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  1. Dr. von Braun Briefing Walt Disney (United States)


    Dr. von Braun began his association with Walt Disney in the 1950s when the rocket scientist appeared in three Disney television productions related to the exploration of space. Years later, Dr. von Braun invited Disney and his associates to tour the Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) in Huntsville, Alabama. This photograph is dated April 13, 1965. From left are R.J. Schwinghamer from the MSFC, Disney, B.J. Bernight, and Dr. von Braun.

  2. Walt Disney uus noorus / Silvia Viidik

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Viidik, Silvia, 1972-


    Meelelahutuskompanii Walt Disney müüs filmistuudio Miramax ning ostis muusikamänge tootva ettevõtte Tapulous, mille loodud rakendusi kasutab iPhone, ning Facebooki jaoks mänge loova ettevõtte Playdom

  3. Walt Disney visited Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) (United States)


    Walt Disney toured the West Test Area during his visit to the Marshall Space Flight Center on April 13, 1965. The three in center foreground are Karl Heimburg, Director, Test Division; Dr. von Braun, Director, MSFC; and Walt Disney. The Dynamic Test Stand with the S-1C stage being installed is in the background.

  4. Portrait of Dr. Von Braun with Walt Disney, 1954. (United States)


    Marshall Center Director Dr. Wernher Von Braun is pictured with Walt Disney during a visit to the Marshall Space Flight Center in 1954. In the 1950s, Dr. Von Braun while working in California on the Saturn project, also worked with Disney studios as a technical director in making three films about Space Exploration for television. Disney's tour of Marshall in 1965 was Von Braun's hope for a renewed public interest in the future of the Space Program at NASA.

  5. Andersen & Walt Disney: reescritura de “La Serenita”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cristina Beatriz Fernández


    Full Text Available El propósito de este trabajo es analizar la modalidad peculiar en que el relato literario y, por ende, verbal La Sirenita, de Hans Christian Andersen, ha sido traducido al sistema semiótico del cine el dibujo animado, más especí­ficamente por Walt Disney. Para ello se analizan las relaciones entre el texto "original" y sus traducciones, se compara la versión literaria del relato con el dibujo animado en cuestión, a partir de la forma narrativa compartida por ambos, se estudia la sintaxis de las acciones en cada una de las versiones y la composición diferenciada de los personajes. Finalmente, se ofrecen lasconclusiones, tendientes a establecer la refuncionalización de la materia mitológica que dio origen al cuento en el marco de nuestra cultura neobarroca, globalizada y finisecular.Abstract: The purpose of the article is to analize the specific mode of the translation of the literary work "The Little Mermaid" by Hans Christian Andersen into the cinema, more precisely, the animation film by Walt Disney. Firstly, we study the relationships betweenthe original text and its translations. Then, we compare the tale and the film, taken for granted that both of them share the narrative form. After that, we focus our attention on the order of the actions in each text - the literary and the film- and on the differentcomposition of the characters. Finally, we offer our conclusions, which try to establish the place of the mythological matter related with the mermaids on the scene of the contemporary occidental culture.

  6. An Interview with Elizabeth Gordon and Lauren Wohl of the Walt Disney Company. (United States)

    Taxel, Joel


    Presents an interview with the vice president and publisher, and the marketing director, of the Walt Disney Company concerning plans for the company to enter the competitive field of children's book publishing. (RS)

  7. Walt Disney Meets Mary Daly: Invention, Imagination, and the Construction of Community. (United States)

    Covino, William A.


    Posits Walt Disney as an influential sorcerer in the process of integrating the real world into Disney's synthetic universe, and Mary Daly's work "Wickedary" as a work that constructs an alternative "magic kingdom" through an insistence on an anti-patriarchal lexicon. (NH)

  8. Mark Twain, Walt Disney, and the Playful Response to Pirate Stories (United States)

    West, Mark I.


    Like many a modern play theorist, both Mark Twain and Walt Disney were enchanted by the way children act out stories, in particular pirate tales. For both Twain and Disney, this fascination grew out of their small-town, midwestern boyhoods, where avid reading and fantasy play helped stave off boredom and fill emotional gaps for both of them. Even…

  9. A Literature Review of the Impact of Walt Disney Productions Inc. on American Popular Culture and Children's Literature. (United States)

    Taxel, Joel

    This paper provides an overview of the literature about Walt Disney and his many diverse enterprises. In order to show how the processes of production shape and affect the final content and form of items of popular culture, the paper first discusses some of the many technological advances achieved by the Disney studio. Disney's groundbreaking use…

  10. Walt Disney teeninduse maagia / Häli Siimaste

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Siimaste, Häli


    Raamatus "Ole meie külaline. Klienditeeninduse täiuslikustamise kunst" on Disney Instituudi kogemuste põhjal näidatud, kuidas juhtida protsesse nii, et tulemuseks oleks igapäevane maagiliselt mõjuv teenindus, instituudi tegutsemise põhimõtted. Kvaliteetse teeninduse tsükkel - kogu ettevõtet haarav pidev ringprotsess, mille tulemuseks on viimseni lihvitud teenindus - praktiline maagia

  11. Walt Disney World`s utility efficiency awards and environmental circles of excellence

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Allen, P.J.; Kivler, W.B.


    This paper describes an innovative approach to energy conservation that has been started at WALT DISNEY WORLD. The program that was established was designed to heighten the awareness of energy usage in our Management and Cast Members, establish a method for recognizing and rewarding positive energy conservation efforts and, most importantly, keeping the effort simple and fun. Two programs work together to meet this goal: Utility Efficiency Awards and the Environmental Circles of Excellence. The Utility Efficiency Awards are given to the top areas that have demonstrated a reduction in utility consumption relative to the same period in prior years. More importantly, a report is generated that shows a best-to-worst ranking. Relying on the idea that {open_quotes}nobody wants to be on the bottom of the list{close_quotes}, conservation is enhanced by focusing attention on improving efficiency. To encourage direct cast member involvement in our environmental program, the Environmental Circles of Excellence were created. These groups, made up of hourly and salaried cast members, discuss their location`s environmental commitments, set goals and implement programs. This paper describes these initiatives in detail and presents some initial results that have heightened the awareness of energy conservation at WALT DISNEY WORLD.

  12. Applications of heat pipes for HVAC dehumidification at Walt Disney World

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Allen, P.J.; Dinh, K.


    This paper presents the theory and application of heat pipes for HVAC dehumidification purposes. In HVAC applications, a heat pipe is used as a heat exchanger that transfers heat from the return air directly to the supply air. The air is pre-cooled entering the cooling coil and reheated using the same heat removed from the return air. While consuming no energy, the heat pipe lets the evaporator coil operate at a lower temperature, increasing the moisture removal capabilities of the HVAC system by 50% to 100%. WALT DISNEY WORLD is currently testing several heat pipe applications ranging from 1 to 240 tons. The applications include (1) water attractions (2) museums/artifacts areas (3) resort guest rooms and (4) locker rooms. Actual energy usage and relative humidity reductions are shown to determine the effectiveness of the heat pipe as an energy efficient method of humidity control

  13. Eulalia Guzmán and Walt Disney's Educational Films: A Pedagogical Proposal for "Literacy for the Americas" in Mexico (1942-1944) (United States)

    Gudiño Cejudo, María Rosa


    "Literacy for the Americas" was an audiovisual educational program implemented in Mexico and other Latin American countries in the early 1940s by the Office of Inter-American Affairs (OIAA). Walt Disney Studios made four short films that were designed to teach illiterate residents of Latin America how to read and write. In Mexico, this…

  14. La representación de la violencia en los tráileres de las películas de Walt Disney Pictures


    Garrido Lora, Manuel


    Esta investigación analiza la representación de la violencia en los tráileres de 23 películas de animación producidas por Walt Disney Pictures. Mediante la metodología del análisis de contenido y las utilidades propias de la morfología y analítica narrativas, el investigador, con la experiencia previa del análisis de la violencia en los spots publicitarios, expone en este trabajo las cualidades de las acciones violentas presentes en dichos tráileres, y concluye que, atendiendo a investigacion...

  15. Kuidas Disney suureks kasvas / Mart Kuusk

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kuusk, Mart


    Walt Disney Company areng ja kasv. Probleemid kontserni äritegevuses ja juhtimises. Aktsionäride umbusaldus kompanii juhatuse esimehe Michael Eisneri vastu. Tabel: Walt Disney kvartalikasum 2003-2004

  16. Media Portrayals of Love, Marriage & Sexuality for Child Audiences: A Select Content Analysis of Walt Disney Animated Family Films. (United States)

    Junn, Ellen N.

    This study examined the portrayal of love, marriage, and sexuality in 11 romantic and nonromantic Disney animated films. Results showed that four out of five of the nonromantic films had male leads, with males occupying significantly more screen time than females. Half of the romantic films had female leads, who occupied significantly more screen…

  17. Disney in the Academy (and Other Disney Educational Experiences on College Campuses) (United States)

    Tremblay, Christopher


    The study of Disney is not new to higher education. For decades, Walt Disney has been studied in history courses. The Disney version of customer service excellence has been touted as a best practice in business courses, and film/media courses have analyzed Disney's animated classics (Duncan 2012, Wantasen n.d.). In U.S. higher education, there has…

  18. Scharoun versus Gehry : dos opciones metodológicas personales explícitas a partir del análisis de la Filarmónica de Berlín y el Walt Disney Concert Hall

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eneko Besa


    Full Text Available


    Estudio de la Filarmónica de Berlín como ejemplo de las  diferentes aproximaciones y contradicciones que la arquitectura “traba” a través del argumento que la constituye. Acuerdo tenso entre interior‐exterior, lugar‐programa, simetría‐asimetría,  unidad sintética ‐ complejidad múltiple, continuidad orgánica ‐ discontinuidad fragmentada.
    Comparativa con el edificio Walt Disney Concert Hall, en el que  se utiliza la misma tipología de sala de conciertos. Sin embargo y al contrario que Scharoun, Gehry evita cualquier acuerdo sintético de unidad, constituyendo el edificio a partir de la pura  fragmentación y diversidad per se. Pues en su caso, la unidad necesaria para constituir la autonomía y ser de la obra, se buscará a través de la imagen y expresión del concepto de  belleza que el edificio alcanza.

    Palabras clave

    sala de conciertos, lugar, unidad, exterior, fragmento


    This article is a study of the Berlin Philharmonic Concert Hall as an example of the different approximations and contradictions that Architecture ties together as a result of the reasoning that makes it up. A tense agreement between interior and exterior, place and program, symmetry and asymmetry, synthetic unity and multiple complexity, organic continuity and fragmented discontinuity.
    A comparison to Walt Disney Concert Hall is made, where the same concert hall typology is used. Nevertheless, in contrast to Scharoun, Gehry avoids any kind of synthetic agreement of unity, conceiving the building out of pure fragmentation and  diversity per se. In Gehry’s case, the unity necessary to constitute the autonomy and essence of the building is sought  through the image and expression of the concept of beauty that it reaches.

    Key words

    concert hall, place, unity, exterior, fragment

  19. Disney skandaalne juht kindel oma strateegia õiges valikus / Tim Burt

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Burt, Tim


    Viimase kümne kuu jooksul on ettevõte Walt Disney üle elanud tormid firma juhatuses, 58 miljardi dollarilise ülevõtmisekatse, avalikud kokkupõrked partneritega ning aktsionäride mässu, mis sundis Michael Eisnerit loovutama ettevõtte juhatuse esimehe ja tegevjuhi ametikohad. Lisad: Konflikt; Walt Disney

  20. Deconstructing Disney: Chicano/a Children and Critical Race Theory. (United States)

    Gutierrez, Gabriel


    The Walt Disney Company's shift in ideology from conservatism to liberal multiculturalism is examined, focusing on corporate history, Disney's hegemonic dealings with Latin American and U.S. Hispanic communities, and Disney's role as cultural producer and facilitator of multiculturalism. Analysis of The Lion King points out its contributions to…

  1. The Fairy-Folk Tale in Media Art: Reflections of Disney and Duvall. (United States)

    Molloy, Toni


    Focuses on Walt Disney and Shelley Duvall, mass media producers who furnish children with fairy-folklore. Compares and contrasts what Disney and Duvall do and do not convey through their fairy-folk tales. (MS)

  2. Disney characters greet prime ASTP crewmen to Florida's Disney World (United States)


    Two Walt Disney comic cartoon characters, Donald Duck and Pluto, were on hand to greet a group of Apollo-Soyuz Test Project crewmen on their arrival at Disney World near Orlando. From left, are interpreter K. S. Samofal, interpreter Nicholas Timacheff, Cosmonaut Vladimir A. Shatalov, Astronaut Vance D. Brand, Astronaut Donald K. Slayton, Cosmonaut Aleksey A. Leonov (squeezing Pluto's nose) and Astronaut Thomas P. Stafford. The astronauts and cosmonauts were in Florida for a three-day inspection tour of the Kennedy Space Center where they looked over ASTP launch facilities and flight hardware.

  3. Kerää Disney Klassikot -kampanja : Verkkokauppa hypermarketin haastajana


    Sarajisto, Mari-Susanna


    Tämän opinnäytetyön tarkoituksena oli tutkia Disney Klassikot –keräilykampanjaa 2015, keskittyen Suomen ensimmäiseen kvartaaliin Q1. Työn toimeksiantaja toimi The Walt Disney Company Nordic Suomen toimisto. Opinnäytetyön tavoitteena oli tuottaa toimeksiantajalle tietoa kampanjatoteutuksista ja Disney-brändin vaalimisesta valituissa jakeluteissä. Ensimmäistä kertaa Disney kampanjan kohdalla jakelutiet pääsivät vaikuttamaan kampanjatoteu-tukseen. Tutkimuksen tarkoituksena oli löytää uutta tutki...

  4. Dal︡ ja Disney ئ unenäoline koostöö / Ruido Vano

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Vano, Ruido


    1946. a. kavandatud joonisfilmist tööpealkirjaga "Destino", milles pidid ühinema Walt Disney animaatorianne ja Salvador Dal︡ sürrealistlik mõttelend ning millest on Disney stuudio arhiivides pakk S. Dal︡ joonistusi ja 15 sekundit filmilinti. "Camera Pressi" materjalide põhjal

  5. Demonizing in Children's Television Cartoons and Disney Animated Films (United States)

    Fouts, Gregory; Callan, Mitchell; Piasentin, Kelly; Lawson, Andrea


    The purpose of this study was to assess the prevalence of demonizing in the two major media that young children use (television and movies). Two content analyses were conducted using the animated feature films (n = 34) of the Walt Disney Company and after-school cartoons (n = 41). Each was coded for the modeling of the use of "evil" words when…

  6. Globalisation of commercial theme parks: the walt Disney Company


    DE GROOTE, Patrick


    The Economics Research Associates (ERA) defines a theme park as ‘A gated attraction that contains rides and/or shows in a themed environment, offers a pay-one-price ticket for its guests and attracts at least 500,000 annual visits’ (ERA, 2007). A more detailed description for theme parks is given by Philip L. Pearce (in Jafar Jafari, 2000, 124-5): ‘Theme parks are capital intensive, highly developed, self-contained recreational spaces which invariably charge admission. The entertainment, ride...

  7. Naming Disney's Dwarfs. (United States)

    Sidwell, Robert T.


    Discusses Disney's version of the folkloric dwarfs in his production of "Snow White" and weighs the Disney rendition of the dwarf figure against the corpus of traits and behaviors pertaining to dwarfs in traditional folklore. Concludes that Disney's dwarfs are "anthropologically true." (HOD)

  8. From Kundun to Mulan: A Political Economic Case Study of Disney and China

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hongmei Yu


    Full Text Available This case study examines the Walt Disney Company’s foray in the Chinese market from a political economic perspective. It focuses on two film-related events: 1 the 'Kundun' incident in 1996 that displays the ideological confrontation between Disney and China in the post-Cold War era, and 2 the production of 'Mulan 'in 1998 as both a political compromise and a strategic marketing decision for Disney to regain the Chinese market. The conflicts and negotiations between Disney and China provide a telling example to study the local operation of global capitalism, especially in terms of its interaction with the state. While many believe that the advent of globalization will open more free markets for fair competition, this study reveals how government policy intervenes in the global entertainment industry, and sheds light on the political and economic struggles behind the silver screen.

  9. Mental illness in Disney animated films. (United States)

    Lawson, Andrea; Fouts, Gregory


    To examine the prevalence of verbalizations about mental illness in the animated feature films of The Walt Disney Company (TWDC). We discuss the results within the context of children's repeated exposure to popular animated movies and their learning of labels and stereotypes associated with mental illness. We recommend further research on this topic. We coded 34 animated feature films produced by TWDC for mental illness references (for example, "crazy" or "nuts"). We developed a coding manual to systematize the content analysis, to ensure accuracy of the data, and to ascertain intercoder reliability. Most of the films (that is, 85%) contain verbal references to mental illness, with an average of 4.6 references per film. The references were mainly used to set apart and denigrate the characters to whom they referred. Twenty-one percent of the principal characters were referred to as mentally ill. We discuss the contributions and limitations of the study. The findings have implications for child viewers in terms of their potentially learning prejudicial attitudes and distancing behaviours toward individuals perceived as being mentally ill. To further verify this connection, an assessment of the incidence of Disney film exposure and attitudes toward people with a mental illness, using a sample of school-aged children, is needed.

  10. When Disney Meets the Research Park: Metaphors and Models for Engineering an Online Learning Community of Tomorrow (United States)

    Chenail, Ronald J.


    It is suggested that educators look to an environment in which qualitative research can be learned in more flexible and creative ways--an online learning community known as the Research Park Online (RPO). This model, based upon Walt Disney's 1966 plan for his "Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow" (EPCOT) and university cooperative…

  11. Demonizing in children's television cartoons and Disney animated films. (United States)

    Fouts, Gregory; Callan, Mitchell; Piasentin, Kelly; Lawson, Andrea


    The purpose of this study was to assess the prevalence of demonizing in the two major media that young children use (television and movies). Two content analyses were conducted using the animated feature films (n = 34) of the Walt Disney Company and after-school cartoons (n = 41). Each was coded for the modeling of the use of "evil" words when referring to a person, e.g., monster, devil, demon, wicked. Seventy-four percent of the Disney films contained "evil" references, with an average of 5.6 references per film. Forty-four percent of the after-school cartoons contained "evil" references, with an average of one per cartoon. The results are discussed within the context of children's repeated exposure to popular animated movies and cartoons and their learning to demonize people who engage in perceived "bad" behaviors.

  12. Film and Art : On the German Expressionist and the Disney Exhibitions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Penny Starfield


    Full Text Available Le Cinéma expressionniste allemand, La Cinémathèque française, curators : Marianne de Fleury and Laurent Mannoni, October 26, 2006-January 22, 2007.Il était une fois Walt Disney, aux sources de l’art des studios Disney, curator : Bruno Girveau, Le Grand Palais, September 16, 2006-January 15, 2007 ; Musée des Beaux-Arts, Montréal, 8 March-24 June 2007. Two major exhibitions in Paris delve into the relationship between the artistic and the film worlds. The German Expressionists in Film celebrat...

  13. Magic Everywhere: Mapping the Disney Curriculum (United States)

    Sandlin, Jennifer A.; Garlen, Julie C.


    This review begins from a premise of Disney as a cultural curriculum. After a brief history of Disney studies, tracing the cultural analysis of Disney through the twentieth century, and drawing upon several recent literature reviews of Disney scholarship, the authors survey some of the most notable work produced in the last 10 years. They describe…

  14. Of mice and men: an introduction to mouseology or, anal eroticism and Disney. (United States)

    Berger, A A


    This essay deals with two important comics, Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse and George Herriman's Krazy Kat, and considers the social, cultural, psychological and symbolic significance of the main characters and their creators. In the discussion of Disney and his work (based, in part on writings about him) it is suggested that he exhibited traits associated with anal eroticism, which raises an interesting question about the popularity of his work with the American public. The two dominant themes found in Krazy Kat are described as "the triumph of illusion over reality" and "anti-authoritarianism." In a comparison of the two characters, it is shown they are polar opposites: Mickey Mouse is sadistic, asexual, and anal while Ignatz Mouse, the hero of Krazy Kat, is playful, sexual, and phallic.

  15. Product placement in video games as a marketing strategy: an attempt to analysis in Disney company


    Elena Pardo; Inés Küster Boluda; Torpong Suemanotham


    Esta investigación de carácter cualitativo que se aproxima al método del caso intenta examinar la aplicación de la estrategia del product placement en el ámbito de los videojuegos a fin de identificar las diferencias en enfoques de product placement más clásicos y aquellos otros más centrado en la marca. Se ha escogido el estudio de Walt Disney, empleando tanto entrevistas con personal de la compañía, como dinámicas de grupo con usuarios de videojuegos de esta empresa. Los resultados indican ...

  16. "Adam Smith Meets Walt Disney": School Image on the World Wide Web (United States)

    Smith, Alison


    This article describes a small-scale research project undertaken as part of the coursework in a Doctor of Education programme. The project investigated the organisational images or identities portrayed by ten secondary schools in Auckland, New Zealand on their school websites. The recent proliferation of school websites has provided schools with a…

  17. In Search of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice: between Lucian and Walt Disney

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Damian Kalitan


    Full Text Available At first glance, the movie by Jon Turteltaub entitled The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (2010 seems not to have any connections with Greco-Roman antiquity whatsoever. To find the hidden connection we have to go back to year 1797 when Johann Wolfgang Goethe published his famous ballad Der Zauberlehrling (The Sorcerer's Apprentice Almost a century later, this work inspired a French composer Paul Dukas to write his masterpiece, the symphonic scherzo L’apprenti sorcier. Dukas’ music became the leitmotif of both Disney’s movies: Fantasia (1940 and Fantasia 2000 (1999 whose action is based on Goethe’s ballad. Also, the basic elements of the plot were used in one of the episodes of the series Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1961. This is where we touch the ancient roots of the story. A good friend of J.W. Goethe, Christopher Martin Wieland, happened to have published in 1789 the first complete German translation of Lucian of Samosata’s (120-180 AD works, including a dialogue entitled Philopseudes (The Lover of Lies. The tenth story told in Philopseudes turned out to be very similar to the one written by J. W. Goethe and then adapted into Disney’s and Turteltaub’s movies. In my paper I try to show the transmission of the Lucianic text from antiquity to modern film adaptations. The original Lucian tale, rewritten by J.W. Goethe, becomes very influential. The so-called “sorcerer’s apprentice syndrome” can be found at the root of many fantastic stories in which humans could not curb their creations (i.e. robots which eventually would turn against their makers. The primary focus of this paper is on how the story of a young apprentice changed over centuries and how it was adopted by cinematography.

  18. Un modelo a imitar: Disney en Ezeiza y el proyecto empresarial de Dante Quinterno

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laura Vazquez


    Full Text Available Este artículo se inscribe en la línea de los estudios culturales transnacionales y busca contrastar el filme Saludos Amigos de los Estudios Disney y el cortometraje Upa en Apuros de la Empresa Dante Quinterno, ambos creados en el año 1941/1942. Como veremos, mientras que los filmes producidos por Disney resultan de un “trabajo por encargo” la producción de Quinterno da cuenta del interés del editor por seguir los pasos de su maestro, pero sobre todo, de su ambición por posicionarse de cara al progreso. El modo en el uno de los más conservadores y tradicionales empresarios del rubro encara este plan no está exento de contradicciones.  Para ello partiré de un conjunto de problemas surgidos de las escasas fuentes disponibles sobre la visita de Walt Disney a la Argentina con el objetivo final de evitar el reduccionismo que lleva a pensar en un fenómeno lineal de “americanización” de la oferta de entretenimientos.

  19. The Unreal Thing: Faux Heritage at Disney

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bradford Hudson


    Full Text Available Almost everyone understands that fantasy is integral to the thematic elements in a Disney amusement park. Less understood, especially among people who have never visited one of these parks, is that Disney themes are often historical. Occasionally such themes relate to the heritage of the company itself, but in many cases they refer to our broader cultural heritage.

  20. “Anders And, han virker så dansk” -At vokse op med Disney i Danmark

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anne Mette Stevn


    Full Text Available Siden Mickey Mouse først så dagens lys i 1928, har Walt Disneys figurer og eventyruniverser bredt sig til hele jordkloden: Anders And, Mickey Mouse, Snehvide, Simba, Tarzan m.fl. Indtil for 10-15 år siden var den normale Disneyoplevelse for en dansker først og fremmest knyttet til det skriftlige medie, nemlig tegneserie-bladene og især Anders And & Co. I dag er 'Disneykulturen' en stærk flerarmet mediekultur, som går på tværs af generationer og krydser landegrænser; og Disneys tilstedeværelse i børns populærkultur i næsten hele verden er blevet meget mere omfat- tende, siden eventyrets begyndelse i 1920erne. I denne artikel belyser Anne Mette Stevn gennem en historisk orienteret receptionsanalyse, hvorledes danskernes brug og oplevelse af Disneys produkter har ud- viklet sig.

  1. Performances of innocence and deviance in Disney cosplaying

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Patrice Amon


    Full Text Available Disney cosplayers are uniquely positioned in relationship to the characters they perform because of Disney's reliance on innocence as a narrative trope and character element. Their cosplaying transmutes normative innocence via performative fan practice.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mário Sérgio Teodoro da Silva Junior


    Full Text Available Nos últimos anos, a semiótica discursiva ganhou, em seu repertório de reflexões teóricas, contribuições significativas para o estudo do fato de estilo com Discini (O estilo nos textos, 2013; e Corpo e estilo, 2015, permitindo reflexões sobre a identidade, alteridade e modo de ser do sujeito-enunciador no mundo social e semiológico. A identidade da Walt Disney, os estúdios de animação, é uma das mais persistentes temporalmente, com mais de 70 anos, e de grande popularidade. Pretendemos explorar no presente trabalho como um estilo pode permanecer tão constante e atual ao longo desse intervalo de tempo. Além dos desenvolvimentos das questões de ethos e estilo em Discini, recorreremos à conceitualização de ethos proposta por Maingueneau (Novas tendências em análise do discurso, 1997; A propósito do ethos, 2008. Selecionados três trailers de filmes da Disney, recobrindo o período de 1942, com o trailer de Bambi, a 1992, com o trailer do musical Aladim, e a 2013, com Frozen: uma aventura congelante. Assim, podemos observar o modo como o enunciador Disney se coloca no mundo, o modo como define seu enunciatário, como define o estilo outro ao qual não identifica, definindo uma imagem do próprio mundo em que se coloca.

  3. Arts and Entertainment Career Conference. Walt Disney Studios. Final Project Performance Report, July 31, 1978-July 31, 1979. (United States)

    Walt Disney Productions, Anaheim, CA.

    The intention of a project was (1) to encourage college and university deans and heads of performing arts departments to hold an Arts and Entertainment Career Seminar on their own compus for faculty and performing arts majors and (2) to provide these institutions with written and visual materials for such a seminar. Two conferences were held, one…

  4. The value-adding CFO: an interview with Disney's Gary Wilson. Interview by Geraldine E. Willigan. (United States)

    Wilson, G


    Financing a company is more complex than ever-and more important to its economic success. The demands on a CFO are tremendous. Optimizing capital costs requires an unprecedented level of technical sophistication. Yet the best CFOs today are not mere technicians. They are also strategists and innovators. Gary Wilson exemplifies the new CFO. In his 5 years as executive vice president and CFO of the Walt Disney Company and his 12 years at Marriott Corporation, he has shown how the finance function can add value-not just account for it. How does a CFO create value for shareholders? "Just like all the great marketing and operating executives," Wilson says, "by being creative." To Wilson, being creative means rethinking assumptions and finding clever ways to achieve financial and strategic goals. Some of Wilson's innovative deal making-like the off-balance-sheet financing he used at Marriott-is well known. At Marriott, he discovered the power of separating the ownership of an asset from its control. Marriott's strength was in operations, yet the company had a great deal of money tied up in real estate. Growth would require even more investment in real estate. Wilson's solution was to sell the hotels-in effect, removing them and the debt used to finance them from the balance sheet-and contract to operate them. In this interview, Wilson gives his view of the role of finance in today's corporation and explains the thinking behind some of the successful deals he has engineered-including Disney's Silver Screen movie-making partnerships and Euro Disneyland.

  5. Teachers' Perspectives in Using Disney Songs in the Music Classroom (United States)

    Lesser, Andrew


    Integrating popular music as part of the public school music curriculum has been a topic of debate among many educators and researchers. Songs from the Disney Corporation, specifically from movies, television shows, and performers specifically marketed by Disney, are particularly significant due to their widespread popularity. In this article, the…

  6. A Mean Wink at Authenticity: Chinese Images in Disney's "Mulan." (United States)

    Mo, Weimin; Shen, Wenju


    Offers a critique from two Chinese educators with regard to the historical, cultural, linguistic, and artistic authenticity of Disney's animated film "Mulan." Argues that the filmmakers robbed the original story of its soul and "ran over Chinese culture with the Disney bulldozer," imposing mainstream cultural beliefs and…


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mundi Rahayu


    Full Text Available This study compares the folktale “The Story of Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp” from the Arabian Nights, and the animated film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation under the title “Aladdin” (1992. The differences of those two stories in two different medias shows the shifts of ideology and discourse. The study applies Fairclough’s Critical Discourse Analysis, by applying the three stages of analysis.  The first level is micro level, on the language practice. In the second level, mezo level, discusses the discourse practice that covers the intertextuality of ideas, concept as the reference in delivering the ideas. In the third level, macro level, it interprets the social context of   particular events, especially the social practice in exercising their power. The finding shows that the Disney’s Aladdin campaigns ideology that refers to the American values such as freedom and American heroism. Besides, the discourse of Arab barbarism is developed in line with the practice of   stereotyping such as labeling the Arab people as barbaric, bad, silly and wicked as well as dangerous Arabs. These imply to the removals of the Islamic messages and values that exists in the original tales of Arabian Nights. The Disney’s Aladdin completely removes the Islamic messages and values, and changes them into ‘American values’.

  8. The Internet Marketing of Disney Theme Parks

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carol J. Auster


    Full Text Available The purpose of this study was to analyze the portrayal of gender and race in the images on the official Disney websites used to market five theme parks: the Disneyland Parks in California, Paris, Tokyo, and Hong Kong, and the Magic Kingdom in Florida. This is important because of the growth of e-commerce, Disney’s global influence, and the potential impact on those who view the images. The 452 images that had Disney human characters, human-like characters, animals, cast members, or guests were coded for gender. The main gender hypothesis, that the percentage of male-dominated images would exceed the percentage of female-dominated images, was tested using gender disparity values, which measured the gap between the percentage of male-dominated and female-dominated images. The hypothesis tended to be supported overall, and for most of the resorts (e.g., Florida, lands (e.g., Adventureland, and activities (attractions, entertainment, dining for human characters, human-like characters, animals, and cast members, but not for guests. Furthermore, the hypotheses that gender disparity values would be highest for images of animals and lowest for images of guests was supported for all five resorts, six of eight lands, and all three activities. Additional analysis also revealed the preponderance of same-sex pairings in parent–child combinations in the images. With regard to race, while the images of some theme parks displayed more racial diversity among their guests than others, in some images, individuals of different races were shown interacting whereas in others they were not. Explanations for these findings and suggestions for future research are discussed.

  9. Americanization of Non-American Storiesin Disney Films

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Beta Setiawati


    Full Text Available The study is intended to know the Disney’s animation films characteristics which are adapted from non American stories that contain Americanization in order to be American popular culture products. This qualitative and library research is carried out within the field of American Studies. Disney’s animated films which are regarded as artifacts in order to identify American society and culture is used as her primary data. She then compares those Disney films with the original stories to discover the changes in making those stories become American popular products. She furthermore uses the sources such as books, magazines, journals, articles, and also internet data for her secondary data. The result of this study shows that most of folk narratives which were used in Disney films were adapted from other countries’ stories. However, Disney intentionally adapts foreign countries’ stories in its animated films by using Disney formula to blow up the sale of its products. Since Disney is one of the most powerful media conglomerates in the world, it works endlessly to set out world entertainment. Disney formula in its animated films which has dominated those adapted films are only intended to obtain as much profit as possible without paying attention to the values in children entertainment.

  10. The Portrayal of Families across Generations in Disney Animated Films

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jessica D. Zurcher


    Full Text Available Disney animated films continue to serve as an influential form of media that shapes children’s development of beliefs about the world surrounding them, including the construct of the family. However, a census analysis as to how Disney animated films represent depictions of families has yet to be conducted. To fill this gap, we assessed the qualities of family demographics, structure, and function in a census analysis of 85 Disney animated films from the years 1937–2018. Results indicated that single parent families (41.3% was the most predominantly represented family structure, followed by nuclear (25% and guardian (19.2%. We also observed that the first depiction of a non-Caucasian family was presented in the 1990s, with a growing number of ethnically diverse families since that time. However, minimal interactions between families of differing ethnicities are noted. Overall, over 75% of all Disney animated films depicted warm and supportive familial interactions, with 78.8% of the films illustrating a positive relationship between the protagonist and his/her family. Analysis and implications are offered for parents and educators who wish to further understand the content Disney animated films offer in depicting families.

  11. Mickey Mouse greets prime ASTP crewmen to Florida's Disney World (United States)


    A space-suited Mickey Mouse character welcomes the prime crewmen of the Apollo Soyuz Test Project (ASTP) to Florida's Disney World near Orlando. The crewmen made a side-trip to Disney World during a three-day inspection tour of the Kennedy Space Center. Receiving the Disney World welcome are, left to right, Cosmonaut Valeriy N. Kubasov, engineer on the Soviet crew; Astronaut Donald K. Slayton, docking module pilot of the American crew; Astronaut Vance D. Brand, command module pilot of the American crew; Cosmonaut Aleksey A. Leonov, commander of the Soviet crew; Astronaut Thomas P. Stafford, commander of the American crew; and Cosmonaut Vladimir A. Shatalov, Chief of Cosmonaut Training for the U.S.S.R.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vyrna Santosa


    Full Text Available Treating several animated films as texts, the analysis of this particular genre of entertainment is using structuralist narratology, which is applied to establish a general grammar of Disney long animations by revealing the underlying rules governing the tilm narratives. Discussing the typical characters and actions, the construction of "function", and the significant actions which shape the story, this study reveals the six actant/roles based on the prescribed characterization, three basic patterns of how each actant is related to one another, and the twelve sets of basic arrangement of functions as the single basic structure of all Disney long animations. This study proves how loyal and consistent the creators of Disney long animations are toward the underlying basic structure of the story.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    mundi rahayu


    Full Text Available This study compares the folktale “The Story of Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp” from the Arabian Nights, and the animated film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation under the title “Aladdin” (1992. The story of Disney’s animated film “Aladdin” is based on the  “The Story of Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp.”  The comparison of the two is focused on the aspect of Islamic values, its shifts and changes in the animated film  Aladdin. The study applies Fairclough’s Critical Discourse Analysis, by applying the three stages of analysis.  The first level is micro level, on the language practice. In the second level, mezo level, discusses the discourse practice that covers the intertextuality that explore the production and consumption of text as the reference in delivering the ideas. In the third level, macro level, it interprets the social context of   particular events. The finding shows that there is a change of discourse of Islamic value which is strongly expressed in the origiinal Aladdin story of “Arabian Nights” especiallly the important role of family. On the other hand, in the animated film Aladdin, remove the discourse of Islamic value and change it into the discourse of freedom.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mundi Rahayu


    Full Text Available This study compares the folktale “The Story of Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp” from the Arabian Nights, and the animated film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation under the title “Aladdin” (1992. The story of Disney’s animated film “Aladdin” is based on the “The Story of Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp.” The comparison of the two is focused on the aspect of Islamic values, its shifts and changes in the animated film Aladdin. The study applies Fairclough’s Critical Discourse Analysis, by applying the three stages of analysis.  The first level is micro level, on the language practice. In the second level, mezo level, discusses the discourse practice that covers the intertextuality that explore the production and consumption of text as the reference in delivering the ideas. In the third level, macro level, it interprets the social context of particular events. The finding shows that there is a change of discourse of Islamic value which is strongly expressed in the origiinal Aladdin story of “Arabian Nights” especiallly the important role of family. On the other hand, in the animated film Aladdin, remove the discourse of Islamic value and change it into the discourse of freedom.

  15. "Nearly Everybody Gets Twitterpated": The Disney Version of Mothering (United States)

    Fraustino, Lisa Rowe


    This essay makes the case that during the American cold-war era, Disney's animated film classics worked in tandem with their True-Life Adventure series of nature documentaries to reproduce traditional mothering ideology under patriarchy. The animated films do this not by animating the realities of marriage, childbirth, and mothering work for girls…

  16. Pocahontas: Comparing the Disney Image with Historical Evidence (United States)

    Golden, Margaret


    Fourth grade students "know about" Pocahontas, but is this knowledge based on historical fact, or on information from the media, specifically the Disney movies "Pocahontas" and "Pocahontas II"? To address this question within the context of the New York State Social Studies curriculum and the New York State English…

  17. Dubbing and Redubbing Animation: Disney in the Arab World

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elena Di Giovanni


    Full Text Available Distribution of Disney films and TV products in the Arab world has recently undergone a radical change: since the signing of a large-scale agreement between Al Jazeera and Disney, in 2013, most films and TV series are being dubbed, or redubbed, in Modern Standard Arabic. Contrary to the long-standing tradition of dubbing Disney productions using the Egyptian vernacular variety of Arabic, the eminently written, formal language used for administration and classical education has been introduced as a vehicle for animation dialogue. And not without consistent semantic manipulation.  This article seeks to contextualize this recent shift in dubbing animation in the Arab world, with a view to unveiling its underlying dynamics. The role played by Al Jazeera in reshaping media communication and translation across the Arab world and beyond is also considered, in an attempt to grasp the social, political and ultimately ideological implications of its strategies, as well as its power in significantly orienting traditionally imperialist, Western colossi like Disney. A comparative analysis of the original English TV series Aladdin, its Egyptian dubbed version and MSA redubbing follows, providing evidence for this new trend in audiovisual translation aimed at Arabic speakers the world over.

  18. Emergence of the bipolar cultural complex in Walt Whitman. (United States)

    Herrmann, Steven B


    My main hypothesis in this paper(1) is that America's seminal poet, Walt Whitman, was trapped--like so many of his contemporaries--in 'cultural complexes' (Singer & Kimbles 2004) that he internalized, but that he found a way to transcend the splits inherent in these 'bipolar' (Perry 1970) organizations through his art. One way he accomplished this was through his aesthetic method of 'holding the opposites' between two poles of a slavery is wrong/white supremacy is justified cultural complex. In my paper, I provide evidence for some of the contradictions inherent in Whitman's character by examining the political splits of his times and explore how various Self symbols he produced through his poetry, particularly the figures he called 'Black Lucifer' and the Deus Quadriune--a quaternity symbol--facilitated his personal and cultural transformation. Finally, I demonstrate the relevance of my hypothesis to contemporary racism during the pre-Civil Rights period in the South through a clinical example, and I show how the Jungian method of 'holding the opposites' can be effectively practised in the transference/countertransference field of psychotherapy in general.

  19. Een concentratieprobleem bij B.J. van der Walt

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. Griffioen


    Full Text Available B.J. van der Walt’s concentration problem This contribution probes the concept of secularism, a key notion of B.J. van der Walt’s “Transforming power” (2007. It is found that Van der Walt’s interpretation of secularism rests on a double assumption. The first assumption is that human nature is intrinsically religious. Humans cannot live without putting their trust in something. The second is that this religious nature manifests itself in “concentrated” ways, rather than dispersing itself over a plurality of objects. These assumptions in tandem explain why Van der Walt holds the view that atheism, agnosticism and even overt indifference in matters of faith are at heart propelled by convictions that share the main features of positive religions. It also explains why he assumes that all these convictions tend towards one and the same goal: to gain dominance in the public realm. This article is sympathetic towards the first assumption, and skeptical towards the second. It is argued that the “concentration- thesis” fails to do justice to world and life-views that obviously do not claim total allegiance. To illustrate this point it turns to the phenomenon of “multiple religious participation”, as well as to different strands within contemporary humanism. It concludes that the main problem may well be that secular culture has little to offer to satisfy the innate religious drive in humankind.

  20. A Comparative Analysis of Translation Strategies in the Turkish Translation of Songs in Walt Disney's Animated Musical Movies: "Hercules" and "Frozen" (United States)

    Meti?n Teki?n, Bilge; Isisag, Korkut Uluç


    With the expansion of communication in the globalised world, translation has gained importance all over the world. Books, articles, magazines have been translated for over years. A new field in translation is song translation. The aim of the study is to analyze translation strategies that are applied in the translation process of songs in Walt…

  1. Student Activities to Accompany the People on Market Street Film Series--A Series of Seven Economics Films Distributed by the Walt Disney Educational Media Company. (United States)

    Watts, Michael, Ed.

    Designed to help students in grades 9-12 understand economic terms, fundamental economic principles of the free enterprise system, and economic forces that influence activities in everyone's life, this teacher's guide provides over 50 reproducible activity sheets on the following topics: (1) scarcity and planning, (2) cost, (3) demand, (4) supply,…

  2. Inetu pardipoja elulugu / Jaanus Noormets

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Noormets, Jaanus


    1999.a. Kolumbia telekanalil BCN jooksnud telenovela "Ma olen kole Betty" ("Yo soy Betty, la Fea") on saanud oma uusversioonid riikides, kus telenovela zhanri seni pole eriti viljeldud : USAs on menukas "Kole Betty"("Ugly Betty"), sakslastel "Armastus Berliinis" ("Verliebt in Berlin"), venelastel "Ne rodiss krassivoi" jne

  3. Best estimate probabilistic safety assessment results for the Westinghouse Advanced Loop Tester (WALT)

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Wang, Guoqiang; Xu, Yiban; Oelrich, Robert L. Jr.; Byers, William A.; Young, Michael Y.; Karoutas, Zeses E.


