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  1. 2015 Award to Academician Jie Zhang

    Hora, Heinrich; Miley, George H.


    Professor Jie Zhang, President of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University receiving the Edward Teller Medal of the American Nuclear Society at the International Conference on Inertial Fusion Science and Applications IFSA 2015 in September at Seattle, WA, USA...

  2. Official Zhang Flower


    Tucked away at the highest elevation of any city in the world, Lhasa is filled with flowers bathed in warm sunlight. Whether in Barkor Street or in snaking alleys, one finds flowers in full bloom. They include the famous Gal-sang flower, azaleas, to be found in the mountains, Rho-diola which is used as a medicinal herb, and a kind of flower known as High Commissioner Zhang.

  3. Zhang Xu and Naxi Culture


    Zhang Xu, who has travelled to the remote city of Lijiang in Yunnan Province a dozen times or more, has been adopted by the Naxi people. Her passionate interest in Naxi culture drives her efforts to introduce it to the world. The house of Zhang Xu’s Naxi parents in Mingyintuli Village is surrounded by Jade Dragon Mountain.

  4. Zhang functions and various models

    Zhang, Yunong


    This book focuses on solving different types of time-varying problems. It presents various Zhang dynamics (ZD) models by defining various Zhang functions (ZFs) in real and complex domains. It then provides theoretical analyses of such ZD models and illustrates their results. It also uses simulations to substantiate their efficacy and show the feasibility of the presented ZD approach (i.e., different ZFs leading to different ZD models), which is further applied to the repetitive motion planning (RMP) of redundant robots, showing its application potential.

  5. Rotten Tomatoes for Zhang Yimou



    Some Chinese critics regard ZhangYimou's portrayed concpt of Chinese civilizton as over simplified .they say his works draw Western attention to Chinese national Culture without conveying its true diversity ,and that his work mirrors on China through which the world may make its own observations.

  6. "Pipa Fairy Maiden" Zhang Hongyan


    WHEN Zhang Hongyan plays the completely traditional Chinese musical instrument, the pipa, she is called a "pipa fairy maiden" by her audiences, "the pipa queen with outstanding talent and appearance" by the Hong Kong press and "a national flower of the Women Philharmonic Orchestra" in Singapore. Having completed her master’s degree program at the folk music department of the Central Conservatory of Music. Zhang is continuing there as a teacher. On the unforgettable night of June 9, 1992, Zhang Hongyan presented her first solo concerto concert at the Beijing Concert Hall, in cooperation with the celebrated Central Philharmonic Orchestra based in Beijing and its famous conductor Hu Yongyan. This concert made her the first folk musical instrument player to present a special concerto concert in cooperation with a Western style orchestra. It is the result of many years of effort. Zhang was born in Shengxian County, Zhejiang Province, famous as the home of Yue Opera. Her father is a musician with a Yue Opera

  7. Joe Zhang, Party Man, Company Man

    Brødsgaard, Kjeld Erik


    Book review of: Joe Zhang: Party Man, Company Man. Honolulu: Enrich Professional Publishing, 2014. 234 pp.......Book review of: Joe Zhang: Party Man, Company Man. Honolulu: Enrich Professional Publishing, 2014. 234 pp....

  8. Zhang Zhongxing and His Family


    TWO years ago, I traveled to the UnitedStates on private business when I wasembarrassed by a new discovery; nomatter what a person’s racialbackground, if he could read MandarinChinese, be would mention ZhangZbongxing. At Harvard Square inBoston, an African-American studenttold me that Zhang’s work featured thenobility and cultural tradition of Chineseliterary elites from the past 5,000 yearsand reflected the freedom and

  9. Color Sculptures by Zhang Runzhi



    Zhang Runzhi is a clay sculptor who did not study art in college. Her sculptures, however, are popular and appreciated by people. She has created such characters from famous Chinese classical works as Lin Daiyu from Dream of Red Mansions; Lu Zhishen from Outlaws of the Marsh; Monk Tang Seng and his three disciples from Journey to the West; the White Snake, Xuxian and the Green Snake from Legend of the White Snake; as well as the Buddhas andfeitian

  10. Zhang Hao,Health of wealth


    @@ Contribution to the society Zhang Hao owns great opportunity to store intelligence and knowledge, in her early year.Zhang Hao was graduated from Economic Management Department of People's University in 1983 and later finished her study in Advanced Training Program of CEO of Chinese Direct Selling Enterprises in Peking University.

  11. Zhang Qing and His Meticulous Chinese Paintings



    ZHANG Qing was initially drawn to the bird and flower paint-ings of the Tang and Song dynasties (7th-12th centuries). Later,Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) artist Ren Bonian, famous for hispaintings of figures, also became an important influence.Although Zhang Qing considers his style to be firmly rooted in tradi-

  12. Following Zhang Wenjin to the United States


    In 1937,Zhang Ying studied at the Lu Xun Art Institute in Yan’an.After graduation she began working in the art world under Zhou Enlai’s direction.In 1983, she followed her husband Zhang Wenjin to the United States as wife of the ambassador.During her two-year stay in the U.S., she came into close contact with many American women while working to promote mutual understanding and friendship between the people of the two countries.After her retirement in 1991,she sponsored the production of a 10-episode documentary TV program,"Zhou Enlai and the Arts."She also wrote a book about her experience in the United States,Called,Following Zhang Wenjin to the United States—Notes of an Ambassador’s Wife.The following are extracts from the book.

  13. Siegel-Surgery according to Gaofei Zhang

    Petersen, Carsten Lunde

    In a recent manuscript Gaofei Zhang has shown using quasi-conformal surgery, that the Siegel disk for the rotated sine function EXP(i2πθ)sin(z) is a quasi-disk passing whose boundary passes through the two neighbouring critical points ±π/2. His construction is similar in spirit to surgery...

  14. Zhang Leiping: Painter, Wife and Mother


    BORN into an artistic family, Zhang Leiping grew up surrounded by ink and paper. Though now a famous representative of the Shanghai Painting Studio, she owes her success to more than 30 years of diligence and hard work, habits learned in her childhood.

  15. Zhang Ziyi Is on Her Way



    Zhang Ziyi is one of China′s hottest movie stars and right now can pick and choose any role she wants in the world. Hollywood producers are falling over themselves to invite the 28-year-old Beijing-bom actress into a major US production. What really interests the non-smoking,non-drinking beautiful young woman is playing a wild American girl.

  16. Zhang-Wu Directional LMMSE Image Demosaicking

    Pascal Getreuer


    Full Text Available Most digital cameras capture samples through a color filter array. At every pixel location, the camera observes one of either the red, green, or blue component. Demosaicking (or demosaicing is the problem of using this incomplete information to estimate all three color components at every pixel. Zhang and Wu proposed an effective solution to this problem in “Color Demosaicking via Directional Linear Minimum Mean-Square-Error Estimation”.

  17. Zhang Zhili's Experience in Treatment of Eczema


    @@Prof. Zhang Zhili has practised traditional medicine for more than 40 years, hence an accumulation of rich clinical experience. As we have been fortunately guided by him in medical practice we would like to share with readers his experience in treatment of eczema as follows: Analyses of Pathogenesis Prof. Zhang holds that eczema is often caused by both endogenic and exogenic pathogens conflicting in skin and muscles: endogenic factors refer to improper diet or over-intake of irritative foods which may hurt the spleen and stomach, resulting in dysfunction of the spleen in transport and, as a result, leading to the accumulation of dampness-heat in the body; and exogenic factors refer to the invasion of exogenic pathogenic wind, dampness and heat. Moreover, a prolonged course of the illness may exhaust yin and blood and, consequently, turn pathogenic dryness factor into wind-evil. In the case of children, it is mostly caused by pathogenic heat stagnating in the gastrointestinal region due to weak congenital resistance and improper diet.

  18. Zhang Guilong, A Devoted Envoy of Sino-Laos Friendship


    @@ At the end of October 2007, the fourth Sino-ASEAN Expo held in Nanning international exhibition center, no exceptior, welcomed its old friend-Zhang Guilong, the Chinese entrepreneur from Laos. It is the fourth time that Zhang Guilong took part in the grand meeting.Besides the Sino-ASEAN Expo, Zhang Guilong also positively participated in a lot of other Sino-Laos activities.

  19. Zhang Guilong, A Devoted Envoy of Sino-Laos Friendship


      At the end of October 2007, the fourth Sino-ASEAN Expo held in Nanning international exhibition center, no exceptior, welcomed its old friend-Zhang Guilong, the Chinese entrepreneur from Laos. It is the fourth time that Zhang Guilong took part in the grand meeting.Besides the Sino-ASEAN Expo, Zhang Guilong also positively participated in a lot of other Sino-Laos activities.……

  20. A Review of the Pharmacological Effects of the Dried Root of Polygonum cuspidatum (Hu Zhang and Its Constituents

    Huan Zhang


    Full Text Available Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM has been widely used in China for thousands of years to treat and prevent diseases. TCM has been proven safe and effective, and it is being considered as one of the important types of complementary and alternative medicine and receives increasing attention worldwide. The dried root of Polygonum cuspidatum Sieb. et Zucc. (also known as “Hu Zhang” in Chinese is one of the medicinal herbs listed in the Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China. Hu Zhang is widely distributed in the world. It can be found in Asia and North America and is used as folk medicine in countries such as Japan and Korea. In China, Hu Zhang is usually used in combination with other TCM herbs. The therapeutic uses of those Hu Zhang-containing TCM prescriptions or formulations are for treating cough, hepatitis, jaundice, amenorrhea, leucorrhea, arthralgia, burns and snake bites. Recent pharmacological and clinical studies have indicated that Hu Zhang has antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, and cardioprotective functions. This review gives a summary of the reported therapeutic effects of the active compounds and the different extracts of Hu Zhang.

  1. Prof.ZHANG Yi's Experience in Treating Severe Arrhythmia

    CHEN Wei-guo; BA Zhuo-ma


    @@ Prof. ZHANG Yi is a supervisor in the work of inheriting the experiences from national TCM experts, and enjoys special subsidy granted by the State Council. Graduated from Tongji Medical College, Prof. ZHANG has been engaged in medical work for about 50 years, and has worked for many years as the director of the Department of Internal Cardiology in the Affiliated Hospital of Qinghai Medical College.

  2. Discussion on manufacturing techniques of Chen Zhang Pot

    Fan Taofeng


    Full Text Available The Chen Zhang Pot, made in the late Warring States period is an openwork bronze pot with gold and silver inlay. It was identified as a first-class historical relic of the nation by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage in 2001. To explore its manufacturing techniques, XRF, CT and X-Ray photograph microscopic observation were adopted for the non-destructive examination of the Chen Zhang Pot. The analysis data show that many parts of the Chen Zhang Pot were cast separately, and then assembled. It also shows that the composition proportion of each part of the Chen Zhang Pot is different; and the bronze color, hardness and tensile strength are different for each alloy proportion. A variety of decoration techniques were adopted in the manufacturing process, which make the color more diverse and gorgeous. The openwork decoration is the most complex part of the pot, and the gold and silver decoration technique also represents the high level manufacturing technology in the Warring States period. In summary, the Chen Zhang Pot is a unique art treasure, and as a specimen it allows us to study the bronze casting technology in the Warring States period.

  3. Modern Industrialist Zhang Jian Advocated Women’s Vocational Education


    IN 1914, China’s modern industrialist Zhang Jian used his own money to set up The Nantong Women’s Training School in Jiangsu Province. This school specialized in teaching embroidery, one of the more than 20 specialities taught in the vocational schools he set up. By looking at the way the school was established, and its curriculum, we can get a glimpse of Zhang Jian’s concept for vocational education. He thougbt it was important to train women to be knowledgeable and skillful workers.

  4. Equity Valuation and Accounting Numbers: Applying Zhang (2000 and Zhang and Chen (2007 models to Brazilian Market

    Fernando Caio Galdi


    Full Text Available This paper investigates how accounting variables explain cross-sectional stocks returns in Brazilian capital markets. The analysis is based on Zhang (2000 and Zhang and Chen (2007 models. These models predict that stock returns are a function of net income, change in profitability, invested capital, changes in opportunity growths and discount rate. Generally, the empirical results for the Brazilian capital market are consistent with the theoretical relations that models describe, similarly to the results found in the US. Using different empirical tests (pooled regressions, Fama-Macbeth and panel data the results and coefficients remain similar, what support the robustness of our findings.

  5. Zhang Pengchun, a Globally Famed Chinese Human Rights Activist



    Zhang Pengchun (1892-1957)is remembered in China largely as an educator and scholar.Worldwide,however,he is better known as a great human rights activist,mainly for the role he played in the drafting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in the wake of World War Ⅱ.

  6. False become true: Christie's catalogue of Zhang Hongtu

    Sandra Valenzuela Arellano


    Full Text Available By analyzing the series Christie’s Catalogue Project by the artist Zhang Hongtu, this essay traces relationships between: Cultural heritance, national identity, fakeness, popular culture and legitimacy of power structures, within contemporary China. Contemporary art creates assemblies of meanings related to its time, sometimes relating the present with history, high with vernacular culture, soft power with the construction of collective memory. This essay aims to reconstruct with words, through textual and visual analysis, those visual assemblies.

  7. Zhang Qi's Experience in Treating Chronic Renal Failure

    LIN Qi-zhan; XU Da-ji; MA Yu-peng


    @@ Chronic renal failure is a result of the parenchymatous injury of kidney and progressive exacerbation due to many reasons.It is a svstematic clinical syndrome caused by the disturbance in excreting metabolites,adjusting water-electrolyte and acid-base balance as well as production and inactivation of active substances of endocrine.Prof Zhang Qi has rich clinical experience in treating renal failure.A report follows.

  8. Patterns in the Kardar–Parisi–Zhang equation

    Hans C Fogedby


    We review a recent asymptotic weak noise approach to the Kardar–Parisi–Zhang equation for the kinetic growth of an interface in higher dimensions. The weak noise approach provides a many-body picture of a growing interface in terms of a network of localized growth modes. Scaling in 1d is associated with a gapless domain wall mode. The method also provides an independent argument for the existence of an upper critical dimension.

  9. CCAFA President Zhang Deguang Leads Delegation to Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan


    <正>Adelegation of the China-Central Asia Friendship Association (CCAFA) headed by its president Zhang Deguang paid a goodwill visit to Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan from April 8 to 13 at the invitation of the Council of Friendship Societies and Cultural-Enlightening Relations with Foreign Countries (CFSCERFC) of Uzbekistan and the People’s Assembly of Kazakhstan. It was the first CCAFA delegation to visit the two Central Asian countries since its founding at the end of last year.

  10. Zhang Ziyi and China’s Celebrity–Philanthropy Scandals

    Elaine M Jeffreys


    Full Text Available In January 2010, the internationally acclaimed Chinese actor, Zhang Ziyi, became a focus of public criticism for allegedly defaulting on a pledge to donate one million yuan to the 2008 Sichuan earthquake disaster-relief fund. That earthquake not only killed 70,000 people and left five million homeless, but also produced a dramatic rise in individual and corporate philanthropy in China. Philanthropic donations in 2008 amounted to a total figure of 100 billion yuan, exceeding the documented total for the preceding decade. Zhang’s ‘failed pledge’ led fans and critics to accuse her in interactive media forums of both charity fraud and generating a nationwide crisis of faith in the philanthropic activities of the rich and famous. Dubbed ‘donation-gate’, the ensuing controversy obliged Zhang Ziyi to hire a team of USA-based lawyers, to give an exclusive interview to the China Daily, and to engage in renewed philanthropic endeavours, in an effort to clear her name. Hence, contrary to claims that celebrity philanthropy is an apolitical mode of philanthropy, an examination of the Zhang Ziyi scandal and its disaster-relief precursors demonstrates that celebrity philanthropy in the People’s Republic of China is a political affair.

  11. ZHANG Heng's Seismometer and Longxi earthquake in AD 134

    FENG Rui; YU Yan-xiang


    Longxi earthquake was the only earthquake example, which ZHANG Heng's Seismometer had detected. Therefore this event attracted the attention of the academic circle and also served as crucial evidence to examine the rationality of the reconstructed model of the seismometer. But for a long time, owing to the fact that the Jincheng-Longxi earthquake on February 28, AD 138 was mistaken as the event went against the historical records, it was refuted by the researches of both in China and abroad. By making careful textual research of historical records, especially by analyzing the description of Longxi earthquake of Houhan Shu, by studying the historical background exposed by historical literatures at that time, ZHANG Heng's biography, his poems and place names of Han Dynasty, by comparing five earthquakes occurred in Qing Dynasty and their attenuation of seismic intensity, the conclusion can be drawn that the Longxi earthquake should take place on December 13, AD 134 (the third year of Yangjia reign). As a rough assessment, the epicenter was in Tianshui area and the magnitude was about 7. Due to the political corruption and inability to scientifically explain earthquake phenomenon at the end of Eastern Han Dynasty, a tragedy occurred during the later years of ZHANG Heng's life that had direct relations with the earthquake successively occurred in AD 133 and AD 134 after invention of seismometer in AD 132. In order to analyze the ground motion at Lingtai caused by the event in AD 134, the digital broad-band seismic records of three Longxi earthquakes in recent years recorded by Luoyang seismic station are used. The numerical modelings are made from three aspects of seismic magnitude definition, digital broad-band seismograms and empirical Green's function method. The results have shown that the maximum horizontal displacement at Lingtai is between 6~8 mm, and the maximum acceleration is less than 10-2 rn/s2. These results have played an important role in quantitative

  12. Zhang Yinlin: A Preface to Chinese Calligraphy Criticism (1931

    Xiongbo Shi


    Full Text Available Written in 1931, Zhang Yinlin’s treatise “A Preface to Chinese Calligraphy Criticism” has long been neglected by researchers of twentieth-century Chinese calligraphy theory. The main part of this article is a translation of this treatise. In an introduction, the translator briefly reviews the development of the aesthetics of Chinese calligraphy in the early twentieth century. The influence of Western aesthetics on Chinese calligraphy theory in the early twentieth century is manifest, and Zhang’s treatise, quoting directly from some contemporary English books on aesthetics, is of this nature.

  13. Reconstruction of Mechanical Principles of Zhang Heng's Seismoscope

    Feng Rui; Wu Yuxia


    The difficulties in the reconstruction of Zhang Heng's Seismoscope come mainly from the lack of understanding of its mechanical principles. Such a discrepancy affects the rational reconstruction of the external form of the seismoscope and the fair assessment of its position in science. In connection with the two basic conjectures on its basic principles over the past hundred years: namely, the suspended pendulum and the upright rod, the authors have conducted a comprehensive study from the viewpoint of modern seismology. In this study,various aspects are involved, such as the properties of the seismoscope, its description in the "History of the Latter Han Dynasty ", the structure and movement of the central pillar,historical earthquakes in the Longxi region, earthquake intensity in Luoyang, and modern seismograms from the Luoyang seismic station. The result shows that Zhang Heng' s seismoscope works following a suspended pendulum principle; it is triggered to move by seismic Rayleigh waves; and resonance plays the role of amplification. The long-prevailing conjecture of the upright rod, which was mistakenly called the "inverted pendulum" for a time, is believed to be improper. Both theory and practice show that it cannot be used in a seismoscope and will lead to an irrational reconstruction of the external form.

  14. Aesthetic Function Realized in the Selected Modern Chinese Essays by Zhang Peiji



    The selected modern Chinese essays translated by Zhang Peiji is a masterpiece for Chinese scholars to do translation research. Prof. Zhang not only excels at translating the Chinese works accurately but also conveys the aesthetic value in the translated version. This paper wil analyse the aesthetic function used in Zhang Peiji’s selected modern Chinese essays from five aspects, music value, rhythm value, ful-grownness value, conciseness value and artistic conception value.

  15. Boxer Zhang Songxi and the Origins of the Internal-External School Concept

    Marnix Wells; Stanley E. Henning


    Zhang Songxi was so highly respected for his boxing skills that the emperor’s grand secretary, Shen Yiguan (1531–1616), was inspired to write the Biography of Boxer Zhang Songxi. Later the historian Huang Zongxi (1610–1695) wrote an epitaph for a resistance fighter named Wang Zhengnan. In the biography he labeled both Wang and Zhang as practitioners of the “internal school of boxing,” versus what he called the Shaolin or “external school.” Since Shen Yiguan never mentioned Zhang as an interna...

  16. Scientific Bronze Casting Reconstruction of Zhang Heng's Seismograph from the Eastern Han Dynasty

    Hu Chunliang


    @@ Commissioned by the state Task Force for scientific reconstruction of Zhang Heng's seismograph, the "Eastern Han Zhang Heng's seismograph" was successfully cast on August 5, 2008 at Shanxi Yuda Group, a national cultural industry demonstration base. After sophisticated assembly and debugging,the 1.7 m tall reconstructed Zhang Heng's seismograph was displayed at the Science and Technology Museum of China in August 2009,making the Eastern Han Zhang Heng's seismograph which had been lost for thousands of years reemerge in the world.

  17. Complete solution to a conjecture of Zhang-Liu-Zhou

    Mostafa Tavakoli


    Full Text Available Let dn;m = 2n+1 and En;m be the graph obtained from a path Pdn;m+1 = v0v1:::vdn;m by joining each vertex of Kn by joining each vertex of Kn. Zhang, Liu and Zhou [On the maximal eccentric connectivity indices of graphs, Appl. Math. J. Chinese Univ., in press] conjectured that if dn;m > 3, then En;m is the graph with maximal eccentric connectivity ndex among all connected graph with n vertices and m edges. In this note, we prove this conjecture. Moreover, we present the graph with maximal eccentric connectivity index among the connected graphs with n vertices. Finally, the minimum of this graph invariant n the classes of tricyclic and tetracyclic graphs are computed.

  18. On the Translation Strategies in Zhang Guruo Translation of Tess of the D'urbervilles S



    This paper provides readers with an analysis of the translation strategies at different levels in Zhang Guruo' s translated version of Tess of the D' Urbervilles, aiming at enriching the understanding of Zhang Guruo' s translation theory and translation practice which may give some evidence and enlightenment for the further studies on literary translation under the context of culture.

  19. Boxer Zhang Songxi and the Origins of the Internal-External School Concept

    Marnix Wells


    Full Text Available Zhang Songxi was so highly respected for his boxing skills that the emperor’s grand secretary, Shen Yiguan (1531–1616, was inspired to write the Biography of Boxer Zhang Songxi. Later the historian Huang Zongxi (1610–1695 wrote an epitaph for a resistance fighter named Wang Zhengnan. In the biography he labeled both Wang and Zhang as practitioners of the “internal school of boxing,” versus what he called the Shaolin or “external school.” Since Shen Yiguan never mentioned Zhang as an internal- school practitioner, it appears that Huang was using the internal-external concept to symbolically express his dissatisfaction with China’s Manchu rulers. The Zhang Songxi biography provides some evidence that the internal-external school concept was more political than martial arts oriented.

  20. Immunological evaluation of Lactobacillus casei Zhang: a newly isolated strain from koumiss in Inner Mongolia, China

    Du Ruiting


    Full Text Available Abstract Background There is increasing evidence to suggest an immunomodulation function both within the intestines and systemically upon consuming probiotic species. We recently isolated a novel LAB, Lactobacillus caseiZhang (LcZhang from koumiss. LcZhang exhibited favorable probiotic properties, such as acid resistance, bile resistance, gastrointestinal (GI colonization ability, etc. In order to examine the immunomodulatory qualities of LcZhang, we administered LcZhang to healthy mice with varying doses of either live or heat-killed LcZhang and measured various parameters of the host immune response. Results The study was performed in four separate experiments via oral administration of live and heat-killed LcZhang to BALB/c mice for several consecutive days. We investigated the immunomodulating capacity of LcZhang in vivo by analyzing the profile of cytokines, T cell subpopulations, and immunoglobulin concentrations induced in blood serum and intestinal fluid in BALB/c mice. Only live bacteria elicited a wide range of immune responses, which include the increased production of interferon-γ (IFN-γ, and depression of tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α levels. In addition, interleukin-2 (IL-2 and IL-2 receptor gene transcription increased significantly, but the proportion of T cell subsets appeared to be unaffected. We also observed that LcZhang was capable of inducing gut mucosal responses by enhancing the production of secretory Immunoglobulin A (sIgA as well influencing the systemic immunity via the cytokines released to the circulating blood. Conclusion The present work shows that the dose-dependent administration of LcZhang is capable of influencing immune responses, implying that it may be a valuable strain for probiotic use in humans.

  1. Characteristic Sign Renewals of Kardar-Parisi-Zhang Fluctuations

    Takeuchi, Kazumasa A.; Akimoto, Takuma


    Tracking the sign of fluctuations governed by the (1+1)-dimensional Kardar-Parisi-Zhang (KPZ) universality class, we show, both experimentally and numerically, that its evolution has an unexpected link to a simple stochastic model called the renewal process, studied in the context of aging and ergodicity breaking. Although KPZ and the renewal process are fundamentally different in many aspects, we find remarkable agreement in some of the time correlation properties, such as the recurrence time distributions and the persistence probability, while the two systems can be different in other properties. Moreover, we find inequivalence between long-time and ensemble averages in the fraction of time occupied by a specific sign of the KPZ-class fluctuations. The distribution of its long-time average converges to nontrivial broad functions, which are found to differ significantly from that of the renewal process, but instead be characteristic of KPZ. Thus, we obtain a new type of ergodicity breaking for such systems with many-body interactions. Our analysis also detects qualitative differences in time-correlation properties of circular and flat KPZ-class interfaces, which were suggested from previous experiments and simulations but still remain theoretically unexplained.

  2. Kardar-Parisi-Zhang Interfaces with Inward Growth

    Fukai, Yohsuke T.; Takeuchi, Kazumasa A.


    We study the (1 +1 )-dimensional Kardar-Parisi-Zhang (KPZ) interfaces growing inward from ring-shaped initial conditions, experimentally and numerically, using growth of a turbulent state in liquid-crystal electroconvection and an off-lattice Eden model, respectively. To realize the ring initial condition experimentally, we introduce a holography-based technique that allows us to design the initial condition arbitrarily. Then, we find that fluctuation properties of ingrowing circular interfaces are distinct from those for the curved or circular KPZ subclass and, instead, are characterized by the flat subclass. More precisely, we find an asymptotic approach to the Tracy-Widom distribution for the Gaussian orthogonal ensemble and the Airy1 spatial correlation, as long as time is much shorter than the characteristic time determined by the initial curvature. Near this characteristic time, deviation from the flat KPZ subclass is found, which can be explained in terms of the correlation length and the circumference. Our results indicate that the sign of the initial curvature has a crucial role in determining the universal distribution and correlation functions of the KPZ class.

  3. A champion for democracy of the rainbow--Zhang Bei chuan

    Xuan Chen


    Zhang Beichuan is considered one of the founders of modern homosexuality science although he also made major contribution to skin diseases. Furthermore, he believed that religion and Confucianism are the main things that create political systems in countries. Zhang beichuan's work on the homosexuality starts with what was to be his most books, The Gay of Love. And Zhang found that culture roots were fundamental y dif erent than western ones, and this is the reason why freedom of homosexuality of marriage did not develop in some eastern countries.

  4. Robert Bresson, Mariano Barroso, Paskaljevich, Mary Harron, David Trueba, Lars von Trier, Liv Ullmann, Zhang Yimou

    La madriguera


    La madriguera (2000). Robert Bresson, Mariano Barroso, Paskaljevich, Mary Harron, David Trueba, Lars von Trier, Liv Ullmann, Zhang Yimou. Ediciones de intervención cultural S.L. 80 80 33

  5. ZHANG Jie and V, W, W. Yam Elected NAS Foreign Associates


    According to an announcement released by the US National Academy of Sciences (NAS) on May l, 2012, two outstanding scientists from China including physicist ZHANG Jie and chemist Vivian Wing Wah Yam, both members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, were elected to NAS as its new foreign associates. Prof. ZHANG Jie is a leading scientist in strong field physics and X-ray laser technologies, and now serves as the President of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Prof.

  6. Effect of LongZhang Gargle on Biofilm Formation and Acidogenicity of Streptococcus mutans In Vitro.

    Yang, Yutao; Liu, Shiyu; He, Yuanli; Chen, Zhu; Li, Mingyun


    Streptococcus mutans, with the ability of high-rate acid production and strong biofilm formation, is considered the predominant bacterial species in the pathogenesis of human dental caries. Natural products which may be bioactive against S. mutans have become a hot spot to researches to control dental caries. LongZhang Gargle, completely made from Chinese herbs, was investigated for its effects on acid production and biofilm formation by S. mutans in this study. The results showed an antimicrobial activity of LongZhang Gargle against S. mutans planktonic growth at the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) of 16% and minimum bactericidal concentration (MBC) of 32%. Acid production was significantly inhibited at sub-MIC concentrations. Biofilm formation was also significantly disrupted, and 8% was the minimum concentration that resulted in at least 50% inhibition of biofilm formation (MBIC50). A scanning electron microscopy (SEM) showed an effective disruption of LongZhang Gargle on S. mutans biofilm integrity. In addition, a confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM) suggested that the extracellular polysaccharides (EPS) synthesis could be inhibited by LongZhang Gargle at a relatively low concentration. These findings suggest that LongZhang Gargle may be a promising natural anticariogenic agent in that it suppresses planktonic growth, acid production, and biofilm formation against S. mutans.

  7. [An introduction on the editions of Zhang Gao's Yi shuo (Medical Narrations)].

    Wang, Xuguang; Lu, Xiang


    Zhang Gao's Yi shuo (Medical Narrations) of the Southern Song Dynasty had 2 kinds of editions: domestic editions and foreign editions. The former includes 1 Song edition, 14 Ming editions, 3 Qing editions and 25 editions after the Republic of China. The latter, mainly 2 classes, the Japanese edition and Korean printing type edition. In the Ming Dynasty, the editions of Yi shuo generated 2 branches: inherited edition and supplementary edition. The inherited editions include Gu Dingfang's edition, Zhang Yaode's edition, Wu Mianxue's edition, Wu Zhongheng's edition, Wang Kentang's edition, editions from Si ku quan shu (Imperial Collection of Four), stereotype edition of the 3th year of Xuantong reign (1911) from Shanghai Civilization Bookstore, edition of the 2(nd) year of Manji of Japan etc. The supplemental editions include Zhang Zili's edition, Shen Fan's edition, Fu Feng'ao's edition, transcript of the late Ming Dynasty preserved in the Library of Peking University, and Korean printing type edition etc.

  8. Metcalfe’s Law and Network Quality:An Extension of Zhang et al

    Leo Van Hove


    Zhang et al. exploited data on Facebook and Tencent to validate Metcalfe’s law, which states that the aggregate value of a communications network is proportional to the square of the number of users. This note points out that the value of a social network may be driven not only by its size, but also by increases in the variety and quality of the services offered. I therefore extend Zhang et al.’s approach by explicitly controlling for changes in network quality over time. For the case of Tencent, I also filter out revenues and costs that are unrelated to Tencent’s core (social network) services. I find that these two extensions only strengthen Zhang et al.’s conclusions: Metcalfe’s law now outperforms the other laws even more clearly.

  9. Dr. Zhang's Experience in Massotherapy for Treatment of Vertebral-Artery-Type Cervical Spondylopathy

    谢利民; 张涛


    @@ Thirty cases of vertebral-artery-type cervical spondylopathy were treated by Dr. Zhang Tao's technique. The cure rate was 50%, and the total effective rate was 100%.The vertebral-artery-type cervical spondylopathy is a commonly-seen condition in the aged people, often accompanied with arteriosclerosis. Based on the techniques performed by Dr. Du Ziming (the late famous TCM physician of our hospital), Dr. Zhang Tao has developed a set of therapeutic techniques for this condition. From June 1997 to April 1998, the author had treated 30 cases of the disease, with satisfactory results reported in the following.

  10. Hiina tänapäeva arhitektuur - karmiilmeline, aga põnev / Zhang Ke, Zhang Hong, Xiaodu Liu ; interv. Hanna Läkk ja Ene Läkk

    Zhang Ke


    Intervjuu Hiina arhitektuuribüroo Standardarchitecture arhitektide Zhang Ke ja Zhang Hongiga ning arhitektuuribüroo Urbanus arhitekti Xiaodu Liuga Hollandis Hiina tänapäeva tutvustaval näitusel. Hiina arhitektide haridusest, oma arhitektuuribüroode töödest, tänapäeva hiina arhitektuurist, põhiprobleemidest

  11. Hiina tänapäeva arhitektuur - karmiilmeline, aga põnev / Zhang Ke, Zhang Hong, Xiaodu Liu ; interv. Hanna Läkk ja Ene Läkk

    Zhang Ke


    Intervjuu Hiina arhitektuuribüroo Standardarchitecture arhitektide Zhang Ke ja Zhang Hongiga ning arhitektuuribüroo Urbanus arhitekti Xiaodu Liuga Hollandis Hiina tänapäeva tutvustaval näitusel. Hiina arhitektide haridusest, oma arhitektuuribüroode töödest, tänapäeva hiina arhitektuurist, põhiprobleemidest

  12. Kardar–Parisi–Zhang equation in one dimension and line ensembles

    Herbert Spohn


    For suitably discretized versions of the Kardar–Parisi–Zhang equation in one space dimension, exact scaling functions are available, amongst them the stationary two-point function. We explain one central piece from the technology through which such results are obtained, namely the method of line ensembles with purely entropic repulsion.

  13. ZHANG Fusui honored with a prize by US National Shellfisheries Association


    @@ In recognition of his valuable work to the marine shellfish farming research, Prof. ZHANG Fusui, a marine biologist and aquaculture expert from the CAS Institute of Oceanology, was honored with a prize of outstanding contributions by the US National Shellfisheries Association on 1 March.

  14. Proof and Pedagogy in Ancient China: Examples from Liu Hui's Commentary on "JIU ZHANG SUAN SHU".

    Siu, Man-Keung


    Illustrates the pedagogical implications embodied in Liu Hui's discussion on the ancient Chinese mathematical classic "JIU ZHANG SUAN SHU" (Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art) with respect to aspects of proof and, more generally, the role of proof in mathematics. Provides examples involving area and volume. (Contains 25 references.) (MDH)

  15. Kardar-Parisi-Zhang universality class and the anchored Toom interface

    Barkema, G. T.; Ferrari, P. L.; Lebowitz, J. L.; Spohn, H.


    We revisit the anchored Toom interface and use Kardar-Parisi-Zhang scaling theory to argue that the interface fluctuations are governed by the Airy1 process with the role of space and time interchanged. The predictions, which contain no free parameter, are numerically well confirmed for space-time s

  16. Zhang Yimou:the Brand Retooled for “Red Lantern”



    IN 2001, director Zhang Yimou was asked to adapt his 1991 film Raise the Red Lantern into a ballet. The story, set in the courtyard of a 1920s feudal household, depicts the dysfunctional relationship between three wives and their lord and master. After his enormously successful adaptation of

  17. Differences and Similarities in Lawrence and Zhang Ailing’s Views on Female



    D.H.Lawrence and Zhang Ailing both pay great attention to female in their novel writing. This thesis focus on the comparative study of their views on female. Through comparing their views, the author find the similarities and differences in them.

  18. Biography and Brief Chronology of Zhang Jian%张坚传记及年谱

    于广杰; 王晓曦


    清代戏曲家张坚一生著述颇丰,尤以《玉燕堂四种曲》知名当世。然而后代岁月流转,资料湮没,人们只知其曲而不知其人。今裒辑资料成张坚传记及年谱简编,以期为治曲考古之助。其间对于张坚生平事迹、家世背景、与鄂尔泰之因缘、与袁枚和杨潮观等人之交往一一考索,于张坚一生际遇及心态演变也做了相应描述。%Zhang Jian, a dramatist of Qing Dynasty, had published extensively in his lifetime. His Yuyantangsizhongqu is particularly well known. As the passage of time, his biographical information lost, people only know his dramas, rather than understand his life. In order to help researchers understand his dramas and biographies, we collect the information, written a biography and chronicle of Zhang Jian. Examine the life story of Zhang Jian’s, his family background and contacts with Ertai, Yuan Mei, Yang Chaoguan. Also describes the fate of a lifetime Zhang Jian and his psychological world.

  19. New findings of Flagellisargus J Zhang, 2012 (Diptera, Brachycera, Archisargidae, with discussion of the placements of some controversial taxa

    Zhang Junfeng


    Full Text Available A new species of a new subgenus and a similar known species referred to the genus Flagellisargus J Zhang, 2012 are described and illustrated based on a male and a female impression fossils of these flies: Flagellisargus (Changbingisargus parvus subgen. et sp. n. and Flagellisargus (Flagellisargus cf. sinicus J Zhang, 2012. The latter taxon is the first record of a female Flagellisargus. Recently taken out of Archisargoidea, this study concludes that Flagellisargus should be an archisargid genus based on the known (male and new (female impression fossils. The placement of Daohugosargus J Zhang, 2012b is reassessed. It demonstrates close similarities in body structure and wing venation to archisargid flies, and can be retained as an archisargid genus. Archirhagio mostovskii J Zhang, 2015 is separated from Archirhagio zhangi K Zhang et al., 2009. Helempis Ren, 1998 could be, as a separate genus, placed in Archisarginae, Archisargidae.

  20. ZHANG Ji-zhi (张继志)A Pioneer of Integrated Mental Health


    @@Professor ZHANG Ji-zhi, who was born in Weifang City, Shandong Province, was graduated from Shandong University, School of Medicine in 1952. He took further training in Traditional Chinese Medicine Class (on leave) and graduated in 1976. He had served successively as director for Department of Psychiatry, Vice-Superintendent and Chief Psychiatrist of Beijing Anding Hospital. At present, he is Professor of Psychiatry, Beijing Anding Hospital, affiliated to Capital Univeristy of Medical Sciences. He also plays the role of a member of standing committee of China Association for Mental Health and Chairman of Society of Psychosomatic Medicine, Vice-President of Beijing Association for Mental Health, and Honorary Director of Committee of Mental Illness, China Association for the Integration of Traditional and Western Medicine. In addition, Prof. ZHANG is vice editor-in-chief for Chinese Mental Health Journal, standing editor for Chinese Journal of Psychiatry, and consultative editor for Chinese Journal of Nervous and Mental Diseases.

  1. Robustness analysis of the Zhang neural network for online time-varying quadratic optimization

    Zhang Yunong; Ruan Gongqin; Li Kene; Yang Yiwen, E-mail:, E-mail: ynzhang@ieee.or [School of Information Science and Technology, Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou 510006 (China)


    A general type of recurrent neural network (termed as Zhang neural network, ZNN) has recently been proposed by Zhang et al for the online solution of time-varying quadratic-minimization (QM) and quadratic-programming (QP) problems. Global exponential convergence of the ZNN could be achieved theoretically in an ideal error-free situation. In this paper, with the normal differentiation and dynamics-implementation errors considered, the robustness properties of the ZNN model are investigated for solving these time-varying problems. In addition, linear activation functions and power-sigmoid activation functions could be applied to such a perturbed ZNN model. Both theoretical-analysis and computer-simulation results demonstrate the good ZNN robustness and superior performance for online time-varying QM and QP problem solving, especially when using power-sigmoid activation functions.

  2. Zhang Jing-yao and Yuxiang Bank%张敬尧与裕湘银行



      1918年3月,湖南银行倒闭,湖南币政几至不可收拾之地,也更使湖南金融困窘,财政枯竭。4月张敬尧督湘后,锐意整顿金融以巩固其在湘统治,创建了裕湘银行。该行开办以后,代办省库,经营存、放款、汇兑业务,发行纸币等,张敬尧极力维持。但由于中央支持力度薄弱;湖南政局动荡、财政困难;张敬尧个人能力不足,随着张敬尧在湖南政权的结束,裕湘银行也随之被取代。%  With Hunan Bank being bankrupt in March 1918 ,Hunan government affairs on currency got into dilemma ,which made it fiscal deficit .After governed by Zhang Jing - yao in April , a series of implements had been carried out in order to reorganize the government finance and consolidate his ruling in Hunan . And Yuxiang Bank was established . Zhang maintained it energetically in managing the exchequer of Hunan ,operating deposit and loan business ,exchanging the old ticket coin and issuing paper currency .But because of some reasons ,including the central government , Hunan provincial government and Zhang Jing - yao ,Yuxiang Bank was replaced after Zhang governed Hunan no longer .

  3. A novel alkaloid from the fruiting bodies of Ganoderma sinense Zhao,Xu et Zhang


    A new alkaloid,sinensine(1),had been isolated from the fruiting bodies of Ganoderma sinense Zhao,Xu et Zhang.Its structure was elucidated on the basis of 1D and 2D spectral analysis.This alkaloid exhibited activity in protecting the injury induced by hydrogen peroxide oxidation on HUVEC,with EC_(50) value 6.2μmol/L.

  4. An Unreasonable Daydream Constructed in Zhang Ailing’s Sealed Off



    Zhang Ailing’s Sealed Off constructs an unreasonable daydream of the city of Shanghai, an abnormal period of time during which people’s most natural side comes to daylight. This paper intends to look into the seemingly paradoxical relationship between the abnormality of the city and the true self of people by conducting a psychoanalysis of the protagonists using the three-part psychic apparatus, and to examine how feminism is embedded in this translated love story.

  5. From coupled map lattices to the stochastic Kardar Parisi Zhang equation

    Katzav, Eytan; Cugliandolo, Leticia F.


    We discuss the space and time dependence of the continuum limit of an ensemble of coupled logistic maps on a one-dimensional lattice. We show that the resulting partial differential equation has elements of the stochastic Kardar-Parisi-Zhang growth equation and of the Fisher-Kolmogorov-Petrovskii-Piscounov equation describing front propagation. A similar study of the Lyapunov vector confirms that its space-time behaviour is of KPZ type.

  6. Many particle approximation of the Aw-Rascle-Zhang second order model for vehicular traffic.

    Francesco, Marco Di; Fagioli, Simone; Rosini, Massimiliano D


    We consider the follow-the-leader approximation of the Aw-Rascle-Zhang (ARZ) model for traffic flow in a multi population formulation. We prove rigorous convergence to weak solutions of the ARZ system in the many particle limit in presence of vacuum. The result is based on uniform BV estimates on the discrete particle velocity. We complement our result with numerical simulations of the particle method compared with some exact solutions to the Riemann problem of the ARZ system.

  7. Full Model Wind Tunnel Study on the Xia-Zhang Bridge Under Operation Stage

    Ayad T. Saeed


    Full Text Available Problem statement: Long-span cable-stayed bridges under service and particular construction conditions are very susceptible to wind action due to their great flexibility, so the aerodynamic stability is becoming a major concern in the design and construction phrases. Cable-stayed bridges may exhibit wind-induced vibration phenomena such as flutter, buffeting and vortex oscillation under wind excitation. The study concentrated on the issues concerning the aerodynamic response of Xia-Zhang cable-stayed Bridge to make it safe and stable under wind action. Although there have been accumulating experience in the building of cable-stayed bridges and research on wind-resistant stability in Chinese Mainland, most of the research focuses on inland cable-stayed bridges or littoral ones of mid-length, but not on littoral ones whose main span is over 600 m. Therefore, wind-resistant performance research of north branch bridge of Xia-Zhang cross-sea Bridges is very necessary and important for its wind-resistant stability, safety and applicability in the operation condition. Approach: This study mainly presented the wind tunnel test program of the Xia-Zhang Bridge aeroelastic full model, including test method, test contents, test results and so on. Results: The test results contained Root Mean Square (RMS of accelerations and displacements as well as average values of displacements. Conclusion: The conclusions were as follows: (a In the uniform flow field, under the condition of entire bridge without rail may vibration divergence occur when α = 3°, V>122 m sec-1. (b No vortex-induced vibration with extreme amplitudes or static collapsing was detected in all the testing conditions. (c In the turbulent flow field, there were very obvious buffeting phenomena. Responses to turbulence are quite intense.

  8. Security analysis of boolean algebra based on Zhang-Wang digital signature scheme

    Zheng, Jinbin


    In 2005, Zhang and Wang proposed an improvement signature scheme without using one-way hash function and message redundancy. In this paper, we show that this scheme exits potential safety concerns through the analysis of boolean algebra, such as bitwise exclusive-or, and point out that mapping is not one to one between assembly instructions and machine code actually by means of the analysis of the result of the assembly program segment, and which possibly causes safety problems unknown to the software.

  9. Security analysis of boolean algebra based on Zhang-Wang digital signature scheme

    Zheng, Jinbin, E-mail: [School of Mathematics and Computer Science, Long Yan University, Longyan 364012 (China)


    In 2005, Zhang and Wang proposed an improvement signature scheme without using one-way hash function and message redundancy. In this paper, we show that this scheme exits potential safety concerns through the analysis of boolean algebra, such as bitwise exclusive-or, and point out that mapping is not one to one between assembly instructions and machine code actually by means of the analysis of the result of the assembly program segment, and which possibly causes safety problems unknown to the software.

  10. Kardar-Parisi-Zhang universality class and the anchored Toom interface

    Barkema, G. T.; Ferrari, P. L.; Lebowitz, J. L.; Spohn, H.


    We revisit the anchored Toom interface and use Kardar-Parisi-Zhang scaling theory to argue that the interface fluctuations are governed by the Airy1 process with the role of space and time interchanged. The predictions, which contain no free parameter, are numerically well confirmed for space-time statistics in the stationary state. In particular, the spatial fluctuations of the interface computed numerically agree well with those given by the GOE edge distribution of Tracy and Widom [Commun. Math. Phys. 177, 727 (1996), 10.1007/BF02099545].

  11. Zhang Jun and Luo Theory%张浚与洛学



    Zhang Jun, a minister during the reign of Emperor Gaozong and Emperor Xiaozong in the Southern Song Dynasty, played an important role in academic evolvement of the Song Dynasty. On the one hand, he appreciated Luo theory and recommended its scholars, creating an 'early Yuanyou political situation' and rejuvenating Luo theory, when he was appointed prime minister with Zhao Ding in the early Southern Song Dynasty. On the other hand, he advocated the theory of filial duty while restraining the development of Yuanyou's theory, when he became the only prime minister. He believed then that neither Yuanyou's theory was absolutely right, nor Xifeng's theory was completely wrong. But after Qing Hui dominated the court, Zhang Jun was banished. In exile, he accepted Luo theory completely and continued to advocate it by writing books and instructing his son Zhang Shi in learning the theory. Because of that, Zhang Jun was appointed minister in the period of Emperor Xiaozong and left a good name to posterity.%张浚在南宋高、孝两朝出将入相,对宋代学术起着重要作用。他在南宋初与赵鼎并相,推崇洛学,引擢洛学之士,造就“小元祜”政局,为洛学的复兴吹响了号角;另一方面,他又主张元祜未必全是、熙丰未必全非,倡行孝悌之说,打压洛学,使洛学的发展受到抑制。秦桧专政后,张浚被贬斥,在困顿谪居期间,张浚终信洛学,著书立说,继承弘扬洛学,并引导其子张轼追随洛学。张浚对洛学的推崇使他在孝宗朝再受重用,流誉于后世,甚至掩盖其过失。

  12. Universal Large-Deviation Function of the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang Equation in One Dimension

    Derrida, B.; Appert, C.


    Using the Bethe ansatz, we calculate the whole large-deviation function of the displacement of particles in the asymmetric simple exclusion process (ASEP) on a ring. When the size of the ring is large, the central part of this large deviation function takes a scaling form independent of the density of particles. We suggest that this scaling function found for the ASEP is universal and should be characteristic of all the systems described by the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation in 1+1 dimension. Simulations done on two simple growth models are in reasonable agreement with this conjecture.

  13. Local Scale-Invariance of the 2+1 dimensional Kardar-Parisi-Zhang model

    Kelling, Jeffrey; Gemming, Sibylle


    Local Scale-Invariance theory is tested by extensive dynamical simulations of the driven dimer lattice gas model, describing the surface growth of the 2+1 dimensional Kardar-Parisi-Zhang surfaces. Very precise measurements of the universal autoresponse function enabled us to perform nonlinear fitting with the scaling forms, suggested by local scale-invariance (LSI). While the simple LSI ansatz does not seem to work, forms based on logarithmic extension of LSI provide satisfactory description of the full (measured) time evolution of the autoresponse function.

  14. ‘A Special Zone for Confucianism’? Theses of the Academician Zhang Xianglong on Traditional Chinese Culture”

    Monika GÄNßBAUER


    Full Text Available This article introduces the work of the academician Zhang Xianglong (b. 1949, focussing on his idea of establishing a “special zone for Confucianism” in China. Zhang argues that special protection is needed for Confucian traditions which he perceives as the leading culture of China. Confucian culture should find its way out of the museum, says Zhang. He also refers to the political concept of “one country, two systems” that was implemented when Hongkong was restored to Chinese rule. Zhang applies this to his idea of a “special zone for Confucianism”, suggesting that this political concept could be extended to “one country, three systems”. In my view Zhang is developing new, creative ideas for possible experimental fields dealing with Confucianism in the context of the People’s Republic of China. In the end it is my argument that it would be helpful to conduct in-depth research on the possible role of Confucianism in today’s China.

  15. Probing inter- and intrachain Zhang-Rice excitons in Li2CuO2 and determining their binding energy

    Monney, Claude; Bisogni, Valentina; Zhou, Ke-Jin; Kraus, Roberto; Strocov, Vladimir N.; Behr, Günter; Drechsler, Stefan-Ludwig; Rosner, Helge; Johnston, Steve; Geck, Jochen; Schmitt, Thorsten


    Cuprate materials, such as those hosting high-temperature superconductivity, represent a famous class of materials where the correlations between the strongly entangled charges and spins produce complex phase diagrams. Several years ago, the Zhang-Rice singlet was proposed as a natural quasiparticle in hole-doped cuprates. The occurrence and binding energy of this quasiparticle, consisting of a pair of bound holes with antiparallel spins on the same CuO4 plaquette, depends on the local electronic interactions, which are fundamental quantities for understanding the physics of the cuprates. Here, we employ state-of-the-art resonant inelastic x-ray scattering (RIXS) to probe the correlated physics of the CuO4 plaquettes in the quasi-one-dimensional chain cuprate Li2CuO2 . By tuning the incoming photon energy to the O K edge, we populate bound states related to the Zhang-Rice quasiparticles in the RIXS process. Both intra- and interchain Zhang-Rice singlets are observed and their occurrence is shown to depend on the nearest-neighbor spin-spin correlations, which are readily probed in this experiment. We also extract the binding energy of the Zhang-Rice singlet and identify the Zhang-Rice triplet excitation in the RIXS spectra.

  16. Comparative model accuracy of a data-fitted generalized Aw-Rascle-Zhang model

    Fan, Shimao; Seibold, Benjamin


    The Aw-Rascle-Zhang (ARZ) model can be interpreted as a generalization of the Lighthill-Whitham-Richards (LWR) model, possessing a family of fundamental diagram curves, each of which represents a class of drivers with a different empty road velocity. A weakness of this approach is that different drivers possess vastly different densities at which traffic flow stagnates. This drawback can be overcome by modifying the pressure relation in the ARZ model, leading to the generalized Aw-Rascle-Zhang (GARZ) model. We present an approach to determine the parameter functions of the GARZ model from fundamental diagram measurement data. The predictive accuracy of the resulting data-fitted GARZ model is compared to other traffic models by means of a three-detector test setup, employing two types of data: vehicle trajectory data, and sensor data. This work also considers the extension of the ARZ and the GARZ models to models with a relaxation term, and conducts an investigation of the optimal relaxation time.

  17. Revision of the genus Epimesoplecia Zhang, 2007 (Diptera, Nematocera, Protopleciidae with five new species

    Xiuqin Lin


    Full Text Available The genus Epimesoplecia Zhang, 2007 of Protopleciidae is revised based on five new species, E. plethora sp. n., E. prosoneura sp. n., E. stana sp. n., E. macrostrena sp. n., and E. ambloneura sp. n., described and illustrated from the Jiulongshan Formation of China. These new species, with clearly preserved characters of (1 compound eyes connected in males; (2 antennae, filiform or moniliform, with 16 segments; (3 r-m reaching the middle of the wing; (4 R4+5 ending very close to wing apex; (5 ratio of bRs/dRs ranging from 1.6 to 10.5; (6 M2 more than 3 times as long as dM1+2; (7 legs thin and long, femur slender, almost equal to tibia; (8 tibial spurs minute; and (9 male genitalia (previously unknown, enable us to emend the diagnosis of Epimesoplecia Zhang, 2007. In addition, all described species of Epimesoplecia are characterized, their features summarized, and a key to Epimesoplecia species is given.

  18. Revision of the genus Epimesoplecia Zhang, 2007 (Diptera, Nematocera, Protopleciidae) with five new species.

    Lin, Xiuqin; Shih, Chungkun; Ren, Dong


    The genus Epimesoplecia Zhang, 2007 of Protopleciidae is revised based on five new species, Epimesopleciaplethora sp. n., Epimesopleciaprosoneura sp. n., Epimesopleciastana sp. n., Epimesopleciamacrostrena sp. n., and Epimesopleciaambloneura sp. n., described and illustrated from the Jiulongshan Formation of China. These new species, with clearly preserved characters of (1) compound eyes connected in males; (2) antennae, filiform or moniliform, with 16 segments; (3) r-m reaching the middle of the wing; (4) R4+5 ending very close to wing apex; (5) ratio of bRs/dRs ranging from 1.6 to 10.5; (6) M2 more than 3 times as long as dM1+2; (7) legs thin and long, femur slender, almost equal to tibia; (8) tibial spurs minute; and (9) male genitalia (previously unknown), enable us to emend the diagnosis of Epimesoplecia Zhang, 2007. In addition, all described species of Epimesoplecia are characterized, their features summarized, and a key to Epimesoplecia species is given.

  19. One-Dimensional Optimal System and Similarity Reductions of Wu—Zhang Equation

    Xiong, Na; Li, Yu-Qi; Chen, Jun-Chao; Chen, Yong


    The one-dimensional optimal system for the Lie symmetry group of the (2+1)-dimensional Wu—Zhang equation is constructed by the general and systematic approach. Based on the optimal system, the complete and inequivalent symmetry reduction systems are presented in the form of table. It is noteworthy that a new Painlevé integrable equation with constant coefficient is in the table besides the classic Boussinesq equation and the steady case of the Wu-Zhang equation. Supported by the Global Change Research Program of China under Grant No. 2015CB953904, National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant Nos. 11375090, 11275072 and 11435005, Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education of China under Grant No. 20120076110024, the Network Information Physics Calculation of Basic Research Innovation Research Group of China under Grant No. 61321064, Shanghai Collaborative Innovation Center of Trustworthy Software for Internet of Things under Grant No. ZF1213, and the Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant No. LY14A010005

  20. Space and Intermediality in Jia Zhang-ke’s Still Life

    Cecília Mello


    Full Text Available This article is dedicated to an analysis of Chinese director Jia Zhang-ke’s film Still Life (San Xia Hao Ren 三峡好人, 2006 from the point of view of its intermedial relationship with Chinese landscape painting. As I will suggest, Jia’s discovery of a real landscape and a vanishing cityscape in this film, shot on location in the region of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, springs from a realist impulse and from an original aesthetic response to a new historical and social conjuncture. But while it seems firmly located in the landscape of contemporary China, the film also shares aesthetic qualities with the tradition of Chinese landscape painting, mounted on hanging or hand scrolls. A focus on this particular instance of intermediality leads to a reflection on cinema’s spatial organization in light of current revisions in film and audiovisual theory, which suggest that filmic space and its spectatorial experience should be considered above all from the point of view of touch and movement. It also allows for a broader understanding of the political implications of intermediality in Jia Zhang-ke’s oeuvre, fruit of an organic link between form and content that brings a historical resonance to a contemporary perspective.

