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  1. The influence of duodeno-gastric reflux on frequency of Helicobacter pylori infection at patients with ulcer gastric; Wplyw refluksu dwunastniczo-zoladkowego na czestosc wystepowania zakazenia Helicobacter pylori u chorych z wrzodem zoladka

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kopanski, Z.; Niziol, J.; Micherdzinski, J.; Wasilewska-Radwanska, M.; Cienciala, A.; Lasa, J. [Kliniczny Oddzial Chirurgii Ogolnej, Pracownia Medycyny Nuklearnej, Szpital Wojskowy, Cracow (Poland)]|[Wydzial Fizyki i Techniki Jadrowej AGH, Cracow (Poland)]|[Pracownia Chromatografii Gazowej, Instytut Fizyki Jadrowej, Cracow (Poland)


    To estimate the correlation between frequency of Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infection and intensity of duodeno-gastric reflux it was analysed 61 species with ulcer gastric. Bacterial infection was diagnosed by the breath test with {sup 14}C-labelled urea, whereas presence and intensity of the reflux was found with dynamic scintigraphy with {sup 99}Tm MBrIDA support. The H. pylori infection was present at 42 (68.9%) patients. The presence of throwing back the duodenal liquid was found at 32 (52.5%) diagnosed patients. At 19 (31.2%) of them the reflux has intensity of 1%, at 11 (18%)-2{sup o} and 2 (3.3%)-3{sup o}.The investigations which were carried out, showed that at patients with ulcer gastric disease, duodeno-gastric reflux is an agent which slows down H. pylori infection, however it is easily seen not earlier than at 2{sup o} of its intensity. (author) 33 refs, 1 tab

  2. Cholescintigraphy in the evaluation of gastroduodenal reflux in children with gastritis - preliminary report; Cholescyntygrafia w badaniu refluksu dwunastniczo-zoladkowego u dzieci z zapaleniem zoladka - doniesienie wstepne

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lass, P.; Szarszewski, A.; Romanowicz, G.; Mizan, K.; Gumkowska-Kaminska, B.; Slominski, J.M. [Akademia Medyczna, Gdansk (Poland)


    We assessed by means of Tc-99m-HEPIDA cholescintigraphy the gastroduodenal reflux in 28 children with endoscopic signs of gastric biliary reflux. Those children were selected from a group of 190 children who underwent endoscopy because of abdominal pain disorders. We found the positive cholescintigraphic test in 67% of children. In 6 control tests after 4-months treatment with cisapride we found the withdrawal of cholescintigraphic signs, which corresponded with the improvement of clinical signs. The authors consider the cholescintigraphic examination useful in evaluation of biliary reflux in children, for the sake of more non-invasive character in comparison to endoscopy and X-ray contrast imaging after catheterizing of duodenum. (author). 9 refs.

  3. Scintigraphic estimation of the duodeno-gastric reflux in the unclerous disease; Scyntygraficzna ocena refluksu dwunastniczo-zoladkowego w chorobie wrzodowej

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kopanski, Z.; Cienciala, A.; Micherdzinski, J. [Szpital Wojskowy, Cracow (Poland); Brandys, J. [Uniwersytet Jagiellonski, Cracow (Poland); Zastepa, P.; Witkowska, B.


    The analysis includes 58 patients with an ulcer in the duodenum, 40 patients with an ulcer in the stomach, and 13 persons making up the control group. In all patients submitted to the ratio-isotopic estimation of the duodeno-gastric reflux as well as to the chromatographic determination of the concentration of bile acids and lysolecithin in the gastric juice, an almost identically frequent occurrence of the reflux of the duodeno gastric contents into the ulcer of the stomach and of the duodenum was confirmed. It was shown that half of the ulcers of the stomach originate without the participation of the duodeno gastric reflux. It was also established that the average total concentrations of bile acids and lysolecithin are very high in the gastric juice, and in some even statistically significant cases, in the ulcer of the stomach in comparison with the remaining analysed groups of patients. (author). 17 refs, 4 figs.

  4. Influence of the duodenogastric reflux on the mucous membrane of the operated stomach; Wplyw refluksu dwunasticzo-zoladkowego na blone sluzowa operowanego zoladka

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kopanski, Z.; Micherdzinski, J.; Cienciala, A.; Zastepa, P.; Brandys, J.; Witkowska, B.; Czajecki, K. [Szpital Wojskowy, Cracow (Poland)


    Control test including gastroscopy with biopsy of the mucous membranes as well as the radioisotopic evaluation of the duodenogastric reflux were conducted on 101 patients after non-resectional operations of the stomach carried out because of an ulcerous disease. The significantly frequent occurrence was confirmed of atrophic gastritis alterations and dysplasia in cases of prevailing reflux. It was proved that the gastroenterostomy as well as the vagotomy with pyloroplasty were operations particularly leading to the rejection into the stomach of the duodenal content. The high selective vagotomy proved to be the operation least including to reflux. The observations made were fully reflected in the histological picture of the operated stomach. (author). 17 refs, 4 figs.

  5. The influence of radiation on living organisms; Wplyw promieniowania na organizmy zywe

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Szumiel, I; Wojcik, A [Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, Warsaw (Poland)


    Biological radiation effects in living systems have been reviewed. Radiation injuries on molecular level as well as in cells and whole living organisms have been described in detail. Dose-response relationships and repair mechanisms in living systems have been shown. 3 refs, 6 figs, 1 tab.