    The nuclear industry uses the probabilistic safety assessment (PSA) technique to improve safety decision making and operation. The methodology evaluates the system reliability, which is defined as the probability of system success, and the postulated accident/problematic scenarios of systems for the nuclear power plants or other facilities. The best estimate probabilistic safety assessment (BE-PSA) method of evaluating system reliability and postulated problematic scenarios will produce more detailed results of interest, such as best estimated reliability analysis and detailed thermal hydraulic calculations using a sub-channel or Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) code. The methodology is typically applied to reactors, but can also be applied to any system such as a test facility. In this paper, a BE-PSA method is introduced and used for evaluating the Westinghouse Advanced Loop Tester (WALT). The WALT test loop at the George Westinghouse Science and Technology Center (STC), which was completed in October 2005, is designed to be utilized to model the top grid span of a hot rod in a fuel assembly under the Pressurizer Water Reactor (PWR) normal operating conditions. In order to safely and successfully operate the WALT test loop and correctly use the WALT experimental data, it is beneficial to perform a probabilistic safety assessment and analyze the thermal hydraulic results for the WALT loop in detail. Since October 2005, a number of test runs have been performed on the WALT test facility designed and fabricated by Westinghouse Electric Company LLC. This paper briefly describes the BE-PSA method and performs BE-PSA for the WALT loop. Event trees linked with fault trees embedding thermal hydraulic analysis models, such as sub-channel and/or CFD models, were utilized in the analyses. Consequently, some selected useful experimental data and analysis results are presented for future guidance on WALT and/or other similar test facilities. For example, finding and

  4. Viewing the Disney Movie Frozen through a Psychodynamic Lens. (United States)

    Kowalski, Christopher; Bhalla, Ruchi


    The Disney movie Frozen is the fifth highest grossing movie of all time. In order to better understand this phenomenon and to hypothesize as to why the movie resonated so strongly with audiences, we have interpreted the movie using psychodynamic theory. We pay particular attention to the themes of puberty, adolescence and sibling relationships and discuss examples of ego defenses that are employed by the lead character in relation to these concepts.

  5. Disney - Et projekt om kønsrollers afspejling og udvikling i et udvalg af Disney film


    Pedersen, Camilla Piilmann; Jensen, Charlotte Thiemke; Aahøj, Nadja Balvig; Bjergvang, Pernille Louise


    This project wishes to examine how the multinational mass media company Disney portrays gender roles in a selection of their movies, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Mulan, Tangled and Frozen, and whether or not a change within the gender roles portrayed in these movies occur. The project wishes to do so through several thorough analyses, one of which is based on the theory of Judith Butler. Her Gender Theory, which was published in her controversial...

  6. Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty: Developing a Course on Disney and Fairytale Movies (United States)

    Bonds-Raacke, Jennifer M.


    I developed and taught a course titled The Psychology of Disney and Fairytale Movies. This course examined the psychological effects of mass communication on behavior and thought, specifically the stereotyping of women and men and the concept of true love as portrayed in Disney and Fairytale movies. This paper describes the (a) development of the…

  7. The value transmitted by woman in Disney animated films

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Verónica Marín Díaz


    Full Text Available The animated films, has taken in the last decade of great relevance. This study aims to analyse the values that the female of the films from Disney. Through a descriptive and correlational study, we have proceeded to consult a group of teachers (N = 27 of said educational level, through a questionnaire of Marin and Sanchez (2015. The main result achieved has been the realization of the development of women and their role in society. It has also been confirmed that all transmit at least one traditional socially accepted value.

  8. Gender and Speech in a Disney Princess Movie

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Azmi N.J.


    Full Text Available One of the latest Disney princess movies is Frozen which was released in 2013. Female characters in Frozen differ from the female characters in previous Disney movies, such as The Little Mermaid and Tangled. In comparison, female characters in Frozen are portrayed as having more heroic values and norms, which makes it interesting to examine their speech characteristics. Do they use typical female speech despite having more heroic characteristics? This paper aims to provide insights into the female speech characteristics in this movie based on Lakoff’s (1975 model of female speech.  Data analysis shows that female and male characters in the movie used almost equal number of female speech elements in their dialogues. Interestingly, although female characters in the movie do not behave stereotypically, their speech still contain the elements of female speech, such as the use empty adjectives, questions, hedges and intensifier. This paper argues that the blurring of boundaries between male and female speech characteristics in this movie is an attempt to break gender stereotyping by showing that female characters share similar characteristics with heroic male characters thus they should not be seen as inferior to the male  characters.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michelle Brugnera Cruz Cechin


    Full Text Available This study describes a qualitative research held in a school in the public school system of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, focusing on the speeches of children about the Disney princesses dolls. The goal is to understand how this group of children addressed the gender identity and cultural differences represented by these characters. The princesses present a model of gender identity and behavior to be followed by children in films, games, books and dolls. When children played around with these dolls, they confirmed, challenged and transformed gender pedagogy taught by these characters, who have taken leadership roles in banter between peers in the classroom. The opportunity to play and reflect on these toys allowed new possibilities of thinking distinct modes of subjectivation.

  10. Conservation Station and Beyond: Experiences at Disney's Animal Kingdom That Make a Difference. (United States)

    Ogden, Jackie; Lehnhardt, Kathy; Mellen, Jill; Dierking, Lynn; Adelman, Leslie; Burks, Kyle; Miller, Lance


    Describes a five-year plan for educational research and evaluation at the Disney Animal Kingdom. Focuses on conservation-related issues and presents some of the preliminary results from the study of visitor attitudes. (DDR)

  11. “Wreck IT Ralph”: Studi Genre Pada Film Disney Animation Studios


    Devita, Fransisca


    “Wreck It Ralph” adalah sebuah film animasi produksi Disney Animation Studios yang menceritakan kehidupan dan petualangan seorang penjahat di dunia permainan bernama Ralph. Film ini adalah sebuah film yang membawa konvensi-konvensi genre yang berbeda dari film Disney sebelumnya. Peneliti melakukan analisis genre terhadap film “Wreck It Ralph” menggunakan 6 konvensi genre menurut Jane Stokes, yaitu setting, lokasi, peristiwa-peristiwa naratif, plot, karakter, dan ikonografi, untuk mengetahui g...

  12. A Disney Romance for the Ages: Idealistic Beliefs of Romantic Relationships Held By Youth


    Griffin, Raven Nichole


    The Disney Princess Brand includes 11 Disney Princess films from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) to Brave (2012). The goal of this campaign is for audiences to be entertained by the narratives while encouraging identification with the princesses in the films (Do Rozario, 2004; Orenstein, 2006). Scholars have suggested possible media effects of representations and messages depicted related to gender roles (England, Descartes, and Collier-Meek, 2011) and romantic relationships (Segrin an...

  13. Disney urbaniste : la ville de Celebration en Floride

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sophie Didier


    Full Text Available L´inauguration de la ville de Célébration par la compagnie Disney a marqué en 1996 la première véritable incursion du groupe dans la planification d´une ville tout entière connue pour accueillir 20.000 habitants permanents. Du point de vue de saconception, Celebration se rattache au récent courant de la planification néo-traditionnelle et fonctionne à ce titre comme la Main Street des parcs d´attraction, ville-refuge faisant explicitement référencé à un passé idéalisé. Cet article s´attache essentiellement à montrer les influences qui ont présidé la création et à la vente de cette ville idéale promue comme une alternative aux banlieues dégradées des années cinquante de la Sun Belt, et analyse les réactions qui ont accueilli l´inauguration de la ville dans la presse américaine.

  14. The treasure trove of yeast genera and species described by Johannes van der Walt (1925-2011). (United States)

    Smith, Maudy Th; Groenewald, Marizeth


    Yeast taxonomy and systematics have in recent years been dealt with intensively primarily by a small group of individual researchers with particular expertise. Amongst these was Johannes P. van der Walt, who had a major role in shaping our current understanding of yeast biodiversity and taxonomy. Van der Walt based his taxonomic studies not only on available cultures, but also by going into the field to isolate yeasts from various substrates. This pioneering work led to the discovery of many new genera and species, which were deposited in the Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures (CBS) collections for future studies in taxonomy, genomics, and industrial uses. These treasures collected during more than 60 years provide an outstanding legacy to the yeast community and will continue to exist in his absence. This contribution provides a comprehensive overview of the current nomenclatural and taxonomic status of the yeast genera and species introduced by van der Walt during his career.

  15. When You Wish upon a Star It Makes a Difference Who You Are: Children's Culture and the Wonderful World of Disney. (United States)

    Giroux, Henry A.


    The boundaries between entertainment, education, and commercialization collapse through Disney's reach into diverse spheres of everyday life. Disney's "innocence" is a promotional mask covering its aggressive marketing techniques and influence in transforming children into active consumers. Although Disney's films are joyous and…

  16. An approach to finding teaching moments on families and child development in Disney films. (United States)

    Guerrero, Anthony P S


    In the interest of finding "teaching moments in film" for psychiatric education and education on child development, the author describes an approach to analyzing Disney--and potentially other children's films--based on specifically observing family structure at the beginning and ending of the story, developmental stage and gender of the protagonist, the developmental crisis, and the external change agent and/or stressor. The author considered a convenience sample of ten popular Disney films. A wide variety of family structures and developmental stages and challenges were observed in the reviewed films. A matrix approach such as the one illustrated may help psychiatric educators to select effective teaching moments from Disney and other children's films.

  17. REM sleep behavior disorder and other sleep disturbances in Disney animated films. (United States)

    Iranzo, Alex; Schenck, Carlos H; Fonte, Jorge


    During a viewing of Disney's animated film Cinderella (1950), one author (AI) noticed a dog having nightmares with dream-enactment that strongly resembled RBD. This prompted a study in which all Disney classic full-length animated films and shorts were analyzed for other examples of RBD. Three additional dogs were found with presumed RBD in the classic films Lady and the Tramp (1955) and The Fox and the Hound (1981), and in the short Pluto's Judgment Day (1935). These dogs were elderly males who would pant, whine, snuffle, howl, laugh, paddle, kick, and propel themselves while dreaming that they were chasing someone or running away. In Lady and the Tramp the dog was also losing both his sense of smell and his memory, two associated features of human RBD. These four films were released before RBD was first formally described in humans and dogs. In addition, systematic viewing of the Disney films identified a broad range of sleep disorders, including nightmares, sleepwalking, sleep related seizures, disruptive snoring, excessive daytime sleepiness, insomnia and circadian rhythm sleep disorder. These sleep disorders were inserted as comic elements. The inclusion of a broad range of accurately depicted sleep disorders in these films indicates that the Disney screenwriters were astute observers of sleep and its disorders.

  18. The Boys Who Would Be Princesses: Playing with Gender Identity Intertexts in Disney Princess Transmedia (United States)

    Wohlwend, Karen E.


    Using data from a 3-year ethnographic study in US early childhood classrooms, I examine two kindergarten boys' classroom play with their favourite Disney Princess transmedia to see how they negotiated gender identity layers clustered in the franchise's commercially given storylines and consumer expectations. This analysis contributes necessarily…

  19. Images of Couples and Families in Disney Feature-Length Animated Films. (United States)

    Tanner, Litsa Renee; Haddock, Shelley A.; Zimmerman, Toni Schindler; Lund, Lori K.


    Examines themes about couples and families portrayed in 26 Disney animated classics and recent movies. Four overarching themes were identified: family relationships are a strong priority; families are diverse, but the diversity is often simplified; fathers are elevated, while mothers are marginalized; and couple relationships are created by…

  20. "Are You Guys "Girls"?": Boys, Identity Texts, and Disney Princess Play (United States)

    Wohlwend, Karen E.


    Drawing from critical sociocultural perspectives that view play, literacy, and gender as social practices, boys' Disney Princess play is examined as a site of identity construction and contestation situated within overlapping communities of femininity and masculinity practice where children learn expected practices for "doing gender".…

  1. Corporate Image and the Establishment of Euro Disney: Mickey Mouse and the French Press. (United States)

    Forman, Janis


    Considers interweaving themes that characterized the construction of Euro Disney, drawing upon articles in the French press. Offers analysis of the historical context for and the implications of the park's construction, using the literature of French cultural studies and cross-cultural studies for support. Discusses possible consequences to the…

  2. A Multiliteracies Pedagogy: Exploring Semiotic Possibilities of a Disney Video in a Third Grade Diverse Classroom (United States)

    Ajayi, Lasisi


    Disney videos are used across the US as important materials for teaching language arts and literacy in elementary schools. However, how pupils make meaning of the videos has not been sufficiently investigated in educational research. Twenty-five third-grade pupils were taught comprehension skills using "Sleeping Beauty." The students created their…

  3. Czesław Miłosz and Walt Whitman: translation as an authentic presence

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Arent Van Nieukerken


    Full Text Available Miłosz’s later poetry attempts to overcome the (postmodernist gap between the author as a textual effect and the subject of autobiography. An important stage on this road was his poetry book (in fact, a long poem in its own right Nieobjęta ziemia [Unattainable Earth]. Its form is clearly dialogical. The collection mixes authorial poems with vari­ous examples of “heteroglossia”. Particularly striking is the prominent presence of Walt Whitman’s poetry. Whitmanian poetics assume that fully experiencing reality presupposes the existence of a community. The task of poetry consists in conceiving artistic structures that, when they are “concretized”, allow the reader to participate in such a community. Nieobjęta ziemia tries to come to terms with the Whitmanian challenge. The poetical subject in this somewhat modified example of the modern “sylva rerum” experiences its link with the “other” by an individual reception of artifacts that point to the communal essence of humanity. Nieobjęta ziemia , realizing community in the field of poetics “performatively”, incorporates these artifacts into the text. Particularly important seems to be the role played by poems translated by Miłosz himself (they are explicitly labeled as translations, and that represent the human condition called by Whitman “en masse”.

  4. Learning from a mouse - how adoption of Disney methods could assist development of CANDU control centres

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Davey, E. [Crew Systems Solutions, Deep River, Ontario (Canada)


    Many organizations are challenged with the tasks of identifying customer needs and expectations for their products, anticipating future product needs, communicating a future product vision to clients, and designing with today's technology to bring a future vision to successful realization. The design evolution of plant control centres is one aspect of CANDU development that faces such challenges. The Disney Corporation is an example of an organization that has been successful in consistently meeting these challenges for over fifty years; and some of the design practices proven in moviemaking, theme park and resort layout, and vacation experience organization may be helpful and effective when applied in other domains. This paper summarizes the findings from an examination of Disney Corporation design practices, and suggests how some practices could be used to simplify and enhance the design of future CANDU control centres. (author)

  5. End-of-Life in Disney and Pixar Films: An opportunity for Engaging in Difficult Conversation. (United States)

    Tenzek, Kelly E; Nickels, Bonnie M


    This study expanded upon previous scholarship by examining end-of-life (EOL) depictions and messages of death within Disney and Pixar animated films. We argue Disney and Pixar depictions of EOL and death can provide critical opportunities for discussing death and dying processes with children and adults alike. A content analysis of 57 movies resulted in a total of 71 character deaths. These instances of death became the discourse used for analysis. The EOL discourse was coded based on five categories (character status, depiction of death, death status, emotional reaction, and causality). After quantitative analysis, the films were qualitatively analyzed. Four themes emerged from analysis, unrealistic moments, managing EOL, intentions to kill, and transformation and spiritual connection. Discussion of results, limitations, and directions for future research are included.

  6. Historical evidence for nature disconnection in a 70-year time series of Disney animated films. (United States)

    Prévot-Julliard, Anne-Caroline; Julliard, Romain; Clayton, Susan


    The assumed ongoing disconnection between humans and nature in Western societies represents a profoundly challenging conservation issue. Here, we demonstrate one manifestation of this nature disconnection, via an examination of the representation of natural settings in a 70-year time series of Disney animated films. We found that natural settings are increasingly less present as a representation of outdoor environments in these films. Moreover, these drawn natural settings tend to be more and more human controlled and are less and less complex in terms of the biodiversity they depict. These results demonstrate the increasing nature disconnection of the filmmaking teams, which we consider as a proxy of the Western relation to nature. Additionally, because nature experience of children is partly based on movies, the depleted representation of biodiversity in outdoor environments of Disney films may amplify the current disconnection from nature for children. This reduction in exposure to nature may hinder the implementation of biodiversity conservation measures. © The Author(s) 2014.

  7. Learning from a mouse - how adoption of Disney methods could assist development of CANDU control centres

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Davey, E.


    Many organizations are challenged with the tasks of identifying customer needs and expectations for their products, anticipating future product needs, communicating a future product vision to clients, and designing with today's technology to bring a future vision to successful realization. The design evolution of plant control centres is one aspect of CANDU development that faces such challenges. The Disney Corporation is an example of an organization that has been successful in consistently meeting these challenges for over fifty years; and some of the design practices proven in moviemaking, theme park and resort layout, and vacation experience organization may be helpful and effective when applied in other domains. This paper summarizes the findings from an examination of Disney Corporation design practices, and suggests how some practices could be used to simplify and enhance the design of future CANDU control centres. (author)

  8. Laudatores Temporis Acti, or Why Cosmology is Alive and Well -- A Reply to Disney (United States)

    Cirkovic, Milan M.


    A recent criticism of cosmological methodology and achievements by Disney (2000) is assessed. Some historical and epistemological fallacies in the said article have been highlighted. It is shown that -- both empirically and epistemologically -- modern cosmology lies on sounder foundations than it is portrayed. A brief historical account demonstrates that this form of unsatisfaction with cosmology has had a long tradition, and rather meagre results in the course of the XX century.

  9. Disneyization: A framework for understanding illicit drug use in bounded play spaces. (United States)

    Turner, Tim


    This paper combines evidence from an ethnographic study of illicit drug use amongst tourists in Ibiza with Bryman's (2004) theoretical model of Disneyization. The principal aim was to construct a new conceptual framework that may help scholars, practitioners and policy makers make sense of dynamic patterns of illegal drug use across bounded play spaces such as tourist resorts, music festivals and nightclubs. Ethnographic fieldwork employing a grounded theory design was undertaken over three summers in tourist locations on the Balearic island of Ibiza, including nightclubs, bars, cafes, beaches, airports and hotels. Field notes from participant observation were supplemented with data from semi-structured interviews (n = 56) and secondary sources gathered from tourist marketing. The framework of Disneyization has been discussed in terms of 5 constructs: theming, hybrid consumption, branding, performative labour and atmospheres; each having a specific role in relation to understanding illicit drug use in bounded play spaces. Thus: Theming sets the stage, by physically and symbolically demarcating space with indelible themes of hedonism that open up the possibility of illicit drug use. Hybrid-consumption blurs the distinction between legal and illegal forms of intoxication, making the trading and consumption of illegal drugs appear like a natural feature of the consumer space. Branding demonstrates how participants construct intricate hierarchies of taste and credibility related to drug of choice. Performative labour re-enforces hybrid consumption, with participants working in the bounded play spaces of Ibiza immersed within the illicit drug market. Atmospheres represents the alchemic synergy of bounded play space and is important to understanding illicit drug use as a sensorial, deeply immersive but transitory experience. This research offers Disneyization as a new conceptual framework for making sense of deeply complex spatial, socio-cultural, psychological and

  10. Club Penguin de Disney: los nuevos modos de construcción social de la infancia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sergio Alvarado Vivas


    Full Text Available Producto de cierta ambigüedad histórica respecto del lugar de los niños en la sociedad, en el siglo XX se edificó una noción de infancia asociada a la promoción de espacios seguros para su desarrollo personal, social y educativo. En ese contexto, surge el emporio mediático Disney, el cual apunta en el nuevo milenio a nuevos horizontes: las MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online para niños. Prueba de ello ha sido la adquisición, por parte de dicha compañía, del Club Penguin, una plataforma que posee más de 12 millones de usuarios registrados. En el presente trabajo, se analiza la construcción de realidad que hacen los niños en Club Penguin, así como sus formas de interactuar y comunicarse en un mundo virtual mediado por el consumo, el control y múltiples concepciones de territorio. De igual forma, el estudio aborda cómo los padres de familia entienden el ciberespacio y por qué Disney se configura como un sinónimo de confianza o de protección para sus hijos. El análisis del Club Penguin se hace desde una postura crítica, con el objetivo de evidenciar el grado de penetración del discurso Disney en edades tempranas, el cual se enmascara en una MMO que pese a ofrecer altos grados de seguridad ante peligros como el ciberacoso, también transmite componentes ideológicos que pueden llegar a ser nocivos.

  11. Transformations and innovations of punk graphic design in Peter Punk series from Disney

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Regina Rossetti


    Full Text Available The punk movement is an example of peripheral culture that currently influences the dominant culture. This article aims to point out what were the changes and the innovations that the punk graphic design had to struggle to adapt itself to the series Peter Punk, exhibited by Disney XD channel. Through literature review and analysis of images, it is possible to conclude that the show’s graphic design absorbed the punk style with other influences, but without the spontaneity of punk.

  12. ‘A princess strives for perfection’. Modelization of women in Disney movies from The Little Mermaid to Brave


    Martínez Guillén, Vanesa


    The modelization of women in what is known as Disney “Princesses” movies has changed notably since the creation of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937 until nowadays. While at the beginning the role of female characters was linked to housework and marriage, this stereotype changed gradually ending up with the production of Disney “Princesses” movies in which the heroines are depicted as active women who take control of their lives without the need of a man for a happy ending. The aim of t...

  13. Young American Immigrant Children's Interpretations of Popular Culture: A Case Study of Korean Girls' Perspectives on Royalty in Disney Films (United States)

    Lee, Lena


    This article explores how young Korean immigrant girls (age five to eight) living in the United States interpreted American popular culture by discussing their interpretations of Disney animated films. In particular, it scrutinizes these girls' understanding of the idea of monarchy--in this case, the process of and the qualification for a…

  14. Dressing Uncivil Neighbor(hoods. Walt Whitman's Adhesive Democracy in “Calamus” and “Drum-Taps”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laura López Peña


    Full Text Available This article analyzes 19th-century US poet Walt Whitman’s vindication of “adhesiveness” as imperative to the formation of a social democracy which might heal the neighborly hatreds of a divided United States and bind the nation together at a time of violent fragmentation and Civil War. The article examines Whitman’s location of the possibility of politics and democracy at the interpersonal level, and connects the poet’s political project in his 1860 “Calamus” with that in the 1865 “Drum-Taps”, studying how Whitman’s belief in the uniting capacity of love between men remained constant even as he was witnessing the tragic consequences of a four-year Civil War which would widen even more the irreconcilable gulfs between different Americans.

  15. Grandes projetos turísticos na savana brasileira: O Modelo Disney no Rio Quente Resorts

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ycarim Melgaço Barbosa


    Full Text Available Este artículo analiza la implantación de un gran proyecto turístico en la sabana brasileña, el Río Quente Resorts, basado en las estrategias del Modelo Disney. En ese sentido, el artículo narra acerca de la Disneyficación, resaltando la temática, la teatralización en el mundo de los negocios, el consumo colectivo y los nolugares. El Río Quente Resorts introduce los más sofisticados equipos de diversión y entretenimiento en una región donde se encuentra el manantial hidrotermal más importante del país, pero desprecia la sostenibilidad ambiental. Así, toda esa mega-estructura podrá acarrear daños irreversibles al ecosistema.

  16. Anglophonic Influence in the Use of Sound Symbolism in Italian Disney Comics: A Corpus-based Analysis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pischedda Pier Simone


    Full Text Available This article will explore the linguistic implications of employing and creating sound symbolism (ideophones, onomatopoeia and interjections in Italian Disney comics. It will endeavour to investigate the way sound symbolic forms in both imported Disney US comics and original Italian stories have profoundly influenced the development of Italian sound symbolism in the last century. The diachronic analysis is carried out thanks to the creation of a corpus of ideophones and interjections from 210 Disney stories published between 1932 and 2013. The corpus will allow the author to investigate how these forms have changed diachronically throughout the eighty years under investigation with the final aim of highlighting changes and patterns in both original and translated Italian stories. The unique status of ideophones, confirmed by language, sociological and neurological studies, has led to interesting experimentations but also to complicated dynamics. Certain linguistic settings seem to foster a better affinity towards the device- particularly if compared to Romance languages, such as Italian and Spanish, that often have to rely on Anglophone renditions. Anglicisation has indeed overshadowed previous original attempts. Nevertheless, recent creations, particularly from cartoonists, bear witness to a willingness to stretch language again in order to enhance language iconicity.

  17. Disney explains Bach: a pedagogic unit on the Fifth Brandenburg Concerto

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Giorgio Pagannone


    Full Text Available This article illustrates a pedagogic unit on music listening that is centered on the first movement of the Fifth Brandenburg Concerto by Bach and is aimed at primary school pupils. The selected concert is of historical importance for the prominent role assumed by the harpsichord in comparison to the other two soloists (flute and violin. The didactic “bridge” that is useful to deal with this piece and carve out the cognitive contents ad hoc has been identified by Giorgio Pagannone in Walt Disney’s animated cartoon, Three Little Pigs (1933, based on a fairy tale of the same name.First, we present and analyse  the music piece and animated cartoon. Next, we provide a detailed and articulated description of the pedagogic unit, that was adopted by Silvia Cancedda in a primary school in Bologna (Italy and produced very good results such as the intuitive reading of selected score fragments. The appendix includes some of the works done by the pupils.

  18. The Disney princesses and the construction of “silenced” Digital Humanities in animation cinema

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carmen Cantillo Valero


    Full Text Available One of the main ways of controlling power is to prohibit access to speech. Indoctrination through silence places women in a lower stratum in the digital narrative of animation film and, therefore, in society. This article reflects —from a qualitative perspective— on various aspects of Disney princesses' children's cinematography: the images of their characters, their representations, their speeches and their silences are analyzed with the intention of denaturing this type of fictions, since education, participation, transgression, perverse reading and the alternative view are the basis for recovering the freedom to create stories and identities. We start from making visible the mechanisms of audiovisual creation and the ways of suggesting to the public that they are essential elements to avoid manipulation and we conclude with the need to provide literacy in the media from schools so that the Digital Humanities can be built with such solid pillars as equality, critical thinking and humanist values, with which to give coherence to our existence.

  19. OneDHS: The Department of Homeland Security’s Organizational Culture (United States)


    success stories. The first concerns New York City in the 1990s and the second highlights the Walt Disney Company and its chain of excellence. Both...difference that other actions were unable to produce. Walt Disney Company In contrast to a culture that has evolved over a number of years is a culture...designed from day one and constantly reinforced day in and day out for the last ninety years. The Walt Disney Company is an example of a culture

  20. Secure Borders and Open Doors: Preserving Our Welcome to the World in an Age of Terrorism (United States)


    81 In October 2007, the Walt Disney Company presented State and DHS with a “Welcome to America” video now being displayed at CA posts and Model...airports council international-north america, Co-Chair, Ports of Entry Working Group James (Jay) Rasulo, chairman, walt disney parks and resorts...SBodac members and additional subject matter experts who were consulted. among the many who provided such assistance were: Bill Bailey, walt disney

  1. What Can I Do For You? (United States)

    Training and Development Journal, 1974


    Walt Disney has proved that, with the "Disney Way," motivators can aid in overcoming apathy and minimum productivity. These motivators help the employees maintain pride in his or her organization. (BP)

  2. Using Critical Race Theory to Analyze How Disney Constructs Diversity: A Construct for the Baccalaureate Human Behavior in the Social Environment Curriculum (United States)

    Cappiccie, Amy; Chadha, Janice; Lin, Muh Bi; Snyder, Frank


    Utilizing the basic tenets of critical race theory, the authors draw upon the expertise of multicultural scholars to raise consciousness and facilitate BSW classroom dialogue about microagressions perpetrated in Disney animations. Microaggressions pervade our media partly because they typically operate outside the threshold of the dominant…

  3. Pretty as a Princess: Longitudinal Effects of Engagement with Disney Princesses on Gender Stereotypes, Body Esteem, and Prosocial Behavior in Children (United States)

    Coyne, Sarah M.; Linder, Jennifer Ruh; Rasmussen, Eric E.; Nelson, David A.; Birkbeck, Victoria


    This study examined level of engagement with Disney Princess media/products as it relates to gender-stereotypical behavior, body esteem (i.e. body image), and prosocial behavior during early childhood. Participants consisted of 198 children (M[subscript age] = 58 months), who were tested at two time points (approximately 1 year apart). Data…

  4. 'Tom & Viv' ehk Elulugu kunstiks / Jaak Rähesoo

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Rähesoo, Jaak, 1941-


    Mängufilm Thomas Stearns Eliotist Michael Hastingsi näidendi põhjal, stsenaristid Michael Hastings ja Adrian Hodges, re̓issöör Brian Gilbert : Suurbritannia, 1994. Ka autori suhtumisest Madis Kõivu ja Jaan Krossi biograafilistesse teostesse. Järg: 26. jaan., lk. 12

  5. Point Picking and Distributing on the Disc and Sphere (United States)


    interesting application of geodesic subdivision is the design of domes, buildings, and structures (e.g., Spaceship Earth14 at Epcot, Walt Disney World; the...Computational Geometry in C. Cambridge (United Kingdom): Cambridge University Press; 1993. 41 14. Spaceship Earth. Walt Disney World; [accessed 2014

  6. Pretty as a Princess: Longitudinal Effects of Engagement With Disney Princesses on Gender Stereotypes, Body Esteem, and Prosocial Behavior in Children. (United States)

    Coyne, Sarah M; Linder, Jennifer Ruh; Rasmussen, Eric E; Nelson, David A; Birkbeck, Victoria


    This study examined level of engagement with Disney Princess media/products as it relates to gender-stereotypical behavior, body esteem (i.e. body image), and prosocial behavior during early childhood. Participants consisted of 198 children (M age  = 58 months), who were tested at two time points (approximately 1 year apart). Data consisted of parent and teacher reports, and child observations in a toy preference task. Longitudinal results revealed that Disney Princess engagement was associated with more female gender-stereotypical behavior 1 year later, even after controlling for initial levels of gender-stereotypical behavior. Parental mediation strengthened associations between princess engagement and adherence to female gender-stereotypical behavior for both girls and boys, and for body esteem and prosocial behavior for boys only. © 2016 The Authors. Child Development © 2016 Society for Research in Child Development, Inc.

  7. Evolución de estereotipos de género en Disney : análisis desde la perspectiva crítica


    Mancinas-Chávez, Rosalba; Nogales Bocio, Antonia Isabel; Barriga Cano, María José


    El principal fundamento de partida de este trabajo es la conviccion de que la propiedad de una ernpresa mediatica determina los contenidos de la misma. Esa es la razon por la cual, para realizar una dernostracion de los estereotipos de genero en el conglomerado mediatico ABC - Disney, primer0 hacemos una definicion de la ernpresa desde el punto de vista de la estructura mediatica. Nos interesa demostrar que existen estereotipos de genero propios de una cultura androcentrica que...

  8. Para assistir aos vilões Disney: abjeção e heteronormatividade em “A Pequena Sereia”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Caynnã de Camargo Santos


    Full Text Available Compreendendo a cultura midiática como um dos principais espaços contemporâneos de (reprodução de sentidos acerca dos mais variados âmbitos da vida social, a partir dos quais são estruturados procedimentos de controle e exclusão de corpos, ideias e comportamentos, o presente trabalho objetiva desvelar e analisar criticamente a sutil estratégia discursiva empregada em filmes de animação dos Estúdios Disney, estratégia essa que cumpre em reiterar a “normalidade” das formas de identificação por gênero hegemônicas a partir da abjeção de identidades desviantes. Para tanto, empreendemos uma análise sociocultural da vilã Úrsula, de A Pequena Sereia (1989, valendo-nos de aspectos metodológicos próprios à semiótica e à Análise Crítica do Discurso. Mediante uma leitura informada pelos Estudos Culturais e pela Teoria Queer, observamos que o padrão de representação mobilizado na animação veicula uma implícita avaliação negativa das formas de ser e agir que frustram o binarismo heteronormativo, associando-as inequivocamente com crueldade e ganância.

  9. John Howard Marsden (1803–1891 First Disney Professor of Archaeology at the University of Cambridge 1851–1865

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michael Leach


    Full Text Available Although there were ten chairs of archaeology at universities in Germany, and one in France, by the mid-nineteenth century, in Great Britain it was the amateur societies and museums (the British Museum in particular that encouraged the study of this subject. In 1851 John Disney established the first university chair in Great Britain at Cambridge University. His proposal was initially received with considerable caution by the governing body of the university, and was only accepted by the narrowest margin of eight votes to seven. His agreement with the University of Cambridge stipulated that six lectures a year should be given on the subject of ‘Classical, Medieval, and other Antiquities, the Fine Arts and all matters and things connected therewith’ (Clark 1904, 222–225. However university archaeology was slow to establish its academic credibility nationally, and it was more than thirty years before Oxford University established its chair of classical archaeology. The Cambridge Board of Anthropological Studies, which included instruction in prehistoric archaeology, was not created until 1915, and as late as 1945 there were still only a few university lecturers in archaeology in Great Britain. It was not until 1946 that Oxford University appointed a Professor of Prehistoric Archaeology (Wilson 2002, 153; Daniel 1976, 6–12; Smith 2004, 4–5, 53–54.

  10. Estimating Carbon Stocks Along Depressional Wetlands Using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) in the Disney Wilderness Preserve (Orlando, Florida) (United States)

    McClellan, M. D.; Comas, X.; Wright, W. J.; Mount, G. J.


    Peat soils store a large fraction of the global carbon (C) in soil. It is estimated that 95% of carbon in peatlands is stored in the peat soil, while less than 5% occurs in the vegetation. The majority of studies related to C stocks in peatlands have taken place in northern latitudes leaving the tropical and subtropical latitudes clearly understudied. In this study we use a combination of indirect non-invasive geophysical methods (mainly ground penetrating radar, GPR) as well as direct measurements (direct coring) to calculate total C stocks within subtropical depressional wetlands in the Disney Wilderness Preserve (DWP, Orlando, FL). A set of three-dimensional (3D) GPR surveys were used to detect variability of the peat layer thickness and the underlying peat-sand mix layer across several depressional wetlands. Direct samples collected at selected locations were used to confirm depth of each interface and to estimate C content in the laboratory. Layer thickness estimated from GPR and direct C content were used to estimate total peat volume and C content for the entire depressional wetland. Through the use of aerial photos a relationship between surface area along the depressional wetlands and total peat thickness (and thus C content) was established for the depressions surveyed and applied throughout the entire preserve. This work shows the importance of depressional wetlands as critical contributors of the C budget at the DWP.

  11. Camp Creates a World of Magic: The Trail to Innovative Thinking Begins at the ACA National Conference. (United States)

    Coleman, Marla


    The American Camping Association 2001 National Conference at Walt Disney World draws parallels between the administration of camp programs and practices at Disney World. Seminars led by Disney managers focus on recruitment of college students, development of a corporate culture and philosophy, emphasis on environment, and quality service that…

  12. Dietary management, husbandry, and body weights of African elephants (Loxodonta africana) during successful pregnancies at Disney's Animal Kingdom. (United States)

    Sullivan, Kathleen; Kerr, Katherine; Wanty, Rachel; Amaral, Bryan; Olea-Popelka, Francisco; Valdes, Eduardo


    Successful pregnancy in African elephants is influenced by biological and environmental factors. For managed elephants many of these factors are set directly or indirectly by their human care takers, including nutrition and husbandry. While African elephants often struggle to conceive and produce healthy offspring under human care, Disney's Animal Kingdom (DAK) has effectively managed six gestations to fruition in three cows. Despite differences between mothers in terms of BW and growth curves during gravidity, each pregnancy successfully resulted in the birth of a healthy calf. Body weight (BW) gain during pregnancy ranged from 245 to 558 kg. Obesity in elephants is associated with increased occurrence of dystocia and mortality of the fetus and mother, hence understanding normal weight gains is an integral concept. Diet (dry matter basis) included high levels of fiber throughout pregnancies (60-70% neutral detergent fiber), vitamin E supplementation (116-214 mg/kg diet of alpha-tocopherol), as well as low levels of starch (2.5-5.1%) and crude fat (1.9-2.4%). Caretaker directed exercise during pregnancy at DAK served to prevent ventral edema, and increase muscle tone to prepare cows for parturition. Demonstrating techniques for effective care of pregnant females, as well as normal growth curves and fluctuations under ex situ conditions are necessary for future positive outcomes. Ensuring reproductive success through proper husbandry and nutrition are a key to long-term conservation of elephants. Zoo Biol. 35:574-578, 2016. © 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. © 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  13. Sand fly captures with Disney traps in area of occurrence of Leishmania (Leishmania) amazonensis in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, mid-western Brazil. (United States)

    Dorval, Maria Elizabeth Cavalheiros; Alves, Tulia Peixoto; Cristaldo, Geucira; Rocha, Hilda Carlos da; Alves, Murilo Andrade; Oshiro, Elisa Teruya; Oliveira, Alessandra Gutierrez de; Brazil, Reginaldo Peçanha; Galati, Eunice Aparecida Bianchi; Cunha, Rivaldo Venancio da


    The work was conducted to study phlebotomine fauna (Diptera: Psychodidae) and aspects of American cutaneous leishmaniasis transmission in a forested area where Leishmania (Leishmania) amazonensis occurs, situated in the municipality of Bela Vista, State of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. The captures were conducted with modified Disney traps, using hamster (Mesocricetus auratus) as bait, from May 2004 to January 2006. Ten species of phlebotomine sandflies were captured: Brumptomyia avellari, Brumptomyia brumpti, Bichromomyia flaviscutellata, Evandromyia bourrouli, Evandromyia lenti, Lutzomyia longipalpis, Psathyromyia campograndensis, Psathyromyia punctigeniculata, Psathyromyia shannoni and Sciopemyia sordellii. The two predominant species were Ev bourrouli (57.3%) and Bi flaviscutellata (41.4%), present at all sampling sites. Two of the 36 hamsters used as bait presented natural infection with Leishmania. The parasite was identified as Leishmania (Leishmania) amazonensis. Analysis of the results revealed the efficiency of Disney traps for capturing Bichromomyia flaviscutellata and the simultaneous presence of both vector and the Leishmania species transmitted by the same can be considered a predictive factor of the occurrence of leishmaniasis outbreaks for the human population that occupies the location.

  14. From the Advent of Multiculturalism to the Elision of Race: The Representation of Race Relations in Disney Animated Features (1995-2009

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eve Benhamou


    Full Text Available As one of the most powerful purveyors of entertainment in the world, the Disney company has produced blockbuster films, including animated features that have enjoyed enduring popularity. Reflecting and shaping to some extent American popular culture and ideology, they have left vivid images in our memory. Arguably, one of Disney’s most ubiquitous symbol is the beautiful white princess. The representation of race relations in Disney films has always been problematic, sometimes sparking heated debates: non-white characters were either absent or stereotypically portrayed. Nonetheless, in parallel with the advent of multiculturalism in the 1990s, a series of films have foregrounded a new approach on these portrayals, the most notable being Pocahontas (1995, Atlantis (2001, and The Princess and the Frog (2009. In this article, I will examine the evolution of the representation of race, focusing on the film texts and their historical and cultural context, production history, and critical reception. I will argue that the apparent messages of tolerance and promotion of multiculturalism were accompanied and slowly replaced by a colour-blind erasure of race.

  15. Wickerhamiella van der Walt (1973) (United States)

    This chapter describes the ascomycetous yeast genus Wickerhamiella, which has five described species and has been defined from multigene deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) sequence analysis. The species reproduce by multilateral budding but do not form hyphae or pseudohyphae. Asci typically form a single a...

