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  1. [The impact of germ theory in the genesis of cancer. Consequences for surgical treatment in the victorian era]. (United States)

    Pereira Poza, A


    We use texts by preeminent figures in Victorian surgery at the end of the nineteenth century and information about their role in disseminating the germ theory to analyse the impact of this new etiologic element in the genesis of cancer. We trace the career of William Watson Cheyne (1852-1932), a disciple of Lister, and of many other surgeons of his generation, to outline the changes in the approach to treatment for cancer, the theoretical basis for these changes, and the role of a new conceptualization of cancer in the light of the microbial theory. This theory, among many other better-known factors, helped establish the foundation for radical surgery which became widespread in oncological treatment during the final decade of the nineteenth century.

  2. Symbolic Codes of Communication in the Victorian Era: The Language of Flowers in John Fowles’s The French Lieutenant’s Woman

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cristina PĂTRAȘCU


    Full Text Available John Fowles’s love of nature is illustrated by the great variety of landscapes and flowers present everywhere throughout his fiction. His interest goes well beyond that of a mere admirer of flowers as it is proved by his knowledge of their names and species and by his great ability to describe and use them as symbols, as carriers of meaning. In all his six novels, Fowles makes extensive references to flowers and their symbolism and The French Lieutenant’s Woman is no exception in this sense. The present article aims to prove that the language of flowers as a form of symbolic communication was very much used in the Victorian era, which Fowles reconstructs minutely. At the same time, the close analysis of the text will reveal that the novelist uses flowers as a symbolic code of communication with his readers so as to disclose the hidden nature of his characters. The focus is placed on decoding the language of flowers, as there is no systematic approach to it in the critical writings on Fowles’s fiction.

  3. Strong Coupling Gauge Theories in LHC ERA (United States)

    Fukaya, H.; Harada, M.; Tanabashi, M.; Yamawaki, K.


    AdS/QCD, light-front holography, and the nonperturbative running coupling / Stanley J. Brodsky, Guy de Teramond and Alexandre Deur -- New results on non-abelian vortices - Further insights into monopole, vortex and confinement / K. Konishi -- Study on exotic hadrons at B-factories / Toru Iijima -- Cold compressed baryonic matter with hidden local symmetry and holography / Mannque Rho -- Aspects of baryons in holographic QCD / T. Sakai -- Nuclear force from string theory / K. Hashimoto -- Integrating out holographic QCD back to hidden local symmetry / Masayasu Harada, Shinya Matsuzaki and Koichi Yamawaki -- Holographic heavy quarks and the giant Polyakov loop / Gianluca Grignani, Joanna Karczmarek and Gordon W. Semenoff -- Effect of vector-axial-vector mixing to dilepton spectrum in hot and/or dense matter / Masayasu Harada and Chihiro Sasaki -- Infrared behavior of ghost and gluon propagators compatible with color confinement in Yang-Mills theory with the Gribov horizon / Kei-Ichi Kondo -- Chiral symmetry breaking on the lattice / Hidenori Fukaya [for JLQCD and TWQCD collaborations] -- Gauge-Higgs unification: Stable Higgs bosons as cold dark matter / Yutaka Hosotani -- The limits of custodial symmetry / R. Sekhar Chivukula ... [et al.] -- Higgs searches at the tevatron / Kazuhiro Yamamoto [for the CDF and D[symbol] collaborations] -- The top triangle moose / R. S. Chivukula ... [et al.] -- Conformal phase transition in QCD like theories and beyond / V. A. Miransky -- Gauge-Higgs unification at LHC / Nobuhito Maru and Nobuchika Okada -- W[symbol]W[symbol] scattering in Higgsless models: Identifying better effective theories / Alexander S. Belyaev ... [et al.] -- Holographic estimate of Muon g - 2 / Deog Ki Hong -- Gauge-Higgs dark matter / T. Yamashita -- Topological and curvature effects in a multi-fermion interaction model / T. Inagaki and M. Hayashi -- A model of soft mass generation / J. Hosek -- TeV physics and conformality / Thomas Appelquist -- Conformal

  4. Reading Victorian Sculpture

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Angela Dunstan


    Full Text Available This introduction reflects on reading sculpture in Victorian culture, and in Victorian studies. How did the Victorians read sculpture? How should we read it today? What might a sculpture connote in different contexts: the home, the street, the gallery, the colony? How broadly should we define what we describe as ‘Victorian sculpture’, in light of nineteenth-century industrial and technological innovation? For the Victorians, as for modern readers of Victorian sculpture, legibility remains a prime preoccupation when addressing these questions. This introduction suggests that Victorian sculpture’s resistance to reading renders it fertile ground for revisiting and reinterpreting individual works, their creators, textual responses to them, and the greater significance of their cumulative cultural imprint.

  5. Introduction: Victorian Theatricalities

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michael Dobson


    Full Text Available After a barrage of manipulative fan-letters from Sir Merton and Annie Russell-Cotes, Sir Henry Irving, titan of the Victorian stage and the first actor to be knighted, eventually came to stay, briefly, at East Cliff Hall in Bournemouth. A peculiar but attractive compound of Scots baronial castle, Italian villa, French château and Bournemouth seaside bungalow, complete with lavish Art Nouveau interiors and a fountain in the entrance lobby, the house was always designed in and of itself as a dramatic location and was also intended as a magnet for theatrical celebrities. Sir Merton and Annie amply stuffed it with nineteenth-century British paintings, miscellaneous sculptures, and souvenirs of their extensive overseas holidays. Today the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum remains the late Victorian treasure house par excellence, and I can imagine few more vivid short-cuts into the culture and mindset of the late nineteenth-century haute bourgeoisie than an afternoon spent marvelling at the tons of accumulated trophies and bibelots cluttering its rooms or the acres of tastefully-exposed nipples adorning its walls. What the Russell-Cotes Museum also makes clear, even at its gloomiest, is the key place of drama in the Victorian imagination. After Irving's death in 1905, the Russell-Cotes bought many of Irving's personal effects at auction. Adding these to their existing collection of Irving memorabilia and other theatrical paintings and souvenirs, they converted the bedroom in which Irving had stayed into a permanent shrine to his memory. The Henry Irving Room would make an ideal introduction to most of the contents of this volume.

  6. Household Clearances in Victorian Fiction

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    David Trotter


    Full Text Available The deathbed apart, there are few scenes more profoundly disturbing in nineteenth-century fiction than the household clearance, or the process of 'selling up': the identification of domestic material goods for sale at auction, either in situ, or elsewhere. Of course, we shouldn't be surprised at this, if the Victorians took the idea of home anything like as seriously as they made out. How could such a violation or wilful sacrifice of domesticity not be profoundly disturbing? This essay argues that scenes of household clearance in nineteenth-century fiction possess a density and an edge which exceed any shock they might have administered to the sensibilities of the house-proud. Such scenes expose to critical view an aspect of existence otherwise generally understood, then as now, not to require or to benefit from illumination. The aims of the essay are twofold: 1 to demonstrate the pervasiveness of scenes of household clearance in Victorian fiction, with reference to Dickens, Thackeray, Eliot, Hardy, and others; 2 to put forward an explanation for the imaginative charge they carry, which runs counter to a strong emphasis in the current understanding of nineteenth-century fiction's perspective on a newly abundant material culture.

  7. Dickens, Victorian Mental Sciences and Mnemonic Errancy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Greta Perletti


    Full Text Available While Dickens's alertness to debates about the physiology of the mind has been the subject of a number of critical investigations in the past two decades (especially with respect to Dickens's interest in mesmerism, this article investigates the relationship between Dickens's fiction and theories of memory within Victorian mental science. By focusing on a fantasy of 'memory extirpation' that was circulating in Victorian culture, this article reflects on the ways in which Dickens's writing engaged with (and perhaps even contributed to Victorian philosophical and psychological discourses on self and memory. Through an analysis of an emerging psychology of memory, this article shows how Dickens's fiction comes to terms with the risks that memory poses as well as its creative possibilities.

  8. Mulheres na sombra : great victorian women behind great victorian men


    Cavaco, Cristina Frois de Figueiredo Baptista, 1953-


    Tese de doutoramento, Estudos de Literatura e de Cultura (Estudos Ingleses), Universidade de Lisboa, Faculdade de Letras, 2011 A tese analisa e compara três percursos na era vitoriana, de Harriet Taylor, Emma Wedgwood e Ellen Ternan, e os respectivos contributos para as vidas e obras filosófica, científica e literária de John Stuart Mill, Charles Darwin e Charles Dickens, respectivamente. O objectivo deste trabalho, realizado no âmbito dos Estudos Culturais e no mais restrito d...

  9. Feminist Thinking on Education in Victorian England (United States)

    Schwartz, Laura


    This article examines some of the conversations that took place between women's rights advocates on the subject of female education. The relationship between Victorian feminism and educational reform was a complex one, and historians have long argued over whether campaigns for women's schools and colleges can be termed "feminist". This article…

  10. Moral Education in the Victorian Sunday School. (United States)

    Tholfsen, Trygve R.


    The teachings of the Victorian Sunday school reflected an evangelical subculture that had become comfortably adapted to the world around it. The social values of the middle and lower classes took their place beside traditional virtues of piety, charity, and honesty. (Author/KC)

  11. Streaming for Mathematics in Victorian Secondary Schools (United States)

    Forgasz, Helen


    Streaming (or ability grouping) for mathematics learning is a contentious issue. It can also be considered an issue of equity or social justice as some students may be adversely affected by the practice. Currently, the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) does not appear to have clear guidelines on streaming.…

  12. Female Researchers in Neo-Victorian Fiction

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lai-Ming Tammy Ho


    Full Text Available Neo-Victorian novelists sometimes use postgraduate students – trainee academics – who research nineteenth-century writers as protagonists. This article discusses four neo-Victorian novels, Lloyd Jones’s Mister Pip (2006, Justine Picardie’s Daphne (2008, A.N. Wilson’s A Jealous Ghost (2005 and Scarlett Thomas’s The End of Mr Y (2006, in which female postgraduate students take the centre stage. In Victorian literature, which mirrors the gender bias in the academic world and in society at large at that time, most scholars are male. The contemporary writers’ choice of female trainee academics is worth investigating as it speaks to the visibly changed gender make-up of contemporary academia. However, this utopian situation is complicated by the fact that the writers have chosen to frustrate the characters’ entry into the world of scholarship by having them leave the university environment altogether before the end of the novel. The fact that these females all choose to depart the university forms a contrast with notions of the university found in Victorian novels, in which leaving or not attending university might have detrimental effects on the characters.

  13. Sexual violence, marital guidance, and Victorian bodies: an aesthesiology. (United States)

    Bourke, Joanna


    This essay examines some of the emotional rules, encoded in grammars of representation and framed within law and prescriptive marital advice literature, regarding the expression of male sexual aggressivity within the bedroom. Despite the general Victorian idealization of marriage, many wives suffered physical and sexual abuse at the hands of their husbands, marital rape drawing particular attention from early feminists, psychologists, physicians, and evolutionary physiologists. In the 1870s, a belief that unrestrained sexual license was a symptom of degeneration led these commentators to consider marital rape particularly harmful to husbands. By the turn of the century, however, the focus of this harm had nominally shifted to women, who might become frigid if forced to submit to sex--a problem for wives but for husbands as well. As sexology and psychology gained greater influence, couples came to rely on the emotion-talk of commentators to negotiate mutually agreeable bedroom activity.

  14. Identification Crises: Victorian Women and Wayward Reading


    Knox, Marisa


    In the Victorian period, no assumption about female reading generated more ambivalence and anxiety than the supposedly feminine facility for identifying with fictional characters and plots. Simultaneously, no assumption about women's reading seemed to be more axiomatic. Conservatives and radicals, feminists and anti-feminists, artists and scientists, and novelists and critics throughout the long nineteenth century believed implicitly in women's essential tendency to internalize textual perspe...

  15. Coupled Climate Variability and Megadrought Over the Common Era and Implications For the 21st Century (United States)

    Stevenson, S.; Otto-Bliesner, B. L.; Fasullo, J.; Parsons, L. A.; Loope, G. R.


    Sustained megadrought events in arid regions pose significant risk to water resources, yet the mechanisms for generating these events remain unclear. A critical question is the degree to which coupled climate models can correctly represent the risk of megadrought; to date, this has been difficult to answer owing to the long timescales of internal variability and the relative rarity of long model simulations. Here, the CESM Last Millennium Ensemble is used to assess the effect of the El Nino/Southern Oscillation (ENSO), Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO), and Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO) on megadrought occurrence frequency, intensity, and duration. Megadrought persistence is strongly affected by ENSO amplitude in teleconnected regions such as western North America, southeast Asia, and Australia, via preferential initiation/termination of drought events by strong El Nino/La Nina events. Influences from other modes are less clear although sometimes becoming significant; this implies that correctly representing the relative strength of climate variability could greatly improve model-based megadrought risk estimates. Finally, the effects of climate change-induced shifts in the amplitude of ENSO and other climate modes on future megadrought properties are analyzed using the CESM Large Ensemble.

  16. The transit of Venus enterprise in Victorian Britain

    CERN Document Server

    Ratcliff, Jessica


    In nineteenth century, the British Government spent money measuring the distance between the earth and the sun using observations of the transit of Venus. This book presents a narrative of the two Victorian transit programmes. It draws out their cultural significance and explores the nature of 'big science' in late-Victorian Britain.

  17. Being Lister: ethos and Victorian medical discourse. (United States)

    Connor, J J; Connor, J T H


    Stylistic analysis and rhetorical theory are used in this study to inform our understanding of impediments to the successful uptake of a new medical idea. Through examination of the work of the Victorian surgeon Joseph Lister, who was described by one biographer as suffering from "stylistic ham-handedness", the study provides insights into the difficulty that Lister had in explaining his theory of antiseptic surgery. Using three comparisons-Lister's scientific style in public discourse with that of his students, and Lister's scientific style in private discourse with those of both a surbordinate and a superior-the study suggests that the rhetorical concept of ethos played a major role in his communication difficulties. In this way, it presents a more nuanced perspective on modern presentations of "model" communications versus communication failures: that is, that problematic written discourse offers as useful a heuristic device as does exemplary discourse.

  18. The natural theology of Victorian industry. (United States)

    Fisher, Nick


    As clergymen in Britain celebrated the Great Exhibition in the summer of 1851 and drew appropriate moral lessons, there was widespread agreement that the triumphs of industry on display represented the fulfilment of God's will. The basic assumption was that overcoming God's curse on Adam had been possible only through sustained hard work - industry in the early Victorian sense - and that this imperative work ethic had always been God's intention for mankind. In elaborating the details, preachers combined the British tradition of natural theology with the Scottish Enlightenment's progressive science of man to paint a picture of the slow recovery of man from the Fall through his own industry. This was the very story of civilization itself, with God the driving force. The celebrants were quite clear that it was divine providence that had ordained the greatness of Great Britain. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  19. By-Product of Industrialization: The Victorian Myth (United States)

    Intercom, 1976


    A case study designed to provide a picture of sex stereotypes in Europe and America before and after the industrial revolution. Qualities most often exhibited and admired by Victorian men and women are described. (Author/DB)

  20. Representations of Lovesickness in Victorian Literature

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hatice Övgü Tüzün


    Full Text Available Given the central place it occupies in human life and relations, it is hardly surprising that romantic love as well as the distress caused by unrequited love is a universal phenomenon that has been explored by numerous writers over the years. Passionate love can be defined as a state of intense desire for fusion with another. When love is reciprocated and union is achieved, the lover feels a sense of fulfilment and joyful ecstasy. If the lover is rejected or scorned, however, s/he is overwhelmed with an acute sensation of emptiness, often accompanied with feelings of anxiety and despair. For the purposes of this article, I will focus on representations of lovesickness in two novels from the Victorian period: Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte and The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins. Drawing on the sociologist Eva Illouz’ Why Love Hurts? and the psychologist Dorothy Tennov’s conceptualization of love and limerence, I will examine how the emotional trauma experienced by Catherine and Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights and Rosanna Spearman in The Moonstone causes all three characters to feel intense suffering and prolonged misery, leading - eventually - to their destruction.

  1. Walking Victorian Spitalfields with Israel Zangwill

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nadia Valman


    Full Text Available This article discusses Zangwill’s Spitalfields, a mobile app with content curated, written, and produced by Nadia Valman, Soda Ltd (developer and the Jewish Museum, London (archive collaborator. The app uses Israel Zangwill’s novel 'Children of the Ghetto' (1892 as a walking guide to the Jewish immigrant subculture of Victorian Spitalfields, east London, which the novel describes at a moment of critical change. Zangwill’s Spitalfields exploits the app’s potential for bringing together a range of digital sources including archive photographs, museum objects, and oral history recordings with the user’s observations of the physical environment, to produce an experience that is both immersive and multivocal. Mobile digital technology has provided a new interpretive context for the Jewish Museum’s collection, and animated previously unmarked monuments in Spitalfields. By drawing on the user’s experience of walking in present-day Spitalfields, the app also intervenes into a historiography increasingly shaped by nostalgia.

  2. Mid-Victorian science museums and exhibitions: 'the industrial amusement and instruction of the people'. (United States)

    Lightman, Bernard


    The Royal Polytechnic Institution, Wyld's Globe and the Royal Panopticon were part of a family of institutions that existed in the post-Great Exhibition era that shared a common approach to popularizing science based on the blending of education and entertainment. Studying them helps us to understand the Victorian fascination with science, especially in the third quarter of the century. It draws our attention to the important role of popularizers of science who worked in these museums and exhibitions. Once their role is added to our account of the cult of science, a very different picture emerges that forces us to reconsider the standard story of the dominance of the scientific scene in the second half of the century by figures such as Darwin, Huxley and Tyndall. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  3. The Victorian Meme Machine: Remixing the Nineteenth-Century Archive

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bob Nicholson


    Full Text Available In summer 2014 Bob Nicholson began working with the British Library Labs on a new project that aims to find and revive Victorian jokes. It began with two key aims: to build a high-quality, open access, research database of one million Victorian jokes; and to share these jokes with modern audiences in creative new ways, including the use of images, videos, performances, and social media. This article explains the rationale behind the project and outlines the work done so far. Part one explains why Victorian jokes are worthy of academic attention and demonstrates how the most laboured of puns can reveal new insights into nineteenth-century culture and society. Part two explores the relationship between Victorian jokes and existing digital archives and considers the pros and cons of liberating them from the restrictions imposed by these collections. Finally, part three documents the progress made so far. In particular, it reflects on the development of the ‘Mechanical Comedian’ tool and attempts to release one hundred ‘remixed’ versions of Victorian jokes onto social media.

  4. Introduction: Victorian Fiction and the Material Imagination

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Victoria Mills


    Full Text Available How should we deal with the ‘stuff' in books? This is the question addressed in the lead articles of the Spring 2008 issue of 19, all of which focus on some aspect of the material in relation to Victorian fiction. Gas, rocks, jewellery, automata and the entire contents of houses are examined in essays that explore the material imagination of Dickens, Hardy, George Eliot and Thackeray, among others. Moving forward from the previous edition, which different types of collected object, here contributors examine how the material is brought into collision with literature. The phrase 'material imagination' can be traced to the work of Gaston Bachelard who identifies two types of imagination, the formal and the material. Whereas the former focuses on surfaces and the visual perception of images, the latter consists of '…this amazing need for penetration which, going beyond the attractions of the imagination of forms, thinks matter, dreams in it, lives in it, or, in other words, materializes the imaginary'. As Bachelard suggests, the material imagination involves more than just a focus on the representation of objects and the contributions to this edition explore such wide ranging subjects as the gender politics of ownership, dispossession, the body as object, the politics of collecting and display and the dichotomy between the material and immaterial. In addition, this edition features a forum on digitisation and materiality. We are particularly pleased to be able to make use of 19's digital publishing format to further debates about digital media. In the forum, five contributors respond to a series of questions about the nature of the virtual object. All five have worked or are working on nineteenth-century digitisation projects so they are uniquely placed to consider issues surrounding representation and the nature of digital space.

  5. Viewpoint: Transatlantic Scholarship on Victorian Literature and Culture

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Isobel Armstrong


    Full Text Available This viewpoint offers a comparison of recent British and American criticism of Victorian literature and culture, encompassing Dickens, Tennyson, the epic and ethical criticism. Discussion centres on recent studies by Sally Ledger, Rosemarie Bodenheimer, Cornelia Pearsall, Kirstie Blair, Simon Dentith, Herbert Tucker, Andrew Miller and Mike Sanders.

  6. The new Victorians: The joys of scientific correspondence

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Cutler, A.


    'My dear Hooker,' wrote Charles Darwin to Joseph Hooker on 6 March 1844, 'I will not lose a post in guarding you against what I am afraid is . . . labour in vain.' This urgent warning went by post, because Darwin had no option: he had no telephone. What the Victorians did have, however, was a

  7. Fundamental cosmology in the E-ELT era: the status and future role of tests of fundamental coupling stability (United States)

    Martins, C. J. A. P.


    The observational evidence for the recent acceleration of the universe demonstrates that canonical theories of cosmology and particle physics are incomplete—if not incorrect—and that new physics is out there, waiting to be discovered. The most fundamental task for the next generation of astrophysical facilities is therefore to search for, identify and ultimately characterise this new physics. Here we highlight recent efforts along these lines, mostly focusing on ongoing work by CAUP's Dark Side Team aiming to develop some of the science case and optimise observational strategies for forthcoming facilities. The discussion is centred on tests of the stability of fundamental couplings (since the provide a direct handle on new physics), but synergies with other probes are also briefly considered. The goal is to show how a new generation of precision consistency tests of the standard paradigm will soon become possible.

  8. Darwin and Reductionisms: Victorian, Neo-Darwinian and Postgenomic Biologies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Angelique Richardson


    Full Text Available This article compares the open-ended Darwinism of Charles Darwin, George Lewes, George Eliot and Thomas Hardy with reductive post-Weismann and early eugenist views and more recent neo-Darwinian ideas including literary Darwinism. It argues that some Victorians had a clear sense of the complexities of the natural world, and of the centrality of environment to life. This awareness contrasts with the processes of divorce and isolation that underpin neo-Darwinian understandings of evolutionary development. But biologists and philosophers of biology are now emphasising the complex and dynamic relations between organism and environment in ways that would have appealed to Darwin’s contemporaries. The article establishes that there are significant parallels between mid-Victorian and postgenomic thought.

  9. Savage numbers and the evolution of civilization in Victorian prehistory. (United States)

    Barany, Michael J


    This paper identifies 'savage numbers'--number-like or number-replacing concepts and practices attributed to peoples viewed as civilizationally inferior--as a crucial and hitherto unrecognized body of evidence in the first two decades of the Victorian science of prehistory. It traces the changing and often ambivalent status of savage numbers in the period after the 1858-1859 'time revolution' in the human sciences by following successive reappropriations of an iconic 1853 story from Francis Galton's African travels. In response to a fundamental lack of physical evidence concerning prehistoric men, savage numbers offered a readily available body of data that helped scholars envisage great extremes of civilizational lowliness in a way that was at once analysable and comparable, and anecdotes like Galton's made those data vivid and compelling. Moreover, they provided a simple and direct means of conceiving of the progressive scale of civilizational development, uniting societies and races past and present, at the heart of Victorian scientific racism.

  10. W. Henry Robinson: Popularising astronomy in Victorian Walsall and Birmingham (United States)

    Williams, S.

    William Henry Robinson was one of the most prominent citizens of Walsall, then part of Staffordshire, in the Victorian and Edwardian periods. An influential businessman, he managed to combine printing, publishing, editing a newspaper, writing books and poetry, maintaining a library and retail trading with founding the town's literary institute, and bringing the scientists, explorers, authors and cultural pursuits of the day to his home town. An amateur astronomer in his own right, Robinson was instrumental in setting up the BAA's Midland Branch.

  11. Blast furnace coke substitutes from Victorian brown coal


    Mollah, Mamun


    Iron is usually produced from its ores using coke in a blast furnace (BF). Coke, a hard and macroporous carbon material, is produced from special coals (coking coals) and acts as fuel, smelting agent, and the permeable support for the charge to the BF. No material can completely replace coke in a BF. Coking coals are becoming harder (and more expensive) to obtain. Victorian brown coal (VBC) is accessible, cheap, with low mineral concentrations, which is favourable for iron production in a BF....

  12. Medusa as the story of Victorian feminine identity

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Simona Catrinel Avarvarei


    Full Text Available Medusa as the story of Victorian feminine identity Abstract  This paper scans the meandering paths of a quest through the realms of womanly self and its articulateness in (robust constructs of individuality. We have departed from a paradigm of interpretation related to a mythological figure, dual in itself, namely the Medusa, perceived as either mask, or face – which has always fascinated with her tragic beauty. It is within the semantics of the word fascinum – charm, evil spirit but also virile member – where the attributes of an age, the Victorian time, that was equally fascinating, as it was whirling and powerful, lie hidden. This paper focuses on artistic reflections of Victorian femininity in an effort to examine how it contributed to the ever-changing definition and search of female gender identities at times of hegemonic masculinities. Art and fiction articulate some of the more powerful challenges. If philosophy encapsulates phallogocentrism, as Derrida points out, fiction, he claims, is an invagination, namely a creation of differences where no term spells self-sufficiency.

  13. Peculiarities of Speech Behavior of Women-outsiders of Victorian Epoch: Aspects of Interdisciplinary Approach (on the Material of Florence Nightingale and Mary Kingsley

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elena V. Manzheleevskaya


    Full Text Available In this article, the phenomenon of human speech behavior is considered in its connection with such non-linguistic disciplines as: biology, psychology, logics. These branches of scientific knowledge provide basic data for the study of verbal behavior in linguistics. These data include information on factors that affect the behavior of living beings, what role in the formation of human behavioral characteristics plays the ability to abstract and demands. Psychology also provides the linguist with developments on the expectations theory, type of expectations determines the intensity of speech efforts to meet its communication needs. Active or inactive speech manner with age becomes a speech habit, i.e., nuance of the verbal behavior. The article presents the confirmation of the hypothesis of active verbal behavior dominance of womenoutsiders of Victorian era. Throughout their life, they had to overcome rejection and condemnation of the Victorian society. In their writings on medicine and geography Victorians F. Nightingale and M. Kingsley, who contradicted generally accepted standards, actualized much more intense impact on their contemporaries in the choice of speech acting emphasis signals than their malecontemporaries. Such a manner of speech interaction with contemporaries had developed in these women by adulthood (35-40 years due to the negative experience of interaction with the contemporary society.

  14. Eminent Victorian dentistry. 1. John Ruskin and the patient experience of Victorian dentistry. Ruskin's dentist, Alfred James Woodhouse. (United States)

    Bishop, M G H


    This paper describes the relationship between John Ruskin [1819-1900] the Victorian artist, writer, and critic, and Alfred James Woodhouse [1824-1906], the dentist who cared for him from 1866 to 1883. Although Ruskin was perhaps not quite as eccentric as a recent television series has portrayed him, he was certainly not conventional, and the relationship with his dentist was also not entirely conventional.

  15. Weiblichkeitsentwürfe viktorianischer Literatur Concepts of Femininity in Victorian Literature

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andrea Rönz


    Full Text Available Die viktorianische Epoche verzeichnet einen überproportionalen Zuwachs an Schriftstellerinnen besonders im Bereich des Romans, aber auch innerhalb der übrigen literarischen Gattungen. Autorinnen wie Charlotte und Emily Brontë, Mary Elizabeth Braddon, Christina Rossetti oder Harriet Martineau reflektieren in ihren Schriften eine Gesellschaft, in deren Ideologie die Rolle der Frau als „Angel of the House“ definiert wurde. Silvia Mergenthal untersucht anhand ausführlicher Beispiele die Darstellung der konkreten Perspektiven britischer Frauen in Texten des 19. Jahrhunderts.The Victorian era marks a disproportionate increase of female authors, particularly of novels but also of other literary genres. Authors such as Charlotte and Emily Brontë, Mary Elizabeth Braddon, Christina Rossetti or Harriet Martineau reflect a society in which the role of the woman is ideologically defined as the „angel of the house“ in their writings. Silvia Mergenthal examines the actual perspectives of British women from Nineteenth Century texts, using extensive examples.

  16. ERA-40 (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — ERA-40 project was to produce and promote the use of a comprehensive set of global analysis describing the state of the atmosphere and land and ocean-wave conditions...

  17. Farming suicides during the Victorian drought: 2001-2007. (United States)

    Guiney, Robyn


    The objective of this study was to determine whether farming suicides increased in Victoria during the prolonged drought in south eastern Australia and gain an understanding of Victorian farming suicides during the period. Intentional self-harm deaths of farmers and primary producers notified to the Victorian State Coroner from 2001 to 2007 were examined to identify characteristics and determine whether the annual number of farming suicides increased. Farming suicides accounted for just over 3% of Victorian suicides. The total number of farming suicides was 110 for the period and ranged between 11 and 19 deaths per year, rising and falling inconsistently from year to year. Males accounted for nearly 95% of farming suicides, with firearms and hanging the most frequently used methods, and most deaths occurring between 30 and 59 years of age. The small number of relevant cases and fluctuations in the annual number of deaths provides no evidence of a pattern of increasing farming suicides during the drought years, when there was approximately one suicide every 3 weeks. Given the elevated suicide risk in male farmers and association with multiple psychosocial and environmental factors, it cannot be concluded, however, that suicide risk itself did not increase during this period of heightened uncertainty and stress. Drought should not be dismissed among the many risk factors, and it is possible that increased mental health awareness and community support programs targeting drought-affected areas contributed to improved management of stress and suicide risk in regional and rural Victoria over the past decade. © 2012 The Author. Australian Journal of Rural Health © National Rural Health Alliance Inc.

  18. Tsuda Umeko and a Transnational Network Supporting Women's Higher Education in Japan during the Victorian Era (United States)

    Johnson, Linda


    Having limited access to colleges and universities offering women the same educational opportunities available to men, elite women of the 19th century crossed national borders for advanced study and teaching opportunities. The career of Tsuda Umeko, founder of one of the first private institutions of higher education for women in Japan, leader in…

  19. Catholics, science and civic culture in Victorian Belfast. (United States)

    Finnegan, Diarmid A; Wright, Jonathan Jeffrey


    The connections between science and civic culture in the Victorian period have been extensively, and intensively, investigated over the past several decades. Limited attention, however, has been paid to Irish urban contexts. Roman Catholic attitudes towards science in the nineteenth century have also been neglected beyond a rather restricted set of thinkers and topics. This paper is offered as a contribution to addressing these lacunae, and examines in detail the complexities involved in Catholic engagement with science in Victorian Belfast. The political and civic geographies of Catholic involvement in scientific discussions in a divided town are uncovered through an examination of five episodes in the unfolding history of Belfast's intellectual culture. The paper stresses the importance of attending to the particularities of local politics and scientific debate for understanding the complex realities of Catholic appropriations of science in a period and urban context profoundly shaped by competing political and religious factions. It also reflects more generally on how the Belfast story supplements and challenges scholarship on the historical relations between Catholicism and science.

  20. Can soil change be assessed for the Victorian dairy industry? (United States)

    Aarons, Sharon R.; Crawford, Douglas; Imhof, Mark; Gourley, Cameron


    Meeting the increased demand for dairy products will require careful management of soils to minimise land degradation and sustain increased production. Key to providing farmers with the tools to manage their soils sustainably, is firstly understanding the soil types currently managed by dairy farmers, and secondly quantifying changes in soil properties in response to management. The Victorian Land Use Information System was interrogated to identify dairy land parcels and these data overlaid on soil survey information to identify the dominant soil orders managed by dairy farmers in the three dairy regions of Victoria. Of the approximately 590,000 hectares of dairy land identified across the state, Sodosols (33%), Chromosols (20%), Dermosols (16%), and Vertosols (11%) are the major soil Orders represented, although the dominant soil Orders vary for each region. Legacy data from research and extension activities undertaken between 1995 and 2010 were collated to understand regional differences in dairy soil properties. All soil properties were significantly and positively skewed with higher median pH, EC and available K in northern Victorian soils. Further analysis compared the 1995 to 2010 data with data from samples analysed by the government analytical laboratory between 1973 and 1980 to assess any differences over 38 years. The older soil chemical data were also positively skewed but had lower median soil pH, Olsen P and available K, consistent with the greater use of inputs by the industry in more recent years.

  1. The issues of translating Flaubert and Zola in victorian England

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Denise Merkle


    Full Text Available The late-Victorian two-tier public (circulating libraries, e.g., Mudie’s Select Library and private (secret literary societies, e.g. The Lutetian Society publishing field was at the centre of profound social transformations tied to literacy. The hierarchical structure of the field reveals the degree to which speech has traditionally been controlled in Britain, in alignment with the country’s rigid class structure. This reality marks a sharp contrast with the generally held view that Great Britain has historically been a model of free speech and democratic values. The article explains that the bourgeoning moral majority preoccupied with protecting the moral integrity of newly literate working class readers and women readers of all classes wished to quell the perceived scourge of pornography, believed to be promoted by dissolute foreigners and British aristocrats. In order to avoid prosecution, editors and translators needed to consider not only patterns of reader expectations, but also the discursive constraints that aligned with Victorian values. An example of an editor who overestimated the degree of freedom of expression was Henry Vizetelly, who attempted to provide working class and female readers with translations of Zola’s and Flaubert’s works. While Madame Bovary was not banned by the courts, many of Zola’s novels were.

  2. Selling Sentiment: The Commodification of Emotion in Victorian Visual Culture

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sonia Solicari


    Full Text Available This essay argues that the Victorian sentimental impulse was motivated by the sharing of emotion and the dynamics of communal and interactive feeling. Integral to the popularity of sentiment was its recognition factor by means of established tropes and conventions. Arguably, the same familiarity that made narrative art accessible also made advertising successful and many of the same motifs ran from exhibition watercolours to book illustration to posters. Works of sentiment operated as emotional souvenirs so that material proof of feeling could be easily digested, displayed and revisited. The essay looks closer at the investment of emotion in ephemeral images, such as music-sheet covers, and the ways in which forms of feeling were standardised and reproduced in keeping with a new art-buying public and the possibilities of wider image dissemination. Focusing upon issues raised during the curation of a current exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum ( 'A Show of Emotion: Victorian Sentiment in Prints and Drawings', 7 Dec 2006 – 10 Sep 2007 this essay explores the ways in which the sentimental pervaded nineteenth-century visual culture and how, in the cut-throat commercial world of image production, sentiment became manifest and identifiable if only as a notional phenomenon.


    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Paul B. Pettitt; Mark J. White


    ... 1880s authors had constructed a basic paradigm of what 'primitive' human life was like. Here we examine the development of Victorian palaeoanthropology for what it reveals of the development of notions of cognitive evolution...

  4. Sympathetic science: Charles Darwin, Joseph Hooker, and the passions of Victorian naturalists. (United States)

    Endersby, Jim


    This essay examines the complex tangle of emotional and scientific attachments that linked Darwin and botanist Joseph Dalton Hooker. Analyzing their roles as husbands, fathers, and novel readers demonstrates that possessing and expressing sympathy was as important for Victorian naturalists as it was for Victorian husbands. Sympathy was a scientific skill that Victorian naturalists regarded as necessary to fully understand the living world; although sympathy became increasingly gendered as feminine over the course of the century, its importance to male naturalists requires us to rethink the ways gender roles were negotiated in Victorian Britain. Botany was, for men like Darwin and Hooker, an acceptably masculine pursuit that nevertheless allowed--and even required--them to be sensitive and sympathetic.

  5. Suffrage Movement and the Subversion of the ‘Juridico-Discursive’ Power in the Victorian Period: Elizabeth Robins and The Concept of 'New Women'

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Esmaeil Najar


    Full Text Available This paper examines the socio-historical subversion of ‘juridico-discursive’ power in the late Victorian period. It briefly investigates the rise of the British suffrage movement and highlights the role of ‘suffrage drama’ as its social apparatus. The authors demonstrate how suffrage artists, especially the playwright/actress Elizabeth Robins, acted against the dominant patriarchal hegemony and were in frontline of social uprisings. It is argued that ‘Suffrage drama’ as a ‘place of tolerance’ functioned as an antithesis to the mainstream theatre and challenged the conventional dramatic forms practiced prior to its birth. Suffrage drama provided a space for women to have their collective voice heard in a social and political context in the early Victorian era. Elizabeth Robins, mostly acknowledged for enacting women heroines of Ibsen’s plays, became an invaluable inspirational figure for suffrage women as she was the actress in whom the strong concept of the ‘New Woman’ was incarnated.

  6. The Gentleman Artist-Surgeon in Late Victorian Group Portraiture (United States)

    Hammerschlag, Keren Rosa


    In this article I consider the ways in which group portraits of surgeons, a genre associated with inscriptions of corporate membership and institutional authority, reflected the complex and at times contradictory status of surgeons during the late Victorian period. Group portraits from this period offer a diverse range of representations of surgeons – from middle-class professional to hygiene reformer, scientist to cultured gentleman – all of which worked against the popular conception of the surgeon as manual labourer and bloody carpenter. In particular, the emergence during the period of the gentleman artist-surgeon, exemplified by the celebrity surgeon and amateur artist Henry Thompson (1820–1904), signalled a new incarnation of the surgeon and offered an alternative to both the stereotypes of the surgeon as manual labourer and the surgeon or middle-class professional. But there were complexities and contradictions that beset the identity of the gentleman artist-surgeon, and these will be considered with reference to Thompson’s own novel, Charley Kingston’s Aunt (1885). PMID:27904434


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ratna Asmarani


    Full Text Available The aim of the paper entitled ―Victorian Femme Fatale in Mary Elizabeth Braddon‘s Novel Entitled Lady Audley‟s Secret‖ is to analyze the intricate life of the female main character as a representation of Victorian femme fatale. Feminist criticism and gynocritics are used as a frame of analysis supported by the concepts of femme fatale, fatalism, and Victorian femininity. The result indicates that although femme fatale is fatal to men, she leads a fatalistic life in a patriarchal Victorian society. Her success to pursue a wealthy life using her femininity is short-lived followed by years of exile in a private and luxurious asylum. Through her portrayal of the female main character‘s life as a femme fatale, the female writer launches two-edged criticism. She criticizes the woman who exploits her femininity to get excessive material gain and at the same time she criticizes the Victorian society which prevents a single (-parent woman to have a decent life using her skills not her femininity.

  8. Continuing education programme - Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine. (United States)

    Gall, J A; Ranson, D L


    With the increasing requirement of the courts for forensic experts to engage in ongoing education, a continuing education programme (CEP) was developed in the field of clinical forensic medicine at the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine in 1996. This programme has been described and was initially established to provide a means of education for the contracted forensic medical officers who provide forensic services to the police via the Institute throughout the State of Victoria. Owing to the sparsity of the population and the considerable distances between forensic practitioners, the CEP was designed to cater for individuals who are working alone: in effect, a distance education programme. Forensic pathologists expressed interest in the programme and it was subsequently modified to include forensic pathology cases. Currently, the programme caters for both clinicians and pathologists, and takes the form of four to five cases with related questions which are circulated several times per year. The cases include a mixture of both challenging and ordinary procedural types that may present to practitioners working in either clinical forensic medicine or forensic pathology, or both. The areas covered include: * injury interpretation * procedural matters in relation to adult and child sexual and physical assault * pharmacology/toxicology interpretation of findings * medico-legal issues (e.g. confidentiality, consent, etc.) * issues relating to alcohol and drugs * traffic medicine * clinical and legal aspects of sudden natural death * suspicious deaths * suicide * interpretation of findings at autopsy * fitness for interview * fitness to plead * psychiatric issues * general clinical medical issues. The presentation of each case includes relevant and appropriate details/findings and may include photographs. A series of questions follow which are answered in either short answer or multiple-choice format. The answers are returned and are correlated by a review panel of

  9. Depictions of females and males in Mozambican and Victorian (Australia primary mathematics textbooks

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adelino Evaristo Murimo


    Full Text Available The depiction of females and males in Mozambican Primary Mathematics textbooks for grades 6 and 7 were examined, and comparisons made with Victorian  (Australia textbooks for years 5 and 6. It was found that mathematics learning was portrayed as a  male domain in the Mozambican textbooks, reflecting what used to be the case with Australian texts of the 1970s, although there are some differences between the two countries that may be culturally based. The Victorian textbooks depicted mathematics learning as a domain for all children, and in the majority of categories examined, females and males were distributed fairly evenly. Compared to earlier reported findings, there was a general improvement in the portrayal of females in Victorian textbooks.

  10. A conflict of analysis: analytical chemistry and milk adulteration in Victorian Britain. (United States)

    Steere-Williams, Jacob


    This article centres on a particularly intense debate within British analytical chemistry in the late nineteenth century, between local public analysts and the government chemists of the Inland Revenue Service. The two groups differed in both practical methodologies and in the interpretation of analytical findings. The most striking debates in this period were related to milk analysis, highlighted especially in Victorian courtrooms. It was in protracted court cases, such as the well known Manchester Milk Case in 1883, that analytical chemistry was performed between local public analysts and the government chemists, who were often both used as expert witnesses. Victorian courtrooms were thus important sites in the context of the uneven professionalisation of chemistry. I use this tension to highlight what Christopher Hamlin has called the defining feature of Victorian public health, namely conflicts of professional jurisdiction, which adds nuance to histories of the struggle of professionalisation and public credibility in analytical chemistry.

  11. A discourse analysis of giftedness education policy in Victorian state education 1975-1994


    Glover, Carol Ann


    The development of giftedness education in Victorian state schools reflects a history of its support and resistance. Using an approach to discourse analysis based on Dant’s (1991) method of the ‘exchange of meaning’ this study focusses on the elements of power and resistance in discourse that are involved in the ideological construction of giftedness policy in the Victorian state education system. A wide selection of policy documents, dating from 1975-1994, are analysed to desc...

  12. Games of Character: Team Sports, Games, and Character Development in Victorian Public Schools, 1850-1900 (United States)

    Dishon, Gideon


    This article examines the ascendance of team sports as tools of "character building" in British Victorian public schools in the second half of the nineteenth century. The focus of this enquiry is the commonly overlooked pedagogical innovation underlying this process--the utilisation of "organised games" as educational tools.…

  13. Trauma case review: A quality and safety feature of the Victorian State Trauma System. (United States)

    Pinto, Carolyn; Cameron, Peter A; Gabbe, Belinda; McLellan, Susan; Walker, Tony


    The aim of the present study was to describe the trauma case review process and its role in a regionalised trauma system. Victoria has a population of 5.9 million people, accounting for 26% of Australia's population. Victoria has been serviced by an inclusive, organised trauma system since 2000 comprising 138 health services with trauma designations and three major trauma services. Pre- and interhospital guidelines prescribe the timely transport of patients to the appropriate level of trauma service. A review of the role and contribution of 10 years of operation of the trauma case review group (CRG) was undertaken to describe the aims, processes and governance surrounding the implementation of an individual case review for specified major trauma patients. Specified patients were those identified by the Victorian State Trauma Registry as being managed outside of established Victorian State Trauma System prehospital and interhospital guidelines. A state-wide trauma case review process was implemented across the trauma system using data-informed detection flags and screening criteria. Using data from the Victorian State Trauma Registry, detection flags were correlated with patients at risk of a poorer outcome, thereby ensuring that all patients managed outside of the requirements of established trauma triage and transfer guidelines were subject to review. The CRG provides an individual review process as a technique for assessing and monitoring major trauma patient care and compliance with trauma system triage and transfer guidelines. The process has been effective as a quality and safety strategy by improving clinician knowledge of major trauma triage and transfer guidelines and facilitating improved compliance, particularly with interhospital transfers. Strong compliance has been achieved from health services with the requirement to internally review and respond to CRG concerns regarding 'high-risk' trauma cases. Anecdotal feedback from health services regarding

  14. The flux and reflux of science: The study of the tides and the organization of early Victorian science (United States)

    Reidy, Michael Sean


    For a fortnight in June, 1835, nine countries observed simultaneously the oceanic tides bordering their countries and their possessions. Over 650 tidal stations participated. This multi-national venture, which William Whewell affirmed to include the most ``multiplied and extensive observations yet encountered in science,'' was prototypical of what Susan Faye Cannon has termed ``Humboldtian science.'' This dissertation demonstrates how the beginnings of the politics of imperialism, the economics of a worldwide export trade, and the extensive diffusion of science to the middle and working classes laid the foundation for the increasing expansiveness Humboldtian research and the fruitful connection between science and government. The social matrix and internal mechanisms of this tidal research demonstrates that Humboldtian initiatives relied on a broad base of support and activity. This included significant contributions from Missionary Societies, the British Association, and especially the British Admiralty, from the Preventive Coast Guard to the Duke of Wellington, then Foreign Secretary. I also stress the essential contribution of the working-classes, a group previous historiography often described as mere data collectors. I uncover their roles in not only gathering data, but in initiating research topics, building self- registering instruments, reducing observational data, and advancing mathematical methods of analysis. Whewell's twenty-year research project helped him formulate what it was to do science and placed him at the forefront of the emerging profession of science in the early Victorian era. His approach to tidology was culled from a study of its history and philosophy and followed two major lines of research. The first entailed finding the phenomenological laws of the tides through long-term observations. His second approach entailed short-term but simultaneous observations along the entire coast of Great Britain, and eventually Europe and America

  15. Little Dorrit’s Fourth Volume. Twenty-first Century Remediation of a Victorian Classic

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Simonetta Falchi


    Full Text Available The current interest in the Victorian period is particularly evident in the multitude of successful period dramas and cinema productions deriving their inspiration from Victorian history and culture. Dickens’s Little Dorrit, generated by the difficulties of understanding a ‘new’ world dominated by more and more complicated machines, and markets, is possibly the ideal paradigm to explore this ‘Victorianomania’ because this novel strikes us “no less forcefully today in its indictment of society's ability to destroy through greed and crushing self-interest” (Kirschner 2009.This study carries out a threefold analysis of Little Dorrit's remediation in the twenty-first century: visual remediation – Xue’s 2012 Little Dorrit; audio-visual remediation – the BBC series; and web remediation – fan fiction – in order to investigate Dickens’s appeal and longevity in contemporary media.

  16. Cave men: stone tools, Victorian science, and the 'primitive mind' of deep time. (United States)

    Pettitt, Paul B; White, Mark J


    Palaeoanthropology, the study of the evolution of humanity, arose in the nineteenth century. Excavations in Europe uncovered a series of archaeological sediments which provided proof that the antiquity of human life on Earth was far longer than the biblical six thousand years, and by the 1880s authors had constructed a basic paradigm of what 'primitive' human life was like. Here we examine the development of Victorian palaeoanthropology for what it reveals of the development of notions of cognitive evolution. It seems that Victorian specialists rarely addressed cognitive evolution explicitly, although several assumptions were generally made that arose from preconceptions derived from contemporary 'primitive' peoples. We identify three main phases of development of notions of the primitive mind in the period.

  17. Reflexivity, the role of history, and the case of mesmerism in early Victorian Britain. (United States)

    Lamont, Peter


    As part of a wider argument that history is essential to psychological understanding because of the reflexive nature of psychological knowledge, this article examines the case of mesmerism in early Victorian Britain as an example of how psychological knowledge is both constructive and constructed. It is argued that the shift from "mesmerism" to "hypnotism" was a change in understanding that created a new kind of psychological experience. It is also argued that demonstrations of mesmerism, far from being self-evident facts, could be framed as evidence either for or against the central claims of mesmerism. It is concluded that the case of mesmerism in early Victorian Britain provides a further example of the need for historical understanding within Psychology.

  18. The inclusion of aural comprehension in the Victorian Certificate of Education music performance study design


    Jacob, Robert


    This research is principally concerned with the introduction of the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE). This curriculum was trialed in 1987 and was fully implemented in 1992. The political and educational context of this change as well as the role of aural comprehension in this music curriculum compared with the dominant Higher School Certificate (HSC) (Group 1) it immediately replaced will also be investigated. An examination of the teaching of aural comprehension skills in the VCE mus...

  19. Dogs and Domesticity Reading the Dog in Victorian British Visual Culture


    Robson, Amy


    Edited version embargoed until 26.10.2018 Full version: Access restricted permanently due to 3rd party copyright restrictions. Restriction set on 26.10.2017 by SE, Doctoral College The central aim of this thesis is to critically examine the values associated with dogs in Victorian British art and visual culture. It studies the redefining and restructuring of the domestic dog as it was conceptualized in visual culture and the art market. It proposes that the dog was strongly associated w...

  20. Sleep duration and risk of obesity among a sample of Victorian school children


    Bridget Morrissey; Mary Malakellis; Jill Whelan; Lynne Millar; Boyd Swinburn; Steven Allender; Claudia Strugnell


    Abstract Background Insufficient sleep is potentially an important modifiable risk factor for obesity and poor physical activity and sedentary behaviours among children. However, inconsistencies across studies highlight the need for more objective measures. This paper examines the relationship between sleep duration and objectively measured physical activity, sedentary time and weight status, among a sample of Victorian Primary School children. Methods A sub-sample of 298 grades four (n = 157...

  1. Sleep duration and risk of obesity among a sample of Victorian school children


    Morrissey, Bridget; Malakellis, Mary; Whelan, Jill; Millar, Lynne; Swinburn, Boyd; Allender, Steven; Strugnell, Claudia


    Background Insufficient sleep is potentially an important modifiable risk factor for obesity and poor physical activity and sedentary behaviours among children. However, inconsistencies across studies highlight the need for more objective measures. This paper examines the relationship between sleep duration and objectively measured physical activity, sedentary time and weight status, among a sample of Victorian Primary School children. Methods A sub-sample of 298 grades four (n?=?157) and six...

  2. The new Victorians? Celebrity charity and the demise of the welfare state


    Littler, J.


    This article asks whether the expansion of celebrity involvement in charitable and humanitarian issues in Northern Europe and the US might be a comparable historical phenomenon with the philanthropic endeavours of prominent nineteenth-century persons. The article notes that the conspicuous nature of star philanthropy in both Victorian times and the present is fairly dramatic in comparison with that of the mid twentieth century, when the welfare state and the New Deal were at their peak: a wel...

  3. The Victorian Gambling Screen: reliability and validation in a clinical population. (United States)

    Tolchard, B; Battersby, M W


    There is a need to establish reliability and the various forms of validity in all measures in order to feel confident in the use of such tools across a wide diversity of settings. The aim of this study is to describe the reliability and validity of the Victorian Gambling Screen (VGS) and in particular one of the sub-scales (Harm to Self-HS) in a specialist problem gambling treatment service in Adelaide, Australia. Sixty-seven consecutive gamblers were assessed using a previously validated clinical interview and the VGS (Ben-Tovim et al., The Victorian Gambling Screen: project report. Victorian Research Panel, Melbourne, 2001). The internal consistency of the combined VGS scales had a Cronbach's alpha of .85 with the HS scale .89. There was satisfactory evidence of convergent validity which included moderate correlations with another measure of gambling-the South Oaks Gambling Screen. There were also moderate correlations with other measures of psychopathology. Finally, how the VGS may best be used in clinical settings is discussed.

  4. Influenza vaccination uptake among Victorian healthcare workers: evaluating the success of a statewide program. (United States)

    Johnson, Sandra A; Bennett, Noleen; Bull, Ann L; Richards, Michael J; Worth, Leon J


    Annual influenza vaccination is recommended for all Australian healthcare workers (HCWs). In 2014, a target vaccination uptake of 75% was set for Victorian healthcare facilities. This study aimed to determine the 2014 uptake, describe trends over time and propose an enhanced reporting framework. Annual data submitted to the Victorian Healthcare Associated Infection Surveillance System (VICNISS) regarding HCW influenza were evaluated for 2005-2014. Faculty uptake - the number of vaccinations administered divided by total number of staff employed - was reported as a statewide aggregate and stratified by facility size (number of staff employed). In 2014, 78,885 HCWs were vaccinated across 93 healthcare facilities, corresponding to an overall uptake of 72.2%. During 2005-2014, small facilities (healthcare facility size categories, the highest uptake was observed in 2014. Influenza vaccination uptake in HCWs has successfully been introduced as a performance indicator in Victorian healthcare facilities and a peak uptake was reported in 2014. Varied trends are evident when uptake is stratified by number of employed HCWs, providing a feasible and meaningful method for benchmarking. © 2015 Public Health Association of Australia.

  5. Curing "moral disability": brain trauma and self-control in Victorian science and fiction. (United States)

    Schillace, Brandy L


    While, historically, the disabled body has appeared in literature as "monstrous," burgeoning psychological theories of the Victorian period predicated an unusual shift. In a culture of sexual anxiety and fears of devolution and moral decay, the physically disabled and "weak" are portrayed as strangely free from moral corruption. Unlike the cultural link between deviance and disability witnessed in the medical literature and eugenic approach to generation, authors of narrative fiction-particularly Charles Dickens, but Wilkie Collins, Charlotte Yonge, and others as well-portray disabled characters as "purified," and trauma itself as potentially sanitizing. This present paper argues that such constructions were made possible by developments in the treatment of insanity. "Curing 'Moral Disability': Brain Trauma and Self-Control in Victorian Fiction," examines the concept of trauma-as-cure. Throughout the Victorian period, case studies on brain trauma appeared in widely circulated journals like the Lancet, concurrently with burgeoning theories about psychological disturbance and "moral insanity." While not widely practiced until the early twentieth century, attempts at surgical "cures" aroused curiosity and speculation-the traumatic event that could free sufferers from deviance. This work provides a unique perspective on representations of disability as cure in the nineteenth century as a means of giving voice to the marginalized, disabled, and disempowered.

  6. Differentiation of Victorian brown coal lithotypes as revealed by thermally desorbable biomarkers

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Li Maowen; Johns, R.B. (Melbourne Univ., Parkville (Australia))


    TD/GC/MS analyses of a profile of Victorian brown coal lithotypes are reported. Specifically, weight loss on TD, triterpenoid and diterpenoid hydrocarbons, and trimethylnaphthalene isomers are considered as lithotype differentiators. In this initial use of biomarkers released by thermal desorption to characterise lithotypes, evidence is reported for differences in angiosperm/gymnosperm contributions, variation in higher plant inputs and for distinct variations of bacterial biomass content of the lithotypes. Trimethylnaphthalenes also differentiate coal seams in the samples reported in this study. 4 figs., 1 tab., 16 refs.

  7. A Portrayal of Victorian Men and Women as Seen in O'neill's “the Grand Match”


    Kurnia, Nandy Intan


    This paper analyzes the portrayal of Victorian women and men in the poem of Moira O'Neill, entitled “The Grand Match”. The poem gives the description of men and women relationship related to the discussion of love and marriage. As one of Victorian female poets, O'Neill tries to satirize the relationship of women and men by portraying the love story of a stereotypical male fortune seeker, who marries a rich woman and denies his own feeling toward a young-charming woman. This study is an attemp...

  8. Development of South Australian-Victorian Prostate Cancer Health Outcomes Research Dataset. (United States)

    Ruseckaite, Rasa; Beckmann, Kerri; O'Callaghan, Michael; Roder, David; Moretti, Kim; Zalcberg, John; Millar, Jeremy; Evans, Sue


    Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed and prevalent malignancy reported to Australian cancer registries, with numerous studies from single institutions summarizing patient outcomes at individual hospitals or States. In order to provide an overview of patterns of care of men with prostate cancer across multiple institutions in Australia, a specialized dataset was developed. This dataset, containing amalgamated data from South Australian and Victorian prostate cancer registries, is called the South Australian-Victorian Prostate Cancer Health Outcomes Research Dataset (SA-VIC PCHORD). A total of 13,598 de-identified records of men with prostate cancer diagnosed and consented between 2008 and 2013 in South Australia and Victoria were merged into the SA-VIC PCHORD. SA-VIC PCHORD contains detailed information about socio-demographic, diagnostic and treatment characteristics of patients with prostate cancer in South Australia and Victoria. Data from individual registries are available to researchers and can be accessed under individual data access policies in each State. The SA-VIC PCHORD will be used for numerous studies summarizing trends in diagnostic characteristics, survival and patterns of care in men with prostate cancer in Victoria and South Australia. It is expected that in the future the SA-VIC PCHORD will become a principal component of the recently developed bi-national Australian and New Zealand Prostate Cancer Outcomes Registry to collect and report patterns of care and standardised patient reported outcome measures of men nation-wide in Australia and New Zealand.

