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  1. Berry, Prof. Sir Michael Victor

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Address: Professor of Physics, HH Wills Physics Laboratory, University of Bristol, Royal Fort, Tyndall Avenue, Bristol BS8 1TL, U.K.. Contact: Office: (+44-117) 928 8778. Residence: (+44-117) 973 2240. Fax: (+44-117) 925 5624. Email: · YouTube · Twitter ...

  2. Memorial symposium for Victor Weisskopf.

    CERN Multimedia

    Maximilien Brice


    A memorial symposium for Victor Weisskopf, CERN Director-General from 1961 to 1965, was held at CERN on 17 September 2002. Photo 01: L. Maiani: Welcome.Photo 02: J. D. Jackson: Highlights from the career and scientific works of Victor F. Weisskopf.Photos 05 09: M. Hine and K. Johnsen: Working with Viki at CERN.Photo 10: M. Jacob: Knowledge and Wonder.Photo 14: K. Worth (Viki's daughter): Reminiscences.

  3. Michael Thonet

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Saksa päritolu austria mööblidisaineri ja mööblitöösturi Michael Thonet' (1796-1871) disainiloomingust. 1859. a. Michael Thonet' loodud tool nr. 14 on endiselt tootmises ja on tuntud ka Viini toolina. 2 ill

  4. Broglie, Prof. Louis Victor de

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Fellowship. Fellow Profile. Elected: 1951 Honorary. Broglie, Prof. Louis Victor de. Nobel Laureate (Physics) - 1929. Date of birth: 15 August 1892. Date of death: 19 March 1987. YouTube; Twitter; Facebook; Blog. Academy News. IAS Logo. New Fellows and Honorary Fellow. Posted on 1 January 2018. List of Fellows ...

  5. Memorial Symposium for Victor Weisskopf

    CERN Document Server


    Victor 'Viki' Weisskopf, former Director General of CERN from 1961 to 1965, passed away five months ago. At that time, the Bulletin dedicated its coverpage to this brilliant physicist (19-20/2002). Now, CERN has organised a Memorial Symposium for next Tuesday 17 September, where you are cordially invited. This tribute will include the following speechs: L. Maiani: Welcome J. D. Jackson: Highlights from the career and scientific works of Victor F. Weisskopf M. Hine and K. Johnsen: Working with Viki at CERN M. Jacob: Knowledge and Wonder A member of Viki's family: Reminiscences. The Memorial Symposium will take place in the Main Auditorium at 15h. Drinks will be served in Pas Perdus at 17h 30.

  6. Victor F. Weisskopf (1908 - 2002): Physikgeschichte (United States)

    Jacobi, Manfred


    Universal gebildete und interessierte Menschen sind selten geworden in unserer Zeit. Victor F. Weisskopf war einer von ihnen. Sein geistiger Horizont umfasste nicht nur sein eigentliches Fachgebiet, die Physik, wo er sich durch fundamentale Arbeiten in den Bereichen der Quantenfeldtheorie, der Kern- und Elementarteilchenphysik hervortat. Daneben bildeten Kunst und Musik sowie ein außergewöhnliches Engagement in sozialen und politischen Angelegenheiten die Eckpunkte seines Lebens. Der Einsatz für die Verständigung zwischen den Machtblöcken während des Kalten Krieges war für ihn ebenso selbstverständlich wie das Bedürfnis, die neuen Ideen der Physik einem breiten Publikum nahe zu bringen. Die Wissenschaft erschien ihm als das geeignete Mittel, um zum Wohle der Menschheit zu wirken.

  7. Victor Nikolaevich Shitov (1947–2013

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zeleneev Yuriy A.


    Full Text Available The article is dedicated to the memory of Victor Nikolaevich Shitov (October 1, 1947-October 31, 2013, who had been the intellectual leader of the archaeologists of the Republic of Mordovia for many years. The basic stages of his scientific biography are elucidated. The first independent studies conducted by V.N. Shitov were associated with the Shoksha burial ground referring to the Ryazan-Oka culture. Since then, the ancient Mordovian culture of the 1st millennium AD had been playing the dominant role in his studies. In 1976, V.N. Shitov became a research fellow of the sector of Archeology and Ethnography, the Mordovian Research Institute of language, literature, history and economics. The last period of his scientific activity was connected with the preparation and organizational work on the multi-volume edition “The archaeology of the Mordovian land”.

  8. Victor's justice: atrocities in postwar Nigeria. (United States)

    Omaka, Arua Oko


    The Nigerian Government's declaration of 'no victor, no vanquished' after the capitulation of Biafra on 12 January 1970, was applauded as the right step towards reconciliation and transition from war to peace. Despite this declaration and assurance of amnesty, the Nigerian Government and its soldiers still engaged in acts that amounted to retributive justice. They starved and killed innocent Biafran civilians, looted their property and raped their women. Surprisingly, these postwar atrocities committed against former Biafrans have been largely ignored in the historiography of the Nigeria-Biafra War. This paper seeks to fill the gap in the war literature by interrogating Nigerian Government's attitude towards the postwar humanitarian crisis and crimes against humanity in former Biafra. The paper argues that former Biafrans were not fully reintegrated into the Nigerian society and that the Nigerian Government deliberately neglected them to die in large numbers, thereby making it difficult for the war victims to recover from the hardships of the conflict.

  9. Roberts Victor eclogites: ancient oceanic crust

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    MacGregor, I.D.


    New data on the oxygen isotopic chemistry of the oceanic crust and ophiolites illustrate the role of circulating seawater in changing the chemistry of aging oceanic crust. A similar range of oxygen isotope ratios in the eclogites suggests a comparable origin. The interpretation is consistent with the following observations: Whole rocks values of S /sup 18/O are negatively correlated with both the /sup 87///sup 86/Sr and K content. The internal whole rock correlations may be explained as a series of rocks that have undergone varying degrees of alteration on an ancient sea floor. Whole rock chemistry when recalculated to 1 atm. norms and compared with 1 atm. liquidus diagrams indicate two different groups of eclogites. One group has trends that are comparable to a series of liquids formed by the fractional crystallization of olivine followed by plagioclase and clinopyroxene while the other group correlate with cumulate assemblages of gabbroic composition. The REE chemistry of separated garnets and clinopyroxenes and whole rocks allow recalculation of the chemistry of the intergranular material which is significantly LREE enriched. K, Rb, Li and Ti are similarly enriched. The intergranular chemistry compares favorably with that of hypothesized mantle metasomatising fluids and is interpreted to evolve during the metamorphic transition to eclogite assemblages during subduction. The data allow for the interpretation that the Roberts Victor eclogite are relicts of at least 3.2 b.y. old oceanic crust and that the two different groups separately represent the volcanic and gabbroic rocks of the upper part of the ancient oceanic lithosphere.

  10. Michael Polanyi, the Scientist

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education; Volume 23; Issue 1. Comment: Michael Polanyi, the Scientist. John Polanyi. Article-in-a-Box Volume 23 Issue 1 January 2018 pp 15-19. Fulltext. Click here to view fulltext PDF. Permanent link: Abstract ...

  11. G S Michael

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Journal of Earth System Science. G S Michael. Articles written in Journal of Earth System Science. Volume 114 Issue 5 October 2005 pp 459-474. Hydrography of the eastern Arabian Sea during summer monsoon 2002 · D Shankar S S C Shenoi R K Nayak P N Vinayachandran G Nampoothiri A M Almeida ...

  12. Klein, Michael L

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Annual Meetings · Mid Year Meetings · Discussion Meetings · Public Lectures · Lecture Workshops · Refresher Courses · Symposia · Live Streaming. Home; Fellowship. Fellow Profile. Elected: 2006 Honorary. Klein, Michael L FRS. Date of birth: 1940. Address: Director, ICMS, Temple University, CST, SERC Building, 704E, ...

  13. Fisher, Prof. Michael Ellis

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Fellowship. Fellow Profile. Elected: 2001 Honorary. Fisher, Prof. Michael Ellis FRS. Date of birth: 3 September 1931. Address: Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Institute of Physical Science and, Technology, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742-2431, U.S.A.. Contact: Office: (+1-301) 405 4819

  14. Michael Faraday's Bicentenary. (United States)

    Williams, L. Pearce; And Others


    Six articles discuss the work of Michael Faraday, a chemist whose work revolutionized physics and led directly to both classical field and relativity theory. The scientist as a young man, the electromagnetic experiments of Faraday, his search for the gravelectric effect, his work on optical glass, his laboratory notebooks, and his creative use of…

  15. Following Michael Faraday's Footprints (United States)

    Galeano, Javier


    Last fall I had the good fortune of receiving financial support to shoot a documentary about Michael Faraday. I took the opportunity to learn more about this great experimentalist and to visit the highlights of places in his life. In this paper, I would like to share a list and description of some of the most remarkable places in London suitable…

  16. Michael Faraday, media man. (United States)

    Fara, Patricia


    Michael Faraday was an enthusiastic portrait collector, and he welcomed the invention of photography not only as a possible means of recording observations accurately, but also as a method for advertising science and its practitioners. This article (which is part of the Science in the Industrial Revolution series) shows that like many eminent scientists, Faraday took advantage of the burgeoning Victorian media industry by posing in various roles.

  17. Michael Frayn visits CERN

    CERN Multimedia


    Award-winning playwright and novelist Michael Frayn gave a guest lecture in the main auditorium at CERN on Friday 15 March about his new book The Human Touch: Our Part in the Creation of the Universe. The lecture focused on cosmology and philosophy and the limitations that language places on our ability to understand the creation of a universe in which we seem to play such a small part. In addition to his novels and plays, which include Copenhagen, a play about the 1941 meeting between German physicist Werner Heisenberg and Danish physicist Niels Bohr, Frayn has translated several works from Russian, including plays by Chekhov and Tolstoy.

  18. 378-IJBCS-Article-Kouamé Kouamé Victor

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    User Physico-chemical factors involved in rivers and lagoons invasion by water hyacinth, Côte d'Ivoire. Victor Kouamé KOUAMÉ 1*, Ossey Bernard YAPO 1, Abiba Sanogo TIDOU-BOGA 1,. Véronique MAMBO 1, Arsène SEKA ...

  19. Victim and the victor: Humanism and new humanism in Chris ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    On New Humanism and Broken Chains, the paper affirms that Humanity's dualism is the central tenet of New Humanism. The chains of fornication and adultery of victims like Dr Imasuen, Dr Osaze, Blossom, Daisy and Tonia were only broken and they became victors when they repented of their sins and accepted God's ...

  20. -Lesser known stress fractures-. (United States)

    Wybier, M; Hamze, B; Champsaur, P; Parlier, C


    Stress fractures of the tibia may disclose a longitudinal orientation which is obvious at bone scanning; a mild periostosis may appear on plain films; CT demonstrates a radially-oriented fracture in one aspect of the diaphyseal cortex. A cortical dissection-like vertically oriented insufficiency fracture may involve the medial aspect of the femoral shaft underlying the lesser trochanter; the fracture is concentric to the femoral cortex at CT. Insufficiency fractures of the sacrum may be misdiagnosed on plain films; bone scanning displays a typical H-shaped increased uptake which is a specific pattern. Insufficiency fractures of the pubis may appear as tumoral bone destruction; however no soft tissue mass is present at CT which in addition demonstrates normal fat tissue abutting the osseous lesion.

  1. Professor Michael Levitt

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gemma-Louise Davies


    Full Text Available Professor Michael Levitt (Stanford University, USA won the 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the development of multiscale models for complex chemical systems—computational tools which can calculate the course of chemical reactions. Professor Levitt was born in Pretoria, South Africa; he came to the UK on a summer vacation aged 16, where he decided to stay and study for his A‑levels. His interest in the physics of living systems drove him to study biophysics at King’s College London, before securing a PhD position at the Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge. In the interim year between his degree and beginning his PhD, Professor Levitt worked at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, where he met his future wife. They married later that year and moved to Cambridge, where their three children were born. After completing his PhD, he spent time working in Israel, Cambridge, the Salk Institute and Stanford (both California. Since 1986, he has split his time between Israel and California. Outside of science, he is a keen hiker and he is well-known to have attended the eclectic ‘Burning Man’ Festival in California.[1]Professor Levitt visited the University of Warwick to speak at the Computational Molecular Science Annual Conference in March 2015. In this interview, Dr Gemma-Louise Davies, an Institute of Advanced Study Global Research Fellow, spoke to Professor Levitt about the importance of Interdisciplinarity in his field, role models in Academia, and his plans for the future.Image: Professor Michael Levitt (left with Dr Scott Habershon (right, organiser of the 2015 Computational Molecular Science Annual Conference during his visit to the University of Warwick in March 2015.[1] ‘Burning Man’ is a unique annual festival dedicated to community, art, music, self-expression and self-reliance. Tens of thousands of people flock to this temporary metropolis built in the Californian desert.

  2. Obituary Professor Victor Weisskopf - atom-bomb and CERN physicist

    CERN Multimedia

    Dalyell, T


    The rise of Nazism brought horror, humiliation, death and torture to so many free-thinking people - Jews, and other minorities. There were some lucky ones, like the Weisskopf family, who were able to escape. Victor Weisskopf was born and brought up in Austria in the spirit of German culture and said that he considered his transfer from Europe to the USA an invaluable source of intellectual enrichment (2 pages).

  3. The myriapodological legacy of Victor Ivanovich Motschoulsky (1810–1871) (United States)

    Golovatch, Sergei


    Abstract The little that remains of Motschoulsky’s myriapodological legacy in the collection of Moscow’s Zoological Museum proves to be of very limited value. Only one species of Diplopoda described by Motschoulsky, the Caucasian Hirudisoma roseum (Victor, 1839), is still in use, yet requiring a neotype designation, whereas the remaining few myriapod names he proposed are either nomina dubia or nomina nuda. The former include Scolopendra pentagramma Motschoulsky, 1866 (Chilopoda, Scolopendromorpha, Scolopendridae) and Strongylosoma carinulatum Motschoulsky, 1866 (Diplopoda, Polydesmida, Paradoxosomatidae), both from Japan, as well as Julus costulatus Motschoulsky, 1851 (Diplopoda, Callipodida, Schizopetalidae?), from Montenegro, because their type material is either inadequate or missing. PMID:25147455

  4. The myriapodological legacy of Victor Ivanovich Motschoulsky (1810-1871). (United States)

    Golovatch, Sergei


    The little that remains of Motschoulsky's myriapodological legacy in the collection of Moscow's Zoological Museum proves to be of very limited value. Only one species of Diplopoda described by Motschoulsky, the Caucasian Hirudisoma roseum (Victor, 1839), is still in use, yet requiring a neotype designation, whereas the remaining few myriapod names he proposed are either nomina dubia or nomina nuda. The former include Scolopendra pentagramma Motschoulsky, 1866 (Chilopoda, Scolopendromorpha, Scolopendridae) and Strongylosoma carinulatum Motschoulsky, 1866 (Diplopoda, Polydesmida, Paradoxosomatidae), both from Japan, as well as Julus costulatus Motschoulsky, 1851 (Diplopoda, Callipodida, Schizopetalidae?), from Montenegro, because their type material is either inadequate or missing.

  5. Representing Bodies. Victor Brauner’s Hybrids, Fragments and Mechanisms

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Irina Cărăbaş


    emotional attachment. The French culture had been set long ago as a model for the entire Romanian modern culture and institutions. Consequently it is not surprising that poets and artists, including Victor Brauner, chosed to live and work in Paris in order to feel closer to what was considered to be the origin. Victor Brauner is discussed both in the context of the Romanian avant-garde and in the history of the French surrealism, but one cannot detect any tension between center and periphery. One motivation can be found in the myth he creates for himself. Meanwhile it is obvious that he wanted to identify himself with the French surrealism. Once settled in France he paid great attention to the theories and to the artists André Breton promoted. I will discuss the myth of the artist as well as the threads which connect Brauner to other artistic strategies bringing forth the body problem. Almost always his paintings and drawings display the ineluctable presence of a metamorphic body within no narrative construction. This preoccupation informed every stage of his career as he dedicated it the greatest energies of his artistic inventiveness. Before going into the subject, one needs to frame Brauner in a larger picture.

  6. Michael spaces and Dowker planks

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Agata Caserta


    Full Text Available We investigate the Lindelöf property of Dowker planks. In particular, we give necessary conditions such that the product of a Dowker plank with the irrationals is not Lindelöf. We also show that if there exists a Michael space, then, under some conditions involving singular cardinals, there is one that is a Dowker plank.

  7. Michael Polanyi's Philsophy of Science

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education; Volume 23; Issue 1. Michael Polanyi's Philsophy of Science. B Subramanian. Article-in-a-Box Volume 23 Issue 1 January 2018 pp 21-22. Fulltext. Click here to view fulltext PDF. Permanent link: Abstract ...

  8. Michael Beitz: Objects of Communication (United States)

    Hoefferle, Mary


    For this Instructional Resource, the author interviewed contemporary sculptor Michael Beitz, who uses art to explore the role of designed objects in human communication and emotional experience. This column was written in response to calls for using Enduring Understandings/Big Ideas (National Coalition for Core Arts Standards, 2013; Stewart &…

  9. A Conversation with Michael Byram (United States)

    Wagner, Manuela


    In language teaching, it has been universally acknowledged that students need not just knowledge and skill in the grammar of a language but also the ability to use the language in socially and culturally appropriate ways. In this article Michael Byram, who has been working on Intercultural Competence for quite some time in a variety of different…

  10. Ophiuroidea of the Lesser Antilles

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Parslow, Rosemary E.; Clark, Ailsa M.


    This paper deals mainly with a collection of ophiuroids from the Lesser Antilles sent to the British Museum (Natural History) by Dr. P. WAGENAAR HUMMELINCK in 1959. The identifications were made by ROSEMARY PARSLOW, but the discussion and figures of Amphiodia and Ophiocomella are by AILSA CLARK. The

  11. Michael J. Fox: Spurring Research on Parkinson's (United States)

    ... please turn JavaScript on. Feature: Parkinson's Disease Michael J. Fox: Spurring Research on Parkinson's Past Issues / Winter 2014 Table of Contents Michael J. Fox and his wife, actress Tracy Pollan, founded ...

  12. Michael Niegl (1985-2009)

    CERN Multimedia


    Our friend and colleague Michael Niegl died in a tragic accident in the first hours of the new year. Michael was a Master’s student in Microsystems Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt. He was responsible for the development of the ATLAS Beam Conditions Monitor (BCM) ROD FPGA firmware, which acquires the data from the BCM detector modules and provides online monitoring of the LHC beams within the ATLAS experiment. He spent several months at CERN to carry out beam tests on the BCM detectors and received his Bachelor of Science with first class honours for his thesis: Concept and Implementation of an FPGA-based Data Recorder and Processor for the ATLAS Beam Conditions Monitor. Michael spent six months at CERN last year to finish the development and commissioning of the ROD firmware for the first beam. He worked the entire night of 10 September to fine tune the system for the first beam. It was a joy to ...

  13. Michael De Sousa (1989 - 2012)

    CERN Multimedia


    We are deeply saddened to announce the death of Mr Michael De Sousa on 13 May 2012. Mr De Sousa, who was born on 02.09.1989, was working as an apprentice in the TE Department and had been at CERN since 24.08.2009. The Director-General has sent a message of condolence to his family on behalf of the CERN personnel. Social Affairs Human Resources Department     It is with great emotion and deep sadness that we learn of the tragic loss of our colleague and friend Michael De Sousa. Michael was a hard working colleague, cordial and considerate. Within a few months, he marked his presence by the implementation of the instrumentation benches for gas permeation measurement in polymers, and the calibration of high technology gas analyzers, necessary for vacuum technology. His last contribution will enable us to measure pressures in the extreme high vacuum range for the ELENA project.  With the continuation of this activity, his memory will remain. His accomplishments will remain...