  1. 张雪门的教师观%Zhang Xuemen’s Views on Teacher



    Zhang Xuemen, a modern famous infant educator, has formed integrated teacher’s views during his more than 50 years infant education practices and theoretical researches. His teacher’s views mainly include seven aspects such as personal cultivation, recognition of qualifications, occupation mission, career loyalty, treatment guarantee, pre-service cultivation and continuing education etc. His teach-er’s views not only have historic significances but also have contemporary features which can provide greater reference values to the fields of current infant education. Although the views of teacher of Zhang Xuemen mainly got from the infant education, his views still has refer-ence values to the teachers who are in other fields.%张雪门是现代著名幼儿教育家,在其五十余年的幼儿教育实践与理论研究中形成了完整的教师观,其教师观主要包括教师的个人修养、资格认定、职业使命、职业忠诚、待遇保障、职前培养和继续教育等七个方面。张雪门的教师观虽主要来源于幼儿教育,但亦可供认识其他类别的教师时借鉴。

  2. Electronic warfare receivers and receiving systems

    Poisel, Richard A


    Receivers systems are considered the core of electronic warfare (EW) intercept systems. Without them, the fundamental purpose of such systems is null and void. This book considers the major elements that make up receiver systems and the receivers that go in them.This resource provides system design engineers with techniques for design and development of EW receivers for modern modulations (spread spectrum) in addition to receivers for older, common modulation formats. Each major module in these receivers is considered in detail. Design information is included as well as performance tradeoffs o

  3. [ZHANG Tangfa's characteristics of acupuncture academic ideology and clinical treatment of syndrome differentiation].

    Zhang, Hongxing


    Through collecting and sorting of works, literature and medical cases regarding professor ZHANG Tangfa, it is found that his acupuncture academic ideology and clinical treatment of syndrome differentiation can be summarized as: tracing the source and paying attention to basic theory, especially the meridian theory and conception vessel and governor vessel; focusing on acupuncture manipulation and emphasizing acupuncture basic skills; highly valuing treating spirit, acquiring and maintaining needling sensation; underlining "three differentiations" that is consisted of syndrome differentiation, disease differentiation and meridian differentiation to guide the clinical prescriptions of acupoints; exploring and ingenious use of scalp acupuncture; being concerned on research of difficult and complicated diseases; advocating comparative studies to optimize the clinical treatment plan; proposing the combination of Chinese and western medicine, including diagnosis, treatment and basic theory, to improve the clinical therapeutic effects of acupuncture.

  4. QIN Wan-zhang (秦万章)——A Celebrated Dermatologist of Integrative Medicine


    @@Professor QIN Wan-zhang, born in August 1931 in Gaoyou, Jiangsu Province, graduated from Shanghai Medical University in 1957, and from Learning Class of Western Doctors in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) sponsored by the State Ministry of Health in 1964. He has worked in Huashan Hospital and now is working for Zhongshan Hospital of Fudan University, Shanghai, successively holding the post of associate professor, professor, director and honorary president of the hospital. He is also Director of the Shanghai Medical Collaboration Center of Lupus Erythematosus for Integration of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine (TCM-WM), Director of the Chinese Academy of Lupus Erythematosus, and the tutor of Successors for Shanghai’s Celebrated and Old Traditional Chinese Medical Specialists. He enjoys special allowance provided by the State Council.

  5. High resolution spectroscopy of comet C/2002 C1 Ikeya-Zhang with SARG at TNG

    Capria, M. T.; Cremonese, G.; Boattini, A.; de Sanctis, M. C.; D'Abramo, G.; Buzzoni, A.


    A program of high resolution spectroscopy of comets is being conducted at TNG in Canary Islands using the echelle spectrograph SARG. The aim of the program is to catalogue known and unknown emission lines, compare them with the lines already listed in existing catalogues and possibly identify unknown lines. In the visible range of the spectrum emission lines of daughter molecules and ions can be found, and many of them are still unidentified. The comet C/2002 C1 Ikeya-Zhang was observed with SARG during the night 19-20 of April and spectra with two different setups were taken. In the first case a narrow band filter was used to isolate the sodium emissions with a long slit and R = 43000. The data show very interesting cometary sodium emissions in the coma. The second setup used a short slit covering the spectral range of 4620-7920 Å with R = 57000.

  6. Zhang Zhongjing's use of ginger%张仲景对姜的运用



    Ginger is a flavoring used by most people in daily life,at the same time,it is also a kind of important traditional Chinese medicine.In traditional Chinese medicine,ginger has a very wide range of applications.In this paper,the author gives a brief introduction of Zhang Zhongjing's use of ginger,to provide discuss for clinic.%目的:姜是一种人们在日常生活中常用的调味品,同时,它也是一种重要的中药,在传统中医中,姜有着非常广泛的应用。本文简要介绍张仲景对姜的运用,为临床提供探讨。

  7. Circular Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation as an inflating, self-avoiding ring polymer.

    Santalla, Silvia N; Rodríguez-Laguna, Javier; Cuerno, Rodolfo


    We consider the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation for a circular interface in two dimensions, unconstrained by the standard small-slope and no-overhang approximations. Numerical simulations using an adaptive scheme allow us to elucidate the complete time evolution as a crossover between a short-time regime with the interface fluctuations of a self-avoiding ring or two-dimensional vesicle, and a long-time regime governed by the Tracy-Widom distribution expected for this geometry. For small-noise amplitudes, scaling behavior is only of the latter type. Large noise is also seen to renormalize the bare physical parameters of the ring, akin to analogous parameter renormalization for equilibrium three-dimensional membranes. Our results bear particular importance on the relation between relevant universality classes of scale-invariant systems in two dimensions.

  8. Two new species of Membranacea Qin & Zhang from China (Hemiptera, Cicadellidae, Typhlocybinae, Empoascini

    Xiaofei Yu


    Full Text Available Two new species of the empoascine leafhopper genus Membranacea Qin & Zhang are reported from China: M. hubeiensis Yu & Yang, sp. n. and M. stenoprocessa Yu & Yang, sp. n.. A key to distinguish all species of the genus is provided.

  9. Retracted: Exosomes secreted by human urine-derived stem cells accelerate skin wound healing by promoting angiogenesis in rat by Yuan H, Guan J, Zhang J, Zhang R, Li M.


    The above article, published online on 21 April 2016 in Wiley Online Library (, has been retracted by agreement between the authors, the journal Editor, Sergio Schenkman, and John Wiley & Sons Ltd. The retraction has been agreed because the authors discovered inconsistent results in repeated tests. The authors and publisher apologise for any inconvenience. Reference Yuan H, Guan J, Zhang J, Zhang R, LiM(2016) Exosomes secreted by human urine-derived stem cells accelerate skin wound healing by promoting angiogenesis in rat. Cell Biol Int, Accepted Author Manuscript. © 2017 International Federation for Cell Biology.

  10. 吐蕃“尚”、“论”与“尚论”考释──吐蕃的社会身份分类与官僚集团的衔称%Research on zhang and blon and zhang Ion of Tubo--Classification of Social Identities and Titles of Bureaucratic Groups of Tubo



    The authority of Tubo Kingdom intended to make a distinction of nobility between officials by using nouns of zhang and blon. In documents, zhang and blon were usually placed together in the form of zhang lon. It led to different explanations and interpretations of zhang and blon and zhang lon by Chinese historians and scholars and in ancient Tibetan documents. The author argues that the meaning of zhang and blon and zhang Ion should be understood on the basis of classification of social identities, as well as connotation and development of social and political systems of Tubo, The aim of this paper is to clarify the meaning of these terms.%吐蕃王朝为区别出任官员的贵族身份,采用"zhang"(尚)及"blon"(论)二种名词予以界定。对于"zhang"、"blon"二名词的意义,所指涉者为何?以及文献上经常将"zhang blon"联用,而以"zhang lon"(尚论)形式呈现,因而造成了汉史料以及学界对"zhang"、"blon"乃至"zhang lon"的解释与说明与古藏文文献所呈现者有所歧异。对"zhang"、"blon"乃至"zhang lon"等名词的理解,事关吐蕃社会身份的分类,以及社会政治制度的内涵与发展,含混不得。本文的目的即在于厘清"尚"、"论"与"尚论"的意义。

  11. Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation with spatially correlated noise: a unified picture from nonperturbative renormalization group.

    Kloss, Thomas; Canet, Léonie; Delamotte, Bertrand; Wschebor, Nicolás


    We investigate the scaling regimes of the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang (KPZ) equation in the presence of spatially correlated noise with power-law decay D(p) ∼ p(-2ρ) in Fourier space, using a nonperturbative renormalization group approach. We determine the full phase diagram of the system as a function of ρ and the dimension d. In addition to the weak-coupling part of the diagram, which agrees with the results from Europhys. Lett. 47, 14 (1999) and Eur. Phys. J. B 9, 491 (1999), we find the two fixed points describing the short-range- (SR) and long-range- (LR) dominated strong-coupling phases. In contrast with a suggestion in the references cited above, we show that, for all values of ρ, there exists a unique strong-coupling SR fixed point that can be continuously followed as a function of d. We show in particular that the existence and the behavior of the LR fixed point do not provide any hint for 4 being the upper critical dimension of the KPZ equation with SR noise.

  12. Prediction of traffic convective instability with spectral analysis of the Aw–Rascle–Zhang model

    Belletti, Francois, E-mail: [Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, University of California, Berkeley (United States); Huo, Mandy, E-mail: [Department of Physics, University of California, Berkeley (United States); Department of Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley (United States); Litrico, Xavier, E-mail: [LyRE, R& D center of SUEZ environnement, Bordeaux (France); Bayen, Alexandre M., E-mail: [Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, University of California, Berkeley (United States); Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California, Berkeley (United States); Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California, Berkeley (United States)


    Highlights: • We linearize and diagonalize the ARZ model. We give a Froude number for traffic. • Spectral domain transfer functions are derived and decompose the model. • The linearized system is convectively unstable in the free-flow regime. • We conduct experiments with the linearized model on the NGSIM dataset. • We show that the linearization does not destroy the accuracy of the model. - Abstract: This article starts from the classical Aw–Rascle–Zhang (ARZ) model for freeway traffic and develops a spectral analysis of its linearized version. A counterpart to the Froude number in hydrodynamics is defined that enables a classification of the nature of vehicle traffic flow using the explicit solution resulting from the analysis. We prove that our linearization about an equilibrium is stable for congested regimes and unstable otherwise. NGSIM data for congested traffic trajectories is used so as to confront the linearized model's predictions to actual macroscopic behavior of traffic. The model is shown to achieve good accuracy for speed and flow. In particular, it accounts for the advection of oscillations on boundaries into the interior domain where the PDE under study is solved.

  13. Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation with short-range correlated noise: Emergent symmetries and nonuniversal observables

    Mathey, Steven; Agoritsas, Elisabeth; Kloss, Thomas; Lecomte, Vivien; Canet, Léonie


    We investigate the stationary-state fluctuations of a growing one-dimensional interface described by the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang (KPZ) dynamics with a noise featuring smooth spatial correlations of characteristic range ξ . We employ nonperturbative functional renormalization group methods to resolve the properties of the system at all scales. We show that the physics of the standard (uncorrelated) KPZ equation emerges on large scales independently of ξ . Moreover, the renormalization group flow is followed from the initial condition to the fixed point, that is, from the microscopic dynamics to the large-distance properties. This provides access to the small-scale features (and their dependence on the details of the noise correlations) as well as to the universal large-scale physics. In particular, we compute the kinetic energy spectrum of the stationary state as well as its nonuniversal amplitude. The latter is experimentally accessible by measurements at large scales and retains a signature of the microscopic noise correlations. Our results are compared to previous analytical and numerical results from independent approaches. They are in agreement with direct numerical simulations for the kinetic energy spectrum as well as with the prediction, obtained with the replica trick by Gaussian variational method, of a crossover in ξ of the nonuniversal amplitude of this spectrum.

  14. Book Review ~ Advancing Online Learning in Asia. Editors: David Murphy, Namin Shin, and Weiyuan Zhang

    Insung Jung


    Full Text Available The Internet, high-speed electronic communications, and computers have transformed the way we teach and learn. With the development of these new information and communication technologies, the idea of online education has been adopted in many developed, and more recently in developing countries, to bring wider opportunities to people in the form of increased access to flexible and interactive, open and distance learning systems. As stated in the Introduction of “Advancing Online Learning in Asia” edited by Murphy, Shin, and Zhang, online education is now everywhere and it “is changing the ways in which educational institutions interact with their students, for both traditional and distance education universities.” By examining recent developments of online education in Asia from multiple perspectives, this book has a potential to be an invaluable resource to educators. Taking cases from the Asian region in which online learning was introduced, implemented, and experienced, this book presents the cases from a number of perspectives, especially from student perspectives, and addresses pedagogical and technical issues faced by online educators. The breadth of the articles in this book provides a wide range of online learning cases and varied perspectives, which should clearly appeal to educators, researchers, administrators, and policy makers in online education.

  15. Nonperturbative renormalization group for the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation: general framework and first applications.

    Canet, Léonie; Chaté, Hugues; Delamotte, Bertrand; Wschebor, Nicolás


    We present an analytical method, rooted in the nonperturbative renormalization group, that allows one to calculate the critical exponents and the correlation and response functions of the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang (KPZ) growth equation in all its different regimes, including the strong-coupling one. We analyze the symmetries of the KPZ problem and derive an approximation scheme that satisfies the linearly realized ones. We implement this scheme at the minimal order in the response field, and show that it yields a complete, qualitatively correct phase diagram in all dimensions, with reasonable values for the critical exponents in physical dimensions. We also compute in one dimension the full (momentum and frequency dependent) correlation function, and the associated universal scaling function. We find a very satisfactory quantitative agreement with the exact result from Prähofer and Spohn [J. Stat. Phys. 115, 255 (2004)]. In particular, we obtain for the universal amplitude ratio g_{0}≃1.149(18), to be compared with the exact value g_{0}=1.1504... (the Baik and Rain [J. Stat. Phys. 100, 523 (2000)] constant). We emphasize that all these results, which can be systematically improved, are obtained with sole input the bare action and its symmetries, without further assumptions on the existence of scaling or on the form of the scaling function.

  16. Extremely large-scale simulation of a Kardar-Parisi-Zhang model using graphics cards.

    Kelling, Jeffrey; Ódo, Géza


    The octahedron model introduced recently has been implemented onto graphics cards, which permits extremely large-scale simulations via binary lattice gases and bit-coded algorithms. We confirm scaling behavior belonging to the two-dimensional Kardar-Parisi-Zhang universality class and find a surface growth exponent: β = 0.2415(15) on 2(17) × 2(17) systems, ruling out β = 1/4 suggested by field theory. The maximum speedup with respect to a single CPU is 240. The steady state has been analyzed by finite-size scaling and a growth exponent α = 0.393(4) is found. Correction-to-scaling-exponent are computed and the power-spectrum density of the steady state is determined. We calculate the universal scaling functions and cumulants and show that the limit distribution can be obtained by the sizes considered. We provide numerical fitting for the small and large tail behavior of the steady-state scaling function of the interface width.

  17. [Research on Zhang's collated edition of Lei gong pao zhi lun (Master Lei's Discourse on Processing of Chinese Materia Medica)].

    Cheng, Li


    Lei gong pao zhi lun (Master Lei's Discourse on Processing of Chinese Materia Medica) collated by Zhang Ji, and printed by Zhang's Yisheng Tang in Chengdu in 1932 was the first collated edition. Its original edition was not Jing shi zheng lei bei ji ben cao (Classified Materia Medica from Historical Classics for Emergency) of the Song Dynasty, but was Xiu shi zhi nan (Instruction for Drug Processing) and Lei gong pao zhi yao xing jie (Explanation on Master Lei's Properties of Drugs Processing) of the Qing Dynasty. The contents of this collated edition was far from Lei gong pao zhi lun with many mistakes, and was not the best edition to study Lei gong pao zhi lun.

  18. [Professor ZHANG Yu-Lian's experiences in treatment of post-stroke ataxia by regulating marrow sea acupuncture].

    Zhang, Su-Ling


    The experiences and characteristics of professor ZHANG Yu-lian in regulating marrow sea acupuncture for treatment of post-stroke ataxia is introduced. Professor ZHANG established regulating marrow sea acupuncture based on the fundamentals of traditional Chinese medicine combined with brain functional region projection and cerebrovascular distribution of modern medicine. "Three acupoints regulating balance" "3 acupoints regulating transportation" "3 acupoints regulating tremor" and Fengchi (GB 20), Fengfu (GB 16), Wangu (GB 12), Tianzhu (BL 10) and C3-C6 Jiaji (Ex-B2) acupoints were applied in this kind of manipulation. We combined holding spirits of doctor and patient together, and controlled the sensation transduction with different manipulations to reach the foci, which emphasis on the doctor-patient cooperation and body-mind co-regulation, finally promote patients' comprehensive rehabilitation.

  19. 章楶军事思想概说%A General Introduction to Zhang Jie’s Military Thoughts



    以《全宋文》中收录的章楶奏章为研究对象,梳理章楶的军事思想,包括浅攻牵制策略、坚壁清野策略、纵深攻击讨伐策略、招安的政策、进击筑堡的策略、以远人攻远人的策略以及游击战术策略。%Taking Zhang Jie’s memorials to the imperial court collected in Complete Works of Song (Quan Song Wen)as the object of study, this paper combs the Zhang Jie’s military thoughts: strategy of containment through threatening attack, strategy of strengthening the defense and clearing the fields, strategy of substantial attack, strategy of amnesty, strategy of attacking and fortresses construction, strategy of attacking natives by virtue of other natives, and strategy of guerrilla.

  20. 张爱玲小说叙事的权威性%The Narrative Authority of Zhang Ailing's Literary Works



    This paper uses the narrative theory to analyze the narrative strategy and narrative features in Zhang Ailing's literary works. Zhang Ailing's text authoritative performance in: her authority of feminist voice, the space of the text occupying in the literary world, her position in the literary world. Zhang Ailing's gender position performance in feminist thought and consciousness in her works. Zhang Ailing's works mainly adopts the author narrative voice patterns. She applied the dual narrative space of the surface text and subtext in the narration. She uses the subtext, the password narrative techniques, to show that the value of feminist consciousness is her survival and adaptability.%利用叙事学理论分析张爱玲作品的叙事策略和叙事特性。张爱玲文本的权威性表现在她对女性主义声音的发出的权威、她的文学作品在文学界占据的文本空间以及她在文坛上的地位。张爱玲的性别立场的声音表现在她的小说表现出来的女性主义思想和意识。张爱玲的作品主要采用的是作者型叙述声音模式。在叙事的过程中采用的是表面文本和隐含文本的双重的叙事空间,她采用隐含文本这种密码似的叙述技巧来表现女性主义意识的价值在于她的生存性和适应性。

  1. 张惠言的《花间》词学接受及其意义%ZHANG Hui-yan’ s ci Reception of Huajian and Its Significance



    《花间》词学接受至清代的张惠言才有了一个深刻的变化。基于“以《国风》、《离骚》之旨趣,铸温、韦、周、辛之面目”的词学策略,张氏对《花间》采取了故意误读、文本支离和点石成金的接受方式,正是由于其重读《花间》和重释温庭筠,古典词学至常州词派实际上经历了从传统的为词之学向读词之学的转变。%A great change happened in ZHANG Hui-yan’s ci reception of Huajian in the Qing Dynasty.Based on the ci strat-egy of “showing the true appearance of WEN Ting-yun, WEI Zhuang, ZHOU Bang-yan and XIN Qi-ji with Guo Feng and Li Sao as the purport”, ZHANG Hui-yan received Huajian through intentional misreading and deconstruction, thus working miracles.It is because of his reinterpretation of Huajian and WEN Ting-yun that the change of classical ci from its ontology to its reading occurred in the Changzhou ci school.


    Yetty Yetty


    Full Text Available Zhang Ailing is a heterogeneous novel writer in China literature’s history. Almost of her life,she already wrote so many literature’s works. One of her famous novel is (Red Rose and White Rose.The story is describe the image of main figure’s character and his emotional. Writer wants use thecharacterization, complexity of personality and story plot these three aspect to analysis the novel’sfigure looks, figure character and the story. This novel story is a complication relationship betweenthe man and two women, red roses as her lover and white rose as her wife. About a man that in hisstandard life and emotional condition occur some contradiction. Writer use reference material andtheory of novel writing to analysis Zhang Ailing (Red Rose and White Rose‘s novel. The result of thisanalisys are the most important part in novel’s story is not only about the story plot but also thedescribtion of figure looks and characterization. Zhang Ailing in (Red rose and white rosedescbribtion is very spesific, the story become so interesting because of the Complementary of thefigure looks, figure characterization and story plot, embraced each other, fully reflects the fictionalreality of compromise and frustration.

  3. A Review of Zhang Ying and His Poems%张英及其诗文述评

    江小角; 杨怀志


    康乾盛世时期,桐城文学繁荣,桐城文派执清代文坛之牛耳,而张英号称“龙眠五子”之一,其诗文作品繁多,影响很大。文章通过对张英著述的解读,旨在让读者更好地了解张英其人、其文、其诗,从而进一步认识清代的文学发展与历史演变。%During the Golden Age of Three Emperors -Kangxi ,Yongzheng and Qianlong ,Tongcheng literature was very popular .Tongcheng school literary theory occupied a leading position in the Qing Dynasty ,and Zhang Ying ,know n as one of “the Dragon five”,produced many famous and influential poems .Based on the interpretation of Zhang Ying's works ,this paper helps readers to have a better understanding of Zhang Ying and his poems ,so as to further understand the literature development and the historical evolution of the Qing Dynasty .

  4. 张爱玲的“上海眼光”%The "Shanghai Judgment" of Zhang Ailing

    焦雪菁; 黄丹


    When she was in the motherland,Zhang Ailing mostly lived in foreign concessions.The foreign concession culture is not only Zhang Ailing's growing background,but also has established her cultural context.In the feeling of Western and Eastern culture blending and the conflicts between new and old thoughts,Zhang Ailing forms a kind of Shanghainese's judgment in hers work.This judgment manifests the following three characteristics: commercialized creation idea,desolate common custom esthetic experience and sober and practical feminine consciousness.%张爱玲在大陆的时光,基本上都是在租界度过的。租界文化不仅是张爱玲的成长背景,更奠定了她的文化背景。在对中西方文化的交融和新旧思想冲突的感悟中,张爱玲形成一种上海人特有的眼光,这种眼光在她的作品中体现为三个方面的特征:商业化的创作理念、世俗苍凉的审美体验和清醒务实的女性意识。

  5. Hard Fight Gives Rise to Cleaner Market—An Interview with Mr.Zhang Xinjian on the Rectification of China’s Audiovisual Market



    Reporter: Deputy Director-General Mr. Zhang, I heard that the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) recently presented a complementary wood board to the Ministry of Culture of China. Could you tell the inside story about it to our readers?Zhang Xinjian: On May 30, a delegation from MPAA led by its vice president paid a visit to my ministry and I had a talk with them on behalf of the Department of Cultural Market. During the

  6. The End of Zhang Zhung Kingdom in the Northwestern Area of the Qinghai-Tibet High Plateau and Its Continuation in the Southeastern Area

    Tong Mei


    I. A review of the ideas regarding the end of the Zhang Zhung Kingdom in the north-western part of the Qinghai-Tibet high plateau The historical legend of the Zhang Zhung Kingdom dates back to the time of Shenrab Miwo, the founder of Bon religion. The end of the Zhang Zhung Kingdom can clearly be regarded as the pe-riod of Trisong Detsen. In a nutshell, the history of the Zhang Zhung Kingdom merged into the history of the remnants of Tubo btsan-po. Concerning its geographical area, it was re-garded that no matter how long the history of the Zhang Zhung Kingdom lasted,or how big the terri-tory of the Kingdom was, the center of the Zhang Zhung Kingdom historically was always in the Qinghai-Tibet plateau, and its influence histori-cally sometimes reached the wider area to the edge of the northwestern part of the Qinghai-Tibet plat-eau. Sometimes it extended to the upper-reaches of the Min river at the edge of the southeastern area of the Qinghai-Tibet high plateau. In the present area of Rgyalrong, the upper reaches of the Min River,and even in the area of the Sanxingdui and Jinsha sites in the Chengdu plain,we can still find historical traces of the ancient Zhang Zhuang King-dom. Concerning the end of the Zhang Zhung King-dom in the northwestern part of the Qinghai-Tibet plateau,I have written a detailed discussion in an-other article titled A Discussion on the Eighteen Kingdoms of Ancient Zhang Zhung and Their De-struction. In order to connect it with the following research,I would like to give a summarized expla-nation. As a place where the people believed in the sacred bird khyung ( Garuda ) , a record of the Zhang Zhung Kingdom in Tibetan sources dates back at least to literature found at Dunhuang. Through a review of representative concepts of the Zhang Zhuang Kingdom, there is a basic idea which regarded the geographical space of Zhang Zhuang as historically in the northwestern part of the Qinghai-Tibet high plateau. How can we now confirm the time coordinates

  7. Highly Sensitive Optical Receivers

    Schneider, Kerstin


    Highly Sensitive Optical Receivers primarily treats the circuit design of optical receivers with external photodiodes. Continuous-mode and burst-mode receivers are compared. The monograph first summarizes the basics of III/V photodetectors, transistor and noise models, bit-error rate, sensitivity and analog circuit design, thus enabling readers to understand the circuits described in the main part of the book. In order to cover the topic comprehensively, detailed descriptions of receivers for optical data communication in general and, in particular, optical burst-mode receivers in deep-sub-µm CMOS are presented. Numerous detailed and elaborate illustrations facilitate better understanding.

  8. Trouble-Analysis of Receiving Scale in Silo Zhang Jianjun%立筒库原粮接收秤故障的分析



    @@ 濮阳中粮面业有限公司立筒库原粮接收秤由瑞士布勒公司制造.在原粮接收过程中,原粮接收秤不时出现称量斗阀门不关闭,而缓冲料斗又向称量斗卸料的现象,致使原粮接收秤变成了直通溜管,不再称量.

  9. THE EMENDATION OF Shanwangella palaeoptera Zhang AND ITS CONCERNED PROBLEMS%山旺蚁属、种(Shanwangella palaeoptera Zhang,1989)的修正及其有关问题


    根据张俊峰于1989年发表的1个新属新种--古翅山旺蚁 Shanwangella palaeoptera Zhang,1989的分类根据,经检验,对该属、种进行修正,作 为1个未定种归入老属,即弓背蚁属未定种Camponotus sp.。%The genus and species-Shanwangella palaeoptera,collected from Miocene Shanw ang Formation(N2)of Shanwang basin in Shandong Province,were established by Zh ang 1989 according to following three features:(1)forewing Sc existing an d elongate,(2)antennae consisting of four segments,among them flagellum with thr ee segments.Zhang J.F.considers that the antennae of this genus is very particul ar and rare,and must be not likely for all subfamilies of the family-Formicidae ,(3)mandible long,with 2-3 teeth.After through examination for above generic fe atures,it is very regret that these generic features do not tally with facts,as follows:(1)Forewing Sc absent,and it is just as C.(2)Antennae isn't preserved,an d used in insteaded of forelegs,i.e.the antennal scapus is just as Tibia,flagell um as Tarsus.(3)Mandible is preserved very badly and uncompletely,and cann't off er evidence for establishment of this genus.From a judgement upon facts,Zhang's new genus Shanwangella(including species)cann't be established.Its features are belonging to the realm of the generic characteristics of Camponotus Mayr ,1861.Thus,the Shanwangella including certain species(Camponotus sp.)cou ld be translated into the Camponotus.

  10. The Relationship between ZHANG Dai-nian’s Thoughts about Cosmology and His Life Philosophy%论张岱年宇宙论思想与其人生哲学的关系

    李运昌; 杜运辉


    From 1930s to 1940s, guided by Marxist philosophy, ZHANG Dai-nian absorbed the new achievements of natural sciences, critically received the rational notions of the Chinese and Western philosophy, established his cosmology of the neo-materialism on the basis of the dialectical materialism, and built the basis for his philosophy of life.%  在20世纪30~40年代,张岱年以马克思主义哲学为指导,吸取现代自然科学的最新成果,对中西哲学的宇宙论思想进行了批判总结,以辩证唯物主义为指导,发展和丰富了“新唯物论”的宇宙论,并为其人生哲学奠定了理论基石。

  11. An analysis of Zhang Jike's first three bat skill during the Rio Olympic Games cycle%里约奥运会周期张继科“前三板”技术分析



    采用三段评估法对2015年张继科两场不敌马龙的比赛与2014年乒乓球世界杯半决赛、决赛的比赛进行数据统计分析,企图找出在里约奥运会周期张继科“前三板”的技术运用的优势与不足,以便更好地制定训练计划与处理比赛中技战术的运用。结果显示:2015年张继科两场不敌马龙的比赛,发球未能为第三板的进攻很好的做铺垫,第三板使用的技战术过于保守,未能限制对手抢先上手,时常陷入被动。接发球的技术使用或落点不尽合理,使用摆短、劈长、晃等技术过多,未能给对手的发球抢攻带来实效性的控制。%The "three-phase method"is used to make a statistical analysis of the data in 2015 that Zhang Jike lost two matches to Ma Long and the 35 th World Cup semi -final and final matches in 2014,in an attempt to locate Zhang's technical advantages and deficiencies in the first three bats before Rio Olympics so as to better develop training plans and process technical and tactical use in competitions.Results show that in the two matches that Zhang lost to Ma in 2015,his serve failed to do a good foundation for the third version of the offense,and the third version skill is too conservative to limit the opponent's first receive.The use of receive technology and placement serve is not reasonable,and too much use of drop shot/split long skills failsto bring effective control to the rival's attack after service.

  12. Low complexity MIMO receivers

    Bai, Lin; Yu, Quan


    Multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems can increase the spectral efficiency in wireless communications. However, the interference becomes the major drawback that leads to high computational complexity at both transmitter and receiver. In particular, the complexity of MIMO receivers can be prohibitively high. As an efficient mathematical tool to devise low complexity approaches that mitigate the interference in MIMO systems, lattice reduction (LR) has been widely studied and employed over the last decade. The co-authors of this book are world's leading experts on MIMO receivers, and here they share the key findings of their research over years. They detail a range of key techniques for receiver design as multiple transmitted and received signals are available. The authors first introduce the principle of signal detection and the LR in mathematical aspects. They then move on to discuss the use of LR in low complexity MIMO receiver design with respect to different aspects, including uncoded MIMO detection...

  13. Delphi Accounts Receivable Module -

    Department of Transportation — Delphi accounts receivable module contains the following data elements, but are not limited to customer information, cash receipts, line of accounting details, bill...

  14. Effect of salinity on the growth, and agar yield and composition of Gracilaria tenuistipitata var liui Zhang et Xia

    He Lihong; Madeline Wu; Shen Songdong; Wang Deli


    Gracilaria tenuistipitata varliui Zhang et Xia is cultivated at two different salinities (21, 33) in the laboratory for 4 weeks. The daily growth rate is determined. The total agar yield and fractional agar composition are analyzed. Results show that algae grow faster in low salinity. The total agar yield is higher under high salinity conditions than under low salinity conditions. Among the eight fractions extracted, the yields of cold water extract and 40% ethanol extract are about the highest. In low salinities the yields of autoclaved extract and 60% ethanol extract are higher, while the yield of cold water extract is lower relative to high salinities.


    Yetty Yetty; Rosemary Rosemary


    Zhang Ailing is a heterogeneous novel writer in China literature’s history. Almost of her life,she already wrote so many literature’s works. One of her famous novel is (Red Rose and White Rose).The story is describe the image of main figure’s character and his emotional. Writer wants use thecharacterization, complexity of personality and story plot these three aspect to analysis the novel’sfigure looks, figure character and the story. This novel story is a complication relationship betweenthe...

  16. Local scale-invariance of the 2  +  1 dimensional Kardar–Parisi–Zhang model

    Kelling, Jeffrey; Ódor, Géza; Gemming, Sibylle


    Local scale-invariance theory is tested by extensive dynamical simulations of the driven dimer lattice gas model, describing the surface growth of the 2  +  1 dimensional Kardar–Parisi–Zhang surfaces. Very precise measurements of the universal autoresponse function enabled us to perform nonlinear fitting with the scaling forms, suggested by local scale-invariance (LSI). While the simple LSI ansatz does not seem to work, forms based on logarithmic extension of LSI provide satisfactory description of the full (measured) time evolution of the autoresponse function.

  17. Pharmacological Progress of HuZhang%中药虎杖药理作用研究进展



    总结近年来关于中药虎杖中有效成分治疗心血管系统、消化系统、呼吸系统、内分泌系统、生殖系统、免疫系统等疾病的文献报道,发现虎杖含有的丰富活性成分具有多项药理作用,临床应用日益广泛,但其毒理研究和有效成分提取方法的报道鲜见.%Literature and reports on effective constituents of HuZhang (Polygonum cuspidatum) in treating the diseases of cardiovascular system, digestive system, respiratory system, endocrine system, reproductive system, immune system and so on were concluded in recent years and the result of study showed that rich active constituents in HuZhang had pharmacological functions and were widely used day by day, but toxicological studies and extraction of effective constituent were rarely reported.

  18. The Study on Zhang Zai's Theory of Self-Cultivation%张载功夫论探析



    张载功夫论包括理论基础和具体落实方法两个方面。具体来说,张载功夫论的理论基础是以“学”为主,从人生的实存性和人性的双重性两个角度展开。而其具体落实方法,则从“立志”、“集义”、“精义”三个方面展开。张载功夫论表现为一个“成性”的过程,最终目的指向的是儒者的成圣追求。%Zhang Zai's theory of self-cultivation includes theoretical basis and the concrete implementation method. The theoretical basis's main point is learning,which unfolds from the existence of life and the duality of human nature. The concrete implementation method includes determination,courage and adaptation.Zhang Zai's theory of self-cultiva-tion is a process of self-achievement,and the ultimate goal is the pursuit of perfect personality of Confucians.

  19. Zhang Dongsun’s Criticism on Historical Materialism%张东荪对唯物史观的批评



    作为著名的哲学家,在历史观方面,张东荪提出了夸大工具作用的“唯器史观”,认为“唯器史观”与唯物史观在关注对象、理论旨趣和历史主体方面存在根本性的对立,并从“唯器史观”的角度对马克思主义的唯物史观进行了批评。这些批评虽然有一定的合理性,但总体有失偏颇,其主要原因还是出于他对唯物史观的误解。%The famous philosopher Zhang Dongsun put forward his historical implementalism, which overstated the functions of implements, and believed that there were essential antagonism between the historical implementalism and the historical materialism. What’s more, Zhang criticized Marxism historical materialism, which is partly ratio⁃nal, but on the whole, it is biased due to his misunderstanding of historical materialism.

  20. HCN and HNC in comets C/2000 WM1 (Linear) and C/2002 C1 (Ikeya-Zhang).

    Irvine, William M; Bergman, Per; Lowe, Thomas B; Matthews, Henry; McGonagle, Douglas; Nummelin, Albert; Owen, Toby


    Comets have been suggested as a possibly significant source of organic molecules to the early Earth. Hydrogen cyanide (HCN) is important in models of prebiotic chemistry, but may be difficult to form in the early terrestrial environment, while hydrogen isocyanide (HNC) is a 'classical' tracer of interstellar ion-molecule chemistry. We have observed both HCN and HNC in 2 recent comets, bringing the number of comets with published measurements of the HNC/HCN abundance ratio to 6. The HNC/HCN ratio in comet Ikeya-Zhang appears to increase with decreasing heliocentric distance, as was previously observed for comet Hale-Bopp, indicating that the HNC is produced at least in part by processes in the cometary coma (atmosphere) and is not simply a constituent of the nuclear ices. Both comets C/2000 WMI (Linear) and C/2002 C1 (Ikeya-Zhang) exhibit values of the HNC/HCN ratio that appear to be too large (approximately 0.09-0.19) to be matched by current models of coma chemistry. Cometary HNC may be a photodissociation product of organic grains or large organic polymers stored in the nucleus. We have also set a limit on the emission from the NO radical in comet WM1.

  1. 刘关张三结义辩考%On the Sworn Brothers of Liu, Guan and Zhang



    《三国演义》中刘关张桃园三结义的故事源远流长,人们将刘关张视为兄弟结拜的典范。但是文学作品中的这一故事情节,在历史文献中却难以找到确切的记载。通过相关史料发现,刘关张三人有着非常亲密的关系,刘备与关羽都有兄弟结义倾向,汉末三国时期有结义风尚,所以,刘关张三人很可能是兄弟结义关系。%The story of the sworn brothers of Liu, Guan and Zhang inThe Romance of the Three Kingdoms has a long history, which is regarded as a model of sworn brothers by people. But we cannot find reliable documentary records about the story. According to related historical documents, we find that there was a close relationship among them, both Liu Bei and Guan Yu tended to make sworn brothers, and it was a social fashion of making sworn brothers during the Three Kingdoms period. Thus, it can be concluded that Liu, Guan and Zhang were sworn brothers.

  2. Library Science and Significance of Zhang Jian%张謇的图书馆学思想及意义



    作为近代图书馆事业的先驱者之一,张謇先后撰写了一系列图书馆理论著作,详细阐述了馆址选择、馆内外布局、藏书建设、目录工作、管理工作等方面内容,并创建了南通博物苑和南通图书馆,促进了我国清末民初时期公共图书馆的兴起。张謇的道德品格、责任意识及创业精神值得我们学习。%Being one of the pioneers dedicated to modern library,Zhang Jian had written a series of library theory works on the site selection,layout of both inside and outside,the library books collection construction,catalog work, management and so on.And he also set up the Nantong Museum and the Nantong library.His library ideas and practice had played an important role in promoting the flourishing of public library in the late Qing Dynasty.The moral character,responsibility consciousness and the pioneering spirit of Zhang Jian are worthy of our learning.

  3. A Theta lift representation for the Kawazumi-Zhang and Faltings invariants of genus-two Riemann surfaces

    Pioline, Boris


    The Kawazumi-Zhang invariant $\\varphi$ for compact genus-two Riemann surfaces was recently shown to be a eigenmode of the Laplacian on the Siegel upper half-plane, away from the separating degeneration divisor. Using this fact and the known behavior of $\\varphi$ in the non-separating degeneration limit, it is shown that $\\varphi$ is equal to the Theta lift of the unique (up to normalization) weak Jacobi form of weight $-2$. This identification provides the complete Fourier-Jacobi expansion of $\\varphi$ near the non-separating node, gives full control on the asymptotics of $\\varphi$ in the various degeneration limits, and provides a efficient numerical procedure to evaluate $\\varphi$ to arbitrary accuracy. It also reveals a mock-type holomorphic Siegel modular form of weight $-2$ underlying $\\varphi$. From the general relation between the Faltings invariant, the Kawazumi-Zhang invariant and the discriminant for hyperelliptic Riemann surfaces, a Theta lift representation for the Faltings invariant in genus two ...

  4. 益生菌Lactobacillus casei Zhang 对酸奶风味、质地及感官特性的影响%Influence of probiotic Lactobacillus casei Zhang on aroma generation, texture and sensory characteristics of yogurt

    郭壮; 王记成; 闫丽雅; 张轩; 刘小鸣; 陈卫; 张和平


    将益生菌Lactobacillus casei Zhang(Lb. casei Zhang)以1.0×107g-1的添加量与商业酸奶发酵荆YC-X11共同接种进行发酵乳制备.发酵结束(pH=4.5)于4℃冷藏24 h后,分别测定发酵乳样品的酸度、黏度、脱水收缩性、挥发性风味物质、L.delbrueckii subsp.Bulgaricus、S.thermophilus和Lb.casei Zhang活菌数及对其进行感官鉴评.结果表明.Lb.casei Zhang对发酵乳样品的酸度、黏度、脱水收缩性、S.ther-mophilus活菌数无影响(P>0.05),可促进L.delbrueckii subsp.Bulgaricus生长(P<0.05),并使酸奶样品中挥发性风味物质总的质量分数提高17.1%.从而总体上提高发酵乳的感官品质.同时Lb.casei Zhang在发酵乳中具有良好的稳定性.因而益生菌Lb.casei Zhang与商业酸奶发酵剂YC-X11复配进行发酵乳生产具有极大的可行性.

  5. Wideband CMOS receivers

    Oliveira, Luis


    This book demonstrates how to design a wideband receiver operating in current mode, in which the noise and non-linearity are reduced, implemented in a low cost single chip, using standard CMOS technology.  The authors present a solution to remove the transimpedance amplifier (TIA) block and connect directly the mixer’s output to a passive second-order continuous-time Σ∆ analog to digital converter (ADC), which operates in current-mode. These techniques enable the reduction of area, power consumption, and cost in modern CMOS receivers.

  6. The probability density function tail of the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation in the strongly non-linear regime

    Anderson, Johan; Johansson, Jonas


    An analytical derivation of the probability density function (PDF) tail describing the strongly correlated interface growth governed by the nonlinear Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation is provided. The PDF tail exactly coincides with a Tracy-Widom distribution i.e. a PDF tail proportional to \\exp ≤ft(-cw23/2\\right) , where w 2 is the the width of the interface. The PDF tail is computed by the instanton method in the strongly non-linear regime within the Martin-Siggia-Rose framework using a careful treatment of the non-linear interactions. In addition, the effect of spatial dimensions on the PDF tail scaling is discussed. This gives a novel approach to understand the rightmost PDF tail of the interface width distribution and the analysis suggests that there is no upper critical dimension.

  7. A Theory about Zhang Chu’s Novel Creation%张楚小说创作论

    张学昕; 李壮飞


    In recent years ,post“70”literary creations have continuously gotten more and more concern and valued by literary critics .As one of these important participants ,Zhang Chu has been writing his literary blueprint with his special way of creation and persistent pursuits of literature .This article starts from the whole aspect of Zhang Chu’s novel creations and talks about the deep pursuits of the meanings of life ,the simple wishes for free spirits of human and the mood experiences for the statement of individual life . What’s more ,it finds the way of building its inner characteristics in literary creations structure and mean‐ings of his novels .Zhang Chu’s novels cruise between realities and poems .He keeps finding the existing values of literature .However ,the final meaning of Zhang Chu’s novel is ,in the background of fading‐out“group memory” ,howa writer makes literary expressions from original life ,and then interprets and dis‐covers the truth of life through poetic understandings of daily lives and the capture of common people ’s hearts .%“70后”的文学创作,在近年来不断赢得文学批评界的关注和重视。作为其中的重要参与者,张楚以其独特的创作方式和执着的文学追求默默书写着属于他的文学图景。基于张楚小说整体创作的脉络,我们探讨了张楚对人生本质命题的深切追索,对人类精神自由的朴实向往,对生命个体存在状态的情绪体验,并从张楚小说结构和意蕴的构建方式上寻找其文学创作的内在特征。张楚的小说在现实和诗意的游弋中,不断发掘文学的存在价值。张楚小说的最终意义是,在“集体记忆”淡化的时代大背景下,一个作家如何能够通过对日常生活的诗性体悟、对平凡人物的内心捕捉,实现文学对生活原点的叙述,继而阐释和发现生命的本真。

  8. Large deviation function for the eden model and universality within the one-dimensional kardar-parisi-zhang class



    It has been recently conjectured that for large systems, the shape of the central part of the large deviation function of the growth velocity would be universal for all the growth systems described by the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation in 1+1 dimension. One signature of this universality would be that the ratio of cumulants R(t)=[(c)](2)/[(c)(c)] would tend towards a universal value 0.415 17ellipsis as t tends to infinity, provided periodic boundary conditions are used. This has recently been questioned by Stauffer. In this paper we summarize various numerical and analytical results supporting this conjecture, and report in particular some numerical measurements of the ratio R(t) for the Eden model.

  9. Zero-power receiver

    Brocato, Robert W.


    An unpowered signal receiver and a method for signal reception detects and responds to very weak signals using pyroelectric devices as impedance transformers and/or demodulators. In some embodiments, surface acoustic wave devices (SAW) are also used. Illustrative embodiments include satellite and long distance terrestrial communications applications.

  10. Sender-Receiver Games

    Peeters, R.J.A.P.; Potters, J.A.M.


    Standard game-theoretic solution concepts do not guarantee meaningful commu- nication in cheap-talk games. In this paper, we define a solution concept which guarantees communication for a large class of games by designing a behavior pro- tocol which the receiver uses to judge messages sent by the

  11. 奥运风云人物——张怡宁%Glorious People in the Olympics History——Zhang Yining



    @@ Since her meteoric1 rise in 1998, Zhang Yining had always kept an ice-cold expression when she played. Today, she showed her bright smiling face, and blew kisses to the spectators2 after her victory over North Korea's Kim Hyang Mi in the women's singles3 final.

  12. Digital Receiver Phase Meter

    Marcin, Martin; Abramovici, Alexander


    The software of a commercially available digital radio receiver has been modified to make the receiver function as a two-channel low-noise phase meter. This phase meter is a prototype in the continuing development of a phase meter for a system in which radiofrequency (RF) signals in the two channels would be outputs of a spaceborne heterodyne laser interferometer for detecting gravitational waves. The frequencies of the signals could include a common Doppler-shift component of as much as 15 MHz. The phase meter is required to measure the relative phases of the signals in the two channels at a sampling rate of 10 Hz at a root power spectral density digital receiver. The input RF signal is first fed to the input terminal of an analog-to-digital converter (ADC). To prevent aliasing errors in the ADC, the sampling rate must be at least twice the input signal frequency. The sampling rate of the ADC is governed by a sampling clock, which also drives a digital local oscillator (DLO), which is a direct digital frequency synthesizer. The DLO produces samples of sine and cosine signals at a programmed tuning frequency. The sine and cosine samples are mixed with (that is, multiplied by) the samples from the ADC, then low-pass filtered to obtain in-phase (I) and quadrature (Q) signal components. A digital signal processor (DSP) computes the ratio between the Q and I components, computes the phase of the RF signal (relative to that of the DLO signal) as the arctangent of this ratio, and then averages successive such phase values over a time interval specified by the user.

  13. Pressure difference receiving ears

    Michelsen, Axel; Larsen, Ole Næsbye


    of such pressure difference receiving ears have been hampered by lack of suitable experimental methods. In this review, we review the methods for collecting reliable data on the binaural directional cues at the eardrums, on how the eardrum vibrations depend on the direction of sound incidence, and on how sound...... waves behave in the air spaces leading to the interior surfaces of eardrums. A linear mathematical model with well-defined inputs is used for exploring how the directionality varies with the binaural directional cues and the amplitude and phase gain of the sound pathway to the inner surface...

  14. 张申府与“一·二九”运动%Zhang Shenfu and December 9th Movement

    沈素珍; 钱耕森


    1935年,日本帝国主义阴谋策动华北事变,企图将华北五省变成他的殖民地,民族危亡进一步加深。在中国共产党领导下,抗日爱国运动在全国迅速地展开。此时,张申府正在清华大学哲学系任教,他竟然以著名的大教授身份勇敢地投身于轰轰烈烈的“一二·九”运动,并担任了“总指挥”的重要工作,为抗日爱国救亡运动做出了突出的贡献。%In 1935, the Japanese imperialist brewed the North China Incident, aiming to turn the Five Provinces of Northern China into its colonies, which further deepened the peril of China. Thus the anti-Japanese patriotic movement developed rapidly nationwide under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. Zhang Shenfu, who was working in the Department of Philosophy, Tsinghua University at that moment, devoted himself bravely to the movement as an influential professor. Meanwhile, he played the important role of being the commander-in-chief in the movement and made great contributions to it.

  15. Lethal and sublethal effects of the chitin synthesis inhibitor chlorfluazuron on Bradysia odoriphaga Yang and Zhang (Diptera: Sciaridae).

    Zhang, Peng; Zhao, Yun-He; Wang, Qiu-Hong; Mu, Wei; Liu, Feng


    Bradysia odoriphaga Yang and Zhang is the primary insect pest that affects Chinese chive in northern China. Nevertheless, very few studies have been conducted on the use of chitin synthesis inhibitors (CSIs) for the control of B. odoriphaga. Here, lethal and sublethal effects of the CSI chlorfluazuron on B. odoriphaga were studied to explore the use for integrated pest management (IPM) of B. odoriphaga. A contact and ingestion toxicity bioassay showed that chlorfluazuron was more active against B. odoriphaga than three other CSIs, with a 72h LC50 of 0.1593mg/L. Treatment with the LC50 dose of chlorfluazuron decreased both the intrinsic and finite rates of increase of B. odoriphaga, in addition to reproduction rate, survival rate, and fecundity, and the mean generation time, total preovipositional period and larval development duration were shortened, compared with those of the control and LC10 groups. The mean generation time, total preovipositional period and larval development duration were all also markedly decreased by treatment with chlorfluazuron at the LC10. Furthermore, chlorfluazuron inhibited the feeding of the final instar larvae for a short period. Glutathione S-transferase and microsomal mixed function oxidase activities increased after exposure to the chemical. These results showed that chlorfluazuron at the sublethal LC50 treatment inhibited B. odoriphaga population growth, whereas the danger of causing rapid population growth by using a lower sublethal concentration was demonstrated with the sublethal LC10 treatment. Therefore, chlorfluazuron should be used with caution in an IPM program for B. odoriphaga.

  16. Short-time height distribution in the one-dimensional Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation: Starting from a parabola.

    Kamenev, Alex; Meerson, Baruch; Sasorov, Pavel V


    We study the probability distribution P(H,t,L) of the surface height h(x=0,t)=H in the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang (KPZ) equation in 1+1 dimension when starting from a parabolic interface, h(x,t=0)=x^{2}/L. The limits of L→∞ and L→0 have been recently solved exactly for any t>0. Here we address the early-time behavior of P(H,t,L) for general L. We employ the weak-noise theory-a variant of WKB approximation-which yields the optimal history of the interface, conditioned on reaching the given height H at the origin at time t. We find that at small HP(H,t,L) is Gaussian, but its tails are non-Gaussian and highly asymmetric. In the leading order and in a proper moving frame, the tails behave as -lnP=f_{+}|H|^{5/2}/t^{1/2} and f_{-}|H|^{3/2}/t^{1/2}. The factor f_{+}(L,t) monotonically increases as a function of L, interpolating between time-independent values at L=0 and L=∞ that were previously known. The factor f_{-} is independent of L and t, signaling universality of this tail for a whole class of deterministic initial conditions.

  17. Life table study of the effects of sublethal concentrations of thiamethoxam on Bradysia odoriphaga Yang and Zhang.

    Zhang, Peng; Liu, Feng; Mu, Wei; Wang, Qiuhong; Li, Hui; Chen, Chengyu


    Bradysia odoriphaga Yang and Zhang (chive gnat) is the major insect pest affecting Chinese chive in Northern China. In order to explore the integrated control of B. odoriphaga, sublethal effects of the neonicotinoid insecticide thiamethoxam were studied. The standard contact and stomach bioassay method was used to assess the effects of sublethal (LC5 and LC20) concentrations of thiamethoxam on the demographic parameters of B. odoriphaga, and data were interpreted based on the age-stage, two-sex life table theory. After thiamethoxam treatment, the intrinsic and finite rates of increase, net reproduction rate, survival rate, and reproductive value were all markedly decreased, while the mean generation time, total preovipositional period, and larval and pupal duration were prolonged, compared with controls. The intrinsic rates of increase dropped from 0.1775/day to 0.1502-0.1136/day. Following LC5 and LC20 treatments, net reproduction rate dropped from 61.75 offspring/individual (control) to 43.36 and 20.75 offspring/individual, respectively. Sublethal concentrations of thiamethoxam decreased the developmental rate of laboratory populations of B. odoriphaga, suggesting that such doses may be useful in integrated pest management strategies.

  18. Short-time height distribution in the one-dimensional Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation: Starting from a parabola

    Kamenev, Alex; Meerson, Baruch; Sasorov, Pavel V.


    We study the probability distribution P (H ,t ,L ) of the surface height h (x =0 ,t )=H in the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang (KPZ) equation in 1 +1 dimension when starting from a parabolic interface, h (x ,t =0 ) =x2/L . The limits of L →∞ and L →0 have been recently solved exactly for any t >0 . Here we address the early-time behavior of P (H ,t ,L ) for general L . We employ the weak-noise theory—a variant of WKB approximation—which yields the optimal history of the interface, conditioned on reaching the given height H at the origin at time t . We find that at small H P (H ,t ,L ) is Gaussian, but its tails are non-Gaussian and highly asymmetric. In the leading order and in a proper moving frame, the tails behave as -lnP =f+|H| 5 /2/t1 /2 and f-|H| 3 /2/t1 /2 . The factor f+(L ,t ) monotonically increases as a function of L , interpolating between time-independent values at L =0 and L =∞ that were previously known. The factor f- is independent of L and t , signaling universality of this tail for a whole class of deterministic initial conditions.

  19. On Artistic Spirits of Zhang Yong’s Prose%论张咏散文的艺术精神



    宋初名臣张咏创作的84篇散文,初步彰显出宋代散文的艺术气质,具有独特的艺术精神:一是文以助治,彰显尊主庇民之道;二是健而有骨,彰显自然流畅之道;三是长于议论,彰显汪洋弘深之道。其独特艺术精神的形成,离不开时代精神和地域文化的影响。%Zhang Yong,a famous official in early Song Dynasty,created 84 pieces of prose.The artistic temperament of the prose in the Song Dynasty was revealed preliminarily in his prose,with unique artistic spirits.First,his prose helped the governance,showing respecting the lord and protecting the people.Sec-ond,his prose read vigorously,smoothly and naturally.Third,he liked to make some comments in his prose,pursuing a kind of magnificence.According to Foucault’s event study methods,all these spirits were due to the influence of the time spirit and regional culture.

  20. Isolation and characterization of agar-digesting Vibrio species from the rotten thallus of Gracilariopsis heteroclada Zhang et Xia.

    Martinez, Joval N; Padilla, Philip Ian P


    Gracilariopsis heteroclada Zhang et Xia (Gracilariaceae, Rhodophyta) is one of the most studied marine seaweeds due to its economic importance. This has been cultivated extensively on commercial scale in the Philippines and other Asian countries. However, sustainable production of G. heteroclada in the Philippines could not be maximized due to the occurrence of rotten thallus disease. Thus, isolation and characterization of agar-digesting bacteria from the rotten thalli of G. heteroclada was conducted. A total of seven representative bacterial isolates were randomly selected based on their ability to digest agar as evidenced by the formation of depressions around the bacterial colonies on nutrient agar plates supplemented with 1.5% NaCl and liquefaction of agar. Gram-staining and biochemical characterization revealed that isolates tested were gram-negative rods and taxonomically identified as Vibrio parahaemolyticus (86-99.5%) and Vibrio alginolyticus (94.2-97.7%), respectively. It is yet to be confirmed whether these agar-digesting vibrios are involved in the induction and development of rotten thallus disease in G. heteroclada in concomitance with other opportunistic bacterial pathogens coupled with adverse environmental conditions. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  1. Analysis on Zhang Zhongjing's syndrome differentiation system%仲景辨证论治体系探析



    This paper argues that syndrome differentiation of six meridians and syndrome differentiation of Zang, Fu, meridian and collaterals are the two programmatic differentiations in Treatise on Febrile Diseases and Synopsis of Golden Chamber. Syndrome differentiation of six meridians in Treatise on Febrile Diseases reflects the commonality of occurrence and development of diseases; syndrome differentiation of Zang, Fu, meridians and collaterals reveals the individuality of occurrence and development of diseases; Zhang Zhongjing' s academic thoughts and ideas for differentiation and treatment of diseases go through the two books.%六经辨证和脏腑经络辨证是《伤寒论》、《金匮要略》辨证论治的纲领,《伤寒论》六经辨证反映了疾病发生发展的共性;《金匮要略》脏腑经络辨证揭示了疾病发生发展的个性;仲景辨证论治的思想和方法贯穿两书.两者相互相成,构成了完整的辨证论治体系.

  2. High resolution catalogue of emission lines in the spectra of comet C/2002 C1 Ikeya-Zhang

    Capria, M. T.; Cremonese, G.; de Sanctis, M. C.; Buzzoni, A.


