame line configuration is proposed, selecting six types of model ships as the calculation objects. The prediction results show that the hydrodynamic forces can be predicted with reasonable accuracy in the ordinary maneuvering motion range, though the large drift angle and high dimensionless rotation angular speed give some errors. Using the linear differential coefficient obtained from the prediction of hydrodynamic force acting on ship hull, the decrease in the course instability is investigated. It is found that the method is able to be used for predicting the course stability of ships with relatively good accuracy. This method will be useful to decrease the course instability due to the difference in change in local shape of ships. Study will be continued on estimation calculation of hydrodynamic force on ship hull having various kinds of types. 13 refs., 15 figs., 2 tabs.

  2. Features on various monitoring methods for laser welding and their application. 2. Appearances of detective signals with changes of basic welding conditions; Laser yosetsu no tame no monitoring ho no tokucho to sono oyo. 2. Kihon yosetsu joken no henka ni tomonau kakushu keisoku shingo no henka

    Matsunawa, A. [Osaka University, Osaka (Japan); Watanabe, M.; Nakabayashi, T.; Hiraga, H.; Inoue, T.


    Studies are in progress on elucidating behavior of laser induced plasma during laser welding, and on monitoring of welding characteristics. This paper describes an investigation on changes in such signals as light emission, sound, and plasma potential when such processing conditions as processing speed and laser output are varied. It also discusses applicability of the laser behavior to monitoring, as a result of having the plasma behavior elucidation study moved forward by one step. Correlation with weld penetration appeared remarkably stronger in average amplitude than in average output in both of the light emitting intensity and the plasma potential. The fact that the average amplitude and the light emission have correlation is largely affected by change in vibration morphology of metal plasma due to the effect of penetrating conditions such as sizes of key hole and molten pool. Furthermore, in change of signal output due to change in the laser output, considerations must be given on relational elements between the output change in the beam as an energy supply source for turning laser into plasma. The average amplitude in the measurement signal for the plasma potential may be used as a monitoring parameter for processing speed and processing output. 13 refs., 9 figs., 1 tab.

  3. Prediction of solidification and phase transformation in weld metals for welding of high performance stainless steels; Kotaishoku kotainetsu stainless koyo yosetsu kinzoku no gyoko hentai no yosoku gijutsu

    Koseki, T.; Inoue, H.; Morimoto, H.; Okita, S. [Nippon Steel Corp., Tokyo (Japan)


    Prediction technology is introduced on the solidification and transformation of weld metals used for high performance stainless steel. A model has been developed which uses Thermo Calc, a multiple balanced calculation program, as a means to analyze the solidification of multi-component alloys including the polyphase solidification such as eutectic and peritectic. Verification has been in progress concerning the adequacy of this model and the adaptability as a practical steel. The following are the prediction technologies for solidification and transformation which have been derived from experiments and applied to welding techniques: the effects of nitrogen on the solidification mode and residual {gamma}quantity of a welding metal that is required for controlling the welding/solidification of high nitrogen content {gamma}system stainless steel; the structural control of weld metal for high corrosion resistance high Mo stainless steel, in which high Ni and high Mo contents are indispensable for attaining the optimum structure; the structural control of weld metal for two-phase stainless steel containing Mo and N, in which it is essential to secure a high nitrogen content and a {delta}/{gamma}phase balance in a weld metal; and the precipitation prediction of intermetallic compound in a high alloy weld metal for a high alloy stainless steel, for which an explanation is there by Cieslak et al. based on the phase stability theory. 22 refs., 16 figs.

  4. Effects of heating and cooling rate on transformation behaviors in weld heat affected zone of low carbon steel; Teitanso koban no yosetsu netsu eikyobu no hentai kyodo ni oyobosu kanetsu reikyaku sokudo no eikyo

    Kanetsuki, Y.; Katsumata, M. [Kobe Steel, Ltd., Kobe (Japan)


    Discussions were given on effects of welding heat cycles on transformation behaviors in a weld heat affected zone (HAZ). Test pieces are low-carbon fine ferrite pearlite organization steel sheets, which have been treated with a thermomechanical control process (TMCP). The heat cycling was experimented at a maximum temperature of 1350 degC by using a high-frequency heating coil, heating rates from 0.15 to 200 degC/s, cooling rates from 10 to 80 degC/s at an elevated temperature region (higher than 900 degC), and transformation regions (lower than 900 degC) from 0.5 to 6 degC. A transformation curve in actual welding heat cycling was interpreted from these results. Shear-type inverse transformation (from ferrite to austenite) occurs in a rate region corresponding to the heating rate realized during welding. Austenite containing internal stress and a lower structure formed by this inverse transformation accelerates transformation into grain boundary ferrite (GBF) and acerous ferrite (AF). On the other hand, slow cooling in the elevated temperature region releases the internal stress, restores the lower structure, and suppresses the GBF and AF transformation. The GBF tends to precipitate pearlite in adjacent regions and deteriorates the HAZ tenacity. 17 refs., 8 figs., 1 tab.

  5. Residual stress evaluation of coating films using welding residual stress and deformation analysis system. Yosetsu zanryu oryoku/henkei kaiseki system ni yoru coating himaku no zanryu oryoku hyoka

    Ito, Y.; Tanaka, K.; Takahashi, M.; Okada, T.; Saito, M. (Toshiba Corp., Tokyo (Japan)); Toyoda, M. (Osaka Univ., Osaka (Japan). Faculty of Engineering)


    With the objective that anybody having the basic knowledge on a simple welding technique can do easily welding residual stress and deformation analysis in an interactive mode, the welding residual stress and deformation analysis system (WRED) using a lap-top personal computer is being developed. In this report, an analytical study as well as an experimental study have been made on applicability of this system from the viewpoint of evaluating the residual stress chararcteristics of coating members in the WRED. In particular, the residual stress characteristics of ceramic coating films and those of graded coating members are described in detail. Part of the obtained results is as follows; as a result of the analysis by the WRED system of ceramic coating members processed each by the CVD method, the PVD method and the plasma flame coating method, only the CVD method and the plasma flame coating method have agreed well with the result of the residual stress measurement by the X-ray method. 12 refs., 8 figs., 2 tabs.

  6. Report on research results of the development of high efficient boilers in fiscal 1996. Research development of high efficient industrial furnaces, etc; Koseino boiler no kaihatsu ni kansuru kenkyu seika hokokusho. Koseino kogyoro nado ni kansuru kenkyu kaihatsu



    Out of the developments of high efficient boilers which have been continued since fiscal 1993, the paper reported the result of the development conducted in fiscal 1996. The oxygen combustion (the oxygen enrichment combustion including 100% oxygen combustion) decreases the amount of flue gas and reduces heat loss of the flue gas, and is also effective as NOx reduction measures. The experiment was conducted using testing furnace. The boiler efficiency rapidly increased with the increasing concentration of oxygen enrichment. In the pure oxygen combustion, the overall boiler efficiency of a 106% level (low heating value standard) is expected. Since the boiler wet flue gas is decreased, the NOx emission is reduced. The boiler can raise the combustion temperature with no fear of NOx and can be reduced in size. CO2 decreases in proportion to the energy saving effect. The development of a condensation flue gas heat exchanger is aimed at recovering heat down to the low temperature. Prediction of heat transfer in the steam condensation region becomes possible, and the size reduction can be expected. Dew point corrosion resistant materials were also selected. As to the high speed combustion control, a simple type using micro-processor was developed. Obtained were high speed, compactness, electric power saving, and high controllability. 14 refs., 306 figs., 88 tabs.

  7. Simple method for analizing multi-leg-structures. 3. ; Study on the lateral vibration of the off-shore structure. Takyaku kozobutsu no kan prime i kaisekiho ni kansuru ichikosatsu. 3. ; Kaiyo kozobutsu no yokoshindo ni kansuru kenkyu

    Kan, K.; Aso, K.; Doki, H. (Akita Univ., Akita, (Japan). Mining College)


    The lateral vibration of the off-shore structure constructed with 8-12 legs was analized. Furthermore, the validity of this method was experimentally examined. The results are as follows: The values of natural frequency and displacement for each structure vibrating in water are independent of the direction of vibration within the ranges of the leg-intervals and the dimentions of legs. The natural frequency obtained by the proposed mehtod, which utilizes two theories, coincides very well with the experimental frequency within the error range that is about 0.00-1.36%. Furthermore, the method in this study gives the fairly well estimation with respect to the amplitude of the lateral vibration, since the error involved in the estimation is only about 9.80-13.7% until the fifth period of vibration. The values of the frequency or displacement estimaated by two theories give the almost same degree of the error range. 4 refs., 13 figs., 3 tabs.

  8. Approaches of Japan and Western nations to automobile fuel consumption improvement; Jidosha nenpi kaizen ni kansuru Nippon Obei no torikumi

    Hoshino, M. [Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association Inc., Tokyo (Japan)


    Some views are expressed toward the improvement of automobile fuel consumption. There is no need to give up the convenience that the automobile offers for the purpose of energy-saving. What is needed is the effective use of energy, and the most important technological tasks in this connection is the improvement of fuel consumption. Thanks to the efforts exerted by Japanese businesses, and to reduction in automobile size and improvement on engine performance in the Western countries, fuel consumption has steadily improved, only to reach a level where no more large-scale progress is expected without innovative technologies. For example, the adoption of the lean-burn system for higher performance will deteriorate the convenience that automobiles offer and efforts for lightening automobile bodies will encounter constraints (germane to recycling and pricing) in choosing proper materials. This report also evaluates alternate-energy automobiles and comments on Japan`s decision on its fuel consumption improvement targets. 4 figs., 4 tabs.

  9. Experimental studies for the vertical-axis wind turbine. Suichokujiku fusha no suiryoku ni kansuru kiso kenkyu

    Mashige, M.; Kakita, Y.; Ushiyama, I. (Ashikaga Institute of Technology, Tochigi (Japan))


    Studies are made on wind direction component force, that is, thrust exerted on the rotor of a vertical-axis wind turbine by the wind tunnel experiment. Wind turbines tested are eight including 7 drag types and 1 lift type. Setting the wind velocity at 6 and 8m/second, braking gradually from the no-load condition and varying the revolution number till arriving at the stationary state, torque and thrust in arbitary yevolution numbers are measured. The thrust coefficient which is the dimensionless thrust is smaller at resting than at revolving, except for cross-flow type and straight Darrieus rotors. Flat plate, curved-plate and savonius types increase in operational peripheral speed ratio (ratio of tip peripheral speed to wind velocity) field by setting upper and lower discs, but shows no difference in the thrust coefficient. In the vertical-axis wind turbine, there is no clear relationship between thrust characteristic and torque characteristic. Measured values of wake wind velocity distribution by the pilot tube show a slight difference between in the no-load condition and in the load condition, but no difference is seen in the visualization experiment using polyester string. 3 refs., 9 figs.

  10. Experimental studies for the vertical-axis hybrid wind turbine; Suichiyokuziku haiburiddo hoshiki fusya ni kansuru kenkyu

    Ito, M.; Ushiyama, I. [Ashikaga Institute Of Technology, Tochigi (Japan); Inoh, M.; Hiroki, T. [NihondenkiSeiki Corp., Tokyo (Japan)


    Advantages and disadvantages of Darrieus type and Savonius type turbines as the wind energy generation system are described and the above-titled wind turbine is proposed to improve the drawback of poorer output performance in case of hybrid of these 2 types than that of independent Darrieus type. The layout of wind channel equipment and the hybrid system of conventional direct type and that of the clutch type prototype are explained with consideration on the test results. When compared 2 blades of 136mm chord length to 3 blades of 90mm chord length in terms of torque and power properties, the prototype showed a performance for the both properties 20% better than those of conventional type, particularly in the case of 3 blades, both the maximum power and the torque coefficients became about half of those of 2 blades. Further, a prototype wind turbine was designed and fabricated according to the theory of single tube of flow with regard to the straight Darrieus type and tested in association with Savonius type turbine as well as the latter alone and the results for each case were compared and examined. As for the conclusion, the usefulness of clutch connection and its effect of improvement became more remarkable along with the increase of wind speed and so forth are indicated. 7 refs., 14 figs., 2 tabs.

  11. Numerical simulation for Savonius rotors. ; Running performance and flow fields. Savonius fusha ni kansuru suchi keisan. ; Unten tokusei to nagareba

    Ishimatsu, K.; Shinohara, T. (Oita University, Oita (Japan). Faculty of Engineering); Takuma, F. (Kyushu Matsushita Electric Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan))


    This paper reports numerical calculations on flow around Savonius wind turbine (rotating) with blades in a semi-circular shape and their output characteristics. The two-dimensional non-compressive Navier-Stokes equations were discretized by a fractional step method with regard to time, and by a finite volume method using non-structural grids with regard to space. Upon the discretization, the flow field in a region 20 times as large as the wind turbine diameter was analyzed for the cases that the Reynolds number is 10[sup 5], the ratios of clearance between two blades to the blade diameter are zero and 0.16, and the circumferential velocity ratio is in a range from 0.25 to 1.75. The paper describes the result as follows: the circumferential velocity ratio when the output is at a maximum is slightly smaller than one, and the circumferential velocity ratio when the output is zero is about 1.7, which agree approximately with values in the previous experiments on the circumferential velocity ratio and output; and vortices are discharged also from rear of the blades in addition to from tips of the blades. Several examples of flow fields as seen from static coordinates are illustrated. 4 refs., 11 figs.

  12. Experimental studies on a Savonius rotor with casing; Casing wo motsu Savonius gata turbine no tokusei ni kansuru jikkenteki kenkyu

    Tan, S. [Tsuruoka National College of Technology, Yamagata (Japan); Shimizu, Y. [Mie University, Mie (Japan). Faculty of Engineering; Kikuyama, K. [Nagoya University, Nagoya (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    The Savonius turbine, which works at low rotatory speeds and gives a high degree of torque, has been used for a wind turbines. In order to examine the feasibility of applying the turbine as a wave energy conversion system, a Savonius rotor was installed in a casing and its performance was studied experimentally to examine the various geometrical configurations of the rotor and casing. When optimally configured, the turbine exhibits higher efficiency than a wind turbine without a casing during steady flow conditions. 6 refs., 17 figs., 1 tab.

  13. Researches and studies about technological trend of `functionally gradient materials`; Keisha kino zairyo no gijutsu doko ni kansuru chosa kenkyu

    Morishima, H. [Information Center of Exploitation of Petroleum, Tokyo (Japan)


    Introduced herein is a summary of the technological research report about functionally gradient materials that was presented by Information Center of Exploration of Petroleum in fiscal 1994. The functionally gradient material was realized in the 1980s thanks to more than 30 technologies industrial or government sector bodies interested in science and technology, which effort was related to Japan`s recoverable manned spaceplane program. The material, equipped with the high thermal conductivity and mechanical strength required of a material to cover the spaceplane body, was born out of a innovative idea in which the constitution, etc., of two different materials should continuously change for the elimination of any boundary between the two now that a direct bondage of a metal and ceramics would after all experience separation or cracking. The new idea enabled a plurality of desired functions to be freely distributed within the material, creating hopes in various fields. It has been found that probabilities are high that the functionally gradient material will improve at a surprising rate the conversion rate in utilizing thermoelectricity, photoelectricity, or nuclear energy. In the oil industry, studies are under way to use the new material in petroleum exploration, etc., that have to be undertaken under severe conditions. 1 ref., 2 figs., 2 tabs.

  14. Research on EBEP (Electron Beam Excited Plasma) applications; EBEP (denshi beam reiki plasma) no tekiyo gijutsu ni kansuru kenkyu

    Yanase, E.; Ryoji, M.; Mori, Y.; Tokai, M. [Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., Kobe (Japan)


    Research and development is actively conducted on machining technologies using plasma in various fields, with studies energetically pursued on etching techniques or those of forming a thin film by the use of high frequency and microwave plasma. The EBEP system jointly developed by Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. and Institute of Physical and Chemical Research is a plasma source for forming a high density plasma by implanting into a plasma chamber from the outside a high-current electron beam accelerated to an energy of approximately 60 to 100eV where the collision cross-section of gas ionization is maximized. The characteristics of the system are such as (1) it enables electron energy distribution to be controlled from outside by varying acceleration voltage, (2) it excels in the controllability of ion energy and (3) it allows to form a steady high-density plasma in a nonmagnetic field. This paper presents the generating principle of EBEP, its plasma characteristics, etching technique using EBEP, thin film forming technique by EBEP-CVD method, and multipurpose apparatus for research and development. 6 refs., 7 figs., 1 tab.

  15. Comparison about the bone material examination of JIS and ISO; Honezai shiken ni kansuru JIS to ISO no hikaku

    Suzuki, Sumie.; Yanagi, Kei.; Shimura, Akiharu.; Murohoshi, Shiori. [Japan Testing Center for Construction Materials, Tokyo (Japan)


    There are various things in slug bone material and so on manufactured from the macadam, crumble sand. Which crushed rock including gravel, sand to produce in the nature and which was manufactured, and a lightweight bone material and the industry by-product with the bone material used for the concrete. It is necessary with a bone material to grasp the nature of the bone material itself properly to occupy about 70% of the capacity in the concrete and to manufacture the good concrete of the quality from the influence that influence to the various concrete materiality that quality being big. When the quality of a bone material to use for the concrete is confirmed, an examination is being done in accordance with the way of examining it established as the Japanese industry standard in our country. (NEDO)

  16. Basic research on the carbon dioxide fixation using seaweed. Kaisorui no tansan gas kotei ni kansuru kiso kenkyu

    Yamamoto, M.; Ishihara, T. (The Kansai Electric Power Co. Inc., Osaka (Japan))


    Study was made for grasping the basic data of CO2 fixation technology by seaweed. The photosynthesis under the sea, which is different from that on the land, is judged to be made by taking in HCO3[sup -] and converting it into CO2 inside the plant. Porphyra yezoensis which is seaweed is cultivated as comestible. With a rise in CO2 content, the growth in length of leaves was observed to be accelerated through ventilating Porphyra yezoensis with the three test types of air which respectively contained 350ppm (atmospheric CO2 content), 1000ppm and 1600ppm CO2. As a result of measuring the photosynthesis speed by the generated quantity of O2, it was heightened with a rise in dissolved inorganic carbonic acid content of the sea water. Measurement was also made of daily fluctuation in calcification speed by Corallina officinalis capable of calcification by ventilating it with 350ppm and 1600ppm CO2. In case of 1600ppm, the sedimentation of CaCO3 was prevented. In case of 350ppm, the sedimentation was quantitatively larger during the bright period than that during the dark period. The growth of Gracilaria gigas which is an agar material was compared by changing the above CO2 levels. In case of 1600ppm, the weight grew to 2.3 times in 20 days. 16 figs., 2 tabs.

  17. Report on Asian Environment Information Network; 'Asia kankyo joho network' ni kansuru hokokusho



    The goal is the construction of Asian Environment Information Network (AEInet) in accordance with a contract signed between Indonesia's LIPI (Indonesian Institute of Science) and NEDO under NEDO's Research Cooperation Project Concerning the Development of Environment Measuring Laser Radar (LR). The network is so designed and constituted as to operate on a private line between Indonesia and Japan via IP (Internet protocol) and to enable the exchange on the Internet network of the data collected/analyzed by the Indonesian LR system and of articles of e-mail between scientists of the two countries. The AEInet will be utilized for the collection/analysis of LR-collected data; exchange of observed data and the result of processing; provision of support to environment information scientists in exchanging e-mail and information; and the search of databases for the implementation of the project. In this paper, the outline and functions of the system, network system design, WWW server construction, network operating status, joint researches with Indonesia, etc., are described. (NEDO)

  18. Survey on bio-chemical complex harmonized with global environment. 3; Kankyo chowagata seibutsu kagaku konbinato ni kansuru chosa. 3



    A survey was conducted of bio-chemical complex harmonized with the global environment for the purpose of constructing the material production process harmonized with the environment by the process fusion between biological conversion and chemical reaction. Palm oil was taken up as renewable raw material plant resource. The process utilizing bio-chemical reaction advances at normal temperature and pressure and is high in reaction specificity and selectivity. This is a recycling, circulation and environmental harmony type production technology which brings high yield, energy conservation, resource conservation, and low environmental loads. Waste water treatment and production of useful substances from sludge were thought as elementary technology. A possibility was studied of enzyme production by culturing solid waste, and the enzyme was applied to the hydrolysis process. The paper indicated trace components in the palm oil and the extraction method and proposed the production process of new derivatives for adding value to hydrolysate. A study was also made of the overall process flow which integrated these new processes and the material balance. The comprehensive evaluation of this new process was made from the aspect of the product structure, the market, construction cost, economical efficiency, and the environment. 133 refs., 65 figs., 56 tabs.

  19. Study on identification of inertial properties for mechanical system; Kikai kozobutsu no kansei tokusei doteiho ni kansuru kenkyu

    Nakamura, M.; Sawanobori, T.; Kogure, M.; Nishio, S. [Yamanashi University, Yamanashi (Japan); Nagamatsu, A. [Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo (Japan)


    It is necessary to recognize inertial properties accurately for modeling during machine development and design. A pendulum method is generally available as the conventional technique that recognizes the inertial properties. This method is difficult to be applied to an intricately shaped matter or heavy matter. Therefore, a characteristic matrix identification method that is very excellent in principle has been proposed, and many studies have been made for practical use. However, the influence that the measurement error of a transfer function used for identification exerts is open to investigation. This paper examined the technique that obtains the inertial characteristics of an elastic-supported mechanical structure using the characteristic matrix identification method. The influence that the measurement point position of the transfer function exerts on an identification error was also investigated. The result showed that the measurement point should be away from the node of the rotation mode as far as possible. This technique was applied to the engine system of a motorcar, and the identification result in a practical level was obtained using a transfer function gotten from the excitation experiment by a hammer. 6 refs., 8 figs., 1 tab.

  20. Investigation of heat transfer characteristics of finned tubes in an air cooler; Kuki reikyakuki no dennetsu tokusei ni kansuru kenkyu

    Akiyoshi, R.; Hori, M.; Ishida, H.; Hagiwara, K. [Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    Heat transfer characteristics of a multitubular heat exchanger are investigated for the purpose of continuously cooling air below 0{degree}C. The air duct used in the test is rectangular, 302mm in width and 322mm in height, made of an acrylic resin so that the frosted part may be seen by the eyes and that transmission of heat from the duct into the air may be suppressed. The heat transfer tube is a horizontal tube provided with fins. The refrigerant is a brine kept at a specified temperature, supplied to the most downstream row of the heat transfer tube to run in series so that it will flow contrary to the air. Under the conditions where the steam in the air does not condense, the heat transmission rate increases along with the air speed, quantatively agreeing with what has been obtained in the past. Under the conditions where the steam in the air condenses, the heat transmission rate is two times higher than the rate in the case of no condensation when the air speed is low and, when the air speed is high, approximately equal to the rate in the case of no condensation. Between the two, there is a domain where the heat transmission rate decreases with an increase in the air speed. Spraying the brine on the heat transfer tube prevents frosting even when the heat transfer surface temperature is 0{degree}C or lower, letting heat through. 9 refs., 6 figs.

  1. Fiscal 1995 investigation on biological fixation of carbon dioxide; 1995 nendo seibutsuteki CO2 kotei ni kansuru chosa hokokusho



    To cope with the global warming caused by CO2, an investigation was conducted into biological fixation. It is necessary to make a many-sided and comprehensive study on the mechanism of CO2 fixation, the scale (area and carbon holding density), the rate and the environmental impact of the introduction of the technology and the technical problems, and to make a quantitative evaluation of each of the methods in order to make them practical proposals. The global ecosystem is classified into the land biota and ocean biota, and each typical ecosystem was surveyed in terms of the surface area, the carbon holding amount (presently existing amount), the net primary production amount, the required nutrient salt amount, the transpiration rate, etc. Next, a discussion was made on the increasing effect of the carbon fixation amount by changing the present ecosystem from the aspect of scale and rate. At the same time, a study was carried out of energy efficiency, economical efficiency and problems. Last, elementary technology was taken up which seems to be important for implementing measures for the biological carbon fixation. As to the ocean, it is necessary to obtain information, which is not sufficient to utilize marine biota for CO2 fixation, especially on the mechanism of depth-direction transfer of organism and its quantitative grasp. As to the land, one of the measures is conversion of the ecosystem where the amount of carbon fixed is small to the ecosystem where the amount is large. 249 refs., 58 figs., 51 tabs.

  2. Consideration on fatigue strength of corroded steel plates; Fushoku suimo koban no hiro kyodo ni kansuru ichikosatsu

    Iwata, M.; Yajima, H.; Yamamoto, M.; Saito, T. [Hiroshima University, Hiroshima (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    Discussions were given on fatigue strength of corroded steel plates taken from a hull of a ship seventeen years old after construction. The steel plates have had their original thickness of 13 mm reduced to 5.3 to 8.3 mm. After having been cut by a machine, the steel plates were used for tests as ground plates after going through grinding and as corroded plates with rust remaining on them. The fatigue test was performed in artificially made sea water at a temperature of 25{degree}C and in air with axial power pulsating tensile load and at iterative loading velocities of 3 to 5 Hz. The corroded material test verified that corrosion pits exist innumerably on the test piece surface and fatigue cracks have been developed and grown from bottoms of the pits. The stress concentration coefficient of the corrosion pits was about 1.9. Good agreement with the test result was found in the S-N chart in which the number of iteration of fracture was regarded as the number of iteratively generated cracks, and notch coefficient was estimated as 1.9. These results proved that the fatigue strength assessing method for virgin materials can be applied also to steel plates which have been exposed to corrosive environment for extended periods of time. 5 refs., 7 figs., 1 tab.

  3. Study on a method to set design hydrographic conditions; Sekkei kaisho no setteiho ni kansuru kenkyu. 2

    Toki, N. [Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    Analyses were performed recently on results of observations having been carried out by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Japanese Meteorological Agency by using wave observation buoys. Wave observation database with high reliability has become publicized in the same format as the conventional wave generation frequency data. In order to obtain rational base for a method to set hazardous sea areas, the present study has attempted to express as a function of the average wave cycle a maximum value of significant wave heights which can be generated based on these data. What were derived include observations by the NOAA over large areas, such as Alaskan coasts, Mexico Bay and Five Great Lakes, the results of discussions by the Meteorological Agency on data including wave observations at five locations in neighboring waters in Japan, and the relationship between the maximum value of significant wave heights that can be generated and the average cycle. Deriving the standard deviation per unit wave height by computing short time estimation from the above data, and deriving combination of the average cycle with angles of encounter can present the design hydrographic conditions (hazardous hydrographic conditions). The future would require not only investigations and discussions from the viewpoint of the maximum value that can occur, but also from the viewpoint of determination of limitations of vessel operations. 5 refs., 5 figs.

  4. Study on thermochemical liquefaction of biomass feedstocks; Biomass genryo no yuka hanno tokusei ni kansuru kisoteki kenkyu



    Liquefaction is applied to various biomass wastes and unused biomass to study characteristics of the liquefaction in each case. The paper described the system of the conversion and use of biomass into energy, conducted the positioning of the liquefaction, and outlined a history of the liquefaction chemistry and the study. To obtain basic data of characteristics of the liquefaction of various biomass raw materials, the liquefaction was conducted changing operational factors for the purpose of clarifying the product distribution of oil and by-products and oil properties. A comprehensive consideration was made of the liquefaction based on basic data and literature reports on the liquefaction of various biomass. From the above-mentioned studies, it was concluded that the energy can be recovered in a form of oil by applying the liquefaction to various biomass materials. A series of the study clarified effects of various operational factors on characteristics of the liquefaction as well as effects of classification of biomass materials and composition of the materials on characteristics of the liquefaction. 141 refs., 78 figs., 56 tabs.

  5. Studies on functional network of transcriptional coactivator CBP; Tensha jono inshi CBP no kinoteki nettowaku ni kansuru kenkyu

    Fukamizu, Akiyoshi [University of Tsukuba, Ibaraki (Japan). Institute of Applied BIochemistry


    CBP/p 300 is a multidomain transcriptional cofactor which acts in junction with other factors to regulate transcription. To elucidate the domain function of CBP, we fused its dissected fragments to Gal 4 DNA-binding domain and transfected the deletion mutants into several cell lines. First, we found that the minimal transactivation domain (MTD) at the N-terminal portion maps to between 344-451 aa, and shows activity in a cell-type dependent manner. Second, by means of the yeast two hybrid screening using CBP fragments as baits, we cloned hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF) 1{alpha}, Stat 2, and hepatocyte nuclear factor 4 (HNF 4) cDNAs. These results suggested a functional role of MTD located at the CBP/p 300 N-terminal region in connecting to transcriptional factors and a physiological significance of complexes formed in response to a variety of extracellular stimuli to the nucleus. (author)

  6. Investigational study on construction of the physical function database; Shintai kino data base no kochiku ni kansuru chosa kenkyu



    An investigational study was carried out on construction of the physical function database which can supply data useful for planning, design and production when companies provide products and barrier-free environment for the aged society. Up to now, the final image of database was studied as to the visual function. In addition, this study is aimed at constructing the physical function database. In the literature survey, basic data on physical characteristics of the aged which have lain scattered were collected and systematically sorted in relation to the exercise function in order to make an analysis of the data and measuring technology in terms of reliability, importance, and applied values. In the survey of corporate needs, an examination of concrete needs for the exercise function and auditory function was made for general companies and companies related to the medical and welfare apparatus field. As to the visual function, a study was conducted on selection of new items for visual measurement and measuring methods. In the study of the database structure, a pilot database was constructed and subjects were extracted. 529 refs., 57 figs., 15 tabs.

  7. Research trend survey on the stable isotope utilization technology; Antei doitai no riyo gijutsu ni kansuru kenkyu doko chosa



    This report reviews the activities and the trends in the area of the stable isotope use attracting attention recently. In the medicine and clinical treatment sector, the remarkable trends are the extension of {sup 13}C use. The breath test and the magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) diagnosis have been developed as inspection methods. It is noted that investigation has been initiated on the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) using {sup 3}He and {sup 129}Xe for the lung imaging. In the organic chemistry and biochemistry sector, the stable isotopes are used for analyzing the structures of complicated natural compounds and materials relating to life science and for analyzing the chemical reaction mechanism of organic compounds. In the nuclear energy sector, {sup 10}B and {sup 7}Li have been used as neutron absorption materials and pH neutralizing reagent, respectively. In the analysis and measurement sector, the process of isotopic dilution is used for the environmental analysis of trace elements including harmful substances. Among various separation methods of isotopes, well studied uranium enrichment processes and deuterium separation processes are described. Separation of {sup 15}N by ion exchange resin method and plasma ion cyclotron resonance (ICR) isotope separation have been studied, recently. 133 refs., 53 figs., 7 tabs.

  8. Indoor environment and allergy except housedust mite; Jukankyo to allergy ni kansuru dani igai no chosa kenkyu

    Nakao, F.; Nishima, S.


    Pathopoiesis factors of allergic diseases include immune antibody productivity sthenia reacting with antigens such as mite or the like in allergy reaction which is regarded as based on genetic fact (atopic diathesis), and environmental factors as external factors. The environmental factors are further classified into specific factors (antigens) and nonspecific factors. The former factors include the indoor factors such as mite, mould, animals bred indoor, etc., and outdoor factors such as pollen and so on. The latter factors include indoor factors such as passive smoking, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, formaldehyde, etc., and outdoor factors such as sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, airborne particles and so on. In this paper, the environmental factors in relation to allergic diseases expect mite are introduced. Besides mould, cockroach/insect, fur dust and dandruff of animals, adjustment of room temperature/humidity, smoking, indoor and outdoor air pollution are mentioned as the environmental factors expect mite, and the cause-effect relations thereof are explained. 24 refs., 3 figs., 7 tabs.

  9. Study on local cooling culture technology of carnation; Kaneshon no kyokusho reibo saibai gijutsu ni kansuru kenkyu

    Nakayashiki, Y. [Chugoku Electric Power Co. Inc., Hiroshima (Japan)


    Production of high-quality carnation cut flowers is difficult due to growth of weak flower stems in the district along the coast of the Inland Sea of Japan higher in average summer air temperature. The growth promotion effect of carnation by night local cooling was thus tested using midnight electric power. The glass greenhouse of 0.9m wide, 13m long and 0.25m deep was used as culture bed, and in night cooling by spot cooler, the culture bed was covered with PVC curtain for forming a small space. As the test result, high-quality spray carnation flowers with hard flower stem could be reaped from late August by combination of night local cooling and reflective film covering, and extremely high yielding of 92% was also achieved for the second flowers. The running cost of local cooling was estimated to be nearly 18yen/root in 6-ridge/3-root culture, while the facility cost to be nearly 27yen/root. This culture method was estimated to be profitable by adopting high culture density and 3 harvests for a year. 3 refs., 17 figs., 7 tabs.

  10. Study about the effect of microgravity on biofunctions; Seitai kino eno bisho juryoku no eikyo ni kansuru kenkyu



    A study is made for the elucidation of the effect of microgravity on biofunctions. The protoplast of shiitake is exposed to microgravity and then cultured, and a significant difference occurs. The rate of colony formation by cell fusion in the test sector is found to be two times higher than that in the control sector. When swimming ciliates which are unicellular are suddenly exposed to microgravity, their swimming speeds changed differently according to the direction of swimming. When a mouse subjected to acupuncture for three days is exposed to microgravity, its water metabolism and excretory function are enhanced. A mouse treated with Chinese medicine reacts in the similar way. The change due to microgravity in the amount of acetylcholine in the hypothalamus is found characteristically time dependent. Mice infected with lethal herpes viruses just after exposure to microgravity die at a rate in proportion to the number of exposures and to the amount of viruses given. The migration speed of chemical stripes in case of a gel-base BZ (Belousov-Zhabotinsky) reaction under microgravity is equal to that on the ground. The trigger wave migration speed in case of a water solution-base BZ reaction under microgravity is reduced to approximately 80% of the speed on the ground. 12 refs., 31 figs., 3 tabs.

  11. International Workshop on Carbon Cycling and Coral Reef Metabolism; Sangosho no tanso junkan ni kansuru kokusai workshop hokokusho



    The paper described the International Workshop on Carbon Cycling and Coral Reef Metabolism which was held at Miyako-jima, Okinawa Pref. on October 17-24, 1995. In the workshop, researchers got together which are involved in marine chemistry, marine biology, coral ecology, and environmental science, and discussed the carbon cycling and metabolism of coral reef. Discussions were made on what the coral reef ecosystem is, and what the definition of a sink or a source for CO2 is. Also discussed were scales of how much time and space should be considered to make these issues clear. Further, it was proposed that it was necessary to investigate carbon balance of both the whole system and the components of the system and to keep track of mass transfer among neighboring components of the system. Seventeen presentations were given. The workshop obtained a definite consensus on carbon balance of the coral reef system. 123 refs., 39 figs., 9 tabs.

  12. Some considerations about improvement for fatigue strength of structures; Shatai kozobutsu no hiro kyodo kojo ni kansuru ichikosatsu

    Kimoto, H.; Toyama, K.; Maruyama, H.; Magara, S. [Press Kogyo Co. Ltd., Kanagawa (Japan)


    To reduce weight, higher tensile strength and/or thinner plate are used or considered in vehicle structures. In general, welded or notch sections, fatigue strength decreases because of increasing concentrated stress or effect of notch sensitivity and so on. In this paper, some methods are studied to improve fatigue strength and obtain a long life. 2 refs., 11 figs., 5 tabs.

  13. Survey on the energy transportation technology for the alternative energies; Sekiyu daitai energy nado no yuso gijutsu ni kansuru chosa


    Studied is a system in which hydrogen is produced through a water electrolysis process using clean energy from hydro-electric and solar power generations which can be obtained overseas with relative ease and at a low cost and is converted to a transportable chemical medium for transportation to Japan and utilization as energy like electricity, etc. The hydroelectric power generation is the most realistic alternative energy source in terms of energy density, technology and economy. Described here is the feasibility of development of hydroelectric power generation using rivers in Indonesia and Canada. As chemical substances which can be transportable chemical media, methanol/CO cycle (methanol is synthesized from coal gasified CO and electrolytic hydrogen) or liquid hydrogen cycle are the most practical on a short-term basis, and ammonia cycle and cyclohexane cycle are more advantageous than other cycles on a long-term basis. It is essential to reduce a cost of water electrolysis for each chemical substance. Potential needs are great for distribution and utilization of hydrogen energy regenerated from the transportable chemical medium, but it requires a lot of technological innovations regarding the system structure and materials (safety, particularly). 58 refs., 116 figs., 79 tabs.

  14. Study on molecular controlled mining system of methane hydrate; Methane hydrate no bunshi seigyo mining ni kansuru kenkyu

    Kuriyagawa, M.; Saito, T.; Kobayashi, H.; Karasawa, H.; Kiyono , F.; Nagaoki, R.; Yamamoto, Y.; Komai, T.; Haneda, H.; Takahashi, Y. [National Institute for Resources and Environment, Tsukuba (Japan); Nada, H. [Science and Technology Agency, Tokyo (Japan)


    Basic studies are conducted for the collection of methane from the methane hydrate that exists at levels deeper than 500m in the sea. The relationship between the hydrate generation mechanism and water cluster structure is examined by use of mass spectronomy. It is found that, among the stable liquid phase clusters, the (H2O)21H{sup +} cluster is the most stable. Stable hydrate clusters are in presence in quantities, and participate in the formation of hydrate crystal nuclei. For the elucidation of the nucleus formation mechanism, a kinetic simulation is conducted of molecules in the cohesion system consisting of water and methane molecules. Water molecules that array near methane molecules at the normal pressure is disarrayed under a higher pressure for rearray into a hydrate structure. Hydrate formation and breakdown in the three-phase equilibrium state of H2O, CH4, and CO2 at a low temperature and high pressure are tested, which discloses that supercooling is required for formation, that it is possible to extract CH4 first for replacement by guest molecule CO2 since CO2 is stabler than CH4 at a lower pressure or higher temperature, and that formation is easier to take place when the grain diameter is larger at the formation point since larger grain diameters result in a higher formation temperature. 3 figs.

  15. Static behaviors of long-span cable-stayed bridge; Chodai shachokyo no seiteki kyodo ni kansuru kosatsu

    Xie, Xu [Saitama Univ., Saitama (Japan). Graduate School; Yamaguchi, H.; Ito, M. [Saitama Univ., Urawa (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    In this study, incremental equation of cable-stayed bridge is formulated by finite element method taking the geometrical nonlinear analysis into account. Then, as an example of designing a bridge with 1500m span, setting up the initial tension, analysis of in-plane behavior caused by live loads as well as analysis of the behavior against wind caused by out-of-plane wind load that are necessary for designing a bridge with 1500m span are carried out. The main results obtained through the study are as follows. As for the cable stayed bridge with 1500m center super long-span having supplementary supporting points between the side arms, the geometrical non-linearity caused by the in-plane design live loads is not remarkable. The effects of wind which acts on girders on analysis of the behaviors against wind are different depending on the aerodynamic performance of the girder and in the case of high wind speed, strong effects on the behavior against wind of the in-plane and screws generate. As the changing of tension of the cable makes influences on the force of in-plane cross section and on displacement of the girder, if the wind speed is very high, the analysis results of the behaviors against wind of in-plane and screws of the cable-stayed bridge may be different depending on in what manner the wind load on the cable to be treated. 16 refs., 16 figs., 1 tab.

  16. Development of coal gas production technology acceptable for fuel cells; Nenryo denchiyo sekitan gas seizo gijutsu ni kansuru kenkyu

    Watanabe, T. [Center for Coal Utilization, Japan, Tokyo (Japan); Kimura, N.; Omata, K. [Electric Power Development Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    In utilizing coal for high-efficiency direct power generation using fuel cells, it is necessary that coal be fed into the fuel cells after having been made into ash-free gaseous fuel. Research and development works are being carried out with an objective to develop a coal gasification furnace most suitable for fuel cells and establish a system to refine coal up to the one that can be fed into fuel cells. Fiscal 1995 has conducted investigations on coal gasification technologies, air separation technologies, and gas refining technologies as the important element technologies, and a trial design on integrated coal gasification fuel cell (IGFC) systems. This paper reports from among the above items the result of the trial design on an IGFC system using molten carbonate fuel cells. The paper describes system comparison on paths of produced gases and anode waste gas, comparison on refining processes using a wet system and a dry system, and parameter studies on oxygen concentration in gasifying agents. It was made clear that the suitable furnace is an oxygen blown coal gasification furnace, and the power generation efficiency at the system terminal can be higher than 53%. 11 figs., 6 tabs.

  17. Study on abrasion resisting material for apron of dam; Dam apron bu no taimamo sozai ni kansuru kenkyu

    Inaba, H.; Hiraki, M.; Miyamoto, T. [Hokuriku Electric Power Co. Inc., Toyama (Japan)


    A `laminated rubber tile` and a `shock absorbing holed-in anchor` were devised in connection with the apron of a dam for a hydroelectric power plant. As the result of a survey on the hydroelectric power plants, ten plus places were observed where a general kind of concrete was severely worn in the company territory; but, there were substantial number of rubber materials that had still been sound for over ten years after the installation. In spite of the soundness of the rubber tiles, however, it was observed that their anchor supports had been cut and separated. An abrasion comparison test of concrete and rubber materials revealed that the rubber materials were considerably superior in abrasion resistance. Various rubber tiles were tested for abrasion resistance, tear strength, tensile strength, impact strength, etc.; and methods for fixing rubber tiles were also tested such as a holed-in anchor, chemical anchor and adhesives. As a result, a laminated rubber tile was designed with its upper layer constituted of a rubber sold on the market and its lower layer of a fiber reinforced rubber also on the market, and so was a shock absorbing type holed-in anchor. 1 ref., 11 figs., 4 tabs.

  18. Treatment of wastewater from polyvinyl chloride manufacturing plant; Pori enka biniru seizo process haieki no shori ni kansuru kenkyu

    Takeuchi, M.; Murakami, S. [Ube National College of Tech., Yamaguchi (Japan). Dept. of Biological and Chemical Engineering; Kitao, T. [Toyohashi Univ. of Technology (Japan)


    In the manufacturing process of polymers, low cost and safe water is often used for its solvent. In polymerization process using water for its solvent, emulsifier or dispersant is added to promote the hydrophobic polymerization reaction. Polymers grown by the polymerization are extracted at a separation process, and except non-extracted polymer and non-collected monomer at the process wastewater containing various additives creates. The wastewater has high Total organic carbon (TOC) and Chemical oxygen demand (COD), and these cause matters are stable and of difficult-decomposition chemically as well as biologically. As the wastewater has been treated conventionally by the activated sludge process and others, recently, the regulation of wastewater is clamped and reinvestigation of the wastewater treating facilities is required. In this study, for an example of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a typical general purpose plastics, its polymerization wastewater was treated by a combination process of ultrafiltration, seawater added electrolysis and biolysis. As a result, non-collected PVC and dispersants could be removed by ultrafiltration process almost perfectly. 13 refs., 14 figs., 1 tab.

  19. Numerical simulation on streaming potentials in a wellbore; Koseinai no ryudo den`i ni kansuru suchi simulation

    Ikeda, N. [Kyushu University, Fukuoka (Japan)


    This paper reports numerical computation of streaming potentials which are generated by transient pressure waves propagating the vicinity of wellbore wall immediately after a mud cake formed on the wellbore wall has been removed. One existing analysis solution on heat conduction was utilized upon changing the parameters in order to derive fluid pressure inside the ground bed. Calculations were carried out by using the existing three-dimensional finite difference method (partly re-written) based on the relationship constituted between the fluid pressure and the streaming potential. This paper presents results of calculating the streaming potentials in wellbores on models having wellbores filled with mud water in a cubic ground bed existing with ground bed water at saturation of 100%. The calculations have been conducted on the following cases: a case where permeability of the ground bed is small with the fluid under two conditions of low electric resistivity and high electric resistivity, a case where the permeability is large with the fluid under the above conditions, and a case where a small area of bore wall is covered with a rubber pad having high electric resistivity under a low electric resistivity condition. 8 refs., 5 figs.

  20. Study on the performance enhancement of the Thermoacoustic-driven thermoacoustic refrigerator; Netsukudogata netsuonkyo reitoki no koseinoka ni kansuru kenkyu

    Notomi, M.; Katsuta, M. [Waseda University, Tokyo (Japan). Dept. of Mechanical Engineering


    In this study, it has be made that it accumulates the data contributed for practical application by attempting performance enhancement of produced heat driving heat sound refrigerating machine, and establishes appropriate operating condition and design technique which can grasp got refrigerating capacity to some extent to be a purpose. The technique of the research in order to grasp first, the effect of various parameters in refrigerating machine simple substance, the loudspeaker driving heat sound refrigerating machine was produced experimentally, and the performance test was carried out. It continued, on the assumption of pressure wave oscillation source of the refrigerating machine, trial manufacture and performance test of heat sound oscillator simple substance were carried out, and the limit to fundamental characteristics, effect of the parameter, oscillation was examined experimentally. (NEDO)

  1. Study on automatic tuning of ship`s PID regulators; Hakuyo seigyo system no gain jido chosei ni kansuru kenkyu

    Nakatani, T. [Toyama Mercantile Marine College, Toyama (Japan); Otsu, K.; Moriyoshi, N. [Tokyo Univ. of Mercantile Marine, Tokyo (Japan); Okazaki, T. [Nagoya Institute of Technology, Nagoya (Japan)


    Proportional, integral and derivative (PID) controls are used for a steering system and a main engine control unit installed in a vessel. Among them, this paper describes effectiveness of a PID gain tuning method using a limit cycle by means of relay control which is safer and simpler than conventional limit sensitivity methods. The present method was applied to an actual marine control system to conduct an actual vessel experiment. As a result of applying the method to a bow azimuth control system using a rudder, a new azimuth setting was set with an overshoot of 1.6 degrees in a ten-degree azimuth changing experiment. With respect to direction maintaining steering performance, the present method was capable of controlling the direction at a speed loss to about 80% of the ship`s autopilot. As a result of applying the method to a bow azimuth control system using a bow thruster, direction maintaining and changing control was realized in a low speed range in which rudder effect is lost. As a result of applying it to a main engine governor system and performing control of main engine rotation speed, it was found possible to derive control gains in a safe state without applying an excessive load to the main engine both under load and no load conditions. 14 refs., 8 figs., 11 tabs.

  2. Investigation on development of advanced materials by solvothermal technique; Sorubo thermal hanno riyo senshin zairyo kaihatsu ni kansuru chosa



    Solvothermal reaction is reaction under high temperature and high pressure, which is expected to fabricate new functional materials. In this study, the materials are classified into two fields, i.e., inorganic materials, metals and their composites and organic materials and their composites. The current status of R and D of production and processing technology in each field is surveyed and the prospect of it is discussed. For the inorganic materials, metals and their composites, it is explained that very fine metal oxide particles, complex oxides, single crystals, whiskers, compounds with layer structure, metastable compounds, ion conductors and catalysts with high ability could be produced only by controlling the solvothermal reactions in atomic order. For the organic materials and their composites, surveyed results of the solvothermal technique using non-aqueous solutions are mainly provided. The necessity of a national project for researches on the solvothermal reactions is proposed from the viewpoint of resource, environment and energy. 777 refs., 38 figs., 26 tabs.

  3. Demonstrative study for the wind and solar hybrid power system. 2; Furyoku taiyoko hybrid hatsuden system ni kansuru jissho kenkyu

    Kimura, Y.; Sakuma, H.; Ushiyama, I. [Ashikaga Institute of Technology, Tochigi (Japan)


    In order to verify the complementary relationship between wind and solar energy, the long-term field test of the hybrid power system was conducted at the natural energy square of Ashikaga Institute of Technology. The solar cell blade windmill composed of a Savonius windmill and flexible solar cells applied to swept buckets was also prepared. As a result, the wind power generation was promising mainly in the winter period including the late fall and early spring, while solar one was stable all the year through although it was slightly poor in winter. Stable power generation was thus achieved by combining wind energy with solar energy. As the whole data of other wind and solar power generation systems at the square were analyzed for every month, the same conclusion as the solar cell blade windmill was obtained as follows: the wind power generation in Ashikaga area is promising in Nov.-March from the field test result for 16 months, solar power generation is stable all the year through, the hybrid power system is effective in Nov.-April, and the solar cell blade windmill is equivalent to the hybrid power system. 3 refs., 5 figs.

  4. Study on torsion arc blade type horizontal axis wind turbine; Nejire enko yokugata suihei jiku fusha ni kansuru kenkyu

    Kojima, N.; Kishimura, K. [Meiji University, Tokyo (Japan)


    Discussing the rotor blades of the torsion arc blade type (TABT) wind turbine, difference in windmilling characteristics was determined between elliptic blades and rectangular blades by theoretical analysis and model experiment. Experimental generation of power was carried out using a test wind turbine in the natural wind. First, elliptic blades were bent into arcs and fixed to shaft. The action force was determined calculating the blade area and the wind velocity vertical thereto. Furthermore, the force in the direction to turn the rotor was determined with the effect of the part behind the blade taken into account. The rotation-curbing air resistance in the flank direction that a rotor experiences was subtracted to determine the torque generated. A formula was derived for the elliptic blade. Second, a formula was derived in the same way for the case of rectangular blades. In conclusion, in the case of 6-blade wind turbine, the rate of responsibility for wind turbine rotation of the part behind the blade was approximately 50% of the part in front of the blade. Shape coefficients were introduced into the theory, which resulted in values agreeing well with values obtained from experiments. Elliptic blades yielded more power than rectangular blades at the same wind velocity. High in durability, the TABT wind turbine is expected to be put into practical use as a compact auxiliary power generating device. 2 refs., 14 figs.

  5. Fundamental characteristics on electric system of solar electric vehicle; Solar car no denki keito ni kansuru kiso tokusei

    Fujita, S.; Sasaki, M.; Kaga, T.; Koyama, N. [Hachinohe Institute of Technology, Aomori (Japan)


    The electric system of a solar vehicle was removed and the fundamental characteristics examined in order to carry out a basic experiment on the electric system. Using a basic circuit with panels, batteries and loads connected, the voltage and current were measured in the presence/absence of the trackers, batteries, etc., and then, their effects were examined. Simultaneously, the quantity of solar radiation was also measured. The lowering of the output voltage was somewhat relaxed with the use of the trackers. Further, with the trackers used, the output voltage of the panel was small in spite of a large quantity of solar radiation compared to the case without the trackers, which was due to the restriction of the output voltage by the trackers. When measured without batteries, the output voltage of the panel was such that the load current was also influenced by the variation of insolation, so that, with a large decrease in insolation, the load current was decreased with the supply of current suspended from the panel. 7 figs., 1 tab.

  6. Performance analysis on natural energy autonomous house (HARBEMAN house); Shizen energy jiritsu house (HARBEMAN house) ni kansuru kenkyu

    Fujino, T.; Saito, T. [Tohoku University, Sendai (Japan)


    To reduce fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emission, this article introduces an actually constructed natural energy autonomous house. It has a solar collector on the south roof for hot water supply and a sky radiator on the north roof for cooling water supply. The sky radiator uses radiation cooling phenomena into the space by electromagnetic wave through the window of atmosphere. This house also has an insulated tank with a capacity of 31 m{sup 3} in its underground. In the long-term heat storage mode, the heat is collected through the solar radiation during the period from summer to spring and is stored in the underground water tank, to use it for heating and hot water supply in winter. The heat can be recovered from the garbage waste incinerator. A gas fired auxiliary boiler is used for the shortage. In the long-term heat regeneration mode, the heat is regenerated through the sky radiator during the period from spring to summer and is stored in the underground water tank, to use it for cooling in summer. For the shortage, the water is cooled using a heat pump operated by the midnight power. The insulating performance is improved by using the pair glass in windows and the glass wool in the walls. Rain water is collected in a tank with a capacity of 2 m{sup 3}, to use it for toilet water. Annual energy and water saving is equivalent to 600,000 yen. 10 refs., 10 figs., 2 tabs.

  7. Material design related investigation. Investigation on the bionic design; Zairyo sekkei kankei chosa. Bionic design ni kansuru chosa



    The biomolecular characteristics were analyzed to establish the basic technology for the utilization of artificial joint, liver and muscle. The rise in functional grade of biomolecules themselves, and inter-biomolecular recognition and bonding rationally and teleologically generates living body`s functions to form the structure and drive the molecules. Energywise extremely advantageous, those functions serve to creatively produce the artificial internal organs and elucidate the function of biotissue, if the tissue and function of living body can be artificially restructured by utilizing the biomolecular mechanism to make the tissue self-proper. It is the concept of bionic desing research. Methodologically, the inter-bimolecular action is to be synthetically analyzed through bio/physicochemistry-based computer simulation. The artificial materials excelling in adaptability to the living body are to be developed by analyzing the mechanism for the biotissue. The molecules-driving function is also to be analyzed which is generated dy the high-grade bonding of muscular and other high biomolecules. 280 refs., 69 figs., 9 tabs.

  8. Floor-supply displacement air-conditioning system; Zenmen yuka fukidashi kucho system ni kansuru gijutsu kaihatsu

    Takebayashi, Y.; Nobe, T. [Shimizu Corp., Tokyo (Japan); Hatanaka, H. [Nitto Boseki Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan); Tanabe, S. [Waseda University, Tokyo (Japan)


    This development is proposing an alternative air-conditioning method, 'floor-supply displacement air-conditioning system'. The idea comes from the principle of displacement ventilation originally, using breathable carpet tiles laid over a perforated raised floor system. In this system, fresh cool or heated air are supplied at very low velocity throughout the carpet tiles. This system has been applied to 25 buildings and total floor area reached 10,000m{sup 2}. (author)

  9. On the relationship between stacking process and resolution. 2; Jugo shori to bunkaino ni kansuru kiso kenkyu. 2

    Matsushima, J.; Rokugawa, S.; Kato, Y. [The University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan). Faculty of Engineering; Yokota, T.; Miyazaki, M. [Geological Survey of Japan, Tsukuba (Japan)


    With respect to concept of resolution in seismic exploration using the reflection method, detailed considerations were given on processes of forming the resolution as a result of arranging observation points at vibration transmitting and receiving points. In the discussion, numerical experiments were carried out, in which the scattering stacking process is applied in a model having one scatterer existing in homogeneous media. The experiments investigated an imaging formation process of the scatterer when arrangement of the vibration transmitting and receiving points were changed from a coarse condition to a dense condition while the number of transmitting and receiving points is being increased. Resolution is created if waveforms having finite frequencies are used as input, and the imaging is performed by utilizing the limited number of vibration receiving and transmitting points. If the concept of equi-travel plane is used under these conditions, the equi-travel planes perform negation with each other, and it was indicated that visual resolution is expressed by how good the negating effect is. It was discovered that such concept of the resolution is quite ambiguous in terms of engineerings. 2 refs., 17 figs.

  10. Experimental study on power augmentation of Savonius rotor; Savonius gata fusha no shutsuryoku zokyo ni kansuru jikkenteki kenkyu

    Sato, S.; Kikuchi, K.; Ushiyama, I. [Ashikaga Institute of Technology, Tochigi (Japan)


    Wind power now being used is mostly for power generation, and the power generating rotor is represented by the horizontal propeller type. The vertical type, such as Savonius rotor which uses drag force, may be used for special purposes. The Savonius rotor has been used for water pumping-up and ventilation for its characteristics of low rotational speed and high torque. The authors have proposed, based on the data collected by operating a wind mill of 10W, a method for reducing resistance by deflecting wind flowing onto the return bucket to augment drag force, in an attempt to make the system more functional. The Savonius rotor is equipped with a semi-cylindrical cover, and guide and side plates, to follow their effects. It is found that these plates work to augment power without needing expansion of sweeping area. 4 refs., 12 figs.

  11. Study on the product estimation of small wind turbines; Kogata fusha no hatsudenryo yosoku ni kansuru kenkyu

    Matsuzawa, K.; Kimura, Y.; Ushiyama, I. [Ashikaga Institute of Technology, Tochigi (Japan); Nagai, H. [Nihon Univ., Chiba (Japan). Coll. of Industrial Technology


    In order to clarify problems involved in application of Weibull probability distribution used for estimation of power production by a large wind turbine to a small wind turbine, and solutions thereof, the estimated results are compared with the observed ones. The conventional estimation method, when applied to a small wind turbine, tends to overestimate production of power, because of overestimated production in a high wind velocity range which occurs less frequently. Estimation of power produced by a wind turbine is based on working wind velocity range, determined from the furling mechanism for the power generation characteristics of the wind turbine concerned. In the case of a small wind turbine, on the other hand, better estimates are obtained from the working wind velocity range in which Weibull wind velocity distribution is used to determine probability of occurrence. For wind turbines working at low to medium wind velocities, such as Savonius wind turbine, the estimates are in fairly good agreement with the observed results, by which is meant that the conventional estimation method aided by Weibull distribution can be directly applicable to small wind turbines. 4 refs., 3 figs., 3 tabs.

  12. Research and development of jellyfish compaction technology; Kurage gen'yoka shori gijutsu ni kansuru kaihatsu kenkyu

    Uemura, N. [Kansai Electric Power Co. Inc., Osaka (Japan)


    An on-site test is conducted of devices for reducing in a short time the volume of jellyfish that flow into power plants. There are three methods to reduce the volume of jellyfish by separating water from them, which are heating, pressing, and chemical. The chemical treatment is not an object of this test because it is expected that the volume reduction rate by this method will be too low. For the achievement of a reduction rate of 80%, the two methods, physical and crushing, are compared at the laboratory level. It is found that the crushing method is superior because it can dispose of jellyfish in a shorter time. Using this method, the crushed jellyfish is separated into drain and bubbles, the latter containing jellyfish fragments. An on-site test is conducted using a general-purpose crusher. The relationship between the filter diameter (1-5mm) and the separation rate is investigated, and it is found that separation proceeds more rapidly when the filter diameter is smaller. It is found that the addition of a certain chemical accelerates the separation. COD (chemical oxygen demand) is 300-490mg/l in the drain, and BOD (biological oxygen demand) 400-500mg/l, with COD having increased by approximately 20%. A study is scheduled to be conducted using an experimental apparatus. (NEDO)

  13. Arc-welding robot. 2; Yosetsu robot

    Nishikawa, S. [Yaskawa Electric Corp., Kitakyushu (Japan)


    This is an introductory lecture on the selection and handling of arc-welding robot and was explained easily in Q and A style. This is the second of its series and extraction examples of Q and A are Q: type of stations for setting works, A: fixed, slide, inversion, rotary types and their combination, Q: station type for constructing a highly universal system for a wide variety of works, A: a highly universal robot was realized owing to external shaft control function. Recently, one robot can control a maximum of 21 shafts to cope with a variety of works, Q: off-line teaching for arc-welding robot, A: yes. It is available but does not spread as much as for spot since arc welding requires a high tracing accuracy. 12 figs.

  14. Study of impacts of north american free trade agreement over the international labor migration; Hokubei juyuboeki kyotei no kokusai rodoryoku ido ni ataeru eikyo ni kansuru kenkyu

    Koido, Akihiro [Sophia University, Tokyo (Japan). Institute of International Relations


    This project tried to analyze the effects of transnational economic integration on the immigration flow from developing countries, focusing the case of NAFTA and Mexico. Field interviews with 30 plants of Japanese and U.S. firms with regard to locational and labor market strategy made it possible to analyze concrete effects of investment on labor migration. The rapidly expanding export oriented in-bond industry is incorporating new source of labor by spatially shifting to interior states. On the other hand, new mode of global competition, centered around quality, product diversity, acceleration of product innovation, gave a special advantage to border location and gave rise to industrial agglomeration of specific sectors in specific cities. This industrial dynamics lead not to balance of labor market among regions, but to further labor migration to the north. In future, by utilizing the concept of industrial agglomeration in a more systematic manner, I would like to develop more specific understanding of migration within the context of transnational regional integration. (author)

  15. Numerical simulation for Savonius rotors. Effects of shed vortices on running performance; Savonius fusha ni kansuru suchi keisan. Hoshutsuuzu ga unten tokusei ni oyobosu eikyo

    Ishimatsu, K.; Shinohara, T.; Kage, K.; Okubayashi, T. [Oita University, Oita (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    Considerations have been given on the effects of shed vortices on running performance based on a drawing of the flow fields around a Savonius rotor with semi-circular blades (a drawing depicting the result of calculations using the finite volume method based on two-dimensional incompressible Navier-Stokes equations). A drawing of time-based change in the flow field using a relative velocity vector and an equivalent vorticity line, and a drawing of pressure distribution on the surface of and around the blades were used to indicate that the vortex behavior and the pressure field differ respectively because of increase in the circumferential speed ratio and the existence of blade clearance. The following matters are indicated: the reduction in the torque coefficient in association with increase in the circumferential speed ratio is caused importantly by the separation vortices from the rear face of a leading side blade entering into a concave portion in a return side blade; and the reason for the torque coefficient growing larger above a certain circumferential speed ratio in the case of having blade clearance than the case not having the blade clearance is because the separation vortices from the rear face of the blade become more difficult of entering into the concave portion due to a flow passing through the clearance. 4 refs., 11 figs.

  16. Study on estimating fluid force acting on a hull during maneuvering movement; Soju undoji no sentai ni sayosuru ryutairyoku no suitei ni kansuru kenkyu

    Yukawa, K.; Kijima, K. [Kyushu University, Fukuoka (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    With types of general cargo vessel and VLCC vessel as the object of discussion, a method was discussed to estimate fluid force acting theoretically on a hull during maneuvering movement, taking frame line shape into consideration. A vortex model was improved by giving consideration of time-based decay on intensity of discrete vortex lines based on the Rankine vortex. Modeling of flow fields around a hull was attempted to deal with movements in which width and draft are small as compared with the ship length, and turning angle speed and deviation angle are small. It was assumed that the ship speed is slow and effects of waves can be disregarded. Specular images of the hull were taken with regard to free surface, and handled as a double body model. Speed potential to express flow fields around a hull is required to satisfy the following five boundary conditions of Laplace, substance surface, free vortex layers, infinity and exfoliation. The potential may be handled as a two-dimensional problem in a field near the hull by using assumption of a slender and long body and conformal mapping. It was found possible to estimate hull fluid force with relatively good accuracy. Fine linear coefficients derived from the estimation were used to have performed highly accurate determination on course stabilization. 5 refs., 6 figs., 2 tabs.

  17. On the estimation method of hydrodynamic forces acting on a huge floating structure; Choogata futai ni hataraku haryoku ryutairyoku no suiteiho ni kansuru kenkyu

    Kagemoto, H.; Fujino, M.; Zhu, T. [The University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)


    A floating structure such as an international airport is anticipated to have a length of about 5,000 m and a width of about 1,000 m. A singular point method may be used as a method to estimate force that such a floating body is subjected to from waves. In order to derive a solution with practically sufficient accuracy, 1250 elements are required in the length direction and 250 elements in the width direction, or a total of 312,500 elements. Calculating this number of elements should use finally a linear equation system handling complex coefficients comprising 312,500 elements, which would require a huge amount of calculation time. This paper proposes a method to derive solution on wave forces acting on a super-large floating structure or fluid force coefficients such as added mass coefficients and decay coefficients at a practically workable calculation amount and still without degrading the accuracy. The structure was assumed to be a box-shaped structure. Strengths of the singular points to be distributed on each element were assumed to be almost constant except for edges in lateral, oblique and longitudinal waves. Under this assumption, the interior of the floating structure excepting its edges was represented by several large elements to have reduced the number of elements. A calculation method proposed based on this conception was verified of its effectiveness. 2 refs., 25 figs., 3 tabs.