  9. Sleep duration and risk of obesity among a sample of Victorian school children. (United States)

    Morrissey, Bridget; Malakellis, Mary; Whelan, Jill; Millar, Lynne; Swinburn, Boyd; Allender, Steven; Strugnell, Claudia


    Insufficient sleep is potentially an important modifiable risk factor for obesity and poor physical activity and sedentary behaviours among children. However, inconsistencies across studies highlight the need for more objective measures. This paper examines the relationship between sleep duration and objectively measured physical activity, sedentary time and weight status, among a sample of Victorian Primary School children. A sub-sample of 298 grades four (n = 157) and six (n = 132) Victorian primary school children (aged 9.2-13.2 years) with complete accelerometry and anthropometry data, from 39 schools, were taken from a pilot study of a larger state based cluster randomized control trial in 2013. Data comprised: researcher measured height and weight; accelerometry derived physical activity and sedentary time; and self-reported sleep duration and hypothesised confounding factors (e.g. age, gender and environmental factors). Compared with sufficient sleepers (67 %), those with insufficient sleep (sleep and objectively measured physical activity levels or sedentary time was found. The strong positive relationship between weight status and sleep deprivation merits further research though PA and sedentary time do not seem to be involved in the relationship. Strategies to improve sleep duration may help obesity prevention initiatives in the future.

  10. Iodine Intakes of Victorian Schoolchildren Measured Using 24-h Urinary Iodine Excretion

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kelsey Beckford


    Full Text Available Mandatory fortification of bread with iodized salt was introduced in Australia in 2009, and studies using spot urine collections conducted post fortification indicate that Australian schoolchildren are now replete. However an accurate estimate of daily iodine intake utilizing 24-h urinary iodine excretion (UIE μg/day has not been reported and compared to the estimated average requirement (EAR. This study aimed to assess daily total iodine intake and status of a sample of primary schoolchildren using 24-h urine samples. Victorian primary school children provided 24-h urine samples between 2011 and 2013, from which urinary iodine concentration (UIC, μg/L and total iodine excretion (UIE, μg/day as an estimate of intake was determined. Valid 24-h urine samples were provided by 650 children, mean (SD age 9.3 (1.8 years (n = 359 boys. The mean UIE of 4–8 and 9–13 year olds was 94 (48 and 111 (57 μg/24-h, respectively, with 29% and 26% having a UIE below the age-specific EAR. The median (IQR UIC was 124 (83,172 μg/L, with 36% of participants having a UIC < 100 μg/L. This convenience sample of Victorian schoolchildren were found to be iodine replete, based on UIC and estimated iodine intakes derived from 24-h urine collections, confirming the findings of the Australian Health Survey.

  11. The Victorian CPAP program: is there a need for additional education and support? (United States)

    Manser, R L; Naughton, M T; Pierce, R J; Sasse, A; Teichtahl, H; Ho, M; Campbell, D A


    The Victorian Continuous Positive Airways Pressure (CPAP) Program provides CPAP services to financially disadvantaged individuals with moderate to severe sleep apnoea. To evaluate health outcomes in patients referred to the pilot program in order to: (i) assess the magnitude of health benefit from treatment in this highly selected population and (ii) identify patient characteristics or factors related to service provision that may influence outcome. We adopted a simple before-after research design. Patients who were referred to the program were recruited from five sleep centres. Questionnaires were administered at baseline and 1 and 3 months after commencing CPAP. Generic and disease-specific quality of life were assessed using the MOS 36-Item Short-form Health Survey and the Sleep Apnoea Quality-of-life Index, respectively. Subjective daytime sleepiness was measured using the Epworth Sleepiness Scale and the Sleep-Wake Activity Inventory. Of the 68 subjects enrolled in the study, 59 were available for follow up. There were significant improvements in daytime sleepiness (P CPAP-machine type were not predictors of outcome (P > 0.05). This review of the Victorian CPAP Program identified significant improvements in subjective daytime sleepiness and quality of life, despite the negative impact of treatment-related symptoms. Future research should explore whether services can be modified to help reduce the impact of treatment-related side-effects.

  12. "A hideous torture on himself": madness and self-mutilation in Victorian literature. (United States)

    Chaney, Sarah


    This paper suggests that late nineteenth-century definitions of self-mutilation, a new category of psychiatric symptomatology, were heavily influenced by the use of self-injury as a rhetorical device in the novel, for the literary text held a high status in Victorian psychology. In exploring Dimmesdale's "self-mutilation" in The Scarlet Letter in conjunction with psychiatric case histories, the paper indicates a number of common techniques and themes in literary and psychiatric texts. As well as illuminating key elements of nineteenth-century conceptions of the self, and the relation of mind and body through ideas of madness, this exploration also serves to highlight the social commentary implicit in many Victorian medical texts. Late nineteenth-century England, like mid-century New England, required the individual to help himself and, simultaneously, others; personal charity and individual philanthropy were encouraged, while state intervention was often presented as dubious. In both novel and psychiatric text, self-mutilation is thus presented as the ultimate act of selfish preoccupation, particularly in cases on the "borderlands" of insanity.

  13. Are We Ready for BYOD? An Analysis of the Implementation and Communication of BYOD Programs in Victorian Schools (United States)

    Janssen, Kitty Catharina; Phillipson, Sivanes


    Many Victorian secondary schools appear to be implementing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs as the Australian Federal government's Digital Education Revolution funding has come to an end for 1-to-1 Learning programs. One of the key elements identified as important for the success of these programs is the clear communication of policies and…

  14. The victorian institute of sports assessment - achilles questionnaire (visa-a) - a reliable tool for measuring achilles tendinopathy

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Iversen, Jonas Vestergård; Bartels, Else Marie; Langberg, Henning


    Achilles tendinopathy (AT) is a common pathology and the aetiology is unknown. For valid and reliable assessment The Victorian Institute of Sports Assessment has designed a self-administered Achilles questionnaire, the VISA-A. The aim of the present study was to evaluate VISA-A as an outcome meas...

  15. Teaching Children the Geography of England and Wales: An Analysis of Selected Georgian and Victorian Textbooks and Educational Pastimes (United States)

    Dove, Jane


    Children in Georgian and Victorian times were expected to be familiar with the geography of England and Wales. This study analyses some of the resources then available which taught children this information. John Aikin's "England Delineated" is evaluated as a geographical text and then compared with less formal games and puzzles, then on…

  16. The victorian institute of sports assessment - achilles questionnaire (visa-a) - a reliable tool for measuring achilles tendinopathy

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Iversen, Jonas Vestergård; Bartels, Else Marie; Langberg, Henning


    Achilles tendinopathy (AT) is a common pathology and the aetiology is unknown. For valid and reliable assessment The Victorian Institute of Sports Assessment has designed a self-administered Achilles questionnaire, the VISA-A. The aim of the present study was to evaluate VISA-A as an outcome...

  17. Análisis y solución de avería del acoplamiento del sinfín de fondo de la Bañera de una Planta de Plástico Mixto. // Analysis and solution of the coupling failure of the bottom worm conveyor of the bathtub in a Mixed Plastic Plant.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    R. Goytisolo Espinosa


    Full Text Available En el trabajo se realizó una investigación para esclarecer las causas de la avería del acoplamiento del sinfín de fondo de labañera de una planta de plástico mixto. En la misma se concluyó que las causas fundamentales de las obstrucciones delsinfín de fondo son el hecho de que el sinfín de elevación de la bañera tiene una capacidad cuatro veces menor que el sinfínde fondo, lo que provoca que el material se acumule en el fondo de la bañera y por otro lado la comunicación entre el sinfínde fondo y el de elevación se produce a través de un tubo vertical de capacidad reducida, que constituye también un cuellode botella. Se modificó la relación de transmisión de la cadena del accionamiento del sinfín de elevación para elevar suvelocidad e igualar la capacidad de transportación de ambos sinfines y se eliminó el tubo de conexión entre los mismos. Elacoplamiento se fabricó de plástico poliamídico, lográndose una adecuada resistencia.Palabras claves: Bañera de plástico, transportadores sinfín, acoplamiento dentado.___________________________________________________________________________Abstract.In this paper is shown the investigation carried out in order to clarify the failure causes of the coupling of the bottom wormconveyor of the bathtub in a Mixed Plastic Plant. In the same was it was concluded that the fundamental causes of theobstructions of the bottom conveyor are the fact that the elevator worm conveyor of the bathtub has a capacity four timesminor that the bottom conveyor, which causes that the material accumulates in the bottom of the bathtub, and on the otherhand the communication between the bottom conveyor and the elevator one takes place through a vertical tube of reducedcapacity that also constitutes a bottle neck. The transmission relationship of the chain of the elevator working conveyor wasmodified in order to elevate their speed and to equal the capacity of transportation of both conveyors, and the

  18. How could health information be improved? Recommended actions from the Victorian Consultation on Health Literacy. (United States)

    Hill, Sophie J; Sofra, Tanya A


    Objective Health literacy is on the policy agenda. Accessible, high-quality health information is a major component of health literacy. Health information materials include print, electronic or other media-based information enabling people to understand health and make health-related decisions. The aim of the present study was to present the findings and recommended actions as they relate to health information of the Victorian Consultation on Health Literacy. Methods Notes and submissions from the 2014 Victorian Consultation workshops and submissions were analysed thematically and a report prepared with input from an advisory committee. Results Health information needs to improve and recommendations are grouped into two overarching themes. First, the quality of information needs to be increased and this can be done by developing a principle-based framework to inform updating guidance for information production, formulating standards to raise quality and improving the systems for delivering information to people. Second, there needs to be a focus on users of health information. Recommendation actions were for information that promoted active participation in health encounters, resources to encourage critical users of health information and increased availability of information tailored to population diversity. Conclusion A framework to improve health information would underpin the efforts to meet literacy needs in a more consistent way, improving standards and ultimately increasing the participation by consumers and carers in health decision making and self-management. What is known about the topic? Health information is a critical component of the concept of health literacy. Poorer health literacy is associated with poorer health outcomes across a range of measures. Improving access to and the use of quality sources of health information is an important strategy for meeting the health literacy needs of the population. In recent years, health services and

  19. Managing professionals: The emerging leadership role of Victorian Maternal and Child Health coordinators. (United States)

    Reiger, Kerreen; Keleher, Helen


    Drawing on research into cultural and organizational change in the Victorian Maternal and Child Health Service during the 1990s, this paper examines implications for the nursing leadership provided by service coordinators. The project included a quantitative survey of nurses and semistructured interviews with managers and coordinators. Under a strongly neo-liberal state government in Victoria, Australia, services were fundamentally restructured through tendering processes. A competitive, productivist culture was introduced that challenged the professional ethos of nurses and a primary health orientation to the care of mothers and infants. This paper focuses on the pressures that the entrepreneurial environment presented to maternal and child health nurses' identity and collegial relations and to the coordination role. It argues that coordinators emerged as a significant nursing management group at the interface of administrative change and the management of professional practice. Although many nurses skillfully negotiated tensions with peers and management, their leadership role needs further clarification and support.

  20. Vivisecting Major: a Victorian gentleman scientist defends animal experimentation, 1876-1885. (United States)

    Boddice, Rob


    Through an investigation of the public, professional, and private life of the Darwinian disciple George John Romanes, this essay seeks a better understanding of the scientific motivations for defending the practice of vivisection at the height of the controversy in late Victorian Britain. Setting aside a historiography that has tended to focus on the arguments of antivivisectionists, it reconstructs the viewpoint of the scientific community through an examination of Romanes's work to help orchestrate the defense of animal experimentation. By embedding his life in three complicatedly overlapping networks-the world of print, interpersonal communications among an increasingly professionalized body of scientific men, and the intimacies of private life-the essay uses Romanes as a lens with which to focus the physiological apprehension of the antivivisection movement. It is a story of reputation, self-interest, and affection.

  1. The social event of the season. Solar eclipse expeditions and Victorian culture. (United States)

    Pang, A. S.-K.


    The purpose of this article is to examine the construction of eclipse expeditions in Victorian and Edwardian Britain. (American expeditions will also be discussed to highlight national styles in organization and fieldwork.) The author begins by examining how expeditions were planned and how choices about observing sites, observers, and travel plans were made. He then follows parties out into the field. He argues that eclipse expeditons were powerfully affected by the practices and culture of tourism and were further shaped by expectations surrounding the encounter of "civilized" and "uncivilized" peoples. Finally, the author examines the crafting of observing practices used during totality. The evolution of astrophotography, the rise of big instruments, and battles between amateurs and professionals all had their effect on eclipse observation, but a close examination of observing practices and instrument design will show that the tools of empire were as important as cameras and telescopes for the production of reliable knowledge about the Sun.

  2. A Note on Child Neglect in American Victorianism: Henry James’ "The Pupil"

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    F. Gül KOÇSOY


    Full Text Available In this study, the theme of “neglected child” in Henry James’ “The Pupil” (1891 is explored. Morgan is a neglected child with unscrupulous parents who hold strictly on the Victorian values which reflect American cultural consciousness in the last decades of 19th century. Although he is a brilliant boy, the family does not love him; because he reminds them of their vulgarity. They neglect him physically and emotionally, seeing him as a burden. Although his tutor tries to keep the boy from the family’s corruption, he contributes to his death; he neglects his illness and deserts him when he is most needy. As an interpreter, James draws attention to the situation of children that are not working but being tutored at home. He criticizes this culture’s general attitude towards children. It is a disturbing social reality and he shows how that materialistic culture victimizes children in terms of neglectful parenting

  3. Women Doctors and Lady Nurses: Class, Education, and the Professional Victorian Woman. (United States)

    Heggie, Vanessa


    The lives of the first women doctors in Britain have been well studied by historians, as have the many debates about the right of women to train and practice as doctors. Yet the relationship between these women and their most obvious comparators and competitors-the newly professionalized hospital nurses-has not been explored. This article makes use of a wide range of sources to explore the ways in which the first lady doctors created "clear water" between themselves and the nurses with whom they worked and trained. In doing so, it reveals an identity that may seem at odds with some of the clichés of Victorian femininity, namely that of the intelligent and ambitious lady doctor.

  4. Outlaw, hackers, victorian amateurs: diagnosing public participation in the life sciences today

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Christopher M. Kelty


    Full Text Available This essay reflects on three figures that can be used to make sense of the changing nature of public participation in the life sciences today: outlaws, hackers and Victorian gentlemen. Occasioned by a symposium held at UCLA (Outlaw Biology: Public Participation in the Age of Big Bio, the essay introduces several different modes of participation (DIY Bio, Bio Art, At home clinical genetics, patient advocacy and others and makes three points: 1 that public participation is first a problem of legitimacy, not legality or safety; 2 that public participation is itself enabled by and thrives on the infrastructure of mainstream biology; and 3 that we need a new set of concepts (other than inside/outside for describing the nature of public participation in biological research and innovation today.

  5. Victorian Imag(ining of the Pagan Pyre: Frank Dicksee's 'Funeral of a Viking'

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nancy Rose Marshall


    Full Text Available Victorians drew on imagery of Druid and Viking funeral pyres as a way of exploring alternative narratives of death and burial, generating a collective attention to what happened to a body after death. I set Frank Dicksee’s oil painting, 'Funeral of a Viking' (1893, against the background of the emergent cremation movement and accounts of the neo-Druid William Price, a proponent for the legalization of cremation in the 1880s, in order to glimpse the work performed by the visualization of the ritualized burning of human beings in the pagan past. Fire produces metamorphosis in the objects it encounters, and Dicksee’s portrayal underscores the notion of a clearly delineated human body transforming into amorphous flame. Moreover, the Viking dissolves into pigment itself, mere aesthetic effect taking the place of a recognizable figure. In fictional accounts such as Paul Du Chaillu’s novel 'Ivar the Viking '(1893, the pyre as a narrative tool similarly forced attention to the body as dematerializing thing and to the language articulating this dissipation. I suggest that the Victorian fascination with pagan fire-death allowed for alternate visions of form–matter relationships that in turn might produce new aesthetic possibilities. As the Christian world insisted on the resurrection of the body in a way that clung fiercely to tangibility and bounded form even in the face of belief in the immortality of the saved soul, the modern moment might be seen, in contrast, as characterized by an embrace of an aesthetic of dissolving form or formlessness.

  6. Sleep duration and risk of obesity among a sample of Victorian school children

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bridget Morrissey


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Insufficient sleep is potentially an important modifiable risk factor for obesity and poor physical activity and sedentary behaviours among children. However, inconsistencies across studies highlight the need for more objective measures. This paper examines the relationship between sleep duration and objectively measured physical activity, sedentary time and weight status, among a sample of Victorian Primary School children. Methods A sub-sample of 298 grades four (n = 157 and six (n = 132 Victorian primary school children (aged 9.2-13.2 years with complete accelerometry and anthropometry data, from 39 schools, were taken from a pilot study of a larger state based cluster randomized control trial in 2013. Data comprised: researcher measured height and weight; accelerometry derived physical activity and sedentary time; and self-reported sleep duration and hypothesised confounding factors (e.g. age, gender and environmental factors. Results Compared with sufficient sleepers (67 %, those with insufficient sleep (<10 hrs/day were significantly more likely to be overweight (OR 1.97, 95 % CI:1.11-3.48 or obese (OR 2.43, 95 % CI:1.26-4.71. No association between sleep and objectively measured physical activity levels or sedentary time was found. Conclusion The strong positive relationship between weight status and sleep deprivation merits further research though PA and sedentary time do not seem to be involved in the relationship. Strategies to improve sleep duration may help obesity prevention initiatives in the future.

  7. Writing/Reading the Victorian Past through Spiritualist Séances in A. S. Byatt's "The Conjugal Angel"

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lejla Mulalić


    Full Text Available One of the dominant concerns of postmodern writing is to discuss the importance and modes of knowing the past. The aim of this paper is to explore how the British novelist A.S. Byatt rereads the Victorian past in her novella “The Conjugal Angel” by using Victorian spiritualism as a multilayered metaphor for dynamic communication between the past and present. Spiritualist rituals will also be read as a cultural practice characterised by the playful undermining of gender roles and norms. Finally, the paper will discuss spiritualist séances as a metaphor for the writing and reading of historiographic metafiction seen as a process of restless summoning of and intense communicating with the ghosts/texts from the past.

  8. "Fourteen dollars for one beer!" Pre-drinking is associated with high-risk drinking among Victorian young adults. (United States)

    MacLean, Sarah; Callinan, Sarah


    Pre-drinking entails consuming alcohol before attending licensed venues. We examined the relationship between pre-drinking, intention to get drunk and high-risk drinking among Victorians aged 18-24 years, to consider whether reducing pre-drinking might ameliorate alcohol-related harm. Variables within the 2009 Victorian Youth Alcohol and Drugs Survey (VYADS) dataset were analysed and compared with a thematic interpretation of research interviews involving 60 young adults living in Melbourne. High-risk drinking was defined as consuming 11 or more standard drinks in a session at least monthly. VYADS data show that pre-drinking was a significant predictor of high-risk drinking, even after intention to get drunk was controlled for. The most common explanation provided by interviewees for pre-drinking was because it is cheaper to purchase alcohol at bottle shops than at bars and clubs. This was particularly emphasised by those who drank at a high-risk level. The study suggests that people pre-drink because they desire to be intoxicated, but also that pre-drinking patterns and product choices exacerbate the likelihood of high-risk drinking. Reducing availability of cheap packaged alcohol has potential to limit both pre-drinking and high-risk drinking among Victorian young adults. The study adds weight to calls to implement minimum alcohol pricing in Australia. © 2013 The Authors. ANZJPH © 2013 Public Health Association of Australia.

  9. [Theories of evolution shaping Victorian anthropology. The science-politics of the X-Club, 1860-1872]. (United States)

    Gondermann, Thomas


    This paper discusses the role that a group of evolutionists, the X-Club, played in the epistemic and institutional transformation of Victorian anthropology in the 1860s. It analyses how anthropology has been brought into line with the theory of evolution, which gained currency at the same time. The X-Club was a highly influential pressure group in the Victorian scientific community. It campaigned for the theory of evolution in several fields of the natural sciences and had a considerable influence on the modernization of the sciences. Yet, this club also intervened in the anthropological discourse of these years. The X-Club's meddling with anthropology led to the latter's evolutionary turn. The introduction of an evolutionary agenda into Victorian anthropology depended not only on the X-Club's theoretical contributions but also on the structural reformation of the discipline. Its campaigns also aimed at marginalizing the proponents of pre-evolutionary anthropology in its institutions and led to the foundation of a new organization in anthropology: The Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland. Thus, evolutionary anthropology emerged in the 1860s also as the result of science-politicking rather than just from the transmission of evolutionary concepts through discourse.

  10. Ecological recovery in ERA

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    EFSA Scientific Committee (Scientific Committee); Topping, Christopher John


    EFSA performs environmental risk assessments (ERAs) for single potential stressors such as plant protection products, genetically modified organisms and feed additives and for invasive alien species that are harmful for plant health. In this risk assessment domain, the EFSA Scientific Committee...... ecological recovery for any assessed products, and invasive alien species that are harmful for plant health. This framework proposes an integrative approach based on well-defined specific protection goals, scientific knowledge derived by means of experimentation, modelling and monitoring, and the selection...... of focal taxa, communities, processes and landscapes to develop environmental scenarios to allow the assessment of recovery of organisms and ecological processes at relevant spatial and temporal scales....

  11. Holiness in Victorian and Edwardian England: Some ecclesial patterns and theological requisitions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jason A. Goroncy


    Full Text Available This essay begins by offering some observations about how holiness was comprehended andexpressed in Victorian and Edwardian England. In addition to the ‘sensibility’ and ‘sentiment’that characterised society, notions of holiness were shaped by, and developed in reaction to, dominant philosophical movements; notably, the Enlightenment and Romanticism. It thenconsiders how these notions found varying religious expression in four Protestant traditions – he Oxford Movement, Calvinism, Wesleyanism, and the Early Keswick movement. Injuxtaposition to what was most often considered to be a negative expression of holinessassociated primarily with anthropocentric and anthroposocial behaviour as evidenced in thesetraditions, the essay concludes by examining one – namely, P.T. Forsyth – whose voice calledfrom within the ecclesial community for a radical requisition of holiness language as afundamentally positive reality describing the divine life and divine activity. The relevance of astudy of the Church’s understanding of holiness and how it sought to develop its doctrinewhile engaging with larger social and philosophical shifts endure with us still.

  12. Unacknowledged Intellect: Scott’s Changing Reputation and an Alternative Victorian Critical Mode

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andrea Coldwell


    Full Text Available Despite a critical tendency, common until recently, to minimize Sir Walter Scott’s impact as an intellectual, two late-Victorian reviewers, Julia Wedgwood and John Stuart Stuart-Glennie, do present Scott as a theorist and a contributor to the intellectual movements of his period. In the arguments made by these two rather minor critics on Scott, readers can recognize a moment when both Scott’s critical fortunes as well as academic and popular critical practices could have taken a different path than they did. What both critics attempt is a balance of the two critical perspectives that were beginning to emerge. Rather than writing for either an audience of compliant lay people or of contentious experts, Wedgwood and Stuart-Glennie ask their readers to balance rational and sympathetic responses, to read with both reason and intuition. In imagining such an audience, these critics imply that literature plays a role in the development of citizens who can, likewise, combine these responses, as they have practiced them in literature, and apply them to the problems faced by responsible citizens.

  13. Recent increase in detection of alprazolam in Victorian heroin-related deaths. (United States)

    Rintoul, Angela C; Dobbin, Malcolm D H; Nielsen, Suzanne; Degenhardt, Louisa; Drummer, Olaf H


    To examine the rate of detection of alprazolam among cases of heroin-related death (HRD) in Victoria, including the relationship between alprazolam supply and HRDs. Population-based study of community alprazolam supply in Victoria and HRDs reported to the Victorian coroner from January 1990 to December 2010. Number of prescriptions for alprazolam supplied; defined daily dose (DDD) per 1000 population per 04 of alprazolam; number of cases of HRD in which alprazolam was detected through postmortem toxicological testing. Alprazolam supply increased by 1426%, from 0.42 DDD/1000/04 in 1990, to 6.41 in 2010. For every 1 unit increase in DDD/1000/04, the proportion of cases of HRD in which alprazolam was detected increased at an incidence rate ratio of 2.4 (95% CI, 2.1-2.8; P < 0.001). Alprazolam was detected among increasing proportions of HRDs, from 5.3% in 2005 to a peak of 35.3% in 2009. The increase in detection of alprazolam among cases of HRD, particularly since 2005, and the disproportionate increase in prescribing of the high-dose 2 mg formulation compared with other formulations suggest a need to examine alprazolam prescribing and to identify inappropriate prescribing and the circumstances of diversion from licit to illicit use.

  14. The European politics of animal experimentation: From Victorian Britain to 'Stop Vivisection'. (United States)

    Germain, Pierre-Luc; Chiapperino, Luca; Testa, Giuseppe


    This paper identifies a common political struggle behind debates on the validity and permissibility of animal experimentation, through an analysis of two recent European case studies: the Italian implementation of the European Directive 2010/63/EC regulating the use of animals in science, and the recent European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) 'Stop Vivisection'. Drawing from a historical parallel with Victorian antivivisectionism, we highlight important threads in our case studies that mark the often neglected specificities of debates on animal experimentation. From the representation of the sadistic scientist in the XIX century, to his/her claimed capture by vested interests and evasion of public scrutiny in the contemporary cases, we show that animals are not simply the focus of the debate, but also a privileged locus at which much broader issues are being raised about science, its authority, accountability and potential misalignment with public interest. By highlighting this common socio-political conflict underlying public controversies around animal experimentation, our work prompts the exploration of modes of authority and argumentation that, in establishing the usefulness of animals in science, avoid reenacting the traditional divide between epistemic and political fora. Copyright © 2017 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Ltd.. All rights reserved.

  15. Gardner; re BWV: Victorian Supreme Court makes landmark Australian ruling on tube feeding. (United States)

    Ashby, Michael A; Mendelson, Danuta


    The Victorian Supreme Court has decided that artificial nutrition and hydration provided through a percutaneous gastrostomy tube to a woman in a persistent vegetative state may be withdrawn. The judge ruled, in line with a substantial body of international medical, ethical and legal opinion, that any form of artificial nutrition and hydration is a medical procedure, not part of palliative care, and that it is a procedure to sustain life, not to manage the dying process. Thus, the law does not impose a rigid obligation to administer artificial nutrition or hydration to people who are dying, without due regard to their clinical condition. The definition of key terms such as "medical treatment", "palliative care", and "reasonable provision of food and water" in this case will serve as guidance for end-of-life decisions in other states and territories. The case also reiterates the right of patients, and, when incompetent, their validly appointed agents or guardians, to refuse medical treatment. Where an incompetent patient has not executed a binding advance directive and no agent or guardian has been appointed, physicians, in consultation with the family, may decide to withdraw medical treatment, including artificial nutrition or hydration, on the basis that continuation of treatment is inappropriate and not in the patient's best interests. However, Victoria and other jurisdictions would benefit from clarification of this area of the law.

  16. Spazi e dimensioni nella letteratura utopica vittoriana - Space and dimension in the Victorian utopian literature

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marianna Forleo


    Full Text Available In the last centuries, the relationship between science and literature has had numerous manifestations. One of the most interesting aspects was the use of the scientific language in utopian Victorian texts. The analysis of Flatland, a Romance of Many Dimensions by Edwin Abbott is a starting point for the description of utopian cities, where literature uses science as a technical tool for the explanation of the world. Science becomes a clear metaphor of a rational organization and strategic element for spreading “subliminal” messages. The combination between utopia and science can seem exclusively a theoretical and philosophical relationship, but in reality, it is only a tool to approach the utopian practice. The main feature of utopian texts is its criticism of society, which is made possible only if hidden in metaphorical terms. Indeed, Flatland, as many other mathematical utopias, presents itself as a multidimensional text. The use of geometric structures for the description of utopian spaces allows several interpretations. Science and literature intertwine throughout the text but nevertheless keep their own distinct features.

  17. Making Kew Observatory: the Royal Society, the British Association and the politics of early Victorian science. (United States)

    Macdonald, Lee T


    Built in 1769 as a private observatory for King George III, Kew Observatory was taken over in 1842 by the British Association for the Advancement of Science (BAAS). It was then quickly transformed into what some claimed to be a 'physical observatory' of the sort proposed by John Herschel - an observatory that gathered data in a wide range of physical sciences, including geomagnetism and meteorology, rather than just astronomy. Yet this article argues that the institution which emerged in the 1840s was different in many ways from that envisaged by Herschel. It uses a chronological framework to show how, at every stage, the geophysicist and Royal Artillery officer Edward Sabine manipulated the project towards his own agenda: an independent observatory through which he could control the geomagnetic and meteorological research, including the ongoing 'Magnetic Crusade'. The political machinations surrounding Kew Observatory, within the Royal Society and the BAAS, may help to illuminate the complex politics of science in early Victorian Britain, particularly the role of 'scientific servicemen' such as Sabine. Both the diversity of activities at Kew and the complexity of the observatory's origins make its study important in the context of the growing field of the 'observatory sciences'.

  18. Holiness in Victorian and Edwardian England: Some ecclesial patterns and theological requisitions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jason A. Goroncy


    Full Text Available This essay begins by offering some observations about how holiness was comprehended andexpressed in Victorian and Edwardian England. In addition to the ‘sensibility’ and ‘sentiment’that characterised society, notions of holiness were shaped by, and developed in reaction to, dominant philosophical movements; notably, the Enlightenment and Romanticism. It thenconsiders how these notions found varying religious expression in four Protestant traditions – he Oxford Movement, Calvinism, Wesleyanism, and the Early Keswick movement. Injuxtaposition to what was most often considered to be a negative expression of holinessassociated primarily with anthropocentric and anthroposocial behaviour as evidenced in thesetraditions, the essay concludes by examining one – namely, P.T. Forsyth – whose voice calledfrom within the ecclesial community for a radical requisition of holiness language as afundamentally positive reality describing the divine life and divine activity. The relevance of astudy of the Church’s understanding of holiness and how it sought to develop its doctrinewhile engaging with larger social and philosophical shifts endure with us still.

  19. A good Darwinian? Winwood Reade and the making of a late Victorian evolutionary epic. (United States)

    Hesketh, Ian


    In 1871 the travel writer and anthropologist W. Winwood Reade (1838-1875) was inspired by his correspondence with Darwin to turn his narrow ethnological research on West African tribes into the broadest history imaginable, one that would show Darwin's great principle of natural selection at work throughout the evolutionary history of humanity, stretching back to the origins of the universe itself. But when Martyrdom of Man was published in 1872, Reade confessed that Darwin would not likely find him a very good Darwinian, as he was unable to show that natural selection was anything more than a secondary law that arranges all details. When it came to historicising humans within the sweeping history of all creation, Reade argued that the primary law was that of development, a less contentious theory of human evolution that was better suited to Reade's progressive and teleological history of life. By focussing on the extensive correspondence between Reade and Darwin, this paper reconstructs the attempt to make an explicitly Darwinian evolutionary epic in order to shed light on the moral and aesthetic demands that worked to give shape to Victorian efforts to historicise humans within a vastly expanding timeframe. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  20. Experiencing racism in health care: the mental health impacts for Victorian Aboriginal communities. (United States)

    Kelaher, Margaret A; Ferdinand, Angeline S; Paradies, Yin


    To examine experiences of racism in health settings and their impact on mental health among Aboriginal Australians. A cross-sectional survey of experiences of racism and mental health was conducted in two metropolitan and two rural Victorian local government areas (LGAs) between 1 December 2010 and 31 October 2011. Participants included 755 Aboriginal Australians aged over 18 years who had resided in the relevant LGA for at least a year. The response rate across all LGAs was 99%. Being above or below the threshold for high or very high psychological distress on the Kessler Psychological Distress Scale. 221 participants reported experiences of racism in health settings in the past 12 months. The results suggested that people experiencing racism in health settings (OR, 4.49; 95% CI, 2.28-8.86) and non-health settings (OR, 2.66; 95% CI, 1.39-5.08) were more likely than people who did not experience racism to be above the threshold for high or very high psychological distress. Experiencing interpersonal racism in health settings is associated with increased psychological distress over and above what would be expected in other settings. This finding supports the rationale for improving cultural competency and reducing racism as a means of closing the health gap between Aboriginal and other Australians. Capitalising on this investment will require explicitly evaluating the impact of these initiatives on reducing patient experiences of racism.

  1. Insurance against germ theory: commerce and conservatism in late-Victorian medicine. (United States)

    Alborn, T L


    This article highlights the role played by commercial life insurance companies in determining the response to tuberculosis in Britain between 1865 and 1920. Late-Victorian life offices hired two sorts of physicians to help them screen out high-risk proposals: provincial medical examiners, who collected fees for examining candidates; and salaried medical advisors, who developed guidelines for the medical examination and interpreted the examiners' findings for the head office. The latter set of physicians, many of whom worked at specialist consumption hospitals in London, established an orthodoxy among life offices that privileged hereditarian explanations for the cause of tuberculosis. The provincial examiners resisted that orthodoxy, arguing that advances in public health and treatment rendered irrelevant any apparent correlation between family history and tuberculosis. In adjudicating this internal dispute, life offices stood by their salaried advisors, but in the process pushed them away from viewing disease in terms of specific causes and toward viewing disease in terms of statistical correlation. This victory of statistics over etiology preserved, at least for the rest of the twentieth century, the institutional prominence of insurance as a technique for coping with medical uncertainty.

  2. Second Nuclear Era

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Weinberg, A.M.; Spiewak, I.; Barkenbus, J.N.; Livingston, R.S.; Phung, D.L.


    The Institute for Energy Analysis with support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has studied the decline of the present nuclear era in the United States and the characteristics of a Second Nuclear Era which might be instrumental in restoring nuclear power to an appropriate place in the energy options of our country. The study has determined that reactors operating today are much safer than they were at the time of the TMI accident. A number of concepts for a supersafe reactor were reviewed and at least two were found that show considerable promise, the PIUS, a Swedish pressurized water design, and a gas-cooled modular design of German and US origin. Although new, safer, incrementally improved, conventional reactors are under study by the nuclear industry, the complete lack of new orders in the United States will slow their introduction and they are likely to be more expensive than present designs. The study recommends that supersafe reactors be taken seriously and that federal and private funds both be used to design and, if feasible, to build a prototype reactor of substantial size. 146 references, 8 figures, 2 tables.

  3. Correction of refractive error in the Victorian population: the feasibility of "off the shelf" spectacles (United States)

    Maini, R.; Keeffe, J.; Weih, L. A.; McCarty, C.; Taylor, H.


    AIMS—To assess the feasibility of providing a stock of ready made spectacles for correction of refractive error in the general population.
METHODS—Data were collected in the Visual Impairment Project, a population based survey of Victorian residents aged 40 years or older in randomly selected urban and rural sample areas. This included a refractive eye examination and the proportion of subjects with hypermetropia, emmetropia (defined as −1.0 to +1.0D spherical equivalent), and myopia documented in the 40-60 year age group.
RESULTS—2595 (54.8%) participants were aged between 40 and 60 years. Those with a best corrected visual acuity of less than 6/12, astigmatism of more than 1.25D, and anisometropia of more than 0.5D were excluded. 516 participants had refractive error which was deemed suitable for correction by "off the shelf" spectacles. This represents 19.9% of all participants between 40 and 60 years of age. Provision of spectacles in 0.5D increments would provide suitable stock spectacles for 85.5% of a −3.0 to +3.0D range or 89.2% of a −3.50 to +3.50D range.
CONCLUSIONS—Ready made "off the shelf" spectacles could significantly alleviate visual morbidity due to refractive error in up to 20% of an urban population in Australia. This approach may also be useful in developing countries with poor access to optometric services.


  4. Cervical Spinal Cord Injury at the Victorian Spinal Cord Injury Service: Epidemiology of the Last Decade

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Simon C.P. Lau


    Full Text Available Introduction Cervical spinal cord injury (CSCI is a significant medical and socioeconomic problem. In Victoria, Australia, there has been limited research into the incidence of CSCI. The Austin Hospital's Victorian Spinal Cord Injury Service (VSCIS is a tertiary referral hospital that accepts referrals for surgical management and ongoing neurological rehabilitation for south eastern Australia. The aim of this study was to characterise the epidemiology of CSCI managed operatively at the VSCIS over the last decade, in order to help fashion public health campaigns. Methods This was a retrospective review of medical records from January 2000 to December 2009 of all patients who underwent surgical management of acute CSCI in the VSCIS catchment region. Patients treated non-operatively were excluded. Outcome measures included: demographics, mechanism of injury and associated factors (like alcohol and patient neurological status. Results Men were much more likely to have CSCI than women, with a 4:1 ratio, and the highest incidence of CSCI for men was in their 20s (39%. The most common cause of CSCI was transport related (52%, followed by falls (23% and water-related incidents (16%. Falls were more prevalent among those >50 years. Alcohol was associated in 22% of all CSCIs, including 42% of water-related injuries. Discussion Our retrospective epidemiological study identified at-risk groups presenting to our spinal injury service. Young males in their 20s were associated with an increased risk of transport-related accidents, water-related incidents in the summer months and accidents associated with alcohol. Another high risk group were men >50 years who suffer falls, both from standing and from greater heights. Public awareness campaigns should target these groups to lower incidence of CSCI.

  5. Something in the Air: Dr Carter Moffat’s Ammoniaphone and the Victorian Science of Singing

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dr Melissa Dickson


    Full Text Available In January 1885, the Glaswegian Professor of Chemistry Dr Robert Carter Moffat organised a special operatic concert at St James’s Hall, London, to which he invited around two thousand scientists and musicians. The point of this invitation concert was that all the singers used bottled air. Moffat himself appeared between the various performances, wielding his mysterious Ammoniaphone, or bottled-air machine, a long silver tube which he flourished in the faces of his audience while describing its virtues with considerable animation. The premise of the Ammoniaphone was that since Italian opera singers were known throughout the world for the beauty of their voices, it stood to reason that this must have something to do with the quality of the air they breathed. The Ammoniaphone, Moffat claimed, contained the precise chemical formula of the air in Southern Italy, and inhaling from this instrument effectively resulted in the ‘Italianization of the voice’. Drawing on representations of the Ammoniaphone across nineteenth-century advertising and the medical and musical press, and situating these representations within the broader Victorian fascination with the supremacy of Italian opera singers, this essay offers new insight into the emergent corporeal anxieties betrayed by late nineteenth-century consumer culture, and the various methods by which the body might be continually fashioned and re-fashioned in order to produce a high-functioning social subject in a fast-paced modern society. Aggressively (not to say unscrupulously advertised, the Ammoniaphone was marketed to vocalists, clergymen, public speakers, choirmasters, schoolmasters, parliamentarians, and enthusiastic amateurs of these vocations, with claims that it would conserve and preserve the voice, expand its range upwards and downwards, and lend it an otherwise unobtainable purity, beauty and richness. This, I will argue, was symptomatic of a broader cultural need to counter the stresses

  6. Public access defibrillation—results from the Victorian Ambulance Cardiac Arrest Registry. (United States)

    Lijovic, M; Bernard, S; Nehme, Z; Walker, T; Smith, K


    To assess the impact of automated external defibrillator (AED) use by bystanders in Victoria, Australia on survival of adults suffering an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) in a public place compared to those first defibrillated by emergency medical services (EMS). We analysed data from the Victorian Ambulance Cardiac Arrest Registry for individuals aged >15 years who were defibrillated in a public place between 1 July 2002 and 30 June 2013, excluding events due to trauma or witnessed by EMS. Of 2270 OHCA cases who arrested in a public place, 2117 (93.4%) were first defibrillated by EMS and 153 (6.7%) were first defibrillated by a bystander using a public AED. Use of public AEDs increased almost 11-fold between 2002/2003 and 2012/2013, from 1.7% to 18.5%, respectively (p defibrillation occurred sooner in bystander defibrillation (5.2 versus 10.0 min, p defibrillated patients was significantly higher than for those first defibrillated by EMS (45% versus 31%, p defibrillation by a bystander using an AED was associated with a 62% increase in the odds of survival to hospital discharge (adjusted odds ratio 1.62, 95% CI: 1.12–2.34, p = 0.010) compared to first defibrillation by EMS. Survival to hospital discharge is improved in patients first defibrillated using a public AED prior to EMS arrival in Victoria, Australia. Encouragingly, bystander AED use in Victoria has increased over time. More widespread availability of AEDs may further improve outcomes of OHCA in public places.

  7. Reheating-era leptogenesis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yuta Hamada


    Full Text Available We propose a novel leptogenesis scenario at the reheating era. Our setup is minimal in the sense that, in addition to the standard model Lagrangian, we only consider an inflaton and higher dimensional operators. The lepton number asymmetry is produced not by the decay of a heavy particle, but by the scattering between the standard model particles. After the decay of an inflaton, the model is described within the standard model with higher dimensional operators. The Sakharov's three conditions are satisfied by the following way. The violation of the lepton number is realized by the dimension-5 operator. The complex phase comes from the dimension-6 four lepton operator. The universe is out of equilibrium before the reheating is completed. It is found that the successful baryogenesis is realized for the wide range of parameters, the inflaton mass and reheating temperature, depending on the cutoff scale. Since we only rely on the effective Lagrangian, our scenario can be applicable to all mechanisms to generate neutrino Majorana masses.

  8. Reheating-era leptogenesis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hamada, Yuta, E-mail:; Kawana, Kiyoharu


    We propose a novel leptogenesis scenario at the reheating era. Our setup is minimal in the sense that, in addition to the standard model Lagrangian, we only consider an inflaton and higher dimensional operators. The lepton number asymmetry is produced not by the decay of a heavy particle, but by the scattering between the standard model particles. After the decay of an inflaton, the model is described within the standard model with higher dimensional operators. The Sakharov's three conditions are satisfied by the following way. The violation of the lepton number is realized by the dimension-5 operator. The complex phase comes from the dimension-6 four lepton operator. The universe is out of equilibrium before the reheating is completed. It is found that the successful baryogenesis is realized for the wide range of parameters, the inflaton mass and reheating temperature, depending on the cutoff scale. Since we only rely on the effective Lagrangian, our scenario can be applicable to all mechanisms to generate neutrino Majorana masses.

  9. Quintessence with quadratic coupling to dark matter

    CERN Document Server

    Boehmer, Christian G; Chan, Nyein; Lazkoz, Ruth; Maartens, Roy


    We introduce a new form of coupling between dark energy and dark matter that is quadratic in their energy densities. Then we investigate the background dynamics when dark energy is in the form of exponential quintessence. The three types of quadratic coupling all admit late-time accelerating critical points, but these are not scaling solutions. We also show that two types of coupling allow for a suitable matter era at early times and acceleration at late times, while the third type of coupling does not admit a suitable matter era.

  10. Using information and communication technologies to consult with patients in Victorian primary care: the views of general practitioners. (United States)

    Hanna, Lisa; Fairhurst, Karen


    Information and communication technologies such as email, text messaging and video messaging are commonly used by the general population. However, international research has shown that they are not used routinely by GPs to communicate or consult with patients. Investigating Victorian GPs' perceptions of doing so is timely given Australia's new National Broadband Network, which may facilitate web-based modes of doctor-patient interaction. This study therefore aimed to explore Victorian GPs' experiences of, and attitudes toward, using information and communication technologies to consult with patients. Qualitative telephone interviews were carried out with a maximum variation sample of 36GPs from across Victoria. GPs reported a range of perspectives on using new consultation technologies within their practice. Common concerns included medico-legal and remuneration issues and perceived patient information technology literacy. Policy makers should incorporate GPs' perspectives into primary care service delivery planning to promote the effective use of information and communication technologies in improving accessibility and quality of general practice care.

  11. 'I am very glad and cheered when I hear the flute': The Treatment of Criminal Lunatics in Late Victorian Broadmoor. (United States)

    Shepherd, Jade


    Through an examination of previously unseen archival records, including patients' letters, this article examines the treatment and experiences of patients in late Victorian Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum and stakes the place of this institution within the broader history of therapeutic regimes in British asylums. Two main arguments are put forth. The first relates to the evolution of treatment in Victorian asylums. Historians tend to agree that in the 1860s and 1870s 'psychiatric pessimism' took hold, as the optimism that had accompanied the growth of moral treatment, along with its promise of a cure for insanity, abated. It has hitherto been taken for granted that all asylums reflected this change. I question this assumption by showing that Broadmoor did not sit neatly within this framework. Rather, the continued emphasis on work, leisure and kindness privileged at this institution into the late Victorian period was often welcomed positively by patients and physicians alike. Second, I show that, in Broadmoor's case, moral treatment was determined not so much by the distinction between the sexes as the two different classes of patients - Queen's pleasure patients and insane convicts - in the asylum. This distinction between patients not only led to different modes of treatment within Broadmoor, but had an impact on patients' asylum experiences. The privileged access to patients' letters that the Broadmoor records provide not only offers a new perspective on the evolution of treatment in Victorian asylums, but also reveals the rarely accessible views of asylum patients and their families on asylum care.

  12. The Centrality of Aboriginal Cultural Workshops and Experiential Learning in a Pre-Service Teacher Education Course: A Regional Victorian University Case Study (United States)

    Weuffen, Sara L.; Cahir, Fred; Pickford, Aunty Marjorie


    This paper discusses a cross-cultural pedagogical approach, couched in a theory-practice nexus, used at a Victorian regional university to guide non-Indigenous pre-service teachers' (PSTs) engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives and cultures. We have drawn on qualitative and statistical data, and current issues in…

  13. Fraud and Corruption Control at Education System Level: A Case Study of the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development in Australia (United States)

    Bandaranayake, Bandara


    This case describes the implementation of a fraud and corruption control policy initiative within the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (the Department) in Australia. The policy initiative was administered and carried out by a small team of fraud control officials, including the author of this article, in the…


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wade E. Shilts


    Full Text Available This paper looks at a particularly puzzling historical example of delay in the use of the law, the under-use by Victorian Britain of the general incorporation statutes passed between 1844 and 1862. Comparison of the rhetoric of company prospectuses of 1824-1862 and 1898 suggests that uncertainty about the meaning of “incorporation with limited liability” among those who might have benefited from it may have persisted for decades following the statute’s passage. Continuing uncertainty meant continuing interpretation costs, and continuing interpretation costs meant insufficient interpretation: until each law user involved with an enterprise interpreted and came to understand the rule’s meaning, less than fully realized.

  15. There is grandeur in this view of Newton: Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton and Victorian conceptions of scientific virtue. (United States)

    Bellon, Richard


    For Victorian men of science, the scientific revolution of the seventeenth century represented a moral awakening. Great theoretical triumphs of inductive science flowed directly from a philosophical spirit that embraced the virtues of self-discipline, courage, patience and humility. Isaac Newton exemplified this union of moral and intellectual excellence. This, at least, was the story crafted by scientific leaders like David Brewster, Thomas Chalmers, John Herschel, Adam Sedgwick and William Whewell. Not everyone accepted this reading of history. Evangelicals who decried the 'materialism' of mainstream science assigned a different meaning to Newton's legacy on behalf of their 'scriptural' alternative. High-church critics of science like John Henry Newman, on the other hand, denied that Newton's secular achievements carried any moral significance at all. These debates over Newtonian standards of philosophical behavior had a decisive influence on Charles Darwin as he developed his theory of evolution by natural selection. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  16. ‘Thousands of throbbing hearts' - Sentimentality and community in popular Victorian poetry: Longfellow's Evangeline and Tennyson's Enoch Arden

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kirstie Blair


    Full Text Available This essay explores the function of sentimentality in popular nineteenth-century narrative poetry by focusing on Tennyson's 'Enoch Arden' and Longfellow's 'Evangeline', two poems that have suffered relative critical neglect due to their status as sentimental verse. It argues that both texts, in their stories of exile, alienation and eventual recuperation, set up their hero and heroine as role-models for ways of feeling and use them to examine the possibility of using personal feeling as a conduit for communal sentiment. While both poems deploy the standard tropes of Victorian sentimentality, the ambiguous conclusions of 'Enoch Arden 'and 'Evangeline' , I argue, call into question the clichés of sentimental discourse. The fates of Enoch and of Evangeline offer, to some extent, a darker vision of the potential for sentimental responses to an individual's suffering to create feeling communities either within or without the poem.


    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    VALUATION IN THE CONSTITUTIONAL ERA. WJ du Plessis *. Which way you ought to go depends on where you want to get to... - Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland1. 1. Introduction. The Constitution established a single system of law shaped by the Constitution itself.2 It protected certain existing rights but it also initiated ...

  18. Arengud rahvusvahelises eraõiguses / Ilona Nurmela

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Nurmela, Ilona, 1976-


    Põlvnemisest, samasooliste "abielust" ja sugu vahetanud isikute abiellumisvõimalustest Eesti ja rahvusvahelises eraõiguses. Rooma ja Brüsseli konventsioonidest. Euroopa Liidu õiguse mõjust rahvusvahelisele eraõigusele

  19. Victorianizing Guangxu: Arresting Flows, Minting Coins, and Exerting Authority in Early Twentieth-Century Kham

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Scott Relyea


    Full Text Available In the late Qing and early Republican eras, eastern Tibet (Kham was a borderland on the cusp of political and economic change. Straddling Sichuan Province and central Tibet, it was coveted by both Chengdu and Lhasa. Informed by an absolutist conception of territorial sovereignty, Sichuan officials sought to exert exclusive authority in Kham by severing its inhabitants from regional and local influence. The resulting efforts to arrest the flow of rupees from British India and the flow of cultural identity entwined with Buddhism from Lhasa were grounded in two misperceptions: that Khampa opposition to Chinese rule was external, fostered solely by local monasteries as conduits of Lhasa’s spiritual authority, and that Sichuan could arrest such influence, the absence of which would legitimize both exclusive authority in Kham and regional assertions of sovereignty. The intersection of these misperceptions with the significance of Buddhism in Khampa identity determined the success of Sichuan’s policies and the focus of this article, the minting and circulation of the first and only Qing coin emblazoned with an image of the emperor. It was a flawed axiom of state and nation builders throughout the world that severing local cultural or spiritual influence was possible—or even necessary—to effect a borderland’s incorporation.

  20. ‘The 19th-century construction of the Renaissance’: Katherine Wheeler, Victorian Perceptions of Renaissance Architecture, Farnham England and Burlington, Vermont: Ashgate, 2014

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Medina Lasansky


    Full Text Available Katherine Wheeler’s Victorian Perceptions of Renaissance Architecture provides a study of the architecture profession and the history of Renaissance architecture in nineteenth century England. Establishing a canon of Renaissance architectural history was key to the rise of architectural professionalism as well as the education of the architect. As we discover, the study of the Renaissance influenced design in England on all scales while also influencing the design of the architect himself.

  1. Manajemen Pendidikan dalam Era Reformasi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Willem Mantja


    Full Text Available Planning, Organizing, actuating, and controlling are the functions of educational management of all kinds of fields of management. The differences between educational management and others are in the components of its substances. Educational management components include instructional, personnel, student, facilitation, financial, include and school public relation management. The educational managers in the reform era require a competence and managerial skills to perform their jobs as professional managers

  2. Into the Era of shifts

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Dencik, Lars


    Globalization and new communication technologies shape new increasingly unpredictable living conditions. Societies as individuals face a world og growing predictive impotence. Traditions loose their power as guides for maneuvering - where traditions was reflection will be. At the same time peoples......, life styles, experiences and sexuality. Even thougts and feelings.In the era of shifts we shall be living with ever more design in an ever less designed world....

  3. Paleontology in parts: Richard Owen, William John Broderip, and the serialization of science in early Victorian Britain. (United States)

    Dawson, Gowan


    While a great deal of scholarly attention has been given to the publication of serialized novels in early Victorian Britain, there has been hardly any consideration of the no less widespread practice of issuing scientific works in parts and numbers. What scholarship there has been has insisted that scientific part-works operated on entirely different principles from the strategies for maintaining readerly interest that were being developed by serial novelists like Charles Dickens. Deploying the methods of book history, this essay examines the reporting of Richard Owen's celebrated paleontological reconstructions from the 1830s and 1840s in the serialized formats of the Proceedings of the Zoological Society, his own History of British Fossil Mammals, and, in particular, the Penny Cyclopaedia. It argues that Owen, along with his close friend William John Broderip, clearly recognized the affective possibilities of the serial format and that they exploited the Penny Cyclopaedia's sequential mode of publication to evoke suspense and expectation in their anonymous but collaboratively authored accounts of Owen's paleontological researches.

  4. Cannabis Use in Adolescence and Young Adulthood: A Review of Findings from the Victorian Adolescent Health Cohort Study. (United States)

    Coffey, Carolyn; Patton, George C


    The Victorian Adolescent Health Cohort Study (VAHCS) is a long-term Australian cohort study that has documented cannabis use in young Australians from the mid-teens to the mid-30s. The study findings have described the natural history of early cannabis use, remission, and escalation and the social and mental health consequences of different patterns of use. The adverse consequences of cannabis use are most clear-cut in heavy early adolescent users. These consequences include educational failure, persisting mental health problems, and progression to other substance use. For later onset and occasional users, the risks are lower and appear to entail modest elevations in risk for other drug use compared with never users. With growing evidence of health consequences, there is a strong case for actions around early heavy adolescent users. Prevention of early use, identification and treatment of early heavy users, and harm reduction through diversion of early heavy users away from the custodial justice system into health care are all priority responses. © The Author(s) 2016.

  5. Tarbijalepingud rahvusvahelises eraõiguses / Margus Kingisepp

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kingisepp, Margus, 1969-


    Tarbijalepingute reguleerimisest erinevates riikides, 1955. a. Haagi konventsioonist ja 1980. a. Rooma konventsioonist, rahvusvahelisest jurisdiktsioonist tarbijalepingute puhul ning rahvusvahelise eraõiguse sätetest Eesti õiguses

  6. Spin-dependent resonant tunneling through semimetallic ErAs quantum wells


    Petukhov, A. G.; Lambrecht, W. R. L.; Segall, B.


    Resonant tunneling through semimetallic ErAs quantum wells embedded in GaAs structures with AlAs barriers was recently found to exhibit an intriguing behavior in magnetic fields which is explained in terms of tunneling selection rules and the spin-polarized band structure including spin-orbit coupling.

  7. Stratospheric Ozone in the Post-CFC Era (United States)

    Li, F.; Stolarski, R. S.; Newman, P. A.


    Vertical and latitudinal changes in the stratospheric ozone in the post-chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) era are investigated using simulations of the recent past and the 21st century with a coupled chemistry-climate model. Model results reveal that, in the 2060s when the stratospheric halogen loading is projected to return to its 1980 values, the extratropical column ozone is significantly higher than that in 1975-1984, but the tropical column ozone does not recover to 1980 values. Upper and lower stratospheric ozone changes in the post-CFC era have very different patterns. Above 15 hPa ozone increases almost latitudinally uniformly by 6 Dobson Unit (DU), whereas below 15 hPa ozone decreases in the tropics by 8 DU and increases in the extratropics by up to 16 DU. The upper stratospheric ozone increase is a photochemical response to greenhouse gas induced strong cooling, and the lower stratospheric ozone changes are consistent with enhanced mean advective transport due to a stronger Brewer-Dobson circulation. The model results suggest that the strengthening of the Brewer-Dobson circulation plays a crucial role in ozone recovery and ozone distributions in the post-CFC era.

  8. ‘By a Comparison of Incidents and Dialogue’: Richard Owen, Comparative Anatomy and Victorian Serial Fiction

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gowan Dawson


    Full Text Available Darwin’s extensive reading of literature was a crucial starting point for Gillian Beer’s insights into the interchange between science and culture which have shaped scholarship in the field for the last three decades. However, while the impact of Darwin’s reading on the imaginative development of his theories has continued to be an extremely productive area of study, there has been hardly any consideration of the broader context of nineteenth-century scientists’ reading practices in relation to literature, giving the impression that Darwin’s thought was especially, perhaps uniquely, amenable to the impact of his immersion in fiction and poetry. This paper examines the extensive but relatively little-known literary reading of the comparative anatomist Richard Owen, suggesting that important aspects of other, and even explicitly non-Darwinian, areas of Victorian science were just as likely to be influenced by their practitioners’ enthusiasm for fiction and poetry. That Darwin and Owen frequently read the same literary works, and often in the same or similar locations (whether in metropolitan clubs or out in the field, also permits direct comparisons of their reading practices, which, intriguingly, suggest that, far from being uniquely amenable to it, Darwin’s scientific thought might in fact have been shaped much less by his literary reading than that of contemporaneous naturalists like Owen. In particular, the paper focuses on Owen’s reading of serial fiction, and considers the close parallels between his practices of reading serial novels and his use of comparative anatomy in his renowned reconstructions of the skeletons of prehistoric creatures.