    The comet C/2002 C1 Ikeya-Zhang was observed at the Telescopio Nazionale Galileo in Canary Islands with the echelle spectrograph SARG during the night 19-20 of April 2002. One echelle spectrum composed by 55 orders covering the spectral range from 462 to 792 nm with R=57000 was acquired. The observations were performed in the frame of a program aimed to collect, catalogue and identify cometary emission lines in the optical part of the spectral range. In this range many important lines of daughters molecules and ions can be found; most of these lines were detected many times with low resolution spectroscopy, but the cataloguing with high resolution spectroscopy was done until now for few comets, and many lines still remain unidentified. We present here a first version of our catalogue, in which the line identification, based on wavelength coincidence only, is made using as starting line lists the ones compiled by Brown et al. [1] and Cochran and Cochran [2]. The O(1S) and O(1D) metastable lines are also clearly visible in our spectra and well separated from the other cometary and telluric lines, so we present also a preliminary estimate of the ratio of the green and red lines. [1] M.E. Brown et al. (1996) AJ, 112. [2] A. Cochran and D. Cochran (2002) Icarus, 157.

  3. The Corbel Bracket Art in Zhang Clan Garden%张家花园斗拱艺术


    张家花园斗拱构造区别于大式建筑的斗拱形态,斗、昂、拱等构件造型不同于传统的构件造型和做法,斗拱整体不承重,并采用雕刻、彩绘的构造手法装饰以吉祥瑞兽、植物花卉、法器静物,以中国传统文化为载体,体现吉祥和谐、富贵平安、安居乐业的建筑装饰文化寓意,呈现出其建筑视觉语言的独特性。%The structures of the corbel bracket in Zhang Clan Garden is different from the forms of the corbel bracket in Great-style architecture. Its corbel, rising and arch constructs are different from traditional ones in forms and making. The integration of corbel bracket isn’t weight-bearing and decorates with wood carvings and exquisite paintings showing auspicious animals, plants, religion objects and still objects, all of which reflects auspicious, harmonious, rich, safe and happy implications in architecture decoration by taking Chinese traditional cultures as the carrier and shows a unique visual language of Chinese architecture.

  4. Desolate behind--Zhang Ai-ling's"original sin"feelings of human nature%苍凉背后的人性--张爱玲的“原罪”情怀



    张爱玲受到多种宗教的影响,其中基督教博爱意识和原罪思想影响着张爱玲的人生观和价值观,形成了张爱玲的宗教情怀。%Zhang Ai-ling is affected by the various religious, of which the Christian fraternity consciousness and the original thought affects the zhang ailing's outlook on life and values, formed the Zhang Ai-ling's religious feelings.

  5. CERN apprentice receives award


    Another CERN apprentice has received an award for the quality of his work. Stéphane Küng (centre), at the UIG ceremony last November, presided over by Geneva State Councillor Pierre-François Unger, Head of the Department of Economics and Health. Electronics technician Stéphane Küng was honoured in November by the Social Foundation of the Union Industrielle Genevoise (UIG) as one of Geneva’s eight best apprentices in the field of mechatronics. The 20-year-old Genevan obtained his Federal apprentice’s certificate (Certificat fédéral de capacité - CFC) in June 2007, achieving excellent marks in his written tests at the Centre d’Enseignement Professionnel Technique et Artisanal (CEPTA). Like more than 200 youngsters before him, Stéphane Küng spent part of his four-year sandwich course working at CERN, where he followed many practical training courses and gained valuable hands-on experience in various technical groups and labs. "It’ always very gr...

  6. 探询人的存在——张应鹏和他的建筑%Inquiries into Human Existence:Zhang Yingpeng and His Architecture



    张应鹏是一位职业建筑师,更是一位有着人文理想的建筑师,这点首先体现在他特殊的教育背景上:从土木到建筑再到哲学.由于他对建筑的独特理解.他的设计作品所表现出来的永远是对人性的关怀和人的存在的追问.%As a professional architect, Zhang Yingpeng is more like a humanist, which above all reflects in his unique educational background with a first degree in civil engineering, then architecture, and finally philosophy. Zhang Yingpeng's designs always show his humanistic concern with inquiries into human existence.

  7. Zhang neural network for online solution of time-varying convex quadratic program subject to time-varying linear-equality constraints

    Zhang Yunong [School of Information Science and Technology, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou 510275 (China)], E-mail:; Li Zhan [School of Information Science and Technology, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou 510275 (China)], E-mail:


    In this Letter, by following Zhang et al.'s method, a recurrent neural network (termed as Zhang neural network, ZNN) is developed and analyzed for solving online the time-varying convex quadratic-programming problem subject to time-varying linear-equality constraints. Different from conventional gradient-based neural networks (GNN), such a ZNN model makes full use of the time-derivative information of time-varying coefficient. The resultant ZNN model is theoretically proved to have global exponential convergence to the time-varying theoretical optimal solution of the investigated time-varying convex quadratic program. Computer-simulation results further substantiate the effectiveness, efficiency and novelty of such ZNN model and method.

  8. Zhang neural network for online solution of time-varying convex quadratic program subject to time-varying linear-equality constraints

    Zhang, Yunong; Li, Zhan


    In this Letter, by following Zhang et al.'s method, a recurrent neural network (termed as Zhang neural network, ZNN) is developed and analyzed for solving online the time-varying convex quadratic-programming problem subject to time-varying linear-equality constraints. Different from conventional gradient-based neural networks (GNN), such a ZNN model makes full use of the time-derivative information of time-varying coefficient. The resultant ZNN model is theoretically proved to have global exponential convergence to the time-varying theoretical optimal solution of the investigated time-varying convex quadratic program. Computer-simulation results further substantiate the effectiveness, efficiency and novelty of such ZNN model and method.

  9. GNSS Software Receiver for UAVs

    Olesen, Daniel Madelung; Jakobsen, Jakob; von Benzon, Hans-Henrik


    This paper describes the current activities of GPS/GNSS Software receiver development at DTU Space. GNSS Software receivers have received a great deal of attention in the last two decades and numerous implementations have already been presented. DTU Space has just recently started development of ...... of our own GNSS software-receiver targeted for mini UAV applications, and we will in in this paper present our current progress and briefly discuss the benefits of Software Receivers in relation to our research interests....

  10. Comment on "Sizes and relative geoeffectiveness of interplanetary coronal mass ejections and the preceding shock sheaths during intense storms in 1996-2005" by J. Zhang et al

    Yermolaev, Yu I


    Recently Zhang et al. [2008] presented a statistical study of sizes and relative geoeffectiveness of ICMEs (bodies of magnetic clouds) and preceding sheaths for 46 events responsible for intense (Dst < -100 nT) geomagnetic storms in 1996-2005 in which only a single ICME was responsible for generating the storm. Here we would like to comment several results and conclusions of this paper.

  11. Prof. ZHANG Zhi-jun's Experience in the Combined Treatment with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs-A Report of 3 Illustrative Cases

    ZHANG Li-ling; ZHANG Gang; ZHANG Li-ping; WANG Xin-zhong


    @@ Prof. ZHANG is one of the supervisors for the successive work on the academic experiences of the national veteran TCM experts. He has been engaging in the TCM field for more than 50 years. In clinical practice, he always pays great attention to the combined treatment of acupuncture with herbs so to raise the therapeutic effect. The following is the sample cases to show his experience in this aspect.

  12. Zhang Kunde's Importance in China's Detective Fiction Translation%张坤德与中国早期侦探小说翻译



    中国早期的侦探小说翻译由英国作家柯南·道尔侦探小说被引入开始。最早翻译柯南·道尔侦探小说的张坤德长期为研究界所忽视。文章从张坤德与《时务报》的关系,以及张坤德翻译柯南·道尔侦探小说的特点等方面,对张坤德的翻译活动和成就进行了梳理,认为张坤德是我国早期侦探小说的开先河者,应在侦探小说史上确立其相应的地位。%China's detective fiction translation starts with the introduction of the detective fictions by Conan Doyle.Zhang Kunde,the first one who translates the detective fictions by Conan Doyle,has been neglected in our country.In this paper,the relationship between Zhang Kunde and the “Shi Wu Bao”is studied;the characteristics of Zhang Kunde's translation are analyzed,as well as his achieve-ments are presented.Zhang Kunde,the pioneer in the translation of detective fiction,should have his corresponding position in the translation history of detective fiction in China.

  13. Selected experience of Professor Zhang Lei in treating hair loss%张磊教授治疗脱发验案精选



    目的:总结张磊教授治疗脱发的经验。方法:长期跟师侍诊,整理资料,总结分析。结果与结论:张师治疗脱发时先用“血府逐瘀汤”或“通窍活血汤”之类活血化瘀,后再以“滋补肝肾、益气活血”之剂滋养精血,使瘀祛,血养,发生。%Objective: To summarize Professor Zhang Lei’s experience in treating hair loss. Methods: Following Professor Zhang Lei in clinic for a long period and collecting clinical data, which were organized, summarized and analyzed.Results and Conclusion: Professor Zhang Lei starts his treatment of hair loss with “Tongqiao Huoxue decoction”or “Xuefu Zhuyu decoction”, which functions to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, and then he applies prescription of “nourishing liver and kidney” or “tonifying qi and activating blood” to remove blood stasis, nourish blood and generate hair.

  14. 张雪门的幼儿园游戏思想述评%Theory and Inspiration on Zhang Xuemen’s Kindergarten’s Games

    张亭亭; 刘丹


      本文主要介绍和梳理了《张雪门幼儿教育文集》一书中阐述的张雪门关于幼儿园游戏的基本思想,包括游戏的含义及目的、游戏的分类、游戏的选材标准、游戏的设备以及游戏的指导方法等问题,并分析了张雪门的幼儿园游戏思想对我国当代幼儿园游戏的几点启示。%  This paper describes and combs Zhang Xuemen’s basic theory about kindergarten games that the book“Zhang Xuemen early childhood education Anthology”elaborated, including the meaning and purpose of the kindergarten games, the classification of the games, the selection standard and equipment of the games as well as games guidance methods, then clarify Zhang Xuemen’s kindergarten games theory taking inspiration for our contemporary kindergarten games.

  15. 张爱玲创作“小气”局限探缘%Study on Psychological Grasp of ZHANG Ailing Creation Mean



    独特的家庭出身、痛苦的人生经历及深刻的生命体悟,成就了张爱玲的艺术人生,也使其创作存在着极大的局限性。根据马斯洛的需求层次理论,张爱玲创作局限性主要源于安全需要的刻骨缺失、归属需要的冷漠荒芜和爱的需要的极度匮乏,从这个角度对张爱玲的创作心理及作品的局限性能有更深切的理解。%Unique family background,the pain of life experience and profound life led to Zhang Ailing's art life,and brought her art and life great limitations also. Maslow's theory of hierarchy needs life interpretated Zhang Ailing's limitation,and also understand Zhang ailing creation can't transcend the limitations in later literature popular.

  16. Mg(2+) improves the thermotolerance of probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, Lactobacillus casei Zhang and Lactobacillus plantarum P-8.

    Yang, Y; Huang, S; Wang, J; Jan, G; Jeantet, R; Chen, X D


    Food-related carbohydrates and proteins are often used as thermoprotectants for probiotic lactobacilli during industrial production and processing. However, the effect of inorganic salts is rarely reported. Magnesium is the second-most abundant cation in bacteria, and commonly found in various foods. Mg(2+) homeostasis is important in Salmonella and has been reported to play a critical role in their thermotolerance. However, the role of Mg(2+) in thermotolerance of other bacteria, in particular probiotic bacteria, still remains a hypothesis. In this study, the effect of Mg(2+) on thermotolerance of probiotic lactobacilli was investigated in three well-documented probiotic strains, Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, Lactobacillus casei Zhang and Lactobacillus plantarum P-8, in comparison with Zn(2+) and Na(+) . Concentrations of Mg(2+) between 10 and 50 mmol l(-1) were found to increase the bacterial survival upon heat challenge. Remarkably, Mg(2+) addition at 20 mmol l(-1) led to a 100-fold higher survival of L. rhamnosus GG upon heat challenge. This preliminary study also showed that Mg(2+) shortened the heat-induced extended lag time of bacteria, which indicated the improvement in bacterial recovery from thermal injury. In order to improve the productivity and stability of live probiotics, extensive investigations have been carried out to improve thermotolerance of probiotics. However, most of these studies focused on the effects of carbohydrates, proteins or amino acids. The roles of inorganic salts in various food materials, which have rarely been reported, should be considered when incorporating probiotics into these foods. In this study, Mg(2+) was found to play a significant role in the thermotolerance of probiotic lactobacilli. A novel strategy may be available in the near future by employing magnesium salts as protective agents of probiotics during manufacturing process. © 2017 The Society for Applied Microbiology.

  17. Resolution-dependent behavior of subgrid-scale vertical transport in the Zhang-McFarlane convection parameterization

    Xiao, Heng; Gustafson, William I.; Hagos, Samson M.; Wu, Chien-Ming; Wan, Hui


    To better understand the behavior of quasi-equilibrium-based convection parameterizations at higher resolution, we use a diagnostic framework to examine the resolution-dependence of subgrid-scale vertical transport of moist static energy as parameterized by the Zhang-McFarlane convection parameterization (ZM). Grid-scale input to ZM is supplied by coarsening output from cloud-resolving model (CRM) simulations onto subdomains ranging in size from 8 × 8 to 256 × 256 km2. Then the ZM-based parameterization of vertical transport of moist static energy for scales smaller than the subdomain size (w'h'>¯ZM) are compared to those directly calculated from the CRM simulations (w'h'>¯CRM) for different subdomain sizes. The ensemble mean w'h'>¯CRM decreases by more than half as the subdomain size decreases from 128 to 8 km across while w'h'>¯ZM decreases with subdomain size only for strong convection cases and increases for weaker cases. The resolution dependence of w'h'>¯ZM is determined by the positive-definite grid-scale tendency of convective available potential energy (CAPE) in the convective quasi-equilibrium (QE) closure. Further analysis shows the actual grid-scale tendency of CAPE (before taking the positive definite value) and w'h'>¯CRM behave very similarly as the subdomain size changes because they are both tied to grid-scale advective tendencies. We can improve the resolution dependence of w'h'>¯ZM significantly by averaging the grid-scale tendency of CAPE over an appropriately large area surrounding each subdomain before taking its positive definite value. Even though the ensemble mean w'h'>¯CRM decreases with increasing resolution, its variability increases dramatically. w'h'>¯ZM cannot capture such increase in the variability, suggesting the need for stochastic treatment of convection at relatively high spatial resolution (8 or 16 km).

  18. 荧光定量PCR法检测益生菌饮料中Lactobacillus casei Zhang和Bifidobacterium lactis V9%Lactobacillus casei Zhang Bifidobacterium lactis V9 Method of fluorescent quantitative PCR for detection of Lactobacillus casei Zhang and Bifidobacterium lactis V9

    其木格苏都; 王记成; 张家超; 张和平


    益生菌活菌数是益生菌产品最重要的指标,而检测益生菌方法的准确性和科学性则至关重要.本文采用荧光定量PCR法同时定量检测益生菌饮料中Lactobacillus casei Zhang(L.casei Zhang)和Bifidobacterium lactis V9(B.lactis V9)的活菌数,并与平板菌落计数法进行比较.结果表明,荧光定量PCR法测得L.casei Zhang活菌数与平板菌落计数法测得活菌数差异不显著;而采用荧光定量PCR法测得B.lactis V9活菌数显著高于平板菌落计数法.荧光定量PCR法灵敏、特异、简便快速,可定量检测并真实反应L.casei Zhang和B.lactis V9的活菌数.%The viable count of probiotic is considered as the most important index and the accurate and scientific assay of probiotic viable number is essential to probiotic products. In the present study, the fluorescent quantitative PCR method and plate colony counting method were used and compared for detection of bacterial viable numbers of Lactobadllus casei Zhang and Bifidobacterium lactis V9 in probiotic fermented beverage. The result showed that there was no significant difference of L. Casei Zhang number between two methods, whereas the numbers of B. Lactis V9 detected by two methods were significant difference. It is suggested that fluorescent quantitative PCR method appear to be highly accurate, specific, fast and reliable for quantification of L. Casei Zhang and B. Lactis V9.

  19. Influence of Reception Theory on Translation Strategies--A Case Study of Zhang Peiji’s and Liu Shicong’s translation of “If I Were King”



    “If I Were King” by Nie Gangu is renowned for criticizing servility and autocracy. This paper focuses on two different translation versions of Zhang Peiji and Liu Shicong from the perspective of Reception theory. A good translation cannot be done without a proper understanding of TL readers’ horizon of expectations, including their cultural background, language habits and aesthetic taste. The paper analyzes the translation strategies of Zhang and Liu based on those four diferent aspects.

  20. Interview of Zhang Fengwei


    An underwear industry research report (2009-2012) showed ,that the actual impact offinancial crisis on the knitted underwear industry is far less than expected. The 7th Shenzhen International Brand Underwear is about to set sail in May as the China International Underwear Culture Week launches a new idea of “small underwear, major fashion, great culture” to make a pageant with underwear show, fashion and culture. Shenzhen Underwear Fair committed itself to entering the market to win the brand takeoff in good time with leading underwear brand and systematic business methods.

  1. Retraction RETRACTION of "Association between polymorphisms in the XRCC1 gene and the risk of non-small cell lung cancer", by Han JC, Zhang YJ and Li XD - Genet. Mol. Res. 14 (4): 12888-12893 (2015).

    Han, J C; Zhang, Y J; Li, X D


    The retracted article is: Han JC, Zhang YJ and Li XD (2015). Association between polymorphisms in the XRCC1 gene and the risk of non-small cell lung cancer. Genet. Mol. Res. 14: 12888-12893. The GMR editorial staff was alerted about this article (received on May 3, 2015; accepted on August 18, 2015) published on October 21, 2015 (DOI: 10.4238/2015.October.21.9) that was found to be substantially similar to the publication of "Association of XRCC1 gene polymorphisms with risk of non-small cell lung cancer" (received on January 25, 2015; accepted on March 23, 2015; e-published on April 1, 2015) by Kang et al., published in the International Journal of Clinical Experimental Pathology 8 (4): 4171-4176. The authors were aware of the Kang et al.'s paper, since they cite it several times in the manuscript published in GMR. Some of the language is similar between the two manuscripts, but what is the most concerning is that several of the tables in the papers are nearly identical. Tables 2 and 3 are exactly identical between the two articles, suggesting that the publication in GMR was plagiarized from the publication in the International Journal of Clinical Experimental Pathology. The Publisher and Editor decided to retract these articles in accordance with the recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). After a thorough investigation, we have strong reason to believe that the peer review process was failure and, after review and contacting the authors, the editors of Genetics and Molecular Research decided to retract the article. The authors and their institutions were advised of this serious breach of ethics.

  2. The Chemistry of Oxygen-bearing Molecules in the Oort Cloud Comet C/2002 C1 (Ikeya-Zhang)

    Disanti, M.; dello Russo, N.; Magee-Sauer, K.; Gibb, E.; Reuter, D.; Xu, L.; Mumma, M.

    Comet Ikeya-Zhang was observed at the NASA Infrared Telescope Facility on Mauna Kea. "Target of Opportunity" time was granted to observe the comet, and daytime observations were acquired on UT 2002 March 21-22 and April 10-13 using the facility echelle spectrometer (CSHELL), which incorporates a 256x256 InSb array detector and a 30 arc-second-long slit. CSHELL provides sufficiently high spectral resolution ( /?? ~ 2.5x104 ) to resolve individual cometary emission? lines, and its small pixel size (0.2 arc-second) yields seeing-limited angular resolution for detailed study of the spatial distribution of emissions in the coma. The comet exhibited a rich chemistry of oxygen-bearing molecules. A summary of production rates and spatial distributions for carbon monoxide (CO), methyl alcohol (CH3OH), formaldehyde (H 2CO), and carbonyl sulfide (OCS) will be presented, and comparisons will be made with mixing ratios observed in other Oort-Cloud comets. Comparisons with fluorescence models and/or laboratory measurements will also be presented where appropriate. Measuring the relative abundances of CO, H2CO, and CH3OH tests the efficiency of conversion of CO, for example through hydrogen addition on icy grain mantles or by radiation processing in the dense cloud core [1-3]. Our observations of OCS represent a link to the sulfur chemistry, for comparison with sulfur-bearing molecules observed at other wavelengths. This work is supported by the NASA Planetary Astronomy Program, through grants NAG5-7905 to M. A. DiSanti and RTOP 693-344-32-30-07 to M. J. Mumma. We thank A. Tokunaga and the IRTF for accommodating our request for TOO time, and also Telescope Operators D. Griep and L. Bergknut, who through their expertise enabled these difficult daytime observations. [1] T. Hasegawa, E. Herbst (1993) Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 263:589. [2] K. Hiraoka et al. (1994) Chem. Phys. Lett. 229:408. [3] M. J. Mumma et al. (1996) Science 272:1310

  3. 张居正与戚继光关系论略%A Brief Study of the Relationship between Zhang Juzheng and Qi Jiguang

    赵毅; 于宝航


    Since Longqing period in Ming Dynasty ,Zhang Juzheng ,senior grand secretary of Cabinet kept providing Qi Jiguang ,distinguished general of the times with consistent supports in terms of position ,du-ties and military affairs for 16 years .In early Wanli period ,during his power heyday ,Zhang ,under the name of the court ,continued to support Qi ,because of w hich the latter obtained a series of military victo-ries in Ji Town .Zhang favored Qi ,in one way ,was for Qi’s special talent for assisting his career develop-ment .On the other hand ,he also aimed to cultivate men of abilities for the country instead of seeking his own private purposes .With Zhang’s support ,Qi achieved his great ideals ,which made him venerate Zhang .But by no means did he try to flatter the senior official .In view of the times ,the harmonious rela-tionship between the“wise prime minister” Zhang and the“distinguished general” Qi ,showed that in the crisis of national defense ,some far-sighted persons from the civil service group attempted to share more power with the generals in spite of the atmosphere of “intellectual pursuits above material arts” .As a dis-tinguished general ,Qi happened to meet the opportunity ,thus got appreciated and promoted by Zhang .%张居正对戚继光的支持长达十六年之久,可谓一以贯之。自隆庆时期张居正就在职务、事权、军务等方面对戚继光给予支持。万历初年,张居正权力如日中天,得以用朝廷的名义继续支持戚继光,使其在蓟镇取得很多成绩。张居正重用戚继光,既是看中他的才能有助于自己的“相业”,也是为国家造养人才,并非结党,更不是希图贿赂。戚继光借助张居正的支持实现自己的理想,虽对张居正礼敬有加,但也绝非逢迎大僚、蝇营狗苟之辈。从时代背景来看,张居正与戚继光这对“贤相”与“名将”相得,是因为在国防危机的情况下,文官集团中的

  4. Communications receivers principles and design

    Rohde, Ulrich L; Zahnd, Hans


    This thoroughly updated guide offers comprehensive explanations of the science behind today’s radio receivers along with practical guidance on designing, constructing, and maintaining real-world communications systems. You will explore system planning, antennas and antenna coupling, amplifiers and gain control, filters, mixers, demodulation, digital communication, and the latest software defined radio (SDR) technology. Written by a team of telecommunication experts, Communications Receivers: Principles and Design, Fourth Edition, features technical illustrations, schematic diagrams, and detailed examples. Coverage includes: • Basic radio considerations • Radio receiver characteristics • Receiver system planning • Receiver implementation considerations • RF and baseband techniques for Software-Defined Radios • Transceiver SDR considerations • Antennas and antenna coupling • Mixers • Frequency sources and control • Ancillary receiver circuits • Performance measurement

  5. 西汉富平侯张安世系年述略%On the Sequential List of Activities of Fuping Marquis Zhang Anshi in Western Han Dynasty



    Zhang Anshi was born in the period of the reign by Emperor Hanwu in Western Han dynasty (around 134 B.C.) and died in the reign by Emperor Xuandi (around 62 B.C.). He had been an official for more than fifty years. He was cautious, introverted and self-effacing all his life and won recognition from the society and also got favorable comments from historians. The sorting of Zhang Anshi' s deeds can be helpful for the archaeological studies of Zhang Anshi' s and his family' s cemetery in Fengqi in the southern suburbs of Xi'an City, and is also beneficial to the study of the social history of the middle and late periods of Western Han dynasty.%张安世出生在西汉武帝时期(前134年前后),卒于宣帝朝(前62年),为官五十余年。他谨慎、内敛、自谦的一生,得到了社会的认可,也得到了史家的高度评价。梳理张安世的事迹,有助于对西安南郊凤栖原张安世及其家族墓地的考古研究,亦对研究西汉中、晚期社会历史有所裨益。

  6. Zhang Henshui’ s Transmitting and Reforming to Xu Zhenya’ s Novel%张恨水对徐枕亚小说的传承与改良



    Zhang Henshui reached a conclusion from the phenomenon of The Spirit of Pear Flowers’s popularity to unpopularity, that is, the author must pay great attention to narration, interest and depiction of the scene of mixed feelings of joy and sorrow in order to have a strong appeal to the readers permanently. This showed Zhang Henshui’s solicitude for his readers. In accordance with this train of thought, he made the plots of novels tight, and meanwhile he eliminated the over-complicated descriptions of psychology and scenery, and unreasonable poetry typical of T he S pirit of Pear Flowers. As a result, Zhang Henshui was not only close to the reading habits of the masses, but also conformed to the trend of the simple style of writing advocated by the literary world.%张恨水从《玉梨魂》一纸风行到归于沉寂的现象中得出结论,小说要有恒久的读者效应必须重视叙事、情调,表现悲喜结合的场面,这种选择体现了他强烈的读者意识,循着这样的写作思路,张恨水的小说增强了叙事密度,摒弃了《玉梨魂》式的过于繁复的心理描写和景物描写以及不合理的诗词堆砌,他的改良既贴近大众的阅读习惯,又顺应了文坛提倡简洁文风的大势。

  7. On the Achievements of Zhang Tingyu’s Poetry Writing%论张廷玉诗歌创作成就



    As an important political figure in the history of the Qing dynasty ,Zhang Tingyu has rich achievements in poetry writing .In his existing thousands of poems ,there is no lack of readable psalm . He left us bright and vivid painting poems , poems full of wisdom and reasoning ,poems of sincere emotion and some excellent entertaining ones .Zhang Tingyu is not a first‐class w riter ,but he is still a representative of palace poets ,so it is of certain reference value to study zhang Tingyu’ s poems for a comprehensive understanding of mainstream literature form in Kangxi Yongzheng and Qianlong era .%作为清代历史上重要政治人物,张廷玉一生诗文创作成果丰富。在其现存数千首诗作中,不乏可读性强的诗篇。他为我们留下了鲜明传神的题画诗,饱含智慧的说理诗,真挚感人的性情诗和一些优秀的应制诗。张廷玉虽算不得有清一流作家,但仍然不失为一代宫廷诗人的代表,了解他的诗歌,对于全面深入地认识张廷玉康雍乾时期主流文学形态具有一定的参考作用。

  8. Market Feasibility of Burberry and Gucci in Zhang Jiagang City, P.R China : Case: Introduce a New Luxury Brand into Kelly Mall

    Wang, Ning; Wu, Youran


    With the rapid development of Chinese economy, wealth has spread from largest coastal cities to smaller cities and luxury stores have started to follow. Kelly Mall is the largest high-end department store situated in Zhang Jiagang City, Jiangsu Province, P.R China. This research aims to figure out if Kelly Mall should introduce a new luxury brand, help-ing Kelly Mall’s board members make decision on taking either Burberry or Gucci or both of them into its luxury department. Theoretical framew...

  9. 张爱玲作品中的“境”及其叙事意义%Artistic Conception in Zhang Ailing' s Works and Its Narrative Meaning

    帅晨晨; 姚海燕


    张爱玲作品中出现的空间大多具有双重性:文本内的具象空间和生成在文本之外的深层次空间——“境”,而“境”产生了关于时间情绪体验的特殊叙事意义。%The writing space appeared in Zhang Ailing' s works mostly shows duality: representational space within text and deep space outside text: artistic conception, and it generates emotional experience of time which is an aspect of narrative connotation.


    单晓娜; 涂耀威


    Neo-confucianism in Htman is the academic and cultural concept which refers to Hunan studies. In Zhang Shunhui's writings, there are massively comment on Neoconfucianism in Hunan. Both has the panorama-like contemplation, and has person's feature article. Mr.Zhang Shunhui unfolded the scholar's academic style of ttunan vividly, and elaborated the academic origin or characteristic of the Neo-confucianism in Hunan comprehensively and objectively. We can feel to the remarkable cultural characteristic in region of Neo-confucianism in Hunan completely.%湘学是一个特指的学术文化概念。张舜徽在其著述中有大量有关湘学的论述,既有全景式的观照.又有个人的特写,生动地展现了湘籍学人的行事和学术风范,全面、客观的论述了湘学的学术渊源、学术特征,使我们充分感受到了湘学显著的地域文化特点。

  11. 论张爱玲小说的市井意识%On the Consciousness of Shijing in Zhang ai-Ling’s Novel



    Up to the present, studies of Zhang ai-ling’s novel mainly concentrate on the cultural characteristic of its modernity, neglecting a strong consciousness of Shijing embodied in her literature text. The consciousness of Shijing origins from the indigenous traditional subaltern literature:shiqing(manners),yanqing(romantics), guiwei(boudoir), and “legend” style constitute the crucial features of Zhang ai-ling’s novel.%迄今为止,学界研究张爱玲小说多偏重于阐发它的现代性文化特质上,而忽略了其文本其实还存在着浓郁的市井意识,即便论及,也是浅尝辄止,论文深入阐述了市井意识对张爱玲小说创作的重要影响,这种市井意识主要源自本土文化遗产的传统市民文学,世情、言情、闺闱、“传奇”文体谱系等构成了张爱玲小说创作的重要特征。

  12. Discourse Analysis in the Wen Zhang's Apology Statement%文章出轨《致歉声明》之语篇分析

    李娜; 李楠


    语篇分析多用于政治事件的评述。利用系统功能语法三大元功能理论为指导,对《文章出轨致歉声明》这一语篇进行分析,将这一理论应用于其他领域(娱乐圈)文本分析。通过分析,认为本具有致歉声明表示悔过之意的特质,但是危机公关色彩亦十分明显。%The paper analyzes the apology statement by Wen Zhang with metafunction theory which is mainly applied to the analysis of politics events .The paper argues that Wen Zhang's statement ,on one side ,expresses Wen's guilty for his adultery and on the other side the statement also suggests the sense of crisis management .

  13. Rational, Justly, irony:Zhang Ailing and George Bernard Shaw%理性•平明•反讽:张爱玲与萧伯纳



    作为张爱玲喜爱的一个作家,萧伯纳无疑对张爱玲创作具有一定的影响。但就目前研究现状来看,学界对此尚未专门研究。张爱玲欣赏和喜爱萧伯纳戏剧中理性的智慧、平明的态度与反讽的艺术,但她并不是机械照搬,无论在理性之思、平明态度,还是反讽艺术,都渗入了个人的体验感悟,并以敏慧的艺术感受进行创造性转化。%As Zhang Ailing's favorite writer, Bernard Shaw undoubtedly has certain influence on Zhang’s creation. But according to the current researches review, this remains a research blank. Zhang admires and adorns the rational wisdom, the justly attitude and the irony art in Shaw’s plays, but she infiltrates her personal experience and feelings about art, and creatively borrow Shaw’s writing style instead of mechanical copying.

  14. 关于张东荪的“逻辑与文化”%On Zhang Dongsun's Logic and Culture



    Zhang Dongsun's idea about logic and euhure is reasonable, with its enlightenment to the research of logic, history of logic, China logic logic comparison, it should be inherited and developed.Zhang Dongsun's methodology idea about comparative method makes clear the fundamental idea about the discussion of logic and culture and evades the difference of the simple farfetched comparison,demonstrating an active significance to recognition and research of China logic idea and even China idea.%张东荪有关“逻辑与文化”的思想不乏合理之处,对逻辑学、逻辑史、中国逻辑以及逻辑比较的研究多有启迪,应当继承和发展。张东荪关于比较法的方法论思想,明确了“逻辑与文化”讨论的基本思想,规避了简单比附的偏差,对中国逻辑思想乃至中国思想的认识与研究有十分积极的意义。


    A. K. Esman


    Full Text Available Recent research and development show promising use of high-performance solid-state receivers of the electromagnetic radiation. These receivers are based on the low-barrier Schottky diodes. The approach to the design of the receivers on the basis of delta-doped low-barrier Schottky diodes with beam leads without bias is especially actively developing because for uncooled receivers of the microwave radiation these diodes have virtually no competition. The purpose of this work is to improve the main parameters and characteristics that determine the practical relevance of the receivers of mid-infrared electromagnetic radiation at the operating room temperature by modifying the electrodes configuration of the diode and optimizing the distance between them. Proposed original design solution of the integrated receiver of mid-infrared radiation on the basis of the low-barrier Schottky diodes with beam leads allows to effectively adjust its main parameters and characteristics. Simulation of the electromagnetic characteristics of the proposed receiver by using the software package HFSS with the basic algorithm of a finite element method which implemented to calculate the behavior of electromagnetic fields on an arbitrary geometry with a predetermined material properties have shown that when the inner parts of the electrodes of the low-barrier Schottky diode is performed in the concentric elliptical convex-concave shape, it can be reduce the reflection losses to -57.75 dB and the standing wave ratio to 1.003 while increasing the directivity up to 23 at a wavelength of 6.09 μm. At this time, the rounded radii of the inner parts of the anode and cathode electrodes are equal 212 nm and 318 nm respectively and the gap setting between them is 106 nm. These parameters will improve the efficiency of the developed infrared optical-promising and electronic equipment for various purposes intended for work in the mid-infrared wavelength range. 

  16. The Comparison between Zhang Ailing and Liao Huiying Love Marriage%张爱玲与廖辉英爱情婚姻观的比较



    张爱玲与廖辉英作为两岸文坛具有代表性的女作家,她们虽以不同的姿态在文坛上崭露头角,却把目光共同聚焦在对婚姻的思考。透过张爱玲与廖辉英的创作,我们可以看到她们作品背后反映的两岸不同的社会文化环境以及两岸作家不同的人生经历。就创作的相同之处而言,两位女作家都认同世俗功利的婚恋观,认为乌托邦式的精神之爱无法存活在现实生活中;与此同时,小说对婚姻中爱情的看法和把握婚姻的态度方面也表现出创作的差异性。通过比较研究,让我们对张爱玲和廖辉英的爱情婚姻观有了更深层的认知。%Zhang Ailing and Liao Huiying are one of literary representative on both sides of the Taiwan female writer, although they are in a different position in the literary world,they all focus on marriage. Through the cre⁃ation of Zhang Ailing and Liao Huiying, we can see their works reflecting on both sides of the different social and cultural environment and different life experiences on both sides of the writer. In terms of writing in common, the two women writers agree that secular utilitarian marriage, concept of the utopian spirit love can't survive in the re⁃al life;At the same time, the novel view of marriage of love and marriage has also showed the differences of cre⁃ative attitude. Through the comparative study, we strengthen the concept of Women love marriage between Zhang Ailing and Liao Huiying.

  17. 论张爱玲的小说间离审美理论%Zhang Ailing's Theory of Aesthetic Alienation for Novels



    “隔”与“不隔”是王国维重要的美学概念,张爱玲则从京戏间离处理方法与技巧里提炼出“洋人看京戏”的小说审美理论。外行看热闹,洋人看京戏始终与京戏“隔”着一层,但他也自得其乐;内行看门道,行家看京戏与京戏“不隔”,他看到京戏唱念做打功夫及文化底蕴,心领神会。张爱玲认为艺术家要具备洋人看京戏与行家看京戏“隔”与“不隔”两种视角,既能站在生活之内看人生,也能站在生活之外看人间。通过“隔”与“不隔”,艺术家在世界、作品与读者之间建立一个适当的审美距离,便于读者思考人生与人性中的问题,从而达到一种间离审美效果。%Alienation and non-alienation are important aesthetic concepts proposed by Wang Guowei. Zhang Ailing drew on alienation skills in Peking opera to form her aesthetic theory of novels known as“foreigners watching Peking opera”. According to Zhang,foreigners see Peking opera from the per-spective of alienation:they know little about the opera but can still enjoy it. Experts,however,see Peking opera from the perspective of non-alienation and can fully appreciate its music,vocal perform-ance,mime,dance,acrobatics and cultural values. Zhang believed that artists should be equipped with the two perspectives;that is,they can view the world as both insiders and outsiders. Alienation and non-alienation enable artists to keep a suitable aesthetic distance between the world,works and readers. At this distance,readers can better think about life and humanity,thus achieving aesthetic effect of alienation.

  18. 张杲《医说》版本知见录%An introduction on the editions of Zhang Gao's Yi shuo (Medical Narrations)

    王旭光; 陆翔


    Zhang Gao's Yi shuo (Medical Narrations) of the Southern Song Dynasty had 2 kinds of editions:domestic editions and foreign editions.The former includes 1 Song edition,14 Ming editions,3 Qing editions and 25 editions after the Republic of China.The latter,mainly 2 classes,the Japanese edition and Korean printing type edition.In the Ming Dynasty,the editions of Yi shuo generated 2 branches:inherited edition and supplementary edition.The inherited editions include Gu Dingfang's edition,Zhang Yaode's edition,Wu Mianxue's edition,Wu Zhongheng's edition,Wang Kentang's edition,editions from Si ku quan shu (Imperial Collection of Four),stereotype edition of the 3th year of Xuantong reign (1911) from Shanghai Civilization Bookstore,edition of the 2nd year of Manji of Japan etc.The supplemental editions inelude Zhang Zili's edition,Shen Fan's edition,Fu Feng'ao's edition,transcript of the late Ming Dynasty preserved in the Library of Peking University,and Korean printing type edition etc.%南宋医家张杲的《医说》有国内出版本和国外出版本2类.国内出版本可分为宋本、明本、清本、民国以来诸本,目前可以知见宋本1种、明本14种、清本3种、民国以来诸本25种.国外出版本主要有日本刊本、朝鲜活字本2类.《医说》的版本,在明代产生了原本传承本和增补本2个分支.原本传承本有顾定芳刊本、张尧德刊本、吴勉学刊本、吴中珩刊本、王肯堂刊本、《四库全书》诸本、清宣统三年(1911)上海文明书局铅字排印本、日本万治二年(1659)刊本等.增补本有张子立刊本、沈藩刊本、傅凤翱刊本、北京大学图书馆藏明末抄本、朝鲜活字本等.

  19. UWB communication receiver feedback loop

    Spiridon, Alex; Benzel, Dave; Dowla, Farid U.; Nekoogar, Faranak; Rosenbury, Erwin T.


    A novel technique and structure that maximizes the extraction of information from reference pulses for UWB-TR receivers is introduced. The scheme efficiently processes an incoming signal to suppress different types of UWB as well as non-UWB interference prior to signal detection. Such a method and system adds a feedback loop mechanism to enhance the signal-to-noise ratio of reference pulses in a conventional TR receiver. Moreover, sampling the second order statistical function such as, for example, the autocorrelation function (ACF) of the received signal and matching it to the ACF samples of the original pulses for each transmitted bit provides a more robust UWB communications method and system in the presence of channel distortions.

  20. Receiver-exciter controller design

    Jansma, P. A.


    A description of the general design of both the block 3 and block 4 receiver-exciter controllers for the Deep Space Network (DSN) Mark IV-A System is presented along with the design approach. The controllers are designed to enable the receiver-exciter subsystem (RCV) to be configured, calibrated, initialized and operated from a central location via high level instructions. The RECs are designed to be operated under the control of the DMC subsystem. The instructions are in the form of standard subsystem blocks (SSBs) received via the local area network (LAN). The centralized control provided by RECs and other DSCC controllers in Mark IV-A is intended to reduce DSN operations costs from the Mark III era.

  1. RFID receiver apparatus and method

    Scott, Jeffrey Wayne


    An RFID backscatter interrogator for transmitting data to an RFID tag, generating a carrier for the tag, and receiving data from the tag modulated onto the carrier, the interrogator including a single grounded-coplanar wave-guide circuit board and at least one surface mount integrated circuit supported by the circuit board.

  2. LU Peizhang receives Golay Award


    @@ Prof. LU Peizhang, an analytical chemist with the CAS Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, received the prestigious Golay Award at the 30th International Symposium on Capillary Chromatography opened on 5 June in Dalian, a port city in northeast China's Liaoning Province.

  3. Absorption Efficiency of Receiving Antennas

    Andersen, Jørgen Bach; Frandsen, Aksel


    A receiving antenna with a matched load will always scatter some power. This paper sets an upper and a lower bound on the absorption efficiency (absorbed power over sum of absorbed and scattered powers), which lies between 0 and 100% depending on the directivities of the antenna and scatter...

  4. A study of ZHANG Zong-lin’s views on infant games%张宗麟幼儿游戏观研究

    黄贵; 苏永骏


      张宗麟是我国近代教育史上著名的幼儿教育家,他毕生从事幼儿教育方面的研究,确立了科学的幼儿教育观,认为幼儿教育应以幼儿活动(游戏)为中心。张宗麟倡导“健康第一”的指导思想,揭示幼儿有“好游戏”、“喜欢户外活动”等心理特点,主张游戏为幼儿教育的主要内容和形式,游戏的选择要符合幼儿的自然趋势,并提出教师带儿童做游戏时应遵循14条原则。张宗麟不仅在思想上重视游戏,而且在教育实践中身体力行,在南京鼓楼幼稚园和晓庄乡村幼稚园开展了丰富多彩的游戏实践活动。在贯彻《幼儿园教育指导纲要(试行)》及推进体育课程改革的今天,要科学、合理地借鉴并发展张宗麟幼儿游戏的诸多观点,更好地推进幼儿园实施素质教育,全面提高幼儿园教育质量%  ZHANG Zong-lin was a famous infant educator in the history of modern education in China. He devoted his entire life to the study of infant education, established scientific views on infant education, thought that infant education should base its center on infant activities (games). ZHANG Zong-lin advocated the guiding ideology of“health first”, revealed that infants have such psychological characteristics as “loving games” and “liking outdoor activities”, recommended that games should be the main content and form of infant education, and that game selec-tion should fit into the natural trend of infants and 14 principles should be followed when a teacher is taking care of children playing a game. ZHANG Zong-lin not only valued games ideologically, but also devoted himself to educa-tion practice physically, did a lot of activities of game practice at Nanjing Gulou Kindergarten and Xiaozhuang Vil-lage Kindergarten. Today, when the Kindergarten Education Guideline (Trial) is being implemented and physical education curriculum reform is being boosted, many of




    Based on her own experience of many years' clinical practice,Prof.Zhang Anli summarized and created the method in which the shallow insertion at the upper eyelid,acupuncture at the Back-sho points and balanced selection of points together with the modified Setting Mountain on Fire and appl ication of Fire Needle were applied for the treatment of stubborn cases of facial palsy.The therapeutic effect is good.%张安莉教授根据自己多年的临床经验,总结出浅刺上眼睑、针刺背俞穴和平衡取穴等方法,再配以改良烧山火及火针等治疗手段治疗顽固性面瘫,临床疗效显著.

  6. 古兰晰扬掌的文化特质研究%Study On the Cultural Characteristics Of the Xi Yang Zhang

    代志星; 刘海莲


    Muslim Quran gymnastics Xi Yang Zhang from the Bozhou in Anhui Muslim temple is the concept of attack and defense of worship custom, Chinese chess, Chinese wushu movement as one of the unique skills. The combination of ethnology, history, culture, sociology, aesthetics and other disciplines, from the Angle of national traditional sports of Xi Yang Zhang fitness culture essence attribute of art-the very young palm, sociology, aesthetics, ethnology, generalizes the history attribute and fitness culture features and re-search, in order to let more people to know it, understand it , and pass it.%清真古兰健身术晰扬掌源于安徽亳州清真古寺,是融礼拜习俗、中国象棋的攻防理念、中国武术套路动作为一体的独特技艺。结合民族学、历史学、文化学、社会学、美学等学科,从民族传统体育的视角对清真古兰健身术晰扬掌的文化本质属性、社会学、美学、民族学、历史学属性和健身文化特性进行了梳理和研究,以期让更多人能够认识它、了解它、传承它。

  7. 《高林汪氏宗谱》中张英佚文述略%On Zhang Ying’s Article in Wang Family Genealogy of Gaolin

    江小角; 朱杨


    Three missing articles of Zhang Ying of Tongcheng have been found in Wang Family Genealogy of Gaolin, that is, “The Introduction of Wang Family Genealogy of Gaolin”, “The Biography of Er Yu Gong” and “The Introduction of Wang’s Aunt Hu Tai-ruren’s Eighty Years’ Birthday”, which are of literature and certain research value. Zhang Ying has introduced the development of Wang family of Gao Lin, its compiling characteristics, his comments on compiling genealogy and his profound friendship with Wang Dewen. At the same time, appreciating Er Yu Gong and Hu Tai-ruren very much, he also writes a preface and biography to sing them.%桐城《高林汪氏宗谱》中有张英佚文三篇,即《高林汪氏宗谱序》、《尔玉公传》和《汪老伯母胡太孺人八秩荣寿序》,具有一定的文献价值和研究价值。张英介绍高林汪氏家族发展和纂修宗谱的特点,阐述自己对修谱等相关问题的认识,叙述同汪德雯的深厚情谊;同时,张英对尔玉公和胡太孺人十分景仰,撰写传记和寿序以颂之。

  8. Scintillation-Hardened GPS Receiver

    Stephens, Donald R.


    CommLargo, Inc., has developed a scintillation-hardened Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver that improves reliability for low-orbit missions and complies with NASA's Space Telecommunications Radio System (STRS) architecture standards. A software-defined radio (SDR) implementation allows a single hardware element to function as either a conventional radio or as a GPS receiver, providing backup and redundancy for platforms such as the International Space Station (ISS) and high-value remote sensing platforms. The innovation's flexible SDR implementation reduces cost, weight, and power requirements. Scintillation hardening improves mission reliability and variability. In Phase I, CommLargo refactored an open-source GPS software package with Kalman filter-based tracking loops to improve performance during scintillation and also demonstrated improved navigation during a geomagnetic storm. In Phase II, the company generated a new field-programmable gate array (FPGA)-based GPS waveform to demonstrate on NASA's Space Communication and Navigation (SCaN) test bed.

  9. Managing Medicare receivables after PIP.

    Loria, L S


    The luxury of PIP is gone and managing cash flow will become more important than ever before. The hospital industry has come a long way in the development of automated billing systems and related recordkeeping since PIP was first introduced. The performance of an operations review of the accounts receivable management system should improve the effectiveness and efficiency of operations and significantly improve cash flow.

  10. Diversity of MMSE MIMO Receivers

    Mehana, Ahmed Hesham


    In most MIMO systems, the family of waterfall error curves, calculated at different spectral efficiencies, are asymptotically parallel at high SNR. In other words, most MIMO systems exhibit a single diversity value for all {\\em fixed} rates. The MIMO MMSE receiver does not follow this pattern and exhibits a varying diversity in its family of error curves. This effect cannot be captured by DMT analysis, due to the fact that all fixed rates correspond to the same multiplexing gain, thus they cannot be differentiated within DMT analysis. This work analyzes this interesting behavior of the MMSE MIMO receiver and produces the MMSE MIMO diversity at each rate. The diversity of the quasi-static flat-fading MIMO channel consisting of any arbitrary number of transmit and receive antennas is fully characterized, showing that full spatial diversity is possible for all antenna configurations if and only if the rate is within a certain bound which is a function of the number of antennas. For other rate brackets, the avail...

  11. The Satire Art and its Origin Analysis by the Zhang Ai-ling Novel%张爱玲小说的讽刺艺术及其成因



    In our country modern numerous writers,Zhang Ai-ling described is an unique talented woman.Zhang 's literary works in the desolate feeling,elegant satirical style are loved by the people.In Zhang Ai-ling's novels,with a thick atmos-phere of desolation,the "cool"style become Zhang Ailing unique labels.The style of Zhang Ai -ling and their life experi-ence,family,the era background and social background have close relationship.It can be said that there are many reasons for the creation of Eileen Chang.This paper mainly discusses the artistic style of satire in Eileen Chang's novels,which aims to fur-ther feel the literary charm of this unique Republican writer.%在我国近现代的众多作家中,民国才女张爱玲可谓是独树一帜,张爱玲的文学作品以其苍凉的情感,冷艳讽刺的笔调深受人们喜欢。在张爱玲的小说中,带着一股浓浓的苍凉气息,正是这种“凉”的笔调成为张爱玲所特有的标签,张爱玲的文风和其身世、家庭、当时的时代背景和社会背景有着很大关系,可以说影响张爱玲创作的原因有很多。本文主要讨论张爱玲小说中的讽刺艺术风格,旨在进一步感受这位独特的民国作家的文学魅力。

  12. Retraction RETRACTION of "Tumor necrosis factor alpha gene -308G>A polymorphism association with the risk of esophageal cancer in a Han Chinese population" by H. Zhao, H.W. Zhang, T. Zhang and X.M. Gu - Genet. Mol. Res. 15 (2): gmr.15025866 DOI:

    Zhao, H; Zhang, H W; Zhang, T; Gu, X M


    The retracted article is: Zhao H, Zhang HW, Zhang T and Gu XM (2016). Tumor necrosis factor alpha gene -308G>A polymorphism association with the risk of esophageal cancer in a Han Chinese population. Genet. Mol. Res. 15: gmr.15025866. Two major concerns were found in this article. Firstly, it was found to be substantially equal to the article "Tumor necrosis factor-alpha gene -308G > A polymorphism alters the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma in a Han Chinese population" published in the Diagnostic Pathology Diagnostic Pathology (2014) 9: 199, by Feng et al.; licensee BioMed Central. 2014 - DOI: 10.1186/s13000-014-0199-3. Secondly, the authors do not discuss limitations of their approaches in the discussion. The discussion is largely an elaboration of the literature in the introduction part. However, even in that context, the discussion does not appropriately review the literature and there are frequent references to conclusions that are not supported by the cited literature. The GMR editorial staff was alerted and after a thorough investigation, there is strong reason to believe that the peer review process was failure. Also, after review and contacting the authors, the editors of Genetics and Molecular Research decided to retract this article in accordance with the recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). The authors and their institutions were advised of this serious breach of ethics.

  13. 张学峰:编著《中国墓葬史》%Xuefeng Zhang, Zhongguo muzang shi



    @@ Since the oracle bones were discovered in the 19th century, these archaeological texts have received the attention of the historical world. However, the number of texts excavated is relatively small; thus, the question of how to use archeological materials that do not have text is a problem that archeologists and historians must face. Today this problem has been limited to the textual criticism of these relics.Thus, the recent publication of Zhongguo muzang shi (History of Chinese tombs)is especially meaningful. The editor of the volume is an archeologist and the book's intended audience is the broader historical community. The way the materials are presented by archeologists and the thinking behind these is the key to the success of this book.

  14. Chip Advancer For GPS Receiver

    Meehan, Thomas K.; Srinivasan, Jeffrey M.; Thomas, J. Brooks


    Instrument errors made negligible. For each integration interval, both delay and rate of change of delay initialized to small fraction of chip - for example, to order of 10 to the negative 7th power - thereby making feedback control and extraction of delay highly accurate and flexible. With appropriate selection of sampling rate relative to chip rate, commensurability errors reduced to extremely small levels. In Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver, pseudorandom code sequence generated by simple digital logic incorporating effects of time, delay, and rate of change of delay. Flexibility in starting time and sum interval very useful in aligning correlation interval with beginnings and endings of data bits.

  15. Broadband direct RF digitization receivers

    Jamin, Olivier


    This book discusses the trade-offs involved in designing direct RF digitization receivers for the radio frequency and digital signal processing domains.  A system-level framework is developed, quantifying the relevant impairments of the signal processing chain, through a comprehensive system-level analysis.  Special focus is given to noise analysis (thermal noise, quantization noise, saturation noise, signal-dependent noise), broadband non-linear distortion analysis, including the impact of the sampling strategy (low-pass, band-pass), analysis of time-interleaved ADC channel mismatches, sampling clock purity and digital channel selection. The system-level framework described is applied to the design of a cable multi-channel RF direct digitization receiver. An optimum RF signal conditioning, and some algorithms (automatic gain control loop, RF front-end amplitude equalization control loop) are used to relax the requirements of a 2.7GHz 11-bit ADC. A two-chip implementation is presented, using BiCMOS and 65nm...

  16. A cryogenic receiver for EPR.

    Narkowicz, R; Ogata, H; Reijerse, E; Suter, D


    Cryogenic probes have significantly increased the sensitivity of NMR. Here, we present a compact EPR receiver design capable of cryogenic operation. Compared to room temperature operation, it reduces the noise by a factor of ≈2.5. We discuss in detail the design and analyze the resulting noise performance. At low microwave power, the input noise density closely follows the emission of a cooled 50Ω resistor over the whole measurement range from 20K up to room temperature. To minimize the influence of the microwave source noise, we use high microwave efficiency (≈1.1-1.7mTW(-1/2)) planar microresonators. Their efficient conversion of microwave power to magnetic field permits EPR measurements with very low power levels, typically ranging from a few μW down to fractions of nW. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  17. CERN physicist receives Einstein Medal


    On 29 June the CERN theorist Gabriele Veneziano was awarded the prestigious Albert Einstein Medal for significant contributions to the understanding of string theory. This award is given by the Albert Einstein Society in Bern to individuals whose scientific contributions relate to the work of Einstein. Former recipients include exceptional physicists such as Murray Gell-Mann last year, but also Stephen Hawking and Victor Weisskopf. Gabriele Veneziano, a member of the integrated CERN Theory Team since 1977, led the Theory Division from 1994 to 1997 and has already received many prestigious prizes for his outstanding work, including the Enrico Fermi Prize (see CERN Courier, November 2005), the Dannie Heineman Prize for mathematical physics of the American Physical Society in 2004 (see Bulletin No. 47/2003), and the I. Ya. Pomeranchuk Prize of the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics (Moscow) in 1999.

  18. Regional culture and ZHANG Hen-shui's literary creation.%地域文化与张恨水的文学创作



    The impact of region on literature is effected through regional culture. The mixed culture of ancient WAN, ancient CHU and Tongcheng finds its expression in ZHANG Hen-shui, infiltrating in his works and forming special personal temperament, national appeal, sense of Buddhism and Taoism , and a view of customs, all with regional color.%地域对文学的影响,实际上是通过地域文化这一中介环节而起作用的。古皖文化、古楚文化、桐城文化杂糅而形成的文化积淀,在张恨水身上有一定的体现,渗透于某些作品中,形成了独特地域文化色彩的人格气质、家国情怀、佛道意识以及浓厚的风俗景观。

  19. The Depictions of Man Characters in Zhang Ailing's Novels%浅析张爱玲小说中的男性书写



    作为中国40年代重要的女性作家,张爱玲在她的作品中创造了一系列去势的男性形象,从而使一贯被视为他者和失语者的女性得以确定自身的主体地位。通过分析张爱玲小说中不同类型的男性角色,使我们清楚的看到了男性权威的衰落和女性意识的崛起。%As a prominent woman writer in the 1940s,Zhang Ailing has depicted a series of men characters in her novels.Through these characters,women characters,who are used to be considered as others,are able to declare the subjectivity of themselves.In Zhang's novels,the image of emasculated men reflects her willingness of fighting for the subjectivity of women.

