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  1. Exploring Global Perspectives: An Interview with Yong Zhao

    Henshon, Suzanna E.


    Yong Zhao is Foundations Distinguished Professor in the School of Education with an appointment in the School of Business at the University of Kansas. Prior to joining KU, he served as the Presidential Chair, Director of the Institute for Global and Online Education, and Associate Dean in the College of Education, University of Oregon, where he…

  2. Playing "Catch-Up" with Developing Nations Makes No Sense for U.S.: An Interview with Yong Zhao

    Richardson, Joan


    The United States should not allow itself to be sucked into a competition against developing nations such as China, says Chinese-born American scholar Yong Zhao in an interview with Kappan. Instead, the U.S. should cling to and enhance the characteristics that have made it great, encouraging creativity, flexibility, and curiosity among its…

  3. Take Pictures of the Motherland : Zhao Hui and His Photo Collection "China Story"

    TangJinghua; ZhaoHui


    A story can be narrated in different ways. As to the story about China, Zhao Hui's version is unique. This is a story presented by camera lens, a story that unfolds a cultural China with vitality and grandeur. One can be all but overwhelmed by its new means of presentation, its new concept of photographing,

  4. Rethinking the Growth of Innovative Talents in Globalization Era from the Perspective of Open Online Courses:An Interview with Prof. Yong Zhao%从开放课程谈全球化时代的创新人才培养--访国际教育技术知名学者赵勇教授

    骆力明; 孙众; 魏志慧


    赵勇教授是美国俄勒冈大学知名教授、作家,主要研究全球化教育及教育中的技术应用,曾主持设计致在培养富有全球竞争力的学校体系,开发了支持第二语言学习的大型游戏社区,建立了探索创新教育模式的研究中心。赵勇教授发表100多篇学术文章、20多本专著,获美国教育研究协会( American Educational Research Association,AERA)颁发的早期学术成果奖( Early Academic Career Awards),并被《技术与学习杂志》( Technology & Learning Magazine)评为2010年全球教育技术界最有影响力的十大人物之一。他目前任国际教育学会的理事、美国俄勒冈大学教育学院副院长、全球教育部主席,同时兼任教育评价、政策和领导力系教授。  本次访谈围绕MOOCs、全球化校园、创新人才培养及青年学者发展等主题展开。%Dr. Yong Zhao is an internationally known scholar, author, and speaker. His works focus on the implica-tions of globalization and technology on education. Other than designingprograms to cultivate global competence. he has developed computer games for language learning and has founded research and development institutions to explore innovative education models. He has published over 100 articles and 20 books. Dr. Yong Zhao is a recipient of the Early Career Award from the American Educational Research Association and was named one of the 2012 10 most in-fluential people in educational technology by the Tech&Learn Magazine. He is an elected fellow of the International Academy for Education. He currently is serving as the Presidential Chair and Director of the Institute for Global and Online Education in the College of Education, University of Oregon, where he is also a Professor in the Department of Educational Measurement, Policy, and Leadership. This interview mainly focuseses on the MOOCs, globalization campus, innovative talents educational model, and scholars' academic development. First

  5. Preface in dedication to Professors Yong Jin and Zhiqing Yu

    Jesse Zhu; Xiaotao Bi


    @@ This special issue of China PARTICUOLOGY is dedicated to Professors Yong Jin and Zhiqing Yu of Tsinghua University, China, to celebrate over five decades of their careers in chemical engineering research and education.

  6. Preface in dedication to Professors Yong Jin and Zhiqing Yu

    Jesse; Zhu; Xiaotao; Bi


      This special issue of China PARTICUOLOGY is dedicated to Professors Yong Jin and Zhiqing Yu of Tsinghua University, China, to celebrate over five decades of their careers in chemical engineering research and education.……

  7. SSFA President Sia Yong Receives Title of Friendship Ambassador


    <正>A ceremony was held on May 19 by the CPAFFC to confer upon Sia Yong, president of the Singa Sino Friendship Association (SSFA), the title of Friendship Ambassador in recognition of the contributions he has made to strengthening and developing the relations of friendship and cooperation between China and Singapore. CPAFFC President Chen Haosu, Vice President Li Xiaolin were present at the ceremony. President Chen presented the certificate and medal of Friendship Ambassador to Sia Yong.

  8. Individual Differences in Zhong-Yong tendency and Processing Capacity

    Ting-Yun eChang


    Full Text Available The present study investigated how an individual’s Zhong-Yong tendency is related to his/her perceptual processing capacity. In two experiments, participants completed a Zhong-Yong Thinking Style Scale and performed a redundant-target detection task. Processing capacity was assessed with a nonparametric approach (systems factorial technology, SFT and a parametric (linear ballistic accumulator model, LBA approach. Results converged to suggest a positive correlation between Zhong-Yong tendency and processing capacity. High middle-way thinkers had larger processing capacity in multiple-signal processing compared with low middle-way thinkers, indicating that they processed information more efficiently and in an integrated fashion. Zhong-Yong tendency positively correlates with the processing capacity. These findings suggest that the individual differences in processing capacity can account for the reasons why high middle-way thinkers tend to adopt a global and flexible processing strategy to deal with the external world. Furthermore, the influence of culturally dictated thinking style on cognition can be revealed in a perception task.

  9. SSFA President Sia Yong Receives Title of Friendship Ambassador


    A ceremony was held on May 19 by the CPAFFC to confer upon Sia Yong, presi-dent of the Singa Sino Friendship Association(SSFA), the title of Friendship Ambassador in recognition of the contributions he has made to strengthening and developing the relations of

  10. The Deep Roots of Hui Operao


    HUI Opera Groups arrivalin Beliing for performances200 years ago created a fu-rore,produced Peking opera andpromoted the developmen of val-ious kinds of local operas in China. The earliest Hui opera emergedat the beginning of the sixth centu-ry.It originated in the Qingyangstyle of singing,which was popu-lar in the Jiuhua Mountain areas insouthern Hui.Its fame had spreadthroughout the country by 1522.Book traders of the time compiledthe performed pieces and publishedmore than 10 collections.Some ofthese books went abroad,and nowthe Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris,the Japanese Cabinet Library andthe State Library in Germany allhave several.Later songs by fisher-men along the Yangtze River in theAnqing area were assimilated intothe Qingyaug style and thus a newform of singing,named Bazi sing-ing,emerged.At the same time theQingyang and Shuino styles in theKunshan area in Jiangsu Provincecombined to form Chui singing.

  11. [Professor ZHAO Jiping's meridian diagnosis and treatment for primary dysmenorrhea].

    Tan, Cheng; Zhang, Chang; Zhang, Jiajia; Wang, Jun


    For the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea, professor ZHAO Jiping focuses on meridian diagnosis and inspection, and uses pressing methods to locate the response points along the meridian, including acupoints and aishi points. During the stage of attack, it is essential to press along the spleen meridian, mainly Sanyinjiao (SP 6), Diji (SP 8) and Yinlingquan (SP 9); during the stage of remission, it is essential to press along the bladder meridian and stomach meridian, mainly Ganshu (BL 18), Pishu (BL 20), Weishu (BL 21), Shenshu (BL 23) and Zusanli (ST 36). The differences between deficiency syndrome and excess syndrome lead to the different feelings of doctors and patients. Combined with the results of meridian diagnosis and inspection, the aim of treatment can be achieved by different acupuncture methods. Professor ZHAO pays attention to the treatment of accompanied symptoms and timing of treatment, since the relief of accompanied syndromes and selection of timing are keys to relieving patient's pain.

  12. Hui Students’ Identity Construction in Eastern China: A Postcolonial Critique

    Yuxiang Wang


    Full Text Available In this article, we explored Hui students’ lived experiences in school in eastern China and the impact of their experiences on their identity construction. We used postcolonial theory as a theoretical framework and narrative inquiry as a research methodology to guide questions that we asked, data collection, data analysis, and interpretation and discussion of the findings in the study. We found that schooling for the two Hui students in eastern China is a process of reproducing mainstream Han ideology; taking away their culture, beliefs, knowledge, and identity; and imposing the mainstream Han culture and knowledge on Hui students as truth. The participants, two Hui students in an elementary school in eastern China, accepted the identity constructed by mainstream Han teachers and were confused about their Hui identity.

  13. Translation and cultural adaptation of Health Utilities Index (HUI) Mark 2 (HUI2) and Mark 3 (HUI3) with application to survivors of childhood cancer in Brazil.

    Shimoda, Sandra; de Camargo, Beatriz; Horsman, John; Furlong, William; Lopes, Luiz Fernando; Seber, Adriana; Barr, Ronald D


    There are few publications reporting health-related quality of life (HRQL) in developing nations. Most instruments measuring HRQL have been developed in English-speaking countries. These instruments need to be culturally adapted for use in non-English-speaking countries. The HUI2 and HUI3 are generic, preference-based systems for describing health status and HRQL. Developed in Canada, the systems have been translated into more than a dozen languages and used worldwide in hundreds of studies of clinical and general populations. The Brazilian-Portuguese translation of the HUI systems was supervised by senior HUInc staff having experience with both the HUI systems and translations. The process included two independent forward translations of the multi-attribute health status classification systems and related questionnaires, consensus between translators on a forward translation, back-translation by two independent translators of the forward translation, and review of the back-translations by original developers of the HUI. The final questionnaires were tested by surveying a sample of convenience of 50 patients recruited at the Centro de Tratamento e Pesquisa-Hospital do Cancer in São Paulo, Brazil. Fifty patients were enrolled in the study. No assessor, patient or nurse or physician, reported problems answering the HUI questionnaires. No significant differences were found in mean overall HUI2 or HUI3 utility scores among types of assessors. Variability in scores are similar to those from other studies in Latin America and Canada. Test results provide preliminary evidence that the Brazilian-Portuguese translation is acceptable, understandable, reliable and valid for assessing health-status and HRQL among survivors of cancer in childhood in Brazil.

  14. Gebruik van elektriciteit: Domotica: Huis van de toekomst: Klas 4 havo

    O. van Buuren; M. van der Lee


    Deze module behandelt elektriciteit en automatisering in huis. We richten ons daarbij ook op het huis van de toekomst. Bij de elektriciteitsleer ligt de nadruk op het gebruik van elektriciteit in huis, bij de automatisering op intelligente systemen in huis. Er komt een vervolg module domotica 2 als

  15. Commercial Oil Discovery in Zhao Dong Block of Bohai Bay

    Lin Rujin; Zhu Xiangdong


    @@ China National Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Corporation (CNODC) and XCL-China,Ltd.(XCL) signd the contract for petroleum exploration, development and Production on Zhao Dong Block in Bohai Bay shallow water sea area of P.R.C. on Feb. 10, 1993. The contract area is 197 square kilometers. XCLacts as the Operator for the petroleum operations within the contract area in accordance with the provisions of the contract. In Feb. 1994, XCL assigned one third of its share to Apache China Corporation, and Apache has become the partner of XCL since then. This contract is the first petroleum contract as well as the first cooperative project which gained commercial discovery after CNPC announced to expand the petroleum co-operation with foreign firms on China onshore.

  16. Applicability of the Friedberg-Lee-Zhao Method

    ZHAO Gong-Bo; DING Yi-Bing; LI Xue-Qian; QIAN Ke; WANG Guo-Li; Zhaorigetu


    Friedberg, Lee and Zhao (FLZ) proposed a method for effectively evaluating the eigenenergies and eigen wavefunctions of quantum systems. In this work, we study several special cases to investigate applicability of the method.Concretely, we calculate the ground-state eigenenergy of the Hellmann potential as well as the Cornell potential, and also evaluate the energies of the systems where linear term is added to the Coulomb as a perturbation. The results obtained in this method have a surprising agreement with the traditional method or the numerical results. Since the results in this method have obvious analyticity compared to that in other methods, and because of the simplicity for calculations this method can be applied to solving the Schrodinger equation and provides us a better understanding of the physical essence of the concerned systems. But meanwhile applications of the FLZ method are restricted at present, especially for certain potential forms, but due to its obvious advantages, it should be further developed.

  17. Applicability of the Friedberg-Lee-Zhao method

    Zhao Gong Bo; Li Xue Qian; Wang Guo Li; Zhao, Gong-Bo; Ding, Yi-Bing; Li, Xue-Qian; Wang, Guo-Li


    Friedberg, Lee and Zhao proposed a method for effectively evaluating the eigenenergies and eigen wavefunctions of quantum systems. In this work, we study several special cases to investigate applicability of the method. Concretely, we calculate the ground-state eigenenergy of the Hellmann potential as well as the Cornell potential, and also evaluate the energies of the systems where linear term is added to the Coulomb and harmonic oscillator potentials as a perturbation. The results obtained in this method have a surprising agreement with the traditional method or the numerical results. Since the results in this method have obvious analyticity compared to that in other methods, and because of the simplicity for calculations this method can be applied to solving the Schr\\"{o}dinger equation and provides us better understanding of the physical essence of the concerned systems. But meanwhile applications of the FLZ method are restricted at present, especially for certain potential forms, but due to its obvious a...

  18. Professor LUO Yong-fen's Experience in Treating Facial Paralysis by Acupuncture

    LI Sheng-tao; LUO Yong-fen; XIAO Yuan-chun


    @@ Professor LUO Yong-fenhas been engaged in acupuncture practice, teaching and scientific research for more than 40 years, and has rich and unique experience in the treatment of various disorders by acupuncture. I was lucky to follow professor LUO to do clinical practice and benefited a great deal. Now I summarized professor LUO's experience in the treatment of facial paralysis.

  19. La recherche alpine aujourd’hui

    Jean-Jacques Brun


    Full Text Available Alpine research benefits from several international coordination networks, only one of which – ISCAR (the International Scientific Committee on Research in the Alps – works solely in the Alpine arc. The creation of ISCAR is a consequence of the input and involvement of various Alpine partners around the Alpine Convention. Alpine research now aims to promote an integrated vision of Alpine territories focusing on creating and maintaining spatial and temporal networks of sustainable relationships between humans and the other components of the ecosphere. It combines resource usage with conservation of the biological and cultural diversity that makes up the Alpine identity. This article aims to show: (1 how international Alpine research coordination is organised; (2 the role played by the Alpine Convention as a framework of reference for specifically Alpine research; and (3 the role that the ISCAR international commit-tee and the Interreg “Alpine Space” programmes play in uniting research around territorial challenges relating to biodiversity conservation and territorial development.La recherche sur les Alpes bénéficie de plusieurs réseaux de coordination internationaux dont un seul, le comité international recherche alpine (ISCAR, se consacre exclusivement à l’arc alpin. La création de l’ISCAR est une retombée de la mobilisation des divers partenaires alpins autour de la mise en place de la Convention alpine. Aujourd’hui, la recherche alpine vise à promouvoir une vision intégrée des territoires centrée sur la création et le maintien d’un réseau spatial et temporel de relations durables entre les hommes et les autres composantes de l’écosphère. Elle associe étroitement la mise en valeur des ressources et la conservation des diversités biologiques et culturelles qui constituent l’identité alpine. Cet article a pour ambition de montrer : (1 comment s’organise la coordination internationale des recherches sur les

  20. Interleukin-6 genotypes and serum levels in Chinese Hui population.

    Gao, Shu-Ping; Liang, Shu; Pan, Min; Sun, Rong-Liang; Chen, Chu; Luan, Hong; Jiang, Min-Hui


    Interleukin-6 (IL-6) is a key pro-inflammatory cytokine involved in different physiologic and pathophysiologic processes, and circulating levels of IL-6 differ greatly between individuals. The Chinese Hui is one of the largest ethnic minorities, little is known about the distribution of IL-6 genetic variations and their effects on serum levels in Hui population. The aim of the present study is to determine the prevalence of -174G/C (rs1800795), -597G/A (rs1800797), and -634C/G (rs1800796) polymorphisms in the IL-6 gene promoter region and their association with IL-6 serum levels in the Ningxia Hui population. A total of 96 Hui subjects, (57 men and 39 women; mean age 49.65 ± 19.73 years) unrelated nationality residents in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region were enrolled. Genotyping of the three polymorphisms were performed by polymerase chain reaction and restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) combined with gel electrophoresis and then confirmed by direct sequencing. The -174G/C (97.92% GG, 2.08% GC, and 0% CC) and -597G/A (98.96% GG, 1.04% GA, and 0% AA) polymorphisms were rare. The frequencies of -634C/G genotypes CC, CG, and GG were found to be 54.17%, 40.62%, and 5.21%, respectively in total studied subjects, the derived allele frequencies for the C and G alleles were 74.48% and 25.52%. Increased IL-6 levels were correlated with the IL-6 -634G allele carriers (CG+GG genotypes). The results suggest that IL-6 -174G/C and -597G/A are rare but -634C/G is common in the Ningxia Hui population, and the -634G allele is associated with circulating levels of IL-6.

  1. Interleukin-6 genotypes and serum levels in Chinese Hui population


    Interleukin-6 (IL-6) is a key pro-inflammatory cytokine involved in different physiologic and pathophysiologic processes, and circulating levels of IL-6 differ greatly between individuals. The Chinese Hui is one of the largest ethnic minorities, little is known about the distribution of IL-6 genetic variations and their effects on serum levels in Hui population. The aim of the present study is to determine the prevalence of -174G/C (rs1800795), -597G/A (rs1800797), and -634C/G (rs1800796) pol...

  2. Numerical study of compression corner flowfield using Gao-Yong turbulence model%Numerical study of compression corner flowfield using Gao-Yong turbulence model

    GAO Ge; ZHANG Chang-xian; YAN Wen-hui; WANG Yong


    A numerical simulation of shock wave turbulent boundary layer interaction induced by a 24° compression corner based on Gao-Yong compressible turbulence model was presented.The convection terms and the diffusion terms were calculated using the second-order AUSM(advection upstream splitting method) scheme and the second-order central difference scheme,respectively.The Runge-Kutta time marching method was employed to solve the governing equations for steady state solutions.Significant flow separation-region which indicates highly non-isotropic turbulence structure has been found in the present work due to intensity interaction under the 24° compression corner.Comparisons between the calculated results and experimental data have been carried out,including surface pressure distribution,boundary-layer static pressure profiles and mean velocity profiles.The numerical results agree well with the experimental values,which indicate Gao-Yong compressible turbulence model is suitable for the prediction of shock wave turbulent boundary layer interaction in two-dimensional compression corner flows.

  3. [Professor YANG Zhao-min's contribution to the education of modern acupuncture and moxibustion].

    Dong, Qin; Mu, Yan-Yun; Xia, You-Bing; Zhang, Jian-Bin


    It was completely collected and summarized the teaching history and the relevant historical materials of Professor YANG Zhao-min via consulting the literatures, investigation, interview, etc. in this paper. The summaries indicated that from the beginning of running a school, Professor YANG Zhao-min adhered to the CHENG's moral, worked hard and successfully explored and practiced the training pattern of teaching tour for the personnel training of acupuncture and moxibustion. He established the specialty of acupuncture and moxibustion, formatted courses and inherited the feature of practice teaching. He was in charge of the compilation of textbook and engaged in scientific innovation. He inherited the past and forged ahead into the future and had made the decision to cultivate the personnel of acupuncture and moxibustion. Professor YANG Zhao-min had practiced and developed the modern educational thought from the CHENG Dan-an and had made the important contribution to the training of acupuncture and moxibustion professionals.

  4. Evaluation of dynamic fracture toughness for Yong Gwang unit 5 reactor pressure vessel materials (Baseline Tests)

    Chi Se Hwan; Kim, Joo Hag; Hong, Jun Hwa; Kwon, Sun Chil; Lee, Bong Sang [Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Taejon (Korea)


    The dynamic fracture toughness (K{sub d}) of intermediate shell and its weld in SA 508 CI. 3 Yong Gwang 5 reactor pressure vessel was determined and evaluated. Precracked thirty six Charpy specimens were tested by using an instrumented impact tester. The purpose of present work is to evaluate and confirm the un-irradiated dynamic fracture toughness and to provide pre-irradiation baseline data for future evaluation on dynamic fracture toughness change during operation. 18 refs., 5 figs., 5 tabs. (Author)

  5. Valores, Creencias Y Objectivos: Base del programa de la Escuela Experimental P.K. Yonge. (Values, Beliefs and Objectives: The Basis of Experimental Schools P.K. Yonge's Program.)

    Florida Univ., Gainesville. Coll. of Education.

    The values, beliefs, and objectives that form the core of the program at the Experimental School P.K. Yonge in the University of Florida are presented in this paper which is written in Spanish. This experimental school serves approximately 900 students from grades one through twelve. The function of the school is to conduct research to solve…

  6. Evaluation of psoralen ethosomes for topical delivery in rats by using in vivo microdialysis

    Zhang YT; Shen LN; Zhao JH; Feng NP


    Yong-Tai Zhang, Li-Na Shen, Ji-Hui Zhao, Nian-Ping FengDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai, People's Republic of ChinaAbstract: This study aimed to improve skin permeation and deposition of psoralen by using ethosomes and to investigate real-time drug release in the deep skin in rats. We used a uniform design method to evaluate the effects of different ethosome formulations on entrapment efficiency and drug skin depositi...

  7. Kandelia obovata (S., L.) Yong tolerance mechanisms to Cadmium: subcellular distribution, chemical forms and thiol pools.

    Weng, Bosen; Xie, Xiangyu; Weiss, Dominik J; Liu, Jingchun; Lu, Haoliang; Yan, Chongling


    In order to explore the detoxification mechanisms adopted by mangrove under cadmium (Cd) stress, we investigated the subcellular distribution and chemical forms of Cd, in addition to the change of the thiol pools in Kandelia obovata (S., L.) Yong, which were cultivated in sandy culture medium treated with sequential Cd solution. We found that Cd addition caused a proportional increase of Cd in the organs of K. obovata. The investigation of subcellular distribution verified that most of the Cd was localized in the cell wall, and the lowest was in the membrane. Results showed sodium chloride and acetic acid extractable Cd fractions were dominant. The contents of non-protein thiol compounds, Glutathione and phytochelatins in K. obovata were enhanced by the increasing strength of Cd treatment. Therefore, K. obovata can be defined as Cd tolerant plant, which base on cell wall compartmentalization, as well as protein and organic acids combination.

  8. A novel alkaloid from the fruiting bodies of Ganoderma sinense Zhao,Xu et Zhang


    A new alkaloid,sinensine(1),had been isolated from the fruiting bodies of Ganoderma sinense Zhao,Xu et Zhang.Its structure was elucidated on the basis of 1D and 2D spectral analysis.This alkaloid exhibited activity in protecting the injury induced by hydrogen peroxide oxidation on HUVEC,with EC_(50) value 6.2μmol/L.


    Corina-Amelia GEORGESCU


    Full Text Available Du point de vue historique, le XXe siècle est le siècle le plus bouleversé de l’histoire connue de l’humanité, se caractérisant par plusieurs événements majeurs. C’est dans ce contexte que Jean-Paul Sartre se fraie un chemin dans la vie littéraire française en y apportant un souffle nouveau. Notre travail se propose d’analyser la pièce Huis clos dans le but de démontrer que lorque l’on parle de l’espace de l’emprisonnement, on doit prendre en considération qu’il ne s’agit pas d’un seul type d’espace et que celui-ci se multiplie justement pour rendre l’impossibilité d’y échapper.

  10. La langue scientifique arabe hier et aujourd'hui

    Layal Merhy


    Full Text Available Cet article propose un exposé concis des statuts de la langue scientifique arabe entre hier et aujourd'hui. Après avoir rapidement décrit le rôle des médias dans l'évolution de la langue, l'étude cherche à observer - dans le cadre de la diffusion sociale du savoir - le développement de la communication scientifique dans le Monde Arabe. Aussitôt, cette tentative d'analyse tâche de repérer les contraintes qui freinent l'évolution scientifique et linguistique dans les pays arabes et d'ouvrir la voie à des perspectives d'amélioration futures.

  11. 浅析邕剧排场戏%A Brief Analysis of "Paichang Play" of Yong Opera

    洪琪; 洪珏


    Yong opera,a unique local dramas,represents peculiar local cultural card of Nanning."Paichang Play",which was developed during Yong opera development process,is the general basic component refined from classical repertoire.The case analysis of"Guoshan Play"and "Shouzhuang Play"shows that "Paichang Play" is the comprehensive application of basic skill and performance program of Yong opera,which should be excavated and organized for educational inheritance,promotion of operas characteristics as well as for local cultural development of Nanning.%邕剧是南宁市独有的地方戏曲剧种,是南宁市独具一格的地方文化名片。"排场戏"是邕剧发展历史上形成的,是从经典剧目中概括提炼出来的一种通用的基本构件。通过对"过山""收状"等实例分析,论证"排场戏"是邕剧基本功和表演程式的综合运用,应及时发掘整理,以利教学传承,弘扬剧种特色,为南宁地方文化发展作出贡献。

  12. Introduction to Dr. ZHAO Guo-cen's Experience in Treating Chronic Atrophic Gastritis

    ZHAO Yi; YU Yue-juan; XIAO Yuan-chun


    @@ ZHAO Guo-cen, a senior doctor born in 1937, is a member of China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and one of the 500 well-known supervisors qualified to instruct disciples. He was born into a Chinese medicine family and has been engaging himself in the treatment of digestive disorders. He is an expert at internal medicine and acupuncture. His main clinical experience is summarized as "Nourishing spleen and stomach to treat digestive disorders, nourishing spleen and kidneys to treat diabetes mellitus, supplementing heart-qi and activating stagnated blood to treat chest distress, and restoring kidney-qi and balancing yin and yang to treat infertility."

  13. 看赵本山如何经商%How does Zhao Benshan Run a Business



    赵本山的“刘老根北京会馆”在北京前门大街举行盛大开业仪式时,整条街全部限行.各界名流相继到场,浩大的场面给足了他面子。会馆是刘老根品牌之下的延伸品.以东北的“黑土文化“为主要风格,内饰极尽奢华.消费之高令普通大众望而兴叹。”刘老根北京会馆“是赵本山的又一大商业得意之作,也是赵本山盈利模式多元化的标志性事件。%Zhao Benshan, the most popular Chinese skit and sitcom actor with an unpretentious image of the peasant, has become the first of the super-rich among the famous stars in China to havehis own plane. He was born in a poor peasant family in Northeast China. Zhao Benshan gained immediate prominence around the country for his first appearance in the CCTV New Year's Gala in the late 1980s. After that, he became a pillar of the show and appeared in each New Year's Gala for over 20 years.

  14. 赵长卿世系考证%Text Research on Zhao Changqing' Genealony



    以往词学界虽然认定赵长卿是宗室词人,却未详其世系。根据明代王玺、程三省万历14年(1586)刊本《南丰县志》和清代卢嵩、朱若炬乾隆30年(1765)刊本《南丰县志》考证:赵长卿名师拱,秦王赵德芳一系,太祖八世孙。%Zhao Changqing is known as a royal clan ci-poet in ci-poem study realm , his genealogy is not known. Zhao Changqing' first name is Shi gong , genealogy of Qing lord De fang, the descendant of the eighth of emperor Song Taizong through text research from Nanfeng County compiled by Wang Mi published in the fourteenth Wan Li (1586) of Ming dynasty and Nanfeng County compiled by Lu Song and Zhu Ruoheng published in the thirtyth Qian Long of Qing dynasty.

  15. Zhao JiBin emphasizes China Tietong should enlarge private network coverage and make great progress in network regionalization


    @@ President Zhao Jibin of China Titong goes to Jiangsu to do some surveys and after listening to the working report of Jiangsu Tietong, he inspects the network development in Nanjing, Suzhou, Changzhou and other cities. Zhao JiBin emphasizes China Tietong should be on the way of "enlarge private network coverage and make great progress in network regionalization", make every effort to lay a solid management foundation and improve management level so as to ensure the accurate orientation and implement of the whole development strategy. All members of China Tietong must hold a clear understanding about future development direction.

  16. Road Accident Analysis: A Case Study of Federal Route FT024 Yong Peng- Parit Sulong

    Mohd Masirin Mohd Idrus


    Full Text Available Traffic accidents are considered as an unplanned and unfortunate event which is a serious concern to the community as well as the authority. An accident-counter measure can reduce the rate of road accidents by initially identifying critical locations. The total of road accidents along FT 024 between 2009 and 2012 is 907 cases. Road accidents during the same period range between 24 % and 26 % each year. These accidents killed 34 people and injuring another 101 people. This research aims to identify factors that may contribute to the cause of accidents and to study the effects of speed, volume and road geometry on road accidents. In this study, the locations labelled as km 1, km 2, km 4, km 8, km 5 and km 14 of Federal Route FT 024 Yong Peng – Parit Sulong were selected as the study-case sections based on Accident Point Weightage of ranking, in which each location has different road characteristics. Speed study was carried out at selected road sections to evaluate the influence of speed upon road accidents; and traffic volume count was conducted at the same selected road sections to determine the existing condition of the route. Besides, road geometry observations and measurements were also conducted at selected sections, they were also studied to evaluate influence of road designs upon road accidents. The extracted data were analyzed by using regression analysis on different variables to evaluate the relationship between accident Weightage point and other dependent variables that were considered to have considerable effects upon road accidents such as mean speed, volume, shoulder width, lane width and access point. P value below 0.05 was considered as statistically significant. After conducting data analysis, this study showed that the number of road accidents increases with the increment of speed and access point. On the other hand, volume has no strong relationship to road accidents which means that it may not have an effect on accidents

  17. South Korea Welcoming More Investment from China——An Exclusive Interview with Mr.Zhao Huanyi, President of KOTRA

    Yan Manman


    @@ On April 27,the Fourth Chinese Enterpriscs Outbound Investment Conference was held in Beijing.At the parallel session of Invest in South Korea,Mr.Zhao Huanyi,President of KOTRA gladly accepted the exclusive interview of China's Foreign Trade.

  18. China's IPR Mechanism:A Brilliant Decade——An Exclusive Interview with Li Yong, General Director of China Patent Agent (H.K) Ltd

    Zhao Ailing


    @@ In the past ten years since China's entry into the WTO, great changes have taken place in the domestic and international environment of corporate intellectual property rights.What inspirations can we get from these changes? On this topic, China's Foreign Trade reporter interviewed Li Yong, managing director of China Patent Agent (H.K) Ltd.

  19. Proof and Pedagogy in Ancient China: Examples from Liu Hui's Commentary on "JIU ZHANG SUAN SHU".

    Siu, Man-Keung


    Illustrates the pedagogical implications embodied in Liu Hui's discussion on the ancient Chinese mathematical classic "JIU ZHANG SUAN SHU" (Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art) with respect to aspects of proof and, more generally, the role of proof in mathematics. Provides examples involving area and volume. (Contains 25 references.) (MDH)

  20. When Liu Hui Meets Archimedes: Students' Epistemological and Cultural Interpretations of Mathematics

    Liu, Po-Hung


    The present study aimed to investigate in what way and to what extent Taiwanese college students' epistemological views of mathematics had evolved during a history-based liberal arts mathematics course titled: "When Liu Hui Meets Archimedes--Development of Eastern and Western Mathematics." The course was designed to help college students…


    Zhu Bofeng; Lü Guiping; Yao Guifa; Zhu Jun; Dong Hongwang; Sun Qingdong; Huang Lei; Liu Yao


    Objective To study genetic polymorphism of 6 Y chromosomal STR in Hui ethnic group living in Ningxia Hui ethnic autonomous region, in order to evaluate their usefulness in forensic science and enrich the Chinese genetic information resources. Methods We investigated 101 unrelated, healthy, male individuals of Hui ethnic group and studied their allelic frequency distribution and haplotype diversity of 6 Y chromosomal STR. Primer for each loci was labeled with the fluorescent by FAM (blue) or TAMRA(yellow). The data of Hui ethnic group were generated co-amplification, GeneScan, genotype, and genetic distribution analysis. Results 31 alleles and 43 phenotype(DYS385) were detected, with the frequencies ranging from 0.0099-0.7129. Out of a total of 101 individuals, 96 showed different haplotypes; 91 were unique; 5 were found 2 times. The haplotype diversity for 6 Y-STR loci was 0.9990. Conclusion The date obtained can be valuable for individual identification, paternity testing in forensic fields and for population genetics because of 6 Y-STR loci high polymorphism.

  2. Shedaoenase, a Novel Fibrinogenase from the Venom of Agkistrodon shedaoenthesis Zhao

    Hao-Mang JIAO; Li-Xia YANG; Bin LU; Yu-Qun WU; Yuan-Cong ZHOU


    Shedaoenase, a serine protease, was isolated from the venom of Agkistrodon shedaoenthesis Zhao with an apparent molecular mass of 36 kDa. It was purified by affinity chromatography on arginine Sepharose 4B column and anion exchange on Mono Q fast protein liquid chromatography. Shedaoenase preferentially cleaved the Aα-chain of human fibrinogen and slowly digested the Bβ-chain. It also showed arginyl esterase activity using Nα-benzoyl-L-arginine ethyl ester as a substrate, and some synthetic chromogentic substrates, such as Chromozym PL, S-2266, and S-2160, could also be hydrolyzed. The enzyme activity of shedaoenase could be completely inhibited by phenylmethylsulphonylfluoride and could be little inhibited by the chelating reagent EDTA. The N-terminal sequence of shedaoenase was determined, and its full-length cDNA encoding a protein of 238 amino acid residues was cloned by reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction from the total mRNA extracted from the snake venom gland. The deduced primary sequence of shedaoenase shares significant homology with other snake venom serine proteases.

  3. Purification, Gene Cloning and Expression of an Acidic Phospholipase A2 from Agkistrodon shedaoensis Zhao

    Qian JIN; Li-Xia YANG; Hao-Mang JIAO; Bin LU; Yu-Qun WU; Yuan-Cong ZHOU


    A protein with the activity of phospholipase A2 named asAPLA2 was purified to homogeneity from the venom of Agkistrodon shedaoensis Zhao through DEAE-Sepharose CL-6B anion exchange column,Source S and Mono Q FPLC. Its molecular weight was estimated as 19 kD by SDS-PAGE and its pI was about 3.5 by IEF analysis. It inhibits the platelet aggregation that was induced by 1 μmol/L ADP, and the IC50 was determined to be 6 μmol/L. Degenerate primer was designed and synthesized according to the Nterminal amino acid sequence of asAPLA2. Its full-length cDNA was cloned by RT-PCR from the total RNA extracted from the snake venom gland. According to the deduced amino acid sequence, its molecular weight and pI are determined to be 13,649 and 4.39 respectively as calculated by DNAclub and DNAstar softwares.The gene was then cloned into the expression plasmid pET-40b(+) and expressed in E. Coli BL21(DE3).Western blot analysis indicated that the expressed protein cross-reacted with the antibody against the nativeenzyme.

  4. Purification, Gene Cloning and Expression of an Acidic Phospholipase A2 from Agkistrodon shedaoensis Zhao

    QianJIN; Li-XiaYANG; Hao-MangJIAO; BinLU; Yu-QunWU; Yuan-CongZHOU


    A protein with the activity of phospholipase A2 named asAPLA2 was pmified to homogeneity from the venom of Agkistrodon shedaoensis Zhao through DEAE-Sepharose CL-6B anion exchange column,Source S and Mono Q FPLC. Its molecular weight was estimated as 19kD by SDS-PAGE and its pI was about 3.5 by IEF analysis. It inhibits the platelet aggregation that was induced by 1μmol/L ADP, and the IC50 was determined to be 6μmol/L. Degenerate primer was designed and synthesized according to the Nterminal amino acid sequence of asAPLA2. Its full-length cDNA was cloned by RT-PCR from the total RNA extracted from the snake venom gland. According to the deduced amino acid sequence, its molecular weight and pI are determined to be 13,649 and 4.39 respectively as calculated by DNAclub and DNAstar softwares.The gene was then cloned into the expression plasmid pET-40b(+) and expressed in E.coli BL21(DE3).Western blot analysis indicated that the expressed protein cross-reacted with the antibc dy against the native enzyme.

  5. Did Zhao & Qin Solve the Apparant Conflict Beween Gravitational Lens Time Delays, Dark Matter and the Hubble Constant?


    The solution proposed by Zhao & Qin to the apparent conflict between gravitational lens time delays, local estimates of the Hubble constant and current expectations for the structure of CDM halos is discussed. Two essential points emerge. First, the degeneracy is exactly the same as the local surface density degeneracy previously discussed in the literature. Second, the proposed mass distribution is inconsistent with CDM halo models. The Hubble constant is raised by making the dark matter far...

  6. Discussion on the Tragic Pleasure of Zhao's Orphan%论《赵氏孤儿》的悲剧快感



    《赵氏孤儿》是著名的古典悲剧,给人带来悲的世界,但这种悲不是绝望的悲,是一种给人奋发向上的悲。悲剧中既有痛感的体现,也有一种快感在其中。讨论《赵氏孤儿》戏剧的悲剧快感,主要从韩厥两难处境、屠岸贾的过场作用对《赵氏孤儿》加以审美的分析和提炼,从艺术自身的角度看待《赵氏孤儿》方能体会到它长久不衰的魅力。%Zhao's Orphan is a famous classical tragedy,which brings us a world of huge grief. However,the grief is not a despair but an inspiration. The tragedy is a mixture of the pain and the pleasure. This paper discusses the tragic pleasure of Zhao's Orphan, mainly from the dilemma of Han Jue and the interlude role of Tu An-gu. Only by analyzing and refining the text from aesthetic vision and loo-king on Zhao's Orphan from art perspective, can we experience its everlasting charm.

  7. Introduction to Professor ZHENG Hui-tian's Clinical Experience in Treating Urethral Syndrome

    YUAN Ling-song; YUAN Shun-xing; HAUNG Guo-qi


    @@ Prof. ZHENG Hui-tian organized the project of "Acupuncture Treatment of Urethral Syndrome by the Method to Reinforce the Kidney and Warm Yang", which won the second prize for scientific achievements awarded by State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the second prize for the scientific achievements awarded by Shanghai Municipal Science Commission in 1996 and was introduced to the whole nation as a scientific achievement of traditional Chinese medicine in 1997.

  8. 昭宗与唐末文坛%ZhaoZong Emperor and the Tang Dynaste last phase literary circles



    昭宗通过整治科场不公,希望选拔儒学忠贞之士为其所用,但其整治行动不过是治标不治本的临时之举,难免人亡政息。较之于父、兄(懿、僖二帝),昭宗个人品格强之数倍,其行实对于韩偓等人的创作起了正面积极的影响,其他文坛创作,即使有细枝末节上的批评也是出自于爱深恨切的忠心。昭宗《菩萨蛮》诸词,深受唐末文坛词作兴盛风尚影响,并首将家国兴亡之感写入,下启李煜,文学史意义不容低估。遇弑后,限于恐怖时代氛围,文坛未能形成口诛笔伐的讨逆行动,但忠义之士,如韦庄、罗隐、韩偓等人,仍发出了正义的呐喊。昭宗与唐末文坛的互动与关联,显示出其人格品行的正面影响价值。%Zhao Zong through regulation since the injustice, hope selection Confucianism of loyalty and chastity for its use, but the campaign is only temporary stopgap, is that.Compared with father and brother Yi, Xi two times of emperor, Zhao Zong character strong, the real for the creation of Han Wo, played a positive impact, other literary creation even with all the minor details of criticis-malso from a love hate cutting deep loyalty.Zhao Zong Pusa of theword, by the end of the Tang Dynasty literary words for the pros-perity ofthe country and the first fashion, a sense of the rise and fall into, and Li Yu, the significance of literary history should not be underestimated.In case of murder, limited to terrorist atmosphere of the times, literaturehas not formed for inverse action condemn both in speech and in writing, but loyalty such as Weizhuang, Luo Yin, Han Wo et al., still gave out just loud cry.Interaction and correlation of Zhao Zong and late Tang Dynasty literature, indicate the positive influence the personality value, worth.

  9. Commentary: Leveraging discovery science to advance child and adolescent psychiatric research--a commentary on Zhao and Castellanos 2016.

    Mennes, Maarten


    'Big Data' and 'Population Imaging' are becoming integral parts of inspiring research aimed at delineating the biological underpinnings of psychiatric disorders. The scientific strategies currently associated with big data and population imaging are typically embedded in so-called discovery science, thereby pointing to the hypothesis-generating rather than hypothesis-testing nature of discovery science. In this issue, Yihong Zhao and F. Xavier Castellanos provide a compelling overview of strategies for discovery science aimed at progressing our understanding of neuropsychiatric disorders. In particular, they focus on efforts in genetic and neuroimaging research, which, together with extended behavioural testing, form the main pillars of psychopathology research.

  10. Association of Apo-E gene polymorphism with biochemical and lipid metabolism parameters in patients with diabetic nephropathy of Hui and Han populations in Gansu Province



    Objective To study the association of apolipoprotein (Apo) E gene polymorphism with difference in biochemical metabolism of diabetic nephropathy of Hui and Han populations. Methods ApoE genotype was determined by PCR-RFLP in diabetic patients with or without diabetic nephropathy (DN) and normal peoples in Hui and Han peoples, the related biochemical parameters were simultaneously detected. Results (1) Huis had 3 genotypes, i. e. E2/E3, E3/E3 and E3/E4, and their fre-

  11. 赵孟频行书艺术浅说%Compendious Narration of ZHAO Meng-fu's Running Script

    韩彬; 孙锡玮


    赵盂频是元代著名的书法家,他师法古人,推崇经典,汲取名家之长,形成风格独特的赵字。赵氏各体兼擅,以行书最为出众,其用笔圆润宛转,结体严谨,骨气隐含,具有中和之美,对后世书法艺术事业的发展影响深远。%ZHAO Meng-fu was a famous calligrapher of the Yuan Dynasty. He folIowed the examples of the ancients, praising the classics and learning from the merits of masters, which combined with his own cal- ligraphy characteristics to form the unique ZHAO Style. ZHA0 was good at all forms of writing while his running script was the most outstanding, which was gentle but well structured with the visual impression of a temper force with mercy. ZHA0 Style deeply influences the following development of Chinese calligra- phy.

  12. Sound-mixing Mutations in Bai Language of Zhao Zhuang%赵庄白语的合音音变


      赵庄白语属白语南部方言大理土语。在语流中,有些音节由于受到前后其他音节的影响而产生合音音变。赵庄白语的合音音变有合音变调、合音变韵两种形式。当表示语法意义的虚词位于动词、量词等意义更为实在的词类后面时,发生合音变调;当后一音节比前一音节意义更实在时,常发生合音变韵。%Bai language of Zhao Zhuang Language is a southern dialect of Bai. Due to the influence of the syllables before and after, sound-mixing mutations often appears. There are two sound-mixing mutations in Bai language of Zhao Zhuang:tone mutations and final sound mutations. The tone changes when a empty word that expresses grammatical meanings is put before a notional word like verb and qualifier. The final sound changes in the opposite situation.

  13. Les Totonaques aujourd’hui, entre crise du développement et nouvelles revendications

    Nicolas Ellison


    Full Text Available La population de langue totonaque, qui compte aujourd’hui un peu plus de 400,000 locuteurs, se concentre principalement dans le nord-est de l’Etat de Puebla et le centre-nord de l’Etat de Veracruz. C’est la région du Totonacapan, le « pays totonaque ». La langue totonaque constitue avec le tepehua un groupe isolé, mais on sait que les Totonaques ont participé à la construction des fameuses pyramides de Teotihuacan (au nord de Mexico avant de s’installer sur le pourtour du Golfe du Mexique, ...

  14. 邵雍思想中的性命之学%Learning of Life and Destiny in Shao Yong's Thought



    性命之学在邵雍学说中占有比较独特的地位,其学贯儒道二教,并在人性学说上将两家的思想加以融合,建构了一套独特的思想学说.在人性论方面秉承着儒家的道德伦理观念,并使之与道家的自然学说相融合,将人的自然属性和社会属性融合在一起,其从人的自然属性方面入手,指出人灵于万物,同时又以儒家的道德属性为终点,以仁义礼智等来论述性命之学,为后世人性学的发展提供一种发展之路.%The learning of life and destiny takes a unique position in ShaoYong's theory which combines the thoughts of Confucianism and Taoism in life and destiny theory and then constructs his own one. In accordance with the ethical and moral rules of Confucianism in the theory of human nature while linking it with the naturalistic explanations of Taoism, he combines the natural qualities of human being withthe social quality. Starting with the natural quality of human being, he points out that human being is superior to everything in the universe. At the same time, ending with the moral attribute of Confucianism, he analyzes life and destiny theory based onthe four cardinal virtues of humanity, justice, propriety and wisdom which pushes the development of the learning of life and destiny in later ages.

  15. Chemical compositions of PM2.5 aerosol during haze periods in the mountainous city of Yong'an, China

    Liqian Yin; Zhenchuan Niu; Xiaoqiu Chen; Jinsheng Chen; Lingling Xu; Fuwang Zhang


    Haze phenomena were found to have an increasing tendency in recent years in Yong'an,a mountainous industrial city located in the center part of Fujian Province,China.Atmospheric fine particles (PM2.5) in the urban area during haze periods in three seasons (spring,autumn and winter) from 2007 to 2008 were collected,and the mass concentrations and chemical compositions (seventeen elements,water soluble inorganic ions (WSlls) and carbonaceous Slecies) of PM2.5 were determined.PM25 mass concentrations did not show a distinct difference among the three seasons.The carbonaceous species organic carbon (OC) and elemental carbon (EC) constituted up to 19.2%-30.4% of the PM2.5 mass during sampling periods,while WSIIs made up 25.3%-52.5% of the PM2.5 mass.The major ions in PM2.5 were SO42-,NO3- and NH4+,while the major elements were Si,K,Pb,Zn,Ca and Al.The experimental results (from data based on three haze periods with a 10-day sampling length for each period) showed that the crustal element species was the most abundant component of PM2.5 in spring,and the secondary ions species (SO42-,NO3-,NH4+,etc.) was the most abundant component in PM2.5 in autumn and winter.This indicated that dust was the primary pollution source for PM2.5 in spring and combustion and traffic emissions could be the main pollution sources for PM2.5 in autumn and winter.Generally,coal combustion and traffic emissions were considered to be the most prominent pollution sources for this city on haze days.

  16. Comparison of the HUI3 and the EQ-5D-3L in a nursing home setting


    Background Accurately assessing changes in the quality of life of older people living permanently in nursing homes is important. The multi-attribute utility instrument most commonly used and recommended to assess health-related quality of life in the nursing home population is the three-level EuroQol EQ-5D-3L. To date, there have been no studies using the Health Utilities Index Mark III (HUI3). The purpose of this study was to compare the level of agreement and sensitivity to change of the EQ-5D-3L and HUI3 in a nursing home population. Methods EQ-5D-3L and HUI3 scores were measured as part of a cluster randomised controlled trial of nurse led care coordination in a nursing home population in Perth, Western Australia at baseline and 6-month follow up. Results Both measures were completed for 199 residents at baseline and 177 at 6-month follow-up. Mean baseline utility scores for EQ-5D-3L (0.45; 95% CI 0.41–0.49) and HUI3 (0.15; 95% CI 0.10–0.20) were significantly different (Wilcoxon signed rank test, p<0.01) and agreement was poor to moderate between absolute scores from each instrument (intra-class correlation coefficient = 0.63). The EQ-5D-3L appeared more sensitive to change over the 6-month period. Conclusion Our findings show that the EQ-5D-3L and HUI3 estimate different utility scores among nursing home residents. These differences should be taken into account, particularly when considering the implications of the cost-effectiveness of particular interventions and we conclude that the HUI3 is no better suited to measuring health-related quality of life in a nursing home population when compared to the EQ-5D-3L. PMID:28234983


    Andyni Khosasih


    Full Text Available This paper discusses the language and style used in Novel entitled Dengji, one of the famous novels written by Zhao Shuli. This paper also discusses deeper about the content of the novel, the framework and the characters in the novel. It is found that first, the writer uses simple language and easy to understand. The objective of the writer to use simple language is because it is objected to the farmers with lower level of education. Second, the frame of the novel is clear. Therefore, the readers can easily follow the thought and ideas of the writer. Third, the women characters in this novel are divided into two types. The first type is the ones who keep the feudalism view, and the other is the one who are against the view.

  18. [Contribution of ZHAO ji-an, a modern famous doctor handed down from ancestors, to the acupuncture and moxibustion cause ].

    Zhao, Shou-Mao


    ZHAO Jian was a modern famous doctor of Shanxi province, a family of TCM handed down from ancestors, with unique academic thought and manipulation of acupuncture and moxibustion, and made important contribution to the acup-moxibustion sciences, mainly including paying attention to medical ethics, noble character and high prestige, originating "the crimes of indiscriminately passing on acupuncture and moxibustion"; writing scholarly works, developing Chinese national culture; constantly creating needling instruments; paying attention to treating mind, regulating yin and yang, advocating treating both mind and form; promoting free circulation of qi to kill pain, combination of acupuncture with massage, originating "alternate application of mental needles and digital needling "; inheriting ancient medicine and ancient acupuncture and moxibustion methods, originating no-pain inserting needle method, and combination of acupuncture and moxibustion with massage.

  19. 赵云故里、故居辨证(上)%Differentiation of Zhao Yu's Native Place and His Former Residence



    故里与故居是相联系而有区别的两个概念。赵云籍贯,“常山真定”很明确,具体到乡里目前则无文献与文物资料证明。由于古今行政区划变迁,人们对于赵云故里形成了多种不同的看法。东垣、真定、东古城的变迁,真定、正定的由来变化以及房子临城沿革、民间传说、坟墓等,无不说明了赵云故里应依据《三国志·赵云传》“赵云,字子龙,常山真定人也”的记载,在东汉真定县(治今河北石家庄市长安区东古城)辖区内寻找,正定县城不会有赵云的故居,临城县不会是赵云的故里,故里碑不能作为确定赵云故里的依据。%Guli(native place) and Guju(former residence) are related but different. Changshan Zhending is Zhao Yun's definite native place;however,there are no documents and natural relics to testify where his village is. Owing to the changes of administrative division of the past and present,opinions on Zhao's na-tive place differ. Considering the changes of Dongyuan,Zhending and Donggucheng,the origin of Zhending and Zhengding,the evolution of houses,folktales and tombs,the confirmation of Zhao's native place should be based on "Zhao Yun,styled Zilong,residence of Changshan Zhending" recorded in History of Thre e Kindoms·The Life of Zhao Y un. Zhao's native place can be found in Zhending County of the Easter Han Dynasty (present Donggucheng,Chang'an District, Shijiazhuang,Hebei),and his former residence cannot be found in Zhengding County. Lincheng County is not Zhao's native place for a stone tablet of native place cannot be ascertained to be his native place.

  20. Differentiation of Zhao Yu's Native Place and His Former Residence%赵云故里、故居辨证(下)



    故里与故居是相联系而有区别的两个概念。赵云籍贯,“常山真定”很明确,具体到乡里目前则无文献与文物资料证明。由于古今行政区划变迁,人们对于赵云故里形成了多种不同的看法。东垣、真定、东古城的变迁,真定、正定的由来变化以及房子临城沿革、民间传说、坟墓等,无不说明了赵云故里应依据《三国志·赵云传》“赵云,字子龙,常山真定人也”的记载,在东汉真定县(治今河北石家庄市长安区东古城)辖区内寻找,正定县城不会有赵云的故居,临城县不会是赵云的故里,故里碑不能作为确定赵云故里的依据。%Guli(native place) and Guju(former residence) are related but different. Changshan Zhending is Zhao Yun's definite native place;however,there are no documents and natural relics to testify where his village is. Owing to the changes of administrative division of the past and present,opinions on Zhao's na-tive place differ. Considering the changes of Dongyuan,Zhending and Donggucheng,the origin of Zhending and Zhengding,the evolution of houses,folktales and tombs,the confirmation of Zhao's native place should be based on “Zhao Yun,styled Zilong,residence of Changshan Zhending” recorded in History of Thre e Kindoms·The Life of Zhao Y un. Zhao's native place can be found in Zhending County of the Easter Han Dynasty (present Donggucheng,Chang'an District, Shijiazhuang,Hebei),and his former residence cannot be found in Zhengding County. Lincheng County is not Zhao's native place for a stone tablet of native place cannot be ascertained to be his native place.

  1. Liulige Tombs at Huixian and Tomb of Zhao Qing at Taiyuan%辉县琉璃阁与太原赵卿墓相关问题



    辉县琉璃阁东周墓地的国别有卫国公室说和晋国范卿说。有学者对琉璃阁范卿墓地提出质疑,本文就学界颇有争议的几个实质性的问题展开辩论。太原赵卿墓(M251)墓主有简子说和襄子说。1994年太原金胜村发掘的M674、M673等墓,墓主为赵卿的属臣,时代与赵卿墓相当,从而佐证1988年发掘的M251墓主为赵鞅(?一前475年)。赵卿墓地年代的确定,为琉璃阁西区M75、M76、M1墓主头向东的大墓年代判定提供了依据。%The Eastern Zbou tombs at Liulige, Huixian, Henan Province probably belong to either the Wei state royal family or Fan Qing of the Jin state. Scholors question the second hypothesis. This paper discusses several disputes,the tomb of Zhao Qing (M251) at Taiyuan likely belongs to Jianzi or Xiangzi. qhe tombs M674 and M673 found in 1994 at Jinsheng village, Taiyuan, Shanxi Province belong to officials subordinate to Zhao Qing and are contemporary to Zhao Qing' s tomb. Therefore, the tomb M251 excavated in 1988 should belong to Zhao Yang (? -475 BC). The definite date ofZhao Qing' s tomb gives evidence for the dates of big tombs M75, M76 and M1 in the west of Liulige.

  2. [A preliminary report on the investigation of medicinal plant resources in the Liupan Mountains of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region].

    Zhang, Y; Pu, X; Sun, J; Zhang, G


    In this paper, 423 species of medicinal plants belonging to 94 families in Liupan Mountains of Ningzia Hui Autonomous Region have been reported, of which 403 species belonging to 79 families are medicinal spermatophytes. The paper may serve as a reference for medical authorities in developing and utilizing plant resources.




    In this paper, faunal remains unearthed from six shell midden sites along Yong River are discussed. The sites are located in Nanning city and Yongning county which include Baozitou( located in the first terrace of the left side of Yong River, 2km southwest of Nabei village, Liusha horticultural field, southeast of Nanning city), Huiyaotian (located in the first terrace of the left side of Yong River, at the foot of Huiyaotian mountain ridge, south of San'an horticultural field, Qingxiu district of Nanning city ) , Dingsishan (located in the first terrace of the right side of Bachi River-the main tributary of Yong River, on the Dingsishan hill, 1km northeast of Jiuwanpo administrative village,Xinxin village,Pumiao town,Yongning county) ,Niulanshi( located in the first terrace of the left side of Yong River, southwest of Xin village, Changtang town, Yongning county) , Lingwu ( located in the first terrace of the left side of Yong River,southwest of Wuhe village,Changtang town, Yongning county) and Luosishan( located in the first terrace of the right side of Yong River, on the Luosishan hill, Tianwo village, Changtang town, Yongning county ) .The sites are dated from 10000a B. P. To 6000a B. P. And can be divided into four stages; Stage 1 dates back to around 10000a B. P., Stage 2 dates back to around 8000a B. P., Stage 3 dates back to around 7000a B. P., and Stage 4 dates back to around 6000a B. P.The identified fauna include mollusks ( Gastropoda and Lamellibranchia ) , arthropods ( Custacea ) , and vertebrates ( Pisces, Reptilia, Aves, and Mammalia). Within these seven classes, 84 species are identified (Gastropoda includes 28 species,Lamellibranchia includes 14 species,Custacea includes 1 species,Pisces includes 6 species, Reptilia includes 4 species, Aves includes 4 species, Mammalia includes 27 species). Diachronic and synchronic studies of these taxa demonstrate the biodiversity of the Yong River shell mound sites.The four archaeological phases represent the

  4. A B rief Analysis of Miu Xi-yong's Using Radix Paeoniae Alba to Pacify Liver%缪希雍白芍平肝法浅析

    李晓寅; 陆海峰; 俞欣玮


    明代医家缪希雍善用白芍,其白芍平肝法更是独具特色,该方法被广泛运用并贯穿其整个医学理论体系,对后世关于白芍的应用研究产生了极大影响。本文通过其临证用药组进行分析,探讨了其白芍平肝法的具体运用。%Ming dynasty Medical scientist Miu Xi -yong was skillful in using radix paeoniae alba ,and his theory of using radix paeoniae alba to pacify liver was distinctive.Radix paeoniae alba's efficacy of pacifying liver had been widely used and run through his complete medical theory system .It had an enormous impact for later generations .By means of analyzing his art of constructing prescriptions ,this article discussed Miu Xi-yong using radix paeoniae alba to pacify liver .

  5. Criminal Policy Perspective on Yong Cheng Experience%刑事政策视角下的永城经验研究



    河南省永城市经过三年多改革创新,社会治安明显好转,引起了学界的普遍关注。永城经验是什么?永城经验是否具有可复制性和可持续性?犯罪学教授专家团队为此进行了实地调研。结论是:永城经验的核心是区域特点定位准确条件下的治安手段管理创新;观念变革先行推动社会治安管理创新;建立以"治安卡口堵控网"为主要特色的立体治安防控网络体系;推进警务机制改革,向管理要警力;争取财政投入,迅速推进"科技强警;"构建新型警民关系等。永城经验既有地域的特殊性,也有跨区域的普遍性,为全国社会治安管理创新提供了新思路。而进一步探索社会治安管理创新的长效机制;"科技强警"中的硬件到位和软件跟进;警务评价体系变革中的调查技术手段科学化等仍要进一步完善。%After more than three years of reform and innovation,Yong Cheng city in Henan province has made a significant turn for a better social order,which arouses widespread attention in the academic world.Questions arise as: what was the Yong Cheng experience? Can the Yong Cheng experience be replicated and sustained elsewhere To find answers to these questions,an expert team on criminology conducted onsite research.Their conclusion is that at the core of the Yong Cheng experience are conditions regarding the region's unique and precise location favorable to the management methods and innovation for law and order,the transformation concept of prioritizing the management and innovation of law and order in the society,establishing a "social security control network" as the main characteristic of the three-dimensional security control network system,promoting the reform of the police system,giving police strength to management,gaining financial participation,quick promotion of a "Strengthening police by science and technology," building new police-public relations

  6. 赵氏Ⅱ型人工气管实验研究%Experimental study of type-Ⅱ ZHAO's artificial trachea

    赵凤瑞; 陈万生; 郝雁冰; 赵轶峰; 李彦明; 马振东


    Objective To test an artificial trachea which could heal iologically with native trachea and avoid two-stage opera-tion. Methods A 5 cm-long sheep trachea pre-treated with 0.625 % glutaraldehyde, and a Sigma stainleas steel stem was positioned inside tracheal lumen, so made a type-Ⅱ ZHAO's artificial trachea. After resection of 5 cm trachea, the tracheal defect was recon-structed with ZHAO's artificial trachea. X-ray, bronchoscopic and pathologic examination took place periodically at 1, 2 weeks and 1, 3, 6, 12 months to observe the healing. Results Biological healing of artificial with native trachea was achieved in all 6 animals.The mucous membrane was alive. The animals were all long-term survivals. At 3 month the stent was in place and the lumen was well open although there was absorption of part of cartilage cells. At 6 and 12 month the artificial trachea remained well with slight granula-tion and stenosis aroundthe anastomosis. Conclusion Made from preserved homogenous trachea with Sigma stent, type-Ⅱ ZHAO's artificial trachea could be healed with native trachea biologically. Airway remained open and long-term survival was achieved in all animals.%目的 探索一种不必分期手术而且能与自体气管达到生物性愈合的人工气管.方法 用长5cm羊气管,经过0.625%戊二醛处理后,腔内缝置长6 cm Sigma不锈钢丝支架,制成赵氏Ⅱ型人工气管.实验时切除羊颈段气管5 cm,用人工气管重建.手术后1、2周、1、3、6及12个月拍颈部X线片、行支气管镜检查,然后处死实验动物检查大体和镜下病理,观察人工气管愈合情况.结果 6只实验动物人工气管与自体气管均顺利达到生物性愈合,黏膜成活,实验动物长期存活.3个月时有部分软骨细胞融解吸收,但支架位置良好,管腔通畅.6及12个月后标本显示人工气管完全成活,但吻合口处有少量肉芽增生,管腔轻度狭窄.结论 赵氏Ⅱ型人工气管可以与自体气管形成生物

  7. 记大壮先生二、三事%In the Memory of Professer ZHAO Dazhuang



    赵大壮先生是我国自己培养的第一个城市规划专业的博士,不幸英年早逝;他的"北京奥林匹克建设规划研究"为北京举办亚运会和奥运会确立了清晰的目标与路径,为北京的体育设施建设确立了基本原则的框架,他所概括的"通过国际性的大型体育赛会建设促进城市规划建设和展示城市形象;针对中国的实际情况,体育设施规划建设应坚持分散为主、适当集中的原则,并充分考虑赛会之后的有效利用",也为其他城市举办大型赛会的规划建设明确了方向。作者追忆随导师学习期间的二、三琐事,记述大壮博士平易近人的性格、执着的追求和学术上的远见卓识,表达了对导师的深切怀念。%Pro. Zhao Dazhuang was the first person who obtained the doctoral degree of urban planning thrown up by our country. Unfortunately he passed away in his very young age. His research on "Beijing Olympic Construction Plan" established a clear goal and path for sports facilities in Beijing. He summarized that "large- scale international sports events could facilitate urban planning and display the city' s image; based on China' s situation, construction of sports facilities should rely mainly on the principle of dispersal, while considering a oertain level of concentration; more attention should be paid to their post-even use." This view offered a clear direction for the other cities to hold large- scale sports events. In a deep memory of Pro. Zhao Dazhuang, the author looks back at the periods when following this remarkable supervisor, recounting his approachable personality, persistent pursuit and academic visionary.

  8. Philosophical Interactions between "East and West": China, Korea, Europe and the Case of Dasan (Jeong Yak-yong, 1762–1836

    Jana S. ROŠKER


    Full Text Available Though the Confucian system of thought, society, and government has a long history in Korea, Chinese Confucian scholars, preoccupied with the urgency of “saving the Confucian essence” used only Japan as a reference in Asia. Therefore, the present article aims to introduce Dasan 茶山 (Jeong Yak-yong 정약용, 1762–1836, who was one of the main representatives of Korean Confucian philosophy. It exposes his significance for the full-range understanding of the landscape of this important traditional East Asian stream of thought as well as for the intellectual syntheses between Confucian teachings and the Christian religion. The author analyses Dasan’s thought from the Sinological perspective and exposes several elements which represent an elaboration and an upgrading of traditional Chinese Neo-Confucian philosophy.

  9. Association of TCF7L2 gene polymorphisms with susceptibility to type 2 diabetes mellitus in a Chinese Hui population.

    Yang, Y; Xu, J R; Wang, Y J; Liu, X M


    Diabetes is one of costly chronic diseases. Previous studies across several ethnicities have shown that polymorphisms in the transcription factor 7-like 2 (TCF7L2) gene were strongly associated with susceptibility to type 2 diabetes (T2DM). In the present study, the association between the TCF7L2 gene and the susceptibility to T2DM in a Chinese Hui population was interrogated. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)- restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis and allelic specific PCR were employed for examining the TCF7L2 gene rs12255372 (G>T) and rs290487 (C>T), and rs7901695 (T>C) polymorphisms, respectively, in 109 healthy individuals and 111 subjects with T2DM who were of Chinese Hui descent and lived in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region of China. The results showed that the genotypic frequency of rs290487 and the allelic frequency distributions of the rs7901695 and rs290487 loci were not significantly different between patients and controls in this population. However, both the genotypic and the allelic frequencies at rs12255372 exhibited statistical differences between the patients with T2DM and the unaffected cohort (P 2255372 locus in the patients was higher than that in healthy individuals (OR = 1.198, 95%CI = 1.097-1.307). These findings suggest that the TCF7L2 rs12255372 (G>T) polymorphism might be one of the most important genetic factors associated with T2DM susceptibility, and that individuals in the Chinese Hui population who carry a G allele at this locus might be at risk to develop T2DM.

  10. 浅探赵孟坚的书学思想%Discussion on the Calligraphy Theory of Mengjian Zhao



    在中国书法理论史中,对赵孟坚的书学理论介绍的很少,但是其在书学上的历史地位却是不容忽视的。赵孟坚书学思想的形成与当时的社会环境、历史条件与文化背景有着密切的联系,在书法艺术创作中形成了特有的格调,并且在理论上也有很多成就他在书法和书论中真正融人了自身的艺术情感、人格气质、学问才识,着力突出书法中蕴含的个性精神.其书学观点是与诗学思想一脉相连的,并在人品上得到完美得体现,从而达到诗,书,画与人品的和谐统一,且在宋代尚意书风日臻衰败的情况下,完成了对宋人尚“意”书学思想的反叛,提出推崇唐代法度和追求魏晋书风,建立了自己独特的审美艺术观开辟了元代复古书风的新面貌.纵观其他的书学理论,他不仅是一位书画家,而且也是评论家,对书法用笔、结字的精辟见解,至今仍不失为至论,其鲜明的书学特征对元代追求魏晋书风与探求复古的思潮曾产生了很大的影响。%In the history of Chinese calligraphy theory, there is very few Introduction to the Calligraphy Theory of Mengjian Zhao, However, His historical position on the Calligraphy Theory can not be ignored. The formation of the Calligraphy Theory of Mengjian Zhao is closely related to then social environment and historical conditions and cultural background ,He had formated a unique style in the Calligraphy and artistic creation and he had many achievements in the theory, In his calligraphy and calligraphy theory, there has Integrations with his own feelings and personality temperament, learning ability and insight. He focused Prominently on the spirit of implicit personality in the calligraphy. His view of calligraphy theory had been intricately linked with the poetic thoughts. And there has perfect embodiments on his character, so he had achieved some harmony and unity in poetry, books

  11. Le Dictionnaire québécois d’aujourd’hui : Enquête sur les registres

    Marie-Cécile Guillot


    Full Text Available Abstract The Dictionnaire québécois d’aujourd’hui came out in 1992. The publication of this dictionary sparked a controversy on, among other things, word labeling. The language registers given for many words did not seem to reflect how Quebec francophones felt about them. The debate was such that, one year later, a second edition was produced. The main changes made concern the language registers of a number of entries, on which this time, Quebec francophones would agree. A survey was therefore carried out to determine whether the registers indicated in Le Dictionnaire québécois d’aujourd’hui correspond to Quebec francophones’ linguistic intuitions. A 50-word questionnaire was given to 150 respondents, who were asked to assign a language register to each word. The results of this survey have led to the conclusion that the registers given in Le Dictionnaire québécois d’aujourd’hui often do not correspond to the intuitions of Quebec francophones.

  12. Drought Adaptation in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China: Actions, Planning, Pathways and Barriers

    Jianping Yang


    Full Text Available The Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region (NX region of Northwestern China is threatened by increased meteorological drought induced by climate change (CC and constraints on water supply from the Yellow River. Thus, the NX region is representative of attempts to adapt to CC and variability in China’s arid regions. Field visits, a questionnaire and in situ inspections were conducted in 2012–2014 to understand people’s perception and awareness of drought and its impact, particularly with respect to adaptation strategies. We mainly focused on drought adaptation actions and planning implemented at the government level under the double pressures of drought and allocation. We described a suitable adaptation pathway for socio-economic sustainable development and discussed existing adaptation barriers. Construction of modern efficient water-saving agriculture lies at the core of drought adaptation, with socio-economic sustainable development being the ultimate goal. To achieve this, policies and institutional, engineering, technological, structural and social initiatives and measures—classified into macro adaptation strategies and specific coping measures—are implemented. Adaptation often encounters obstacles, e.g., policy issues from household contract responsibility systems, funding difficulties of low-income farmers, traditional behavioral habits and low education and literacy levels among farmers. The adaptation pathway involves the construction of modern efficient water-saving agriculture. Agricultural water savings are then transferred to developed industries, which back-feed socio-economic sustainable development in the NX region.

