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  1. Russell-Silver syndrome (United States)

    Silver-Russell syndrome; Silver syndrome; RSS; Russell-Silver syndrome ... One in 10 children with this syndrome has a problem involving chromosome 7. In other people with the syndrome, it may affect chromosome 11. Most of the time, it ...

  2. Walter Benjamins Berlin

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Walter Benjamin (1892-1940). Tolkning af alle 33 kapitler i Benjamins bybarndomserindringer fra Berlin i begyndelsen af det 20. århundrede.......Walter Benjamin (1892-1940). Tolkning af alle 33 kapitler i Benjamins bybarndomserindringer fra Berlin i begyndelsen af det 20. århundrede....

  3. Russell and Humean Inferences

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    João Paulo Monteiro


    Full Text Available Russell's The Problems of Philosophy tries to establish a new theory of induction, at the same time that Hume is there accused of an irrational/ scepticism about induction". But a careful analysis of the theory of knowledge explicitly acknowledged by Hume reveals that, contrary to the standard interpretation in the XXth century, possibly influenced by Russell, Hume deals exclusively with causal inference (which he never classifies as "causal induction", although now we are entitled to do so, never with inductive inference in general, mainly generalizations about sensible qualities of objects ( whether, e.g., "all crows are black" or not is not among Hume's concerns. Russell's theories are thus only false alternatives to Hume's, in (1912 or in his (1948.

  4. Silver-Russell syndrome

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shohela Akhter


    Full Text Available Silver-Russell syndrome is clinically and genetically a heterogeneous disorder. In most of the cases, etiology is unknown, only in 10% cases defect in chromosome 7 is identified. It bas distinctive facial features and asymmetric limbs. Most predominant symptom is growth failure. A case of Silver-Russell syndrome reported here who presented with growth failure, hemihypertrophy ofleft side oftbe body, dysmorphic facial profile and difficulty in speech. Counseling was done with the parents regarding the etiology, progression and outcome of the disease.

  5. Kodu kaitseks / Hannes Walter

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Walter, Hannes, 1952-2004


    Kõne Eesti Muinsuskaitse Seltsi ja Eesti Akadeemilise Sõjaajaloo Seltsi korraldatud aktusel "Kodu kaitseks!" Tallinna Linnahallis 14. detsembril 1988. a. Vabadussõjast, selle tähendusest õppetundidest. Poleemika: Väitlus / Margus Laidre, Tõnu Tannberg, Hannes Walter, samas, lk. 332-338

  6. Hess, Prof. Walter Rudolf

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Fellowship. Fellow Profile. Elected: 1966 Honorary. Hess, Prof. Walter Rudolf Nobel Laureate (Medicine) - 1949. Date of birth: 17 March 1881. Date of death: 12 August 1973. YouTube; Twitter; Facebook; Blog. Academy News. IAS Logo. 29th Mid-year meeting. Posted on 19 January 2018. The 29th Mid-year meeting ...

  7. Haworth, Prof. Walter Norman

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Fellowship. Fellow Profile. Elected: 1948 Honorary. Haworth, Prof. Walter Norman Nobel Laureate (Chemistry) - 1937. Date of birth: 19 March 1883. Date of death: 19 March 1950. YouTube; Twitter; Facebook; Blog. Academy News. IAS Logo. 29th Mid-year meeting. Posted on 19 January 2018. The 29th Mid-year ...

  8. Walter Ouro Alves

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Revista Chasqui


    Full Text Available CIESPAL y la revista Chasqui, órgano de difusión de este Centro, unen su pesar al de la familia del compañero, amigo y maestro Walter Ouro Alves. Al rendir un homenaje de admiración y gratitud por su honesta y prolífica labor, C1ESPAL recomienda su nombre como impulsor de la democratización de las comunicaciones en América Latina.

  9. Walter Scandale honoured

    CERN Multimedia


    On 9 December 2008, Walter Scandale, a member of the EN Department, received the decoration of Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, one of Italy’s highest decorations. He was awarded the medal by the Consul-General of Italy in Geneva on behalf of the President of the Italian Republic in recognition of his services to Italy in the field of science.

  10. Genetics Home Reference: Russell-Silver syndrome (United States)

    ... Other Names for This Condition RSS Silver-Russell dwarfism Silver-Russell syndrome SRS Related Information How are ... M, Begemann M, Elbracht M. Epigenetic and genetic diagnosis of Silver-Russell syndrome. Expert Rev Mol Diagn. ...

  11. Walter Greiner: In Memoriam (United States)

    Zen Vasconcellos, César; Coelho, Helio T.; Hess, Peter Otto

    Walter Greiner (29 October 1935 - 6 October 2016) was a German theoretical physicist. His scientific research interests include the thematic areas of atomic physics, heavy ion physics, nuclear physics, elementary particle physics (particularly quantum electrodynamics and quantum chromodynamics). He is most known in Germany for his series of books in theoretical physics, but he is also well known around the world. Greiner was born on October 29, 1935, in Neuenbau, Sonnenberg, Germany. He studied physics at the University of Frankfurt (Goethe University in Frankfurt Am Main), receiving in this institution a BSci in physics and a Master’s degree in 1960 with a thesis on plasma-reactors, and a PhD in 1961 at the University of Freiburg under Hans Marshal, with a thesis on the nuclear polarization in μ-mesic atoms. During the period of 1962 to 1964 he was assistant professor at the University of Maryland, followed by a position as research associate at the University of Freiburg, in 1964. Starting in 1965, he became a full professor at the Institute for Theoretical Physics at Goethe University until 2003. Greiner has been a visiting professor to many universities and laboratories, including Florida State University, the University of Virginia, the University of California, the University of Melbourne, Vanderbilt University, Yale University, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Los Alamos National Laboratory. In 2003, with Wolf Singer, he was the founding Director of the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS), and gave lectures and seminars in elementary particle physics. He died on October 6, 2016 at the age of 80. Walter Greiner was an excellent teacher, researcher, friend. And he was a great supporter of the series of events known by the acronyms IWARA - International Workshop on Astronomy and Relativistic Astrophysics, STARS - Caribbean Symposium on Cosmology, Gravitation, Nuclear and Astroparticle Physics, and SMFNS - International Symposium on Strong

  12. Vae Victis : Esimene juhtum : Walter Reder / Hannes Walter

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Walter, Hannes, 1952-2004


    Teises maailmasõjas Saksamaa poolel võidelnud austerlasest Walter Rederist, kes mõisteti 1951. aastal Bolognas kommunistide korraldatud nn Stalini Venemaa stiilis kohtulavastuse tulemusena süüdi sõjaroimarina

  13. Mälestusi Walter Masingust

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Erich Asumäe, Ahto Tihkani, Aivi Rossi, Aigar Saliste, Joann Lillemägi, Henno Viili meenutusi professor Walter Masingust, kes aastatel 1956-1959 oli EOQC-i (Euroopa Kvaliteedikontrolli organisatsioon) president

  14. Lake Mead Intake No. 3

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jon Hurt


    Full Text Available As a result of a sustained drought in the Southwestern United States, and in order to maintain existing water capacity in the Las Vegas Valley, the Southern Nevada Water Authority constructed a new deep-water intake (Intake No. 3 located in Lake Mead. The project included a 185 m deep shaft, 4.7 km tunnel under very difficult geological conditions, and marine works for a submerged intake. This paper presents the experience that was gained during the design and construction and the innovative solutions that were developed to handle the difficult conditions that were encountered during tunneling with a dual-mode slurry tunnel-boring machine (TBM in up to 15 bar (1 bar = 105 Pa pressure. Specific attention is given to the main challenges that were overcome during the TBM excavation, which included the mode of operation, face support pressures, pre-excavation grouting, and maintenance; to the construction of the intake, which involved deep underwater shaft excavation with blasting using shaped charges; to the construction of the innovative over 1200 t concrete-and-steel intake structure; to the placement of the intake structure in the underwater shaft; and to the docking and connection to an intake tunnel excavated by hybrid TBM. Keywords: Sub-aqueous tunneling, Tunnel-boring machine excavation, Water intakes

  15. A Propaedeutic to Walter Benjamin (United States)

    Socher, David


    The Emerson College Web site on Walter Benjamin's essay "The Work of Art in an Age of Mechanical Reproduction" nicely animates some ideas of the essay. One such idea is the following: "To an ever greater degree the work of art reproduced becomes the work of art designed for reproducibility." When Benjamin wrote this essay and this maxim, Norman…

  16. Pergeseran Konsep Berarsitektur Walter Gropius


    Rahmanina, Nur


    Tulisan ini akan membahas mengenai pengaruh professional environment terhadap arsitek dankonsepnya, sebagai objek pengkajian adalah Walter Gropius, seorang arsitek yang dikenal mengalamibeberapa kali pergeseran konsep dalam berarsitektur yang terjadi tidak dalam waktu yang lama.Pergeseran konsep berarsitektur Grapius dikaji untuk memperoleh gambaran penyebab terjadinyapergeseran tersebut dan adakah kemungkinan hal tersebut terjadi karena pengaruh unsur‐unsur di dalam professional environment.

  17. Om at oversætte Mead

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Willert, Søren


    George Herbert Mead har skrevet en rigtig dårlig bog, der dog også er en klassiker. "sindet, selvet og samfundet" er den blevet til i en udgivelsesklar dansk udgave- og oversættelsen er en historie i seig selv.......George Herbert Mead har skrevet en rigtig dårlig bog, der dog også er en klassiker. "sindet, selvet og samfundet" er den blevet til i en udgivelsesklar dansk udgave- og oversættelsen er en historie i seig selv....

  18. Effects of Mead Wort Heat Treatment on the Mead Fermentation Process and Antioxidant Activity. (United States)

    Czabaj, Sławomir; Kawa-Rygielska, Joanna; Kucharska, Alicja Z; Kliks, Jarosław


    The effects of mead wort heat treatment on the mead fermentation process and antioxidant activity were tested. The experiment was conducted with the use of two different honeys (multiflorous and honeydew) collected from the Lower Silesia region (Poland). Heat treatment was performed with the use of a traditional technique (gently boiling), the more commonly used pasteurization, and without heat treatment (control). During the experiment fermentation dynamics were monitored using high performance liquid chromatography with refractive index detection (HPLC-RID). Total antioxidant capacity (TAC) and total phenolic content (TPC) were estimated for worts and meads using UV/Vis spectrophotometric analysis. The formation of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) was monitored by HPLC analyses. Heat treatment had a great impact on the final antioxidant capacity of meads.

  19. George Herbert Mead on consciousness: antidote to Cartesian absurdities?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Willert, Søren

    The article explicates George Herbert Mead's theory of consciousness as presented in Mind, Self and Society. According to Mead, the term consciousness may refer to three different sets of phenomena: (1) the environment as implied by our goal-directed action; Mead names this consciousness aspect...... experience; it is shared by humans and subhuman animals alike; (2) consciousness of environmental experience; Mead names this consciousness aspect awareness; it is exclusively human; (3) the peculiar sensed qualities attaching to consciousness, equalling what is today named qualia. Descartes......-inspired psychology makes the third consciousness aspect all-important. Within Mead's framework for a darwinistically inspired psycholgy, it becomes theoretically insignificant....

  20. Influence of Sweetness and Ethanol Content on Mead Acceptability

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gomes Teresa


    Full Text Available Mead is a traditional alcoholic beverage obtained by fermenting mead wort; however, its production still remains frequently an empirical exercise. Different meads can be produced, depending on fermentation conditions. Nevertheless, to date few studies have been developed on factors that may influence mead quality. The main objective of this work was to study the influence of sweetness and ethanol content on mead acceptability. Different meads were produced with two sweetness levels (sweet and dry meads and three ethanol contents (18, 20, 22% (v/v, adjusted by brandy addition. Afterwards, meads acceptability was evaluated by sensory analysis through a consumers’ panel (n=108 along with chemical analysis by HPLC-RID of glucose, fructose, ethanol, glycerol and acetic acid. The sweet (75 gglucose+fructose/L and dry (23 gglucose+fructose/L meads presented glycerol contents equal to 5.10±0.54 and 5.96±0.95 g/L, respectively, that were desirable since glycerol improves mead quality. Low concentrations of acetic acid were determined (0.46±0.08 and 0.57±0.09 g/L, avoiding the vinegar off-character. Concerning sensory analysis, the alcohol content of mead had no effect on the sensory attributes studied, namely, aroma, sweetness, flavour, alcohol feeling and general appreciation. Regarding sweetness, the “sweet meads” were the most appreciated by the consumers (score of 5.4±2.56, whereas the “dry meads” (score of 2.7±2.23 showed low acceptability. In conclusion, this work revealed that sweetness is a sensory key attribute for mead acceptance by the consumers, whereas ethanol content (18 to 22% (v/v is not.

  1. Biochemical nature of Russell Bodies. (United States)

    Mossuto, Maria Francesca; Ami, Diletta; Anelli, Tiziana; Fagioli, Claudio; Doglia, Silvia Maria; Sitia, Roberto


    Professional secretory cells produce and release abundant proteins. Particularly in case of mutations and/or insufficient chaperoning, these can aggregate and become toxic within or amongst cells. Immunoglobulins (Ig) are no exception. In the extracellular space, certain Ig-L chains form fibrils causing systemic amyloidosis. On the other hand, Ig variants lacking the first constant domain condense in dilated cisternae of the early secretory compartment, called Russell Bodies (RB), frequently observed in plasma cell dyscrasias, autoimmune diseases and chronic infections. RB biogenesis can be recapitulated in lymphoid and non-lymphoid cells by expressing mutant Ig-μ, providing powerful models to investigate the pathophysiology of endoplasmic reticulum storage disorders. Here we analyze the aggregation propensity and the biochemical features of the intra- and extra-cellular Ig deposits in human cells, revealing β-aggregated features for RB.

  2. Walter Pater and the Language of Sculpture

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Østermark-Johansen, Lene

    Walter Pater and the Language of Sculpture is the first monograph to discuss the Victorian critic Walter Pater's attitude to sculpture. It brings together Pater's aesthetic theories with his theories on language and writing, to demonstrate how his ideas of the visual and written language...... the idea of rivalry (paragone) more broadly, examining Pater's concern with positioning himself as an art critic in the late Victorian art world. Situating Pater within centuries of European aesthetic theories as never before done, Walter Pater and the Language of Sculpture throws new light...

  3. 76 FR 2579 - Safety Zone; Lake Mead Intake Construction, Lake Mead, Boulder City, NV (United States)


    ... blasting activities. Background and Purpose Vegas Tunnel Construction will be conducting intermittent blasting operations for the placement of a water intake pipe in Lake Mead during the first 6 months of 2011... Energy Supply, Distribution, or Use. We have determined that it is not a ``significant energy action...

  4. George Herbert Mead's Contribution to the Philosophy of American Education. (United States)

    Renger, Paul, III


    George Herbert Mead's general philsophy showed that he regarded the development of distinctively human behavior as essentially the result of an individual's meaningful participation in the social process of the community to which he belongs. Mead believed that education was a social process involving the meaningful interaction and communication…

  5. Summary of Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson

    CERN Document Server

    Reader, Capitol


    This ebook consists of a summary of the ideas, viewpoints and facts presented by Walter Isaacson in his book "Steve Jobs". This summary offers a concise overview of the entire book in less than 30 minutes reading time. However this work does not replace in any case Walter Isaacson's book.Isaacson reveals the story of Steve Jobs career, which is a tale filled with lessons about innovation, character, leadership and being true to one's own values.

  6. G. H. Mead in the history of sociological ideas. (United States)

    da Silva, Filipe Carreira


    My aim is to discuss the history of the reception of George Herbert Mead's ideas in sociology. After discussing the methodological debate between presentism and historicism, I address the interpretations of those responsible for Mead's inclusion in the sociological canon: Herbert Blumer, Jürgen Habermas, and Hans Joas. In the concluding section, I assess these reconstructions of Mead's thought and suggest an alternative more consistent with my initial methodological remarks. In particular, I advocate a reconstruction of Mead's ideas that apprehends simultaneously its evolution over time and its thematic breadth. Such a historically minded reconstruction can be not only a useful corrective to possible anachronisms incurred by contemporary social theorists, but also a fruitful resource for their theory-building endeavors. Only then can meaningful and enriching dialogue with Mead begin. Copyright 2006 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  7. El enigma de Walter Benjamin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Javier Sigüenza


    Full Text Available El siguiente ensayo inicia reconstruyendo el relato de los últimos días de la vida de Walter Benjamin, en el contexto histórico de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, y la existencia de un misterioso manuscrito perdido en su frustrada huida por la frontera franco-española en 1940; en la segunda parte se intenta descifrar la enigmática fisionomía del pensador berlinés, cuya perspectiva múltiple, tanto en lo teórico como en lo político, lo convierten en un autor incomprendido, pero tremendamente fascinante; en la tercera parte se explora uno de sus textos más herméticos, conocido como las tesis Sobre el concepto de historia, con la intención de poner de manifiesto el carácter crítico de su discurso, como clave para comprender los enigmas del mundo moderno y su necesaria transformación revolucionaria.

  8. Clinical spectrum of silver - Russell syndrome

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sapna N.K. Varma


    Full Text Available Silver - Russell syndrome is a clinically and genetically heterogenous condition characterized by severe intrauterine and postnatal growth retardation, craniofacial disproportion and normal intelligence downward curvature of the corner of the mouth, syndactyly and webbed fingers. Diagnosis of Silver - Russell syndrome remains clinical; no definite etiology or specific tests have been established. In the recent years, it has been shown that more than 38% of patients have hypomethylation in the imprinting control region 1 of 11p15 and one-tenth of patients carry a maternal uniparental disomy of chromosome seven. The pathophysiological mechanisms resulting in the Silver - Russell phenotype remain unknown despite the recent progress in deciphering the molecular defects associated with this condition. This case report describes the clinical features of Silver - Russell syndrome in a father and daughter.

  9. Alfred Russel Wallace and the road to natural selection, 1844-1858. (United States)

    Smith, Charles H


    Conventional wisdom has had it that the naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace and his colleague Henry Walter Bates journeyed to the Amazon in 1848 with two intentions in mind: to collect natural history specimens, and to consider evidential materials that might reveal the causal basis of organic evolution. This understanding has been questioned recently by the historian John van Wyhe, who points out that with regard to the second matter, at least, there appears to be no evidence of a "smoking gun" variety proving it so. In the present essay the circumstances of Wallace's interest in the matter are reviewed, and van Wyhe is taken to task with alternate explanations for the facts he introduces in his argument. The conclusion is that Wallace almost certainly did have the second objective in mind when he left for both the Amazon, and the Far East.

  10. Mead production: selection and characterization assays of Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains. (United States)

    Pereira, Ana Paula; Dias, Teresa; Andrade, João; Ramalhosa, Elsa; Estevinho, Letícia M


    Mead is a traditional drink, which results from the alcoholic fermentation of diluted honey carried out by yeasts. However, when it is produced in a homemade way, mead producers find several problems, namely, the lack of uniformity in the final product, delayed and arrested fermentations, and the production of "off-flavours" by the yeasts. These problems are usually associated with the inability of yeast strains to respond and adapt to unfavourable and stressful growth conditions. The main objectives of this work were to evaluate the capacity of Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains, isolated from honey of the Trás-os-Montes (Northeast Portugal), to produce mead. Five strains from honey, as well as one laboratory strain and one commercial wine strain, were evaluated in terms of their fermentation performance under ethanol, sulphur dioxide and osmotic stress. All the strains showed similar behaviour in these conditions. Two yeasts strains isolated from honey and the commercial wine strain were further tested for mead production, using two different honey (a dark and a light honey), enriched with two supplements (one commercial and one developed by the research team), as fermentation media. The results obtained in this work show that S. cerevisiae strains isolated from honey, are appropriate for mead production. However it is of extreme importance to take into account the characteristics of the honey, and supplements used in the fermentation medium formulation, in order to achieve the best results in mead production.

  11. An Interview with Arlie Russell Hochschild

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Willig, Rasmus


    This is the second of two interviews with Arlie Russell Hochschild, Professor Emerita of Sociology at the University of California, Berkeley. In her work, Hochschild explores the many ways we manage our emotions in personal life and perform emotional labor in the workplace.......This is the second of two interviews with Arlie Russell Hochschild, Professor Emerita of Sociology at the University of California, Berkeley. In her work, Hochschild explores the many ways we manage our emotions in personal life and perform emotional labor in the workplace....

  12. Walter van der Cruijsen / Walter van der Cruijsen ; interv. Tilman Baumgärtel

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Cruijsen, Walter van der


    1997. a. Berliinis tehtud intervjuu hollandi maali, võrgu- ja installatsioonikunstniku Walter van der Cruijseniga (sünd. 1958), kes kuulub Euroopa ühe edukama 1990-ndatel loodud võrguprojekti De Digitale Stad Amsterdam loojate hulka

  13. Children, Redemption and Remembrance in Walter Benjamin (United States)

    Jessop, Sharon


    Walter Benjamin wrote extensively on children and childhood, though this aspect of his work has hitherto received scant attention despite continuing and growing interest in his thought. This article makes explicit the connection between his acute observations of childhood and his distinctive messianic philosophy. The twin aspects of redemption in…

  14. Walter Frank Raphael Weldon (1860–1906)

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    the second child of Walter Weldon and Anne Cotton. He had ... dergo a regular school education till the age of thirteen, although he was informally taught by .... nent of the importance of discontinuous variations in evolution, and an opponent of ...

  15. The isostatic state of Mead crater (United States)

    Banerdt, W. B.; Konopliv, A. S.; Rappaport, N. J.; Sjogren, W. L.; Grimm, R. E.; Ford, P. G.


    We have analyzed high-resolution Magellan Doppler tracking data over Mead crater, using both line-of-sight and spherical harmonic methods, and have found a negative gravity anomaly of about 4-5 mgal (at spacecraft altitude, 182 km). This is consistent with no isostatic compensation of the present topography; the uncertainty in the analysis allows perhaps as much as 30% compensation at shallow dpeths (approximately 25 km). This is similar to observations of large craters on Earth, which are not generally compensated, but contrasts with at least some lunar basins which are inferred to have large Moho uplifts and corresponding positive Bouguer anomalies. An uncompensated load of this size requires a lithosphere with an effective elastic lithosphere thickness greater than 30 km. In order for the crust-mantle boundary not to have participated in the deformation associated with the collapse of the transient cavity during the creation of the crater, the yield strength near the top of the mantle must have been significantly higher on Earth and Venus than on the Moon at the time of basin formation. This might be due to increased strength against frictional sliding at the higher confining pressures within the larger planets. Alternatively, the thinner crusts of Earth and Venus compared to that of the Moon may result in higher creep strength of the upper mantle at shallower depths.

  16. Russel Nye: The Professor in Public Life. (United States)

    Hungiville, Maurice


    A discussion of the influence of Russel Nye, a college English professor at Michigan State University and journalist, focuses on the values that shaped his teaching, scholarship, and writing and his defense of democratic values, especially in education. It is concluded that Nye's experience suggests that public service can be a source of personal…

  17. Pleasure, arousal, dominance: Mehrabian and Russell revisited

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bakker, I.C.; van der Voordt, Theo; de Boon, J; Vink, P.


    This paper presents a discursive review of the dimensions pleasure, arousal and dominance that Mehrabian and Russell developed in 1974 to assess environmental perception, experience, and psychological responses. Since then numerous researchers applied these dimensions to assess the experience of the

  18. The Critical Importance of Russell's Diagram (United States)

    Gingerich, O.


    The idea of dwarf and giants stars, but not the nomenclature, was first established by Eijnar Hertzsprung in 1905; his first diagrams in support appeared in 1911. In 1913 Henry Norris Russell could demonstrate the effect far more strikingly because he measured the parallaxes of many stars at Cambridge, and could plot absolute magnitude against spectral type for many points. The general concept of dwarf and giant stars was essential in the galactic structure work of Harlow Shapley, Russell's first graduate student. In order to calibrate the period-luminosity relation of Cepheid variables, he was obliged to fall back on statistical parallax using only 11 Cepheids, a very sparse sample. Here the insight provided by the Russell diagram became critical. The presence of yellow K giant stars in globular clusters credentialed his calibration of the period-luminosity relation by showing that the calibrated luminosity of the Cepheids was comparable to the luminosity of the K giants. It is well known that in 1920 Shapley did not believe in the cosmological distances of Heber Curtis' spiral nebulae. It is not so well known that in 1920 Curtis' plot of the period-luminosity relation suggests that he didn't believe it was a physical relation and also he failed to appreciate the significance of the Russell diagram for understanding the large size of the Milky Way.

  19. James Bernard Russell: Scholar, collaborator, mentor (United States)

    At the time of his untimely death in 2009, ARS scientist Dr. James B. Russell had established himself as the premier rumen microbiologist of his generation. Dr. Russell’s many contributions to the field, including much of the early work on the Cornell Net Carbohydrate System model, were the product ...

  20. MEAD Marine Effects of Atmospheric Deposition (United States)

    Jickells, T.; Spokes, L.


    The coastal seas are one of the most valuable resources on the planet but they are threatened by human activity. We rely on the coastal area for mineral resources, waste disposal, fisheries and recreation. In Europe, high population densities and high levels of industrial activity mean that the pressures arising from these activities are particularly acute. One of the main problems concerning coastal seas is the rapid increase in the amounts of nitrogen-based pollutants entering the water. They come from many sources, the most important ones being traffic, industry and agriculture. These pollutants can be used by algae as nutrients. The increasing concentrations of these nutrients have led to excessive growth of algae, some of which are harmful. When algae die and decay, oxygen in the water is used up and the resulting lower levels of oxygen may lead to fish kills. Human activity has probably doubled the amount of chemically and biologically reactive nitrogen present globally. In Europe the increases have been greater than this, leading to real concern over the health of coastal waters. Rivers have, until recently, been thought to be the most important source of reactive nitrogen to the coastal seas but we now know that inputs from the atmosphere are large and can equal, or exceed, those from the rivers. Our initial hypothesis was that atmospheric inputs are important and potentially different in their effect on coastal ecosystems to riverine inputs and hence require different management strategies. However, we had almost no information on the direct effects of atmospheric deposition on marine ecosystems, though clearly such a large external nitrogen input should lead to enhanced phytoplankton growth The aim of this European Union funded MEAD project has been to determine how inputs of nitrogen from the atmosphere affect the chemistry and biology of coastal waters. To try to answer this, we have conducted field experiments in the Kattegat, an area where we know

  1. George Herbert Mead on Humans and Other Animals: Social Relations After Human-Animal Studies


    Rhoda Wilkie; Andrew McKinnon


    The turn towards nonhuman animals within sociology has shed a critical light on George Herbert Mead, his apparent prioritisation of language and the anthropocentric focus of Symbolic Interactionism (SI). Although Herbert Blumer canonised Mead as the founder of this perspective he also played a key role in excising the evolutionary and 'more-than-human' components in Mead's work. This intervention not only misrepresented Mead's intellectual project, it also made symbols the predominant concern...

  2. George Herbert Mead: contributions to history of the social psychology


    Souza, Renato Ferreira de


    Com este artigo pretende-se contribuir para a compreensão histórica de um autor/personagem da Psicologia. Analisamos e acrescemos conhecimento sobre George Herbert Mead e os desdobramentos de sua teoria psicossocial. Para esse propósito, explicitaremos, no texto, uma das vertentes analíticas utilizadas em nossa dissertação, qual seja: por meio da abordagem social em história da psicologia, confrontamos a vida de Mead com momentos de constituição da psicologia, colocando em relevo aspectos cen...

  3. Pleasure, arousal, dominance: Mehrabian and Russell revisited


    Bakker, I.C.; van der Voordt, Theo; de Boon, J; Vink, P.


    This paper presents a discursive review of the dimensions pleasure, arousal and dominance that Mehrabian and Russell developed in 1974 to assess environmental perception, experience, and psychological responses. Since then numerous researchers applied these dimensions to assess the experience of the physical environment and its perceived qualities. Although the dimensions appeared to be useful, there is a long-lasting debate going on among environmental psychologists about the interpretation ...

  4. Reinterpreting Internalization and Agency through G. H. Mead's Perspectival Realism (United States)

    Martin, Jack


    Toward the end of his life, George Herbert Mead developed a theory of perspectives that may be used to reinterpret his social, developmental psychology. This paper attempts such a reinterpretation, leading to the emergence of a theory of perspective taking in early childhood that looks quite different from that which is assumed in most extant work…

  5. Mead and Dewey: Thematic Connections on Educational Topics. (United States)

    Dennis, Lawrence J.; Stickel, George W.


    Common themes emerge from the writings of John Dewey and George Herbert Mead on four educational topics discussed here: (1) play; (2) science teaching; (3) history teaching; and (4) industrial education. Both men deplored the fragmentation of education and believed moral insight could be furthered through social understanding, science, and…

  6. George Herbert Mead, Um, osoba i društvo


    Bačeković, Alica


    Prikaz knjige George Herbert Mead, Um, osoba i društvo sa stajališta socijalnog biheviorista, priredio i uvod napisao Charles W. Morris, s engleskoga preveo Srđan Dvornik, Naklada Jesenski i Turk, Hrvatsko sociološko društvo, Zagreb 2003, xxx + 392 str

  7. Mead features fermented by Saccharomyces cerevisiae (lalvin k1 ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Eduardo Morales

    Full Length Research Paper. Mead features fermented by Saccharomyces cerevisiae. (lalvin k1-1116). Eduardo Marin MORALES1*, Valmir Eduardo ALCARDE2 and Dejanira de Franceschi de. ANGELIS1. 1Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology, Institute of Biosciences, UNESP - Univ Estadual Paulista, Av. 24-A,.

  8. Mead features fermented by Saccharomyces cerevisiae (lalvin k1 ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Alcoholic beverages are produced practically in every country in the world representing a significant percentage of the economy. Mead is one of the oldest beverages and it is easily obtained by the fermentation of a mixture of honey and water. However, it is still less studied compared to other beverages and does not have ...

  9. Federal president Walter Scheel on nuclear energy

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Scheel, W.


    On the occasion of the award of the Theodor-Heuss-Prize in Munich on February 11th, 1977, the President of the Federal Republic Walter Scheel commented on the citizens' contribution to basic values. In doing this the President also spoke about the peaceful utilization of nuclear energy and stated finally: 'It is wrong to see only the risk of nuclear energy, to discuss only this. We must realize that in many parts of our society we have ushered in developments which involve similar, partly even bigger danger and risk than nuclear energy. And we must be prepared to face those risks everywhere.' (orig./HP) [de

  10. Jim Walter Resources installs new overland conveyor

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fiscor, S.


    Embarking on a major expansion plan, the company is constructing a new additional overland conveyor coal to a recently refurbished prep plant. Jim Walter Resources recently invested $20 million in a new 5-mile overland conveyor system to haul coal from the No.7 deep coal mine in Alabama to the No.5 coal preparation plant. The size of the No.7 mine was effectively doubled. The article describes how this expansion move was decided upon and describes the design and installation of the new conveyor which spans approximately 5 miles. 4 photos.

  11. Walter Pater and the Language of Sculpture

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Østermark-Johansen, Lene

    are closely linked. Going beyond Pater's views on sculpture as an art form, this study traces the notion of relief (rilievo) and hybrid form in Pater, and his view of the writer as sculptor, a carver in language. Alongside her treatment of rilievo as a pervasive trope, Lene Østermark-Johansen also employs...... the idea of rivalry (paragone) more broadly, examining Pater's concern with positioning himself as an art critic in the late Victorian art world. Situating Pater within centuries of European aesthetic theories as never before done, Walter Pater and the Language of Sculpture throws new light...

  12. The essayistic style of Walter Benjamin:


    Ceserani, Remo


    This paper examines the peculiar essayistic style of Walter Benjamin. All of the various genres of his writing have an allegorical and surrealistic quality, with hidden and private (and essayistic) meanings, but also with a prophetic, hallucinatory tension. Članek obravnava tipični esejistični stil Walterja Benjamina. Za vse žanre njegovega pisanja je značilna alegoričnost in surrealističnost s skritimi ter zasebnimi (in esejističnimi) pomeni, a tudi s preroško halucinatorično napetostjo....

  13. An Interview with Dr. Walter Lear

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    The Editors


    Full Text Available In this issue of the English version of Social Medicine we are publishing the first of several pamphlets loaned to us by the US Health Activism History Collection. To introduce this collection we travelled to Philadelphia on June 18, 2008 to interview Dr. Walter J. Lear. Dr Lear, born in 1923, is the person responsible for the collection. In a wide-ranging interview in his home Dr. Lear discussed his personal background, the origins and purpose of the collection, the impact of the McCarthy period on the US health left, as well as his vision for the future.

  14. Walter Benjamin ja lugemismõnu / Aija Sakova-Merivee

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Sakova-Merivee, Aija, 1980-


    Arvustus: Benjamin, Walter. Lapsepõlv Berliinis 1900. aasta paiku : valik esseid. II / Walter Benjamin ; saksa keelest tõlkinud Mati Sirkel ; koostanud ja järelsõna: Marek Tamm. Tallinn : Kultuurileht, 2014. (Loomingu raamatukogu ; 2014, nr. 9/11)

  15. The Russell Case: Academic Freedom vs. Public Hysteria. (United States)

    McCarthy, Joseph M.

    This paper examines issues of academic freedom and the community's role in a review of public and legal events leading to the court's striking down of the 1940 appointment of Bertrand Russell to teach at the City College of New York. Russell was to teach three philosophy courses relating logic, mathematics, and science to philosophy. Episcopal…

  16. 21 CFR 864.8950 - Russell viper venom reagent. (United States)


    ... 21 Food and Drugs 8 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Russell viper venom reagent. 864.8950 Section 864.8950 Food and Drugs FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES (CONTINUED) MEDICAL DEVICES HEMATOLOGY AND PATHOLOGY DEVICES Hematology Reagents § 864.8950 Russell viper venom...

  17. Walter Rowe Courtenay, Jr. (1933–2014) (United States)

    Benson, Amy J.


    WALTER R. COURTENAY, JR., ichthyologist and retired professor, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida, died in Gainesville, Florida, on 30 January 2014 at age 80. Walt was born in Neenah, Wisconsin, on 6 November 1933, son of Walter and Emily Courtenay. Walt's interest in fish began at a young age as evidenced by a childhood diary in which at 13 years of age he wrote about his first catch—a two-and-a-half pound “pike” from Lake Winnebago. When Walt turned ten, the family moved from Wisconsin to Nashville, Tennessee, the move precipitated by his father accepting a position as pastor of the First Presbyterian Church. During those early days in Nashville, Walt's father would take summers off and travel to Michigan to teach at Camp Miniwanca along the shore of Lake Michigan where father and son honed their angling skills. It was also at that time Walt's father had definite views on what his son should be doing in adult life—in Walt's case it was to become a medical doctor. However, his Woods Hole internship in marine biology and oceanography toward the end of his undergraduate years was a transformative experience for him so much so that he abandoned all ideas of becoming a medical doctor and instead specialized in ichthyology and oceanography. Apart from the inherent interest and opportunities Woods Hole opened to him, being back at the shore of a large body of water, in this case the Atlantic Ocean, was far more interesting than sitting in lectures on organic chemistry. With that, Walt completed his B.A. degree at Vanderbilt University in 1956. In 1960 while in graduate school in Miami, Walt met and married Francine Saporito, and over the next several years had two children, Walter III and Catherine. He went on to receive his M.S. in 1961 from The Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science at the University of Miami on the systematics of the genus Haemulon (grunts) and his Ph.D. degree in 1965 working under his advisor C. Richard

  18. The Death and Life of Walter Benjamin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    David Kishik


    Full Text Available What if Walter Benjamin actually made it to New York as he was escaping the Nazis, settling there for the rest of his long life? What if he was working on a sequel to his Arcades Project, translating his ideas about Paris, capital of the nineteenth century, to his new city and own epoch? And what if I inadvertently discovered the manuscript of this so-called Manhattan Project, and decided to write a study dedicated to the unearthed text? This paper offers a few reflections on, and quotations from, the book that I am currently, truly working on, which is an analysis of a phantom of a book, inspired by a real collection of reflections and quotations that were made in preparation for another book that was also never written.

  19. Walter Benjamin's allegory and the modernity

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    João Batista Pereira


    Full Text Available Committed since Classical Antiquity with the rhetoric and the rules of oratory, the allegory was like a displaced metaphor, striving for clarity of speech. That purpose was transfigured throughout the Middle Ages, when its use was linked to decency and morality, a convention which was changed in Romanticism, when it met its demise. From the texts proposed by Walter Benjamin, its existence was perceived as a resource illuminating the aesthetic universe in the social times, a figure of speech tied to the historical context. We adopt in this article a dialectical perspective as a methodological that more accurately illustrates the contours assumed by allegory in modernity. With the light of experiences in a changing world of insecurity in its own values, it is now envisioned as a category indicting of fragmented representation of society, allowing us to understand the limits of literature as a vehicle in critical of reality.

  20. Obituary: Walter Alexander Feibelman, 1930-2004 (United States)

    Oergerle, William


    Walter Alexander Feibelman, 79, an astronomer who discovered the E-ring of Saturn, died of a heart attack 19 November 2004 at his home at Riderwood Village in Silver Spring, Maryland. Walter was born 30 October 1925 in Berlin, Germany to Bernard and Dora Feibelman. He came to the United States with his parents in 1941. They were some of the last German Jews to flee Nazi Germany. Years later, he reported his experiences in an account contributed to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. As a youth, he worked at a cleaning shop and as a soda jerk before taking a course in tool and die making. He worked at the Abbey Photo Corp. in New York and in a model-making firm, where he constructed models of aircraft for use in identification courses by the Army Air Forces. After high school, he attended the Carnegie Institute of Technology and received his BS degree in 1956. Until 1969, he was a research scientist at the University of Pittsburgh. While working as an assistant research professor in physics and astronomy at the University of Pittsburgh in 1967, he examined a photo of Saturn taken a year earlier at the university's Allegheny Observatory. The E-ring -- unlike the bright main rings, A, B, C, D and F -- is faint and not easily spotted. He paired his observation with calculations and announced his discovery, which remained unconfirmed until the Pioneer 11 flyby in 1979. Walter joined the Optical Astronomy Division of Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt in 1969, and worked there until 2002, when he became an emeritus astronomer at NASA. He became associated with the International Ultraviolet Explorer project, and worked on developing detectors for the orbiting observatory's spectrograph. The project turned out to be one of NASA's most successful observatories, operating from 1978 to 1996. In his scientific career, he published more than 200 refereed articles, mainly on hot stars and planetary nebulae. He also wrote papers in the fields of photography, spectroscopy

  1. Hans Joas & Daniel R. Huebner (eds.), The Timeliness of George Herbert Mead


    Baggio, Guido


    The Timeliness of George Herbert Mead is a significant contribution to the recent “Mead renaissance.” It gathers some contributions first presented at the conference celebrating the 150th anniversary of the birth of George Herbert Mead held in April 2013 at the University of Chicago and organized by Hans Joas, Andrew Abbott, Daniel Huebner, and Christopher Takacs. The volume brings scholarship on G. H. Mead up to date highlighting Mead’s relevance for areas of research completely ignored by p...

  2. [Silver-Russell syndrome with panhypopituitarism (author's transl)]. (United States)

    Stögmann, W; Borkenstein, M; Grubbauer, H M


    This is a report on a 14 years old boy suffering from the unusual combination of Silver-Russell syndrome with panhypopituitarism. The Silver-Russell syndrome is a special form of primordial dwarfism characterised by congenital asymmetry, craniofacial dysmorphy and other anomalies. Its cause is unknown, intrauterine noxes and genetical factors are discussed. In the most cases results of hormone determinations are normal, but also cases with elevated or very low hormone levels were published. This is the first report about a Silver-Russell syndrome combined with panhypopituitarism.

  3. Baudelaire'i Pariis Walter Benjamini esseedes / Vappu Thurlow

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Thurlow, Vappu, 1960-


    Marksismi kalduva Walter Benjamini kulturoloogilisest uurimusest, mis keskendub ühiskondlikule ja kultuurielule ning varases staadiumis olevale modernismile, mistõttu saab tema arutluskäikude keskseks kangelaseks Charles Baudelair kui flaneur

  4. Walter Isard's Contributions to Environmental Economics and Ecological Economics

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Rose, Adam; Folmer, Henk; Nijkamp, Peter

    This article summarizes Walter Isard's important contributions to environmental economics and ecological economics. The former is the traditional field that incorporates some limited aspects of the environment into neoclassical economic theory, while the latter is a more comprehensive integration of

  5. A public health physician named Walter Leser. (United States)

    Mello, Guilherme Arantes; Bonfim, José Ruben de Alcântara


    A brief review of the career of the public health physician Walter Sidney Pereira Leser, who died in 2004 aged 94. Self-taught, from his 1933 doctoral thesis he became a country reference in the field of statistics and epidemiology, with dozens of studies and supervisions. In the clinical field he is one of the founders of Fleury Laboratory, and participates in the creation of CREMESP. As an academic, Leser was a professor at the Escola de Sociologia e Política de São Paulo, Escola Paulista de Medicina e Faculdade de Farmácia e Odontologia da USP. Also, Leser introduced objective tests in the college entrance examination, and led the creation of CESCEM and Carlos Chagas Foundation. In the Escola Paulista de Medicina he created the first Preventive Medicine Department of the country. As a public official, he was secretary of the State Department of Health of São Paulo between 1967 and 1971 and between 1975 and 1979, responsible for extensive reforms and innovations. Among the most remembered, the creation of sanitary medical career. Throughout this legacy, he lent his name to the "Medal of Honor and Merit Public Health Management" of the State of São Paulo.

  6. Thomas Walter Bannerman Kibble (1932 - 2016)

    CERN Document Server


    Tom Kibble, an internationally-renowned theoretical physicist, passed away on Thursday 2 June.   Tom Kibble in the CMS cavern during a visit to CERN in 2014. (Photo: CMS/CERN) Professor Thomas Walter Bannerman Kibble passed away unexpectedly on 2 June at the age of 83. He was senior research investigator at the Blackett Laboratory and Emeritus Professor of Theoretical Physics at Imperial College, London. He made seminal contributions to our current understanding of symmetries and symmetry breaking in the Standard Model of particle physics. He was among those who, in 1964, proposed the mechanism of spontaneous symmetry breaking in gauge theories, together with G. Guralnik and C. Hagen in the autumn of that year, following the papers by R. Brout and F. Englert and by P. Higgs. When this new understanding was incorporated into a model proposed by S. Glashow in 1961, it led to the first formulations of the Standard Model by S. Weinberg and A. Salam. Kibble deepened our under...

  7. Alfred Walter Campbell's return to Australia. (United States)

    Macmillan, Malcolm


    Alfred Walter Campbell (1868-1937) established the basic cytoarchitectonic structure of the human brain while he was working as a pathologist at the Rainhill Lunatic Asylum near Liverpool in the United Kingdom. He returned to Australia in 1905 and continued doing research while establishing a neurological practice. His research over the next 17 years focused on four topics: (a) localisation in the cerebellum, (b) the neuroses and psychoses in war, (c) localisation in the cerebral cortex of the gorilla, and (d) the causes and pathology of the mysterious Australian "X" Disease (later known as Murray Valley encephalitis). In this article, I elaborate on his research in these areas, which provided evidence (a) against Louis Bolk's thesis that variation in the size of the cerebellar cortex reflected variation in the amount of cortex controlling various groups of muscle, (b) against the view that the neuroses and psychoses in war were different from those in civilian life, (c) for a parcelation of the cortex of the gorilla brain that supported his earlier findings in the higher apes, and (d) on the cause and pathophysiology of Australian "X" disease. Much of this research was overlooked, but it remains of considerable value and historical significance.

  8. Tom Russell: "Õpetajakoolitust tuleks alustada praktikast" / Liisa Lumiste

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Lumiste, Liisa


    Eduko programmi raames Tallinna Ülikoolis toimunud avalikul loengul rääkis Kanada kasvatusteadlane Tom Russell praktika tähtsusest õpetajakoolituses ja viis läbi meistriklassi õpetajakoolituse õppejõududele

  9. Epigenoty-pephenotype correlations in Silver-Russell syndrome

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Wakeling, E. L.; Abu Amero, S.; Alders, M.; Bliek, J.; Forsythe, E.; Kumar, S.; Lim, D. H.; MacDonald, F.; Mackay, D. J.; Maher, E. R.; Moore, G. E.; Poole, R. L.; Price, S. M.; Tangeraas, T.; Turner, C. L. S.; Van Haelst, M. M.; Willoughby, C.; Temple, I. K.; Cobben, J. M.


    Background Silver Russell syndrome (SRS) is characterised by intrauterine growth restriction, poor postnatal growth, relative macrocephaly, triangular face and asymmetry. Maternal uniparental disomy (mUPD) of chromosome 7 and hypomethylation of the imprinting control region (ICR) 1 on chromosome

  10. Diagnosis and management of Silver-Russell syndrome

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Wakeling, Emma L; Brioude, Frédéric; Lokulo-Sodipe, Oluwakemi


    This Consensus Statement summarizes recommendations for clinical diagnosis, investigation and management of patients with Silver-Russell syndrome (SRS), an imprinting disorder that causes prenatal and postnatal growth retardation. Considerable overlap exists between the care of individuals born s...

  11. Getting an "Inside": The Role of Objects in Mead's Theory of Self. (United States)

    McCarthy, E. Doyle

    The paper examines George Herbert Mead's account of the individual's relation to the physical world. Mead (1863-1931) taught social psychology and philosophy at the University of Chicago from 1893-1931 and is best known for his theory of self. This theory maintains that the self is formed in a particular historical context and that it includes…

  12. The Texture of Educational Inquiry: An Exploration of George Herbert Mead's Concept of the Scientific. (United States)

    Franzosa, Susan Douglas


    Explores the implications of Mead's philosophic social psychology for current disputes concerning the nature of the scientific in educational studies. Mead's contextualization of the knower and the known are found to be compatible with a contemporary critique of positivist paradigms and a critical reconceptualization of educational inquiry.…

  13. George Herbert Mead's Lecture on Philosophy of Education at the University of Chicago (1910-1911). (United States)

    Biesta, Gert J. J.

    This paper recounts the influence of two of the great educational philosophers of this century, John Dewey and George Herbert Mead. Both men came to the University of Chicago from teaching at the University of Michigan. The men were life-long personal friends and professional colleagues. Although Mead published little during his life, his…

  14. Educating Communal Agents: Building on the Perspectivism of G.H. Mead (United States)

    Martin, Jack


    In their search for more communal forms of agency that might guide education, contemporary educational psychologists have mostly neglected the theorizing of George Herbert Mead. In this essay, Jack Martin aims to remedy such oversight by interpreting Mead's social-psychological and educational theorizing of selfhood and agency through the lenses…

  15. 33 CFR 162.220 - Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and Lake Mohave (Colorado River), Ariz.-Nev. (United States)


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and Lake... REGULATIONS § 162.220 Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and Lake Mohave (Colorado River), Ariz.-Nev. (a) Lake Mead and... the axis of Hoover Dam and that portion of Lake Mohave (Colorado River) extending 4,500 feet...

  16. Russell Body Gastroenteritis: An Aberrant Manifestation of Chronic Inflammation in Gastrointestinal Mucosa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Feriyl Bhaijee


    Full Text Available First described in 1998, Russell body gastritis is a rare chronic inflammatory condition characterized by abundant intramucosal polyclonal plasma cells, which contain intracytoplasmic eosinophilic globules of immunoglobulins (Russell bodies that displace the nucleus, with an accompanying chronic inflammatory infiltrate. Russell bodies represent a cellular response to overstimulation of plasma cells, leading to the accumulation of abundant, nondegradable, condensed immunoglobulin in dilated rough endoplasmic reticulum cisternae. Russell body gastritis usually occurs in the gastric antrum, but two cases of Russell body duodenitis have been recently described. Herein, we report an unusual case of Barrett esophagus with prominent lymphoplasmacytic infiltration and Russell bodies, which expands the current spectrum of Russell body gastritis/duodenitis. Given the various anatomic locations in which Russell body gastritis may arise, we suggest that “Russell body gastroenteritis” may be a more appropriate designation for this uncommon reactive condition.

  17. Síndrome de Silver-Russell: relato de caso Silver-Russell Syndrome: case report

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Natalia Freitas Rossi


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: descrever o fenótipo da síndrome de Silver-Russell (SSR e apresentar um caso diagnosticado com esta afecção genética, abordando aspectos genéticos, psicológicos e fonoaudiológicos. MÉTODOS: trata-se de relato de caso de uma criança do gênero feminino, sete anos e onze meses, portadora da síndrome de Silver-Russel. Foram realizadas avaliação genética médica e molecular, avaliação psicológica, avaliação fonoaudiológica e aplicação de testes complementares. RESULTADOS: a análise molecular da região 7p11 excluiu a dissomia uniparental para este caso. No exame físico foram constatados os principais sinais clínicos da SSR que incluiu retardo no crescimento de origem pré-natal, fácies típica, assimetrias ósseas e clinodactilia do 5º dedo. A avaliação cognitiva e fonoaudiológica mostraram deficiência mental, distúrbio de linguagem oral e comprometimento das funções orais. CONCLUSÃO: o estudo deste caso possibilitou a divulgação do fenótipo da SSR com suas manifestações físicas, cognitivas e fonoaudiológicas. Embora o teste molecular não tenha confirmado um dos possíveis mecanismos etiológicos da síndrome, a avaliação genética médica constatou a presença dos principais sinais clínicos que foram correlacionados à literatura. A avaliação psicológica e fonoaudiológica apontaram para comprometimento cognitivo e de comunicação, funções orais , sugerindo que importantes alterações fonoaudiológicas podem fazer parte do fenótipo desta síndrome, ainda pouco difundida para fonoaudiólogos.PURPOSE: to describe Silver-Russell syndrome (SRS phenotype and report a case with this condition, concerning genetics, psychological and speech/language and oral function evaluation. METHODS: we will submit the case of a girl, seven years and eleven months with Silver-Russell syndrome. Medical genetic evaluation, molecular test, psychological and speech/language evaluation was done. Complementary

  18. Walter User’s Manual (Version 1.0). (United States)


    queries and/or commands. 1.2 - How Walter Uses the Screen As shown in Figure 1-1, Walter divides the screen of your terminal into five separate areas...our attention to queries and how to submit them to the database. 1.3.1 - Submitting Queries A query is an expression consisting of words, parentheses...dates, but also with ranges of dates, such as "oct 15 : nov 15". Waiter recognizes three kinds of dates: * Specific dates of the form [date <month> <day

  19. [George Herbert Mead. Thought as the conversation of interior gestures]. (United States)

    Quéré, Louis


    For George Herbert Mead, thinking amounts to holding an "inner conversation of gestures ". Such a conception does not seem especially original at first glance. What makes it truly original is the "social-behavioral" approach of which it is a part, and, particularly, two ideas. The first is that the conversation in question is a conversation of gestures or attitudes, and the second, that thought and reflexive intelligence arise from the internalization of an external process supported by the social mechanism of communication: that of conduct organization. It imports then to understand what distinguishes such ideas from those of the founder of behavioral psychology, John B. Watson, for whom thinking amounts to nothing other than subvocal speech.

  20. Obituary: Walter G. Egan, 1923-2003 (United States)

    Hilgeman, Theodore


    Walter G. Egan, a scientist and engineer with a professional life spanning well over half a century, died on 3 November 2003. Born to Caroline and George Egan on 12 October 1923 in New York City, Egan studied Electrical Engineering at the City College of New York from 1941 until 1943 when he was called to active duty in World War II, switching from enlisted reserve status. During the war, he served honorably in both the Signal Corps and the Medical Corps. Following his discharge in 1946, he resumed his college studies, obtaining a BEE in 1949 from City College of New York, an MA in Physics in 1951 from Columbia University, and a PhD in Solid State Physics in 1960 from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn. Egan's PhD thesis was "Ferromagnetic Resonance in thin Nickel Films," performed under advisor H. Juretschke. Egan's professional career covered both industry and academia. In the summer of 1942, he worked for the Bruce Engineering Company. From 1957 to 1963, he worked for Ford Instrument Company, a Division of Sperry Rand Corporation, successively as an Engineering Project Supervisor, Assistant Director of Research, and Executive Assistant to the Director of Research. From 1964 to 1986 Egan worked as a Staff Scientist at the Grumman Corporation Corporate Research Center where his pioneering work consisted of research and development of remote sensing equipment and techniques for the remote sensing of terrestrial and space targets and backgrounds. I came to know and work with him during his tenure at the Grumman Corporation, where we co-authored many papers and a book. His insight into remote sensing engineering and research, shared willingly with younger colleagues, was a major stimulus to my future research in this field. Egan instilled a sense of discipline in publication, so our work could be shared with others in a timely way. This drive to share his knowledge with others also made him an excellent teacher. Subsequently, he held the position of Research

  1. Intoxication of sheep exposed to ozark milkweed (Asclepias viridis Walter). (United States)

    Smith, R A; Scharko, P; Bolin, D; Hong, C B


    Some 20 sheep died 1 at a time on a farm in Fleming County, KY, in late July of 1999 after consumption of Asclepias viridis Walter. Major histological lesions were mild multifocal nonsuppurative myocarditis. Gross pathology revealed wet and heavy lungs. Many affected animals had a hunched appearance, and marked posterior paresis was also observed.

  2. Walter Dill Scott and the Student Personnel Movement (United States)

    Biddix, J. Patrick; Schwartz, Robert A.


    Walter Dill Scott (1869-1955), tenth president of Northwestern University and pioneer of industrial psychology, is an essential architect of student personnel work. This study of his accomplishments, drawing on records from the Northwestern University archives, tells a story about the people he influenced and his involvement in codifying what was…

  3. Double-diffusive convection of compressible rotating Walters' (B ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    A great number of applications of such a flow in geophysics are found in a ... We have considered an infinite, horizontal, compressible electrically conducting Walters' (Model B′) fluid layer of .... Linearized stability theory and normal mode analysis .... boundaries the boundary conditions are (see Chandrasekhar, 1981). 2.