  20. Zhang Xuemeng:a Poet in the Real Sense%张学梦:一个真正意义上的诗人



      Zhang Xuemeng is thought as a poet in the real sense for his philosophical rationality, romantic feelings, humanistic qualities and rigorous scholastic style. He cares about the social development, the changes of the times, and historical orientation with a strong modern consciousness, broad humanistic feelings, sincere patriotism, and global vision, all of which show his spiritual temperament and aesthetic ideas of a modern poet.%  张学梦作为一个真正意义上的诗人,在于他有哲人的理性深度,诗人的浪漫情怀,文人的精神气质,学人的严谨风范。他以强烈的现代意识、博大的人文情怀、诚挚的爱国精神、广阔的全球眼光关注社会的发展和时代的变化以及历史的走向,表现出一个现代诗人的精神气质和审美思想。

  1. 论心性论视域中张载的三种知之辨%Zhang Zai's Epistemology and Self-cultivation Theory



    Zhang Zai mentioned three types of knowledge: the knowledge from seeing and hearing; the knowledge based on virtue; the knowledge from sincerity. To understand his epistemology and the relationship of the three types of knowledge, we should understand his theory of human nature. The first type and the other two are completely, different kinds of knowledge. The last two types are the same in content, only different in cultivation.%张载在其思想体系中提到三种知:见闻之知、德性所知和诚明所知。我们联系张载的人性论、工夫论中的相关内容,对这三种知的具体所指和三者之间的关系进行仔细分疏后,可以得知见闻之知和后者是两种完全不同性质的知。德性所知和诚明所知所指实为同一本体,二者的不同之处在于工夫与修养的不同。

  2. 张吕夫治疗小儿脑瘫临床经验%ZHANG Lu-fu's Clinical Experience of Infantile Cerebral Palsy

    沈艳莉; 么丽春


    张吕夫主任认为小儿脑瘫由于先天不足,肝肾受损,髓海不充,后天失养,脾胃失调,生化不足所致.治疗以滋补肝肾、健脾和胃为主,其中首先重视调理脾胃,其次注重补益肝肾、健脑益髓,同时辅以扶助正气、熄风镇惊、开郁畅情之法,顾求全面.%Director ZHANG Lu-fu declares that children with cerebral palsy due to congenital deficiency, liver and kidney damage, marrow insufficient, the day after tomorrow dystrophy, stomach disorders, inadequate chemical and biological. Treatment is mainly nourishing liver and kidney, spleen and stomach. First, attention to spleen and stomach; second focus liver & kidney, brain and marrow; supplemented by support healthy, Xifeng Anticonvulsant, Gloomy Emotions method.

  3. 张大可先生与当代史记学%Mr. Zhang Dake and the Contemporary Study of Historical Records



    张大可先生长期致力于《史记》教学与研究工作,运用历史学、文献学与文学相结合的方法,对司马迁与《史记》做出全方位的研究;从编写讲义、教材到开设课程、讲座,对《史记》的教学和普及起到引领作用;积极组织和筹划中国史记研究会工作,推动《史记》研究的学术交流与协作攻关,为当代史记学的发展作出了重要的贡献。%Mr. Zhang Dake has devoted to the teaching and research of Historical Records. Based on history, philology and lit⁃erature, he has achieved a comprehensive research in Sima Qian and Historical Records. From writing the teaching materials, teach⁃ing the new course and lecturing, he has made the guidance for teaching and spreading Historical Records. Meanwhile, he has made the great contribution to the organization and establishment of China Historical Records Research Committee, to promote the academ⁃ic exchange and cooperating research, which enhances the well development of the study of Historical Records.

  4. 浅析张仲景从水气论治头眩%Analysis of ZHANG Zhongjing's theory on the Treatment of Dizziness from Moisture



    Moisture is an important factor leading to dizziness in addition to wind,fire,weakness through studying the literature named "Treatise on Febrile and Miscellaneous Disease" written by ZHANG Zhongjing.And we studied the concept and theory of dizziness and the symptom caused by it.He treated patients dialectically in respect of moisture,choosing accurate herbal medicine,initiating many prescriptions in treating moisture,and then extremely expanded the later generations' knowledge of dizziness.%通过研究张仲景《伤寒杂病论》中对头眩的辨治,探讨除风、火、虚可致头眩外,水气亦是导致头眩的重要因素,并初探水气的概念、水气致病的表现、水气致眩的理论,仲景从水气角度辨证施治,立法选方用药,创立了多首治水方剂,为后人辨治头眩奠定良好的基础.

  5. Professor ZHANG Yonghong's Clinical Experience in Treatment of Gastric Cancer%章永红治疗胃癌经验撷要

    夏宁俊; 章永红


    Professor ZHANG Yonghong points out that Qi deficiency is the primary pathogenesis of gastric cancer, and Qi stagnation, blood stasis and phlegm retention are important pathological factors. Cancer-toxin is a particular factor causing cancer. Replenishing Qi,nourishing Yin,regulating Qi and removing toxin are basic methods in the treatment. Protecting the stomach Qi should be conducted throughout the whole process of gastric cancer treatment. It is also important to use insects drugs to promote blood circulation and remove stasis. At the same time, we must pay attention to the significant position of the adjustment in life and diets during the treatment of gastric cancer.%章永红教授指出正气不足是胃癌发生的首要病机,气滞、血瘀、痰阻是重要病理因素,癌毒是肿瘤发生的特有因素.治疗上应以补气养阴,理气解毒为基本大法,注意时时保护胃气,灵活运用虫类药物搜剔逐瘀,同时也需重视饮食生活调摄在治疗中的重要地位.

  6. Effects of heavy metals and light levels on the biosynthesis of carotenoids and fatty acids in the macroalgae Gracilaria tenuistipitata (var. liui Zhang & Xia

    Ernani Pinto


    Full Text Available We present here the effect of heavy metals and of different light intensities on the biosynthesis of fatty acids and pigments in the macroalga Gracilaria tenuistipitata (var. liui Zhang & Xia. In order to verify the fatty acid content, gas chromatography with flame ionization detection (GC-FID was employed. Pigments (major carotenoids and chlorophyl-a were monitored by liquid chromatography with diode array detection (HPLC-DAD. Cultures of G. tenuistipitata were exposed to cadmium (Cd2+, 200 ppb and copper (Cu2+, 200 ppb, as well as to different light conditions (low light: 100 µmol.photons.m-2.s-1, or high light: 1000 µmol.photons.m-2.s-1. Cd2+ and Cu2+ increased the saturated and monounsaturated fatty acid content [14:0, 16:0, 18:0, 18:1 (n-7 and 18:1 (n-9] and all major pigments (violaxanthin, antheraxanthin, lutein, zeaxanthin, chlorophyll-a and β-carotene. Both heavy metals decreased the levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA [18:2 (n-6, 18:3 (n-6, 18:5 (n-4, 20:4 (n-6, 20:5 (n-3, 22:6 (n-3]. G. tenuistipitata cultures were exposed to high light intensity for five days and no statistically significant differences were observed in the content of fatty acids. On the other hand, the levels of pigments rose markedly for chlorophyll-a and all of the carotenoids studied.

  7. Clinical Experiences of Professor ZHANG Lan in Treating Hashimoto's Thyroiditis%张兰教授论治桥本甲状腺炎经验总结



    桥本甲状腺炎(HT)又称慢性淋巴细胞性甲状腺炎,属于自身免疫性疾病,导师张兰教授根据本病病机特点的不同,以中医的整体观念和辨证论治为指导核心,从肝、脾、肾三脏论治,来调节人体的脏腑功能失调,在改善患者的症状和体征,提高患者的自身免疫功能方面,取得很好的临床疗效.%Hashimoto's Thyroiditis is also called chromic lymphocytic thyroiditis, which belongs to autoimmune disease. According to the different of the course of disease, my supervisor who is professor ZHANG Lan treats it from liver, spleen and kidney. On the basis of traditional Chinese medicine, using integrated conception and determination of treatment based on differentiation of syndromes, adjust human body's zang-fu organs dislocating dysfunction to relieve patients' symptom and sign, and improve patients'autoimmune function which has a good clinical curative effect.

  8. On "Journalist Writer" Zhang Henshui's Sense of Readers%论“报人作家”张恨水的读者意识

    宋玮; 任培


    Non-professional "journalist writer" Zhang Henshui has a strong sense of readers, he not only can accurately grasp the expectations of readers, and readers grasping love, responsible attitude of the reader from the objectivity of the newspaper, interesting, readable, richness and other aspects to improve the quality of the newspaper, has won widespread praise. Awareness of his readers despite its limitations, but it is strong and conscious.%非专业出身的"报人作家"张恨水有着强烈的读者意识,他不仅能够准确地把握读者的阅读期待,并秉着爱护读者、对读者负责的态度,从报纸的客观性、趣味性、可读性、丰富性等多个方面提高报纸的质量,赢得了广泛的赞誉。他的读者意识虽然有其局限性,但是却是强烈的和自觉的。

  9. 论张仲景“客气”之意%On The Meaning of Zhang Zhongjing's “Invasive Pathogen”



    "Invasive Pathogen "in Zhongjing's book is generally taken as "pathogen". The author finds out by many classical documents that it is not only the pathogen, but a special pamogoiesia factor, I.e. the Yang hot pathogen caused by turbid Qi uprising owing to deficient stomach; thereof it is not a foreign pathogen, nor physiologic "essential Qi", so Zhang Zhongjing made "invasive pathogen" to explain the special causa morbi.%张仲景书中的“客气”一词,一般被误解作“邪气”.笔者通过比较多条经文发现,“客气”并非张仲景理解的“邪气”,而是指一种特殊的致病因素,是由于胃虚而浊气上逆所生的阳热之邪.由于这种情况并非“外来邪气”,又非生理的“正气”,因而张仲景创造“客气”一词,以解释这种特殊的病因.

  10. Dr.Zhang Pingqing's Experience in Treating Endometriosis%张萍青中医辨证论治子宫内膜异位症经验

    章利晨; 张洁


    张萍青主任认为子宫内膜异位症的基础病因为痰瘀热互结,痰瘀热同治为其有效的解决方案.故其在中医论治子宫内膜异位症时,以清热解毒、活血化瘀、化痰软坚散结为基础方,并结合经期不同阶段的内分泌特点,配伍对症中药分期治疗,以达到良好的治疗效果.%Director Zhang Pingqing views that endometriosis has basic causa morbi of internes of phlegm, stasis and heat; treating the phlegm, stasis and heat is the effective method. So in TCM treating the disease, taking the basic decoction for clearing heat to remove toxin, activating blood circulation to remove stasis and reducing phlegm to soften hardness and dissipate stagnation, and combining endocrine features of different stages of menstruation, coordinating period treatment pointing to symptoms, to reach good cure effect.

  11. 张锡纯论治气病的创新之处%Zhang Xi-chun Treatment Based on Syndrome Differentiation of Qi Disease



    Qi disease is a very important part of the clinic theories and experiments of ZHANG Xichun, a famous physician lived by the early years in Republic Of China, which mainly includes Great Qi, Vital Qi, Chong Qi and gynecological diseases etc. He gives many original advices of thories, treatment thoughts and effective prescriptions on these subjects. There are several case records which have made great sense to direct and inspire TCM clinic.%气病是民国初年著名医家张锡纯的临床理论和经验的重要组成部分,主要包括大气论、元气论、冲气论以及从冲脉论治妇科疾病等方面,其中多有创新之处,不落前人案巢,结合自身丰富的临床经验,分别提出了相应的治疗思路和措施,创制或创新了许多行之有效的方剂,并列举了多数医案,对后世临床有较大的指导和启发意义.

  12. 再论张謇与南通纺织业现代化%Reflections on Zhang Jian’s Role in Modernization of Textile Industry of Nantong



    The modernization of Nantong’s textile industry has gone through the phases of starting,developing and continuation,which were characterized by imported yarn, mechanically spun yarn and rural cotton weaving industry respectively. During the starting phase, the textile industry of Nantong began spontaneously in the trend of economic transformation of modern China,instead of a starting driven by Zhang Jian and his Dasheng Cotton Mill. During the phase of development,Dasheng Cotton Mill established by Zhang Jian realized the moderniza⁃tion of local cotton weaving industry,accelerating the development and improvement of hand weaving industry and producing for a short term a kind of prosperity in cotton weaving industry. However a dual structure came in⁃to being with modern industry co-existing with and dependent on traditional industry,neither of which could stand or fall alone. Therefore, along with the decline of hand weaving industry,the modern weaving industry rep⁃resented by Dasheng Group fell into plight too. During the phase of continuation, Dasheng Group was under new ownership and Zhang Jian faded in the history of textile industry modernization of Nantong. But with concerted efforts of the businesses and the local people,and with the introduction of iron weaving machine and shuttle roller,Xuechi fab⁃ric and middle-sized fabric were developed,which has greatly improved the homespun fabric of Nantong and restored the prosperity of local weaving industry. The overall examination of the process of Nantong’s textile industry mod⁃ernization showed that Zhang Jian along with his Dasheng Group was not the iniator,the organizer,or the chief designer of Nantong’s textile industry modernization;instead,he only participated in the activity.%南通纺织业现代化经历了一个起步、发展和延续的历程,分别由入口洋纱、机器纺纱业和乡村棉织业主导。在起步阶段,南通纺织业现代化的开端是在我国近代经济

  13. 别样的都市风景--浅析张欣的小说创作%Special City Scenery--About Zhang Xin s Writing Skills

    张芳; 麻煜霞


    近年来,张欣的小说因为拥有众多的读者而引起了评论者的注意。作为一名生活在城市的广东女作家,她以现实主义的创作方法,细腻、清新、真诚的笔触真实地描摹了生活在转型期的城市中知识女性在事业、家庭、情感上的追求和困惑。本文就沿着城市女性这一线索来探讨张欣的小说创作。%in recent years, Zhang Xins novels which are read by a great many of persons attract reviewers attention. As a woman writer living in Guangdong province, she described the pursuits and puzzles of intellectual women on career, family and emotion with realism writing skill. This article discusses her writing skills through the thread of city women.

  14. Vertebrate pressure-gradient receivers.

    Christensen-Dalsgaard, Jakob


    The eardrums of all terrestrial vertebrates (tetrapods) are connected through Eustachian tubes or interaural canals. In some of the animals, these connections create pressure-gradient directionality, an enhanced directionality by interaction of sound arriving at both sides of the eardrum and strongly dependent on interaural transmission attenuation. Even though the tympanic middle ear has originated independently in the major tetrapod groups, in each group the ancestral condition probably was that the two middle ears were exposed in the mouth cavity with relatively high interaural transmission. Recent vertebrates form a continuum from perfect interaural transmission (0 dB in a certain frequency band) and pronounced eardrum directionality (30-40 dB) in the lizards, over somewhat attenuated transmission and limited directionality in birds and frogs, to the strongly attenuated interaural transmission and functionally isolated pressure receiver ears in the mammals. Since some of the binaural interaction already takes place at the eardrum in animals with strongly coupled ears, producing enhanced interaural time and level differences, the subsequent neural processing may be simpler. In robotic simulations of lizards, simple binaural subtraction (EI cells, found in brainstem nuclei of both frogs and lizards) produces strongly lateralized responses that are sufficient for steering the animal robustly to sound sources.

  15. Recent developments in superconducting receivers

    Richards, Paul L.


    A description is given of recent work at Berkeley on superconducting mixers and detectors for infrared and millimeter wavelengths. The first report is a review article which summarizes the status of development of superconducting components for infrared and millimeter wave receivers. The next report describes accurate measurements and also theoretical modeling of an SIS quasiparticle waveguide mixer for W-band which uses very high quality Ta junctions. The best mixer noise is only 1.3 times the quantum limit. Both the mixer gain and the noise are in quantitative agreement with the quantum theory. Next, a report is given on measurements and theoretical modeling of the absorptivity (surface resistance) of high quality epitaxial films of the high Tc superconductor YBCO from 750 GHz to 21 THz. Finally, there are reports on the design and experimental performance of two different types of high Tc bolometric detectors. One is a conventional bolometer with a gold-black absorber. The other is an antenna coupled microbolometer.

  16. The Seclusion Attitude of Zhang Heng and Tao Yuanming -Focusing on GUI TIAN FU of Zhang and GUI QU LAI XI CI of Tao%张衡和陶渊明归隐心态探析——以《归田赋》和《归去来兮辞》为中心



    Both Zhang Heng's GUI TIAN FU and Tao Yuanming's Gui Qu I.aiXi Ci indicate seclusion attitude. The similarities and difference of their attitudes can be analysed based on the social and historical background and "collective unconsciousness" in the western psychology.%张衡的《归田赋》与陶渊明的《归去来兮辞》均述归隐之志。结合相关社会历史背景以及西方心理学“集体无意识”可探析张衡和陶渊明二者的归隐心态之异同。

  17. The Mechanism of Company Accounts Receivable Management

    Halyna Yamnenko


    Full Text Available The relevance of the accounts receivable management is caused by its ability to influence on the filling of the company working capital. Therefore it is necessary to create a specific mechanism for management of accounts receivable in the company. The article analyses the components of the mechanism and the influence of factors that significantly affect the operation. The result of the functioning of the accounts receivable management is to receive funds and to minimize accounts receivable.

  18. On the Documents' Compile and Value of Zhang Gang' s ShangShuJiangYi%张纲《书》学资料辑佚及价值研究



    Zhang Gang' s ShangShuJiangYi was disappeared long ago. Compiled from other scholars' works, we can thoughts Zhang collect more than 50 thousands words. From these documents, we can find which ways and Gang used to expound ShangShu. Zhang Gang always explained the characters' means from its basic structural parts, even some basic structural parts only corrected with speech sounds. And he used to sep- arate a single word into two characters. He used thoughts of yin and yang, Taoists' and Legalists' and Logicians to expound ShartgShu. From these, we may research Zhang Gang' s thoughts and know where his thoughts came from. And we can research the influence of Wang Anshi' s thoughts and the trend of thoughts in Song Dynasty.%张纲《尚书讲义》早已亡佚,辑录诸家所引可得5万余字。张刚训诂好析字拆词,以会意说形声,强拆同义词为说。训诂重字词之义理阐发,主以阴阳思想、道家之说、刑名之学解经。在方法和思想上直承王安石。考索张纲《书》学,可以研究其思想及渊源,探究王安石《书》学之影响以及当时之社会思潮。

  19. Analysis of Liu Zhiji Theory of Historians' and Zhang Xuecheng' s Cultivation Comparison%刘知几与章学诚的史家修养理论比较研究



    Liu Zhiji and Zhang Xuecheng are famous for their historical theory in ancient China. They all put forward the theory of historian historians' cultivation which has important sense to improve historian self-cultivation and historical development. Liu Zhiji argued that historians should have "ability, learning, knowledge", Zhang Xuecheng further put forward historian moral on the basis of the Liu Zhiji~s theory,enriched and developed the theory of the historians~ cultiva- tion. They all emphasize "ability,learning, knowledge", Liu Zhiji emphasize "knowledge" mostly, but Zhang Xuecheng relied heavily on "moral". Comparison and analysis on Liu Zhiji and Zhang Xuecheng's theory of self-cultivation,not only enable us to find their theories difference, under- standing the theory deeply, but also has certain enlightenment function on the contemporary historiography development.%我国古代史学理论大家刘知几、章学诚均提出了有关史家修养的理论,刘知几认为史家应具备"才、学、识",章学诚在继承刘知几史家修养理论的基础上,进一步提出"史德",丰富和发展了史家修养理论。刘知几、章学诚均重视"才、学、识",但刘知几最重"史识",章学诚尤重"史德"。比较和分析二者的史家修养理论,不仅能使我们发现他们理论的异同,深刻理解史家修养理论,而且对当今史学发展也具有一定的启示功用。

  20. Probe into Zhang Ailing's Ugly Aesthetic Art from "Red Rose and White Rose"%从《红玫瑰与白玫瑰》探讨张爱玲丑的审美艺术



    张爱玲是我国现代文学史上的“异数”,她笔下主要描写了在封建传统文化与现代思想交织下普通男女的情爱生活。张爱玲以其独特的创作风格和以丑为美的审美风格刻画了许多行为诡异、心理变态的人物形象,揭示了现实生活中人性深处最真实的一面。小说《红玫瑰与白玫瑰》中男女主人公的际遇反映了张爱玲丑的审美艺术及其创作心理。%Zhang Ailing is a special writer in China's modern history of literature. In her works, she mainly describes the ordinary men and women's love life under the interwoven of feudal traditional culture and modern thought. Zhang Ailing depicts so many psychopath characters with weird behavior using her unique creating style and ugly aesthetic style, revealing the truest things in the depths of human nature in real life. The story of the hero and heroine in "Red Rose and White Rose" reveals Zhang Ailing's ugly aesthetic art and her creating psychology.

  1. 基于张弼士经营观下的梅州中小企业文化构建%Cultural Construction of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Based on Business Concept of Zhang Bishi



    This article explored both of Chinese national culture characteristics and Hakka culture disposition of business culture of creating riches by Zhang Bishi.It made clear the fundamental reason of the cause of the success of Zhang Bishi is "Hakka Merchants " spirit.Through using Zhang Bishi as a representative of the excellent " Hakka Merchants " spirit,and combining with the local economy and small and medium-sized enterprises development,this article put forward the construction of small and medium-sized enterprises,with the main concept of enterprise culture.%从探究张弼士兼具中华民族文化特性和客家人文化秉性的经商创富文化观入手,明确指出张弼士事业成功的根本原因之一是"客商"精神。通过借鉴张弼士为代表的优秀"客商"精神,并结合梅州地方经济与中小企业文化发展的实际状况与要求,提出了构建梅州中小企业文化的主要思路。

  2. 孤独的苍凉与愤怒——张爱玲与鲁迅的比较%Solitary Desolation and Indignation -Comparison between Zhang Ailing and Lu Xun



    在中国文学史上,张爱玲和鲁迅都是海内外享有盛名的作家,张爱玲以其独特的女性话语透视批判了人性的自私与丑恶,感受人生的孤独苍凉;鲁迅作为一个社会至诚之士发起对社会的批判。二人同是对人内心灵魂的逼近与叩问,在对人性的近距离剖析之后,鲁迅是愤怒的“绝望战争”,张爱玲则是苍凉的接受。%In Chinese literary history, both Zhang Ailing and Lu Xun are well - known writers. Zhang Ailing revealed and criticized human selfishness and hideousness in her unique female language and she endured solitude and desolation. Lu Xun, as a social sincere man, criticized the society and the nation. They both had much in common in approaching and questioning human soul. After tearing human nature in near distance, Lu Xun suffered angry and desperate war while Zhang Ailing had to accept it desolately.

  3. Development of Love between CUI Ying-ying and ZHANG Jun~-rui from Changes of Their Love Poetries%《莺莺传》、《董西厢》、《王西厢》:由单向爱情到双向爱情——从诗文往来的变化看爱情形态的发展



    Three works, namely Biography of Ying-ying (《莺莺传》), Dong' s Text of Biograpy of Ying-ying (《董西厢》), Wang's Text of Biography of Ying-ying (《王西厢》) record correspondences and poetries which CUI Ying-ying and ZHANG Jun-rui used to communicate. The contents, quantities as well as the situations of responses of these correspondences and poetries are not the same in three works. There are few mutual replies and no poem coml~osed in response to what they received according to the rhyme in Biography of Ying-ying; Dong's Text emerges in the case of responses between their poems;while the mutual replies and responses between protagonists compose the overwhelmingg majority of their correspondences and poetries in Wang's Text. This kind of change reflects the development of love between CUI Ying-ying and ZHANG Jun-rui, which is evolving from one-way to two-way form of love.%《莺莺传》、《董西厢》和《王西厢》载录崔张往来诗词书信,在内容、数量以及往来唱和的情况上,同中有别。《莺莺传》中往来应答的少,依韵唱和的没有;《董西厢》中出现了依韵唱和的情况;《王西厢》中则绝大多数是往来应答、依韵唱和的。这种变化反映了崔张爱情形态由单向过渡到双向的发展。

  4. Thermal resistance model for CSP central receivers

    de Meyer, O. A. J.; Dinter, F.; Govender, S.


    The receiver design and heliostat field aiming strategy play a vital role in the heat transfer efficiency of the receiver. In molten salt external receivers, the common operating temperature of the heat transfer fluid or molten salt ranges between 285°C to 565°C. The optimum output temperature of 565°C is achieved by adjusting the mass flow rate of the molten salt through the receiver. The reflected solar radiation onto the receiver contributes to the temperature rise in the molten salt by means of heat transfer. By investigating published work on molten salt external receiver operating temperatures, corresponding receiver tube surface temperatures and heat losses, a model has been developed to obtain a detailed thermographic representation of the receiver. The steady state model uses a receiver flux map as input to determine: i) heat transfer fluid mass flow rate through the receiver to obtain the desired molten salt output temperature of 565°C, ii) receiver surface temperatures iii) receiver tube temperatures iv) receiver efficiency v) pressure drop across the receiver and vi) corresponding tube strain per panel.

  5. Microwave receivers with electronic warfare applications

    Tsui, James


    This book by the author of Digital Techniques for Wideband Receivers willbe like no other one on your book shelf as the definitive word on electronicwarfare (EW) receiver design and performance. Whether you are an EWscientist involved in the test and evaluation of EW receivers or a designerof RWR's and other EW-related receivers, Microwave Receivers withElectronic Warfare Applications is a handy reference through which you canperfect your technical art. Lucidly written, this book is a treatise on EWreceivers that is relevant to you if you are just looking for a top-levelinsight into EW receive

  6. 林黛玉与张爱玲苍凉悲观心态比较%Comparison of the Pessimistic Mentality of Lin Daiyu and Zhang Ailing



    Lin Daiyu and Zhang Ailing, ancient and modern respectively, but are both related to literature. There are a lot of similarities in their origins, character, love and fate. They lived in a turbulent and backward age or family with similar wandering life experiences. In spite of the shocks and setbacks, they still have the courage to stick to their own personalities and ideals. They dedicated their lifetime with true temperament to the practice of their own life philosophy. However, the huge pressure of reality made them hard to get rid of the constraints and bondage, ending up with his own life to produce numerous moving elegy, which became an integral part of Chinese literature history.%林黛玉与张爱玲,两人虽一古一今,但都与文学相关,而且两人的出身、性格、爱情、命运都有着很大的相似性,都身处多事之秋且日渐凋零的时代或家庭,家国衰落动荡的命运及辗转飘泊的人生经历对她们所造成的影响也是极为相似. 尽管面临种种打击和挫折,但她们仍勇于坚持着自己的人格和理想,她们的一生都在用真性情来实践着自己的人生理念.然而现实的巨大压力却让她们无法摆脱种种束缚,最终用自己的生命演绎了一曲曲动人的悲歌,成为我国文学史上不可或缺的一笔.

  7. A review of the millipede genus Sinocallipus Zhang, 1993 (Diplopoda: Callipodida: Sinocallipodidae, with notes on gonopods monotony vs. peripheral diversity in millipedes

    Pavel Stoev


    Full Text Available The millipede genus Sinocallipus is reviewed, with four new cave-dwelling species, Sinocallipus catba, Sinocallipus deharvengi, Sinocallipus jaegeri and Sinocallipus steineri, being described from caves in Laos and Vietnam. With the new records the number of species in the genus reaches six and the genus range is extended to Central Vietnam and North and Central Laos. Both, Sinocallipus jaegeri from Khammouan Province in Laos and Sinocallipus simplipodicus Zhang, 1993 from Yunnan, China, show high level of reduction of eyes, which has not been recorded in other Callipodida. Peripheral characters such as the relative lengths of antennomeres, the number of ocelli, the number of pleurotergites or even the shape of paraprocts and the coloration seem to provide more information for the distinction of the species than do the relatively uniform gonopods. The differences in gonopods mainly concern the shape and length of cannula, the length and shape of coxal processes g and k, and the number of the acicular projections of the femoroid. An explanation is offered for the function of the trochanteral lobe of 9th leg-pair. It provides mechanical support for the cannula and seems to assist sperm charge and insemination during copulation. An identification key to the species in the genus is produced to accommodate the new species. The new species descriptions were automatically exported at the time of publication to a wiki ( through a specially designed software tool, the Pensoft Wiki Convertor (PWC, implemented here for the first time together with a newly proposed citation mechanism for simultaneous journal/wiki publications.

  8. 章太炎与散文理论现代化的再选择%Zhang Taiyan and the Modernization of Chinese Theory of Prose



    中国散文的现代化是通过“革新”与“祛旧”的不断探索中,逐步对“阐教翼道”的散文正统做出系统、彻底的清理。这其中章太炎对“散文”范畴的划定、对散文审美标准和范本的独特选择、对严复、林纾等散文正宗的颠覆性评价,都对此后文学革命的散文现代化产生了深远的影响。本文以此为线索,为中国散文理论现代化提供一种考察路径。%In their efforts to modernize Chinese theory of prose through relentless innovation and re-form , Chinese men of letters systematically and thoroughly examined the traditional ideas of prose writ-ing, which emphasized interpreting the canons and protecting the accepted principles. Among them, Zhang Taiyan re-defined prose, advanced his aesthetic criteria for prose appreciation, and accordingly selected a collection of model texts. At the same time, he severely criticized Yan Fu’s and Lin Shu’s notions of quality prose. All this has exerted a profound influence on the development of Chinese theo-ry of prose. Through reviewing Zhang’s thoughts on prose, this paper attempts to provide a new ap-proach to viewing the modernization of Chinese prose theory.

  9. Experience of ZHANG Xi-chun in treating women abdominal mass%张锡纯治疗女子癥瘕的经验



    Experience of ZHANG Xi-chun in treating abdominal mass of women is abundant and unique. His experience shows: women abdominal mass is related to blood stagnation and condensation in pathogenesis. The principle of treatment of women abdominal mass is "combination of invigorating qi and breaking stagnation". The effect of prescription of Radix Astragali, Radix Codonopsis and Rhizoma Sparganii, Rhizoma Curcumace or Semen Pharbitidis is strengthening healthy qi to eliminate pathogenic factors and replenishing qi to activate blood. The representative prescription is "Li-Chong decoction or pill" with regulating thoroughfare vessel and conception vessel. His tactics is taking medicine for a long time, in order to "resolve abdominal mass slowly". In the treatment, according to the struggle between healthy qi and pathogenic factors, he will add Hirudo to his representative prescription timely, to promote the elimination of abdominal mass. It's called "special medicine to resolve abdominal mass slowly".%张锡纯先生治疗女子癥瘕经验丰富且独特,主要体现在病因上主张:女子癥瘕,血瘀、冷积;治疗上以“补破并用”为原则,用黄芪、党参等与三棱、莪术或牵牛组成益气活血,扶正祛邪之剂,以理冲汤(丸)为代表方,采取“久服”之策略,以达到“徐徐消之”之目的;在治疗过程中,根据正邪力量对比之不同,不失时机地加用水蛭“专药消之”,促进癥瘕的消退.

  10. 章太炎文学界定的文体学内涵%The Stylistics Connotation of Zhang Taiyan's Definition on Literature



    章太炎的文学界定一般都被视为宽泛和保守。事实并非如此,他的文学界定,始终以文体学为关捩,其内涵主要包括文体文类的划分归纳和文体文类的法式论,二者皆有对传统文学超越之处。这个文学界定,既是对远西情感内涵说二分法文学观的文学回应,又是对传统文学观的批判性总结和对中国传统文学自性的凸显,体现了他在转型时期对中国文学“现代性迎拒”的深层思考。这对今日之中国文学研究亦不无启发意义。%Zhang Taiyan' s definition on literature has generally been viewed as broad and conservative, however, nothing could be further from the truth. His definition on literature has always been based upon stylistics, the connotation of which consists of the classification and induction of literary style and literary type, as weU as the French theory of literary style and type, surpassing the traditional literature. The literature definition is not only a response to dichotomy, view of literature of western emotional connotation, but a critical summary and the highlight of traditional Chinese literature, which manifests the deep thought on "welcoming and rejection of modernism" for Chinese literature in transitional period. It also has the inspiration significance for today's research of Chinese literature.

  11. 源远流长:莱芜张氏族谱及其家风探%Longstanding and Well Established:Laiwu Zhang Family Genealogy and Exploration of its Family Tradition



    张氏自明洪武二年(1369年)由直隶枣强(今河北枣强县)迁入莱芜县张家泉(今莱芜市张家泉),至民国二十三年(1934年)已有五百多年的历史。明清以来张氏不断壮大,户口繁衍几为泰莱地区之冠,科第蝉联代不乏人,逐步成为岱右望族。为明世系、辨昭穆、传家风,张氏族人于民国二十五年(1936年)修成《莱芜张氏族谱》,此谱为莱芜张氏第一次也是唯一一次撰修的总谱,历经两年完成,其内容以先前撰修的各支谱内容为基础,再加详细考证完善而成,十分丰富。“耕读传家”是莱芜张氏的家风亦是其兴旺发达的精神保证,对张氏后人以及明清以来泰莱地区地方社会的影响极大。%Zhang family moved from Zaoqiang of Zhili province to Zhangjiaquan of Laiwu district at the second year of Hongwu. It had stood for over five hundred years till the twenty-third year of the Republic of China. Since the Ming and Qing dynasties, the population of Zhang family had grown rapidly and became one of the largest families in Taian and Laiwu. As every generation of the family had fostered men of letters, it became a prosperous family on the right side of the mountain Tai. In order to distinguish pedigree and pass down family tradition, Zhang family compiled Laiwu Zhang Family Genealogy which was the first and the only time for the family to com-pile genealogy. It took two years to finish the compilation. Based on the content of genealogy of each offsets, with added details after careful research, the final genealogy was comprehensive in content. The family tradition of Zhang family of Laiwu is to cultivate the family by farming and reading, which was also the spiritual guarantee of its prosperity, and had a great impact on the Zhang family and the local society of Laiwu and Taian.

  12. The First Six ALMA Band 10 Receivers

    Fujii, Y.; Gonzalez, A.; Kroug, M.; Kaneko, K.; Miyachi, A.; Yokoshima, T.; Kuroiwa, K.; Ogawa, H.; Makise, K.; Wang, Z.; Uzawa, Y.


    The first six Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) Band 10 (787-950 GHz) receivers have been developed and characterized during the receiver preproduction phase. State-of-the-art measurement systems at THz frequencies have been implemented and successfully used to measure the performance of the first six receivers. Extensive tests ranging from receiver sensitivity and stability to optical aperture efficiency on the secondary antenna have been performed. Performance of all six receivers is well within the stringent ALMA requirements. Moreover, our extensive tests have shown that there are no big performance differences between receivers. These results indicate that the ALMA Band 10 receiver is ready for the production phase, during which an additional 67 receivers will be produced and characterized.

  13. Trough Receiver Heat Loss Testing (Presentation)

    Lewandowski, A.; Feik, C.; Hansen, R.; Phillips, S.; Bingham, C.; Netter, J.; Forristal, R.; Burkholder, F.; Meglan, B.; Wolfrum, E.


    This presentation describes the design, fabrication, and qualification of an experimental capability for thermal loss testing of full-size trough receiver elements; and the testing on a variety of receivers.

  14. 49 CFR 236.730 - Coil, receiver.


    ... 49 Transportation 4 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Coil, receiver. 236.730 Section 236.730 Transportation Other Regulations Relating to Transportation (Continued) FEDERAL RAILROAD ADMINISTRATION... Coil, receiver. Concentric layers of insulated wire wound around the core of a receiver of an...

  15. 49 CFR 393.88 - Television receivers.


    ... 49 Transportation 5 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Television receivers. 393.88 Section 393.88... NECESSARY FOR SAFE OPERATION Miscellaneous Parts and Accessories § 393.88 Television receivers. Any motor vehicle equipped with a television viewer, screen or other means of visually receiving a...

  16. A zero-power radio receiver.

    Brocato, Robert Wesley


    This report describes both a general methodology and some specific examples of passive radio receivers. A passive radio receiver uses no direct electrical power but makes sole use of the power available in the radio spectrum. These radio receivers are suitable as low data-rate receivers or passive alerting devices for standard, high power radio receivers. Some zero-power radio architectures exhibit significant improvements in range with the addition of very low power amplifiers or signal processing electronics. These ultra-low power radios are also discussed and compared to the purely zero-power approaches.

  17. An SDR based AIS receiver for satellites

    Larsen, Jesper Abildgaard; Mortensen, Hans Peter; Nielsen, Jens Frederik Dalsgaard


    For a few years now, there has been a high interest in monitoring the global ship traffic from space. A few satellite, capable of listening for ship borne AIS transponders have already been launched, and soon the AAUSAT3, carrying two different types of AIS receivers will also be launched. One...... of the AIS receivers onboard AAUSAT3 is an SDR based AIS receiver. This paper serves to describe the background of the AIS system, and how the SDR based receiver has been integrated into the AAUSAT3 satellite. Amongst some of the benefits of using an SDR based receiver is, that due to its versatility, new...

  18. Aasia: missioon "Hiina" / Xiaotian Zhang

    Zhang, Xiaotian


    Hiina ja Põhjamaade ärisuhete pikk ajalugu. Eesti, Soome, Rootsi ja Hiina koostööprogramm BENCH (Beneficial Business Relations between the Central Baltic Region and China, 2007-2013). Diagramm "Soome, Rootsi ja Eesti Kaubavahetus Hiinaga"

  19. Aasia: missioon "Hiina" / Xiaotian Zhang

    Zhang, Xiaotian


    Hiina ja Põhjamaade ärisuhete pikk ajalugu. Eesti, Soome, Rootsi ja Hiina koostööprogramm BENCH (Beneficial Business Relations between the Central Baltic Region and China, 2007-2013). Diagramm "Soome, Rootsi ja Eesti Kaubavahetus Hiinaga"

  20. Zhang Enzhao: A Fallen Banker

    Xiao Long


    @@ In China, bank governors belong to one of the celebrity business,men clubs that enjoy great power.Entrepreneurs are always happy to know them, as a good relationship with the bankers can normally bring advantages when applying for loans. The close ties between entrepreneurs and bankers also generate risks, however, and the banking industry has proven to be one of the most risk-laden places in terms of corruptions and fund embezzlements.

  1. Astronomical Receiver Modelling Using Scattering Matrices

    King, O G; Copley, C; Davis, R J; Leahy, J P; Leech, J; Muchovej, S J C; Pearson, T J; Taylor, Angela C


    Proper modelling of astronomical receivers is vital: it describes the systematic errors in the raw data, guides the receiver design process, and assists data calibration. In this paper we describe a method of analytically modelling the full signal and noise behaviour of arbitrarily complex radio receivers. We use electrical scattering matrices to describe the signal behaviour of individual components in the receiver, and noise correlation matrices to describe their noise behaviour. These are combined to produce the full receiver model. We apply this approach to a specified receiver architecture: a hybrid of a continous comparison radiometer and correlation polarimeter designed for the C-Band All-Sky Survey. We produce analytic descriptions of the receiver Mueller matrix and noise temperature, and discuss how imperfections in crucial components affect the raw data. Many of the conclusions drawn are generally applicable to correlation polarimeters and continuous comparison radiometers.

  2. 狱侦耳目的证据法问题分析及制度完善--从张辉、张高平冤案视角的反思%Problem Analysis on Evidence Law and System Improvement of Prison Informers-Reflections on Unjust Cases of Zhang Hui and Zhang Gaoping



    Unjust cases of Zhang Hui and Zhang Gaoping reflect many universally existing problems in the operation of Chinese criminal justice .And the abuse of the system of prison informers is one of the most important causes of such unjust cases .From a legal perspective , the identity of prison informers is of legality and the witness testimony is of credibility , but the abuse of this system leads to the occurrence of unjust cases .Therefore, it is necessary to improve the system of prison informers by confirming the administrative department , strengthening re-ward and punishment mechanism , reinforcing multiple supervision and restriction as well as intensifying court re-view, which will be of great benefit to accelerating the legalization and normalization of investigation procedure , truly restoring case reality , further preventing and eliminating wrongful convictions , as well as promoting judicial fairness and justice .%浙江张辉、张高平冤案反映出我国刑事司法运行中很多普遍性问题。狱侦耳目制度的滥用是酿成此类冤案最重要的原因之一。从法制视角解读狱侦耳目,其身份具有合法性,证人证言具备证据能力,只因制度滥用才导致冤案发生。应当从明确管理部门、强化奖惩机制、加强多方监督制约、严格法庭审查等方面完善狱侦耳目制度。这将对加快侦查程序的法制化、规范化进程、真正还原案件事实、进一步预防和消除冤假错案、促进司法公平正义有所裨益。

  3. 健康传播中“枪弹论”效果的回归——以张悟本媒介事件为例%Discussion on the Bullet Theory from the View of the Health Communication Effect: a Case of the Media Event of Wuben ZHANG



    The Bullet Theory, an earlier theory of the communication effect, was almost replaced by other newer theories on the exaggeration of the function of medium manipulation and oversimplifying the sender-receiver relationship. However, the Bullet Theory can be rediscovered in the phenomenon of the health preservation fad in Chinese media, in particular, the case of Wuben Zhang. This paper presents several facts for argument: economic development, increased health preservation awareness, insufficient health knowledge, expensive medical services in China, as well as information asymmetry between sender and receiver. At the end of this paper, the author proposes several suggestions to improve health communication from the view of the Media Literacy Theory.%作为传播效果早期研究的一个理论,“枪弹论”因其夸大媒体操纵功能与简单的传受关系,被后来新的研究成果取而代之.然而在我国“养生热”的现象中,尤其是在“张悟本”媒介事件中,可以重新看到“枪弹论”效果的痕迹.国内经济水平的提高、养生观念的普及、市民相关知识的缺乏、医疗费用的居高不下以及信息传播的不对称等,是当今健康传播中屡屡出现“枪弹论”回归的主要原因.最后,从媒介素养的角度提出了健康传播的几点建议.

  4. High stable remote photoelectric receiver for interferometry

    Yang, Hongxing; Zhu, Pengfei; Tan, Jiubin; Hu, Pengcheng; Fan, Zhigang


    A high sensitive and high stable remote photoelectric receiver has been developed to reduce noise and phase delay drift caused by thermal pollution and environmental interference. The phase delay drift model is analyzed and built based on a traditional photoelectric receiver. According to the model, a new mechanical isolation structure and a temperature control system are designed to keep the photoelectric receiver in a low constant temperature. Comparison experiments with traditional bias voltage compensation method and temperature control method are carried out between photoelectric receivers. The results verify that the output voltage fluctuation of photoelectric receiver used is reduced by 65% while the phase drift between measurement and reference photoelectric receivers decreases from 1.05° to 0.02°.

  5. Analysis of the omnium-g receiver

    Bohn, M.


    A thermal analysis of the Omnium-G receiver is presented and the technique is shown to be generally applicable to solar thermal receivers utilizing a directly heated thermal mass. The thermal loss coefficient, including reradiation losses, is calculated and shown to agree quite well with the experimentally measured thermal loss coefficient. The rate of heat transfer to the working fluid is also analyzed and the analysis is used to show that the Omnium-G receiver is well matched to the water/steam working fluid because the steam outlet temperature is almost the same as the receiver temperature. A general procedure for calculating receiver performance is presented. With this procedure, the energy delivery to any working fluid, the delivered temperature of the working fluid, and the pressure drop through the receiver can be determined. An example of the calculation is also presented.

  6. Concentrated solar power generation using solar receivers

    Anderson, Bruce N.; Treece, William Dean; Brown, Dan; Bennhold, Florian; Hilgert, Christoph


    Inventive concentrated solar power systems using solar receivers, and related devices and methods, are generally described. Low pressure solar receivers are provided that function to convert solar radiation energy to thermal energy of a working fluid, e.g., a working fluid of a power generation or thermal storage system. In some embodiments, low pressure solar receivers are provided herein that are useful in conjunction with gas turbine based power generation systems.

  7. 中国已知最大的蜻蜓:内蒙古侏罗纪的赵氏修复蟌蜓(Hsiufua chaoi Zhang et Wang, sp.nov.)%The largest known odonate in China: Hsiufua chaoi Zhang et Wang, sp.nov.from the Middle Jurassic of Inner Mongolia

    张海春; 郑大燃; 王博; 方艳; JARZEMBOWSKI Edmund A


    根据产自我国内蒙古宁城中侏罗世海房沟组中的1件昆虫前翅标本,建立一新属新种:赵氏修复蟌蜓(Hsiufua chaoi Zhang et Wang, sp.nov.),归入蜻蜓目(Odonata)、等脉蟌蜒总科(Isophlebioidea)、弯脉蟌蜓科(Campterophlebiidae).它是我国已知蜻蜓目前翅最长的种类,也是该目世界第四大的昆虫.蜻蜓目在二叠纪的体型小于中生代,很可能源自原蜻蜓目的竞争,而侏罗纪最大蜻蜓的前翅长于现生最大蜻蜓的前翅,最主要的原因可能是当时空中的竞争和捕食压力较小.

  8. Shipping/Receiving and Quality Control

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — Shipping receiving, quality control, large and precise inspection and CMM machines. Coordinate Measuring Machines, including "scanning" probes, optical comparators,...

  9. Efficient structures for wideband digital receiver

    Wang Hong; Lu Youxin; Wang Xuegang; Wan Yonglun


    Digital receivers have become more and more popular in radar, communication, and electric warfare for the advantages compared with their analog counterparts. But conventional digital receivers have been generally considered impractical for bandwidth greater than several hundreds MHz. To extend receiver bandwidth, decrease data rate and save hardware resources, three novel structures are proposed. They decimate the data stream prior to mixing and filtering, then process the multiple decimated streams in parallel at a lower rate. Consequently it is feasible to realize wideband receivers on the current ASIC devices. A design example and corresponding simulation results are demonstrated to evaluate the proposed structures.

  10. Receiver function estimated by maximum entropy deconvolution

    吴庆举; 田小波; 张乃铃; 李卫平; 曾融生


    Maximum entropy deconvolution is presented to estimate receiver function, with the maximum entropy as the rule to determine auto-correlation and cross-correlation functions. The Toeplitz equation and Levinson algorithm are used to calculate the iterative formula of error-predicting filter, and receiver function is then estimated. During extrapolation, reflective coefficient is always less than 1, which keeps maximum entropy deconvolution stable. The maximum entropy of the data outside window increases the resolution of receiver function. Both synthetic and real seismograms show that maximum entropy deconvolution is an effective method to measure receiver function in time-domain.

  11. Nursing process approach improves receivables management.

    Dias, K; Stockamp, D


    The "nursing process" is a systematic decision-making approach to problem solving based on open-system theory. This theory assumes that there is an on-going interchange between all system components. Components cannot be viewed in isolation, because decisions regarding one component will affect other components. Receivables management is similar to the nursing process, in that it involves constant diagnosis, assessment, and intervention in the work in process during all phases of the receivables cycle. In experiments that applied the nursing process concept to the management of accounts receivable in several hospitals, gross days in accounts receivable were reduced and cash flow was increased.

  12. Special design topics in digital wideband receivers

    Tsui, James B Y


    Offering engineers a thorough examination of special, more advanced aspects of digital wideband receiver design, this practical book builds on fundamental resources on the topic, helping you gain a more comprehensive understanding of the subject. This in-depth volume presents a detailed look at a complete receiver design, including the encoder. Moreover, it discusses the detection of exotic signals and provides authoritative guidance on designing receivers used in electronic warfare. From frequency modulation and biphase shifting keys, to parameter encoders in electronic warfare receivers and

  13. 《张氏医通》辨治血证机理%Syndrome Differentiation and Treatment Mechanism of Blood Syndrome in Comprehensive Medicine According to Master Zhang

    丁盈戈; 刘明; 朱平生


    张璐辨治血证以脏腑为本,用药顾及其间的生克顺逆,提出“证有虚中挟实,治有补中寓泻,从少从多之治法,贵于临病处裁”,治以标本兼治,首重其本,如治疗吐血,提出宜补肝,不宜伐肝,以平肝气而令血有所归,伐肝则肝虚不能藏血,血愈不止矣.同时以各脏腑功能的不同,所发生血证的特点也不尽相同,来辨证施治.治疗时,张氏尤重胃气,因血证伤及人身正气,虚劳百伤,不管见何样血证,治先量胃气虚实用药.如对吐血血暴涌如潮者,若脉见虚大,此火势未敛,不可便与汤药,急以热童便,或藕汁灌之滋阴降火,俟半日许,脉势稍缓,方可进调养之剂.而对见吐血一吐则倾盆盈碗,或鲜血中兼紫黑大块,吐后不即凝结的,盖吐血出于胃,胃为水谷之海,多气多血,所以吐多而不即凝,以中杂水谷之气也,皆劳力内伤中气而得(亦有醉饱伤内而致者),治不可骤止,止则使败血留积,为瘀血之根,不时举发,为害非轻,亦不宜峻攻,复伤其血,只宜调治胃气以安其血.%For the syndrome differentiation and treatment of blood syndrome,Master Zhang takes the zang-fu organs as the root and gives considerations to the generation,restriction,sequential or adverse transmission,occurrence of blood syndrome and the involved viscera.He proposed "the syndrome is deficiency complicated with excess,the treatment is tonification mixed with purgation,and the flexible option of the therapy lies in the clinical symptoms".The treatment should be treating both the manifestations and the root cause of the disease and the root cause is put as the priority.For example,in treating hematemesis,he suggests tonifying the liver rather than suppressing the sthenic liver qi in order to sooth liver qi and restore the blood.If suppress the sthenic liver qi,the liver would become too deficient to store blood.At the meanwhile,due to the various visceral function,the characteristics of blood syndromes

  14. Founding in the Crisis:Rethinking Zhang Shizhao and Jiayin%危机状态中的“立国”:重论章士钊及《甲寅》

    李蕾[英; 张春田(译); 温静(译)


    把章士钊的思想和实践放回20世纪之交的中国,结合其生活史,方能清晰认知其创办《甲寅》前后的历史状况及思想发展。章士钊在《甲寅》杂志中冷静而严谨的论辩能力的背后是个人和政治的危机,正是这两种危机推动了这份杂志的创办。章士钊的回应所包含的远远不止其对时代即时性政治事件的思考。在具体的历史语境中理解章士钊,有助于我们更加深刻地体认他对20世纪中国政治思想的独特贡献。%By putting personal action of Zhang Shizhao into the context of the turn of the twentieth century, this paper surveys the major historical and intellectual developments that preceded and followed Zhang’s work on The Tiger. Zhang Shizhao’s ability to advance dispassionate and logical argument in the pages of The Tiger belies the personal and political crises that motivated the journal’s establishment. Zhang’s responses are far more than the immediate political events of his time. Situating Zhang in his historical context underscores his own contribution to twentieth-century Chinese political discourse, and gives a sharper sense of his thoughts on founding.

  15. 张采的叙事类散文探析--从“传状”文角度考察%Analysis of Zhang Cai's Narrative Prose From the Perspective of Biography



    Zhang Cai who was one of the two leaders of the Fushe Association , which was the most influential organization in the literary circles in the late Ming Dynasty .The narrative prose composed by Zhang Cai mainly referred to as the traditional biogra -phies of history and ancient prose .In which various literary views can be found since Wang Yangming period , and it advocated the Neo-Confucianism .As for the narrative skills , he was good at exhibiting characters by special environmental description and crea -ting a solemn, serene and simple style .The traditional biographies of history and ancient prose can represent Zhang Cai ’ s prose style.So, we can understand the ancient literary retro -movement of the Fushe Association by investigating them .%作为明末主秉文坛的复社“二张”之一,张采叙事散文的特点于思想内容上,一扫王阳明以来的文坛纷纭,恪守明经倡学,回归程朱理学范畴;在叙事技巧上,善于将人物置身于特别的场景中凸显人物性格,善于营造静穆朴实的文风。作为张采代表性的散文创作文体,“传状”文无疑是洞见复社文学复古运动的一条捷径。

  16. Lactobacillus casei Zhang和Bifidobacterium lactis V9在益生菌酸乳中的应用%Application of Lactobacillus casei Zhang and Bifidobacterium lactis V9 in the probiotic yoghurt

    刘彪; 张和平


    益生菌在酸乳中的应用已非常普遍,将Lactobacillus casei Zhang单独(样品A)以及与Bifidobacterium lactis V9复合(样品B),同酸乳发酵剂(G027)共同发酵益生菌酸乳,于4℃贮藏21 d.结果表明,整个贮藏期间2组样品间的黏度和持水性差异不显著;贮藏期间2组样品间L.casei Zhang的活菌数没有差异,且L.casei Zhang和B.lactis V9的活菌数不随贮藏时间而降低;L.casei Zhang和B.lactis V9复合益生菌酸奶感官评价优于单独添加L.casei Zhang酸乳.L.casei Zhang和B.lactis V9复合添加,更适合于益生菌酸乳的生产.%Now it is common for adding probiotics in fermented yoghurt. Yoghurt was fermented by Lactobadllus casei Zhang (A) or combined with Bifidobacterium lactis V9 (B) plus with starter culture (G027) and followed with a 21 d storage at 4 t. The results showed that there was no significance between A and B concerning viscosity and syneresis. It also observed no significant difference existed in counts of L. casei 7ian% between A and B during storage and counts of two probiotics had no change as the storage passed by. However, Fermented milk by combined L. casei Zhang with B. lactis V9 possess markedly higher favorable sensory scores than L. casei Zhang fermented milk, suggesting that it is more suitable for probiotic yoghurt manufacture.

  17. 清代甲科世家析论——以桐城张氏为例%On the Clan of the Imperial Examination in the Qing Dynasty——Taking Tongcheng Zhang Ying's Family for Example



    清代桐城张英家族不仅是声势煊赫的簪缨世家及书香门第,而且也是清代甲科世家的典型代表。自明迄清300余年的时间内,张氏在科举考试中取得了非凡的成就,先后有20余人中进士,成为当时著名的豪门望族。有清一代,张氏政治地位之高、影响之大罕有匹敌,此外该家族还在学术、诗文及艺术创作上成就卓著。重视科举教育、与名门望族联姻以及通过门生关系结成庞大的政治利益集团是张氏获得成功的三大主因。%Zhang Ying's family was not only a model of the imperial-examination clans but also one of the distinguished official clans and the scholarly families.Zhang Ying's family had made great achievements and more than 20 men had become Jinshi through the imperial examination in over 300 years from the Ming dynasty to the Qing dynasty.Thus Zhang Ying's family had become one of the most distinguished clans,making much progress not only in the politics but also in spheres of learning,poems and the arts.The reasons for Zhang's success were the family's emphasis on the imperial examination,their union with the distinguished families by marriage,and their political groups by means of teachers and students.

  18. 从图里的翻译规范理论看张培基英译《差不多先生传》%An Analysis of Zhang Peiji's Mr About-the-Same from Toury's Translational Norms Theory

    韩江洪; 陈美


    以图里的翻译规范理论为依据,通过分析影响张培基译本的因素,研究张译本所体现的翻译规范;研究表明,张培基对源语文本的选择受社会文化环境的影响,其英译文遵循了直译为主、意译为辅,忠实、通顺,异化占主导地位以及神似的翻译规范;研究同时发现张译本的成功也是张培基不固守等值论这一翻译规范,避免拘泥于形式,而侧重表达原文内容和意义,发挥其主动性和创造性的结果。%By analyzing the factors that influence Zhang Peiji's translation based on Toury's translational norms theory,this paper explores the translational norms shown in the translation.The study shows that Zhang's selection of source text was influenced by the social-cultural conditions,his translation complies with the norm that literal translation is preferable to free translation and that translation should be faithful to the source text and fluent,his translation also shows the dominance of foreignization and the criterion of spiritual resemblance.The study also finds out that the translation is a result of offending translation equivalence theory by trying to express the content and meaning instead of just copying the form of the source text.Zhang shows his initiative and creativity during the translation process.