  16. Disney World sur CERN

    CERN Multimedia

    Bieri, P


    "'Cela ressemble à un film de James Bond.' Des milliers de curieux se sont rendus, hier, dans le temple genevois de la science ouvert au public. Opération de charme réussie pour le CERN, qu i s'est ainsi refait une image" (1 page)

  17. Sand fly captures with Disney traps in area of occurrence of Leishmania (Leishmania amazonensis in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, mid-western Brazil Capturas de flebotomíneos com armadilhas de Disney em área de ocorrência de Leishmania (Leishmania amazonensis no estado de Mato Grosso do Sul, região Centro-Oeste do Brasil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Elizabeth Cavalheiros Dorval


    Full Text Available INTRODUCTION: The work was conducted to study phlebotomine fauna (Diptera: Psychodidae and aspects of American cutaneous leishmaniasis transmission in a forested area where Leishmania (Leishmania amazonensis occurs, situated in the municipality of Bela Vista, State of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. METHODS: The captures were conducted with modified Disney traps, using hamster (Mesocricetus auratus as bait, from May 2004 to January 2006. RESULTS: Ten species of phlebotomine sandflies were captured: Brumptomyia avellari, Brumptomyia brumpti, Bichromomyia flaviscutellata, Evandromyia bourrouli, Evandromyia lenti, Lutzomyia longipalpis, Psathyromyia campograndensis, Psathyromyia punctigeniculata, Psathyromyia shannoni and Sciopemyia sordellii. The two predominant species were Ev bourrouli (57.3% and Bi flaviscutellata (41.4%, present at all sampling sites. Two of the 36 hamsters used as bait presented natural infection with Leishmania. The parasite was identified as Leishmania (Leishmania amazonensis. CONCLUSIONS: Analysis of the results revealed the efficiency of Disney traps for capturing Bichromomyia flaviscutellata and the simultaneous presence of both vector and the Leishmania species transmitted by the same can be considered a predictive factor of the occurrence of leishmaniasis outbreaks for the human population that occupies the location.INTRODUÇÃO: O estudo foi realizado com o objetivo de estudar a fauna de flebotomíneos (Diptera: Psychodidae e aspectos ligados à transmissão da leishmaniose tegumentar americana em uma área florestal com ocorrência de Leishmania (Leishmania amazonensis, situada no município de Bela Vista, Estado do Mato Grosso do Sul, Brasil. MÉTODOS: As capturas de flebotomíneos foram realizadas utilizando-se armadilhas tipo Disney modificadas, com isca roedor, Mesocricetus auratus, no período de maio de 2004 a janeiro de 2006. RESULTADOS: As coletas resultaram na identificação de 10 espécies de Phlebotominae

  18. Молодежь пришла на кастинг в кино / Лилия Крысина

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Крысина, Лилия


    Tallinnas toimus esimene kasting (näitlejate rollidesse ja massistseenidesse otsimine) Venemaa Esimese Kanali, Esimese Balti Kanali ja Walt Disney Company ühisprojekti, muusikalisse teleseriaali "После школы"

  19. "Вы хотите сниматься в кино?" / Нина Рачинская

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Рачинская, Нина


    Tallinnas toimus esimene kasting (näitlejate rollidesse ja massistseenidesse otsimine) Venemaa Esimese Kanali, Esimese Balti Kanali ja Walt Disney Company ühisprojekti, muusikalisse teleseriaali "После школы"

  20. Aasta parimad ja halvimad juhid: vaprad hoidsid kurssi, paar tähte kustus

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    USA majandusajakirja BusinessWeek poolt läbi viidud uuringu andmetel olid 2004. aasta parimad juhid Jeffrey Immelt (General Electric) ja Steven Reinemund (PepsiCo) ning halvimad juhid Raymond Gilmartin (Merck) ja Michael Eisner (Walt Disney)

  1. Ühe imago anatoomia ehk pilk kinokriitika kööki / Ilmar Raag

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Raag, Ilmar, 1968-


    Walt Disney kompanii esitles Pariisis täispikka muusikalist joonisfilmi 'Jumalaema kiriku kellamees' (Victor Hugo romaani 'Jumalaema kirik Pariisis' ainetel "The Hunchback of Notre Dame", režissöörid Gary Trousdale, Kirk Wise, USA 1996)

  2. Piilupart Donald sai tähe Hollywoodi kuulsuste alleel

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Walt Disney joonistatud Piilupart ilmus ekraanile esmakordselt 1934. aastal joonisfilmis "Tark tibu". Nüüd sai ka tema Hollywoodi tähtede alleel oma staaritähe Miki-Hiire, Pluuto ja Daisy kõrvale

  3. Donalda Daka udostoili zvezdõ

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Walt Disney joonistatud Piilupart ilmus ekraanile esmakordselt 1934. aastal joonisfilmis "Tark tibu". Nüüd sai ka tema Hollywoodi tähtede alleel oma staaritähe Miki-Hiire, Pluuto ja Daisy kõrvale

  4. A Strategy to Increase the International Visibility and Participation of a State University (United States)

    Lucas, Stephen R.; Miles, Benton E.


    This paper presents a strategy for expanding a university's international participation. An effort to correct international exchange imbalances evolved into a unique international program and partnership with Walt Disney World.

  5. And the Top Honor Goes to Voc Ed. (United States)

    Hettinger, James


    Ray Chelewski is the first vocational-technical educator to win Walt Disney's top teaching honor. Chelewski is an agriculture teacher at the Presque Isle Regional Technology Center in northeast Maine. (JOW)

  6. Londonis kollijahil / Betty Ester

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Ester, Betty, 1977-


    Eesti ajakirjanikud Londoni kinos "Odeon" vaatamas Walt Disney Stuudio ja Pixar Animationi täispika animafilmi "Kollide kompanii" ("Monsters, Inc.") esilinastust : režissöörid Peter Docter ja David Silverman : Ameerika Ühendriigid 2001

  7. Getter Jaani osaleb nukuteatri muusikalis / Karilin Engelbrecht

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Engelbrecht, Karilin


    2010. aasta kevadel jõuab nukuteatri lavale Walt Disney menufilmi "High School Musical" samanimeline muusikal kohalike lauljate esituses. Tüdrukutest peetakse suurimaks favoriidiks Getter Jaanit. Muusikali lavastab Andres Dvinjaninov

  8. Eto otshen strashno! / Irina Ivanova

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Ivanova, Irina


    Walden Media tootis koos Walt Disney Pictures'iga ekraniseeringu C.S. Lewise 1950.a. ilmunud romaanist "Narnia lood : Lõvi, nõid ja riidekapp" (Chronicles of Narnia : The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe")

  9. Narnia lood pakuvad naudingut just lastele / Mari Rebane

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Rebane, Mari


    Walden Media tootis koos Walt Disney Pictures'iga ekraniseeringu C.S. Lewise 1950.a. ilmunud romaanist "Narnia lood : Lõvi, nõid ja riidekapp" (Chronicles of Narnia : The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe")

  10. American College of Gastroenterology (United States)

    ... journal published to provide an opportunity to share interesting case reports. Edited by GI fellows, it is ... AmCollegeGastro Events November 9 Advances in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases – AIBD 2017 November 9 - 11, 2017 Walt Disney ...

  11. Bagatellid : maailm / Nele-Eva Steinfeld

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Steinfeld, Nele-Eva


    Suri helilooja Mauricio Kagel. Ajakirja Gramophone 2008. aasta preemiad selgunud. Avastati Mozarti käsikiri. Bryn Terfel võtab hoo maha. Lajkus klaverivabrikant Henry Steinway. Philip Glass loob ooperi Walt Disney elust

  12. Tiggr muuvi / Ingrid Peek

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Peek, Ingrid


    Animafilm A.A. Milne'i lasteraamatu "Karupoeg Puhh" ainetel "Tiigrifilm" ("The Tiger Movie") ja kõik selle tegelased. režissöör Jun Falkenstein : Ameerika Ühendriigid, The Walt Disney Company 2000

  13. Storing and Predicting Dynamic Attributes in a World Model Knowledge Store (United States)


    Walt Disney 4 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS First I would like to thank my family for their unending support of every endeavor I’ve ever dreamt up. A long...research group at the Air Force Research Labs at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida. Special thanks to Walt Waltz, Al Nease and everyone at AFRL for

  14. Crossing Digital Bridges for Global Understanding (United States)

    Beal, Candy; Bates, Natalie


    The international fantasy world that Walt Disney has developed, and others like it, are designed to create a global community experience for amusement park visitors. Disney's portrayal of many nations--their colorful dress, musical traditions, and unique native cuisine--is many students' only "foreign travel" and the experience may leave them with…

  15. Information as Power: An Anthology of Selected United States Army War College Student Papers. Volume 3 (United States)


    some efforts along this path recently when it worked with the Walt Disney Company to produce a seven minute film and hundreds of still images... Disney Parks and Resorts Partners with Departments 53. of State and Homeland Security to Welcome International Visitors to the United States

  16. Improving the United States’ Strategic Communication Strategy (United States)


    the Walt Disney Company to produce a 7- minute film, and hundreds of still images, featuring American people from all regions and walks of life for...and Coordination of Research (Washington, D.C.: U.S. General Accountability Office, July 2007). 53 U.S. Department of State, “ Disney Parks and

  17. Simulator Sickness During Emergency Procedures Training in a Helicopter Simulator: Age, Flight Experience, and Amount Learned (United States)


    drivers are more susceptible than male drivers" (Hein, p. 610). Age. Walt Disney World’s "Mission: Space" thrill ride left some older riders the state... Last December, Disney began placing barf bags in the ride... (Schneider, 2004, p. B2) Reviewers have reported that susceptibility to SS

  18. Community College Students Truly Live the Magic (United States)

    Shook, Stephanie


    This article talks about the Disney Theme Parks & Resorts College Program. The program attracts a variety of students each year from different backgrounds, major and career goals to the Walt Disney World Resort outside of Orlando, Florida, for a semester of living, learning and earning. The program has provided a foundation for thousands of…

  19. Discipline and Pleasure: The Pedagogical Work of Disneyland (United States)

    Aronstein, Susan L.; Finke, Laurie A.


    Disneyland is work disguised as play; school disguised as vacation. While Walt Disney's curriculum deploys across all of its products, it literally engulfs the approximately 50 million "guests" who visit the Disney Parks each year. Drawing on Sarah Ahmed's phenomenological reading of orientation in Queer phenomenology, this…

  20. Enhancing Unity of Effort in Homeland Defense, Homeland Security, and Civil Support Through Interdisciplinary Education (United States)


    Parameters, Winter 1998, 39–50. Walt Disney Pictures. (2004) Miracle. Burbank, CA. Wormuth, C. E., & Witkowsky, A. (2008). Managing the Next...defense, homeland security, and civil support. In 2004, Disney produced a movie entitled Miracle that portrayed the story of the 1980 hockey team...perspective that the players have finally set aside their differences and internal competitions to form a true team. These quotes from a movie Disney

  1. Instruction and Delight: Some Observations for Museums. (United States)

    King, Margaret J.

    This paper assesses the work of artist-creator Walt Disney as a model for museum educators to draw the public into its work. Disney Land and Disney World are viewed as monuments of U.S. life and imagination, a living museum that attracts 40 million U.S. visitors per year. The paper describes what should be a partnership among the image-making,…

  2. Rapid Capability Fielding Toolbox Study (United States)


    Minds and former President,  Walt   Disney  Imagineering  Bran Ferren is the co‐founder, Co‐Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Applied Minds, a company...that  provides advanced technology, creative design, and consulting services to a variety of clients, including  The  Walt   Disney   Company,  NASA  and...GM.    Before  founding  Applied  Minds,  Ferren  held  various  leadership  positions,  including  president,  at  Walt   Disney   Imagineering,  the

  3. Ms. Rodriquez and Mickey Mouse pose with a portrait of Ronald McNair (United States)


    In the gymnasium of Ronald McNair Magnet School in Cocoa, Fla., Ms. Maria Rodriguez, an Walt Disney World Ambassador, and Mickey Mouse pose with a portrait of NASA astronaut Ronald McNair. The portrait was presented to the school by Walt Disney World during a tribute to McNair. The school had previously been renamed for the fallen astronaut, who was one of a crew of seven who lost their lives during an accident following launch of the Space Shuttle Challenger in January 1986.

  4. Blast-Off on Mission: SPACE (United States)


    Part of NASA's mission is to inspire the next generation of explorers. NASA often reaches children - the inventors of tomorrow - through teachers, reporters, exhibit designers, and other third-party entities. Therefore, when Walt Disney Imagineering, the creative force behind the planning, design, and construction of Disney parks and resorts around the world, approached NASA with the desire to put realism into its Mission: SPACE project, the Agency was happy to offer its insight.

  5. Dr. von Braun and Dr. Stuhlinger With a Model of the Nuclear-Electric Vehicles (United States)


    In this photo, taken at the Walt Disney Studios in California, Dr. Wernher von Braun and Dr. Ernst Stuhlinger are shown discussing the concepts of nuclear-electric spaceships designed to undertake the mission to the planet Mars. As a part of the Disney 'Tomorrowland' series on the exploration of space, the nuclear-electric vehicles were shown in the last three television films, entitled 'Mars and Beyond,' which first aired in December 1957.

  6. Shades of Gray: Releasing the Cognitive Binds that Blind Us (United States)


    resulting in a lack of analyst awareness at the crucial beginning stages of their careers . Some of the programs discovered in the research are...tradecraft toolkit of all intelligence analysts.”39 Heuer’s book is recommended reading for all perspective intelligence analysts by the 73 Walt Disney Company, “ Careers ,” accessed January 7, 2016

  7. Mermaid musings, or: "There is not enough woman to make love to, and too much fish to fry"

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Voss, R.


    In this short essay, I examine, by means of a hermeneutical close reading, Walt Disney's classic animated feature "The Little Mermaid". The aim is to illustrate Jacques Derrida's contributions to social theory by utilizing his strategy of deconstruction, and to take seriously Durkheim's instruction

  8. Dr. von Braun With a Model of a Launch Vehicle (United States)


    Dr. von Braun stands beside a model of the upper stage (Earth-returnable stage) of the three-stage launch vehicle built for the series of the motion picture productions of space flight produced by Walt Disney in the mid-1950's.

  9. Working-Class Women in Academic Spaces: Finding Our Muchness (United States)

    Thiel, Jaye Johnson


    In the Burton, T., dir. [2010. Alice in Wonderland (Film). Burbank: Walt Disney Pictures] cinematographic reimagining of "Alice in Wonderland," there is a moment when the Mad Hatter looks sincerely at Alice and tells her that inside her, something is missing--that she used to be much more muchier--that she has somehow lost her muchness.…

  10. Microstructural processes in irradiated materials (United States)

    Byun, Thak Sang; Morgan, Dane; Jiao, Zhijie; Almer, Jonathan; Brown, Donald


    These proceedings contain the papers presented at two symposia, the Microstructural Processes in Irradiated Materials (MPIM) and Characterization of Nuclear Reactor Materials and Components with Neutron and Synchrotron Radiation, held in the TMS 2015, 144th Annual Meeting & Exhibition at Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida, USA on March 15-19, 2015.

  11. 59 forskellige kronikker, klummer mv. med hver deres titel i Berlingske, JP og Kristeligt Dagblad

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sørensen, Lars Hovbakke


    og julemiddagen Den 16. december: Julens sange Den 17. december: Julebukken Den 18. december: ”Rudolf med den røde tud” Den 19. december: Kravlenisserne Den 20. december: Glöggen og juleøllet Den 21. december: Adventsstjernen Den 22. december: Julemarkedet Den 23. december: Walt Disneys juleshow Den...

  12. Organizing a Campus Seminar on Careers in Entertainment. (United States)

    Walt Disney Productions, Anaheim, CA.

    Developed by Walt Disney Productions as part of a project granted by the Career Education Program of the Office of Education, this handbook is designed to help college and university fine arts departments in planning and carrying out an on-campus seminar on careers in entertainment. Sections include Why Hold a Seminar on Careers in Entertainment?,…

  13. Miljardär levitab filmi kaudu usku / Christopher Parkes ; tõlk. Erik Aru

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Parkes, Christopher


    Uskliku miljardäri Philip Anschutzi firma Walden Media tootis koos Walt Disney Pictures'iga 128 milj. eurose ekraniseeringu C.S. Lewise romaanist (1950) "Narnia lood : Lõvi, nõid ja riidekapp". Kristliku temaatika võidukäigust Hollywoodis

  14. The School of the Future. (United States)

    Bete, Tim, Ed.


    Describes The Walt Disney Company's K-12 school of the future design that was developed from combining the hands-on knowledge of a school district and the curriculum expertise of a teaching university. Several illustrations and a basic floor plan are provided. (GR)

  15. Winning Attitude & Dedication to Physical Therapy Keep Sam Schmidt on Track (United States)

    Bosley, Nikki Prevenslik


    This article relates how Sam Schmidt returned to living a productive life after an accident left him with spinal cord injury. Schmidt was a former Indy Racing League driver who founded Sam Schmidt Motorsports after his accident in 2000. Schmidt's car hit the wall as he exited turn two during a practice session at Walt Disney World Speedway in…

  16. Living-History Villages as Popular Entertainers. (United States)

    Geist, Christopher D.


    Discusses the furor created when Walt Disney Studios announced plans to develop a "historic amusement park" near the Manassas (Virginia) National Battlefield Park. Maintains that the public debate over the popular understanding of history reflects an ongoing tension between academic historians and the purveyors of popular history. (CFR)

  17. ASTP 15th Anniversary Clip-Media Release (United States)


    This release is comprised of 5 separate clips, including the following: CL 762 Astronauts/Cosmonauts Visit to KSC and Walt Disney World; CL 739 ASTP Joint Crew Activities; CL 748 ASTP Astronauts/Cosmonauts Horlock Ranch Visit; CL 758 T-21 ASTP Training - US/USSR; and CL 743 ASTP Joint Crew Training in the Soviet Union.

  18. Leadership: creating a cuiture of caring. (United States)

    DePaola, Dominick P


    Leadership is characterized in terms of accomplishing mutual goals for the organization, its employees, and its community through vision and creating a community of caring. The examples of Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines, Walt Disney, and Dean Arthur A. Dugoni of the University of the Pacific are used to illustrate how this style of leadership plays out in specific accomplishments.

  19. EPCOT, NASA and plant pathogens in space. (United States)

    White, R


    Cooperative work between NASA and Walt Disney World's EPCOT Land Pavilion is described. Joint efforts include research about allelopathy in multi-species plant cropping in CELSS, LEDs as light sources in hydroponic systems, and the growth of plant pathogens in space.

  20. Külas kollide kompaniil / Betty Ester

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Ester, Betty, 1977-


    Ajakirja "Stiina" esindajad Londoni kinos "Odeon" vaatamas Walt Disney Stuudio ja Pixar Animation'i täispika animafilmi "Kollide kompanii" ("Monsters, Inc.") esilinastust : režissöörid Peter Docter ja David Silverman : Ameerika Ühendriigid 2001

  1. Ron Logan: An Insider's View of the Music Industry. (United States)

    Van Zandt, Kathryn


    Presents an interview with Ron Logan who has served as an executive vice president for Walt Disney Entertainment. Focuses on topics, such as: influential teachers in his life, his career, how he selects scripts for musical productions, and advice for students who want to work in the music industry. (CMK)

  2. 78 FR 5179 - Granting of Request for Early Termination of the Waiting Period Under the Premerger Notification... (United States)


    ... Healthcare Corporation; Lakewood IPA, Inc.; Tenet Healthcare Corporation. 20130401 G Apax VIII-A L.P.; Nike.... Lucas; The Walt Disney Company. 20130208 G Liberty Interactive Corporation; TripAdvisor, Inc.; Liberty... Investment Management Corp. 20130258 G U.S. Bancorp; FSV Payment Systems, Inc.; U.S. Bancorp. 20130260 G...

  3. The Emergence of Fairy Tale Literacy: A Multiple Case Study on Promoting Critical Literacy of Children through a Juxtaposed Reading of Classic Fairy Tales and Their Contemporary Disruptive Variants (United States)

    Li, Chieh-Lan


    Children nowadays perceive fairy tales from a number of sources; however, the strongest prior impressions toward this genre held by most youngsters are still built on the popular mass media-based adaptations such as the animated films or books of fairytale retellings by the Walt Disney Company. In order to make a change to such an undesirable…

  4. Ataxia-Telangiectasia Children's Project (United States)

    ... T CURE TEAM Walt Disney World® Marathon Weekend Star Wars™ Half Marathon - The Dark Side Pittsburgh Marathon Weekend Hess Lake Run Half Marathon Super Heroes Half Marathon Run Any Race What's New Exploring the Epidemiology of A-T in ...

  5. Micropropagation of the endangered shrub pondberry (Lindera melissifolia [Walt.] Blume) (United States)

    Tracy S. Hawkins; Nathan M. Schiff; Emile s. Gardiner; Theodore Leininger; Margaret S. Devall; A. Dan Wilson; Paul Hamel; Deborah D. McCown; Kristina Connor


    A micropropagation protocol using shoot cultures is described for Lindera melissifolia, a federally listed endangered shrub endemic to the southeastern United States. Stock plants were harvested from native L. melissifolia populations growing in the lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley. In vitro proliferation was on woody plant medium...

  6. Important complications of chronic kidney disease | van der Walt ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Statins are ineffective in stages 4 and 5 CKD, but are indicated for preventing the ... and may result in ischaemic heart disease, myocardial infarction and stroke. A raised parathyroid hormone level (secondary hyperparathyroidism) is also a ...

  7. Using Digital Media to Interpret Poetry: Spiderman Meets Walt Whitman (United States)

    McVee, Mary B.; Bailey, Nancy M.; Shanahan, Lynn E.


    Teachers and students often express an aversion to poetry based on their experiences with printbased poetry texts that typically dominate school curricula. Given this challenge and the potential affordances of new and multimodal technologies, we investigate how preservice and inservice teachers enrolled in a new literacies master's course began to…

  8. Somatotropin physiology - a review | van der Walt | South African ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    South African Journal of Animal Science. Journal Home · ABOUT THIS JOURNAL · Advanced Search · Current Issue · Archives · Journal Home > Vol 24, No 1 (1994) >. Log in or Register to get access to full text downloads. Username, Password, Remember me, or Register. Somatotropin physiology - a review. JG van der ...

  9. Protein digestion in ruminants | van der Walt | South African Journal ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    South African Journal of Animal Science. Journal Home · ABOUT THIS JOURNAL · Advanced Search · Current Issue · Archives · Journal Home > Vol 18, No 1 (1988) >. Log in or Register to get access to full text downloads. Username, Password, Remember me, or Register · Download this PDF file. The PDF file you selected ...

  10. Burnout among anaesthetists in South Africa | van der Walt ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Southern African Journal of Anaesthesia and Analgesia. Journal Home · ABOUT THIS JOURNAL · Advanced Search · Current Issue · Archives · Journal Home > Vol 21, No 6 (2015) >. Log in or Register to get access to full text downloads. Username, Password, Remember me, or Register · Download this PDF file. The PDF ...

  11. A Walk Through an American Classic

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Emma Gage


    Full Text Available The music of Walt Disney’s classic films was written by a number of hand-picked composers who, working with Disney, ingeniously crafted the music to fit animation and bring musical inspiration to the homes of viewers leaving America and the world with a beloved legacy. Though Walt Disney was a cartoonist and not a musician, music was given a distinct, almost central, role in the creation of his cartoons. Special techniques such as Mickey-mousing or the click track were developed by composers and used to synchronize this music and animation. These processes really began with Disney and have formed the basis for all music synchronized to cartoon animation. From the very beginning with Mickey Mouse, to The Silly Symphonies, to the beloved classic Disney movies music has been an ever-present and developing center. Walt Disney, though not a composer himself, hired a number of key composers from which we have many cherished melodies. Unlike most other cartoons Disney’s were focused on using music of the classical style rather than the popular style. The music from a number of classical composers was used or drawn upon as a model. Disney had a special purpose for the music in his animated films. Most of his films contained a story other than the music, but his movie Fantasia really seeks to find the purpose music itself has with visual interpretation. College students have done research on these ideas of simply listening to music or listening while seeing an image. All of Disney’s animated films would not be the classics they are without the music that holds them together. Disney music has become recognized as its own individual art form. It has inspired America to dream and to think more deeply than realized. Walt Disney’s indirect effect on music history may be considered a stretch, but there is no doubt that the music developed through Disney Bros. has left an inspiration on the hearts of Americans.

  12. Microstructural processes in irradiated materials

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Byun, Thak Sang; Morgan, Dane; Jiao, Zhijie; Almer, Jonathan; Brown, Donald


    This is an editorial article (preface) for the publication of symposium papers in the Journal of Nuclear materials: These proceedings contain the papers presented at two symposia, the Microstructural Processes in Irradiated Materials (MPIM) and Characterization of Nuclear Reactor Materials and Components with Neutron and Synchrotron Radiation, held in the TMS 2015, 144th Annual Meeting & Exhibition at Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida, USA on March 15–19, 2015.

  13. Dopey's seizure. (United States)

    Dan, B; Christiaens, F


    Angelman syndrome is a neurogenetic condition namely characterized by developmental delay, virtual absence of expressive verbal language, peculiar organization of movement, seizures and happy demeanor. This syndrome has been recognized since 1965, but it seems that Walt Disney presented an original depiction of it in his first full-length animated film, including myoclonic jerks and an apparently generalized tonic-clonic seizure. Copyright 1999 BEA Trading Ltd.

  14. KSC-05PD-0409 (United States)


    KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FLA. Center Director Jim Kennedy speaks to attendees at a VIP luncheon during the 2005 FIRST Robotics Regional Competition held at the University of Central Florida March 10-12. NASA and the University of Central Florida are co- hosts of the regional event and are joined by sponsors such as Motorola iDEN, the Florida High Tech Corridor Council, Walt Disney World Company and aerospace companies Lockheed Martin and United Space Alliance, just to name a few.

  15. Solar heating and cooling system for an office building at Reedy Creek Utilities (United States)


    The solar energy system installed in a two story office building at a utilities company, which provides utility service to Walt Disney World, is described. The solar energy system application is 100 percent heating, 80 percent cooling, and 100 percent hot water. The storage medium is water with a capacity of 10,000 gallons hot and 10,000 gallons chilled water. Performance to date has equaled or exceeded design criteria.

  16. Visual development as a tool for storytelling in animated feature films


    Moura, João Garcia de Lima de


    This dissertation aims to study and deepen the understanding of Visual Development and the way it is used towards storytelling. In animated feature and short films every element is studied and created in order to help the viewer understand the story. We will study concepts like color and light to understand how they are used in order to create an emotional connection between the animation and the viewer. The animated film ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (1991) from Walt Disney studio...

  17. Electric transportation in environmentally planned city of tomorrow. Paper No. 7788

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Watkins, B.


    A discussion is given of the operation of the electric monorail trains at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. The all-electric trains are powered by eight 600 V dc motors and use an air suspension system providing excellent riding qualities. A key factor in the overall efficiency is the loading and unloading technique in which the passengers step onto a moving circular platform which is synchronized to the speed of the vehicles being loaded. (PMA)

  18. Dr. David Brown poses with a portrait of Ronald McNair (United States)


    In the gymnasium of Ronald McNair Magnet School in Cocoa, Fla., Dr. David Brown, a NASA astronaut, poses with a portrait of NASA astronaut Ronald McNair. The portrait was presented to the school by Walt Disney World during a tribute to McNair. The school had previously been renamed for the fallen astronaut who was one of a crew of seven who lost their lives during an accident following launch of the Space Shuttle Challenger in January 1986.

  19. Mickey Mouse poses with a portrait of Ronald McNair (United States)


    In the gymnasium of Ronald McNair Magnet School in Cocoa, Fla., Mickey Mouse poses with a portrait of NASA astronaut Ronald McNair. The portrait was presented to the school by Walt Disney World during a tribute to McNair. The school had previously been renamed for the fallen astronaut who was one of a crew of seven who lost their lives during an accident following launch of the Space Shuttle Challenger in January 1986.

  20. Design criteria for Reedy Creek Demonstration Project

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Felicione, F.S.; Logan, J.A.


    This document defines the basic criteria for the 100-ton/day pilot plant which will use the Andco-Torrax pyrolysis process at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, to produce hot water. The waste will simulate transuranic wastes which are stored at INEL. The Andco-Torrax process is designed to convert mixed municipal refuse into energy and is called slagging pyrolysis solid waste conversion

  1. Integrating Project Portfolio With Business Strategy: Imagineering

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cesar Buaes Dal Maso


    Full Text Available Aligning project management to the strategy of a big company is a difficult job. Through Imagineering (the business department and project management program, The Walt Disney Company has done this alignment in an exemplary way. Using a theoretical investigation, this study analyzed the Imagineering as a reference in strategic management of global projects through Disney´s business portfolio, a global benchmarking and with Malmberg et al. (2010 as a company guide. As the main results of the correlations carried out, it was noted that the Imagineers who work in project teams apply tools and techniques with a strategic vision focused on differentiation, generating value, and mixing imagination with technical capacity. The Blue Sky department and its integrated units make possible the creation and deployment of the attractions, the theme parks, hotels, resorts and the Disney sea cruises, demonstrating in this way, to be a highly effective project management office.

  2. (United States)


    The Walt Disney Company has never lost sight of its founder's edict: “Give the public everything you can give them.” From this simple statement, everyone at Disney strives to exceed customer expectations every day. For more than 80 years this singular pursuit of excellence in delivering consistent quality service has earned the Disney organization a world-renowned reputation and ongoing business success. Uncover some of the secrets behind the Disney service culture and processes. In this session, you will examine the time-tested model for delivering world-class Guest service and discover how attention to detail creates a consistent, successful environment for both employees and customers. You can then use these ideas to transform and improve your own organization's delivery of quality service. You will learn how to: Develop an organizational culture that supports consistent delivery of quality service.Evaluate the Disney approach and tailor it to your business.Design quality service standards and processes to raise the level of customer satisfaction.Create metrics to gauge the needs, perceptions and expectations of your customers.Enable employees, settings and processes to convey your quality service commitment.Implement a strategic plan for monitoring the delivery of seamless customer experiences.

  3. Vic Lockman and the Carl Barks Universe of Disney Ducks

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andrea Cara


    Partiamo in queste pagine da un semplice itinerario all’interno dell’universo disneyano fra USA e Italia, origini e destinazione, con possibili rovesciamenti di direzione e contributi demografici che l’Italia ha dato alla popolazione delle grandi metropoli di paperi e topi.

  4. Aprendizes do Fantasia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Conter, Marcelo B.


    Full Text Available "Aprendizes do fantasia" aborda o videoclipe como gênero audiovisual partindo de seus devires, expressos desde as primeiras fusões de imagem projetada com música. Toma-se como referência o filme Fantasia, de Walt Disney, de 1940, no qual são encontradas estruturas que se repetirão nos videoclipes 40 anos mais tarde. São abordadas, também, adaptações de músicas inseridas no filme como traduções intersemióticas

  5. Historia de la animación

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juan Ruiz


    Full Text Available Desde hace varios años se ha venido trabajando en darle movimiento a las imágenes dibujadas o pintadas. Este artículo expone una síntesis del desarrollo de los dibujos animados desde que el hombre primitivo, impresionado por los movimientos de los animales que cazaba, plasmó estas acciones en las pinturas rupestres de las grutas de Lascaux en Francia, o las de Altamira en España, hasta los creados por la genialidad de Walt Disney.

  6. IODC 2014 Illumination design problem: the Cinderella Lamp (United States)

    Cassarly, William J.


    For the 3rd time, the International Optical Design Conference (IODC) included an Illumination Design contest. This year, the contest involved designing the illuminator to project the 1950 Walt Disney "Cinderella" movie using a box of optical knick-knacks. The goal of the problem was to provide the highest screen lumens with greater than 30% uniformity. There were 12 entries from 3 different countries. Three different commercial optical/illumination design packages were used. The winning solution, provided by Alois Herkommer, provided 371 screen lumens.

  7. Corporate Social (Ir)Responsibility in Media and Communication Industries


    Sandoval, M.


    Microsoft is the most socially responsible company in the world, followed by Google on rank 2 and The Walt Disney Company on rank 3 – at least according to the perceptions of 47,000 people from 15 countries that participated in a survey conducted by the consultancy firm Reputation Institute. In this paper I take a critical look at Corporate Social Responsibility in media and communication industries. Within the debate on CSR media are often only discussed in regard to their role of raising aw...

  8. Plant Research (United States)


    The Land's agricultural research team is testing new ways to sustain life in space as a research participant with Kennedy Space Center's Controlled Ecological Life Support System (CELSS). The Land, sponsored by Kraft General Foods, is an entertainment, research, and education facility at EPCOT Center, part of Walt Disney World. The cooperative effort is simultaneously a research and development program, a technology demonstration that provides the public to see high technology at work and an area of potential spinoff: the CELSS work may generate Earth use technology beneficial to the hydroponic (soilless growing) vegetable production industries of the world.

  9. World Key Information Service System Designed For EPCOT Center (United States)

    Kelsey, J. A.


    An advanced Bell Laboratories and Western Electric designed electronic information retrieval system utilizing the latest Information Age technologies, and a fiber optic transmission system is featured at the Walt Disney World Resort's newest theme park - The Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (EPCOT Center). The project is an interactive audio, video and text information system that is deployed at key locations within the park. The touch sensitive terminals utilizing the ARIEL (Automatic Retrieval of Information Electronically) System is interconnected by a Western Electric designed and manufactured lightwave transmission system.

  10. The current status of immunotoxins: an overview of experimental and clinical studies as presented at the Third International Symposium on Immunotoxins. (United States)

    Uckun, F M; Frankel, A


    The Third International Symposium on Immunotoxins was held on June 19-21, 1992 in Orlando, Florida. This symposium was sponsored by NATO, NIH, Pierce Chemical Company, Walt Disney Cancer Institute at Florida Hospital, Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center, Xoma, Immunogen, Seragen, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Chiron, Ortho Biotech, Upjohn, Merck Sharp & Dohme Research Laboratories, Abbot Laboratories, Lilly Research Laboratories, and Evans & Sutherland. The Pierce Immunotoxin Award which recognizes outstanding contributions to immunotoxin research and development, was presented to Drs David FitzGerald, Fatih Uckun, David Eisenberg, and Ira Wool, for their contributions to the immunotoxin field.

  11. STS-72 Flight Day 7 (United States)


    On this seventh day of the STS-72 mission, the flight crew, Cmdr. Brian Duffy, Pilot Brent W. Jett, and Mission Specialists Leroy Chiao, Daniel T. Barry, Winston E. Scott, and Koichi Wakata (NASDA), awakened to music from the Walt Disney movie, 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.' Chiao and Scott performed the second spacewalk of the mission where they tested equipment and work platforms that will be used in building the planned International Space Station. This spacewalk was almost seven hours long. Wakata conducted an interview with and answered questions from six graders from a Japanese school in Houston, Texas.

  12. A New Image for the Water Hyacinth (United States)


    Walt Disney Company activated a sewage treatment plan using NASA technology to create water hyacinths to clean wastewater by absorbing and metabolizing pollutants. Plants have exciting promise as a natural water purification system which can be established at a fraction of the cost of a conventional sewage treatment facility. Harvested plants can be used as fertilizer. They can also be heat-treated to produce consumer energy in the form of methane gas. If an economical method of drying plants can be developed they may find further utility as high protein animal feed.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ali Muqoddas


    Full Text Available Isu diskriminasi SARA seperti tiada habisnya terjadi di dunia ini, begitu juga di Indonesia. Hal ini mengakibatkan tema-tema tentang SARA menjadi sensitif ketika dibahas atau pun difilmkan. Hal ini mengakibatkan jarang ditemui film yang mengangkat tentang SARA. Lain halnya dengan Walt Disney. Walt Disney baru-baru ini merilis film kartun 3D yang mengangkat tema anti diskriminasi SARA yang berjudul Zootopia. Film ini menjadi menarik karena isu diskriminasi SARA yang diangkat dibalut dengan konsep yang kreatif hingga sensivitas isu SARA tersebut menjadi berkurang. Representasi anti diskriminasi SARA pada film Zootopia ini selanjutnya dikaji dengan metode semiotika Roland Barthes dengan pendekatan deskriptif kualitatif. Berdasarkan dari analisis, dapat disimpulkan bahwa film Zootopia memuat pesan ideologi tentang anti diskriminasi SARA bahwa kedudukan manusia dimata manusia yang lain pada hakikatnya adalah sama. Setiap manusia berhak dan wajib memperlakukan dan diperlakukan secara bijak tanpa memperdulikan background asal manusia itu sendiri. Penghargaan pada setiap individu tidak didasarkan pada faktor keturunan, ras, suku ataupun agama, namun didasarkan pada prestasi dari individu itu sendiri. Kata Kunci: diskriminasi SARA, Zootopia, Roland Barthes Abstract The issue of racial discrimination as an endless happen in this world, so also in Indonesia. This resulted in the themes of SARA be sensitive when discussed or filmed. This resulted in a rare film that raised about SARA. Another case with Walt Disney. Walt Disney recently released 3D animated film that mengangat theme of anti-discrimination SARA entitled Zootopia. This film is interesting because racial discrimination issues raised wrapped with a creative concept to the sensitivity of the racial issues be reduced. SARA anti-discrimination representation on film Zootopia is further studied with Roland Barthes semiotic methods with qualitative descriptive approach. Based on the analysis, it can

  14. Disneyland resort's environmentality'' program

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kohel, M.E. (Disneyland, Anaheim, CA (United States))

    Today at Disneyland Resort more than 12,000 Cast Members (employees) have pledged to think and act environmentally. The Environmental Affairs Department and the environmentality logo were established about 2-1/2 years ago to promote environmental awareness throughout the company. In 1993, a new campaign stressing recycling took place. Cast members were asked to pledge to recycle plastic containers. The goal was to raise their awareness of various grades of recyclable plastic. In turn, they received a T-shirt made from 50% recycled plastic (from The Walt Disney Company) and 50% virgin plastic.

  15. Mickey’s Trailer and Environmental Thought

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Goddard, Joseph


    International Park, which promotes motor-tourism and automobile ownership, and Ben Sharpsteen’s other work for Walt Disney. The article also examines the ideas of physical and “illusional” zoning in the city, especially the way that they were applied in the mid-twentieth century. Physical zoning involved...... separating incompatible land uses, whereas illusional zoning entailed seeing what you wanted to see. What does Mickey’s Trailer say about how people can live, and can it inform where people choose to live? The essay muses that appreciations of nature and the environment are influenced by popular culture....

  16. Dr. David Sawyer, Mickey Mouse and Dr. David Brown attend a ceremony at Ronald McNair Middle School (United States)


    Dr. David Sawyer (left), Superintendent of the Brevard County School District, Mickey Mouse, and Dr. David Brown, a NASA astronaut, attend a tribute to NASA astronaut Ronald McNair held in the gymnasium of Ronald McNair Magnet School in Cocoa, Fla. During the tribute, Walt Disney World presented a portrait of McNair to the school, which had previously been renamed for the fallen astronaut. McNair was one of a crew of seven who lost their lives during an accident following launch of the Space Shuttle Challenger in January 1986.

  17. The uniform order convergence structure on ML ( X ) | van der Walt ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The uniform convergence space completion of ML(X) is constructed as the space all normal lower semi-continuous functions on X. It is then shown how these results may be applied to solve nonlinear PDEs. In particular, we construct generalized solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations in three spatial dimensions, subject ...

  18. Responsible use of social media by undergraduate student nurses / Ingrid van der Walt


    Van der Walt, Ingrid


    The background and problem statement centre on the evolution of technology within teaching and learning, which involves undergraduate student nurses, as well as the use of social media as interactive teaching and communication tool. While examining the background to this topic, the researcher recognised a need to gain a deeper understanding of responsible social media use by undergraduate student nurses to the benefit of all the stakeholders, namely the Nursing Education Institution (NEI), ap...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Heru Dwi Waluyanto


    Full Text Available Animation had been known since 1940. Although obstructed by limited facilities and simple technologies%2C back then the Walt Disney had successfully produced animation masterpieces such as Pinocchio%2C Snow White%2C etc. In the world of animation%2C technology isn’t the most important player%2C the one who plays the biggest role is the animator. A good animator should be competent in drawing / having good drawing skill. This competency is very important because a good animator is supposedly able to translate ideas in his / her mind into visual in the form of animated pictures. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Animasi sudah dikenal sejak tahun 1940-an. Dengan teknologi yang masih sederhana pada waktu itu%2C Walt Disney antara lain memproduksi film-film masterpiece seperti Pinocchio dan Snow White. Dalam animasi bukan teknologinya yang terpenting%2C tetapi justru tenaga kerjanya (animator. Seorang animator harus memiliki kemampuan menggambar. Hal ini karena seorang animator dituntut mampu menterjemahkan sesuatu dalam pikiran menjadi wujud visual berupa gambar animasi. drawing%2C ideas%2C animation

  20. Vacation appendicitis. (United States)

    Redan, Jay A; Tempel, Michael B; Harrison, Shannon; Zhu, Xiang


    When someone plans a vacation, one of the last things taken into consideration is the possibility of contracting an illness while away. Unfortunately, if people develop abdominal pain while planning for a vacation, they usually proceed with the vacation and do not consider getting medical attention for their pain. The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of being on vacation and its association with ruptured appendicitis. From January 1, 2007 to December 31, 2008, the incidence of ruptured appendicitis cases at Florida Hospital-Celebration Health, located 5 miles from Walt Disney World, was compared with that of Florida Hospital-Orlando, approximately 30 miles away from Walt Disney World. We evaluated whether patients "on vacation" versus residents of Orlando have an increased incidence of ruptured appendicitis. Of patients treated for presumed appendicitis, 60.59% at Florida Hospital-Celebration Health had ruptured appendicitis during this time versus 20.42% at Florida Hospital-Orlando. Of those 266 patients seen at Florida Hospital-Celebration Health, 155 were on vacation versus only 21 at Florida Hospital-Orlando. Although there is not a direct cause and effect, it is clear that there is a higher incidence of ruptured appendicitis in patients on vacation versus in the regular community in the Orlando, Florida area.

  1. Reflection in phraseological neology of traumatic historical events connected with the terrorist threat

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Skorobogatova Taisiya Ivanovna


    Full Text Available The article is devoted to the analysis of phraseological units - neologisms which are associated with such traumatic historical events, as the implementation of terrorist acts. Particular emphasis is placed on the description of English, Russian and French phraseological units that have introduced the memory of the terrorist threat in the XX-XXI centuries.: Eng. That’s so 10th September (lit. today September 10, fig: Do not worry ahead of time about nothing; Rus. мочить в сортире (descriptor: беспощадно расправиться; фр. le prince s’est mari, le m chant est mort, c’est une semaine Walt Disney (lit. prince married the villain died, week Walt Disney; descriptor: Idyll, g n ration Bataclan (lit. Bataklan generation; descriptor: young people age of the victims who died in the “Bataklane”, i.e. young people aged 25-35. Phraseology description of new, emerging units is one of the most important problems in theoretical linguistics, namely: to illustrate and confirm the fact that the phrasebook body of a single national language is the result of the two memories - historical and linguistic. At the same time important to consider such a significant factor that determines the specificity of the national phraseological fund as memory selectivity in general and historical memory in particular.

  2. Crisis del personaje. La bruja en la era tecnológica / Character Crisis. The witch in the technological age

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carmen Mª Sánchez Morillas


    Full Text Available Resumen: Entre las múltiples imágenes que del personaje femenino aparecen en los cuentos, la de la bruja es la menos apreciada en su evolución, sobre todo a raíz de la aparición de las películas de Walt Disney, donde se produce la erotización del personaje, efecto ampliado en el cómic Anime, a la vez que, y de forma paralela, en la narrativa infantil-juvenil se le concede los caracteres de ente humanizado. Por tanto, analizaremos la evolución histórica que sobre el personaje bruja se ha realizado en representaciones culturales literarias y audiovisuales desde la segunda década del siglo XX hasta nuestros días.Abstract: Among the multiple images of the female character appear in tales of the witch is the least appreciated in its evolution, especially following the emergence of the films of Walt Disney, which produces the eroticization of the character, in effect extended Anime comic, while, in parallel and in child and adolescent narrative is given characters being humanized. Therefore, we will analyze the historical evolution of the character witch was made in literary and audiovisual cultural performances during the second decade of the twentieth century to today.