  4. Walter Kaufmann and the Advocacy of German Thought in America. (United States)

    Soll, Ivan


    Examines the career and contributions of Walter Kaufmann. A refugee from Hitler's Germany, Kaufmann set himself the unlikely task of trying to revive interest in Hegel and Nietzsche in the United States. Kaufman's work as a translator, interpreter, and teacher of German philosophy had a long-term impact on U.S. intellectuals. (MJP)

  5. Storytelling for Ordinary, Practical Purposes (Walter Benjamin's "The Storyteller") (United States)

    Pereira, Íris Susana Pires; Doecke, Brenton


    This essay explores the role that storytelling can play in teachers' learning. Walter Benjamin's "The Storyteller" provides a theoretical framework that enables us to highlight the complexity of the professional learning of teachers when they share stories about their everyday lives. We develop our argument by presenting two instances of…

  6. A sociohistorical examination of George Herbert Mead's approach to science education. (United States)

    Edwards, Michelle L


    Although George Herbert Mead is widely known for his social psychological work, his views on science education also represent a significant, yet sometimes overlooked contribution. In a speech delivered in March 1906 entitled "The Teaching of Science in College," Mead calls for cultural courses on the sciences, such as sociology of science or history of science courses, to increase the relevancy of natural and physical science courses for high school and university students. These views reflect Mead's perspective on a number of traditional dualisms, including objectivity versus subjectivity and the social sciences versus natural and physical sciences. Taking a sociohistorical outlook, I identify the context behind Mead's approach to science education, which includes three major influences: (1) German intellectual thought and the Methodenstreit debate, (2) pragmatism and Darwin's theory of evolution, and (3) social reform efforts in Chicago and the General Science Movement. © The Author(s) 2014.

  7. Performance investigation of an advanced multi-effect adsorption desalination (MEAD) cycle

    KAUST Repository

    Thu, Kyaw; Kim, Young Deuk; Shahzad, Muhammad Wakil; Saththasivam, Jayaprakash; Ng, Kim Choon


    This article presents the development of an advanced adsorption desalination system with quantum performance improvement. The proposed multi-effect adsorption desalination (MEAD) cycle utilizes a single heat source i.e., low-temperature hot water

  8. A technical report on structural evaluation of the Meade County reinforced concrete bridge. (United States)


    This is a technical report on the first phase of the evaluation of the Meade County reinforced concrete bridge. : The first three chapters introduce the main problem and provide a general review of the existing evaluation : methods and the procedures...

  9. Obituary: Russell Makidon (1971-2009) (United States)

    Sivaramakrishnan, Anand


    Russell Benjamin Makidon died at the age of 38 in Baltimore on June 22, 2009. Complications following surgery to remove a tumor cut his life tragically short. Russ was a Mission Systems Scientist at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI), which he joined straight out of graduate school in 1997. He brought both the force of his intellect and his superb people skills to STScI, where he served the Institute and the broader community with extraordinary effectiveness. Russ was pivotal in helping to develop the wavefront sensing and control system of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). He was also a member of the NSF Center for Adaptive Optics at Lick Observatory. Born to Cathy Ann and Peter Makidon, a worker at General Motors, on January 22, 1971, in Bay City, Michigan, Russ was an only child. He was raised by his mother, in Florida, and her parents, in Munger, Michigan. He is survived by his mother, his grandfather Benjamin Franklin Histed, and his father. In addition to his interest in science, Russ was a talented artist and his sketches had appeared in statewide and national competitions. Turning down a scholarship at the Savannah College of Art and Design, he studied physics and astronomy at the University of Michigan, followed by a Masters under Stephen Strom at the University of Massachusetts. He measured pre-main sequence stellar rotation in NGC 2264 and other OB associations, providing insight on the role that circumstellar disks play in setting stellar angular momentum in young stellar clusters and associations. This work, and his extraordinary skills in facilitating scientific exchange, led to his co-investigatorship on the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Orion Treasury Project. Russ advanced the understanding of high contrast imaging, especially the relation between the properties of a wavefront control or adaptive optics systems and the physics of coronagraphic imaging. He developed a practical understanding of coronagraphy, performing timely and

  10. George Herbert Mead and Sören Kierkegaard as theorists of the self

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Willert, Søren

    The self concepts of Mead and Kierkegaard respectively show striking similarities. A comparative analysis of the two self concepts is carried out. Similarities are indeed present at a structural level. Clear-cut differences appear when semantic deep structures of the concepts used by the two...... thinkers are included in the analysis. The observed differences are reflecting the fact that they drew their inspiration from widely divergent intellectual traditions, Kierkegaard from Christian theology, Mead from a darwinistically inspired world-view....

  11. Patriot/Medium Extended Air Defense System Combined Aggregate Program (Patriot/MEADS CAP) (United States)


    SPONSOR/MONITOR’S REPORT NUMBER(S) 12. DISTRIBUTION /AVAILABILITY STATEMENT Approved for public release; distribution unlimited 13. SUPPLEMENTARY...States, Germany, and Italy to replace the U.S. Patriot air defense systems, Patriot and Hawk systems in Germany, and the Nike system in Italy. The MEADS...combat demonstrated capability against these threats. MEADS will employ a netted distributed architecture with modular components to increase

  12. The Economic Costs of a Shrinking Lake Mead: a Spatial Hedonic Analysis (United States)

    Singh, A.; Saphores, J. D.


    Persistent arid conditions and population growth in the Southwest have taken a toll on the Colorado River. This has led to substantial drawdowns of many water reservoirs around the Southwest, and especially of Lake Mead, which is Las Vegas' main source of drinking water. Due to its importance, Lake Mead has received a great deal of media attention about its "bathtub ring" and the exposure of rock that used to be underwater. Drops in water levels have caused some local marinas to close, thereby affecting the aesthetic and recreational value of Lake Mead, which is located in the country's largest National Recreation Area (NRA), and surrounded by protected land. Although a rich literature analyzes how water quality impacts real estate values, relatively few studies have examined how dropping water levels are capitalized in surrounding residential properties. In this context, the goal of this study is to quantify how Lake Mead's water level changes are reflected in changes in local property values, an important source of tax income for any community. Since Lake Mead is the primary attraction within its recreation area, we are also concerned with how this recreation area, which is a few miles southeast of Las Vegas, is capitalized in real estate values of the Las Vegas metropolitan area as few valuation studies have examined how proximity to national parks influences residential property value. We estimate spatial hedonic and geographically weighted regression models of single family residences to delineate the value of proximity to the Lake Mead NRA and to understand how this value changed with Lake Mead's water levels. Our explanatory variables include common structural characteristics, fixed effects to account for unobserved locally constant characteristics, and specific variables such as distance to the Las Vegas strip and to downtown casinos. Because the sharpest declines in Lake Mead water levels happened in 2010 (NASA, 2010) and winter 2016 saw an unexpected

  13. George Herbert Mead: contribuições para a história da psicologia social George Herbert Mead: contributions to history of the social psychology

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Renato Ferreira de Souza


    Full Text Available Com este artigo pretende-se contribuir para a compreensão histórica de um autor/personagem da Psicologia. Analisamos e acrescemos conhecimento sobre George Herbert Mead e os desdobramentos de sua teoria psicossocial. Para esse propósito, explicitaremos, no texto, uma das vertentes analíticas utilizadas em nossa dissertação, qual seja: por meio da abordagem social em história da psicologia, confrontamos a vida de Mead com momentos de constituição da psicologia, colocando em relevo aspectos centrais dessa interlocução nem sempre identificados. Correlacionamos a história de Mead com questões sociais, políticas, econômicas e científicas, assim como suas conexões com práticas e valores culturais específicos de sua época. Buscamos compreender sua limitada difusão na ciência psicológica, dando, assim, continuidade ao processo de (revolta do autor.This article intends to contribute to historical understanding of author/character of Psychology. We analyzed and enlarged knowledge about George Herbert Mead and the developing of his psychosocial theory. For this reason, we will explain in the text as analytical side used in our dissertation, in other words: through of the social approach in history of psychology we confront the life of Mead with facts of constitution of the psychology, emphasizing central aspects of this discussion not always identified. We correlate the history of Mead with social, politic, economic and scientific questions as well as his connections with practices and specific cultural values of his time. We look to understand his limited diffusion in the psychological science, giving, so, continuity to the process of returns of the author.

  14. 76 FR 23342 - Russell Investment Management Company, et al.; (United States)


    ...] Russell Investment Management Company, et al.; Notice of Application April 20, 2011. AGENCY: Securities...: Applicants request an order that would permit (a) series of certain open-end management investment companies... registered management investment companies and unit investment trusts outside of the same group of investment...

  15. Epigenotype-phenotype correlations in Silver-Russell syndrome

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Wakeling, E. L.; Amero, S. Abu; Alders, M.; Bliek, J.; Forsythe, E.; Kumar, S.; Lim, D. H.; Macdonald, F.; Mackay, D. J.; Maher, E. R.; Moore, G. E.; Poole, R. L.; Price, S. M.; Tangeraas, T.; Turner, C. L. S.; van Haelst, M. M.; Willoughby, C.; Temple, I. K.; Cobben, J. M.


    Silver-Russell syndrome (SRS) is characterised by intrauterine growth restriction, poor postnatal growth, relative macrocephaly, triangular face and asymmetry. Maternal uniparental disomy (mUPD) of chromosome 7 and hypomethylation of the imprinting control region (ICR) 1 on chromosome 11p15 are

  16. Is Russell's vicious circle principle false or meaningless?

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Fleischhacker, L.E.


    P. Vardy asserts the thesis that the vicious circle principle has the same structure as Russell's paradox. But structure is not the thing itself. It is the thing objectivated from the wiewpoint of a mathematician. So this structure can be expressed in a mathematical formalism, e. g. the Λ-calculus.

  17. A case of Silver–Russell syndrome (SRS): multiple pituitary ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Hypomethylation of the imprinting control region 1 (ICR1) at the IGF2/H19 locus on 11p15 is linked to Silver–Russell syndrome .... lowing criteria have to be met: low birth weight, short stature ..... school-aged children and adolescents. Bull.

  18. A philosophical examination of Mead's pragmatist constructivism as a referent for adult science education (United States)

    Furbish, Dean Russel

    The purpose of this study is to examine pragmatist constructivism as a science education referent for adult learners. Specifically, this study seeks to determine whether George Herbert Mead's doctrine, which conflates pragmatist learning theory and philosophy of natural science, might facilitate (a) scientific concept acquisition, (b) learning scientific methods, and (c) preparation of learners for careers in science and science-related areas. A philosophical examination of Mead's doctrine in light of these three criteria has determined that pragmatist constructivism is not a viable science education referent for adult learners. Mead's pragmatist constructivism does not portray scientific knowledge or scientific methods as they are understood by practicing scientists themselves, that is, according to scientific realism. Thus, employment of pragmatist constructivism does not adequately prepare future practitioners for careers in science-related areas. Mead's metaphysics does not allow him to commit to the existence of the unobservable objects of science such as molecular cellulose or mosquito-borne malarial parasites. Mead's anti-realist metaphysics also affects his conception of scientific methods. Because Mead does not commit existentially to the unobservable objects of realist science, Mead's science does not seek to determine what causal role if any the hypothetical objects that scientists routinely posit while theorizing might play in observable phenomena. Instead, constructivist pragmatism promotes subjective epistemology and instrumental methods. The implication for learning science is that students are encouraged to derive scientific concepts based on a combination of personal experience and personal meaningfulness. Contrary to pragmatist constructivism, however, scientific concepts do not arise inductively from subjective experience driven by personal interests. The broader implication of this study for adult education is that the philosophically laden

  19. Notas sobre a presença de Mead na obra de Habermas Notes on Mead's presence in the work of Habermas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luciana Aparecida de Araújo Penitente


    Full Text Available Habermas pensa a questão da individuação e da socialização a partir dos estudos de George Hebert Mead, que, na sua concepção, foi o primeiro a refletir substancialmente sobre um modelo de eu produzido socialmente. Mead oferece todo subsídio teórico para o desenvolvimento de uma teoria da evolução humana que envolve o processo de individuação e de socialização. Pelo paradigma de intercompreensão, ou seja, da relação intersubjetiva de indivíduos que se socializam por meio da comunicação e se reconhecem mutuamente, Mead permite a mudança de paradigma da consciência de si, da autorreferência de um sujeito que age isoladamente para o indivíduo que processa trocas sociais mediante a linguagem. Portanto, um dos principais componentes da teoria de Mead, em que Habermas busca contribuição para sua Teoria da Ação Comunicativa, é o processo de constituição do "eu", sua identidade. Mead acredita ser a individuação representada como um processo que é linguisticamente mediador da socialização e da construção de uma história de vida, na qual os sujeitos são conscientes de si. É esse meio linguístico estabelecido entre os sujeitos e o meio do entendimento intrassubjetivo e histórico vital que possibilita a formação de uma identidade de sujeitos socializados. É o reconhecimento intersubjetivo e autoentendimento mediado intersubjetivamente que propicia a formação da identidade. Esse quadro conceitual será fundamental a Habermas, na sua acepção de eu pós-convencional.Habermas discusses the question of individualization and socialization on the basis of the studies of George Herbert Mead, who, in Habermas' view, was the first to reflect substantially on a model of the socially produced "I". Mead offers a theoretical basis for the development of a theory of human evolution that involves the process of individualization and socialization. Through the paradigm of mutual understanding, that is, the intersubjective

  20. Walter Benjamin i l'aura de l'autobiografia


    Martí Monterde, Antoni, 1968-


    És la biblioteca una forma d'autobiografia? Només caldria un sol escrit que ho demostrés de manera plena per a afirmar que sí, i aquest text el va escriure Walter Benjamin, qui el 17 de juliol de 1931 va publicar, a Die literarische Welt, 'un discurs sobre el col·leccionisme' sota el títol 'Tot desembolicant la meua biblioteca'.

  1. Russell bodies in a skin biopsy: a case report

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Verheij Joanne


    Full Text Available Abstract Introduction The presence of eosinophilic bodies in a skin biopsy can be found in a variety of situations and this may present a challenge to the pathologist. The differential diagnosis of these eosinophilic structures include microorganisms such as histoplasmosis or cryptococcosis, fungi, Michaelis-Gutmann bodies, deposits of amyloid or immunoglobulins, colloid bodies or elastic bodies. Case presentation During a routine examination of a skin biopsy with actinic keratosis taken from the cheek of a 61-year-old man, clusters of eosinophilic bodies were seen within an inflammatory infiltrate in the dermis, both intracytoplasmic and extracellular. Using additional immunohistochemical staining, these structures were identified as polyclonal Russell bodies. Conclusion The differential diagnosis of intracytoplasmic eosinophilic structures in a skin biopsy includes Russell bodies, an uncommon finding that may be associated with chronic inflammatory conditions.

  2. George Herbert Mead, La Philosophie du temps en perspective(s)


    Leclerc, Natalia


    L’ouvrage intitulé La Philosophie du temps en perspective(s) comporte plusieurs textes de G. H. Mead, précédés d’une importante introduction de Michèle Leclerc-Olive, qui présente « Les figures du temps dans la philosophie de George Herbert Mead ». Son caractère pédagogique est très appréciable : elle permet en effet d’entrer progressivement dans la pensée, ou plutôt dans les différentes facettes et étapes de la réflexion de Mead. Il est extrêmement dense, et le présent compte rendu n’a pas d...

  3. Homelessness in Modern Society: An Integration of Mead and Berger and Implications for a Paradigm of Mass Communication. (United States)

    Jones, Charlotte

    George Herbert Mead's theory of mind, self, and society is synthesized in this paper, as is the extension of that basic theory by Peter Berger and Thomas Luckmann. The paper argues that Mead's functionalist perspective, while rich and internally consistent, is naive in that it lacks a theory of institutions, and it shows how Berger and Luckmann's…

  4. Redefining the Subject, Redefining the Social, Reconsidering Education: George Herbert Mead's Course on Philosophy of Education at the University of Chicago. (United States)

    Biesta, Gert J. J.


    George Mead's posthumously published works express a genuine philosophy of education. This paper contributes to the reconstruction of Mead's educational philosophy, examining a typescript of student notes from his course on philosophy of education at the University of Chicago. The essay discusses the typescript against the backdrop of Mead's…

  5. Walter Lippmann’s Ethical Challenge to the Individual

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Steve Urbanski


    Full Text Available This essay analyzes in hermeneutic fashion random concepts of the individual from three of philosopher Walter Lippmann’s major works, Liberty and the News, Public Opinion, and The Phantom Public. The article addresses the following: By considering Lippmann’s multileveled representation of the individual, 21st-century media professionals can become empowered to avoid emotivism and strive toward a more narrative-based form of ethics. The article compares and contrasts Lippmann’s representation of the individual with John Dewey’s Great Community and Daniel Boorstin’s notion of the pseudo-event.

  6. Walter Gropius no Brasil: revisitando críticas


    Rodrigo Marcondes Rocha


    O tema desta dissertação de mestrado nasce do interesse pela obra e pela figura do arquiteto alemão Walter Gropius (1883-1969) e enfoca sua passagem pelo Brasil em janeiro de 1954, quando participou como destaque da Exposição Internacional de Arquitetura (evento integrante da II Bienal Internacional de Artes de São Paulo, que por sua vez coincidia com as comemorações do IV Centenário da fundação da cidade), recebeu o Prêmio São Paulo de Arquitetura, em sua primeira e única e...

  7. The Daughters of Fire: Walter Hugo Khouri's female gothic

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniel Serravalle de Sá


    This article seeks to investigate the connections between WalterHugo Khouri’s film As Filhas do Fogo (1978 and the Gothicstressing matters of gender, race and nationality. More than asimple re-classification, this Gothic framework of study seeks todemonstrate that the representation of necromancy, mysteriousdeaths and female imprisonment in a tropical manor suggest issueslinked to Brazilian cultural identity and concerns. By associatingKhouri’s film to a form that is representative of popularentertainment this article seeks to establish a case in point ofhow the notion of Gothic can be a useful concept in the investigationof Brazilian film history.

  8. Abysmal Language. The Mystic of the Language in Walter Benjamin


    Emiliano Mendoza Solís


    Walter Benjamin expone en su ensayo de juventud denominado “Sobre el lenguaje en cuanto tal y sobre el lenguaje del hombre” (1916), los aspectos más importantes relativos a la teoría del lenguaje. La idea de lenguaje está fundamentadamediante el examen de los contenidos espirituales del hombre y surelación con el ser lingüístico. Esta distinción condiciona a la teoría a permanecer sobre el abismo que anida en el interior de la entidad espiritual del lenguaje. El elemento abismal da lugar a un...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rafael Duarte Oliveira Venancio


    Full Text Available Condemned to a dubious media representation in early cinema through the novels of the late nineteenth century, the North American Indians never had a high profile in films of this period. However, an animator, Walter Lantz, has a high degree of characterization of Native Americans in his work. The aim of this paper is to study the role of Native Americans in these cartoons and analyze the social implications of these choices, using the concepts of apparatus and formula. Furthermore, the analysis will include a portrayal of the American media scene before and after Lantz, seeking disruptions and legacies.

  10. Bertrand Russell: pacifismo político relativo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francisco A. Laca-Arocena


    Full Text Available Siguiendo la biografía de Bertrand Russell (1872-1970, lógico matemático, filósofo, premio Nobel de Literatura 1950 y militante pacifista a lo largo de gran parte del conflictivo siglo XX, se analiza el doble conflicto que afronta un pacifista: de desobediencia civil a un gobierno que ha declarado una guerra y de relativa marginación social con una opinión pública cuando ésta es mayoritariamente favorable a esa guerra. Tras un breve análisis del pacifismo contrastándolo con una doble tradición en el pensamiento político anglosajón, el utilitarismo y la teoría del contrato social, se incide en la distinción personal de Russell entre guerras ¿de prestigio¿ y ¿de valores¿. Fue pacifista en la Primera Guerra Mundial considerándola una guerra de prestigio, pero fue partidario de oponerse al nazismo en la Segunda Guerra entendiendo que se trataba de un combate de valores. Volvería a un activismo pacifista en su oposición a la guerra de Vietnam. Estas diferentes posiciones ante la guerra en relación con lo que en cada caso esté en juego, se conoce como ¿pacifismo político relativo¿, cuyo representante más genuino fue el propio Russell.

  11. FILSAFAT ANALITIK Kritik Epistemologi Ide Analitik Logis Bertrand Russell

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Muhmidayeli Muhmidayeli


    Full Text Available Abstract:Each logical statement reflected in the way expressed in a logical language. If a statement is expressed by a language that one would then have it wrong, therefore, necessary test of logical forms that fit with the empirical facts. In short every statement must be understood by returning to the real meaning or context. Russell offers a translation grammatically any statement that may seem misleading to the appropriate forms and logical. Bertrand Russell described his philosophy asan area of human thought that was between theology on the one hand and science on the other side. Philosophy can be said astheology, due to the nature and character of philosophy which also contains a world speculations about the definitive knowledge, but it can notbe ascertained. On the other hand, itcan be said as science, because the working procedures of philosophy that is moreleads and functioning sense like science knowledge (science. Anydogma, because it transcends knowledge certainly, including in the sphere of theology. In between there is this no man's land area that is prone to both theology and science issues. Abstrak: Setiap penyataan logis tercermin dari cara mengungkapkannya dalam bahasa logis. Jika suatu pernyataan diungkap dengan bahasa yang salah maka akan memiliki maka yang salah, oleh karena itu, diperlukan uji bentuk-bentuk logis yang cocok dengan dengan fakta empiris. Pendeknya setiap pernyataan mesti dipahami dengan mengembalikannya pada makna riil atau kontekstual. Russell menawarkan pener¬jemahan secara gramatikal setiap pernyataan yang mungkin saja tampak me¬nyesat¬¬kan ke dalam bentuk-bentuk yang tepat dan logis. Bertrand Russell menggambarkan filsafat sebagai suatu wilayah pemikiran manusia yang berada antara teologi di satu sisi dan ilmu pengetahuan di sisi lainnya. Filsafat dapat dikatakan seperti teologi, karena sifat dan watak filsafat yang juga bersikan dunia spekulasi-spekulasi tentang pengetahun yang pasti namun ia tidak

  12. Alfred Russel Wallace and the antivaccination movement in Victorian England. (United States)

    Weber, Thomas P


    Alfred Russel Wallace, eminent naturalist and codiscoverer of the principle of natural selection, was a major participant in the antivaccination campaigns in late 19th-century England. Wallace combined social reformism and quantitative arguments to undermine the claims of provaccinationists and had a major impact on the debate. A brief account of Wallace's background, his role in the campaign, and a summary of his quantitative arguments leads to the conclusion that it is unwarranted to portray Victorian antivaccination campaigners in general as irrational and antiscience. Public health policy can benefit from history, but the proper context of the evidence used should always be kept in mind.

  13. Destructive Cholangitis in an Adult Jack Russell Terrier

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Atsushi Kodama


    Full Text Available A 4-year-old female Jack Russell terrier dog exhibited vomiting and severe jaundice of the visible mucous membranes and skin. Ultrasonography revealed diffuse areas of high echogenicity and focal areas of low echogenicity in the left lobe of the liver. On macroscopic observation of the biopsied liver specimen, many scattered irregularly shaped red spots were observed on the liver surface and on the cut surface. Histopathologically, there was loss of the interlobular bile duct and cholangitis accompanied by infiltration of pigment-laden macrophages in the Glisson’s capsule. Therefore, in the present case the dog was diagnosed with destructive cholangitis.

  14. Walter Charleton (1620 - 1707 e sua Teoria Atômica The atomic theory of walter charleton (1620 - 1707

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paulo Alves Porto


    Full Text Available Several authors in the 17th century used the atomic hypothesis to explain observable phenomena. This paper analyzes some ideas about chemical transformation proposed by the English physician Walter Charleton. In Physiologia Epicuro-Gassendo-Charltoniana (London, 1654, Charleton examined philosophical aspects of the atomic theory, and suggested that the best explanation for all natural phenomena would be only in terms of atoms and their motions. Sometimes, however, he had to attribute to the atoms some kind of "internal virtue", to explain more complex properties of the matter. His idea of "element", and the little use of experimentation and quantification, also limited the range of Charleton's theory.

  15. Hydrogeochemical and stream sediment reconnaissance basic data for Meade River quadrangle, Alaska

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    Field and laboratory data are presented for 515 water samples from the Meade River Quadrangle, Alaska. The samples were collected by Los Alamos National Laboratory; laboratory analysis and data reporting were performed by the Uranium Resource Evaluation Project at Oak Ridge, Tennessee

  16. 75 FR 5115 - Temporary Concession Contract for Lake Mead National Recreation Area, AZ/NV (United States)


    ... National Recreation Area, AZ/NV AGENCY: National Park Service, Department of the Interior. ACTION: Notice of intention to award temporary concession contract for Lake Mead National Recreation Area. SUMMARY: Pursuant to 36 CFR 51.24, public notice is hereby given that the National Park Service intends to award a...

  17. A technical report on structural evaluation of the Meade County reinforced concrete bridge : research [summary]. (United States)


    Meade County Bridge is a two-lane highway reinforced concrete bridge with two girders each with 20 continuous spans. The bridge was built in 1965. It has been reported that in early years of the bridge service period, a considerable amount of cracks ...

  18. Persistence of echimidine, a hepatotoxic pyrrolizidine alkaloid, from honey into mead (United States)

    Honey produced by bees foraging on Echium plantagineum is known to contain dehydropyrrolizidine alkaloids characteristic of the plant. Following a prolific growth of E. plantagineum in the wake of Australian bushfires, two samples of mead, a fermented drink made from honey, and the honey used to pre...

  19. 75 FR 36371 - Draft Environmental Impact Statement Addressing Campus Development at Fort Meade, MD (United States)


    ...'s (NSA) continually evolving requirements and for Intelligence Community use. The purpose of the..., or e-mail [email protected] . SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Background: The NSA is a tenant DOD agency on Fort Meade. NSA is a high-technology organization that is on the frontier of communications and data...

  20. Walter Benjamin, historia cultural y fotografía

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Isabel Zapata Villamil


    Full Text Available In this article we will see that Walter Benjamin's construction of a concept of history is not based only on thinkers like Marx, Freud or Nietzsche. For Benjamin, certain works of art were sources of great inspiration. Besides pointing out this wide range of sources, my interest is in highlighting Benjamin’sinterest in images as sources. Benjamin considers iconography, mass production of art and technical aspects of photographic reproduction.//A lo largo de este artículo veremos cómo Walter Benjamin no se basará únicamente en pensadores como Marx, Freud y Nietzsche para construir su concepción de la historia. Para él serán también fuentes de inspiración fundamental algunas obras artísticas. Además de destacar esta amplia gama de fuentes mi interés es resaltar su acercamiento a estas últimas, principalmente con relación a las imágenes. Para referirse a ellas Benjamin considerará: La interpretación de lo iconográfico, la consideración del arte de masas y el estudio de la técnica reproductiva.

  1. "Un paysage hanté, intense comme l'opium". Ville et notion de paysage selon Siegfried Kracauer et Walter Benjamin

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Reeh, Henrik


    bykultur, filosofi, Walter Benjamin, Siegfried Kracauer, Berlin, Paris, landskab, begrebet bylandskab......bykultur, filosofi, Walter Benjamin, Siegfried Kracauer, Berlin, Paris, landskab, begrebet bylandskab...

  2. Woods and Russell, Hill, and the emergence of medical statistics. (United States)

    Farewell, Vern; Johnson, Tony


    In 1937, Austin Bradford Hill wrote Principles of Medical Statistics (Lancet: London, 1937) that became renowned throughout the world and is widely associated with the birth of modern medical statistics. Some 6 years earlier Hilda Mary Woods and William Thomas Russell, colleagues of Hill at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, wrote a similar book An Introduction to Medical Statistics (PS King and Son: London, 1931) that is little known today. We trace the origins of these two books from the foundations of early demography and vital statistics, and make a detailed examination of some of their chapters. It is clear that these texts mark a watershed in the history of medical statistics that demarcates the vital statistics of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries from the modern discipline. Moreover, we consider that the book by Woods and Russell is of some importance in the development of medical statistics and we describe and acknowledge their place in the history of this discipline. (c) 2010 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

  3. Russell Crowe maailma tipust maailma äärele / Timo Diener

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Diener, Timo


    Näitleja Russell Crowe ja tema suhe oma rolliga seiklusfilmis "Kapten ja komandör : retk maailma äärele" ("Master and Commander : The Far Side of the World") : stsenarist Patrick O'Briani romaanide järgi ja režissöör Peter Weir : peaosas Russell Crowe : Ameerika Ühendriigid 2003

  4. 75 FR 39046 - Russell Brands, LLC, Fabrics Division, a Subsidiary of Fruit of the Loom, Including Employees... (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Employment and Training Administration [TA-W-71,116] Russell Brands, LLC..., 2009, applicable to workers of Russell Brands, LLC, Fabrics Division, a subsidiary of Fruit of the Loom... applicable to TA-W-71,116 is hereby issued as follows: All workers of Russell Brands, LLC, Fabric Division, a...

  5. Abysmal Language. The Mystic of the Language in Walter Benjamin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Emiliano Mendoza Solís


    Full Text Available Walter Benjamin expone en su ensayo de juventud denominado “Sobre el lenguaje en cuanto tal y sobre el lenguaje del hombre” (1916, los aspectos más importantes relativos a la teoría del lenguaje. La idea de lenguaje está fundamentadamediante el examen de los contenidos espirituales del hombre y surelación con el ser lingüístico. Esta distinción condiciona a la teoría a permanecer sobre el abismo que anida en el interior de la entidad espiritual del lenguaje. El elemento abismal da lugar a una revelación o principio (arché vinculadoa la mística del lenguaje.

  6. Influence and canonical supremacy: an analysis of how George Herbert Mead demoted Charles Horton Cooley in the sociological canon. (United States)

    Jacobs, Glenn


    This analysis assesses the factors underlying Charles Horton Cooley's place in the sociological canon as they relate to George Herbert Mead's puzzling diatribe-echoed in secondary accounts-against Cooley's social psychology and view of the self published scarcely a year after his death. The illocutionary act of publishing his critique stands as an effort to project the image of Mead's intellectual self and enhance his standing among sociologists within and outside the orbit of the University of Chicago. It expressed Mead's ambivalence toward his precursor Cooley, whose influence he never fully acknowledged. In addition, it typifies the contending fractal distinctions of the scientifically discursive versus literary styles of Mead and Cooley, who both founded the interpretive sociological tradition. The contrasting styles and attitudes toward writing of the two figures are discussed, and their implications for the problems of scale that have stymied the symbolic interactionist tradition are explored.

  7. Lake Mead National Recreational Area air tour management plan and planning and National Environmental Policy Act scoping document (United States)


    The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), in cooperation with the National Park Service (NPS), has initiated the development of an Air Tour Management Plan (ATMP) for Lake Mead National Recreation Area (LAME) pursuant to the National Parks Air Tour ...

  8. Diagnosis and management of Silver-Russell syndrome

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Wakeling, Emma L; Brioude, Frédéric; Lokulo-Sodipe, Oluwakemi


    small for gestational age and those with SRS. However, many specific management issues exist and evidence from controlled trials remains limited. SRS is primarily a clinical diagnosis; however, molecular testing enables confirmation of the clinical diagnosis and defines the subtype. A 'normal' result......This Consensus Statement summarizes recommendations for clinical diagnosis, investigation and management of patients with Silver-Russell syndrome (SRS), an imprinting disorder that causes prenatal and postnatal growth retardation. Considerable overlap exists between the care of individuals born...... from a molecular test does not exclude the diagnosis of SRS. The management of children with SRS requires an experienced, multidisciplinary approach. Specific issues include growth failure, severe feeding difficulties, gastrointestinal problems, hypoglycaemia, body asymmetry, scoliosis, motor...

  9. Russell body apical periodontitis: an unusual case report. (United States)

    Dos Santos, Jean Nunes; Ramos, Eduardo Antônio Gonçalves; Gurgel, Clarissa Araújo Silva; Barros, Adna Conceição; de Freitas, André Carlos; Crusoé-Rebello, Iêda Maria


    Russell bodies (RBs) changes in chronic apical lesions have rarely been reported in the literature. We describe a case of a periapical lesion abundantly and extensively composed of RB. Microscopic examination showed accumulation of plasma cells containing globular, spherical, polygonal, and eosinophilic structures against fibrous connective tissue. Initial diagnostic considerations based on a smaller magnification included hypersecretory plasmocytoma, although there was no evidence of infiltrative growth, mitotic activity, nuclear atypia, or cellular pleomorphism. Then, a panel of immunohistochemical markers was applied and the cells showed positivity with both kappa and lambda chains demonstrating their polyclonal origin. The extensive accumulation of RBs involving the periapical region represents an unreported and significant histologic change, as it was mimicking a malignant neoplasm.

  10. The construction of mind, self, and society: the social process behind G. H. Mead'S social psychology. (United States)

    Huebner, Daniel R


    Mind, Self, and Society, the posthumously published volume by which George Herbert Mead is primarily known, poses acute problems of interpretation so long as scholarship does not consider the actual process of its construction. This paper utilizes extensive archival correspondence and notes in order to analyze this process in depth. The analysis demonstrates that the published form of the book is the result of a consequential interpretive process in which social actors manipulated textual documents within given practical constraints over a course of time. The paper contributes to scholarship on Mead by indicating how this process made possible certain understandings of his social psychology and by relocating the materials that make up the single published text within the disparate contexts from which they were originally drawn. © 2012 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  11. George Herbert Mead and the Allen controversy at the University of Wisconsin. (United States)

    Cook, Gary A


    This essay uses previously unpublished correspondence of George Herbert Mead to tell the story of his involvement in the aftermath of a political dispute that took place at the University of Wisconsin during the years 1914-1915. It seeks thereby to clarify the historical significance of an article he published on this controversy in late 1915. Taken together with relevant information about the educational activities of William H. Allen of the New York Bureau of Municipal Research, Mead's correspondence and article throw helpful light upon his understanding of how an educational survey of a university should proceed; they also show how he went about the task of evaluating a failed attempt at such a survey. (c) 2007 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  12. Walter Cronkite Speaks to Teachers...(and That's the Way It Is). (United States)

    Cronkite, Walter; Martorelli, Debra


    In this interview with "Instructor" assistant editor Debra Martorelli, respected television journalist Walter Cronkite discusses the amount of time children spend watching television, public concerns with the schools, and the news media's coverage of education. (SJL)

  13. Heat transfer in MHD flow of dusty viscoelastic (Walters' liquid model ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    fluid in porous medium on a parallel plate channel inclined at an angle θ. ... temperature field, Nusselt number, skin friction and flow flux are obtained within the channel. The ... Walters [2] proposed a theoretical model for elastoviscous fluids.

  14. Täiustatud tõde ehk Walter Andersoni rahvajuttude enesekontrolli seadus / Elo-Hanna Seljamaa

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Seljamaa, Elo-Hanna, 1980-


    Geograafilis-ajaloolise meetodi lähtealuste ja eesmärkide toel analüüsitakse Walter Andersoni, Tartu Ülikooli esimese folkloristikaprofessori käsitlusi folkloorist ja folkloori uurimisest ning tema tegevust meetodi edasiarendajana

  15. AFSC/ABL: Little Port Walter Marine Research Station Supply Run Oceanographic Observations (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — In November, 2006, Oceanographic observations were initiated during the resupply cruises to the Little Port Walter Research Station on lower Baranof Island,...

  16. Microsoft PowerPoint - Walter Coke Comm May 19 Karen correction presentation [Compatibility Mode (United States)

    Contains slides from a presentation to Collegeville, Harriman Park, and Fairmont neighborhoods in North Birmingham, Alabama updating the community on the environmental sampling and next steps on the Walter Coke cleanup site.

  17. STS-55 MS1/PLC Ross monitors Payload Specialist Walter's Anthrorack activity (United States)


    STS-55 German Payload Specialist 1 Ulrich Walter breathes into Rack 9 Anthrorack (AR) (Human Physiology Laboratory) device for Pulmonary Perfusion and Ventilation During Rest and Exercise experiment while working inside the Spacelab Deutsche 2 (SL-D2) science module aboard the Earth-orbiting Columbia, Orbiter Vehicle (OV) 102. Seated on the bicycle ergometer, Walter utilizes the respiratory monitoring system, part of a broad battery of experiments designed to investigate human physiology under microgravity conditions. In the background, Mission Specialist 1 (MS1) and Payload Commander (PLC) Jerry L. Ross monitors Walter's activity. Walter represents the German Aerospace Research Establishment (DLR) on the 10-day SL-D2 mission. Visible on the aft end cone are a fire extinguisher and the Crew Telesupport Experiment (CTE) Macintosh portable computer mounted on an adjustable work platform.

  18. Walter Benjamin e Paris: individualidade e trabalho intelectual

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Renato Ortiz


    Full Text Available Este artigo é uma leitura do texto de Walter Benjamin Paris capital do século XIX. A partir do conjunto de anotações que Benjamin faz de diversos livros consultados, principalmente durante sua pesquisa na Bibliothèque Nationale, o autor pretende trabalhar a noção de indivíduo vinculando-a a dois temas. Primeiro, a emergência do flâneur como tradução do espírito de mobilidade que se inaugura com a modernidade. Para isso a discussão sobre a noção de espaço, particularmente no que diz respeito a cidade de Paris, é importante. O flâneur surge assim como um indivíduo desenraizado que se locomove através do espaço urbano remodelado. Segundo, uma aproximação entre o ato da flânerie e o trabalho intelectual. Considerando a flânerie como uma atividade intelectual o autor mostra como os temas do distanciamento e da construção do objeto são relevantes tanto para o flâneur-detetive quanto para a reflexão nas ciências sociais.This paper is an interpretation of Walter Benjamins Paris, Capital of the 19th Century. Based on the notes Benjamin made on several books he read, mainly during his research at the Bibliotèque Nationale, the author discusses the notion of the individual linking it to two themes. First, to the emergence of the flâneur as a translation of the spirit of mobility which starts with modernity. The discussion on the notion of space, especially where it concerns Paris, is essential for this analysis. The flâneur is seen as an uprooted individual who moves around the remodelled urban space. Second, to the proximity between the act of flânerie and that of intellectual work. Taking flânerie to be intellectual activity, the author shows how the themes of the distancing and the construction of the object are relevant, both to the detective-flâneur and to the reflection in social sciences.

  19. Fragments on black swan: money, credit and finance in The Arcades Project of Walter Benjamin


    Estrada, Fernando


    The main objective of this paper is to present a reading of The Arcades Project by Walter Benjamin in the context of the financial crisis, in particular, reflect from a few fragments of Benjamin's work appear to lie around a Black Swan. The recovery of the fragments of The Arcades seems appropriate at a time when the financial crisis should be taught as a deeper crisis. Walter Benjamin is placed beyond its time, with a powerful sense of observation worthy of emulation analytical.

  20. Auf den Spuren des verschollenen Polarforschers Baron Eduard Toll und seines Freundes Hermann Walter auf der Kotelny-Insel / Erki Tammiksaar, Roland Walter, Hans-Otto von Walter... [jt.

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Tammiksaar, Erki, 1969-


    Baltisakslaste koostööst kuulsa vene polaaruurija Dmitri Šparoga seoses baltisaksa polaaruurija Hermann Walteri säilmete ringimatmisega Kotelnõi saarel. Hermann Walter osales Eduard von Tolli Sannikovi maa otsimise ekspeditsioonis. Hermann Walteri põhjalik iseloomustus

  1. Russell's Unknown Logicism A Study in the History and Philosophy of Mathematics

    CERN Document Server

    Gandon, Professor Sebastien


    In this excellent book Sebastien Gandon focuses mainly on Russell's two major texts, Principa Mathematica and Principle of Mathematics, meticulously unpicking the details of these texts and bringing a new interpretation of both the mathematical and the philosophical content.

  2. Il desiderio Kitsch: i troppi paradisi di Walter Siti

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ornella Tajani


    Full Text Available Cosa ne è del desiderio all’interno del Kitsch, sistema in cui la vita è vissuta come uno spot pubblicitario e l’identità come una eterna performance? In una dimensione utopistica in cui l’uomo non cerca altro che una continua soddisfazione come possono trovare spazio le tensioni e le mancanze che muovono il desiderio? Dopo una premessa teorica su cosa è il Kitsch, l’intervento si propone di rispondere al quesito attraverso tre opere di Walter Siti: i romanzi Troppi paradisi e Autopsia dell’ossessione e il reportage narrativo Il canto del diavolo. In queste opere vengono individuati tre paradigmi dell’esperienza Kitsch: il turismo, la televisione e un certo tipo di prostituzione. Indagandone le modalità e analizzando le riflessioni dell’autore in merito si vedrà come si deforma il desiderio quando si trova a dover fare i conti con il perpetuo sforzo del Kitschmensch di camuffarsi, per dirla con Kundera, «dans le miroir du mensonge embellissant et de s’y reconnaître avec une satisfaction émue». La meravigliosa e sostenibilissima leggerezza dell’essere che assurge a cifra interpretativa dell’utopia Kitsch non prevede la presenza del desiderio se non nella sua veste di “realizzabilità”: il desiderio Kitsch, il surrogato del desiderio, è offerto in omaggio col prodotto che lo appaga.

  3. Gerard Manley Hopkins and Walter Pater : the labyrinths of transience

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mirko Starčević


    Full Text Available Transience forming life's very essence left an indelible mark on the creative explorations of Gerard Manley Hopkins and Walter Pater. The permanently indeterminable presence of mutability made both of them face the umbrous and unknowable aspect of death, thus revealing unto them the task of determining the role of art in life ruled by ceaseless corrosion. Pater accepts the flux of mutability as the primary particle in the revelatory act of the authentic creative experience. The power of that which is frolicsome in art augments the constitution of life's essence submerged in the unsettled condition of fate. Hopkins the priest particularly in his theoretic excursions recognizes in art itself only an approximate value to the timeless grandeur of God's ubiquity. His poetry, however, presents a dissimilar narrative. The poetic image that Hopkins forges corresponds to the mode of exposed individuality of the Romantic spirit, which Pater perceives as the harmony of strangeness and beauty. During Hopkins' student days at Oxford, Pater's relationship to the young poet was not confined to coaching only. Much of their time they spent in conversation, meditating upon the essential principles of artistic expression. Pater influenced Hopkins greatly and contributed impressively to the discipline of his poetic heart. Traces of this companionship do not find the path to Hopkins' religious ruminations; they announce their own existence, although very subtly, upon the individual levels of Hopkins' poetic yearnings.

  4. O Platonismo de Russell na metafísica e na matemática

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Guido Imaguire


    Full Text Available Neste artigo, analiso o surgimento e a superação do Platonismo em B. Russell, tanto na sua filosofia da matemática como na sua metafísica. Começo por explicitar os argumentos que levaram Russell a aderir ao chamado "Platonismo Proposicional" - posição que será tecnicamente relevante na definição de números. Na seção seguinte, discutirei até que ponto a teoria das descrições definidas determina, necessariamente, uma adesão ao nominalismo, e as dificuldades que surgem para o logicismo conseqüentes do abandono do platonismo. Finalmente, mostrarei como a posição madura de Russell caracteriza-se mais como um reducionismo do que propriamente como um nominalismo, e como este é fundado no princípio do mínimo vocabulário.In this paper, I analyze the emergence and the overcoming of Platonism both in Russell's philosophy of mathematics and his metaphysics. I begin by examining the arguments which led Russell to endorse a position that I term "Propositional Platonism" - this position proves to be relevant for Russell's definition of numbers. In the following section, I address the question of the extent to which Russell's theory of descriptions implies the acceptance of nominalism. Moreover, I examine the difficulties which arise for logicism, if it no longer goes hand in hand with platonism. Finally, I argue argue that Russell's mature position is to be characterized as a form of reductionism rather than as a variant of nominalism

  5. Supratentorial juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma in a young adult with Silver-Russell syndrome.

    LENUS (Irish Health Repository)

    Fenton, E


    Silver-Russell syndrome is a rare genetically heterogeneous disorder in which patients demonstrate intrauterine and postnatal growth retardation, triangular facies, excessive sweating during early childhood, late closure of the anterior fontanelle and skeletal asymmetry. An association with malignancy exists and only one previous intracranial tumour has been reported, a craniopharyngioma. We report the first case of Silver-Russell syndrome associated with a supratentorial juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma.

  6. The neurological legacy of John Russell Reynolds (1828-1896). (United States)

    Eadie, M J


    Sir John Russell Reynolds was an eminent and highly influential physician in the Victorian era who held the Presidencies of the Royal College of Physicians of London, and of the British Medical Association. He was the protégée of the great experimental physiologist, Marshall Hall, who discovered the reflex arc, and succeeded to Hall's clinical practice in London. Reynolds' thought and clinical activities linked the emerging British neurology of the first half of the 19th century with its blossoming, particularly in London, from 1860 onwards. In his writings Reynolds was the first English author to apply the approach to classification of neurological disorders that is still often used, though now in modified form. He was also the first to enunciate the notion of positive and negative symptoms arising from neurological disease and to suggest their pathogenesis, and was arguably the originator of the influential concept that an idiopathic disease, epilepsy, existed, one to be distinguished from 'epileptiform' seizures due to brain pathology.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ángela Liliana Grandas Ramírez


    Full Text Available El síndrome Silver-Russell es un desorden genético (hipometilación en la región centro 1 (ICR1 del  IGF2 /H19  locus 11p15 y clínicamente heterogéneo, caracterizado por retardo del crecimiento intrauterino, baja talla y peso, y perímetro cefálico normal. Su tratamiento se basa en la  hormona del crecimiento. Se presenta el caso de una niña de 5 años que ingresa al servicio de Estomatología Pediátrica de la Fundación HOMI Hospital de la Misericordia de Bogotá, con antecedente de retardo del crecimiento intrauterino, manejada con dieta rica en carbohidratos y uso de biberón hasta los 2 y medio años, Al examen talla 88 cm y peso 9 Kg,  cara forma triangular, frente prominente, micrognatismo mandibular, apiñamiento dental y caries de la infancia temprana. Se diagnostica con retardo de la edad ósea, dental y morfológica. El tratamiento programa individual riesgo de caries y proveer una alta calidad de salud oral.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ángela Liliana Grandas Ramírez


    Full Text Available El síndrome Silver-Russell es un desorden genético (hipometilación en la región centro 1 (ICR1 del  IGF2 /H19  locus 11p15 y clínicamente heterogéneo, caracterizado por retardo del crecimiento intrauterino, baja talla y peso, y perímetro cefálico normal. Su tratamiento se basa en la  hormona del crecimiento. Se presenta el caso de una niña de 5 años que ingresa al servicio de Estomatología Pediátrica de la Fundación HOMI Hospital de la Misericordia de Bogotá, con antecedente de retardo del crecimiento intrauterino, manejada con dieta rica en carbohidratos y uso de biberón hasta los 2 y medio años, Al examen talla 88 cm y peso 9 Kg,  cara forma triangular, frente prominente, micrognatismo mandibular, apiñamiento dental y caries de la infancia temprana. Se diagnostica con retardo de la edad ósea, dental y morfológica. El tratamiento programa individual riesgo de caries y proveer una alta calidad de salud oral.

  9. Mass loss rates in the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Jager, C. de; Nieuwenhuijzen, H.; Hucht, K.A. van der


    From the literature we collected values for the rate of mass loss for 271 stars, nearly all of population I, and of spectral types 0 through M. Rates of stellar mass loss determined according to six different methods were compared and appear to yield the same result per star within the limits of errors; this is true regardless of the star's position in the HR-diagram. Thus average rates of mass loss were determined, and weights were allocated to the M-determinations for each star. In addition we studied some groups of other stars: fast rotators (22 Be-type stars), and chemically evolved stars (31 Wolf-Rayet stars; 11 C- and 4 S-type stars and 15 nuclei of planetary nebulae). The chemically evolved stars have rates of mass loss which are larger than those of ''normal'' stars occupying the same positions in the Hertzprung-Russel diagram, by factors: 160 for Wolf-Rayet stars; 11 for C-type stars, and by estimated factors of 10 3 to 10 4 for the nuclei of planetary nebulae

  10. The Solar Eclipse Mural Series by Howard Russell Butler (United States)

    Pasachoff, J. M.; Olson, R. J. M.


    There is a rich trove of astronomical phenomena in works of art by artists from the greater New York area, a trend that is even more pronounced in the oeuvres of New York City residents through the present day. A case in point is the trio of oil paintings by artist (and former physics professor) Howard Russell Butler depicting total solar eclipses in 1918, 1923, and 1925 that are based on his own observations. They were long displayed in the former art-deco building of the Hayden Planetarium of the American Museum of Natural History, the location of this conference. (The Museum also has nine other Butler paintings, none of which are currently exhibited.) Since the eclipse paintings have been in storage for many years, these once famous works are now virtually forgotten. Based on our research as an astronomer who has seen sixty-two solar eclipses and an art historian who has written extensively about astronomical imagery, we will discuss Butler's Solar Eclipse Triptych to explore its place in the history of astronomical imaging.

  11. The firms Sandvik Coromant and Walter instruments choice algorithmization

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Євген Іванович Іванов


    Full Text Available This article describes the typical algorithms for choosing modern tools made by foreign firms Sandvik Coromant and Walter. The use of modern tools is effective on both new and old equipment. Algorithms ensure orderly operation of engineers in the development of new or upgrading old processes, and may also be useful for students enrolled in the specialty "Mechanical Engineering". The use of modern tools is effective on both new and old equipment. Correctly chosen tool make it possible for you to quickly recoup the cost of new equipment and significantly improve the work of the old equipment. Currently, all cutting tools can be divided into the following groups: a a solid; b composite; c assembly; d modular (dial-up. In composite cutting tools and parts theholders are attached permanently. For example, the attachment can be blocked by welding or soldering. At modular and modular cutting tools and parts are detachable. In those parts of the modular tool there are separate assembly units (modules with standardized mounting surface. Thus one and the same cutter head may be attached to a holder (mandrel housings of different configuration and function. The choice of the cutting part of such tools includes determining the shape and size of the indexable insert (SMP, the geometry of its front surface, corner radius and tool material. Selecting the holder (mandrel body includes determining its type and size. It is necessary to take into account the possibility of technological equipment (type and size of the mounting surfaces of the tool holder and tool spindle.After selecting the tool it is necessary to determine working regimes

  12. Taking Charge: Walter Sydney Adams and the Mount Wilson Observatory (United States)

    Brashear, R.


    The growing preeminence of American observational astronomy in the first half of the 20th century is a well-known story and much credit is given to George Ellery Hale and his skill as an observatory-building entrepreneur. But a key figure who has yet to be discussed in great detail is Walter Sydney Adams (1876-1956), Hale's Assistant Director at Mount Wilson Observatory. Due to Hale's illnesses, Adams was Acting Director for much of Hale's tenure, and he became the second Director of Mount Wilson from 1923 to 1946. Behind his New England reserve Adams was instrumental in the growth of Mount Wilson and thus American astronomy in general. Adams was hand-picked by Hale to take charge of stellar spectroscopy work at Yerkes and Mount Wilson and the younger astronomer showed tremendous loyalty to Hale and Hale's vision throughout his career. As Adams assumed the leadership role at Mount Wilson he concentrated on making the observatory a place where researchers worked with great freedom but maintain a high level of cooperation. This paper will concentrate on Adams's early years and look at his growing relationship with Hale and how he came to be the central figure in the early history of Mount Wilson as both a solar and stellar observatory. His education, his years at Dartmouth and Yerkes (including his unfortunate encounter with epsilon Leonis), and his formative years on Mount Wilson are all important in learning how he shaped the direction of Mount Wilson and the development of American astronomy in the first half of the 20th century. This latter history cannot be complete until we bring Adams into better focus.

  13. Performance investigation of an advanced multi-effect adsorption desalination (MEAD) cycle

    KAUST Repository

    Thu, Kyaw


    This article presents the development of an advanced adsorption desalination system with quantum performance improvement. The proposed multi-effect adsorption desalination (MEAD) cycle utilizes a single heat source i.e., low-temperature hot water (as low as 55°C). Passive heating of the feed water (no direct heating) is adopted using total internal heat recovery from the kinetic energy of desorbed vapor and water vapor uptake potential of the adsorbent. Thus, the evaporation in the MEAD cycle ensues at low temperatures ranging from 35°C to 7°C yet providing significantly high performance ratio. The energy from the regenerated vapor is recovered for multiple evaporation/condensation of saline water by a water-run-around circuit between the top brine temperature (TBT) effect and the AD condenser. The adsorbent material is the hydrophilic mesoporous silica gel with high pore surface area. Numerical simulation for such a cycle is developed based on experimentally verified model extending to multi-effect cycle. The system is investigated under several operation conditions such as cycle time allocation, heat source temperature and the number of intermediate effects. It is observed that most of the evaporating-condensing effects operate at low temperature i.e., below 35°C as opposed to conventional multi-effect distillation (MED) cycle. For a MEAD cycle with 7 intermediate effects, the specific water production rate, the performance ratio and the gain output ratio are found to be 1.0m3/htonne of silica gel, 6.3 and 5.1, respectively. Low scaling and fouling potentials being evaporation at low temperatures yet high recovery ratio makes the cycle suitable for effectively and efficiently handling highly concentrated feed water such as produced water, brine rejected from other desalination plants and zero liquid discharge (ZLD) system. © 2015 Elsevier Ltd.

  14. Geohydrologic reconnaissance of Lake Mead National Recreation Area; Las Vegas Wash to Opal Mountain, Nevada (United States)

    Laney, R.L.