  18. Fundamental study on leak detection of underground gas pipeline using passive acoustic method; Judogata onkyo keisoku ni yoru maisetsu gas dokan hason kasho no kenshutsu ni kansuru kenkyu

    Jinguji, M.; Imaizumi, H.; Kunimatsu, S.; Isei, T. [National Institute for Resources and Environment, Tsukuba (Japan)


    With an objective to detect gas leaking from an underground gas pipeline, discussions have been given on a method which utilizes acoustic characteristics of leakage. On leaking sound generated from damaged portions, the form of damaging was hypothesized as pinholes, and spectra of leaking sounds from holes with different diameters were measured. The dominant frequency decreases as the hole diameter increases, while it is in a region of relatively high frequency of 1 kHz or higher. However, detection from the ground surface was impossible when cover soil has thickness from 0.5 to 1.5 m. In an experiment to measure leaking sound inside the pipe, pressure in the pipe was adjusted to 0.02 atm which is a standard pressure for a low-pressure pipe, and the sound was measured when the hole diameters were varied. In any of the results obtained by varying the hole diameter, spectra having the dominant frequency in the region of 1 kHz or higher were measured. In addition, it was found that sound pressure difference of as much as 50 dB at maximum is generated as compared with a case of no sound leakage. The above results verified that monitoring the high frequency of 1 kHz or higher is effective in detecting leakage from small damages. 2 refs., 4 figs.

  19. Theoretical study on seaquake loads acting on a two-dimensional floating body; Nijigen futai ni hataraku kaishin kaju ni kansuru rironteki kenkyu

    Higo, Y.; Ueno, H. [Hiroshima University, Hiroshima (Japan). Faculty of Engineering; Koda, M. [Asahi Glass Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan); Nakamori, K. [Nippon Denro MFG. Co. Ltd., Osaka (Japan)


    Analyses and discussions were given on characteristics of loads as a result of seaquake acting on a floating body. In the present study, propagation of pressure waves due to vibration in sea bottom ground as propagation of underwater sound waves, and pressures in wave motion fields and loads due to seaquake acting on the floating body were derived by using the Green function which satisfies free surface conditions and sea bottom conditions. In addition, the boundary element method was used to conduct similar calculations to verify the methodological reasonability. As a result of discussions, the following results were obtained: a seaquake load has a resonant point which corresponds to an intrinsic value of the boundary value problem in a closed region; the resonant point moves according to width of the floating body, and the frequency moves to higher frequency side when water depth is shallower; compressibility of fluid cannot be ignored in the vicinity of the frequency for the resonant point; the seaquake load is proportional to width of a vibrating ground on the sea bottom, and the load in the vertical direction decreases when the center of the floating body is separated from the vibrating ground; a load in the horizontal direction presents no problems in a floating body with a shallow draft; and a moment in the lateral direction may present a larger problem than in the load in the vertical direction. 8 refs., 8 figs.

  20. Experimental studies on performance of tandem hydrofoils in high speed regions; Kosokuiki ni okeru tandem suichuyoku no seino ni kansuru jikkenteki kenkyu

    Nakatake, K.; Oda, K.; Kataoka, K. [Kyushu University, Fukuoka (Japan). Faculty of Engineering; Okada, S. [Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Tokyo (Japan); Mizuno, S. [Hitachi Zosen Corp., Osaka (Japan)


    With an objective to clarify basic performance of hydrofoils, a towing experiment was carried out on single hydrofoil and tandem hydrofoils, whose results are reported in this paper. In the experiment, the tandem hydrofoils are supported on two stays on the left and right sides, and the whole lifting power and the whole drag including those of the stays were measured by using strain gauges placed on four plate springs. Results of the experiment may be summarized as follows: in the case of the single hydrofoil, the lifting power constant varied as a result of strong impact on free surface as the shallower the hydrofoil, but corresponds to the size of the lifting power coefficient in high speed regions; in the case of the tandem hydrofoils, the smaller the submersion depth, the effects grew larger on the lifting power coefficient and the drag coefficient, similarly to the case of the single hydrofoil; and the lifting power coefficient for the leading hydrofoils changes very little as a result of change in horizontal distance between the tandem hydrofoils, but the lifting power coefficient of the rear hydrofoils vibrates due to influence from the leading hydrofoils, with the peak of the value thereof transferring to the higher speed side as the horizontal distance increases. 3 refs., 10 figs., 2 tabs.

  1. Investigation of the deposit formation in pipelines connecting liquefaction reactors; 1t/d PSU ni okeru ekika hanno tokan fuchakubutsu no seisei yoin ni kansuru ichikosatsu

    Okada, Y.; Nogami, Y.; Inokuchi, K. [Mitsui SRC Development Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan); Mochizuki, M.; Imada, K. [Nippon Steel Corp., Tokyo (Japan)


    The liquefaction reaction system of an NEDOL process coal liquefaction 1t/d PSU was opened and checked to investigate the cause of the rise of differential pressure between liquefaction reactors of the PSU. The liquefaction test at a coal concentration of 50 wt% using Tanito Harum coal was conducted, and it was found that the differential pressure between reactors was on the increase. By the two-phase flow pressure loss method, deposition thickness of deposit in pipelines was estimated at 4.4mm at the time of end operation, which agreed with a measuring value obtained from a {gamma} ray. The rise of differential pressure was caused by deposit formation in pipelines connecting reactors. The main component of the deposit is calcite (CaCO3 60-70%) and is the same as the usual one. It is also the same type as the deposit on the reactor wall. Ca in coal ash is concerned with this. To withdraw solid matters deposited in the reactor, there are installed pipelines for the withdrawal at the reactor bottom. The solid matters are regularly purged by reverse gas for prevention of clogging. As the frequency of purge increases, the deposit at the reactor bottom decreases, but the deposit attaches strongly to pipelines connecting reactors. It is presumed that this deposit is what Ca to be discharged out of the system as a form of deposition solid matter naturally in the Ca balance precipitated as calcite in the pipeline connecting the reactor. 3 refs., 5 figs., 4 tabs.

  2. Coal liquefaction in early stage of NEDOL process 1t/d PSU; 1t/d PSU ni okeru ekika shoki hanno ni kansuru kento

    Ikeda, K.; Kawabata, M.; Mochizuki, M.; Imada, K. [Nippon Steel Corp., Tokyo (Japan); Nogami, Y.; Inokuchi, K. [Mitsui SRC Development Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    To investigate the behavior of coal liquefaction reaction in early stage as a part of studies on the coal liquefaction characteristics using NEDOL process 1 t/d process supporting unit (PSU), coal slurry sample was taken from the outlet of slurry preheater located in the upflow of liquefaction reactors, and was tested. Tanito Harum coal was used for liquefaction. Preheater was operated under the condition of pressure of 170 kg/cm{sup 2}, gas flow rate of 64 Nm{sup 3}/hr, and at temperature up to 410{degree}C at the outlet, in response to the standard test condition. The slurry sample was discharged into a high temperature separator with temperature of 250{degree}C. Liquefaction was not proceeded at the outlet of preheater. Solid residue yielded around 80%, and liquid yielded around 15%. Gases, CO and CO2, and water yielded also small amount around 3%. The solid sample contained much IOM fraction (tetrahydrofuran-insoluble and ash), and the liquid contained much heavy oil fraction. Hydrogenation was not proceeded, and the hydrogen consumption was very low showing below one-tenth of that at the usual operation. Hydrogen sulfide gas was formed at early stage, which suggested that the change of iron sulfide catalyst occur at early stage of liquefaction. 1 ref., 5 figs., 2 tabs.

  3. Survey on weather changes associated with large-scale tree-planting. 2; Daikibo ryokuka ni tomonau kiko henka ni kansuru chosa. 2



    An investigational study was made for large-scale tree-planting aiming at CO2 fixation. Water resource and precipitation relating to tree-planting were determined from NASA data and arranged into the global distribution map. It was found that Australia and the Chinese continent are under the relatively favorable condition. As for the soil condition, nutrition resource is short in the desert and unused zone. From the vegetation data obtained from meteorological satellite NOAA, developed was a method for estimating net primary productivity of terrestrial ecosystem and obtained was a global distribution map for the amount of CO2 fixed under the present terrestrial vegetation. At the same time, areas which have great potentiality of tree-planting were selected from the map for estimating potentiality of the global tree-planting. To study the promotion of rainfall as a means of expanding the potential tree-planting area, the conventional meteorological and physical model was improved, and more realistic simulation was made possible. Also as to the water utilization technology, the modeling method was developed. As the area having a potentiality of expanding tree-planting, Australia (especially the west) was cited as the first candidate, and China the second candidate. 108 refs., 128 figs., 49 tabs.

  4. Global environmental benefits of industrial heat pumps (fiscal 1993); 1993 nendo koon heat pumping gijutsu ni yoru chikyu ondanka keigen koka ni kansuru chosa kenkyu hokokusho



    An investigational study was conducted aiming at making a quantitative grasp of effects of the spread of industrial heat pumps on energy conservation and greenhouse gas reduction and at promoting the spread. Finally, the following eight countries joined this international joint research: Canada, France, Japan, Holland, Norway, Sweden, the U.K. and the U.S. Each country share the work and expenses for the research with each other. Japan made investigational researches on the application of heat pumps to processes of the chemical industry, oil refining industry, food industry, paper/pulp industry, and dyeing/weaving industry, and on the effects of greenhouse gas reduction. As procedures taken, values up to 2010 were estimated of energy prices in each country, energy supply/demand, rates of the heat source configuration for electric power supply, etc., the heat flow of the above-mentioned process was made clear, and analyses were conducted of annual profits, energy consumption, and depreciation period in the case of adopting heat pumps. Moreover, the energy conservation amount and greenhouse effect gas reduction amount were estimated based on the result of the analyses. 69 figs., 196 tabs.

  5. Investigational study on the development, production and wide spread of welfare apparatus in north Europe; Hokuo ni okeru fukushi yogu no kaihatsu seisan fukyu ni kansuru chosa kenkyu



    For the purpose of grasping the present situation of the development/production/spread of welfare apparatus in north Europe, an investigation was conducted paying visits to Sweden and Denmark. Basically in the Swedish policy for handicapped persons, disablement is defined not only as features which belong to each individual, but as problems arising when the environment surrounding each individual touches one another. Moreover, characteristics of their policies on welfare apparatus are that major welfare apparatus can be provided for the disabled free of charge, and that the government and public organs play a major role in each step of the development, evaluation, distribution and provision of welfare apparatus. Features of the market of welfare apparatus are that users and buyers of the apparatus are different persons, that a public corporation called SUB participates in determining selling prices, etc., and that the market reflects needs and requests from users comparatively naturally. The needs for welfare apparatus at the Research Institute of Handicapped Persons are grasped through opinion exchanges with groups of handicapped persons or information exchanges with the technical aid center. 3 refs., 11 figs., 10 tabs.

  6. Evaluation for characteristics of around the Nojima fault; Butsuri tansa ni yoru `Nojima jishin danso` shuhen no jiban bussei ni kansuru ichihyoka

    Shimizu, K.; Tsuji, T. [Newjec Inc., Osaka (Japan); Tsuji, M. [OYO Corp., Tokyo (Japan)


    Various surveys were conducted for the area around the Nojima fault, including ground surface, two-dimensional electrical and boring surveys and elastic wave tomography, in order to grasp properties of the ground around the `Nojima earthquake fault.` The resistivity image method as one of the two-dimensional electrical methods was used to grasp fault shapes over a wide range of the 1.6km long section extending between Esaki and Hirabayashi. The courses of traverse were set in the direction almost perpendicular to the fault. Boreholes were excavated and elastic wave tomography was conducted between the boreholes on the 9th and 17th courses of traverse, to confirm ground/mountain conditions and to compare the results with observed elastic wave velocities. Very low resistivities are observed at places where granite is distributed, suggesting that the fault-induced changes are not limited to the area around the fault. The zone in which elastic wave velocity decreases is narrow, 10m at the longest, at a velocity of 2.4km/s or lower, which is a low velocity for that propagating in granite. 5 refs., 4 figs.

  7. Questionnaire investigation for the earthquake in Honjo city and Yazawa city, Akita Prefecture; Jishin ni kansuru ishiki chosa (Akitaken Honjoshi oyobi Yuzawashi ni okeru anketo kara)

    Nogoshi, M. [Akita University, Akita (Japan). College of Education; Kabutoya, S.


    Consciousness for the earthquake was investigated by questionnaire surveys made in Honjo City and Yuzawa City, Akita Pref. in October 1995 twelve years after the Nihonkai Chubu Earthquake (M=7.7) in May 1983. The survey was conducted in terms of 27 items including personality, memory, knowledge/interest, psychology/action, mental attitude/preparations, wishes for researchers and administration, etc. Also included were the items on the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake and the earthquake blank areas. The number of distributed questionnaires and the recovery rate of them are 1500 and 79.2% in Honjo City, and 1700 and 84.7% in Yuzawa City. From the survey, it was found that people have a lot of knowledge of and high interest in the earthquake and well remember it, and a lot of people know of tsunami, liquefaction phenomena, and the earthquake blank area. Further, they are afraid of earthquakes and think of their actions to be taken in case of earthquake. However, most people are little prepared for earthquakes. Important future subjects were suggested for the study of disaster prevention measures. 13 figs.

  8. Study on load levelling by means of the control of air conditioner operation; Kuchoki kado seigyo ni yoru fuka heijunka ni kansuru ichikosatsu

    Sasaki, H. [Hiroshima University, Hiroshima (Japan); Sadakuni, S. [Japan Broadcasting Corp., Tokyo (Japan)


    The recent drastic increase in the number of air conditioners has caused sharp and narrow peaks in summer seasons due to the inherent temperature sensitive characteristics. The authors proposed to reduce the peak power demand by controlling air conditioner operations, verifying its effectiveness on peak demand clipping. However, the former study has shortcomings in that any qualitative treatment of room temperatures or pleasant feeling was not attempted and it did not provide a way of assessing peak demand clipping in a power system as a whole. In this paper, we shall first propose a new control method that can compromise pleasant feeling and reduction in power demand. Although air conditioners are used to pursue `pleasant feeling`, this contradicts to reduce power consumption and further more the concept of `pleasant feeling` is very vague. Hence, `Weber-Fechner`s law` is utilized to quantify the pleasant feeling which is treated as fuzzy quantity. Fuzzy co-ordination method is used to compromise power demand curtailment and pleasantness. In the second part of this paper, we shall propose an approach of assessing the amount of peak load clipping when the newly proposed control strategy is adopted in a real size power system: A decrease in the required generation capacity is estimated provided that the Loss of Load Probability (LOLP) is maintained at the same level before and after the application of the new control strategy. The reduction can be regarded as a dividend of load management. 5 refs., 9 figs., 5 tabs.

  9. Investigations on an environment friendly chemical reaction process (eco-chemistry). 2; Kankyo ni yasashii kagaku hanno process (eko chemistry) ni kansuru chosa. 2



    In order to structure a chemical reaction process that does not discharge a large amount of waste by-products or harmful chemical substances, or so-called environment friendly process, investigations and discussions were given based on the results derived in the previous fiscal year. A proposal was made to reduce environmental load on development of oxidized and dehydrogenated catalysts that can produce selectively ethylene, propylene and isobutylene in an oxidation process. In liquid phase oxidation, redox-based oxidation and solid catalyzation of automatic oxidation reaction were enumerated. In acid base catalyst reaction, development of ultra strong solid acid was described to structure no pollution discharging process. In the fine chemical and pharmaceutical fields, the optical active substance method and the position-selective aromatics displacement reaction were evaluated to reduce environmental load. A questionnaire survey performed on major chemical corporations inside and outside the country revealed the following processes as the ones that can cause hidden environmental problems: processes discharging large amount of wastes, processes treating dangerous materials, and processes consuming large amount of energy. Development of catalysts is important that can realize high yield, high selectivity and reactions under mild conditions as a future environment harmonizing chemical process. 117 refs., 23 figs., 22 tabs.

  10. Few remarks on some factors in maintaining temperature of basement; Chikashitsu no hoonsei ni oyobosu shoyoin ni kansuru nisan no chiken

    Inada, Y. [Ehime University, Ehime (Japan). Faculty of Engineering; Shimasaki, O. [Ehime University, Ehime (Japan); Ueda, T. [Takenaka Corp., Osaka (Japan); Matsumoto, T. [Nissan Construction Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan); Sugi, G.


    Noticing on temperature maintaining effect of a basement, three types of full scale model basements were used to measure temperature change in the surrounding ground and rooms in the basement and discuss effects of ground temperature variation on the basement. Thermal property values were derived on the surrounding ground affecting the temperature maintainability of the basement, and temperature analysis was performed on a model assuming the basement to discuss effects of difference in size occupying under the ground on change in room temperatures. Then, assuming a case of using heat insulating materials in the basement, discussions were given on the consumed energy required for air conditioning. Underground temperature has its change to decrease as the ground depth increases throughout a year, and particularly at depths greater than 50 cm, no daily temperature change can be seen. Because of this effect, the greater the underground occupying size in the basement, the smaller the temperature change. Distributions of heat diffusion rate, heat capacity, and heat conductivity can be estimated by deriving water content ratio distribution. When air conditioning is carried out in the basement, applying the heat insulating materials on the inner side of a room is more effective. Energy conservation may be expected because the room temperature is stabilized. 9 refs., 27 figs., 4 tabs.

  11. Survey of the trend of technical development and industrial policies in Asian countries; Asia shokoku ni okeru gijutsu kaihatsu no doko to sangyo gijutsu seisaku ni kansuru chosa



    A sharp rise in industrial productivity in Asia countries indicates a rising level of R and D technology. Since Japan has not clearly grasped the R and D ability in these countries, it has not given appropriate personnel/material R and D support to them. Therefore, for the purpose of exactly grasping the R and D ability of Asian countries (Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia and India) and studying an effective and appropriate method for R and D cooperation, a survey was conducted of R and D potentials in Asia and R and D support policies of the countries. As a result of the survey, the following are taken up as items to be considered: promotion of exchanges between Tsukuba, etc. in Japan and research/university towns and science parks being constructed in lots of countries, participation of private companies in high-tech joint work in cooperation with Japan, sending information from Japan using internet, etc. and exact grasp of needs at partner side, cooperation given to new comers without asking for research results (use of OB researchers, etc.) 25 refs., 39 figs., 59 tabs.

  12. Study on the swirling flow field in a rotating cylinder. 3rd Report. Experiment; Kaiten kannai ni okeru senkai nagareba ni kansuru kenkyu. 3. Jikken

    Kishibe, T. [Hitachi, Ltd., Tokyo (Japan); Kaji, S. [The University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    In the previous papers, the swirling flow field in a rotating hollow turbine shaft was solved using computational fluid dynamics. It was observed that a large-scale spiral vortex existed at a place where the swirling flow turned radially outward. In this report, the pressure fluctuations in the swirling flow field are measured. The main part of the internal cooling air system of a gas turbine is used as the experimental apparatus. A specially devised liner in inserted inside the hollow turbine shaft and ten pressure sensors are embedded axially and circumferentially in the liner to measure the unsteady wall pressures. The pressure fluctuations which have the same characteristics as the rotating spiral vortex predicted in the numerical results are captured. The amplitude is great at the sensors near the place where the vortex was predicted in the numerical results and the precession frequency of the rotating spiral vortex is in close agreement with the calculated frequency. (author)

  13. Study on the impact assessment for the life cycle assessment (LCA); Kankyo fuka bunseki ni okeru impact assessment ni kansuru chosa



    This report describes the impact assessment which is an important step for LCA. For classification of the impact assessment, the existing literature was reviewed and a skeleton for the classification was proposed. The weighting factors for nine selected impact categories, which were used to calculate environmental load point (ELP) for the valuation, were obtained for two overseas groups, i.e., students of Amsterdam University and SETAC Europe members. It was found that the former provided the similar trends to general Japanese, however that the latter gave high weighting in the global warming and depletion of ozone layer. The ELP was proposed and applied to automatic washing machine, coffee maker, waste incineration power generation system, and co-generation system. As a result, its effectiveness was demonstrated. This report also describes problems for the LCA of thermal and material recycling of PS trays. 99 refs., 96 figs., 73 tabs.

  14. Investigation into the analysis method of total ecobalance in chemical industry products. 3; Kagaku kogyo seihin ni okeru total eko balance no bunseki shuho ni kansuru chosa. 3



    For the purpose of establishing a total life-cycle ecobalance analysis (LCA) method, the paper studied making of a general computer program for chemical industry products. The study has been made on general-purpose plastics (PET/PSP (polystyrene paper)) since fiscal 1993 aiming at making the CO2 emission computing program covering the entire process of production from extraction of raw materials through waste disposal. In fiscal 1995, the following were conducted for enhancement of generalization of the method: expansion of environmental load items and increase in validity of the concept, and expansion of database. Notice was taken of not only CO2 but SOx, NOx and water quality load items. The survey was made on the recycling situation in Japan and abroad and the PET recycling plant , and environmental load item data are collected to expand database. The program was verified by analyzing an example of reusing PET bottle to carpet, and one-step development can be made toward the establishment of the method. Moreover, an analysis was made for the environmental assessment of the related programs abroad, and a tentative original plan can be proposed for the standardization of environmental load analysis and the integrated assessment method. 39 refs., 130 figs., 76 tabs.

  15. Studies on surface tension effect for free surface flow around floating models; Futai mokei mawari no jiyu hyomenryu ni oyobosu hyomen choryoku no eikyo ni kansuru kenkyu

    Suzuki, K. [Yokohama National Univ., Yokohama (Japan). Faculty of Engineering; Akiba, H. [Toyo Construction Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    The effect of surface tension on free surface flow around floating models is discussed experimentally and numerically. Three-dimensional free surface flow around vertical circular cylinders floating in a circulating water channel was visually observed, where a surface-active agent was added to water. The results are analyzed using Weber number. The numerical analysis was done for vertical cylinder and CY100 models using the Rankine source method. Weber number of at least around 120 is necessary to eliminate the effect of surface tension from free surface flow around the CY100 model. The numerical analysis for the cylinder model needs simulation with wavelength shorter than that of free surface wave used by the Rankine source method. The model for the resistance test should be at least around 7m long to eliminate the effect of surface tension at Froude number of 0.1 or higher. 15 refs., 12 figs., 2 tabs.

  16. Topographical effects on wave exciting forces on huge floating structure. 2; Ogata futaishiki kaiyo kozobutsu ni sayosuru haryoku ni kansuru kenkyu. 2

    Imai, Y. [Hiroshima University, Hiroshima (Japan); Okusu, M. [Kyushu Univ., Fukuoka (Japan). Research Inst. for Applied Mechanics


    A method to predict drift force acting on a floating structure has been developed for a marine structure consisting of a number of floating elements, positioned in a region having a slope at the sea bottom. When a huge marine structure, such as floating air port, is located in a coastal area, scale of the overall structure is very large, of the order of scale of water depth change. The new method assumes that a marine structure consisting of an infinite number of cylindrical floating elements is installed in parallel to the seashore, where symmetrical nature of the configuration allows to predict behavior of the whole system by analyzing one element. Integration of pressures acting on structure surfaces determines the horizontal component of the drift force acting on the structure. Being influenced by topography, drift force predicted peaks at a frequency different from that for the level predicted on the assumption of constant water depth. This indicates the necessity for consideration of seabottom slope and effects of broken waves at the seashore. 6 refs., 12 figs.

  17. Investigational study of the CO2 balance in high temperature CO2 separation technology; Nisanka tanso koon bunri gijutsu ni okeru CO2 balance ni kansuru chosa kenkyu



    An investigational study was conducted to clarify the adaptable environment and effectivity of technologies of high temperature separation/recovery/reutilization of CO2. In the study, data collection, arrangement and comparison were made of various separation technologies such as the membrane method, absorption method, adsorption method, and cryogenic separation method. With the LNG-fired power generation as an example, the adaptable environment and effectivity were made clear by making models by a process simulator, ASPEN PLUS. Moreover, using this simulator, effects of replacing the conventional steam reforming of hydrocarbon with the CO2 reforming were made clear with the methanol synthesis as an example. As to the rock fixation treatment of high temperature CO2, collection/arrangement were made of the data on the fixation treatment of the CO2 separated at high temperature into basic rocks such as peridotite and serpentinite in order to clarify the adaptable environment and effectivity of the treatment. Besides, a potentiality of the fixation to concrete waste was made clear. 57 refs., 57 figs., 93 tabs.

  18. Study of the influence of microgravity on the biological cells and molecular level; Seitai saibo bunshi level ni okeru bisho juryoku no eikyo ni kansuru kenkyu



    The shape of osteoblast, gene appearance, gene of rice blast, cellular fusion of plants, gravity acceptance mechanism of unicellular organisms, and physiological and immunity functions of mice were investigated under the microgravity condition. The influence of gravity on the vital reaction and the influence of microgravity on the crystallization of vital substances were also investigated. For the observation of osteoblast, the fluorescence dye reacted with Ca was well taken in the cells. The microgravity affected the stability of rice blast, but hardly affected the protoplast culture of mushroom. The reaction of ciliate against the gravity related to the specific gravity difference between cells and outer liquid. The level of adrenaline in blood of mice increased during the drop. The moving speed of trigger waves of chemical parallel slit formed at the BZ reaction under the microgravity became 60% to 80% of that on the ground. In the case of crystallization at the deposition agent concentration of 1% to 4%, the turbidity showing the degree of crystallization changed complicatedly. Nine processes of crystal growth were recognized. 21 refs., 55 figs., 1 tab.

  19. Study on wind resistant design of long-span bridges based on field observation result; Dotai kansoku kekka ni motozuku chodaikyo no taifu sekkei ni kansuru kosatsu

    Katsuchi, H.; Tada, K.; Kitagawa, M.


    Based on records of strong wind and bridge response to the 19th typhoon in 1991 and 13th typhoon in 1993 at the Onaruto Bridge and the Minami Bisan-Seto Bridge as well as results of numerical analysis, the validity of wind resistant design was investigated. The validity of current wind resistant design was confirmed for the intensity of turbulence and the power spectrum among the natural wind properties. The spatial correlation property was expressed better by Karman`s correlation equation than by usual exponential function equation. The bridge response value was evaluated well by using Karman`s correlation equation, as to bridge response properties, and especially the gust response properties. It was more rational to apply Karman`s correlation equation rather than usual exponential equation to the wind resistant design of long-span bridges. It was suggested that the evaluation of the wind load in the wind resistant design can be reduced. Accordingly, the design of long-span bridges, whose structures can be determined by the wind load, can be rationalized. 20 refs., 13 figs., 2 tabs.

  20. Topographical effects on wave exciting forces on huge floating structure. 2; Ogata futaishiki kaiyo kozobutsu ni sayosuru haryoku ni kansuru kenkyu. 2

    Imai, Y. [Hiroshima University, Hiroshima (Japan); Okusu, M. [Kyushu Univ., Fukuoka (Japan). Research Inst. for Applied Mechanics


    A method to predict drift force acting on a floating structure has been developed for a marine structure consisting of a number of floating elements, positioned in a region having a slope at the sea bottom. When a huge marine structure, such as floating air port, is located in a coastal area, scale of the overall structure is very large, of the order of scale of water depth change. The new method assumes that a marine structure consisting of an infinite number of cylindrical floating elements is installed in parallel to the seashore, where symmetrical nature of the configuration allows to predict behavior of the whole system by analyzing one element. Integration of pressures acting on structure surfaces determines the horizontal component of the drift force acting on the structure. Being influenced by topography, drift force predicted peaks at a frequency different from that for the level predicted on the assumption of constant water depth. This indicates the necessity for consideration of seabottom slope and effects of broken waves at the seashore. 6 refs., 12 figs.

  1. Studies on surface tension effect for free surface flow around floating models; Futai mokei mawari no jiyu hyomenryu ni oyobosu hyomen choryoku no eikyo ni kansuru kenkyu

    Suzuki, K. [Yokohama National Univ., Yokohama (Japan). Faculty of Engineering; Akiba, H. [Toyo Construction Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    The effect of surface tension on free surface flow around floating models is discussed experimentally and numerically. Three-dimensional free surface flow around vertical circular cylinders floating in a circulating water channel was visually observed, where a surface-active agent was added to water. The results are analyzed using Weber number. The numerical analysis was done for vertical cylinder and CY100 models using the Rankine source method. Weber number of at least around 120 is necessary to eliminate the effect of surface tension from free surface flow around the CY100 model. The numerical analysis for the cylinder model needs simulation with wavelength shorter than that of free surface wave used by the Rankine source method. The model for the resistance test should be at least around 7m long to eliminate the effect of surface tension at Froude number of 0.1 or higher. 15 refs., 12 figs., 2 tabs.

  2. Study of installation of PV systems at campus; Campus ni okeru taiyoko hatsuden donyu ni kansuru kenkyu (taiyo denchi nomi wo secchishita baai no yobi kento)

    Tsuboi, N.; Tanaka, H.; Okumiya, M. [Nagoya University, Nagoya (Japan)


    In terms of energy consumption, environmentality and economical efficiency in the case of installing the photovoltaic power system on the rooftop of the university campus, a comparative study was conducted with other power generation systems. As objects to be comparatively studied, selected were the all-electric type centralized space heating/cooling system, cogeneration system, nighttime heat storage system and centralized system with solar cells installed. The panel area of the PV system is 10,000m{sup 2} on the rooftop and 7,000{sup 2} on the outer wall. About data on solar radiation, average values obtained in Nagoya were used. Assessment was made in terms of energy consumption amount at the time of operation, system COP, emission amounts of CO2, NOx and SOx at the time of manufacturing and operation, initial cost, running cost, etc. As a result of the study, an effect of reducing global warming gas was admitted in the PV system. However, the initial cost of the solar cell panel was high, and the life cycle cost of the PV system was lower than other systems. 1 ref., 7 figs., 3 tabs.

  3. Experimental study on particulate materials collected by a concave of sea floor; Kaitei kubochi ni hoshusareru ryujobutsu ni kansuru jikkenteki kosatsu

    Hoshika, A.; Tanimoto, T. [Government Industrial Research Chugoku, Hiroshima (Japan)


    As one of the method of sea cleaning method, an idea where concave is dredged on the sea floor and suspended substances and polluted sediment particles are collected, is popular. In this research, simple experiment was carried out for collecting the materials by using a polyvinylchloride cylindrical vessel (50cm in diameter, 70cm in depth) set on the sea floor of Osaka Bay area and fundamental study about the quality of collected materials, collection effectiveness and so forth was carried out. Further, along with the collection experiment, measurement of degree of pollution and investigation of bottom laminar flow which is thought to be the direct outer force for particulate material movement were carried out in order to study the flow mechanism of particulate materials. As a result, with the setting of collection vessel, particulate materials about 9 times more than that of estimated natural sedimentation amount were collected. This corresponds to the 5% of the horizontal flux of suspended substances in the bottom layer water. Among the collected particulate materials, about 30% are suspended substances, about 70% are surface sediment substances. This kind of method, when combined suitably with the method for removing collected particulate materials, can be one of the effective method for the purification of polluted sediment materials. 8 refs., 9 figs., 3 tabs.

  4. Experimental study on the estimation method of hydrodynamic force acting on floating offshore structures; Futaishiki kaiyo kozobutsu ni kuwawaru ryutairyoku no suiteiho ni kansuru jikkenteki kenkyu

    Hoshino, K.; Kato, S. [Ship Research Inst., Tokyo (Japan); Koterayama, W. [Kyushu Univ., Fukuoka (Japan). Research Inst. for Applied Mechanics


    In the design of various floating offshore structures (FOS), the functionality, safety and amenity of FOSs were examined by estimating responses of FOSs to environmental external forces such as wave, wind and flow. In this paper, the estimation method of drag acting on the whole FOS was established by combining previous study results on hydrodynamic force acting on various bodies such as Reynolds number effect (RNE), 3-D effect (TDE) and interference effect (IE). This hydrodynamic force was also compared with that obtained from the experiment result on a FOS model for TLP to confirm the applicability of this estimation method. The estimation result on the drag coefficient in steady flow by considering RNE, TDE and IE well agreed with experimental one. The drag coefficient acting on FOSs in heaving could be estimated in practically sufficient accuracy by considering drag acting on not columns but only square columns. The estimation result on the drag coefficient acting on FOSs in surging by considering RNE, TDE and IE well agreed with experimental one. 12 refs., 10 figs., 1 tab.

  5. Model experiments on imaging subsurface fracture permeability by pulsed Doppler borehole televiewer; Pulse doppler borehole televiewer ni yoru kiretsu tosuisei hyoka ni kansuru model jikken

    Inagaki, Y.; Niitsuma, H. [Tohoku University, Sendai (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    This paper reports model experiments to evaluate flow rates of fluids passing through a fracture by using a Doppler borehole televiewer (DBHTV). A supersonic transducer disposed on a well axis transmits transmission pulses, and a transducer receives scattered waves generated by particulates in water and waves reflected on a well wall. This signal is applied with time gating to extract only the scattered waves from particulates in the vicinity of the well wall. Deriving spectra in the recorded Doppler signal obtains flow velocity components in the direction of the well radius. A model was made with a polyvinylchloride pipe with a diameter of 14.6 cm to simulate a well, to which an aluminum pipe with an inner diameter of 2 mm is connected to be used as a simulated fracture, and mud water is circulated in the pipe. The result of deriving a passed flow volume in this model by integrating flow rate distribution derived by using the above method to a predetermined range in the vicinity of the fracture showed a good proportional relationship with actual flow rate in the simulated fracture. 1 ref., 7 figs.

  6. Experimental study on onset of asthma like symptoms by diesel exhausts particles (DEP); Diesel haiki biryushi (DEP) ni yoru zensoku yo byotai no hassho ni kansuru jikkenteki kenkyu

    Sagai, M. [National Research Inst. for Environmental Studies, Tsukuba (Japan)


    By experiments using mice, facts which suggest that diesel exhaust particles (DEP) produce a large amount of superoxide (O2{sup -})by chemical or biochemical reaction and this superoxide causes lung injury with a result of asthma like symptoms. It is verified, by the use of mice, that four fundamental symptoms of the onset of asthma like symptoms, i.e. rise of blood vessel permeability, mucus hypersecretion, inflammation accompanying chronic eosinophil infiltration, and airway hyperresponsiveness, are caused by DEP. It can be derived from the fact that mankind asthma may also be caused by DEP. The knowledge obtained by this experiment, which indicates that DEP causes chronic inflammation accompanying eosinophil infiltration, may add important information to the study on the causal relationship of DEP with asthma symptoms. 31 refs., 15 figs., 1 tab.

  7. Experimental investigation of the effects of the car driver`s postures on sleepiness; Chakuza shisei ga nemuke ni oyobosu eikyo ni kansuru kenkyu

    Komatsudani, M.; Okamura, C. [Toyo Seat Co. Ltd., Hiroshima (Japan); Nishiyama, S. [Hiroshima City Industrial Technology Institute, Hiroshima (Japan); Nozawa, T.; Nishikawa, K. [Matsuda Motor Corp., Hiroshima (Japan); Hori, T.; Hayashi, M. [Hiroshima University, Hiroshima (Japan)


    Effects of car driver`s postures on sleepiness were experimentally investigated. For the measurement method of EEG (electroencephalogram), bipolar induction was adopted, to record Cz and Pz using those at left ear as standard by international 10-20 electrode method. In addition, differential potential was recorded between locations of Cz and Pz. The time constant of EEG was set in 0.3 sec. Brain waves were measured for one minute under open and close eye conditions before and after each test as EEG at the rest. For the measurement of EOG (electro-oculograph), vertical and horizontal eye motions were observed. Induced potential change was measured by attaching silver-silver chloride electrode at the time constant 1.5 sec. For the measurement of SPL (skin potential level), the palm of left hand was used as a measuring point and the left front arm was used as a reference point for attaching electrodes. The danger of sleepiness was provided by the boring driving conditions independent of driver`s postures. There was a difference of relaxation time due to the driver`s postures. It was difficult to avoid sleepiness by adjusting the relative angle between seat and seat back. However, it was found that the angle 110deg was most suitable for avoiding sleepiness. 7 refs., 5 figs., 2 tabs.

  8. Research on giving antibacteria activity of tailored dental materials; Gin ion ni yoru shikayo zairyo no kokinsei fuyo ni kansuru kenkyu



    The secondary dental caries easily occur by breeding of bacteria in cavities between living body and composite resin, false tooth or root of tailored tooth as tooth repairing materials. The antibacteria activity of tailored dental materials was thus studied by implanting Ag ion. The antibacteria effect with time after culture of caries bacteria was studied by implanting Ag ion into SiO2 powder, PMMA samples and Ti alloy samples at 20 and 200keV in energy of ion. In addition, the antibacteria activity of SiO2 powder as composite material was found at 25keV which was previously effective for the antibacteria activity. This SiO2 filler (Ag{sup +} filler) showed the antibacteria activity on every bacteria sample after 2h, and in particular, could kill all of 3 kinds of bacteria obtained from a composite resin surface after 12h. The number of living S. salivarius was reduced by half after 12h. The application of the composite resin filler implanted with Ag{sup +} is significant to prevent recurrence of caries. 5 refs., 27 figs., 7 tabs.

  9. Study on the effect of measurement points upon reduced added mass matrix; Shukusho fuka shitsuryo matrix ni okeru kansokuten no eikyo ni kansuru kenkyu

    Funaki, T.; Hayashi, S. [Osaka University, Osaka (Japan). Faculty of engineering


    It is known in estimating vibration characteristics of a ship that fluid range affects largely a structure. A parameter calculation was performed on node vibration in the vertical direction of a rotating elliptic body such as a ship to investigate the effect of an arranging method of the measurement points upon the result of the analysis. As a result, it is thought that equivalent interval arrangement of 21 measurement points would be sufficient in a lower order side mode of vibrations with less than four nodes. An analysis of calculations performed by arranging measurement points in experimental measurement points revealed that analysis accuracy would not increase even if the number of measurement points is increased if it is done so without considering rotation vector. An experiment was carried out with the number of measurement points increased to verify the above fact, with which the analysis was verified correct. Therefore, as has been forecasted in the previous report, the cause for the analysis accuracy deterioration in a high order mode may be estimated as the effect of the rotation vector. However, since it is not the situation that an analysis considering the rotation vector has been conducted, it cannot be concluded yet that the effect of the rotation vector is the sole cause. 4 refs., 14 figs., 7 tabs.

  10. Investigation on innovation of technology development by means of strategic energy intelligence; Energy senryakurontekina approach ni yoru gijutsu kaihatsu no kakushin ni kansuru chosa



    For the purpose of developing the future innovative energy technology, the paper described a strategic point of view. Effects of the energy issue are remarkable on the next generation and thereafter as seen in the finite of energy resource, global-scale environmental changes, the increasing energy demand, natural/social influences of large-scale technology development. If the technological development is going on in the same way as until now, there will appear limits. Relating to the strategies, to seek what energy should be among the strategies, it is necessary to consider not only global-scale problems but particular conditions in Japan (self-sufficiency, international cooperation, creativity, etc.) Also, wisdom and technique are necessary to attain it. Technological development in a wide sense plays a major role in the energy strategy. Technology innovation must be advanced according to the energy strategy. Integrating ideology into the development of energy technology and selecting therefrom developmental subjects which meet the purpose, required is the construction of the energy system with high flexibility and functionality. Looking at the conventional way of thinking from a different angle and posing a future pull plan, Japan should show leadership to the world. 20 refs., 25 figs., 8 tabs.

  11. Interface Physical Chemistry of Enamel (3). Action of Cobalt at Enamel Reaction; Horo ni kansuru kaimen butsurikagakuteki kenkyu (3). Horo kaimen ni oyobosu kabaruto no sayo

    Shirasaki, Masahiro.; Shimizu, Tadao.; Kozuka, Tatsuya. [Chiba Institute of Technology, Chiba (Japan), Department of Industrial Chemistry; Jiang, Zhaohua. [Harbi Institute of Technology, Harbin (China), Department of Applied Chemistry


    The effect of cobalt on enamel reaction was studied using Co-vitreous enamel. Observation and analysis of Co-vitreous enamel interface were performed with scanning electron microscope, X-ray photoelectron spectrometer and X-ray diffractometer. The following results were obtained. (1) The sunken parts of Co-vitreous enamel interface were formed by erosion of the base iron. Cobalt and iron deposited on the base iron and formed convex parts. Further, the convex parts grew by firing from the initial interface towards the glass (enamel layer) side. (2) Interface layer of Co-vitreous enamel was consisted of two layers. The first interface layer was very thin and consisted of CoFe{sub 2}O{sub 4} or FeFe{sub 2}O{sub 4}. The second interface layer was the iron solid solution containing cobalt. The thickness of Co-vitreous enamel reaction layer was thicker than the rough parts (3) The Co-vitreous enamel reaction was a galvanic cell reaction between base iron and cobalt ion in glass. Cobalt circulate by reaction as deposition, oxidation and dissolution. (author)

  12. Research of environmental bioecosensing technology using ecological information. Part 2; Seitaikei joho ni yoru kankyo bio ecosencing gijutsu ni kansuru chosa. 2



    Basic considerations of exploring and cultivating environmental reporter organisms are summarized. Mechanism of genetic engineering amplification and molecular biological amplification, and approach to combining them to a hardware as a bioindicator system are investigated. For the current status of molecular biological measurement technology for measuring ecological environment and its application, environmental diagnosis from a phyropathological viewpoint, environmental diagnosis using microorganisms, test fabrication of genetic sensor, and overseas examples of environmental monitoring network are described. For the application of ecological information and functions for developing innovative environmental remediation technology, issues and potential areas for research and development regarding the bioremediation technology in which the US has achieved a progress for the benefit of soil environment remediation are summarized. For the phytoremediation, an area of bioremediation, the metabolism of microorganisms which live in the rhizosphere, and the technology for controlling the microorganisms in the soil through plants are investigated. 66 refs., 50 figs., 17 tabs.

  13. Study on vibration fatigue damage due to the blow of OPGW aluminum tube; OPGW aluminium kan no kyofu ni yoru shindo hiro hason ni kansuru kenkyu

    Aikawa, S.; Kohara, H. [Chugoku Electric Power Co. Inc., Hiroshima (Japan)


    The cause of damage in the cashing portion of an aluminum tube incorporating OPGW (OPAC 120mm{sup 2}) was investigated and proper measures for the prevention of recurrence were examined. The investigation result of the past accident of the same kind or the result of stress measurement showed that the cause of aluminum tube damage is the fatigue rupture based on the repeated stress occurring by the rolling of OPGW. Moreover, it was known that the attached wire in a jumper lead-in system is most effective and valid as preventative measures of damage. (translated by NEDO)

  14. Development of technology for organic wastewater treatment by microorganisms and production of materials for conserving environment. Part 1. ; Organic wastewater treatment by photoshynthetic bacteria and microalgae. Biseibutsu ni yoru yukikei haisui shori to yojo biseibutsu no shigenka ni kansuru kenkyu. 1. ; Kogosei saikin to sorui ni yoru haisui shori ni kansuru kihonteki kento

    Kato, A.; Kita, D.; Kubotera, T.; Tsuji, H. (Obayashi Corp., Tokyo (Japan))


    The present report introduces a system which simultaneously executes the purification of organic wastewater and recovery of recyclable matters. The system uses photosynthetic bacteria and microalgae as well as the conventionally used activated sludge bacteria. Environmental maintenance use agents are produced by processing bacteria and algae generated during the wastewater treatment. The photosynthetic bacteria are purple non-sulfuric bacteria, which also contain amino acid, vitamin and other useful physiologically activated matter. The wastewater treatment which utilizes them has the advantage of miniaturizing the plant and lowering the power. As algae, chlorella and spirulina are used in order to remove the nitrogen and phosphorus in the water to be treated. The following is an actual result of wastewater treatment in a beancurd maker's plant: if purple non-sulfuric bacteria are used, high concentration organic wastewater can be treated without dilution so that the plant can be miniaturized. The chlorella culture is so effective that the nitrogen and phosphorus remaining in the wastewater are absorbed and removed by the chlorella with its increasing. 9 refs., 13 figs., 2 tabs.

  15. Study on computer graphics. PC graphic system for supposed landscape images of substations and transmission lines; Computer graphics ni kansuru kenkyu. Pasokon ni yoru hendensho sodensen keikan kansei yosozu sakusei system ni tsuite

    Matsuda, Y.; Usagawa, Y.; Kawamoto, A. [Chugoku Electric Power Co. Inc., Hiroshima (Japan)


    In order to obtain the understanding of residents around sites for landscape images in construction of power plants, substations and transmission lines, preparation of supposed landscape images was studied using computer graphics (CG). The system developed on a graphics workstation in 1994 was expensive and poorer in operability than PC although real clear images were obtained. The system was thus improved to be usable on PC. The improved system is usable on OA systems in offices, and possible to transmit image data and print out high-quality images. In addition, the system offers the preparation function of facility layouts and computer graphics. The system is featured by necessary training only for 2-3 days, lower cost and necessary lower initial investment. Since its user interface was, in particular, considered to make it possible for designers to easily operate and timely cope with demands of residents, flexible selection out of various cases, rapid simulation and efficient business became possible. 3 refs., 3 figs., 5 tabs.

  16. Guarantee of property right in open access systems. Legal study of property right of electric utilities and expropriation; Open access ni okeru zaisanken no hosho. Denki jigyo ni okeru zaisanken to shuyo ni kansuru kento

    Maruyama, M. [Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Tokyo (Japan)


    A study has been made about the relationship between open access, which has now become an important element of the electric utilities renovation efforts in the U.S. and Europe, and property right. The meaning of open access is to guarantee free access to suppliers by securing fair competition between them through separation of the vertical integration in power transmission and opening the transmission network to final customers. In case of Japan, the U.S., and Germany where private sector suppliers run electric utilities, however, a need arises to consider the property right that such suppliers enjoy as guaranteed by their Constitutions. The outcomes of discussions made in Germany and the State of California were complied, and some conclusions were reached. It constitutes an infringement of their property right for the authorities to order them to allow open access without compensation. In case the authorities use expropriation for the same purpose, they have to make it known clearly that the separation and opening is to the benefit of the public and must compensate fully for their action. There is no problem in giving the authorities the power to force the electric utilities to sign a wheeling contract in case the latter unlawfully rejects to sign one proposed by a wheeling-requesting party. 24 refs., 3 figs., 4 tabs.

  17. Development of hydroponic system using agricultural waste. 2. Utilization of ozone for sterilization of nutrient solution; Suiko saibai ni okeru haikibutsu riyo gijutsu no kaihatsu. 2. Ozone ni yoru baiyoeki sakkin ni kansuru kento

    Terazoe, H.; Yoshihara, T.; Nakaya, K. [Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Tokyo (Japan)


    Discussions were given on a sterilizing effect of ozone on Fusarium bacteria in hydroponic culture, and its effect on components in the culture solution. In an experiment, dry air with O3 concentration of 3.5 ppm was sent into aqueous solution inoculated with Fusarium bacteria at a flow rate of 5 liters per minute. The Fusarium bacteria was sterilized nearly completely in about five minutes. No change was observed in pH, EC and dissolved oxygen concentration of the O3-treated culture solution. However, iron and manganese among the soluble components have been oxidized by O3 and precipitated, hence these components must be added after the O3 treatment. In spinach culture performed on a culture medium inoculated with Fusarium bacteria, ozone water containing dissolved O3 at 0.8 ppm was flown into a urethane foam medium and vegetable roots. This treatment has resulted in reduction of the number of strains occurred with a wilt symptom below that in the section flown with distilled water. The spinach has grown normally without showing an effect of the ozone water. 15 refs., 10 figs., 3 tabs.

  18. Investigation on comparative studies relative to the world oil market models used at Energy Modeling Forum (EMF). EMF ni okeru sekai sekiyu shijo model ni kansuru hikaku kenkyu ni tsuite no chosa

    Lee, S. (The Institute of Energy Economics, Tokyo (Japan))


    The Energy Modeling Forum (EMF) has established a working group comprising researchers and policy operators delegated from the three sectors of the government, academic world, and private businesses. The working group has advanced comparative studies relative to the world oil market models during 1991 to 1992, and compiled the 'International Oil Supplies and Demands, EMF REPORT 11'. This paper introduces its summary. The group has selected 11 models from the existing oil market models, and given developers of these models with 12 kinds of common premises to perform scenario analyses. Some of the results of comparisons and analyses on the 11 times 12 kinds of simulation results may be quoted as follows: a common trend has been observed that the Middle East dependency will increase; overseas supply source dependency will increase rapidly in major energy consuming countries (the dependency in the U.S.A. will increase from 1/3 in 1988 to 2/3 in 2010); and estimations on demands and prices up to 2010 were diversified, clearly reflecting differences in viewpoints. 2 refs.

  19. Study on the optimal control of the ground thermal storage system in the greenhouse. Part 4; Onshitsu ni okeru taiyo energy dochu chikunetsu system ni okeru saiteki seigyo ni kansuru kenkyu

    Zheng, M. [Sanko Air Conditioning Co. Ltd., Osaka (Japan); Nakahara, N. [Kanagawa University, Yokohama (Japan)


    Three types of weight in both energy saving and optimum room temperature environment were changed to obtain the optimal control solution of the ground thermal storage system in a greenhouse. The relation diagram between the optimal solution of a performance function, and the state constraints and control function constraints was created in consideration of the energy term in a control function value area and the room temperature environment. As a result, the whole image of the performance function could be grasped in consideration of the energy term with inequality constraints and the room temperature environmental term in this study. The rate of a weighting factor in the performance function significantly influences the optimal solution. The influence on the optimal solution also changes when the optimal room temperature schedule differs. The influence that three types of rising algorithm exert on the convergence and converging speed was investigated. Superiority or inferiority occurs according to the space properties of a performance function. A zigzag method is most disadvantageous. The constraints can be converged to the optimal solution using an SUMT outer point method irrespective of the initial value. 6 refs., 6 figs., 4 tabs.

  20. Study on individual care in nursing home. Part 2. Studies on social welfare institution for the elderly from the aspect of dwelling; Koreisha kyoju shisetsu ni okeru kobetsuteki kaigo ni kansuru kosatsu. Sumai toshiteno tokubetsu yogo rojin home no arikata ni kansuru kenkyu 2

    Inoue, Y.; Otaki, K.; Ohara, K. [Yokohama National Univ. (Japan)] Toyama, T. [Tohoku Univ., Sendai (Japan)


    This study pays attention to the relation between individual care and residents` activities in the social welfare institutions for the elderly (nursing homes) and aims to clarify the influence of building environment (nursing home as dwelling place) on individual care. Behaviors of care staffs and residents are surveyed in four nursing homes. The results of the analysis of the survey are as follows: The care staff`s activities are influenced not only by physical environment and also by the residents` activities. A single bed room is more effective than a multi-bed room for individual care. The small care unit is effective in building plan if the number of staffs is enough. The personal care activities which constitute the greater part of the care activities depend on the location of the residents. It is important to pay attention not only to arrange the common space but also how to use the common space. Spatial structure is required the consideration of the relative position of not only care rooms and resident rooms but also of care rooms and the space used by residents. 7 refs., 14 figs., 7 tabs.

  1. Studies on the air distribution and thermal performance of the air circulation wall. Part 4. Study on the thermal emissivity of the air circulation layer`s surfaces; Gaidannetsu tsuki koho ni okeru tsuki sonai no netsu tsuki tokusei ni kansuru kenkyu. 4. Tsuki sonai hyomen no hosha tokusei ni kansuru kosatsu

    Kamimori, K.; Sakai, K.; Ishihara, O. [Kumamoto University, Kumamoto (Japan)


    The thermal and air distribution characteristics of the air circulation wall in a heat-insulated system were grasped using an experimental model. In this paper, the difference in the heat exchange between the wall and air was confirmed based on the radiation on the circulation layer`s surface. In this system, thin air circulation layers with ventilating holes at the top and bottom are attached to the south and north outer walls of a wooden building. This system is a kind of passive solar house that achieves the insolation screening effect and the temperature rising effect based on solar collection. The heat flow in a circulation layer is eliminated by the natural convection heat transfer on the outer wall. The heat flow passing through insulating materials is the heat transfer by radiation. The heat flow based on the in-layer natural convection is increasingly eliminated by the decrease in temperature on the air circulation layer`s surface. The decrease in room surface temperature using aluminum foil and the reflective heat-insulated effect showed that the heat passing through the wall surface decreases as the convection heat transfer in an air circulation layer increases. 6 refs., 20 figs., 3 tabs.

  2. Experimental studies for the power augmentation system of the vertical-axis wind turbine. Suichokujiku koryokugata fusha no shutsuryoku zokyoho ni kansuru kenkyu

    Ushiyama, I.; Suda, N.; Takano, Y. (Ashikaga Institute of Technology, Tochigi (Japan)); Kakita, Y. (Yazaki Corp., Tokyo (Japan))


    Wind tunnel experiments have been carried out to discuss output increasing effect of mounting diffusers and concentrators onto vertical-axis wind turbines of Savonius type and cross flow type. The following findings were obtained as a result: a wind turbine rotor installed at the diffuser inlet in the wind turbines of both models reduced the output lower than that for the wind turbine alone; a wind turbine rotor installed at the diffuser path expanding part increased the output higher than that for the wind turbine alone; installing a concentrator results in output increasing effect; installing both of the concentrator and the diffuser has the appearance of the output increasing effect regardless of installing locations of the wind turbine; however, the maximum power coefficient increases if they are installed in the diffuser path expanding part in the case of the Savonius type wind turbine, and in the diffuser inlet in the case of the cross flow type wind turbine. 3 refs., 8 figs.

  3. Experimental studies for the power augmentation system of the vertical-axis wind turbines. Suichokujiku koryokugata fusha no shutsuryoku zokyoho ni kansuru kenkyu

    Kakita, Y.; Okamoto, N.; Suda, N.; Ushiyama, I. (Ashikaga Institute of Technology, Tochigi (Japan)); Okazaki, T. (Mitsuya Fan Mfg. Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)); Okamoto, J. (Yokogawa Weathac Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan))


    Wind tunnel test was conducted by equipping a vertical-axis drag type wind turbine with supplemental power augmentation unit to heighten its efficiency. Savonius rotor and cross-flow rotor were selected as a rotor of the wind turbines to be tested. When equipped with concentrator, all the wind turbines were heightened in power factor corresponding to the same tip speed ratio. It is not only because the power is augmented due to the acceleration of the air current flowing into the wind turbine rotor, but also because of deceleration of the air current which tends to prevent the rotor from revolving by bumping against the rotor's return blade. When equipped with diffuser, all the wind turbines were lowered in power factor. It is because of rotor's blocking effect which works against the air current flowing into the diffuser, and also because of larger frictional loss than the recovery effect of back current pressure loss. Simultaneous equipment with both concentrator and diffuser, if their combination is appropriate, considerably heightens the power factor because both of them give a mutually potentiating effect. Feasibility could be confirmed of the present power augmentation system through an experiment conducted on board of motorcar. 12 figs.

  4. Research cooperation in the development of laser radar for environmental measurements. Environmental network; Kankyo keisokuyo laser radar no kaihatsu ni kansuru kenkyu kyoryoku. Kankyo network



    Among the research cooperation in the development of laser radar for environmental measurements with Indonesia between FY 1993 and FY 1996, results of the research and development of the environmental network are summarized. For the environmental information network, the Tokyo NOC is linked as an Internet connection point in Japan with the Jakarta NOC using an international dedicated line with a capacity of 64 Kbps. The Tokyo NOC is linked with domestic environmental information researchers using Internet. Thus, data stored in the data processing system of laser radar can be exchanged, information in both countries can be exchanged using E-mail, and data can be accumulated. For the research cooperation with Indonesia, research of path control and information relay server, research of effective transmission of data on the network, and research of multimedia communication have been conducted. The multimedia communication, distributed processing, and extension of dedicated line network using PPTP have been also conducted. 39 figs., 4 tabs.

  5. Properties of microcracks formed on surface of concrete at steam curing period; Concrete no joki yosei katei de hasseisuru hyomen bisai hibiware no seijo ni kansuru kenkyu

    Otsuka, K. [Tohoku Gakuin Univ., Miyagi (Japan). Faculty of Engineering; Shoya, M. [Hachinohe Inst. of Technology, Aomori (Japan). Faculty of Engineering; Koseki, K. [PS Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan); Aba, M. [Tohoku Gakuin Univ., Miyagi (Japan). Graduate School


    Development of microcracks on the surface of steam curing concrete is considered as a main cause for damage claim on manufactured products while in use. Melting and freezing characters of seepage liquid through surface cracks are regarded as drawbacks for the durability of manufactured products. In this study, an unique X-ray inspection technique is developed to investigate the microcrack formation. Considering reinforced concrete specimens, effects of steam curing conditions on the formation of microcracks are investigated by experiments. Three different kinds of microcracks are observed at each steam curing conditions. Influences of various factors on microcrack formation are also studied. Impacts of pre-curing period, rate of cooling and rate of temperature rise on the microcrack formation are very large, large and small respectively. Again the results are analyzed by comparing with various steam curing specifications from the crack prevention point of view. The results under pre-curing condition are not satisfied with the steam curing specifications. 9 refs., 28 figs., 11 tabs.

  6. Required grades of hull steel plates in consideration of fracture toughness; Hakai jinsei wo koryoshita sentaiyo koban shiyo kubun ni kansuru ichikosatsu

    Yajima, H.; Yamamoto, M.; Ogaki, Y. [Hiroshima University, Hiroshima (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    This paper discusses the required grades of hull steel plates based on the steel ship rule of Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (NK). The minimum value of the allowable crack length in NK rule (critical safety crack length at 0degC just before brittle unstable crack causing fatal fracture) was estimated. In the case where the estimated crack tip exists in a matrix, the crack length was a minimum of 200-210mm, while nearly 60mm in a fusion line at high-heat-input welded joint. The allowable crack lengths estimated from a specified value in the NK rule were fairly different. The allowable crack length at 0degC was also estimated from the minimum value in V-notch Charpy impact test. The private proposal on the required grades of hull steel plates in consideration of fracture toughness was discussed. Thirty-five percent of crack lengths found in real ships is 100mm or less, however, cracks of 250-400mm long are frequently found suggesting the allowable crack length of 400mm. The required grade integrally considering required values and design conditions is demanded to secure the reliability of hull strength. 5 refs., 5 figs., 2 tabs.

  7. Experimental study on the response of very large floating structures (VLFS) in wave; Choogata futaishiki kaiyo kozobutsu no harochu oto ni kansuru jikkenteki kenkyu

    Ota, M.; Ikegami, H.; Yamaguchi, Y. [Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    The elastic response of VLFS of 1200m long in wave was studied experimentally using a water tank and integral elastic model of 1/80 scale. As offshore airport, a ultra- thin box type floating structure of 5km long, 1km wide and several meter thick is used, and the effect of elasticity is not negligible for such a structure. The experiment used a water tank of 160m long, 30m wide and 3.1m deep. Supposing a water depth of 20m for real VLFSs, the experiment was carried out mainly in a local shallow water area prepared with a temporary bottom together with that in a deep water area. A simple mooring equipment with a linear spring equivalent to real VLFSs was used. The integral floating model was prepared by not mechanical but welded junction to obtain uniform elasticity. The response in wave showed a complicated 3-D behavior, offering useful data for verification of a behavior estimation method. The response was nearly equal between shallow and deep water areas at the same wave length, and the response amplitude in regular waves was equivalent to the significant amplitude in long and short crested irregular waves. 7 refs., 8 figs., 3 tabs.

  8. Studies on the molecular mechanism of neural signaling, learning and memory; Chusu shinkei joho dentatsu to kioku{center_dot}gakushu no bunshi kiko ni kansuru kenkyu

    Mishina, Masayoshi [The University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan). Dept. of Molecular Neurobiology and Pharmacology


    To examine the functional roles in vivo of the diverse glutamate receptor (GluR) channel subunits, we generated mutant mice defective in respective subunits. Mutant mice defective in the GluR{epsilon} 1 subunit of the NMDA-type GluR channel exhibited increased thresholds for both hippocampal synaptic plasticity and contextual maze learning, suggesting that synaptic plasticity is a cellular bases of learning and memory. The NMDA receptor channel GluR{epsilon} 2 subunit mutant mice showed impairments in the formation of the whisker-related neuronal barrelette structure in the brainstem trigeminal nucleus and synaptic plasticity in the hippocampus. Analyses of the mutant mice revealed that the GluR{delta} 2 subunit, selectively localized in cerebellar Purkinje cells, was essential in motor learning and cerebellar LTD and in Purkinje cell synapse formation. Our results suggest that some of the GluR channels play important roles in neural network formation during brain development and in higher brain function. (author)

  9. Study on the effect of micro-gravity on bio-functions; Seitai kino eno bisho juryoku no eikyo ni kansuru kenkyu



    The effect of micro-gravity on bio-functions and vital reaction was studied using the facility of Underground Gravity-free Experiment Center Co. On the effect on osteoblast shape and gene expression, although fluorochrome reacting with Ca was well taken into cells, no significant difference in Ca content in cells was observed before/after falling. Expression of genes related to cell propagation was controlled under micro-gravity. Protoplast fusion of Lentinus was unaffected by micro-gravity. The mRNA fragments of gravity sensitive mutant of rice plant were affected by micro-gravity. Paramecium was set swimming in solutions with different specific gravities. The reaction behavior of Paramecium was affected by the difference in specific gravity between cell bodies and solutions. The water content metabolism functions of a mouse with needle stimulus, in particular excretory, were slightly promoted by micro- gravity. The cortisol level in blood of a falling mouse group rose showing strong stress. As the preliminary study on the geotaxis of insects, motion of bagworm was observed. 12 refs., 38 figs., 4 tabs.

  10. Studies on reducing the thermal loads of solar-pumped solid state lasers; Taiyoko reiki laser no netsufuka teigen ni kansuru kenkyu

    Shimizu, K.; Yugami, H.; Naito, H.; Arashi, H. [Tohoku University, Sendai (Japan)


    It was intended to reduce the thermal loads of solar-pumped solid state lasers (highly densified solar light is irradiated directly onto a laser medium to cause excitation. No electric power is required for the excitation.). For this purpose, experiments were performed by using a selective permeation film. Solar light includes wavelengths not effective for excitation, which causes heat generation and thermal loads such as lens heating effect and thermal stress compounded refraction, degrading the laser beam quality. The Nd:YAG was used as a laser medium, and a multi-layered film (composed of SiO2 and TiO2) which cuts wavelength below 500 nm as a selective permeation film to cut light having wavelengths not required for excitation. A laser transmitting experiment revealed that the slope efficiency is improved by 27% as compared to not using the film. Beam fluctuation was improved to 45%. Using the selective permeation film has realized more efficient conversion of the solar light into a beam with better quality. The results for calculation of heat lens effect by using temperature distribution simulation showed good agreement with experimental values. Using the selective permeation film can suppress the maximum temperature of a laser rod to 68%, as well as the thermal stress. 9 figs., 2 tabs.