  19. Zhang Taiyan's Views on Oracle Bone Inscription and Its Academic History Implication%章太炎的甲骨文态度及其学术史意蕴

    周文玖; 李玉莉


    As an important founder of Chinese modern academy in the 20th century, Zhang Taiyan's views on Oracle Bone Inscription caught much attention and caused many debates in the academic circle. According to the memories of his disciples, his lecture records and letters in his old age, this article argues that Zhang Taiyan's views on the Oracle Bone Inscription at that time was skeptical though having begun to change, and further analyzes of the reasons as to such change. Zhang Taiyan's views on Oracle Bone Inscription have been a kind of cultural phenomenon. In a sense, the different academic arguments aboui his views reflect the school-divide in modern academic history.%章太炎是20世纪中国现代学术的重要奠基人,他对甲骨文的态度引起学术界的关注和争论。本文以章氏晚年弟子的回忆、章氏晚年的讲演记录和书信为主要资料,认为章太炎晚年对甲骨文仍然持消极、怀疑态度,但已有转变的趋向;对他持这种态度的原因进行了剖析。章氏的甲骨文态度已成为一种文化现象,学界对他甲骨文态度的不同评论,一定意义上折射出现代学术史上的学派分野。

  20. 叶广芩与张爱玲家族小说艺术风格之比较研究%Artistic Style of Ye Guangqin’ s and Zhang Ailing’ s Family Novels:a Comparison



    The family novels of Manchu writer Ye Guangqin and Han writer Zhang Ailing show different artis-tic styles of Beijing opera with Beijing flavor and Shanghai flavor, as well as different language style of Zhang Jun-qiu’ s tune and Beijing tune, respectively.They also demonstrate different narrative mode and structure of tradition and modernity.In their novels, figures with various shapes and distinct personalities are created.Comparatively, Ye Guangqin is deeply influenced by the traditional Beijing opera and she depicts figures with Beijing opera tech-nique;Zhang Ailing is deeply affected by the folk novels of the Mandarin Ducks and Butterflies Group and she por-trays figures with folk novel skills with many modernist school skills simultaneously.%满族作家叶广芩与汉族作家张爱玲的家族小说分别表现了京味和海派、“张腔”与京腔不同的艺术风格,体现了传统与现代的不同叙事模式与结构。她们的家族小说为我们塑造了形态各异、性格独特的人物形象。叶广芩深受传统京剧的影响,用京剧的手法刻画人物;张爱玲深受鸳鸯蝴蝶派通俗小说的影响,用通俗小说的手法来刻画人物,同时又运用了许多现代派的技法。

  1. The research on the relationship between Yang Fu’sFigure Ritual and Zhang Huiyan’sFigure Ritual%论杨复《仪礼图》与张惠言《仪礼图》之关系



    The traditions of Chu His School deeply affect the trajectory of ritual studies in the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. Yang Fu’sFigure Ritual is the representative of such works. Zhang Huiyan’sFigure Ritul, based on inheriting Yang Fu’sFigure Ritual, develops and innovates, hence becoming the summit of the Chinese traditional rituals. On the one hand, Zhang Hui-yan’sFigure Ritual inherits Yang Fu’s achievement which follows Chu His School’s tradition rooted inYi Li, only that they have different purposes as Zhang Hui-yan focuses on the rituals of practicality while Yang Fu focuses on explanation ofYi Li. On the other hand, Zhang Hui-yan’sFigure Ritualbrings about new achievements which are based on Yang Fu’s achievements. The similarities and differences of the two stem from their respective age cultures.%朱子学派的礼图传统深刻影响了宋、元、明、清各朝的礼学发展轨迹,而杨复《仪礼图》是其代表性作品。张惠言《仪礼图》是在吸收杨复《仪礼图》的基础上创新发展的成果,成为中国传统礼图的高峰之作。张惠言《仪礼图》继承了杨复《仪礼图》立足朱子学派遵循《仪礼》的传统,但张惠言《仪礼图》着重于实用性,而杨复《仪礼图》着力于解读《仪礼》文献,两者之作图目的不同。张惠言《仪礼图》细化与完善了杨复《仪礼图》所建构的礼图体系。两者之异同根源于各自的时代文化。

  2. 张怀亮教授辨证运用小柴胡汤治疗眩晕%Clinical experience of Pro. ZHANG Huai-liang for treating dizziness with the Xiaochaihu decoction



      眩晕病是以头晕、眼花为主症的一类病证,患者被迫采取强迫体位。张怀亮教授集多年临床经验,辨证运用经方小柴胡汤治疗眩晕,取得了良好的效果。%Vertigo is a kind of disease with dizziness and giddiness. Patients were forced to take forced position. Pro. ZHANG Huai-liang set many years of clinical experience for treating dizziness with the Xiaochaihu decoction, the effect of treatment is significant.

  3. 管窥《外科正宗》对湖湘张氏正骨流派的影响%The Brief Academic Theoretical Impacts of the Surgical Authentic on Hunan Zhang's Orthopedic Genre

    彭亮; 黄会保; 司马雄翼; 张伟; 何清湖


    The Surgical Authentic is an important representative surgical literature until Ming dynasty. It has an indelible contribution to promote the development of the Chinese surgery system. Hunan Zhang's Orthopedic Genre formed in the late Qing dynasty, in the process of development, constantly absorbed and combined the essences of many medical works, and on its basis of inheriting embodies the innovation. This article analyzed the impacts of Surgical Authentic to the Hunan Zhang's Orthopedic Genre about related academic ideas and practical application. We preliminarily think Zhang's Orthopedic Genre inherited the important academic thought of Surgical Authentic in internal and external using of the formulas, and the respect such as technique manipulations, and on the other hand, the Hunan Zhang's Orthopedic Genre developed the Five Precepts, the Ten Requires of the surgical authentic to the spirit as the medical purposes called "HE" relationship of doctors and patients.%《外科正宗》是一部代表我国明代以前外科成就的重要文献,它对推动中医外科学体系的发展有着不可磨灭的功绩。湖湘岳阳张氏正骨学术流派形成于清末,在发展过程中,不断吸收并结合了诸多医学著作的精髓,并在继承的基础上体现了创新。本文分析了《外科正宗》对张氏正骨相关学术思想和应用的影响。初步认为张氏正骨流派在方药内服外用、手法实施要点等方面继承了《外科正宗》重要的学术思想,另张氏正骨秉承了《外科正宗》中《五戒》《十要》的精神发展为医患之“和”的行医宗旨,对张氏正骨学术体系的形成有一定的影响。

  4. Comment on ``Oxygen ionization rates at Mars and Venus: Relative contributions of impact ionization and charge exchange'' by M. H. Zhang, J. G. Luhmann, A. F. Nagy, J. R. Spreiter, and S. S. Stahara

    Krymskii, A. M.; Breus, T. K.

    The accuracy of estimates of electron impact ionization which are based on the gasdynamic model of the solar wind interaction with Venus is discussed. Employing the hybrid simulations and in situ data on electron temperature or electron fluxes the electron impact ionization is reevaluated. The electron impact ionization rate estimated in this paper is typically 4-8 times less than the value derived from the gasdynamic model Zhang et al. [1993]. During solar maximum the photoionization rate is typically greater than the electron impact ionization rate.

  5. Variable velocity in solar external receivers

    Rodríguez-Sánchez, M. R.; Sánchez-González, A.; Acosta-Iborra, A.; Santana, D.


    One of the major problems in solar external receivers is tube overheating, which accelerates the risk of receiver failure. It can be solved implementing receivers with high number of panels. However, it exponentially increases the pressure drop in the receiver and the parasitic power consumption of the Solar Power Tower (SPT), reducing the global efficiency of the SPT. A new concept of solar external receiver, named variable velocity receiver, is able to adapt their configuration to the different flux density distributions. A set of valves allows splitting in several independent panels those panels in which the wall temperature is over the limit. It increases the velocity of the heat transfer fluid (HTF) and its cooling capacity. This receiver does not only reduce the wall temperature of the tubes, but also simplifies the control of the heliostat field and allows to employ more efficient aiming strategies. In this study, it has been shown that variable velocity receiver presents high advantages with respect to traditional receiver. Nevertheless, more than two divisions per panels are not recommendable, due to the increment of the pressure drop over 70 bars. In the design point (12 h of the Spring Equinox), the use of a variable number of panels between 18 and 36 (two divisions per panel), in a SPT similar to Gemasolar, improves the power capacity of the SPT in 5.7%, with a pressure drop increment of 10 bars. Off-design, when the flux distribution is high and not symmetric (e.g. 10-11 h), the power generated by the variable velocity receiver is 18% higher than the generated by the traditional receiver, at these hours the pressure drop increases almost 20 bars.

  6. Design and implementation of the CAPS receiver

    Hu, Yonghui; Hua, Yu; Hou, Lei; Wei, Jingfa; Wu, Jianfeng


    In this paper, based on analyses of the Chinese Area Positioning System (CAPS) satellite (GEO satellite) resources and signal properties, the signal power at the port of the receiver antenna is estimated, and the implementation projects are presented for a switching band C to band L CAPS C/A code receiver integrated with GPS receiver suite and for a CAPS dual frequency P code receiver. A microstrip receiving antenna is designed with high sensitivity and wide beam orientation, the RF front end of the C/A code and P code receivers, and a processor is designed for the navigation baseband. A single frequency CAPS C/A code receiver and a CAPS dual frequency P code receiver are built at the same time. A software process flow is provided, and research on relatively key techniques is also conducted, such as signal searching, code loop and carrier loop algorithms, a height assistant algorithm, a dual frequency difference speed measurement technique, a speed measurement technique using a single frequency source with frequency assistance, and a CAPS time correcting algorithm, according to the design frame of the receiver hardware. Research results show that the static plane positioning accuracy of the CAPS C/A code receiver is 20.5-24.6 m, height accuracy is 1.2-12.8 m, speed measurement accuracy is 0.13-0.3 m/s, dynamic plane positioning accuracy is 24.4 m, height accuracy is 3.0 m, and speed measurement accuracy is 0.24 m/s. In the case of C/A code, the timing accuracy is 200 ns, and it is also shown that the positioning accuracy of the CAPS precise code receiver (1 σ) is 5 m from south to north, and 0.8 m from east to west. Finally, research on positioning accuracy is also conducted.

  7. Design and implementation of the CAPS receiver


    In this paper, based on analyses of the Chinese Area Positioning System (CAPS) satellite (GEO satellite) resources and signal properties, the signal power at the port of the receiver antenna is estimated, and the implementation projects are presented for a switching band C to band L CAPS C/A code receiver integrated with GPS receiver suite and for a CAPS dual frequency P code receiver. A microstrip receiving antenna is designed with high sensitivity and wide beam orientation, the RF front end of the C/A code and P code receivers, and a processor is designed for the navigation baseband. A single frequency CAPS C/A code receiver and a CAPS dual frequency P code receiver are built at the same time. A software process flow is provided, and research on relatively key techniques is also conducted, such as signal searching, code loop and carrier loop algorithms, a height assistant algorithm, a dual frequency difference speed measurement technique, a speed measurement technique using a single frequency source with frequency assistance, and a CAPS time correcting algorithm, according to the design frame of the receiver hardware. Research results show that the static plane positioning accuracy of the CAPS C/A code receiver is 20.5-24.6 m, height accuracy is 1.2-12.8 m, speed measurement accuracy is 0.13-0.3 m/s, dynamic plane positioning accuracy is 24.4 m, height accuracy is 3.0 m, and speed measurement accuracy is 0.24 m/s. In the case of C/A code, the timing accuracy is 200 ns, and it is also shown that the positioning accuracy of the CAPS precise code receiver (1σ ) is 5 m from south to north, and 0.8 m from east to west. Finally, research on positioning accuracy is also conducted.

  8. Superconducting integrated submillimeter receiver for TELIS

    Koshelets, Valery P.; Ermakov, Andrey B.; Filippenko, Lyudmila V.; Khudchenko, Andrey V.; Kiselev, Oleg S.; Sobolev, Alexander S.; Torgashin, Mikhail Yu.; Yagoubov, Pavel A.; Hoogeveen, Ruud W. M.; Wild, Wolfgang


    In this report an overview of the results on the development of a single-chip superconducting integrated receiver for the Terahertz Limb Sounder (TELIS) balloon project intended to measure a variety of stratosphere trace gases is presented. The Superconducting Integrated Receiver (SIR) comprises in

  9. 47 CFR 32.1170 - Receivables.


    ... FOR TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPANIES Instructions for Balance Sheet Accounts § 32.1170 Receivables. (a... enable the company to make the following analysis: (1) Amounts due from customers who are receiving... process of collection. (b) Collections in excess of amounts charged to this account may be credited to...

  10. Superconducting chip receivers for imaging application

    Shitov, SV; Koshelets, VP; Ermakov, AB; Filippenko, LV; Baryshev, AM; Luinge, W; Gao, [No Value


    Experimental details of a unique superconducting imaging array receiver are discussed. Each pixel contains an internally pumped receiver chip mounted on the back of the elliptical microwave lens. Each chip comprises a quasi-optical SIS mixer integrated with a superconducting flux-flow oscillator (FF

  11. Social networks and receiving informal care.

    Boer, A. de; Klerk, M. de; Cardol, M.; Westert, G.


    In 2001, roughly half a million people (4% of the Dutch population) received informal care from family members living outside their home, and a quarter of a million (2% of the Dutch population) received this care from acquaintances, such as friend, neighbours and work colleagues. The potential suppl

  12. 21 CFR 1020.10 - Television receivers.


    ... 21 Food and Drugs 8 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Television receivers. 1020.10 Section 1020.10 Food...) RADIOLOGICAL HEALTH PERFORMANCE STANDARDS FOR IONIZING RADIATION EMITTING PRODUCTS § 1020.10 Television receivers. (a) Applicability. The provisions of this section are applicable to television...

  13. RF performance of T-DAB receivers

    Schiphorst, R.; Potman, J.; Hofstra, K.L.; Cronie, H.S.; Slump, C.H.


    In every wireless system, the weakest link determines the performance of the network. In this paper the Radio Frequency (RF) performance of both band III and L-band Terrestrial Digital Audio Broadcasting (T-DAB) consumer receivers are discussed. The receivers have been tested based on the EN 50248 s

  14. Compressive Sensing for Spread Spectrum Receivers

    Fyhn, Karsten; Jensen, Tobias Lindstrøm; Larsen, Torben


    With the advent of ubiquitous computing there are two design parameters of wireless communication devices that become very important: power efficiency and production cost. Compressive sensing enables the receiver in such devices to sample below the Shannon-Nyquist sampling rate, which may lead...... to a decrease in the two design parameters. This paper investigates the use of Compressive Sensing (CS) in a general Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) receiver. We show that when using spread spectrum codes in the signal domain, the CS measurement matrix may be simplified. This measurement scheme, named...... Compressive Spread Spectrum (CSS), allows for a simple, effective receiver design. Furthermore, we numerically evaluate the proposed receiver in terms of bit error rate under different signal to noise ratio conditions and compare it with other receiver structures. These numerical experiments show that though...

  15. High dynamic, low volume GPS receiver

    Hurd, W. J.


    A new GPS receiver concept and design are presented to meet the high dynamic and low volume requirements for range applications in missiles and drones. The receiver has the potential to satisfy all range requirements with one basic receiver, which has significant potential economic benefit over the alternate approach of using a family of receivers, each tailored for specific applications. The main new concept is to use approximate maximum likelihood estimates of pseudo range and range-rate, rather than tracking with carrier phase locked loops and code delay locked loops. Preliminary analysis indicates that receivers accelerating at 50 g or more can track with position errors due to acceleration of approximately 0.2 m/g, or 10 m at 50 g. Implementation is almost entirely digital to meet the low volume requirements.

  16. An SDR based AIS receiver for satellites

    Larsen, Jesper Abildgaard; Mortensen, Hans Peter; Nielsen, Jens Frederik Dalsgaard


    For a few years now, there has been a high interest in monitoring the global ship traffic from space. A few satellite, capable of listening for ship borne AIS transponders have already been launched, and soon the AAUSAT3, carrying two different types of AIS receivers will also be launched. One...... of the AIS receivers onboard AAUSAT3 is an SDR based AIS receiver. This paper serves to describe the background of the AIS system, and how the SDR based receiver has been integrated into the AAUSAT3 satellite. Amongst some of the benefits of using an SDR based receiver is, that due to its versatility, new...... detection algorithms are easily deployed, and it is easily adapted the new proposed AIS transmission channels....

  17. Discussion About Zhang Zhongjing's Ways of Using Wine From the Viewpoint of Nanyang Wine Culture%从南阳酒文化谈仲景用酒

    李珊珊; 刘世恩


    南阳酒文化源远流长.1959年春,在镇平县城西北三十公里的塚上寺遗址出土了一件精制灼黑陶杯,充分说明早在距今约五千年的新石器时代南阳就有了以谷物为原料酿造酒的历史.酒文化的辉宏与酒的制作技艺相辅相成、相得益彰,在南阳历史上,独具匠心的南阳人民凭借自己灵巧的双手,为人们奉献了诸多琼浆佳酿,这对张仲景产生了深刻的影响,使得他在《伤寒杂病论》中用到了清酒、白酒、苦酒等.张仲景在《伤寒杂病论》中不仅用到了上述名目繁多的酒,其用酒之法也是各取所宜,独具特色.纵观一部《伤寒杂病论》仲景提到“酒”字共有45处,其中白酒3处,清酒5处,苦酒4处,酒33处,见于不同篇章、不同病证、不同方药及饮食禁忌、杂疗方中,对酒的用法、服法也各有不同,例如:水酒同煮、以酒送服、以酒煮药、以酒浸药、以酒洗药等.%Nanyang wine culture has a long history.In spring of 1959,in Pengshang Temple Ruins which is 30 km north-west to Zhenping County,a refined burned black pottery cup was unearthed,which fully shows that Nanyang had the history of brewing wine regarding cereal as raw material as early as the Neolithic age dating back about 5,000 years old.The glory of wine culture and wine making skills complement each other.In the history of Nanyang,the Nanyang people with originality have depended on their dexterous hands and dedicated a lot of wine,which had a profound impact on Zhang Zhong-jing and made him use pure wine,white wine and bitter wine,etc in Treatise on Cold Damage and Miscellaneous Diseases.He not only used the above various wine,but also proper ways of using wine.In the book,there are 45 times mentioning "wine",and among of them,3 times mentioning white wine,5 pure wine,4 bitter wine and 33 only wine,which are seen in different chapters,different diseases and syndromes,different prescriptions,different diet taboo and

  18. Enhanced AIS receiver design for satellite reception

    Clazzer, Federico; Lázaro, Francisco; Plass, Simon


    The possibility to detect Automatic Identification System (AIS) messages from low earth orbit (LEO) satellites paves the road for a plurality of new and unexplored services. Besides worldwide tracking of vessels, maritime traffic monitoring, analysis of vessel routes employing big data, and oceans monitoring are just few of the fields, where satellite-aided AIS is beneficial. Designed for ship-to-ship communication and collision avoidance, AIS satellite reception performs poorly in regions with a high density of vessels. This calls for the development of advanced satellite AIS receivers able to improve the decoding capabilities. In this context, our contribution focuses on the introduction of a new enhanced AIS receiver design and its performance evaluation. The enhanced receiver makes use of a coherent receiver for the low signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) region, while for medium to high SNRs, a differential Viterbi receiver is used. Additional novelty of our work is in the exploitation of previously decoded packets from one vessel that is still under the LEO reception range, to improve the vessel detection probability. The assessment of the performance against a common receiver is done making the use of a simple and tight model of the medium access (MAC) layer and the multi-packet reception (MPR) matrix for physical layer (PHY) representation. Performance results show the benefits of such enhanced receiver, especially when it is bundled with successive interference cancellation (SIC).

  19. Terahertz Array Receivers with Integrated Antennas

    Chattopadhyay, Goutam; Llombart, Nuria; Lee, Choonsup; Jung, Cecile; Lin, Robert; Cooper, Ken B.; Reck, Theodore; Siles, Jose; Schlecht, Erich; Peralta, Alessandro; Thomas, Bertrand; Mehdi, Imran


    Highly sensitive terahertz heterodyne receivers have been mostly single-pixel. However, now there is a real need of multi-pixel array receivers at these frequencies driven by the science and instrument requirements. In this paper we explore various receiver font-end and antenna architectures for use in multi-pixel integrated arrays at terahertz frequencies. Development of wafer-level integrated terahertz receiver front-end by using advanced semiconductor fabrication technologies has progressed very well over the past few years. Novel stacking of micro-machined silicon wafers which allows for the 3-dimensional integration of various terahertz receiver components in extremely small packages has made it possible to design multi-pixel heterodyne arrays. One of the critical technologies to achieve fully integrated system is the antenna arrays compatible with the receiver array architecture. In this paper we explore different receiver and antenna architectures for multi-pixel heterodyne and direct detector arrays for various applications such as multi-pixel high resolution spectrometer and imaging radar at terahertz frequencies.

  20. Fundamentals of GPS Receivers A Hardware Approach

    Doberstein, Dan


    While much of the current literature on GPS receivers is aimed at those intimately familiar with their workings, this volume summarizes the basic principles using as little mathematics as possible, and details the necessary specifications and circuits for constructing a GPS receiver that is accurate to within 300 meters. Dedicated sections deal with the features of the GPS signal and its data stream, the details of the receiver (using a hybrid design as exemplar), and more advanced receivers and topics including time and frequency measurements. Later segments discuss the Zarlink GPS receiver chip set, as well as providing a thorough examination of the TurboRogue receiver, one of the most accurate yet made. Guiding the reader through the concepts and circuitry, from the antenna to the solution of user position, the book’s deployment of a hybrid receiver as a basis for discussion allows for extrapolation of the core ideas to more complex, and more accurate designs. Digital methods are used, but any analogue c...

  1. Temperature influences in receiver clock modelling

    Wang, Kan; Meindl, Michael; Rothacher, Markus; Schoenemann, Erik; Enderle, Werner


    In Precise Point Positioning (PPP), hardware delays at the receiver site (receiver, cables, antenna, …) are always difficult to be separated from the estimated receiver clock parameters. As a result, they are partially or fully contained in the estimated "apparent" clocks and will influence the deterministic and stochastic modelling of the receiver clock behaviour. In this contribution, using three years of data, the receiver clock corrections of a set of high-precision Hydrogen Masers (H-Masers) connected to stations of the ESA/ESOC network and the International GNSS Service (IGS) are firstly characterized concerning clock offsets, drifts, modified Allan deviations and stochastic parameters. In a second step, the apparent behaviour of the clocks is modelled with the help of a low-order polynomial and a known temperature coefficient (Weinbach, 2013). The correlations between the temperature and the hardware delays generated by different types of antennae are then analysed looking at daily, 3-day and weekly time intervals. The outcome of these analyses is crucial, if we intend to model the receiver clocks in the ground station network to improve the estimation of station-related parameters like coordinates, troposphere zenith delays and ambiguities. References: Weinbach, U. (2013) Feasibility and impact of receiver clock modeling in precise GPS data analysis. Dissertation, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany.

  2. Global Positioning System receiver evaluation results

    Byrne, R.H.


    A Sandia project currently uses an outdated Magnavox 6400 Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver as the core of its navigation system. The goal of this study was to analyze the performance of the current GPS receiver compared to newer, less expensive models and to make recommendations on how to improve the performance of the overall navigation system. This paper discusses the test methodology used to experimentally analyze the performance of different GPS receivers, the test results, and recommendations on how an upgrade should proceed. Appendices contain detailed information regarding the raw data, test hardware, and test software.

  3. 史料文献中有关张志和生平记载的差异及原因%The Differences and Reasons of Zhang Zhihe's Historical Documents



    张志和的《渔歌子·西塞山前白鹭飞》堪称绝唱,深受后人的喜爱,然而由于存世的史料文献有限,有关诗人的生平却众说纷纭.查阅并对比唐、宋、元三代的史料文献,可以看出,关于诗人籍贯、出身、仕途等方面的记载多有不同,现根据传世文献对张志和的生平加以考订.%Yu Ge Zi, a masterpiece of Zhang Zhihe's Ci, attracts the later generations, but his life is full of doubts due to the limitation of existing historical records. Contrasting and referring the historical documents of the three dynasties of Tang, Song and Yuan, there are significant differences between the relevant historical documents in terms of his native place, name, origin, political career, writing records and many other aspects. Therefore, a textual research is done about the lifetime of Zhang Zhihe based on the existing literature.

  4. Experience of Professor ZHANG Da-ning treating chronic renal failure%张大宁教授治疗慢性肾功能衰竭的经验



    This article introduced the experience of Professor ZHANG Da-ning treating chronic renal failure. Professor ZHANG regards it as the pathogenesis of chronic renal failure that the root cause is kidney weakness and stasis of blood, that the symptom is damp poison in body. He advocates that we should apply the therapeutic principle of tonifying the kidney and activating blood circulation, dispelling dampness and sending down the advers flow. The therapeutic principle includes many methods:tonifying the spleen and kidney together, tonifying the kidney by warm medicines, improving blood circulation by enriching energy, tonifying the liver and kidney at the same time, rising clear substance and sending down dampness, antipyretic method and removing dampness, traditional Chinese medincine active carbon adsorbing poisonous substance, and so on.%介绍了张大宁教授治疗慢性肾功能衰竭的经验。张大宁教授认为,慢性肾功能衰竭的病机为“肾虚血瘀为本,湿毒内蕴为标”,运用补肾活血和降逆排毒法治疗。具体方法有脾肾双补、温补肾阳、益气活血、肝肾同治、升清降浊、清利湿热、炭剂吸附等。

  5. A Research on Zhang Jiuling′s "noncooperation with prime Minister" and "Resignation in a huff"%张九龄“不协时宰”、“拂衣告归”考



    This thesis inquires into Zhang JiuLing′s "noncooperation with prime Minister" and "Resignation in a huff" in the early part of KaiYuan. It thinks that the "prime minister" that Zhang did not Cooperate with was not Yaochong but most probably Lu Huaishen.And the time of his leaving Should be in the early Autumn of the fourth year of KaiYuan, and the time of his returing to Chang′an Captital should be in the spring of the sixth year of KaiYuan.%对张九龄在开元初因“不协时宰”而“拂衣告归”事进行了考索。认为其“不协时宰”中的“时宰”,非指姚崇,而可能是卢怀慎。其告归的时间当在开元四年初秋,而其返京时间则当在开元六年春。

  6. On Zhu Xi's Inheritance and Development of Zhang ZaiS Idea of Reading%论朱熹对张载读书思想的继承和发展



    在宋儒中,朱熹惟独对张载的为学工夫尤其是读书思想最为推崇。他对张载所提揭的“维持此心”、“去旧来新”、“平易其心”、“熟读成诵”诸义均有所继承和发展。这不仅与朱熹为学的坚苦工夫历程有关,而且与他视读书为穷理之一事的思想、为救时学之弊的卫道之心相契合。%In the Song Confucians, Zhu Xi praised Zhang Zai mostly, especially his learning efforts of reading. Zhu Xi has inherited and developed Zhang Zai's thoughts like " maintenance of the heart from read- ing" ," to cast off the old ideal and obtain the new knowledge" ," planning its heart" , and "becoming familiar chant". This is not only related to Zhu Xi~ hard work to learn the course in his life, but also consistent with his idea of regarding reading as one way to understand the universal principle, and his moral heart to save the soci- ety from bad fashions.

  7. Sports information service for elite gymnast Zhang Cheng long in preparation for London Olympic Games%伦敦奥运会备战周期体操运动员张成龙的体育信息服务

    满晓霞; 钟炼


    依据山东省优秀体操运动员张成龙备战伦敦奥运会周期的夺金目标,采用文献资料、专家访谈、下队调研、情报分析、数理统计等方法,了解和掌握该项目对体育信息咨询服务的需求,搜集、研究、分析张成龙国外主要竞争对手动态情报、体操运动训练前沿信息、奥运参赛环境情报;通过多种方式开展实时互动信息服务,为张成龙伦敦奥运会夺取金牌提供信息依据和支持。%With the methods of documentation, expert interview, field survey, informationanalysis and mathematical statistics, the authors learned about Shandong gymnast Zhang Cheng -long' s for sports information for the completion of the objective in 2012 London Olympics. Thus updated dynamic information of the foreign rivals, gymnastics training, and environment of venues were collected and analyzed in order to provide remote and real - time information service for Zhang to help him win the gold medal.

  8. The Decoction Analysis of the Guizhi Tang Associated Prescriptions from ZHANG Zhong-jing's Shanghan Lun%张仲景《伤寒论》桂枝汤类方配伍解析

    蔡皎皓; 庄海峰; 沈建平


    桂枝汤为仲景之代表方,体现其辨证论治思想之精髓,其类方为中最多的一组类方,在全书中发挥着极为重要的作用.本文着重以图形的方式表述桂枝汤的组方及桂枝汤类方的组方规律,对仲景组方思想进行探析,以期更好地了解张仲景的类方组方思想来指导临床的组方用药和辨证加减.%Guizhi tang is the representative prescription of Shanghan Lun, which book was written by zhongjing,embody the essence of syndrome differentiation and treatment ideas,the Associated Prescriptions of Guizhi tang is the most of the associated prescriptions in Shanghan Lun,is playing the extremely vital role in the entire book。 This article focuses on interpretation of graphical Guizhi tang recipe and Guizhi tang recipe law of parties,Of ZHANG Zhong - jing' s thinking whose was how to compatibility prescription, It is hoped that a better understanding of the ZHANG Zhong -jing' s ideology of how to compatibility the associated prescription to guide clinical medicine and the identification.

  9. The Debate on Zhang Jin-yin Cases and the Author of Iron Crown Map%为李渔一辩——张缙彦案、《铁冠图》作者考辨



    Li Yu is a popular criticism literati image in the Ming and Qing Dynasties,whose association with Zhang Jin Yan,Liu Zheng zong case,as well as the writing of Meat Futon(《肉蒲团》) and Iron Crown Map'(《铁 冠图》),becomes a mystery in the history and literary history.The combination of work analysis,history data,language style and scholar exchanges and other aspects of content,can generally help to infer: Li Yu does not have much to do with Zhang Jin Yan case,and nor is he the author of the Iron Crown Map.%李渔是明末清初颇受非议的一个文人形象,尤其是他与张缙彦、刘正宗一案的关联以及《肉蒲团》《铁冠图》的写作等问题,更是历史、文学史上的疑案。在结合作品分析、历史资料、行文风格和文人交往等内容的基础之上,可以大体推断:李渔和张缙彦案并没有太多瓜葛,也并不是《铁冠图》的作者。

  10. Sensory Writing of Zhang Guixing in Elephant Tropes and The Monkey Cup%论张贵兴《群象》与《猴杯》的感官书写



    The richness of the world of rainforest in Zhang Guixing's fiction is enhanced by his sensory writing strategy. This paper attempts to discuss the aesthetics and significance of Zhang's sensory writing, including the representation of rainforest as a sensory spatial, the internal relationship between the alienation of sense and the economics of shortage, the narration of desire for the rainforest, as well as the sensory stimulation and the narrative of violence.%张贵兴雨林书写的丰富驳杂,很大程度得益于感觉化叙事以及对婆罗洲雨林的感官化处理.本文尝试梳理张氏感官书写的美学策略及其意蕴,包括将雨林作为感官性的空间再现、感官异化与匮乏经济学的内在联系、雨林的欲望叙事以及感官刺激与暴力叙事.

  11. 张衡诗赋创作与汉代文化融通%The Integration of Culture in Han Dynasty and the Creation of Zhang Heng' s Poems and Fu-style Works



    Confucianism and Taoism are complementary. Poems and Lisao are integrated. The combination of southern and northern styles is a prominent cultural phenomenon against the background of Cultural integration in Hart dynasty. Through oberservation of Zhang Heng' s poems and Fu-style works, one can find this cultural phenomenon has tended to mature in the middle of the Eastern Han dynasty. The poems and Fu-style works by Zhang Heng which combined Confucianism, Taoism and poetic spirit, the cartier of literature in that period, have non-negligible and outstanding archetypical significance both in the history of literature and the history of culture.%儒道互补,《诗》、《骚》融通,南北合流是有汉一代文化大交融背景下一个突出的文化现象。考察张衡的诗赋创作可以发现,这一文化现象在东汉中叶已趋于成熟。融汇了儒道诗骚精神内蕴的张衡诗赋作为那个文化大交融时代的文学载体,不论是在文学史还是在文化史上都具有不容忽视的特出的典范意义。

  12. 融俗于雅:张岱小品文审美特征浅析%Integrating Vulgarity into Elegance: On the Aesthetic Characteristics of Zhang Dai's Essays



    Zhang Dai's essays regard vulgarity as beauty,focusing on festivals,customs,respectabilities of social life and town artists,and in art,integrate vulgarity into elegance,absorbing the advantages of vernacular short stories and learning some techniques of expression from popular literature and art.The following are the main reasons for the integration of vulgarity into elegance of Zhang Dai's aesthetic characteristics,following convention in life style,upholding convention in ideology and advocating convention in creation sense.%张岱小品文在题材上以俗为美,注重节令民俗、人情世相、市井艺人的描写;在艺术上融俗于雅,吸收通俗白话之长,借鉴通俗文艺的一些表现手法。张岱在生活方式上的"入俗",思想意识上的"崇俗"以及创作观念上的"尚俗",是其小品文融俗于雅审美特征形成的主要原因。

  13. 张其昀儿童本位的新儒学教育思想探析%Zhang Qiyun’s Fresh Confucian Thoughts on Children-oriented Education



    Zhang Qiyun, a well-noted educator, developed his own children-oriented educational thoughts for primary and middle schools, which was based on Confucius educational philosophy. According to Zhang, cultivating one’s own moral quality is the essence of education, nurturing the five traits of morality, intelligence, fitness, aesthetics and sociability is shared in education,and community education, citizenship and talent education are equally strengthened to promote the balanced development of education.%作为我国著名的教育学家,张其昀以儒学思想为基础,形成了其独特的儿童本位的中小学教育思想。他认为修身为一切教育之根源;倡导德智体美群五育并重之教育理想;主张社会中心教育;提倡公民教育与人才教育应兼顾并重,教育需要均衡发展。

  14. 副珠蜡蚧阔柄跳小蜂 Metaphycus parasaissetiae Zhang and Huang 生物学特性的研究%Bionomics of Metaphycus parasaissetiae Zhang and Huang (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae), a Parasitoid of Parasaissetia nigra (Nietner)(Hemiptera: Coccoidea) Adults

    温丽娜; 符悦冠; 张方平; 金启安; 张敬宝


    副珠蜡蚧阔柄跳小蜂Metaphycus parasaissetiae Zhang and Huang是新发现的橡副珠蜡蚧成虫内寄生蜂,自然寄生率约为15.68%.实验室内对其形态、发育、繁殖、存活、行为等生物学特性进行了观察.结果表明,在26 ±1℃,RH70%±5%条件下,每头寄主出蜂4.5头,雌性比例80.6%;雌蜂生殖系统解剖发现,未交配雌蜂卵巢内的卵经1d可发育成熟,但同一雌蜂卵巢内卵粒之间发育程度不一致;该蜂完成一个世代需15~19d,但幼虫蜕皮现象不明显;该蜂可营孤雌产雄生殖,孤雌羽化后24h内即可产卵,平均每头寄主可出雄蜂5.3头;雌蜂交配后24h内即可产卵,产卵期1~17d;1头已交配雌蜂可寄生1~10头寄主,一生产卵3~76粒,每日平均产卵量为8.2±4.0粒;雌、雄成蜂平均寿命均不超过3d,补充蜂蜜水可延长雌、雄成蜂的寿命.

  15. Experience of Professor Zhang Xuemei in Treating Chronic Kidney Disease from Spleen%张雪梅教授从脾论治慢性肾脏病的经验

    黄昉萌; 严晓华; 陈丽; 张雪梅


    [目的]探讨张雪梅教授治疗慢性肾脏病(Chronic kidney disease,CKD)的临床经验。[方法]分析张雪梅教授对CKD发病机制的认识和从脾论治的学术观点,总结张雪梅教授分期分型论治CKD的经验,并分析其典型案例。[结果]张雪梅教授认为本病以脾肾亏虚为本,痰湿、湿热、浊毒、瘀血为标,主张重视脾胃、从脾治肾,并根据CKD 1-5期的不同证候特点,进行分期分型论治;特别重视CKD3-4期在本病发展的特点和正确治疗的重要性,并且采用中药内服配合保留灌肠的方法治疗CKD3-4期,内服方以补虚健脾和胃为主,灌肠方以攻邪泄毒为主,在临床上取得较好的疗效。[结论]张雪梅教授治疗CKD的独到见解和丰富的临床经验值得学习和推广。%Objective]To discuss the clinical experiences and unique views of professor Zhang Xuemei in treating chronic kidney disease. [Method]To analyze the understanding of professor Zhang Xuemei about the pathogenesis of chronic kidney disease.To sum up her academic point of view that treating kidney from spleen and special treatment. To sum up the clinical experiences in treating CKD according to staging and classification and analyze typical clinical case. [Result] Professor Zhang Xuemei considers that the root cause of CKD is the spleen and kidney deficiency,and often accompanied by phlegm-damp or damp-heat or turbidity toxin or blood stasis.She emphasizes that the spleen and stomach are very important and presents an idea that treating kidney from spleen .To treat the patients who have chronic kidney disease(CKD1-5) according to the different stages and different syndromes.She emphasizes CKD3-4 plays an important role in the progress and treatment of CKD. Professor Zhang Xuemei uses the method of oral Chinese herbal medicine and retention enema of Chinese traditional medicine to treat CKD3-4, oral Chinese herbal medicine focuses on tonifying deficiency and

  16. List of Nuclear Materials Licensing Actions Received

    Nuclear Regulatory Commission — A catalog of all Materials Licensing Actions received for review. The catalog lists the name of the entity submitting the license application, their city and state,...

  17. Metal Mesh Filters for Terahertz Receivers Project

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — The best low-noise receiver solutions for frequencies above about 800 GHz rely on either a low-noise bolometric direct detector or a hot electron bolometric mixer....

  18. Metal Mesh Filters for Terahertz Receivers Project

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — The technical objective of this SBIR program is to develop and demonstrate metal mesh filters for use in NASA's low noise receivers for terahertz astronomy and...

  19. 49 CFR 236.788 - Receiver.


    ... OF SIGNAL AND TRAIN CONTROL SYSTEMS, DEVICES, AND APPLIANCES Definitions § 236.788 Receiver. A device on a locomotive, so placed that it is in position to be influenced inductively or actuated by...

  20. Collector/Receiver Characterization (Fact Sheet)


    Fact sheet describing NREL CSP Program capabilities for collector/receiver characterization: determining optical efficiency, measuring heat loss, developing and testing concentrators, concentrating the sun's power, and optically characterizing CSP plants.

  1. Digital Receiver for Laser Imaging Radar

    WANG Wei Ran; SUN Bing


    With the extension of the application domains for laser imaging radar,it is necessary to find a new technical way to obtain high technical performance and adaptive ability.In this paper,A new concept of digital receiver of laser imaging radar system is presented.This digital receiver is defined as a time varying parameter receiver which possesses large dynamics region and time domain filter.The receiver's mode,component structure as well as every function of its processing are described.The results and laboratorial data show the feasibility of digital reception.Also,it can exploit the inherent nature of laser imaging radar to obtain high probability of detection.

  2. Optical Coherent Receiver Enables THz Wireless Bridge

    Yu, Xianbin; Liu, Kexin; Zhang, Hangkai


    We experimentally demonstrated a 45 Gbit/s 400 GHz photonic wireless communication system enabled by an optical coherent receiver, which has a high potential in fast recovery of high data rate connections, for example, in disaster....

  3. High dynamic GPS receiver validation demonstration

    Hurd, W. J.; Statman, J. I.; Vilnrotter, V. A.


    The Validation Demonstration establishes that the high dynamic Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver concept developed at JPL meets the dynamic tracking requirements for range instrumentation of missiles and drones. It was demonstrated that the receiver can track the pseudorange and pseudorange rate of vehicles with acceleration in excess of 100 g and jerk in excess of 100 g/s, dynamics ten times more severe than specified for conventional High Dynamic GPS receivers. These results and analytic extensions to a complete system configuration establish that all range instrumentation requirements can be met. The receiver can be implemented in the 100 cu in volume required by all missiles and drones, and is ideally suited for transdigitizer or translator applications.

  4. High-Rate Receiver Design Project

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — We propose an initial architectural and preliminary hardware design study for a high-rate receiver capable of decoding modulation suites specified by CCSDS 413.0-G-1...

  5. 29 CFR 1926.306 - Air receivers.


    ... transportation vehicles such as steam railroad cars, electric railway cars, and automotive equipment. (2) New and... manholes therein are easily accessible. Under no circumstances shall an air receiver be buried underground...

  6. 29 CFR 1910.169 - Air receivers.


    ... and equipment used on transportation vehicles such as steam railroad cars, electric railway cars, and... therein are easily accessible. Under no circumstances shall an air receiver be buried underground or...

  7. Design and implementation of the CAPS receiver

    HU YongHui; HUA Yu; HOU Lei; WEI JingFa; WU JianFeng


    In this paper,baaed on analyses of the Chinese Area Positioning System (CAPS) satellite (GEO satellite) resources and signal properties,the signal power at the port of the receiver antenna is estimated,and the implementation projects are presented for a switching band C to band L CAPS C/A code receiver integrated with GPS receiver suite and for a CAPS dual frequency P code receiver.A microstrip receiving antenna is designed with high sensitivity and wide beam orientation,the RF front end of the C/A code and P code receivers,and a processor is designed for the navigation baseband.A single frequency CAPS C/A code receiver and a CAPS dual frequency P code receiver are built at the same time.A software process flow is provided,and research on relatively key techniques is also conducted,such as signal searching,code loop and carrier loop algorithms,a height assistant algorithm,a dual frequency difference speed measurement technique,a speed measurement technique using a single frequency source with frequency assistance,and a CAPS time correcting algorithm,according to the design frame of the receiver hardware.Research results show that the static plane positioning accuracy of the CAPS C/A code receiver is 20.5-24.6 m,height accuracy is 1.2-12.8 m,speed measurement accuracy is 0.13-0.3 m/s,dynamic plane positioning accuracy is 24.4 m,height accuracy is 3.0 m,and speed measurement accuracy is 0.24 m/s.In the case of C/A code,the timing accuracy is 200 ha,and it is also shown that the positioning accuracy of the CAPS precise code receiver (1σ) is 5 m from south to north,and 0.8 m from east to west.Finally,research on positioning accuracy is also conducted.

  8. A handbook for solar central receiver design

    Falcone, P.K.


    This Handbook describes central receiver technology for solar thermal power plants. It contains a description and assessment of the major components in a central receiver system configured for utility scale production of electricity using Rankine-cycle steam turbines. It also describes procedures to size and optimize a plant and discussed examples from recent system analyses. Information concerning site selection criteria, cost estimation, construction, and operation and maintenance is also included, which should enable readers to perform design analyses for specific applications.

  9. Flexible receiver adapter formal design review

    Krieg, S.A.


    This memo summarizes the results of the Formal (90%) Design Review process and meetings held to evaluate the design of the Flexible Receiver Adapters, support platforms, and associated equipment. The equipment is part of the Flexible Receiver System used to remove, transport, and store long length contaminated equipment and components from both the double and single-shell underground storage tanks at the 200 area tank farms.

  10. Anatomy of a digital coherent receiver

    Borkowski, Robert; Zibar, Darko; Tafur Monroy, Idelfonso


    Digital coherent receivers have gained significant attention in the last decade. The reason for this is that coherent detection, along with digital signal processing (DSP) allows for substantial increase of the channel capacity by employing advanced detection techniques. In this paper, we first......, orthonormaliation, chromatic dispersion compensation/nonlinear compensation, resampling a nd timing recovery, polarization demultiplexing and equalization, frequency and phase recovery, digital demodulation. We also describe novel subsystems of a digital coherent receiver: modulation format recognition...

  11. Inversion of receiver function by wavelet transformation

    吴庆举; 田小波; 张乃铃; 李桂银; 曾融生


    A new method for receiver function inversion by wavelet transformation is presented in this paper. Receiver func-tion is expanded to different scales with different resolution by wavelet transformation. After an initial model be-ing taken, a generalized least-squares inversion procedure is gradually carried out for receiver function from low tohigh scale, with the inversion result for low order receiver function as the initial model for high order. Aneighborhood containing the global minimum is firstly searched from low scale receiver function, and will gradu-ally focus at the global minimum by introducing high scale information of receiver function. With the gradual ad-dition of high wave-number to smooth background velocity structure, wavelet transformation can keep the inver-sion result converge to the global minimum, reduce to certain extent the dependence of inversion result on theinitial model, overcome the nonuniqueness of generalized least-squares inversion, and obtain reliable crustal andupper mantle velocity with high resolution.

  12. GPS Receiver Performance Inspection by Wavelet Transform

    Xia Lin-yuan; Liu Jing-nan; Lu Liang-xi


    As a powerful analysis tool and the result of contemporary mathematics development, wavelet transform has shown its promising application potentials through the research in the paper. Three aspects regarding GPS receiver performance is tackled: cycle slip detection, receiver noise analysis and receiver channel bias inspection. Wavelet decomposition for double differential observation has demonstrated that this multi-level transform can reveal cycle slips as small as 0.5 cycles without any pre-adjustment processes or satellite orbit information, it can therefore be regarded as a 'geometry free' method. Based on property assumption of receiver noise, signal of noise serial is obtained at the high frequency scale in wavelet decomposition layers. This kind of noise influence on GPSb aseline result can be effectively eliminated by reconstruction process during wavelet reconstruction. Through observed data analysis, the transform has detected a kind of receiver channel bias that has not been completely removed by processing unit of GPS receiver during clock offset resetting operation. Thus the wavelet approach can be employed as a kind of system diagnosis in a generalized point of view.

  13. Efficient receiver tuning using differential evolution strategies

    Wheeler, Caleb H.; Toland, Trevor G.


    Differential evolution (DE) is a powerful and computationally inexpensive optimization strategy that can be used to search an entire parameter space or to converge quickly on a solution. The Kilopixel Array Pathfinder Project (KAPPa) is a heterodyne receiver system delivering 5 GHz of instantaneous bandwidth in the tuning range of 645-695 GHz. The fully automated KAPPa receiver test system finds optimal receiver tuning using performance feedback and DE. We present an adaptation of DE for use in rapid receiver characterization. The KAPPa DE algorithm is written in Python 2.7 and is fully integrated with the KAPPa instrument control, data processing, and visualization code. KAPPa develops the technologies needed to realize heterodyne focal plane arrays containing 1000 pixels. Finding optimal receiver tuning by investigating large parameter spaces is one of many challenges facing the characterization phase of KAPPa. This is a difficult task via by-hand techniques. Characterizing or tuning in an automated fashion without need for human intervention is desirable for future large scale arrays. While many optimization strategies exist, DE is ideal for time and performance constraints because it can be set to converge to a solution rapidly with minimal computational overhead. We discuss how DE is utilized in the KAPPa system and discuss its performance and look toward the future of 1000 pixel array receivers and consider how the KAPPa DE system might be applied.

  14. 47 CFR 15.121 - Scanning receivers and frequency converters used with scanning receivers.


    ... receivers and frequency converters designed or marketed for use with scanning receivers, shall: (1) Be...; replacing a plug-in semiconductor chip; or programming a semiconductor chip using special access codes or an external device, such as a personal computer. Scanning receivers, and frequency converters designed for...

  15. Comparing Drug Use between Welfare-Receiving Arrestees and Non-Welfare-Receiving Arrestees.

    Yacoubian, George S., Jr.; Peters, Ronald J., Jr.; Urbach, Blake J.; Johnson, Regina J.


    Compares drug-positive rates between welfare-receiving arrestees, non-welfare receiving arrestees living below the poverty level, and non-welfare arrestees living above the poverty level. Welfare-receiving arrestees were more likely to be female, older, less educated, and to test positive for opiates and benzodiazepines than the other subgroups.…

  16. Millimeter-wave receivers for wireless communications

    Overmiller, Brock Morgan

    The modern communications environment is becoming an increasingly crowded place, resulting in rapidly increasing demands on current technology. Military and civilian operations require the ability to locate and decode all communication signals in the environment. However, developments in RADAR (RAdio Detection And Ranging) and communications technology are making it harder to effectively identify and maintain bandwidth usage for everyone. Millimeter waves--waves measured between one millimeter to one centimeter in wavelength--have only recently been explored as a new technology to replace the augment receiver architectures. These small wavelengths introduce many engineering challenges, such as: large atmospheric losses, poor sensitivity, and expensive electronic equipment. With growing developments in Microwave Photonics, low-noise RF amplifiers and high-speed modulators have demonstrated the ability to design RF communication links in the millimeter wave regime to counter such problems. However, despite these developments, toward a cost-effective, spatial division multiplexing (SDM) receiver concept has not proved capable of being implemented as part of the next generation 5G wireless network infrastructure. To this end, we present a novel receiver architecture utilizing an optically addressed phased-array millimeter wave receiver based on optical-upconversion and signal recovery. This receiver is capable of geolocation and spatial multiplexing of multiple Tunable Optically Paired Source (TOPS) communication signals in its scene. Operating at 35 GHz, the receiver up-converts the received RF onto an optical sideband, which, to our advantage, contains all of the frequency, amplitude, and phase information of the received signals. Subsequent optical processing allows routing of the sideband to a free space detector port. Photomixing a coherent optical local oscillator (LO) with the optical sideband performs heterodyne down-conversion to an Intermediate Frequency (IF

  17. Performance outlook of the SCRAP receiver

    Lubkoll, Matti; von Backström, Theodor W.; Harms, Thomas M.


    A combined cycle (CC) concentrating solar power (CSP) plant provides significant potential to achieve an efficiency increase and an electricity cost reduction compared to current single-cycle plants. A CC CSP system requires a receiver technology capable of effectively transferring heat from concentrated solar irradiation to a pressurized air stream of a gas turbine. The small number of pressurized air receivers demonstrated to date have practical limitations, when operating at high temperatures and pressures. As yet, a robust, scalable and efficient system has to be developed and commercialized. A novel receiver system, the Spiky Central Receiver Air Pre-heater (SCRAP) concept has been proposed to comply with these requirements. The SCRAP system is conceived as a solution for an efficient and robust pressurized air receiver that could be implemented in CC CSP concepts or standalone solar Brayton cycles without a bottoming Rankine cycle. The presented work expands on previous publications on the thermal modeling of the receiver system. Based on the analysis of a single heat transfer element (spike), predictions for its thermal performance can be made. To this end the existing thermal model was improved by heat transfer characteristics for the jet impingement region of the spike tip as well as heat transfer models simulating the interaction with ambient. While the jet impingement cooling effect was simulated employing a commercial CFD code, the ambient heat transfer model was based on simplifying assumptions in order to employ empirical and analytical equations. The thermal efficiency of a spike under design conditions (flux 1.0 MW/m2, air outlet temperature just below 800 °C) was calculated at approximately 80 %, where convective heat losses account for 16.2 % of the absorbed radiation and radiative heat losses for a lower 2.9 %. This effect is due to peak surface temperatures occurring at the root of the spikes. It can thus be concluded that the geometric

  18. Sexual function in women receiving maintenance dialysis.

    Seethala, Srikanth; Hess, Rachel; Bossola, Maurizio; Unruh, Mark L; Weisbord, Steven D


    While substantial attention has been paid to the issue of sexual dysfunction in men on chronic dialysis, less is known about this problem in women with end-stage renal disease. We sought to assess sexual dysfunction in women on chronic dialysis and determine whether patients discuss this problem with their providers and receive treatment. We prospectively enrolled women receiving chronic hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis in Pittsburgh, PA. We asked patients to complete the 19-item Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) to assess sexual function and a 5-item survey that assessed whether patients had discussed sexual dysfunction with their providers and/or received treatment for this problem in the past. We enrolled 66 patients; 59 (89%) on hemodialysis and 7 (11%) on peritoneal dialysis. All patients completed the FSFI, of whom 53 (80%) had FSFI scores <26.55, consistent with the presence of sexual dysfunction. Of 37 patients who were married or residing with a significant other, 27 (73%) had sexual dysfunction. Among 24 participants who reported having been sexually active over the previous 4 weeks, 11 (46%) had sexual dysfunction. Only 21% of patients with sexual dysfunction had discussed this problem with their gynecologist, renal or primary provider, and 3 (6%) reported having received treatment. Sexual dysfunction is common in women on dialysis, even among patients who are married or residing with a significant other and those who are sexually active. However, few women discuss this issue with their providers or receive treatment.

  19. Receiver-Controlled Multi-Node Cooperation

    Liang Ye; Yue Li; XueJun Sha; Esko Alasaarela


    Since wireless links in Ad hoc networks are more fragile than those in traditional wireless networks due to route flapping, multi-node cooperation plays an important role in ensuring the quality of service ( QoS) . Based on the authors’ previous work, this paper proposes a receiver-controlled multi-node cooperation routing protocol, known as AODV-RCC. In this protocol, nodes form a cooperation group based on signal power. In a cooperation group, signal power between a partner and a transmitter, as well as signal power between the partner and the receiver, must be larger than the signal power between the transmitter and the receiver. Otherwise, the transmission will not benefit from cooperation. To avoid collision or congestion, each cooperation group only contains one partner. This partner offers both data and ACK cooperative retransmission. Its retransmission time should be shorter than the internal retry time of the transmitter’ s MAC layer, because it is better for the partner to retransmit firstly, as it offers a more reliable cooperative link. In AODV-RCC, it is the receiver that chooses the partner, because the link between the partner and the receiver is the most important. According to our simulation results, AODV-RCC shortens the end-to-end delay and increases the packet delivery ratio.

  20. Schottky Heterodyne Receivers With Full Waveguide Bandwidth

    Hesler, Jeffrey; Crowe, Thomas


    Compact THz receivers with broad bandwidth and low noise have been developed for the frequency range from 100 GHz to 1 THz. These receivers meet the requirements for high-resolution spectroscopic studies of planetary atmospheres (including the Earth s) from spacecraft, as well as airborne and balloon platforms. The ongoing research is significant not only for the development of Schottky mixers, but also for the creation of a receiver system, including the LO chain. The new receivers meet the goals of high sensitivity, compact size, low total power requirement, and operation across complete waveguide bands. The exceptional performance makes these receivers ideal for the broader range of scientific and commercial applications. These include the extension of sophisticated test and measurement equipment to 1 THz and the development of low-cost imaging systems for security applications and industrial process monitoring. As a particular example, a WR-1.9SHM (400-600 GHz) has been developed (see Figure 1), with state-of-the-art noise temperature ranging from 1,000-1,800 K (DSB) over the full waveguide band. Also, a Vector Network Analyzer extender has been developed (see Figure 2) for the WR1.5 waveguide band (500 750 GHz) with 100-dB dynamic range.

  1. Direct broadcast satellite-radio, receiver development

    Vaisnys, A.; Bell, D.; Gevargiz, J.; Golshan, Nasser


    The status of the ongoing Direct Broadcast Satellite-Radio (DBS-R) Receiver Development Task being performed at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology (JPL) is reported. This work is sponsored by the Voice of America/U.S. Information Agency through an agreement with NASA. The objective of this task is to develop, build, test, and demonstrate a prototype receiver that is compatible with reception of digital audio programs broadcast via satellites. The receiver is being designed to operate under a range of reception conditions, including fixed, portable, and mobile, as well as over a sufficiently wide range of bit rates to accommodate broadcasting systems with different cost/audio quality objectives. While the requirements on the receiver are complex, the eventual goal of the design effort is to make the design compatible with low cost production as a consumer product. One solution may be a basic low cost core design suitable for a majority of reception conditions, with optional enhancements for reception in especially difficult environments. Some of the receiver design parameters were established through analysis, laboratory tests, and a prototype satellite experiment accomplished in late 1991. Many of the necessary design trades will be made during the current simulation effort, while a few of the key design options will be incorporated into the prototype for evaluation during the planned satellite field trials.

  2. Dish/stirling hybrid-receiver

    Mehos, Mark S.; Anselmo, Kenneth M.; Moreno, James B.; Andraka, Charles E.; Rawlinson, K. Scott; Corey, John; Bohn, Mark S.