    The study is a geohydrologic reconnaissance of about 170 square miles in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area from Las Vegas Wash to Opal Mountain, Nevada. The study is one of a series that describes the geohydrology of the recreation area and that indentifies areas where water supplies can be developed. Precipitation in this arid area is about 5 inches per year. Streamflow is seasonal and extremely variable except for that in the Colorado River, which adjoins the area. Pan evaporation is more than 20 times greater than precipitation; therefore, regional ground-water supplies are meager except near the Colorado River, Lake Mead, and Lake Mohave. Large ground-water supplies can be developed near the river and lakes, and much smaller supplies may be obtained in a few favorable locations farther from the river and lakes. Ground water in most of the areas probably contains more than 1,000 milligrams per liter of dissolved solids, but water that contains less than 1,000 milligrams per liter of dissolved solids can be obtained within about 1 mile of the lakes. Crystalline rocks of metamorphic, intrusive and volcanic origin crop out in the area. These rocks are overlain by conglomerate and mudstone of the Muddy Creek Formation, gravel and conglomerate of the older alluvium, and sand and gravel of the Chemehuevi Formation and younger alluvium. The crystalline rocks, where sufficiently fractured, yield water to springs and would yield small amounts of water to favorably located wells. The poorly cemented and more permeable beds of the older alluvium, Chemehuevi Formation, and younger alluvium are the better potential aquifers, particularly along the Colorado River and Lakes Mead and Mohave. Thermal springs in the gorge of the Colorado River south of Hoover Dam discharge at least 2,580 acre-feet per year of water from the volcanic rocks and metamorphic and plutonic rocks. The discharge is much greater than could be infiltrated in the drainage basin above the springs

  15. Airborne gamma-ray spectrometer and magnetometer survey, Meade River Quadrangle, Alaska. Final report

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    The results obtained from an airborne high sensitivity gamma-ray spectrometer and magnetometer survey over the Meade River map area of Alaska are presented. Based on the criteria outlined in the general section on interpretation, a total of eight uranium anomalies have been outlined on the interpretation map. Most of these are only weakly to moderately anomalous. Zones 3 and 7 are relatively better than the others though none of the anomalies are thought to be of any economic significance. No follow-up work is recommended

  16. Performance investigation of an advanced multi-effect adsorption desalination (MEAD) cycle

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Thu, Kyaw; Kim, Young-Deuk; Shahzad, Muhammad Wakil; Saththasivam, Jayaprakash; Ng, Kim Choon


    Highlights: • Multi-effect adsorption desalination (MEAD) cycle for improved performance. • Passive heating of saline water recovering kinetic energy from desorption. • All effects operate at low temperature i.e., below 35 °C unlike conventional cycle. • High PR (6.3) with low temperature heat source. • Analyzed using p–T–q diagram tracking the temperatures and uptakes. - Abstract: This article presents the development of an advanced adsorption desalination system with quantum performance improvement. The proposed multi-effect adsorption desalination (MEAD) cycle utilizes a single heat source i.e., low-temperature hot water (as low as 55 °C). Passive heating of the feed water (no direct heating) is adopted using total internal heat recovery from the kinetic energy of desorbed vapor and water vapor uptake potential of the adsorbent. Thus, the evaporation in the MEAD cycle ensues at low temperatures ranging from 35 °C to 7 °C yet providing significantly high performance ratio. The energy from the regenerated vapor is recovered for multiple evaporation/condensation of saline water by a water-run-around circuit between the top brine temperature (TBT) effect and the AD condenser. The adsorbent material is the hydrophilic mesoporous silica gel with high pore surface area. Numerical simulation for such a cycle is developed based on experimentally verified model extending to multi-effect cycle. The system is investigated under several operation conditions such as cycle time allocation, heat source temperature and the number of intermediate effects. It is observed that most of the evaporating–condensing effects operate at low temperature i.e., below 35 °C as opposed to conventional multi-effect distillation (MED) cycle. For a MEAD cycle with 7 intermediate effects, the specific water production rate, the performance ratio and the gain output ratio are found to be 1.0 m"3/h tonne of silica gel, 6.3 and 5.1, respectively. Low scaling and fouling

  17. Sosiaalipsykologian sydän : George H. Mead ja symbolinen interaktionismi sosiaalipsykologian tutkimustraditioissa ja toimijuuden teoriassa


    Hankamäki, Jukka Sakari


    In this study my aim is to clarify George H. Mead’s (1863–1931) impact history and his significance for the development of social psychology. Another task is to systematically analyse the problems and paradoxes faced by Mead in his theory of meaning and concept of the human being. The third target is to draw a holistic theory of human being for the needs of present social psychology and the theory of agency. My approach is philosophical and epistemological, and my method is hermeneutical,...

  18. Altered states, altered spaces : architecture, space and landscape in the film and television of Stanley Kubrick and Ken Russell


    Melia, Matthew


    Altered States, Altered Spaces: Architecture, Landscape and Space in the work of Stanley Kubrick and Ken Russell.\\ud \\ud Stanley Kubrick and Ken Russell, at first, seem like unlikely bedfellows for a critical comparison: the combined Baroque, Mannerist, frequently excessive and romantic nature of Russell’s screen standing in apparent contrast to the structure, order, organisation, Brutalism and spatial complexity of Kubrick’s.\\ud \\ud In an online blogpost1 (2007) Russell biographer Paul Sutto...

  19. Methylation profiling in individuals with Russell-Silver syndrome. (United States)

    Peñaherrera, Maria S; Weindler, Susanne; Van Allen, Margot I; Yong, Siu-Li; Metzger, Daniel L; McGillivray, Barbara; Boerkoel, Cornelius; Langlois, Sylvie; Robinson, Wendy P


    Russell-Silver syndrome (RSS) is a heterogeneous disorder associated with pre- and post-natal growth restriction and relative macrocephaly. Involvement of imprinted genes on both chromosome 7 and 11p15.5 has been reported. To further characterize the role of epimutations in RSS we evaluated the methylation status at both 11p15.5 imprinting control regions (ICRs): ICR1 associated with H19/IGF2 expression and ICR2 (KvDMR1) associated with CDKN1C expression in a series of 35 patients with RSS. We also evaluated methylation at the promoter regions of other imprinted genes involved in growth such as PLAGL1 (6q24), GCE (7q21), and PEG10 (7q21) in this series of 35 patients with RSS. Thirteen of the 35 patient samples, but none of 22 controls, showed methylation levels at ICR1 that were more than 2 SD below the mean for controls. Three RSS patients were highly methylated at the SCGE promoter, all of which were diagnosed with upd(7)mat. To identify further potential global methylation changes in RSS patients, a subset of 22 patients were evaluated at 1505 CpG sites by the Illumina GoldenGate methylation array. Among the few CpG sites displaying a significant difference between RSS patients and controls, was a CpG associated with the H19 promoter. No other sites associated with known imprinted genes were identified as abnormally methylated in RSS patients by this approach. While the association of hypomethylation of the H19/IGF2 ICR1 is clear, the continuous distribution of methylation values among the patients and controls complicates the establishment of clear cut-offs for clinical diagnosis. Copyright 2010 Wiley-Liss, Inc.

  20. Dexamethasone intravitreal implant in previously treated patients with diabetic macular edema : Subgroup analysis of the MEAD study


    Augustin, A.J.; Kuppermann, B.D.; Lanzetta, P.; Loewenstein, A.; Li, X.; Cui, H.; Hashad, Y.; Whitcup, S.M.; Abujamra, S.; Acton, J.; Ali, F.; Antoszyk, A.; Awh, C.C.; Barak, A.; Bartz-Schmidt, K.U.


    Background Dexamethasone intravitreal implant 0.7?mg (DEX 0.7) was approved for treatment of diabetic macular edema (DME) after demonstration of its efficacy and safety in the MEAD registration trials. We performed subgroup analysis of MEAD study results to evaluate the efficacy and safety of DEX 0.7 treatment in patients with previously treated DME. Methods Three-year, randomized, sham-controlled phase 3 study in patients with DME, best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA) of 34?68 Early Treatment...

  1. Walter Benjamin's concept of aura and the cultural industry

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bráulio Santos Rabelo de Araújo


    Full Text Available Trata-se de uma análise do texto A obra de arte na era da reprodutibilidade técnica, de 1935, de Walter Benjamin, no qual o autor analisa as alterações provocadas pelas novas técnicas de produção artística na esfera da cultura, e desenvolve, como elemento principal, a tese de a reprodutibilidade técnica provocar a superação da aura pela obra de arte. Tendo como apoio o contraste do texto de Benjamin com o texto A indústria cultural: O esclarecimento como mistificação das massas, de Theodor Adorno e Max Horkheimer, de 1947, e a observação da produção do cinema, da música e do livro (artes necessariamente reprodutíveis, este artigo (a analisa a tese da superação do conceito de aura pela obra de arte na era da reprodutibilidade técnica, (b contrasta essa tese com a reflexão sobre indústria cultural de Adorno e Horkheimer e com as características da obra de arte produzida no decorrer do século 20 e início do século 21, e (c apresenta as contribuições que podem ser retiradas dessa análise para a atual reflexão a respeito dos impactos da Internet e das tecnologias digitais sobre a produção cultural contemporânea. Como resultado principal e do qual decorre outras conclusões, o artigo considera que as técnicas analisadas por Benjamin, apesar de terem tornado a obra de arte independente de um substrato único, não a emanciparam de seu caráter aurático. Os elementos centrais da aura (autenticidade e unicidade não foram superados, mas, ao contrário, adaptaram-se às mudanças técnicas, adaptação essa que ocorreu em torno da industrialização, a qual marcou a produção cultural no século 20.

  2. A New Hybrid Nelder-Mead Particle Swarm Optimization for Coordination Optimization of Directional Overcurrent Relays

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    An Liu


    Full Text Available Coordination optimization of directional overcurrent relays (DOCRs is an important part of an efficient distribution system. This optimization problem involves obtaining the time dial setting (TDS and pickup current (Ip values of each DOCR. The optimal results should have the shortest primary relay operating time for all fault lines. Recently, the particle swarm optimization (PSO algorithm has been considered an effective tool for linear/nonlinear optimization problems with application in the protection and coordination of power systems. With a limited runtime period, the conventional PSO considers the optimal solution as the final solution, and an early convergence of PSO results in decreased overall performance and an increase in the risk of mistaking local optima for global optima. Therefore, this study proposes a new hybrid Nelder-Mead simplex search method and particle swarm optimization (proposed NM-PSO algorithm to solve the DOCR coordination optimization problem. PSO is the main optimizer, and the Nelder-Mead simplex search method is used to improve the efficiency of PSO due to its potential for rapid convergence. To validate the proposal, this study compared the performance of the proposed algorithm with that of PSO and original NM-PSO. The findings demonstrate the outstanding performance of the proposed NM-PSO in terms of computation speed, rate of convergence, and feasibility.

  3. Harry Stack Sullivan Colloquium: George Herbert Mead and Harry Stack Sullivan: an unfinished synthesis. (United States)

    Cottrell, L S


    HOW DO YOU create a new self? However he may phrase this question, it is a central theoretical and practical concern of the therapist every time he confronts a client who comes to him for help. What are the processes out of which the human self emerges? However he may phrase the question, it is a central concern of the social psychologist. The obvious convergence of interests indicated by these two questions should occasion no surprise among students of Sullivan and Mead. What perhaps should be surprising is that an effective synthesis of their theories has progressed no further than it has to date. My remarks today are based on the conviction that a more adequate psychiatric theory and practice and a more complete social psychological theory and research program depend on such a synthesis. Behavioral scientists concerned with the development of a truly interactionist social psychology are, I believe, generally agreed that George Herbert Mead (1863-1931), philosopher and social psychologist, and Harry Stack Sullivan (1892-1949), psychiatrist and social psychologist, have laid conceptual foundations upon which such a discipline can be erected. Now a vast assortment of activities is tagged as social psychology and its boundaries are, indeed, difficult to draw. However, for our present purposes we can define its focus as the study of the processes and products of inter- and intrapersonal and inter- and intragoup interaction, let the boundaries fall where they will.

  4. Generating High-Resolution Lake Bathymetry over Lake Mead using the ICESat-2 Airborne Simulator (United States)

    Li, Y.; Gao, H.; Jasinski, M. F.; Zhang, S.; Stoll, J.


    Precise lake bathymetry (i.e., elevation/contour) mapping is essential for optimal decision making in water resources management. Although the advancement of remote sensing has made it possible to monitor global reservoirs from space, most of the existing studies focus on estimating the elevation, area, and storage of reservoirs—and not on estimating the bathymetry. This limitation is attributed to the low spatial resolution of satellite altimeters. With the significant enhancement of ICESat-2—the Ice, Cloud & Land Elevation Satellite #2, which is scheduled to launch in 2018—producing satellite-based bathymetry becomes feasible. Here we present a pilot study for deriving the bathymetry of Lake Mead by combining Landsat area estimations with airborne elevation data using the prototype of ICESat-2—the Multiple Altimeter Beam Experimental Lidar (MABEL). First, an ISODATA classifier was adopted to extract the lake area from Landsat images during the period from 1982 to 2017. Then the lake area classifications were paired with MABEL elevations to establish an Area-Elevation (AE) relationship, which in turn was applied to the classification contour map to obtain the bathymetry. Finally, the Lake Mead bathymetry image was embedded onto the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) Digital Elevation Model (DEM), to replace the existing constant values. Validation against sediment survey data indicates that the bathymetry derived from this study is reliable. This algorithm has the potential for generating global lake bathymetry when ICESat-2 data become available after next year's launch.

  5. The Rolf and Gertrud Dahlgren Prize for 2017 Awarded to Hans Walter Lack

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Friis, Ib


    The reasons for awarding the Rolf and Gertrud Dahlgren Prize to Hans Walter Lack are summarised and the prize described. It is also mentioned that Rosén's Linnaeus Medal in Gold was awarded to Arne Strid at the same ceremony.......The reasons for awarding the Rolf and Gertrud Dahlgren Prize to Hans Walter Lack are summarised and the prize described. It is also mentioned that Rosén's Linnaeus Medal in Gold was awarded to Arne Strid at the same ceremony....

  6. Walter Schottky. Atom-theorist and electrotechnician. His life and work until the year 1941; Walter Schottky. Atomtheoretiker und Elektrotechniker. Sein Leben und Werk bis ins Jahr 1941

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Serchinger, Reinhard W.


    In this first scientific biography of Walter Schottky at the one hand the origin of his scientific and technical works is reproduced and put in the physical-historical connection of his time. At the other hand his special role in the research strategy of the Siemens company becomes clear, which could in the framework of this research project for the first time be identified. Also psychological aspects were essentially included in the study, because else the binding of the particular more corresponding to an ivory-tower than and industrial physicist personality of Schottky to the Siemens trust not would be understandable. The example of Walter Schottky shows the importance of the researching individuum, which until today undoubtly can be an important element of company-internal innovation processes not only contrarily but also in the transition to scientific team work.

  7. Kinetics of selenium release in mine waste from the Meade Peak Phosphatic Shale, Phosphoria Formation, Wooley Valley, Idaho, USA (United States)

    Lisa L. Stillings; Michael C. Amacher


    Phosphorite from the Meade Peak Phosphatic Shale member of the Permian Phosphoria Formation has been mined in southeastern Idaho since 1906. Dumps of waste rock from mining operations contain high concentrations of Se which readily leach into nearby streams and wetlands. While the most common mineralogical residence of Se in the phosphatic shale is elemental Se, Se(0...

  8. Lake water quality: Chapter 4 in A synthesis of aquatic science for management of Lakes Mead and Mohave (United States)

    Tietjen, Todd; Holdren, G. Chris; Rosen, Michael R.; Veley, Ronald J.; Moran, Michael J.; Vanderford, Brett; Wong, Wai Hing; Drury, Douglas D.


    Given the importance of the availability and quality of water in Lake Mead, it has become one of the most intensely sampled and studied bodies of water in the United States. As a result, data are available from sampling stations across the lake (fig. 4-1 and see U.S. Geological Survey Automated Water-Quality Platforms) to provide information on past and current (2012) water-quality conditions and on invasive species that influence—and are affected by—water quality. Water quality in Lakes Mead and Mohave generally exceeds standards set by the State of Nevada to protect water supplies for public uses: drinking water, aquatic ecosystem health, recreation, or agricultural irrigation. In comparison to other reservoirs studied by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) for a national lake assessment (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 2010), Lake Mead is well within the highest or ‘good’ category for recreation and aquatic health (see U.S. Environmental Protection Agency National Lakes Assessment and Lake Mead for more details). While a small part of the lake, particularly Las Vegas Bay, is locally influenced by runoff from urbanized tributaries such as Las Vegas Wash, contaminant loading in the lake as a whole is low compared to other reservoirs in the nation, which are influenced by runoff from more heavily urbanized watersheds (Rosen and Van Metre, 2010).

  9. Determination of spatial parameters for different star groups in the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Kharadze, E.K.; Bartaya, R.A.; Vereshchagin, S.V.; Dluzhnevskaya, O.B.; Pavlovskaya, E.D.; Piskunov, A.Eh.; AN SSSR, Moscow. Astronomicheskij Sovet; Moskovskij Gosudarstvennyj Univ.


    Space densities and parameters of z-distribution for ten star groups in the Hertzsprung - Russell diagram (A - K3, A - G4, A - G5) were determined. Data from the Abastumani two-dimensional spectral classification catalogue, and a statistical procedure of data processing, allowing to take into account uncertainties of observational data as well as the catalogue selection effect, were used. The study of the space distributions allowed to carry out an independent estimation of a luminosity dispersion for different sequences in the Hertsprung - Russell diagram

  10. Human-health pharmaceutical compounds in Lake Mead, Nevada and Arizona, and Las Vegas Wash, Nevada, October 2000-August 2001 (United States)

    Boyd, Robert A.; Furlong, Edward T.


    The U.S. Geological Survey and the National Park Service conducted a reconnaissance study to investigate the occurrence of selected human-health pharmaceutical compounds in water samples collected from Lake Mead on the Colorado River and Las Vegas Wash, a waterway used to transport treated wastewater from the Las Vegas metropolitan area to Lake Mead. Current research indicates many of these compounds can bioaccumulate and may adversely affect aquatic organisms by disrupting physiological processes, impairing reproductive functions, increasing cancer rates, contributing to the development of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria, and acting in undesirable ways when mixed with other substances. These compounds may be present in effluent because a high percentage of prescription and non-prescription drugs used for human-health purposes are excreted from the body as a mixture of parent compounds and degraded metabolite compounds; also, they can be released to the environment when unused products are discarded by way of toilets, sinks, and trash in landfills. Thirteen of 33 targeted compounds were detected in at least one water sample collected between October 2000 and August 2001. All concentrations were less than or equal to 0.20 micrograms per liter. The most frequently detected compounds in samples from Las Vegas Wash were caffeine, carbamazepine (used to treat epilepsy), cotinine (a metabolite of nicotine), and dehydronifedipine (a metabolite of the antianginal Procardia). Less frequently detected compounds in samples collected from Las Vegas Wash were antibiotics (clarithromycin, erythromycin, sulfamethoxazole, and trimethoprim), acetaminophen (an analgesic and anti-inflammatory), cimetidine (used to treat ulcers), codeine (a narcotic and analgesic), diltiazem (an antihypertensive), and 1,7-dimethylxanthine (a metabolite of caffeine). Fewer compounds were detected in samples collected from Lake Mead than from Las Vegas Wash. Caffeine was detected in all samples

  11. Seeing and Playing as Labor: Toward a Visual Materialist Pedagogy of Video Games through Walter Benjamin (United States)

    Bulut, Ergin


    In this article, the author draws specifically on the work of Walter Benjamin and engages with the world of video games by focusing on the constitution of labor as it unfolds in modding practices, as well as approaching the very act of seeing labor in a highly visual culture where value is extracted not just through the labor process but also…

  12. Le cercle mythique: Walter Benjamin sur la politique et son interruption

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van Rooden, A.


    This contribution starts from the idea that it is not so much pre-modern political orders that appeal to mythical logic, but contemporary ones. Lacking an external authority, contemporary political orders cannot but erect themselves in an act of auto-constitution. With reference to Walter Benjamin’s

  13. Meeting Opposites: The Political Theologies of Walter Benjamin and Carl Schmitt

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    de Wilde, M.


    This article analyzes the critical dialogue between Walter Benjamin and Carl Schmitt, to which a letter and several references in their work testify. It shows how affinities and differences between their respective positions can be explained from a shared theologico-political approach. Both authors

  14. Notas sobre narração e experiência em Walter Benjamin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wagner de Avila Quevedo


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste texto é o de elucidar alguns escritos clássicos sobre o conceito de experiência (Erfahrung em Walter Benjamin, mostrando sua relação com a narração (Erzählung e a memória.

  15. Magic, Mimesis, and Revolutionary Praxis: Illuminating Walter Benjamin's Rhetoric of Redemption. (United States)

    DeChaine, D. Robert


    Outlines the rhetorical contributions of Walter Benjamin, who attempted to develop a social critique arguing for the decisive function of critical intervention. Suggests Benjamin's insights about the liberatory role of the engaged social agent warrant closer attention. Proposes his ideas provide useful avenues for examining contemporary texts and…

  16. Enlightening City Childhoods: Walter Benjamin's Berlin and Erich Kästner's Dresden (United States)

    Lathey, Gillian


    Walter Benjamin, cultural critic and philosopher, compiled "Berlin childhood around 1900" (trans. Howard Eiland, 2006) while in exile from Germany in the early 1930s, filtering impressions of a privileged childhood through a politicised adult consciousness. Erich Kästner, journalist, poet, satirist and author of the children's classic…

  17. The Bauhaus Artist-Teacher: Walter Gropius's Philosophy of Art Education (United States)

    Daichendt, G. James


    Walter Gropius built the internationally known movement and art school known as the Bauhaus between the years 1919 and 1928. This new institution was born by combining two fledging schools: the Weimar School of Arts and Crafts with the Weimar Academy of Fine Arts. In this new academy all media were regarded as acceptable as Gropius sought to…

  18. Virtualizing the Word: Expanding Walter Ong's Theory of Orality and Literacy through a Culture of Virtuality (United States)

    Dempsey, Jennifer Camille


    This dissertation seeks to create a vision for virtuality culture through a theoretical expansion of Walter Ong's literacy and orality culture model. It investigates the ubiquitous and multimodal nature of the virtuality cultural phenomenon that is mediated by contemporary technology and not explained by pre-existing cultural conventions. Through…

  19. Critique of art : Walter Benjamin and Theodor W. Adorno on art criticism

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Lijster, Thijs Erik


    Kunstkritiek vervult een cruciale rol als medium tussen het kunstwerk en de maatschappelijke werkelijkheid. Dat concludeert promovendus Thijs Lijster. Daarbij moet kunstkritiek, in navolging van Walter Benjamin en Theodor Adorno, niet in de eerste plaats opgevat worden als het beoordelen van

  20. 77 FR 59899 - Proposed Information Collection; Comment Request; Coastal Zone Management Act Walter B. Jones and... (United States)


    ... Collection; Comment Request; Coastal Zone Management Act Walter B. Jones and NOAA Excellence Awards AGENCY... approved information collection. The 1990 reauthorization of the Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA) authorized an awards program to ``implement a program to promote excellence in coastal zone management by...

  1. Taking Care of Business: Walter Carpenter and the Management of American Enterprise. (United States)

    Cheape, Charles W.


    Evaluates the life and career of DuPont corporate executive, Walter Carpenter, and uses it to illustrate the rise of the managerial class. Neither owners nor entrepreneurs, managers like Carpenter used their intelligence and skill to reorganize and expand the companies the companies where they worked. (MJP)

  2. Book review: Decolonisation and border thinking: Walter D. Mignolo, disobeying modern reason

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jordi Quero


    Full Text Available Mignolo, Walter D. Habitar la frontera: Sentir y pensar la descolonialidad (Antología, 1999-2014. Carballo, Francisco y Herrera Robles, Luis Alfonso (prólogo y selección. CIDOB, 2015 505 págs.

  3. Walter Scandale receives the decoration of Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic

    CERN Multimedia


    On 9 December 2008, Walter Scandale, a member of the EN Department, received the decoration of Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, one of Italy's highest decorations. He was awarded the medal by the Consul-General of Italy in Geneva.

  4. Towards a Critique of Educative Violence: Walter Benjamin and "Second Education" (United States)

    Charles, Matthew


    Although modern systems of mass education are typically defined in their opposition to violence, it has been argued that it is only through an insistent and critical focus upon violence that radical thought can be sustained. This article seeks to take up this challenge in relation to Walter Benjamin's lesser known writings on education. Benjamin…

  5. "Cracking Open the Natural Teleology": Walter Benjamin, Charles Fourier and the Figure of the Child (United States)

    Dolbear, Sam; Proctor, Hannah


    The French utopian socialist Charles Fourier is a key figure in Walter Benjamin's "Arcades Project". For Benjamin, one of the most significant aspects of Fourier's utopian vision was its conceptualisation of work as a form of play. According to Fourier it would be possible to build a world around people's inherent desires. In such a…


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. Harir Muzakki


    Full Text Available Abstraks: Penelitian ini berusaha mengungkap proses terjadinya prilaku seks bebas di kalangan remaja dalam interaksionalisme simbolik George Herbert Mead dan pola interaksi seks bebas di kalangan remaja di kabupaten Ponorogo. Penelitian ini bersifat deskriptif-analitis dan didesain dengan pendekatan kualitatif. Data diambil dengan cara wawancara dengan para pelaku sek bebas. Ada beberapa tahapan sebelum aktor melakukan tindakan atau hubungan seks yaitu, impuls, persepsi,manipulasi dan terakhir konsumasi. Dari hasil penilitian dapat disimpulkan bahwa proses terjadinya seks bebas pada awalnya mereka tertarik dengan lawan jenisnya. Kemudian melakukan pendekatan, saling melirik, berkenalan, kemudian pacaran. Tahap berikutnya mereka saling berpegangan, berciuman, meremas payudara, kedudian melakukan hubungan seks. Sementara pola interaksi seks bebas di kalangan remaja ada dua: pertama, remaja melakukan hubungan seks bebas dengan pacarnya sendiri. Kedua, remaja tersebut melakukan hubungan dengan membeli atau menyewa wanita lain.

  7. The constant experience of self: conceptual approaches between Dewey and Mead

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tiago Barcelos Pereira Salgado


    Full Text Available We look at our article on a relational communicationapproach. In this sense, we seek to understandthe communication process from a praxeologicalmodel as elaborated by Louis Quéré (1991,rather than an epistemological model, seized in earlierformulations about the communicative practice.With pragmatism as a guideline of our argument,we are interested in understand and approach thenotions of self and experience as discussed by JohnDewey (1896, 1980, 2010 and George Herbert Mead(1934. Both concepts seem appropriate to thinkabout communication. Our purpose is then to seeto what extent we can reasonably argue that the selfis in constant experience and the implications thatpermeate this conceptual relationship.

  8. Mercury concentrations in Quagga Mussels, Dreissena bugensis, from Lakes Mead, Mohave and Havasu. (United States)

    Mueting, Sara A; Gerstenberger, Shawn L


    The recent invasion of the Dressenid species, the quagga mussel, Dreissena bugensis, into Lakes Mead, Mohave and Havasu has raised questions about their ability to alter contaminant cycling. Mussels were collected from 25 locations in the three lakes. The overall average was 0.036 +/- 0.016 microg g(-1) Hg dry wt. The range of the three lakes was from 0.014-0.093 microg g(-1) Hg dry wt. There were no significant differences in mercury concentrations among the three lakes (F = 0.07; p = 0.794). From this baseline data of contaminants in quagga mussels from the lower Colorado River, this species may be used to biomonitor lake health.

  9. Remembering Mead' s 'I-me'-dialectic in organizational socialization theory

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Revsbæk, Line

    From the standpoint of a recent case study on newcomer innovation during organizational entry, G. H. Mead’s theory on becoming a self in community is explored. It is argued that Mead’s concept of the ‘I-me’-dialectic is a key notion in understanding newcomer innovation on process theory terms....... The emphasis on the spontaneous response of ‘I’ in Mead’s theory supplements otherwise dominant assimilation perspectives in the field of organizational socialization, and suggests for understanding newcomer innovation and assimilation not as an ‘either/or’ but a simultaneous process. The presentation of Mead......’s theory is accentuated with case study narratives. Drawing on Mead’s theory the experience of ‘being insider’ is understood as a situational attribute, rather than as something a community member start out not being and at some point become for the extend of the membership period....

  10. The Use of the Nelder-Mead Method in Determining Projection Parameters for Globe Photographs (United States)

    Gede, M.


    A photo of a terrestrial or celestial globe can be handled as a map. The only hard issue is its projection: the so-called Tilted Perspective Projection which, if the optical axis of the photo intersects the globe's centre, is simplified to the Vertical Near-Side Perspective Projection. When georeferencing such a photo, the exact parameters of the projections are also needed. These parameters depend on the position of the viewpoint of the camera. Several hundreds of globe photos had to be georeferenced during the Virtual Globes Museum project, which made necessary to automatize the calculation of the projection parameters. The author developed a program for this task which uses the Nelder-Mead Method in order to find the optimum parameters when a set of control points are given as input. The Nelder-Mead method is a numerical algorithm for minimizing a function in a many-dimensional space. The function in the present application is the average error of the control points calculated from the actual values of parameters. The parameters are the geographical coordinates of the projection centre, the image coordinates of the same point, the rotation of the projection, the height of the perspective point and the scale of the photo (calculated in pixels/km). The program reads the Global Mappers Ground Control Point (.GCP) file format as input and creates projection description files (.PRJ) for the same software. The initial values of the geographical coordinates of the projection centre are calculated as the average of the control points, while the other parameters are set to experimental values which represent the most common circumstances of taking a globe photograph. The algorithm runs until the change of the parameters sinks below a pre-defined limit. The minimum search can be refined by using the previous result parameter set as new initial values. This paper introduces the calculation mechanism and examples of the usage. Other possible other usages of the method are

  11. Developing the remote sensing-based early warning system for monitoring TSS concentrations in Lake Mead. (United States)

    Imen, Sanaz; Chang, Ni-Bin; Yang, Y Jeffrey


    Adjustment of the water treatment process to changes in water quality is a focus area for engineers and managers of water treatment plants. The desired and preferred capability depends on timely and quantitative knowledge of water quality monitoring in terms of total suspended solids (TSS) concentrations. This paper presents the development of a suite of nowcasting and forecasting methods by using high-resolution remote-sensing-based monitoring techniques on a daily basis. First, the integrated data fusion and mining (IDFM) technique was applied to develop a near real-time monitoring system for daily nowcasting of the TSS concentrations. Then a nonlinear autoregressive neural network with external input (NARXNET) model was selected and applied for forecasting analysis of the changes in TSS concentrations over time on a rolling basis onward using the IDFM technique. The implementation of such an integrated forecasting and nowcasting approach was assessed by a case study at Lake Mead hosting the water intake for Las Vegas, Nevada, in the water-stressed western U.S. Long-term monthly averaged results showed no simultaneous impact from forest fire events on accelerating the rise of TSS concentration. However, the results showed a probable impact of a decade of drought on increasing TSS concentration in the Colorado River Arm and Overton Arm. Results of the forecasting model highlight the reservoir water level as a significant parameter in predicting TSS in Lake Mead. In addition, the R-squared value of 0.98 and the root mean square error of 0.5 between the observed and predicted TSS values demonstrates the reliability and application potential of this remote sensing-based early warning system in terms of TSS projections at a drinking water intake. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  12. Venom Concentrations and Clotting Factor Levels in a Prospective Cohort of Russell's Viper Bites with Coagulopathy.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Geoffrey K Isbister

    Full Text Available Russell's viper envenoming is a major problem in South Asia and causes venom induced consumption coagulopathy. This study aimed to investigate the kinetics and dynamics of venom and clotting function in Russell's viper envenoming.In a prospective cohort of 146 patients with Russell's viper envenoming, we measured venom concentrations, international normalised ratio [INR], prothrombin time (PT, activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT, coagulation factors I, II, V, VII, VIII, IX and X, and von Willebrand factor antigen. The median age was 39 y (16-82 y and 111 were male. The median peak INR was 6.8 (interquartile range [IQR]: 3.7 to >13, associated with low fibrinogen [median,3 at 6 h post-antivenom but had reduced to <2, by 24 h. The aPTT had also returned to close to normal (<50 sec at 24 h. Factor VII, VIII and IX levels were unusually high pre-antivenom, median peak concentrations of 393%, 307% and 468% respectively. Pre-antivenom venom concentrations and the INR (r = 0.20, p = 0.02 and aPTT (r = 0.19, p = 0.03 were correlated (non-parametric Spearman analysis.Russell's viper coagulopathy results in prolonged aPTT, INR, low fibrinogen, factors V, VIII and X which recover over 48 h. Severity of clotting abnormalities was associated with venom concentrations.

  13. Alfred Russel Wallace’s record of his consignments to Samuel Stevens, 1854-1861

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Baker, D.B.


    An annotated facsimile of those pages of Alfred Russel Wallace’s notebook recording his consignments from the Malay Archipelago to his London agent, Samuel Stevens, is provided. Records of individual consignments are linked with the stages of Wallace’s and Charles Allen’s itineraries to which they

  14. Researcher Profile: An Interview with Russell James, JD, PhD, CFP(R

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Russell James


    Full Text Available Russell James is a professor and the CH Foundation Chair in Personal Financial Planning in the Department of Personal Financial Planning at Texas Tech University, where he is also the Director of Graduate Studies in Charitable Financial Planning. His research is focused on encouraging generosity and satisfaction in financial decision-making.

  15. 75 FR 67095 - Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge and UL Bend National Wildlife Refuge, Montana (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR Fish and Wildlife Service [FWS-R6-R-2010-N215; 60138-1261-6CCP-S3] Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge and UL Bend National Wildlife Refuge, Montana AGENCY: Fish and Wildlife Service, Interior (DOI). ACTION: Notice; extension of comment period. SUMMARY: We, the U.S. Fish...

  16. 75 FR 54381 - Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge and UL Bend National Wildlife Refuge, MT (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR Fish and Wildlife Service [FWS-R6-R-2010-N078; 60138-1261-6CCP-S3] Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge and UL Bend National Wildlife Refuge, MT AGENCY: Fish and Wildlife Service, Interior. ACTION: Notice of availability: Draft comprehensive conservation plan and draft...

  17. 76 FR 14101 - Bruss North America; Russell Springs, KY; Bruss North America; Orion, MI; Amended Revised... (United States)


    ... America; Russell Springs, KY; Bruss North America; Orion, MI; Amended Revised Determination on... relevant time period at the Orion, Michigan location of Bruss North America, Inc. The Orion, Michigan..., Kentucky facility also led to worker separations at the Orion, Michigan location during the relevant time...

  18. 76 FR 20388 - Russell Investment Company, et al.; Notice of Application (United States)


    ...: Applicants request an order to permit open-end management investment companies relying on rule 12d1-2 under... Investment Funds (each a ``Trust and collectively the ``Trusts), Russell Investment Management Company... Blass, Branch Chief, at (202) 551-6821 (Division of Investment Management, Office of Investment Company...

  19. A reflection on Russell's ramified types and Kripke's hierarchy of truths

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kamareddine, F.; Laan, T.D.L.


    Both in Kripke's Theory of Truth KTT [8] and Russell's Ramified Type Theory RTT [16, 9] we are confronted with some hierarchy. In RTT, we have a double hierarchy of orders and types. That is, the class of propositions is divided into different orders where a propositional function can only depend on

  20. A man before his time: Russell's insights into nicotine, smoking, treatment and curbing the smoking problem. (United States)

    McNeill, Ann; Robson, Debbie


    This narrative review aimed to provide a brief overview of five key research 'classics' produced by the innovative and radical thought leader, Professor Michael Anthony Hamilton Russell (1932-2009), drawing upon his other work wherever feasible. Narrative review. From more than 250 publications, we selected papers we considered seminal texts, published in 1971, 1976, 1978, 1979 and 1991. Russell was among the first researchers to explain that smoking was a dependence disorder caused by the drug nicotine decades before this was recognized formally. He therefore saw quickly the importance of delivering nicotine in a less harmful format as a way of controlling nicotine withdrawal when stopping smoking, first studying nicotine gum. In addition to pharmacotherapies, Russell's research also explored the role of behavioural support, particularly the role of general practitioners (GPs), alone as well as supported by specialist clinics; this research underpinned initiatives in England to reimburse doctors for giving advice to smokers, and to provide a national network of smoking cessation services. Research on nicotine uptake from other delivery systems and routes led Russell to theorize that the speed and dose of delivery impacted upon the effectiveness of a product to act as a substitute for smoking. He commented on the addictiveness of the high nicotine boli delivered in quick succession when smoking cigarettes and argued that alternative recreational nicotine delivery systems would need to be promoted actively to smokers in order for them to compete with cigarettes, a forerunner for contemporary debates on electronic cigarettes. The legacy of Russell's landmark research is seen in present-day nicotine science, policy and discourse. © 2017 Society for the Study of Addiction.

  1. Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC) and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-76: Implications for the Future

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Grasso, Valerie B


    This report examines the issues surrounding the recent Walter Reed public-private competition conducted under OMB Circular A-76 and its potential impact on future Department of Defense competitions...

  2. The neurosurgeon as baseball fan and inventor: Walter Dandy and the batter's helmet. (United States)

    Brewster, Ryan; Bi, Wenya Linda; Smith, Timothy R; Gormley, William B; Dunn, Ian F; Laws, Edward R


    Baseball maintains one of the highest impact injury rates in all athletics. A principal causative factor is the "beanball," referring to a pitch thrown directly at a batter's head. Frequent morbidities elicited demand for the development of protective gear development in the 20th century. In this setting, Dr. Walter Dandy was commissioned to design a "protective cap" in 1941. His invention became widely adopted by professional baseball and inspired subsequent generations of batting helmets. As a baseball aficionado since his youth, Walter Dandy identified a natural partnership between baseball and medical practice for the reduction of beaning-related brain injuries. This history further supports the unique position of neurosurgeons to leverage clinical insights, inform innovation, and expand service to society.

  3. Jean-Louis Déotte, Walter Benjamin et la forme plastique. Architecture, technique, lieux


    Brabant, Dominik


    Une longue fréquentation de Walter Benjamin a permis à Jean-Louis Déotte de construire, progressivement, par touches successives et motifs récurrents sans cesse repris et retravaillés, une figure de l’œuvre qui n’en soit pas la simple exégèse toujours recommencée, mais bien la reconfiguration constante de son lieu, du site de son avoir-lieu, si l’on considère l’œuvre-Benjamin à l’image d’un événement. Walter Benjamin et la forme plastique constitue à cet égard une étape importante, sans postu...

  4. The creation of an Alternative Subjectivity in Walter Mosley's Detective Novels.


    Reyes Torres, Agustín


    Walter Mosley reappropriates the detective conventions to represent the American society of the 1950s and 1960s from a marginal perspective. He creates a black private eye, Easy Rawlins, whose profile mirrors that of his white counterparts but also subverts it. This thesis analyzes Raymond Chandlers canonical work The Simple Art of Murder and establish those traits that characterize Easy Rawlins. Likewise, it compares Mosley and Chester Himess black detective heroes and highlight the trait...

  5. A new cycle of jökulhlaups at Russell Glacier, Kangerlussuaq, West Greenland

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Russell, Andrew J.; Carrivick, Jonathan L.; Ingeman-Nielsen, Thomas


    years. Robust calculations of lake volumes and peak discharges are made, based onintensive field surveys and utilizing high-spatial-resolution orthophotographs of the lake basin and icemargin. These data enable identification of controls on the behaviour of the ice-dammed lake andprovide the first field......Jokulhlaups in 2007 and 2008 from an ice-dammed lake at the northern margin of RussellGlacier, West Greenland, marked the onset of a renewed jokulhlaup cycle after 20 years of stability. Wepresent a record of successive ice-dammed lake drainage events and associated ice-margin dynamicsspanning 25......-based examination of controls on jokulhlaup magnitude and frequency for thissystem. We find that Russell Glacier jokulhlaups have a much higher peak discharge than predicted bythe Clague–Mathews relationship, which we attribute to an unusually short englacial/subglacialrouteway and the presence of a thin ice dam...

  6. Bertrand Russell : [poems] / Jaan Kaplinski ; transl. by the author, ed. by Fiona Sampson

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kaplinski, Jaan, 1941-


    Autori lühitutvustus lk. 266. Sisu: Bertrand Russell ; "Once again I think of what I have read..." ; "I do not feel at home in this synthetic world..." ; "Silence is always here and everywhere..." ; "In the morning, I was presented to President Mitterrand..." ; Evening is coming. The land and the forest meet..." ; " A cloudy afternoon in late autumn..." ; "My poems often aren't poems..." ; "My eyesight's weakening...". Orig.: Bertrand Russell ; Mõtlen taas loetule..." ; "Ei ole kodune siin sünteetilises maailmas..." ; "Vaikus on alati siin..." ; "Hommikul tutvustati mind president Mitterrandile.." ; "Õhtu tuleb ja maa ja mets saavad kokku..." ; "Pilvealune südasügise-pärastlõuna..." ; "Mu luuletused ei ole tihti luuletused..." ; "Silmad on nõrgaks jäänd..."

  7. A Case of Monoclonal Lymphoplasmacytosis of the Bone Marrow with IgM-Positive Russell Bodies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hidekazu Kayano


    Full Text Available A 71-year-old Japanese male patient infected with HCV was diagnosed with thrombocytopenia. Histological examination of the bone marrow aspirate showed numerous lymphoid aggregates with Russell bodies. Immunohistochemistry and flow cytometric analysis demonstrated clonal expansion of CD5+ CD23+ B cells. Russell bodies were positive for IgM and lambda immunoglobulin light chain. The patient also underwent gastric biopsy, which revealed Helicobacter pylori (HP infection. Subsequent eradication of the bacteria resulted in improvement of his thrombocytopenia. The clinical course remained uneventful at 15-month follow-up, consistent with monoclonal B-cell lymphocytosis. The observed clonal expansion with plasmacytic differentiation may have occurred under the influence of HCV with HP infection.

  8. The Joint Philosophical Program of Russell and Wittgenstein and Its Demise

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nikolay Milkov


    Full Text Available Between April and November 1912, Bertrand Russell and Ludwig Wittgenstein were engaged in a joint philosophical program. Wittgenstein’s meeting with Gottlob Frege in December 1912 led, however, to its dissolution—the joint program was abandoned. Section 1 of this paper outlines the key points of that program, identifying what Russell and Wittgenstein each contributed to it. The second section determines precisely those features of their collaborative work that Frege criticized. Finally, building upon the evidence developed in the first two sections, section 3 recasts along previously undeveloped lines Wittgensein’s logical–philosophical discoveries in the two years following his encounter with Frege in 1912. The paper concludes, in section 4, with an overview of the dramatic consequences the Frege–Wittgenstein critique had for Russell’s philosophical development.

  9. Charles Robert Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace: their dispute over the units of selection. (United States)

    Ruse, Michael


    Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace independently discovered the mechanism of natural selection for evolutionary change. However, they viewed the working of selection differently. For Darwin, selection was always focused on the benefit for the individual. For Wallace, selection was as much something of benefit for the group as for the individual. This difference is traced to their different background political-economic views, with Darwin in favor of Adam Smith's view of society and Wallace following Robert Owen in being a socialist.

  10. The Hatfield SCT lunar atlas photographic atlas for Meade, Celestron, and other SCT telescopes

    CERN Document Server


    In a major publishing event for lunar observers, the justly famous Hatfield atlas is updated in even more usable form. This version of Hatfield’s classic atlas solves the problem of mirror images, making identification of left-right reversed imaged lunar features both quick and easy. SCT and Maksutov telescopes – which of course include the best-selling models from Meade and Celestron – reverse the visual image left to right. Thus it is extremely difficult to identify lunar features at the eyepiece of one of the instruments using a conventional Moon atlas, as the human brain does not cope well when trying to compare the real thing with a map that is a mirror image of it. Now this issue has at last been solved.   In this atlas the Moon’s surface is shown at various sun angles, and inset keys show the effects of optical librations. Smaller non-mirrored reference images are also included to make it simple to compare the mirrored SCT plates and maps with those that appear in other atlases. This edition s...

  11. The hatfield SCT lunar atlas photographic atlas for Meade, Celestron and other SCT telescopes

    CERN Document Server

    Cook, Jeremy


    Schmitt-Cassegrain Telescopes (SCT) and Schmitt-Maksutov telescopes - which include the best-selling models from Meade, Celestron, and other important manufacturers - reverse the visual image left for right, giving a "mirror image". This makes it extremely difficult for observers to identify lunar features at the eyepiece of one of these instruments, using conventional atlases which show the Moon "upside-down" with south at the top. The human brain just doesn't cope well with trying to compare the real thing with a map that is a mirror-image of it!The Hatfield SCT Lunar Atlas solves the problem. Photographs and the detailed key maps are exactly as the Moon appears through the eyepiece of an SCT or Maksutov telescope. Smaller IAU-standard reference photographs are included on each page, to make it simple to compare the mirrored SCT photographs and maps with those that appear in other conventional atlases.Every owner of an SCT - and that's most amateur astronomers - will want this!.

  12. Evaporation from Lake Mead, Nevada and Arizona, March 2010 through February 2012 (United States)

    Moreo, Michael T.; Swancar, Amy


    Evaporation from Lake Mead was measured using the eddy-covariance method for the 2-year period starting March 2010 and ending February 2012. When corrected for energy imbalances, annual eddy-covariance evaporation was 2,074 and 1,881 millimeters (81.65 and 74.07 inches), within the range of previous estimates. There was a 9-percent decrease in the evaporation rate and a 10-percent increase in the lake surface area during the second year of the study compared to the first. These offsetting factors resulted in a nearly identical 720 million cubic meters (584,000 acre feet) evaporation volume for both years. Monthly evaporation rates were best correlated with wind speed, vapor pressure difference, and atmospheric stability. Differences between individual monthly evaporation and mean monthly evaporation were as much as 20 percent. Net radiation provided most of the energy available for evaporative processes; however, advected heat from the Colorado River was an important energy source during the second year of the study. Peak evaporation lagged peak net radiation by 2 months because a larger proportion of the net radiation that reaches the lake goes to heating up the water column during the spring and summer months. As most of this stored energy is released, higher evaporation rates are sustained during fall months even though net radiation declines. The release of stored heat also fueled nighttime evaporation, which accounted for 37 percent of total evaporation. The annual energy-balance ratio was 0.90 on average and varied only 0.01 between the 2 years, thus implying that 90 percent of estimated available energy was accounted for by turbulent energy measured using the eddy-covariance method. More than 90 percent of the turbulent-flux source area represented the open-water surface, and 94 percent of 30-minute turbulent-flux measurements originated from wind directions where the fetch ranged from 2,000 to 16,000 meters. Evaporation uncertainties were estimated to be 5

  13. The quagga mussel crisis at Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Nevada (U.S.A.). (United States)

    Hickey, Valerie


    Parks are cornerstones of conservation; and non-native invasive species drive extensive changes to biological diversity in parks. Knowing this, national park staff at Lake Mead National Recreation Area in the southwestern United States had a program in place for early detection of the non-native, invasive quagga mussel (Dreissena rostriformis bugensis). Upon finding the mussel in January 2007, managers moved quickly to access funding and the best available science to implement a response. Managers considered four options--doing nothing, closing the park, restricting movement on the lakes, and educating and enforcing park visitors--and decided to focus on education and enforcing existing laws. Nonetheless, quagga spread throughout the park and soon began to appear throughout the western United States. I examined why efforts to control the expansion failed and determined the general lessons to be learned from this case. Concentrating human visitation on the lakes through land-use zoning opened a pathway for invasion, reduced management options, and led to the rapid spread of quagga. To reconcile competing mandates to protect nature and provide recreation, zoning in parks has become a common practice worldwide. It reduces stress on some areas of a park by restricting and thus concentrating human activity in particular areas. Concentrating the human activity in one area does three things: cements pathways that repeatedly import and export vectors of non-native invasive species; creates the disturbed area necessary to enable non-native invasive species to gain a foothold; and, establishes a source of invasions that, without appropriate controls, can quickly spread to a park's wilderness areas.

  14. George Herbert Mead y la psicología social de los objetos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Doménech Miquel


    Full Text Available Hace más de una década que diversas disciplinas de las ciencias sociales vindican la necesidad de una semiología de lo material. Sin duda, la realidad social es eminentemente simbólica, pero tal simbolismo no se ciñe exclusivamente a lo textual, discursivo o lingüístico. Existen prácticas más allá de esta dimensión que producen sentido y significado. Los objetos y las cosas están implicados en ellas. ¿Qué elementos definen semejante semiología? ¿Cómo hay que interpretar esas prácticas? ¿Cómo se relacionan con la producción de lo social? Las respuestas vienen de la mano de la formulación de una cultura material. Mas la elaboración de ésta exige la revisión de las propuestas que al respecto realizó G.H.Mead. Efectivamente, en su obra es posible encontrar una explicación para el papel que los objetos juegan en la constitución y mantenimiento de identidades sociales, entender cómo confieren al self un ambiente estable y familiar, examinar cómo los actos de tocar y comprender, en tanto que relación básica con lo material, detentan un papel clave en la construcción y mantenimiento de la realidad, y, en definitiva, observar como la relación del self con el mundo físico se configura como relación social. En el presente trabajo revisaremos todas estas cuestiones. Y concluiremos que constituyen los primeros pasos para esbozar una Psicología Social de los objetos.

  15. Geohydrology of the Unconsolidated Valley-Fill Aquifer in the Meads Creek Valley, Schuyler and Steuben Counties, New York (United States)

    Miller, Todd S.; Bugliosi, Edward F.; Reddy, James E.


    The Meads Creek valley encompasses 70 square miles of predominantly forested uplands in the upper Susquehanna River drainage basin. The valley, which was listed as a Priority Waterbody by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation in 2004, is prone to periodic flooding, mostly in its downstream end, where development is occurring most rapidly. Hydraulic characteristics of the unconsolidated valley-fill aquifer were evaluated, and seepage rates in losing and gaining tributaries were calculated or estimated, in an effort to delineate the aquifer geometry and identify the factors that contribute to flooding. Results indicated that (1) Meads Creek gained about 61 cubic feet of flow per second (about 6.0 cubic feet per second per mile of stream channel) from ground-water discharge and inflow from tributaries in its 10.2-mile reach between the northernmost and southernmost measurement sites; (2) major tributaries in the northern part of the valley are not significant sources of recharge to the aquifer; and (3) major tributaries in the central and southern part of the valley provide recharge to the aquifer. The ground-water portion of streamflow in Meads Creek (excluding tributary inflow) was 11.3 cubic feet per second (ft3/s) in the central part of the valley and 17.2 ft3/s in the southern part - a total of 28.5 ft3/s. Ground-water levels were measured in 29 wells finished in unconfined deposits for construction of a potentiometric-surface map to depict directions of ground-water flow within the valley. In general, ground water flows from the edges of the valley toward Meads Creek and ultimately discharges to it. The horizontal hydraulic gradient for the entire 12-mile-long aquifer averages about 30 feet per mile, whereas the gradient in the southern fourth of the valley averages about half that - about 17 feet per mile. A water budget for the aquifer indicated that 28 percent of recharge was derived from precipitation that falls on the aquifer, 32

  16. New Daily Persistent Headache: Historical Review and an Interview with Dr. Walter Vanast. (United States)

    Robbins, Matthew S; Vanast, Walter J; Allan Purdy, R


    New daily persistent headache (NDPH) is an idiopathic headache syndrome characterized by the abrupt onset of an unremitting, daily, continuous headache without an antecedent escalating headache pattern, and not attributable to other primary or secondary headache disorders. We review the history of NDPH in terms of its characterization and classification, and then interview Dr. Walter Vanast, the neurologist who initially described NDPH three decades ago, to gain his perspective now that there is more widespread recognition and interest in this syndrome. © 2017 American Headache Society.

  17. The sons of Caim: the race of outcasts and disinherited in Walter Benjamin and Charles Baudelaire

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ricardo André Ferreira Martins


    Full Text Available This article aims to develop a reflection essay about the philosophical and literary representation concerning the marginalized and oppressed in history, inside the works of Charles Baudelaire and Walter Benjamin. This is to ascertain and analyze how these two authors, from their respective works, allowed the proletariat gradually took the shape of an object and productive character for social and lyrical reflection, thus, in the wake of works as Flowers of Evil, the assumption of themes drawn from a tradition historically long, connected, in turn, by the recent historiographical perspective from below.

  18. L’esperienza estetica come esperienza di immagini. Walter Benjamin e Theodor W. Adorno

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elena Tavani


    Full Text Available Both Walter Benjamin and Theodor W. Adorno consider ‘aesthetical experience’ as an “image experience” assuming a power of images “to set free forces” directed to produce or support aesthetical-political (Benjamin or aesthetical-critical (Adorno requirements. Profane illumination, ‘thinkimages’, phantasmagory, dialectical images, decayed ‘aura’ and technicalized images in Benjamin’s theory of aesthetical modernity. Expressive feature or “mimetic” eloquence in nature and art countering reality, dismantled ‘aura’ in contemporary desacralized work of art, but also persisting ‘aura’ in its meaningful dimension in Adorno’s aesthetical theory.