  13. Marie Curie, les femmes et la science, d'hier à aujourd'hui

    CERN. Geneva; Mariotti, Chiara; Vicinanza, Domenico


    Marie Curie, les femmes et la science, d'hier à aujourd'hui Conférence par Hélène Langevin-Joliot Avec la participation de l'Echo du Reculet de Thoiry. L'enregistrement et la liste d'attente sont déjà complets... Mais il n'est pas rare que des personnes réservent et ne viennent pas. Nous réassignerons les places libérées selon la règle "premier arrivé, premier inscrit". Au vu de la forte demande, la conférence sera également disponible en vidéoconférence : lien d'accès "webcast" disponible en bas de cette page. Hélène Langevin-Joliot, directrice de recherche émérite en physique nucléaire fondamentale au CNRS à Orsay, est aussi la fille de Frédéric et Irène Joliot-Curie (prix Nobel de chimie en 1935) et la petite-fille de Pierre Curie (prix Nobel de physique en 1903) et de Marie Curie (prix Nobel de physique en 1903 et prix Nobel de chimie en 1911). Hélène Langevin-Joliot nous parlera de sa vie scientifique, de l’histoire extraordinai...

  14. Marie Curie, les femmes et la science, d'hier à aujourd'hui - English

    CERN. Geneva


    Marie Curie, les femmes et la science, d'hier à aujourd'hui Conférence par Hélène Langevin-Joliot Avec la participation de l'Echo du Reculet de Thoiry. L'enregistrement et la liste d'attente sont déjà complets... Mais il n'est pas rare que des personnes réservent et ne viennent pas. Nous réassignerons les places libérées selon la règle "premier arrivé, premier inscrit". Nous envisageons la possibilité de faire un webcast de la conférence. Plus d'information bientôt. Hélène Langevin-Joliot, directrice de recherche émérite en physique nucléaire fondamentale au CNRS à Orsay, est aussi la fille de Frédéric et Irène Joliot-Curie (prix Nobel de chimie en 1935) et la petite-fille de Pierre Curie (prix Nobel de physique en 1903) et de Marie Curie (prix Nobel de physique en 1903 et prix Nobel de chimie en 1911). Hélène Langevin-Joliot nous parlera de sa vie scientifique, de l’histoire extraordinaire de sa famille et en particulier du rôle des ...

  15. [Stabilization of the distal radioulnar joint by Hui-Lindscheid ligamentoplasty. Report of 10 cases].

    Sénéchaud, C; Savioz, D; Della Santa, D


    The surgical treatment of chronic sprain of the distal radio-ulnar joint remains a difficult problem. Some authors have proposed a radio-ulnar stabilization procedure which involves some loss of mobility of the forearm. Other, more radical authors, have suggested partial or complete resection of the ulnar head. In this case, they restore mobility in prono-supination, but often with a loss of stability and discomfort or pain. Hui and Lindscheid modified a technique of tenodesis which had been previously proposed by Bunnell. They perfected a tenodesis based on the use of the flexor carpi ulnaris tendon. We feel that this procedure should ensure stability of the distal radio-ulnar joint, while preserving its mobility. We used this technique in 9 patients who were reviewed with a follow-up of 2.7 years. The authors obtained 2/3 of good and very good results. This procedure will be compared with other techniques currently used and differences of the results will be discussed. Unfortunately, few articles have been published on this subject.

  16. A Remote Sensing Model to Estimate Sunshine Duration in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China

    朱晓晨; 邱新法; 曾燕; 高佳琦; 何永健


    Sunshine duration (SD) is strongly correlated with solar radiation, and is most widely used to estimate the latter. This study builds a remote sensing model on a 100 m × 100 m spatial resolution to estimate SD for the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China. Digital elevation model (DEM) data are employed to refl ect topography, and moderate-resolution imaging spectroradiometer (MODIS) cloud products (Aqua MYD06−L2 and Terra MOD06−L2) are used to estimate sunshine percentage. Based on the terrain (e.g., slope, aspect, and terrain shadowing degree) and the atmospheric conditions (e.g., air molecules, aerosols, moisture, cloud cover, and cloud types), observation data from weather stations are also incorporated into the model. Verifi cation results indicate that the model simulations match reasonably with the observations, with the average relative error of the total daily SD being 2.21%. Further data analysis reveals that the variation of the estimated SD is consistent with that of the maximum possible SD; its spatial variation is so substantial that the estimated SD diff ers signifi cantly between the south-facing and north-facing slopes, and its seasonal variation is also large throughout the year.

  17. Land cover change during a period of extensive landscape restoration in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China.

    Cadavid Restrepo, Angela M; Yang, Yu Rong; Hamm, Nicholas A S; Gray, Darren J; Barnes, Tamsin S; Williams, Gail M; Soares Magalhães, Ricardo J; McManus, Donald P; Guo, Danhuai; Clements, Archie C A


    Environmental change has been a topic of great interest over the last century due to its potential impact on ecosystem services that are fundamental for sustainable development and human well-being. Here, we assess and quantify the spatial and temporal variation in land cover in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region (NHAR), China. With high-resolution (30m) imagery from Landsat 4/5-TM and 8-OLI for the entire region, land cover maps of the region were created to explore local land cover changes in a spatially explicit way. The results suggest that land cover changes observed in NHAR from 1991 to 2015 reflect the main goals of a national policy implemented there to recover degraded landscapes. Forest, herbaceous vegetation and cultivated land increased by approximately 410,200ha, 708,600ha and 164,300ha, respectively. The largest relative land cover change over the entire study period was the increase in forestland. Forest growth resulted mainly from the conversion of herbaceous vegetation (53.8%) and cultivated land (30.8%). Accurate information on the local patterns of land cover in NHAR may contribute to the future establishment of better landscape policies for ecosystem management and protection. Spatially explicit information on land cover change may also help decision makers to understand and respond appropriately to emerging environmental risks for the local population. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  18. Using Health Utility Index (HUI for Measuring the Impact on Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQL Among Individuals with Chronic Diseases

    Frank Mo


    Full Text Available Quality of life is an important indicator in assessing the burden of disease, especially for chronic conditions. The Health Utilities Index (HUI is a recently developed system for measuring the overall health status and health-related quality of life (HRQL of individuals, clinical groups, and general populations. Using the HUI (constructed based on eight attributes: vision, hearing, speech, mobility, dexterity, cognition, emotion, and pain/discomfort to measure the HRQL for chronic disease patients and to detect possible associations between HUI system and various chronic conditions, this study provides information to improve the management of chronic diseases.This study is of interest to data analysts, policy makers, and public health practitioners involved in descriptive clinical studies, clinical trials, program evaluation, population health planning, and assessments. Based on the Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS for 2000–01, the HUI was used to measure the quality of life for individuals living with various chronic conditions (Alzheimer/other dementia, effects of stroke, urinary incontinence, arthritis/rheumatism, bowel disorder, cataracts, back problems, stomach/intestinal ulcers, emphysema/COPD, chronic bronchitis, epilepsy, heart disease, diabetes, migraine headaches, glaucoma, asthma, fibromyalgia, cancers, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, thyroid condition, and other remaining chronic diseases. Logistic Regression Model was employed to estimate the associations between the overall HUI scores and various chronic conditions. The HUI scores ranged from 0.00 (corresponding to a state close to death to 1.00 (corresponding to perfect health; negative scores reflect health states considered worse than death. The mean HUI score by sex and age group indicated the typical quality of life for persons with various chronic conditions. Logistic Regression results showed a strong relationship between low HUI scores (≤ 0.5 and 0.06

  19. « Comment le sais-tu ? ». La paralepse, aujourd’hui

    Frank Wagner


    Full Text Available À partir des définitions genettiennes de la paralepse (excès d’informations par rapport au code modal dominant, il s’agit de cerner les usages et les fonctions du procédé dans la littérature narrative d’aujourd’hui, en relation homo- ou hétérodiégétique, en régime fictionnel ou semi-fictionnel. Des exemples prélevés dans divers récits contemporains (de Roegiers, Toussaint, Carrère, Echenoz permettent de constater que la paralepse assure un renouvellement du soupçon à l’époque actuelle, en jouant un rôle de révélateur épistémologique. En effet, ce procédé narratif paradoxal engage une réflexion en acte sur la fiction, son perspectivisme, ses capacités de modélisation, et ses pouvoirs heuristiques.Based upon Gerard Genette’s definitions of paralepsis, (information exceeding that normally offered by the dominant mode of narrative focalisation, this article seeks to outline the uses and functions of the device in contemporary narrative literature, through its homo and heterodiegetic positioning in both fictional and semi-fictional texts. Examples taken from a variety of contemporary stories (Roegiers, Toussaint, Carrère, Echenoz allow us to see that paralepsis plays a role of epistemological indicator, facilitating a contemporary renewal of suspicion (le soupçon concerning narration. In fact, this paradoxical narrative device brings about a reflection upon fiction, its perspectivism, its modelling capabilities and heuristic capacities.

  20. Impact of "Grain to Green" Programme on echinococcosis infection in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region of China.

    Cleary, Eimear; Barnes, Tamsin S; Xu, Yangyang; Zhao, Hengbo; Clements, Archie C A; Gray, Darren J; McManus, Donald P; Atkinson, Jo-An M; Williams, Gail M; Yang, YuRong


    Cystic echinococcosis (CE) is endemic among the human population of Xiji County, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China, where the prevalence is estimated to be between 2.2% and 3.6%. Government-run sheep abattoirs in Xiji County have closed in recent years and, as a consequence, slaughter is carried out mostly at rural market places. The market place in Xinglong Township, Xiji County, is home to an increasing number of stray dogs and the lack of government control over slaughter practices potentially favours Echinococcus granulosus transmission. A survey of sheep, goats and cattle reared in Xiji County was conducted in Xinglong Market and Xinglong Township to determine prevalence and transmission dynamics of E. granulosus infection. The liver and lungs of all livestock aged one year and older were examined macroscopically post mortem; visual examination and palpation of organs determined overall prevalence of E. granulosus. Cysts consistent in appearance with E. granulosus were observed in 2/184 sheep (prevalence 1.0%) and 1/55 of the cattle examined (prevalence 1.8%); 0/13 goats were found to be infected. However, microscopic examination of these suspected cysts failed to confirm these samples as E. granulosus, giving a prevalence of confirmed infection of zero percent in all three species. The prevalence of liver fluke was 61.3% in sheep and 12.7% in cattle with a significant difference between males and females (p ≤ 0.001). Considering the high prevalence of echinococcosis in the local human population, the absence of CE observed among commercially slaughtered livestock was surprising. Several explanations for this discrepancy and their implications are proposed.

  1. [Carbon sequestration status of forest ecosystems in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region].

    Gao, Yang; Jin, Jing-Wei; Cheng, Ji-Min; Su, Ji-Shuai; Zhu, Ren-Bin; Ma, Zheng-Rui; Liu, Wei


    Based on the data of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region forest resources inventory, field investigation and laboratory analysis, this paper studied the carbon sequestration status of forest ecosystems in Ningxia region, estimated the carbon density and storage of forest ecosystems, and analyzed their spatial distribution characteristics. The results showed that the biomass of each forest vegetation component was in the order of arbor layer (46.64 Mg x hm(-2)) > litterfall layer (7.34 Mg x hm(-2)) > fine root layer (6.67 Mg x hm(-2)) > shrub-grass layer (0.73 Mg x hm(-2)). Spruce (115.43 Mg x hm(-2)) and Pinus tabuliformis (94.55 Mg x hm(-2)) had higher vegetation biomasses per unit area than other tree species. Over-mature forest had the highest arbor carbon density among the forests with different ages. However, the young forest had the highest arbor carbon storage (1.90 Tg C) due to its widest planted area. Overall, the average carbon density of forest ecosystems in Ningxia region was 265.74 Mg C x hm(-2), and the carbon storage was 43.54 Tg C. Carbon density and storage of vegetation were 27.24 Mg C x hm(-2) and 4.46 Tg C, respectively. Carbon storage in the soil was 8.76 times of that in the vegetation. In the southern part of Ningxia region, the forest carbon storage was higher than in the northern part, where the low C storage was mainly related to the small forest area and young forest age structure. With the improvement of forest age structure and the further implementation of forestry ecoengineering, the forest ecosystems in Ningxia region would achieve a huge carbon sequestration potential.

  2. Genetic diversity and haplotype structure of 24 Y-chromosomal STR in Chinese Hui ethnic group and its genetic relationships with other populations.

    Zhu, Bo-Feng; Zhang, Yu-Dang; Liu, Wen-Juan; Meng, Hao-Tian; Yuan, Guo-Lian; Lv, Zhe; Dong, Nan; Li, Qiong; Yang, Chun-Hua; Zhang, Yu-Hong; Hou, Yin-Ling; Qian, Li; Fan, Shuan-Liang; Xu, Peng


    In the present study, 24 Y-chromosomal short tandem repeat (Y-STR) loci were analyzed in 115 unrelated Hui male individuals from Haiyuan county or Tongxin county, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China, to evaluate the forensic application of the 24 STR loci and to analyze interpopulation differentiations by making comparisons between the Hui group data and previously published data of other 13 populations. A total of 115 different haplotypes were observed on these 24 Y-STR loci. The gene diversities ranged from 0.4049 (DYS437) to 0.9729 (DYS385a, b). The overall haplotype diversity was 1 at AGCU 24 Y-STR loci level, while the values were reduced to 0.999237, 0.996949, and 0.996644 at the Y-filer 17 loci, 11 Y-STR loci of extended haplotype and 9 Y-STR loci of minimal haplotype levels, respectively; whereas, haplotype diversity for additional 7 loci (not included in Y-filer 17 loci) was 0.995271. The pairwise FST , multidimensional scaling plot and neighbor-joining tree indicated the Hui group had the closest genetic relationship with Sala in the paternal lineage in the present study. In summary, the results in our study indicated the 24 Y-STRs had a high level of polymorphism in Hui group and hence could be a powerful tool for forensic application and population genetic study.

  3. 河网水动力模型在甬江流域泵站规模确定中的应用%Hydrodynamic Model for River Network in Yong River Basin to Determine the Scale of the Pumping Station

    顾巍巍; 金德钢; 张卫国; 江雨田; 于慧


    泵站工程是平原排水系统中重要的组成部分,甬江流域受台风影响,洪涝灾害频发,启动应急泵站建设,可改善改流域排水情况。本文采用河网水动力模型,对甬江流域部分泵闸配套河道宽度和排水影响范围进行模拟,模拟结果精度较高,对甬江流域泵站工程建设规模和布局具有指导意义。%pumping station project is an important part of the drainage system ,yong river basin is often influenced by the typhoon and flood disasters ,launched the emergency construction of pumping station is a solution to improve the drainage system .Based on the hydrodynamic model for river network ,to simulate the channel width and drainage impact range of yong river basin ,The simulation results precision is high ,it has guiding significance for the construction scale and layout of pumping station project of yong river basin .

  4. PROMINENT PERSONNEL YIN Hui-jin(殷惠军)——An Outstanding Cardiologist of Integrative Medicine


    @@ Prof.YIN Hui-jin,Ph.D.,male,was born on March 26,1971 in Ningxia.He graduated from Ningxia Medical College in 1994 with a 5-year course and got a bachelor degree,and then further studied in Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine from 1994 to 2000 for master and Ph.D.degrees.And then he worked in postdoctoral mobile working station of Open Laboratory of Heredity and Molecule Development Biology of China Academy of Science from 2000 to 2002.

  5. Sur l’emploi des toponymes du Kosovo-Metohija en français d’aujourd’hui

    Stanković Selena


    Dans cet article, nous analysons l’emploi des noms de lieux du Kosovo-Metohija en langue française depuis la fin du XXe siècle jusqu’à aujourd’hui. La période citée se caractérise par un vaste usage de l’albanais et de l’anglais et par un usage très réduit du serbe dans la communication publique et officielle au Kosovo-Metohija. Les instances internationales admettent le changement de désignations toponymiques et la suppression des noms basés sur un context...

  6. Transaction Pattern Based on Secondary Clientelism, Business Ideology and Market Development: The case of lime market in Hui Town


    Secondary clientelism is a special exchange relationship derived from primary clientelism. The market with transactions dependent on the secondary clientelism would be”because of”erembeddedness”. Using the lime market in Hui Town as a case, this paper tries to explore why this kind of markets could achieve market order from the perspective of the interconnection of market structure and market culture. Analysis demonstrates that, the coupling induction of structural embeddedness and cultural embeddedness is the deeper mechanism for the market development. Although the new business ideology and transactional dependence on networks originate from market structural transitions, active construction and choice behaviors of the manufacturers still manifest great importance.

  7. 关于柳永艳情词同情妓女的几点思考%Sympathy for Prostitutes:on Liu- Yong Erotic's poetry



    Liu Yong's erotic word in the modern majority view was that the author is truly ignited the care of the lower prostitutes and sympathy, the most important thing is to them on an equal footing with their own to write. However, the social environment and personal experience point of view of Liu Yong, Liu Yong's love is indeed like a prostitute on the surface composition of sympathetic prostitute, but if the society from the time and his description of the word erotic Overall, there Many places worth considering.%柳永的艳情词在现代多数人的观点中被认为是真实地寄寓了作者对下层妓女的关怀和同情,最主要的是把她们放在了与自己同等的地位来写。但从当时的社会环境和柳永的亲身经历来看,柳永的恋妓表面上看确像具有同情妓女的成分,但如果从当时的社会风气和他艳情词的描写总体来看,还是有许多值得思考的地方。

  8. 明清徽州火灾及徽商的救助%Fire Disasters in Hui Region and Hui Business People’ s Relief in Ming and Qing Dynasties



    The fire disasters in Hui region are usually seasonal and regional though it may caused by people or nature .The fire disaster here is partly due to its own characters .The busi-ness people of Hui were humanistic and often provided aid for precaution and relief after disas -ters and therefore ease the disasters .%徽州地区的火灾具有季节集中性和地点集中性,发生的原因有人为的,也有自然的。由于徽州地区自身因素,徽州火灾的危害也极为严重。然而,具有儒士品格的徽商在火灾发生之前的预防举措和灾后的救助,使这里的火灾受害程度得以减轻。徽商对徽州地区火灾救助给予了很大的帮助。

  9. A Novel Pharmacological Method to Study the Chinese Medicinal Formula Hua-Zheng-Hui-Sheng-Dan

    Rui Cao


    Full Text Available Objectives. Hua-Zheng-Hui-Sheng-Dan (HZHSD was used as an experimental model to explore research methods of large formulae in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM using current molecular biology approaches. Materials and Methods. The trypan blue exclusion assay was used to determine cell viability and cell numbers. Flow cytometry was used to assess cell cycle distribution and apoptosis. The concentration of cyclin D1 was analyzed by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. The median effect principle was used in drug combination studies. An orthogonal experimental design was used to estimate the effects of each herb at different concentrations. The HeLa xenograft mouse model was used to compare the antitumor activity of drugs in vivo. Results. Among the 35 herbs that comprise HZHSD, Radix Rehmanniae Preparata (RRP, Caesalpinia sappan (CS, Evodia rutaecarpa (ER, Folium Artemisiae Argyi (FAA, Leonurus japonicus Houtt (LJH, Tumeric (Tu, Radix Paeoniae Alba (RPA, and Trogopterus Dung (TD effectively inhibited the proliferation of HeLa and SKOV3 cells. Only RRR had an effect on HeLa and SKOV3 cell viability. According to the median effect principle, Angelica sinensis (Oliv. (AS, Tabanus (Ta, and Pollen Typhae (PT, which were proven to have a significant synergistic inhibitory effect on the proliferation of HeLa cells, were added to the original eight positive herbs. The combination of RPA and AS had a synergistic effect on inducing cell cycle S phase arrest and decreasing intracellular cyclin D1 in HeLa cells. By orthogonal experimental design, LJH and Tu were considered unnecessary herbs. The small formula (SHZHSD consisted of RPA, AS, RRR, Ta., TD, PT, ER, CS, and FAA and was able to inhibit cell proliferation and induce cell apoptosis. The antitumor effects of HZHSD and SHZHSD were also compared in vivo. Conclusions. Through molecular biology approaches both in vitro and in vivo, research into single drugs, and analysis using the median effect principle

  10. 李清照词风研究与赏析%Study and appreciation of Li Qing-zhao's poesy style



    李清照号易安居士,宋代婉约词派的代表人物.李清照从小生活在书香世家,耳濡目染再加上天资过人,她年少时在诗词方面的造诣就已经颇有名气.李清照的生平并不是一帆风顺,她的词风也随着她多舛的命途而改变.本文主要针对李清照早期少女时期、中期嫁为人妇以及后期亡夫这三个主要阶段对其词风进行简要的研究.%Li Qing-zhao called Yi an lay Buddhist, is graceful and restrained representative figure of the school of Song dynasty. She grew up in a scholarly family, when she was young, her accomplishments in poetry have been well known. Her life is not plain sailing, and her poetry style is a rocky road with her was full of change. This paper mainly studied three main stages of poetry style of Li Qing-zhao's early teen years, medium-term in marriage and late time when she widowed.

  11. 论金庸小说新角色引入方式的类型及特点%The Types and Features of the Ways of Introduction to New Characters in Jin Yong's Novels



    This thesis focus onJin Yong's novels as the research of text,Propp,the morphology of stories,"new character type" theory as the arguments in support,trying to find out the way,introduced recurring characters from Jin Yong's no-vels,and to explore new characters from Jin Yong's novels,including neglected many minor characters,different way of character,plot,etc.People involved including Lu Feiqing,ChenJinnan,Zhou Zhiruo,DongfangBubai,Chen Jialuo,etc., through the analysis of these characters,Settings,and describes new character type of deep mining in the important meaning in the text structure,so as to verify the street's new role is introduced into the classification of the viewpoints and appropriate to the characteristics of Jin Yong's novels,and tries to be demonstrated.Way to explore new roles to introduce Jin Yong's martial arts,this novel type of mutual influence,is also the most innovative academic significance in this paper.%普罗普在《故事形态学》中提出的“新角色引入方式”理论已成为小说、戏剧研究的基本理论,金庸小说的角色引入方式与其颇多相合之处。金庸小说中的新角色无论其重要程度有怎样的差异,其不同的出场方式对人物形象、故事情节等大都有着直接的影响。金庸对陆菲青、陈近南、周芷若、东方不败、陈家洛等人物出场时的设置与描写,大多能契合普罗普的“新角色引入”的分类观点,在文本结构中具有重要意义。除此之外,金庸小说中新角色的引入,也有普罗普理论难以范围之处。全面分析金庸小说角色引入方式的特点,对于进一步探讨其小说情节、结构的创新性具有重要的学术价值。

  12. "Zhao Shuli Phenomenon" under "Reception Context"%“接受语境”下的“赵树理现象”



    Zhao Shuli, via his writings, truly realized the principle of the literature and art popularization, was regarded as the "writing orientation" during a particular period of time and become the model for the literary and art workers in liberated area. After the year 1949, however, Zhao suffered both in his literary creativity and his life lot, being deprived of the identity of the " writing orientation". He transited from the beloved to the abandoned. One of the key reasons to this transition can attribute to the fact that his writings were disciplined largely by the re- ception context, especially the ideological context during the particular time. Therefore, to analyze " Zhao Shuli phenomenon" from the perspective of reception context can reveal the relation between the coordination and conflict, which derives from the writing requirements by the ideological discourse in different historical contexts and the self - persistent of creative theory from the writer himself.%赵树理以他的写作真正实现了文艺大众化的方针,在特定的时期被树为“方向”,成为解放区文艺工作者的楷模;建国后,赵树理无论在创作上还是在人生境遇上都遭遇了磨难,“方向”的意义完全被剥蚀,从“宠儿”变为“弃子”。造成这种转变的一个关键原因就在于赵树理写作与特定时期的接受语境特别是意识形态语境对他的规约有关。因此,从接受语境的角度分析“赵树理现象”,可以揭示在不同历史情境中意识形态话语对作家的创作要求与作家执著坚守自我写作理论主张两者之间的协调和冲突关系。

  13. 论赵文化中的“和为贵”精神%The Spirit of“Harmony Is Highly Valued"in Zhao Culture



    “和为贵”思想是赵文化的精髓之一,体现着中国传统中的“和”文化精神。表现在爱国之情、多元文化和民族交流、君主治国之策等方面。赵文化中很多仁人志士为了国家利益而牺牲小我,保全大我,忠勇为国,突显了维护整体和全局利益的优秀品格,深刻展示了“和为贵”的思想;赵国境内各民族和谐共处,通过和亲和“胡服骑射”改革等表现了“和为贵”的思想;治国之道上采用“和为贵”的原则和方法,“以德治国”和“施以仁政”。%The idea that“harmony is highly valued”is one part of the essence of Zhao culture which reflects the harmony culture of Chinese tradition. It appears in its patriotism, multiculturalism, ethnic communication and strategies of governing the country and so on. People with lofty ideal in the state of Zhao sacrificed themselves loyally to the state’s interests, showing their noble personality in safeguarding the general interests and presenting the thought of “harmony is highly valued”deeply with their glorious behavior. Meanwhile, in the territory of Zhao various nationalities coexisted harmoniously by means of marriage and the reform of“Wearing Hu Dress and Shooting on Horse”to present this idea. And according to the way of governing the country, it also adopted the principle and method of harmony to rule the state with morality and benevolence.

  14. Hawaii Utility Integration Initiatives to Enable Wind (Wind HUI) Final Technical Report

    Dora Nakafuji; Lisa Dangelmaier; Chris Reynolds


    monitoring using PMU devices and enhanced grid analysis tools; and Initiative 3: Identifying grid automation and smart technology architecture retrofit/improvement opportunities following a systematic review approach, inclusive of increasing renewables and variable distributed generation. Each of the initiative was conducted in partnership with industry technology and equipment providers to facilitate utility deployment experiences inform decision making, assess supporting infrastructure cost considerations, showcase state of the technology, address integration hurdles with viable workarounds. For each initiative, a multi-phased approach was followed that included 1) investigative planning and review of existing state-of-the-art, 2) hands on deployment experiences and 3) process implementation considerations. Each phase of the approach allowed for mid-course corrections, process review and change to any equipment/devices to be used by the utilities. To help the island grids transform legacy infrastructure, the Wind HUI provided more systematic approaches and exposure with vendor/manufacturers, hand-on review and experience with the equipment not only from the initial planning stages but through to deployment and assessment of field performance of some of the new, remote sensing and high-resolution grid monitoring technologies. HELCO became one of the first utilities in the nation to install and operate a high resolution (WindNet) network of remote sensing devices such as radiometers and SODARs to enable a short-term ramp event forecasting capability. This utility-industry and federal government partnership produced new information on wind energy forecasting including new data additions to the NOAA MADIS database; addressed remote sensing technology performance and O&M (operations and maintenance) challenges; assessed legacy equipment compatibility issues and technology solutions; evaluated cyber-security concerns; and engaged in community outreach opportunities that will

  15. Hawaii Utility Integration Initiatives to Enable Wind (Wind HUI) Final Technical Report

    Dora Nakafuji; Lisa Dangelmaier; Chris Reynolds


    monitoring using PMU devices and enhanced grid analysis tools; and Initiative 3: Identifying grid automation and smart technology architecture retrofit/improvement opportunities following a systematic review approach, inclusive of increasing renewables and variable distributed generation. Each of the initiative was conducted in partnership with industry technology and equipment providers to facilitate utility deployment experiences inform decision making, assess supporting infrastructure cost considerations, showcase state of the technology, address integration hurdles with viable workarounds. For each initiative, a multi-phased approach was followed that included 1) investigative planning and review of existing state-of-the-art, 2) hands on deployment experiences and 3) process implementation considerations. Each phase of the approach allowed for mid-course corrections, process review and change to any equipment/devices to be used by the utilities. To help the island grids transform legacy infrastructure, the Wind HUI provided more systematic approaches and exposure with vendor/manufacturers, hand-on review and experience with the equipment not only from the initial planning stages but through to deployment and assessment of field performance of some of the new, remote sensing and high-resolution grid monitoring technologies. HELCO became one of the first utilities in the nation to install and operate a high resolution (WindNet) network of remote sensing devices such as radiometers and SODARs to enable a short-term ramp event forecasting capability. This utility-industry and federal government partnership produced new information on wind energy forecasting including new data additions to the NOAA MADIS database; addressed remote sensing technology performance and O&M (operations and maintenance) challenges; assessed legacy equipment compatibility issues and technology solutions; evaluated cyber-security concerns; and engaged in community outreach opportunities that will

  16. The pedagogical value of a student-run community-based experiential learning project: The Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine Public Health Screening.

    Wee, Liang En; Yeo, Wei Xin; Tay, Clifton M; Lee, Jeannette J M; Koh, Gerald C H


    We assessed the pedagogical value of a student-led community-based experiential learning project called the Public Health Screening (PHS) run by medical and nursing students of the National University of Singapore's Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine (NUS YLLSoM). We conducted a cross-sectional study using a self-administered anonymised questionnaire on medical and nursing students who participated in PHS using the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE) Survey Instrument. Participants also gave an overall score for their learning experience at the PHS. The participation rate was 93.1% (576/619) for medical students and 100% (37/37) for nursing students. All participants gave the PHS learning experience a high rating (median = 8 out of maximum of 10, inter-quartile range, 7 to 9). A majority of participants felt that PHS had helped them to improve across all domains surveyed. For medical students, those in preclinical years and females were independently more likely to feel that PHS had helped them to improve in communication skills, teamwork, ability to identify social issues, taking action, and gaining and applying their knowledge than those in clinical years and males. Improved ability to interact with patients (β=1.64, 95%CI, 1.01-2.27), appreciation of challenges to healthcare faced by Singaporeans from lower income groups (β=0.93, 95%CI, 0.49-1.37), thinking of others (β=0.70, 95%CI, 0.04-1.37) and tolerance of different people (β =0.63, 95%CI, 0.17-1.10) were strongly associated with the overall rating score. PHS was a positive learning experience in a wide range of domains for all students involved. This suggests that student-organised community-based experiential learning projects have potential educational value for both medical and nursing students.

  17. Characteristics of Oil and Gas Accumulation in Yong'an-Meitai Area of the Fushan Depression, Beibuwan Basin, South China Sea

    Li Meijun; Wang Tieguan; Liu Ju; Zhang Meizhu; Lu Hong; Ma Qinglin; Gao Lihui


    The Yong'an-Meitai area is the focus of the present exploration in the Fushan Depression, Beibuwan Basin,South China Sea. All oils from this area are geochemically characterized by higher Pr/Ph ratio, higher proportion of heavy molecular weight hydrocarbons, and higher proportion of C29 regular steranes, which indicate that the organic matter of source rocks might have been deposited in an oxidizing palaeoenvironment and be dominated by higher plant organic matter input. The oil from E3w2 (the second member of Weizhou Fm. of the Oligocene) has a much higher density,relatively higher Pr/nC17 and Ph/nC18 ratios, and a "UCM-unresolved complex mixture" on gas chromatograms, which indicate that it has been slightly biodegraded. CPI and other terpane and sterane isomer ratios suggest they are all mature oils. The timing of oil charging in E3w2 and E2l1 (the first member of the Liushagang Fm. of the Eocene) determined by the homogenization temperatures of fluid inclusions and thermal evolution history are from 9-3 Ma and 8-3 Ma,respectively. Thus, the interpretation of E3w2 as a secondary reservoir is unlikely. The timing of oil charging is later than that of hydrocarbon generating and expulsion of Liushagang Fm. source rocks and trap formation, which is favorable for oil accumulation in this area. All molecular parameters that are used for tracing oil filling direction decrease with shallower burial depth, which suggests vertical oil migration. The widely occurring faults that penetrate through the source rocks of the Liushagang Fm. may serve as a fine oil charging conduit.

  18. 跨文化视域下金庸小说的艺术创新%Artistic Innovation in Jin Yong's Novels from a Cross- cultural Perspective



    Whether it is from the Cultural Implications of view or from the art form,Jin Yong’s novels not only exemplified ancient and modern Chinese cultural heritage,but also excelled Western and Chinese culture. Jin Yong's novels have been different from the traditional classical novels,and the modern realistic novels,which have become"cultural fiction”,a combination of heritage and innovation.The novels have unique artistic aes-thetic values and profound practical guide significance,gaining more and more recognition and approval from the contemporary society.Jin Yong's novel contains many ancient Chinese cultural factors,especially the historical and cultural content that contains Chinese Confucianism,Taoism,Buddhism;the writer made a conscious choice,deformation and creation,to make it better in line with the thinking of contemporary Chinese culture and ideological values.On one hand,the novels inherited the"positive energy"and the quality of traditional cultural spirit,on the other hand;they broke"binary opposition"type of thinking.Jin Yong's novels not only employed the modern"comprehensive"way of thinking which integrating Chinese traditional culture of collusion organical-ly,but also tactfully engaged the Western mystery flashback,flashback,etc.together with traditional Chinese novels turning and concession etc.All this narration skills attributed to a three- dimensional,panorama de-scription along with good psychological description in modern Western novels;and with regard to the theme of hatred,the novels demonstrated the fusion of the traditional Chinese knight story writing methods and Western chivalry narration skills.%无论是从文化意蕴还是从艺术形式上来看,金庸小说既有对古今中国文化的传承和创新,又有对中西优秀文化的融通和超越。金庸小说已经不同于传统的古典小说,也不同于现代的现实主义小说,而是成为了一种既有师承又有创新的现代“文化小说”。这种小

  19. On the Outline Regarding Problems of the Hui Minority Muslim and its guidance in the Implementation of Yan' an Hui Policies%《关于回回民族问题的提纲》及其指导下的延安回族政策实践



    1940年,西工委拟定《关于回回民族问题的提纲》(下文简称《提纲》),标志着党对回族的政策达到较高水平。《提纲》系统阐发了党对回族的政策:建立民族自治制度,保障回族在政治上与汉族享有平等权利;成立专门管理机构来管理民族事务;组织成立回族文化救国团体;培养民族干部,发展回族教育事业,实行文化上的平等;尊重伊斯兰教,尊重回民生活习惯等。延安时期的回族政策与实践,为新时期回族政策与理论发展提供了鲜活的历史参考。%In 1940, the Central Northwest Working Committee drew up the Outline about Problems of Hui ( Outline), indicating the CPC' s advancement of Hui policies. The Outline systematically explained the purposes of the CPC' s Hui policies : to establish a system of regional ethnic autonomy ; to ensure equal rights between Hui and Han in politics ; to found specialized departments in charge of ethnic affairs ; to establish groups interested in the na- tional preservation of Hui culture ; to develop the ethnic - minority cadres ; to improve the Hui educational facilities ; to carry out the cultural equity; to respect Islam and the conventions of the Hui, and so on. The implementation of Hui policies during the period of Yan' an provides living historical reference to Hui policies and theoretical develop- ment in today' s era.

  20. Experience of Professor ZHAO Li-jun on Treating Infantile Anorexia%赵历军教授治疗小儿厌食经验



    根据赵历军教授多年的临床经验,认为小儿厌食的病因标为饮食、情志所伤,本为脾胃虚弱,治疗以健脾益气,益胃助食为主,取得明显效果.%Based on clinical experience in many years, professor ZHAO Li-jun considered that the etiological of infantile anorexia is damage by the diet and emtions.The root cause is weakness of the spleen and stomach.The treatment should mainly focus on invigorating the spleen, benefiting vital energy, benefiting the stomach and helping the digesdion.It gets obvious effects.

  1. Clinical Experience of Professor YOU Zhao-ling in Treatment of Gynecological Bleeding Diseases%尤昭玲教授治疗血证临证经验

    李小丹; 曹立幸; 尤昭玲; 袁颂华


    崩漏、经间期出血是妇科临床最常见的血证.湖南中医药大学尤昭玲教授指出,出血期应以止血为首要任务,临床常用四草汤(鹿衔草、马鞭草、旱莲草、仙鹤草各15~20g),随证加减,止血理血,疗效显著.%Abnormal uterine bleeding is a common gynecological disease. Professor YOU Zhao-ling who is a famous TCM gynecologist points out that hemostasis is the most important task when bleeding. And she achieved a significant effect by taking Four Herb Decoction to stop abnormal uterine bleeding and recuperate the blood.

  2. Body Language in ZHAO Benshan' s Witty Skits%浅析赵本山小品中的肢体语言



    文章分析了赵本山小品中肢体语言的运用,包括服饰、走路姿势、面部表情和舞台动作四个方面。可以看出,肢体语言作为赵本山小品舞台表演艺术的一个重要组成部分,有效地提高了赵本山小品的舞台表现力和对观众的感染力。%The use of body language in ZHAO Benshan' s witty skits is analyzed concern- ing costume,the way they walk ,facial expressions and stage action. It is obvious that body lan- guage makes very important part in his performing arts that efficiently improves the perform effect and appeal to the audience.

  3. Professor SHAN Zhao-wei's Clinical Experience of Treatment of Peptic Ulcer%单兆伟教授治疗消化性溃疡经验



    作者随单兆伟教授临症10余年,文章从病机、治则、选方、用药特点、生活调摄等多方面对单教授治疗消化性溃疡的临症经验进行了总结,并通过典型病案具体介绍单教授的诊疗思路.%I followed with Pro. SHAN Zhao-wei in clinic for more than ten years. This article summarized the clinical experience from pathology, treatment principle, prescription application, characteristics in administration and regimen, etc. It also introduced diagnostic and treatment thought through typical clinical cases.

  4. Chief PhysicianZhaoBin′sExperience of Applying Inquiry to Treat Encephalopathy%赵斌主任医师治疗脑病的问诊经验

    卢永恒; 赵斌


    赵斌主任医师临证经验丰富,在基于中医整体观和辨证论治的指导下,形成了具有简捷扼要、层次分明、立体感强等特点的问诊体系,从神、头部、胃气、痰、汗、五官、二便等方面进行阐述。%Chief physicianZhaoBinhas formed a concise and coherent inquiry system with the features of strong three-dimension on the basis of TCM holism, syndrome differentiation and treatment after clinical practices for many years since he is rich in clinical experience. The paper is discussing from the aspects of spirit, head, stom-ach Qi, phlegm, sweating, five sense organs, urine and defecation, and others.

  5. Analysis on the Legislation of Hui Customs-Case from Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region%回族习惯立法分析--以宁夏回族自治区为例



    As an ethnic group believing in Islam , Hui people influenced by the Islamic law , have their own character-istic custom and concept of value .Based on the regulations of Constitutions and Autonomous Charter , the local law system formed gradually , including the marriage custom , Halal food , funeral custom and custom of holidays .The legislation of Hui custom is very meaningful for sustaining the ethnic relations of equality , mutual help and harmony .%回族是全民信仰伊斯兰教的民族,受伊斯兰教法影响,回族形成了自己特有的风俗习惯和价值观念。依据《宪法》和《民族区域自治法》规定,宁夏回族自治区自治机关在行使民族立法自治权过程中,逐步形成了保障回族宗教信仰和风俗习惯的法律体系,主要包括婚姻习惯、清真食品、丧葬习惯和节庆习惯等方面的地方性法规和地方政府规章。回族习惯立法对于巩固和发展平等、团结、互助、和谐的民族关系具有重要意义。

  6. An analysis of Hui national Wushu from the perspective of sociology%社会学视野下的回族武术初探



    以社会学视角对回族武术进行探讨,认为民族信仰、军事参与、生存张力等多重因素维持了回族尚武的传统。回族在日常生活中,借助身体圣行再现尚武秉性,并形成地方特色;通过拳种的传统再造,扩大民族间的认同,实现中华民族多元一体格局下的文化共生。%From the perspective of sociology, the author probed into Hui national Wushu, and put forward the fol-lowing opinions: multiple factors, such as national belief, military involvement and survival tension etc, have main-tained the warrior tradition of the Hui nationality; in the daily life of the Hui nationality, the Hui people reproduce their warrior nature by means of body ritual, having formed a local landscape, and expanded recognition between nationalities and realized cultural symbiosis under the all Chinese nations united situation through tradition repro-duction of boxing.

  7. An Survey of the Hui Chen You's Family During the Ming Dynasty%明朝回回人陈友家族考述



    有明一代,涌现出一大批著名的回回军事家、政治家、外交家等等,他们对明朝的巩固与发展作出了巨大贡献和牺牲。"西域回回"陈友以出使起家,后因军功封为世爵,成为明朝回回人当中的标志性人物。对陈友个人及其家族成员的事迹考述,对研究明代回回人的历史活动以及历史作用有重要的价值。%During the Ming dynasty, there emerged many notable Hui militarists, politicians and diplomats who made a number of contributions at personal sacrifice in order to further the consolidation and development of the country. As a Serindia Hui, Chen You got his start from a career as a diplomat and was offered a marquis title on the basis of his military exploits. During the Ming Dynasty, he became an iconic figure amongst the Hui. Through this historical survey of Chen You and his family, we see the significant value he has with regard towards the histori- cal activity and influence of the Hui during the Ming dynasty.

  8. Business Ethics of The Hui Nationality & Its Contemporary Significance%回族的商业伦理思想及其当代意义

    张晓华; 吕广文


      回族起源于唐宋时期阿拉伯地区的来华商人,是一个以商为本的民族。回族商人在长期的经济活动中形成了一套集法律、宗教、道德于一体的商业伦理思想,在这一独具特色思想的指导下,回民族的经济健康、有序地发展,民族不断繁荣强大。在今天的社会主义市场经济体制下,弘扬回族商业伦理思想,仍然具有十分重要的现实指导意义。%  The Hui Nationality originated from the Arabian merchants came to china in the Tang and Song Dynasties, it is a business-oriented nation. By the long-term economic activities, Hui merchants formed a set of business ethics incorporating the law, religion and morality. Under the guidance of this unique idea, Hui's economy achieves sound and orderly development, and their nation becomes more and more prosperous and powerful. In the context of today’s socialist market economic system, carrying forward the business ethics of the Hui Nationality sill has important practical and guiding significance.

  9. Determination of the Height of the Water-Conducting Fractured Zone in Difficult Geological Structures: A Case Study in Zhao Gu No. 1 Coal Seam

    Shuai Zhang


    Full Text Available The method for determining the upper limit for safe mining with regard to water and sand collapse prevention under thick alluvium and thin bedrock layers is a critical parameter for ensuring the sustainable development of a mine. The height of the water-conducting fractured zone (HWCFZ is an important index parameter in the prediction and prevention of water and sand collapse. This research was conducted based on the concrete geological condition of the Zhao Gu No. 1 coal mine. First, a field measurement method was used to observe the HWCFZ of a mined panel. The discrete element method was applied to establish a corresponding model, which was calibrated using the measurement data. Then, calculation models for different bedrock thicknesses were developed to analyze the evolution law of the water-conducting fractured zone at different bedrock thicknesses and mining heights. The safe mining upper limits for different bedrock thicknesses were obtained. The relationships between the developing HWCFZ and bedrock thickness/mining height were determined. Using the research results as the main indices, an industrial experiment was performed on the 11,191 panel. The partition limit mining height was implemented in the panel, and safe production was realized. On the basis of the research results, 40,199,336.3 t of coal resources were successfully released, increasing the resource recovery rate by 31.72% and extending the mine service life by 12.5 years. This study not only provided technical support for the sustainable development of the Zhao Gu No. 1 coal seam, but could also be used for safe and highly efficient mining in other coal mines under similar geological conditions.

  10. On the formation age and developing process of Yong' an stone forest%基于测年法的永安石林形成年代及发育演化过程研究

    池永翔; 李润; 陈植华


    以永安石林地区地质、水文地质资料为背景,利用不平衡铀系法,对区内不同高程的钙华沉积物岩样进行年龄测定,确定了永安石林形成年代为中更新世以来,距今约50万年.结合区域地质构造历史及沙溪河谷地貌发育演化过程,认为:永安石林的形成始于早更新世;主要是因地壳间歇性抬升运动且大潮盆地开始处于剥蚀环境,石炭二叠纪碳酸盐岩的上覆岩层逐渐被风化剥蚀后形成.%Under the background of geological and hydrogeological data in Yong' an stone forest, Uranium- series disequilibrium method is introduced in this paper to mensurate the age for calc -sinter rock samples at different heights, so the formation age of Yong' an stone forest is confirmed, that is,about 500 thousand years since Medio - Pleistocene. Combined with history of regional geological structure and evolvement process of Shaxi valley form, this paper concludes, Yong' an stone forest is formed during Early Pleistocene, its formation is resulted from intermittent uplift movement of the earth' s crust as well as gradual weathering and erosion of the carbonate rock overlying on carboniferous and Permian under the denudation environment of Dahu basin.

  11. Problems and Accountability of English Translation in Jin Yong Martial Arts Novels%金庸武侠小说英译:问题及原因分析



    ProblemsconcerningJinYongmartialartsnovelsremaininChinese-into-Englishtranslationalprac-tice and theory. In practice, few English translations are available. In theory, few articles are devoted to research into their English translation. The undertranslation of Jin Yong martial arts novels is symptomatic of translational imbalance translating of Chinese literature. Such cultural specific terms as xia, jianghu and martial arts constitute the challenges facing rendering Jin Yong martial arts novels. The peripheral position occupied by translated Chinese literature in the polysystem of English literature, different ideology and poetics in the English world and resistance to translated Chinese literature by English literature are also factors for the inadequacy of English translation of Jin Yong martial arts novels.%金庸武侠小说汉译英理论和实践都存在问题:英译本偏少,相关研究的论文数量不多。金庸武侠小说英译不足是中国文学译入译出失衡的一个缩影。从文化特色词来看,侠、江湖、武功等构成了金庸武侠小说英译的难点。从文化交流来看,英译中国文学在英语文学多元系统中的边缘地位、英语世界不同的意识形态和诗学、英语文学对英译中国文学的排斥也是导致金庸武侠小说英译不足的原因。

  12. Analysis of the Ecological Migration Pattern in Ethnic Minority Areas——A Case Study of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region


    By taking Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region as an example,this paper analyzes the ecological migration pattern in ethnic minority areas.The basic patterns of development for poverty relief in Ningxia are in-situ migration and new area development pattern.The new area development pattern includes three types,namely small town development pattern around urban radiation districts,urban labor migration pattern,and large-scale ecological migration pattern.Finally,successful experience of ecological migration in Ningxia is summarized.First,scientific industrial planning shall be made on the basis of proper selection of ecological migration location in immigrant settlement regions.Second,scientific and comprehensive ecological migration policies should be formulated.

  13. La république en Grande-Bretagne aujourd’hui : une idée anglaise

    Antoine MIOCHE


    Full Text Available Il peut paraître y avoir un paradoxe à parler de république aujourd’hui en Grande-Bretagne en ceci que seule ou presque la Grande-Bretagne, de ce qui fut le vaste Empire britannique, est demeurée une monarchie. Des États-Unis à la Rhodésie, en passant par l’Inde et l’Irlande (à l’exception importante du nord de l’île, les anciens territoires britanniques ont opté majoritairement pour un régime parlementaire non monarchique, l’Australie, le Canada et la Nouvelle-Zélande étant d’intéressantes ...

  14. Yan Zhao Cultural History of Music Research and Inheritance in the Perspective of National Music%民族音乐视野下燕赵音乐文化历史考略及其传承



    Yan zhao region is one of the birthplaces of Chinese national culture, and Yan zhao music has tracked since ancient times, and their musical culture has a long history and unique features. This paper studies the music culture of different period in the national music view of Yan zhao region. This paper tries to make people understand the development process and characteristics of Yan zhao folk music culture, which will help carry forward inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese culture.%燕赵地域是中华民族文化的发祥地之一,燕赵音乐自远古就有迹可循,其音乐文化历史久远,极具特色。基于民族音乐视野对不同时期燕赵地域的音乐文化进行考略,重在使人们了解燕赵民族音乐文化的发展过程和特征,利于中华传统文化的传承与发扬。

  15. A Study of the Epitaph Rubbings for Wang, the Generous Official Zhao Ru’s Wife in Hengshui in the Ming Dynasty%明衡水义官赵公妻王氏圹志拓片考略



    明代义官赵儒,有“赵千顷”之称,好善乐施,曾是衡水石桥的义务总管,建成衡水石桥后,受到朝廷的嘉奖,赠为义官。整理考证其妻王氏圹志,基本梳理清了赵家的一些社会关系,对研究明末清初衡水县的社会文化有一定的帮助。%Zhao Ru, the generous official in the Ming Dynasty, known as Zhao with one thousand acres of land, loved doing good deeds and was willing to do charity work. He was once the unpaid supervisor in building the stone bridge in Hengshui and after its completion, he was commended and awarded as generous official by the Court. By sorting out and researching Zhao Ru’s wife, Wang’s epitaph, some social relations of Zhao family are generally clarified, which is of some help for the study of social cultures of Hengshui county in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty.

  16. 试论《回回药方》治疗脑系疾病滴鼻剂的剂型特点%On Characteristics of Drug Forms of Nose Drops for Brain Disease in HuiHui YaoFang

    刘耀龙; 马晓东; 丁小龙; 王佩佩; 贾孟辉


    Medical theory of Hui nationality, prescription names, formation, preparation and instruction of 19 recipes for brain disease from 12th remained volume "ZhongFengMen-ZuoTan YouHuang KouYan WaiXieLei" of HuiHui YaoFang were analyzed and concluded to explore characteristic of drug forms of nose drops and promote clinical application of external nose drops.%对残卷十二"众风门-左瘫右痪口眼歪斜类"治疗脑系疾病的19首滴鼻剂的回族医学理论、方剂名称、药物组成、制备服法进行分析、归纳和总结,探讨回族医学滴鼻剂的剂型特点,并在临床中推广使用.

  17. Passive Mood and Work Behavior:The Cross-level Mediating Effect of Zhong-Yong Thinking Style%坏心情与工作行为:中庸思维跨层次的调节作用

    孙旭; 严鸣; 储小平


    本研究探讨工作中坏心情与3种工作行为(组织公民行为、反生产行为和任务绩效行为)在个体内水平的关系,以及中庸思维在二者间跨层次的调节作用。采用经验抽样方法,通过对72名员工历时两周的追踪调查,获取被试每日心情状态和每日工作行为的数据。HLM 6.02分析表明:(1)每日坏心情显著地负向影响每日的组织公民行为和任务绩效行为,而对反生产行为无显著影响;(2)中庸思维在“心情—行为”的联系间发挥调节作用,高中庸思维者的坏心情对组织公民行为的负向影响较弱,低中庸思维者的坏心情对组织公民行为的负向影响较强;高中庸思维者的坏心情对任务绩效行为产生正向影响,低中庸思维者的坏心情对任务绩效行为产生负向影响。%Individual frequently experiences passive mood, a bad internal feeling state, in workplace. However, few researches focused on the negative effect of passive mood on work behavior. As a result, we know little about how to avoid this negative effect in the work, especially in Chinese context. Based on mood-congruent theory and cognitive-affective processing system theory, we proposed a cross-level model to explain the relation between daily passive mood and three daily work behaviors, namly, Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB), Counterproductive Work Behavior (CWB) and task performance behavior, at within-person level, and how Zhong-Yong thinking style, a Chinese indigenous cultural thinking characteristic, at between-person level moderated the negative effect of daily passive mood on work behaviors. In oreder to verify our arguments, we collected the data by two phases. In the first phase, participants completed a questionnaire including demographic and individual-level variables. Two weeks later, we conducted daily surveys for daily passive mood and three daily work behaviors, namly, OCB, CWB and task performance

  18. Several Issues on Moving Capitals of the State of Zhao%关于战国赵都迁徙的若干问题



    Handan was the capital of the State of Zhao between BC 386 and BC 228,which lasted 158 years.Thus,Handan occupies an important position in the Chinese history of ancient capitals.However, Handan is only one of many capitals of Zhao.As for the times of moving capitals,different historical docu-ments and academic worlds have different records and statements.Through combing the literature and in-terpretation the ancient texts,the paper thinks that after Jinyang,there are four major moving capitals and the moving route is from Jinyang,Geng,Zhongmou,Pingyi to Handan one after another.Frequent capital moving is related to city expansion,formulation of ruling strategies and resolution of internal crises.%邯郸作为赵国都城始于赵敬侯元年(公元前386年),止于赵王迁八年(公元前228年),延续时间达158年之久,在中国古都史上占据重要地位。邯郸只是赵国众多都城之一,在赵敬侯迁都邯郸之前,其都城就曾有过多次迁徙。关于赵国都城迁徙的具体次数,历代文献典籍均有不同记载,学术界也有不同说法。通过对文献梳理和文字考释,可以认为自晋阳之后赵国的都城曾有过四次迁徙,即赵国的迁都路线是晋阳-耿-中牟-平邑-邯郸,都城的迁移与城市规模的扩大、统治战略的制定以及内部危机的化解有关。

  19. Zhao Defaˊs Literature Creation and Confucian Ethics Reconstruction%赵德发的文学书写与儒家伦理重建

    丁燕燕; 沈广斌


    山东作家赵德发擅长讲述形色各异的人伦故事,通过塑造鲜活灵动的人物形象和发掘潜隐的民间道德,重申儒家伦理,重建文学与道德间的良性关系。他描绘了许多动人的亲情、友情、爱情等人伦情谊,阐释了“仁者,爱人”的儒家伦理;多侧面地展示了知识分子形象,将他们社会价值的实现与自我理想人格的追求完美地结合在“内圣外王”的儒家伦理思想中。赵德发的文学创作关注文学与道德的关系,呈现出悲天悯人、以天下为己任的人文情怀。%Zhao Defa,one Shandong writer,is good at telling different ethics stories. Through the creation of vivid characters and the exploration of the latent folk ethics,he reiterates the Confucian ethics,reconstructes the virtuous relationship between the literature and the moral. He describes a lot of lovely blood relations, friendship,love and other human feelings,illustrates the Confucian ethics of 〞The benevolent loves others〞, and shows the image of intellectuals from multiple aspects,perfectly combining the realization of their social value with the pursuit of self ideal personality in the Confucian ethics thought of 〞internal saints and external kings 〞. In Zhao Defaˊs literature creation,he pays much attention to the relationship between literature and morality,presenting his humanistic feeling of having compassion for the world and its people,as well as taking the responsibility of the world.

  20. 赵尚华教授治疗皮肤病临床经验%Clinical Experience of Professor Zhao Shanghua in the Treatment of Skin Disease

    范玲玲; 赵尚华


    Objective Professor Zhao Shanghua is one of the teachers for academic experience of the fourth batch of the national Chinese medicine experts, has been engaged in TCM clinical and teaching for more than 40 years, read many books, studied hard, and has accumulated rich clinical experience . His rigorous scholarship , for the traditional Chinese medicine surgery miscellaneous diseases , especially in the treatment of skin diseases has accumulated rich clinical experience , and has unique insights .Through analyzing typical skin disease of lichen planus , psoriasis, panniculitis, allergic purpura and condyloma acuminatum in clinical work , the article summed up experience of Professor Zhao Shanghua , and explored the clinical efficacy of experiential effective recipe in the treatment of skin diseases , which not only provides valuable clinical information for the students of junior professional skin , and it also provides a theoretical basis for the treatment of miscellaneous diseases skin disease in clinical work .%赵尚华教授为全国第四批名老中医药专家学术经验继承工作指导老师之一,投身中医临床、教学事业40余年,博览医书,勤于钻研,积累了丰富的临床经验,他治学严谨,对中医外科杂病,尤其是对皮肤病的治疗积累了丰富的临床经验,拥有独到的见解。通过对扁平苔癣、银屑病、脂膜炎、过敏性紫癜及尖锐湿疣6例临床工作中典型的皮肤病病例加以分析,来总结赵尚华教授的经验和探讨拟创的治疗皮肤病验方的临床疗效,不仅为后辈皮肤专业的学生提供了宝贵的临床资料,也为皮肤病临床工作中疑难病例的治疗提供了理论依据。

  1. 浅析赵宋光综合幼儿音乐教学法%Zhao Songguang’s Comprehensive Music Teaching Method for Children



    Known as an encyclopedic music master in contemporary China, Mr. Zhao Songguang researches widely in not only music theory but also pedagogy, philosophy, aesthetics, mathematics, natural science and so on. From the anthropological view point, Mr. Zhao puts forward the concept of “Li Mei”, meaning“Aesthetic Appreciation”. Through the practice of“Li Mei”, a harmony between truth and beauty can be achieved and a sustainable human development can be realized. This paper will elaborate on the application of Mr. Zhao’s “Li Mei” concept in music education and how his comprehensive music teaching method for children has brought about a far-reaching influence to children’s music education in China.%赵宋光先生是当代中国音乐学界里一位少之又少的“百科全书式”的音乐宗师,其所涉猎的领域不仅包括音乐理论,还有教育学、哲学、美学、数学、自然科学等学科。赵先生站在人类学本体论的基础上创造性的提出“立美”这一概念,通过立美的实践活动,调和真与善的对峙冲突,从而实现人类可持续发展这一终极目标。本文将具体阐述赵宋光先生立美概念在音乐教育领域的发展与延伸,系统介绍他构建的综合幼儿音乐教学法,并着重探讨其教学法对幼儿音乐教育的本土化、民族化的意义和影响。

  2. 帛书《昭力》篇政治伦理思想探析%The Political Ethics Thought of Silk Book Zhao Li Chapter



    帛书《昭力》篇,作为孔门弟子的传《易》著作,集中讨论了“卿大夫之义”与“君之义”,对国君和卿大夫均提出了政治伦理要求。如国君应当正己修德、知人善任,卿大夫应当以忠信为先、尽心辅佐国君等。这些思想为我们研究原始儒家的政治伦理思想提供了更多的视野和途径。%As Confucian disciples heritage the Book of Changes, the Silk Book Zhao Li chapter focused on the "The duties of officers"and "Monarch's righteousness". Monarch, officers have raised the political ethics requirements. As monarch should has virtue, know one's subordinates well enough to assign them jobs commensurate with their abilities, officers should be faithful to the first, with the help of monarch. These thoughts provided more perspectives and approaches to our study of the original Confucian political ethics.

  3. On Justice --Taking ZHAO Zuo-hai Case as Case Study%正义之浅论——以赵作海案为个案探讨



    去年出现的赵作海案被人们称为“河南版佘祥林案”,两个案件非常相识,最终都是通过“死人复活”才使案件真相大白。如此频繁地出现这类冤案,不得不引起我们深刻地反思。如何避免此类冤案的再次发生,关于正义实质涵义的认真解读和程序正义的严格遵循,是我国司法审判的现实要求。%The ZHAO Zuo-hai Case emerged last year, which was known as " SHE Xiang-lin Case of Henan ".These two cases of very acquaintance, and ultimately through the "dead into the living " to make case revealed the truth. Such frequent occurrence of such injustice have caused us a profound reflection. It is the practical requirements of justice how to avoid such errors about justice happening again. And it is necessary that we understand seriously the meanings of interpretation and comply strictly essence of procedural justice.

  4. ZHAO Xue-min Folk Medicine Achievements%赵学敏在民间医药学方面的成就



    ZHAO Xue-min is Qing Dynasty renowned medicine scientist, in its extant work Native Chinese Plants Appropriated lost articles and String Elegant has preserved the massive folk medicine precious content, the collection, the reorganization, summarized the massive folk medicine experience, the massive folk single proven prescription, specially walked Fang Yi the prevention disease's experience, this studied the folk medicine for us the development, has provided the very valuable material.%赵学敏是清代著名的医药学家,在其现存的著作《本草纲目拾遗》和《串雅》中保存了大量民间医药学的宝贵内容,收集、整理、总结了大量民间医药学经验,大量的民间单验方,特别是走方医的防治疾病的经验,这为我们研究民间医药学的发展,提供了十分可贵的资料.

  5. 政治哲学的进路——兼与赵汀阳先生商榷%The Approaches of Political Philosophy: Discussion with Mr. Zhao Tingyang



    Zhao Tingyang puts forward two kinds of criticism of Rawls' theory of justice, which are methodological and specific respectively. But if we explicitly differentiate normative and empirical ap- proach, and emphasize the normative nature of Rawls' theory, we can respond to the methodological criticism effectively. Moreover, if we examine carefully Rawls' theory of justice, we can also partly re- spond to the specific criticisms.%赵汀阳先生对罗尔斯的正义理论提出了两类批评,即方法上的总体批评与细节上的具体批评。如果我们明确区分政治哲学的规范性进路与经验实证进路,并且指出罗尔斯采用的是规范性的进路,就可以有效地回应第一类批评;如果我们仔细考察罗尔斯正义理论的具体内容,也可以部分应答第二类批评。罗尔斯的正义理论虽然不是完美无缺,但总体上仍有很强的合理性。

  6. Letter regarding Zhao et al. entitled " DPYD gene polymorphisms are associated with risk and chemotherapy prognosis in pediatric patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia".

    Deenen, Maarten J; Henricks, Linda M; Sonke, Gabe S; Schellens, Jan Hm; Meulendijks, Didier


    Zhao et al. investigated the association between germline genetic polymorphisms in DPYD, the gene encoding dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase, and (1) the risk of developing pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia and (2) outcome of acute lymphoblastic leukemia following the treatment with 5-fluorouracil plus oxaliplatin (FOLFOX). The authors found that the common DPYD variant c.85T>C (rs1801265, DPYD*9A) was significantly associated with (1) risk of developing pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia, (2) complete response rate, (3) event-free survival, and (4) treatment-related toxicity. The authors conclude that patients carrying the c.85T>C C allele have an increased risk of developing acute lymphoblastic leukemia and have inferior outcome, and that DPYD c.85T>C can be used as a guide for individualized treatment and the decision to utilize 5-fluorouracil in acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients. In our view, the published article gives rise to multiple critical issues regarding the study's rationale and the methodology used, which strongly question the validity of the authors' conclusions.

  7. 企业信用管理制度的创新探析——湖南永利化工股份有限公司企业管理新探索%Discussion on Innovation of Enterprises' Credit Management System Exploring the Management of Hunan YongLi Chemical Co.Ltcl



    Currently, the credit risk and accounts receivables management issue is one of the key factors to affecting the business success. Hunan Yongli Chemieal Co.Ltd had effectively improved the company's accounts receivable of the market structure and customer's mix, improved cash flow efficiency, had a significant reduction in the risk of accounts receivable. The company ha~ also developed and improved the large customer strategic and corporate partnerships through the establishment of information management department, the establishment of customer information files, customer credit management system, the internal credit system, accounts receivable management system, aging control system, and account management in a new way.%信用风险和应收帐款管理问题是当前影响企业经营成败的关键因素之一,湖南永利化工股份有限公司通过设立信管理部门、建立客户信息档案、客户资信管理制度、内部授信制度、应收帐款管理制度、帐龄控制制度等,有效地改善了公司应帐款的市场结构和客户结构,提高了资金周转效率,应收帐款的风险大幅度降低,发展、改善了大客户的战略合作关系,在企业管理方面走出了一条新路。

  8. 浅析回族服饰的文化象征性%Analysis of Cultural Symbolic Significance of the Hui Ethnic Dress



    回族作为以伊斯兰为民族文化根源的民族,在历史发展进程中呈现出伊斯兰教的内化与对汉族文化涵化同时发生而联系又紧密的特点。回族服饰具有伊斯兰文化与中华文化二元一体的结构特点,在伊斯兰文化语境下又体现出宗教文化的象征性。伊斯兰教的内化和汉族文化涵化构成了回族服饰文化的核心和其演变的主题。%The Hui ethnic group bases itself on Islam,presenting that Islamic internalization goes hand in hand with the Han ethnic cultural acculturation in the long development process.The Hui ethnic dress is featured by Islamic-Chinese culture integration.It represents both religious and cultural symbolic significance in the context of Islamic culture.Therefore,Islamic internalization and the Han ethnic cultural acculturation constitute the core of the Hui ethnic dress culture.

  9. [Tai ping sheng hui fang (Taiping Holy Prescriptions for Universal Relief) and the compilation during the early Song Dynasty].

    Han, Yi


    Tai ping sheng hui fang, the first medical formulary of the Song Dynasty, compiled from the 3(rd) year of Taiping-xingguo reign to the 3(rd) year of Chunhua reign (978 ∼ 992), under the edict of the Taizong Emperor, was popularly applied and extensively circulated and called "the first formulary of the Dynasty". It is extremely significant in the medical history of the Song Dynasty due to its theory of prescription art, practical prescriptions and clinical practice. During the process of its circulation, different versions appeared, including the Guozijian Orthodox Version, Guozijian Small-character Version, Chongwen Hall Abridged Version, Newly Carved Version of Zhuanyunsi, and the Local Abridged Version, thus adapting to the demands of various walks of life in the society. Its unique role in the development of the Song society was founded by its introduction, application and popularization by the emperors, local officials, medical scholars, diplomatic envoys, and intellectuals. The "kind administration" of the authority and the government was further greatly facilitated by the involvement of the government and the introduction of printing. Its practical prescriptions became forceful tools to prevent and treat diseases, to conquer witchcraft, to protect local social security, and to pronounce the merits of officials and physicians at all levels.

  10. The prevalence of antibodies to Toxoplasma gondii in horses in Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang, northwestern China

    Jin-Lei Wang

    Full Text Available Toxoplasmosis is a worldwide zoonosis caused by Toxoplasma gondii, which can infect warm-blooded animals and humans. The present study was performed to investigate the seroprevalence of T. gondii in horses in Xinjiang, northwestern China. A total of 637 blood samples were collected from seven regions in Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang in 2011 and assayed for T. gondiiantibodies using the modified agglutination test (MAT. Risk factors (age, gender, and region related to seroprevalence were determined by a multivariate logistic regression analysis. A total of 200 horses (31.4%, 95% CI 27.79–35.00 were seropositive for T. gondii. Age, gender, and region present no association with seroprevalence (p>0.05 in the logistic regression analysis. The results indicated that T. gondii is widely prevalent in horses in Xinjiang, northwestern China, representing a serious threat to animal and human health. Therefore, more careful measures should be performed to control and prevent T. gondii infection in horses from Xinjiang, northwestern China.

  11. Regional Evaluation of Wind Erosion of the Loess Plateau in Pengyang County, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China

    Sun Baoping; Ding Guodong; Li Yubao


    The loess plateau in China is well-known for its severe water erosion. A nationwide soil erosion survey discovered that wind erosion of the loess land is also greatly concerned. The severity of wind erosion for each land use in Pengyang County of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China, was evaluated according to the national standard of soil erosion classification. The evaluation system includes a GIS database, an evaluation indicator system and a classification system for land and land use. The erodible nature of soil and annual soil loss of the most erodible land were obtained as follows: (1) Croplands plowed and harrowed in late autumn were the most erodible land,with an erosion intensity of medium grade and an erodible proportion of 46%; (2) The erodible proportion of natural grasslands was between 19.3% and 21.5%, whose erosion intensity was of mostly tolerable grade; (3) When it came to the whole county, there was 21.3% of the total area in tolerable grade in terms of wind erosion intensity, 42.1% slight and 34.8% medium.

  12. Temporal-Spatial Variation of Drought Indicated by SPI and SPEI in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China

    Chunping Tan


    Full Text Available The Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region of China (Ningxia is an important food production area in northwest China severely affected by drought. The Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI and Standardized Precipitation Evapotranspiration Index (SPEI were calculated based on monthly meteorological data to explore climate change and variation in drought intensity, duration, frequency, and spatial extent in Ningxia during 1972–2011. Results show that the SPEI is more applicable than the SPI for exploring climate change and drought variation in Ningxia. The Ningxia climate experienced a significant drying tendency. Annual SPEI decreased about 0.37 decade−1 during 1972–2011. Drought was exacerbated by this drying tendency. Regional average duration, maximum duration, intensity, and frequency of drought identified by the SPEI increased by one month, three months, 0.15%, and 36.1%, respectively, during 1992–2011 compared to the period of 1972–1991. The spatial extent of drought identified by the SPEI increased about 14.4% decade−1 in the spring during 1972–2011. Spatially, drought frequency increased from north to south. Average intensity (maximum duration of drought calculated by the SPEI increased (decreased northward and southward from the central arid area.