  3. New records of Megaselia (Diptera: Phoridae) reared from fungus sporophores in Japan, including five new species


    Disney, R. Henry L.; Nitta, Masayuki; Kobayashi, Mio; Tuno, Nobuko


    Megaselia donaldsonae Disney sp. nov., M. flava (Fallén), M. gotoi Disney, M. kanekoi Disney, M. margaretae Disney sp. nov., M. nakayamai Disney sp. nov., M. salteri Disney sp. nov. and M. stepheni Disney sp. nov. were reared from sporophores of fungi.

  4. Job demands, job resources, burnout and engagement of employees in the mining industry in South Africa / Marthie van der Walt


    Van der Walt, Martha Johanna Rieker


    The mining industry has been the bedrock of South African economy for more than a century, making an important contribution to employment opportunities, the gross domestic product and export earnings in the South African economy. Globally the mining industry is faced with a shortage of qualified talent to meet its production needs. Every year there are more people leaving than entering the mining industry to pursue job and career opportunities. The mining industry has to focus a lot on safety...

  5. The symbolic presentation of some transcendental and the elements of mystical realism in Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lončar-Vujnović Mirjana


    Full Text Available Although W. Whitman and E. Dickinson couldn't collaborate on their works they were contemporaries, indeed, so we could search for and find the similarities and a lot of contrasts in their poetical works. They were significant in both cases, individually and together. The topicalities of their works are studied together, because both of them are known as the most famous pioneering voices of American poetry.

  6. Ecocriticism in Disney/Pixar - Wall-E and the De-greening Cycle


    Madureira, Marco André Valente


    Dissertação de Mestrado em Estudos Norte-Americanos, na área de especialização em Cultura Norte-Americana, apresentada ao Departamento de Estudos Norte-Americanos da Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Coimbra For the human species, migration has not only been a matter of survival, but also of empowerment, for example. In the case of North America, the European migration translated into colonization. The ‘exotic garden’ we recognize nowadays as the U.S.A. was at times occupied peacefull...

  7. The transformation in the representation of gender roles in animated films: The case of Disney princesses


    Radović Selena; Radulović Mladen


    Starting from the theories that prolong mayor influence of media as the agency of socialization and criticism of gender representation in the media, in this work we observed whether the image of women in Disney’s animated films has changed during the time, and if so, in which way the change happened. Basic dimensions of gender roles of the heroines that have been placed in one of the most influential franchises named Disney’s Princesses are described in the...

  8. Using Disney's "Frozen" to Motivate Mathematics: Bringing Fractals into the Classroom (United States)

    Piatek-Jimenez, Katrina; Phelps, Christine M.


    The movie "Frozen" took the world by storm and this global popularity of the movie and its music can be harnessed by teachers of mathematics. This article builds on the "frozen fractal" lyric from "Let It Go" to incorporate fractal geometry into primary mathematics classrooms.

  9. Understanding Gender through Disney's Marriages: A Study of Young Korean Immigrant Girls (United States)

    Lee, Lena


    Much American popular culture has often been criticized for its negative portrayals of females and its potentially harmful influence on young children. However, there are insufficient studies about American young girls' actual understanding of these female representations. Specifically, the perspectives of young immigrant girls have hardly been…

  10. Maleficent Reborn: Disney's Fairytale View of Gender Reaches Puberty (United States)

    Justice, Benjamin


    Fairy tales--indeed all tales--are told for a purpose. They are a form of social education, a form that some scholars argue is older than civilization itself. They imagine dilemmas and offer a range of permissible solutions, labeling socially acceptable and unacceptable behavior, demarcating good and evil, exploring existential questions, binding…

  11. Damsels in Discourse: Girls Consuming and Producing Identity Texts through Disney Princess Play (United States)

    Wohlwend, Karen E.


    Drawing upon theories that reconceptualize toys and artifacts as identity texts, this study employs mediated discourse analysis to examine children's videotaped writing and play interactions with princess dolls and stories in one kindergarten classroom. The study reported here is part of a three-year ethnographic study of literacy play in U.S.…

  12. New species of Eibesfeldtphora Disney (Diptera: Phoridae) and a new key to the genus. (United States)

    Uribe, Soraya; Brown, Brian V; Bragança, Marcos A L; Queiroz, Jarbas M; Nogueira, Carlos A


    Two new species of parasitoids, Eibesfeldtphora trifurcata and Eibesfeldtphora inornata, are described. Both species were collected in Brazil. A new key is provided and illustrated for the twenty one known species.

  13. Innovative remote monitoring of plant health for environmental applications: A joint effort between EPCOT{reg_sign} and the DOE

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Robitaille, H. [Walt Disney World Resort, Lake Buena Vista, FL (United States); Capelle, G.; Di Benedetto, J. [Special Technologies Lab., Santa Barbara, CA (United States)] [and others


    In September of 1994, the US Department of Energy (DOE), Environmental Management, Office of Science and Technology for (OST) and Epcot{reg_sign} in the WALT DISNEY WORLD{reg_sign} Resort (Epcot) signed an agreement to cooperate on the research, development, and public communication and display of environmental technologies. Although Epcot and OST have distinctive missions, certain areas of their respective research and development efforts are common, including the integration of remote sensors with robotics platforms, airborne surveys for environmental characterization and monitoring, and ground based measurements of vegetation stress. The first area of cooperative R&D pursued under the agreement is the evaluation of laser-induced fluorescence imaging (LIFI), a technology developed by OST and proven effective for uranium detection. This paper describes the efforts being conducted under the Epcot-OST agreement and presents initial results. An appendix describing LIFI technology is also included.

  14. Tomorrow`s solar world

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Leitch, Meg


    The largest privately funded solar power installation in the world is at the Florida Walt Disney World. It is the Universe of Energy exhibit at the Experimental Prototype Community of the World. The Universe of Energy shows the development and exploitation of energy sources and how energy is used and includes a recreation of the primeval world from which coal and oil deposits were formed. Visitors travel through two giant theatres in electrically powered cars. Most of the ride system is powered by a solar cell array on the roof of the building. The array is composed of 2,200 modules each made up of 36 cells and can generate 70kW of DC power which is fed through an inverter to convert it to AC. (UK)


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Qing Miao

    Full Text Available ABSTRACT This paper presents a case study of table reservation practice for restaurant business within Walt Disney World. A unique feature here is to consider table combination to capture revenue potentials from different party sizes and at different time periods. For example, a party of large size can be served by combining two or more small tables. A mixed integer programming (MIP model is developed to make the reservation recommendation. We propose a rolling horizon reservation policy such that the value of a particular table is periodically evaluated and updated. This is a typical revenue management method in the airlines and other industries, the essence of which is to compare the future expected revenue with a currently offered price. Using historical data, numerical test shows a significant revenue improvement potential from our proposed model.

  16. Solar heating and cooling system for an office building at Reedy Creek Utilities

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    This final report describes in detail the solar energy system installed in a new two-story office building at the Reedy Creek Utilities Company, which provides utility service to Walt Disney World at Lake Buena Vista, Florida. The solar components were partly funded by the Department of Energy under Contract EX-76-C-01-2401, and the technical management was by NASA/George C. Marshall Space Flight Center. The solar energy system application is 100 percent heating, 80 percent cooling, and 100 percent hot water. The collector is a modular cylindrical concentrator type with an area of 3.840 square feet. The storage medium is water with a capacity of 10,000 gallons hot and 10,000 gallons chilled. Design, construction, operation, cost, maintenance, and performance are described in depth. Detailed drawings are included.

  17. De « Boule de Neige » au « Prince Perce-Neige ». Réception de « Blanche-Neige » en France dans les ouvrages destinés à la jeunesse


    Connan-Pintado, Christiane


    D’abord intitulé « Boule-de-Neige » en 1824 dans les Vieux contes pour l’amusement des grands et des petits enfants — traduction du recueil anglais German Popular Stories —, « Blanche-Neige » reste le conte le plus connu des frères Grimm aujourd’hui, au point de paraître victime d’une imagerie dont le succès planétaire du dessin animé de Walt Disney en 1937 a largement figé les contours. En première place dans les recueils pour enfants depuis deux siècles, il fait aussi l’objet d’innombrables...

  18. Autonomous Industrial Mobile Manipulation (AIMM) - Maturation, Exploitation and Implementation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bøgh, Simon

    ) "Little Helper" is introduced, a manufacturing assistant inspired by the Walt Disney character. The main rationale of the AIMM concept is a compromise between traditional automation (efficiency) and manual labor (flexibility), which contributes to realizing transformable manufacturing systems. From...... a state-of-the-art review, it is observed that implementations of mobile manipulators in industry have been limited although the needs for flexible automation are present. The second topic is “Identifying skills for AIMM robots” and is dedicated to defining a unifying terminology for task......-level programming by means of skills with focus on the identification of skills for AIMM robots. The terminology is built as a hierarchy similar to that of human action modeling (e.g. actions and activities) or human language (e.g. words and sentences). Two approaches are applied for identifying relevant skills...

  19. Disturbance in the neural circuitry underlying positive emotional processing in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). An fMRI study. (United States)

    Jatzko, Alexander; Schmitt, Andrea; Demirakca, Traute; Weimer, Erik; Braus, Dieter F


    This study was designed to investigate the circuitry underlying movie-induced positive emotional processing in subjects with chronic PTSD. Ten male subjects with chronic PTSD and ten matched controls were studied. In an fMRI-paradigm a sequence of a wellknown Walt Disney cartoon with positive emotional valence was shown. PTSD subjects showed an increased activation in the right posterior temporal, precentral and superior frontal cortex. Controls recruited more emotion-related regions bilateral in the temporal pole and areas of the left fusiform and parahippocampal gyrus. This pilot study is the first to reveal alterations in the processing of positive emotions in PTSD possibly reflecting a neuronal correlate of the symptom of emotional numbness in PTSD.

  20. STS-69 flight day 9 highlights (United States)


    The song, 'He's A Tramp', from the Walt Disney cartoon movie, 'Lady and the Tramp', awakened the astronauts, Cmdr. Dave Walker, Pilot Ken Cockrell, and Mission Specialists Jim Voss, Jim Newman, and Mike Gernhardt, on the ninth day of the STS-69 mission. The Wake Shield Facility (WSF) was again unberthed from the shuttle cargo bay and , using the shuttle's robot arm, held over the side of the shuttle for five hours where it collected data on the electrical field build-up around the spacecraft as part of the Charging Hazards and Wake Studies Experiment (CHAWS). Voss and Gernhardt rehearsed their Extravehicular Activity (EVA) spacewalk, which was planned for the next day. Earth views included cloud cover, a hurricane, and its eye.

  1. Ergonomic Chairs (United States)


    Findings published in the NASA Anthropometric Source Book by Johnson Space Center helped BodyBilt, Inc. to fashion controlled comfort chairs that lessen the harmful effects of gravity on seated workers. Crew members living aboard NASA's Skylab noted that in space the human posture differs from the normal posture caused by the tug of one gravity. There has been an alarming increase in back pain and muscle fatigue in workers, along with a dramatic escalation in repetitive stress injuries. BodyBilt's ergonomically-correct line of office chairs are targeted for the average worker that sits for prolonged periods, be it in the classroom or boardroom. Their roster of national clients lists such organizations as IBM, Microsoft, Texas Instruments, Hewlett-Packard, Eastman-Kodak, Boeing, Motorola, and Walt Disney Studios.

  2. Closing ceremonies of the FIRST Southeast Regional robotics competition (United States)


    At the conclusion of the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Southeast Regional competition held at the KSC Visitor Complex, KSC Deputy Director for Business Operations Jim Jennings speaks to the teams and other attendees. At left is Gregg Gale, with Walt Disney World, which is the site of the national competition (at EPCOT) April 6-8. Teams of high school students from all over the country tested the limits of their imagination using robots they designed, with the support of business and engineering professionals and corporate sponsors, to compete in a technological battle against other schools' robots. Of the 30 high school teams competing at the Southeast Regional event, 16 were Florida teams co-sponsored by NASA and KSC contractors. Local high schools participating are Astronaut, Bayside, Cocoa Beach, Eau Gallie, Melbourne, Melbourne Central Catholic, Palm Bay, Rockledge, Satellite, and Titusville.

  3. Special conference of the American Association for Cancer Research on molecular imaging in cancer: linking biology, function, and clinical applications in vivo. (United States)

    Luker, Gary D


    The AACR Special Conference on Molecular Imaging in Cancer: Linking Biology, Function, and Clinical Applications In Vivo, was held January 23-27, 2002, at the Contemporary Hotel, Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL. Co-Chairs David Piwnica-Worms, Patricia Price and Thomas Meade brought together researchers with diverse expertise in molecular biology, gene therapy, chemistry, engineering, pharmacology, and imaging to accelerate progress in developing and applying technologies for imaging specific cellular and molecular signals in living animals and humans. The format of the conference was the presentation of research that focused on basic and translational biology of cancer and current state-of-the-art techniques for molecular imaging in animal models and humans. This report summarizes the special conference on molecular imaging, highlighting the interfaces of molecular biology with animal models, instrumentation, chemistry, and pharmacology that are essential to convert the dreams and promise of molecular imaging into improved understanding, diagnosis, and management of cancer.

  4. STS-69 Flight Day 9 Video File (United States)


    The song, 'He's A Tramp', from the Walt Disney cartoon movie, 'Lady and the Tramp', awakened the astronauts, Cmdr. Dave Walker, Pilot Ken Cockrell, and Mission Specialists Jim Voss, Jim Newman, and Mike Gernhardt, on the ninth day of the STS-69 mission. The Wake Shield Facility (WSF) was again unberthed from the shuttle cargo bay and , using the shuttle's robot arm, held over the side of the shuttle for five hours where it collected data on the electrical field build-up around the spacecraft as part of the Charging Hazards and Wake Studies Experiment (CHAWS). Voss and Gernhardt rehearsed their Extravehicular Activity (EVA) spacewalk, which was planned for the next day. Earth views included cloud cover, a hurricane, and its eye.

  5. Cel vinyls: materials and methods. (United States)

    Harrison, S J


    Many commercial uses of media are applicable to medical/scientific media production and illustration, not the least of which are techniques pioneered in the commercial cartooning field. Whether or not the illustrative effort culminates in a "cartoon," the production techniques of the cartooning industry cannot be overlooked by the illustrator faced with providing projection graphics, whether animated or still, for slides, motion pictures, television or even print media. When Walt Disney introduced Mickey Mouse as "Steamboat Willie" in 1928, his technology opened the door for exploration of cartooning media by all artists. Only in comparatively recent years have these tools been used by the scientific illustrator. In this article cel vinyl acrylics or cartoon colors will be discussed: the rationale for the use of this medium, materials and methods, and considerations related to the photography of this art form.

  6. Les États-Unis vus par le parti communiste italien en exil en France, entre Fronts Populaires et débuts de la Seconde Guerre mondiale

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Éric Vial


    Full Text Available The importance of the PCI in the Italian antifasciste migration in France was reinforced at the end of the 1930s by the success of a mass organization, the Unione popolare italiana, which claims 40000, or even 60000 members, and its daily newspaper, unique in emigration, La Voce degli Italiani. His view of the United States is very different from the Cold War-inspired impression. If the filmmaker criticizes Hollywood’s hegemony and capitalist organization, then he laughed at the praise of a serious, socially determined and optimistic cinema, featuring Gary Cooper on the front page, or Walt Disney. And outside the cinema the tone is much more positive with news made to create a proximity, a parallel with the Soviet Union in the field of modern science and technology. Frequent are praises to American democracy, its values, rogue policy in general, wishing a true American front.

  7. Tomorrow's solar world

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Leitch, Meg.


    The largest privately funded solar power installation in the world is at the Florida Walt Disney World. It is the Universe of Energy exhibit at the Experimental Prototype Community of the World. The Universe of Energy shows the development and exploitation of energy sources and how energy is used and includes a recreation of the primeval world from which coal and oil deposits were formed. Visitors travel through two giant theatres in electrically powered cars. Most of the ride system is powered by a solar cell array on the roof of the building. The array is composed of 2,200 modules each made up of 36 cells and can generate 70kW of DC power which is fed through an inverter to convert it to AC. (UK)

  8. Large Acrylic Spherical Windows In Hyperbaric Underwater Photography (United States)

    Lones, Joe J.; Stachiw, Jerry D.


    Both acrylic plastic and glass are common materials for hyperbaric optical windows. Although glass continues to be used occasionally for small windows, virtually all large viewports are made of acrylic. It is easy to uderstand the wide use of acrylic when comparing design properties of this plastic with those of glass, and glass windows are relatively more difficult to fabricate and use. in addition there are published guides for the design and fabrication of acrylic windows to be used in the hyperbaric environment of hydrospace. Although these procedures for fabricating the acrylic windows are somewhat involved, the results are extremely reliable. Acrylic viewports are now fabricated to very large sizes for manned observation or optical quality instrumen tation as illustrated by the numerous acrylic submersible vehicle hulls for hu, an occupancy currently in operation and a 3600 large optical window recently developed for the Walt Disney Circle Vision under-water camera housing.

  9. Fabricating 3D figurines with personalized faces. (United States)

    Tena, J Rafael; Mahler, Moshe; Beeler, Thabo; Grosse, Max; Hengchin Yeh; Matthews, Iain


    We present a semi-automated system for fabricating figurines with faces that are personalised to the individual likeness of the customer. The efficacy of the system has been demonstrated by commercial deployments at Walt Disney World Resort and Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando Florida. Although the system is semi automated, human intervention is limited to a few simple tasks to maintain the high throughput and consistent quality required for commercial application. In contrast to existing systems that fabricate custom heads that are assembled to pre-fabricated plastic bodies, our system seamlessly integrates 3D facial data with a predefined figurine body into a unique and continuous object that is fabricated as a single piece. The combination of state-of-the-art 3D capture, modelling, and printing that are the core of our system provide the flexibility to fabricate figurines whose complexity is only limited by the creativity of the designer.

  10. Social Construction Kits for Kids: New Models for Game Design in the Era of MySpace and Disney Mobile

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Brynskov, Martin


    Mobile and networked technologies coupled with children’s popular culture are spawning new genres and blends of play and games that challenge the way we understand games and game design. This article presents our efforts toward understanding how children’s play is changing, and how we can design ...

  11. American Immigrant Girls' Understanding of Female Body Image in Disney: A Critical Analysis of Young Korean Girls' Perspectives (United States)

    Lee, Lena


    This paper discusses young Korean immigrant girls' understanding of American popular culture in a small-scale qualitative study in order to disclose young American immigrant girls' perspectives on such culture. In particular, this paper explores how these Korean girls (age five to eight) perceive female body images in American popular culture -…

  12. New species of scuttle flies (Diptera: Phoridae recorded from caves in Nevada, USA

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    R. Henry Disney


    Full Text Available Five new species of scuttle fly are reported from caves in Nevada, USA, namely Aenigmatias bakerae Disney, Megaselia excuniculus Disney, M. krejcae Disney, M. folliculorum Disney, M. necpleuralis Disney and a female Megaselia that can not be named until linked to its male.

  13. 75 FR 79377 - NBTY, Inc.; Analysis of Proposed Consent Order To Aid Public Comment (United States)


    ... involves the advertising and promotion of the following products in Respondents' Disney/ [[Page 79378...) Disney Princess Gummies; (3) Disney Pixar Cars Gummies; (4) Disney Winnie the Pooh Gummies; (5) Disney.... Part II of the proposed order prohibits Respondents from making any representations in advertising for...

  14. Ken-Marti Vaher : päästevõimekusega tegelemine on iga siseministri proovikivi / Ken-Marti Vaher

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Vaher, Ken-Marti, 1974-


    Siseminister tutvustab oma kokkupuuteid sisejulgeolekuga. Vabatahtlike päästjate institutsiooni vajalikkusest ning päästeteenuse osutamiseks vajamineva tehnika tähtsusest. Lisatud siseministri elulugu

  15. Liival etenduvad vangide elulood / Marika Raiski

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Raiski, Marika


    Merle Karusoo 12 vangi elulugu käsitlevast dokumentaallavastusest "Save Our Souls", mis tuleb ettekandele 31. mail Tallinnas Liiva keskuses. Etenduses osalevad Vene Draamateatri ja Narva Teatri Ilmarine näitlejad. Eestvedajaks on VAT Teater

  16. Tuul väljal / Ene-Reet Soovik

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Soovik, Ene-Reet


    Arvustus: Woolf, Virginia. Esseed/ inglise k. tlk. Malle Talvet, Jaak Rähesoo. Tallinn : Hortus Litterarum, 1997; Woolf, Virginia. Orlando : elulugu / inglise k. tlk. Riina Jesmin. Tallinn : Perioodika, 1997. (Loomingu Raamatukogu; 31-34)

  17. Raamatututvustus / Teet Korsten

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Korsten, Teet, 1967-


    Tutvustus: Chandler, Charlotte. See on ainult film: Alfred Hitchcocki elulugu. - Tallinn : Tänapäev, 2008 ja Tuulik, Jüri. Räim, pisike kena kala : valitud lugusid ja toiduretsepte. - [Tallinn] : Kadmirell, c2008

  18. Sissejuhatus sõnavõlur Tolkieni juurde / Neeme Korv

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Korv, Neeme, 1974-


    Carpenter, Humphrey. J. R. R. Tolkien : elulugu / inglise keelest tõlkinud Tiina Randus.Tallinn : Tänapäev, 2002 ; Day, David. Tolkieni entsüklopeedia / inglise keelest tõlkinud Marek Laane. Tallinn : Varrak, 2002

  19. Baleriini mitmekihiline elu : Boriss Eifmani ballett "Punane Giselle" / Maria Goltsman

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Goltsman, Maria


    Balletist "Punane Giselle", mille süžee aluseks on vene baleriini Olga Spessivtseva elulugu, koreograafia ja libreto Boriss Eifman. Leedu Rahvusooperi külalisetendus Estonia teatris 28. septembril 2011

  20. USA kongresmen Chandler - sõber, kes aitas Eestil tunnustust leida / Eric A. Johnson, Oliver Prits

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Johnson, Eric A.


    Advokaadi ja USA kongressi liikme Walter M. Chandleri (1867-1935) tegevusest Balti riikide de jure tunnustamiseks. Lisatud: USA valitsuse avaldus Balti riikide tunnustamisest ; väike elulugu : Jeesuse advokaat

  1. Olematu olemine. Kulešovi efektist seoses Eisensteini juubeliga / Lauri Kärk ; tõlkinud Kaia Sisask

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kärk, Lauri, 1954-


    Kieli "Cinachea" festivali raames peetud filmiajaloo seminari (22. aprill 1998) teeside põhjal; lisa : Lev Kulešovi elulugu ja filmograafia, tõlge Ephraim Katzi raamatust "The Film Encyclopedia". New York, 1998

  2. Zbigniew Brzezinski : Gruusia sõda meenutab Soome ründamist / Zbigniew Brzezinski ; interv. Nathan Gardels, tõlk. Külli-Riin Tigasson

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Brzezinski, Zbigniew


    USA poliitiku sõnul meenutab Putini juhitav Venemaa Hitleri ja Stalini oma, lääne tegevus Venemaa ohjeldamiseks peaks tema hinnangul sõltuma riikide pikaajalistest huvidest, kuid Venemaa tuleks peatada igal juhul. Lisa: Elulugu

  3. Syntheses of sulfanylphthalimide and xanthine analogues and their evaluation as inhibitors of monoamine oxidase and as antagonists of adenosine receptors / Mietha Magdalena van der Walt


    Van der Walt, Mietha Magdalena


    Currently L-DOPA is the drug most commonly used for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease (PD). However, the long-term use of L-DOPA is associated with the development of motor fluctuations and dyskinesias. Treatment mainly addresses the dopaminergic features of the disease and leaves its progressive course unaffected. An optimal treatment would be a combination of both motor and non-motor symptom relief with neuroprotective properties. Two drug targets have attracted the attent...

  4. Czesław Miłosz i Walt Whitman : przekład jako prawdziwa obecność

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van Nieukerken, A.


    Miłosz’s later poetry attempts to overcome the [post]modernist gap between the author as a textual effect and the subject of autobiography. An important stage on this road was his poetry book (in fact, a long poem in its own right) Unattainable Earth. Its form is clearly dialogical. The collection

  5. [The first film presentation of REM sleep behavior disorder precedes its scientific debut by 35 years]. (United States)

    Janković, Slavko M; Sokić, Dragoslav V; Vojvodić, Nikola M; Ristić, Aleksandar J


    The perplexing and tantalizing disease of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep behavior disorder (RBD) is characterized by peculiar, potentially dangerous behavior during REM sleep. It was described both in animals and humans. RBD in mammals was first described by Jouvet and Delorme in 1965, based on an experimental model induced by lesion in pontine region of cats. In 1972, Passouant et al. described sleep with eye movements and persistent tonic muscle activity induced by tricyclic antidepressant medication, and Tachibana et al., in 1975, the preservation of muscle tone during REM sleep in the acute psychosis induced by alcohol and meprobamate abuse. wever, the first formal description of RBD in humans as new parasomnia was made by Schenck et al in 1986. Subsequently, in 1990, the International Classification of Sleep Disorders definitely recognized RBD as new parasomnia. To our knowledge, arts and literature do not mention RBD. Except for the quotation, made by Schenck et al [n 2002, of Don Quixote de la Mancha whose behavior in sleep strongly suggested that Miguel de Servantes actually described RBD, no other artistic work has portrayed this disorder. Only recently we become aware of the cinematic presentation of RBD which by decades precedes the first scientific description. The first presentation of RBD on film was made prior to the era of advanced electroencephalography and polysomnography, and even before the discovery of REM sleep by Aserinsky and Kleitman in 1953. The artistic and intuitive presentation of RBD was produced in Technicolor in a famous film "Cinderella" created by Walt Disney in 1950, some 35 years prior to its original publication in the journal "Sleep". Since there is an earlier version of the film initially produced in 1920, presumably containing this similar scene, we can only speculate that the first cinematic presentation of RBD might precede its scientific debut by 65 years. In a scene in a barn, clumsy and goofy dog Bruno is, as dogs


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Éva Kovács


    Full Text Available As is generally defined, eponymy, one of the word-formation processes refers to the derivation of a name of a city, country, era, institution, or other place or thing from that of a person such as sandwich, wellington, mackintosh or cardigan. Eponymy can be classified in several ways, some refer to foods (Pizza Margaritha, diseases (Alzheimer disease, places (Washington, scientific laws (Archimedes’s principle and sport terms (Axel jump, whereas others indicate trademarks, brand names (aspirin, prizes, awards (Nobel Prize, inventions (Rubic’s Cube, ideologies (Darwinism, colleges, universities (Stanford University and companies (Ford. The present paper discusses eponyms which denote companies based on the name of their founder(s (e.g. Porsche, Siemens, Gucci, Campari, Cadbury, McDonald’s and Walt Disney, etc. by revealing what kind of a metonymic relationship is manifested in them. Cognitive linguists, such as Lakoff and Johnson (1980, Radden and Kövecses (1999 and Kövecses (2002 state that metonymy is essentially a conceptual phenomenon, in which one conceptual entity, the vehicle, provides mental access to another conceptual entity, the target, within the same idealized cognitive model. In fact, metonymy is part of our everyday way of thinking, and is grounded in experience. Common metonymies include PRODUCER FOR PRODUCT (Pass me the Shakespeare on the top shelf., PLACE FOR EVENT (Iraq nearly cost Tony Blair the premiership, PLACE FOR INSTITUTION (Downing Street refused comment., PART FOR THE WHOLE (She’s not just a pretty face., WHOLE FOR THE PART (England beat Australia in the 2003 Rugby World Cup final. and EFFECT FOR CAUSE (He has a long face.. Following the cognitive approach to metonyms, I tentatively suggest that the metonymy PRODUCER FOR THE PRODUCT can be observed in the case of car makes, products of famous fashion houses, cosmetics and drinks as is illustrated by examples like He’s bought a Ferrari. I ate a McDonald or

  7. 75 FR 3474 - National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders; Notice of Closed Meeting (United States)


    ... and evaluate grant applications. Place: Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel, 1717 S. Disneyland Drive... applications. Place: Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel, 1717 S. Disneyland Drive, Anaheim, CA 92802. Contact Person...

  8. Behavioral responses of silverback gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) to videos. (United States)

    Maloney, Margaret A; Leighty, Katherine A; Kuhar, Christopher W; Bettinger, Tamara L


    This study examined the impact of video presentations on the behavior of 4 silverback, western lowland gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla). On each of 5 occasions, gorillas viewed 6 types of videos (blue screen, humans, an all-male or mixed-sex group engaged in low activity, and an all-male or mixed-sex group engaged in agonistic behavior). The study recorded behavioral responses and watching rates. All gorillas preferred dynamic over static videos; 3 watched videos depicting gorillas significantly more than those depicting humans. Among the gorilla videos, the gorillas clearly preferred watching the mixed-sex group engaged in agonistic behavior; yet, this did not lead to an increase in aggression or behavior indicating agitation. Further, habituation to videos depicting gorillas did not occur. This supports the effectiveness of this form of enrichment, particularly for a nonhuman animal needing to be separated temporarily due to illness, shipment quarantine, social restructuring, or exhibit modification. Copyright © The Walt Disney Company®


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paulo Ailton Ferreira da Rosa Junior (IFSul


    Full Text Available

    Este trabalho trata-se, fundamentalmente, de uma comparação entre obras da Literatura com suas respectivas adaptações para o Cinema. Para alem disto, é um estudo crítico e analítico das transformações em três contos de fadas literários quando transpostos para narrativas fílmicas de Walt Disney. O corpus de análise, para tanto, é composto pelos textos registrados de Perrault, Grimm e Andersen em suas respectivas bibliografias e os filmes de animação “Cinderella” (1950, “Branca de Neve e os Sete Anões” (1937 e “A Pequena Sereia” (1989 que eles respectivamente inspiraram. O intuito desta análise é identificar que transformações aconteceram nestas histórias ao serem adaptadas da literatura para o cinema e problematizá-las, no entendimento de que atendem a demandas temporais, culturais e mercadológicas.

  10. Case study: Beauty and the Beast 3D: benefits of 3D viewing for 2D to 3D conversion (United States)

    Handy Turner, Tara


    From the earliest stages of the Beauty and the Beast 3D conversion project, the advantages of accurate desk-side 3D viewing was evident. While designing and testing the 2D to 3D conversion process, the engineering team at Walt Disney Animation Studios proposed a 3D viewing configuration that not only allowed artists to "compose" stereoscopic 3D but also improved efficiency by allowing artists to instantly detect which image features were essential to the stereoscopic appeal of a shot and which features had minimal or even negative impact. At a time when few commercial 3D monitors were available and few software packages provided 3D desk-side output, the team designed their own prototype devices and collaborated with vendors to create a "3D composing" workstation. This paper outlines the display technologies explored, final choices made for Beauty and the Beast 3D, wish-lists for future development and a few rules of thumb for composing compelling 2D to 3D conversions.

  11. Report of the 6th International Exchange Mission on visit to the U.S. Centering on participation in the ASHRAE Winter Meeting; Dai 6 kai kokusai koryu shisatsudan hobei hokoku (ASHRAE Winter Meeting sanka wo chushin to shite)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Tanaka, T. [Ochanomizu Univ., Tokyo (Japan)


    This paper describes a summary of the ASHRAE Winter Meeting and other tours in which 18 members of the Society of Heating, Air-Conditioning and Sanitary Engineers of Japan have participated. The Winter Meeting adopted five patterns of publication: a technical session, symposia, seminars, forums and a poster session. The number of reports given in respective patterns were 20, 57, 131, 34 and 20. In the technical session, Professor Murakami from Japan presented a report titled `flow and temperature field around a human body in a room - a thermal mannequin using CFD`. At the same time, the International Airconditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition was held. Interesting exhibitions included a data communication protocol, BACnet, for a network of automation and control of buildings, software for technical drawings presented by Visio Corporation, the Metasys FMS of Jonson Controls Corporation, and a single-stage screw freezing machine using a coolant having zero ozonosphere destruction coefficient exhibited by Mcquay Corporation. The visiting members attended an environmental preservation seminar by Walt Disney World Corporation. 8 figs., 1 tab.

  12. Kiat Belajar Sistem Gerak Karakter Animasi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Erika Dignitya Indraswari


    Full Text Available Every animator has a different way of planning to make animated characters motion system. Planning makes animation can be done by making the timing including with the drawing motion pose options on the character, making self-video recording contained own acting choices, and studying references in accordance with the animation that will be created. Creating animated characters requires skills in image selection, acting, and timing. Before going through the process of making animation, an animator must know and understand the characters and situations in a scene. Every movement and action should have a reason to show the personality of the characters in order to complete the story supports. In addition to the nature of the characters, an animator also needs to know the situation in a scene. Many animators use animation principles that have been developed by Walt Disney Studios, USA, to improve their animated creations. Yet, many animators also develop their animated creations using principles that have been developed in Japan. However, the discussion in this paper is the animation using the principles developed in the United States. 

  13. Using Hollywood techniques to teach freshman astronomy over the Internet (United States)

    Friedberg, R.; Lipnick, D.; Vila Migliaro, M.

    We use interactive 'click and drag' learning, bold colors, high graphic design standards, cartooning, animations and videos. We present Astronomy material in three languages, written English, written Spanish, and written and spoken Navajo. This distance-learning course is specifically designed for students with limited proficiency in the English language. We have both a lecture and laboratory series in the course that may be found at and It carries 4 hours of credit as Astronomy 100. To paraphrase John Ford, the great Hollywood director, a good movie should be able to stand with no dialogue. We have tried to meet his standard. We have borrowed heavily from the style of the Pvt. Snafu World War II military training films produced principally by the Walt Disney Studios. We have also used the graphic design techniques that I learned many years ago as a technical briefing officer at the Chief of Naval Operation's Briefing Room at the Pentagon, Washington D.C.. Finally, we use elements of 'Programmed Learning' developed by the American Management Association thirty odd years ago. Elements that make our web course unique are: A laboratory on Navajo Astronomy, lectures translated into Spanish, and many collateral resources for student use both internal to our web site and as external links on the Internet. Much of this work was underwritten by NASA grant NAG5-10254.

  14. The Power of Story in an Animation Industry

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kadek Satria Adidharma


    Full Text Available After the founding of the Walt Disney Company, animation becomes something necessary in our everyday life. The real power why the animation bigger is the storytelling. Story is the main key why animation is loveable by audiences. This writing will be focusing on the behind reason why the story is important in animation and will be giving some examples the success story of some animation which have a great story to tell. The design methodology focuses on data research, market research and literature book. This writing is a preliminary research because from the author concern, there are not many writings debating whether which part in the development will be focused on to developing some animation projects. This writing hopefully will help people who want to build some animation projects and will guide them to make decision because in order to build some animation project there will be a massive effort to be conducted. Hopefully, in the future, there will be more animation produced from Indonesian. To be an unforgettable work, it must have a great story.

  15. Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry SIMS XI (United States)

    Gillen, G.; Lareau, R.; Bennett, J.; Stevie, F.


    This volume contains 252 contributions presented as plenary, invited and contributed poster and oral presentations at the 11th International Conference on Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS XI) held at the Hilton Hotel, Walt Disney World Village, Orlando, Florida, 7 12 September, 1997. The book covers a diverse range of research, reflecting the rapid growth in advanced semiconductor characterization, ultra shallow depth profiling, TOF-SIMS and the new areas in which SIMS techniques are being used, for example in biological sciences and organic surface characterization. Papers are presented under the following categories: Isotopic SIMS Biological SIMS Semiconductor Characterization Techniques and Applications Ultra Shallow Depth Profiling Depth Profiling Fundamental/Modelling and Diffusion Sputter-Induced Topography Fundamentals of Molecular Desorption Organic Materials Practical TOF-SIMS Polyatomic Primary Ions Materials/Surface Analysis Postionization Instrumentation Geological SIMS Imaging Fundamentals of Sputtering Ion Formation and Cluster Formation Quantitative Analysis Environmental/Particle Characterization Related Techniques These proceedings provide an invaluable source of reference for both newcomers to the field and experienced SIMS users.

  16. Retracing "Ondine's curse". (United States)

    Nannapaneni, Ravindra; Behari, Sanjay; Todd, Nicholas V; Mendelow, A David


    "Ondine's curse" is a term used to denote a rare neurological condition causing failure of automatic respiration. The patients are no longer capable of breathing spontaneously-they must consciously and voluntarily force themselves to do so. Ondine (also known as "Undine"), a mythological figure of European tradition, was a water nymph or sprite who could become human only when she fell in love with a mortal man. However, if the mortal was unfaithful to her, he was destined to forfeit his life. In the 16th century, Paracelsus coined the term "Undine" to describe the spirit that inhabited the element of water. Baron de la Motte-Fouque wrote the story of Undine in the late 18th century. It has since become a popular subject for theater productions. Jean Giraudoux, the French playwright, introduced the concept of the loss of automaticity of all functions as the "curse of Ondine." The legend was popularized in the form of the fairy tale "The Little Mermaid" by Hans Christian Andersen and as an animated motion picture by Walt Disney Productions. In this study, we look at the origins of this eponymous term, the personalities intertwined with its popularity, and its misrepresentations in the medical literature.

  17. Welcome to the experience economy. (United States)

    Pine, B J; Gilmore, J H


    First there was agriculture, then manufactured goods, and eventually services. Each change represented a step up in economic value--a way for producers to distinguish their products from increasingly undifferentiated competitive offerings. Now, as services are in their turn becoming commoditized, companies are looking for the next higher value in an economic offering. Leading-edge companies are finding that it lies in staging experiences. To reach this higher level of competition, companies will have to learn how to design, sell, and deliver experiences that customers will readily pay for. An experience occurs when a company uses services as the stage--and goods as props--for engaging individuals in a way that creates a memorable event. And while experiences have always been at the heart of the entertainment business, any company stages an experience when it engages customers in a personal, memorable way. The lessons of pioneering experience providers, including the Walt Disney Company, can help companies learn how to compete in the experience economy. The authors offer five design principles that drive the creation of memorable experiences. First, create a consistent theme, one that resonates throughout the entire experience. Second, layer the theme with positive cues--for example, easy-to-follow signs. Third, eliminate negative cues, those visual or aural messages that distract or contradict the theme. Fourth, offer memorabilia that commemorate the experience for the user. Finally, engage all five senses--through sights, sounds, and so on--to heighten the experience and thus make it more memorable.

  18. Summary of hydrologic conditions in the Reedy Creek Improvement District, central Florida (United States)

    German, Edward R.


    The Reedy Creek Improvement is an area of about 43 square miles in southwestern Orange and northwestern Osceola Counties, Florida. A systematic program of hydrologic data collection in the Reedy Creek Improvement District and vicinity provided data for assessing the impact of development, mostly the Walt Disney World Theme Park and related development on the hydrology. Data collected include stream discharge, water quality, groundwater levels, lakes levels, and climatological. Rainfall has been less than the long-term average in the Reedy Creek Improvement District since development began in 1968. The deficient rainfall has reduced stream discharge, lowered groundwater and lake levels, and possibly affected water quality in the area. Groundwater levels and lake levels have declined since 1970. However, the coincidence of below-average rainfall with the period of development makes it impossible to assess the effect of pumping on declines. Occurrence of toxic metals does not relate to development, but distribution of insecticides and herbicides does appear to relate to development. Specific conductance, phosphorous, and nitrate concentrations have increased in Reedy Creek since 1970, probably due to disposal of treated wastes. (USGS)

  19. Health museums or theme parks: a new approach to intersectoral collaboration. (United States)

    Seymour, H; Ashton, J; Edwards, P


    This paper is an outline of a proposed initiative on intersectoral collaboration in health promotion--collaboration between health, tourist, cultural and entertainment sectors to provide a powerful mass educational experience about the human mind and body. There has been a recent rise in interest in using the technology of museums, science centres, exploratories and theme parks for the promotion of health. This revival is shown to have a historical tradition in the health education museum started in this century in Europe 75 years ago at the Deutsches Hygiene Museum and then spreading to the USA. The proposed Body, Mind, City Museum planned for Liverpool acts as a future model for a new type of health Museum; a mixture of science exploratorium and a Walt Disney-style them park. It is intended that "hand-on" exhibits using interactive video, computers, games and experiences will be used to test people's own capacities or to describe biological functions or processes. This will be combined with park rides and simulations with their inherent appeal of fun, movement and surprise, for example the ride through the blood vessels and the "walk-through brain". This type of venture has a number of special features and advantages; it is truly intersectoral, it may be self-financing, and it can provide a mass audience with a powerful individual experience.

  20. On location at CERN

    CERN Multimedia

    Joannah Caborn Wengler


    CERN continues to be a very popular candidate for film locations at the moment. Not only has it inspired a German author and a film-maker interested in the more exotic interpretations of the science being worked on at the Organization, but even the recent puppet animation film by the legendary Muppets featured some CERN scenes.   Dr Bunsen Honeydew (far left) and his friends at ATLAS. Beaker, Bunsen's assistant, has just been sucked up the vacuum tube top left... Image courtesy Walt Disney Studios. In “The Muppet Movie”, released in November 2011 in North America and world-wide in January and February this year, Kermit is reuniting his friends who have ended up in some far-flung places since they last worked together 10 years ago. CERN caught the imagination of the film-makers as the perfect place for the Muppet scientists, Dr. Honeydew Bunsen and his hapless assistant Beaker. After a brief scene filmed in front of a backdrop of the ATLAS detector, the rest of the ...