  11. Research and development cooperation project on environmental measurement using laser radar in fiscal 1995 (environmental network); Kankyo keisokuyo laser radar no kaihatsu ni kansuru kenkyu kyoryoku (kankyo network)



    As a part of the cooperative work with Indonesia of R and D of a laser radar for environmental measurement, the paper described the development of an environmental network. The field survey was conducted in April, July and December 1995 and in March 1996. For the investigational research, five meetings of the committee and four times of group work were held. The Asian environmental network was studied in terms of its arrangement, operation and management, and the overall network/path control design were being prepared. To make the persons concerned abroad and in Japan understood the APEC Osaka Conference held in November 1995, a homepage APEC `95 Kansai was opened using WWW (World Wide Web, a decentralized hyper media system which can dispatch information to the whole world by network using hyper text). Moreover, in connection with this, a homepage was opened of CICC (Center of the International Cooperation for Computerization, a center controlling the whole Asian environmental information network system where E-mail and data are exchangeable with Indonesia via Tokyo NOC (Network Operation Center)). 49 figs., 8 tabs.

  12. Shaking table test of a model bridge with sliding type base isolation system; Suberi hoshiki manshin system wo yusuru kyoryo no dotokusei ni kansuru jikkenteki kenkyu

    Okamoto, S.; Fujii, S.; Ozaki, D. [Taisei Corp., Tokyo (Japan). Technology Research Center; Constantinou, M.; Tsopelas, P. [State Univ. of New York at Buffalo, New York, NY (United States)


    The vibration characteristics of a bridge with a sliding type isolation system composed of a sliding bearing and a rubber restoring force device are investigated experimentally. A quarter scale model bridge equipped with elastic piers is used for the model vibration test. It is confirmed that the acceleration created in the bridge beam is decreased satisfactorily by the use of a sliding type base isolation system wherein a rubber restoring force device, having functions of horizontal spring and bridge falling protection, and a sliding bearing, which utilizes the sliding phenomenon between a Teflon plate and a stainless steel sheet, are used in combination. It is confirmed that a very effective isolation effect can be obtained when bearing displacement is controlled within the range in which the reactive force of the rubber restoring force device does not increase rapidly. The residual displacement seems to be small enough and in the range of practical use unless a rubber device with low stiffness is used. It is confirmed that horizontal reactive force can be designed to be distributed optionally by varying the friction coefficient and the stiffness of the rubber restoring force device for each pier. 20 refs., 18 figs., 2 tabs.

  13. Feasibility design of a floating airport and estimation of environmental forces on it; Futaishiki kuko no sekkei to kankyo gairyoku no suitei ni kansuru kento

    Inoue, Y.; Tabeta, S.; Takei, Y. [Yokohama National University, Yokohama (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    A rough design was performed on a floating airport. On this floating structure, environmental external force was estimated, mooring design was carried out, and discussions was given on the position retaining performance important for airport functions and behavior of the floating structure. The discussion was given on cases that the airport is surrounded and not surrounded by floating breakwaters. A floating structure which becomes super-large in size requires considerations on force due to sea level gradient as a result of a tide. Deriving flow condition changes and force acting on the floating structure simultaneously by using numerical calculations makes it possible to estimate current force given with considerations on influence of the flow conditions created by installing the floating airport. Estimation was carried out by using a zone dividing method on wave drifting force acting upon the floating airport. As a result, it was found that installing floating and permeating type breakwaters can reduce the wave drifting force acting on the floating airport. The wave drifting force working on the floating airport can be reduced by installing the floating and permeating type breakwaters to lower levels than when no such breakwaters are installed. The airport may be moored with less number of fenders when the fenders of the same type are used. 18 refs., 10 figs., 5 tabs.

  14. Development of knowledge based operation system for making product matching with requirement by human sense; Kansei tekigo seihinseizo wo mezashita chiteki opereshon shisumtemu ni kansuru kenkyu

    Honda, Hiroyuki [Nagoya University, Aichi (Japan). Dept. of Biotechnology


    Knowledge based operation system was developed in order to apply the human sense to process operation. Since beverages such as coffee, beer and sake, are seriously evaluated by human sense, those sensory evaluations or data on those chemical composition were subjected to this research. Fuzzy neural network (FNN) ro its hierarchical structure (HFNN) was superior tool for modeling of human sense. With respect to the determination of the chemical composition from desired sensory evaluation, an innovative tool, CF-GA, was newly developed. Using these tools, construction of knowledge based operation system for making the product matching with requirement by human sense became promising. (author)

  15. Research on digital pneumatic cylinder systems. ; Case with an inertial load. Digital kukiatsu cylinder system ni kansuru kenkyu. ; Kansei fuka no baai

    Jia, Z. (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo (Japan)); Katakura, H.; Yamane, R. (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo (Japan). Faculty of Engineering)


    In order to enhance the accuracy in positioning using a pneumatic system, experiments and simulations by a model pneumatic system were carried out. In this research, the experiments on position control under the condition of an inertial load were conducted by means of a model system, in which four cylinders with strokes of 1 cm, 2 cm, 4 cm, and 8 cm were connected to each other and the actions of the cylinders were controlled by a microcomputer. The basic equations in consideration for collisions of the moving bodies were deduced and simulations were conducted. From the research, the following conclusions were obtained. For the digital positioning of the pneumatic system under the condition of inertial load, the vibrations of the moving bodies caused by collisions can be controlled by means of the breaking control. The positioning paths as the outputs of the systems can be made smooth by means of the timing control including the breaking control. With consideration given to the collisions, the positioning can be simulated numerically under an inertial load. 4 refs., 10 figs., 2 tab.

  16. Model experiment on capsizing of damaged RO-RO passenger ship in beam seas; Sonsho shita RO-RO kyakusen no ohachu tenpuku ni kansuru mokei jikken

    Haraguchi, T.; Ishida, S. [Ministry of Transportation, Tokyo (Japan)] Murashige, S. [Tokyo Univ. (Japan)


    In this study, a model of the RO-RO passenger ship was made, a capsizing experiment was carried out in a case of a damaged crack existed in higher wave height side in the beam seas. The main results were obtained as follows: the restored standard after damage was satisfied in the Treaty of Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS`90) and the capsizing would not happen in the case of no initial heel. In the case with initial heel, ship would be heeled to the side of higher wave height with damage crack, capsizing would happen when the significant wave height was higher and the permeability to the car deck was larger. That is, it was necessary for residence water to easily stay in the damage side with the initial heel in order that the capsizing happened. In the case of the capsizing with an initial heel, the critical height of the residence water on the car deck was nearly in agreement with the British proposal: `calculation equations showing necessary restored performance in consideration of the permeation to the car deck`, when the peak period in wave spectrum was 7 to 9 seconds. There is no agreement when the peak period is longer than that. 11 refs., 15 figs., 4 tabs.

  17. Research and development cooperation project on environmental measurement using laser radar in fiscal 1994; Kankyo keisokuyo laser radar no kaihatsu ni kansuru kenkyu kyoryoku



    The paper outlined activities in fiscal 1994 in the R and D cooperation project on a laser radar for environmental measurement. In the activities in fiscal 1994 of `the ODA laser radar development committee,` the committee held four meetings, two field surveys were carried out, and two researchers were invited from Indonesia. In the field survey, the environment in Jakarta city was investigated in terms of changes in population and number of the cars registered. Further, from data collected during 1994-1998 in the central Jakarta city, the following were made clear: the trend of a decrease in SO2, the trend of a rapid increase and an excess of NO2 content over the environmental standard, the status of pollution of which the level is close to the upper limit of the environmental standard of dust, etc. In the meeting of the policy study for the field survey at LIPI headquarters, Japan proposed a system which is constituted of a difference absorption laser radar, two Mie scattering laser radars, and a central processing unit. The sites proposed were studied in cooperation with Indonesia. 40 refs., 65 figs., 9 tabs.

  18. Research report of fiscal 1997. Basic research on the commercialization of innovative energy technologies; 1997 nendo chosa hokokusho. Kakushinteki energy gijutsu no jitsuyoka ni kansuru kiso chosa



    This paper summarizes the research result in fiscal 1997 from the basic research results on the commercialization of innovative energy technologies. The target of a photovoltaic power generation market includes isolated power sources (several kWp) for distant places or developing countries, and those (several tens kWp) for personal residences or public facilities. Although the former is mainly promoted in the West, while the latter over the world, their profitability is unsolved. Power plants over several hundreds kWp are in demonstration test. Solar heat power generation of several tens to hundreds MWp is most profitable, however, small-scale one is poor in feasibility. Australia takes an interest in distributed photovoltaic power generation directly connected with actual lives of residents, and has a dominant opinion that desert is useless as large-scale site. This country lays emphasis on protection and maintenance rather than positive use of desert based on a basic cognition that desert is easily changed and broken. The Australian government announced power company`s obligation to use renewable energy by 2%, and a strong organization is scheduled to be newly established. 59 figs., 57 tabs.

  19. Analysis of coordination between the pohotovoltaic power generation and heat storage type air conditioning; Taiyoko hatsuden to chikunetsugata kucho no kyocho ni kansuru bunseki

    Kita, H.; Sudo, T. [Kyoto University, Kyoto (Japan)


    This paper describes the effects of coordination between the photovoltaic power generation and heat storage type air conditioning. In this study, a linear programming model was analyzed in four cases of spread rates of photovoltaic power generation and heat storage tanks by selecting four setting angles of photovoltaic cell panels and six models of irregular variation, to determine the optimum demand and supply. As a result of the simulation, coordination effects were found independent of the cases. It was verified that the coordination effects can be obtained independent of the cases. For the capacity of heat storage tank, the influence of irregular variation of photovoltaic power generation was equivalent to about 10% of the capacity. The difference in the power generation costs between in the daytime and at night, and the construction costs of heat storage tank and air conditioner were considered as factors determining the capacity of heat storage tank. For the setting angle of photovoltaic cell panels, it was found that the intermediate setting was effective between the setting focusing on the peak power and the setting maximizing the annual power output. 4 refs., 7 figs., 3 tabs.

  20. Study on buckling and ultimate strength of a rectangular plate under combined inplane load; Kumiawase mennai kaju wo ukeru kukeiban no zakutsu saishu kyodo ni kansuru kenkyu

    Fujikubo, M.; Yao, T.; Varghese, B. [Hiroshima University, Hiroshima (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    Elasto-plasticity analysis by using the finite element method was performed on a case that bi-axial compression and shear act on a thick rectangular plate, and applicability of the plasticity correction method was discussed. In the discussion, an investigation was made on effect of the loading method of a load on correlation between initial yield strength and ultimate strength of a rectangular plate under bi-axial compression. The analytical result from the finite element method was compared with estimated values derived by using the plasticity correction method with regard to the buckling strength. The result obtained may be summarized as follows: the effect of the loading method for combined load on the correlation between the initial yield strength and the ultimate strength is small; an approximation expression was derived for the upper limit of maximum initial bend of a deck panel of an actual vessel; the plasticity correction method for buckling strength as specified by classification societies has a certain applicability as a method to estimate ultimate strength on the safety side against plate thickness in a range of the upper limit of initial bend of an actual vessel; however, this method may estimate strength higher than the actual value depending on load ratio, hence attention is required. 5 refs., 8 figs.

  1. Investigational study of optical function materials for two-dimensional data processing; Nijigen joho shoriyo hikari kino zairyo ni kansuru chosa kenkyu



    The paper investigated/studied `space light modulation materials,` `dynamic hologram/memory materials,` `optical waveguide path materials,` etc. which become key materials in the high speed two dimensional processing. As to electrooptical materials proposed in this investigational study, the external electric field and the electric charges generated make quality of molecules themselves directly change to memory strong/weak signals of light. Therefore, the response velocity becomes less than a millionth of that of the liquid crystal display, and high speed which is needed for realtime moving image processing is anticipated. Hologram includes the phase information in addition to information on light strength. Therefore, it is a large capacity record medium and at the same time a record medium which can read/write two dimensional information as it is. With optical fiber, images cannot be transmitted as they are. Light waveguide path materials are those that accumulate roles of mirror and lens in a sheet of the material and construct a system which is strong in vibration, as optical parts connecting among materials for two dimensional data processing. 273 refs., 107 figs., 17 tabs.

  2. Theoretical study on composition of gas produced by coal gasification; Sekitan gas ka de seiseisuru gas no sosei ni kansuru kosatsu (HYCOL data no doteki kaiseki)

    Kaiho, M.; Yasuda, H.; Kobayashi, M.; Yamada, O.; Soneda, Y.; Makino, M. [National Institute for Resources and Environment, Tsukuba (Japan)


    In relation to considerations on composition of gas produced by coal gasification, the HYCOL hydrogen generation process data were analyzed. From the fact that CO concentration (Y) decreases linearly with CO2 concentration (X), element balance of gasification of reacted coal was used to introduce a reaction analysis equation. The equation includes a term of oxygen excess {Delta}(amount of oxygen consumed for combustion of CO and H2 in excess of the theoretical amount), derived by subtracting the stoichiometric oxygen amount used to gasify coal into CO and H2 from the consumed oxygen amount. The {Delta} can be used as a reference to oxygen utilization efficiency. An equation for the {Delta} was introduced. Also introduced was a term for steam decomposition amount derived by subtracting the generated steam from the supplied steam. These terms may be used as a clue to permeate into the gasifying reaction process. This suggestion was discussed by applying the terms to gas composition value during operation. According to the HYCOL analysis, when a gasification furnace is operated at higher than the reference oxygen amount, coal supply variation is directly reflected to the combustion reaction, making the {Delta} distribution larger. In an inverse case, unreacted carbon remains in the furnace due to oxygen shortage, and shift reaction may occur more easily even if oxygen/coal supply ratio varies. 6 figs., 1 ref.

  3. Study of initial stage in coal liquefaction. Increase in oil yield with suppression of retrogressive reaction during initial stage; Ekika hanno no shoki katei ni kansuru kenkyu. 1.

    Uesugi, K.; Kanaji, M.; Kaneko, T.; Shimasaki, K. [Nippon Brown Coal Liquefaction Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    For the coal liquefaction, improvement of liquefaction conditions and increase of liquefied oil yield are expected by suppressing the recombination through rapid stabilization of pyrolytic radicals which are formed at the initial stage of liquefaction. Two-stage liquefaction combining prethermal treatment and liquefaction was performed under various conditions, to investigate the effects of reaction conditions on the yields and properties of products as well as to increase liquefied oil yield. Consequently, it was found that the catalyst contributes greatly to the hydrogen transfer to coal at the prethermal treatment. High yield of n-hexane soluble fraction with products having low condensation degree could be obtained by combining the prethermal treatment in the presence of hydrogen and catalyst with the concentration of slurry after the treatment. This was considered to be caused by the synergetic effect between the improvement of liquefaction by suppressing polymerization/condensation at the initial stage of reaction through the prethermal treatment and the effective hydrogen transfer accompanied with the improvement of contact efficiency of coal/catalyst by the concentration of slurry at the stage of liquefaction. 4 refs., 8 figs.

  4. Investigational report on international joint research in medical/walfare appliances in fiscal 1993; 1993 nendo iryo fukushi kiki kokusai kyodo kenkyu ni kansuru chosa hokokusho



    The field of concrete cooperation, method of R and D, and business, environment to support the project, and system to promote the project were studied for the research under international cooperation through investigating the trend and organization of R and D of the medical/welfare appliances at home and abroad. Projects were then proposed. In the project for collecting/analyzing the trace quantity of blood, the anomaly is inspected at a molecular level from the collected trace quantity of blood to make the biochemical inspection painless for the patients suffering from infectious symptom or disease of adults. In the project for the high-accuracy and high-function measurement without invading the diseased part of living body, the configuration and metabolic function are measured by nuclear magnetic resonance to early detect the symptom of Alzheimer and other different obstinate diseases. In the operation support system project with three-dimensional images of living body, the three-dimensional information is obtained, by X-ray CT or MRI, about the diseased part of living tissue. Upon the exact determination of its location, the disease is cured. Besides, the monitoring systemproject was proposed for the old people`s safety against dementia. The human care robot project was also done. 56 refs., 11 figs., 15 tabs.

  5. Research report of fiscal 1997. Study on profitability evaluation technique for waste power generation; 1997 nendo chosa hokokusho. Haikibutsu hatsuden ni kansuru keizaisei hyoka shuho no kenkyu



    For diffusion of waste power generation, cost reduction is important. As the profitability evaluation technique for conventional waste power systems, a simple recovery year method, total waste treatment cost method, generation cost method, and evaluation method by accumulated balance sheet are presented along with their principles. For the generation cost method, trial calculation results are presented based on documents reported. From methods for the study in Institute of Applied Energy, some estimation methods of construction cost are presented, and generation cost and profitability evaluation were studied by parametric accumulation method. The profitability was calculated for RDF power systems, and it was clarified that although as a whole this system is more efficient than a simple refuse incineration system, the balance sheet of local governments is dependent on a responsibility range for the facility. In a combined type (super refuse power generation), generally municipalities bear a combustor and boiler, while a prefecture bears generation facilities. Because of large scale generation, the profitability is dependent on a selling price of electricity. 37 refs., 36 figs., 24 tabs.

  6. Study on the estimation method of maneuvering hydrodynamic force in turning motion; Senkai undoji no soju ryutairyoku suiteiho ni kansuru kenkyu

    Kijima, K.; Yukawa, K. [Kyushu University, Fukuoka (Japan). Faculty of Engineering; Maekawa, K. [Hokkaido University, Sapporo (Japan). Faculty of Fisheries


    Estimation of the maneuvering performance of ships is very important from the viewpoint of safe navigation. Using three types of VLCCs (SR221A, B, C) with locally different stern frame lines as computational models, the estimation method of hull hydrodynamic force in turning motion was studied theoretically taking frame line shapes into account. The unstable behavior of courses was also studied using linear differential coefficients obtained from the estimation result on hull hydrodynamic force in oblique navigation and turning motion. As a result, the estimation result on hull hydrodynamic force was slightly different quantitatively from model test results in a range of large drift angle or turning angular velocity, while that was relatively well agreed with test results in a range of small such angle and velocity. As the study result on the unstable behavior of courses by using linear differential coefficients obtained from the estimation result on hull hydrodynamic force, determination of a course stability was possible by considering local difference in hull shape. 4 refs., 8 figs., 1 tab.

  7. International symposium on environmental impacts of advanced alternative to CFC; CFC shinki daitai busshitsu no kankyo eikyo ni kansuru kokusai symposium hokokusho



    The international symposium on environmental effects of new CFC substitutes was held in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Pref. on February 7-9, 1996, and 19 papers were made public. In Session 1 (Plenary lecture), reports were made on Global warming and climate change: a review of recent studies; Stratospheric ozone, CFCs, and CFC-substitutes: an update, etc. In Session 2, Measurements of OH rate constants for advanced refrigerants as well as HCFCs and HFCs; The reaction rate of CFC alternatives with OH radical; Experimental and estimated rate constants: reactions of hydroxyl radicals with several halocarbons, etc. In Session 3, Measurement of uptake coefficients of some acetyl halides and fluorinated ethers into water; Mass transfer at the air/water interface: removal processes of halocarbonyl compounds; Heterogeneous reactions of fluorinated ethers on allophane or titanium dioxide, etc. In Session 4, papers were reported on model calculations relating to the global warming.

  8. Leading research in fiscal 1996. Research study on advanced measurement/analysis technology; 1996 nendo sendo kenkyu. Kodo keisoku bunseki gijutsu ni kansuru chosa kenkyu



    For development of production technologies suitable for environment, safety and advanced information-oriented society by improving the flexibility of production lines, some new measurement technologies were researched. Problem solution was attempted by combining the in-situ multi-dimensional measurement technology capable of easily obtaining various 3-D information with the non-contact photon measurement technology superior in operability and sensitivity under any environment conditions. This solution requires a compact radiation source with higher brightness and wider spectral range, and a high-sensitive detector. The technology concentrating photon onto minute regions, high-efficiency transmission, and control technology of photon wave front are also necessary. Development and international standardization of a common interface is unavoidable. In addition, its network is essential for advanced use of multimedia,. In the future, the comfortable life surrounded by advanced products and multimedia, comfortable social environment, safety and resource saving will be achieved by this technology. 94 refs., 75 figs., 15 tabs.

  9. Trend of research on future development of new biocatalysts. 2; Shinki bio shokubai no sosei ni kansuru kenkyu doko chosa. 2



    Creation of new biocatalysts was surveyed to convert chemical reactions into environment-friendly processes. Biocatalysts are characterized by their high catalytic activity, uniqueness of reactions, and non-pollution under mild conditions. Stability is required for them, such as heat resistance, solvent resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance, under severe conditions. For the development of new biocatalysts, it is necessary to multiply utilize the techniques containing enzymes, ribozymes, mold synthetic polymers, chemical modification, and non-natural proteins. Natural enzymes have been conventionally improved through the search, imitation and modification. Hereafter, new biocatalysts with functions required for the reactions should be created by integrating information regarding functions, structures and activation of these enzymes. It is indispensable to cooperate closely with supporting techniques, such as gene engineering, organic synthesis, biophysics and computer chemistry. 35 refs., 26 figs., 1 tab.

  10. Research and development cooperation project on environmental measurement using laser radar (environmental network) in fiscal 1993; Kankyo keisokuyo laser radar no kaihatsu ni kansuru kenkyu kyoryoku (kankyo network)



    For the purpose of contributing to the research cooperation project on the development of a laser radar for environmental measurement, the paper surveyed the present and future trend of the environment related information network in Indonesia. The survey was conducted in terms of a name of the network, the main administration body, the number of users, the utilization status, the use protocol, details of service, domestic mode installation sites and the main administration body, accounting system, types of the network used, reliability and stability of network, limitations on the use and details of the limitation, etc. The plan for expanding telecommunication equipment is being advanced in a very quick tempo. However, there are many problems in digitalization, and it is feared that the plan will be delayed. As to telecommunication quality and connection quality, the telecommunication completion rate, SCR, is very low, approximately 24% on average, which is equal to that around 1990 in Japan. The business service for users is all bureaucratic since they have a lot of applications for the installation piling up with no exception to the rule of developing countries. 23 figs., 10 tabs.

  11. FY 1998 annual summary report on shared product life-cycle total information system. 3; 1998 nendo joho kyoyugata product lifecycle system ni kansuru chosa hokokusho. 3



    Recycling resources is gaining importance increasingly to correspond to global environmental problems. In urban areas, in particular, it is important to efficiently recover and recycle used large-size consumer products, e.g., home electric appliances and automobiles, which are discharged in large quantities. This study proposes a shared product life-cycle total information system, based on recognition that material recycling systems, encompassing stock materials, product production, consumption, and disposal and recycling of wastes, are essential. This system corresponds a material to information, in an attempt to realize more efficient recycling of products. The study for this fiscal year was focused on use of information modules attached to products and their members, product recycling systems using these modules, necessity for and problems involved in thermal recycle systems, problems involved in recycling home electric appliances and extraction of the data for their recycling, and material recycling process systems for home electric appliances and automobiles. (NEDO)

  12. Study on the performance improvement of multiblade fans. Effects of suction cones; Tayoku fan no seino kaizen ni kansuru kenkyu. Suction cone no eikyo

    Kuratani, F.; Ogawa, T. [Hyogo University of Teacher Education, Hyogo (Japan); Yamamoto, S.


    In order to improve the performance of a multiblade fan, the effects of three types of suction cones of the fan casing on the fan efficiency and noise are investigated experimentally. The first type of the suction cone is the insertion type, which is inserted into the inside of the fan impeller. The second type is the extrusion type, which extrudes outside from the casing surface. The third type is the combination type of two types. The results of those three types are compared with those of the commonly used suction cone. The followings are made clear: (1) The insertion type and the extrusion type are effective in improving the efficiency and reducing noise. (2) The optimal lengths of the insertion and the extrusion exist. (3) The combination type is more effective in improving the efficiency. (4) The combination type with the skewed cutoff of the fan casing shows the best effect. (author)

  13. Study on the optimum design of bus window pillar join40t; Bus window pillar ketsugo buzai no saiteki sekkei ni kansuru kenkyu

    Tomioka, N. [Nihon University, Tokyo (Japan); Lim, S.; Kim, M.; Lee, H.; Kang, S.; Bae, D.


    Automobile body structure is generally assembled using various spot welded box sectional members. Especially, in the case of the bus, the shape of window pillar joint is assembled m T-type. This T-type member has some problem such as high stress concentration, low fatigue strength and structural rigidity. Therefore, in this report, performed a study on the optimum design of the bus window pillar joint for such problem by FEM analysis and experiments. 1 ref., 10 figs., 2 tabs.

  14. Basic investigation on deflection wave propagation and strength of very large floating structures; Choogata futai kozo no tawami hado denpa kyodo to kyodo ni kansuru kisoteki kosatsu

    Tsubogo, T.; Okada, H. [University of Osaka Prefecture, Osaka (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    The response strength in which deflection waves propagating in the elastic body of a large floating structure with an order of km in length and width was investigated. Attention was paid to the waves propagating the place fully away from the boundary of a very large floating body so as to obtain the dispersion relation of waves and the relation between incident waves and deflection waves. Next, the frequency response was checked from the aspect of the displacement amplitude and strength for beams and plates. The dispersion relation of waves propagating the place fully away from the boundary of a very large floating body and the relation between the waves and infinite-point incident waves were represented by an expression. Similarly, the waves propagates more than the infinite-point incident waves in frequency, wavelength, and speed. A lower-limit value exists in the propagation speed. The displacement and stress amplitudes are represented by a relational expression. For plates, the displacement amplitude increases when the wave direction coincides with the small-rigidity direction. The stress amplitude is maximized when the waves corresponding to the ``wave below a floating body = size of a characteristic wave number`` reach the large-rigidity direction. 10 refs., 10 figs., 2 tabs.

  15. Study of seismic data acquisition using physical modeling system; Butsuri model jikken sochi wo mochiita data shutoku gijutsu ni kansuru kento

    Tsukui, R.; Tsuru, T. [Japan National Oil Corp., Tokyo (Japan). Technology Research Center; Matsuoka, T [Japan Petroleum Exploration Corp., Tokyo (Japan)


    For the physical modeling system of Technology Research Center, Japan National Oil Corporation, data acquisition on the ocean and ground can be simulated using models. This system can provide data for verification of the data processing and elastic wave simulation algorithm. This can also provide data for decision of experiment specifications by making a model simulating the underground structure of the given test field. The model used for the physical modeling system is a gradient multilayer model with six-layer structure. Depth migration before stacking was conducted using data obtained through two acquisition methods, i.e., up-dip acquisition and down-dip acquisition. The depth migration before stacking was performed for data obtained by up-dip acquisition in addition to the records obtained by down-dip acquisition. Consequently, a definite reflection surface was observed, which has not been observed from the processing results of down-dip acquisition data. 9 figs.

  16. Study on property-gradient polymer electrolyte for rechargeable lithium batteries; Lithium niji denchi no tame no keisha tokusei kobunshi denkaishitsu no sosei ni kansuru kenkyu

    Kokumi, Z.; Kanemura, S.; Inaba, M.; Takehara, Z.; Yao, K.; Uchimoto, Y. [Kyoto University, Kyoto (Japan)


    This paper describes the fundamental experiments for creating property-gradient polymer electrolyte for rechargeable lithium batteries. The rechargeable lithium battery is composed of an anodic composite agent section with high ion conductivity, a separator equivalent section with high mechanical strength (high bridging degree), and a section surpressing the precipitation of metal lithium by contacting with it. The continuous property-gradient polymer electrolyte was tried to be synthesized by means of the plasma polymerization method. As a result, plasma polymerization electrolyte with high ion conductivity could be prepared from the liquid phase by using a monomer with low vapor pressure. Porous material simulating the anodic composite agent was impregnated by the monomer, which was plasma-polymerized. As a result, it was found that the bridging degree decreased from the surface towards the inside of the plasma-polymerized porous material. In addition, polymer was prepared using fluorine-base monomer. Thus, LiF thin film could be prepared through the reaction between the polymer and metal lithium. 3 figs.

  17. Studies on surface structures and mechanism of photocatalytic action of semiconductor oxides; Handotai hikari shokubai no hyomen kozo seigyo to sayo kiko kaimei ni kansuru kenkyu

    Takeuchi, H.; Sona, S.; Koike, H.; Hori, H.; Negishi, N.; Kohara, H.; Ibusuki, A. [National Institute for Resources and Environment, Tsukuba (Japan); Vakhtin, A.; Borovkov, V. [New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, Tokyo, (Japan)


    Studies are made to define the working mechanism of semiconductor photocatalysts such as TiO2 and to establish designing guidelines for improving on their activity and functions. TiO2 in the air actively produces oxygen seeds for the oxidation and removal of NOx, etc. It is desired that a catalyst have a specific surface area large enough to retain the product of its action. To meet the need, a thin-film photocatalyst which is an aggregate of TiO2 crystals is produced by burning a film of a sol/gel system of reaction doped with macromolecules. This product has a larger specific surface area and is higher in pollutant-removing performance, and may be put into practical use. In another experiment, metal-carrying particles TiO2 suspended in water are employed for the reduction of CO2. Though the main product of catalysts carrying Pt or Pd is methane, a photocatalyst carrying RuO2 produces acetic acid mainly and loses less activity with the passage of time. A hybrid photocatalyst is composed of an organic pigment and inorganic semiconductor, synthesized through a covalent bond between a sililated-surface thin TiO2 film and porphyrin. It is confirmed that the newly developed process brings about an increase in electron migration efficiency. 3 figs.

  18. Study on the application of plasma technology to advanced global environmental harmony type technology; Kankyo chowagata gijutsu no kodoka eno plasma no oyo ni kansuru chosa



    Plasma application technology is systematically investigated. Fundamental feature of plasma, method of plasma generation, special features of plasma, and its application area are arranged. The present application area of plasma chemical reaction in industry has been arranged for each utilization and process according to the patents research and scientific journals. For the global environmental harmony type technology, functions required for the membrane separators are investigated by assuming the recovery of environmental load substances, and possible manufacturing process of the membrane by using plasma technology is also investigated. For the improvement of catalysis by the plasma process, the requirement for the catalyst, a fine particle effect for catalyst, production of catalyst, plasma technology applicable to the improvement of catalyst, thermal plasma, and low-temperature plasma are described. For the application of plasma to enhance the catalysis reaction, synthesis of ammonia and methanol are described. 177 refs., 67 figs., 18 tabs.

  19. Study on thermal environment and energy consumption in underground shopping centers. Chikagai no netsu kankyo to energy shohi ni kansuru chosa kenkyu

    Miura, H. (Waseda Univ., Tokyo (Japan). Graduate School); Ojima, T. (Waseda Univ., Tokyo (Japan))


    In this study, the actual condition of the energy consumption has been surveyed to compare the environmental loads in underground shopping centers with those in buildings on the ground, aiming at clarifying the actual thermal environment in underground shopping centers located in the Kanto area and the features of the thermal environment therein. The energy consumption was calculated by primary energy conversion on the basis of the average data obtained for the past three years. The survey of energy consumption in 32 underground shopping centers in Japan shows that all such places, commonly from Hokkaido to Kyushu, were the spaces consuming a large amount of energy. In the underground shopping centers, total energy was consumed four times as large as that in ordinary offices, energy for cooling energy consumption larger by 4 times, by 6 times for air cooling and six times, and energy for heating more than four times. They required energy twice to three times as large as that in department stores. The reason for it is considered that in underground, not only the 24-hour ventilation and air condition are required because of the public environment but external and internal heat loads are dealt with. 4 refs., 16 figs., 9 tabs.

  20. Report of 'Survey on Asian environmental information networks'; 'Asia kankyo joho network chosa' ni kansuru hokokusho



    Information systems, mainly aided by computers, are becoming increasingly important, contributing to development of wide areas of societies and economics, to begin with. However, few developing countries have established sufficient information systems, in spite of their strong desires to do so, which will further widen the gap between them and advanced countries, where these systems are acceleratedly advancing. Given these situations, Center of International Cooperation for Computerization (CICC) has been implementing various projects for providing assistance to and cooperation with oversea countries which are trying to develop information systems. This report summarizes the project, which CICC has been commissioned by Optoelectronic Industry and Technology Development Association as part of the cooperation programs, for establishing the Asian environmental information networks. It outlines the research cooperation project for the environmental networks, results of the 4 on-the-spot surveys, 2 occasions for inviting researchers to Japan, and construction of the internet and Asian environmental information network systems. (NEDO)

  1. Research and development cooperation project on environmental measurement using laser radar in fiscal 1993; Kankyo keisokuyo laser radar no kaihatsu ni kansuru kenkyu kyoryoku



    As one of the international research cooperation projects, the research cooperation in developing laser radar for environment measurement started between Japan and Indonesia. The project is scheduled to be carried out in a 4-year plan starting fiscal 1993. In fiscal 1993, conducted were negotiations with Indonesia on its implementation and a field survey. Between January 6 and 15, 1994, the first field survey was made in terms of topography, climate, road network and traffic situation of Jakarta city, and the proposed sites for installation were reported. The paper also introduced the reception system on the Indonesian side and a request for technical learning through stay in Japan. The second field survey was conducted between February 27 and March 6, 1994. Indonesia requested that they want to make laser radar observation not only for the local area, but the one that covers industrial areas, central urban areas and residential areas. Incidentally, there was an opinion that it is important to elucidate the pollution mechanism. 19 refs., 43 figs., 6 tabs.

  2. Research report on the trend of preventive measures against global warming by substituting CFCs; Daitai freon no chiku ondanka taisaku doko ni kansuru chosa hokokusho



    This paper reports the research results on the present state and future trend of protective measures for the ozone layer, and the trend of preventive measures against global warming by substituting CFCs such as HFC, through international conferences, meetings and lecture meetings, and literature survey. In the 8th meeting of the parties to the Montreal Protocol, it was presented that refrigerator producers in Thailand phased out CFCs from their products earlier than the schedule in cooperation with Japan. The final draft including the approval of essential use from 1997 to 2002 was reviewed, and reported to the technology/economy assessment panel. Reduction of ozone depleting substances was guided in Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines. The latest trend of substituting technologies of HCFC was surveyed, and the control trend of F-containing greenhouse effect gas emission was also surveyed through the conference of the parties of climate change in fiscal 1996. Based on the IPCC report in 1995, the emission amount of greenhouse gases of nearly 10% in contribution such as CO2, methane and fluorocarbon was arranged. R and D on destruction of CFCs was also surveyed. 35 refs., 54 figs., 32 tabs.

  3. Research cooperation project on conservation and sustainable use of tropical bioresources; Seibutsu tayosei hozen to jizokuteki riyonado ni kansuru kenkyu kyoryoku



    Research cooperation has been conducted on the conservation of biological species inhabiting in the tropical rainforest in developing countries in tropic zone and the sustainable use of genetic resources using biotechnologies. For the research cooperation with Thailand in FY 1996, research of the food acquisition strategy of the Primates has been conducted. A total of 19 species of animals and plants, i.e., 7 species of arbors, 7 species of herbs, and 5 species of insects, were newly confirmed for pig-tailed monkey. In Indonesia, a feasibility study was conducted on the information center of Indonesian tropical bioresources. For the research of culture collection of bacteria, 113 strains of acetic acid bacteria and 85 strains of lactic acid bacteria were separated from Indonesian specimens, and they were identified. An agreement was concluded with Malaysia, and discussions were conducted for the concrete implementation plan. For the project, construction of a database was investigated for bioresources including bacteria and higher animals useful for industries. Maintenance of gene bank was also investigated. 391 refs., 61 figs., 93 tabs.

  4. FY 1998 annual report on the surveys on high-efficiency power generation techniques of the next generation; 1998 nendo jisedai kokoritsu hatsuden gijutsu ni kansuru chosa hokokusho



    Comprehensive surveys on and assessment of seeds of the high-efficiency power generation techniques of the next generation, both domestic and overseas, are conducted to help propose preliminary national research themes. In FY 1998, the survey efforts are directed not only to the trends of those for industrial power generation under development, e.g., combined cycle, coal-gasification combined cycle and pressurized fluidized bed combined cycle, but also to the trends of newly proposed systems, e.g., humid air combined cycle, methane reforming combined cycle, fuel reforming/humid air combined cycle, fuel reforming/fuel cell combined cycle and micro gas turbine, to further enhance efficiency by integration with a gas turbine power generation system. The efforts are also directed to (new power generation techniques in the basic research stage) being studied mainly by academic and research organizations, and to development trends of new power generation techniques under development by private enterprises, mainly based on the patent survey. (NEDO)

  5. Survey of implementation plan constructed for `the New Earth 21 Project`; Chikyu saisei keikaku no jisshi keikaku sakusei ni kansuru chosa jigyo



    It is necessary to establish scenarios for reducing CO2 emissions and for developing CO2 emission control technologies to obtain a global consensus, using appropriate analytical models. For modification of the DNE-21 (Dynamic New Earth 21) model, it has a category designated as innovative technologies not involving CO2 emission and an optional consideration for the absorption of atmospheric CO2 by biomass. A global carbon circulation model, including vegetation in its scope, is also incorporated. Major results of the simulation are shown. When 20% reduction in CO2 emissions is required for only OECD countries after the year 2020, it has been demonstrated that CO2 concentration in the atmosphere will reach as high as about 900 ppm in 2100 due to CO2 emission by developing countries, and will not be a tolerable level. Under the condition that CO2 concentration in the atmosphere is controlled at 450 ppm in 2100, the amount of renewable source of energy from photovoltaic power generation and biomass will increase and technologies of CO2 recovery and storage will decrease. Research and development of the production of methanol from recovered CO2 will be adopted as innovative technology for CO2 measures. 69 refs., 112 figs., 79 tabs.

  6. Final report of `research on advanced uses of cast materials`; Chusho kigyo taisaku gijutsu tokubetsu kenkyu `chuzo zairyo no kodo riyo gijutsu ni kansuru kenkyu` shuryo hokokusho

    Tada, S.; Takahashi, T.; Abe, T. [Tohoku National Industrial Research Institute, Sendai (Japan)


    For the advanced utilization of casting iron, temperature differential austempering and partial austempering with the gradient mechanical properties of ADI (austempered ductile iron) by local electric method were experimentally investigated. For the former, gradient mechanical properties are obtained by giving temperature difference to the material in the process of austempering of casting iron, to add the strength and toughness. For the latter, mechanical properties are controlled by repeating partial austempering with changing the isothermal transformation condition by means of local electric method, to obtain the strength characteristics with appropriate balance. As a result of the former experiment, function gradient materials could be obtained with continuously changing internal mechanical properties. The fabricated material provided different properties depending on the direction of load. Radial crushing strength constant of the ring material depended on the treatment temperature of inside surface of the specimen. Fatigue and yield strengths can be simultaneously improved. As a result of the latter experiment, it was found that the mechanical properties can be improved at arbitrary part by the partial austempering. 13 refs., 25 figs., 4 tabs.

  7. Fiscal 1995 research investigation on chemical process technology using supercritical fluid; 1995 nendo chorinkai ryutai wo riyoshita kagaku process gijutsu ni kansuru chosa kenkyu



    With relation to the supercritical fluid utilization technology, conducted in fiscal 1995 were collection of basic data, extraction of R and D subjects and survey/analysis of application fields based on the literature survey and overseas field survey. From the research results, the following were selected as research subjects: as to the clean/recycling process technology, non-selection cascade treatment process of mixed waste plastics, hazardous waste treatment process, and radioactive waste treatment process. As to the unused resource utilization process technology, the supercritical submerged combustion power generation process, heavy hydrocarbon resource reutilization process, biomass synthetic utilization process, and carbon dioxide reutilization process. As to the next generation reaction process technology, the simple reaction process, de-organic solvent process, chemical materialization process for methane, and reaction separation combined process. As the innovative material process technology, the plastic forming process, high-functional materials, high-efficiency energy conversion materials, and heightening of function of solid wastes. 537 refs., 116 figs., 54 tabs.

  8. Survey of pollution-resistant plants and their cultivating techniques; Osen busshitsu taisei shokubutsu to sono shokusai gijutsu ni kansuru chosa



    The reduction of forests due to environmental pollution has been surveyed, to investigate the pollution-resistant plants and solid microorganisms. In Japan, the blight of needle-leaf trees (pine and momi fir) and of Japanese oak has occurred, and blight of some other trees, such as wild cherry trees, Japanese apricot trees, birch, Japanese cedar, cypress and bamboo, has been reported from various regions. In this article, plants reported to be resistant to pollutants are listed, and the physiological features of these plants are described. Furthermore, to develop pollution-resistant plants, reports relating to clarification of the mechanism of resistance development and the genes involved are reviewed. Microorganisms which symbioses for roots support these root functions. They also suppress the activity of pathogenic microorganisms and improve the environment around the roots, thus helping plants to grow normally. The roles played by symbiotic microorganisms and how to utilize these organisms are discussed. Their functions in coping with acid rain and heavy metal pollution, and how to utilize such functions are also discussed. 707 refs., 13 figs., 13 tabs.

  9. Survey on the technological development issues for large-scale methanol engine power generation plant; Ogata methanol engine hatsuden plant ni kansuru gijutsu kaihatsu kadai chosa



    Based on the result of `Survey on the feasibility of large-scale methanol engine power generation plant` in fiscal 1992, concrete technological development issues were studied for its practical use, and the technological R & D scheme was prepared for large-scale methanol engine power plant featured by low NOx and high efficiency. Technological development issues of this plant were as follows: improvement of thermal efficiency, reduction of NOx emission, improvement of the reliability and durability of ignition and fuel injection systems, and reduction of vibration. As the economical effect of the technological development, the profitability of NOx control measures was compared between this methanol engine and conventional heavy oil diesel engines or gas engines. As a result, this engine was more economical than conventional engines. It was suggested that development of the equipment will be completed in nearly 4 years through every component study, single-cylinder model experiment and real engine test. 21 refs., 43 figs., 19 tabs.

  10. Investigation on the development and introduction of new geothermal exploration technology. Part 2; Chinetsu shintansa gijutsu kaihatsu donyu ni kansuru chosa. 2



    For the purpose of maintaining and increasing the geothermal power generation amount, the development was made of exploration technologies which become necessary in the stage of geothermal reservoir exploration and in the stage of reservoir management and peripheral development. As development technologies, the following were proposed: fracture flow characteristics exploration method (FE), production/circumference areas flow characteristics exploration method (PE), and integrated analyzing method (IA). As to FE, for the survey of geothermal fluid dynamic characteristics in fracture aggregate composing the geothermal reservoir, developments were made of the well hydraulic testing method for examining hydraulic characteristics of fracture system and of the fracture evaluation method composed of the core/logging analysis method, the permeability logging method and electroseismic exploration method. As to PE, for maintaining and managing steam production in the developmental area and developing the area to the circumference area, development was conducted of technology for exploring variations of reservoirs and fluid flow from the data on precision gravity, three-dimensional resistivity, fluid geochemistry, active seismic wave and self potential, precision electromagnetism, passive seismic wave, etc. As to IA, development was made of reservoir simulation technique, etc. 2 refs., 70 figs., 41 tabs.

  11. Study on search for antioxidant peptides in unused protein resources and their production; Miriyo tanpaku shigen kara no kosanka pepuchido no tansaku to seisan ni kansuru kenkyu



    For the development of antioxidants that are high in use value, peptides are produced in a bioreactor from so-far-unused or little-used protein resources originating in marine organisms collected along the Sanriku coast, and antioxidants that they may contain are searched for. Three kinds of red alga, eight kinds of brown alga, and internal organs of processed fish are treated in the bioreactor. The bioreactor is a rotary membrane type especially built for the effective decomposition of proteins in this study. Reaction solutions containing proteins and enzymes are let through an ultrafiltration membrane module in rotation at a high speed, and the products with their molecules reduced in weight are effectively taken out of the system (free of clogging). The specimens checked for antioxidant features are all found to be positive when subjected to the iron rhodanide method or carotene method, the two methods determining the change in the amount of oxygen in hydroperoxide and {beta}-carotene that are produced when the linolic acid is oxidized. Every one of the specimens prepared for this study exhibits antioxidant features in plural, different mechanisms. It is necessary to collect further basic findings about oxidation inhibiting mechanisms for the development of more active antioxidant peptides. 39 refs., 46 figs., 8 tabs.

  12. Report on the FY 1999 R and D survey on ultra-high sensitive photoelectric converter; 1999 nendo chokokando koden henkan soshi ni kansuru kenkyu kaihatsu chosa hokokusho



    By the ICB method which is one of the ion engineering methods, photomultipliers were formed using organic dye thin films. By changing the energy to bond traps on thin film/metal electrode interface and electric charges by change of acceleration energy of ion beams, a technology was developed for adjusting the optimum operating temperature between -20 degrees C and +100 degrees C. The wide range of operating temperature and favorable SN ratio can be realized. It was made clear that the dark current of the photomultiplier is composed of two components of contribution by the residual charge stored on the interface at photomultiplying and of contribution by charge injection from the Schottky barrier. Based on this, the residual electric charge removal method by heating and applied pulse voltage was developed. The development for practical use was studied of ultra-high sensitive photoelectric converters. As an intelligent photo sensor, a biomimetic visual photosensor was proposed which uses amplification/memory/arithmetic functions and film formation/processability of organic thin films. The paper also described the image sensor. (NEDO)

  13. Report on the cooperative study of technology to collect valuable resources in brine; Kansuichu no yuka shigen kaishu gijutsu ni kansuru kenkyu kyoryoku hokokusho



    The paper reported on the research, design, and evaluation on a system to recover by sedimentation magnesium from the brine in the salt manufacture by solar evaporation in Mexico, and a system to recover by adsorbent lithium, boron, etc. from the brine of the solar pond salt field in China. In the case of Mexico, an overall recovery system was developed, but in the evaluation of economy of the system, it cannot be said that the system is feasible even if assuming that the required fresh water can be secured. It was found out that the economical efficiency largely depends upon the cost of hydrated lime and the selling price of magnesia clinker. In the case of China, a plant for production of 500 tons/year of lithium carbonate was conceptually designed to evaluate the economical efficiency. As a result, the internal profitability of the plant is not so high, approximately 6%, though continuously profitable during the operation of 15 years. It was indicated that the project was not economically very efficient. 164 figs., 44 tabs.

  14. Improvement of prediction accuracy of large eddy simulation on colocated grids; Colocation koshi wo mochiita LES no keisan seido kaizen ni kansuru ichikosatsu

    Inagaki, M.; Abe, K. [Toyota Central Research and Development Labs., Inc., Aichi (Japan)


    With the recent advances in computers, large eddy simulation (LES) has become applicable to engineering prediction. However, most cases of the engineering applications need to use the nonorthgonal curvilimear coordinate systems. The staggered grids, usually used in LES in the orthgonal coordinates, don`t keep conservative properties in the nonorthgonal curvilinear coordinates. On the other hand, the colocated grids can be applied in the nonorthgonal curvilinear coordinates without losing its conservative properties, although its prediction accuracy isn`t so high as the staggered grid`s in the orthgonal coordinates especially with the coarse grids. In this research, the discretization method of the colocated grids is modified to improve its prediction accuracy. Plane channel flows are simulated on four grids of different resolution using the modified colocated grids and the original colocated grids. The results show that the modified colocated grids have higher accuracy than the original colocated grids. 17 refs., 13 figs., 1 tab.

  15. Study on improving efficiency in hydrogen utilizing regional heat supply system; Suiso riyo chinetsu kyokyu system no koritsu kaizen ni kansuru kenkyu

    Sueyoshi, S.; Ishitani, H.; Matsuhashi, T. [The University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    With an objective to improve efficiency in a hydrogen energy distribution system, discussions were given on combining heat energy supply from hydrogen with factory waste heat recovery by using hydrogen absorbing alloys. This system carries out simultaneously heat supply as a result of burning hydrogen directly and heat supply obtained by converting hydrogen pressure by using hydrogen absorbing alloys. This system could allow existing gas piping facilities to be utilized. However, since quantity of hydrogen that can be transported as pressure is smaller than quantity of heat of hydrogen itself, absorption and emission are repeated a number of times in order to utilize the heat source to a possible maximum extent. Thus, a large quantity of waste heat can be utilized when this method is used. A hydrogen manufacturing system by means of LNG reformation may be combined with this heat transportation system. When waste heat that is received is handled as having zero input in the same sense as natural energy, and heat supply from a hydrogen absorbing alloy is repeated for 50 times, the overall energy balance has resulted in a considerably good value at 0.95. 5 refs., 9 figs., 5 tabs.

  16. Report on `Survey of commercialization of intellectual ownership such as patent rights`; `Tokkyoken nado chiteki shoyuken no jitsuyoka ni kansuru chosa` hokokusho



    A survey was conducted on research results in industrial circles, universities, etc. in the U.S., Europe and Japan, especially the state of how intellectual ownership such as patent rights is handled and the present situation of the commercialization of intellectual ownership, proposing problems and measures to be taken for promotion of practical use of excellent research results in Japan. The most important thing obtained from the survey is that study jointly by industrial circles and universities in the U.S. and Europe is much more advancing than that in Japan and is firmly established not only in industrial circles, universities and national research institutes, but in the whole society, actually producing a lot of favorable results. For Japan to catch up with the U.S. and Europe, needed is not only accumulation of the ideas in the past, but drastic measures to be taken from a new point of view. Concretely, it was proposed that by belonging intellectual properties such as patent rights to universities/research institutes and transferring their disposal rights to them, royalties of licenses are given back to inventors as incentives, and that as a body promoting the transfer to the industrial circle, `management organization` to which private vitality is introduced is established in universities/research institutes in order to promote interconnection between the industrial circle and universities. 15 refs., 35 figs., 36 tabs.

  17. Survey report on an environmental harmony type production system of chemical products; Kankyo chowagata kagaku seihin seizo system ni kansuru chosa hokokusho



    As part of establishing an environmental harmony type production system of chemical products, study and survey were made on PET bottles. Using the life cycle analysis method (LCA), a study was made for proposing a material recycle (MR) method which is environmentally and economically excellent in the stage of recycling waste PET bottles. The total cost of recycling can be reduced by 34% supported by a decrease in equipment cost and improvement in yield if there is no mixture of foreign substances such as aluminum caps and PVC bottles. However, the ratio of the amount obtained from the reduction to the total production cost is small, and it is necessary to take measures from a viewpoint of the cost in a total production process and environmental loads. In a survey in Kawaguchi city, PET bottles discharged from the business sector occupied 41% of all the discharge amount. In a survey in Yokohama city, very important data were obtained on PET bottles appointed as the second type under the recycle law. The quality of PET bottles to be brought to the recycling plant is important for effectively processing PET bottles in MR method. For achievement of MR which is low in cost and small in environmental load, needed were cooperation by citizens, the shipping management system in autonomous government, and changes in design and material quality to be made by the industrial circle. 8 refs., 64 figs., 68 tabs.

  18. Fiscal 1996 investigational research on the chemical process technology using supercritical fluids; 1996 nendo chorinkai ryutai wo riyoshita kagaku process gijutsu ni kansuru chosa kenkyu



    Importance was studied of making a research on the chemical process technology using the supercritical fluid. As for its effect on global warming, the amount of CO2 emission was compared during the operation between the conventional process and the process using the supercritical fluid, the CO2 reduction rate and amount were trially calculated, and a CO2 reduction of a several ten thousand ton scale in carbon conversion was predicted. As to hazardous materials and the reaction of waste retrieval, it was made clear that the process using the supercritical fluid was valid also for objects for which the chemical process used to be impossible, which indicates a possibility of the widening field of application. Concerning its effect on the energy conservation, energy reduction of several ten thousand tons in heavy oil conversion was predicted by replacing all the existing processes with supercritical fluids. Relating to the recycling, with the use of supercritical fluids, the process is possible which produces higher quality and yield and fewer unnecessary products such as char than the conventional process. 197 refs., 102 figs., 71 tabs.

  19. Reduction mechanism of dynamic loads on down wind rotor; Furyoku hatsuden system down wind rotor no doteki kaju no keigen kiko ni kansuru kenkyu

    Seki, K.; Shimizu, Y.; Yasui, T. [Tokai University, Tokyo (Japan)


    Dynamic force on blades in a large wind mill changes with rotational speed for various reasons, such as wind shear that causes vertical distribution of wind velocity or titling angle. Therefore, a 2-blade system on a teetered hub is a practical selection for the coned, down-wind type. Use of teetered axis greatly reduces bending moment in the flap direction and that at the axis of rotation. An attempt was made to understand dynamic loads by inertial force resulting from oscillation of the blade rotating on the teetered axis, and thereby to avoid them. The in-plane load can be diminished to zero when the teetered axis is coincided with the center of gravity, but generally cannot be avoided when the blade is strained significantly, except it is operated at the rated condition. The in-plane load and bending moment can be avoided, when rotational freedom is given around the y axis. Dynamic load on a down-wind rotor can be avoided by use of universal joint. 3 refs., 6 figs.

  20. Study of seismic data acquisition using physical modeling system; Butsuri model jikken sochi wo mochiita data shutoku gijutsu ni kansuru kento

    Tsukui, R.; Tsuru, T. [Tech. Research Center, Japan National Oil Corp., Tokyo (Japan); Matsuoka, T. [Japan Petroleum Exploration Corp., Tokyo (Japan)


    The Physical Modeling System introduced into the Technology Research Center, Japan National Oil Corporation, and data collected by use of the system are presented. The Physical Modeling System is 10,000 times smaller than the real one, comprising a water tub section, measuring device section, and control section, etc. The water tub section comprises a tub for housing the model, transducers for transmitting and receiving vibration, controllers, etc. The water tub measures 1.8{times}1.2{times}0.9m. The model used in the experiment is an `inclined multilayer model` with each of its six layers pinching out toward the top, and is usable for the comparison of various migration methods. In one case in the records, reception was made at 184 reception points deployed at intervals of 3mm, when the minimum offset was 15mm and the maximum offset 564mm. Nothing very obvious was observed when the ordinary overlapping of DMO and CDP was applied to this record, which suggests that pre-overlapping migration treatment is required. 5 figs.

  1. Research cooperation of the development of laser radar for environmental measurements; Kankyo keisokuyo laser radar no kaihatsu ni kansuru kenkyu kyoryoku



    Research and development of the laser radar for measuring the air pollution in urban areas and the environmental information network have been conducted through the cooperation with Indonesian researchers. A measurement system suitable to actual situation of Indonesia has been constructed. In FY 1996, some works have been conducted as in the final fiscal year. To set the laser radar for environmental measurements and to make a plan of measurement research, conditions of air pollution in Indonesia and setting places of systems have been investigated. Opinions for the cooperation research have been exchanged with Indonesian researchers. Actual trends of the environmental measurements technology using laser radar have been surveyed. Indonesian researchers have been invited to learn operation and data processing of the system. One unit of MIE diffusion laser radar system has been designed and fabricated, and an additional data processing program has been made. The system has been delivered to Jakarta and installed. After the adjustment, performance tests have been conducted to complete the construction of the system. 3 refs., 72 figs., 10 tabs.

  2. Experimental study on the aerodynamic performance of 3-dimensional vortex-blowers. Sanjigen uzuryu blower no kuriki seino ni kansuru kenkyu

    Yamazaki, S.; Ito, E.; Fujio, M.; Fujita, H. (Hitachi, Ltd., Tokyo (Japan))


    Vortex blowers with two-dimensional blades have such deficiencies as low aerodynamic performance and high noise. Accordingly, discussions have been given on effects of three-dimensionalized blades on internal flows and aerodynamic performance with the objective of making the vortex blowers smaller in size, higher in performance, and lower in noise. A spiral flow exists in the flow path in a casing, which has its flow velocity increased as the flow rate is decreased. The flow velocity at the closing point reaches about two times as large as the circumferential speed of the blades in the case of having three-dimensional leading blades. The spiral flow outflowing from outer circumference of the blades into the casing flow path has its flow velocity nearly halved while swirling in semi-circular form in the casing flow path, by which a vortex blower converts the total pressure in the casing flow path to a static pressure. When the outlet angle in the axial direction is changed from 90[degree] (two-dimensional blade) to 50[degree](three-dimensional leading blade), the flow velocity components increase largely in the circumferential direction, with the pressure coefficient and the dynamic coefficient increasing by about two fold respectively. When the inlet angle in the axial direction is reduced to 40[degree] , the blade incident loss reduces, while the pressure coefficient improves by about 20% and the heat insulation efficiency by about 30%. 4 refs., 15 figs., 1 tab.

  3. Evaluation of damping property of long-span prestressed concrete cable-stayed bridges; Chodai PC shachokyo no gensui tokusei ni kansuru kosatsu

    Yamanobe, S.; Niihara, Y.; Minami, H.; Kono, T. [Kajima Corp., Tokyo (Japan)


    As to the dynamic design in the antiseismic design of PC cable-stayed bridges, evaluation of damping is important. Since it is difficult to evaluate damping property theoretically and analytically, a lot of studies have not been made about how to set up damping coefficients. In this study, using analytical models of existing long-span PC cable-stayed bridges, to clarify causes of damping of long-span PC cable-stayed bridge, the rate of strain energy in each member was examined. Equivalent damping coefficients of each member, effects of friction in movable bearing, and effects of basically radiational damping were studied. The correspondence with the results of the vibration experiments conventionally made were studied. (translated by NEDO)

  4. On flutter stability of decks for super long-span bridge; Cho chodai tsurihashi hogoko no furatta anteika ni kansuru kenkyu

    Matsumoto, M. [Kyoto Univ. (Japan). Faculty of Engineering; Hamazaki, H. [Fuji Research Inst. Corp., Tokyo (Japan); Yoshizumi, F. [Kyoto Univ., Kyoto (Japan). Graduate School


    In recent years, with the development of high strength steel, long span suspension-bridge becomes possible, furthermore, with the progress of welding technology, the horizontal deformation and torsional deformation of the deck increase owing to the reduction of energy dissipation due to sliding friction. Because of this, super long-span bridge is easy to get vibrated by wind, stability measures having more excellent wind resistance become necessary. In this study, aiming at controlling the pattern of air flow around the sections of box-form girder of super long-span bridge, studied were conducted on deck sections having more excellent flutter stability. Studied were conducted on the relationship between torsional vibration and flexible vibration coupled with unsteady aerodynamic force coefficience at the occurrence of flutter and the occurring mechanism of the flutter was cleared. The characteristics of the aerodynamic force of box-form girder having oval section, rectangle section with center barrier, anti-triangle section and tandem oval section respectively were studied and the results were reported. 10 refs., 25 figs.

  5. Experimental investigation on prestressed concrete slabs for two- or three-girders bridges; Shoshuketa kyoryoyo PC yukaban ni kansuru jikken kenkyu

    Sakai, F.; Yabe, J.; Ogaki, K.; Sakugawa, K.; Ito, A.; Takeuchi, K.; Tomoda, T. [Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., Kobe (Japan)


    Rationalization and labor-saving in the construction of bridges are the pending problems arising from the shortage of skilled construction workers, shortened time usable for construction, and demand for lower cost. Under the circumstances, experiment and study were conducted about the PC slab for two- or three-girder bridges. On the assumption of a PC slab located between two main girders, the interval 6 meters long, specimens near the real size were subjected to experiments. Springs were attached to the free sides so that load tests might be conducted under boundary conditions equivalent to those of a finite continuous slab along the direction of the bridge length as in case of a real bridge. It was found that a partial slab model of limited dimensions was usable when a long span slab experiment was necessary. A PC slab, unlike an RC slab, regained its elastic behavior when the load was removed even after the appearance of cracks. Crack producing loads fell within the range which could generally be estimated by calculation, and the PC slab was capable of restoring its original state upon unloading even after the production of cracks. The PC slab, as compared with the RC slab, demonstrated a greater ultimate strength, but the strength was not affected by the size of the prestress. In case of a PC slab on a long span, the bend fracture precedes and the ultimate strength is determined by the bend strength. 9 refs., 9 figs., 5 tabs.

  6. Some studies on structural planning of long-span cable stayed bridge; Choshikan shachokyo no kozo keikaku ni kansuru 2,3 no kosatsu

    Endo, T. [NKK Corp., Tokyo (Japan)


    Feasibility of cabled-stayed bridges with 1000m-grade spans is discussed while re-examining the plan for constructing a Great Tatara Bridge to connect Honshu and Shikoku, Japan, and in this process various tasks and questions are isolated. Some which will be problems in designing the new bridge structure are taken up, including the load-bearing capability of the bridge as a whole, vibration of long cables, resistance to long-period earthquakes, and accuracy management during the construction work. Findings are stated below. A cable-stayed bridge is not significantly different from a suspension bridge and is sufficiently feasible until the span exceeds 1500m. When the span is longer, however, the bridge beam cross section needs be designed very prudently in view of the great axial force and wind load to be imposed on it. Effective for the assurance of load-bearing capability for a long-span cabled-stayed bridge is a structure in which load is elastically confined in the direction of the bridge axis. In connection with vibration damping for very long cables, it is verified that a new dimpled cable suits the purpose of suppressing wind load from increasing without reduction in damping effect. 28 refs., 23 figs., 7 tabs.

  7. Ultimate strength analysis of long-span cable-stayed bridges; Chodai chachokyo no shukyoku kyodo kaiseki to kyodo ni kansuru ichikosatsu

    Xie, X.; Yamaguchi, H. [Saitama Univ., Urawa (Japan)] Nagai, M. [Nagaoka Technical Coll., Niigata (Japan)


    Recently, span of cable-stayed bridges has been getting loner and longer, present situation is that cable-stayed bridges with span 600 to 800m class have been built inside and outside the country, and accurate determination of its ultimate strength has been an important problem statistically. However, concrete design method for evaluating load bearing stress of long-span cable-stayed bridge. Particularly of the main beam whose axial stress is dominating, has not been established so far. As for cable-stayed bridge, even for long-span, effect of plasticization of cross section on ultimate strength is severe because there is little effect of geometric nonlinearity and it is thought that accurate evaluation of ultimate strength only by elastic finite potential analysis is difficult. Accordingly, it is necessary to study the behavior by using combined nonlinear analysis considering the nonlinearity of the material in order to evaluate the safety and economy to long-span cable-stayed bridge. In this report, 3 dimensional analysis method was formularized taking into account the combine nonlinearity of multi-box girder and analysis program of ultimate strength behavior of long-span cable-stayed bridge was developed. 19 refs., 17 figs., 2 tabs.

  8. Preparation and utilization of amorphous siliceous materials from serpentine (Mg3Si2O5(OH)4) by acid treatment; Jamonseki no kofuka kachika ni kansuru kenkyu



    Concerning the conversion of serpentine, not only its magnesium component but also silica component, into industrial materials, conditions suitable for the production of porous materials and amorphous silica by acid treatment were evaluated, and the properties of the products were evaluated. The silica resulting from the acid treatment of serpentine comes out in different forms, each reflecting the structure of the parent rock, that is, an amorphous mass of planar particles from antigorite and a fascicular mass of filaments from chrysotile. A microporic structure resulted when a small quantity of magnesium was allowed to remain in the skeleton structure and acid treatment conditions were properly adjusted. Several siliceous compounds were prepared for the purpose of finding use for silica from this rock, and then it was found that high-efficiency production of high-crystallinity compounds was possible and that they were furnished with properties fit for use as materials. Furthermore, study was made about the kaolinite reaction in which serpentine would be directly converted into useful materials. 105 refs., 55 figs., 6 tabs.