  13. Clinical Observation on Modified SiMiao YongAnTang in Treating 140 Cases of Acute Gouty Arthritis%四妙永安汤加味治疗急性痛风性关节炎140例



    目的:观察四妙永安汤加减治疗急性痛风性关节炎的临床疗效.方法:将140 例急性痛风性关节炎患者随机分为2 组.治疗组70 例,予四妙永安汤加减;对照组70 例,予秋水仙碱、苯溴马隆治疗,2 组疗程均为2 周.观察治疗前后病变关节肿胀、疼痛、活动等情况及血尿酸、血沉和C 反应蛋白的变化情况.结果:治疗组与对照组总有效率分别为88.57%、74.29%,不良反应发生率分别为21.43%、58.57%,2组比较有显著性差异(P<0.05).结论:四妙永安汤加减治疗急性痛风性关节炎疗效显著,不良反应发生率较低.%Objective: To observe clinical effects of modified SiMiao YongAnTang in treating acute gouty arthritis. Method: All 140 cases were randomly assigned into treatment group administered with modified SiMiao YongAnTang and control group treated with colchicines and benzbromarone. The session was two weeks for both groups. The conditions of joint swelling, pain, movement and the changes of blood uric acid, erythrocyte sedimentation rate and C reactive protein were observed before and after the treatment. Result: Total effective rate of treatment group was 88.57%, higher than 74.29% of control group with significant difference (P<0.05). Incidence of adverse reaction of treatment group was 21.43%,lower than 58.57% of control group with statistical meaning (P<0.05).Conclusion: Modified SiMiao YongA nTang is effective in treating acute gouty arthritis with low incidence of adverse reaction.

  14. 赵宝刚电视剧幽默语言的辞格分析%Analysis on the Figures of Speech of the Humorous Lan-guage in Zhao Baogang's TV Series



    赵宝刚导演的电视剧,以其幽默调侃的经典台词形成了独特的“赵氏语言风格”,台词中对于辞格的妙用正是其形成幽默效果的重要手段之一。本文对其台词语言中所运用的典型辞格进行详细分析,以展现赵宝刚导演对“幽默”的独特深层的领悟与理解。%In TV series directed by Zhao Baogang, the humorous and ridiculous dialogues have formed a unique"Zhao's language style". The skillful application of figures of speech in the dia-logues is one of the important means to form the effect of humor. This paper makes a detailed analysis on the typical figures of speech applied in the language of the dialogues, hoping to ex-press Zhao Baogang's unique and in-depth comprehension and understanding of"humor".

  15. 西北回族抗日史研究%On History of Resistance against Japanese Aggression of Northwest Hui Nationality

    杨志平; 海万玲


    日本全面侵华后,由于兵力所限,虽未对西北地区进行地面武装侵扰,但通过军机轰炸、策划“回回国”阴谋等行径,对西北人民犯下了滔天罪行。在民族存亡之际,西北回族人民同全国各族人民一起在各条战线上展开了反侵略斗争,其中以回族、撒拉族、保安族等为主要成员的骑兵第一师、第81军在正面战场与日军展开了殊死较量,战绩辉煌。此外,回族民众还利用与中东伊斯兰国家的友好关系,开展民间外交奔赴中东地区传播抗日救亡思想并寻求国际支持与理解,宗教人士则通过自身声望影响穆斯林参军抗日,回族社团与报刊也充分发挥社会职责,揭露日本离间回汉关系、肢解中国的阴谋,鼓励回胞奔赴前线杀敌卫国,文艺工作者更是以各种文艺形式宣传抗日救亡思想。经过战争的洗礼,回族社会空前团结,爱国主义精神和国家认同感更加强烈。%After staging large-scale aggression war into China,though restricted by the lack of militar-y force,Japan had not staged land invasion into northwest China,they still conducted aerial bombing, schemed to establish"Huihui State",and committed serious crimes to the people there.At this criti-cal moment of death or life for the nation,along with all other nationalities,people of Hui nationality in northwest China launched the fight against Japanese aggression.The first cavalry division and 81th army (both mainly consisted of Hui,Sala,and Baoan nationalities)fought face-to-face against Japa-nese invaders and had extraordinary battle achievements.Besides,due to friendly relationship with Is-lamic nations in Mideast,people of Hui nationality went to Mideast to seek international support and understanding for this very cause.With their own influence,religious figures encouraged Muslims to join the arm.Societies and newspapers of Hui nationality played full social role to disclose

  16. 商周时期的民歌精品——鄘诗探源(下)%The Elite of Folk Songs in Shang and Zhou Period——An Exploration Into Yong Poems

    丁身伟; 吴燕华


      该文推翻偏颇的旧说,重新对鄘诗给予阐释与评价,力图恢复其本来面目。由于历史、地域等的涉及面很广,虽然不断地寻找新的资料根据,但因年代久远,不免精粗并存。%  Overturning the old beliefs, this paper gives a reillustration and reassessment of Yong poems, with an effort to restore its onginal version. Due to the long history and vast region, though constantly seeking new materials as proofs, it is hard to avoid roughness.

  17. Analysis of the Constituents in “Zhu She Yong Xue Shuan Tong” by Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography with Quadrupole Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry Combined with Preparative High Performance Liquid Chromatography

    Lin-Lin Wang


    Full Text Available “Zhu She Yong Xue Shuan Tong” lyophilized powder (ZSYXST, consists of a series of saponins extracted from Panax notoginseng, which has been widely used in China for the treatment of strokes. In this study, an ultra-high performance liquid chromatography with quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry (UHPLC-Q-TOF/MS combined with preparative high performance liquid chromatography (PHPLC method was developed to rapidly identify both major and minor saponins in ZSYXST. Some high content components were removed through PHPLC in order to increase the sensitivity of the trace saponins. Then, specific characteristic fragment ions in both positive and negative mode were utilized to determine the types of aglycone, saccharide, as well as the saccharide chain linkages. As a result, 94 saponins, including 20 pairs of isomers and ten new compounds, which could represent higher than 98% components in ZSYXST, were identified or tentatively identified in commercial ZSYXST samples.

  18. 彰武县后新秋永安村一带珍珠岩矿地质特征%Geological characteristics of perlite in Yong'an village area of houxinqiu in zhangwu county

    许云鹏; 王志; 董亚梅


    为研究彰武县后新秋永安村一带珍珠岩矿地质特征,对后新秋永安村一带发育的地层进行分析,结果表明:这一带地层主要为中生代义县组(Jky)火山喷出岩、熔岩及火山碎屑沉积岩.其中火山喷出岩发育,夹沉积岩扁豆体,多呈条带状分布,故推断为间歇式裂隙喷发,由基性到酸性,下部常赋存有粘土和膨润土,上部常赋存有黑曜岩、珍珠岩等矿产.%To study geological characteristics of perlite in Yong'an Village area of Houxinqiu in Zhangwu County, an analysis was made of stratums in Yong'an Village area of Houxinqiu.Results show that the statums in this area are mainly volcanic eruptive rock, lava and volcanic clastic sedimentary rock of Yi County group (Jky) in Mesozoic Era.The volcanic eruptive rock grows and clamps the sedimetary rock lenticular mass, mostly distributes in strips, and therefore is inferred as the result of intermittent fissure eruption.Lava ranges from the basic to the acid, with clay and bentonite in the lower part and obsidian, pearlite and other minerals in the upper part.

  19. Institutional regulations and local practices of Social warehouse construction in Yong zheng Dynasty The investigation based on the center of Chinese language Zhupi Memorials in Yong Zheng Dynasty%雍正朝社仓建设的制度规范及其地方实践--以《雍正朝汉文朱批奏折汇编》为中心的考察



    Social storage is an important part of the social security system in ancient China,it is often open,gra-naries and other storage duties,complement each other.After the early Qing Dynasty Kangxi start- up attempt,vig-orous promotion in Yong Zheng Dynasty,and gradually establish a more mature and powerful network of social warehouse in the country.In specific storage management,the warehousing construction of Yong Zheng Dynasty particular emphasis on local officials to interfere too much,simple and crude way of donation,embezzlement and other ills barn renovation,in Sichuan and Shanxi,Henan and other regions have achieved remarkable results.%社仓是我国古代社会保障体系的重要组成部分,它与常平仓、义仓等仓储各司其职、相互补充。清初历经康熙朝的初创尝试、雍正朝的大力推行,逐渐建立起全国范围内较为成熟有力的社仓网络。在仓储的具体管理中,雍正朝仓储建设尤其重视对地方官员过多干预、劝捐方式简单粗暴、侵吞仓谷等弊病的整治,于川陕、河南等地区取得了明显成效。

  20. Study on mosque architectural form development of the Hui Nationality in the Yellow River Basin%黄河流域回族清真寺建筑形态发展研究



    以中国黄河流域的回族聚居区为研究范围,以回族清真寺为研究对象,通过探讨黄河流域回族清真寺的建筑形态发展,分析了回族清真寺在我国回族穆斯林生活中的作用,并对其保护与发展措施进行了研究,以期为我国伊斯兰建筑艺术的研究和回族清真寺的发展提供参考。%Taking the Hui Nationality concentrated area of the Yellow River Basin in China as the research scope,taking the Hui Nationality mosque as the research target,through explores the architectural form development of the Hui Nationality mosque of the Yellow River Basin,the paper analyzes the role of the Hui Nationality mosque in domestic Muslim living,and studies its protection and development,with a view to pro-vide some guidance for domestic Muslim building arts research and the Hui Nationality mosque development.

  1. 恢刺法治疗急性肩周炎50例%Treatment of 50 Patients with Acute Shoulder Periarthritis by Hui Acupuncture

    王孝艳; 张轶鸣; 贾延涛; 王慧; 岳全; 吴继开; 陈斯


    目的:观察恢刺法针刺阳陵泉、阿是穴治疗急性肩周炎的临床疗效。方法:将100例肩周炎患者随机分为治疗组,对照组。治疗组50例采用恢刺法针刺阳陵泉、阿是穴治疗;对照组50例采用常规针刺治疗。均每天针刺1次,疗程2周,观察其疗效。结果:治疗组疗效明显高于对照组。结论:恢刺法针刺阳陵泉、阿是穴治疗急性肩周炎可缓解疼痛,改善肩关节活动度,有较好疗效。%Objective:To observe the clinical effects on the acute shoulder periarthritis by Hui acupuncture at Yanglingquan point and Ashi point.Methods:100 patients were randomly divided into two groups:a treatment group and a control group.Among them, 50 patients in the treatment group were treated by Hui acupuncture at Yanglingquan point and Ashi point while other 50 patients in the control group received normal acupuncture treatment.During the two weeks’ treatment, all the patients were acupunctured once a day.Results:Patients in the treatment group felt much relieved than those in the control group.Conclusion:Hui acupuncture at Yan-glingquan point and Ashi point turns out to be a desirably effective way to treat acute shoulder periarthritis.

  2. Development obstacles of poor rural Hui ethnic females and its countermeasures: Based on survey data of 1 327 Hui ethnic females of Guanghe county%回族农村女性的发展障碍与应对策略——基于广河县1327名回族女性的调查

    韩振兴; 韩建民


    Based on the survey data of 1 327 poor rural Hui ethnic females (over fourteen years old) of Guanghe county, Gansu province, this paper finds that due to the influence of traditional family value, poor healthy condition and poor exploitation of human resources, poor rural Hui women face many development obstacles such as their low status in the family, low educational background, little social participation. Hence, the writer proposes some countermeasures so as to promote the sound development of rural Hui women: to advocate new religion and family concept; to promote the education and training of the rural Hui women; to recognize the value of rural women's housework; to encourage them to engage in some small business and provide small loans to them.%基于甘肃广河县294户回族家庭1 327名回族女性(14岁以上)的调查发现,由于传统宗教家庭观念限制、身体健康水平欠佳以及人力资源的教育性开发不力等因素影响,回族农村女性面临诸多发展障碍,如家庭经济地位低下、文化程度不高、社会参与度低等。据此,应提倡新的宗教、家庭观念;加强回族农村女性教育,强化其农业科技知识培训;认定农村女性家务劳动的实际价值,鼓励其从事基本商业贸易并提供小额贷款倾斜政策,最终促进回族农村女性自身的良性发展。

  3. 赵云芳从瘀论治糖尿病经验%Zhao Yunfang's Experience in Treating Diabetes from Blood Stasis



    赵云芳教授认为对于糖尿病的治疗,活血化瘀法应贯穿糖尿病治疗的始终,同时应审因论与辨证治相结合,使血瘀消散,恢复血液循环系统的功能。常用治法包括:①滋阴清热、活血化瘀法,可选用天花粉、黄连、生地黄、葛根、麦冬、牛膝、丹参、赤芍等。②益气养阴、活血化瘀法,可选用人参、黄芪、生地、元参、山药、葛根、丹参、桃仁、红花等。③益气温阳、活血化瘀法,可选用附子、桂枝、人参、黄芪、干姜、水蛭、地龙、僵蚕等。%Professor Zhao Yunfang believes that promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis method should be run through the treatment of diabetes,should also be seeking the origin and syndrome differentiation and treatment,which make the blood stasis dissipa-ting,and restore the function of blood circulating system. Common treatments include:①nourishing yin and clearing heat,promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis method,choosing trichosanthin,rhizoma coptidis,radix rehmanniae,radix puerariae,ophio-pogon root,achyranthes,radix salviae miltiorrhizae,radix paeoniae rubra,etc. .②Supplementing qi and nourishing yin,promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis method in the choice of ginseng,astragalus,radix rehmanniae,radix scrophulariae,yam,salvia miltiorrhiza,radix puerariae,peach kernel,safflower,etc. .③Invigorating qi and warming yang,promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis method can choose monkshood,cassia twig,ginseng,astragalus,dried ginger,leech,earthworm,silkworm and others.

  4. The Research on ZHAO Huai-yu about Ancestors of Poetry%家声我敢负高曾--赵怀玉述祖诗文研究

    蓝士英; 王文荣


    ZHAO Huai-yu was a famous scholar in Qing Dynasty. He was considered as one of the seven Piling poets and focused on the poetry of classical Chinese words. Five Handwriting Sequence is a long article about the morality of his ancestors. According to the lines, we can feel the kind heart of transferring the ancestors’good deeds and characters. In addition, he also has a certain number of poetry about his progenitors. Through those po-etry, we could find the power of his glory and pride, the defence and uplift. At the same time, there are lingering stress and anxiety. His poetry of progenitors offers a variety of view. According to the literary point of view, it is necessary to concentrate on the origin and evolution. From the angle of history, the relationship between family history and the official history was fascinating. Last but not least, from the angle of sociology, readers can think deeply about the relationship between the individual and the whole family.%赵怀玉,清代著名文人,“毗陵七子”之一,工诗古文词。《五世手迹跋》是其缕述祖德的一篇长文,字里行间,跃动着欲传先祖懿德嘉行之拳拳之心。赵怀玉另有一定数量的述祖诗文,于中可见其对待先祖的荣光与骄傲、守护与振拔的动力,还有挥之不去的压力与焦虑。其述祖诗文,提供了多种考察角度,从文学的角度看,其渊源流变值得关注;从历史的角度,家族私史与官史的关系颇堪玩味;从社会学的角度,可思考个体与家族的关系。

  5. Appendix I3-1 to Wind HUI Initiative 1: AWST-WindNET-Phase 1 Final Report

    John Zack


    This report is an appendix to the Hawaii WindHUI efforts to develop and operationalize short-term wind forecasting and wind ramp event forecasting capabilities. The report summarizes the WindNET Phase 1 efforts on the Big Island of Hawaii and includes descriptions of modeling methodologies, use of field validation data, results and recommendations. The objective of the WindNET project was to investigate the improvement that could be obtained in short-term wind power forecasting for wind generation facilities operating on the island grids operated by Hawaiian Electric Companies through the use of atmospheric sensors deployed at targeted locations. WindNET is envisioned as a multiphase project that will address the short-term wind forecasting issues of all of the wind generation facilities on the all of the Hawaiian Electric Companies' island grid systems. The first phase of the WindNET effort (referred to as WindNET-1) was focused on the wind generation facilities on the Big Island of Hawaii. With complex terrain and marine environment, emphasis was on improving the 0 to 6 hour forecasts of wind power ramps and periods of wind variability, with a particular interest in the intra-hour (0-1 hour) look-ahead period. The WindNET project was built upon a foundation that was constructed with the results from a previously completed observation targeting study for the Big Island that was conducted as part of a project supported by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and interactions with the western utilities. The observational targeting study provided guidance on which variables to measure and at what locations to get the most improvement in forecast performance at a target forecast site. The recommendations of the observation targeting study were based on the application two techniques: (1) an objective method called ensemble sensitivity analysis (ESA) (Ancell and Hakim, 2007; Torn and Hakim, 2008; Zack et al, 2010); and (2) a subjective method based on a

  6. 伊斯兰哲学宇宙论对回族传统宗教信仰文化的影响%Chinese Islamic Philosophy to Hui Traditional Cosmological Religious Beliefs Cultural Influence

    邱双成; 崔华华


    伊斯兰哲学宇宙论与回族传统宗教信仰文化联系异常密切。回族传统宗教信仰文化的形成、内容以及形式等都深受伊斯兰哲学宇宙论的影响。对伊斯兰哲学宇宙论与回族传统宗教信仰文化的关系进行深入研究具有积极的意义。%Chinese Islamic philosophy cosmology and Hui traditional religious beliefs and cultural links are unusual close. Hui traditional religious cultural formation, religious belief culture content as well as religious cultural form etc all deeply influence of Chinese islamic philosophy cosmology. Islamic philosophy in China the hui traditional religion cosmology and in-depth study relation to culture has positive significance.

  7. Van huis naar school.

    Levelt, P.B.M.


    In the Netherlands about two and a half million children are going each day to school as pedestrian, as cyclist or as moped- rider. It is important to remember that these children are forced by the society to go to school and the society has therefore the responsibility for the safe journey to schoo

  8. 回药少尼子的本草考证%Research on Materia Medica of Hui Herbal Medicine ShaoNiZi

    杨丽娟; 何婷; 高如宏


    According to the record in YanXingLu, prophet Mohammed said Hui medicine can cure many of disease. So we made a research on materia medica of Hui Herbal Medicine ShaoNiZi in Huihui prescriptions from several aspects, including Species research, historical records, origin, chemical composition, pharmacological ef-fects, traditional and modern medicine usage, and security as well, and found that it is the dry mature seed of the Ra-nunculaceae Nigella sativa L. Because of its wide therapeutic range, safety and non-toxic, it values to research.%《言行录》记载回药少尼子能够治疗许多疾病。因此本研究从品种考证、历史记载、产地、化学成分、药理作用、传统及现代医学用法、安全性等方面对《回回药方》中少尼子进行本草考证研究,确定其为毛茛科植物家黑种草 Nigella sativa L.的干燥成熟种子,其治疗范围极其广泛,且安全无毒,具有很大的研究价值。

  9. The Banquet Music of Hui Nationality in the Inheritance and the Variation%回族宴席曲的传承及流变



    回族宴席曲是西北流行的古老民间音乐形式,是我国民间音乐文化艺术的奇葩。它既保留了本民族的音乐特征又吸收了多民族音乐文化元素,演唱中自然夹杂了本民族语言及地方方言等词汇,特色鲜明,韵味独特。本文对回族宴席曲的传承和流变进行了概述,并通过典型的例子诠释了回族宴席曲的流变。%The Banquet music of Hui nationality is an ancient folk music in the northwest and a miracle of Chinese folk music culture .It retains the national music characteristics and absorbs other national music cultural elements ,singing naturally mixed with their native language and dialect ,which are distinctive and peculiar .In this paper ,the inheritance and evolvement of the Banquet music of Hui nationality are summa‐rized ,and the evolvement is interpreted by typical examples .

  10. Experiences on the Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome by Professor Zhao Wenxia%赵文霞教授治疗肠易激综合征经验



    赵师将肠易激综合征概括为三个类型,即肝郁乘脾证、脾阳虚弱证、肾阳不足证。肝郁乘脾证患者素来肝郁内向,常遇情绪诱发,肝强脾弱,治宜疏肝健脾共图,赵师临床常以加味柴胡四逆汤合痛泻要方化裁;脾阳虚弱证患者,病机以脾阳不足为主,兼有肾失温煦,赵师治疗时常以参苓白术散合附子理中丸温肾健脾;肾阳不足证患者,病机以肾失温运,开合失机为主,兼有脾虚失运,赵师临床常以金匮肾气丸合四神丸化裁治疗。患者泄泻症状基本控制后,常嘱患者内服成药,预防复发,肝郁患者常服逍遥丸;脾虚患者常服参苓白术丸;肾虚患者常服金匮肾气丸。故疗效较为巩固,较少复发。%Professor Zhao summarized into 3 types about irritable bowel syndrome,liver depression bullying spleen syndrome,deficiency of spleen yang syndrome,insufficiency of kidney-Yang syndrome. The patients with liver depression bullying spleen syndrome often liver depression and introvert,who induced by emotions,liver strong and spleen weak,should soothing liver and strengthening spleen,in trea-ting by modified Chaihu Sini Tang and Tongxie Prescription. The patients with deficiency of spleen Yang syndrome,the pathogenesis is insufficient of spleen Yang,combining lack of kidney warm,in treating by Shenling Baizhu San and Fuzi Lizhong Wan for warm kidney and tonifying spleen. The patients with insufficiency of kidney-Yang syndrome,take the kidney lose warm,combining spleen deficiency as the pathogenesis,in treating by Jinkui Shenqi Wan and Sishen Wan. After the basic control of diarrhoea,enjoining the patients should often take medicine for relapse prevention. The patients with liver depression should take Xiaoyao Wan,the patients with insufficiency of the spleen should take Shenling Baizhu Wan. The patients with deficiency of the kidney should take Jinkui Shenqi Wan. So the curative effect is

  11. 甘肃临夏回族自治州回族老年人根面龋发病状况的抽样调查与分析%Incidence of root caries in Hui elderly people of Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture:a sampling survey

    司庆宗; 安晓莉; 李淼; 马占海; 马玉梅; 赵望泓


    Objective To investigate the incidence of root caries in Hui elderly people of Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture, Gansu Province. Methods Root caries in 436 Hui elderly people aged 65 -74 years and their clinical examination were investigated with questionnaire by random sampling according to the third national oral health survey standards and methods. Results The incidence of root caries in Hui elderly people of Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture was 28. 90% , with mean number of root caries of 0. 42. No significant difference was found in the incidence of root caries between urban and rural areas and between male and female (P >0.05). The filling rate of root caries was only 0. 68%. The root caries index ( RCI) value was 2. 85% and 2.76% , respectively, in the distal and mesial surfaces. The RCI value was higher in maxillary teeth than in corresponding mandibular teeth. Root caries involving one root surface was detected in 88. 7% of Hui elderly people. Logistic regression analysis showed that frequency of teeth brushing and sugar food intake was closely related with the occurrence of root caries in Hui elderly people of Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture ( OR; 0. 492,95%C7:0.317 to 0.764,P =0.002;OR:l. 654,95%C/:1.033 to 2.648,P =0.036). Conclusion The incidence of root caries in Hui elderly people of Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture is low due to their good oral health and life habits. However, root caries is rarely treated, thus needing instructions on their oral health and taking more preventive measures against their oral diseases.%目的 了解并分析甘肃省临夏回族自治州回族老年人根面龋发病状况.方法 按照第三次全国口腔健康流行病学调查标准和方法,采用多阶段分层等容量随机抽样方法对436例临夏回族65 ~ 74岁老年人进行问卷调查及根面龋的口腔临床检查.结果 临夏市65 ~ 74岁回族老年人恒牙根面龋患病率为28.90%,龋均为0.42.患龋率和龋均在城乡和性别

  12. 李用粹医学理论和实践中的易学烙印%Applications of Yi theory in the medical theory and practice by LI Yong-cui

    魏飞跃; 文乐兮


    李用粹深受中国传统文化熏陶,推崇易学,不仅论病析药每每浸染易学文化色彩,而且辨证论治总能融会易学思维,尤其体现在见微知著,既病防变;分清标本缓急,相时而动;立足整体,据五行生克立法.%Li Yong-cui was deeply affected by traditional Chinese culture and accorded great importance to Yi theory. He applied Yi theory into analysis of illnesses and medicines and used thinking way of Yi in syndrome differentiation and treatments, especially in the situations like this: he could see the entirety from the small details to prevent the development of diseases; he could differentiate the symptoms and root causes, the urgent and the deferred, to take proper treatments at the right time; he could apply the rules based on the holism and the generation-inhibition among five elements.

  13. Planting Performance and High-yielding Cultivation Techniques for Hybrid Rice Combination Shenliangyou 862 at Yong,an City%深两优862在永安市种植表现与高产栽培技术



    深两优862是由江苏明天种业科技有限公司、南昌穗民农业科技有限公司、临湘市兆农科技研发中心,用深08S与R5662配组育成的杂交水稻新品种。具有长势旺,分蘖力强,成穗率高,有效穗多,高产稳产,米质优等特点。介绍深两优862在永安市种植表现与高产栽培技术。%A new hybrid rice combination Shenliangyou 862 derived from the cross of a sterile line Shen 08S and a restorer line R5662 was developed by Jiangsu Mingtian Seed Science and Technology Co., Ltd, Nan-chang Suimin Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd and Linxiang Zhaonong Science and Technology Research and Development Center. It showed the characteristics of vigorous growth, strong tillering ability, high earbearing tiller percentage, more effective panicle number, high and stable yield, and good quality. Planting performance and high-yielding cultivation techniques for Shenliangyou 862 at Yong,an city was in-troduced in this paper.

  14. 论回族的宗教信仰与养生保健%On Religious Beliefs and Health Preservation of Hui Group



    In the perspective of Hui Muslims ,birth ,aging ,illness and death are the eternal laws of nature ,which are irresistible to human beings .Death of the mortal body is not the end but the continuum of human life and it may resurrect in the after life .Such a view of life has determined their ways of living different from Chinese Taoists who pursue immortal lives .The health preservation concepts of the Hui group are closely linked with their religious beliefs and living habits which influence their health values .From the perspective of traditional Chinese health preservation culture ,the religious activities and habits of Hui Muslims contain profound knowledge of health preservation .Meanwhile ,some of the wisdom and rationale can definitively serve as valuable guidance and inspiration for modern people in their pursuit of a healthy and satisfying life .%在回族穆斯林的思想观念中,生老病死是永恒的自然规律,不可抗拒。今世的死亡不是人生的结束,而是人生的继续,人的生命在后世还会复活。这样的生命观决定了他们不可能像中国道家一样去寻求长生不老的方式方法来延长自己的生命。回族穆斯林的养生保健,与他们的宗教信仰以及由其影响的健康生活习惯有密切的联系。在中国传统养生文化看来,回族穆斯林的宗教活动和日常生活习惯包含了丰富的养生之道。其中一些合理的观念和行为对当前人们的身心健康也具有重要的启示和借鉴作用。

  15. The Transfer of Land Contractual Management Rights in Ethnic Village--A Case Study of Ya’ergou Village in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region


    Based on field survey in Ya’ergou Village,Yuanzhou District,Guyuan City,the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region,we analyze the status quo of the transfer of land contractual management rights in this village,and study the basic information,form,characteristics,and problems concerning the transfer of land contractual management rights in this nationality village.Then corresponding countermeasures are put forward for promoting the transfer of land contractual management rights in ethnic village as follows:strengthening the publicity of the policy in order to improve farmers’ ideological understanding;raising the rent in order to promote the transfer of the land contractual management rights;diverting the governmental investment to the talented people within village;consolidating management and resolving disputes in the transfer timely and effectively.

  16. L’expérience de la carrière scientifique aujourd’hui. Zoom sur le vécu de chercheurs postdoctorants

    Fusulier, Bernard


    Cet article vise à alimenter le débat sur la régulation de la science et des carrières scientifiques aujourd’hui. Bien que fondé sur une analyse de l’organisation de la recherche en Belgique, il révèle certains aspects généralisables en particulier au système français. Il repose empiriquement sur une enquête ayant ciblé les chargés de recherches (postdoctorants) du Fonds national de la recherche scientifique (FNRS) initiée en 2010 à l’Université catholique de Louvain. Dans un premier temps, e...

  17. 从“区域”到“整体”:回族史研究的历史人类学思考%From Region to Entirety:a Historical Anthropology Study on Hui Muslims’ History



    目前,回族历史研究主要存在三种取向:一是受传统史学研究的影响,研究材料主要依赖于文献资料,缺乏对民间资料的重视;二是受回族分布格局的影响,区域性特点鲜明;三是受学科的影响,研究方法比较单一。文化的地域性和区域历史的特殊性,是回族历史研究不能忽视的两个方面。突出区域文化在回族历史研究方面有重要的作用。在加强回族区域历史“文本”书写的同时,注重回族史研究的整体建构,是回族历史研究应有之义。%At present, the historical study of the Hui Muslims mainly exists three kinds of orientation , the first was affected by the tradi-tional historical research , which was the materials research mainly depended on the literature ,and lack of attention to the private information;the second was affected by the distribution pattern of Hui Muslims with distinctive regional characteristics;the third was affected by subject, research method is relatively homogeneous .Regional culture and the specialty of regional history are two aspects not be ignored .Highlighting the regional culture plays an important role in the study of Hui Muslims ’ history.While strengthening the “text” writing of the Hui Mus-lims’ regional history, overall construction of the research on Hui Muslims’ history is the significance of the research.

  18. Le fonctionnement en réseau comme élément du contexte d’intervention en santé mentale aujourd’hui

    Isabelle Deliège


    Full Text Available Le contexte dans lequel sont aujourd’hui amenés à intervenir les professionnels de la santé mentale est de plus en plus marqué par les pratiques de collaboration qui se développent au-delà des frontières d’une institution, qu’on appelle aussi le "travail en réseau". Le modèle du réseau s’est construit en opposition à celui de l’institution; ces deux modèles de fonctionnement se différencient tant dans le rapport qu’ils entretiennent au savoir, qu’à la norme et au contrôle. Cet article resitue l’émergence du concept de réseau dans les politiques publiques belges. Le fonctionnement en réseau dans la pratique soulève aussi une série de difficultés et de questions comme la cohabitation des logiques institutionnelles et réticulaires, la répartition de la responsabilité et les modalités de prise de décision, l’intérêt de la formalisation (ou non des procédures, la responsabilisation de l’usager des services de santé mentale et l’articulation des savoirs autant de questions que pose aujourd’hui le contexte d’intervention en santé mentale.


    WANG; Yi-yong


    [1]CHEN Gang-qi, WANG Yi-yong et al., 1993. A study on marsh evapotranspiration in the Sanjiang Plain[J]. Scientia Geographica Sinica, 13(3): 220-226. (in Chinese)[2]CHEN Gang-qi, MA Xue-hui, 1997. Research on changes of ground feature and water balance of marsh before and after marsh reclamation in Sanjiang Plain[J]. Scientia Geographica Sinoca, 17( supp.): 427-433. (in Chinese)[3]Department of Swamp Research, Changchun Institute of Geography, 1983. The Swamp of Sanjiang Plain [M]. Beijing:Science Press. (in Chinese)[4]LIU Yin-liang, LU Xian-guo and Yang Qing, 1994. Influence of the wetland reclamation on the soil ecosystem in northeast China[A]. In: Wetland Environment and Peatland Utilization[C]. Changchun: Jilin People′s Publishing House,194-199.[5]SHEN Mao-cheng, 1998. An urgent attention to conservation of Sanjiang Plain wetlands[J]. Wetlands International, (5): 2-5.[6]WANG Yi-yong, LIU Zhao-li, 1994. Effects of regional climate after marsh land reclamation in the Sanjiang Plain[A] . In:Wetland Environment and Peatland Utilization[ C]. Changchun: Jilin People′s Publishing House, 211-217.[7]YANG Yong-xing, Liu Xing-tu et al, 1996. The problems of ecological environment and exploitation of marsh cological agriculture [A] . In: Study on Marsh in the Sanjiang Plain [C] .Beijing: Science Press, 146-151. (in Chinese)

  20. Fossil Plants from the Bantou Formation of Yong' an,Fujian Province and Their Paleoclimatic Significance%福建永安坂头组植物及古气候分析

    戴静; 孙柏年; 谈树成; 高博; 赵志芳; 王永栋


    分析了福建永安盆地早白垩世坂头植物群的组成特征.共计报道该植物群化石24属52种左右,包括未定种以及存疑种21个.植物群的组成以具鳞片状叶的松柏类化石为主,苏铁类化石次之,并以本内苏铁目占绝对优势,然后是真蕨类化石,以小羽片小而质厚为特征,银杏化石及其少见,未发现被子植物.坂头组植物的组成面貌与欧洲Wealden植物群、日本外带领石植物群,以及我国南方植物区,如浙江、山东等地的早白垩世植物群比较一致,说明坂头组合化石层位年龄为早白垩世早期.坂头组大多数植物主要分布于热带或亚热带地区,具有耐干旱炎热的特点,反映了较干旱而炎热的气候特征.除此之外,还发现少量适宜生活在温凉潮湿气候环境下的植物.根据这些对气候具有指示意义的代表分子在坂头组中的数量以及分布情况,推断永安盆地早白垩世早期气候总体上比较干旱炎热,且伴随有不同程度季节性的潮湿.%The composition of fossil plants from the Bantou Formation of Yong'an, western Fujian Province, is analyzed and summarized. 52 species (including 21 indeterminate and suspicious species) ascribed to 24 genus have been reported from the formation up to now. Among them, the conifers with spiral scales are dominant; cycads are mainly composed of Bennettitales; ferns are characterized by small and thick pinnules; Ginkgoales are very few, and angiosperms are absent. The fossil assemblage of the Bantou Florais comparatively consistent with that of the Wealden Flora in Europe, the ryoseki Flora in outer zone of Japan, as well as the Early Cretaceous floras from the South Floristic Region in China, such as Zhejiang and Shandong provinces. This indicates that the age of fossil beds of the Bantou Formation is early Early Cretaceous. Meanwhile, most of the species from the Bantou Formation are xerophilous and are mainly distributed in tropical and

  1. The Most Wonderful“Swan Song”with Sorrow---Zhao Shuli in Contemporary%最为凄美的“天鹅绝唱”--赵树理在当代



    The creation themes of Zhao Shuli's works are about the problems of cadres in the contemporary, which makes him the pioneer of "intervention literature" full of awareness of unexpected development. Under the far left policy, he insisted to fulfill the writer's duty and became"glory" in Chinese literature "misery".%赵树理一进入当代,创作主题就是干部问题,成为富于忧患意识的“干预文学”的先驱。在极左路线下,他坚持履行作家的责任,成为中国文学“悲惨”中的“光荣”。

  2. Clinical experience of Prof. ZHAO Kun for treating bronchiolitis with Mahuang Fuzi Xixin decoction%赵坤教授运用麻黄附子细辛汤加减治疗毛细支气管炎经验

    古华倩; 顾丽丽; 赵坤


    To investigate application of Mahuang Fuzi Xixin decoction in treating bronchiolitis. To analyze the unique advantages of TCM treatment of bronchiolitis. Professor ZHAO Kun tells:onset of bronchiolitis related with exogenous pathogenic cold, lung, spleen and kidney three dirty less closely related and should be treated with Mahuang Fuzi Xixin decoction for yang and cold-off.%探讨赵坤教授运用麻黄附子细辛汤治疗毛细支气管炎的经验。分析中医药治疗毛细支气管炎的独特优势。赵坤教授认为:毛细支气管炎的发作与外感寒邪、肺脾肾三脏不足密切相关,治疗上应予麻黄附子细辛汤温阳散寒、疏风宣肺。

  3. Promotion of classic neutral bile acids synthesis pathway is responsible for cholesterol-lowing effect of Si-miao-yong-an decoction: Application of LC-MS/MS method to determine 6 major bile acids in rat liver and plasma.

    Liu, Ziying; Zhang, Yu; Zhang, Ruowen; Gu, Liqiang; Chen, Xiaohui


    Si-miao-yong-an decoction (SMYAD), a traditional Chinese medicine formula, significantly reduced plasma TC, LDL-c levels and increased HDL-c level in hyperlipidemia rats. Liver function test and tissue section examination indicated that SMYAD improved liver function and reduced fat accumulation in hyperlipidemia rat liver. A LC-MS/MS method was established and well validated to evaluate major bile acids derived from cholesterol metabolism through the classic neutral pathway and the alternative acidic pathway (cholic acid, chenodeoxycholic acid and their taurine and glycine conjugates) in liver and plasma. Increased total 6 bile acids concentrations in both liver and plasma were observed after oral administration of 12g/kg/d, 24g/kg/d and 36g/kg/d of SMYAD in a dose dependent manner which contributed to eliminate of cholesterol. Cholic acid, taurocholic acid and glycocholic acid act as the main products of bile acid classic neutral synthesis pathway and show sharp increase (p<0.01) after treatment of SMYAD at dosage of 24-36g/kg/d. For liver samples, taurocholic acid level act as the largest growth section, while in plasma samples, cholic acid act as the largest growth section after SMYAD treatment, compared with Model group. By contrast, the main products of alternative acidic pathway (chenodeoxycholic acid and its glycine and taurine conjugates) show no significant increase after treatment of SMYAD. In conclusion, the cholesterol lowing effect of SMYAD may be related with the accelerated transformation of cholesterol into bile acids through the classic neutral pathway.

  4. 回族人群饮食习惯与胃癌发生的相关性研究%Study on correlation of dietary habits and risk of gastric cancer in Hui population

    杨晓辉; 葛箭; 蔡慧珍; 葛云叶


    目的 研究回族人群独特的饮食习惯与胃癌患病的相关性,并进一步探讨与回族人群胃癌发病相关的饮食危险因素.方法 采用1∶1配对的病例对照研究方法,问卷调查126例胃癌和贲门癌回族患者以及126例非病例回族人群的饮食习惯,采用单因素和多因素条件Logistic回归模型进行数据分析.结果 经单因素与多因素条件Logistic回归分析结果显示,三餐不定时、常食腌制食品、常食油炸食品均有统计学意义(P<0.05,OR值分别为3.054,2.363,1.915).常食水果可降低胃癌的发生(OR=0.281,P<0.01).结论 三餐不定时、常食腌制食品及常食油炸食品可能会增加回族人群胃癌患病的危险性,而多食水果是回族胃癌的保护因素.%OBJECTIVE To study correlation of the special dietary habits and the risk of gastric cancer in Hui population, and to explore the risk factors of diet associated with gastric cancer in Hui population. METHODS 1:1 matched case-control study was conducted in 126 Hui people with gastric cancer, cardiac carcinoma and normal Hui people. Questionnaire including diet factors was used in the subjects. The data were analyzed by mono-factorial and multi-factorial conditional Logistic regression. RESULTS It revealed in mono-factorial and multi-factorial conditional Logistic regression analysis that there was a significant correlation between taking meals at irregular time, taking pickled foods frequently, taking fried foods frequently and gastric cancer in Hui people with odds ratios of 3.054, 2.363, and 1.915 respectively (P < 0.05). The results also showed that taking fresh fruit frequently was likely to decrease the risk of gastric cancer in Hui people (OR =0.281, P < 0.01). CONCLUSION The study shows that the dietary habits are associated with gastric cancer in Hui population as taking meals at irregular time, taking pickled foods frequently, taking fried foods frequently are the possible risk factors for

  5. 论文化身份的动态建构在赵淑侠小说中的呈现%Dynamic Construction of Cultural Identity Presented in Zhao Shuxia's Novels



    对于身处欧洲的非西方族群而言,传统的“他者”身份是西方话语霸权的产物。他们不得不被动接受。并任由这种模式化、僵硬的文化身份束缚自我的发展。但以赵淑侠为代表的欧洲华人主动解构旧有的“他者”身份。不断把日益变化的族群意识充实到新的“他者”身份之中,在谋求发展的同时,也在不断更新自我的文化身份。赵淑侠的小说正是这一过程的历史见证,不仅把新文化身份的动态建构过程展现出来,而且对当地华人未来的生存与发展都有着深远的意义。%For the nonwestem ethnic groups in Europe, the traditional "other" identity is a product ofwestern discourse hegemony. They had to accept it passively and allow the stereotyped and rigid cultural identity to shackle their self-development. But the European Chinese represented by Zhao Shuxia actively deconstructed the old "other" identity, and constantly put their changing ethnicity consciousness into the new "other" identity. While in the quest for development, they were constantly renewing their cultural identity. Zhao Shuxia's novels are the historical testimony of this process, not only showing the dynamic construction of cultural identity, but also having a profound significance for future survival and development of the local Chinese.

  6. The Status and Role of Hui people in Economic Development of Ningxia in Qing Dynasty%回族在清代宁夏经济发展中的地位和作用



    Hui people is an important component of the population of Ningxia in Qing Dynasty.In the early pe-riod of Qing Dynasty, Hui people mainly inhabited in areas like Xiji, Haiyuan, Guyuan, Tongxin, Jinji, Lingzhou, Wuzhong and Pingluo, where agriculture was relatively developed and traffic was relatively convenient, and the pop-ulation of Hui people living in the North was much more than that in the South.In the late Qing Dynasty, Guyuan, Yanchi and Tongxin became their main inhabiting areas.Hui people in Ningxia play an important role in the devel-opment of agriculture, handicraft industry and business in Qing Dynasty.In the long-term economic activities in Qing Dynasty, an economic structure of Hui people in Ningxia was formed in which they were mainly engaged in ag-riculture and concurrently engaged in animal husbandry and handicraft industry.It is very significant for our man-agement of ethnic relations and acceleration of economic development of Ningxia to understand and acknowledge the role Hui people ever played in the economic development of Ningxia in ancient times.%回族是清代宁夏人口的重要组成部分。清代前期,宁夏的回族主要集中在西吉、海原、固原、同心、金积、灵州、吴忠、平罗等农业相对发达、交通较为便利的地区,且北部多于南部。清代后期,固原、同心等地成为回族的聚居区。回族在清代宁夏农牧业、手工业和商业的发展中起了很大作用。清代宁夏的回族在长期的经济活动中,形成了以农业为主,兼营畜牧业、手工业和商业的经济结构。正确认识和了解回族在古代宁夏经济开发中的作用,对于当前正确处理民族关系、加快宁夏经济发展具有重要的意义。

  7. A Profound AnalogyOn the Themes of Solar Eclipse by Yang Zhao%一个深刻的隐喻——杨昭小说《日蚀》的主题分析



    小说《日蚀》叙写了民国后期的一场日食,讲述了一串发生在永康镇的令人啼笑皆非的故事,揭示了一个重大而深刻的主题。从科学遭受"日食"、真相遭受"日食"、伦理道德遭受"日食"三个方面的剖析,挖掘出小说的主题在于通过一场自然界的日食隐喻一场天昏地暗的"社会日食",从而再现那段黑暗的社会生活。%While depicting a solar eclipse happened in the late period of the Republic of China, the novel Solar Eclipse tells the reader a series of ironical stories staged in Yong Kang Town and reveals an important and profound theme. The author's criticism of the eclipse or the distortion and the spoilage of the science, the truth and the morality shows that the novel's theme is to compare the natural eclipse to a desperate social eclipse reproduce and reveal the dark social life.

  8. 消费时代的现实主义乡土文学实践--以贺享雍《村医之家》为例%On the Intention of Realism Native - soil Literature in the Consumerism Time:A Case from The Village Doctors by He Xiang - yong



    从民间立场、地方性叙事和人文忧患意识三个命题来分析四川乡土小说作家贺享雍的小说《村医之家》在消费时代的现实主义努力。%The realism efforts in the consumerism time are reflected in the novel The Village Doctors by He Xiang -yong ,one of Sichuan native -soil novelists .The discussion about the efforts includes the folk stance ,the local color narration and the human crisis sense .

  9. Exploring the effect of hui-merchant’s clan sense and family business in Anhui%徽商宗族观对当代安徽家族企业发展的作用


    As the support of clan, ancient hui-merchants were al-powerful more then 300 years. Nowadays, there are many family business improve rapidly in the land of Anhui with the support of family. This thesis explores the interaction between the hui-merchants and lineage from the clan sense, at the same time, sums up the inheritance and development of hui-merchants on the clan sense. Exploring the advantage of the hui-merchants’ clan sense. The purpose is to find out how the clan sense support the Anhui family business entrepreneurial management, and take great use of its benefits. So we can improve the succes ful rate of the family business entrepreneurship, and promote the development of the enterprises in Anhui.%  由于宗族力量等原因的支持,古徽商携亲带友在商场叱咤风云三百余年。今天,在徽商曾经居住过的土地上,由于家族力量的支持,新徽商的家族企业正在快速发展。本文从宗族观角度出发,探究徽商与宗族之间的相互作用,研究家族企业的特点和发展过程,同时,总结新徽商对徽商宗族观的继承和发展,目的是为了发现宗族观对安徽家族企业的影响,积极利用其有利方面,从而提高家族企业创业的成功率,促进安徽家族企业的发展。

  10. Creativity Makes A New County——Hui Autonomous County of Dachang%图强求精天地新创意水乡展宏图——大厂回族自治县


    @@ Hui Autonomous County of Dachang was established in 1955, a Beijing-nearest county of ethnic minority group. Dachang, is a creative city from water. It is origi-nally a piece of vast grassland with beauti-ful scenery full of spring and grass. The emperor Zhu Li of Ming Dynasty estab-lished royal horse ground here and granted Dachang as its name.

  11. Bibliometrics Analysis on the Periodical Literature in the Journal of Hui Muslim Minority Studies in China%我国回族研究引用期刊文献计量分析



    Taking the 2001-2010 statistical data of refers to the periodical literature of Journal of Hui Muslim Minority Studies which is the unique academic journal to study the historical culture of Hui nationality and the problem of the Hui nationality during the Socialist period as the base, the paper makes the statistics and analysis on the reference frequency, the kinds of reference periodicals, subject publications of the referred papers and papers publishment, and so on, from the perspective of bibliometrics.%以我国唯一的全方位研究回族历史文化及社会主义时期回族问题的学术性期刊——《回族研究》2001-2010年引用期刊文献的统计数据为蓝本,从引用频次、引用期刊种类、引用论文的学科发布及著者发布等方面,从文献计量学视角,进行了统计与分析.

  12. 论回族口承非物质文化的传承与保护%Research on the Inheritance and Protection of the Oral Culture of the Hui Minority



    The oral cultural heritage of the Hui is rich in content and vast in scope. Related government de- partments and scholars have made positive efforts and attained a certain level of success in rescuing and protecting intangible aspects of Hui culture. However, with the shock of globalization and modernization, the oral culture of the Hui is confronted with marginalization and eradication. For this reason, there is an urgent need for the inherit- ance and protection of its cultural heritage.%回族口承非物质文化遗产内容丰富,种类众多。相关政府部门和学者积极有为,在抢救和保护回族非物质文化方面作出积极努力并取得一定成效。但在全球化和现代化的冲击下,回族口承文化仍然面临边缘化和被消解的窘境。因此,对其保护和传承工作亟须跟进。

  13. 临夏回族舞蹈的动律特征及形成因素%Movement Patterns and Formative factors of Hui Dance in Linxia Area,Gansu Province

    马路明; 李琦


    "动律"是一个民族舞蹈风格的重要体现,对动律特征及形成因素的深入分析,能帮助我们理解该民族舞蹈中的多元文化现象。笔者以甘肃临夏地区的回族舞蹈为切入点,试析在特定的自然环境、生活习俗和民族心理等因素中回族舞蹈的动律特征及形成因素,以进一步推进回族舞蹈的继承与发展。%Movement pattern is an important manifestation of ethnic dance styles. By analyzing features of movement patterns and their formative factors,multi-cultures can be revealed in the ethnic dance. The author of the paper examines Hui dance in Linxia area of Gansu Province,analyzing how specific environment,living habit and customs as well as ethnic psychology has influenced the movement patterns and formation of the dance of Hui people. The purpose of the study is to offer suggestions to the inheritance and development of Hui dance.

  14. Hui Musl ims’ National Identity and Cultural Consciousnesses duringAnti-Japanese War%抗日战争时期回族的国家意识与文化自觉



    国家意识提升与民族文化自觉是近现代以来回族发展的新气象,在抗日战争时期,回族更是以奋勇抗战、爱国爱教的实际行动体现出回族在近代民族国家条件下对民族与国家利益相一致关系的深刻认识。回族的民族文化自觉也将回族引向现代民族发展之路。%Chinese Hui Muslims had promoted national identity and ethnic cultural consciousness since modern China , which as a new phenomenon, had been embodied during the anti-Japanese war that Hui Muslims implemented their ideology of Love Nation and Love Islam into effect.Hui Muslims’ ethnic cultural consciousness helped themselves find a route to modern development .

  15. Analysis of the Source of the Famous Brand of the Hui Muslims’ Restaurant%回族餐饮老字号品牌资产来源分析



    Hui Muslims’ famous brands are the precious heritage after many years of operation, which is influenced by the epitome of the Hui culture. Brand awareness, brand loyalty, brand association are three elements which have significant positive impact on Hui Mus-lims’ famous brands. In this article, we suggest that the famous brands consistently help update the brand connotation, constantly enhance the brand awareness, foster customer brand loyalty, and establish a convenient service business philosophy.%回族餐饮老字号是回族文化的宝贵资产。品牌认知、品牌忠诚度、品牌联想三个要素对回族餐饮老字号品牌资产有显著正向影响,建议回族老字号更新回族餐饮老字号品牌内涵,不断提升品牌知名度,培育顾客品牌忠诚度,树立便捷服务经营理念。

  16. Application of the mechanical cutting technology for coiled tubing in Yong 25-11 well%连续油管机械切割技术在永25-11井的应用

    刘海明; 叶红; 田明; 吴国洲; 肖宝军


    The methods,such as back-off on neutral point and explosive cutting,are commonly used to deal withФ73 mm stuck tubing inФ139.7 mm casing.The back-off technique has disadvantages of low efficiency,high labor intensity, and high workover cost.The explosive cutting,being easily affected by downhole deviation,and the dirt and scale adhere to tubing inwall,and the cutter tool can not run into the predetermined position,the effective cutting can not be implemented. To solve the problems,it was carried out the improvement of cutting technology of general mechanical internal cutter.By applying coiled tubing to transmit general machinery cutter tools,using hydraulic motor as power tools,the stuck tubing was successfully cut in Yong25-11 well,which can provide a new way for processing the stuck tubing.%处理139.7 mm套管内遇卡Ф73 mm油管的常用方法有中和点倒扣法和爆炸切割法,倒扣解卡方式效率低、劳动强度大、修井费用高;而爆炸切割法易受到井斜及油管内壁脏物、油污影响,切割弹往往下不到预定位置,无法实现有效切割。为解决现有工艺问题,对普通机械内割刀切割技术进行研究,改进传统机械内割刀切割技术,应用连续油管传输普通机械内割刀工具,采用液压马达作为动力工具,现场应用,成功切割永25-11井遇卡油管,为处理遇卡油管积累经验,提供新思路。

  17. Zoning by Functions of Small-Scale Forest Ecosystems:A Case Study of Hui-Sun Forest Station in Taiwan Province,China

    Chang Hsiaofei; Wang Yanglin; Li Zhengguo; Hsueh Ichen


    To optimize the spatial structure of an ecosystem,a forest landscape was selected as a research object.Based on the theory of structure and functions of landscape ecology,combined with the analysis of the characteristics of the inner structure in an ecosystem,this paper proposes to establish certain procedures to regulate the spatial structure of this forest landscape and construct a landscape pattern of forest ecosystem functions.Considering the functions of biologic production,environmental services,and cultural support in forest ecosystems,forest landscape zones should consist of areas of forest production,research,experimentation,recreation,and conservation to add value to the forest ecosystem,enhance its functions,and then identify the relevant environmental factors according to the environment featured in the research area.Based on the methods of landscape ecology and ecological planning,this paper develops a zoning project of ecosystem functions suitable for various environments.For this research,the Hui-Sun forest station in Taiwan Province,China was selected to be the experimental area for studying the feasibility of developing a zoning project of forest ecosystem services and the suitability of optimizing the spatial structures of the services.

  18. 桂林草坪回族乡特色休闲旅游发展%Characteristic Leisure Tourism Development of Caoping Hui Township of Guilin



    Some factors such as the backward tourism infrastructure, the serious loss of the culture tourist resources, t he single tourism project and the lack of innovation and tourism talents restrict tourism development of Caoping Hui Township of Guilin. By analyzing the resources superiority and developing status, the study put forward some development countermeasures, such as improving the infrastructure construction and tourism security system, strengthening the construction of cultural connotation and tourism information, and innovating the methods of leisure tourism.%旅游基础设施较为落后, 文化旅游资源流失严重, 旅游项目单一, 缺乏创新以及旅游开发人才匮乏等因素制约着桂林草坪回族乡的旅游发展. 通过探讨草坪回族乡的资源优势和发展现状, 提出完善基础设施建设、 创新休闲旅游方式、 加强文化内涵建设、 健全旅游保障制度、 加强旅游信息化建设等发展对策.

  19. Impact of anthropogenic and natural environmental changes on Echinococcus transmission in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, the People’s Republic of China

    Yang Yu


    Full Text Available Abstract Echinococcus transmission is known to be affected by various environmental factors, which may be modified by human influence or natural events including global warming. Considerable population growth in the last fifty years in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region (NHAR, the People’s Republic of China (PRC, has led to dramatic increases in deforestation and modified agricultural practices. In turn, this has resulted in many changes in the habitats for the definitive and intermediate hosts of both Echinococcus granulosus and E. multilocularis, which have increased the risks for transmission of both parasites, affecting echinococcosis prevalence and human disease. Ecological environmental changes due to anthropogenic activities and natural events drive Echinococcus transmission and NHAR provides a notable example illustrating how human activity can impact on a parasitic infection of major public health significance. It is very important to continually monitor these environmental (including climatic factors that drive the distribution of Echinococcus spp. and their impact on transmission to humans because such information is necessary to formulate reliable future public health policy for echinococcosis control programs and to prevent disease spread.

  20. 民国时期回族报刊关于回族婚俗问题的讨论%The Discussion of the HuiM uslims’ Traditions of Marriage on Their Newspapers during the Republic of China



    在民国时期新兴的回族报刊中,回族婚姻问题是当时回族知识阶层热烈讨论的焦点问题之一。回族知识分子就回族社会中存在的早婚、奢侈婚姻和不遵从伊斯兰教义的诸多婚姻陋俗展开批判,并有针对性地提出了许多卓有成效的改革措施,即适龄结婚、简朴婚礼和向伊斯兰教义回归。这些讨论和重建措施实质上折射了民国时期回族婚姻中“变”与“不变”的特征:产生一定变化的是婚姻仪式与观念,不变的是共同的伊斯兰宗教信仰以及相关联的民族认同感,以维护族群边界。%Hui Muslims’Marriage, as one of the core problems, was hotly discussed by the intellectuals on Hui Mus-lims’newly edited newspapers during the Republic of China .The Hui Muslim intellectuals criticized the phenomena existed in the Hui Muslim society , such as early marriage , luxurious wedding and traditions of marriage not followed by the Islamic doctrines.Besides, they proposed some effective reformations with regard to the marriage age , simple wedding and retur-ning to the doctrine etc ., which reflected the characteristics of changing and invariability of Hui Muslims ’ marriage during the Republic of China .The changing of it are rituals and perceptions , and the invariabilities are belief and ethnic identities , of which to maintain the boundaries of ethnicity .

  1. Ssang Yong 2014 Remote Sensing Experiment


    asset to provide updated littoral information for amphibious planning. WV2 provides eight bands across the reflective solar wavelength region of 400...Spectral configuration of WorldView-2. Band Spectral Range Coastal: 400 – 450 nm Blue: 450 – 510 nm Green: 510 – 580 nm Yellow: 585 – 625 nm Red: 630...Laboratory, pages 223-228, u2 /a525045.pdf. [2] Bachmann, C. M., C. R. Nichols, M. Montes, R. Li, P. Woodward, R. A

  2. Investigation of sleep patterns and sleep disorders in Uigur and Hui children in XinJiang%新疆维吾尔族和回族儿童睡眠状况调查

    塔吉古丽·阿不扎热; 徐佩茄; 阿曼古丽·铁木尔; 张季红


    Objective To study the sleep quality and quantity and their influencing factors in Uigur and Hui children in Xinjiang Province. Methods From March to December of 2007, 912 Uigur and 1019 Hui school children (6 to 14 years) were randomly sampled from 6 cities of Xinjing Province. The questionnaire on children's sleep states and sleep environments was filled in by children's parents. Results The mean sleep time of Uigur and Hui children was 10. 1 ±1.4 hrs. The sleep time in Uigur children was significantly less than that in Hui children (9.7 ± 1.2 hrs vs 10.4 ±1.5 hfs; P <0.05 ). The mean incidence of sleep disorders was 23.56%. The Uigur children had a lower incidence of sleep disorders compared with the Hui children ( 18.42% vs 28.16%; P <0. 001 ). Ethnic group, sleep latency, use ora swing bed, family history of snore, watching TV before sleeping, hypertrophy of tonsils, eating before sleeping,feeding patterns and recurrent upper respiratory tract infection were the factors associated with the sleep quality and quantity. Conclusions The influencing factors of sleep quality and quantity are multifactorial in Uigur and Hui children in Xinjiang Province. Pediatrician, child health care doctors and parents should pay more attention to children's sleep. The incidence of sleep disorders is different between Uigur and Hui children, suggesting that more research for the prevention and treatment of sleep disorders should be performed in different ethic groups.%目的 了解新疆维吾尔族与回族儿童睡眠状况及其相关影响因素.方法 2007年3-12月采取随机整群抽样的方法,在新疆地区6个县市的小学随机抽取912名维吾尔族学龄儿童和1019名回族学龄儿童,年龄6~14岁,在严格质量控制下由调查者对家长进行儿童睡眠状况的问卷调查.结果 维吾尔族、回族儿童平均睡眠时间为10.1±1.4 h,其中维吾尔族为9.7±1.2 h,回族为10.4±1.5 h,两民族间差异有统计学意义(P<0

  3. 关于建筑演化的思想交流 常青/赵辰对谈%Intellectual Exchanges on the Evolution of Architecture A Dialogue between CHANG Qing and ZHAO Chen

    常青; 赵辰; 邓小骅(采编)


    As contemporaries, Chang Qing and Zhao Chen have a common background: as scholars they also double as architects, and both are concerned about the contemporary developments in research inarchitectural history. This article records their dialogue and attempts to present the individual personalities of both architects, and the marks that our time have stamped on the research in the history and theory of architecture.%作为同龄人并兼具学者和建筑师的双重身份,常青与赵辰有着相似的成长背景和经历,文章记录了他们的对谈内容,话题主要包括时代烙印、建筑教育、建筑思想等方面,试图呈现出双重身份的建筑师个体以及建筑历史与理论研究的时代印记。

  4. Exploring the“Beauty”from Zhao Shuli’s Novels and Improving the Humanistic Qualities of Higher Vocational College Students%发掘赵树理小说中的“美”提升高职生人文素质



    赵树理的通俗小说渗透着强烈的乡村关怀意识、“作为农民的写作”的文化人格、独立思考的精神以及对人的尊严的肯定等,教师在课堂内外的巧妙搭台,可以使这些具有现实意义的审美因素化为当今高职大学生人文素质教育的重要资源。%Zhao Shuli’s popular novels are infiltrated with his strong consciousness of rural concerns, the cultural personality of“writing as a peasant”, the spirit of independent thinking, the affirmation to human dignity and so on. Teachers’ ingenious guidance, inside and outside the classroom, can turn these aesthetical factors with practical significance into the important resources of the education in humanistic qualities for today’s vocational college students.

  5. The Jimi Strategy in Western Region during Emperor Zhao Xuan’Reign in the Han Dynasty%论汉武昭宣时期的西域羁縻策略

    胡岩涛; 徐卫民; 姚柯桢


    During the reign of Emperor Zhao Xuan, in order to fight against the Huns and establish a united front, the Han government implemented the Jimi strategy comprised of placating, deterrence and administrative policies, and made constant adjustments with the change of the situation in the Western Region, which had produced a profound impact on the process of the historical development of the Western Region. The Jimi strategy satisfied the needs of the Central Government and was also supported by the states in the Western Region, which can be regarded as an ef-fective policy managing territories.%汉武昭宣时期,为了抗击匈奴,建立统一战线,汉朝政府实施了以怀柔政策、威慑政策和行政政策为主的羁縻策略,并随着西域局势的变化而不断作出调整,对西域历史发展进程产生了深远的影响。羁縻策略既适应了中央集权体制的需要,又得到西域诸国的拥护,不失为管理疆域的有效之策。

  6. Natural and Smooth Academician MENG Zhao-zhen’s Feelings of Scholar Garden%行云流水试论孟兆祯院士的文人园林情怀

    成玉宁; 单梦婷


    孟兆祯院士是文人造园的传承者、传统技艺的承袭者、理论与实践的捍卫者,更是中国新园林的创新者。孟先生精于辩证思维,发扬光大“中和”、“中庸”为原则的中国园林美学及其思维范式,具体反映在孟先生的园林中具有以下特征:科学与艺术圆融的景园观、景象与意境共生的认知论、因借与体宜的方法论、物我与无我的审美观。%Academician MENG Zhao-zhen is not only the successor of scholar garden and traditional skils, the defender of theory and practice, but also an innovator of new landscape. Professor MENG, specializing in dialectical thinking, flourishes "Neutralize", "moderate" as principle of Chinese landscape aesthetics and thinking paradigm, which can be summarized as view of landscape as the combination of science and art, cognitive theory as harmonious coexistence of scene and artistic conception, methodology as borrowing and applicability and aesthetics as things-persons relationship and anatta.

  7. A New Interdiscipline: Tea Sociology: Comment on Zhao Guodong's Researches and Works on Tea%一个新的交叉学科:茶社会学——评赵国栋茶学研究著作

    刘华; 苗丽


    Zhao Guodong, from Xizang Minzu University, pro-posed the concept of tea sociology and published two books in succession in 2015, that is,"Tea and Tibet"and"Tea and Soci-ety". The two books are two models of tea sociology research:the first one is a model of practical application and the second one is an attempt of discipline construction. The two books have their own characteristics, having successfully provided a powerful sup-port for the discipline of team sociology.%西藏民族大学赵国栋提出了茶社会学概念,并于2015年相继出版两部著作:《茶叶与西藏》《茶与社会》.这两部著作是茶社会学研究的两个典范:第一部是实际应用的典范,第二部是学科构建的尝试.两部著作各有特色,成功地为茶社会学学科提供了有力支撑.

  8. Hospital and community surveys reveal the severe public health problem and socio-economic impact of human echinococcosis in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China.

    Yang, Y R; Williams, G M; Craig, P S; Sun, T; Yang, S K; Cheng, L; Vuitton, D A; Giraudoux, P; Li, X; Hu, S; Liu, X; Pan, X; McManus, D P


    A comprehensive study of human echinococcosis (caused by Echinococcus granulosus or E. multilocularis), including assessment of hospital records, community surveys and patient follow-up, was conducted in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region (NHAR), China. In contrast to hospital records that showed 96% of echinococcosis cases were caused by cystic echinococcosis (CE), 56% of cases detected in active community surveys were caused by alveolar echinococcosis (AE). The AE and CE cases co-existed frequently in the same village, even occurring in the same patient. A serious public health problem caused by echinococcosis was evident in southern NHAR, typified by: a long diagnostic history for both AE and CE (7.5 years) compared with a shorter treatment history (4.7 years); a significant mortality rate (39%) caused by AE in one surveyed village, where patients had no previous access to treatment; family aggregation of CE and AE cases; a high proportion of both AE (62.5%) and CE (58%) in females; a high rate of recurrent surgery (30%) for CE demonstrated by surgical records; and frequent symptomatic recurrences (51%) because of discontinuous or sporadic access to chemotherapy for AE. The disease burden for both human AE and CE is thus very severe among these rural communities in NHAR, and this study provides the first attempt to determine the costs of morbidity and surgical intervention of human CE and AE cases both at the hospital and community level in this setting. This information may be useful for assessing the cost effectiveness of designing effective public health programs to control echinococcosis in this and other endemic areas in China and elsewhere.

  9. A Research of the Ethnic Intermarriage of Muslim (Hui) Tibetans in Shigatse%日喀则“藏回”族际通婚调查研究

    罗布; 孙海芳


    with the deepening of inter-ethnic communication, the Muslim(Hui) Tibetans in Shigatse as a typical ex⁃ample of acculturation, is a group of people have been gradually“Tibetanized”in the process of inter-ethnic communication, but they consciously preserve and inherit their national identity at the aspect of religious belief and ethnic intermarriage. Compared with the strict marriage discipline of the Muslim people in inland prohibit⁃ing ethnic intermarriage, the Muslim Tibetans in Shigatse allow ethnic intermarriage, but the Tibetans or any oth⁃er ethnic people, who marry with the Muslim Tibetans, have to convert their religious beliefs to Islam first.%伴随着族际交流的日益深入,日喀则“藏回”作为文化涵化的典型例证,是族际深度交往过程中,逐步“藏化”的群体,但是在宗教信仰与族际通婚方面,刻意保留并维持着原有的民族特征。较之内地回族严格族内婚姻的戒律,日喀则“藏回”可以接受“藏入回”或者其他民族“入回”,可以婚娶他族的配偶,但是前提条件是对方必须信仰伊斯兰教,即改变原有宗教信仰。除却极端个例外,不存在“回入藏”的现象。

  10. The Hui Architectural Phenomenon Analysis based on the Traditional Wooden Space: A Case Study of Traditional Wooden Mosque of Ningxia Hui Nationality%基于传统木构空间的回族建筑现象解析——以宁夏回族传统木构清真寺为例



    In China,the mosque as a typical representative of the Islamic Architecture,along with the process of the introduction and spread of Islam,experienced four periods of transplant,formed,high tide,stagnation and recession.Mosque in China has designed withthe basic rules of the World Islamic Architecture,at the same time,the formation of a unique shape and style are different from those of other religious buildings.Ningxia as the only largest Muslim population settlements,due to its unique geographical environment,sociocultural and religious history,traditional building skills and other reasons,makes the region Hui mosque have showed the significant differences with other regions.The paper selects Ningxia traditional wooden mosque building as an object of study,analyzes the monomer building space from the overall layout,timber frame and technology.It reveals a tradifional wooden frame of the Ningxia Hui mosques architectural features,provides evidence for protection and inheritance Hui wooden architecture,space design practices and reference in the Ningxia region.%在中国,伊斯兰教建筑的典型代表——清真寺,随着伊斯兰教的传入,在传播的过程中,经历了移植、形成、高潮、停滞衰退等四个时期.中国清真寺建筑在遵循了世界伊斯兰教建筑的基本规则的同时,形成了有别于其他宗教建筑的独有形制和风格.宁夏作为全国唯一的、最大的回族人口聚居地,由于其独特的地理环境、社会文化、宗教历史、传统建筑技艺等原因,使得该地区的回族清真寺表现出与其他地区显著的差异.该文选取宁夏境内传统木构清真寺建筑作为研究对象,从总体布局、单体建筑空间、木构架技术等方面对其进行深入解析,揭示了宁夏回族传统木构架清真寺建筑特征,为宁夏地区保护与传承回族木构建筑技术、空间设计手法等提供实证与参考.