  1. Solar energy and ecosystem. ; Landpavilion for the 21st century's food production system and biosphere BSII. Taiyo energy to ecosystem. ; Shokuryo seisan landpavilion to biosphere II

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Takakura, S. (The University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan). Faculty of Agriculture)


    The present report introduces the pavilion for the 21st century's food production system exhibited in Walt Disney World, USA. That system in the future world is explained together with the Biosphere BSII. In the Landpavilion the theme of which is energy and transport, cultivation can be observed in a six-acre greenhouse under three different ecological environments which are tropical rain forest, desert and grassland. Originating in the above cultivation, Japan's lettuce cultivation experiment is being done on three-dimensional triangular panels in a botanical factory under the cooperative research with the NASA and USD. In a desert in Oracle, Ariz. for the BSII, eight male and female persons are living in five biomes and agricultural production/residential quarter prepared there. The object of research covers the closed ecological system of many animals and plants growing with human beings, and simultaneously, circulation of the other substances. Recent articles which are somehow critical of contents and reports of the above experiment are being blamed for adversely affecting the BS project, which is taken notice of with a worldwide concern. 7 refs., 3 figs.

  2. The hybrid theatre (United States)

    Gillen, Ron


    Ever since the first movie picture house was opened, experiencing the unique cinematic experience has constantly evolved. Technological advances continually guarantee that more changes will happen to create the ultimate cinematic experience. Cinema has been reincarnated time after time, from the first hand cranked silent movie to the modern day Digital Cinema. The technology used to depict the story changes; along with that change is the human thirst for a better transformation, for a more enjoyable, more encompassing, more believable, more immersive, yet simultaneously a more bewitching, entertainment experience. "In this volatile business of ours, we can ill afford to rest on our laurels, even to pause in retrospect. Times and conditions change so rapidly that we must keep our aim constantly focused on the future." --Walt Disney. 1 It has been said that "content is king". By itself, that implies a disservice to the technology that supports it. Without the technology, the content could not exist. In today's digital society; a movie can be downloaded to a handheld playback device the moment it is released. Offering these services at a cheap rate would enable studios to stay ahead of the curve, virtually eliminate video piracy and create the ability to deliver first class uncompromised content. It's only a matter of time when new released movies would be distributed this way too and people are given the choice to view in the comfort of their own homes, hand held device or view at a local theatre.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anna Sriastuti


    Full Text Available Feminism as it is viewed in the modern world is appreciated in various products. It has become a common sense and understanding that women keep on having movements to pursue equality to men. Literary works play an important role to promote the awareness and spirit of women emancipation. It becomes an interesting view to examine how this women movement is introduced to women in general regardless age. This issue has also been introduced to kids through various ways; among them are novel sand movies. A movie produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios, Frozen, is rich in the elements of the story, animations, pictures, and music. The story itself draws the young readers of the stories of princesses with abundant moral issued of goodness against badness, loyalty, and courage. However, examining deeper to the lyrics of the soundtracks, readers can get a more vivid picture of modern feminism through encouragements of women‘s struggles to face problems, to have bargaining power, and to have right to decide what the best for them. This paper is aimed to find out a picture of modern feminism through the lyrics of the soundtracks. The result of the study can be used to track the development of feminism ideas in modern world.

  4. Geometric Nonlinear Computation of Thin Rods and Shells (United States)

    Grinspun, Eitan


    We develop simple, fast numerical codes for the dynamics of thin elastic rods and shells, by exploiting the connection between physics, geometry, and computation. By building a discrete mechanical picture from the ground up, mimicking the axioms, structures, and symmetries of the smooth setting, we produce numerical codes that not only are consistent in a classical sense, but also reproduce qualitative, characteristic behavior of a physical system----such as exact preservation of conservation laws----even for very coarse discretizations. As two recent examples, we present discrete computational models of elastic rods and shells, with straightforward extensions to the viscous setting. Even at coarse discretizations, the resulting simulations capture characteristic geometric instabilities. The numerical codes we describe are used in experimental mechanics, cinema, and consumer software products. This is joint work with Miklós Bergou, Basile Audoly, Max Wardetzky, and Etienne Vouga. This research is supported in part by the Sloan Foundation, the NSF, Adobe, Autodesk, Intel, the Walt Disney Company, and Weta Digital.

  5. The first film presentation of REM sleep behavior disorder precedes its scientific debut by 35 years

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Janković Slavko M.


    Full Text Available The perplexing and tantalizing disease of rapid eye movement (REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD is characterized by peculiar, potentially dangerous behavior during REM sleep. It was described both in animals and humans. RBD in mammals was first described by Jouvet and Delorme in 1965, based on an experimental model induced by lesion in pontine region of cats [1]. In 1972, Passouant et al. described sleep with eye movements and persistent tonic muscle activity induced by tricyclic antidepressant medication [2], and Tachibana et al., in 1975, the preservation of muscle tone during REM sleep in the acute psychosis induced by alcohol and meprobamate abuse [3]. However, the first formal description of RBD in humans as new parasomnia was made by Schenck et al in 1986 [4-7]. Subsequently, in 1990, the International Classification of Sleep Disorders definitely recognized RBD as new parasomnia [8]. To our knowledge, arts and literature do not mention RBD. Except for the quotation, made by Schenck et al [6] in 2002, of Don Quixote de la Mancha whose behavior in sleep strongly suggested that Miguel de Servantes actually described RBD, no other artistic work has portrayed this disorder. Only recently we become aware of the cinematic presentation of RBD which by decades precedes the first scientific description. The first presentation of RBD on film was made prior to the era of advanced electroencephalography and polysomnography, and even before the discovery of REM sleep by Aserinsky and Kleitman in 1953. [9]. The artistic and intuitive presentation of RBD was produced in Technicolor in a famous film "Cinderella" created by Walt Disney in 1950, some 35 years prior to its original publication in the journal "Sleep" [2]. Since there is an earlier version of the film initially produced in 1920, presumably containing this similar scene, we can only speculate that the first cinematic presentation of RBD might precede its scientific debut by 65 years. In a scene

  6. Animando (a) la sostenibiilidad. Aproximación al impacto del ecológismo en el cine de animación de Disney-Pixar




    After the first half of the 20th century environmental problems have become visible on a global scale. This generated a change of ideas about the survival of human beings as specie, and, therefore, the relation between humans and nature. These changes provoked the surge of what we call the “Ecological Movement”. The coming years mark...

  7. Policía y seguridad ciudadana en Canadá: de la fantasía de Disney a la represión


    Ruiz-Vásquez, Juan Carlos


    La Real Policía Montada (Royal Ca­nadian Mounted Police o Gendarmerie Royale du Canada) es quizás el primer y más importante ícono de la nacionalidad canadiense en un país cuyos símbolos patrios fueron creados recientemente después de la década de 1960. Mientras la Real Montada fue fundada en 1864, la tradicional bandera canadiense con la hoja del arce fue adoptada en 1964 y el himno nacional en 1980. Así, creció de la mano de la joven nación y aseguró la colonización hacia el oeste procurand...

  8. Marry the Prince or Stay with Family--That Is the Question: A Perspective of Young Korean Immigrant Girls on Disney Marriages in the United States (United States)

    Lee, Lena


    Although several studies have examined popular culture, the perspectives of young children from various cultures still have not been discussed at length in such studies. In order to listen to these children's voices, this paper focuses on young immigrant Korean girls in the United States. It particularly examines their interpretations of marriage…

  9. Prof dr Pasquale Pistone soovitab direktiive vahetult kohaldada / Pasquale Pistone ; interv. Erki Uustalu

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Pistone, Pasquale


    Intervjuu Salerno Ülikooli teaduskonna dotsendiga, kes õpetas Eesti ametnikele Euroopa Kohtu pretsedendiõigust otseste maksude valdkonnas. Lisatud kommentaarid: Reimer, Ekkehart. Euroopa maksutaeva tõusev täht ; Uustalu, Erki. Särav isiksus, suurepärane suhtleja ; Pahapill Helen. Väljapaistev õigusteadlane ja hinnatud õppejõud. Lisatud ka Pasquale Pristone elulugu

  10. [Hans Jakob Christoffel von Grimmelshausen. Saksa Simplicissimuse seiklused] / Meelis Friedenthal

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Friedenthal, Meelis, 1973-


    Tutvustus: Grimmelshausen, Hans Jakob Christoffel von. Saksa Simplicissimuse seiklused, teisisõnu: ühe veidra vagabundi elulugu, kel Melchior Sternfels von Fuchshaim nimeks, et kus ja mis moel ta siia ilma sündis ning mida siin nägi, õppis, oma nahal tunda sai ja kannatas, nagu sellestki, miks ta siinsest ilmast vabatahtlikult loobub. [Tallinn] : Pegasus, c2010

  11. 2001: kosmoseodüsseia / Peter von Bagh ; tõlkinud Ülle Põlma ja Kaia Sisask

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Bagh, Peter von, 1943-2014


    Stanley Kubricku mängufilm (1968), lühendatud tõlge raamatust "Elämää suuremmat elokuvat". 1989; lisa : režissööri elulugu, tõlge Ted Sennetti raamatust "Great Movie Directors". New York, 1986

  12. Legend juba eluajal : kui muidu ei saa, siis Simon Levin ikka aitab / Kärt Anvelt

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Anvelt, Kärt, 1973-


    Järelehüüe ning vandeadvokaat Monika Mägi ja Harju maakohtu esimehe Helve Särgava meenutused 2. jaanuaril 2008 surnud Simon Levinile. Lisatud elulugu: Simon Levin advokaat ja õigusteadlane ; katkend intervjuust EPL, 16. august 2005: kuidas kõik algas

  13. Adam Michnik: kriisis Euroopat ohustab rahvuslik egoism / Adam Michnik ; interv. Külli-Riin Tigasson

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Michnik, Adam, 1946-


    Poola suurima kvaliteetlehe Gazeta Wyborczka petoimetaja Adam Michnik vastab küsimustele, mis puudutavad 2008. aastal alanud majanduskriisi, protektsionismi ja egoismi levikut, Ida-Euroopas levinud poliitilise ja majandusliku mudeli ümber hindamist, ladinaameerikalikku putinismi ja antikommunistlikku autoritaarsust ning trükiajakirjanduse tulevikku internetiajastul. Vt. samas: Elulugu

  14. Bill Gates : Miljardärist nohik / Martin Hanson

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Hanson, Martin, 1984-


    Bill Gates loobub Microsofti juhi kohast ning jätkab vaid nõustajana. Vt. samas: Elulugu; Tasub teada; Miljardär, kes hoiab oma eraelu kiivalt saladuses. Kommenteerivad Microsoft Eesti esinduse juht Rain Laane ja IBM Eesti juht Valdo Randpere

  15. Jürgen Järvik : Palgatöö üles ei ajaks / Gert D. Hankewitz

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Hankewitz, Gert D.


    Q Vara üks asutajaid kinnisvaraärimees Jürgen Järvik oma karjäärist. Kommenteerivad Arvo Klaas ja Andres Tiisler. Vt. samas: Ühised treeningud Helsingi maratoniks viisid sõbrad Q Varani. Lisa: Elulugu

  16. Vastab Peter Greenaway / Peter Greenaway ; interv. Elen Lotman

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Greenaway, Peter, 1942-


    Inglise filmirežissöör ja kunstnik Eestis PÖFFi aukülalisena juba pärast festivali lõppu, jaanuaris 2005. Lisatud lühike elulugu, filmograafia ja andmed tema kohta kirjutatud artiklitest ajakirja varasemates numbrites lk. 14-15

  17. Saare jonniga idealist / Lemmi Kann

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kann, Lemmi


    Maxima OÜ tegevjuhist Margus Pärnast. Lisad: Elulugu; Tasub teada. Kommenteerivad: TOP Auto juhatuse esimees Felor Pärnpuu, Sales-Star ASi juhatuse esimees Tiina Aas, psühhiaater Jüri Ennet ning ASi Mobec müügijuht Kaido Sumberg. Vt. samas: Karmi käega õppejõud Pärn

  18. Hans Pöhl - Estlandssvenskarnas hövding = Hans Pöhl - rannarootslaste eestvõitleja / Torkel Jansson

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Jansson, Torkel, 1947-


    Raamatututvustus: Hans Pöhl - Estlandssvenskarnas hövding : en biografi över Hans Pöhl (1876-1930), estlandssvenskarnas främste företrädare och ledare = Hans Pöhl - rannarootslaste eestvõitleja : Hans Pöhli (1876-1930), Eesti rootslaste vaimse liidri ja valgustaja elulugu. (Stockholm ; Tallinn, 2010)

  19. Rannarootslaste suurmees Hans Pöhl / Olev Liivik

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Liivik, Olev, 1975-


    Arvustus: Estlandssvenskarnas hövding. En biografi över Hans Pöhl (1876-1930), estlandssvenskarnas främste företrädare och ledare = Hans Pöhl - rannarootslaste eestvõileja : Hans Pöhl (1876-1930), Eesti rootslaste vaimse liidri ja valgustaja elulugu. Stockholm, 2010

  20. Microsoft enam ei kasva / Richart Waters

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Waters, Richart


    Autor selgitab Microsoft'i näitel, miks väikese kasvuga ettevõte vajab teistsugust firmakultuuri ning dividendipoliitikat. Diagrammid: Käive, täiskohaga töötajate arv, töötajate antud aktsiaoptsioonid. Lisa: Microsofti elulugu. Vt. samas: Üheksa aastaga 59 firmat

  1. Mati Polli : metsameeste ikoon / Gert D. Hankewitz

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Hankewitz, Gert D.


    Endise puidutööstuse Sylvester asutaja Mati Polli on metsameeste keskel kujunenud ikooniks ja elavaks legendiks. Vt. samas: Elulugu; Tasub teada; Maksuametil kaotuseid jätkub. Kommenteerivad: ASi Pärnu Mets juhataja Ants Kaljund, ehitusettevõtja Andres Koger, Arengufondi nõukogu esimees Indrek Neivelt ja EMTL juht Andres Talijärv

  2. Tobacco and alcohol use in G-rated children's animated films. (United States)

    Goldstein, A O; Sobel, R A; Newman, G R

    Tobacco and alcohol use among youth are major public health problems, but the extent to which children are routinely exposed to tobacco and alcohol products in children's films is unknown. To identify the prevalence and characteristics associated with tobacco and alcohol use portrayed in G-rated, animated feature films. Design All G-rated, animated feature films released between 1937 and 1997 by 5 major production companies (Walt Disney Co, MGM/United Artists, Warner Brothers Studios, Universal Studios, and 20th Century Fox) that were available on videotape were reviewed for episodes of tobacco and alcohol use. Presence of tobacco and alcohol use in each film, type of tobacco or alcohol used, duration of use, type of character using substance (bad, neutral, or good), and any associated effects. Of 50 films reviewed, 34 (68%) displayed at least 1 episode of tobacco or alcohol use. Twenty-eight (56%) portrayed 1 or more incidences of tobacco use, including all 7 films released in 1996 and 1997. Twenty-five films (50%) included alcohol use. Smoking was portrayed on screen by 76 characters for more than 45 minutes in duration; alcohol use was portrayed by 63 characters for 27 minutes. Good characters use tobacco and alcohol as frequently as bad characters. Cigars and wine are shown in these films more often than other tobacco or alcohol substances. More than two thirds of animated children's films feature tobacco or alcohol use in story plots without clear verbal messages of any negative long-term health effects associated with use of either substance.

  3. Validation of a Functional Pyelocalyceal Renal Model for the Evaluation of Renal Calculi Passage While Riding a Roller Coaster. (United States)

    Mitchell, Marc A; Wartinger, David D


    The identification and evaluation of activities capable of dislodging calyceal renal calculi require a patient surrogate or validated functional pyelocalyceal renal model. To evaluate roller coaster facilitation of calyceal renal calculi passage using a functional pyelocalyceal renal model. A previously described adult ureteroscopy and renoscopy simulator (Ideal Anatomic) was modified and remolded to function as a patient surrogate. Three renal calculi of different sizes from the patient who provided the original computed tomographic urograph on which the simulator was based were used. The renal calculi were suspended in urine in the model and taken for 20 rides on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The roller coaster rides were analyzed using variables of renal calculi volume, calyceal location, model position on the roller coaster, and renal calculi passage. Sixty renal calculi rides were analyzed. Independent of renal calculi volume and calyceal location, front seating on the roller coaster resulted in a passage rate of 4 of 24. Independent of renal calculi volume and calyceal location, rear seating on the roller coaster resulted in a passage rate of 23 of 36. Independent of renal calculi volume in rear seating, calyceal location differed in passage rates, with an upper calyceal calculi passage rate of 100%; a middle calyceal passage rate of 55.6%; and a lower calyceal passage rate of 40.0%. The functional pyelocalyceal renal model serves as a functional patient surrogate to evaluate activities that facilitate calyceal renal calculi passage. The rear seating position on the roller coaster led to the most renal calculi passages.

  4. Hotel Polynesian Village Florida- (EE.UU.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Welton Becket y Asociados, Arquitectos


    Full Text Available This hotel unit with 500 rooms is located in a beautiful plot situated along the beach of a laguna in Disneyland, Florida. It consists of 10 individual pavilions, two units with two stories and six with three stories, in addition to a main building with two stories —offices, W.C.s, bar shops, banquet halls, etc.— and a monorail station connected with the covered passages, and with a view of the beautiful horizon that reminds one of the South Sea in the last century. The building for the guests is formed by metal structure modules of 9.10 x 4.50 x 2.70 m, that are placed on top of each other. Each one weighs 7 t and they are all completely equipped.Este conjunto hotelero, de 500 habitaciones, se halla enclavado en un hermoso solar situado a lo largo de la playa de una laguna del Mundo de Walt Disney, en Florida. Consta de diez pabellones individuales, dos unidades de dos plantas y seis de tres alturas, además de un edificio principal de dos plantas —oficinas, servicios, bar, tiendas, salones de banquetes, etc.— y una estación del monorraíl enlazada con los paseos cubiertos con vistas al bello horizonte, que recuerda el de los Mares del Sur, en el siglo pasado. Los edificios para huéspedes están formados por módulos de 9,14 X 4,57 X 2,74 m, con estructura metálica, que se colocan uno sobre otro. Cada uno pesa 7 t y van completamente equipados con todas sus instalaciones necesarias.

  5. Eisenstein contemporain : entretien avec Antonio Somaini

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bruno Leites


    Full Text Available Entretien avec Antonio Somaini à propos des films, des écrits et des dessins de Sergei Eisenstein. Somaini est actuellement un des plus grands spécialistes de l’œuvre d’Eisenstein. À l’entretien, nous parlons de nombreux sujets : les défis de traduire les ouvrages d’Eisenstein, les phases de sa carrière, le développement de sa pensée, la relation de ses films avec ses écrits, sa pratique du dessin et sa passion pour les dessins de Walt Disney. C’est un long entretien dans laquelle nous parlons aussi des principaux concepts d’Eisenstein, tels que l’extase, le pathos, l’organicité, l’attraction, la régression et la plasmaticité. Somaini nous parle également de la spécificité de son travail et de l’urgence de reprendre Eisenstein. D’un côté, il faut le faire sortir de l’histoire du cinéma exclusivement et l’inclure dans le réseau le plus vaste des arts et de la pensée des années 1920, 1930 et 1940. De l’autre côté, il faut penser son projet comme essentiellement contemporain. Comme Somaini l’a dit, ce que nous pensons beaucoup aujourd’hui, le dispositif cinématographique, le rapport entre le cinéma et l’histoire de l’art, l'influence des images sur l’ensemble de l’expérience humaine, cela a toujours été le problème d’Eisenstein.

  6. Combining Graphic Arts, Hollywood and the Internet to Improve Distance Learning in Science and Math (United States)

    Tso-Varela, S.; Friedberg, R.; Lipnick, D.

    We on the Navajo Reservation face the daunting problem of trying to educate a widely scattered student population over a landmass (25,000+ sq. miles) larger than all the New England states combined. Compounding this problem is the fact that English is a second language for many students and that many of our students lack basic foundation skills. One of the obvious answers is Distance Learning Programs. But, in the past Distance Learning Programs have been notably ineffective on the Navajo Reservation. An experimental Internet Astronomy that we taught last summer showed conclusively that we must specifically tailor our Distance Learning courses to a Navajo audience. As with many college level science courses, our experimental course was English intensive and there lies the crux of the problem. With the help of our colleague institutions, Los Alamos National Laboratory, University of California at Berkeley, University of New Mexico, Kennesaw State University, and New Mexico Highlands University, we undertook to replace 90% of the traditional verbiage with art, an idiom much accepted on the Navajo Reservation. We used the Walt Disney Studios as a model. Specifically, we studied the Pvt. Snafu cartoons used by the War Department in World War II. We tried to emulate their style and techniques. We developed our own cartoon characters, Astroboy, Professor Tso and Roxanne. We combined high quality graphic art, animation, cartooning, Navajo cultural elements, Internet hyperlinks and voiceovers to tell the story of Astronomy 101 Lab. In addition we have added remedial math resources and other helpful resources to our web site. We plan to test initial efforts in an experimental Internet course this summer.

  7. Living with Crohn's Disease | NIH MedlinePlus the Magazine (United States)

    ... courtesy of Laura King Benjamin King, star of Disney Channel's hit TV series Liv and Maddie , helps ... root in so many homes that watch the Disney Channel and have children—especially considering the number ...

  8. Bernd Herzogenrath (ed. From Virgin Land to Disney World : Nature and Its Discontents in the U.S.A. of Yesterday and Today. Critical Studies, Vol. 15.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Thomas Carmichael


    Full Text Available The essays in this volume present diverse readings of the place of nature in American culture from the European arrival to the postmodern period. Theoretically informed and richly considered, these essays can loosely be divided into those which take a specific historical moment or representation as their object—Thomas Cole’s Hudson river paintings, Poe’s Julius Rodman, antinomianism in the 1960s, Sam Peckinpah,’s The Wild Bunch, or the cultural logic of the Las Vegas strip, to cite just a few...

  9. Investigating body patterning in aquarium-raised flamboyant cuttlefish (Metasepia pfefferi). (United States)

    Thomas, Amber; MacDonald, Christy


    Cuttlefish are known for their ability to quickly alter their total appearance, or body pattern, to camouflage or to communicate with predators, prey and conspecifics. The body patterns of some species have been extensively documented to gain a better understanding of their behaviors. However, the flamboyant cuttlefish (Metasepia pfefferi) is largely unstudied. Recently, aquarists have been able to breed, house and display M. pfefferi, giving researchers ample opportunities to study their behavior under those conditions. This study aimed to identify the dorsally-visible components of the body patterns used by 5 sexually-mature, freely-behaving, F5 generation M. pfefferi in their home aquarium at The Seas in Epcot at Walt Disney World Resorts(®), Lake Buena Vista, FL, USA. Furthermore, we aimed to determine the most probable patterns used by this population of animals and to create a database of components that can be used in future behavioral studies. We found that this population of M. pfefferi use a combination of 7 textural, 14 postural, 7 locomotor and between 42 and 75 chromatic components in their home aquarium. Using maximum likelihood analysis and AutoClass@IJM software, we found that these components combine to generate 11 distinct body patterns. The software was able to sort 98% of the live animal observations into one of the 11 patterns with 90% confidence and 88% of observations with 99% confidence. Unusually for cuttlefish, 8 of the 11 identified patterns contained at least one "traveling" component (i.e., traveling waves or blinking spots) in which the colors on the skin appeared to travel on the animal's mantle. In other species, these components are generally seen during hunting or aggression, but this population of M. pfefferi uses them frequently during a variety of contexts in their home aquarium. With few published data on the behavior of M. pfefferi in their natural environment, we cannot compare the behavior of the tank-raised individuals in

  10. Investigating body patterning in aquarium-raised flamboyant cuttlefish (Metasepia pfefferi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Amber Thomas


    Full Text Available Cuttlefish are known for their ability to quickly alter their total appearance, or body pattern, to camouflage or to communicate with predators, prey and conspecifics. The body patterns of some species have been extensively documented to gain a better understanding of their behaviors. However, the flamboyant cuttlefish (Metasepia pfefferi is largely unstudied. Recently, aquarists have been able to breed, house and display M. pfefferi, giving researchers ample opportunities to study their behavior under those conditions. This study aimed to identify the dorsally-visible components of the body patterns used by 5 sexually-mature, freely-behaving, F5 generation M. pfefferi in their home aquarium at The Seas in Epcot at Walt Disney World Resorts®, Lake Buena Vista, FL, USA. Furthermore, we aimed to determine the most probable patterns used by this population of animals and to create a database of components that can be used in future behavioral studies. We found that this population of M. pfefferi use a combination of 7 textural, 14 postural, 7 locomotor and between 42 and 75 chromatic components in their home aquarium. Using maximum likelihood analysis and AutoClass@IJM software, we found that these components combine to generate 11 distinct body patterns. The software was able to sort 98% of the live animal observations into one of the 11 patterns with 90% confidence and 88% of observations with 99% confidence. Unusually for cuttlefish, 8 of the 11 identified patterns contained at least one “traveling” component (i.e., traveling waves or blinking spots in which the colors on the skin appeared to travel on the animal’s mantle. In other species, these components are generally seen during hunting or aggression, but this population of M. pfefferi uses them frequently during a variety of contexts in their home aquarium. With few published data on the behavior of M. pfefferi in their natural environment, we cannot compare the behavior of the tank

  11. A Comparison of delO18 Composition of Water Extracted from Suction Lysimeters, Centrifugation, and Azeotropic Distillation (United States)

    Figueroa, A.; Tindall, J. A.; Friedel, M. J.


    Concentration of delO18 in water samples extracted by suction lysimeters is compared to samples obtained by methods of centrifugation and azeotropic distillation. Intact soil cores (30 cm diameter by 40 cm height) were extracted from two different sites. Site 1 was rapid infiltration basin number 50, near Altamonte Springs in Seminole County, Florida on properties belonging to the Walt Disney World Resort Complex. Site 2 was the Missouri Management System Evaluation Area (MSEA) near Centralia in Boone County, Missouri. The delO18 water was analyzed on a mass spectrophotometer. Potassium Bromide (KBr) was also used as a tracer and analyzed by ion chromatography. A portion of the data obtained was modeled using CXTFIT. Water collected by centrifugation and azeotropic distillation data were about 2-5% more negative than that collected by suction lysimeter values from the Florida (sandy) soil and about 5-7 % more negative from the Missouri (well structured clay) soil. Results indicate that the majority of soil water in well structured soil is strongly bound to soil grain surfaces and is not easily sampled by suction lysimeters. Also, it is plausible that evaporation caused some delO18 enrichment in the suction lysimeters. Suction lysimeters preferentially sampled water held at lower matric potentials, which may not represent total soil water. In cases where a sufficient volume of water has passed through the soil profile and displaced all previous pore water, suction lysimeters will however collect a representative sample of all the water at that depth interval. It is suggested that for stable isotope studies monitoring precipitation and soil water, suction lysimeters be installed at shallow depths (10 cm). Samples should also be coordinated with precipitation events. The CXTFIT program worked well for Florida soils (a more homogeneous sand), but gave poor performance for Missouri soils (well structured clays) except for deeper depths where clay structure was less

  12. Opgør med de onde, gamle dage

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Thomsen, Torsten Bøgh


    Disneys spillefilm Maleficent er en kritisk revision af det ortodokse Disney-univers, som man kender det fra 50’ernes og 60’ernes tegnefilm. Klassiske opdelinger i godt og ondt, helte og skurke, er under pres. Kongen er årsag til alle problemerne, og prinsen kan ikke redde nogen som helst. Det er...... det feminine og naturen fremfor maskulin kultur, der triumferer. Alt sammen sker det i en nuancering af Disneys ondeste skurk gennem tiderne: Maleficent....

  13. The True Lion King of Africa: The Epic History of Sundiata, King of Old Mali. (United States)

    Paterno, Domenica R.

    David Wisniewski's 1992 picture book version of the African epic of "Sundiata, Lion King of Mali" and the actual historical account of the 13th century Lion King, Sundiata, are both badly served by Disney's "The Lion King." Disney has been praised for using African animals as story characters; for using the African landscape as…

  14. An Evaluation of Techniques for Clustering Search Results (United States)


    CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR(S) 5d. PROJECT NUMBER 5e. TASK NUMBER 5f. WORK UNIT NUMBER 7. PERFORMING...Star Wars 38. park, disney, ride, attraction, theme, film, change, disneyland , 10. Creating Fantasies: Disney’s ’Imagineers’ Build Space Attrac 23

  15. Finding Difference: Nemo and Friends Opening the Door to Disability Theory (United States)

    Preston, Daniel L.


    While middle school and high school students may have watched the Disney and Disney/Pixar films when they were younger, chances are they did not do so with a critical eye toward difference and disability, despite the fact that these films serve as excellent tools for teaching about difference. Recent estimates label 20% of the world's population…

  16. The Righteousness of self-centred royals: The world according to ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The startling success of Disney animation prompts the perspective for this essay, which explores both a political-economic and cultural studies approach. Understanding Disney animation helps clarify the intimate relationship between ideology and socio-economic practice, (Ricker, 1996; Wasko, 2001). Investigating the ...

  17. Biografija : [luuletused] / Viivi Luik ; tlk. Svetlan Semenenko, lühibiograafia: T. L. [Toomas Liiv

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Luik, Viivi, 1946-


    Sisu: Biografija ; "Smeisja, smeisja, davai smejatsja..." ; Rodnoi dom / tlk. Nora Javorskaja ; Molba ; "Ja skazhu: kol ne ja..." ; Starõi gorod ; V dorogu ; "Togo uzh ne naiti, kto zaplutal v meteli..." ; Ona skazala vsjo ; Bolshije doma ; Snova ; "Neprestanno krov vo mne zhurtshit..." / tlk. Svetlan Semenenko. Orig.: Elulugu ; "Naera, naera, naerame võidu..." ; Kodu ; Palve ; "Mõtlen: kui mitte mina...", "Ei jäta jälgi see, kes eksis sadudesse..." ; Ta on kõik öelnud ; Uued suured majad ; Jälle

  18. A Relationship with Literature (United States)

    Romano, Tom


    In this article, the author narrates his lifelong relationship with a major American poet, Walt Whitman. He describes how Whitman's "Song of Myself" and poetic idea influenced his life and way of thinking.

  19. A survey of the attitudes and knowledge of parents of high school ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Kathryn van Boom

    children on the East Rand on the usage of nutritional supplements. V van der Walt, 1 MPhil; ... 2Head, Department of Sport and Movement Studies, Faculty of Health. Sciences ... strategies targeting adolescents into believing that usage of NS.

  20. Patient knowledge of urethral stricture disease in a state sector ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    M. Barnard


    Feb 16, 2018 ... Introduction: The knowledge urethral stricture patients in a developing country Specialist Clinic have ... A systematic review done by DeWalt et al. confirms that low literacy ... The questionnaire was translated into Afrikaans and.

  1. Industrialization

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    scholar, Walt W. Rostow presented and supported this line of thought in his analysis of ... A Brief Historical Background of Industrialization in Africa ... indicative) The western model allowed for the political economy to be shaped by market.

  2. Vrede (םולָֹׁש) in Jesaja 40–66

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    25 Aug 2015 ... Author: Chris van der Walt1. Affiliation: ... Een van die bekendste uitdrukkings wat met vrede geassosieer word, is: 'Swords into ploughshares' .... interpersoonlike verhoudings (Jos 9:15) ..... hulle nie haastig hoef te vertrek nie.

  3. 78 FR 24743 - Environmental Impacts Statements; Notice of Availability (United States)


    .../2013, Contact: Walt George 307-775-6116. EIS No. 20130103, Final EIS, NMFS, 00, Amendment 5 to the...: 05/28/2013, Contact: Peter Cooper 301-427-8503. EIS No. 20130107, Final EIS, NRCS, WY, Henrys Fork...

  4. 76 FR 56759 - Ocean Transportation Intermediary License; Applicants (United States)


    ...), Ariel S. Villamayor, Limited Partner, Application Type: New OFF License. UTi, United States, Inc. dba UTi (NVO & OFF), 1660 Walt Whitman Road, Melville, NY 11747. Officers: Charles N. Deller, Vice...

  5. Change and Continuity in Librarianship: Approaching the Twenty-First Century. Proceedings of the 40th Military Librarians Workshop, 20-22 November 1996, Annapolis, Maryland, (United States)


    Novembecr 1996 Arinarolis, Maryland1 rDIO QUALMTY DZEOTN I VIBYKUTON UrtAIK=yg A Change and Continuity in Librarianship : Approaching the Twenty-first...speakers Walt Crawford (Keynote), speaking on "Millennial Librarianship ;" Dr. Keith Swigger, Dean of the Graduate School of Library and Information...1 --Richard Hume Werking Millennial Librarianship : Maintaining the Mix and Avoiding the Hype .................. 2 --Walt Crawford

  6. Teatrireisikiri. USA. Chicago. Aprill 2009 / Rednar Annus

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Annus, Rednar, 1970-


    Chicago Improv Festivalist. Kahest nähtud lavastustest: William Gibsoni "The Miracle worker" ja Alan Bennetti "Ajaloopoisid". Kahest nähtud muusikalist: Michael Bennetti "A Corus Line" ja Disney ning Cameron Macintoshi "Mary Poppins"

  7. The hidden universe

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Disney, M.


    Astronomer Disney has followed a somewhat different tack than that of most popular books on cosmology by concentrating on the notion of hidden (as in not directly observable by its own radiation) matter in the universe

  8. «The horror of that countenance» from Frankenstein to Duckenstein

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marina Guglielmi


    Full Text Available The masterpieces of Western literature survive today in translations, adaptations, and rewritings. The examples to which I am referring to are taken from publications of Italian Disney, that from 1935 has been made autonomous from US production and has given birth to the Italian Disney. Especially since the early two thousands, comic parodies of the masterpieces of world literature have often subverted, thanks to irony, the canon of Disney characters and have them come more closer and closer to the leading role of graphic novels protagonists. In this paper I focus particularly on Duckenstein (2016, the parody that made Enna and Celoni, inspired by Mary Shelly's Frankenstein (1818. The face of the monster created by the scientist Frankenstein is a visual and narrative device that is decisive in the novel.  From James Whale’s adaptation (1931 the monster mask will be imitated and reproduced in a large number of works from Frankenstein including Disney parody.

  9. The Scale of Exploration: Planetary Missions Set in the Context of Tourist Destinations on Earth (United States)

    Garry, W. B.; Bleacher, L. V.; Bleacher, J. E.; Petro, N. E.; Mest, S. C.; Williams, S. H.


    What if the Apollo astronauts explored Washington, DC, or the Mars Exploration Rovers explored Disney World? We present educational versions of the traverse maps for Apollo and MER missions set in the context of popular tourist destinations on Earth.

  10. Eestis asub Euroopa Liidus ainulaadne nanotehnoloogiliste filtrite tehas / Erik Aru

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Aru, Erik


    Eesti nn. varjatud meisterfirmad Esfil Tehno, AS Regio. Varjatud meistri mõiste. Lisa: Varjatud meistrite iseloomujooned. Tabelid. Lisad: Zamperia toodab Disney jaoks. Autodesk pakub aistingut kõigi meelte tarvis

  11. Deregulation and Intercity Bus Operations in Florida: A Preliminary Study. (United States)


    revenues have been consistent recently, but expenses have risen. The three areas most frequently served by Rabbit Bus Lines are Disney World, Sea World...Manager, Shoreline Stages had annual revenues of roughly $890,000 in 1980. In terms of trips, about ninety percent of this carrier’s traffic is interstate...this traffic constitutes the bulk of Shoreline Stage’s business by revenue , volume of traffic, and number of passengers. Charter trips to Disney

  12. Walter Rowe Courtenay, Jr. (1933–2014) (United States)

    Benson, Amy J.


    WALTER R. COURTENAY, JR., ichthyologist and retired professor, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida, died in Gainesville, Florida, on 30 January 2014 at age 80. Walt was born in Neenah, Wisconsin, on 6 November 1933, son of Walter and Emily Courtenay. Walt's interest in fish began at a young age as evidenced by a childhood diary in which at 13 years of age he wrote about his first catch—a two-and-a-half pound “pike” from Lake Winnebago. When Walt turned ten, the family moved from Wisconsin to Nashville, Tennessee, the move precipitated by his father accepting a position as pastor of the First Presbyterian Church. During those early days in Nashville, Walt's father would take summers off and travel to Michigan to teach at Camp Miniwanca along the shore of Lake Michigan where father and son honed their angling skills. It was also at that time Walt's father had definite views on what his son should be doing in adult life—in Walt's case it was to become a medical doctor. However, his Woods Hole internship in marine biology and oceanography toward the end of his undergraduate years was a transformative experience for him so much so that he abandoned all ideas of becoming a medical doctor and instead specialized in ichthyology and oceanography. Apart from the inherent interest and opportunities Woods Hole opened to him, being back at the shore of a large body of water, in this case the Atlantic Ocean, was far more interesting than sitting in lectures on organic chemistry. With that, Walt completed his B.A. degree at Vanderbilt University in 1956. In 1960 while in graduate school in Miami, Walt met and married Francine Saporito, and over the next several years had two children, Walter III and Catherine. He went on to receive his M.S. in 1961 from The Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science at the University of Miami on the systematics of the genus Haemulon (grunts) and his Ph.D. degree in 1965 working under his advisor C. Richard

  13. A new species of Perlesta (Plecoptera: Perlidae) from North Carolina with additional records for North Carolina and Virginia (United States)

    Kondratieff, B.C.; Zuellig, R.E.; Lenat, D.R.


    Twenty-eight species of Nearctic Perlesta are currently recognized (Stark 1989, 2004; Kondratieff et al. 2006, 2008; Grubbs and DeWalt 2008, Grubbs and DeWalt 2011, Kondratieff and Myers 2011). Interestingly, but needing confirmation, Perlesta has been recently recorded from Central America (Gutiérrez-Fonseca and Springer 2011). Continued collecting and study of Perlesta from North Carolina by the authors revealed one additional undescribed species. Ten species of Perlesta currently have been recorded from North Carolina (Stark 1989, 2004, Kondratieff et al. 2006, 2008, Grubbs and DeWalt 2008). Additionally, new Perlesta species records are given for Virginia. The terminology used in the description of the male adult follows Stark (1989, 2004).

  14. The “animalized humans” – the reformulated body

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Buhl, Mie

    This contribution will discuss the phenomenon of the so-called Japanese Cat Girls who practice the behavior of cats as a contradiction to Disney's cartoon where animals have a human character. From Disney cartoons we experience how animals are being humanized and are representing human character...... to a degree where it becomes difficult to see them as animals. This is just one example of how animals are attributed with a human character. A trend among keepers of humanizing their pets has emerged, which sometimes goes beyond the interests of the animals’ welfare – as animals. The pets are equipped...... with props that appear to satisfy the owner's need instead of the needs of animal itself and make the animal look like a cartoon character. Pictures of animals represent a large variation of representation forms and genres where Disney represents an example of a cartoon culture of humanized animals...

  15. Defense Science Board Task Force Report: Predicting Violent Behavior (United States)


    Boeing • Coca Cola • Disney • Intel Corporation D E F E N S E S C I E N C E B O A R D | D E P A R T M E N T O F D E F E N S E DSB TASK FORCE...University of North Carolina Corporations:  Microsoft  Coca Cola  Boeing  Disney D E F E N S E S C I E N C E B O A R D | D E P A R T M E

  16. Effects of Leak Detection/Location on Underground Heat Distribution System (UHDS) Life Cycle Costs: A Probabilistic Model (United States)


    ADA167556 (USACERL, March 1986). E. Segan and C. Chen ’K. Cooper et a]. 9 spots associated with leaks are detected with either a digital temperature...HSHG.DEX ATTN: NAPEN-FL Walte Road AMC 20307 Norto APB. CA 92409 ATTN: Faciliion Ensgime ATIN: APRC-MX4DB US Ary Roagr Diviaiur AWlN: Libary (13

  17. Growth and competitive abilities of the federally endangered Lindera melissifolia and the potentially invasive Brunnichia ovata in varying densities, hydrologic regimes, and light availabilities (United States)

    Tracy S. Hawkins; Nathan Schiff; A. Dan Wilson; Theodor D. Leininger; Margaret S. Devall


    Brunnichia ovata (Walter) Shinners is a native, perennial, woody vine with the potential to become an aggressive competitor of the federally endangered shrub Lindera melissifolia (Walt.) Blume. Our study simulated habitat disturbances to hydrologic regime and light availability that may occur naturally, or through active...

  18. I snova pro ljubov... k paukam i politseiskim / Jevgeni Levik

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Levik, Jevgeni


    Prantsuse mängufilm "Armastab, ei armasta" ("A la folie...pas du tout") : režissöör Laetitia Colombani ja kaks ameerika mängufilmi - "Super Troopers" : režissöör Jay Chandrasekhar ning "Van Wilder : Party Liaison" : režissöör Walt Becker

  19. Circular sawing experiments on a radial arm saw (United States)

    Charles W. McMillin; J.L. Lubxin


    Several years ago, the American Machine and Foundry Co. decided to conduct a comprehensive investigation in the field of cutting processes. The initial emphasis has been on circular sawing because of the product line of the company's DeWalt Division. As a nevessary antecedent to theoretical and experimental investigations, an extensive review of the literature on...

  20. Implementing focussed antenatal care in sub-Saharan Africa: an ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    A SWOT Analysis framework was used to assess the situational analysis of antenatal care programmes in sub-Saharan Africa while the Walt and Gilson policy analysis triangle was used to analyse the feasibility of introducing the new WHO ANC model into the sub-region. The content of the WHO model may need to be ...

  1. An Antidote for the Faculty-IT Divide (United States)

    Fernandez, Luke


    Do campus IT departments harm higher education? Wall Street Journal personal-technology columnist Walt Mossberg suggested as much during a speech he gave to high-level administrators at last June's Chronicle of Higher Education presidents' forum. Mossberg caught the attention of campus CIOs when, according to the Chronicle, he described large IT…

  2. "The Most Poisonous Force in Technology" (United States)

    Carnevale, Dan


    Walt Mossberg, personal-technology columnist for "The Wall Street Journal," highlighted technology trends in his speech to a group of college presidents and other administrators. Mr. Mossberg touched a nerve when he called information-technology departments of large organizations, including colleges, "the most regressive and poisonous force in…

  3. Characteristics of fruiting of Catalpa bignonioides under conditions of environmental pollution


    М. V. Leppik


    Influence of the industrial air pollution on traits of Catalpa bignonioides Walt. fruiting has been studied. The fruiting quality of C. bignonioides plants became worse under environmental contamination by emissions of pipe factory and motor transport. The coefficient of fruiting was reduced owing to diminution of the fruits quantity. Moreover the dimensions and form of fruits changed.