  9. Investigations on measures to reduce nitrous oxide (N2O); Asanka chisso (N2O) no teigen taisaku ni kansuru chosa



    Discussions were given on measures to reduce N2O as part of the measures to prevent global warming. Nitrous oxide has a long atmospheric lifetime of 150 years, and its greenhouse warming potential will increase by 310 times that of CO2 after 100 years. It can also be a cause of ozone layer destruction. Nitrous oxide is estimated to have influence of about 10% as compared with CO2 even under the present conditions. Discharge of N2O from manufacturing process of adipic acid is aimed to be eliminated totally by 1998. Improvement in efficiency of combustion of fossil fuels and wastes serves most effectively to reduce not only N2O but also CO2. Nitrous oxide generated in sewage treatment as in sewage purifier may be reduced if the batch process is turned into a continuous process, but assistance from policy side would be required for wider adoption of the process conversion. No environmental regulations are applicable to N2O, whereas a problem is present that the number of system installation would not grow because of economic reasons even if the system is feasible technically. Another problem is that the N2O reducing technology is in trade-off relation with other warming gases such as NOx and methane. Comprehensive technological evaluations aimed at optimization must be moved forward in the future. 236 refs., 102 figs., 78 tabs.

  10. Investigation of nitrous oxide (N2O) abatement technologies. 2; Asanka chisso (N2O) no teigen taisaku ni kansuru chosa. 2



    Emission amount of nitrous oxide (N2O) from anthropogenic sources is analyzed, and reduction effects by the abatement technologies are evaluated. The concentration of nitrous oxide in the atmosphere continues to increase and emissions from agricultural and ecosystem sources are drawing particular attention. For the emission of N2O in Japan, 8.28 Gg-N2O per year is emitted from fossil fuel combustion facilities, 6.95 from waste incineration facilities, 22.5 from transportation vehicles including automobiles, 26.7 from the chemical industry including establishments engaged in adipic acid production, 2.1 from sewage treatment facilities including septic tanks, 6.3 from farmland, and 7.1 from livestock excrement. For the N2O abatement technologies for different sources, fuel improvement, high temperature combustion, acceleration of reduction decomposition reaction, and development of catalysts are significant for the combustion technologies. In connection with N2O discharged in the process of adipic acid production, major businesses have internationally committed to up to 99% abatement of the N2O emissions by 1998. With regard to wastewater and sewage treatment facilities and septic tanks, improvement in COD/NO-N ratio, retention period, pH level, and reduction process is pointed out. 204 refs., 70 figs., 53 tabs.

  11. Improved design of three-dimensional lens for low concentrator PV modules; Teishukogata taiyo denchiyo sanjigen lens no koseinoka ni kansuru kenkyu

    Goma, S.; Yoshioka, K.; Saito, T. [Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Technology, Tokyo (Japan)


    Attention is paid to reduction in area required for solar cells by solar concentration as a means of solving cost limits of solar cells and unstable supply of Si materials. Low concentration solar cells are effective from the aspects of utilization of scattered light and unnecessary ray tracing. The optical concentration ratio was calculated of three-dimensional lens having design values of various north/south and east/west direction allowable incidence half angles. The three-dimensional lens are designed by cutting a rectangular parallelepiped by the two-dimensional composite elliptical plane designed by various allowable incidence half angles from two directions of north/south and east/west. Using Perez`s sky solar radiation models and meteorological data HASP, calculated were the annual accumulated global radiation ratio on an inclined surface and the optical efficiency. Calculated were the solar cell area ratio and solar concentration area ratio of the concentration type to obtain solar radiation the same as that of the planar type. From the optimization calculation, it was found that lens are optimal which have design values of north/south and east/west direction allowable incidence half angles of 30-70deg. The solar cell area ratio is 57% and the solar concentration area ratio is 1.2 times. It was found that by making the module area 1.2 times, more than 40% of the solar cells used can be saved. 5 refs., 8 figs.

  12. Investigation on chemical heat pump using calcium-chloride; Enka calcium no suiwa dassui hanno wo mochiita solar chemical heat pump ni kansuru kenkyu

    Fujii, I.; Arai, T.; Saito, Y. [Meiji University, Tokyo (Japan)


    With an objective of developing a room heating system utilizing a solar chemical heat pump, an experimental system was fabricated to evaluate its performance. Steam was employed as a working gas, and for a reaction material, calcium-chloride was used, which has a reaction temperature zone permitting safe use and fitting the purpose among other hydrate systems and has high standard enthalpy in hydration. Water was used as a solar heat transferring medium. The system operates under the following principle: a container I is filled with hydrated salt and a container II with water, the two containers being linked with a pipe interposed with a valve; heat is inputted and outputted by performing charging and discharging alternately; and the role of a heat pump is played by deriving from environment the heat of water evaporation in the container II during discharging. The COP must take into account the electric power consumption of the water circulation pump to transfer solar heat. A COP of 0.256 was derived as a result of the experiment. 3 refs., 5 figs.

  13. Study on detecting method of rail corrugation by using wavelet analysis; Wavelet kaiseki wo mochiita rail hajo mamo kenshutsu shuho ni kansuru kenkyu

    Suda, Y.; Okumura, M.; Komine, H.; Iwasa, T.; Terumichi, Y. [The University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan). Institute of Industrial Science; Qian, B. [The University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)


    This paper reports the development of a method that detects the corrugation of a rail. A measurement test in which the track inspection car provided with an axle box accelerometer and irregular rail top face measurement equipment runs over the range of a specific section at the setting rate was conducted. A wavelet analysis is applied to the obtained acceleration data of vertical axle box vibration. The position of the generated corrugation was detected in a time base as the high position of a wavelet coefficient. Moreover, the dominant frequency range of corrugation was detected for each frequency by adding the wavelet coefficients in the whole position. This result was verified using the measurement data of an irregular rail top face. The wave height of corrugation can be estimated from the amplitude of the vertical vibration acceleration measured during low-speed traveling when the calculation result of a frequency response using the vertical vibration model in simplified wheel and rail systems is compared with the test result described above. 2 refs., 8 figs., 1 tab.

  14. FY 1998 annual report on the research and development of superhigh-sensitivity photocurrent conversion devices; 1998 nendo chokokando koden henkan soshi ni kansuru kenkyu kaihatsu chosa hokokusho



    Described herein are research and development of superhigh-sensitivity photocurrent conversion devices. The huge photocurrent multiplication effect exhibited by a thin film of organic pigment semiconductor is expected to be applicable to various new devices, e.g., superhigh-sensitivity, intelligent optical sensor families and photocurrent devices. Photocurrent multiplier thin films of perylene is prepared by an ionized cluster beam method, to evaluate their structures and photocurrent characteristics as the basic knowledge for controlling their characteristics by the ion engineering procedures. Photocurrent multiplier thin films of new, two-layer structure are developed, and improvement and stabilization of their characteristics are studied. Increasing sensing sensitivity by, e.g., introduction of p-n junction and reducing dark current resulting from the light memory effect are found to be effective to improve the S/N ratio. An organic EL light-emitting layer capable of positive/negative feedback, as one of the elementary techniques for realizing intelligent devices, is made on a trial basis and evaluated for its characteristics, and studied for its application to photocurrent multiplier thin films. Functional devices in which the arithmetic and controlling functions of the thin films are utilized are also studied. (NEDO)

  15. Study on collapse behavior of a square plate subjected to water pressure; Suiatsu wo ukeru kukeiban no atsukai kyodo ni kansuru kenkyu

    Yao, T.; Fujikubo, M.; Mizutani, K. [Hiroshima University, Hiroshima (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    Bottom plates of a hull are subjected to laterally distributing force due to in-plane compression force and water pressure in the ship`s length direction as a result of longitudinal bending in a hogging condition. Because buckling collapse of the hull bottom plates leads directly to longitudinal bending collapse of the hull bottom cross section, the hull bottom plates must have sufficient strength. The present study performs a static elastic large deflection analysis and an elasto-plastic large deflection analysis. It elucidates buckling collapse behavior of a square plate subjected to water pressure and in-plane compression load, and considers limits in application of conventional approximation analysis methods. In the case of a water pressure action, deflection components growing in excess of the buckling load do not necessarily correspond to buckling modes of the case where no water pressure is acting upon. Conventional approximation analysis methods may not be able often to pursue actual buckling phenomena. According the result of an analysis on hull bottom panels of an actual ship, the ultimate strength decreases when the water pressure is large. Compression force in the lateral direction as a result of water pressure acting on ship`s sides affected very little the ultimate strength. 3 refs., 7 figs.

  16. Consideration on longitudinal bending moment in waves of a large high-speed ship; Ogata kosokutei no haro tatemage moment ni kansuru ichikosatsu

    Deguchi, M.; Takimoto, T.; Kasuda, T.; Tozawa, S. [Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    While high-speed ships are on a trend of increased speed, size and diversity, one of the most important items is a discussion on large high-speed ships with a total length of 100 m class on their longitudinal strength in waves. With such a background, a model ship intended of realizing a large high-speed was assumed, and verification of reliability in structural strength and establishment of a design method for this ship were intended. Therefore, oceanographic condition setting, design load setting, FEM analysis, and strength assessment were carried out. This paper reports the results of comparison with and consideration on conventional criteria and linear calculations, mainly the results of simulated calculations on non-linear hull movement/wave load which have been performed in discussing the loads. The result of the non-linear simulation is thought to have well simulated non-linearity characteristic to the ship. Conventional criteria which have been arranged on the record of use for small ships are considered impossible to be applied to large high-speed ships. Under such a situation, the simplified equations by Kaneko et al are judged effective in making an initial plan for this type of ship. 6 refs., 7 figs., 2 tabs.

  17. Investigation on behavior of bacteria in reservoir for microbial enhanced oil recovery; Biseibutsuho (MEOR) no tameno yusonai saikin katsudo ni kansuru chosa

    Fujiwara, K.; Tanaka, S.; Otsuka, M.; Nakaya, K. [Kansai Research Institute, Kyoto (Japan). Lifescience Research Center; Maezumi, S.; Yazawa, N. [Japan National Oil Corp., Tokyo (Japan). Technology Research Center; Hong, C.; Chida, T.; Enomoto, H. [Tohoku University, Miyagi (Japan). Graduate School of Engineering


    Behavior of bacteria activated in reservoir though molasses-injection-tests, was investigated using the restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis with the polymerase chain reaction (PCR-RFLP) method, for elucidating potential bacteria to suppress in situ growth of microbes to be injected into the reservoir in the microbial enhanced oil recovery (MEOR) process. As a result, some bacteria belonging to Enterobacteriaceae species or their close relative species were grown predominantly in the reservoir, among bacteria inhibiting in the ground-water. The foregoing indicates that behavior of these bacteria in reservoir must be taken into consideration when giving a full account of behavior of microbes to be injected into the reservoir to put the MEOR process into operation. Potential proliferation using molasses to activate those bacteria was also estimated on the laboratory tests, to clarify the growth of microbes to be injected into the reservoir to operate the MEOR process. In consequence, it became clear that these bacteria have a potential growth exceeding 10{sup 8} CFU/ml, utilizing molasses. These facts indicated that microbes to be injected into the reservoir at the MEOR field tests are necessary to grow more excellently than bacteria inhabiting in the ground-water. In addition, as flow, the injection fluid is influenced by reservoir heterogeneity caused by injection of molasses, it was inferred that microbes to be injected into the reservoir at the MEOR field process are also necessary to grow more remarkably than bacteria inhabiting in the reservoir brine at high permeability zones and bacteria inhabiting in the reservoir rock. Furthermore, the results of the functional testing for MEOR conducted in the presence of bacteria activated through molasses-injection-tests indicated the importance of effective use of microbes to be injected, taking into account the characteristics of the reservoir and function for MEOR of those microbes. (author)

  18. FY 1996 annual report of investigation on biological fixation of carbon dioxide. 2; 1996 nendo seibutsuteki CO2 kotei ni kansuru chosa hokokusho. 2



    Various kinds of biological fixation processes of CO2 were evaluated from the various viewpoints. Afforestation of tropical and temperate areas, greening of desert, biomass energy production in these areas by energy plantation, coastal mangrove plantation, fertilization with nitrogen and phosphate to outer ocean and coastal, upwelling zone fertilization with iron, and coral reef expansion combined with OTEC (ocean thermal energy conversion) were comparatively investigated as the selected measures. As a result, the cost of CO2 fixation by cultivation of sea weed and plankton was much higher than that of afforestation. The iron fertilization method which was considered to be one of the high CO2 reduction potentials might be economical. However, its effect could not be quantitatively evaluated. The afforestation of tropical and temperate areas seemed to be most feasible in a short term from the viewpoints of economy and environment. It was suggested that the establishment of a systematic water management technology could make greening and afforestation of desert. 76 refs., 27 figs., 28 tabs.

  19. Research on elaboration of the action plan for the New Earth 21; `Chikyu saisei keikaku` no jisshi keikaku sakusei ni kansuru chosa jigyo



    Elaboration of the action plan for the New Earth 21 plan proposed by Japan in Houston Summit was researched. In fiscal 1995 three types of energy supply/demand scenarios, sensitivity analysis under various conditions, and cases presupposing CO2 emission regulations or not were evaluated by analysis toward 2050 using the New Earth 21 Model (NE 21 Model). Energy-saving is important, and CO2 recovery/treatment technology is introduced according to CO2 emission regulations, while attention is focussed on biomass energy. The issue of solar and wind power generation is cost reduction. In a presupposed horizontally integrated energy system, methanol represents an important intermediate energy. As a whole, CO2 reduction can be achieved by various combinations of energy-saving, introduction of regenerative energy, and CO2 recovery/treatment technology. Case studies of the action plan were conducted by unifying the evaluation criterion on coal IGCC, photovoltaic generation and biomass. The NE 21 Model was useful for elaboration of the reduction scenarios of CO2 emission. 26 refs., 84 figs., 28 tabs.

  20. Investigational research on CO2 isolation technology in fiscal 1995; 1995 nendo nisanka tanso no kakuri gijutsu ni kansuru chosa kenkyu



    The paper studied present technical subjects and future study subjects of the CO2 isolation technology in order to clarify technical and social problems and the developmental subjects of the CO2 isolation technology and related technologies for separating/concentrating CO2 emitted in relation to quantity consumption of fossil fuel and storing it in ocean or underground. Main items for the study were: (1) investigational study of the technology of CO2 ocean storage, (2) investigational study of environmental effect assessment in storing CO2 in ocean, (3) investigational study of the technology of CO2 ocean storage, etc. Technologies required for the ocean isolation were arranged such as CO2 storage, injection, dispersion technique, CO2 behavior simulation, and the developmental subjects were extracted. Further, in the deep-sea bottom storage method, a simulation to calculate the range of PH effects was conducted presuming the specified amount of CO2 and applying known physical values, and evaluation of the CO2 ocean discharge/solution method was made. A method was also studied for experiments on water bacteria and benthos. 127 refs., 102 figs., 81 tabs.

  1. Fiscal 1998 research report on new recycling technology for waste lube oil; 1998 nendo haijunkatsuyu no recycle no shingijutsu ni kansuru chosa kenkyu seika hokokusho



    For effective use of resources and environment conservation, R and D was made on recycling technology for recovered waste lube oil. On the R and D on removal of ash and chlorine contents in waste lube oil, iron oxide-carbon composite was found as adsorbent which can reduce ash content and chlorine content to 0.02wt% and 5ppm, respectively. On the research on the applicability of waste lube oil as melting furnace fuel for bottom ash and fly ash, as the melting experiment result at a real plant, the recycled heavy oil obtained by simple treatment of waste lube oil showed dioxin decomposition rates more than 99.9% and dioxin concentrations less than 0.6ngTEQ/Nm{sup 3} in waste gas, achieving the targets regulated by Air Pollution Control Law. The applicability of waste lube oil as fuel was thus confirmed. On the research on the applicability of waste lube oil as fuel for power generation in oil refineries, both waste lube oil alone and mixed oil with residual oil were available as gasification fuel through design considering ash content removal, and reasonable selection of equipment and piping materials considering chlorine. (NEDO)

  2. Analysis of coordination between the pohotovoltaic power generation and heat storage type air conditioning; Taiyoko hatsuden to chikunetsugata kucho no kyocho ni kansuru bunseki

    Kita, H.; Sudo, T. [Kyoto University, Kyoto (Japan)


    This paper describes the effects of coordination between the photovoltaic power generation and heat storage type air conditioning. In this study, a linear programming model was analyzed in four cases of spread rates of photovoltaic power generation and heat storage tanks by selecting four setting angles of photovoltaic cell panels and six models of irregular variation, to determine the optimum demand and supply. As a result of the simulation, coordination effects were found independent of the cases. It was verified that the coordination effects can be obtained independent of the cases. For the capacity of heat storage tank, the influence of irregular variation of photovoltaic power generation was equivalent to about 10% of the capacity. The difference in the power generation costs between in the daytime and at night, and the construction costs of heat storage tank and air conditioner were considered as factors determining the capacity of heat storage tank. For the setting angle of photovoltaic cell panels, it was found that the intermediate setting was effective between the setting focusing on the peak power and the setting maximizing the annual power output. 4 refs., 7 figs., 3 tabs.

  3. Bayesian reliability analysis for non-periodic inspection with estimation of uncertain parameters; Bayesian shinraisei kaiseki wo tekiyoshita hiteiki kozo kensa ni kansuru kenkyu

    Itagaki, H. [Yokohama National University, Yokohama (Japan). Faculty of Engineering; Asada, H.; Ito, S. [National Aerospace Laboratory, Tokyo (Japan); Shinozuka, M.


    Risk assessed structural positions in a pressurized fuselage of a transport-type aircraft applied with damage tolerance design are taken up as the subject of discussion. A small number of data obtained from inspections on the positions was used to discuss the Bayesian reliability analysis that can estimate also a proper non-periodic inspection schedule, while estimating proper values for uncertain factors. As a result, time period of generating fatigue cracks was determined according to procedure of detailed visual inspections. The analysis method was found capable of estimating values that are thought reasonable and the proper inspection schedule using these values, in spite of placing the fatigue crack progress expression in a very simple form and estimating both factors as the uncertain factors. Thus, the present analysis method was verified of its effectiveness. This study has discussed at the same time the structural positions, modeling of fatigue cracks generated and develop in the positions, conditions for destruction, damage factors, and capability of the inspection from different viewpoints. This reliability analysis method is thought effective also on such other structures as offshore structures. 18 refs., 8 figs., 1 tab.

  4. Basic studies on computer aided concurrent engineering for hull structure design and piping design; Kakugi ittai wo koryoshita doji heikotekina sekkei no shien ni kansuru kisoteki kenkyu

    Aoyama, K.; Sawada, K. [The University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)


    Considering integrated hull and piping design in shipbuilding industry as a good example for concurrent engineering (CE), discussions were given on a computer aided method to perform integrated hull and piping design smoothly. When CE aiding by means of a computer is considered, it is important to discuss a method for information management not only for `utilization of product models`, but also for `maintaining consistency between items of product information` and `concurrent utilization and production of product information` in concurrent designs. For the CE aided information management, utilization and production of the product information is effective if restrictive relationship between items of product information, and design functions are made clear. Definitions were given on the restrictive relationship between items of product information and `restrictive relationship information` that has `decision/provisional decision`, `date and time`, `designer` and `design functions`. Furthermore, `comprehensive relationship between items of product information` that can be produced from the restrictive relationship information was defined as a `restrictive network`. Utilizing the restrictive relationship between items of product information for CE aiding is effective. 9 refs., 14 figs.

  5. Transient heat transfer characteristics of mist cooling from horizontal upward-facing surface. Suihei uemuki heimen kei deno hiteijo mist reikyaku netsu dentatsu tokusei ni kansuru kenkyu

    Okubo, H.; Nishio, S. (Univ. of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan). Inst. of Industrial Science)


    As mist cooling comprising of cooling heated surface by colliding with a group of pulverized droplet, one of sprayed cooling, is known to show heat transfer feature expressed by letter N curve like boiling one, it represents another complex phenomenone by adding some other new factors such as behavior of the collided particles, effect of air flow and others except boiling phenomenone. On the other hand, it is required to control the cooling ability with high accuracy in the field of heat treatment of steel widely applied such mist cooling. In this paper, an effect of unsteadiness of heat transfer face was examined in a plain system upper-faced holizontally by using the heat transfer face having different thickness. All specimens used in this experiment had 15mm in diameter of the heat transfer face, which were made of silver in seven kinds of thickness, and of SUS and quartz glass in four. Consequently, some informations were obtained that in unsteady region heat transfer coefficients of high temperature region could be well related with heat capacity of the face. 22 refs., 9 figs., 1 tab.

  6. Application of photovoltaic generating system to electric power in large ship; Taiyoko hatsuden system no ogata senpaku eno oyo ni kansuru kento

    Katagi, T.; Ogawa, S.; Nishikawa, E.; Hashimoto, T. [Kobe University of Mercantile Marine, Kobe (Japan); Ishida, K.


    This paper describes the design of electric power system in a ship with photovoltaic power generating system, to examine applicability of the photovoltaic power generating system to the inboard power source. It also discusses effectiveness of the system for sea environment. At first, the actual route of a car carrier, meteorological data, and quantity of power consumption were picked up from the deck logbook and engine logbook. Then, the installation area of photovoltaic arrays, the quantity of photovoltaic power generation derived from the quantity of solar radiation, and the capacities of batteries and inverters were calculated, to design the electric power system in the ship with photovoltaic power generation system. Moreover, the NOx and SOx emissions were compared between the present power system and the usual power system using diesel power generator, to discuss the effectiveness of the present system for sea environment. Consequently, it was found that the emission of NOx was reduced by about 33% and the emission of SOx was reduced by about 28% compared to the usual power system. The effectiveness for sea environment was confirmed. 9 refs., 5 figs., 4 tabs.

  7. Performance analysis on utilization of sky radiation cooling energy for space cooling. Part 2; Hosha reikyaku riyo reibo system ni kansuru kenkyu. 2

    Marushima, S.; Saito, T. [Tohoku University, Sendai (Japan)


    Studies have been made about a heat accumulation tank type cooling system making use of radiation cooling that is a kind of natural energy. The daily operating cycle of the cooling system is described below. A heat pump air conditioner performs cooling during the daytime and the exhaust heat is stored in a latent heat accumulation tank; the heat is then used for the bath and tapwater in the evening; at night radiation cooling is utilized to remove the heat remnant in the tank for the solidification of the phase change material (PCM); the solidified PCM serves as the cold heat source for the heat pump air conditioner to perform cooling. The new system decelerates urban area warming because it emits the cooler-generated waste heat not into the atmosphere but into space taking advantage of radiation cooling. Again, the cooler-generated waste heat may be utilized for energy saving and power levelling. For the examination of nighttime radiation cooling characteristics, CaCl2-5H2O and Na2HPO4-12H2O were tested as the PCM. Water was used as the heating medium. In the case of a PCM high in latent heat capacity, some work has to be done for insuring sufficient heat exchange for it by, for instance, rendering the flow rate low. The coefficient of performance of the system discussed here is three times higher than that of the air-cooled type heat pump system. 8 refs., 5 figs., 4 tabs.

  8. Features of vertical axis wind turbine and development of airfoils sections; Chokusen yokugata suichoku jiku fusha no tokucho to yokugata ni kansuru kenkyu

    Seki, K.; Shimizu, Y.; Yasui, T. [Tokai University, Tokyo (Japan); Nakayama, H. [Oriental Kiden Company, Osaka (Japan)


    Features of a straight wing type vertical axis wind turbine (VAW) and its airfoil sections were studied. The wind turbine in which various aerodynamic work components are mounted on the rotation axis normal to the ground surface is named VAW. Like the airfoil section of aircraft, in lift type VAW, wind turbines were driven by lift 70-90 times as large as drag in some cases. Features of the VAW airfoil section which is a straight wing in plan and a fixed pitch wing (with a fixed angle to a blade support arm) in cross section, and those of wind turbines were studied. Some factors affecting the features, work principle and performance of VAW were clarified. On airfoil sections, products of each weight function and each corresponding aerodynamic factor (lift, drag and pitching moment factors) were plotted on an attack angle ({alpha}) axis. From the conditions for increasing the total sum of areas drawn by the products on the {alpha} axis, various characteristics required for airfoil sections were clarified. Such characteristics nearly agreed between an airfoil section for favorable starting characteristics and that for high efficiency. 3 refs., 7 figs.

  9. Study on the detached house plan using of a maximum natural energy. Part 1; Shizen energy fukugo riyo no keikaku ni kansuru kenkyu. 1

    Wada, I.; Mino, M.; Miyata, T.; Okawa, M. [Nihon University, Tokyo (Japan)


    The geographical position or environment is set on the assumption that the natural energy of a detached house is used in a hybrid state. Moreover, the energy consumption of the house and the natural energy supply obtained from the geographical position were compared and investigated. As a result, the energy consumption is 10,617 kWh, and the energy supply is 8,236 kWh. About 78% of the whole consumption can be theoretically made from natural energy. The energy supply is calculated on the low side during prediction. Therefore, an increase in the energy supply is expected by installing a solar collector based on solar energy, expanding the solar panel area, and increasing the number of wind mills. However, this energy is partially lost via an inverter while it is supplied to the general domestic equipment. At the six main points in Tokyo and its districts, the adaptability of natural energy used based on the regional characteristics is investigated presently and the installation of a system is examined. 13 refs., 2 figs., 6 tabs.

  10. Study on the living environment of semi-underground room with attached green house; Fusetsu onshitsu no aru hanchikashitsu no kyojusei ni kansuru kenkyu

    Tanaka, T.; Tsukayama, N. [Ochanomizu University, Tokyo (Japan)


    In response to demand for the expansion of living space, the living environment of semi-underground room has been investigated. An attached green house (passive solar house) is adjacent to the semi-underground room. This is reinforced concrete construction, having flat type solar collector on its roof and lighting window in its north side. It does not have artificial air conditioners. Based on the measurements of daylight factor, artificial lighting is not required at the window in the daytime, but it is desirable to use daylight and artificial lighting together at the center. The performance of sound insulation depends on the high performance soundproof sash level. There is less daily temperature variation due to its large heat capacity, and less yearly temperature variation than the outside. By shielding the solar radiation, the insolation in the green house in summer can be restricted in the same as in winter. The insolation can be easily received in winter due to its large vertical intensity of solar radiation. The green house in the south side is useful for improving the living environment of semi-underground room. The temperature rise in the semi-underground room can be restricted by opening window in summer. It is desirable for the comfortable living to use artificial cooling to reduce the daytime temperature by 3 to 4{degree}C. In winter, it is comfortable to heat by 4 to 5{degree}C. 2 refs., 7 figs.

  11. Fiscal 1997 survey report. Survey on the innovative well drilling technology; 1997 nendo chosa hokokusho. Kakushinteki kosei kussaku gijutsu ni kansuru chosa



    In the geothermal drilling, reduction of the cost of well drilling is an important subject for technical development. The geothermal resource development tends to be made at higher temperatures and at deeper wells. In the present drilling technology, the cost is rising with the exponentially increasing depth and temperature, and there is also occurring the technical limit. Accordingly, the survey clarified the limit of the present drilling technology/cost to point out the research trend of the drilling technology as substitute for the present one, possibilities of the introduction, and the R and D target and subjects. As to latest drilling systems abroad and in Japan, the following were surveyed to study and extract promising technologies and systems: improvement/application of drilling equipment/materials (enhancement of heat resistance of the main drilling equipment, etc., cooling effects of top drive, heat resistance verification of MWD tools, PDM, tricone bits, multi-stage cementing tools, etc.), heightening of drilling rates, trend surveys of slim hole drilling, control drilling, well maintenance/workover, and well design technology. 68 refs., 73 figs., 40 tabs.

  12. Integrated interpretation of AE clusters and fracture system in Hijiori HDR artificial reservoir; Hijiori koon gantai jinko choryuso no AE cluster to kiretsu system ni kansuru togoteki kaishaku

    Tezuka, K. [Japan Petroleum Exploration Corp., Tokyo (Japan); Niitsuma, H. [Tohoku University, Sendai (Japan)


    With regard to a fracture system in the Hijiori hot dry rock artificial reservoir, an attempt was made on an interpretation which integrates different data. Major factors that characterize development and performance of an artificial reservoir are composed of a fracture system in rocks, which acts as circulating water paths, a heat exchange face and a reservoir space. The system relates not only with crack density distribution, but also with cracks activated by water pressure fracturing, cracks generating acoustic emission (AE), and cracks working as major flow paths, all of which are characterized by having respective behaviors and roles. Characteristics are shown on AE cluster distribution, crack distribution, production zone and estimated stress fields. Mutual relationship among these elements was discussed based on the Coulomb`s theory. The most important paths are characterized by distribution of slippery cracks. Directions and appearance frequencies of the slippery cracks affect strongly directionality of the paths, which are governed by distribution of the cracks (weak face) and stress field. Among the slippery cracks, cracks that generate AE are cracks that release large energy when a slip occurs. Evaluation on slippery crack distribution is important. 7 refs., 8 figs.

  13. Study on data transmission method for power line maintenance information system using OPGW. OPGW riyo sodensen hoshu joho system no denso hoshiki ni kansuru kento

    Kanemaru, K.; Toyota, S. (Hitachi Cable, Ltd., Tokyo (Japan))


    Composite fiber-optic overhead ground wires (OPGWs) installed to the major power transmission lines are applied as the information transmission routs with large capacity. An effective system for the power line maintenance operation is able to be set up by using said OPGWs to collect and transmit various kinds of maintenance information on the power lines. However, since it is necessary for the whole equipment to meet the highest transmitting speed required by the system if a single transmission method is applied throughout the power lines for transmitting the maintenance information, the system loses its economy as a whole. In this paper, for the purpose of transmitting effectively the various maintenance information in power line maintenance information system using OPGWs, and considering the required transmission period as well as the types of the data occurrence, an optic fiber transmission system constituted hierarchically and composed of high-speed trunk line and low-speed local line is suggested. Especially, regarding the low-speed local lines, random transmission method shows the superior properties in the transmission efficiency and low power-consumption compared with the cyclic transmission method. 9 refs., 9 figs., 4 tabs.

  14. Technological development for super-high efficiency solar cells. Survey on the commercialization on analysis; Chokokoritsu taiyo denchi no gijutsu kaihatsu. Jitsuyoka kaiseki ni kansuru chosa kenkyu

    Tatsuta, M. [New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, Tokyo (Japan)


    This paper reports the survey results on analysis of super-high efficiency solar cells for practical use in fiscal 1994. (1) On the survey on crystalline compound solar cells, it was pointed out that the present study target is III-V compound semiconductor solar cell, and efficiencies of 36-39% are theoretically expected by use of two-junction cells. (2) On structure of super-high efficiency solar cells of 40%, selection of upper and lower cell materials for multi-junction cells, high-efficiency tandem Si solar cells, and the merit and possibility of light collection operation were surveyed, and their issues were discussed. (3) On physical properties of mixed crystalline semiconductors and characteristic evaluation of solar cells, impurities, trap center, minority carrier life, and applicability of supper lattice structure to high-efficiency solar cells were surveyed. (4) On fabrication technology of compound semiconductor solar cells, various problems of and approaches to electrode formation and antireflection film technologies, the meaning and issues of thin film substrate technology and continuous process, trial calculation of costs, safety, and resource problem were surveyed.

  15. Research and development of system to utilize photovoltaic energy. Survey on the specific purpose modules; Taiyoko hatsuden riyo system no kenkyu kaihatsu. Taiyoto module ni kansuru chosa kenkyu

    Tatsuta, M. [New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, Tokyo (Japan)


    This paper reports the survey results on the specific purpose modules for photovoltaic power generation in fiscal 1994. (1) On the feasibility survey on new application fields, it was clarified that photovoltaic power generation is applicable to extensive areas such as farmland, road, railway and public facility as latent demand sites. (2) On the optimum modules for various specific purposes, the structure, production method, cost estimation and issues of various modules were studied for desert, wasteland, coast, ocean, river, embankment, railway, road, mobile facility and arcade. (3) On the survey on new materials and material development, various conventional materials and materials promising for required performance were surveyed for every application. (4) On the survey on technology trends, the survey members participated in the first international photovoltaic energy conversion conference and the photovoltaic power generation workshop, while the members held the 1st-5th specific purpose module subcommittees. 1 tab.

  16. Fatigue life estimation of welded joints of an aluminium alloy under superimposed random load waves (follow-up report). Effects o high frequency components; Jujo random kajuka ni okeru aluminium gokin yosetsu tsugite no hiro jumyo suitei (zokuho). Koshuha seibun no eikyo

    Takahashi, K.; Maenaka, H.; Takada, A. [Ship Research Inst., Tokyo (Japan)


    In the previous paper, fatigue tests of fillet welded T-joints of JIS A 5083P-O Al-Mg alloy for structural members of ship body were conducted under superimposed random load waves in which the secondary fluctuating waveform superimposes on the primary one, to verify the effectiveness of various fatigue life estimation methods. The T-joints used as specimens had welded toes finished by grinder. In this study, boxing welded joints were used. The residual stress measurements, static loading tests, elastic finite element analysis, and fatigue tests were conducted under both constant amplitude and random loads. These tests were conducted under more common conditions. As a result, conclusions obtained are as follows. A reference stress, which was determined as the stress at a distance of 5 mm from a boxing weld toe, was proved effective in reducing the amount of scattering in the fatigue test results, and in improving the accuracy of fatigue life estimation. With regard to the high frequency components, it was required to express the fatigue life using a representative frequency for each stress. 4 refs., 21 figs., 4 tabs.

  17. Fatigue life estimation of welded joints of an aluminium alloy under superimposed random load waves (follow-up report). Effects of high frequency components; Jujo random kajuka ni okeru aluminium gokin yosetsu tsugite no hiro jumyo suitei (zokuho). Koshuha seibun no eikyo

    Takahashi, I.; Maenaka, H.; Takada, A. [Ship Research Inst., Tokyo (Japan)


    In order to examine fatigue behavior of boxing welded joints of anticorrosion aluminum A 5083 P-O alloy, the residual stress measurements, static loading tests, elastic finite element analyses, constant amplitude fatigue tests, and random fatigue tests were conducted. For a load wave in the random loading fatigue tests, a direct current component, a zero-mean narrow band random process, and a high frequency component were combined and superimposed, to examine the effect of the high frequency component and the effect of the stress cycle count method and the mean stress correction on the life estimation. For the fatigue analysis, a reference stress, such as that considering the structural stress concentration, was proved effective in reducing the amount of scattering in the fatigue test results and in improving the life estimation accuracy. Accordingly, for the actual scale measurements, it is insufficient only to measure the stress at points far from the crack initiation place. It is required to analyze the fatigue by measuring the reference stress same as the basic data acquisition tests in the laboratory. 4 refs., 21 figs., 4 tabs.

  18. Report for fiscal 1998 on Simple Operation Type CAD/CAM System Development through International Cooperation. Report on the achievements of counterparts overseas; 1998 nendo 'kan'i sosagata denshi sekkei seian shien system no kaihatsu ni kansuru kenkyu kyoryoku' ni kansuru hokokusho. Kaigai counter part seika hokokusho



    Concerning the subject matter, achievements of China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand are reported. In China, a technical data transfer process is under development, designed to serve between CAD (computer-aided design)/CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) packages of different file formats. In Indonesia, WG1 activities are being conducted with the assistance of Toyota Motor Corporation, and WG3 activities with the assistance of Wacoal Corporation, Japan. In Malaysia, designing, development, and tests are under way for prototype systems of an electronic catalog, direct link to CAD/CAM, transfer and sharing of electronic manufacturing data, etc., all to be completed by March 1999. In Singapore, an electronic parts library is compiled, and a verification test is conducted involving response time, download time, etc. In Thailand, development is under way of an engineering browser, automobile industry-oriented WEB-based information center, etc. (NEDO)

  19. Study of solute incorporation into ice-layer on freeze concentration with ice-lining; Ice lining toketsu noshukuho ni okeru hyosho sochu eno yoshitsu torikomi ni kansuru kenkyu

    Yamazaki, Y.; Shinozaki, K. [Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., Osaka (Japan); Hirata, Y. [Osaka University, Osaka (Japan)


    The mechanism of solute incorporation into an ice-layer in freeze concentration with ice-lining was studied by changing the impeller speed N and the difference between the brine temperature and the freezing point of the feed solution {Delta}T in 10 kg/m{sup 3} CCNa solution. The effect of N on the apparent partition coefficient of the solute K, is more serious than that of {Delta}T. The growth rate of the ice layer is 10{sup -7} - 10{sup -6}m/s under the condition of {Delta}T=2.8 - 7.9degC and N = 20-400 min{sup -1}. The growth rate had a little effect on solute incorporation into the ice-layer. K values depended on the surface condition of the ice layer, which is effected by the mixing speed of the impeller. The ice layer formed at low mixing speed has a complex rough shape, and has much solute because of adhesion to a large surface area. Therefore, it is recommended that freeze concentration is performed by making an ice layer with smooth surface at high mixing speed. 9 refs., 6 figs.

  20. Considerations on FEM modeling in analyzing buckling and plastic collapse of a detection control; Boto panel no zakutsu sosei hokai kaiseki ni okeru FEM model ka ni kansuru kosatsu

    Yao, T.; Fujikubo, M.; Yanagihara, D.; Irisawa, M. [Hiroshima University, Hiroshima (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    Buckling and plastic collapse of upper decks and bottom outer plates of a hull results directly in longitudinal bending collapse of the hull. Therefore, discussions were given on analysis for pressure destruction strength of a detection control panel which assumes an upper deck and a bottom outer plate. Pressure destruction behavior of the panting panel is a complex phenomenon accompanying non-linearity and geometrical non-linearity of the materials. Its whole phenomenon may be analyzed by using the finite element method (FEM) as a principle, but the analysis is not efficient. Therefore, considerations were given in relation to modeling when using the FEM. The considerations were given on a panel attached with flat steel panting members with respect to the modeling scope which considers the buckling mode according to the aspect ratio of the panel partitioned by the deflection control members. If the local buckling mode of the panel is an even number wave mode in the longitudinal direction, a triple span model is required. A modeling scope for a case of being subjected to water pressure and in-plane compression was considered on a panel attached with angle-type steel members having non-symmetric cross section. In this case, a triple bay model is more preferable to reproduce the behavior under water pressure loading. 1 ref., 6 figs.

  1. Prediction method for VC-value of roller compacted dam concrete using neural network; Neural network ni yoru RCD yo concrete no VC chi no suitei shuho ni kansuru kenkyu

    Yasuda, N.; Tsutsumi, T.; Sekine, Y.; Akamatsu, H. [Tokyo Electric Power Co. Inc., Tokyo (Japan); Matsushima, M. [Tokyo Electric Power Service Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    The applicability of a neural network was investigated to predict the quality management item (i.e., VC-value) of roller compacted dam (RCD) concrete. In this study, the aggregate amount, binding agent amount, input water amount, water amount on the fine aggregate surface, aggregate specific gravity, water absorption percentage, and power consumption during mixing were set as an input value to construct the neural network according to the result of the mixing test made in an actual plant during test construction. Moreover, the real-time VC-value in an actual plant was predicted. As a result, the conclusion below was given. The VC-value could be predicted in higher precision by adding the moisture percentage measurement data on the fine aggregate surface as well as mixing conditions and power consumption to the input items. The prediction system for a VC-value of RCD concrete using a neural network has a precision of about 5 sec. Considering that the conventional management standard of a VC test made by the test examiner is 20 {+-} 10 sec, the precision is high sufficiently. 20 refs., 13 figs., 2 tabs.

  2. Effect of heat generation from bone cement on bone tissue in total knee arthroplasty; Jinko kansetsu okikaeji no one cement no hatsunetsu ga seitai soshiki ni oyobosu eikyo ni kansuru kenkyu

    Matsuda, M.; Uchida, T. [Kobe University, Kobe (Japan); Iwatsubo, T. [Kobe University, Kobe (Japan). Faculty of Engineering; Kurosawa, M.; Hashimoto, Y. [Kobe University, Kobe (Japan). Faculty of Medicine; Fukushima, H.


    Bone cement is often applied to fix the components in a surgical operation, such as TKA (total knee arthroplasty). In this paper, we consider the effect of heat generation from bone cement on bone tissue in TKA by using numerical simulation. First, we applied an axisymmetric model of tibia to finite element method and analyzed heat generation of bone cement. To confirm the results of analysis by experiment, we measured the temperature determined by 6 points i.e., 2 points each in component-cement interface, cement and bone-cement interface. As a result, the temperature determined by analysis agrees with that determined by experiment. Next, we proposed the evaluation formula of the bone necrosis. We constructed a bone necrosis map from the simulation. From the map, we found that the bone necrosis region was about 2 mm from the bone-cement interface. In addition, the bone necrosis is severe at the base of the tibial component. 7 refs., 15 figs., 3 tabs.

  3. Research cooperation project in fiscal 1998. General report on research cooperation related to mine waste water treatment technology by utilizing biotechnology; 1998 nendo kenkyu kyoryoku jigyo. Bio riyo ni yoru kohaisui shori gijutsu ni kansuru kenkyu kyoryoku sokatsu hokokusho



    This paper describes cooperative development of bio-treatment technology for mine waste water generated by operating mines in China. Certain types of bacteria have capability to oxidize ferrous iron in the waste water into ferric iron ions. The bacteria cause ferric iron oxides in low pH regions to get deposited, and can remove them from sedimentation by using cheap calcium carbonate as a neutralizer. Volumetric reduction in waste sediments may also be achieved during removing heavy metals in a pretreatment process. Great advance may be expected in taking actions to prevent water quality contamination. This paper summarizes activities taken in fiscal 1998. Eight site surveys in total were carried out using 47 persons in total. Major activities included operation study guidance of a pilot plant, and surveys for measures on heavy metal generation sources in Wushan Mine. In addition, site surveys were performed at Dexing Mine and Yinshan Zinc Mine. Subsequently from fiscal 1997, a bench scale testing equipment used in Japan and consumables were transported to China. The operation study data on the pilot plant were put into order and analyzed. Concept design was also made on a waste water treatment facility for Wushan Mine. (NEDO)

  4. Study on the characteristics of earthquake ground motion in the Hanshin area based on microtremor measurements; Bido kansoku ni motozuku Hanshin chiiki no jiban shindo tokusei ni kansuru kenkyu

    Suzuki, H.; Seo, K.; Yamanaka, H. [Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo (Japan)


    The Hyogoken-nanbu earthquake in 1995 was a local earthquake that has hit directly a large urban area, having caused damages the greatest since the War mainly in the city of Kobe. The present study has noticed the areas of Sumiyoshi, Nada Ward, Kobe City and Nanbu, Nishinomiya City where damages show different distribution; elucidated the characteristics of earthquake ground motion based on microtremor measurements; and discussed the relation thereof with the earthquake damage distribution. It was verified that microtremors and seismic motions are in rough agreement in the Sumiyoshi area, by comparing and discussing the spectrum ratio between the microtremors and the seismic motions. No correspondence was recognized in the Sumiyoshi area between distribution of the average microtremor spectrum ratio with cycles of 0.2 to 0.8 second and distribution of damages caused by the Hyogoken-nanbu earthquake. The ground characteristics evaluation alone is insufficient to explain distribution of the damages in a relatively wide range in the city of Nishinomiya, for which effects of distance decay should be taken into consideration. 6 refs., 7 figs.

  5. Study on passive earth pressure acting on the embedment of an earth retaining wall for braced excavation work in cohesive soil; Nenseido jiban ni okeru kussaku dodomeheki neirebu no judo doatsu ni kansuru kenkyu

    Nakamura, H. [Pacific Consultants K.K., Tokyo (Japan); Hirashima, K. [Yamanashi University, Yamanashi (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    Passive earth pressure exerts a great influence on the stress and deformation of earth retaining walls in braced excavation. To calculate this pressure, conventional ultimate earth pressure equation, or Rankine-Resals and Coulomb`s equation, are currently applied respectively to cohesive and sandy soil. However, these intentional equation to determine passive earth pressure do not adequately take into account the excavation width during work and the shearing resistance on the earth retaining wall surface. This paper deals with cohesive soil only, deriving a calculation equation for passive earth pressure, which takes into account excavation width and the shearing resistance of the earth retaining wall surface. Then, constants in this equation are determined using the calculation results obtained from the finite element method with blasts-plastic elements. The calculation results are also compared with measured values in the model test in order to check the applicability of the calculation equation for passive earth pressure thus obtained. Finally, this paper proposes a practicable calculation equation for passive earth pressure. 13 refs., 10 figs., 10 tabs.

  6. Fiscal 1998 research report on the development trends of natural gas conversion technologies into liquefied fuel in Russia; 1998 nendo Roshia ni okeru tennen gas no ekitai nenryoka gijutsu no kaihatsu doko nado ni kansuru chosa kenkyu seika hokokusho



    Russia having natural gas resources largest in the world is actively promoting the basic research on liquefaction technology of natural gas such as Fischer-Tropsch (FT) synthetic catalyst, and its research potential is extremely high. This 3-year research project surveys the R and D trends of catalyst technology for liquefaction of natural gas, and fabricates the prototype FT synthetic catalyst based on the idea of Russian researchers to evaluate its feasibility experimentally. This report summarizes the following to clarify the research background: (1) The technology system for liquefaction of natural gas, and its future R and D trend, (2) The R and D trends of liquefaction technology of natural gas in the world, (3) The R and D trends of liquefaction technology of natural gas in Russia, (4) The research system of catalyses in Russia, (5) The activities of Russian catalysis research institutes, (6) The fuel liquefaction technologies of Russian major research institutes, and (7) The proposals from Russian research institutes. (NEDO)

  7. Studies of initial stage in coal liquefaction. 4. Radical formation and structural change with thermal decomposition of coal; Ekika hanno no shoki katei ni kansuru kenkyu. 4. Netsubunkai ni tomonau radical seisei kyodo to kozo henka

    Kanaji, M.; Kaneko, T.; Shimasaki, K. [Nippon Brown Coal Liquefaction Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan); Kumagai, H.; Chiba, T. [Hokkaido University, Sapporo (Japan). Center for Advanced Research of Energy Technology


    In relation to coal liquefaction reaction, the effect of the coexistence of transferable hydrogen (TH) from process solvent on reduction of radical concentration and the effect of pre-heat treatment on average structure of coals were studied. In experiment, change in radical concentration with temperature rise was measured using the system composed of Yallourn coal and process solvent. The results are as follows. Process solvent with a wide boiling point range of 180-420{degree}C is effective in suppressing an increase in radical concentration even at higher temperature. The effect of hydrogen-donating solvent increases with TH. It was also suggested that high-boiling point constituents in solvent stabilize radicals even over 400{degree}C by vapor phase hydrogenation. The experimental results of pre-heat treatment are as follows. Although the conversion improvement effect of TH is equivalent to that of the model solvent, TH tends to produce soluble products with smaller ring numbers. It was thus suggested that pre-heat treatment in process solvent is effective to inhibit retrogressive reactions. 6 refs., 5 figs., 1 tab.

  8. Field measurement of water quality in a partially overturning reservoir with inverse temperature gradient in its bottomlayer; Teibu ni gyakuten suionso wo yusuru bubun junkan chosuichi no suishitsu kosei ni kansuru kenkyu

    Michioku, K.; Kanda, T. [Kobe University, Kobe (Japan). Faculty of Engineering; Nishikawa, T. [Hyogo Prefectural Government Office, Kobe (Japan); Ishikawa, K.; Higashino, M. [Kobe University, Kobe (Japan); Ito, T.


    A partially overturning dam reservoir with an inverse temperature gradient in its bottom layer was studied which is sited in the Seto-Naikai climatic zone, Hyogo prefecture for flood control and supply of irrigation water and clean water. The reservoir is featured by high concentration of materials, inverse temperature gradient, and stable lean-oxygen water mass in its bottom layer throughout the year. To clarify the relation between the formation factor of these specific water temperature and quality structures, and eutrophication of this water zone, water quality indexes were measured. In spite of the unstable temperature gradient ascending downward around the bottom layer, the bottom water mass stably stays throughout the year. The bottom layer contains dense soluble materials and suspended ones enough to compensate the density defect of the inverse temperature gradient. The main components for forming the density of bottom water was Ca and organic materials estimated by ignition loss. Based on water quality transport process, the formation factor of water quality structure, and the relation between eutrophication and a water quality profile were verified. 15 refs., 28 figs., 1 tab.

  9. Study on heat collector of the solar system utilizing outdoor air. Experimental results in cases of cold and warm regions; Gaiki donyushiki solar system no shunetsubu ni kansuru kenkyu. Kanreichi to ondanchi ni okeru shunetsu jikken to kosatsu

    Komano, S.; Ebara, Y. [OM Solar Association, Shizuoka (Japan); Wada, H. [Wada Building Constructors Co. Ltd., Hokkaido (Japan)


    An experiment on heat collection was made in the heat collector of a solar system utilizing outdoor air in cold and warm regions. In this system, outdoor air is heated by the air circulation layer on the roof exposed to solar radiation. The heated air is supplied to the object space for heating and ventilation. In the experiment in a cold region, the heat collection characteristics can be adjusted by putting a baffle plate in the air duct according to the experiment of a glass heat collector. The heat collecting air layer on only the iron roof may leak or freeze in the region subject to coldness or heavy snowfall. Therefore, preheat forms the space of a garret, and the preheat temperature comparatively becomes low. The data in which the heat collection characteristics can be adjusted using only a glass heat collector is required corresponding to the regional situation. In the experiment in a warm region, an experiment was made inclusive of the preheat for which outdoor air is absorbed at the eaves. As a result, the heat collection characteristics of preheat were improved. Moreover, a heat collection temperature of about 60{degree}C was obtained on the heat collection surface including the preheat. 1 ref., 12 figs., 3 tabs.

  10. General report on investigations of fault, earthquake motion and damage due to the 1995 Hyogoken-nanbu Earthquake; 1995 nen Hyogoken nanbu jishin ni okeru danso, jishindo, higai ni kansuru chosa kenkyu



    Compiled herein are the results of various investigations and examinations conducted concerning the 1995 Hyogoken-nambu earthquake. Along the boundary surface between the granite and Osaka group, and in the Osaka group, accumulated displacements and flexural structures are found, supposedly attributable to faulting, by high-density electric prospecting and underground radar prospecting near the Nojima earthquake fault. Displaced structures in the unconsolidated covering layer are detected to the depth of 10-odd meters. Displacement of ground water due to earthquake is different between the shallow and deep layers, which can be explained by a simplified model. The dynamic stress drop in the main shock is equal to the maximum ({Delta}{gamma}) value of each of the aftershocks, and there exists a certain ceiling over the {Delta}{gamma}dependence on the earthquake moment. The maximum acceleration of the earthquake motion estimated from waveforms in the rock is approximately 300 gals, which probably results from the concentration in one direction of the inputted energy wherein long period components are dominant. The newly developed nonlinear analysis technique simulates the attenuation and amplification of acceleration accompanied by liquefaction, and the buckling behavior of bridge columns may be explained by this technique. 72 refs., 84 figs., 6 tabs.

  11. On dynamic response analysis of base-isolated structures for the Northridge earthquake and the Hyogo-ken Nanbu earthquake; Chokka jishin ni taisuru nenshin kozo no oto kyodo ni kansuru kosatsu

    Takayama, M.; Morita, K. [Fukuoka University, Fukuoka (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    The January 17, 1995, Hyogo-ken Nanbu earthquake was occurred. This earthquake was the most damaging earthquake to have struck Japan since the great Kanto earthquake. In Los Angela area, the Northridge earthquake was occurred at January 17, 1994. In this earthquake, the large acceleration over 1G was observed. Two base-isolated buildings (computer center and research facility) in Kobe-city, and USC Hospice (base-isolated building) in Los Angeles survived these big earthquakes. In this paper, the observed response of these base-isolated buildings was introduced and the performance of base-isolated buildings was discussed. And the dynamic response analysis was carried out using the observed ground motions during the two big earthquakes. As the results, the acceleration response of base-isolated buildings which isolated period Tf is over 4 sec was below 0.1-0.2G, and the relative displacement of isolated story was under 30-50cm. 13 figs., 4 tabs.

  12. Fiscal 1999 research result report. Research on improvement of boiling heat transfer characteristics by photocatalyst wall; 1999 nendo hikari shokubai hekimen ni yoru futto netsu dentatsu tokusei kaizen ni kansuru kenkyu chosa hokokusho



    Research was made on improvement of the wettability and boiling heat transfer characteristics of a photocatalyst wall. Measurement experiment of the wettability was made for anatase type titan oxide-coated Al, SUS and Pb plates, rutil type titan oxide-flame coated SUS plate, raw plate, and oxide-plasma coated titan plate. In the ground experiment, the contact angles of distilled water and oil on specimen surfaces were measured. In the microgravity experiment, falling droplet images were recorded by using the facility of Japan Microgravity Center (JAMIC). For obtaining the effect of radioactive emission, UV irradiation, {gamma} ray and neutron beam irradiation by nuclear reactor, and {gamma} ray irradiation by Co-60 were carried out. As the experiment result, the rutil type titan oxide-flame coated SUS plate, nonconductor-coated titan plate, and zircaloy plate showed large improvement of the wettability by {gamma} ray irradiation with Co-60. It was also confirmed that in particular, titan shows the large effect of radioactive emission, and the wettability deteriorates rapidly after {gamma} ray irradiation. (NEDO)

  13. FY1998 report on a survey related to joint utilization of welfare device development data using an international network; 1998 nendo kokusai network ni yoru fukushi kiki kaihatsu data no kyodo riyo ni kansuru chosa hokokusho



    A survey was made in relation with joint utilization of welfare device development data using an international network. Developing welfare devices requires data from ergonomic and medical systems, while the cope of the objects is wide, and the kinds are various. For proliferation of welfare devices, system compatibility evaluation including that on using environment is important, including living environments that are different by countries. The present survey has identified how data for aged, handicapped and help-needing persons are accumulated and utilized in research organizations in America and Europe for both of the ergonomic and medical areas. The survey also investigated major academic societies in overseas countries, and collected database and academic network information that support the advanced research and development. At the same time, investigations were also made on organizations and corporations who are moving forward the efficient data utilization. Welfare device and service information providing systems in Japan were investigated to compare them with the trends in other countries. Conceptions and methods were compiled to utilize data internationally and jointly. Database models for device development were considered, and a proposal was made on structuring a research and development supporting database, and the operation method thereof. (NEDO)

  14. Investigation on the dynamic response and strength of very long floating structures by beam modeling on an elastic foundation; Dansei shishojo no hari model ni yoru chodai futai kozo no doteki tawami kyodo tokusei ni kansuru kosatsu

    Tsubogo, T.; Okada, H. [University of Osaka Prefecture, Osaka (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    A very large floating structure was replaced with the beam on an elastic foundation to examine the response characteristics in waves. Another evidence was regularly and numerically given for the basic characteristics of a very large floating body Suzuki found. New information was also obtained. The frequency response is mainly classified into a wave number control area and proper frequency control area when buoyancy elasticity exists. When the buoyancy structure is long and flexible, the proper frequency becomes continuous and the frequency control area becomes a resonance area. In the wave number control area, the Suzuki`s characteristic wave number becomes a control parameter, and various characteristic values are indicated by characteristic wave numbers. The response in the wave number control area becomes quasi-static when the distribution mass of buoyancy is fully small. The design in which the distribution mass of buoyancy is fully large must be avoided. In the displacement amplitude, the mass on the free end is severest. The proper frequency of vertical vibration relatively moves to the high-frequency side when buoyancy is considered as an elastic foundation. Attention must be thus paid to the proper frequency of vibration on the horizontal surface. 9 refs., 12 figs., 3 tabs.

  15. Fundamental study on stabilizing control method for electric power system using distributed circuit model; Bunpu teisu kairo moderu ni yoru denryoku keito doyo mogi to anteika seigyo ni kansuru kisoteki kenkyu

    Hamada, A.; Kawasaki, K. [Shikoku Electric Power Co., Inc., Kagawa (Japan); Takigawa, K. [Shikoku Reserch Institute Inc., Kagawa (Japan); Ariyoshi, H. [Ehime University, Ehime (Japan)


    To grasp the electric power system disturbance, the detailed simulation model of the electric power system is applied, however, it is not so easy to grasp the disturbance characteristics of a large scale electric power system in the broader aspects. On the other hand, from a shut down test of generator and electric load in the electric power system, it is well known that the power disturbance is transmitted from the test point to the other points with constant delay time. The phenomena shows that the electric power system has a similar dynamic characteristic to the distributed constant circuit. In this paper, the electric power system is expressed with the distributed constant circuit so that the main disturbance characteristics are obtained without difficulty. Moreover, the possibility of suppressing the disturbance is discussed by employing active sink method, and distributed constant circuit model and lumped constant circuit model are compared with the viewpoint of eigenvalue and its propriety is showed. Further, as an example, active sink method, the effectiveness of distributed constant model in the suppressing control of electric power system disturbance, is showed. 7 refs., 12 figs., 1 tab.

  16. Fiscal 1996 survey of potential international cooperation for a long-term scenario on CO2 reduction; 1996 nendo CO2 sakugen ni kakawaru choki shinario ni kansuru kokusai kyoryoku kanosei chosa



    For the purpose of working out a CO2 reduction scenario and a CO2 policy introduction scenario, a survey was conducted of comparisons between ten and several models which are world-known and models of the New Earth 21, potential international cooperation to be carried out in the future, etc. The survey included organizations which are developing CO2 policy evaluation models, survey reports made in the past, details of literature for the analysis and arrangement. From the result, details of the questionnaire survey and organizations to be surveyed were decided on for the questionnaire survey. Objects for the survey were 7 countries and 22 organizations, and survey items were places for information exchange, sending/receiving of researchers, exchange of input data, comparative calculation based on the common database, joint research work, economy, the carbon tax, impact, renewable energy, how to handle and think of the carbon isolation, etc. As a result of the survey, proposed were a workshop on CO2 reduction, a comparative study of simulation models, etc. 25 refs., 50 figs., 12 tabs.

  17. Study on solidification and stabilization technique by steam treatment of the coal ash from fluidized-bed combustion boilers; Ryudoso sekitanbai no joki shori ni yoru koka / anteika gijutsu ni kansuru kenkyu

    Shibata, Y. [Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd., Kobe (Japan)


    In fluidized-bed coal combustion boiler supporting one end of boilers for power generation and process heating, coal ash comprised of the products of ash of coal and lime stone used for desulfurizer was used for raw material. The fluidized-bed combustion boiler really working at present is of normal pressure (AFBC) type due to bubbling or cycling system, and pressure type of the bubbling system (PFBC) due to high pressure of about 1.0 MPa is promoted development for a next generation type power generation. Then, by using the coal ash obtained from the AFBC boiler with different kind of coal, volume of boiler, and so on (AFBC ash) and the coal ash obtained from the PFBC boiler under actual proof operation, a study on properties of coal, lime stone and solids after steam treatment of mixture with water (kind/volume, strength and elution of hazard heavy metals of hydrates) were conducted to investigate to use for civil engineering materials such as road materials, filling back materials, and so forth. 16 refs., 13 figs., 2 tabs.

  18. Analysis on recreational development and deforestation due to accessibility improvement in the suburban areas; Kotsu kaizen ni kiinshita kanko chiiki no shizenteki tochi riyo no henka ni kansuru bunseki

    Doi, K. [Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo (Japan); Okamoto, N. [Japan Transport Economics Research Center, Tokyo (Japan); Murata, A. [Housing and Urban Development Corp., Tokyo (Japan)


    In the suburban areas, the abundance of natural resources is essential for recreational activities. However, it is often observed that the increase in recreational travelers causes the degradation of natural environmental quality. The purpose of this study is to analyze the impact of transport improvement on development and the consequent decrease of natural green areas in suburban areas. A method of LISREL is adopted for identifying the contribution of green conservation to recreational attractiveness and the causalities among degradation of green conservation and accessibility improvement. A simultaneous equations system of recreational travel demand and developers` strategy is modeled and adopted for assessing the impact of accessibility improvement on the depletion of green areas. 14 refs., 15 figs., 6 tabs.

  19. Feasible study of international cooperation on the long-term scenario for reducing CO2. DNE-21 simulation database; CO2 sakugen ni kakawaru choki scenario ni kansuru kokusai kyoryoku kanosei chosa. DNE21 simulation database



    This report describes calculation codes of DNE-21 which can simulate the optimization model for reducing CO2. The DNE-21 was modified from the former NE-21. The term was set between 2000 and 2100. Optimization can be conducted across the different time. Non-conventional petroleum was removed from the primary energy. Capacity of nuclear power generation facilities was taken in the model for the optimization. Decision making analysis can be done by considering the uncertainty. The DNE-21 has eleven input files including the model operation, technical property related data, cost related data, data of tax, subsidy and customs, and scenario data of future energy demand and supply, GNP, population and nuclear power. The DNE-21 has fifteen output files including the optimization calculation results for the world, Oceania, the Middle East, North Africa, Central America, South America, former USSR, and OECD countries. 2 figs.

  20. Study on a wire grasping system for construction works in the electric supply utilizing a visual feedback technique. Visual feedback shuho-wo riyoshita haidensen koji ni okeru densen haaku system ni kansuru kenkyu

    Nagata, T.; Eto, J.; Zhang, H.; Kimuro, Y.; Okada, N. (Kyushu University, Fukuoka (Japan). Faculty of Engineering); Yuki, M. (The Kyushu Electric Power Co. Inc., Fukuoka (Japan))


    Report is made of an automatic wire grasping system studied by applying an image processing method to it. Together with its concept and aspect, explanation is made of a method to process the image in each of the manual mode and auto mide, and control the manipulator. From a small CCD camera fitted to the finger end of manipulator, the image information is put in the computer through an image processor. The locative determination for the wire to be grasped can have the manipulator automatically shifted and located proper to grasp the wire. For the image processing in the auto mode, a linear equation was automatically detected of objective wire as per the image data put therein. Though experimentally fitted at the finger end of manipulator, the CCD camera requires a fitting of fiberscope at its end or other engineered method to take the image data therein against the insulation properties on the site. 4 refs., 16 figs.

  1. Research and survey report of FY 1997 on the CO2 balance for high-temperature CO2 fixation and utilization technology; 1997 nendo chosa hokokusho (nisanka tanso koon bunri gijutsu ni okeru CO2 balance ni kansuru chosa kenkyu)



    The purpose of this research is to clarify the application condition and effectiveness of high-temperature CO2 fixation and utilization technology. To evaluate the present process, it was compared with others, such as separation using a polymer membrane, physico-chemical absorption process, adsorption process, hydrogen contact reduction process, and biological fixation. The development trends of absorption, membrane, adsorption, and cryogenic separation were investigated. The questionnaire was carried out about the separation technologies which are in the stage of performance test using actual gas, to arrange and compare the data and information. The current trends of chemical and biological CO2 fixation and utilization technology were also investigated for arranging the subjects. High-temperature CO2 disposal by the carbonation in concrete waste has been studied, to clarify its application conditions and effectiveness. In order to compare the separation technologies, treatment processes of CO2 in the exhaust gas from boilers of LNG power generation and coal fired power generation were simulated. These processes were simulated by ASPEN PLUS for the modeling. Trends of application of ASPEN PLUS and collection of information were surveyed by participating in the ASPEN WORLD. 103 refs., 51 figs., 55 tabs.