  19. An Overview of Justice in Sir Walter Scott Waverley Novels: The Heart of Mid-Lothian

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Enrique García Díaz


    Full Text Available Although Sir Walter Scott is a well-known writer most of his readers know that he became an advocate in 1792, when he was admitted to the bar. Since then Scott and other advocates walked the floor at Parliament House (home of the Faculty of Advocates and the Court of Session waiting to be hired. Scott’s own experiences as a fledgling advocate are echoed in those of Alain Fairford in his novel Redgauntlet (Scott 1824, which provides a vivid picture of Parliament House in the eighteenth century. During his life, Scott combined extensive writing and editing issues with his daily work as Clerk of Session and Sheriff-Depute of Selkirkshire. Walter Scott was not unaware of Justice and Law and The Heart of Mid-Lothian is the novel in which he introduces to the reader the Scottish Legal System during the eighteenth century. However, there are few more examples that I will explain. Aunque Sir Walter Scott es un conocido escritor, la mayoría de sus lectores saben que en 1792 se hizo abogado, cuando fue admitido en el colegio de abogados. Desde entonces Scott y otros abogados rondaron el Parlamento con la esperanza de ser contratados. Las propias experiencias de Scott como un abogado novel se reflejan en las de Alain Fairford en su novela Redgauntlet (Scott 1824, lo que ofrece una vívida imagen del Parlamento (sede de la facultad de Derecho y Tribunal Supremo en el siglo XVIII. Durante su vida, Scott compaginó una profusa actividad como escritor y editor con su trabajo diario como juez en Selkirk. Walter Scott conocía la justicia y el derecho y El corazón de Mid-Lothian es la novela en la presenta al lector el régimen jurídico de Escocia durante el siglo XVIII. Sin embargo, se explicarán algunos otros ejemplos. DOWNLOAD THIS PAPER FROM SSRN:

  20. Gothic elements in contemporary detective story : Matthew Gregory Lewis and Minette Walters compared

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vesna Marinko


    Full Text Available One of the most shocking Gothic novels was written by Matthew Gregory Lewis in 1796. His Gothic novel The Monk contains all the typical Gothic elements such as a ruined castle, aggressive villain, women in distress, the atmosphere of terror and horror and a lot more. This article analyses and compares to what extent the Gothic elements of the late 18th century survived in the contemporary detective story The Ice House (1993 written by Minette Walters and how these elements have changed.

  1. [Decriminalizing traditional Andean medicine: an interview with Walter Álvarez Quispe]. (United States)

    Quispe, Walter Álvarez; Loza, Carmen Beatriz


    Walter Álvarez Quispe, a Kallawaya healer and biomedical practitioner specializing in general surgery and gynecology, presents the struggle of traditional and alternative healers to get their Andean medical systems depenalized between 1960 and 1990. Bolivia was the first country in Latin America and the Caribbean to decriminalize traditional medicine before the proposals of the International Conference on Primary Health Care (Alma-Ata, 1978). The data provided by the interviewee show that the successes achieved, mainly by the Kallawayas, stem from their own independent initiative. These victories are not the result of official policies of interculturality in healthcare, although the successes achieved tend to be ascribed to them.

  2. Medicinas tradicionales andinas y su despenalización: entrevista con Walter Álvarez Quispe


    Quispe, Walter Álvarez; Loza, Carmen Beatriz


    Walter Álvarez Quispe, terapeuta kallawaya y biomédico especializado en cirugía general y ginecología, presenta la lucha de los terapeutas tradicionales y alternativos por la depenalización de estos sistemas médicos andinos realizada entre 1960 y 1990. Bolivia se torna el primer país en América Latina y el Caribe en despenalizar la medicina tradicional antes de los planteamientos de la Conferencia Internacional sobre Atención Primaria de Salud (Alma-Ata, 1978). Los datos aportados por el entr...

  3. A petition to Mr Peel: Gideon Mantell and the trial of Hannah Russell. (United States)

    Flanagan, R J; Watson, K D


    In the summer of 1826, Hannah Russell was tried for petty treason, viz. the murder of her husband, Benjamin Russell, by poisoning. Their lodger, Daniel Leney, was indicted as her accomplice. The exact circumstances surrounding the death were unclear but Hannah was known to have purchased white arsenic (arsenious oxide). A local surgeon, Thomas Evans, supported at the post-mortem examination by two further surgeons, not only reported severe corrosion of the gastrointestinal tract, but also the recovery of nearly an eighth of an ounce of arsenic from the victim's stomach. Both accused were convicted and sentenced to death. Leney was executed, but Hannah Russell was respited because the trial judge, Sir Robert Graham, had doubts as to a direction he had given to the jury. The surgeon and paleontologist Gideon Mantell took up her case, stressing that death from arsenic could not have taken place as quickly as was alleged and maintaining that the chemical evidence of arsenic poisoning was inconclusive. He gained the support of some eminent chemists and physicians. Subsequently, forensic toxicologists [Sir] Robert Christison and Alfred Swaine Taylor pointed out that Mantell's arguments as to the possible time to death in arsenic poisoning were quite wrong. Moreover, Evans gave details of the analyses he and his colleagues had undertaken to Christison, who pronounced the findings sound, as indeed did Mantell after Evans and his colleagues published details of their investigations in the Sussex Advertiser. Papers in The National Archives show that Hannah was pardoned for the offence for which she was indicted, leaving it open to prefer a lesser charge. That this was never done may have been due to Mantell's campaign, at least in part, but the pardon she did receive was due to the concern of the trial judge as to the implications of the evidence presented at trial.

  4. Prenatal molecular testing for Beckwith-Wiedemann and Silver-Russell syndromes

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Eggermann, Thomas; Brioude, Frédéric; Russo, Silvia


    Beckwith-Wiedemann and Silver-Russell syndromes (BWS/SRS) are two imprinting disorders (IDs) associated with disturbances of the 11p15.5 chromosomal region. In BWS, epimutations and genomic alterations within 11p15.5 are observed in >70% of patients, whereas in SRS they are observed in about 60% ......, the consequences for prenatal genetic testing and counseling and our cumulative experience in dealing with these disorders.European Journal of Human Genetics advance online publication, 28 October 2015; doi:10.1038/ejhg.2015.224....

  5. Reminiscences on the 40th anniversary of the Russell-Einstein Manifesto

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Rotblat, J.


    After 40 years the main message of the Russell-Einstein Manifesto stands out clearly in its relevance to the hiroshima tragedy: 'Shall we put an end to the human race: or shall mankind renounce war?' With the end of the titanic struggle between Communism and Anti-Communism, the immediate threat of nuclear holocaust has abated, but the potential threat to the existence of mankind is still existing, and always will be. Pugwash has achieved much during the 40 years, but much more remains to be achieved

  6. Syndrome de Silver Russell: à propos de 3 cas et revue de la ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Abstract Le syndrome de Silver Russell (SSR) est une maladie génétique rare. Sa prévalence est estimée à 1/100.000. Il s'agit d'une pathologie de l'empreinte parentale, caractérisée par une grande diversité phénotypique. Ses signes cliniques majeurs sont: un retard de croissance intra-utérin sévère, un retard ...

  7. Seminoma in a Man with Russell-Silver Syndrome Presenting with Testicular Torsion

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Satoshi Funada


    Full Text Available Russell-Silver syndrome (RSS is a type of primordial dwarfism. Only one case of testicular cancer in RSS has been reported, the pathology of which was nonseminoma. Here, we report a case of seminoma in a 36-year-old man who was diagnosed with RSS at birth. The seminoma was diagnosed when the patient presented with testicular torsion. This is the first report of testicular seminoma in an RSS patient in the literature. We also discussed the correlation between seminoma and RSS.

  8. Psychosurgery, ethics, and media: a history of Walter Freeman and the lobotomy. (United States)

    Caruso, James P; Sheehan, Jason P


    At the peak of his career, Walter J. Freeman II was a celebrated physician and scientist. He served as the first chairman of the Department of Neurology at George Washington University and was a tireless advocate of surgical treatment for mental illness. His eccentric appearance, engaging personality during interviews, and theatrical demonstrations of his surgical techniques gained him substantial popularity with local and national media, and he performed more than 3000 prefrontal and transorbital lobotomies between 1930 and 1960. However, poor patient outcomes, unfavorable portrayals of the lobotomy in literature and film, and increased regulatory scrutiny contributed to the lobotomy's decline in popularity. The development of antipsychotic medications eventually relegated the lobotomy to rare circumstances, and Freeman's reputation deteriorated. Today, despite significant advancements in technique, oversight, and ethical scrutiny, neurosurgical treatment of mental illness still carries a degree of social stigma. This review presents a historical account of Walter Freeman's life and career, and the popularization of the lobotomy in the US. Additionally, the authors pay special attention to the influence of popular literature and film on the public's perception of psychosurgery. Aided by an understanding of this pivotal period in medical history, neurosurgeons are poised to confront the ethical and sociological questions facing psychosurgery as it continues to evolve.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Condemned to a dubious media representation in early cinema through thenovels of the late nineteenth century, the North American Indians never had a high profile infilms of this period. However, an animator, Walter Lantz, has a high degree of characterizationof Native Americans in his work. The aim of this paper is to study the role of Native Americansin these cartoons and analyze the social implications of these choices, using the concepts ofapparatus and formula. Furthermore, the analysis will include a portrayal of the Americanmedia scene before and after Lantz, seeking disruptions and legacies.Condenados a uma duvidosa representação midiática no início do cinema graçasaos romances do final do século XIX, os índios norte-americanos nunca tiveram um grandedestaque nos filmes dessa época. No entanto, um realizador de desenhos animados, WalterLantz, possui um alto grau de caracterização de nativos norte-americanos em seus trabalhos. Oobjetivo do presente artigo é estudar o protagonismo dos índios norte-americanos nessesdesenhos animados, e analisar as implicações sociais dessas escolhas através do uso dosconceitos de dispositivo e fórmula. Além disso, a análise incluirá a retratação da cenamidiática norte-americana antes e depois de Lantz, buscando rupturas e legados.

  10. STS-55 MS1/PLC Ross and Payload Specialist Walter work in SL-D2 module (United States)


    STS-55 Mission Specialist 1 (MS1) and Payload Commander (PLC) Jerry L. Ross floats near cycle ergometer and Rack 9 Anthrorack (AR) (Human Physiology Laboratory) as German Payload Specialist 1 Ulrich Walter reviews a checklist in front of Rack 11 Experiment Rack. These experiment stations and the crewmembers are in the shirt-sleeve environment of the Spacelab Deutsche 2 (SL-D2) science module onboard the Earth-orbiting Columbia, Orbiter Vehicle (OV) 102. In the background is the SL-D2 aft end cone. Behind Ross and Walter is Rack 12 Experiment Rack with Baroreflex (BA).

  11. W. Ritchie Russell, A.B. Baker, and Fred Plum: Pioneers of ventilatory management in poliomyelitis. (United States)

    Wijdicks, Eelco F M


    Historically, neurologists were not involved in the day-to-day management of critically ill patients with bulbar poliomyelitis, but some were. The major contributions of 3 neurologists-W. Ritchie Russell, A.B. Baker, and Fred Plum-in the respiratory management of poliomyelitis have not been recognized. Russell's work was instrumental in identifying multiple types of poliomyelitis defined by their respiratory needs, and he advised treatment that varied from simple postural drainage to use of respirators. He participated in the development of the Radcliffe respiratory pump. Baker recognized the essential involvement of the vagal nerve in respiratory distress, but also observed that involvement of vital centers without cranial nerve involvement would lead to irregular and shallow respiration in some patients and in others with marked dysautonomic features. A similar finding of central involvement of respiration was noted by Plum, who also stressed the importance of hypercapnia. Plum emphasized measurements of vital capacity and techniques to minimize trauma with suctioning after tracheostomy. These 3 neurologists understood the importance of airway and ventilator management, which is currently one of the many pillars of neurocritical care. © 2016 American Academy of Neurology.

  12. The Lauramann Howe Russell Papers: a Window into Critical Care Medicine during the American Civil War. (United States)

    Gorbaty, Benjamin


    The Civil War influenced all aspects of American society and culture, including the field of medicine and critical care. Union physician Lauramann Howe Russell's letter to his daughter, Ellen Howe, written on October 19, 1862, illustrates the changes in hospital construction, gender roles in healthcare and medical treatments which revolutionized healthcare during the Civil War. This letter offers a glimpse of the medical care of wounded soldiers during the early years of the Civil War. In describing his conversion hospital, he reveals the precursor to the new hospital construction which would greatly influence hospital design for decades to come. His description of women volunteers hints at the evolving role and growing importance of women in healthcare. Finally, the advancements in surgical and medical practice which developed during the Civil War are embodied in Russell's descriptions of his patients. His letter freezes a moment in medical history, bridging the gap between archaic medical practice and modern critical care. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  13. The Reflection Effect on the Eclipsing Binary by the Wilson and Devinney's Model and Russell and Merrill's Model

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Seong Hee Choea


    Full Text Available The reflection effect on three types of eclipsing binaries has been analyzed Wilson and Devinney's model and Russell and Merrill's model. The reflection effect was displayed on the theoretical light curves for the various conditions using the Wilson and Devinney's light curve program. Two models were compared after the rectifing the theoretical light curves including the reflection effect with the Russell and Merrill's method. The result shows that two models have an agreement on the reflection effect just in cases of the small difference in temperature and albedo between two stars in the system.

  14. Reproductive Responses of Common Carp Cyprinus carpio in Cages to Influent of the Las Vegas Wash in Lake Mead, Nevada, from late Winter to early Spring (United States)

    To investigate the potential for contaminants in Las Vegas Wash (LW) influent to produce effects indicative of endocrine disruption in vivo, adult male and female common carp were exposed in cages for 42-48 d at four sites and two reference locations in Lake Mead.

  15. Richard J. Hill, Picturing Scotland through the Waverley Novels: Walter Scott and the Origins of the Victorian Illustrated Novel.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jacqueline Irene Cannata


    Full Text Available Richard J. Hill, Picturing Scotland through the Waverley Novels: Walter Scott and the Origins of the Victorian Illustrated Novel . Farnham, Surrey, and Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2010. Pp. 236. ISBN 978-0-7546-6806-0. US$99.99.

  16. A poética da tradução em Walter Benjamin e Haroldo de Campos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luciene Guimarães de Oliveira


    Full Text Available Este ensaio visa traçar um paralelo entre a poética da tradução de Walter Benjamin, em “A Tarefa do Tradutor”, e a de Haroldo de Campos, poeta, tradutor, e crítico brasileiro em sua teoria da tradução.

  17. "Walter Gropius" by Dean Carter. Exhibition of College of Architecture and Urban Studies Timeline and Portrait Busts.


    Carter, Dean


    DEAN CARTER. Walter Gropius. Cast bronze. The Art Collection / Virginia Tech Foundation Exhibition of portrait busts and the timeline of the history College of Architecture and Urban Studies, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the College. Curated by Truman Capone and Deb Sim. Francis T. Eck Exhibition Corridor, Moss Arts Center, Virginia Tech. Image 13

  18. Internal Quality Assurance Reviews: Challenges and Processes--Walter Sisulu University's Business, Management Sciences and Law Faculty (United States)

    Moodly, A.; Saunderson, I.


    The Council for Higher Educations' (CHE) Higher Education Quality Committee (HEQC) requires internal quality evaluations to be performed on the various programmes offered by the Faculty before visitation by the HEQC. This article examines some of the challenges and processes followed by six of the departments of Walter Sisulu University's Faculty…

  19. Memória e história: Hannah Arendt em diálogo com Walter Benjamin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Magalhães, Marionilde Brepohl de


    Full Text Available A autora tem como proposta refletir sobre o papel da memória e da História em nossa cultura contemporânea, através de uma aproximação ao pensamento de Hannah Arendt e Walter Benjamin

  20. L´autobiografia e il desiderio: sulla trilogia di Walter Siti

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alberto Casadei


    Full Text Available Neste ensaio é examinada toda a produção do escritor e crítico Walter Siti. A análise é desenvolvida segundo dois eixos fundamentais de um lado a relação com a forma da autobiografia, que se torna aqui explicitamente "falsificada", pondo em discussão a relação entre ficção/não ficção; de outro a relação com a tradição literária, especialmente com o modelo dantesco, decisivo para uma leitura "alegórica" dos vários contos.

  1. Seasonal variation in secondary metabolites of edible shoots of Buck's beard [Aruncus dioicus (Walter) Fernald (Rosaceae)]. (United States)

    Fusani, Pietro; Piwowarski, Jakub P; Zidorn, Christian; Kiss, Anna K; Scartezzini, Fabrizio; Granica, Sebastian


    Aruncus dioicus (Walter) Fernald is an herbaceous plant belonging to the Rosaceae family. In the northern regions of Italy young shoots of A. dioicus are collected and used as vegetable. No studies on the chemical composition of young shoots of A. dioicus have been reported so far. Thus, the aim of the present paper was to develop and validate a comprehensive chromatographic method allowing the identification and quantification of chemical compounds occurring in A. dioicus shoots harvested at different developmental stages. The results showed that shoots contain mainly polyphenols. Twenty-four compounds were detected. Caffeoylglucose derivatives were recognized as major compounds. It was also confirmed that shoots contain the cyanogenic compound prunasin at all investigated vegetation stages. It was shown that the prunasin content significantly increases during plant development, thus justifying the belief that after the development of the first green leaves, shoots should not be used for culinary purposes any longer. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  2. W. Grey Walter, pioneer in the electroencephalogram, robotics, cybernetics, artificial intelligence. (United States)

    Bladin, Peter F


    With the announcement by William Lennox at the 1935 London International Neurology Congress of the use of electroencephalography in the study of epilepsy, it became evident that a new and powerful technique for the investigation of seizures had been discovered. William Grey Walter, a young researcher finishing his post-graduate studies at Cambridge, was selected to construct and study the EEG in clinical neurology at the Maudsley Hospital, London. His hugely productive pioneering career in the use of EEG would eventually lead to groundbreaking work in other fields --the emerging sciences of robotics, cybernetics, and early work in artificial intelligence. In this historical note his pioneering work in the fields of clinical neurophysiology is documented, both in the areas of epileptology and tumour detection. His landmark contributions to clinical neurophysiology are worthy of documentation.

  3. Walter Miles, Pop Warner, B. C. Graves, and the psychology of football. (United States)

    Baugh, Frank G; Benjamin, Ludy T


    In 1926-1927, a graduate student, B. C. Graves, working with Stanford University psychologist Walter Miles and legendary football coach Pop Warner, conducted an investigation of variations in signal calling as they affected the charging times of football players. The study was one of two that involved Miles and the ingenious multiple chronograph that he had invented to time the reactions of seven players simultaneously. These studies represented a brief digression in the career of Miles, who certainly was no sport psychologist. They tell of an interesting collaboration between scientist and coaches that produced one of the richest studies in sport psychology in the first half of the twentieth century. Copyright 2006 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aparecida Maria Sales de SOUZA


    Full Text Available Este texto tem como objetivo analisar as reflexões de Walter Benjamin relacionadas à temática da infância e demonstrar que as considerações do filósofo são relevantes para a sociedade contemporânea. Benjamin critica a pedagogia, dá ênfase à valorização da criança e vê o brincar como experiência formadora da infância plena e do adulto realizado. Através das proposições de Benjamin, pode-se ter outra visão sobre a experiência educacional da criança. A pesquisa é teórica confirmando o pensamento de Benjamin com outros autores em relação à criança, o brincar e à educação.

  5. Conference on Inequalities and Applications : Dedicated to the Memory of Wolfgang Walter

    CERN Document Server

    Gilányi, Attila; Losonczi, László; Plum, Michael


    Inequalities arise as an essential component in various mathematical areas. Besides forming a highly important collection of tools, e.g. for proving analytic or stochastic theorems or for deriving error estimates in numerical mathematics, they constitute a challenging research field of their own. Inequalities also appear directly in mathematical models for applications in science, engineering, and economics. This edited volume covers divers aspects of this fascinating field. It addresses classical inequalities related to means or to convexity as well as inequalities arising in the field of ordinary and partial differential equations, like Sobolev or Hardy-type inequalities, and inequalities occurring in geometrical contexts. Within the last five decades, the late Wolfgang Walter has made great contributions to the field of inequalities. His book on differential and integral inequalities was a real breakthrough in the 1970’s and has generated a vast variety of further research in this field. He also organize...

  6. Subjectivity and the “Shocking”: Walter Pater, Oscar Wilde and Ethical Limits of Pleasure

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ashmita Mukherjee


    Full Text Available The article analyzes the “shocking” and so-called “immoral” as a response to the institution-imposed methods of surveillance. This leads to initiation of discourses over behavior or actions which may not be unethical but which may be questionable in terms of social propriety. Moreover, the “shocking” may be seen as persistent attempts at formulation of subjectivity -the “performative self.” These ideas are analyzed with reference to Foucault's perspective on the issues and briefly in context of the late Victorian Aesthete culture spearheaded by Walter Pater and later, Oscar Wilde, the quintessential “dandy.” Their texts Marius the Epicurean and The Picture of Dorian Gray are read with the question of ethics and hedonism in mind, also relating the same to their fascination with classical Epicureanism.     Keywords: Aesthetics; Ethics; Pater; Wilde; Shocking; Surveillance; Foucault; Epicureanism.

  7. Stephen Hall Receives 2012 Walter Sullivan Award for Excellence in Science Journalism-Features: Citation (United States)

    Pearson, Helen


    Stephen Hall, a freelance science writer and science-communication teacher, received the Walter Sullivan Award for Excellence in Science Journalism-Features at the AGU Fall Meeting Honors Ceremony, held on 5 December 2012 in San Francisco, Calif. Hall was honored for the article "At Fault?" published 15 September 2011 in Nature. The article examines the legal, personal, and political repercussions from a 2009 earthquake in L'Aquila, Italy for seismologists who had attempted to convey seismic risk assessments to the public. The 6.3 magnitude quake devastated the medieval town and caused more than 300 deaths. Six scientists and one government official were subsequently convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to prison for inadequately assessing and mischaracterizing the risks to city residents, despite the inexact nature of seismic risk assessment. The Sullivan award is for work published with a deadline pressure of more than 1 week.

  8. The implementation of research recommendations at the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Martie Mearns


    Full Text Available A comparative study Biodiversity is not a static phenomenon and many variables have an effect on accelerated biodiversity loss. While most of the variables affecting biodiversity loss are caused by humankind, many species are affected by more than one variable simultaneously. Six fundamental causes for biodiversity loss have been identifi ed, namely unsustainable population growth and associated increased pressure on natural resources; a reduced spectrum of agricultural, forestry and fishery products; failure of economic systems to attach appropriate economic value to the environment and resources; inequality in ownership, flow and management of the benefits and utilisation of resources; insufficient knowledge in the application and use of resources; and legislation and institutional systems that promote unsustainable abuse of the environment (Middleton 2003:250. The worldwide loss of biodiversity makes the management of protected areas more important than ever. Protected areas are under increasing pressure to become economically viable and independent of state grants. Tourism creates the mechanism and opportunities for protected areas to increase their economic viability while advancing the appreciation of nature. The management of these protected areas therefore includes the management of visitors. South Africa is the third most bio diverse country in the world. Amongst a variety of nature conservation endeavours nine national botanical gardens are managed by the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI. One of the nine national gardens is the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden situated in Roodekrans towards the west of Johannesburg. A study was launched to determine preferences of visitors to the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden by making use of semi-structured interviews. The purpose of the study was threefold. Firstly the study was launched to determine whether visitors to the garden had an increased awareness

  9. Rayleigh-Taylor instability of two superposed conducting Walters B' elastico-viscous fluids in hydromagnetics

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Sharma, R.C.; Kumar, Pardeep


    The Rayleigh-Taylor instability of two superposed electrically conducting Walters elastico-viscous fluids (Model B') of uniform densities when the whole system is immersed in a uniform horizontal magnetic field has been studied. The stability analysis has been carried out, for mathematical simplicity, for two highly viscoelastic fluids of equal kinematic viscosities and equal kinematic viscoelasticities. For the stable configuration as in hydrodynamic case, the system is found to be stable or unstable for the wave-number range k (2v') -12 depending on kinematic viscoelasticity v'. For the unstable configuration, the magnetic field has got stabilizing effect and completely stabilizes certain wave-number range which was always unstable in the absence of magnetic field. The behaviour of growth rates with respect kinematic viscosity and kinematic viscoelasticity parameters are examined analytically. (author)

  10. Universos ficcionais: o romanesco em Walter Scott e José de Alencar

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marcos Roberto Flamínio Peres


    Full Text Available Tamanha é a força do romanesco em Walter Scott que ele foi capaz de dar origem a duas linhas de força críticas antagônicas: uma tendendo a situá-lo dentro do conjunto da literatura ocidental, reatualizando arquétipos ancestrais (Frye; outra considerando-o a quintessência do romance histórico por representar momentos cruciais por que passava a sociedade capitalista entre os séculos XVIII e XIX (Lukács. À luz desse pano de fundo teórico contrastivo, este artigo busca analisar Waverley (1814, obra mais influente de Scott, em comparação com As minas de prata (1865-1866, romance mais ambicioso de José de Alencar e que lança mão de estratégias narrativas similares.

  11. Furio Jesi’s mythological machine and the quote to Walter Benjamin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mercedes Ruvitoso


    Full Text Available In his cognitive model called “mithological machine”, Furio Jesi proposes to circumscribe the concept of “myth” by means of a technique of critical composition of data and doctrines about the myth and the mythology. The model not only seeks to brave scientific-methodological reasons but also ethical-political ones. It’s about avoiding all the evocation and instrumentalization of myth in view of a political interest. This work analyzes the way as the model of Jesi resumes and develops two motives of Walter Benjamin’s work: (1 the one known as method of the quote without quotation marks and (2 the criticism of the reactionary theories of myth, specifically regarding the rehabilita­tion of Bachofen in the German culture from 1920’s and 1930’s.

  12. Walter Reed Army Medical Center's Internet-based electronic health portal. (United States)

    Abbott, Kevin C; Boocks, Carl E; Sun, Zhengyi; Boal, Thomas R; Poropatich, Ronald K


    Use of the World Wide Web (WWW) and electronic media to facilitate medical care has been the subject of many reports in the popular press. However, few reports have documented the results of implementing electronic health portals for essential medical tasks, such as prescription refills and appointments. At Walter Reed Army Medical Center, "Search & Learn" medical information, Internet-based prescription refills and patient appointments were established in January 2001. A multiphase retrospective analysis was conducted to determine the use of the "Search & Learn" medical information and the relative number of prescription refills and appointments conducted via the WWW compared with conventional methods. From January 2001 to May 2002, there were 34,741 refills and 819 appointments made over the Internet compared with 2,275,112 refills and approximately 500,000 appointments made conventionally. WWW activity accounted for 1.52% of refills and 0.16% of appointments. There was a steady increase in this percentage over the time of the analysis. In April of 2002, the monthly average of online refills had risen to 4.57% and online appointments were at 0.27%. Online refills were projected to account for 10% of all prescriptions in 2 years. The "Search & Learn" medical information portion of our web site received 147,429 unique visits during this same time frame, which was an average of 326 visitors per day. WWW-based methods of conducting essential medical tasks accounted for a small but rapidly increasing percentage of total activity at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Subsequent phases of analysis will assess demographic and geographic factors and aid in the design of future systems to increase use of the Internet-based systems.

  13. Sense data and the philosophy of mind: Russell, James, and Mach

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gary Hatfield


    Full Text Available The theory of knowledge in early twentieth-century Anglo American philosophy was oriented toward phenomenally described cognition There was a healthy respect for the mind body problem, which meant that phenomena in both the mental and physical domain were taken sinuously Bertrand Russell's developing position on sense-data and momentary particulars drew upon, and ultimately became like, the neutral monism of Ernst Mach and William James Due to a more recent behaviorist and physicalist inspired "fear of the mental", this development has been down played in historical work on early analytic philosophy Such neglect as sumes that the "linguistic turn" is a proper and permanent effect of twentieth century philosophy, an assumption that distorts early analytic historiography, and begs a substantive philosophical question about thought and cognition.

  14. Capturing the will: Imposture, delusion, and exposure in Alfred Russel Wallace's defence of spirit photography. (United States)

    Mitchell, Benjamin David


    The co-discoverer of natural selection, Alfred Russel Wallace, found himself deeply embroiled in a range of controversies surrounding the relationship between science and spiritualism. At the heart of these controversies lay a crisis of evidence in cases of delusion or imposture. He had the chance to observe the many epistemic impasses brought about by this crisis while participating in the trial of the American medium Henry Slade, and through his exchanges with the physiologist William Benjamin Carpenter and the psychical researcher Frederic Myers. These contexts help to explain the increasing value that Wallace placed on the evidence of spirit photography. He hoped that it could simultaneously break these impasses, while answering once and for all the interconnected questions of the unity of the psyche and the reliability of human observation. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  15. Investigations of the Effects of Synthetic Chemicals on the Endocrine System of Common Carp in Lake Mead, Nevada and Arizona (United States)

    Rosen, Michael R.; Goodbred, Steven L.; Patiño, Reynaldo; Leiker, Thomas A.; Orsak, Erik


    Introduction: Lake Mead is the largest reservoir by volume in the United States and was created by the construction of the 221-meter high Hoover Dam in 1935 at Black Canyon on the lower Colorado River between Nevada and Arizona (fig. 1). Inflows of water into the lake include three rivers, Colorado, Virgin, and Muddy; as well as Las Vegas Wash, which is now perennial because of discharges from municipal wastewater treatment plants (Covay and Leiker, 1998) and urban stormwater runoff. As the population within the Las Vegas Valley began to increase in the 1940s, the treated effluent volume also has increased and in 1993 it constituted about 96 percent of the annual discharge of Las Vegas Wash (Bevans and others, 1996). The mean flow of Las Vegas Wash into Las Vegas Bay from 1992 to 1998 was about 490,000 m3/d (Preissler and others, 1999) and in 2001 increased to 606,000 m3/d (U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, 2001). The nutrient concentration in most areas of the lake is low, but wastewater discharged into Las Vegas Bay has caused an increased level of nutrients and primary productivity (aquatic plant and algal production) in this area of the lake (LaBounty and Horn, 1997). A byproduct of this increase in productivity has been the establishment of an important recreational fishery in Las Vegas Bay. However, concentrations of chlorophyll a (a measure of algal biomass) have also increased (LaBounty and Horn, 1997). In the spring of 2001, parts of Lake Mead experienced massive algal blooms. In addition to nutrient loading by wastewater, the presence of numerous synthetic chemicals in water, bottom sediments, and in fish tissue also has been reported (Bevans and others, 1996). Synthetic chemicals discharging into Las Vegas Bay and Lake Mead (fig. 1) originate from several sources that include surplus residential-irrigation water runoff, stormwater runoff, subsurface inflow, and tertiary treated sewage effluent discharging from three sewage-treatment plants. Chemicals detected

  16. Development of an Accelerated Test Design for Predicting the Service Life of the Solar Array at Mead, Nebraska (United States)

    Gaines, G. B.; Thomas, R. E.; Noel, G. T.; Shilliday, T. S.; Wood, V. E.; Carmichael, D. C.


    An accelerated life test is described which was developed to predict the life of the 25 kW photovoltaic array installed near Mead, Nebraska. A quantitative model for accelerating testing using multiple environmental stresses was used to develop the test design. The model accounts for the effects of thermal stress by a relation of the Arrhenius form. This relation was then corrected for the effects of nonthermal environmental stresses, such as relative humidity, atmospheric pollutants, and ultraviolet radiation. The correction factors for the nonthermal stresses included temperature-dependent exponents to account for the effects of interactions between thermal and nonthermal stresses on the rate of degradation of power output. The test conditions, measurements, and data analyses for the accelerated tests are presented. Constant-temperature, cyclic-temperature, and UV types of tests are specified, incorporating selected levels of relative humidity and chemical contamination and an imposed forward-bias current and static electric field.

  17. O conceito "socialização" caiu em desuso? Uma análise dos processos de socialização na infância com base em Georg Simmel e George H. Mead Is the " socialization" concept outdated? An analisis of the socialization processes in childhood according to Georg Simmel and George H. Mead

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tamara Grigorowitschs


    Full Text Available O artigo apresenta uma leitura das obras de George H. Mead e Georg Simmel a respeito do conceito processos de socialização à luz de questões suscitadas no interior do domínio da sociologia da infância. Aborda o desenvolvimento do conceito processos de socialização em Simmel e correlaciona as concepções simmelinas com a obra de Mead a respeito do desenvolvimento do self, com o objetivo de definir os processos de socialização na infância. Visa demonstrar como as obras de Simmel e Mead permitem pensar a infância como um período específico dos processos de socialização, em que as crianças desempenham papéis ativos na construção de seus selves individuais e da sociedade e cultura em que estão inseridas.This paper presents an analysis of George H. Mead's and Georg Simmel's works about the concept of socialization processes in the light of questions arised in the scope of childhood sociology. It approaches the development of Simmel's socialization processes concept and establishes a correlation between the Simmelian conceptions and Mead's work about the self development, in an attempt to define the socialization processes in childhood. It is intended to demonstrate how Simmel's and Mead's works allow us to think about childhood as a specific period of the socialization processes in which children play active roles in building their individual selves, as well as the society and culture they are in.

  18. Morphometric and histopathological parameters of gonadal development in adult common carp from contaminated and reference sites in Lake Mead, Nevada (United States)

    Patino, R.; Goodbred, S.L.; Draugelis-Dale, R.; Barry, C.E.; Scott, Foott J.; Wainscott, M.R.; Gross, T.S.; Covay, K.J.


    This study examined the hypothesis that exposure to sublethal concentrations of contaminants alters the gonadal condition of feral common carp Cyprinus carpio. Adult common carp in Lake Mead, Nevada, were collected from a contaminated site (Las Vegas Bay) that receives municipal and industrial effluent and from a reference site (Overton Arm) with a relatively low level of contamination. Fish were sampled seven times over a 1-year period extending over two separate spawning seasons. Morphometric and histopathological parameters of gonadal and germ cell development were determined. In males, the pattern of seasonal changes in the gonadosomatic index (GSI) was similar between the sites and showed no clear association with site-specific seasonal temperature profiles. However, Las Vegas Bay males had consistently lower GSI values and, on one of the sampling dates, a lower proportion of sperm relative to other germ cell stages (determined histologically). Further, Las Vegas Bay males had a higher incidence of gonadal macrophage aggregates, which are putative tissue biomarkers of contaminant exposure in fishes. In females, seasonal GSI profiles, the frequency of fish with postovulatory follicles (an index of spawning activity), and the timing of new follicle recruitment all showed differences between sites, but these differences generally matched differences in water temperature profile. Also, the peak size-frequency of full-grown follicles did not differ between sites, and estimates of fecundity for the second spawning season indicated that females from the reference site unexpectedly produced a lower number of gametes, Overall, site differences in gonadal condition were observed in carp of both sexes but they seemed to be associated with site differences in contaminant levels only in males. The apparent lack of association between contaminant level and gonadal condition in female carp from mildly mesotrophic Lake Mead may indicate a lack of contaminant effects in

  19. Management and Data Management Plan for Remedial Investigation at Fort George G. Meade Landfill and Preliminary Assessment/Site Investigation at the Former Gaithersburg NIKE Control and Launch Areas

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Edwards, D


    Work assignments under this contract will include a Preliminary Assessment/Site Investigation at the former Gaithersburg NIKE Control and Launch Areas and a Remedial Investigation at the Fort Meade...

  20. [Walter Leitsch. Sigismund III. von Polen und Jan Zamoysky : die Rolle Estlands in der Rivalität zwischen König und Hetman] / Martin Faber

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Faber, Martin


    Arvustus: Leitsch, Walter. Sigismund III. von Polen und Jan Zamoysky : die Rolle Estlands in der Rivalität zwischen König und Hetman. Wien : Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, 2006

  1. Business Case Analysis of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center Medical/Surgical Prime Vendor Generation III Service Level Electron Program

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Markot, Peter B


    ...) staffing and medical/surgical services offered under the Prime Vendor (PV) Generation III contract would provide the best supply chain management solution for Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC...

  2. Hydromagnetic thermosolutal instability of compressible walters' (model B' rotating fluid permeated with suspended particles in porous medium

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    G Rana


    Full Text Available The thermosolutal instability of compressible Walters' (model B' elastico-viscous rotating fluid permeated with suspended particles (fine dust in the presence of vertical magnetic field in porous medium is considered. By applying normal mode analysis method, the dispersion relation has been derived and solved analytically. It is observed that the rotation, magnetic field, suspended particles and viscoelasticity introduce oscillatory modes. For stationary convection the Walters' (model B' fluid behaves like an ordinary Newtonian fluid and it is observed that the rotation and stable solute gradient has stabilizing effects and suspended particles are found to have destabilizing effect on the system, whereas the medium permeability has stabilizing or destabilizing effect on the system under certain conditions. The magnetic field has destabilizing effect in the absence of rotation, whereas in the presence of rotation, magnetic field has stabilizing or destabilizing effect under certain conditions.

  3. Strain analysis of I-c(epsilon) characteristic of YBCO coated conductor measured by a Walters spring


    Sugano, M; Choi, S; Miyazoe, A; Miyamatsu, K; Ando, T; Itoh, K; Kiyoshi, T; Wada, H; Selvamanickam, V


    lc-strain characteristic of YBCO coated conductor was measured using a Walters spring (WASP). In this technique, additional bending and thermal strains induced to the YBCO layer should be considered. In order to produce different initial bending strain to the YBCO layer, the conductor was wound around the springs with different diameters and in the different bending directions. The clear evidence was obtained that -strain curves using a WASP strongly depend on the initial bending strain state...

  4. Writing women into medical history in the 1930s: Kate Campbell Hurd-Mead and "medical women" of the past and present. (United States)

    Appel, Toby A


    Kate Campbell Hurd-Mead (1867–1941), a leader among second-generation women physicians in America, became a pioneer historian of women in medicine in the 1930s. The coalescence of events in her personal life, the declining status of women in medicine, and the growing significance of the new and relatively open field of history of medicine all contributed to this transformation in her career. While she endeavored to become part of the community of male physicians who wrote medical history, her primary identity remained that of a “medical woman.” For Hurd-Mead, the history of women in the past not only filled a vital gap in scholarship but served practical ends that she had earlier pursued by other means—those of inspiring and advancing the careers of women physicians of the present day, promoting organizations of women physicians, and advocating for equality of opportunity in the medical profession.

  5. Comment on 'Intercalibration of solar wind instruments during the International Magnetospheric Study' by S. M. Petrinec and C. T. Russell (United States)

    Paularena, K. I.; Lazarus, A. J.


    In their paper Petrinec and Russell (PR) (1993) claim to have developed a 'more homogeneous and accurate set of solar wind data' by 'correcting' the reported ion densities from three plasma instruments: the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) ion electrostatic analyzer on ISEE 3 and the LANL electrostatic analyzer and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Faraday cup plasma instrument on Interplanetary Monitoring Platform 8 (IMP 8). Their data manipulation techniques are examined. The foundations on which their data set are built, are discussed. Reanalysis by MIT on the MIT instrument (IMP 8) was done. Initial results have been issued. The Petrinec & Russell (1993) (PR) paper does not provide accurate density estimates and is an exercise that will only bring confusion to users of the data. The results of PR should be treated with skepticism.

  6. The utopian challenge to global capitalism by Walter van den Broeck in Terug naar Walden

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andries Visagie


    Full Text Available The socialist sympathies that inform the writing of Flemish author Walter van den Broeck align him with a well-established tradition of socially engaged writing in Flanders. In his novel Terug naar Walden (Back to Walden, published in 2009, he revisits the Walden project of the Dutch reformer and writer Frederik van Eeden (1860−1932. Van den Broeck suggests that a reconsideration of the socialist ideals that inspired Van Eeden to establish settlements in the Netherlands and the United States is warranted in the light of the economic crisis triggered by unchecked capitalist practices in 2008. In Terug naar Walden Ruler Marsh, the richest man in the world, unleashes a global financial crisis as a form of retaliation against the capitalist system that ruined his parents. Marsh returns to the Kempen in Flanders where his family originated. In a Heideggerean affirmation of the local as exemplified by the country road, Van den Broeck articulates his vision of the common, that theorists Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri in their Empire trilogy have attempted to salvage from communist thinking, with a utopian notion that a stronger connection with the land and the people within one’s immediate environment may provide a useful premise for the development of viable alternatives to capitalism.

  7. Critica e derive del mito nell’opera di Walter Benjamin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Matteo Meloni


    Full Text Available La ri essione critica sul mito e sulle sue derive nel mondo moderno sono pre- senti in buona parte del pensiero benjaminiano. A cominciare dagli scritti di filosofia del linguaggio nei quali il mito biblico istituisce il fondamento ontologico della parola originaria, tra rifiuto della storia e messianismo, fino alle considerazioni sul diritto e sul concetto di destino nella società borghese. Ma è soprattutto nella critica letteraria che Benjamin espone le sue più brillanti intuizioni: dallo sprigionarsi delle forze primordiali della natura che, nelle Affinità elettive di Goethe, tra violenza del diritto e libertà etica, si impossessano dei personaggi, alla dialettica del “risveglio” con Proust e i surrealisti, e all’esperienza profonda della vie antérieur di Baudelaire. Così, senza mai distanziarsi dal radicamento della condizione storica del suo tempo e senza mai cadere in facile misticismo, Walter Benjamin ha acutamente ispezionato le tracce del mito nella modernità, auspicando con intelligenza la liberazione umana dalla schiavitù della barbarie contingenti.

  8. Alfred Walter Campbell and the visual functions of the occipital cortex. (United States)

    Macmillan, Malcolm


    In his pioneering cytoarchitectonic studies of the human brain, Alfred Walter Campbell identified two structurally different areas in the occipital lobes and assigned two different kinds of visual functions to them. The first area, the visuosensory, was essentially on the mesial surface of the calcarine fissure. It was the terminus of nervous impulses generated in the retina and was where simple visual sensations arose. The second area, the visuopsychic, which surrounded or invested the first, was where sensations were interpreted and elaborated into visual perceptions. I argue that Campbell's distinction between the two areas was the starting point for the eventual differentiation of areas V1-V5. After a brief outline of Campbell's early life and education in Australia and of his Scottish medical education and early work as a pathologist at the Lancashire County Lunatic Asylum at Rainhill near Liverpool, I summarise his work on the human brain. In describing the structures he identified in the occipital lobes, I analyse the similarities and differences between them and the related structures identified by Joseph Shaw Bolton. I conclude by proposing some reasons for how that work came to be overshadowed by the later studies of Brodmann and for the more general lack of recognition given Campbell and his work. Those reasons include the effect of the controversies precipitated by Campbell's alliance with Charles Sherrington over the functions of the sensory and motor cortices. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  9. Eurydice at Euston?: Walter Benjamin and Marc Augé Go Underground

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Graeme Gilloch


    Full Text Available Taking as its point of departure Walter Benjamin’s repeatedly unsuccessful attempt to give spatial form to his past, this paper suggests that it is perhaps the contemporary French anthropologist, Marc Augé, who provides the most appropriate envisioning of a ‘map of memories’ in his brief writings on the Parisian métro system. For Augé, the labyrinthine subway network constitutes nothing less than a ‘memory machine’ in which lines and station names serve as mnemonics, recalling long-forgotten childhood encounters and experiences. Mirroring the cityscape above, places themselves unexplored, unknown, the serried toponyms of the métro become an incantation summoning forth the shades of the past. As Augé points out, those stations that provide opportunities to change lines are felicitously termed ‘correspondences’, a Baudelairean term that fascinated Benjamin and informed his key historiographical notion of the ‘dialectical image,’ the intersection and mutual illumination of past and present moments. For me, Augé’s highly suggestive reflections bring to mind my own memories of a London childhood around 1970. Looking at the London underground map today, I cannot but see the sites of many past meetings and partings, dots connected by lines forming complex figures, constellations of memory.

  10. Walter Benjamin em Gotham City: sobre a violência pura

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andityas Soares de Moura Costa Matos


    Full Text Available O presente trabalho reflete brevemente sobre as ideias de violência pura e de estado de exceção efetivo no pensamento de Walter Benjamin (1892-1940, lançando na seção 2 a hipótese de que são resultados de uma longa meditação que começa com o texto Sobre a crítica da violência (1921, passa pelo denso fragmento O caráter destrutivo (1931 e chega à obra intitulada Teses sobre o conceito de história (1940, quando Benjamin percebe com clareza à impossibilidade de se negociar com as instituições democrático-liberais, as quais funcionam como estruturas desaceleradoras (katéchonta do tempo da revolução, leitura apresentada na seção 1 mediante a profanação do conceito original schmittiano. O artigo passa então na seção 3 a interpretar as ideias de Benjamin em um cenário de ficção – a trilogia Batman de Christopher Nolan – que a cada dia parece mais terrivelmente real, concluindo com um parágrafo de sabor agambeniano sobre o direito-que-vem (seção 4.

  11. Genetic Drift. The ancient Egyptian dwarfs of the Walters Art Museum. (United States)

    Kozma, Chahira


    The ancient Egyptians left an impressive artistic legacy documenting many aspects of their society including the existence of dwarfs as highly valued members. In previous publications in the Journal, I discussed dwarfs and skeletal dysplasia in ancient Egypt. In this study, I examined the ancient Egyptian representations of dwarfs of the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland. One of the highlights of the collection is a group of five ivory figurines from Predynastic Times (pre 3500-3100 BCE) depicting a couple, a man with a child, and two females. Representations from other periods include ordinary as well as dwarf deities. The dwarf gods, Bes and Ptah, are frequently depicted holding or biting snakes or standing on crocodiles symbolizing their ability to ward off dangers. A couple of statuettes from the Greco-Roman Period that, in contrast to earlier Egyptian Periods, depict harsh physical anomalies, twisted bodies, and facial pain. The artistic impression can be interpreted as either tragic or humorous. The grotesque depiction of dwarfs during the Greco-Roman Period in ancient Egypt is believed to be due to a greater infusion of Hellenistic influence. This study provides a microcosm of the legacy of dwarfs in ancient Egypt and supports the premise that dwarfs were accepted and integrated in the ancient Egyptian society, and with a few exceptions, their disorder was not depicted as a physical handicap. Copyright © 2010 Wiley-Liss, Inc.

  12. Youth and pedagogy (On the genesis of the thought of Walter Benjamin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available The authors analyze the 16 early writings that W. Benjamin wrote between the ages of 19 and 23, all of which relate to educative matters, and where the decisive influence of G. Wyneken is shown. The issues that the young Walter Benjamin addresses are also studied, such as idealism and youth culture, the necessity of reform in schools and universities and also in moral, aesthetic and religious education as well as in juvenile sexuality. However, the most important thing is that in these works one can find the constants that characterize the rest of his production, such as his individualism, his obsession with his own childhood experiences, his contradictions and thematic transitions, his interest in aesthetics and art, the complexity of his work, his agnosticism and his consideration of Judaism as a cultural element, and above all his critical sense and his vocation for criticism which starts to become evident. Somehow in these articles of educative content one can discover many of the constants of what will be the subsequent work of this author.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Guido Vespucci


    Full Text Available El presente artículo pretende analizar la noción de shock como una puerta de acceso a la obra de Walter Benjamin. A través de la exploración de algunos de sus escritos más originales (tales como «La obra de arte en la época de su reproductibilidad técnica», las «Tesis de filosofía de la historia», el Libro de los Pasajes, entre otros y sobre la base de una selección de ensayos acerca de su obra, intentaremos capturar la productividad analítica del concepto con el fin de poder iluminar su función operativa (filosófica y política, en el tratamiento que Benjamin realiza sobre una variedad de temas como el arte, la cultura, el capitalismo, la reproducción técnica y la experiencia del sujeto moderno.

  14. Use of Excel ion exchange equilibrium solver with WinGEMS to model and predict NPE distribution in the Mead/Westvaco Evandale, TX, hardwood bleach plant (United States)

    Christopher Litvay; Alan Rudie; Peter Hart


    An Excel spreadsheet developed to solve the ion-exchange equilibrium in wood pulps has been linked by dynamic data exchange to WinGEMS and used to model the non-process elements in the hardwood bleach plant of the Mead/Westvaco Evandale mill. Pulp and filtrate samples were collected from the diffusion washers and final wash press of the bleach plant. A WinGEMS model of...

  15. Scoping Summary Report: Development of Lower Basin Shortage Guidelines and Coordinated Management Strategies for Lake Powell and Lake Mead, Particularly Under Low Reservoir Conditions


    U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation


    The Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) acting on behalf of the Secretary of the Department of the Interior (Secretary) proposes to take action to adopt specific Colorado River Lower Basin shortage guidelines and coordinated reservoir management strategies to address operations of Lake Powell and Lake Mead, particularly under low reservoir conditions. This proposed Action will provide a greater degree of certainty to all water users and managers in the Colorado River Basin by providing more d...

  16. Family caregiver distress with children having rare genetic disorders: a qualitative study involving Russell-Silver Syndrome in Taiwan. (United States)

    Weng, Hsin-Ju; Niu, Dau-Ming; Turale, Sue; Tsao, Lee-Ing; Shih, Fu-Jong; Yamamoto-Mitani, Noriko; Chang, Chun-Chi; Shih, Fu-Jin


    To extend nursing knowledge of distress experienced by family caregivers of children with rare genetic disorders, by exploring the perspectives of caregivers of children with Russell-Silver Syndrome in Taiwan. Caring for a child with a rare genetic disorder often has profound effects on families, especially when diagnosis and treatment is complex or not yet well developed, such as that in Russell-Silver Syndrome (or Silver-Russell syndrome). This disorder causes dwarfism and developmental difficulties, requiring long-term care planning. Previous research has focused mostly on medical care, but little is known about families' perspectives of caring difficulties, the help they need and nursing care required. An exploratory qualitative approach was used to inform this study. Family caregivers, whose children were undergoing medical care in a leading Taiwan medical centre, were invited to participate in face-to-face, in-depth interviews. Data were analysed by content analysis. Fifteen caregivers including 11 mothers, two fathers and two grandmothers participated. Five major themes and 13 sub-themes of care-giving distress were identified: endless psychological worries; the lengthy process to confirm a medical diagnosis; adjustment efforts in modifying family roles; dilemmas in deciding between Western or Chinese traditional medicine; and negative responses to society's concerns. Their primary sources of support were spouses, parents and health professionals, accordingly. Complex physio-psycho-social and decision-making distress in caring for children with a rare genetic disorder were systematically revealed from the perspectives of ethnic-Chinese family caregivers. Long-term care plans for children with a rare genetic disorder such as Russell-Silver Syndrome need to focus on positive dynamic family interactions, life-stage development and family caregiver support. Research on care-giving in rare genetic disorders is also warranted across cultures and countries to

  17. Assessment of multiple sources of anthropogenic and natural chemical inputs to a morphologically complex basin, Lake Mead, USA (United States)

    Rosen, Michael R.; Van Metre, P.C.


    Lakes with complex morphologies and with different geologic and land-use characteristics in their sub-watersheds could have large differences in natural and anthropogenic chemical inputs to sub-basins in the lake. Lake Mead in southern Nevada and northern Arizona, USA, is one such lake. To assess variations in chemical histories from 1935 to 1998 for major sub-basins of Lake Mead, four sediment cores were taken from three different parts of the reservoir (two from Las Vegas Bay and one from the Overton Arm and Virgin Basin) and analyzed for major and trace elements, radionuclides, and organic compounds. As expected, anthropogenic contaminant inputs are greatest to Las Vegas Bay reflecting inputs from the Las Vegas urban area, although concentrations are low compared to sediment quality guidelines and to other USA lakes. One exception to this pattern was higher Hg in the Virgin Basin core. The Virgin Basin core is located in the main body of the lake (Colorado River channel) and is influenced by the hydrology of the Colorado River, which changed greatly with completion of Glen Canyon Dam upstream in 1963. Major and trace elements in the core show pronounced shifts in the early 1960s and, in many cases, gradually return to concentrations more typical of pre-1960s by the 1980s and 1990s, after the filling of Lake Powell. The Overton Arm is the sub-basin least effected by anthropogenic contaminant inputs but has a complex 137Cs profile with a series of large peaks and valleys over the middle of the core, possibly reflecting fallout from nuclear tests in the 1950s at the Nevada Test Site. The 137Cs profile suggests a much greater sedimentation rate during testing which we hypothesize results from greatly increased dust fall on the lake and Virgin and Muddy River watersheds. The severe drought in the southwestern USA during the 1950s might also have played a role in variations in sedimentation rate in all of the cores. ?? 2009.

  18. The prominent absence of Alfred Russel Wallace at the Darwin anniversaries in Germany in 1909, 1959 and 2009. (United States)

    Hossfeld, Uwe; Olsson, Lennart


    It is well known that the contribution of Alfred Russell Wallace (1823-1913) to the development of the "Darwinian" principle of natural selection has often been neglected. Here we focus on how the three anniversaries to celebrate the origin of the Darwin-Wallace theory in Germany in 1909, in 1959 in the divided country, as well as in 2009, have represented Charles Robert Darwin's and Alfred Russell Wallace's contributions. We have analyzed books and proceedings volumes related to these anniversaries, and the main result is that Wallace was almost always ignored, or only mentioned in passing. In 1909, Ernst Haeckel gave a talk in Jena, later published under the title The worldview of Darwin and Lamarck (Das Weltbild von Darwin und Lamarck), but not as the Darwin-Wallace concept. Haeckel mentions Wallace only once. In two important proceedings volumes from the 1959 anniversaries, Wallace was ignored. The only fair treatment of Wallace is given in another book, a collection of documents edited by Gerhard Heberer, for which the author selected nine key documents and reprinted excerpts (1959). Three of them were articles by Wallace, including the Sarawak- and Ternate-papers of 1855 and 1858, respectively. An analysis of the dominant themes during the celebrations of 2009 shows that none of the six topics had much to do with Wallace and his work. Thus, the tendency to exclude Alfred Russell Wallace is an international phenomenon, and largely attributable to the "Darwin industry".