  9. Statewide prevalence of school children at risk of anaphylaxis and rate of adrenaline autoinjector activation in Victorian government schools, Australia. (United States)

    Loke, Paxton; Koplin, Jennifer; Beck, Cara; Field, Michael; Dharmage, Shyamali C; Tang, Mimi L K; Allen, Katrina J


    The prevalence of school students at risk of anaphylaxis in Victoria is unknown and has not been previously studied. Similarly, rates of adrenaline autoinjector usage in the school environment have yet to be determined given increasing prescription rates. We sought to determine time trends in prevalence of school children at risk of anaphylaxis across all year levels and the annual usage rate of adrenaline autoinjectors in the school setting relative to the number of students at risk of anaphylaxis. Statewide surveys from more than 1,500 government schools including more than 550,000 students were used and prevalence rates (%) with 95% CIs were calculated. The overall prevalence of students at risk of anaphylaxis has increased 41% from 0.98% (95% CI, 0.95-1.01) in 2009 to 1.38% (95% CI, 1.35-1.41) in 2014. There was a significant drop in reporting of anaphylaxis risk with transition from the final year of primary school to the first year of secondary school, suggesting a change in parental reporting of anaphylaxis risk among secondary school students. The number of adrenaline autoinjectors activated per 1000 students at risk of anaphylaxis ranged from 6 to 8 per year, with consistently higher activation use in secondary school students than in primary school students. Statewide prevalence of anaphylaxis risk has increased in children attending Victorian government schools. However, adrenaline autoinjector activation has remained fairly stable despite known increase in the rates of prescription. Copyright © 2016 American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  10. Assessment of antioxidant activity in Victorian marine algal extracts using high performance thin-layer chromatography and multivariate analysis. (United States)

    Agatonovic-Kustrin, Snezana; Morton, David W; Ristivojević, Petar


    The aim of this study was to develop and validate a rapid and simple high performance thin layer chromatographic (HPTLC) method to screen for antioxidant activity in algal samples. 16 algal species were collected from local Victorian beaches. Fucoxanthin, one of the most abundant marine carotenoids was quantified directly from the HPTLC plates before derivatization, while derivatization either with 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) or ferric chloride (FeCl 3 ) was used to analyze antioxidants in marine algae, based on their ability to scavenge non biological stable free radical (DPPH) or to chelate iron ions. Principal component analysis of obtained HPTLC fingerprints has classified algae species into 5 groups according to their chemical/antioxidant profiles. The investigated brown algae samples were found to be rich in non-and moderate-polar compounds and phenolic compounds with antioxidant activity. Most of the phenolic iron chelators also have shown free radical scavenging activity. Strong positive and significant correlations between total phenolic content and DPPH radical scavenging activity showed that, phenolic compounds, including flavonoids are the main contributors of antioxidant activity in these species. The results suggest that certain brown algae possess significantly higher antioxidant potential when compared to red or green algae and could be considered for future applications in medicine, dietary supplements, cosmetics or food industries. Cystophora monilifera extract was found to have the highest antioxidant concentration, followed by Zonaria angustata, Cystophora pectinate, Codium fragile, and Cystophora pectinata. Fucoxanthin was found mainly in the brown algae species. The proposed methods provide an edge in terms of screening for antioxidants and quantification of antioxidant constituents in complex mixtures. The current application also demonstrates flexibility and versatility of a standard HPTLC system in the drug discovery. Proposed

  11. Psychiatry in the Nazi era. (United States)

    Seeman, Mary V


    To update Canadian psychiatrists on recent information from newly discovered Berlin archives about the actions of physicians, especially psychiatrists, during the era of National Socialism in Germany and to encourage introspection about the role of the medical profession, its relationship with government, and its vulnerability to manipulation by ideology and economic pressures. This is a selective review of the literature on the collaboration of physicians, especially psychiatrists, in the sterilization, experimentation, and annihilation of patients with mental illness before and during World War II. Directed to value the health of the nation over the care of individual patients and convinced that a hierarchy of worth distinguished one person from another, German psychiatrists were enlisted to commit atrocities during the Nazi period. The values of care and compassion can be eroded; this knowledge demands constant vigilance.

  12. Undead Blond Hair in the Victorian Imagination: The Hungarian Roots of Bram Stoker’s "The Secret of the Growing Gold"

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abigail Heiniger


    Full Text Available The Hungarian folktale “Woman with Hair of Gold” is a part of what Nina Auerbach calls feminine mythos in Woman and the Demon. It is a story about the murder and revenge of a “very strange but beautiful woman with golden hair as fine as spun gold.” This paper explores how Bram Stoker’s short story “The Secret of the Growing Gold” reworks this folktale, stripping away its uniquely feminine voice, to create a story expressing British Victorian racial anxieties. The message of Teutonic superiority, which Stoker links with Hungarian folklore, is this author’s most dangerous and nefarious fiction.

  13. A new era of thromboelastometry. (United States)

    Crochemore, Tomaz; Piza, Felipe Maia de Toledo; Rodrigues, Roseny Dos Reis; Guerra, João Carlos de Campos; Ferraz, Leonardo José Rolim; Corrêa, Thiago Domingos


    Severe hemorrhage with necessity of allogeneic blood transfusion is common complication in intensive care unit and is associated with increased morbidity and mortality. Prompt recognition and treatment of bleeding causes becomes essential for the effective control of hemorrhage, rationalizing the use of allogeneic blood components, and in this way, preventing an occurrence of their potential adverse effects. Conventional coagulation tests such as prothrombin time and activated partial thromboplastin time present limitations in predicting bleeding and guiding transfusion therapy in critically ill patients. Viscoelastic tests such as thromboelastography and rotational thromboelastometry allow rapid detection of coagulopathy and goal-directed therapy with specific hemostatic drugs. The new era of thromboelastometry relies on its efficacy, practicality, reproducibility and cost-effectiveness to establish itself as the main diagnostic tool and transfusion guide in patients with severe active bleeding. RESUMO A hemorragia grave com necessidade de transfusão de sangue e componentes é uma complicação frequente na unidade de terapia intensiva e está associada ao aumento da morbidade e da mortalidade. A identificação adequada e o tratamento precoce da causa específica da coagulopatia tornam-se fundamentais para o controle efetivo da hemorragia, racionalizando a utilização de sangue e componentes, e desta forma, prevenindo a ocorrência de efeitos adversos. Testes convencionais da coagulação (tempo de ativação de protrombina e tempo de tromboplastina parcial ativada) apresentam limitações para prever sangramento e guiar a terapia transfusional em pacientes graves. Testes viscoelásticos como a tromboelastografia e tromboelastometria rotacional permitem a rápida detecção da coagulopatia e orientam a terapia de forma individualizada, alvo dirigida com drogas hemostáticas específicas. A nova era da tromboelastometria confia na sua eficácia, praticidade

  14. El lenguaje en la era digital

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juan Carlos Vergara Silva


    Con base en la interrelación entre lenguaje y pensamiento se plantea el papel fundamental que el lenguaje ocupa en el modelo económico, educativo y cultural generado por la aparición de la era digital o era del conocimiento. en este artículo se evidencian los retos que genera una era marcada por un esquema digital en el desarrollo y uso de habilidades comunicativas tanto en la docencia superior como en el ejercicio profesional eficiente.

  15. Periodistas para la era digital

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fernando Villalobos G.


    Full Text Available La formación de los periodistas del siglo XXI en la era digital se concibe como un reto y el mayor desafío. Los medios digitales demandan especialización y dominio de las nuevas tecnologías. Las universidades, principales gestores de este cambio, en la sociedad del conocimiento, requieren trabajar en la reformulación de nuevos pensum y en tres terrenos fundamentales: el perfil del egresado, el estilo pedagógico y el nuevo modo de relacionarse con el mundo exterior. Se necesita de una oferta académica referida al ciberperiodismo y a la cibercomunicación. La profesión periodística, y específicamente la formación de los comunicadores registra cambios importantes debido a las nuevas tecnologías, ahora el aula es el mundo globalizado e interconectado por la gran autopista de la información, por ello, la formación del comunicador social, demanda renovadas prácticas educativas. Las universidades deben repensar el papel que están obligadas a desempeñar, reformular los pensum académicos y ofertar la cibercomunicación y el ciberperiodismo para estar al día de las grandes transformaciones.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Liviu NEAMŢU


    Full Text Available Management like any social activity through specific stages of development trends from general society. Following these historical trends, this study summarizes the evolution of management at four stages of a full cycle of development, from a informal management to one perfect formalized. These stages of development are found differential represented at the various economic development regions in the world. Evolution increasingly grouped patterns of management and generalization for schools of thought management determines the current global development of worldwide management. For the current stage of evolution may be called as "the third era of management" or "imperial period” in which management pressures on individuals, employers or subordinate, are enormous. Evolution of companies, of markets and national economies also the global economy is driven by the current trend in management, leading to very strong mutations in the relationship of forces. The world economy is in what is called "war of resources" and the alternative that we believe is necessary in this "human management" although speculative trends of concentration of capital are binding on any plans or state regulators global ethical management.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sutejo K. Widodo


    Full Text Available The moment of Sumpah Pemuda (Young Man Oath took place 84 years ago, reflecting the spirit of nationalism that is still very important in this Reformation era. This paper endeavors to dig deeper meaning of Sumpah Pemuda in its pre-independence era and applying it to our contemporary situation. The method used here is historical research using literature resources, such as articles, books, and other readings in internet. It is then concluded that the spirit of Sumpah Pemuda should be our contemplative materials and valuable Iesson so that Reformation era may succeed in achieving national goals stated in the Constitution, a society that is fair, prosperous, and democratic. Keywords: Sumpah Pemuda, Reformation era, nationalism.


    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Lamp, John W; Fisher, Julie


    ... – and from commercial and open access publishers. This paper investigates the distribution of information systems journals over the various ERA parameters and comments on a claim of bias whereby the ranking of a journal is positively influenced...

  19. New era of electronic brachytherapy. (United States)

    Ramachandran, Prabhakar


    Traditional brachytherapy refers to the placement of radioactive sources on or inside the cancer tissues. Based on the type of sources, brachytherapy can be classified as radionuclide and electronic brachytherapy. Electronic brachytherapy uses miniaturized X-ray sources instead of radionuclides to deliver high doses of radiation. The advantages of electronic brachytherapy include low dose to organs at risk, reduced dose to treating staff, no leakage radiation in off state, less shielding, and no radioactive waste. Most of these systems operate between 50 and 100 kVp and are widely used in the treatment of skin cancer. Intrabeam, Xoft and Papillon systems are also used in the treatment of intra-operative radiotherapy to breast in addition to other treatment sites. The rapid fall-off in the dose due to its low energy is a highly desirable property in brachytherapy and results in a reduced dose to the surrounding normal tissues compared to the Ir-192 source. The Xoft Axxent brachytherapy system uses a 2.25 mm miniaturized X-ray tube and the source almost mimics the high dose rate Ir-192 source in terms of dose rate and it is the only electronic brachytherapy system specifically used in the treatment of cervical cancers. One of the limiting factors that impede the use of electronic brachytherapy for interstitial application is the source dimension. However, it is highly anticipated that the design of miniaturized X-ray tube closer to the dimension of an Ir-192 wire is not too far away, and the new era of electronic brachytherapy has just begun.

  20. A new era of competitiveness. (United States)

    Theadore, Jason C


    Many of my family, friends, and colleagues would describe me as competitive and that at times I overuse this skill with a win-at-all-costs attitude. I would tend to agree. I love to win. Yet for me winning is not about me, it is as our coaches suggest, about others. I was recently asked by a new clinical leader if I missed taking care of patients. Without thinking, my response was that I take part in the care (add value) of every patient as a leader. Every decision we make as leaders (coaches) impacts many others regardless of the magnitude of our decision and, at times, our direct involvement. Operational excellence, in any field, is about winning. We all have different definitions of winning, defined by the strategic vision for our organizations. An organization's managers, supervisors, and employees all play an important role in the team to achieve the vision of the organization. As some elite coaches have suggested, winning starts with each of us being our best. Today's environment requires consistent change. Yet many in the radiology field change the wrong things for the wrong reasons. Many organizations and individuals look for instant gratification, specifically in this new era of competitiveness. Many evaluate what their competitors are doing in the market, what cars their neighbors are buying, or become jealous over a friend's success. Focusing on others and not improving yourself takes your focus away from what is important-you and the team you lead. Keeping your focus on your operations and what you can control may very well help you coach a winning team.

  1. New era of electronic brachytherapy (United States)

    Ramachandran, Prabhakar


    Traditional brachytherapy refers to the placement of radioactive sources on or inside the cancer tissues. Based on the type of sources, brachytherapy can be classified as radionuclide and electronic brachytherapy. Electronic brachytherapy uses miniaturized X-ray sources instead of radionuclides to deliver high doses of radiation. The advantages of electronic brachytherapy include low dose to organs at risk, reduced dose to treating staff, no leakage radiation in off state, less shielding, and no radioactive waste. Most of these systems operate between 50 and 100 kVp and are widely used in the treatment of skin cancer. Intrabeam, Xoft and Papillon systems are also used in the treatment of intra-operative radiotherapy to breast in addition to other treatment sites. The rapid fall-off in the dose due to its low energy is a highly desirable property in brachytherapy and results in a reduced dose to the surrounding normal tissues compared to the Ir-192 source. The Xoft Axxent brachytherapy system uses a 2.25 mm miniaturized X-ray tube and the source almost mimics the high dose rate Ir-192 source in terms of dose rate and it is the only electronic brachytherapy system specifically used in the treatment of cervical cancers. One of the limiting factors that impede the use of electronic brachytherapy for interstitial application is the source dimension. However, it is highly anticipated that the design of miniaturized X-ray tube closer to the dimension of an Ir-192 wire is not too far away, and the new era of electronic brachytherapy has just begun. PMID:28529679

  2. Evolution for Young Victorians (United States)

    Lightman, Bernard


    Evolution was a difficult topic to tackle when writing books for the young in the wake of the controversies over Darwin's "Origin of Species." Authors who wrote about evolution for the young experimented with different ways of making the complex concepts of evolutionary theory accessible and less controversial. Many authors depicted presented…

  3. Entrepreneurial Couples

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Dahl, Michael S.; Van Praag, Mirjam; Thompson, Peter


    We study possible motivations for co-entreprenurial couples to start up a joint firm, using a sample of 1,069 Danish couples that established a joint enterprise between 2001 and 2010. We compare their pre-entry characteristics, firm performance and post-dissolution private and financial outcomes...... with a selected set of comparable firms and couples. We find evidence that couples often establish a business together because one spouse – most commonly the female – has limited outside opportunities in the labor market. However, the financial benefits for each of the spouses, and especially the female...

  4. Era Transmídia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rodrigo Dias Arnaut


    Full Text Available A abordagem transmídia se mostra cada vez mais atual e interessante por integrar todos os conceitos de produção de conteúdos em uma única metodologia e processo de criação e distribuição. Atualmente, e cada vez mais, as pessoas, o público em geral é um potencial produtor de conteúdo nas novas mídias, seja através de uma simples câmera fotográfica, um telefone celular, um PC ou mesmo do mais sofisticado tablet. Nesta nova dinâmica, o mercado (conjunto de: audiência, mídia, concorrência e demais agentes apresenta novas plataformas de comuni-cação que, devido a sua abertura e amplo acesso, trazem consigo uma grande perda de controle do que é publi-cado e do próprio contexto originalmente planejado, pois a mídia espontânea e a interpretação do público criam novos caminhos para a história principal do projeto.A necessidade do mercado em estreitar relacionamento com seus clientes ou públicos (cada segmento de mercado é considerado um público diferente passa por uma grande transformação, que se implementada de forma impul-siva e despreparada, no que diz respeito à análise do público-alvo, aos formatos de distribuição e à mensagem enviada, pode acarretar na perda de oportunidades e propostas de comunicação. O foco dos projetos transmídia é utilizar  metodologias e  processos mais completos e abrangentes, do ponto de vista das áreas de criação de con-teúdo, tecnologia, marketing e outras, utilizando as melhores plataformas de mídia para o sucesso do projeto. De forma resumida o grupo de estudos em transmídia, #EraTransmídia, irá apresentar seus conceitos com o objetivo de proporcionar o engajamento social multiplataforma para resultados positivos.

  5. A generalization to the Rastall theory and cosmic eras

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Moradpour, H. [Research Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics of Maragha (RIAAM), Maragha (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Heydarzade, Y.; Darabi, F. [Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University, Department of Physics, Tabriz (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Salako, Ines G. [Universite de Porto-Novo, Institut de Mathematiques et de Sciences Physiques (IMSP), 01 BP 613, Porto-Novo (Benin); Universite d' Agriculture de Ketou, Departement de Physique, BP 13, Ketou (Benin); African Institute for Mathematical Sciences(AIMS), Muizenberg (South Africa)


    A generalized version for the Rastall theory is proposed showing the agreement with the cosmic accelerating expansion. In this regard, a coupling between geometry and the pressureless matter fields is derived which may play the role of dark energy, responsible for the current accelerating expansion phase. Moreover, our study also shows that the radiation field may not be coupled to the geometry in a non-minimal way which represents that the ordinary energy-momentum conservation law is respected by the radiation source. It is also shown that the primary inflationary era may be justified by the ability of the geometry to couple to the energy-momentum source in an empty flat FRW universe. In fact, this ability is independent of the existence of the energy-momentum source and may compel the empty flat FRW universe to expand exponentially. Finally, we consider a flat FRW universe field by a spatially homogeneous scalar field evolving in potential V(φ), and study the results of applying the slow-roll approximation to the system which may lead to an inflationary phase for the universe expansion. (orig.)

  6. Arctic Sea Level During the Satellite Altimetry Era

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Carret, A.; Johannessen, J. A.; Andersen, Ole Baltazar


    -based sea-level time series. Direct estimate of the mass component is not possible prior to GRACE. Thus, we estimated the mass contribution from the difference between the altimetry-based sea level and the steric component. We also investigate the coastal sea level with tide gauge records. Twenty coupled......Results of the sea-level budget in the high latitudes (up to 80°N) and the Arctic Ocean during the satellite altimetry era. We investigate the closure of the sea-level budget since 2002 using two altimetry sea-level datasets based on the Envisat waveform retracking: temperature and salinity data...... from the ORAP5 reanalysis, and Gravity Recovery And Climate Experiment (GRACE) space gravimetry data to estimate the steric and mass components. Regional sea-level trends seen in the altimetry map, in particular over the Beaufort Gyre and along the eastern coast of Greenland, are of halosteric origin...

  7. How do ICT project managers manage project knowledge in the public sector? An empirical enquiry from the Victorian Public Sector in Australia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yakub Karagoz


    Full Text Available Projects are temporal organisation forms that are highly knowledge-intensive and play an important role in modern public (and private sector organisations. The effective and efficient creation, dissemination, application and conservation of relevant knowledge are a critical success factor in the management of projects. Yet, project management (PM and knowledge management (KM are two distinct disciplines. This paper explores the relationship between PM and KM by analysing the literature at the intersection of those disciplines and presenting the empirical results of a case study of the Victorian Public Sector (VPS in Australia. A series of 14 interviews were conducted to explore how ICT project managers manage project knowledge across the departments of the VPS. Findings show a strong preference among the participants for informal, face-to-face interactions and agile approaches to facilitate knowledge transfer and creation in ICT project environments.

  8. Death and the dead-house in Victorian asylums: necroscopy versus mourning at the Royal Edinburgh Asylum, C. 1832-1901. (United States)

    Andrews, Jonathan


    This article examines the management and meaning of post-mortem examinations, and the spatial ordering of patients' death, dissection and burial at the Victorian asylum, referencing a range of institutional contexts and exploiting a case study of the Royal Edinburgh Asylum. The routinizing of dissection and the development of the dead-house from a more marginal asylum sector to a lynchpin of laboratory medicine is stressed. External and internal pressure to modernize pathological research facilities is assessed alongside governmental, public and professional critiques of variable necroscopy practices. This is contextualized against wider issues and attitudes surrounding consent and funereal rituals. Onus is placed on tendencies in anatomizing insanity towards the conversion of deceased lunatics--pauper lunatics especially--into mere pathological specimens. On the other hand, significant but compromised resistance on the part of a minority of practitioners, relatives and the wider public is also identified.

  9. Gelification of Victorian Tertiary soft brown coal wood. II. Changes in chemical structure associated with variation in the degree of gelification

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Russell, N.J.; Barron, P.F.


    The gross chemical structures of xylites and gelified soft brown coal woods, Latrobe Valley, Victoria, Australia, as determined by solid state nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, are compared with those of present-day wood-derived materials prepared from an angiosperm, Eucalyptus regnans, and a gymnosperm (conifer), Pinus radiata. Also examined are the changes in the gross chemical structures of soft brown coal woods with increase in their degree of gelification and the relationship between these changes and variations in their chemical composition and microscopic appearance. The Victorian xylites exhibit greater affinities with the present-day gymnosperm than the present-day angiosperm. The progressive removal of cellulose with increasing degree of gelification can be equated with an increase in huminite reflectance, elimination of humotelinite autofluoresence and changes in the relative proportions of the humotelinite submacerals. The lignin structure of xylite is also modified during the gelification process, including the progressive loss of methoxyl groups and evidence of minor oxidation.

  10. Excessive alcohol use and its association with risky sexual behaviour: a cross-sectional analysis of data from Victorian secondary school students. (United States)

    Agius, Paul; Taft, Angela; Hemphill, Sheryl; Toumbourou, John; McMorris, Barbara


    Estimate the prevalence of sexual behaviour and alcohol use and examine the association between excessive alcohol use and risky sexual behaviour in late secondary students in Victoria, Australia. The sample of Year 11 students from government and independent schools participating in the 2008 International Youth Development Study (n=450) was representative of the Victorian school population. Logistic regression analyses examined the associations between sexual behaviour, binge and compulsive drinking, adjusting for socio-demographic, school and family factors. Under half (44%) the students had experienced sex in the past year, half (50%) had engaged in binge drinking in the past two weeks and 26% reported compulsive drinking in the past year. Of those who reported sex in the past year (n=197), 34% had sex without a condom at the last sexual encounter and 28% later regretted sex due to alcohol. The likelihood of experiencing sex was increased by binge (OR=2.44, 95%CI 1.44-4.12) and compulsive drinking (OR=2.15, 95%CI 1.29-3.60). For those sexually active, binge drinking increased the risk of having three or more sexual partners (OR=3.37, 95%CI 1.11-10.26) and compulsive drinking increased the likelihood of regretted sex due to alcohol (OR=4.43, 95%CI 2.10-9.31). Excessive drinking was not associated with condom non-use. Risky sex - multiple sexual partners and regretted sex due to alcohol - and excessive drinking are highly prevalent and co-associated among Victorian late secondary students. © 2013 The Authors. ANZJPH © 2013 Public Health Association of Australia.

  11. Entrepreneurial Couples

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Dahl, Michael S.; Van Praag, Mirjam; Thompson, Peter


    a labor market position for (female) spouses with limited alternative opportunities. This decision has positive effects: the financial benefits for each of the spouses, and especially the fe-male, are larger in co-entrepreneurial firms, both during the life of the business and post-dissolution. This also......We study motivations for and outcomes of couples starting up a joint firm, using a sample of 1,069 Danish couples that established a joint enterprise between 2001 and 2010, while comparing them to a set of comparable firms and couples. The main motivation for joint entrepreneurship is to create...

  12. Communicating mathematics in the digital era

    CERN Document Server

    Borwein, Jonathan; Rodrigues, Jose Francisco


    The digital era has dramatically changed the ways that researchers search, produce, publish, and disseminate their scientific work. These processes are still rapidly evolving due to improvements in information science, new achievements in computer science technologies, and initiatives such as DML and open access journals, digitization projects, scientific reference catalogs, and digital repositories. These changes have prompted many mathematicians to play an active part in the developments of the digital era, and have led mathematicians to promote and discuss new ideas with colleagues from other fields, such as technology developers and publishers. This book is a collection of contributions by key leaders in the field, offering the paradigms and mechanisms for producing, searching, and exploiting scientific and technical scholarship in mathematics in the digital era.

  13. Entrepreneurial Couples

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Dahl, Michael S.; Van Praag, Mirjam; Thompson, Peter

    with a selected set of comparable firms and couples. We find evidence that couples often establish a business together because one spouse - most commonly the female - has limited outside opportunities in the labor market. However, the financial benefits for each of the spouses, and especially the female......We study possible motivations for co-entrepenurial couples to start up a joint firm, us-ing a sample of 1,069 Danish couples that established a joint enterprise between 2001 and 2010. We compare their pre-entry characteristics, firm performance and post-dissolution private and financial outcomes......, are larger in co-entrepreneurial firms, both during the life of the business and post-dissolution. The start-up of co-entrepreneurial firms seems therefore a sound in-vestment in the human capital of both spouses as well as in the reduction of income inequality in the household. We find no evidence of non...

  14. Entrepreneurial Couples

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Dahl, Michael S.; Van Praag, Mirjam; Thompson, Peter

    with a selected set of comparable firms and couples. We find evidence that couples often establish a business together because one spouse – most commonly the female – has limited outside opportunities in the labor market. However, the financial benefits for each of the spouses, and especially the female......We study possible motivations for co-entrepenurial couples to start up a joint firm, using a sample of 1,069 Danish couples that established a joint enterprise between 2001 and 2010. We compare their pre-entry characteristics, firm performance and postdissolution private and financial outcomes......, are larger in co-entrepreneurial firms, both during the life of the business and post-dissolution. The start-up of co-entrepreneurial firms seems therefore a sound investment in the human capital of both spouses as well as in the reduction of income inequality in the household. We find no evidence of non...

  15. Chinese librarianship in the digital era

    CERN Document Server

    Fang, Conghui


    The library in China has been transformed by rapid socioeconomic development, and the proliferation of the Internet. The issues faced by Chinese libraries andlibrarians are those faced by library practitioners more globally, however, China also has its own unique set of issues in the digital era, including developmental imbalance between East and West, urban and rural areas, and availability of skilled practitioners. Chinese Librarianship in the Digital Era is the first book on Chinese libraries responding to these issues, and more.The first part of the book places discussion in historical con

  16. The European Union's Normative Power in a more Global Era

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Manners, Ian James


    The globalising, multilateralising and multipolarising era requires a reconsideration of the nature of European Union (EU) power and actorness in a more global era. The article does this by first looking at the study of the EU in a more global era. Second, the normative power approach will be exa......The globalising, multilateralising and multipolarising era requires a reconsideration of the nature of European Union (EU) power and actorness in a more global era. The article does this by first looking at the study of the EU in a more global era. Second, the normative power approach...

  17. Time Management in the Digital Era (United States)

    Wodarz, Nan


    School business officials can strike a balance between setting a long-term strategy and responding to short-term situations by implementing time management strategies. This article presents tips for time management that could help boost productivity and save time in this digital era. Tips include decreasing meeting times via Skype or…

  18. Family Health in an Era of Stress. (United States)

    USA Today, 1979


    Summarizes major findings of a national survey, "The General Mills American Family Report 1978/79: Family Health in an Era of Stress," conducted by Yankelovich, Skelly and White. Topics covered include attitudes toward medical costs, mental illness, and good health practices, as well as expressed interest in health information. (SJL)

  19. Workers in the era of globalization

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    16 déc. 2013 ... India Labour and Employment Report 2014: Workers in the era of globalization ... Arjan de Haan, of IDRC's Employment and Growth program, praised the report's identification of the astonishing realities and opportunities facing India's labour market, and how they highlight the urgent need for job creation in ...

  20. A New Era of Exotic Electromagnetism

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education; Volume 17; Issue 2. A New Era of Exotic Electromagnetism. K Porsezian Ancemma Joseph. General Article Volume 17 Issue 2 February 2012 pp 163-176. Fulltext. Click here to view fulltext PDF. Permanent link:

  1. Green Era Should Herald Smarter Buildings (United States)

    Carlson, Scott


    In the past two decades, the most elite and ambitious colleges have commissioned buildings by "starchitects" for notoriety. However, people live in a green era now and there is a need for a new kind of star architecture to go with it, one in which the building is a star for its efficiency as well as its elegance. The new star architecture would…

  2. Libraries in the post-scarcity era

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bodó, B.; Porsdam, H.


    In the digital era where, thanks to the ubiquity of electronic copies, the book is no longer a scarce resource, libraries find themselves in an extremely competitive environment. Several different actors are now in a position to provide low cost access to knowledge. One of these competitors are

  3. Faculty Recruitment in an Era of Change (United States)

    Levine, Marilyn; Schimpf, Martin


    Faculty recruitment is a challenge for administration and departments, especially in an era of change in the academy. This article builds on information from an interactive conference panel session that focused on faculty recruitment best practices. The article addresses faculty recruitment strategies that focus on the optimization of search…

  4. The Federalist Era. SSEC American History Series. (United States)

    Ladenburg, Thomas

    This unit on the Federalist era of U.S. history examines some of the issues that have endured from the earliest days of the nation to the present: free speech, the right to rebel, foreign policy, the balance of federal and state authority, and the relative importance of various constituencies. Student understanding of such issues develops through…

  5. Rethinking Education in an Era of Globalisation (United States)

    Wrigley, Terry


    This article reflects on the historic tensions of education under capitalism, arguing that they have been exacerbated in our era of neo-liberal globalisation. Government drives for greater "accountability" and "effectiveness" are a blinkered response to the threefold global crisis we face: poverty and debt; a collapse of the…

  6. The Post-Genomic Era of Cassava (United States)

    The genomics era revolutionized our efficiency at gathering and disseminating scientific information required for advancing our understanding of plant biology. In the case of cassava, the genomics revolution has not kept pace with other staple food and fiber crops important to global economies. As a...

  7. Dinosaur dynamics in the Jurassic Era (United States)

    Lee, Scott


    Dinosaurs were fascinating animals and elicit much excitement in the classroom. Analysis of fossilized dinosaur trackways permits one to estimate the locomotion speeds and accelerations of these extinct beasts. Such analysis allows one to apply Newton's laws of motion to examples from the Jurassic Era.

  8. Socioeconomic Attainment in the Ellis Island Era. (United States)

    White, Michael J; Mullen, Erica Jade


    Contemporary discussions of immigrant assimilation in the United States often take the experience of the late 19th and early 20th centuries as a benchmark, yet significant gaps remain in our understanding of the generality and rate of immigrant progress during that era. Using four decades of IPUMS census microdata, we utilize both OLS microdata regression and double cohort methodology to examine socioeconomic assimilation across arrival cohort and country of origin during the Ellis Island era. Our results show, contrary to some writing, that while the first generation (the foreign born) exhibit decidedly inferior labor market outcomes, socioeconomic attainment (measured by Socio-Economic Index [SEI] points) increased quickly with duration in the U.S. Persons of the second generation and those of mixed parentage show much less penalty than immigrants. At the same time, we uncover differences in outcome by European region that do not disappear over the decades we examine.

  9. Socioeconomic Attainment in the Ellis Island Era* (United States)

    White, Michael J.; Mullen, Erica Jade


    Contemporary discussions of immigrant assimilation in the United States often take the experience of the late 19th and early 20th centuries as a benchmark, yet significant gaps remain in our understanding of the generality and rate of immigrant progress during that era. Using four decades of IPUMS census microdata, we utilize both OLS microdata regression and double cohort methodology to examine socioeconomic assimilation across arrival cohort and country of origin during the Ellis Island era. Our results show, contrary to some writing, that while the first generation (the foreign born) exhibit decidedly inferior labor market outcomes, socioeconomic attainment (measured by Socio-Economic Index [SEI] points) increased quickly with duration in the U.S. Persons of the second generation and those of mixed parentage show much less penalty than immigrants. At the same time, we uncover differences in outcome by European region that do not disappear over the decades we examine. PMID:28979054

  10. Menertawakan Fobia Komunis di Era Reproduksi Digital

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Triyono Lukmantoro


    Full Text Available Abstract. In May-June 2016 issue of the rise of the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI and the latent danger of communism appeared again. Excessive fear of PKI and communism continues propagated. That is what is referred to as a communist phobia. But, the issue is considered sensitive that it gave birth to criticism. The phenomenon is the presence of a number of memes comics whose contents laugh hammer and sickle symbol and three communist iconic figures, namely D.N. Aidit, Tan Malaka, and Mao Zedong. Meme comics containing parody to show incongruities that can only happen to the era of digital reproduction. The idea of meme comics can be traced to the thought Walter Benjamin about the works of art in the age of mechanical reproduction. In that era, aura was declining. The crisis and the disappearance of aura increasingly occurs to the time of digital reproduction.

  11. Cosmology with a stiff matter era (United States)

    Chavanis, Pierre-Henri


    We consider the possibility that the Universe is made of a dark fluid described by a quadratic equation of state P =K ρ2 , where ρ is the rest-mass density and K is a constant. The energy density ɛ =ρ c2+K ρ2 is the sum of two terms: a rest-mass term ρ c2 that mimics "dark matter" (P =0 ) and an internal energy term u =K ρ2=P that mimics a "stiff fluid" (P =ɛ ) in which the speed of sound is equal to the speed of light. In the early universe, the internal energy dominates and the dark fluid behaves as a stiff fluid (P ˜ɛ , ɛ ∝a-6). In the late universe, the rest-mass energy dominates and the dark fluid behaves as pressureless dark matter (P ≃0 , ɛ ∝a-3). We provide a simple analytical solution of the Friedmann equations for a universe undergoing a stiff matter era, a dark matter era, and a dark energy era due to the cosmological constant. This analytical solution generalizes the Einstein-de Sitter solution describing the dark matter era, and the Λ CDM model describing the dark matter era and the dark energy era. Historically, the possibility of a primordial stiff matter era first appeared in the cosmological model of Zel'dovich where the primordial universe is assumed to be made of a cold gas of baryons. A primordial stiff matter era also occurs in recent cosmological models where dark matter is made of relativistic self-gravitating Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs). When the internal energy of the dark fluid mimicking stiff matter is positive, the primordial universe is singular like in the standard big bang theory. It expands from an initial state with a vanishing scale factor and an infinite density. We consider the possibility that the internal energy of the dark fluid is negative (while, of course, its total energy density is positive), so that it mimics anti-stiff matter. This happens, for example, when the BECs have an attractive self-interaction with a negative scattering length. In that case, the primordial universe is nonsingular and


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    H.B.A. Jayawardana


    Full Text Available Kegiatan belajar dan mengajar yang dilakukan oleh guru dengan siswa di sekolahan dikenal dengan istilah pembelajaran. Kualitas pembelajaran akan optimal apabila proses pembelajaran berpusat pada siswa (student centered instruction, bukan berpusat pada guru (teacher centered instruction. Proses pembelajaran sebaiknya juga dilakukan dengan cara-cara yang menyenangkan, termasuk pada pembelajaran biologi. Anggapan bahwa pelajaran biologi merupakan sesuatu yang menakutkan, sulit dimengerti karena banyak dikombinasi dengan istilah Latin atau bahasa ilmiah, dan juga membosankan karena banyaknya materi, perlu segera diluruskan. Stigma negatif pada pelajaran biologi tersebut salah satu penyebabnya karena pembelajaran dilakukan dengan metode-metode konvensional dan cenderung monoton. Di era digitital seperti sekarang ini, guru sebaiknya mempunyai paradigma yang baru terhadap pembelajaran biologi. Sudah saatnya guru memanfaatkan kemajuan teknologi dan internet sebagai sarana pembelajaran biologi. Yang menjadi pertanyaan adalah bagaimana merubah paradigma lama menuju paradigma baru dalam pembelajaran biologi di era digital? Bagaimana menerapkan pembelajaran biologi di era digital? Dan bagaimana segi positif maupun negatifnya pembelajaran digital? Pertanyaan-pertanyaan tersebut merupakan benang merah yang akan dibahas dalam artikel ini.

  13. Yorkshire's influence on the understanding and treatment of mental diseases in Victorian Britain: The golden triad of York, Wakefield, and Leeds. (United States)

    Rollin, Henry R; Reynolds, Edward H


    In the late-eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, a more humane approach to the care of the insane in Britain was catalyzed in part by the illness of King George III. The Reform Movement envisaged "moral" treatment in asylums in pleasant rural environments, but these aspirations were overwhelmed by industrialization, urbanization, and the scale of the need, such that most asylums became gigantic institutions for chronic insanity. Three institutions in Yorkshire remained beacons of enlightenment in the general gloom of Victorian alienism: the Retreat in York founded and developed by the Quaker Tuke family; the West Riding Lunatic Asylum in Wakefield led by Sir James Crichton-Browne, which initiated research into brain and mental diseases; and the Leeds Medical School and Wakefield axis associated with Sir Thomas Clifford Allbutt, which pioneered teaching of mental diseases and, later, the first Chair of Psychiatry. Three other Yorkshiremen who greatly influenced nineteenth-century "neuropsychiatry" in Britain and abroad were Thomas Laycock in York and Edinburgh, and Henry Maudsley and John Hughlings Jackson in London.

  14. Transitioning from a single-site pilot project to a state-wide regional telehealth service: The experience from the Victorian Stroke Telemedicine programme. (United States)

    Bagot, Kathleen L; Cadilhac, Dominique A; Kim, Joosup; Vu, Michelle; Savage, Mark; Bolitho, Les; Howlett, Glenn; Rabl, Justin; Dewey, Helen M; Hand, Peter J; Denisenko, Sonia; Donnan, Geoffrey A; Bladin, Christopher F


    Scaling of projects from inception to establishment within the healthcare system is rarely formally reported. The Victorian Stroke Telemedicine (VST) programme provided a very useful opportunity to describe how rural hospitals in Victoria were able to access a network of Melbourne-based neurologists via telemedicine. The VST programme was initially piloted at one site in 2010 and has gradually expanded as a state-wide regional service operating with 16 hospitals in 2017. The aim of this paper is to summarise the factors that facilitated the state-wide transition of the VST programme. A naturalistic case-study was used and data were obtained from programme documents, e.g. minutes of governance committees, including the steering committee, the management committee and six working groups; operational and evaluation documentation, interviews and research field-notes taken by project staff. Thematic analysis was undertaken, with results presented in narrative form to provide a summary of the lived experience of developing and scaling the VST programme. The main success factors were attaining funding from various sources, identifying a clinical need and evidence-based solution, engaging stakeholders and facilitating co-design, including embedding the programme within policy, iterative evaluation including performing financial sustainability modelling, and conducting dissemination activities of the interim results, including promotion of early successes.

  15. Incidence and survival of lymphohematopoietic neoplasms according to the World Health Organization classification: a population-based study from the Victorian Cancer Registry in Australia. (United States)

    Jayasekara, Harindra; Karahalios, Amalia; Juneja, Surender; Thursfield, Vicky; Farrugia, Helen; English, Dallas R; Giles, Graham G


    We studied the incidence and relative survival of 39 837 cases of lymphohematopoietic neoplasms (LHN) reported to the Victorian Cancer Registry during 1982-2004, classified according to the World Health Organization (WHO) classification. We modeled excess mortality using Poisson regression to estimate differences in survival by age, sex, and time period. Age-standardized incidence rates varied across subtypes of lymphoid and myeloid neoplasms. All major subtypes predominantly affected the elderly except Hodgkin lymphoma (incidence peaks at 20-24 and 75-79 years) and acute lymphoblastic leukemia (0-9 years). After an initial rise, overall lymphoid and myeloid incidence stabilized in the mid-1990s. The 5-year relative survival was 58% for lymphoid and 35% for myeloid neoplasms. Survival improved during 1990-2004 for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, follicular lymphoma, acute myeloid leukemia, chronic myeloid leukemia, and myelodysplastic syndromes (p  < 0.001) and declined with advancing age for all subtypes (p <  0.001). Female sex was associated with higher survival for most myeloid subtypes. The results represent a rare epidemiological characterization of the whole range of LHN according to WHO subtypes.

  16. Antibacterial drug discovery in the resistance era. (United States)

    Brown, Eric D; Wright, Gerard D


    The looming antibiotic-resistance crisis has penetrated the consciousness of clinicians, researchers, policymakers, politicians and the public at large. The evolution and widespread distribution of antibiotic-resistance elements in bacterial pathogens has made diseases that were once easily treatable deadly again. Unfortunately, accompanying the rise in global resistance is a failure in antibacterial drug discovery. Lessons from the history of antibiotic discovery and fresh understanding of antibiotic action and the cell biology of microorganisms have the potential to deliver twenty-first century medicines that are able to control infection in the resistance era.

  17. Studying Stepfamilies: Four Eras of Family Scholarship. (United States)

    Ganong, Lawrence; Coleman, Marilyn


    Historically, there have always been stepfamilies, but until the early 1970s, they remained largely unnoticed by social scientists. Research interest in stepfamilies followed shortly after divorce became the primary precursor to stepfamily formation. Because stepfamilies are structurally diverse and much more complex than nuclear families, they have created considerable challenges for both researchers and clinicians. This article examines four eras of stepfamily scholarship, tracing the development of research questions, study designs and methods, and conceptual frameworks from the mid-1970s to the present and drawing implications for the current state of the field. © 2017 Family Process Institute.

  18. Evolusi Saluran Interaksi di Era Internet

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Benedictus Arnold Simangunsong


    Full Text Available The development and advancement of technology affects how man interacts with others. The revolution of society interaction which was proposed by Straubhaar and LaRose, from pre-farming society to a farming society, into an industrial society, which was marked by the label of industrial revolution, to the information society, which is marked by the information revolution, shifted the way and man’s attitudes both in terms of economy and interaction. In the information society, the revolution also takes place in message delivery, where face-to-face was common at first, to textual and visual delivery, which is a change in the internet era.

  19. Biobanks in the Era of Digital Medicine. (United States)

    Jacobs, Gunnar; Wolf, Andreas; Krawczak, Michael; Lieb, Wolfgang


    Digitalization is currently permeating virtually all sectors of modern societies, including biomedical research and medical care. At the same time, biobanks engaged in the long-term storage of biological samples that are fit for purpose have become key drivers in both fields. The present article highlights some of the challenges and opportunities that biobanking is facing in the current proverbial "era of digitalization." © 2017 The Authors Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics published by Wiley Periodicals, Inc. on behalf of American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

  20. Affordability Tradeoffs Under Uncertainty Using Epoch-Era Analysis (United States)


    large numbers of eras can be constructed through combinatorics , probabilistic state transitions, and other means. Process 9 focuses on the analysis ...pmlkploba=obmloq=pbofbp= Affordability Tradeoffs Under Uncertainty Using Epoch-Era Analysis 30 September 2013 Dr. Donna H. Rhodes, Principal...AND SUBTITLE Affordability Tradeoffs Under Uncertainty Using Epoch-Era Analysis 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6

  1. Teachers as Cultural Mediators: A Comparison of the Accountability Era to the Assimilation Era (United States)

    Eick, Caroline; Valli, Linda


    This article examines teachers' relationships with foreign students during eras marked by large waves of immigration to the United States and by policies that shifted from cultural assimilation (1900-1920) to present-day accountability. We compare teachers' understandings of and instructional practices regarding foreign-born English language…

  2. Lewis Carroll, a educação e o ensino de geometria na Inglaterra vitoriana - Lewis Carroll, education and the teaching of geometry in victorian England

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rafael Montoito


    Full Text Available Parte da pesquisa motivada pela tradução para o português do livro Euclides e seus rivais modernos, publicado por Lewis Carroll em 1879, este artigo se inscreve numa série de estudos que visam a um exame hermenêutico dessa obra. São discutidos temas relacionados com a educação, a educação matemática e o ensino de geometria na Inglaterra vitoriana.Palavras-chave: Lewis Carroll, Euclides e seus rivais modernos, história da educação, educação matemática, geometria. LEWIS CARROLL, EDUCATION AND THE TEACHING OF GEOMETRY IN VICTORIAN ENGLANDAbstractResearch partly motivated by Lewis Carrroll's Euclid and his modern rivals (1879 portuguese translation, this paper presents some hermeneutical remarks taken as necessary to understand the context in which such book was produced. The paper focuses particularly on education, in general, and on the teaching of mathematics and geometry in victorian England.Key-words: Lewis Carroll, Euclid and his modern rivals, history of education, mathematics education, geometry. LEWIS CARROLL, LA EDUCACIÓN Y EL ENSINO DE GEOMETRÍA EN LA INGLATERRA VICTORIANAResumenParte de la investigación motivada por la traducción al portugués del libro Euclides y sus enemigos modernos, publicado por Lewis Carroll en 1879, este artículo se inscribe en una serie de estudios que tienen por objetivo hacer un examen hermenéutico de la obra. Son aquí discutidos temas relacionados como la educación, la educación matemática y la enseñanza de geometría en la Inglaterra victoriana.Palabras-clave: Lewis Carroll, Euclides y sus enemigos modernos, historia de la educación, educación matemática, geometría. LEWIS CARROLL, L’ÉDUCATION ET L’ENSEIGMENT DE GÉOMÉTRIE EN L’ANGLETERRE VICTORIENNERésuméFaisant partie de la recherche motivée par la traduction en portugais du livre Euclide et ses rivaux modernes, publié par Lewis Carrol en 1879 , cet article s’inscrit dans une série d’études dont le but


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Siti Aisyah


    Full Text Available As local parliament, Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Daerah (DPRD has three functions such as legislation, budgeting, and oversight functions. The research aims to analyse the local parliaments performance at Bogor and Depok city in the reform era. The reseach uses qualitative method. The data gathering technique used is snowball technique with depth-intervieuw and literature study of documents, books, journals, magazines, and daily newspapers that relate to the research issue. The study concludes that DPRDs performance in the reform era does not meet the public expectation yet. From the point of view of legislation and budgeting funcions, it tends to orientate itself to executives interest rather than publics. While from the view of oversight function, it has not used questionnaire and interpellation rights. The form of relation between DPRD and mayors of two cities contributes to the DPRDs performance as a whole. In order to increase the performance of the members of local parliament, it is necessary to increase their ability to identify their regions condition and needs. And it also needs to increase the quality of legislation, budgeting and oversight functions.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bilal Bagis


    Full Text Available This paper analyzes the evolution of central banking, and in particular the American experience of central banking. It provides projections for the future of central banking in the new era of post 2008. The paper initially demonstrates recent improvements in the financial and banking sectors, regulations and different measures of monetary and financial rules both in the USA and the rest of the advanced economies. Then, it claims institutions, such as central banks, will gain new objectives and more significance in this new era and thus will be given new roles, over time and along with the improvements and deepening in the financial system. The paper argues centuries long central bank evolution is not complete yet and that more objectives should be expected to come forward. In that line, there is need for a shift in the conventional policy measures. New trends in central banking such as the helicopter money, popular nominal GDP targeting regime and the retro developmental central banking are all critically analyzed. The paper provides a breakdown of financial development and central banking activities in a historical context and provides a rationale and a new basis for possible future innovations.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Muhbib Abdul Wahab


    Full Text Available This article is aimed to answer two essential problems; (1 development map of Arabic learning method from 1990s until today which has been formulated unclearly, and (2 developing Arabic learning in posmethod era by optimilizing teacher’s strategic role in the process of Arabic learning. This article used bibliographic sources from some books and articles in scientific journal about linguistic and Arabic learning. The interpretation data of academician thought and Arabic linguistic experts was done by using historical-critical approach and content analysis for substancial interpretation. B. Kumaravadivelu concept in Beyond Methods: Macrostrategies for Language Teaching (2003 which requires teacher to play three essential roles; pasif technician, reflective practician, and transformative intelectual is very inportant in Arabic learning in posmethod era. The principle of at-tharîqatu ahammu min al-mâddah (method is more important than content can be developed to be main principle “spirit, profesionality and strategic role of language educator is more important in teaching Arabic than the method itself”, since basically there is no most appropriate and ideal method for any goals and situation of Arabic learning.DOI: 10.15408/a.v2i1.1519

  6. Mempertanyakan Privasi di Era Selebgram: Masih Adakah?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ester Krisnawati


    Full Text Available Abstract: Instagram marks the importance of participatory culture in the era of new media. This paper aims to examine the complex notion of privacy in regards to children’s privacy that were made famous (by their parents through Instagram with the selebgram phenomenon. By examining the data gathered using #selebgram and underlining the self-presentation perspective in the study of the psychological communication, the results show that parents have their own motives and goal when uploading their child’s fotos on Instagram. Consequently, the childs have to lose their privacy in cyberspace and of course, the information is vulnerable to crime. Keywords: children’s privacy, Instagram, selebgram, self-presentation Abstrak: Instagram menandai gagasan pentingnya budaya partisipatif dalam era media baru. Tujuan dari paper ini adalah untuk menganalisa konsep Instagram sebagai forum dan sarana komunikasi dengan melihat fenomena selebgram. Paper ini meneliti gagasan kompleks privasi dalam hal privasi anak-anak yang dibuat terkenal (oleh orang tua mereka melalui Instagram dengan memeriksa data yang dikumpulkan menggunakan #selebgram dan menggarisbawahi perspektif presentasi diri dalam kajian psikologi komunikasi. Hasil analisa menunjukkan bahwa ada motif dan tujuan orang tua memuat foto anaknya di akun Instagram. Sedangkan dampaknya, anak tidak mempunyai privasi di dunia maya dan tentunya informasi tersebut akan rentan disalahgunakan untuk kejahatan. Kata Kunci: Instagram, presentasi diri, privasi anak, selebgram

  7. Molecular anthropology in the genomic era. (United States)

    Destro-Bisol, Giovanni; Jobling, Mark A; Rocha, Jorge; Novembre, John; Richards, Martin B; Mulligan, Connie; Batini, Chiara; Manni, Franz


    Molecular Anthropology is a relatively young field of research. In fact, less than 50 years have passed since the symposium "Classification and Human Evolution" (1962, Burg Wartenstein, Austria), where the term was formally introduced by Emil Zuckerkandl. In this time, Molecular Anthropology has developed both methodologically and theoretically and extended its applications, so covering key aspects of human evolution such as the reconstruction of the history of human populations and peopling processes, the characterization of DNA in extinct humans and the role of adaptive processes in shaping the genetic diversity of our species. In the current scientific panorama, molecular anthropologists have to face a double challenge. As members of the anthropological community, we are strongly committed to the integration of biological findings and other lines of evidence (e.g. linguistic and archaeological), while keeping in line with methodological innovations which are moving the approach from the genetic to the genomic level. In this framework, the meeting "DNA Polymorphisms in Human Populations: Molecular Anthropology in the Genomic Era" (Rome, December 3-5, 2009) offered an opportunity for discussion among scholars from different disciplines, while paying attention to the impact of recent methodological innovations. Here we present an overview of the meeting and discuss perspectives and prospects of Molecular Anthropology in the genomic era.

  8. The end of a remarkable era

    CERN Multimedia


    An important era in particle physics is coming to an end: the US Department of Energy announced on Monday that it will not fund an extension to Tevatron running beyond 2011. It is a poignant moment for particle physics as we prepare to bid farewell to a machine that has changed our view of the Universe, and played a significant role in paving the way for the new era that is opening up with the LHC.   The Tevatron has been at the high-energy frontier of particle physics for over a quarter of a century. That’s a remarkable achievement by any account, and the physics results are there to prove it. As well as bringing us the discovery of the top quark in 1995, the Tevatron’s experiments have provided vitally important precision measurements covering the full spectrum of Standard Model physics, not to mention hints of what may lie beyond. With several months of running still to come, it would be a foolish gambler who bet against further new physics emerging before the Teva...

  9. Beyond a clinical role: nurses were psychosocial supporters, coordinators and problem solvers in the Black Saturday and Victorian bushfires in 2009. (United States)

    Ranse, Jamie; Lenson, Shane


    This research explores the roles of nurses that participated in the Black Saturday and Victorian bushfires in February 2009, including aspects that influence nurses' roles, such as prior education, training and availability of resources. It is acknowledged that nurses play an important role in disaster response and recovery. However, our understanding of nurses' roles is superficial and commonly based on descriptions of events in which specifics relating to the nurses' roles are embedded within other topics or issues. Similarly, aspects that support nurses in the disaster environment, including previous experience, education and the provision of resources, are not well understood. Single, semi-structured telephone interviews were conducted with 11 volunteer nursing members of St John Ambulance Australia. These interviews were electronically recorded, transcribed verbatim and thematically analysed using a well-recognised human science approach. The thematic analysis identified two broad themes: being prepared and having an expansive role. Participants indicated that they were educationally prepared and had adequate clinical experience. They outlined that they took many resources with them; however, they were used very little, as their role consisted of minimal clinical care. Additionally, nurses performed roles including a psychosocial supporter, a coordinator of care and resources, and problem solvers. The nurses' role in providing health care during and/or following a disaster is more than a clinical care role. This understanding should be applied to the development of education programs, competencies and policies, with a particular focus on contextualising the education to the realities of possible disastrous scenarios that incorporates elements of coordination, problem solving and psychosocial care within a national framework. Additionally, this awareness education should be used to inform nurses about the realities of working in disaster environments. Copyright

  10. Central and peripheral line-associated bloodstream infections in Australian neonatal and paediatric intensive care units: findings from a comprehensive Victorian surveillance network, 2008-2016. (United States)

    Worth, L J; Daley, A J; Spelman, T; Bull, A L; Brett, J A; Richards, M J


    Healthcare-associated infections in neonatal and paediatric populations are associated with poorer outcomes and healthcare costs, and surveillance is a necessary component of prevention programs. The objective of this study was to evaluate burden of illness, aetiology, and time-trends for central and peripheral line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI and PLABSI) in Australian neonatal and paediatric intensive care units (ICUs) between 1 July 2008 and 31 December 2016. Using National Healthcare Safety Network methods, surveillance in neonatal and paediatric units was performed by hospitals participating in the Victorian Healthcare Associated Infection Surveillance System. Mixed effects Poisson regression was used to model infections over time. Overall, 82 paediatric CLABSI events were reported over 37125 CVC days (2.21/1000 CVC days), 203 neonatal CLABSI events were reported over 92169 CVC days (2.20/1000 CVC days), and 95 neonatal PLABSI events were reported over 142240 peripheral line-days (0.67/1000 peripheral line-days). Over time, a significant decrease in quarterly risk for neonatal CLABSI events was observed (risk ratio [RR] 0.98, 95% CI 0.97-0.99, p=0.023) and this reduction was significant for the 751-1000g birth weight cohort (RR 0.97, p=0.015). Most frequently, coagulase-negative Staphylococcus spp. (24.2%) and Staphylococcus aureus (16.1%) were responsible for CLABSI events. A significant reduction in Gram-negative neonatal infections was observed (annual RR 0.85, p<0.001). CLABSI rates in neonatal and paediatric ICUs in our region are low, and neonatal infections have significantly diminished over time. Evaluation of infection prevention programs is required to determine if specific strategies can be implemented to further reduce infection risk. Copyright © 2017. Published by Elsevier Ltd.

  11. Koala retrovirus genotyping analyses reveal a low prevalence of KoRV-A in Victorian koalas and an association with clinical disease. (United States)

    Legione, Alistair R; Patterson, Jade L S; Whiteley, Pam; Firestone, Simon M; Curnick, Megan; Bodley, Kate; Lynch, Michael; Gilkerson, James R; Sansom, Fiona M; Devlin, Joanne M


    Koala retrovirus (KoRV) is undergoing endogenization into the genome of koalas in Australia, providing an opportunity to assess the effect of retrovirus infection on the health of a population. The prevalence of KoRV in north-eastern Australia (Queensland and New South Wales) is 100 %, whereas previous preliminary investigations in south-eastern Australia (Victoria) suggested KoRV is present at a lower prevalence, although the values have varied widely. Here, we describe a large study of free-ranging koalas in Victoria to estimate the prevalence of KoRV and assess the clinical significance of KoRV infection in wild koalas. Blood or spleen samples from 648 koalas where tested for KoRV provirus, and subsequently genotyped, using PCRs to detect the pol and env genes respectively. Clinical data was also recorded where possible and analysed in comparison to infection status. The prevalence of KoRV was 24.7 % (160/648). KoRV-A was detected in 141/160 cases, but KoRV-B, a genotype associated with neoplasia in captive koalas, was not detected. The genotype in 19 cases could not be determined. Genomic differences between KoRV in Victoria and type strains may have impacted genotyping. Factors associated with KoRV infection, based on multivariable analysis, were low body condition score, region sampled, and 'wet bottom' (a staining of the fur around the rump associated with chronic urinary incontinence). Koalas with wet bottom were nearly twice as likely to have KoRV provirus detected than those without wet bottom (odds ratio=1.90, 95 % confidence interval 1.21, 2.98). Our findings have important implications for the conservation of this iconic species, particularly regarding translocation potential of Victorian koalas.