  11. 自我叙事式解读回族宗教活动空间的意义%The Self-narrative Style Interpretation of Hui's Religious Activity Space



    Based on emic perspective, this paper makes a subjective intentionality interpretation of the existential meaning of Hui's religious activity space by the self-narrative style method. After a complete autobiography and immersed thinking, the author holds the idea that there are some characteristics existing in Hui's religious activity space shown as follows: Firstly, homes, mosques and graveyards constitute the core of Hui's religious activity space. Secondly, for Muslim believers, homes, mosques and graveyards are not single physical space, but religious "places" which have unique significances. Thirdly, the author's memories and summaries of the religious functions and meanings of homes, mosques and graveyards illustrate that Hui's religious activity space are characterized by transformation from place to placelessness. The non-place conversion's place point is the mosque. Fourthly, "jie du wa"~a religious ceremony and religious behavior-builds bridges from space to place, from place to placelessness for Hui religious activity space. The analysis and conclusions explicate that Hui's religious activity space has the trait of transition from material religion spatial structure of place to spirit religious space structure of placelessness.%基于主位研究视角,以作者自我叙事的方式,对回族宗教活动空间的存在主义意涵进行了主体意向性解读,完整自叙和沉浸思考后作者认为,回族宗教活动空间存在以下特征:①回族宗教活动空间的核心构成为家、清真寺和坟园;②家、清真寺和坟园对回族宗教信仰者而言,不是单一的物理空间,而是具有特殊意义的宗教“地方”;③说明了回族宗教活动空间具有地方到无地方的转化特征,无地方转换的地方指向是清真寺;④“接都哇”这一宗教仪式和宗教行为构建了回族宗教活动空间从空间到地方,从地方到无地方转换的桥梁.该分析过程与结论说明了

  12. La mirada sartriana: poder y otredad en L’Être et le Néant, La Nausée y Huis clos (The Sartrean View: Power and Otherness in L’Être et le Néant, La Nausée and Huis clos

    Andrew Lloyd Smith


    Full Text Available En L’Être et le Néant y La Nausée, Jean-Paul Sartre le otorga importancia a la mirada: aspecto esencial para explorar el tema existencial. Así, se analizan interrogantes y reflexiones como las siguientes: sin la mirada del otro, ¿cómo puedo saber verdaderamente que existo? Al verme y confirmar mi existencia, en ese mismo instante, la otra persona me convierte en un objeto, pues el observador es el sujeto de su mirada. Al mirar a los demás, soy también sujeto de mi mirada y convierto a los otros en objeto. El juego de la mirada es un juego de poder. La obra de teatro Huis clos también presenta el juego sartriano de poder y mirada, que será analizado en esta ponencia. Dans ses libres L’Être et le Néant et La Nausée Jean-Paul Sartre donne beaucoup d’importance au « regard ». Sartre nous dit que le regard est un aspect essentiel pour explorer le thème existentiel. Des questions et des réflexions comme les suivantes seront étudiées : sans le regard d’une autre personne, comment puis-je savoir si j’existe vraiment ? Quand une personne me regarde, elle confirme mon existence, mais en même temps elle me convertit en un objet puisque la personne qui me regarde est le sujet de son regard. Moi, quand je regarde l’autre personne je suis aussi le sujet de mon regard et je convertis l’autre personne en un objet. Ce jeu du regard est un jeu du pouvoir. La pièce de théâtre de Sartre Huis clos aussi présente ce jeu sartrien du pouvoir et du regard et sera analysée dans cette communication.

  13. Symbols of Maturity and the Leaving of a Legacy: A Preliminary Study of the Formation of Genealogies and Families among the Hui Muslim Minority People%成熟的象征与存在的延续——回族家谱与回族家族形成初探



    本文就目前所发现的回族家谱进行研究,重点考察回族家谱的特点及回族家谱的修撰与回族家族组织的建立之间的关系;分析回族家谱与其他少数民族家谱的异同之处;阐释回族家谱的文化意义与社会价值。%This paper is devoted to the research of what is currently known regarding the genealogy of the Hui . Its focus is upon the study of distinctive characteristics of the Hui genealogy along with the relationship between genealogy composition and the establishment of Hui family clans. Also, it considers the similarities and differences between Hui genealogies and those of other ethnic minorities. Lastly, the paper expounds on the cultural significance and societal value of Hui genealogies.

  14. Hui Muslims Overseas Literature in Southeast Asia: A New Branch of Chinese Overseas Literature%海外华人文学的新支:东南亚回族华人文学



    Hui Muslims Overseas Literature in Southeast Asia is literature branch active in Singapore and Malaysia , which has not yet attracted researchers attention .From 1950s to date, it could be divided into three stages .The formation of the Hui Muslims Overseas Literature in Southeast Asia is related to the Chinese Hui Muslims ' migration and the develop-ment of the Chinese literature .Studying on it will be helpful for comprehending the relations between Chinese Overseas lit -erature and Islamic culture , which mainly covered the themes crossing with Zhenghe , female and authors ' creativeness .%东南亚回族华人文学是海外华人文学中尚未引起研究者重视的一支. 东南亚回族华人文学活跃于新加坡和马来西亚,从20世纪50年代至今,大致可分为三个发展阶段,出现了戴小华等一批作家. 东南亚回族华人文学的形成与回族华人的移民活动和东南亚华人文学的发展有关,对其进行研究,有助于学界思考东南亚华人文学与伊斯兰文化的关系. 东南亚回族华人文学的特色在于郑和题材创作、女性题材创作,以及作家创作的跨越性.

  15. Professor OUYANG Hui-qing's explorations and practice on teaching of traditional Chinese medicine%欧阳惠卿中医教学观念的探索与实践

    廖雅琪; 罗颂平; 黄洁明; 许丽绵; 赵颖


    欧阳惠卿通过长期的教学实践,逐步形成自己的中医教学观:教育培养中医人才是教研室第一要务,课堂教学与临床带教相结合以促进医学生成长,中医临床教学不可或缺,教学中应贯穿中医文化与学术传承.她的人才观为:教师人才是团队发展的关键,是教研室建设的核心内容,是学科人才建设的基础.她的教学管理观为:教研室主任是教育培养人才的实践者,教学团队发展的担当者.%Professor OUYANG Hui-qing's gradually formed her own teaching concept of traditional Chinese medicine through long-term teaching practice:the most important teaching aim is to cultivate talents of traditional Chinese medicine.Clinical practice together with classroom teaching can promote the growing knowledge of medical students.Clinical practices are necessary and should penetrate culture and academic tradition of traditional Chinese medicine.OUYANG Hui-qing's concepts on talents are:cultivating teaching faculties is the key to the development of the teaching team,the core of construction of the teaching and research section,and the basis of construction of the discipline.OUYANG Hui-qing's management concepts are:the dean of the teaching and research section is the practitioner of personnel training practice and the undertaker of teaching team development.

  16. 试论满族和回族饮食文化对近代成都的影响%Discussion on the Effect of Manchu and Hui Nationality Diet Culture on Modern Chengdu



    晚清民国的成都是现代川菜菜系的发源地与演变中心。成都的满族和回族人口也影响到了现代川菜菜系在成都的定型、发展和走向成熟的历史进程。满族、回族等少民族饮食文化推动了近代成都饮食业的发展,从原料选取、烹饪技法、菜品制作、筵席内容等方面给现代川菜菜系以影响。生活在成都的满族、回族等少数民族的饮食习俗为成都市民的饮食生活增添了新的内容,带来了新的饮食品种,大大丰富了成都川菜中的面食、糕点、小吃的内容。%late Qing Dynasty is the origin and evolution Center of modern Sichuan cuisine in Chengdu.Manchu and the Hui nationality population in Chengdu have also affected the historical process of the shaping,development and maturity of modern Sichuan cuisine in Chengdu.Manchu,Hui national minority diet culture has promoted the development of the catering industry in Chengdu,influenced the raw materials selection,cooking techniques,food production,content and other aspects of modern Sichuan cuisine.The diet custom of Manchu,Hui minority Living in Chengdu has added new content to Chengdu people 's diet,brought new dietary variety,greatly enriched the content of the pasta,cakes,snack of Sichuan cuisine in Chengdu.

  17. 设计美学语境下徽派建筑设计的传承与创新研究%Research on Inheritance and Innovation of Hui-style Architecture in the Content of Design Aesthetics

    左铁峰; 高巍


    基于设计美学的徽派建筑设计传承与创新研究,是将徽派建筑设计作为设计美学的一个对象予以面向,探讨与解决的是设计美学语境下徽派建筑如何传承与怎样创新的问题,需求的契合与提升、基因的提炼与重构和语境的拓展与延伸等是其工作应遵循的基本原则与实施策略。如同基于其他学科与视角的探究与论证一样,这样的“解决方案”必须要与其他的“措施办法”形成有机的“合力”,方能奏效。%The design aesthetics-based inheritance and innovation research of Hui-style architecture design , regarding Hui-style archi-tecture design as an object , discusses the problems of ways of inheritance and innovation of Hui -style architecture design , considering that the fit and promotion of needs , the refinement and reconstruction of gene and the development and extension of context are the bas -ic principles and implementing strategies .The same as exploration and demonstration based on other subjects and perspectives , this“solution” must combine a “resultant force” with other “measures”.

  18. 赵翼诗论的唯新倾向及与性灵派的离合%The lnnovation-Orientation in Zhao Yi’s Poetics and lts Separation and Reunion with Xing Ling School

    李秋霞; 蒋寅


    学界一向将创新精神视为赵翼诗学的核心内容和独特价值,并当然地被放在性灵派的理论框架中加以阐释,而并未追问其理论出发点。从赵翼对才名的焦虑和对文学价值的悲观态度入手,说明赵翼诗论的唯新倾向出于超越前人的渴望,其背后的动力乃是“影响的焦虑”。赵翼论诗虽同样以自抒性灵为要旨,却只不过视为创新的手段,而不像袁枚那样以之为目的。随着年至耄耋,老境寂寥,他对诗歌的观念有所变化,逐渐由求“新”转向求“工”,甚至放弃了与前人争新的意识。这无意中呼应了诗坛正涌动的自我表现极端化、绝对化的思潮,成为嘉、道诗学中绝对自我表现观念的先声。%The spirit of innovation w as alw ays be considered as the core content and special value of Z hao Yi’s poetics by the academ ic circle. As a result,his poetics w as only being put into the theoretical fram ew ork of X ing Ling School and being explained along this line of thought. Its theoretical starting point w as not being inquired yet.Start-ing from Zhao Yi’s anxiety for literary fam e and Pessim istic attitude tow ards literary value,this paper pointed out the Innovation-orientation of Z hao Yi’s poetics w as rooted in his eagerness for surm ounting predecessors, and its driving force w as the anxiety of influence. Although Zhao Yi’s poetics took X ing Ling as the keystone,he did not consider it as a aim like Yuan Mei. Instead, he saw it just as a tool. As he got older and lonelier,he changed his poetic con-cept. That is, he turned gradually to pursuing perfectness instead pursuing innovation. H e even abandoned the idea of com peting w ith the older generation of poets. U nconsciously, Z hao Yi echoed the poetry circle in w hich the trend of thought w as surging that self-expression w as being putting to extrem e and absolute .H is change becam e the first signs of the absolute self

  19. 高肇直流融冰运行模式下无功功率和谐波特性分析%Analysis on Reactive Power and Harmonics of Gao-Zhao HVDC Under Deicing Operation Mode

    谢惠藩; 王海军; 陈潜


    为研究高肇(高坡一肇庆)直流融冰模式、正常模式的无功特性和谐波特性,基于EMTDC搭建了±500kV高肇直流背靠背融冰详细模型并重点针对融冰模式、正常模式下换流站的无功特性和交直流侧谐波特性进行仿真研究。仿真结果表明:高坡站融冰模式的无功消耗比正常模式略大,肇庆站融冰模式的无功消耗则比正常模式略小;融冰模式下换流站交流谐波电流幅值比正常模式小、畸变率比正常模式大,而交流谐波电压及其畸变率均比正常模式小;融冰模式下同一换流站中两极处于不同的运行状态,两极直流侧谐波特性不相同。该研究结果为高肇直流在融冰方式下滤波器的投切提供一定的理论指导。%To study the characteristics of reactive power and harmonic of Gao-Zhao high voltage direct current (HV[)C) under deicing operation mode and normal operation mode, an EMTDC model of ~500 kV C-ao-Zhao HVDC with direct current power forth-and reverse transmission deicing function is introduced in detail. With this model the characteristics of reactive power and harmonic at converter station are analyzed. Simulations show that: (1) Reactive power consumption at Gaopo converter station under deicing operation mode is larger than that under normal operation mode, while Zhaoqing converter station is on the contrary; (2) The amplitude of harmonic alternative current is smaller and total harmonic current distortion rate is larger compared to the normal operation mode, and the amplitude and harmonic distortion rate of alternative current voltage are both smaller than that of normal operation mode; (3) The two poles operating at different modes and the harmonic in direct system of each pole in the same converter station is different. Simulation results are helpful to the control of alternative current filter control under deicing operation mode.

  20. 杨惠民教授治疗老年类风湿关节炎经验%Experience of Therapy Elderly Rheumatoid Arthritis by Professor YANG Hui-min



    Introducing the therapy experience of elderly rheumatoid arthritis hy Professor YANG Hui-min, summarizing the pathogenic factors and pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis, dividing elderly rheumatoid into activity and stability of treatment.%介绍杨惠民教授治疗老年类风湿关节炎经验,总结老年类风湿关节炎的病因病机,将老年类风湿关节炎分活动期与稳定期进行治疗.

  1. [Comparative study of theoretical literature on cold pathogenic disease in Wai tai mi yao fang (Arcane Essentials from the Imperial Library) and Tai ping sheng hui fang (Taiping Holy Prescriptions for Universal Relief)].

    Zhang, Huirui; Liang, Yongxuan


    In the Wai tai mi yao fang (Arcane Essentials from the Imperial Library) compiled in 752, its portion on cold pathogenic disorders embodies the achievements before the mid Tang Dynasty, whereas that in the Tai ping sheng hui fang (Taiping Holy Prescriptions for Universal Relief), compiled in 992 embodies those before the early Song Dynasty. Comparison on the theory of cold disorders in both books reveal that, during the 2 centuries period from mid Tang to early Song Dynasties, the texts as a carrier for the transmission of such theory in both show no distinct changes, but only with minor revisions and improvements.

  2. 论近代宁夏回族经堂教育的演变及特点%On Evolution and Characteristics of Ningxia Hui Mosque Education in Modern Times

    文斐; 高石钢


    经堂教育产生于明清时期,是我国回族穆斯林接受教育的基本形式。近代以来,宁夏回族经堂教育由以往单一的宗教教育形式逐渐演变为回民小学、中阿学校、阿訇教义国文讲习所、伊斯兰教讲习所等多种形式,呈现出了种类繁多、办学方式多元,课程内容丰富、全面并与伊斯兰教积极互动的特点。近代社会思潮广泛传播的影响、回族的民族觉醒、崇尚求知的民族文化传统、上层人士的努力以及宁夏地方政府的推动作用等是造成近代宁夏回族经堂教育演变的社会、历史性原因。%The Muslim mosque education originated in the Ming and Qing Dynasties is a basic form of Hui Muslim education. In modern times,single traditional form of Ningxia Hui mosque religious education had changed into various forms,included Hui nationality elementary school,China-Arab school,imam doctrineˊs Chinese lecture assembly and Islam assembly,etc. Presented the characteristics of variety differently,running school forms multiply,course content rich and comprehensive and had a positive interaction with Islam. Modern social thoughts spread,national awakening of the ethnic Hui,national cultural traditionˊs advocating for knowledge,elite efforts and also Ningxia local governmentˊs pro-mote role was the social and history reasons.

  3. 宁夏农村回族妇女婚姻暴力处理方式探究%A Tentative Study on Hui Women’ s Ways to Deal with Marital Violence in Ningxia Rural Areas

    王雪梅; 章志敏


    In recent years, marital violence has become a focus in academic field.However, researches on marital violence upon Hui women are not sufficient.Therefore, the paper is to make a tentative study on the ways that Hui women often take to deal with marital violence after they have suffered from it and some relative affecting factors based on a questionnaire survey, holding that Hui women in the rural areas of Ningxia are more inclined to tolerate marital violence and seek informal social support when seeking help, and the ways they take to deal with marital violence are influenced by their cognition of marital violence, their willingness to seek help and the factor whether mosques in their villages would take measures to solve the problem or not, etc.With these findings, the thesis is to provide some reference for preventing marital violence upon Hui women in the future.%近年来婚姻暴力问题一直被学界热议,但是关于农村回族妇女婚姻暴力问题的研究是比较缺乏的,通过对宁夏农村回族妇女的婚姻家庭进行问卷调查,对她们的婚姻暴力处理方式以及相关因素进行分析发现,宁夏农村回族妇女在遭受家庭暴力后较为倾向于去忍受婚姻暴力,在寻求帮助的过程中则较为倾向于去寻求非正式社会支持,而这种行为受到她们对婚姻暴力的认知、寻求帮助的意愿以及所在村里的清真寺是否会过问婚姻暴力问题等因素的影响。同时,这些发现能够为今后农村回族妇女婚姻暴力问题的防治提供一些参考。

  4. The Assumptions about the Questions and Answers between the Supreme God and the Wizard in Zhao Hun%《招魂》中关于巫帝问答之辞臆说



    《招魂》中关于帝、巫问答之辞一节的解说历来争论较多。笔者以为导致各家观点出现偏差的原因,排除原文有脱讹外,主要是对"掌梦"和"谢"字的理解不同。其实,文中巫阳所提到的"掌梦"强调的是一种方法,这种方法显然不同于上帝所言的"筮予之"。"谢"字也未必如历来诸家所认定的"谢去"或"徂谢"意,而是作为一种巫术用语,指占卜的结果不灵验。%There are different opinions towards the explanations for the questions and answers between the supreme god and the wizard in Zhao Hun.Except for the error and omission in the original text,we think the different comprehensions of the words "Zhang Meng" and "Xie" are the main reasons for the discrepancy.In fact,the word "Zhang Meng" mentioned by Wu Yang emphasizes the method,which is obviously different from the method "reviving by divination with alpine yarrow" proposed by the supreme god.And the word "Xie" may not mean "lose" or "die",which the scholars hold unanimously,it may be the language used in sorcery which means the divination is not accurate.

  5. On the Narration of the Mobile Population - A Posture of Zhao Guang-ming’s Fiction%关于流民的底层叙事--赵光鸣小说的一种写作姿态∗



      赵光鸣的中短篇小说主要以新疆底层流民为叙事对象,对底层流民缘起、生存样态、精神特点广泛探寻,其小说主要围绕民间底层社会的奸情、械斗、婚恋展开并构成主要情节内容、表现了底层流民社群的价值观与审美观及社会政治、经济生活样态,“新疆”成为以生存为目的底层流民和精神漂泊者的“彼岸”。从20世纪中国文学的发展来看,赵光鸣的底层流民叙事是对当代中国文学的颠覆和补充,也是对于中国20世纪中国文学底层叙事的丰富与发展。%Zhao Guang-ming’s fictions target the mobile population as his narration, exploring their source, living condition and spiritual state. His fictions develop around adultery, fighting and love affairs that become the theme and plot, which manifests the values and aesthetics of the mobile population and the social, political and economic conditions. ”New territory” becomes the paradise for the mobile people who eat to live and for the spirit rovers. Seen from the development of the 20th century Chinese literature, Zhao’s narration is a subversion and supplement of contemporary Chinese literature, and enriches and develops the narration of people at the bottom in the 20th century Chinese literature.

  6. 从《赵氏孤儿》的改写看电影的文化困境%Cultural Dilemma in Chinese Movies from the Adaption of Zhao Shi Gu Er

    马丽琳; 张政雨


    陈凯歌对历史题材“赵氏孤儿”的改写,并未如其宣称是对文化反思的延续,而是打着“文化反思”的旗号吸引内地受众,同时,意在染指西方市场。《英雄》《无极》乃至《赵氏孤儿》等影片在改写历史题材故事的同时将东方表象与西方经典话语荒诞缝合,显示出视觉凸现性与意义空洞的双重悖论,中国电影遭遇文化困境。全球化语境下,如何建立有效的双重文化认同,始终是中国电影必须面对的文化命题。%The adaption of Zhao Shi Gu Er by Chen Kaige is not a kind of cultural reflection as propagan-dized. The main purpose is just to attract the main land audiences and appeal to the western market as well. Movies like Hero, The Promise and Sacrifice have integrated the oriental image and the western utterance grotesquely to reveal the paradox of the visual feast and its empty meanings. In this sense, Chinese movies are ex-periencing the cultural dilemma. In global context, how to achieve an effective cultural recognition is the theme which Chinese movies must confront.




    Zhao Jiping is a famous composer in China, with a great number of musical works, and loved by the mass. Symphonic Suites Qiao's Grand Courtyard is based on TV series titled Qiao's Grand Courtyard. The suites describes the affection and experience of Qiao Zhiyong's whole life as a late Qing Dynasty merchant in Shanxi, which consists of six chapters as sinfonia, aspiration, love, business, pains and fading affection. The materials of the suites stems from our national and folk culture, through the creative skill of the combination of traditional composing method with modern theories. There are also some music pattern like Zhi, Gong, Jue and western ones.%《乔家大院》交响组曲是赵季平以自己创作的同名电视连续剧《乔家大院》的电视剧音乐为基础和素材,改编创作而成的交响组曲。《乔家大院》交响组曲描写了清朝末年山西商人乔致庸一生的情感与经商经历,由“序曲、立志、爱情、商路、炼狱、远情”六个乐章组成。《乔家大院》交响组曲的素材植根于我国民族、民间的沃土,采用了传统作曲技法与现代作曲理念相结合的创作手法。在调式上主要运用了民族徵调式,同时也有宫调式、角调式等民族调式以及西洋调式的运用。

  8. Le travail aujourd’hui. L’hypothèse de la reconnaissance Work today. The hypothesis of recognition El trabajo hoy: hipótesis del reconocimiento

    Michel Wieviorka


    Full Text Available Jusque dans les années 1970, le travail était au cœur de la réflexion sociologique, et du débat public. Aujourd’hui, après les espoirs et les déconvenues des années 1980 et 1990, après la « révolution managériale », et ses dégâts, et qu’il s’agisse du sens qu’il revêt pour l’individu, pour l’entreprise ou pour la société toute entière, il implique d’être repensé à nouveaux frais. Ne sommes-nous pas entrés dans l’ère de la reconnaissance – un concept qui peut nous aider à redonner sens au travail ?Until the mid seventies, work was a key issue in sociological research, as well as in the public debate. During the eighties and the nineties, things changed, and it became difficult to define the meaning of work for individuals, for companies or for the whole society. Today, new approaches are possible, including those that are based on the concept of recognition.Hasta los años 1970, el trabajo estaba en el centro de la reflexión sociológica y del debate público. Hoy, después de las esperanzas y los desengaños de los años 1980 y 1990, tras la “revolución gerencial” y sus estragos, tratándose ya sea del sentido que tiene para el individuo, para la empresa o para la sociedad entera, habrá que volver a pensar el trabajo desde cero. ¿No hemos entrado acaso a la era del reconocimiento, concepto que puede ayudarnos a devolverle un sentido al trabajo?

  9. Energy efficiency of rural dwellings in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region%宁夏地区乡村民居节能设计研究

    张群; 梁锐; 刘加平


    为改善宁夏乡村地区居住建筑室内冬季热环境,达到建筑节能65%的目标,对典型传统民居进行了调研和围护结构能耗分析,发现了民居建筑耗能的主要薄弱部位.结合当地自然气候与经济条件,从建筑功能布置与空间组合、太阳能资源利用和围护结构构造等方面出发,提出整体式的建筑设计改进方案,并通过能耗分析计算新方案的热工性能与室内热环境质量,证明了在宁夏地区通过合理的设计农村住宅也可以达到提高室内热舒适和节能的目标.%In order to improve the thermal environment and reach the energy efficiency goal of rural house in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, the paper investigates a typical traditional vernacular, analyzes the index of heat loss of building envelop and discovers the main weak part in the building affecting on the energy consumption. Combining with the local conditions of climate and economy, this paper put forward the integrating designing project, including the function layout, room combination, solar energy utilization and construction of building envelop. A new project for improving the indoor thermal comfort and saving energy was given in this paper. The index of heating loss of two rural buildings are calculated in order to verify the effectiveness of the new project. At the same time, it is bproved that the improvement of the thermal environment and 65% energy efficiency goal can meet with by appropriate architectural designs.

  10. Research on the evaluation method of rural hollowing based on RS and GIS technology: a case study of the Ningxia Hui autonomous region in China

    Yin, Kai; Wen, MeiPing; Zhang, FeiFei; Yuan, Chao; Chen, Qiang; Zhang, Xiupeng


    With the acceleration of urbanization in China, most rural areas formed a widespread phenomenon, i.e., destitute village, labor population loss, land abandonment and rural hollowing. And it formed a unique hollow village problem in China finally. The governance of hollow village was the objective need of the development of economic and social development in rural area for Chinese government, and the research on the evaluation method of rural hollowing was the premise and basis of the hollow village governance. In this paper, several evaluation methods were used to evaluate the rural hollowing based on the survey data, land use data, social and economic development data. And these evaluation indexes were the transition of homesteads, the development intensity of rural residential areas, the per capita housing construction area, the residential population proportion in rural area, and the average annual electricity consumption, which can reflect the rural hollowing degree from the land, population, and economy point of view, respectively. After that, spatial analysis method of GIS was used to analyze the evaluation result for each index. Based on spatial raster data generated by Kriging interpolation, we carried out re-classification of all the results. Using the fuzzy clustering method, the rural hollowing degree in Ningxia area was reclassified based on the two spatial scales of county and village. The results showed that the rural hollowing pattern in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region had a spatial distribution characteristics that the rural hollowing degree was obvious high in the middle of the study area but was low around the study area. On a county scale, the specific performances of the serious rural hollowing were the higher degree of extensive land use, and the lower level of rural economic development and population transfer concentration. On a village scale, the main performances of the rural hollowing were the rural population loss and idle land. The

  11. Samen kom je er wel. Een afstudeerartikel over het Skejby halfway house: een huis waar delinquenten en studenten onder één dak wonen

    Eline Broker


    Full Text Available Together you will get there. A graduation article on the Skejby halfway house: a house where delinquents and students live togetherThe Skejby house is unique and produces remarkable results. The recidivism percentage among its’ delinquent inhabitants is over 20% lower than in the halfway houses where only prisoners reside. The aim of Skejby is to ease the transition between imprisonment and reentry in society. The experiment, in which students and prisoners live together, originates from the idea that behavioral transformation is realized most effectively within a socially engaged group. The principal of collective responsibility is dominant in Skejby, resulting in a feeling of belonging to a group among the delinquents. In this group, the students serve as prosocial role models. Consequently, the standards and values that are picked up in prison are reshaped into much needed skills that are required for living a “regular” life in society. In contrast to the reintegration program in Skejby, the Dutch reintegration program mainly consists of one-to-one consultations between the delinquent and the probation officer. The reintegration thus does not take place in a group to which the delinquent can relate, while it is precisely this unique communal feeling of belonging that induces behavioral change in the prisoners. SAMENVATTING Samen kom je er wel. Een afstudeerartikel over het Skejby halfway house: een huis waar delinquenten en studenten onder één dak wonenHet Skejby house is uniek in zijn soort en boekt opmerkelijke resultaten: het recidivepercentage ligt ruim 20% lager dan bij halfway huizen waar alleen delinquenten wonen. Skejby heeft als doel om de overgang tussen gevangenis en samenleving zo klein mogelijk te maken. Het experiment, waarbij studenten en delinquenten samen wonen, komt voort uit het idee dat gedragsverandering het best bewerkstelligt wordt binnen een sociaal verbonden groep. In Skejby heerst het principe van

  12. A cross-sectional survey on behavior problems among eco-migrant children of Hui and Han in Ningxia, China%宁夏生态移民地区儿童行为问题现况调查

    颜国利; 方建群; 张朝霞; 冯丽平; 吴锦荣; 马馥荔; 陈诗祺; 赵冉然; 王颖丽


    Objective To investigate the detection rate and correlates of behavioral problems among eco-migrant children in Hui and Han ethnicities.Methods Using multistage randomized sampling method,2 653 eco-migrant teenagers,3 174 indigenous and 2 334 homeland peers were selected.Their parents were asked to finish the Achenbach' s Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL) and a self-developed correlates questionnaire.Results 765 eco-migrant children with behavioral problems were detected,with detection rate as 28.8%,higher than that of homeland group (24.2%) and native group (19.3%)(x2=73.547,P<0.012 5).Ecological migration mainly influenced factors as bad contacts,depression,obsessive-compulsive,discipline,attack for boys aged 6-11,bad contacts for boys aged 12-16 and extraversion behavioral problems for girls aged 12-16,in Hui.These factors both associated to eco-migrant children's behavioral problems in Hui and Han:cesarean section (OR =1.863,95% CI:1.144-3.035,for Han) and (OR=2.979,95% CI:2.067-4.293,for Hui),physical defects(OR=1.730,95%CI:1.087-2.751,for Han) and (OR=2.552,95%CI:1.649-3.950,for Hui),arable as a main income way(OR=1.272,95%CI:1.066-1.518,for Han) and (OR=1.212,95%CI:1.033-1.422,for Hui),parents' education level above middle school (OR=0.709,95% CI:0.539-0.932,for Han) and (OR=0.698,95%CI:0.542-0.898,for Hui),parents' frequently in good mood (OR=0.710,95%CI:0.613-0.821,for Han) and (OR=0.826,95%CI:0.718-0.949,for Hui).However,major diseases in the process of growth (OR=1.794,95% CI:1.163-2.767),and parents with chronic illness or disability (OR=1.463,95% CI:1.061-2.016) only associated with that in Han; single-parent or remarried families (OR=1.583,95% CI:1.078-2.325),parents often drinking (OR=1.557,95%CI:1.019-2.379),the time of parents' work longer than half a year(OR=1.494,95% CI:1.197-1.864),parents' more content to life now (OR=0.813,95% CI:0.700-0.945),and children in older age (OR=0.939,95%CI:0.889-0.991) only

  13. Empirical Research of Brand Trust Relationship Influential Factors of Huis Old Brands%基于回族老字号的顾客品牌信任关系影响因素实证研究∗



    The process from weak brands developing to strong brands serenely is the process of customer trust increases, exploring factors that influence brand trust is great significance to the brand growth. Re-search shows, enterprises, customers and interactive processes are key factors that affect brand trust rela-tionships;through questionnaires of Huis old brands validated the brand trust and influential factors, for exploring brand trust relationships and promoting Huis old brands growth provide important ideas.%从弱小品牌发展到强势品牌的过程实质是顾客信任程度增加的过程,探索影响品牌信任关系的因素对于品牌成长具有重要意义。研究证明,企业、顾客及交互过程是影响品牌信任关系的关键因素,通过回族老字号的调查问卷对品牌信任与影响因素的关系进行了验证,将对深入探讨品牌信任关系的影响因素,促进回族老字号品牌成长提供重要的思路。

  14. 中央红军会理攻坚战述论%Presentation and Discussion on the Battle of the Central Red Army in Hui-li County

    刘财富; 景志明


    During the Long March period,the battle of the Central Red Army in Hui-li county of Si-chuan province was an important one.Because casualties were too serious,so many criticisms occurred in the Party or the Red Army.Based on the relevant historical documents,the author thinks the military action taken by the Red Army in Hui-li county had favorable and unfavorable factors.Though the battle didn’t win,it still had positive significance in which the Red Army went north rapidly and broke though the Da Du-he river defence set by the army of Kuomingtang.%会理攻坚战是中央红军长征在四川时的一场重要战斗。因红军伤亡过大且攻城失利,所以当时党内军内非议颇多。本文通过相关史料的梳理,分析红军攻城的有利与不利因素,从而说明这次战斗的失利对于中央红军迅速北上并突破国民党大渡河防线仍有积极的影响。

  15. Prevalence of tobacco and alcohol use in ethnic Hui and Han residents in Ningxia%宁夏回族自治区回、汉族居民烟草、酒精使用调查

    王俊峰; 马辉; 王志忠; 张毓洪


    目的 了解宁夏回族自治区(宁夏)回、汉族居民烟草、酒精使用情况及其分布特征,为民族地区改善戒烟、限酒措施提供参考.方法 采用多阶段系统抽样法,抽取宁夏地区≥18岁居民6 476人进行入户调查.烟草和酒精使用障碍根据国际疾病分类-10(ICD-10)标准采用复合型国际诊断交谈表3.0(CIDI 3.0)中文版评估.结果 共有5 811名受访者完成全部调查,目前吸烟率为19.15%,其中男性吸烟率高于女性(44.73%vs.1.51%),差异有统计学意义(x2=1 693.25,P<0.001);男性中回族吸烟率低于汉族(33.19%vs.51.95%),差异有统计学意义(x2=79.99,P<0.001).男性烟草依赖患病率为1.75%,回、汉族男性烟草依赖患病率差异无统计学意义(x2=0.02,P=0.958).目前饮酒率为5.78%,其中男性饮酒率高于女性(12.48% vs.1.16%),差异有统计学意义(x2=329.94,P<0.001);男性中回族饮酒率低于汉族(4.71%vs.17.34%),差异有统计学意义(x2=82.03,P<0.001);男性酒精使用障碍患病率为6.03%,男性回族酒精使用障碍患病率低于汉族(3.50%vs.7.61%),差异有统计学意义(x2=16.68,P<0.001).结论 宁夏地区回族成年人烟草和酒精使用率低于同地区汉族,当地的回族文化对减少人群烟草、酒精使用可能具有积极的影响.%Objective To understand the prevalence of tobacco and alcohol use in ethnic Hui and Han residents in Ningxia Hui autonomous region and provide evidence for the smoking cessation and alcohol use reduction in minority area.Methods Face to face interview was performed in 6 476 subjects aged ≥ 18 years who were selected through systematic sampling in Ningxia.The tobacco use and alcohol use related disorders were evaluated with Composite International Diagnostic Interview 3.0(CIDI 3.0) according to International Classification of Diseases-10 (ICD-10).Results A total of 5 811 subjects completed the survey, the prevalence of current smoking was 19

  16. 集体记忆与民族亲和力的建构——以兰州西关清真寺为例%The Collective Memory and the Construction of Hui Ethnic Identity

    高永久; 丁生忠


    在城市空间结构再生产的过程中,城市规模向四周逐渐延伸,市民的居住格局也随之发生变化,原先围寺聚居的回族穆斯林群众,便迁至城市的各个街区角落。通过对散居回族现状和特点的分析,探知其以清真寺为集体记忆的符号,借助集体欢腾、个体情感进发、宗教仪式来建构民族亲和力,以实现其群体和谐的目标。%In the process of the reproduction of urban spatial structures, the size of a city gradually stretches out in all directions. At the same time, people's residential structure changes: the Muslims of Hui Ethnic:Group originally clustering around mosques are now moving to every corner of the city. In this thesis, the authors discuss the status quo and characteristics of the identity of Hui Ethnic Group in order to construct ethnic affinity by using the Mosque as a symbol of collective memory, relying on collective exultation, individual emotional venting and religious rituals, so as to reach the goal of group harmony.

  17. 宁夏地区回汉族中小学生超重肥胖流行趋势分析%Analyses of the prevalence changes of overweight and obesity in Hui and Han students in Ningxia

    许红霞; 石丽文; 赵燚; 杨建军; 金晶; 张毓洪


    Objective To analyze the prevalence changes of overweight and obesity in Hui and Han students in Ningxia from 2005 to 2010, in order to provide evidence for development of preventive measures against obesity. Methods Students aged 7 to 18 participated in th? 2005 and 2010 National Survey on Students' Constitution and Health of Ningxia were selected as subjects. The newly established BMI screening criteria for o-verweight and obesity was used to analyze the prevalence among various populations. Results The prevalence rates of overweight among Han boys, Han girls, Hui boys and Hui girls were 10. 1% , 5. 7% ,7. 4% and5.9% in 2010, 7.9% , 5.4% ,4.0% and4.7% in 2005 .respectively. Meanwhile, the prevalence rates of obesity for the Han boys, Han girls, Hui boys, and Hui girls were 5. 1 %, 2.9 % ,4.1% and 2. 6% in 2010,3. 8%, 1.8%,1.9% and 1.3% in 2005 , respectively. The prevalence rates of overweight and obesity were higher among children aged 7-12 than those a-mong other age groups in Hui and Han students of rural and urban areas. The ordinal regression showed that the prevalence of overweight and obesity among students in 2010 were higher than those in 2005 after controlling for Living areas (in urban area or not) , age and gender. Meanwhile, the Han students were higher than those of Hui students. Conclusion The prevalence rates of overweight and obesity increase rapidly and spread from urban to rural areas among Hui and Han students gradually in Ningxia, therefore, it is necessary to take comprehensive measures to prevent and control the obesity of adolescents in Ningxia.%目的 了解宁夏地区2005-2010年回族与汉族不同群体学生超重、肥胖流行趋势,为制定学生肥胖防治措施提供依据.方法 使用2005和2010年宁夏地区全国学生体质调研资料的数据,利用中国学龄儿童青少年超重和肥胖体质量指数(BMI)筛查标准,对7~18岁中小学生进行超重、肥胖筛查.结果 汉族男生超重率2005年为7.9

  18. 张惠言的《花间》词学接受及其意义%ZHANG Hui-yan’ s ci Reception of Huajian and Its Significance



    《花间》词学接受至清代的张惠言才有了一个深刻的变化。基于“以《国风》、《离骚》之旨趣,铸温、韦、周、辛之面目”的词学策略,张氏对《花间》采取了故意误读、文本支离和点石成金的接受方式,正是由于其重读《花间》和重释温庭筠,古典词学至常州词派实际上经历了从传统的为词之学向读词之学的转变。%A great change happened in ZHANG Hui-yan’s ci reception of Huajian in the Qing Dynasty.Based on the ci strat-egy of “showing the true appearance of WEN Ting-yun, WEI Zhuang, ZHOU Bang-yan and XIN Qi-ji with Guo Feng and Li Sao as the purport”, ZHANG Hui-yan received Huajian through intentional misreading and deconstruction, thus working miracles.It is because of his reinterpretation of Huajian and WEN Ting-yun that the change of classical ci from its ontology to its reading occurred in the Changzhou ci school.

  19. 福建惠安女文化景观构造及其空间性%Studying on Cultural Landscape Construction and Spatial Characteristics Based on the Case of Women in Hui'an County

    王彬; 李彬


    在对福建渔家女文献梳理和文化元素统计基础上,运用女性地理学理论和方法,解读惠安女文化景观构造特征和形成原因.研究结果表明:惠安女文化萌芽于隋唐,发展于宋元,鼎盛于明清;惠安女文化景观空间分布主要集中于以泉州港为中心的沿海半岛地区;惠安女在工种方面已超出传统中国女性从事职业类型,服饰体现海洋文化特征,婚俗表现出向父系过渡遗留和对劳动力争夺的结果,并建立起互助、自救等社会组织.惠安女文化景观是沿海地理环境特征和社会劳动地域分工共同作用的结果.%The paper describes systematiclly the landscape performances and characteristics of women in Hui'an county——a typical fisherwomen in Fujian province——through combing the literatures and assorting and counting cultural elements based on cultural formation,landscape construction and cause analysis by feminism and theories and methods of cultural geography.The indings show that the phenomenon of women culture in Hui'an county had appeared as early as during Sui and Tang Dynasties,and gained a large-scale development during Song and Yuan Dynasties and the landscapes had been built up during Ming and Qing Dynasties.As to the distribution in space,women in Hui'an county mainly live in the east costal areas of Hui'an county,which are circled by Meizhou gulf where the city of Quanzhou as the center of the gulf.In the view of cultural formation,women do more than the ones in other areas in China,even they engage in what men do in many work fields in Chinese traditional society,their apparels embody cultural characteristics of marine,the customs on marriage is the outcomes which hawe been handed down from the transition to patriarchal society and struggled for each other between their parents and in-laws,and types of social organizations are created for help each other among women.So the cultural landscapes of women in Hui'an county is a

  20. Evaluation of psoralen ethosomes for topical delivery in rats by using in vivo microdialysis

    Zhang YT


    Full Text Available Yong-Tai Zhang, Li-Na Shen, Ji-Hui Zhao, Nian-Ping FengDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai, People's Republic of ChinaAbstract: This study aimed to improve skin permeation and deposition of psoralen by using ethosomes and to investigate real-time drug release in the deep skin in rats. We used a uniform design method to evaluate the effects of different ethosome formulations on entrapment efficiency and drug skin deposition. Using in vitro and in vivo methods, we investigated skin penetration and release from psoralen-loaded ethosomes in comparison with an ethanol tincture. In in vitro studies, the use of ethosomes was associated with a 6.56-fold greater skin deposition of psoralen than that achieved with the use of the tincture. In vivo skin microdialysis showed that the peak concentration and area under the curve of psoralen from ethosomes were approximately 3.37 and 2.34 times higher, respectively, than those of psoralen from the tincture. Moreover, it revealed that the percutaneous permeability of ethosomes was greater when applied to the abdomen than when applied to the chest or scapulas. Enhanced permeation and skin deposition of psoralen delivered by ethosomes may help reduce toxicity and improve the efficacy of long-term psoralen treatment.Keywords: absorption enhancer, formulation vehicle, nanocarriers, nanoparticles, transdermal

  1. Analysis of Sinkiang Hui People’ s Flower From Interdisciplinary Perspective---A Case Study of Sinkiang Yanqi Hui People Autonomous County%跨学科视域下新疆回族花儿探究--以新疆焉耆回族自治县为例

    张云; 张付新


    The flower ( folk song) of Yanqi Hui nationality,with obvious regional,mul-ticultural and ethnic characters,is a prominent representative of Sinkiang. The origin,repre-sentation,artistic feature,historical significance and cultural value are analyzed from the per-spective of history anthropology,sociology,and economy anthropology. It is pointed out that multi-ethnic and cultural diversity and richness make effective way to promote ethnic com-munication and integration. This is also a necessary spiritual drive and cultural source for social stability in Sinkiang.%焉耆回族花儿是新疆回族花儿的杰出代表,其地域性、多元性和民族性特征非常明显。本文则通过历史人类学、社会学、经济人类学的学科视野对焉耆回族花儿的渊源流变、表现方式、艺术特征、历史意蕴和文化价值进行了深入的剖析,并指出民族文化的多样性和丰富性是构建新疆各民族交往交流交融的有效途径,也是实现新疆社会稳定和长治久安不可替代的精神动力和文化源泉。

  2. 焦作地区回汉族糖尿病发病率调查分析%Incidence investigation of diabetes mellitus in Hui and Han population of Jiaozuo region

    李清红; 袁新建; 王红心


    Objective To explore the prevalence and characteristics of diabetes mellitus in Hui and Han population aged 30 years and over in Jiaozuo. And to analyze the association between the prevalence of diabetes mellitus and body mass index(BMI). Methods We conducted a case-control study with 663 people aged 30-81 years. Among the total,337 subjects were Hui population, 326 subjects were Han population. Among them, integrated records of body height,body mass,waist circumference(WC) ,hip circumference,blood pressure,fasting plasma glucose were analyzed. The waist hip ratio (WHR) and BMI were computed. Over weight was defined as BMI≥24,and the criteria of central obesity:WC≥90 cm for men,WC≥80 cm for women. Excel was used to build database, SPSS 10.0 was used for analyses. Results Systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, body mass, BMI, WC, hip circumference, WHR in Hui population were significantly higher than those in Han population ( P < 0. 05 or <0. 01). The prevalence of diabetes in Hui of Jiaozuo was 38. 6% (130/337), while that was 8. 3% (27/326) for Han, and the difference was statistically significant P <0. 01); Meanwhile, the Hui was significantly higher than 9.7% (4 949/46 239) of the national incidence, the difference was statistically significant ( P<0. 01). Abdominal obesity diabetes prevalence and non-abdominal obesity diabetes prevalence in Hui was higher than those in Han. Abdominal obesity diabtes prevalence 30. 0%(101/337) vs8.0%(26/326)(P<0. 05),non-abdominal obesity diabetes prevalence 8. 6% (29/337) vs 0.3% (10/326) ( P <0. 01), respectively. Conclusion The prevalence of diabetes in the Hui of Jiaozuo was significantly higher than the national average,while the Han and the national prevalence of diabetes is close. Elevated BMI and WC are major risk factors of diabetes, controlling for BMI and WC increase is important to reduce the incidence of diabetes.%目的 探索焦作地区回汉族糖尿病的患病率及其与体

  3. ZHAO HANG President of China Automotive Technology & Research Center Vice Chairman & General Secretary of SAC/ TC 114%赵航中国汽车技术研究中心主任 全国汽车标准化技术委员会副主任委员兼秘书长


    Zhao Hang,Senior Engineer at profession level,President of China Automotive Technology & Research Center (CATARC),Deputy Director and Secretary General of National Technical Committee of Auto Standardization (SAC/TC 114),Vice Chairman of Society of Automotive Engineers of China,Deputy President of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers and Chairman o fits subassociation of information,Member of the leading group of the national Project 863 of electric vehide,Member of the leading group of the national dean energy vehicle project,and one of the 50 Outstanding Figures in the 50 years' history of China's auto industry,enjoys special allowance from government.

  4. Literary Writing of Virtue in Shandong:Taking the Local Novels of Zhao Defa as An Example%美德山东的文学书写研究——以赵德发的乡土小说为例

    丁燕燕; 沈广斌


    Shandong literature bears the Confucian cultural tradition, having heavy moral consciousness.Shandong writer Zhao Defa, influenced by Confucianism as the core of qilu culture, is good at rich regional features of mountains and riv-ers along ethics story told in the description, will keep righteousness, tender and gentle shandong virtue shown incisively and vividly, which extremely has the typical significance.Zhao Defa' s country novels focus on farmers with land, farm-ers, and the moral relations, and the honest and trustworthy emotion, possessing good moral character.Zhao Defa crea-ted many female characters; they are in a tough broad mind containing human sin and misery, with good love for the beauty of the human nature, which is the hope of salvation.Around the relation of a gentleman and a despicable person, such philosophical topics as righteousness and benefit are described, and Zhao Defa affirmed the "Shandong virtue" of valuing loyalty over money.%山东文学承续儒家文化传统,具有沉重的忧患感和鲜明的道德意识.山东作家赵德发受以儒家思想为核心的齐鲁文化影响,擅长在富有地域色彩的山川风物描写中讲述人伦故事,将重道守义、温柔敦厚的山东美德展现得淋漓尽致,极具典型意义.赵德发的乡土小说关注农民与土地、农民与道德的关系,写出了对土地怀有神圣情感的"地之子"们诚实守信、纯朴温厚的美好品德.赵德发塑造了许多地母般的人物形象,她们以坚韧博大的胸怀包容人类的罪恶与苦难,具有善良仁爱的优美人性,是人类救赎的希望.围绕天理与人欲、君子与小人、义与利等哲学话题,赵德发在《君子梦》中通过描写一个家族四代人的理想追求,肯定了"重义轻利"的山东美德.

  5. Empirical Research on Hui-honored Consumers Intergenerational Transmission and Brand Loyalty%回族老字号消费者代际传承与品牌忠诚关系实证研究

    杨保军; 马玉龙


    Consumers' cultural values based on the intergenerational transmission of family ties had an impor-tant impact on consumer behavior,as well as the consumer brand awareness and the brand trust.The consum-ers of Hui Old brand exhibited unique consumption characteristics owe to ethnic,religious and geographical effect,the intergenerational transmission of consumer groups in the Hui old brand more prominent.Empirical research showed that the impact of Hui old brand intergenerational transmission on brand awareness,brand trust and brand loyalty was significantly positive.Based on the perspective of intergenerational transmission,en-hancing consumers' brand loyalty had an important enlightenment to promote the brand development and tradi-tions cultural heritage,and own brand competitiveness.%基于家庭纽带的代际传承形成的消费者文化价值观深刻影响着消费者行为,使消费者品牌认知、品牌信任的形成无不带有代际影响的烙印。回族老字号的消费者受到民族、宗教、地域的影响表现出独特的消费特征,代际传承在回族老字号消费群体更为突出。从实证角度深入研究回族老字号消费者代际传承对品牌认知、品牌信任以及品牌忠诚的影响,呈现出显著的正相关关系。基于代际传承视角提升消费者品牌忠诚度对推动老字号品牌发展和传统文化的传承和推广以及自有品牌竞争力的提升都具有重要的启示意义。


    CHEN; Bing-lu


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  7. Pharmacokinetics of doxapram in Chinese Hui and Han healthy volunteers%多沙普仑在中国回族和汉族健康人体内的药动学

    肖勇; 程佳; 郭涛; 夏东亚; 郑谊; 郭红亮


    Objective:To investigate the pharmacokinetics of doxapram in Chinese Hui and Han healthy volunteers. Methods:Ten Hui volunteers and ten Han volunteers were given a single dose of 50 mg doxapram by intravenous infusion. The concentration of doxapram in plasma was determined by HPLC method, and the pharmacokinetic parameters were calculated by DAS 2. 0 software. ResultS:The main pharmacokinetic parameters of Hui volunteers were as follows: cmax 48±0. 46) μg/ml, t1/2β(3. 91±2.05) h,Vd(l. 35±0.45) L/kg,AUC0-12 (3. 02±0. 56)μg · h · ml-1 ,AUC0-∞(3. 49 + 0. 73) μg · h · ml-1. The main pharmacokinetic parameters of Han volunteers were as follows: cmax( 55±0. 52) μg/ml,t1/2β(3. 87 + 2. 17) h,Vd(l. 35± 0. 96) L/kg,AUC0-12(3. 51±1. 26)μg· h · ml-1, AUC0-∞ (4. 06±l. 44) μg · h· ml-1. Conclusion:There were no significant differences in the pharmacokinetic parameters of doxapram between Chinese Hui and Han healthy volunteers.%目的:研究汉族和回族健康受试者单次静脉滴注盐酸多沙普仑后的药动学.方法:回族和汉族健康受试者各10名,单次静脉滴注盐酸多沙普仑50 mg,定时采血,用HPLC法测定多沙普仑血药浓度,DAS 2.0软件计算药动学参数.结果:回族受试者的主要药动学参数为:cmax(1.48±0.46) μg/ml、t1/2β(3.91±2.05) h、Vd(1.35±0.45) L/kg、AUC0~12(3.02±0.56) μg·h·ml-1、AUC0~∞(3.49±0.73) μg·h·ml-1.汉族受试者的主要药动学参数为:cmax(1.55±0.52) μg/ml、t1/2β(3.87±2.17) h、Vd(1.35±0.96) L/kg、AUC0~12(3.51±1.26) μg·h·ml-1、AUC0~∞(4.06±1.44) μg·h·ml-1.结论:经统计学分析,回族和汉族健康受试者单次静脉滴注盐酸多沙普仑后药动学参数的差异无统计学意义.

  8. The First Chinese Translator of Pushkin's Works--JI YI-hui and Pushkin%普希金"初临中土"的向导--戢翼翚与普希金



    JI Yi-hui was the first Chinese who translated Pushkin's works. Pushkin's "Daughter of lieutenant"was translated from Japanese by him and he gave this Chinese version a new name "Romance of Russia". This version was an assimilative one. There were quite big discrepancies over the book's name, characters' name, person, type and number of words between the Chinese version and the Russian original. However, It was not JI yi-hui but the Japanese translator who should bear full responsibility for these. Because the Japanese version was an abridged one itself and all the divergences above-mentioned could be fould there. Ji's version was not a perfect one, but it was the very beginning for the Chinese to translate pushkin's works and other Russian literary master pieces and therefore had a profound significance in the history of literature.%普希金的第一部汉译作品是《上尉的女儿》,译本题作《俄国情史》,系据日文转译,译者为戢翼翚。这是一部归化式译作,书名、人名、人称、体裁、字数均与原作有较大的出入。不过,责任主要不在中译者,而在日译者。日译本本身就是一个缩写本,上述问题都是目译本所存在的。戢译《俄国情史》虽是一部很不完善的译作,但它开了翻译普希金作品和俄国文学名著的先河,因而具有重要意义。

  9. The Comparison of the Self -Consciousness Developing Situation on the Hui -Nationality Girls and Han -Nationality Girls%回族与汉族女童自我意识发展状况的对比研究

    罗媛; 丁仲学; 李鹏程


    In this paper,use the Piers -Harris children's self -consciousness scale (PHCSS),by investiga-ting 535 Han nationality girls and 418 Hui nationality girls.The results showed that:1.The behavior of the Hui nationality girls,body appearance and properties,anxiety,to fit in with the obvious differences in grade four as-pects,and the Han girls intelligence with the school situation,the body appearance and attributes have significant differences in grade;2.The behavior of the self -consciousness of the girls,intelligence and school situation,the body appearance and properties,sociable,happiness and satisfy the five dimensions have significant ethnic differ-ences.%本文采用 Piers -Harris 儿童自我意识量表(PHCSS),通过调查535名汉族女童和418名回族女童。结果发现:1.回族女童的行为、躯体外貌与属性、焦虑、合群这四个方面在年级上存在显著差异,而汉族女童的智力与学校情况、躯体外貌与属性在年级上存在显著差异;2.女童自我意识的行为、智力与学校情况、躯体外貌与属性、合群、幸福与满足五个因子上存在显著的民族差异性。

  10. Retraction RETRACTION of "Efficacy and safety of nucleoside analogues in preventing vertical transmission of the hepatitis B virus from father to infant", by L.-H. Cao, P.-L. Zhao, Z.-M. Liu, S.-C. Sun, D.-B. Xu, J.-D. Zhang and Z.-H. Shao - Genet. Mol. Res. 14 (4): 15539-15546 (2015).

    Cao, L-H; Zhao, P-L; Liu, Z-M; Sun, S-C; Xu, D-B; Zhang, J-D; Shao, Z-H


    The retracted article is: Cao L-H, Zhao P-L, Liu Z-M, Sun S-C, et al. (2015). Efficacy and safety of nucleoside analogues in preventing vertical transmission of the hepatitis B virus from father to infant. Genet. Mol. Res. 14: 15539-15546. The article published in Genetics and Molecular Research 14 (4): 15539-15546 (2015) is a very good paper, but it appears that the authors' group submitted this manuscript to multiple journals, which is ethical misconduct. This manuscript (similar language and identical data) was published in the Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine Journal prior to being submitted to GMR. There are parts copied from "Efficacy and safety of nucleoside analogs on blocking father-to-infant vertical transmission of hepatitis B virus", by Li-Hau Cao, Pei-Li Zhao, Zhi-Min Liu, Shao-Chun Sun, et al. Exp. Ther. Med. 9 (6): 2251-2256 (2015) - DOI: 10.3892/etm.2015.2379. The GMR editorial staff was alerted and after a thorough investigation, there is strong reason to believe that the peer review process was failure. Also, after review and contacting the authors, the editors of Genetics and Molecular Research decided to retract this article in accordance with the recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). The authors and their institutions were advised of this serious breach of ethics.

  11. Flowering Biological Characteristics of Lycium barbarum in Guyuan, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region%宁南固原枸杞开花生物学特性

    罗术东; 王彪; 褚忠桥; 吴杰; 杨文寿; 张俊丽


    为明确宁夏南部山区枸杞的开花生物学特性,以当地枸杞主栽品种“宁杞一号”为材料,于2008-2010年对枸杞的开花物候、花粉活力、柱头可授性、泌蜜规律、花粉胚珠比和杂交指数等进行研究.结果表明,宁杞1号单花花期一般为3d左右,老眼枝花期在4月下旬至5月上旬,七寸枝花在5月下旬至7月上旬,盛花期在5月下旬至6月下旬.花后2h开始散粉,但花粉在散粉前就具有活力,花后6h活性最强,72 h时花粉基本散尽且残余花粉活力很低.花后27 h内,5 a生树七寸枝花粉活力高于同时期10 a生树的花粉活力,其他时间段花粉活力基本一致.柱头在松蕾期和花后3h内均不具备可授性,花后3h开始具有可授性,18~36 h达最强,36 h候后可授性逐渐下降,花后60 h时基本丧失可授性.一天当中,枸杞单花蜜量7:00最大,此后在蜜量上逐渐减少,但含糖量上升,到15:00以后蜜量开始出现回升趋势.七寸枝初花期的蜜量显著高于老眼枝,而5a生七寸枝在盛花期的蜜量显著高于10 a生树.枸杞单花花粉量约为241 000粒,花粉胚珠比介于4 918~6 694之间,杂交指数(OCI)为5,因而可以断定枸杞的繁育系统为专性异交类型,需要传粉媒介为其传粉.%To identify the flowering biological characteristics of Chinese wolf berry in the southern of Ningxia Hui autonomous region, the floral biological characteristics, pollen viability, stigma receptivity, nectar secretion rhythm, pollen ovule ratio and outcrossing index of "Ningqi 1" were investigated in this paper. The results suggested that the old branches flowered from the late of April to the first ten days of May, but the new branches flowered from the late of May to the first ten days of July, and the full-bloom stage started from the late of May to the late of June, and most of flowers bloom about 3 days. The pollen can maintain viability since the late of bud stage, the flower has the strongest



    0000 GENERAL Stationary Solutions of the Nonlinear Schrodinger Equa tion for Neutral Atoms in a Harmonic Trap…………………………Yah Ke-zhu, Tan Wei-han (1191) A W-Shaped Potential Trap with Axial Symmetry for a Ring-Shaped Bose-Einstein Condensate Wang De-zhong, Lu Xing-hua, Huang Hu, Li Shi-qun (1197) Impulsive Synchronization of Rossler System …………Liu Feng, Mu Zhao-li, Qiu Zu-lian (1203) 3000 ATOMIC AND MOLECULAR PHYSICS (2+1)REMPI Spectrum of Rydberg States of S Atoms in the 243-263 nm Region Zhang Li-min, Chen Jun, Xu Hai-feng, Dai Jing hua, Liu Shi-lin, Chen Cong-xiang, Ma Xing-xiao (1209) Charge Stripping Cross Sections for s6Krq+ Collision with H and He…………Liu Zhi-jing (1214) Simulation and Discussion of the Lattice Distortion and Elastic Modulus of Nanocrystals ……………………Chang Ming, Yang Bao-he, Chang Hao (1222) 4000 CLASSICAL AREAS OF PHENOMEN OLOGY Application of Wavelet Analysis to Optical Information Processing…………Ma Jing, Tan Li-ying, Ran Qi-wen (1229)The Fourth-Order Interference between Two Indepen dent Squeezed Fields…………Zhang Jun-xiang, He Ling xiang, Zhang Tian-cai, Xie Chang-de, Peng Kun-chi (1235)Phase Coupling of RF-Excited Optical Phase-Shifted Ar ray Resonator Slab Waveguide CO2 Lasers…………Tang Xiao-jun, Zhao Zong-hai, Xin Jian-guo (1247)Gaussian-Type Breath Modes of Spatial Soliton Formed in Logarithmically Saturable Nonlinear Media …………Tang Yong-lin, Li Da-yi, Chen Jian-guo, Kang Jun (1253)Vector Theory of Off-Axial Gaussian Wave ... Zeng Xiao-dong, Liang Chang-hong, An Yu-ying (1260)6000 CONDENSED MATTER: STRUCTURE, THERMAL AND MECHANICAL PRO PERTIESCalculations of the Formation Energies of Point Defects in Alkaline Earth Fluorides . .. Jin Qing-hua, Feng Shao-xin, Guo Zhen-ya, Li Bao-hui, Ding Da-tong (1268)Effect of Medium-Energy Radiation on C60 Films Yao Jiang-hong, Xu Jing-jun, Zhang Guang-yin, Zou Yun-juan, Chen Guang-hua, Yang Ru, Jin Yong-fan (1274)Grazing

  13. 全国冠军永富军射箭动作肩部晃动特征运动学分析%A kinematics research on the characteristics of shoulder shake of archery movement by national champions YONG Fu-Jun



    By using the method of documents, experimentation and statistics, this article kinematics analyses ar-chery movement of the national champion YONG Fujun, find out right shoulder shakes most in up and down when in different shaking, left shoulder in front and back shakes worst, and right shoulder shakes bigger than left one.%采用文献资料法、实验法、数理统计法,以射箭项目全国冠军永富军为研究对象,对其射箭技术动作进行运动学分析,结果表明:双肩在不同方向的晃动程度中右肩在上下方向晃动程度最强,左肩在前后方向晃动程度最弱,且整体上右肩的晃动程度比左肩的晃动程度强。旨在为其成绩的提高提供理论依据。

  14. 新世纪小说史研究的新气象--刘勇强先生《中国古代小说史叙论》述评%New Atmosphere of Novel History Research in New Century-A Review of Mr.LIU Yong-qiang’s Narrative Comments on Chinese Ancient Novel History



    上世纪初,小说史著作开始登上学术舞台,在不同历史时期里表现出各自的特色。本世纪初,刘勇强先生的《中国古代小说史叙论》在结构、内质及学术问题的处理等方面均有独到之处,体现了新世纪小说史研究的新气象。%In the early years of the last century,the works of novel history began to appear in the academic circle.And they have different features in different times.At the beginning of this century,Mr.LIU Yong-qiang’s Narrative Comments on Chinese Ancient Novel History has its unique features in either its structure,content or tackling of some academic issues. This shows the new atmosphere of the novel history study in new century.

  15. 回族儿童(7~12岁)生活习惯与体育技能获取途径的调查与分析%A Survey and Analysis of Children(7 - 12) of Hui Nationality's Living Habits and Access to Sports Skills



    By means of investigation and questionnaire, Hui children's ( age 7 - 12) sports activities and cognition, living habits and access to sports were studied. A comprehensive analysis was also made of the influence of Hui nationality's peculiar habits and living environment on Hui children's living habits, sound growth and socializing. From the sociological perspective, the effect of socio - economy, culture, national conventions and environmental factors on children's socialization in the fonnation of Hui children's living habits and access to sports was analyzed. The inter - relationship and mutual promotion of Hui children's living habits and participation in sports was explored. Thus, in terms of learning, habit formation, acquisition of skills and social adaptation, the Hui children's education and growth was thoroughly examined.%运用走访调查和问卷调查等方法对回族7~12岁儿童的体育活动规律和体育认知程度、生活习惯和体育获取途径等内容进行研究,全面分析了回族儿童特有的民族习惯和生活环境等社会因素,对其生活习惯、健康成长和社会化过程的影响,并从社会学的角度分析了回族儿童生活习惯与体育获取途径中社会、经济、文化、民族习俗和环境因素对儿童社会化发展的影响,探讨回族儿童生活习惯与体育参与行为在社会实践中相互联系和相互促进的发展规律,从学习、习惯养成、技能获取和社会适应等方面全面审视了回族儿童的教育和成长过程.

  16. VDR基因多态性与宁夏回汉族白癜风患者的相关性研究%Investigation on association of VDR gene polymorphism with Hui and Han ethnic vitiligo patients in NingXia

    郭睿; 郝雁杰; 汪京峡; 刘霞; 杨文斌


    目的 研究VDR基因FokI、BsmI位点与宁夏地区回汉族白癜风患者遗传易感性的关系.方法 应用PCR-RFLP技术进行了宁夏回汉族白癜风患者的VDR基因FokI、BsmI位点频率分布的检测.结果 FokI位点的基因型和等位基因的分布频率在宁夏回汉族白癜风患者和对照组中均无统计学意义.BsmI位点Bb基因型的频率分布在宁夏回族白癜风组和回族健康对照组有显著性差异(P为0.033) ;而且Bb基因型的频率在宁夏白癜风患者组和对照组组中也有统计学意义(P值为0.036).结论 VDR 基因BsmI (rs:1544410) 位点可能是宁夏地区尤其是回族人群中白癜风发病的保护因子.%Objective To evaluate the assoriation of the polymorphism of VDR gene FokI and BsmI sites and the gr netir susrrptibility of Hui and Han cthnic vitiligo patiants in XingXia. Methods Polymarase chain relation scquancc rc strirtion fragment length polymorphism (PCR RFLP ) was used to analyzc the distribution of allles and genotypes of the Fold .mel BsmT sites of the VDR gene among Hui and Han cthnir vitiligo patients in Xingxin. Results There was no smtistirally signifirant rliffercncc in the frequencic.s of VDR FokI genotypes and alleles between the vitiligo patients and healthy controls in Han and Hui nationality (P>0.05). There was statistically signifirant diffcrenre in the frequcncies of Bb genotypes of VDR BsmT site between Hui ethnir vitiligo paticnts mel Hui ethnir healthy rontrols in XingXia (P - 0. 033) , and also between vitiligo patients mel healthy rontrols in XingXia. (P -0.026). Conclusion The Bsm I ( rs: 1544410) site of the VDR gene was likely the proteet factor in the pathogrncsis of vitiligo among XingXia population, especially Hui ethnir.

  17. Gene Polymorphism in Promoter of Interleukin- 6 between Hui and Han Ethnic Group of Ningxia%宁夏回、汉族群体IL-6启动子区基因多态性研究

    詹福寿; 李霞; 万艳; 张静; 霍正浩


    目的 探讨白细胞介素6(interleukin6,IL-6)基因多态性在宁夏回、汉族人群中的分布特征.方法 应用聚合酶链反应-限制性片段长度多态性(PCR-RFLP)方法,对210例回族和308例汉族人群白细胞介素6基因启动子区三个多态性位点(-572G/C、-597G/A、-174G/C)进行检测.结果 宁夏回族群体IL-6基因三个SNP各基因型频率及等位基因频率分别为,-572G/C(CC:55.71%;CG:34.76%;GG:9.52%;C:73.10%;G:26.90%);-597G/A(GG:94.29%;GA:5.71%;AA:0%;G:97.14%;A:2.86);-174G/C(GG:96.67%;GC:3.23%;CC:0%;G:98.33%;C:1.67%).宁夏汉族群体IL-6基因三个SNP各基因型频率及等位基因频率分别为,-572(CC:52.92%;CG:35.71%;GG:11.36%;C:70.78%;G:29.22%);-597(GG:92.86%;GA:7.14%;AA:0%;G:96.13%;A:3.57);-174(GG:97.08%;GC:2.92%;CC:0%;G:98.54%;C:1.46%).两组间差异均无统计学意义(P>0.05);按性别分组,三个SNP位点的基因型频率及等位基因频率差异亦无统计学意义(P>0.05).结论 IL-6基因-572、-597、-174三个多态性位点在宁夏回、汉族人群及不同性别间差异无统计学意义.%Objective To explore the frequencies of allele and genotype distribution of interleukin6 ( IL - 6) gene promoter- 572G/C, -597G/A and - 174G/C polymorphisms in the Hui and Han people of Ningxia Province and to analyze the distributions of IL -6 polymorphism among different places and ethnic groups.Methods The gene IL -6 -572G/C, -597G/A and - 174G/C polymorphisms was examined by the polymerase chain reaction- restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR- RFLP) methods in 210 hui and 308 han healthy adults. Results IL - 6 - 572, - 597, - 174 genotype frequencies were - 572 ( CC :55.71%;CG:34.76%; GG: 9.52%; C: 73. 10%; G: 26.90% ), - 597 ( GG: 94.29%; GA: 5.71%; AA: 0%; G:97. 14%; A :2.86) and - 174 ( GG: 96.67 %; GC: 3.23 %; CC: 0%; G: 98.33 %; C: 1.67 % ) in Ningxia Hui ethnic group, respectively. IL - 6 - 572, - 597, - 174 genotypes frequencies were - 572 ( CC :52.92

  18. Effective of Hui Medicine AikangFang Synergism Chemotherapy to Lewis Lung Carcinoma Cell Ultrastructure%回药爱康方协同化疗对小鼠Lewis肺癌细胞超微结构的影响

    马治国; 马科; 周丽萍; 边静; 周慧


    Objective Observed effective of Hui medicine AikangFang synergism chemotherapy to mice Lewis lung cancer cell changes by electron microscope. Methods We uesed to 55 C57 mice which were inoculated Lewis lung carcinoma cells after 24 h were randomly divided into model group, chemotherapy group, Hui medicine AikangFang; AikangFang low - dose and high - dose chemotherapy group. After 14d treatment, we observed the general situation of mice, completely stripping tumor tissue that the tumor, lung cells dissection, e-lectron microscope drawn, fabrication, observed in each group changes in the structure of tumor cells. Results Compared with model group, the rest of group mice general situation were good, high - dose plus chemotherapy group was best, the mice tumor weight compared with model group were statistically significant ( P < 0.01 ). Treatment groups of lung cancer cells have different degrees of morpho logical damage, high - dose chemotherapy group the most obvious cell damage, a large number of organelles necrosis, chromatin high degree of concentration. Conclusion Hui medicine AikangFang affects cancer cells , the high - dose chemotherapy can be effectively coordinated damage tumor cells.%目的 观察回药爱康方协同化疗对小鼠Lewis肺癌细胞超微结构的影响.方法 把55只C57小鼠接种Lewis肺癌细胞24h后随机分为模型组、化疗组、爱康方组、爱康方低剂量加化疗组、爱康方高剂量加化疗组.治疗14d后,观察小鼠一般情况,完整剥离肿瘤组织称瘤重,电镜取材、制作,观察各组肿瘤细胞结构的改变.结果 与模型组比较,其余各组小鼠一般情况较好,高剂量加化疗组最佳,小鼠瘤重较模型组轻,差异均有统计学意义(P<0.01);与模型组比较,其余各组的肺癌细胞形态都有不同程度的损伤,高剂量加化疗组细胞破坏最明显,出现大量细胞器坏死,染色质高度聚集.结论 回药爱康方高剂量协同化疗可有效损伤肿瘤细胞.