  4. Characteristics of fruiting of Catalpa bignonioides under conditions of environmental pollution

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    М. V. Leppik


    Full Text Available Influence of the industrial air pollution on traits of Catalpa bignonioides Walt. fruiting has been studied. The fruiting quality of C. bignonioides plantsbecame worse under environmental contamination by emissions of pipe factory and motor transport. The coefficient of fruiting was reduced owing to diminution of the fruits quantity. Moreover the dimensions and form of fruits changed.

  5. A study of the early fruit characteristics of pondberry (United States)

    Kristina Connor; G.M. Schafer; J. Donahoo; Margaret Devall; Emile S. Gardiner; Theodor D. Leininger; A. Dan Wilson; Nathan Schiff; Paul B. Hamel; Craig Echt


    Pondberry [Lindera melissifolia (Walt.) Blume] is an endangered, dioecious, clonal shrub that grows in forested wetlands in the Southeastern United States. Because pondberry is endangered, presence of this plant could limit silvicultural options available to managers of public lands. Interest in pondberry has focused on the clonal nature of this...

  6. Alice moltiplicata. Un teatro fluido per nuove pratiche di resistenza

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Giuseppe Sofo


    Full Text Available "L come Alice" is a 2013 show establishing a link between various versions of Lewis Carroll’s character. This archetype is connected with Antonin Artaud’s translation, Walt Disney’s cartoon, a film by Jan Švankmajer, as well as with Gilles Deleuze’s philosophy.

  7. Motion Picture and Television Research Libraries in the Los Angeles Area. (United States)

    Dumaux, Sally


    Discusses the changes in the major motion picture research collections during the past 15 years and describes the contents of the five largest remaining ones: Twentieth Century-Fox Research Library, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Research Library, Burbank Public Library--Warner Research Collection, Universal City Studios Research Library, Walt Disney…

  8. 'n Begronde bedieningsmodel vir die diakonia van die gemeente

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    15 Feb 2012 ... At first, various angles of approach to the research on ministry in ... Lingenfelter 2005; Armour & Browning 2000) en daarmee saam die ...... Grobler, A.B. & Van der Walt, A.L., 2008, 'An assessment of the management skills.

  9. Meteor Beliefs Project: ``Year of Meteors'' (United States)

    McBeath, Alastair; Drobnock, George J.; Gheorghe, Andrei Dorian


    We present a discussion linking ideas from a modern music album by Laura Veirs back to a turbulent time in American history 150 years ago, which inspired poet Walt Whitman to compose his poem "Year of Meteors", and the meteor beliefs of the period around 1859-1860, when collection of facts was giving way to analyses and theoretical explanations in meteor science.

  10. Leaf gas exchange of mature bottomland oak trees (United States)

    Rico M. Gazal; Mark E. Kubiske; Kristina F. Connor


    We determined how changes in environmental moisture affected leaf gas exchange in Nuttall (Quercus texana Buckley), overcup (Q. lyrata Walt.), and dominant and codominant swamp chestnut (Q. michauxii Nutt.) oak trees in Mississippi and Louisiana. We used canopy access towers to measure leaf level gas...

  11. Boekbespreking | van Aarde | HTS Teologiese Studies / Theological ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The commission meeting at Budapest 1989. (Faith and Order 1985-1989 paper 148.) De Beer, W.C.M. - Van der Walt, B.J. 1989. Reformasie op viersprong: Pasmarkeerders, loodvoetiges, hrandstigten of tigdraem? Dreyer, T.FJ. - Lerle, E. 1989. Kontakstark verkundigen: Grundzuge Bibeltreuer Predigt. Engelbrecht, E.

  12. 78 FR 20918 - Consumer Advisory Committee (United States)


    ...--Stephen Pociask American Foundation for the Blind--Paul Schroeder Appalachian Regional Commission--Mark Defalco Benton Foundation--Cecilia Garcia California Western School of Law, New Media Rights Project--Art... Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind Youth and Adults--Dorothy Walt Media Literacy Project--Andrea...

  13. die nasionalisering van waterregte in suid- afrika: ontneming of ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    ondersoek word of die staat, deur die bepalings van die Nasionale. Waterwet ... word nie.14. In die uitspraak van Watermeyer CJ in Commissioner for Inland. Revenue v Estate Crewe15 blyk dit duidelik dat die begrip eiendom reeds van vroeg af ..... Van der Walt "Moving towards recognition of constructive expropriation?

  14. te70).

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Dunn (1975) recorded a similar response regarding the total LH response, but not the peak LH level, in heifers fed 6I% of their energy requirements. In an earlier study by Dunn, Rone. Kaltenbach, van der walt, Riley. & Akbar (1974) the peak LH was in effect higher in underfed beef cows. In the study reported here, on day.

  15. Outplanting of the Endangered Pondberry (United States)

    Margaret S. Devall; Nathan M. Schiff; Stephanie A. Skojac


    Pondberry [Lindera melissifolia (Walt) Blume, Lauraceae] is an endangered shrub that occurs in seasonally flooded wetlands in the Southeastern United States. We established new pondberry populations as an aid in conserving the species, whose distribution and abundance have been affected by habitat destruction and alteration. We dug equal numbers of...

  16. Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology - Vol 15, No 2 (2015)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The lived experience of discrimination of white women in committed interracial relationships with black men · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Anina van der Walt, Pieter Basson. ...

  17. The scientific assessment of shale gas development in South Africa

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Snyman-Van der Walt, Luanita


    Full Text Available This presentation discusses the scientific assessment of shale gas development in South Africa by Luanita Snyman Van der Walt at the 6th CSIR Conference: Ideas that work for industrial development, 5-6 October 2017, CSIR International Convention...

  18. The Navy Supply Corps Newsletter. Contracting Innovations: Navy Electronic Commerce Online Navy Afloat Purchase Card Program. Volume 62, No. 3. (United States)


    Mike Lyden John Lantelme Andy Mackel Jesus Malgapo Carol Marcinek Greg Martin Michelle McAtee Molly McClellan Jerry McEnerney Laurie McKee...Paul McNeill Walt Melton Rich Mendez Mike Metts Jon Miller Ron Mosley Jim Naber Craig Nostrant NAVSUP USSNORMANDY(CG60) DDRE NORFOLK NPGS

  19. Indigenous leafy vegetables (imifino, morogo, muhuro) in South ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    May 7, 2014 ... consumed to the cities where they are ignored and neglected in favour of exotic western varieties (van. Rensburg et al., 2004; van der Walt et al., 2009). There is therefore the need to collect, preserve and document this knowledge which can be useful for crop improvement and maintenance of local cultures ...

  20. Hanseniaspora nodinigri, a new yeast species found in black knots (Dibotryon morbosum) of Prunus virginiana. (United States)

    Lachance, M A


    The new yeast species Hanseniaspora nodinigri is described to accommodate members of the genus Hanseniaspora that are unable to assimilate glucono-sigma-lactone and isolated from stromatal tissue of black knots (Dobotryon morbosum) of chokecherry, Prunus virginiana. The newly described taxon shows much resemblance, by other criteria, to H. vineae van der Walt et Tscheuschner and H. osmophila (Niehaus) Phaff, Miller et Shifrine.

  1. Effect of an Invasive Grass on Ambient Rates of Decomposition and Microbial Community Structure: A Search for Causality (United States)

    In sutu decomposition of above and below ground plant biomass of the native grass species Andropogon glmoeratus (Walt.) B.S.P and exotic Imperata cylindrica (L.) Beauv. (cogongrass) was investigated using litter bags over the course of a 12 month period. The above and below ground biomass of the inv...

  2. The Homeland Security Enterprise: Where Do We Fit? (United States)


    derivative. ( Junod , 2009, p. 1) Seeing that a single incident influences the whole, how do we make sense of our individual place in the larger complex...Quotations, 10th ed. 1919e. [Walt Whitman] Retrieved April 27, 2009, from Junod , Tom (2009) What the hell

  3. South African Medical Journal - Vol 94, No 5 (2004)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Endovascular treatment of intractable epistaxis — results of a 4-year local audit · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. IC Duncan, PA Fourie, CE le Grange, HA van der Walt, 373-378 ...

  4. Effect of water intake on the nitrogen balance of sheep fed a low or a ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Effect of water intake on the nitrogen balance of sheep fed a low or a medium protein diet. JG van der Walt, EA Boomker, A Meintjes, WA Schultheiss. Abstract. No Abstract. Full Text: EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT.

  5. In Defense of Freedom: Horace L. Traubel and the "Conservator." (United States)

    Bussel, Alan

    Philadelphia poet and journalist Horace L. Traubel's work as biographer of Walt Whitman has overshadowed his role as crusading editor. Traubel (1858-1919) devoted 30 years to publishing the "Conservator," a monthly newspaper that reflected its editor's idiosyncratic philosophy and crusaded persistently for libertarian principles. He made…

  6. Department of the Navy Supporting Data for Fiscal Year 1984 Budget Estimates Descriptive Summaries Submitted to Congress January 1983. Research, Development, Test and Evaluation, Navy. Book 1. Technology Base, Advanced Technology Development, Strategic Programs. (United States)


    battle groups--these materials will also he of value to the Subelement: 41 Title, Biloil anMedical SciencesProgram EleueiiET: WON3I Yile Iee s esan PT 1982. G. (U) WORK PI1101530 BT: In-"Walt Raval Surface Weapons Centat, Dhigren, VA; Satorn Space and Missile Center, Cocoa Beach, FL; Army

  7. Theatre Reviews | Various Authors | Shakespeare in Southern Africa

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Much Ado: Directed by Linda-Louise Swain. Mannville. 21 February-4 March 2006; Twelfth Night: Directed by Tamar Meskin and Tanya van der Walt. University of KwaZulu-Natal Drama and Performance Studies Programme. Pieter Scholtz Open Air Theatre. 27 May 2006. Shakespeare in Southern Africa Vol. 18 2006: pp.

  8. Thermal stability of hot-wire deposited amorphous silicon

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Arendse, CJ


    Full Text Available , Utrecht, The Nether- lands, 2001. [9] D. Beeman, R. Tsu, M.F. Thorpe, Phys. Rev., B 32 (1985) 874. [10] D.T. Britton, M. Ha¨rting, M.R.B. Teemane, S. Mills, F.M. Nortier, T.N. van der Walt, Appl. Surf. Sci. 116 (1997) 53. [11] P. Willutzki, J. Sto¨rmer...

  9. Microtensile strength of spruce pine after exposure to acids and bases (United States)

    F.G. Manwiller; P.R. Godfrey


    Earlywood and latewood microtensile specimens from 12 trees of Pinus glabra Walt. were subjected to 10-percent solution of 5 acids and 3 bases at good for up to 3 hours. Hydrochloric and sulfuric acids were the most damaging, lowering maximum tensile strength 27 and 17 percent in earlywood and 36 and 39 percent in latewood; they reduced work to maximum load 40 percent...

  10. Freezing tolerance and the histology of recovering nodes in St. Augustinegrass (United States)

    St. Augustinegrass [Stenataphrum secundatum (Walt.) Kuntze] is a coarse-textured turfgrass commonly utilized for its excellent shade tolerance. However, inferior cold tolerance in comparison to other warm-season grasses limits its range primarily to the southeastern U. S., The objectives of this stu...

  11. Author Details

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    van der Walt, JC. Vol 42, No 5 (2012): Supplement - Articles Production response of lambs receiving creep feed while grazing two different pastures. Abstract PDF. ISSN: 2221-4062. AJOL African Journals Online. HOW TO USE AJOL... for Researchers · for Librarians · for Authors · FAQ's · More about AJOL · AJOL's Partners ...

  12. Nondestructive estimation of leaf area for pondberry (United States)

    Brian Roy Lockhart; Emile S. Gardiner; Theran P. Stautz; Theodore D. Leininger; Paul B. Hamel; Kristina F. Connor; Nathan M. Schiff; A. Dan Wilson; Margaret S. Devall


    Pondberry (Lindera melissifolia [Walt.] Blume) is a federally listed endangered shrub found as isolated populations in seasonally flooded forests across the Southeastern United States. Because this shrub is rare, it has received little research attention, and basic knowledge of its ecology and physiology is lacking. To facilitate future ecological...

  13. Nuclear Reactions: Nuclear Power - Past, Present, Future? Oxford Workshop 5-6 May 2011

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Patterson, Walt


    In this account, Walt Patterson shares with us the questions he has always had concerning the opportunity cost of nuclear energy and explains how, if accidents will not put an end to nuclear energy and power overnight, they will, however, further complicate the necessary financial backing of democratically elected governments

  14. History of Fuel Cell R&D at Fort Belvoir, Virginia (United States)


    J. Armstrong, Dick Belt, Walt Taschek, Milt Jakola, Bob Chapman, Bill Carlton and Don Fetterman . The primary effort was fuel cells but Stirling...Kezer, Ed Gillis, Don Fetterman , Dick Belt, John Orth (Chief), Oscar Cleaver (Technical Director), Walter Taschek, Bob Trader, & Marshall (Jack

  15. NASA Chandra X-ray Observatory Selected as Editor's Choice in 2000 Discover Magazine Awards for Technological Innovation (United States)


    The Chandra X-ray Observatory, NASA's newest and most powerful X-ray space telescope, has been selected as the winner of the Editor's Choice category of the 2000 Discover Magazine Awards for Technological Innovation. The team of government, industry, university and research institutions that designed, built and deployed Chandra for NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Ala, will be formally recognized June 24 at a gala awards celebration at Epcot at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Fl. Dr. Harvey Tananbaum, director of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory's Chandra X-ray Science Center, Cambridge, Mass., which conducts the Chandra science mission for NASA, will receive the award on behalf of the team. "Chandra has opened a new window for astronomers into the universe of high-energy cosmic events such as pulsars, supernova remnants and black holes," said Tananbaum. "We're now able to create spectacularly detailed images of celestial phenomena whose mere existence we could only hypothesize before." Among Chandra's most significant discoveries to date, he lists the detection of a giant ring around the heart of the Crab Nebula, details of the shock wave created by an exploding star and resolution of the high-energy X-ray "glow" in the universe into millions of specific light sources. "The successful launch, deployment and on-orbit operations of NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory is a testament to the solid partnership between TRW, NASA and the science community that has been enabling NASA's most important space science missions for the past 40 years," said Timothy W. Hannemann, executive vice president and general manager, TRW Space & Electronics Group. "The extraordinary images that Chandra is delivering daily speaks loudly not only to the quality of the science instruments on board, but also to the engineering talents and dedication to mission success exhibited by every member of NASA's Chandra mission team." Chandra, named in honor of Nobel


    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Engholm, Ida


    Celebrated as one of the leading and most valuable brands in the world, eBay has acquired iconic status on par with century-old brands such as Coca-Cola and Disney. The eBay logo is now synonymous with the world’s leading online auction website, and its design is associated with the company...

  17. Theory and Practice in CEO Pay: A Course Module and Integrative Case Based on Boeing Inc. (United States)

    Boschen, John F.; Smith, Kimberly J.


    Business students may dream of receiving pay packages like that of Michael Eisner at Disney. However, many of them will work for the compensation consultant who determines the economics of the pay arrangements, for the valuation consultant who values the different components of the pay arrangements, for the accountant who must audit the financial…

  18. U.S. Reliance on Foreign IT: Mitigating Risks Associated with Foreign Sources of Hardware Components, Summer 2008 - Project 08-03 (United States)


    them,100 is also directly related to American business, as multinational firms such as Disney and Coca - Cola have become international symbols of...graduate school, and hopes to obtain a degree in marketing, communication, and advertising . Erica Tesla graduated from the University of Nebraska at

  19. 77 FR 298 - Endangered Species Receipt of Applications for Permit (United States)


    ... fruit bat (Pteropus rodricensis) Applicant: Disney's Animal Kingdom, Lake Buena Vista, FL; PRT-812907... applicant over a 5-year period. Applicant: Feld Entertainment Inc., Vienna, VA; PRT-702230 The applicant... Anderson, Hastings, NE; PRT-59366A The applicant requests a permit to import a sport-hunted trophy of one...

  20. Public-Private Ventures for Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Activities. A Solution to the Loss of Appropriated Funds. Volume 7. Appendices O, P, and Q (United States)


    central Florida. Nearby Disney World ensures keen competition among restaurants and fast-food franchises . Within walking distance of the base there is a...under a flat management fee. The Restaurant Industry This industry is typified by the Marriott Corporation and American Cafe , a subsidiary of W.R

  1. Eco-Cities: Possible or Purely Utopian? (United States)


    00-2009 to 00-00-2009 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE Eco-Cities: Possible or Purely Utopian? 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT...2005, Disney modified their building plans for Hong Kong Disneyland by shifting the angle of the front gate by twelve degrees in order to abide by

  2. Recognizing Excellence: Turtles and Technology (United States)

    Erickson, Susan; Howard, Sue


    Participating in the Disney Planet Challenge (DPC) program allowed this author's 22 fourth-grade students an opportunity to be involved in a real-world problem: how to protect a threatened species and become its advocate. Using many different technology tools, the students informed their community about a threatened species--the Blanding's…

  3. Hybrid Experience Space for Cultural Heritage Communication

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Veirum, Niels Einar; Christensen, Mogens Fiil; Mayerhofer, Mikkel


    by daily use of experience products like computer-games, IMAX cinemas and theme parks featuring virtual reality installations. “It’s a question of stone-axe displays versus Disney-power installations” as one of the involved museum professionals point it, “but we don’t want any of these possibilities...

  4. Employee Orientation: A Process, Not a Program. (United States)

    Zemke, Ron


    No or poor orientation can reduce new employees' effectiveness and contribute to dissatisfaction and turnover, costing the company money. The orientation programs of large companies such as Disney, Texas Instruments, and Corning Glass are successful due to high expectations, supervisor and senior management involvement, anxiety reduction, and…

  5. Introducing Interactive Technology--"Toy Story 3" (United States)

    Nikirk, Martin


    "To infinity and beyond!" is the catchphrase of Buzz Lightyear, Universe Protection Unit space ranger, a character in the Disney/Pixar "Toy Story" franchise. The three films in the franchise--"Toy Story," 1993; "Toy Story 2," 1999; and "Toy Story 3," 2010--incorporate an innovative blend of many different genres, having spun off video games and…

  6. Branding out of the Box (United States)

    Hayes, Thomas


    Some might wonder what institutions of education could possibly learn from a mouse, a gecko, or even a polar bear. But when people link those animals to the brands they represent (Disney, GEICO, and Coca-Cola, respectively), they realize that marketing and communications departments at higher education institutions across the world would love to…

  7. Westerns i vildrede

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bjerre, Thomas Ærvold


    Disney's "The Lone Ranger" er seneste bevis på, at westernfilmen stadig lever i Hollywood. Men hvor genren engang dominerede og satte dagsordenen, lever den i dag et mere risikabelt liv spændt ud mellem uslyldig underholdning og seriøs samfundsdebat...

  8. Between fragments and fullness: Worshipping in the in- between ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Mar 13, 2013 ... This brand of globalisation has been characterised as the 'cultural assault' of McDonalds,. Coca-Cola, Disney, Nike, MTV, et cetera .... The liminal character of Picasso's 'style' could be described as: the movement between ...

  9. Are Wildlife Films Really "Nature Documentaries"? (United States)

    Bouse, Derek


    Examines origins of wildlife films. Outlines their tension between education and entertainment. Looks at how Disney codified wildlife films as a coherent genre by imposing conventionalized narrative frameworks upon them. Discusses factors influencing wildlife television in the 1990s. Concludes that wildlife films are a valid and distinct film and…

  10. Materiales en Marcha para el Esfuerzo Bilingue--Bicultural (Materials on the March for the Promotion of Bilingualism/Biculturalism), March/April 1973. (United States)

    San Diego City Schools, CA.

    This newsletter is designed to promote the needs and aims of bilingual-bicultural education. This issue contains articles on: (1) Multi-ethnic Cooperation in Bilingual Education, (2) A Primary-Level Poetry Volume, (3) "Mi Escuela" for Your School, (4) An "Enciclopedia" That Is Also a "Tesoro," (5) Sample Lesson for "Abecedario Disney", (6) Bird of…

  11. Singing Smoothes Classroom Transitions (United States)

    Mathews, Sarah E.


    Just as humming a merry tune helped Snow White and her furry animal friends to quickly clean a filthy cottage in the movie "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" (Disney & Cottrell, 1937), singing can be an effective way to help keep young children fully engaged during classroom transitions. The purposes of this article are to: (1) consider why…

  12. A Different View of the ICE (United States)

    Shortridge, P. Donohue


    This article discusses the movie "Frozen," which is the Disney version of a fairy tale. While some parents report that their young children love "Frozen," know the words to the songs, and beg to watch it again and again, "Frozen" is still a fairy tale, with some dark subject matter. Parents might tell themselves that…

  13. Magic Women on the Margins: Ec-Centric Models in Mary Poppins and Ms Wiz (United States)

    Valverde, Cristina Perez


    This paper offers a comparative analysis of two characters belonging to the tradition of empowered "spinster" in children's fiction, namely Mary Poppins and Ms Wiz, from the perspective of gender politics and child/adult interactions. A distinction is made between the figure portrayed in P. L. Travers' texts and the Disney film starring Julie…

  14. Improving Re-Enlistment through Decision-Making Modeling and Intervention (United States)


    everything from politics easily and quickly all useful facts and opinions. It to finance to sports, decisions are not based on then synthesizes these... Disneyland ferred method of evaluating jobs both reliably Disney World and validly. Possibly the greatest benefit of JEBOR Dow Chemical Company to the user

  15. OB in a Video Box: Using "Remember the Titans" as a Microcosm for the Organizational Behavior Course (United States)

    Holbrook, Robert L., Jr.


    The use of movies and television in teaching is growing in popularity. Although a number of publications describe movies for use in the classroom, no single suggestion has been offered as an example that covers all the basic concepts of an organizational behavior course. Disney's "Remember the Titans" is that movie and, as such, is a valuable tool…

  16. Avoiding the "It's a Small World" Effect: A Lesson Plan to Explore Diversity (United States)

    Endacott, Jason L.; Bowles, Freddie A.


    Classroom instruction about other cultures all too often resembles the Disney version of "It's a Small World" with Fantasyland-like cultural stereotypes, ceremonial activities, and traditional dress that can lead to serious misunderstandings about the depth and complexity of global societies. Social studies instruction presents the…

  17. "Isn't that a Dude?": Using Images to Teach Gender and Ethnic Diversity in the U.S. History Classroom--Pocahontas: A Case Study (United States)

    Padurano, Dominique


    A few days into the new school year, the author's female students invariably beg, plead, and cajole her in the hopes of watching Disney's "Pocahontas" in class. Toddlers when the film was released in 1995, doubtless they have seen it already dozens of times; more importantly, the author cringes at the ethnic and gender stereotypes sometimes…


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    References. 1. International Subarachnoid Aneurysm Trial Collaborative Group. International subarachnoid aneurysm trial (ISAT) of neurosurgical clipping versus end avascular coiling in 2143 patients with ruptured intracranial aneurysms: a randomised trial. Lancet 2002; 360: 1267-1274. 2. Disney l, Weir B, Petruk K. Effect ...

  19. The Nature and Significance of Surveys (United States)

    Trimble, V.

    We present here some of the ideas and questions mentioned by the panelists and other participants during the discussion that immediately preceded Ofer Lahav's concluding remarks. Official panelists were George Djorgovski, Michael Disney, Ofer Lahav, and Virginia Trimble (chair). The topics of the posters are very briefly summarized as well.

  20. Critical Arts - Vol 18, No 1 (2004)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Danie Jordaan. Transforming the media: A cultural approach. Lynette Steenveld. The Righteousness of self-centred royals: The world according to Disney animation. Lee Artz. Unifying and Dividing Processes in National Media: The Janus Face of South Africa. Kristin Skare Orgeret. Intellectuals Under Fire. Jonathan Jansen ...

  1. Improving TSA’s Public Image: Customer-Focused Initiatives to Encourage Public Trust and Confidence (United States)


    faces, many from the old TSA, but the confidence node in their brains appeared to have been bypassed and hardwired directly to the pain center.”8...Traditions training before starting the job. During this orientation period, the Disney culture is communicated through powerful storytelling .”299 New

  2. Pedagogy in the Age of Media Control: Language Deception and Digital Democracy. Minding the Media: Critical Issues for Learning and Teaching. Volume 3 (United States)

    Rosa, Joao J.; Rosa, Ricardo D.


    Supported by critical theoretical frameworks, this book is a purposeful engagement with bodies of knowledge rooted in popular culture, yet routinely excluded from "common sense" visions of curriculum. Aimed at teachers as well as teacher-educators, the book examines areas such as Disney, African American stand-up comedy, intersections of…

  3. Like a Rock: Far Rockaway High School (United States)

    Whelan, Debra Lau


    Students from Far Rockaway High School are just back from spring break, and media specialist Geri Ellner is busy getting ready for her first class. She's already pulled out a copy of Anthony Browne's award-winning picture book "The Shape Game" (Farrar, 2003), and now she's patiently cuing up a Disney video of "Pocahontas" on…

  4. Neoclassical diffusion at low L-shel (United States)

    Cunningham, G.; Ripoll, J. F.; Loridan, V.; Schulz, M.


    At very low L-shell, the lifetime of MeV electrons is dominated by pitch-angle scattering due to Coulomb collisions with background neutrals and ions. Walt's evaluation of this lifetime explained Van Allen's observations of the decay of the radiation belts in the early 1960's, for L500 keV electrons for L=[1.15,1.21] was much greater than predicted by Walt's model when the decay was observed over 3 years rather than just a few months. Imhof et al argued that inward radial diffusion from larger L would be a source of electrons at low L, thus increasing the apparent lifetimes that were observed, but did not speculate on the cause of such diffusion across L. Newkirk and Walt estimated the radial diffusion coefficient that would be needed to explain the apparent lifetimes observed by Imhof et al. The radial diffusion coefficients they inferred dropped sharply as L increased, contrasting with the radial diffusion coefficients that had been recently developed by Falthammar [1965], which increase as a power law in L. Newkirk and Walt noted Falthammar's speculation that pitch-angle diffusion caused by Coulomb scattering, when coupled to drift-shell splitting associated with non-dipolar terms in the near-Earth geomagnetic field, might be the physical basis for the radial diffusion, but they did not attempt to quantify this effect. Roederer et al demonstrated that Coulomb scattering plus drift-shell splitting could explain the Newkirk and Walt results but they did not perform an exhaustive study. In the field of magnetically confined fusion, the movement of charged particles to different drift-shells caused by the combination of collisions and drift-shell splitting is labeled `neoclassical' diffusion. By contrast, `anomalous' diffusion results from pitch-angle diffusion caused by wave turbulence combined with drift-shell splitting, an effect recently studied by O'Brien in the outer radiation belt. We have constructed a comprehensive model of neoclassical diffusion at low L

  5. Com amigos assim, quem precisa de inimigos? Dois neo-realistas reduzem a amizade entre os EUA e Israel ao tráfico de influência

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Peter Demant


    Full Text Available Em resposta ao artigo "O Lobby de Israel", sustenta-se que a proximidade entre os EUA e Israel é cultivada pelo Lobby e não por ele criada. Defende-se também que as conclusões de Mearsheimer e Walt são baseadas em pesquisa descuidada, deturpações e lógica falsa, mas que ainda assim a tese central é digna de debate.In response to the article "The Israel Lobby", this essay states that proximity between USA and Israel is cultivated by the Lobby, not created by it. It is also argued that Mearsheimer and Walt's conclusions are based on poor research, debasement and false logics, but that its main argument deserves serious debate.

  6. Ombuds’ corner: Compromise or “win-win” solution?

    CERN Multimedia

    Vincent Vuillemin


    A managerial position in a large project led by CERN became available. Karen* and Walt*, both members of this collaboration and part of the same CERN unit, started to compete for this unique position, as they both felt that they were the most qualified.   Karen benefited from seniority and had developed excellent experience in management, which lead to her strongly believing that the post should be hers. Walt, although much younger and on a limited-duration contract, also applied for the position. He considered that his technical expertise, recognized as essential inside the project, would fully compensate for his lack of managerial skills. In addition, he strongly believed that such a project should be led by a young scientifically pro-active, inventive and person. They entered into a conflict and asked the Ombuds to help them resolve their interpersonal working difficulties, which were becoming unbearable. Through the mediation process, the...

  7. Erosion and sedimentation control on roads and construction sites in the Federated States of Micronesia (United States)

    Robert R. Ziemer; Walter F. Megahan


    Enclosed is the report that Walt Megahan and I prepared following our trip to States of Micronesia. As we discussed earlier, we felt that it was redundant to produce a set of guidelines for road construction since the FAO Conservation Guide 13/5 that was issued in 1989 (ISBN 92-5-102789-X) covers the subject extensively. We felt that we could best tailor this report to...

  8. In Praise of Slacking: Richard Linklater’s Slacker and Kevin Smith’s Clerks as Hallmarks of 1990s American Independent Cinema Counterculture


    Małecka, Katarzyna


    Some people live to work, others work to live, while still others prefer to live lives of leisure. Since the Puritans, American culture and literature have been dominated by individuals who have valued hard work. However, shortly after its founding, America managed to produce the leisurely Rip Van Winkle, who, over time, has been followed by kindred spirits such as, for instance, Walt Whitman, Henry David Thoreau, Twain’s Huck Finn, Melville’s Bartleby, Jack Kerouac, Diane di Prima, the Hippi...

  9. Water Quality Management Studies. Postimpoundment Study of R.E. ’Bob’ Woodruff Lake, Alabama River, Alabama. (United States)


    species richness and density. Such changes are easy to see if stresses are severe. However, subtle stresses can result in subtle changes in community...1976). This clogging of canals is possible because the channels are relatively narrow and the decumbent stems growing from I each side can- come into...CL.) Grisebach CE) Sacgittaria latifolia Willd. POACEAE CE) Fri,2n t hus giganteus (Walt.) Muhl. CFl-lv) Hydrochloa carotini’nsis Beauvois (E) Leersia

  10. Vegetative Analysis of the Flookplain of the Trinity River, Texas, (United States)


    humilis var. longiflora (Gray) Fern. Ruellia Ruellia nudiflora (Gray)1*~ n_ __ Rush Juncus nodatus Coy.f Rush Juncus Torreyi Coy. Rush-foil...scurfpea Psoralea rhombifolia T. & G.J Royal fern Osmunda reai var. §pectabilis (Willd.) Gray Ruellia Ruellia caroliniensis (Walt.) Steud. Ruellia Ruellia ...o’clock Mirabilis nyctaginea (Michx.) 1 Wild indigo Baptisia Nuttalliana, SmallJ Wild onion Allium canadense L. Wild petunia Ruellia Corzoi Tharp & Barkl


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ana Paula de Toledo Soares


    Full Text Available This paper aims to elaborate a reflection that follows the displacement of the human view of nature, in the 19th century to the 20th century. Our focus of observation is Gerd Bornheim’s reflections, as well as Deleuze and Schelling’s texts. We selected as object of analysis one Caspar David Friedrich’s screen and Walt Whitman and Alberto Caeiro’s poems, to elaborate the questions.

  12. Open Source Software Development (United States)


    appropriate to refer to FOSS or FLOSS (L for Libre , where the alternative term “ libre software ” has popularity in some parts of the world) in order...Applying Social Network Analysis to Community-Drive Libre Software Projects, Intern. J. Info. Tech. and Web Engineering, 2006, 1(3), 27-28. 17...Open Source Software Development* Walt Scacchi Institute for Software Researcher University of California, Irvine Irvine, CA 92697-3455 USA Abstract

  13. Hingetoit hääste konserveeritud : 3 luulesalvestist / Jürgen Rooste

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Rooste, Jürgen, 1979-


    Heliplaadid: Mikiver, Mikk ; Mätlik, Heiki. Teele selle poole, millel pole lõppu ja pole ka algust [Helisalvestis] : loometund poeetide Jaan Kaplinski ja Walt Whitmani luulest. Tallinn : Eesti Raadioteater, 2004 ; Krull, Hasso. Meeter ja Demeeter [Helisalvestis]. Tallinn : S.n., 2003 ; Ord från Estland / Kristiina Ehin, fs, Jan Kaus, Asko Künnap, Aare Pilv, Lauri Sommer, Elo Viiding. S.l. : Põhjamaade Ministrite Nõukogu, [2004

  14. The United States Air Force in Southeast Asia, 1961-1973 (United States)


    impressive Council and President Johnson’s de- gains in the II Corps area. Whereupon, OV-10 Bronco . cision to order immediate retaliatory on 19 February... ele - strike aircraft in South Vietnam to 277 ments also began to leave Southeast (from a high in June 1968 of 737). The Asia, the VNAF grew to 9...was Nang to repel an advancing enemy delegated below the Washington lev- force. When Lt. Gen. Lewis W. Walt, III el , but the White House, Office of

  15. The Role of Threat in the Dynamics of the Philippine-United States Alliance (United States)


    new ones as a measure to counter the effect of threats among both nations. This step ensures that the alliance is functioning efficiently and that...states tend to balance rather than to bandwagon against a threatening state, and bandwagoning cases are manifested only by weak and isolated states...theory, Walt presents the principles of bandwagoning and balancing from the works of Kenneth Waltz in Theory of International Politics, in which he

  16. Japan and India: soft balancing as a reaction to China's rise?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wellington Amorim


    Full Text Available What are Indian and Japanese reactions to China's rise in economic, political and military terms? According to realist tradition, their option would be between balancing and bandwagoning. Applying Stephen Walt's balance of threats approach, this work aims to analyze Indian and Japan responses to an increasingly powerful China; its conclusions point to an evolving relationship between India and Japan, in military terms, especially after 2005.

  17. Military robots: the fighting force of the future (United States)


    propaganda films of World War II, culminating with Walt Disney’s Victory Through Air Power, based on de Seversky’s book. After World War II, the number of...combat aviation films dwindled, with some notable exceptions. This was due in part to the plateauing of military aviation’s capabilities, along with...Military Robot Theorists The theory of military robots has its origin in science fiction. Some of the greatest authors of the genre have written about

  18. Pesakastide jaoks jääb võimsust ülegi / Rakennusmaailma põhjal Ingrid Maasik

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    10,8- ja 12voldised akutrell-kruvikeerajad: AEG BS 12 C 2, Biltema 17-275, Black&Decker HPL106K, Bosch GSR 10,8-Li-2, DeWalt DCD710, Einhell BT-CD, Festool CXS, Festool C12Li, Hitachi DS 10 DFL, Makita DF330D, Metabo PowerMaxx 12, Milwaukee C12DD-32C, Nutool 10,8V, Panasonic EY6409

  19. Proceedings of the High Energy Density Matter (HEDM) Conference Held in Rosslyn, Virginia on 12-13 May 1987, (United States)


    compute quenc in ates arising rbo pin-orbit interactions. The ability to include the effect of spin-spin interactions is being incorporated in our program ...PROCUREMENT INSTRUMENT IDENTIFICATION NUMBER ORGANIZATION j(if applicable) Be. ADDRESS (City. State and ZIP Code) 10. SOURCE OF FUNDING NOS. PROGRAM ... overviev Maj Larry Davis (AF Office of Scientific Research), Lt Walt Lauderdale (AF Astronautics Laboratory) . . _Ieasurement of Charge Transfer

  20. Ombuds’ corner: Complaint of harassment - go for an informal or formal procedure?

    CERN Multimedia

    Vincent Vuillemin


    In this series, the Bulletin aims to explain the role of the Ombuds at CERN by presenting practical examples of misunderstandings that could have been resolved by the Ombuds if he had been contacted earlier. Please note that, in all the situations we present, the names are fictitious and used only to improve clarity.   Don* is a CERN staff member with an indefinite contract who has been working for some years on an important technical project. As the project is large, it involves pooling the efforts of many people from different Departments. Walt* is one of the Project Leaders, and is not from Don's  Department. For a long time, their working relationship was quite pleasant. Walt was satisfied with Don’s work, and on several occasions shared his appreciation with his hierarchy. However, a dispute arose between them during a presentation to the Collaboration. Don presented things that Walt strongly disagreed with. Irritated, he criticized Don in an unpleas...

  1. Celestial-themed Cartoons Captivate Children (United States)

    Cappelli, V.; di Benedetto, C.


    Attivamente: Big discoveries with Galileo and Phineas & Ferb, an educational entertainment project for children, was a collaboration between Disney Television Italy and the Education and Public Outreach office of the INAF Astronomical Observatory of Padua, Italy. The project started during the International Year of Astronomy 2009 and came to an end in June 2010. It consisted of a cartoon series, several articles in a Disney magazine and an educational kit focused on Galileo Galilei and the Moon. The kit, called the First Astronomical Kit, was distributed to 30 000 children in Italy, and included a board game about the Moon, an observation diary and a lunar fact card. The aim of the kit was to give children some basic astronomical knowledge and to demonstrate the essential role that observation plays in understanding the heavens. This article discusses how a research institute and a major entertainment company -- each with very different working practices -- were able to work together to form a successful partnership.

  2. Measles outbreak--California, December 2014-February 2015. (United States)

    Zipprich, Jennifer; Winter, Kathleen; Hacker, Jill; Xia, Dongxiang; Watt, James; Harriman, Kathleen


    On January 5, 2015, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) was notified about a suspected measles case. The patient was a hospitalized, unvaccinated child, aged 11 years with rash onset on December 28. The only notable travel history during the exposure period was a visit to one of two adjacent Disney theme parks located in Orange County, California. On the same day, CDPH received reports of four additional suspected measles cases in California residents and two in Utah residents, all of whom reported visiting one or both Disney theme parks during December 17-20. By January 7,seven California measles cases had been confirmed, and CDPH issued a press release and an Epidemic Information Exchange (Epi-X) notification to other states regarding this outbreak. Measles transmission is ongoing.

  3. The “animalized humans” – the reformulated body

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Buhl, Mie


    From Disney cartoons we experience animals being humanized and representing a human character to a degree in which it becomes difficult to see them as animals. This is just one example of how animals are attributed with a human character. The impetus for this contribution, however, is a discussion...... of another cartoon culture of humanized animals: Japanese Manga. Here the animals are not only represented in a humanized way, but Manga culture goes one step further, engaging in the remediation of the cartoon animal to people depicting animals. Female Japanese dress like cats and act like cats....... They are called Catgirls. The paper will discuss the phenomenon of Japanese Catgirls who practice cat behavior as a counterpart to Disney's cartoon in which animals have a human character. Furthermore, the role of this Japanese phenomenon in a Danish pedagogical context is addressed. The discussion's theoretical...

  4. How to get the customer service your practice deserves. (United States)

    Cavallo, Nancy


    What is good customer service, and how can office managers and others who deal with medical supply distributors get the customer service they deserve? This article covers the basics of good customer service, including examples of companies known for putting the customer first-Nordstrom, Disney, Johnson &Johnson, and VaxServe. Helpful tips on what to look for in a distributor include personalized service, cost considerations, dedication, knowledge, experience, helpfulness, openness, reliability, and compatibility.

  5. Orlando, FL, USA (United States)


    This color infrared photo of the Orlando, FL area (28.5N,81.5W) shows the extensive citrus tree orchards as neat bright red field patterns. The extensive road and highway network in the central Florida region is clearly visible. Also, the recent urban growth caused by the opening of the Disney World amusement complex just southwest of Orlando is clearly evident. This view spans the width of the state from Tampa Bay to the Atlantic coast.

  6. Building a Culture of Excellence within the DeWitt Health Care Network (United States)


    Kuczmarski, T. D. (1995). Values-based leadership. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall, Inc. Lee, F. (2004). If Disney ran your hospital: 9 Vi...strange world of organizataions. New York, NY. The Free Press Mohr, J.W. (1998). Measuring meaning structures. Annual Review of Sociology, Vol. 24...licensing fee is charged when the instrument is used by a company or by consulting firms to generate revenues . At least two different alternatives exist

  7. Research and development plan for the Slagging Pyrolysis Incinerator

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Hedahl, T.G.; McCormack, M.D.


    Objective is to develop an incinerator for processing disposed transuranium waste. This R and D plan describes the R and D efforts required to begin conceptual design of the Slagging Pyrolysis Incinerator (Andco-Torrax). The program includes: incinerator, off-gas treatment, waste handling, instrumentation, immobilization analyses, migration studies, regulations, Belgium R and D test plan, Disney World test plan, and remote operation and maintenance

  8. Comparative Test of the Effectiveness of Large Bombs against Reinforced Concrete Structures (Anglo-American Bomb Tests-Project RUBY). (United States)


    reiiforced concrete structure at FMd ,, full details eof whis are given in Appudix "*C. 7. The Target for the uI= Z0OSIII Filled Bomb Trials# is to . be the...MODIFIED MIll FUZE) & ) CONDENSER rOR IGNITING SQUIBS INITIATING PR•OPELL ING & 7TAIL CHARGES ASSEMBLED DETAILS OF 4500 LB C•/ FtA DISNEY IBOMB, II "’m

  9. Palaearctic Abaristophora (Diptera: Phoridae): first female of A. arctophila Schmitz, 1927 and a new species from N. W. Russia. (United States)

    Pape, Thomas; Ulefors, Sven-Olof; Disney, R Henry L


    Abaristophora arctophila Schmitz, 1927 is confirmed from Europe through a series of males and females collected in boreal Sweden. The male of A. arctophila is documented and separated from A. sachalinensis Michailovskaya, 1988 and Abaristophora kolaensis Disney n. sp., which is described from a single male from N.W. Russia. A lectotype is designated for A. arctophila and the female is described for the first time.