  14. Le radicalisme de Michael Moore Michael Moore’s Radicalism

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jean-Marie Ruiz


    Full Text Available Michael Moore is famous and popular in many European countries, where he is seen as a critic of American culture. However, his main thesis, which is repeatedly expressed in his films and books, does not primarily criticize American popular culture or political tradition. Rather, this article argues that Moore’s thought may best be analysed through the American tradition of radicalism, whose origin dates back to Thomas Paine. Obviously, Moore is a contemporary radical who uses the modern media to reach as many people as possible. Yet some aspects of his rationale are surprisingly close to 18th century American radicalism.

  15. Review: King, Victor T. (2008, The Sociology of Southeast Asia. Transformation in a Developing Region

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Magnus C. M. Brod


    Full Text Available Review of the of the monograph: King, Victor T. (2008, The Sociology of Southeast Asia. Transformation in a Developing Region, Copenhagen: NIAS Press, ISBN 9788791114601, 352 pages.

  16. Silence and memory: christianity and the Constantinian dynasty in Aurelius Victor

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Moisés Antiqueira


    Full Text Available This paper intend to present a new perspective on one of the most intriguing questions concerning the work Aurelius Victor wrote in the end of Constantius II’s reign: the silence about the Christian religion adopted by the reigning dynasty. By stressing some elements linked to paganism, Aurelius Victor asserted the relevance of a “pagan” social memory that would distinguish his narrative, therefore revealing an identitary dimension.

  17. Desmoid tumor within lesser sac

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Čolović Radoje


    Full Text Available Desmoid tumors or fibromatoses comprise a number of benign fibrous proliferative lesions that have local infiltrative growth and tendency to recur after incomplete excision. They never metastasize. The authors present a 31-year old woman who, due to epigastric pain and palpable mass detected on presentation, underwent the excision of firm tumorous mass, 210x140x115mm in diameter, from the lesser sac. Compressing the splenic vein, the tumor caused left-sided portal hypertension which subsided after the mass was removed. The recovery was uneventful. The histological examination verified typical desmoid tumor. Twelve years after surgery, the patient remained symptom-free with no signs of recurrence.

  18. Video interview with Michael Dell

    CERN Multimedia

    CERN Bulletin


    Michael Dell, founder and presently Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Office of the DELL computer company visited CERN on Tuesday 26th January 2010. The Bulletin and the Video productions team had the opportunity to meet him. The video interview is transcribed for your convenience.   Michael S. Dell with CERN Director-General Rolf Heuer. What motivated you to come and visit CERN? I obviously heard about the great science and research has going on here, and DELL is very pleased to be a partner and providing a lot of the computers to analyse the data and I really wanted to see for myself in person, some of the great science that is going on here. What is your view on fundamental research in IT, and in general? I think if you look at the field of science in the last hundred years, we have been able to solve a lot of problems, but there are still lots of unsolved problems and unsolved mysteries. And it is only through basic fundamental research that we will address these probl...

  19. Method for promoting Michael addition reactions (United States)

    Shah, Pankaj V.; Vietti, David E.; Whitman, David William


    Homogeneously dispersed solid reaction promoters having an average particle size from 0.01 .mu.m to 500 .mu.m are disclosed for preparing curable mixtures of at least one Michael donor and at least one Michael acceptor. The resulting curable mixtures are useful as coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers.

  20. Enantioselective aminocatalysis: Michael addition of unactivated ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    derived from α-amino acids and carbohydrates for asymmetric Michael addition in solvent-free conditions. Given the importance of stereoselective Michael addi- tion of carbonyl compounds to nitroalkenes42 in the synthesis of synthetically useful γ-nitro carbonyl com- pounds,43–45 Ma and co-workers reported bifunctional.

  1. Profiles in medical courage: Michael Wilkins and the Willowbrook School

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Robbins RA


    Full Text Available No abstract available. Article truncated at 150 words. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. "- Margaret Mead With this article we begin an intermittent series on physicians who displayed courage in trying to help their patients. Although there are many examples, hopefully what will be illustrated are examples of the lesser known doctors who identified problems and stood up to address them. Few remember the controversy surrounding the now closed Willowbrook School and Dr. Michael Wilkins’ involvement. However, Wilkins’ courage in advocating for change not only resulted in substantial improvement in conditions at the school but also led to the Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act (CRIPA of 1980.Wilkins was originally from Kansas City and graduated from the University of Missouri School of Medicine in 1967 (1. He left Missouri to do his pediatric internship and complete his military obligation…

  2. La pensée de Victor Frankl et notre temps


    Kühn, Rolf


    « La pensée de Victor Frankl et notre temps ». La pensée philosophique et logothérapeutique de V. E. Frankl est basée sur une phénoménologie de la liberté et du sentiment d’existence qui mettent en question les réductionnismes actuels du psychologisme, positivisme et nihi­lisme. L’individu réel répond à la vie à la fois axiologique et absolue pour donner un sens responsable à sa situation chaque fois unique. “Victor Frankl’s thought and our time”. Victor E. Frankl’s philosophical and logot...

  3. [Early career of Michael Sendivogius]. (United States)

    Prinke, Rafał T


    One of the most influential alchemical authors of the early modern period was Michael Sendivogius whose early life is shrouded in mystery. He may be labelled the most famous Polish scientific writer between Copernicus and Marie Skłodowska-Curie, but because of the difficulties involved in researching the biography of any alchemist, there has been relatively little interest in him among Polish historians. The early work of Roman Bugaj (author of the still fundamental monograph) and Włodzimierz Hubicki (who made his research available to the international community) has been continued only by the English-born Zbigniew Szydło and the author of this article. The roots of many legends about Sendivogius were three mid-17th century short biographies, none of which is trustworthy, so it is crucial to verify the received myth and the version constructed in the 1960's and 1970's with primary sources and evidence from the recent "new historiography of alchemy". The present article examines them in the light of newly discovered sources and reinterpretation of the old ones. The genealogy of the Sedzimir family is discussed at length to show that Sendivogius most probably was not its member but only a pretender in order to assume (or prove) the status of a nobleman. Several possible hypotheses about his origins are presented. He is known to have studied at three universities (Leipzig, Vienna and Altdorf) but authors of early panegyrics dedicated to Sendivogius list more universities which he may have attended. The most interesting is that of Cambridge, listed as the first one, because practically no Poles or Czechs went there at the time. Finally, his marriage to Veronica Stiebar, a wealthy widow of a Franconian knightly family, and her interesting family relationships (links to Erasmus, Camerarius, Paracelsus and the original Doctor Faustus) are discussed. The period covered is that before Sendivogius moved to Prague in about 1597, having already been a courtier of Rudolf II

  4. ASK Talks with Dr. Michael Hecht (United States)

    Hecht, Michael


    Michael Hecht has been a member of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) staff since 1982. He is currently Project Manager and co-investigator for the Mars Environmental Compatibility Assessment (MECA)

  5. Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research (United States)

    ... 2014 2015 2016 Our single, urgent goal: Eliminate Parkinson's disease in our lifetime. Today we are the ... 20 years since he publicly disclosed he has Parkinson's, Michael J. Fox sits down with Jane Pauley ...

  6. Medieval Theories of Education: Hugh of St Victor and John of Salisbury (United States)

    FitzGerald, Brian D.


    This paper offers an assessment of two 12th-century theories of education, Hugh of St Victor's "Didascalicon" and John of Salisbury's "Metalogicon", maintaining that their works both draw on traditional Christian teachings and respond to contemporary pedagogical interests in systematising knowledge and integrating classical learning. The two works…

  7. 75 FR 36153 - Surety Companies Acceptable on Federal Bonds-Terminations: Victore Insurance Company (United States)


    ... Fiscal Service Surety Companies Acceptable on Federal Bonds--Terminations: Victore Insurance Company... the above-named company under 31 U.S.C. 9305 to qualify as acceptable surety on Federal bonds is... bonds currently in force with this company, bond-approving officers may let such bonds run to expiration...

  8. La parole manifestaire : lecture de la préface des orientales de Victor Hugo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Larissa Drigo Agostinho


    Full Text Available We intend here to read the preface of Victor Hugo’s Orientales after the contemporary criticism that establish the manifesto (and similar texts such as the preface as a literary genre, with particular language and other characteristics.

  9. Empire, Nationalism and the Jewish Question: Victor Adler and Otto Bauer

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wolfgang Maderthaner


    Full Text Available This paper uses the life and thought of two important figures in the history of Austrian socialism—Victor Adler and Otto Bauer—as a prism through which to examine the complex relationship between German nationalism, the Jewish Question and pro-Habsburgism among the early leadership of the Austrian Social Democratic Party.

  10. Stratégies de captation et de persuasion du sujet communicant Victor Hugo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ida Lucia Machado


    Full Text Available Resumo: Este artigo propõe uma abordagem discursiva de um texto ficcional, mais especificamente, de um texto literário: trata-se do poema “Souvenir de la nuit du quatre” de Victor Hugo. Partindo desse enfoque, quisemos mostrar como foram elaboradas estratégias linguareiras que visam seduzir e persuadir o leitor; entre elas destacamos os diferentes papéis e a ironia amarga que está em sua base.Palavras-chave: Literatura francesa; Victor Hugo; Souvenir de la nuit du quatre; análise do discurso; persuasão; ironia.Résumé: Cet article propose une approche discursive d’un texte de fiction, plus spécifiquement, d’un texte littéraire: il s’agit du poème “Souvenir de la nuit du quatre” de Victor Hugo. Dans cette perspective, nous avons voulu montrer comment ont été mises en place des stratégies langagières visant la captation du lecteur, parmi elles, nous soulignons les différents rôles assumés par les voix qui “parlent” dans le poème et l’ironie amère qui s’en dégage.Mots-clés: Littérature française; Victor Hugo; Souvenir de la nuit du quatre; analyse du discours; persuasion; ironie.Keywords: French literature; Victor Hugo; Souvenir de la nuit du quatre; discourse analysis; persuasion; irony.



    Husniyawati, Yeni Rahmah; Wulandari, Ratna Dwi


    The coverage of under-five children weighed at Posyandu represent the level of participation mothers in Posyandu activities. During three-year period, the coverage of under-five children weighed at Posyandu Puskesmas Sidotopo Wetan Surabaya City has not reached the target. It is also the responsibility of cadres. The object of this study was to to analyze the effect of motivation on the performance of health cadres based on Victor Vroom expectancy theory motivation in Posyandu Puskesmas Sidot...

  12. Victor Pelevin's Novel about Vampires as the form of Reflection on Postmodernism


    Anastasya L. Bobileva; Prokhorova, Tatyana G.; Olga V. Bogdanova


    The current stage of culture development is usually defined as post-postmodern. Although this term is not well established and is interpreted differently, in any case it involves the overcoming of postmodernism. In Russian literature we should mention Victor Pelevin among the authors, whose works demonstrate the post-postmodernist tendencies most clearly. The evolution of his prose testifies that the postmodern worldview and the very mechanism of postmodern writing has become the subject of c...

  13. Victor Vaughan (1851-1929) and the birth of bacteriology in the United States. (United States)

    Saadeh, Yamaan; Bartlett, Robert


    Victor Vaughan is well known for his numerous accomplishments and services to science, medicine, and public health. This paper discusses one of Dr Vaughan's earliest and most significant accomplishments: founding the Hygienic Laboratory at the University of Michigan in 1887, the first in the United States. The vision, initiative and planning demonstrated by this episode illustrate the characteristics that enabled Vaughan to have such an accomplished and storied career. © The Author(s) 2016.

  14. Michael G. Brennan: George Orwell and Religion

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jeremy Crump


    Full Text Available This contribution offers a review of: Michael G. Brennan: George Orwell and Religion. Bloomsbury Academic: London/Oxford/New York/New Delhi/Sydney, 2016. 208 pages, $94.00/£70.00, ISBN (hardback 9781472531940.

  15. A Bibliographic Tribute to Jack Michael (United States)

    Esch, Barbara E.; Esch, John W.


    "In the late 1950's, Jack Michael, a bright but irritating young psychology instructor, moved from the Universities of Kansas to Houston to Arizona State. Along the way he befriended two nontraditional students, protected them through their Ph.D. programs, and turned them loose on the world: Teodoro Ayllon…and Montrose Wolf…" (Risley,…

  16. Enantioselective aminocatalysis: Michael addition of unactivated ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Although there is a report on stereoselective organocatalysis in Michael addition employing monofunctional secondary amine, the use of monofunctional primary amine forthe said reaction is not reported till date. In fact, no monofunctional aminocatalyst is reported yet for the synthesis γ-nitro carbonyl compounds. Here we ...

  17. Reframing Michael Scott: Exploring Inappropriate Workplace Communication (United States)

    Schaefer, Zachary A.


    Individuals who work in professional settings interact with others who may exhibit a variety of cultural beliefs and decision-making approaches. Page (2007) argues that cognitive diversity (i.e., how people approach and attempt to solve problems) is a vital asset in effective organizations. Michael Scott, who portrays the inept main character on…

  18. Michael Sadler and the German Connection. (United States)

    Higginson, J. H.


    Chronicles works of Michael Sadler who compared British and German educational systems, emphasizing Germany's contributions in technical education. Presents Sadler's 1912 recommendations--eight lessons premised upon powerful centralized government's ability to implement policy. Reflects on how World War I and Nazism influenced Sadler's thought and…

  19. Reflections: Michael Watts interviewed by Murat Arsel

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    M. Arsel (Murat)


    textabstractMichael Watts is ‘Class of 1963’ Chair in Undergraduate Studies and Chancellor’s Professor of Geography at the University of California, Berkeley. Born and raised in rural southwest England, Watts studied at University College London and completed his PhD in 1979 at the University of

  20. Multicomponent, Enantioselective Michael-Michael-Aldol-β-Lactonizations Delivering Complex β-Lactones. (United States)

    Van, Khoi N; Romo, Daniel


    Optically active, tertiary amine Lewis bases react with unsaturated acid chlorides to deliver chiral, α,β-unsaturated acylammonium salts. These intermediates participate in a catalytic, enantioselective, three-component process delivering bi- and tricyclic β-lactones through a Michael-Michael-aldol-β-lactonization. In a single operation, the described multicomponent, organocascade process forms complex bi- and tricyclic β-lactones by generating four new bonds, two rings, and up to four contiguous stereocenters. In the racemic series, yields of 22-75% were achieved using 4-pyrrolidinopyridine as Lewis base. In the enantioselective series employing isothiourea catalysts, a kinetic resolution of the initially formed racemic Michael adduct appears operative, providing yields of 46% to quantitative (based on 50% max) with up to 94:6 er. Some evidence for a dynamic kinetic asymmetric transformation for tricyclic-β-lactone 1d was obtained following optimization (yields up to 61%, 94:6 er) through a presumed reversible Michael.

  1. Chemical Aspects of Lesser Mouse Deer Meat

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Djalal Rosyidi


    Full Text Available An experiment aiming for studying chemical aspects of lesser mouse deer meat (Tragulus javanicus. This research explored the chemical aspects of lesser mouse deer meat (Tragulus javanicus. Eight lesser mouse deer (four female and four male were used in chemical aspects of lesser mouse deer meat. The parameters observed included proximate analysis, amino acid, fatty acid, cholesterol and EPA-DHA of the meat. The results showed that average meat chemical composition were content of water, protein, fat, ash and cholesterol were 76.33 %, 21.42 %, 0.51 %, 1.20% and 50.00 mg/100 g, respectively. Fatty acid consist of lauric acid, miristate, palmitate, stearic, oleic, linoleic, and linolenic were 1.04 % 3.09%, 30.97, 0.77%., 59.41%, 3.22% and 1.12%, respectively. The total EPA and DHA was 0.13% and 0.05%,   Keywords: amino acid, fatty acid, cholesterol and EPA-DHA

  2. Isolated Displaced Fracture of the Lesser Tuberosity

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Injury Extra. 2006;37:31-3. 4. Collier SG, Wynn-Jones CH. Displacement of the biceps with subscapularis avulsion. J Bone Joint. Surg Br. 1990;72:145. 5. Ogawa K, Takahashi M. Long-term outcome of isolated lesser tuberosity fractures of the humerus. J Trauma. 1997;42:955-9. 6. Robinson CM, Teoh KH, Baker A, et al.

  3. [Renaissance medicine and the discovery of the lesser circulation: the role of Michael Servetus (1511-1553)]. (United States)

    Bragazzi, Nicola Luigi; Raffi, Alessandro; Siri, Anna; Tornali, Cristina; Martini, Mariano


    Human urine is currently the subject of biomedical investigations as a potential therapeutic resource and it continues to be used in remedies in different cultures and societies, including the Spanish culture. In this study we gather etnomedical knowledge about urotherapy and determine their associated symbolisms in Spain. A literature overview and a case study were carried out to compile urine-based remedies and as a direct analysis of symbolic systems. Urotherapy is widespread in Spanish folk medicine. Among the 204 collected remedies, those related to treatment of diseases or skin conditions predominate (63%). Remedies have been reported for the treatment of skin diseases such as eczema, chloasma, alopecia, etc. to treat or alleviate burns, chilblains, wounds or skin chapping, and as a treatment of venomous bites. Most of the collected remedies have an associated naturalist symbolism, based on local traditions and the transmission of empirical initial knowledge. The use of urine in Spain is a result of the interaction of two types of practice: a local and traditional urotherapy, rural and with a utilitarian purpose, and a technical urotherapy, limited to an urban environment and a naturopathic medicine.

  4. Michael Haneke film Euroopa parim / M. T.

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    M. T.


    IX PÖFFil linastuv Michael Haneke film "Varjatud" ("Cache") võitis laupäeval mitu Euroopa Filmiakadeemia auhinda, selhulgas parima filmi, parima lavastaja, parima meesnäitleja (Daniel Auteuil) ja FIPRESCI auhinna. Parim naisnäitleja - Julia Jentsch ("Sophie Scholli viimased päevad"), operaator - Franz Lustig ("Don't Come Knocking"), stsenaarium - Hany Abu-Assad, Bero Beyer ("Kohe paradiisi")

  5. Michael Scot and the Four Rainbows

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tony Scott


    Full Text Available We apply a physical and historical analysis to a passage by the medieval scholar Michael Scot concerning multiple rainbows, a meteorological phenomenon whose existence has only been acknowledged in recent history. We survey various types of physical models to best decipher Scot’s description of four parallel rainbows as well as a linguistic analysis of Scot’s special etymology. The conclusions have implications on Scot’s whereabouts at the turn of the 13th century.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Arvi SEPP


    Full Text Available Victor Klemperers Tagebücher Ich will Zeugnis ablegen bis zum letzten: Tagebücher 1933-1945 haben nach ihrem Erscheinen Mitte der 1990er Jahre ein starkes Echo gefunden und gehören inzwischen zum Kanon der Tagebuchliteratur. Das zweibändige, während der nationalsozialistischen Diktatur entstandene Tagebuchwerk beschreibt die Lebenswelt eines deutsch-jüdischen Verfolgten im Dritten Reich. Der Antisemitismus zwang den Philologen zu einer Auseinandersetzung mit dem Relevanzverlust seiner Assimilationsbemühungen und seiner Kennzeichnung als Jude. Eine rekurrente Kompensationstaktik gegen seine erzwungene Randstellung besteht in der sprachkritischen Demontierung des Rassendenkens, um die Ungültigkeit des Antisemitismus nachzuweisen. Die Beobachtungen zur Lingua Tertii Imperii, die er in den Tagebuchblättern aufschrieb, wurden immer mehr zu seinem eigentlichen Werk. Das Tagebuch ist vor diesem Hintergrund in weiten Teilen zum Arbeitsjournal für die Sprachund Kulturanalysen Klemperers geworden. Der Interdependenz von Sprachkritik und Mentalitätsgeschichte in Klemperers Analyse der Sprache des Dritten Reiches gilt im vorliegenden Aufsatz das Hauptinteresse. Im ersten Teil wird der Frage nachgegangen, auf welche Art und Weise Victor Klemperer in seinen Notizen die Beziehung zwischen Sprache, Ideologie und Mentalität verstand. Im zweiten Teil wird unter Rückgriff auf Judith Butler und Louis Althusser in den Vordergrund gerückt, wie Victor Klemperer im Tagebuch vor Augen führt, dass das verletzende Sprechen gegen Juden im Nationalsozialismus eine subjektkonstituierende Wirkung hatte. Im letzten Teil des Aufsatzes gilt das Hauptaugenmerk der vom Tagebuchautor festgestellten diskursiven Einverleibung antisemitischer Rhetorik durch die verfolgte jüdische Bevölkerung.