  19. Sindrome de russel tumor diencefálico em uma criança

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luiz A. C. Roxo da Motta


    Full Text Available Apresenta-se o caso de criança do sexo masculino com síndrome de Russel devida a astrocitoma pilocítico localizado na região diencefálica. O diagnóstico foi realizado aos 16 meses de idade, mas sua sintomatologia se iniciou aos 4 meses, com emagrecimento progressivo. À internação apresentava-se com peso de 6150g e 74cm de estatura, emaciada, sem panículo adiposo, irritadica e com sinais de hipertensão intracraniana. Existia estrabismo convergente, nistagmo vertical do olho esquerdo e papiledema bilateral. Os reflexos tendinosos eram exaltados e tinha tetraparesia espástica. A avaliação endócrina demonstrou aumento basal do GH (23 ng/ml, do TSH (6,2 mUI/l e da prolactina (26 ng/ml. Os dois primeiros hormônios não responderam ao teste agudo com o TRH, enquanto a prolactina teve resposta pobre. Foi submetida a radioterapia com acelerador linear (dose total de 4000 rads e a cirurgia, na qual não se conseguiu extirpar todo o tumor, devido a seu tamanho. Nove meses após, a criança encontra-se bem, com apreciável ganho ponderai (2500g.

  20. The ornithologist Alfred Russel Wallace and the controversy surrounding the dinosaurian origin of birds. (United States)

    Ibrahim, Nizar; Kutschera, Ulrich


    Over many years of his life, the British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913) explored the tropical forests of Malaysia, collecting numerous specimens, including hundreds of birds, many of them new to science. Subsequently, Wallace published a series of papers on systematic ornithology, and discovered a new species on top of a volcano on Ternate, where he wrote, in 1858, his famous essay on natural selection. Based on this hands-on experience, and an analysis of an Archaeopteryx fossil, Wallace suggested that birds may have descended from dinosaurian ancestors. Here, we describe the "dinosaur-bird hypothesis" that originated with the work of Thomas H. Huxley (1825-1895). We present the strong evidence linking theropod dinosaurs to birds, and briefly outline the long and ongoing controversy around this concept. Dinosaurs preserving plumage, nesting sites and trace fossils provide overwhelming evidence for the dinosaurian origin of birds. Based on these recent findings of paleontological research, we conclude that extant birds indeed descended, with some modifications, from small, Mesozoic theropod dinosaurs. In the light of Wallace's view of bird origins, we critically evaluate recent opposing views to this idea, including Ernst Mayr's (1904-2005) arguments against the "dinosaur-bird hypothesis", and document that this famous ornithologist was not correct in his assessment of this important aspect of vertebrate evolution.

  1. The mine and the furnace: Francis Bacon, Thomas Russell, and early Stuart mining culture. (United States)

    Pastorino, Cesare


    Notwithstanding Francis Bacon's praise for the philosophical role of the mechanical arts, historians have often downplayed Bacon's connections with actual artisans and entrepreneurs. Addressing the specific context of mining culture, this study proposes a rather different picture. The analysis of a famous mining metaphor in The Advancement of Learning shows us how Bacon's project of reform of knowledge could find an apt correspondence in civic and entrepreneurial values of his time. Also, Bacon had interesting and so far unexplored links with the early modern English mining enterprises, like the Company of Mineral and Battery Works, ofwhich he was a shareholder. Moreover, Bacon's notes in a private notebook, Commentarius Solutus, and records of patents of invention, allow us to start grasping Bacon's connections with the metallurgist and entrepreneur Thomas Russell. Lastly, this paper argues that, to fully understand Bacon's links with the world of Stuart technicians and entrepreneurs, it is necessary to consider a different and insufficiently studied aspect of Bacon's interests, namely his work as patents referee while a Commissioner of Suits.

  2. Alfred Russel Wallace and the destruction of island life: the Iguana tragedy. (United States)

    Kutschera, Ulrich; Kleinhans, Simon


    The Galápagos Islands (Ecuador) are usually associated with the explorations and theoretical deductions of Charles Robert Darwin (1809-1882), but Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913) also investigated these islands and published several reports on the living world of this unique archipelago. In contrast to Darwin, Wallace described the destruction of natural ecosystems by humans and foresaw the resulting extinction of species. Here, we outline two case studies pertinent to Wallace's prediction. First, we summarize the behavior of the predator-naive marine iguanas (Amblyrhynchus cristatus) on the Galápagos Islands, which are threatened by feral dogs and cats imported by humans. We also describe the unique life cycle of the spiny-tailed iguana (Ctenosaura bakeri) from the island of Utila (Honduras), a rare species whose populations are declining because of habitat destructions. In contrast to these threatened, endemic island species, the Green iguana (Iguana iguana) is still widely distributed, although, as a result of de-forestation, in some areas of South America local populations have disappeared. We conclude that Wallace was correct in his prediction that, because of human activities, numerous species of animals and plants will be driven to extinction, notably on islands.

  3. Alfred Russel Wallace's medical libertarianism: state medicine, human progress, and evolutionary purpose. (United States)

    Flannery, Michael A


    Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913), naturalist and explorer of South America and the Malay Archipelago, secured his place in history by independently discovering the theory of natural selection. His letter outlining the theory was sent from Ternate in eastern Indonesia and received at Down House, according to Charles Darwin (1809-82), on June 18, 1858, prompting the now-famed evolutionist to rush his languishing manuscript to press. Wallace's contributions to evolutionary biology, biogeography, and anthropology are well known, but his medical views have received far less attention. Within the context of a strident populist antivaccination movement and an ominous elitist eugenics campaign, Wallace took his stand, which revealed itself in a libertarianism that defended traditional socialist constituencies (the working poor, the lumpenproletariat, and feminist reformers) against state-mandated medical interventions. Rather than viewing Wallace as a heterodox contrarian, this article argues that his positions were logical outgrowths of his medical libertarianism and evolutionary and social theories. © The Author 2013. Published by Oxford University Press. All rights reserved. For permissions, please e-mail:

  4. Ice-dammed lake drainage evolution at Russell Glacier, west Greenland (United States)

    Carrivick, Jonathan L.; Tweed, Fiona S.; Ng, Felix; Quincey, Duncan J.; Mallalieu, Joseph; Ingeman-Nielsen, Thomas; Mikkelsen, Andreas B.; Palmer, Steven J.; Yde, Jacob C.; Homer, Rachel; Russell, Andrew J.; Hubbard, Alun


    Glaciological and hydraulic factors that control the timing and mechanisms of glacier lake outburst floods (GLOFs) remain poorly understood. This study used measurements of lake level at fifteen minute intervals and known lake bathymetry to calculate lake outflow during two GLOF events from the northern margin of Russell Glacier, west Greenland. We used measured ice surface elevation, interpolated subglacial topography and likely conduit geometry to inform a melt enlargement model of the outburst evolution. The model was tuned to best-fit the hydrograph’s rising limb and timing of peak discharge in both events; it achieved Mean Absolute Errors of Lake water temperature, which strongly governed the enlargement rate, preconditioned the high peak discharge and short duration of these floods. We hypothesize that both GLOFs were triggered by ice dam flotation, and localised hydraulic jacking sustained most of their early-stage outflow, explaining the particularly rapid water egress in comparison to that recorded at other ice-marginal lakes. As ice overburden pressure relative to lake water hydraulic head diminished, flow became confined to a subglacial conduit. This study has emphasised the inter-play between ice dam thickness and lake level, drainage timing, lake water temperature and consequently rising stage lake outflow and flood evolution.

  5. Diagnosis and management of Silver-Russell syndrome: first international consensus statement. (United States)

    Wakeling, Emma L; Brioude, Frédéric; Lokulo-Sodipe, Oluwakemi; O'Connell, Susan M; Salem, Jennifer; Bliek, Jet; Canton, Ana P M; Chrzanowska, Krystyna H; Davies, Justin H; Dias, Renuka P; Dubern, Béatrice; Elbracht, Miriam; Giabicani, Eloise; Grimberg, Adda; Grønskov, Karen; Hokken-Koelega, Anita C S; Jorge, Alexander A; Kagami, Masayo; Linglart, Agnes; Maghnie, Mohamad; Mohnike, Klaus; Monk, David; Moore, Gudrun E; Murray, Philip G; Ogata, Tsutomu; Petit, Isabelle Oliver; Russo, Silvia; Said, Edith; Toumba, Meropi; Tümer, Zeynep; Binder, Gerhard; Eggermann, Thomas; Harbison, Madeleine D; Temple, I Karen; Mackay, Deborah J G; Netchine, Irène


    This Consensus Statement summarizes recommendations for clinical diagnosis, investigation and management of patients with Silver-Russell syndrome (SRS), an imprinting disorder that causes prenatal and postnatal growth retardation. Considerable overlap exists between the care of individuals born small for gestational age and those with SRS. However, many specific management issues exist and evidence from controlled trials remains limited. SRS is primarily a clinical diagnosis; however, molecular testing enables confirmation of the clinical diagnosis and defines the subtype. A 'normal' result from a molecular test does not exclude the diagnosis of SRS. The management of children with SRS requires an experienced, multidisciplinary approach. Specific issues include growth failure, severe feeding difficulties, gastrointestinal problems, hypoglycaemia, body asymmetry, scoliosis, motor and speech delay and psychosocial challenges. An early emphasis on adequate nutritional status is important, with awareness that rapid postnatal weight gain might lead to subsequent increased risk of metabolic disorders. The benefits of treating patients with SRS with growth hormone include improved body composition, motor development and appetite, reduced risk of hypoglycaemia and increased height. Clinicians should be aware of possible premature adrenarche, fairly early and rapid central puberty and insulin resistance. Treatment with gonadotropin-releasing hormone analogues can delay progression of central puberty and preserve adult height potential. Long-term follow up is essential to determine the natural history and optimal management in adulthood.

  6. Immune-mediated thrombocytopenia associated with angiostrongylus vasorum infection in a jack russell terrier

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    JO'Neill Emma


    Full Text Available Abstract A twenty-month-old Jack Russell terrier was presented with a four-day history of thrombocytopenia, echymotic inguinal haemorrhages, coughing and reduced exercise tolerance. Clinical examination revealed several petechial haemorrhages on the gingivae and small echymotic haemorrhages in the inguinal region, along with mild bilateral epistaxis. Haematology confirmed a platelet count of 1.0 × 10/L. Thoracic radiographs revealed a wide-spread mixed alveolar-interstitial lung pattern, apparent throughout the entire lungfield, but particularly marked within the left lung lobes. A presumptive diagnosis of immune-mediated thrombocytopenia was made and the dog was treated with vincristine and immunosuppressive doses of prednisolone. Initially anaemia developed following gastrointestinal haemorrhage; however, after symptomatic treatment the dog showed a marked clinical improvement. Evaluation for an underlying cause of the disease revealed Angiostrongylus vasorum L1 larvae on faecal analysis and treatment with fenbendazole was commenced. The dog made a full clinical recovery with all treatment was withdrawn within five weeks of diagnosis. This is the second report of immune-mediated thrombocytopenia associated with Angiostrongylus vasorum infection and it is the first to be successfully managed. The report highlights that Angiostrongylus vasorum should be considered in young dogs presented with thrombocytopenia.

  7. Dilute Russel Viper Venom Time analysis in a Haematology Laboratory: An audit. (United States)

    Kruger, W; Meyer, P W A; Nel, J G


    To determine whether the current set of evaluation criteria used for dilute Russel Viper Venom Time (dRVVT) investigations in the routine laboratory meet expectation and identify possible shortcomings. All dRVVT assays requested from January 2015 to December 2015 were appraised in this cross-sectional study. The raw data panels were compared with the new reference interval, established in 2016, to determine the sequence of assays that should have been performed. The interpretive comments were audited, and false-negative reports identified. Interpretive comments according to three interpretation guidelines were compared. The reagent cost per assay was determined, and reagent cost wastage, due to redundant tests, was calculated. Only ~9% of dRVVT results authorized during 2015 had an interpretive comment included in the report. ~15% of these results were false-negative interpretations. There is a significant statistical difference in interpretive comments between the three interpretation methods. Redundant mixing tests resulted in R 7477.91 (~11%) reagent cost wastage in 2015. We managed to demonstrate very evident deficiencies in our own practice and managed to establish a standardized workflow that will potentially render our service more efficient and cost effective, aiding clinicians in making improved treatment decisions and diagnoses. Furthermore, it is essential that standard operating procedures be kept up to date and executed by all staff in the laboratory. © 2018 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  8. Os riscos do texto e da imagem - Em torno de Balinese character (1942, de Gregory Bateson e Margaret Mead

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Etienne Samain


    Full Text Available Balinese character. A photographie analysis (1942 de Gregory Bateson et Margaret Mead est, sans nul doute, un livre fondateur de l’anthropologie visuelle (photographique. Souvent cité, il reste insuffisamment exploré. Cet article soulève - après une brève présentation de l’organisation d’ensemble de l’oeuvre - un questionnement heuristique et une réflexion sur la nature de l’utilisation intégrative de l’image et du texte dans l’élaboration du discours anthropologique. Pour ce faire, nous étudions trois modèles d’organisation des planches photographiques de Balinese character et leurs respectifs commentaires écrits, effectuant des parcours inverses: de l’image au texte, du texte à l’image. S’il est vrai que l'un et l’autre de ces supports communicationnels sont singuliers autant que complémentaires, leurs richesse respective n’est pas à l’abri d’autres risques que cette recherche dévoilera.

  9. Automated gamma knife radiosurgery treatment planning with image registration, data-mining, and Nelder-Mead simplex optimization

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Lee, Kuan J.; Barber, David C.; Walton, Lee


    Gamma knife treatments are usually planned manually, requiring much expertise and time. We describe a new, fully automatic method of treatment planning. The treatment volume to be planned is first compared with a database of past treatments to find volumes closely matching in size and shape. The treatment parameters of the closest matches are used as starting points for the new treatment plan. Further optimization is performed with the Nelder-Mead simplex method: the coordinates and weight of the isocenters are allowed to vary until a maximally conformal plan specific to the new treatment volume is found. The method was tested on a randomly selected set of 10 acoustic neuromas and 10 meningiomas. Typically, matching a new volume took under 30 seconds. The time for simplex optimization, on a 3 GHz Xeon processor, ranged from under a minute for small volumes ( 30 000 cubic mm,>20 isocenters). In 8/10 acoustic neuromas and 8/10 meningiomas, the automatic method found plans with conformation number equal or better than that of the manual plan. In 4/10 acoustic neuromas and 5/10 meningiomas, both overtreatment and undertreatment ratios were equal or better in automated plans. In conclusion, data-mining of past treatments can be used to derive starting parameters for treatment planning. These parameters can then be computer optimized to give good plans automatically

  10. Jogo, esporte, criança e ensino: aproximações com a psicologia social de Mead

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carlos Luiz Cardoso


    Full Text Available O artigo reflete o jogo e o esporte no interior da psicologia social do filósofo George H. Mead, como orientação para a Educação Física escolar. Inicialmente indica os princípios do ‘condutismo social’ [sociedade, pessoa e mente]. Em seguida mostra a ‘emergência’ do ‘outro generalizado’ na passagem do jogo ao esporte. Mais adiante destaca o ‘movimento renovador’ da década de 80 e algumas referências para o ensino no Brasil. Finalmente reflete a necessidade de compreender o desenvolvimento do selfna educação física escolar, destacando as concepções ‘críticas’ para a formação didática dos professores.

  11. Importance of benthic production to fish populations in Lake Mead prior to the establishment of quagga mussels (United States)

    Umek, John; Chandra, Sudeep; Rosen, Michael; Wittmann, Marion; Sullivan, Joe; Orsak, Erik


    Limnologists recently have developed an interest in quantifying benthic resource contributions to higher-level consumers. Much of this research focuses on natural lakes with very little research in reservoirs. In this study, we provide a contemporary snapshot of the food web structure of Lake Mead to evaluate the contribution of benthic resources to fish consumers. In addition, we document the available food to fishes on soft sediments and changes to the invertebrate community over 2 time periods. Benthic invertebrate food availability for fishes is greater in Las Vegas Bay than Overton Arm. Las Vegas Bay is dominated by oligochaetes, whose biomass increased with depth, while Overton Arm is dominated by chironomids, whose biomass did not change with depth. Diet and isotopic measurements indicate the fish community largely relies on benthic resources regardless of basin (Las Vegas Bay >80%; Overton Arm >92%); however, the threadfin shad likely contribute more to largemouth and striped bass production in Overton Arm versus Las Vegas Bay. A 2-time period analysis, pre and post quagga mussel establishment and during lake level declines, suggests there is no change in the density of benthic invertebrates in Boulder Basin, but there were greater abundances of select taxa in this basin by season and depth than in other basins. Given the potential of alterations as a result of the expansion of quagga mussel and the reliance of the fishery on benthic resources, future investigation of basin specific, benthic processes is recommended.

  12. Un taccuino a forma di strada. Su "Einbahnstrasse" di Walter Benjamin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pier Giovanni Adamo


    Full Text Available La poetica di F. Schlegel ha realizzato una storicizzazione della teoria dei generi letterari sostituendo alla dicotomia del classicismo tra forma e contenuto una distinzione tra forma e spirito, secondo cui i materiali linguistico-tematici rappresentano i precipitati di quest’ultimo. Riprendendo questa intuizione di P. Szondi, potremmo affermare che, nella modernità letteraria, l’ibridazione è il processo di transizione dei materiali attraverso le forme. Un’opera tanto esemplare quanto strutturalmente rilevante, nell’orizzonte dell’ibridazione, è Einbahnstraße di Walter Benjamin, dove i materiali più disparati sono combinati a modellare una forma innovativa. Vi si mescolano stilemi della poesia in prosa, narrazione diaristica, (antimetodo surrealista, satira e intuizioni filosofiche. L’unicità, d’altra parte, risiede innanzitutto nell’essenza metacritica del procedimento organizzativo del libro: il frammentismo sistematico è un’applicazione pratica della teoria allegorica del montaggio, descritta nell’Ursprung des deutschen Trauerspiels. Il saggio si propone di leggere il testo come «un taccuino a forma di strada», anche per indagarne il valore di prologo al Passagenwerk, nato dall’avida lettura del Paysan de Paris di Aragon: istituisce un confronto per rilevare, nell’affinità di fondo, la  diversità di approccio tra il pensatore tedesco e il surrealismo, distinguendo tecniche di assemblaggio e ruolo dell’immaginario nell’uso di pubblicità e altri oggetti metropolitani. L’intenzione di una simile analisi di Einbahnstraße è dimostrare che Benjamin combina modelli letterari (Baudelaire, Proust, Kraus su tutti con i nuovi linguaggi artistici e le strategie discorsive della stampa per creare un’«immagine dialettica» dell’esistenza nel XX secolo.Friedrich Schlegel’s poetics realized a historicisation of literary genres theory by replacing classicist dichotomy between form and content with a

  13. Walter B. Cannon's World War I experience: treatment of traumatic shock then and now. (United States)

    Ryan, Kathy L


    Walter B. Cannon (1871-1945), perhaps America's preeminent physiologist, volunteered for service with the Army Expeditionary Force (AEF) during World War I. He initially served with Base Hospital No. 5, a unit made up of Harvard clinicians, before moving forward to the front lines to serve at a casualty clearing station run by the British. During his time there, he performed research on wounded soldiers to understand the nature and causes of traumatic shock. Subsequently, Cannon performed animal experimentation on the causes of traumatic shock in the London laboratory of Dr. William Bayliss before being assigned to the AEF Central Medical Laboratory in Dijon, France, where he continued his experimental studies. During this time, he also developed and taught a curriculum on resuscitation of wounded soldiers to medical providers. Although primarily a researcher and teacher, Cannon also performed clinical duties throughout the war, serving with distinction under fire. After the war, Cannon wrote a monograph entitled Traumatic Shock (New York: Appleton, 1923), which encapsulated the knowledge that had been gained during the war, both from direct observation of wounded soldiers, as well as laboratory experimentation on the causes and treatment of traumatic shock. In his monograph, Cannon elucidates a number of principles concerning hemorrhagic shock that were later forgotten, only to be "rediscovered" during the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. This paper summarizes Cannon's wartime experiences and the knowledge gained concerning traumatic shock during World War I, with a comparison of current combat casualty care practices and knowledge to that which Cannon and his colleagues understood a century ago.

  14. Walter Baade: Father of the Two Stellar Populations and Pioneer Supernova Researcher (United States)

    Osterbrock, D. E.


    Walter Baade was the great observational astronomer of the middle part of the past century. He lived and worked in Pasadena, where he ``discovered" the two stellar populations and did outstanding pioneer research on supernovae at Mount Wilson and Palomar Observatories from 1931 until 1959, when he returned to his native Germany, and died the following year. Baade was born in a little town in northwest Germany, and educated at Goettingen University, where he received his Ph.D. in 1919, just after the end of World War I. He got a research position at Hamburg Observatory, and quickly jumped into globular cluster and galactic structure work with its 40-in reflector, then the largest telescope in Europe. Baade recognized very early the great importance of the extremely rare ``highly luminous novae" which Heber D. Curtis and Knut Lundmark isolated in 1919-21. In 1929 Baade called these ``Hauptnovae" the key to measuring distances of faint galaxies. We call them supernovae today, a term he and Fritz Zwicky began using in 1932. Similarly Baade's first inkling that there was a spherically symmetric distribution of stars in our Galaxy, which he named Population II in his two great 1944 papers, came when he began picking up field RR Lyrae variables in 1926. Baade's research on the two stellar populations and supernovae was extremely important in opening up the whole fields of stellar and galactic evolution. His invited lectures at meetings and symposia, and his courses as a visiting professor inspired a whole generation of research astrophysicists. Baade's attractive personality made it possible for him to make his great discoveries in a land in which he was officially an enemy alien during World War II.

  15. Big Data and : Walter Lippmann and the fallacy of data privacy self-management

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jonathan A Obar


    Full Text Available In 1927, Walter Lippmann published The Phantom Public , denouncing the ‘mystical fallacy of democracy.’ Decrying romantic democratic models that privilege self-governance, he writes: “I have not happened to meet anybody, from a President of the United States to a professor of political science, who came anywhere near to embodying the accepted ideal of the sovereign and omnicompetent citizen.” Almost 90 years later, Lippmann’s pragmatism is as relevant as ever, and should be applied in new contexts where similar self-governance concerns persist. This paper does just that, repurposing Lippmann’s argument in the context of the ongoing debate over the role of the digital citizen in Big Data management. It is argued that proposals by the Federal Trade Commission, the White House and the US Congress, championing failed notice and choice privacy policy, perpetuate a self-governance fallacy comparable to Lippmann’s, referred to here as the fallacy of data privacy self-management . Even if the digital citizen had the faculties and the system for data privacy self-management, the digital citizen has little time for data governance. We desire the freedom to pursue the ends of digital production, without being inhibited by the means. We want privacy, and safety, but cannot complete all that is required for its protection. If it is true that the fallacy of democracy is similar to the fallacy of data privacy self-management, then perhaps the pragmatic solution is representative data management : a combination of non/for-profit digital dossier management via infomediaries that can ensure the protection of personal data, while freeing individuals from what Lippmann referred to as an ‘unattainable ideal.’

  16. De Walter Benjamin a Theodor Adorno: traços que permanecem na contemporaneidade

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carolina Diamantino Esser Santana


    Full Text Available O ensaio traz como base a crítica ao capitalismo, no que se refere aos efeitos negativos que ele impõe aos indivíduos, a partir dos estudos da primeira geração da Escola de Frankfurt. Analisar-se-á a história das ideias a partir de Walter Benjamin, Herbert Marcuse, Theodor Adorno e Max Horkheimer. Benjamin afirma que vive-se a perda da aura das obras de arte, já que a sua comercialização faz com que se perca a essência daquelas obras. Ademais, a imposição da novidade às obras e aos produtos consumidos representa uma ferramenta de manipulação do capitalismo, culminando na pobreza da experiência humana. Marcuse afirma que a sociedade vive o princípio do desempenho, que provoca modos de vida uniformizados, baseados numa concepção de trabalho e diversão homogêneos. Adorno propôs que o tempo livre provocava uma sensação de liberdade nos indivíduos, mas, na realidade, tratava-se do exercício de uma não liberdade, já que as formas de diversão seguiam à risca os padrões exigidos pelo capital. A partir do método adotado pela própria Teoria Crítica, afirma-se que a presente discussão teórica só se torna efetiva quando aplicada à prática, à sociedade atual.

  17. Correction of the axial and appendicular deformities in a patient with Silver-Russel syndrome

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ali Al Kaissi


    Full Text Available Background: Scoliosis and limb length discrepancy are the major orthopaedic abnormalities in patients with Silver-Russel syndrome (SRS. In this paper, we describe a series of orthopaedic interventions in an attempt to overcome the progressive pathologic mechanism in a 7-year-old girl who manifested the full phenotypic features of SRS. Materials and Methods: Unilateral hip dislocation, progressive scoliosis and limb length discrepancy have been dealt with through Pemberton osteotomy, spinal fusion and Taylor-Spatial-Frame respectively. Results: In order to correct the axial and the appendicular deformities a sum of seven operations were performed (between the age of 7 years and 13 years. Pemberton osteotomy was performed to treat dislocation of her right hip because of developmental dysplasia of the hip. Spinal fusion (spondylodesis of segments Th3-L5 was done to correct her scoliosis. And, to overcome the limb length discrepancy of 15-cm we used Taylor-Spatial-Frame with percutaneous distal corticotomy of the femur, and the proximal tibia, as well as the foot, were performed. We were able to minimize the limb length discrepancy to 5 cm. The girl became able to walk with the aid of a below knee orthosis and through lifting the left limb with 5-cm height shoe. Conclusion: Limb lengthening surgery in patients with multiple malformation complex as in SRS is associated with high recurrence risk because of; muscular hypotonia, overtubulation of the long bones, and the poor bone regenerative quality. Our interventions were principally directed towards improving the cosmetic outlook, functions and the biomechanics.

  18. Ice-Dammed Lake Drainage Evolution at Russell Glacier, West Greenland

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jonathan L. Carrivick


    Full Text Available KEY POINTS/HIGHLIGHTSTwo rapid ice-dammed lake drainage events gauged and ice dam geometry measured.A melt enlargement model is developed to examine the evolution of drainage mechanism(s.Lake temperature dominated conduit melt enlargement and we hypothesize a flotation trigger.Glaciological and hydraulic factors that control the timing and mechanisms of glacier lake outburst floods (GLOFs remain poorly understood. This study used measurements of lake level at 15 min intervals and known lake bathymetry to calculate lake outflow during two GLOF events from the northern margin of Russell Glacier, west Greenland. We used measured ice surface elevation, interpolated subglacial topography and likely conduit geometry to inform a melt enlargement model of the outburst evolution. The model was tuned to best-fit the hydrograph rising limb and timing of peak discharge in both events; it achieved Mean Absolute Errors of <5%. About one third of the way through the rising limb, conduit melt enlargement became the dominant drainage mechanism. Lake water temperature, which strongly governed the enlargement rate, preconditioned the high peak discharge and short duration of these floods. We hypothesize that both GLOFs were triggered by ice dam flotation, and localized hydraulic jacking sustained most of their early-stage outflow, explaining the particularly rapid water egress in comparison to that recorded at other ice-marginal lakes. As ice overburden pressure relative to lake water hydraulic head diminished, flow became confined to a subglacial conduit. This study has emphasized the inter-play between ice dam thickness and lake level, drainage timing, lake water temperature and consequently rising stage lake outflow and flood evolution.

  19. Regional economic impacts of current and proposed management alternatives for Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge (United States)

    Koontz, Lynne; Sexton, Natalie; Ishizaki, Asuka; Ritten, John


    The National Wildlife Refuge System Improvement Act of 1997 requires all units of the National Wildlife Refuge System to be managed under a Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP). The CCP must describe the desired future conditions of a refuge and provide long-range guidance and management direction to achieve refuge purposes. Charles M. Russell (CMR) National Wildlife Refuge, located in north-central Montana, is in the process of developing a range of management goals, objectives, and strategies for the CCP. The CCP for the Refuge must contain an analysis of expected effects associated with current and proposed refuge-management strategies. For refuge CCP planning, an economic analysis provides a means of estimating how current management (No Action Alternative) and proposed management activities (Alternatives) affect the local economy. This type of analysis provides two critical pieces of information: (1) it illustrates a refuge’s contribution to the local community; and (2) it can help in determining whether economic effects are or are not a real concern in choosing among management alternatives. It is important to note that the economic value of a refuge encompasses more than just the impacts on the regional economy. Refuges also provide substantial nonmarket values (values for items not exchanged in established markets) such as maintaining endangered species, preserving wetlands, educating future generations, and adding stability to the ecosystem (Carver and Caudill, 2007). However, quantifying these types of nonmarket values is beyond the scope of this study. This report first presents a description of the local community and economy near the Refuge. Next, the methods used to conduct a regional economic impact analysis are described. An analysis of the final CCP management strategies that could affect stakeholders and residents and the local economy is then presented. The refuge management activities of economic concern in this analysis are:

  20. Acute hypopituitarism complicating Russell's viper envenomation: case series and systematic review. (United States)

    Rajagopala, S; Thabah, M M; Ariga, K K; Gopalakrishnan, M


    Chronic hypopituitarism following Russell viper envenomation (RVE) is a rare but well-recognized syndrome. The clinical features, associations, management and outcomes of RVE associated-acute hypopituitarism (AHP) are not well described. To describe the clinical features, intensive care unit (ICU) management and outcomes of a series of patients with RVE-AHP and identify the clinical associations of RVE-AHP. We describe a series of patients with prospectively identified AHP related to RVE and describe our findings comparing RVE with and without AHP and a systematic search of literature on AHP related to RVE. We identified nine cases of AHP related to RVE. Unexplained hypoglycemia (100%) and hypotension (66.7%) were the most common findings at presentation. AHP occurred after a median of 9 (range, 2-14) days after severe envenomation and was associated with multi-organ dysfunction, lower platelet counts, more bleeding and transfusions when compared to patients with RVE alone. The presence of clinically defined capillary leak syndrome, disseminated intravascular coagulation and mortality were not different from those without AHP. Our systematic search yielded 12 cases of AHP related to RVE; data on associated clinical manifestations, therapy and ASV administration were not available in most reports. AHP is a very rare complication of RVE. Unexplained hypoglycemia and hypotension should prompt evaluation for AHP in RVE. AHP is associated with severe RVE, multi-organ dysfunction, bleeding and need for transfusion. Prompt treatment with steroids may reduce mortality related to AHP in RVE. © The Author 2015. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the Association of Physicians. All rights reserved. For Permissions, please email:

  1. Community of Faithful Dissidents. Representations of Anabaptism in Swiss Historical Fiction by Walter Laedrach and Katharina Zimmermann

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Berit Jany


    Full Text Available The twentieth-century Swiss local authors Walter Laedrach and Katharina Zimmermann rediscovered the dark chapter of Swiss history documenting the torture and execution of non-resistant and non-conformist Christians in the Bernese Oberland. The following anal­ysis of the literary representation of these pacifist Anabaptists will identify historiographical sources that served as inspiration to the authors and the contributions their historical no­vels make in Switzerland’s process of coming to terms with its tragic past.

  2. Enhet og Dannelse : En idehistorisk analyse av enhets og dannelses idealet til Bauhaus direktøren Walter Gropius


    Hansen, Britt Hogstad


    Sammendrag Denne avhandlingen presenterer et annet bild av den tyske arkitekten og pedagogen Walter Gropius (1883-1969) enn det som har vært vanlig til nå i Norge. Ofte blir han fremstilt som en av funksjonalismens fremste representanter og en som banet vei for den moderne arkitekturen. I denne sammenheng beskrives han ofte som en som brøt fullstendig med alle tidligere tradisjoner. Denne oppgaven vil derimot forsøke å vise at han ikke brøt med tidligere tradisjoner, men at han i høyeste ...



    Julio Geraldo Carvalho de Jesus; Davi Alexandre Pistila


    As Animações são fontes interessantes de serem exploradas pela perspectiva histórica, uma vez que trazem questões impostas pelo contexto da produção e podem ser utilizadas como meio de transmitir conhecimentos e ideologias. O presente artigo faz uma reflexão acerca do tema do racismo nas animações dirigidas e produzidas por Walter Lantz, no ano de 1941, tomando como base o cartoon “Scrube Me Mama with a Boogie Beat”, distribuído pela Universal Studios, e reexibido no ano de 1948. Apesar do ra...

  4. Deconvolution of gamma energy spectra from NaI (Tl) detector using the Nelder-Mead zero order optimisation method

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)



    The aim of this work is to develop a method for gamma ray spectrum deconvolution from NaI(Tl) detector. Deconvolution programs edited with Matlab 7.6 using Nelder-Mead method were developed to determine multiplet shape parameters. The simulation parameters were: centroid distance/FWHM ratio, Signal/Continuum ratio and counting rate. The test using synthetic spectrum was built with 3σ uncertainty. The tests gave suitable results for centroid distance/FWHM ratio≥2, Signal/Continuum ratio ≥2 and counting level 100 counts. The technique was applied to measure the activity of soils and rocks samples from the Anosy region. The rock activity varies from (140±8) -1 to (190±17) -1 for potassium-40; from (343±7)Bq.Kg -1 to (881±6) -1 for thorium-213 and from (100±3) -1 to (164 ±4) -1 for uranium-238. The soil activity varies from (148±1) -1 to (652±31) -1 for potassium-40; from (1100±11) -1 to (5700 ± 40) -1 for thorium-232 and from (190 ±2) -1 to (779 ±15) Bq -1 for uranium -238. Among 11 samples, the activity value discrepancies compared to high resolution HPGe detector varies from 0.62% to 42.86%. The fitting residuals are between -20% and +20%. The Figure of Merit values are around 5%. These results show that the method developed is reliable for such activity range and the convergence is good. So, NaI(Tl) detector combined with deconvolution method developed may replace HPGe detector within an acceptable limit, if the identification of each nuclides in the radioactive series is not required [fr

  5. Faculty of health sciences, walter sisulu university: training doctors from and for rural South african communities. (United States)

    Iputo, Jehu E


    Introduction The South African health system has disturbing inequalities, namely few black doctors, a wide divide between urban and rural sectors, and also between private and public services. Most medical training programs in the country consider only applicants with higher-grade preparation in mathematics and physical science, while most secondary schools in black communities have limited capacity to teach these subjects and offer them at standard grade level. The Faculty of Health Sciences at Walter Sisulu University (WSU) was established in 1985 to help address these inequities and to produce physicians capable of providing quality health care in rural South African communities. Intervention Access to the physician training program was broadened by admitting students who obtained at least Grade C (60%) in mathematics and physical science at standard grade, and who demonstrated appropriate personal attributes. An innovative curriculum, combining problem-based learning with community-based education (PBL/CBE) in small tutorial group settings, was also adopted. This approach was aimed at educating and graduating a broader cohort of students, while training future doctors to identify, analyze, and treat health problems in the rural South African context. Outcomes To date, 745 doctors (72% black Africans) have graduated from the program, and 511 students (83% black Africans) are currently enrolled. After the PBL/CBE curriculum was adopted, the attrition rate for black students dropped from 23% to 80%, and the proportion of students graduating within the minimum period rose from 55% to >70%. Many graduates are still completing internships or post-graduate training, but preliminary research shows that 36% percent of graduates practice in small towns and rural settings. Further research is underway to evaluate the impact of their training on health services in rural Eastern Cape Province and elsewhere in South Africa. Conclusions The WSU program increased access to

  6. Heritability and complex segregation analysis of deafness in Jack Russell Terriers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Strain George M


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The association between patterns of pigmentation and deafness in the dog has a long-documented history, with reports dating back over one hundred years. Long suspected of having a genetic basis, the search for loci with a pronounced influence in the expression of hearing loss in the dog has yet to be successful. No studies in the dog to date have found a possible influence of a specific colour locus associated with deafness. The present study is intended to evaluate the heritability of deafness in the Jack Russell Terrier (JRT, characterize the mode of inheritance, and evaluate the existence of a sex, coat colour, or coat texture influence on the expression of sensorineural deafness. Results The estimation of heritability of deafness in the JRT was 0.22 when deafness was considered a binary (normal/deaf trait and 0.31 when deafness was considered a three-category (normal/unilateral/bilateral deafness. The influence of coat colour in the incidence of JRT deafness was statistically significant, indicating that dogs with more white are more likely to be deaf. The influence of sex or coat texture was not statistically significant in the incidence of JRT deafness. Complex segregation analysis revealed a model of a single locus with a large effect on the binary measure of hearing loss is not supported. Conclusion This is the first attempt, to our knowledge, to characterize a genetic component responsible for deafness in the JRT. The heritability of deafness in the JRT was found to be 0.22 and 0.31 considering deafness to be a two-category or three-category trait, respectively. There appears to be an influence of coat colour on the expression of deafness. In an attempt to characterize the mode of inheritance of deafness in the JRT, a model of a single locus with a large effect on hearing loss is not supported with this data. Further study is needed to determine if a single locus may be influencing deafness in the JRT. While the

  7. Cognitive development in Silver-Russell syndrome: a sibling-controlled study. (United States)

    Noeker, Meinolf; Wollmann, Hartmut A


    This study examined cognitive development in Silver-Russell syndrome (SRS), a condition with intrauterine growth retardation, persisting short stature, and specific stigmata. Neuropsychological function and cognitive abilities were assessed in a sample of 36 children with SRS (21 males, 15 females; mean age 7 years 6 months, SD 2 years 8 months; age range 3 to 12 years) and 25 normally developing siblings (mean age 8 years 6 months, SD 2 years 7 months; age range 3 to 12 years) using the Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children. Special measures were taken to control for confounding factors and sample bias. Mean overall IQ score in the total SRS sample (95.7, SD 10.63), as measured by the Mental Processing Composite Scale, was significantly reduced (p=0.021) compared with test norms (IQ 100, SD 15), indicating a moderate cognitive impairment. Subscale analysis revealed some specific deficiencies. However, these cannot be attributed to an established category of specific learning disorder. The mean score in the Achievement Scale (91.25, SD 14.92), which is more sensitive to educational influences, showed stronger deficits (p=0.001). The sibling control group achieved a slightly better mean IQ score (104.20, SD 12.32) than test norms (p=0.10). Direct analysis of paired differences between the subsample of children with SRS and a sibling among the control group (n=25) revealed a significant mean difference of 8.08 IQ points (p=0.011). Risk factor analysis revealed that cognitive development is not associated with birth length (p=0.404), birthweight (p=0.820), growth hormone therapy (p=0.810), phenotypic severity (p=0.828), or sex (p=0.880). Two children with maternal uniparental disomy for the entire chromosome 7 had markedly lower IQ scores (81 and 84 respectively). In contrast to the few previous findings, children with SRS show only moderate, but significant, impairments in cognitive outcome, which are more striking in our sample when compared with siblings than

  8. Ricardo Piglia lector de Walter Benjamin: compromiso político y vanguardia artística en los 70 argentinos.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luis Ignacio García García


    This paper analyzes the reception of Walter Benjamin by the young Ricardo Piglia. Walter Benjamin, together with Bertolt Brecht, was very important for Piglia’s self-comprehension in the context of the agitated aesthetical-political debates of the ’60s and ’70s. Piglia makes use of the Brechtian Benjamin to articulate aesthetics and politics in a way that singles out his critical work in those years. He builds, from the parameters of a production aesthetic, a position that goes beyond not only the idealistic aesthetics but also the principles of the socialist realism, putting aside the opposition between aesthetic experimentation and politicization of art.

  9. Hubbard Glacier, Alaska: growing and advancing in spite of global climate change and the 1986 and 2002 Russell Lake outburst floods (United States)

    Trabant, Dennis C.; March, Rod S.; Thomas, Donald S.


    Hubbard Glacier, the largest calving glacier on the North American Continent (25 percent larger than Rhode Island), advanced across the entrance to 35-mile-long Russell Fiord during June 2002, temporarily turning it into a lake. Hubbard Glacier has been advancing for more than 100 years and has twice closed the entrance to Russell Fiord during the last 16 years by squeezing and pushing submarine glacial sediments across the mouth of the fiord. Water flowing into the cutoff fiord from mountain streams and glacier melt causes the level of Russell Lake to rise. However, both the 1986 and 2002 dams failed before the lake altitude rose enough for water to spill over a low pass at the far end of the fiord and enter the Situk River drainage, a world-class sport and commercial fishery near Yakutat, Alaska.

  10. Detection of venom after antivenom is not associated with persistent coagulopathy in a prospective cohort of Russell's viper (Daboia russelii envenomings.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kalana Maduwage


    Full Text Available Venom recurrence or persistence in the circulation after antivenom treatment has been documented many times in viper envenoming. However, it has not been associated with clinical recurrence for many snakes, including Russell's viper (Daboia spp.. We compare the recovery of coagulopathy to the recurrence or persistence of venom in patients with Russell's viper envenoming.The study included patients with Russell's viper (D. russelii envenoming presenting over a 30 month period who had Russell's viper venom detected by enzyme immunoassay. Demographics, information on the snake bite, and clinical effects were collected for all patients. All patients had serum collected for venom specific enzyme immunoassay and citrate plasma to measure fibrinogen levels and prothrombin time (international normalised ratio; INR. Patients with venom recurrence/persistence were compared to those with no detectable recurrence of venom. There were 55 patients with confirmed Russell's viper envenoming and coagulopathy with low fibrinogen concentrations: 31 with venom recurrence/persistence, and 24 with no venom detected post-antivenom. Fibrinogen concentrations increased and INR decreased after antivenom in both the recurrence and non-recurrence patients. Clinical features, laboratory parameters, antivenom dose and length of hospital were similar for both groups. Pre-antivenom venom concentrations were higher in patients with venom recurrence/persistence with a median venom concentration of 385 ng/mL (16-1521 ng/mL compared to 128 ng/mL (14-1492 ng/mL; p = 0.008.Recurrence of Russell's viper venom was not associated with a recurrence of coagulopathy and length of hospital stay. Further work is required to determine if the detection of venom recurrence is due to the venom specific enzyme immunoassay detecting both venom-antivenom complexes as well as free venom.

  11. Kinetics of selenium release in mine waste from the Meade Peak Phosphatic Shale, Phosphoria Formation, Wooley Valley, Idaho, USA (United States)

    Stillings, Lisa L.; Amacher, Michael C.


    Phosphorite from the Meade Peak Phosphatic Shale member of the Permian Phosphoria Formation has been mined in southeastern Idaho since 1906. Dumps of waste rock from mining operations contain high concentrations of Se which readily leach into nearby streams and wetlands. While the most common mineralogical residence of Se in the phosphatic shale is elemental Se, Se(0), Se is also an integral component of sulfide phases (pyrite, sphalerite and vaesite–pyritess) in the waste rock. It may also be present as adsorbed selenate and/or selenite, and FeSe2 and organo-selenides.Se release from the waste rock has been observed in field and laboratory experiments. Release rates calculated from waste rock dump and column leachate solutions describe the net, overall Se release from all of the possible sources of Se listed above. In field studies, Se concentration in seepage water (pH 7.4–7.8) from the Wooley Valley Unit 4 dump ranges from 3600 µg/L in May to 10 µg/L by Sept. Surface water flow, Q, from the seep also declines over the summer, from 2 L/s in May to 0.03 L/s in Sept. Se flux ([Se] ⁎ Q) reaches a steady-state of Laboratory experiments were performed with the waste shale in packed bed reactors; residence time varied from 0.09 to 400 h and outlet pH ∼ 7.5. Here, Se concentration increased with increasing residence time and release was modeled with a first order reaction with k = 2.19e−3 h− 1 (19.2 yr− 1).Rate constants reported here fall within an order of magnitude of reported rate constants for oxidation of Se(0) formed by bacterial precipitation. This similarity among rate constants from both field and laboratory studies combined with the direct observation of Se(0) in waste shales of the Phosphoria Formation suggests that oxidation of Se(0) may control steady-state Se concentration in water draining the Wooley Valley waste dump.

  12. Satellite-based mapping of field-scale stress indicators for crop yield forecasting: an application over Mead, NE (United States)

    Yang, Y.; Anderson, M. C.; Gao, F.; Wardlow, B.; Hain, C.; Otkin, J.; Sun, L.; Dulaney, W.


    In agricultural regions, water is one of the most widely limiting factors of crop performance and production. Evapotranspiration (ET) describes crop water use through transpiration and water lost through direct soil evaporation, which makes it a good indicator of soil moisture availability and vegetation health and thus has been an integral part of many yield estimation efforts. The Evaporative Stress Index (ESI) describes temporal anomalies in a normalized evapotranspiration metric (fRET) as derived from satellite remote sensing and has demonstrated capacity to explain regional yield variability in water limited crop growing regions. However, its performance in some regions where the vegetation cycle is intensively managed appears to be degraded. In this study we generated maps of ET, fRET, and ESI at high spatiotemporal resolution (30-m pixels, daily timesteps) using a multi-sensor data fusion method, integrating information from satellite platforms with good temporal coverage and other platforms that provide field-scale spatial detail. The study was conducted over the period 2010-2014, covering a region around Mead, Nebraska that includes both rainfed and irrigated crops. Correlations between ESI and measurements of corn yield are investigated at both the field and county level to assess the value of ESI as a yield forecasting tool. To examine the role of phenology in ESI-yield correlations, annual input fRET timeseries were aligned by both calendar day and by biophysically relevant dates (e.g. days since planting or emergence). Results demonstrate that mapping of fRET and ESI at 30-m has the advantage of being able to resolve different crop types with varying phenology. The study also suggests that incorporating phenological information significantly improves yield-correlations by accounting for effects of phenology such as variable planting date and emergence date. The yield-ESI relationship in this study well captures the inter-annual variability of yields

  13. Estimation of Streamflow Characteristics for Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge, Northeastern Montana (United States)

    Sando, Steven K.; Morgan, Timothy J.; Dutton, DeAnn M.; McCarthy, Peter M.


    Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge (CMR) encompasses about 1.1 million acres (including Fort Peck Reservoir on the Missouri River) in northeastern Montana. To ensure that sufficient streamflow remains in the tributary streams to maintain the riparian corridors, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is negotiating water-rights issues with the Reserved Water Rights Compact Commission of Montana. The U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, conducted a study to gage, for a short period, selected streams that cross CMR, and analyze data to estimate long-term streamflow characteristics for CMR. The long-term streamflow characteristics of primary interest include the monthly and annual 90-, 80-, 50-, and 20-percent exceedance streamflows and mean streamflows (Q.90, Q.80, Q.50, Q.20, and QM, respectively), and the 1.5-, 2-, and 2.33- year peak flows (PK1.5, PK2, and PK2.33, respectively). The Regional Adjustment Relationship (RAR) was investigated for estimating the monthly and annual Q.90, Q.80, Q.50, Q.20, and QM, and the PK1.5, PK2, and PK2.33 for the short-term CMR gaging stations (hereinafter referred to as CMR stations). The RAR was determined to provide acceptable results for estimating the long-term Q.90, Q.80, Q.50, Q.20, and QM on a monthly basis for the months of March through June, and also on an annual basis. For the months of September through January, the RAR regression equations did not provide acceptable results for any long-term streamflow characteristic. For the month of February, the RAR regression equations provided acceptable results for the long-term Q.50 and QM, but poor results for the long-term Q.90, Q.80, and Q.20. For the months of July and August, the RAR provided acceptable results for the long-term Q.50, Q.20, and QM, but poor results for the long-term Q.90 and Q.80. Estimation coefficients were developed for estimating the long-term streamflow characteristics for which the RAR did not provide

  14. Walter bustamante tejada, los invisibles en antioquia, 1886-1936: una arqueología de los discursos sobre la homosexualidad.


    Bedoya Molina, Juan Pablo


    Los invisibles en Antioquia, 1886-1936: Una arqueología de los discursos sobre la homosexualidad del historiador Walter Alonso Bustamante Tejada, se presenta como un texto pionero para el estudio de la historia de la homosexualidad en Antioquia.

  15. Massenmedien und Bildung: Eine padagogische Interpretation der Adorno-Benjamin-Kontroverse (Mass Media and Education: A Pedagogical Interpretation of the Controversy between Theodore Adorno and Walter Benjamin). (United States)

    Imai, Yasuo


    Gives a pedagogical interpretation of the controversy between Adorno (Theodore) and Benjamin (Walter). Sketches their different conceptions of what constitutes a pedagogical problem and discusses differences between their positions against the background of their shared concern, best described as "experiential poverty." (DSK)

  16. Peer-Assisted Learning Programme: Supporting Students in High-Risk Subjects at the Mechanical Engineering Department at Walter Sisulu University (United States)

    Makola, Qonda


    The majority of the students who enroll at the Walter Sisulu University (WSU) in South Africa are not equipped with the necessary academic/learning skills to cope with the university environment, especially in Mechanical Engineering. The Department of Higher Education and Training (2013, p. 17), further states that "students' support is…

  17. Walter Gieseler, Komposition im 20. Jahrhundert. Details – Zusammenhänge, Celle, Moeck, 1975, pp. 228

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wilma D'Ambrosio


    Full Text Available Stupisce molto che un libro come Komposition im 20. Jahrhundert. Details - Zusammenhänge [Composizione nel 20° secolo. Particolari – Connessioni] di Walter Gieseler, pubblicato in Germania quasi venticinque anni fa, non abbia mai ricevuto un'attenzione maggiore. Strano destino, per un libro così ricco e innovativo, scritto da un autore cui andrebbe per lo meno tributato il merito di essere stato uno dei primi a realizzare una descrizione sistematica delle tecniche compositive novecentesche. Le ragioni vanno forse cercate nel fatto di non avere mai beneficiato di traduzioni in una lingua più ‘internazionale’ e di non appartenere, in senso convenzionale, né al settore propriamente analitico, né teorico-compositivo, né storico-musicale. Di fatto, il libro riassume tutti questi aspetti, nonché argomenti di materia estetica, esecutiva, psicologico-percettiva, notazionale, ecc.

  18. Fundamental Astronomy and Solar System Dynamics : Invited Papers Honoring Prof. Walter Fricke on the occasion of his 70th birthday

    CERN Document Server

    Lieske, J; Seidelmann, P


    "Fundamental Astronomy and Solar System Dynamics", a program of invited papers honoring Professor Walter Fricke, who for thirty years has been Director of the Astronomisches Rechen lnstitut in Heidelberg, was held at the Thompson Conference Center of the University of Texas at Austin on Wednesday 27 March 1985 on the occasion of his seventieth birthday and retirement as Director of ARl. Professor Fricke's contributions to astronomy encompass the areas of galactic dynamics, radial velocities, stellar statistics. the fundamental reference system and the constant of precession. Participants were welcomed to the Uni versi ty of Texas by Professor J. Parker Lamb, Chairman of the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics. The presentations ranged from discussions of astrometric problems concerned with the reference system, the constant of precession, major and minor planet observations, planetary ephemerides and lunar and satellite laser ranging, to a study of disc galaxies in massive halos. The...

  19. The two sides of the commodity. For an archeology of critical theory of consumption in the work of Walter Benjamin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Matías Romani


    Full Text Available The aim of this work is to trace a journey through the work of Walter Benjamin to give account of the existence of an incipient critical theory of consumption that appears, dispersed and fragmented among their major concerns as the status of the work of art, industrial technology or modern city. The idea that we intend to show is that the originality of Benjamin's proposal lies in the indirect nature by which access to the cultural question. Not so much as an instance derived from the production process determinations but from the transformations in the sphere of consumption. So the Arcades-Project can be read as a historic attempt to develop the contradiction of the commodity form that the consumer experience is presented as the cynical and utopian moment.


    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security — Recent developments in digital terrain and geospatial database management technology make it possible to protect this investment for existing and future projects to...


    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security — The Floodplain Mapping/Redelineation study deliverables depict and quantify the flood risks for the study area. The primary risk classifications used are the...

  2. MEAD retrospective analysis report

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hasager, Charlotte Bay; Carstensen, J.; Frohn, L.M.


    the bottom waters. Yet the cumulative atmospheric deposition is always larger than the marine deep-water flux. The mixing of nutrient-rich water from belowthe pycnocline into the euphotic zone is also a process of highly episodic character and provides sufficient nitrogen to the euphotic zone to sustain...... larger algae blooms. The two nitrogen loading processes are correlated - mainly because both are to someextent related to the wind velocity - and the nitrogen input from both processes enables the build-up of algae blooms. Furthermore, the nitrogen supplied on a single day cannot sustain a bloom...

  3. Deletions and rearrangements of the H19/IGF2 enhancer region in patients with Silver-Russell syndrome and growth retardation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Grønskov, Karen; Poole, Rebecca L; Hahnemann, Johanne M D


    Silver-Russell syndrome (SRS) is characterised by prenatal and postnatal growth retardation, dysmorphic facial features, and body asymmetry. In 35-60% of SRS cases the paternally methylated imprinting control region (ICR) upstream of the H19 gene (H19-ICR) is hypomethylated, leading to downregula...

  4. Production of high titre antibody response against Russell's viper venom in mice immunized with ethanolic extract of fruits of Piper longum L. (Piperaceae) and piperine. (United States)

    Shenoy, P A; Nipate, S S; Sonpetkar, J M; Salvi, N C; Waghmare, A B; Chaudhari, P D


    Piper longum L. fruits have been traditionally used against snakebites in north-eastern and southern region of India. The aim of the study was to assess the production of antibody response against Russell's viper venom in mice after prophylactic immunization with ethanolic extract of fruits of Piper longum L. and piperine. The mice sera were tested for the presence of antibodies against Russell's viper venom by in vitro lethality neutralization assay and in vivo lethality neutralization assay. Polyvalent anti-snake venom serum (antivenom) manufactured by Haffkine Bio-Pharmaceutical Corporation Ltd. was used as standard. Further confirmation of presence of antibodies against the venom in sera of mice immunized with PLE and piperine was done using indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and double immunodiffusion test. Treatment with PLE-treated mice serum and piperine-treated mice serum was found to inhibit the lethal action of venom both in the in vitro lethality neutralization assay and in vivo lethality neutralization assay. ELISA testing indicated that there were significantly high (pPiper longum and piperine produced a high titre antibody response against Russell's viper venom in mice. The antibodies against PLE and piperine could be useful in antivenom therapy of Russell's viper bites. PLE and piperine may also have a potential interest in view of the development of antivenom formulations used as antidote against snake bites. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier GmbH. All rights reserved.