  2. OAM system based on TMN for utility telecommunication network. Proposal of modeling method about managed objects; TMN ni motozuku denryoku tsushinmo no un`yo kanri system. Kanri object no sekkei shuho ni kansuru kento

    Hirozawa, T.; Yusa, H.; Otani, T. [Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Tokyo (Japan); Okamura, K. [Tokyo Electric Power Co. Inc., Tokyo (Japan)


    To construct an advanced operation and management system for utility telecommunications management network (TMN), this paper proposes a modeling method of managed objects (MOs) required for managing and managed systems, such as an asynchronous transmission mode (ATM) exchanger. Flexible line setting and path switching control are required for the advanced TMN, which must cope with the extension and modification of functions, flexibly. Assignment of roles of managing sides and managed sides was determined. Then, structures of objects such as facilities and logic data, and their interaction were modeled. Common management functions and objects of each function were classified. Based on the TMN standard and MOs of the existing design peculiar to utility, new MOs peculiar to utility were defined in response to the models. The existing MOs can be effectively utilized, and the optimum MOs to be incorporated can be expected. The MOs peculiar to utility are added to the common specification of electric power industry. Since they can be reused for the extension and modification of functions, the cost can be reduced. The MOs applicable to path switching control of utility were designed as a trial. 9 refs., 16 figs., 10 tabs.

  3. Study on the reaction mechanism of oxygen-added enzyme for effective use of unused seaweeds; Miriyo kaiso no shigenka ni shisuru sanso tenka koso no hanno kiko ni kansuru kenkyu



    For effective use of unused seaweeds, efficient search of available microorganism systems and their conversion for effective use were studied. Since generally found Phaeophyceae includes a large amount of polyphenol such as phlorotannin, it is refused by plant-eating animals, inhibits protein from effective absorption, and is inadequate for livestock feed because of tasteless. Bacteria Rhodococcus sp. PG7-2 was isolated which can be effectively increased using phloroglucinol as substrate. Participation of oxygen- adding enzyme was suggested in the initial stage of decomposition which adds molecular oxygen to aromatic rings. In the experiment using combinations of extracted and isolated enzymes and various coenzymes, no significant decomposition was observed. Since phlorotannin of Phaeophyceae is the polymer which shows a matrix-like extent through difficult-to-decompose bond such as biphenyl bond and phenyl ether bond, its decomposition by one kind of bacterium is extremely difficult. Search of decomposition systems of polymer remains as the future issue. 15 refs., 30 figs., 5 tabs.

  4. Studies on the roles of small GTP-binding proteins and heterotrimeric G proteins in intracellular vesicular transport; Saibonai shoho yuso ni okeru teibunshiryo GTP ketsugo tanpakushitsu oyobi 3 ryotai G tanpakushitus no kino ni kansuru kenkyu

    Nakayama, Kazuhisa [Tsukuba University, Tsukuba (Japan). Institute of Science


    Transport of proteins between organelles involves carrier vesicles. A variety of GTP-binding proteins are responsible for the formation of carrier vesicles. A family of small GTP-binding proteins, ARFs, trigger budding of the vesicles, while a high molecular weight GTP-binding protein, dynamin, is responsible for fission of the neck of the budding vesicles. In this study, we cloned and determined the subcellular localization of six mouse ARF proteins, and cloned three human guanine nucleotide exchange factors (GEFs) for ARF. We also cloned and determined its subcellular localization of a novel dynamin-like protein, named DVLP (for Dnm 1p/Vps 1p-like protein). (author)

  5. Study on the swirling flow field in a rotating cylinder. 2nd Report. Numerical analysis (2); Kaiten kannai ni okeru senkai nagareba ni kansuru kenkyu. 2. Suchi kaiseki (2)

    Kishibe, T. [Hitachi, Ltd, Tokyo (Japan); Kaji, S. [The University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)


    In the 1st report, numerical results were presented for the swirling flow field in a rotating hollow turbine shaft. The existence of a rotating spiral vortex at the place where the swirling flow turns radially outward was shown. The first non-axisymmetric mode of a single spiral vortex was transformed into the second mode of a double spiral vortex at a specific rotating speed of the shaft. In this report, the downstream region of the computational domain is extended to the wheel space, the cavity between the corotating turbine disks, to solve the swirling flow field in the internal cooling air system of a gas turbine. The data on precessing frequencies of the rotating spiral vortex in this numerical analysis are compared with experimental results in a companion paper (3rd report). In addition, attention is paid to the three-dimensional swirling flow field in the rotating cavity with the rotating spiral vortex in the straight tube. (author)

  6. Impingement of a radial jet with an annular jet. 3rd Report. Curved properties of main jet with pressure field; Hoshajo funryu to kanjo funryu no shototsu ni kansuru kenkyu. 3. Atsuryokuba ni yoru shufunryu no wankyoku tokusei

    Tanaka, T.; Kozato, Y.; Tanaka, E. [Gifu University, Gifu (Japan). Faculty of Engineering; Kariya, M. [Meidensha Corp., Tokyo (Japan)


    Annular jets (control flows) flowing out from a columnar nozzle and a concentrically circular annular nozzle were impinged perpendicularly to a main jet flowing radially from the columnar nozzle. Then, an investigation was given on pressure in a recirculation flow region, bending of the main jet, and reattachment characteristics of the main jet onto a side wall face when the deflection of the main jet and its reattachment phenomenon onto the side wall face are controlled. The experiment was performed under the conditions of a nozzle width of 6 mm, an inter-nozzle distance of 4, a control flow rate (a ratio of a flow-out rate of the control flow to that of the main jet) from 0 to 0.6, with the step height varied. Investigations were made on change of static pressure distribution in jets in the downstream direction, change of static pressure on the side wall face in the downstream direction, and the relationship between the reattachment position on the side wall and the average static pressure in the recirculation flow region. The relationship of the reattachment position of the main jet on the side wall with the average side wall static pressure and the average static pressure in the recirculation flow region is expressed by one curve. The reattachment position gets closer to the nozzle outlet as the pressure decreases in the recirculation flow region. 9 refs., 14 figs., 1 tab.

  7. Pretreatment of fermentation feed for lactic acid production. Liquefaction of potato starch in lactic acid solution; Nyusan hakko genryo no maeshori ni kansuru kenkyu. Nyusan ni yoru bareisho denpunshitsu no ekika

    Morita, M.; Yokota, Y. [Hokkaido National Industrial Research Institute, Sapporo (Japan)


    The liquefaction of potato starchy catalyzed by lactic acid produced in a fermentation process, was carried out as a means for pretreating lactic acid fermentation feed. Liquefaction yield and molecular weight distribution of liquefied starch fractions were largely dependent on pH values of solution. The feed was effectively liquefied in lactic acid solution, of which pH value was less than 3.5, under sterilization conditions of 388 K and 30 min. Starch in potato or its waste was also hydrolyzed into smaller molecular weight fractions, compared to soluble starch commercially available. The potato starch liquefaction proposed is considered to be a useful method for pretreatment of lactic acid fermentation feed. 2 refs., 3 figs., 1 tab.

  8. Study of a fuel injection quantity sensor in diesel engine. Part 3. Experimental evaluation of the improved type micro turbine sensor; Diesel kikan ni okeru nenryo funsharyo sensor no kenkyu. 3. Funsharyo keisoku no seido kojo ni kansuru jikken hyoka

    Maehara, H.; Iwasaki, T.; Kobayashi, T. [Zexel Corp., Tokyo (Japan)


    A Micro Turbine Sensor has been developed to measure fuel injection quantity and injection rate. Previous reports described results of experiments on the MTS which were carried out under steady and unsteady flow conditions. The MTS has been improved in shape of a holder tip and a detecting procedure for rotating speed of a turbine. As a result revolution speed of the turbine increased 18% over the conventional type holder under steady flow condition. Furthermore the measurement resolution of the MTS came up to about 2(mm{sup 3}/pulse) at 20(mm{sup 3}/stroke) under intermittent spray conditions using fuel injection pump. 11 refs., 11 figs., 1 tab.

  9. Survey of oven during dry distillation by quenching coke oven. Part 3. ; Consideration concerning density distribution in coke mass. Cokes ro kyurei ni yoru kanryu tochu ronai chosa. Dai sanpo. ; Cokes kainai no mitsudo bunpu ni kansuru ichikosatsu

    Nishimura, M.; Asada, S.; Kamimura, N. (The Kansai Coke and Chemicals Co. Ltd., Hyogo (Japan))


    Recently, in order to probe the coal carbonization mechanism, many companies are carrying out surveys of the inside of an oven by quenching the same which is in dry distillation by employing an actual oven or a test one, and the following are reported; the dry distillating progress are varied at respective positions inside the oven, the portion where dry distillation is greatly delayed is caused by virtue of the action of steam generated from the non-distillated coal layer existing near the coal core rather than the plastic layer, and so forth. The writer and others have already reported that, from the results of the quenching tests carried on actual ovens, the existence of variation of dry distillation, the state of uncarbonized part of coal, the existence of temperature distribution inside coal mass showing that steam was gushing toward the wall of the oven, making it clear that steam generated from the coal layer has great effect on the progress of dry distillation. This paper gives a consideration on the relationship between the pressure exerted on the resetting surface of the plastic substance and the flow of steam inside the oven based on the densness distribution in coal mass. 7refs., 8 figs., 2 tabs.

  10. Research report of fiscal 1997. Survey on creation of high-efficiency renewable resources, and bioconversion technology; 1997 nendo chosa hokokusho. Kokoritsu saisei kano shigen no sosei narabi ni bioconversion gijutsu ni kansuru chosa



    Survey was made on material production technology using creation technology of high-efficiency renewable resources (photosynthesis reaction of plants). Industrially usable plant resources in overseas countries and Japan were arranged, and plant resources unused for food were also surveyed. The present state of genetic engineering necessary for metabolic engineering of higher plants such as fit and high-expression technology of genes, plant cell cultivation, and control technology of plant cell multiplication is described, and elementary technologies required for future gene-recombined plants are predicted. Survey was also made on the trend of creation technology of industrial plants for fat and oil, biodegradable polyester, amino acid, cellulose, fiber (cotton) and forest wood. A patent list on plant biotechnology was prepared, and study on bioconversion of plant resources was also surveyed. Overseas R & D trends on conversion and effective use technologies of renewable bio- resources are reported, and process design and its profitability were evaluated through a case study. 414 refs., 87 figs., 55 tabs.

  11. Study of an optimization of regeneration for an absorbent used in the solar desiccant cooling system; Taiyonetsu riyo desiccant reibo ni mochiirareru kyushuzai saisei tokusei no saitekika ni kansuru kenkyu

    Saito, Y. [Osaka Institute of Technology, Osaka (Japan)


    A desiccant cooling system uses concentrated aqueous solution of an absorbent to reduce humidity, hence the resultant absorbent solution becomes dilute. Regeneration of the dilute solution uses solar heat, where the regeneration characteristics are affected by solution temperature, vapor pressure, water content, air-liquid flow rate, and other factors. Therefore, mutual relationship among these different factors were investigated, and an optimum operating condition was discussed. The regeneration characteristics of the absorbent is strongly affected by temperature of triethylene glycol (TEG). This is because vapor pressure, Ps, in the TEG aqueous solution increases as the TEG temperature rises. This means that preheating the solution is effective in regenerating the absorbent. As the regeneration progresses, the water content, Ww, decreases, and the regeneration rate decreases. This is because of reduction in the Ps in association with decrease in the Ww of the TEG. This suggests that it is important in the absorbent regeneration to reduce flow rate of the TEG aqueous solution as low as possible. Raised air temperature reduces difference in vapor partial pressure between the TEG and the air, resulting in reduced regeneration rate. 5 refs., 9 figs.

  12. Investigation of spectral distribution and variation of irradiance with the passage time of CSI lamps which constitute a solar simulator; Solar simulator ni shiyosuru CSI lamp no supekutoru bunpu, hosha shodo no keiji henka ni kansuru chosa

    Sugiyama, T.; Yamada, T.; Noguchi, T. [Japan Quality Assurance Organization, Tokyo (Japan)


    Study was made on time-variation of the performance of CSI lamps for solar simulators. In order to accurately evaluate the standard heat collection performance of solar systems in a room, MITI installed an artificial solar light source in the Solar Techno-Center of Japan Quality Assurance Organization for trial use and evaluation. CSI lamp is superior in durability, and can simulate the solar light in the daytime. The light source is composed of 72 metal halide lamps of 1kW arranged in a plane of 3.5times3.5m. The study result on time-variation of a spectral distribution and irradiance by intermittent switching of lamps showed a sufficient durability of 2000h. To ensure the accuracy of a solar heat collector measurement system enough, periodic calibration is being carried out using reference goods. To ensure the reliability and stability for a switching system, periodic maintenance of a power source, stabilizer and electric system is also being carried out in addition to CSI lamps. The stable irradiance and accuracy are being kept by such maintenance and periodic exchange of lamps. 6 figs., 4 tabs.

  13. Annual cycle solar energy utilization with seasonal storage. Part 8. Study on periodic steady state of the annual cycle energy system at a practical operation; Kisetsukan chikunetsu ni yoru nenkan cycle taiyo energy riyo system ni kansuru kenkyu. 8

    Tanaka, H.; Okumiya, M. [Nagoya University, Nagoya (Japan)


    A study was made of the periodic steady state of the annual cycle solar energy system with seasonal heat storage at a practical operation. Cold heat in winter and warm heat in summer are stored in the seasonal storage tank, and these are each used in shift until when demand for cold/warm heat appears. Moreover, gap in quantity of cold/warm heat going in/out of the heat storage tank during a year is filled by natural energy such as solar energy, so that the system can be operated in annual cycles. Studies were conducted of the periodic unsteady term and the problem on lowering of performance during the term such as the periodic unsteady term of water temperature inside the seasonal heat storage tank and temperature of the soil around the storage tank, and the level of lowering of performance during the term, necessity of additional operation/control at the start of operation and aged deterioration of the system. Within the assumption, even if starting operation in any time of the year, the system could show the performance almost expected from the first operation year with no additional system operation and control required only at the start of operation. It is thought that the heat source selection control of heat pump largely contributes to this. 4 refs., 5 figs., 3 tabs.

  14. Study on construction of temporary dwellings and problems caused by living long time on Hanshin-Awaji Great Earthquake; Hanshin / Awaji daishinsai ni okeru okyu kasetsu jutaku no secchi to chokikan shiyo suru baai no kadai ni kansuru chosa

    Takahashi, K.; Nakamura, Y. [Nagasaki Univ. (Japan)] Shimizu, Y. [Kumagai Gumi Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    Two years after the above-titled earthquake, an examination was performed on inhabitants in the temporary dwelling houses in Kobe, center of the calamity, and problems caused by a long stay there were clarified together with a grasp of the evolving problems by comparing the result of survey carried out immediately after the disaster. The number of such temporary dwelling houses amounted to 29,128 within Kobe City and 3,168 outside of the city. According to the room arrangement, they were either one f 4 types : 2-rooms with a kitchen, 1 room with a kitchen, dormitory and those specifically for aged persons. There were 59,449 applications at the first offer of 2,702 houses. The priority of their assignments and so on are explained. As for the housing structure, numerous complaints concerned with the room temperature, noise and so forth. As for the living environment, lack of nearby commodity shop, omission of transportation access, ill drainage of the housing sites were pointed out and the matters of demand to the local authorities included the installation of mail post and street lights. As for the health management, insomnia, stiff shoulder, lumbago and other bad physical conditions were revealed. The financial difficulty and the high house rent were obstacles to migrate to other places. The prolonged temporary lives worsened the apprehension of dwellers for the earthquake, typhoon, fire and alike. Some features for the calamity are described in comparison with the result of survey on those who were compelled to live under similar conditions by the eruption of Mr. Fugen. 6 refs., 13 figs., 15 tabs.

  15. Improvement of sound qualities using simulated car interior noise. Part 2. ; Estimation by semantic differentials. Jinko AM on wo mochiita joyosha shanaion no onshitsu kaizen ni kansuru kenkyu. 2. ; SD ho ni yoru onshitsu hyoka

    Hashimoto, T.; Hatano, S. (Seikei Univ., Tokyo (Japan). Faculty of Engineering); Takao, H. (Maruyasu Industries Ltd., Aichi (Japan))


    In the present report, a method to quantitatively evaluate the roughness was proposed by using artificially prepared sound and multi-dimensionally investigating the influence of roughness, as felt, generated from amplitude-modulated sound components, on the sound quality. While evaluation method was also studied of loudness of sound, having many vectorial components in the low region, like that, used in the present experiment. The existence of amplitude-modulated sound components in the complex sound is connected to subjective feeling of uncomfort. Even without change in physical sound energy, the roughness can be lowered if amplitude-modulated sounds in two band zones are made antiphasic in phase to be synthesized. In order to measure, with a good correspondence to the loudness, complicated sound, like that, inside the car, in sound pressure level, simulation head is effectively utilized. As a physical quantity, good in correspondence to the roughness, as felt, of timewise fluctuant sound, the total of components, read in value, is so regarded in 5 to 50Hz upon a 1/3 octave analysis of effective sound pressure in timewise fluctuant component. 10 refs., 10 figs., 2 tabs.

  16. Study on management of resource and environment in poverty areas. Examples of agriculture and water use in bangladesh; Hinkon chiiki ni okeru shigen to kankyo no kanri ni kansuru kenkyu. Banguradeshu no nogyo to mizu riyo wo rei to shite

    Nishimura, Hiroyuki [Kinki University, Osaka (Japan). Faculty of Agriculture


    This paper describes the main features of flood plains and fish production related to agriculture in the vast inland water areas of Bangladesh. The inland fisheries have been an important source of animal protein and provided employment opportunities for rural Bangladeshies. Generally the fishermen's economic conditions are below the poverty line in this country. Fishi production in the inland water areas are not met to the basic needs of the people on a sustainable basis. While inland fishery is important for business as well as for people's livelihood, it is not usually managed appropriately for resource conservation and environment. Fishery policies and planning have to be undertaken for comprehensive long-term perspective in order that agricultural and other sectors would not contaminate the environment. (author)

  17. Report on surveys and researches in fiscal 2000 for directionality of technological needs and seeds in IT zone; IT ryoiki ni okeru gijutsu needs to seeds no hokosei ni kansuru chosa kenkyu hokoku



    In order to put the assignments in the electronics and information technology fields into order, and to search elementary technologies and system technologies to become the focus of the future research and development, an IT workshop was held where researchers in the industrial, academic and governmental areas can meet together in one room. The social needs toward IT may include, as the correspondence to families with smaller number of children and greater number of persons of advanced age, the correspondence to digital devices, assurance of openness of information contents, enhancement of levels in medical technologies, enhancement of levels in medical services using remote medical systems, enhancement of welfare services, efficiency improvement in welfare services, and reduction of burdens therein. Enumerated in the use of educational information are the enlightenment and proliferation of IT literacy, development of user-friendly information terminals, education open to everybody, enhancement of the education contents, and enhancement of research activities. With regard to elimination of concentration into large urban areas, activation of local economies, homogenization of living environments, dissolution of traffic congestion, and strengthening of disaster preventing functions were pointed out. Also indicated is the assurance of security including the electronic trading, unjust invasion, and privacy protection. (NEDO)

  18. Calculation of oil production performance of the large giant oil fields in the world: based upon oil fields depletion model; Yuden gentai model ni yoru sekai no ogata kyodai yuden no seisan kyodo ni kansuru ichishisan

    Nomoto, S. [Japan Oil Development Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan); Fujita, K. [The University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)


    Data for large giant oil fields with minable reserves of one billion barrels or more were accumulated to structure a new oil field depletion model and estimate production in each oil field. As a result of analyzing events recognized in large giant oil fields, necessity was made clear to correct the conventional oil depletion model. The newly proposed model changes definitions on the depletion period of time, depletion rate, build-up production (during a time period in which production rate increases) and production in a plateau (a time period in which production becomes constant). Two hundred and twenty-five large giant oil fields were classified into those in a depletion period, an initial development phase, and a plateau period. The following findings were obtained as a result of trial calculations using the new model: under an assumption of demand growth rate of 1.5%, oil field groups in the initial development phase will reach the plateau production in the year 2002, and oil fields in the depletion period will continue production decline, hence the production amount after that year will slow down. Because the oil field groups in the plateau period will shift into decline in 2014, the overall production will decrease. The year 2014 is about ten years later than the estimation given recently by Campbell. Undiscovered resources are outside these discussions. 11 refs., 9 figs., 2 tabs.

  19. Study on the swirling flow field in a rotating cylinder. 1st Report. Numerical analysis-1; Kaiten kannai ni okeru senkai nagareba ni kansuru kenkyu. 1. suchi kaiseki-1

    Kishibe, T. [Hitachi, Ltd., Tokyo (Japan); Kaji, S. [The University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    The swirling flow field including non-axisymmetric phenomena in a rotating hollow turbine shaft is solved using computational fluid dynamics. The three-dimensional compressible Navier-Stokes equations are adopted and discretized by an implicit TVD scheme. No axisymmetric assumption is applied in order to find non-axisymmetric phenomena. The computational domain, therefore, is extended circumferentially to 360 degree and axisymmetric boundary conditions along the center axis are avoided. The existence of a rotating spiral vortex at the place where the swirling flow turns radially outward is shown. The spiral vortex rotates about the shaft center axis in the same direction as the circumferential velocity of the main flow. Conversely, the vortex has a spiral form opposite to the rotational direction of the fluid. The first non-axisymmetric mode of a single spiral vortex is transformed into the second mode of a double spiral vortex at a specific rotating speed of the shaft. (author)

  20. Field observation on the behavior of falling rock. 1st report. Study on the rock fall along a slope; Firudo ni okeru rakuseki no rakka kyodo. 1. Ganban shamen no rakuseki ni kansuru kenkyu

    Ujihira, M. [Hokkaido Univ., Sapporo (Japan). Faculty of Engineering; Hosoya, S.; Ogawa, K.; Takagai, N. [Hokkaido Univ., Sapporo (Japan). Graduate School


    A tendency of gradual extinction of disasters caused by the breaking of loose stones and falling rocks in limestone mines and quarries is brought by the improvement of safety control against slope accidents in these years. In this study, in order to examine the accumulation of data contributing to the countermeasure against falling rock in strip mines, the movement of rocks in an open-shooting quarry were shot by video cameras and analysed to clarify the behaviors of falling rock. The following results are obtained. It is found by observing falling rocks from a slope side that the value of falling velocity is getting smaller in an order of block-shaped, tabular and stick-shaped rocks. In the case of tabular rock, there is a tendency that the velocity distribution has two peaks. Not only the falling velocity but also the rolling velocity of block-shaped rock is smaller than those of block-shaped and tabular rock. Further, values near the supremum of actually measured values can be given by a rolling velocity equation wherein the shape of falling rock is assumed as orbicular. If setting it forth as a premise, said equation is possible to be used for estimating rolling velocity. 24 refs., 20 figs., 2 tabs.

  1. Fiscal 1993 investigational study of a model of international cooperation for an environmentally harmony type green technosystem; 1993 nendo Oshu ni okeru haikibutsu shori oyobi recycle no doko ni kansuru chosa kenkyu hokokusho



    For the natural environment preservation, effective utilization of resources, and maintenance of the ecosystem, an international cooperation model was proposed for the environmental harmony type green technosystem. A comprehensive evaluating analysis of a green forest resource, etc. as the global resource, and an intensive extraction of subjects and needs was made. The analysis was conducted of technical possibility and abstract business development effects toward the industrialization with high values added which is in harmony with the environment. As a case study, the Papua New Guinea area, Malaysia was selected and re-evaluated. For this typical tropical forest area, a new technical system was studied based on the natural environment, industry/economy, social/cultural assessment, etc., and a model for industrializing new international cooperation was proposed. For the model making for industrialization, various steps to be taken and conditions to be prepared were studied and arranged for the realization. Upon going ahead with the international technical cooperation, Japan, a large lumber consuming country, needs to always consider the fostering and effective use of lumber resource in particular. 27 refs., 28 figs., 30 tabs.

  2. Model experiment on change of seismic properties of a fracture caused by injecting/draining water; Chusui/haisui ni yoru kison kiretsu no dansei denpa tokusei no henka ni kansuru model jikken

    Watanabe, T.; Koizumi, T.; Sassa, K. [Kyoto University, Kyoto (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    Effect of water injection/draining on elastic waves penetrating through cracks is examined by measuring elastic waves before, during, and after the injection/draining of water into/from cracks in presence in granite. Two blocks of rock, with their crack-containing surfaces in contact with each other, are placed in a vessel, and water injection/draining is done through a hole on a vessel bottom side so that water will penetrate into the cracks. When the blocks are dry, there is almost no contact between the cracks, and so no crack penetrating waves are observed. Crack penetrating waves are produced when water is injected, and the position of the receiver sensing the penetrating waves changes as the water level rises. When the water level is lowered from the high water level, the waveform changes again as the level changes. The change in waveform is not so remarkable, however, as that observed during water injection thanks to the water residual in the cracks. It is now inferred that crack investigation is more effective when it is carried out with water being injected into dry cracks. The difference produced between the dry state and wet state when water is injected into dry cracks is used to detect the presence of cracks in this experiment, and this may be applied also to the investigation of cracks in the shallow part of the ground. 4 refs., 11 figs.

  3. FY 2000 Report on the survey results. Survey on international cooperation for development of a system for supporting low-invasion surgical operations; 2000 nendo teishinshu shujutsu shien system kaihatsu ni kakawaru kokusai kyoryoku ni kansuru chosa hokokusho



    The international Medical Treatment Symposium and Exhibition were held from July 20 to the end of August, 2000 in Hannover in Germany, in which the Japan's system for supporting low-invasion surgical operations was presented and information was exchanged for the system. A total of 50 to 100 neurosurgeons visited the exhibition, held as part of the symposium, every day from July 21 to 24. The system for supporting low-invasion surgical operations is rated as the most advanced one in the world. It attracted much attention, because a number of attendees applied for operating manipulator. The research trends seen in the symposium point to early diagnosis of diseases, finer surgical operations, low-invasion type operations, use of high-function diagnosis devices for improving operations, real-time imaging, and application of DNA diagnosis to pathological diagnosis, among others. Japan is leading the world in the technological areas of micromachines, robotics, high-vision and diagnosis. The bold researches, e.g., those on artificial visual and hearing systems to be embedded in the head, are pursued more extensively in the overseas countries. (NEDO)

  4. The exchange bias effect in Ni/NiO and NiO nanoparticles

    Kou, Angela; Feygenson, Mikhail; Kreno, Lauren; Patete, Jonathan; Tiano, Amanda; Zhang, Fen; Wong, Stanislaus; Aronson, Meigan


    We used magnetic measurements, X-ray diffraction, and HRTEM to study the exchange bias field in Ni/NiO and NiO nanoparticles made by a modified wet chemistry method. We oxidized re-dispersed powders of bare Ni nanoparticles in air at 400^oC and 900^oC. HRTEM showed that annealing at 900^oC of bare Ni nanoparticles led to the formation of exceptionally high quality NiO nanoparticles, resembling perfect bulk-like crystalline order. To our knowledge, there are no reports of NiO particles of such quality in the literature. The loop shift was 1000 Oe at 300K for the NiO nanoparticles, while it was only 120 Oe at 10K for the Ni/NiO nanoparticles. The difference is explained by the different origins of the loop shift in Ni/NiO and NiO nanoparticles. In Ni/NiO nanoparticles, the loop shift is associated with exchange interactions between ferromagnetic Ni and antiferromagnetic NiO. In NiO nanoparticles, however, the origin of the shift is an uneven number of ferromagnetic sublattices present in NiO nanoparticles, which interact differently with an applied magnetic field (Kodama, 1999).

  5. Bridging exchange bias effect in NiO and Ni(core)@NiO(shell) nanoparticles

    Rinaldi-Montes, Natalia, E-mail: [Departamento de Física, Universidad de Oviedo, E-33007 Oviedo (Spain); Gorria, Pedro [Departamento de Física & IUTA, EPI, Universidad de Oviedo, E-33203 Gijón (Spain); Martínez-Blanco, David [Servicios Científico-Técnicos, Universidad de Oviedo, E-33006 Oviedo (Spain); Fuertes, Antonio B. [Instituto Nacional del Carbón, CSIC, E-33080 Oviedo (Spain); Fernández Barquín, Luis [CITIMAC, Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de Cantabria, E-39005 Santander (Spain); Puente-Orench, Inés [Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Aragón, CSIC-Universidad de Zaragoza and Institut Laue-Langevin, BP 156, F-38042 Grenoble Cedex 9 (France); Blanco, Jesús A. [Departamento de Física, Universidad de Oviedo, E-33007 Oviedo (Spain)


    Among all bi-magnetic core(transition metal)@shell(transition metal oxide) nanoparticles (NPs), Ni@NiO ones show an onset temperature for the exchange bias (EB) effect far below the Néel temperature of bulk antiferromagnetic NiO. In this framework, the role played by the magnetism of NiO at the nanoscale is investigated by comparing the microstructure and magnetic properties of NiO and Ni@NiO NPs. With the aim of bridging the two systems, the diameter of the NiO NPs (~4 nm) is chosen to be comparable to the shell thickness of Ni@NiO ones (~2 nm). The EB effect in Ni@NiO NPs is attributed to the exchange coupling between the core and the shell, with an interfacial exchange energy of ΔE~0.06 erg cm{sup −2}, thus comparable to previous reports on Ni/NiO interfaces both in thin film and NP morphologies. In contrast, the EB detected in NiO NPs is explained in a picture where uncompensated spins located on a magnetically disordered surface shell are exchange coupled to the antiferromagnetic core. In all the studied NPs, the variation of the EB field as a function of temperature is described according to a negative exponential law with a similar decay constant, yielding a vanishing EB effect around T~40–50 K. In addition, the onset temperature for the EB effect in both NiO and Ni@NiO NPs seems to follow a universal dependence with the NiO crystallite size. - Highlights: • Comparison of the exchange bias effect in NiO and Ni(core)@NiO(shell) nanoparticles. • Universal temperature dependence of the exchange bias effect. • Suggested similar physical origin of the effect in both systems. • Size and crystallinity of the NiO shell hold the key for exchange bias properties.

  6. OpenNI cookbook

    Falahati, Soroush


    This is a Cookbook with plenty of practical recipes enriched with explained code and relevant screenshots to ease your learning curve. If you are a beginner or a professional in NIUI and want to write serious applications or games, then this book is for you. Even OpenNI 1 and OpenNI 1.x programmers who want to move to new versions of OpenNI can use this book as a starting point. This book uses C++ as the primary language but there are some examples in C# and Java too, so you need to have about a basic working knowledge of C or C++ for most cases.

  7. Magnetic Properties of Ni Nanoparticles and Ni(C) Nanocapsules


    Structure and magnetic properties of Ni nanoparticles and Ni(C) nanocapsules were studied. The carbon atoms hardly affect the lattice of Ni to form Ni-C solid solution or nickel carbides. The large thermal irreversibility in zerofield-cooled and zero-field magnetization curves indicates magnetic blocking with a wide energy barrier. Saturation magnetization, remanent magnetization and coercivity of Ni(C) nanocapsules decrease with increasing temperature.

  8. Surface Tension of Molten Ni and Ni-Co Alloys

    Feng XIAO; Liang FANG; Kiyoshi NOGI


    Surface tension of molten Ni and Ni-Co (5 and 10 mass fraction) alloys was measured at the temperature range of 1773~1873 K using an improved sessile drop method with an alumina substrate in an Ar+3%H2 atmosphere. The error of the data obtained was analyzed. The surface tension of molten Ni and Ni-Co (5 and 10 mass fraction) alloys decreases with increasing temperature. The influence of Co on the surface tension of Ni-Co alloys is little in the studied Co concentration range.

  9. Room temperature ferromagnetism of Ni, (Ni, Li), (Ni, N)-doped ZnO thin films

    AU; ChakTong


    Ni-doped ZnO thin films (Ni concentration up to 10 mol%) were generated on Si (100) substrates by a sol-gel technique. The films showed wurtzite structure and no other phase was found. The chemical state of Ni was found to be bivalent by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. The results of magnetic measurements at room temperature indicated that the films were ferromagnetic, and magnetic moment decreased with rise of Ni concentration. The magnetization of Ni (10 mol%)-doped ZnO film annealed in nitrogen was lower than that annealed in argon, suggesting that the density of defects had an effect on ferromagnetism.

  10. ZnNi data

    2014-11-01 Teaming website: Other data .. •• • Zinc - nickel alloy coatings r~.., ataTECH Corrosion...cathodic corrosion protection with y- zinc - nickel alloy! () ToTAL ----------------- · ---------------- . A ~ESTCP ~§g.~J?.P Keith Legg 847-680...2009 Boeing. All rights reserved. Fatigue Test Results (Alkaline Zinc - Nickel , Phase IV) • Nickel Alloy 718 Bolts – 3/8” diameter Cd or Zn-Ni

  11. Ni landsbyer i Danmark

    Larsen, Jacob Norvig

    Denne rapport beskriver en evaluering af statsstøttede forsøg med at styrke og udvikle mindre lokalsamfund. Forsøgene er gennemført i ni kommuner. Da der i disse år er stor opmærksomhed om de små byers og samfunds udviklingsmuligheder, har erfaringerne fra forsøgsprojekterne bred interesse. Forsø...

  12. Analytical study on aseismic base isolation in new offshore location. For practical location for thermal power plants by soft-landing artificial ground construction method; Atarashii kaijo ricchi ni okeru menshinsei ni kansuru kaisekiteki kento. Nanchaku jinko jiban koho ni yoru karyoku hatsuden setsubi ricchi jitsuyoka ni mukete

    Kawamura, T.; Sakakibara, T. [Tokyo Electric Power Co. Inc., Tokyo (Japan); Ishikawa, M. [Nikken Sekkei Ltd., Osaka (Japan)


    Assuming offshore location of thermal power plants by soft-landing artificial ground construction method, its effect on uneven settlement of facility unit group and its seismic behavior were studied. In soft-landing artificial ground, the total weight and buoyancy of a caisson body with interior space are balanced by controlling water level in a tank to reduce landing pressure. Artificial ground resists lateral seismic external force by friction with submarine bedrock. Settlement analysis and seismic behavior analysis were conducted by 2-D FEM. As a result, bottom RC honeycomb structure was sufficient to resist uneven settlement during construction even under fixed junction condition between units. In soft-landing artificial ground, the maximum acceleration was reduced to nearly 70% by aseismic base isolation as compared with conventional methods. In addition, its sliding manner in earthquake was different from that of rigid bodies, and the maximum stress acceleration transmitted to the bottom of artificial ground changed even under the same waveform. 4 refs., 13 figs., 4 tabs.

  13. Preparation of nanoporous Ni and Ni-Cu by dealloying of rolled Ni-Mn and Ni-Cu-Mn alloys

    Hakamada, Masataka, E-mail: masataka-hakamada@aist.go.j [Materials Research Institute for Sustainable Development, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), 2266-98 Anagahora, Shimosihidami, Moriyama, Nagoya 463-8560 (Japan); Mabuchi, Mamoru [Department of Energy Science and Technology, Graduate School of Energy Science, Kyoto University, Kyoto 606-8501 (Japan)


    Nanoporous Ni, Ni-Cu and Cu with ligament sizes of 10-20 nm were fabricated by dealloying rolled Ni-Mn, Cu-Ni-Mn and Cu-Mn alloys, respectively. Unlike conventional Raney nickel composed of brittle Ni-Al intermetallic compounds, the initial alloys had good workability. Ni and Cu atoms formed a homogeneous solid solution in the nanoporous architecture. The ligament sizes of nanoporous Ni and Ni-Cu were smaller than that of nanoporous Cu, reflecting the difference between the surface diffusivities of Ni and Cu.

  14. Niños investigadores

    Manfred Liebel


    Full Text Available EN LA SOCIOLOGÍA INFANTIL, EL PRINCIPIO DE HACER PARTICIPAR A NIÑAS Y NIÑOS en los procesos de investigación está ampliamente reconocido. Tomando como punto de partida ese principio de participación, el presente aporte analiza la pregunta de en qué medida y de qué manera los niños mismos pueden actuar como investigadores. A fin de apreciar en lo justo la perspectiva de los niños, el presente trabajo aboga por que –con el debido acompañamiento de personas adultas– la investigación esté en manos de los niños. Por medio de varios ejemplos de países del Sur, se muestra cómo poner en práctica esta forma de investigación encabezada por niños. Tomando en cuenta la desigualdad en las relaciones entre niñas, niños y personas adultas, el trabajo hace referencia a problemas de ética y práctica investigativa que surgen en el proceso de investigación y también en el tema del uso de los resultados. Finalmente, se explican los beneficios que niñas y niños pueden obtener de sus propias investigaciones.

  15. Research cooperation project on manufacturing technology supported by advanced and integrated information system through international cooperation (MATIC); Kan`i sosagata denshi sekkei seisan shien system no kaihatsu ni kansuru kenkyu kyoryoku



    To support the advancement of basic industries including machine industry in Asian countries, research cooperation has been conducted for developing the manufacturing technology supported by advanced and integrated information system suitable for actual circumstances of individual countries. For the automotive and the parts industries, it is significant for the preparation works of manufacturing in overseas factories to possess common information between Japan and overseas factories. In this project, a system is constructed, which can be used in industries surrounding automotive industry, such as parts and facility industries, as well as in the automotive industry. In FY 1996, a primary system has been developed, and the demonstration tests were carried out. For the home electric machine and the parts industries, the technology applicable to the design of printed board circuit was developed, and the catalog of electronic parts was constructed. In FY 1996, a preliminary prototype system of the electronic parts catalog system was designed and developed. For the textile and apparel industries, the EDI, exchange system of CAD/CAM data, and construction of data bank were investigated. 87 figs., 19 tabs.

  16. Study on practical application of a longitudinal hull strength theory considering camber in cross section; Yokodanmen no sori wo koryoshita sentai tate kyodo riron no jitsuyoka ni kansuru kenkyu. 2

    Nose, M.; Suzuki, K.; Furuno, H. [Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science, Nagasaki (Japan); Suzuki, K.


    Discussions were given on practical application of a stress analyzing method for thin-wall deformed cross-sectional beam considering cross section camber in longitudinal bending. The non-static calculation method described in the previous report can be applied to a box-type cross section having multi-connected cells, bulk cargo transport vessels and container ships with dual hull structure, and oil tankers with dual hull structure of medium size. The calculation method was capable of achieving remarkable enhancement in efficiency over that of conventional calculation methods. The present study is intended to make the method applicable also to multi-connected cross section shapes having more than one longitudinal partitions as used in dual hull VLCC and ULCC. As a result, an expanded non-static calculation system was developed, which has introduced into the conception described in the previous report a new conception of triple point and independent start point members. As a result of applying the method to dual hull bulk cargo transport vessels, container ships, dual hull oil tankers of medium size, VLCC and ULCC, it was verified that the system operated properly. Remarkable efficiency improvement has been made possible as compared with conventional analysis methods applied to individual ships. The system is capable of automatic calculation, and makes possible the practical application of the hull strength theory considering cross section camber. 3 refs., 10 figs., 1 tab.

  17. Study on the change of aspect ratios of small surface cracks emanated from a toe of corner boxing; Mawashi yosetsudome tanbu kara hassei denpasuru bishi bisho hyomen kiretsu no aspect hi henka ni kansuru kenkyu

    Toyosada, M.; Yamaguchi, K.; Takeda, K.; Watanabe, Y. [Kyushu University, Fukuoka (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    The fatigue test of specimens with a stiffener was carried out to examine the change in aspect ratio (crack depth/length) of fatigue cracks in a stress concentration field and residual stress field. The aspect ratio of surface cracks just after generation can be represented with the single virtual surface crack with the same value as K value at the deepest point considering an interference effect from near cracks. No discontinuous change in K value is found at the deepest point even during growth and combination of cracks on a surface. The change in K value at the deepest point is thus the criterion to represent growth and combination of surface cracks considering the interference effect. The change in aspect ratio of the typical single virtual surface crack linearly decreases with an increase in crack depth. The shape of surface cracks generating and growing in a residual stress field is more flat than that in no residual stress field. In addition, in a residual stress field, surface cracks are longer at the same crack depth, and fatigue lives are shorter. 7 refs., 12 figs.

  18. Theoretical research relating to excitation spectrum of furan. Application of integral direct coupled cluster linear response (direct CCLR) method; Furan no reiki supekutoru ni kansuru ronriteki kenkyu. Integral-direct Coupled Cluster Linear Response (direct CCLR) ho no tekiyo

    Shigemitsu, Yasuhiro. [Nagasaki Industrial Technology Center, Nagasaki (Japan)


    heoretical researches relating to excitation spectrum of furan have been carried out for many years, and they reveal the problems that should be solved in order to predict highly reliable excitation energy. In general, it is difficult to uniformly obtain highly reliable calculation results for all excitation states since different excitation states show different electronic correlative effects. Means for obtaining the electron states in ground state and excited state and calculating the energy difference thereof is the mainstream of the theoretical calculation of the excitation energy. CASSCF/CASPT 2 developed by Roos et al. is a typical method excellent in quantitative description. Recently, the comparison between direct CCLR and CASSCF/CASPT 2 as examples for calculating the excitation spectrum of furan was carried out by using the same ground function. For Rydberg excitation, CC3, CAS, CASPT 2 show good agreement with each other. (NEDO)

  19. Research of the elastic waves generated by a pulse laser. Excitation mechanism of elastic waves and application to nondestructive testing; Pulse laser de reikishita danseiha ni kansuru kenkyu. Danseiha reiki no mechanism to hihakai kensa eno oyo

    Cho, H.; Takemoto, M. [Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo (Japan). College of Science and Engineering


    A bulk wave is generated when a pulse laser is irradiated to the material, and the characteristics of a Young`s modulus and Poisson`s ratio can be nondestructively estimated from the bulk wave. The generation mechanism of laser ultrasonic waves must be first clarified for such application. In this paper, fundamental research was conducted to study the generation mechanism of the elastic waves excited by a Q-switched Nd-YAG laser, and the generation method and characteristics of Rayleigh waves. The following result was obtained. A bulk wave is generated by the disk-like adiabatic expansion near the surface if the laser power is small when a spot-shape pulse laser was irradiated. A bulk wave is generated by the thin disk-like adiabatic expansion beneath the surface due to the thermal diffusion in the depth direction of a base material when the laser power becomes large. Moreover, a bulk wave is generated by the impact force due to abrasion and plasma when the power becomes still larger. The information on the bulk wave characteristics and Rayleigh wave was also obtained. 25 refs., 15 figs., 1 tab.

  20. Study on the annular leakage-flow-induced vibrations. 1st Report. Stability for translational and rotational single-degree-of-freedom systems; Kanjo sukimaryu reiki shindo ni kansuru kenkyu. 1. Heishin oyobi kaiten 1 jiyudokei no anteise

    Li, D.W. [Hitachi, Ltd., Tokyo (Japan); Kaneko, S. [The University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan); Hayama, S. [Toyama Prefectural University, Toyama (Japan)


    This study reports the stability of annular leakage-flow-induced vibrations. The pressure distribution of fluid between a fixed outer cylinder and a vibrating inner cylinder was obtained in the case of a translationally and rotationally coupled motion of the inner cylinder. The unsteady fluid force acting on the inner cylinder in the case of translational and rotational single-degree-of-freedom vibrations was then expressed in terms proportional to the acceleration, velocity, and displacement. Then the critical flow rate (at which stability was lost) was determined for an annular leakage-flow-induced vibration. Finally, the stability was investigated theoretically. It is known that instability will occur in the case of a divergent passage, but the critical flow rate depends on the passage increment in a limited range: the eccentricity of the passage and the pressure loss factor at the inlet of the passage lower the stability. (author)

  1. Research cooperation project on the development of easy injection molding control technology for engineering plastics; Engineering plastic no seikei joken kan`i settei gijutsu ni kansuru kenkyu kyoryoku jigyo seika hokokusho



    In order to enhance the industries which supply assembly parts to Japan`s assembly industries in Thailand, research cooperation project on the plastic parts production technology has started. For the research cooperation, the mold design is effectively conducted using simulation technique of CAE (computer aided engineering), and an international easy injection molding control system is made using the molding support software for injection molding machines. In FY 1996, actual situations of plastic parts and assembly industries in Thailand have been investigated through the cooperation with the counterpart of Thailand. Demand and supply of engineering plastics, receive and inspection of parts, and current circumstances of molding processing makers in Thailand have been grasped. Based on the results of this investigation, proposal of basic plan, time schedule, and delivery plan of molding machines and testing equipment have been discussed, to make the basic plan. 18 refs., 4 figs., 23 tabs.

  2. Study on characteristics of base isolation system with fail-safe devices. ; Fundamental dynamic characteristic of fail-safe devices. Menshin sochi no fail-safe kiko ni kansuru kenkyu. ; Fail-safe sochi no kihon dotokusei

    Teramura, A.; Nakamura, T.; Suzuki, T.; Nohata, A.; Tsunoda, T.; Okada, H.; Yasui, Y. (Obayashi, Corp., Tokyo (Japan))


    This study describes fail-safe mechanisms to be built in the laminated rubber base isolation devices for the purpose of developing a base isolation system necessary for the application to nuclear fuel facilities. There are two types of fail-safe devices developed in the fundamental study; a landing type on which the bottom of the building is supported and a stopper type for restricting excessive development. The basic characteristics of these devices were investigated through static and dynamic fundamental tests and input of earthquake force on a shaking table. As a result of these tests and analyses, it was proved that the whole restoring force characteristics of the two types of fail-safe devices were almost the same as expected, and their earthquake response characteristics met the initially designed performance. Moreover, it was shown that they prevent buckling of rubber bearings under input of excessive earthquake forces and consequently enhance safety of superstructures of the buildings. 4 refs., 19 figs., 1 tab.

  3. Fiscal 1998 research report. Study on the feasibility of microorganism biotechnology for effective use of environmental pollutants. Pt. 2; 1998 nendochosa hokokusho. Kankyo osen busshitsu no shigenka no tame no biseibutsu bio technology riyo kanosei ni kansuru chosa. 2



    Study was made on the feasibility of microorganism biotechnology for effective use of environmental pollutants and unused resources. Microorganisms and microorganism enzymes for decomposing lignocellulose were viewed, and uses of hydrolysis products were summarized. Production of microorganisms applicable to fodder, composting, and production of energy sources (methane, hydrogen, ethanol) were studied. Use of vegetable fiber residues such as beer lees as fungus cultivation medium and conversion to valuable substances were also studied. Microorganisms treatment (MT) of wastes in fats and oils industry was summarized. Effective use of MT of protein waste from marine products was studied. MT of manures with the greatest impact on environment as livestock waste was summarized. The necessity of separate collection of domestic wastes, and composting and methane fermentation of kitchen garbage were reported. The feasibility of MT of plastic wastes, and decomposition of halogenated methane with high toxicity were also studied. (NEDO)

  4. Fiscal 1997 international cooperation project. Report on the results of the research on environmental harmony type combustion technology; 1997 nendo kokusai kenkyu kyoryoku jigyo. Kankyo chowagata nensho gijutsu ni kansuru kenkyu kaihatsu seika hokokusho



    Out of the R and D on the environmental harmony type combustion technology, the results of the project carried out in fiscal 1997 were summed up. In the site survey, etc., visits were paid to France, Spain, Greek, Germany, the U.K. and the U.S. to have discussions and examine the trend of research on the NOx removal catalyst and catalyst combustion. In the actual R and D, the R and D were conducted on zeolite base NOx removal catalyst, oxide composite base NOx removal catalyst, alumina base NOx removal catalyst, direct decomposition type NOx removal catalyst, catalyst combustion, etc. In the R and D of the catalyst combustion, durability under high gas flow flux was examined of PdO-Pt/Ba-Al203 catalyst developed for low temperature use, which indicated that durability and low temperature activity were heightened. As high temperature use catalyst, high temperature durability was examined of the developed Pd0-La/Gd-ZrO2 catalyst, which showed that the durability was favorable. 322 refs., 261 figs., 55 tabs.

  5. Study on characteristics of response to nodal vibration in a main hull of a large-size ferry boat; Ogata feri no shusentai yodo oto tokusei ni kansuru kenkyu

    Takimoto, T.; Yamamoto, A.; Kasuda, T.; Yanagi, K. [Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    Demand for reduction in vibration and noise in large-size ferry boats has been severer in recent years. On the other hand, vibration exciting force in main engines and propellers is on an increasing trend in association with increase in speed and horsepower. A large-size ferry boat uses an intermediate-speed diesel engine which has high vibration exciting frequency. Therefore, discussions were given on characteristics of response to nodal vibration in a main hull induced by primary internal moment in a main engine in a large-size ferry boat mounting an intermediate speed main engine. Results of detailed vibration calculations, vibration experiments using an actual ship, and results of measurements were used for the discussions. Natural frequency for two-node vibration above and below the main hull was set for an equation of estimation such that the whole ship is hypothesized to have been structured with beams having the same cross section according to the Todd`s equation, and effect of rigidity of the long structure can be evaluated. Parameters were derived by using the minimum square method that uses the measured natural frequency of the ship A through the ship E among large-size ferry boats. The derived result may be summarized as follows: this equation of estimation has an estimation error of about 5% against the natural frequency for nodal vibration above and below the main hull; and this equation of estimation has an estimation error of about 30% against the acceleration in the vertical direction at the end of the stern. 2 refs., 11 figs., 1 tab.

  6. Characteristic analysis on the deformation behaviour of shell-like lattice structures subjected to follower forces; Judo kaju wo ukeru kosa arch kozo no daihenkei kyodo ni kansuru kenkyu

    Fukuchi, N.; Okada, K. [Kyushu University, Fukuoka (Japan); Fujii, M. [Namura Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., Osaka (Japan); Shiraki, M. [Toyota Motor Corp., Aichi (Japan)


    The deformation mechanisms of submerged shell-like lattice structures with membrane are in principle of a non-conservative nature since the follower type hydrostatic pressure. In the region of large deformations, especially in the case of geometrically deep shell-like lattice structures, the system could be much more accurately defined in a mono-clinically convected coordinate description than the conventional spatial description. Also, a complete analysis of a non-conservative system requires a criterion since the system can have multiple ranges of stability and instability involving buckling and snapping. This paper presents the development of the governing equations for the finite deformations of shell-like lattices defined in a mono-clincally convected coordinate description and applies the same to different cases of lattice deformations. The validity of the formulations is verified for finite deformation. The examples of some geometrically special shell-like lattice structures are presented as well to show the feasibility of the present formulation. 5 refs., 11 figs.

  7. Model experiment of swirl effect in bottomless immersion nozzle on molten steel flow in slab CC mold; Slag CC igatanai ryudoni oyobosu sokonashi shinseki nozzle nai deno senkai ryudo koka ni kansuru mizu model jikken

    Yokoya, S.; Takagi, S. [Nippon Institute of Technology, Saitama (Japan)


    The characteristics of molten steel jet flowing out from the Immersion nozzle in the continuous casting mold control the flow pattern in the mold thereby strongly influencing the quality and productivity of the cast steel slabs. We proposed a new method to establish a reasonable flow pattern in the mold by imparting a swirling motion to the flow in the immersion nozzle without the bottom. The following results were obtained from a water model study. (1) A quite stable swirling flow being established in the immersion nozzle without the bottom when the swirling velocity exceeded a critical value of 0.8 m/s, under this condition there existed no separation on the inner wall of the immersion nozzle. (2) When the swirling velocity was higher than 0.8 m/s, the fluid on the symmetry plane of the immersion nozzle moved along the curved inner wall of the nozzle. Accordingly, the outlet-flow was directed outwards as well as downwards, while a weak upward flow, i.e., inflow was observed around the vertical nozzle axis near the outlet of the nozzle. As a whole, the fluid flow near the guide plane of the nozzle was directed downwards. (3) The fluctuation of the surface flow, i.e., the flow on the meniscus of the mold was strongly suppressed due to the appearance of the S-shaped flow pattern in the transverse sections. As a result, swirl motions around the immersion nozzle were also suppressed. In addition, both the fluctuations of the mean velocity components and the turbulence components of the flow in the mold became very small, being preferable conditions for continuous casting. (author)

  8. Consideration on buckling and plastic breakdown strength characteristics of a steel plate with surface layers of ultra fine grain microstructure (SUF); Hyoso chosairyu koban no zakutsu sosei hokai kyodo tokusei ni kansuru ichikosatsu

    Yamamoto, M.; Yao, T.; Yajima, H.; Miyamoto, H.; Morita, S. [Hiroshima University, Hiroshima (Japan). Faculty of Engineering; Ogihara, Y.; Ishikawa, T. [Nippon Steel Corp., Tokyo (Japan)


    Buckling and plastic breakdown strength characteristics of a structure fabricated by using new steel plates with surface layer made into ultra fine grain structure were analyzed and discussed by using a belt plate buckling and plasticity test and the finite element method. The tested steel plate has a thickness of 25 mm, and was fabricated for ocean vessel use, with surface layers on both sides of about 1/6 of the whole thickness having been made an ultra fine grain structure. As a result of a belt steel buckling and plasticity test on a steel plate with surface ratio of 29%, both of the initial yield stress and the buckling stress were found increased by about 4 to 10% as compared with a steel plate having surface ratio of 0%. An analysis by using the finite element method was made on square steel plates with a length of 80 cm, a width of 100 cm, and thicknesses of 12 mm and 24 mm. A result was obtained that, in the case of surface layer ratio of 33%, both of the initial yield stress and the maximum load withstanding force were higher by 5 to 16% than the case of surface ratio of 0%. Similar rise in strength was shown also in bend preventing plates which are basic constituting members of a vessel. 6 refs., 10 figs., 2 tabs.

  9. Fiscal 1997 report on the results of the international standardization R and D. International standards for computers/manikins; 1997 nendo seika hokokusho kokusai hyojun soseigata kenkyu kaihatsu. Computer manikin ni kansuru kokusai hyojun kikaku



    Through the development of computer manikins (CM) which assess human adaptability to products and environments, a draft for international standardization was worked out to propose to ISO. A draft for the international standardization was presented to ISO through a development of `a structure model` changing based on human attributes, a study of `a motion model` enabling changes in posture and movement, a study of `an evaluation model` evaluating attainment ranges and ecodynamic loads, and a development of `computer functions` realizing the above-mentioned functions. The development of CM having the following characteristics: a function to reproduce `the structure model` based on the ISO7250 human body dimensional measuring values which were regulated in items for the human body dimensional measuring, a function to change posture/movement based on the joint movable range data, a function to evaluate geometrical human adaptability such as attainment ranges. As a plug-in to Autodesk Mechanical Desktop 2.0, the above-mentioned functions were realized, and the modular structure platform was constructed which enables the wide-range cross-industry option and functional expansion by the advance of CM. 7 refs., 41 figs., 18 tabs.

  10. Studies of initial stage in coal liquefaction. Effect of decomposition of oxygen-functional groups on coal liquefaction; Ekika hanno no shoki katei ni kansuru kenkyu. 3. Gansanso kannoki no bunkai kyodo to ekika hanno eno eikyo

    Komeiji, A.; Kaneko, T.; Shimazaki, K. [Nippon Brown Coal Liquefaction Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    Pretreatment of brown coal in oil was conducted using 1-methyl naphthalene or mixture of tetralin and 1-methyl naphthalene as solvent at temperatures ranging from 300 to 430{degree}C under nitrogen atmosphere. Effects of the solvent properties on the structural change of oxygen-functional groups (OFG) and coal liquefaction were investigated by means of quantitative analysis of OFG and solid state {sup 13}C-NMR measurement. When hydrogen transfer from solvent was insufficient, it was suggested that brown coal molecules loose their hydrogen to be aromatized. While, at lower temperatures ranging from 300 to 350{degree}C, hydrogen contained in brown coal molecules was consumed for the stabilization of pyrolytic radicals, and the deterioration of liquefaction was not observed. When hydrogen transfer from solvent was insufficient at higher temperatures above 400{degree}C in nitrogen atmosphere during pretreatment in oil, crosslinking like benzofuran type was formed by dehydration condensation of hydroxyl group in brown coal, to deteriorate the liquefaction, remarkably. The addition of donor solvent like tetralin decreased the formation of crosslinking like benzofuran type, which suppressed the deterioration of liquefaction. 8 refs., 5 figs.

  11. Studies of initial stage in coal liquefaction. Effect of prethermal treatment condition with process solvent to increase oil yields; Ekika hanno no shoki katei ni kansuru kenkyu. Sekitan no maeshori joken to yozai koka

    Shindo, T.; Komatsu, N.; Kishimoto, M.; Okui, T.; Kaneko, T.; Shimasaki, K. [Nippon Brown Coal Liquefaction Co. ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    Process solvent was hydrogenated in the brown coal liquefaction, to investigate the influence of it on the prethermal treatment and liquefaction. Consequently, it was found that the n-hexane soluble (HS) yield was improved. In this study, capacity of hydrogen transfer from solvent during prethermal treatment and effects of catalyst were investigated. Since prethermal treatment in oil was effective for improving the oil yield in the presence of hydrogen/catalyst or high hydrogen-donor solvent, influence of hydrogen-donor performance of solvent or addition of catalyst on the hydrogenation behavior of coal and the characteristics of products during prethermal treatment were investigated in relation to successive liquefaction results. As a result, it was found that the increase of HS yield was due to the acceleration of conversion of THF-insoluble using high hydrogen-donor solvent and/or by adding catalyst. It was also found that the use of high hydrogen-donor solvent and highly active catalyst at the stage of prethermal treatment before the successive liquefaction was effective for improving the HS yield, i.e., liquefied oil yield. 2 refs., 5 figs., 1 tab.

  12. FY1995 study on property-gradient polymer electrolyte for rechargeable lithium batteries; 1995 nendo lithium niji denchi no tame no keisha tokusei kobunshi denkaishitsu no sosei ni kansuru kenkyu



    Polymer electrolytes are essential materials to develop safe and reliable rechargeable lithium batteries. Nobel 'property-gradient' polymer electrolytes in which ionic conductivity distributes along with their thickness were synthesized by employing plasma polymerization technology. Vinyl monomers bound with oligo-ether side chains via siloxane bond were served as starting monomers for plasma polymerization. Ionic conductivity of formed polymers changed along with their thickness. Monomer solutions containing lithium salt which were impregnated into porous matrix were polymerized by exposing RF plasma and directly gave polymer electrolytes. The polymer electrolytes showed distributing ionic conductivity through its direction of thickness; 'property-gradient' polymer electrolyte were prepared. Metallic lithium surface were covered with thin plasma polymer layer containing fluorine to suppress dendritic lithium deposition during charging. The layer reacted so fast that suppression of the dendritic deposition was not satisfactory. (NEDO)

  13. Fiscal 1997 report on the survey project on planning to execute `The New Earth 21`; 1997 nendo chosa hokokusho (`chikyu saisei keikaku` no jisshi keikaku sakusei ni kansuru chosa jigyo)



    Japan proposed in the Houston Summit the New Earth 21 to be carried out with technology development and technology transfer, and to make a concrete development of the project, Japan also proposed in the Tokyo Summit a TREE Plan for working out comprehensive strategies of the innovative technology development. In the CO3 Kyoto Conference in 1997, numerical targets for developed countries were determined which have legal binding force for control/reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the term of 2008-2012. It was agreed to urge developing countries also to play a certain part in the project through the clean development. Therefore, the paper made quantitative analysis of important CO2 prevention technologies, technology transfer costs, and economical assessment by energy conservation. As a model, the DNE 21 model was upgraded and used into which CO2 prevention technologies, energy, economy and climate changes were integrated. In fiscal 1997, the following were carried out: collection of data on important CO2 prevention technologies and systems and analytical assessment using the DNE 21 model, CO2 reduction and selection of energy technology, assessment of energy system costs, construction of the unified DNE 21 model, and opening of the international workshop. 62 refs., 98 figs., 34 tabs.

  14. Research cooperation report for fiscal 1997 on the environment-friendly system for effectively utilizing water resources; 1997 nendo kankyo taiogata mizushigen yuko riyo system ni kansuru kenkyu kyoryoku itaku gyomu hokokusho



    This effort exerted in cooperation with the Philippines aims to solve problems related to water resources such as stable supply and pollution of water through developing a waste water treatment/water reuse system which is easy to operate and maintain, and low in price. The ultimate goal includes (1) the construction of a waste water treatment/water reuse system comprising an anaerobic reaction tank and activated charcoal absorption tower, easy to operate and maintain, and low in price, (2) the employment of goods procurable in the Philippines, the goods including carriers for use in the anaerobic reaction tank, microbes for use in both aerobic and anaerobic reaction tanks, and activated charcoal for use in waste water reutilization, and (3) the establishment of optimum operating conditions for the waste water treatment/water reuse system by use of a pilot plant and the transfer of operating and managing techniques to the Filipino counterpart. In this fiscal year, investigations are conducted to disclose the actualities of waste water treatment and water consumption by primary industries in the vicinity of Laguna de Bay, and the waste water to be the object of study and the place of pilot plant installation have been selected. Also conducted are investigations into the carrier, microbe, activated charcoal, etc., for use in the anaerobic reaction tank. (NEDO)

  15. FY 1998 annual report on the exploration and production of functional peptide from unutilized protein resources; 1998 nendo miriyo tanpakushitsugen kara no kinosei pepuchido no tansaku to seisan ni kansuru kenkyu hokokusho



    This project is aimed at promotion of effective utilization of unutilized resources by transforming histidine-containing peptide (anserine), enzymatically hydrolyzed muscle protein present in lean salmon swimming off the Sanriku District in the spawning season, into functional peptide. A reactor system, comprising an enzyme-immobilized column and rotary bioreactor, is investigated to efficiently produce peptide by enzymatically hydrolyzing the water-insoluble muscle protein. Anserine is isolated by ethanol extraction, ion-exchanging and partition chromatography. The TPTZ and ABTS methods are developed for speeding up measurement of the antioxidant activity. The salmon muscle protein is hydrolyzed by 3 types of enzymes, to measure the free radical erasing activity by the ABTS method. The enzymatically hydrolyzed protein is fractionated by gel permeation chromatography. The fractions having a molecular weight of 10,000 or less show strong antioxidant activity. The hydrolyzed protein shows improved activity by the iron rhodanide method when it has histidine at the center of tripeptide, and strong radical erasing function when it has thyrosine or tryptophan at the carboxyl terminal. (NEDO)

  16. Fiscal 1997 survey report on the trend of global warming protection measures of substituting freons; 1997 nendo chosa hokokusho (daitai freon no chikyu ondanka taisaku doko ni kansuru chosa hokokusho)



    The trend survey was conducted of global warming protection measures by participation in international conferences, scientific society meetings and lecture meetings, and by literature surveys. We participated in the international conference on ozonosphere protection measures. In the 9th meeting of the nations which concluded the Montreal Protocol, the strengthening of restrictions on methyl bromide was decided on. In the UNEP solvent technology selection conference and the OORG conference of the World Bank, reports were made on substituting solvents in Japan, activities supporting developing countries, and the developmental trend of urethane use foaming agent. In the international conference on ozonosphere protection measures, introduced were the present status of Japan`s ODA for developing countries and examples of success of the substitution in the solvent field. The paper included nine reports on CFC destruction technology related literature made public in the past one year. The paper also introduced a comparative study of de-HCFC substituting technology at U.S. Oak Ridge National Laboratory, U.S. EPA`s prediction of emission of fluorine 3 gas, the predicted value of HFC emission and trial calculation of contributing rate in all greenhouse gases by IIR, Green Peace and Elf Atochem, and NOAA`s measured data on SF6 in the atmosphere. 49 refs., 46 figs., 26 tabs.