  7. Obituary: Michael James Ledlow, 1964-2004 (United States)

    Puxley, Philip John; Grashuis, Randon M.


    Michael James Ledlow died on 5 June 2004 from a large, unsuspected brain tumor. Since 2000 he had been on the scientific staff of the Gemini Observatory in La Serena, Chile, initially as a Science Fellow and then as a tenure-track astronomer. Michael was born in Bartlesville, Oklahoma on 1 October 1964 to Jerry and Sharon Ledlow. He obtained his Bachelor Degree in astrophysics at the University of Oklahoma in 1987 and attended the University of New Mexico for his graduate work, obtaining his PhD while studying Galaxy Clusters under Frazer Owen in 1994. From 1995-1997 Michael held a postdoctoral position with Jack Burns at New Mexico State University where he used various astronomical facilities including the VLA and Apache Point Observatory to study distant galaxies. From 1998-2000 Michael rejoined the Physics and Astronomy Department at the University of New Mexico where he was a visiting professor until he moved on to Gemini. At the Gemini Observatory, Mike shared in the excitement, hard work and many long days and nights associated with bringing on-line a major new astronomical facility and its instrumentation. Following its commissioning he assisted visiting observers, supported and took data for many more remote users via the queue system, and for each he showed the same care and attention to detail evident in his own research to ensure that all got the best possible data. His research concentrated on the radio and optical properties of galaxy clusters, especially rich Abell clusters such as A2125, on luminous radio galaxies, including the detection of a powerful double radio source in the "wrong sort of galaxy," the spiral system 0313-192, and on EROs (extremely red objects), dusty galaxies barely detectable at optical wavelengths. Michael thoroughly enjoyed living in Chile and enthusiastically immersed himself in the culture of his surroundings. He and his family were actively involved with the International English Spanish Association in La Serena. He had a

  8. Desesperación y desesperanza: caducidad de las formas en Victor Shklovski

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fernando Bogado


    Full Text Available This article deals with the biographical works and chronicles written by Victor Shklovski, a remarkable figure in Russian formalism whose role as a writer was overshadowed by the reception of his theoretical work in academic circles. The “expressive” component in his style determines two types of “velocities”: these dialogue with one another, or oppose and complement each other in the texts studied, resulting therefore in a textuality that presents paradox, irony and literal meaning as main rhetoricaldevices when it comes to approaching a narrative which is very close to poetry

  9. Victor Kandinsky (1849-89): pioneer of modern Russian forensic psychiatry. (United States)

    Lerner, Vladimir; Margolin, Jacob; Witztum, Eliezer


    The paper describes Victor Kandinsky's professional achievements within nineteenth-century Russian forensic psychiatry. A thorough review of nineteenth-century Russian psychiatry is presented, followed by a short biographical account of Kandinsky's personal life. Within the backdrop of Russian forensic psychiatry toward the end of nineteenth century, Kandinsky's pioneer innovations in psychopathology and classification as well as his contributions to Russian forensic psychiatry are reviewed. These are exemplified by two of his forensic case studies relating to forensic responsibility and malingering, which are included in his famous book 'On Irresponsibility'.

  10. The myriapodological legacy of Victor Ivanovich Motschoulsky (1810–1871

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sergei Golovatch


    Full Text Available The little that remains of Motschoulsky’s myriapodological legacy in the collection of Moscow’s Zoological Museum proves to be of very limited value. Only one species of Diplopoda described by Motschoulsky, the Caucasian Hirudisoma roseum (Victor, 1839, is still in use, yet requiring a neotype designation, whereas the remaining few myriapod names he proposed are either nomina dubia or nomina nuda. The former include Scolopendra pentagramma Motschoulsky, 1866 (Chilopoda, Scolopendromorpha, Scolopendridae and Strongylosoma carinulatum Motschoulsky, 1866 (Diplopoda, Polydesmida, Paradoxosomatidae, both from Japan, as well as Julus costulatus Motschoulsky, 1851 (Diplopoda, Callipodida, Schizopetalidae?, from Montenegro, because their type material is either inadequate or missing.

  11. The death of Sir Victor Horsley (1857-1916) and his burial in Amarah. (United States)

    Toodayan, Nadeem


    Sir Victor Alexander Haden Horsley (1857-1916), the pioneering British neurological surgeon, passed away 100 years ago. He died young in his sixtieth year from the effects of heat stroke while serving as consulting military surgeon to the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force in Amarah, modern-day Iraq, and was buried in the now largely abandoned "Amara War Cemetery." By the time of his death in 1916, Victor Horsley had established himself as one of the most eminent innovators of modern neurological surgery. His pioneering researches in cerebral physiology earned him an early reputation in the field, and his experiences with vivisection allowed him to confidently operate on the brain and spinal cord at a time when surgical intervention of the nervous system was fraught with uncertainty. Outside the operating theatre, Horsley was a proud advocate for a number of sometimes controversial sociopolitical issues; national temperance, women's suffrage, and medical unionism particularly interested him. He brought the same courageousness to the British army during the First World War, and labored tirelessly under considerable hardships to improve the conditions for soldiers. Otherwise robust and healthy, it was only through great self-denial and overwork that Horsley suddenly succumbed to the burning heat of Mesopotamia. He died as he lived-a fearless and painstaking fighter for the common man. His was a most beautiful life of unselfish devotion to others.

  12. Anne Michaels e le ferite del linguaggio

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Oriana Palusci


    Fugitive Pieces is analysed taking into consideration its polyphonic structure, the manifold motives and threads that weave together an intricate pattern, based on historical events and personal stories. Thanks to her use of scientific language from the realm of geology, paleobotany and geography, Michaels excavates time and space, past and present, in order to find a language to unveil the atrocities of Nazism against Jews, to preserve and evoke the memories of the survivors, but at the same time lead to a possible reconciliation with the past.

  13. Michael Roitmann : Kalandus ei ole Eestile ilmselt prioriteetne valdkond / Michael Roitmann ; interv. Marko Saaret

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Roitmann, Michael


    Ilmunud ka: Delovõje Vedomosti 3. dets. lk. 9. Euroopa Komisjoni kalandusdirektoraadi koordinaator Euroopa Liidu laienemise küsimuses Michael Roitmann juhib tähelepanu Eesti kalanduse suurematele probleemidele ning prognoosib EL-iga liitumise mõju Eesti kalandussektori arengule

  14. Michael Faraday and his contribution to anesthesia. (United States)

    Bergman, N A


    Michael Faraday (1791-1867) was a protégé of Humphry Davy. He became one of Davy's successors as Professor of Chemistry at the Royal Institution of Great Britain. Of Faraday's many brilliant discoveries in chemistry and physics, probably the best remembered today is his work on electromagnetic induction. Faraday's contribution to introduction of anesthesia was his published announcement in 1818 that inhalation of the vapor of ether produced the same effects on mentation and consciousness as the breathing of nitrous oxide. He most likely became familiar with the central nervous system effects of nitrous oxide through his association with Davy, an avid user of the gas. Sulfuric ether was a common, convenient, cheap, and easily available substance, in contrast to nitrous oxide, which required expensive, cumbersome, and probably not widely available apparatus for its production and administration. The capability for inhaling intoxicating vapors eventually became commonly available with the use of ether instead of the gas. The first surgical anesthetics were a consequence of the resulting student "ether frolics." The 1818 announcement on breathing ether vapor was published anonymously; however, notations in Faraday's handwriting in some of his personal books clearly establish Michael Faraday as the author of this brief communication.

  15. Herder and Modernity: From Lesser-Taught Languages to Lesser-Taught Cultures

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Martin Votruba


    Full Text Available The typical North American curriculum of a lesser-taught Slavic language implicitly relies on the legacy of Johann Gottfried von Herder’s interpretation that language in and of itself contains national (ethnic culture. At the same time, enrolments are dwindling even in courses in the most commonly taught Slavic languages. Millennials’ understandable focus on the practicality of the courses they take make it unlikely for the lesser-taught languages to survive the slump. On the other hand, foreign culture courses are appearing to hold their ground more successfully. Slavic departments may reconsider Herder’s dictum as they try to maintain or establish programs in lesser-taught languages and cultures.

  16. 75 FR 42445 - Yakov Kobel and Victor Berkovich v. Hapag-Lloyd America, Inc., Limco Logistics, Inc., and... (United States)


    ... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office FEDERAL MARITIME COMMISSION Yakov Kobel and Victor Berkovich v. Hapag-Lloyd America, Inc., Limco Logistics, Inc., and International..., hereinafter ``Complainants,'' against Hapag-Lloyd America, Inc. (``Hapag-Lloyd''), Limco Logistics, Inc...

  17. Kuidas tudengid Lasnamäed väänasid / Victor Enrich, Sille Pihlak ; intervjueerinud Hendrik Alla

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Enrich, Victor, 1967-


    Kunstiakadeemia arhitektuuriosakonna üliõpilased uurisid töötoas "Kuidas väänata maju ilma viga saamata", mida võiks ette võtta Lasnamäega. Intervjuu juhendajate, hispaania fotograafi Victor Enrichi ja arhitekt Sille Pihlakuga

  18. Spiritual Evolution as a Metamorphose (on the base of Victor Pelevin Novel "Life of Insects"

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tetyana Shevchuk


    Full Text Available The article deals with the aesthetic paradigm of the novel "Life of Insects" (1993, written by well-known Russian writer Victor Pelevin. Spiritual evolution or degradation of the heroes is represented by their metamorphosis from person to insect or vice versa. Actual questions of the novel are focused on the problems of spiritual vacuum, lost dignity, the meaning of life, the relationship to life as most rare and precious gift, the horror to live at the level of animal existence. The author models the reality, in which the insect mask captures the essence of the person. The focus is on the anthropocentric code of the novel, the evolutionary and regressive reasons, connected with the transmutations of the heroes.

  19. Interlocução entre Rudolf Otto, Carl Gustav Jung e Victor White

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rodrigo Pereira Ceccon


    Full Text Available In 1917 Rudolf Otto published the book The Sacred and proposing the recognition of the irrational aspect as the foundation and maintainer of religious expression by means of analogies and antonyms that the called the numinous. Later, at a conference in1937, Carl Gustav Jung uses the term numinous to clarify what he meant by religion, recognizing this as an observation on what grabs consciousness, thus extending the idea of the numinous to practice and clinical studies. Victor White, Jung's main collaborator in the field of theology, weaves a critical to Otto and Jung's position front to the understanding of religious phenomena, stating that it presents a unilateralism in recognition that only their irrational sphere supports religion. This article aims to lead to a theoretical discussion as to White's reflections on the idea of numinous, in contrast to the positions of Otto and Jung.

  20. La presencia del lector en la narrativa de Victor Hugo (1823-1834

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francisco Aiello


    Full Text Available The reader is very present in Victor Hugo’s novels published during the period 1823-1834 thanks to different textual strategies. So there is a rich dialogue between him and the author. Both of them are con-sidered in this article as textual construc-tions instead of empiric beings. The analysis shows that the relationship author-reader is clearly asymmetric as it is only the author who has got the control of the stories and its interpretation. That is why he decides to instruct the reader, whose reading skills are poor, by helping him to understand and by teaching him anything that could be neces-sary to appreciate the novel. However, this author proposes a familiar way of care to the reader inviting him to experience amusement through little enigmas or show-ing complicity.

  1. A French description of German psychology laboratories in 1893 by Victor Henri, a collaborator of Binet. (United States)

    Nicolas, Serge; Barnes, Marissa E; Murray, David J


    There is a rich tradition of writings about the foundation of psychology laboratories, particularly in the United States but also in France. Various documents exist concerning former German laboratories in American and French literature. But the most interesting French paper was certainly written by a young psychologist named Victor Henri (1872-1940) who was a close collaborator of Alfred Binet (1857-1911) in the 1890s. Visiting various psychology laboratories, he wrote, in 1893, a clear description of the laboratories of Wundt, G. E. Müller, Martius and Ebbinghaus. An English translation is given of Henri's paper and the historical importance of his contribution is here expounded by contrasting the German and French psychologies of the time.

  2. ‘To Serve and Protect’: The Ends of Harm by Victor Tadros

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lippert-Rasmussen, Kasper


    In The Ends of Harm Victor Tadros develops an alternative to consequentialist, and non-consequentialist retributivist, accounts of the justifiability of punishment: the duty view. Crucial to this view is the claim that wrongdoers incur an enforceable duty to remedy their wrongs. They cannot undo...... to Tadros the ‘means principle’ that we should not harm others as a means, properly construed, does not apply to cases where the victim has an enforceable duty to bear the kind of harm that he or she is being made to suffer. In this article, I shall express reservations about Tadros’ defense...... and interpretation of the means principle. In presenting his position, Tadros also sets out some interesting anti-retributivist considerations casting doubt on the idea that wrongdoers’ suffering is non-instrumentally good. I shall challenge these. Finally, I shall suggest that the duty view may have...

  3. Victor Shnirelman, The myth of the Khazars and intellectual antisemitism in Russia, 1970s-1990s


    Laruelle, Marlène


    Le livre de Victor Shnirelman apporte une contribution originale à l’histoire de l’antisémitisme russe moderne en en retraçant la présence au sein de discours intellectuels. Avant comme après 1991, un certain antisémitisme s’affirmant comme « scientifique » s’exprime autour du thème des Khazars : ces derniers, probablement d’origine turcique, constituent l’un des seuls exemples de conversion au judaïsme de populations non sémitiques. Ils ont joué un rôle majeur dans l’histoire ancienne de la ...

  4. Michael Faraday's Contributions to Archaeological Chemistry. (United States)

    Moshenska, Gabriel


    The analysis of ancient artefacts is a long but largely neglected thread within the histories of archaeology and chemistry. This paper examines Michael Faraday's contributions to this nascent field, drawing on his published correspondence and the works of his antiquarian collaborators, and focusing in particular on his analyses of Romano-British and ancient Egyptian artefacts. Faraday examined the materials used in ancient Egyptian mummification, and provided the first proof of the use of lead glazes on Roman ceramics. Beginning with an assessment of Faraday's personal interests and early work on antiquities with Humphry Davy, this paper critically examines the historiography of archaeological chemistry and attempts to place Faraday's work within its institutional, intellectual, and economic contexts.

  5. Michael Maier--nine newly discovered letters. (United States)

    Lenke, Nils; Roudet, Nicolas; Tilton, Hereward


    The authors provide a transcription, translation, and evaluation of nine newly discovered letters from the alchemist Michael Maier (1568-1622) to Gebhardt Johann von Alvensleben (1576-1631), a noble landholder in the vicinity of Magdeburg. Stemming from the final year of his life, this correspondence casts new light on Maier's biography, detailing his efforts to secure patronage amid the financial crisis of the early Thirty Years' War. While his ill-fated quest to perfect potable gold continued to form the central focus of his patronage suits, Maier also offered his services in several arts that he had condemned in his printed works, namely astrology and "supernatural" magic. Remarks concerning his previously unknown acquaintance with Heinrich Khunrath call for a re-evaluation of Maier's negotiation of the discursive boundaries between Lutheran orthodoxy and Paracelsianism. The letters also reveal Maier's substantial contribution to a work previously ascribed solely to the English alchemist Francis Anthony.

  6. Victor Legley: some notes on his thoughts and Cathédrale d’acier

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    de Roeck, Ronald


    Full Text Available The article proposes to extend the knowledge of the figure and work of Victor Legley. It offers some notes about his life, studies and professional activities. It informs about his activities as a musical philosopher, and makes some of his thoughts known about contemporary composition, music’s social function, the composer’s role, and the relations between composer, interpreter, critic and management, today. The major part of the article is dedicated to his compositions. La Cathédrale d’acier, opus 52, from 1958, has been chosen for an analytical research on his intense thematic work, typical for his production, and also to establish the general characteristics of this composition, representative of much of his work. Finally, we present some conclusions on the importance of his ideas and his production as a composerEl artículo propone ampliar el conocimiento de la figura y obra de Victor Legley. Empieza con unos apuntes sobre su vida, sus estudios y actividades profesionales. Destaca sus actividades como pensador de la música, y da a conocer algunas de sus ideas sobre la composición contemporánea, la función social de la música, el papel del compositor, el nivel estético en nuestros días. Buena parte del artículo se centra en su producción compositiva. Se ha escogido La Cathédrale d’acier, opus 52, de 1958, para hacer una investigación analítica del intenso trabajo temático, que es propio de su obra, y para establecer la características generales de esta composición, representativa de buena parte de su obra. Finalmente, se presentan unas conclusiones sobre la importancia de las ideas y la producción compositiva de Legley.

  7. Enantioselective construction of spirocyclic oxindoles via Tandem michael/Michael reactions catalyzed by multifunctional quaternary phosphonium salt

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Hongyu Wang; Yongjia Shang; Dongdong Cao; Jiaxing Zhang; Gang Zhao; Changwu Zheng


    The enantioselective construction of five-membered spirocyclic oxindoles via a double Michael cascade reaction is described by using dipeptide-based multifunctional quaternary phosphonium salt catalysts...

  8. Language and Intercultural Education: An Interview with Michael Byram (United States)

    Porto, Melina


    This article reports an interview with Michael Byram, Professor Emeritus, University of Durham in the United Kingdom, during his visit to Argentina in September 2011. Michael Byram is one of the main international referents in intercultural education. The interview addresses issues such as language education, intercultural and citizenship…

  9. Book Review: Invitation to Topological Robotics by Michael Farber

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Raussen, Martin


    Book Review: Invitaton to Topological Robotics by Michael Farber. Zurich Lectures in Advanced Mathematics, European Mathematical Society (2008), ISBN 978-3-03719-054-8......Book Review: Invitaton to Topological Robotics by Michael Farber. Zurich Lectures in Advanced Mathematics, European Mathematical Society (2008), ISBN 978-3-03719-054-8...