  5. The Colour Treatment: A Convergence of Art and Medicine at the Red Cross Russell Lea Nerve Home. (United States)

    Berryman, Jim


    When the Red Cross opened its new convalescent home at Russell Lea in Sydney in 1919, it contained a coloured room designed for treating ‘nerve cases’. This room was painted by Roy de Maistre, a young artist, and was modelled on the Kemp Prossor colour scheme trialled at the McCaul Convalescent Hospital in London for the treatment of shell shock. Dubbed the ‘colour cure’ by the popular press, this unconventional treatment was ignored by the Australian medical profession. The story of de Maistre's colour experiment is not widely known outside the specialist field of Australian art history. Focusing on the colour room as a point of convergence between art and medicine in the context of the First World War, this article investigates Red Cross activities and the care of soldiers suffering from nervous conditions.

  6. Population Pharmacokinetics of an Indian F(ab'2 Snake Antivenom in Patients with Russell's Viper (Daboia russelii Bites.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Geoffrey K Isbister

    Full Text Available There is limited information on antivenom pharmacokinetics. This study aimed to investigate the pharmacokinetics of an Indian snake antivenom in humans with Russell's viper bites.Patient data and serial blood samples were collected from patients with Russell's viper (Daboia russelii envenoming in Sri Lanka. All patients received Indian F(ab'2 snake antivenom manufactured by VINS Bioproducts Ltd. Antivenom concentrations were measured with sandwich enzyme immunoassays. Timed antivenom concentrations were analysed using MONOLIXvs4.2. One, two and three compartment models with zero order input and first order elimination kinetics were assessed. Models were parameterized with clearance (CL, intercompartmental clearance (Q, central compartment volume (V and peripheral compartment volume (VP. Between-subject-variability (BSV on relative bioavailability (F was included to account for dose variations. Covariates effects (age, sex, weight, antivenom batch, pre-antivenom concentrations were explored by visual inspection and in model building. There were 75 patients, median age 57 years (40-70 y and 64 (85% were male. 411 antivenom concentration data points were analysed. A two compartment model with zero order input, linear elimination kinetics and a combined error model best described the data. Inclusion of BSV on F and weight as a covariate on V improved the model. Inclusion of pre-antivenom concentrations or different batches on BSV of F did not. Final model parameter estimates were CL,0.078 L h(-1, V,2.2L, Q,0.178 L h(-1 and VP,8.33L. The median half-life of distribution was 4.6 h (10-90%iles:2.6-7.1 h and half-life of elimination, 140 h (10th-90th percentilesx:95-223h.Indian F(ab'2 snake antivenom displayed biexponential disposition pharmacokinetics, with a rapid distribution half-life and more prolonged elimination half-life.

  7. Competing risks and the development of adaptive management plans for water resources: Field reconnaissance investigation of risks to fishes and other aquatic biota exposed to endocrine disrupting chemicals (edcs) in lake mead, Nevada USA (United States)

    Linder, G.; Little, E.E.


    The analysis and characterization of competing risks for water resources rely on a wide spectrum of tools to evaluate hazards and risks associated with their management. For example, waters of the lower Colorado River stored in reservoirs such as Lake Mead present a wide range of competing risks related to water quantity and water quality. These risks are often interdependent and complicated by competing uses of source waters for sustaining biological resources and for supporting a range of agricultural, municipal, recreational, and industrial uses. USGS is currently conducting a series of interdisciplinary case-studies on water quality of Lake Mead and its source waters. In this case-study we examine selected constituents potentially entering the Lake Mead system, particularly endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). Worldwide, a number of environmental EDCs have been identified that affect reproduction, development, and adaptive behaviors in a wide range of organisms. Many EDCs are minimally affected by current treatment technologies and occur in treated sewage effluents. Several EDCs have been detected in Lake Mead, and several substances have been identified that are of concern because of potential impacts to the aquatic biota, including the sport fishery of Lake Mead and endangered razorback suckers (Xyrauchen texanus) that occur in the Colorado River system. For example, altered biomarkers relevant to reproduction and thyroid function in fishes have been observed and may be predictive of impaired metabolism and development. Few studies, however, have addressed whether such EDC-induced responses observed in the field have an ecologically significant effect on the reproductive success of fishes. To identify potential linkages between EDCs and species of management concern, the risk analysis and characterization in this reconnaissance study focused on effects (and attendant uncertainties) that might be expressed by exposed populations. In addition, risk reduction

  8. Chaos control in solar fed DC-DC boost converter by optimal parameters using nelder-mead algorithm powered enhanced BFOA (United States)

    Sudhakar, N.; Rajasekar, N.; Akhil, Saya; Jyotheeswara Reddy, K.


    The boost converter is the most desirable DC-DC power converter for renewable energy applications for its favorable continuous input current characteristics. In other hand, these DC-DC converters known as practical nonlinear systems are prone to several types of nonlinear phenomena including bifurcation, quasiperiodicity, intermittency and chaos. These undesirable effects has to be controlled for maintaining normal periodic operation of the converter and to ensure the stability. This paper presents an effective solution to control the chaos in solar fed DC-DC boost converter since the converter experiences wide range of input power variation which leads to chaotic phenomena. Controlling of chaos is significantly achieved using optimal circuit parameters obtained through Nelder-Mead Enhanced Bacterial Foraging Optimization Algorithm. The optimization renders the suitable parameters in minimum computational time. The results are compared with the traditional methods. The obtained results of the proposed system ensures the operation of the converter within the controllable region.

  9. Simulation of groundwater flow to assess future withdrawals associated with Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) at Fort George G. Meade, Maryland (United States)

    Raffensperger, Jeff P.; Fleming, Brandon J.; Banks, William S.L.; Horn, Marilee A.; Nardi, Mark R.; Andreasen, David C.


    Increased groundwater withdrawals from confined aquifers in the Maryland Coastal Plain to supply anticipated growth at Fort George G. Meade (Fort Meade) and surrounding areas resulting from the Department of Defense Base Realignment and Closure Program may have adverse effects in the outcrop or near-outcrop areas. Specifically, increased pumping from the Potomac Group aquifers (principally the Patuxent aquifer) could potentially reduce base flow in small streams below rates necessary for healthy biological functioning. Additionally, water levels may be lowered near, or possibly below, the top of the aquifer within the confined-unconfined transition zone near the outcrop area. A three-dimensional groundwater flow model was created to incorporate and analyze data on water withdrawals, streamflow, and hydraulic head in the region. The model is based on an earlier model developed to assess the effects of future withdrawals from well fields in Anne Arundel County, Maryland and surrounding areas, and includes some of the same features, including model extent, boundary conditions, and vertical discretization (layering). The resolution (horizontal grid discretization) of the earlier model limited its ability to simulate the effects of withdrawals on the outcrop and near-outcrop areas. The model developed for this study included a block-shaped higher-resolution local grid, referred to as the child model, centered on Fort Meade, which was coupled to the coarser-grid parent model using the shared node Local Grid Refinement capability of MODFLOW-LGR. A more detailed stream network was incorporated into the child model. In addition, for part of the transient simulation period, stress periods were reduced in length from 1 year to 3 months, to allow for simulation of the effects of seasonally varying withdrawals and recharge on the groundwater-flow system and simulated streamflow. This required revision of the database on withdrawals and estimation of seasonal variations in

  10. Hydrogeology and sources of water to select springs in Black Canyon, south of Hoover Dam, Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Nevada and Arizona (United States)

    Moran, Michael J.; Wilson, Jon W.; Beard, L. Sue


    Springs in Black Canyon of the Colorado River, directly south of Hoover Dam in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Nevada and Arizona, are important hydrologic features that support a unique riparian ecosystem including habitat for endangered species. Rapid population growth in areas near and surrounding Black Canyon has caused concern among resource managers that such growth could affect the discharge from these springs. The U.S. Geological Survey studied the springs in Black Canyon between January 2008, and May 2014. The purposes of this study were to provide a baseline of discharge and hydrochemical data from selected springs in Black Canyon and to better understand the sources of water to the springs.

  11. Antropologia e filosofia: estética e experiência em Clifford Geertz e Walter Benjamin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Relivaldo Pinho de Oliveira


    Full Text Available Este artigo estuda as concepções de estética e experiência de Clifford Geertz e Walter Benjamin como possibilidades argumentativas e metodológicas para pensar a realidade e suas formas estéticas. Utiliza-se para isso as discussões metodológicas de Geertz, especialmente a respeito do lugar da estética e de sua relação com os demais âmbitos do humano, que encetaram uma nova forma de concebê-los para a etnografia e antropologia de modo geral, e os estudos de Benjamin a respeito da estética como expressão fisionômica de uma época, de determinada realidade, especialmente os que se referem sobre a modernidade. Constata-se essa possibilidade a partir da observação de que a estética e a experiência, nos autores, são tomadas como dimensões da realidade que se relacionam, não de modo mecânico, e sim como âmbitos que atravessam a realidade, os artefatos estéticos, os discursos, e esses assim devem ser observados.This article study the conceptions of aesthetics and experience of Clifford Geertz and Walter Benjamin as argumentative and methodological possibilities for thinking reality and its aesthetic forms. Uses for this Geertz's methodological discussions, especially regarding the place of aesthetics and its relation to other spheres of the human, which has embarked on a new way of conceiving them to ethnography and anthropology in general, and studies Benjamin about the aesthetics and physiognomical expression of an era, a certain reality, especially those concerning about modernity. There is that possibility from the observation that the aesthetics and experience, in the authors, are taken as the dimensions of reality are related, not mechanically, but as areas that cross the reality, the aesthetic artifacts, the speeches, and so these must be observed.

  12. Walter Max Dale (formerly Deutsch) (1894-1969): pioneer and eminent radiobiochemist at the Christie Hospital and Holt Radium Institute, Manchester. (United States)

    Shreeve, David R


    The political upheaval in Germany in 1933 and subsequent movement of medical scholars with the support of the Rockefeller Foundation allowed Manchester to benefit from the arrival of Dr Walter Deutsch, later known as Dr Walter Dale. His research background enabled him to develop a radiobiochemistry laboratory at the Christie Hospital and Holt Radium Institute where he became a world authority on the effects of X-rays on enzymes and also the protective effect of additional solutes. In 1959 he initiated and then edited the International Journal of Radiation Biology. By the time of his retirement in 1962 the strength of his research resulted in his laboratory being recognized by the Medical Research Council.

  13. Clima e vegetação natural do estado do Rio Grande do Sul segundo o diagrama climático de Walter e Lieth

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Galileo Adeli Buriol


    Full Text Available The natural vegetation in the State of Rio Grande do Sul was related to climatic availability through the climatic diagram of Walter and Lieth (1967. Values of mean monthly air temperature and rainfall from 41 meteorological stations during the period 1931-1960 were taken into account. For each meteorological station, a graph was plotted with months in the x axis and monthly air temperature and rainfall in the two y axis considering the y axis with rainfall two fold the y axis with air temperature. Results showed that Rio Grande do Sul as a whole fits in the zonobioma of warm humid temperate climate and forest vegetation. These results indicate the phytoclimate model of Walter and Lieth (1967 is not appropriate to represent the geographic distribution of the natural vegetation of the State, because this type of vegetation is not only that which covers the State that because it also parents praises.

  14. "The casual cruelty of our prejudices": on Walter Lippmann's theory of stereotype and its "obliteration" in psychology and social science. (United States)

    Bottom, William P; Kong, Dejun Tony


    Reflecting on his wartime government service, Walter Lippmann (1922) developed a theory of policy formulation and error. Introducing the constructs of stereotype, mental model, blind spots, and the process of manufacturing consent, his theory prescribed interdisciplinary social science as a tool for enhancing policy making in business and government. Lippmann used his influence with the Rockefeller foundations, business leaders, Harvard and the University of Chicago to gain support for this program. Citation analysis of references to "stereotype" and Lippmann reveals the rapid spread of the concept across the social sciences and in public discourse paralleled by obliteration by incorporation of the wider theory in behavioral science. "Stereotype" is increasingly invoked in anthropology, economics, and sociology though Lippmann and his wider theory ceased being cited decades ago. In psychology, citations are increasing but content analysis revealed blind spots and misconceptions about the theory and prescription. Studies of heuristics, biases, and organizational decision substantiate Lippmann's theory of judgment and choice. But his model for social science failed to consider the bounded rationality and blind spots of its practitioners. Policy formulation today is supported by research from narrow disciplinary silos not interdisciplinary science that reflects an awareness of history. © 2012 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  15. Monoterpenoids from the traditional North Italian vegetable Aruncus dioicus (Walter) Fernald var. vulgaris (Maxim.) H.Hara (Rosaceae). (United States)

    Granica, Sebastian; Fusani, Pietro; Stanisławska, Iwona; Piwowarski, Jakub P; Melck, Dominique; Motta, Andrea; Zidorn, Christian


    Investigations of young shoots of Aruncus dioicus (Walter) Fernald var. vulgaris (Maxim.) H.Hara (Rosaceae), collected from the wild and used as vegetables in alpine provinces of Italy, yielded eight monoterpenoids. Besides known compounds, aruncin A, aruncide A, and cimicifugolide, five previously undescribed substances, aruncins C, D, and E, and aruncides D and E, were identified. Based on results from the full synthesis of aruncin B, structures of aruncin A and aruncide A were revised. Structures were established by HR mass spectrometry and extensive 1D and 2D NMR spectroscopy and based on data from synthetic aruncin B. An HPLC-DAD-ESI-MS method was developed to investigate the distribution of the monoterpenoids in different organs of Aruncus dioicus var. vulgaris and in aerial parts of A. dioicus var. aethusifolius (H.Lév.) H.Hara [Syn.: Aruncus aethusifolius (H.Lév.) Nakai]. Preliminary bioactivity studies moreover indicated weak cytotoxicity for some of the compounds against human prostrate adenocarcinoma cells. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bruna da Penha de Mendonça Coelho


    Full Text Available O artigo estabelece um diálogo entre as teorias de Carl Schmitt, Walter Benjamin e Giorgio Agamben, transpondo-as para a realidade social brasileira. A naturalização da desigualdade constitui marca cruel de nossa sociedade, e a filosofia do direito contribui para uma abordagem jurídica que leva em conta as disparidades sociais. Far-se-á, primeiramente, uma análise do estado de exceção à luz das obras de Benjamin e Agamben. Posteriormente, com Schmitt, a questão da exceção será analisada em conjunto com a decisão política, demonstrando a ligação intrínseca entre direito e política e o reflexo disto no agravamento das desigualdades sociais. Será estabelecida a diferença entre os conceitos de “inimigo”, de Schmitt, e homo sacer, de Agamben, na instauração do estado de exceção e como o conceito de “inimigo” foi desvirtuado com a construção da Teoria do Direito Penal do Inimigo.

  17. Engaging with Lyell: Alfred Russel Wallace's Sarawak Law and Ternate papers as reactions to Charles Lyell's Principles of Geology. (United States)

    Costa, J T


    Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913) and Charles Darwin (1809-1882) are honored as the founders of modern evolutionary biology. Accordingly, much attention has focused on their relationship, from their independent development of the principle of natural selection to the receipt by Darwin of Wallace's essay from Ternate in the spring of 1858, and the subsequent reading of the Wallace and Darwin papers at the Linnean Society on 1 July 1858. In the events of 1858 Wallace and Darwin are typically seen as central players, with Darwin's friends Charles Lyell (1797-1875) and Joseph Dalton Hooker (1817-1911) playing supporting roles. This narrative has resulted in an under-appreciation of a more central role for Charles Lyell as both Wallace's inspiration and foil. The extensive anti-transmutation arguments in Lyell's landmark Principles of Geology were taken as the definitive statement on the subject. Wallace, in his quest to solve the mystery of species origins, engaged with Lyell's arguments in his private field notebooks in a way that is concordant with his engagement with Lyell in the 1855 and 1858 papers. I show that Lyell was the object of Wallace's Sarawak Law and Ternate papers through a consideration of the circumstances that led Wallace to send his Ternate paper to Darwin, together with an analysis of the material that Wallace drew upon from the Principles. In this view Darwin was, ironically, intended for a supporting role in mediating Wallace's attempted dialog with Lyell.

  18. Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913): the forgotten co-founder of the Neo-Darwinian theory of biological evolution. (United States)

    Kutschera, Ulrich; Hossfeld, Uwe


    The British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913), who had to leave school aged 14 and never attended university, did extensive fieldwork, first in the Amazon River basin (1848-1852) and then in Southeast Asia (1854-1862). Based on this experience, and after reading the corresponding scientific literature, Wallace postulated that species were not created, but are modified descendants of pre-existing varieties (Sarawak Law paper, 1855). Evolution is brought about by a struggle for existence via natural selection, which results in the adaptation of those individuals in variable populations who survive and reproduce (Ternate essay, 1858). In his monograph Darwinism (1889), and in subsequent publications, Wallace extended the contents of Darwin's Origin of Species (1859) into the Neo-Darwinian theory of biological evolution, with reference to the work of August Weismann (1834-1914). Wallace also became the (co)-founder of biogeography, biodiversity research, astrobiology and evolutionary anthropology. Moreover, he envisioned what was later called the anthropocene (i.e., the age of human environmental destructiveness). However, since Wallace believed in atheistic spiritualism and mixed up scientific facts and supernatural speculations in some of his writings, he remains a controversial figure in the history of biology.

  19. High-resolution seismic-reflection imaging 25 years of change in I-70 sinkhole, Russell County, Kansas (United States)

    Miller, R.D.; Steeples, D.W.; Lambrecht, J.L.; Croxton, N.


    Time-lapse seismic reflection imaging improved our understanding of the consistent, gradual surface subsidence ongoing at two sinkholes in the Gorham Oilfield discovered beneath a stretch of Interstate Highway 70 through Russell and Ellis Counties in Kansas in 1966. With subsidence occurring at a rate of around 10 cm per year since discovery, monitoring has been beneficial to ensure public safety and optimize maintenance. A miniSOSIE reflection survey conducted in 1980 delineated the affected subsurface and successfully predicted development of a third sinkhole at this site. In 2004 and 2005 a high-resolution vibroseis survey was completed to ascertain current conditions of the subsurface, rate and pattern of growth since 1980, and potential for continued growth. With time and improved understanding of the salt dissolution affected subsurface in this area it appears that these features represent little risk to the public from catastrophic failure. However, from an operational perspective the Kansas Department of Transportation should expect continued subsidence, with future increases in surface area likely at a slightly reduced vertical rate. Seismic characteristics appear empirically consistent with gradual earth material compaction/settling. ?? 2005 Society of Exploration Geophysicists.

  20. La Jolie Fille de Perth de Bizet  ou comment trahir et honorer Walter Scott Bizet’s Jolie Fille de Perth or How to Betray and Honour Walter Scott

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gilles Couderc


    Full Text Available What remains of Walter Scott’s Fair Maid of Perth in Bizet’s 1867 Jolie Fille de Perth, an opera in 4acts on a libretto by Jules Adenis and Vernoy de Saint-Georges? Not much when compared to other Scott-inspired operas. Little historical context or local colour, even in Bizet’s music. Some characters remotely linked to Scott in a libretto that mostly abides by the rules of French opera or opéra-comique of the time and recycles the dramatic ingredients favoured by Saint-Georges, a purveyor of libretti for opera or the ballet second only to Scribe, who engendered such international successes as Flotow’s Martha and Balfe’s Bohemian Girl, whose gipsy, long before his Carmen, haunts Bizet’s “Scottish” opera. Yet the work pays indirect homage to Scott, whose historical novels contributed to the birth of the French “grand opera”, by rewriting scenes or situations drawn from Scott. In spite of borrowing freely from French grand opera and opéra-comique, Bizet here attempts to find his own musical expression and his opera reflects aspects of Second Empire French society and the roles it assigned to women, before the appearance of his revolutionary Carmen on the stage.Que reste t’il du roman de Walter Scott The Fair Maid of Perth dans la Jolie Fille de Perth de Bizet, opéra en 4 actes de 1867 sur un livret de Vernoy de Saint-Georges, vieux routier du théâtre lyrique, et Jules Adenis ? Pas grand-chose par rapport aux opéras inspirés par Scott. Peu d’Ecosse, une absence remarquable de couleur locale ou historique, des personnages vaguement inspirés de Scott pour un livret qui se plie surtout aux règles de l’opéra français et de l’opéra-comique à la manière de Scribe et recycle les ingrédients habituels des livrets de Saint-Georges, père de succès internationaux comme la Martha de Flotow et de la Bohemian Girl de Balfe, dont la figure exotique de la bohémienne, longtemps avant Carmen, hante l’opéra

  1. Diversidade de Agaricales (Basidiomycota na Reserva Biológica Walter Egler, Amazonas, Brasil Diversity of Agaricales (Basidiomycota in the Reserva Biológica Walter Egler, Amazonas, Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Helenires Queiroz de Souza


    Full Text Available Foi realizado um estudo dos representantes da Ordem Agaricales Clements (Hymenomycetes, Basidiomycotina, ocorrentes na Reserva Biológica Walter Egler, situada na Estrada AM-010, Manaus-Itacoatiara, Km 64, Latitude 02° 43' S e Longitude 59° 47' W, Rio Preto da Eva, Amazonas. A área abrange 709 ha de floresta de terra firme primária. As coletas foram realizadas no período de dezembro de 2000 a junho de 2001 e seguiu-se a metodologia usual para identificação de Agaricales. Foram estudadas um total de 39 espécies, distribuídas em 13 gêneros e seis famílias: Polyporaceae: Pleurotus sp.; Hygrophoraceae: Hygrocybe cf. megistospora, Hygrocybe aff. miniceps, Hygrocybe occidentalis var. scarletina, e mais oito espécies de Hygrocybe indeterminadas; Tricholomataceae: Clitocybe sp., Hydropus sp.1 e Hydropus sp.2, Macrocystidia sp., Marasmiellus sp., Marasmius bellus, Marasmius haedinus var. haedinus,Marasmius cf. leoninus, Marasmius cf. mazatecus, Marasmius cf. ruber,Marasmius cf. setulosifolius, Marasmius tageticolor, Marasmius cf. variabiliceps var. variabiliceps, Marasmius sp.1, Marasmius sp.2, Marasmius sp.3 e Marasmius sp.4, Tricholoma sp.; Agaricaceae: Agaricus sp.1 e Agaricus sp.2, Lepiota sp., Cystoderma sp.; Entolomataceae: Entoloma cf. azureoviride, Entoloma cf. cystidiophorum, Entoloma strigosissima, Entoloma sp.; Russulaceae: Lactarius panuoides. Destas, Entoloma azureoviride, Hygrocybe miniceps, Lactarius panuoides, Marasmius cf. mazatecus, Marasmius cf. setulosifolius e Marasmius variabiliceps var. variabiliceps, provavelmente, estão sendo aqui citadas pela primeira vez, para o Brasil. Com exceção de Marasmius tageticolor, as demais espécies são citadas pela primeira vez, para a Reserva Egler. São fornecidas tabelas com a ocorrência das espécies de acordo com o gradiente topográfico (baixio, vertente, platô e seus respectivos habitats.A study of the order Agaricales Clements (Hymenomycetes, Basidiomycotina, occurring in

  2. Mildly abnormal general movement quality in infants is associated with higher Mead acid and lower arachidonic acid and shows a U-shaped relation with the DHA/AA ratio. (United States)

    van Goor, S A; Schaafsma, A; Erwich, J J H M; Dijck-Brouwer, D A J; Muskiet, F A J


    We showed that docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) supplementation during pregnancy and lactation was associated with more mildly abnormal (MA) general movements (GMs) in the infants. Since this finding was unexpected and inter-individual DHA intakes are highly variable, we explored the relationship between GM quality and erythrocyte DHA, arachidonic acid (AA), DHA/AA and Mead acid in 57 infants of this trial. MA GMs were inversely related to AA, associated with Mead acid, and associated with DHA/AA in a U-shaped manner. These relationships may indicate dependence of newborn AA status on synthesis from linoleic acid. This becomes restricted during the intrauterine period by abundant de novo synthesis of oleic and Mead acids from glucose, consistent with reduced insulin sensitivity during the third trimester. The descending part of the U-shaped relation between MA GMs and DHA/AA probably indicates DHA shortage next to AA shortage. The ascending part may reflect a different developmental trajectory that is not necessarily unfavorable. Copyright 2009 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  3. The Use of Volunteers in Local Study Library Projects: A Case Study of the Walter Gardiner Photography Project

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Beth Hewitt


    Full Text Available Objectives – Interviews with library staff and volunteers were conducted to evaluate the use of volunteers in UK public libraries via a case study of the Walter Gardiner Photographic Project, a digitisation project based in Worthing Library, to inform future guidelines on volunteer usage and to make recommendations to existing practice.Methods – Fourteen semi-structured interviews were carried out to explore the perceptions and experiences of both staff and volunteers of the project. All interviews were fully transcribed and then coded to identify emergent themes.Results – Key positives for volunteers were professional training, good time management and organization by staff, the friendliness and approachability of staff, and the informal nature of the volunteering. Enjoyment of the work and forming close relationships with others were key motivating factors. For staff, the completion of work which would have otherwise been impossible was the most positive outcome. Problem areas identified by volunteers were lack of contact time with project staff and feeling isolated from other library staff. For project staff, a lack of professionalism on behalf of some volunteers was the primary negative. Key issues to emerge were the need to strike a balance between formal and informal management, the need for good integration between the volunteers and host organization, and the importance of acknowledging the nature of the voluntary commitment.Conclusions – The project proved overall to be a successful example of using volunteers in public library projects with good examples of volunteer recruitment, training, and management being demonstrated. Areas of conflict that did arise stemmed from differing expectations of levels of service between staff and volunteers. Clarification on these expectations through a written volunteer agreement is advocated for further projects.

  4. Social individualism: Walter Gropius and his appropriation of Franz Müller-Lyer's idea of a new man. (United States)

    Poppelreuter, Tanja


    In 1929, Walter Gropius developed the "High-Rise Steel Frame Apartment Building" that was based on theories about the emergence of a New Man put forward by sociologist Franz Müller-Lyer. In his lecture at the Congrès International d’Architecture Moderne conference in 1929, Gropius appropriated Müller-Lyer's sociology in order to promote and prompt the re-development of high-rise tenements and master households. Gropius’ 1931 contribution to the Deutsche Bauausstellung in Berlin incorporated a full-scale community lounge and a recreation area with sporting equipment, as well as a model and plans for a "High-Rise Steel Frame Apartment Building" that were designed in accordance with Müller-Lyer's theories. While it shows Müller-Lyer's influence, the boxing equipment found in the recreation area reflects the importance that sport, and boxing in particular, had gained after 1900. Boxing was perceived as a sport that would not only further fitness but also raise the spirits and help the inhabitant to succeed in the modern urban environment. By providing boxing equipment, Müller-Lyer's vision, which envisaged master households as furthering a community of peaceful individuals living in a condition of mutual trust, is weakened. In 1923, the sociologist Helmuth Plessner had regarded utopian visions of ideal communities as antithesis to actual events in the Weimar Republic. The embracing of theories that promised an evolutionary and linear development towards peaceful communities can be regarded as a counterreaction to a present that was perceived as an imperfect and temporary condition. Furthermore, Gropius’ appropriation of Müller-Lyer's sociology not only helped to distinguish his position from Marxist and socialist theories but also illustrated the contemporary tendency to accept utopian ideas while simultaneously doubting the practicality of some.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Julio Geraldo Carvalho de Jesus


    Full Text Available As Animações são fontes interessantes de serem exploradas pela perspectiva histórica, uma vez que trazem questões impostas pelo contexto da produção e podem ser utilizadas como meio de transmitir conhecimentos e ideologias. O presente artigo faz uma reflexão acerca do tema do racismo nas animações dirigidas e produzidas por Walter Lantz, no ano de 1941, tomando como base o cartoon “Scrube Me Mama with a Boogie Beat”, distribuído pela Universal Studios, e reexibido no ano de 1948. Apesar do racismo presente na obra, não há qualquer menção crítica ao filme, na época em que foi lançado, o que nos permitiu estabelecer um paralelo entre a animação de Lantz e a alegoria do açougue apresentada por Serguei Eisenstein no filme “A greve”. No filme de Eisenstein, a cena final mostra um boi sendo degolado. A violência da cena causou grande impacto na população urbana, mas não impactou da mesma forma os habitantes da zona rural, acostumados com a prática. Da mesma forma, a obra de Lantz, permeada de traços racistas, não causou indignação na população negra, sobretudo por ser comum dentro da sociedade norte americana da época.

  6. Are endocrine and reproductive biomarkers altered in contaminant-exposed wild male Largemouth Bass (Micropterus salmoides) of Lake Mead, Nevada/Arizona, USA? (United States)

    Goodbred, Steven L.; Patino, Reynaldo; Torres, Leticia; Echols, Kathy R.; Jenkins, Jill A.; Rosen, Michael R.; Orsak, Erik


    Male Largemouth Bass were sampled from two locations in Lake Mead (USA), a site influenced by treated municipal wastewater effluent and urban runoff (Las Vegas Bay), and a reference site (Overton Arm). Samples were collected in summer (July '07) and spring (March '08) to assess general health, endocrine and reproductive biomarkers, and compare contaminant body burdens by analyzing 252 organic chemicals. Sperm count and motility were measured in spring. Contaminants were detected at much higher frequencies and concentrations in fish from Las Vegas Bay than Overton Arm. Those with the highest concentrations included PCBs, DDTs, PBDEs, galaxolide, and methyl triclosan. Fish from Las Vegas Bay also had higher Fulton condition factor, hepatosomatic index, and hematocrit, and lower plasma 11-ketotestosterone concentration (KT). Gonadosomatic index (GSI) and sperm motility did not differ between sites, but sperm count was lower by nearly 50% in fish from Las Vegas Bay. A positive association between KT and GSI was identified, but this association was nonlinear. On average, maximal GSI was reached at sub-maximal KT concentrations. In conclusion, the higher concentration of contaminant body burdens coupled with reduced levels of KT and sperm count in fish from Las Vegas Bay suggest that male reproductive condition was influenced by contaminant exposures. Also, the nonlinear KT-GSI association provided a framework to understand why GSI was similar between male bass from both sites despite their large difference in KT, and also suggested the existence of post-gonadal growth functions of KT at high concentrations.

  7. Construction of Indonesian cultural thoughts in tafsir al-Azhar as Hamka’s teaching practice; text analysis using George Herbert Mead communication theory

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hamdi Putra Ahmad


    Full Text Available Tafsir al-Azhar is one of the many exegesis books written by Nusantara scholars. Authored by Hamka, this book includes products come in the contemporary era and has attracted many researchers to analyze deeply all of the secrets contained in them. Tafsir al-Azhar contains a number of information related to the elements of Indonesia cultures. But not many of the readers are aware of this fact because of its relatively small capacity. It is the main attraction to be studied in depth in order to know how the construction built by a Hamka related to his Indonesian cultural thoughts contained in Tafsir al-Azhar. Using George Herbert Mead's social communication theory, this research will formulate the construction of the Indonesian cultural commentary constructed by Hamka in Tafsir al-Azhar and prove that the use of elements of Indonesian culture in interpreting the Qur'an is one of the effective strategies to teach about the Qur’anic interpretation to the Muslims in particular, and the Indonesian people in general.

  8. Estimating survival rates of quagga mussel (Dreissena rostriformis bugensis veliger larvae under summer and autumn temperature regimes in residual water of trailered watercraft at Lake Mead, USA

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wook Jin Choi


    Full Text Available On 6 January 2007, invasive quagga mussels [Dreissena rostriformis bugensis (Andrusov, 1897] were discovered in the Boulder Basin ofLake Mead, Nevada, a popular site for recreational boating in the southwestern United States. Recreational watercraft are considered aprimary vector for overland dispersal of quagga mussel veliger larvae between water bodies. Thus, effective decontamination of veligers inresidual water carried by trailered recreation boats is critical to controlling this species’ spread. The survival rate of quagga mussel veligerswas measured during exposure to environmental temperature conditions mimicking those experienced in the residual water of traileredvessels during warm summer and cooler autumn months in the semi-arid southwestern United States. Under warm summer conditions,quagga mussel veligers survived approximately five days while under cooler autumn conditions they survived 27 days. When tested underautumn temperature conditions veliger survival times increased with increased level of larval development. The results suggested a greaterlikelihood of veliger transport in the residual water of trailered watercraft during autumn months. The results indicated that presentlyrecommended vessel quarantine times to kill all externally attached juvenile and adult dreissenid mussels prior to launching in an uninfested water body should be increased to generate 100% veliger mortality in residual water unable to be fully drained from the internal areas of watercraft.

  9. Kroppens och känslornas betydelse för självförverkligandet. En rekonstruktion av G H Meads tänkande

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Emma Engdahl


    Full Text Available Many social researchers mistakenly think that Mead had no interest in the body and the emotions of the human being. They seem to think that his social philosophy of the act is all about her mind. This is unfortunate since his idea of the significance of the body and emotions for the emergence and development of the self is of great relevance to the contemporary interest in the subject matter. First, this article presents Mead’s contribution to the area. Especially it considers his idea of emotions as a form of intersubjective corporeality. Secondly, to better fulfil Mead’s own wish to transcend the Cartesian mind-body dualism it reconstructs his idea of emotions by relating them not only to the social body of the human being, but also the structures of norms and values embodied in social life. In that way it becomes evident that not only mind but also the social body and the emotions of the human being is of great significance for her selfrealisation.

  10. Are endocrine and reproductive biomarkers altered in contaminant-exposed wild male Largemouth Bass (Micropterus salmoides) of Lake Mead, Nevada/Arizona, USA? (United States)

    Goodbred, Steven L; Patiño, Reynaldo; Torres, Leticia; Echols, Kathy R; Jenkins, Jill A; Rosen, Michael R; Orsak, Erik


    Male Largemouth Bass were sampled from two locations in Lake Mead (USA), a site influenced by treated municipal wastewater effluent and urban runoff (Las Vegas Bay), and a reference site (Overton Arm). Samples were collected in summer (July '07) and spring (March '08) to assess general health, endocrine and reproductive biomarkers, and compare contaminant body burdens by analyzing 252 organic chemicals. Sperm count and motility were measured in spring. Contaminants were detected at much higher frequencies and concentrations in fish from Las Vegas Bay than Overton Arm. Those with the highest concentrations included PCBs, DDTs, PBDEs, galaxolide, and methyl triclosan. Fish from Las Vegas Bay also had higher Fulton condition factor, hepatosomatic index, and hematocrit, and lower plasma 11-ketotestosterone concentration (KT). Gonadosomatic index (GSI) and sperm motility did not differ between sites, but sperm count was lower by nearly 50% in fish from Las Vegas Bay. A positive association between KT and GSI was identified, but this association was nonlinear. On average, maximal GSI was reached at sub-maximal KT concentrations. In conclusion, the higher concentration of contaminant body burdens coupled with reduced levels of KT and sperm count in fish from Las Vegas Bay suggest that male reproductive condition was influenced by contaminant exposures. Also, the nonlinear KT-GSI association provided a framework to understand why GSI was similar between male bass from both sites despite their large difference in KT, and also suggested the existence of post-gonadal growth functions of KT at high concentrations. Published by Elsevier Inc.

  11. Sperm quality biomarkers complement reproductive and endocrine parameters in investigating environmental contaminants in common carp (Cyprinus carpio) from the Lake Mead National Recreation Area (United States)

    Jenkins, Jill A.; Rosen, Michael R.; Dale, Rassa O.; Echols, Kathy R.; Torres, Leticia; Wieser, Carla M.; Kersten, Constance A.; Goodbred, Steven L.


    Lake Mead National Recreational Area (LMNRA) serves as critical habitat for several federally listed species and supplies water for municipal, domestic, and agricultural use in the Southwestern U.S. Contaminant sources and concentrations vary among the sub-basins within LMNRA. To investigate whether exposure to environmental contaminants is associated with alterations in male common carp (Cyprinus carpio) gamete quality and endocrine- and reproductive parameters, data were collected among sub-basins over 7 years (1999–2006). Endpoints included sperm quality parameters of motility, viability, mitochondrial membrane potential, count, morphology, and DNA fragmentation; plasma components were vitellogenin (VTG), 17ß-estradiol, 11-keto-testosterone, triiodothyronine, and thyroxine. Fish condition factor, gonadosomatic index, and gonadal histology parameters were also measured. Diminished biomarker effects were noted in 2006, and sub-basin differences were indicated by the irregular occurrences of contaminants and by several associations between chemicals (e.g., polychlorinated biphenyls, hexachlorobenzene, galaxolide, and methyl triclosan) and biomarkers (e.g., plasma thyroxine, sperm motility and DNA fragmentation). By 2006, sex steroid hormone and VTG levels decreased with subsequent reduced endocrine disrupting effects. The sperm quality bioassays developed and applied with carp complemented endocrine and reproductive data, and can be adapted for use with other species.

  12. Missense mutation in CAPN1 is associated with spinocerebellar ataxia in the Parson Russell Terrier dog breed.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Oliver P Forman

    Full Text Available Spinocerebellar ataxia (SCA in the Parson Russell Terrier (PRT dog breed is a disease of progressive incoordination of gait and loss of balance. Clinical signs usually become notable between 6 and 12 months of age with affected dogs presenting with symmetric spinocerebellar ataxia particularly evident in the pelvic limbs. The degree of truncal ataxia, pelvic limb hypermetria and impaired balance is progressive, particularly during the initial months of disease. A certain degree of stabilisation as well as intermittent worsening may occur. At the later stages of the disease ambulation often becomes difficult, with owners often electing to euthanise affected dogs on welfare grounds. Using a GWAS approach and target-enriched massively-parallel sequencing, a strongly associated non-synonymous SNP in the CAPN1 gene, encoding the calcium dependent cysteine protease calpain1 (mu-calpain, was identified. The SNP is a missense mutation causing a cysteine to tyrosine substitution at residue 115 of the CAPN1 protein. Cysteine 115 is a highly conserved residue and forms a key part of a catalytic triad of amino acids that are crucial to the enzymatic activity of cysteine proteases. The CAPN1 gene shows high levels of expression in the brain and nervous system and roles for the protein in both neuronal necrosis and maintenance have been suggested. Given the functional implications and high level of conservation observed across species, the CAPN1 variant represents a provocative candidate for the cause of SCA in the PRT and a novel potential cause of ataxia in humans.

  13. Arte, imagem e fotografia: um diálogo possível entre Roland Barthes, Walter Benjamin e Jacques Rancière = Art, image and photography: a possible dialogue between Roland Barthes, Walter Benjamin and Jacques Rancière

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Voigt, André Fabiano


    Full Text Available O presente artigo objetiva estabelecer um diálogo entre três autores que escreveram trabalhos importantes sobre a relação da arte com as imagens e a fotografia. Enquanto os pensamentos de Roland Barthes e Walter Benjamin se assemelham, Jacques Rancière apresenta uma postura dissonante ao analisar arte, imagem e fotografia no interior do que ele chama de regime estético das artes

  14. Estruturas de sentimento na modernidade: um estudo sobre as experiências nas obras de Walter Benjamin, a propósito de Charles Baudelaire

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fabíola Calazans


    Full Text Available A partir da noção de “estruturas de sentimento” do pensador do materialismocultural Raymond Williams, pretende-se estudar as experiências tecnológicas perceptivas nacultura moderna, do século XIX, imanentes às obras de Walter Benjamin, particularmente,nos textos referentes a Charles Baudelaire. Para tanto, faz-se um estudo exploratório dasprincipais categorias de experiência para se compreender as implicações na modernidade.

  15. Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and Diabetes Institute of the Walter Reed Health Care System Genetic Screening in Diabetes: Candidate Gene Analysis for Diabetic Retinopathy (United States)


    Screening in Diabetes : Candidate Gene Analysis for Diabetic Retinopathy PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Robert A. Vigersky, COL MC CONTRACTING ORGANIZATION... Diabetes Institute of the Walter Reed Health Care System Genetic Screening in Diabetes : Candidate Gene Analysis for Diabetic Retinopathy 5c. PROGRAM... diabetic  neuropathy, and  diabetic   retinopathy .  This was an observational study in which the investigators obtained DNA samples from the blood of

  16. “Speaking German Like Nobody’s Business”: Anna May Wong, Walter Benjamin, and the Possibilities of Asian American Cosmopolitanism


    Lim, Shirley Jennifer


    In the summer of 1928 in Berlin, the noted German Jewish philosopher Walter Benjamin (1892–1940) and Chinese American actress Anna May Wong (1905–1961) shared an unlikely encounter that set in relief European and American conceptions of modernity as well as white European intellectual and American racial minority cosmopolitanisms. On July 6, 1928, Benjamin published the results as “Gespräch mit Anne May Wong” [“Speaking with Anna May Wong: A Chinoiserie from the Old West”] on the front page o...

  17. Karl Rahner, Walter Kasper and Hans Kung on the Current State, Problems and Dimensions of Contemporary theology

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pilipenko Evgenii


    Full Text Available Political history, philosophy, culture and science of the 19th century came to be very important factors in the development of Christian theology, primarily in Western Europe. Major issues of correlation between modern science, philosophical concepts of the modern period, secular ethics and Christianity led to a revision of many traditional theological concepts. There were suggested new methods of solving urgent theological, pastoral and missionary problems. The Second Vatican Ecumenical Council of Roman Catholic Church represented a vivid and constructive response to contemporary challenges. German theologians were among those who contributed significantly to the dialogue between the Church and modern world. The central fi gure among them was Karl Rahner. Using achievements of modern European thought, especially transcendental and existential philosophy, Rahner made Christian theology tenable for modern historical criticism and placed the person and the experience of faith as a crucial object of theological investigation. It may seem a paradox, but the unity of Catholic dogma in the 20th century came to be established not on the unity of the formal scholastic doctrine, proclaimed straightforwardly by Church magisterium, but on theological pluralism and historical dynamism, as well as on hermeneutical analysis of the dogma and inexpressible mystical experience of Revelation proclaimed by Rahner. Walter Kasper used Rahner’s ideas when he pointed to scientific rigour, ecclesiasticism and willingness to be opened to the world as main features of modern theology. At the same time, he considers it impossible to reject metaphysics and to reduce theology to a number of disparate academic studies. He sees the Holy Scriptures and church tradition as the essential foundation for systematic theology and argues that it is necessary to restore the balance between the freedom of theological investigation and the hierarchical control of Church magisterium

  18. Walter Pater's "Winckelmann" (United States)

    Carrier, David


    In his recent book, "The Art of Living: Socratic Reflections from Plato to Foucault," Alexander Nehamas presents two conceptions of philosophy--philosophy as a theorethical discipline concerned to offer arguments; and the interest of Socrates, Montaigne, and also Nietzsche and Foucault in the art of living. Building on his "Nietzsche: Life as…

  19. The reliability of age measurements for Young Stellar Objects from Hertzsprung-Russell or color-magnitude diagrams

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Preibisch, Thomas


    The possibility to estimate ages and masses of Young Stellar Objects (YSOs) from their location in the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram (HRD) or a color-magnitude diagram provides a very important tool for the investigation of fundamental questions related to the processes of star formation and early stellar evolution. Age estimates are essential for studies of the temporal evolution of circumstellar material around YSOs and the conditions for planet formation. The characterization of the age distribution of the YSOs in a star forming region allows researchers to reconstruct the star formation history and provides important information on the fundamental question of whether star formation is a slow or a fast process. However, the reliability of these age measurements and the ability to detect possible age spreads in the stellar population of star forming regions are fundamentally limited by several factors. The variability of YSOs, unresolved binary components, and uncertainties in the calibrations of the stellar parameters cause uncertainties in the derived luminosities that are usually much larger than the typical photometry errors. Furthermore, the pre-main sequence evolution track of a YSO depends to some degree on the initial conditions and the details of its individual accretion history. I discuss how these observational and model uncertainties affect the derived isochronal ages, and demonstrate how neglecting or underestimating these uncertainties can easily lead to severe misinterpretations, gross overestimates of the age spread, and ill-based conclusions about the star formation history. These effects are illustrated by means of Monte-Carlo simulations of observed star clusters with realistic observational uncertainties. The most important points are as follows. First, the observed scatter in the HRD must not be confused with a genuine age spread, but is always just an upper limit to the true age spread. Second, histograms of isochronal ages naturally show a

  20. L’ontologie des Indivisibles et la structure du continu selon Gautier Burley The ontology of Indivisibles and the structure of continuity according to Walter Burley

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alice Lamy


    Full Text Available Pour Aristote, sous le rapport de sa composition en parties, le continu est divisible mais sous le rapport de ses limites (point, ligne, surface et profondeur, le continu est indivisible. Walter Burley, comme ses contemporains, a commenté la coexistence problématique de la divisibilité et de l’indivisibilité dans la structure du continu. Bien plus, aux prises avec sa célèbre polémique contre son adversaire Guillaume d’Ockham à propos de l’ontologie de la catégorie de quantité, il admet une structure du continu originale qui semble contenir à la fois des intervalles ou parties divisibles et des points ou indivisibles.For Aristote, concerning its composition in parts, the continuous is divisible but concerning its limits (point, line, surface and depth, the continuous is indivisible. Walter Burley, as his contemporaries, commented on the problematic coexistence of the divisibility and the indivisibility in the structure of the continuous. Much more, battling against his opponent Wilhelm of Ockham about the ontology of the category of quantity, he admits an original structure of continuous who seems to contain at the same time intervals or divisible parts and indivisible points.

  1. Seismic architecture and lithofacies of turbidites in Lake Mead (Arizona and Nevada, U.S.A.), an analogue for topographically complex basins (United States)

    Twichell, D.C.; Cross, V.A.; Hanson, A.D.; Buck, B.J.; Zybala, J.G.; Rudin, M.J.


    Turbidites, which have accumulated in Lake Mead since completion of the Hoover Dam in 1935, have been mapped using high-resolution seismic and coring techniques. This lake is an exceptional natural laboratory for studying fine-grained turbidite systems in complex topographic settings. The lake comprises four relatively broad basins separated by narrow canyons, and turbidity currents run the full length of the lake. The mean grain size of turbidites is mostly coarse silt, and the sand content decreases from 11-30% in beds in the easternmost basin nearest the source to 3-14% in the central basins to 1-2% in the most distal basin. Regionally, the seismic amplitude mimics the core results and decreases away from the source. The facies and morphology of the sediment surface varies between basins and suggests a regional progression from higher-energy and possibly channelized flows in the easternmost basin to unchannelized flows in the central two basins to unchannelized flows that are ponded by the Hoover Dam in the westernmost basin. At the local scale, turbidites are nearly flat-lying in the central two basins, but here the morphology of the basin walls strongly affects the distribution of facies. One of the two basins is relatively narrow, and in sinuous sections reflection amplitude increases toward the outsides of meanders. Where a narrow canyon debouches into a broad basin, reflection amplitude decreases radially away from the canyon mouth and forms a fan-like deposit. The fine-grained nature of the turbidites in the most distal basin and the fact that reflections drape the underlying pre-impoundment surface suggest ponding here. The progression from ponding in the most distal basin to possibly channelized flows in the most proximal basin shows in plan view a progression similar to the stratigraphic progression documented in several minibasins in the Gulf of Mexico. Copyright ?? 2005, SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology).

  2. Association between degradation of pharmaceuticals and endocrine-disrupting compounds and microbial communities along a treated wastewater effluent gradient in Lake Mead (United States)

    Blunt, Susanna M.; Sackett, Joshua D.; Rosen, Michael R.; Benotti, Mark J.; Trenholm, Rebecca A.; Vanderford, Brett J.; Hedlund, Brian P.; Moser, Duane P.


    The role of microbial communities in the degradation of trace organic contaminants in the environment is little understood. In this study, the biotransformation potential of 27 pharmaceuticals and endocrine-disrupting compounds was examined in parallel with a characterization of the native microbial community in water samples from four sites variously impacted by urban run-off and wastewater discharge in Lake Mead, Nevada and Arizona, USA. Samples included relatively pristine Colorado River water at the upper end of the lake, nearly pure tertiary-treated municipal wastewater entering via the Las Vegas Wash, and waters of mixed influence (Las Vegas Bay and Boulder Basin), which represented a gradient of treated wastewater effluent impact. Microbial diversity analysis based on 16S rRNA gene censuses revealed the community at this site to be distinct from the less urban-impacted locations, although all sites were similar in overall diversity and richness. Similarly, Biolog EcoPlate assays demonstrated that the microbial community at Las Vegas Wash was the most metabolically versatile and active. Organic contaminants added as a mixture to laboratory microcosms were more rapidly and completely degraded in the most wastewater-impacted sites (Las Vegas Wash and Las Vegas Bay), with the majority exhibiting shorter half-lives than at the other sites or in a bacteriostatic control. Although the reasons for enhanced degradation capacity in the wastewater-impacted sites remain to be established, these data are consistent with the acclimatization of native microorganisms (either through changes in community structure or metabolic regulation) to effluent-derived trace contaminants. This study suggests that in urban, wastewater-impacted watersheds, prior exposure to organic contaminants fundamentally alters the structure and function of microbial communities, which in turn translates into greater potential for the natural attenuation of these compounds compared to more pristine

  3. In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation of Polyherbal Formulation against Russell's Viper and Cobra Venom and Screening of Bioactive Components by Docking Studies (United States)

    Sakthivel, G.; Dey, Amitabha; Nongalleima, Kh.; Chavali, Murthy; Rimal Isaac, R. S.; Singh, N. Surjit; Deb, Lokesh


    The present study emphasizes to reveal the antivenom activity of Aristolochia bracteolata Lam., Tylophora indica (Burm.f.) Merrill, and Leucas aspera S. which were evaluated against venoms of Daboia russelli russelli (Russell's viper) and Naja naja (Indian cobra). The aqueous extracts of leaves and roots of the above-mentioned plants and their polyherbal (1 : 1 : 1) formulation at a dose of 200 mg/kg showed protection against envenomed mice with LD50 doses of 0.44 mg/kg and 0.28 mg/kg against Russell's viper and cobra venom, respectively. In in vitro antioxidant activities sample extracts showed free radical scavenging effects in dose dependent manner. Computational drug design and docking studies were carried out to predict the neutralizing principles of type I phospholipase A2 (PLA2) from Indian common krait venom. This confirmed that aristolochic acid and leucasin can neutralize type I PLA2 enzyme. Results suggest that these plants could serve as a source of natural antioxidants and common antidote for snake bite. However, further studies are needed to identify the lead molecule responsible for antidote activity. PMID:23533518

  4. « Russell Banks goes Creole » : A Talk with the Author of The Book of Jamaica and Continental Drift

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kathleen Gyssels et Gaëlle Cooreman


    Full Text Available Cette interview avec Russell Banks, auteur consacré de notamment The Book of Jamaica (1980 et Continental Drift (1985, tous deux traduits en français chez Actes Sud, a été menée le 27 mai 2007 par Kathleen Gyssels et Gaëlle Cooreman (Université d’Anvers. Elles interrogent Banks sur son idée du Great American Novel, son engagement vis-à-vis de la diaspora africaine et ses romans « caribéens », The Book of Jamaica et Continental Drift.This interview with Russell Banks, acknowledged author of The Book of Jamaica (1980 and Continental Drift (1985, amongst others, was conducted on May 27th 2007 by Kathleen Gyssels and Gaëlle Cooreman (University of Antwerp. The main topics included are Banks’ idea of the Great American Novel, his involvement with the African diaspora and his « Caribbean » novels The Book of Jamaica and Continental Drift.

  5. Nuclear planetology: understanding habitable planets as Galactic bulge stellar remnants (black dwarfs) in a Hertzsprung-Russell (HR) diagram (United States)

    Roller, Goetz


    The Hertzsprung-Russell (HR) diagram is one of the most important diagrams in astronomy. In a HR diagram, the luminosity of stars and/or stellar remnants (white dwarf stars, WD's), relative to the luminosity of the sun, is plotted versus their surface temperatures (Teff). The Earth shows a striking similarity in size (radius ≈ 6.370 km) and Teff of its outer core surface (Teff ≈ 3800 K at the core-mantle-boundary) with old WD's (radius ≈ 6.300 km) like WD0346+246 (Teff ≈ 3820 K after ≈ 12.7 Ga [1]), which plot in the HR diagram close to the low-mass extension of the stellar population or main sequence. In the light of nuclear planetology [2], Earth-like planets are regarded as old, down-cooled and differentiated black dwarfs (Fe-C BLD's) after massive decompression, the most important nuclear reactions involved being 56Fe(γ,α)52Cr (etc.), possibly responsible for extreme terrestrial glaciations events ("snowball" Earth), together with (γ,n), (γ,p) and fusion reactions like 12C(α,γ)16O. The latter reaction might have caused oxidation of the planet from inside out. Nuclear planetology is a new research field, tightly constrained by a coupled 187Re-232Th-238U systematics. By means of nuclear/quantum physics and taking the theory of relativity into account, it aims at understanding the thermal and chemical evolution of Fe-C BLD's after gravitational contraction (e.g. Mercury) or Fermi-pressure controlled collapse (e.g. Earth) events after massive decompression, leading possibly to an r-process event, towards the end of their cooling period [2]. So far and based upon 187Re-232Th-238U nuclear geochronometry, the Fe-C BLD hypothesis can successfully explain the global terrestrial MORB 232Th/238U signature [3]. Thus, it may help to elucidate the DM (depleted mantle), EMI (enriched mantle 1), EMII (enriched mantle 2) or HIMU (high U/Pb) reservoirs, and the 187Os/188Os isotopic dichotomy in Archean magmatic rocks and sediments [4]. Here I present a conceptual

  6. K rozmnožení cti a chvály Boží a ku prospěchu vlasti. Mikuláš Walter z Waltersperku († 1578) a jeho studijní nadace

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Holá, M.; Holý, Martin


    Roč. 28, č. 1 (2013), s. 5-27 ISSN 0231-7494 R&D Projects: GA ČR GPP405/12/P422 Institutional support: RVO:67985963 Keywords : educational foundations * Mikuláš Walter of Waltersperk * Prague University * Early Modern Period Subject RIV: AB - History


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Monique Bione Silva


    Full Text Available Este artigo busca pensar a fotografia não apenas como imagem, mas entender o papel da mesma como arquivo histórico a partir da concepção de imagem crítica elaborada por Didi-Huberman. Cabe aqui compreender o conceito de Walter Benjamin de imagem dialética aplicado à produção fotográfica. Imagens e arquivos sob a ótica de Didi-Huberman, inseridas na contemporaneidade, abrem um leque para estudar a sua representatividade na nossa sociedade e de qual forma a mesma encara tais conceitos atualmente.