  19. The Comparative Study on Self-consciousness of Han,Hui and Uighur School Children%汉、回、维吾尔族学龄儿童自我意识的比较研究

    段宝军; 李玉保; 柴樱珊


    为了探讨汉、回、维吾尔族学龄儿童在自我意识及其各因子上的差异性特点,采用Piers-Harris儿童自我意识量表对808名汉、回、维吾尔族学龄儿童进行施测。结果表明:在自我意识总分及行为、智力与学校情况、躯体外貌与属性、合群因子上女生显著高于男生;维吾尔族学龄儿童在自我意识总分及行为、智力与学校情况、躯体外貌与属性、焦虑、幸福与满足因子上显著高于回族学龄儿童,在自我意识总分及智力与学校情况、躯体外貌与属性因子上显著高于汉族学龄儿童;五年级和六年级学龄儿童自我意识总分及智力与学校情况、躯体外貌与属性、合群、幸福与满足因子上显著高于四年级儿童,四年级学龄儿童在合群因子上显著低于六年级儿童,在幸福与满足因子上显著低于五年级儿童。%To explore the different characteristics of self-consciousness and each factor score in Han,Hui and Uyghur school chil-dren,808 Han,Hui and Uyghur school children were tested by the Piers-Harris Children's Self-consciousness Scale. The results show that(1)The self-consciousness total score and behavior,intelligence and school situation,body appearance and attributes,and the gregariousness factor of the female school children were significantly higher than those of the male school children.( 2 )The Uyghur school children's self-consciousness total score and behavior,intelligence and school situation,body appearance and attributes,anxie-ty,happiness and satisfaction factors were significantly higher than those of Hui school children;their self-consciousness total score, intelligence and school situation,body appearance and attributes were significantly higher than those of Han school children.(3)The grade 5 and grade 6 school children's self-consciousness total score,intelligence and school situation,body appearance and attributes, the gregariousness,happiness and

  20. 宁夏中部干旱带土地利用变化及驱动力分析%Analysis on Land Use Change and Its Driving Forces in Arid Area of Central Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region

    贾科利; 张俊华


    By using data derived from the 1978 MSS image and 1987,1996,2007 Landsat TM/ETM images and with the help of GIS,the land use change in arid area of central Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region was analyzed.At the same time,the driving forces of the land use change was identified by making use of the correlation analysis and principal component.The results showed that the overall trend of land use change in arid area of central Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region was in an enlargement of the areas of cultivated land,urban land,whereas sandy land area decreased 281 682 hm2,an average annual increase rate grassland area was 0.17%,and area of forest land reduced nearly 30 000 hm2 over 30 years.The land use information entropy indicating that the degree of disorder for land use system increased,and the structure of land use became complexity and diversity.It was considered that population,economic,regional socio-economic development degree,industrial structure,agricultural production,socio-input,government policy,and natural factors are the main driving forces inducing land use change in arid area of central Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.More importantly,the principal component analysis showed that the impacts of human activity combining with some other conditions were the leading factors that induced dynamic change of the 1and use.%利用1978年MSS、1987年、1996年及2007年TM遥感影像,借助遥感和GIS技术及相关分析、主成分分析方法,对宁夏中部干旱带1978-2007年土地利用变化及驱动力进行了分析。结果表明:1978-2007年耕地、城镇用地面积快速增加,沙地面积减少了281 682hm2。草地以年均0.17%的速率不断增加,林地面积减少了近3万hm2。土地利用系统无序化程度增加,土地利用利用结构复杂性和多样性增大。人口、经济、产业结构、农业生产、投入、富裕程度、政策和自然因素是驱动研究区土地利用变化的主要因素,其中,人口作为社会经济活

  1. The Analysis of Hui Old Brand Make-up Based on Genetic Perspective%基于“品牌基因”视角的回族老字号品牌构成研究

    杨保军; 黄志斌


    品牌基因是附着在产品上的、在品牌经营中具有显著的文化表征的具有遗传特征的知识体系,携带有包含产品基因和文化基因的多种遗传信息,是决定品牌进化的基本依据。品牌通过产品基因表现为产品功能和产品结构,并表达自己的个性和价值理念,通过文化基因表现为品牌文化的独特性,最终给消费者带来品牌归属感。回族老字号是中华老字号中具有鲜明民族、区域特色的品牌,基于基因理论来分析回族老字号的品牌基因的构成,为进一步开发相应的结构化量表提供了理论依据,对于国内相关企业的成长具有借鉴意义。%Brand gene is a kind of knowledge system attached to the product and it has significant cultural and hereditary characteristics in brand management .Brand gene contains a variety of genetic information such as product gene and culture gene , which is the basis of brand evolution .Brand shows product func-tion and product structure through the product gene , and expresses its personality and value concept .The brand also shows specificity of brand culture by culture gene and finally brings consumer a brand sense of belonging .The Hui old brand has distinctive ethnic and regional characteristics among chinese old brands.This article analyze the structure of the Hui old brand based on the gene structure .And it pro-vides a theory basis to further development of exploiting relevant structural scale , which has reference sig-nificance to the growth of domestic relevant enterprise .

  2. 一个回族家系亨廷顿舞蹈病的临床特征与基因突变分析%Clinical characteristics and genetic mutation analysis in a Hui family with Huntington disease

    陈静; 雷晶; 张小宁


    目的 分析1个回族家系亨廷顿舞蹈病的临床表现与基因突变特点.方法 应用降落聚合酶链反应( touchdown PCR)、分子克隆及基因测序等技术对1个临床诊断为亨廷顿舞蹈病的回族家系成员进行IT15基因检测.结果 先证者首发症状为双下肢疼痛,逐渐发展为舞蹈样不自主运动、情绪异常、记忆力、智力减弱等,其染色体4p16.3的IT15基因异常片段CAG重复次数为46次;其子为症状前患者CAG重复次数为44次.结论 该家系存在母系传递过程中IT15基因上CAG重复次数减少的现象,并发现1例CAA插入.%Objective To perform clinical analysis and gene diagnosis of Huntington disease (HD) in a Hui pedigree from Xinjiang.Methods The IT15 gene mutation of the Hui family was analyzed by touchdown PCR,molecular cloning and gene sequencing.Results The proband carried 46 CAG repeats.Pain in bilateral lower limb was the first symptom,followed by symptoms such as dance-like involuntary movements,mood disorders,impaired memory and intelligence.Asymptomatic son of the proband carried 44 CAG repeats.Conclusion This family showed reduced CAG trinucleotide repeats of IT15 gene during maternal transmission.A CAA variation is also detected within the CAG repeat region.

  3. Pharmacokinetics of doxapram injection in Chinese Han, Mongolian, Korean, Uigur and Hui healthy subjects%多沙普仑在中国五民族健康受试者的药代动力学

    郭涛; 杨长青; 赵龙山; 程佳; 夏东亚; 曾平; 肖勇; 赵东祥; 李强; 白音


    Aim To investigate and compare the phar-macokinetics of doxapram injection in healthy subjects of different Chinese nationalities including Han, Mon-golian, Korean, Hui and Uigur, and the influence of gender,in order to provide instruction and help for the usage of doxapram for both clinic and remedy of battle wound. Methods An HPLC-UV method was used to determine the plasma concentration of doxapram. Fifty healthy subjects ( five males and five females of each nationality) were recruited for the study. A single dose of 50 mg doxapram was administered intravenously to the healthy subjects, and blood samples were collected at various predetermined time points. The pharmacoki-netic parameters were calculated by DAS software and were compared by SPSS 13. 0 software, in order to as-sess the influence of nationality or gender on pharmaco-kinetics of doxapram. Results The results indicated that the pharmacokinetic profile of doxapram in vivo could be described as two-compartment model. The main pharmacokinetic parameters for Han, Mongolian, Korean, Hui and Uygur were as follows: Cl ( 0. 25 ± 0. 11 ) , ( 0. 33 ± 0. 11 ) , ( 0. 27 ± 0. 07 ) , ( 0. 26 ± 0. 06) and (0. 39 ± 0. 25) L·h-1 ·kg-1 , while Cmax (1. 55 ± 0. 52 ) , ( 1. 02 ± 0. 30 ) , ( 1. 31 ± 0. 47 ) , (1. 48 ± 0. 46 ) and ( 0. 99 ± 0. 35 ) mg · L-1 . The AUC0-12. 5 , AUC0-∞ and Cmax of Chinese Han were sig-nificantly higher than those of Uigur and Mongolian ( P0. 05 ) . There were statistically significant differences in Vc , Vd and CL between young males and females ( P 0.05)。男性与女性的Vc、Vd 和CL差异有统计学意义( P <0.05)。结论在战、创伤和平时临床应用本品时,应该对民族因素给予足够重视。

  4. 民国回族报刊话语下的“穆斯林女子剪发问题”争论透视%The Debate on“Muslim Women’ s Hair Cutting” in Hui Magazines during the Republic of China



    There are a variety of text materials about the debats on “Muslim Women’s Hair Cutting” by Hui society in Hui Magazines in the Republic of China .These materials have been sorted and analyzed to find out some important informa-tion about the debate such as its wedge and contents , the meaning of “hair” as a symbol of their lives comparing with Han women’s, and so on.The analysis reveals that “hair cutting” held an important place in the society of Hui and their reli-gion.This study can be considered as a meaningful case for Hui Muslims ’ social life in the Republic of China .%20世纪30年代,回族报刊上出现了一股关于“穆斯林女子剪发问题”的讨论热潮,这场争论与当时的社会背景密切相关,受到西方文化和汉族妇女解放运动兴起的女子剪发潮流影响。透视这些争论会发现,其争论的具体进程及表现本身被抹上了浓烈的伊斯兰宗教色彩,是伊斯兰教“建筑”在头发上的种种符号和想象,其实质是回族社会对回族女性社会地位及社会分工的再塑造。

  5. Research on Treatment of Tanreqing Injection Combined with Antibiotics for Patients with Ventilator Associated Pneumo-nia(type of TanReYongFei)%痰热清注射液联合抗生素治疗呼吸机相关性肺炎(痰热壅肺证)的研究

    陈基敏; 奚耀


    Objective :To investigate the treatment effects of Tanreqing injection combined with antibiotics for patients with ventilator associated pneumonia(VAP)(type of TanReYongFei) .Methods :96 VAP patients(type of TanReYong‐Fei)were randomly divided into two groups ,experimental group of 51 cases and control group of 45 cases .The cases of control group were treated with antibiotics as well as support therapy .The cases of experimental group were treated with Tanreqing injection (20ml one day) for besides for those therapies as well .The therapy course of both groups was 10 days .The result of these therapies ,clinic pulmonary infection score(CPIS) ,acute physiology and chronic health eval‐uation Ⅱ(APACHEⅡ) score ,days of mechanical ventilation ,the rate of successful weaning for the first time ,serum level of C reaction protein (CRP) and procalcitonin (PCT ) were compared respectively between the two groups .Re‐sults:The efficiency of experimental group was superior to that of control group (P0 .05) .The side effect was low in both groups .Conclusion:The treatment effect of Tan‐reqing injection combined with antibiotics for VAP patient (type of TanReYongFei)is better than that of using antibiot‐ics o nly .%目的:探讨痰热清注射液联合抗生素治疗呼吸机相关性肺炎(VAP)(痰热壅肺证)患者的临床疗效。方法:将96例V A P (痰热壅肺证)患者随机分为实验组(51例)对照组(45例),所有患者均常规使用抗生素及支持对症治疗,实验组患者在此基础上给予痰热清注射液20ml静脉滴注,1次/d ,疗程10d;比较2组患者的临床疗效、临床肺部感染评分(CPIS)、APACHEⅡ评分、机械通气时间、首次脱机成功率及血浆C反应蛋白(CRP)、降钙素原(PCT )的水平。结果:实验组临床疗效优于对照组(P<0.05);2组患者治疗后CPIS、机械通气时间及血浆CRP、PCT水平比较,差异有显著性(P<0

  6. From the"Chen Yong-zhou incident"to talk about the influence of news occupation ethics on media credibility%从“陈永洲事件”谈新闻职业操守对媒体公信力的影响



    记者收受钱财,代人捉刀,成为商业恶性竞争的一步棋子,近年来屡见不鲜。而当真相赤裸裸的展现在世人面前时,媒体的公信力也正逐渐淹没在公众的质问和声讨中,“陈永洲事件”的轰动效应可见一斑。新媒体时代,公共信息愈发透明清晰,刻意隐藏真相反而显得欲盖弥彰,这也敦促着媒体人作为社会之公器,讲真话,办实事,坚守新闻伦理,秉持最基本的专业素养和职业操守,才能挽救岌岌可危的公信力。%The reporter receive money, the ghost, a row of commercial competition, in recent years It is often seen. But when the truth naked show in the world, the credibility of the media is also gradually submerged question in public and condemn,"remarkable sensation Chen Yong-zhou events". The new media era, public information more transparent and clear, deliberately hiding the truth becomes clearer, this also urged the media as a social justice, to tell the truth, do solid work, adhere to the news ethics, uphold the basic professional quality and occupation ethics, in order to save the precarious credibility.

  7. QTL Information Table: 417 [Q-TARO

    Full Text Available Others Others allelopathy RFLP C)Interval RIL Zhong 156 Gumei 2 RZ395 RZ264 pha Xu,... Z., He, Y., Cui, S., Zhao, M., Zhang, X., and Li, D. (2003). Genes mapping on rice allelopathy against barnyardgrass. Ying Yong Sheng Tai Xue Bao 14, 2258-2260. ...

  8. Gorgeous Scenery in Xianju


    正Xianju County in Zhejiang province of China, a national key scenic spot, has beautiful scenery and charming sight. The name of Xianju , originally Yong'an, was given by Zhao Heng, Emperor Zhenzong of the Song Dynasty in 1007 AD, over 1,000 years ago. Driving on the Zhuji-Yongjia expressway, steep cliffs and lofty peaks will immediately arouse

  9. World Class Learners: Educating Creative and Entrepreneurial Students

    Zhao, Yong


    In the new global economy, the jobs that exist now might not exist by the time today's students enter the workplace. To succeed in this ever-changing world, students need to be able to think like entrepreneurs: resourceful, flexible, creative, and global. Researcher and Professor Yong Zhao unlocks the secrets to cultivating independent thinkers…

  10. 回族传承的民间武术心意六合拳考述%Exploration on the Mind-and-Intention Six Harmonies Fists Spreading amongst Hui People



    The Mind-and-Intention Six Harmonies Fists is an excellent genre not only in Hui martial arts, but also in Chinese martial arts in a bigger sense. This paper is written with library and field researches to explore its or-igin and development, as well as other its detailed aspects such as principle, content, style and characteristics. All these would be beneficial to readers to know such a martial genre in Henan province.%心意六合拳不仅是回族武术的重要组成部分,同时也是中华传统武术中的优秀拳种。本文通过文献资料研究和田野调查的方法,探讨了回族所传承的民间武术心意六合拳(河南心意六合拳)的源流,并对其名称的由来及其原理、内容、风格、特点等进行了考述,对深入了解心意六合拳有积极意义。

  11. A Comparative Study of Music Morphologies and Singing Styles between Salars and Huis%撒拉族、回族民歌音乐形态及演唱风格比较研究



    There are great varieties of Salar folk songs and Hui folk songs in Qinghai Province. In the long historical development, they have formed their special and various music morphologies and singing styles. This essay mainly focuses on the comparative study of the generality and individuality of the folk songs. So it is greatly significant for inheriting the traditional ethnic music, digging out the precious ethnic music resources andfrequently innovating and developing them.%青海撒拉族民歌和回族民歌种类繁多,在长期的历史发展过程中,形成了多姿多彩、各具特色的音乐形态及演唱风格。对两个民族民歌共性与个性的比较研究,对于继承民族音乐传统,挖掘宝贵的民族音乐资源,从而不断创新与发展民族音乐具有重要的意义。

  12. Study of the Modern Hui Journalist Ding Zhuyuan’s Occupational Outlook and Society Practice%近代回族报人丁竹园的职业观及其社会实践研究

    张琴; 王晶


    丁竹园是近代回族社会早期重要报人的代表,他主张白话办报、为民办报,言论自由办报。他身体力行,撰文立说,发表演说,创办刊物,积极投入到社会实践当中,是近代回族社会杰出的回族爱国知识分子。通过对丁竹园生平活动、办报职业观、社会实践及其社会影响等几个方面,来评述他的先进事迹。%Ding Zhuyuan was an important representative of journalist in modern Hui society.He advocated running a newspaper in vernacular Chinese,running a newspaper for people and running a newspaper of freedom speech.At the same time,he published the paper,gave speech and started the publication,actively devoting himself to social practice.This paper will comment on Ding Zhuyuan’s outstanding deeds through presenting his lifetime activity,occupational outlook of running a newspaper,society practice and his social influence.

  13. Avoidance and Use of Buddhism Words in Hui Muslims Language in Northwest China%西北回族话对汉语佛教词的回避与化用



    In Hui Muslims’ Language, because of religious taboo and ethnic customs, some words of Buddhism in Chinese are avoided, even being refused to use in their daily life, yet some of them are kept in their daily life unconscious-ly, of which are embodied with meanings of Islam.The avoidance and use of these words is the expression of communica-tion of language and culture.%在西北回族话中,由于宗教禁忌或民族习俗等原因,对汉语中的某些佛教词采用了回避,甚至排斥的态度,但又有意或者无意地保留了一些原本属于表达佛教意义的词,只是在使用这些汉语佛教词时,赋予了伊斯兰教内容。这种词语的回避和化用,是语言接触与文化兼容在语言中的表现。

  14. The Hui Culture and Reconstruction of South Silk Route in the Context of“One Belt And one Road”%回族文化与“一带一路”背景下南方丝绸之路的重构



    “一带一路”建设是新形势下中国对外开放的重要战略布局,也是中国经济社会发展的重大历史机遇,而南方丝绸之路是古丝绸之路的重要组成部分,重构南方丝绸之路是“一带一路”建设的重要内容。“一带一路”沿线国家多,民族多样、宗教多元,民族文化和宗教文化丰富而厚重,其中,伊斯兰文化和回族文化是“一带一路”建设和重构南方丝绸之路的重要资源。因此,要在传承和弘扬伊斯兰文化和回族优秀传统文化的基础上,进一步加强回族文化建设,积极引导伊斯兰教与社会主义相适应,充分调动和发挥回族穆斯林和回族文化在“一带一路”建设中的积极作用。%“One Belt And One Road” construction under the new situation of China's opening to the outside is important strategic layout, and is also great historical opportunity of China's economic and social development, and the southern silk road is an important part of the ancient silk road, re-construct the southern silk road is an important content of the construction of the“area”.“Area” all the way along the national, ethnic diversity and reli-gious pluralism, national culture and religious culture, rich and thick, among them, the islamic culture and the culture of the hui nationality is the“area” construction and reconstruction the important resources in the southern silk road.In inheriting and carrying forward the culture of Islam and, therefore, on the basis of the excellent traditional culture of hui nationality, further strengthening the construction of the hui culture, actively guide Islam adapted to socialism, and fully mobilize and exert the hui Muslim hui culture positive role in constructing the“area”.

  15. 宁夏水土保持的产业结构影响评价%Impact Evaluation on Industrial Structure of Soil and Water Conservation in Ningxia Hui Automonous Region

    吴启蒙; 朱志玲; 吴咏梅; 王梅梅; 程淑杰; 王重玲


    The reasons for soil and water erosion under the different ecological environment and industrial conditions were investigated, which could provide support in theory for the partitioning control of the soil and water erosion in Ningxia Hui Automonous Region. A series of qualitative and quantitative analysis methods were used in this study, such as spatial overlay analysis, integrating expert system and hierarchical cluster analysis. Water conservation, wa- ter and wind erosion control were combined to study the ecosystem service function of soil and water conservation. Meanwhile, the influence of industrial structure on the ecosystem service function of soil and water conservation was evaluated. Based on these analysis, Ningxia Hui Automonous Region was divided into 3 control regions: important, moderately important and unimportant regions of soil and water erosion. The results showed that: the unreasonable tillage and the mode of industrial and mining exploitation could be changed in important regions of soil and water erosion. The relationship between the oasis exploitation and ecological environment should be coordinated well, and ecological engineering construct should proceed actively in the moderately important regions of soil and water erosion. The industrial structure had no significant influence on the soil and water conservation in the unimportant regions. With regard to the bad ecological environment foundation, we should control the growth of the population, implement the transition of the industry actively, and strengthen the governance of geological environment and ecological restoration.%探讨不同生态环境基础和产业条件下的水土流失原因,可为宁夏水土流失分区治理提供理论支持。运用空间叠置、专家集成和系统聚类等定性和定量方法,从水源涵养、防治土壤水力侵蚀和风力侵蚀3个方面分析宁夏水土保持生态系统服务功能,同时评价产业结构对宁夏水土保持生

  16. Action framework for climate change adaptation:an agriculture case in Ningxia Hui nationality autonomous region%气候变化适应行动实施框架——宁夏农业案例实践

    居煇; 陈晓光; 王涛明; 姜帅


    Ningxia Hui nationality autonomous region is one of the ecological fragile and poor regions in China, sothis region could be used as representative and model sample for adaptation demonstration of agriculture system in China. According to climate change adaptation action framework,drought risk and water resource shortage will increase in future. At the same time, frequency and intensity of extreme climate events will also strengthen. High efficient water-saving irrigation technology and high efficient planting patterns should be developed in the north, facility agriculture and husbandry in the middle and characteristic agriculture in the south of Ningxia Hui nationality autonomous region in future. People working in meteorology and water resource fields think that adaptation effect will be good, while people in agriculture and forestry fields think it should be considered carefully. The primary criterion for adaptation implementation is to meet with the local and state policies. The second is the cost-effectiveness. Public awareness to climate risk and flexibility of measures requirement are relatively weakened in the course of implementation. In general, meteorological services and planting structure adjustment are preferred adaptation measures. In spite of the traditional and regular technologies such as concrete mulching and water-saving are good,their applications face certain limitations for adaptation implementing in first-class choice.%宁夏是我国生态脆弱区和贫困区之一,以宁夏为例开展农业适应行动实践具有一定的代表性和示范作用.根据气候变化适应行动实施框架,研究结果表明:宁夏未来气候干旱风险将增加,水资源短缺矛盾加剧,极端气候事件频率和强度加大.未来宁夏北部灌区农业应以发展节水灌溉和高效种植为主,中部以设施农业和牧业为主,南部以发展特色农业为主.气象部门和水利部门对适应技术的适应效果持乐观态度,农牧

  17. 宁夏回族女作家马金莲的小说创作论略%Delicate "Farm Work Poetry":a Survey of Novels by Ningxia Hui Nationality Woman Writer MA Jinlian



    马金莲是新世纪以来崭露头角并获得宁夏评论界首肯的回族女作家。她的小说以独特的叙述视角观照西海固古老乡土的民间生存,以平淡自然的文风谱写着清丽的"农事诗",并通过对女性生存状况的书写表达自己对女性的人文关怀。随着题材范围的拓展与对西海固人日常生存的深入思考,马金莲在坚持平淡自然的文风的道路上一定会更有建树。%MA Jinlian is a Hui nationality woman writer praised by Ningxia critical circle thanks to the novelty in her novels since the new century.Her novels reflect the folk living of the country of Xi-hai-gu with a unique narrative perspective,compose delicate farm work poetry with a plain and natural writing style,and express her humanistic concern to women through writing the females' survival condition.With the expansion of the writing material and the deep thought about the daily life of the Xi-hai-gu people,Ma Jinlian will make more achievements on the way of insisting on the plain and natural writing style.

  18. 论西北回族民间叙事诗的“三美”精神%On“Three-Beauty”Spirits inside the Folk Narrative Poem Of the Hui Nationality in Northwest China



    Folk narrative poems grow out of the need to make emotional and aesthetic expression in low-class community, which exposes their aesthetic view, value view and world view, manifesting their yearning and expectation to beauty, love, and happy life. Folk narrative poems of the northwestern Hui nationality are the external form to express their pursuing, expressing and revealing the beauty. In the aesthetic form, this style of poery chiefly embodies the sad beauty on love and marriage tragedy;the perfection beauty with the love victory; the sublime beauty of reproducing the heroic epic.These three aesthetic spirits concetrate on the works like“Brother Mawu and Sister GA Dou”,“Purple Flowers”and“Ode to the Hero Bai Yan-hu”.%民间叙事诗产生于下层民众情感发抒、审美体现的需要,表现下层民众的审美观、价值观和世界观,彰显着他们对美、对爱、对幸福生活的向往和期待。西北回族民间叙事诗是他们追求美、表现美、揭示美的外在形式,在审美形态上主要体现为反映爱情婚姻悲剧的“凄美”、寄托爱情胜利的“完美”、再现英雄史诗的“壮美”。这三种美学精神集中地表现在《马五哥与尕豆妹》《紫花儿》《歌唱英雄白彦虎》等作品中。

  19. 微波消解-ICP-AES法测定回汉族人群血清中的微量元素%Determination of serum trace elements of Hui and Han ethnic by ICP-AES after microwave digestion

    李玲; 樊学敏; 靳雅男; 赵燚


    The concentration of serum mineral elements of rural residents in Ningxia was determined by ICP-AES in this work. Microwave digestion was used for sample decomposition. By this way, RSD≤3. 5%and the average recoveries were in the range of 90%-117%. The method is simple,rapid,sensitive and accurate for the determination of various elements in the same ser-um. The results show that,there are significant difference between Hui ethnic group and Han ethnic group in 14 elements(P<0. 05) . At the same time,the reasons which caused differences were explained.%本文测定了宁夏农村地区回汉族人群血清中Li、Co、Cd、Ga、Ba、Sr、Cu、Zn、Fe、Al、Se、Sn、B、Mn、Cr、Ni、Pb、Ca、K、Mg、Na、P、S的含量。采用微波消解对样品进行了前处理,使用电感耦合等离子体原子发射光谱法( ICP-AES)进行测定。该方法的RSD≤3.5%,样品加标回收率为90%~117%。该法简便、快速、灵敏、准确,可用于血清中多种元素含量的同时测定。研究结果表明,K、Fe、Cu、Mn、Ni、Ga、Al、Se、Pb、S、Cd、Cr、Sr、Ca这14种元素含量在回族和汉族之间存在着显著性差异(P<0.05),探讨了产生上述差异的原因。

  20. Analysis for phenylalanine hydroxylase gene mutations in 35 ethnic Hui children from Ningxia with phenylketonuria%35例回族苯丙酮尿症患儿苯丙氨酸羟化酶基因突变分析

    毛新梅; 何江; 刘媛; 李晓强; 余伍忠


    Objective To determine the type and frequency of phenylalanine hydroxylase gene (PAH) mutations in ethnic Hui patients from Ningxia with phenylketonuria (PKU).Methods For 35 PKU children patients and 50 healthy individuals,all exons and promoters of the PAH gene were analyzed with PCR and direct sequencing.Results Twenty mutations,including 8 missense mutations (40%),5 nonsense mutations (25 %),4 splice site mutations (20 %) and 3 deletion mutants (15 %) were discovered.The overall detection rate was 68.57% (48/70).Common mutations have included R243Q (12.86%),R241C (11.43%),EX6-96A>G (5.71%),Y356X (5.71%),R413P (4.29%) and Q232X (4.29%),whilst rarer ones have included S16fsX10 (2.86%),R111X (2.86%) and L430P (2.86%).Among these,S16fsX10,L430P,D222G and IVS11+1G→A have not been reported previously.Y414X and S303fsX38 have not been reported in Hui ethnic group.No mutation was detected in the 50 normal controls.Conclusion The types and distribution of PAH gene mutations in ethnic Hui from Ningxia have been different from other areas of China.The mutations also showed a rich diversity.%目的 探讨宁夏回族地区苯丙氨酸羟化酶(phenylalanine hydroxylase,PAH)基因突变特点,为该地区苯丙酮尿症(phenylketonuria,PKU)的基因诊断和产前诊断提供依据.方法 应用PCR产物直接测序法,对宁夏地区35例回族PKU患儿和50名正常健康个体的PAH基因第1~13外显子及其旁侧内含子区域进行基因突变分析.结果 共检出20种突变类型,包括错义突变8种(40%)、无义突变5种(25%)、剪切位点突变4种(20%)、缺失突变3种(15%),等位基因突变检出率为68.57%(48/70).最常见的基因突变类型是p.R243Q(12.86%)、p.R241C(11.43%)、EX6-96A>G(5.71%)、p.Y356X(5.71%)、p.R413P(4.29%)和p.Q232X(4.29%);较常见的突变类型为S16fsX10(2.86%)、p.R111X(2.86%)和p.L430P(2.86%).其中S16fsX10、p.L430P、p.D222G和IVS11+1G→A突

  1. On the Emotional Connotation of Pastoral Poetry in Song Dynasty Taking ZHAO Fan s Poems for Example%宋代田园诗民胞物与的情感意蕴--以南宋赵蕃田园诗为中心



    世人皆为同胞、万物俱是同辈的理念正是儒家仁政爱民思想的体现。赵蕃的田园诗,再现了南宋中、后期农村优美的自然风光与农人快乐的劳动场景,也反映了农民劳动生活的艰辛,更有人们在自然灾害面前渴盼神灵降福而举行的祈雨仪式,充分反映了诗人民胞物与的情怀,代表了宋代士人仁政爱民的政治理想,具有鲜明的历史价值和现实主义特点。%The famous Neo⁃confucianist in Northern Song Dynasty Zhang Zai said, “All people are my brothers and all things are my kinds.” This idea embodies the Confucian thoughts of loving people with a hu⁃mane policy. Pastoral poetry, in an extensive scope, has a basic interest in expressing objection to cruel rein and love of people with a humane policy. Many poets, including Mei Yaochen, Su Shunqin in Northern Song Dynasty, Yang Wanli, Fan Chengda and Zhao Fan in Southern Song Dynsty, have written a large quantity of wide⁃ranging pastoral poems. The pastoral poems of Zhao Fan depict the beautiful landscape and the happy working scenes of farmers in the countryside of the mid and late Southern Song Dynasty. At the same time, they reflect the hard labor and life of farmers, and the heavy burden brought by the social oppression of venal offi⁃cials, exorbitant taxes and levies. His poems also describe all kinds of rituals of people praying for the rain when they suffered from natural disasters and longed for the blessing of gods. Zhao�s pastoral poems present fully the poet�s love of people and nature, representing the scholars� political ideal of loving people with a humane policy in Song Dynasty. Zhao�s poems have a definite historical value and a feature of realism.

  2. 杭—甬天然气管道沿线某高边坡稳定性分析与加固方案评价%Stability Analysis and Reinforcement Scheme of a High Slope along Hang-Yong Natural Gas Pipeline



    Based on the elastoplastic finite element and the limit equilibrium theory, this paper discusses and evaluates the stability of a high slope along the Hang-Yong natural gas pipeline and analyses the influence of the strength of structural plane and the working conditions on the stability of slope. The results show that this slope is in creeping state at present and rapid slide may occur in case of heavy rainfall. Dewatering and grouting can both improve the stress state in the slope and enhance the safety margin of a high slope. Especially, if both methods are used in the same time, the safety coefficient of the slope can be 1.61; however, other engineering measures must be adopted to eliminate tensile damage to the trailing edge of the slope. The results provide good basis for choosing rational schemes for slope reinforcement and subsequent safety monitoring.%基于弹塑性有限元和极限平衡理论,研究并评价杭—甬天然气输气管道沿线某高边坡的稳定性,并分析结构面的强度和工作环境对边坡稳定的影响.研究表明:该边坡目前处于蠕滑状态,如遇强降水时将发生急剧滑动;边坡排水和注浆补强皆能改善坡体内应力状态,提高边坡的安全储备,特别是两种方法同时采用可使边坡安全系数达1.61;然而,要消除边坡后缘坡面的拉张破坏必须增加其它工程措施.研究结果为合理选择边坡加固方案和后续的安全监测提供了很好的依据.

  3. Relation of metabolic syndrome with plasma adiponectin level and gene polymorphism in Ningxia Hui subjects%宁夏回族代谢综合征与脂联素水平及基因多态性的相关性研究

    沈佳; 武海亮; 刘雅娟; 曹相原; 马晓薇; 荆忻; 杨锐英


    Objective To study the relation of metabolic syndrome with plasma adiponectin level and mononucleotide polymorphisms at SNP45T/G and 276G/T in Ningxia Hui subjects .Methods Three hundred and five Hui subjects from Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region with no genetic relationship and interracial marriage in 3 generations were divided into metabolic syndrome group (n=207) and control group(n= 98) .Their plasma adiponectin level was measured by ELISA and their gene polymorphisms at SNP45T/G and 276G/T were detected by PCR-RFLP .Results The body mass index ,waist/hip ratio ,systolic blood pressure ,and diastolic blood pressure ,plasma levels of adiponectin ,fasting blood glucose and insulin , TG , TC , LDL-C were significantly higher whereas the plasma HDL-C level was significantly lower in metabolic syndrome group than in control group(P<0 .05 ,P<0. 01).The frequencies of genotypes at SNP+45 TG+GG and G al-leles were significantly higher while those of TT genes and T alleles were significantly lower in metabolic syndrome group than in control group ( P<0 .01) .Multivariate logistic regression analysis showed that the gene polymorphisms at SNP+45T/G were the risk factors for metabolic syndrome in Hui subjects .Conclusion The adiponectin level is lower in Hui metabolic syndrome patients .The risk to develop metabolic syndrome increases in Hui subjects carrying SNP + 45G alleles .%目的 探讨脂联素水平及其单核苷酸多态性(SNP+45T/G和SNP+276G/T) 2个位点与宁夏回族代谢综合征(MS)的关系.方法 选择祖居宁夏、无亲缘关系、3代内无异族通婚史的回族个体共305例,分为MS组207例和对照组98例;应用ELISA及PCR-RFLP技术检测血浆脂联素水平及其2个位点的SNP.结果 与对照组比较,MS组体重指数、腰臀比、收缩压、舒张压、空腹血糖、空腹胰岛素、TG、LDL-C、胰岛素抵抗指数明显升高,TC、HDL-C、脂联素水平明显降低,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05,P<0.01).与对照组比较,MS

  4. The result analyzation of the breast cancer and cervical cancer screening of the rural women in Yong Ledian Community%永乐店社区农村妇女乳腺癌和宫颈癌筛查结果分析



    目的:分析永乐店社区农村妇女乳腺癌和宫颈癌筛查结果,找出本地区妇女乳腺癌和宫颈癌发病规律。针对高危人群进行早期筛查,早期治疗,早期干预,以进一步降低乳腺癌和宫颈癌的发生率。方法对永乐店社区服务中心2009年~2013年3次两癌筛查的结果分析,将宫颈癌筛查人群分3个年龄段,分别对异常涂片进行统计分析。将乳腺癌筛查人群分为2个年龄段,从乳腺癌患病人数及患病率进行统计分析。结果在宫颈癌筛查中,25~40岁年龄段组,宫颈上皮内瘤变(CIN)平均检出率161.74/10万,宫颈癌平均检出率为0/10万;41~55岁年龄段组, CIN检出率平均为712.17/10万,宫颈癌平均检出率90.77/10万;56~65岁年龄段组,CIN检出率平均为191.62/10万,宫颈癌检出率平均为0/10万;41~55岁年龄段组的检出率明显高于其他年龄段组,差异具统计学意义(P<0.05)。乳腺癌在35~49岁年龄段组,3次筛查平均检出率20.37/10万;在50~59岁年龄段组,3次筛查平均检出率平均为154.22/10万;50~59岁年龄段组平均检出率明显高于35~49岁年龄段组,差异具有统计学意义(P<0.05)。结论宫颈癌及CIN在41~55岁为高发年龄段,乳腺癌在50~59岁为高发年龄段。定期对农村妇女进行筛查尤其是高发年龄段的筛查能有效降低两癌的发生率,节约医疗资源。%Objective To figure out the pathogenetic regularity of the breast cancer and cervical cancer by analyzing the result of the breast cancer and cervical cancer of the rural women in Yong Ledian Community. Then aim for the high risk group to do the screening, treatment and intervention in early period in order to reduce the incident rate of the cancers. Methods Analyze the results from 2009 to 2013 of the breast cancer and cervical cancer screening in Yong Ledian Community. Divided the cervical cancer screening

  5. The Similarities and Differences of On the Creation of ZHAO Shu-li and Speech at tile Forum on Literature andArt in Yan'an%周扬《论赵树理的创作》与《讲话》的合与离

    孙玉玲; 姚康康


    周扬的《论赵树理的创作》长期以来一直被作为《在延安文艺座谈会上的讲话》的经典诠释,二者关系紧密,其内在价值追求都是在坚持文艺为政治服务的前提下,找寻一条符合战时延安和中国民族特色的文艺宣传与创作道路。但是由于批评对象的复杂性,尤其是政治形势的多变性和文艺政策的策略性等因素,又造成了二者之间的疏离。%ZHOU Yang's On the creation ofZHAO Shu-li has long been used as the classic interpretation of Speech at the Forum on Literature and Art in Yah 'an. The relationship between the two is close because their intrinsic value is the same. They wanted to find a creative way in the view of literature for political. However, due to the complexity of the subject of criticism, especially the variability of the political situation and strategy of literature policy, the two also have many differences.

  6. Retraction RETRACTION of "Tumor necrosis factor alpha gene -308G>A polymorphism association with the risk of esophageal cancer in a Han Chinese population" by H. Zhao, H.W. Zhang, T. Zhang and X.M. Gu - Genet. Mol. Res. 15 (2): gmr.15025866 DOI:

    Zhao, H; Zhang, H W; Zhang, T; Gu, X M


    The retracted article is: Zhao H, Zhang HW, Zhang T and Gu XM (2016). Tumor necrosis factor alpha gene -308G>A polymorphism association with the risk of esophageal cancer in a Han Chinese population. Genet. Mol. Res. 15: gmr.15025866. Two major concerns were found in this article. Firstly, it was found to be substantially equal to the article "Tumor necrosis factor-alpha gene -308G > A polymorphism alters the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma in a Han Chinese population" published in the Diagnostic Pathology Diagnostic Pathology (2014) 9: 199, by Feng et al.; licensee BioMed Central. 2014 - DOI: 10.1186/s13000-014-0199-3. Secondly, the authors do not discuss limitations of their approaches in the discussion. The discussion is largely an elaboration of the literature in the introduction part. However, even in that context, the discussion does not appropriately review the literature and there are frequent references to conclusions that are not supported by the cited literature. The GMR editorial staff was alerted and after a thorough investigation, there is strong reason to believe that the peer review process was failure. Also, after review and contacting the authors, the editors of Genetics and Molecular Research decided to retract this article in accordance with the recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). The authors and their institutions were advised of this serious breach of ethics.

  7. Islamic culture and the narrative ethics of Hui novels after the turn of the century%伊斯兰文化与世纪之交以来回族小说的叙事伦理



    With their fundamental values originated from Islamic culture, the Hui novels since the turn of the century tend to construct a religious narrative ethics of“conservatism”:by the“clean spirit”, saving the true humanity and clean Soul against profane temptation and moral corruption;by the“awareness of the other shore”, pursuing the communion of life and death, and the transmigration and relief from secular suffering, by“sacred experience”, understanding the animism and mysterious vision in religion and deities; and by the consciousness of “converting to maternal family”, seeking the identity affiliation and native poetry from the spirit vagrancy and cultural rootlessness. Hence the narrative ethics bred by the Islamic culture implicate certain religious reflection and aesthetic criticism against the novel narrations which take“Modernity”as their dominant values.%世纪之交以来的回族小说,以伊斯兰文化为价值底色,构建着“保守主义”倾向的宗教性叙事伦理,主要表现为以“清洁精神”伦理拯救世俗诱惑和道德沦陷困境中的人性之真与心灵之净,以“彼岸意识”伦理探寻生死相通和现世苦难追问中的轮回运转与超越解脱,以“神圣体验”伦理参悟万物有灵和宗教神祗领域中的幽冥哲思与神秘图景,以“母族皈依”伦理重觅精神漂泊和文化无根突围中的身份归属与本土诗意,伊斯兰文化孕育的叙事伦理,蕴含着对以“现代性”为价值主导小说叙事的宗教式反思与审美式批判。

  8. Study on Fluctuation Ratio of Grassland Vegetation in the Haba Lake Natural Reserve of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region%哈巴湖自然保护区草地植被数量波动探讨

    苏鹏飞; 张克斌; 王晓; 庞吉林; 王海星


    植被波动是植被动态的一种表现形式,该文在生态学、统计学基础上,结合草地植被特征,采用专家权重法构建草地植被波动测度公式,以哈巴湖自然保护区为例,研究2006—2010年草地植被数量波动及波动率,从数量特征上对草地植被波动进行探讨。结果表明:哈巴湖自然保护区植被波动率正向波动2007年最大,为0.381,是近年来植被生长状况最好的一年;负向波动以2009年的-0.350的绝对值最大,表明2009年是近年来植被生长状况最差的一年。草地植被数量的波动,一定程度上反映了该年度植被生长状况,为草地经营管理和植被恢复提供了便利,同时也为预测未来草地植被变化提供了依据。%Vegetation fluctuation is an important part of vegetation dynamics.Based on the meanings of ecology and statistics,and combined with the characteristics of grassland vegetation,fluctuation measure formula was built by the method of expert weighting.The grassland vegetation quantitative fluctuation and its fluctuation ratio between 2006 and 2010 were studied in Haba Lake Natural Reserve of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region,the fluctuation was discussed from the number of features on the grassland.Results showed that the biggest positive fluctuation ratio was 0.381 in 2007,meaning the best vegetation growth during recent years.While the most negative fluctuation ratio was-0.350 in 2009,meaning the worst vegetation growth during this period.Vegetation fluctuation of grassland reflects the situation of vegetation growth and provides scientific basis for grassland management,as an effective method to forecast future grassland fluctuations.

  9. Preparation and characterization of solid lipid nanoparticles loaded with frankincense and myrrh oil

    Shi F


    Full Text Available Feng Shi, Ji-Hui Zhao, Ying Liu, Zhi Wang, Yong-Tai Zhang, Nian-Ping FengSchool of Pharmacy, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai, People's Republic of ChinaAbstract: The aim of the present study was to prepare solid lipid nanoparticles (SLNs for the oral delivery of frankincense and myrrh essential oils (FMO. Aqueous dispersions of SLNs were successfully prepared by a high-pressure homogenization method using Compritol 888 ATO as the solid lipid and soybean lecithin and Tween 80 as the surfactants. The properties of the SLNs such as particle size, zeta potential (ZP, and drug encapsulation efficiency (EE were investigated. The morphology of SLNs was observed by transmission electron microscopy (TEM. The crystallinity of the formulation was analyzed by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC and X-ray diffraction (XRD. In addition, drug evaporation release and antitumor activity were also studied. Round SLNs with a mean size of 113.3 ± 3.6 nm, a ZP of -16.8 ± 0.4 mV, and an EE of 80.60% ± 1.11% were obtained. DSC and XRD measurements revealed that less ordered structures were formed in the inner cores of the SLN particles. Evaporation loss of the active components in FMO could be reduced in the SLNs. Furthermore, the SLN formulation increased the antitumor efficacy of FMO in H22-bearing Kunming mice. Hence, the presented SLNs can be used as drug carriers for hydrophobic oil drugs extracted from traditional Chinese medicines.Keywords: solid lipid nanoparticles, frankincense oil, myrrh oil, evaporation release, antitumor activity, traditional Chinese medicine

  10. Elite Moral Education: Innovative Practice of Moral Development in Medical Colleges——A Case Study of "Yong Bo" Class of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine%精英德育:医学院校大学生德育开发的创新实践——以天津中医药大学“勇搏励志班”为例

    朱琳; 郭小学; 黄晓达


    Cultivating medical talents is the everlasting value pursuit of medical colleges. However, the medical elite talents can not be separated from the elite moral education. The connotation of elite moral education is presented clearly, as well as the implementation object. By taking "Yong Bo" class of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine as an example, the innovative practical implementation path of the elite moral education in medical colleges is presented. It suggests that the implementation be rooted in the top-level system design, industry human resource needs and the training bases.%培养医学精英人才是医学高等院校永恒的价值追求,然而医学精英人才的培养离不开精英德育.通过明晰精英德育的内涵和实施对象,以天津中医药大学“勇搏励志班”为例,探讨医学院校精英德育的创新实践内容和路径,并得到如下启示:精英德育的实施顶层制度设计是保障;行业人力资源需求是导向;培养基地是载体.

  11. Einstein today; Einstein aujourd'hui

    Aspect, A.; Grangier, Ph. [Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), Lab. Charles Fabry de l' Institut d' Optique a Orsay, 91 - Orsay (France); Bouchet, F.R. [Institut d' Astrophysique de Paris, CNRS, 75 - Paris (France); Brunet, E.; Derrida, B. [Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Ecole Normale Superieure, 75 - Paris (France); Cohen-Tannoudji, C. [Academie des Sciences, 75 - Paris (France); Dalibard, J.; Laloe, F. [Laboratoire Kastler Brossel. UMR 8552 (ENS, UPMC, CNRS), 75 - Paris (France); Damour, Th. [Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques, 91 - Bures sur Yvette (France); Darrigol, O. [Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), Groupe Histoire des Sciences Rehseis, 75 - Paris (France); Pocholle, J.P. [Thales Research et Technology France, 91 - Palaiseau (France)


    The most important contributions of Einstein involve 5 fields of physics : the existence of quanta (light quanta, stimulated radiation emission and Bose-Einstein condensation), relativity, fluctuations (Brownian motion and thermodynamical fluctuations), the basis of quantum physics and cosmology (cosmological constant and the expansion of the universe). Diverse and renowned physicists have appreciated the development of modern physics from Einstein's ideas to the knowledge of today. This book is a collective book that gathers their work under 7 chapters: 1) 1905, a new beginning; 2) from the Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen's article to quantum information (cryptography and quantum computers); 3) the Bose-Einstein condensation in gases; 4) from stimulated emission to the today's lasers; 5) Brownian motion and the fluctuation-dissipation theory; 6) general relativity; and 7) cosmology. (A.C.)

  12. La chanson belge d'aujourd'hui

    Corinne Bricmaan


    Pays multilingue et multiculturel,la Belgique est un carrefour de cultures;ce qui a évidemment influencé ses expressions artistiques,la chanson y compris.Les origines de sa musique sont bien plus anciennes que la proclamation d'indépendance de la nation elle-même,en 1830.Elles prennent source:— d'un c(o)té,dans la complexité musicale de la tradition médiévale flamande;— de l'autre,dans l'héritage ludique des jongleurs et des ménestrels qui chantaient en langue d'oil au Moyen (A)ge.Les traces de ces trouvères qui ont habité le pays restent visibles pour ceux qui savent les voir.

  13. Observation of Hui acupuncture in the treatment of movement functional impairment of shoulder joint after fracture of surgical neck of humerus%恢刺法治疗肱骨外科颈骨折术后肩关节活动功能障碍30例临床观察

    侯志; 罗开民; 杨琳; 戚天臣


    Objective To observe the clinical effect of Hui acupuncture in the treatment of movement functional impairment of shoulder joint after fracture of surgical neck of humenis. Methods All 56 patients with movement functional impairment of shoulder joint induced by fracture of surgical neck of humerus were divided randomly into a combination of Hui acupuncture and rehabilitation group ( n = 30) and a rehabilitation group ( n = 26). The combination of Hui acupuncture and rehabilitation group were acupunctured in the rigid part of the wicked shoulder, assistant acupoints were quchi, hegu, yanglingquan; after acupuncture, some shoulder rehabilitation exercise was done. The rehabilitation group did some passive shoulder rehabilitation exercise firstly and then some active shoulder rehabilitation exercise was done. The course was 15 days in two groups. Shoulder pain visual analogue scale ( VAS) , shoulder function score and shoulder joint range of motion (ROM) were observed before and after treatment. Results Compared with scores before treatment, the VAS of the shoulder, shoulder function score, and the score of ROM after treatment were improved in two groups ( P < 0.05 ). The improvement in the combination of Hui acupuncture and rehabilitation group was superior to that in a rehabilitation group ( P <0.05). Conclusion The Hui acupuncture has definite effect on the treatment of movement functional impairment of shoulder joint after fracture of surgical neck of humerus.%目的 现察恢刺法治疗骨折术后肩关节活动功能障碍的临床疗效.方法 将56例肱骨外科颈骨折术后患者随机分为2组,对照组26例予被动活动肩关节后再行主动运动训练;治疗组30例在对照组治疗基础上加恢刺法.2组均15 d为1个疗程,4个疗程后观察治疗前后肩部疼痛视觉模拟评分(VAS)、肩关节功能评分及肩关节主动运动关节活动度(ROM)评分.结果 2组治疗后肩部疼痛VAS评分、肩关节功能评分及肩关

  14. Variations autour de la tâche dans l'enseignement / apprentissage des langues aujourd'hui What kind of tasks are used for L2 teaching and learning today?

    Elke Nissen


    Full Text Available Cet article se donne pour objectif d'identifier les types de tâches, et leurs dénominateurs communs, qui sont présentés aujourd'hui – où "l'approche par les tâches" est soutenue par le Conseil de l'Europe – aux apprenants. Il analyse pour cela les articles issus de deux numéros de revues et un ouvrage collectif récents. Il apparaît que la grande majorité des scénarios pédagogiques s'y inscrit dans la perspective actionnelle... du moins d'après la déclaration des auteurs, car leur définition de ce qu'est une tâche ne correspond pas toujours à celle du CECR. Pour le public visé, étudiants ou professionnels, on propose le plus souvent des mono-tâches, mais également des projets, ou encore des simulations avec un enchaînement de plusieurs tâches. Elles s'inscrivent généralement dans la (future réalité sociale des apprenants, mais certaines laissent également la place à des thèmes artistiques ou (interculturels. Contrairement à ce que l'on aurait pu attendre dans une démarche qui responsabilise l'apprenant, le recours à Internet n'est pas toujours systématique.At a time when action- and task-based learning is sustained by the European Council, this paper explores which types of tasks are given to second language learners today and what aspects these tasks have in common. The paper analyses two recent issues of scientific journals and one collective book. The analysis shows that the majority of pedagogical scenarios described in these texts claim to adopt an action- and task-based approach. However, in reality the way they define a task does not always correspond to the definition given by the European Framework of Reference for Languages. The described tasks are exclusively dedicated to higher and professional education; they are mostly single tasks, but they can also be projects and simulations including several successive tasks. They generally correspond to the learners' (future reality, with themes that are

  15. Group differences in responses of Pseudois naynaur to human disturbance in Helan Mountain, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region%人为干扰下宁夏贺兰山岩羊反应的群体差异

    蒋天一; 丁由中; 王正寰; 何桂芳; 赵金萍; 马凤琴; 王小明


    野生动物对人类的非资源利用性的干扰具有不同的反应,这些反应的差异依赖于物种自身和外界生境中不同的因子.2009年7-8月和2009年12月-2010年1月在宁夏回族自治区贺兰山苏峪口国家森林公园,选定95.87 km2 的调查区域内设四条样线,总长度为18.3 km,通过观察岩羊的瞬时反应距离,比较了不同干扰源、群体大小和群类型下,岩羊无反应行为、警戒反应行为和逃跑反应行为距离的差异.结果表明:(1) 相对于车辆,岩羊对行人的干扰更加敏感(U=8.69,P<0.001); (2) 当群体大小分为≤3的小群和>3大群时,小群岩羊的警戒反应行为距离显著大于大群(Z=2.165,P=0.03),当群体大小分为≤5的小群和>5的大群时,小群岩羊的逃跑反应行为距离显著大于大群(Z=2.003,P=0.045); (3) 雌幼群、雄性群和混合群这3种不同的群类型之间的无反应行为距离无显著差异,雄性群的警戒行为距离显著大于雌性群和混合群的警戒行为距离(Z=2.746,P=0.006; Z=3.589,P<0.001),雌性群的逃跑反应行为距离显著大于混合群的逃跑反应距离(Z=2.376,P=0.017); (4) 混合群内的雌性和雄性的3种反应行为无显著差异.%Wild animals respond differently to nonconsumptive human activity and such variation depends on multiple factors. We explored the behaviors of Pseudois naynaur and recorded the distance of their responses in Suyu Kou National Forest Park, Helan Mountain, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. We categorized their behavioural responses as no response, vigilance and flight and recorded the response initiation distance. We compared distances according to disturbance source, group size, group type and sex. Our results showed that Pseudois naynaur showed stronger responses to humans than vehicles. The distance at which the subject of the group was vigilant in small group (group size less than three) was significantly more than that of larger groups (group size more

  16. Analysis of the characteristics of hospitalized patients with systemic lupus erythematosus in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region%宁夏地区系统性红斑狼疮住院患者发病特点分析

    张芮君; 曾小峰; 王莉; 朱蓉; 竺红


    Objective To analyze the characteristics of hospitalized patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region,and to characterize the epidemiology of SLE.Methods The data of 184 patients admitted to Ningxia Medical College Hospital during January 2008 to December 2013 were retrospectively analyzed.The data analysis included the initial symptoms,system involvement and clinical situations.Chi-square test,t test,Mann-Whitney U test and Logistic analysis were used for statistical analysis.Results ① The ratio of male and female was 1∶9.8.The most common clinical symptoms was rash in 72 cases (39%),and followed by joint pain in 61 cases (33%),swelling in 28 cases (15%) and fatigue in 21 cases (11%).② Eighteen percent (33/184) patients were late-onset SLE patients.Compared with regular SLE patients,the interval was longer in late-onset SLE patients between clinical symptoms onset and the time when they saw the doctor.③ Blood and kidney were the most commonly affected organs.④ The highest diagnosis rate occurred in rheumatology department,the highest diagnosis rate occurred in the kidney department for patients with dropsy as starting symptom.Conclusion SLE primarily occurs in childbearing aged women.The reason of misdiagnosis of SLE is mainly due to the incorrect hospital selection for the first visit.Delayed diagnosis will lead to delay in the treatment.%目的 分析宁夏回族自治区SLE住院患者的发病及预后情况.方法 采用回顾性病例分析方法,选取2008年1月至2013年12月在宁夏医科大学总医院住院的SLE患者,收集其首发症状、系统累及和就诊情况,并采用t检验,Mann-Whitney U检验,x2检验和Logistic相关性分析进行统计学分析.结果 ①在184例住院患者中,男∶女为1∶9.8,首发临床表现以皮疹最为多见,占39%(72/184),其次为关节痛、浮肿、乏力,分别占33%(61/184)、15%(28/184)、11%(21/184).②晚发性SLE患者占18%(33

  17. Microemulsion-based novel transdermal delivery system of tetramethylpyrazine: preparation and evaluation in vitro and in vivo

    Zhao JH


    Full Text Available Ji-Hui Zhao, Li Ji, Hui Wang, Zhi-Qiang Chen, Yong-Tai Zhang, Ying Liu, Nian-Ping FengSchool of Pharmacy, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai, People's Republic of ChinaObjective: To deliver 2,3,5,6-tetramethylpyrazine (TMP in a relatively large dose through a transdermal route and facilitate the practical application of microemulison in transdermal drug delivery.Methods: The pseudo-ternary phase diagram for microemulsion regions was constructed using isopropyl myristate as oil phase, Labrasol® as surfactant, and Plurol® Oleique CC 497 as cosurfactant. A uniform experimental design was applied for formulation optimization. In vitro skin permeation experiments of six formulations were undertaken with TMP transdermal patch (EUDRAGIT® E100 as matrix and TMP saturated solution as controls. We prepared TMP-oil dispersed in water-ethylene vinyl acetate-transdermal therapeutic system (TMP-O/W-EVA-TTS with microemulsion as reservoir and EVA membrane as release liner; pharmacokinetic and brain distribution studies in rats were conducted with TMP transdermal patches as control.Results: The skin fluxes of TMP from microemulsions were 8.2- to 26.7-fold and 0.9- to 4.7-fold higher than those of TMP transdermal patch and TMP saturated solution, respectively, and were strongly affected by the microemulsion composition. The improvement in TMP solubility as well as the skin permeation enhancement effect of microemulsion components contributed mainly to transdermal delivery facilitation. In the pharmacokinetic study, the relative bioavailability of TMP-O/W-EVA-TTS was 350.89% compared with the TMP transdermal patch. Higher and more stable TMP contents in rat plasma were obtained after administration of TMP-O/W-EVA-TTS than after application of TMP transdermal patch. In the brain distribution study, higher rate and extent of TMP distribution to brain, and lower rate of TMP clearance from brain were observed after transdermal

  18. Lanostane triterpenoids from Ganoderma hainanense J. D. Zhao.

    Peng, XingRong; Liu, JieQing; Xia, JianJun; Wang, CuiFang; Li, XuYang; Deng, YuanYuan; Bao, NiMan; Zhang, ZhiRun; Qiu, MingHua


    Chemical investigation of the fruiting bodies of Ganoderma hainanense resulted in isolation of fourteen lanostane triterpenoids, including nine ganoderma acids and five ganoderma alcohols, together with five known compounds. Structural elucidation was determined using extensive spectroscopic technologies, Mosher's method and X-ray single crystal diffraction. Three of the compounds showed inhibitory activities against HL-60, SMMC-7721, A-549 and MCF-7 cells with IC50 values of 15.0-40.0 μM.

  19. Zhao Cuilan, an Expert Who Struggles Against Blood Diseases


    ON a winter night in 1949, in a small village in northeast China, a daughter-in-law of Blacksmith Wen gave birth to twins. It was a difficult labor, and the midwife ended up using a steelyard hook, which stabbed the babies’ skulls. The mother and her twins did not survive.

  20. 基于福建省惠安县气候特点的薄皮甜瓜高效栽培技术探讨%Discussion on Efficient Cultivation Techniques of Cucumis melo L. Based on Climate Characteristics in Hui'an County of Fu-jian Province

    汪婉娥; 郑志阳; 陈小龙


    The main meteorological disasters which affected yield and quality of Cucumis melo L. were summarized , by analyzing the climate characteristics of Chongwu national benchmark weather stations in thirty years from 1981 to 2010 of Hui'an County of Fujian Province.Moreover, the efficient cultiva-tion techniques of Cucumis melo L. were putforward.%通过分析福建省惠安县崇武国家基准气候站1981—2010年30年的气候特点,总结了影响薄皮甜瓜产量和品质的主要气象灾害,并提出了较为合理的薄皮甜瓜高产优质高效栽培技术。

  1. 西北农村妇女三维空间中的生活状况对其健康的影响——一项人类学视野下的田野考察%Three-dimensioned Life of the Hui Women in Northwestern Rural Areas and the Influence on Their Health --An Anthropological Field Survey



    根据田野调查资料,笔者将西北农村回族妇女的主要生活空间划分为家庭层面、宗教层面和社区层面三个维度。每一空间里妇女的生活状况对妇女健康均有着重大影响。%Based on field survey data, the writer divides the living space of the northwestern rural areas into three dimensions: family, religion and community. Women' dimension produces immense influence on their health. This paper will analyze and discuss the the perspectives of feminist anthropology and medical anthropology. Hui women in s life in each influence from

  2. 宁夏回族人群脂联素水平及基因单核苷酸多态性与冠心病相关性研究%Correlation of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism of Adiponectin Gene with Coronary Artery Disease in Hui Ethnic Group in Ningxia

    沈佳; 陈芳; 刘志军; 杨锐英


    Objective To study Adiponectin ( APN ) plasma level and the correlation of its single nucleotide gene polymorphism ( SNP45T/G and SNP276G/T ) with coronary heart disease ( CHD ) in Hui ethnic group in Ningxia. Methods A total of 193 Hui patients were divided into two groups based on the coronary angiography and the clinical data: coronary heart disease ( CHD ) group ( n = 95 ) and normal control group ( n = 98 ). Enzyme - linked immunosorbent assay ( ELISA ) and polymer-ase chain reaction - restriction fragment length polymorphism ( PCR - RFLP ) were used to detect the plasma APN level and the gene polymorphism of its two sites. Results Compared with the normal control group, the plasma APN level in CHD group was reduced. The distribution frequencies of SNP +45 TG + GG genotype and G allele in CHD group were significantly higher, and the distribution Frequencies of SNP +276TG + TT genotype and T allele were also significantly higher ( P <0. 05 ). The plasma APN level of SNP +45TG + GG genotype was significantly lower than that of TT genotype and the plasma APN level of SNP + 276TG + TT genotype was significantly lower than that of GG genotype ( P <0. 05 ). Conclusion The plasma APN level is low in Hui CHD patients. The distribution frequencies of SNP +45TG + GG genotype and G allele in Hui CHD patients may increase and the distribution frequencies of SNP + 276TG + TT genotype and T allele may decrease.%目的 探讨宁夏回族人群血浆脂联素(APN)水平及其单核苷酸基因多态性(SNP45T/G和SNP276G/T)两个位点与冠心病(CHD)之间的关系.方法 将193例回族研究对象根据造影结果 和临床资料分为2组:CHD组95例和正常对照组98例;应用酶联免疫吸附法及聚合酶链反应-限制性片段长度多态性(PCR-RFLP)技术,检测回族正常对照组及CHD组血浆APN水平及APN2个位点基因多态性.结果 回族CHD组APN水平降低;回族CHD组SNP+45TG+GG基因型和G等位基因的分布频率明显高

  3. The Study of the Relationship between the Infant's Social Development and the Parenting Style of Uyghur and Hui Mothers%维吾尔族、回族母亲教养方式与幼儿社会性发展的相关研究

    郑名; 何国宏


    文章采用分层整群抽样的方法,对维吾尔族、回族母亲教养方式与幼儿社会性发展进行了定量分析并得出了结论。受教育水平越高,母亲权威行为越多,专制行为越少。母亲权威行为越多,越有利于幼儿社会性发展。%Based on group sampling and quantitative analysis upon the relationship between infant 's social de-velopment and the parenting style of Uyghur and Hui mothers , the paper studies the positive correlation be-tween the mothers'education background , authoritative behaviors and their children's social development .

  4. 《穆斯林的葬礼》中朝觐亚叙述层的功能分析——兼谈当代回族流散写作%The Diasporic Writing of Contemporary Hui under the Pilgrim Narration --the reading about the hypodiegetic level in Funeral of the Muslims



    The story of pilgrim had been narrated in the beginning and the end of the novel Funeral of the Muslims. On the one hand, as hypodiegetic level in narration, it had special function to the main narration about the history of one Hui family in Beijing; on the other hand, in consideration of the irreplaceable meanings of pilgrim rite to the collective memory, the pilgrim story run through the whole texts had the external narration function in a symbolism aspect. With reading of the pilgrim story in Funeral of the Muslims in the view of globalization, the author wanted to look for the relationship between the diasporic writing from contemporary Hui and their pursuit of identities.%朝觐故事在长篇小说《穆斯林的葬礼》的开头和结尾分别通过吐罗耶定和韩子奇(易卜拉欣)的叙述得以显影,一方面作为《穆斯林的葬礼》的亚叙述层对北京回族家族史这一主体叙述有着特定的结构功能,另一方面考虑到朝觐仪式在穆斯林集体记忆中的突出意义,这种贯穿始终的叙事策略使朝觐故事具有某种外叙述层的象征意味。本文拟从叙述层次理论出发,解读全球化背景下《穆斯林的葬礼》中朝觐叙事与当代散居回族的流散写作和身份诉求的联系。

  5. Novel Virtual Substrates for Future Generation IR Photodetectors


    substrates, J. Cryst. Growth, submitted for publication. [4] X.-H. Zhao, M.J. DiNezza, S. Liu, P.A.R.D. Jayathilaka, O.C. Noriega , T.H. Myers,, and Y.- H...Pathiraja A. R. D. Jayathilaka, Odille C. Noriega , Thomas H. Myers, and Yong-Hang Zhang, "Temperature-dependent time-resolved photoluminescence study of...X.-H Zhao, M. J. DiNezza, S. Liu, E. G. LeBlanc, P. Jayathilaka, O. C. Noriega , T. H. Myers, and Y.-H. Zhang, "CdTe/MgCdTe Double Heterostructures

  6. 不同施肥处理对细叶楠容器苗耐寒性的综合评价%Integrated Evaluation on Cold Resistance of ContainerPhoebe hui Seedlings by Different Fertilization Treatments

    马俊伟; 柳新红; 李因刚; 何云核; 石从广; 杨少宗; 蒋冬月


    以同一种源的细叶楠(Phoebe hui)容器苗为试验材料,对其进行NPK4种不同配比施肥(N:P:K =1:1:1、2:1:1、1:2:1和1:1:2)和3种叶面施肥(0、0.3%硼酸钠和5 mmol/L水杨酸)12种处理,研究其对细叶楠容器苗高生长、耐寒性生理指标和田间耐寒力的影响。结果表明:NPK比例为1:1:1和1:2:1的各自3个处理间,叶面施肥的苗高显著低于不施肥;在所有12个处理中,NPK比例为1:1:1、2:1:1和1:2:1且叶面不施肥的3个处理的苗高与其他处理间的差异达显著性水平。超氧化物歧化酶(SOD)、过氧化物酶(POD)性和丙二醛(MDA)含量在不同施肥处理间表现出一定的差异,脯氨酸(Pro)、可溶性糖(SS)和可溶性蛋白(SP)含量在NPK 4种比例的各自3个处理间的差异均达到了显著性水平。NPK比例保持不变时,叶面不施肥处理的隶属度显著低于叶面施肥处理,但田间耐寒力指标的差异不显著。本研究表明,N:P:K =1:1:2且叶面喷施5 mmol/L水杨酸的处理为细叶楠容器苗最佳的施肥方式,其容器苗的田间耐寒力最优、苗高生长较高。%Experiments were conducted on container seedlingof Phoebe hui from the same provenance treated with four different ratio of N, P and K, and with two different foliage fertilizer to study influence of different treatment on height growth, cold resistance indicators and field cold hardiness of seedlings. The result showed that height growth of seedlings treated with N:P:K ratio of 1:1:1 and 1:2:1, and with foliar fertilizer was significantly lower than that without foliar fertilizer. Height growth of seedlings treated with N:P:K ratio of 1:1:1, 2:1:1 and 1:2:1, and without foliar fertilizer had significant difference with the other 9 treatments. SOD, POD activity and MDA content varied among fertilization treatments. There were significant differences among three

  7. He DevotesHimself to the Marine Research and Never Slacks:Celebrating the 80thBirthday of Professor Zhao Huanting and 60th Anniversary Being Engaged in Scientific Research on Marine Geology and Geomorphology%与海结缘永不懈怠--庆祝赵焕庭研究员80大寿暨从事海洋地质地貌科研工作60周年



    Research Professor Zhao Huanting has been engaged in scientific researches on earth science and marine science for 60 years. Being a college student, he learned from Prof. Zeng Zhaoxuan about the knowledge of geology and geomorphology and the methods of field investigation. As a researcher, he is diligent in field work and committed to innovation. In recent years, Zhao Huanting continues to participate in several national key science consulting projects and science-technology research. He publishedthe books ofCoral reefs in the west bank of Xuwen in GuangdongProvinceand served as the editorinchief ofReceiving the Nansha Islands-the papers of Zhuo Zhenxiong and Mai Yunyu, while writing some academic papers and books. He also finished some research papers about coral reefs on the formation mechanism, the morphological model, the fresh-water lens in lime-sand islands and building of artificial islands. Zhao was awarded the Guangdong Provincial and National Prizes for progress in Science and Technology, respectively, in 2012 and 2014.%赵焕庭研究员从事地球科学·海洋科学的研究工作已近60年,学生时期师从曾昭璇等名师学习地质地貌理论及如何进行野外考察,工作多年来勤于野外考察,致力创新,成果累累,在珠江河口演变、华南海岸动力地貌、华南海岸和南海诸岛珊瑚礁研究等方面有较大学术贡献。近年来,赵先生陆续参加了国家重大科学咨询项目和有关科技项目的研究,出版专著《广东徐闻西岸珊瑚礁》及主编《接收南沙群岛——卓振雄和麦蕴瑜论著集》,参与多部著作的编写,并撰写了一批有关南海珊瑚礁的形成机制、地貌模型、灰沙岛透镜体和人工岛建造的论文。近年来,他经常接受各媒体采访,将其多次南沙科考经历和南沙的古今公之于众,藉此保护南海主权,传播南海正能量。古稀之年的赵先生在77、78岁仍分别获广东省和国

  8. BFH-OST, a new predictive screening tool for identifying osteoporosis in postmenopausal Han Chinese women

    Ma Z.; Yang Y.; Lin JS; Zhang XD; Meng Q; Wang BQ; Fei Q


    Zhao Ma, Yong Yang,* JiSheng Lin, XiaoDong Zhang, Qian Meng, BingQiang Wang, Qi Fei* Department of Orthopedics, Beijing Friendship Hospital, Capital Medical University, Beijing, People’s Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this work Purpose: To develop a simple new clinical screening tool to identify primary osteoporosis by dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) in postmenopausal women and to compare its validity with the Osteoporosis Self-Assessment ...