  12. Longitudinal microvascularity in achilles tendinopathy (power doppler ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging time-intensity curves and the Victorian Institute of Sport Assessment-Achilles questionnaire): a pilot study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Richards, Paula J. [University Hospital of North Staffordshire NHS Trust (UHNS), Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire (United Kingdom); Keele University, Keele, Staffordshire (United Kingdom); North Staffs. Royal Infirmary, X-ray Department, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire (United Kingdom); McCall, Iain W. [Keele University, Keele, Staffordshire (United Kingdom); North Staffordshire NHS Trust, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire (United Kingdom); Day, Christopher [University Hospital of North Staffordshire NHS Trust (UHNS), Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire (United Kingdom); Belcher, John [Cardiff University, Department of Primary Care and Public Health, North Wales Clinical School, Cardiff (United Kingdom); Maffulli, Nicola [Keele University, Keele, Staffordshire (United Kingdom)


    To evaluate the imaging of the natural history of Achilles tendinopathy microvascularisation in comparison with symptoms, using a validated disease-specific questionnaire [the Victorian Institute of Sport Assessment-Achilles (VISA-A)]. A longitudinal prospective pilot study of nine patients with post-contrast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), time-intensity curve (TIC) enhancement, ultrasound (US) and power Doppler (PD) evaluation of tendinopathy of the mid-Achilles tendon undergoing conservative management (eccentric exercise) over 1 year. There were five men and four women [mean age 47 (range 30-62) years]. Six asymptomatic tendons with normal US and MRI appearance showed less enhancement than the tibial metaphysis did and showed a flat, constant, but very low rate of enhancement in the bone and Achilles tendon (9-73 arbitrary TIC units). These normal Achilles tendons on imaging showed a constant size throughout the year (mean 4.9 mm). At baseline the TIC enhancement in those with tendinopathy ranged from 90 arbitrary units to 509 arbitrary units. Over time, 11 abnormal Achilles tendons, whose symptoms settled, were associated with a reduction in MRI enhancement mirrored by a reduction in the number of vessels on power Doppler (8.0 to 2.7), with an improvement in morphology and a reduction in tendon size (mean 15-10.6 mm). One tendon did not change its abnormal imaging features, despite improving symptoms. Two patients developed contralateral symptoms and tendinopathy, and one had more abnormal vascularity on power Doppler and higher MRI TIC peaks in the asymptomatic side. In patient with conservatively managed tendinopathy of the mid-Achilles tendon over 1 year there was a reduction of MRI enhancement and number of vessels on power Doppler, followed by morphological improvements and a reduction in size. Vessels per se related to the abnormal morphology and size of the tendon rather than symptoms. Symptoms improve before the Achilles size reduces and the

  13. Fluctuations in strongly coupled cosmologies

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bonometto, Silvio A. [Department of Physics, Astronomy Unit, Trieste University, Via Tiepolo 11, I 34143 Trieste (Italy); Mainini, Roberto, E-mail:, E-mail: [Department of Physics G. Occhialini, Milano-Bicocca University, Piazza della Scienza 3, I 20126 Milano (Italy)


    In the early Universe, a dual component made of coupled CDM and a scalar field Φ, if their coupling β > (3){sup 1/2}/2, owns an attractor solution, making them a stationary fraction of cosmic energy during the radiation dominated era. Along the attractor, both such components expand ∝a{sup −4} and have early density parameters Ω{sub d} = 1/(4β{sup 2}) and Ω{sub c} = 2 Ω{sub d} (field and CDM, respectively). In a previous paper it was shown that, if a further component, expanding ∝a{sup −3}, breaks such stationary expansion at z ∼ 3–5 × 10{sup 3}, cosmic components gradually acquire densities consistent with observations. This paper, first of all, considers the case that this component is warm. However, its main topic is the analysis of fluctuation evolution: out of horizon modes are then determined; their entry into horizon is numerically evaluated as well as the dependence of Meszaros effect on the coupling β; finally, we compute: (i) transfer function and linear spectral function; (ii) CMB C{sub l} spectra. Both are close to standard ΛCDM models; in particular, the former one can be so down to a scale smaller than Milky Way, in spite of its main DM component being made of particles of mass < 1 keV. The previously coupled CDM component, whose present density parameter is O(10{sup −3}), exhibits wider fluctuations δρ/ρ, but approximately β-independent δρ values. We discuss how lower scale features of these cosmologies might ease quite a few problems that ΛCDM does not easily solve.

  14. A New Era for Research Education in Australia? (United States)

    Marsh, Helene; Smith, Bradley; King, Max; Evans, Terry


    Use of the Australian research assessment exercise, Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) to influence the policy and practice of research education in Australia will undoubtedly have many consequences, some of them unintended and potentially deleterious. ERA is a retrospective measure of research quality; research education is prospective.…

  15. Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) in penetrating abdominal ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Background: Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) programmes employed in elective surgery have provided strong evidence for decreased lengths of hospital stay without increase in postoperative complications. The aim of this study was to explore the role and benefits of ERAS implemented in patients undergoing ...

  16. Op pad na 'n omvattende woordeboekkultuur in die digitale era

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Many potential dictionary users within the digital era belong to Generation Z. Some features of this .... die digitale era. Dit is 'n omvattende oorgang in eie reg; nie net in die leksiko- grafie nie. In die leksikografie het dit tot baie aanpassings gelei wat nie hier uit- ...... La sociedad digital y los diccionarios. Domínguez Vázquez ...

  17. Los Eones y las Eras: una propuesta de nomenclatura


    Gallegos, J. A.


    The aim of this paper is to propose a homogenous terminology for geological Aeons and Eras, begining with names already santioned to be used for the most modern Aeon and its Eras. For this, Creek terms which seen most appropriate are. in use

  18. One Click Away: Digital Mentorship in the Modern Era. (United States)

    Gottlieb, Michael; Fant, Abra; King, Andrew; Messman, Anne; Robinson, Daniel; Carmelli, Guy; Sherbino, Jonathan


    Mentorship is a valuable component of the career development of junior faculty. The digital era has allowed for greater access to mentors spanning geographic barriers and time zones. This article discusses the concept of digital mentorship, as well as strategies and techniques for developing and supporting a digital mentoring relationship in the modern era.

  19. Engineering Education for a New Era (United States)

    Ohgaki, Shinichiro

    Engineering education is composed of five components, the idea what engineering education ought to be, the knowledge in engineering fields, those who learn engineering, those who teach engineering and the stakeholders in engineering issues. The characteristics of all these five components are changing with the times. When we consider the engineering education for the next era, we should analyze the changes of all five components. Especially the knowledge and tools in engineering fields has been expanding, and advanced science and technology is casting partly a dark shadow on the modern convenient life. Moral rules or ethics for developing new products and engineering systems are now regarded as most important in engineering fields. All those who take the responsibility for engineering education should understand the change of all components in engineering education and have a clear grasp of the essence of engineering for sustainable society.

  20. Semiconductor technologies in the era of electronics

    CERN Document Server

    Kang, Yong Hoon


    Technological advances in the field of materials, devices, circuits, and systems began by the discovery of new properties of objects, or the entrepreneurship with the applications of unique or practical concepts for commercial goods. To implement products using these findings and challenges textbook knowledge is usually sufficient. Semiconductor Technologies in the Era of Electronics therefore does not aim to look deeper in certain areas but it offers a broad and comprehensive overview of the field to: - Experts of specific knowledge who want to expand the overall understanding to different areas - Persons who wish to understand the principle of electronic devices often seen in everyday life - Entrepreneurs interested in the innovations and changes of semiconductor technologies and overall electronics industry. A profound and theoretical approach is therefore used and special cases essential to understanding these important concept are presented.

  1. Prokaryotic systematics in the genomics era. (United States)

    Zhi, Xiao-Yang; Zhao, Wei; Li, Wen-Jun; Zhao, Guo-Ping


    As an essential and basic biological discipline, prokaryotic systematics is entering the era of genomics. This paradigmatic shift is significant not only for understanding molecular phylogeny at the whole genome level but also in revealing the genetic or epigenetic basis that accounts for the phenotypic criteria used to classify and identify species. These developments provide an opportunity and a challenge for systematists to reanalyze the molecular mechanisms underlying the taxonomic characteristics of prokaryotes by drawing the knowledge from studies of genomics and/or functional genomics employing platform technologies and related bioinformatics tools. It is expected that taxonomic books, such as Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology may evolve into a systematics library indexed by phylogenomic information with an comprehensive understanding of prokaryotic speciation and associated increasing knowledge of biological phenomena.

  2. The forthcoming era of precision medicine

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stjepan Gamulin


    Full Text Available Abstract. The aim of this essay is to present the definition and principles of personalized or precision medicine, the perspective and barriers to its development and clinical application. The implementation of precision medicine in health care requires the coordinated efforts of all health care stakeholders (the biomedical community, government, regulatory bodies, patients’ groups. Particularly, translational research with the integration of genomic and comprehensive data from all levels of the organism (“big data”, development of bioinformatics platforms enabling network analysis of disease etiopathogenesis, development of a legislative framework for handling personal data, and new paradigms of medical education are necessary for successful application of the concept of precision medicine in health care. Conclusion. In the present and future era of precision medicine, the collaboration of all participants in health care is necessary for its realization, resulting in improvement of diagnosis, prevention and therapy, based on a holistic, individually tailored approach.

  3. A New Era of Space Shuttle

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sun Kyu Kim


    Full Text Available The U.S. Space Shuttle represents the beginning of a new era in transportation and is the critical element in the industrialization of the near-Earth-space. Most of its flights are dedicated to reducing costs of launching commercial satellites. However, it provides a microgravity environment for processing unique and improved materials which is generating great interest in both civilian and military sectors. The space shuttle is also the necessary step in establishing a permanent space station which could host materials analysis laboratories and commercial processing facilities. This paper reviews the different elements of the space shuttle transportation system, a typical mission scenario, and discusses current activities in materials processing in space.

  4. AAVSO in the Big Data Era (United States)

    Kafka, Stella; Templeton, Matthew


    The AAVSO was formed in 1911 as a group of US-based amateur observers obtaining data in support of professional astronomer’s projects. Now, it has now evolved into an international organization with members and observers in all continents, contributing photometry to a public database of more than 150,000 variable objects. This database, being the core of the AAVSO’s portfolio, is also used to communicate science with the public while providing opportunities to citizens working alongside professional astronomers on science projects. We discuss the various means the AAVSO is using to engage the public in science and communicate scientific results, and the Association's role in the Big Data Era.

  5. Radiotherapy in the Era of Precision Medicine. (United States)

    Yard, Brian; Chie, Eui Kyu; Adams, Drew J; Peacock, Craig; Abazeed, Mohamed E


    Current predictors of radiation response are largely limited to clinical and histopathologic parameters, and extensive systematic analyses of the correlation between radiation sensitivity and genomic parameters remain lacking. In the era of precision medicine, the lack of -omic determinants of radiation response has hindered the personalization of radiation delivery to the unique characteristics of each patient׳s cancer and impeded the discovery of new therapies that can be administered concurrently with radiation therapy. The cataloging of the -omic determinants of radiation sensitivity of cancer has great potential in enhancing efficacy and limiting toxicity in the context of a new approach to precision radiotherapy. Herein, we review concepts and data that contribute to the delineation of the radiogenomic landscape of cancer. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  6. Chirurgie in die Grieks-Romeinse era

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    François P. Retief


    Full Text Available In die Grieks-Romeinse era het mediese behandeling kenmerkend uit drie elemente bestaan, naamlik regimen (dieet en gesonde leefwyse, geneesmiddels en chirurgie – laasgenoemde alleen toegepas indien regimen en geneesmiddels onsuksesvol was. Bewyse van primitiewe chirurgie dateer terug na die Bronstydperk, en in Homerus se eposse is heelwat vermelding van die chirurgiese hantering van oorlogswonde, met tussenkoms van die gode. Met die koms van empiriese geneeskunde in die 5de eeu v.C. het chirurgie in die Hippokratiese Corpus prominent gefigureer met beduidende bydraes in veral die ortopediese veld en hoofbeserings. Uitbouing van anatomiese en fisiologiese kennis, gebaseer op disseksie van menslike kadawers in Alexandrië vanaf die laat 4de eeu v.C., het chirurgie ’n hupstoot gegee. Teen die Romeinse era vanaf die 2de eeu v.C. het snykundetegnieke (en -instrumente beduidend verbeter, maar is steeds oorwegend deur Griekse geneeshere beoefen. Van geneeshere is steeds verwag om al drie bovermelde terapeutiese modaliteite te bemeester, maar chirurgie het meer aansien verwerf en daar is al meer in onderafdelings van chirurgie soos oogheelkunde, vrouesiektes en verloskunde, blaaskwale en mond- en keelsnykunde gespesialiseer. Militêre geneeskunde was in die Romeinse Ryk ’n belangrike aktiwiteit, en het veral traumachirurgie uitgebou. Betreding van die buik- en toraksholtes was nie meer noodwendig fataal nie, en veeartsenykunde het tot stand gekom. Die eerste beduidende chirurgiehandboek ná die Hippokratiese Corpus is in die 1ste eeu n.C. deur Celsus opgestel. Vanaf die 3de eeu het die chirurgieberoep min vordering gemaak, die beroepstaal het mettertyd van Grieks na Latyn verander en kundigheid is later veral deur Islam-geneeshere na die Middeleeue en later oorgedra.

  7. Ortopedie in die Grieks - Romeinse era

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Louise Cilliers


    Full Text Available Die gevorderde hantering van afwykings van bene en gewrigte, Ortopedie, het in Mesopotamië en veral in antieke Egipte sy ontstaan gehad. Dit was egter die Griekse geneeshere wat in die laat 5de eeu v.C. in die Hippokratiese Korpus ’n merkwaardig doeltreffende samevatting van die ortopediese beroep vasgelê het, waarop vir minstens ’n 1 000 jaar nie beduidend verbeter sou word nie. Gebaseer op die onderskeiding tussen toe en oop frakture en ontwrigtings (lg. met oorliggende velwond, en aansienlik swakker prognose is hierdie afwykings so spoedig moontlik gereduseer (selfs deur middel van meganiese tegnieke, die oorliggende vel met seraatsalf gesmeer en dan met kompresse en verbande geïmmobiliseer. Gedurende die eerste 12 dae is die letsel herhaaldelik weer oopgemaak om die fraktuur of ontwrigting te herbelyn indien nodig. Eers hierna is ferm immobilisasie met onder andere spalke aangebring. Beduidende druk op die letsel is vermy omdat daar geglo is dat dit sepsis en gangreen aanbring. Dit is aanvaar dat genesing 20 dae (by byvoorbeeld voet-, rib- en sleutelbeenfrakture en 40 dae (by been- en bo-armfrakture sou duur. Benewens algemeen geldende prosedures is die spesifi  eke hantering van 18 verskillende frakture en ’n groot aantal ontwrigtings in besonderhede uitgespel. Oor ander ortopediese afwykings soos degeneratiewe artritis en jig verskyn daar min in die Hippokratiese werke, maar later geneeshere in die Romeinse era (bv. Celsus, Soranus, Aretaeus en Galenus het dit wel beskryf. Daar is aanduiding dat die hantering van siektes van gewrigte en bene by die mens (die dissipline van ortopedie in moderne terminologie reeds in antieke Egipte deeglik bestudeer en aangeteken is. 1 Tydens die klassieke era en die Romeinse tyd is beduidende verdere bydraes gelewer. In hierdie studie word die ewolusionêre ontwikkeling van ortopedie as kliniese studierigting in die antieke tyd, onder die loep geneem.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Moh Munir


    Full Text Available Memasuki era tahun 2006 sebagai era pemulihan struktur kehidupan ekonomi setelah sekian tahun dilanda krisis ekonomi dan adanya kenaikan BBM.  Namun kenyataan yang ada asumsi pertumbuhan ekonomi sebesar 6 % tampaknya masih terlalu berat. Sumber pendapatan negara dari sektor non pajak masih kecil, kita lebih pas sebagai negara pengimpor dari pada pengekspor. Kita lebih banyak bertindak sebagai tujuan pasar dari pada produsen atau suplier barang. Kenyataan ini tidak bisa kita pungkiri sebagai akibat dari berlakunya pasar global. Kita lebih banyak terlena dan terlalu puas dengan kondisi produk yang dihasilkan, tanpa berpikir panjang bahwa sautu saat nanti ada produk barang yang sama bahkan lebih bagus dengan harga lebih murah. Kondisi inilah yang memaksa kita untuk mereviu kembali strategi pemasaran internasional kita, apakah sudah menyesuaikan dan menjawab tantangan global. Tampaknya masih banyak kebijakan-kebijakan yang harus diambil dalam hal ini terutama bagaimana kita mempunyai daya saing tinggi dengan mempunyai produk unggulan dimasing-masing otonomi daerah. Salah satu bentuk riilnya yaitu dengan menelusuri tiga macam strategic resources . Pertama kita harus membenahi aspek tangible resources yang meliputi : karyawan atau SDM, pelanggan, kapasitas, dana dan produk. Kedua menyangkut tentang intangible resources yang meliputi : ketrampilan karyawan, mutu pelanggan, efisiensi biaya produksi dan mutu produk. Ketiga aspek very intangible resources yang meliputi : moral karywan, reputasi dimata pelanggan dan reputasi dimata investor. Selain cara ini bisa juga dengan model  “Satu Kabupaten Satu Kompetensi Inti” (Saka-Sakti dimana model ini sejalan dengan kebijakan otonomi daerah, saka yang berarti tiang atau tonggak dan sakti yang berarti keampuhan, kekuatan atau ilmu. Jadi tonggak keampuhan atau tonggak kekuatan andalan yang dimiliki oleh setiap kabupaten di Indonesia guna membangun kompetensi inti agar bisa bersaing di pasar global.

  9. Variability of Iberian upwelling implied by ERA-40 and ERA-Interim reanalyses

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José M. R. Alves


    Full Text Available The Regional Ocean Modeling System ocean model is used to simulate the decadal evolution of the regional waters in offshore Iberia in response to atmospheric fields given by ECMWF ERA-40 (1961–2001 and ERA-Interim (1989–2008 reanalyses. The simulated sea surface temperature (SST fields are verified against satellite AVHRR SST, and they are analysed to characterise the variability and trends of coastal upwelling in the region. Opposing trends in upwelling frequency are found at the northern limit, where upwelling has been decreasing in recent decades, and at its southern edge, where there is some evidence of increased upwelling. These results confirm previous observational studies and, more importantly, indicate that observed SST trends are not only due to changes in radiative or atmospheric heat fluxes alone but also due to changes in upwelling dynamics, suggesting that such a process may be relevant in climate change scenarios.

  10. Recommended Capacities for Educational Leadership: Pre-Reform Era Scholars versus Reform-Era Scholars versus National Standards (United States)

    Gordon, Stephen P.; Taylor-Backor, Karen; Croteau, Susan


    We reviewed the scholarship on capacities for educational leadership for the past decade of the pre-reform era (1976-1985), as well as a recent decade of the reform era (2005-2015), and compared scholarship from both decades with the current Professional Standards for Educational Leaders. We found that scholars in the past decade of the pre-reform…

  11. The Upgraded CARISMA Magnetometer Array in the THEMIS Era (United States)

    Mann, I. R.; Milling, D. K.; Rae, I. J.; Ozeke, L. G.; Kale, A.; Kale, Z. C.; Murphy, K. R.; Parent, A.; Usanova, M.; Pahud, D. M.; Lee, E.-A.; Amalraj, V.; Wallis, D. D.; Angelopoulos, V.; Glassmeier, K.-H.; Russell, C. T.; Auster, H.-U.; Singer, H. J.


    This review describes the infrastructure and capabilities of the expanded and upgraded Canadian Array for Realtime InvestigationS of Magnetic Activity (CARISMA) magnetometer array in the era of the THEMIS mission. Formerly operated as the Canadian Auroral Network for the OPEN Program Unified Study (CANOPUS) magnetometer array until 2003, CARISMA capabilities have been extended with the deployment of additional fluxgate magnetometer stations (to a total of 28), the upgrading of the fluxgate magnetometer cadence to a standard data product of 1 sample/s (raw sampled 8 samples/s data stream available on request), and the deployment of a new network of 8 pairs of induction coils (100 samples per second). CARISMA data, GPS-timed and backed up at remote field stations, is collected using Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) satellite internet in real-time providing a real-time monitor for magnetic activity on a continent-wide scale. Operating under the magnetic footprint of the THEMIS probes, data from 5 CARISMA stations at 29-30 samples/s also forms part of the formal THEMIS ground-based observatory (GBO) data-stream. In addition to technical details, in this review we also outline some of the scientific capabilities of the CARISMA array for addressing all three of the scientific objectives of the THEMIS mission, namely: 1. Onset and evolution of the macroscale substorm instability, 2. Production of storm-time MeV electrons, and 3. Control of the solar wind-magnetosphere coupling by the bow shock, magnetosheath, and magnetopause. We further discuss some of the compelling questions related to these three THEMIS mission science objectives which can be addressed with CARISMA.

  12. Halo white dwarfs in the Gaia era

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van Oirschot, P.; Nelemans, G.; Pols, O.; Helmi, A.; Tolstoy, E.; Brown, A. G. A.; Pugliese, G.; de Koter, A.; Wijburg, M.

    The Galactic Halo is the oldest and most metal-poor component of the Galaxy. It is studied in detail both to understand the formation and evolution of galaxies, as well as the formation and evolution of the earliest stars. With this aim in mind, we plan to couple a population synthesis model to a

  13. Parallel Professionalism in an Era of Standardisation (United States)

    Stone-Johnson, Corrie


    Today's American educational context is characterised by increasing standardisation coupled with heightened accountability. While some view standardisation as a lever for equity, many view it as problematic for the work of teachers. Efforts to improve student achievement by focusing on the activities of teachers have resulted in an over-riding…

  14. Top mass and couplings in ATLAS and CMS

    CERN Document Server

    Cobal, Marina


    Top-quark physics became a sector of high precision measurements since top- quark discovery at Tevatron in 1995. Nowadays, in the LHC era, it is a system of prior importance where to hunt for New Physics. In this presentation, the most recent results on top-quark mass measurements and searches for anoma- lous top-quark couplings from the LHC experiments are presented

  15. Modern Era Retrospective-Analysis for Research and Applications (United States)

    Bosilovich, Michael G.; Robertson, Franklin R.; Chen, Junye


    The Modern Era Retrospective-analysis for Research and Applications (MERRA) reanalyses has produced several years of data, on the way to a. completing the 1979-present modern satellite era. Here, we present a preliminary evaluation of those years currently available, including comparisons with the existing long reanalyses (ERA40, JPA25 and NCEP I and II) as well as with global data sets for the water and energy cycle. Time series shows that the MERRA budgets can change with some of the variations in observing systems. We will present all terms of the budgets in MERRA including the time rates of change and analysis increments (tendency due to the analysis of observations).

  16. Precision genome editing in the CRISPR era. (United States)

    Salsman, Jayme; Dellaire, Graham


    With the introduction of precision genome editing using CRISPR-Cas9 technology, we have entered a new era of genetic engineering and gene therapy. With RNA-guided endonucleases, such as Cas9, it is possible to engineer DNA double strand breaks (DSB) at specific genomic loci. DSB repair by the error-prone non-homologous end-joining (NHEJ) pathway can disrupt a target gene by generating insertions and deletions. Alternatively, Cas9-mediated DSBs can be repaired by homology-directed repair (HDR) using an homologous DNA repair template, thus allowing precise gene editing by incorporating genetic changes into the repair template. HDR can introduce gene sequences for protein epitope tags, delete genes, make point mutations, or alter enhancer and promoter activities. In anticipation of adapting this technology for gene therapy in human somatic cells, much focus has been placed on increasing the fidelity of CRISPR-Cas9 and increasing HDR efficiency to improve precision genome editing. In this review, we will discuss applications of CRISPR technology for gene inactivation and genome editing with a focus on approaches to enhancing CRISPR-Cas9-mediated HDR for the generation of cell and animal models, and conclude with a discussion of recent advances and challenges towards the application of this technology for gene therapy in humans.

  17. Global Learning in a New Era

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Judith Ramaley


    Full Text Available Our nation’s colleges and universities have frequently adapted their educational approaches and their relationships with society to respond to new social, economic and environmental challenges. The increasingly interconnected patterns that link together our lives on a global scale have created a new reality. Globalization offers an especially exciting and challenging blend of generational change combined with the emergence of a set of complex, multi-faceted problems created by the global context in which we all now live and work. How shall we educate our students for life in this new era? What can we expect of our graduates in a global world? The answer to these questions is straightforward but will require our institutions to make significant changes in their approach to educating their students and in their interactions with the broader communities that they serve. The approach is shaped by a clear sense of what a globally prepared graduate knows and can do, guided by clear learning outcomes exercised along a sequential pathway of experiences extending from the first year of college through to graduation. These experiences are supported by the use of engaged learning practices that draw students into work that is both personally and socially meaningful cross-disciplinary inquiry that focuses on Big Questions with the goal of finding ways to address those questions in ethical and responsible and effective ways.

  18. CERN moves into the LHC era

    CERN Multimedia


    Dr Hans Eschelbacher (on the left), President of the CERN Council for the last three years, hands over to his successor Maurice Bourquin.  The CERN Council, where the representatives of the 20 Member States of the Organization decide on scientific programmes and financial resources, held its 116th session on 15 December under the chairmanship of Dr. Hans C. Eschelbacher (DE). 'Le Roi est mort. Vive le Roi !' The Large Electron Positron Collider (LEP) era has ended and CERN's future is the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), stated Director General, Prof. Luciano Maiani. He opened his report to Council with a 'homage to LEP', which reached the end of its career during 2000 and is now being dismantled to make way for CERN's next major machine, the LHC collider, in the same 27-kilometre tunnel. The strong indications of a Higgs boson at 115 GeV found during the year were the culmination of LEP's long and distinguished physics career, during which the machine opened up new regimes of precision physics, involvi...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Banin Diar Sukmono


    Full Text Available Driyarkara is an Indonesian philosopher who has original way of thinking. This paper aims to explore and analyze his ideas of moral and decency. According to Driyarkara, moral is a human need. Without moral, humanity will be in chaos. Based on Driyarkara's point of view, moral is a consequence of consciousness; therefore, having high moral standard is a human nature. Furthermore, conscience can be a moral standard for determining right or wrong as long as the conscience itself has not been “raped”. When conducting a moral consideration, every human has to use his own reason which is reflected in Driyarkara's Purity of Reason Dialectic. For him, all moral efforts show that human always want to achieve the perfection which is considered as God. The Driyarkara ethics could be classified as the deontological ethics. But it is the deontological ethics which has theological, humanist-naturalist, and axiological dimensions so that it can be defined as teleological as well. If we correlate the Driyarkara ethics and the Postmodern Era where morality has already been blurring, we can place the Driyarkara ethics which is considered teleological and deontological as a solid alternative of morality.

  20. Flavour in the era of the LHC

    CERN Multimedia


    The 4th meeting of the 'Flavour in the era of the LHC'workshop will take place at CERN on 9-11 October, 2006. The goal of this workshop is to outline and document a programme for flavour physics for the next decade, addressing in particular the complementarity and synergy between the discoveries we expect to emerge from the LHC and the potential for accurate measurements of future flavour factories. Over 150 physicists will join in the discussions of the three working groups dedicated to 'Flavour physics at high Q', 'B/D/K decays'and 'Flavour in the lepton sector, EDM's, g-2, etc'. The previous meetings took place in November 2005, and in February and May this year. In addition to the working group sessions, a special miniworkshop dedicated to future prospects for electric dipole moment (EDM) searches and g-2 measurements will be held on 9-10 October. Sensitive EDM and g-2 experiments probe physics in an integral way, and in many cases their physics reach is much higher than the spectrometer searches at th...

  1. Flavour in the era of the LHC

    CERN Multimedia


    The 4th meeting of the 'Flavour in the era of the LHC' workshop will take place at CERN on 9-11 October, 2006. The goal of this workshop is to outline and document a programme for flavour physics for the next decade, addressing in particular the complementarity and synergy between the discoveries we expect to emerge from the LHC and the potential for accurate measurements of future flavour factories. Over 150 physicists will join in the discussions of the three working groups dedicated to 'Flavour physics at high Q', 'B/D/K decays' and 'Flavour in the lepton sector, EDM's, g-2, etc'. The previous meetings took place in November 2005, and in February and May this year. In addition to the working group sessions, a special miniworkshop dedicated to future prospects for electric dipole moment (EDM) searches and g-2 measurements will be held on 9-10 October. Sensitive EDM and g-2 experiments probe physics in an integral way, and in many cases their physics reach is much higher than the spectrometer searches at th...

  2. Storm-Tracks in ERA-40 and ERA-Interim Reanalyses (United States)

    Liberato, M. L. R.; Trigo, I. F.; Trigo, R. M.


    Extratropical cyclones, their dominant paths, frequency and intensity have long been the object of climatological studies. The analysis of cyclone characteristics for the Euro-Atlantic sector (85°W-70°E; 20°N-75°N) presented here is based on the cyclone detecting and tracking algorithm first developed for the Mediterranean region (Trigo et al., 1999, 2002) and recently extended to a larger Euro-Atlantic region (Trigo, 2006). The objective methodology, which identifies and follows individual lows (Trigo et al. 1999), is applied to 6-hourly geopotential data at 1000-hPa from two reanalyses datasets provided by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF): ERA-40 and ERA-Interim reanalyses. Two storm-track databases are built over the Northern Atlantic European area, spanning the common available extended winter seasons from October 1989 to March 2002. Although relatively short, this common period allows a comparison of systems represented in reanalyses datasets with distinct horizontal resolutions (T106 and T255, respectively). This exercise is mostly focused on the key areas of cyclone formation and dissipation and main cyclone characteristics for the Euro-Atlantic sector. Trigo, I. F., T. D. Davies, and G. R. Bigg, 1999: Objective climatology of cyclones in the Mediterranean region. J. Climate, 12, 1685-1696. Trigo I. F., G. R. Bigg and T. D. Davies, 2002: Climatology of Cyclogenesis Mechanisms in the Mediterranean. Mon. Weather Rev. 130, 549-569. Trigo, I. F. 2006: Climatology and Interannual Variability of Storm-Tracks in the Euro-Atlantic sector: a comparison between ERA-40 and NCEP/NCAR Reanalyses. Clim. Dyn. DOI 10.1007/s00382-005-0065-9.

  3. Això era i no era: mito y memoria en Montserrat Roig

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nichols, Geraldine C.


    Full Text Available This article analyzes the use and meaning of memory in the fiction of Montserrat Roig. Catalan fairy tales often begin “Això era i no era”, a formula which affirms and simultaneously denies the truth of the story; Roig felt a similar ambivalence about the history of Catalonia, which was incomplete and excluded the contributions of women. To recover lost voices, arrest amnesia and thus foster the writing of a more inclusive history, she turned to individual memory and to her own imagination: “Against memory loss, there is the word. Against the finality of death, there is the story of other lives.” She committed herself to the writing of different versions of the past, some true, others imagined. To give universality to the fictional stories, she used various myths; this article traces her use of the myth of Genesis and the loss of the Garden of paradise. It concludes with an analysis of El canto de la juventud a late story which synthesizes her beliefs about memory, the word and history.Este artículo analiza el uso y el significado de la memoria en la obra narrativa de la escritora barcelonesa. Això era i no era, típico comienzo de los cuentos de hadas, afirma a la vez que niega la verdad de la historia; Roig sentía una ambivalencia parecida hacia la historia de Cataluña, porque era incompleta y excluía a las mujeres. Para recuperar voces perdidas, detener la desmemoria y así permitir la escritura de una historia más inclusiva, recurrió a la memoria individual y a su propia imaginación: “Contra el olvido, está la palabra. Contra la muerte total está el relato de otras vidas”. Se dedicó a escribir diversas versiones del pasado, algunas verídicas, otras imaginadas. Para universalizar las ficticias, empleó varios mitos; aquí se rastrea el uso que hizo del Génesis y su narración del paraíso perdido. Se concluye con el análisis de El canto de la juventud, un cuento tardío que sintetiza sus creencias sobre el recuerdo

  4. CENET: Cost Efficiency in a New Era with new Technology

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Karlsen, Jan E.; Lund, Bjoernar; Bos, Christian F.M.; Stokka, Sigmund


    This report relates to the CENET (Cost Efficiency in a New Era with new Technology) project the oil and gas in Europe. Key objectives of the CENET project are to determine the role of RTD (Research and Technology Development) in European oil and gas industry towards improved value and cost reduction with a particular focus on the means of developing offshore European marginal fields commercially, to identify RTD areas with the largest potential for improved value and cost reduction and technological developments and advances which are likely to increase European competitiveness internationally, and to provide guidance to European governments when deciding RTD priorities. A new era with new technology concerns increased oil and gas potential during the next century, a new era with clean, safe and cost efficient energy production, a new era with a new business structure, and globalization of the industry. 44 tabs., 5 figs., 23 tabs.

  5. Eraõigusliku juriidilise isiku organi liikmete õigussuhted / Kalev Saare

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Saare, Kalev, 1974-


    Eraõiguslike juriidiliste isikute organi mõistest aktsiaseltsi ja osaühingu näitel, organiliikmete sisesuhte tekkimisest ja tsiviilseadustiku üldosa seaduse poolt määratud sisesuhte sisusse kuuluvatest peamistest kohustustest

  6. Getting Connected: Finding Literacy Resources in the Common Core Era (United States)

    Salloum, Serena J.; Benko, Susanna L.; Hodge, Emily M.


    The authors provide practical, evidence-based advice for teachers and educational leaders looking for helpful curricular and professional resources that support students' literacy development in the era of the Common Core State Standards.

  7. Evaluation of ERA-Interim precipitation data in complex terrain (United States)

    Gao, Lu; Bernhardt, Matthias; Schulz, Karsten


    Precipitation controls a large variety of environmental processes, which is an essential input parameter for land surface models e.g. in hydrology, ecology and climatology. However, rain gauge networks provides the necessary information, are commonly sparse in complex terrains, especially in high mountainous regions. Reanalysis products (e.g. ERA-40 and NCEP-NCAR) as surrogate data are increasing applied in the past years. Although they are improving forward, previous studies showed that these products should be objectively evaluated due to their various uncertainties. In this study, we evaluated the precipitation data from ERA-Interim, which is a latest reanalysis product developed by ECMWF. ERA-Interim daily total precipitation are compared with high resolution gridded observation dataset (E-OBS) at 0.25°×0.25° grids for the period 1979-2010 over central Alps (45.5-48°N, 6.25-11.5°E). Wet or dry day is defined using different threshold values (0.5mm, 1mm, 5mm, 10mm and 20mm). The correspondence ratio (CR) is applied for frequency comparison, which is the ratio of days when precipitation occurs in both ERA-Interim and E-OBS dataset. The result shows that ERA-Interim captures precipitation occurrence very well with a range of CR from 0.80 to 0.97 for 0.5mm to 20mm thresholds. However, the bias of intensity increases with rising thresholds. Mean absolute error (MAE) varies between 4.5 mm day-1 and 9.5 mm day-1 in wet days for whole area. In term of mean annual cycle, ERA-Interim almost has the same standard deviation of the interannual variability of daily precipitation with E-OBS, 1.0 mm day-1. Significant wet biases happened in ERA-Interim throughout warm season (May to August) and dry biases in cold season (November to February). The spatial distribution of mean annual daily precipitation shows that ERA-Interim significant underestimates precipitation intensity in high mountains and northern flank of Alpine chain from November to March while pronounced



    Kadir, Andi Gau


    This study will answer three main questions: 1) how is the reduction of Weber???s theory in the bureaucracy appearance?; 2) How is the model of government bureaucracy in rationalistic and quantum era?; and 3) how is the reality of government bureaucracy reformation model in rationalistic and quantum era? This study was employed empirically by using qualitative method and content analysis techniques with the focus on the bureaucracy reformation as a result of rational thinking application in q...

  9. Leprosy: International Public Health Policies and Public Health Eras


    Niyi Awofeso


    Public health policies continue to play important roles in national and international health reforms. However, the influence and legacies of the public health eras during which such policies are formulated remain largely underappreciated. The limited appreciation of this relationship may hinder consistent adoption of public health policies by nation-states, and encumber disinvestment from ineffective or anachronistic policies. This article reviews seven public health eras and highlights how e...

  10. Prospek Desain Produk Kerajinan di Daiam Era Globalisasi


    Suharto, Suharto


    Dalam era globalisasi Indonesia akan menghadapi adanya pasar bebas yangdiisyaratkan oleh pemerintah pada tahun 2010. Perkembangan industri kerajinan diIndonesia dan kebutuhan akan alat rumah tangga serta permintaan pasar yangmelimpah, memaksa adanya kebutuhan desain produk yang mempunyai k1asifikasi seniyang memadai, praktis, dan eflSien.Bagi Indonesia yang akan menuju era industrialisasi, industri kerajinanmerupakan salah satu andalan produk dalam negeri yang mempunyai aspel ekonomiyang stra...

  11. Kinesiogenomics: The Genomic Era in Kinesiology

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Onur ORAL


    Full Text Available The application of genomics research in kinesiology may be characterized as kinesiogenomics or sport genetics. Therefore, kinesiogenomcs is generally known as the study of genetics in the various discipline of kinesiology which refer to the study of human movement. In the research field of Kinesiogenomics, the scientific goal is to clarify the role of genes in sport performance, identification of various genes with their different alleles that affect to the response and adaptation of the body systems and m etabolism . By thelp of the these genetic research studies in various disciplines of kinesiology, it will be possible to use genetic testing to predict sport performance or to individualize exercise prescription with the potential for genetic therapy. I t is supposed to enhance the sport performance because of that reason that the Interindividual variation of kinesiogenomic - related trait such as maximal oxygen consumption, muscle fibre composition and trainability has a strong genetic basis. Genetic res earch has a large potential for developing the area of kinesiology with the contribution of genetic factors for various phenotypes related to sport performance including aerobic and anaerobic performance, muscular endurance and strength, motor performance, and some determinant of performance such as morphological, cardiac and skeletal muscle characteristic. In the area of kinesiology, up till now kinesiogenomics research studies have moved into a new era utilizing well - phenotyped, large cohort and genomewide technologies. The main aim of this review is to summarize the most recent and significant genetic finding in the various discipline of kinesiology and to predict the future expectation and possibilities for kinesiogenomics.

  12. War and peace in the Internet era

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Josep M. Porta Fabregat


    Full Text Available This article looks to find the ideological causes that lead human beings to war or peace nowadays, in the Internet era. This proposal is worthy of study as war is not a need in terms of human nature or history: we are capable of war and peace simultaneously. However, why does war survive if we are able to live in peace? In our opinion, the actual cause of conflict is fanaticism. This phenomenon comes from the perversion of the two bases of our civilisation: liberty and rationality. This twofold perversion leads us to believe that we are the Absolute, or at least its instrument.Since the fall of the Berlin wall, this kind of fanaticism has come from the generalised conviction that we are at the "end of history"; in this light, one can conclude that this irrationality is definitive and, thus, that any efforts to achieve world peace are useless. However, we believe that the formula for peace can only be derived from reflection and the effective extension around the world of a technical medium that makes communication between all men possible. This would be able to resolve all the perversions of liberty and rationality and make people aware of the infinite distance between us and the Absolute. However, this reflection is not enough. For this awareness to triumph, the technical and ideological situation represented by the Internet has to spread over the whole planet: liberty for those taking part, rationality to allow for communication among all those connected and universal access. This is the moral trend for the Internet, which in itself encourages progress towards world peace.

  13. A new Era in Sustainable Development

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bass, Steve


    It is 20 years since the World Commission on Environment and Development — the Brundtland Commission — released its influential report on sustainable development. This is now the declared intention of most governments, many international organisations, and an increasing number of businesses and civil society groups. High profile 'intentions' have given rise to a bewildering array of sustainable development plans, tools and business models. But these have not yet triggered the pace, scale, scope and depth of change that is needed to make development sustainable. They leave the underlying causes of unsustainable development largely undisturbed. They include few means for anticipating non-linear changes – from climate change to economic cycles – and for building resilience to them. Consequently, most environmental and welfare measures continue to decline in almost all countries. Much energy has been spent crafting the sustainable development 'toolkit'. But that energy has been channelled largely through a narrow set of international processes and 'elite' national actors. The results are not yet integral to the machinery of government or business, or people's daily lives. This paper calls for energies to be directed in new ways, constructing a truly global endeavour informed by diverse local actors' evidence of 'what works', and focusing more keenly on long-term futures. The key drivers and challenges of a 'new era in sustainable development' are suggested, to elicit ideas and leadership from a richer vein of experience than has been embraced by the formal international endeavours to date. This paper is the first in a series on the sustainable development futures that face key sectors and stakeholder groups.

  14. Politisasi Birokrasi Pemerintahan Desa Pada Era Reformasi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    R Widodo Triputro


    Full Text Available Public bureaucracy holds a strategic position in government implementation as well as to effort of democratization and autonomy in local and village government scope. Professional bureaucracy apparatus intensely support the increase of public service quality, particular yfor social empowerment as the realization of local and village autonomy essence. The concept of bureaucracy neutrality needs to be bought into reality in order to urge a bureaucracy that more oriented to its main function, namely as public service apparatus. Long history oflndonesian bureaucracy reflects the occuring bureaucracy politization by government regime, with the result that all bureaucracy's line become an administration tool in performing is authority centralization. As the consequence, service tends to be addressed to government (patron by neglecting public service function. It includes in village government scope, in which bureaucracy becomes a political machine, meanwlile serves as an effective controlling tool that limits social access to public arena. The outcome of case study conducted in one village of Bantul Regency with data resource was gained from government official and prominent figures both in regency or village government area, reveals that bureaucracy politization in village government nowdays is much stronger than under new orde era. On the pretext of democratization and social empowerment, government (red : regent and his political party performs a set of bureaucracy politization in village government. With limited village resource condition, politic euphoria, and conflict as the result of election proces of village government bureaucracy apparatus, government intervences village government and its community. The patron-client relation is between the government with village government and its community. It is evidenced that bureaucracy politization of villlage government is re-carried out, among others is the estabilish of "Paguyuban Pamong" with its

  15. [Prolactinoma treatment status in the cabergoline era]. (United States)

    Watanabe, Shinya; Takano, Shingo; Akutsu, Hiroyoshi; Sato, Hiroshige; Matsumura, Akira


    The aim of our study is to report the most adequate therapy for prolactinoma in the cabergoline era. From 2003 to 2009, 27 patients with prolactinoma were treated at our hospital. Patients are categorized into 2 groups. The Cabergoline Group: Cabergoline was administered for 5 years and discontinued. Using this protocol, the case with normal prolactin level in addition to having no visible tumor more than 24 months after the discontinuation of cabergoline was judged as cured. The Operation Group: Transsphenoidal surgery (TSS) was performed first. In the Cabergoline group, 12 cases were cured with 5 years cabergoline treatment (Cure) and 6 cases were not cured (Not cure). We compared the pretreatment prolactin level, the normalization of the serum level of prolactin, the degree of invasiveness on MRI, regression of the tumor during treatment on MRI, max dose of cabergoline, degree of pituitary hormone replacement, frequency of pregnancy, and follow up periods between the Cabergoline-cure group, the Cabergoline-not-cure group, and the Operation group. Normalization rate in serum level of prolactin and cure rate were 91% and 63% in the Cabergoline group. Pretreatment prolactine level and the frequency of tumor invasiveness on initial MRI were significantly higher in the Cabergoline-not-cure group compared to the Cabergoline-cure group. All of the five woman accompanied with pregnancy after the treatment belonged to the Cabergoline-cure group. In the Operation group, all 4 cases achieved normalization of serum prolactin level without visible tumor and with normal pituitary function. Cabergoline for prolactinoma is effective, but the cure rate by continuous usage of cabergoline for 5 years was 67%. The factors that cabergoline and / or TSS can cure prolactinoma are non-invasive tumor and prolactin level under 200 ng/mL at pretreatment.

  16. A decade of microfluidic analysis coupled with electrospray mass spectrometry: An overview

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Koster, S.; Verpoorte, E.


    This review presents a thorough overview covering the period 1997-2006 of microfluidic chips coupled to mass spectrometry through an electrospray interface. The different types of fabrication processes and materials used to fabricate these chips throughout this period are discussed. Three 'eras' of

  17. Single-center transfusion rate for 555 consecutive liver transplantations: impact of two eras. (United States)

    Coêlho, G R; Feitosa Neto, B A; de G Teixeira, C C; Marinho, D S; Rangel, M L M; Garcia, J H P


    Orthotopic liver transplantation (OLT) is the treatment of choice for patients with acute or chronic end-stage liver disease, irresectable primary liver tumor, and metabolic disorders. Historically, OLT has been associated with considerable blood loss and the need for transfusions. However, over the years there has been reduction is need for blood products. The aim of this article was to compare two distinct eras for perioperative blood transfusion rate among patients undergoing OLT; Era I, 200 transplantations in 188 patients, and Era II, 355 transplantations in 339 patients. The donor mean age was 33.70 (Era I) versus 35.34 (Era II). Cause of death in both eras was traumatic brain injury followed by cerebral vascular accident. Organ recipient data showed a mean age of 48.87 (Era I) versus 46.49 (Era II). During Era I patients with Child B (56.8%) prevailed, followed by Child C (35.4%) and Child A (7.8%). In Era II also patients with Child B (53.1%) prevailed, followed by Child C (39.6%) and Child A (7.3%). The prevalence of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) during Era I was 9% (18) and in Era II 20% (71). The use of blood products in the perioperative period: was as follows packed red blood cells 1.76 (Era I) versus 0.57 (Era II) units; fresh frozen plasma 1.89 (Era I) versus 0.49 (Era II) units; platelets 2.16 (Era I) versus 0.28 (Era II) units; and cryoprecipitate 0.08 (Era I) versus 0.03 (Era II) units. OLT using the piggyback technique was performed with a transfusion rate below <30%, and it reduced blood loss and prevented severe hemodynamic instability. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  18. The NASA Modern Era Reanalysis for Research and Applications, Version-2 (MERRA-2) (United States)

    Gelaro, R.; McCarty, W.; Molod, A.; Suarez, M.; Takacs, L.; Todling, R.


    The NASA Modern Era Reanalysis for Research Applications Version-2 (MERRA-2) is a reanalysis for the satellite era using an updated version of the Goddard Earth Observing System Data Assimilation System Version-5 (GEOS-5) produced by the Global Modeling and Assimilation Office (GMAO). MERRA-2 will assimilate meteorological and aerosol observations not available to MERRA and includes improvements to the GEOS-5 model and analysis scheme so as to provide an ongoing climate analysis beyond MERRA's terminus. MERRA-2 will also serve as a development milestone for a future GMAO coupled Earth system analysis. Production of MERRA-2 began in June 2014 in four processing streams, with convergence to a single near-real time climate analysis expected by early 2015. This talk provides an overview of the MERRA-2 system developments and key science results. For example, compared with MERRA, MERRA-2 exhibits a well-balanced relationship between global precipitation and evaporation, with significantly reduced sensitivity to changes in the global observing system through time. Other notable improvements include reduced biases in the tropical middle- and upper-tropospheric wind and near-surface temperature over continents.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hernán Urbina Joiro


    Full Text Available

    En un momento extraño el bastón de Asclepio, dios de la medicina, fue cambiado por el caduceo de Mercurio, dios del comercio y también de los ladrones.

    Distintas tradiciones griegas dicen que Asclepio se servía de un bastón y de la serpiente para sanar enfermos, enseñar y resucitar difuntos1,2 y que cuando volvió a la vida a Hipólito, hijo de Teseo, le había restado tantos muertos a Hades, rey de los infiernos, que el propio Hades fue a querellarse ante Zeus, quien convencido de la amenaza que representaría Asclepio para mantener el orden establecido, lo hirió con un rayo3,4. La vara de Asclepio —Esculapio para los romanos— con una serpiente enrollada simbolizó la sanación mediada por el médico5.

    De Hermes —Mercurio para los romanos—, dios griego del comercio, las comunicaciones, la astucia y los ladrones6, la tradición afirma que su caduceo consistía en un bastón de oro con alas y dos serpientes enrolladas, y que le fue regalado por Apolo a cambio de la flauta del dios Pan7. Una práctica anglosajona del siglo XVI, iniciada por el doctor William Butts, médico del rey Enrique VIII, introdujo el caduceo de Mercurio —en lugar de lavara de Asclepio— como símbolo entre médicos británicos8 y de allí pasó a galenos del cuerpo médico del ejército de los Estados Unidos y de diversas otras comunidades médicas. Por cierto, Mrs. Butts aparece en Enrique VIII, de William Shakespeare, como «El doctor Butts, médico del Rey»9.

    Sin embargo, de acuerdo con Michel Foucault, sólo en el siglo XVIII se expresaría en pleno la era de la «economía política»10 como el eje del arte de gobernar y en donde la medicina jugaría un papel central para vigilar a los pueblos, perseguir amenazas como la locura, los descarríos sexuales, las infecciones e incluso a la propia delincuencia11. En La vida de los hombres infames12, Foucault sostiene que fue en la Alemania de finales del siglo XVIII donde surgi

  20. EDITORIAL: The end of an era (United States)

    Martin, P. W.


    December 2003 marks the end of an era in the world of metrology with the retirement of Terry Quinn FRS, Director of the BIPM since 1988. Terry's contribution to the field of metrology has been long and distinguished, both as a physicist and administrator; a long list of awards and honours bears testimony to the fact. From the standpoint of physics, his contributions have been numerous and important: in the field of thermometry he pioneered the use of cryogenic radiometers, instruments that are now employed as standards by National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) worldwide; his experiments to measure the Newtonian gravitational constant, G, the least well known of the fundamental constants, are characterized by elegant techniques and novel approaches; and as an example from the field of mass measurement, a definitive experiment at the BIPM ruled out the existence of the so-called 'fifth force'. As Director of the BIPM, Terry Quinn has been the driving force behind many of the initiatives undertaken in metrology in recent years. As any delegate to conferences or meetings at the BIPM will testify, his knowledge and grasp of complex issues are formidable, abilities that are particularly demonstrated at meetings of the Conférence Générale des Poids et Mesures (CGPM), where many questions of a technical or diplomatic nature are often raised. The signing of the Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) at the CGPM in Paris in 1999 by the directors of the NMIs of the industrialized states of the world was largely due to his efforts. In paying tribute to Terry, it would be remiss not to mention the part played by his charming wife, Renée. She has graciously hosted innumerable functions at the Quinn home over these years and has always made visitors to the BIPM feel most welcome. On behalf of Metrologia, its readers and Editorial Board, I take this opportunity to wish the Quinns a long and happy retirement. At the same time our best wishes go to Terry's successor, Professor Andrew

  1. Dyadic effects of attachment on mental health: Couples in a postdisaster context. (United States)

    Gallagher, H Colin; Lusher, Dean; Gibbs, Lisa; Pattison, Philippa; Forbes, David; Block, Karen; Harms, Louise; MacDougall, Colin; Kellett, Connie; Ireton, Greg; Bryant, Richard A


    Research on mental health following disasters has led to the identification of many individual protective and risk factors for postdisaster mental health. However, there is little understanding of the exact influence that disasters have on the functioning of intimate relationships. Especially relevant are attachment styles, which are likely to play an important role in the provision and perception of social support between partners, and subsequent mental health outcomes. Heterosexual couples (N = 127) affected by the 2009 Victorian "Black Saturday" Bushfires in southeastern Australia were surveyed for disaster experiences, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms, depression, and attachment style between May 2012 and January 2013, approximately 3 years after the disaster. Using actor-partner interdependence models (APIM), we examined both intrapersonal and interpersonal associations of attachment anxiety and avoidance with depression and PTSD, in combination with shared disaster exposure. Male partners' attachment avoidance was associated with depression and PTSD in both partners. By contrast, a female partner's attachment avoidance was associated with greater depression and PTSD in herself, but fewer PTSD symptoms in a male partner. Amid the chronic stressors of a postdisaster setting, the attachment avoidance of the male partner may play a particularly negative role, with his tendency toward isolation and denial becoming especially maladaptive for the couple as a whole. The female partner's attachment avoidance is likewise an important factor, but its associations with negative social support and relationship breakup must be clarified to understand its impact on partnership functioning. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2017 APA, all rights reserved).

  2. Biomedical innovation in the era of health care spending constraints. (United States)

    Robinson, James C


    Insurers, hospitals, physicians, and consumers are increasingly weighing price against performance in their decisions to purchase and use new drugs, devices, and other medical technologies. This approach will tend to affect biomedical innovation adversely by reducing the revenues available for research and development. However, a more constrained funding environment may also have positive impacts. The passing era of largely cost-unconscious demand fostered the development of incremental innovations priced at premium levels. The new constrained-funding era will require medical technology firms to design their products with the features most valued by payers and patients, price them at levels justified by clinical performance, and manage distribution through organizations rather than to individual physicians. The emerging era has the potential to increase the social value of innovation by focusing industry on design, pricing, and distribution principles that are more closely aligned with the preferences-and pocketbooks-of its customers. Project HOPE—The People-to-People Health Foundation, Inc.

  3. Leprosy: International Public Health Policies and Public Health Eras

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Niyi Awofeso


    Full Text Available Public health policies continue to play important roles in national and international health reforms. However, the influence and legacies of the public health eras during which such policies are formulated remain largely underappreciated. The limited appreciation of this relationship may hinder consistent adoption of public health policies by nation-states, and encumber disinvestment from ineffective or anachronistic policies. This article reviews seven public health eras and highlights how each era has influenced international policy formulation for leprosy control—“the fertile soil for policy learning”. The author reiterates the role of health leadership and health activism in facilitating consistency in international health policy formulation and implementation for leprosy control.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Win Usuluddin


    Full Text Available As noted in its wide history, religious pluralism has been understood and accepted variously. Elucidation on the religious pluralism in the postmodern era seems to be a necessity since religious pluralism has more than one interpretation. Religious pluralism is often seen as the same as plurality or even inclusivity, and religious relativism. This paper tries to explore the suspension of that pluralism and let the readers to examine it. Sequentially, this paper is begun with the short introduction related to religious pluralism in the West and in Islam. Furthermore, the paper tries to elaborate the relationship between religious pluralism and religious philosophy; explores religious philosophical perspective on pluralism, the certainty of plurality, the function of philosophy in religious distinction, some crucial aspects in religion, and religiosity in the postmodern era. As a closing, the writer tries to urge readers to reflect the religiosity in the postmodern era.Abstrak: Sebagaimana tercatat dalam sejarah panjangnya, pluralism agama dipahami dan diterima dengan cara yang beragam. Elusidasi atas pluralisme agama pada era posmodernisme tampaknya menjadi sesuatu yang niscaya, karena pluralism agama memiliki lebih dari satu macam interpretasi. Pluralism agama kerap kali dipandang sama artinya dengan pluralitas, inklusifitas, dan relitifisme agama. Tulisan ini berupaya mengeksplorasi ketegangan dari pluralism itu and menyerahkan penilaiannya kepada para pembaca. Secara berurutan, tulisan ini diawali dengan pengantar ringkas yang terkait dengan pluralism agama di Barat dan Islam. Lebih jauh lagi, tulisan ini berupaya untuk mengelaborasi hubungan antara pluralism agama dan filsafat agama; mengneksplorasi perspektif filsafat agama tentang pluralisme, kepastian pluralitas, fungsi filsafat dalam perbedaan agama, beberapa aspek krusial dalam agama, dan keberagamaan di era posmoderen. Sebagai pemungkasnya, penulis mencoba mendorong pembaca untuk

  5. E-Polmas: Paradigma Baru Pemolisian Masyarakat Era Digital

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bayu Suseno


    Full Text Available Tulisan ini memberikan perpekstif baru tentang polmas di era digital dengan menggunakan studi kasus kejahatan cyber crime di Polrestabes Semarang. Berdasarkan tingginya angka kejahatan berbasis teknologi yang ditangani kepolisian maka ada kebutuhan mendesak untuk melakukan kajian ulang terhadap pendekatan polmas yang selama ini ada. Penulis memberikan sebuah pandangan baru konsep polmas era digital atau E-Polmas. E-Polmas merupakan pengembangan dari konsep Polmas yang sudah ada, akan tetapi menitikberatkan kepada media yang digunakan untuk menyampaikan pesan kamtibmas kepada masyarakat. Yang semula dilaksanakan secara manual konvensional, dirubah menjadi cara online dengan memanfaatkan media sosial yang sudah ada.

