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  1. 78 FR 78319 - Media Bureau Seeks Comment on Application of the IP Closed Captioning Rules to Video Clips (United States)


    ... Seeks Comment on Application of the IP Closed Captioning Rules to Video Clips AGENCY: Federal... captioning of video clips delivered by Internet protocol (``IP''), including the extent to which industry has voluntarily captioned IP- delivered video clips. The Commission directed the Media Bureau to issue this...

  2. A Comparison of Comprehension Processes in Sign Language Interpreter Videos with or without Captions. (United States)

    Debevc, Matjaž; Milošević, Danijela; Kožuh, Ines


    One important theme in captioning is whether the implementation of captions in individual sign language interpreter videos can positively affect viewers' comprehension when compared with sign language interpreter videos without captions. In our study, an experiment was conducted using four video clips with information about everyday events. Fifty-one deaf and hard of hearing sign language users alternately watched the sign language interpreter videos with, and without, captions. Afterwards, they answered ten questions. The results showed that the presence of captions positively affected their rates of comprehension, which increased by 24% among deaf viewers and 42% among hard of hearing viewers. The most obvious differences in comprehension between watching sign language interpreter videos with and without captions were found for the subjects of hiking and culture, where comprehension was higher when captions were used. The results led to suggestions for the consistent use of captions in sign language interpreter videos in various media.

  3. Windows

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Heiselberg, Per; Svidt, Kjeld; Nielsen, Peter V.

    In natural ventilation systems fresh air is often provided through opening of windows. However, the knowledge of the performance of windows is rather limited. Computation of natural ventilation air flow through windows is most commonly made using discharge coefficients, that are regarded as being...... constant. The reported results show that the discharge coefficient for a window opening cannot be regarded as a constant and that it varies considerably with the size of the opening area, the window type and the temperature difference. Therefore, the use of a constant value can lead to serious errors...

  4. Social Media: A Window to A Wider World (United States)

    Long, Fran


    The author describes how she has developed learning and teaching through engaging with social media. By following a wealth of individuals and organisations (both local and national) she has tapped into a rich source of information.

  5. Rancang Bangun Aplikasi Pembangkit Halaman HTML untuk Pembuatan Media Cetak Digital Berbasis Windows Metro Style

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sally Indah Khansa


    Full Text Available Aplikasi dibangun dengan memanfaatkan Windows Metro Style agar dapat dijalankan pada sistem operasi Windows 8. Input dari aplikasi pembangkit halaman ini berupa HTML. Aplikasi ini menyediakan editor halaman HTML agar pengguna dapat mengubah isi halaman tanpa harus membuat ulang media dan juga dapat menampilkan daftar media yang pernah dibuat sebelumnya agar dapat dibuka sewaktu-waktu. Pengujian aplikasi dilakukan dengan menggunduh folder yang berisi file HTML, file HTML tersebut sebelumnya harus sudah diurutkan terlebih dahulu jika terdapat lebih dari satu file, contohnya: 01.html, 02.html, dll. File HTML yang sudah diinputkan, dibaca dan digabungkan di dalam aplikasi dengan menggunakan metode HTML tag extraction method. Metode tersebut bertujuan untuk mencari tag ,