  17. Fiscal 1997 report on the results of the research on the development of high-performance industrial furnaces. Volume 3; 1997 nendo seika hokokusho (koseino kogyoro no kaihatsu ni kansuru kenkyu seika hokokusto)



    A R and D was conducted for the purpose of developing remarkable energy conservation/CO2 reduction technologies. In fiscal 1997, the five working groups about the following were formed to have animated discussions: the basic research, heating furnace, heat treatment furnace, melting furnace, and tubular heating furnace. The research subjects are the pursuit/deepening of the base study on flame structures in high temperature air combustion, critical heat recovery of the system in high temperature air combustion, examination of the basic common technology on the ultimate optimization of the material heat transfer, construction of general-purpose experimental database, setting-up of design standards for general-purpose high-performance industrial furnaces, presentation of examples of the actual trial design based on the design standards and feasibility study of the practical application, preparatory support of the field test project on high-performance industrial furnaces for commercialization/diffusion/spread, etc. Further, how to arrange the developmental results was studied to make the results of the project useful for study of the prompt commercialization. 442 refs., 1444 figs., 311 tabs.

  18. Study on turning performance of four-track steering vehicles. Effect of traction force and track speed distribution control; Sodashiki sokisha no senkai seino ni kansuru kenkyu. Kudoryoku haibun to sokudo haibun no eikyo

    Imamura, M.; Watanabe, K.; Kitano, M. [National Defense Academy, Kanagawa (Japan)


    The four-track steering vehicles (4TS) is a new type of off-road vehicle which can replace four wheels with track units to improve the mobility on soft terrains. In this paper, the numerical simulations, under the various types of differential and track velocity control systems, are conducted to predict the turning performance and steer ability of the 4TS vehicles. The results of the numerical analysis demonstrate that the differential systems with realistic combined distribution control systems of the track speed is efficient at a small turning radius. 4 refs., 13 figs.

  19. Accident reconstruction to analyze impact of injured drivers during the collision. Ankle fracture in the car-to-car offset frontal collision; Join no jusho jokyo ni kansuru jiko saigen. Joyosha doshi no offset zenmen shototsuji no ashi kansetsu kossetsu

    Sakurai, M. [Japan Automobile Research Institute Inc., Tsukuba (Japan)


    An accident reconstruction test of car-to-car crash was conducted in order to analyze the impact on the driver in the offset head-on collision. The ankle fracture of the driver resulting from the accident was examined with the test results and the accident data. The test results of the car-to-car crashes indicated that the belted driver`s ankle would have fractured in the early stage of the crash. The detailed information from the accident data, especially the cars` interior deformation and the driver`s X-ray photographs, was also very important in analyzing injury mechanisms of the ankle/foot region. The above results suggested an injury mechanism that the ankle joint fracture was due to dorsiflexion and valgus resulting from the impact and intrusion of the toeboard in the early stage of the crash. 12 refs., 11 figs.

  20. Study on a small diesel engine with direct injection impinging distribution spray combustion system. Optimum of injection system and combustion chamber; Shototsu kakusan hoshiki kogata diesel kikan ni kansuru kenkyu. Funshakei to nenshoshitsu no saitekika

    Fujita, K.; Kato, S.; Saito, T. [Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Ishikawa (Japan); Tanabe, H. [Gunma University, Gunma (Japan)


    This study is concerned with a small bore (93mm) diesel engine using impinged fuel spray, named OSKA system. The higher rate of injection show lower smoke emission with higher NOx Emission. The exhaust emission and performance were investigated under different compression ratio with higher rate of injection. The experimental results show that this OSKA system is capable for reducing the smoke emission without the deterioration of NOx emission and fuel consumption compared with the conventional DI diesel engine. 5 refs., 8 figs., 3 tabs.

  1. Study on electrical monitoring of fill-up improvement. Utilization of resistivity data for soil compaction management; Hiteiko mitsudo kanri ni kansuru kisoteki kenkyu. Moritsuchi seko kanri eno hiteiko yuko riyo

    Ueno, N.; Hiramatsu, W. [Dai Nippon Construction, Gifu (Japan); Sugano, T. [Kyoto University, Kyoto (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    At present, measurement of wet density and water content by radio isotope (RI method) is used for filling management. It is supposed for filling in road construction that putting-out thickness of banking material reaches nearly 1m in the future rapid construction, however, use of RI method is difficult because of inserting and installing of a radiation source rod, large measuring apparatus, and the legal regulation on radioactivity intensity. Application of resistivity measurement was thus considered. Since resistivity has the same parameter as compaction curve, and monotonously decreases with an increase in water content by volume, it is applicable as construction management index. The management reference of resistivity (Rm) is set by plotting of a compaction curve and corresponding resistivity curve, determination of the reference resistivity (Ro) corresponding to a maximum dry density and optimum water content ratio, and setting of the allowance to Ro according to soil or application. It was clarified that Rm is applicable as set for every filling material. 1 ref., 10 figs., 2 tabs.

  2. Study of reaction and heat release from solid combustion in strong magnetic field; Kyojiba wo riyoshita hikinshitsu kotai nensho shori no hanno to netsu no seigy ni kansuru kiso kenkyu

    Ito, K.; Fujita, O.; Iiya, M.; Kudo, K. [Hokkaido University, Sapporo (Japan)


    To establish the inhomogeneous solid combustion control technology, effects of the strong magnetic field on the solid combustion were examined. When applying the sufficiently strong magnetic field, it is possible to control the air flow in combustion field by utilizing the force applying to constituent oxygen with large susceptibility. Based on this possibility, combustion experiments of expanded polystyrene plates were conducted between the magnetic poles of electro-magnet having the maximum flux density of 1 T and the maximum magnetic field gradient of 0.5 T/cm. To observe the effects of magnetic field without the effects of natural convection, combustion experiments of acrylic sheets were conducted between the magnetic poles of electro-magnet having the maximum flux density of 0.6 T and the magnetic field gradient of about 0.1 T/cm under the microgravity conditions between 10{sup -4} and 10{sup -5}g using a microgravity test facility. Consequently, prospective combustion results could be obtained, in which the force of flame received from the magnetic field is almost equivalent to the buoyancy of flame. It was demonstrated that combustion can be controlled by the magnetic field. 1 ref., 3 figs., 1 tab.

  3. Study of thermodynamic properties of HFC refrigerant mixtures for Loretz-cycled niew generation air-conditioning equipment; Lorentz cycle ka shinsedai kucho kikiyo HFC kei kongo reibai no netsu rikigaku seishitsu ni kansuru kenkyu

    Watanabe, K.; Sato, H. [Keio University, Tokyo (Japan). Faculty of Science and Technology


    This paper describes thermodynamic properties of HFC refrigerant mixtures for Lorentz-cycled new generation air-conditioning equipment. Equipment has been completed for simultaneous measurement of density and vapor-liquid equilibrium property, accurate measurement of latent heat of vaporization, and accurate measurement of specific heat at constant pressure in liquid phase. Final adjustment and preliminary measurements are currently conducted. Through analytical investigation using actually measured data of thermodynamic properties of HFC refrigerant mixtures, five state equations were obtained, i.e., modified Peng-Robinson state equation which can reproduce the vapor-liquid equilibrium property of refrigerant mixtures, modified Patel-Teja state equation, Helmholtz function type state equation which is applicable in the whole fluid region of refrigerant mixtures, and so on. An evaluation test equipment has been fabricated as a trial for Lorentz-cycled air-conditioning equipments using HFC refrigerant mixtures, and demonstration test is conducted to confirm the validity. 9 refs., 5 figs.

  4. Survey report of FY 1997 on the application of plasma to advanced environmentally acceptable technologies. 2; 1997 nendo chosa hokokusho (kankyo chowagata gijutsu no kodoka eno plasma no oyo ni kansuru chosa). 2



    This report describes the latest technological trend of plasma which will be useful for a better global environment. Novel application field of plasma technology has been studied in detail. A definite research plan for a better global environment has been proposed. At first, current global environmental issues are reviewed, and the background and the purpose of present investigation are described. Then, are described the plasma generation, measurement and control technology, and the application of plasma technology for a chemical reaction, especially, the promising chemical reaction with highly sensitive and/or highly selective process. In addition, is reviewed the development of a multi-functional membrane using energy control technology of plasma particles, and an advanced catalyst made by plasma-based technology. Is also described the application of plasma to the fixation of CO2 and reuse of greenhouse gases such as CO2 and CH4. Are described the results of the study on capture and reuse of environmental pollutants. The contribution of plasma technology to the production process with low environmental load is provided. Finally, a research plan for plasma technology aiming at a better global environment is proposed on the basis of present investigation. 138 refs., 113 figs., 15 tabs.

  5. FY1995 study of evaluating satisfaction of communication devices and brain computer interface for severely disabled people; 1995 nendo judo shogaisha no communication eido sosa shudan to tekisetsusa ni kansuru kenkyu



    Until now, the prescription of communication devices for disabled people has been dependent on the experience of technical experts who are working for them. To improve this situation, the aim of present study is to develop the objective methods for evaluating satisfaction of communication devices. Further aim of this study is to get the basic data for using electroencephalogram for thinking switch of communication devices. 1) Under imaging real communication devices, the menu of two experimental subjects were designed with three tasks which have different difficulty. Five physiological indexes (heart rate, coefficient of variation of R-R intervals, respiration rate, skin temperature and plethysmograph), which are known to closely correlated with mental stress, were studied during three different tasks in each experimental subject. In addition, psychological test were also performed before and after each tasks. In the first subject a significant difference was detected only in psychological test among three tasks. This result may come from the small difference of difficulty in each tasks of the first subject. In the second subject, significant differences were observed in the coefficient of variation of R-R intervals, the respiration rate and psychological test. Other physiological indexces, skin temperature, heart rate and plethysmograph, may be useful. However, the reconsideration will be needed to find the usefulness of these indexes for evaluating mental stress. 2) Biofeedback control of mu rhysm, an electrical brain wave, was investigated for the possibility of thinking switch in three graduate students. In one of three students, changes of amplitude were observed bilaterally although we had expected the unilateral change. Further studies will be needed to clarify the best method of biofeedback experiment. (NEDO)

  6. Report for fiscal 1998. Joint research of environment-friendly system for effectively utilizing water resources; 1998 nendo hokokusho. Kankyo taiogata mizushigen yuko riyo system ni kansuru kenkyu kyoryoku



    The research is conducted in cooperation with Industrial Technology Development Institute of the Philippines, and aims to solve water related problems such as unstable water supply and water quality pollution though developing a waste water treatment and recycling system which is easy to operate and maintain, low in cost, and usable in the Philippines. Fiscal 1998 is the second year of the project. Statistics are studied about the load that each industrial branch imposes on water for its pollution, and it is found that food manufacturers, paper pulp mills, and fiber dyeing plants are heavily responsible for water pollution. A method consisting of single-tower UASB anaerobic treatment and activated sludge treatment is applied as a water treatment process to Ram Food Products Corporation, and its optimization is studied. A removal rate 60% is achieved after a 12-hour treatment period at a COD (chemical oxygen demand) rate of 8g/liter/day. A method consisting of coagulating sedimentation and activated sludge treatment is applied to the waste water from a Solid Mill Corporation dyeing plant, when it is found that the water after ultimate treatment is almost colorless and that COD is 76mg/liter and BOD (biological oxygen demand) 13mg/liter, and these suggest that the waste water is recyclable. Since it is low in COD removing rate, the application of anaerobic treatment to high-concentration water after washing is not appropriate. (NEDO)

  7. 1998 research cooperation project. Research cooperation on environment-compatible type water resource effective-utilization system; 1998 nendo kankyo taiogata mizushigen yuko riyo system ni kansuru kenkyu kyoryoku



    For the purpose of securing water stably and preventing water pollution in the Philippines, R and D were carried out on a wastewater treatment and water reclamation and reuse system which is easy to operate and maintain and low in cost through the research cooperation between the Philippine Industrial Technology Development Institute and Japan. According to the survey result of statistical data concerning water pollution load structure by industrial wastewater classified by the industry in the Philippines, enumerated are the food manufacturing industry, paper pulp manufacturing industry, and the textile dyeing industry as those greatly affecting water pollution in BOD exhaust and wastewater, etc. Consequently, with Ram Food Product Co. of vegetable processing and Solid Mill Co., of textile dyeing as plants to be studied, a wastewater treatment test was performed in a laboratory scale. From the result of the test, the pilot plant was basically designed to have 'anaerobic + aerobic treatment + tertiary treatment' for the treatment process, with an one-tank type UASB method used as the anaerobic treatment, with a sand filtration + activated charcoal treatment as the tertiary treatment, and with the cost effectiveness for water reuse set to be examined. (NEDO)

  8. Manufacturing technology supported by advanced and integrated information system through international cooperation in fiscal 1995; Kan`i sosagata denshi sekkei seisan shien system no kaihatsu ni kansuru kenkyu kyoryoku



    Informatization using mainly computers is more and more important contributing to the upgrading in society, economy and a variety of fields. As to informatization in developing countries, however, there has still been few to be seen. Accordingly, gaps are getting larger between developing countries and developed countries where informatization is acceleratedly advanced. In the light of such actual state, Center of the International Cooperation for Computerization (CICC) contracted with NEDO and promoted a project `Manufacturing technology supported by advanced and integrated information system through international cooperation.` This is a project to study jointly with five Asian countries with which NEDO made a basic contract, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Working group is set up for each theme such as automobiles/parts, electric home appliances/parts, and fiber/apparel, to study the construction of a model house and the design of a system. In fiscal 1994, the field survey was conducted, and in fiscal 1995 the system design was started. 16 figs., 1 tab.

  9. Sterilization using ozone-ion gas sterilization using ozone-ion gas for mattresses used by the elderly; Ozone ion kunjoho ni kansuru kenkyu. Ozone ion kunjoho no zaitaku kaigoyo mattress mekkin eno oyo

    Mikami, H.; Suzuki, A.; Hamasaki, H. [Shinryo Corp., Tokyo (Japan); Ishikawa, S.; Miyata, M.; Nanba, T. [Kitasato Univ., Tokyo (Japan); Sueyoshi, K. [Mitsubishi Research Institute Inc., Tokyo (Japan)


    The new generation of Japanese is facing an aging society: the number of young people is decreasing dramatically, while the number of elderly is increasing. Consequently, care for the elderly has become a big problem. One particular problem area we`ve investigated is the use of unclean mattresses by the bedridden elderly. These mattresses provide an all too excellent environments for the growth of microbes. We measured the density of microbes on the cover of mattresses at 775cfu/cm{sup 2} and in the bed filling at 136cfu/g. The dominant species of microbes were MRSA and Bacillus. We used MRSA, Bacillus subtilis and Escherichia coli as biological indicators and tested whether our system using ozone-ion fumigants was applicable for sterilization of mattresses. The survival ratio of MRSA were 10{sup -8} {approx} 10{sup -9}, 10{sup -7} {approx} 10{sup -8} for B. subtilis and below 10{sup -8} for E. coli. These experiments made it clear that our system is applicable for sterilization of the mattresses used by bedfast elderly. (author)

  10. Fiscal 1997 report on the cooperative research on the preservation and sustainable utilization of biological diversification; Seibutsu tayosei hozen to jizokuteki riyo nado ni kansuru kenkyu kyoryoku (1997 nendo hokokusho)



    Cooperative researches were conducted between Japan and Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia for the purpose of the technology development to make developing countries themselves preserve bioresources existing in tropical forests and use those sustainably. The research subjects for Thailand are a strategical study on eating of the primates, improvement of a microorganism culture collection system, preservation of biological diversification using an artificial ecosystem, bioresource utilization, etc. The subjects for Indonesia are a study of a microorganism culture collection system, study of plant preservation technology, study of microorganism utilization technology, study of plant utilization technology, promotion of the founding of the Indonesia tropical bioresource information center, etc. The subjects for Malaysia are biological diversification database and gene bank, assessment/monitoring of the ocean ecosystem, assessment and inventory of the ecosystem using hi-tech technology, search/separation of bioactive substances originated from microorganism/plant, etc. 26 refs., 24 figs., 81 tabs.

  11. Dynamic analysis of middle scale horizontal axis wind turbine. ; Comparison between results of computer simulation and field test. Chugata suiheijiku fusha no dotokusei kaiseki ni kansuru kenkyu. ; Computer simulation kekka to field jikken kekka no hikaku

    Shimizu, Y.; Kasahara, H.; Seki, K.; Furukubo, K. (Mie Univ., Mie, (Japan). Faculty of Engineering Tokai Univ., Tokyo, (Japan). Faculty of Engineering Suzuki Motor Co. Ltd., Shizuoka, (Japan))


    The dynamic characteristics of a middle scale horizontal axis wind turbine controlled by a computer were theoretically analyzed with a dynamic model, comparing with field test results. In experiments, the three-blades wind turbine was used of 7.5m in rotor height above ground, 8.2m in rotor diameter and 8kW in rated output, and the rotation force of the turbine was analyzed by a local circulation mehtod. After the characteristics were simulated using the measured data of rotor revolution, blade pitch angle and wind velocity as initial values, based on a real control program, blade pitch angle control variables were calculated from the simulated data of rotor revolution and generation current, to estimate the dynamic characteristics theoretically. As a result, the theoretical values of generation power, current, rotor revolution and blade pitch angle control agreed roughly with measured values, and both time-integrated total powers agreed fairly with each other, indicating a favorable applicability to power estimation. 6 refs., 11 figs., 1 tab.

  12. FY 1998 annual report on the study on development of corrosion-resistant ceramic materials for garbage incinerators; 1998 nendo gomi shori shisetsuyo taishoku ceramics zairyo no kaihatsu ni kansuru kenkyu chosa hokokusho



    Described herein are the FY 1988 results of development of corrosion-resistant ceramic materials for garbage incinerators. Residue released when porcelain stocks are collected is selected as the inexpensive stock for SiO{sub 2}-Al{sub 2}O{sub 3}-based refractory materials. It is incorporated with carbon black and reduced at 1,200 to 1,500 degrees C in a nitrogen atmosphere. Synthesis of the target Si-Al-C-N-O-based compound succeeds in the presence of a solid catalyst, but it is a fine powder, and hence that of the massive compound fails. The commercial ceramic materials and new refractory materials, made on a trial basis, are evaluated for their resistance to corrosion using fry ashes collected from a commercial incinerator. These ashes are higher in melting point, more viscous, holding a larger quantity of attached slag and more corrosive than synthetic ashes. These materials are corroded acceleratedly as temperature increases to 1,200 degrees C or higher, more noted with the ceramic materials than with the refractory materials. Oxidation and melting characteristics of the molten slag affect corrosion of some materials. Use of the graphite-based material shall be limited to a section below the slag surface, where graphite is oxidized to a smaller extent. The MgO-based material is promising. The Al{sub 2}O{sub 3}-Cr{sub 2}O{sub 3}-based material is more promising than any other material developed in this study. Their bending strength before and after the corrosion test is measured at normal temperature to 1,700 degrees C, to investigate their deterioration by high temperature and corrosion. (NEDO)

  13. Studies on physicochemical mechanism of hot water injection. ; Studies on optimum production technique of geothermal fluid. Nessui no seisan kangen ni kansuru kenkyu. ; Nessui no saiteki seisan shuho no kaihatsu

    Nakamura, H.; Takahashi, M.; Hanano, M.; Hirako, Y. (Japan Metals and chemicals Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)); Itoi, R. (Kyushu Univ., Fukuoka (Japan). Faculty of Engineering)


    In order to appropriately produce geothermal fluid, evaluation method was developed of reservoir, at each of the survey, development and production stages, as a serial part of Sunshine Project by the NEDO. For the production of thermal water and steam from the reservoir, evaluation must be appropriately and flexibly made of, among others, geothermal fluid supply capacity from the surroundings, interval between wells, against-time ratio of lowering in production well capacity, number of production wells, influence of reduced thermal water, and location and ratio of reduction. At the survey stage, it is good to generally analyze information, as also not voluminous, by a lumped parameter model. At the development stage from drilling as far as the production of thermal water, it is good to use a grid model, able to take the fracture, as well as the two-dimensional and three-dimensional distributions, into a particular consideration. Regarding how to make the grid division, the model comprises the wellfield model, to express one drilled well as one grid in locative region, of which the surroundings are to be divided by blocks, and well-by-well method, to locate one drilled well at one grid. At the production stage, data on well-by-well basis are important and the well-by-well method is accordingly the most important. 3 refs., 6 figs., 3 tabs.

  14. Report for fiscal 1994 on commissioned operation for research cooperation related to simplified purification system for industrial waste water; 1994 nendo sangyo haisui nado no kan'i joka system ni kansuru kenkyu kyoryoku hokokusho



    With an objective to serve for environmental preservation in developing countries, joint researches have been performed on anaerobic waste water treatment systems utilizing bio-technology. This paper summarizes the achievements in fiscal 1994. In the research cooperation with Thailand, a reactor applicability test was performed by using a pilot plant to determine the operating conditions, and necessary data were obtained. The pilot plant was completed of installation in November. In the research cooperation with Indonesia, Tofu manufacturing waste water was selected as the object of pilot plant research. In the detailed design the Tofu manufacturing waste water shall be treated anaerobically, and the kitchen waste water shall be treated aerobically to acquire the intended water quality. In the research cooperation with Malaysia, as a result of visiting six industries and 22 factories for investigation, waste waters from chemical and foodstuff factories were selected as the object waste waters for the research. Three researchers from Thailand and Indonesia respectively were received in Japan to provide education including experimental training and visits to waste water treatment facilities. (NEDO)

  15. Report for fiscal 1995 on commissioned operation for research cooperation related to simplified purification system for industrial waste water; 1995 nendo sangyo haisui nado no kan'i joka system ni kansuru kenkyu kyoryoku hokokusho



    With an objective to serve for environmental preservation in developing countries, joint researches have been performed on anaerobic waste water treatment systems utilizing bio-technology. This paper summarizes the achievements in fiscal 1995. In the research cooperation with Thailand, a bench scale testing equipment was used to verify activity of granules, and granulation tests were performed. In the operation research by using a pilot plant, abrupt variation in quality of the feed waste water was encountered, whereas both of the fixed bed system and the UASB system have not reached the stage of tests at the targeted load. In the research cooperation with Indonesia, the actual waste water test in the laboratory scale verified that Tofu manufacturing waste water may be easily decomposed anaerobically, and the kitchen waste water aerobically. The bench scale test is in continuation on actual waste waters by experimenting the applicability of the fixed bed and UASB reactors. In the research cooperation with Malaysia, analysis was performed on chemical factory waste water properties, and so was the anaerobic treatment characteristics test in the laboratory scale. In addition, a preliminary experiment using the bench scale testing device was begun. (NEDO)

  16. Study on reduction of consumption and peak demand of electric power used in residential houses with solar heating and PV systems; Solar house no fuka heijunka to energy sakugen koka ni kansuru kenkyu

    Udagawa, M.; Endo, T. [Kogakuin University, Tokyo (Japan)


    A model house was simulated to reduce the consumption and peak demand for the photovoltaic power generation system, and solar heat air heating and hot water supply system in the solar house. As a type of construction, both wooden construction and reinforced concrete (RC) construction were selected with a total floor area of 125m{sup 2}. All the rooms were equipped with an air conditioner by heat pump from the air thermal source. A solar heat floor heater was simultaneously installed on the first floor. The hot water supply load was 4.8MWh per year. A commercial grid-connected on-site system was applied to the photovoltaic power generation with a 20m{sup 2} wide monocrystalline Si solar cell panel. As for the fluctuation in power load, the peak at the time of rising is more reduced in the RC house than in the wooden house, because the former is smaller in temperature fluctuation than the latter during the intermittence of air conditioning (as per the specified operational schedule). Therefore, the power is more leveled off in the former than in the latter. Between both, difference was hardly made in energy consumption per year. The ratio of dependency was 47% upon the photovoltaic power generation system, while it was 50% and 77%, under the air heating power load and hot water supply power load, respectively, upon the solar heat air heating and hot water supply system, so that both systems were considerably effective in saving the energy. 5 refs., 7 figs., 1 tab.

  17. Fiscal 1997 report on the results of the research on the development of high-performance industrial furnaces. Volume 2; 1997 nendo seika hokokusho (koseino kogyoro no kaihatsu ni kansuru kenkyu seika hokokusto)



    A R and D was conducted for the purpose of developing remarkable energy conservation/CO2 reduction technologies. In fiscal 1997, the five working groups about the following were formed to have animated discussions: the basic research, heating furnace, heat treatment furnace, melting furnace, and tubular heating furnace. The research subjects are the pursuit/deepening of the base study on flame structures in high temperature air combustion, critical heat recovery of the system in high temperature air combustion, examination of the basic common technology on the ultimate optimization of the material heat transfer, construction of general-purpose experimental database, setting-up of design standards for general-purpose high-performance industrial furnaces, presentation of examples of the actual trial design based on the design standards and feasibility study of the practical application, preparatory support of the field test project on high-performance industrial furnaces for commercialization/diffusion/spread, etc. Further, how to arrange the developmental results was studied to make the results of the project useful for study of the prompt commercialization. 442 refs., 1444 figs., 311 tabs

  18. Basic research on energy conservation in developing countries. Report of the International Conference on Adaptation and Mitigation Technologies for Climate Change; Hatten tojokoku energy shohi koritsuka kiso chosanado jigyo. Kiko hendo ni kansuru tekio kanwa gijutsu kokusai kaigi hokokusho



    The International Conference on Adaptation and Mitigation Technologies for Climate Change was held based on the 1st Conference of the Parties in 1995 of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, and the 2nd evaluation report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). This report carries the outline of this conference and minutes. Japanese government had studied the framework of activities implemented jointly (AIJ) for emission control of greenhouse gases by voluntary workers jointly with developing countries. The government decided the basis of the AIJ Japan program in 1995, and approved the evaluation guidelines of this program including confirmed and considered matters which are necessary for government offices related to this program to evaluate and approve each project. IPCC approved the 2nd evaluation report in its general meeting in 1995. This conference was thus held to discuss strategic technology and international cooperation with participation of writers of the 2nd IPCC report, policy planners of Asian countries, Japanese industries, governmental offices and NGO.

  19. Fiscal 1996 report on the investigational research on the construction of a database of physical functions; 1996 nendo chosa hokokusho (shintai kino database no kochiku ni kansuru chosa kenkyu)



    For the purpose of realizing `the affluence` sought in the Japanese economic society, the supply and preparation of products, service and environments friendly to human beings seem to be important. In the future, the development of products which are fully considered also of aged and handicapped people is more expected than the conventional manufacturing of products added with value. Especially in accordance with the rapid aging, from a viewpoint that the lowering of physical functions caused by aging has an exactly close relation with the response to products and the environment, development of the database of physical functions for the aged which is useful for the design is urgently promoted. First, the data to be supplied for database were selected. As to the selection method, the data required for database were defined by collection/analysis of the existing data, examination of the needs of enterprise designers, and analysis of daily activities. In the study of the database, the structure by which data can be effectively supplied was studied and verified by pilot database for extraction of the subjects and solution to the problems. 6 refs., 57 figs., 26 tabs.

  20. Basic study of groundwater recharge which aim at preservation of water resources. Study of bio-filter; Suishitsugen no hozen wo mezashita chikasui jinko kan'yo no kiso kenkyu. Bio filter ni kansuru kenkyu

    Umemiya, H. [Yamagata University, Yamagata (Japan). Faculty of Engineering; Suzuki, A. [Yamagata University, Yamagata (Japan)


    An experimental study has been made on the effect of bio-filter in a packed bed. By using a packed bed of glass beads in stead of aquifer, groundwater recharge was reappeared. Measurements were made on microorganism number density, COD, turbidity, iron concentration, and pH. Emphasis was placed on the removal effect of COD. The conclusions were as follows. 1) Bio-filter is formed at the upstream end of the packed bed. It is composed of general microorganism and iron bacteria. The number densities of microorganism and iron bacteria are increased with the passage of time and bio-filter is thickly formed. 2) Bio-filter is very useful to COD removal, because organism is consumed by oxidation with iron bacteria and iron, 3) Iron is removed by the physical filter effect of bio-filter and oxidation with iron bacteria. 4) Turbidity is removed by the physical filter effect of bin-filter. 5) Light is an effective system for COD removal. 6) Environmental temperature is usefulness to bio-filter formation and water purification. (author)

  1. Hydroelastic responses of pontoon type very large floating offshore structures. 2nd Report. Effect of the water depth and the drift forces; Pontoon gata choogata futaishiki kaiyo kozobutsu no harochu chosei oto ni kansuru kenkyu. 2. Senkai eikyo to hyoryuryoku

    Maeda, H.; Miyajima, S. [The University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan). Institute of Industrial Science; Masuda, K.; Ikoma, T. [Nihon University, Tokyo (Japan). College of Science and Technology


    Steady-state drift force in regular waves is theoretically analyzed. It is also studied under combined external force experimentally using a two-dimensional water tank. The fluid forces are analyzed by the pressure distribution method based on the potential theory, in which the effects of water depth are taken into account to discuss the effects of elastic deformation of the floating structure on the drift characteristics of steady-state waves. The tests were carried out using a wave-making circulating water tank equipped with a wind duct to create wind, waves and tidal flow. Drift force under a combined external force by wind, wave and/or tidal flow cannot be accurately predicted by arithmetically adding these components. For predicting drift force by tidal flow, it is necessary to take into account drag force in current at the floating structure bottom as well as that in wind at the front face. Drift force by tidal flow is affected by shallowness of water, which should be taken into account for drag forces. The floating structure will be deformed along the wave face as its stiffness decreases, basically decreasing steady-state drift force. 9 refs., 14 figs.

  2. Development of counter-rotaing type machine for water power generation. 1st Report. Counter-rotating type generator and axial-flow runners; Sohanten hoshiki suiryoku hatsuden ni kansuru kiso kenkyu. 1. hatsudenki to jikuryu runner no sohantenka

    Kanemoto, T.; Tanaka, D.; Yagi, T. [Kyushu Institute of Technology, Kitakyushu (Japan); Kaneko, M. [Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., Kobe (Japan)


    This paper proposes the counter-rotating type machine for water power generation which is composed of the two-stage runners and the double rotors in the generator, and discusses the performances and internal flow conditions based on the experiments for the trial model. The maximum output power is obtained at the same counter-rotational speeds as designed, but such speeds differ from the maximum efficiency point. In the individual runner, the maximum output power of the rear runner is slightly less than that of the front runner, but the efficiency is overall good though the inlet flow condition of the rear runner is disturbed by the front runner. The flow conditions around the runners suggest the further improvement points for the runner profiles. (author)

  3. Spray characteristics of dimethyl ether (D.M.E.) as on alternative fuel for diesel engine; Daitai diesel nenryo to shite no dimethyl ether (D.M.E.) no funmu tokusei ni kansuru kenkyu

    Wakai, K.; Nishida, K.; Yoshizaki, T.; Hiroyasu, H. [Hiroshima University, Hiroshima (Japan)


    D.M.E. which was paid attention to as on alternative fuel for a diesel engine, was injected by using Bosch type injection pump and a hole nozzle into a high pressure and high temperature vessel. The spray was observed by using schlieren photography. Spray characteristics, such as, the tip penetration, the cone angle and the volume of the spray were and were compared with a diesel fuel spray. The following thing, and so on were found out as a results. The spray angle of the DME spray of atmosphere pressure Pa=0.1Mpa spreads out large in comparison with the diesel fuel spray, and the way of the change by the pressure is contrary to the case of the diesel fuel spray. 3 refs., 6 figs., 1 tab.

  4. Lecture by ceramist in college. From questionnaire about lecture issued by educational committee of the ceramic society of Japan; Seramikkusu wo kenkyusuru daigaku kyokan no kogi eno torikumi. Nihon seramikkusu kyokai kyoiku iinkai, kogi ni kansuru anketo yori

    Fujitsu, Satoru.; Kishimoto, Akira.; Omata, Takahisa. Suda, Seiichi. [The Ceramic Society of Japan, Tokyo (Japan), Educational Comittee


    This paper reports the questionnaire results to ceramic lecturers in national and public universities and private universities by the Ceramic Society of Japan. Regarding lecture hours and burden sensation, there were differences between national and public universities and private universities. The number of students in a class was that the 51-100 group was 44% for national and public universities, and the over 100 group was 40% for private universities. Regarding intelligibility for lecture, the answers that the number of understanding students was less than 50% shared 63%, and answers that this intelligibility is still decreasing shared 44%, the reason being mostly due to insufficient efforts of students for study. The number of students in a class was that the 51-100 group was 44% for national and public universities, and the over 100 group was 40% for private universities. Regarding intelligibility for lecture, the answers that the number of understanding students was less than 50% shared 63%, and answers that this intelligibility is still decreasing shared 44%, the reason being mostly due to insufficient efforts of students for study. (NEDO)

  5. Survey report of FY 1996 on the questionnaires related to new energies for local governments in Kinki district; 1996 nendo chosa hokokusho (shin energy ni kansuru Kinki chiiki jichitai anketo chosa)



    The photovoltaic (PV) power generation system having a lot of merits for environment and energy has been put into a diffusion stage from the viewpoint of its technology due to its progressive technology innovation. However, it is not widely diffused in the whole society due to its high cost. Systematic investigation for the future PV power generation was conducted through the verification of factors obstructing the diffusion promotion and the investigation of the problems. Then, questionnaires were conducted for local governments in the Kinki district. Proportion of the local governments positively promoting the introduction of PV power generation was 3.4%. Among new energies, 45.7% of the governments were interested in solar heat utilization, and 43.1% were interested in PV power generation. Proportion of the local governments understanding the subsidy system of MITI was 57.7%. For the explanation meeting of new energy introduction promotion, 55.4% of the local governments wanted to participate. Among the interesting themes, 61.0% were interested in the introduction examples, 52.4% were in the introduction support, 52.1% were in the introduction of fundamental knowledge, and 30.0% were in the latest technology trends and in the guide for introduction

  6. Fiscal 1998 research report. Survey on R and D, and application technology of biotechnology; 1998 nendo chosa hokokusho. Bio technology no kenkyu kaihatsu, sangyoka gijutsu nado ni kansuru chosa kenkyu



    Survey was made mainly on use of biotechnology as resource saving and energy saving processes. Biotechnology is in wide use in a pharmaceutical field, while its application is on the increase in agriculture, food, chemistry, energy and environment fields. The USA is ahead of Japan and Europe. In the USA, there are more than 1000 ventures, and R and D of biotechnology, in particular, gene analysis and manipulation techniques are in progress together with acquisition of patents. In biomass energy, production of ethanol from corn, and development of biodiesel are in progress in the USA and Europe, respectively. Use of biomass should be promoted because of its global environment compatibility and sustainable productivity. In the future bio-market, genome analysis and its application are most important, however, Japan is behind in such technology in the world. The Joint approach by industry, university and government is necessary from the viewpoint of a future marketability and international competitiveness. Promotion of a public acceptance and nurture of creative talents are also important. (NEDO)

  7. Leading research in FY 1995. Research of product evaluation and advanced measurements - Part 1 (product evaluation); 1995 nendo sendo kenkyu. Seihin hyoka kodo keisoku bunseki gijutsu ni kansuru chosa kenkyu - 1 (seihin hyoka)



    Product evaluation has been investigated from a viewpoint of compatibility with human life by considering human being as the subject of life. This report describes the investigation results. Product evaluation is defined as evaluating products on a consumer-oriented viewpoint and informing consumers of the evaluation results. According to a questionnaire survey with regard to daily living products, products in the low degree of satisfaction in their usage were electric tooth brush, video camera, electric rice jar, vacuum cleaner, and electric iron. Contents of dissatisfaction with these products were classified by aspect, i.e., human aspect regarding human body/recognition, life aspect regarding functions of products and how to use them, and sensitivity aspect such as appearance of products. Thus, points at issue were clarified. As regards the human aspect, incompatibility between the size/form of products and human body/posture, and recognition psychological incompatibility such as difficulty in understanding function or operation of products were pointed out. Establishment of a method for measuring and evaluating the human`s body functions and the compatibility with products, and necessity of the acquisition of human`s body characteristic data and the consolidation positions are also described. 4 refs., 42 figs., 30 tabs.

  8. Fiscal 1997 report on the survey of biological CO2 fixation using arid land and oligotrophic waters; 1997 nendo chosa hokokusho (kansochi, hin`eiyo kaiiki wo riyoshita seibutsuteki CO2 kotei ni kansuru chosa)



    This survey is aimed to investigate various measures to be taken for biological CO2 fixation, to synthetically study feasibilities of the measures from various aspects of CO2 fixation mechanism, scale, speed, and environmental effects and technical problems in case of introducing those, and to assess the measures quantitatively. In this fiscal year, a study was proceeded with of possibilities of carbon fixation by afforestation and that by fertilization into ocean. The paper defined significance of afforestation in arid land, and especially advantages in conducting researches in West Australia. Relationships were examined among afforestation, precipitation and topography. The result of the survey was described of water- and salt-transfer simulation methods. Studies of arid land were made in terms of photosynthetic speed, transpiration speed, soil characteristics, measuring methods for precipitation and vaporization amount, and the examples. Seven places of Leonora where water source and water quality were examined were selected, and the measuring results were described. The paper summed up the state of utilization of biomass energy obtained from forest and commented on a scenario on tree-planting. Finally, a possibility was stated of the carbon fixation by fermentation into ocean. 178 refs., 121 figs., 53 tabs.

  9. Report on follow-up for joint research of valuable resources recovery techniques from brackish water; Kansuichu no yuka shigen kaishu gijutsu ni kansuru kenkyu kyoryoku follow up hokokusho



    This report describes follow-up for research and development on the recovery of valuable resources, such as magnesium, bromine and boron, contained in the brackish water for manufacture of common salt in the coastal region of Mexico. For the field survey, salt garden, irrigation plant and manufacturing plant of dinning salt were inspected. The optimum site was examined by assuming desalination plant and solar pond. The groundwater in coastal regions is progressively salified. Since the coastal region is a tourist resort with an round-trip area of whales, environmental protection is indispensable. For the joint research with invited researchers, the solar pond system and fresh water generation were studied. As a result, it was found that the solar pond system is an excellent method for keeping thermal energy in a low cost at the salt garden with abundant solar energy, and that the desalination system combined with distilling is the most suitable method. 7 refs., 8 figs., 1 tab.

  10. Fiscal 1993 investigational report on the strengthening of the resource/energy industrial basis of CIS Central Asia (the Republic of Kazakhstan); 1993 nendo CIS Chuo Asia (Kazafusutan kyowakoku) no shigen energy sangyo kiban kyoka ni kansuru chosa hokokusho



    The paper grasps the present situation of economy and industry in Kazakhstan and studies a policy for developing the industrial machine manufacturing industry of the country. Since the independence in 1992, the country is now at the great turning point in politics, economy, society and industry. The country is forced to convert from the industrial structure of one local area where much of its own discretion had not been given under the economy system of power centralization to the industrial structure which meets the international economic market system as an independent country. Making good use of agricultural and industrial property in the former U.S.S.R., the country needs to export energy resource like oil, natural gas and coal, and abundant ore resource like iron and non-ferrous metal, which were added with values. As the technical base for it, fostering and strengthening of the industrial machine manufacturing industry is important. At present, the situation is that because of the economic sluggishness, the country cannot manufacture domestically even basic mechanical parts and simply-manufactured parts which are required by the domestic energy industry, machine manufacturing industry, and other industries. The technical program to be proposed by Japan is planned to be worked out later based on the basic research made in fiscal 1993. 6 figs., 14 tabs.

  11. Studies on legal systems and public decision-making process of the environmental protection and natural conservation; Kankyo{center{underscore}dot}shizenhogo no mirai no tameno koukyoteki kettei to sisutemu ni kansuru kenkyu

    Hayashida, Seimei [Hokkaido University, Hokkaido (Japan). Faculty of Law


    This study have dealt with the issues of how the policies of environmental and natural protection should be shaped in a democratic society, and what the optimal legal systems should be for realizing the policies. We have analyzed these issues from the following three points of view ; the first one is the legal philosophical issues of justice and moral values among individuals and organizations. Secondly, we analyzed the optimal deterrence system of organizations for pollution controls, etc. We studied crimes and illegal conducts by organizations and corporations themselves, and their employees under the principal-agency model. Third, we looked at the legal system itself and the foundations of environmental issues from the legal-philosophical aspect. Fourth, we analyzed how the social decision-makings on the environmental protection were produced, using the public choice theory. (author)

  12. Study on a rational design of leg material-fixation for a deep footing of a large-scale electric power-transmitting steel tower; Ogata sodenyo tetto shinso kiso no goriteki na kyakuzai teichaku sekkeiho ni kansuru kosatsu

    Iizima, M. [Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc. (Japan)] Saito, S. [Toden Design Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)] Mishima, T. [Maeda Construction Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    When a footing of a steel tower for transmitting electric power is affected by vertical loads of both compression and lifting due to a wind load, fixation of leg materials as installation portions of the steel tower and the footing is important from a point of ensuring reliability of power transmission under such large loads. In this paper, results of studies on a model experiment executed for a purpose of enlarging and application scope of the leg materials fixation to deep footings, and numerical analysis which is executed by a finite element method considering tensile softening caused by crack of concrete for carrying destruction mechanism are described. It is re-confirmed that crack-resistant force is not in proportion to the increase of a body diameter and it is newly clarified that the crack-resistant force is not in proportion to the increase of concrete hardness either. A the model experiment can be simulated by executing the numerical analysis considering the tensile softening of concrete caused by a crack, effects of the concrete hardness and the body size upon a fixing strength of leg materials are examined. 7 refs., 21 figs., 3 tabs.

  13. Synthesis of inorganic mesopore materials and their application to control chemical reactions; Muki meso kukan zairyo no gosei to kagaku hannoba to shite no riyo gijutsu ni kansuru kenkyu

    Ohashi, F.; Tomura, S.; Maeda, M.; Inukai, K.; Suzuki, M.; Okazaki, M.; Konishi, Y.; Toriyama, K. [National Industrial Research Institute of Nagoya,Nagoya (Japan)


    Materials enabling 'intelligent humidity control' were synthesized by using fumed silica, tetraethylorthotitanate, and a surfactant (alkyltrimethylammonium bromides (C{sub n}H{sub 2n+1}(CH{sub 3}){sub 3}N{sup +} (center dot) Br{sup -}, n=10 - 16) as a liquid-crystal template) under a hydrothermal condition. A homogeneous hexagonal structure of SiO{sub 2}-TiO{sub 2} was confirmed from X-ray diffraction analysis and TEM observation. These products had a high BET surface area of 540-863m{sup 2}/g and auniform pore diameter of 1.5-3nm, both of which were controlled by varyingthe size of the organic template molecule. A sharp increase in water adsorption was observed when the relative pressure (P/Po) increased in the range 0.4 - 0.6. Over this region, the weight % of water came in the range 20 - 50mass%. The water vapor adsorption isotherm was classified as type V in the IUPAC notation, which is characteristic of an unusually large hysteresis. This large hysteresis can be explained from the fact that the contact angle depends on whether water is being adsorbed or desorbed. High durability in their humidity-control ability was confirmed from repeated observation of the isotherm. As a characteristic of the chemical structure upon titanium incorporation, a wider distributionof the Si-O-Si angles in the SiO{sub 4} tetrahedra was indicated from the broad Q{sup 4} {sup 29}Si-MAS/NMR spectra with a small peak shift. To clarify the formation process of these mesoporous materials in the template-synthesis, we accumulated the basic parameters of micelles from the product-yield-detected ESR observations. In addition, as a model of the chemical reaction in the mesoporous material, we observed the reaction dynamics in a spherical micelle with the same technique Based on these preliminary experiments we designed a column reactor packed with a me soporous material to control the liquid phase reaction. (author)

  14. Hydroelastic responses of pontoon type very large floating offshore structures. 2nd Report. Effect of the water depth and the drift forces; Pontoon gata choogata futaishiki kaiyo kozobutsu no harochu chosei oto ni kansuru kenkyu. 2. Senkai eikyo to hyoryuryoku

    Maeda, H.; Miyajima, S. [The University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan). Institute of Industrial Science; Masuda, K.; Ikoma, T. [Nihon University, Tokyo (Japan). College of Science and Technology


    Steady-state drift force in regular waves is theoretically analyzed. It is also studied under combined external force experimentally using a two-dimensional water tank. The fluid forces are analyzed by the pressure distribution method based on the potential theory, in which the effects of water depth are taken into account to discuss the effects of elastic deformation of the floating structure on the drift characteristics of steady-state waves. The tests were carried out using a wave-making circulating water tank equipped with a wind duct to create wind, waves and tidal flow. Drift force under a combined external force by wind, wave and/or tidal flow cannot be accurately predicted by arithmetically adding these components. For predicting drift force by tidal flow, it is necessary to take into account drag force in current at the floating structure bottom as well as that in wind at the front face. Drift force by tidal flow is affected by shallowness of water, which should be taken into account for drag forces. The floating structure will be deformed along the wave face as its stiffness decreases, basically decreasing steady-state drift force. 9 refs., 14 figs.

  15. FY 1998 annual report on the study on development of superhigh-temperature optomechanical composite materials; 1998 nendo chokoon oputo mechanical fukugo zairyo no kaihatsu ni kansuru kenkyu chosa hokokusho



    Described herein are the FY 1998 results of the studies on validating possibility of superhigh-temperature optomechanical composite materials, transparent in the visible to infrared wavelength region and having excellent mechanical properties, and possibility of producing practical matrix materials and considerations for their production. For development of the production processes, a composite of glass matrix reinforced with oxynitride glass fibers is investigated, where the matrix having a refractive index differential with the fibers of 10{sup -3} is selected. The composite is prepared by hot pressing the matrix powder put between the fiber bundles. Analysis of its light transmittance and mechanical properties indicates that the method is an optimum one for producing the optomechanical composite material. For creation of the heat-resistant, light-transmitting ceramic matrices needed for commercialization of the composite materials, an MgO-Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} spinel-based system is selected, for which the production process is investigated. It is found that the material light-transmittable in the visible to infrared wavelength region can be produced by hot pressing a hot-pressed MgO-Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} ceramic material. (NEDO)

  16. Studies of technology of mass production and quality control in road base material using coal ash; Sekitanbai wo genryo to suru robanzai no ryosan hinshitsu kanri gijutsu ni kansuru kenkyu

    Shibata, Y. [Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., Kobe (Japan); Ozasa, K. [Center for Coal Utilization, Tokyo (Japan); Tsuzura, K. [Naruto Salt Mfg. Ltd., Tokushima (Japan); Izumi, H. [Nippon Hodo Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    Use of granular solidified coal ash as a road base material has been studied to facilitate the large scale utilization of powdered material. The proposed technology of producing granular solidified coal ash includes steam curing combined with different unit operations. Investigations on the technological and quality control aspects make clear the followings: (1) A proper technology for large scale processing may consists of the following steps: kneading of coal ash with water around its plastic limit, low pressure molding, steam curing and crushing. (2) A road base material of good quality can be produced in large qualities from coal ash of fixed CaO content and unburnt carbon content. Further processing includes mixing with the amount of water based on the size and the time change degree of the consuming power in kneader, kneading and molding. The temperature of the kneading water should be adjusted to the ambient conditions. 4 refs., 7 figs., 3 tabs.

  17. Fundamental study on hydrogen storage with hydrogen absorbing alloys. Operating characteristics of storage tank; Suiso kyuzo gokin wo mochiita suiso chozo ni kansuru kiso kenkyu. Chozo yoki no dosa tokusei

    Sekiguchi, S.; Sekiguchi, N.; Tani, T. [Science University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)


    Hydrogen absorption by a hydrogen storage (MH storage) is investigated for static characteristics, with a constant current applied to the hydrogen generator, and dynamic characteristics, with a fluctuating current applied to the same simulating actual insolation. In the experiment, alloy temperature (MH temperature) in the storage and a current for the generator are preset, and then automatic measurement is allowed to proceed at 10-second intervals of the differential pressure, hydrogen temperature in the piping, absolute pressure, MH temperature, room temperature, and water tank temperature. It is found as the result of the experiment that absorption performance is improved when the MH storage is cooled; that the mean absorption rate which is 1 without cooling increases to 1.62 at 7degC; that the mean absorption rate changes in proportion to the applied current (introduced hydrogen flow rate); that the rate which is 1 at 32A decreases to 0.53 that at 16A; that the absorption rate is dependent more on the current applied to the storage than the temperature of the heat exchanging medium; and that, even in the presence of fluctuation halfway in the applied current, the total absorption will be equal to a case of constant current application if the total amount of applied current is equal. 2 refs., 7 figs., 5 tabs.

  18. Study on buckling and plastic collapse behavior of a continuous stiffened plate subjected to in-plane compression loads; Mennai asshuku kaju wo ukeru renzoku bodo panel no zakutsu sosei hokai kyodo ni kansuru kenkyu

    Yao, T.; Fujikubo, M.; Yanagihara, D. [Hiroshima University, Hiroshima (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    A hull structure is constituted by thin panels, and reinforced longitudinally and laterally by stiffened members to increase the effectiveness of the structure. In order to attain findings on buckling and plastic collapse behavior of stiffened plates, this paper describes analysis of elasto-plastic large deflection by using the finite element method on thin stiffened plates having flat-bars and angle-bars. The analysis includes the case of an aspect ratio being 5.0 and the case to consider welding residual stress. Considerations were given on cross sectional shape, panel aspect ratio and effects of initial welding imperfections against the buckling and plastic collapse behavior of the stiffened plates. The angle-bars tend to cause secondary buckling more easily because it has greater bending and twisting rigidity, and stronger constraint against deflection than the flat-bars. When the aspect ratio is larger and the span is longer, the ultimate strength declines, and the withstand power after the ultimate strength decreases rapidly. Existence of the residual stress tends to make the secondary buckling occur more easily. The secondary buckling affects little the withstand power after the ultimate strength. 3 refs., 7 figs., 1 tab.

  19. Report on follow-up for joint research of valuable resources recovery techniques from brackish water; Kansuichu no yuka shigen kaishu gijutsu ni kansuru kenkyu kyoryoku follow up hokokusho



    This report describes follow-up for research and development on the recovery of valuable resources, such as magnesium, bromine and boron, contained in the brackish water for manufacture of common salt in the coastal region of Mexico. For the field survey, salt garden, irrigation plant and manufacturing plant of dinning salt were inspected. The optimum site was examined by assuming desalination plant and solar pond. The groundwater in coastal regions is progressively salified. Since the coastal region is a tourist resort with an round-trip area of whales, environmental protection is indispensable. For the joint research with invited researchers, the solar pond system and fresh water generation were studied. As a result, it was found that the solar pond system is an excellent method for keeping thermal energy in a low cost at the salt garden with abundant solar energy, and that the desalination system combined with distilling is the most suitable method. 7 refs., 8 figs., 1 tab.

  20. Research cooperation project on manufacturing technology supported by advanced and integrated information system through international cooperation (MATIC); Kan`i sosagata denshi sekkei seisan shien system no kaihatsu ni kansuru kenkyu kyoryoku



    To support the advancement of basic industries including machine industry in Asian countries, research cooperation has been conducted for developing the manufacturing technology supported by advanced and integrated information system suitable for actual circumstances of individual countries. For the automotive and the parts industries, it is significant for the preparation works of manufacturing in overseas factories to possess common information between Japan and overseas factories. In this project, a system is constructed, which can be used in industries surrounding automotive industry, such as parts and facility industries, as well as in the automotive industry. In FY 1996, a primary system has been developed, and the demonstration tests were carried out. For the home electric machine and the parts industries, the technology applicable to the design of printed board circuit was developed, and the catalog of electronic parts was constructed. In FY 1996, a preliminary prototype system of the electronic parts catalog system was designed and developed. For the textile and apparel industries, the EDI, exchange system of CAD/CAM data, and construction of data bank were investigated. 87 figs., 19 tabs.

  1. Worldwide clean energy system technology using hydrogen (WE-NET). subtask 9. Investigation of innovative and leading technologies; Suiso riyo kokusai clean energy system gijutsu (WE-NET). subtask 9. Kakushinteki sendoteki gijutsu ni kansuru chosa kenkyu



    The WE-NET Project is a long-term project designed to ensure that an energy network technology using hydrogen becomes a reality not later than 2020. So the project cannot remain effective unless constant efforts are made to foresee future trends of technology and optimize it as the making of entire system for the project. In this project, new technologies which are not up for development are also investigated. Their feasibility should be studied, if necessary. From the foregoing point of view, new technologies are studied, collected and evaluated. Thus, useful suggestions and proposals may be made as to the course for the project to follow, as well as its research and development. Proposals highly evaluated up to FY 1995 are the hydrogen-oxygen internal-combustion Stirling`s engine, hydrogen production by solid oxide electrolysis, magnetic refrigeration technology for liquefaction of hydrogen, solar thermal hydrogen production with iron sponge technology, and hydrogen producing technology with photocatalyst. Conceptual investigation themes in FY 1996 are the hydrogen internal-combustion Stirling engine, solar thermal hydrogen production, phototransformation process, and high-temperature steam electrolysis. 9 figs., 54 tabs.

  2. Investigations on a global environment improving technology utilizing biological functions. 2. Structuring a ligno-bioprocess; Seibutsu kino wo riyoshita chikyu kankyo kaizen gijutsu ni kansuru chosa. 2. Riguno bio process no kochiku



    Discussions were given to reserve global environments on reducing dependence on fossil resources and more effectively utilizing wood resources. Economically utilizable amount of wastes from lumbering factories reaches about five million tons annually. Discussions were made on a ligno-bioprocess that uses these wastes. The current quantitative production efficiency of cellulase by means of bacterial breeding is very high. A problem is production of ligninolytic enzymes, to which application of the recombinant DNA method is indispensable. Combination of steam explosion with biological decomposition or the organosolv process is an effective method for lignin decomposition. Decomposition of cellulose by using the ultra critical water method is worth noticing. With respect to hemicellulose utilization, production of cellulose derivatives, biodegradable polymers and oligosaccharides would be conceivable by means of esterification and etherification. Vanillinic acid, adhesives, resins and lignin-based polymer materials could be manufactured from lignin. Material cost for these products accounts for about 35% of the product price, thus making the lignochemicals promising commercial products. 301 refs., 71 figs., 39 tabs.

  3. Hybrid utilization of solar energy. Part 2. Performance analyses of heating system with air hybrid collector; Taiyo energy no hybrid riyo ni kansuru kenkyu. 2. Kuki shunetsu hybrid collector wo mochiita danbo system no seino hyoka

    Yoshinaga, M.; Okumiya, M. [Nagoya University, Nagoya (Japan)


    For the effective utilization of solar energy at houses, a heating system using an air hybrid collector (capable of simultaneously performing heat collection and photovoltaic power generation). As the specimen house, a wooden house of a total floor area of 120m{sup 2} was simulated. Collected air is fanned into a crushed stone heat accumulator (capable of storing one day`s collection) or into a living room. The output of solar cell arrays is put into a heat pump (capable of handling a maximum hourly load of 36,327kJ/h) via an inverter so as to drive the fan (corresponding to average insolation on the heat collecting plate of 10.7MJ/hm{sup 2} and heat collecting efficiency of 40%), and shortage in power if any is supplied from the system interconnection. A hybrid collector, as compared with the conventional air collector, is lower in thermal efficiency but the merit that it exhibits with respect to power generation is far greater than what is needed to counterbalance the demerit. When the hybrid system is in heating operation, there is an ideal heat cycle of collection, accumulation, and radiation when the load is light, but the balance between accumulation and radiation is disturbed when the load is heavy. 4 refs., 8 figs., 3 tabs.

  4. Study on an optimum ratio of PV output energy to WG output energy in PV/WG hybrid system; Taiyoko/furyoku hybrid hatsuden system no saiteki yoryohi ni kansuru kento

    Nishikawa, S. [Kandenko Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    A photovoltaic power (PV) and wind generated power (WG) are an unlimited clean energy source, yet their output is unstable depending on the fluctuation of weather conditions such as solar radiation and wind velocity. Consequently, a large-scale power storage equipment is necessitated leading to a high cost especially in an independent system. As a solution, a method is available in which PV and WG are combined so that the effect may be utilized for stabilizing the output of a system as a whole, at a site where a fluctuation pattern is different between photovoltaic energy and wind energy. In building a hybrid system by PV and WG, sites with such supplementary effect existing were selected from the viewpoint of stabilizing the fluctuation of the power generation in the long run; and then, an examination was made on the optimum PV capacity ratio (%Ppo) in each site. As a result, it revealed that the %Ppo had great bearing on a ratio of PV energy fluctuation to WG, which was converted to a numerical formula. A comparatively simple examination by means of meteorological data also indicated that the share ratio was possibly optimized between the quantities of PV and WG energy. 4 refs., 2 figs., 2 tabs.

  5. Study on wave power generation of electricity using torsion arc blade type horizontal axis wind turbine; Nejire enko yokugata suihei jiku fusha wo mochiita haryoku hatsuden ni kansuru kenkyu

    Kojima, N.; Kishimura, K. [Meiji University, Tokyo (Japan)


    Windmilling characteristics of a combination of a torsion arc blade type (TABT) horizontal axis wind turbine and a reverse torsion arc blade type (RTABT) horizontal axis wind turbine were evaluated in a wave activated power generation experiment. The TABT wind turbine had six blades, and the front and rear parts of the blade were twisted in the same direction, which caused the direction of rotor rotation to change as the direction of wind along the shaft changed. The RTABT wind turbine had twelve blades, and the front and rear parts of the blade were twisted reverse to each other, which allowed the direction of rotor rotation to stay constant even in the presence of wind direction reversal. To keep the direction of rotor rotation unchanged in the presence of flow direction reversal along the power generating turbine shaft, a single-stage type RTABT wind turbine and a double-stage type were used, the double-stage type being a series connection of a first-stage RTABT (for blowout and suction) and second-stage TABT (for blowout only). Both single-type and double-type rotated in the same direction irrespective of the direction of air flow. The output of the double type was obtained by adding up the values obtained from the individual turbines. The double type was two to three times higher in efficiency than the single type in turbine revolution and power output. 2 refs., 13 figs.

  6. FY 1997 report on the study on the formation condition of hetero-structure of single-crystalline semiconductor thin films; 1997 nendo chosa hokokusho (tankessho no handotai usumaku hetero kozo no keisei joken ni kansuru kenkyu)



    Since ion implantation causes material degradation by formation of crystalline defects, and hydrogen embrittlement deteriorates material strength, reduction of such defects has been positively studied. Study was made on a new active application of hydrogen separation into ion implantation defects. After H ion implantation of a proper depth into single-crystalline Si and SiC and successive annealing, single-crystalline films of sub-micron to several micron thick were obtained by hydrogen-induced delamination at the implantation depth due to hydrogen embrittlement in crystalline defects. The implantation depth is dependent on implantation energy. H atom forms (111) face defect through connection with dangling bond of crystalline defects. This crystal face defect forms a delamination plane through (100) face cleavage. This hydrogen embrittlement delamination by ion implantation is applicable to production of light-weight high-efficiency single-crystalline Si solar cells, and large single-crystalline SiC wafers as new resource saving process. 33 refs., 19 figs., 2 tabs.

  7. FY1995 study of standardization of biocompatibility test for development of continuous flow artificial heart; 1995 nendo renzokuryugata jinko shinzo kaihatsu to seitai tekigosei shiken hyojunka ni kansuru kenkyu



    For the development of continuous flow artificial heart, the purposes of this study are confirmation of species difference in hemolysis, development of LASER photometry for hemolysis and thrombogenesis, immunological investigation of platelet function during nonpulsatile pumping and development of adequate microcapsule system for the simulation of hemolysis. The relative liabilities of red blood cells of 3 kinds of animals to the same shear stress are; human; 1.0, ovine; 1.75, bovine; 0.22.For comparison of pump systems, therefore, the species difference in hemolysis should be considered. Laser light intensity gradually increased with hemolysis during nonpulsatile perfusion. On the other hand, the intensity abruptly decreased on thrombus formation. From these findings, it becomes possible to monitor processes of hemolysis and thrombogenesis dynamically and non-invasively. As the laser photometry is able to be utilized not only for in vitro study but also for in vivo study, it becomes efficient monitoring system. Immunological examination of platelet function revealed that GMP-140 and MP are the most sensitive parameters to detect the interaction between platelets and nonpulsatile blood pump. The development of microcapsule system for simulation of hemolysis study is still in progress. By application of the results of these studies, it also becomes possible to conduct more efficient and reliable research for the development of continuous flow artificial heart. (NEDO)

  8. FY 1996 Report on the research and development project for interdisciplinary area. Part.2. Research on bionic designs; 1996 nendo yugo ryoiki kenkyu kaihatsu. 2. Bionic design ni kansuru kenkyu



    The objects of this project are to elucidate the self-organization mechanisms of a living body, e.g., functional adaptation to environments and self-restoration, to utilize the molecular interactions in a living body, and thereby to establish the basic technologies for developing molecular motor functions, e.g., artificial organs. Described herein are the FY 1996 results. For creation of living soft tissues, N-ePTFE and Gf are found to be good base materials for cell growth in the serum-free culture, and may be applicable to bio-reactors. Sugar-bound high-molecular-weight compounds and artificial hyaloid body are created. For hard tissue materials, e.g., artificial articulation, the macrophage is activated by englobing worn debris of polyethylene, to activate the broken bone cells that absorb the bone, causing the artificial articulation to become loose. For researches on molecular motor mechanisms, it is considered that myosin changes the head morphology to give a driving force to the muscle, and this concept is studied in detail. The photosynthesizing protein is a molecule related to light and electricity, and is useful as the material to apply the living functions to industrial technologies. The technologies for assembling molecules are studied by utilizing the self-organization functions of living molecules. Development of other molecular machines is also attempted. (NEDO)

  9. Fiscal 2000 survey report. Research on bone-forming dental material capable of reducing plaque adhesion; 2000 nendo shiko fuchaku boshigata hone keisei shika zairyo ni kansuru chosa kenkyu hokokusho



    Research and development efforts are exerted to produce advanced dental materials equipped with such functions as plaque reduction, bactericidal effect, and early formation of hydroxyapatite (HAP). In the study of fluorine ion implantation for plaque reduction, it is found that in a specimen implanted with fluorine ions the adhesion of carius streptococci is reduced to 1/3-1/10 for the achievement of remarkable improvement. In particular, carious streptococcus multiplication is suppressed when the metal shield layer is replaced with a titanium mesh. For the realization of a thin film formation method for osteoblast multiplication through reforming the material surface in the study of bone-forming dental materials, film formation conditions under which a P/Ca rate which is quite near that of ameloblast are achieved by use of a high frequency magnetron sputtering device. A titanium plate coated with a thus-formed film is annealed for a great increase in its wet contact angle, and then adhesion of bacteria is reduced and an osteoblast multiplication rate is increased by 20% or more, as compared with the case of no treatment in a petri dish. (NEDO)

  10. Study of coherent optical fiber communication in electromagnetic field. 1. Fundamental experiment in magnetic field; Coherent hikari tsushin eno denjikai no eikyo to taisaku. 1. Jikai no eikyo ni kansuru kiso jikken

    Kurono, M.; Isawa, K.; Kuribara, M. [Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Tokyo (Japan)


    Coherent optical fiber communication is an effective method to increase transmission capacity of the existing transmission route. However, it is necessary for this method to control the polarization state of optical signals. Composite fiber optic ground wire (OPGW) is a transmission route that is peculiar to electric power. It is considered that the optical polarization state through OPGW may fluctuate considerably due to the magnetic field generated by electric current. In this paper, it is predicted theoretically that the polarization fluctuation occurs due to the Faraday effect because the magnetic field is formed in the axial direction of the fiber by the spiral flow of electric current along the twisted strand around the fiber. In order to study the effects on the axial magnetic field, carried out is an experiment to add the axial magnetic field to the 10km drum-winding optical core wire through the toroidal coil. Both polarization rotation angle and ellipticity angle are changed up to 1.4 rad by the coil current of 10A. In the AC magnetic field, the bit error rate increases to 10{sup -2}, but it can be improved by the polarization diversity detector. 24 refs., 26 figs., 6 tabs.