  6. Electromagnetic clutches and couplings

    CERN Document Server

    Vorob'Yeva, T M; Fry, D W; Higinbotham, W


    Electromagnetic Clutches and Couplings contains a detailed description of U.S.S.R. electromagnetic friction clutches, magnetic couplings, and magnetic particle couplings. This book is divided into four chapters. The first chapter discusses the design and construction of magnetic (solenoid-operated) couplings, which are very quick-acting devices and used in low power high-speed servo-systems. Chapter 2 describes the possible fields of application, design, construction, and utilization of magnetic particle couplings. The aspects of construction, design, and utilization of induction clutches (sli

  7. ERA*: An eddy-scale ocean forcing product (United States)

    Portabella, Marcos; Trindade, Ana; Stoffelen, Ad; Lin, Wenming


    High resolution satellite derived sea surface wind data, such as those from scatterometers, are increasingly required for operational monitoring and forecasting of the ocean. We present the development of ERA*, which keeps the time and space coverage of atmospheric model fields, but adds the accurately observed local mean and variability of wind scatterometers, to make these datasets suitable for, among others, high-resolution ocean model forcing. Recent attempts of combining scatterometer data and numerical weather prediction (NWP) outputs, i.e., blended ocean forcing products, allows for an increased temporal resolution (e.g., daily) but generally only resolves NWP spatial scales of 200 km. Therefore, information on the wind-current interaction, the diurnal wind cycle and the wind variability in moist convection areas is lost in such products. Moreover, known systematic NWP model (parameterization) errors are in fact propagated at times and locations where no scatterometer winds are available. The alternative, direct forcing from NWP results in even more extensive physical drawbacks. We propose to maintain the increased temporal coverage in a gridded wind and stress product (ERA*), but also to maintain the most beneficial physical qualities of the scatterometer winds, i.e., 25-km spatial resolution, wind-current interaction, variability due to moist convection, etc., and, at the same time correct the large-scale NWP parameterization and dynamical errors. Additionally, we correct these winds for the effects of atmospheric stability and mass density, using stress equivalent 10 m winds, U10S. In fact, collocations of scatterometer and global NWP winds show physical differences, where the local mean and variability of such differences are rather constant in time and thus could be added to the ERA-interim time record in order to better represent physical interaction processes and avoid NWP model errors. Correction of both wind vector biases and wind vector variability

  8. Radiation oncology in the era of precision medicine

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Baumann, Michael; Krause, Mechthild; Overgaard, Jens


    with preservation of health-related quality of life can be achieved in many patients. Two major strategies, acting synergistically, will enable further widening of the therapeutic window of radiation oncology in the era of precision medicine: technology-driven improvement of treatment conformity, including advanced...

  9. Steam Locomotives: a forgotten era | Hattingh | Scientia Militaria ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Scientia Militaria: South African Journal of Military Studies. Journal Home · ABOUT · Advanced Search · Current Issue · Archives · Journal Home > Vol 16, No 4 (1986) >. Log in or Register to get access to full text downloads. Username, Password, Remember me, or Register. Steam Locomotives: a forgotten era. J A Hattingh ...

  10. Pathfinder on Mars: A New Era of Planetary Exploration

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education; Volume 2; Issue 10. Pathfinder on Mars: A New Era of Planetary Exploration. Jitendranath Goswami. Research News Volume 2 Issue 10 October 1997 pp 76-79. Fulltext. Click here to view fulltext PDF. Permanent link:

  11. Music Teacher Stress in the Era of Accountability (United States)

    Shaw, Ryan D.


    While there is an established body of literature on teacher stress and on the factors that may make music teaching uniquely stressful, there has been little or no research on how the recent era of accountability influences music teacher stress. In this article, I review the literature on music teacher stress and on how accountability reforms may…

  12. Formando docentes 2.0 en una era de incertidumbre


    Piscitelli, Alejandro-G.


    Registre en vídeo de la conferencia donada pel Dr. Alejandro Gustavo Piscitelli. Formando docentes 2.0 en una era de incertidumble, a la Universitat de Barcelona, Campus Mundet, Facultat de Pedagogía el 20 d'abril de 2010

  13. ERA-pankurid võivad pattu kahetseda / Nils Niitra

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Niitra, Nils, 1975-


    Tartu maakohtu kohtunik andis ERA Grupi üheksa eksjuhi suurprotsessil riiklikule süüdistajale ja kohtualustele kaks nädalat aega protsessi lahendamiseks lihtmenetluse teel, kuid selleks peavad endised pankurid end süüdi tunnistama

  14. Analysis of VET in Ukraine Since the Soviet Era (United States)

    Zinser, Richard


    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to explore how vocational education and training (VET) in Ukraine has changed since the Soviet era; and to determine its structure, successes, and challenges. Design/methodology/approach: The author conducted interviews and tours at 15 vocational schools in seven cities in Ukraine. Findings: Ukraine is…

  15. Attractions to radiation-like eras in superstring cosmologies

    CERN Document Server

    Partouche, Herve


    We review the cosmology induced by finite temperature and quantum effects on non-supersymmetric string models. We show the evolution is attracted to radiation-like solutions after the Hagedorn era and before the electroweak phase transition. This mechanism generates a hierarchy between the Planck mass and the supersymmetry breaking scale. A dynamical change of space-time dimension can take place.

  16. Hopefulness for Teachers of ELLs in the Era of NCLB (United States)

    Colombo, Michaela; McMakin, Deborah; Jacobs, Cynthia; Shestok, Carol


    In this article the authors explore the role of critical hope as an essential quality in teachers' preparation to teach English Language Learners (ELLs) in the era of No Child Left Behind. The authors found that high stakes testing with inappropriate measures combined with teachers' lack of preparation to teach ELLs resulted in a downward spiral…

  17. Participatory Design in an Era of Participation, Special Issue

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)


    that are often forgotten in the overriding concern with innovation and technology for ‘the future’. In the contemporary era of participation, participatory design research shows how the unique translation and operationalisation of participation can be shaped—through critical, political, creative, ethical...

  18. Who Needs Parent-Teacher Meetings in the Technological Era? (United States)

    Nitza, Davidivitch; Roman, Yavich


    In this study we shall examine parent-teacher meetings in the technological era, i.e., whether parent-teacher meetings are still relevant, how they should be conducted, whether it is necessary to change the structure of the parent-teacher meeting or its conception by parents, students, and teachers. For this purpose, identical questionnaires were…

  19. Professional Boundaries in the Era of the Internet (United States)

    Gabbard, Glen O.; Kassaw, Kristin A.; Perez-Garcia, Gonzalo


    Objective: The era of the Internet presents new dilemmas in educating psychiatrists about professional boundaries. The objective of this overview is to clarify those dilemmas and offer recommendations for dealing with them. Method: The characteristics of social networking sites, blogs, and search engines are reviewed with a specific focus on their…

  20. La era de la información

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mauro Florez Calderón


    Full Text Available La revolución de la información basada en la información tiene como límite las fronteras del conocimiento. La información a diferencia de un bien material es inalienable, acumulativa y no produce los tipos de deterioro ambiental creados por la industria; por lo anterior, algunos especialistas, a la era de la información la denominan era Post-industrial. Si es necio pretender entender los procesos producidos por la revolución industrial, con una mentalidad pastoril, mucho más necio será tratar de comprender la era informacional con una concepción industrial. La nueva era implica formas y estructuras del pensamiento radicalmente diferentes, pues las profundas transformaciones sociales, técnicas, políticas, económicas que conlleva, no conducirán necesariamente por si mismos a un mayor bienestar para la humanidad. En el presente artículo pretendo dar una visión general sobre este apasionante y delicado tema. 

  1. ERA Panga pankrotiprotsess on lõppenud / Väinu Rozental

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Rozental, Väinu, 1957-


    Viis ja pool aastat kestnud ERA Panga pankrotimenetlus on lõppenud ning mõlemad pankrotihaldurid said 3,53 miljonit krooni. Vt. samas: Järgmisena saab joone alla EVEA Panga pankrot. Lisa: ERA Panga pankrotil joon all

  2. Identitas Moral: Rekonstruksi Identitas Keindonesiaan pada Era Globalisasi Budaya

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Leonardus Pandu Hapsoro


    Full Text Available This study discusses about the process of identity construction of actor in the KISS community in an era of cultural globalization. This study will explain how the construction process of moral identity actor is formed in the era of cultural globalization. Moral identity construction of the actor in the era of globalization will be the anchor for agents to act and preserve the traditional culture with motivation, passion, and hope. This study used a qualitative approach by using the framework of Zygmunt Bauman concept of liquid modernity and moral agency. Through the framework of moral agency, this study shows how the construction of moral identity process begins with the actor disquiet over the state of traditional culture in globalization era. Moral identity of the actor is capable of forming social practices agent in a daily life. First, by forming a community KISS. Second, as the cornerstone of actors to act and to select the choice in their life. The author argues that the expression of the identity of the actor through this social movement will create the role of cultural diversity in the era of cultural globalization and liquid modernity. Through this analytical approach, which is an identity and moral agency in the process of globalization, the author wants to move away from an agentless view of globalization process by viewing at the dynamics of the agency. Through agents and the form of moral agency, this study argue that in the process and impact of globalization, people are not retained on the condition of “is” or structural pressure, but their is an optimism to see any hope on the condition that “should” or a better.

  3. Progressive Era Industry and Its Legacy: Essays and Lesson Plans for Teaching Industrial History of the Progressive Era. (United States)

    Murray, William J., Ed.

    The Progressive Era, roughly the period between the Spanish American War and the U.S. entry into World War I, was a period of transformation, a time when the United States ceased being predominantly an agricultural economy with a minor industrial base and became predominantly a modern industrialized nation. These essays and lesson plans, the…

  4. International Migration of Couples


    Junge, Martin; Munk, Martin D.; Nikolka, Till; Poutvaara, Panu


    We analyze emigration and return decisions of Danish couples. Our main questions are how emigration and return migration decisions depend on education, earnings, and the number and age of children. We use register data on full population from 1982 to 2006, focusing on opposite-gender couples in which the female is aged 23 to 37, and the male 25 to 39. We find that power couples in which both are highly educated are most likely to emigrate, but also most likely to return. Couples in which only...

  5. Energy revolution: From a fossil energy era to a new energy era

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Caineng Zou


    Full Text Available This paper aims to predict the future situation of global energy development. In view of this, we reviewed the history of energy use and understood that new energy sources will usher in a new era following oil & gas, coal and wood one after another in the past time. Although the fossil energy sources are still plenty in the world, great breakthroughs made in some key technologies and the increasing demand for ecological environmental protection both impel the third time of transformation from oil & gas to new energy sources. Sooner or later, oil, gas, coal and new energy sources will each account for a quarter of global energy consumption in the new era, specifically speaking, accounting for 32.6%, 23.7%, 30.0% and 13.7% respectively. As one of the largest coal consumer, China will inevitably face up to the situation of tripartite confrontation of the coal, oil & gas and new energy. The following forecasting results were achieved. First, the oil will be in a stable period and its annual production peak will be around 2040, reaching up to 45 × 108 t. Second, the natural gas will enter the heyday period and its annual production peak will be around 2060, reaching up to 4.5 × 1012 m3, which will play a pivotal role in the future energy sustainable development. Third, the coal has entered a high-to-low-carbon transition period, and its direct use and the discharged pollutants will be significantly reduced. In 2050, the coal will be dropped to 25% of the primary energy mix. Last, the development and utilization of new energy sources has been getting into the golden age and its proportion in the primary energy mix will be substantially enhanced. On this basis, we presented some proposals for the future energy development in China. At first, we should understand well that China's energy production and consumption has its own characteristics. Under the present situation, we should strengthen the clean and efficient use of coal resources, which

  6. Warm inflation with an oscillatory inflaton in the non-minimal kinetic coupling model

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Goodarzi, Parviz [University of Ayatollah Ozma Borujerdi, Department of Science, Boroujerd (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Sadjadi, H.M. [University of Tehran, Department of Physics, Tehran (Iran, Islamic Republic of)


    In the cold inflation scenario, the slow roll inflation and reheating via coherent rapid oscillation, are usually considered as two distinct eras. When the slow roll ends, a rapid oscillation phase begins and the inflaton decays to relativistic particles reheating the Universe. In another model dubbed warm inflation, the rapid oscillation phase is suppressed, and we are left with only a slow roll period during which the reheating occurs. Instead, in this paper, we propose a new picture for inflation in which the slow roll era is suppressed and only the rapid oscillation phase exists. Radiation generation during this era is taken into account, so we have warm inflation with an oscillatory inflaton. To provide enough e-folds, we employ the non-minimal derivative coupling model. We study the cosmological perturbations and compute the temperature at the end of warm oscillatory inflation. (orig.)


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    I Ketut Sudibia


    Full Text Available The change of government from “The New Order” to “The Reformation Order” has also been followed by the change of administration system from centralization to decentralization system. Along with that change, the authority and institution of family planning program have also been transferred to the regency or city government. These changes have risen various perceptions in term of the institutional, roles, and functions of that institute. Other important changes include that (1 the family planning coordination board organization on regency level did not change but the echelon was decreased; or (2 the family planning coordination board organization on regency level was merged to other institution; or (3 the family planning coordination board activity on regency level is only a little part of the other instance. All of those changes have caused some problems of coordination from family planning coordination board on province level to regency level, and it has given a negative impact to the family planning program achievement.The objectives of this study are to investigate (1 the perception of the family program field worker to the existence of family planning program in the decentralization era; (2 the perception of the family planning fieldworkers to the realization of duties in the decentralization era; (3 the perception of the provider to the existence of family planning program in the decentralization era; (4 the perception of the eligible couple to the existence of family planning program in the decentralization era; and (5 the perception of the interrelated decision makers to the existence of family planning program in the decentralization era.This study was carried out in the Regency of Karangasem with total respondent of 153 persons, that consist of 46 fieldworkers; 89 eligible couples, 12 providers, and 6 interrelated decision makers. Some sampling techniques used in this study are; simple random sampling for family planning

  8. Translation-coupling systems (United States)

    Pfleger, Brian; Mendez-Perez, Daniel


    Disclosed are systems and methods for coupling translation of a target gene to a detectable response gene. A version of the invention includes a translation-coupling cassette. The translation-coupling cassette includes a target gene, a response gene, a response-gene translation control element, and a secondary structure-forming sequence that reversibly forms a secondary structure masking the response-gene translation control element. Masking of the response-gene translation control element inhibits translation of the response gene. Full translation of the target gene results in unfolding of the secondary structure and consequent translation of the response gene. Translation of the target gene is determined by detecting presence of the response-gene protein product. The invention further includes RNA transcripts of the translation-coupling cassettes, vectors comprising the translation-coupling cassettes, hosts comprising the translation-coupling cassettes, methods of using the translation-coupling cassettes, and gene products produced with the translation-coupling cassettes.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yuniar Yuniar


    Full Text Available AbstractThe quality of madrasah and professionalism of teachers  are an important element that continues under the spotlight of various circles. It is considered reasonable for the development of madrasas in quantity does not accompanied by an increase in the quality / grade. In this era of globalization, in order to remain in existence, the school must pay attention to the quality. To that end, realize the quality of madrasah, as the essential prerequisite is the professionalism of teachers. Teachers are professionals who have the four competencies that pedagogic competence, personal, professional and social. Teachers are professional and qualified madrassas demands that must be realized in the era of globalization. This is reinforced by the emergence of the Law No. 14 Year 2005 on Teachers and Lecturers. The existence of this law meant that teachers have sufficient competence to the intellectual life of the nation. Keywords: The quality of madrasah, Professionalism of teacher 

  10. Membangun Keunggulan Bersaing di Era New Value Economy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sandra Sunanto


    Full Text Available In the new value economy era company is demanded to give more innovative offering to the market. Value becomes the most important thing as the part of company’s offering. The unique of product, store, services and brand are part of company’s uniquevalue propositions. The brand value chain pushes the brand to become a tool that can create the company’s competitive advantage. This concept needs commitment and change the way of thinking from the all of company’s members. The value oriented brand system is becoming one distinctive alternative for company to build its competitive advantage in the new value economy era.

  11. Enforcing patents in the era of 3D printing

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ballardini, Rosa Maria; Norrgård, Marcus; Minssen, Timo


    This article explores relevant laws and doctrines of patent infringement in Europe with a special emphasis on 3D printing (3DP) technologies. Considering the difficulties that patent owners might face in pursuing direct patent infringement actions in the rapidly evolving era of 3DP, we suggest...... of IP law. Enforcing patents in the era of 3D printing Rosa Maria Ballardini, Marcus Norrgård, and Timo Minssen Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice 2015 10: 850-866......, although the internet platforms and CAD files repositories will play a major role in the development and spreading of the 3DP technology, they will likely to be at the center of major law disputes unless they carefully consider the scope of their activities (host and/or customize and/or print) in light...

  12. Eras of Web Mapping Developments: Past, Present and Future (United States)

    Veenendaal, Bert


    Developments in web mapping and web based geographic information systems (GIS) have evolved rapidly over the past two decades. What began as online map images available to a small group of geospatial experts and professionals has developed to a comprehensive and interactive web map based on integrated information from multiple sources and manipulated by masses of users globally. This paper introduces a framework that outlines the eras of web mapping and significant developments among those eras. From this framework, some of the influences and trends can be determined, particularly those in relation to the development of technologies and their relation to the growth in the number and diversity of users and applications that utilise web mapping and geospatial information online.

  13. Gravitational Physics: the birth of a new era (United States)

    Sakellariadou, Mairi


    We live the golden age of cosmology, while the era of gravitational astronomy has finally begun. Still, fundamental puzzles remain. Standard cosmology is formulated within the framework of Einstein's General theory of Relativity. Notwithstanding, General Relativity is not adequate to explain the earliest stages of cosmic existence, and cannot provide an explanation for the Big Bang itself. Modern early universe cosmology is in need of a rigorous underpinning in Quantum Gravity.



    Widodo Widodo


    This study aimed to describe the management implementation of Learning Activities Gallery (LAG) in the autonomy era. Description of Non-formal Education program management, Human Resources management, and financial management. Its purpose is able to create (1) facilities and able to bridge regions to the center, (2) the emergence of creativity in the construc-tion area, (3) political stability and regional centers, (4) the assurance of business continuity, and (5) open communication. But in f...

  15. Strategi Ekonomi Politik Cina Di Era Deng Xiaoping


    Sihotang, Akiki Q


    Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui strategi ekonomi politik Cina di era Deng Xiaoping dalam membangun pertumbuhan ekonomi cina. Strategi ekonomi politik yang dimaksud adalah terkait kebijakan ekonomi maupun politik yang di terapkan oleh negara cina dalam meningkatkan pertumbuhan ekonomi negara tersebut. Dalam hal ini Deng Xiaoping sebagai pelopor perubahan arah ekonomi cina, melakukan beberapa strategi ekonomi politik yang di tuangkan dalam kebijakan Reformasi Ekonomi pada sesi pleno k...

  16. Publishing in open access era: focus on respiratory journals. (United States)

    Dai, Ni; Xu, Dingyao; Zhong, Xiyao; Li, Li; Ling, Qibo; Bu, Zhaode


    We have entered an open access publishing era. The impact and significance of open access is still under debate after two decades of evolution. Open access journals benefit researchers and the general public by promoting visibility, sharing and communicating. Non-mainstream journals should turn the challenge of open access into opportunity of presenting best research articles to the global readership. Open access journals need to optimize their business models to promote the healthy and continuous development.

  17. Assisted diversification for an era of habitat extinction (United States)

    Charles H. Cannon


    How do we conserve tree diversity in a rapidly changing world, dominated by intensive human impact on the landscape? The Anthropocene is a useful term to describe a new era in Earth’s history, where we dominate the globe’s resources so completely that our activities alter basic nutrient, water, climate, and energy cycles. These rapid environmental changes and the...

  18. Unduland universe: expansion with alternating eras of acceleration and deceleration


    Barenboim Szuchman, Gabriela Alejandra; Mena Requejo, Olga; Quigg, Chris


    If the equation of state for "dark energy" varies periodically, the expansion of the Universe may have undergone alternating eras of acceleration and deceleration. We examine a specific form that survives existing observational tests, does not single out the present state of the Universe as exceptional, and suggests a future much like the matter-dominated past: a smooth expansion without a final inflationary epoch.

  19. Inherently safe reactors and a second nuclear era. (United States)

    Weinberg, A M; Spiewak, I


    The Swedish PIUS reactor and the German-American small modular high-temperature gas-cooled reactor are inherently safe-that is, their safety relies not upon intervention of humans or of electromechanical devices but on immutable principles of physics and chemistry. A second nuclear era may require commercialization and deployment of such inherently safe reactors, even though existing light-water reactors appear to be as safe as other well-accepted sources of central electricity, particularly hydroelectric dams.

  20. On digital marketing of publications in the Internet era




    Attention Interest Search Action Share is an analysis model proposed by Dentsu Company focusing on consumers’ lifestyle change, known as AISAS. Referring to this model, this paper analyzed the change of readers’ behavior in the information era and the new path of digital reading development, holding a conclusion that readers are paying more attention to SEARCHING, SHARING and COMMENTING before and after reading behavior. Meanwhile, based on these two featuresof "searching" and "sharing",this ...

  1. Reintegration of the Iraqi Military in Post-Conflict Era (United States)


    NAVAL POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL THESIS Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited REINTEGRATION OF THE IRAQI MILITARY IN POST...DATES COVERED Master’s Thesis 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE: Reintegration of the Iraqi Military in Post-Conflict Era. 6. AUTHOR(S) Ertürk, Sait 5...process of the United States led coalition is to be successful . The fulcrum of power in Iraq has always been the internecine ethnic, religious, and

  2. Manual stapedotomy still holds good in the era of laser


    Sivaraman Ganesan; S Anuprasad; Sisir Kumar Patra; Pradipta Kumar Parida; Suria Gopalakrishnan; Nishikanta Verma


    Context: In the present era of stapedotomy, there is an inevitable role for laser. But the conventional technique with manual burr still has its own merits in various settings such as usage in resource poor setting in developing countries and avoidance of laser hazards. AIMS: To evaluate the audiometric outcomes after manual stapedotomy. Settings and Design: The present study was retrospective record-based study. Patients who have been diagnosed otosclerosis and those who were not willing for...

  3. Era Digital (Pergeseran Paradigma Dari Hukum Modern Ke Post Modernisme)


    Wibawa, Iskandar


    Konstruksi hukum saat ini dibangun berdasarkan aliran positivisme, merupakaan legal-meta narative yang maujud dalam bentuk hukum tertulis yang penerapannya menggunakan mehhode sylogisme,. Hal ini merupakan paradigma hukum modern. Era digital yang terjadi saat ini mempengaruhi kehidupan diberbagai bidang, termasuk di bidang hukum. Paradigma hukum modern yang positivistik, legal-meta naratuve dan penggunaaan sylogisme mengalami kesulitan menyelesaikan masalah yang terjadi di masyarakat. Paradig...

  4. ERA-40 SST and Sea Ice Concentration Data

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fiorino, M


    The lower boundary condition of sea surface temperature (SST) and sea-ice concentration (sic) is a critical forcing of the lower frequencies in multi-decadal global atmospheric reanalyses such as ERA-40. Partly in response to the ERA-40 project, new SST/sic data sets have been developed that are considerably improved over those available to the first-generation reanalyses. This paper documents the input SST/sic data sets and the processing that created the daily SST/sic specification for the ERA-40 period 1956-2001. The source data are: (1) the monthly mean HadISST data set from the UKMO Hadley Centre for 1956-1981; and (2) the weekly NCEP 2DVAR data for 1982-present. Both data sets are reanalyses of satellite and conventional SST/sic observations. The principal reason for the higher quality of these source data sets is the use of a common consensus sic and a common sic-SST relationship in the sea ice margins. The use of a common sic resulted in a very smooth transition between HadISST and NCEP 2DVAR, despite differences in data assimilation techniques and monthly versus weekly analyses. No special action was required to insure consistency at the transition unlike as was necessary for the AMIP II experiment (Fiorino, 1997). The only special processing was application of the AMIP II mid-month calculation (Taylor et al., 2000) for the interpolation of monthly mean data to daily values. This scheme insures that the monthly mean of the daily-interpolated data is nearly identical to the input monthly mean. Detailed comparisons of the SST and sic during the HadISST-NCEP transition, and other long time series, are given. We also compare the NCEP 2DVAR (circa 2000) to a newer version of the OISST (V2, circa 2001) and demonstrate that the small differences should have no impact on the ERA-40 atmosphere reanalyses.

  5. Towards Geo-spatial Information Science in Big Data Era

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    LI Deren


    Full Text Available Since the 1990s, with the advent of worldwide information revolution and the development of internet, geospatial information science have also come of age, which pushed forward the building of digital Earth and cyber city. As we entered the 21st century, with the development and integration of global information technology and industrialization, internet of things and cloud computing came into being, human society enters into the big data era. This article covers the key features (ubiquitous, multi-dimension and dynamics, internet+networking, full automation and real-time, from sensing to recognition, crowdsourcing and VGI, and service-oriented of geospatial information science in the big data era and addresses the key technical issues (non-linear four dimensional Earth reference frame system, space based enhanced GNSS, space-air and land unified network communication techniques, on board processing techniques for multi-sources image data, smart interface service techniques for space-borne information, space based resource scheduling and network security, design and developing of a payloads based multi-functional satellite platform. That needs to be resolved to provide a new definition of geospatial information science in big data era. Based on the discussion in this paper, the author finally proposes a new definition of geospatial information science (geomatics, i.e. Geomatics is a multiple discipline science and technology which, using a systematic approach, integrates all the means for spatio-temporal data acquisition, information extraction, networked management, knowledge discovering, spatial sensing and recognition, as well as intelligent location based services of any physical objects and human activities around the earth and its environment. Starting from this new definition, geospatial information science will get much more chances and find much more tasks in big data era for generation of smart earth and smart city . Our profession

  6. [Overall digitalization: leading innovation of endodontics in big data era]. (United States)

    Ling, J Q


    In big data era, digital technologies bring great challenges and opportunities to modern stomatology. The applications of digital technologies, such as cone-beam CT(CBCT), computer aided design,(CAD)and computer aided manufacture(CAM), 3D printing and digital approaches for education , provide new concepts and patterns to the treatment and study of endodontic diseases. This review provides an overview of the application and prospect of commonly used digital technologies in the development of endodontics.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tsokova Viktoria Aleksandrovna


    Full Text Available Three phases should be distinguished in the development of tax systems: I. The Ancient World and Middle Ages (from the IV - III centuries. BC. till. XVII - XVIII centuries AD. II. The new time (from the XVII - XVIII centuries till the end of XIX century. - the era of the emerging capitalism. III. Modern History (from the XX century and up to the present time. The capitalism emerging era scientific ideas and tax systems research relevance (importance is caused by the emergence of the main distinct characteristics of any state, that is by the permanently increasing demand of that institution for money. This fact, in its turn, contributes to the formation of the state tax system, and, of course, the evolution of scientific views on taxation. Nowadays, some theoretical ideas in the field of taxation, clarifying the nature and the role of taxes in the European countries budget formation begin to appear in Europe, especially in the UK. The development of tax systems in England, France and Germany have been analyzed; and , basing on the dialectical, historical and logical approaches, and the method of scientific abstraction, the authors identify the following common features of the capitalism emerging era tax systems in the European countries: the taxation on a regular (permanent basis, the expansion of the tax-payers range – all citizens of the state are becoming tax payers, the introduction of the income tax and the abolishment of the revenue leasing – creation of government agencies system responsible for the administration of taxes, to establishing and collecting taxes only with the Parliament approval and permission. Classical theoretical and practical approaches to creation of tax systems of the states have been formulated in Europe in the era of nascent capitalism and they haven’t lost the relevance yet.

  8. Depression: The Differing Narratives of Couples in Couple Therapy (United States)

    Rautiainen, Eija-Liisa; Aaltonen, Jukka


    How does the spouse of a person with depression take part in constructing narratives of depression in couple therapy? In this study we examined couples' ways of co-constructing narratives of depression in couple therapy. Three couple therapy processes were chosen for the study, one spouse in each couple having been referred to an outpatient clinic…

  9. [Okuda wooden human skeleton made in Edo era, Japan]. (United States)

    Baba, Hisao


    Probably in 1820 (late Edo era), a human skeleton for medical education was carved from cypress wood, based on a criminal's skeleton under the supervision of a medical doctor, Banri Okuda in Osaka City. The skeleton is called "Okuda wooden skeleton" and is now housed in the National Science Museum, Tokyo. The bones can be assembled into a skeleton by metal pivots or bamboo sticks. The thorax and pelvis were made of several pieces of wood and combined together, respectively. By and large, the wooden skeleton shows morphological characteristics usually seen in early middle-aged females of the Edo era. But the claviculae, distal ends of the femora, and the patellae are exceptionally larger than those of a female, implying that these bones of the original skeleton had already been lost or were deformed before the wooden skeleton was made. Actually the wooden skeleton might not have been used for medical education but rather for the promotion of European medicine, which was gradually developing in the Edo era.

  10. Strangelove ocean at era boundaries, terrestrial or extraterrestrial cause (United States)

    Hsue, Kenneth J.


    Negative perturbations in carbon-isotope value of calcite in pelagic sediments were found at times of biotic crisis, marking horizons which are, or were proposed as era boundaries: Cretaceous/Tertiary (K/T), Permian/Triassic (P/T), and Precambrian/Cambrian (PreC/C). The anomaly was also found at several other mass-extinction horizons, such as terminal Ordovician, Frasnian-Famenian, etc. Studies of K/T boundary indicate that only the planktic fraction of the sediments has the negative isotope anomaly, whereas the benthic fraction has the same value across the boundary. This geochemical signal is thus considered a record of strangelove ocean, or an ocean where isotope fractionation of dissolved carbonate ions in surface waters (by biotic function of planktic organisms) has been significantly reduced because of the drastic reduction of the biomass in the oceans. The reduction of marine biomass at each of the era boundaries was related to chemical pollution of the oceans as a consequence of a catastrophic event; a pH decrease of 0.5 could inhibit the fertility of planktons. Studies of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and meteorite-impact occurrences have indicated a linearly inverse log/log relationship between the magnitude and frequency of events. The frequency of era boundaries in geologic history supports the postulate that the rare events causing those biotic crises were large bolide-impacts.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Arda SOYLEV


    Full Text Available The improvements in the Internet technology led an evolution in education. Some students’ lives have changed since 2012 when the MOOCs gained popularity among the academia. The students now take courses from the top universities all around the world without time limitations and they even earn credits for their courses. They are able to discuss lecture topics not only with their instructors in the class but also with thousands of other online students and can get just-in-time help regarding to their questions from teaching assistants. These are some of the practices from the new era of MOOCs called “social MOOCs” or MOOC 2.0. The concepts of collaboration, blended learning and TAs are the new consequences. In this paper, we review the problems and the current solutions associated with MOOC 1.0 era. In the light of these, we analyze the MOOC 2.0 era and discuss its present and possible future affects to our lives.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sunarta sunarta


    Full Text Available The leader and leadership courses have produced many hypotheses which haven’t been solved from time to time. With regard to the demands of the globalization era recently, the successful organizations are those which are ruled by figures who have comparative and competitiveness strengths in many fields. In educational context, a leadership can be seen from the practice of school management starting from the basic educational level to the higher one. Educational leadership in the practice of school management expects that the one who plays roles and mandated as a leader must have specific requirements of a leader. Social life in the globalization era has changed the mindsets and views of the people in the world at any level. This influences the awareness of striking for their personal and social rights in the organization. A leader is someone or subject that leads as leadership manifestation such as authority, responsibility, commands, and delegation to the subordinates in an organization. Meanwhile a leadership is an art of persuading, directing people through obedience, belief, respect, and cooperation based on enthusiasm to meet the goals, A Dale Timpe, (1987. In order to give influence to the development of the organization, there are four leadership aspects that should be developed, such as (1 follower, (2 situation (3 communication and (4 leader.   Key words: leader, leadership, school organization, globalization era.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Widodo Widodo


    Full Text Available This study aimed to describe the management implementation of Learning Activities Gallery (LAG in the autonomy era. Description of Non-formal Education program management, Human Resources management, and financial management. Its purpose is able to create (1 facilities and able to bridge regions to the center, (2 the emergence of creativity in the construc-tion area, (3 political stability and regional centers, (4 the assurance of business continuity, and (5 open communication. But in fact the management of LAG was facing problems regarding the amount of funding that was not sufficient, human resources was not professional, and the prog-ram did not develop. Research used qualitative case studies approach of various problems in some LAG. Then dialogic analyzed by Milles and Huberman included; data collection, data reduc-tion, data display and conclusions. The study found that LAG management in the autonomy era, there was already successful and the support of the local government, but most of the LAG was not growing even threatened dissolved or merged. LAG institutional management were not well developed caused by the lack of professional Human Resources, the lack of funding support. So from some of these problems were concluded that LAG management in the era of regional auto-nomy had a tendency to decrease or even unprofessional. Regional autonomy must consider LAG as a unit organizer non-formal and informal education programs with the full support of the government both funds and human resources professionals.

  14. The anatomy of Z ' and Z with flavour changing neutral currents in the flavour precision era (United States)

    Buras, Andrzej J.; De Fazio, Fulvia; Girrbach, Jennifer


    The simplest extension of the Standard Model (SM) that generally introduces new sources of flavour violation and CP violation as well as right-handed (RH) currents is the addition of a U(1) gauge symmetry to the SM gauge group. If the corresponding heavy gauge boson ( Z ') mediates FCNC processes in the quark sector at tree-level, these new physics (NP) contributions imply a pattern of deviations from SM expectations for FCNC processes that depends only on the couplings of Z ' to fermions and on its mass. This implies stringent correlations between Δ F = 2 and Δ F = 1 observables which govern the landscape of the allowed parameter space for Z '-models. Anticipating the Flavour Precision Era (FPE) ahead of us we illustrate this by searching for allowed oases in this landscape assuming significantly smaller uncertainties in CKM and hadronic parameters than presently available. To this end we analyze Δ F = 2 observables in {K^0}-{{overline{K}}^0} and B_{s,d}^0-overline{B}_{s,d}^0 systems and rare K and B decays including both left-handed and right-handed Z '-couplings to quarks in various combinations. We identify a number of correlations between various flavour observables that could test and distinguish these different Z ' scenarios. The important role of b → sℓ+ℓ- and bto sν overline{ν} transitions in these studies is emphasized. Imposing the existing flavour constraints, a rich pattern of deviations from the SM expectations in B s,d and K meson systems emerges provided M Z' ≤ 3 TeV. While for M Z' ≥ 5 TeV Z ' effects in rare B s,d decays are found typically below 10% and hard to measure even in the FPE, Kto sν overline{ν} and K L → π0ℓ+ℓ- decays provide an important portal to scales beyond those explored by the LHC. We apply our formalism to NP scenarios with induced flavour changing neutral Z-couplings to quarks. We find that in the case of B d and K decays such Z-couplings still allow for sizable departures from the SM. On the other hand

  15. Axial Rod Coupling Design

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Smith, David R


    .... The axial rod and coupling has been designed to withstand external survival loads ( 8.3 kN (1,870 lb) for Ring 5), and to maintain its length to within 7 microns after disassembly and reassembly...

  16. Coupling in the Tevatron

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gelfand, N.M.


    The performance of the Fermilab Tevatron Collider at the commencement of run Ib was far below expectations. After a frustrating period of several months, a low-{beta} quad downstream of the interaction point at B0 was found to be rolled. This rolled quadrupole coupled the horizontal and vertical motion of the Tevatron beams. It also made matching the beam from the Main Ring to the Tevatron impossible, resulting in emittance blow up on injection. The net result of the roll was a significant reduction in the Tevatron luminosity. When the roll in the quadrupole was corrected the performance of the Tevatron improved dramatically. This note will discuss the experimental data indicating the presence of coupling and subsequent calculations which show how coupling an affect the luminosity. It is not intended to exhaust a discussion of coupling, which hopefully will be understood well enough to be discussed in a subsequent note.

  17. Solar system tests for realistic f( T) models with non-minimal torsion-matter coupling (United States)

    Lin, Rui-Hui; Zhai, Xiang-Hua; Li, Xin-Zhou


    In the previous paper, we have constructed two f( T) models with non-minimal torsion-matter coupling extension, which are successful in describing the evolution history of the Universe including the radiation-dominated era, the matter-dominated era, and the present accelerating expansion. Meantime, the significant advantage of these models is that they could avoid the cosmological constant problem of Λ CDM. However, the non-minimal coupling between matter and torsion will affect the tests of the Solar system. In this paper, we study the effects of the Solar system in these models, including the gravitation redshift, geodetic effect and perihelion precession. We find that Model I can pass all three of the Solar system tests. For Model II, the parameter is constrained by the uncertainties of the planets' estimated perihelion precessions.

  18. Solar system tests for realistic $f(T)$ models with nonminimal torsion-matter coupling

    CERN Document Server

    Lin, Rui-Hui; Li, Xin-Zhou


    In the previous paper, we have constructed two $f(T)$ models with nonminimal torsion-matter coupling extension, which are successful in describing the evolution history of the Universe including the radiation-dominated era, the matter-dominated era, and the present accelerating expansion. Meantime, the significant advantage of these models is that they could avoid the cosmological constant problem of $\\Lambda$CDM. However, the nonminimal coupling between matter and torsion will affect the tests of Solar system. In this paper, we study the effects of Solar system in these models, including the gravitation redshift, geodetic effect and perihelion preccesion. We find that Model I can pass all three of the Solar system tests. For Model II, the parameter is constrained by the measure of the perihelion precession of Mercury.

  19. Triple gauge boson couplings

    CERN Document Server

    Gounaris, George J; Zeppenfeld, Dieter; Ajaltouni, Ziad J; Arhrib, A; Bella, G; Berends, F A; Bilenky, S M; Blondel, A; Busenitz, J K; Choudhury, D; Clarke, P; Conboy, J E; Diehl, M; Fassouliotis, D; Frère, J M; Georgiopoulos, C H; Gibbs, M; Grünewald, M W; Hansen, J B; Hartmann, C; Jin, B N; Jousset, J; Kalinowski, Jan; Kocian, M L; Lahanas, Athanasios B; Layssac, J; Lieb, E H; Markou, C; Matteuzzi, C; Mättig, P; Moreno, J M; Moultaka, G; Nippe, A; Orloff, J; Papadopoulos, C G; Paschalis, J; Petridou, C; Phillips, H; Podlyski, F; Pohl, M; Renard, F M; Rossignol, J M; Rylko, R; Sekulin, R L; Van Sighem, A; Simopoulou, Errietta; Skillman, A; Spanos, V C; Tonazzo, A; Tytgat, M H G; Tzamarias, S; Verzegnassi, Claudio; Vlachos, N D; Zevgolatakos, E


    We present the results obtained by the "Triple Gauge Couplings" working group during the LEP2 Workshop (1994-1995). The report concentrates on the measurement of WW\\gamma and WWZ couplings in e^-e^+\\to W^-W^+ or, more generally, four-fermion production at LEP2. In addition the detection of new interactions in the bosonic sector via other production channels is discussed.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Idah Hadijah


    Full Text Available The Efforts to Increase Export Drives of Fashion Industy in the Globali­sation Era. The fashion industry is inseparable from the development of fashion, cultural element/national culture, and the influence of fashion in many aspects of human life. Thus, fashion industry is a positive business opportunities in globalization era. Fashion industry involves various parties such as the resource of fabric thread, fabric manufacturers, designer, producers to distributors, starts from small business to large business, and also involves a lot of workers with various skills and talents. In order to support fashion industry producers having positive export drives, it is necessary to to pay attention to many components, such as production, supplier, and the final products that are distributed to the retailers. These components are also related to the quality of human resources, material resources, fashion forecasting, and the multimedia of fashion industry. : Industri fashion, tidak terlepas dari perkembangan busana, unsur budaya/ kultur suatu bangsa, serta pengaruh busana dalam berbagai aspek kehidupan manusia. Dengan demikian industri fashion merupakan peluang bisnis yang positif di era globalisasi. Industri fashion melibatkan berbagai pihak mulai dari asal serat, pem­buatan kain, desainer, produsen sampai distributor, mulai dari bisnis kecil sampai bisnis besar, juga melibatkan banyak pekerja dengan berbagai keahlian dan bakat. Upaya produsen industri fashion agar memiliki export drive yang positif, perlu memperhatikan komponen produksi, komponen supplier, produk akhir yang didistri­busikan pada retailer. Komponen-komponen tersebut terkait dengan kualitas: sumber daya manusia, sumber daya material, fashion forecasting, dan multimedia industri fashion.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    John Agnew


    Full Text Available An older European-Enlightenment geopolitical imagination was lost in the late nineteenth century with the rise of naturalized understandings of inter-state and imperial relations that saw states and empires in terms of biological competition conditioned by relative location on the earth’s surface. The word “geopolitics” emerged in that context and since that time the term has had to contend with this original sin. Arguably, however, Montesquieu and Voltaire in their references to Alexander the Great had a somewhat different conception of geopolitics in mind: one in which reciprocity and exchange between places as well as the redistribution of resources from colonies to homeland are at work. It is this broader sense of the word that has been revived over the past fifty years in the course of attempts at linking the global political structure of states, empires, and other political authorities to what can be called the “globalization era.” The broader understanding of geopolitics is by no means restricted to this era, as the reference to the Enlightenment period should make clear. But it has become an increasingly attractive alternative. I discuss four aspects of the connection between geopolitics construed in the broader meaning and the globalization that the world economy has experienced over the past fifty years. The first is to challenge the idea that geopolitics in the broad sense is “opposed” to globalization. I then turn to what I see are the three dimensions of geopolitics in an era of globalization: the geopolitics of globalization, the geopolitics of development, and the geopolitics of global regulation. From this perspective, Montesquieu and Voltaire offer a much better inspiration for understanding world politics than do the geopolitical writers of the early twentieth century such as Kjellen and Mackinder.

  2. e-Infrastructures - the foundation of the ERA (United States)

    Fabianek, Bernhard

    Europe has created a pan-European research networking infrastructure - GÉANT - to exploit the emerging developments in telecommunication technology and to support all fields of collaborative research. This infrastructure provides an "equality of opportunity" for all researchers and students across Europe, reaching over 3,100 research and education institutions in over 32 countries through the National Research and Education Networks (NRENs). As an essential infrastructure that supports all other fields of collaborative research, GÉANT is of paramount importance for the practical realisation of a European Research Area (ERA), of which the European Community's Sixth RTD Framework Programme is a major component. GÉANT is the leading research network backbone in the world. It not only serves the European continent, but has extensive links in the Gigabit/s range to North America and Japan. Other initiatives ensure the connectivity within Latin-America and the Mediterranean and links between these regions to GÉANT. Activities to link GÉANT with Southern Africa and the Asia Pacific region are in early planning stages. Thus, the realisation of global research networking is within reach and will enable new ways of research to be carried out. The specific services GÉANT is offering for the VLBI, Grids and advanced communication technologies communities are first examples of the impact that e-Infrastructures will have. In Europe GÉANT is a cornerstone of the European Research ERA (ERA) by providing a world-class advanced communications platform to all researchers and scientists in Europe.

  3. The WCRP CMIP3 multimodel dataset: A new era in climate change research

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Meehl, G.A. [National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO (United States); Covey, C.; Taylor, K.E. [Program for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison, Livermore, CA (United States); Delworth, T.; Stouffer, R.J. [Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Lab., Princeton, NJ (United States); Latif, M. [Leibniz-Institut fuer Meereswissenschaften, Kiel (Germany); McAvaney, B. [Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne (Australia); Mitchell, J.F.B. [Hadley Centre, Exeter (United Kingdom)


    A coordinated set of global coupled climate model [atmosphere-ocean general circulation model (AOGCM)] experiments for twentieth- and twenty-first-century climate, as well as several climate change commitment and other experiments, was run by 16 modeling groups from 11 countries with 23 models for assessment in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fourth Assessment Report (AR4). Since the assessment was completed, output from another model has been added to the dataset, so the participation is now 17 groups from 12 countries with 24 models. This effort, as well as the subsequent analysis phase, was organized by the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) Climate Variability and Predictability (CLIVAR) Working Group on Coupled Models (WGCM) Climate Simulation Panel, and constitutes the third phase of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP3). The dataset is called the WCRP CMIP3 multimodel dataset, and represents the largest and most comprehensive international global coupled climate model experiment and multimodel analysis effort ever attempted. As of March 2007, the Program for Climate Model Diagnostics and Intercomparison (PCMDI) has collected, archived, and served roughly 32 TB of model data. With oversight from the panel, the multimodel data were made openly available from PCMDI for analysis and academic applications. Over 171 TB of data had been downloaded among the more than 1000 registered users to date. Over 200 journal articles, based in part on the dataset, have been published so far. Though initially aimed at the IPCC AR4, this unique and valuable resource will continue to be maintained for at least the next several years. Never before has such an extensive set of climate model simulations been made available to the international climate science community for study. The ready access to the multimodel dataset opens up these types of model analyses to researchers, including students, who previously could not obtain state

  4. Orbit transfer operations for the Space Shuttle era (United States)

    Davis, H. P.


    Orbit transfer operations are reviewed relative to the objectives, operational factors, and crew model concepts of future mission requirements. The review is based on studies presently underway and on projected needs and goals of the Space Shuttle era. Numerous tradeoff studies and further analyses are needed before the best form of the manned geostationary vehicle becomes fixed. However, the Shuttle can provide the necessary low-orbit logistics service for dispatching manned geostationary missions on as frequent a schedule as will be needed to serve the advanced geostationary satellites of the near future.

  5. Designing network on-chip architectures in the nanoscale era

    CERN Document Server

    Flich, Jose


    Going beyond isolated research ideas and design experiences, Designing Network On-Chip Architectures in the Nanoscale Era covers the foundations and design methods of network on-chip (NoC) technology. The contributors draw on their own lessons learned to provide strong practical guidance on various design issues.Exploring the design process of the network, the first part of the book focuses on basic aspects of switch architecture and design, topology selection, and routing implementation. In the second part, contributors discuss their experiences in the industry, offering a roadmap to recent p

  6. Political Evolution at NATO Level in Post Cold War Era

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tomescu Cătălin Tomiţă


    Full Text Available The beginning of the post Cold era sounds like that: „The world has changed dramatically. The Alliance has made an essential contribution. The peoples of North America and the whole of Europe can now join in a community of shared values based on freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law. As an agent of change, a source of stability and the indispensable guarantor of its members' security, our Alliance will continue to play a key role in building a new, lasting order of peace in Europe: a Europe of cooperation and prosperity”[1].

  7. Nusantara dalam era niaga sebelum abad ke-19

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohammad Iskandar


    Full Text Available Trading activities in the Nusantara archipelago had developed into an international trade. According to Ricklef, Europe was not the most developed region in the world. The developing world at the time was in fact the Islamic world, stretching from the Middle East to the Nusantara. If we trace it further back into the past, to the pre-Islamic age, trade in the Nusantara region had developed, espcially during the golden eras of Sriwijaya and Majapahit. This paper describes the economic and trade development in the Nusantara before the 19th century.

  8. Origins of American Social Policies: the Progressive Era

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Valentin FILIP


    Full Text Available This paper examines the evolution of social policy concerns, debates and reforms in the United States, especially starting with the Gilded Age and through the Progressive Era. It capitalizes on policy analysis literature in order to strengthen the argument of exploring context in order to understand social policy. It also delves into the social climate that gave birth to the Progressives and shaped their perceptions with regard to social change. Finally, it attempts to offer a new perspective on the distinctive social welfare track undertaken by the Americans, when compared to the European traditional model.

  9. Revenue generation in the information era: Opportunities and challenges

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sreelata Jonnalagedda


    Full Text Available In an information economy, innovative revenue generating models are as critical for the sustenance of a firm as is bringing cutting edge technology to the market. In its first part, this article surveys the characteristics of the information goods market and identifies the opportunities and challenges that the information era presents. Further, it surveys the existing business models for information goods and maps them to the market characteristics to arrive at the viability of these models. The second part of the article presents the views and experiences of a panel of practitioners who face these challenges in the field of information goods.

  10. The Challenges of Journal Startup in the Digital Era

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andrew Kirby


    Full Text Available This paper aims to contribute to the evolving literature on the new landscape of scholarly journals. It builds on a series of experiences as a journal editor which span the print and digital eras, and focuses on two current activities with new journals. One was designed as a synoptic journal in a broad multidisciplinary field, supported by a commercial publisher; the other a non-revenue journal which aims to showcase the work of undergraduates in the author’s institution. Despite the uniqueness of goals and delivery, some of the experiences—and challenges—have proved remarkably similar.

  11. A new era of catalysis: efficiency, value, and sustainability. (United States)

    Cheng, Soofin; Lin, Shawn D


    Value proposition: Global warming and climate change urge the chemical industry to develop new processes, in which sustainability is a necessity and requirement. Catalysis is recognized to be one of the key technologies in enabling sustainability. This special issue, assembled by guest editors Soofing Chen and Shawn D. Lin, highlights some of the best work presented at "The 6th Asia-Pacific Congress on Catalysis (APCAT-6)", with as major theme "New Era of Catalysis: Efficiency, Value, and Sustainability". © 2014 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

  12. Modalidades educativas de la radio en la era digital

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juan José Perona Pérez


    Full Text Available La radio presenta múltiples posibilidades de explotación dentro y fuera del aula, consagrándose como una potente herramienta complementaria y de refuerzo de la enseñanza y el aprendizaje. Las alternativas que ofrece el medio van mucho más allá del potencial instructivo y formativo que históricamente se le ha conferido, al tiempo que, gracias a los avances tecnológicos, crecen exponencialmente. Este artículo se aproxima a las diferentes modalidades educativas que, en plena era digital, brinda la radio.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available The present paper aims to approach a relatively new topic: international cooperation for sustainable development. The first part of this paper is a theoretical construct which deals with the connection that exists between its main variables: globalization, democratization and development. This part of the paper also brings into evidence the necessity and importance of international cooperation for sustainable development (SD during the globalization era. The second part of the paper aims to briefly analyse the importance and practice of education for sustainable development (ESD in our contemporary society: the case of Romania. Conclusions represent the object of the last part of the paper.

  14. Organizational capabilities in the digital era: Reframing strategic orientation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ludovico Bullini Orlandi


    Full Text Available The digital era is changing consistently the previous marketing scenarios and actual issues have to be addressed in order to close the capabilities gap created by digital innovations. Different authors call for theoretical and empirical contributions that cope with the issues brought out by the digitalization of marketing channels and the consequent ever increasing volume of digital data. This study develops a theoretical framework and propositions through a reframing and reconceptualization of previous theoretical constructs from managerial and marketing literature. The resulting model offers insights about organizational processes and capabilities needed to cope with the actual fast changing, but at the same time, data-rich environment.

  15. Banking marketing mix trends in a digital era

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Catalina Ioana Chirica


    Full Text Available We live in a dynamic world, with everything changing more rapidly than perhaps ever before. Changes are simultaneously a cause and an effect in this world, triggered and affecting both companies (inclusing banks and consumers. Pro-activity and reactivity are key words. Adaptation of strategies, focused consumer targeting, extended usage of new technologies, rapid growth of online environment, breakthrough of social networks and smartphones, all represent factors that converge to one direction: a digital era, when companies/banks should focus on their clients' fidelity and have an in-depth understanding of their market in order to create a real competitive advantage.

  16. Peran Pendidikan Keluarga Dalam Pembinaan Moral Remaja Menghadapi Era Globalisasi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Djauharah Bawazir


    Full Text Available This is a descriptive explorative research that studies the role of family education in developing the morality of youth in facing the global era. This study is conducted at 5 sub-districts in DKI and the sample is SMA students in the sub-districts of DKI. The technique of analysis employed is the Pearson Product Moment Coorelation. The result of the correlational analysis reveals that he role of family education is not significant. However, from the description of data it is found out that family education affects positively on the development of the morality of the youth.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Виктория Александровна Цокова


    Full Text Available Three phases should be distinguished in the development of tax systems:I. The Ancient World and Middle Ages (from the IV - III centuries. BC. till. XVII - XVIII centuries AD.II. The new time (from the XVII - XVIII centuries till the end of XIX century. - the era of the emerging capitalism.III. Modern History (from the XX century and up to the present time. The capitalism emerging era scientific ideas and tax systems research relevance (importance is caused by the emergence of the main distinct characteristics of any state, that is by the permanently increasing demand of that institution for money. This fact, in its turn, contributes to the formation of the state tax system, and, of course, the evolution of scientific views on taxation.Nowadays, some theoretical ideas in the field of taxation, clarifying the nature and the role of taxes in the European countries budget formation begin to appear in Europe, especially in theUK. The development of tax systems in England, France and Germany have  been analyzed;  and , basing on the  dialectical, historical and logical approaches, and the method of scientific abstraction, the authors identify the following common features of the  capitalism emerging era tax systems in the European countries: the taxation on a regular (permanent basis, the expansion of the tax-payers  range – all citizens of the state are becoming tax payers, the introduction of the income tax and the abolishment  of the revenue leasing – creation of government agencies system responsible for the administration of taxes, to establishing and collecting taxes only with the Parliament approval and permission.Classical theoretical and practical approaches to creation of tax systems of the states have been formulated in Europe in the era of nascent capitalism and they haven’t lost the relevance yet.DOI:

  18. NASA's Modern Era Retrospective-Analysis for Research and Applications (MERRA): Early Results and Future Directions (United States)

    Schubert, Siegfried


    This talk will review the status and progress of the NASA/Global Modeling and Assimilation Office (GMAO) atmospheric global reanalysis project called the Modern Era Retrospective-Analysis for Research and Applications (MERRA). An overview of NASA's emerging capabilities for assimilating a variety of other Earth Science observations of the land, ocean, and atmospheric constituents will also be presented. MERRA supports NASA Earth science by synthesizing the current suite of research satellite observations in a climate data context (covering the period 1979-present), and by providing the science and applications communities with of a broad range of weather and climate data with an emphasis on improved estimates of the hydrological cycle. MERRA is based on a major new version of the Goddard Earth Observing System Data Assimilation System (GEOS-5), that includes the Earth System Modeling Framework (ESMF)-based GEOS-5 atmospheric general circulation model and the new NOAA National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) unified grid-point statistical interpolation (GST) analysis scheme developed as a collaborative effort between NCEP and the GMAO. In addition to MERRA, the GMAO is developing new capabilities in aerosol and constituent assimilation, ocean, ocean biology, and land surface assimilation. This includes the development of an assimilation capability for tropospheric air quality monitoring and prediction, the development of a carbon-cycle modeling and assimilation system, and an ocean data assimilation system for use in coupled short-term climate forecasting.

  19. Coupling in reflector arrays

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Appel-Hansen, Jørgen


    In order to reduce the space occupied by a reflector array, it is desirable to arrange the array antennas as close to each other as possible; however, in this case coupling between the array antennas will reduce the reflecting properties of the reflector array. The purpose of the present communic......In order to reduce the space occupied by a reflector array, it is desirable to arrange the array antennas as close to each other as possible; however, in this case coupling between the array antennas will reduce the reflecting properties of the reflector array. The purpose of the present...