  8. La persistencia de los márgenes. Reflexiones epistemológicas en torno a la obra de Walter Mignolo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ángel Octavio Álvarez Solís


    Full Text Available En este texto se analizan varias cuestiones suscitadas en torno a la obra de Walter Mignolo, principalmente el análisis de las condiciones que debe cumplir una teoría crítica decolonial. Para ello, en la primera parte se analizan los presupuestos epistemológicos que justifican la empresa teórica de Mignolo entendida como una epistemología de la postcolonialidad. En la segunda parte se desarrolla la forma en que nuestro autor utiliza el discurso histórico en su argumentación a fin de señalar por qué su interpretación puede entenderse como una hermenéutica de la deuda.

  9. Anti-snake venom activities of ethanolic extract of fruits of Piper longum L. (Piperaceae) against Russell's viper venom: characterization of piperine as active principle. (United States)

    Shenoy, P A; Nipate, S S; Sonpetkar, J M; Salvi, N C; Waghmare, A B; Chaudhari, P D


    Piper longum L. fruits have been traditionally used against snakebites in north-eastern and southern region of India. To examine the ability of ethanolic extract of fruits of Piper longum L., Piperaceae (PLE) and piperine, one of the main active principles of Piper longum, to inhibit the Russell's viper (Doboia russelii, Viperidae) snake venom activities. Anti-snake venom activities of ethanolic extract of fruits of Piper longum L. (Piperaceae) and piperine against Russell's viper venom was studied in embryonated fertile chicken eggs, mice and rats by using various models as follows: inhibition of venom lethal action, inhibition of venom haemorrhagic action (in vitro), inhibition of venom haemorrhagic action (in vivo), inhibition of venom necrotizing action, inhibition of venom defibrinogenating action, inhibition of venom induced paw edema, inhibition of venom induced mast cell degranulation, creatine kinase assay and assay for catalase activity. PLE was found to inhibit the venom induced haemorrhage in embryonated fertile chicken eggs. Administration of PLE and piperine significantly (p<0.01) inhibited venom induced lethality, haemorrhage, necrosis, defibrinogenation and inflammatory paw edema in mice in a dose dependent manner. PLE and piperine also significantly (p<0.01) reduced venom induced mast cell degranulation in rats. Venom induced decrease in catalase enzyme levels in mice kidney tissue and increase in creatine kinase enzyme levels in mice serum were significantly (p<0.01) reversed by administration of both PLE and piperine. PLE possesses good anti-snake venom properties and piperine is one of the compounds responsible for the effective venom neutralizing ability of the plant. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.


    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security — Hydraulic data include spatial datasets and data tables necessary for documenting the hydrologic procedures for estimating flood discharges for a flood insurance...

  11. Hypopituitarism following envenoming by Russell's vipers (Daboia siamensis and D. russelii) resembling Sheehan's syndrome: first case report from Sri Lanka, a review of the literature and recommendations for endocrine management. (United States)

    Antonypillai, C N; Wass, J A H; Warrell, D A; Rajaratnam, H N


    Russell's vipers (Daboia russelii and D. siamensis) inhabit 10 South and South East Asian countries. People envenomed by these snakes suffer coagulopathy, bleeding, shock, neurotoxicity, acute kidney injury and local tissue damage leading to severe morbidity and mortality. An unusual complication of Russell's viper bite envenoming in Burma (D. siamensis) and southern India (D. russelii) is hypopituitarism but until now it has not been reported elsewhere. Here, we describe the first case of hypopituitarism following Russell's viper bite in Sri Lanka, review the literature on this subject and make recommendations for endocrine investigation and management. A 49-year-old man was bitten and seriously envenomed by D. russelii in 2005. He was treated with antivenom but although he recovered from the acute effects he remained feeling unwell. Hypopituitarism, with deficiencies of gonadal, steroid and thyroid axes, was diagnosed 3 years later. He showed marked improvement after replacement of anterior pituitary hormones. We attribute his hypopituitarism to D. russelii envenoming. Russell's viper bite is known to cause acute and chronic hypopituitarism and diabetes insipidus, perhaps through deposition of fibrin microthrombi and haemorrhage in the pituitary gland resulting from the action of venom procoagulant enzymes and haemorrhagins. Forty nine cases of hypopituitarism following Russell's viper bite have been described in the English language literature. Patients with acute hypopituitarism may present with hypoglycaemia and hypotension during the acute phase of envenoming. Those with chronic hypopituitarism seem to have recovered from envenoming but present later with features of hypopituitarism. Over 85% of these patients had suffered acute kidney injury immediately after the bite. Steroid replacement in acute hypopituitarism is life saving. All 11 patients with chronic hypopituitarism in whom the outcome of treatment was reported, showed marked improvement with hormone

  12. Potential for bias in using hybrids between common carp (Cyprinus carpio) and goldfish (Carassius auratus) in endocrine studies: a first report of hybrids in Lake Mead, Nevada, U.S.A (United States)

    Goodbred, Steven L.; Patino, Reynaldo; Orsak, Erik; Sharma, Prakash; Ruessler, Shane


    During a 2008 study to assess endocrine and reproductive health of common carp (Cyprinus carpio) in Lake Mead, Nevada (U.S.A.) we identified two fish, one male and one female, as hybrids with goldfish (Carassius auratus) based on morphology, lateral line scale count, and lack of anterior barbels. Gross examination of the female hybrid ovaries indicated presence of vitellogenic ovarian follicles; whereas histological evaluation of the male hybrid testes showed lobule-like structures with open lumens but without germ cells, suggesting it was sterile. Because common carp/goldfish hybrids are more susceptible to gonadal tumors and may have different endocrine profiles than common carp, researchers using common carp as a model for endocrine/reproductive studies should be aware of the possible presence of hybrids.

  13. Evaluating lake stratification and temporal trends by using near-continuous water-quality data from automated profiling systems for water years 2005-09, Lake Mead, Arizona and Nevada (United States)

    Veley, Ronald J.; Moran, Michael J.


    The U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the National Park Service and Southern Nevada Water Authority, collected near-continuous depth-dependent water-quality data at Lake Mead, Arizona and Nevada, as part of a multi-agency monitoring network maintained to provide resource managers with basic data and to gain a better understanding of the hydrodynamics of the lake. Water-quality data-collection stations on Lake Mead were located in shallow water (less than 20 meters) at Las Vegas Bay (Site 3) and Overton Arm, and in deep water (greater than 20 meters) near Sentinel Island and at Virgin and Temple Basins. At each station, near-continual depth-dependent water-quality data were collected from October 2004 through September 2009. The data were collected by using automatic profiling systems equipped with multiparameter water-quality sondes. The sondes had sensors for temperature, specific conductance, dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, and depth. Data were collected every 6 hours at 2-meter depth intervals (for shallow-water stations) or 5-meter depth intervals (for deep-water stations) beginning at 1 meter below water surface. Data were analyzed to determine water-quality conditions related to stratification of the lake and temporal trends in water-quality parameters. Three water-quality parameters were the main focus of these analyses: temperature, specific conductance, and dissolved oxygen. Statistical temporal-trend analyses were performed for a single depth at shallow-water stations [Las Vegas Bay (Site 3) and Overton Arm] and for thermally-stratified lake layers at deep-water stations (Sentinel Island and Virgin Basin). The limited period of data collection at the Temple Basin station prevented the application of statistical trend analysis. During the summer months, thermal stratification was not observed at shallow-water stations, nor were major maxima or minima observed for specific-conductance or dissolved-oxygen profiles. A clearly-defined thermocline

  14. Hacia una crítica del historicismo: Gustave Flaubert y las tesis Sobre el concepto de Historia de Walter Benjamin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jorge Luis Caputo


    Full Text Available In the seventh thesis of his essay On the concept of History, Walter Benjamin presents Gustave Flaubert as a representative figure of the empathic sensibility that underlies the historicist current of historiography. The first aim of this article is to analyze this mention and to confront it with other texts where Benjamin reflects on Flaubert: in this regard, it can be said that the concise judgment of the seventh thesis, in which Flaubert becomes the symbol of the inactive melancholy of historicism, can be challenged. Secondly, the article intends to prove that Flaubert’s literature (specially through the genre of historic novel as it is exemplified by Salammbô achieves two of the tasks that Benjamin assigns to the dialectical-materialistic historian: on one side, to be capable of hearing the grieving complaints of the defeated dead; on the other, to restitute potentiality in the past. En la séptima tesis del ensayo Sobre el concepto de Historia, Walter Benjamin presenta a Gustave Flaubert como la encarnación de la sensibilidad empática y pesimista que se encuentra en la base de la concepción historicista de la historia. El propósito de este trabajo es, en primer lugar, analizar esa mención contrastándola con el resto de los materiales benjaminianos en los que se hace mención de Flaubert: se verá que, así considerada, la fórmula apodíctica de la tesis (que erige al novelista como el emblema de la melancolía inactiva característica del historicismo admite ser matizada. En segundo lugar, se demostrará que la literatura de Flaubert (particularmente en su variante histórica encarnada por Salammbô cumple con dos de las tareas fundamentales que Benjamin asigna al historiador dialéctico-materialista: por un lado, disponerse a la escucha de los vencidos de la historia; por el otro, restituir la potencia del pasado.

  15. Patterns of metal composition and biological condition and their association in male common carp across an environmental contaminant gradient in Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Nevada and Arizona, USA (United States)

    Patino, R.; Rosen, Michael R.; Orsak, E.L.; Goodbred, S.L.; May, T.W.; Alvarez, David; Echols, K.R.; Wieser, C.M.; Ruessler, S.; Torres, L.


    There is a contaminant gradient in Lake Mead National Recreation Area (LMNRA) that is partly driven by municipal and industrial runoff and wastewater inputs via Las Vegas Wash (LVW). Adult male common carp (Cyprinus carpio; 10 fish/site) were collected from LVW, Las Vegas Bay (receiving LVW flow), Overton Arm (OA, upstream reference), and Willow Beach (WB, downstream) in March 2008. Discriminant function analysis was used to describe differences in metal concentrations and biological condition of fish collected from the four study sites, and canonical correlation analysis was used to evaluate the association between metal and biological traits. Metal concentrations were determined in whole-body extracts. Of 63 metals screened, those initially used in the statistical analysis were Ag, As, Ba, Cd, Co, Fe, Hg, Pb, Se, Zn. Biological variables analyzed included total length (TL), Fulton's condition factor, gonadosomatic index (GSI), hematocrit (Hct), and plasma estradiol-17?? and 11-ketotestosterone (11kt) concentrations. Analysis of metal composition and biological condition both yielded strong discrimination of fish by site (respective canonical model, p< 0.0001). Compared to OA, pairwise Mahalanobis distances between group means were WB < LVB < LVW for metal concentrations and LVB < WB < LVW for biological traits. Respective primary drivers for these separations were Ag, As, Ba, Hg, Pb, Se and Zn; and TL, GSI, 11kt, and Hct. Canonical correlation analysis using the latter variable sets showed they are significantly associated (p<0.0003); with As, Ba, Hg, and Zn, and TL, 11kt, and Hct being the primary contributors to the association. In conclusion, male carp collected along a contaminant gradient in LMNRA have distinct, collection site-dependent metal and morpho-physiological profiles that are significantly associated with each other. These associations suggest that fish health and reproductive condition (as measured by the biological variables evaluated in this

  16. Von der Stadtsoziologie des Bürgertums zur Stadtsoziologie der industriellen Moderne? Kommentar zu Hartmut Häußermann & Walter Siebels „Thesen zur Soziologie der Stadt“

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Johanna Hoerning


    Full Text Available Der hier wieder veröffentlichte Artikel von Hartmut Häußermann und Walter Siebel aus dem Jahr 1978 ist beides, hoch aktuell – und ein Zeitzeuge. In jedem Fall aber ist er ein lehrreiches Traktat über die Frage nach dem Selbstverständnis einer gesellschaftstheoretischen und kritischen Soziologie, sowie über die methodologische Eruierung dessen, was im Rahmen einer so verstandenen (politischen Soziologie Stadtforschung sein kann [...

  17. As estruturas da reificação em curso: Walter Benjamin e Guy Debord, leitores de História e Consciência de Classe

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Deni Rubbo


    Full Text Available Partindo dos pressupostos da centralidade do fetichismo da mercadoria, lançados em História e Consciência de Classe, Lukács aqueceu alguns estudos posteriores, no âmbito do marxismo, tanto nos desdobramentos da teoria como na propulsão de reescrever a história. Em um primeiro momento, o foco será a relação desigual entre Marx e Lukács, no que concerne ao fenômeno da reificação. Depois, serão destacados os estudos de Walter Benjamin, em sua análise sobre a metrópole parisiense no século XIX, e Guy Debord, em uma explanação sobre um novo grau do fenômeno reificado, implicando uma imagem-espetáculo da vida social humana. Para ambos, as tensões temporais do mundo capitalista industrial e moderno se caracterizam em um “tempo prisioneiro” e para o qual tal rompimento incidiria sobre a negatividade do mundo do capital, atualizando, assim, em outros níveis, os postulados sobre fenômeno da reificação.

  18. Velhice, experiência e resistência: a ressignificação da memória nas obras de Ingmar Bergman e Walter Benjamin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rafael de Souza Dias


    Full Text Available Este texto apresenta uma breve reflexão sobre o ato de rememorar como um exercício motivador e gerador de novas perspectivas diante da vida na velhice. Para sua elaboração, utilizou-se como referência o filme “Morangos Silvestres”, de Ingmar Bergman, e o texto “A Infância em Berlim por volta de 1900”, de Walter Benjamin. Na obra literária, nos deparamos com a autobiografia de um filósofo que escreve diante da perseguição nazista e que vê a sua cidade sucumbir aos poderes autoritários, utilizando-se, assim, da memória como uma forma de lutar contra a opressão. No cinema, acompanhamos um personagem idoso e supostamente fictício que ao perceber a proximidade da morte, mergulha em uma viagem através de sua juventude, onde revê suas escolhas e avalia sua vida. Em ambas as obras, os personagens fazem das suas lembranças uma forma de ressignificar o presente.

  19. Experiência e tradição em Walter Benjamin: ressonâncias para a educação

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sérgio Luiz Alves da Rocha


    Full Text Available O proceso educativo faz com que diferentes gerações tenham que relacionar-se. Diante das modifcações dos últimos anos, alguns professores, adotam ora uma perspectiva saudosista, ora um discurso que valoriza de modo extremo os jovens e o novo. A ênfase, seja na experiência dos mais velhos, com a consequente desvalorização dos mais jovens, ou da experiência dos mais jovens, renegando-se a experiência dos mais velhos, nos impede de estabelecer pontes entre as gerações. Utilizo alguns textos de Walter Benjamin para refetir sobre o significado da experiência e da tradição. As ideias de Benjamin me permitem pensar sobre a relação entre as gerações no interior da escola a partir de uma postura ética que reconheça nosso papel como representantes de uma determinada tradição sem deixar de estarmos abertos às experiências dos jovens.

  20. [Narratives in the study of mental health care practices: contributions of the perspectives of Paul Ricoeur, Walter Benjamin and of medical anthropology]. (United States)

    Onocko-Campos, Rosana Teresa; Palombini, Analice de Lima; Leal, Erotildes; de Serpa, Octavio Domont; Baccari, Ivana Oliveira Preto; Ferrer, Ana Luiza; Diaz, Alberto Giovanello; Xavier, Maria Angélica Zamora


    Narratives are ever more frequent in qualitative studies seeking to interpret experiences and the different viewpoints of individuals in a given context. Starting from this concept, the tradition that addresses narrative is reexamined, including the philosophy of Paul Ricoeur, the historical perspective of Walter Benjamin and the field of medical anthropology grounded in phenomenology. In Ricoeur, with hermeneutics as a variation derived from phenomenology, narrative is linked to temporality. In Benjamin, narrative comprised of bits and pieces, always inconclusive, emerges in spite of the official stories. If Ricoeur retrieves tradition from Gadamer as a fundamental component for the construction of the world of a text that makes imitation of life possible, Benjamin, faced with the collapse of tradition, suggests the invention of narrative forms outside the traditional canons, making it possible to hark to the past in order to change the present. Assumptions of medical anthropology are also presented, as they consider narrative a dimension of life and not its abstraction, namely an embodied and situated narrative. Lastly, three distinct research projects in mental health that use narrative linked to the theoretical concepts cited with their differences and similarities are presented.

  1. Alte Thesen neu gelesen: Perspektiven kritischer Stadtforschung. Kommentar zu Hartmut Häußermann & Walter Siebels „Thesen zur Soziologie der Stadt“

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carsten Keller


    Full Text Available [Dieser Artikel ist Teil einer Debatte] Der Text „Thesen zur Soziologie der Stadt“ scheint mir besonders in den abschließend formulierten Perspektiven, die Hartmut Häußermann und Walter Siebel unter der Überschrift „Aufgaben einer kritischen Soziologie der Stadt“ formulieren, nach wie vor lesenswert und aktuell zu sein. Drei Perspektiven werden hier aufgezeigt: erstens eine Wissenschafts- und Ideologiekritik, zweitens eine empirisch orientierte Zustandsbeschreibung städtischer Strukturen und von Stadtentwicklung sowie drittens eine Analyse der staatlichen Stadtpolitik. Diese drei abschließenden Perspektiven möchte ich im Folgenden kommentieren. Es wird mithin keine immanente Auseinandersetzung mit dem gesamten Text und weiteren Arbeiten der beiden Autoren angestrebt. Es hätte mich zwar durchaus gereizt, die Entwicklung der Arbeiten von Häußermann und Siebel vor dem Hintergrund dieses frühen, emphatisch formulierten Textes zu reflektieren. Vielleicht auch wegen der persönlichen Bekanntschaft mit Häußermann, den ich als Projekt- und Dissertationsbetreuer an der Humboldt-Universität kennenlernte, erschien mir eine solche Zugangsweise zu den „Thesen“ durchaus naheliegend. [...

  2. A perspective on 10-years HTS experience at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research - eighteen million assays and counting. (United States)

    Lackovic, Kurt; Lessene, Guillaume; Falk, Hendrik; Leuchowius, Karl-Johan; Baell, Jonathan; Street, Ian


    The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (WEHI) is Australia's longest serving medical research institute. WEHI's High Throughput Screening (HTS) Facility was established in 2003 with $5 million of infrastructure funds invested by WEHI, and the Victorian State Government's Strategic Technology Initiative through Bio21 Australia Ltd. The Facility was Australia's first truly academic HTS facility and was one of only a handful operating in publicly funded institutions worldwide at that time. The objectives were to provide access to enabling HTS technologies, such as assay design, liquid handling automation, compound libraries and expertise to promote translation of basic research in a national setting that has a relatively young biotech sector and does not have a big Pharma research presence. Ten years on and the WEHI HTS Facility has participated in over 92 collaborative projects, generated over 18 million data points, and most importantly, projects that began in the Facility have been commercialized successfully (due to strong ties with Business Development and emphasis on intellectual property management) and now have molecules progressing in clinical trials.

  3. Thinking about science and world affairs in a new way: Reflections on the 40th anniversary of the Russell-Einstein Manifesto

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Holdren, J.


    As befitted a document that was issued over the signatures of the greatest logician and the greatest physicist of the 20th century, the Manifesto was compelling in its logic and in its clarity. it pointed out that the new perils of mass destruction mean that we have to learn to think in a new way. Forty years after the Russel-Einstein Manifesto and 38 year after the First Pugwash Conference initiated by the Manifesto, the problem remain and are even more complicated, diverse and interconnected. Under the military heading, there must be no weapons of mass destruction allowed in the world, under political heading, the concepts of self-determination and the rule of law must be pre-eminent. Economically, clearly it will be necessary to reduce the economic disparities both within and between countries. Under environmental heading, the key point summarized, is to protect the environmental foundations of current and future well-being. There is a need to promote an open public debate on national and international security policies, and that debate must include in the nuclear-weapon states and question, what are the nuclear weapons for, for what purpose are they being preserved in the arsenals, and what would happen if every state in the world did as the nuclear-weapon states do today? The answers would be obtained by promoting a global compact on the cooperative application of science and technology to building sustainable prosperity and common security for every person on the planet

  4. Comparative study of anticoagulant and procoagulant properties of 28 snake venoms from families Elapidae, Viperidae, and purified Russell's viper venom-factor X activator (RVV-X). (United States)

    Suntravat, Montamas; Nuchprayoon, Issarang; Pérez, John C


    Snake venoms consist of numerous molecules with diverse biological functions used for capturing prey. Each component of venom has a specific target, and alters the biological function of its target. Once these molecules are identified, characterized, and cloned; they could have medical applications. The activated clotting time (ACT) and clot rate were used for screening procoagulant and anticoagulant properties of 28 snake venoms. Crude venoms from Daboia russellii siamensis, Bothrops asper, Bothrops moojeni, and one Crotalus oreganus helleri from Wrightwood, CA, had procoagulant activity. These venoms induced a significant shortening of the ACT and showed a significant increase in the clot rate when compared to the negative control. Factor X activator activity was also measured in 28 venoms, and D. r. siamensis venom was 5-6 times higher than those of B. asper, B. moojeni, and C. o. helleri from Wrightwood County. Russell's viper venom-factor X activator (RVV-X) was purified from D. r. siamensis venom, and then procoagulant activity was evaluated by the ACT and clot rate. Other venoms, Crotalus atrox and two Naja pallida, had anticoagulant activity. A significant increase in the ACT and a significant decrease in the clot rate were observed after the addition of these venoms; therefore, the venoms were considered to have anticoagulant activity. Venoms from the same species did not always have the same ACT and clot rate profiles, but the profiles were an excellent way to identify procoagulant and anticoagulant activities in snake venoms.

  5. Salt dissolution in oil and gas test holes in central Kansas. Part I. Salt beds in the subsurface in Russell, Lincoln, Ellsworth, Barton, and Rice Counties, central Kansas

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Walters, R.F.


    The Hutchinson Salt Member of the Permian Wellington Formation is described in a five-county study area of 4,000 square miles. Most of the 22,200 oil and gas test holes in the study area were drilled with fresh water, causing dissolution of the salt during drilling, commonly resulting in borehole enlargement to three times the diameter of the drill bit (some older rotary drilled holes have borehole enlargement up to 10 ft). After drilling ceases, no salt dissolution occurs in oil and gas test holes which have properly cemented surface casing protecting all aquifers above the salt. The conclusion is reached that extensive dissolution of the Hutchinson Salt in oil and gas test holes in central Kansas is a rare and unusual event in the 50-year history since the discovery of oil in Russell County in 1923. In only seven known instances (six of which are within the study area) did such dissolution lead to collapse and surface subsidence. With an estimated 72,000 holes drilled through the Hutchinson Salt Member within the State of Kansas, this is a ratio of approximately one occurrence for every 10,000 oil and gas test holes

  6. Resister's logic: the anti-vaccination arguments of Alfred Russel Wallace and their role in the debates over compulsory vaccination in England, 1870-1907. (United States)

    Fichman, Martin; Keelan, Jennifer E


    In the 1880s, Alfred Russel Wallace, the celebrated co-discoverer of natural selection, launched himself into the centre of a politicised and polarised debate over the unpopular compulsory vaccination laws in England. Wallace never wavered in his belief that smallpox vaccination was useless and likely dangerous. Six years before his death, the anti-vaccinationists successfully secured a conscience clause that effectively dismantled the compulsory vaccination laws. Several other important Victorian scientists joined Wallace in the fight to repeal compulsory vaccination arguing that widely held views on the effectiveness of vaccination and evidence for immunity were inconclusive in the light of (then) contemporary standards of evidence. This article situates Wallace's anti-vaccination logic within the broader matrix of sociopolitical and cultural reform movements of the late Victorian era. Additionally it provides the first detailed analysis of his critique of vaccination science, in particular the role statistics played in his arguments. In this period, both pro-vaccinationists and anti-vaccinationists invested great efforts in collating and analysing statistical data sets that either supported or refuted the claims of vaccination's effectiveness. While each side presented 'controlled' case studies to support their assertions, without an unambiguous test to measure or demonstrate vaccination's effectiveness, the anti-vaccinationists continued to mount credible statistical critiques of vaccination science.

  7. The threshold vs LNT showdown: Dose rate findings exposed flaws in the LNT model part 1. The Russell-Muller debate

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Calabrese, Edward J., E-mail:


    This paper assesses the discovery of the dose-rate effect in radiation genetics and how it challenged fundamental tenets of the linear non-threshold (LNT) dose response model, including the assumptions that all mutational damage is cumulative and irreversible and that the dose-response is linear at low doses. Newly uncovered historical information also describes how a key 1964 report by the International Commission for Radiological Protection (ICRP) addressed the effects of dose rate in the assessment of genetic risk. This unique story involves assessments by two leading radiation geneticists, Hermann J. Muller and William L. Russell, who independently argued that the report's Genetic Summary Section on dose rate was incorrect while simultaneously offering vastly different views as to what the report's summary should have contained. This paper reveals occurrences of scientific disagreements, how conflicts were resolved, which view(s) prevailed and why. During this process the Nobel Laureate, Muller, provided incorrect information to the ICRP in what appears to have been an attempt to manipulate the decision-making process and to prevent the dose-rate concept from being adopted into risk assessment practices. - Highlights: • The discovery of radiation dose rate challenged the scientific basis of LNT. • Radiation dose rate occurred in males and females. • The dose rate concept supported a threshold dose-response for radiation.

  8. The effects of growth hormone therapy on the somatic development of a group of Polish children with Silver-Russell syndrome. (United States)

    Sienko, Magdalena; Petriczko, Elżbieta; Zajaczek, Stanislaw; Zygmunt-Gorska, Agata; Starzyk, Jerzy; Korpysz, Alicja; Petriczko, Jan; Walczak, Alicja; Walczak, Mieczysław


    Silver-Russell Syndrome is both clinically and genetically a heterogeneous syndrome. Among the most important dysmorphic features of this condition are: a triangular shaped face with a small mandible, a prominent frontal eminence, a thin vermilion border with downward-pointing lip corners, clino- and brachydactyly of the 5th fingers as well as body asymmetry. The most well-known genetic mutations in this syndrome are: the 11p15 epimutation (20-60% patients) and the maternal uniparental chromosome 7 disomy present in 7% to 15% of patients. Children with SRS have severely impaired physical growth - intrauterine and after birth. This, together with the aforementioned dysmorphic features, forms the main diagnostic criteria. The study group consisted of 12 children treated with growth hormone, aged 2 to 17 (8.9±4.0 years), therein, all of whom met the phenotype diagnostic criteria by Wollmann and Price. The effects of growth hormone therapy on somatic development of these children are also presented. Height and weight improved as a result of growth hormone treatment, but the effects were significantly worse than in children with IUGR. Children from the study group presented also a smaller an improvement in growth velocity than children from the control group, but the difference was statistically insignificant. Growth hormone therapy accelerates the growth of children with SRS but to a smaller extent than the growth of children born with intrauterine growth retardation without dysmorphic features.

  9. The threshold vs LNT showdown: Dose rate findings exposed flaws in the LNT model part 1. The Russell-Muller debate

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Calabrese, Edward J.


    This paper assesses the discovery of the dose-rate effect in radiation genetics and how it challenged fundamental tenets of the linear non-threshold (LNT) dose response model, including the assumptions that all mutational damage is cumulative and irreversible and that the dose-response is linear at low doses. Newly uncovered historical information also describes how a key 1964 report by the International Commission for Radiological Protection (ICRP) addressed the effects of dose rate in the assessment of genetic risk. This unique story involves assessments by two leading radiation geneticists, Hermann J. Muller and William L. Russell, who independently argued that the report's Genetic Summary Section on dose rate was incorrect while simultaneously offering vastly different views as to what the report's summary should have contained. This paper reveals occurrences of scientific disagreements, how conflicts were resolved, which view(s) prevailed and why. During this process the Nobel Laureate, Muller, provided incorrect information to the ICRP in what appears to have been an attempt to manipulate the decision-making process and to prevent the dose-rate concept from being adopted into risk assessment practices. - Highlights: • The discovery of radiation dose rate challenged the scientific basis of LNT. • Radiation dose rate occurred in males and females. • The dose rate concept supported a threshold dose-response for radiation.

  10. Il mito di Ulisse nel romanzo del secondo Novecento: il tragico e l’antitragico in Stefano D’Arrigo e Walter Jens

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nora Moll


    Full Text Available In Twentieth Century’s Literature, the various declinations and rewritings of the Odysseus’ theme were conducted both in the tragic and the anti-tragic mode: the latter involving often, but not necessarily, the use of narrative strategies of parody. Referring to Hans Blumenberg (1979, we can speak of a constant “work on myth” that goes hand in hand with the development of postmodern poetics and elaboration of history, characterized by different narrative styles and strategies depending on the literary and cultural context in which they are inserted. Starting from one of the main theories about literary rewriting, as well as about mythopoetic and mythocritical discourse in twentieth century, this article aims to examine in a comparative perspective two novels, conceived almost at the same time in the Fifties, even if published separated by a distance of years. This is the "Mediterranean" novel Hocynus Orca (1975, by the Sicilian Stefano D'Arrigo, and Das Testament des Odysseus (1957, by the German writer Walter Jens, who is also known for his theoretical work on Greek mythology and tragedy. In these novels both authors choose the odyssean hypotext for liaising with the difficult legacy of World War II, but also to express its positioning in the contemporary world. The need to "complete" (Blumenberg the myth of Ulysses thus produces in D'Arrigo a reinterpretation of the novel in the epic and tragic way, while Jens escapes to the anti-tragic modus offering to its anti-hero a secondary way out from his own myth.

  11. An RNA Phage Lab: MS2 in Walter Fiers' laboratory of molecular biology in Ghent, from genetic code to gene and genome, 1963-1976. (United States)

    Pierrel, Jérôme


    The importance of viruses as model organisms is well-established in molecular biology and Max Delbrück's phage group set standards in the DNA phage field. In this paper, I argue that RNA phages, discovered in the 1960s, were also instrumental in the making of molecular biology. As part of experimental systems, RNA phages stood for messenger RNA (mRNA), genes and genome. RNA was thought to mediate information transfers between DNA and proteins. Furthermore, RNA was more manageable at the bench than DNA due to the availability of specific RNases, enzymes used as chemical tools to analyse RNA. Finally, RNA phages provided scientists with a pure source of mRNA to investigate the genetic code, genes and even a genome sequence. This paper focuses on Walter Fiers' laboratory at Ghent University (Belgium) and their work on the RNA phage MS2. When setting up his Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Fiers planned a comprehensive study of the virus with a strong emphasis on the issue of structure. In his lab, RNA sequencing, now a little-known technique, evolved gradually from a means to solve the genetic code, to a tool for completing the first genome sequence. Thus, I follow the research pathway of Fiers and his 'RNA phage lab' with their evolving experimental system from 1960 to the late 1970s. This study illuminates two decisive shifts in post-war biology: the emergence of molecular biology as a discipline in the 1960s in Europe and of genomics in the 1990s.

  12. Do Génio ao jogo. O papel da Técnica na Transformação dos Valores Estéticos em Walter Benjamin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nélio Rodrigues Conceição

    Full Text Available Resumo: Analisando o papel desempenhado pela questão da técnica no pensamento de Walter Benjamin, o artigo debruça-se sobre a transformação dos valores estéticos, na modernidade. As técnicas de reprodução/registo inventadas nos séculos XIX e XX, como a fotografia e o cinema, obrigaram a uma revisão das articulações entre arte, técnica e história, articulações que Benjamin desenvolveu em diversos sentidos. Contudo, não encontramos, nos seus textos, uma filosofia da técnica de princípios claramente estabelecidos. Portanto, o presente artigo visa estabelecer uma constelação de temas, os quais, brotando dos seus textos, nos permitem clarificar como a técnica influencia a transformação e a criação de valores estéticos, sendo estes entendidos como eixos em torno dos quais se dão a produção e a crítica dos fenómenos estéticos. A fotografia, constituindo um momento de viragem incisivamente estudado pelo autor, é o fio condutor das diferentes leituras. Historicidade da percepção; dimensão política da arte; sua relação com a memória; elemento de jogo: são estes os quatro eixos em torno dos quais se procura clarificar e, sempre que possível, prolongar a proposta benjaminiana.

  13. Thin-layer effects in glaciological seismic amplitude-versus-angle (AVA analysis: implications for characterising a subglacial till unit, Russell Glacier, West Greenland

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. D. Booth


    Full Text Available Seismic amplitude-versus-angle (AVA methods are a powerful means of quantifying the physical properties of subglacial material, but serious interpretative errors can arise when AVA is measured over a thinly-layered substrate. A substrate layer with a thickness less than 1/4 of the seismic wavelength, λ, is considered "thin", and reflections from its bounding interfaces superpose and appear in seismic data as a single reflection event. AVA interpretation of subglacial till can be vulnerable to such thin-layer effects, since a lodged (non-deforming till can be overlain by a thin (metre-scale cap of dilatant (deforming till. We assess the potential for misinterpretation by simulating seismic data for a stratified subglacial till unit, with an upper dilatant layer between 0.1–5.0 m thick (λ / 120 to > λ / 4, with λ = 12 m. For dilatant layers less than λ / 6 thick, conventional AVA analysis yields acoustic impedance and Poisson's ratio that indicate contradictory water saturation. A thin-layer interpretation strategy is proposed, that accurately characterises the model properties of the till unit. The method is applied to example seismic AVA data from Russell Glacier, West Greenland, in which characteristics of thin-layer responses are evident. A subglacial till deposit is interpreted, having lodged till (acoustic impedance = 4.26±0.59 × 106 kg m−2 s−1 underlying a water-saturated dilatant till layer (thickness < 2 m, Poisson's ratio ~ 0.5. Since thin-layer considerations offer a greater degree of complexity in an AVA interpretation, and potentially avoid misinterpretations, they are a valuable aspect of quantitative seismic analysis, particularly for characterising till units.

  14. Translating a Narrative of Migration: reflections and strategies towards countering xenophobic discourse in the Italian version of Russell Banks' Continental Drift

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paola Brusasco


    Full Text Available Collective identities and power relations are the result of converging projections deriving from history, geography, language, religion, memories and customs that – informed by more or less acknowledged ideologies – contribute to shaping them. Translation too, as a language interface, plays a relevant role in both representing Self and the Other and confirming or challenging power relations through various operations that include discourse shifts and a questioning of accepted meanings and practices. This paper revolves around the main strategies adopted in the translation of Russell Bank's novel Continental Drift into Italian at a time (2009-10 when political discourse in the target culture mainly constructed immigrants asan undifferentiated category threatening citizens' jobs, health and safety. Although written in 1985 and set in America around that time, the novel focuses on economic crises and tragedies of migration which evoke images of contemporary Italy and require a highly connoted lexicon. In the context of fear and social conflict promoted in Italy by the then political forces in power to justify restrictive laws, the translator envisaged herself as an “agent of social change” (Tymoczko 2003 who did not want to be complicit with such discourse. Therefore, in translating the novel, a kind of “pre-emptive critical discourse analysis” was adopted, whereby lexical items, syntactic structures and the resulting pragmatic contexts were weighed in the light of how the target text would inscribe itself in the receiving culture so as to avoid – as far as possible – resonances and associations that might support prejudice. Some of the translator's considerations and solutions will be discussed as attempts (however ideologically connoted too to avoid an a-critical use of language and find a balance between ethical issues and the “naturalness” usually required by the publishing sector.

  15. Genetic heterogeneity of patients with suspected Silver-Russell syndrome: genome-wide copy number analysis in 82 patients without imprinting defects. (United States)

    Inoue, Takanobu; Nakamura, Akie; Fuke, Tomoko; Yamazawa, Kazuki; Sano, Shinichiro; Matsubara, Keiko; Mizuno, Seiji; Matsukura, Yoshika; Harashima, Chie; Hasegawa, Tatsuji; Nakajima, Hisakazu; Tsumura, Kumi; Kizaki, Zenro; Oka, Akira; Ogata, Tsutomu; Fukami, Maki; Kagami, Masayo


    Silver-Russell syndrome (SRS) is a rare congenital disorder characterized by pre- and postnatal growth failure and dysmorphic features. Recently, pathogenic copy number variations (PCNVs) and imprinting defects other than hypomethylation of the H19 -differentially methylated region (DMR) and maternal uniparental disomy chromosome 7 have been reported in patients with the SRS phenotype. This study aimed to clarify the frequency and clinical features of patients with SRS phenotype caused by PCNVs. We performed array comparative genomic hybridization analysis using a catalog array for 54 patients satisfying the Netchine-Harbison clinical scoring system (NH-CSS) (SRS-compatible) and for 28 patients presenting with three NH-CSS items together with triangular face and/or fifth finger clinodactyly and/or brachydactyly (SRS-like) without abnormal methylation levels of 9 DMRs related to known imprinting disorders. We then investigated the clinical features of patients with PCNVs. Three of the 54 SRS-compatible patients (5.6%) and 2 of the 28 SRS-like patients (7.1%) had PCNVs. We detected 3.5 Mb deletion in 4p16.3, mosaic trisomy 18, and 3.77-4.00 Mb deletion in 19q13.11-12 in SRS-compatible patients, and 1.41-1.97 Mb deletion in 7q11.23 in both SRS-like patients. Congenital heart diseases (CHDs) were identified in two patients and moderate to severe global developmental delay was observed in four patients. Of the patients in our study, 5.6% of SRS-compatible and 7.1% of SRS-like patients had PCNVs. All PCNVs have been previously reported for genetic causes of contiguous deletion syndromes or mosaic trisomy 18. Our study suggests patients with PCNVs, who have a phenotype resembling SRS, show a high tendency towards CHDs and/or apparent developmental delay.

  16. Inhibition of secretary PLA₂--VRV-PL-VIIIa of Russell's viper venom by standard aqueous stem bark extract of Mangifera indica L. (United States)

    Dhananjaya, B L; Sudarshan, S


    The aqueous extract of Mangifera indica is known to possess anti-snake venom activities. However, its inhibitory potency and mechanism of action on multi-toxic phospholipases A2s, which are the most toxic and lethal component of snake venom is still unknown. Therefore, this study was carried out to evaluate the modulatory effect of standard aqueous bark extract of M. indica on VRV-PL-VIIIa of Indian Russells viper venom. Mangifera indica extract dose dependently inhibited the GIIB sPLA2 (VRV-PL-VIIIa) activity with an IC50 value of 6.8±0.3 μg/ml. M. indica extract effectively inhibited the indirect hemolytic activity up to 96% at ~40 μg/ml concentration. Further, M. indica extract at different concentrations (0-50 μg/ml) inhibited the edema formed in a dose dependent manner. It was found that there was no relieve of inhibitory effect of the extract when examined as a function of increased substrate and calcium concentration. The inhibition was irreversible as evident from binding studies. The in vitro inhibition is well correlated with in situ and in vivo edema inducing activities. As the inhibition is independent of substrate, calcium concentration and was irreversible, it can be concluded that M. indica extracts mode of inhibition could be due to direct interaction of components present in the extract with PLA2 enzyme. In conclusion, the aqueous extract of M. indica effectively inhibits svPLA2 (Snake venom phospholipase A2) enzymatic and its associated toxic activities, which substantiate its anti-snake venom properties. Further in-depth studies are interesting to known on the role and mechanism of the principal inhibitory constituents present in the extract, so as to develop them into potent anti-snake venom and as an anti-inflammatory agent.

  17. Level II scour analysis for Bridge 63 (MTH0TH00120063) on Town Highway 12, crossing Russell Brook, Mount Holly, Vermont (United States)

    Wild, Emily C.; Severance, Timothy


    This report provides the results of a detailed Level II analysis of scour potential at structure MTHOTH00120063 on Town Highway 12 crossing Russell Brook, Mount Holly, Vermont (figures 1–8). A Level II study is a basic engineering analysis of the site, including a quantitative analysis of stream stability and scour (FHWA, 1993). Results of a Level I scour investigation also are included in appendix E of this report. A Level I investigation provides a qualitative geomorphic characterization of the study site. Information on the bridge, gleaned from Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTAOT) files, was compiled prior to conducting Level I and Level II analyses and is found in appendix D. The site is in the Green Mountain section of the New England physiographic province in south-central Vermont. The 3.6-mi2 drainage area is in a predominantly rural and forested basin. In the vicinity of the study site, the surface cover is forest upstream and downstream of the bridge. In the study area, Russell Brook has an incised, sinuous channel with a slope of approximately 0.0263 ft/ft, an average channel top width of 29 ft and an average bank height of 3 ft. The channel bed material ranges from cobbles to boulders with a median grain size (D50) of 97.1 mm (0.318 ft). The geomorphic assessment at the time of the Level I and Level II site visit on October 4, 1995, indicated that the reach was stable. The Town Highway 12 crossing of Russell Brook is a 29-ft-long, one-lane bridge consisting of a 26-foot steel-stringer span (Vermont Agency of Transportation, written communication, March 21, 1995). The opening length of the structure parallel to the bridge face is 23.5 ft. The bridge is supported by vertical, concrete abutments with wingwalls. The channel is skewed approximately 40 degrees to the opening while the computed opening-skew-to-roadway is 35 degrees. During the Level I assessment, it was observed that the upstream left wingwall footing was exposed 0.2 ft, in reference to

  18. Yield stability in maize (Zea mays L. and correlations among the parameters of the Eberhart and Russell, Lin and Binns and Huehn models

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carlos Alberto Scapim


    Full Text Available Assessment of the stability and adaptability of a genotype to different environments is useful for recommending cultivars for known conditions of cultivation and should be a requirement in breeding programs. Twenty maize (Zea mays L. cultivars were tested at eight locations in Minas Gerais by the National Center for Maize and Sorghum Research (CNPMS of the Brazilian Enterprise for Agricultural Research (EMBRAPA for two years. The experiments involved a randomized complete block design in which three procedures were used to analyze cultivar stability and adaptability. The level of association among the parameters obtained by the three methods was assessed using Spearman's rank correlation. Hybrids 'DINA 170', 'G-96C', 'C 505', 'DINA 70' and 'C 435' had a mean yield greater than 6,000 kg/ha. Eberhart and Russell's regression coefficient (betai was negative and correlated significantly (P or = 0.05, but correlated positively with Si(1 (P O conhecimento sobre a estabilidade e adaptabilidade de comportamento de genótipos contém informações muito úteis para a recomendação de cultivares para condições de cultivo conhecidas a priori, de modo que a avaliação da resposta dos genótipos às variações ambientais deve ser etapa obrigatória em programas de melhoramento. Para caracterizar 20 cultivares de milho, foram realizados dez ensaios (oito localidades do Estado de Minas Gerais, em dois anos no delineamento de blocos ao acaso, pelo Centro Nacional de Pesquisa de Milho e Sorgo (CNPMS da Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuária (Embrapa. Três procedimentos estatísticos foram adotados para a análise da estabilidade e adaptabilidade dos cultivares e avaliou-se o grau de associação entre os parâmetros dos três métodos por meio da correlação classificatória de Spearman. 'DINA 170', 'G-96C', 'C 505', 'DINA 70' e 'C 435' destacaram-se com produtividades médias superiores a 6.000 kg/ha. O coeficiente de regressão (betai de Eberhart

  19. Passacaglia van J.S. Bach en Das Passagen-Werk van Walter Benjamin - literêre montage as mosaïekwerk in Memorandum. 'n Verhaal met skilderye (2006)


    van Vuuren, Helize


    Van Niekerk se Memorandum-narratief is 'n gedenkskrif vir die elegies-realistiese skilder, Adriaan van Zyl, wat in September 2006 sterf - soos Walter Benjamin in sy laat veertigs en insgelyks met sy kunstenaarsloopbaan onderbreek. Van Niekerk stel in Memorandum vir haarself 'n uitdagende taak (soos Wiid dit formuleer aan die begin van "Memorandum 3"): om Bach se Passacaglia en fuga in C Mineur (BWV 582) (± 1715) te "vertaal" in prosa en om 'n kleiner, Afrikaanse weergawe van Benjamin se Das P...

  20. Mead acid (20:3n-9) and n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids are not associated with risk of posterior longitudinal ligament ossification: results of a case-control study. (United States)

    Hamazaki, Kei; Kawaguchi, Yoshiharu; Nakano, Masato; Yasuda, Taketoshi; Seki, Shoji; Hori, Takeshi; Hamazaki, Tomohito; Kimura, Tomoatsu


    Ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament (OPLL) involves the replacement of ligamentous tissue with ectopic bone. Although genetics and heritability appear to be involved in the development of OPLL, its pathogenesis remains to be elucidated. Given previous findings that 5,8,11-eicosatrienoic acid [20:3n-9, Mead acid (MA)] has depressive effects on osteoblastic activity and anti-angiogenic effects, and that n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) have a preventive effect on heterotopic ossification, we hypothesized that both fatty acids would be involved in OPLL development. To examine the biological significance of these and other fatty acids in OPLL, we conducted this case-control study involving 106 patients with cervical OPLL and 109 age matched controls. Fatty acid composition was determined from plasma samples by gas chromatography. Associations between fatty acid levels and incident OPLL were evaluated by logistic regression. Contrary to our expectations, we found no significant differences between patients and controls in the levels of MA or n-3 PUFAs (e.g., eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid). Logistic regression analysis did not reveal any associations with OPLL risk for MA or n-3 PUFAs. In conclusion, no potential role was found for MA or n-3 PUFAs in ectopic bone formation in the spinal canal. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  1. Blanco White and Walter Scott Blanco white y Walter Scott

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fernando DURÁN LÓPEZ


    Full Text Available The first edition of Ivanhoe; a romance. By the author of Waverley was published in Edinburgh in 1820. From the beginning of year 1823, José María Blanco White translated several excerpts from Ivanhoe in the numbers 1-3 of the magazine Variedades, owned by the publisher Rudolph Ackermann. in these articles and other later writings, the translator praised Scott as a model for a new way of painting history in a narrative. This paper studies his ideas on Scott’s historical novel, as well as his translation technique, compared with that of José Joaquín de Mora. En 1820 se publicó en Edimburgo la primera edición de Ivanhoe; a romance. By the author of Waverley. Desde comienzos de 1823, en los tres primeros números de su revista Variedades, promovida por el editor Rudolph Ackermann, José María Blanco White tradujo varios fragmentos de Ivanhoe entre grandes elogios. Asimismo, Blanco White tomó a Scott como modelo de referencia de una nueva manera de pintar la historia por medio de la novela en otros varios escritos críticos de años posteriores. El artículo estudia las ideas de Blanco White acerca de la novela histórica de Scott y su técnica como traductor, comparada con la de José Joaquín Mora.

  2. Peer-Assisted Learning Programme: Supporting Students in High-Risk Subjects at the Mechanical Engineering Department at Walter Sisulu University

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Makala Qonda


    Full Text Available The majority of the students who enroll at the Walter Sisulu University (WSU in South Africa are not equipped with the necessary academic/learning skills to cope with the university environment, especially in Mechanical Engineering. The Department of Higher Education and Training (2013, p. 17, further states that “students’ support is crucial to ensure that students adapt to the demands of college life and that they can meet the demands of college programmes”. Particularly in South Africa, the school environment might also contribute to poor student performance as a result of insufficient student support, and a lack of facilities and resources. In order to address this gap, a Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL programme was implemented to provide support targeting high-risk subjects for at-risk students in Mechanical Engineering at WSU. The programme therefore is pro-active and student-driven in that senior students assist junior students with their academic work and learning processes. The programme is designed to encourage collaborative and cooperative learning approaches during group sessions and active student engagement to support student learning (Laal & Laal, 2012. The programme requires substantial resources and time commitments. It is important from an operational, learning, and student perspective to understand in what ways the PAL programme assists students (if at all. Eliciting the experiences of students also helps the department to design interventions from a student-centred perspective using the lens of learning theories.  This qualitative case study explores the student experience of the Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL programme. Open-ended questionnaires/survey from 20 first-year students elicited their perceptions and experiences of the PAL programme. Responses were analysed thematically. Findings indicated that the students had useful insights that may contribute to revising the programme. Aspects mentioned were improved study

  3. 7th February 2011 - Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning M. Russell MSP signing the guest book with Beams Department Head P. Collier and Adviser J. Ellis

    CERN Multimedia

    Maximilien Brice


    01-17:Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning M. Russell MSP signing the guest book with Beams Department Head P. Collier and Adviser J. Ellis 18-22: Teachers and Pupils signing the guest book 23-27: visiting the CERN control centre with P. Collier 28-32: visiting the LHCb underground area 33-74: visitng the ATLAS underground area Other members of the delegation: Chief Scientific Adviser to the Scottish Government and Chair in Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of Aberdeen A. Glover; Assistant Private Secretary M. Gallagher; Associate Director Institute for Gravitational Research, University of Glasgow J.Hough.

  4. Hugo and Russell's pharmaceutical microbiology

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Denyer, S. P; Hugo, W. B


    ... Publishing was acquired by John Wiley & Sons in February 2007. Blackwell's publishing program has been merged with Wiley's global Scientific, Technical and Medical business to form Wiley-Blackwel...

  5. HYDRAULICS, Russell COUNTY, KENTUCKY, USA (United States)

    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security — Recent developments in digital terrain and geospatial database management technology make it possible to protect this investment for existing and future projects to...

  6. Russell Brains Review of MS. (United States)

    Murray, Tj


    In 1930 there were many conflicting views on the cause, incidence, precipitating factors, inheritance and treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS). A young, London neurologist summarized the state of understanding of the disease with his personal view of many of the uncertain areas, and clarified the thinking for the neurological community at that time. Although his later career was influential in many fields of medicine, and his personal influence was extraordinary in many areas as an author, educator, administrator, opinion leader and historian, his review was an important milestone in the history of MS.

  7. In Search of Lost Community: The Literary Image between “Proust” and “Baudelaire” in Walter Benjamin’s Modernization Lament

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Karyn Ball


    Full Text Available This essay takes up the encounter between philosophy and literature through a reconsideration of Walter Benjamin’s remarks from “On Some Motifs in Baudelaire” about Henri Bergson’s Matière et mémoire as an attempt “[t]owering above” other ventures into Lebensphilosophie to “lay hold of the ‘true’ experience, as opposed to the kind that manifests itself in the standardized, denatured life of the civilized masses”. Despite his initial affirmation of Bergson’s understanding of experience as connected with tradition, Benjamin criticizes the philosopher’s account for sidestepping “the alienating, blinding experience of the age of large-scale industrialism” in reaction to which, as Benjamin insists, Bergson’s philosophy of memory developed. Yet even as Bergson shuts out the historical import of modernization, according to Benjamin, he also spotlights a “complementary” visual experience “in the form of its spontaneous afterimage”. Benjamin subsequently defines Bergson’s philosophy as “an attempt to specify this afterimage and fix it as a permanent record”, an endeavor that inadvertently “furnishes a clue to the experience which presented itself undistorted to Baudelaire’s eyes, in the figure of his reader”. If the literary critic might be viewed here as weighing in on a long-running antagonism between philosophy and literature, then his assessment is resolute: by praising the self-conscious historicity of Baudelaire’s lyric, Benjamin declares that poetry succeeds where Lebensphilosophie fails. Notably, Baudelaire is not the only figure to upstage “ahistorical” Bergson, since Marcel Proust and Sigmund Freud facilitate this victory. To contextualize the second section of “Motifs”, where Benjamin discusses the novelist’s “immanent critique of Bergson” this essay offers a reading of “On the Image of Proust” as a propadeutic to Benjamin’s privileging of “Baudelaire” over

  8. Los usos comerciales de la caricatura en Cuba: Conrado Walter Massaguer y la revista 'Cinelandia' como dispositivo para la construcción de la hegemonía del 'start system' hollywoodense en la isla

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rainer Rubira García


    Full Text Available El texto propone un análisis histórico-crítico de la evolución de la imagen visual en el marco de la cultura de masas y, en particular, de la caricatura en Cuba como dispositivo de construcción de ideología en distintas épocas. Se centra en la figura del comunicador visual Conrado Walter Massaguer y uno de sus proyectos comerciales de revista: Cinelandia, así como el contexto en que emergió. Por último se explican algunas de las estrategias discursivas utilizadas por la publicación para la consolidación de la hegemonía norteamericana en Cuba a través de las estrellas del cine de Hollywood en la década de 1920, estrategias basadas ante todo en el plano visual, en especial, en los usos ideológicos de la caricatura.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juan Horacio de Freitas


    Full Text Available If something is usually considered to be remarkable about “The origin of German tragic drama”, a book written by Walter Benjamin in order to be a postulant as a teacher at the University, is its conceptual richness and innovation. This essay tries to accomplish two objectives: On the one hand, to understand the sense of one of these notions, that of melancholy, which is so important for Benjamin both in this work and all along his philosophical production. On the other hand, an attempt is made to investigate both implicit and explicit sources used by the philosopher to refer to the term under consideration. This will lead us to deal with classic medicine authors such as Hippocrates and Galen, from the renacentist astrological ideological repertoire such as Ficino and some Freudian proposals about mourning and melancholy.