  10. Lesser known aquarium fish tumor models. (United States)

    Harshbarger, J C; Slatick, M S


    The repeated use of particular species for experimental oncology in fish increases their future value by accumulating background information for these models and justifies the establishment of genetic stock centers. However, the wide diversity that exists within the class Osteichthyes and Chondrichthyes suggests that the ideal surrogate models for studying some types of neoplasms might be found among lesser known species. To help assess cultured fish as surrogates for some other types of human neoplasia, we examined cases in the archives of the Registry of Tumors in Lower Animals and reviewed reports in the literature. Spontaneous and induced neoplasms originating from a spectrum of cell types were seen in more than 215 fish species commonly raised in aquaria or cultured for study among 69 families. Prominent families include the Poeciliidae (livebearers), Cyprinidae (carps and minnows), Cichlidae (cichlids), Cyprinodontidae (killifish), Characidae (tetras), Adrianichthyidae (medakas), Aplocheilidae (rivulins), and Salmonidae (salmon and trout). The following are examples of potential fish tumor models that have received less consideration than some others: papilloma and carcinoma of the urinary bladder in oscar (Astronotus ocellatus); osteogenic neoplasms, peripheral nerve sheath tumors, and ependymoblastoma in coho salmon fingerlings (Oncorhynchus kisutch); and nephroblastoma resembling Wilms' tumor in Japanese eels (Anguilla japonica).

  11. Obituary: Michael John Klein, 1940-2005 (United States)

    Gulkis, Samuel


    Michael John Klein died on 14 May 2005 at home in South Pasadena, California. The cause of death was tongue cancer that metastasized to the lungs. He was a non-smoker. Mike was a passionate radio astronomer, a trusted astronomical observer, an educator and a family man. Mike was born on 19 January 1940 in Ames, Iowa, the son of Florence Marie (Graf) and Fred Michael Klein. His mother was a homemaker, and his father was a banker. Mike had two older sisters, Lois Jean (Klein) Flauher and Marilyn June (Klein) Griffin. In 1962, Mike married his high school sweetheart Barbara Dahlberg, who survives him along with their three children, Kristin Marie (Klein) Shields, Michael John Klein Jr., Timothy Joel Klein, and six grandchildren. Mike developed a love for astronomy early in his life, and credited an early morning, newspaper-delivery route that he had at age twelve, which took him outside well before sunrise. He told family members that as he walked along his route, he stared into the sky and wondered what everything was. He studied sky charts, located stars, and began to understand how the planets shifted their positions relative to the stars each day. Another big influence in Mike's life was his brother in-law, Jim Griffin. Jim helped Mike understand that his passion for science did not have to remain a hobby, but could and should become a career. Jim's encouragement led Mike to attend Iowa State University in Ames, where he earned a BS in electrical engineering in 1962. Mike then started graduate school in electrical engineering at Michigan State, but after one semester transferred to the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, where he earned an MS (1966) and PhD (1968) in astronomy. His doctoral dissertation, under the direction of Professor Fred Haddock, was based on extensive observations of the planets and examined the physical and thermal properties of planetary atmospheres and surfaces. Mike was awarded a Resident Research Associate position at JPL by the National

  12. Two papers by Michael Fordham (d.1995). (United States)

    Astor, James


    The Journal has decided to publish a selection of previously unpublished papers from the Michael Fordham archives, which are being prepared for publication by James Astor and Elizabeth Urban, and of which the two papers published here are the first, both dating from the 1950s. 'Analyst and Priest' seems to be addressed to an audience of mainly religious people who are interested in the relation between psychology and religion and to whom Fordham is introducing some basic Jungian concepts and ways of thinking. The analyst in this lecture is the advocate of a new science, the priest an established figure with a role in society and rituals to perform. As the paper progresses he refines the differences between priest and analyst in terms of individual development versus a philosophy of life. The paper ends with a plea for co-operation between priest and analyst. 'Analyst and Scientist' was a radio talk given in 1956. In this paper Fordham makes the case for paying attention to the irrational. He draws support from Pauli and Polanyi. His theme is to show the scientific value of the subjective. From this he describes the scientific basis for Jung's comparative method and consequently of archetypal psychology. © 2010, The Society of Analytical Psychology.

  13. Avoiding revenue loss due to 'lesser of' contract clauses. (United States)

    Stodolak, Frederick; Gutierrez, Henry


    Finance managers seeking to avoid lost revenue attributable to lesser-of-charge-or-fixed-fee (lesser-of) clauses in their contracts should: Identify payer contracts that contain lesser-of clauses. Prepare lesser-of lost-revenue reports for non-bundled and bundled rates. For claims with covered charges below the bundled rate, identify service codes associated with the greatest proportion of total gross revenue and determine new, higher charge levels for those codes. Establish an approach for setting charges for non-bundled fee schedules to address lost-revenue-related issues. Incorporate changes into overall strategic or hospital zero-based pricing modeling and parameters.

  14. Michael Tooley on possible people and promising. (United States)

    Kuhse, H


    This critique takes issue with the arguments that Michael Tooley forwarded in "Abortion and Infanticide" to further the notion that the destruction of potential persons is not immoral. In particular, the author focuses on Tooley's presupposition that it is not wrong to prevent the existence of additional persons who are likely to lead happy lives. The writings of Derek Parfit are called upon to provide examples upon which the criticism of Tooley is based. Particular attention is paid to two scenarios proposed by Parfit: one in which a pregnant woman would be wrong to refuse a simple treatment to prevent a handicap in her baby and the other in which a woman planning to become pregnant is advised to wait three months before becoming pregnant to allow herself time to recover from a condition which would result in her having a handicapped child. Parfit suggests that it would be wrong of the woman not to wait. Of course, the problem inherent in the second scenario is that the woman would harm her potential handicapped child by not allowing its conception. Tooley's reconciliation of the problems posed by Parfit are based on the morality involved in making and keeping promises. The author reviews Tooley's attempt to justify his views in this way and concludes that Tooley's reasoning fails, in part because promising is only a social institution, and morality also encompasses basic values. If one accepts Tooley's argument that there is an obligation to refrain from bringing wretched people into the world, then one must also accept the reverse: an obligation exists to bring additional happy people into the world. In this case, both abortion and infanticide are wrong.

  15. From victim to victor: "breaking bad" and the dark potential of the terminally empowered. (United States)

    Lewis, Mark A


    As treatments for malignancies have improved incrementally over the preceding decades, patients with cancer have been encouraged to reject an attitude of hopelessness and to choose instead the role of fighters. The recasting of the cancer patient as warrior and winner, upheld through the Livestrong movement, reaches its monstrous apotheosis in the form of Walter White, the central figure in the AMC television series "Breaking Bad." The story begins with Walt as the protagonist, but the arc of this conversion narrative transforms him into the antagonist, exploring the darkest potential of his post-diagnosis empowerment. His awareness of his own mortality enables him to take risks that his more rational, pre-cancer self would have avoided. Rather than being rendered impotent by fear of an impending death, he finds himself emboldened, liberated from behavioral norms, capable of heretofore-unthinkable violence and even murder. As Walt moves from victim to victor, the viewer realizes the perils of a survive-at-all-costs mentality and is forced to question their own, initially sympathetic perception of Walt. The series subverts the notion of the cancer patient made noble through struggle by portraying a man betrayed by his own body who then becomes willing to betray everything else in the amoral service of his pride.

  16. catalysis of the michael reactions by n,n'-dimethylaminopropyl

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    modification and via sol-gel copolymerisation processes are active catalysts in the Michael reaction. However, the latter report does not show detailed physicochemical properties of the material developed by the sol-gel method. In addition, effects ...

  17. Michael Akam and the rise of evolutionary developmental biology. (United States)

    Stern, David L; Dawes-Hoang, Rachel E


    Michael Akam has been awarded the 2007 Kowalevsky medal for his many research accomplishments in the area of evolutionary developmental biology. We highlight three tributaries of Michaels contribution to evolutionary developmental biology. First, he has made major contributions to our understanding of development of the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster. Second, he has maintained a consistent focus on several key problems in evolutionary developmental biology, including the evolving role of Hox genes in arthropods and, more recently, the evolution of segmentation mechanisms. Third, Michael has written a series of influential reviews that have integrated progress in developmental biology into an evolutionary perspective. Michael has also made a large impact on the field through his effective mentorship style, his selfless promotion of younger colleagues, and his leadership of the University Museum of Zoology at Cambridge and the European community of evolutionary developmental biologists.

  18. Yuriko and Michael Renardy reappointed Class of 1950 Professors


    Owczarski, Mark


    Yuriko and Michael Renardy, professors of mathematics in the College of Science at Virginia Tech, have been reappointed as the Virginia Tech Class of 1950 Professors by the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors.

  19. Meet EPA Scientist Michael Nye, Ph.D. (United States)

    Michael Nye, Ph.D., is a social scientist who studies natural risk, socio-demographic change and sustainable behavior. Prior to joining EPA, he worked for the UK Environment Agency in flood risk management and emergency preparedness

  20. MICHAEL B. KATZ: 13 APRIL 1939 23 AUGUST 2014

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Elaine L Simon


      The author met Michael Katz when he and a group of students he had involved in the search for a new assistant director for Penn's Urban Studies program interviewed me for the position 28 years ago...

  1. Deformation mechanisms in the frontal Lesser Himalayan Duplex in ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    We present evidence of EF deformation from Gondwana rocks developed during the emplacement of one of the frontal horses (Jorthang horse) in the Lesser Himalayan Duplex (LHD) structure associated with Lesser Himalayan rocks in the footwall of the Ramgarh thrust in the Rangit window near Jorthang in the Sikkim ...

  2. Analysis of Students' Dissertation: A Case for Promotion of Lesser ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    On the basis of their potential contribution in addressing nutritional imbalance, it is recommended that some attention is directed to research on the development, cultivation, management and utilization of the lesser-used vegetables in Ghana. Keywords: Vegetables, research, student theses, nutritive values, lesser-used.

  3. Principles of Chemistry (by Michael Munowitz) (United States)

    Kovac, Reviewed By Jeffrey


    At a time when almost all general chemistry textbooks seem to have become commodities designed by marketing departments to offend no one, it is refreshing to find a book with a unique perspective. Michael Munowitz has written what I can only describe as a delightful chemistry book, full of conceptual insight, that uses a novel and interesting pedagogic strategy. This is a book that has much to recommend it. This is the best-written general chemistry book I have ever read. An editor with whom I have worked recently remarked that he felt his job was to help authors make their writing sing. Well, the writing in Principles of Chemistry sings with the full, rich harmonies and creative inventiveness of the King's Singers or Chanticleer. Here is the first sentence of the introduction: "Central to any understanding of the physical world is one discovery of paramount importance, a truth disarmingly simple yet profound in its implications: matter is not continuous." This is prose to be savored and celebrated. Principles of Chemistry has a distinct perspective on chemistry: the perspective of the physical chemist. The focus is on simplicity, what is common about molecules and reactions; begin with the microscopic and build bridges to the macroscopic. The author's perspective is clear from the organization of the book. After three rather broad introductory chapters, there are four chapters that develop the quantum mechanical theory of atoms and molecules, including a strong treatment of molecular orbital theory. Unlike many books, Principles of Chemistry presents the molecular orbital approach first and introduces valence bond theory later only as an approximation for dealing with more complicated molecules. The usual chapters on descriptive inorganic chemistry are absent (though there is an excellent chapter on organic and biological molecules and reactions as well as one on transition metal complexes). Instead, descriptive chemistry is integrated into the development of

  4. Victor Pelevin's Novel about Vampires as the form of Reflection on Postmodernism

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anastasya L. Bobileva


    Full Text Available The current stage of culture development is usually defined as post-postmodern. Although this term is not well established and is interpreted differently, in any case it involves the overcoming of postmodernism. In Russian literature we should mention Victor Pelevin among the authors, whose works demonstrate the post-postmodernist tendencies most clearly. The evolution of his prose testifies that the postmodern worldview and the very mechanism of postmodern writing has become the subject of critical reflection in the late works of the writer. The novel by V. Pelevin "Empire V" (2006 is the material of the analysis in the article. The aim of the study is to reveal the nature and the forms of postmodernism reflection manifested in this work. During the analysis the authors established that Pelevin plays with a popular genre of mass culture - a novel about vampires, using it as a kind of metaphorical way to clarify the nature of postmodern literature, which appropriates, absorbs and exploits the forms, ideas and motives earlier developed in culture. Postmodernists, like vampires, borrow information from different sources and use "someone else's blood" for their own purposes. Combining the "languages" of mass and elite cultures, activating the intertextual links, Pelevin eventually pursues antipostomodernist goals: he reveals the totality of the simulativity, proves that mass culture is ready to absorb postmodernism, and turn it into an empty signifier. This can be defined as a kind of cultural reflection, as a form of the self-reflection and writer’s cognition on the state of modern culture.

  5. Victor and Erika Webnovela: An Innovative Generation @ Audience Engagement Strategy for Prevention. (United States)

    Andrade, Elizabeth L; Evans, W Douglas; Edberg, Marc C; Cleary, Sean D; Villalba, Ricardo; Batista, Idalina Cubilla


    Entertainment-education (E-E) approaches for young audiences continue to evolve in order to keep stride with younger generations' affinity for technology. E-E and novelas have been used with a wide variety of audiences in the United States, in particular hard-to-reach Latino populations, and have demonstrated effectiveness in disseminating culturally relevant prevention information for a wide variety of health-related risk factors and behaviors. This study discusses the formative research and active engagement of Latino youth living in Langley Park, Maryland, for the development and filming of an innovative 6-episode webnovela titled Victor and Erika (V&E). V&E is part of a larger branding strategy of the Adelante Positive Youth Development intervention that seeks to prevent substance abuse, sexual risk, and interpersonal violence among Latino youth; V&E is also an intervention component. The V&E webnovela is a dramatic portrayal of the lives of 2 immigrant Latino teenagers that also disseminates risk prevention messages. The storyline represents the turning the corner (to a better life) theme that underlies the Adelante intervention brand. Formative research was conducted for character development (n = 20) and creative development of the episodes (n = 14). Results of the formative research showed that youth recommended inclusion of the following topics in V&E episodes: sex, unintended pregnancy, fidelity, trust, family dynamics, immigration status, violence, school dropout, respect, home life, and poverty. Detailed character and episode descriptions are provided, and the implications of using the V&E series as a tool for in-person and online engagement of youth and the dissemination of prevention messages are also discussed.

  6. Entrevista al profesor D. Michael Walker. - Interview with Professor D. Michael Walker.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Caravaca Guerrero, Consuelo Isabel


    Full Text Available Entrevistar a un investigador de la talla de D. Michael Walker supone hablar de un investigador reconocido a nivel nacional e internacional, uno de los mayores expertos en evolución humana de nuestros días. Nació en Colchester (Inglaterra en 1941 y tiene doble nacionalidad: británica y australiana. Actualmente es profesor emérito de la Universidad de Murcia en el Departamento de Zoología y Antropología Física de la Facultad de Biología. Pero su currículum no acaba aquí, Michael realizó tres carreras, Fisiología Animal, Medicina, y Arqueología Prehistórica, en la Universidad de Oxford. Es Doctor por esta universidad, gracias a su tesis leída sobre Paleoantropología y Prehistoria de las cuencas de los ríos Segura y Vinalopó. Nuestro entrevistado, también fue elegido Académico (Fellow –F.S.A.- en 1988 de la Society of Antiquaries of Londono SAL. Fundada en 1707, la SAL es la equivalente británica de la española Real Academia de la Historia. Es Fellow también del Real Instituto Antropológico de la Gran Bretaña (Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain y socio emérito de la Asociación Americana de Antropólogos Físicos (American Association of Physical Anthropologists.

  7. Guest Foreword from Michael Thomas CMG QC

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michael Thomas


    precedents and thought in a unique legal market in which ideas drawn from Islamic law, civil law and common law can intermingle and blend. It is not surprising therefore to see that this new publication will be dedicated to the subject of international law, both public and private. Its laudable aim is to promote legal discourse around the world, and to promote a wider international understanding of contemporary legal issues for the common benefit. As an open access, bilingual journal, addressing topics concerning any jurisdiction, I hope it will reach a wide audience, and fulfil its aim of promoting understanding between different cultures. I am sure that the journal will not only benefit Qatar’s legal community by advancing academic and practice-based legal discussion. I am also confident that it will stimulate thought in the global legal community at large. May I wish it every success and a long life. Michael Thomas CMG QC

  8. Seasonal and annual dietary changes in Lesser Kestrels Falco ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    transformed area in Lesotho was studied by means of pellet analysis. Orthopterans, beetles and solifugids (sun spiders) comprised the staple food of the wintering Lesser Kestrels. Small vertebrates, termite alates, earwigs and scolopendrans ...

  9. Back-thrusting in Lesser Himalaya: Evidences from magnetic fabric ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Valdiya 1980;. Robinson ... while the others treat NAT as the thrust con- tact between inner and outer Lesser Himalaya. (Ahmad et .... temperature of the sample was measured with a Pt resistance thermometer, placed within a distance of 1 mm.

  10. Obituary: Michael John Seaton, 1923-2007 (United States)

    Pradhan, Anil; Nahar, Sultana


    Professor Michael John Seaton, hailed as the "Father of Atomic Astrophysics," passed away on May 29, 2007. He was one of the few Honorary Fellows of both the American Astronomical Society and the American Physical Society, so honored for his monumental contributions to both physics and astronomy. Mike Seaton was born on January 16, 1923 in Bristol, England. He attended Wallington County High School. But his leftist political activities, even at that stage, led to his expulsion, though he was eventually allowed to matriculate. He enlisted in the Royal Air Force as a navigator during the Second World War, and flew many dangerous missions. His legendary concentration and precision are reflected in the following anecdote. Once after a bombing mission his aircraft was lost in fog over the Alps. Seaton calculated the position and coordinates in flight to guide the aircraft. When the fog lifted, the crew found themselves flying perilously close to the mountains, but made it safely back. His associates often said, "A Seaton calculation is carried out as if his life depended on it." After the War he was admitted to University College London (UCL) as an undergraduate. Thereafter, he spent all of his professional career at UCL. Seaton received his Batchelor's degree in 1948, and his Ph.D. in 1951. His tenure at UCL coincided with the golden age of atomic astrophysics, for he was largely responsible for it. Seaton was elected Fellow of the Royal Society in 1967, and as President of the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) in 1978. He was the recipient of an Honorary Doctorate from the Observatoire de Paris, an Honorary D.Sc. from the Queen's University of Belfast, the Gold Medal for Astronomy by the RAS, the Guthrie Medal by the Institute of Physics, the Royal Society Hughes award for lifetime work by the RAS, and several other prestigious awards. Nevertheless, as Alex Dalgarno recently remarked, Seaton was not part of the establishment because he chose not to be. Though rooted in

  11. [Victor Khrisanfovich Kandinsky (1849-1889) : Contributions of a Russian psychiatrist to the concepts of pseudohallucination and schizophrenias]. (United States)

    Engmann, B; Steinberg, H


    The article highlights the important work of the Russian psychiatrist Victor Khrisanfovich Kandinsky. His merits, in particular those in the fields of hallucinations and schizophrenias, have hitherto been neglected despite the fact that several of his articles have been published in German medical journals. He defined the term pseudohallucination in a way which is still common today. For him the criterion which separates it from real hallucinations was that the patient is aware of the fallacy of the phenomena perceived. Furthermore, his concept of ideophrenia can be regarded as a one of the precursors to today's concept of schizophrenias.