    A hybrid high-temperature solar receiver is provided which comprises a solar heat-pipe-receiver including a front dome having a solar absorber surface for receiving concentrated solar energy, a heat pipe wick, a rear dome, a sidewall joining the front and the rear dome, and a vapor and a return liquid tube connecting to an engine, and a fossil fuel fired combustion system in radial integration with the sidewall for simultaneous operation with the solar heat pipe receiver, the combustion system comprising an air and fuel pre-mixer, an outer cooling jacket for tangentially introducing and cooling the mixture, a recuperator for preheating the mixture, a burner plenum having an inner and an outer wall, a porous cylindrical metal matrix burner firing radially inward facing a sodium vapor sink, the mixture ignited downstream of the matrix forming combustion products, an exhaust plenum, a fossil-fuel heat-input surface having an outer surface covered with a pin-fin array, the combustion products flowing through the array to give up additional heat to the receiver, and an inner surface covered with an extension of the heat-pipe wick, a pin-fin shroud sealed to the burner and exhaust plenums, an end seal, a flue-gas diversion tube and a flue-gas valve for use at off-design conditions to limit the temperature of the pre-heated air and fuel mixture, preventing pre-ignition.

  3. Direct broadcast satellite-radio, receiver development

    Vaisnys, A.; Bell, D.; Gevargiz, J.; Golshan, Nasser

    The status of the ongoing Direct Broadcast Satellite-Radio (DBS-R) Receiver Development Task being performed at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology (JPL) is reported. This work is sponsored by the Voice of America/U.S. Information Agency through an agreement with NASA. The objective of this task is to develop, build, test, and demonstrate a prototype receiver that is compatible with reception of digital audio programs broadcast via satellites. The receiver is being designed to operate under a range of reception conditions, including fixed, portable, and mobile, as well as over a sufficiently wide range of bit rates to accommodate broadcasting systems with different cost/audio quality objectives. While the requirements on the receiver are complex, the eventual goal of the design effort is to make the design compatible with low cost production as a consumer product. One solution may be a basic low cost core design suitable for a majority of reception conditions, with optional enhancements for reception in especially difficult environments. Some of the receiver design parameters were established through analysis, laboratory tests, and a prototype satellite experiment accomplished in late 1991. Many of the necessary design trades will be made during the current simulation effort, while a few of the key design options will be incorporated into the prototype for evaluation during the planned satellite field trials.

  4. 从中国谋士到日本武士——论日本中世文学中张良形象的变异%From a Chinese Counselor to a Japanese Samurai ——On the Transmutation of ZHANG Liang's Image in Japanese Medieval Literature



    The image of the Chinese counselor ZHANG Liang, which formed in the Chinese cultural context of Tao- ism, tended to become a samurai in Japanese medieval literature. In Gunki monogatari, ZHANG Liang gained the characteristic of braveness, an important quality of the samurai class, and literary works which had described ZHANG Liang's braveness appeared in a number of medieval genres such as Y6kyoku, KSwaka bukyoku and OtogizSshi. This transmutation was closely related to the spread of the story that ZHANG Liang accepted a military book on a bridge in Japan. In medieval Japan, the concept of warcraft consisted of strategy and martial art. There- fore, the authors who hadn't read Chinese military books, took the misinterpretation that ZHANG Liang's book was a martial art book as granted and thus formed a new image of ZHANG Liang who was proficient in martial art and fought bravely. Through the allusion of Kurama Tengu and the common syntax to juxtapose ZHANG Liang and FAN Kuai, the Samurai's characteristics of ZHANG Liang became more apparent in Japanese medieval literature.%不同于中国语境中的道家化,谋士张良的形象在日本中世文学中发生了武士化的变异。在军记物语中,张良与武士阶层的重要特征———武勇发生了联系。谣曲、幸若舞曲、御伽草子等文学体裁里均出现了描写张良勇猛品质的作品。这种变异与圯上受书故事在日本的流布密切相关。由于日本中世兵法概念包含用兵之术与武术两层含义,未曾阅读中国古代兵书的作者根据武士阶层对于个人武力的需要,自觉将张良所得兵书定位为武术秘籍,赋予了张良精于武艺、勇猛战斗的武士面貌。通过鞍马天狗传说的典故摄取和樊哙张良相并置的惯用句使用,张良身上的武士因素在中世文学中得以发扬光大。

  5. The Communication Between Designer and Design Receiver

    Dai, Zheng; Dai, Yan


    When people think about a product,the first impression always mainly influences the result.Product is the medium of communication between designer and designer receiver.Because both of them have varied different experience and background,the information would be biased during the transferring...... process.The common symbols which can be recognized by both of designer and receiver are the key tools for communication.In some case,the same symbol in one product would be leads to different receiver impression.Generally,impression includes 3 aspects:aesthetics,function, and emotion.Designer needs...... to create an attractive and accurate impression in product from these 3 aspects.For facing the dilemma of communication,some experimental approaches can help designer deal with unique and diversity situations.Solving the detail problem in each step could keep the original meaning of designer....

  6. Randomized transmit and receive ultrasound tomography

    Clement, Gregory T


    A tomographic method is considered that forms images from sets of spatially randomized source signals and receiver sensitivities. The method is designed to allow image reconstruction for an extended number of transmitters and receivers in the presence noise and without plane wave approximation or otherwise approximation on the size or regularity of source and receiver functions. An overdetermined set of functions are formed from the Hadamard product between a Gaussian function and a uniformly distributed random number set. It is shown that this particular type of randomization tends to produce well-conditioned matrices whose pseudoinverses may be determined without implementing relaxation methods. When the inverted sets are applied to simulated first-order scattering from a Shepp-Logan phantom, successful image reconstructions are achieved for signal-to-noise ratios (SNR) as low as 1. Evaluation of the randomization approach is conducted by comparing condition numbers with other forms of signal randomization....

  7. Precision Continuum Receivers for Astrophysical Applications

    Wollack, Edward J.


    Cryogenically cooled HEMT (High Electron Mobility Transistor) amplifiers find widespread use in radioastronomy receivers. In recent years, these devices have also been commonly employed in broadband receivers for precision measurements of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) radiation. In this setting, the combination of ultra-low-noise and low-spectral-resolution observations reinforce the importance achieving suitable control over the device environment to achieve fundamentally limited receiver performance. The influence of the intrinsic amplifier stability at low frequencies on data quality (e.g., achievable noise and residual temporal correlations), observational and calibration strategies, as well as architectural mitigation approaches in this setting will be discussed. The implications of device level 1/f fluctuations reported in the literature on system performance will be reviewed.

  8. Performance Evaluation of an Integrated Optoelectronic Receiver

    A. Vera-Marquina


    Full Text Available This work describes the optical and electrical characterization of an integrated optoelectronic receiver. The receiver is composed of a photodiode and a transimpedance amplifier, both fabricated in silicon technology using a 0.8 μm BiCMOS process. The total area occupied by the photodiode is of 10,000 μm2. In a first step, the generated photocurrent of the photodiode is measured for the wavelengths of 780 nm and 830 nm at different levels of optical power. In a second step, the responsivity and quantum efficiency parameters of the photodiode are computed. Finally, an electrical measurement including the transimpedance amplifier is achieved. A potential application for this optoelectronic receiver is on the first optical communications window.

  9. Implementation of Universal Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter

    Payata Srikanth Yadav


    Full Text Available Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART is the serial communication protocol that is used for data exchange between computer & peripherals. UART is a low velocity, short-distance, low-cost protocol. UART includes three modules which are received, the baud rate generator and transmitter. The UART design with Very High Description Language can be integrated into the Field Programmable Gate Array to achieve stable data transmission and to make system reliable and compact. In the result and simulation part, this project will focus on check the receive data with error free & baud rate generation at different frequencies. Before synthesizing of UART a baud rate generator is incorporated into the system. We use the frequency divider which sets itself to required frequency for the functionality at lower frequency. All modules are designed using VERILOG and implemented on Xilinx Suite development board.

  10. Multiple Antenna Cognitive Receivers and Signal Detection

    Couillet, Romain


    A Bayesian inference learning process for cognitive receivers is provided in this paper. We focus on the particular case of signal detectionas an explanatory example to the learning framework. Under any prior state of knowledge on the communication channel, an information theoretic criterion is presented to decide on the presence of informative data in a noisy wireless MIMO communication. We detail the particular cases of knowledge, or absence of knowledge at the receiver, of the number of transmit antennas and noise power. The provided method is instrumental to provide intelligence to the receiver and gives birth to a novel Bayesian signal detector. The detector is compared to the classical power detector and provides detection performance upper bounds. Simulations corroborate the theoretical results and quantify the gain achieved using the proposed Bayesian framework.

  11. Antennas and Receivers in Radio Interferometry

    Hunter, Todd R


    The primary antenna elements and receivers are two of the most important components in a synthesis telescope. Together they are responsible for locking onto an astronomical source in both direction and frequency, capturing its radiation, and converting it into signals suitable for digitization and correlation. The properties and performance of antennas and receivers can affect the quality of the synthesized images in a number of fundamental ways. In this lecture, their most relevant design and performance parameters are reviewed, with emphasis on the current ALMA and VLA systems. We discuss in detail the shape of the primary beam and the components of aperture efficiency, and we present the basics of holography, pointing, and servo control. On receivers, we outline the use of amplifiers and mixers both in the cryogenic front-end and in the room temperature back-end signal path. The essential properties of precision local oscillators (LOs), phase lock loops (PLLs), and LO modulation techniques are also describ...

  12. Olympus receiver evaluation and phase noise measurements

    Campbell, Richard L.; Wang, Huailiang; Sweeney, Dennis


    A set of measurements performed by the Michigan Tech Sensing and Signal Processing Group on the analog receiver built by the Virginia Polytechnic Institute (VPI) and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) for propagation measurements using the Olympus Satellite is described. Measurements of local oscillator (LO) phase noise were performed for all of the LOs supplied by JPL. In order to obtain the most useful set of measurements, LO phase noise measurements were made using the complete VPI receiver front end. This set of measurements demonstrates the performance of the receiver from the Radio Frequency (RF) input through the high Intermediate Frequency (IF) output. Three different measurements were made: LO phase noise with DC on the voltage controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO) port; LO phase noise with the 11.381 GHz LO locked to the reference signal generator; and a reference measurement with the JPL LOs out of the system.

  13. 张洁“厌性情结”的精神发生学分析%The Psychogonic Analysis on Zhang Jie’s “Sexual Anorexia Complex”



    Zhang Jie dedicated her to the spiritual pursuit of nobility and perfection and disdained the body and soul stained by the desire.In her novels,on the one hand she expressed her yearning for ideals,perfect love and humanity;on the other hand,she showed her extreme disgust and contempt to “sex”itself.From the point of view of pshchogony,Zhang Jie’s “sexual snorexia complex”comes from three aspects:the traumatic memories of her growing up from a young girl;the male harm in her adult marriage;the concept of “chastity culture”under the deep sense of personal patriarchal background.In a normal real life,“sexual anorexia complex”is morbid,but in Zhang Jie’s creation,“sexual anorexia complex”won the aesthetic sublima-tion and became a unique ideological dimension mirroring the male-female relationships in modern society.%张洁执著于高尚完美的精神境界的追求,而鄙弃被欲望渍染的肉体和灵魂。她的小说一方面表达了对理想、完美的爱情和人性的向望,一方面对“性”本身表示极端的厌恶和鄙视。从精神发生学层面上看,张洁的“厌性情结”源于三个方面:幼女成长的创伤记忆;成年婚恋中的男性伤害;个人深层意识中男权背景下的“贞洁文化”观念。“厌性情结”在正常的现实生活里是病态的,但在张洁的创作中,“厌性情结”获得了美学的升华,成为一个观照现代社会男女关系的独特思想维度。

  14. Comparison of Medicinal Material Markets in“South Zhang and North Qi”After the Ming and Qing Dynasties%明清以降“南樟北祁”药市之比较

    王中良; 杨小敏


    中国古代药市,自唐宋时期初步发展至明清时期日益繁盛,是传统中药材交流与贸易必不可少的市场载体。明清以后,全国陆续出现许多颇具影响的地方药市,其中“南樟北祁”(江西樟树药市、河北祁州药市)作为地区甚至全国性药材交易的典型代表影响甚大,一直颇受各界关注。两个药市的发展之路,有相同之处,亦有各自特色。特别是在清末民初应对传统经济向近代经济转型变化时,“南樟北祁”结合各自实际作出了适时适当的抉择与变化,实现了在新的历史环境下的发展与整合。%The medicinal material market, preliminary development since the Tang and Song Dynasties to the Ming and Qing Dy-nasties to flourish. They play an essential part of traditional Chinese medicinal materials exchanges and trade market. After the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the national have many influential local medicinal material markets, the“South Zhang and North Qi”(Jiangxi Zhangshu, Hebei Qizhou) as a regional and even national medicine market representative, has been praised by people from all walks of life. Com-parison of“South Zhang and North Qi” medicinal material market, both have in common, also have respective characteristics. In the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China period, to deal with traditional economy to modern economic transition change,“South Zhang and North Qi” combining the reality of their medicinal material markets made timely appropriate choice and change, implements in the new historical environment of development and integration.

  15. 论张弦影视剧作中女性主体意识的构建与发展%The Construction and Development of Female Subject Consciousness of Zhang Xian ’s Film and TV Plays



    Scanning Chinese contemporary literary, a number of female writers with female subject consciousness concern for the existence and development of female subject consciousness in their works, while the male writers more or less dominate male chauvinism in their works.When the male chauvinism has become a kind of collective unconsciousness, Zhang Xian created many female images for the public with love and respect. So based on the life history of Zhang Xian as the ordinate axis, the images in different stage as the horizontal axis, on the basis of fully understanding the connotation and meaning of the image, analyzing the construction and development of the consciousness of female subject consciousness of Zhang Xian, it is advantageous to understand his ideological and artistic world.%扫描中国现当代文坛,一批具有一定女性主体意识的女作家在其作品中关注着女性主体意识的存在与发展,而男性作家则在其作品中或多或少张扬着男权意识。在男权意识已成为男性作家一种集体无意识写作时,剧作家张弦则以一颗饱含怜爱敬重之心为大众塑造了众多女性形象。在本文中,笔者以张弦的人生历程为纵轴,以不同阶段塑造的人物形象为横轴,在全面了解女性形象内涵与意味的基础上,条分缕析出张弦对女性主体意识的构建与弘扬,进而深入了解张弦的思想艺术世界。

  16. 张惠言《七十家赋钞》与常州学风%Zhang Huiyan'sSelected Works of Fu from 7 0 Writersand the Academic Aatmosphere in Changzhou



    Selected Works of Fu from 70 Writers written in Zhang huiyan's early academic career reflects the outstanding characteristics of Changzhou's academic atmosphere.It attaches great importance to the literary selection and pays close attention to the views of He Zhuo who was an expert in the study of literary selections in Qing Dynasty.And with the im-pact of Prince Xiao Tong,its selection is only as far as the Six dynasties.The preference of the literary selection precisely indicates that the Changzhou gentlemen praise these elites in their hometown.The edition,emendation and bibliography of Zhang's book is also influenced by Lu Wenchao,who gave lectures for a long time as a emendator and bibliographer. The comments in it explore the righteousness between the monarch and his ministers by means of comparison,which as wellbenefits from local Zhuangshi's new text scholarship.And this literary anthology has opened later academic ropes for Zhang.%成书于张惠言学术生涯早期的《七十家赋钞》体现出常州学风的特色。《赋钞》选赋重《文选》,评点时关注清代《文选》学家何焯的言论,选赋断自六朝亦受萧统的影响,而好《文选》正是常州士人对乡贤及其著作的推崇。《赋钞》重版本、校勘、目录学,亦是受到在此长期讲学的校勘家及目录学者卢文弨开创的风气的熏陶。《赋钞》评点赋作喜以比兴的方式探究君臣大义,也是得益于常州庄氏今文经学的启发。《赋钞》是一部文学选本,同时也开启了作者后期学术研究的门径。

  17. The new indicators of accounts receivable excellence.

    Lampi, G L


    Calculation of AR days will continue to be a valuable internal measurement tool of accounts receivable excellence. As healthcare organizations move toward managed care through a mix of reimbursement systems--many with conflicting incentives--the director of patient accounting must approach each system separately and ensure that the hospital receives all of the reimbursement to which it is entitled. The director of patient accounting must understand the industry and recognize that healthcare reimbursement will almost certainly continue to become more complex rather than simpler. Creativity will be a necessity, and good luck will be an advantage.

  18. On Satellite Multicast to Heterogeneous Receivers


    combined into one bulk file. Let the multicast source use Reed-Solomon erasure ( RSE ) coding (e.g. [Mac97]) and let the bulk file be encoded into W ≥ 1... RSE -based FEC blocks. Each FEC block consists of h data packets and c parity packets – all of the same length. We assume a multicast tree that has a... RSE -based FEC block, a receiver must receive at least h distinct packets, either data or parity, from the same FEC block. To allow a systematic way

  19. Building and Testing a Portable VLF Receiver

    McLaughlin, Robert; Krause, L.


    Unwanted emissions or signal noise is a major problem for VLF radio receivers. These can occur from man made sources such as power line hum, which can be prevalent for many harmonics after the fundamental 50 or 60 Hz AC source or from VLF radio transmissions such as LORAN, used for navigation and communications. Natural emissions can also be detrimental to the quality of recordings as some of the more interesting natural emissions such as whistlers or auroral chorus may be drowned out by the more common sferic emissions. VLF receivers must selectively filter out unwanted emissions and amplify the filtered signal to a record-able level without degrading the quality.

  20. Avalanche Photodiode Arrays for Optical Communications Receivers

    Srinivasan, M.; Vilnrotter, V.


    An avalanche photodiode (APD) array for ground-based optical communications receivers is investigated for the reception of optical signals through the turbulent atmosphere. Kolmogorov phase screen simulations are used to generate realistic spatial distributions of the received optical field. It is shown that use of an APD array for pulse-position modulation detection can improve performance by up to 4 dB over single APD detection in the presence of turbulence, but that photon-counting detector arrays yield even greater gains.

  1. Financing with Receivables: Factoring, Securitization and Collateral

    Ioana Benea


    Full Text Available Short term financing is vital for the financial survival of any company, because very often they are facing deficits of cash during their activity. Therefore a company has to identify the optimal solutions in order to cover those (temporary deficits. A good solution to this problem is the financing with receivables using factoring, securitization and collateral. In this paper we try to analyze how this types of financing works and which are their advantages and costs. Also, we developed a reasoning pattern in order to evaluate the best receivables financing alternative for the Romanian companies.

  2. Effectiveness of pharmacist dosing adjustment for critically ill patients receiving continuous renal replacement therapy: a comparative study

    Jiang SP


    Full Text Available Sai-Ping Jiang,1 Zheng-Yi Zhu,2 Xiao-Liang Wu,3 Xiao-Yang Lu,1 Xing-Guo Zhang,1 Bao-Hua Wu1 1Department of Pharmacy, the First Affiliated Hospital, 2Department of Pharmacy, Children’s Hospital, College of Medicine, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, 3Intensive Care Unit, the First Affiliated Hospital, College of Medicine, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, People's Republic of China Background: The impact of continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT on drug removal is complicated; pharmacist dosing adjustment for these patients may be advantageous. This study aims to describe the development and implementation of pharmacist dosing adjustment for critically ill patients receiving CRRT and to examine the effectiveness of pharmacist interventions. Methods: A comparative study was conducted in an intensive care unit (ICU of a university-affiliated hospital. Patients receiving CRRT in the intervention group received specialized pharmacy dosing service from pharmacists, whereas patients in the no-intervention group received routine medical care without pharmacist involvement. The two phases were compared to evaluate the outcome of pharmacist dosing adjustment. Results: The pharmacist carried out 233 dosing adjustment recommendations for patients receiving CRRT, and 212 (90.98% of the recommendations were well accepted by the physicians. Changes in CRRT-related variables (n=144, 61.81% were the most common risk factors for dosing errors, whereas antibiotics (n=168, 72.10% were the medications most commonly associated with dosing errors. Pharmacist dosing adjustment resulted in a US$2,345.98 ICU cost savings per critically ill patient receiving CRRT. Suspected adverse drug events in the intervention group were significantly lower than those in the preintervention group (35 in 27 patients versus [vs] 18 in eleven patients, P<0.001. However, there was no significant difference between length of ICU stay and mortality after pharmacist dosing adjustment, which

  3. Comparative effects of different enteral feeding methods in head and neck cancer patients receiving radiotherapy or chemoradiotherapy: a network meta-analysis

    Zhang ZH


    Full Text Available Zhihong Zhang,1,2 Yu Zhu,1 Yun Ling,3 Lijuan Zhang,1 Hongwei Wan1 1Department of Nursing, Shanghai Proton and Heavy Ion Center, 2Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Hospital, Tongji University School of Medicine, 3Department of Human Resource, Shanghai Proton and Heavy Ion Center, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China Abstract: Nasogastric tube (NGT and percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy were frequently used in the head and neck cancer patients when malnutrition was present. Nevertheless, the evidence was inclusive in terms of the choice and the time of tube placement. The aim of this network meta-analysis was to evaluate the comparative effects of prophylactic percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (pPEG, reactive percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (rPEG, and NGT in the head and neck cancer patients receiving radiotherapy or chemoradiotherapy. Databases of PubMed, Web of Science, and Elsevier were searched from inception to October 2015. Thirteen studies enrolling 1,631 participants were included in this network meta-analysis. The results indicated that both pPEG and NGT were superior to rPEG in the management of weight loss. pPEG was associated with the least rate of treatment interruption and nutrition-related hospital admission among pPEG, rPEG, and NGT. Meanwhile, there was no difference in tube-related complications. Our study suggested that pPEG might be a better choice in malnutrition management in the head and neck cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy or chemoradiotherapy. However, its effects need to be further investigated in more randomized controlled trials. Keywords: malnutrition, tube feeding, weight loss, treatment interruption, readmission, complication

  4. Superconducting Submm Integrated Receiver for TELIS

    Koshelets, V. P.; Ermakov, A. B.; Filippenko, L. V.; Koryukin, O. V.; Khudchenko, A. V.; Sobolev, A. S.; Torgashin, M. Yu; Yagoubov, P. A.; Hoogeveen, R. W. M.; Vreeling, W. J.; Wild, W.; Pylypenko, O. M.


    In this report we present design and first experimental results for development of the submm superconducting integrated receiver spectrometer for Terahertz Limb Sounder (TELIS). TELIS is a collaborative European project to build up a three-channel heterodyne balloon-based spectrometer for measuring

  5. A 24GHz Radar Receiver in CMOS

    Kwok, K.C.


    This thesis investigates the system design and circuit implementation of a 24GHz-band short-range radar receiver in CMOS technology. The propagation and penetration properties of EM wave offer the possibility of non-contact based remote sensing and through-the-wall imaging of distance stationary or

  6. Reasons Parents Exempt Children from Receiving Immunizations

    Luthy, Karlen E.; Beckstrand, Renea L.; Callister, Lynn C.; Cahoon, Spencer


    School nurses are on the front lines of educational efforts to promote childhood vaccinations. However, some parents still choose to exempt their children from receiving vaccinations for personal reasons. Studying the beliefs of parents who exempt vaccinations allows health care workers, including school nurses, to better understand parental…

  7. CAS expert receives Tribology Gold Medal


    Prof. XUE Qunji, a senior expert in tribology from the CAS Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics (L1CP) and member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, received the Tribology Gold Medalfor 2011 on February 27, 2012 in Beijing. As one of the world's most outstanding and influential tribologists in the last forty years, Prof.

  8. Receiving Assistance and Local Food System Participation

    Rebecca L. Som Castellano


    Full Text Available A body of literature has noted that local food systems (LFSs may not involve active participation by individuals with lower incomes. This is, in part, a function of racial and class hegemony, as well as physical and financial accessibility of LFSs. LFS institutions, such as farmers’ markets, have been working to facilitate receipt of food assistance programs, such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP. Charitable assistance programs, such as food banks, have also been actively working to engage in LFSs, for example, by making local foods available. However, little research has explored the role that receiving public or charitable assistance can play in influencing LFS participation. In this article, I utilize quantitative and qualitative data collected from across the state of Ohio to examine the relationship between receiving assistance and LFS participation for women, who remain predominately responsible for food provisioning in the U.S., including among those who participate in LFSs. Quantitative results suggest that receiving assistance can increase participation in LFSs. Qualitative data provides more nuanced information about the importance of food assistance for women who want to participate in LFSs, and suggest that it is essential that food cooperatives and farmers’ markets are equipped to receive food assistance programs, such as SNAP, in order for women with lower incomes to participate in LFSs.

  9. Why Receiving Feedback Collides with Self Determination

    ten Cate, Olle Th. J.


    Providing feedback to trainees in clinical settings is considered important for development and acquisition of skill. Despite recommendations how to provide feedback that have appeared in the literature, research shows that its effectiveness is often disappointing. To understand why receiving feedback is more difficult than it appears, this paper…

  10. A 24GHz Radar Receiver in CMOS

    Kwok, K.C.


    This thesis investigates the system design and circuit implementation of a 24GHz-band short-range radar receiver in CMOS technology. The propagation and penetration properties of EM wave offer the possibility of non-contact based remote sensing and through-the-wall imaging of distance stationary or

  11. Howard Feiertag receives hospitality industry award

    Ho, Sookhan


    Howard Feiertag, of Blacksburg, an instructor in hospitality and tourism management at Virginia Tech's Pamplin College of Business, received the inaugural Excellence in Sales and Marketing Strategy Award at the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association/New York University Strategy Conference in New York recently.

  12. Compressed Sensing-Based Direct Conversion Receiver

    Pierzchlewski, Jacek; Arildsen, Thomas; Larsen, Torben


    Due to the continuously increasing computational power of modern data receivers it is possible to move more and more processing from the analog to the digital domain. This paper presents a compressed sensing approach to relaxing the analog filtering requirements prior to the ADCs in a direct...

  13. Richard W. Ziolkowski Receives Honorary Doctorate

    Breinbjerg, Olav


    At the annual Commemoration of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) on April 27, 2012, Prof. Richard W. Ziolkowski, University of Arizona (UoA), received DTU's highest academic degree, the Honorary Doctor degree: Doctor Technices Honoris Causa (Figure 1). Prof. Ziolkowski has been a close...

  14. Reasons Parents Exempt Children from Receiving Immunizations

    Luthy, Karlen E.; Beckstrand, Renea L.; Callister, Lynn C.; Cahoon, Spencer


    School nurses are on the front lines of educational efforts to promote childhood vaccinations. However, some parents still choose to exempt their children from receiving vaccinations for personal reasons. Studying the beliefs of parents who exempt vaccinations allows health care workers, including school nurses, to better understand parental…

  15. Radiometric Receiver for Passive Microwave Imaging System

    Ubaichin Anton


    Full Text Available The paper describes a new method to develop a zero-type W-band radiometric receiver. The block diagram and operating algorithm of the digital control system are presented. The main advantages of the zero method in passive radio physical investigations in comparison with classical engineering solutions are shown.

  16. 7 CFR 29.42 - Receiving station.


    ... Regulations of the Department of Agriculture AGRICULTURAL MARKETING SERVICE (Standards, Inspections, Marketing... INSPECTION Regulations Definitions § 29.42 Receiving station. Points at which producer tobacco is offered for marketing (other than sale at auction on a designated market), including tobacco auction warehouses,...

  17. Howard Feiertag receives hospitality industry award

    Ho, Sookhan


    Howard Feiertag, of Blacksburg, an instructor in hospitality and tourism management at Virginia Tech's Pamplin College of Business, received the inaugural Excellence in Sales and Marketing Strategy Award at the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association/New York University Strategy Conference in New York recently.

  18. A GPS Receiver for Lunar Missions

    Bamford, William A.; Heckler, Gregory W.; Holt, Greg N.; Moreau, Michael C.


    Beginning with the launch of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) in October of 2008, NASA will once again begin its quest to land humans on the Moon. This effort will require the development of new spacecraft which will safely transport people from the Earth to the Moon and back again, as well as robotic probes tagged with science, re-supply, and communication duties. In addition to the next-generation spacecraft currently under construction, including the Orion capsule, NASA is also investigating and developing cutting edge navigation sensors which will allow for autonomous state estimation in low Earth orbit (LEO) and cislunar space. Such instruments could provide an extra layer of redundancy in avionics systems and reduce the reliance on support and on the Deep Space Network (DSN). One such sensor is the weak-signal Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver "Navigator" being developed at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC). At the heart of the Navigator is a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) based acquisition engine. This engine allows for the rapid acquisition/reacquisition of strong GPS signals, enabling the receiver to quickly recover from outages due to blocked satellites or atmospheric entry. Additionally, the acquisition algorithm provides significantly lower sensitivities than a conventional space-based GPS receiver, permitting it to acquire satellites well above the GPS constellation. This paper assesses the performance of the Navigator receiver based upon three of the major flight regimes of a manned lunar mission: Earth ascent, cislunar navigation, and entry. Representative trajectories for each of these segments were provided by NASA. The Navigator receiver was connected to a Spirent GPS signal generator, to allow for the collection of real-time, hardware-in-the-loop results for each phase of the flight. For each of the flight segments, the Navigator was tested on its ability to acquire and track GPS satellites under the dynamical

  19. Vulcan: A deep-towed CSEM receiver

    Constable, Steven; Kannberg, Peter K.; Weitemeyer, Karen


    We have developed a three-axis electric field receiver designed to be towed behind a marine electromagnetic transmitter for the purpose of mapping the electrical resistivity in the upper 1000 m of seafloor geology. By careful adjustment of buoyancy and the use of real-time monitoring of depth and altitude, we are able to deep-tow multiple receivers on arrays up to 1200 m long within 50 m of the seafloor, thereby obtaining good coupling to geology. The rigid body of the receiver is designed to reduce noise associated with lateral motion of flexible antennas during towing, and allows the measurement of the vertical electric field component, which modeling shows to be particularly sensitive to near-seafloor resistivity variations. The positions and orientations of the receivers are continuously measured, and realistic estimates of positioning errors can be used to build an error model for the data. During a test in the San Diego Trough, offshore California, inversions of the data were able to fit amplitude and phase of horizontal electric fields at three frequencies on three receivers to about 1% in amplitude and 1° in phase and vertical fields to about 5% in amplitude and 5° in phase. The geological target of the tests was a known cold seep and methane vent in 1000 m water depth, which inversions show to be associated with a 1 km wide resistor at a depth between 50 and 150 m below seafloor. Given the high resistivity (30 Ωm) and position within the gas hydrate stability field, we interpret this to be massive methane hydrate.

  20. Social effects of migration in receiving countries.

    Ohndorf, W


    This paper examines the impact of post-1945 migration into Western, Middle, and Northern Europe from Southern Europe, Turkey, and Northern Africa, and migration to the traditional immigration countries by Asian and Latin American immigrants, on the social structures of receiving countries. Between 1955 and 1974, 1) traditional migration to the US and Australia became less important for European countries while traditional receiving countries accepted many immigrants from developing countries; and 2) rapid economic revival in Western and Northern Europe caused a considerable labor shortage which was filled by migrant workers especially from Southern Europe, Turkey, and Northern Africa, who stayed only until they reached their economic goals. Since 1974, job vacancies have declined and unemployment has soared. This employment crisis caused some migrants 1) to return to their countries of origin, 2) to bring the rest of their families to the receiving country, or 3) to lengthen their stay considerably. The number of refugees has also significantly increased since the mid-970s, as has the number of illegal migrants. After the mid-1970s, Europe began to experience integration problems. The different aspects of the impact of migration on social structures include 1) improvement of the housing situation for foreigners, 2) teaching migrants the language of the receiving country, 3) solving the unemployment problem of unskilled migrants, 4) improvement of educational and vocational qualifications of 2nd generation migrants, 5) development of programs to help unemployed wives of migrants to learn the language and meet indigenous women, 6) encouraging migrants to maintain their cultural identity and assisting them with reintegration if they return to their original country, 7) coping with the problems of refugees, and 8) solving the problems of illegal migration. Almost all receiving countries now severely restrict further immigration. [Those policies should result in

  1. Experience of Professor ZHANG Yun-ke in treating dizzy with the Tianma Gouteng Drink%张运克运用天麻钩藤饮治疗眩晕经验



      眩晕为内科常见疾患,影响人们的工作及生活,是目前困扰人们身心健康的常见疾病之一,天麻钩藤饮是一首平熄内风的方剂,张运克教授认为眩晕应以平肝潜阳,滋养肝肾为主。%Dizzy is a common disease in Medical Department and is a frequent disease harmful for both physical and mental health. Tianma Gouteng Drink is a formula for Pingxi Neifeng. Professor ZHANG Yun-ke uses it to calm the liver and suppress yang and nourish liver and kidney, and achieves good efficacy in treating dizzy.

  2. 益生乳酸菌Lactobacillus casei Zhang从基础研究到产业化开发%Probitotic Lactobacillus casei Zhang from basic research to industrialization



    2001年-2009年,内蒙古农业大学“乳品生物技术与工程”教育部重点实验室从采集自中国西部7个省市及蒙古国14个省市不同少数民族地区951份自然发酵乳制品等样品中分离鉴定出3 388林乳酸菌,建立了中国首个原创性乳酸菌菌种资源库;从菌种库中分离自传统发酵酸马奶(koumiss)的243株乳杆菌中筛选获得1株性能优良的乳酸菌-Lactobacillus casei Zhang(Lcasei Zhang).采用5种动物模型和人体试验进行了功能评价,并利用基因组学和蛋白质组学研究技术对L.casei Zhang益生分子机制进行了深入剖析.经过多年系统的基础研究,自主解决了其产业化的关键技术问题,包括其直投式发酵剂、发酵乳制品和发酵豆乳益生菌饮料的研发并实现了产业化.%During 2001-2009, we have isolated ,identified and collected 3, 388 strains of lactic add bacteria from 951 naturally fermented dairy products (including fermented cow milk, mare milk, goat milk, camel milk and yak milk) in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Tibet, Yunnan ,Ganshu and Sichuan of China and 17 provinces of Mongolia, and established the first LAB Collection Center (LABCC) with self-owned intellectual property in China. From 243 strains of lactobaclli isolated from naturally fermented mare milk (koumiss) collected in LABCC , a novel probiotic-Lactobadllus casei Zhang was screened out,and conducted extensive researches on it .including acid tolerance and bile resistance to the gastointestinal digestion, adhesion to Coco-2 human epithelial cells line in vitro, immunomodulatory properties ,anti-tumor effects for H22 cancer cell line induced liver tumor , hypocholesterolemic effects, antagonistic to pathogenic Escherichia coli in intestine, anti-oxidative effect in vivo using mice or rat as models,and colonization of in human gut and regulation of gut microbiota for 24 volunteers. Using gemomics and proteomics ,we elucidated its probiotic mechanism partially

  3. A Comparative Analysis of Narrative Art between Eileen Zhang and Kawabata Yasunari%张爱玲与川端康成叙事艺术比较分析

    吴珊珊; 吴培显


    Eileen Zhang and Kawabata Yasunari have great influence to 20th Chinese and Japanese literature. Both of them tried to tell stories with women as the center, construct women's say by poetic language. They have similiar themes, expressive skills and aesthetic pursuit.%张爱玲与川端康成分别对20世纪的中国和日本文坛产生了重要影响。二者都致力于以女性为中心铺陈故事,以诗意的语言建构起女性中心话语权,在其思想主题、表达技巧、审美追求等方面也具有高度的趋同性。

  4. 抄本《张说之文集》字书未录仨罕见字考%Study on Copy of ZhangYezhi Corpus Evidences without Rare Recording



    Copy song shu qing Ming edition of commentaries “ZhangYezhi corpus”30 volumes, map only is found elsewhere, as a result, few people know. There are three characters, its shape in ancient and modern the evidences. Research, one should be a mistake to write, it is variant, or a new invention to tang and song dynasty people.%清抄宋蜀刻本《张说之文集》三十卷,是海内仅存孤本,因此,少有人知。其中有三个字,其形不见于古今字书。经研究,“”应是误写,“”是异体,“”或为唐宋人新造字。

  5. 张恨水《春明外史》小说类型化研究∗%A Genre Analysis of Zhang Henshui’s Novel An Unofficial History of Chunming

    胡朝雯; 李琴


    Zhang Henshui ever wrote a long series of novels named An Unofficial History of Chun-ming for nearly five years,in which he blended existing types of social novel with the genre of romantic novel.At the same time,he created those romance novels under the real social background in the progress of interaction with readers'expectation.Moreover,Zhang made a unique combination of the elements in-cluding real characters,events and fictitious imagination.Consequently,this kind of creation directly gen-erated the great transformation of social romance novels into a relatively mature stylized pattern,which has been enthusiastically appreciated by the reader and aroused the creation wave of social romance novels in the 1 920s.%张恨水通过历时近五年的长篇连载小说《春明外史》的撰写,把已有的社会小说类型和言情小说类型糅合到一起,在与读者阅读期待互动中,将言情故事和社会百态展示交相穿插,在创作中将真实人物、事件与虚构想象巧妙结合,使社会言情小说发展成为一种成熟的小说类型模式,极大程度地得到读者的热烈追捧,引领了19世纪20年代社会言情小说创作风潮。

  6. Zhang Zai's Succession and Advancement of Mencius's Thought of Mind-nature Theory%张载对孟子心性论思想的继承与发展



    To a great degree Zhang Zai shaped his thought of mind-nature theory based on his interpretation of Mencius's mind-nature theory.From the perspective of Confucian study of mind nature,Mencius can be said to be the founder of Confucian while Zhang Zai to be the accomplisher of mind-nature theory.The former laid a preliminary foundation for the theory while the latter summarized and developed Confucian mind-nature theory,in which he properly solved the good and the evil in human nature and conflicts between them to make the theory profound and perfect both in theory and in practice.%张载的心性论思想在很大程度上是在阐释孟子心性论的基础上发展而来的。从儒家心性之学的角度看,孟子可以说是儒家心性论的确立者,张载则是儒家心性论的完善者;孟子的功绩在于使儒家的心性论初具规模,张载的功绩则在于对儒家心性论进行了总结与发展,并合理地解决了人性善恶及其冲突问题,从而使儒家心性论在理论与实践方面都趋于丰富和完善。

  7. Discovering the Irreplaceable Elements of the Prose Poem:On Reading Zhang Wenzhe’s Prose Poems%开掘不可替代的散文诗质--读章闻哲的散文诗



    The signiifcance of Zhang Wenzhe in contemporary Chinese prose poetry is not yet fully recognized. Her writing has fully absorbed the skill of new poetry and shared the symbolic tradition since Lu Xun’sWeeds. More importantly, she has the full sense of genre of prose poem. The brilliance which she has given the prose poem can not be shared by other genres. She has brought dramatic, symbolic, philosophical, and intertextual elements into the style of prose poem and created a rich variety of tones in the prose poem. Contemporary prose poetry is in urgent need of poets like Zhang Wenzhe who searches for the irreplaceable elements of the prose poem so consciously, so as to promote the symbolic value of the prose poem in the ifeld of Chinese poetry.%章闻哲之于当代中国散文诗的意义尚没有被充分认识到。她的写作既充分吸纳了分行新诗的技艺,又分享了鲁迅《野草》以来那种象征主义传统。更重要的是,她具有充分的散文诗文体自觉性,她赋予散文诗的光辉都是其他文体所无法转借的。她以戏剧性、象征性、哲思性和互文性融入散文诗文体,创造了散文诗丰富多样的声音调性。当代散文诗亟需像章闻哲这样自觉开掘不可替代的散文诗质的写作者,以提升散文诗文体在中国诗歌场域的象征价值。

  8. On Exploiting Zhang Jiajie's Sports Tourism Resources from Perspective of Low-Carbon Tourism%低碳旅游下的张家界体育旅游资源开发研究



    “低碳旅游”是一个新概念。随着旅游产品的创新以及人们对低碳生活新风尚的追求,低碳旅游的概念将日益丰富起来。在低碳潮的影响下,作为张家界支柱产业的旅游业将如何转型提质,如何推动旅游业的快速、健康、持续发展,是目前关注的重点。文章以张家界体育旅游资源的开发研究为出发点,为新时代背景下可持续旅游发展提供了新的发展指向。%The concept of low-carbon tourism is new. With a great innovation in tourism and pursuit of new fashion of low-carbon life for people, the concept of low-carbon tourism becomes full increasingly. Under the influence of low carbon, the tourism, as the pillar industry of Zhang Jiajie, is emphasized presently how to make a transition and enhance the quality, how to push it forward in a speedy, healthy and sustainable way. Based on exploiting Zhang Jiajie's sports tourism resources, this paper points out a new direction for the sustainable development of tourism.

  9. Form Transition of Zhang Xian's Ci Creation and Its Genre Significance%张先词创作模式的转移及其文体意义



    The system and the creation of Ci,which transition from the elegant short-Ci to the popular long-Ci,are the inevitable law of self-development of Ci-Genre.But there must be a transitional form owning the feature of short-Ci and long-Ci in the course.The features in the Zhang Xian's Ci such as detailed description,direct lyric,the method of long-Ci by short-Ci,the establishment of Prefaces and so on,all are the specific expression of this transitional form.Zhang-Xian's Ci made the valuable explorations in the diversification of the creation of Ci,Conforming to the trend of the popularization and realism of language and literature,playing a transitive key role in the history of Ci.%词之体制和创作,由雅化的令词向俗化的长调转移过渡,乃是词体自身发展的必然规律。然在其中,必然存在着一种兼具小令和长调特征的过渡形态,张先词中所表现出来的细致具体的景物描写、直言无隐的"发越"作风、以小令作法行慢词以及题序的设立等,都是这一过渡形态的具体体现。张先以其独特的词作为词体创作的多样化作出了可贵的探索,顺应了语言和文学通俗化、写实化的发展趋势,在词史上起到了承前启后的关键性作用。

  10. CERN Press Office receives award from Euroscience


    The CERN Communication group has received an award for its efforts in communicating the LHC first beam to the media and the public. James Gillies, head of the Communication group was presented the AlphaGalileo Research Public Relations Award on Wednesday, 14 October during the Euroscience Media Award Ceremony in Hannover. "It’s great to receive this recognition," said Gillies. "Of course, we had great material to work with: the LHC is a fantastic story and one that is going to get even better. Angels, Demons and black holes also had their roles to play, but behind the media interest there’s been a lot of hard work by my team. This is for them." The CERN Communication group also works with communication professionals in all the CERN Member States and major physics labs around the world through the European Particle Physics Communication Network, and the InterAction collaboration. "Without them," says Gillies, &am...

  11. Grooms receives 2011 Donald L. Turcotte Award


    Ian Grooms has been awarded the AGU Donald L. Turcotte Award, given annually to recent Ph.D. recipients for outstanding dissertation research that contributes directly to the field of nonlinear geophysics. Grooms's thesis is entitled “Asymptotic and numerical methods for rapidly rotating buoyant flow.” He presented an invited talk and was formally presented with the award at the 2011 AGU Fall Meeting, held 5-9 December in San Francisco, Calif. Grooms received his B.S. in mathematics from the College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Va., in 2005. He received a Ph.D. in applied mathematics in 2011 under the supervision of Keith Julien at the University of Colorado at Boulder. His research interests include asymptotic and numerical methods for multiscale problems in geophysical fluid dynamics.

  12. Screen-printed flexible MRI receive coils.

    Corea, Joseph R; Flynn, Anita M; Lechêne, Balthazar; Scott, Greig; Reed, Galen D; Shin, Peter J; Lustig, Michael; Arias, Ana C


    Magnetic resonance imaging is an inherently signal-to-noise-starved technique that limits the spatial resolution, diagnostic image quality and results in typically long acquisition times that are prone to motion artefacts. This limitation is exacerbated when receive coils have poor fit due to lack of flexibility or need for padding for patient comfort. Here, we report a new approach that uses printing for fabricating receive coils. Our approach enables highly flexible, extremely lightweight conforming devices. We show that these devices exhibit similar to higher signal-to-noise ratio than conventional ones, in clinical scenarios when coils could be displaced more than 18 mm away from the body. In addition, we provide detailed material properties and components performance analysis. Prototype arrays are incorporated within infant blankets for in vivo studies. This work presents the first fully functional, printed coils for 1.5- and 3-T clinical scanners.

  13. Fused silica windows for solar receiver applications

    Hertel, Johannes; Uhlig, Ralf; Söhn, Matthias; Schenk, Christian; Helsch, Gundula; Bornhöft, Hansjörg


    A comprehensive study of optical and mechanical properties of quartz glass (fused silica) with regard to application in high temperature solar receivers is presented. The dependence of rupture strength on different surface conditions as well as high temperature is analyzed, focussing particularly on damage by devitrification and sandblasting. The influence of typical types of contamination in combination with thermal cycling on the optical properties of fused silica is determined. Cleaning methods are compared regarding effectiveness on contamination-induced degradation for samples with and without antireflective coating. The FEM-aided design of different types of receiver windows and their support structure is presented. A large-scale production process has been developed for producing fused silica dome shaped windows (pressurized window) up to a diameter of 816 mm. Prototypes were successfully pressure-tested in a test bench and certified according to the European Pressure Vessel Directive.

  14. Perception of older adults receiving palliative care

    Fernanda Laporti Seredynskyj


    Full Text Available The present study aimed at understanding the perception of older adults who are receiving palliative oncological care on self care in relation to different stages of the disease and how such perception affected their lives. This is a qualitative study using oral history conducted with 15 older adults receiving palliative chemotherapy treatment in a health institution. The following categories emerged: social network, perspectives for confronting life, changes and spirituality. It is necessary for nursing staff to understand this process so that the measures implemented take into account all of the implications of the disease and aim at improving quality of life.   doi: 10.5216/ree.v16i2.22795.

  15. Graphene radio frequency receiver integrated circuit.

    Han, Shu-Jen; Garcia, Alberto Valdes; Oida, Satoshi; Jenkins, Keith A; Haensch, Wilfried


    Graphene has attracted much interest as a future channel material in radio frequency electronics because of its superior electrical properties. Fabrication of a graphene integrated circuit without significantly degrading transistor performance has proven to be challenging, posing one of the major bottlenecks to compete with existing technologies. Here we present a fabrication method fully preserving graphene transistor quality, demonstrated with the implementation of a high-performance three-stage graphene integrated circuit. The circuit operates as a radio frequency receiver performing signal amplification, filtering and downconversion mixing. All circuit components are integrated into 0.6 mm(2) area and fabricated on 200 mm silicon wafers, showing the unprecedented graphene circuit complexity and silicon complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor process compatibility. The demonstrated circuit performance allow us to use graphene integrated circuit to perform practical wireless communication functions, receiving and restoring digital text transmitted on a 4.3-GHz carrier signal.

  16. VLBI2010 Receiver Back End Comparison

    Petrachenko, Bill


    VLBI2010 requires a receiver back-end to convert analog RF signals from the receiver front end into channelized digital data streams to be recorded or transmitted electronically. The back end functions are typically performed in two steps: conversion of analog RF inputs into IF bands (see Table 2), and conversion of IF bands into channelized digital data streams (see Tables 1a, 1b and 1c). The latter IF systems are now completely digital and generically referred to as digital back ends (DBEs). In Table 2 two RF conversion systems are compared, and in Tables 1a, 1b, and 1c nine DBE systems are compared. Since DBE designs are advancing rapidly, the data in these tables are only guaranteed to be current near the update date of this document.

  17. Reducing the convective losses of cavity receivers

    Flesch, Robert; Grobbel, Johannes; Stadler, Hannes; Uhlig, Ralf; Hoffschmidt, Bernhard


    Convective losses reduce the efficiency of cavity receivers used in solar power towers especially under windy conditions. Therefore, measures should be taken to reduce these losses. In this paper two different measures are analyzed: an air curtain and a partial window which covers one third of the aperture opening. The cavity without modifications and the usage of a partial window were analyzed in a cryogenic wind tunnel at -173°C. The cryogenic environment allows transforming the results from the small model cavity to a large scale receiver with Gr≈3.9.1010. The cavity with the two modifications in the wind tunnel environment was analyzed with a CFD model as well. By comparing the numerical and experimental results the model was validated. Both modifications are capable of reducing the convection losses. In the best case a reduction of about 50 % was achieved.

  18. Next Generation Radio Astronomy Receiver Systems

    Morgan, Matthew A


    Radio astronomy observations in the coming decade will require new levels of sensitivity while mapping large regions of space with much greater efficiency than is achieved with current telescopes. This requires new instrumentation with the greatest achievable sensitivity, dynamic range, and field of view. Receiver noise is quickly approaching fundamental limits at most radio wavelengths, so significant gains in sensitivity can only be made by increasing collecting area. Jointly, these requirements suggest using large arrays of smaller antennas, or many moderate-size antennas equipped with multi-beam arrays. The challenge is to develop receivers and wide bandwidth data transport systems which are lower cost, more compact, more reliable, lower weight, and more reproducible than the best current systems, with no compromise to performance. This can be achieved with a greater degree of component integration, extensive use of digital signal processing and transport, and replacement of functions currently performed ...

  19. Digital Signal Processor For GPS Receivers

    Thomas, J. B.; Meehan, T. K.; Srinivasan, J. M.


    Three innovative components combined to produce all-digital signal processor with superior characteristics: outstanding accuracy, high-dynamics tracking, versatile integration times, lower loss-of-lock signal strengths, and infrequent cycle slips. Three components are digital chip advancer, digital carrier downconverter and code correlator, and digital tracking processor. All-digital signal processor intended for use in receivers of Global Positioning System (GPS) for geodesy, geodynamics, high-dynamics tracking, and ionospheric calibration.

  20. Armstrong Receives Space Medal of Honor


    Astronaut Neil A. Armstrong receives the first Congressional Space Medal of Honor from President Jimmy Carter, assisted by Captain Robert Peterson. Armstrong, one of six astronauts to be presented the medal during ceremonies held in the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB), was awarded for his performance during the Gemini 8 mission and the Apollo 11 mission when he became the first human to set foot upon the Moon.

  1. Optical antenna gain. II - Receiving antennas

    Degnan, J. J.; Klein, B. J.


    Expressions are developed for the gain of a centrally obscured, circular optical antenna used as the collecting and focusing optics in a laser receiver, involving losses due to (1) incoming light blockage by central obscuration, (2) energy spillover at the detector, and (3) the effect of local oscillator distribution in the case of heterodyne or homodyne detection. Numerical results are presented for direct detection and for three types of local oscillator distribution (uniform, Gaussian, and matched).

  2. Counterrotator And Correlator For GPS Receivers

    Thomas, J. Brooks; Srinivasan, Jeffrey M.; Meehan, Thomas K.


    Accurate, all-digital, high-speed processor comprising correlator and down-converter developed for receivers in Global Positioning System (GPS). Processor reduces roundoff and commensurability errors to extremely small values. Use of digital chip and phase advancers provides outstanding control and accuracy in phase and feedback. Great flexibility imparted by provision for arbitrary starting time and integration length. Minimum-bit design requires minimum number of logical elements, thereby reducing size, power, and cost.

  3. The Homogeneous Imagination of Novels Concerning Gifted Scholars and Beautiful Girls in Different Times-On ZHANG Xian-liang’s Woman as Another Half of Man and ZHANG Hen-shui’s Lovers ’Destiny%时代风云下才子佳人小说的同质想象--论张贤亮的《男人的一半是女人》和张恨水的《啼笑因缘》



    Since the ancient time,the combination of gifted scholars and beautiful girls in the love stories has been the most idealized affective patterns.In the new time,ZHANG Hen-shui’s Lovers’Destiny and ZHANG Xian-liang’s Woman as Another Half of Man have brought the time elements into them while they have inherited traditions.However,what we see in any space and time is that when subjects express their love,they show unanimously the shaping of women’s attributes by male culture.They make full use of their discourse hegemony which puts women into the secondary position.And the intellec-tuals’turning to laborers for help in love and betrayal clearly reveals that the superiority of male subjects has led to the cultural dilemma of females’existence.%自古以来,情爱小说中才子佳人组合是文学中最为理想的情感模式。而在新的时代风潮下,张恨水的《啼笑因缘》和张贤亮的《男人的一半是女人》在继承传统的同时融入了时代元素,但让我们看到的却是不管在任何时空下,主体在表达情思之时共同渗透出的男性文化对女性气质的塑造,他们利用自身的话语霸权圈囿女性的他者地位;而知识分子对劳动者的情爱求助与背叛,更是揭示出男性主体优越性对女性生存造成的文化困境。

  4. Optical antenna gain. 2: receiving antennas.

    Degnan, J J; Klein, B J


    Expressions are derived for the gain of a centrally obscured, circular optical antenna when used as the collecting and focusing optics in a laser receiver which include losses due to (1) blockage of the incoming light by the central obscuration, (2) the spillover of energy at the detector, and (3) the effect of local oscillator distribution in the case of heterodyne or homodyne detection. Numerical results are presented for direct detection and for three types of local oscillator distributions (uniform, Gaussian, and matched) in the case of heterodyne or homodyne detection. The results are presented in several graphs that allow the rapid evaluation of receiver gain for an arbitrary set of telescope and detector parameters. It is found that, for uniform illumination by the LO, the optimum SNR is obtained when the detector radius is approximately 0.74 times the Airy disk radius. The use of an optimized Gaussian (spot size = 0.46 times the Airy disk radius) improves the receiver gain by less than 1 dB. Theuse results are insensitive to the size of the central obscuration.

  5. Transient simulation of molten salt central receiver

    Doupis, Dimitri; Wang, Chuan; Carcorze-Soto, Jorge; Chen, Yen-Ming; Maggi, Andrea; Losito, Matteo; Clark, Michael


    Alstom is developing concentrated solar power (CSP) utilizing 60/40wt% NaNO3-KNO3 molten salt as the working fluid in a tower receiver for the global renewable energy market. In the CSP power generation cycle, receivers undergo a daily cyclic operation due to the transient nature of solar energy. Development of robust and efficient start-up and shut-down procedures is critical to avoiding component failures due to mechanical fatigue resulting from thermal transients, thus maintaining the performance and availability of the CSP plant. The Molten Salt Central Receiver (MSCR) is subject to thermal transients during normal daily operation, a cycle that includes warmup, filling, operation, draining, and shutdown. This paper describes a study to leverage dynamic simulation and finite element analysis (FEA) in development of start-up, shutdown, and transient operation concepts for the MSCR. The results of the FEA also verify the robustness of the MSCR design to the thermal transients anticipated during the operation of the plant.

  6. Development of Receiver Stimulator for Auditory Prosthesis

    K. Raja Kumar


    Full Text Available The Auditory Prosthesis (AP is an electronic device that can provide hearing sensations to people who are profoundly deaf by stimulating the auditory nerve via an array of electrodes with an electric current allowing them to understand the speech. The AP system consists of two hardware functional units such as Body Worn Speech Processor (BWSP and Receiver Stimulator. The prototype model of Receiver Stimulator for Auditory Prosthesis (RSAP consists of Speech Data Decoder, DAC, ADC, constant current generator, electrode selection logic, switch matrix and simulated electrode resistance array. The laboratory model of speech processor is designed to implement the Continuous Interleaved Sampling (CIS speech processing algorithm which generates the information required for electrode stimulation based on the speech / audio data. Speech Data Decoder receives the encoded speech data via an inductive RF transcutaneous link from speech processor. Twelve channels of auditory Prosthesis with selectable eight electrodes for stimulation of simulated electrode resistance array are used for testing. The RSAP is validated by using the test data generated by the laboratory prototype of speech processor. The experimental results are obtained from specific speech/sound tests using a high-speed data acquisition system and found satisfactory.

  7. Russian institute receives CMS Gold Award

    Patrice Loïez


    The Snezhinsk All-Russian Institute of Scientific Research for Technical Physics (VNIITF) of the Russian Federal Nuclear Centre (RFNC) is one of twelve CMS suppliers to receive awards for outstanding performance this year. The CMS Collaboration took the opportunity of the visit to CERN of the Director of VNIITF and his deputy to present the CMS Gold Award, which the institute has received for its exceptional performance in the assembly of steel plates for the CMS forward hadronic calorimeter. This calorimeter consists of two sets of 18 wedge-shaped modules arranged concentrically around the beam-pipe at each end of the CMS detector. Each module consists of steel absorber plates with quartz fibres inserted into them. The institute developed a special welding technique to assemble the absorber plates, enabling a high-quality detector to be produced at relatively low cost.RFNC-VNIITF Director Professor Georgy Rykovanov (right), is seen here receiving the Gold Award from Felicitas Pauss, Vice-Chairman of the CMS ...