  9. 历史地理空间视角下的“文化扶贫”研究--六盘山地区陕西回族后裔文化生活考察%Research on Cultural Poverty Alleviation under the Perspective of His-torical Geography Space---A Survey of the Cultural Life of Hui Descendents Originated from Shaanxi Province in Liu-panshan Area

    马光华; 滑小莉; 党晓红; 刘艳


    六盘山地区生活着大量陕西回民后裔,受地理、历史空间以及经济结构、人口结构、教育结构等因素制约,其在自身文化形态、文化建设、文化消费等方面存在许多问题,主要表现为宗教文化、民族文化与公共文化缺乏协调发展,外在的改善“文化贫困”能力和内在的改善“贫困文化”动力不足。研究六盘山地区陕西回族后裔“文化致贫”原因和治贫策略,需要从地理历史空间视角探讨文化模式形成的诸多自然、社会因素,研究宗教文化、民族文化和公共文化协调发展问题,重点解决文化“扶志”和教育“扶智”两大关键问题,引导回族群众走出历史文化和地理空间的局限。%In china, a large number of Hui descendents originated from Shaanxi Province are now living in Liupanshan area. With constraints of geography, historical space, economical structure, population structure and educational structure, many problems still remain for those Hui descendents in terms of cultural pattern, cultural construction and cultural consumption, as evidenced by uncoordinated development of religious culture, national culture and public culture, weak external capacity of improving“culture poverty” and insufficient internal impetus improving“poverty culture”. To study the causes of culture-related poverty and the strategies for fighting poverty of Hui descendents in Liupanshan area, one needs to, from the perspective of geography historical space,explore the natural and social factors of the formation of cultural patterns, and to study the coordinated development of religious culture, national culture and public culture, mainly focusing on two key issues about building ambition with culture and improving intelligence with education, thus guiding local Hui people to break the limits of historic culture and geographic space.

  10. Epidemiological survey and analysis on infants passive smoking in Han,Hui and Kazakh ethnic group in North of Tianshan Mountains%天山北麓汉回哈族婴幼儿被动吸烟流行现况分析

    韩林俐; 吴星燕; 陈江芸; 陶化青; 蒋佩; 杜爽; 李新辉


    Objective To investigate the current status of infants passive smoking in Han,Hui and Kazakh ethnic groups in North of Tianshan Mountains.Methods From November 2014 to August 2015,a method of stratified random cluster sample was used to investigate 568 infants’parents by a face-to-face questionnaire at Urumqi City,Shihezi City and Shawan County in north of Tianshan Mountains.Results The passive smoking rate of infants was 40.5% in totally,and 28.7% at home and 17.8% in public respectively.The passive smoking rate of Han ethnic group infants was 47.2%, 32.3% in Hui ethnic group and 29.6% in Kazakh ethnic group,respectively.Different ethnic groups showed significant differences (P <0.001).The passive smoking rate among infants aged under 1 year old was 34.9%,the percentage in in-fants aged 1 to 2 year old was 44.0%,and the percentage in infants aged 2 to 3 year old infants was 46.3%,respective-ly.The passive smoking rates increased with age,and the passive smoking rate in each age stage of Han ethnic group was higher than Hui and Kazakh ethnic groups,which showed significant differences (P <0.05).Conclusion Passive smok-ing was very common in infants,it is a huge challenge to control passive smoking,corresponding measures should be taken to create smoke-free environment for infants growing at home and in public places.%目的:调查天山北麓汉、回、哈萨克族婴幼儿被动吸烟的流行现况。方法2014年11月—2015年8月,采用分层随机整群抽样的方法,选取天山北麓乌鲁木齐市、石河子市和沙湾县568名婴幼儿的家长进行问卷调查。结果婴幼儿被动吸烟率为40.5%,其中在家中为28.7%,在公共场所为17.8%。汉族婴幼儿被动吸烟率为47.2%,回族为32.3%,哈萨克族为29.6%,差异有统计学意义(P <0.001)。婴儿被动吸烟率为34.9%,1~2岁幼儿为44.0%,2~3岁幼儿为46.3%,婴幼儿随年龄增长被动吸烟率随之增加,且各年龄

  11. Analysis of the mutations of phenylalanine hydroxylase gene in Hui ethnic group of Ningxia%宁夏地区回族苯丙酮尿症患儿苯丙氨酸羟化酶基因突变分析

    毛新梅; 何江; 刘媛; 马晓燕; 余伍忠


    Objective To understand the slruclure and characteristics of the mulalions of phenylalanine hydroxylase ( PAH) gene in Hui elhiec group of Ningxia. Methods All of the exons and promolers of PAH gene of 18 phenylkelonuria(PKU) cases in children of Hui were delermined by using the melhod of PCR direet sequencing. Results 24 mulalions were delecled in 36 PAH alleles. The deleclion rale of mulalions was 66. 67% (24/36). There were 14 kinds of mulalions,including 7 of missense mulalions,4 of nonsense mulalions,2 of deletion mulanls and 1 of splice site mulalions. The more common type of mulalions were R243Q, R241C, S16fsX10, R111X and L430P,and the olhers scallered in the event. Looked up foreign lileralures,professional websiles and databases,S16fsX10, Y414X and S3O3fsX38 are new kinds of PAH gene mulalions which have nol been reporled in ihe world,L430P and D222G have nol been reporled in our counlry. Conclusions According to the research, the mulalions of PAH gene in Hui group of Ningxia show their diversity,complexity and specificity,and had significant elhnic characteristics.%目的 了解宁夏地区回族苯丙酮尿症患儿苯丙氨酸羟化酶(PAH)基因的突变构成及特点.方法 采用PCR产物直接测序的方法,测定18例回族苯丙酮尿症患儿PAH基因全部外显子及其启动子区域序列.结果 在36个PAH等位基因中共检出24个突变等位基因,突变检出率为66.67%(24/36),包括14种突变类型,其中错义突变7种、无义突变4种、缺失突变2种、剪切位点突变1种.较为常见的突变类型有R243Q、R241C、S16fsX10、R111X、L430P,其余突变类型均为散在发生.查阅国外文献、专业网站及数据库发现S16fsX10、Y414X、S303fsX38是世界未见报道的新的PAH基因突变类型,L430P和D222G突变是国内未见报道的新突变.结论 研究结果显示宁夏地区回族苯丙酮尿症患儿PAH基因突变表现出多样性、复杂性和特殊性,具有显著的民族特色.

  12. Changes of Limb Bone Mass,Bone Density and Limb Length and Breadth With Age in Adult Hui People in Henan Province and Correlation Between Them%河南回族成人四肢骨量和骨密度与肢体长宽度的年龄变化及相关性调查研究

    徐国昌; 张庆远; 徐飞; 王海鑫; 刘荣志; 刘永; 杨雷


    均有统计学意义(P <0.05)。河南回族成人男性四肢骨量与年龄呈中度负相关( P <0.05),与身高、体质量、BMI、骨密度 T 值、骨密度 Z 值、全腿长、股骨内外上髁间径呈中度正相关(P <0.05);河南回族成人女性四肢骨量与年龄呈中度负相关(P <0.05),与体质量、BMI、骨密度 T 值、骨密度 Z 值、肱骨内外上髁间径呈中度正相关(P <0.05)。线性回归方程为:男性四肢骨量=1.269+0.024全臂长+0.018×肱骨内外上髁间径,男性四肢骨量=1.462+0.015全腿长+0.013×股骨内外上髁间径;女性四肢骨量=1.032+0.022全臂长+0.019×肱骨内外上髁间径,女性四肢骨量=1.240+0.012全腿长+0.019×股骨内外上髁间径。结论河南回族成人不同性别、不同年龄段四肢骨量、骨密度、肢体长宽度存在差异。四肢骨量与年龄、身高、体质量、BMI、骨密度、全臂长、全腿长、肱骨内外髁间径、股骨内外髁间径相关。%Objective To investigate the changes of limb bone mass,bone density and limb length and breadth with age in adult Hui people in Henan province and the correlation between them. Methods From September 2013 to September 2014,we enrolled 1 144 adult Hui people by cluster sampling method from 4 Hui gathering areas( Yuandian Hui Village of Fangcheng County in Nanyang City,Chanhe Hui District in Luoyang City,Shunhe Hui District in Kaifeng City,Chengguan Hui Town of Huaiyang County in Zhoukou City). Among the subjects,300 were aged 20 - 0. 05),yet the height,body mass,limb bone mass,T value of bone density,Z value of bone density,full arm length full leg length, diameter between internal and external epicondyles of humerus and diameter between internal and external epicondyles of femur of female subjects were less than those of male subjects(P 0. 05),while there were significant differences in height,body mass,BMI,T value of bone density,Z value of bone density,full leg

  13. Respond to Emergency, Safeguard Constitutional Rights and Restrain Public Power More Effectively by Reform and Innovation- Taking the Rescue Lessons of Yong - Wen Line Bullet Train Rear- End Accident as a Study Clue%通过改革创新更有效地应对突发事件、保障基本权利、约束公共权力——以甬温线动车追尾事故救援处置工作教训为研究线索



    Yong -wen Line accident has warned that the malpractice of integration of government administration with enterprise should be rectified in railway system. Meanwhile, it has revealed many problems existing in the legal construction of emergency in in railway system. However, to slolve those problems should enhance both the hardware and sofeware construction by reform and innovation of legal system to more effectively respond to emergency, safeguard constitutional rights and restrain public power.%甬温线特大事故警示人们,必须坚决纠正铁路系统政企不分的弊端;甬温线特大事故充分暴露出铁路系统应急法制建设的诸多问题和矛盾,应当予以分析解决;不但应从加强“硬件建设”的角度,还应从加强“软件建设”的角度,配套采取体制、机制和法制改革创新举措,依法有效地应对突发事件、保障基本权利、约束公共权力,提高铁路系统的危机管理和应急法制水平。

  14. Status Survey and Analysis on the Information Services of Mobile Libraries in the West Ethnic Regions in China——Taking Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region as an Example%西部民族地区移动图书馆信息服务现状调查及分析——以宁夏回族自治区为例



    Adopting the form of questionnaire survey and taking Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region as an example, this paper carries out a comparative analysis on the current status of the information services of mobile libraries in the west ethnic regions in China from three aspects of the type of terminal, the type of information service and the influence of information service, and in the light of the limitations to the further development of information service of the mobile libraries in the west ethnic regions in China, puts forward some corresponding countermeasures.%采取问卷调研的形式,以宁夏回族自治区为例,从终端类型、信息服务类型、信息服务的影响3个方面,比较分析了西部民族地区移动图书馆信息服务的现状,并针对西部民族地区移动图书馆信息服务进一步发展的局限性,提出相应的对策.

  15. Research on the gene polymorphism of estrogen receptor of Hui and Salar patients with gastric cancer in Qinghai area%青海地区回族、撒拉族胃癌患者雌激素受体基因多态性研究

    王成; 赵延芳; 王虎; 谢艳超


    Objective This article aims to study the distribution situation of ERα _ Pvu Ⅱ and Xba Ⅰ, ERβ_RsaⅠand AluⅠsingle nucleotide polymorphism(SNPs);and the relationship between the SNPs of ERα gene and ERβ gene in the patients with gastric carcinoma among Hui and Salar people in Qinghai area.Methods 80 cases of Hui patients and 80 cases of Salar patients with gastric adenocarcinoma as case group and 80 cases of health group with matched age,gender and nationality were collected from QinghaiUniversityAffiliatedHospital.2~3 mL ve-nous blood in fast state was collected from each patient to extract DNA.PCR_RFLP method was applied to identify PvuⅡ and XbaⅠ of ERα gene,RsaⅠand AluⅠSNPs of ERβ.Statistics method was adopted to analyze the rela-tions between PvuⅡ and XbaⅠof ERα gene,RsaⅠ and AluⅠ SNPs of ERβ gene with the risk of having gastric cancer.Results In terms of in Hui gastric cancer group and control group,significant difference exists in ERα_XbaⅠgene XX,Xx and xx distribution;in terms of Salar gastric cancer group and control group,significant difference exists in ERα_XbaⅠ gene XX,Xx and xx distribution;in terms of gastric cancer group and control group of Hui people and Salar people,no significant difference was found in ERα_PvuⅡ,ERβ_RsaⅠ,and Erβ_AluⅠ gene distribution.Among the research subjects,no significant difference was found between the gene distribution of gastric cancer group and Salar ERα_XbaⅠ,ERα_PvuⅡ,ERβ_RsaⅠ,and Erβ_AluⅠ.Conclusions Correlation exists in the ERα_XbaⅠpolymorphism and the susceptibility of gastric cancer in Qinghai area;the ERα_XbaⅠgene distri-bution may has increased risk of gastric cancer,but no significant difference was found on the gene distribution of people with gastric cancer among different nationalities.The ERα_PvuⅡ,ERβ_AluⅠ,and RsaⅠpolymorphism were not correlated to the susceptibility of gastric cancer in Qinghai area.%目的:通过研究青海

  16. 《外台秘要方》与《太平圣惠方》中伤寒理论文献的比较%Comparative study of theoretical literature on cold pathogenic disease in Wai tai mi yao fang (Arcane Essentials from the Imperial Library) and Tai ping sheng hui fang (Taiping Holy Prescriptions for Universal Relief)

    张慧蕊; 梁永宣


    In the Wai tai mi yao fang (Arcane Essentials from the Imperial Library) compiled in 752,its portion on cold pathogenic disorders embodies the achievements before the mid Tang Dynasty,whereas that in the Tai ping sheng hui fang (Taipng Holy Prescriptions for Universal Relief),compiled in 992 embodies those before the early Song Dynasty.Comparison on the theory of cold disorders in both books reveal that,during the 2 centuries period from mid Tang to early Song Dynasties,the texts as a carrier for the transmission of such theory in both show no distinct changes,but only with minor revisions and improvements.%唐天宝十年(752)成书的《外台秘要方》中的伤寒部分,汇总了中唐及其以前的伤寒成果,而宋淳化三年(992)成书的《太平圣惠方》中的伤寒内容,则汇集了宋初及以前诸家伤寒之大成.对2书中伤寒理论部分进行比较,可以发现从中唐至宋初200年间,以“文本”为载体的伤寒理论基本没有大的变化,仅有少量的修正和完善.

  17. 多元并存和谐相容--泉州丁氏回族宗教信仰现状调查研究%Multicultural Coexistence and Harmony---A Religious Belief Status Survey about Ding Family of Hui Ethnic Minority in Quanzhou

    丁玲玲; 林煜堃


    Chen Dai is one of the main areas in Fujian Quanzhou where Ding family of Hui ethnic minority has lived, with the population of more than 20000. With the development of society and the changes of the times, the people's religious belief there has changed. A single Islamic religion evolved into multi-religious coexistence, showing local characteristics of the pluralistic coexistence, harmonious religious belief pattern. Based on the field investigation, combined with the literature, the paper discussed the religious evolution there.%陈埭是福建泉州回族的主要聚居区之一,有丁氏回族2万多人。随着时代的变迁与社会的发展,陈埭丁氏回族社区的宗教信仰也发生了变化。由单一的伊斯兰教信仰演变为多种宗教信仰并存,呈现出一个带有地域特色的多元共存、和谐相容的宗教信仰格局。本文拟根据笔者的田野调查,结合文献资料,对泉州陈埭丁氏回族的宗教信仰演化进行探讨。

  18. Language Development and Social Identity Construction of Hui Nationality:An Exploration from the Perspective of Social Semiotics%回族语言变迁与身份建构:基于社会符号学的探索



    From the perspective of social semiotics, the mutual influence between language symbol system and social system is insepara-ble.In the present research, through a review of the variation of language and writing system used by the Hui Muslims and the corresponding change of social system, the effect on the selection and development of language, and the use of language to construct social reality-mainly the construction of social identity-is analyzed.Development of the language system and the development of the social system is a two-way process and they promote each other.Language develops its function and structure according to the social needs.And meanwhile it also re-flects the social needs.%回族语言变迁的历程表明,社会系统对回族的语言选择及发展具有重要影响,表现在回族的移民分布状况、日常交流需求、政治干预和意识形态等方面。回族语言的选择对于其社会身份具有建构作用,它主要通过语言趋同、语言趋异和语言保持等策略建构其身份。

  19. 回族对伊斯兰文化传承的途径研究--以宁夏同心县的实证调查为例%On Channels of Islamic Culture Inheritance of Hui Nationality---Case Study of Tongxin County of Ningxia



    伊斯兰文化自唐宋元三朝传入中国,使中国文化或主动或被动地出现涵化,呈现多样性。一千多年来,回族在接受中华文化的同时,通过濡化、“哲麻体”、“以儒诠经”、经堂教育、“尔麦里”、新式教育、大众媒介等方式和途径传承了伊斯兰文化,使中国的伊斯兰文化呈现出不同于阿拉伯的伊斯兰文化,显现出二元文化特征。%With the entry of Islamic culture into China in Tang,Song and Yuan dynasties,Chinese cul-ture began to show some active or passive acculturation and diversities.In the past 1000 years,while accepting Chinese culture,Hui nationality carries on Islamic culture through enculturation,Zhemati, Confucian interpretation of Islam,Mosque education,amal,new mode of education,mass media,etc. Through all of these,Chinese Islamic culture becomes quite different from Arabic Islamic culture,and displays cultural duality.

  20. 《九章算术》及其刘徽注中几个算法的循环结构分析%On the Circulation Structures in the Nine Chapters on Mathematical Arts and Its Comments by Liu Hui

    斯日古冷; 郭世荣


    循环结构在计算机程序设计和算法分析中占有重要地位,是中国传统数学机械化思想和算法化特征的具体表现之一.分析了《九章算术》及其刘徽注中设计使用的4个算法的循环结构,它们分别出现在《九章算术》的约分术、开方术及刘徽注之割圆术和阳马术中.%The circulation structure which is one of the most important structures in programming and algorithm analyses of the computer science has been used in traditional Chinese mathematics for long time. In the present paper. four circulation structures appeared in the Nine Chapters on Mathematical Arts and its Comments by Liu Hui in the third century are analyzed. They are designed for the reduction of a fraction, for the extraction of square and cubic roots,and for the demonstrations of cyclotomic method and of the volume of solids. The applications of circulation structures are concrete cases of the mechanization thought and algorithmization characteristic of traditional Chinese mathematics. A deep study of the structure is helpful for comprehensive understanding the history of both traditional Chinese mathematics and computer science.

  1. The Development Research of Small Family Business of Hui Nationality:Taking Nagu town's Yilan Rice Noodle Factory of Yunnan Province as an Example%小型回族家族企业发展研究--以云南纳古镇伊兰米线厂为例

    刘耀辉; 徐磊; 李德庆; 尚朝秋


    回族以伊斯兰教为宗教信仰,其具有丰富的经商本领和管理经验。文章基于纳古镇进行的田野调查,首先通过实地调研和查阅文献总结了纳古镇企业发展现状和“伊兰米线厂”的发展现状,并通过参与观察得到米线的制作过程以及商品流通,最后通过迈克尔·波特的“五力模型”分析了米线产业的竞争力,并提出米线产业发展的建议。%The hui nationality regard Islamism as their religious belief, which has a rich doing business capacity and management experience. Based on the field work of nagu town, the paper first studies the development status of company in nagu town by using interview and literature review, second gets the process of making rice noodles and commodity circulation through participation and observation. In the end, it analyses the competitiveness of rice noodles industry by Michael porter's Five-force Model, and the suggestion on development of rice noodles industry are given.

  2. 血管内皮生长因子受体1基因单核苷酸多态性及吸烟与宁夏地区汉族、回族年龄相关性黄斑变性的相关性%Associations of single nucleotide polymorphisms of VEGFRI and smoking with age-related macular degeneration in Hui and Han populations from Ningxia region in China

    向伟; 迟昊; 薛中淇; 张雯; 盛迅伦; 庄文娟


    Background Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a heritable,progressive degenerative disorder that triggers central visual impairment.Research demonstrated that the single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of vascular endothelial growth factor 1 (VEGFR1) gene is associated with AMD in different population.However,the results varied among diversified ethnic origin composition and distinct regions.Objective This study was to investigate the associations between the SNPs of VEGFR1 genetic variants along with smoking exposure and the risk of AMD in Hui and Han ethnics in the Ningxia population in China.Methods A case-control study was conducted.Four hundreds and thirty-two AMD patients including 325 Han ethnic patients and 107 Hui ethnic patients were recruited from March 2011 to June 2015,and 906 ethnicity-and gender-matched age-related cataract patients were contemporaneously recruited as control group,including 698 Han ethnic patients and 208 Hui ethnic patients.Periphery blood sample of 5 ml was collected from the subjects and genomic DNA was prepared.Eight tagging SNPs loci were acquired to cover rs2281827,rs3936415,rs7337610,rs7981680,rs9554320,rs9554322,rs9582036 and rs9943922,and the genotypes of SNPs were detected by using MassARRAYTM time-of-flight mass spectrometry system.Chi-square test and multi-factor Logistic regression analysis were utilized to estimate the discrepancy of allele frequency and genotype distribution in Hui and Han AMD patients.Moreover,the correlation of AMD with smoking and age statue were further analyzed.This study protocol complied with Helsinki Declaration and was approved by Ethic Committee of Ningxia Eye Hospital.Written informed consent was obtained before any relevant medical examination.Results There were significant differences in the age between AMD group and control group in both Han and Hui ethnicity (Han:P =0.000;Hui:P =0.009).The smoking exposure was significantly different between AMD group and control group in Han

  3. An Investigation of and Reflection on the Reality of Education Poverty to Females in the Rural Area --Taking the Rural Hui Females in Ningxia as an Example%农村教育贫困女性化现状的调查与思考——以宁夏农村回族女性为例



    贫困,不能仅仅限定于由自然环境的恶劣和经济生活的窘因所致,还应包括教育落后导致的教育贫困。事实上,教育贫困是与人类的生存命运相始终的。而人类的使命和社会责任,恰恰就在于不断地解决教育矛盾和改善教育环境。本文以宁夏农村回族女性教育贫困研究为主要内容,通过田野调查,到农户家中和田间地头与其进行面对面的拉家常,从中揭示了农村女性教育极其贫困的根源。%Poverty cannot be attributed only to severe environment and poor economic position; it should also be attributed to underdeveloped education which leads to education poverty. In fact, education poverty affects people's life all the time, and it is the mission and responsibility of human solve the contradiction in ed- ucation and improve the environment for it all the time. According to the field investigation and face-to-face chat at the farmers~houses and in the fields, this paper, with a focus on education poverty to the rural Hui females in Ningxia, discloses the causative factors for education poverty to the above-mentioned group in the rural area.

  4. From the Theory of Intergroup Contact, Pattern of Pluralistic Unity of the Chinese Nation to Symbiosis and Mutual Complement --An Analysis of Text "Lian Li Hui" Festival, Sangzhi, Hunan%从族际接触、多元一体到共生互补——对湖南桑植白族“连理会”文本的解读



    The theory of intergroup contact and pattern of pluralistic unity of the Chinese nation are two important theories in research of relationship between nationalities. Base on the analysis of text "Lian Li Hui" festival spread in Sangzhi, Hunan. The paper points out that there are distinct differences between areas inhabited by many ethnic groups and habited by one ethnic group, there are obvious distinguish on the research of them. Under the pattern of pluralistic unity, symbiosis and mutual complement would be the best ways to solve modem relationship and problems exist in areas inhabited by many ethnic groups by practical attitude.%族际接触理论和多元一体格局下的“文化自觉”理论是研究民族关系的两种重要指导理论。通过对湖南桑植白族“连理会”文本的文化解读,指出散杂居与聚居有明显区别。对散杂居民族关系的研究应与对聚居民族的研究有所不同,应在中华民族多元一体格局下,倡导共生互补的理念,以务实的态度认识和处理当前我国散杂居地区的民族关系和民族问题。

  5. 社区营造视角下古村落保护更新的探讨--以广西草坪回族乡潜经村为例%Update on the Ancient Village Protection from the Perspective of the Community Building--Taking the Guangxi Caoping Xiangqian Village of Hui Nationality as an Example

    韦琦; 谷海洪


    Throughout the past the protection of ancient vil-ages in China, mostly protection development is the force type of“From top to bot om”. In the protection process because the vil agers participation deficiencies brought many negative effe-cts, not mention to the substantive protection of ancient vil age. Taking the Guangxi Caoping Xiangqian vil age of Hui nationa-lity as an example, referring to Taiwan's community building ideas and successful experiences, this paper puts forward a co-nception of organic update on the protection and development of ancient vil ages, waking the vil age identity, realizing the s-ustainable regeneration of the ancient vil age.%纵观我国以往古村落的保护历程,大多为“自上而下”式的强迫式保护开发。在保护过程中因为村民参与度缺失带来许多负面影响,更无从谈起对古村落进行实质性保护。本文以广西桂林市草坪回族乡潜经村为例,借鉴台湾的社区营造思想与成功经验,对古村落的开发保护提出了有机更新的营造构想,唤醒村落认同感,实现古村落的可持续再生。

  6. An investigation of the prevalence of refractive error in 50 years or older adults in rural populations in the Tongxin county of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region%宁夏回族自治区同心县50岁及以上农村人群屈光不正患病率调查

    刘俊秀; 扈晓雯; 庄文娟; 顾青; 潘波; 李慧平; 李佳玙; 白蓉; 李武靓


    Objective By investigating the prevalence of refractive errors in older adults in rural populations in Tongxin county,Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region,it was feasible to get more actual data on the prevalence of blindness and low vision before and after refractive correction.Methods A population-based cross-sectional study was carried out.A questionnaire was designed for people aged 50 or older in Tongxin county,Ningxia,to obtain a general medical history,dietary habits,previous ocular history and treatment.Measurements were taken,including visual acuity,intraocular pressure,refraction,slit-lamp microscopy and non-mydriatic digital fundus photography in order to analyze the distribution of people with refractive errors associated with gender,age,education level and different ethnic groups,as well as etiological factors causing prevalence and noncorrectable vision with different refractive conditions.Visual impairment standards that included best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA) and presenting visual acuity (PVA) were used to analyze the prevalence of blindness and low vision before and after refractive correction.A Chi-square test was used for comparing the rate among groups.Results There were 5 493 people aged 50 or older in the rural population in Tongxin county,among which 5 046 people completed the examination,sponse rate were 91.86%,and 2 116 of them were diagnosed with ametropia,a prevalence rate of 41.93%.Based on PVA and BCVA,the prevalence of blindness was 5.35% and 2.02%,respectively,and the difference was statistically significant (x2=78.78,P<0.01).Similarly,based on PVA and BCVA standards,the prevalence of low vision was 15.28% and 5.77%,respectively,which was statistically significant (x2=244.54,P<0.01).The prevalence of ametropia in different educational levels:under primary school,primary school,middle school,senior high school and above was 45.94%,36.42%,25.38%,and 33.79%,the differences were significant (x2=97.89,P<0.01).The

  7. Characteristics of the distribution of SNPs of the CYP11A1 gene in the Hui and Han ethnic groups in Ningxia%CYP11A1基因单核苷酸多态性在宁夏回、汉族人群中的分布特征

    耿芝; 盛优静; 余冰; 于佳; 宋晓霞; 陆宏; 霍正浩


    目的 了解宁夏人群中CYP11A1基因rs16968477、rs1843090、rs4077582、rs9806234和rs12438594位点遗传多态的分布情况,并分析该位点在不同种族间的分布差异.方法 研究对象为宁夏医科大学体检健康学生559例,其中回族273例,汉族286例.单核苷酸多态性采用TaqMan Gene Typing技术检测.结果 宁夏回、汉族人群CYP11A1基因多态位点等位基因频率分别为rs16968477(C/T:64.47%/35.53%;68.53%/31.47%);rs1843090(A/G:46.15%/53.85%;43.53%/56.47%);rs4077582(C/T:56.78%/43.22%;55.24%/44.76%);rs9806234(A/G:32.78%/67.22%;38.99%/61.01%);rs12438594(A/G:47.44%/52.56%;42.48%/57.52%).宁夏人群各多态性基因型总体分布与HAPMAP结果比较,rs16968477、rs9806234位点与欧洲人群和非洲人群不同(P=0.017、0.001、0.000、0.000);rs1843090位点与欧洲人群、日本人群和非洲人群不同(P=0.000、0.011、0.000);rs4077582、rs12438594位点与欧洲人群不同(P=0.000、0.000).结论 CYP11A1基因5个单核苷酸多态性在宁夏回、汉族之间差异无统计学意义;5位点的基因型总体分布在种族和地区间差异具有统计学意义.%Objective To investigate the distribution characteristics of five single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) loci (rs16968477,rs1843090,rs4077582,rs9806234 and rs12438594) in CYP11A1 gene in Ningxia population and to analyze the distribution of the SNPs among different ethnic groups.Methods All 559 subjects were students from Ningxia Medical University,including 273 cases of Hui and 286 cases of Han.The genotypes were examined by using Taqman Gene Typing method.Results The allele frequencies of the SNPs in Hui and Han ethnic groups were rs16968477 (C/T:64.47%/35.53%;68.53%/31.47%),rs1843090 (A/G:46.15%/53.85%;43.53%/ 56.47%),rs4077582 (C/T:56.78%/43.22%;55.24%/44.76%),rs9806234 (A/G:32.78%/67.22%;38.99%/61.01%) and rs12438594 (A/G:47.44%/52.56%;42.4%/57.52%).Compared with

  8. Long-term bicycle riding ameliorates the depression of the patients undergoing hemodialysis by affecting the levels of interleukin-6 and interleukin-18

    Zhao C


    Full Text Available Chunhui Zhao, Hui Ma, Lei Yang, Yong Xiao Blood Purification Center, The First Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University, Dalian, People’s Republic of China Purpose: Hemodialysis patients with depression have a higher risk of death and hospitalization. Although there is pharmacological management for the depression of hemodialysis patients, the adverse effect of the drug limits the use. The nonpharmacological way, bicycle riding, may be an effective way for the therapy of the depression in hemodialysis patients. However, the underlying mechanism of this relationship is still not fully explained, while interleukin-6 (IL-6 and interleukin-18 (IL-18 are associated with depression and exercise. Thus, the effects of bicycle riding on the levels of the interleukin were explored. Participants and methods: One hundred and eighty-nine patients with chronic hemodialysis were selected and randomly assigned to three groups of medicine (MG, received 20-mg escitalopram daily, medicine and aerobic exercise (MAG, received 20-mg escitalopram daily and bicycle riding six times weekly, and only aerobic exercise (AG, received 20-mg placebo daily and bicycle riding six times weekly. The whole experiment lasted for 18 weeks. The quality of life (36-Item Short Form Health Survey and depression severity according to criteria in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fourth edition [DSM-IV] were measured before and at the end of this study. The serum levels of IL-6 and IL-18 were measured by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay kit. Results: The quality of life was improved and depression severity was reduced significantly in the MAG and AG groups when compared with the MG group (P<0.05. Serum levels of IL-6 and IL-18 were the highest in the MG group, moderate in the MAG group and the lowest in AG group. On the other hand, the serum levels of IL-6 and IL-18 were closely associated with depression scores (P<0.05. Conclusion: Aerobic exercise

  9. R176X mutant homozygote in phenylketonuria firstly detected in Hui nationality in China: One case report%中国回族首次检出苯丙酮尿症R176X突变型纯合子:1例报告

    余伍忠; 仇东辉; 宋昉; 刘丽; 金煜炜; 余良宽; 石小湘


    BACKGROUND: Phenylketonuria is caused by gene mutation of phenylalanine hydroxylasel (PAH), which is mainly induced by permutation, short segments and insertion of base.OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the gene mutation of phenylalanine hydroxylasel in phenylketonuria in Hui nationality.DESIGN: Open study.SETTING: Urumqi General Hospital of Lanzhou Military Area Command of Chinese PLA; Capital Pediatrics Institute.PARTICIPANTS: A boy of Hui nationality in China and aged 3.1 years was selected in this study. The boy had intellect hysteresis in his one year and received medical treatment in his three years, while he was diagnosed as cerebral paralysis. After repeatedly inefficient treatment, he was hospitalized in our hospital on December 13, 2004. Iron sesquichloride in urine was strongly positive and concentration of serum phenylalanine was 1 680 μmol/L; therefore, he was diagnosed as the typical phenylketonuria.METHODS: 5 mL venous blood was selected from the boy and his parents, respectively, and anticoagulated with EDTA-Na2. DNA in gene group was extracted by using typical phenol/chloroform method. In addition, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) primer sequence of extron 7, 6, 11, 3, 12 and 5 of PAH gene was designed based on references. And then, PCR products were detected with 2% agarose gel electrophoresis. 5 μL PCR products were mixed with the same volume of degenerated buffer solution, degenerated at 97 ℃ for 5 minutes, put in iced bath and performed with 80 g/Lnon-degenerated polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. After that, the products were dealt with sliver staining routinely, and single strand DNA banding patterns were analyzed and recorded. ABI377 automatic sequenator (PE Company) was used to detect PCR sequence and purify PCR product in Shanghai Boya Biotechnology Company.MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Iron sesquichloride in urine, concentration of serum phenylalanine and mutant gene types of phenylalanine hydroxylase.RESULTS: Extron 7, 6, 11, 3, 12 and 5 of PAH gene

  10. Interpretation of the Chapter Fu Hui in Liu Xie’ s Wen Xin Diao Long from the Perspective of Journal Editing%从学报编辑视角解读刘勰《文心雕龙·附会》篇

    刘小平; 治丹丹


    刘勰《文心雕龙·附会》篇是文章谋篇命意,布局结构的专论。该篇对文章结构设计的原则、目的、方法、标准等问题进行了深入的讨论。刘勰认为,“附辞会义,务总纲领”是结构设计应遵循的原则;“驱万涂于同归,贞百虑于一致”是结构设计应达到目的;“群言虽多,无棼丝之乱”,“众理虽繁,无倒置之乖”是结构设计应采用的方法;“首尾周密,表里一体”则是结构设计美的标准。从学报编辑视角解读,这些观点并不过时,其对现代学术论文结构设计及编辑对论文结构的审视都有重要理论借鉴和深远启迪作用。%The chapter Fu Hui ( Relevance and Integration ) in Liu Xie’ s Wen Xin Diao Long ( Carving a Dragon at the Core of Literature ) is mainly on designing the structure and ideas for an essay .Profoundly ,the chapter discusses the matter of essay structure design in the following aspects:principle,purpose,method and standard.In this chap-ter,Liu Xie argues that the principle of essay structure design is to “have words relevant and meanings integrated , make the outline ordered and categories proportioned”;the purpose is to “instruct every thought to the same desti-nation,direct each idea to the central notion”;the method is“Tangled trouble not seen ,in spite of verbal variation;inversion mess not been ,in spite of numerous notion” and,the aesthetic standard is “utter coherence from beginning to end,total consistency of notion and form”.Interpreting from the perspective of journal editing ,those views above , however,are not outmoded.On the contrary,they are both theoretical reference and far-reaching enlightenment for designing the structure of a modern academic paper ,as well as for the editor ’ s surveying a paper ’ s structure .

  11. 黄河流域宁蒙地区二期水权转让模式研究%Research on Pattern of Water Rights Transfer in the Second Stage in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of Yellow River Basin

    冯峰; 荣晓明; 殷会娟; 何宏谋


    Aiming at the issue of single pattern,limited water quantity of water rights transfer in the Yellow River basin,the paper proposed four new patterns in the second stage based on the status analysis of the first stage water rights transfer in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region,and the four patterns were as following,modern agriculture water-saving of water rights transfer,trans-regional water rights transfer,national investment in water conservation projects of water right transfer and pumping irrigation area in the Yellow River basin of water right transfer. Through the feasibility analysis for four water right transfer patterns,the author considers that the two patterns of modern ag-riculture water-saving and trans-regional have higher feasibility,the pattern of national investment in water conservation projects suits to repay the regional water consumption,and the pattern of pumping irrigation area in the Yellow River basin needs further study.%针对黄河流域水权转让模式单一、转让水量有限的问题,在对宁蒙地区一期水权转让现状分析的基础上,提出了二期水权转让4种新的模式:现代农业节水水权转让、跨地市水权转让、国家投资节水项目水权转让和扬黄灌区水权转让。通过对4种水权转让模式的可行性分析,认为现代农业节水水权转让和跨地市水权转让的可行性较高,国家投资节水项目水权转让适宜于偿还区域超用水量,扬黄灌区的水权转让建议进一步讨论后再实施。

  12. 狱侦耳目的证据法问题分析及制度完善--从张辉、张高平冤案视角的反思%Problem Analysis on Evidence Law and System Improvement of Prison Informers-Reflections on Unjust Cases of Zhang Hui and Zhang Gaoping



    Unjust cases of Zhang Hui and Zhang Gaoping reflect many universally existing problems in the operation of Chinese criminal justice .And the abuse of the system of prison informers is one of the most important causes of such unjust cases .From a legal perspective , the identity of prison informers is of legality and the witness testimony is of credibility , but the abuse of this system leads to the occurrence of unjust cases .Therefore, it is necessary to improve the system of prison informers by confirming the administrative department , strengthening re-ward and punishment mechanism , reinforcing multiple supervision and restriction as well as intensifying court re-view, which will be of great benefit to accelerating the legalization and normalization of investigation procedure , truly restoring case reality , further preventing and eliminating wrongful convictions , as well as promoting judicial fairness and justice .%浙江张辉、张高平冤案反映出我国刑事司法运行中很多普遍性问题。狱侦耳目制度的滥用是酿成此类冤案最重要的原因之一。从法制视角解读狱侦耳目,其身份具有合法性,证人证言具备证据能力,只因制度滥用才导致冤案发生。应当从明确管理部门、强化奖惩机制、加强多方监督制约、严格法庭审查等方面完善狱侦耳目制度。这将对加快侦查程序的法制化、规范化进程、真正还原案件事实、进一步预防和消除冤假错案、促进司法公平正义有所裨益。

  13. Virtual surgical planning and 3D printing in prosthetic orbital reconstruction with percutaneous implants: a technical case report

    Huang Y; Seelaus R; Zhao L; Patel PK; Cohen M


    Yu-Hui Huang,1,2 Rosemary Seelaus,1,2 Linping Zhao,1,2 Pravin K Patel,1,2 Mimis Cohen1,2 1The Craniofacial Center, Department of Surgery, Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System, 2University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA Abstract: Osseointegrated titanium implants to the cranial skeleton for retention of facial prostheses have proven to be a reliable replacement for adhesive systems. ...

  14. Authors’ reply

    Zhao XY; Xu HM; Zhou Q


    Xiao-Ying Zhao,1 Hui-Min Xu,2 Quan Zhou2 1The Medical Ethics Committee, 2Department of Pharmacy, The Second Affiliated Hospital, School of Medicine, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, People's Republic of ChinaWe read with great interest the study by Del Tacca et al,1 who performed a comparative pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) evaluation of branded and generic formulations of meloxicam in healthy male subjects, and concluded that the two products can be us...

  15. Het heilige huis : De gotieke vertelling in de Nederlandse literatuur

    Buikema, Rosemarie; Wesseling, Lies


    Terwijl de gothic novel floreerde in de Engelse, Amerikaanse, Duitse en Franse literatuur, lijkt de Nederlandse literatuur zich tot diep in de twintigste eeuw te hebben onthouden van dit omstreden genre. Weliswaar verschenen er de nodige vertalingen, maar producten van eigen bodem lijken nagenoeg no

  16. Vreugde en verdriet in die huis van Jakob


    b' Die geboorte van Lea se seuns uit haar slavin, Silpa (30:9-16) a' Die geboorte van Lea se .... Nif'al om jouself te bind aan (KBL:475). Lea is oortuig dat haar ..... waar Lea met nadruk vir Jakob gesê het: Ek het jou gehuur (i*yT!r+k ^c = rk)c *).

  17. Terrorisme maritime et piraterie d’aujourd’hui

    Hugues Eudeline


    Full Text Available Hors temps de conflits armés, les actes de violence dans le domaine maritime sont essentiellement de deux sortes : la piraterie, pratiquée à des fins privées, et le terrorisme qui poursuit des objectifs politiques. Répondant à des logiques différentes, ces deux formes de violence constituent, indépendamment, des menaces pour les 50 000 navires marchands qui transportent plus de 90% du commerce mondial. Leur éventuelle collusion, si elle était de grande ampleur, pourrait avoir un effet multiplicateur entraînant des conséquences très importantes sur une économie mondiale fragilisée.L’environnement physique qu’elles partagent est propice aux activités illégales. La mer couvre 71% de la surface du globe et constitue un espace pour l’essentiel libre de toute emprise étatique et impossible à contrôler. Les nombreuses actions des pirates autour de l’Afrique malgré les réactions internationales le montrent à l’envi. En parallèle, la mouvance terrorisme islamiste développe une stratégie d’attaque de l’économie mondiale dont les flux maritimes constituent un des principaux piliers.Les liens des deux activités avec la criminalité les rapprochent également. Le terrorisme les entretient pour des raisons logistiques et financières, alors que la piraterie, avec les différents trafics, en est une composante maritime majeure.Cette proximité et une complémentarité des compétences nécessaires à leur pratique pourraient les rapprocher plus encore. Cette entente contre-nature permettrait d’associer les connaissances nautiques des pirates, marins expérimentés aux capacités de planification des terroristes.Apart from times of high intensity conflict, the two main forms of violence at sea are piracy, and maritime terrorism. If the former is perpetrated at private ends, the latter is politically motivated. Although addressing different ends, both activities are important threats for the 50,000 merchant vessels sailing the oceans and moving 90% of our world’s commerce. A piracy-terrorism nexus, if widely spread, could have lethal consequences for a weakened world economyBoth of them share a physical environment favorable to illegal activities. The oceans covering nearly three-quarters of the planet, freedom of the high seas make them impossible to control. Enduring piracy activities around Africa displays it at will. In parallel, Islamist terrorism implements its strategy targeting the world economy of which sea trade is one of the main pillars. Both activities are also closely linked to criminal activities: Terrorism for logistic purposes, while piracy is one of its main maritime components. Recognizing the close relationship between both activities, along with the complementarities of some specific skills could bring them even closer. Such an unnatural alliance could bring together the seamanship of pirates with the planning expertise of highly motivated terrorists.

  18. 宁夏南部山区6~12岁回汉族学生患龋现况%Dental caries among 6-to 12-year-old Hui and Han students in Ningxia southern mountainous area

    樊瑞斌; 景俊; 席涛; 王胜朝


    目的 了解宁夏南部山区6~12岁回、汉族学生患龋状况,为有效开展龋病防治提供参考.方法 采用分层整群随机抽样方法,抽取宁夏南部山区6个区县12所小学2 907名6~ 12岁小学生进行龋病流行病学调查.结果 6~12岁学生总患龋率为60.7%,龋均为(1.76±2.08),龋齿充填构成比为1.6%;第一恒磨牙患龋率为26.8%,龋均为(0.45±0.86),龋齿充填构成比为2.4%,窝沟封闭率为6.7%;乳牙患龋率为47.0%,龋均为(1.31±1.87),龋齿充填构成比为1.3%.以上各指标不同民族、年龄、地区间差异均有统计学意义(P值均<0.01),城乡、性别之间差异均无统计学意义(P值均>0.05).城市学生第一恒磨牙窝沟封闭率为10.2%,乡镇学校的窝沟封闭率为0.结论 宁夏南部山区6~12岁回、汉族学生患龋率较高,龋齿充填构成比、窝沟封闭率较低,应加强综合干预防龋措施.%Objective To investigate dental caries among 6-to 12-year-old Hui and Han students in Ningxia southern mountainous area.Methods Dental caries was assessed among 2 907 students aged from 6 to 12 years from 12 primary schools of Ningxia southern mountainous area by using the stratified,cluster sampling.Results The prevalence rate of caries was 60.7%,and the DMFT/dmft was(1.76±2.08).The filled rate of the total caries was 2.7%;prevalence rate of the first molars caries was 26.8% and the DMFT was(0.45±0.86).The filled rate of the caries was 2.4% in the first molars,and the rate of pit and fissure was 6.7%;the prevalence rate of deciduous tooth caries was 47% and the dmft was(1.31±1.87),and the filled rate of the caries was 1.3% in deciduous tooth.There were significant difference on caries status between nationality and age and region(P<0.01),but no significant difference between gender(P>0.05).The rate of pit and fissure in the first permanent molar was 10.2% among students in the urban school,while no students with was

  19. Characteristics of Yersinia enterocolitica genes isolated in Ningxia Hui autonomous region from 1997 to 2010%1997-2010年宁夏回族自治区小肠结肠炎耶尔森菌致病性的基因特征

    郝琼; 刘翔; 郭邦成; 闫立群; 谢明英; 金东; 王鑫; 崔志刚; 景怀琦


    目的 了解宁夏回族自治区小肠结肠炎耶尔森菌主要毒力基因分布情况和致病性小肠结肠炎耶尔森菌分子分型特征。方法 于1997-2010年在宁夏回族自治区共分离得到283株小肠结肠炎耶尔森菌,用PCR法分析其黏附侵袭位点基因(ail)、耐热肠毒素A基因(ystA)、ystB、黏附素基因(yadA)、毒力活化因子基因(virF);应用限制性内切酶Not Ⅰ酶切致病性小肠结肠炎耶尔森菌染色体DNA进行脉冲场凝胶电泳(PFGE),利用BioNumerics软件进行聚类分析。结果 209株O∶3、O∶9血清型小肠结肠炎耶尔森菌中ail、ystA、yadA、virF毒力基因阳性,ystB为阴性的占97.6%( 204/209);O∶8血清型和未开展血清分型的菌株5种毒力基因全部阴性;11株O∶5血清型有9株5种毒力基因全部阴性。将致病性菌株进行PFGE分型,根据染色体DNA的Not Ⅰ酶切图谱,将29株O∶3血清型分成12个PFGE带型,包含5株以上的优势PFGE带型有2种。180株O∶9血清型菌株分成13个PFGE带型,包含10株以上的优势PFGE带型有4种,各自是从同一地区猪与家鼠、猪与犬、猪与野兔分离。结论 宁夏地区O∶3、O∶9血清型小肠结肠炎耶尔森菌具有致病性,O∶3逐步成为如今的优势血清型;O∶5、O∶8与血清未分型的菌株无致病性。%Objective To investigate the distribution of virulent genes of Yersinia enterocolitica (Y. enterocolitica) in Ningxia Hui autonomous region and the characteristics of the molecular patterns of Y. enterocolitica. Methods 283 strains of Y. enterocolitica were isolated in Ningxia Hui autonomous region between year 1997 and 2010. The genes ail,ystA,ystB,yadA and virF were analyzed by PCR method; the chromosomal DNA of Y. enterocolitica was digested by restriction endonucleases Not Ⅰ and processed by pulsed-field gel electrophoreses (PFGE) ; and then the cluster analysis were conducted by BioNumeric computer

  20. 电针百会、风府穴对脑I/R损伤大鼠海马区CPG15表达影响的实验研究%Effects of Eiectroacupuncture Bai Hui, Feng Fu on CPG15 Expression of Hippocampus in Rats with Cerebral Ischemic Reperfusion

    唐晓敏; 秦正玉; 何宗宝; 王家琳; 吴生兵; 汪克明


    目的 探讨电针对局灶性脑缺血再灌注大鼠神经功能的恢复及海马区神经可塑性相关基因15(CPG15)表达影响的情况.方法 60只SD大鼠,雌雄各半,随机分为正常对照组、模型组、电针经穴组、电针非经穴组、西药对照组.采用线栓法制备局灶性脑缺血再灌注模型,电针经穴组电针百会、风府穴,电针非经穴组电针大鼠臀部非经非穴位置,电针以疏波2Hz,强度3 mA~5mA,持续电针30 min,每天1次,连续治疗2周.西药对照组以尼莫地平20 mg/(kg·d)灌胃,每日2次,连续灌胃2周.2周后Longa5分法对大鼠神经功能缺损评分,并取材,运用免疫组化法检测大鼠缺血侧海马区CPG15表达情况.结果 模型组大鼠神经功能缺损评分及缺血侧海马区CPG15表达显著高于正常对照组(P<0.01);电针经穴组与西药治疗组大鼠神经功能评分及海马区CPG15表达差异无统计学意义(P>0.05),而与模型组比较,电针经穴组与西药治疗组神经功能评分及海马区CPG15表达均有统计学意义(P<0.01);电针非经穴组大鼠神经功能缺损评分及缺血侧海马区CPG15表达与模型组比较差异无统计学意义(P>0.05).结论 电针可改善脑缺血再灌注大鼠神经功能,并提高海马区CPG15的表达,电针对脑缺血再灌注后脑细胞的神经可塑性有促进作用.%Objective To investigate the effects of electroacupuncture on canidate plasticity- related gene 15CCPG15) expression of hippocampus in rats with cerebral ischemic reperfusion(I/R). Methods Sixty sprague - dawley rats were randomly divided into normal group (group 1) ,cerebral ischemic reperfusion model group (group 2) .electroacupuncture on meridian acupoints group (group 3),electroacupuncture on non - meridian acupoints group (group 4) .and nimodiping group (group 5). Rat models with cerebral ischemia reperfusion were prepared by modified suture. Electroacupuncture was applied on Bai Hui(TV20) and .Feng Fu

  1. 旅游对目的地社区族群认同的影响——以三亚回族为例%The impact of tourism on ethnic identity for destination community: A case study of Hui Nationality

    孙九霞; 陈浩


    The ethnic issue is an important subject in current academic circles,which was related to several conflicts at home and abroad.The study of ethnic identity is the basis and the difficulty of ethnic studies.As a kind way of inter-ethnic communication,the impact of tourism on ethnic identity should be a great concern,especially on the destination communities,as a result of the booming of tourism.The current study of tourism impact on ethnic identity of destination communities focused more on the destinations which take ethnic culture as its main tourism attractions,where the residents' ethnic identity might be misled by commercial advertising.So this study chooses the Hui minority community in Sanya of Hainan as a case destination,which is not taking ethnic culture as its main attraction. In order to investigate the changes of the residents' ethnic identity before and after tourism development,this article takes cultural anthropology's research strategy and uses observations,interviews and documentation analyze as research methods and finds that the residents'' main occupations related to tourism include tourism commodity selling,tourism transportation business and tourism catering business.This study also finds that tourism development does impact local residents' ethnic identity.Some conclusions can be drawn as follows.Firstly,religious awareness has been enhanced.Thanks to tourism participation,the Hui people have got much more earnings than before and could afford the expense of hajj and studying overseas in Islamic countries,thus,transit the architectural style of mosque and folk residences from Chinese to Arabian,and enlarge the mosques to meet the needs of educational and cultural functions. Secondly,traditional customs have changed.The status of working women has promoted due to the women's participation in tourism business,and the marriage taboos got loosened.Along with the necessity of tourism development,the cigarette and alcohol taboos has

  2. Lin-Na and Yong-Xiu Afr J Tradit Complement Altern Med. (2014) 11 ...


    swimming time of the rats, as well as decrease the blood lactic acid (BLA), and .... temperature of 22 ± 2°C, with humidity of 50 ± 10% and 12-hrs light-dark cycle. ..... cells against apoptosis caused by zearalenone via Bax and Bcl-2 regulation.

  3. 15个谷子品种在宁夏4个区域的适应性鉴定与筛选%Assessment and Screening of 1 5 Millet Varieties for Adaptability in Four Areas of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region

    张晓娟; 程炳文; 杨军学; 罗世武; 王晓军; 王勇; 张尚沛


    Aiming at resolving the problems existing in millet production in Ningxia Hui Autonomous region (Ningxia),China,which include varietal admixture and the indiscriminate adoption of millet varieties,we performed a field trial to evaluate 15 high-quality millet varieties for their field performance in four different ecological areas in Ningxia.A randomized block design was used in the trial. A number of growth and yield parameters were measured and analyzed for these varieties,consisting of growth period,plant height, panicle traits,and yield.By comparing the parameters of the 15 varieties planted in the four ecological areas,we identified five millet varieties that outperformed the others in each area,which varied with the specific ecological area involved.Specifically,the five varie-ties suitable for planting in Touying area are Longgu 11,Datong 29,Jingu 13,Jingu 25,and Jingu 40.The five for Xiji area are Long-gu 11,Longgu 13,Jingu 40,Black Millet,and Gold Millet.The five for Tongxin area are Jingu 29,Jigu 12,Jingu 22,Jingu 40,and Longgu 11.The five for Yanchi area are Jingu 13,Datong 29,Jingu 25,Jingu 29,and Gold Millet.%为解决宁夏谷子生产中存在品种混杂与选种盲目等问题,采用随机区组试验设计,在宁夏不同生态区域引进15个优良谷子品种,通过田间种植鉴定与室内分析化验,对不同品种的生育期、株高、穗部性状和产量等进行比较分析,从中筛选出适宜宁夏不同生态区域种植的优势谷子品种5个,其中头营为陇谷11号、大同29号、晋谷13号、晋谷25号和晋谷40号;西吉为陇谷11号、陇谷13号、晋谷40号、黑谷子和黄金谷;同心为晋谷29号、济谷12号、晋谷22号、晋谷40号和陇谷11号;盐池为晋谷13号、大同29号、晋谷25号、晋谷29号和黄金谷。

  4. Landuse Change and Its Environmental Effect in Ecologically Vulnerable Area——A Case Study in Arid Area of Central Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region%生态脆弱区土地利用格局变化及其环境效应——以宁夏回族自治区中部干旱带为例

    贾科利; 姚玉玲; 郭占军; 叶蔚


    基于遥感、GIS技术、景观生态学及层次分析方法,以宁夏回族自治区中部干旱带为研究区,利用1978年MSS以及1987,1996,2007年的TM/ETM遥感影像为数据源,对该区域近30a来土地利用格局变化及环境效应进行了分析。结果表明,30a来该区耕地和建设用地有不同程度的增加,新增耕地主要来自未利用土地和草地,建设用地面积的增加主要来源于耕地和未利用土地;耕地和未利用土地向林地、草地转化是林地和草地面积增加的主要来源。由于受人类活动的干扰,研究区土地利用景观结构发生了较大变化,土地利用格局变化产生了景观破碎化,景观异质性增加,生态环境退化等生态效应。但20世纪90年代中后期以来,在以还林还草、禁牧及水利等综合治理工程为核心的生态环境治理措施调控下,土地利用结构得以调整,植被覆盖增加,区域生态环境质量逐步得以改善。%Using the methods of remote sensing,geographical information system(GIS),landscape ecology and analytic hierarchy process(AHP),this paper analyzed the change of landuse pattern and its ecological and environmental effects in arid area of central Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region from 1978 to 2007 based on the MSS image in 1978 and Landsat TM/ETM images in 1987,1996,2007.The results showed that areas of farmland and construction areas increased in the past 30 years.The newly-increased farmlands mainly came from unused land and grassland,while the newly-increased lands for construction mainly came from farmland and unused lands.At the same time,the forest land and grassland decreased from 1978 to 1987,and increased from since 1987.The sources of increased area were primary farmland and unused land.These changes caused great changes in landscape such as landscape fragmenting and heterogeneity and declining of environmental quality from 1978 to 1987.The index of environmental effect was only 0.118 in 1987

  5. 甘肃省临夏回族自治州碘缺乏病健康教育效果评价%Effect evaluation of health education on iodine deficiency disorders prevention in Linxia Hui autonomous prefecture of Gansu province

    曹永琴; 王燕玲; 窦瑜贵; 李洪波; 郑菁; 孙玮; 朱小南


    良好模式,提高了健康教育的可行性和和可及性,其效果更加持久.%Objective To evaluate the effect of health education on the target population of iodine deficiency disorders (IDD) in Linxia Hui autonomous prefecture.Methods During 2006-2010,IDD health education was carried out in the target population of Linxia Hui autonomous prefecture,and IDD knowledge of 5th grade pupil and 20-50 years old child-bearing women were surveyed by stratified sampling and questionnaire survey methods to evaluate the effect of health education.Results After health education,IDD knowledge passing rate rose from 55.6% (548/986) and 18.0%(118/657) to 90.0%(1103/1225) and 86.2%(687/797) among pupils and women,respectively.The awareness rates of iodine deficiency in causing goiter,mental retardation and birth born silly children,and the key role of iodized salt in controling IDD were increased from 79.2% (781/986),76.5% (754/986),51.7% (510/986) and 82.3% (811/986) to 88.8% (1088/1225),85.6% (1049/1225),68.7% (842/1225) and 90.0% (1103/1225) among pupils,and from 48.6% (319/657),28.3% (186/657),15.4% (101/657) and 39.6% (260/657) to 86.2% (687/797),70.0% (558/797),46.3% (369/797) and 87.3% (696/797) among women,and all the difference were significant,respectively.Belief rate held by students that health education can prevent iodine deficiency disorders was 87.3% (1069/1225),and 52.9% (648/1225) of the students told their parents about IDD.The rate of consciously purchase of qualified iodized salt was 87.1% (694/797) after health education among women of childbearing age,and the consumption rate of iodized salt was 64.6%(515/797).More than 90% of the people in relevant departments knew iodine deficiency disorders related knowledge,in particular,had a clear understanding of intellectual hazards caused by iodine deficiency,and actively supported and participated in health education in the prevention and control of iodine

  6. Multimedia over cognitive radio networks algorithms, protocols, and experiments

    Hu, Fei


    PrefaceAbout the EditorsContributorsNetwork Architecture to Support Multimedia over CRNA Management Architecture for Multimedia Communication in Cognitive Radio NetworksAlexandru O. Popescu, Yong Yao, Markus Fiedler , and Adrian P. PopescuPaving a Wider Way for Multimedia over Cognitive Radios: An Overview of Wideband Spectrum Sensing AlgorithmsBashar I. Ahmad, Hongjian Sun, Cong Ling, and Arumugam NallanathanBargaining-Based Spectrum Sharing for Broadband Multimedia Services in Cognitive Radio NetworkYang Yan, Xiang Chen, Xiaofeng Zhong, Ming Zhao, and Jing WangPhysical Layer Mobility Challen

  7. Chronicling China’s Political Journey


    Leading Chinese political scientist Zhao Baoxu has produced an overview of the evolution of China’s political structure, its political studies as well as its foreign policy over the past six decades in his latest book In Pursuit of Harmony: An Academic Anthology of Zhao Baoxu. The English edition of this anthology was published by the Beijing-based Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press in November 2008. In its preface, former Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing called it a "crystallization of a seasoned professor’s research efforts over more than half a century." In a critique for Beijing Review, Wang Yong, a professor of the School of International Studies at Peking University and Director for the Center for International Political Economy at the university, underlined the relevance and significance of Zhao’s views. Edited excerpts follow:

  8. 身体性经验的政治维度及学科意义*--以民歌《高大人领兵》对“同治回民起义”的表征为例%Body experience as an aesthetic dimension:A study of the representation of the revolt of the Hui people in the period of Emperor Tongzhi in the folk song General Gao Leading an Army



    It is necessary to enrich the political dimension of the contemporary Chinese aesthetic theory against the West aca-demic background which has experienced a political turn in the theoretic construction.With more political concentration,the aesthetic theory should pay more attention to the body experience of the ordinary people in their daily life.This paper gives an a-nalysis of the representation of the revolt of the Hui people in the period of Emperor Tongzhi in the folk song General Gao Lead-ing an Army,which reveals that the body experience of the ordinary people is a material basis for constructing an aesthetic theo-ry and a general criterion for aesthetic criticism.%在当代西方理论呈现出一种政治转向的学术背景下,丰富当代中国美学的政治维度就显得非常必要。在加强政治考量时,美学理论应该关注普通民众的日常生活中的身体感受和身体性经验。从西部民歌《高大人领兵》对“同治回民起义”的表征来看,广大民众的有血有肉的身体可以成为美学理论建设的现实物质基础和美学批评的普遍标准与尺度。

  9. 在心理学的荒芜之处探寻心灵--孙惠芬的《生死十日谈》对乡村个体精神空间的呈现%Exploration of the Soul in the Barren Place from the Perspective of Psychology---The spiritual world of each country dweller presented by Sun hui-fen in “Life and Death Decameron”



    认为孙惠芬的小说《生死十日谈》的意义是在心理学的荒芜之处探寻心灵,为每个乡村个体生命寻找存在的理由,真诚地呈现了乡村个体的精神空间。作家用独特的视角和温暖的讲述为乡村个体生命代言,为每个自杀的当事人及其亲属写下各自的故事,呈现了乡村人的尊严、活法和信仰。甚至可以说,是孙惠芬的书写让世人知道他们曾经存在过。这是孙惠芬作为一个作家对生命和尊严的贡献。%It is argued that the significance of Sun hui-fen's novel “life and death Decameron”lies in its exploration of the soul in the barren place. It sincerely reveals the spiritual world of each individual in the countryside and searches the reasons for their existence. From a unique angle and with warmth, the writer writes down the stories of each suicide and their relatives, which have demonstrated the dignity, ways of living and beliefs of the people in the countryside. It can be even argued that her writing has acquainted the world with the fact that those people have existed in the world, which is her contribution to the theme of life and dignity as a writer.

  10. 文化价值观对会计估计职业判断影响的实证研究——以新疆地区维吾尔族、汉族和回族为研究对象%An Empirical Research on Influence of Culture on the Measurement of Accounting Estimates——Taking the Han,Uygur and Hui Nationalities in Xinjiang as Subjects

    胡本源; 依不拉音·玉买尔


    Taking the accountants from the Han,Uygur and Hui nationalities in Xinjiang as subjects,this paper examines the influence of culture values difference among the three nationalities on the measurement of accounting estimates.Our results indicate that,given the same economic facts,judgments among the accountants from the three nationalities vary significantly and culture interacts with decision-making behavior under uncertain circumstances.Our results suggest accountants' application and explanation to financial reporting rules are controlled and influenced by their cultural values.Therefore,the international coordination of accounting standards,can,by no means,be realized by issuing a set of accounting standards consistent with the international practice.%本文以新疆地区维吾尔族、汉族和回族会计人员为研究对象,研究了这三个民族文化价值观的差异对会计人员会计估计计量的影响。研究结果发现:面对相同的经济事项,这三个民族会计人员的会计估计计量结果存在着显著的差异,且会计估计计量结果的差异还受到不确定环境呈现方式的影响。研究结果表明:会计人员解释和运用会计准则的方式受其文化价值观的支配和影响,因此,会计准则的国际协调决不是仅仅通过发布一套与国际惯例一致的会计准则就可以完成的。

  11. Degradation and osteogenic potential of a novel poly(lactic acid)/nano-sized β-tricalcium phosphate scaffold

    Cao L.; Duan PG; Wang HR; Li XL; Yuan FL; Fan ZY; Li SM; Dong J


    Lu Cao,1,2 Ping-Guo Duan,1,2 Hui-Ren Wang,1,2 Xi-Lei Li,1,2 Feng-Lai Yuan,3 Zhong-Yong Fan,4 Su-Ming Li,5 Jian Dong1,21Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University, Shanghai, China; 2State Key Laboratory of Molecular Engineering of Polymers, Fudan University, Shanghai, China; 3Affiliated Third Hospital of Nantong University, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China; 4Department of Materials Science, Fudan University, Shanghai, China; 5Max Mousseron Institute on Biomolecules, Montpellier...

  12. The KAP status of Iodine Deficiency Disorders in Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture of Gansu in 2010%2010年甘肃省临夏回族自治州碘缺乏病知行信现状调查

    曹永琴; 王燕玲; 窦瑜贵; 李洪波; 郑菁; 孙玮; 朱小南; 王尹


    Objective To survey status on health education of Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD) in IDD serious endemic areas in Gansu Province. Methods The stratified sampling and questionnaire survey methods were selected in 8 counties. 1225 primary school students in Grade 5 and 797 childbearing women were enrolled. Results The percentage of the pupil awareness about the role of IDD resulting in goiter, the role of IDD playing in intelligence damage, the role of IDD playing in bom silly children were 88. 8% , 85. 6% , 68. 7% respectively (P < 0.05), and 86. 2% , 70. 0% , 46. 3% among women (P < 0. 05), those rates in women were lower than that in pupils (P < 0. 05). The pupil who knew iodated salt as the key measure to prevent IDD were 90. 0% , and 87. 3% among women. 87. 3% of pupils believed that IDD could be prevented by iodized salt, and 52. 9% of them told this information to parent The women who were buying and eating iodized salt consciously were 60. 2% and 69. 8%. Conclusion Through school health education model, level of integrated knowledge, attitude and practice (KAP) in Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture were higher than province lev-eL However KAP were obviously difference among counties, target population and health knowledge. It should be carried out process evaluation and religion based health education model to understand and solve these problems, and strengthen attitude and practice on health education intervention for sustaining development%目的 了解甘肃省碘缺乏病重点地区碘缺乏病健康教育现状.方法 采用随机抽样方法对临夏州8县(市)1225名五年级小学生和797名育龄妇女进行碘缺乏病问卷调查.结果 学生对缺碘造成甲状腺肿、智力低下和生傻孩子知晓率分别为88.8%、85.6%和68.7%,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05),碘盐是最好防治方法的知晓率为90.0%,向父母宣传的行为具有率为52.9%,认为碘缺乏病一定能预防的信念具有率为87.3%.育龄妇女

  13. Analysis of Humor in Zhao Benshan’s Comic Sketch from Relevance Theory



      Humor is a pervasive human phenomenon. It is observable in many spheres and aspects of life in various human interactions. Humor plays an important role in our social life. Relevance Theory provides a new perspective on the analysis of humor interpretation. From a relevance-theoretic point of view, humor interpretation is a cognitive process in which the addressee is willing to sacrifice more cognitive effort to access the more covert interpretation in pursuit of the extra ef ect—amusement brought about by comic sketch. The conclusion is made in the end in which the Relevance Theory works as it plays such an important role in analyzing humor production that helps us understand and appreciate Zhao’s humor better.