  20. International Migration of Couples

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Junge, Martin; Munk, Martin D.; Nikolka, Till


    Migrant self-selection is important to labor markets and public finances in both origin and destination countries. We develop a theoretical model regarding the migration of dual-earner couples and test it using population-wide administrative data from Denmark. Our model predicts that the probabil......Migrant self-selection is important to labor markets and public finances in both origin and destination countries. We develop a theoretical model regarding the migration of dual-earner couples and test it using population-wide administrative data from Denmark. Our model predicts...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Migration is an old phenomenon in the history of humankind. However, the magnitude, complexity, and structure of migration flows in the global era are all unprecedented. According to the United Nations Report “Trends in International Migrant Stock: the 2015 Revision” at world level 244 million international migrants were recorded in 2015. With the increase in the number of migrants, the emigration of ‘high-skilled’ individuals is also growing. OECD and United Nation Statistics show that in the last decade the number of migrants with tertiary education increased by about 70%. Brain drain is also a well-known phenomenon. Highly educated individuals and scientists have travelled the world in all centuries in search of better study and research, and working conditions, and of new opportunities. Nowadays, in the era of globalisation and, implicitly, of swifter development of international markets, the emigration rate of high-skilled experts exceeds the total emigration rate, which shows the selectiveness of migration at educational level. The paper presents a brief analysis of the interdependencies between migration and globalisation and of the effects of globalisation on the migration of high-skilled individuals. The trends, structure, and volume of high-skilled labour force from Romania are analysed along with the effects generated by them.

  2. Innovacion en servicios en la era del conocimiento.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cruz, R.


    Full Text Available Now a day the world economy is based in knowledge, we are living and making business in an entirely new era with new rules, where services sector is taking a more important place and a more relevant roll than previously were, and the innovation becomes the way this kind of firms can compete, access to new markets and gain long term growing. Usually, innovation research, definitions and typologies developed were done for tangible products, a legacy from an earlier economic age (based on manufacturing industry, however, Services has they own particularities and distinctive characteristics from products. The understanding of this issue is very important to service providers companies, because they could adjust their innovation process more according to a service development model than an adapted product development one. This article points out the characteristics of the new knowledge era, the importance of innovation in services sector in this new economy and the typologies available for services with the purpose to help in the evaluation or adjustment of the firm’s innovation process that fall in this segment.

  3. [Precision nutrition in the era of precision medicine]. (United States)

    Chen, P Z; Wang, H


    Precision medicine has been increasingly incorporated into clinical practice and is enabling a new era for disease prevention and treatment. As an important constituent of precision medicine, precision nutrition has also been drawing more attention during physical examinations. The main aim of precision nutrition is to provide safe and efficient intervention methods for disease treatment and management, through fully considering the genetics, lifestyle (dietary, exercise and lifestyle choices), metabolic status, gut microbiota and physiological status (nutrient level and disease status) of individuals. Three major components should be considered in precision nutrition, including individual criteria for sufficient nutritional status, biomarker monitoring or techniques for nutrient detection and the applicable therapeutic or intervention methods. It was suggested that, in clinical practice, many inherited and chronic metabolic diseases might be prevented or managed through precision nutritional intervention. For generally healthy populations, because lifestyles, dietary factors, genetic factors and environmental exposures vary among individuals, precision nutrition is warranted to improve their physical activity and reduce disease risks. In summary, research and practice is leading toward precision nutrition becoming an integral constituent of clinical nutrition and disease prevention in the era of precision medicine.

  4. Emerging interdisciplinary fields in the coming intelligence/convergence era (United States)

    Noor, Ahmed


    Dramatic advances are in the horizon resulting from rapid pace of development of several technologies, including, computing, communication, mobile, robotic, and interactive technologies. These advances, along with the trend towards convergence of traditional engineering disciplines with physical, life and other science disciplines will result in the development of new interdisciplinary fields, as well as in new paradigms for engineering practice in the coming intelligence/convergence era (post-information age). The interdisciplinary fields include Cyber Engineering, Living Systems Engineering, Biomechatronics/Robotics Engineering, Knowledge Engineering, Emergent/Complexity Engineering, and Multiscale Systems engineering. The paper identifies some of the characteristics of the intelligence/convergence era, gives broad definition of convergence, describes some of the emerging interdisciplinary fields, and lists some of the academic and other organizations working in these disciplines. The need is described for establishing a Hierarchical Cyber-Physical Ecosystem for facilitating interdisciplinary collaborations, and accelerating development of skilled workforce in the new fields. The major components of the ecosystem are listed. The new interdisciplinary fields will yield critical advances in engineering practice, and help in addressing future challenges in broad array of sectors, from manufacturing to energy, transportation, climate, and healthcare. They will also enable building large future complex adaptive systems-of-systems, such as intelligent multimodal transportation systems, optimized multi-energy systems, intelligent disaster prevention systems, and smart cities.

  5. Protein Engineering Approaches in the Post-Genomic Era. (United States)

    Singh, Raushan K; Lee, Jung-Kul; Selvaraj, Chandrabose; Singh, Ranjitha; Li, Jinglin; Kim, Sang-Yong; Kalia, Vipin C


    Proteins are one of the most multifaceted macromolecules in living systems. Proteins have evolved to function under physiological conditions and, therefore, are not usually tolerant of harsh experimental and environmental conditions. The growing use of proteins in industrial processes as a greener alternative to chemical catalysts often demands constant innovation to improve their performance. Protein engineering aims to design new proteins or modify the sequence of a protein to create proteins with new or desirable functions. With the emergence of structural and functional genomics, protein engineering has been invigorated in the post-genomic era. The three-dimensional structures of proteins with known functions facilitate protein engineering approaches to design variants with desired properties. There are three major approaches of protein engineering research, namely, directed evolution, rational design, and de novo design. Rational design is an effective method of protein engineering when the threedimensional structure and mechanism of the protein is well known. In contrast, directed evolution does not require extensive information and a three-dimensional structure of the protein of interest. Instead, it involves random mutagenesis and selection to screen enzymes with desired properties. De novo design uses computational protein design algorithms to tailor synthetic proteins by using the three-dimensional structures of natural proteins and their folding rules. The present review highlights and summarizes recent protein engineering approaches, and their challenges and limitations in the post-genomic era. Copyright© Bentham Science Publishers; For any queries, please email at

  6. Synergetic Paradigm of Geopolitical Confrontation in the Postmodern Era

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sergey N. Teplyakov


    Full Text Available The article analyzes current state and mechanisms of geopolitical struggle in postmodern information age that has come. The author judges from assumption that entirely new postmodern society appeared with expansion of information technology, accompanied by cardinal changes in mechanisms of political power. Information technologies have become one of the most important factors contributing to the transformation of modern society from industrial to informational (post-industrial. In modern conditions, ensuring national and global security is a comprehensive process that includes not only measures to ensure information and economic security individually, but also such an integrated component as providing both information and economic security. The author suggests that modem geopolitical confrontation is carried out based on the synergetic paradigm. The main tool is information and energy influence on enemy system weaknesses using information space control, organizing negative information campaigns and applying economic sanctions. If the main focus of geopolitical struggle in modern era was forced expansion of the territory, in information postmodern age control over economic and information space has become priority among forms of geopolitical struggle. Military expansion of modern era becomes substituted by information and economic expansionism of postmodern using synergetic paradigm of geopolitical confrontation in order to control and capture the opponent's political space.

  7. Generic flux coupling analysis

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    A.C. Reimers (Arne); Y. Goldstein; A. Bockmayr


    htmlabstractFlux coupling analysis (FCA) has become a useful tool for aiding metabolic reconstructions and guiding genetic manipulations. Originally, it was introduced for constraint-based models of metabolic networks that are based on the steady-state assumption. Recently, we have shown that the

  8. HIV-discordant couples

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Jun 2, 2006 ... and Gynecology have noted that assisted reproductive technologies should not be withheld from HIV-infected infertile couples merely on the grounds of HIV serostatus.26. However, ethical controversies in this area remain. Adequate preconception counselling to establish the stability of the discordant ...

  9. Anomalous top magnetic couplings

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    Nov 9, 2012 ... Corresponding author. E-mail: Abstract. The real and imaginary parts of the one-loop electroweak contributions to the left and right tensorial anomalous couplings of the tbW vertex in the Standard Model (SM) are computed. Keywords. Top; anomalous. PACS Nos 14.65.Ha; 12.15 ...

  10. Conversation, coupling and complexity

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Fusaroli, Riccardo; Abney, Drew; Bahrami, Bahador

    We investigate the linguistic co-construction of interpersonal synergies. By applying a measure of coupling between complex systems to an experimentally elicited corpus of joint decision dialogues, we show that interlocutors’ linguistic behavior displays increasing signature of multi-scale coupli...

  11. Generic flux coupling analysis. (United States)

    Reimers, Arne C; Goldstein, Yaron; Bockmayr, Alexander


    Flux coupling analysis (FCA) has become a useful tool for aiding metabolic reconstructions and guiding genetic manipulations. Originally, it was introduced for constraint-based models of metabolic networks that are based on the steady-state assumption. Recently, we have shown that the steady-state assumption can be replaced by a weaker lattice-theoretic property related to the supports of metabolic fluxes. In this paper, we further extend our approach and develop an efficient algorithm for generic flux coupling analysis that works with any kind of qualitative pathway model. We illustrate our method by thermodynamic flux coupling analysis (tFCA), which allows studying steady-state metabolic models with loop-law thermodynamic constraints. These models do not satisfy the lattice-theoretic properties required in our previous work. For a selection of genome-scale metabolic network reconstructions, we discuss both theoretically and practically, how thermodynamic constraints strengthen the coupling results that can be obtained with classical FCA. A prototype implementation of tFCA is available at Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  12. Outcomes of resection for colorectal cancer hepatic metastases stratified by evolving eras of treatment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chan Kun-Ming


    Full Text Available Abstract Background and purpose The outcomes and management of colorectal cancer (CRC hepatic metastasis have undergone many evolutionary changes. In this study, we aimed to analyze the outcomes of patients with CRC hepatic metastasis in terms of the era of treatment. Methods We conducted a retrospective review of 279 patients who underwent liver resection (LR for CRC hepatic metastases. The prognoses of patients treated pre-2003 (era 1 and post-2003 (era 2 were examined. Results Of the patients included in the study, 210 (75.3% had CRC recurrence after LR. There was a significant difference in the ratio of CRC recurrence between the 2 eras (82.0% in era 1 vs. 69.5% in era 2; p = 0.008. Analysis of recurrence-free and overall survival rates also showed that the patient outcome was significantly better in the post-2003 era than in the pre-2003 era. Further analysis showed that a significantly higher percentage of patients in era 2 had received modern chemotherapeutic regimens including irinotecan and oxaliplatin, while patients in era 1 were mainly administered fluorouracil and leucovorin for adjuvant chemotherapy. Among patients with CRC recurrence, a significant ratio of those in era 2 underwent surgical resection for recurrent lesions, and these patients had a better survival curve than did patients without resection (34.1% vs. 2.2% for 5-year survival; p Conclusion The incidence of CRC recurrence after LR for hepatic metastasis remains very high. However, the management and outcomes of patients with CRC hepatic metastasis have greatly improved with time, suggesting that the current use of aggressive multimodality treatments including surgical resection combined with modern chemotherapeutic regimens effectively prolongs the life expectancy of these patients.

  13. Long-Term Clinical Outcomes of Silzone Era St. Jude Medical Mechanical Heart Valves. (United States)

    Brennan, J Matthew; Zhao, Yue; Williams, Judson; O'Brien, Sean; Dokholyan, Rachel; Gammie, James; Edwards, Fred; Loyo-Berrios, Nilsa; Canos, Daniel; Gross, Thomas; Marinac-Dabic, Danica; Peterson, Eric


    Since the voluntary recall of St. Jude Medical (SJM) Silzone impregnated heart valves, no large-scale study has examined their long-term outcomes. Using Medicare-linked records from the Society of Thoracic Surgeons Adult Cardiac Surgery Database (1993-2004), the clinical outcomes were evaluated through eight years among those patients who received SJM mechanical heart valves during the Silzone era (March 1998 to December 1999; n = 3,775), relative to those in both the pre-Silzone era (January 1993 to February 1998; n = 13,570) and the post-Silzone era (January 2000 to December 2004; n = 6,882). An inverse probability weighting was used to balance the observed differences in case mix. During the Silzone era, 79% of all implanted mechanical heart valves were manufactured by SJM. By eight years post-implantation, the most common adverse events in this Medicare-linked cohort (median age 71 years) were death (43.5%) and thromboembolism (14.7%), while valve reoperation (1.7%) and endocarditis (1.4%) were less common. Patients treated during the Silzone era experienced a lower associated risk of mortality to eight years than those in both the pre-Silzone era (adjusted hazards ratio (HR) 0.93, 95% confidence interval (CI) 0.88-0.98) and post-Silzone era (adjusted HR 0.92, CI 0.67-0.98), while the adjusted eight-year risks of reoperation, thromboembolism and endocarditis were similar across the three eras for the overall cohort and among both aortic valve and mitral valve patients. Medicare patients who received SJM mechanical heart valves during the Silzone era experienced similar clinical outcomes as those treated before or after the Silzone era. These data do not substantiate continued public health concerns associated with Silzone era valve prostheses among older individuals.

  14. Warthog: Coupling Status Update

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hart, Shane W. D. [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States); Reardon, Bradley T. [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States)


    The Warthog code was developed to couple codes that are developed in both the Multi-Physics Object-Oriented Simulation Environment (MOOSE) from Idaho National Laboratory (INL) and SHARP from Argonne National Laboratory (ANL). The initial phase of this work, focused on coupling the neutronics code PROTEUS with the fuel performance code BISON. The main technical challenge involves mapping the power density solution determined by PROTEUS to the fuel in BISON. This presents a challenge since PROTEUS uses the MOAB mesh format, but BISON, like all other MOOSE codes, uses the libMesh format. When coupling the different codes, one must consider that Warthog is a light-weight MOOSE-based program that uses the Data Transfer Kit (DTK) to transfer data between the various mesh types. Users set up inputs for the codes they want to run, and then Warthog transfers the data between them. Currently Warthog supports XSProc from SCALE or the Sub-Group Application Programming Interface (SGAPI) in PROTEUS for generating cross sections. It supports arbitrary geometries using PROTEUS and BISON. DTK will transfer power densities and temperatures between the codes where the domains overlap. In the past fiscal year (FY), much work has gone into demonstrating two-way coupling for simple pin cells of various materials. XSProc was used to calculate the cross sections, which were then passed to PROTEUS in an external file. PROTEUS calculates the fission/power density, and Warthog uses DTK to pass this information to BISON, where it is used as the heat source. BISON then calculates the temperature profile of the pin cell and sends it back to XSProc to obtain the temperature corrected cross sections. This process is repeated until the convergence criteria (tolerance on BISON solve, or number of time steps) is reached. Models have been constructed and run for both uranium oxide and uranium silicide fuels. These models demonstrate a clear difference in power shape that is not accounted for in a

  15. Age of stratospheric air in the ERA-Interim

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. Diallo


    Full Text Available The Brewer-Dobson mean circulation and its variability are investigated in the ERA-Interim over the period 1989-2010 by using an off-line Lagrangian transport model driven by analysed winds and heating rates.

    At low and mid-latitudes, the mean age of air in the lower stratosphere is in good agreement with ages derived from aircraft, high altitude balloon and satellite observations of long-lived tracers. At high latitude and in the upper stratosphere, we find, however that the ERA-Interim ages exhibit an old bias, typically of one to two years.

    The age spectrum exhibits a long tail except in the low tropical stratosphere which is modulated by the annual cycle of the tropical upwelling. The distribution of ages and its variability is consistent with the existence of two separate branches, shallow and deep, of the Brewer-Dobson circulation. Both branches are modulated by the tropical upwelling and the shallow branch is also modulated by the subtropical barrier.

    The variability of the mean age is analysed through a decomposition in terms of annual cycle, QBO, ENSO and trend. The annual modulation is the dominating signal in the lower stratosphere and is maximum at latitudes greater than 50° in both hemispheres with oldest ages at the end of the winter. The phase of the annual modulation is also reversed between below and above 25 km. The maximum amplitude of the QBO modulation is of about 0.5 yr and is mostly concentrated within the tropics between 25 and 35 km. It lags the QBO wind at 30 unit{hPa} by about 8 months. The ENSO signal is small and limited to the lower northen stratosphere.

    The age trend over the 1989–2010 period, according to this ERA-Interim dataset, is significant and negative, of the order of −0.3 to −0.5 yr dec−1, within the lower stratosphere in the Southern Hemisphere and south of 40° N in the Northern Hemisphere below 25 km. The age trend is positive (of the order of 0

  16. Effect of Group Cognitive Behavioral Couples Therapy on Couple Burnout and Divorce Tendency in Couples


    M Mohammadi; R Sheykh Hadi Siruii; A Garafar; K Zahrakar; M Shakarami; R Davarniya


    Background & aim: Couple burnout is one of the phenomena which involve many couples, it is among the main causes of emotional divorce, and without proper management and treatment, and it can lay the ground for formal divorce among couples. Cognitive behavioral couple therapy is one of the existing approaches in the couple therapy field, the efficiency of which has been established for resolving many marital problems. The present study was designed by the aim of investigating the effect of gro...

  17. Midsummer Drought Pattern simulated by a coupled regional climate model (United States)

    Martinez-Lopez, Benjamin; Cabos Narvaez, William David; Sein, Dmitry; Quintanar, Arturo


    In this work, a regional climate model of limited area, in both atmospheric and coupled mode, is used to simulate the historical period over a domain including Mexico and Central America. In the atmospheric mode, the REMO atmosphere model is used, while in the coupled simulation, REMO is coupled to the MPI-OM ocean model. In all simulations, REMO is driven at the open boundaries by reanalysis data from ERA-40. Several numerical experiments are performed using three different spatial resolutions (100 km, 50 km, and 25 km). Taylor diagrams of some meteorological and oceanic variables are used to get a quantitative idea of model performance. Additionally, the observed patterns of the Midsummer Drought are compared with the simulated ones. Among the results, it is noted that the coupled model with the highest resolution has the best performance to simulate the observed pattern of the Midsummer Drought. Over the eastern Pacific warm pool region, the coupled simulation generate fields of sea surface temperature, wind, and sea level pressure gradients more consistent with independent observations that those simulated in the atmospheric mode. In particular, the wind strengthened observed in July is well reproduced in the coupled simulation, which lead to higher values of vertically integrated water vapour transport coming from both the eastern tropical Pacific and the Caribbean. Despite the increased atmospheric humidity available above this region, the simulated fluxes are divergent and therefore the precipitation is reduced in July, in agreement with the observations. This July divergence in the vertically integrated water vapour transport is not present in the atmospheric mode.

  18. Mabel Lee and Louise Pound: The University of Nebraska's Battle Over Women's Intercollegiate Athletics

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Kristi, Lowenthal


    Mirroring a cultural shift that brought the American middle class from the Victorian era into the modern era, women's intercollegiate sports encountered stiff resistance from the two overlapping social groups...

  19. Renal replacement therapy in Europe: a summary of the 2011 ERA-EDTA Registry Annual Report

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Noordzij, Marlies; Kramer, Anneke; Abad Diez, José M.; Alonso de la Torre, Ramón; Arcos Fuster, Emma; Bikbov, Boris T.; Bonthuis, Marjolein; Bouzas Caamaño, Encarnación; Čala, Svetlana; Caskey, Fergus J.; Castro de la Nuez, Pablo; Cernevskis, Harijs; Collart, Frederic; Díaz Tejeiro, Rafael; Djukanovic, Ljubica; Ferrer-Alamar, Manuel; Finne, Patrik; García Bazaga, María de Los Angelos; Garneata, Liliana; Golan, Eliezer; Gonzalez Fernández, Raquel; Heaf, James G.; Hoitsma, Andries; Ioannidis, George A.; Kolesnyk, Mykola; Kramar, Reinhard; Lasalle, Mathilde; Leivestad, Torbjørn; Lopot, Frantisek; van de Luijtgaarden, Moniek W. M.; Macário, Fernando; Magaz, Ángela; Martín Escobar, Eduardo; de Meester, Johan; Metcalfe, Wendy; Ots-Rosenberg, Mai; Palsson, Runolfur; Piñera, Celestino; Pippias, Maria; Prütz, Karl G.; Ratkovic, Marina; Resić, Halima; Rodríguez Hernández, Aurelio; Rutkowski, Boleslaw; Spustová, Viera; Stel, Vianda S.; Stojceva-Taneva, Olivera; Süleymanlar, Gültekin; Wanner, Christoph; Jager, Kitty J.


    This article provides a summary of the 2011 ERA-EDTA Registry Annual Report (available at Data on renal replacement therapy (RRT) for end-stage renal disease (ESRD) from national and regional renal registries in 30 countries in Europe and bordering the Mediterranean Sea were

  20. The Social Studies Curriculum in Atlanta Public Schools during the Desegregation Era (United States)

    Bohan, Chara Haeussler; Randolph, Patricia


    This historical investigation explores how teachers, students, and education officials viewed the social studies curriculum in the local context of Atlanta, and the broader state of Georgia, during the post-Civil Rights era, when integration was a court-ordered reality in the public schools. During the desegregation era, Atlanta schools were led…

  1. Soviet Involvement in the Korean War: A New View from the Soviet-era Archives. (United States)

    O'Neill, Mark


    Reports on the Soviet Union's role in the Korean War using the resources of the Soviet-era archives in Russia. Provides historical background about the pre-Korean War era, the start of the war, the Soviet-Chinese relationship, the air and ground battles, and the reasons for ending the Korean War. (CMK)

  2. Equity Issues and Black-White Differences in Women's ERA Support. (United States)

    Marshall, Susan E.


    Using data from 1982 National Opinion Research (NORC) General Social Survey, examines women's support for the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) by analyzing attitudes about gender and racial equality, and socioeconomic status. Explains Black women's higher ERA approval as deriving from gender-role attitudes, but more important, from experience with,…

  3. The Nativistic Legacy of the Americanization Era in the Education of Mexican Immigrant Students (United States)

    Galindo, Rene


    Nativism is a forgotten ideology which nevertheless operates in the current era as illustrated by the resurgence of anti-immigrant sentiment and restrictionistic policies in response to growing Latino/a immigration. This response to Latino/a immigration recalls a historic era from the early 1900s known as the Americanization period which was also…

  4. Aare Sosaar nõuab sisse ERA Panga halbu laene / Tiit Elner

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Elner, Tiit


    Ekspankur Aare Sosaare juhitav teadmata omanikega ERA Liising ostis pankrotis ERA Pangalt probleemseid laene, suurem nõuete ostja oli ka Krediidipank. Kokku on müüdud laenude lepingujärgne väärtus kuni 100 mln. kr.

  5. A Method Using Epoch-Era Analysis to Identify Valuable Changeability in System Design (United States)


    0.002268 5 – Stochastic Era Analysis. A simple era constructor and decision algorithm were created in MATLAB® for the purposes of this case study. The...Conference, Mar. 2009, pp. 285-290. J. Saleh, G. Mark, and N. Jordan, “Flexibility: a multi-disciplinary literature review and a research agenda for

  6. Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) versus conventional postoperative care in colorectal surgery.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Teeuwen, P.H.; Bleichrodt, R.P.; Strik, C.; Groenewoud, J.J.; Brinkert, W.; Laarhoven, C.J.H.M. van; Goor, H. van; Bremers, A.J.A.


    BACKGROUND: Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) programs are associated with reduced hospital morbidity and mortality. The aim of the present study was to evaluate whether the introduction of ERAS care improved the adverse events in colorectal surgery. In a cohort study, mortality, morbidity, and

  7. Interdisciplinarity in an Era of New Public Management: A Case Study of Graduate Business Schools (United States)

    Ryan, Suzanne; Neumann, Ruth


    In an era of rapid knowledge transmission and creation spurred on by advances in technology and globalisation, calls for interdisciplinarity to solve "wicked" problems are common. In the same era, universities are increasingly adopting new public management practices. The extent to which these practices affect knowledge production is an…

  8. Generic flux coupling analysis


    Reimers, Arne; Goldstein, Y.; Bockmayr, A.


    htmlabstractFlux coupling analysis (FCA) has become a useful tool for aiding metabolic reconstructions and guiding genetic manipulations. Originally, it was introduced for constraint-based models of metabolic networks that are based on the steady-state assumption. Recently, we have shown that the steady-state assumption can be replaced by a weaker lattice-theoretic property related to the supports of metabolic fluxes. In this paper, we further extend our approach and develop an efficient algo...

  9. Melanoma patient imaging in the era of effective systemic therapies. (United States)

    Stodell, M; Thompson, J F; Emmett, L; Uren, R F; Kapoor, R; Saw, R P M


    Imaging plays a critical role in the current multi-disciplinary management of patients with melanoma. It is used for primary disease staging, surgical planning, and surveillance in high-risk patients, and for monitoring the effects of systemic or loco-regional therapies. Several different imaging modalities have been utilised in the past. Contemporary imaging practises vary geographically depending on clinical guidelines, physician preferences, availability and cost. Targeted therapies and immunotherapies have revolutionised the treatment of patients with metastatic melanoma over the last few years. With this have come new patterns of disease that were not observed after conventional therapies, and new criteria to assess therapeutic responses. In this article we review the role of imaging for patients with melanoma in the era of effective systemic therapies and discuss likely future developments. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Ltd, BASO ~ The Association for Cancer Surgery, and the European Society of Surgical Oncology. All rights reserved.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andi Rosa


    Penelitian ini berusaha untuk mengurai kegiatan Majelis Dzikir Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY “Nurussalam” yang memiliki peran strategis di era reformasi. Statusnya sebagai organisasi masyarakat (Ormas diposisikan secara maksimal oleh kelompok kepentingan, bahkan menjadi wadah lembaga politik. Dengan mengganalisis data yang diperoleh melalui wawancara dan dokumentasi, hasil penelitian ini menunjukkan bahwa majelis ini menjadikan ayat al-Qur’an yang berkaitan dengan konsep al-‘ummah, al-ukhuwwah al-islāmiyyah, dan al-ta’āwun sebagai landasan dalam menafsirkan ayat sosial integratif yang kemudian dijadikan sebagai sebuah entitas dakwah. Dakwah sebagai komunikasi massa, sejalan dengan komunikasi politik yang lebih cenderung memanfaatkan komunikasi sebagai cara massif untuk menggalang massa. Bahkan kegiatannya telah mampu melaksanakan fungsi politik dakwah sebagai bagian dari sistem interest-group.

  11. Graduate medical education in the era of health care reform. (United States)

    Ward, Robert C; Mainiero, Martha B


    Medicare is the primary source of funding for graduate medical education (GME) in the United States. The growing deficit, a sluggish economy, and rising health care costs have focused attention on cutting spending, and GME reimbursement from Medicare is being considered among the entitlement programs for spending reduction. At the same time, health care reform will place new demands on residency training. The authors review the history of GME financing, the potential impact of GME spending cuts and health care reform on radiology training, and the new skills residents will need to practice in the era of health reform. As health care financing evolves, so must resident education. Copyright © 2013 American College of Radiology. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  12. Pengaruh Tipografi pada Era Massimo Vignelli terhadap Tipografi Michael Bierut

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Irwan Harnoko


    Full Text Available Massimo Vignelli is a senior graphic designer lived in New York, as a vocal modernism against post-modernism. His statement firmly opposing post-modernism in several occasions: interview in Helvetica the movie, typeradio, talkshow, and some articles in Looking Closer or AIGA Journal. Graphic design works of Massimo Vignelli reflected his characteristic, which is firmly choosing typeface. Typefaces of Vignelly are around 5 typefaces: Bodoni, Helvetica, Times Roman, Century, and Futura. The article uses formal analysis method. The writers collected materials about Michael Bierut, Massimo VIgnelli and Tibor Kalman from books and websites. The writers compare the typeface opinion of Massimo Vignelli (modernism designer, Michael Bierut designer (transition era designer from modernism to post-modernism, and Tibor Kalman (a designer in A Century of Graphic Design, as the influencer of Bierut’s betrayal over Vignelli. 

  13. Neglected Tropical Diseases in the Post-Genomic Era. (United States)

    Buscaglia, Carlos A; Kissinger, Jessica C; Agüero, Fernán


    Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) are a group of viral, bacterial, and eukaryotic parasitic diseases that are especially endemic in low-income populations, with a large health and economic impact on both the developing and developed world. The structure and dynamics of the genomes of the organisms causing these diseases, as well as the modes of expression, exchange, and transmission of their genetic information, often deviate from those found in classical, model organism-centric textbooks. We assess the role of basic and applied genetic research in our understanding of key aspects of their biology and evolution, and discuss the impact of novel high-throughput approaches spawned by the post-genomic era on the development of next-generation drugs, vaccines, molecular epidemiology, and/or diagnostic tools for these important pathogens. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  14. Will LHCb run in the HL-LHC era?

    CERN Document Server

    Schmidt, Burkhard


    The LHCb collaboration presented a Letter of Intent (LOI) to the LHCC in March 2011 for upgrading the detector during LS2 (2018) and intends to collect a data sample of 50 fb$^{-1}$ in the LHC and HL-LHC eras. The physics case and the strategy for the upgrade have been endorsed by the LHCC. This paper presents briefly the physics motivations for the LHCb upgrade and the proposed changes to the detector and trigger. In the following part machine related issues for the LHCb upgrade are discussed, in particular issues in relation to the Target Absorber for Secondaries (TAS), Radiation to Electronics (R2E), $\\beta^*$ and crossing angle in IP8.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Civilization change is a necessity. Culture as one formers also experienced dynamic civilization. Changes in form and content (content takes place not in a vacuum but in a variety of contextual quadrants. The era of modernity with the development of industry and capitalism climate has led to one part in cultural homogenization. Public spaces which in essence is a classless into an entity that has a value of commodities. Shift function of public spaces including public frequency in packs of popular culture has been a challenge for the creation of the public who have media literacy skills. With media literacy, public to understand what has been done for the public media and to the public .Keywords : public frequency , media literacy, cultural homogeneity, Castration

  16. [Review of the pharmaceutical exhibitions in the Meiji Era (Supplement)]. (United States)

    Koyama, T


    The author described (Jpn. J. History Pharm. 16(1), 9-20 (1981) the Review of the Pharmaceutical Exhibitions in the Meiji era. But afterwards the author found there were omissions of three exhibitions. These are the Nagaoka, the Osaka, and the Akita Exhibitions. The Nagaoka Exhibition was organized by the Nagaoka Pharmacists Association in June, 1890. The Osaka Exhibition opened on Jan. 18, 1891 by Osaka Branch of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan. The Akita Pharmaceutical Exhibition was held on Sept. 24-26, 1892, as the chief event of the opening ceremony of the Akita Drug-Trader Association, united pharmacists, druggists, and drug-manufacturers throughout Akita Prefecture. It is the most large-scaled of the three. The exhibits were 1,419, and the visitors were above 8,830. The planning originated with a young pharmacist Masayasu Hanyu.

  17. Providing Sufficient Streamflows in an Era of Competing Demands (United States)

    Gordon, Wendy S.; Mayes, Kevin; Williams, Kathleen


    FLOW 2008: Interdisciplinary Solutions to Instream Flow Problems; San Antonio, Texas, 7-9 October 2008; The Instream Flow Council (IFC) held its first-ever conference to forge interdisciplinary solutions to the problem of providing sufficient streamflows for environmental purposes in an era of competing demands for freshwater. Conference participants were drawn from across the United States and Canada and even as far away as China, representing state and provincial fish and wildlife and regulatory agencies, federal agencies including the U.S. Geological Survey and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, nongovernmental organizations, consultants, industry, academics, and even private citizens. Attendees included biologists, geomorphologists, hydrologists, engineers, attorneys, social scientists, and policy makers. The goals of the meeting were to advance the integration of science and policy related to instream flow and to demonstrate the importance of public dialogue through the engagement of diverse stakeholders in cooperatively solving instream flow problems in the United States and Canada.

  18. Marine origin of retroviruses in the early Palaeozoic Era (United States)

    Aiewsakun, Pakorn; Katzourakis, Aris


    Very little is known about the ancient origin of retroviruses, but owing to the discovery of their ancient endogenous viral counterparts, their early history is beginning to unfold. Here we report 36 lineages of basal amphibian and fish foamy-like endogenous retroviruses (FLERVs). Phylogenetic analyses reveal that ray-finned fish FLERVs exhibit an overall co-speciation pattern with their hosts, while amphibian FLERVs might not. We also observe several possible ancient viral cross-class transmissions, involving lobe-finned fish, shark and frog FLERVs. Sequence examination and analyses reveal two major lineages of ray-finned fish FLERVs, one of which had gained two novel accessory genes within their extraordinarily large genomes. Our phylogenetic analyses suggest that this major retroviral lineage, and therefore retroviruses as a whole, have an ancient marine origin and originated together with, if not before, their jawed vertebrate hosts >450 million years ago in the Ordovician period, early Palaeozoic Era.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yuliana Rakhmawati


    Full Text Available ABSTRAKPerkembangan teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi (ICTs melahirkan formasi sosial dalam bentuk budaya digital. Bentuk komunikasi yang lahir dari era ini merujuk pada model CMC (computermediated communication. Gangguan komunikasi yang selama ini hadir karena adanya perbedaangeografis dan praktis budaya serta afiliasi ekonomi, politik dan sosial dapat diatasi dengan pertemuanpertemuandalam forum-forum virtual. Bentukruang masyarakat tanpa sekat ini – sering disebut dengan cyberspace- melahirkan bentuk, model dan komunikasi yang idiosinkratik alakomunitas internet. Penggunaan ruang-ruang digital tersebut dimanfaatkan dalam berbagai dimensi seperti ekonomi (cyber marketing, politik (cyber campaign pun dalam aktivitas sosial dan kedermawanan (filantropi.Salah satu kegiatan kedermawanan yang dilakukan oleh para perempuan (motherhood philanthrophydiinisiasikan dengan menggunakan teknologi informasi dan komunikasi.

  20. Slow journalism in the “infoxication” era

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Samia Benaissa Pedriza


    Full Text Available Slow journalism appears as a response to the information overload generated by the acceleration of the news production cycle in a digital era marked by the emergence of new operators (social networks, news aggregators. Both the study of cases practiced and the reflection on the function that the so-called “slow journalism” must exert today indicate that this type of journalism is still useful to improve the quality of information products. On the other hand, the existence of an increasing demand of multimedia contents that analyze the facts in depth is confirmed. That need is being covered by companies that are independent of the mainstream media, which are more interested in developing other mass demand markets such as latest news.

  1. Physical abuse in the era of financial crisis in Greece. (United States)

    Kontos, Michael; Moris, Demetrios; Davakis, Spyridon; Schizas, Dimitrios; Pikoulis, Emmanouil; Liakakos, Theodoros


    Greece is suffering an economic recession of enormous magnitude, but whether its health has deteriorated as a result, has not yet been well established. We aim to present and analyze differences in demographics and clinical distribution of patients victims of physical abuse examined at the surgical emergency room in an Academic institution in the era of financial crisis. A retrospective database analysis of all patients that were examined to surgical emergency room (ER), between January 1st 2008 and December 31st 2014, was conducted. We only analyzed and evaluated data for the years 2008 to 2014. The number of patients being examined in the ER in 2011 was higher compared with that of 2014 and to 2008 respectively (Pcrisis. Financial crisis seems to have a multivariable effect on epidemiology and clinical diversity of the patients, victims of physical abuse, being examined in the ER.

  2. The Role of the TCR during the LHC Era

    CERN Document Server

    Bätz, M


    The era of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) requires a thorough preparation of the work environment of CERN's Technical Control Room (TCR) to ensure the quality of services as demanded by the clients. Therefore the relationship between the TCR, its clients and its suppliers has to be identified and formal contracts should be established that fix a general agreement on the responsibilities and services of each of the involved parties. Also the internal organization of the TCR, operation procedures, information channels, the training of the operators and various parts of the control system have to be evolved. This paper describes the modifications which have to be implemented to adapt the existing TCR services to the LHC requirements. Moreover, some new services are proposed which could be provided to the TCR clients.

  3. Peripartum bacteremia in the era of group B streptococcus prophylaxis. (United States)

    Cape, Alison; Tuomala, Ruth E; Taylor, Chirisse; Puopolo, Karen M


    To define the microbial epidemiology and clinical risk factors associated with peripartum bacteremia in the era of group B streptococcus prophylaxis. We identified all cases of maternal bacteremia occurring during the peripartum time period (defined as from 7 days before delivery until 30 days after delivery) in a large maternity center from 2000 to 2008. Chart review was performed to determine the clinical factors associated with bacteremia. During the study period, blood cultures were obtained from 1,295 febrile peripartum women (1.6% of all parturients); 172 of 1,295 febrile peripartum women (13.3%) had bacteremia (2.2 cases per 1,000 deliveries) with 194 microbial isolates and 1 yeast. The most frequent bacterial isolates were Escherichia coli (35.9%), enterococci (23.6%), and anaerobic species (9.2%); group B streptococcus was isolated in only eight cases (4.1%). Clinical diagnoses among infected women included endometritis (56%), chorioamnionitis (21%), and urosepsis (8%). Among women with endometritis, 77% underwent cesarean delivery (compared with vaginal delivery; relative risk [RR] 10.85, 95% confidence interval [CI] 6.75-17.45) and 39% delivered at less than 37 weeks of gestation (compared with 37 weeks or more; RR 3.21, 95% CI 2.42-4.25). Severe maternal complications of bacteremia were noted; six women required intensive care unit admission, five women had development of ileus, and one death occurred because of urosepsis. In the era of group B streptococcus prophylaxis, E coli and enterococci are the most frequent bacteria isolated in peripartum bacteremia. Group B streptococcus accounted for only 4% of cases. III.

  4. Post-sternotomy mediastinitis in the modern era. (United States)

    Goh, Siew S C


    Post-sternotomy mediastinitis is associated with significant mortality and morbidity. Despite surgical advances in cardiac surgery and improvements in perioperative care, mediastinitis remains a devastating post-operative complication. This study provides a comprehension review of post-sternotomy mediastinitis in the modern era, and discusses the incidence, risk factors, microbiology, prevention, and management of this complication. This review was based on a PubMed/MEDLINE literature search up until 9th March 2017 for publications relevant to mediastinitis post-cardiac surgery. The incidence of mediastinitis post-cardiac surgery varies between 0.3 and 3.4%, and is associated with an in-hospital mortality ranging from from 1.1 to 19%. The risk of developing post-operative mediastinitis is dependent on the patients' co-morbidities (diabetes, obesity, smoking, renal failure) and surgical techniques (bilateral pedicled internal mammary harvest, excessive cautery, long duration of surgery). Preventative measures including skin and nasal decontamination, antibiotic prophylaxis, strict glycemic control, and meticulous surgical techniques are crucial in reducing the risk. Treatment of post-operative mediastinitis include culture-directed antibiotic therapy, early wound exploration, and debridement followed by sternal reconstruction/closure. Vacuum-assisted therapy can be used as a single line therapy or as a bridge to eventual sternal reconstruction/closure. Post-sternotomy mediastinitis remains a potentially fatal complication of cardiac surgery despite the advancements in the perioperative care in the modern era. Management on preventative measures, prompt diagnosis, and managements are crucial in reducing associated mortality and morbidity. © 2017 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  5. Redefining The Roles of Islamic Organizations in the Reformasi Era

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jajat Burhanudin


    Full Text Available Center for the Study of Islam and Society (PPIM of State University Syarif Hidayatullah, Jakarta, in cooperation with Center for the Study of Society and Culture (PMB of Indonesian’s Science Foundation (LIPI, and Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa (ILCAA of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS, held a conference on “Redefining the Roles of Islamic Organizations in the Reformasi Era. ”The conference was divided into two sessions. In the first session we have Prof. Dr. Bahtiar Effendy, Dr. Hendro Prasetyo, and Drs. Anas Ahmadi, MA. In the second session we have Dr. Endang Turmudi from Nahdhatul Ulama (NU and Dr. Abdul Mu’ti from Muhammadiyah.The seminar was designed to evaluate and discuss the roles of socio-religious organizations in Indonesia. The current understanding on the roles of socio religious organizations was being challenged and questioned. The seminar discussed the relationship between the state and the roles of these religious organizations during the Reformasi Era. These were among the important issues because transformation of ideas and movements have occurred within Islamic organizations in Indonesia.Since the beginning of the twentieth century, socio-religious organizations have played important roles in Indonesia’s nation building. Muhammadiyah, NU, and Persis are among the organizations which have contributed significantly to the development of Islam in Indonesia. They have been the driving forces for community development such as in education, socio-political, economy, and health. Most of the madrasah and pesantren across Indonesia were founded by these organizations.Copyright (c 2014 by SDI. All right reserved.DOI: 10.15408/sdi.v17i2.466

  6. Human dignity in the Nazi era: implications for contemporary bioethics. (United States)

    O'Mathúna, Dónal P


    The justification for Nazi programs involving involuntary euthanasia, forced sterilisation, eugenics and human experimentation were strongly influenced by views about human dignity. The historical development of these views should be examined today because discussions of human worth and value are integral to medical ethics and bioethics. We should learn lessons from how human dignity came to be so distorted to avoid repetition of similar distortions. Social Darwinism was foremost amongst the philosophies impacting views of human dignity in the decades leading up to Nazi power in Germany. Charles Darwin's evolutionary theory was quickly applied to human beings and social structure. The term 'survival of the fittest' was coined and seen to be applicable to humans. Belief in the inherent dignity of all humans was rejected by social Darwinists. Influential authors of the day proclaimed that an individual's worth and value were to be determined functionally and materialistically. The popularity of such views ideologically prepared German doctors and nurses to accept Nazi social policies promoting survival of only the fittest humans.A historical survey reveals five general presuppositions that strongly impacted medical ethics in the Nazi era. These same five beliefs are being promoted in different ways in contemporary bioethical discourse. Ethical controversies surrounding human embryos revolve around determinations of their moral status. Economic pressures force individuals and societies to examine whether some people's lives are no longer worth living. Human dignity is again being seen as a relative trait found in certain humans, not something inherent. These views strongly impact what is taken to be acceptable within medical ethics. Five beliefs central to social Darwinism will be examined in light of their influence on current discussions in medical ethics and bioethics. Acceptance of these during the Nazi era proved destructive to many humans. Their widespread

  7. Human dignity in the Nazi era: implications for contemporary bioethics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    O'Mathúna Dónal P


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The justification for Nazi programs involving involuntary euthanasia, forced sterilisation, eugenics and human experimentation were strongly influenced by views about human dignity. The historical development of these views should be examined today because discussions of human worth and value are integral to medical ethics and bioethics. We should learn lessons from how human dignity came to be so distorted to avoid repetition of similar distortions. Discussion Social Darwinism was foremost amongst the philosophies impacting views of human dignity in the decades leading up to Nazi power in Germany. Charles Darwin's evolutionary theory was quickly applied to human beings and social structure. The term 'survival of the fittest' was coined and seen to be applicable to humans. Belief in the inherent dignity of all humans was rejected by social Darwinists. Influential authors of the day proclaimed that an individual's worth and value were to be determined functionally and materialistically. The popularity of such views ideologically prepared German doctors and nurses to accept Nazi social policies promoting survival of only the fittest humans. A historical survey reveals five general presuppositions that strongly impacted medical ethics in the Nazi era. These same five beliefs are being promoted in different ways in contemporary bioethical discourse. Ethical controversies surrounding human embryos revolve around determinations of their moral status. Economic pressures force individuals and societies to examine whether some people's lives are no longer worth living. Human dignity is again being seen as a relative trait found in certain humans, not something inherent. These views strongly impact what is taken to be acceptable within medical ethics. Summary Five beliefs central to social Darwinism will be examined in light of their influence on current discussions in medical ethics and bioethics. Acceptance of these during the Nazi

  8. Pediatric bipolar disorder in an era of "mindless psychiatry". (United States)

    Parry, Peter I; Levin, Edmund C


    Pediatric bipolar disorder (PBD) reflects shifts in conceptualizing bipolar disorder among children and adolescents since the mid-1990s. Since then, PBD diagnoses, predominantly in the United States, have increased dramatically, and the diagnosis has attracted significant controversy. During the same period, psychiatric theory and practice has become increasingly biological. The aim of this paper is to examine the rise of PBD in terms of wider systemic influences. In the context of literature referring to paradigm shifts in psychiatry, we reviewed the psychiatric literature, media cases, and information made available by investigative committees and journalists. Social historians and prominent psychiatrists describe a paradigm shift in psychiatry over recent decades: from an era of "brainless psychiatry," when an emphasis on psychodynamic and family factors predominated to the exclusion of biological factors, to a current era of "mindless psychiatry" that emphasizes neurobiological explanations for emotional and behavioral problems with limited regard for contextual meaning. Associated with this has been a tendency within psychiatry and society to neglect trauma and attachment insecurity as etiological factors; the "atheoretical" (but by default biomedical) premise of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (3rd and 4th eds.); the influence of the pharmaceutical industry in research, continuing medical education, and direct-to-consumer advertising; and inequality in the U.S. health system that favors "diagnostic upcoding." Harm from overmedicating children is now a cause of public concern. It can be argued that PBD as a widespread diagnosis, particularly in the United States, reflects multiple factors associated with a paradigm shift within psychiatry rather than recognition of a previously overlooked common disorder.

  9. C-CAP United States Virgin Islands, St. John 2005-2007-Era Land Cover Change Analysis (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set contains the 2005-era and 2007-era classifications of St. John, United States Virgin Islands and can be used to analyze change. This data set utilized...

  10. Effect of Group Cognitive Behavioral Couples Therapy on Couple Burnout and Divorce Tendency in Couples

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M Mohammadi


    Full Text Available Background & aim: Couple burnout is one of the phenomena which involve many couples, it is among the main causes of emotional divorce, and without proper management and treatment, and it can lay the ground for formal divorce among couples. Cognitive behavioral couple therapy is one of the existing approaches in the couple therapy field, the efficiency of which has been established for resolving many marital problems. The present study was designed by the aim of investigating the effect of group cognitive behavioral couple therapy on couple burnout and divorce tendency in couples.   Methods: The present research was of applied research type. The research method was semi-empirical with a pretest-posttest with control group design. The research population included all the couples with marital conflict and problems who, after a recall announcement of the researcher, visited the counseling and psychological services center located in Gorgan city in 2014. By using the available sampling method, 20 couples were selected among the volunteer and qualified couples for the research, and they were assigned into experiment and control groups (10 couples per group by random assignment. In the present research, the Pines burnout questionnaire (1996 and divorce tendency scale of Rouswelt, Johnson, and Mouro (1986 were used for gathering the data. After taking the pretest, the group cognitive behavioral couple therapy based on the couple therapy model of Baucom  and colleagues (2008 was held in 10 2-hour weekly sessions for the experiment group couples, while the control group couples received no intervention. The data were analyzed through descriptive statistics method and multivariate covariance analysis (MANCOVA in SPSS v.20. Results: The multivariate covariance analysis results for couple burnout (F= 28.80 and divorce tendency (F= 51.25 suggested that there was a significant difference between the couples of experiment and control groups (P< 0

  11. Dark energy and doubly coupled bigravity (United States)

    Brax, Philippe; Davis, Anne-Christine; Noller, Johannes


    We analyse the late time cosmology and the gravitational properties of doubly coupled bigravity in the constrained vielbein formalism (equivalent to the metric formalism) when the mass of the massive graviton is of the order of the present Hubble rate. We focus on one of the two branches of background cosmology where the ratio between the scale factors of the two metrics is algebraically determined. We find that the late time physics depends on the mass of the graviton, which dictates the future asymptotic cosmological constant. The Universe evolves from a matter dominated epoch to a dark energy dominated era where the equation of state of dark energy can always be made close to  -1 now by appropriately tuning the graviton mass. We also analyse the perturbative spectrum of the theory in the quasi-static approximation, well below the strong coupling scale where no instability is present, and we show that there are five scalar degrees of freedom, two vectors and two gravitons. In Minkowski space, where the four Newtonian potentials vanish, the theory manifestly reduces to one massive and one massless graviton. In a cosmological FRW background for both metrics, four of the five scalars are Newtonian potentials which lead to a modification of gravity on large scales. The fifth one gives rise to a ghost which decouples from pressure-less matter in the quasi-static approximation. In this scalar sector, gravity is modified with effects on both the growth of structure and the lensing potential. In particular, we find that the Σ parameter governing the Poisson equation of the weak lensing potential can differ from one in the recent past of the Universe. Overall, the nature of the modification of gravity at low energy, which reveals itself in the growth of structure and the lensing potential, is intrinsically dependent on the couplings to matter and the potential term of the vielbeins. We also find that the time variation of Newton’s constant in the Jordan frame can

  12. Land-atmosphere coupling over North America in the Canadian Regional Climate Model (CRCM5) simulations for current and future climates (United States)

    Tefera Diro, Gulilat; Sushama, Laxmi


    The strength and characteristics of land-atmosphere (L-A) coupling over North America in current and future climates are assessed using the fifth generation of the Canadian Regional Climate Model (CRCM5). The L-A coupling is first assessed, in current climate, by analyzing the coupled (interactive soil moisture) and uncoupled (prescribed soil moisture) CRCM5 simulations driven by ERA-Interim reanalysis for the 1981-2010 period. Results indicate strong soil moisture-temperature coupling over the Great Plains, which is in line with previous studies. In addition coupling is also found to significantly modulate extreme temperature conditions such as the percentage of hot days, the frequency and maximum duration of hot spells for this region. The soil moisture-precipitation coupling in CRCM5, on the other hand, is weak compared to the soil-moisture temperature coupling. Coupling is noted mostly over the semi-arid regions of the western US for the case of persistent extreme precipitation events (defined as consecutive days with precipitation greater than the long term 90 percentile), probably due to its more transition zone like conditions, which is favorable for L-A coupling, in these circumstances. To study projected changes to L-A coupling in future climate, coupled and uncoupled CRCM5 simulations, driven by CMIP5 GCMs, were performed, for current (1981-2010) and future (2071-2100) climates. Coupling regions in the GCM-driven current climate CRCM5 simulations are similar to those obtained with ERA-Interim driven CRCM5 simulations discussed above. In future climate, soil-moisture-temperature coupling regions extend beyond the Great Plains, for instance to mid-west and the eastern part of the US, while the regions of soil-moisture-precipitation coupling have a more complex spatial structure.

  13. Identification of Directional Couplings (United States)

    Bezruchko, Boris P.; Smirnov, Dmitry A.

    An important piece of information, which can be extracted from parameters of empirical models, is quantitative characteristics of couplings between processes under study. The problem of coupling detection is encountered in multiple fields including physics (Bezruchko et al., 2003), geophysics (Maraun and Kurths, 2005; Mokhov and Smirnov, 2006, 2008; Mosedale et al., 2006; Palus and Novotna, 2006; Verdes, 2005; Wang et al., 2004), cardiology (Rosenblum et al., 2002; Palus and Stefanovska, 2003) and neurophysiology (Arnhold et al., 1999; Brea et al., 2006; Faes et al., 2008; Friston et al., 2003; Kreuz et al., 2007; Kiemel et al., 2003; Le Van Quyen et al., 1999; Mormann et al., 2000; Osterhage et al., 2007; Pereda et al., 2005; Prusseit and Lehnertz, 2008; Smirnov et al., 2005; Romano et al., 2007; Schelter et al., 2006; Schiff et al., 1996; Sitnikova et al., 2008; Smirnov et al., 2008, Staniek and Lehnertz, 2008; Tass, 1999; Tass et al., 2003). Numerous investigations are devoted to synchronisation, which is an effect of interaction between non-linear oscillatory systems (see, e.g., Balanov et al., 2008; Boccaletti et al., 2002; Hramov and Koronovskii, 2004; Kreuz et al., 2007; Maraun and Kurths, 2005; Mormann et al., 2000; Mosekilde et al., 2002; Osipov et al., 2007; Palus and Novotna, 2006; Pikovsky et al., 2001; Prokhorov et al., 2003; Tass et al., 2003). In the last decade, more careful attention is paid to directional coupling analysis. Such characteristics might help, e.g., to localise an epileptic focus (a pathologic area) in the brain from electroencephalogram (EEG) or magnetoencephalogram (MEG) recordings: hypothetically, an increasing influence of an epileptic focus on adjacent areas leads to the seizure onset for some kinds of epilepsy.

  14. Solar system tests for realistic f(T) models with non-minimal torsion-matter coupling

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lin, Rui-Hui; Zhai, Xiang-Hua; Li, Xin-Zhou [Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai United Center for Astrophysics (SUCA), Shanghai (China)


    In the previous paper, we have constructed two f(T) models with non-minimal torsion-matter coupling extension, which are successful in describing the evolution history of the Universe including the radiation-dominated era, the matter-dominated era, and the present accelerating expansion. Meantime, the significant advantage of these models is that they could avoid the cosmological constant problem of ΛCDM. However, the non-minimal coupling between matter and torsion will affect the tests of the Solar system. In this paper, we study the effects of the Solar system in these models, including the gravitation redshift, geodetic effect and perihelion precession. We find that Model I can pass all three of the Solar system tests. For Model II, the parameter is constrained by the uncertainties of the planets' estimated perihelion precessions. (orig.)

  15. Erasüüdistus. Kas vajalik täiendus Eesti kriminaalmenetlusõigusele? / Kevin Siivelt

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Siivelt, Kevin, 1987-


    Erasüüdistuse olemusest, lühiülevaade (Ungari, Hispaania, Kanada, USA, Poola ja Soome) erasüüdistuse süsteemidest ning erasüüdistuse kehtestamise poolt- ja vastuargumentidest Eestis. Artikkel põhineb autori magistritööl

  16. The Nomadic Existence of the Eternal Improviser and Diasporic Co-Poiesis in the Era of Mega-Speed (United States)

    Gurze'ev, Ilan


    The history of transcendence and nomadism in face of the call for "home-returning" is marked figuratively by four milestones: (1) the "era" of immanence and dwelling in total harmony as a manifestation of self-sustained holiness; (2) the "era" of relating to holiness by mediation of God, especially in the monotheistic religions; (3) the "era" of…

  17. Coupled quintessence and the impossibility of an interaction: a dynamical analysis study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bernardi, Fabrizio F.; Landim, Ricardo G. [Universidade de Sao Paulo, Instituto de Fisica, Caixa Postal 66318, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    We analyze the coupled quintessence in the light of the linear dynamical systems theory, with two different interactions: (1) proportional to the energy density of the dark energy and (2) proportional to the sum of the energy densities of the dark matter and dark energy. The results presented here enlarge the previous analyses in the literature, wherein the interaction has been only proportional to the energy density of the dark matter. In the first case it is possible to get the well-known sequence of cosmological eras. For the second interaction only the radiation and the dark-energy era can be described by the fixed points. Therefore, from the point of view of dynamical system theory, the interaction proportional to the sum of the energy densities of the dark matter and dark energy does not describe the universe we live in. (orig.)

  18. Strong Coupling Holography

    CERN Document Server

    Dvali, Gia


    We show that whenever a 4-dimensional theory with N particle species emerges as a consistent low energy description of a 3-brane embedded in an asymptotically-flat (4+d)-dimensional space, the holographic scale of high-dimensional gravity sets the strong coupling scale of the 4D theory. This connection persists in the limit in which gravity can be consistently decoupled. We demonstrate this effect for orbifold planes, as well as for the solitonic branes and string theoretic D-branes. In all cases the emergence of a 4D strong coupling scale from bulk holography is a persistent phenomenon. The effect turns out to be insensitive even to such extreme deformations of the brane action that seemingly shield 4D theory from the bulk gravity effects. A well understood example of such deformation is given by large 4D Einstein term in the 3-brane action, which is known to suppress the strength of 5D gravity at short distances and change the 5D Newton's law into the four-dimensional one. Nevertheless, we observe that the ...

  19. [Era of enhanced recovery after surgery and robotic gastric cancer surgery]. (United States)

    Zhou, Yanbing


    Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) has been rapidly developing by combining several techniques with evidence-based adjustments, including preoperative education, preoperative carbohydrate loading, epidural or regional anesthesia, early initiation of enteral nutrition, ambulation and multi-modal pain management. The core part of ERAS is to reduce and reverse surgical stress and therefore greatly improve clinical outcome. Under the guidance of ERAS, perioperative management of robotic gastric cancer operation should follow the basic principles of ERAS and clinical pathway to maximize the advantages of the robotic surgery. ERAS protocol is safe and feasible for patients undergoing robotic radical gastrectomy and it can reduce surgical stress, shorten hospital stay, improve quality of life and does not increase complications, whose mechanism may be associated with the reduction of inflammation and insulin resistance, the decrease of resting energy exposure, and the protection of mitochondria function. It is worth emphasizing that it is very important to fully understand the changes of pathophysiology during perioperative period, to strictly implement the ERAS pathway based on optimized evidence-based medicine, to cooperate closely with the multidisciplinary team, to observe and manage the postoperative complications dynamically by systemic classification. The improvement of ERAS program on the outcome of patients should be summarized regularly and the new interventional strategies should be evaluated further according to the international standard.