  12. Pit above the lesser tuberosity in axial view radiography. (United States)

    Cho, Jae-Ho; Han, Kyeong-Jin; Lee, Doo-Hyung; Chung, Nam-Su; Park, Do Young


    This study examined the relationship between the presence of a pit above the lesser tuberosity on axial view radiographs and rotator cuff tears and compared the demographic data between groups according to the presence of a pit above the lesser tuberosity. The hypothesis of this study was that the radiographic finding of a pit above the lesser tuberosity is related to rotator cuff tears. For 112 patients with a symptomatic rotator cuff tear, plain radiographs of the symptomatic shoulder (tear side radiographs) and plain radiographs of the asymptomatic contralateral shoulder (no-tear side radiographs) were assessed. Seventeen radiological findings, including a pit above the lesser tuberosity, osteophytes, subchondral cysts, and sclerosis, were recorded by one blinded observer. Demographic data such as age, duration of symptoms, sex, arm dominance, smoking history, trauma history, American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons score, Constant score, and involved tendon were collected. A pit above the lesser tuberosity was noted on tear side radiographs of 40 patients (35.7 %) and on the no-tear side radiographs of 27 patients (24.1 %), representing a significant difference (P = 0.040). A pit associated with a rotator cuff tear was observed more often in the dominant arm (P = 0.040) and more often in patients with less previous trauma (P = 0.024). A pit above the lesser tuberosity on axial view radiography was associated with a rotator cuff tear and occurred more often in the dominant arm of patients who had no trauma history. Prognostic study, Level III.

  13. Fast, global, and entrepreneurial: supply chain management, Hong Kong style. An interview with Victor Fung. Interview by Joan Magretta. (United States)

    Fung, V


    Li & Fung, Hong Kong's largest export trading company, has been an innovator in supply chain management--a topic of increasing importance to many senior executives. In this interview, chairman Victor Fung explains both the philosophy behind supply chain management and the specific practices that Li & Fung has developed to reduce costs and lead times, allowing its customers to buy "closer to the market." Li & Fung has been a pioneer in "dispersed manufacturing." It performs the higher-value-added tasks such as design and quality control in Hong Kong, and outsources the lower-value-added tasks to the best possible locations around the world. The result is something new: a truly global product. To produce a garment, for example, the company might purchase yarn from Korea that will be woven and dyed in Taiwan, then shipped to Thailand for final assembly, where it will be matched with zippers from a Japanese company. For every order, the goal is to customize the value chain to meet the customer's specific needs. To be run effectively, Victor Fung maintains, trading companies have to be small and entrepreneurial. He describes the organizational approaches that keep the company that way despite its growing size and geographic scope: its organization around small, customer-focused units; its incentives and compensation structure; and its use of venture capital as a vehicle for business development. As Asia's economic crisis continues, chairman Fung sees a new model of companies emerging--companies that are, like Li & Fung, narrowly focused and professionally managed.

  14. Developing Successful Retention Programs: An Interview with Michael Hovland. (United States)

    Kluepfel, Gail A.; Hovland, Michael


    Michael Hovland, the senior consultant at Noel-Levitz Centers, responds to questions about summer bridge programs, first-year seminar programs, Rutgers' retention model, faculty reactions to retention programs, the impact of retention programs on institutional mission, administrative involvement in retention, student assessment, retention efforts…

  15. Solvent-free microwave-mediated Michael addition reactions

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Facile Michael addition of active methylene compounds to ,-unsaturated carbonyl compounds takes place on the surface of potassium carbonate under microwave irradiation. Further studies on microwave-mediated Robinson annulations reveal a convenient and facile method for condensation of chalcone with ...

  16. Aza-Michael Reaction for an Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Laboratory (United States)

    Nigam, Manisha; Rush, Brittney; Patel, Jay; Castillo, Raul; Dhar, Preeti


    A green, aza-Michael reaction is described that can be used to teach undergraduate students conjugate addition of nitrogen nucleophile to an a,ß-unsaturated ester. Students analyze spectral data of the product obtained from the assigned reaction to determine product structure and propose the mechanism of its formation. The experiment requires…

  17. The correspondence of Michael Faraday, v.4 1849-1855

    CERN Document Server

    James, F


    This volume includes 70% of previously unpublished letters of Michael Farday spanning half of the 1850s and most of 1860. Topics include Faraday's work on regelation, the transmission of light through gold and his appointment by Emperor Napoleon III to be a Commander of the Legion of Honour.

  18. Proof Positive: Q&A with Michael Fullan (United States)

    Crow, Tracy


    This article presents an interview with Michael Fullan, an internationally recognized expert in educational change. A prolific writer and speaker, Fullan has worked in schools and educational systems around the world, including his home province of Ontario, Canada. He partners with a variety of projects designed to engineer school improvement and…

  19. Shaping the Global Civil Society: An Interview with Michael Peters (United States)

    Heraud, Richard; Tesar, Marek


    Professor Michael A. Peters has worked in an era of transformation that has taken him from a labour-intensive paper-based form of production to the computerised reproduction of thought, and the current shift in the publishing landscape from a reader-subscription to an author-pays model. Most of what he has learned in publishing and editing he has…

  20. Berliinis võidutses Michael Haneke / Jüri Laulik

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Laulik, Jüri, 1959-


    IX PÖFFil linastuv Michael Haneke film "Varjatud" ("Cache") võitis laupäeval mitu Euroopa Filmiakadeemia auhinda, sealhulgas parima filmi, parima lavastaja ja parima meesnäitleja (Daniel Auteuil) auhinna. Parima naisnäitleja tiitli pälvis Julia Jentsch ("Sophie Scholli viimased päevad"). Elutööpreemia sai sir Sean Connery

  1. Tweeting Prayers and Communicating Grief over Michael Jackson Online (United States)

    Sanderson, Jimmy; Cheong, Pauline Hope


    Death and bereavement are human experiences that new media helps facilitate alongside creating new social grief practices that occur online. This study investigated how people's postings and tweets facilitated the communication of grief after pop music icon Michael Jackson died. Drawing on past grief research, religion, and new media studies, a…

  2. Michael Moore kaevati kohtusse pettuse eest / Mari Rebane

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Rebane, Mari


    Dokumentaalfilm "9/11 Fahrenheiti" ("Fahrenheit 9/11") : režissöör Michael Moore : USA 2004. Iraagi sõja invaliidistunud veteran andis režissööri kohtusse teda kujutavate flmikaadrite loata ja tenentsliku kasutamise pärast

  3. Eesti luksushotellide ristiisa / Michael Stenner ; interv. Malle Koido

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Stenner, Michael


    Eesti tipphotelle 1997. aastast juhtinud sakslane, praegu hotellide Kolm Õde ja Telegraaf juht räägib Eesti ja Saksamaa erinevustest, Eesti hotelliärist, teeninduskultuurist ja personalist. Lisa: Kes on Michael Stenner ning kuidas ta Eestisse sattus? Ilmunud ka: Linnaleht : Pärnu, 23. veebr. 2007, lk. 5-6

  4. Michael hydratase alcohol dehydrogenase or just alcohol dehydrogenase?

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Resch, V.A.; Jin, J.; Chen, B.S.; Hanefeld, U.


    The Michael hydratase – alcohol dehydrogenase (MhyADH) from Alicycliphilus denitrificans was previously identified as a bi-functional enzyme performing a hydration of ?,?-unsaturated ketones and subsequent oxidation of the formed alcohols. The investigations of the bi-functionality were based on a

  5. Editorial: Juba College of Nursing and Midwifery | Michael | South ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Editorial: Juba College of Nursing and Midwifery. Janet Michael. Abstract. No Abstract. Full Text: EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT · AJOL African Journals Online. HOW TO USE AJOL... for Researchers · for Librarians · for Authors · FAQ's · More about ...

  6. Entretien avec Michael Quinn Patton | CRDI - Centre de recherches ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    utilité est pratique courante. Mais qu'en est-il de l'efficacité et de l'utilité des évaluations elles-mêmes ? Michael Quinn Patton, évaluateur de renommée internationale, était récemment au CRDI pour expliquer son approche ...

  7. Terroristid on võitmas / Michael Weiss ; intervjueerinud Taavi Minnik

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Weiss, Michael


    Intervjuu Ameerika Ühendriikide ajakirjaniku ja Islamiriigi asjatundja Michael Weissiga, kes räägib, miks liituvad tuhanded Euroopas kasvanud mosleminoored džihadistidega ning kuidas deradikaliseerida läänemaailmas elavaid äärmuslastest moslemeid

  8. "No More Excuses": Michael M. Crow on Analytics (United States)

    Crow, Michael M.


    Michael M. Crow became the 16th president of Arizona State University in July 2002, with the goal of transforming ASU into what he calls a "New American University"--an institution combining the highest levels of academic excellence, inclusiveness to a broad demographic, and maximum societal impact. His view included increasing graduate…

  9. Professor Porter ja tema viis konkurentsitegurit / Michael E Porter

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Porter, Michael E


    Maailmas tuntud juhtimisguru Michael Porter viie konkurentsijõu teooriast ja selle rakendatavusest erinevates valdkondades. Lisad: Erinevused valdkondade kasumlikkuses; 5 määravat konkurentsijõudu; Investeeritud kapitali keskmine tasuvus; Mõnede USA tegevusvaldkondade kasumlikkus; Valdkonnaanalüüs praktikas; Valdkonna määratlemine; Valdkonnaanalüüsi sammud

  10. Michael Polanyi (1891-1976): Medical Doctor, Chemist and a ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education; Volume 23; Issue 1. Michael Polanyi (1891-1976): Medical Doctor, Chemist and a Philosopher. N Sathyamurthy. Article-in-a-Box Volume 23 Issue 1 January 2018 pp 11-14. Fulltext. Click here to view fulltext PDF. Permanent link:

  11. Correspondence of Michael Faraday, v.5 1855-1860

    CERN Document Server

    Faraday, Michael


    This volume includes 70% of previously unpublished letters of Michael Farday spanning half of the 1850s and most of 1860. Topics include Faraday's work on regelation, the transmission of light through gold and his appointment by Emperor Napoleon III to be a Commander of the Legion of Honour.

  12. Michael Pärt ئ suure muusika taustajõud / Michael Pärt ; interv. Siim Nestor

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Pärt, Michael


    Arvo Pärdi pojast Michael Pärdist. Tema tööst "music editor"-ina - helimonteerijana, tööst muusika produktsiooni, salvestamise ja muusika kirjutamise abijõuna. Koostööst maailmas tuntud muusikutega

  13. High Blood Cholesterol Q&A Dr. Michael Lauer | NIH MedlinePlus the Magazine (United States)

    ... High Cholesterol High Blood Cholesterol Q&A with Dr. Michael Lauer Past Issues / Summer 2012 Table of ... Recently, he discussed progress on high cholesterol research. Dr. Michael Lauer and his wife, Dr. Robin Avery, ...

  14. Growth performance of lesser-known Leucaena species ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Based on these findings, provenances L. diversifolia Batch (15551), L. diversifolia Ex. Mexico, L. diversifolia Ex. Veracruz and L. pallida Ex. Oaxaca are recommended for Gairo and similar sites. Keywords: Lesser-known Leucaena, survival, growth, biomass production and psyllid resistance No Abstract. Southern African ...

  15. Differential behaviour of a Lesser Himalayan watershed in extreme ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Climatic extremes including precipitation are bound to intensify in the global warming environment. The present study intends to understand the response of the Tons sub-watershed in Lesser Himalaya, in 3 years with entirely different hydrological conditions (July 2008–June 2011) in terms of discharge, sedimentflux and ...

  16. Records of Syrphidae (Diptera) from the Lesser Antilles

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Doesburg, van P.H.


    Having terminated his term of office as a Director of the Suriname Museum at Paramaribo, Dr. D. C. GEIJSKES returned to Holland. Accompanied by Mrs. GEIJSKES he availed himself of the opportunity to make a collecting-trip to several islands of the Windward Group of the Lesser Antilles, situated in a

  17. Corpus-based lexicography for lesser-resourced languages ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    languages of the world. This article, however, focuses on lesser-resourced languages for ... number of printed material such as many of the African languages, a corpus of. 10 million words can be regarded as a "big corpus". ... compilation versus increasing the corpus size. Macrostructural compilation mainly concerns the ...

  18. Nutrient Content of Four Lesser – Known Green Leafy Vegetables ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Leaves of four lesser – known leafy vegetable species (Heinsiacrinita, Lasiantheraafricana, Colocasiaesculenta and Ipomeabatatas) used for traditional food preparations by the Efik and Ibibio ethnic groups in Nigeria were analyzed for proximate composition, amino acid profile and mineral contents. The leaves were ...

  19. Nutrient Content of Four Lesser – Known Green Leafy Vegetables ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Nutrient Content of Four Lesser – Known Green Leafy Vegetables Consumed by Efik and Ibibio People in. Nigeria. U. E. Inyang. Department of Food Science and Technology, University of Uyo, Uyo, AkwaIbom State, Nigeria. [E-mail address:]. 1. Full Length R esearch A rticle. ABSTRACT: Leaves of ...

  20. Sequential bilateral lesser trochanter avulsion fractures in an adolescent patient (United States)

    Obi, Nnamdi Jonathan; Allman, Claire; Moore-Thompson, Elizabeth; Latimer, Mark David


    We report the rare case of a 15-year-old boy who sustained sequential bilateral lesser trochanter avulsion fractures over a 6-month period while playing football. No malignancy or associated metabolic bone disease was found. He subsequently made a full recovery with non-operative treatment. PMID:25422350

  1. Nutrient Content of Four Lesser – Known Green Leafy Vegetables ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Nutrient Content of Four Lesser – Known Green Leafy Vegetables Consumed by Efik and Ibibio People in Nigeria. ... The PDF file you selected should load here if your Web browser has a PDF reader plug-in installed (for example, a recent ...

  2. Migration flyway of the Mediterranean breeding Lesser Crested Tern ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The Lesser Crested Tern Thalasseus bengalensis emigratus breeding population in the Mediterranean is found exclusively in Libya, on the two coastal islands of Gara and Elba and one wetland on the mainland coast at Benghazi. In order to improve knowledge of the species migration to wintering quarters in West Africa, ...

  3. Vaccine-induced canine distemper in a lesser panda. (United States)

    Bush, M; Montali, R J; Brownstein, D; James, A E; Appel, M J


    A fatal disease occurred in a lesser panda (Ailurus fulgens) 2 weeks after vaccination with modified live distemper vaccine. The disease clinically resembled canine distemper. Pathologically there was giant cell pneumonia, with canine distemper viral inclusion bodies in pulmonary and digestive tract epithelium. Viral isolates were indicative of an attenuated strain rather than virulent types.

  4. Arc parallel extension in Higher and Lesser Himalayas, evidence ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    The existence of E–W extensional features from northeast (NE) Himalaya is poorly documented. Our investigation in the western part of Arunachal Himalaya provides evidences of active Quaternary E–W arc-parallel extensional features in the Higher and Lesser Himalayas. They are represented by arcperpendicular normal ...

  5. Stone artefact production and exchange among the northern Lesser Antilles

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Knippenberg, Sebastiaan


    This work discusses the exchange of stone materials and artefacts among the northern Lesser Antilles during the Ceramic Age (500 BC - AD 1492). Through the systematic analysis of source materials and a comparison of these with lithic artefacts, the provenance of a significant portion of stone

  6. An amateur botanist on the Lesser Sunda Islands

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Schmutz, Erwin


    Tabula Rasa. In 1963 as a missionary I arrived in the Flora Malesiana region, notably in the Lesser Sunda Islands. A certain ’sensus botanicus’ was my only equipment for botanical surveys, and the next thing to do was to walk the arduous but occasionally quite entertaining road to discovery. I often

  7. Lesser Flamingo Phoeniconaias minor as a nomadic species in ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The Lesser Flamingo Phoeniconaias minor is a nomadic species, which inhabits shallow alkaline lakes and pans in sub-Saharan Africa and southern Asia. The extent of genetic diversity and the degree of differentiation within and among populations are important factors to determine in order to help manage and conserve ...

  8. Thermoregulation and energy metabolism in the lesser bush baby ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Jan 29, 1988 ... S. Afr. J. Zool. 1989,24(2). Thermoregulation and energy metabolism in the lesser bush baby , ... Thermoregulation and energy metabolism were studied in adult and juvenile G. s. moho/i at ambient temperatures ranging from ... periods on cold nights to reduce energy expenditure. (Martin & Bearder 1979).

  9. Frogs of the genus Eleutherodactylus in the Lesser Antilles

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Schwartz, Albert


    The Lesser Antilles consist of those West Indian islands which extend from the Anegada Passage in the north to Grenada in the south.¹) These islands are nomenclatorially divided into two major groups: 1) The Leeward Islands, including Sombrero, Anguilla, St. Martin, St.-Barthélemy [= St. Barts],

  10. Sex determination in the Lesser Flamingo ( Phoenicopterus minor ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    PCR amplification of the CHD-Z and CHD-W genes using DNA extracted from the blood samples was used to determine the sex of each bird. There were significant differences in mass and tarsus length among the three age groups, indicating that Lesser Flamingos continue to grow in skeletal size and mass between ...

  11. Preliminary report on Echinoidea and Asteroidea (Echinodermata of the Joint Chilean-German-Italian Magellan Victor Hensen Campaign, 17 October - 25 November 1994

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alberto Larraín


    Full Text Available Part of the echinoderm material (Echinoidea and Asteroidea sampled by 59 Agassiz trawls during the Victor Hensen Campaign 1994 is summarized in a preliminary species list. In total, 7 echinoids and 21 asteroids have been determined to species from the area between Paso Ancho and Cape Horn. All of them were known from the area before.

  12. Tribute to Professor Anthony J. McMichael

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ashwin Swaminathan


    Full Text Available Emeritus Professor A. J. “Tony” McMichael (1942–2014 was an internationally renowned and pioneering Australian academic and advocate in epidemiology, who was passionate about understanding the influences of the environment on human health. In an illustrious career spanning more than four decades, he made significant contributions to the scientific community and policy discourse—including ground-breaking research related to the health of children. McMichael was a prolific academic writer with over 300 peer-reviewed papers; 160 book chapters and two sole-authored books. However, his outstanding talent was for integrating complex and seemingly unrelated strands from the environmental and health sciences into a cohesive narrative—and highlighting its relevance to lay persons, scientists and governments alike. He was instrumental in validating this nascent field of research and inspiring many others to follow his lead.

  13. Pengaruh Tipografi pada Era Massimo Vignelli terhadap Tipografi Michael Bierut

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Irwan Harnoko


    Full Text Available Massimo Vignelli is a senior graphic designer lived in New York, as a vocal modernism against post-modernism. His statement firmly opposing post-modernism in several occasions: interview in Helvetica the movie, typeradio, talkshow, and some articles in Looking Closer or AIGA Journal. Graphic design works of Massimo Vignelli reflected his characteristic, which is firmly choosing typeface. Typefaces of Vignelly are around 5 typefaces: Bodoni, Helvetica, Times Roman, Century, and Futura. The article uses formal analysis method. The writers collected materials about Michael Bierut, Massimo VIgnelli and Tibor Kalman from books and websites. The writers compare the typeface opinion of Massimo Vignelli (modernism designer, Michael Bierut designer (transition era designer from modernism to post-modernism, and Tibor Kalman (a designer in A Century of Graphic Design, as the influencer of Bierut’s betrayal over Vignelli. 