  14. In Deep Memory of Mr.Zhao Feng%深切怀念赵沨同志




  15. Abstract RI ZHAO City subject“to take shape”design



    The symbol of the city is a product of city development, it will be a variety of connotation of the city to graphic symbols, form the visual form of the image of the city outside. The symbol of the city is a microcosm of the city civilization. Chinese characters is the oldest cultural symbols Chinese for having heard it many times, in the sound, shape, righteousness on the social agreement, can directly, rapidly, convey, information.

  16. Discovery of Female Laudakia papenfussi Zhao, 1998, with Insights into its Phylogenetic Relationships

    Dahu ZOU; Fang YAN; Ke JIANG; Jing CHE; Robert W MURPHY; Theodore J PAPENFUSS; Shuangquan DUAN; Song HUANG


    The sole voucher of Papenfuss’ Rock Agama, Laudakia papenfussi (CIB 775001), an adult male, was collected from Zanda, Tibet, China on July 1, 1976 and described in 1998. No information on this species appeared since its description. In September 2014, we collected one female and six males at the type locality. Based on the original description and these newly collected specimens, we re-describe this species. Principal components analysis based on 33 morphological characteristics clearly diagnose L. papenfussi from closely related species. One way ANOVA test shows significant differences among four Tibetan rock agamas for 9 characters at 95% significant level, and 8 characters at 99% significant level. Molecular analyses recover three main clades in Laudakia. The four Tibetan rock agamas place into two geographical groups: Yarlung Zangbo group (L. sacra and L. wui) and the Himalayan group (L. tuberculata and L. papenfussi).

  17. 汉、藏、回族地区农户的社会资本比较——以甘肃省张掖市、甘南藏族自治州、临夏回族自治州为例%Comparison on the Social Capital of Peasant Household in Han, Zang and Hui Nationality Region: Case of Zhangye, Gannan and Linxia in Gansu Province

    赵雪雁; 赵海莉


    社会资本作为实现可持续发展的关键资本,已引起学术界与决策层的广泛关注.本研究以甘肃省张掖市、甘南藏族自治州、临夏回族自治州为研究区,从网络、普遍信任、制度信任、规范等维度出发建立了社会资本测量量表,基于入户调查资料,对比分析了汉、藏、回族地区农户的社会资本特征.研究发现:①甘南州农户的社会资本总指数最高、幅夏州次之、张掖市最低,与其他维度相比,张掖市与甘南州农户的普遍信任度欠缺,而临夏州农户的制度信任度欠缺;②临夏州农户的网络水平高于张掖市与甘南州,张掖市农户参与率最高的协会/组织为医疗合作组织,而临夏州与甘南州为宗教协会;③甘南州农户的制度信任度远高于张掖市与临夏州;④甘南州农户的普遍信任度与规范水平均最高,临夏州次之,张掖市最低,且三个地区农户对同质群体的信任度均高于对异质群体的信任度,农户的互助水平均高于奉献水平与和睦程度;⑤农户户主受教育程度、劳动力数量、社会地位、与外界交流强度、生活满意度以及地区民族属性均对农户社会资本的不同维度产生显著影响.最后,指出了民族地区社会资本研究中需进一步关注的问题.%Social capital plays an increasingly important role in regional development. As a key capita) to obtain region sustainable development, it has attracted increasing attention. In this study,the study area includes Zhangye City, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture. We set up the social capital measurement scale from net, general trust, institution trust and norm dimension,and then analyze the social capital features in the Han,Tibetan and Hui nationality region by the field survey data. The results show;①The social capital index of peasant household in Gannan is the highest, which is 3. 650. The second place is

  18. CORRIGENDUM: Prospects for a new boson W+/-1 in the minimal Higgsless model at the LHC Prospects for a new boson W+/-1 in the minimal Higgsless model at the LHC

    Chen, Ming-Shui; Bian, Jian-Guo; Chen, Guo-Ming; He, Hong-Jian; Jiang, Chun-Hua; Li, Zu-Hao; Liang, Song; Meng, Xiang-Wei; Qi, Yong-Hui; Tang, Zhi-Cheng; Tao, Jun-Quan; Wang, Zheng; Wang, Jian; Wang, Jian; Wang, Xian-You; Wang, Jian-Xiong; Xiao, Hong; Yang, Min; Zang, Jing-Jing; Zhang, Bin; Zhang, Zhen; Zhang, Zhen-Xia


    The author list originally given in the above article (Ming-Shui Chen, Jian-Guo Bian, Guo-Ming Chen, Hong-Jian He, Chun-Hua Jiang, Zu-Hao Li, Song Liang, Xiang-Wei Meng, Yong-Hui Qi, Zhi-Cheng Tang, Jun-Quan Tao, Zheng Wang, Jian Wang, Jian Wang, Xian-You Wang, Jian-Xiong Wang, Hong Xiao, Min Yang, Jing-Jing Zang, Bin Zhang, Zhen Zhang and Zhen- Xia Zhang) is incorrect. The correct author list is: Ming-Shui Chen, Jian-Guo Bian, Guo-Ming Chen, Chun-Hua Jiang, Zu-Hao Li, Song Liang, Xiang-Wei Meng, Zhi-Cheng Tang, Jun-Quan Tao, Zheng Wang, Jian Wang, Jian Wang, Xian-You Wang, Jian-Xiong Wang, Hong Xiao, Min Yang, Jing-Jing Zang, Bin Zhang, Zhen Zhang and Zhen-Xia Zhang. Hong-Jian He and Yong-Hui Qi did not take part in the writing of this text and do not bear any responsibility for its contents. Also, reference [4] in the paper should be corrected to: [4] Hong-Jian He et al 2008 Phys. Rev. D 78 031701(R)

  19. 山西电网规划中应研究的几个问题%Research on Shanxi Power Grid Planning WANG Ai1,XU Yong-ping2,DONG Yong-jun3

    王皑; 许湧平; 董勇军


    New challenge comes for power grid planning due to the complex and ever-changing external environment,weakened capability of power grid planning and design,and strict assessment of grid safety. Based on the analysis of uncoordinated development of power grid at all levels and the problem of short-circuit current seriously exceeding the standard at pivot point,some principles,ideas and safeguard measures for power grid long-term planning are proposed to improve the feasibility and adaptability of power grid planning.%阐述了复杂多变的外部环境、规划设计力量的消弱、电网安全考核的严格,对现阶段电网规划工作提出了新的挑战,在分析电网规划、建设中存在的各级电网发展不协调、电网枢纽点短路电流超标严重等问题的基础上,围绕电网中长期规划工作的原则、思路和保障措施提出提高规划方案适应性和可操作性的建议。

  20. RGD-modified poly(D,L-lactic acid nanoparticles enhance tumor targeting of oridonin

    Xu J


    Full Text Available Jie Xu, Ji-Hui Zhao, Ying Liu, Nian-Ping Feng, Yong-Tai ZhangSchool of Pharmacy, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai, People's Republic of ChinaObjective: The purpose of this study was to develop an active targeting strategy to improve the therapeutic antitumor efficacy of oridonin (ORI, the main active ingredient in the medicinal herb Rabdosia rubescens.Methods: A modified spontaneous emulsification solvent diffusion method was used to prepare the ORI-loaded atactic poly(D,L-lactic acid nanoparticles (ORI-PLA-NPs. Surface cross-linking with the peptide Arg-Gly-Asp (RGD further modified the ORI-PLA-NPs, generating ORI-PLA-RGD-NPs. The NPs were characterized and release experiments were performed in vitro. The pharmacokinetics, tissue distribution, and antitumor activity of the NPs were studied in mice bearing hepatocarcinoma 22 (H22-derived tumors.Results: The ORI-PLA-NPs and ORI-PLA-RGD-NPs were smooth, sphere-like, and relatively uniform in size. The RGD surface modification slightly increased the mean particle size (95.8 nm for ORI-PLA-NPs versus 105.2 nm for ORI-PLA-RGD-NPs and considerably altered the surface electrical property (-10.19 mV for ORI-PLA-NPs versus -21.95 mV for ORI-PLA-RGD-NPs, but it had no obvious influence on ORI loading (8.23% ± 0.35% for ORI-PLA-NPs versus 8.02% ± 0.38% for ORI-PLA-RGD-NPs, entrapment efficiency (28.86% ± 0.93% for ORI-PLA-NPs versus 28.24% ± 0.81% for ORI-PLA-RGD-NPs, or the release of ORI. The pharmacokinetic properties of free ORI were improved by encapsulation in NPs, as shown by increased area under the concentration-time curve (11.89 ± 0.35 µg·mL-1 · h for ORI solution versus 22.03 ± 0.01 µg · mL-1 · h for ORI-PLA-RGD-NPs and prolonged mean retention time (2.03 ± 0.09 hours for ORI solution versus 8.68 ± 0.66 hours for ORI-PLA-RGD-NPs. In the tissue distribution study, more ORI targeted tumor tissue in the mice treated with ORI-PLA-RGD-NPs than with ORI

  1. TABLE OF CINTENTS and ABSTRACTS reprinted from ACTA PHYSICA SINICA,Vol.50,No.6(2001)(in Chinese)


    @@0000 GENERAL 0330 Conservation Laws of Relativistic Variable Mass Systems…………………………… Fang Jian-hui (1005) 0340 Simulation of Shock Waves Using a Lattice Boltz mann Equation Model …………………… Feng Shi-de, Michihisa Tsutahara (1010) 0365 Double-Wave Function of RLC Circuit After Quantization…………………… Long Chao-yun, Liu Bo (1014) 0420 The Nernst Theorem and Statistical Entropy of the Scalar field in Reissner-Nordstrom Geometry……………………Zhao Ren, Zhang Li-chun (1018)

  2. Analysis on the Protection Measures of Special Culture of the Construction of Ethnic Minorities Villages: Illustrate the Protection Plan of Special Ethnic Minorities of Gansu Province Zhangjiachuan Hui Autonomous County Zhangjiachuan Town Chawan Village%少数民族村寨建设中特色文化保护对策——以甘肃省张家川回族自治县张家川镇查湾村少数民族特色村寨保护规划为例

    陈华; 张萍


    少数民族特色鲜明、历史文化积淀丰厚的村寨建筑,是少数民族地区传统文化与生活的集中体现.少数民族村寨是保存少数民族地区传统特色的载体.如何保持和发扬少数民族村寨的文化特征,继承其优秀的文化精粹,在不断提高当地民众居住生活的同时,实现少数民族村寨特色保存的持续发展.结合甘肃省张家川回族自治县张家川镇查湾村少数民族特色村寨保护规划设计,简要分析地域性、民族性特色鲜明的民族文化生态村的保护设想.%Construction of ethnic minorities villages with special characteristics and rich history cultural heritage reflects the traditional culture and life of ethnic minority regions. Ethic minority village is the carrier of protecting the traditional features of ethic minority region. It is an important topic that how to keep and develop culture characteristics of minority village, inherit the excellent culture essence, continuously improve the local people living at the same time, and realize minority village preservation characteristics of sustainable development. Combined with the protection plan and design of Gansu province Zhangjiachuan Hui Autonomous County Zhangjiachuan town Chawan Village, the article briefly analyzes the protection plan of ethnic culture ecology villages with region, national characteristics.

  3. Study on Comprehensive Evaluation and Influencing Factors of Information Service in Rural Areas——Based on the Survey of Village-Level Perspective in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region%农村信息服务综合评价及影响因素研究——基于宁夏回族自治区村级视角的调研分析

    李瑾; 赵春江; 秦向阳; 袁学国; 张正


    [Objective] The establishment of rural information service system is a systematic engineering which is influenced by various elements such as national conditions, regional characteristics, rural economic and social development. In order to understand the status quo, the effect and key influencing factors of rural information service, address the key working and then explore a mechanism of sustainable development for rural information service in new rural construction, this paper gives an analysis of the effect evaluation and influencing factors of rural information service patterns in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. [Method]The paper constructed a comprehensive evaluation index system for rural information service, combined with AHP and Delphi method to determine the index weight, then measured and evaluated it with Liken Scales. And what is more, it selected four factors for a fitting analysis like GDP, farmers' culture quality, informatization input, net income per capita, network home rate, amount of information technology equipment per capita and information technology training person times seven factors of rural information service with the multiple linear regression model. [Result] The general level of information service was good from the sampled villages, farmers were satisfied with the content of information service and policy and legal guarantee. However, the evaluation on information capacities and construction of information resource were general according to these farmers. Rural information service was mainly relative to farmers culture quality, information input, amount of information technology equipment per capita and information technology training person times rather than GDP, net income per capita and network home rate. The more information input, the stronger the ability of farmers to accept the information, the better service effect. The more poverty backward area, the lower farmers' culture quality got, the better effect of information service

  4. 自恋的研究概述%Research Summary of Narcissism Zhao Zhiyu1 Ao Tianxia1,2

    赵志瑜; 敖天侠



  5. VizieR Online Data Catalog: Si and Ca high-velocity features in SNe Ia (Zhao+, 2015)

    Zhao, X.; Wang, X.; Maeda, K.; Sai, H.; Zhang, T.; Zhang, J.; Huang, F.; Rui, L.; Zhou, Q.; Mo, J.


    The spectral data used in our analysis are primarily taken from the CfA supernova program (Matheson et al. 2008, J/AJ/135/1598; Blondin et al. 2012, J/AJ/143/126), the Berkeley supernova program (Silverman et al. 2012,J/MNRAS/425/1789; 2012, J/MNRAS/425/1819), the Carnegie supernova project (CSP; Folatelli et al. 2013, J/ApJ/773/53), and our own database (L. Rui et al. 2015, in preparation). (4 data files).

  6. Source study of Zhao Bingnan's dermatological learning%赵炳南皮肤科学术渊源研究



    赵炳南是现代中医皮外科学的奠基者和开拓者,对中医皮肤科理论和临床作出了创造性的贡献.博大精深的中医学术体系,是赵炳南皮肤科学的知识源泉和发展的巨大推动力.在中医学基础理论的指导下,赵老对带状疱疹、丹毒、荨麻疹、系统性红斑狼疮等数十种皮肤病的古今病名、证候特点、治疗用药等进行了深入研究,澄清和最终确定了一些皮肤病的病名,规范了皮肤病证候,在中医皮肤科学界产生了很大影响,有一定的权威性.赵炳南皮肤科还广泛吸纳明清皮外科学和温病学成就,将、、等著名皮外科著作中有关阴阳辨证、走黄及许多皮外科疾病的诊疗方法 用于皮肤科临床,推动了现代中医皮肤科学的发展.赵老并将温病学卫气营血辨证理论、三焦湿热证按湿与热的多少分类而治的方法 率先用于皮肤科中,是温病学说成功用于皮肤病的典范.

  7. Corresponding author: ZHAO Suoqi. Tel: (010)89733743; E-mail:


    @@Direct catalytic oxidative conversion of light alkanes to alcohols using molecular oxygen as an oxidant is a challenging and important synthetical goal, which might be met by transition metal porphyrin complexes that are capable of forming active metal oxo intermediates via direct reaction with O2 in the presence of a co-reductant[1]. It was found that iron complexes of halogenated porphyrins were remarkably active catalysts for the hydroxylation of light alkanes by O2 without added co-reductants in an organic solvent such as benzene

  8. Commentary: Leveraging discovery science to advance child and adolescent psychiatric research--a commentary on Zhao and Castellanos 2016

    Mennes, M.


    'Big Data' and 'Population Imaging' are becoming integral parts of inspiring research aimed at delineating the biological underpinnings of psychiatric disorders. The scientific strategies currently associated with big data and population imaging are typically embedded in so-called discovery science,

  9. Sociological Momentum Of Medical Regulation ZHAO Rong%浅析医政执法的社会学基础




  10. TABLE OF CONTENTS and ABSTRACTS reprinted from ACTA PHYSICA SINICA,Vol.49,No.3 (2000)


    @@GENERALExplicit Travelling Wave Solutions to a Nonlinear Equa- tion……………… Zheng Yun, Zhang Hong-qing (391)A 13-Speed Lattice-Bhatnagar-Gross-Krook Model in Thermohydrodynamics Research……………… Li Hua- bing, Kong Ling-jiang, Liu Mu-ren, He Yun (397)Investigation of a Cellular Automaton Model for Com puter Network………………………………………… Yuan Jian, Ren Yong, Shan Xiu-ming (402)Predicting Low-Dimensional Chaotic Time Series Using Volterra Adaptive Filers……………………………………………… Zhang Jia-sbu, Xiao Xian-ci (408)Electronic Screening Effect in K3C60 Crystal…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Liu Hong, Chen Zong-zhang, Peng Jing-cui, Bai Xiao-jun (414)Section Rotations in η-ξ Spacetime and Direct Transfor mation Between Imaginary- and Real-Time Thermo Field Theories…………………………………… Gao Ya-jun, Gui Yuan-xing (420)3000 ATOMIC AND MOLECULAR PHYSICSApplication of Velocity-Modulation Laser Spectroscopy to the Diagnosis of Plasma………………………………………………………… Yang Xiao-hua, Chen Yang-qin, Cai Pei-pei, Wang Rong-jun, Lu Jing-jing (425)Anomalous Polarization in Coupled Quantum Dots . .. Xu Xiao-hua, Jiang Hao, Fu Rong-tang, Sun Xin (429)Structure and Fragmentation of Silicon Clusters:a Tight- Binding Study of Si2-Sil4………………………………………………………………………… Fa Wei, Luo Cheng-lin (434)4000 CLASSICAL AREAS OF PHENOMEN OLOGYQuantum Mechanical Channel and Quantum Mutual Entropy in the Two-Photon Jaynes-Cummings Model………………………………………… Fang Mao-fa, Liu Xiang ( 440 )Preparation of Many-Type Atomic Entangled States Via Atom-Cavity-Field Raman Interaction………………………………………………………… Song Ke-hui (444)The Transmission Characteristic of Airborne

  11. Jane Eyre, Past and Present Jane Eyre, d’hier à aujourd’hui

    Armelle Parey


    Full Text Available The present collection of articles along with a few additional contributions contains the proceedings of a conference held at the university of Caen Basse-Normandie, France in May 2004. Entitled “Jane Eyre, Past and Present”, its aim was to study the posterity of Charlotte Brontë’s novel and/or character since its publication in 1847. That two-thirds of the texts studied in this volume were published in the last decade of the twentieth century attests to the fact that rewriting has become a m...

  12. Art d’aujourd’hui, patrimoine de demain. Conservation et restauration des œuvres contemporaines

    Muriel Verbeeck-Boutin


    Full Text Available Paru, et c’est un tour de force, dans le temps même où débutait le colloque du même nom,  l’ouvrage met à disposition le texte des trente-neuf communications présentées à cette occasion. Les trois journées étaient consacrées à des thématiques diverses, illustrées par des orateurs venus de tous les horizons. La richesse des interventions et leur nombre ne nous permettront pas de nous arrêter à leur détail, et nous proposons ici une introduction, ainsi qu’un bref retour sur les échanges et disc...

  13. He Hui Whakatika: Culturally Responsive, Self Determining Interventions for Restoring Harmony

    Bateman, Sonja; Berryman, Mere


    The time has come for kaupapa Maori ideology and epistemology to move from the margins and claim legitimate space within the discipline of education. Kaupapa Maori ideology provides a dynamic framework within which Maori are better able to make meaning of the world and work for change. Increasingly, kaupapa Maori is being used to inform policies…

  14. Als de kat van huis is ... : zwerfkatten in Nederland: een inventarisatie

    Neijenhuis, F.; Niekerk, van T.G.C.M.


    Het doel van dit Wageningen UR Wetenschapswinkel-project is het inventariseren van de omvang van het zwerfkattenprobleem in Nederland, de karakteristieken van de problematiek, de betrokken stakeholders en de mogelijkheden voor aanpak van het zwerfkattenprobleem. Dit onderzoek is in opdracht van

  15. Leidende motieven bij decentralisatie. Discours, doelstelling en daad in het Huis van Thorbecke

    Raijmakers, Laurens Marie


    The subject of this thesis is the administrative relation between the levels of authority in the Netherlands. Focus of attention within this study is the distribution of administrative tasks and legislative power between government tiers. And more particular the way it has developed since the

  16. Dr. GUAN Zun-hui's Clinical Experience in Treating Simple Obesity by Acupuncture

    XIA Bo; XIAO Yuan-chun


    Objective The clinical effects of acupuncture and massaging abdomen with salt the treatment of simple obesity was observed. Methods: Eighty cases were randomized into two groups: treatment group in which 40 cases were treated by acupuncture and massaging abdomen with salt and control group in which another 40 cases were treated by conventional acupuncture. Their effects were observed and compared. Results: The clinical cure rate and marked effective rate in treatment group were significantly higher than in control group (P<0.01). Conclusion: The clinical effects in the treatment group are much better than those in the control group.

  17. Als de kat van huis is ... : zwerfkatten in Nederland: een inventarisatie

    Neijenhuis, F.; Niekerk, van T.G.C.M.


    Het doel van dit Wageningen UR Wetenschapswinkel-project is het inventariseren van de omvang van het zwerfkattenprobleem in Nederland, de karakteristieken van de problematiek, de betrokken stakeholders en de mogelijkheden voor aanpak van het zwerfkattenprobleem. Dit onderzoek is in opdracht van Stra

  18. Gas market is today strategical; Le marche du gaz est aujourd'hui strategique

    Darricarrere, Y.L. [Total, 92 - Courbevoie (France)


    The energy market, and in particular the gas market, is today seething with excitement. In France, in Europe and in the rest of the world, the energy stakes are in the center of preoccupations. This article is an interview of Y.L. Darricarrere, general director of the gas and electricity division of Total group, who explains his opinions about the opening of European and French energy markets, presents the ambitions of Total group on these markets, and comments some recent events of the European energy scene: concentration between gas and electric utilities, the Suez and Gaz de France (GdF) project of merger, the risks linked with the coming in of national companies from producing countries, like Gazprom and Sonatrach, on the European market, the restriction of access of foreign companies to hydrocarbon reserves in Russia and Latin America (come back of the 'energy nationalism'), Total's policy for anticipating the increase of the world energy demand and the depletion of fossil fuel reserves. (J.S.)

  19. Comment peut-on lire Ivan Hadjiiski aujourd’hui ?

    Svetla Koleva


    Full Text Available Présentation de deux textes d’Ivan Hadjiiski (1907-1944 : « Les racines historiques de nos traditions démocratiques » paru pour la première fois dans la Revue Philosophique/Filossofski pregled, 1937, 9/1 ; et « Traits atypiques du développement de notre société », paru dans Problèmes sociologiques/Sotziologitcheski problemi, 1986, n° 3, et publiés ici avec l’autorisation des tenants des droits d’auteur.How to read Ivan Hadjiiski today? Introduction to two Ivan Hajiisji’s textsPresentation of Ivan Hadjiiski’s two texts:"Historical roots of our democratic traditions", first published in Philosophical Journal/Filossofski pregled, 1937, 9/1, and "Atypical features of our society’s development" first published in Sociological Problems/Sotziologitcheski problemi, 1986, n° 3, which are published here with the kind authorization of copyright owners.¿Como se puede leer hoy Ivan Hadjiiski?Introducción y análisis de dos textos de Ivan Hadjiiski: "Las raíces históricas de nuestras tradiciones democráticas", publicado por primera vez en EstudioFilosófico/Filossofski pregled, 1937, 9/1, y "Aspectos inhabituales del desarrollo de la sociedad actual" publicado por primera vez en Problemas sociológicos/Sotziologitcheski problemi, 1986, n° 3, y aquí publicados con la amable autorización de los teniendos de los derechos de autor.

  20. Astronomie spatiale infrarouge, aujourd’hui et demain = Infrared space astronomy, today and tomorrow

    Lequeux, J; David, F


    This book brings together the lectures given at the Les Houches summer school "Infrared space astronomy, today and tomorrow". It gives a wide overview of infrared astronomy, a wavelength domain crucial for studies of the solar system, stars at the beginning and end of their lives, interstellar matter and galaxies at all distances. Recent developments in observational techniques have been tremendous. The first contributions give an introduction to the basic physical processes and methods of detection and data processing. They are followed by a series of lectures dealing with the wide variety of astronomical objects that can be seen in the infrared.

  1. Jean Pierre Poulain, Manger Aujourd’hui, Attitudes, normes et pratiques

    Virginie Amilien


    Full Text Available Le titre en soi révèle une connaissance approfondie de la recherche sur la consommation, puisque cette différence entre attitudes, normes et pratique est le point commun de la recherche occidentale sur les consommateurs. Après une mise en question des données et de leur interprétation complexe, l’auteur souligne que « L’acte alimentaire pour l’individu est beaucoup plus que le support de la fonction biologique de nutrition » (p. 16 « C’est un acte humain total à travers lequel se retrouvent ...

  2. Le probleme des valeurs a l'ecole française aujourd'hui

    Legrand, Louis


    Since the 1960s the French public school system has virtually abandoned the attempt to teach moral values, leaving students morally disoriented. The author finds this situation profoundly unhealthy and argues that schools have a responsibility to help in developing the ability of pupils to make moral choices and act accordingly. He rejects the rationalist view that science makes traditional morality unnecessary. At the same time, he recognizes the moral value of the scientific respect of truth and objectivity. He argues for a form of moral education which would inculcate respect for different points of view, cultural norms and religious beliefs, and which would not shy away from addressing morally important issues such as drag abuse, violence, sexuality, social justice, poverty, racism and environmental pollution.

  3. Dossier : L’Amérique militante aujourd’hui

    Sophie Vallas


    Full Text Available Les années 1960 et 70 ont vu le développement florissant d’un militantisme « tous azimuts », d’une mobilisation sans précédent des femmes, des Afro-Américains, des étudiants, des minorités sexuelles, qui a réussi à profondément modifier le paysage social, politique et culturel des Etats-Unis. Les mouvements sociaux et l’activisme politique de cette période ont déjà fait l’objet de nombreux travaux et d’abondantes recherches, et c’est pourquoi ce dossier se donne pour objet d’étude « L’Amériqu...

  4. Olfactory dysfunction in Alzheimer’s disease

    Zou YM


    Full Text Available Yong-ming Zou, Da Lu, Li-ping Liu, Hui-hong Zhang, Yu-ying Zhou Department of Neurology, Tianjin Huanhu Hospital, Tianjin, People’s Republic of China Abstract: Alzheimer’s disease (AD is a common neurodegenerative disorder with the earliest clinical symptom of olfactory dysfunction, which is a potential clinical marker for AD severity and progression. However, many questions remain unanswered. This article reviews relevant research on olfactory dysfunction in AD and evaluates the predictive value of olfactory dysfunction for the epidemiological, pathophysiological, and clinical features of AD, as well as for the conversion of cognitive impairment to AD. We summarize problems of existing studies and provide a useful reference for further studies in AD olfactory dysfunction and for clinical applications of olfactory testing. Keywords: olfactory dysfunction, Alzheimer’s disease, olfactory testing, progress

  5. Functionalized D-form self-assembling peptide hydrogels for bone regeneration

    He B


    Full Text Available Bin He,1 Yunsheng Ou,1 Ao Zhou,1 Shuo Chen,1 Weikang Zhao,1 Jinqiu Zhao,2 Hong Li,3 Yong Zhu,1 Zenghui Zhao,1 Dianming Jiang1 1Department of Orthopedics, 2Department of Infectious Diseases, The First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, Chongqing, People’s Republic of China; 3School of Physical Science and Technology, Sichuan University, Chengdu, People’s Republic of China Abstract: Bone defects are very common in orthopedics, and there is great need to develop suitable bone grafts for transplantation in vivo. However, current bone grafts still encounter some limitations, including limited availability, immune rejection, poor osteoinduction and osteoconduction, poor biocompatibility and degradation properties, etc. Self-assembling peptide nanofiber scaffolds have emerged as an important substrate for cell culture and bone regeneration. We report on the structural features (eg, Congo red staining, circular dichroism spectroscopy, transmission electron microscopy, and rheometry assays and osteogenic ability of D-RADA16-RGD peptide hydrogels (with or without basic fibroblast growth factor due to the better stability of peptide bonds formed by these peptides compared with those formed by L-form peptides, and use them to fill the femoral condyle defect of Sprague Dawley rat model. The bone morphology change, two-dimensional reconstructions using microcomputed tomography, quantification of the microcomputed tomography analyses as well as histological analyses have demonstrated that RGD-modified D-form peptide scaffolds are able to enhance extensive bone regeneration. Keywords: bone defect, functionalized D-form self-assembling peptide, D-RADA16-RGD, peptide hydrogel, bone regeneration

  6. The Study of Hou Yong's Film Cinematography%纪实之真与戏剧之魂——侯咏电影摄影风格探究

    高志丹; 王雨栽



  7. 如何看待王朔与金庸的论争%How to Treat the Controversy between WANG Shuo and JIN Yong




  8. Safe and efficient mining technology in YONG 22 sour gas reservoir%永22含硫气藏安全高效开采工艺

    韦雅珍; 崔金榜; 侯庆春; 任宝玉


    针对华北油田含硫气藏的开采需要,通过深入研究华北油田含硫气藏的特点和各种排水采气工艺的适用性,开展了防止硫化氢中毒、防止硫化氢腐蚀的技术研究,进行了修井完井工艺管柱设计、采气工艺设计、安全控制系统设计,建立了一套比较完善的保证措施.研究出一套适合本油田含硫化氢气田的开发方案,为后期开发探索出一条可行的途径.%The features of hydrogen sulfide gas contained reservoirs in Huabei Oilfield and applicability of all kinds of gas drainage technologies were studied by using of systems engineering principles. Hydrogen sulfide poisoning prevention and anti -corrosion techniques were explored. Workover and completion string design process, gas production design as well as safety control system design were conducted and a set of comprehensive assurance measures have been built based on it. A develop-ment program suitable for developing hydrogen sulfide gas contained filed was established and it will be a feasible way for later development.

  9. Study on the Foie Gras production of YongKang Grey Goose%永康灰鹅肥肝生产初探

    麻延峰; 王宏艳; 严晗光; 周文仙


    总结并分析了目前永康灰鹅肥肝生产过程中存在的一些问题,初步探讨了鹅肥肝形成过程中脂肪代谢的机理及其主要影响因素,并对永康灰鹅的肥肝产业提出了相应的对策与展望,以求促进该产业的稳步健康发展.%This paper summarized and analyzed the problems in current Yongkang Goose foie gras production, and discussed the formation process of the mechanism of fat metabolism and the major influencing factors, and put forward the corresponding countermeasures and prospect for the development of the industry so as to promote the stable and healthy development of the industry.

  10. Discussion on Prohibition Against Alcoholic Drinks --Discussion with YANG Yong%论禁酒相关问题——兼与杨永先生商榷



    通过对中外禁酒历史及其深层次原因的分析,指出禁酒并不是酒文化发展的常态。大规模禁酒已不现实,但世界卫生组织等国际组织在相关领域的活动,会使酒业发展面临一些新的问题和挑战。%Through the analysis of wine prohibition history at home and abroad and its deep-seated reasons, it was pointed out that prohibition is not the normal behaviour in the development of wine culture and a large-scale prohibition is not realistic, however, the activities carried out by .WHO and other international organizations in this field will bring new problems and challenges to the development of wine-making industry. (Tran. by YUE Yang)

  11. On the Tendency of "Misogyny" in the Novels of Bai Xian-yong%试论白先勇小说中的"厌女症"倾向

    曹芳; 周俊伟



  12. A Poetic Interpretation of Ode to the Beauty in Black by CAI Yong%蔡邕《青衣赋》的诗学解读

    黄萍; 杨齐



  13. A Brief Discussion on Cultivation of Yong Talents for Petroleum Companies%石油企业青年人才培养刍议



    Human resource is the first resource,and the young talents are the most potential and active part in human resources and are the first resource in the future sustainable development of the enterprises.The quality of the young talents will decide the success or failure of the petroleum companies.Due to the effect of number of factors,the petroleum companies still have some problems and drawbacks in the cultivation of young talents.In order to cultivate and create a team of young talents for the development of the petroleum enterprises in the new era,the pe-troleum companies must adopt practical measures,such as establishing a proper talent stimulating mechanism,truly addressing the living diffi-culties of the young people,creating a favorable environment for the growth of the young talents,tutoring and improving the training courses, etc.%人才资源是第一资源,青年人才是人才资源中最富有潜力和活力的部分,是企业未来可持续发展的重要资源。青年人才的素质高低决定着石油企业的兴衰和成败。由于受多种因素的影响,石油企业在青年人才培养方面还存在着一些问题和不足。石油企业要培养和打造一支适应新时期企业发展的高素质青年人才队伍,就必须采取切实可行的对策,如建立合理的青年人才激励机制,切实解决青年人才的生活困难,创造青年人才成长的良好环境,建立导师带徒制和提高培训针对性等。

  14. 马勇教授治疗神经根型颈椎病经验%Experience of Treatment for Cervical Spondylotic Radiculopathy by Professor Ma Yong

    马少华; 李同林


    The experience of Professor Ma in treating cervical spondylotic radiculopathy emphasizes the umpire for syndrome differentia-tion,or kidney or spleen,or liver,or from the wind and dampness. Common empirical formula is Xiangbikang. Common couplet medi-cines:Fuzi-Ganjiang-Guizhi;Guizhi-Gegen-Shaoyao;Huangqi-Guizhi;Huangqi-Danggui-Jixueteng;Fuzi-Yinyanghuo.%马勇教授治疗神经根型颈椎病,注重审因辨证,或治肾,或治脾,或治肝,或治从风寒湿。常用经验方项痹康,常用药对有:附子-干姜-桂枝;桂枝-葛根-芍药;黄芪-桂枝;黄芪-当归-鸡血藤;附子-淫羊藿。

  15. "Centuries of American Women Poets" - Ann Bradstreet, Emily Dickinson, Emma Lazarus, Louise Bogan, Sylvia Plath, Ann Saxton, Diane Wakoski, Alice Walker, Erica Yong and Maya Angelou

    Pop Zarieva, Natalija


    Презентацијата претставуваше осврт на неколку од најпознатите американски поетеси од перспектива на 21ви век. Беа претставени нивните животни патишта, но и нивниот поетски опус со анализа на некои од нивните најпознати поеми и изреки.

  16. Sampling times and genotyping concerns in bioequivalence evaluation of branded and generic formulations

    Zhao XY


    Full Text Available Xiao-Ying Zhao,1 Hui-Min Xu,2 Quan Zhou2 1The Medical Ethics Committee, 2Department of Pharmacy, The Second Affiliated Hospital, School of Medicine, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, People's Republic of ChinaWe read with great interest the study by Del Tacca et al,1 who performed a comparative pharmacokinetic (PK and pharmacodynamic (PD evaluation of branded and generic formulations of meloxicam in healthy male subjects, and concluded that the two products can be used interchangeably in clinical practice. We especially appreciate their exploratory study on the PD/PK relationship which provides an important reference for bioequivalence studies of analgesics. However, we found two points worthy of discussion and we would like to share our perspectives in the following paragraphs.View original paper by Del Tacca and colleagues.

  17. The on-orbit calibration of geometric parameters of the Tian-Hui 1 (TH-1) satellite

    Wang, Jianrong; Wang, Renxiang; Hu, Xin; Su, Zhongbo


    The on-orbit calibration of geometric parameters is a key step in improving the location accuracy of satellite images without using Ground Control Points (GCPs). Most methods of on-orbit calibration are based on the self-calibration using additional parameters. When using additional parameters, different number of additional parameters may lead to different results. The triangulation bundle adjustment is another way to calibrate the geometric parameters of camera, which can describe the changes in each geometric parameter. When triangulation bundle adjustment method is applied to calibrate geometric parameters, a prerequisite is that the strip model can avoid systematic deformation caused by the rate of attitude changes. Concerning the stereo camera, the influence of the intersection angle should be considered during calibration. The Equivalent Frame Photo (EFP) bundle adjustment based on the Line-Matrix CCD (LMCCD) image can solve the systematic distortion of the strip model, and obtain high accuracy location without using GCPs. In this paper, the triangulation bundle adjustment is used to calibrate the geometric parameters of TH-1 satellite cameras based on LMCCD image. During the bundle adjustment, the three-line array cameras are reconstructed by adopting the principle of inverse triangulation. Finally, the geometric accuracy is validated before and after on-orbit calibration using 5 testing fields. After on-orbit calibration, the 3D geometric accuracy is improved to 11.8 m from 170 m. The results show that the location accuracy of TH-1 without using GCPs is significantly improved using the on-orbit calibration of the geometric parameters.

  18. Islamism and Hui Nationality Costume and Culture%伊斯兰教与回族服饰文化




  19. Essai sur le don d'ovocytes : questionnements éthiques dans le monde d’aujourd’hui

    Chevallier, Betty,


    Reproductive technology, in particular oocyte or egg donation, upsets the meaning of parenthood and raises questions about the circumstances surrounding those who decide to have a child by means of this technology. A woman using egg donation must come to grips with questions such as the meaning of life, and what it means to be a mother. But it also requires that society become aware of what is morally acceptable. Is it morally acceptable for the egg donor to give her eggs to anotherwoman who ...

  20. 影视人类学与当代回族研究%Visual Anthropology and the Hui Current Studies




  1. Le théâtre hindi aujourd'hui : scnénographie des cultures et du langage


    After a brief presentation of the history of the Hindi theatre and the relation between the plays staged in theater halls and the folk performances, the chapter deals with two playwriters whose dramatic language has introduced, at the national as well as international level, a palpable renewal. One of them is Habib Tanveer, recently disappeared (June 2009), whom one could roughly situate as a legator of the progressive Indian Popular Theatre Association and militant theatre, the other one est...

  2. Europinė semiotika šiandien | Sémiotique européenne d’aujourd’hui

    Kęstutis Nastopka


    Full Text Available Dans le champ sémiotique, deux approches épistémologiques se distinguent : sémiotique européenne et sémiotique américaine. La sémiotique européenne, issue de la théorie du signe linguistique de Ferdinand de Saussure, dans les années 1960 voit se former deux écoles indépendantes : celle de Paris (de Greimas et celle de Tartou-Moscou (de Lotman.La sémiotique dite « standard » de Greimas présente une théorie du discours envisagé comme un tout de signification. En comprenant la signification comme un processus, Greimas décrit les transformations des significations d’après le modèle du discours mythique élaboré par Vladimir Propp. Le monde est traité comme discontinu et composé d’oppositions. Dans les années 1980 l’école greimassienne passe de la sémiotique de faire à celle d’état, de la discontinuité à la continuité, de l’objet au sujet, de l’énoncé à l’énonciation. Dans la sémiotique des passions au centre du programme narratif se trouve une compétence modale du sujet. Ces derniers temps, parmi les héritiers de Greimas, à côté de la sémiotique tensive qui choisit un métalangage savant et des schématisations un peu arides, apparaît une sémiotique esthésique, issue de De l’imperfection de Greimas.Le concept de systèmes modelants secondaires est devenu une sorte d’emblème de l’école de Tartou. Ce terme détermine des structures communicatives différentes, organisées d’après le modèle des signes linguistiques. A la recherche d’un métalangage scientifique, commun aux diverses disciplines humaines, on s’oriente vers la linguistique structurale et la théorie de l’information. Autour de l’année 1980, dans la sémiotique de Lotman la conception du texte commeune manifestation de la langue est changée par celle du texte qui produit sa propre langue. Le texte est considéré non plus comme un systéme autonome, synchronique mais comme un énoncé, inséparable de la mémoire d’énonciation. De la description des systèmes modelants secondaires on se tourne vers la sémiotique de culture. Le bornage des frontières et la discontinuité sont traités comme des éléments essentiels de la sémiosphère, c’est-à-dire, de l’espace où se réalise la sémiosis.Dans l’article, c’est le choix épistémologique qui est considéré comme une pierre d’achoppement d’un accord entre la sémiotique européenne et celle américaine. Les uns comprennent la signification comme une certaine structure mentale (signifié ou comme un ensemble des traits sémantiques (intension, les autres la conçoivent comme un référent non-linguistique ou comme un ensemble des objets du monde extérieur (extension. La brèche entre l’intension et l’extension peut être remplie par l’instance de l’énonciation. Entre la perception et la signification s’intercale le langage comme une visée intentionnelle du monde. En examinant le rapport entre deux sémiotiques on a recours à l’ouvrage d’Umberto Eco Kant et l’ornithorynque et au roman Le secret du professeur Amfortas d’Eero Tarasti.

  3. La Bob Jones University : hier et aujourd’hui Bob Jones University : Past and Present

    Mokhtar Ben Barka


    Full Text Available This article examines the separatist beliefs and practices at Bob Jones University. Firstly, it shows that despite the recent changes, this institution still represents the old face of fundamentalist higher education. Secondly, this essay focuses on the controversy around Republican candidate George W. Bush’s appearance at Bob Jones University.

  4. De geest in dit huis is liefderijk: het leven en De Werkplaats van Kees Boeke (1884-1966)

    Hooghiemstra, D.A.


    De christen-pacifist Kees Boeke (1884-1966) wordt wel ‘onderwijshervormer’ genoemd maar hij beoogde niet minder dan de stichting van een nieuwe wereld. Toen de poging om die gemeenschap te stichten mislukte, besloot Boeke een school te stichten waar de ‘nieuwe wereld’ van de grond af opgebouwd moest

  5. Penser les Balkans aujourd'hui : l’orientalisme, le balkanisme, et la question de la modernité

    Vladimir Milisavljević


    Full Text Available This paper aims at investigating the positions of the Balkans in ourcontemporary world in its continuous change – for instance the rapidEuropeanization for the protection of a common inheritance of Balkancountries. Moreover, this historical heritage is sometimes presented as a simple burden that should be overcome: the name Balkan has negative connotations, being associated with violence or primitivism. The criticism of this type of derogatory discourse called « Balkanism » is built on the deconstruction of Orientalism as initiated in the 70’s by Edward Said. In this paper, we will analyze the various types of possible objections to this Balkan approach (the absence of a colonial past, the non-existence of a « Balkan » academic tradition, the Balkan preciseness as opposed to the Oriental vagueness, as well as their not purely « oriental », yet undetermined character. Furthermore I will present the arguments in favour of another way of interpreting the Balkans which consists in the understanding of thenarrower relation between European modernity and history.

  6. Sarah Mombin, Michèle Rossellini (dir.), Usages des vies. Le biographique hier et aujourd’hui (xviie-

    Crépel, Pierre


    Histoire et biographie ont partie liée de mille façons. De Plutarque à Paris-Match, en passant par La Vie de Beethoven de Romain Rolland et le monumental Dictionary of Scientific Biography, dirigé par C.C. Gillispie (1970-1980), on voit bien que la biographie ne se limite pas à un seul « genre ». Les hommes politiques en vue, les historiens, les romanciers, les psychanalystes, les académiciens, les journalistes, les érudits locaux, les « savants sur le retour », ont tous leurs façons d’écrire...

  7. Parent Education in Canada: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow = L'education parentale au Caanda: Hier, aujourd'hui et demain.

    Skrypnek, Berna J.


    Reviews the history of parent education in Canada, describes the current scene, and identifies directions for future development of parent education policy and programming. (Contains 40 references.) (JOW)

  8. L’insularité aujourd’hui : entre mythes et réalités

    Thierry Nicolas


    Full Text Available De nombreuses études, dans des domaines variés (économie, statistiques, géographie…, s’attachent en effet à saisir les contraintes que fait peser la géographie sur la réussite économique des îles. Pour la plupart d’entre elles, l’insularité se présente comme une donnée négative qui génère une série de handicaps difficilement surmontables (exiguïté du territoire, faible peuplement, surcoûts, etc.. Cependant les perspectives de développement de ces territoires isolés en permanence par la mer, dotés de possibilités réduites en termes d’espace, de ressources naturelles ou humaines, ou de taille de marché, ne sont pas systématiquement vouées à l’échec.Numerous studies in various fields (economics, statistics, geography, etc., have attempted to define  the constraints posed by geographic reality on the economic success of the islands. For the most part , these studies present insularity as a handicap difficult to overcome  (limited territorial extent, sparse population, higher costs, etc.. Nevertheless the development prospects of these territories permanently isolated by the sea, with reduced opportunities in terms of space, natural resources or human, or market size, are not necessarily doomed to failure

  9. Think the future to act now; Penser l'avenir pour agir aujourd'hui



    The object of the club 'Energy, prospective and discussions', created in september 1998, is to provide the continuity of the engaged works in the commission 'Energy 2010-2020' and to understand the ideas evolution. The technical progress, the institutions, the shock of the societies and the cultures, of the nature, the world-wide, lead every day to forecasting, which are guidelines for the public decisions, more and more risky. This complexity analysis is needed for a long-dated energy policy. Thus the club analysed and compared the long-dated and international scenario; made the transfer of the information on the development concerning the energy and the environment; defined subjects of discussion; begun and managed scientific studies. This progress report presents the proceedings of the first year of the club. (A.L.B.)

  10. Faire ses courses au Vietnam aujourd’hui : quand les supermarchés touchent aux sens1.

    Figuié, Muriel; Bricas, Nicolas


    Les changements rapides du système agro-alimentaire vietnamien, avec notamment le développement de la grande distribution, s’accompagnent d’un changement des modes de qualification des aliments. La vue devient un sens dominant pour évaluer la qualité des produits, alors que le toucher, l’odorat, le goût, voire l’ouïe, étaient largement mobilisés autrefois. La distanciation (physique et cognitive) qui s’opère entre les mangeurs et les produits qu’ils achètent est une façon de lire la modernisa...

  11. Dakhlia Jocelyne, Islamicités, Paris, PUF (Coll. Sociologie d’aujourd’hui, 2005, 161 p.

    Élisabeth Longuenesse


    Full Text Available De livre en livre, c’est le même souci de restituer leur historicité aux sociétés musulmanes qui guide Jocelyne Dakhlia. Dans Le Divan des Rois, elle remettait en question la vision réductrice d’une indissociation du politique et du religieux dans l’Islam et montrait au contraire la grande diversité de leur relation dans l’histoire, la multiplicité des formes qu’ont pu prendre débats et conflits entre souverain et sujets. Dans L’empire des passions, sorti peu avant le présent ouvrage, elle re...

  12. The Study of Zhao Xiaoshi's Film Cinematography%追寻那一抹时代的气息——赵晓时电影摄影研究

    李力; 李乐雅



  13. mHealth Series: mHealth project in Zhao County, rural China – Description of objectives, field site and methods

    Michelle Helena van Velthoven


    Full Text Available We set up a collaboration between researchers in China and the UK that aimed to explore the use of mHealth in China. This is the first paper in a series of papers on a large mHealth project part of this collaboration. This paper included the aims and objectives of the mHealth project, our field site, and the detailed methods of two studies.

  14. 革命先驱李大钊眼中的第一次世界大战%The First World War View of Li Da-zhao

    蒋红艳; 胡明辉



  15. Correction: Zhao, J., et al. Pharmacokinetics of Ginkgolide B after Oral Administration of Three Different Ginkgolide B Formulations in Beagle Dogs. Molecules 2015, 20, 20031-20041.

    Zhao, Jie; Geng, Ting; Wang, Qi; Si, Haihong; Sun, Xiaoping; Guo, Qingming; Li, Yanjing; Huang, Wenzhe; Ding, Gang; Xiao, Wei


    The authors wish to correct the funding projects number of "Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province" in the Acknowledgments section of this paper [1]: The correct funding projects number should be "No. BK20130403", not "No. BK2013403".[...].

  16. Study on basic histopathology of kidney in trionyx sinensis ZHAO Wan-peng%鳖肾脏的基本病理组织学初步观察




  17. 论赵玫对波伏瓦形象的书写%An Analysis of the Image of Simone de Beauvoir in Zhao Mei' s Writings

    王芳; 吴岳添



  18. 生存困境的审美揭示--赵淑侠小说透视%The Esthetic Representation of Bleak Existence in Zhao Shuxia's Fictions




  19. 李大钊研究述评(2010-2014)%Review on the Study of LI Da-zhao(2010-2014)



    The research of Li Dazhao is an important topic in the academic circle. From 2010 to 2014, the a-cademic circles have achieved remarkable progress in the study of Li Dazhao's life, revolutionary activities and thought theory, but there are some deficiencies and shortcomings. The author reviewed the important achieve-ments of Li Dazhao's research in the theory circle and the academic circles in the past five years, in order to promote the further development and deepening of the research in this field.%李大钊研究是理论界和学术界重要的研究课题,2010年至2014年的五年间,理论界和学术界对李大钊生平、革命活动及思想理论等方面的研究取得了显著进展,也有一定的不足与缺憾,对这五年来理论界和学术界关于李大钊研究的重要成果进行梳理与评述,以期推动这一领域研究的进一步发展与深化。


    赵尔宓; 张学文; 赵蕙; 王鹰岩


    @@ 本名录摘自2000年在台湾出版的之十一:Zhao Ermi(赵尔宓), Chang Hsueh-Wen(张学文), and Zhao Hui(赵蕙)编著"Taxonomic Bibliography of Chinese Amphibia and Reptilia, including Karyological Literature"(中国两栖纲和爬行纲动物分类学文献,包括核学文献) 一书215~238页.该书中此名录部分有美国康乃尔大学鹰岩(Kraig Adler)教授参与合作完成.由于原书印数有限,成本较高(其中一部分从台湾航空寄来,寄费高过印刷费),加以原书名录没有阶元的中文名称,对于一些不熟悉拉丁学名的业余爱好者使用困难,因此目前将该书名录部分重印,并加入中文名称,发表于杂志.

  1. On-call x-rays made easy AN Au-Yong On-call x-rays made easy , Amy Au-Yong and Nigel Broderick Churchill Livingstone Elsevier £21.99 304pp 9780702034459 0702034452 [Formula: see text].


    DesigneD for clinicians involved in the management of acutely ill patients, this book enables them to recognise quickly the appearance of life-threatening conditions. It also concentrates on the interpretation of plain chest and abdominal images.

  2. 2000年总目次


    )Application of Linear Spectral Mixture Analysis to Extracting Areca Thematic Information from SPOT Image XU Jun, LI Ce, HUANG Xuan ( 59 )Study on the Preprocessing Techniques of Multi-temporal ERS-2 SAR Images Being Used in Crops Classification ZAHNG Rong-qun, ZHANG Wei, YUAN Zhi-long ( 62 ) Application of GIS to Controlling Total Mass for the Land-based Pollutants Discharged into Bay ZHAO Dong-zhi, ZHAO Ling, ZHANG Feng-shou ( 67 ) Discussion of Several Problems on GPS Researches WANG Rang-hui, ZHANG Hui-zhi ( 70 )

  3. A New Operating System for Security Tagged Architecture Hardware in Support of Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS) Compliant System


    implemented to prevent high-level attacks, such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting. According to Yong and Horwitz [Yong03], their approach is a...tool identifies unsafe pointers. According to Yong and Horwitz [Yong03], a pointer will be identified as an unsafe pointer when (1) the pointer refers...Yong and S. Horwitz . Protecting C programs from attacks via invalid pointer dereferences. In Proceedings of the 11th ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on

  4. Validation study of the modified injection technique for internal mammary sentinel lymph node biopsy in breast cancer

    Cong BB


    Full Text Available Bin-Bin Cong,1,2,* Xiao-Shan Cao,1,2,* Peng-Fei Qiu,1 Yan-Bing Liu,1 Tong Zhao,1 Peng Chen,1 Chun-Jian Wang,1 Zhao-Peng Zhang,1 Xiao Sun,1 Yong-Sheng Wang1 1Breast Cancer Center, Shandong Cancer Hospital and Institute, 2School of Medicine and Life Sciences, Jinan University-Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences, Jinan, Shandong, People’s Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this study Abstract: According to the hypothesis of internal mammary sentinel lymph node (IM-SLN lymphatic drainage pattern, a modified radiotracer injection technique (periareolar intraparenchyma, high volume, and ultrasonographic guidance was established. To verify the accuracy of the hypothesis and validate the modified radiotracer injection technique and to observe whether the lymphatic drainage of the whole breast parenchyma could reach to the same IM-SLN, different tracers were injected into different locations of the breast. The validation study results showed that the correlation and the agreement of the radiotracer and the fluorescence tracer are significant (case-base, rs =0.808, P<0.001; Kappa =0.79, P<0.001. It proved that the lymphatic drainage from different location of the breast (the primary tumor, the subareolar plexus reached the same IM-SLNs and the hypothesis of IM-SLN lymphatic drainage pattern (ie, IM-SLN receives lymphatic drainage from not only the primary tumor area, but also the entire breast parenchyma. In other words, it validated the accuracy of our modified radiotracer injection technique. Keywords: breast cancer, internal mammary, sentinel lymph node biopsy, visualization rate

  5. Interpretation of the "Deciphering":An Offbeat Preface to Zhao Xiaoshengs Deciphering BACH ("jiemi" de "jiedu":lingyizhong xu-wei Zhao Xiaosheng《BACH jiemi 》erzuo)%"解密"的"解读":另一种序——为赵晓生《BACH解密》而作



    @@ 题解 "解密"无疑是赵晓生先生的大作①的略写.但是,为何"解密"需要引号?进而"解读"也加上引号? "BACH"解密有两层意思,一是对巴赫音乐的解密,另一是对"B A C H"结构的解密.然而,历史文献显示,巴赫本人没有对其音乐做过诠释,不像勋伯格那样有自己十二音体系的理论,以及赵晓生先生创建"太极作曲"的思想.

  6. The Origin of Tianjin and LI Da-zhao Thought---LI Da-zhao and Northern School of Political Science and Law%天津与李大钊思想的起源--《李大钊与北洋法政学堂》读后



    Li Dazhao and the Northern School of Political Science and Law taking Li Dazhao's studying and social activities as the center, explores and studies on the formation of Li Dazhao thought on the rule of law and social conduct deeply, and enriches thought of rule of law under socialism with Chinese characteristics and legal modernization theory, which is instructive to enhance public awareness of constitution, construct so-cialism country under the rule of law, and improve the national governance capacity, as well as study the his-tory of the early establishment of Communist and spread of Marxism.%《李大钊与北洋法政学堂》一书以李大钊在津求学及社会活动为中心,对李大钊法治和社会思想的形成进行了深入的探索与研究,丰富了有中国特色社会主义法治思想和法制现代化理论,对于增强公众宪法意识、建设社会主义法治国家、提高国家治理能力,以及研究中共早期成立史和马克思主义传播史均有一定启发意义。

  7. Imaging the Heart of Our Galaxy

    Kohler, Susanna


    New radio images of the center of the Milky Way are providing an unprecedented view of the structure and processes occurring in the Galactic center.JVLA images of Sgr A at 5.5 GHz. The large-scale, bright ring structure is Sgr A East, a supernova remnant. The mini-spiral structure along the lower-right edge of the ring is Sgr A West, and Sgr A* is located near the center of the mini-spiral structure. Click for a closer look! [Zhao et al. 2016]Improved Radio ViewA recent study led by Jun-Hui Zhao (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics) presents new images of the Galactic center using the Jansky Very Large Array (JVLA) at 5.5 GHz. The images center on the radio-bright zone at the core of our galaxy, with the field of view covering the central 13 of the Milky Way equivalent to a physical size of ~100 light-years.Due to recent hardware and software improvements in the VLA, these images are much deeper than any previously obtained of the Galactic center, reaching an unprecedented 100,000:1 dynamic range. Not only do these observations provide a detailed view of previously known structures within the Sagittarius A radio complex in the Milky Ways heart, but they also reveal new features that can help us understand the processes that formed this bright complex.Features in Sagittarius ASgr A consists of three main components nested within each other: the supernova remnant Sgr A East, the mini-spiral structure Sgr A West (located off-center within the Sgr A East structure), and the compact radio source Sgr A* (located near the center of the mini-spiral). Sgr A* is the supermassive black hole that resides at the very center of the Milky Way.The newest JVLA images reveal numerous filamentary sources that trace out two radio lobes, oriented nearly perpendicular to the Galactic plane and ~50 light-years in size. These are smaller radio counterparts to the enormous (on the scale of 30,000 light-years!) gamma-ray Fermi bubbles that have been observed to extend from the

  8. Research progress on criteria for discontinuation of EGFR inhibitor therapy

    Zhuang HQ


    Full Text Available Hong-qing Zhuang, Zhi-yong Yuan, Jun Wang, Ping Wang, Lu-jun Zhao, Bai-lin ZhangDepartment of Radiotherapy, Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute and Hospital, Tianjin Key Laboratory of Cancer Prevention and Therapy, Tianjin Lung Cancer Center, Tianjin, People's Republic of ChinaAbstract: The clinical success of the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKI as therapeutic agents has prompted great interest in their further development and clinical testing for a wide variety of malignancies. However, most studies have focused on the efficacy of TKI, and few studies have been done on the criteria for their discontinuation. The current standard for drug discontinuation is “until progression”, based on change in tumor size. However, tumor size is not related to the gene expression which determines the efficacy of TKI in the final analysis, and it is also difficult to make a thorough and correct prediction based on tumor size when the TKI is discontinued. Nevertheless, clinical evaluation of the criteria for TKI discontinuation is still in its early days. Some promising findings have started to emerge. With the improving knowledge of EGFR and its inhibitors, it is expected that the criteria for discontinuation of EGFR inhibitor therapy will become clearer.Keywords: epidermal growth factor receptor, drug discontinuation, acquired drug-resistance

  9. Pirfenidone-loaded liposomes for lung targeting: preparation and in vitro/in vivo evaluation

    Meng H


    Full Text Available Hui Meng, Yong XuDepartment of Pharmaceuticals, 85th People’s Liberation Army Hospital, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China Background: The purpose of this study was to develop novel pirfenidone (PFD-loaded liposomes for targeting to the lung.Methods: The liposomes were prepared by the film hydration method, and their in vitro/vivo characteristics were evaluated.Results: The PFD liposomes appeared visually as green to yellowish suspensions and were spherical in shape. The particle size was 582.3±21.6 nm and the entrapment efficiency was relatively high (87.2%±5.7%. The liposomes showed typical sustained and prolonged drug-release behavior in vitro and fitted well with the Weibull distribution equation. The relatively slower time taken to reach a minimal plasma PFD concentration in vivo suggests that PFD liposomes have a sustained-release profile, which is consistent with the results of the in vitro release study. The PFD liposomes showed the largest area under the curve for the lung. The high distribution of PFD achieved in the lungs using this liposomal formulation may be explained by physical entrapment of the liposomes in the vascular network of the lung. Histopathological results indicated that liposomal PFD could alleviate pathological injury in lung tissue.Conclusion: This liposomal formulation can enable sustained release of PFD and increase targeting to the lung. Keywords: pirfenidone, liposomes, lung targeting, in vivo, histopathological 

  10. On the Face: Lian and Mian%中外论面子:脸与面



    There are many scholars both at home and abroad who have done great scientific research on the concept of Mian Zi or face in English, scholars like HU Xian-jin, Goffman, HE You-hui, Brown&Levison, CHENG Zhong-ying, GAO Yong-ping. However, even up to now, the scholars still have not reached a consensus on the concept of Mian Zi or face. On the discussion of Mian Zi or face, it is actually the deep analysis towards the notion of Lian and Mian.%胡先晋、Golfman、何友晖、Brown&Levison、成中英、高永平等学者们对于面子研究很多,但截止到目前,学者们对于面子的定义也是各执一言。有关面子的论述,其实就是对“脸”和“面”概念的深层次剖析问题。

  11. JiaZhang Dui ErTong FaZhan TongBan GuanXi De ZuoYong (The Role of Parents in the Development of Peer Group Competence). ERIC Digest.

    Moore, Shirley G.

    Among studies that have examined the relationship between parenting styles and children's development of social skills, the research of Diana Baumrind is noteworthy. In several studies, she has identified authoritarian, permissive, and authoritative parenting styles, which differ on the dimensions of nurturance and parental control. Authoritarian…

  12. Experimental study of chitosan on vital pulpotomy in primary teeth SHANG Jia-jian, GE Li-hua, LIU Xiao-yong,%壳聚糖用于乳牙活髓切断的实验研究

    尚佳健; 葛丽华; 刘晓勇; 赵宝荣; 牛景路; 杨圣辉


    目的 研究壳聚糖作为乳牙活髓切断盖髓剂的作用效果和反应,为研制生物型乳牙活髓保存剂奠定实验基础.方法 壳聚糖生物反应性实验:新西兰兔6只,随机选择背部一侧肌肉植入壳聚糖试条,另一侧植入氢氧化钙试条,分别于术后1、2、4周处死动物,取植入物及周边组织行组织病理学检查.壳聚糖乳牙盖髓实验:5月龄小型猪8头,以双侧上、下颌乳磨牙为实验牙,共32颗,行活髓切断术;随机选择一侧乳磨牙16颗用壳聚糖盖髓;对侧同名牙用氢氧化钙糊剂盖髓.分别于术后1、2、4、8周处死动物,取实验牙及周边组织行组织病理学观察.结果 壳聚糖生物反应性实验:4周时壳聚糖周围组织炎症反应减弱,纤维包裹变薄;氢氧化钙周围炎症反应变化不大,纤维包裹仍然较厚.壳聚糖乳牙盖髓实验:壳聚糖盖髓组可见修复性牙本质的形成.与氢氧化钙相比,壳聚糖盖髓后牙本质桥的形成早、速度快,且不引起浅表牙髓组织的坏死.结论 壳聚糖作为乳牙活髓切断盖髓剂效果明显,生物相容性好,可促进修复性牙本质形成,有临床应用前景.%Objective To investigate the use of chitosan as pulp-capping agent on vital pulpotomy of primary teeth. Methods Two groups of animals were used in this test, rabbits and miniature pigs. In group one, chitosan pastes were randomly implanted into one side of the back muscles of 6 New Zealand rabbits. The other sides of the back muscles were used as control group with implantation of calcium hydroxide pastes. The rabbits were then sacrificed 1, 2, and 4 weeks after the implantation. Histological changes were observed on these rabbits. The second group consisted of 8 fivemonth old miniature pigs. One side of the 16 primary teeth was randomly selected as test group and chitosan used as pulp capping agent. The opposite side of the primary teeth served as control group and calcium hydroxide paste used as pulp capping agent. The miniature pigs were then sacrificed 1,2,4 and 8 weeks after operation, and histological changes were observed. Results Tissue inflammatory reaction around chitosan was decreased 4 weeks after implantation, and the fibrous enwrapping became thin. The inflammation reaction around calcium hydroxide exhibited little change, and the fibrous enwrapping was still relatively thick. Restorative dentin formation was observed in chitosan group. Compared with calcium hydroxide, chitosan exhibited better biocompatibility. In chitosan capped teeth, the dentin bridge formed sooner and faster without causing superficial pulp tissue necrosis. Conclusion Chitosan can promote dentin formation and is suitable for pulpotomy as capping agent.

  13. 匠心独运写离别——论柳永的离别词%Expressing the Feelings of Parting with His Own Originality——On Farewell Poem Written by Liu Yong




  14. The Clinical Observation on Different Coblation Tonsil Lectomy Methods in Yong Children with Chronic Tonsillar Hypertrophy%低龄儿童扁桃体不同等离子手术方式的疗效观察

    杨素娜; 窦训武


    Objective:To compare the influences of intraoperative and postoperative in young children with different coblation tonsillectomy methods. Method:120 patients with chornic tonsillar hypertrophy were randomly divided into three groups,coblation plus single tonsillectomy(single group),coblation plus tissue volume reduction(reduction group),coblation plus partial intracapsular tonsillectomy(partial group).The operation time,blood loss,postoperative pain and return to normal diet time were evaluated.All the patients were followed up for 1 months to 1 year after operation.Result:After the operation,all symptoms of upper respiratory tract obstruction disappeared.The operation time,blood loss,and postoperative pain of coblation were significantly less.The intracapsular tonsillectomy in partial group had lower recurrence rate than the other 2 groups.Conclusion:Coblation treatment of partial tonsillectomy can relieve the symptoms of the upper respiratory tract obstruction,it also can reduce bleeding volume,relieve pain and keep the immune function of partial tonsils.It has lower recurrence rate,so it is a comparatively ideal therapeutic way in young children.%目的:比较小年龄儿童不同的扁桃体手术方式对患者术中、术后的影响。方法:随机抽取120例因扁桃体肥大住院扁桃体手术的患者,分为等离子切除单侧扁桃体(单侧组)、等离子射频消融减容扁桃体(减容组)、等离子切除部分扁桃体(部分组)三组。观察三种不同手术方式的手术时间和出血量、术后患者咽部疼痛情况、恢复正常饮食时间,术后随访1个月~1年。结果:三组患儿的上气道梗阻症状消失,扁桃体等离子手术时间短、出血量少、术后疼痛轻,部分组打鼾复发率低于其他两组。结论:扁桃体等离子部分切除术可有效解除上呼吸道阻塞症状,出血量少,术后疼痛轻,又可保留部分扁桃体免疫功能,有更低的打鼾复发率,是低龄儿童较为理想的治疗方法。

  15. "用"的凸显:熊十力后期思想的向度%Prominence of "Yong":The Direction of Philosophic Thinking of Xiong Shili in Later Period



    由"摄用归体"到"会体归用", 是熊十力"体用哲学"圆成逻辑.笔者认为:在熊十力后期思想中,一方面,以"心"为"终极本体"的宗旨并没有改变;另外一方面,理论重心则由"体"向"用"的转化、落实,虽无否定"本体"的意味,但更凸显了"用"的层面.

  16. 西蒙娜·德·波伏瓦对翟永明诗歌创作的潜在影响%The Influence of Simone de Beauvoir on Zhai Yong-ming's Writings




  17. [Study on carving workers of Chong xiu zheng he jing shi zheng lei bei yong ben cao (Revised Prepared Materia Medica Classified under Syndromes in Zhenghe Period) published by Huiming Xuan (Huiming Sanctum)].

    Liang, Fei; Li, Jian; Zhang, Wei; Zhang, Rui-Xian


    The ancient carving workers have made a great contribution to the xylographic printing art in ancient China, so the studies on them are significant for a survey of ancient Chinese printing history, and for the identification of ancient Chinese books edition. Zheng lei ben cao published by Huiming Xuan (Huiming Sanctum) in the Jin and Yuan dynasties, which is the earliest extant edition of Zhenghe version system of Zheng lei ben cao and has important literature value. Thirty carving workers were involved in its printing process. On the whole, these workers had a relatively high technique and completed a remarkably fine work. In addition to lettering, 28 persons of them also made a total of 536 pages with 900 exquisite engraving illustrations on Chinese materia medica included in this book. Because of the high levels on carving, this precious book has been the representative of Pingshui edition, which has a great reputation but has very few works now.