  20. Future Perspectives of ERAS: A Narrative Review on the New Applications of an Established Approach

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dario Bugada


    Full Text Available ERAS approach (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery is a multimodal, perioperative pathway designed to achieve early recovery after surgery. ERAS has shown documented efficacy in elective surgery, and the concept of “multimodal” and “multidisciplinary” approach seems still to be of higher importance than each single item within ERAS protocols. New perspectives include the use of ERAS in emergency surgery, where efficacy and safety on outcome have been documented, and flexibility of traditional items may add benefits for traditionally high-risk patients. Obstetric surgery, as well, may open wide horizons for future research, since extremely poor data are currently available, and ERAS benefits may translate even on the baby. Finally, the concept of “outcome” may be extended when considering the specific setting of cancer surgery, in which variables like cancer recurrence, early access to adjuvant therapies, and, finally, long-term survival are as important as the reduced perioperative complications. In this perspective, different items within ERAS protocols should be reinterpreted and eventually integrated towards “protective” techniques, to develop cancer-specific ERAS approaches keeping pace with the specific aims of oncologic surgery.

  1. Evaluation of Cloud Physical Properties of ECMWF Analysis and Re-Analysis (ERA-40 and ERA Interim) against CERES Tropical Deep Convective Cloud Object Observations (United States)

    Xu, Kuan-Man


    This study presents an approach that converts the vertical profiles of grid-averaged cloud properties from large-scale models to probability density functions (pdfs) of subgrid-cell cloud physical properties measured at satellite footprints. Cloud physical and radiative properties, rather than just cloud and precipitation occurrences, of assimilated cloud systems by the European Center for Medium-range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) operational analysis (EOA) and ECMWF Re-Analyses (ERA-40 and ERA Interim) are validated against those obtained from Earth Observing System satellite cloud object data for January-August 1998 and March 2000 periods. These properties include ice water path (IWP), cloud-top height and temperature, cloud optical depth and solar and infrared radiative fluxes. Each cloud object, a contiguous region with similar cloud physical properties, is temporally and spatially matched with EOA and ERA-40 data. Results indicate that most pdfs of EOA and ERA-40 cloud physical and radiative properties agree with those of satellite observations of the tropical deep convective cloud-object type for the January-August 1998 period. There are, however, significant discrepancies in selected ranges of the cloud property pdfs such as the upper range of EOA cloud top height. A major discrepancy is that the dependence of the pdfs on the cloud object size for both EOA and ERA-40 is not as strong as in the observations. Modifications to the cloud parameterization in ECMWF that occurred in October 1999 eliminate the clouds near the tropopause but shift power of the pdf to lower cloud-top heights and greatly reduce the ranges of IWP and cloud optical depth pdfs. These features persist in ERA-40 due to the use of the same cloud parameterizations. The downgrade of data assimilation technique and the lack of snow water content information in ERA-40, not the coarser horizontal grid resolution, are also responsible for the disagreements with observed pdfs of cloud physical

  2. The climate of the Common Era off the Iberian Peninsula (United States)

    Abrantes, Fátima; Rodrigues, Teresa; Rufino, Marta; Salgueiro, Emília; Oliveira, Dulce; Gomes, Sandra; Oliveira, Paulo; Costa, Ana; Mil-Homens, Mário; Drago, Teresa; Naughton, Filipa


    The Mediterranean region is a climate hot spot, sensitive not only to global warming but also to water availability. In this work we document major temperature and precipitation changes in the Iberian Peninsula and margin during the last 2000 years and propose an interplay of the North Atlantic internal variability with the three atmospheric circulation modes (ACMs), (North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO), east atlantic (EA) and Scandinavia (SCAND)) to explain the detected climate variability. We present reconstructions of sea surface temperature (SST derived from alkenones) and on-land precipitation (estimated from higher plant n-alkanes and pollen data) in sedimentary sequences recovered along the Iberian Margin between the south of Portugal (Algarve) and the northwest of Spain (Galiza) (36 to 42° N). A clear long-term cooling trend, from 0 CE to the beginning of the 20th century, emerges in all SST records and is considered to be a reflection of the decrease in the Northern Hemisphere summer insolation that began after the Holocene optimum. Multi-decadal/centennial SST variability follows other records from Spain, Europe and the Northern Hemisphere. Warm SSTs throughout the first 1300 years encompass the Roman period (RP), the Dark Ages (DA) and the Medieval Climate Anomaly (MCA). A cooling initiated at 1300 CE leads to 4 centuries of colder SSTs contemporary with the Little Ice Age (LIA), while a climate warming at 1800 CE marks the beginning of the modern/Industrial Era. Novel results include two distinct phases in the MCA: an early period (900-1100 years) characterized by intense precipitation/flooding and warm winters but a cooler spring-fall season attributed to the interplay of internal oceanic variability with a positive phase in the three modes of atmospheric circulation (NAO, EA and SCAND). The late MCA is marked by cooler and relatively drier winters and a warmer spring-fall season consistent with a shift to a negative mode of the SCAND. The Industrial Era

  3. Patient Privacy in the Era of Big Data. (United States)

    Kayaalp, Mehmet


    Privacy was defined as a fundamental human right in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at the 1948 United Nations General Assembly. However, there is still no consensus on what constitutes privacy. In this review, we look at the evolution of privacy as a concept from the era of Hippocrates to the era of social media and big data. To appreciate the modern measures of patient privacy protection and correctly interpret the current regulatory framework in the United States, we need to analyze and understand the concepts of individually identifiable information, individually identifiable health information, protected health information, and de-identification. The Privacy Rule of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act defines the regulatory framework and casts a balance between protective measures and access to health information for secondary (scientific) use. The rule defines the conditions when health information is protected by law and how protected health information can be de-identified for secondary use. With the advents of artificial intelligence and computational linguistics, computational text de-identification algorithms produce de-identified results nearly as well as those produced by human experts, but much faster, more consistently and basically for free. Modern clinical text de-identification systems now pave the road to big data and enable scientists to access de-identified clinical information while firmly protecting patient privacy. However, clinical text de-identification is not a perfect process. In order to maximize the protection of patient privacy and to free clinical and scientific information from the confines of electronic healthcare systems, all stakeholders, including patients, health institutions and institutional review boards, scientists and the scientific communities, as well as regulatory and law enforcement agencies must collaborate closely. On the one hand, public health laws and privacy regulations define rules

  4. Per-contact probability of HIV transmission in homosexual men in Sydney in the era of HAART (United States)

    Jin, Fengyi; Jansson, James; Law, Matthew; Prestage, Garrett P; Zablotska, Iryna; Imrie, John C G; Kippax, Susan C; Kaldor, John M; Grulich, Andrew E; Wilson, David P


    Objective To estimate per-contact probability of HIV transmission in homosexual men due to unprotected anal intercourse (UAI) in the era of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART). Design Data were collected from a longitudinal cohort study of community-based HIV-negative homosexual men in Sydney, Australia. Methods A total 1427 participants were recruited from June 2001 to December 2004. They were followed up with 6-monthly detailed behavioral interviews and annual testing for HIV till June 2007. Data were used in a bootstrapping method, coupled with a statistical analysis that optimized a likelihood function for estimating the per-exposure risks of HIV transmission due to various forms of UAI. Results During the study, 53 HIV seroconversion cases were identified. The estimated per-contact probability of HIV transmission for receptive UAI was 1.43% (95% CI 0.48%-2.85%) if ejaculation occurred inside the rectum occurred, and it was 0.65% (95% CI 0.15%-1.53%) if withdrawal prior to ejaculation was involved. The estimated transmission rate for insertive UAI in participants who were circumcised was 0.11% (95% CI 0.02%-0.24%), and it was 0.62% (95% CI 0.07%-1.68%) in uncircumcised men. Thus, receptive UAI with ejaculation was found to be approximately twice as risky as receptive UAI with withdrawal or insertive UAI for uncircumcised men and over 10-times as risky as insertive UAI for circumcised men. Conclusion Despite the fact that a high proportion of HIV-infected men are on antiretroviral treatment and have undetectable viral load, the per-contact probability of HIV transmission due to UAI is similar to estimates reported from developed country settings in the pre-HAART era. PMID:20139750

  5. The Seaside and the Body : Physical Representation in the Taisho Era


    瀬崎, 圭二


    The Japanese seaside in the Taisho era becomes leisure and the place of sports. By the Saneatsu Mushanokōji Yūjō (Friendship) that made such situation a background, the representation that the youth who idealized a Western body are conscious of each other's bodies is seen. It is the time when a concept called "the physical beauty" of the woman spread out, and, for Taisho era, the seaside comes to have the image as the place to expose the "physical beauty" to. The fi lms of Taisho era has a me...

  6. Paratext, serialisation and authorship in Victorian England

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Allen, R.G.


    Robert Allen deed onderzoek naar de materiële eigenschappen en paratekstuele elementen in de representatie van auteurschap. Hij analyseert hiertoe Victoriaanse paratekstuele elementen - zoals pseudoniemen, titels, titelplaten, illustraties, auteursportretten, voor- en nawoorden, en andere teksten

  7. Exploring Intercultural Competence in a Victorian Novel (United States)

    Malgesini, Frank


    Although the characters speak English, Anne Bronte's "The Tenant of Wildfell Hall" explores interactions among representatives of different speech communities. The protagonist, Helen Graham, moves through communities differing enough from hers to create misunderstandings. Her difficulties can be clarified through Hymes' model of the speech…

  8. Dental caries in Victorian nursing homes. (United States)

    Silva, M; Hopcraft, M; Morgan, M


    The poor oral health of nursing home residents is the cause of substantial morbidity and has major implications relating to health care policy. The aim of this study was to measure dental caries experience in Australians living in nursing homes, and investigate associations with resident characteristics. Clinical dental examinations were conducted on 243 residents from 19 nursing homes in Melbourne. Resident characteristics were obtained from nursing home records and interviews with residents, family and nursing home staff. Two dental examiners assessed coronal and root dental caries using standard ICDAS-II criteria. Residents were elderly, medically compromised and functionally impaired. Most required assistance with oral hygiene and professional dental care was rarely utilized. Residents had high rates of coronal and root caries, with a mean 2.8 teeth with untreated coronal caries and 5.0 root surfaces with untreated root caries. Functional impairment and irregular professional dental care were associated with higher rates of untreated tooth decay. There were no significant associations with medical conditions or the number of medications taken. Nursing home residents have high levels of untreated coronal and root caries, particularly those with high needs due to functional impairment but poor access to professional services. © 2014 Australian Dental Association.

  9. The Oligopoly of Academic Publishers in the Digital Era.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vincent Larivière

    Full Text Available The consolidation of the scientific publishing industry has been the topic of much debate within and outside the scientific community, especially in relation to major publishers' high profit margins. However, the share of scientific output published in the journals of these major publishers, as well as its evolution over time and across various disciplines, has not yet been analyzed. This paper provides such analysis, based on 45 million documents indexed in the Web of Science over the period 1973-2013. It shows that in both natural and medical sciences (NMS and social sciences and humanities (SSH, Reed-Elsevier, Wiley-Blackwell, Springer, and Taylor & Francis increased their share of the published output, especially since the advent of the digital era (mid-1990s. Combined, the top five most prolific publishers account for more than 50% of all papers published in 2013. Disciplines of the social sciences have the highest level of concentration (70% of papers from the top five publishers, while the humanities have remained relatively independent (20% from top five publishers. NMS disciplines are in between, mainly because of the strength of their scientific societies, such as the ACS in chemistry or APS in physics. The paper also examines the migration of journals between small and big publishing houses and explores the effect of publisher change on citation impact. It concludes with a discussion on the economics of scholarly publishing.

  10. The evolution of media communications through historical and civilisation eras

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pavković Vladimir


    Full Text Available This paper presents research results of the media communications development, one of the most important activities of marketing and public relations, as a means for achieving objectives by different social subjects. This paper aims to ascertain the particularities, similarities and differences in the use of media by institutions such as government bodies, economic agencies and nonprofit sector by applying the contrastive analysis of media communications throughout civilization history. The methodology of this approach involves the identification of the media communications and media, the determination of their specific characteristics, then, the observation of the ways of their application in different historical periods (prehistoric times, Mesopotamia, Egypt, ancient Greece, ancient Rome, the Middle Ages, the modern era and areas (politics, economics, nonprofit sector and, finally, the identification of the mutual similarities and differences. One of the conclusions of this research is that media communications throughout civilization history have not significantly changed in its objectives, strategies and message contents, with the perceived differences referring mainly to the form, that is, the technological aspect of the media.

  11. Drug therapies in severe asthma - the era of stratified medicine. (United States)

    Hetherington, Kathy J; Heaney, Liam G


    Difficult-to-treat asthma affects up to 20% of patients with asthma and is associated with significant healthcare cost. It is an umbrella term that defines a heterogeneous clinical problem including incorrect diagnosis, comorbid conditions and treatment non-adherence; when these are effectively addressed, good symptom control is frequently achieved. However, in 3-5% of adults with difficult-to-treat asthma, the problem is severe disease that is unresponsive to currently available treatments. Current treatment guidelines advise the 'stepwise' increase of corticosteroids, but it is now recognised that many aspects of asthma are not corticosteroid responsive, and that this 'one size fits all' approach does not deliver clinical benefit in many patients and can also lead to side effects. The future of management of severe asthma will involve optimisation with currently available treatments, particularly corticosteroids, including addressing non-adherence and defining an 'optimised' corticosteroid dose, allied with the use of 'add-on' target-specific novel treatments. This review examines the current status of novel treatments and research efforts to identify novel targets in the era of stratified medicines in severe asthma. © Royal College of Physicians 2015. All rights reserved.

  12. Pola Komunikasi Adat Berasan Suku Serawai di Era Modern

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vethy Octaviani


    Full Text Available This study aims to get a comprehensive picture of the pattern of communication on Berasan local customary in Bengkulu City in experiencing a cultural shift. This study uses phenomenological method by describing the phenomenon of Berasan traditions in modern era. Cultural communication pattern is social perception caused by cultural differences that affects the process of perception and including component of communication process. The result shows communication pattern of Berasan local customary of Serawai tribe with communities in Bengkulu city and the migrants has been seen form who will deal first with her parents. Communication pattern of Berasan local customary with urban community of Bengkulu, a man who came first to her house to meet directly with their parents, while communication pattern of Berasan local customary with migrants:  his deputy has to come first to the house of the women. This paper concludes that communication patterns of Berasan local customary between Serawai tribe with Bengkulu community and migrants has changed.

  13. The impact of the Biomolecular Era on breast cancer surgery. (United States)

    McVeigh, T P; Boland, M R; Lowery, A J


    Surgery has always played a central role in the management of breast cancer, with local control via complete tumour resection long established as the cornerstone of effective breast cancer therapy. While extensive surgical resection in the form of the Halstead radical mastectomy dominated treatment up until at least the 1970s, the advent of adjuvant loco-regional and systemic therapies has resulted in a decrease in the magnitude of surgical intervention in recent decades. The Biomolecular or "-omics" era initiated with the discovery of the DNA double helix in 1953 and intensified by the completion of the human genome project in 2003 has seen an unprecedented expansion in our understanding of the molecular and genetic heterogeneity of cancer. This review will discuss how the clinical application of this knowledge in the direction of personalised risk assessment and breast cancer treatment has significant implications for modern surgical practice. Copyright © 2016 Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (Scottish charity number SC005317) and Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Siti Mahkmudah


    Full Text Available The teaching profession is still much discussed and questioned  the whole circle. Seeing the reality demands of modern times, that in an increasingly complex world of education requires improvement in the arrangement and to organize the necessary personal intelegent capable and responsive.Teacher performance is always in the spotlight because of the challenges facing increasingly complex. With the background of this problem, researchers interested in assessing and dig deeper into how the figure of a teacher, especially PAI teacher performance. The teaching profession is still much discussed and questioned the whole circle. Due to the problems experienced by the Islamic religious education teachers or educational institutions today increasinglyconverging.The problems that are studied include: a the process of teaching and learning in class b Extracurricular activities c Creation of a religious atmosphere in the school environment. The problem is interesting to study the researcher perspective, as any good instituted in school / madrasah. A teacher in the eyes of the public in the code of ethics of teachers, or in view of religion is a complicated problem that is not discussed much less exhausted in this globalization era.   Key Words  : Revitalisation, Performance, Religion Teacher, Globalization.

  15. Revitalisasi Kinerja Guru PAI Dalam Bidang Ekstrakurikuler Di Era Globalisasi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Siti Makhmudah


    Full Text Available The teaching profession is still much discussed and questioned the whole circle. Seeing the reality demands of modern times, that in an increasingly complex world of education requires improvement in the arrangement and to organize the necessary personal intelegent capable and responsive. Teacher performance is always in the spotlight because of the challenges facing increasingly complex. With the background of this problem, researchers interested in assessing and dig deeper into how the figure of a teacher, especially PAI teacher performance. The teaching profession is still much discussed and questioned the whole circle. Due to the problems experienced by the Islamic religious education teachers or educational institutions today increasingly converging. The problems that are studied include: a the process of teaching and learning in class b Extracurricular activities c Creation of a religious atmosphere in the school environment. The problem is interesting to study the researcher perspective, as any good instituted in school/madrasah. A teacher in the eyes of the public in the code of ethics of teachers, or in view of religion is a complicated problem that is not discussed much less exhausted in this globalization era.

  16. Caring for the carer in the era of HIV diagnosis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lempye J. Sempane


    Full Text Available The care of terminally ill patients can be physically, emotionally as well as psychologically exhausting. In the era where everyone is busy with his or her hectic daily schedule, caring for someone diagnosed with HIV on her or his deathbed can be a daunting challenge. Caring for someone dying of AIDS does not only challenge the physical being but rather leaves the carer emotionally drained. What was of concern to the author was to see the struggle that the caregiver goes through whilst caring for the sufferer. More often than not, pastoral care and counselling concentrate mainly on the pain and the suffering of the sick person. In the process, pastoral care loses sight of the agony, the emotional strain and, above all, the trauma of the caregivers in their search for answers as they care for the infected. This scenario has prompted the author to look into the theology of caring with an emphasis on pastoral care of the carers with a view of alleviating their emotional burden in caring for the HIV patients.

  17. ERA's Open Rotor Studies Including Shielding for Noise Reduction (United States)

    Van Zante, Dale; Thomas, Russell


    The Open Rotor is a modern version of the UnDucted Fan (UDF) that was flight tested in the late 1980's through a partnership between NASA and General Electric (GE). Tests were conducted in the 9' x 15' Low Speed Wind Tunnel and the 8' x 6' Supersonic Wind Tunnel starting in late 2009 and completed in early 2012. Aerodynamic and acoustic data were obtained for takeoff, approach and cruise simulations. GE was the primary partner, but other organizations were involved such as Boeing and Airbus who provided additional hardware for fuselage simulations. This test campaign provided the acoustic and performance characteristics for modern open rotor blades designs." NASA and GE conducted joint systems analysis to evaluate how well new blade designs would perform on a B737 class aircraft, and compared the results to an advanced higher bypass ratio turbofan." Acoustic shielding experiments were performed at NASA GRC and Boeing LSAF facilities to provide data for noise estimates of unconventional aircraft configurations with Open Rotor propulsion systems." The work was sponsored by NASA's aeronautics programs, including the Subsonic Fixed Wing (SFW) and the Environmentally Responsible Aviation (ERA) projects."


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Oleg CARA


    Full Text Available In the globalization era, the social, economic, demographic and environmental phenomena become more complex and interdependent. Official statistics, in its position of “public good”, are under the increased pressure of data needs. Thus, it should adapt itself to the changes taking place in the society and should comply with its increased demands for high quality information. On its turn, it imposes to both national and global statistical systems major tasks of structural changes in the activity of official statistics, as well as in the communication with its partners from the informational flow upstream, but particularly from its downstream – these being the target recipients of data. The paper reflects the author’s vision on the main activities needed to be fulfilled to better meet the information demands of users in quality statistics as well as on the major challenges and solutions regarding the transformation of statistical information into knowledge, ensuring the better use and usefulness of statistical data

  19. Steps Toward an EOS-Era Aerosol Type Climatology (United States)

    Kahn, Ralph A.


    We still have a way to go to develop a global climatology of aerosol type from the EOS-era satellite data record that currently spans more than 12 years of observations. We have demonstrated the ability to retrieve aerosol type regionally, providing a classification based on the combined constraints on particle size, shape, and single-scattering albedo (SSA) from the MISR instrument. Under good but not necessarily ideal conditions, the MISR data can distinguish three-to-five size bins, two-to-four bins in SSA, and spherical vs. non-spherical particles. However, retrieval sensitivity varies enormously with scene conditions. So, for example, there is less information about aerosol type when the mid-visible aerosol optical depth (AOD) is less that about 0.15 or 0.2, or when the range of scattering angles observed is reduced by solar geometry, even though the quality of the AOD retrieval itself is much less sensitive to these factors. This presentation will review a series of studies aimed at assessing the capabilities, as well as the limitations, of MISR aerosol type retrievals involving wildfire smoke, desert dust, volcanic ash, and urban pollution, in specific cases where suborbital validation data are available. A synthesis of results, planned upgrades to the MISR Standard aerosol algorithm to improve aerosol type retrievals, and steps toward the development of an aerosol type quality flag for the Standard product, will also be covered.

  20. Economics and econophysics in the era of Big Data (United States)

    Cheong, Siew Ann


    There is an undeniable disconnect between theory-heavy economics and the real world, and some cross polination of ideas with econophysics, which is more balanced between data and models, might help economics along the way to become a truly scientific enterprise. With the coming of the era of Big Data, this transformation of economics into a data-driven science is becoming more urgent. In this article, I use the story of Kepler's discovery of his three laws of planetary motion to enlarge the framework of the scientific approach, from one that focuses on experimental sciences, to one that accommodates observational sciences, and further to one that embraces data mining and machine learning. I distinguish between the ontological values of Kepler's Laws vis-a-vis Newton's Laws, and argue that the latter is more fundamental because it is able to explain the former. I then argue that the fundamental laws of economics lie not in mathematical equations, but in models of adaptive economic agents. With this shift in mind set, it becomes possible to think about how interactions between agents can lead to the emergence of multiple stable states and critical transitions, and complex adaptive policies and regulations that might actually work in the real world. Finally, I discuss how Big Data, exploratory agent-based modeling, and predictive agent-based modeling can come together in a unified framework to make economics a true science.

  1. Household size and urban spatial change: end of an era?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Robert Sinclair


    Full Text Available A dominant demographic trend of the last few decades has been the declining size of house-holds in Western industrialized countries. Following closely upon the Baby Boom, the development became a major topic of discussion for almost two decades. The basis for, and consequences of, these changes have been well covered in the demographic literature, but their spatial implications have received less attention. Yet the, phenomenon has had a pro-found spatial impact at every level of the urban system. Recent statistics indicate that house-hold size continues to decline, but does so at a rapidly decreasing rate. The present paper considers the spatial repercussions of this trend. More specifically, the paper has three aims. (1 The paper summarizes and puts into present-day perspective, a volume of research con-ducted a decade ago upon the spatial impact of declining household size upon the U.S. urban system (Sinclair, 1991. (2 Considers more recent demographic developments, ask-ing whether the impact of declining household size upon the urban system is declining or coming to a close, (3 Considers other demographic developments which might he taking the place of declining household size in driving the urban system. In sum, the paper at-tempts to answer the question. Is an era, which has signifycantly impacted the U.S. urban system, coming to a close?

  2. A antropologia numa era de confusão

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maybury-Lewis David


    Full Text Available A Antropologia sempre procurou entender a natureza humana e as variedades da cultura humana. Esta tarefa ambiciosa enfrentou constantemente dificuldades teóricas e metodológicas. A teoria da evolução social foi apresentada como sendo preconceituosa e baseada em poucas evidências, inclusive com uma inferência racista em uma época de dominação européia. Os antídotos - rigoroso trabalho de campo inspirado no funcionalismo, estruturalismo ou culturalismo - eram também vistos como contaminados por hierarquias de uma ordem mundial colonialista. A atenção pós-moderna a este "orientalismo" em um mundo pós-colonial produziu textos no sentido de atentar os antropólogos para estas questões, o que acarretou um declínio na produção e no entendimento antropológico. Esta conferência considera estes dilemas, os correntes debates sobre "cultura" e "sobrevivência cultural" e como antropólogos deveriam proceder nesta nova era de confusão, produzida pela globalização e pelo aparecimento do Estado-nação.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Toto Suharto


    Full Text Available This paper seeks to track a number of political trauma in Soeharto era (New Order that befall of Islamic education, particularly in madrasah. The discussion is carried out historically and analytically to a number of policies and the implementation of Islamic historical facts under Suharto. Facts and data are reviewed through politics of Islamic education. The study results showed that in general education policies under Suharto are: 1 centralized, 2 discriminatory and 3 tends to be quantitative. They swapped back into the politicization of education in order to preserve power. One of the Islamic educational institutions that became the political victim of Soeharto was madrasah. Ijazaisme policy, equality and accreditation either through the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Education and Culture have managed to control the (quality of the development of madrasah. Although the quantity of madrasah grew very rapidly but the quality is so low that made madrasah marginalized. Until now the madrasah is still considered 'the second-class schools'. The substance of the madrasah as a community empowerment was restricted by the Soeharto regime. As a result, it is still difficult to find qualified private madrasah which is equal/above average quality of the public school.

  4. Kajian Pengelolaan Keuangan Daerah Kabupaten Jayapura Pada Era Otonomi Khusus

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Halomoan Hutajulu


    Full Text Available Ineffectiveness of regional financial management will certainly lead to the implementation of regional development are not optimal. Depart from the concept in mind, it is interesting to examine and analyze the issue of how to measure the effectiveness of financial management in the Jayapura District on the Special Autonomy Era. The analysis result showed that generally, area of financial management in Jayapura District running less effective. Other than that the amount of contributions of the fund balance at the regional income shows high dependency of revenue sharing. The expenditure side tends to minimize the increase in regular budget expenditure for development (public, hence the macro does not much affect the acceleration of economic development. The budget deficit system will optimize development in three ways. First, the government's efforts to optimize the internal resources possessed to reduce dependency on fund balance by mapping and restructuring local revenue. Second, the government must set clear priorities of regional development budget allocation according to the concept of value for money. Third, the budget deficit or surplus principle for the government is an innovative way for any action to encourage productive economic activity.

  5. Defining "mutation" and "polymorphism" in the era of personal genomics. (United States)

    Karki, Roshan; Pandya, Deep; Elston, Robert C; Ferlini, Cristiano


    The growing advances in DNA sequencing tools have made analyzing the human genome cheaper and faster. While such analyses are intended to identify complex variants, related to disease susceptibility and efficacy of drug responses, they have blurred the definitions of mutation and polymorphism. In the era of personal genomics, it is critical to establish clear guidelines regarding the use of a reference genome. Nowadays DNA variants are called as differences in comparison to a reference. In a sequencing project Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) and DNA mutations are defined as DNA variants detectable in >1 % or mutation or polymorphism for the same event (a difference as compared with a reference) can lead to problems of classification. These problems can impact the accuracy of the interpretation and the functional relationship between a disease state and a genomic sequence. We propose to solve this nomenclature dilemma by defining mutations as DNA variants obtained in a paired sequencing project including the germline DNA of the same individual as a reference. Moreover, the term mutation should be accompanied by a qualifying prefix indicating whether the mutation occurs only in somatic cells (somatic mutation) or also in the germline (germline mutation). We believe this distinction in definition will help avoid confusion among researchers and support the practice of sequencing the germline and somatic tissues in parallel to classify the DNA variants thus defined as mutations.

  6. The Oligopoly of Academic Publishers in the Digital Era. (United States)

    Larivière, Vincent; Haustein, Stefanie; Mongeon, Philippe


    The consolidation of the scientific publishing industry has been the topic of much debate within and outside the scientific community, especially in relation to major publishers' high profit margins. However, the share of scientific output published in the journals of these major publishers, as well as its evolution over time and across various disciplines, has not yet been analyzed. This paper provides such analysis, based on 45 million documents indexed in the Web of Science over the period 1973-2013. It shows that in both natural and medical sciences (NMS) and social sciences and humanities (SSH), Reed-Elsevier, Wiley-Blackwell, Springer, and Taylor & Francis increased their share of the published output, especially since the advent of the digital era (mid-1990s). Combined, the top five most prolific publishers account for more than 50% of all papers published in 2013. Disciplines of the social sciences have the highest level of concentration (70% of papers from the top five publishers), while the humanities have remained relatively independent (20% from top five publishers). NMS disciplines are in between, mainly because of the strength of their scientific societies, such as the ACS in chemistry or APS in physics. The paper also examines the migration of journals between small and big publishing houses and explores the effect of publisher change on citation impact. It concludes with a discussion on the economics of scholarly publishing.

  7. Laparoscopic subtotal hysterectomy in the era of minimally invasive surgery

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chia-Jen Wu


    Full Text Available According to a nation-wide population-based study in Taiwan, along with the expanding concepts and surgical techniques of minimally invasive surgery, laparoscopic supracervical/subtotal hysterectomy (LSH has been blooming. Despite this, the role of LSH in the era of minimally invasive surgery remains uncertain. In this review, we tried to evaluate the perioperative and postoperative outcomes of LSH compared to other types of hysterectomy, including total abdominal hysterectomy (TAH, vaginal hysterectomy, laparoscopic-assisted vaginal hysterectomy, and total laparoscopic hysterectomy (TLH. From the literature, LSH has a better perioperative outcome than TAH, and comparable perioperative complications compared with laparoscopic-assisted vaginal hysterectomy. LSH had less bladder injury, vaginal cuff bleeding, hematoma, infection, and dehiscence requiring re-operation compared with TLH. Despite this, LSH has more postoperative cyclic menstrual bleeding and re-operations with extirpations of the cervical stump. LSH does, however, have a shorter recovery time than TAH due to the minimally invasive approach; and there is quicker resumption of coitus than TLH, due to cervical preservation and the avoidance of vaginal cuff dehiscence. LSH is therefore an alternative option when the removal of the cervix is not strictly necessary or desired. Nevertheless, the risk of further cervical malignancy, postoperative cyclic menstrual bleeding, and re-operations with extirpations of the cervical stump is a concern when discussing the advantages and disadvantages of LSH with patients.

  8. Plant Microbe Interactions in Post Genomic Era: Perspectives and Applications. (United States)

    Imam, Jahangir; Singh, Puneet K; Shukla, Pratyoosh


    Deciphering plant-microbe interactions is a promising aspect to understand the benefits and the pathogenic effect of microbes and crop improvement. The advancement in sequencing technologies and various 'omics' tool has impressively accelerated the research in biological sciences in this area. The recent and ongoing developments provide a unique approach to describing these intricate interactions and test hypotheses. In the present review, we discuss the role of plant-pathogen interaction in crop improvement. The plant innate immunity has always been an important aspect of research and leads to some interesting information like the adaptation of unique immune mechanisms of plants against pathogens. The development of new techniques in the post - genomic era has greatly enhanced our understanding of the regulation of plant defense mechanisms against pathogens. The present review also provides an overview of beneficial plant-microbe interactions with special reference to Agrobacterium tumefaciens-plant interactions where plant derived signal molecules and plant immune responses are important in pathogenicity and transformation efficiency. The construction of various Genome-scale metabolic models of microorganisms and plants presented a better understanding of all metabolic interactions activated during the interactions. This review also lists the emerging repertoire of phytopathogens and its impact on plant disease resistance. Outline of different aspects of plant-pathogen interactions is presented in this review to bridge the gap between plant microbial ecology and their immune responses.

  9. Health promotion in the digital era: a critical commentary. (United States)

    Lupton, Deborah


    A range of digitized health promotion practices have emerged in the digital era. Some of these practices are voluntarily undertaken by people who are interested in improving their health and fitness, but many others are employed in the interests of organizations and agencies. This article provides a critical commentary on digitized health promotion. I begin with an overview of the types of digital technologies that are used for health promotion, and follow this with a discussion of the socio-political implications of such use. It is contended that many digitized health promotion strategies focus on individual responsibility for health and fail to recognize the social, cultural and political dimensions of digital technology use. The increasing blurring between voluntary health promotion practices, professional health promotion, government and corporate strategies requires acknowledgement, as does the increasing power wielded by digital media corporations over digital technologies and the data they generate. These issues provoke questions for health promotion as a practice and field of research that hitherto have been little addressed. © The Author 2014. Published by Oxford University Press. All rights reserved. For Permissions, please email:

  10. The pancreatic surgery in the era of digital medical science

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chihua Fang


    Full Text Available The development of science and technology not only promotes the development of the society but also has a great influence on the progress of medicine. The three-dimensional (3D printing technology together with other digital production modes will promote the realization of the third industrial revolution. New 3D equipment and concepts brought a huge leap forward in surgery, and pancreatic surgery also benefits from this. The author has committed himself to the scientific research of 3D pancreatic surgery for decades, and applying 3D visualization technology to the diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer, 3D visualization of peripancreatic vessels, resectability evaluation of the pancreatic cancer and prevention of pancreatic fistula. This article presents a new idea on the development of pancreatic surgery and introduces not only the progress in the diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic diseases in the era of digital medicine, but also the relative advantages brought about by the new equipment (such as da Vinci robotic surgical system, 3D Laparoscope.

  11. [Is the PAP smear era coming to an end?]. (United States)

    Nowak-Markwitz, Ewa; Spaczyński, Marek


    After the discovery of the role human papilloma virus (HPV) plays in the development of cervical cancer we are witnesses to a change in the conception and interpretation of cervical cancer prevention processes. Primary prevention gained a new tool in the form of HPV vaccines. Secondary prevention, i.e. detection of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (GIN), acquired a new diagnostic method--the HPV test. Studies were initiated in order to determine the usefulness of HPV tests in cervical cancer prevention and screening. They revealed that the DNA HPV test used in screening has higher sensitivity in CIN detection than PAP smear and that HPV-negative patients are better and longer protected against developing cervical cancer in comparison to women with normal PAP smear results. HPV tests also possess a predictive value, which detects women more susceptible to developing cervical cancer in the future. PAP smear does not have a predictive value. Instead, it only detects a presence or an absence of neoplasia at that particular time. These results clearly indicate that the era of classic PAP smear is indeed coming to an end, replaced by a new primary CIN screening tool--HPV test. The entire cervical cancer screening system must therefore be redefined and reorganized.

  12. Largest temperature of the radiation era and its cosmological implications

    CERN Document Server

    Giudice, Gian Francesco; Riotto, Antonio; Giudice, Gian Francesco; Kolb, Edward W.; Riotto, Antonio


    The thermal history of the universe before the epoch of nucleosynthesis is unknown. The maximum temperature in the radiation-dominated era, which we will refer to as the reheat temperature, may have been as low as 0.7 MeV. In this paper we show that a low reheat temperature has important implications for many topics in cosmology. We show that weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs) may be produced even if the reheat temperature is much smaller than the freeze-out temperature of the WIMP, and that the dependence of the present abundance on the mass and the annihilation cross section of the WIMP differs drastically from familiar results. We revisit predictions of the relic abundance and resulting model constraints of supersymmetric dark matter, axions, massive neutrinos, and other dark matter candidates, nucleosynthesis constraints on decaying particles, and leptogenesis by decay of superheavy particles. We find that the allowed parameter space of supersymmetric models is altered, removing the usual bounds...

  13. Extend Course for Product Designer in Digital Mobile Era (United States)

    CHAO, Fang-Lin; LIU, Tzu-Heng; HUANG, Xian-Chun


    Product design refers to a system of processes from confirming a product’s specifications to product’s structure. Form, technology, and needs must be considered simultaneously to ensure qualities. In recent years, with the advancement of smartphone technology, many products are connected with apps. Designers cannot exclude themselves from this new wave of the trend. In this article, household hydroponic products design is used as an example, to show the close relationship between digital mobile technology and product design in the contemporary world. Regularly measure the amount of liquid to be added is difficult for a consumer who has no professional experience. To facilitate the introduction of small-scale aquaculture systems into the home, we proposed sensor hardware combined with App software, measured EC and pH value and transmitted to the phone. The app can calculate and display the amount of added and control the amount of inserted through a Bluetooth connection. The physical design needs to take into account the connection between the electronic parts and the circuit board, and interface operation. Thus, not only the model of the product but also the user interface has to be integrated to show the product's quality completely. Besides, authors made reflection upon the necessity for adjustments for interdisciplinary courses under the changing digital mobile era. Also, under the current curriculum structure, possible teaching approach is expressed for extending student’s feasibility.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rusli Rusli


    Full Text Available This article discusses the role of usul al fiqh in constructing humanist values ​​and principles to build ‘peace education’ in the current multicultural era. Usul al fiqh is considered as the source of value and change, and has played a significant role to start reforms in legal and social institutions because of the pressures of context and religious integrity. The values ​​contained in the sources of Islamic law, such as al Quran, Sunnah, ijma', qiyas, istislah, istihsan, sadd al dhara'i, and also maqasid al shari'ah, are translated into the community and are wholly implemented in the educational institutions. These values ​​are transmitted to the learners through methods such as dialogue, cooperation, problem solving and the democratic limit creation. In transferring knowledge and values​​, an educator must be grounded on two important approaches: first, encouraging respect to the diversity based on the concept that education as a mirror, window, and conversation; second, doing class activity which is more cooperative based on the principle of justice and equality.

  15. LEMON - LHC Era Monitoring for Large-Scale Infrastructures (United States)

    Marian, Babik; Ivan, Fedorko; Nicholas, Hook; Hector, Lansdale Thomas; Daniel, Lenkes; Miroslav, Siket; Denis, Waldron


    At the present time computer centres are facing a massive rise in virtualization and cloud computing as these solutions bring advantages to service providers and consolidate the computer centre resources. However, as a result the monitoring complexity is increasing. Computer centre management requires not only to monitor servers, network equipment and associated software but also to collect additional environment and facilities data (e.g. temperature, power consumption, cooling efficiency, etc.) to have also a good overview of the infrastructure performance. The LHC Era Monitoring (Lemon) system is addressing these requirements for a very large scale infrastructure. The Lemon agent that collects data on every client and forwards the samples to the central measurement repository provides a flexible interface that allows rapid development of new sensors. The system allows also to report on behalf of remote devices such as switches and power supplies. Online and historical data can be visualized via a web-based interface or retrieved via command-line tools. The Lemon Alarm System component can be used for notifying the operator about error situations. In this article, an overview of the Lemon monitoring is provided together with a description of the CERN LEMON production instance. No direct comparison is made with other monitoring tool.

  16. New data visualization of the LHC Era Monitoring (Lemon) system (United States)

    Ivan, Fedorko; Veronique, Lefebure; Daniel, Lenkes; Omar, Pera Mira


    In the last few years, new requirements have been received for visualization of monitoring data: advanced graphics, flexibility in configuration and decoupling of the presentation layer from the monitoring repository. Lemonweb is the data visualization component of the LHC Era Monitoring (Lemon) system. Lemonweb consists of two subcomponents: a data collector and a web visualization interface. The data collector is a daemon, implemented in Python, responsible for data gathering from the central monitoring repository and storing into time series data structures. Data is stored on disk in Round Robin Database (RRD) files: one file per monitored entity, with set of entity related metrics. Entities may be grouped into a hierarchical structure, called “clusters” and supporting mathematical operations over entities and clusters (e.g. cluster A + cluster B /clusters C - entity XY). Using the configuration information, a cluster definition is evaluated in the collector engine and, at runtime, a sequence of data selects is built, to optimize access to the central monitoring repository. In this article, an overview of the design and architecture as well as highlights of some implemented features will be presented.

  17. Clinical research of traditional Chinese medicine in big data era. (United States)

    Zhang, Junhua; Zhang, Boli


    With the advent of big data era, our thinking, technology and methodology are being transformed. Data-intensive scientific discovery based on big data, named "The Fourth Paradigm," has become a new paradigm of scientific research. Along with the development and application of the Internet information technology in the field of healthcare, individual health records, clinical data of diagnosis and treatment, and genomic data have been accumulated dramatically, which generates big data in medical field for clinical research and assessment. With the support of big data, the defects and weakness may be overcome in the methodology of the conventional clinical evaluation based on sampling. Our research target shifts from the "causality inference" to "correlativity analysis." This not only facilitates the evaluation of individualized treatment, disease prediction, prevention and prognosis, but also is suitable for the practice of preventive healthcare and symptom pattern differentiation for treatment in terms of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and for the post-marketing evaluation of Chinese patent medicines. To conduct clinical studies involved in big data in TCM domain, top level design is needed and should be performed orderly. The fundamental construction and innovation studies should be strengthened in the sections of data platform creation, data analysis technology and big-data professionals fostering and training.

  18. Thiomers: A Blessing to Evaluating Era of Pharmaceuticals

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Muhammad Hanif


    Full Text Available Thiomers are the polymers modified for the mucoadhesive properties and other additive properties by incorporating thiol moieties in the backbone of the unmodified polymeric chain by substitution reactions or simple oxidation reactions. Drugs that are less soluble and permeable can be complexed with thiomers for their increased absorption through the mucosal membranes by increase in contact time and prolonged stay in body due to mucoadhesion. Immobilization of thiol group therefore increases the mucoadhesive properties of the modified polymer by 2–140-folds. The prepared thiomers are characterized and made stable by different techniques. Thiomers also give the controlled delivery of the active pharmaceutical ingredients in the body. Different polymers that are modified by thiolation are chitosan, polyacrylic acid, sodium alginate, sodium carboxy methyl cellulose, guar gum, and so forth. Thiomeric formulations are a challenge to deliver drugs with low therapeutic compatibility. Micro- and nanopreparations containing thiomers can be prepared by different techniques such as covalent crosslinking, in situ gelation, radical emulsion polymerization, and emulsification. Nowadays thiomers have wide range of applications as a promising pharmaceutical excipient in the evaluating era of pharmaceutical technology.


    KAUST Repository



    We consider a model system for the collective behavior of oxygen-driven swimming bacteria in an aquatic fluid. In certain parameter regimes, such suspensions of bacteria feature large-scale convection patterns as a result of the hydrodynamic interaction between bacteria. The presented model consist of a parabolicparabolic chemotaxis system for the oxygen concentration and the bacteria density coupled to an incompressible Stokes equation for the fluid driven by a gravitational force of the heavier bacteria. We show local existence of weak solutions in a bounded domain in d, d = 2, 3 with no-flux boundary condition and in 2 in the case of inhomogeneous Dirichlet conditions for the oxygen. © 2010 World Scientific Publishing Company.

  20. Structural Coupling and Translation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Tække, Jesper

    formations. After presenting the two theories the article put forward Twitter as an example making it possible to compare the two theories. Hereby the article also provides two analysis of how Twitter changes the communication milieu of modern society. In systems theory media can be seen as the mechanisms...... and translations the social medium of Twitter opens for. The second, but most prioritized, aim of the paper is to present, compare and discuss the two theories: How do they understand what becomes visible in their different optics, which observations become possible in the one or the other – and is it possible...... creating networks consisting in both humans and non-humans. Then the two appearing frameworks are used to observe Twitter and discuss which structural couplings and translations are made possible by this medium. In the end of the paper the two theories are discussed and compared....

  1. Coupled Double Quantum Wells

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Élder Mantovani Lopes


    Full Text Available The progress of the semiconductor growth techniques allows the opportunity to produce new semiconductors devices that may contribute to the development of the nanotechnology. The fabrication of semiconductor heterostructures with high quality allows the obtaining of new effects based on the quantum properties of those systems, which have stimulated great technological interest, especially on the optoelectronic and telecommunications fields. In this work some basic concepts related to one of those heterostructures are discussed: the Coupled Double Quantum Well (CDQW. The deduction of the expression for the determination of the energy levels in CDQWs is presented in details. The results obtained through this expression are compared with experimental results obtained through photoluminescence (PL measurements, complementing the work.

  2. Collective modes of coupled phase oscillators with delayed coupling


    Ares, Saúl; Morelli, Luis G.; Jörg, David J.; Andrew C. Oates; Jülicher, Frank


    We study the effects of delayed coupling on timing and pattern formation in spatially extended systems of dynamic oscillators. Starting from a discrete lattice of coupled oscillators, we derive a generic continuum theory for collective modes of long wavelength. We use this approach to study spatial phase profiles of cellular oscillators in the segmentation clock, a dynamic patterning system of vertebrate embryos. Collective wave patterns result from the interplay of coupling delays and moving...

  3. Gay and lesbian couples in Italy: comparisons with heterosexual couples. (United States)

    Antonelli, Paolo; Dèttore, Davide; Lasagni, Irene; Snyder, Douglas K; Balderrama-Durbin, Christina


    Assessing couple relationships across diverse languages and cultures has important implications for both clinical intervention and prevention. This is especially true for nontraditional relationships potentially subject to various expressions of negative societal evaluation or bias. Few empirically validated measures of relationship functioning have been developed for cross-cultural applications, and none have been examined for their psychometric sufficiency for evaluating same-sex couples across different languages and cultures. The current study examined the psychometric properties of an Italian translation of the Marital Satisfaction Inventory - Revised (MSI-R), a 150-item 13-scale measure of couple relationship functioning, for its use in assessing the intimate relationships of gay and lesbian couples in Italy. Results for these couples were compared to data from heterosexual married and unmarried cohabiting couples from the same geographical region, as well as to previously published data for gay, lesbian, and unmarried heterosexual couples from the United States. Findings suggest that, despite unique societal pressures confronting Italian same-sex couples, these relationships appear resilient and fare well both overall and in specific domains of functioning compared to heterosexual couples both in Italy and the United States. © 2014 Family Process Institute.

  4. OER in the Mobile Era: Content Repositories’ Features for Mobile Devices and Future Trends

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Tabuenca, Bernardo; Drachsler, Hendrik; Ternier, Stefaan; Specht, Marcus


    Tabuenca, B., Drachsler, H., Ternier, S., & Specht, M. (2012, December). OER in the Mobile Era: Content Repositories’ Features for Mobile Devices and Future Trends. Europe eleaning papers, [Special issue] Mobile learning 2012.

  5. On the beginning of the Christian era (A.D.) and the miscount of Dionysius (United States)

    Umlenski, Vasil

    The beginning of the Christian era (A. D.; common era; our era; new era) is connected with Christ's birth. It is the usual practice that Dionysius Exiguus made a miscount by determining the years of Jesus' birth and Crucifix. In the present work we make an attempt to determine this miscount through astronomical computations of the newmoons (The Crucifix is on Friday, the day before the Jewish Passover i.e. on the 14-th day of the Moon). It was found that the miscount of Dionysius is 9 years regarding Christmas and 11 years regarding the Resurrection (the first Easter). The obtained results are in accordance with St. John's Gospel and with the information of competent ancient annalists as Eusebius of Caesarea.

  6. A Re-Examination of Neuropsychological Functioning in Persian Gulf War Era Veterans

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    White, Roberta F


    The specific aims of this project were 1) to determine whether objective test measures reveal any progressive diminution in cognitive function among the GW-era veterans who participate in the study in 1995-1998 (Time 1...

  7. Rethinking Theatrical Images of the New Woman in China's Republican Era

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Guo, Li


    In her article "Rethinking Theatrical Images of the New Woman in China's Republican Era" Li Guo analyses the multivalent representations of the New Woman and posits that they encompass a broad array...

  8. Bergmann eitab kurikuulsa ERA Panga üldkoosoleku võltsitust / Väinu Rozental

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Rozental, Väinu, 1957-


    ERA Panga eksjuht Andres Bergmann kinnitas kohtus, et protokoll panga aktsionäride üldkoosoleku kohta, mis vabastas kohustustest panga ees kuus äriühingut ja Tarmo Rubeni, polnud tagantjärele vormistatud

  9. Transmedia storytelling and the new era of media convergence in higher education, by Stavroula Kalogeras

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Katherine E. Morrissey


    Full Text Available Stavroula Kalogeras. Transmedia Storytelling and the New Era of Media Convergence in Higher Education. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014, hardcover, $100 (276p ISBN 978-1137388360.

  10. Comparative Racialization and Unequal Justice in the Era of Black Lives Matter: The Dylan Yang Case

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Pao Lee Vue; Louisa Schein; Bee Vang


      Through a close examination of the Dylan Yang-Isaiah Powell case in Wausau, Wisconsin, we argue that while Hmong experiences may have remained marginalized or invisible in the era of Black Lives...

  11. Health Informatics in the Public Health 3.0 Era: Intelligence for the Chief Health Strategists


    DeSalvo, Karen; Wang, Y. Claire


    This commentary discusses health informatics in the Public Health 3.0 era and the role of chief health strategists to leverage data and partnerships to address the inputs to the public's health, including the broader social determinants.

  12. Four Eras of Study of College Student Suicide in the United States: 1920-2004 (United States)

    Schwartz, Allan J.


    Studies of college student suicide can be grouped into the following 4 eras: 1920-1960, 1960-1980, 1980-1990, and 1990-2004. The suicide rate for students has declined monotonically across these 4 eras, from 13.4 to 8.0 to 7.5 and, most recently, to 6.5. The decreasing proportion of men in the student populations studied largely accounts for this…

  13. Renal replacement therapy in Europe: a summary of the 2011 ERA?EDTA Registry Annual Report


    Noordzij, Marlies; Kramer, Anneke; Abad Diez, Jos? M.; Alonso de la Torre, Ram?n; Arcos Fuster, Emma; Bikbov, Boris T.; Bonthuis, Marjolein; Bouzas Caama?o, Encarnaci?n; ?ala, Svetlana; Caskey, Fergus J.; Castro de la Nuez, Pablo; Cernevskis, Harijs; Collart, Frederic; D?az Tejeiro, Rafael; Djukanovic, Ljubica


    Background This article provides a summary of the 2011 ERA?EDTA Registry Annual Report (available at Methods Data on renal replacement therapy (RRT) for end-stage renal disease (ESRD) from national and regional renal registries in 30 countries in Europe and bordering the Mediterranean Sea were used. From 27 registries, individual patient data were received, whereas 17 registries contributed data in aggregated form. We present the incidence and prevalence of RRT, and ren...

  14. Characterization of ERAS, a putative novel human oncogene, in skin and breast

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Peña Avalos, B.L. de la


    Most human tumors have mutations in genes of the RAS small GTPase protein family. RAS works as a molecular switch for signaling pathways that modulate many aspects of cell behavior, including proliferation, differentiation, motility and death. Oncogenic mutations in RAS prevent GTP hydrolysis, locking RAS in a permanently active state, being the most common mutations in HRAS, KRAS and NRAS. The human RAS family consists of at least 36 different genes, many of which have been scarcely studied. One of these relatively unknown genes is ERAS (ES cell-expressed RAS), which is a constitutively active RAS protein, localized in chromosome X and expressed only in embryonic cells, being undetectable in adult tissues. New high throughput technologies have made it possible to screen complete cancer genomes for identification of mutations associated to cancer. Using the Sleeping Beauty (SB) transposon system, ERAS was identified as a putative novel oncogene in non-melanoma skin and breast cancers. The major aim of this project is to determine the general characteristics of ERAS as a putative novel human oncogene in skin and breast cells. Forced expression of ERAS results in drastic changes in cell shape, proliferation and motility. When ERAS is overexpressed in skin and breast human cells it is mainly localized in the cytoplasmic membrane. ERAS activates the phosphatidylinositol-3-OH kinase (PI3K) pathway but not the mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) pathway. ERAS-expressing cells suffer spontaneous morphologic and phenotypic EMT-like changes, including cytoskeleton reorganization, vimentin and N-cadherin up-regulation and down-regulation of E-cadherin, which can be associated with increased malignancy, and invasive and metastatic potential. Our results suggest that inappropriate expression of ERAS lead to transformation of human cells. (Author)

  15. Parathyroid carcinoma survival: improvements in the era of intact parathyroid hormone monitoring?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Steve R. Martinez


    Full Text Available The intact parathyroid hormone (iPTH assay is a critical test in the diagnosis and management of PTH-mediated hypercalcemia, including parathyroid carcinoma (PCa. We hypothesized that the survival of patients diagnosed with PCa has improved since adoption of the iPTH assay into clinical practice. We identified all confirmed cases of PCa within the Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results database from 1973 to 2006. Patients were categorized into two eras based upon introduction of the iPTH assay: 1973 to 1997 (era I and 1997 to 2006 (era II, when the iPTH assay was in standard use. We estimated overall survival (OS and disease-specific survival (DSS using the Kaplan-Meier method, with differences among survival curves assessed via log rank. Multivariate Cox proportional hazards models compared the survival rates between treatment eras while controlling for patient age, sex, race/ethnicity, tumor size, nodal status, extent of disease, and type of surgery. Multivariate models included patients undergoing potentially curative surgery and excluded those with dis- tant metastases. Risks of overall and disease-specific mortality were reported as hazard ratios with 95% confidence intervals. Study criteria were met by 370 patients. Median survival was 15.6 years. Five-year rates of OS and DSS were 78% and 88% for era I and 82% and 96% for era II. On multivariate analysis, age, black race, and unknown extent of disease predicted an increased risk of death from any cause. Treatment era did not predict OS. No factor predicted PCa-specific mortality. In multivariate analysis, neither OS nor DSS have improved in the current era that utilizes iPTH for the detection and management of PCa.

  16. A divisão da cristandade: da reforma protestante à era do iluminismo - Book review


    Claudia Danielle Andrade Ritz


    Livro:DAWSON, Christopher. A divisão da cristandade: Da reforma protestante à era do iluminismo. São Paulo: É Realizações Editora, 2014.  BookDAWSON, Christopher. A divisão da cristandade: da reforma protestante à era do iluminismo. São Paulo: É Realizações Editora, 2014. 368p. ISBN 978-85-8033-167-7

  17. Cleaved-Coupled Nanowire Lasers (United States)


    fabricated with micrometer -scale gaps (26, 27). This Fig. 1. Single-frequency lasing in 9-μm (4:3) cleaved-coupled nanowires. (A) SEM images showing the...modulation of modes observed in cleaved-coupled nanowire lasers can be predicted using transfer matrix methods. Although the Vernier effect provides an...Following the Vernier effect, coupled nanowires with integer ratios would produce the free spectral range of the shorter nanowire. The lasing spectra

  18. Gestural coupling and social cognition

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Michael, John; Krueger, Joel William


    Social cognition researchers have become increasingly interested in the ways that behavioral, physiological, and neural coupling facilitate social interaction and interpersonal understanding. We distinguish two ways of conceptualizing the role of such coupling processes in social cognition: strong...... and interpersonal understanding. We conclude that investigations of coupling processes within social interaction should inform rather than marginalize or eliminate investigation of higher-level individual cognition...... and moderate interactionism. According to strong interactionism (SI), low-level coupling processes are alternatives to higher-level individual cognitive processes; the former at least sometimes render the latter superfluous. Moderate interactionism (MI) on the other hand, is an integrative approach. Its...

  19. Cosmological tests of coupled Galileons (United States)

    Brax, Philippe; Burrage, Clare; Davis, Anne-Christine; Gubitosi, Giulia


    We investigate the cosmological properties of Galileon models which admit Minkowski space as a stable solution in vacuum. This is motivated by stable, positive tension brane world constructions that give rise to Galileons. We include both conformal and disformal couplings to matter and focus on constraints on the theory that arise because of these couplings. The disformal coupling to baryonic matter is extremely constrained by astrophysical and particle physics effects. The disformal coupling to photons induces a cosmological variation of the speed of light and therefore distorsions of the Cosmic Microwave Background spectrum which are known to be very small. The conformal coupling to baryons leads to a variation of particle masses since Big Bang Nucleosynthesis which is also tightly constrained. We consider the background cosmology of Galileon models coupled to Cold Dark Matter (CDM), photons and baryons and impose that the speed of light and particle masses respect the observational bounds on cosmological time scales. We find that requiring that the equation of state for the Galileon models must be close to -1 now restricts severely their parameter space and can only be achieved with a combination of the conformal and disformal couplings. This leads to large variations of particle masses and the speed of light which are not compatible with observations. As a result, we find that cosmological Galileon models are viable dark energy theories coupled to dark matter but their couplings, both disformal and conformal, to baryons and photons must be heavily suppressed making them only sensitive to CDM.