  11. Experimental study of lightning protection effects to a overhead ground wire by a lightning rod and projection rods; Yuraishin oyobi dosshi wo mochiita kakuchisen no raigai boshi ni kansuru jikkenteki kento

    Katsuragi, Y. [Chubu Electric Power Co. Inc., Nagoya (Japan); Aihara, Y. [Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Tokyo (Japan)


    The overhead ground wire is generally used on transmission lines as one of the lightning protection devices for the power conductors. In recent years, the ground wire with an optical fiber cable in it (OPGW) has been employed on the transmission systems. The strands of the ground wire are, however, frequently melted down because of lightning strokes to them not only in summer but also in winter. For this reason, it is necessary to devise the new lightning protection method for the ground wire. As the protection method, lightning rods installed on the transmission tower arms and projection rods wound around a ground wire are proposed by authors. Lightning protection effects of these methods are shown by model experiments which simulate summer and winter lightning strokes. It has been made clear that these methods are useful as one of the lightning protection methods for transmission lines, and application conditions of them for practical use are also shown. 4 refs., 12 figs., 2 tabs.

  12. Effect of operating methods of wind turbine-generator system on net power extraction under wind speed fluctuations in fields; Hendo fukyoka deno doryoku chushutsu kara mita furyoku hatsuden system no unten seigyoho ni kansuru kosatsu

    Wakui, T. [Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Tokyo (Japan); Hashizume, T.; Ota, E. [Waseda University, Tokyo (Japan). School of Science and Engineering


    The effect of operating methods of wind turbine-generator system on net power extraction under wind speed fluctuations is discussed in relation to the dynamic behavior of the system. The system is composed of a Darrieus-Savonius hybrid wind turbine and a load generator. In this paper, two types of operating method are examined; constant tip speed ratio operation for stand-alone power systems (Scheme 1) and synchronous operation for utility power systems (Scheme 2). The computed results of the net extracting power using our dynamic simulation model show that the dominant factor of power extraction in Scheme 1 is the dynamic characteristics of rotational components and that it is important to select the appropriate rated wind speed in Scheme 2. Thus, it is concluded that a conformable operating method and rated power output of the system exist for each wind condition. In particular, small-scale systems, which are smaller than approximately 10 kW-system range, are desirable to be operated under a constant tip speed ratio as stand-alone power systems. (author)

  13. FY 1998 annual report on the survey on development, introduction and promotion of urban type multipurpose geothermal utilization techniques; 1998 nendo toshigata tamokuteki chinetsu riyo gijutsu no kaihatsu, donyu, sokushin ni kansuru chosa hokokusho



    Introduction of geothermal heat pump systems, which depend on temperature differential, is investigated for urban areas, which have large energy demands. Results of the surveys on the current situations of geothermal heat pump (GHP) systems indicate that they have already numbered 300,000 units in USA and totaled more than 50,000 units in Switzerland and Northern European countries, and that they are increasing at an annual rate of higher than 10%. The results also indicate that introduction of these systems are well feasible in Japan, which generally has better topographical conditions than American and European countries, and the GHP system with vertical ground heat exchanger is investigated for its topographical and environmental considerations. These systems could annually abate approximately 52 million tons of CO2 (4.3% decrease), if disseminated to all households. They are also expected to help control the heat island phenomenon, and reduce peak power consumption. The technological problems to be solved before these systems are massively disseminated including development of small scale drilling rigs and preparation of drilling manuals. System standardization and introduction of subsidy systems are also needed to massively disseminate these systems. (NEDO)

  14. Development of technology for thin substrate polycrystalline solar cells for practical use. Survey on analysis for practical use; Usugata takessho taiyo denchi seizo gijutsu no jitsuyoka kenkyu. Jitsuyoka kaiseki ni kansuru chosa kenkyu

    Tatsuta, M. [New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, Tokyo (Japan)


    This paper reports the survey results on the manufacturing technology trend of thin substrate solar cells for practical use in fiscal 1994. In production of Si raw material, as electron beam melting and ingot production are combined, C, P, Ca and Al are removed by evaporation, while Fe and Ti by solidifying segregation. As the basic technology of continuous casting for substrate production, a drop coagulation method for Si melt is under investigation which is more advantageous in unidirectional solidification and cell conversion efficiency than conventional methods. The cost and future of single crystal Si and polycrystal Si were compared on the basis of document survey. Every institute commonly uses FZ substrates to produce single crystal Si cells, and SiO2 for surface passivation. New cell structure, hetero-structure, thin cell, crystalline defect and lifetime are under investigation for ultrahigh-efficiency solar cells. The technology trend was also surveyed through academic societies and conferences. 5 tabs.

  15. Research and development of photovoltaic power system. Study on structural defects in silicon-based amorphous materials; Taiyoko hatsuden system no kenkyu kaihatsu. Amorphous silicon kei zairyo no kozo kekkan ni kansuru kenkyu

    Shimizu, T. [Kanazawa University, Ishikawa (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    Described herein are the results of the FY1994 research program for structural defects of silicon-based amorphous materials for solar cells. The study on light generation defects of the a-Si:H system and rejuvenation process by annealing establishes the effects of light irradiation time on changed neutral dangling bond density as a result of light irradiation at varying temperature of 77K, room temperature and 393K. The study on annealing to rejuvenate light generation defects of various types of a-Si-H systems establishes the activation energy distribution with respect to annealing to remove light-induced defects, showing that hydrogen affects the distribution of light-induced defects. The study on decaying process of light-induced ESR for undoped and N-doped a-Si:H systems observes the decaying process of light-induced ESR, after light is cut off, extending for a period of several seconds to several hours at 77K for the a-Si-H systems containing N in a range from 0 to 12at%. The other results presented are space distribution of neutral defects of light-irradiated a-Si-H systems, and rejuvenation process of light-induced spin for the a-Si(1-x)N(x):H composition. 6 figs.

  16. Research and development of system to utilize photovoltaic energy. Survey on system and peripheral technologies for utilization of photovoltaic power; Taiyoko hatsuden riyo system no kenkyu kaihatsu. Riyo system ni kansuru chosa kenkyu

    Tatsuta, M. [New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, Tokyo (Japan)


    This paper reports the survey results on systems and peripheral technologies for use of PV power in fiscal 1994. On the case study of PV communities, as housing zone PV community, Seibu Kitanodai housing estate mainly composed of detached houses, and the Suwa area of Tama New Town of apartment houses were selected to study PV power generation on a roof, wall and window. The result clarified that generated energy of a detached house reaches 3-4 times as much as consumed one, that of an apartment house is nearly equal to consumed one, and power generation of nearly 380MW is possible based on expected housing supply until 2000. As urban core zone PV community, the survey result on Ebisu Garden Place clarified that the expected PV power supply rate is 10% or more, 20% and 30% or more for hotel and office buildings, high-rise apartment building more than 30 stories, and medium-rise one of 10 and several stories, respectively. In Sakura industrial estate, the maximum generated power was nearly equal to consumed power in a weekday, and as inverse power flow in a holiday was considered, the annual PV power supply rate was extremely high.

  17. Research on fabrication technology for thin film solar cells for practical use. Survey on the commercialization analysis; Usumaku taiyo denchi seizo gijutsu no jitsuyoka kenkyu. Jitsuyoka kaiseki ni kansuru chosa kenkyu

    Tatsuta, M. [New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, Tokyo (Japan)


    This paper reports the survey results on the technological trend, safety and latest technologies of thin film solar cells in fiscal 1994. As the fabrication technology for amorphous film solar cells, three-electrode plasma CVD was surveyed as fabrication method for high-mobility materials, and hydrogen radical CVD as fabrication method for high-photostable films. Current foreign and domestic reliability tests were surveyed for reliability evaluation of solar cells. In order to ascertain the performance, efficiency, physical properties and optimum structure of polycrystalline Si thin film solar cells, previously reported test results on physical properties such as carrier concentration, carrier lifetime and mobility of films were surveyed together with device simulation results. In addition, technologies for high-efficiency CuInSe2 system and CdTe system solar cells, technologies for cost reduction and mass production, and environmental influence were surveyed. Estimation of production costs for cell modules, and safety of thin film solar cells were also surveyed.

  18. Electroplated Ni on the PN Junction Semiconductor

    Kim, Jin Joo; Uhm, Young Rang; Son, Kwang Jae; Kim, Jong Bum; Choi, Sang Moo; Park, Jong Han; Hong, Jintae [Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Daejeon (Korea, Republic of)


    Nickel (Ni) electroplating was implemented by using a metal Ni powder in order to establish a Ni-63 plating condition on the PN junction semiconductor needed for production of betavoltaic battery. PN junction semiconductors with a Ni seed layer of 500 and 1000 A were coated with Ni at current density from 10 to 50 mA cm{sup 2}. The surface roughness and average grain size of Ni deposits were investigated by XRD and SEM techniques. The roughness of Ni deposit was increased as the current density was increased, and decreased as the thickness of Ni seed layer was increased.

  19. Enhanced collectivity in 74Ni

    Aoi, N; Takeuchi, S; Suzuki, H; Bazin, D; Bowen, M D; Campbell, C M; Cook, J M; Dinca, D -C; Gade, A; Glasmacher, T; Iwasaki, H; Kubo, T; Kurita, K; Motobayashi, T; Mueller, W F; Nakamura, T; Sakurai, H; Takashina, M; Terry, J R; Yoneda, K; Zwahlen, H


    The neutron-rich nucleus 74Ni was studied with inverse-kinematics inelastic proton scattering using a 74Ni radioactive beam incident on a liquid hydrogen targetat a center-of-mass energy of 80 MeV. From the measured de-excitation gamma-rays, the population of the first 2+ state was quantified. The angle-integrated excitation cross section was determined to be 14(4) mb. A deformation length of delta = 1.04(16) fm was extracted in comparison with distorted wave theory, which suggests that the enhancement of collectivity established for 70Ni continues up to 74Ni. A comparison with results of shell model and quasi-particle random phase approximation calculations indicates that the magic character of Z = 28 or N = 50 is weakened in 74Ni.

  20. Enhanced collectivity in 74Ni

    Aoi, N.; Kanno, S.; Takeuchi, S.; Suzuki, H.; Bazin, D.; Bowen, M. D.; Campbell, C. M.; Cook, J. M.; Dinca, D.-C.; Gade, A.; Glasmacher, T.; Iwasaki, H.; Kubo, T.; Kurita, K.; Motobayashi, T.; Mueller, W. F.; Nakamura, T.; Sakurai, H.; Takashina, M.; Terry, J. R.; Yoneda, K.; Zwahlen, H.


    The neutron-rich nucleus 74Ni was studied with inverse-kinematics inelastic proton scattering using a 74Ni radioactive beam incident on a liquid hydrogen target at a center-of-mass energy of 80 MeV. From the measured de-excitation γ rays, the population of the first 2+ state was quantified. The angle-integrated excitation cross section was determined to be 14(4) mb. A deformation length of δ=1.04(16) fm was extracted in comparison with distorted wave theory, which suggests that the enhancement of collectivity established for 70Ni continues up to 74Ni. A comparison with results of shell model and quasi-particle random phase approximation calculations indicates that the magic character of Z=28 or N=50 is weakened in 74Ni.

  1. Nitriding behavior of Ni and Ni-based binary alloys

    Fonovic, Matej


    Gaseous nitriding is a prominent thermochemical surface treatment process which can improve various properties of metallic materials such as mechanical, tribological and/or corrosion properties. This process is predominantly performed by applying NH{sub 3}+H{sub 2} containing gas atmospheres serving as the nitrogen donating medium at temperatures between 673 K and 873 K (400 C and 600 C). NH{sub 3} decomposes at the surface of the metallic specimen and nitrogen diffuses into the surface adjacent region of the specimen whereas hydrogen remains in the gas atmosphere. One of the most important parameters characterizing a gaseous nitriding process is the so-called nitriding potential (r{sub N}) which determines the chemical potential of nitrogen provided by the gas phase. The nitriding potential is defined as r{sub N} = p{sub NH{sub 3}}/p{sub H{sub 2}{sup 3/2}} where p{sub NH{sub 3}} and p{sub H{sub 2}} are the partial pressures of the NH{sub 3} and H{sub 2} in the nitriding atmosphere. In contrast with nitriding of α-Fe where the nitriding potential is usually in the range between 0.01 and 1 atm{sup -1/2}, nitriding of Ni and Ni-based alloys requires employing nitriding potentials higher than 100 atm{sup -1/2} and even up to ∞ (nitriding in pure NH{sub 3} atmosphere). This behavior is compatible with decreased thermodynamic stability of the 3d-metal nitrides with increasing atomic number. Depending on the nitriding conditions (temperature, nitriding potential and treatment time), different phases are formed at the surface of the Ni-based alloys. By applying very high nitriding potential, formation of hexagonal Ni{sub 3}N at the surface of the specimen (known as external nitriding) leads to the development of a compound layer, which may improve tribological properties. Underneath the Ni{sub 3}N compound layer, two possibilities exist: (i) alloying element precipitation within the nitrided zone (known as internal nitriding) and/or (ii) development of metastable and

  2. Measurement of {sup 59}Ni and {sup 63}Ni by accelerator mass spectrometry at CIAE

    Wang, Xiaoming [China Institute of Atomic Energy, P.O. Box 275(50), Beijing 102413 (China); He, Ming, E-mail: [China Institute of Atomic Energy, P.O. Box 275(50), Beijing 102413 (China); Ruan, Xiangdong [College of Physics and Technology, Guangxi University, Nanning 530004 (China); Xu, Yongning [China Institute of Atomic Energy, P.O. Box 275(50), Beijing 102413 (China); Shen, Hongtao [College of Physics and Technology, Guangxi Normal University, Guilin 541004 (China); Du, Liang; Xiao, Caijin; Dong, Kejun; Jiang, Shan; Yang, Xuran [China Institute of Atomic Energy, P.O. Box 275(50), Beijing 102413 (China); Lan, Xiaoxi [College of Physics and Technology, Guangxi University, Nanning 530004 (China); Wu, Shaoyong; Zhao, Qingzhang [China Institute of Atomic Energy, P.O. Box 275(50), Beijing 102413 (China); Cai, Li [College of Physics and Technology, Guangxi University, Nanning 530004 (China); Pang, Fangfang [College of Physics and Technology, Guangxi Normal University, Guilin 541004 (China)


    The long lived isotopes {sup 59}Ni and {sup 63}Ni can be used in many areas such as radioactive waste management, neutron dosimetry, cosmic radiation study, and so on. Based on the large accelerator and a big Q3D magnetic spectrometer, the measurement method for {sup 59}Ni and {sup 63}Ni is under development at the AMS facility at China Institute of Atomic Energy (CIAE). By using the ΔE-Q3D technique with the Q3D magnetic spectrometer, the isobaric interferences were greatly reduced in the measurements of {sup 59}Ni and {sup 63}Ni. A four anode gas ionization chamber was then used to further identify isobars. With these techniques, the abundance sensitivities of {sup 59}Ni and {sup 63}Ni measurements are determined as {sup 59}Ni/Ni = 1 × 10{sup −13} and {sup 63}Ni/Ni = 2 × 10{sup −12}, respectively.

  3. Magnetic property and interface structure of Ta/NiO/NiFe/Ta


    Ta/NiO/NiFe/Ta multilayers, utilizing Ta as buffer layer, were prepared by rf reactive and dc magnetron sputtering. The exchange coupling field between NiO and NiFe reached a maximum value of 9.6×103 A/m at a NiO film thickness of 50 nm. The composition and chemical states at interface region of Ta/NiO/Ta were studied by using the X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and peak decomp- osition technique. The results show that there is an "inter- mixing layer" at the Ta/NiO (and NiO/Ta) interface due to a thermodynamically favorable reaction 2Ta + 5NiO = 5Ni + Ta2O5. This interface reaction has a great effect on exchange coupling. The thickness of Ni+NiO estimated by XPS depth- profiles is about 8-10 nm.

  4. Interface chemical states of NiO/NiFe films and their effects on magnetic properties

    于广华; 柴春林; 朱逢吾; 赖武彦


    Ta/NiOx/Ni81Fe19/Ta multilayers were prepared by rf reactive and dc magnetron sputtering.The exchange coupling field (Hex) and the coercivity (Hc) of NiOx/Ni81Fe19 as a function of the ratio of Ar to O2 during the deposition process were studied.The composition and chemical states at the interface region of NiOx/NiFe were also investigated using the X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and peak decomposition technique.The results show that the ratio of Ar to O2 has great effect on the nickel chemical states in NiOx film.When the ratio of Ar to O2 is equal to 7 and the argon sputtering pressure is 0.57 Pa,the x value is approximately 1 and the valence of nickel is +2.At this point,NiOx is antiferromagnetic NiO and the corresponding Hex is the largest.As the ratio of Ar/O2 deviates from 7,the exchange coupling field (Hex) will decrease due to the presence of magnetic impurities such as Ni+3 or metallic Ni at the interface region of NiOx/NiFe,while the coercivity (Hc) will increase due to the metallic Ni.XPS studies also show that there are two thermodynamically favorable reactions at the NiO/NiFe interface: NiO+Fe=Ni+FeO and 3NiO+2Fe=3Ni+Fe2O3.These interface reaction products are magnetic impurities at the interface region of NiO/NiFe.It is believed that these magnetic impurities would have effect on the exchange coupling field (Hex) and the coercivity (Hc) of NiO/NiFe.

  5. Study on the large-scale photovoltaic (PV) power generation in desert of China and its utilization. Development of energy and agriculture in solar farm; Chugoku ni okeru ogata taiyoko hatsuden to sono riyo ni kansuru kenkyu. Solar farm ni yoru energy to nogyo kaihatsu

    Nishioka, S.; Ohashi, Y.; Ito, H. [Tokyu Construction Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan); Ojima, S. [Maeda Corp., Tokyo (Japan)


    This paper proposes solar farm, a system suitable for China`s present circumstances, and describes its development plan. In this plan, agriculture and stock farming are promoted through irrigation using PV power in the desert zone, middle-east China. In addition, electric power is produced by laying PV power generation modules. The solar farm has 100 blocks of farmland equivalent to 700 ha, which includes 300 farmhouses (population of 1200). It can be a food supply base producing rice and wheat. The power generation capacity is at least 1000 kW, and the night power is supplied by battery installed in each farmhouse. The power generated in the daytime is used not only for agriculture but also for secondary industry such as processing of agricultural and stock farming products. The Chinese government requires 300,000 ha of farmland development every year up to 2030, the peak of population. When a half of this is developed by the solar farm, 200 solar farms are to be developed every year. For 30 years, 6000 solar farms are to be developed. 5 refs., 1 fig., 1 tab.

  6. Study on behavior of car and driver in the very small commuter car made of FRP during collision using scale model. Under the consideration of thorax deformation of driver using airbag; FRP sei mokei ni yoru FRP sei chokeiryo jissha shototsuji no kuruma to join no anzensei ni kansuru kenkyu. Kyobu henkei tokusei wo yusuru join ni taisuru air gab no koka

    Sakai, H.; Morisawa, M.; Yoshino, T. [Musashi Institute of Technology, Tokyo (Japan); Sato, T. [Keio University, Tokyo (Japan); Ishizuki, H. [Satake Co., Tokyo (Japan)


    In this study, after having performed simulation which took up scale models substituting for full scale model of commuter car made of FRP, we carried out collision tests to barrier. Here, we made enquiries about the occupant safety by changing the collision speed and the deformation characteristics of the seat belt, during head-on barrier collision using one-fifth scale models. We sought for the occupant`s safe combinations among the deformation characteristics of airbag and the thorax deformation. In this case, the degree of the occupants injury were estimated using HIC values, 3msecG and maximum deformation of the thorax. 7 refs., 5 figs.

  7. It participates in 'international workshop on the concrete technology for sustainable development in the twenty-first century'; '21 seiki ni okeru jizokuteki hatten no tameno konkurito gijutsu ni kansuru kokusai waku shoppu' ni sankashite

    Noguchi, Takafumi; Ishida, Tetsuya [The University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)


    International workshop on the concrete technology for sustainable development in the twenty-first century' was held in Norway. From the viewpoint of the durability by corrosion of steel, present state and problem and future direction to be aimed of design the Grorv professor mainly show system of the RC structure. Here, the construction of the estimable frame was emphasized in the life cycle including the maintenance repair. And, the lecture on concept of the performance evaluation die design system and concrete content of the integrated design was made from the Sakai professor as future flow of the design code of reinforced concrete structure in our country and world. (NEDO)

  8. FY 1999 report on the results of the introductory study on the global environmental industry technology. Investigational study on the environmental creation technology by the application of ecosystem information functions; 1999 nendo chikyu kankyo sangyo gijutsu ni kakawaru sendo kenkyu seika hokokusho. Seitaikei joho kino oyo ni yoru kankyo sozo gijutsu ni kansuru chosa kenkyu



    To know the state of environmental pollution before it clearly exists, an investigational study was made on the technology to measure environmental stress at high sensitivity, in wide range and at high speed using functions to respond chemical substances, etc. which living organisms have. The FY 1999 results were outlined. As to the application of ecosystem information functions, survey was conduced paying attention to the environmental stress response of each of the bacteria, algae, plants and animals, responses viewed from the manifestation of immunity antibodies which occurs inside living organisms and changes at genetic level, and responses of algae and plants in case of specifying environmental pollutants. In relation to the application of the biological amplification mechanism, survey was carried out on environmental stress signals sent from plants, selection of environmental stress index plants, detection of environmental pollutants using bacteria, high sensitivity detection using animal (nematode), etc. Concerning the standardization of the environmental measuring technology by the application of ecosystem information functions, survey was conducted on artificial molecular recognition sensor, antibody device sensor, biochips, system construction, etc. (NEDO)

  9. Study to take environmental symbiosis into consideration on housing construction. No.2. Experimental study on the thermal performance of K house in winter season; Kankyo kyosei ni hairyoshita sumai zukuri ni kansuru kenkyu. 2. Amagishi ni tatsu K tei no toki no onnetsu kankyo keisoku kekka

    Nishikawa, K.; Ishihara, O. [Kumamoto University, Kumamoto (Japan)


    For the construction of houses that effectively utilize natural energy and impose less load on environments, an example of house building respecting environmental symbiosis is described. Reported herein are a heating system and the measurements of thermal environment in winter. In winter, the floor is heated by warm water from solar heat collectors circulating in pipes buried in downstair underfloor RC foundation. For the verification of the heating effect, comparison was made between the heater-provided southeast (SE) room and heater-unprovided northeast (NE) room, both downstairs. Warm water circulated in the underfloor pipes only in the daytime, the pipe surface recording the maximum of 32{degree}C in the daytime and the minimum of 17{degree}C early in the morning. At midnight, the SE room was warmer than the NE room by 2{degree}C. The slab surface in the SE room recorded 28{degree}C at the maximum and 17{degree}C at the minimum, but the temperature remained constant at 10{degree}C in the NE room. The rubble temperature was 17.5-20{degree}C in the SE room and approximately 11{degree}C in the NE room. It was noted that the SE room floor slab was capable of heat accumulation. The resident is a devotee of environmental symbiosis with mindset for enhancing natural energy utilization, burning an oil heater and a fireplace but intermittently. 1 ref., 12 figs., 1 tab.

  10. Enhancement of condensation heat transfer using an electric field. 2nd Report. Model analysis on heat transfer enhancement using a bare wire electrode; Denba ni yoru gyoshuku netsu dentatsu no sokushin ni kansuru kenkyu. 2. Rasen denkyoku ni okeru dennetsu sokushin no model kaiseki

    Chu, R. [Gifu University, Gifu (Japan). Faculty of Engineering; Nishio, S. [The University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan). Institute of Industrial Science; Tanasawa, I. [Nihon University, Tokyo (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    A model experiment was conducted to investigate the dynamic behavior of a liquid sheet under an electric field applied parallel to the flow direction. It was confirmed that the liquid sheet was changed into columns when the applied voltage exceeded a certain critical value. Then a model analysis based on a linear stability theory was carried out to predict the critical applied voltage and it was shown that the analytical results were in good agreement with the measured values. Further, based on the above-mentioned model describing the dynamic behavior of the liquid sheet, an analytical model predicting the EHD effect on condensation heat transfer for a finned tube was presented. It was shown that the predicted results were in good agreement with the experimental data on the flooding angle and condensation heat transfer coefficient for a finned tube under electric fields. (author)

  11. Studies on power augmentation of horizontal axis wind turbine with variable speed control. 2nd Report. Determination of optimum slip due to second-power torque control; Kahensoku unten ni yoru field suiheijiku fusha no koseinoka ni kansuru kenkyu. 2. Jijo torque seigyo ni yoru saiteki suberi no kettei

    Shimizu, Y.; Takada, M.; Maeda, T. [Mie University, Mie (Japan). Faculty of Engineering; Kamikawa, H.; Marumo, T. [Mie University, Mie (Japan)


    An inverter-assisted variable speed power generation system is subjected to a field test and the optimum slip for optimum operation against changing wind velocities is determined. The system is a horizontal-axis wind turbine of the up-wind type provided with three variable-pitch blades. The rotor is 8.2m in diameter, the rotation axis is positioned 12.7m above the ground, and the output is rated at 8kW. The rotation of the rotor is multiplied nine times by a step-up gear using a timing belt, and drives the 8-pole/3-phase squirrel-cage 8kW induction generator whose rotation is rated at 900rpm. The generated AC power is converted into DC by transistors before being charged into storage batteries. In the experiment, power is generated at variable speeds using the inverter and four types of second-power torque control are tested, different from each other in the magnitude of slips. After an overall evaluation of the amount of generated power and system efficiency, it is found that a slip of -2.0% is the optimum for the control of power generation in this type of wind turbine. 1 ref., 8 figs.

  12. Study on rapid curing for laminated rubber using induction heating. 3rd Report. Uniform heating by ultra low frequency magnetic field; Yudo kanetsu ni yoru sekiso gomu no kosoku karyu ni kansuru kenkyu. 3. Choteishuha jiba ni yoru kin'itsu kanetsu

    Fukumoto, H.; Kurokawa, Y.; Sakiyuama, K.; Adachi, S. [Kobe Steel Ltd., Kobe (Japan)


    The authors are doing research to develop a rapid curing device by using inductive heating for the production of a laminated rubber bearing. In the previous paper, it was shown that three problems exist; i.e. (i) the slit mold necessary, (1) lower uniform temperature in the radial direction, and (3) necessary temperature control by the internal location temperature, when the e frequency (60 Hz) induction heating was used to vulcanize a laminated rubber. This paper demonstrates that ultra low frequency heating is adequate to cope with the above problems. It will be shown that (i) the mold is not necessary a slit, (2) the radial temperature difference is within {+-}5 degree C, and (3) the internal temperature can be controlled by the side mold temperature, as the result of ultra low frequency induction heating test. (author)

  13. Report on investigations and studies on possibility of developing an environment friendly washing technique and its effect on industrial activities in fiscal 1994; 1994 nendo kankyo ni yasashii sentaku gijutsu no kaihatsu kanosei to sangyo katsudo ni ataeru eikyo ni kansuru chosa kenkyu hokokusho



    Discussions were given on detergents, washing agents and a possibility of a washing technique that impose less loads on the environment. Compacted granular detergent is the mainstream in detergents for clothing. The detergent has a reduced volume, but contains more normal chain alkylbenzen sulfonate (LAS) as a surfactant than the conventional detergents. The current annual consumption of synthetic detergents reaches about one million tons, and soaps about 200,000 tons. Overpopulation and depopulation have become extreme depending on areas, whereas urban areas consume detergents five to ten times the national average. The number of corporations in the soap and detergent industries who take environmental effects of detergents seriously and are trying to develop environment friendly detergents is increasing in recent years. Most of these detergents use natural plants as their main material, using no synthetic surfactants or additives. Bearing the cost for environmental loads and considerations on environment preservation may be adequately incorporated if individuals and corporations make economically reasonable decisions. 7 refs., 32 figs., 18 tabs.

  14. Effective cleaning of oil-protected bearing steel examined by XPS analysis. Part 2. Low pollution cleaning (Cleaning by synthetic detergent and weak-alkaline detergent); Jikuukeko ni fuchakushita boseiyu no senjo ni kansuru kenkyu. 2. Teikogai senjoho (Chusei senzai oyobi jaku alkaline senzai ni yoru senjo)

    Nishimura, M. [National Aerospace Laboratory, Tokyo (Japan); Minami, M. [NTT Corp., Tokyo (Japan); Matsui, A. [Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    An effective cleaning procedure for ball bearings was investigated which has a low possibility for environmental pollution. Specimens of bearing steel protected by an anti-rust oil containing barium sulfonate and zinc sulfonate were tested. For detergents, combination of ethanol and a commercially-available synthetic detergent was used, which was considered lower pollutive among organic detergents. Instead of synthetic detergents, a weak alkaline detergent containing a potassium fatty acid (27 % solution), much lower pollutive, was used also for the tests. An X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) analysis was performed to evaluate their effectiveness. Results showed that a synthetic detergent ultrasonic cleaning followed by an ethanol completely cleaned a mirror-finished surface, whereas not a turned one (R{sub max}: 20 micron m). It was additionally determined that the potassium fatty acid solution exhibited superior cleaning capability when compared to organic solvents including trichloroethylene, although being inferior to the alkaline detergents. 5 refs., 7 figs., 3 tabs.

  15. Technology to prevent deposition of marine organisms by means of electrically conductive coating. Discussions on current and potential distribution by using experiments; Doden tomaku ni yoru kaiyo seibutsu fuchaku boshi gijutsu. Denryu den`i bunpu ni kansuru jikken ni yoru kento

    Usami, M.; Masaki, T. [Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Tokyo (Japan); Ueda, K.


    Steel structures in sea water and surface of hulls are deposited with such marine organisms as microorganisms, algae and shellfish. The deposition causes a large problem such as occurrence of abnormal local corrosion in the structures, and increase in cruising resistance in ocean vessels. The present study has introduced a simplified equation of estimation for current and potential distribution in parts coated with an electrically conductive film, and verified its reasonability by an experiment. The equation of estimation was introduced by following a model of current flow in the electrically conductive coating. The experiment has the conductive coating applied to the interior of a concrete water tank with a length of 10.8 m, a width of 5 m and a depth of 3 m to measure potential at different locations. The conductive coating was energized from copper foils attached on each applied face, whereas the current was applied to two faces between the conductive films as a pair among the four coating applied faces to measure potential in each location. A simulated calculation revealed that the potential range in the depth direction is made smaller if specific resistance of the conductive film is decreased, and made greater if increased. Effectiveness of the equation of estimation was verified by an experiment. This method has provided a prospect of achieving optimization of the specification for application of the conductive film. 2 refs., 7 figs.

  16. Research on possible roles of grass-roots organizations in solving population and poverty problems in primate cities. Case of DKI Jakarta; Shuzatoshi ni okeru jinkomondai, hinkonmondai no kaiketsu ni muketeno gurasu{center_dot}rutsu no kanosei ni kansuru kenkyu. Jakaruta wo jirei toshite

    Yoshihara, Naoki [Tohoku University, Miyagi (Japan). Faculty of Arts and Letters


    DKI Jakarta, one of the primate cities in developing countries, is now facing rapidly worsening problems, such as over-urbanization, deepening of polarization in societies, spreading of urban poor, and economic catastrophe. In accordance to these problems, grass-roots organizations which contains RT/RW, Arisan, PKK, Posyandu and so on, have been gaining more and more functions as mediator between the people and the government, as representative mechanism for the consciousness of the people, and also as supplementary support body for the overall administrative organ of the government, while they do now exist as a certain system of solution which mobilizes various voluntary resources. And they are in part mirrors which reflect the present condition of life-worlds in Southeast Asian societies. (author)

  17. Study on the large-scale photovoltaic (PV) power generation in desert of China and its utilization. Development of energy and agriculture in solar farm; Chugoku ni okeru ogata taiyoko hatsuden to sono riyo ni kansuru kenkyu. Solar farm ni yoru energy to nogyo kaihatsu

    Nishioka, S.; Ohashi, Y.; Ito, H. [Tokyu Construction Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan); Ojima, S. [Maeda Corp., Tokyo (Japan)


    This paper proposes solar farm, a system suitable for China`s present circumstances, and describes its development plan. In this plan, agriculture and stock farming are promoted through irrigation using PV power in the desert zone, middle-east China. In addition, electric power is produced by laying PV power generation modules. The solar farm has 100 blocks of farmland equivalent to 700 ha, which includes 300 farmhouses (population of 1200). It can be a food supply base producing rice and wheat. The power generation capacity is at least 1000 kW, and the night power is supplied by battery installed in each farmhouse. The power generated in the daytime is used not only for agriculture but also for secondary industry such as processing of agricultural and stock farming products. The Chinese government requires 300,000 ha of farmland development every year up to 2030, the peak of population. When a half of this is developed by the solar farm, 200 solar farms are to be developed every year. For 30 years, 6000 solar farms are to be developed. 5 refs., 1 fig., 1 tab.

  18. Fundamental study on the new method to estimate vibration level on a ship. Formulation of the damping matrix based on dissipation energy caused by fluid viscosity; Senpaku no shindo level suitei ni kansuru kisoteki kenkyu. Ryutai no nensei ni yoru san`itsu energy ni motozuku gensui matrix no teishikika

    Funaki, T.; Hayashi, S. [Osaka University, Osaka (Japan). Faculty of engineering


    It is known in estimating vibration characteristics of a ship that fluid range affects largely a structure. In order to analyze the compound vibration therein, a method was proposed, which estimates vibration levels without using the finite element method. However, the problem of mode decay ratio has not been solved. Therefore, this paper first describes a method to introduce an equivalent linear decay matrix. The paper then mentions difference in the decay effects due to fluid viscosity in a shallow and deep water regions. Furthermore, vibration levels in the deep water region were estimated in a model experiment to verify the estimation result. Under a hypothesis that two-node vibration in a rotating ellipse has displacement distributions in the deep and shallow water regions equivalent, and when a case of vibration in a layer flow condition is calculated, dissipation energy in the shallow region is larger than that in the deep region by about 26%. About 5% of the total dissipation energy is consumed at bottom of the sea. According to a frequency response calculation, estimated values for the response levels still differ from experimental values, although the trend that the vibration levels change can be reproduced. 6 refs., 15 figs., 2 tabs.

  19. Comparative analysis of thermal storage cooling and storage battery cooling using photovoltaic generation. Part 2. Research on architectural systematization of energy conversion devices; Taiyoko hatsuden ni yoru chikunetsu reibo to chikuden reibo ni tsuite. 2. Energy henkan no kenchiku system ka ni kansuru kenkyu

    Ito, N.; Kimura, G.; Fukao, S.; Shimizu, T.; Sunaga, N.; Tsunoda, M.; Muro, K.; Yamanaka, S. [Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo (Japan)


    For use in energy self-sufficient buildings, a system was studied capable of retaining for its own use the excess of power produced by a photovoltaic power generation system without releasing it to the commercial system. Summertime cooling was considered. The storage battery cooling system was provided with two solar cell systems and, in the daytime, one was used for cooling and the other for charging batteries for nighttime cooling. In the cold heat storage cooling system, cold heat accumulators (red bricks) were provided in the wall and floor, and under the floor, and the floor was a grating for proper ventilation between the room and underfloor space. With the solar cell-driven air conditioner out of operation, cold heat was fed to the room from the underfloor cold heat accumulators by a fan. In storage battery cooling, solar power covered 60% of what the air conditioner used. In the presence of sufficient power in storage, the air conditioner stayed on at night without buying commercial power, when the room temperature was 25{degree}C. In the cold heat accumulation cooling, 50% of the air conditioner power consumption was covered by solar power. It is recommended to install cold heat accumulators not in the room but in a separate space, such as the underfloor space, where they are exposed to the cooling cold air direct from an air conditioner for future retrieval of cold heat. 2 refs., 9 figs., 3 tabs.


    Baker, I; Schulson, E.; Michael, J.; Padgett, R.


    Measurements of the Ni/Al ratio at grain boundary regions in Ni3Al have been performed, using x-ray microanalysis of thin foils in a scanning transmission electron microscope, as a function of both alloy stoichiometry and the addition of boron. It is shown that whilst grain boundaries of Al-rich and stoichiometric Ni3Al have a composition similar to the matrix composition, boundaries in Ni-rich Ni3Al can be highly Ni-enriched. The addition of B to Ni3Al produces Ni enrichment in grain boundar...

  1. Thermodynamic reassessment of Gd–Ni system

    Rahou, Z., E-mail:; Mahdouk, K.


    By means of CALPHAD (CALculation of PHAse Diagrams) approach, the phase diagram and thermodynamic data of the Gd–Ni system were critically assessed. The Gd–Ni system contains four solution phases (liquid, face-centered cubic FCC-A1, body-centered cubic BCC-A2 and hexagonal close-packed HCP-A3) modeled with the Redlich-Kister polynomials and seven intermetallic compounds Gd{sub 3}Ni, GdNi, GdNi{sub 2}, GdNi{sub 3}, Gd{sub 2}Ni{sub 7}, GdNi{sub 5} and Gd{sub 2}Ni{sub 17}, which are all treated as stoichiometric compounds. A set of self-consistent thermodynamic parameters describing various phases in this binary system was obtained. The phase diagram and thermodynamic quantities calculated from assessed parameters agree well with experimental data.

  2. Electron Density Distributions for Millerite, Vaesite , Heazlewoodite and Ni metal: A Case for the Importance of NiNi Bond Paths for Electron Transport

    Ross, N. L.; Gibbs, G. V.; Downs, R. T.; Prewitt, C. T.; Rosso, K. M.; Cox, D. F.


    Bond paths and the bond critical point properties have been calculated for the bonded interactions comprising the Ni sulfide minerals millerite, vaesite and heazlewoodite and Ni metal. The experimental NiS bond lengths decrease linearly as the magnitudes of the properties each increases in value. Bond paths exist between the Ni atoms in heazlewoodite and millerite for NiNi separations that match the shortest separation in Ni metal, an indicator that the Ni atoms are bonded. Bond paths also exist between the Ni atoms in bulk Ni metal. In addition, the bcp properties of the bonded interactions in Ni metal are virtually the same as those in heazlewoodite and millerite. In contrast, NiNi bond paths are absent in vaesite where the NiNi separations are 60% greater than those in Ni metal. The bcp properties for the NiNi bonded interactions scatter along protractions of the NiS bond length-bcp property trends, suggesting that the two bonded interactions have similar characteristics. NiNi bond paths radiate throughout Ni metal and the metallic heazlewoodite structures as continuous networks whereas the NiNi paths in millerite are restricted to isolated Ni3 rings. Electron transport in Ni metal and heazlewoodite is pictured as occurring along the bond paths, which behave as networks of atomic size wires that radiate in a contiguous circuit throughout the two structures. Unlike heazlewoodite, the electron transport in millerite is pictured as involving a cooperative hopping of the d orbital electrons from the Ni3 rings comprising Ni3S9 clusters to Ni3 rings in adjacent clusters via the p orbitals on the interconnecting S atoms. Vaesite, an insulator at low temperatures and a doped semiconductor at higher temperatures, lacks NiNi bond paths.

  3. Submicron particles of Co, Ni and Co–Ni alloys

    P Saravanan; T A Jose; P John Thomas; G U Kulkarni


    Magnetic sub-micron sized particles (with diameters in the range 100–600 nm) of Co, Ni and Co–Ni alloys, protected with polyvinylpyrrolidone have been prepared in gram quantities using the polyol process. Experiments carried out with different metal precursors and starting compositions have yielded reliable routes to produce particles of the desired diameters in the 100–600 nm range. The particles were characterized with X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersive X-ray analysis, thermogravimetric analysis and magnetic measurements. The particles are found to be stable under ambient conditions indefinitely. The coercivity values of the Co and Ni particles are ∼ 50% higher compared to the corresponding bulk values. The alloy particles follow a trend similar to the bulk alloys.

  4. Ni putes ni soumises. Media and women with other gender?



    Full Text Available Since 2000, new women's movements emerge like Ni putes ni soumises (NPNS who give a new approach to activism: not the one on feminists in the classi- cal sense of the term with the connotations it carries, but women carrying claims in the media and through the media on the living conditions of the residents of the suburbs. So, many media will take part in the mediatization of NPNS and its dis-courses, and will serve in some way as a place of “factory” for the public opinion.

  5. Effects of plate thickness on reverse martensitic transformation of prestrained NiTi/NiTi alloy

    YAN Zhu; CUI Lishan; ZHENG Yanjun


    In this Paper, differential scanning calorimeter (DSC)was used to study the effects of predeformation and plate thickness on the reverse martensitic transformation of explosively welded NiTi/NiTi alloy.Results showed that there was a constraint between Ni50.4Ti(NiTi-1)and Ni49.8Ti (NiTi-2),which led to that the thickness of NiTi-1 or NiTi-2 strongly affected the reverse martensitic transformation behavior because residual stress variations in thickness wound enable bias force to be built inside the composite.The DSC measurements showed that after deformation,the reverse martensitic transformation temperature of the composite was increased with the increasing thickness of NiTi-2.Also.the XRD results revealed that the microstructure of NiTi/NiTi alloy changed from B2 phase to B19'phase along the thickness direction.

  6. Preparation and property of duplex Ni-B-TiO2/Ni nano-composite coatings

    Wang, Shu-Jen; Wang, Yuxin; Shu, Xin; Tay, Seeleng; Gao, Wei; Shakoor, R. A.; Kahraman, Ramazan


    The duplex Nickel-Boron-Titania/Nickel (Ni-B-TiO2/Ni) coatings were deposited on mild steel by using two baths with Ni as the inner layer. TiO2 nanoparticles were incorporated into the Ni-B coatings as the outer layer by using solid particle mixing method. The microstructure, morphology and corrosion resistance of the duplex Ni-B-TiO2/Ni nanocomposite coatings were systemically investigated. The results show that the duplex interface was uniform and the adhesion between two layers was very good. The microhardness of duplex Ni-B-TiO2/Ni coating was much higher than the Ni coating due to the outer layer of Ni-B-TiO2 coating. The corrosion resistance of the duplex Ni-B-TiO2/Ni coating was also significantly improved comparing with single Ni-B coating. The Ni-B-10 g/L TiO2/Ni coating was found to have the best corrosion resistance among these duplex coatings. This type of duplex Ni-B-TiO2/Ni coating, with high hardness and good corrosion resistance properties, should be able to find broad applications under adverse environmental conditions.

  7. The Ni-YSZ interface

    Jensen, Karin Vels

    The anode/electrolyte interface in solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) is known to cause electrical losses. Geometrically simple Ni/yttria-stabilised zirconia (YSZ) interfaces were examined to gain information on the structural and chemical changes occurring during experiments at 1000°C in an atmosphere...... content (99.8% Ni and 99.995% Ni) were used to examine the impact of impurities on the polarisation resistance and contact area morphology. The electropolished nickel wires were pressed against a polished 8 mol% YSZ surface. Extensive structural changes from a flat interface to a hill and valley structure...... between polarised and non-polarised samples. With pure nickel wires, however, the microstructures depended on the polarisation/non-polarisation conditions. At non-polarised conditions a hill and valley type structure was found. Anodic polarisation produced an up to 1 μm thick interface layer consisting...

  8. Thermal modeling of NiH2 batteries

    Ponthus, Agnes-Marie; Alexandre, Alain


    The following are discussed: NiH2 battery mission and environment; NiH2 cell heat dissipation; Nodal software; model development general philosophy; NiH2 battery model development; and NiH2 experimental developments.

  9. Comprehensive theoretical studies on the low-lying electronic states of NiF, NiCl, NiBr, and NiI.

    Zou, Wenli; Liu, Wenjian


    The low-lying electronic states of the nickel monohalides, i.e., NiF, NiCl, NiBr, and NiI, are investigated by using multireference second-order perturbation theory with relativistic effects taken into account. For the energetically lowest 11 lambda-S states and 26 omega states there into, the potential energy curves and corresponding spectroscopic constants (vertical and adiabatic excitation energies, equilibrium bond lengths, vibrational frequencies, and rotational constants) are reported. The calculated results are grossly in very good agreement with those solid experimental data. In particular, the ground state of NiI is shown to be different from those of NiF, NiCl, and NiBr, being in line with the recent experimental observation. Detailed analyses are provided on those states that either have not been assigned or have been incorrectly assigned by previous experiments.




    We discuss the electronic state of Ni atoms in Ni metal and of Ni impurity in Cu and Au metals from the viewpoint of 3d configuration interaction (CI) using the Anderson impurity model including atomic multiplets. On the basis of the discussion, we give an interpretation for the Ni 2p-core X-ray pho

  11. Density of Liquid Ni-Cr Alloy


    The density of liquid Ni-Cr alloy was measured by a modified sessile drop method. The density of liquid Ni-Cr alloywas found to decrease with increasing temperature and Cr concentration in the alloy. The molar volume of liquidNi-Cr alloy increases with increasing the Cr concentration in the alloy. The molar volume of Ni-Cr alloy determinedin the present work shows a positive deviation from the linear molar volume.

  12. On the similarity of the bonding in NiS and NiO

    Bauschlicher, C. W., Jr.


    The bonding in NiS is found to be quite similar to that in NiO, having an ionic contribution arising from the donation of the Ni 4s electron to the S atom and a covalent component arising from bonds between the Ni 3d and the S 3p. The one-electron d bonds are found to be of equal strength for NiO and NiS, but the two-electron d bonds are weaker for NiS.

  13. How carbon nanofibers attach to Ni foam.

    Chinthaginjala, J.K.; Thakur, D.B.; Seshan, Kulathuiyer; Lefferts, Leonardus


    A stable Carbon-Nano-Fiber (CNF) layer was catalytically grown on Ni foam by decomposing ethylene. Scanning electron microscopy of the cross-section of the deposited layer on Ni foam revealed the presence of two distinct carbon layers; an apparently dense layer (‘C-layer’) at the carbon–Ni interface

  14. Mechanisms of High Coercivity in Ni/NiO Composite Films by Post Annealing


    A coercivity as large as 2.4 kOe has been achieved in the Ni/NiO composite film after an annealing under a magnetic field of 10 kOe and an O2 partial pressure of 0.001 torr. The coercivity was attributed to the strong exchange coupling of Ni and NiO. Small grain size of Ni and NiO was observed after the post-annealing. The enhanced coercivity is probably associated with the domain wall pinning by local energy minima, the distribution of Ni and NiO, and the domain structure in the interface of Ni/NiO generated under the presence of the magnetic field during the post-annealing.

  15. Effects of chemical coating with Ni on electrochemical properties of Mg2Ni hydrogen storage alloys


    The effects of nickel coating on the electrochemical properties of Mg2Ni hydrogen storage alloys are presented in this paper. X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscope (SEM) techniques were employed to examine the crystal structure and surface morphologies of the bare and Ni-coated Mg2Ni alloys. The electrochemical properties of alloys were characterized by cyclic voltammetry (CV) and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS). The results showed that Ni coating not only decreased the charge transfer resistance, but also decreased the H atom diflusion resistance for Mg2Ni alloys. It was also found that Ni coating effectively improved the discharge capacity, but decreased the cycling performance of the as-synthesized Ni-coated Mg2Ni alloys. The discharge current has a great impact on the cycling performance of the as-synthesized Ni-coated Mg2Ni alloys.

  16. Development of field welding technology for rails; Tetsudo rail no genchi yoyu yosetsu gijutsu no kaihatsu

    Okumura, M.; Karimine, K.; Uchino, K.; Yurioka, N. [Nippon Steel Corp., Tokyo (Japan)


    A new element technology is outlined which is for welding regular rails in the field and making a long rail. A new EAW (Enclosed Arc Welding) has been developed for the purpose of improving vibration and noise due to the local abrasion of the existing EAW and improving the deterioration of resistibility against rolling fatigue breakage and the generation of transverse fissure due to the high temperature liquefaction crack. It has been verified that a highly carbonized metal improves the local abrasion and the generation of crack. Problems were brought up, in the case of welding rails by thermit welding (TW) utilizing the reaction of Al powder and brown iron oxide, such that strength was rather small against the bending fatigue of a joint and that the soundness of internal property of a welded part was likely to fluctuate. A test was carried out concerning the latter problem, and it was revealed that the temperature to pour molten steel dropped, whether the Al compound was insufficient or excessive, possibly causing reaction defects. As a technology to replace EAW and TW techniques, an automatic welding was developed which combinedly used narrow groove electro-slag welding and gas sealed arc welding. Further, as an after-treatment of this technology, a method was developed to remove a weld overlay. 19 refs., 16 figs., 6 tabs.

  17. Kinetics of Ni sorption in soils: roles of soil organic matter and Ni precipitation.

    Shi, Zhenqing; Peltier, Edward; Sparks, Donald L


    The kinetics of Ni sorption to two Delaware agricultural soils were studied to quantitatively assess the relative importance of Ni adsorption on soil organic matter (SOM) and the formation of Ni layered double hydroxide (Ni-LDH) precipitates using both experimental studies and kinetic modeling. Batch sorption kinetic experiments were conducted with both soils at pH 6.0, 7.0, and 7.5 from 24 h up to 1 month. Time-resolved Ni speciation in soils was determined by X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) during the kinetic experiments. A kinetics model was developed to describe Ni kinetic reactions under various reaction conditions and time scales, which integrated Ni adsorption on SOM with Ni-LDH precipitation in soils. The soil Ni speciation (adsorbed phases and Ni-LDH) calculated using the kinetics model was consistent with that obtained through XAS analysis during the sorption processes. Under our experimental conditions, both modeling and XAS results demonstrated that Ni adsorption on SOM was dominant in the short term and the formation of Ni-LDH precipitates accounted for the long-term Ni sequestration in soils, and, more interestingly, that the adsorbed Ni may slowly transfer to Ni-LDH phases with longer reaction times.

  18. Synthesis and catalytic performance of SiO2@Ni and hollow Ni microspheres

    Liu, Xin; Liu, Yanhua; Shi, Xueting; Yu, Zhengyang; Feng, Libang


    Nickel (Ni) catalyst has been widely used in catalytic reducing reactions such as catalytic hydrogenation of organic compounds and catalytic reduction of organic dyes. However, the catalytic efficiency of pure Ni is low. In order to improve the catalytic performance, Ni nanoparticle-loaded microspheres can be developed. In this study, we have prepared Ni nanoparticle-loaded microspheres (SiO2@Ni) and hollow Ni microspheres using two-step method. SiO2@Ni microspheres with raspberry-like morphology and core-shell structure are synthesized successfully using SiO2 microsphere as a template and Ni2+ ions are adsorbed onto SiO2 surfaces via electrostatic interaction and then reduced and deposited on surfaces of SiO2 microspheres. Next, the SiO2 cores are removed by NaOH etching and the hollow Ni microspheres are prepared. The NaOH etching time does no have much influence on the crystal structure, shape, and surface morphology of SiO2@Ni; however, it can change the phase composition evidently. The hollow Ni microspheres are obtained when the NaOH etching time reaches 10 h and above. The as-synthesized SiO2@Ni microspheres exhibit much higher catalytic performance than the hollow Ni microspheres and pure Ni nanoparticles in the catalytic reduction of methylene blue. Meanwhile, the SiO2@Ni catalyst has high stability and hence it can be recycled for reuse.

  19. Structural evaluation and nonlinear optical properties of Ni/NiO, Ni/NiCo2O4 and Co/Co3O4 nanocomposites

    Rahulan, K. Mani; Padmanathan, N.; Philip, Reji; Balamurugan, S.; Kanakam, Charles C.


    Nanocomposites of Ni/NiO, Ni/NiCo2O4 and Co/Co3O4 have been synthesized by a chemical reduction technique. X-ray diffraction (XRD) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) images confirm the mixed composite nature of the sample and uniform particle size of approximately 13 nm. Formation of Ni/NiCo3O4 solid solution or NiCo2O4 spinel phase in the mixed composite is confirmed by energy dispersive X-ray (EDX) spectrum. Magnetic hysteresis (M-H) curves of the nanocomposites show excellent ferromagnetic (FM) nature at room temperature. Nonlinear optical transmission of the nanocomposites is measured using the open aperture Z-scan technique employing 7 nanosecond laser pulses at 532 nm. Experimental results show that NiO/NiO-Co3O4/Co3O4 nanocomposites exhibit good optical limiting performance. From the measurements and numerical fitting of the data to theory, it is found that nonlinear absorption has contributions from excited state absorption and two-photon absorption. Optical limiting is enhanced in Co3O4 and Ni/NiCo2O4 in which the Co3O4 content has a larger volume ratio.

  20. Continuum mechanics simulations of NiO/Ni-YSZ composites during reduction and re-oxidation

    Pihlatie, Mikko; Frandsen, Henrik Lund; Kaiser, Andreas;


    for the dimensional change arises from the volumetric change related to the phase change NiO ↔ Ni. The measurable change in bulk length is given by the ceramic YSZ backbone as a response to the stress created by the chemical strain. The different subprocesses described in the model for YSZ were elastic and anelastic...... expansion, diffusional creep, grain boundary sliding (GBS) and microcracking due to excessive stress. In the Ni/NiO phase, nonelastic strains in terms of diffusional and power law creep were implemented, and additionally for NiO deformation due to microcracking and/or pseudoplasticity. Semi......-empirical correlations were employed for creep limiting grain growth of Ni and NiO, particle coarsening of Ni and particle growth in NiO during the oxidation. Seven experimental cases of high temperature redox dilatometry were simulated. The model shows good qualitative agreement with the measurements. The different...

  1. Monoligated monovalent Ni: the 3d(Ni)9 manifold of states of NiCu and comparison to the 3d9 States of AlNi, NiH, NiCl, and NiF.

    Rothschopf, Gretchen K; Morse, Michael D


    A dispersed fluorescence investigation of the low-lying electronic states of NiCu has allowed the observation of four out of the five states that derive from the 3d(Ni)9 3d(Cu)10 sigma2 manifold. Vibrational levels of the ground X2delta(5/2) state corresponding to v = 0-11 are observed and are fit to provide omega(e) = 275.93 +/- 1.06 cm(-1) and omega(e)x(e) = 1.44 +/- 0.11 cm(-1). The v = 0 levels of the higher lying states deriving from the 3d(Ni)9 3d(Cu)10 sigma2 manifold are located at 912, 1466, and 1734 cm(-1), and these states are assigned to omega values of 3/2, 1/2, and 3/2, respectively. The last of these assignments is based on selection rules and is unequivocal; the first two are based on a comparison to ab initio and ligand field calculations and could conceivably be in error. It is also possible that the v = 0 level of the state found at 912 cm(-1) is not observed, so that T0 for the lowest excited state actually lies near 658 cm(-1). These results are modeled using a matrix Hamiltonian based on the existence of a ground manifold of states deriving from the 3d9 configuration on nickel. This matrix Hamiltonian is also applied to the spectroscopically well-known molecules AlNi, NiH, NiCl, and NiF. The term energies of the 2sigma+, 2pi, and 2delta states of these molecules, which all derive from a 3d9 configuration on the nickel atom, display a clear and understandable trend as a function of the electronegativity of the ligands.

  2. Bipolar resistive switching of Au/NiOx/Ni/Au heterostructure nanowires

    Brivio, S.; Perego, D.; Tallarida, G.; Bestetti, M.; Franz, S.; Spiga, S.


    Arrays of Au/NiOx/Ni/Au nanowires with a diameter of 50 nm were characterized by conductive atomic force microscopy, which was used to probe the electrical behavior of single nanowires still included in the array. A bipolar switching of the single Au/NiOx/Ni/Au nanowires is demonstrated and is attributed to the choice of an asymmetric couple of electrode materials and, possibly, to a non-uniform Ni oxidation profile inside the NiOx segments. An analysis of the conduction mechanism in a single nanowire is presented to further support this conclusion.

  3. Study on Transfer of Ni in Soil—Plant System Using 63Ni Tracer Method



    A study was carried out on the transfer of native and added Ni towards plant both in different soils and at different time by using 63 Ni tracer technique.The transfer of added Ni in soil was greater than native Ni and declined as time increased.The mobility was greater for soluble plus exchangeable fraction of soil Ni but very smaller for residual and Fe/Mn oxide bound fractions.These indicated that Ni was more mobile and more harmful in soils with a low pH and /or low content of Fe/Mn oxides.

  4. Manufacture of Raney Ni catalyst with metastable Ni2Al3 by high—energy milling

    滕荣厚; 马如璋; 等


    The Ni-Al alloy containing Cr,Fe additives were prepared as Raney Ni Catalyst by high energy milling.The size and surface state of Ni-Al alloy powder were studied by particle size analyzer and sanning electron microscopy.the Structure was analyzed by XRD and Moessbauer methods.The results showed that after a high-energy milling(HEM).the Ni-Al alloy transforms to a nano-scale NiAl structure with rich Al.By annealing the alloy,a metastable Ni2Al3 phase can be obtained.

  5. Manufacture of Raney Ni catalyst with metastable Ni2Al3 by high-energy milling


    The Ni-Al alloy containing Cr, Fe additives were prepared as Raney Ni catalyst by high energy milling. The size and surface state of Ni-Al alloy powder were studied by particle size analyzer and sanning electron microscopy, the structure was analyzed by XRD and Mossbauer methods. The results showed that after a high-energy milling (HEM), the Ni-Al alloy transforms to a nano-scale NiAl structure with rich Al. Byannealing the alloy, a metastable Ni2Al3 phase can be obtained.

  6. El niño

    Fernández Freire, Carlos; Aristizábal, Julio


    Aquella Navidad Pedro estaba triste porque no paraba de llover y su padre, pescador, regresaba a casa desanimado con las redes vacías. El abuelo de Pedro, otro viejo pescador, consiguió cambiar el semblante de su pequeño nieto contándole las bondades del pronóstico del tiempo. Conoce el fenómeno de El Niño a través de este cuento.

  7. Exclusive study of Ni+Ni and Ni+Au central collisions: phase coexistence and spinodal decomposition; Etude exclusive des collisions centrales Ni+Ni et Ni+Au: coexistence de phase et decomposition spinodale

    Guiot, B


    The INDRA multidetector allowed us to study the Ni+Ni collisions at 32A MeV and the Ni+Au collisions at 52,4 MeV. Central collisions leading to 'quasi-fused' systems were isolated using multidimensional analysis techniques: the Discriminant Analysis and the Principal Component Analysis. Comparison with a statistical model shows that the selected events are compatible with thermodynamical equilibrium. The average thermal excitation energy is 5A MeV for both systems. Calculations of heat capacities show that the deexcitation of the hot sources are akin to a liquid-gas phase transition of nuclear matter. Indeed heat capacities exhibit a negative branch as expected for a phase transition of a finite system. The dynamics of this phase transition has been investigated by applying the charge correlation method. An enhanced production of events with equal-sized fragments has been evidenced for Ni+Au at 52A MeV. No signal was found for Ni+Ni at 32A MeV. Finally this method was improved by taking into account the total charge conservation. The signal is seen more clearly for Ni+Au at 52A MeV, but is ambiguous for Ni+Ni at 32A MeV. The path followed in the state diagram, or the involved time scales, seem to be different for these systems. (authors)

  8. niños preescolares

    Claudia Rosario Portilla Ramírez


    Full Text Available Este estudio explora la relación entre la escritura y la comprensión de la referencia a través de una tarea de sinonimia en niños entre 5 y 6 años de edad, de origen latinoamericano, escolarizados en Barcelona (España. Las variables relacionadas con la tarea de sinonimia fueron (a la comprensión de la entidad lingüística nombre y (b el nivel de conceptualización de la escritura de los niños y la presencia de etiquetas escritas durante la tarea. Para la tarea de sinonimia se utilizaron pares de sinónimos dialectales del español (de Latinoamérica y de la Península Ibérica. Los resultados mostraron una diferenciación en el razonamiento de los niños, la cual dependía de la comparación entre lenguaje oral y lenguaje escrito en el desarrollo de la tarea, evidenciando una mayor aceptación de la sinonimia en la modalidad de lenguaje oral que en la modalidad de lenguaje escrito.

  9. Comparison of the thermal stabilities of NiSi films in Ni/Si, Ni/Pd/Si and Ni/Pt/Si systems

    Wang, R N


    The effects of different interlayer materials (Pd and Pt) deposited between Ni films and Si substrates on the NiSi thermal stability are discussed. Ni sub 0 sub . sub 9 sub 4 sub 3 Pd sub 0 sub . sub 0 sub 5 sub 7 Si and Ni sub 0 sub . sub 9 sub 4 sub 5 Pt sub 0 sub . sub 0 sub 5 sub 5 Si solid solutions were formed when the samples were annealed at high temperatures and the lattice parameters of Ni sub 0 sub . sub 9 sub 4 sub 3 Pd sub 0 sub . sub 0 sub 5 sub 7 Si were calculated according to Vegard's law. The NiSi thermal stability was enhanced by interposing a Pd or Pt interlayer, and the sample with the Pt interlayer had the highest NiSi thermal stability among all the samples studied. This is attributed to the reduction of the interface energy between NiSi and Si substrates and the decrease of the driving force for the nucleation of NiSi sub 2 , induced by formation of the NiSi(200) preferred orientation and the solid solution respectively.

  10. Magnetic Properties of Grain Boundaries of Nanocrystalline Ni and of Ni Precipitates in Nanocrystalline NiCu Alloys

    Wolf, H.; Guan, Z.; Li, X.; Wichert, Th.