    吕生全; 王文庆


    2005年甘肃省武威市区(县)镇三级党委政府立足凉州区张义镇、天祝县哈溪镇区位资源特色,制定了两镇突破行政区域限制,联手发展具备地域优势的日光温室红提葡萄秋延后生产、日光温室人参果周年生产特色产业,实施产业扶贫的"张哈"模式.2007年甘肃省政府又成立了甘肃"张哈"片省级扶贫开发示范区,从政策层面对产业扶贫加以强化.为了解"张哈"两镇特色产业发展现状及"张哈"发展模式对当地农民脱贫致富的成效,2013年底对"张哈"片已建成并投入生产的日光温室座数、面积及种植作物进行了普查;对片区适宜发展日光温室的25个行政村每个村选取9座具有生产、经营水平代表性的日光温室,进行了种植作物、产量、产值、生产性投入及净效益抽样调查;对凉州区张义镇堡子村、天祝县哈溪镇古城村两个特色产业示范村进行了种植作物、产量、产值、生产性投入及净效益重点调查.结果显示:由于对"张哈"区位特征把握准确,特色产业定位科学,培育产业的政策措施得力,特色产业发展势头良好、扶贫成效显著.日光温室红提葡萄秋延后生产、人参果周年生产特色产业成为当地农民脱贫致富的主导产业.但产业在发展同时也面临有组织无管理,有产品没有或少有精品,有品牌无名牌的问题.生产精品,培育名牌,应用科技手段提高日光温室性能、降低劳动强度,强化对产业的组织管理是扩大主导产业规模、提高特色优势产业对山区农民脱贫致富的贡献率的重要途径.%Zhang Yi town of Liangzhou district,and Haxi town of Tianzhu county of Wuwei,Gansu,are 2 national key poverty alleviation rural towns,and are both located in hinterland of Qilian Mountain,which is 70 kilometers a-way from the south of the city of Wuwei. The two towns are both lack of field with large numbers of people,per capi-ta irrigated

  9. Solar receiver performance of point focusing collector system

    Wu, Y. C.; Wen, L. C.


    The solar receiver performance of cavity receivers and external receivers used in dispersed solar power systems was evaluated for the temperature range 300-1300 C. Several parameters of receiver and concentrator are examined. It was found that cavity receivers are generally more efficient than external receivers, especially at high temperatures which require a large heat transfer area. The effects of variation in the ratio of receiver area to aperture area are considered.

  10. Thatcher Receives 2004 Charles A. Whitten Medal

    Stein, Ross


    Wayne Thatcher received the Whitten Medal at the 2004 Fall Meeting Honors Ceremony on 15 December, in San Francisco, California. The medal is given for outstanding achievement in research on the form and dynamics of the Earth and planets. Citation. Armed with geodesy, Wayne Thatcher has probed the behavior of great earthquakes, concentrating on the two sites where large events are frequent and the geodetic record is lush: the western United States and Japan. From this, he has garnered deep insights into the earthquake cycle-the pattern of strain accumulation and release of which an earthquake is only the most visible part.

  11. Perspectives from older adults receiving cancer treatment about the cancer-related information they receive


    Objective: Cancer patients have reported that information plays a significant role in their capacity to cope with cancer and manage the consequences of treatment. This study was undertaken to identify the importance older adults receiving cancer treatment assign to selected types of cancer-related information, their satisfaction with the cancer-related information they received, and the barriers to effective information provision for this age group. Methods: This study was conducted in two ph...

  12. Omnidirectional free-space optical receiver architecture

    Murshid, Syed H.; Lovell, Gregory L.; Finch, Michael F.


    Free Space Optical (FSO) communication is the fusion of wireless technology and optical fiber communications systems. It has the potential of providing fiber optic data rates without the physical restraints of optical fiber cables. This endeavor presents a novel receiver structure with potential for omnidirectional free space optical communications. Interesting approaches for accomplishing omnidirectional free space lasercomm such as direct detection and solar blind non-line of sight UV scattering have been reported over the last few years. However, these technologies have resulted in limited distances of the order of 10 to 100 meters and data rates often limited to less than 1 Mb/s. This endeavor reports the architecture of an omnidirectional receiver setup by integrating an off the shelf detector and a fiber bundle, where the fiber bundle couples omnidirectional photons within its field of view and delivers these photons to the detector. The coupling of light from all directions into a detector is regulated by the cone of the acceptance angle of the fiber. Multiple fibers with overlapping acceptance angles provide the necessary coverage that may be needed to extract the optical signal from the free space optical channel. Simulated results showing the normalized power pattern of the system is presented to demonstrate omnidirectional potential of the structure. Theoretical power level versus distance plot for an FSO System employing On-O Keying (OOK) is also presented.

  13. Woese on the received view of evolution.

    Sarkar, Sahotra


    As part of his attempt to reconstruct the earliest phase of the evolution of life on Earth, Woese produced a compelling critique of the received view of evolution from the 20th century. This paper explicitly articulates two related features of that critique that are fundamental but the first of which has not been sufficiently clearly recognized in the context of evolutionary theorizing: (1) according to Woese's scenario of communal evolution during life's earliest phase (roughly, the first billion years of life on Earth), well-defined biological individuals (and, thus, individual lineages) did not exist; and (2) during that phase, evolutionary change took place through ubiquitous horizontal gene transfer (HGT) rather than through vertical transmission of features (including genes) and the combinatorics of HGT was the dominant mechanism of evolutionary change. Both factors present serious challenges to the received view of evolution and that framework would have to be radically altered to incorporate these factors. The extent to which this will be necessary will depend on whether Woese's scenario of collective early evolution is correct.

  14. Parabolic Trough Receiver Heat Loss Testing (Poster)

    Price, H.; Netter, J.; Bingham, C.; Kutscher, C.; Burkholder, F.; Brandemuehl, M.


    Parabolic trough receivers, or heat collection elements (HCEs), absorb sunlight focused by the mirrors and transfer that thermal energy to a fluid flowing within them. Thje absorbing tube of these receivers typically operates around 400 C (752 F). HCE manufacturers prevent thermal loss from the absorbing tube to the environment by using sputtered selective Cermet coatings on the absorber and by surrounding the absorber with a glass-enclosed evacuated annulus. This work quantifies the heat loss of the Solel UVAC2 and Schott PTR70 HCEs. At 400 C, the HCEs perform similarly, losing about 400 W/m of HCE length. To put this in perspective, the incident beam radiation on a 5 m mirror aperture is about 4500 W/m, with about 75% of that energy ({approx} 3400 W/m) reaching the absorber surface. Of the 3400 W/m on the absorber, about 3000 W/m is absorbed into the working fluid while 400 W/m is lost to the environment.

  15. Solar central receiver heliostat reflector assembly

    Horton, Richard H.; Zdeb, John J.


    A heliostat reflector assembly for a solar central receiver system comprises a light-weight, readily assemblable frame which supports a sheet of stretchable reflective material and includes mechanism for selectively applying tension to and positioning the sheet to stretch it to optical flatness. The frame is mounted on and supported by a pipe pedestal assembly that, in turn, is installed in the ground. The frame is controllably driven in a predetermined way by a light-weight drive system so as to be angularly adjustable in both elevation and azimuth to track the sun and efficiently continuously reflect the sun's rays to a focal zone, i.e. central receiver, which forms part of a solar energy utilization system, such as a solar energy fueled electrical power generation system. The frame may include a built-in system for testing for optical flatness of the reflector. The preferable geometric configuration of the reflector is octagonal; however, it may be other shapes, such as hexagonal, pentagonal or square. Several different embodiments of means for tensioning and positioning the reflector to achieve optical flatness are disclosed. The reflector assembly is based on the stretch frame concept which provides an extremely light-weight, simple, low-cost reflector assembly that may be driven for positioning and tracking by a light-weight, inexpensive drive system.

  16. Transactions Security Tools in Account Receivables Management

    Anna Wodyńska


    Full Text Available Large competition among goods and services suppliers caused that granting clients deferred term of payment became a standard, so in other word granting clients commercial credit is a standard. Companies try to limit credit risk by securing their trade transactions in accordance with their credit policy that determines in some way the choice of trade transaction security tools.This article presents a full range of trade transaction security tools according to the general division into personal and property securities. The author pays attention to the fact that while conducting a proper credit policy in relation to clients, a company has chances to monitor efficiently the receivables and insist on their payment as well as use, as needed, the earlier prepared trade transaction security tools.The author convinces that regardless of the choice of trade transaction security tools, or reasons leading the receivables managing person, the basic criterion of security evaluation shall be its real, checked and verified value. The pledge on an object that does not exist is not worth much. The same applies to security granted by an insolvent person.

  17. The Submillimeter Array Antennas and Receivers

    Blundell, R


    The Submillimeter Array (SMA) was conceived at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory in 1984 as a six element interferometer to operate in the major atmospheric windows from about 200 to 900 GHz. In 1996, the Academica Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics of Taiwan joined the project and agreed to provide additional hardware to expand the interferometer to eight elements. All eight antennas are now operating at the observatory site on Mauna Kea, and astronomical observations have been made in the 230, 345, and 650 GHz bands. The SMA antennas have a diameter of 6 m, a surface accuracy of better than 25 micron rms, and can be reconfigured to provide spatial resolutions down to about 0.5" at 200 GHz and, eventually, 0.1" at 850 GHz. Coupling to the receiver package within each antenna is achieved via a beam waveguide, in a bent Nasmyth configuration, comprised of a flat tertiary mirror and two ellipsoidal mirrors that form a secondary pupil used for receiver calibration. An additional fixed mirror ...

  18. The Development and Innovation in the Study of Li Dazhao by Mr .Zhang Jingru%张静如先生对李大钊研究的开拓和创新



    M r .Zhang Jingru ,the founder ,leader and organizer of the study on Li Dazhao in Chi‐na ,devoted himself to his research into Li Dazhao in all his academic career .He made outstand‐ing contributions in the data collection and research of Li Dazhao ,Li Dazhao’s life ,activities and ideological system ,the research history of Li Dazhao ,new fields of the research of Li Dazhao , the internationalized research of Li Dazhao and the training of researchers of Li etc .T he rich aca‐demic thoughts from M r .Zhang about the study of Li Dazhao include :the spirits of seeking truth from facts ,and understanding human beings and reflecting on society ,the concepts of advancing with the times and bringing the new thoughts into the old ,the research approaches characterized by discipline combination and broad horizons ,the academic pursuit of strengthening basic sciences and restoring the truth ,the academic style of summarizing the pros and cons and constant devel‐opment .M r .Zhang Jingru made a prominent contribution to the prosperity and development of the study on Li Dazhao in China .%张静如先生是中国李大钊研究的开创者、领导者和组织者。张先生在一生的学术生涯中,一以贯之地坚持李大钊研究,在李大钊研究资料的搜集与研究、李大钊生平活动与思想体系、李大钊研究史、李大钊研究的新领域开辟、李大钊研究国际化以及培养李大钊研究后备队伍等方面作出了卓越的贡献。张先生从事李大钊研究有着丰富的学术思想,张先生李大钊研究的丰富学术思想包括:知世论人、实事求是的治学精神;与时俱进、推陈出新的研究理念;学科交融、视域宽广的研究视角;加强基础、还原本真的学术追求;总结得失、不断开拓的治学风格。张静如先生对中国李大钊研究的繁荣发展作出了开拓与创新的突出贡献。

  19. 朱熹与张栻的论学:性体情用心统与性体心用导向心之九义%On the Argument between ZHU Xi and ZHANG Shi



    我们讨论朱熹与张栻的论辩,固然需要对文本和历史作出深刻的了解,这是经典诠释的基本要素,但是单纯的经典诠释无法获得本体层面的根源性了解,因之我们尚需采取本体诠释学的方法,从根源上寻求体系的发展与成立。在这个意义上,朱子和胡五峰、张南轩的湖湘学派,是相互引申与相互攻错的关系,而不应将之看作谁是谁非的关系。更重要的是,在这种相互引申、相互攻错的关系之中,吾人可以就孟子以来的心性之学提出九项意义,亦即“心之九义”,显示“心”的意义多形多样。我为了彰显与体会其心与性情之际的多形多样而一体之义,乃回顾了四书、二程、胡五峰、张南轩、朱子的学说,在此提出“心”之九种含义之说。%The discussion of the argument between ZHU Xi and ZHANG Shi needs to be based on the basic element of interpretation of classics, namely, the keen insight of literature and history. But the simple interpretation of classics cannot lead to the thorough understanding from ontology level. Ontological hermeneutics should be applied instead so as to look into the establishment and development of the sys-tem. In this sense, the thoughts of ZHU Xi and those of Huxiang school, with HU Wu-feng and ZHANG Nan-xuan as its representatives, are actually overlapping and complementary so that neither can be de-fined as definitely right or wrong. More importantly, based on their complementary relationship, nine points of Mencius’ “Mind has nine meanings” can be concluded, manifesting various meanings of mind. With reviews of the Four books, theories of CHENGs, theories of HU Wu-feng, theories of ZHANG Nan-xuan, and theories of ZHU Xi, the author proposes the theory of “mind has nine meanings”.

  20. Eosinophils increase in animals that received biotherapic

    Pedro Gilberto Silva Morais


    Full Text Available Dairy industry is an important Brazilian economic activity participating of income generation. European breeds cattle aren’t adapted to parasites found in the tropics, like the Rhipicephalus microplus tick. Parasites can acquire resistance to allopathic products, but not to homeopathic products. We evaluate the efficacy of an antiparasiticide biotherapic against the R. microplus tick. The biotherapic was prepared according to the homeopathic pharmacopoeia recommendations from vegetable (Abrotanum and animal products (Rhipicephalus microplus, Amblyomma cajenennense, Haematobia irritans, Musca domestica, Dermatobia hominis, all diluted and vigorous shaken (dynamized in water or alcohol at a ratio of 1:99, in the 12th Centesimal Hahnemann (CH12, with limestone as the carrier. This homeophatic product found in veterinary pharmacies of Ituiutaba’s region, Minas Gerais State, is registered at Ministério da Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento (MAPA. Natural tick infestation was accessed in thirty Girolando (Gir x Holstein cows with 7 to 13 year-old, by monthly counting of tick female bigger than 6 mm, from October/2009 to July/2011. Cows were divided in three groups of 10 similar animals. The treated group (T1 received roughage, concentrate and biotherapic. The placebo group (T2 received roughage, concentrate and limestone and the control group (T3 received only roughage and concentrate. T1 and T2 groups were managed together and remained in the same paddock. T3 group was separed from T1 and T2 by a wire fence. From October 2009 to September 2010 blood cell counts and serum biochemical tests were performed monthly only in T1 and T2, but visual clinical observations were made in all animals. Any group was treated with acaricide when the count’s average reached 50 or more ticks. It was necessary 7 baths with acaricide in T1 and T2, while in T3 group (control group it was necessary 19 acaricide baths to control the cattle tick. We verified

  1. Three Specialized Innovations for FAST Wideband Receiver

    Zhang, Xia; Yu, Xinying; Duan, Ran; Hao, Jie; Li, Di


    The National Astronomical Observatories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (NAOC) will soon finish the largest antenna in the world. Known as FAST, the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope will be the most sensitive single-dish radio telescope in the low frequency radio bands between 70 MHz and 3 GHz.To take advantage of its giant aperture, all relevant cutting-edge technology should be applied to FAST to ensure that it achieves the best possible overall performance. The wideband receiver that is currently under development can not only be directly applied to FAST, but also used for other Chinese radio telescopes, such as the Shanghai 65-meter telescope and the Xinjiang 110-meter telescope, to ensure that these telescopes are among the best in the world. Recently, rapid development related to this wideband receiver has been underway. In this paper, we will introduce three key aspects of the FAST wideband receiver project. First is the use of a high-performance analog-to-digital converter (ADC). With the cooperation of Hao Jie’s team from the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences(CASIA), we have developed 3-Gsps,12-bit ADCs, which have not been used previously in astronomy, and we expect to realize the 3-GHz bandwidth in a single step by covering the entire bandwidth via interleaving or a complex fast Fourier transform (FFT).Second is the front-end analog signal integrated circuit board. We wish to achieve a series of amplification, attenuation, and mixing filtering operations on a single small board, thereby achieving digital control of the bandpass behavior both flexibly and highly-efficiently. This design will not only greatly reduce the required cost and power but will also make the best use of the digital-system’s flexibility. Third is optimization of the FFT: the existing FFT is not very efficient; therefore, we will optimize the FFT for large-scale operation. For this purpose, we intend to cascade two FFTs. Another

  2. Signal Processing for Improved Wireless Receiver Performance

    Christensen, Lars P.B.


    This thesis is concerned with signal processing for improving the performance of wireless communication receivers for well-established cellular networks such as the GSM/EDGE and WCDMA/HSPA systems. The goal of doing so, is to improve the end-user experience and/or provide a higher system capacity...... in connection with parameter estimation. Next, a realistic framework for interference whitening is presented, allowing flexibility in the selection of whether interference is accounted for via a discrete or a Gaussian distribution. The approximate method of sphere detection and decoding is outlined and various...... suggestions for improvements are presented. In addition, methods for using generalized BP to perform approximate joint detection and decoding in systems with convolutional codes are outlined. One such method is a natural generalization of the traditional Turbo principle and a generalized Turbo principle can...

  3. The BINP receives its Golden Hadron award


    On Thursday, 14 September, the LHC Project Leader, Lyn Evans, handed over a Golden Hadron award to Alexander Skrinsky of Russia's Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics (BINP). The prize is awarded in recognition of exceptional performances by suppliers and this year prizes were awarded to two firms, Cockerill-Sambre (Belgium) and Wah-Chang (United States), and to the Budker Institute, which was unable to receive the award at the same time as the two other recipients (see Bulletin No 34/2002, of 19 August 2002). The Russian institute has been rewarded for the particularly high-quality production of 360 dipole magnets and 185 quadrupole magnets for the LHC proton beam transfer lines.

  4. Teleseismic receiver functions imaging of Siberia

    Soliman, Mohammad Youssof Ahmad; Thybo, Hans; Artemieva, Irina


    be used for determining Moho depth, and are excellent for detecting relatively broad vertical gradients in velocity, such as expected for a thermally controlled LAB. The combination of both types of RFs allows for independent discontinuity models of the same area in different frequency bands using......We map the lithosphere in Siberia by using the available broadband seismic data for calculation of Ps- and Sp-wave receiver functions (RF). RFs show converted waves from discontinuities in the vicinity of the seismic stations. The main objective is to image the Moho and upper mantle discontinuities......, including the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary (LAB) beneath the study area. We construct the RF using the LQT method (Vinnik, 1977; Kind et al. 1995) in the version by Yuan et al. (1997). Rotation of ray coordinates uses the incidence angles predicted by the AK135 velocity model. This decomposes the wave...

  5. Jiang Zemin Receives New ACWF Leadership


    FOUR days after the adjournment of the 8th Chinese Women’s National Congress, President Jiang Zemin received all the newly-elected members of the executive committee and several deputies at Zhongnanhai. Gu Xiulian, Vice President and the First Member of the Secretariat of the All-China Women’s Federation (ACWF), briefed Jiang on the congress. She said deputies had reached consensus on certain issues: that women should capitalize on their abilities in the overall social participation; that the uplifting of women’s quality should be seen as a long-term strategy; and that women’s development requires a supportive social environment. Jiang Zemin listened attentively to the speeches delivered by seven deputies. Jiang Daguo, president of Hubei Provincial Women’s Federation, from one of the

  6. Receiver based PAPR reduction in OFDMA

    Ali, Anum Z.


    High peak-to-average power ratio is one of the major drawbacks of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM). Clipping is the simplest peak reduction scheme, however, it requires clipping mitigation at the receiver. Recently compressed sensing has been used for clipping mitigation (by exploiting the sparse nature of clipping signal). However, clipping estimation in multi-user scenario (i.e., OFDMA) is not straightforward as clipping distortions overlap in frequency domain and one cannot distinguish between distortions from different users. In this work, a collaborative clipping removal strategy is proposed based on joint estimation of the clipping distortions from all users. Further, an effective data aided channel estimation strategy for clipped OFDM is also outlined. Simulation results are presented to justify the effectiveness of the proposed schemes. © 2014 IEEE.

  7. Humboldt SK pilot biodigester receives funding



    The Canada-Saskatchewan Western Economic Partnership Agreement (WEPA) will provide funding for Canada's first pilot-scale biodigester to be built in Humboldt, Saskatchewan. The $208,138 pilot facility will use household garbage as well as agricultural waste such as manure and livestock operations, abattoirs and food processing to create heat or power and fertilizer. Support for this bio-energy facility, which could also reduce greenhouse gases, will come from the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute which has received $186,138 from Canada and Saskatchewan in the form of cost-shared federal-provincial funding. The pilot plant will test different combinations of waste material feedstocks and the characteristics of the resulting gas end products. The pilot facility will also provide design information for full-scale biodigester manufacturers in Canada. It is expected that 25 full-scale biodigesters will be constructed in Canada in the near future.

  8. Listeriosis in patients receiving biologic therapies.

    Bodro, M; Paterson, D L


    The evolution of inflammatory diseases has radically changed since the introduction of biologic therapies, such as tumour necrosis factor alpha inhibitors (anti-TNFα). They, therefore, represent a widely used therapeutic modality. Nevertheless, post-marketing studies reveal an increased risk of infection in patients taking these drugs, especially granulomatous infections such as listeriosis. We aimed to evaluate the reported cases of listeriosis in patients treated with biologic treatments. We used the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Adverse Event Reporting System (AERS) from 2004 to 2011. We also perform a literature review of previously reported cases of listeriosis in patients taking biologic therapies. We identified 266 cases of Listeria monocytogenes infection associated with biologic therapies. The majority of patients were receiving infliximab (77.1 %), followed by etanercept (11.7 %), adalimumab (9.8 %), rituximab (4.1 %), abatacept (0.4 %) and golimumab (0.4 %). Indications for the use of biologics were as follows: 47.7 % for rheumatologic diseases, 38 % for inflammatory bowel diseases, 3.4 % for haematological diseases and 10.5 % for other indications. Seventy-three percent of the patients were receiving concomitant immunosuppressant drugs, especially steroids (56 %) and methotrexate (31.6 %). The median time to the onset of infection was 184 days. Mortality rates range from 11.1 % in adalimumab-treated patients to 27.3 % in rituximab-treated patients (p = 0.7). Listeriosis is common in biologics-treated patients, especially related to infliximab use given concomitantly with other immunosuppressive therapies. Infections after treatment with biologics mostly occurred in the first year after initiating treatment.

  9. Ototoxicity in children receiving cisplatin chemotherapy

    Hee Jin Jang


    Full Text Available Purpose : Cisplatin is highly effective for the treatment of solid tumors in children. However, the clinical use of cisplatin is limited by its ototoxicity. The aim of this study was to evaluate the ototoxicity in children treated with cisplatin. Methods : We performed a single institution retrospective analysis of pediatric oncology patients who received cisplatin therapy between January 2001 and January 2008. Thirty-seven patients with sufficient medical and audiologic data were included in this study. Results : The median age at the time of diagnosis was 10.7 (range 3.8&#8211;16.7 years. There were 16 males and 21 females. The underlying diseases were osteosarcoma (15 cases, medulloblastoma (14 cases, germ cell tumors (7 cases, and hepatoblastoma (1 case. The median individual dose was 100 mg/m2/cycle (56-200. The median cumulative dose was 480 mg/m2 (200-1,490. Sixteen patients (43% received cranial radiotherapy. Of the 37 patients, 17 developed hearing loss, leading to an overall incidence of 46%. Logistic regression showed that age at treatment (P=0.04 and cumulative dose of cisplatin (P=0.005 were the significant risk factors in predicting hearing loss in children treated with cisplatin. In all the patients who had hearing loss, there was neither improvement nor aggravation during the follow-up (3&#8211;68 months. Conclusion : The cumulative dose of cisplatin (&gt;500 mg/m2 and younger age at treatment (&lt;12 years were 2 most important risk factors for ototoxicity in patients treated with cisplatin. Serial audiometric evaluations are needed in the patients with risk factors during and after cisplatin treatment.

  10. Phase Noise Tolerant QPSK Receiver Using Phase Sensitive Wavelength Conversion

    Da Ros, Francesco; Xu, Jing; Lei, Lei


    A novel QPSK receiver based on a phase noise reduction pre-stage exploiting PSA in a HNLF and balanced detection is presented. Receiver sensitivity improvement over a conventional balanced receiver is demonstrated.......A novel QPSK receiver based on a phase noise reduction pre-stage exploiting PSA in a HNLF and balanced detection is presented. Receiver sensitivity improvement over a conventional balanced receiver is demonstrated....

  11. Becoming Equal:Sexual Attitudes in Little Reunion by Zhang Ailing%趋于两性平等:张爱玲《小团圆》中的性观念



    In little Reunion as a summary of Zhang Ailing’s novels ,the women lived in both home and abroad .They still valued money on carrying on the family line and usually had an abortion .As family declined ,men also attached im‐portance to money in the novel .In sexual attitudes ,women had a complex and bold sexual intercourse as men ,inspite of exposing which women and men could still live in harmony .Besides that ,lesbianism appeared in the novel .All in all ,in the Zhang Ailing’s final writing women slowly had already take their trip out of the gloomy family ethics and the harsh feudal ethical code and were forming sexual equality with men .%作为张爱玲最后总结之作的《小团圆》,小说中的女性生活范围扩大到海外。小说中的女性仍然表现出对金钱的重视,而对传宗接代问题却有所淡化,女性的堕胎成为常态。也许由于小说中的家道开始日趋衰落,《小团圆》也表现了男性对金钱的重视。在性观念上,女性的性关系之复杂及大胆程度已经可以和男性比肩;即便关系暴露,男性和女性仍能够和谐相处。此外,小说还出现了女性同性恋的描述。这意味着在张爱玲最后的创作中,女性已经逐步走出阴森森的家庭伦理和严酷的封建礼教,正在形成与男性更为平等的两性关系地位。

  12. Commercial Business Like Political Affair---Zhang Yuan-ji’ s Culture Practice with His Commercial and Political Opinion%商事如政事--张元济“以政入商”下的文化运作



    The Chung Hua Book Company tried to occupy the market of the commercial textbooks through republican text-books during the 1911 Revolution. The leader of the Commercial Press,Zhang Yuan-ji,who was of great political intelligence and abundant experience and was also well known among the political,business and education circles,resolved highly adaptive solutions to the crisis. Imitating the imperial examination system,the Commercial Presss based on all kinds of cultural publica-tion no matter the old or the new things,or the things in China or abroad. And the Commercial Presss was able to survive in the turbulent times also by extending its ample interpersonal relationship so that it then developed well under the leadership of Zhang Yuan-ji and maintained its position among political,business and education circles. At the same time the Commercial Presss had been keeping great benefit and good reputation.%民元鼎革之际,中华书局以共和教科书为突破口,抢占商务教科书市场份额。面对危机,商务领导人张元济将其丰富从政经验与政治智慧导入商业模式,加之苦心经营政学商三界高端人脉有年,故得以及时调整并挽回颓势。商务也适时利用其丰沛人脉,在动荡不安的历史年代夹缝中求生存,以文化出版事业为桥梁,无分新旧左右、禹内域外,效仿科举大举储才,将各方势力活成一片,使人脉在商务这个“变相之官场”的平台上,继续在政学商界良性延展,获得了自身历史上义利双赢的黄金时代。

  13. 基于现代肝病范畴的张仲景临证医学思想研究%ZHANG Zhong-jing Clinical Theory Research Based on Modern Liver Diseases Treatment Fields

    谭春雨; 梁慧风; 朱音; 黄瑛; 张宁; 方力行


    To demonstrate the medical treatise related to Hypochondriac pain, tympanites, jaundice and other diseases in Treatise on Febrile Diseases and Medical Treasures of the Golden Chamber, we believe that ZHANG Zhong-jing treated hypochondriac pain based on syndrome differentiation, owing its etiology to excess - evil blocking liver and gallbladder channels and vessels, attaching importance to relieving secondary symptoms in acute cases, treatment of chronic disease aiming at the principal aspect. Regarding to tympanites, owing its etiology to blood and Qi stagnation, blood stagnation could be induced by cold obstruction, damp - heat, scarce of essence , while Qi stagnation by cold obstruction, turbid phlegm, attaching importance to simultaneous application of purging and nourishing therapeusis. In conclusion, when Zhang Zhong Jing diagnosing and treating modern liver diseases based on syndrome differentiation, owing disease sites to liver, gallbladder, spleen and stomach, emphasizing invigorating liver, gallbladder, spleen and stomach, deficiency should be treated by supplementary therapy, stagnation should be treatment by promoting, treating heat syndrome with cold therapy, cold disease should be treated by warm therapy. All in all the treatment principles would be nourishing and invigorating the Qi of related Zang and Fu organs, also regulating and harmonizing them.%探讨了、有关胁痛、臌胀、黄疸等病症的医论方药文献,认为仲景辨治胁痛主要责之于实邪阻滞肝胆经脉以及精气虚损二端,治疗上强调固本培源,补益精气;辨治黄疸多责之于湿热、寒湿、瘀血、气血虚损、气机不利等,治疗上强调急则治标,缓则治本;辨治臌胀多责之于瘀血气滞两端,瘀血有寒凝血瘀、湿热血瘀、精枯血瘀等之别,气滞有寒凝气滞、痰浊气滞之分,治疗上强调攻补相宜.总结看,仲景辨治现代肝病相关病症,病住上多责之于肝胆脾胃,治法上强调健运肝胆脾

  14. Acute hepatitis C in patients receiving hemodialysis.

    Griveas, I; Germanidis, G; Visvardis, G; Morice, Y; Perelson, A S; Pawlotsky, J M; Papadopoulou, D


    Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is frequent in patients with end-stage renal disease treated by chronic dialysis, with a prevalence varying from 10-65% according to the geographical data. The prevalence is significantly associated with the duration of dialysis and the number of transfused blood products[1,2] and has dramatically declined with efficient blood screening.[3] We studied patients with acute HCV infection in a dialysis unit. The diagnosis was based on both anti-HCV detection and HCV-RNA detection. Other virological tools including HCV genotype determination was also used to tailor treatment to the individual patient and determine its efficacy for a one-year follow-up period. Seventeen patients (7 male and 10 female, mean age: 63.7 +/- 11.6 SD) with acute hepatitis C were enrolled to our study. All of them were followed up for a period of one year after the diagnosis was established. Phylogenetic analysis distinguished two separate HCV subtypes 1b, which were both responsible for this acute infection (see Figure 1). These types did not differ in their behavior on the clinical situation of our patients, as confirmed by the fact that in both groups of patients, there was only one patient who presented with acute illness. Six patients of our study group, three months after the acute infection, received pegylated interferon (Peg-IFNa2a) 135 mug for a six-month period. Four of them responded very well to therapy and at the first determination HCV RNA was below the cutoff point. One of our patients with very high HCV levels (HCV RNA > 50,000,000 IU/mL), despite receiving the same therapy, did not respond well and developed cirrhosis. In conclusion, it is clear from our experience that better information is needed about the current incidence, prevalence, and risk factors for HCV infection in dialysis patients. Algorithms for the diagnosis and management of hepatitis C should be developed by academic societies. Routine screening for hepatitis C also would allow

  15. Dish stirling solar receiver combustor test program

    Bankston, C. P.; Back, L. H.


    The operational and energy transfer characteristics of the Dish Stirling Solar Receiver (DSSR) combustor/heat exchanger system was evaluated. The DSSR is designed to operate with fossil fuel augmentation utilizing a swirl combustor and cross flow heat exchanger consisting of a single row of 4 closely spaced tubes that are curved into a conical shape. The performance of the combustor/heat exchanger system without a Stirling engine was studied over a range of operating conditions and output levels using water as the working fluid. Results show that the combustor may be started under cold conditions, controlled safety, and operated at a constant air/fuel ratio (10 percent excess air) over the required range of firing rates. Furthermore, nondimensional heat transfer coefficients based on total heat transfer are plotted versus Reynolds number and compared with literature data taken for single rows of closely spaced tubes perpendicular to cross flow. The data show enhanced heat transfer for the present geometry and test conditions. Analysis of the results shows that the present system meets specified thermal requirements, thus verifying the feasibility of the DSSR combustor design for final prototype fabrication.

  16. CERN safety expert receives international award


    On 18 December 2004, the President of the Swiss Electro-technical Committee, Martin Reichle (left), presented the award to Helmut Schönbacher. Helmut Schönbacher, of the Safety Commission at CERN, has received, the "1906 Award" of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for his standardisation work on the influence of ionizing radiation on insulating materials. From 1986 until 2004, Schönbacher was leader of a working group on radiation composed of internationally recognised experts. It edited standards of the IEC 60544 series on the determination of the effects of ionizing radiation on electrical insulating materials. The working group also edited three IEC Technical Reports on the determination of long-term radiation ageing in polymers. This standardisation work and long-term experience from CERN on the radiation ageing of materials also contributed to research coordination programmes of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). From 1968 until 1988, Schönbacher was a member of the Rad...

  17. Social Interactions Receive Priority to Conscious Perception.

    Su, Junzhu; van Boxtel, Jeroen J A; Lu, Hongjing


    Humans are social animals, constantly engaged with other people. The importance of social thought and action is hard to overstate. However, is social information so important that it actually determines which stimuli are promoted to conscious experience and which stimuli are suppressed as invisible? To address this question, we used a binocular rivalry paradigm, in which the two eyes receive different action stimuli. In two experiments we measured the conscious percept of rival actions and found that actions engaged in social interactions are granted preferential access to visual awareness over non-interactive actions. Lastly, an attentional task that presumably engaged the mentalizing system enhanced the priority assigned to social interactions in reaching conscious perception. We also found a positive correlation between human identification of interactive activity and the promotion of socially-relevant information to visual awareness. The present findings suggest that the visual system amplifies socially-relevant sensory information and actively promotes it to consciousness, thereby facilitating inferences about social interactions.

  18. Neufeld Receives 2009 Donald L. Turcotte Award


    Jerome Neufeld has been awarded the Donald L. Turcotte Award, given annually to recent Ph.D. recipients for outstanding dissertation research that contributes directly to the field of nonlinear geophysics. Neufeld's thesis is entitled “Solidification in the fast lane: Flow-induced morphological instability in geological systems.” He was formally presented with the award at the Nonlinear Geophysics Focus Group reception during the 2009 AGU Fall Meeting, held 14-18 December in San Francisco, Calif. Jerome received his B.A.S. in engineering science from the University of Toronto in 2001, and a Ph.D. in geophysics from Yale University in 2008, under the supervision of J. S. Wettlaufer, on the impact of oceanic currents on the formation of sea ice. He is currently a fellow at the Institute of Theoretical Geophysics, University of Cambridge, working on the fluid dynamics of geophysical systems including carbon dioxide sequestration, the influence of flow on the crystal structure of mushy layers, and the evolution of icicles.

  19. Animal choruses emerge from receiver psychology

    Greenfield, Michael D.; Esquer-Garrigos, Yareli; Streiff, Réjane; Party, Virginie


    Synchrony and alternation in large animal choruses are often viewed as adaptations by which cooperating males increase their attractiveness to females or evade predators. Alternatively, these seemingly composed productions may simply emerge by default from the receiver psychology of mate choice. This second, emergent property hypothesis has been inferred from findings that females in various acoustic species ignore male calls that follow a neighbor’s by a brief interval, that males often adjust the timing of their call rhythm and reduce the incidence of ineffective, following calls, and from simulations modeling the collective outcome of male adjustments. However, the purported connection between male song timing and female preference has never been tested experimentally, and the emergent property hypothesis has remained speculative. Studying a distinctive katydid species genetically structured as isolated populations, we conducted a comparative phylogenetic analysis of the correlation between male call timing and female preference. We report that across 17 sampled populations male adjustments match the interval over which females prefer leading calls; moreover, this correlation holds after correction for phylogenetic signal. Our study is the first demonstration that male adjustments coevolved with female preferences and thereby confirms the critical link in the emergent property model of chorus evolution. PMID:27670673

  20. Patrick Janot receives the CNRS silver medal


    Patrick Janot during the award ceremony. (Photo Schwemling, Paris) On 25 November, Patrick Janot of the CERN Physics Department received the CNRS silver medal for IN2P3 (Institut national de physique nucléaire et de physique des particules). This prize, one of the most prestigious awarded by the French research centre, is given to scientists for the 'originality, quality and importance of their work, as recognised both nationally and internationally'. Patrick Janot joined the ALEPH collaboration, one of the four experiments at LEP, then under construction, in 1987. First a CERN Fellow, he went on to work for the CNRS at LAL in 1989. Together with his team, he developed innovative algorithms for the reconstruction of events. This work and others earned him the bronze CNRS medal in 1993, which is awarded to scientists for their first achievements. In 1997, he became a permanent physicist at CERN, where he continued to work for ALEPH. He was appointed LEP scientific co-ordinator for the last two years of the ac...

  1. CERN Web Pages Receive a Makeover


    Asudden allergic reaction to the colour turquoise? Never fear, from Monday 2 April you'll be able to click in the pink box at the top of the CERN users' welcome page to go to the all-new welcome page, which is simpler and better organized. CERN's new-look intranet is the first step in a complete Web-makeover being applied by the Web Public Education (WPE) group of ETT Division. The transition will be progressive, to allow users to familiarize themselves with the new pages. Until 17 April, CERN users will still get the familiar turquoise welcome page by default, with the new pages operating in parallel. From then on, the default will switch to the new pages, with the old ones being finally switched off on 25 May. Some 400 pages have received the makeover treatment. For more information about the changes to your Web, take a look at: Happy surfing!

  2. 张絅伯与青岛明华银行的兴衰关系探究%Discussion on Relationship Between Zhang Jiongbo and Qingdao Ming Wah Bank



    In October of 1922 ,Qingdao Branch of Ming Wah Commercial and Savings Bank was founded .Due to its rapid development ,it became one successful model of the commercial banks in Qingdao .However ,its bankruptcy in the impact of the silver storm in 1935 also became one impor‐tant event in the financial history of Qingdao in the period of the Republic of China .As the manager , Zhang Jiongbo played an important role in the rapid development of Qingdao Ming Wah Bank ,but he also had inescapable responsibility for its bankruptcy .%1922年10月,明华商业储蓄银行青岛分行成立后,业务发展很快,一度成为青岛商业银行成功的典范,但在1935年却因经受不住白银风潮的冲击而倒闭,成为民国时期青岛金融史上的一个重大事件。作为经理,张絅伯对于青岛明华银行的快速发展作出了重要贡献,但对于银行的倒闭同样负有不可推卸的责任。

  3. On the Basic Dialect of the Mandarin of Ming Dynasty in Zhang Wei's Wenqiji%从张位《问奇集》看明代官话的基础方言



    Dialects in Zhang Wei's Wenqiji are the pronunciation bias resulted from people of different regions when speaking their Mandarin, namely Chinese common language. An explorative study on the pronunciation bias can help us get the valuable information about the common language in Ming Dynasty. It is suggested in this paper that the standard pronunciation of the mandarin in Ming Dynasty is based on the pronunciation of Jianghuai mandarin, and the phenomena of entering tones and"ni lai bu hun" are pronunciation features of Chinese common language in Ming Dynasty.%明代张位《问奇集》中的"乡音"是指明代各地人说官话——汉语共同语时出现的语音偏误. 研究这些语音偏误能够得知明代官话的一些信息. 明代官话语音的标准音以江淮官话语音为基础,至于有入声、泥来不混等则是明代汉语共同语语音的特征.

  4. 张锡纯学术思想对辨治心力衰竭相关病证的启示%The Enlightenment of Zhang Xichun's Academic Thoughts of Treating Heart Failure Related Syndromes



    Heart failure is a serious outcome of many cardiac diseases.Medical thoughts like "Chuan wu shan zheng" and "Da qi xia xian" in Zhang Xichun's Records of Chinese Medicine with Reference to Western Medicine are related to the diagnosingand treatment of heart failure.Replenishing qi and promoting urinationtaking Han syndrome into considerationand preventive treatment of diseases are of great significance to modern clinical practices in treating heart failure.%心力衰竭是多种心脏疾病的严重转归。张锡纯《医学衷中参西录》中“喘无善证”、“大气下陷”等论述与现代心力衰竭相关病证辨治具有相关性;其益气利水、兼顾汗证、注重“治未病”等治法理论对临床辨治心力衰竭相关病证具有重要启示。

  5. On the Life and Thoughts of the Woman Writer Zhang Lingyi in Tongcheng in the Qing Dynasty%清代桐城女作家张令仪的生平与思想



    清代桐城才女张令仪出身世家,一生致力文学,前后期生活从华贵到贫穷,从夫妻恩爱到中年寡居,其生平经历对文学创作产生重大影响,使她的思想具有崇文尚雅、尊礼重德和自由淡泊的特点。她的诗歌在中国古代女性文学史上也有着独到的价值。%Zhang Lingyi,born in an aristocratic family,was a talented woman in Tongcheng in the Qing Dynasty.Her life was devoted to literature.She experienced the changes from noble and luxurious life in early time to poverty in later days,from happy marriage to widowhood in her middle-age.Her life experience had significant influence on her literary creation: She honored elegance,respected ritual and morality,and highlighted freedom and simplicity.Her poems had distinctive value in the history of Chinese ancient women literature.

  6. 张贵兴的南洋“神话”--阅读《顽皮家族》%Zhang Guixing’s Legend of Nanyang ---Reading The Naughty Family



    In his The Naughty Family, Zhang Guixing, the Malaysian Chinese novelist in Taiwan tells the happy story of Chinese immigrants in Nanyang in a light and playful style. The work’s allegorical meaning of family legend and its magic realistic techniques constitute a counter narrative for the authoritative historical discourse. Through its legendary story and narrative strategy the novel deconstructs the stereotypes of both Chinese immigrants and their Nanyang colonizers. The Nanyang in this novel is Zhang’s imaginary homecountry, and the root of his cultural identity.%在《顽皮家族》中,旅台马华小说家张贵兴以轻松戏谑的笔调书写南洋华人移民的欢乐传奇,其家族神话的寓意、魔幻写实的手法等,均构成了对权威历史论述的对抗叙事。小说通过传奇内容和叙事策略同时解构了华人移民及其南洋殖民者的刻板形象。《顽皮家族》中的南洋对于张贵兴来说便是他想象中的故国,也是他个人文化认同之根源。

  7. Political Geographic Ideas of Zhang Jian's Motion of Provincial Establishment in Xuzhou%论张謇《徐州应建行省议》的政治地理思想



    Zhang Jian's Motion of Provincial Establishment in Xuzhou explained the necessity of the provincial estahlishment in Xuzhou mainly according to the national defense. internal affairs. and economy, and discussed the specific. operation of the program as well. Due to all the additional provinces located in the frontier during the late Qing Dynasty, this motion was a rare one to estahlish an inland province. It shows his important political geographic ideas. Details of such changes in administrative division history are worthy of our attention.%  张謇的《徐州应建行省议》主要从国防、内政、经济等方面阐述了在徐州建立行省的必要性,同时讨论了具体的操作方案。由于清末增设行省皆在边疆,所以这是清末较为罕见的在内地增设行省的提议。这份奏议中体现了“于内地‘筹边改省’”、“变散地为要害”等重要的政治地理思想。这些政区沿革史上的重要细节,值得引起我们关注。

  8. 张春和从火热辨治Ⅲ型前列腺炎经验浅析%Zhang Chunhes Experience in Treating Chronic Prostatitis by Discriminating Fire and Heat

    赵凡; 张春和


    In andrology,chronic prostatitis (CP)is one of the difficult problems.Its pathogenesis and pathophysiology are un-clear now.CP bothers many patients because of uncertain drug efficacy.Professor Zhang specializes in treating CP by traditional Chi-nese medicine and has his original views.In treatment,he focuses deeply on discriminating fire (heat)pathogen which appears in the disease.Here comes Professor Zhang’ s experience for the readers.%Ⅲ型前列腺炎是男科常见的疑难杂症之一,其发病机制、病理生理学改变等目前尚不明确,临床药物疗效不确切,给患者带来困扰。张春和教授在运用中医药治疗Ⅲ型前列腺炎方面具有一定见解,诊治过程中重视对本病中出现的火热证候进行深入辨析,积累了丰富的临床经验,现将其经验进行探讨总结,以飨读者。

  9. Female consciousness of Jane Austen and Zhang Ai-ling%简·奥斯丁与张爱玲两位作家的女性意识对比分析



    张爱玲和简·奥斯丁这两位作家是中西方女性文学史上不可忽视的代表人物,她们都在各自的创作中体现出鲜明的女性意识.本文分析了两位作家在不同时代,不同背景,不同文化下所体现的女性意识.旨在让人们站在历史的高度,纵观中外审视女性的社会价值和地位.%Zhang Ai-ling and Jane Austen are the representative figures of Chinese and western history of women literature, who can not be ignored, they are in their own creation reflects the distinctive female consciousness. This article analyses the two writers in different times, different backgrounds and different culture embodies the feminine consciousness. Aim to make people stand at the height of history, throughout the Chinese and foreign review the social value and status of women.

  10. Zhang Dongsun’s Research on the Cultural Differences Betwee n China and Western Countries%张东荪对中西文化差异性的研究



    张东荪认为,中西文化不仅存在明显的“古今之异”(时代性差异 ),而且还存在着“中外之别”(民族性差异),“古今之异”在于“社会组织与经济状态”,“中外之别”在于“思想方面”。他对中西思想上的不同进行比较研究,主要是通过构成文化要素之一的中西哲学上的差异来进行的。%In Zhang Dongsun’s view, there are difference s betw een Chinese and western cultures not only in ancient and modern times but also i n China and western countries. He holds that difference of times lies in the sta te of social organization, and difference of nationalities in thoughts. He carri ed out his comparative research work by way of comparing the differences between Chinese and western philosophy which is one of the factors of culture.

  11. On the Artistic Features of the Novel You in the Plateau by ZhangWei%论张炜《你在高原》的艺术特色



    ZhangWei, a Chinese famous writer, spent more than 20 years to write the novel You in the Plateau, which contains four million five hundred thousand words and 39 volumes.For this novel, he was awarded the Eighth MaoDun Prize in Literature in 2011.The paper studied the structure ,the characters and the scenery description of the novels in order to promote the creation and research of the Chinese novels.%中国当代著名作家张炜,花了20多年时间,写成了一部长达39卷450万字的长篇小说《你在高原》,堪称中外小说史上篇幅最长的纯文学小说,并于2011年获得第八届茅盾文学奖。拟从作品的结构安排、人物形象塑造、景物描写等方面,对这部长篇巨制的艺术审美价值进行梳理与探析,以期对中国长篇小说的创作与研究起到一定的促进作用。

  12. Mental trauma from the perspective of psychoanalysis--taking Zhang Ai-ling’s works as an example%精神分析视角下的心灵创伤--以张爱玲创作为例



    Since the psychoanalysis started application in literature and was widely introduced to China. Psychoanalysis makes urban culture, human thinking together, forming a new urban psychopathic trend in the 30 s. Development to the '40 s, Zhang Ai-ling represented an essential role in the development of psychoanalysis.%自精神分析学说五四时期被广泛引入中国起就开始应用于文学创作之中。精神分析学说在30年代与都市文化、人性思考更好地结合起来,形成一股表现都市心理病态的新感觉派创作潮流。发展到四十年代,张爱玲在精神分析学派的发展中起到了承上启下的作用。

  13. An Exploration of Zhang Boling's Education and Its Inspiration for Privately-run Institutions of Higher Education%张伯苓教育探索及对民办高校的启示



    张伯苓领导南开大学近50年,将一个私立大学办成了中国一流,其以国家需求确立办学宗旨、高起点确定人才培养目标、以人为本加强师资队伍建设、实施民主科学管理、多途径筹措办学经费等探索对现代民办高校有着重要的启示。%Leading Nankai University for nearly fifty years,Zhang Boling made this private university into a first-rate university.He decided on its principles of school running according to the needs of the country,fixed high-standard aims to train people,strengthen the teaching staff people orientedly,carried out democratic and scientific administration,raised school running funds in many ways.All of the above practices have important inspirations for modern privately-run institutions of higher education.

  14. Living Seriously in Hypocrisy-An Analysis of Womenˊs Psychology in Zhang Ailingˊs Novel%认真活在虚伪里--试论张爱玲小说女性心理



    In Zhang Ailingˊs novels,she deconstructed female mythology from ancient times. She uncov-ered different kinds of womenˊs ugly psychology distorted by their desires with her luxurious language and her sadly beautiful writing style. Based on her novels,the paper analyzes womenˊs twisty sexual psychology,their adhering mentality in nature,and their psychology about extremely strong vanity and mutual conflict of the same sex,and then explores the forming causes of these psychological characteristics. This study further studies the unique value of female psychological portray in her novels.%张爱玲的小说解构了自古以来的女性神话,她用华丽的文辞、凄艳的笔调揭示了女性被欲望扭曲了的种种丑恶心理。从文本出发分析了张爱玲小说中女性性扭曲的心理、本质上的依附心理和极度爱慕虚荣、同性相互倾轧等心理,并分析了产生这些心理特点的原因,从而进一步探讨其女性心理塑造的独特价值。

  15. Lightness and Heaviness: Beautiful Remorse ——An Interpretation to In the Mirror by ZHANG Zao%轻与重:美丽的悔——读张枣《镜中》



    Zhang Zao has long tried to learn from and employ skills from classical poetry,and has conducted some successful experimentation.In the Mirror being one case in point.In this poem,synaesthesia and significance transferring impart remorse with a sense of beauty and gracefulness,while the subtle change of grammatical persons leads to psychological spatial shifting.The excellent use of mirror image tacitly unifies the whole poem.All these three factors are bound together to constitute an intricate text.These skills help achieve a balance between lightness and heaviness with an excellent effect.%张枣很早就开始尝试对古典诗学传统的吸收和借鉴,并进行了比较成功的试验,《镜中》便是一例。通感和"词义借用"使"悔"变得美丽轻盈,人称转换造成了心理空间腾挪,"镜中"这一出色运用的意象统摄了全诗,三者共同织就一个复杂的文本。这些技巧帮助平衡了诗中的轻与重,取得了良好的效果。

  16. 张謇职教思想陈列馆的文化价值及其实现%Cuhural Value and Its Realization of the Museum of Zhang Jian's Vocational Education Thoughts



    The Museum of Zhang Jian's Vocational Education Thoughts conveys a return of the theme of vocational education to people's livelihood ,highlights the essence of humanistic education and assumes the responsibility of campus culture for talent cultivation. Its culture value lies in exhibiting cultural deposits and vocational educational culture and enhancing cultural self-consciousness. The ways to realize the cultural value are presented as follows :to play the role of a calTier to communicate culture,to build an educational base for regional history and patriotism, to undertake versatile cultural exchanges and cooperation.%剖析了张謇职教馆回归职业教育民生主题、凸显人文教育精髓、承载校园文化育人功效的特征,揭示其体验文化底蕴、彰显职教文化、提升文化自觉的文化价值,提出了发挥传播文化的载体作用、打造区域历史文化和爱国主义教育基地、进行多样有效的文化交流与合作等文化价值实现路径。

  17. The doomsday mentality of the Ming and Qing literati reflected by Zhang Dai%张岱诗文折射出的明清之际末世文人心态



    In the Ming and Qing Dynasties appeared many prestigious writers ,their poems often re‐veals a contradictory attitude ,both the disillusionment and struggle ,Zhang Dai is representative of this type of intellectuals. There are self -abandoned decadent and the fight with wan building to collapse in his poems ,this complex emotion from the extravagant social atmosphere in the late Ming Dynasty and his tra‐ditional Confucian education and the experience of national subjugation.%明清易代之际出现了众多富有盛名的文学家,其诗文往往流露出一种矛盾的态度,既有幻灭又有抗争,张岱可谓这一类型知识分子的代表。他的诗文中既有自暴自弃的颓废,也有欲挽大厦于将倾的抗争。这种复杂的情绪源于晚明奢靡的社会风气,也源于他所受到的传统儒学教育和亡国的经历。

  18. 30 CFR 57.13011 - Air receiver tanks.


    ... 30 Mineral Resources 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Air receiver tanks. 57.13011 Section 57.13011... Boilers § 57.13011 Air receiver tanks. Air receiver tanks shall be equipped with one or more automatic... exceeding the maximum allowable working pressure in a receiver tank by not more than 10 percent....

  19. 30 CFR 56.13011 - Air receiver tanks.


    ... 30 Mineral Resources 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Air receiver tanks. 56.13011 Section 56.13011... § 56.13011 Air receiver tanks. Air receiver tanks shall be equipped with one or more automatic pressure... the maximum allowable working pressure in a receiver tank by not more than 10 percent. Air...

  20. 42 CFR 435.120 - Individuals receiving SSI.


    ... 42 Public Health 4 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Individuals receiving SSI. 435.120 Section 435.120..., Blind, and Disabled § 435.120 Individuals receiving SSI. Except as allowed under § 435.121, the agency... deemed to be receiving SSI. This includes individuals who are— (a) Receiving SSI pending a final...

  1. Turcotte Receives 2003 William Bowie Medal

    Cathles, Lawrence M.; Turcotte, Donald L.


    ``Few have contributed more to fundamental geophysics, or been better at encouraging others to contribute, than Donald L. Turcotte. Don trained as an engineer, receiving a Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Physics from the California Institute of Technology in 1958. After a year at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, he joined the Cornell Graduate School of Aeronautical Engineering, rising to full professor. He established expertise on seeded combustion, magnetohydrodynamic and electrical phenomena in turbulent boundary layers, and shock waves and authored a book, Space Propulsion, and co-authored a textbook, Statistical Thermodynamics. ``In 1965 he went on sabbatical to Oxford and returned an Earth scientist. The catalyst was Ron Oxburgh. Plate tectonics was just on the horizon, and Don joined his quantitative abilities and physical intuition with Ron's skills and knowledge of geology to produce over the next decade a remarkable series of 24 papers that explored topics such as the many implications of the Earth's thermal boundary layer, ridge melting, subduction zone volcanism, and intraplate tectonics and magmatism, and established the physical bases for many of the processes operating on our planet. Shifting to the Cornell Department of Geological Sciences in 1973, Don explored virtually every aspect of physical Earth geology and became an expert on planetary remote sensing and geophysical interpretation. He published over 150 papers on thermal subsidence in sedimentary basins, two-phase hydrothermal porous media convection, lithosphere flexure, cyclic sedimentation, and stick-slip earthquakes and the lithospheres and mantles of the other planets. He worked and published with outstanding students and colleagues including Ken Torrance, Gerald Schubert, David Spence, Marc Parmentier, Bill Haxby, John Ockendon, Kevin Burke, Jud Ahern, Steve Emerman, and Charlie Angevine. In 1982 he published Geodynamics with Jerry Schubert, a book that became the primary reference in

  2. Hypocupremia in patients receiving total parenteral nutrition.

    Bozzetti, F; Inglese, M G; Terno, G; Pupa, A; Sequeira, C; Migliavacca, S


    Although hypocupremia is a well-known consequence of long-term total parenteral nutrition (TPN), its incidence as well as the duration of TPN necessary to induce it are still unsettled. The purpose of this study is to review the changes in serum copper level in 25 patients receiving TPN for a period longer than 2 wk (mean duration 6 wk) at the Istituto Nazionale Tumori of Milan and to evaluate the possible relationship of cupremia with the basic disease. Main indications for TPN included enterocutaneous fistulas (11 patients), cancer cachexia (10 patients), radiation enteropathy (two patients), and severe postoperative stricture following esophagogastric resection (two patients). Mean value of serum copper at the beginning of the study was 143 micrograms/100 ml (normal value 65-165 micrograms/100 ml), and the regression analysis showed a mean fall of 5.64 micrograms/100 ml/wk. Hypocupremia occurred in four patients (three with intestinal fistulas and one with radiation obstructive enteritis) at 5th, 6th, 9th, and 6th wk of TPN, respectively. No patient with cancer cachexia developed hypocupremia. No patient with hypocupremia had clinical evidence of a copper deficiency syndrome. We conclude that 1) hypocupremia does not occur within the first month of TPN; 2) its incidence is about 16% in patients intravenously fed for period longer than 2 wk; 3) it is more frequent in patients with enterocutaneous fistulas, whereas it never occurs in patients with cancer cachexia, and 4) it is not necessarily associated to a clinicometabolic syndrome of copper deficiency. Finally, the "nutritional" meaning of serum copper should be questioned in cancer patients since it could represent a "tumor marker."