  10. The properties of radio ellipticals

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Sparks, W.B.; Disney, M.J.; Rodgers, A.W.


    Optical and additional radio data are presented for the bright galaxies of the Disney and Wall survey (1977 Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 179, 235). These data form the basis of a statistical comparison of the properties of radio elliptical galaxies to radio-quiet ellipticals. The correlations may be explained by the depth of the gravitational potential well in which the galaxy resides governing the circumstances under which an elliptical galaxy rids itself of internally produced gas. (author)

  11. Les héros du banc Danajon | CRDI - Centre de recherches pour le ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    27 janv. 2011 ... Pourtant, on a salué partout dans le monde les efforts qu'ils ont déployés pour protéger le milieu marin du banc Danajon, au centre des Philippines. En septembre 2006, le Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund (DWCF) a fait de Kamada — le regroupement de pêcheurs du banc Danajon — un héros de la ...

  12. Student film clinches top prize in film competition


    Elliott, Jean


    Virginia Tech senior Tim Leaton earned the top prize in the widely acclaimed Film Your Issue (FYI) competition - an eight-week paid internship at Disney Studios in Los Angeles. Leaton's one-minute film, "Orphans in Africa," won the nationwide contest, an initiative to encourage young Americans, age 18 to 26, to engage in social issues and add their voices to the public dialogue.

  13. UMass Amherst and UT Austin @ The TREC 2009 Relevance Feedback Track (United States)


    number of terms to select com- pared to our case. We chose AdaRank [Xu and Li, 2007] for the following reasons . It directly optimizes retrieval performance...and the number of topics containing at least one relevant document. query car parts dinosaurs espn sports atari cell phone hoboken dogs adoption auto...infraorder disney activision ringtone nj puppy body bird abc sega forum ny pet lowest extinct channel hardware wireless brook rottweiler cost

  14. Reel Royal Diversity? The Glass Ceiling in Disney’s Mulan and Princess and the Frog

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lauren Dundes


    Full Text Available Both in Mulan and Princess and the Frog, Disney eschews a traditional fairytale ending involving palatial opulence by substituting an alternative narrative for women of color. Mulan disguises herself as a male soldier in order to serve in her father’s place. After sharing victory with male companions, she willingly returns home to domesticity and the confines imposed by her gender. Tiana spends two thirds of the movie as a frog, substantially limiting her on-screen time as an African American female. Like Mulan, she is driven to please her father. She fulfills his dream of owning a high-end restaurant, ironically named Tiana’s Palace, the closest she comes to a royal lifestyle. Although protagonists with more realistic lives could potentially enhance viewers’ connection with them and model a work ethic or commitment to home life, the standard and more financially successful Disney narrative immerses viewers in a fantasy world of endless prospects including a life of royalty. These nonwhite heroines instead display a willingness to settle for more modest aspirations in stories replete with stereotypical gender and race-bound tropes. This divergent narrative suggests that protagonists of color are not entitled to a life of leisure and privilege that white Disney princesses enjoy.

  15. Readability index as a design criterion for elicited imitation tasks in automatic oral proficiency assessment

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    De Wet, Febe


    Full Text Available ) techniques to automatically assess oral proficiency and listen- ing comprehension is one way in which these logistical prob- lems can be obviated. Another appealing feature of automatic tests is that they provide a means to assess consistently and ob...?146, 2008. [2] F. De Wet, C. Van der Walt, and T. R. Niesler, ?Automatic assess- ment of oral language proficiency and listening comprehension,? Speech Communication, vol. 51, pp. 864?874, 2009. [3] C. R. Graham, D. Lonsdale, C. Kennington, A. Johnson...

  16. Die nabyheid van die Koninkryk

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    W.J. Snyman


    Full Text Available Vanweë die belangrikheid daarvan volg hier ’n breër bespreking van die proefskrif van dr. Tjaart van der Walt oor die nabyheid van die Koninkryk as wat in ’n gewone resensie kan geskied. Die vraagstuk wat onder oë gesien word is so oud as die kerk en die teologie, soms minder en soms meer op die voorgrond. Tans kan gesê word, staan dit in die middelpunt. Daarby is dit nie maar ’n akademiese vraagstuk nie, maar ’n vraagstuk waarvoor elke nadenkende leser van die Skrif te staan kom.

  17. La máscara involuntaria de José Martí: La construcción del sujeto a través de la mirada de los Otros

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Florencia Bonfiglio


    Full Text Available This article explores the authorial figure which Martí projects through his readings of the "others"; in particular, the operations realized upon "translating" from New York the figures of Walt Whitman, Oscar Wilde, and Julián del Casal for the latin american public. I read Martiïs construction of the "natural" as one of the various masks that the latin american modernists asume: from the space of the chronicle, and with the neccessity to differentiate oneself from other discourses, the critical reading of contemporary cosmopolitism encourages the creation of a unique voice, through which an authorial figure is forged.

  18. Shale Gas Development in the Central Karoo: A Scientific Assessment of the Opportunities and Risks

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Scholes, B


    Full Text Available : Date of publication: November, 2016 ISBN 978-0-7988-5631-7 CSIR Publication number: CSIR/IU/021MH/EXP/2016/003/A Recommended book citation: Scholes, R., Lochner, P., Schreiner, G., Snyman-Van der Walt, L. and de... this scientific assessment, I am extremely proud of the manner in which such an important national issue has been addressed. I also am grateful to my contemporaries at the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) and the Council for Geosciences (CGS...

  19. Section 5: Adapting Requirements Practices in Different Domains (United States)

    Robinson, William

    Technology has a tremendous impact on society. In recent years, the Internet, World Wide Web, and Web 2.0 has changed the nature of commerce, government, and of course software development. It affects the practices of producing requirements and as well as the kinds of systems to be designed. The effect of converging technologies on the role of requirements engineering is considered in the first article by Matthias Jarke, while the effect of technology on requirements practices is considered in the second article by Walt Scacchi. Together, they provide theoretical and practical perspective on requirements engineering issues faced in a modern, technology driven world.

  20. Conspecificity of Hanseniaspora nodinigri and Hanseniaspora vineae: comparison by DNA reassociation. (United States)

    Smith, M T; Poot, G A


    Hanseniaspora nodinigri Lachance 1981, found in black knots (caused by Dibotryon morbosum) of Prunus virginiana, was described as a new species, some time after publication of the extensive study by Meyer et al. (1978) on the systematics of Hanseniaspora Zikes and its imperfect counterpart Kloeckera Janke. Lachance delimited the species from other members of the genus because of absence of growth on glucono-delta-lactone. He also stated that this species, although evidently similar in many ways to H. vineae van der Walt et Tscheuschner and H. osmophila (Niehaus) Phaff et al., has 'diverged from them, possibly in its adaptation to growth in association with black knots'.

  1. Fahrerassistenzsysteme mit maschineller Wahrnehmung (United States)

    Maurer, Markus; Stiller, Christoph

    Fahrerassistenzsysteme unterstützen den Fahrer in seiner Fahraufgabe und entlasten ihn dadurch gezielt. Viele Experten erwarten, dass Fahrerassistenzsysteme zur Sicherheit des Straßenverkehrs wesentlich beitragen werden. Zentrale wissenschaftliche und industrielle Herausforderungen bestehen zur Zeit in der Erforschung und Entwicklung maschineller Wahrnehmungsfähigkeiten, die eine angemessene Erfassung der Umwelt und deren fahrergerechte Integration in geeignete Fahrfunktionen leisten. Dieser Band basiert auf ausgewählten Vorträgen eines. Workshops in Walting (Altmühltal) und macht deren Inhalt in erweiterter Fassung zugänglich.

  2. Neil Armstrong chats with attendees at Apollo 11 anniversary banquet. (United States)


    Former Apollo 11 astronaut Neil A. Armstrong is the center of attention at the anniversary banquet honoring the Apollo team, the people who made the entire lunar landing program possible. The banquet was held in the Apollo/Saturn V Center, part of the KSC Visitor Complex. This is the 30th anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch and moon landing, July 16 and July 20, 1969. Neil Armstrong was the first man to set foot on the moon. He appeared at the banquet with other former astronauts Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin, Gene Cernan, Walt Cunningham and others.

  3. Neil Armstrong gets round of applaus at Apollo 11 anniversary banquet. (United States)


    Former Apollo 11 astronaut Neil A. Armstrong stands to a round of applause after being introduced at the anniversary banquet honoring the Apollo team, the people who made the entire lunar landing program possible. The banquet was held in the Apollo/Saturn V Center, part of the KSC Visitor Complex. This is the 30th anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch and moon landing, July 16 and July 20, 1969. Neil Armstrong was the first man to set foot on the moon. He appeared at the banquet with other former astronauts Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin, Gene Cernan, Walt Cunningham and others.

  4. Neil Armstrong talks of his experiences at Apollo 11 anniversary banquet (United States)


    Neil Armstrong, former Apollo 11 astronaut, and first man to walk on the moon, talks about his experiences for an enthusiastic audience at the Apollo/Saturn V Center, part of the KSC Visitor Complex. The occasion was a banquet celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch and moon landing, July 16 and July 20, 1969. Among other guests at the banquet were astronauts Wally Schirra, Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin and Walt Cunningham. Gene Cernan was the last man to walk on the moon.

  5. A bibliometric analysis to illustrate the role of an embedded research capability in South African National Parks

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Van Wilgen, BW


    Full Text Available analysis to illustrate the role of an embedded research capability in South African National Parks Brian W. van Wilgen1 , Nelius Boshoff2 , Izak P. J. Smit3,4 , Sofia Solano-Fernandez5 , Luanita van der Walt6 1 Centre for Invasion Biology..., Department of Botany and Zoology, Stellenbosch University, Private Bag X1, Matieland 7602, South Africa 2 Centre for Research on Evaluation, Science and Technology and DST/NRF CoE in Scientometrics and Science, Technology and Innovation Policy...

  6. Orange County Photovoltaic Project & Educational COmponent

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Parker, Renee [Orange County Government, FL (United States)


    the continued support as well as a proposed expansion and potential relocation of the Climate Change Education Center. The growth of the Climate Change Education Center focused on 2 educational subsectors. The first educational sector focused on an apprenticeship with university students. The second sector Orange County partnered with a hospitality college that held seminars to educate students in sustainability best practices that would influence the industry as a whole as students take jobs around the U.S. and other parts of the world. Orange County completed five of the originally proposed six educational seminars. The first seminar focused on community based social marketing techniques for driving sustainable behavior changes. The second seminar held was a green team workshop. The third seminar focused on urban sustainability planning. The fourth and fifth seminars held were Florida Energy Code workshops for building inspectors. A sixth transit oriented development seminar in partnership with Rollins College was explored, but was not conducted because the proposed on campus venue was not accessible for an extended period of time due to renovations. Additionally, an ENERGY STAR training program was conducted with students from the University of Central Florida; three of the five buildings assessed received ENERGY STAR ratings; one student completed the training and received their certification as an ENERGY STAR Specialist. Background: Location: Orange County is located in the central region of the State of Florida and is most popularly known for including the City of Orlando. The greater Orlando area’s current population is 1,225,267 and is home to large corporations such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando, Ritz Carlton, Darden Restaurants, and the nation’s second largest convention center. Opportunities Identified: Encouraging Sustainability in Major Sectors: The Central Florida economy is largely dependent on the hospitality industry and in 2015

  7. Foundation Flash Cartoon Animation

    CERN Document Server

    Jones, Tim; Rosson, Allan S


    One of Flash s most common uses is still animation for cartoons, games, advertising etc, and this book takes a fresh look at the topic, breaking it down pre-production, production, and post production, and looking at each section in detail, and covering topics such as storyboarding, character libraries and camera mechanics like no Flash book has before. The book is written by members of the Emmy award winning ANIMAX team, who have created work for clients such as Disney, AOL, Fox, WWE, ESPN, and Sesame workshop. This book is an opportunity for them to share their secrets, and is written to sui

  8. Cómo las superheroínas se convirtieron en amas de casa: Pixar y 'Los Increíbles'


    Mínguez López, Xavier


    Pixar representa para buena parte de su público una renovación de la animación en los términos que nos presentaba Disney tradicionalmente. Sin embargo, bien sea por la dependencia de la multinacional americana, bien sea porque no existe una reflexión en profundidad respecto a la transmisión de valores, Pixar continúa lanzando mensajes conservadores, especialmente, cuando se trata de los roles de mujeres y hombres. En este artículo analizamos algunas de sus películas centrándonos especialmente...

  9. A infância no currículo de filmes de animação: poder, governo e subjetivação dos/as infantis


    Maria Carolina da Silva


    Esta dissertação tem como objetivo analisar as subjetividades disponibilizadas por quatro filmes infantis de animação produzidos pela Disney e pela Pixar: Toy Story (1995), Monstros S.A (2001), Procurando Nemo (2003) e Os Incríveis (2004). Com base na vertente pós-estruturalista dos estudos culturais, que trabalha com os conceitos retirados da obra de Michel Foucault, considera-se que tais filmes ensinam determinados modos de ser, estar e fazer considerados adequados para o público ao qual se...

  10. Cómo las superheroínas se convirtieron en amas de casa: Pixar y “Los Increíbles” / How superheroines became housewifes: Pixar and “The Incredibles”


    Xavier Mínguez López


    Resumen: Pixar representa para buena parte de su público una renovación de la animación en los términos que nos presentaba Disney tradicionalmente. Sin embargo, bien sea por la dependencia de la multinacional americana, bien sea porque no existe una reflexión en profundidad respecto a la transmisión de valores, Pixar continúa lanzando mensajes conservadores, especialmente, cuando se trata de los roles de mujeres y hombres. En este artículo analizamos algunas de sus películas centrándonos espe...

  11. Pelolla johtamisen vaikutus organisaatioon


    Kallio, S. (Sami)


    Tiivistelmä Tämä opinnäytetyö käsittelee pelolla johtamista organisaation näkökulmasta. Pelolla johtamisen juuret johtavat pitkälle historiaan ja historia vaikuttaa organisaatiokulttuurin kautta myös organisaatioiden nykypäivään. Työssä käsitellään tapausesimerkkien (Disney, Apple) avulla sitä miksi pelolla johdetut organisaatiot ovat menestyneet ja johtajan roolia tässä yhtälössä.

  12. Modelo actancial. Los resortes narratológicos de la obra de Greimas


    David Cruz, Janeth


    Este texto parte de una investigación sobre la configuración del relato en el cine de animación de la alianza Disney - Pixar y estudia el concepto del personaje desde la perspectiva del modelo actancial. Dicho modelo ha sido teorizado por Algirdas Julien Greimas y se basa en la idea de entender el personaje como un actante, es decir como un vehículo que permite el desarrollo de las acciones narrativas. Por eso se explica el alcance del modelo, sus orígenes y las actualizaciones y reinterpreta...

  13. El héroe en el cine de animación contemporáneo de principios de siglo XXI


    Estévez Martín, Ana


    El presente trabajo abordará el estudio de los protagonistas de las películas de animación Shrek (Dreamworks, 2001), Gru, mi villano favorito (Universal, 2010) y Brave (Disney-Pixar, 2012), con el fin de identificar aquellas estructuras y características básicas sobre las que se sustenta la historia y la evolución de los protagonistas, en tanto héroes de cada uno de los relatos analizados. El cine es un arte vivo, en constante evolución, que busca incesante nuevas formas de expresión. Sin emb...

  14. A History of Evil in Popular Culture

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    media such as film, television, and video games; print media that include novels and poetry; visual media like art and comics; music; and political polemics, the essays in this book address an eclectic range of topics. The diverse authors include Americans who left the United States during the Vietnam...... War era, conservative Christian political pundits, rock musicians, classical linguists, Disney fans, scholars of American slavery, and experts on Holocaust literature and films. From portrayals of evil in the television shows The Wire and 24 to the violent lyrics of the rap duo Insane Clown Posse...

  15. Comparative Field Evaluation of Different Traps for Collecting Adult Phlebotomine Sand Flies (Diptera: Psychodidae) in an Endemic Area of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Quintana Roo, Mexico. (United States)

    Rodríguez-Rojas, Jorge J; Arque-Chunga, Wilfredo; Fernández-Salas, Ildefonso; Rebollar-Téllez, Eduardo A


    Phlebotominae are the vectors of Leishmania parasites. It is important to have available surveillance and collection methods for the sand fly vectors. The objectives of the present study were to evaluate and compare traps for the collection of sand fly species and to analyze trap catches along months and transects. Field evaluations over a year were conducted in an endemic area of leishmaniasis in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. A randomized-block design was implemented in study area with tropical rainforest vegetation. The study design utilized 4 transects with 11 trap types: 1) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) light trap with incandescent bulb (CDC-I), 2) CDC light trap with blue light-emitting diodes (LEDs) (CDC-B), 3) CDC light trap with white LEDs (CDC-W), 4) CDC light trap with red LEDs (CDC-R), 5) CDC light trap with green LEDs (CDC-G), 6) Disney trap, 7) Disney trap with white LEDs, 8) sticky panels, 9) sticky panels with white LEDs, 10) delta-like trap, and 11) delta-like trap with white LEDs. A total of 1,014 specimens of 13 species and 2 genera (Lutzomyia and Brumptomyia) were collected. There were significant differences in the mean number of sand flies caught with the 11 traps; CDC-I was (P  =  0.0000) more effective than the other traps. Other traps exhibited the following results: CDC-W (17.46%), CDC-B (15.68%), CDC-G (14.89%), and CDC-R (14.30%). The relative abundance of different species varied according to trap types used, and the CDC-I trap attracted more specimens of the known vectors of Leishmania spp., such as like Lutzomyia cruciata, Lu. shannoni, and Lu. ovallesi. Disney trap captured more specimens of Lu. olmeca olmeca. Based on abundance and number of species, CDC light traps and Disney traps appeared to be good candidates for use in vector surveillance programs in this endemic area of Mexico.

  16. Loglines. November - December 2011 (United States)


    the agency were ranked on Forbes Magazine’s annual list of America’s largest companies, it would land above FedEx, Coca - Cola and Disney in terms of...too complex,” Howerton said. “Reverse auctions are potentially a good target with standard, off-the-shelf items.” Ninety-eight percent of what DLA...shortages of those materials. “We will also do more outreach with the services to see what their requirements are, as well as research the global market

  17. Corporate Narrations. An Instrument of Strategic Brand Management

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adela Rogojinaru


    Full Text Available Using textual analysis as a method, our aim is to connect the disciplines of brand management to brand communication via text-based approaches. It has been part of the academic tradition to treat all textual perspectives within the exclusive domain of literary studies. We nevertheless consider that an interdisciplinary recovery of classic text-based methods is fertile in advancing our research methods in branding, especially for teaching purposes at master and doctoral level of the communication disciplines. The methodology is based on the analysis of the use of storytelling in four corporate books on four well-known brands: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Avon, and Disney.

  18. Nostalgia, irony and collectivity in late-modern culture

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Schiermer, Bjørn; Carlsen, Hjalmar Bang


    The paper seeks to promote a sociological understanding of the current wave of nostalgic expressions haunting late-modern Western culture and to re-evaluate the predominantly negative assessment of nostalgia. Filling two gaps in the existing research on nostalgia, the authors wish (1) to reintegr...... to ritual, we seek to erect a theoretical framework apt for articulating mediated forms of nostalgic ritual. Fourth, we use our theoretical framework to analyse a well-known instance of nostalgic ritual in Scandinavia: The Disney Christmas Show....

  19. Twitter as driver of stock price


    Jubbega, Annika


    The goal of this research is to examine the dynamic relationship of Twitter and stock price, by examining the effects for the ten most valuable brands according Interbrand (2010): Coca-Cola, IBM, Microsoft, Google, McDonald’s, Intel, Nokia, Disney, Toyota and Cisco. A VAR modelling approach captures the short and long term effects of Twitter to stock price and stock price to Twitter. Effects were found for 5 of the 10 brand. For Coca-Cola and Toyota, the number of brand sentiment tweets dri...

  20. Transformaciones de frentes de agua: la forma urbana como producto estándar


    Talesnik, Daniel; Gutiérrez, Alejandro


    Diversas ciudades han transformado sus antiguas zonas portuarias convirtiéndolas en renovados frentes de agua. A partir de cuatro casos seleccionados (Baltimore, Sidney, Barcelona y Buenos Aires), el artículo subraya la estandarización del diseño y de los programas ejecutados en importantes renovaciones de waterfronts. Se propone una analogía con la cadena norteamericana de café Starbucks, con la cadena de restoranes de fast food McDonald’s y con los parques de entretención Disney. De escalas...

  1. Elemental magic, v.2 the technique of special effects animation

    CERN Document Server

    Gilland, Joseph


    Design beautiful, professional-level animated effects with these detailed step-by-step tutorials from former Disney animator and animated effects expert Joseph Gilland. Filled with beautiful, full-color artwork, Elemental Magic, Volume II, breaks down the animated effect process from beginning to end-including booming explosions, gusting winds, magical incantations, and raging fires. He also breaks down the process of effects ""clean-up,"" as well as timing and frame rates. The companion website includes real-time footage of the author lecturing as he animates the drawings from the

  2. Análisis retórico del esténcil o estarcido

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Heiner Mercado-Percia


    Full Text Available En esta exposición intentaré dar respuesta a las siguientes preguntas: ¿Puede expresarse un discurso retórico por medio de una imagen? Y si esto es posible ¿cómo esta imagen puede persuadir a un auditorio? Estas preguntas surgen a partir de una imagen de esténcil o estarcido llamada Disney War,apareció en los muros de muchas ciudades del mundo, incluida Medellín, y que es promocionada o expuesta a través de la Internet.


    Disney, R Henry L; Copeland, Robert S; Murrell, Ebony


    Among the insects reported by Copeland (1989) breeding in the waters retained by treeholes in Indiana was a scuttle fly identified by W. H. Robinson as Megaselia scalaris (Loew). It is here reported that in fact this fly, along with fresh material from Illinois and Missouri, is M. imitatrix Borgmeier, whose type series was from Puerto Rico. An aquatic species reported from Texas is recognized as a sibling species of M. imitatrix and is named M. hansonix Disney, sp. nov. A single female from Brazil represents a third species of this complex, thus raising doubts about the identity of specimens from Brazil attributed to M. imitatrix by Benton and Claugher (2000).

  4. Mujeres adolescentes y envejecientes en las series de televisión. Conflictos de identificación


    Gordillo Álvarez, Inmaculada; Guarinos, Virginia; Ramírez Alvarado, María del Mar; Jaime de Pablos, María Elena (Coordinador)


    Las mujeres adolescentes y las mayores de cincuenta años son las grandes olvidadas en la mayoría de los estudios sobre género y medios, a pesar de que constituyen áreas de población importantes. La representación de mujeres pertenecientes a ambas franjas de edad en televisión recrea una serie de estereotipos que parecen alejados de nuestra cultura (por la imposición de modelos a partir de Disney Channel en el caso de las adolescentes) o rechazados por ausencia de elementos que permitan la ...

  5. Shore, Gary. Drácula: A história nunca contada. EUA, 2014, 92 min.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paulo Henrique Calixto Moreira Monteiro


    Full Text Available A resenha versa acerca dos aspectos relevantes ao contexto social e linguístico da adaptação fílmica realizada por Gary Shore, em 2014, da obra Drácula, publicada por Bram Stoker em 1897. Utilizando-se dos pressupostos da fidelidade literária, da Disneyization e do papel do signo peirceano, a resenha busca expor os elementos que contornam o processo da adaptação cinematográfica e como se completam no público-alvo.

  6. Cómo las superheroínas se convirtieron en amas de casa: Pixar y “Los Increíbles” / How superheroines became housewifes: Pixar and “The Incredibles”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Xavier Mínguez López


    Full Text Available Resumen: Pixar representa para buena parte de su público una renovación de la animación en los términos que nos presentaba Disney tradicionalmente. Sin embargo, bien sea por la dependencia de la multinacional americana, bien sea porque no existe una reflexión en profundidad respecto a la transmisión de valores, Pixar continúa lanzando mensajes conservadores, especialmente, cuando se trata de los roles de mujeres y hombres. En este artículo analizamos algunas de sus películas centrándonos especialmente en Los increíbles que, sin duda, es la que mejor ilustra la difusión de una imagen moderna junto con unos valores conservadores.Abstract: Pixar represents for most part of the audiences a renovation in the animation world, especially compared with the traditional treatment of Disney films. However, maybe because it depends economically on this multinational, maybe because there is no a deep thought about the transmission of values, Pixar still shows very conservative messages. Those messages are particularly strong when dealing with men and women roles. In this article we analyze some of Pixar films but we concentrate in The incredibles because it is the best one at presenting a modern idea together with conservative values.

  7. A Study of the Effects of Congestion Information and a Priority Boarding Pass in a Theme Park with Multi-Agents (United States)

    Tone, Tetsuya; Kohara, Kazuhiro

    We have investigated ways to reduce congestion in a theme park with multi-agents. We constructed a theme park model called Digital Park 1.0 with twenty-three attractions similar in form to Tokyo Disney Sea. We consider not only congestion information (number of vistors standing in line at each attraction) but also the advantage of a priority boarding pass, like Fast Pass which is used at Tokyo Disney Sea. The congestion-information-usage ratio, which reflects the ratio of visitors who behave according to congestion information, was changed from 0% to 100% in both models, with and without priority boarding pass. The “mean stay time of visitors" is a measure of satisfaction. The smaller mean stay time, the larger degree of satisfaction. Here, a short stay time means a short wait time. The resluts of each simulation are averaged over ten trials. The main results are as follows. (1) When congestion-information-usage ratio increased, the mean stay time decreases. When 20% of visitors behaved according to congestion information, the mean stay time was reduced by 30%. (2) A priority boarding pass reduced congestion, and mean stay time was reduced by 15%. (3) When visitors used congestion information and a priority boarding pass, mean stay time was further reduced. When the congestion-information-usage ratio was 20%, mean stay time was reduced by 35%. (4) When congestion-information-usage ratio was over 50%, the congestion reduction effects reached saturation.

  8. Species composition and seasonal abundance of sandflies (Diptera: Psychodidae: Phlebotominae in coffee agroecosystems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jeanneth Perez


    Full Text Available The composition and seasonal occurrence of sandflies were investigated in coffee agroecosystems in the Soconusco region of Chiapas, Mexico. Insect sampling was performed on three plantations located at different altitudes: Finca Guadalupe Zajú [1,000 m above sea level (a.s.l.], Finca Argovia (613 m a.s.l. and Teotihuacán del Valle (429 m a.s.l.. Sandflies were sampled monthly from August 2007-July 2008 using three sampling methods: Shannon traps, CDC miniature light traps and Disney traps. Sampling was conducted for 3 h during three consecutive nights, beginning at sunset. A total of 4,387 sandflies were collected during the course of the study: 2,718 individuals in Finca Guadalupe Zajú, 605 in Finca Argovia and 1,064 in Teotihuacán del Valle. The Shannon traps captured 94.3% of the total sandflies, while the CDC light traps and Disney traps captured 4.9% and 0.8%, respectively. More females than males were collected at all sites. While the number of sandflies captured was positively correlated with temperature and relative humidity, a negative correlation was observed between sandfly numbers and rainfall. Five species of sandflies were captured: Lutzomyia cruciata , Lutzomyia texana , Lutzomyia ovallesi , Lutzomyia cratifer / undulata and Brumptomyia sp. Lu. cruciata , constituting 98.8% of the total, was the most abundant species. None of the captured sandflies was infected with Leishmania spp.

  9. Alice in Danceland

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fabio Ciambella


    Full Text Available The purpose of this paper is to present an unexplored case study in the field of the studies on adaptation: the dance in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1865 by Lewis Carroll and its transformations during the transmodalization. In particular the two most popular film adaptations of the novel of the Victorian writer will be presented and analysed: the cartoon produced by Disney in 1951 and the 2010 film directed by the Californian director Tim Burton. If in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Carroll introduce a dance performed by some lobsters (precisely in chapter X that is titled "The Lobster Quadrille", in the Disney's masterpiece there is no trace either of lobsters, turtles or griffins. Paradoxically, dancing in the cartoon is a recurring motif, which is the background to the vicissitudes of the protagonist from the beginning to the end. The viewer of Burton’s Alice will be even much more shocked by the presence of the dance in two specific moments of the film – at the beginning and at the end – which are not present nor in the hypotext, nor in its Twentieth-century adaptation. In other words, although the dance is present in the three works, it never appears at the same time.

  10. Efficacy of Different Sampling Methods of Sand Flies (Diptera: Psychodidae in Endemic Focus of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Kashan District, Isfahan Province, Iran.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marzieh Hesam-Mohammadi


    Full Text Available The aim of the study was to evaluate and compare the efficiency and practicality of seven trapping methods for adult phlebotominae sand flies. The results of this investigation provide information to determine the species composition and nocturnal activity pattern of different sand fly species.The study was carried out in both plain region (about 5km far from northeast and mountainous region (about 40km far from southwest of Kashan City. Seven traps were selected as sampling methods and sand flies were collected during 5 interval times starting July to September 2011 and from 8:00PM to 6:00AM in outdoors habitats. The traps include: sticky traps (4 papers for 2 hours, Disney trap, Malaise, CDC and CO2 light traps, Shannon traps (black and white nets and animal-baited trap.A total of 1445 sand flies belonging to 15 species of Phlebotomus spp. and five of Sergentomyia spp. were collected. Females and males comprised 44.91% and 55.09% of catches, respectively. Of the collected specimens, Se. sintoni was found to be the most prevalent (37.86% species, while Ph. papatasi, accounted for 31.76% of the sand flies.Disney trap and sticky traps exhibited the most productivity than other traps. In addition, in terms of the efficiency of sampling method, these two trapping methods appeared to be the most productive for both estimating the number of sand flies and the species composition in the study area.

  11. Species composition and seasonal abundance of sandflies (Diptera: Psychodidae: Phlebotominae) in coffee agroecosystems (United States)

    Pérez, Jeanneth; Virgen, Armando; Rojas, Julio Cesar; Rebollar-Téllez, Eduardo Alfonso; Alfredo, Castillo; Infante, Francisco; Mikery, Oscar; Marina, Carlos Felix; Ibáñez-Bernal, Sergio


    The composition and seasonal occurrence of sandflies were investigated in coffee agroecosystems in the Soconusco region of Chiapas, Mexico. Insect sampling was performed on three plantations located at different altitudes: Finca Guadalupe Zajú [1,000 m above sea level (a.s.l.)], Finca Argovia (613 m a.s.l.) and Teotihuacán del Valle (429 m a.s.l.). Sandflies were sampled monthly from August 2007-July 2008 using three sampling methods: Shannon traps, CDC miniature light traps and Disney traps. Sampling was conducted for 3 h during three consecutive nights, beginning at sunset. A total of 4,387 sandflies were collected during the course of the study: 2,718 individuals in Finca Guadalupe Zajú, 605 in Finca Argovia and 1,064 in Teotihuacán del Valle. The Shannon traps captured 94.3% of the total sandflies, while the CDC light traps and Disney traps captured 4.9% and 0.8%, respectively. More females than males were collected at all sites. While the number of sandflies captured was positively correlated with temperature and relative humidity, a negative correlation was observed between sandfly numbers and rainfall. Five species of sandflies were captured: Lutzomyia cruciata , Lutzomyia texana , Lutzomyia ovallesi , Lutzomyia cratifer / undulata and Brumptomyia sp. Lu. cruciata , constituting 98.8% of the total, was the most abundant species. None of the captured sandflies was infected with Leishmania spp. PMID:24271002

  12. The U.S. Geological Survey Amphibian Research and Monitoring Initiative-2011 Annual Update (United States)

    Adams, M.J.; Muths, E.; Grant, E.H.C.; Miller, David A.; Waddle, J.H.; Ball, L.C.


    Welcome to the inaugural issue of ARMI's Annual Update. This update provides highlights and significant milestones of this innovative program. ARMI is uniquely qualified to provide research and monitoring results that are scalable from local to national levels, and are useful to resource managers. ARMI has produced nearly 400 peer-reviewed publications, including 18 in 2011. Some of those publications are highlighted in this fact sheet. ARMI also has a new Website ( You can now use it to explore an up-to-date list of ARMI products, to find summaries of research topics, to search for ARMI activities in your area, and to obtain amphibian photographs. ARMI's annual meeting was organized by Walt Sadinski, Upper Midwest Environmental Science Center, and held in St Louis, Missouri. We met with local scientists and managers in herpetology and were given a tour of the herpetology collection at the St. Louis Zoo.

  13. The second species of Phanoperla (Plecoptera: Perlidae) from China, P. hainana sp. nov., from Hainan Island. (United States)

    Li, Weihai; Qin, Xuefeng


    The genus Phanoperla Banks was originally established as a subgenus of Neoperla and its genus delimitation was not fully clear until the revisionary work by Zwick (1982). It currently contains 49 known species from the Oriental region (Banks 1938, 1939, Cao & Bae 2009, Cao et al. 2007, DeWalt et al. 2016, Jewett 1975, Kawai 1968, Stark 1983, 1987, Stark & Sheldon 2009, Sivec & Stark 2010, 2011, Stark & Sivec 2007, Sivec et al. 1988, Zwick 1982, Zwick 1986, Zwick & Sivec 1985). Although species of Phanoperla are not rare in many areas of Southeast Asia bordering China, especially Vietnam and India (Cao & Bae 2009, Mason & Stark 2015), P. pallipennis Banks, 1938 is the only known species of the genus known from China. In this paper, we describe a new species of Phanoperla from Hainan Island of the southernmost province of China. The northern portion of the island has a humid subtropical climate, whereas the remainder of the island has tropical monsoon climate.

  14. Indonemoura annamensis-a new species of stonefly from Vietnam (Plecoptera: Nemouridae). (United States)

    Fochetti, Romolo; Ceci, Massimo


    The amphinemurine genus Indonemoura Baumann (1975) was proposed for species previously included in the genera Protonemura Kempny and Nemoura Latreille. Baumann (1975) designated P. indica Kimmins, 1947 (in Kimmins 1946) as the type species. He also transferred 14 additional species from Protonemura and Nemoura into this genus. The genus is distributed mainly in the Oriental region (only one species from Tibet, close to the eastern border of the Palaearctic Region) and many new species have been added in the last decades (Zwick & Sivec 1980; Shimizu 1994a & b; Zhu et al. 2002; Li et al. 2005; Li & Yang 2005, 2006; Wang et al. 2006; Sivec & Stark 2010) including presently 53 species (DeWalt et al. 2009). Sivec & Stark (2010) first described three Indonemoura species from Vietnam, I. angulata, I. clavata, and I. tricantha. These three species are the only Indonemoura presently known for Vietnam.

  15. La máscara involuntaria de José Martí: La construcción del sujeto a través de la mirada de los Otros

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Florencia Bonfiglio


    Full Text Available Este trabajo explora la imagen de escritor que Martí construye a través de sus lecturas de los "otros"; en particular, las operaciones que realiza al "traducir" desde Nueva York las figuras de Walt Whitman, Oscar Wilde y Julián del Casal para el público latinoamericano. Leo la construcción de Martí de lo "natural" como una de las variadas máscaras que asumen los modernistas: desde el espacio de la crónica, y ante la necesidad de diferenciación de otros discursos, la lectura crítica del presente cosmopolita promueve la creación de una voz propia mediante la cual se forja una figura de escritor.

  16. Numerical analysis of magnetically suspended rotor in HTR-10 helium circulator being dropped into auxiliary bearings

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Zhao Jingxiong; Yang Guojun; Li Yue; Yu Suyuan


    Active magnetic bearings (AMB) have been selected to support the rotor of primary helium circulator in commercial 10 Mega-Walt High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor (HTR-10). In an AMB system, the auxiliary bearings are necessary to protect the AMB components in case of losing power. This paper performs the impact simulation of Magnetically Suspended Rotor in HTR-10 Helium Circulator being dropped into the auxiliary bearings using the finite element program ABAQUS. The dynamic response and the strain field of auxiliary bearings are analyzed. The results achieved by the numerical analysis are in agreement with the experiment results. Therefore, the feasibility of the design of auxiliary bearing and the possibility of using the AMB system in the HTR are proved. (authors)

  17. Direct seeding woody species for restoration of bottomlands (United States)

    Twedt, D.J.; Connor, Kristina F


    I direct seeded (broadcast) seeds of 39 species of trees and shrubs using an ATV-mounted rotary spreader to initiate restoration of bottomland forest on retired agricultural sites. Four sites were planted during February, 2000, and 13 additional sites were planted during April and May, 2001. After two growing seasons, stem density of direct-seeded species varied greatly among study plots (range = 0 to 888 stems/ha) but averaged only 110 stems/ha. I recommend that future efforts at direct seeding focus on seven shrub species (Amorpha fruticosa L., Cephalanthus occidentalis L., Cornus spp., Crataegus spp., Ilex decidua Walt., Morus rubra L., and Prunus spp.) and seven tree species (Celtis laevigata Willd., Diospyros virginiana L., Fraxinus spp., Gleditsia triacanthos L., Robinia pseudoacacia L., Taxodium distichum (L.) Rich, and Ulmus spp.) that successfully established in these trials.

  18. Reading and Not-Printing: Obstruction at the Crater Press

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Richard Parker


    Full Text Available I will begin this paper with a brief and partial history of American printing, detecting a shared predilection for a noticeably maverick relation to the printed page in the works (printed and otherwise of Samuel Keimer and Benjamin Franklin during the colonial period, and the works of Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson and Mark Twain in the nineteenth-century. I term the interrupted, dialectical printing that connects all of these writer/printers ‘not-printing’, and offer some explanation of his term and a description of some of its manifestations. I will then move on to consider how the idea of ‘not-printing’ might be helpful for the consideration of some contemporary British and American poets and printers before concluding with a description of some of the ways that the productive constraints of such a practice have influenced my own work as editor and printer at the Crater Press.

  19. A new species of Neoperla (Plecoptera: Perlidae) from Zhejiang Province of China. (United States)

    Chen, Zhi-Teng


    The stonefly genus Neoperla Needham (1905) is primarily distributed in eastern North America, Tropical and Temperate Asia and central Africa, with at least 297 species known (Illies 1966, Zwick 1973, Stark & Gaufin 1976, DeWalt et al. 2016). Contributions to Chinese species of Neoperla were made by Chu (1929), Wu & Claassen (1934), Wu (1935, 1938, 1948, 1962, 1973), Yang & Yang (1992, 1995, 1998), Du (1999, 2000a, 2000b), Du et al. (1999, 2001), Du & Sivec (2004, 2005), Du & Wang (2005, 2007), Sivec & Zwick (1987), Li & Wang (2011), Li et al. (2011a, 2011b, 2012a, 2012b, 2013a, 2013b, 2014a, 2014b), Qin et al. (2013), Wang et al. (2013a, 2013b), Li & Zhang (2014), Kong et al. (2014), Wang et al. (2014), Chen & Du (2015). Herein, a new species of this genus is described from Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, of eastern coastal China.

  20. Analytical aspects of diterpene alkaloid poisoning with monkshood. (United States)

    Colombo, Maria Laura; Bugatti, Carlo; Davanzo, Franca; Persico, Andrea; Ballabio, Cinzia; Restani, Patrizia


    A sensitive and specific method for aconitine extraction from biological samples was developed. Aconitine, the main toxic alkaloid from plants belonging to Aconitum species (family Ranunculaceae), was determined in plant material by an external standard method, and by a standard addition calibration method in biological fluids. Described here is one fatal case and five intoxications of accidental aconitine poisoning following the ingestion of aconite mistaken for an edible grass, Aruncus dioicus (Walt.) Fernald, "mountain asparagus", and Cicerbita alpina (L.) Wallroth. The aconitine content in urine was in the range 2.94 microg/mL (dead patient)-0.20 microg/mL (surviving patients), which was almost two to four times higher than that in plasma.

  1. NASA Administrator Dan Goldin greets Neil Armstrong at Apollo 11 anniversary banquet. (United States)


    During an anniversary banquet honoring the Apollo team, the people who made the entire lunar landing program possible, former Apollo astronaut Neil A. Armstrong (left) shakes the hand of Judy Goldin (center), wife of NASA Administrator Daniel S. Goldin (right). The banquet was held in the Apollo/Saturn V Center, part of the KSC Visitor Complex. This is the 30th anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch and moon landing, July 16 and July 20, 1969. Among the guests at the banquet were former Apollo astronauts are Neil A. Armstrong and Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin who flew on Apollo 11, the launch of the first moon landing; Gene Cernan, who flew on Apollo 10 and 17 and was the last man to walk on the moon; and Walt Cunningham, who flew on Apollo 7.

  2. Dimensionality of the human electroencephalogram

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mayer-Kress, G.; Layne, S.P.


    The goal was to evaluate anesthetic depth in patients by dimensional analysis. Although it was difficult to obtain clean EEG records from the operating room due to noise of electrocautery and movement of the patient's head by operating room personnel. The results are presented on one case of our calculations, followed by a discussion of problems associated with dimensional analysis of the EEG. We consider only two states: aware but quiet, and medium anesthesia. The EEG data we use comes from Hanley and Walts. It was selected because anesthesia was induced by a single agent, and because of its uninterrupted length and lack of artifacts. 26 refs., 27 figs., 1 tab.