  14. Euroopa parimaks filmiks sai Michael Haneke "Valge lint" / Andres Laasik

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Laasik, Andres, 1960-2016


    Euroopa Filmiakadeemia auhindadest: parima filmiauhinna sai Saksamaal Bochumis toimunud tseremoonial Michael Haneke "Valge lint", mille eest Haneke sai ka parima režissööri ja stsenaristi auhinna. Parimaks meesnäitlejaks pärjati Tahar Rahim ("Un Prophete"), parimaks naisnäitlejaks Kate Winslet ("The Reader"), publikupreemia sai Danny Boyle'i "Rentslimiljonär. Ka teistest võitjatest

  15. Solvent-free microwave-mediated Michael addition reactions

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    “green chemistry”, a reaction should ideally, be con- ducted under solvent-free conditions with minimal or no side-product formation and with utmost atom- economy.10 Even though microwave-assisted sol- vent-free Michael addition reactions on BiCl3 or CdI2,11. EuCl3,12 CeCl3.5H2O,13 and alumina14 surfaces are.

  16. Ajalooliste võrdluste eetika / Michael Rothberg ; intervjueerinud Eneken Laanes

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Rothberg, Michael


    Intervjuu Tallinna ülikooli külastava kultuurimälu uurija, California ülikooli professori Michael Rothbergiga. Ta on sümpoosioni "Kultuurideülesed mäluvormid: sõja, ümberasumise ja poliitiliste konfliktide mäletamine nüüdisajal" peaesineja ja peab loengu "Pärandi probleem: migratsioon ja kultuurideülene holokausti mälu nüüdisaegsel Saksamaal". Ka tema raamatutest

  17. Evaluation of tsunami risk in the Lesser Antilles

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    N. Zahibo


    Full Text Available The main goal of this study is to give the preliminary estimates of the tsunami risks for the Lesser Antilles. We investigated the available data of the tsunamis in the French West Indies using the historical data and catalogue of the tsunamis in the Lesser Antilles. In total, twenty-four (24 tsunamis were recorded in this area for last 400 years; sixteen (16 events of the seismic origin, five (5 events of volcanic origin and three (3 events of unknown source. Most of the tsunamigenic earthquakes (13 occurred in the Caribbean, and three tsunamis were generated during far away earthquakes (near the coasts of Portugal and Costa Rica. The estimates of tsunami risk are based on a preliminary analysis of the seismicity of the Caribbean area and the historical data of tsunamis. In particular, we investigate the occurrence of historical extreme runup tsunami data on Guadeloupe, and these data are revised after a survey in Guadeloupe.

  18. Vocal activity of lesser galagos (Galago spp.) at zoos. (United States)

    Schneiderová, Irena; Zouhar, Jan; Štefanská, Lucie; Bolfíková, Barbora Černá; Lhota, Stanislav; Brandl, Pavel


    Almost nothing is known about the natural vocal behavior of lesser galagos living in zoos. This is perhaps because they are usually kept in nocturnal exhibits separated from the visitors by a transparent and acoustically insulating glass barrier. The aim of the present study was therefore to fill this gap in knowledge of the vocal behavior of lesser galagos from zoos. This knowledge might be beneficial because the vocalizations of these small primates can be used for species determination. We performed a 10-day-long acoustic monitoring of vocal activity in each of seven various groups of Galago senegalensis and G. moholi living at four zoos. We quantitatively evaluated the occurrence of four loud vocalization types present in both species, including the most species-specific advertisement call. We found that qualitative as well as quantitative differences exist in the vocal behavior of the studied groups. We confirmed that the observed vocalization types can be collected from lesser galagos living at zoos, and the success can be increased by selecting larger and more diverse groups. We found two distinct patterns of diel vocal activity in the most vocally active groups. G. senegalensis groups were most vocally active at the beginning and at the end of their activity period, whereas one G. moholi group showed an opposite pattern. The latter is surprising, as it is generally accepted that lesser galagos emit advertisement calls especially at dawn and dusk, i.e., at the beginning and at the end of their diel activity. © 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  19. The Lesser Antillean scorpions of the genus Centruroides


    Armas, de, Luis F.


    The buthid scorpions of the genus Centruroides are widely distributed in the Antillean area. They are also the most common scorpions in the majority of these islands. Nevertheless they remained almost forgotten until recently (STAHNKE 1970; ARMAS 1976, 1977, 1980, 1981, 1982; FRANCKE & SISSOM 1980). For the purpose of this paper the Lesser Antilles are defined as the islands situated between the Virgin Islands and Trinidad & Tobago, according to BOND’S 1978 zoogeographical point of view.

  20. Hechter Michael, Horne Christine (Dir., Theories of Social Order

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yves Laberge


    Full Text Available Cette anthologie méconnue examine le concept fondamental de l’ordre social en 34 textes tantôt anciens (de Tocqueville, Marx, Engels, Simmel ou relativement récents (le chapitre 19 comparant les groupes humains aux fourmis date de 2007. Ici, l’ordre social est compris de diverses manières ; Michael Hechter et Christine Horne rappellent d’emblée que « sans ordre social, il ne peut y avoir ni agriculture, ni industrie, ni commerce, ni investissement, ni développement économique, ni justice, n...

  1. Michael Bull, Sound Moves. Ipod Culture and Urban Experience


    Lisa McCormick


    Sound Moves, ouvrage non traduit de l'universitaire britannique Michael Bull, paru en 2007, a une place importante dans l'élaboration du champ de recherche sur l'écoute et les pratiques musicales appareillées en situation. Dans la continuité de son premier ouvrage (2000), ce deuxième opus poursuit l'étude de la « musicalisation » de notre quotidien au travers d’appareils mobiles, l'iPod en particulier. Dans la filiation d'un cadre théorique hérité des cultural studies et situé au carrefour de...

  2. El experimento de Milgram en Experimenter (2015) de Michael Almereyda


    Díaz Boada, S.; Ramírez Salazar, M.


    La cinta cinematográfica del director estadounidense Michael Almereyda, Experimenter (2015), nos brinda un paseo por la vida del famoso y polémico psicólogo social Stanley Milgram. Este científico, de origen judío, diseñó a principios de los años 60’s una serie de experimentos en la Universidad de Yale, cuyos resultados fueron publicados bajo el título Behavioral Study of Obedience los cuales son conocidos como «El experimento de Milgram». Popularizado años después en su libro Obedience to au...

  3. The Correspondence of Michael Faraday Pt 6 1860-1867

    CERN Document Server

    Frank, James


    Michael Faraday (1791-1867) was one of the most important men of science in nineteenth century Britain. His discoveries of electro-magnetic rotations (1821) and electro-magnetic induction (1831) laid the foundations of the modern electrical industry. His discovery of the magneto-optical effect and diamagnetism (1845) led him to formulate the field theory of electro-magnetism, which forms one of the cornerstones of modern physics.These and a whole host of other fundamental discoveries in physics and chemistry, together with his lecturing at the Royal Institution, his work for the state (includi

  4. Michael Marinov memorial volume multiple facets of quantization and supersymmetry

    CERN Document Server

    Vainshtein, A I


    This book is dedicated to the memory of Michael Marinov, the theorist who, together with Felix Berezin, introduced the classical description of spin by anticommuting Grassmann variables. It contains original papers and reviews by physicists and mathematicians written specifically for the book. These articles reflect the current status and recent developments in the areas of Marinov's research: quantum tunneling, quantization of constrained systems, supersymmetry, and others. The personal recollections included portray the human face of M Marinov, a person of great knowledge and integrity.

  5. Anatomy and Physiology of the Lesser Metatarsophalangeal Joints. (United States)

    Finney, Fred T; Cata, Ezequiel; Holmes, James R; Talusan, Paul G


    Knowledge and command of anatomy is paramount to effectively treating disorders of the lesser metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joints. The osseous structures consist of the proximal phalanx of the toe and the metatarsal head. The soft tissues on the dorsum of the MTP joint include the joint capsule and the tendons of extensor digitorum longus and extensor digitorum brevis. The proper and accessory collateral ligaments form the medial and lateral walls and contribute to stability in the coronal and sagittal planes. The plantar plate forms the plantar border of the MTP joint and stabilizes the MTP joint against hyperextension and dorsal translation. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  6. Pasteurella multocida serotype 1 isolated from a lesser snow goose (United States)

    Samuel, M.D.; Goldberg, D.R.; Shadduck, D.J.; Price, J.I.; Cooch, E.G.


    Pharyngeal swabs were collected from 298 lesser snow geese (Chen caerulescens caerulescens) at Banks Island (Northwest Territories. Canada) in the summer of 1994. Pasteurella multocida serotype 1 was isolated from an adult male bird and P. multocida serotype 3 was isolated from an adult female goose. Pathogenicity of the serotype 1 isolate was confirmed by inoculation in Pekin ducks (Anas platyrhynchos). The serotype 3 isolate was non-pathogenic in Pekin ducks. This is the first documented isolation of pathogenic P. multocida serotype 1 from apparently healthy wild snow geese.

  7. Oceanographic profile temperature, salinity, and oxygen measurements collected using bottle from the VICTOR BUGAEV, PASSAT and other platforms in the North Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea from 1981 to 1990 (NODC Accession 0000556) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Physical, chemical, and other data were collected in the North Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea from the VICTOR BUGAEV and other platforms from 03 October 1981...

  8. [Prevalence of entero-parasitosis in one Andean community in the Province of Victor Fajardo, Ayacucho, Peru]. (United States)

    Cabrera, Milagros; Verástegui, Manuela; Cabrera, Rufino


    The objectives of the study were to find out the prevalence and distribution of entero-parasitism and determine the prevalence of coproantigens of Taenia solium in the Andean community of Huancapi, Province of Victor Fajardo, Ayacucho, Peru. In the observational, transversal-descriptive study carried out between July and September 2000, by the Ritchie and Ziehl-Neelsen methods, modified by Cryptosporidium sp., samples of feces from 312 persons of the general population were examined. In addition, the presence of coproantigens of T. solium was investigated by the ELISA method. 77.88% (243) were positive to one or more entero-parasites. The prevalence for each protozoan specie is: 66.99% for Entamoeba coli; 12,50% for Iodamoeba butschlii; 10.90% for Chilomastix mesnili and 10.57% for Giardia lamblia; for the helminthes it was: 4.49% for Ascaris lumbricoides; 3.52% for Hymenolepis nana and 1.28% for Trichuris trichiura. Coproantigens of T. solium were detected in 3.52% of the samples. The prevailing commensal protozoan indicate that there are deficiencies in the basic sanitary services, particularly in water for domestic consumption. Huancapi is a new endemic zone for infection by T. solium.

  9. Lessons Learned From a Randomized Study of Oral Valganciclovir Versus Parenteral Ganciclovir Treatment of Cytomegalovirus Disease in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients: The VICTOR Trial. (United States)

    Åsberg, Anders; Humar, Atul; Rollag, Halvor; Jardine, Alan G; Kumar, Deepali; Aukrust, Pål; Ueland, Thor; Bignamini, Angelo A; Hartmann, Anders


    The VICTOR study showed comparable efficacy of treatment with intravenous ganciclovir and oral valganciclovir for cytomegalovirus (CMV) disease in solid organ transplant recipients. Oral therapy is now recommended treatment in clinical practice and guidelines. The VICTOR biobank was used in a series of post hoc analyses that yielded unique and clinically valuable insights into CMV treatment and pathogenesis. For example, the importance of tailoring therapy to initial viral load, the effect of immunosuppression on outcomes, and the need to continue therapy until undetectable viral load to prevent recurrence and emergence of resistant strains. Data were also used to validate the use of international units (IU) in quantitative measurements of CMV DNAemia, which may help future studies to define relevant cutoffs for treatment guidance. The analyses also showed the importance of inflammation on viral outcomes and identified potential targets for future studies. Here we summarize the valuable lessons learned from analysis of the VICTOR data set and sample repository. © The Author 2016. Published by Oxford University Press for the Infectious Diseases Society of America. All rights reserved. For permissions, e-mail

  10. Sexual selection and mating chronology of Lesser Prairie-Chickens (United States)

    Behney, Adam C.; Grisham, Blake A.; Boal, Clint W.; Whitlaw, Heather A.; Haukos, David A.


    Little is known about mate selection and lek dynamics of Lesser Prairie-Chickens (Tympanuchus pallidicinctus). We collected data on male territory size and location on leks, behavior, and morphological characteristics and assessed the importance of these variables on male Lesser Prairie-Chicken mating success during spring 2008 and 2009 in the Texas Southern High Plains. We used discrete choice models and found that males that were less idle were chosen more often for mating. Our results also suggest that males with smaller territories obtained more copulations. Morphological characteristics were weaker predictors of male mating success. Peak female attendance at leks occurred during the 1-week interval starting 13 April during both years of study. Male prairie-chickens appear to make exploratory movements to, and from, leks early in the lekking season; 13 of 19 males banded early (23 Feb–13 Mar) in the lekking season departed the lek of capture and were not reobserved (11 yearlings, 2 adults). Thirty-three percent (range  =  26–51%) of males on a lek mated (yearlings  =  44%, adults  =  20%) and males that were more active experienced greater mating success.

  11. Is there a northern Lesser Antilles forearc block? (United States)

    López, A. M.; Stein, S.; Dixon, T.; Sella, G.; Calais, E.; Jansma, P.; Weber, J.; LaFemina, P.


    A systematic discrepancy exists between slip vectors of thrust fault earthquakes at the Lesser Antilles trench (LAT) and the predicted direction of North American-Caribbean convergence. A possibility has been that the discrepancy resulted because neither was well constrained. Estimating Caribbean motion has been challenging owing to the limited data along the plate's complex boundaries. Similarly, earlier studies had few slip vectors because interplate thrust events are infrequent. To address these difficulties, we estimate a new Caribbean-North America Euler vector using recently available GPS data from sites in the presumably stable interior of the Caribbean, and compare the predicted velocities to a larger set of slip vectors. The discrepancy persists, suggesting the northern Lesser Antilles forearc (NLAF) moves as a distinct entity from both the Caribbean and North America. For simplicity, we treat its motion as a coherent block, but because GPS sites are not within the NLAF, distributed deformation is also possible. Although there is no geologic evidence for the boundaries of the presumed NLAF block, GPS data show that the motions of Martinique, Barbados, and Trinidad are similar to that of the Caribbean, suggesting that none are on the NLAF block, and the southern LAT is weakly coupled.

  12. Investigation and Demonstration of Catalyst/Initiator-Driven Selectivity in Thiol-Michael Reactions. (United States)

    Frayne, Stephen H; Murthy, Raghavendra R; Northrop, Brian H


    Thiol-Michael "click" reactions are essential synthetic tools in the preparation of various materials including polymers, dendrimers, and other macromolecules. Despite increasing efforts to apply thiol-Michael chemistry in a controlled fashion, the selectivity of base- or nucleophile-promoted thiol-Michael reactions in complex mixtures of multiple thiols and/or acceptors remains largely unknown. Herein, we report a thorough fundamental study of the selectivity of thiol-Michael reactions through a series of 270 ternary reactions using 1 H NMR spectroscopy to quantify product selectivity. The varying influences of different catalysts/initiators are explored using ternary reactions between two Michael acceptors and a single thiol or between a single Michael acceptor and two thiols using three different catalysts/initiators (triethylamine, DBU, and dimethylphenylphosphine) in chloroform. The results from the ternary reactions provide a platform from which sequential quaternary, one-pot quaternary, and sequential senary thiol-Michael reactions were designed and their selectivities quantified. These results provide insights into the design of selective thiol-Michael reactions that can be used for the synthesis and functionalization of multicomponent polymers and further informs how catalyst/initiator choice influences the reactivity between a given thiol and Michael acceptor.

  13. El fetiche etnográfico de Michael Taussig


    Matthew Carlin


    El antropólogo Michael Taussig ha producido una gran cantidad de trabajo etnográfico sobre América Latina en el que toma por objeto la universalidad de la cultura burguesa y en el que, al reorientar la mirada del etnógrafo hacia los elementos embriagantes y orgiásticos de la vida, atenúa las líneas que dividen ciencia y arte. En este ensayo tengo la intención de mostrar lo siguiente: 1) que sus etnografías sobre magia, violencia y el Es-tado, están enraizadas en su priorización del mundo feno...

  14. Michael Longley’s Father: Memory, Mourning and History

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Barry Sloan


    Full Text Available Michael Longley’s father has been a recurring presence in the poet’s work from his earliest to his most recent collection. This paper examines the exceptional strength of that bond reflected in the varied and changing ways in which the poet has responded to it – memorizing and mourning his loss; discovering through his father’s First World War stories a means of memorialising loss of life in contemporary conflicts and a way of facing the history of the twentieth century; confronting his own ageing and sense of mortality; and marking the specific, but also representative, generational history of his family. Close readings of key poems are offered to highlight Longley’s skills in meeting his own exacting standards of aesthetic propriety and moral and social responsibility for writers of elegy in order to avoid either exploitation of tragedy and loss, or facile gestures of consolation.

  15. Expedition 8 Crew Interviews: C. Michael Foale - CDR (United States)


    C. Michael Foale, Commander of the Expedition 8 crew to the International Space Station (ISS), answers interview questions in this video. The questions cover: 1) The goals of the Expedition; 2) How his Mir experience prepared him for long-duration spaceflight; 3) The reaction the Columbia accident where he was training in Star City, Russia; 4) Why the rewards of spaceflight are worth the risks; 5) Why he wanted to become an astronaut; 6) His career path; 7) His influences; 8) His path of study; 9) His responsibilities on a mission; 10) What a Soyuz capsule is like; 11) What the oncoming and offgoing ISS crews will do together; 12) How the ISS science mission will be advanced during his stay; 13) Training and plans for extravehicular activity (EVA); 14) Return to Flight of Shuttle; 15) What is needed to make his mission a success; 16) The most valuable contribution of the ISS.

  16. Energieffektivering av skolfartyget M/S Michael Sars


    Ekebom Oscar, Lindholm Andreas


    Syftet med detta examensarbete är att undersöka och utvärdera hur värmeförbrukningen ombord på skolfartyget M/S Michael Sars kan effektiveras. Vi genomförde detta på tre olika sätt. Det första var att undersöka hur en isolering av maskinrummet och dess trapphus kan sänka uppvärmningsbehovet. Vi beräknade värmegenomgången genom skrovet samt hur mycket isoleringsmaterial som behövs. Det andra alternativet för energieffektivering är att undersöka hur ett eventuellt byte av fartygets oljeeldade p...

  17. Political Cinema and Culture industry: the work of Michael Moore

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cristiane Toledo Maria


    Full Text Available This article aims to reflect upon the production of the American filmmaker Michael Moore, proposing as a central question the relationship established between art and politics in a historical moment which, on one side, points to the crisis of capitalism and, on the other side, to the political fragmentation of the working class. Focusing on the analysis of the documentaries Roger & Me (1989 and Capitalism: a love story (2009, this article is an attempt to understand the method developed by the filmmaker to deal with the crisis of representation and communication experienced by political art in the last decades, as well as the conditions of representation of class struggle in American culture industry.

  18. Michael Heizer et les risques du sublime technologique


    Paul, Serge


    Dans le désert du Nevada, Michael Heizer travaille depuis 40 ans à la réalisation de City, une sculpture de terre monumentale inspirée d’architectures précolombiennes. Sa pratique interventionniste nécessite des moyens industriels. En 2004, le gouvernement Bush a programmé la construction d’une voie ferrée passant à deux pas de City. Tous les déchets nucléaires des États-Unis convergeraient vers un unique site d’enfouissement de la région. Cette situation a-t-elle modifié la conscience écolog...