  3. 3-Receiver Broadcast Channels with Common and Confidential Messages

    Chia, Yeow-Khiang


    Achievable secrecy rate regions for the general 3-receiver broadcast channel with one common and one confidential message sets are established. We consider two setups: (i) when the confidential message is to be sent to two of the receivers and the third receiver is an eavesdropper; and (ii) when the confidential message is to be sent to one of the receivers and the other two receivers are eavesdroppers. We show that our secrecy rate regions are optimum for some special cases.

  4. 益生菌Lactobacillus casei Zhang对凝固型发酵乳质构和挥发性风味物质的影响%Effects of Probiotic Lactobacillus casei Zhang on the Texture Profile and Volatile Compounds of Set Yogurt

    其木格苏都; 郭壮; 王记成; 孟和毕力格; 张和平


    [目的]评价益生菌Lactobacillus casei Zhang(L.casei Zhang)货架期内活菌数的变化及其对发酵乳物理特性和挥发性风味物质的影响.[方法]将2株Streptococcus thermophilus(S.thermophilus)分别与益生菌L.casei Zhang复配发酵,发酵结束(pH 4.5)于4℃冷藏28 d,并对发酵乳各指标进行测定.[结果]4℃贮藏28 d时,发酵乳中益生菌L.casei Zhang活菌数没有显著性变化(P<0.05),且数量保持在108CFU/g以上;益生菌L.casei Zhang与S.thermophilus复配发酵有利于提高3-羟基-2-丁酮和己酸等挥发性风味物质的含量,同时短期贮藏过程中(1-7 d)可赋予产品较高的黏度、硬度、脆度、胶性和耐嚼性,随着贮藏时间的延长其对产品物理特性的影响随发酵用S.thermophilus菌株的不同而呈现不同的变化.[结论]4℃贮藏28 d过程中,益生菌L.casei Zhang具有非常好的稳定性,同时其与S.thermophillus复配发酵可赋予产品较好的质构和风味.%[Objective] The viability of the probiotic Lactobacillus casei Zhang during the product sbelf-life and its effects on the texture profile and the production of volatile compounds of fermented milk were studied.[Method] L.casei Zhang was inoculated together with either of the two Streptococcus thermophilus strains into pasteurized milk for fermentation,the fermentation was ended when the pH value of fermented milk reached 4.5,then,specific indexes of the products were determined after storage at 4℃C for 28 d.[Result] The viable count ofL.casei Zhang was highly stable (P<0.05),and was more than 108CFU/g aRer storage at 4℃ for 28 d.Furthermore,by simultaneous inoculating L.casei Zhang and the selected strains ofS.thermophilus into the milk at a certain proportion,it was beneficial to improve the content of 3-hydroxyl-2-butanone and hexylic acid in products; this method also enhanced the viscosity,hardness,fracturability,gumminess and chewiness of the products during short-term storage (1-7 d


    Yetty Go; Fu Ruomei


    Zhang Ailing is a heterogeneous novel writer in China literatures history. Almost of her life, she already wrote so many literatures works. One of her famous novel is (Red Rose and White Rose). The story is describe the image of main figures character and his emotional. Writer wants use the characterization, complexity of personality and story plot these three aspect to analysis the novels figure looks, figure character and the story. This novel story is a complication relationship between...

  6. Perspectives from older adults receiving cancer treatment about the cancer-related information they receive

    Margaret I Fitch


    Full Text Available Objective: Cancer patients have reported that information plays a significant role in their capacity to cope with cancer and manage the consequences of treatment. This study was undertaken to identify the importance older adults receiving cancer treatment assign to selected types of cancer-related information, their satisfaction with the cancer-related information they received, and the barriers to effective information provision for this age group. Methods: This study was conducted in two phases with separate samples. Six hundred and eighty-four older cancer patients receiving treatment completed a standardized survey and 39 completed a semi-structured interview to gather perspectives about cancer-related information. Data were analyzed for 65-79 years and 80+ year groups. Results: Information topics about their medical condition, treatment options, and side effects of treatment were rated as most important by the older cancer patients. Women assigned a higher importance ratings than men to information overall (t = 4.8, P < 0.01. Although participants were generally satisfied with the information, they received many described challenges they experienced in communicating with health care professionals because of the medical language and fast pace of speaking used by the professionals. Conclusions: The older cancer patients in this study endorsed the same topics of cancer-related information as most important as has been reported in studies for other age groups. However, this older group recommended that, during their interactions with older individuals, health care professionals use fewer medical words, speak at a slower pace, and provide written information in addition to the actual conversation.

  7. Superior Coherent Receivers for AF Relaying with Distributed Alamouti Code

    Khan, Fahd Ahmed


    Coherent receivers are derived for a pilot-symbol aided distributed Alamouti-coded system with imperfect channel state information. The derived coherent receivers do not perform channel estimation but rather use the received pilot signals for decoding. The derived receiver metrics use the statistics of the channel to give improved performance. The performance is further improved by using the decision history. Simulation results show that a performance gain of up to 1.8 dB can be achieved for the new receivers with decision history as compared with the conventional mismatched coherent receiver. © 2011 IEEE.

  8. Array Receivers and Sound Sources for Three Dimensional Shallow Water Acoustic Field Experiments


    ABSTRACT c. THIS PAGE u u u 17. LIMITATION OF 18. NUMBER ABSTRACT OF PAGES u 7 19a. NAME OF RESPONSIBLE PERSON Ying-Tsong Lin 19 b. TELEPHONE NUMBER...physical oceanographic processes and become varying in time. The ultimate scientific objective of our recent studies is to understand the underlying...patterns from straight and curved nonlinear internal waves," J Acoust. Soc. Am., vol. 131 , pp. 1689-1700,2012. Zhou, J., Zhang, X. and Rogers , P. H

  9. Zhang Huadong's Experiences in the Treatment of Sjogren Syndrome Based on the Theory of Liver and Lung Qi Activity%张华东从肝肺气机论治干燥综合征经验

    桑永兵; 刘颖; 鲁构峰; 赵瑞英; 邓俊花; 张华东


    Sjogren syndrome( SS)results from the dysfunction of body fluids transformation and dis-tribution and is classified into the categories of“dryness syndrome”,“dryness toxin”and“dryness Bi syn-drome”in traditional Chinese medicine. Prof. Zhang Huadong accumulated rich clinical experiences in the treatment of SS and the treating theory of liver and lung qi activity is one of the characteristics. Prof. Zhang believed that the treatment of SS should focus on regulating liver and lung qi activity. Dysfunction of liver and lung qi in ascending and descending leads to deficiency of qi,blood and body fluids and distribution impair-ment,which is one of the key causative factors of the disease. Hence,the principles of treatment are regulating liver and lung qi ascending and descending and normalizing the distribution of qi,blood and body fluids. Based on the pattern/syndrome differentiation in clinic,the disease is differentiated as the mental hyperactivi-ty restricting the wood,the wood fire restricting the mental,the failure of metal to restrict the wood,the mental dryness burning up the wood,the wood dryness disturbing the mental,the steaming up of the mental and wood,etc. The treatment methods are modified in accordance with the symptoms. This therapy is widely used in clinical practice and has achieved the significant efficacy.%干燥综合征在中医看来,是津液化生与运行敷布失常,根据其临床表现当属“燥证”“燥毒”“燥痹”等范畴。张华东教授在治疗干燥综合征多年临床经验中,从肝肺气机论治是其特色之一,认为论治干燥综合征可从调理肝肺气机入手,肝肺气机升降失调引起气血津液盈亏、输布失常是本病发病的关键之一,治疗上应调理肝肺气机升降,平和气血津液输布。具体在临床辨证的分型中,有金亢制木、木火刑金、金不制木、金涸燎木、木枯扰金、金蒸木焖等等,实际中随证而治,广泛应用,疗效卓著。

  10. Multimodal Expression of Zhang Ai-ling’s Novel Love In a Fallen City%张爱玲小说《倾城之恋》的多模态表达

    罗小娟; 许奕斌


    Love in a Fallen City, is the representative work of Zhang Ailing. The novel uses light and col⁃or, pictures and scenes, describing visually perceptible images. Through dialogues and delicate descriptions of sounds, it brings readers rich auditory enjoyment;By the means of picture painting and image building, the set⁃ting fully triggers readers’thinking and imagination in multimodal means——visual, auditory, conscious and so on conveying its rich multimodal beauty of art. Multimodal discourse analysis helps from a different angle to show the art charm of Chinese literature, providing a new method for the interpretation of literary works.%《倾城之恋》是张爱玲的代表作。小说运用光线与色彩、画面与景别,描绘出一幅幅可视可感的图像;通过对白以及对各种声音的细腻描写,为读者带来丰富的听觉享受;利用绘画手段与意象构建、情景设置充分触发读者的思维和联想——以视觉、听觉、意识等多种模态手段,传达出其丰富的多模态艺术之美。借助多模态话语分析对多模态表达艺术进行尝试性的展现,能帮助我们从另一个角度来展现中国文学作品的艺术魅力,为文学作品的解读提供一种新的方法和途径。

  11. Criticism on China' s Civic Society ---Interpretations of Social Value Connotations in Zhang Henshui' s Novels%中国市民社会批判——张恨水小说社会价值内涵阐释



    As the mirror of Chinese civic society, the fictional world by Zhang H perspectives and broad scope, the contrast between the city and the countryside as enShui portrays with vast well as the difficult and gradual progress of the history of the conflicts between traditional; and modem cultures. It has also profoundly showcased the materialistic value theory centered on money and power as the origin of all evil, and tragics in the Chinese civic society, which enslaves and distorts people' s spirit and personality. The criticism as such has focused on three thematic demonstrations:The world of notions empowered by materialistic value theory;The emotional world dominated by money and power;Unification of Money and Power.%张恨水小说世界是中国市民社会的镜子,它不仅以广阔的视野与时空跨度展现了中国市民社会在城乡对立、传统与现代两种文化撞击中艰难渐进的历史,而且从意识形态与社会学角度深刻揭示了以金钱权力为本位的物质主义价值观的统治及其对人们精神和人格的奴役与扭曲是市民社会的万恶之源、悲剧之源。这一批判性主题是通过构成小说世界的三个子主题——物质主义价值观统治的观念世界、金钱权力支配的感情世界、官商一体的权力世界——表现的。

  12. On ZHANG Da-qian and His Fame as“an Expert in Studies of SHI Tao”%论张大千与“石涛专家”之名



    In his early years,ZHANG Da-qian was famous for imitation of SHI Tao’s works.And his imitated paintings of SHI Tao’s works were quite difficult to distinguish them from the original ones.In this sense,he was famed “an expert in studies of SHI Tao.However,he suffered a lot of controversy because of such experience.Nevertheless,the patterning and modeling after the ancient style helped him sort out the Chinese history of art,and led to his great progress in painting tech-niques.And he finally was able to integrate the ancient theories or techniques into his paintings and then make some changes. This event fully shows the complex relationship between the traditional and modern Chinese paintings in the 20 th century.%张大千早年在上海以仿石涛出名,所仿石涛画作让人真假难辨,所以被誉为“石涛专家”。一方面,摹古、仿古的经历让他饱受争议;然而另一方面,摹古、仿古又让他在技法上梳理了中国绘画史,使他的绘画技艺突飞猛进,最终能够熔古而变今。这一事件充分地表现了二十世纪中国画中传统与现代之间复杂的关系。




    清中叶著名诗人张问陶,又是一位深有造诣的诗论家。其诗论体系,以强调诗人“自我”为核心、根本以至灵魂。他认为诗人“自我”的“性灵”、“性情”、“血性”、“灵光”,乃诗歌审美本体之内质。此外,他论及诗歌的创作、功能、继承、风格、鉴赏、批评诸方面时,无一不和诗人“自我”联系起来进行阐释。再者,他的诗论体系又是开放性的系统,它上通于天,追求“天人合一”;又根扎于地,特别关注现实人生。%Zhang Wentao, a famous poet in the middle of the Qing Dynasty and also a poetics maker with profound knowledge. His poetics system stressed the poet himself as a core, fundament, even soul. He held that the personality, temperament, guts and spirit of the poet himself were internal elements of poetical aethetics. He discussed the creation, function, inheritance, style, appreciation and criticism of poetry without nothing of them connected with himself. Furthermore, his system was open, pursuing the theory that man was integral part of nature and rooting in the earth and especially caring about the present living.

  14. 张恨水散文《两都赋》的冲淡美%On the Easy and Mild Beauty of Zhang Hen-shui's Ode to the Two Capitals



    Being easy and mild is Zhang Hen‐shui's thought in prose w riting ,w hich can be show n in his Ode to the Two Capitals .The beauty of this Ode lies in the following aspects :the ordinary subject matter reveals leisure mood ,the easy w riting style creates natural artistic sense ,the simple and plain language ex‐presses peculiar common lives .There is also deep expression of thick nostalgic memory of homeland behind the plainness and leisureliness . T he Ode develops the school of artistic easiness and mildness in modern prose ,at the same time ,it represents characteristics of its ow n and is peculiar in language expression ,and thus ,it should be one of the important pieces among Chinese modern proses .%冲淡是张恨水对散文的要求,《两都赋》正体现出冲淡美。这主要表现为,平实的题材流露闲适基调,平淡的笔法营造自然意境,朴实的白话表达通俗独特,在这朴实闲适中又包含深沉的故园之思。《两都赋》既发展了现代散文冲淡一派,又显示了自己的个性和独特的语言表达方式,理应在中国现代散文中留下一席之地。

  15. Historical Meaning and Contemporary Value of Zhang Jian's Philosophy of Higher Educational%张謇高等教育理念的历史意蕴与当代价值



    中国近代著名教育家、实业家、社会活动家张謇的教育理念深刻而富有前瞻性,他的“救亡图强”的教育宗旨,“学必期于用,用必适于地”的教育模式,“道德优美,学术纯粹”的育人标准,“德、智、体、群’’并育的教育方针,“师贵严”、“学需静”的教风学风等等,不仅在一百年前开启了中国高等教育现代化的大门,在一百年后的今天仍具有重要的应用价值。%ZHANG Jian, the famous modern Chinese educationist, businessman, social activist, created a wealth of ed- ucational theories. At the same time, he established hundreds of preliminary and middle schools and dozens of universities in his lifetime. His educational philosophy is profound and forward-looking, including the educational objective of "nation- al salvation and strengthen", the educational mode of "the aim of study is usage, and usage should be suitable to the ac- tual conditions", the educational standards of "excellent moral, pure academic", the educational policy of "developing moral, intelligence, physical and social intercourse together", and the educational methods of "teachers should be strict and students should focus on the study in the process of teaching" etc. These ideas opened the door of modernization of Chinese higher education 100 years ago, and still have important applied value today.

  16. ZHANG Dai-nian’s Contribution to the Establishment of the Discipline of History of Chinese Philosophy%张岱年对中国哲学史学科建设的历史贡献



    As a modern discipline, history of Chinese philosophy should cover a group of subjects, including history of Chinese philosophy, historiography of Chinese philosophy, the science of historical materials of Chinese, history of historical studies of Chinese philosophy. During several decades, Professor ZHANG Dai -nian put tremendous amount of academic work into the establishment and development of these subjects, making great contribution which should never be forgotten. Proper appreciation of ZHUANG’s contribution will not only help us reexamine theoretically the issues concerning the discipline of Chinese philosophy in this new historical situation, but also enable us to really improve our work on the construction of this discipline.%中国哲学史作为一个现代学术门类,应当是一个涵括中国哲学史、中国哲学史学、中国哲学史史料学以及中国哲学史学史的学科群。张岱年先生以自己数十年间的学术实践与丰硕的学术成果,从不同的侧面对这个学科群的建构与发展作出过重要的历史贡献。重视并总结张先生的这种历史贡献,不但有助于我们在新的时代条件下从理论的层面对中国哲学史学科建设的思考,也有助于我们在实践中拓展与深化现代中国哲学史学科的建设。

  17. Journal of Neijiang Normal University%On ZHANG Zhu-po’s Standards of Comment on Characters in Chin Ping Mei:A Case Study of WU Yue-niang and MENG Yu-lou



    In ZHANG Zhu-po’s comments on ChinPing Mei,we can find great difference of commenting between WU Yue-niang and MENG Yu-lou.He took WU as a “wicked good person”and poured blames on her;in contrast,he called MENG a “real good person”and believed that she was the proj ection of the writer herself in the novel.This is because that the commentator merged the feeling of his life and the standards of comment on characters in pursuing certain values into his com-ment.These include three aspects:moral standards of wealth and sex,traditional words and deeds of rite and virtue,positio-ning of literati’s self-regarding images and second wives.%张竹坡批评《金瓶梅》中,对吴月娘和孟玉楼的评价有着较大差异:视吴月娘为“奸险好人”,大加贬斥;称孟玉楼为“真正好人”,认为她是作者本人在小说中的投射。原因在于评点者融入自己身世之感与价值追求所建立的人物品评标准。这主要包括三个方面:财与色的道德尺度、礼与贤的传统言行、继室与文人自喻的形象定位。

  18. 俗趣、滥情与排日:1930-1933年的张资平小说%Vulgar Taste 、Promisculty and Repel Japan: Zhang Zi- ping' s Novels from 1930 to 1933



    Zhang Zi - ping began to thorough move towards the promiscuous popular literary reation because of his erosion thinking and vulgar taste in 1930' s. He paid much attention to describe the psychological characters and sexual behavior, so his romantic novels had become almost the natural record of sexual performance of men and women, even if his anti - Japan novels also were written as angular polygonal love model. Furthermore, there were still many objections with his novels in this period, such as straightforward way plot, debunching or branches and tendrils story, along with characters'mental activitives and ideological change disadvantages such as lack of logic, etc.%思想的糜烂和情趣的俗化使得张资平在20世纪30年代初开始彻底走向滥情的"通俗"文学创作。由于过于注重对人物性心理和性行为的描写,所以他的婚恋小说几乎成了男女性欲表现的自然记录,即使是排日小说也被他写成了生硬的多角恋爱模式。此外,他这一时期的小说还存在情节平铺直叙、故事散乱枝蔓以及人物内心活动和思想变化缺少逻辑性等缺点。

  19. 张謇所创“中国第一”或“全国之最”考略%Probation into Cases created by Zhang Jian to be "the First in China"



    张謇在教育救国、实业救国的实践中,创造了众多的全国之最,反映了他的创新开拓精神。但由于一些夸大不实之词的掺杂,使有些提法与史实不符,混淆视听。通过对“中华工商时报”等报刊书籍提及的张謇所创“中国第一”或“全国之最”逐一考证,发现有的确属全国之最,有的有待进一步论证,还有一些并非全国第一。只有澄清事实,才能正确利用文史资源,有助于研究的深入。%In the practice of saving the nation through education and industry, Zhang Jian created a lot of cases which were listed as "the First in China". All his achievements revealed his innovative and pioneering spirits. However, due to some exaggerated rumors, some of his achievements were made to be confusing and twisted. By probing into newspapers and magazines like China Business Times, we classify his achievement into three types: true cases of "the First in China", cases requiring further study, and exaggerations. Only by Clarifying the truth can we resort to historical resources correctly.

  20. 融合与分裂——试论吴趼人《中国侦探案》的过渡性特征%Exploration on ZHANG Wen-tian' s Cultural Democracy Thought

    张颖; 李宁


    文化民主是一种文化人权,尊重文化人的个性和文化团体的独立性不仅是政治民主的内在要求,也是文学文艺发展、进步的不竭动力。张闻天文化民主思想与其学习、文艺创作、革命实践密切相关,具体指向(受众)是广大民众,前提条件是文化人创作的自由、自主权,承认和肯定文化团体的自主性;内容上体现反封建、反礼教,提倡个人的平等,创造宽松的文艺生存环境。前瞻性上看,对文化创新创造的政治条件、文化体制的调整和调适指明了方向。%Cultural democracy is a cuhure of human rights. Respect for intellectuals of the independence of personality and cultural groups is not only the inherent requirements of political democracy, but also the literary arts development and progress of the inexhaustible power. ZHANG .Wen-tian' s democratic ideas are closely related to his learning culture, art and literature creation, revolutionary practice. The specific point ( the audience) is the general public, provided that intellectuals creative freedom, autonomy, recog- nition and affirmation of the autonomy of cultural groups; content reflects the anti-feudal, anti-decency and propriety, to promote equality of individuals, creating a favorable environment for cultural survival.

  1. An Investigation into the Style of Zhang Ailing's Golden Lock in the Perspective of Text-Linguistics%篇章语言学视野下的张爱玲《金锁记》风格探析



    篇章语言学的很多研究方法还处于起步阶段,需要不断地完善。而篇章的风格意义研究分析就更加难。本文尝试运用《语体分析纲要》中美觉因子分析方法,对张爱玲的《金锁记》的风格进行分析,希望透过实验找到一条分析小说风格的形式性方法。典型意象、意象群、意象的颜色、意象的声音、意象的变化对小说《金锁记》苍凉的风格刻画起着非常重要的作用,在分析的同时还要结合在小说中构成元素如背景、情节、角色、旋律等方面的因素来进行分析。%Many research methods in modern texts are still in the starting stage and need continuous improvement .It is more difficult to analyze the significance of text styles .This paper makes an attempt to use esthetic factors coming from the stylistic analysis summary and non‐typical images to analyze the style of Zhang Ailing's Golden Lock .Hopefully we can find a formative method to analyze the styles of no‐vels .Factors like typical images ,image groups of typical settings ,the colors of images and sounds have important function in the formation of the style of bleakness in the novel Golden Lock .At the same time , the composing factors such as background ,plot ,characters ,and rhythm are also taken into consideration in the analysis .

  2. An analysis on Zhang Peimeng’s running tempo in the whole course of 100 m race%张培萌百米跑10 s时的全程节奏分析

    毛旭江; 朱娟红; 潘慧炬; 宋福康


    Through the methods of information technology and documentation,Chinese elite sprinter Zhang Peimeng’s 100 m-run skill in semi-final at the 2013 IAAF World Champions was studied. The results show that Zhang’s running skill has the characteristics of short step length,high step frequency,as well as his split step frequency in each phase close to the top 8 sprinters’maximum value in correspondence phase in the final. Zhang’s peak step frequency turned out later than the top 8 sprinters in the final,and lasts only one phase. According to the results,we should focus on improving Zhang’s step length,which is helpful for him to improve his performance.%通过信息技术及文献资料法,对我国男子优秀百米选手张培萌在2013莫斯科世界田径锦标赛上跑10 s时的全程节奏进行测量与分析,并与决赛的前8名选手进行比较。结果显示:1)张培萌步长较小、步频较高,属于步频见长型的选手,各分段步频与前8名选手各分段的最大值相近,本次跑法属于高步频的跑法;2)与前8名选手比,张培萌最高步频出现较晚,且仅维持一个分段。建议其从提高步长角度出发,以提高成绩。

  3. Diabetes mellitus in HIV-infected patients receiving antiretroviral ...

    the incidence of diabetes in HIV-infected adults receiving ART is between ... 6 Department of Pediatrics, Division of Infectious Diseases, The Children's Hospital of ... of HIV and DM in patients receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART) in Botswana.

  4. Active Versus Passive: Receiver Model Transforms for Diffusive Molecular Communication

    Noel, Adam; Makrakis, Dimitrios; Hafid, Abdelhakim


    This paper presents an analytical comparison of the active and passive receiver models in diffusive molecular communication. In the active model, molecules are absorbed when they collide with the receiver surface. In the passive model, the receiver is a virtual boundary that does not affect molecule behavior. Two approaches are presented to derive transforms between the active and passive receiver signals. As an example, we unify the two models for an unbounded diffusion-only molecular communication system with a spherical receiver. As time increases in the three-dimensional system, the transform functions have constant scaling factors, such that the receiver models are effectively equivalent. Methods are presented to enable the transformation of stochastic simulations, which are used to verify the transforms and demonstrate that transforming the simulation of a passive receiver can be more efficient and more accurate than the direct simulation of an absorbing receiver.

  5. Noise and intercept point calculation for modern radio receiver planning

    Iversen, Christian Rye; Kolding, T. E.


    The paper presents analytical expressions for determining noise and intercept points for cascaded radio receiver stages. The theory allows for active receiver stages with frequency selectivity and flexible impedance levels. This makes the method highly usable for planning of modem receivers where...... baseband stages significantly influence the overall performance. A simple homodyne receiver example is used to demonstrate the scope of applicability and to exemplify the proposed theory....

  6. 49 CFR 236.555 - Repaired or rewound receiver coil.


    ... 49 Transportation 4 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Repaired or rewound receiver coil. 236.555 Section 236.555 Transportation Other Regulations Relating to Transportation (Continued) FEDERAL RAILROAD... or rewound receiver coil. Receiver coil which has been repaired or rewound shall have the...

  7. 5 CFR 551.425 - Time spent receiving medical attention.


    ... 5 Administrative Personnel 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Time spent receiving medical attention... Relation to Other Activities § 551.425 Time spent receiving medical attention. (a) Time spent waiting for and receiving medical attention for illness or injury shall be considered hours of work if: (1)...

  8. Sideband ratio in double sideband receivers with a Michelson interferometer

    Romanini, M.; Baryshev, A. M.; Hesper, R.; Mena, F. P.; Wild, W.


    Terahertz heterodyne receivers typically use double sideband (DSB) mixers. The precise knowledge of the receiver sideband ratio (SBR) is a fundamental requirement for the calibration of the data taken with this type of receivers. At the moment the spectroscopic techniques developed for submillimeter

  9. Processing In A GPS Receiver To Reduce Multipath Errors

    Meehan, Thomas K.


    Four techniques of ancillary real-time digital processing of signals in Global Positioning System, GPS, receiver introduced reducing effects of multipath propagation of signals on position estimates produced by receiver. Multipath range errors halved. Applied in addition to other signal-processing techniques and to other techniques designing as receiving antenna to make it insensitive to reflections of GPS signals from nearby objects.

  10. Noise and intercept point calculation for modern radio receiver planning

    Iversen, Christian Rye; Kolding, T. E.


    The paper presents analytical expressions for determining noise and intercept points for cascaded radio receiver stages. The theory allows for active receiver stages with frequency selectivity and flexible impedance levels. This makes the method highly usable for planning of modem receivers where...

  11. A Novel Multi-Receiver Signcryption Scheme with Complete Anonymity.

    Pang, Liaojun; Yan, Xuxia; Zhao, Huiyang; Hu, Yufei; Li, Huixian


    Anonymity, which is more and more important to multi-receiver schemes, has been taken into consideration by many researchers recently. To protect the receiver anonymity, in 2010, the first multi-receiver scheme based on the Lagrange interpolating polynomial was proposed. To ensure the sender's anonymity, the concept of the ring signature was proposed in 2005, but afterwards, this scheme was proven to has some weakness and at the same time, a completely anonymous multi-receiver signcryption scheme is proposed. In this completely anonymous scheme, the sender anonymity is achieved by improving the ring signature, and the receiver anonymity is achieved by also using the Lagrange interpolating polynomial. Unfortunately, the Lagrange interpolation method was proven a failure to protect the anonymity of receivers, because each authorized receiver could judge whether anyone else is authorized or not. Therefore, the completely anonymous multi-receiver signcryption mentioned above can only protect the sender anonymity. In this paper, we propose a new completely anonymous multi-receiver signcryption scheme with a new polynomial technology used to replace the Lagrange interpolating polynomial, which can mix the identity information of receivers to save it as a ciphertext element and prevent the authorized receivers from verifying others. With the receiver anonymity, the proposed scheme also owns the anonymity of the sender at the same time. Meanwhile, the decryption fairness and public verification are also provided.

  12. A Bluetooth-enabled HiperLan/2 Receiver

    Schiphorst, Roelof; Hoeksema, F.W.; Slump, Cornelis H.


    In our SDR project we aim to combine a GFSK receiver (Bluetooth) with an OFDM receiver (HiperLAN/2). Other WLAN standards use the same frequency bands and modulation techniques. So our Bluetooth-enabled HiperLAN/2 receiver can easily be adapted to other WLAN standards. This paper focuses on the

  13. A Bluetooth-enabled HiperLAN/2 receiver

    Schiphorst, Roelof; Hoeksema, F.W.; Slump, Cornelis H.


    n our SDR project we aim to combine a GFSK receiver (Bluetooth) with an OFDM receiver (HiperLAN/2). Other WLAN standards use the same frequency bands and modulation techniques. So our Bluetooth-enabled HiperLAN/2 receiver can easily be adapted to other WLAN standards. This paper focuses on the

  14. 47 CFR 80.290 - Auxiliary receiving antenna.


    ... 47 Telecommunication 5 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Auxiliary receiving antenna. 80.290 Section 80... antenna. An auxiliary receiving antenna must be provided when necessary to avoid unauthorized interruption or reduced efficiency of the required watch because the normal receiving antenna is not...

  15. A Bluetooth-enabled HiperLan/2 Receiver

    Schiphorst, R.; Hoeksema, F.W.; Slump, C.H.


    In our SDR project we aim to combine a GFSK receiver (Bluetooth) with an OFDM receiver (HiperLAN/2). Other WLAN standards use the same frequency bands and modulation techniques. So our Bluetooth-enabled HiperLAN/2 receiver can easily be adapted to other WLAN standards. This paper focuses on the inte

  16. A Bluetooth-enabled HiperLAN/2 receiver

    Schiphorst, R.; Hoeksema, F.W.; Slump, C.H.


    n our SDR project we aim to combine a GFSK receiver (Bluetooth) with an OFDM receiver (HiperLAN/2). Other WLAN standards use the same frequency bands and modulation techniques. So our Bluetooth-enabled HiperLAN/2 receiver can easily be adapted to other WLAN standards. This paper focuses on the integ

  17. Solar Central Receiver Hybrid Power Systems sodium-cooled receiver concept. Final report. Volume III. Appendices



    The overall, long term objective of the Solar Central Receiver Hybrid Power System is to identify, characterize, and ultimately demonstrate the viability and cost effectiveness of solar/fossil, steam Rankine cycle, hybrid power systems that: (1) consist of a combined solar central receiver energy source and a nonsolar energy source at a single, common site, (2) may operate in the base, intermediate, and peaking capacity modes, (3) produce the rated output independent of variations in solar insolation, (4) provide a significant savings (50% or more) in fuel consumpton, and (5) produce power at the minimum possible cost in mills/kWh. It is essential that these hybrid concepts be technically feasible and economically competitive with other systems in the near to mid-term time period (1985-1990) on a commercial scale. The program objective for Phase I is to identify and conceptually characterize solar/fossil steam Rankine cycle, commercial-scale, power plant systems that are economically viable and technically feasible. This volume contains appendices to the conceptual design and systems analysis studies gien in Volume II, Books 1 and 2. (WHK)

  18. Hybrid lidar radar receiver for underwater imaging applications

    Seetamraju, Madhavi; Gurjar, Rajan; Squillante, Michael; Derderian, Jeffrey P.


    In this work, we present research performed to improve the receiver characteristics for underwater imaging applications using the hybrid lidar-radar detection technique. We report the development of the next-generation coherent heterodyne receiver using modulation of the optical receiver's amplifier gain. Significant advantages in the receiver specifications are achieved using a large-area, high gain, low-noise silicon avalanche photodiode (APD) as the photodetector cum frequency mixer-demodulator. We demonstrate that heterodyne detection by gain modulation of APD can be used to increase the signal-to-noise ratio, detection sensitivity and bandwidth for the hybrid receiver system.

  19. Moments Of Microdiversity EGC Receivers And Macrodiversity SC Receiver Output Signal Over Gamma Shadowed Nakagami-m Multipath Fading Channel

    Djordjević, Nebojša; Jaksić, Branimir S.; Matović, Ana; Matović, Marija; Smilić, Marko


    A system with macrodiversity selection combining (SC) receiver and for microdiversity equal gain combining (EGC) receivers is considered. Received signal is subjected, simultaneously to multipath fading and shadowing, resulting in signal envelope and signal power variation. Closed form expressions for moments of macrodiversity SC receiver output signal envelope are calculated. Numerical expressions are plotted to present the influences of Gamma shadowing severity and Nakagami-m severity on moments of proposed system output signal.

  20. Zhang Jiqing,Flower of Kun Opera


    KUN oper,named for KunMountain in Suzhou,Jiang-su Province,goes back atleast 500 years.It is not only one ofthe most charming of Chinese trad-itional operas but also one with thehighest historicd value.Developedout of Kun Mountain tunes,it is

  1. Three-Receiver Broadcast Channels with Side Information

    Hajizadeh, Saeed


    Three-receiver broadcast channel (BC) is of interest due to its information theoretical differences with two receiver one. In this paper, we derive achievable rate regions for two classes of 3-receiver BC with side information available at the transmitter, Multilevel BC and 3-receiver less noisy BC, by using superposition coding, Gel'fand-Pinsker binning scheme and Nair-El Gamal indirect decoding. Our rate region for multilevel BC subsumes the Steinberg rate region for 2-receiver degraded BC with side information as its special case. We also find the capacity region of 3-receiver less noisy BC when side information is available both at the transmitter and at the receivers.

  2. Preventive effect of zoledronic acid on aromatase inhibitor-associated bone loss for postmenopausal breast cancer patients receiving adjuvant letrozole

    Sun SL


    Full Text Available Shengliang Sun,* Fuchao Wang,* Honglei Dou, Longqiang Zhang, Jiwen Li Department of Orthopedics, Yidu Central Hospital of Weifang, Weifang, Shandong, People’s Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this work Background: This study aims to compare the efficacy and safety between zoledronic acid combined with calcium and calcium alone to prevent aromatase inhibitor-associated bone loss for postmenopausal breast cancer patients receiving adjuvant letrozole.Methods: One hundred twenty patients were randomly divided into two groups, A and B. Patients in group A (n=60 received modified radical mastectomy or breast-conserving surgery + four cycles of AC followed by T regimen (optional + radiotherapy (optional + letrozole 2.5 mg daily + calcium 500 mg twice daily + vitamin D 400 international units daily +4 mg of zoledronic acid every 6 months, while patients in group B (n=60 were not given zoledronic acid and the rest of the treatments of group B were the same as group A. All the patients were followed up for 1 year. The primary endpoint was the intrapatient percentage change in lumbar spine (LS bone mineral density (BMD from baseline to month 12. Secondary endpoints included the percentage change in total hip (TH and femoral neck (FN BMD, the incidence of osteoporosis, the incidence of a clinically meaningful 5% decline in BMD at 1 year, change of serum N-telopeptide of type 1 collagen (NTX and bone-specific alkaline phosphatase (BSAP concentrations.Results: Patients in group A had a statistically significant higher average change and average percent change in LS, FN, and TH than group B. Group A had a statistically significant lower incidence of a clinically meaningful loss of bone density at the LS, FN, or TH than Group B. The incidence of osteoporosis in group A was significantly lower than group B. The decreases in NTX and BSAP concentrations from baseline to month 12 in patients of group A were significant; in contrast

  3. A pseudolite-based positioning system for legacy GNSS receivers.

    Kim, Chongwon; So, Hyoungmin; Lee, Taikjin; Kee, Changdon


    The ephemeris data format of legacy GPS receivers is improper for positioning stationary pseudolites on the ground. Therefore, to utilize pseudolites for navigation, GPS receivers must be modified so that they can handle the modified data formats of the pseudolites. Because of this problem, the practical use of pseudolites has so far been limited. This paper proposes a pseudolite-based positioning system that can be used with unmodified legacy GPS receivers. In the proposed system, pseudolites transmit simulated GPS signals. The signals use standard GPS ephemeris data format and contain ephemeris data of simulated GPS satellites, not those of pseudolites. The use of the standard format enables the GPS receiver to process pseudolite signals without any modification. However, the position output of the GPS receiver is not the correct position in this system, because there are additional signal delays from each pseudolite to the receiver. A post-calculation process was added to obtain the correct receiver position using GPS receiver output. This re-estimation is possible because it is based on known information about the simulated signals, pseudolites, and positioning process of the GPS receiver. Simulations using generated data and live GPS data are conducted for various geometries to verify the proposed system. The test results show that the proposed system provides the desired user position using pseudolite signals without requiring any modifications to the legacy GPS receiver. In this initial study, a pseudolite-only indoor system was assumed. However, it can be expanded to a GPS-pseudolite system outdoors.

  4. A wideband 240 GHz receiver for the submillimeter array

    Tong, C.-Y. Edward; Grimes, Paul K.; Leiker, Patrick S.; Zeng, Lingzhen; Lu, Wei-Chun; Chen, Tse-Jun; Han, Chih-Chiang; Wang, Ming-Jye


    We report on the design of a 240 GHz double-side-band receiver for the Submillimeter Array (SMA). The heart of this receiver is a 3-junction series connected SIS mixer, which allows it to provide intermediate frequency (IF) output up to more than 12 GHz. We have custom built a low noise Amplifier-Multiplier Chain for use as the receiver's Local Oscillator module, which is tunable from 210 to 270 GHz. The receiver has demonstrated low noise performance in laboratory. 7 out of the 8 SMA antennas are now equipped with this receiver. The receiver has already participated in Event Horizon Telescope observations in April 2016, working with the SMA-200 receiver to provide dual polarization coverage for the EHT Hawaii Station. This receiver has enabled the SMA to provide 32 Gbit per second data stream to the EHT observations. We are currently trying to improve the on-sky beam co-alignment of this receiver with respect to other SMA receivers.

  5. 顺产接生会阴伤口侧切与纵切的临床比较%Clinical Comparison on Perineum Wound of Side -cutting and Cross -cutting in Normal Labor/LI Yanchao, WU Xiaowei

    李艳超; 吴晓蔚


    Objective To analysis the effect and difference on side -cutting and cross-cutting of episiotomy in nor-mal labor .Methods 104 cases of vaginal delivery performed episiotomy were analyzed ,these maternal women were hos-pitalized in our hospital from February 2014 to February 2015 .The recovery effect of perineum incision and maternal sat-isfaction were compared between two methods .Results The adverse effects of side -cutting were lower than cross -cut-ting for the maternal ,the wound recovery degree and maternal pain less than cross -cutting.But the postoperative pain , wound recovery and probability of wound rupture of cross -cutting were superior to side -cutting.Conclusions Ac-cording to situation of maternal , choosing the more suitable incision method for women were very important .The correct episiotomy method can guarantee the safety of the mother's life, prevent pain enhancement , and improve maternal satis-faction , which was great significance for clinical research .%目的:对产妇进行顺产时,行会阴侧切以及纵切的效果以及差异性进行分析。方法将2014年2月~2015年2月进行顺产接生并行会阴切开术的产妇共104例的数据进行对比分析,对会阴切开不同方法的效果以及产妇的满意度进行比较。结果采取会阴侧切的产妇其所产生的不良影响低于行纵切的产妇,其伤口的恢复程度以及产妇的痛感小于纵切产妇。但是行纵切的产妇其术后痛感以及伤口的恢复程度、伤口裂开的几率要优于行侧切的产妇。结论根据产妇的自身情况,选择更适合产妇的会阴切开方法更重要,且采取正确的会阴切开法能够保证产妇的生命安全,防止痛感增强,且提高产妇的满意度,这对于临床研究具有重要意义。

  6. 由形态分形到秩序分形——以湖南省岳阳市张谷英村为例%From Form Fractal to Order Fractal: Taking Zhang-gu-ying Village for Example



    A mathematician who researched on African villages and fractal said in his speech in TED conference that"...I began to collect the vertical photographs of African villages, and finally found that only African villages show themselves as fractal." But actually, fractal villages can also be found in China while the fractal exists on order level more than form level. The growing of fractal villages is controlled by some orders, which contents fractal order. In this thesis, the penman takes Zhang-gu-ying village for an instance, search for the determinants of it's fractal order, and summarizes that it is space order rather than form, which is the key in fractal village research.%研究非洲聚落与分形的数学家Ron Eglash在TED大会上做过关于非洲分形数学的演讲,“……我开始收集北美以及南太平洋的建筑图案,只有来自非洲的是呈现分形的结构.”事实上,分形的聚落在中国也是存在的,更多的情况下它是一种被掩盖的空间秩序,在物质空间形态上的表现并不十分明显.聚落生长是在一定的规则支配下进行的, “分形聚落”的生长规则中就隐藏了分形的生成机制.该文以张谷英村为例,通过测量、问询和查阅相关历史文献资料,分析其内在空间秩序呈现分形的原因,并说明研究聚落的内在空间秩序才是认识“分形聚落”的关键.

  7. The effects of Probiotic on Human Intestinal Microbiota——Taking Lactobacillus casei Zhang as Example%益生菌对肠道菌群的影响——以Lactobacillus casei Zhang研究为例

    张家超; 郭壮; 孙志宏; 陈卫; 张和平


    人体肠道内栖居着数以万亿计的微生物,这些微生物在繁衍的过程中逐渐达到种类和数量的平衡,而这种平衡与机体正常代谢密切相关.一旦肠道菌群结构发生失调,各种代谢类疾病便随之而来.益生菌在肠道内的大量繁衍,可调节紊乱的肠道菌群结构并提高机体的免疫能力,进而帮助恢复健康水平.近年来,国际上科学研究的热点逐渐集中于益生菌对肠道菌群的影响以及肠道菌群和疾病的关系.本文概述国内外有关益生菌影响肠道菌群的研究现状.以1株具有完全自主知识产权并且已成功实施产业化应用的益生菌菌株——Lactobacillus casei Zhang为例,详实说明益生菌对人肠道菌群的影响.在此基础上提出本学科现存的若干研究瓶颈及今后的发展方向.%The human gastrointestinal (CI) tract contains an immense number of microorganisms, collectively known as the microbiota. The gut microbiota played important roles in keeping the body health. The colonization of probiotic in human gut stimulated intestinal epithelium renewal and directed the maturation of the immune system. Recent years, more and more researches were focused on the effect of probiotic on human intestinal microbiota and the relationship of gut microflora and disease. This paper makes a summary of the progress of the effect of probiotic on human intestinal microflora. To better understand this subject, we took our research results of the effects of probiotic Lactobacillus casei Zhang on human intestinal microbiota as example.

  8. Zhang Haowen’s Novel Jue Qin Shu Interpreted%关中大地最后一个乡绅的消失--评张浩文的《绝秦书》



    Zhang Haowen’s novel Jue Qin Shu presents a panoramic view of culture and life on the central Shaanxi plain in a poetic style,comparable to a “Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival”of life on the central Shaanxi plain.The novel recounts the famine in the 18th year of the Republic of China in a com-posed and restrained but affectionate tone,thereby successfully setting a monument to the disaster-struck people.In the book,a comprehensive account is given of the historical,cultural and human causes for the rise and deterioration of the catastrophe in a fall and rise manner;while the hero Zhou Kewen,a country gentleman,is one of the authentic and well-rounded figures in the history of contemporary and modern Chinese literature.This paper attempts to analyze the literary figure in three aspects-before the catastro-phe,after the catastrophe,and the contention before father and son.%张浩文长篇小说《绝秦书》以诗意的笔调描绘出一幅关中文化生活全景,堪称关中生活“清明上河图”。作品记载民国十八年年馑的笔调是冷静内敛的,同时又饱含深情,成功地为灾难立碑,为天地立心。《绝秦书》用先抑后扬的的叙述方式全面记录了这场灾难发生和恶化的历史原因、文化原因和人文原因,塑造的主人公乡绅周克文这一形象是中国现当代文学史中最真实最丰满的人物之一。论文旨在从灾难前、灾难中以及父子之争三个角度分析这一文学形象。

  9. The Historical Contribution of Zhang Tingxiang, Jizhou Incorruptible Government Official in the Qing Dynasty%清朝冀州廉吏张廷湘的历史贡献



    张廷湘,字楚航,冀州张家庄人(现冀州市徐家庄乡西张家庄人)。清光绪年间,为实现知州吴汝纶兴复信都书院的计划,多方筹款,使信都书院成为“畿辅冠”。并顺应社会变革兴办新式“冀州中学堂”和初等小学堂。庚子事变后,对知州贪官侵用信都书院学款,他不畏权势,屡次上诉,使贪官尽还所侵。在西方列强大兵压境的紧急关头,他以超群的胆识,临危不惧,火速奔赴前线,舌战敌魁,从而避免了冀州历史上一场兵戈之灾。在他主持“吴公渠”的开凿疏浚工程中,不顾寒暑,鞠躬尽瘁。他佐政30余年,经他手公款数万金,从不贪一文。%Zhang Tingxiang, who was styled Chuhang, was born in Zhangjiazhuang, Jizhou city. During Guangxu period of the Qing dynasty, in order to realize the plan of recovering Xindu College, which was actually the magistrate Wu Rulun’s idea, he raised fund in every way and eventually made it the best college in Zhili province. And he also established the new-typed Jizhou middle school and Jizhou primary school to go with the social reform. After the Geng Chen incident, he lodged several appeals about the corruptible government officials’ embezzling the fund of Xindu College, and made them turn it all back. In the critical moment of western powers’ invasion, he, who was extremely courageous and fearless in the face of peril, rushed to the front and negotiated with enemies successfully to avoid the disaster of war. He devoted himself to the digging and dredging Wugong Canal in spite of cold and heat. In the 30 years when he assisted the emperor, although he handled thousands of gold, he never embezzled a single coin.

  10. 张爱玲小说《倾城之恋》主题再释%The Reinterpretation on the Theme of Zhang Ailing's Novel Love In A Fallen City



    The novel Love In A Fallen City not only shows sympathy with the heavy survival of Bai Liusu, but also gives great pity for her failure to enter the real love because of big survival burden. The author inspects dude habits of Fan Liuyan such as selfish, fickle in love and so on; however, Zhang Ailing also shows heartfelt sympathy to his sadness for not being able to get responds in a true relationship. This novel makes use of the fallen city, the accidental historical events to help build love and marriage of this ordinary couple, which conveys the exclamation that it's so hard to love each other in normal life. All in all, the core topic of this novel is to show plaint on the hardness of sincere love between normal men and women; thereout she reflects on the limitation of human's existence. Love In A Fallen City is selectively absorbed the tradition of citizen literature as well as the literary criticism tradition of May 4th , in this way it naturally generates the aesthetic style of desolation.%《倾城之恋》既同情白流苏的生存之沉重,也对她因生存压力过大而无法进入爱情境界深感遗憾;既审视范柳原的自私、花心等浪荡公子习气,也对他真挚爱情得不到共鸣的悲哀有深切的同情。小说以倾城这个偶然的重大历史事件来成全一对平凡男女的爱情、婚姻,寄寓了这样的慨叹:在常态生活中人与人相爱太难。归根结底,感叹平常男女相爱太难并由此悲悯人的存在的局限性,才是这篇小说的核心主题。《倾城之恋》有所选择地吸纳了市民文学传统和五四文学批判传统,自然生成了苍凉的美学风格。

  11. Ways to rational management of accounts receivable at enterprises

    Yevtushenko N. O.


    Full Text Available This article investigated the principal reasons of management problems an account receivable of enterprises. Credit politics of management is worked out by an account receivable of enterprises. Essence of the stages of construction of rational management an account receivable of enterprises is exposed. In the article are exposed the basic elements of control system for an account receivable such as mission, aims, strategy as politics of management. The basic stages of management politics are described for an account receivable of enterprises: analysis; organization of forming of principles of credit politics, terms of delivery of credit and procedure of collection of accounts receivable; planning of the use of modern forms of refunding, and similarly control.

  12. BPSK Receiver Based on Recursive Adaptive Filter with Remodulation

    N. Milosevic


    Full Text Available This paper proposes a new binary phase shift keying (BPSK signal receiver intended for reception under conditions of significant carrier frequency offsets. The recursive adaptive filter with least mean squares (LMS adaptation is used. The proposed receiver has a constant, defining the balance between the recursive and the nonrecursive part of the filter, whose proper choice allows a simple construction of the receiver. The correct choice of this parameter could result in unitary length of the filter. The proposed receiver has performance very close to the performance of the BPSK receiver with perfect frequency synchronization, in a wide range of frequency offsets (plus/minus quarter of the signal bandwidth. The results obtained by the software simulation are confirmed by the experimental results measured on the receiver realized with the universal software radio peripheral (USRP, with the baseband signal processing at personal computer (PC.

  13. Solar advanced internal film receiver; Receptor avanzado de pelicular interna

    Torre Cabezas, M. de la


    In a Solar Central Internal Film Receiver, the heat absorbing fluid (a molten nitrate salt) flows in a thin film down over the non illuminated side of an absorber panel. Since the molten salt working fluid is not contained in complicated tube manifolds, the receiver design is simples than a conventional tube type-receiver resulting in a lower cost and a more reliable receiver. The Internal Film Receiver can be considered as an alternative to the Direct Absorption Receiver, in the event that the current problems of the last one can not be solved. It also describes here the test facility which will be used for its solar test, and the test plans foreseen. (Author) 17 refs.

  14. Training-Based SWIPT: Optimal Power Splitting at the Receiver

    Zhou, Xiangyun


    We consider a point-to-point system with simultaneous wireless information and power transfer (SWIPT) over a block fading channel. Each transmission block consists of a training phase and a data transmission phase. Pilot symbols are transmitted during the training phase for channel estimation at the receiver. To enable SWIPT, the receiver adopts a power-splitting design, such that a portion of the received signal is used for channel estimation or data detection, while the remaining is used fo...

  15. Coherent resonant Ka-band photonic microwave receiver

    Ilchenko, Vladimir S; Savchenkov, Anatoliy A; Seidel, David; Matsko, Andrey B; Maleki, Lute


    We propose theoretically and demonstrate experimentally a coherent microwave photonic receiver operating at 35 GHz carrier frequency. The device is based on a lithium niobate or lithium tantalate optical whispering gallery mode resonator coupled to a microwave strip line resonator. Microwave local oscillator is fed into the microwave resonator along with the microwave signal. We show that the sensitivity of this receiver significantly exceeds the sensitivity of the incoherent quadratic receiver based on the same technology. The coherent receiver can possess a dynamic range in excess of 100 dB in 5 MHz band if a low noise laser is utilized.

  16. DVB-S2 inner receiver design for broadcasting mode

    YANG Jian-xiao; WANG Kuang; ZOU Zhi-yong


    This paper details on the design of DVB-S2 receivers which is compliant with the broadcasting mode. Special attention is paid to the specific receiver functions necessary to demodulate the received signal. To show the system performance we consider the design of a complete receiver consisting of timing recovery unit, frame synchronization unit, frequency recovery unit and phase recovery unit. The system is easier to hardware implementation comparing with that provided in (ETSI, 2005; Sun et al.,2004). After the performance of the algorithms is analyzed and a quantitative result is given, this allows us to draw conclusions concerning the achievable system performance under realistic complexity assumptions.

  17. Frequency Estimator Performance for a Software-Based Beacon Receiver

    Zemba, Michael J.; Morse, Jacquelynne Rose; Nessel, James A.; Miranda, Felix


    As propagation terminals have evolved, their design has trended more toward a software-based approach that facilitates convenient adjustment and customization of the receiver algorithms. One potential improvement is the implementation of a frequency estimation algorithm, through which the primary frequency component of the received signal can be estimated with a much greater resolution than with a simple peak search of the FFT spectrum. To select an estimator for usage in a QV-band beacon receiver, analysis of six frequency estimators was conducted to characterize their effectiveness as they relate to beacon receiver design.

  18. Reduction of convective losses in solar cavity receivers

    Hughes, Graham; Pye, John; Kaufer, Martin; Abbasi-Shavazi, Ehsan; Zhang, Jack; McIntosh, Adam; Lindley, Tim


    Two design innovations are reported that can help improve the thermal performance of a solar cavity receiver. These innovations utilise the natural variation of wall temperature inside the cavity and active management of airflow in the vicinity of the receiver. The results of computational fluid dynamics modelling and laboratory-scale experiments suggest that the convective loss from a receiver can be reduced substantially by either mechanism. A further benefit is that both radiative and overall thermal losses from the cavity may be reduced. Further work to assess the performance of such receiver designs under operational conditions is discussed.

  19. 父亲张岱年信持辩证唯物论的前因后果%A Strong Belief in Dialectical Materialism Held by My Father Zhang Dainian:Cause and Effect Analysis



    父亲张岱年认为:哲学理论问题,有西方的表达方式,如思维与存在、精神与物质;也有中国的表达方式,如理气、心物等。“我作为一个中国人,比较习惯于中国的表达方式”。晚年他将自己的哲学基本观点概括为十大命题:1)物我同实;2)物统事理;3)一本多级;4)物体心用;5)思成于积;6)真知三表;7)充生达理;8)本至有辨;9)群己一体;10)兼和为上。他的哲学理论,有一些独抒己见的观点,是他的创新:1)分别本至,提出本至之辩;2)提出“物统事理”的命题。以“事”“理”“物”为宇宙哲学的基本范畴;3)肯定了和谐的重要意义;4)提出充生达理、胜乖达和的人生理想;5)以“与群为一”为道德的最高准则;6)主张以“兼和”易“中庸”。这些观点的基本倾向是,在理论上是唯物的,在方法上兼综了逻辑分析法与唯物辩证法。“既肯定客观世界的实在性,又昂扬人的主体自觉性”。%Zhang Dainian thinks on the issue of philosophical theories there are both western and Chinese ways of expressions, such as thought and existence and spirits and materials in the west and the theories of “li and qi ” and “mind and nature” in China. He says, “As a Chinese, I’m accustomed to the Chinese way”. In his later years he sums up his basic philosophical ideas to ten propositions. First, both subject and object are concrete. Second, things exist continuously which have the reasons in the course of their existence, namely, reasons are in the affairs. Third, material is the essence of life and soul. Four, the heart acts on the body. Five, the thought is a result of accumulation day by day. Six, there are three levels for the measurement of truth, namely, words spoken reasonably, views founded well and actions done effectively. Seven, the way of living lies in fulfilling life continuously to an ideal state. Eight

  20. “过去的摇滚英雄”-以大众媒介对张楚复出的报道逻辑为中心%“Past Rock Music Hero”:Centering onthe Logic of the Mass Media Reports of Zhang Chu’s Comeback



    The paper analyzes the mass media reports and comments about the rock singer Zhang Chu, and concludes that the mass media presents Zhang Chu, who has come back to the screen, as a past rock music hero, so as to reduce the resistant force of China’s rock music sub-culture represented by Zhang Chu. Based on this point, the paper points out that the dominant culture represented by the mass media has little interest and lacks the ability to grasp the whole picture of the current rock music ifeld. The mass media maintains the mainstream culture’s domination over the sub-culture in a conservative and compromised way, so as to consolidate the ruling status of the mainstream culture.%通过对大众传播媒介关于摇滚歌手张楚的报道、专访和评论的分析,指出大众传播媒介试图通过报道把复出后的张楚塑造成一个依然停留在过去的摇滚英雄形象,以消解张楚所代表的中国摇滚亚文化的反抗力量。在此基础上,揭示出以大众媒介为代表的主流文化对当前摇滚的全局没有把握的兴趣或者能力,因而媒介以一种保守的、妥协的方式来维护主流文化对亚文化的主导,以达到巩固主流文化霸权地位的目的。