  3. Wyobraźnia badacza – od serii przekładowej do serii recepcyjnej

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marta Skwara


    Full Text Available The author addresses the problem of translation series, demonstrating that the rich tradition of creating and researching such series focused mainly on structural and model analyses, and usually isolated translations from other reception phenomena related to a foreign text in a national culture. By shifting the attention from translation-only studies to research in a wider scope of reception of a foreign text, such as intertextual relations of originals/translations with national literature/ culture, comments, and the work performed around a foreign text and its translation (e.g. convention of an editing series, anthology editing, canon creation, the author proposes to introduce three complementary notions: translation series, textualisation series, reception series. The author also discusses the proposals on specific examples derived from the Polish reception of Walt Whitman’s poetry.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Issy Yuliasri


    Full Text Available Not all aspects of Western culture, reflected in the language used in Walt Disney’s Donald Duck comics, are acceptable in Indonesia. So, in translating the comics, the translators have to manipulate the text for it to be acceptable by the target readers and parents. This research aims at finding out censorship through the translation techniques used by the translators in translating the English humorous texts in the Walt Disney’s Donald Duck comics into Indonesian and the reasons underlying the translators’ choice of the translation techniques. It also aims at analysing whether or not the choice of the translation techniques affects the rendering of meaning, maintenance of humour, and acceptability of the translation. For these purposes a qualitative method was employed with content analysis technique and reader response analysis. Content analysis was used in comparing the source text (ST and target text (TT to find out the translation techniques used as a means of censorship and to find out the translators’ reasons for choosing the techniques. Reader-response analysis was done to find out the readers’ response to the rendering of meaning and maintenance of humour in the translation. The research findings discovered that the translators performed censorship through the dominant use of reduction and generalisation techniques so as to reduce sarcasm and insults. The interview with the publisher’s Senior Editor also revealed that “decency” was the first priority in the translation decision making, followed by clarity of meaning and maintenance of humour.  Further research to investigate other elements censored, and compared with other translated comics is recommended.

  5. (Post)feminist paradoxes

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rudloff, Maja


    the context of feminist and postfeminist media studies. Focusing on the signs and cultural codes used to create meanings associated with the movie’s main female and male characters, the article is structured around four themes: signs of gender difference, heteronormative romance and female agency, empowerment...... them with postfeminist ideals of appearance, self-discipline and strongly gender stereotyped depictions with regard to how the characters look and act. Far from being ‘truly feminist’, it is concluded that despite popular sentiment to the contrary, Disney still has a long way to go towards promoting...... and sexualisation, and disparities in male/female representations and role models. Emphasising the conflicts and interactions between feminist and postfeminist messages, the analyses reveal that on the surface Frozen promotes a narrative of feminist ideals of equality, empowerment and female agency, but conflates...

  6. Piecing It Together: The Effect of Background Music on Children's Puzzle Assembly. (United States)

    Koolidge, Louis; Holmes, Robyn M


    This study explored the effects of background music on cognitive (puzzle assembly) task performance in young children. Participants were 87 primarily European-American children (38 boys, 49 girls; mean age = 4.77 years) enrolled in early childhood classes in the northeastern United States. Children were given one minute to complete a 12-piece puzzle task in one of three background music conditions: music with lyrics, music without lyrics, and no music. The music selection was "You're Welcome" from the Disney movie "Moana." Results revealed that children who heard the music without lyrics completed more puzzle pieces than children in either the music with lyrics or no music condition. Background music without distracting lyrics may be beneficial and superior to background music with lyrics for young children's cognitive performance even when they are engaged independently in a nonverbal task.

  7. Aerospace Medicine Talk (United States)

    Williams, Richard S.


    The presentation is next Sunday, May 10th. It will be to the Civil Aviation Medical Association, for 2 hours at Disney World in Orlando. It is a high level talk on space medicine, including history, the role of my office, human health risks of space flight, general aspects of space medicine practice, human health risk management (including integrated activities of medical operations and the Human Research Program, and thoughts concerning health risks for long duration exploration class space missions. No proprietary data or material will be used, all is readily available in the public sector. There is also a short (30 min) talk on Monday at the CAMA lunch. There we will describe the Visual Impairment and Intracranial Pressure syndrome, with possible etiologies and plans for research (already selected studies). Again, nothing proprietary will be discussed.

  8. Virtual reality at work (United States)

    Brooks, Frederick P., Jr.


    The utility of virtual reality computer graphics in telepresence applications is not hard to grasp and promises to be great. When the virtual world is entirely synthetic, as opposed to real but remote, the utility is harder to establish. Vehicle simulators for aircraft, vessels, and motor vehicles are proving their worth every day. Entertainment applications such as Disney World's StarTours are technologically elegant, good fun, and economically viable. Nevertheless, some of us have no real desire to spend our lifework serving the entertainment craze of our sick culture; we want to see this exciting technology put to work in medicine and science. The topics covered include the following: testing a force display for scientific visualization -- molecular docking; and testing a head-mounted display for scientific and medical visualization.

  9. »A Part of Our Critical Research Perhaps Even Helps the Capital«: An Interview with Janet Wasko

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jernej Amon Prodnik


    Full Text Available The paper presents an interview with Janet Wasko, who is Professor and Knight Chair in Communication Research at the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication, and is widely considered as a key author working in the tradition of the political economy of communication. Currently, she is serving as President of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR, one of the key international associations in the field of media and communication studies. Professor Wasko published several influential books on the film industry, especially on Hollywood and the Disney Corporation. The interview is especially focused on the influences on her approach, her position in the IAMCR, her understanding of how the cultural and media industries work, the political economy approach in media and communication studies, and the issues related to the film industry which she mostly tackles in her own research.

  10. "A place for mutual reconciliation and peace?"

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Pihl, Ole Verner

    between garden, architecture, artefacts, media, discourses, embodied interaction and learning in educational environments, we as architects and urban planners must investigate and analyse the links between leisure, learning, architecture, narrative and interaction. The first part will look...... into the history of the illusive, illuminated towers and gardens of  "Luna city", "Tivoli" and "Disney World", a world of illusion, simulation and experience described and analysed through the two French philosophers Baudrillard and Foucault, and into the origin of the multiform garden through Borges' novel "The...... garden of forking paths."  The second part will look into the new laboratories of the virtual and actual worlds of architects such as Marcos Novak, Usman Haque, OMA, and Kas Oosterhuis. They create mobile, interactive, sensitive architectural objects and environments for the future, which can interact...

  11. Creative choices and fan practices in the transformation of theme park space

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carissa Ann Baker


    Full Text Available This article describes and interprets fan activities within the theme park space related to a particular fan object. It examines an evolving paradigm wherein the role of theme park visitors is changed. Rather than being perceived as observers of spectacles, they can participate and interact with the environment in new ways. An example of this is Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom (2012, an interactive role-playing quest and collector card game at Disney's Magic Kingdom Park in Florida. Fans participate in a variety of practices that have dynamically redefined theme park activities. Together, management, designers, and fans have cocreated and reconstructed the theme park experience as one of exploration and participation. Despite multiple levels of control, fans will likewise persist in engagement with activities (in park and online that help shape and interrogate the theme park space.

  12. General Introduction to the Role of the Library for University Education

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sirje Virkus


    Full Text Available Our society is undergoing a process of rapid change, moving toward what is called the information society, the knowledge society, the network society or the informational mode of development (Castells, 1996; Inglis et al, 2002: 17 refer to the following features of the current period: dynamic and continuous change and transformation; the failure of great theories such as Marxism to locate and predict directions of change; the discontinuous and erratic rather than evolutionary nature of social change; the juxtaposition of various images of social, economic and political life and the transformation of images like Disney world, TV sports and Web pages into the realities with which we deal. It is believed that information and knowledge are distinguishing features of this modern society and the main driver of this change is the growing use of information and communication technologies (ICT.

  13. Poe Dameron Hurts So Prettily: How Fandom Negotiates with Transmedia Characterization

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chera Kee


    Full Text Available Charismatic Poe Dameron is the “best pilot in the Resistance,” and while his depiction in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (TFA presents audiences with a confident, dashing Han Solo-type, that is not the end of the characterization. Transmedia TFA paratexts paint Dameron as not only dashing but also reckless and so devoted to the cause he’s willing to plunge headlong into danger for it. Furthermore, the film and these paratexutal tie-ins present Dameron as constantly in danger or in pain. In some fan works based on the film, particularly those in the hurt/comfort (h/c genre, Poe Dameron just keeps getting hurt. While this might seem to be the kink of one particular fandom community, I argue that hurting Poe in fan works not only fills in missing information from the film, it also challenges Disney's characterization.

  14. 1969

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anton Novenanto


    Full Text Available 1969 adalah momentum kebenaran bagi studi sosial-budaya atas ruang dan tempat. Di tahun itu, kita tidak sekadar menyaksikan realitas ala petualangan bajak laut Kapten Jack Sparrow dalam kisah fantasi Disney Pirates of the Carribean. Kita disuguhi ekspedisi luar angkasa layaknya fiksi-ilmiah Hollywood, seperti E.T., Star Wars, Avatar, ataupun Interstellar. Berkat kemajuan teknologi, peristiwa pendaratan manusia di Bulan pada 20 Juli 1969 itu disebarluaskan menembus batas-batas ruang dan waktu sehingga manusia di seluruh dunia dalam kurun waktu berbeda dapat menyaksikan (kembali momentum kebenaran itu. Akan tetapi, peristiwa bersejarah itu adalah juga tonggak peneguhan mental egosentris-kolonialis. Gagasan dan penjelajahan telah membongkar logika atas ruang, namun produksi pengetahuan tentangnya masih berpusat dan berorientasi pada para penghuni bumi.

  15. Mel Gibson contre le boulevard Raspail

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Boris Jeanne


    Full Text Available Que peuvent faire les historiens et les anthropologues spécialistes de l’Amérique face à la puissance médiatique et commerciale d’Apocalypto, le dernier film de Mel Gibson, produit par Buena Vista (c'est-à-dire Disney et ayant déjà engrangé plus de 50 millions de dollars de recette avant même sa sortie en France ? Le cinéma est un art du présent, et quelle que soit l’exactitude de la reconstitution historique qu’il prétend parfois présenter, il demeure un puissant vecteur d’analyse de la soc...

  16. Princesa congelada? Uma leitura feminista de Frozen - uma aventura congelante

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jacqueline Sobral


    Full Text Available O presente artigo se vale das teorias da representação social para debater a construção simbólica do papel da mulher na sociedade, tendo como suporte as narrativas de contos de fada, em especial as histórias produzidas pela Disney. Partindo da hipótese de que o filme Frozen - uma aventura congelante (Frozen, 2014 representa uma leitura moderna dos tradicionais contos de fadas, propomos pensar o protagonismo da “princesa Elsa” como uma possível adoção de diretrizes feministas na construção de histórias infantis por um dos maiores conglomerados de mídia do mundo.

  17. Kipling var racist og sexist. Men værd at læse

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Møller, Michael


    For over 100 år siden fik Rudyard Kipling Nobelprisen i Litteratur. Han var særdeles alsidig. Han skrev både digte, noveller og bøger, og han skrev både for børn, teenagere og voksne. Han skrev krigsdigte, han skrev digte, der hyldede erhvervslivet, han skrev digte for at fremme bedre pensioner t...... gamle soldater, og han skrev digte til børn. Også hans bøger var meget varierede. I dag er det vel hovedsagelig ' Junglebogen', som unge mennesker kender Kipling for, og det udelukkende på grund af Disney-filmen. Kiplings ry faldt umådeligt efter hans død...

  18. High court asked to review differing definitions of 'disability'. (United States)


    [Name removed] applied for and received Social Security benefits after losing his job at The Disney Stores, Inc. [Name removed], who has AIDS, alleges he was fired in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said [name removed] could not sue [name removed] because of a discrepancy between his statements on the disability application and in the lawsuit. The Court said he had to choose between suing and accepting disability benefits. The court would not accept [name removed]'s argument that the definitions of disability under the Social Security Act and the ADA differed significantly. The U.S. Supreme Court has been asked to overturn this ruling. In a related case, the Michigan Court of Appeals invoked judicial estoppel to bar a worker from suing his employer under the State Handicappers' Civil Rights Act.

  19. Les mauvais rêves. Une prison à Disneyland Paris


    Genetelli, Olivier


    Situé à 35 km de Paris, dans la nouvelle ville de Marne-La-Vallée, Disneyland Paris représente la première destination de loisirs d'Europe. L'implantation du “rongeur aux grande oreilles” ne s'est pas contentée d'établir un simple parc à thème, mais elle a cherché à imposer un cadre de vie sur toute une partie du territoire français, à travers un partenariat public-privé unique en France. De ce fait, nous nous retrouvons dans un “territoire-bulle” contrôlé par Disney. Tout y est propre, sécur...

  20. Species composition and relative abundance of sand flies of the genus Lutzomyia (Diptera: Psychodidae) at an endemic focus of visceral leishmaniasis in Colombia. (United States)

    Ferro, C; Morrison, A C; Torres, M; Pardo, R; Wilson, M L; Tesh, R B


    Ecological studies on the sand fly Lutzomyia longipalpis (Lutz & Neiva) were conducted during 1990-1993 at a small rural community in Colombia where American visceral leishmaniasis is endemic. Weekly sand fly collections were made from pigpens, houses, and natural resting sites, using hand-held aspirators, sticky (oiled) paper traps, and opossum-baited Disney traps. In total, 263,094 sand flies were collected; L. longipalpis predominated (86.1%), followed by L. trinidadensis (11.0%), L. cayennensis (2.7%), and 8 other Lutzomyia species. The species composition and sex ratio of these sand flies varied among sites and by collection method. L. longipalpis were captured most efficiently by direct aspiration from animal bait. Conversely, sticky paper traps, especially inside houses and at rock resting sites, collected a greater diversity of species, but a lower relative abundance of L. longipalpis.

  1. Food-related advertising on preschool television: building brand recognition in young viewers. (United States)

    Connor, Susan M


    This study used content analysis to explore how much and what type of advertising is present in television programming aimed at toddlers and preschool-aged children and what methods of persuasion are being used to sell products and to promote brands to the youngest viewers. Four randomly selected, 4-hour blocks (9 am to 1 pm) were recorded in spring 2005 from each of 3 stations airing programming aimed specifically at toddlers and preschool-aged children (Public Broadcasting Service, Disney, and Nickelodeon). All content that aired in the spaces between programs was examined. Data recorded for food-related advertisements included the primary appeals used to promote products or brands, whether advertisements were aimed at children or adults, whether advertisements used primarily animation or live action, whether advertisements showed food, and whether licensed characters were used. In 96 half-hour blocks of preschool programming, the 3 stations had a total of 130 food-related advertisements (1.354 food advertisements per half-hour). More than one half of all food advertisements (76 of 130 advertisements) were aimed specifically at children, and the majority of those were for fast food chains (50 advertisements) or sweetened cereals (18 advertisements). The primary advertising appeals used associated products with fun and happiness and/or with excitement and energy. Fast food advertisements in particular seemed to focus on building brand recognition and positive associations, through the use of licensed characters, logos, and slogans. The majority of child-oriented food advertisements viewed seemed to take a branding approach, focusing on creating lifelong customers rather than generating immediate sales. Promotional spots on advertisement-supported (Nickelodeon) and sponsor-supported (Public Broadcasting Service and Disney) networks took similar approaches and used similar appeals, seeming to promote the equation that food equals fun and happiness.

  2. El turismo urbano y la geografía de la ciudad

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dennis R. Judd


    Full Text Available Para la literatura urbana post-estructuralista, las ciudades aparecen como paisajes fracturados en enclaves protegidos y excluyentes, los cuales colonizan y reemplazan los lugares locales. Consecuentemente, se considera que los enclaves turísticos facilitan el control autoritario del espacio urbano, modificando el consumo y reemplazando y suprimiendo la cultura local con "ambientes Disney". Este artículo plantea que si bien dentro de los enclaves turísticos se intenta -y generalmente se alcanza- un régimen no democrático, directivo y autoritario, incluso en estos espacios el control social no es total; el análisis que aquí se propone respecto de los espacios turísticos revela que la fractura de los espacios de las metrópolis postmodernas puede crear diversidad y diferencia, más que monotonía y uniformidad. Se concluye que, para los visitantes de las ciudades, la distopia urbana predicha por los post-estructuralistas no ha sido aún materializadaFor post-structuralist urban literature, cities appear as landscapes fractured in protected and exclusionary enclaves, which colonize and replace local places. Consequently, it is considered that tourist enclaves facilitate the authoritarian control of urban space, modifying the consumption and replacing and suppressing local culture with Disney-like environments. This article argues that, even when within tourist enclaves a non-democratic, directive and authoritarian regime is attempted -and generally achieved-, in this spaces social control in not complete; the analysis that this article proposes of tourist spaces reveals that the fracture of post-modern metropolises spaces is able to create diversity and difference, more than monotony and uniformity. It is conclude that, for the city visitors, the urban dystopia predicted by post-structuralist scholars has not been materialized yet

  3. Atlas of Ohio Aquatic Insects: Volume II, Plecoptera. (United States)

    DeWalt, R Edward; Grubbs, Scott A; Armitage, Brian J; Baumann, Richard W; Clark, Shawn M; Bolton, Michael J


    We provide volume II of a distributional atlas of aquatic insects for the eastern USA state of Ohio. This treatment of stoneflies (Plecoptera) is companion to Armitage et al. (2011) on caddisflies (Trichoptera). We build on a recent analysis of Ohio stonefly diversity patterns based on large drainages (DeWalt et al. 2012), but add 3717 new records to the data set. We base most analyses on the United States Geological Survey Hierarchical Unit Code eight (HUC8) drainage scale. In addition to distributional maps for each species, we provide analyses of species richness versus HUC8 drainage area and the number of unique locations in a HUC8 drainage, species richness versus Ohio counties, analyze adult presence phenology throughout the year, and demonstrate stream size range affiliation for each species. This work is based on a total of 7797 specimen records gathered from 21 regional museums, agency data, personal collections, and from the literature Table 1. To our knowledge this is the largest stonefly data set available for a similarly sized geopolitical area anywhere in the world. These data are made available as a Darwin Core Archive supported by the Pensoft Integrated Publishing Toolkit (DeWalt et al. 2016b). All known published papers reporting stoneflies from Ohio are detailed in Suppl. material 1. We recovered 102 species from Ohio, including all nine Nearctic families Table 2​. Two species were removed from the DeWalt et al. (2012) list and two new state records added. Perlidae (32 spp.) was most speciose, compared to the low diversity Pteronarcyidae (2 spp.) and Peltoperlidae (1 sp.). The richest HUC8 drainages occurred in northeastern, south-central, and southern regions of the state where drainages were heavily forested, had the highest slopes, and were contained within or adjacent to the unglaciated Allegheny and Appalachian Plateaus. Species poor drainages occurred mainly in the northwestern region where Wisconsinan aged lake plains climaxed to an

  4. Ecology of tidal freshwater forests in coastal deltaic Louisiana and northeastern South Carolina: Chapter 9 (United States)

    Conner, William H.; Krauss, Ken W.; Doyle, Thomas W.


    Tidal freshwater swamps in the southeastern United States are subjected to tidal hydroperiods ranging in amplitude from microtidal (forests, scrub-shrub stands, marsh, or open water but are less likely to convert mesotidal swamps. Changes to hydrological patterns tend to be more noticeable in Louisiana than do those in South Carolina.The majority of Louisiana’s coastal wetland forests are found in the Mississippi River deltaic plain region. Coastal wetland forests in the deltaic plain have been shaped by the sediments, water, and energy of the Mississippi River and its major distributaries. Baldcypress (Taxodium distichum [L.] L.C. Rich.) and water tupelo (Nyssa aquatica L.) are the primary tree species in the coastal swamp forests of Louisiana. Sites where these species grow usually hold water for most of the year; however, some of the more seaward sites were historically microtidal, especially where baldcypress currently dominates. In many other locations, baldcypress and water tupelo typically grow in more or less pure stands or as mixtures of the two with common associates such as black willow (Salix nigra Marsh.), red maple (Acer rubrum L.), water locust (Gleditsia aquatic Marsh.), overcup oak (Quercus lyrata Walt.), water hickory (Carya aquatica [Michx. f.] Nutt.), green ash (Fraxinus pennsylvanica Marsh.), pumpkin ash (F. profunda Bush.), and redbay (Persea borbonia [L.] Sprengel) (Brown and Montz 1986).The South Carolina coastal plain occupies about two-thirds of the state and rises gently to 150 m from the Atlantic Ocean up to the Piedmont plateau. Many rivers can be found in the Coastal Plain with swamps near the coast that extend inland along the rivers. Strongly tidal freshwater forests occur along the lower reaches of redwater rivers (Santee, Great Pee Dee, and Savannah) that arise in the mountains and along the numerous blackwater rivers (Ashepoo, Combahee, Cooper, and Waccamaw) that arise in the coastal regions. Most of the tidal freshwater forests

  5. Transformaciones de frentes de agua: la forma urbana como producto estándar

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniel Talesnik


    Full Text Available Diversas ciudades han transformado sus antiguas zonas portuarias convirtiéndolas en renovados frentes de agua. A partir de cuatro casos seleccionados (Baltimore, Sidney, Barcelona y Buenos Aires, el artículo subraya la estandarización del diseño y de los programas ejecutados en importantes renovaciones de waterfronts. Se propone una analogía con la cadena norteamericana de café Starbucks, con la cadena de restoranes de fast food McDonald’s y con los parques de entretención Disney. De escalas diferentes, los emprendimientos mencionados se caracterizan por presentarse desligados de los lugares físicos donde se localizan y por construir una nueva experiencia. Se sostiene que en la mayoría de los casos escogidos, el frente de agua renovado es ajeno a su medio y parece tener más que ver con un centro comercial que con un nuevo espacio público en la ciudad. Sin embargo, con el tiempo, gran parte de los ejemplos han fundado una nueva categoría de espacio público, se han convertido en hitos dentro de las ciudades y responden a la necesidad del ciudadano de tener nuevos lugares de recreación y encuentroCountless cities throughout the world have renewed their old port areas turning them into new waterfronts. Starting from four selected cases (Baltimore, Sidney, Barcelona and Buenos Aires, this article underlines the fact that many of the new waterfronts have been renewed with standardized forms and programs. There is an analogy between Starbuck’s coffeshops, McDonald’s fastfood restaurants and Disney theme parks. In different scales the last three cases have the common characteristic of building a new experience, places unlinked to their physical environment. The majority of the chosen study cases are new waterfronts that appear to be strangers to their surroundings. These new places appear to have more in common with a shopping mall than with a public space by the water’s edge. However, as time has gone by, these locations have

  6. Desajustes entre la audiencia televisiva infantil y los horarios de protección/Mismatches between childhood television audience and protection schedules

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Santiago Gómez Amigo


    Full Text Available La ley audiovisual reconoce que el público infantil necesita una atención especial por parte de las televisiones y reserva unos horarios de protección reforzada en los que se deben vigilar los contenidos. Este artículo analiza si hay correlación entre esos horarios y el consumo real que hacen los espectadores de 4 a 12 años. A través de los datos de audiencia facilitados por Kantar Media se investiga de forma exhaustiva y comparada en qué momentos hay más niños viendo la televisión, qué cadenas ven y cuáles son sus contenidos preferidos. Se concluye que la segunda hora del día con mayor presencia de niños frente al televisor (de 22:00 a 23:00 se encuentra fuera del horario protegido. Los canales más vistos por el público infantil son Clan, Boing y Disney, con datos muy superiores a los demás. Pero los niños, escogen su propio menú audiovisual: se concentran en los canales específicos en las franjas protegidas y buscan otro tipo de contenidos en los momentos de mayor consumo. También destaca que los niños acompañados por adultos consumen más los canales generalistas que aquellos que lo hacen sin presencia de mayores. Spanish audiovisual law recognizes that children need a special care from broadcasters and to keep a strengthened schedule in. This article analyses if there is correlation between the real consumption that make viewers from 4 to 12 years and the time-slots that are proposed in the Bill. Through some audience data provided by Kantar media, it is investigated in an exhaustive and a compared way which are the hours with most children watching television, and which channels and contents are their favorites. It is concluded that the second hour with more kids in front of TV (from 22:00 to 23:00 is out of the strengthened schedule. The children´s favorite channels are Clan, Boing and Disney, with higher ratings than other. But children build their own audiovisual menu: they choose kids channels in strengthened

  7. Fauna de flebotomíneos (Diptera: Psychodidae em um foco de leishmaniose tegumentar americana na área periurbana de Manaus, Estado do Amazonas Sandfly fauna (Diptera: Psychodidae in a focus of American cutaneous leishmaniasis on the urban periphery of Manaus, State of Amazonas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria das Graças Vale Barbosa


    Full Text Available No período de agosto de 2001 a julho de 2002, usando armadilhas CDC e Disney, realizaram-se coletas de flebotomíneos, na base de árvores no peridomicílio e nas matas da Comunidade São João, área periurbana de Manaus, Amazonas. Foram capturados 4.104 espécimes, pertencentes a quatro subtribos, 13 gêneros e 49 espécies da subfamília Phlebotominae. Predominou a subtribo Psychodopygina com 3.403 (83% espécimes, destacando-se Nyssomyia umbratilis, Nyssomyia anduzei, Trichophoromyia eurypyga, Bichromomyia olmeca nociva e Bichromomyia flaviscutellata. O registro de Nyssomyia umbratilis e Nyssomyia anduzei, incriminadas como vetoras de Leishmania (Viannia guyanensis, e de Bichromomyia flaviscutellata e Bichromomyia olmeca nociva, de Leishmania (Leishmania amazonensis, indicam risco de infecção para os moradores da área. A grande maioria (98,5% dos flebotomíneos foi capturada na área de mata. Nyssomyia anduzei e Bichromomyia olmeca nociva foram coletadas no peridomicílio. A riqueza de espécies vetoras de Leishmania nessa área revela a necessidade de uma vigilância entomológica constante.From August 2001 to July 2002, sand flies were collected from the bases of trees and, using CDC and Disney traps, from areas surrounding homes and forested areas in the São João community, on the urban periphery of Manaus, State of Amazonas. 4,104 specimens belonging to four subtribes, 13 genera and 49 species of the Phlebotominae subfamily were collected. The subtribe Psychodopygina predominated, with 3,403 (83% specimens, especially of Nyssomyia umbratilis, Nyssomyia anduzei, Trichophoromyia eurypyga, Bichromomyia olmeca nociva and Bichromomyia flaviscutellata. The occurrences of Nyssomyia umbratilis and Nyssomyia anduzei, which have been incriminated as vectors for Leishmania (Viannia guyanensis, and of Bichromomyia flaviscutellata and Bichromomyia olmeca nociva, for Leishmania (Leishmania amazonensis, indicate that there is a risk of infection

  8. [Policy analysis: study of public policy of environmental health in a metropolis of northeastern Brazil]. (United States)

    Lyra, Tereza Maciel; Araújo Júnior, José Luiz do Amaral Correa de


    The analysis of health policies has improved in Brazil despite a plethora of different methodological approaches. Based on the model developed by Walt and Gilson in 1994, the Environmental Health Program (EHP) of Recife as a policy based on the Health Promotion principles of the Unified Health System (SUS) and Agenda 21 was analyzed. An attempt was made to understand the context during the development and implementation of the EHP, the drafting process and which actors influenced the EHP agenda content and proposal. A qualitative case study was conducted, with semi-structured interviews with key actors. In terms of context, the findings include the influence of the municipal election, the socio-sanitary characteristics of Recife, the choice of the Secretary of Health and the management teams, acceptance by the technicians and the funding increase. In terms of the process, the acceptance of the managers must be stressed. Regarding the actors, the managers, sector technicians, non-sectorial actors with viability studies stood out. The content of the EHP coincided with the SUS and Health Promotion principles. Implementation was influenced by the dengue fever epidemic (2002), and cultural institutional factors that put pressure on the order of implementation of the planned actions.

  9. Gamma ray dosage and mutation breeding in St. Augustinegrass

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Busey, P.


    Stolon pieces of St. Augustinegrass [Stenotaphrum secundatum (Walt.) Kuntze] were irradiated with gamma rays in an attempt to cause mutations. A practical dosage for most genotypes was 4,500 rads. This dosage caused considerable (50%) growth retardation and a mean survival of about 40% of single-node cuttings. However, Bitterblue and another accession were entirely killed at 4,000 rads. At 4,500 rads, up to 7% recognizable mutants of accession FA-243 were obtained. This proportion resulted when irradiated cuttings were propagated clonally and observed for 1.5 years in replicated microplots. In addition to morphological variants, a chimeral anthocyanin change was noticed. From this chimera arose a stable genotype with green stolons and white stigmas, whereas the source genotype (FA-243) had red stolons and purple stigmas. Associated reduction in fertility from 56 to 0.6% suggested that the mutation arose as a small chromosome deletion. Mutation breeding is effective in improving St. Augustinegrass when easily recognizable variants are needed

  10. The Greek mirror: the Uranians and their use of Greece. (United States)

    Mader, D H


    The Uranians comprised a loosely knit group of British and American homosexual poets writing between approximately 1880 and 1930, sharing a number of basic cultural and literary assumptions derived on one hand from Walter Pater, and on the other from Walt Whitman. Although they used Oriental, Christian and other motifs, one of the major elements many shared was a use of various allusions and themes from ancient Greece, including paganism, male companionship or intimate friendship (which was not defined in terms of sameness), and democracy and a natural aristocracy of virtue, which they applied to the concerns of their own society and era. The model of male relationships which they advocated (and in at least some cases practiced) was almost uniformly asymmetrical, either by age or class, or both. In addition to their poetry, various theoretical writings by members of the group are also involved in the discussion, and this article argues that these historical/ literary allusions and themes should not be understood as means of evasion which allowed them to write of tabooed subjects safely, but as part of a consciously adopted artistic/cultural strategy for homosexual emancipation. It also suggests that their arguments should be reexamined as a corrective to the present egalitarian model of homosexuality.

  11. Conjuring David Foster Wallace’s Ghost: Prosopopeia, Whitmanian Intimacy and the Queer Potential of Infinite Jest and The Pale King

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vincent Haddad


    Full Text Available This article analyzes the ways in which Wallace’s fiction stages homosocial intimacy between the (male author figure and (male reader through the conceptual metaphor of ghosts in both Infinite Jest and the unfinished novel 'The Pale King'. I specifically contrast Wallace’s use of prosopopeia, or inducing the reader to create the author’s face in moments of undecidability, with that of one of his under-explored influences, Walt Whitman. Whitman used the technique to stage an intimate, homosexual encounter in the future between himself and his imagined, posthumous readership. Through this contrast, the article demonstrates that Wallace’s narrative devices are particularly attuned to the production of the intimacies of male homosocial desire. I borrow my meaning of this term from Eve Sedgwick’s 'Between Men' (1985, in which she suggests that masculinity, by defining itself in opposition to male homosexuality, cannot acknowledge intimacy between heterosexual men as a manifestation of desire. Considering Wallace’s revisions of both the conceptual metaphor of ghosts as well as use of prosopopeia across both novels, the article argues that the homosocial intimacy staged between the masculinized author figure and his primarily, though not exclusively, white, heterosexual reading public is a fundamental effect of his aesthetic practice. However, the discontinuity between male homosocial desire and male homosexuality make this effect a too often unarticulated component of Wallace’s fiction and reception.

  12. CineGlobe Film Festival presents Particle Fever in celebration of CERN's 60th anniversary | 20 September

    CERN Multimedia


    The film Particle Fever follows six brilliant scientists during the launch of the Large Hadron Collider, which marked the start-up of the biggest and most expensive experiment in the history of the planet, pushing the boundaries of human innovation.    Seeking to unravel the mysteries of the universe, 10,000 scientists from over 100 countries joined forces in pursuit of a single goal: to recreate the conditions that existed just moments after the Big Bang and find the Higgs boson, potentially explaining the origin of all matter. But our heroes face an even bigger challenge: have we reached the limit of our capacity to understand why we exist? Directed by Mark Levinson, a physicist turned filmmaker, and masterfully edited by Walter Murch (Apocalypse Now, The English Patient), Particle Fever is a celebration of discovery, revealing the very human stories behind this epic machine. The film will be followed by a panel discussion with director Mark Levinson, Academy Award-winning editor Walt...

  13. BCES: A Fifteen-Year Conference Tradition

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nikolay Popov


    Full Text Available This volume contains selected papers submitted to the XV Annual International Conference of the Bulgarian Comparative Education Society (BCES, held in June 2017 in Borovets, Bulgaria, and papers submitted to the V International Partner Conference of the International Research Centre (IRC ‘Scientific cooperation’, Rostov-on-Don, Russia, organized as part of the BCES Conference. The XV BCES Conference theme is Current Business and Economics Driven Discourse and Education: Perspectives from Around the World. The V International Partner Conference theme is Science and Education in Modern Social, Economic and Humanitarian Discourse. The book consists of 38 papers written by 69 authors. The volume starts with an introductory paper by Johannes L van der Walt. The other 37 papers are divided into 8 parts: 1 Comparative Education & History of Education; 2 Teacher Education; 3 Education Policy, Reforms & School Leadership; 4 Higher Education, Lifelong Learning & Social Inclusion; 5 Law and Education; 6 Research Education; 7 Educational Development Strategies in Different Countries and Regions of the World; 8 Key Directions and Characteristics of Research Organization in the Contemporary World.

  14. I cataloghi nella letteratura americana della Grande Depressione

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cinzia Scarpino


    Full Text Available Il presente saggio si propone di analizzare alcune opere letterarie in senso lato (poesie, libri-documentario, script di film-documetario scritte negli Stati Uniti negli anni della Grande Depressione (1929-1941 alla luce della presenza ricorrente di cataloghi, liste e inventari. Partendo da un excursus storico circa la centralità del catalogo come forma narrativa atta a rendere l’abbondanza del Nuovo Mondo nella cultura e nella letteratura dell’Ottocento (dai diari dei primi esploratori agli scritti di Thomas Jefferson, dalle geremiadi puritane agli almanacchi e ai diari rurali, dalle teorizzazioni estetiche di Ralph Waldo Emerson al «poeta catalogatore» Walt Whitman e al Walden di H. D. Thoreau, il saggio si sofferma su alcune opere-documentario degli anni Trenta del Novecento; un periodo che, segnato profondamente dalla crisi economica e testimone di una riconfigurazione della geografia reale e simbolica del territorio nazionale, punta nuovamente a cataloghi e inventari, secondo una scelta retorica funzionale alla rappresentazione del rovescio del mito di abbondanza delle origini.

  15. Health system challenges of NCDs in Tunisia. (United States)

    Ben Romdhane, Habiba; Tlili, Faten; Skhiri, Afef; Zaman, Shahaduz; Phillimore, Peter


    The objective of this study was to present a qualitative 'situation analysis' of the healthcare system in Tunisia, as it applies to management of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and diabetes. A primary concern was the institutional capacity to manage non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Research took place during 2010 (analysis of official documents, semi-structured interviews with key informants, and case studies in four clinics). Walt and Gilson's framework (1994) for policy analysis was used: content, actors, context, and process. Problems of integration and coordination have compounded funding pressures. Despite its importance in Tunisian healthcare, primary health is ill-equipped to manage NCDs. With limited funds, and no referral or health information system, staff morale in the public sector was low. Private healthcare has been the main development filling the void. This study highlights major gaps in the implementation of a comprehensive approach to NCDs, which is an urgent task across the region. In strategic planning, research on the health system is vital; but the capacity within Ministries of Health to use research has first to be built, with a commitment to grounding policy change in evidence.

  16. Place and Response Learning in the Open-field Tower Maze. (United States)

    Lipatova, Olga; Campolattaro, Matthew M; Toufexis, Donna J; Mabry, Erin A


    This protocol describes how the Open-field Tower Maze (OFTM) paradigm is used to study spatial learning in rodents. This maze is especially useful for examining how rats learn to use a place- or response-learning to successfully navigate in an open-field arena. Additionally, this protocol describes how the OFTM differs from other behavioral maze paradigms that are commonly used to study spatial learning in rodents. The OFTM described in this article was adapted from the one previously described by Cole, Clipperton, and Walt (2007). Specifically, the OFTM was created to test spatial learning in rodents without the experimenter having to consider how "stress" might play a role as a confounding variable. Experiments have shown that stress-alone can significantly affect cognitive function(1). The representative results section contains data from an experiment that used the OFTM to examine the effects of estradiol treatment on place- and response-learning in adult female Sprague Dawley rats(2). Future studies will be designed to examine the role of the hippocampus and striatum in place- and response-learning in the OFTM.

  17. Seasonal profiles of leaf ascorbic acid content and redox state in ozone-sensitive wildflowers

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Burkey, Kent O.; Neufeld, Howard S.; Souza, Lara; Chappelka, Arthur H.; Davison, Alan W.


    Cutleaf coneflower (Rudbeckia laciniata L.), crown-beard (Verbesina occidentalis Walt.), and tall milkweed (Asclepias exaltata L.) are wildflower species native to Great Smoky Mountains National Park (U.S.A.). Natural populations of each species were analyzed for leaf ascorbic acid (AA) and dehydroascorbic acid (DHA) to assess the role of ascorbate in protecting the plants from ozone stress. Tall milkweed contained greater quantities of AA (7-10 μmol g -1 fresh weight) than crown-beard (2-4 μmol g -1 fresh weight) or cutleaf coneflower (0.5-2 μmol g -1 fresh weight). DHA was elevated in crown-beard and cutleaf coneflower relative to tall milkweed suggesting a diminished capacity for converting DHA into AA. Tall milkweed accumulated AA in the leaf apoplast (30-100 nmol g -1 fresh weight) with individuals expressing ozone foliar injury symptoms late in the season having less apoplast AA. In contrast, AA was not present in the leaf apoplast of either crown-beard or cutleaf coneflower. Unidentified antioxidant compounds were present in the leaf apoplast of all three species. Overall, distinct differences in antioxidant metabolism were found in the wildflower species that corresponded with differences in ozone sensitivity. - Wildflower species exhibit differences in ascorbic acid content and redox status that affect ozone sensitivity

  18. Seasonal profiles of leaf ascorbic acid content and redox state in ozone-sensitive wildflowers

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Burkey, Kent O. [Plant Science Research Unit, USDA-ARS and North Carolina State University, 3127 Ligon Street, Raleigh, NC 27607 (United States)]. E-mail:; Neufeld, Howard S. [Appalachian State University, Boone, NC (United States); Souza, Lara [Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN (United States); Chappelka, Arthur H. [Auburn University, Auburn, AL (United States); Davison, Alan W. [University of Newcastle, Newcastle, England (United Kingdom)


    Cutleaf coneflower (Rudbeckia laciniata L.), crown-beard (Verbesina occidentalis Walt.), and tall milkweed (Asclepias exaltata L.) are wildflower species native to Great Smoky Mountains National Park (U.S.A.). Natural populations of each species were analyzed for leaf ascorbic acid (AA) and dehydroascorbic acid (DHA) to assess the role of ascorbate in protecting the plants from ozone stress. Tall milkweed contained greater quantities of AA (7-10 {mu}mol g{sup -1} fresh weight) than crown-beard (2-4 {mu}mol g{sup -1} fresh weight) or cutleaf coneflower (0.5-2 {mu}mol g{sup -1} fresh weight). DHA was elevated in crown-beard and cutleaf coneflower relative to tall milkweed suggesting a diminished capacity for converting DHA into AA. Tall milkweed accumulated AA in the leaf apoplast (30-100 nmol g{sup -1} fresh weight) with individuals expressing ozone foliar injury symptoms late in the season having less apoplast AA. In contrast, AA was not present in the leaf apoplast of either crown-beard or cutleaf coneflower. Unidentified antioxidant compounds were present in the leaf apoplast of all three species. Overall, distinct differences in antioxidant metabolism were found in the wildflower species that corresponded with differences in ozone sensitivity. - Wildflower species exhibit differences in ascorbic acid content and redox status that affect ozone sensitivity.

  19. “We Must Get Rid of Slavery, or We Must Get Rid of Freedom.” Self, Other, and Emancipation in Antebellum America

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carrie Forsberg


    Full Text Available Antebellum American literature, like the country itself, was a heterogeny of Romanticism, Transcendentalism, and political prose culminating in the national narrative. Authors during this time struggled with the issue of slavery and their works reflected varying degrees of disdain for it and its treatment of slaves that were the direct representation of the Other. Prominent writers, including Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Herman Melville, and Walt Whitman used their prose and poetry to speak out about a nation cleaved in two. These two sides could not agree on how to move forward and this struggle was in fact a mirror image of the binary idea of the Self and the Other. If the Self was the white male, the Other was the slave or Native American who was outside of the antebellum norm. Emerson encouraged an equality and self-reliance that would reverse the power structure of the time. Hawthorne used veiled allegories to suggest that the nation´s slavery problem would rectify itself in time. Melville preached about capitalism and Christian hypocrisy while Whitman used his poetry to aesthetically envision a truly inclusive democratic antebellum America. These authors were pioneers in the humanism of literature that was meant to inspire the nation to achieve its potential and ensure that every voice would be heard. However, antebellum human rights were not fully realized and slavery dehumanized the Other leading to a nation divided and eventually civil war.

  20. Return to Glacier Bay (United States)

    Bodkin, James L.


    Seven species of pigeons and doves were cultured for yeasts in the upper digestive tract. The following list gives the isolation rate for each columbid species and the yeasts cultured from them: feral pigeon Columba Livia (Gmelin) 95% -Candida albicans (Robin) Berkhout, C. tropicalis (Castellani) Berkhout, C. krusei (Cast.) Berkhout, C. guilliermondii (Cast.) Langeron et Guerra, Torulopsis glabrata (Anderson) Lodder et De Vries, Saccharomyces telluris Van der Walt, and Geotrichum sp.; white-crowned pigeon (C. leucocephala Linnaeus) 56% -- S. telluris; mourning dove (Zenaidura rnacroura Linnaeus) 24% -- C. albicans, C. tropicalis, C. guilliermondii, and Geotrichurn sp.; passerine ground dove (Collumbigallina passerina Linnaeus) 20% -- C. parapsilosis (Ashford) Langeron et Talice, Kloeckera apiculata (Reess Emend. Klocker) Janke; zenaida dove (Zenaida aurita Temminck) 16% -- C. albicans, C. guilliermondii, and T. glabrata; one moustasche dove (Geotrygon mystacea Gosse) -- C. guillierrnondii; ringed turtle dove (Streptopelia rizoria Linnaeus) 14% -- C. albicans and Geotrichurn sp. No signs of disease could be seen in the 139 birds that were examined, and it was concluded that these yeasts comprise a part of the columbid's normal microbial flora.