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  1. Vliyanie antigipertenzivnoy terapii na aktivnost' adipokinov i endotelina-1 u bol'nykh arterial'noy gipertoniey s ozhireniem

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S D Oshorova


    Full Text Available The aim of the study was to investigate the pharmacodynamic characteristics of the modern antihypertensive therapy in obese hypertensive patients. Materials and methods. The activity of leptin, adiponectin and endothelin-1 and cardiohemodynamics were studied in 61 patients with essential hypertension and obesity (body mass index 34,3±4,8 kg/m2 before and after the 12-weeks treatment with zofenopril (n=31 and nebivolol (n=29. Results. It was revealed that obese hypertensive patients had abnormal circadian profile of blood pressure (63.9%, hyperleptinemia together with the decrease of the adiponectin activity (67%, as well as the increased activity of endothelin-1 (54%. The 12-weeks therapy with zofenopril and nebivolol has resulted in the improvement of the daily profile of the arterial pressure with the achievement of the target level of the arterial pressure in 72% and 79% of patients correspondingly. The following was recorded: the decrease in the activity of leptin and endothelin-1 in both groups; upward trend of the adiponectins activity under the influence of zofenopril. Conclusion. Zofenopril and nebivolol in obese hypertensive patients in addition to the antihypertensive action reduce negative cardiometabolic effects of the activation of adipocytes and endothelin-1.

  2. USSR Report, Machine Tools and Metalworking Equipment, No. 6 (United States)


    34Avtomatizi- rovannaya sistema obrabotki ekonomicheskoy informatsii na predpriyatii" [An Automated System for Economic Information Processing Yes, too much effort, both phystical and spiritual, has been wasted fighting red tape. The innovator was already on pension and the main

  3. Bibliography of Soviet Laser Developments. Number 71, May - June 1984. (United States)


    Opticheskiye metody obrabotki izobrazheniy i signalov. FTI. Leningrad, 1981, 16-23. 356. Oparin , A.N.; Potaturkin, 0.1.; Fel’dbush, V.I.; Shipov, P.M...42,54,70,73 ()NISHCHUKOV G13 25,49 PETRYAKOV V M 2 PROKLOV V V 23 OPARIN A N 40 PICHUGIN 9 YU 12 PROKOPENKO E A 47 ORAYEVSMIY n N 12 PIKHTELEV A 1 15,56