  19. Michael E. Lamb: Award for Distinguished Scientific Applications of Psychology. (United States)


    The APA Award for Distinguished Scientific Applications of Psychology is presented to a person who, in the opinion of the Committee on Scientific Awards, has made distinguished theoretical or empirical advances leading to the understanding or amelioration of important practical problems. The 2015 recipient is Michael E. Lamb, who "has significantly advanced understanding of the developmental and contextual factors affecting the delivery and impact of child care in the early years of life; the role of parent-child relationships in development; and the cognitive, emotional, and social factors affecting the quality of children's testimony, especially in cases of sexual and physical abuse." award citation, biography, and a selected bibliography are presented here. (c) 2015 APA, all rights reserved).

  20. Estratégia competitiva: Michael Porter 30 anos depois

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Manuel Portugal Ferreira


    Full Text Available Os estudos de estratégia têm sido muito influenciados pelos trabalhos de Michael Porter, em todas as suas fases, como as cinco forças, as estratégias genéricas, a cadeia de valor e as vantagens competitivas das nações. Neste artigo, analisou-se a influência de Porter nos trabalhos brasileiros em estratégia, a partir dos trabalhos selecionados e apresentados no EnANPAD. No levantamento para a análise dos artigos, considerando 10 anos de EnANPAD (1997-2006, foram selecionados 46 artigos. A identificação e seleção dos artigos envolveram os seguintes critérios: busca complementar por palavra-chave Porter na base de dados do EnANPAD; avaliação dos títulos e resumos dos artigos apresentados na área de estratégia entre 1997 e 2006, bem como na íntegra quando necessário. Procedeu-se também à análise das referências utilizadas nos artigos e o posicionamento dos autores em relação às tipologias de Porter. Como resultado, verificou-se que Michael Porter é um autor com grande influência nas pesquisas acadêmicas de estratégia. Seus estudos mais utilizados são os da análise da indústria e das estratégias genéricas, e também se verificou que a maioria dos estudos analisados é favorável aos seus conceitos, mesmo existindo pesquisas contrárias.

  1. The difference in cultural curriculum: for a lesser (Physical Education

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hugo César Bueno Nunes


    Full Text Available The current time is contingent, plural, decentralized, free of old identities and permeated by the noise of voices that have never been heard. Inserted in such context, the school tries to overcome traces of the past and face the struggles of the present. Regarding physical education, the cultural curriculum seems to contribute with the new era mentality by questioning the hegemony of body practices and meanings of the privileged groups to promote the pedagogy of difference. This study analyzed the most important works on this proposal, identifying teaching principles and procedures that characterize it and submitted them to the confrontation with the notion of pure difference by Gilles Deleuze. The results indicate that the cultural curriculum takes the features of a lesser (physical education when it listens what the „different ones‟ have to say and pays attention to the cultural body repertoire that students can access

  2. Relative contribution of lipid sources to eggs of lesser scaup (United States)

    Cutting, Kyle A.; Hobson, Keith A.; Rotella, Jay J.; Warren, Jeffrey M.; Takekawa, John Y.; De La Cruz, Susan E. W.; Parker, Michael


    Studies of how birds mobilize nutrients to eggs have traditionally considered a continuum of possible allocation strategies ranging from income breeding (rely on food sources found on the breeding grounds) to capital breeding (rely on body reserves stored prior to the breeding season). For capital breeding, stored body reserves can be acquired either on or away from the breeding grounds, but it has been difficult to quantify the relative contribution of each, precluding identification of key habitats for acquiring nutrients for clutch formation. During 2006–2009, we explored the importance of spring-staging habitats versus breeding-area habitats for egg-lipid formation in female lesser scaup Aythya affinis using stable carbon (δ13C) isotope analyses. Although δ13C values for abdominal lipid reserves brought to the breeding grounds overlapped those of local amphipods, we were able to quantify the importance of local plant carbohydrates (seeds of emergent wetland plants) to the production of eggs. We compared the importance of local wetland seeds (overall δ13C: −29.1 ± 0.9‰ SD) to combined lipid stores and lipids from local amphipods (overall δ13C: −23.8 ± 2.2‰). Local seeds and stored body lipids contributed equally to egg lipid formation across years but we found evidence of annual variation in their relative importance. Wetland seeds contributed 39% (SE = 10%) to egg lipid production, and the importance of this source varied by year (90% CI = 47–75% in 2006, 13–42% in 2007, 29–65% in 2008, and 7–30% in 2009). In contrast to earlier studies that suggest lesser scaup predominantly employ a capital breeding strategy, our results suggest that in some years females may attain half of their energy for clutch formation from foods on the breeding grounds.

  3. Environmental factors influence lesser scaup migration chronology and population monitoring (United States)

    Finger, Taylor A.; Afton, Alan D.; Schummer, Michael L.; Petrie, Scott A.; Badzinski, Shannon S.; Johnson, Michael A.; Szymanski, Michael L.; Jacobs, Kevin J.; Olsen, Glenn H.; Mitchell, Mark


    Identifying environmental metrics specific to lesser scaup (Aythya affinis; scaup) spring migration chronology may help inform development of conservation, management and population monitoring. Our objective was to determine how environmental conditions influence spring migration of lesser scaup to assess the effectiveness of the Waterfowl Breeding Population and Habitat Survey in accurately estimating scaup populations. We first compared peak timing of mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) and scaup migration from weekly ground surveys in North Dakota, USA because the Waterfowl Breeding Population and Habitat Survey is designed to capture annual mallard migration. As predicted, we detected that peak timing of scaup and mallard migrations differed in 25 of 36 years investigated (1980–2010). We marked scaup with satellite transmitters (n = 78; 7,403 locations) at Long Point, Lake Erie, Ontario, Canada; Pool 19 of the Mississippi River, Iowa and Illinois, USA; and Presque Isle Bay, Lake Erie, Pennsylvania, USA. We tested the assumption that our marked scaup were representative of the continental population using the traditional survey area by comparing timing of migration of marked birds and scaup counted in the North Dakota Game and Fish Department survey. We detected a strong positive correlation between marked scaup and the survey data, which indicated that marked scaup were representative of the population. We subsequently used our validated sample of marked scaup to investigate the effects of annual variation in temperature, precipitation, and ice cover on spring migration chronology in the traditional and eastern survey areas of the Waterfowl Breeding Population and Habitat Survey, 2005–2010. We evaluated competing environmental models to explain variation in timing and rate of scaup migration at large-scale and local levels. Spring migration of scaup occurred earlier and faster during springs with warmer temperatures and greater precipitation, variables known

  4. Internationalismen und Kleinsprachen. Internationalisms and Lesser Used Languages

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wolfgang Pöckl


    Full Text Available Just as today’s major European languages gradually conquered domains in the early modern period that had previously been the preserve of Latin, it is now important for lesser used languages to es­tablish themselves as – or to remain – instruments of communication in as many fields as possible. To do so, these languages must be subjected to a continuous process of modernisation at a variety of levels. Out of concern for the special character of their mother tongues, however, representatives of language preservation institutions often have fundamental objections to loan processes of all kinds, preferring instead to create new words out of native language material even though the native spea­kers themselves are reluctant to use them.The approach proposed in this article combines respect for the justified scepticism shown by speakers of lesser used languages towards the uncritical incorporation of elements from dominant neighbour languages and from today’s ubiquitous English on the one hand with a warning against the creation of insuperable barriers to the adoption of words and phrases (collocations, etc. now in international use on the other. Especially “neutral” confixes of Greek or Latin origin (bio-, hydro-, agro-; -scope, -drome, -fer, for example, are well suited to the so-called process of modernisation, in the Indo-European languages at least. Similarly, phrases to be found in various languages that have been adopted as loan translations should not be automatically rejected as foreign bodies.For the necessary decisions to be taken on a rational basis, however, there is a need for much more intensive research into internationalisms than is currently available.

  5. A simple protocol for the michael addition of indoles with electron ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    Abstract. Tetrabutylammonium hydrogen sulfate catalysed addition of indoles to electron deficient ole- fins in water generated the corresponding Michael adducts in good to excellent yield. The Michael addi- tion of indole occurred regioselectively at position 3 and the N-alkylated products have not been observed.

  6. A simple protocol for the michael addition of indoles with electron ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Tetrabutylammonium hydrogen sulfate catalysed addition of indoles to electron deficient olefins in water generated the corresponding Michael adducts in good to excellent yield. The Michael addition of indole occurred regioselectively at position 3 and the -alkylated products have not been observed. The synthesized ...

  7. Crustal structure variations along the Lesser Antilles Arc (United States)

    Schlaphorst, D.; Kendall, J. M.; Melekhova, E.; Blundy, J.; Baptie, B.; Latchman, J. L.


    Continental crust is predominantly formed along subduction zones. Therefore, an investigation of the crustal and mantle structure variation of these areas is crucial for understanding the growth of continental crust. This work deals with the seismological characteristics along the Lesser Antilles Arc, an island arc system built by the relatively slow subduction (~2cm/yr) of the North and South American plates beneath the Caribbean plate. The amount of subducted sediments changes significantly from sediment-rich subduction in the South to sediment-poor subduction in the North. The abundance of broadband seismic stations on the Lesser Antilles islands enables a range of seismic methods to be used to study arc processes. Furthermore, the abundance of cumulate samples allows for a detailed petrological analysis, which can be related to the seismological patterns. We use data from three component broadband stations located on the individual islands along the arc. From the island of Grenada in the South to the Virgin Islands in the North significant variations in sediment load, petrology and volcanism are observed along the arc. In this work, we investigate crustal structure using receiver functions to determine Moho depth and Vp/Vs ratio. The ratio gives an idea about the material of the subsurface as well as its water and its melt contents. The receiver functions are computed using the extended-time multitaper frequency domain cross-correlation receiver-function (ETMTRF) by Helffrich (2006). This method has the advantage of resistance to noise, which is helpful since most of the data around the arc will have been collected by stations close to the ocean, thus containing a large amount of noise. Our results show clear variations in these measurements. There are also regions where the Moho is not very sharp due to a low velocity contrast. The real data results were then compared to synthetic receiver functions from subsurface models. We compute a range of synthetic

  8. Victor Assis Brasil: a importância do período na Berklee School of Music (1969-1974 em seu estilo composicional Victor Assis Brasil: the importance of the Berklee School of Music period (1969-1974 on his compositional style

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marco Túlio de Paula Pinto


    Full Text Available Discussão sobre o papel do ambiente musical de Boston, especialmente da Berklee School of Music entre 1969 e 1974, no desenvolvimento do estilo composicional e das habilidades como arranjador de Victor Assis Brasil (1945-1981 e seus reflexos na parcela de sua produção musical que apresenta a mistura de elementos de música clássica, jazz e música brasileira.Discussion about the influence of the musical environment of Boston, especially that of the Berklee School of Music, between 1969 and 1974, on the development of the compositional style and arranging skills of Brazilian saxophone player and composer Victor Assis Brasil. (1945-1981, and its reflexes in his musical production which mixes elements from classical music, jazz and Brazilian popular music.

  9. A Musical Italy: Michael W. Balfe’s Italian Experiences

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Basil Walsh


    Full Text Available The Dublin-born musician, Michael W. Balfe, was a singer, composerand conductor whose brilliant musical career was heavily influenced byformative experiences in Italy. In 1825, Balfe, interested in broadeninghis musical studies first went to Paris where he was introduced to thegreat composers, Luigi Cherubini and Gioachino Rossini, who took apersonal interest in him and his musical talents. On the advice of Rossinihe spent the next few years in Italy studying singing with the famousRossini singer, Filippo Galli, and taking music composition lessonsfrom Ferdinando Paer, in Rome. Later in Milan he studied harmonyand counterpoint with Vincenzo Federici. By 1831, when he was only23 years old, his first three operas had been produced in Palermo, Pavia,and Milan. He returned to London in August 1835, participatingwith the great Lablache, Tamburini, Rubini and Grisi in a concert inVauxhall Gardens. In 1834 he made his debut at La Scala, Milan, singingopposite the renowned mezzo-soprano, Maria Malibran in Rossini’sOtello. He appeared again with Malibran in Venice early in 1835,singing once more in Rossini and Bellini operas. Balfe worked as a singerand composer throughout the Italian peninsula/states during the years,1825-1835 and this article will chart these experiences and demonstratehow the time he spent in Italy and the people he met, influenced hislife and later career as an important and popular European composer.

  10. El fetiche etnográfico de Michael Taussig

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Matthew Carlin


    Full Text Available El antropólogo Michael Taussig ha producido una gran cantidad de trabajo etnográfico sobre América Latina en el que toma por objeto la universalidad de la cultura burguesa y en el que, al reorientar la mirada del etnógrafo hacia los elementos embriagantes y orgiásticos de la vida, atenúa las líneas que dividen ciencia y arte. En este ensayo tengo la intención de mostrar lo siguiente: 1 que sus etnografías sobre magia, violencia y el Es-tado, están enraizadas en su priorización del mundo fenomenológico y en una concepción materialista en deuda con la teoría estética alemana del si-glo XIX y con la antropología especulativa de Karl Marx y Walter Benjamin; 2 que su proyecto etnográfico no consiste en la eliminación de la ciencia del ámbito de la etnografía, sino en disminuir el papel de la explicación en favor de una forma de escritura que, como el arte, trabaja para refundar las imágenes del mundo.

  11. Michael Field’s “A Dance of Death”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    LeeAnne Richardson


    Full Text Available The 1912 poem "A Dance of Death" by Michael Field (pen name of Katherine Bradley and her niece Edith Cooper depicts Salome in an alternate version of the biblical story: this Salome dances on a frozen river, falls through the ice, and is decapitated on a jagged edge. Nonetheless, her beautiful head continues dancing over the frozen river. This poem is highly unusual, especially in the context of the other poems in the postconversion volume Poems of Adoration, because it questions, rather than submits to, authority. In re-writing a familiar Christian tale, as well as a familiar decadent theme, Field uses the poem to assert the supremacy of their artistic vision, which (despite their ardent Catholicism cannot be subject to any law outside themselves. Like the continually dancing head of Salome, which continues to create beauty even after nature (and perhaps God has struck it down, the poet is subjugate only to her own law and creates without boundaries or restrictions on her art. Bradley and Cooper were acutely aware of their authorial persona (actively taking not only a masculine but also a singular poetic identity, and their mode of reconciling the apparent contradictions of this identity are mirrored in their presentation of Salome in a "Dance of Death."

  12. Marcel Duchamp, Constantin Brancusi, Victor Brauner : leurs rencontres et les retombées sur leurs œuvres

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cristian-Robert Velescu


    Full Text Available Duchamp avait rencontré Brancusi en 1912, année qui marque le début d’une amitié consignée par l’histoire de l’art. Son parcours avait été fixé dans les pages de leur correspondance, conservées au Centre Georges Pompidou. Le lecteur est surpris de constater qu’il n’y a que des faits anodins qui soient consignés, tandis que les références aux conceptions artistiques sont presque totalement absentes. Toutefois, en lisant les témoignages de Duchamp conservés dans les célèbres Boîtes (verte et blanche, on se rend compte qu’il partage les conceptions platoniciennes de son ami sculpteur, chose importante, qui nous laisse formuler des suppositions concernant une influence dirigée de Brancusi dans la direction Duchamp. À son tour, durant l’intervalle 1925–1928, Victor Brauner était l’hôte de Brancusi dans l’atelier de l’impasse Ronsin. C’est ici qu’il a pu rencontrer Duchamp, qui s’y rendait fréquemment dans les années 20. Une rencontre qui a certainement eu des retombées sur l’oeuvre du futur peintre surréaliste. La preuve en est dans deux de ses toiles, Tête et deux boxeurs et Passivité courtoise. Faut-il s’étonner que le message que Duchamp avait mis dans les structures sémantiques de son chef-d’oeuvre La Mariée mise à nu par ses célibataires, même ou Le Grand Verre y avait été « logé » d’une manière évidente ? Mais alors on doit reconnaître que lors de leurs rencontres de chez Brancusi, Duchamp avait transmis à Brauner des informations très précises sur l’iconographie du Grand Verre, ainsi que sur la quatrième dimension, que le futur peintre surréaliste allait reconvertir dans les trois dimensions de l’espace ordinaire. Perçu dans cette perspective, l’atelier de l’impasse Ronsin nous semble un lieu où les idées des trois artistes ont pu communiquer d’une manière osmotique.

  13. Victor Olufolahan.Lasebikan

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Please show in the respondent card the place that best describes where you smoked. (Motor park, bar, a .... or socio-economic disparities such as the age of their vehicle (Assailly & Biecheler as cited in. Laumon et al ..... the National Road Transport Workers Union. I thank the latter's coordinating staff both for theirassistance ...


    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Isar, Nicoletta

    , quality printed in Europe. Marketing and distribution through large book wholesalers and ecommerce channels in US bookstores and eCommerce internationally including Barnes and Noble, Borders, Amazon in USA, Amazon Canada, Amazon France, Amazon Germany, Amazon UK, Amazon Australia and others. The book...... is created by Petru A. RUSSU, editor and publisher of World of Art (WOA), fine artist (lives and works in London and Stockholm)....

  15. Adaptive radiation in Lesser Antillean lizards: molecular phylogenetics and species recognition in the Lesser Antillean dwarf gecko complex, Sphaerodactylus fantasticus. (United States)

    Thorpe, R S; Jones, A G; Malhotra, A; Surget-Groba, Y


    The time associated with speciation varies dramatically among lower vertebrates. The nature and timing of divergence is investigated in the fantastic dwarf gecko Sphaerodactylus fantasticus complex, a nominal species that occurs on the central Lesser Antillean island of Guadeloupe and adjacent islands and islets. This is compared to the divergence in the sympatric anole clade from the Anolis bimaculatus group. A molecular phylogenetic analysis of numerous gecko populations from across these islands, based on three mitochondrial DNA genes, reveals several monophyletic groups occupying distinct geographical areas, these being Les Saintes, western Basse Terre plus Dominica, eastern Basse Terre, Grand Terre, and the northern and eastern islands (Montserrat, Marie Galante, Petite Terre, Desirade). Although part of the same nominal species, the molecular divergence within this species complex is extraordinarily high (27% patristic distance between the most divergent lineages) and is compatible with this group occupying the region long before the origin of the younger island arc. Tests show that several quantitative morphological traits are correlated with the phylogeny, but in general the lineages are not uniquely defined by these traits. The dwarf geckos show notably less nominal species-level adaptive radiation than that found in the sympatric southern clade of Anolis bimculatus, although both appear to have occupied the region for a broadly similar period of time. Nevertheless, the dwarf gecko populations on Les Saintes islets are the most morphologically distinct and are recognized as a full species (Sphaerodactylus phyzacinus), as are anoles on Les Saintes (Anolis terraealtae).

  16. 75 FR 62635 - Proposed Information Collection (Patient Satisfaction Survey Michael E. DeBakey Home Care Program... (United States)


    ... AFFAIRS Proposed Information Collection (Patient Satisfaction Survey Michael E. DeBakey Home Care Program... needed to determine patients' satisfaction with services provided by or through the Michael E. DeBakey.... Title: Patient Satisfaction Survey Michael E. DeBakey Home Care Program, VA Form 10-0476. OMB Control...

  17. Incorporation of crust at the Lesser Antilles arc (United States)

    Davidson, J. P.; Bezard, R. C.