    Perturbed γγ-angular correlation spectroscopy (PAC) was used to investigate nanocrystalline Ni and NiCu alloys, which are prepared by pulsed electrodeposition (PED). Using diffusion for doping nanocrystalline Ni with 111In four different ordered grain boundary structures are observed, which are characterized by unique electric field gradients. The incorporation of 111In on substitutional bulk sites of Ni is caused by moving grain boundaries below 1000 K and by volume diffusion above 1000 K. The nanocrystalline NiCu alloys prepared by PED are microscopically inhomogeneous as observed by PAC. In contrast, this inhomogeneity cannot be detected by X-ray diffraction. The influence of the temperature of the electrolyte, the current density during deposition, and the optional addition of saccharin to the electrolyte on the homogeneity of nanocrystalline NiCu alloys was investigated.

  11. Mixing behaviors in Cu/Ni and Ni/V multilayers induced by cold rolling

    Wang, Z. [Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1509 University Avenue, Madison, WI 53706 (United States); Perepezko, J.H., E-mail: [Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1509 University Avenue, Madison, WI 53706 (United States); Larson, D.; Reinhard, D. [CAMECA Instruments Inc., 5500 Nobel Drive, Madison, WI 53711 (United States)


    Highlights: • The composition profiles of Cu/Ni and Ni/V multilayers were investigated. • A compositional oscillation was observed in the Cu/Ni composition profile. • The Ni/V composition profile varies smoothly and continuously between end members. • The effective diffusion coefficients were enhanced by about 30 order of magnitudes. • The effective temperature were estimated as 946 K for Cu/Ni and 936 K for Ni/V. - Abstract: Multilayers of Cu60/Ni40 and Ni70/V30 foil arrays were cold rolled in order to study the transformation reactions and mixing behaviors induced by deformation. Upon cold rolling, the layer thicknesses were refined to about 20 nm and solid solution phases were induced from pure end members (i.e. Cu, Ni and V) in both cases. The composition profiles for Cu/Ni and Ni/V multilayer samples at the deformation level where the solid solution phases coexist with end members were investigated by means of atom probe tomography and electron energy loss spectrum, respectively. An oscillation in the composition of Cu–Ni solid solution phase was observed, however the composition profile of Ni/V shows a smoothly varying curve between the end members. The effective diffusion coefficients were promoted by about 30 orders of magnitude for both Cu/Ni and Ni/V compared to room temperature diffusion. The effective temperature for Cu/Ni multilayers after 36 passes and Ni/V after 60 passes are estimated as 946 K and 936 K respectively.

  12. The impact of Ni on the physiology of a Mediterranean Ni-hyperaccumulating plant.

    Roccotiello, Enrica; Serrano, Helena Cristina; Mariotti, Mauro Giorgio; Branquinho, Cristina


    High nickel (Ni) levels exert toxic effects on plant growth and plant water content, thus affecting photosynthesis. In a pot experiment, we investigated the effect of the Ni concentration on the physiological characteristics of the Ni hyperaccumulator Alyssoides utriculata when grown on a vermiculite substrate in the presence of different external Ni concentrations (0-500 mg Ni L(-1)). The results showed that the Ni concentration was higher in leaves than in roots, as evidenced by a translocation factor = 3 and a bioconcentration factor = 10. At the highest concentration tested (500 mg Ni L(-1)), A. utriculata accumulated 1100 mg Ni per kilogram in its leaves, without an effects on its biomass. Plant water content increased significantly with Ni accumulation. Ni treatment did not, or only slightly, affected chlorophyll fluorescence parameters. The photosynthetic efficiency (FV/FM) of A. utriculata was stable between Ni treatments (always ≥ 0.8) and the photosynthetic performance of the plant under Ni stress remained high (performance index = 1.5). These findings support that A. utriculata has several mechanisms to avoid severe damage to its photosynthetic apparatus, confirming the tolerance of this species to Ni under hyperaccumulation.

  13. Transparent nanostructured electrodes: Electrospun NiO nanofibers/NiO films

    Lamastra, F.R. [Italian Interuniversity Consortium on Materials Science and Technology (INSTM), Research Unit Roma Tor Vergata, Via del Politecnico 1, 00133 Rome (Italy); Nanni, F. [Italian Interuniversity Consortium on Materials Science and Technology (INSTM), Research Unit Roma Tor Vergata, Via del Politecnico 1, 00133 Rome (Italy); Department of Enterprise Engineering, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Via del Politecnico 1, 00133 Rome (Italy); Menchini, F. [ENEA, CR Casaccia, Via Anguillarese 301, 00123 Rome (Italy); Nunziante, P. [Italian Interuniversity Consortium on Materials Science and Technology (INSTM), Research Unit Roma Tor Vergata, Via del Politecnico 1, 00133 Rome (Italy); Department of Chemical Sciences and Technologies, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Via della Ricerca Scientifica 1, 00133 Rome (Italy); Grilli, M.L., E-mail: [ENEA, CR Casaccia, Via Anguillarese 301, 00123 Rome (Italy)


    Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP)/nickel(II) acetate precursor fibers were deposited by electrospinning directly on radio frequency sputtered thin Ni and NiO films grown on quartz substrate, starting from Ni(II) acetate and PVP solution in ethanol. The samples were calcined in air in the temperature range 400–500 °C to obtain transparent and conductive p-type NiO nanofibers on NiO films. A higher density of nanofibers was obtained on Ni/quartz substrates, as compared to NiO/quartz ones, demonstrating the feasibility of fiber adhesion directly to an insulating substrate previously coated by a thin Ni layer. Samples were characterized by field emission-scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction, spectrophotometric and resistance measurements. - Highlights: • Nanostructured electrodes: electrospun NiO nanofibers/NiO films were fabricated. • NiO fibers were directly grown on insulating substrate coated by thin Ni or NiO films. • Good quality crystalline fibers were obtained at low calcination temperatures. • Transparent and conductive p-type electrodes were fabricated.

  14. A threonine stabilizes the NiC and NiR catalytic intermediates of [NiFe]-hydrogenase.

    Abou-Hamdan, Abbas; Ceccaldi, Pierre; Lebrette, Hugo; Gutiérrez-Sanz, Oscar; Richaud, Pierre; Cournac, Laurent; Guigliarelli, Bruno; De Lacey, Antonio L; Léger, Christophe; Volbeda, Anne; Burlat, Bénédicte; Dementin, Sébastien


    The heterodimeric [NiFe] hydrogenase from Desulfovibrio fructosovorans catalyzes the reversible oxidation of H2 into protons and electrons. The catalytic intermediates have been attributed to forms of the active site (NiSI, NiR, and NiC) detected using spectroscopic methods under potentiometric but non-catalytic conditions. Here, we produced variants by replacing the conserved Thr-18 residue in the small subunit with Ser, Val, Gln, Gly, or Asp, and we analyzed the effects of these mutations on the kinetic (H2 oxidation, H2 production, and H/D exchange), spectroscopic (IR, EPR), and structural properties of the enzyme. The mutations disrupt the H-bond network in the crystals and have a strong effect on H2 oxidation and H2 production turnover rates. However, the absence of correlation between activity and rate of H/D exchange in the series of variants suggests that the alcoholic group of Thr-18 is not necessarily a proton relay. Instead, the correlation between H2 oxidation and production activity and the detection of the NiC species in reduced samples confirms that NiC is a catalytic intermediate and suggests that Thr-18 is important to stabilize the local protein structure of the active site ensuring fast NiSI-NiC-NiR interconversions during H2 oxidation/production.

  15. Electroless Plated Co-Ni-P-B/Ni Foam Catalyst for Hydrogen Generation from Sodium Borohydride.

    Park, Daeil; Kim, Taegyu


    Co-Ni-P-B catalyst supported on Ni foam was prepared using electroless plating for hydrogen generation from an alkaline NaBH4 solution. Co-B, Co-P-B, and Co-Ni-B were prepared for comparison. Surface morphology of catalyst/Ni foams were observed using SEM analysis. The Co- Ni-P-B/Ni foam catalyst showed the superior performance on hydrogen generation rate due to the uniform formation of catalyst particles on the surface of Ni foam. Characteristics of hydrogen generation rate on the Co-N-P-B/Ni foam catalyst were investigated at the variety of NaBH4 and NaOH concentrations. The hydrogen generation rate increased with decreasing NaBH4 concentration, while increasing NaOH concentration. Durability test was performed, resulting in the stable hydrogen generation for 6 hours.

  16. Study of the interfacial magnetism in NiO/NiFe system

    Tafur, Miguel, E-mail: umiguelt@cbpf.b [Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Fisicas, Rua Dr. Xavier Sigaud 150 - Urca - Rio de Janeiro - 22290-180 RJ (Brazil); Alayo, W. [Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Fisicas, Rua Dr. Xavier Sigaud 150 - Urca - Rio de Janeiro - 22290-180 RJ (Brazil); Nascimento, V.P. [Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo, Centro Universitario Norte do Espirito Santo, Rua Humberto de Almeida Francklin 257 - Bairro Universitario, Sao Mateus - 29933-415 ES (Brazil); Xing, Y.T.; Baggio-Saitovitch, E. [Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Fisicas, Rua Dr. Xavier Sigaud 150 - Urca - Rio de Janeiro - 22290-180 RJ (Brazil)


    The interfacial magnetism of NiO/NiFe bilayers with different NiFe layer thicknesses, produced by DC and RF magnetron sputtering, has been studied by magnetometry and X-ray magnetic circular dichroism (XMCD). In magnetic hysteresis loops, the exchange bias field was found to be inversely proportional to the NiFe layer thickness. The fit using the Meiklejohn and Bean model gives a coupling energy at the NiO/NiFe interface of approximately 0.027 mJ/m{sup 2}. The analysis of the XMCD spectra of Fe and Ni, using the sum rules, shows a reduction of the effective spin magnetic moments in bilayers with NiFe thickness less than 4 nm. This reduction is attributed to hybridization of ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic atoms d orbitals near the interface and/or formation of antiferromagnetic alloys due to atomic diffusion at the interfaces.

  17. Composite Ni/NiO-Cr2O3 Catalyst for Alkaline Hydrogen Evolution Reaction

    Bates, MK; Jia, QY; Ramaswamy, N; Allen, RJ; Mukerjee, S


    We report a Ni-Cr/C electrocatalyst with unpreeedented massactivity for the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER). in alkaline electrolyte. The HER Oietics of numerous binary and ternary Ni-alloys and composite Ni/metal-euride/C samples were evaluated in aquebus 0.1 M KOH electrolyte. The highest HER mass-activity was observed for Ni-Cr materials which exhibit metallic Ni as well as NiOx and Cr2O3 phases as determined by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) analysis. The onset of the HER is significantly improved compared to munerous binary dor ternary Ni-alloys, inCluding Ni Mg materials. It is likely that at adjacent Ni/NiOx sites, the oxide acts as a sink for OHads, while the metallic Ni acts as a, sink for the H-ads, intermediate of the HER, thus minimizing the high activation energy of hydrogen evolution via water reduction. This is confirmed by in situ XAS studies that show that the synergistic HER enhancement is due to NiO content and that the Cr2O3 appears to stabilize the composite NiO component-under HER conditions (where NiOx would typically be reduced to metallic Ni-0). Furthermore, in contrast to Pt, the Ni(O-x)/Cr2O3 catalyst appears resistant to poisoning by the ionomer (AEI), a serloua consideration when applied to an anionic polymer electrolyte interface. Furthermore, we report a: detailed model of the double layer interface which helps explain the observed ensemble effect in the presence of AEI.

  18. Determination of isothermal sections of the Co-Nb-Ni and Ni-Mo-Re ternary systems

    FENG Yan; WANG Richu; YU Kun; WEN Danhua


    The isothermal sections of the Co-Nb-Ni ternary system at 1373 K and the Ni-Mo-Re ternary system at 1473 K were determined by means of diffusion triple and electron probe microanalysis (EPMA).The results indicate that there are three three-phase regions found in the Co-Nb-Ni ternary system at 1373 K:(Ni,Co)+NbCo3+ Ni3Nb,NbCo3+NbCo2+Ni3Nb,and NbCo2+μ+Ni3Nb;and four three-phase regions found in the Ni-Mo-Re ternary system at 1473 K:Re+Ni+χ,Ni+NiMo+σ,σ+χ+ Ni,and σ+Mo+NiMo.No ternary eompoond is observed in the two isothermal sections.The isothermal sections arc contrasted with the previous study.

  19. Ni clay neoformation on montmorillonite surface.

    Dähn, R; Scheidegger, A; Manceau, A; Schlegel, M; Baeyens, B; Bradbury, M H


    Polarized extended X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy (P-EXAFS) was used to study the sorption mechanism of Ni on the aluminous hydrous silicate montmorillonite at high ionic strength (0.3 M NaClO4), pH 8 and a Ni concentration of 0.66 mM. Highly textured self-supporting clay films were obtained by slowly filtrating a clay suspension after a reaction time of 14 days. P-EXAFS results indicate that sorbed Ni has a Ni clay-like structural environment with the same crystallographic orientation as montmorillonite layers.

  20. The Ni-Al-Hf Multiphase Diffusion

    Romanowska J.


    Full Text Available The generalized Darken method was applied to simulate the diffusion between γ-Ni| γ’-Ni3Al and γ’-Ni3Al|β-NiAl interfaces. The results of calculations were compared with the experimental concentration’s profiles of nickel, aluminum and hafnium in aluminide and hafnium doped aluminide coatings deposited by the CVD and PVD methods on pure nickel. The method deals with the Wagner’s integral diffusion coefficients and thermodynamic data - activities of components. The experimental results agree with the simulated ones.

  1. 酸度对化学镀Ni-P和Ni-Mo-P的影响%Effect of acidity on Ni-P and Ni-Mo-P chemical plating

    方永奎; 邱安娥; 张翼; 邱万忠


    研究了镀液pH值对Ni-P和Ni-Mo-P化学镀镀层的生成速度和镀层中Ni质量分数的影响. 结果表明,镀液的pH值不仅影响Ni的沉积速度,而且影响镀层中Ni的质量分数;镀层生成速度均随镀液pH值增大而出现极大值,但两者的位置有所不同;随镀液pH值增加,Ni-Mo-P镀镀层中w(Ni)出现极大值,而Ni-P镀则是pH值增至一定值后w(Ni)趋于平稳;镀层的生成速度与镀层中w(Ni)的最高点都出现在相同的酸度下,Ni-P镀镀液的最佳pH值为5.5,而Ni-Mo-P镀镀液的最佳pH值为6.5.


    Haoran Li; Zhuwei Du; Jianglong Liang; Huiqing Bai; Yali Feng


    Influencing factors on bioaccumulation of Ni by Synechcoccus were studied in this paper. The equilibration time of Ni bioaccumulation was about 80 min in aqueous solution. Bioaccumulation quantity reached maximum when mass ratio of Ni to dry weight concentration of Synechcoccus was 16-18%. Bioaccumulation quantity increased with increasing pH. The optimum pH was 9-10 and higher pH led to precipitation of Ni(OH)2. Bioaccumulation quantity was also influenced by temperature and light intensity reaching their optima at 35℃ and 3 000 Ix respectively. Bioaccumulation of nonliving algae was larger than that of living algae.

  3. Morphology controlled synthesis of 2-D Ni-Ni3S2 and Ni3S2 nanostructures on Ni foam towards oxygen evolution reaction

    Chaudhari, Nitin Kaduba; Oh, Aram; Sa, Young Jin; Jin, Haneul; Baik, Hionsuck; Kim, Sang Gu; Lee, Suk Joong; Joo, Sang Hoon; Lee, Kwangyeol


    Catalysts for oxygen evolution reactions (OER) are at the heart of key renewable energy technologies, and development of non-precious metal catalysts with high activity and stability remain a great challenge in this field. Among various material candidates, metal sulfides are receiving increasing attention. While morphology-dependent catalytic performances are well established in noble metal-based catalysts, relatively little is known for the morphology‒catalytic performance relationship in metal sulfide catalysts. In this study, uniform spider web-like Ni nanosheets-Ni3S2 and honeycomb-like Ni3S2 structures are deposited on nickel foam (Ni3S2/NF) by a facile one-step hydrothermal synthetic route. When used as an oxygen evolution electrode, the spider web-like Ni-Ni3S2/NF with the large exposed surface area shown excellent catalytic activity and stability with an overpotential of 310 mV to achieve at 10 mA/cm2 and a Tafel slope of 63 mV/dec in alkaline media, which is superior to the honeycomb-like structure without Ni nanosheet. The low Tafel slope of the spider web-like Ni-Ni3S2/NF represents one of the best OER kinetics among nickel sulfide-based OER catalysts. The results point to the fact that performance of the metal sulfide electrocatalysts might be fine-tuned and optimized with morphological controls.

  4. Effects of Ni vacancy, Ni antisite, Cr and Pt on the third-order elastic constants and mechanical properties of NiAl

    Wu, Shaohua


    Effects of Ni vacancy, Ni antisite in Al sublattice, Cr in Al sublattice, Pt in Ni sublattice on the second-order elastic constants (SOECs) and third-order elastic constants (TOECs) of the B2 NiAl have been investigated using the first-principles methods. Lattice constant and the SOECs of NiAl are in good agreement with the previous results. The brittle/ductile transition map based on Pugh ratio G/B and Cauchy pressure Pc shows that Ni antisite, Cr, Pt and pressure can improve the ductility of NiAl, respectively. Ni vacancy and lower pressure can enhance the Vickers hardness Hv of NiAl. The density of states (DOS) and the charge density difference are also used to analysis the effects of vacancy, Ni antisite, Cr and Pt on the mechanical properties of NiAl, and the results are in consistent with the transition map. © 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  5. First principles exploration of NiO and its ions NiO+ and NiO-.

    Sakellaris, Constantine N; Mavridis, Aristides


    We present a high level ab initio study of NiO and its ions, NiO(+) and NiO(-). Employing variational multireference configuration interaction (MRCI) and single reference coupled-cluster methods combined with basis sets of quintuple quality, 54, 20, and 10 bound states of NiO, NiO(+), and NiO(-) have been studied. For all these states, complete potential energy curves have been constructed at the MRCI level of theory; in addition, for the ground states of the three species core subvalence (3s(2)3p(6)∕(Ni)) and scalar relativistic effects have been taken into account. We report energetics, spectroscopic parameters, dipole moments, and spin-orbit coupling constants. The agreement with experiment is in the case of NiO good, but certain discrepancies that need further investigation have arisen in the case of the anion whose ground state remains computationally a tantalizing matter. The cation is experimentally almost entirely unexplored, therefore, the study of many states shall prove valuable to further investigators. The ground state symmetry, bond distances, and binding energies of NiO and NiO(+) are (existing experimental values in parenthesis), X(3)Σ(-)(X(3)Σ(-)), r(e) = 1.606 (1.62712) Å, D(0) = 88.5 (89.2 ± 0.7) kcal/mol, and X(4)Σ(-)(?), r(e) = 1.60(?) Å, D(0) = 55 (62.4 ± 2.4) kcal/mol, respectively. The ground state of NiO(-) is (4)Σ(-) (but (2)Π experimentally) with D(0) = 85-87 (89.2 ± 0.7) kcal/mol.

  6. Effect of air annealing on structural and magnetic properties of Ni/NiO nanoparticles

    Nadeem, K.; Ullah, Asmat; Mushtaq, M.; Kamran, M.; Hussain, S. S.; Mumtaz, M.


    We reported systematic study on structural and magnetic properties of nickel/nickel oxide (Ni/NiO) nanoparticles annealed under air atmosphere at different temperatures in the range 400-800 °C. The XRD spectra revealed two phases such as Ni and NiO. The average crystallite size increases with increasing annealing temperature. A phase diagram was developed between two phases versus annealing temperature using XRD analysis. At lower annealing temperatures, Ni phase is dominant which does not easily undergo oxidation to form NiO. The NiO phase increases with increasing annealing temperature. FTIR spectroscopy revealed an increase in the NiO phase content at higher annealing temperature, which is in agreement with the XRD analysis. SEM images showed that nanoparticles are well separated at lower annealing temperatures but get agglomerated at higher annealing temperatures. The ferromagnetic (FM) Ni phase content and saturation magnetization (Ms) showed nearly the same trend with increasing annealing temperature. The nanoparticles annealed at 500 °C and 800 °C revealed highest and lowest Ms values, respectively, which is in accordance with the XRD phase diagram. Coercivity showed an overall decreasing trend with increasing annealing temperature due to decreased concentration of FM Ni phase and increasing average crystallite size. All these measurements indicate that the structural and magnetic properties of Ni/NiO nanoparticles are strongly influenced by the annealing temperature.

  7. Magnetic anisotropy studies on pulsed electrodeposited Ni/Ag/Ni trilayer

    Dhanapal, K.; Revathy, T.A.; Raj, M. Anand [Materials Science Centre, Department of Nuclear Physics, University of Madras, Guindy Campus, Chennai 600 025 (India); Narayanan, V. [Department of Inorganic Chemistry, University of Madras, Guindy Campus, Chennai 600 025 (India); Stephen, A., E-mail: [Materials Science Centre, Department of Nuclear Physics, University of Madras, Guindy Campus, Chennai 600 025 (India)


    Highlights: • Ni/Ag/Ni layered film has been prepared using pulsed electrodeposition method. • Crystalline nature of layered films is confirmed using XRD. • Magnetic easy axis is observed to be parallel to the plane of the film. • Magnetic anisotropy change is dependent on number of layers. • Ni/Ag/Ni layered film shows higher anisotropy energy than pure Ni film. - Abstract: The pulsed electrodeposition method was employed for the deposition of pure Ni, Ni/Ag and Ni/Ag/Ni films due to its greater advantages while comparing with other methods. The X-ray diffraction pattern confirms the formation of fcc structure for both nickel and silver. The cross sectional scanning electron microscopy shows the layer formation in Ni/Ag and Ni/Ag/Ni films. The metallic nature of the nickel and silver were also confirmed using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. The magnetic anisotropy behaviour was studied using vibrating sample magnetometer which gives that the easy axis is in plan of the film for all the film.

  8. Porous NiTi shape memory alloys produced by SHS: microstructure and biocompatibility in comparison with Ti2Ni and TiNi3.

    Bassani, Paola; Panseri, Silvia; Ruffini, Andrea; Montesi, Monica; Ghetti, Martina; Zanotti, Claudio; Tampieri, Anna; Tuissi, Ausonio


    Shape memory alloys based on NiTi have found their main applications in manufacturing of new biomedical devices mainly in surgery tools, stents and orthopedics. Porous NiTi can exhibit an engineering elastic modulus comparable to that of cortical bone (12-17 GPa). This condition, combined with proper pore size, allows good osteointegration. Open cells porous NiTi was produced by self propagating high temperature synthesis (SHS), starting from Ni and Ti mixed powders. The main NiTi phase is formed during SHS together with other Ni-Ti compounds. The biocompatibility of such material was investigated by single culture experiment and ionic release on small specimen. In particular, NiTi and porous NiTi were evaluated together with elemental Ti and Ni reference metals and the two intermetallic TiNi3, Ti2Ni phases. This approach permitted to clearly identify the influence of secondary phases in porous NiTi materials and relation with Ni-ion release. The results indicated, apart the well-known high toxicity of Ni, also toxicity of TiNi3, whilst phases with higher Ti content showed high biocompatibility. A slightly reduced biocompatibility of porous NiTi was ascribed to combined effect of TiNi3 presence and topography that requires higher effort for the cells to adapt to the surface.

  9. Structure-activity relations for Ni-containing zeolites during NO reduction II. Role of the chemical state of Ni

    Mosqueda-Jiménez, B.I.; Jentys, A.; Seshan, K.; Lercher, J.A.


    The influence of the metal in Ni-containing zeolites used as catalysts for the reduction of NO with propane and propene was studied. In the fresh catalysts, Ni is located in ion exchange positions for Ni/MOR, Ni/ZSM-5, and Ni/MCM-22. The formation of carbonaceous deposits, the removal of Al from fra

  10. Characterization of Electrodeposited Nanoporous Ni and NiCu Films

    Koboski, Kyla; Hampton, Jennifer


    Nanoporous thin films are interesting candidates to catalyze certain reactions because of their large surface areas. This project focuses on the deposition of Ni and NiCu thin films on a Au substrate and further explores the catalysis of the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER). Depositions are created using controlled potential electrolysis. Samples are then dealloyed using linear sweep voltammetry. Before and after the dealloying, all the samples are characterized using multiple techniques. Electrochemical capacitance measurements allow comparisons of sample roughness. HER measurements characterize the reactivity of the sample with respect to the specific catalytic reaction. The Tafel equation is fit to the data to obtain information about the kinetics of the HER of the samples. Other methods for characterizing the samples include scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS). The use of SEM allows images to be taken of the deposition to determine the change in the structure pre- and post- dealloy of the sample. EDS allows the elemental composition of the deposition to be determined before and after the dealloy stage. This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under RUI Grant DMR-1104725, MRI Grant CHE-1126462, MRI Grant CHE-0959282, and ARI grant PHY-0963317.

  11. Spin polarization effect of Ni2 molecule

    Yan Shi-Ying; Zhu Zheng-He


    The density functional theory (DFT) method (b3p86) of Gaussian 03 is used to optimize the structure of the Ni2 molecule. The result shows that the ground state for the Ni2 molecule is a 5-multiple state, symbolizing a spin polarization effect existing in the Ni2 molecule, a transition metal molecule, but no spin pollution is found because the wavefunction of the ground state does not mingle with wavefunctions of higher-energy states. So the ground state for Ni2 molecule, which is a 5-multiple state, is indicative of spin polarization effect of the Ni2 molecule, that is, there exist 4 parallel spin electrons in Ni2 molecule. The number of non-conjugated electrons is greatest. These electrons occupy different spatial orbitals so that the energy of the Ni2 molecule is minimized. It can be concluded that the effect of parallel spin in the Ni2 molecule is larger than that of the conjugated molecule, which is obviously related to the effect of electron d delocalization. In addition, the Murrell-Sorbie potential functions with the parameters of the ground state and other states of the Ni2 molecule are derived. The dissociation energy De for the ground state of the Ni2 molecule is 1.835 eV, equilibrium bond length Re is 0.2243 nm, vibration frequency ωe is 262.35 cm-1. Its force constants f2, f3 and f4 are 1.1901 aJ.nm-2, 5.8723 aJ.nm-3, and 21.2505 aJ.nm-4 respectively. The other spectroscopic data for the ground state of the Ni2 molecule ωexe, Be and αe are 1.6315cm-1, 0.1141 cm-1, and 8.0145×10-4 cm-1 respectively.

  12. Angle-resolved XPS Studies of Magnetic Multilayers Ta/NiO/NiFe/Ta%磁性多层膜Ta/NiO/NiFe/Ta角分辨XPS

    于广华; 朱逢吾; 马纪东; 王安荣


    磁性多层膜Ta/NiO/NiFe/Ta由磁控溅射方法制备.采用角分辨X射线光电子能谱(XPS)研究了反铁磁(NiO)/铁磁(NiFe)界面.结果表明,在NiO/NiFe界面发生了化学反应: NiO+Fe = Ni+FeO和3NiO+2Fe =3Ni+Fe2O3,此反应深度约为1~1.5 nm.反应产物将影响NiO对NiFe的交换耦合.

  13. Models of the Ni-L and Ni-SIa States of the [NiFe]-Hydrogenase Active Site.

    Chambers, Geoffrey M; Huynh, Mioy T; Li, Yulong; Hammes-Schiffer, Sharon; Rauchfuss, Thomas B; Reijerse, Edward; Lubitz, Wolfgang


    A new class of synthetic models for the active site of [NiFe]-hydrogenases are described. The Ni(I/II)(SCys)2 and Fe(II)(CN)2CO sites are represented with (RC5H4)Ni(I/II) and Fe(II)(diphos)(CO) modules, where diphos = 1,2-C2H4(PPh2)2(dppe) or cis-1,2-C2H2(PPh2)2(dppv). The two bridging thiolate ligands are represented by CH2(CH2S)2(2-) (pdt(2-)), Me2C(CH2S)2(2-) (Me2pdt(2-)), and (C6H5S)2(2-). The reaction of Fe(pdt)(CO)2(dppe) and [(C5H5)3Ni2]BF4 affords [(C5H5)Ni(pdt)Fe(dppe)(CO)]BF4 ([1a]BF4). Monocarbonyl [1a]BF4 features an S = 0 Ni(II)Fe(II) center with five-coordinated iron, as proposed for the Ni-SIa state of the enzyme. One-electron reduction of [1a](+) affords the S = 1/2 derivative [1a](0), which, according to density functional theory (DFT) calculations and electron paramagnetic resonance and Mössbauer spectroscopies, is best described as a Ni(I)Fe(II) compound. The Ni(I)Fe(II) assignment matches that for the Ni-L state in [NiFe]-hydrogenase, unlike recently reported Ni(II)Fe(I)-based models. Compound [1a](0) reacts with strong acids to liberate 0.5 equiv of H2 and regenerate [1a](+), indicating that H2 evolution is catalyzed by [1a](0). DFT calculations were used to investigate the pathway for H2 evolution and revealed that the mechanism can proceed through two isomers of [1a](0) that differ in the stereochemistry of the Fe(dppe)CO center. Calculations suggest that protonation of [1a](0) (both isomers) affords Ni(III)-H-Fe(II) intermediates, which represent mimics of the Ni-C state of the enzyme.

  14. Study of gas (CNG) SI engine with pre-chamber. Improvement of the indicated thermal efficiency on lean mixture with EGR and supercharging; Fukushitsushiki hibana tenka asshuku tennen gas (CNG) engine ni kansuru kenkyu. Kakyu to EGR ni yoru kihakuiki no netsukoritsu kaizen

    Yonetani, H.; Fukutani, I. [Polytechnic University, Kanagawa (Japan)


    As lean burn of compressed natural gas (CNG) is applied to conventional gasoline engines, a combustion period largely increases, resulting in large combustion fluctuation and low thermal efficiency. Heterogeneous spacial air/fuel ratios also have an effect on combustion in lean burn area. By preparing a pre-chamber for a combustion chamber of high- compression ratio CNG pre-mixing SI engines to utilize premixture turbulence, rapid flame propagation is obtained in lean burn area, resulting high combustion performance. Furthermore, study was made on improvement of combustion performance in lean burn area under various compression ratios, intake pressures, pre-chamber shapes and EGR ratios. As a result, lean burn operation at high intake pressure by supercharging showed possible improvement of a thermal efficiency and expansion of inflammable limits. Higher thermal efficiency in lean burn area was also obtained by using higher compression ratios considering heat loss. Although EGR was effective in controlling NOx formed in lean burn area, strict control of both air excess rate and EGR rate was required to prevent lower thermal efficiency. 2 refs., 8 figs., 1 tab.

  15. Fiscal 1997 report on the results of the international standardization R and D. Study on optimizing design/evaluation technology using quality engineering; 1997 nendo seika hokokusho kokusai hyojun soseigata kenkyu kaihatsu. Hinshitsu kogaku ni yoru saitekika sekkei hyoka gijutsu ni kansuru kenkyu



    To take up methodology of quality engineering as ISO standards, the basic document was worked out which regulates general items for the method to evaluate the operation of various systems as function for proposal to ISO. A method is developed for evaluating the design quality by function and predicting/optimizing the quality of finished products. For the evaluation of slippage from ideal function, the SN ratio and Maharanobis`s distance are used. In the two basic working groups (WG), a document on general methods to evaluate function was made. To reinforce the basic document, WGs divided into five by content/business were set up. Each WG collected examples from the past, studied methods to evaluate function in each field, and recorded them in the document. Five experiments for each WG were conducted to verify effectiveness of the above-mentioned method to evaluate function recorded in the document. As a result, the draft to present to ISO was worked out since the experimental WGs proved the effectiveness of the method to evaluate function in each field. 85 refs., 147 figs., 185 tabs.

  16. FY 1997 report on the study on cryogenic aggregate target PLD process by multi-laser excitation for using gaseous materials; 1997 nendo chosa hokokusho (kitai genryo riyo no tame no taju laser reiki ni yoru gokuteion gyoshutai target PLD process ni kansuru kenkyu)



    This paper reports the result in fiscal 1995 of the study on PLD (pulse laser deposition) thin film formation process having been made since 1993. In fiscal 1995, the effect of irradiation of excimer laser and YGA(SHG) on ablation of aggregates of N2, CH4, Ar, Kr and Xe, and the effect of time-delayed irradiation of YGA(SHG) and KrF excimer laser on ablation of N2 aggregate were studied aiming at exciting ablation by cryogenic aggregate alone. Experimental results by a newly developed multi-laser excitation experiment equipment are as follows. Ablation was not caused by KrF excimer laser irradiation, while caused by YGA(SHG) irradiation. Ablation was caused by 1mm thick N2 or CH4 aggregate alone. Kr target was the most promising among rare gas solid targets expected as seed of ablation occurrence. Multi-irradiation showed a different ablation behavior as compared with single YGA(SHG) irradiation, and in some cases, multi-irradiation not increased scattering of particles. Time-delayed multi- irradiation (YGA(SHG) excitation after excimer excitation) was effective. 23 figs., 4 tabs.

  17. Theoretical study on instability mechanism of jet-induced sloshing. Model development using Orr-Sommerfeld equation generalized for non-parallel flow; Funryu reiki sloshing gensho no hassei kiko ni kansuru rironteki kenkyu. Hiheiko nagare ni ippankashita Orr-Sommerfeld hoteishiki wo mochiita model ka

    Eguchi, Y. [Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Tokyo (Japan)


    A theoretical model was developed to study the mechanism of free surface sloshing in a vessel induced by a steady vertical jet flow. In the model, jet deflection is calculated with eigen values of the generalized Orr-Sommerfeld equation which is applicable to slightly non-parallel jet. Instability criteria employed in the model are (1) resonace condition between sloshing and jet frequencies and (2) {pi} phase relation between jet displacement at an inlet and global jet deflection. Numerical results of the mathematical model have shown good agreement with experimental ones, which justifies that the inherent instability of free jet itself and edge tone feedback are the main causes of the self-excited sloshing. 9 refs., 10 figs.

  18. Electron attachment coefficient in low E/N regions and a discussion of discharge-instability in KrF laser. ; Analysis by logarithm transformed Boltzmann equation. Tei E/N ryoiki no denshi fuchaku keisu to KrF laser reiki hoden no fuanteisei ni kansuru ichi kosatsu. ; Tai su henkan Boltzmann hoteishiki ni yoru kaiseki

    Kawakami, H.; Urabe, J.; Yukimura, K. (Doshisha Univ., Kyoto (Japan))


    In a discharge excitation rare gas halide excima laser, uniform generation and stable maintenance of the excited discharge determines the laser characteristics. In this report, an approximate solution was obtained on the Boltzmann equation (frequently used for the theoretical analysis of this laser) to examine the nature of the solution. By optimizing the conversion of the variables, calculation of an electron swarm parameter in the hitherto uncertain range of the low conversion electric field was made possible, giving a generation mechanism of the uncertainty of the excited dischareg. The results are summarized as below. (1) The Boltzmann equation gives a linear solution for a logarithmic value of an electron energy in the range of low conversion electric field. (2) Time-wise responce ability between the measured voltage, current characteristics of the excitation discharge was clarified and the attachment and ionization coefficients calculated by Boltzmann equation. (3) Dependency of the attachment coefficient on the partial pressure of fluorine and kripton was examined, and the attachment coefficient was found to increase with the increase of the partial pressure for the both cases. 20 refs., 9 figs., 2 tabs.

  19. Combustion characteristics of stratified mixture. 1st Report. Measurement of mixture distribution in a constant-volume combustion chamber using laser-induced NO2 fluorescence; Sojo kongoki no nensho tokusei ni kansuru kenkyu. 1. Laser reiki NO2 keikoho ni yoru teiyo nenshokinai kongoki bunpu no keisoku

    Fujimoto, M.; Nishida, K.; Hiroyasu, H. [Hiroshima University, Hiroshima (Japan). Faculty of Engineering; Tabata, M. [Mazda Motor Corp., Hiroshima (Japan)


    Laser-induced fluorescence from nitrogen dioxide (NO2) as gas fuel tracer was applied to determine mixture stratification in a pancake-type constant-volume combustion chamber using propane and hydrogen fuels. The second-harmonic output of a pulsed Nd: YAG laser was used as a light source for fluorescence excitation. The fluorescence images were corrected by a gated image-intensified CCD camera. The quantitative analysis of fuel concentration was made possible by the application of linearity between fluorescence intensity and NO2 concentration at a low trace level. The stratified mixture (center-rich or center-lean) was concentrically formed in the central region of the chamber by a jet flow from a tangentially oriented port. The concentration difference in the radial direction of the chamber decreased with time from the start of injection. The rate of decrease was faster for hydrogen than for propane. After 300 ms from start of injection, however, the time histories of the concentration difference were nearly constant for both fuels regardless of overall concentration. 10 refs., 16 figs., 1 tab.

  20. Achievement report for fiscal 1998. Research and development on a new manufacturing method for functional thin films suitable for recycling, and their application to colored glasses (the second year); 1998 nendo seika hokokusho. Recycle ni tekishita kinosei usumaku no shinki seizoho to chakushoku glass eno oyo ni kansuru kenkyu kaihatsu (dai 2 nendo)



    A new thin film manufacturing method is established to add a function to glass material surface, as a new material technology which harmonizes with global environment, and is suitable for resource re-utilization and energy conservation. It is intended to develop a leading technology to promote recycling of colored glasses by applying this technical method to colored glasses. Fiscal 1998 has implemented subsequently to fiscal 1997 the following subjects in the three research items composed of a new manufacturing method of functional thin films, application of the functional thin films to colored glasses, and the comprehensive investigative studies: establishment of an industrial manufacturing method for color coating liquid and evaluation of basic characteristics of the colored functional thin films, optimization of element technology for photo-sensitive gel films by means of chemically modifying metallic alkoxide, tests of forming films on glass bottles and plate glasses by using a coating machine installed in fiscal 1997, design and prototype fabrication of a new demonstration coating machine, and analysis on thermal decomposition of the colored thin films. Optimization was performed on the element technology for manufacturing sol-gel functional thin films, and a survey was carried out on recycling systems of colored glasses adopted in Europe. (NEDO)

  1. Survey report for fiscal 1997 on the survey report on the actual state of technical cooperation on industrial technologies by European countries in the South-eastern Asian region; 1997 nendo Tonan Asia chiiki ni okeru Obei shokoku no sangyo gijutsu ni kansuru gijutsu kyoryoku jittai chosa hokokusho



    The actual state was surveyed on the technical cooperation by European countries in the South-eastern Asian region. The U.S.A. is making research cooperation with Thailand on ethylene molecule structures to enhance productivity in rubber production, France on molecule markers for high production rubber clone selection, and Australia on grain storing and drying methods. For the Philippines, America is giving assistance on management of reproducible resources, France on climate information communications systems for local areas, Australia on grain storing and drying methods, and Germany on waste oil recovery and reutilization, and development of pollution-free energy resources. For Malaysia, the Great Britain is cooperating on building engineering research centers, Australia on search for plant patheology genetic organics available in the Pacific region, and Germany on investigative researches on pollution prevention for tin mines and processing areas, and forestry and plant information systems. With respect to the ASEAN, this paper reports its activities placing importance on biology and electronics engineering, while the organization is taking actions in the areas of foodstuffs, animals, electronics, information and material science, energy exploration, marine and earth physics, and resource development. (NEDO)

  2. Achievement report for fiscal 1998 on area consortium research and development business, 1st year. Area consortium energy research and development (biofuel production by advanced function bioreactor); 1998 nendo chiiki consortium energy bun'ya. Kokino bio reactor ni yoru bio nenryo seisan ni kansuru kenkyu kaihatsu



    Studies were made to produce ethanol directly from starch and cellulose and to collect biodiesel fuels from waste oil by an enzymatic method. For an increase in the yield of biodiesel fuel production, lipase enzymes were explored and optimum reaction conditions were sought for. Starch decomposition was quick for conversion into the target material in a system with the co-expression of amylase and glucoamylase present on the yeast cell surface layer. There was dramatically rapid progress in the increase of enzymatic activity in the cell, although dependent on cell membrane surface treatment conditions. In the generation of acetaminophen by recombinant cohesive yeasts, highly active and expressive yeasts were automatically fixed in the porous support (intelligent bioreactor) while those deactivated or dead were automatically removed. For the construction of a fuzzy control system for this reaction, basic models were investigated, built on the basis of the enzymatic model of reaction and substance balance. A high-precision structural analysis was conducted for the exploration of secondary structure stabilizing factors in protein and peptide and for the elucidation of correlations between structure and function. (NEDO)

  3. Survey report for fiscal 1998. Survey of the current state and tasks of research and development of technologies for effectively utilizing CO{sub 2} fixation by higher vegetation; 1998 nendo chosa hokokusho. Koto shokubutsu ni okeru nisanka tanso koteika yuko riyo gijutsu no kenkyu kaihatsu no genjo to kadai ni kansuru chosa



    Investigations and studies are conducted seeking for a CO2 fixation method improved by utilizing the photosynthesizing function of higher vegetation. Details of higher vegetation genes are being disclosed thanks to the rapid progress of studies making use of molecular biological techniques, and the application of the genetic mechanism to scientific and technological fields is becoming increasingly feasible. In particular, the role of the CO2 fixation enzyme RuBisCO has been elucidated almost completely. It has been learned that, in terms of photosynthesizing capability, the C{sub 4} plants (corn etc.) are 2-3 times higher than the C{sub 3} plants (rice, wheat, etc.), and 5-10 times higher than the CAM plants (cactuses etc.). Studies are also under way about the rice genome so that a photosynthesizing capability so high as that of the C{sub 4} plants may be endowed the rice plant. The metabolism and control of useful substances produced in the CO2 fixation process etc. in the higher vegetation are being investigated, and it is now expected that some day such useful substances will be produced and utilized efficiently. Researches are under way into the relationship between the green leaf that is the organ that performs photosynthesis and the organ (sink) that stores and utilizes starch and sugar is in progress, and now a new field is going to open where vegetables will be fully utilized. (NEDO)

  4. Study of interaction of a pair of longitudinal vortices with a horseshoe vortex around a wing. 1st Report. Potential for passive controlling by a pair of vortex generators; Tsubasa mawari no bateikei uzu to tateuzu no kansho ni kansuru kenkyu. 1. Ittsui no uzu hasseiki ni yoru judo seigyoho no teian

    Hara, H.; Takahashi, M. [Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Tokyo (Japan); Ikeda, K. [Toshiba Corp., Tokyo (Japan); Shizawa, T.; Honami, S. [Science University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    This paper presents a potential for a passive control of a horseshoe vortex at the root of the wing. NACA0024 wing is established on a turbulent boundary layer. A pair of vortex generators of halt delta wing is installed upstream of the wing. The controlled horseshoe vortex is tested qualitatively by flow visualization technique. Also, the potential for controlling is quantitatively investigated by wall static pressure and total pressure. The horseshoe vortex is remarkably controlled in Common Flow Up Configuration (CFUC) of vortex generators. The distortion of the total pressure contours is diminished by 49% and the vortex is located closer to the wing. In case of Common Flow Down Configuration (CFDC), the mass flow averaged pressure loss is decreased by 29% compared with the case without a pair of vortex generators. (author)

  5. Recent energy situation in the U.S. and Europe. Trend of discussions on energy safety security and energy policies in the E.U. and CIS (commonwealth of independent states) countries; Obei ni okeru saikin no energy jijo. Energy anzen hosho ni kansuru giron no doko to EU oyobi CIS shokoku no energy seisaku



    The E.U. intends to establish the stabilized new partnership and economic area, based on free trades and tighter economic cooperation with Mediterranean countries. For the purpose of establishing the effective cooperative relationship in the energy field, the E.U. committee taking the short- and medium-term initiative prepares as follows: The establishment of the European/Mediterranean Energy Forum is thought of. This is for the joint management of cooperation in the energy field and the organization of the conferences and meetings of information exchanges between partners. The discussion is started for the final joining in the organization of partners of Mediterranean countries who do not participate in the Pan-European Energy Charter conference. They study options adoptable for easing investments. They cooperate with the related countries for carrying out the project having common interest in the TENs (Trans-European energy networks) field. The working-out of plans and projects is promoted for coordinating energy projects according to the purposes and procedures of MEDA. 59 refs.

  6. Research on variable swirl intake port for high-speed multivalve DI diesel engine. Effects of port configuration on flow characteristics and swirl generation capacity; 4 ben kogata kosoku DI diesel engine no kahen swirl kyuki port ni kansuru kenkyu. Kyuki port haichi ga ryudo tokusei to swirl seino ni oyobosu eikyo

    Kawashima, J.; Ogawa, H.; Tsuru, Y. [Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    In our previous papers, the variable swirl intake port system which can control a wide swirl ratio range (from 4 to 10) was described. This system consisted of two separate intake ports, one of them has a flow control valve for changing the swirl ratio. In this type of variable swirl system, some variations of port combination, port shape, and position can be designed. In this paper, the intake flow characteristics of various port combinations were analyzed on the basis of a steady-state air flow test and 3-dimensional computations. The results indicate that the total performance of the twin ports can be estimated from that of a single port in any kind of port combination. Some difference in flow patterns were found in a variety of port combinations even if each swirl ratio is similar. The selected port combinations in our previous study are good for a wide swirl control range. 11 refs., 9 figs., 1 tab.

  7. FY 1998 annual report on the research on the possibility of introducing a usable chemical substance manufacturing system by utilizing natural gas containing CO2; CO{sub 2} gan'yu tennen gas den katsuyo ni yoru yuyo kagaku busshitsu seizo system donyu kanosei ni kansuru chosa kenkyu 1998 nendo chosa hokokusho



    The trends of effective use of gas containing CO2 from natural gas fields are surveyed, and usable chemical substance manufacturing systems which utilize natural energy are investigated, evaluated and analyzed, to extract promising systems for effective use of CO2-containing natural gas and thereby to promote its effective use. Chapter 1 outlines possibility of integrated use of gas containing CO2 from natural gas fields and natural gas energy. Chapter 2 describes the research trends in the CO2 conversion reactions for using unexploited CO2 as the carbon source. Chapter 3 describes natural energy utilization technology applicable to gas containing CO2 from natural gas fields. Chapter 4 describes performance of chemical manufacturing systems utilizing natural gas containing CO2. The energy balances and CO2 emission coefficients are estimated, based on the above. The evaluation is implemented in the order of (1) conventional steam reforming, (2) steam reforming in which heat is supplied by a solar furnace, (3) examination of the exhaust gases from a methanol synthesis process, and (4) examination of CO2-mixed reforming. Chapter 5 describes summary and proposals. (NEDO)

  8. Achievement report for fiscal 1998 on the preceding research related to global environment industry technologies. Survey and research on reduction of nitrogen monoxide; 1998 nendo chikyu sangyo gijutsu ni kakawaru sendo kenkyu asanka chisso no haishutsu teigen ni kansuru chosa kenkyu seika hokokusho



    Nitrogen monoxide is a strong greenhouse effect gas having warming up index per molecule 300 times greater than that of CO2, and is designated as the object of reduction in the Kyoto Conference. The present preceding research discusses necessity of performing research and development works related to reducing the emission of nitrogen monoxide, and if it is necessary, places the final objective on proposition of what researches should be planned. Fiscal 1997 being the first fiscal year of the preceding research has surveyed emission amount from different emission sources, and enumerated the research and development assignments. Fiscal 1998 falling under the final fiscal year summarizes the emission amount including the future trends, surveys the feasibility of the promising technological measures through experiments, and proposed finally a research and development plan desired of implementation in the future. The proposal contains a research plan placing development of nitrogen monoxide decomposing catalysts and automobile catalysts as the main objectives. Among the domestic nitrogen monoxide generating sources, about 2/3 is the man-made generation sources, hence catalysts, if developed, may be applied to such facilities as combustion furnaces. (NEDO)

  9. FY 2000 Medical/engineering cooperative research project. Basic research on high-sensitivity gene-aided diagnostic systems for cancers, based on free DNA in blood; 2000 nendo kecchu yuri DNA ni yoru gan no kokando idenshi shindan system ni kansuru kiban kenkyu jisseki hokokusho



    The research and development project is conducted to develop new methods directly related to early discovery of potential cancer patients, and the FY 2000 results are reported. The FY 2000 efforts are directed to improvement of intra-Alu-PCR method as the superhigh-sensitivity quantitative method, almost established in the previous fiscal year, to have higher reliability and simplicity suitable for automatic diagnosis. It is concluded that (there is no difference of significance between normal persons and cancer patients in free DNA concentration in the blood, determined by the Boyle/intra-Alu-PCR method), but this method is confirmed to be useful for prognostic monitoring of the patients who have the marrow or peripheral vessel cell transplant. Detection of qualitative gene abnormality of DNA in the peripheral vessels is investigated using the K-ras, p53 gene. Certain results are obtained by the MSA method for the former, and by the newly introduced WAVE DNA fragment analysis system for the latter. However, there are still a number of problems to be solved before these methods are applicable to screening for general medical examinations. The research on the (analysis of gene abnormality of cancer itself) has made a notable progress. (NEDO)

  10. Experimental investigation of the generation mechanism of aerodynamic noise. 2nd Report. On correlation between surface pressure fluctuation and aerodynamic sound radiated from a circular cylinder; Kurikion no hassei kiko ni kansuru jikken kaiseki. 2. Hyomen atsuryoku hendo to kurikion no sogo sokan ni tsuite

    Iida, A.; Kato, C.; Otaguro, T. [Hitachi, Ltd., Tokyo (Japan); Fujita, H. [Nihon University, Tokyo (Japan). College of Science and Technology


    The mechanism of aerodynamic sound generation from a circular cylinder is investigated experimentally using coherence functions between surface pressure fluctuation and radiated sound at Reynolds numbers from 10{sup 4} to 1.4 {times} 10{sup 5}. The correlation between the surface pressure fluctuation and the radiated sound at the fundamental frequency is good, indicating the strong contribution of ordered structures to aerodynamic sound generation. The characteristic length of ordered structure Lc is estimated using the integral scale of the spanwise coherence function of surface pressure fluctuations. The sound pressure is calculated using a modified Curle`s equation, with the characteristic length and measured surface pressure fluctuations. The predicted spectra of radiated sound are in good agreement with those actually measured up to five times the fundamental frequency. This result shows that Lc, is useful for estimating the character of radiated sound from a circular cylinder. 16 refs., 13 figs., 2 tabs.

  11. Experimental investigation of generation mechanism of aerodynamic noise. 1st Report. On a coherent structure of surface pressure fluctuation on a circular cylinder; Kurikion no hassei kiko ni kansuru jikken kaiseki. 1. Enchu hyomen atsuryoku hendo no kukan kozo ni tsuite

    Iida, A.; Kato, C.; Takano, Y. [Hitachi, Ltd., Tokyo (Japan); Fujita, H. [Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo (Japan)


    Spanwise coherent structure of surface pressure fluctuation on a circular cylinder is studied experimentally in order to obtain quantitative information for understanding the generation mechanism of aerodynamic sound from the cylinder at Reynolds numbers between 5{times}10{sup 3} and 1.4{times}10{sup 5}. Span wise distribution of the coherence function between surface pressures is kept as high as up to several diameters for the frequency components of the so-called orderly structure, or the Karman vortex shedding frequency and its harmonics, while the coherence function for the turbulent frequency component decays rapidly span wise to half-diameter. Span wise coherence function of the surface pressure is calculated as an exponential function of span wise spacing and Reynolds number. The correlation length of the flow structure is found to be inversely proportional to Re{sup 1/2}. 18 refs., 13 figs., 1 tab.

  12. New injector for controllable transient spray characteristics in DI diesel engine. 2nd report. ; Controllability of injection rate and penetration characteristics of new pilot injector. Diesel funmu no katoteki seigyo wo mokuteki to shita inzekuta ni kansuru kenkyu. 2. ; Nozuru kaiben'atsu kahengata pilot inzekuta ni yoru funsharitsu seigyo to penetoreshon tokusei

    Yoshizu, F. (Zexel Corp., Tokyo (Japan))


    The author of this report has studied a spray control system which can make the transient control of spray in the direct injection diesel engine, and has designed and test-manufactured a variable nozzle injection valve opening pressure pilot injector. In this report, in order to obtain the basic data necessary for designing the above new type pilot injector, the effect of the operating condition of the pump on the control of injection rate has been evaluated using a conventional asymmetrical nozzle. Also in the operational condition at which the pilot injection has been obtained, the effect of the seat diameter and lift of the Dodge plunger on the injection rate and the penetration characteristics of the pilot injector has been elucidated. Part of the obtained knowledge is as follows; the injection quantity and separation can be maintained at almost constant values against the variation of the injection quantity, but against the rotating speed of the pump, they depend on the selection of the seat diameter of the Dodge plunger. By changing the above seat diameter and lifting amount, the above injection quantity and separation can be controlled. 3 refs., 11 figs., 1 tab.

  13. Recent trends of deep offshore exploration. From `Survey of Trends and Problems in Floating Structure Operating Technology for Deep Offshore Drilling Systems`; Daisuishin kaiiki ni okeru saikin no tanko kaihatsu doko ni tsuite. `Daisuishin kussaku system no futai un`yo gijutsu i kansuru doko to mondaiten no chosa` yori

    Hosomi, A. [The Institute of Energy Economics, Tokyo (Japan)


    Japan National Oil Corporation`s survey for fiscal 1997 of deepsea mine exploration and exploitation in the world is described. The survey discloses that future potentials are high in the Mediterranean, Asia, and Oceania although the generally known main deepsea oil-producing zones of the world belong in the Atlantic, as exemplified by the western part of the North Sea. The level of oil exploitation in the ocean that has been 200m or shallower in the past is now advancing deeper toward levels lower than 1000m. As for pilot drilling, although a 2000m-deep level is regarded as the limit beyond which progress deeper would be difficult, yet drilling into a 3000m-deep level is now being planned. Among drilling contractors, reorganization is under way through merger and acquisition. Although the total number of rigs has reduced, demand for rigs turned strong in 1996, and the number of rigs is increasing rapidly through new construction or refurbishment. As for ocean development systems, various practical applications have added to the list of available systems. 3 figs., 6 tabs.

  14. Fiscal 1995 survey report on the feasibility study of the environmentally friendly type coal utilization system. Survey on the environmentally friendly type coal utilization system in the coal preparation sector in China; Kankyo chowagata sekitan riyo system kanosei chosa. Chugoku no sentan bumon ni okeru kankyo chowagata sekitan riyo system ni kansuru chosa



    Specifying the coal preparation technology among clean coal technologies (CCT) in China, the paper investigated governmental policies, plans, standards of coal preparation technology, subjects, etc. toward the introduction/spread of coal preparation technology, and studied decision, introduction and spread of the coal preparation system suitable for the coal utilization status in China. The survey was conducted in Shanxi and Henan Provinces which are main provinces of coal production, and field survey was made at some selected coal preparation plants having different operational conditions. In the field survey, problems on the operation were extracted, and points of improvement were studied at the same time. Further, to grasp the positioning of coal preparation in CCT in China, survey was carried out on laws and regulation on coal preparation in terms of energy and environmental policies. Finally, the result of the field survey was analyzed, a coal preparation system of which the introduction/spread in medium- and long-term are enabled was proposed considering the coal utilization status and economic situation in China, and how to introduce/spread it was studied. 35 figs., 42 tabs.

  15. Quantitative analysis of schlieren photographs for internal combustion engine diagnostics. 2nd Report. ; Smoothing of background distortion and analytical results of transient wall-impinging jet. Nainen kikan ni okeru schlieren shashin no teiryoka gazo shoriho ni kansuru kenkyu. 2. ; Background no yugami jokyo, narabini hiteijo hekimen shototsu funryu no kaiseki kekka

    Ouchi, H.; Chikahisa, T.; Murayama, T. (Hokkaido Univ., Sapporo (Japan). Faculty of Engineering)


    It was previously reported, for the research on the internal combustion engine, that the quantitative analysis of Schlieren photographs, one of simple visualization technologies, is effective on the heightening in accuracy of the analysis by Schlieren photographs and however, insufficient in countermeasures against the background distortion, causing errors. Then, by removing background distortion and analyzing Schlieren photographs, taken of transient wall-impinging jet, evaluation was made of the present quantitative analysis. As a result, a method could be shown to effectively correct the background distortion. Further, upon analyzing transient wall-impinging jet by that method, result could be obtained to be sufficiently accurate to grasp its structural characteristics. The resent quantitative analysis is advantageous in capability of, among others, monentarily quantify the two-dimensional phenomenon by a simple unit, and support the quantitative information for the Schlieren measurerment, widely used in the research on the internal combustion engine. 8 refs., 8 figs.

  16. Aerodynamic stability study of a long-span prestressed concrete cable-stayed bridge. Aerodynamic behavior of edge box girder under uniform flow; Chodai PC shachokyo no taifu anteisei ni kansuru kenkyu. Ichiyoryuchu ni okeru edge girder keishiki no kuriki tokusei

    Nomura, T. [Obayashi Corp., Tokyo (Japan)


    In recent years, the construction of long-span bridges is on the increase. Prestressed concrete cable-stayed bridges are dynamically very efficient structures of relatively low cost that blend in well with the landscape. Maintenance is also easy. Consequently, the adoption of edge box girders for cable-stayed bridges is increasing worldwide, but problems related to the aerodynamic stability of the structure have emerged. The aerodynamic stability of edge box girders for a prestressed concrete cable-stayed bridge was investigated under uniform flow conditions by conducting several wind tunnel experiments. As a result, the section of the bridge deck was optimized to prevent torsional flutter within an angle of attack varying from -5 to +5 degrees. It is therefore possible to guarantee the aerodynamic stability of long-span prestressed concrete cable-stayed bridges. (author)

  17. Microstructure and properties of hot roll bonding layer of dissimilar metals. 1. Effect of oxide layer on titanium surface on bonding strength of titanium clad steel by hot roll bonding; Ishu kinzoku no atsuen setsugo kaimen soshiki to shotokusei ni kansuru kenkyu. 1. Atsuen chitan clad ko no kaimen kyodo ni oyobosu chitan hyomen sankabutsuso no eikyo

    Ogawa, K.; Komizo, Y.; Yasuyama, M. [Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd., Osaka (Japan); Ikezaki, H.; Murayama, J.


    The effect of surface oxide layer on the titanium before bonding on the bonding strength of titanium clad steel by hot roll bonding was investigated from a view point of microstructure of the bonding interface. The bonding test of iron and titanium by hot roll bonding at 850{degree}C was conducted under the various surface conditions of titanium plate such as as-relieved, oxidized or machined. The mechanical properties of clad steel was evaluated in terms of tensile test in the rectangular direction to the bonding interface and observation of micro structures of bonding layer. As results, the bonding strength deteriorated remarkably in the clad steel produced using the titanium having oxide layer on the surface comparing with that using the machined surface of titanium. In the clad steel produced using the titanium with surface oxide, uncontinuous intermetallic compound was observed at the interface of {beta}-Ti and Fe, while in the clad steel produced by the titanium without surface oxide, no remarkable intermetallic compound was observed. Oxide layer on the titanium surface promotes the formation of inter metallic compound of titanium and iron at the bonding interface and deterioration of bonding strength. Such oxide layer, however, was found to be not an obstacle to the accomplishment of metallurgical bonding. 6 refs., 13 figs.

  18. Fiscal 1995 survey of the base arrangement promotion for foreign coal import. Investigation on the policy of coal demand stabilization using low grade coal; 1995 nendo kaigaitan yunyu kiban sokushin chosa. Teihin`itan riyo ni yoru sekitan jukyu anteika hosaku ni kansuru chosa



    The paper investigated the trend of and the needs for low grade coal utilization and the seeds of low grade coal utilization technology and studied usability of low grade coal in the future. Importance of low grade coal utilization was described in consideration of features of the Asia/Pacific area in the world coal market, and the trend of production/utilization of low grade coal was examined mostly in countries holding main low grade coals in the Asia/Pacific area. The trend of the technical development contributing to the low grade coal utilization was studied to make it contribute to the extraction of technologies which are regarded as effective in the Asia/Pacific area. A study was made of applicability of the low grade coal utilization technology corresponding to the needs for low grade coal utilization, and at the same time, a study was made of the effect on the coal supply/demand in the Asia/Pacific area in case the low grade coal utilization is promoted helped by the study. Focusing on technical cooperation relating to clean coal technology, a study was conducted of the trend of international cooperation in Japan and various overseas countries and the trend of new cooperation in private sectors, and a discussion was made on how Japan should act toward promotion of low grade coal utilization. 12 figs., 91 tabs.

  19. Fiscal 1998 research report. Survey on development and application of membranes with pores of micron to nano-meter sizes; 1998 nendo chosa kenkyu hokokusho. Makuro kara mikuro (nano mezo dai) size wo motsu, menburenmaku no kaihatsu narabi ni oyo ni kansuru chosa kenkyu



    Researches on preparation of membranes of various materials have been promoted by not systematic technique but separate techniques according to needs of concerned fields. To establish the efficient technique for membranes with pores of required uniform size according to needs of various industries, survey and study were made on process optimization and low-cost production method. Porous membrane is the leading candidate for new separation systems as separation medium in chemical industry, hot gas filtration for energy production and environmental purification engineering. The electrode, separator and gas storage medium of fuel cell vehicles and next-generation batteries require effective porous materials. The workshop on engineering porous materials held in May 1993 confirmed the time of following materials: High-efficiency gas separation membrane, chemical catalytic membrane, fuel cell electrode and absorbent for environmental purification. Development of inorganic membranes more excellent in high-temperature stability, strength, catalytic activity and corrosion resistance than previous polymer membranes is important. (NEDO)

  20. Study on the energy performance of an energy producing and saving house. Part 3. Measurement results of the connecting system to the power grid and prediction of the PV system electric generation residence in Kyushu; So sho energy seino ni kansuru kenkyu. 3. Gyakuchoryu keito renkei system no nenkan jisseki to Kyushu ni okeru jutaku deno hatsudenryo yosoku

    Ishihara, O.; Sakai, K.; Hirakawa, M. [Kumamoto University, Kumamoto (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    Two-year study of an energy-producing/-saving house equipped with a 5kWp photovoltaic power generation system is described, in which the track records of this system capable of back-flow and system interconnection and inverter performance are analyzed, and the power expected to be obtained when photovoltaic power generation systems are installed in some residential houses in the Kyushu area is predicted. In the analysis of the yearly variance in the demand/supply of electric power, it turns out that more is generated in spring than in summer, which is thanks to the good weather in spring, typhoons in summer, and power generation efficiency degraded due to temperature rise in the modules. The amount of photovoltaic cell module-generated power is estimated by performing a multiple regression analysis involving the amount of insolation, outside air temperature, and wind speeds. Furthermore, available power is calculated using a relational expression involving inverter performance. On the assumption of 3kW-capacity photovoltaic power generation systems installed at residential houses at various locations across Kyushu, the expected amount of power to be generated is calculated, which proves to be approximately 3000kWh a year, confirming the effectiveness of the photovoltaic power generation system. 6 refs., 9 figs., 3 tabs.