  10. A janela da palavra: uma leitura de “Famigerado”, de Guimarães Rosa, à luz do conceito de limiar, de Walter Benjamin DOI - 10.5752/P.2358-3428.2012v16n31p185

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Edson Santos de Oliveira


    Full Text Available Nosso objetivo é fazer uma leitura do conto "Famigerado", de Guimarães Rosa, a partir do conceito de limiar, conforme Walter Benjamin. Pretendemos articular esse conceito com uma das categorias estéticas mais estudadas na obra de Guimarães Rosa: a ambiguidade. Assim, o espaço de transição em que se dá a narrativa se integra ao corpo ambíguo da linguagem, possibilitando não só a emergência de chistes por parte do jagunço Damásio, como também propiciando ao personagem-narrador uma oportunidade de se equilibrar no limiar da significação. Se o conceito de limiar em Benjamin permite um pensamento por imagem, processo semelhante ocorre na escrita rosiana.  Palavras-chave: Limiar. Ambiguidade escrita. Imagem.

  11. Distracción, shock, interrupción: la recepción de Walter Benjamin en las prácticas artísticas contemporáneas


    Castellano, Tania


    Nuestra investigación parte de la intrigante expresión “recepción en la distracción” que Walter Benjamin introduce en todas las versiones del ensayo titulado “La obra de arte en la época de su reproductibilidad técnica” (1935-1939). Con ella define un nuevo modo perceptivo presente en la modernidad. Pese a que antes de este ensayo Benjamin asumiera la percepción distraída en un sentido negativo, a partir de él arroja una nueva luz sobre el término distracción y lo defiende ante sus detractore...

  12. La puesta en escena de la autenticidad. Andalucía, un siglo de fascinación, de Basilio Martín Patino, y el “materialismo histórico” en Walter Benjamin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cornago Bernal, Óscar


    Full Text Available This article explores the theatrical estrategies that documentary genre develops to create an effect of reality. For this aim it will be analyzed the Basilio Martín Patino’s production for television Andalucía, a century of fascination, a serie of five documentaries filmed from 1992 to 1996 for the public channel Canal Sur Television. These films will be compared to previous work of Martin Patino and to other critics and directors’ points of view regarding documentary genre and simulation of objetivity in visual media. As methodology it will be discus the concept of “materialist history” in Walter Benjamin.

    Este artículo explora las estrategias teatrales desarrolladas por el género documental para crear un efecto de realidad. Con este objetivo se analizará la producción para televisión de Basilio Martín Patino Andalucía, un siglo de fascinación, una serie de cinco documentales filmados entre 1992 y 1996 para la cadena pública Canal Sur Televisión. Estas películas serán comparadas con trabajos anteriores de Martín Patino y con el punto de vista de críticos y directores en relación a las prácticas documentales y la creación de un efecto de objetividad en los medios audiovisuales. Como metodología se aplicará el concepto de “historia material” desarrollado por Walter Benjamin.

  13. Hazardous Waste Minimization Assessment: Fort Meade, MD (United States)


    Aooessloo For NTIS GRA61 DTIC TAB 0 Unannounced Justiricatlon Dy Distribution/ Availabilit !Y Code$ Avail ad/or M-t Spool 2 CONTENTS Page ’SF 298 1...26 History/Geography 26 Tenants 26 Environmental Programs 26 Air Pollution Control 27 Water Pollution Control 27 Radiation...Solvmt-lausd Faints. Product Substitution - Powder Coatings 86 Solvemt.lassd Paints - Product Substitution • Water -Baud Formulations 87 Solvent-Bad

  14. Juventud, memoria y derechos en tiempos de crisis. Una reflexión desde la crítica literaria de Walter Benjamin y la generación perdida de “Historias del Kronen”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Albert Noguera Fernández


    Full Text Available A partir de la obra del crítico literario Walter Benjamin el presente artículo explica cómo la recuperación de la Memoria histórica y su conexión con el presente constituye un elemento indispensable para poder construir un proyecto político colectivo capaz de recuperar la democracia, los derechos y la justicia social hoy desmantelados con la muerte del Estado constitucional en Europa. Este objetivo implica poner sobre la mesa dos cuestiones complejas. La primera es la implicación en este proyecto de una generación de jóvenes desencantada que ha roto todos los lazos con los valores políticos y sociales de las generaciones anteriores y que construye sus referentes vitales y modelos a seguir a través del consumismo y sus imaginarios. Generación descrita muy sugerentemente por la novela, después película, Historias del Kronen. La segunda es la referida a los usos o tratamiento que hay que dar a la Memoria para convertirla en un instrumento útil para el fin planteado.

  15. "Estetização da política e politização da arte": a estética do fascismo nas obras de Walter Benjamin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rui Bragado Sousa


    Full Text Available O artigo examina a ascensão do fascismo na Alemanha a partir da estética de Walter Benjamin e propõe, ao final, um diálogo com Ernst Bloch. O método visa escapar de interpretações meramente econômicas que supostamente possibilitaram a chegada de Hitler ao poder. Procura-se um campo semântico mais vasto, dialético, como os conceitos utilizados por Benjamin como messianismo, alegoria e origem (ursprung. A “origem” é um protofenômeno no sentido teológico, quer seja ele o Paraíso ou o comunismo primitivo, uma idade edênica e igualitária na Terra. Literalmente são “saltos” para fora da continuidade histórica linear que rompem com o desenvolvimento meramente evolucionista da História. Com uma catástrofe iminente era necessário explodir o continuum da história.

  16. Sensitivity of the activated partial thromboplastin time, the dilute Russell's viper venom time, and the kaolin clotting time for the detection of the lupus anticoagulant: a direct comparison using plasma dilutions. (United States)

    Martin, B A; Branch, D W; Rodgers, G M


    Increasing dilutions of lupus anticoagulant (LA) plasmas from twelve patients were used to directly compare the sensitivity of four tests for LA. The tests evaluated were the modified Bell and Alton activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT), an APTT using a commercially prepared partial thromboplastin (Platelin LS APTT), a modified dilute Russell's viper venom time (DRVVT), and a modified kaolin clotting time (KCT). LAs were detected in all twelve plasmas by each of three tests and eleven of twelve plasmas in a fourth test when undiluted patient plasma was used. Repeating the tests after diluting the LA plasmas with normal platelet-free plasma (PFP) showed that the KCT was the most sensitive test for LA, detecting eleven of twelve LAs at a dilution of 10% patient plasma and ten of twelve LAs at a dilution of 5% patient plasma. The modified Bell and Alton APTT and the modified DRVVT had similar sensitivities at a patient plasma concentration of 10%, detecting seven of twelve and eight of twelve LAs, respectively. The Platelin LS APTT detected only four of twelve LAs at a patient plasma concentration of 10%. Our results indicate that the modified KCT is a sensitive method for the detection of LAs. The modified Bell and Alton APTT and the DRVVT were less sensitive.

  17. Le rôle de l’intertexte et du palimpseste dans la création d’une Écosse mythique dans Waverley et Rob Roy de Walter Scott

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Céline SABIRON


    Full Text Available L’Écosse des Lumières, récemment rattachée à sa puissante voisine anglaise par l’Acte d’Union de 1707, connaît une crise identitaire qui l’amène à une redéfinition de son image. Sa représentation, tant tangible, physique que mentale, nationale, passe par une réécriture de son Histoire par le mythe, ce récit imaginaire populaire ou littéraire mettant en scène des êtres surhumains et des actions remarquables qui est, selon Roland Barthes, « un discours, un système de communication, un message » (Mythologies. Ce message d’une re-construction identitaire est transmis par Walter Scott dans ses romans écossais, en particulier Waverley et Rob Roy qui dépeignent l’Écosse et ses habitants à travers les yeux naïfs d’érudits anglais. Ce portrait textuel, loin d’être un tableau réaliste, est brossé à l’aide d’une superposition d’images mythiques et littéraires, notamment dans la description des paysages des Highlands. De plus, les personnages, tel le héros populaire historique et hors-la-loi écossais Rob Roy, sont transformés, romancés, mythifiés dans ces fictions qui retracent, sous forme d’épopée, les grandes révoltes jacobites de 1715 et 1745. Enfin, le langage pictural et imagé contribue à véhiculer une vision mythique de l’Écosse. Nous chercherons donc à comprendre et à expliquer les motivations et les répercussions de ce maillage d’images fictives connues, tirées de mythes ou d’ouvrages littéraires, et tissées au moyen d’images rhétoriques au texte scottien pour créer nouveau visage écossais.Recently united to its powerful English twin sister through the 1707 Union Act, Scotland experiences a major identity crisis in the Enlightenment. Politically, religiously, and socially divided, it is led to redefine its image by rewriting history through mythology. A myth is “a speech, a system of communication, a message”, Roland Barthes explains in Mythologies. This message

  18. Academic Librarians Have Concerns about Their Role as Teachers. A Review of: Walter, Scott. “Librarians as Teachers: A Qualitative Inquiry into Professional Identity.” College and Research Libraries 69.1 (2008: 51-71.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Virginia Wilson


    the teaching role was valued.The role of teacher spilled over into the other roles of the librarian, i.e., reference service, collection development, etc. Thenext theme was the importance of collegial and administrative support, which is critical to the ability to focus on work as a teacher. The stress of multiple demands emerged as a theme, as time dedicated to teaching was often at the expense of something else. Another theme was the problems with professional education around teaching. Instruction course offerings in library schools were reported to be meagre, and some were badly planned and executed. The fifth theme involved stereotypes and misperceptions. Studies have shown that the academic library profession has been poorly understood by students and faculty. Study participants believed that many of their campus colleagues were either unaware of what they did, or were misinformed by popular culture stereotypes of librarians.Conclusions – The small sample size precluded the making of any definite conclusions based on the study results. Other limitations of the study include the relatively short amount of time spent in the interview process and the narrow range of librarians chosen to participate. The author notes that a subject pool more representative of academic librarians’ full range of opinions regarding the importance of teaching as a professional responsibility would have resulted in more complex themes emerging. While the author is aware of the study’s limitations, he feels there is value in the qualitative research design, in giving voice to individual librarians, and in the provision of insight into some of the research questions found in the literature of learning to teach and of teacher identity. Given the limitations, Walter makes three conclusions about his findings. He points out the lack of a formal introduction to teaching in many library programs which has been explored by other studies and concludes that his study “suggests that

  19. Integrating Operational Energy Implications into System-Level Combat Effects Modeling: Assessing the Combat Effectiveness and Fuel Use of ABCT 2020 and Current ABCT (United States)


    Endy M. Daehner, John Matsumura, Thomas J. Herbert , Jeremy R. Kurz, Keith Walters Integrating Operational Energy Implications into System-Level... George Guthridge, and Megan Corso for their clear guid- ance and assistance throughout the study. We also received valuable information and insights from...helped with processing modeling and simulation outputs. Laura Novacic and Donna Mead provided invaluable administrative assistance and help with

  20. The Walter Reed performance assessment battery. (United States)

    Thorne, D R; Genser, S G; Sing, H C; Hegge, F W


    This paper describes technical details of a computerized psychological test battery designed for examining the effects of various state-variables on a representative sample of normal psychomotor, perceptual and cognitive tasks. The duration, number and type of tasks can be customized to different experimental needs, and then administered and analyzed automatically, at intervals as short as one hour. The battery can be run on either the Apple-II family of computers or on machines compatible with the IBM-PC.

  1. The essayistic style of Walter Benjamin


    Ceserani, Remo


    Članek obravnava tipični esejistični stil Walterja Benjamina. Za vse žanre njegovega pisanja je značilna alegoričnost in surrealističnost s skritimi ter zasebnimi (in esejističnimi) pomeni, a tudi s preroško halucinatorično napetostjo.

  2. Attache Extraordinaire: Vernon A. Walters and Brazil (United States)


    Intelligence College (NDIC), instituição de ensino ligada ao Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), que, dentre outras atribuições, coordena o sistema ...personagem central de eventos. Ele soube aproveitar as singulares oportunidades surgidas com a Segunda Guerra e com o sistema ideológico que ela engendrou...inteligência. Ele foi um soldado-diplomata, nas palavras de Roberto Campos,7 operando no campo de batalha invisível da 4 Gladwell desenvolve uma teoria em

  3. Alvarez, Luis Walter (1911-88) (United States)

    Murdin, P.


    Physicist and astronomer, born in San Francisco, CA, professor at the University of California, Nobel prizewinner (1968) for his discoveries in particle physics. Used cosmic rays to `x-ray' the pyramids of Egypt, finding in particular that the tombs in the Great Pyramid at Giza had no hidden rooms. Alvarez (and his son) discovered globally distributed iridium at the Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary i...

  4. Paterson Receives 2004 Walter H. Bucher Medal (United States)

    Jackson, Ian


    Mervyn S. Paterson received the Bucher Medal at the 2004 Fall Meeting Honors Ceremony on 15 December, in San Francisco, California. The medal is given for original contributions to the basic knowledge of the crust and lithosphere. Citation. It is the nature of modern research in the Earth sciences that observations of natural phenomena are often made and interpreted through the prism provided by the enabling sciences and technologies. Thus it has been with Mervyn Paterson's career. His undergraduate training in engineering in Adelaide formed the basis for his Ph.D. study of X-ray line-broadening in cold-worked metals under Orowan at Cambridge. This interest in the deformation of metals was fostered during his employment at the Aeronautical Research Laboratories in Melbourne and by postdoctoral experience at the Institute of Metals at the University of Chicago. Mervyn's general background in engineering and his particular interest in mechanical behavior have underpinned a distinguished career at the Australian National University in the experimental deformation of rocks, providing fundamental new insight into the mechanical behavior of the Earth's crust.


    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Geller, Margaret J.; Kurtz, Michael J.; Diaferio, Antonaldo


    Redshift surveys are a powerful tool of modern cosmology. We discuss two aspects of their power to map the distribution of mass and light in the universe: (1) measuring the mass distribution extending into the infall regions of rich clusters and (2) applying deep redshift surveys to the selection of clusters of galaxies and to the identification of very large structures (Great Walls). We preview the HectoMAP project, a redshift survey with median redshift z = 0.34 covering 50 deg 2 to r = 21. We emphasize the importance and power of spectroscopy for exploring and understanding the nature and evolution of structure in the universe.

  6. A new Russell model for selecting suppliers

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Azadi, Majid; Shabani, Amir; Farzipoor Saen, Reza


    Recently, supply chain management (SCM) has been considered by many researchers. Supplier evaluation and selection plays a significant role in establishing an effective SCM. One of the techniques that can be used for selecting suppliers is data envelopment analysis (DEA). In some situations, to

  7. PV Module Reliability Workshop | Photovoltaic Research | NREL (United States)

    Gok, Cara Fagerholm, David M. Burns, Timothy J. Peshek, Laura S. Bruckman, Roger H. French Backsheet Chen, C. H. Hsueh, W. J. Hsieh Accurately Measuring PV Power Loss Due to Soiling-Michael Gostein and Walters, Stephen Barkaszi Tracking PV Changes: Bridging Between Thin-Film Cells and Modules-Russell

  8. G. H. Mead in the History of Sociological Ideas


    Silva, Filipe Carreira da


    My aim is to discuss the history of the reception of George Herbert Mead’s ideas in sociology. After discussing the methodological debate between presentism and historicism, I address the interpretations of those responsible for Mead’s inclusion in the sociological canon: Herbert Blumer, Jürgen Habermas, and Hans Joas. In the concluding section, I as- sess these reconstructions of Mead’s thought and suggest an alternative more consistent with my initial methodological remarks. In particular, ...



    Mustafa Kınağ


    Klasik Amerikan pragmatistlerinden George Herbert Mead’a göre benlik, ne salt zihinden ibarettir, ne de ontolojik çatallaşmayı içerir. O, bunun yerine sadece analitik bir ayrım olarak benliği (self) özne benlik (I) ve nesne benlik (me) olarak ifade eder. Ancak ne özne benliği nesne benlik olmaksızın, ne de nesne benliği özne benlik olmaksızın düşünebiliriz. Özne benlik, doğrudan deneyimlerimizde kendisini göstermez, eylemin gerçekleşmesinden sonra biliş alanına girer. O, haf...

  10. Mead, Habermas, and Levinas: Cultivating Subjectivity in Education for Democracy (United States)

    Zhao, Guoping


    For several decades education has struggled to find a way out of the entanglement of modernity, the premises and assumptions under which modern education has operated. According to Robin Usher and Richard Edwards, modern education, as the "dutiful child of the Enlightenment," has been "allotted a key role in the forming and shaping…

  11. 36 CFR 7.48 - Lake Mead National Recreation Area. (United States)


    ... manufacturing of two-stroke engines. A person operating a personal watercraft that meets the EPA 2006 emission standards through the use of direct-injection two-stroke or four-stroke engines, or the equivalent thereof...

  12. Protocolo de manejo de suspeita de infecção viral de vias respiratórias em pacientes com neoplasia hematológica do serviço de hematologia e transplante de medula óssea do Hospital Universitário Walter Cantídio (HUWC

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Élida Lívia Rafael Dantas


    Full Text Available Infecção respiratória viral é causa significativa de morbi-mortalidade em paciente com doenças hematológicas. Deve ser suspeitado sempre que houver sintomas como coriza, obstrução nasal, odinofagia, tosse e dispnéia e deve-se seguir à identificação viral, quando possível. Os casos podem ser classificados como possível, provável ou confirmado. E observando-se o risco de progressão da infecção para vias aéreas inferiores, o diagnóstico deve ser precoce e as medidas terapêuticas específicas aos vírus bem como medidas de controle da infecção no ambiente hospitalar devem ser prontamente tomadas. O presente trabalho visa descrever um protocolo de manejo da infecção viral de vias respiratórias em pacientes com neoplasia hematológica dentro do Serviço de Hematologia e Transplante de medula do Hospital Universitário Walter Cantídio.

  13. How America Saved Italy and the World (United States)


    resources/ herbert -hoover-great- depression-and-new-deal-1931%E2%80%931933. Kennan, George writing as X. “The Sources of Soviet Conduct,” in Foreign Affairs... George C. Marshall provided $13 billion in aid to rebuild European countries following World War II.24 The plan was also a natural outgrowth of a long...every nation a healthy peacetime life for its inhabitants – 118 Walter Mead , Special

  14. Heinrich Schenker, Walter Dahms, and the Music of the South

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Koslovsky, John


    In recent years scholars have made great strides in contextualizing the theories of Heinrich Schenker (18681935) within the politics and culture of the interwar period. Many of Schenker’s closest pupils and disciples have now also come under investigation. Few present as bewildering a story as

  15. TÜ vilistlane ja polaaruurija Herman Walter / Erki Tammiksaar

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Tammiksaar, Erki, 1969-


    Eduard Gustav von Tolli poolt juhitud polaarekspeditsioonil 1901. aastal surnud ja Kotelnõi saarele maetud arsti Herman Walteri säilmete ümbermatmisest ning tema isiklike esemete annetamisest Tartu Ülikooli Ajaloomuuseumile

  16. Walter Schmithals: His contribution to the theological and historical ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Jul 10, 2010 ... A serious need exists amongst students and other persons for a pointer in .... bridge the gap in time, the past reality must become real again. The potential for ...... but the superpowers arm themselves to survive. Peace in the.

  17. O olho e a mão: Walter Gropius


    Rodrigo Mendes de Souza


    Os estatutos, programas, disciplinas e exercícios dos alunos do curso preliminar da Bauhaus Vorkurs sob diretoria de W. Gropius são analisados neste trabalho a partir das teorias da Puravisualidade Sichtbarkeit e da Objetividade Sachlichkeit. Autores como K. Fiedler, A. Riegl, H. Wölfflin, entre outros, estabelecem as divisas da primeira corrente estética. A segunda, expressa por G. Semper, é usualmente associada à Bauhaus devido à sua abordagem da função. O objetivo é mostrar que, para uma c...

  18. [Walter Matthias Diggelmann--the healing effect of story telling]. (United States)

    Schmid, H J


    "Stories are weapons against disease" wrote Swiss writer WM Diggelmann (1927-1979). In writing stories he hoped to counteract the lethal course of his cancer. In the past it had helped him to overcome destitution and social disgrace and had given him identity. His last story Walking on the Island of St. Margaret is a ritual which conjures up an intact future by celebrating the past. Stories try to explain the world. They inform or clarify emotions. In telling stories, doctors and nurses demonstrate sympathy and understanding. Perhaps even greater benefits might be derived from patients telling their own stories. In doing so they emerge as individuals and give their lives purpose. Language is more than communication: it is shelter, link, home, ritual. Storytelling helps patients cope with their diseases. It is not clear whether this or any technique of psychotherapy has any effect upon the course of cancer.

  19. Double-diffusive convection of compressible rotating Walters' (B ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Mathematical Formulation of the Problem and Perturbation Equations ...... Rayleigh number for the onset of instability via a state of pure oscillations, it suffices to find conditions for which ..... Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.

  20. Walter Sutton and the Chromosome Theory of Heredity

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    and played basketball, a young sport hardly ten-years-old started by D r. Jam es N ... course ofthese studies that Sutton m ade the im portant connection betw een ... his tw o sem inalpapers in 1902 and 1903 in the journal B iological B ulletin.

  1. Spine Research at Walter Reed Army Medical Center

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Kuklo, Timothy


    .... This can often result in spinal trauma as a cause of back pain and back problems. Treatment of these spinal injuries may allow for return to duty of some of these soldiers when treated in an optimal fashion...

  2. Der Internationale Menschenrechtsschutz zwischen Konstitutionalisierung und Fragmentierung / Christian Walter

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Walter, Christian


    Inimõiguste rahvusvahelisest kaitsest; inimõiguste ja põhivabaduste kaitse konventsioonist ning Euroopa Inimõiguste Kohtu praktikast riigisisese õiguse aspektist; Liidu Halduskohtu avalike teenistujate streigikeelu lahendist (27.02.2014)


    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security — The Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map (DFIRM) Database depicts flood risk information and supporting data used to develop the risk data. The primary risk...

  4. Outburst flood evolution at Russell Glacier, western Greenland

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Carrivick, Jonathan L.; Turner, Andy G.D.; Russell, Andrew J.


    Glacial lake outburst floods have produced a distinctive and widespread Quaternary record both onshore and offshore via widespread and intense geomorphological impacts, yet these impacts remain poorly understood due to a lack of modern analogues. This study therefore makes a systematic quantifica...... of including intermediary lakes. Modern hazard mitigation studies could usefully note the potential use of reservoirs as an outburst flood alleviation resource.......Glacial lake outburst floods have produced a distinctive and widespread Quaternary record both onshore and offshore via widespread and intense geomorphological impacts, yet these impacts remain poorly understood due to a lack of modern analogues. This study therefore makes a systematic...... quantification of the evolution of a bedrock-channelled outburst flood. Channel topography was obtained from digitised aerial photographs, a 5 m grid resolution DEM and bathymetric surveys. Flood inundation was measured in the field from dGPS measurements. Flood evolution was analysed with application...

  5. An African appreciation of the Russell-Einstein Manifesto

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Dippenaar, N.


    The deadly nature of nuclear weapons, their devastating effects, both immediate and long term, oblige the whole mankind to work hard in achievement of nuclear-weapon-free world. African attitude in spite of its fair share of examples what horror and hopelessness war can lead to, is to proceed to do all possible to eradicate nuclear weapons from our world, pour all the energy and human resources into finding peaceful means to overcome the differences, and work towards a sustainable, more equitable world

  6. Historical Investigations of the Richard B. Russell Multiple Resource Area. (United States)


    period of this project as a contemporary c~lebration and a reiteration of an ancient folk construction, Stonehenge . Appropriately, as this document goes to...55, 56m, 59m, 64m, 65-68, 71- Stonehenge 216 72, 75-76, 79-84, 84m, 91, 94- Sutch, Richard 20 95, 100, lOlm, 102, 103, 121m, Swift, James Y. 195 126

  7. Outburst flood evolution at Russell Glacier, western Greenland

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Carrivick, Jonathan; Russell, Andrew; Ingeman-Nielsen, Thomas


    of the evolution of a bedrockchannelled outburst flood. Channel topography was obtained from digitised aerial photographs, a 5m grid resolution DEM and bathymetric surveys. Flood inundation was measured in the field from dGPS measurements. Flood evolution was analysed with application of a numerical model. Novel...... to considerable flow recirculation during the rising stage of the flood, and after overtopping of the outlet are moderated in terms of peak discharge; (ii) may have a limited geomorphological impact if sediment supply due to antecedent geomorphological activity is limited; (iii) can have kinematic waves...... that are introduced to a flood via hydraulic ponding and these waves most likely account for distinctive ‘hydropeaking’, (iv) can have a hydrograph that evolves in shape down channel and through time in a complex manner dependant on channel topography, and (v) may develop a partitioning of flow regimes...

  8. George Herbert Mead, Curriculum Theorist: The Curriculum Field and the Problem of Social Control. (United States)

    Franklin, Barry M.

    This paper is one of three presented at a symposium intended to suggest how historical studies of the curriculum field can aid in identifying alternative perspectives to the prevailing scientific-technical perspective, an orientation that has dominated the curriculum field since its inception as a formal area of study. This paper contends that…

  9. Introducing adapted Nelder & Mead's downhill simplex method to a fully automated analysis of eclipsing binaries


    Prsa, A.; Zwitter, T.


    Eclipsing binaries are extremely attractive objects because absolute physical parameters (masses, luminosities, radii) of both components may be determined from observations. Since most efforts to extract these parameters were based on dedicated observing programs, existing modeling code is based on interactivity. Gaia will make a revolutionary advance in shear number of observed eclipsing binaries and new methods for automatic handling must be introduced and thoroughly tested. This paper foc...

  10. Appendices for Fort George G. Meade Active Sanitary Landfill and Clean Fill Dump Remedial Investigation Report (United States)


    3O VLYqq Time: P7 /0 Well Condition.: Well Diameter (inches): L4 U Odor (describe): Sounding Method: tW L= . . Measurement Reference: ’TOC Pv Stick... acca (f:):~ (=in)-__ --- 13.10 L AP Siium i=; ’are: _______________ Commane n ds Cbserwvuic-n: ______________________ 507 31 ,;IL 3: iL8.15 ’a~~l !o

  11. Environmental Impact Statement Addressing Campus Development at Fort George Meade, Maryland (United States)


    Dumetella carolinensis), mockingbird (Mimus polyglyottos), Carolina chickadee (Poecile carolinensis), Carolina wren (Thryothorus ludovicianus), house wren...regulations, the MBTA makes it unlawful to pursue, hunt, take, capture, or kill ; attempt to take, capture or kill ; possess, offer to sell, barter...foreign country, any bird, part, nest, or egg that was captured, killed , taken, shipped, transported, or carried contrary to the laws from where it was

  12. A User's Guide to the Meade LXD55 and LXD75 Telescopes

    CERN Document Server

    Peston, Martin


    A comprehensive introductory guide to "choosing and using" an LXD55/75 computer-controlled "Goto" series of telescopes. It is suitable for both beginners and more advanced practical amateur astronomers. It brings together the information needed to help owners get the best out of their LXD telescopes

  13. Nohl, Durkheim, and Mead: Three Different Types of "History of Education" (United States)

    Oelkers, Jurgen


    Historiography of education is not only a question of construction but also of selection. In 19th century "history of education" was typically a genre of "great educators", mostly male and only marginally female. This construct is influential up to now, at least in popular contexts of educational reasoning. The article…

  14. Evaluation of JULES-crop performance against site observations of irrigated maize from Mead, Nebraska


    Williams, Karina; Gornall, Jemma; Harper, Anna; Wiltshire, Andy; Hemming, Debbie; Quaife, Tristan; Arkebauer, Tim; Scoby, David


    The JULES-crop model (Osborne et al., 2015) is a parameterisation of crops within the Joint UK Land Environment Simulator (JULES), which aims to simulate both the impact of weather and climate on crop productivity and the impact of crop-lands on weather and climate. In this evaluation paper, observations of maize at three FLUXNET sites in Nebraska (US-Ne1, US-Ne2, US-Ne3) are used to test model assumptions and make appropriate input parameter choices. JULES runs are performed for the irrigate...

  15. Fort George G. Meade Active Sanitary Landfill and Clean Fill Dump, Remedial Investigation Report

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library


    ...) and a Site Inspection at the inactive Clean Fill Dump (CFD) sites. The objective of the ASL study involved obtaining additional data to evaluate the potential environmental impacts associated with the landfill operations...

  16. Fort Meade, Baltimore, Maryland. Revised Uniform Summary of Surface Weather Observations (RUSSWO). (United States)


    1 1___.o .2 TOTAL NUMBER OF OBSERVATIONS 82 5 USAFETAC ’oRA 0-8 5 (OL.I) PALvious [ DION $ OF TIS IORM ARE OBSOLETE)UL 64 .- -, . - ; I ’~~ ~ - - -*’V...i ]’ 059 .q -a.. i) 1 ./.,C4 I Eel celin v~ues ndnenen ofv’.ibii~vundr ci~u-,n- igh " , 4 . nea4>O 1 Fo ins,_ne, fo~a he able ’"A- ,s..n > 150 fet

  17. Nietzsche, Walter Benjamin, Guimarães Rosa: uma ideia de história = Nietzsche, Walter Benjamin, Guimarães Rosa: an idea of History

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Roncari, Luiz


    Full Text Available Estudo da obra Corpo de baile, de Guimarães Rosa buscando perceber como a dispersão das personagens da primeira estória, seus reagrupamentos nas novelas intermediárias e a reintegração final, formam as ranhuras que amarravam o conjunto. Além de analisar como esses elementos de composição, que sustentam a unidade do livro, têm também um fundo ideológico, ou seja, apresentam uma visão da história e uma concepção da vida e do mundo

  18. Walter Benjamin Confidente de Adorno e Horkheimer na Dialetica do Esclarecimento (Walter Benjamin, Confidant of Adorno and Horkheimer in the Dialectic of the Enlightenment). (United States)

    Pucci, Bruno


    Explains that Benjamin, Adorno, and Horkheimer developed philosophical and aesthetic experiences concerning topics of the moment based on similar presuppositions and ideas. Approaches two areas within the confidentiality shared by the interliniation of the Dialectic of the Enlightenment: critique of history as progress and education of the senses.…

  19. Establishment of a Separate Psychology Service at Walter Reed Army Medical Center (United States)


    Service report (Mleling, 1982) interviewed many military clinical psychologi-sts, optometrists, pharmacists , podiatrists, and physician assistants. There...Psychology x 7, Referrals back to Psychiatry x 8, Timely Psychology QA Minutes X 9. Assessment Response timeliness X Uti lization 10. Supply costs X 11

  20. Die koop-en-verkoopooreenkoms gefinansier deur 'n polis as boedelbeplanningsinstrument / Richard Walter Combrink


    Combrink, Richard Walter


    There are real uncertainty about the interpretation of section 3(3)(a)(1A) of the Estate Duty Act when the buy-and-sell agreement comes to mind. The uncertainty started with the definition of "person" in the Estate Duty Act, because the trust was not so commonly used at the time when the act came into force. Unfortunately the trust doesn't fall under the definition of "person" and therefore cannot qualify for the estate duty benefit. The big question arises whether the insur...

  1. Walter Reed Army Institute of Research Annual Progress Report Fiscal Year 1983 (United States)


    has been whole rickettsiae derived either from emhryonated yolk sacs or primary chick embryo tisque riilture calls inactivated by gamma irradiation...Prcqress Primary chi ck embryo cell c il tur.ý derived Rickettsla tsqutsigamthsbi was partially purified by a series of differential centriftgations...8,10). The question of uptake, destiny , location and fate of R. tsutsugameshi is both infected and uninfected chigger Tines has not been studied by

  2. Figure dell’assenza tra Salomon Maimon, Emmanuel Lévinas e Walter Benjamin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Massimiliano Polari


    Full Text Available This text intends to propose a theoretical reflection on the path proposed by Salomon Maimon and Emmanuel Levinas, inspired by the philosophical aporie of the dialogue Parmenides of Plato on the theme of exaìphnes. Certainly both in the reflection of Levinas and in the reflection of Maimon acts a strongly Jewish force, that inspire our themes: Maimon for the complete resolution of the empirical in the intellect can take place only in the promised land of the infinite, for Levinas, the chiasm between the absolutely Other, which manifests itself escaping at the same time in the face of the other calls us continually to make exodus from ourselves. In the concrete, in that, which has no place, in the break, in the absence, in the discontinuity und in the highly contingent there is the element, that is the true transcendental mediation-element that binds reality, not in the categories of the intellect that provide us only a reality, that is valid for the our perception and objective representation or for a posthumous, fictitious facts. As tertium non datur between these two positions - the infinite intellect of Maimon und the perennial exodus from themselves in Lévinas – we intend to take an absent place of the xynòn or of the absent with (cum, that combines with a paradoxical blending the absolute nominalism of Hume with the world of Plato's ideas: the place of a absurd, absent homeland.

  3. Walter Reed Army Institute of Research Annual Progress Report, Fiscal Year 1981. (United States)


    erythrocytes. American Society of Nephrology (14th Annual Meeting). Articles Published, In Press or In Review 1. Webster HK, Haut MJ, Martin assessed by determining the extent of sequence variation in inmunologically unique variant-specific surface coat glycoproteina Peptide mapping of...Weissman, W.: Cholinergic Stimulated Ca+4 - Uptake and cGMP Formation in Human Red Blood Cells. Research 29, 1981. Articles Published, In Press or

  4. Vaba ruum raamatukaante vahel ja konverentsisaalis / Mark Foster Cage, Walter Nicolino, Mario Carpo

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Biennaali ametliku avamisprogrammi raames toimunud sümpoosionil räägiti arhitektuuri puudutavate tegurite muutumisest ühiskondlikus olukorras. Eesti ekspositsiooni kuraatorite kutsel tulid ettekannete autorid Teatro Piccolo Arsenales kokku, et vestelda digitaalsest arhitektuurist

  5. La Bella Durmiente y el motivo del despertar de la juventud en el Walter Benjamin temprano

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mariela Silvana Vargas


    Full Text Available El objetivo de este artículo es analizar la imagen del despertar como ‘despertar de la juventud’ en La Bella Durmiente (1911, el primer texto teórico de Benjamin y mostrar que esta figura no está exenta de una profunda ambigüedad y de contradicciones propias de su ‘metafísica de la juventud’. La juventud, como el sujeto capaz de llevar a cabo transformaciones sociales radicales debe ser, como la Bella Durmiente, despertada por otro. Esta paradójica pasividad marcaría el destino del Jugendbewegung.

  6. Walter Reed Army Institute of Research Annual Progress Report for Fiscal Year 1983 (United States)


    These secretions cause ever increasing distension of the bowel. Additionally, these loops have never been exposed to nutrients. This disuse may...resulting neuro- muscular block causes such effects as weakness and fasciculation. The accumulation of acetylcholine is thought to cause the persistent

  7. John Dewey's Pragmatic Ethics and "Manipulation": A Response to Walter Feinberg and Clarence Karier. (United States)

    Pyong, Gap Min


    Dewey's emphasis on the individual as the determiner for moral judgments and his consideration of the general welfare as the standard is the focus for argument against the interpretation that his ethical theory supports the possibility of the manipulation of the masses by liberal reformers. (JN)

  8. Walter Warner (ca.1557-1643) and his notes on Animal Organisms

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Prins, Johannes Lambertus Maria


    As opposed to most of his contemporaries, Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) assumed that all phenomena could be explained in terms of matter in motion. All the more intriguing is his suggestion that what he wrote came out of his own head. Yet, already during his lifetime he was accused of having taken

  9. The Perspective of the Staff Regarding Facility Revitalization at Walter Reed Army Medical Center

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Baker, Jimmy G


    ...). The response rate for the questionnaire was 40.69%, Analysis of collected data revealed that most respondents believe major facility revitalization must occur at WRAMC, staff awareness of the Master Facility Plan is lacking and staff education...

  10. Centralized Outpatient Education Center for Patients with Diabetes at Walter Reed Army Medical Center (United States)


    rated into the study where appropriate. Interviews with education coordinators from nonmilitary diabetes treatment facilities were evaluated and...personnel were evaluated to determine the acceptance of the concept of an outpatient education center for diabetic patients. 12 The data from the...step was to evaluate the data from 100 outpatients to ascertain the degree of acceptance of an outpatient education center for diabetic patients. The

  11. Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, DC Annual Progress Report FY-89. Volume 2. Part 1 (United States)


    stew , 15 lamb liver cubes, and 250 cc of water, each labeled with 50 uCu of 99m Technesium sulfur-colloid. The patients lay on the left and right side...meal of commercial beef stew and a liquid radionuclide are ingested. Patients are monitored for 20 minutes in the recumbent position by Nuclear Medicine

  12. Language, Experience and Professional Learning (What Walter Benjamin Can Teach Us) (United States)

    Doecke, Brenton; Pereira, Iris Susana Pires


    This essay raises questions about how language educators might construct and further develop their epistemology of practice in and through the situations in which they work from day to day. The occasion for this paper is our work as guest editors of a special issue of "L-1: Educational Studies in Language and Literature," when we invited…

  13. Kunstiteos oma mehhaanilise reprodutseeritavuse ajastul / Walter Benjamin ; tõlkinud Mati Sirkel

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Benjamin, Walter, 1892-1940


    Analüüsitakse kuidas kunstiteose repro ja filmikunst avaldavad tagasimõju kunstile tema traditsioonilisel kujul. Kunstiteose ehtsusest, selle olemusest, kultusväärtusest ja eksponeerimisväärtusest, koopia eelistest aga ka destruktiivsusest, eriti filmikunsti puhul kultuuripärandi traditsiooniväärtuse kaotamisel. Foto ja maalikunsti, teatri ja filmi erinevusest, eksponeerimisviisi muutumisest reproduktsioonitehnika läbi, mis muudab masside retseptsiooni - kunst versus meelelahutus

  14. Experience in the Very Moment of Writing: Reconsidering Walter Benjamin's Theory of Mimesis (United States)

    Tsuji, Atsuko


    The purpose of this paper is to examine the ateleological moment of learning through imitation. In general, we can learn something new through imitating models we are given, which embody the values of our own society, culture and institutions. This means that imitation is understood in terms of the representation or reproduction of original…

  15. Walter Gropius en la Wießenhofsiedlung. Dos prototipos de viviendas industriualizadas


    Caballero Cortés, Matías


    [ESP] En 1927 Gropius presenta las viviendas 16 y 17 en la colonia experimental de Stuttgart, primer punto de encuentro de los representantes de la nueva arquitectura y preludio del primer CIAM. Mies van der Rohe, director artístico de la exposición, marca unas directrices mínimas para enfocar el tema de la vivienda moderna. Se permite la experimentación con técnicas y materiales nuevos pero espacio y forma tienen prioridad. Sin embargo, Gropius lleva al límite la experimentación, probando...

  16. Walter Lorenz – Wegbegleiter und Orientierungspunkt in der interkulturellen Sozialen Arbeit

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)


    Full Text Available First meeting, common interests and ways together The European Centre for Social Welfare, Training and Research situated in Vienna, was our first meeting place. W. Lorenz was interested in the international comparison of the different concepts and perspectives of social welfare problems in the European countries and the different developments in the training of social professions in Europe. The challenge of intercultural, antiracist social work in the context of Erasmus-Intensive Seminars To organize an intensive seminar with the aim to train students and colleagues for intercultural and antiracist competence in social professions, we formed an European network of European universities and schools of s.w. in Vienna (VIENNET, with the support of ECCE (European Centre of Community Education in Koblenz. “The group discovered that working on these issues in an international context raises issues of ‘difference’ with renewed acuteness”(cit. W. Lorenz. We learned to cope with a variety of differences: biographical, language, theoretical and institutional backgrounds and discourse traditions. A Venue for an Intensive Seminar In choosing a venue for an Intensive Seminar we were relatively free. We locked for a place, “one dream about”, to support in the best way our seminar aims, to promote a base built on knowledge, skills and values particularly in the area of inner/outer borders, disadvantage, ignorance, minorities, majorities, vulnerable groups, racism and xenophobia. In a small village in Burgenland (Austria, very close to the Hungarian border, we thought to have found it. Future Prospect Are we only representatives of our background institutions or did we act and exposed ourselves as persons with a very specific biography and training experience. Can we sustain this created network, as a network of experts and friends in the field of intercultural, antiracist social work? This question is still open.

  17. Avalik kiri Vladimir Iljaševitšile / Hannes Walter

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Walter, Hannes, 1952-2004


    Vastukaja Olev Miili artiklile "Faktid väljamõeldiste vastu" (Õhtuleht, 22. juuni, 1988). Olev Miili pseudonüümi all kirjutas KGB töötaja Vladimir Iljaševitš, kes 1988. aasta aprillis avaldas üleliidulise uudisteagentuuri APN ajakirjas Globus artikli, milles õigustas ja põhjendas nõukogude võimu poolt Eestis sooritatud küüditamisi

  18. Francis E. Walter Dam and Reservoir Project, Water Quality Data Report (RCS-DAEN-CWE-15). (United States)


    downstream, as well as within, the lake. Analysis of these samples rives an understanding of the effect of the lake on water quality: • . The...regulation, are available for analysis . Water quality data;I (temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, pH, phosphorous, total dissolved solids...depresses the pH following a rain storm. If the source of tre acid water is Fhallow lakes and swamps~lignin and tannin concentrations would be high

  19. Walter Reed Army Institute of Research Annual Progress Report, Fiscal Year 1984 (United States)


    Caracterizagao de estoques de Leishmania isolados de cio e de roedor (Proechimys inheringi denigratus) da regio sudeste da Bahia , atraves de anticorpos...monoclonais. XX Congresso da Soc. Brasileira de Medir.ina Tropical, Salvador, Bahia . Hembree, S. 1984. Malaria diagnosis, culture and drug sensitivity...SUBJECT AREAS I 1k. 0613 Microbiolo)gy 0603 Biology 13 START DATE 1A. ESTIMATED COMPLETIONcOATE I5. PUNOING ORGANIZATION 𔄀. PERFORMANCE METHOO 82 10 1

  20. Walter Benjamin y los pasajes de París: el abordaje metodológico

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniel Hiernaux-Nicolas


    la imagen dialéctica, el recurso a los "desechos o harapos" de la sociedad, la valorización del análisis del objeto material para reconstruir épocas pasadas, etc. Su obra y su vida misma se constituyen así en un referente de primer orden para definir senderos de investigación en la actualidad.

  1. Walter Kohn and the Rise of Condensed Matter Physics T V ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Ramakrishnan T V

    Condensed Matter Physics: ( Physics of condensed matter, which is mostly solid, ... The nature and description of electronic states in solids. ( also with coulomb ... materials, molecular complexes, etc.. (Chemistry, biology, materials science….).

  2. Formative Education: To Walter Asmus in Honor of his 85th Birthday. (United States)

    Geissler, Erich E.


    Reflects upon Johan F. Herbart's pedagogical theory of formative education, finding evidence of its acceptance today. Notes, however, that educators are not content with allowing students to translate their learning in an independent fashion, but add forms of social learning to Herbart's conception. (KO)

  3. 'Los avisadores del fuego': Franz Rosenzweig, Walter Benjamin y Franz Kafka


    Mate, M. Reyes; Mayorga, Juan


    Hubo pensadores que supieron leer en su tiempo signos de la catástrofe venidera. No eran profetas sino finos analistas. Nos referimos a Rosenzweig, Benjamin y Kafka. Rosenzweig denunció en el "idealismo" de la filosofía que viene desde Jonia y llega hasta Jena la tendencia a un totalitarismo que la convertía en potencialmente en una "ontología de la guerra". Benjamin dejó constancia de la ambigüedad radical del concepto de progreso, tan fundamental para el pensamiento ilustrado. La barbarie, ...

  4. �Telling a past, dreaming a future� (Walter Brueggemann - Die essensie van die narratiewe pastoraat

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    J. C. M�ller


    Full Text Available �Telling a past, dreaming a future� - The essence of narrative pastoral counsellingThe article examines the possibilities of negotiating the double movement created by living towards the future and dreaming out of the future into the present. Story telling in the pastoral environment is suggested as a means of bringing together the past and the expected future. A circular approach to time can help immensely by bringing together past and future in a meaningful way. This becomes possible in the pastoral environment where there is real understanding between pastor and client through thorough communication and the reframing of the past. The importance of language in understanding and the transformative power of narrative are stressed, as well as Christian hope as the most fundamental way of finding meaning out of the future into the present.

  5. Ajaloo mõistest / Walter Benjamin ; tõlkinud Hasso Krull

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Benjamin, Walter, 1892-1940


    Ajalooteaduse kriitika lähtudes juudi messianistlikust traditsioonist, historismi ja ajaloolise materialismi vastandlikkusest. Varem ilmunud pealkirja "Ajaloofilosoofilised teesid" all: Vikerkaar (2002) nr. 11/12 ja raamatus: Slavoj Žižek "ideoloogia ülev objekt" (Tallinn : Vagabund, 2003)

  6. Services to Operate and Maintain Walter Reed Army Institute of Research’s (WRAIR) Microwave Facility. (United States)


    Low Average Power Microwave Pulses (Protocol N-11-88) ............................................... 26 Preliminary Thermometric Studies on Microwave...different material is being used in the manufacturing of new switches which were structurally reengineered. The switches are now mounted on aluminum standoffs...also investigating the possibility of replacing the aluminum HV components with stainless steel duplicates, as aluminum has been observed oxidizing

  7. Entre a potência e o poder: Walter Benjamin e Roger Caillois

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Susana Scramim


    Full Text Available A escrita fragmentária empenhada por Benjamim em "Seqüência em Ibiza" e os aforismos do Oráculo Manual y Arte de Prudencia de Gracián  indicam o esboço de uma reflexão sobre o poder na obra de Benjamin a qual se materializará como limiar entre a forma e o informe, entre a autonomia e auto-implicação, entre a obra e a des-obra. Essa reflexão se torna aguda  no impacto provocado em Benjamin pela a leitura  de L´ariditè que Roger Caillois publica juntamente com outros ensaios, em 1938, no Colégio de Sociologia em Paris.

  8. Handman and Senson Receive 2003 Walter Sullivan Award for Excellence in Science Journalism-Features (United States)

    McDonald, Bob; Handman, Jim; Senson, Pat


    Patric Senson and James Handman received the Sullivan Award at AGU Fall Meeting Honors Ceremony, which was held on 10 December 2003, in San Francisco, California. The award honors ``a single article or radio/television report that makes geophysical material accessible and interesting to the general public.'' ``Jim Handman is one of the best kept secrets at CBC Radio. For more than 20 years he has been a bastion of integrity and an endless source of wit and has consistently produced award-winning programs in radio news and current affairs. ``Jim is currently the senior producer of Quirks & Quarks, our national science radio program, now in its 27th season, but this role is only one of many over the course of his extensive broadcasting career.

  9. Sigma 7 the six Mercury orbits of Walter M. Schirra, Jr

    CERN Document Server

    Burgess, Colin


    Colin Burgess offers a comprehensive yet personal look at the 1962 orbital mission of Wally Schirra aboard the spacecraft Sigma 7, the first book about this popular pioneering astronaut which explores his entire life and accomplishments. This continues the author's attempt to fully document the record of Project Mercury's pioneering early phase of the Space Age.   Schirra’s pre-NASA life is examined, as well as his training as a NASA astronaut and for his Mercury MA-8 flight. The 6-orbit flight of Sigma 7 is fully covered from its origins through to the spacecraft’s safe recovery from the ocean after a highly successful Mercury mission. Schirra’s participation on the Gemini 6 and Apollo 7 missions is also told, but in brief, and the book also relates his post-NASA life and activities through to his passing in 2007. The Mercury Seven occupy a unique spot in the history of human spaceflight, and Schirra is at last given his due as one of the contributing astronauts in this painstakingly researched...

  10. Nazi spatial theory : the dark geographies of Carl Schmitt and Walter Christaller

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Barnes, T.J.; Minca, C.


    The concern with space and, more fundamentally, the formulation of a larger, guiding spatial theory, was central to achieving Nazi objectives during the Third Reich. We disclose critical elements of that theory, focusing on two contributions: the first by the jurist and international legal and

  11. Walter Reed Army Institute of Research Annual Progress Report Fiscal Year 1982. (United States)


    Anopheles darlingi In the Amazon Basin" presented at Johns Hopkins University, School of Public Health, Baltimore, MD Feb 1982. Roberts, D.R...Brazil, Colombia and Peru had similar respirometric • S- profiles ana slow catabolic rates distinguishing them from ;v other species and strains. |yj...memory procedures in rodents . Efforts are continuing to develop an understanding of the neural control of limb movement. Earlier results from

  12. Gold Medal Award for Life Achievement in the Application of Psychology: Walter C. Borman (United States)

    American Psychologist, 2011


    The American Psychological Foundation (APF) Gold Medal Awards recognize distinguished and enduring records of accomplishment in four areas of psychology: the application of psychology, the practice of psychology, psychology in the public interest, and the science of psychology. The 2011 recipient of the Gold Medal Award for Life Achievement in the…

  13. Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, D. C. - Annual Progress Report FY-89. Volume 1 (United States)


    Enemas Cause Hyperphosphatemia and Acidemia in Patients with Ulcerative Colitis After Routine5 Colonic Cleansing." 4. LCDR Michael S. Opsahl, MC...Cholestyramine Treatment of 101 Thyrotoxicosis (3/88) 1303-88 Burman, Kenneth COL MC. The Clinical Application of In Situ 102 Hybridization to Detect Viral...Absorption of Commercial 144 (Oral) Calcium Carbonate Supplements (10/87) 1398-87 Solomon, Barbara DNSc. The Management of Hyperthyroidism Due 145 to

  14. Morse Decorated with the Crucifixion and the Monogram of Abbot Walter Clifton of Warden Abbey

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michael Carter


    Full Text Available he circular copper-gilt plaque is decorated with a relief of the Crucifixion with the Virgin and St John. The dead Christ hangs on the cross beneath the titulus inscribed INRI. The flanking figures stand on pedestals, joined to the cross by curved brackets. The scene is set against a blue enamel background decorated with pastoral staffs and the initials “W C” in Lombardic script. The plaque, and two similar pieces, were bought by the British Museum in 1853, having been found at Shefford, close to the site of Warden Abbey, Bedfordshire. The first of the other plaques is decorated with a mount of the Virgin and Child flanked by enamel shields with the coat of arms azure, three pears, or, heraldry used by Warden Abbey. The second has a mount with a relief of a shield-holding angel. The shield is inscribed with the initials “W C”, each letter surmounted by a crown. Between the initials is a pastoral staff. On the reverse of each of the plaques are fragments of suspension loops.

  15. Meat and Fish Entree Item Production Guides Prepared for Walter Reed Army Medical Center (United States)


    diced Salt 0.41 Vinegar, cider 0.32 Sugar, granulated 0.27 Paprika 0.13 Garlic, dehydrated 0.05 granular Pepper, black, ground 0!01 ARROZ CON...table pans. ARROZ CON POI.l.O Ingredients Percent Pounds Grans Procedure TarALs 100.00 2$708 NarES: 1. Reheating: Reheat in a convection oven at...yield from raw weigpt-~to cooked edible (boned) meat. Edible weight of chicken equals 12 lb {5443 g). 68 ARROZ CON POLLO Meat 1. Bacon - NSN

  16. Annual Progress Report (FY-79) Clinical Investigation Service. Walter Reed Army Medical Center (United States)


    Binaural .Ap’ii2cation for HearLng Impaired 367 Listeners. (T:7-73 SP C) xiv DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY conined Otolaryngology Service conaUmed PAGE 2523 The...GYNECOLOGY 4116 The Evaluation of Fetal Systolic Time Intervals and Beat to Beat 434 Interval Variations in Fetal Heart Rate as Early Indicators of Fetal...Disorders. Schwartz DM, et al. Binaural Hearing Aids: A Paradox. In Bess FH, Amplification in Education On press). Schwartz DM, et al. The Relationship

  17. Determining Nanoparticle Inhalation Exposure in the Prosthetics Laboratory at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (United States)


    Since the London pollution study of 1952, it has been shown that increases of PM in the air increase total mortality and morbidity. It is increase in cardiopulmonary mortality . Particle pollution was associated with increased public health system burden by increasing...hospitalizations and respiratory disease incidences and fatality case (49). In the same extensive review, Pope and Dockery have suggested that the trend of

  18. Free convection of Walter's fluid flow in a vertical double-passage ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    flat-plate solar collectors and flat-plate condensers in refrigerators. ... Hot rolling, extrusion of plastics, flow in journal bearings, lubrication, and flow in a shock ... which disturb the boundary layer growth and enhance the heat transfer between.

  19. Walter Reed Army Institute of Research Annual Progress Report, Fiscal Year 1980 (United States)


    Pathophysiology of Reflux Esophagitis Background and Objectives The human esophagus may be exposed to acid and/or alkaline gastric juice during periods...from the pyloric reflux of alkaline duodenal contents into the stomach. This exposure of the esophageal mucosa to gastric contents is thought to esophagitis . One argument in support of this contention is the observation that reducing gastro - esophageal junction, leads to disappearance of


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Febrina Annisa Fauziyah


    Full Text Available This study aims to analyze the influence of store environment on impulse buying behavior with emotional states as intervening variable using Mehrabian-Russell’s model. The store environment variables in this study include time availability, atmospheric factors, presence of others, and perceived crowdness. Using Mehrabian-Russell’s model, it is hypothesized that emotional state mediates the effects of store environment variables on impulse buying behavior as a dependent variable. The object in this study is Matahari Department Store in Yogyakarta. Sample of 166 respondents were selected by using purposive sampling method. Data were collected by using field survey technique. Normality, validity and reliability tests were conducted to test the quality of research instruments. The data analysis was conducted by using multiple linear regressions to test the research hypothesis. Results showed that atmospheric factors. as predicted, positively affect the emotional states. While perceived crowdness, consistent to the hypothesis, negatively affect the emotional states. The emotional states also positively affects the impulse buying behavior. The hypothesis of time availability and presence of others were not supported in this research. The findings of this research indicate that creating a proper atmospheric factors and creating a convenience store lay out to avoid crowdness are essential to stimulate impulse buying behavior.