  6. Influence of relativistic effect on chemical properties of element 104; Wplyw efektu relatywistycznego na wlasnosci chemiczne pierwiastka 104

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bilewicz, A.


    The influence of relativistic effect upon chemical properties of element 104 is discussed. An original method of measurements of adsorption on the surface of thin film of cobalt ferrocyanate was developed and applied for the studies of 104{sup 4+} hydrolysis. Results of this experiments indicate that in the Group 4 tendency to hydrolysis decreases in the order 104{sup 4+}>Zr{sup 4+}>Hf{sup 4+}. The results were explained on the basis of relativistic effect. Unexpected chemical properties of element 104 in aqueous solutions indicate, that due to relativistic effect element 104 differs distinctly from its congeners - Zr and Hf. In contrary it becomes similar to the lightest element in the Group, Ti, through atomic mass of latter is 213 unit less. (author). 119 refs, 22 figs, 7 tabs.

  7. Wplyw przedplonu oraz warunków pogodowych na porazenie klosów pszenicy jarej przez grzyby z rodzaju Fusarium oraz zawartosc mikotoksyn w ziarnie

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Góral, Thomasz; Ochodzki, Piotr; Walentyn-Góral, Dorota


    Effect of pre-crop on severity of Fusarium head blight (FHB) and content of mycotoxins in grain of spring wheat was studied. Pre-crops were grain maize and winter rapeseed. In years, when conditions were favorable for FHB development, an increased severity of wheat head infections was observed...... depended on weather conditions. Rainfall and relative humidity during heading and anthesis had the strongest effect on results obtained during three years of study....

  8. Influence of some drugs, used in coronary artery disease on in vitro labelling red blood cells with technetium {sup 99m}Tc; Wplyw wybranych lekow, stosowanych w chorobie niedokrwiennej serca na wiazanie technetu {sup 99m}Tc przez erytrocyty in vitro

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Poniatowicz-Frasunek, E. [Katedra i Zaklad Medycyny Nuklearnej, Akademia Medyczna, Lublin (Poland)


    In some patients investigated by radionuclide ventriculography poor labeling efficiency of red blood cells with technetium {sup 99m}Tc is observed. Among possible mechanisms responsible for this phenomenon, the pharmacological treatment applied to the patients should be taken into consideration. The aim of the study was to define the effect of selected drugs used in CAD on technetium binding efficiency by erythrocytes in vitro. Blood samples were obtained from 40 normal individuals receiving no medication. The effect of the following drugs were examined: Aerosonit, Isoptin, Bemecor, Dopegyt, Enarenal, Binazin, Furosemid, Aspirin, Vitamin E and Propranolol. Only Enarenal and Vitamin E proved to have no effect on technetium binding efficiency. The most expressed reduction was observed in experiments with Aerosonit, Furosemid and Propranolol and the smallest changes were found in blood samples with Bemecor, Binazin and Aspirin. The results of the study suggest that pharmacological treatment may influence the quality of scintigraphic images obtained with radioisotope ventriculography. For that reason the medicines applied to the patients should be as much as possible reduced or withdrawn for at least several days before examination. (author) 23 refs, 4 figs, 2 tabs

  9. Choroba refluksowa przełyku a astma oskrzelowa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Iwona Patyk


    Full Text Available Astma oskrzelowa i choroba refluksowa przełyku są często współwystępującymi jednostkami chorobowymi. Uważa się, że refluks stanowi potencjalny czynnik wywołujący lub zaostrzający astmę. Hipoteza ta opiera się zarówno na przesłankach patofizjologicznych, jak i badaniach klinicznych. W badaniach eksperymentalnych wykazano, że zakwaszanie dolnej części przełyku powoduje wzmożoną reaktywność oskrzeli. Powstało kilka teorii wyjaśniających to zjawisko, do najistotniejszych należą teoria nerwowa, zapalna i mikroaspiracji. Wykazano również, że nieswoiste testy nadreaktywności oskrzeli mogą indukować epizody refluksu, co przemawia za udziałem samej astmy w promowaniu GERD. Do osłabienia mechanizmów antyrefluksowych prowadzą związane z zaostrzeniami astmy wzrost ujemnego ciśnienia w klatce piersiowej oraz „pułapka powietrzna”, a także niektóre doustne leki rozszerzające oskrzela, zwłaszcza teofilina. Obie choroby mogą oddziaływać na siebie na zasadzie błędnego koła, co pociąga za sobą implikacje terapeutyczne. Nie ma jednak jednoznacznych danych z badań randomizowanych o skuteczności antyrefluksowej terapii farmakologicznej i chirurgicznej. Najnowsze dane z piśmiennictwa nie potwierdzają pozytywnych rezultatów takiej terapii w grupie astmy trudnej, w której dotąd rekomendowano wdrożenie leczenia dużymi dawkami IPP. Nadal brak jest przekonywają- cych danych dotyczących roli niekwaśnego i/lub żółciowego refluksu w astmie. Konieczne jest udoskonalenie i standaryzacja metod diagnostycznych oraz protokołów terapeutycznych pozwalających wyodrębnić grupę pacjentów, u których terapia antyrefluksowa przyniesie najlepsze efekty dla kontroli astmy.