  18. 论雍正粉彩山水瓷画的发展和艺术特色%On the development and the artistic features of Yong Zheng pastel landscape




  19. Classification and Formation of Destinies of the Images that "Female Devils" in Jin Yong's Martial Arts Novels%金庸武侠小说中“女魔头”群象分类及其命运塑成




  20. Manicômio em circuito: os percursos dos jovens e a internação psiquiátrica The psychiatric hospital circuit: the trajectories of yong people prior to psychiatric hospitalization

    Andrea Cristina Coelho Scisleski


    Full Text Available Este artigo analisa a internação psiquiátrica de jovens, tomando-a não a partir de uma perspectiva psicopatológica individual, mas de uma dimensão subjetivo-social com base nos percursos desses jovens até a internação. O estudo foi realizado no Centro Integrado de Atenção Psicossocial para crianças e adolescentes do Hospital Psiquiátrico São Pedro, na cidade de Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil, por meio de oficinas com os jovens que estavam em atendimento na internação deste serviço. Percebeu-se uma recorrência que marca o percurso desses jovens e expressa um determinado modo de funcionamento da rede de atenção até a internação, acarretando na produção de um certo perfil desses jovens: pobreza sócio-econômica, baixa escolaridade e uso de drogas. Outro aspecto importante é o papel da ordem judicial nos encaminhamentos à internação, que obedece tanto a uma lógica de punição aos jovens e aos serviços, como também, paradoxalmente, constitui-se numa estratégia de acesso aos serviços de saúde.This article analyzes psychiatric hospitalization of young patients from a contemporary social-subjective (rather than a psychopathological perspective, following the trajectory of these youth prior to their admission. The study was conducted at the Center for Comprehensive Psychosocial Care for Children and Adolescents, São Pedro Psychiatric Hospital, in the city of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil. Recurrent traits in the trajectory of these youth expressed how the health care network functioned with them prior to their hospitalization, with a consistent pattern of socioeconomic deprivation, low schooling, and drug use. Another key aspect was the role of the court system in referring them for hospitalization, adhering to a kind of logic that punished both the youth and the services and paradoxically formed a strategy for access to health services.

  1. On the Content and Features of Official Personnel Records in Palace Memorials of the Reign of Emperor Yong zheng%雍正奏折中官员人事档案工作内容及特点研究

    王云庆; 陈洁



  2. 运用GAO-YONG湍流模型对扩压器内跨声速流动的数值模拟%Numerical simulation of transonic flows in a diffuser with GAO-YONG turbulence equations

    伏晓艳; 高歌



  3. 75 FR 69160 - Quarterly Publication of Individuals, Who Have Chosen To Expatriate, as Required by Section 6039G


    ... Kington Kin Bong Hui Kwok-Kit Hui Man Yan Mark Hui Ng Suk Ha Hung Janet Yi Kui Hung San-Hsiung Husain Syed... Dalina Abdul Sarmiento Sonia Satrap Alireza Saumweber Helena Maria Schatz John Barkley Scherer...



    REVIEWSInducible resistance to Fas-mediated apoptosis in B cells…………………………………ROTHSTEIN Thomas L (245)Executionary pathway for apoptosis: lessons from mutant mice………………………………………WOO Minna, Razqallah Hakem, Tak W Mak (267)The SHP-2 tyrosine phosphatase: Signaling mechanisms and biological functions…………………………………QU Cheng Kui (279)REGULAR ARTICLESTemperature dependent expression of cdc2 and cyclin B1 in spermatogenic cells during spermatogenesis…………………………KONG Wei Hua, Zheng GU, Jining LU, Jiake TSO (289)Transgenic mice overexpressing γ-aminobutyric acid transporter subtype I develop obesity…………………………………MA Ying Hua, Jia Hua HU, Xiao Gang ZHOU, Ruo Wang ZENG, Zhen Tong MEI, Jian FEI, Li He GUO (303)Genetic aberration in primary hepatocellular carcinoma: correlation between p53 gene mutation and loss-of-heterozygosity on chromosome 16q21-q23 and 9p21-p23………………………………………WANG Gang, Chang Hui HUANG, Yan ZHAO, Ling CAI, Ying WANG, Shi Jin XIU, Zheng Wen JIANG, Shuang YANG, Xin Tai ZHAO, Wei HUANG, Jian Ren GU (311)Identification and genetic mapping of four novel genes that regulate leaf deve- lopment in Arabidopsis………………………………………………SUN Yue, Wei ZHANG, Feng Ling LI, Ying Li GUO, Tian Lei LIU, Hai HUANG (325)NOTICE FOR CONTRIBUTORS…………………………………(337)CONTENTS of Vol. 10, 2000…………………………………………………(338)

  5. Les gestes éco citoyens ou de la citoyenneté d’aujourd’hui à la responsabilité de demain

    Lise Moutamalle


    Full Text Available I. Des gestes écocitoyens : pourquoi ?Le concept d’écocitoyenneté est en partie issu de la prise de conscience des impacts des activités humaines sur les écosystèmes et de la volonté de favoriser la participation du citoyen aux choses de la cité, mais surtout aux choses dont il est le seul responsable.L’écocitoyenneté se fonde sur la reconnaissance par l’homme de sa responsabilité vis-à-vis de la destruction de son milieu et sur sa capacité à mettre en œuvre un comportement et des gestes qui ...

  6. Purification and Molecular Weight Determination of HUI DONG Truffles Polysaccharide%会东块菌多糖的纯化及其分子量测定



    本研究采用DEAE-52纤维素拄及SephadexG-100柱从会东块菌水提物中分离纯化得到两种块菌多糖PST-W、PST-A.经高效液相色谱法(HPLC)鉴定,这两种多糖均为单一组分,且PST-W分子量为128059.9 Da;PST-A分子量为729140.5Da.

  7. L'enseignement de la langue maternelle dans les ecoles francaise aujourd'hui (The Teaching of the Native Language in French Schools Today).

    Marchand, Frank


    Describes the three methods of teaching French in elementary schools in France: the traditional, the Freinet, and the "Plan de renovation pour l'enseignement du francais." A description of a model for the l980s is given. Techniques influenced by sociolinguistics seem most suited to replace traditional methodology. (AMH)

  8. Ancient engineering geology projects in China; A canal system in Ganzu province and trenches along the Great Wall in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region

    Wallace, R.E.; Bucknam, R.C.; Hanks, T.C.


    Two major construction projects of ancient times in China involved what today would be considered engineering geology. We describe an ancient canal system in Gaotai County, Gansu province that was possibly begun in the Han dynasty (206 BC-220 AD). The canal system heads at the Dasha River and extends northwestward for about 55 km to the City of Camels and Xusanwan village. Four parallel canals are present at the local site we examined. The canals were likely built primarily to transport water but may also have served as defensive military barriers. A second project involves trenches and berms along the north side of the Great Wall, clearly part of the Great Wall defensive system. This site is in Ningxia Autonomous Region near the town of Shizuishan. ?? 1994.

  9. Research on the Choreographing of Square Dance in Xinjiang Hui Nationality%新疆回族健身广场舞的创编研究




  10. Les sources de financement légal et illégal des groupes terroristes d´aujourd´hui

    Gema Sánchez Medero


    Full Text Available Dans cet article on analysera comment sont financés dans le monde actuel les groupesterroristes, comment font-ils pour transférer cet argent et quelles sont les mesures qu’ona adopté pour prévoir et bloquer ces sources de financement légal et illégal. Peut-être,ce point est l’un de moins étudiés par les spécialistes en la matière, mais il s’avère d’importancevitale, puis que les organisations terroristes, comme les autres organisations,ont besoin d’une série de ressources pour être maintenues et pour développer leursactivités; il s’ensuit qu’il est fondamental de connaître comme on finance ces groupespour pouvoir les combattre et leur mettre limite.

  11. University Programs in Home Economics: Past, Present and Future = Les programmes universitaires d'economie familiale: hier, aujourd'hui et demain.

    Berry, Ruth E.


    Follows the history of home economics programs in Canada at the postsecondary level from 1902 to the present restructuring that is taking place in many universities. Suggests that the present position of the field is precarious and young scholars must be encouraged to enter it and become successful teachers and researchers. (JOW)

  12. Textual research of 1219 A.D. Guyuan earthquake in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China and discussion on its causative structure

    YUAN Dao-yang; LEI Zhong-sheng; ZHANG Jun-ling; LIU Bai-chi; LIANG Ming-jian


    On the basis of textual research on the historical earthquake data and the field investigation of 1219 A.D. Guyuan earthquake, we suggest that there is only one strong earthquake occurred in Guyuan area in 1219 A.D., instead of two or three strong earthquakes. We further suggest that the earthquake parameters recorded in the present earthquake catalogs are not defimite and should be modified. The occurrence time of this earthquake should be about Ⅱ am, August 7, 1219 A.D. and the heavily-damaged area of this earthquake, the Ⅷ intensity area, should be located among the regions of Guyuan, Pingliang and Longde county cities. The epicenter area should be near Guyuan city. The magnitude of this earthquake is about 7 and it has intensity about larger than or equal to IX within the epicenter area. The major axis direction of the heavily-damaged area strikes in north-northwest that is approximately consistent with the strike of the Liupan Shan thrust fault zone. The new tectonic activity of the Liupan Shan thrust fault zone resulted in the M7 Guyuan earthquake in 1219 A.D.

  13. Références bibliographiques du dossier « Les grands débats éducatifs aujourd’hui »

    Vervisch-Lestrade, Maryannick


    Cette bibliographie thématique présente une sélection de documents récents, français et étrangers, consultables au CIEP. Liée au dossier de la revue, elle est organisée par rapport à la logique de celui-ci. La plupart des références y sont donc classées selon l’ordre alphabétique des grandes régions du monde, les documents présentant un caractère international figurant en tête de la liste. International BANQUE MONDIALE. Priorités et stratégies pour l’éducation : une étude de la Banque mondial...

  14. 流域差别化环境管理研究%Research on Watershed-Differentiated Environmental Management LUO Hong, FENG Hui-juan

    罗宏; 冯慧娟


    按照自然规律和经济规律要求对流域实施差别化环境管理,是提高流域环境管理针对性、有效性,改善环境管理效率和效果的必然选择.通过对流域差别化管理在系统论和行为经济学的理论剖析,以及流域在地理要素、功能和经济发展上的地域分异性特征分析,提出"分域、分区、分序、分期、分类、分级、分责、分权、分策"的"九分"原则.在"九分"原则指导下,从划分流域环境经济功能区、优化流域环境管理手段、创造流域差别化环境管理的实施条件等方面,体现流域差别化环境管理思想并保证其得以顺利实施.%Watershed-differentiated environmental management is an inevitable choice for improving pertinence, validity, efficiency and effects of environmental management according to the rules of nature and economy. Through analyzing system theory, behavior economics theory and the features of differentiated geographic factors, function, and economic development, the "nine divisions" concept of watershed-differentiated environmental management was put forward. The "nine divisions" are basin division, area division, sequence division, stage division, kind division, class division, responsibility division, authority division and policy division.Under the guidance of the "nine divisions", mechanisms including repartitioning environmental economic functional area,optimizing watershed environmental management instruments and creating executable conditions for watershed-differentiated environmental management can embody the thoughts of differentiated watershed environmental management and assure healthily implemented differentiated management.

  15. Het huis en de regels van het denken : Een cultuurhistorisch onderzoek naar het werk van Simon Stevin, Jacob Cats en Pieter de Hoogh

    Mare, de H.


    Comparative analysis of early modern Dutch arts (architecture, literature, painting). Development of a historical formalist method, based on historical source criticism, history of science and archaeology on the one hand and Russian formalism, French semiology and structuralism on the other hand. I

  16. Les publications officielles du Club alpin austro-allemand (DÖAV et du DAV chilien depuis leurs créations jusqu’à aujourd’hui

    Michel Mestre


    Full Text Available J’ai déjà eu l’occasion à au moins deux reprises de parler des publications du DÖAV et je ne voudrais pas reprendre tels quels ces éléments d’information, d’autant plus qu’existe une étude de synthèse, celle de Helmut Zebhauser, qui est fort bien documentée : il me paraît donc inutile de refaire ce travail, le résumer suffira ici. En revanche il était bon de donner un aperçu des publications des clubs germanophones depuis la fin de la Seconde Guerre mondiale, objet de la deuxième partie. Enfi...

  17. Revue Imaginaires n°19 « Pop Culture ! Les Cultures populaires aujourd’hui. »

    Labarre, Nicolas


    Ce numéro de la revue Imaginaires, à la couverture des plus réussies, ambitionne d’« interroger à nouveau le concept de "culture populaire" » (10). Il propose pour ce faire une sélection raisonnée de travaux présentés dans le cadre du séminaire « Cultures populaires » du laboratoire interdisciplinaire CIRLEP de l’université de Reims, précédée d’une introduction générale co-signée par les deux animateurs du séminaire, Sylvie Mikovski, et Yann Philippe, spécialistes respectivement d’études irla...

  18. Were the tropics significantly cooler during the last glacial maximum?; Des tropiques plus frais qu`aujourd`hui au dernier maximum glaciaire?

    Stute, M. [Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, New York (United States)


    A paleo-temperature record derived from noble gases dissolved in groundwater indicates that lowland equatorial Brazil has been about 5 deg C cooler during the glacial maximum that today. This new evidence contradicts the long-held belief that the tropical regions maintained their warm climate during the last glacial maximum. It appears now that the tropical Americas are characterized by a temperature sensitivity comparable to that in higher latitudes. (author) 14 refs.

  19. Photovoltaics in Algeria, today's experiences and perspectives of tomorrow; Le photovoltaique en Algerie, experiences d'aujourd'hui et perspectives de demain

    Sahouane, Mehdi


    The communication describes Algeria's experience in the use of photovoltaics, principal renewable energy type used in the country, through the electrification of around 900 homes in 18 villages. This realization represents one of the largest projects accomplished by public powers in this domain with an installed power of 453KWc, which corresponds to 20% of the solar power currently exploited. Actions for the development of renewable energy in terms of realizations and regulations are listed, explaining the energy policy of Algeria which has fixed its contribution to the national energy balance at a level of 5% for 2017. [French] La communication decrit l'experience de l'Algerie dans l'utilisation du photovoltaique, principal type d'energie renouvelable utilisee dans le pays, a travers l'electrification d'environs 900 foyers repartis sur 18 villages. Cette realisation represente l'un des plus grands projets accomplis par les pouvoirs publics dans ce domaine avec une puissance installee de 453 KWc ce qui correspond a 20% de la puissance solaire presentement exploitee. Les actions destinees au developpement des energies renouvelables en matiere de realisations et reglementation sont citees explicitant la politique energetique de l'Algerie qui se fixe un taux de contribution au bilan energetique national de 5% pour 2017.

  20. Artistic Style and Cultural Background of HuiShan Clay Dolly%浅谈惠山泥人的文化背景及艺术特征




  1. 韩非的德法观%On Han Fei's "moral" and "law" concept JIN Hao-hui



    Han Fei's"moral"and"law"concept is based on"everyone has a selfish heart"of human nature.He criticized the Confucian ethics and thinking of "rule by virtue",transforming the concept of moral by legalist way,which is not to deny the moral.Han Fei hopes to achieve ideal moral realm through the rule of law.Law,method and tendency of the governing policies is based on Han Fei's"moral"and"law"concept.Han Fei's"moral"and"law"concept has a profound influence on the development of history,and inspired China's socialist construction.%韩非的德法观是建立在"人皆挟自为心"的人性论之上的,他对儒家的道德仁义和"德治"思想的批判、对道德概念的法家式改造,并不是为了否定道德自身,而是希望通过法治实现理想的道德境界。韩非德法观发展的结果是以法为主、法术势相结合的统治理念的提出,其"德""法"观对后来历史的发展影响深远,并对当代中国治国方略的抉择多有鉴借。

  2. Hui Muslims’Circumcision Ceremony in Xingjing Town%宁夏兴泾镇回族的割礼仪式解读

    周晶; 陶瑞


    Male circumcision,which is commonly found in human society,is a rite of passage. On the basis of main-taining the traditional Islamic religious tradition,by the influence of historical and social factors,the Muslim circumcision ceremony had local circumstances and ethnic characteristics. Circumcision is a Muslim rite with specific the symbolism of cleanness. Circumcision is not only a beneficial to health of hygiene practices,but also a cultural phenomenon of the flow-ing through the gift. It maintains in everyday life of the relatives and friends to the indivisible relationship.%普遍存在于人类社会中的男性割礼是对男性生殖器包皮进行切割的成人仪式。在维系伊斯兰教宗教传统的基础上,受历史和社会因素的影响,回族穆斯林的割礼仪式有了地方性情节和民族性特征。割礼是穆斯林的一项圣行,具有干净与洁净的象征意义。同时,割礼不仅是一种有益于男性身体健康的卫生习俗,也是人们通过礼物流动而采借的文化现象,它维系着日常生活中亲友之间难以割舍的亲密关系。

  3. Association of CYP1B1 Polymorphisms with Breast Cancer: A Case-Control Study in the Han Population in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, P. R. China

    Haiyan Jiao


    Full Text Available Studies investigating possible associations between cytochrome P4501B1 (CYP1B1 polymorphisms and breast cancer risk have been inconsistent. We set out to ascertain whether there might be an association between polymorphisms in exon 2 (codon 119, G→T and exon 3 (codon 432, G→C of CYP1B1 and breast cancer in a Chinese Han population in the rural region of Ningxia. Using an allele-specific polymerase chain reaction method and direct DNA sequencing, the presence or absence of the two CYP1B1 polymorphisms was investigated. Genotype and allele frequencies were analyzed in breast cancer cases (n = 152 and healthy age-matched controls (n = 156. The odds ratio (OR of 119G→T or 432G→C in breast cancer cases and controls was 3.3 (95% CI: 1.28 to 8.28 and 2.8 (95% CI: 1.04 to 7.51, respectively. In addition, the OR for people with both polymorphisms (119T and 432C was 4.69 (95% CI: 1.97 to 11.19. Our results suggest that certain polymorphisms in the CYP1B1 gene might increase risk for breast cancer among Han Chinese, perhaps because they influence the efficiency of CYP1B1 bio-transformation of oestrogens or pro-carcinogens into DNA- reactive electrophiles that may act as cancer-initiating agents.

  4. Association of CYP1B1 Polymorphisms with Breast Cancer: A Case-Control Study in the Han Population in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, P. R. China

    Haiyan Jiao; Chunlian Liu; Weidong Guo; Liang Peng; Yintao Chen; Martin, Francis L.


    Studies investigating possible associations between cytochrome P4501B1 (CYP1B1) polymorphisms and breast cancer risk have been inconsistent. We set out to ascertain whether there might be an association between polymorphisms in exon 2 (codon 119, G→T) and exon 3 (codon 432, G→C) of CYP1B1 and breast cancer in a Chinese Han population in the rural region of Ningxia. Using an allele-specific polymerase chain reaction method and direct DNA sequencing, the presence or absence of the two CYP1B1 po...

  5. The Function of the Hui Nationality Islamic Laws of the Customs%回族伊斯兰习惯法的功能




  6. The current status of coal liquefaction technologies - Panorama 2008; La liquefaction du charbon: ou en est-on aujourd'hui? - Panorama 2008



    In 2008, a first coal liquefaction unit to produce motor fuel (20,000 BPSD) will come on-stream in Shenhua, China (in the Ercos region of Inner Mongolia). Other, more ambitious projects have been announced in China for between now and 2020. Since oil production is expected to peak in the medium term, this technology may develop regionally in the next 20 years to cover ever-increasing demand for motor fuel.

  7. 近年回族作家中短篇小说创作片谈%Brief Notes on Novella by Hui Nationality Writers




  8. Operational Colour Vision in the Modern Aviation Environment (la Vision des couleurs dans l’environnement aeronautique operationnel d’ aujourd hui)


    Streptomycin + II yellow Miscellaneous Cannabis indica + Tobacco (amblyopia) II,III + Sildenafil citrate (Viagra) + II,III Blue, blue-green...see Chapter 5). Dietary deficiency and drug abuse may be overlooked, whilst the effects of Parkinsonism in its commonest manifestation, gross, chronic

  9. Het huis en de regels van het denken : Een cultuurhistorisch onderzoek naar het werk van Simon Stevin, Jacob Cats en Pieter de Hoogh

    Mare, de H.


    Comparative analysis of early modern Dutch arts (architecture, literature, painting). Development of a historical formalist method, based on historical source criticism, history of science and archaeology on the one hand and Russian formalism, French semiology and structuralism on the other hand.

  10. 民国前期新疆回队初探%Research on Sinkiang Hui Squadron in Earlier Stage of the Republic of China




  11. La science au(x miroir (s du prince. Savoir et pouvoir dans l'espace arabo-musulman d'hier et d'aujourd'hui

    Abdel Wedoud Ould Cheikh


    Full Text Available Le sultan et le savant sont deux figures centrales de la « culture sultanienne » entendue comme un champ de normes et de valeurs présentant une certaine unité dans le monde arabo-musulman. Il y a entre ces deux figures une tension fondamentale, le clerc-savant étant seul autorisé à sermonner le détenteur du pouvoir au nom du savoir et de la justice. Dans la réalité actuelle des pays arabo-musulmans — illustrée ici par le cas de la Mauritanie —, la massification d'un enseignement fortement imprégné de tradition en même temps que socialement dévalué contribue sans doute à l'émergence d'une mouvance contestataire islamiste qui s'inscrit, sur un mode collectif, dans la continuité des admonestations du clerc censeur s'opposant aux dérives du sultan.

  12. Ewa Bogalska-Martin (dir.), Être Noir Au Brésil Aujourd'hui. Identités et mémoires en mutation

    Magdy, Mayada


    « Quand Ti-maître eut la certitude que le Noir pourrait apprendre, il cessa le jeu. Oui, le Noir apprenait ! », L’Histoire de Ponciá, Conceição Evaristo. En 2003, l’écrivaine brésilienne - Conceição Evaristo - a publié son roman qui porte sur le parcours de vie d’une petite-fille d’esclaves. Traduit en plusieurs langues, ce roman fait partie des œuvres stimulantes dans la littérature afrodescendante au Brésil. Dans le champ académique, plusieurs chercheurs abordent la question raciale, et sur...

  13. The Construction of Islamic Social-Cultural Space in a Mixed Community of Hui and Han---the Case of Nagu,Yunnan Province

    Xue Ximing; Yang Xihao; Ma Chuang


    The cultural space of multi ethnic residential regions is always diverse and complicat-ed,and the conflicts and integration of multi cul-tures is the main driving force in the process of constructing cultural space. The structure of this kind of culture space is not always stable or un-changeable. On one hand,the nature of cultural space is that it will exhibit new changes following with a deepening of the degree of integration among various cultures,which in turn might play an ac-tive role on the self-renewal of the cultural space. On the other hand,the dramatic cultural conflict produced from cultural misunderstandings might split the former cultural space,especially if some of the ethnic religions or belief systems are misun-derstood. In this case,ethnic or religious conflicts will be unavoidable—and,this will further influ-ence the social stability of a multi-ethnic country or region. Hence,the research on the form and the mechanism for constructing the cultural space of a multi-ethnic residential community becomes very important.

  14. Wu Shaoxiong,Music of Hui'an Women and Something Else%吴少雄及其《惠安女人》音乐




  15. The Belief Custom of Hui and Their Consume Behaviour%回族信仰习俗与其消费行为




  16. Study of Proverty Problems in the Rural Areas of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region (part Ⅰ)%宁夏农村贫困问题研究(上)

    王治业; 马国义



  17. 广义杨辉三角与Fibonacci数列的一个关系%The relation between generalized Yang Hui triangle and Fibonacci sequence of numbers




  18. Het huis en de regels van het denken : Een cultuurhistorisch onderzoek naar het werk van Simon Stevin, Jacob Cats en Pieter de Hoogh

    Mare, de H.


    Comparative analysis of early modern Dutch arts (architecture, literature, painting). Development of a historical formalist method, based on historical source criticism, history of science and archaeology on the one hand and Russian formalism, French semiology and structuralism on the other hand. I

  19. Améliorer votre efficacité techniques d'aujourd'hui pour en faire plus en moins de temps

    Savoyat, Bruno


    Quels que soient votre fonction, votre métier ou votre mission dans l'entreprise, ce livre pragmatique peut vous ouvrir les chemins d'une nouvelle vie. Il a été conçu et écrit pour vous rendre service et pour vous aider à gagner en efficacité. Les meilleures pratiques y ont été retenues pour vous. Certaines sont utilisées avec succès par plus d'un million de personnes à travers le monde. Leur mise en oeuvre est simple pour un impact maximal sur votre productivité, sur la qualité de votre travail et sur la satisfaction que vous retirerez de votre quotidien professionnel. Les principes et les conseils d'efficacité décrits dans ce livre peuvent être appliqués seul comme en équipe, et être généralisés à l'ensemble d'une entreprise. Vous pouvez choisir de les découvrir par une lecture du début à la fin, qui vous permettra une révision systématique de votre manière de travailler et de votre potentiel de gains en efficacité. Mais vous pouvez également opter pour une découverte théma...

  20. The Semiotical Analysis on the Headwears of the Hui Nationality%回族头饰的符号学解读




  1. Stereotactic body radiation therapy for patients with recurrent pancreatic adenocarcinoma at the abdominal lymph nodes or postoperative stump including pancreatic stump and other stump

    Zeng XL


    Full Text Available Xian-Liang Zeng,* Huan-Huan Wang,* Mao-Bin Meng, Zhi-Qiang Wu, Yong-Chun Song, Hong-Qing Zhuang, Dong Qian, Feng-Tong Li, Lu-Jun Zhao, Zhi-Yong Yuan, Ping Wang Department of Radiation Oncology, Tianjin’s Clinical Research Center for Cancer and Key Laboratory of Cancer Prevention and Therapy, Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute and Hospital, National Clinical Research Center for Cancer, Tianjin, People’s Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this work Background and aim: The aim of this study is to evaluate the efficacy and safety of stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT using CyberKnife in the treatment of patients with recurrent pancreatic adenocarcinoma at the abdominal lymph node or stump after surgery. Patients and methods: Between October 1, 2006 and May 1, 2015, patients with recurrent pancreatic adenocarcinoma at the abdominal lymph node or stump after surgery were enrolled and treated with SBRT at our hospital. The primary end point was local control rate after SBRT. Secondary end points were overall survival, time to symptom alleviation, and toxicity, assessed using the Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events version 4.0. Results: Twenty-four patients with 24 lesions (17 abdominal lymph nodes and seven stumps were treated with SBRT, of which five patients presented with abdominal lymph nodes and synchronous metastases in the liver and lung. The 6-, 12-, and 24-month actuarial local control rates were 95.2%, 83.8%, and 62.1%, respectively. For the entire cohort, the median overall survival from diagnosis and SBRT was 28.9 and 12.2 months, respectively. Symptom alleviation was observed in eleven of 14 patients (78.6% within a median of 8 days (range, 1–14 days after SBRT. Nine patients (37.5% experienced Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events version 4.0 grade 1–2 acute toxicities; one patient experienced grade 3 acute toxicity due to thrombocytopenia. Conclusion: SBRT is a safe and

  2. Thermoelectric transport properties of nanostructured FeSb 2 and Ce-based heavy-fermions CeCu and CeAl 3

    Pokharel, Mani R.

    the thermal conductivities of nanostructured FeSb2 samples 7. We find a notably large value for Kapitza length at low temperatures indicating the dominance of inter-grain thermal resistance over bulk thermal resistance in determining the thermal properties of FeSb 2. 1Huaizhou Zhao, Mani Pokharel, Gaohua Zhu, Shuo Chen, Kevin Lukas, Qing Jie,Cyril Opeil, Gang Chen, and Zhifeng Ren, Appl. Phys. Lett. 99, 163101 (2011). 2Mani Pokharel, Tulashi Dahal, Zhifeng Ren, and Cyril Opeil, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 609 (2014) 228-232. 3Mani Pokharel, Tulashi Dahal, Zhensong Ren, Peter Czajka, Stephen Wilson, Zhifeng Ren, and Cyril Opeil, Energy Conversion and Management, 87 (2014) 584-588. 4Mani Pokharel, Machhindra Koirala, Huaizhau Zhao, Zhifeng Ren, and Cyril Opeil, J. Low Temp. Phys., 176 (2014) 122-130. 5Mani Pokharel, Huaizhou Zhao, Shuo Chen, Kevin Lukas, Hui Wang, Cyril Opeil1, Gang Chen, and Zhifeng Ren, Nanotechnology 23 (2012) 505402. 6Mani Pokharel, Huaizhou Zhao, Kevin Lukas, Bogdan Mihaila, Zhifeng Ren, and Cyril Opeil, MRS Communications 3 (2013) 31-36. 7Mani Pokharel, Huaizhau Zhao, Zhifeng Ren, and Cyril Opeil, International Journal of Thermal Science, 71 (2013) 32-35.

  3. Integrable Deformations of the (2+1)-Dimensional Heisenberg Ferromagnetic Model Service and feedback Email this article to a colleague Add to Bookshelf Add to Citation Manager Cite This Article Email Alert Keywords Heisenberg ferromagnet model integrable deformation nonlinear Schr?dinger equation Authors YAN Zhao-Wen CHEN Min-Ru WU Ke ZHAO Wei-Zhong Integrable Deformations of%Integrable Deformations of the (2+1)-Dimensional Heisenberg Ferromagnetic Model Service and feedback Email this article to a colleague Add to Bookshelf Add to Citation Manager Cite This Article Email Alert Keywords Heisenberg ferromagnet model integrable deformation nonlinear Schr?dinger equation Authors YAN Zhao-Wen CHEN Min-Ru WU Ke ZHAO Wei-Zhong Integrable Deformations of

    颜昭雯; 陈敏茹; 吴可; 赵伟忠


    Based on the covariant prolongation structure technique,we construct the integrable higher-order deformations of the (2+1)-dimensional Heisenberg ferromagnet model and obtain their su(2)×R(λ) prolongation structures.By associating these deformed multidimensional Heisenberg ferromagnet models with the moving space curve in Euclidean space and using the Hasimoto function,we derive their geometrical equivalent counterparts,i.e.,higher-order (2+1)-dimensional nonlinear Schr?dinger equations.

  4. WANG Tong-zhao's Recommendation, Approval, Misreading And Original Ideal About Schopenhauer's And Eduard Von Hartmaun's Aesthetics%王统照对叔本华、哈特曼美学的译介与误读




  5. 探究乐坛奇才成功之谜--赵宋光教授心理结构分析%Analysis of the Psychological Structure of Prof. Zhao Songguang, An Unusual Musical Mind




  6. Improve Outpatient Service Skills with the Informationization/HUANG Hao, ZHAO Ping, LUO Xian-bin, et al%信息化提升门诊服务能力

    黄昊; 赵平; 罗贤斌; 沈世琴; 杨勇


    Objective: Improving the capacity of large scale hospital outpatient service to make patients feel better through information means. Method: Based on the ideas of information manage, we summarize the present outpatient workflows to meet the requirement of overall investigation, smooth work, well-aligned sorting, understood exposition. what's more, we take the advantage of wireless communication technology, electronic currency, two dimensional codes technology, medical knowledge base to build a smart outpatient service. Result: Relying on mobile Internet, outpatient service will extend to the cyber network from the real world. And this can cluster the consulting, seeing a doctor before diagnosis service, clinical follow-up visiting together to break through the small pattern with a double-sided win: social benefit and fine management. Conclusion: The rise of the mobile Internet has broken down the barriers to medical institutions and patient information communication barriers, that make the hospital development from scale expansion and digital medical to the elaborating management and intelligent medical.%目的:通过信息化手段提升大型医院门诊服务水平,更好地为广大患者服务。方法:采取信息建设管理先行的思路,通过对医院门诊现有的流程方法进行梳理总结,并利用新的计算机技术打造智慧门诊。结果:依托信息技术突破了门诊狭小的格局,取得了社会效益、精细管理双赢效果。结论:利用移动互联网的医院信息化架构重组是医院实习精细化管理,迈向智慧医疗的基础。

  7. The Modern Enlightenment of King Wuling of Zhao "Riding and Shooting in the Hu People's Dress"%赵武灵王"胡服骑射"的现代启示




  8. Erratum: Correction of “Pridgeon, J. W., Zhao, L., Becnel, J. J., Strickman, D. A., Clark, G. G., and Linthicum, K. J. 2008. Topically applied AaeIAP1 double-stranded RNA kills female adults of Aedes aegypti."

    The coauthors of previously published work correct details from a 2008 publication. Specifically, it was incorrectly indicated in the methods section for data presented in Tables 2 and 3 that this experiment was the result of three replicates. These data were not the result of three replicate experi...

  9. 河南栾川闪石玉的矿物学特征及成矿温度研究%Study on mineralogy and metallogenic temperature of Luanchuan Nephrite in Henan Province Zhao



    河南洛阳栾川县近期发现有闪石玉矿体产出,具有一定的宝石学研究意义和商业价值。通过显微镜观察分析,栾川闪石玉的主要矿物成分为透闪石,一般含量在95%以上,其中以显微纤维状透闪石(60%~70%)为主,片晶透闪石占少部分(30%~40%),并含有少量杂质(少于1%)。该地产出的闪石玉中透闪石颗粒较大,结构较粗,欠细腻。运用均一法测定栾川闪石玉的成矿温度结果表明其气液包裹体以完全均一至液相方式为主,其均一温度变化范围为126℃~304℃,其平均值为194.21℃,说明栾川闪石玉矿为中低温成矿型矿床。%Recently nephrite mine was founded in Luanchuan County, Luoyang city, Henan province, which has big significance both in gem research and in commercial value as well.Through analysis under microscope, the main chemical composition of Luanchuan nephrite is tremolite, and its content is over 95%. Cryptocrystalline fibroid nephrite is accounted for the majority(60%-70%), with leafy ballistic nephrite accounted for a small portion(30%-40%), as well as a small amount of impurities(less than 1%). The tremolite grain in Luanchuan nephrite is a little big in size, and its structure is somewhat coarse. By means of homogenization temperature tests, we come to the conclusion that the gas-liquid inclusions mainly homogenized to liquid form, their homogenization temperature ranges from 126℃ to 304℃, and its average homogenization temperature is 194.21℃, which supposes that the metallogenesis of Luanchuan nephrite is under intermediate or low temperature conditions.

  10. XueZhaoFeng: massive indemnificatory housing will only lift house prices%薛兆丰:大规模保障房只会提高真实房价



    北京大学法律经济学研究中心联席主任薛兆丰认为,大规模的保障房只会提高真实房价。他援引弗里德曼(Milton Friedman)的话说:"经济学家没有学派之分,而只有好坏之别;好坏就在于是否相信世上有免费午餐。"这样划分固然粗糙,但不失洞察力。很多事与愿违、并造成巨大浪费的公共政策,恰恰源自"指望免费午餐"这简单的谬见,而近期试图以大规模修建保障房来压抑房价的行动正是一例。

  11. TBS干扰床分选机对赵官能源粗煤泥分选效果技术研究%Study on the effect of separation technology of TBS interference bed separator of coarse slime Zhao Guan energy



    This paper introduces the factors of the structure and working principle, the inlfuence of TBS interference bed separator, and separation experiments of Zhaoguan energy coarse slime, analyzes the inlfuence of particle size of coarse slime interference bed separator separation effect, combined with energy Zhaoguan coal preparation process, give full play to the advantages of separation equipment, improve the accuracy of coarse slime separation.%该文介绍了TBS干扰床分选机的结构及工作原理、影响因素,并对赵官能源粗煤泥进行分选实验,分析了粗煤泥粒级对干扰床分选机分选效果的影响,结合赵官能源选煤工艺,充分发挥分选设备的优势,提高粗煤泥分选精度。

  12. Efficacy and safety of gemcitabine-oxaliplatin combined with huachansu in patients with advanced gallbladder carcinomaTian-Jie Qin,Xin-Han Zhao,Jun Yun,Ling-Xiao Zhang,Zhi-Ping Ruan,Bo-Rong Pan

    Tian-Jie Qin; Xin-Han Zhao; Jun Yun; Ling-Xiao Zhang; Zhi-Ping Ruan; Bo-Rong Pan


    AIM:To evaluate the efficacy and safety of gemcitabine-oxaliplatin(GEMOX)cornbined with huachansu(cinobufagin)injection treatment in patients with locally advanced or metastatic gallbladder carcinoma(GBC),and to assess the quality of life(QOL)of such patients.METHODS:Twenty-five patients with locally advanced or metastatic GBC were treated with intravenous gemcitabine(1000 mg/m2)over 30 min on days 1 and 8,2 h infusion of oxaliplatin(120 mg/m2)on day 1,and 2-3 h infusion of huachansu(20 mL/m2)on days-3-11,every 3-4 wk.Treatment was continued until occurrence of unacceptable toxicity or disease progression.QOL of patients was assessed by the EORTC QLQ-C30 at baseline,at the end of the first,third and sixth chemotherapy cycles,and 1 mo after the treatment.RESULTS:Among the 25 patients with a median age of 64 years(range 42-78 years),23 were evaluable in the study.A total of 137 cycles of therapy were performed and the median cycle was 5(range 1-8)per patient.Out of the 23 patients whose response could be evaluated,8 partial responses(PR)were observed(34.8%),while 7 patients(30.4%)demonstrated a stable disease(SD).The disease control rate was 65.2%.Progression of cancer was observed in 8(34.8%)patients.The median progression-free and overall survival time was 5.8 mo(95% CI:4.5-7.1 mo)and 10.5 mo,respectively.The therapy was well tolerated,with moderate myelosuppression as the main toxicity.Anemia grade 2 was seen in 16.0%,neutropenia grade 3 in 8.0% and thrombocytopenia grade 3 in 24.0% of patients,respectively.Non-hematologic toxicity ranged from mild to moderate.No death occurred due to toxicity.The QOL of patients was improved after chemotherapy,and the scores of QOL were increased by 10 t0 20 points.CONCLUSION:GEMOX combined with huachansu(cinobufagin)injection is well tolerated,effective,thus ireproving the QOL of patients with advanced GBC.(C)2008 The WJG Press.All rights reserved.

  13. 难忘的记忆深切的缅怀——纪念赵沨老诞辰90周年暨逝世5周年%Unforgettable Memories of Zhao Feng




  14. Farewell to the World, Not the History--Cherish the Memory of Comrade ZHAO Feng%溘然仙逝汗青犹在--深切缅怀赵沨同志



    @@ 前不久,突然传来赵沨同志不幸逝世的噩耗,音乐界为之震动.我们晚辈的音乐人更是为失去了这样一位博学、爱才的音乐前辈而深感痛心.我与赵沨同志的接触机会虽不多,但是他那慈

  15. On the Creative Features of Mr.Zhao Benshan's Plays through his Rural Series%由乡村系列论本山剧作的创作特性



    The enormous appeal of the TV series produced by Benshan Media lies in its unique creative features,because the plays are fashionable,local and for entertainment.And these features are exclusive to this team as an advantage in capability and it is hard for others to imitate because these features are determined by those major actors who,as Er-ren-zhuan(two-person performance) actors from the rural northeast China,have rich stage performance experience and deep basis in the countryside.However,it is because of this,their works cannot be devoid of some problems,such as superficial ideas,poor images,and loose structure.%本山传媒集团出品的电视剧之所以能够产生巨大的吸引力,主要还是得力于它所具备的鲜明的创作特性,包括它的时尚性、地域性和娱乐性。之所以称之为特性,是因为它们只有这个本山团队才能具备,换句话说,这些优势具有唯一性,难以模仿,这是由这群主创人员的特殊身份决定的,他们来自东北的农村,出身于二人转演员,有着丰富的面对基层民众的舞台表演经验。也正因为如此,他们的作品就不可避免地带有某些缺陷,诸如思想肤浅,形象扁平,结构松散等。

  16. 我国男子优秀运动员赵乐推铅球技术的生物力学分析%Biomechanical Analysis of Chinese Elite Young Athletes Zhao Le's Back Gliding Shot Put Technique

    张轲; 李强



  17. Pick up an autumn orchid to wear --The whole life of Zhao Renlan, wife of Li Dazhao%纫秋兰以为佩--李大钊夫人赵纫兰的一生



    @@ 在北京香山的万安公墓中,安葬着革命先驱李大钊的灵柩.1983年李大钊烈士陵园在这里修建时,赵纫兰的灵枢也随同李大钊的灵柩迁葬至陵园里,其墓碑上的镌字由原来的"李夫人墓"改刻成"李大钊夫人赵纫兰同志墓".作为李大钊同志的结发妻子,赵纫兰对中国革命作出了特殊的贡献.




    Both Lu Xun and Li Dazhao are the first writers of the new-style poetry during the period of the May 4th Movement.Their new-style poems are similar owing to their similar social background,life career and artistic viewpoints;meanwhile,their poems are different because of their different aesthetic ideals,political thoughts,literary thoughts and artistic individualities.%鲁迅与李大钊都是五四时期最早创作新诗的人物。由于他们处于相同的时代背景,人生经历和艺术观点也大致相同,因此他们的新诗有一定相似之处;但又由于他们的美学理想、政治思想、文艺思想及艺术个性的不同,其新诗又存在着迥异的风格。

  19. Women Liberation--Commentary on Three Pairs of Women Images in Zhao Shuli' Knovels%妇女的解放--评赵树理笔下的三对妇女形象




  20. 从需要层次理论看赵姨娘与曹七巧的人生悲剧%The Tragedy of Concubine Zhao and Cao Qi-qiao from the Perspective of Maslow' s Hierarchy of Needs Theory




  1. 历史记忆的重构 --赵武灵王与胡服骑射%The Restructure Of History Memory--Zhao Wuling Emperor and Wearing Hu dress and Shooting on horse

    葛晓弘; 竺小恩



  2. 云南昭通褐煤流态化气化试验工艺研究%Preliminary Study on the Gasification Process in Fluidized Bed Gasifier of Brown Coal from ZhaoTong Yunnan

    喻依兆; 何屏



  3. 李大钊著作编注与研究的前沿成果--评李继华、冯铁金等《李大钊轶文辑注与研究》%The Frontier Achievement of Edition, Annotation and Study on Li Da-zhao's Anecdotal Literature---A book Review of Edition and Annotation and Study on Li Da-zhao's Anecdotal Literature by Li Ji-hua, Feng Tie-jin



    The authors of Edition and Annotation and Study on Li Dazhao's Anecdotal Literature have made focused searching for newspapers publishing Li Daozhao's anecdotes, and analyzed deeply those manuscripts without a signature or with a signature but difficult to confirm author's identity, and have verified that some works may be written by Li Dazhao. At the same time, they collect Li Dazhao's other anecdotes found by the other scholars in this book. There are several main features in this book:collecting extensively and striving to complete, combining search with textual research and structural integrity, treating innovation as equal as question.%李继华、冯铁金等编注的《李大钊轶文辑注与研究》一书,对曾经发表过李大钊文章的报刊进行了重点搜索,对那些没有署名,或虽有署名却难以确定作者的文稿进行深入辨析,考证出部分文章应该为李大钊所作;同时收录其他学者发现的李大钊轶文,一并汇集于《辑注与研究》之中。该书的主要特点有:广泛搜集,力求完备;搜考结合,结构完整;创新与存疑并重。

  4. Neuroprotective effects of salidroside through PI3K/Akt pathway activation in Alzheimer’s disease models

    Zhang B


    Full Text Available Bei Zhang,1,2 Ying Wang,1 Hui Li,1 Ran Xiong,1 Zongbo Zhao,1 Xingkun Chu,2 Qiongqiong Li,1 Suya Sun,1 Shengdi Chen1,2 1Department of Neurology, Institute of Neurology, Ruijin Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China; 2Laboratory of Neurodegenerative Diseases, The Institute of Health Sciences, Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China Abstract: Alzheimer’s disease (AD is a devastating neurodegenerative disorder characterized by deposits of aggregated amyloid-β (Aβ peptide and neurofibrillary tangles in the brain parenchyma. Despite considerable research to elucidate the pathological mechanisms and identify therapeutic strategies for AD, effective treatments are still lacking. In the present study, we found that salidroside (Sal, a phenylpropanoid glycoside isolated from Rhodiola rosea L., can protect against Aβ-induced neurotoxicity in four transgenic Drosophila AD models. Both longevity and locomotor activity were improved in Sal-fed Drosophila. Sal also decreased Aβ levels and Aβ deposition in brain and ameliorated toxicity in Aβ-treated primary neuronal culture. The neuroprotective effect of Sal was associated with upregulated phosphatidylinositide 3-kinase (PI3K/Akt signaling. Our findings identify a compound that may possess potential therapeutic benefits for AD and other forms of neurodegeneration. Keywords: Alzheimer’s disease, amyloid-β, salidroside, Drosophila, neuroprotective effect

  5. On Ji Kang’s Spirit of the Prominent Dragon%论嵇康的亢龙精神



    嵇康是魏晋时期的风流人物,历来学者都认为其因得罪钟会而被司马昭杀害。然而,人们却忽视了嵇康自身的一种不合时宜的死亡因素,即他的亢龙精神。由于是非太明,而陷入“坚白之昧”的迷惑中。遵从庄周之道,便拥有“独有至贵”的品质。而他刚烈的性格,最终导致其临别悔恨、雅志难施。这些,都是嵇康亢龙精神的外在表现。%Ji kang was the romantic character in Wei-Jin period. The scholars think that he was killed by Sima Zhao for offending Zhong Hui. They ignored his own untimely factor (Ji Kang’s spirit of the prominent dragon). He liked to argue with people, so he had a strong understanding of right and wrong. He adored Zhuang Zi and possessed a strong moral character. Finally, he got the regret with his virile characte. These were the external performance of the spirit of prominent dragon.

  6. Curcumin could reduce the monomer of TTR with Tyr114Cys mutation via autophagy in cell model of familial amyloid polyneuropathy

    Li H


    Full Text Available Hui Li,1,* Yu Zhang,1,* Li Cao,1 Ran Xiong,1 Bei Zhang,1 Li Wu,1 Zongbo Zhao,1 Sheng-Di Chen1,2 1Department of Neurology and Institute of Neurology, Ruijin Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, 2Key Laboratory of Stem Cell Biology and Laboratory of Neurodegenerative Diseases, Institute of Health Science, Shanghai Institutes of Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Science, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this work Abstract: Transthyretin (TTR familial amyloid polyneuropathy (FAP is an autosomal ­dominant inherited neurodegenerative disorder caused by various mutations in the transthyretin gene. We aimed to identify the mechanisms underlying TTR FAP with Tyr114Cys (Y114C mutation. Our study showed that TTR Y114C mutation led to an increase in monomeric TTR and impaired autophagy. Treatment with curcumin resulted in a significant decrease of monomeric TTR by recovering autophagy. Our research suggests that impairment of autophagy might be involved in the pathogenesis of TTR FAP with Y114C mutation, and curcumin might be a potential therapeutic approach for TTR FAP. Keywords: curcumin, familial amyloid polyneuropathy, transthyretin, autophagy

  7. On the Debate Concerning Hui Female Educational Purpose under the System of Different Gender Discourse-as the Center of the Hui Magazines in the Republican Period%不同性别话语体系下回族女子教育宗旨的论争——以民国回族报刊为中心




  8. 云南藏区"藏回"族群社会结构研究——以香格里拉县哈巴村"藏回"族群为个案%The Social Structure of the "Tibeto-Hui" Group in Yunnan: A Case Study of the Tibeto-Hui Group in Haba Village of Shangri-La

    张实; 李红春



  9. Preventing postoperative abdominal adhesions in a rat model with PEG-PCL-PEG hydrogel

    Yang B


    Full Text Available Bing Yang1,2*, ChangYang Gong1*, Xia Zhao2, ShengTao Zhou2, ZhengYu Li2, XiaoRong Qi2, Qian Zhong2, Feng Luo1, ZhiYong Qian11State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy, West China University Hospital, Sichuan University, Chengdu, People's Republic of China; 2Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, West China Second University Hospital, Sichuan University, Chengdu, People's Republic of China*These authors contributed equally in this workBackground: Poly (ethylene glycol-poly (ε-caprolactone-poly (ethylene glycol (PEG-PCL-PEG, PECE hydrogel has been demonstrated to be biocompatible and thermosensitive. In this study, its potential efficacy and mechanisms of preventing postsurgical abdominal adhesions were investigated.Results: PECE hydrogel was transformed into gel state from sol state in less than 20 seconds at 37°C. None of the animals treated with the hydrogel (n = 15 developed adhesions. In contrast, all untreated animals (n = 15 had adhesions that could only be separated by sharp dissection (P < 0.001. The hydrogel adhered to the peritoneal wounds, gradually disappeared from the wounds within 7 days, and transformed into viscous fluid, being completely absorbed within 12 days. The parietal and visceral peritoneum were remesothelialized in about 5 and 9 days, respectively. The hydrogel prevented the formation of fibrinous adhesion and the invasion of fibroblasts. Also, along with the hydrogel degradation, a temporary inflammatory cell barrier was formed which could effectively delay the invasion of fibroblasts during the critical period of mesothelial regeneration.Conclusion: The results suggested that PECE hydrogel could effectively prevent postsurgical intra-abdominal adhesions, which possibly result from the prevention of the fibrinous adhesion formation and the fibroblast invasion, the promotion of the remesothelialization, and the hydroflotation effect.Keywords: anti-adhesion, thermosensitive, barrier, biocompatible

  10. Novel A20-gene-eluting stent inhibits carotid artery restenosis in a porcine model

    Zhou ZH


    Full Text Available Zhen-hua Zhou,1 Jing Peng,1 Zhao-you Meng,1 Lin Chen,1 Jia-Lu Huang,1 He-qing Huang,1 Li Li,2 Wen Zeng,2 Yong Wei,2 Chu-Hong Zhu,2 Kang-Ning Chen1 1Department of Neurology, Cerebrovascular Disease Research Institute, Southwest Hospital, 2Department of Anatomy, Key Laboratory for Biomechanics of Chongqing, Third Military Medical University, Chongqing, People’s Republic of China Background: Carotid artery stenosis is a major risk factor for ischemic stroke. Although carotid angioplasty and stenting using an embolic protection device has been introduced as a less invasive carotid revascularization approach, in-stent restenosis limits its long-term efficacy and safety. The objective of this study was to test the anti-restenosis effects of local stent-mediated delivery of the A20 gene in a porcine carotid artery model.Materials and methods: The pCDNA3.1EHA20 was firmly attached onto stents that had been collagen coated and treated with N-succinimidyl-3-(2-pyridyldithiolpropionate solution and anti-DNA immunoglobulin fixation. Anti-restenosis effects of modified vs control (the bare-metal stent and pCDNA3.1 void vector stents were assessed by Western blot and scanning electron microscopy, as well as by morphological and inflammatory reaction analyses.Results: Stent-delivered A20 gene was locally expressed in porcine carotids in association with significantly greater extent of re-endothelialization at day 14 and of neointimal hyperplasia inhibition at 3 months than stenting without A20 gene expression.Conclusion: The A20-gene-eluting stent inhibits neointimal hyperplasia while promoting re-endothelialization and therefore constitutes a novel potential alternative to prevent restenosis while minimizing complications. Keywords: restenosis, A20, gene therapy, stent, endothelialization

  11. Polyethylene glycol–polylactic acid nanoparticles modified with cysteine–arginine–glutamic acid–lysine–alanine fibrin-homing peptide for glioblastoma therapy by enhanced retention effect

    Wu J


    Full Text Available Junzhu Wu,1,2,* Jingjing Zhao,1,3,* Bo Zhang,1 Yong Qian,1 Huile Gao,1 Yuan Yu,1 Yan Wei,1 Zhi Yang,1 Xinguo Jiang,1 Zhiqing Pang1 1Key Laboratory of Smart Drug Delivery, Ministry of Education, Department of Pharmaceutics, School of Pharmacy, Fudan University, Shanghai, 2School of Pharmacy, Dali University, Xiaguan, 3School of Pharmacy, China Pharmaceutical University, Nanjing, People’s Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this work Abstract: For a nanoparticulate drug-delivery system, crucial challenges in brain-glioblastoma therapy are its poor penetration and retention in the glioblastoma parenchyma. As a prevailing component in the extracellular matrix of many solid tumors, fibrin plays a critical role in the maintenance of glioblastoma morphology and glioblastoma cell differentiation and proliferation. We developed a new drug-delivery system by conjugating polyethylene glycol–polylactic acid nanoparticles (NPs with cysteine–arginine–glutamic acid–lysine–alanine (CREKA; TNPs, a peptide with special affinity for fibrin, to mediate glioblastoma-homing and prolong NP retention at the tumor site. In vitro binding tests indicated that CREKA significantly enhanced specific binding of NPs with fibrin. In vivo fluorescence imaging of glioblastoma-bearing nude mice, ex vivo brain imaging, and glioblastoma distribution demonstrated that TNPs had higher accumulation and longer retention in the glioblastoma site over unmodified NPs. Furthermore, pharmacodynamic results showed that paclitaxel-loaded TNPs significantly prolonged the median survival time of intracranial U87 glioblastoma-bearing nude mice compared with controls, Taxol, and NPs. These findings suggested that TNPs were able to target the glioblastoma and enhance retention, which is a valuable strategy for tumor therapy. Keywords: CREKA peptide, nanoparticles, retention effect, paclitaxel, glioblastoma

  12. Biocompatibility of chitosan-coated iron oxide nanoparticles with osteoblast cells

    Shi S


    Full Text Available Si-Feng Shi,1 Jing-Fu Jia,2 Xiao-Kui Guo,3 Ya-Ping Zhao,2 De-Sheng Chen,1 Yong-Yuan Guo,1 Tao Cheng,1 Xian-Long Zhang11Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital, School of Medicine, 2School of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, 3Department of Medical Microbiology and Parasitology, School of Medicine, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Shanghai, ChinaBackground: Bone disorders (including osteoporosis, loosening of a prosthesis, and bone infections are of great concern to the medical community and are difficult to cure. Therapies are available to treat such diseases, but all have drawbacks and are not specifically targeted to the site of disease. Chitosan is widely used in the biomedical community, including for orthopedic applications. The aim of the present study was to coat chitosan onto iron oxide nanoparticles and to determine its effect on the proliferation and differentiation of osteoblasts.Methods: Nanoparticles were characterized using transmission electron microscopy, dynamic light scattering, x-ray diffraction, zeta potential, and vibrating sample magnetometry. Uptake of nanoparticles by osteoblasts was studied by transmission electron microscopy and Prussian blue staining. Viability and proliferation of osteoblasts were measured in the presence of uncoated iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles or those coated with chitosan. Lactate dehydrogenase, alkaline phosphatase, total protein synthesis, and extracellular calcium deposition was studied in the presence of the nanoparticles.Results: Chitosan-coated iron oxide nanoparticles enhanced osteoblast proliferation, decreased cell membrane damage, and promoted cell differentiation, as indicated by an increase in alkaline phosphatase and extracellular calcium deposition. Chitosan-coated iron oxide nanoparticles showed good compatibility with osteoblasts.Conclusion: Further research is necessary to optimize magnetic nanoparticles for the treatment of bone disease

  13. The 2nd International Conference on Water Resource and Environment (WRE 2016

    Zhouli Liu


    Full Text Available Table of contents 01 The eco-toxicological effects of cadmium stress on five ornamental plants Zhouli Liu, Wei Chen, Xingyuan He, Shuai Yu, Weihang Ding 02 Study on the formation and release mechanisms of hydrogen sulfide in Longtan coal mine Jianjun Liu, Yuliang Wu, Kaixiang Fan 03 Coral bleaching in the North Reef of China’s Xisha Islands in 2014 Yuanchao Li, Xinqing Zheng, Shiquan Chen, Haiqun Xie 04 Soil chemical characteristics in a Cunninghamia lanceolata stand suffering from ice-snow damage Jie Li, Zhuomin Wang, Li Xue 05 Diversity of understory vegetation was under a Cunninghamia lanceolata stand suffering from ice-snow damage Zhiyang Lie, Weilong Huang, Tongtong Zhou, Li Xue 06 The effect of water, nitrogen and harvesting time on yield and biomass allocation of Helianthus tuberosus L. Kai Gao, Tiexia Zhu 07 The vertical variation of microbial communities in the sediment of sea cucumber pond Weiteng Mao, Pei Yu, Xinfang Lv, Yunchun Li 08 Indicating significances of alpine plant functional groups to environmental change Peixi Su, Rui Shi 09 Research on the daily CH4 fluxes of soil in summer mangrove community at Yingluogang of Guangxi, China Yong Jiang, Xingbin Chen, Shichu liang 10 Beach protection structures in middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River Junfeng Xu 11 Social responsibility management of large dam project with owner as core: an empirical case in China Jiwei Zhu, Zhao Zhai, Linan Zhou, Yun Le, Li Cao 12 The ecological function value assessment analysis of urban waterfront Jiwei Zhu, Ping Lu, Zhiqian Huang, Bei Zhou 13 Mechanism of diurnal osmotic potential changes and adjustment of three Caragana species in different habitats of the Inner Mongolia Plateau Zhirong Zheng, Shihai Lv, Chaoyang Feng 14 Biodiversity of phytoplankton and environmental influences analysis of Longfeng Wetland, China Nan Song, Yan Liu, Xinxin Lu, Yawen Fan 15 The effect of human activities on culturable soil microbes from Yaoquan Mountain in


    ZHANG; Kai-tai


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  15. 本刊编委会委员名单


    《浙江大学学报》(农业与生命科学版)编委会 主 任 Chairman 程家安 CHENG Jia-an 顾 问 Advisors of the Editorial Board 陈子元 CHEN Zi-yuan 李德葆 LI De-bao 童芍素 TONG Shao-su 特邀编委 Honorarv Members of the Editorial Board(按姓氏笔画为序) 王道文 WANG Dao-wen 研究员 中国科学院遗传研究所 李毅 LI Yi 教授 北京大学生命学院 吴常信 WU Chang-xin 院士 北京农业大学 张爱民 ZHANG Ai-min 教授 中国农业大学 薛勇彪 XUE Yong-biao 研究员 中国科学院发育研究所 奥田诚一 Seiichi Okuda 教授 University of Utsunomiya DENNIS N. Marple 教授 Iowa State University of Science and Technology HEIKO C. Becker 教授 George August University Gottingen ZENG Zhao-bang 教授 NC State University 编 委 Members of the Editorial Board(按姓氏笔画为序) 王人潮WANG Ren-chao 冯明光FENG Ming-guang 邓君奇DENG Jun-qi 朱军ZHU Jun 刘祖生LIU ZU-sheng 刘树生LIU Shu-sheng 许梓荣XU Zi-rong 孙锦荷SUN Jin-he 朱睦元ZHU Mu yuan 吴常信WU Chang-xin 吴平WU Ping 何国庆HE Guo-qmg 何勇HE Yong 张国平ZHANG Guo-ping 周雪平ZHOU Xue ping 陈力耕CHEN Li geng 胡萃HU Cui 郑筱祥ZHENG Xiao-xiang 郑重ZHENG Zhong 凌备备LING Bei-bei 钱凯先QIAN Kai-xian 徐同XU Tong 唐桂礼TANG Gui-li 徐建民XU-Jian-min 黄昌勇HUANG Chang-yong 曹家树CAO Jia-shu 程家安CHENG Jia-an 曾广文ZENG Guang-wen 楼程富LOU Cheng fu 薛庆中XUE Qing-zhong 主 编 Eeditor-in-Chief 程家安 CHENG Jia-an 副主编 Associate Editors-in-Chief 朱军ZHU Jun(常务) 唐桂礼TANG Gui-li 执行总编 Chief Reviewing Editor 邓君奇 DENG Jun-qi

  16. Projects of Earth Sciences Supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China


    Influence on Forms of Plant Nutrients\tZHOU Jian-min 40071052\tEffect of Humus on Potassium Fixon and Release in Soil\tLIANG Cheng-hua 40071053\tStudy on the Stability and Scale Change Method of Diagnostic Parameters of Ecological Balanced Fertilization Model\tHOU Yan-lin 40071054\tSpatio-temporal Patterns and Efficiency of Plant Roots in Stabilizing Soil Structure and Reducing Water Erosion in Hilly Landscape\tLI Yong 40071055\tEffect of Changes in Soil Organic Matter on the Erodibility of Red Soils and Their Application to Planning of Soil & Water Conservation\tZHAO Qi-guo 40071056\tResearches of Desertification Disaster Early-warning System in Hunshandake Sandy Land\tDING Guo-dong 40071057\tThe Soil Air Entrapment Lessen Infiltration Rate and Principle Between in the Muddy Water Infiltration\tLI Yuan-nong 40071058\tErosion and Transport Processes at Loessial Hillslope\tZHENG Fen-li 40071059\tUse of 137Cs and 7Be Measurements to Study the Temporal and Spatial Patterns of Soil Erosion Delivering Sediment of Water-induced on Agricultural Slope Land\tYANG Ming-yi 40071060\tQuick Monitoring of Land Use Changes Using Satellite SAR Images in South China\tLI Xia 40071061\tThe Approach of Spatial Analysis in Automatic Interpretation of Satellite Digital Image\tQIN Qi-ming 40071062\tVegetation Effect and Scattering Mechanism Analysis of SRTM Interferometric Data\tWANG Chao 40071063\tChlorophyll High Precision Detection on Remote Sensing & Environmental Science in Coastal Waters\tCHEN Xiao-xiang 40071064\tStudies on Dynamic Simulation for the Modern Loess Geomorphic Process Based on Geographic Information Systems\tWU Lun 40071065\tStudy on Spatial Data Model of Digital Earth\tYANG Chong-jun 40071066\tEco-environmental Study with Remote Sensing Dynamic Detection Based on GIS in Resource Region of the Yellow River\tZENG Yong-nian 40071067\tResearch on Theories and Key Techniques of Spatial Mathematics Basis of "Digital Earth"\tHU Peng 40071068\tThe Location Uncertainty of Imagery

  17. Prognostic value of Notch-1 expression in hepatocellular carcinoma: a meta-analysis

    Wu T


    Full Text Available Tao Wu,1 Min Jiao,1 Li Jing,1 Min-Cong Wang,1 Hai-Feng Sun,2 Qing Li,1 Yi-Yang Bai,1 Yong-Chang Wei,1 Ke-Jun Nan,1 Hui Guo1 1Department of Medical Oncology, The First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University, 2Department of Oncology, Shaanxi Cancer Hospital, Xi’an, People’s Republic of China Abstract: Association of Notch-1 expression with prognosis of patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC remains controversial. We conducted a meta-analysis to reevaluate the association of Notch-1 expression with clinicopathological characteristics and prognosis of HCC. PubMed, Embase, Web of Science, and China National Knowledge Infrastructure were searched to look for relevant studies. The association between Notch-1 expression and clinicopathological parameters and overall survival (OS was then reassessed using the meta-analysis for odds ratio (OR or hazard ratio (HR and 95% confidence interval (CI. A total of seven studies, including 810 HCC patients, were eligible for the meta-analysis. Our data showed that high Notch-1 expression was able to predict poor OS (HR 1.50, 95% CI 1.17–1.83, P=0.0001. The pooled OR showed that high Notch-1 expression was significantly associated with tumor metastasis (OR 0.37, 95% CI 0.16–0.86, P=0.02 and tumor size >5 cm (OR 0.48, 95% CI 0.26–0.88, P=0.02. In contrast, there was no association between high Notch-1 expression and tumor differentiation, late TNM stage, tumor number, and portal vein invasion of HCC. In conclusion, Notch-1 overexpression might predict poorer survival and more aggressive behavior in patients with HCC. Keywords: hepatocellular carcinoma, Notch-1, prognosis, clinicopathological features, meta-analysis

  18. Management of noninfectious posterior uveitis with intravitreal drug therapy

    Tan HY


    Full Text Available Hui Yi Tan,1 Aniruddha Agarwal,2 Cecilia S Lee,3 Jay Chhablani,4 Vishali Gupta,5 Manoj Khatri,6 Jayabalan Nirmal,7 Carlos Pavesio,8 Rupesh Agrawal1,7–9 1Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore, Singapore; 2Department of Vitreoretina, Stanley M Truhlsen Eye Institute, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE, 3Department of Ophthalmology, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA; 4Department of Vitreoretina, L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad, Telangana, 5Department of Retina and Uvea, Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh, 6Department of Retina, Rajan Eye Care Hospital, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India; 7School of Material Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; 8Department of Medical Retina, Moorfields Eye Hospital, NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK; 9Department of Ophthalmology, National Healthcare Group Eye Institute, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore Abstract: Uveitis is an important cause of vision loss worldwide due to its sight-threatening complications, especially cystoid macular edema, as well as choroidal neovascularization, macular ischemia, cataract, and glaucoma. Systemic corticosteroids are the mainstay of therapy for noninfectious posterior uveitis; however, various systemic side effects can occur. Intravitreal medication achieves a therapeutic level in the vitreous while minimizing systemic complications and is thus used as an exciting alternative. Corticosteroids, antivascular endothelial growth factors, immunomodulators such as methotrexate and sirolimus, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are currently available for intravitreal therapy. This article reviews the existing literature for efficacy and safety of these various options for intravitreal drug therapy for the management of noninfectious uveitis (mainly intermediate, posterior, and panuveitis. Keywords: intravitreal therapy, noninfectious uveitis, posterior uveitis

  19. GSTM1 null genotype and gastric cancer risk in the Chinese population: an updated meta-analysis and review

    Zhang XL


    Full Text Available Xi-Liang Zhang, Yong-Hui Cui Department of Gastroenterology, The First People’s Hospital of Shangqiu City, Shangqiu, Henan, People’s Republic of China Abstract: Although a number of studies have been conducted on the association between the GSTM1 null genotype and gastric cancer in People’s Republic of China, this association remains elusive and controversial. To clarify the effects of the GSTM1 null genotype on the risk of gastric cancer, an updated meta-analysis was performed in the Chinese population. Related studies were identified from PubMed, Springer Link, Ovid, Chinese Wanfang Data Knowledge Service Platform, Chinese National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI, and Chinese Biology Medicine (CBM up to November 5, 2014. A total of 25 studies including 3,491 cases and 5,921 controls were included in this meta-analysis. Overall, a significant association (odds ratio [OR] =1.47, 95% CI: 1.28–1.69 was found between the null GSTM1 and gastric cancer risk when all studies in Chinese population were pooled into the meta-analysis. In subgroup analyses stratified by quality score, geographic area, and source of controls, the same results were observed. Additionally, a significant association was found both in smokers and non-smokers. This meta-analysis showed that the null GSTM1 may be a potential biomarker for gastric cancer risk in Chinese, and further studies with gene–gene and gene–environment interactions are required for definite conclusions. Keywords: meta-analysis, GSTM1, polymorphism, gastric cancer

  20. Sudden loss of the deep brain stimulation effect with high impedance without macroscopic fracture: a case report and review of the published literature

    Yang HJ


    Full Text Available Hui-Jun Yang,1 Ji Young Yun,2 Young Eun Kim,3 Yong Hoon Lim,4 Han-Joon Kim,5 Sun Ha Paek,4 Beom S Jeon5 1Department of Neurology, Ulsan University Hospital, Ulsan, 2Department of Neurology, Ewha Womans University Mokdong Hospital, Seoul, 3Department of Neurology, Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital, Anyang, 4Department of Neurosurgery, Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul, 5Department of Neurology and Movement Disorder Center, Parkinson’s Disease Study Group and Neuroscience Research Institute, Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul, South Korea Abstract: The number of deep brain stimulation (DBS hardware complications has increased during the past decade. In cases of abnormally high lead impedance with no evidence of a macroscopic fracture, optimal treatment options have not yet been established. Here, we present the case of a 49-year-old woman with a 12-year history of Parkinson’s disease who received bilateral subthalamic nucleus DBS in March 2006. The patient showed good control of parkinsonism until December 24, 2010, when she awoke with abrupt worsening of parkinsonian symptoms. At telemetric testing, lead impedances were found at >2,000 Ω in all four leads on the left side. Fracture of a lead or an extension wire was suspected. However, radiological screening and palpation revealed no macroscopic fracture. In June 2011, the implantable pulse generator (IPG was changed under local anesthesia without any complications. Postoperatively, her parkinsonism immediately improved to the previous level, and the lead impedance readings by telemetry were also normalized. The disconnection of the neurostimulator connector block and the hybrid circuit board of the IPG was confirmed by destructive analysis. The present report illustrates that a staged approach that starts with simple IPG replacement can be an option for some cases of acute DBS effect loss with high impedance, when radiological findings are normal, thereby sparing the