  20. New-Materialism and Reification in the Infoproduction Era

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    German A. Duarte


    the role played by technology, mainly the technology of visual media, in the alienation of reality through the production of simulacra. I will deal in particular with the transformation of the understanding of the concept of reification. I will analyze how during the second half of the last century, mass media, in order to defend the established reality, accentuated their focus on the creation of illusion, that in a successive stage, due to technological improvements, mainly the digital technology, became a media reification. This analysis will be developed by means of the study of some fundamental works such as Horkheimer’s Zur Kritik der instrumentellen Vernunft, Horkheimer-Adorno’s Dialektik der Aufklärung and Marcuse’s One Dimensional Man, among others, in order to go into Baudrillar’s theories of illusion in depth aiming at analyzing the production of social illusion in our digital era. Having this analysis as framework, it will be possible to develop a new understanding of the concept of reification able to recognize some phenomena that characterize our infoproduction era – (e.g. the immateriality. In addition, through this concept of media reification it can be possible to re-elaborate and adapt some Deleuze’s thoughts about the construction of space, narratives spaces, rhizomatic structures and the state of becoming of both object and subject.

  1. Breast Cancer Screening in an Era of Personalized Regimens (United States)

    Onega, Tracy; Beaber, Elisabeth F.; Sprague, Brian L.; Barlow, William E.; Haas, Jennifer S.; Tosteson, Anna N.A.; Schnall, Mitchell D.; Armstrong, Katrina; Schapira, Marilyn M.; Geller, Berta; Weaver, Donald L.; Conant, Emily F.


    Breast cancer screening holds a prominent place in public health, health care delivery, policy, and women’s health care decisions. Several factors are driving shifts in how population-based breast cancer screening is approached, including advanced imaging technologies, health system performance measures, health care reform, concern for “overdiagnosis,” and improved understanding of risk. Maximizing benefits while minimizing the harms of screening requires moving from a “1-size-fits-all” guideline paradigm to more personalized strategies. A refined conceptual model for breast cancer screening is needed to align women’s risks and preferences with screening regimens. A conceptual model of personalized breast cancer screening is presented herein that emphasizes key domains and transitions throughout the screening process, as well as multilevel perspectives. The key domains of screening awareness, detection, diagnosis, and treatment and survivorship are conceptualized to function at the level of the patient, provider, facility, health care system, and population/policy arena. Personalized breast cancer screening can be assessed across these domains with both process and outcome measures. Identifying, evaluating, and monitoring process measures in screening is a focus of a National Cancer Institute initiative entitled PROSPR (Population-based Research Optimizing Screening through Personalized Regimens), which will provide generalizable evidence for a risk-based model of breast cancer screening, The model presented builds on prior breast cancer screening models and may serve to identify new measures to optimize benefits-to-harms tradeoffs in population-based screening, which is a timely goal in the era of health care reform. PMID:24830599


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Widodo J Pudjirahardjo


    Kabupaten atau Kota cukup besar dalam melakukan penataan SDM Kesehatan, sebagai upaya mengantisipasi dampak dari kebijakan desentralisasi. Selain itu, SDM Kesehatan juga harus mampu memanfaatkan peluang di era desentralisasi dan pasar bebas sehingga dapat menyediakan program dan pelayanan kesehatan yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan dan tuntutan masyarakat. Kata kunci: SDM kesehatan, kebijakan, kepemimpinan, desentralisasi

  3. [The company Willmar Schwabe in the Nazi era]. (United States)

    Friedrich, Christoph; Meyer, Ulrich; Seyfang, Caroline


    This essay follows the history of the Schwabe Company between 1933 and 1945 when it, like all other companies at the time, had to subject to the state-enforced conformity ('Gleichschaltung'). While Willmar Schwabe II (1878-1935), the company's second director, kept clear of Nazi politics, both of his sons, who succeeded him at an early age, became members of the Nazi party: Willmar III (1907-1983) probably from initial conviction and Wolfgang (1912-2000), who joined in 1937, more likely for opportunistic reasons. The two lay journals published by Schwabe--the Leipziger Populäre Zeitschrift für Homöopathie and the Biochemische Monatsblätter--embraced the Nazi ideology more thoroughly than the general homeopathic journal Allgemeine Homöopathische Zeitung, including above all contributions on racial hygiene. Our research has revealed that Schwabe only employed foreign workers from 1942 on, that their number was much lower, at 0.9 per cent in 1942 and 3.6 per cent in 1944, than that of other pharmaceutical companies and that their pay hardly differed from that of German workers. The sales and profit figures investigated have shown that the company did not profit exceptionally from the new Nazi health policies ('Neue Deutsche Heilkunde'): while its sales and profits rose in the Nazi era due to the increased use of medication among the civil population during wartime, the drugs produced by Schwabe remained marginal also during the war, as is apparent also from its modest deliveries to the army. All in all one can conclude that the company offered neither resistance nor particular support to the Nazi ideology.

  4. Children's Privacy in the Big Data Era: Research Opportunities. (United States)

    Montgomery, Kathryn C; Chester, Jeff; Milosevic, Tijana


    This article focuses on the privacy implications of advertising on social media, mobile apps, and games directed at children. Academic research on children's privacy has primarily focused on the safety risks involved in sharing personal information on the Internet, leaving market forces (such as commercial data collection) as a less discussed aspect of children's privacy. Yet, children's privacy in the digital era cannot be fully understood without examining marketing practices, especially in the context of "big data." As children increasingly consume content on an ever-expanding variety of digital devices, media and advertising industries are creating new ways to track their behaviors and target them with personalized content and marketing messages based on individual profiles. The advent of the so-called Internet of Things, with its ubiquitous sensors, is expanding these data collection and profiling practices. These trends raise serious concerns about digital dossiers that could follow young people into adulthood, affecting their access to education, employment, health care, and financial services. Although US privacy law provides some safeguards for children younger than 13 years old online, adolescents are afforded no such protections. Moreover, scholarship on children and privacy continues to lag behind the changes taking place in global media, advertising, and technology. This article proposes collaboration among researchers from a range of fields that will enable cross-disciplinary studies addressing not only the developmental issues related to different age groups but also the design of digital media platforms and the strategies used to influence young people. Copyright © 2017 by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

  5. Oral innate immunity in HIV infection in HAART era. (United States)

    Nittayananta, Wipawee; Tao, Renchuan; Jiang, Lanlan; Peng, Yuanyuan; Huang, Yuxiao


    Oral innate immunity, an important component in host defense and immune surveillance in the oral cavity, plays a crucial role in the regulation of oral health. As part of the innate immune system, epithelial cells lining oral mucosal surfaces not only provide a physical barrier but also produce different antimicrobial peptides, including human β-defensins (hBDs), secretory leukocyte protease inhibitor (SLPI), and various cytokines. These innate immune mediators help in maintaining oral homeostasis. When they are impaired either by local or systemic causes, various oral infections and malignancies may be developed. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection and other co-infections appear to have both direct and indirect effects on systemic and local innate immunity leading to the development of oral opportunistic infections and malignancies. Highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART), the standard treatment of HIV infection, contributed to a global reduction of HIV-associated oral lesions. However, prolonged use of HAART may lead to adverse effects on the oral innate immunity resulting in the relapse of oral lesions. This review article focused on the roles of oral innate immunity in HIV infection in HAART era. The following five key questions were addressed: (i) What are the roles of oral innate immunity in health and disease?, (ii) What are the effects of HIV infection on oral innate immunity?, (iii) What are the roles of oral innate immunity against other co-infections?, (iv) What are the effects of HAART on oral innate immunity?, and (v) Is oral innate immunity enhanced by HAART? © 2015 John Wiley & Sons A/S. Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  6. Quantifying organic matter fluxes in an era of wetland instability (United States)

    Ganju, N. K.; Kroeger, K. D.


    In an era of sea-level rise and altered sediment supply, unstable tidal wetlands may disintegrate and become a significant source of particulate organic matter and carbon to the coastal ocean. Quantifying the fluxes of particulate matter over tidal, seasonal, and annual timescales is critical for evaluating the ecosystem services provided by tidal wetlands. Using high-temporal resolution measurements over a 2.5 mo period we calculated suspended-sediment, organic matter, and particulate organic carbon (POC) fluxes in two tidal wetland systems adjacent to Chesapeake Bay. One system is characterized by several decades of instability and marsh collapse, while the other has remained stable over the same period. We collected >100 water samples over several tidal cycles and obtained a linear relationship between organic and mineral content. A subset of those samples was processed for carbon concentration and isotopic characterization; both systems displayed a consistent carbon fraction of 40% of organic material. Isotopic analysis revealed a consistent d13C of -25 at both sites, consistent with a C3 plant source (likely Schoenoplectus). Ultimately the unstable wetland exported POC at a rate of 48 g/m2/y while the stable wetland imported 21 g/m2/y. While these rates are comparable to carbon burial estimates (48-105 g/m2/y), systemic erosion will continue to reduce the carbon sequestration potential of wetland systems while releasing POC to the coastal zone. Future assessments of wetland carbon sequestration potential must consider both wetland stability and export of POC from eroding systems.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Antonio Francisco Magnoni


    Full Text Available Radio is the communication vehicle that most people use to receive information and entertainment every day. Portability, the proximity of broadcasters to their audiences and low-cost receivers have for many decades sustained radio's popularity. More recently, the radio has benefited from the growth of the automotive fleet and the huge amount of cellphones, which free radio receivers. A survey carried out in 2010 by the Radio Professionals Groups (GPR on radio consumption by Brazilians, pointed out that 74% of them listen to Radio in traditional receivers, 63% listen on the internet, 61% on car radio, 37% Cellular, 21% through devices such as MP3, MP4 and IPhone; 12% through cable TV audio channels and 3% via mobile internet. The GPR survey presents significant numbers of listeners in each type of radio reception device. These are clear indications that the same listener is regularly tuning in to their favorite stations on more than one type of radio receiver. The new variable demonstrates that the digitalization of production, transmission and reception, besides turning the radio into a vehicle with multimedia language, has also added the possibility of multi-tuning. In other words, the radio messages were received by the listeners in several terminals, all endowed with multimedia tools and resources for interactivity. It is the evidence that radio has definitely entered the binary and converging territory of cyberspace. From now on, the formation of the various professional careers for radio production will have to take into account the transformations of the vehicle in the digital era.

  8. Pediatric Acute Otitis Media in the Era of Pneumococcal Vaccination. (United States)

    Tawfik, Kareem O; Ishman, Stacey L; Altaye, Mekibib; Meinzen-Derr, Jareen; Choo, Daniel I


    Objectives (1) Describe longitudinal trends in annual prevalence of hospital admission for pediatric acute otitis media (AOM) and complications of AOM (CAOM) since introduction of pneumococcal vaccination in 2000 and (2) describe the longitudinal trend of prevalence of hospital admission for pneumococcal meningitis in children with AOM-related diagnoses in the postvaccination era. Study Design Retrospective analysis of Kids' Inpatient Database from 2000 to 2012. Setting Community, nonrehabilitation hospitals. Subjects and Methods To determine annual prevalence of admission for AOM/CAOM, nationally weighted frequencies of children aged media, acute mastoiditis, suppurative labyrinthitis, and/or acute petrositis were collected. The frequency of coexisting pneumococcal meningitis diagnoses among these patients was also collected. Trend analysis of prevalences of admission for AOM/CAOM and for pneumococcal meningitis occurring in the setting of AOM/CAOM from 2000 to 2012 was performed. Results Between 2000 and 2012, annual prevalence of admission for AOM/CAOM decreased from 3.956 to 2.618 per 100,000 persons ( P < .0001) (relative risk reduction 34%). Declines in admission prevalence were most pronounced in children <1 year of age (from 22.647 to 8.715 per 100,000 persons between 2000 and 2012, P < .0001) and 1 to 2 years of age (from 13.652 to 5.554 per 100,000 persons between 2000 and 2012, P < .0001). For all ages, the admission prevalence for pneumococcal meningitis and concomitant AOM/CAOM decreased (from 1.760 to 0.717 per 1,000,000 persons, P < .0001) over the study period. Conclusions The prevalence of hospital admission for pediatric AOM/CAOM has declined since the advent of pneumococcal vaccination. Admission rates for pneumococcal meningitis with AOM/CAOM have similarly declined.

  9. Probabilistic Photometric Redshifts in the Era of Petascale Astronomy

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Carrasco Kind, Matias [Univ. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL (United States)


    to enable the development of precision cosmology in the era of petascale astronomical surveys.

  10. Dialectics of Educational Technology and Reposition of Islamic Religious Education: Teachers’ Role in Globalization Era

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Agus Purwowidodo


    Full Text Available Learning technology as applied disciplines grows and evolves based to the needs of learning more effective, more efficient, more and more, more spacious, and more quickly in the globalization era. And also solves the problem, facilitating problem solving learning on design aspects, development, utilization, management, and assessment processes and sources in learning. Islamic religious education teachers challenge in the global era is the demands of the learning process that can improve informationliteracy that is well supported by data and facts to deliver to the students in the era of information society (information society and the scientific community (knowledge society. So it is needed an approach and innovative methods of learning strategies that address the challenges of learning needs in the era of globalization and information. Dialectics of technology on learning in a globalization era are characterized by the demands of the students to have critical thinking skills, problem solving, innovative and creative, mastering ICT, fluent communication, and multi languages. And also Islamic religious education teachers’ competence and interaction and learning technologies such as ICT products that push reposition the role of an advanced teacher trainers, counselors, managers, participants, leader and author of learning works as an abstraction and a high commitment as a base quality of professionalism. Teknologi pembelajaran sebagai  disiplin ilmu terapan tumbuh dan berkembang sesuai kebutuhan belajar  lebih efektif, lebih efisien, lebih banyak, lebih luas, lebih cepat di era global. serta memecahkan, memfasilitasi pemecahan masalah belajar pada aspek desain, pengembangan, pemanfaatan, pengelolaan, dan penilaian proses-proses dan sumber-sumber untu belajar. Tantangan guru PAI di era global adalah tuntutan terhadap proses pembelajaran yang mampu meningkatkan information literacy yang baik didukung oleh data dan fakta untuk menghantarkan

  11. Slot-Coupled Barbel Antenna

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jørgensen, Kasper Lüthje; Jakobsen, Kaj Bjarne


    A novel slot-coupled barbel antenna is designed and analyzed. A sensitivity analysis performed in order to improve the bandwidth, while the center frequency is kept constant.......A novel slot-coupled barbel antenna is designed and analyzed. A sensitivity analysis performed in order to improve the bandwidth, while the center frequency is kept constant....

  12. Older Couple Relationships and Loneliness

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    de Jong Gierveld, J.; Broese van Groenou, M.; Bookwala, Jamila


    The couple relationship is a major factor in alleviating loneliness. Midlife and older adults without a couple relationship, especially after widowhood or divorce, are at serious risk of loneliness. Outcomes of empirical research, both dating back to the former century (Lopata, 1980, 1996), as well

  13. Coupling between minimum scattering antennas

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Andersen, J.; Lessow, H; Schjær-Jacobsen, Hans


    Coupling between minimum scattering antennas (MSA's) is investigated by the coupling theory developed by Wasylkiwskyj and Kahn. Only rotationally symmetric power patterns are considered, and graphs of relative mutual impedance are presented as a function of distance and pattern parameters. Crossed......-dipoles and helices are considered in order to establish a correspondence with simple antenna structures....

  14. ESPC Coupled Global Prediction System (United States)


    spatially variable and realistic sea ice albedo . The coupled system has been used to a short hindcast for 2013 similar to the SEARCH results with...and thus affect stress calculations. COAMPS/NCOM/SWAN are still being used as a proxy here for NAVGEM/HYCOM/WW3, as the coupling infrastructure in

  15. The Minnesota Couples Communication Program (United States)

    Nunnally, Elam W.; And Others


    This article describes the Minnesota Couples Communication Program which offers a structured educational experience directed toward equipping couples with skills for (1) heightening awareness of self and self's contributions to interaction, (2) effectively expressing self-awareness, (3) accurately understanding partner's communications, and (4)…

  16. Relational Communication in Intercultural Couples (United States)

    Cools, Carine A.


    This qualitative study utilises the relational dialectics of Baxter and Montgomery (1996) to examine the relationship communication of six heterosexual intercultural couples living in Finland. In this study, I attempt to answer the following questions: what cultural issues are relevant in the couples' relationship? What intercultural relational…

  17. Linear analysis of coupled lattices

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    D. Sagan


    Full Text Available A formalism for describing the coupled two-dimensional motion of high energy particle beams in a storage ring is developed and extended to circumstances where the coupling is very strong, such as for the Möbius twist accelerator.

  18. Coupling spin qubits via superconductors

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Leijnse, Martin; Flensberg, Karsten


    We show how superconductors can be used to couple, initialize, and read out spatially separated spin qubits. When two single-electron quantum dots are tunnel coupled to the same superconductor, the singlet component of the two-electron state partially leaks into the superconductor via crossed...

  19. A review of the public health management of shigellosis in Australia in the era of culture-independent diagnostic testing. (United States)

    Tai, Alex Y C; Easton, Marion; Encena, Jess; Rotty, Jessica; Valcanis, Mary; Howden, Benjamin P; Slota-Kan, Simon; Gregory, Joy


    To review the national case definition for shigellosis following the introduction of culture independent diagnostic testing by clinical laboratories and provide evidence to reform jurisdictional public health practices for the management shigellosis., . A review of all Australian jurisdictional public health guidelines for shigellosis was conducted. Victorian 2014 shigellosis data were analysed: demographics and risk factors for cases identified by conventional culture or culture-independent diagnostic methods were described. There was considerable variation in reporting of cases to the National Notifiable Disease Surveillance System (NNDSS) by the eight Australian jurisdictions, with an array of classifications based on diagnostic testing methodologies. Analysis of Victorian 2014 shigellosis data found that culture positive cases were more likely to have reported men who have sex with men (MSM) as a risk factor than PCR positive only cases (pcultures after appropriate treatment. The national surveillance case definition for shigellosis should be reviewed to facilitate standardised reporting across Australia. All jurisdictions must consider the public health significance of PCR positive only results in their surveillance risk assessments to inform management of shigellosis cases. © 2016 Public Health Association of Australia.

  20. Whither or wither geomicrobiology in the era of 'community metagenomics' (United States)

    Oremland, R.S.; Capone, D.G.; Stolz, J.F.; Fuhrman, J.


    Molecular techniques are valuable tools that can improve our understanding of the structure of microbial communities. They provide the ability to probe for life in all niches of the biosphere, perhaps even supplanting the need to cultivate microorganisms or to conduct ecophysiological investigations. However, an overemphasis and strict dependence on such large information-driven endeavours as environmental metagenomics could overwhelm the field, to the detriment of microbial ecology. We now call for more balanced, hypothesis-driven research efforts that couple metagenomics with classic approaches.

  1. Vibrational coupling in plasmonic molecules. (United States)

    Yi, Chongyue; Dongare, Pratiksha D; Su, Man-Nung; Wang, Wenxiao; Chakraborty, Debadi; Wen, Fangfang; Chang, Wei-Shun; Sader, John E; Nordlander, Peter; Halas, Naomi J; Link, Stephan


    Plasmon hybridization theory, inspired by molecular orbital theory, has been extremely successful in describing the near-field coupling in clusters of plasmonic nanoparticles, also known as plasmonic molecules. However, the vibrational modes of plasmonic molecules have been virtually unexplored. By designing precisely configured plasmonic molecules of varying complexity and probing them at the individual plasmonic molecule level, intramolecular coupling of acoustic modes, mediated by the underlying substrate, is observed. The strength of this coupling can be manipulated through the configuration of the plasmonic molecules. Surprisingly, classical continuum elastic theory fails to account for the experimental trends, which are well described by a simple coupled oscillator picture that assumes the vibrational coupling is mediated by coherent phonons with low energies. These findings provide a route to the systematic optical control of the gigahertz response of metallic nanostructures, opening the door to new optomechanical device strategies. Published under the PNAS license.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Loredana-Raluca UNGUREANU


    Full Text Available Lucrarea de faţă reprezintă un prim demers de conştientizare cu privire la o dimensiune a violenţei manifestate în special în rândul copiilor şi tinerilor – cyberbullying, violenţa în spaţiul virtual. În contextul erei digitale, al societăţii contemporane care se defineşte şi redefineşte continuu în acord cu evoluţia tehnologiei, într-o lume care se construieşte, se destramă şi se reconstruieşte permanent din spatele monitoarelor, în şcoala nativilor digitali care se formează cu pre­dilecţie prin apel la oceanul de informaţii oferite prin acces la Internet, agresivitatea capătă proporţii nebănuite cu efecte devastatoare. Primul pas în soluţionarea problemei constă în recunoaşterea sa, în definirea corectă a tuturor faţetelor sale, în identificarea factorilor declanşatori.CYBERBULLYING – VIOLENCE IN THE DIGITAL ERAThis paper represents a first approach for raising the awareness regarding a dimension of violence manifested especially among children and youngsters – cyberbullying, violence in virtual environment. In the context of the digital era, of the contemporary society that defines and redefines itself constantly according to the technological evolution, in a world that builds itself, crumbles and rebuilds itself from behind the monitors, in a school of the digital natives that develop themselves especially by using the ocean of information offered through the Internet, the aggressiveness gets enormous proportions with devastating effects. The first step in solving the problem is to admit its existence, to define correctly all its aspects, to identify the triggers.

  3. Couple Discord and Depression in Couples during Couple Therapy and in Depressed Individuals during Depression Treatment (United States)

    Atkins, David C.; Dimidjian, Sona; Bedics, Jamie D.; Christensen, Andrew


    The association between depression and relationship distress as well as the impact of treatment for the one on the other was examined across 2 treatment-seeking samples: individuals seeking treatment for depression (N = 120) and couples seeking marital therapy (N = 134 couples). Although there was a baseline association between depression and…

  4. Scientific Training in the Era of Big Data: A New Pedagogy for Graduate Education. (United States)

    Aikat, Jay; Carsey, Thomas M; Fecho, Karamarie; Jeffay, Kevin; Krishnamurthy, Ashok; Mucha, Peter J; Rajasekar, Arcot; Ahalt, Stanley C


    The era of "big data" has radically altered the way scientific research is conducted and new knowledge is discovered. Indeed, the scientific method is rapidly being complemented and even replaced in some fields by data-driven approaches to knowledge discovery. This paradigm shift is sometimes referred to as the "fourth paradigm" of data-intensive and data-enabled scientific discovery. Interdisciplinary research with a hard emphasis on translational outcomes is becoming the norm in all large-scale scientific endeavors. Yet, graduate education remains largely focused on individual achievement within a single scientific domain, with little training in team-based, interdisciplinary data-oriented approaches designed to translate scientific data into new solutions to today's critical challenges. In this article, we propose a new pedagogy for graduate education: data-centered learning for the domain-data scientist. Our approach is based on four tenets: (1) Graduate training must incorporate interdisciplinary training that couples the domain sciences with data science. (2) Graduate training must prepare students for work in data-enabled research teams. (3) Graduate training must include education in teaming and leadership skills for the data scientist. (4) Graduate training must provide experiential training through academic/industry practicums and internships. We emphasize that this approach is distinct from today's graduate training, which offers training in either data science or a domain science (e.g., biology, sociology, political science, economics, and medicine), but does not integrate the two within a single curriculum designed to prepare the next generation of domain-data scientists. We are in the process of implementing the proposed pedagogy through the development of a new graduate curriculum based on the above four tenets, and we describe herein our strategy, progress, and lessons learned. While our pedagogy was developed in the context of graduate education

  5. Comparing proxy and model estimates of hydroclimate variability and change over the Common Era (United States)

    Hydro2k Consortium, Pages


    Water availability is fundamental to societies and ecosystems, but our understanding of variations in hydroclimate (including extreme events, flooding, and decadal periods of drought) is limited because of a paucity of modern instrumental observations that are distributed unevenly across the globe and only span parts of the 20th and 21st centuries. Such data coverage is insufficient for characterizing hydroclimate and its associated dynamics because of its multidecadal to centennial variability and highly regionalized spatial signature. High-resolution (seasonal to decadal) hydroclimatic proxies that span all or parts of the Common Era (CE) and paleoclimate simulations from climate models are therefore important tools for augmenting our understanding of hydroclimate variability. In particular, the comparison of the two sources of information is critical for addressing the uncertainties and limitations of both while enriching each of their interpretations. We review the principal proxy data available for hydroclimatic reconstructions over the CE and highlight the contemporary understanding of how these proxies are interpreted as hydroclimate indicators. We also review the available last-millennium simulations from fully coupled climate models and discuss several outstanding challenges associated with simulating hydroclimate variability and change over the CE. A specific review of simulated hydroclimatic changes forced by volcanic events is provided, as is a discussion of expected improvements in estimated radiative forcings, models, and their implementation in the future. Our review of hydroclimatic proxies and last-millennium model simulations is used as the basis for articulating a variety of considerations and best practices for how to perform proxy-model comparisons of CE hydroclimate. This discussion provides a framework for how best to evaluate hydroclimate variability and its associated dynamics using these comparisons and how they can better inform

  6. Building on 50 Years of Systems Engineering Experience for a New Era of Space Exploration (United States)

    Dumbacher, Daniel L.; Lyles, Garry M.; McConnaughey, Paul K.


    Over the past 50 years, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has delivered space transportation solutions for America's complex missions, ranging from scientific payloads that expand knowledge, such as the Hubble Space Telescope, to astronauts and lunar rovers destined for voyages to the Moon. Currently, the venerable Space Shuttle, which has been in service since 1981, provides the United States (US) capability for both crew and heavy cargo to low-Earth orbit to construct the International Space Station, before the Shuttle is retired in 2010. In the next decade, NASA will replace this system with a duo of launch vehicles: the Ares I crew launch vehicle and the Ares V cargo launch vehicle. The goals for this new system include increased safety and reliability coupled with lower operations costs that promote sustainable space exploration for decades to come. The Ares I will loft the Orion crew exploration vehicle, while the heavy-lift Ares V will carry the Altair lunar lander, as well as the equipment and supplies needed to construct a lunar outpost for a new generation of human and robotic space pioneers. NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center manages the Shuttle's propulsion elements and is managing the design and development of the Ares rockets, along with a host of other engineering assignments in the field of scientific space exploration. Specifically, the Marshall Center's Engineering Directorate houses the skilled workforce and unique facilities needed to build capable systems upon the foundation laid by the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, and Shuttle programs. This paper will provide details of the in-house systems engineering and vehicle integration work now being performed for the Ares I and planned for the Ares V. It will give an overview of the Ares I system-level testing activities, such as the ground vibration testing that will be conducted in the Marshall Center's Dynamic Test Stand to verify the integrated vehicle stack's structural

  7. Enhancement of Plant Productivity in the Post-Genomics Era. (United States)

    Thao, Nguyen Phuong; Tran, Lam-Son Phan


    Obtaining high plant yield is not always achievable in agricultural activity as it is determined by various factors, including cultivar quality, nutrient and water supplies, degree of infection by pathogens, natural calamities and soil conditions, which affect plant growth and development. More noticeably, sustainable plant productivity to provide sufficient food for the increasing human population has become a thorny issue to scientists in the era of unpredictable global climatic changes, appearance of more tremendous or multiple stresses, and land restriction for cultivation. Well-established agricultural management by agrotechnological means has shown no longer to be effective enough to confront with this challenge. Instead, in order to maximize the production, it is advisable to implement such practices in combination with biological applications. Nowadays, high technologies are widely adopted into agricultural production, biological diversity conservation and crop improvement. Wang et al. has nicely outlined the utilization of DNA-based technologies in this field. Among these are the applications of (i) DNA markers into cultivar identification, seed purity analysis, germplasm resource evaluation, heterosis prediction, genetic mapping, cloning and breeding; and (ii) gene expression data in supporting the description of crop phenology, the analytic comparison of crop growth under stress versus non-stress conditions, or the study of fertilizer effects. Besides, various purposes of using transgenic technologies in agriculture, such as generating cultivars with better product quality, better tolerance to biotic or abiotic stress, are also discussed in the review. One of the important highlights in this issue is the review of the benefits brought by high-throughput sequencing technology, which is also known as next-generation sequencing (NGS). It is not so difficult to recognize that its application has allowed us to carry out biological studies at much deeper level

  8. The Long-Term Consequences of Vietnam-Era Conscription and Genotype on Smoking Behavior and Health. (United States)

    Schmitz, Lauren; Conley, Dalton


    Research is needed to understand the extent to which environmental factors moderate links between genetic risk and the development of smoking behaviors. The Vietnam-era draft lottery offers a unique opportunity to investigate whether genetic susceptibility to smoking is influenced by risky environments in young adulthood. Access to free or reduced-price cigarettes coupled with the stress of military life meant conscripts were exposed to a large, exogenous shock to smoking behavior at a young age. Using data from the Health and Retirement Study (HRS), we interact a genetic risk score for smoking initiation with instrumented veteran status in an instrumental variables (IV) framework to test for genetic moderation (i.e. heterogeneous treatment effects) of veteran status on smoking behavior and smoking-related morbidities. We find evidence that veterans with a high genetic predisposition for smoking were more likely to have been smokers, smoke heavily, and are at a higher risk of being diagnosed with cancer or hypertension at older ages. Smoking behavior was significantly attenuated for high-risk veterans who attended college after the war, indicating post-service schooling gains from veterans' use of the GI Bill may have reduced tobacco consumption in adulthood.

  9. [Hikikomori (ひきこもり): a culture-bound syndrome in the web 2.0 era]. (United States)

    De Michele, Francesco; Caredda, Maria; Delle Chiaie, Roberto; Salviati, Massimo; Biondi, Massimo


    In 1998 the Japanese psychiatrist Tamaki Sait¯o invented the term hikikomori, referring to a condition characterised by a state of social withdrawal and avoidance (education, work, friendships) combined with a persistent isolation and confinement in the own home for at least 6 months, due to various factors. Initially it undoubtedly regarded a disorder related to a specific socio-cultural context, however in the last couple of years some cases of hikikomori behaviour have also been observed in other countries far from Japan, both geographically and culturally. By way of hypothesis this diffusion can probably be attributed to the cultural revolution represented by mass communication in the internet era; in particular, it seems to be closely related to the immediateness and diffusion of web 2.0, i.e. of social networks. Therefore, we report a case of hikikomori behaviour, who was referred to our ward. M. is a 28-year-old man, who has lived the last 10 years in a state of almost complete isolation. He has maintained contacts with the outside world almost exclusively via internet. He started several therapies with psychiatrists and psychologists, without achieving significant results. The case of M. represents, to our knowledge, the first case of hikikomori described in Italy.

  10. Substrate noise coupling in RFICs

    CERN Document Server

    Helmy, Ahmed


    Substrate Noise Coupling in RFICs addresses substrate noise coupling in RF and mixed signal ICs when used in a system on chip (SoC) containing digital ICs as well. This trend of integrating RF, mixed signal ICs with large digital ICs is found in many of today's commercial ICs such as single chip Wi-Fi or Bluetooth solutions and is expected to grow rapidly in the future. The book reports modeling and simulation techniques for substrate noise coupling effects in RFICs and introduces isolation structures and design guides to mitigate such effects with the ultimate goal of enhancing the yield of R


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    I Komang Sudirga


    Full Text Available Pasantian, which means reading and reciting a literary work, is growing, developing and resurrecting resistively in the life of the Balinese community in the globalization era. This study tries to answer the following questions: (1 what was the renaissance of pasantian in the globalization era in Bali like; (2 what factors contributed to the renaissance of pasantian in the globalization era in Bali; (3 what was the meaning of the renaissance of pasantian in the globalization era in Bali? This study in which qualitative method was used. It was intended to identify the existence of pasantian and its dynamism through its renaissance in the globalization era. The theory of deconstruction (Derrida, in Norris, 2008, the theory of practice (Bourdieu in Takwin, 2009 and Fashri, 2007, the theory of postmodern (Piliang, 2004, and Piliang, 2004a, and the theory of hegemony (Gramsci, in Barker, 2005 were eclectically used to analyze the data. The result showed that the renaissance of pasantian took place in three periods; the initial renaissance took place from 1979 to 1990, the second from 1991 to 1998, and the third from 1999 to 2010s. Such a renaissance was supported by cultural factors. In addition, political and economic factors also contributed to the renaissance of pasantian. It had socio-cultural, and economic effects, which led to multi-meanings such as educational meaning, entertainment meaning, the meaning of politics of image, the meaning of hypermorality, and the meaning of maintenance of socio-cultural meanings.

  12. An Analysis of the Play Called Importance of Being Earnest with Feminist Perspective


    DEMİR, Çağlar


    Victorian Era is characterized with the power men held in the society. Patriarchal social structure always tended not to let women take positions in the workplace, and social organizations. Victorian England didn’t take the women, their education, attitudes and feelings into consideration. The women were only the docile servers at home for Victorian men. However,  some intellectual women and male writers wrote striking novels and plays to attract the public and authorities’ attention to this ...

  13. Varicocele repair in the era of modern assisted reproductive techniques. (United States)

    McIntyre, Matthew; Hsieh, Tung-Chin; Lipshultz, Larry


    This review looks at the literature on varicocele repair and its effect on assisted reproductive techniques. The effects of varicocele correction on improved sperm production have been well documented with semen analysis data. What remain to be elucidated are the causes of the varicocele effect and how correction of the resultant pathophysiology may affect the outcomes of modern assisted reproductive technology. Basic science research shows us that varicoceles exert deleterious effects on Leydig cells, Sertoli cells, and germ cells via very different mechanisms. The effects of varicocele correction on the reproductive potential of sperm are less well understood. Clinical research has shown improved semen parameters, DNA integrity, and assisted reproductive technology outcomes after varicocele repair. Varicocele correction presents a possible method to optimize a couples' reproductive potential or decrease the need for complex assisted reproductive technology.

  14. Gay Couple Counseling: Proceedings of a Conference (United States)

    Blair, Ralph; And Others


    This is a report of a conference on gay couple counseling for members of the helping professions. Discussion topics included (1) Therapists' Panel on Female Couples, (2) Therapists' Panel on Male Couples; (3) Panel of Male Couples and (4) Panel of Female Couples. The conference was held in May, 1974 in New York and was sponsored by The Homosexual…

  15. Universality of coupled Potts models

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dotsenko, V.S.; Jacobsen, J.L. E-mail:; Nguyen, X.S.; Santachiara, Raoul


    We study systems of M Potts models coupled by their local energy density. Each model is taken to have a distinct number of states, and the permutational symmetry S{sub M} present in the case of identical coupled models is thus broken initially. The duality transformations within the space of 2{sup M}-1 multi-energy couplings are shown to have a particularly simple form. The selfdual manifold has dimension D{sub M}=2{sup M-1}-1. Specialising to the case M=3, we identify a unique non-trivial critical point in the three-dimensional selfdual space. We compare its critical exponents as computed from the perturbative renormalisation group with numerical transfer matrix results. Our main objective is to provide evidence that at the critical point of three different coupled models the symmetry S{sub 3} is restored.

  16. Weak Coupling Phases future directions

    CERN Document Server

    Rosner, Jonathan L.


    Recent results obtained from B decays on the phases of weak couplings described by the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa (CKM) matrix are discussed, with particular emphasis on $\\alpha$ and $\\gamma = \\pi - \\beta - \\alpha$.

  17. Measuring the uncertainty of coupling (United States)

    Zhao, Xiaojun; Shang, Pengjian


    A new information-theoretic measure, called coupling entropy, is proposed here to detect the causal links in complex systems by taking into account the inner composition alignment of temporal structure. It is a permutation-based asymmetric association measure to infer the uncertainty of coupling between two time series. The coupling entropy is found to be effective in the analysis of Hénon maps, where different noises are added to test its accuracy and sensitivity. The coupling entropy is also applied to analyze the relationship between unemployment rate and CPI change in the U.S., where the CPI change turns out to be the driving variable while the unemployment rate is the responding one.

  18. Heterogeneous Dynamics of Coupled Vibrations

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Cringus, Dan; Jansen, Thomas I. C.; Pshenichnikov, Maxim S.; Schoenlein, RW; Corkum, P; DeSilvestri, S; Nelson, KA; Riedle, E


    Frequency-dependent dynamics of coupled stretch vibrations of a water molecule are revealed by 2D IR correlation spectroscopy. These are caused by non-Gaussian fluctuations of the environment around the individual OH stretch vibrations.

  19. Couplings in Pseudo-Supersymmetry

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Klein, Matthias


    We analyze theories in which a supersymmetric sector is coupled to a supersymmetry-breaking sector described by a non-linear realization. We show how to consistently couple N = 1 supersymmetric matter to non-supersymmetric matter in such a way that all interactions are invariant under non-linear supersymmetry transformations. We extend this formalism to couple N = 2 supersymmetric matter to N = 1 superfields that lack N = 2 partners but transform in a non-linear representation of the N = 2 algebra. In particular, we show how to couple an N = 2 vector to N = 1 chiral fields in a consistent way. This has important applications to effective field theories describing the interactions of D-brane world-volume fields with bulk fields. We apply our method to study systems where different sectors break different halves of supersymmetry, which appear naturally in models of intersecting branes.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Umar Sidiq


     ملخص: طبقا لنموّ المعاهد (البسانترين فإن الرئاسة فيها ليست رئاسة واحدة. تنظّم منظمة المعهد في شكل المؤسسة ، واتجه إلى الرئاسة الجماعية  لكن دون أن يقلل دور كياهي فيه كالرئيس الأول فيه، فبهذا يصبح المعهد مؤسسة تربوية متقدّمة. و  Learning organization   هو الوسيلة لبناء المنظمة أو المؤسسة المتقدمة. وكل من أعضاء هذه المنظمة لابد أن تنمّى كفاءاته لأجل الإصلاح في المستقبل. ويطبق تنسيق التعليم لأن المنظمة لها القيمة لتنمية الكفاءات الاستيراتيجية لعملية إصلاح العمل، وترقية المعلومات والكفاءات لكل أعضاء المنظمة. بهذا لا يكون وجود المعهد معلق بوجود الرئيس الوحيد (كياهي لكنه أصبح فرقة العمل. وهذا واقع جميل ومقنع لبقاء المعهد في المستقبل. Keyword: Pembelajaran, organisasi, pesantren dan era global.

  1. Entertaining Democracy in the Era of Neo-Liberalism

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    James Curran


    Full Text Available James Curran’s article “Entertaining democracy in the Era of Neo-liberalism” is an essay written from the 13th SBPJor Conference Meeting in Campo Grande in 2015; a conference in which he was the opening speaker. The article was approved for publication in the BJR at the end of 2015, but we have decided to publish it in a special edition of Journalism and Democracy as it deals precisely with this issue. Curran begins the article by questioning the current state of democracy as it pertains to the decline of the nation state and the emergence of transnational institutions of deliberation which he calls “multilevel governance” but “is not matched by the development of a multilevel sense of citizenship”. As almost a prelude to the Brexit, Curran draws attention to the fact that the English do not consider themselves European despite being a part of the European Union. He tied this nationalist ideal not only to the British, but to other country populations in general. In a world dominated by transnational corporations and the presence and constancy of national media “supporting a national identity” he predicted that “Attempts at new institutional building are out of step with media development”. His analysis highlights several problems that are weakening modern democracy like “the increasing centralization of power by political leaders” and the “increasingly unrepresentative nature of the political class  rendering them in some countries almost a ‘separate caste’”. Reading Curran’s text allows us to reflect on the situation in Brazil. At first, it is pessimistic and places meanings that we have lobbied for outside of our borders: “Governments are less able to govern; political power is becoming more centralized; and the unelected influence of big business is becoming greater”. The media also has a hand in contributing towards a “growing sense of disconnection from politics”, making reference to politics as

  2. Sea-level variability over the Common Era (United States)

    Kopp, Robert; Horton, Benjamin; Kemp, Andrew; Engelhart, Simon; Little, Chris


    The Common Era (CE) sea-level response to climate forcing, and its relationship to centennial-timescale climate variability such as the Medieval Climate Anomaly (MCA) and the Little Ice Age (LIA), is fragmentary relative to other proxy-derived climate records (e.g. atmospheric surface temperature). However, the Atlantic coast of North America provides a rich sedimentary record of CE relative sea level with sufficient spatial and temporal resolution to inform mechanisms underlying regional and global sea level variability and their relationship to other climate proxies. This coast has a small tidal range, improving the precision of sea-level reconstructions. Coastal subsidence (from glacial isostatic adjustment, GIA) creates accommodation space that is filled by salt-marsh peat and preserves accurate and precise sea-level indicators and abundant material for radiocarbon dating. In addition to longer term GIA induced land-level change from ongoing collapse of the Laurentide forebulge, these records are ideally situated to capture climate-driven sea level changes. The western North Atlantic Ocean sea level is sensitive to static equilibrium effects from melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet, as well as large-scale changes in ocean circulation and winds. Our reconstructions reveal two distinct patterns in sea-level during the CE along the United States Atlantic coast: (1) South of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, to Florida sea-level rise is essentially flat, with the record dominated by long-term geological processes until the onset of historic rates of rise in the late 19th century; (2) North of Cape Hatteras to Connecticut, sea level rise to maximum around 1000CE, a sea-level minimum around 1500 CE, and a long-term sea-level rise through the second half of the second millennium. The northern-intensified sea-level fall beginning 1000 is coincident with shifts toward persistent positive NAO-like atmospheric states inferred from other proxy records and is consistent with

  3. Lens Coupled Quantum Cascade Laser (United States)

    Hu, Qing (Inventor); Lee, Alan Wei Min (Inventor)


    Terahertz quantum cascade (QC) devices are disclosed that can operate, e.g., in a range of about 1 THz to about 10 THz. In some embodiments, QC lasers are disclosed in which an optical element (e.g., a lens) is coupled to an output facet of the laser's active region to enhance coupling of the lasing radiation from the active region to an external environment. In other embodiments, terahertz amplifier and tunable terahertz QC lasers are disclosed.

  4. Marital Dissolution Among Interracial Couples


    Zhang, Yuanting; Van Hook, Jennifer


    Increases in interracial marriage have been interpreted as reflecting reduced social distance among racial and ethnic groups, but little is known about the stability of interracial marriages. Using six panels of Survey of Income and Program Participation (N = 23,139 married couples), we found that interracial marriages are less stable than endogamous marriages, but these findings did not hold up consistently. After controlling for couple characteristics, the risk of divorce or separation amon...

  5. Archaeological Investigations at the San Gabriel Reservoir Districts Central Texas. Volume I. (United States)


    above Georgetown on the San Gabriel was a product of this period. The Victorian period brought a new style of living to Williamson County. Sawed lumber... era (Shroeder 1979). F.A. Allison was killed in 1914, and his four children inherited one half of 3,800 acres. During the partnership of Allison and...burned before it could begin operation. In 1942, after her marriage to Elo David, the couple moved back to the Hoxie Ranch. They lived in two houses at

  6. Coupled Acoustic-Mechanical Bandgaps

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jensen, Jakob Søndergaard; Kook, Junghwan


    In this work, we study the existence of coupled bandgaps for corrugated plate structures and acoustic channels. The study is motivated by the observation that the performance of traditional bandgap structures, such as periodic plates, may be compromised due to the coupling to a surrounding acoust...... domains into account. Additionally, the coupling is shown to introduce extra gaps in the band structure due to modal interaction and the appearance of a cut-on frequency for the fundamental acoustic mode.......In this work, we study the existence of coupled bandgaps for corrugated plate structures and acoustic channels. The study is motivated by the observation that the performance of traditional bandgap structures, such as periodic plates, may be compromised due to the coupling to a surrounding acoustic...... medium and the presence of acoustic resonances. It is demonstrated that corrugation of the plate structure can introduce bending wave bandgaps and bandgaps in the acoustic domain in overlapping and audible frequency ranges. This effect is preserved also when taking the physical coupling between the two...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Z. Aslıhan OZTURK


    Full Text Available In this study, the emergence of Hellenistic Art, historical and social background that constitutive it, important features that put it forward and important artworks in the light of Ancient Era Society and Art general framework will be examined. Hellenistic Art as an Ancient Era Art was existed blending Greek culture and art which are dominant elements of the empire and cultures of conquered lands, progressed as a mixed culture. On the wide geography that Alexander the Great conquered, in time differences showed up in the direction of the beliefs, social structure and sense of art of this region and powerful and effective artworks were revealed taking form of this differences with a common understanding. In this reseach, Hellenistic Art that showed a common understanding belongs to almost whole known World in Ancient Era and its sociologic Fundamentals will be analyzed.

  8. Panethnicity revisited: contested group boundaries in the post-9/11 era. (United States)

    Bozorgmehr, Mehdi; Ong, Paul; Tosh, Sarah

    Existing theories of panethnicity in the USA concentrate on Asian Americans and Latinos, two umbrella groups that originally coalesced during the 1960s civil rights era. Although the role played by the state is recognized as central to panethnic development, we argue that the influence of this pivotal variable is contingent on historical context. Through a case study of emerging minority groups (Middle Eastern and South Asian Americans in the post-9/11 era), we re-examine the existing conceptualization of panethnicity at a time when the state plays a more punitive than compensatory role. Using a methodology that draws on a range of novel sources, we document the way that pre-existing ethnic, religious and national-origin labels have been reinforced instead of panethnic labels for the populations under study. Accordingly, we develop an updated conceptualization of group formation that incorporates historical context and the role of the state in the post-9/11 era.

  9. Using ERA-Interim reanalysis for creating datasets of energy-relevant climate variables (United States)

    Jones, Philip D.; Harpham, Colin; Troccoli, Alberto; Gschwind, Benoit; Ranchin, Thierry; Wald, Lucien; Goodess, Clare M.; Dorling, Stephen


    The construction of a bias-adjusted dataset of climate variables at the near surface using ERA-Interim reanalysis is presented. A number of different, variable-dependent, bias-adjustment approaches have been proposed. Here we modify the parameters of different distributions (depending on the variable), adjusting ERA-Interim based on gridded station or direct station observations. The variables are air temperature, dewpoint temperature, precipitation (daily only), solar radiation, wind speed, and relative humidity. These are available on either 3 or 6 h timescales over the period 1979-2016. The resulting bias-adjusted dataset is available through the Climate Data Store (CDS) of the Copernicus Climate Change Data Store (C3S) and can be accessed at present from The benefit of performing bias adjustment is demonstrated by comparing initial and bias-adjusted ERA-Interim data against gridded observational fields.

  10. Growth of ErAs Nanoparticles by Pulsed Laser Ablation in an Inert Environment (United States)

    Lewis, Matthew; Bichoupan, Kevin; Shah, S. Ismat; Zide, Joshua M. O.


    The incorporation of ErAs nanoparticles into III-V semiconductor films has been shown to dramatically alter the properties of the resulting nanocomposite, while maintaining an epitaxial relationship throughout the film. Even though these composites have been extensively studied, little work has been done on the particles themselves, absent of the host matrix. In this paper, we demonstrate ErAs nanoparticle growth outside of a host matrix by laser ablation in an inert environment. Rietveld refinement was used to determine the compositions of ablation targets and resulting powders to better understand the requirements for the growth of binary nanoparticles from pressed powder targets and the limiting factors for particle growth. Powders with an ErAs concentration of 67.1% were obtained, and higher concentrations are expected to be achieved with higher purity targets.

  11. Variability in clinical diagnoses during the ICD-8 and ICD-10 era

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Frederiksen, Julie E Nordgaard; Jessen, Kasper; Sæbye, Ditte


    AIMS: To explore whether the diagnostic homogeneity in a daily, routine clinical activity changed visibly over two historical periods (the ICD-8 and the ICD-10 era) across and within five psychiatric in-patient clinics. METHODS: In this register study, we analyzed the discharge diagnoses from five...... university-affiliated departments of psychiatry in Denmark in two time periods: 1980-1985 (ICD-8) and 2001-2010 (ICD-10). RESULTS: The synchronic inter-departmental diagnostic differences did not decrease in the ICD-10 era compared with ICD-8 era. Nor did the diachronic stability within each department...... the introduction of the ICD-10. LIMITATIONS: There is a myriad of variables that affects the diagnostic variability over time that we were not able to control....

  12. Early Onset of Industrial-Era Warming Across the Oceans and Continents (United States)

    Abram, N.; McGregor, H. V.; Tierney, J. E.; Evans, M. N.; McKay, N.; Kaufman, D. S.; Pages 2k Consortium*, T.


    The evolution of industrial-era warming provides critical context for future climate change, and has fundamental importance for determining climate sensitivity and the processes that control regional warming. Palaeoclimate data from the Common Era - a period when natural and anthropogenic climate forcings are reasonably well constrained - provide valuable perspectives on anthropogenic greenhouse warming, but have focused mainly on the Northern Hemisphere using records derived primarily from terrestrial settings. Given the importance of the oceans in determining the pace and regional structure of climate changes, it is essential to extend our palaeoclimate assessments to determine how regional-scale warming developed in the oceans and over land during the Industrial Era. Here we use post-1500CE palaeoclimate records to show that sustained industrial-era warming of the tropical oceans first developed during the mid-19th Century, and was near-synchronous with Northern Hemisphere continental warming. The early onset of sustained, significant warming in palaeoclimate records and model simulations suggests greenhouse forcing of industrial-era warming commenced as early as the mid-19th Century, and included an enhanced equatorial ocean response mechanism. The development of Southern Hemisphere warming is delayed in reconstructions, but this apparent delay is not reproduced in climate simulations. Our findings imply that instrumental records are too short to comprehensively assess anthropogenic climate change, and in some regions 180 years of industrial-era warming has already caused surface temperatures to emerge above pre-industrial variability. *PAGES 2k Consortium authors are: Kaustubh Thirumalai, Belen Martrat, Hugues Goosse, Steven J. Phipps, Eric J. Steig, K. Halimeda Kilbourne, Casey P. Saenger, Jens Zinke, Guillaume Leduc, Jason A. Addison, P. Graham Mortyn, Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz, Marie-Alexandrine Sicre, Kandasamy Selvaraj, Helena L. Filipsson, Raphael

  13. Implementation of the Spanish National Enhanced Recovery Program (ERAS) in Bariatric Surgery: A Pilot Study. (United States)

    Ruiz-Tovar, Jaime; Royo, Pablo; Muñoz, José L; Duran, Manuel; Redondo, Elisabeth; Ramirez, Jose M


    The essence of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) programs is the multimodal approach, and many authors have demonstrated safety and feasibility in fast track bariatric surgery. According to this concept, a multidisciplinary ERAS program for bariatric surgery has been developed by the Spanish fast track group (ERAS Spain). The aim of this study was to analyze the initial implementation of this Spanish National ERAS protocol in bariatric surgery. A multicentric prospective pilot study was performed, including 125 consecutive patients undergoing bariatric surgery at 3 Spanish hospitals between January and June 2015, after the Spanish National ERAS protocol in bariatric surgery. Compliance with the protocol, morbidity, mortality, hospital stay, and readmission were evaluated. Bariatric techniques performed included 68 Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (54.4%) and 57 laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (45.6%) cases. All surgeries were laparoscopically performed with conversion in only 1 case (0.8%). Median postoperative pain evaluated by visual analogic scale 24 hours after surgery was 2 (range, 0 to 5). Postoperative nausea or vomiting appeared in 7 patients (5.6%). Complications appeared in 6 patients (4.8%). The reoperation rate was 4%. The mortality rate was 0.8%. The median hospital stay was 2 days (range, 2 to 10 d) and readmission rate was 2.4%. The compliance of all the items of the protocol was achieved in 78.4% of the patients. The Spanish National ERAS protocol is a safe issue with a high implementation rate. It can be recommended to establish this protocol to other institutions.

  14. Communication and Contraceptive Practices in Adolescent Couples. (United States)

    Polit-O'Hara, Denise; Kahn, Janet R.


    Presents a descriptive analysis of couple communication among stable, sexually active adolescent couples (N=83) and the effect of communication on actual contraceptive practices. Results showed couples with good communication were more likely to practice effective contraception. (BH)

  15. Enlightenment education of the nursing after the Meiji era The transition of the home nursing book published after the Meiji era.


    荏原, 順子; Ebara, Junko


    This research reveals the general condition of the enlightenment education of nursing by studying the transition of the home nursing book published after the Meiji era. As a result of the analysis, the development of the nursing specialty as a profession exerts the influence to the home nursing. And the home nursing book play a role of the book of practice and enlightenment of the home nursing.

  16. An Ecosocial Approach to Well-Being: A Solution to the Wicked Problems in the Era of Anthropocene

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Arto O. Salonen


    Full Text Available Modern Western states have a history of the thinking tradition, where the development of human societies is seen as independent from ecological constraints. Our thinking is a social construction, a product of the human mind. It can be changed. In this article we describe a new approach to well-being called an Ecosocial Approach to Well-Being (EAW. It is a holistic and multidisciplinary approach to well-being that will facilitate the analysis and management of the world’s complexity from a socio-ecological perspective. The EAW is based on the fact that without the well-functioning biosphere there can be no society and without a society there can be no societal functions, including an economy. Fundamentally all wicked problems in the era of Anthropocene are global and have social and environmental backgrounds. A more holistic and multi-disciplinary systems thinking is needed to analyze and manage the causal complexity of the world in which we live. The EAW asks us to focus on post-material values because they are only loosely coupled with resource consumption. On the finite planet that is the question of what is enough and what is good for us. The EAW leads us maximizing psychological well-being and nurturing social harmony and cohesion. The EAW holds promise not only for solving social and ecological problems but also for helping people to be happier. It emphasizes human relationships and the meaningfulness of people’s unique lives. If people properly reflected on their values, especially what is ultimately good for those they care about, most of the wicked problems would be resolved.How to reference this articleSalonen, A. O., & Konkka, J. (2015. An Ecosocial Approach to Well-Being: A Solution to the Wicked Problems in the Era of Anthropocene. Foro de Educación, 13(19, 19-34. doi:


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Layyin Mahfiana


    Full Text Available Globalisasi merupakan perkembangan dunia yang tidak bisa terelakkan lagi. Setiap warga negara harus siap menghadapi era globalisasi ini begitu juga anak. Ada banyak aspek positif yang dapat dimanfaatkan oleh anak-anak untuk menunjang tumbuh kembang dan belajar mereka, akan tetapi banyak juga aspek negatif yang harus diwaspadai. Aturan hukum tentang perlindungan anak di era globalisasi ini sudah ditetapkan, oleh karena itu penegakan hukumnya dibutuhkan peran orang tua, masyarakat, sekolah, pemerintah untuk mewujudkan lingkungan yang layak terhadap perkembangan jiwa anak. Kata kunci: Hak-Hak Anak, Eksploitasi, Layak anak.

  18. Explicit Rate Adjustment (ERA: Responsiveness, Network Utilization Efficiency and Fairness for Layered Multicast

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available To provide layered multicast with responsiveness, efficiency in network utilization, scalability and fairness (including inter-protocol fairness, intra-protocol fairness, intra-session fairness and TCP-friendliness for layered multicast, we propose in this paper a new multicast congestion control, called Explicit Rate Adjustment (ERA. Our protocol uses an algorithm relying on TCP throughput equation and Packet-bunch Probe techniques to detect optimal bandwidth utilization; then adjusts the reception rate accordingly. We have built ERA into a network simulator (ns2 and demonstrate via simulations that the goals are reached.

  19. The Niger Delta Crisis: A Social Justice Approach to the Analysis of Two Conflict Eras


    Rhuks Ako; Patrick Okonmah; Taiwo Ogunleye


    This paper analyzes the parallels in two conflict eras in the Niger Delta region with a view to highlighting how salient issues in the resolution of the old conflicts remain germane to contemporary conflicts. The first conflict era refers to the trade in palm oil during the nineteenth century while the second period refers to the on-going conflicts caused and/or exacerbated by the exploitation of crude oil from the Niger Delta region. The paper identifies issues including the socio-economic i...

  20. The Dynamic Phenomena of Strékan Music From Colonial to Contemporary Era in Situbondo


    Hidayatullah, Panakajaya


    This research is an anthropology of music which discusses the dynamics of strékan music from colonial to contemporary era in Situbondo. In Situbondo, strékan is a term which refers to music for welcoming guests. By ethnography method and postcolonial perspective, this research will discuss social problems and phenomena of strékan music. The result of this research shows that a change of strékan music signifies a change of social condition in Situbondo. In colonial era strékan is assumed by pe...