    Most convergent margin magmas exhibit geochemical characteristics of continental crust, incorporated via subduction of continental sediment into the arc source (mantle wedge) or via assimilation of continental crust by arc magmas en route to surface. Resolving which of these processes dominate at a given arc is important in avoiding the circularity of the question of the origin of the continental crust. The Lesser Antilles is built on oceanic lithosphere so in principle any crustal signature has been introduced via sediment subduction. Geochemical variations in magmas along the arc have been matched with the variations displayed in sediments outboard of the trench 1 . At about the same time, similarly comprehensive data sets were produced from along the Lesser Antilles, arguing that much of the geochemical diversity reflected crustal contamination rather than source contamination 2. These claims were based on; 1) correlations between isotopic ratios and indices of differentiation, 2) high delta18O, which argues for extensive interaction with material that has interacted with water at low T and finally the observation that the highest Pb isotope ratios in the lavas actually exceed the highest seen in the sediments. The latter problem has now been solved since a wider range of sediments have now been examined, with a section of black shales exhibiting remarkably radiogenic Pb isotopes 3 . We have re-examined the origin of geochemical variations by comparing two specific volcanoes, Mt Pelee in the centre of the arc and The Quill in the north 4. The idea is to explore differentiation trends at a given volcano, and back project them to reasonable primitive magma compositions. In that way we can account for geochemical effects resulting from differentiation, and focus on source variations (contributions from slab to wedge along the Antilles). From this we conclude that 1) both suites differentiate largely by amphibole-plag fractionation, along with contamination by the

  18. Lesser peachtree borer (Lepidoptera: Sesiidae) oviposition on Prunus germplasm. (United States)

    Cottrell, T E; Beckman, T G; Horton, D L


    The lesser peachtree borer, Synanthedon pictipes (Grote and Robinson) (Lepidoptera: Sesiidae), is a serious pest of peach, Prunus persica (L.) Batsch, across the southeastern United States. We examined oviposition by S. pictipes on field-grown Prunus scion and rootstock cultivars and two endemic Prunus spp. when sawn limbs, not roots, were assayed in the laboratory. A choice test compared oviposition on the peach scion 'Harvester', peach rootstock 'Guardian', plum×peach hybrid rootstock 'MP-29', and the plum hybrid rootstock 'Sharpe'. A significantly lower percentage of eggs occurred on limbs of Sharpe rootstock than other choices. A choice test using two endemic hosts, black cherry (P. serotina Ehrh.) and Chickasaw plum (P. angustifolia Marsh.), along with Sharpe rootstock, found a lower percentage of eggs on limbs of Sharpe than either endemic host. However, when only limbs of Sharpe and a decoy were used, almost all eggs were laid on Sharpe. Interestingly, when Harvester and Sharpe limbs were paired side by side, a higher percentage of eggs were recovered from the Harvester limb than from the Sharpe limb. An analysis of volatiles from Sharpe may identify why fewer eggs were laid on it. Because S. pictipes attacks host trees above ground and Sharpe rootstock on grafted trees grows below ground, this rootstock might be a management option against the congeneric, root-attacking peachtree borer, S. exitiosa (Say). Our results suggest that high budding a peach scion onto Sharpe rootstock, thus allowing the rootstock to serve as the trunk, warrants further investigation against S. exitiosa under orchard conditions.

  19. Predictive MRI correlates of lesser metatarsophalangeal joint plantar plate tear

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Umans, Rachel L. [Cornell University Medical College, New York, NY (United States); Umans, Benjamin D. [Harvard University, Cambridge, MA (United States); Umans, Hilary [Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY (United States); Lenox Hill Radiology and Imaging Associates, New York, NY (United States); Elsinger, Elisabeth [Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY (United States); Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, NY (United States)


    To identify correlated signs on non-enhanced MRI that might improve diagnostic detection of plantar plate (PP) tear. We performed an IRB-approved, HIPAA-compliant retrospective analysis of 100 non-contrast MRI (50 PP tear, 50 controls). All were anonymized, randomized, and reviewed; 20 were duplicated to assess consistency. One musculoskeletal radiologist evaluated qualitative variables. A trained non-physician performed measurements. Consistency and concordance were assessed. Pearson's Chi-square test was used to test the correlation between qualitative findings and PP tear status. Correlation between measurements and PP status was assessed using t tests and Wilcoxon's rank-sum test (p values < 0.05 considered significant). Classification and regression trees were utilized to identify attributes that, taken together, would consistently distinguish PP tear from controls. Quantitative measurements were highly reproducible (concordance 0.88-0.99). Elevated 2nd MT protrusion, lesser MT supination and rotational divergence of >45 between the 1st-2nd MT axis correlated with PP tear. Pericapsular soft tissue thickening correlated most strongly with PP tear, correctly classifying 95 % of cases and controls. Excluding pericapsular soft tissue thickening, sequential assessment of 2nd toe enthesitis, 2nd flexor tendon subluxation, and splaying of the second and third toes accurately classified PP status in 92 %. Pericapsular soft tissue thickening most strongly correlated with PP tear. For cases in which it might be difficult to distinguish pericapsular fibrosis from neuroma, sequential assessment of 2nd toe enthesitis, flexor tendon subluxation and splaying of the 2nd and 3rd toe is most helpful for optimizing accurate diagnosis of PP tear. (orig.)

  20. Identifying Eruption Dynamics in the Northern Lesser Antilles Using Cryptotephra (United States)

    McCanta, M. C.; Hatfield, R. G.


    We have developed a method to analyze deep sea sediment cores in a non-destructive manner using a combination of visible shortwave infrared (VSWIR) spectroscopy, magnetic susceptibility, and core scanning XRF (McCanta et al., 2016). We have successfully applied this method to the upper 10 m of IODP core U1396C, collected off the coast of Montserrat, Lesser Antilles, identifying 29 cryptotephra layers within the analyzed material. From these 29 layers, physical samples from eight identified layers were collected, dissolved, and disaggregated, with the remaining material subjected to traditional point counting. Volcaniclastic material was classified into six categories: (1) volcanic glass shards and white mineral fragments; (2) black mineral fragments; (3) vesicular or pumiceous material; (4) non-vesicular lava clasts; (5) altered lava clasts (red in color); (6) mafic scoria clasts. We have identified two spectral regions at 0.9 and 2.2 µm that can be used to distinguish volcaniclastic from hemipelagic sediment. The source of the volcanic signal in the VSWIR region (i.e., what components contribute to the spectral features used to identify volcanic material) does not appear to be a single volcaniclastic component, but varies throughout the analyzed layers. There is a negative correlation observed between non-vescicular and vescicular components (see figure). This suggests that the changing volcaniclastic input may be related to eruption type: explosive (pumiceous) vs. effusive (non-vescicular). This non-destructive, multi-proxy approach to cryptotephra identification allows for greatly reduced physical sampling of precious drill core material and potential identification of multiple small events within intervals traditionally averaged over during point counting. In addition to identification, physical observation of volcaniclastic material can be used to place constraints on the dynamic nature of the eruption thereby expanding our understanding of the temporal

  1. El espejo roto (I): Michael Lôwy y los cristianismos liberacionistas latinoamericanos


    Pimentel Chacón, Jonathan


    El artículo discute la valoración de Michael Lôwy sobre la relaciónentre modernidad y teologías latinoamericanas de la liberación.Afirmo que este autor comprende inadecuadamente estas teologías y que sus comentarios poseen un valor explicativo reducido.Palabras claveTeologías latinoamericanas de la liberación, modernidad, religión, política, Michael Lôwy. AbstractThis article discusses the opinions of Michael Lôwy over therelationship between modernity and Latin American LiberationTheologies....

  2. Accessory Lesser Metatarsal Sesamoids in All of the Metatarsophalangeal JointsA Case Report. (United States)

    Ergun, Selim; Saygı, Baransel; Arslan, İlyas; Yıldırım, Yakup


    Lesser metatarsal sesamoids are one of the most common accessory bones of the foot and are most commonly seen at the fifth metatarsophalangeal joint. They are rarely seen in other metatarsophalangeal joints. In the literature, there are reports of solitary accessory sesamoid bones seen at lesser metatarsophalangeal joints. We report the case of a 68-year-old woman with lesser metatarsal sesamoids accompanying all of the metatarsophalangeal joints.

  3. Rhizobium paknamense sp. nov., isolated from lesser duckweeds (Lemna aequinoctialis). (United States)

    Kittiwongwattana, Chokchai; Thawai, Chitti


    A Gram-stain-negative, rod-shaped bacterium was isolated and designated strain L6-8(T) during a study of endophytic bacterial communities in lesser duckweed (Lemna aequinoctialis). Cells of strain L6-8(T) were motile with peritrichous flagella. The analysis of the nearly complete 16S rRNA gene sequence indicated that strain L6-8(T) was phylogenetically related to species of the genus Rhizobium. Its closest relatives were Rhizobium borbori DN316(T) (97.6 %), Rhizobium oryzae Alt 505(T) (97.3 %) and Rhizobium pseudoryzae J3-A127(T) (97.0 %). The sequence similarity analysis of housekeeping genes recA, glnII, atpD and gyrB showed low levels of sequence similarity (Rhizobium with validly published names. The pH range for growth was 4.0-9.0 (optimum 6.0-7.0), and the temperature range for growth was 20-45 °C (optimum 30 °C). Strain L6-8(T) tolerated NaCl up to 2 % (w/v) (optimum 1 % NaCl). The predominant components of cellular fatty acids were C19 : 0 cyclo ω8c (31.32 %), summed feature 8 (C18 : 1ω7c and/or C18 : 1ω6c; 25.39 %) and C16 : 0 (12.03 %). The DNA G+C content of strain L6-8(T) was 60.4 mol% (Tm). nodC and nifH were not amplified in strain L6-8(T). DNA-DNA relatedness between strain L6-8(T) and R. borbori DN316(T), R. oryzae Alt505(T) and R. pseudoryzae J3-A127(T) was between 11.2 and 18.3 %. Based on the sequence similarity analyses, phenotypic, biochemical and physiological characteristics and DNA-DNA hybridization, strain L6-8(T) could be readily distinguished from its closest relatives and represents a novel species of the genus Rhizobium, for which the name Rhizobium paknamense sp. nov. is proposed. The type strain is L6-8(T) ( = NBRC 109338(T) = BCC 55142(T)).

  4. Tõsine fotoelamus Dubrovnikus / Wade Goddard, Heidi Levine, Michael Robinson Chaver ; interv. Ahto Külvet

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Goddard, Wade


    Dubrovniku vanalinnas asub Sõjafotokeskus. Intervjuu keskuse asutaja, kanadalasest fotograafi Wade Goddardi ja kahe seal augustis avatud näitusel osalenud fotograafi Heidi Levine'i ja Michael Robinson Chavez'iga. Sõjafotograafi tööst

  5. Theory and practice in action: the contributions of Michael Perkins to clinical linguistics. (United States)

    Damico, Jack S; Lynch, Karen E


    This article reviews the scholarly contributions of Michael R. Perkins in the discipline of clinical linguistics and provides some indication of the reasons that he has been so successful. Three primary attributes were described through an analysis of his publications.

  6. Michael Fullan's Compelling Vision of Educational Change: Cultivating Meaningful Relationships for All. (United States)

    Baker, Paul J.


    Essay review of the third edition (2001) of Michael Fullan's book "The Meaning of Educational Change." Discusses Fullan's educational change issues and concepts such as multiple meanings and consequent complexities and cultivating meaningful relationships. (Contains 28 references.) (PKP)

  7. Chiral Aminophosphines as Catalysts for Enantioselective Double-Michael Indoline Syntheses

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ohyun Kwon


    Full Text Available The bisphosphine-catalyzed double-Michael addition of dinucleophiles to electron-deficient acetylenes is an efficient process for the synthesis of many nitrogen-containing heterocycles. Because the resulting heterocycles contain at least one stereogenic center, this double-Michael reaction would be even more useful if an asymmetric variant of the reaction were to be developed. Aminophosphines can also facilitate the double-Michael reaction and chiral amines are more readily available in Nature and synthetically; therefore, in this study we prepared several new chiral aminophosphines. When employed in the asymmetric double-Michael reaction between ortho-tosylamidophenyl malonate and 3-butyn-2-one, the chiral aminophosphines produced indolines in excellent yields with moderate asymmetric induction.

  8. Eesti disain on kõva, ent see tuleb moondada ekspordiks / Michael Thomson ; interv. Urmas Oja

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Thomson, Michael


    Euroopa Disainiassotsiatsioonide Liidu presidendi ja Tallinnas toimunud festivali Disainiöö Eesti disainiauhinna Bruno žürii juhi Michael Thomsoni arvamus eesti disainist ning disainipoliitika vajalikkusest Eestis. Auhinnasaajate nimekiri

  9. Design of reversible, cysteine-targeted Michael acceptors guided by kinetic and computational analysis. (United States)

    Krishnan, Shyam; Miller, Rand M; Tian, Boxue; Mullins, R Dyche; Jacobson, Matthew P; Taunton, Jack


    Electrophilic probes that covalently modify a cysteine thiol often show enhanced pharmacological potency and selectivity. Although reversible Michael acceptors have been reported, the structural requirements for reversibility are poorly understood. Here, we report a novel class of acrylonitrile-based Michael acceptors, activated by aryl or heteroaryl electron-withdrawing groups. We demonstrate that thiol adducts of these acrylonitriles undergo β-elimination at rates that span more than 3 orders of magnitude. These rates correlate inversely with the computed proton affinity of the corresponding carbanions, enabling the intrinsic reversibility of the thiol-Michael reaction to be tuned in a predictable manner. We apply these principles to the design of new reversible covalent kinase inhibitors with improved properties. A cocrystal structure of one such inhibitor reveals specific noncovalent interactions between the 1,2,4-triazole activating group and the kinase. Our experimental and computational study enables the design of new Michael acceptors, expanding the palette of reversible, cysteine-targeted electrophiles.

  10. Prints Charles ja prints Michael külastasid Tallinna kirikuid / Allan Tammiku

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Tammiku, Allan


    Prints Charles külastas 6. novembril Eesti-visiidi ajal Tallinna toomkirikut ja Pühavaimu kirikut, prints Michael viibis Tallinnas 11. novembril eravisiidil, ta külastas toomkirikut, Niguliste ja Pühavaimu kirikut

  11. A History of Experiences and Thinking Men. The History of Political Thought according to Michael Oakeshott

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Spartaco Pupo


    Michael Oakeshott conceives the history of European political thought as a structuring of ideas and arguments of the practical experience aimed to understanding political expressions in vogue in the culture of a people...

  12. Dr. Michael DeBakey "is a magician of the heart…" (United States)

    ... Bar Home Current Issue Past Issues Then & Now Dr. Michael DeBakey "is a magician of the heart…" ... version of this page please turn Javascript on. Dr. DeBakey with NLM's David Nash and admiring students ...

  13. Reports of the working groups / Eino Tamm, Sahlin Michael, Valve Kirsipuu...[jt.

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Töögruppide "EU enlargement and relevant institutional reforms" (juhatajad Eino Tamm, Michael Sahlin) ja "Maintaining of competitiveness of Estonia and other candidate countries" (juhatajad Valve Kirsipuu, Terry Calbom) tööst. Autor: Reformierakond

  14. An Analysis Of Implicature In ‘The Neverending Story’ A Film Script By Michael Ende


    Fadilah, Riskah


    Skripsi ini berjudul an analysis of implicature in ‘The Neverending Story’ a film script by Michael Ende. Skripsi ini menganalisis defenisi dan jenis-jenis implikatur serta mengetahui apakah makna sebenarnya yang terkandung dalam kalimat implikatur tersebut pada film “The Neverending Story” oleh Michael Ende. Skripsi ini membahas tentang jenis implikatur-implikatur yang muncul dari percakapan tokoh-tokoh yang ada dalam film ‘The Neverending Story’ dan juga menganalisis makna yang sebenarny...

  15. Michael-Stork addition of cyclopentyl enamine to allenyl ketones and esters. (United States)

    Silvestri, Maximilian A; Bromfield, Deborah C; Lepore, Salvatore D


    [Chemical reaction: see text] We report the first examples of a Michael-Stork enamine addition to allenyl esters and ketones. Studies reveal that 2 equivalents of enamine are required for optimal yields. In the case of an allenyl methyl ketone, cyclopentyl enamine addition led to 8-oxobicyclo[3.2.1]octane formation, providing evidence for the in situ formation of an enamine intermediate following the initial Michael-Stork reaction.

  16. A post-Byzantine creation: The archangel Michael triumphant and psychopomp

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Leontakianakou Irini


    Full Text Available This paper deals with a specific iconographic type of Archangel Michael: he is shown bearing a soul in the form of a swaddled infant, while subduing an old man who is wearing only a loincloth. Who is Michael subduing? Three possible answers are considered: 1 the figure can be identified with Satan the fallen angel who, like Michael, has an immaterial nature and is commonly considered as his enemy par excellence; 2 he can also be an anonymous sinner, whose soul is depicted in Michael's hand; 3 finally, one could identify him with Hades, the god of the Underworld and personification of death, because he is depicted as an old man, semi-nude with a pronounced musculature, as well as because of the assimilation of Michael to God. Rather than making a single choice, the author proposes a combined interpretation of the image, which allows for the integration of all the aspects of Michael's cult (military, triumph over Satan, psychopomp, archangel of the Last Judgment and unifies the past (the fall of Satan, the present (death of a sinner and the future (Last Judgment.

  17. Properties of Celtiz zenkeri Engel: a lesser-known timber species ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This study was conducted to provide some of the basic physical and strength properties of wood of Celtis zenkeri Engel. which is among the lesser-known and lesser-utilized timber species from Tanzania. Celtis zenkeri belonging to the family Ulmaceae is currently being harvested for wood fuel and building poles thus ...

  18. Metatarsophalangeal joint stability: A systematic review on the plantar plate of the lesser toes

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Maas, N.M.G. (Nico M.G.); M. van der Grinten (Margot); W.M. Bramer (Wichor); G.J. Kleinrensink (Gert Jan)


    textabstractBackground: Instability of the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joints of the lesser toes (digiti 2-5) is increasingly being treated by repair of the plantar plate (PP). This systematic review examines the anatomy of the plantar plate of the lesser toes, and the relation between the integrity

  19. Nesting biology of Lesser Canada Geese, Branta canadensis parvipes, along the Tanana River, Alaska (United States)

    Craig R. Ely; John M. Pearce; Roger W. Ruess


    Lesser Canada Geese (Brania canadensis parvipes) are widespread throughout interior regions of Alaska and Canada, yet there have been no published studies documenting basic aspects of their nesting biology. We conducted a study to determine reproductive parameters of Lesser Canada Geese nesting along the Tanana River near the city of Fairbanks, in...

  20. Why do lesser toes deviate laterally in hallux valgus? A radiographic study. (United States)

    Roan, Li-Yi; Tanaka, Yasuhito; Taniguchi, Akira; Tomiwa, Kiyonori; Kumai, Tsukasa; Cheng, Yuh-Min


    Hallux valgus foot with laterally deviated lesser toes is a complex condition to treat. Ignoring the laterally deviated lesser toes in hallux valgus might result in unsatisfactory foot shape. Without lateral support of the lesser toes, it might increase the risk of recurrence of hallux valgus. We sought to identify associated radiographic findings in patients where lesser toes follow the great toe in hallux valgus and deviate laterally. The weight-bearing, anteroposterior foot radiographs of 24 female hallux valgus feet with laterally deviated lesser toes (group L), 34 female hallux valgus feet with normal lesser toes (group H), and 43 normal female feet (group N) were selected for the study. A 2-dimensional coordinated system was used to analyze the shapes and angles of these feet by converting each dot made on the radiographs onto X and Y coordinates. Diagrams of the feet in each group were drawn for comparison. The hallux valgus angle, lateral deviation angle of the second toe, intermetatarsal angles, toe length, metatarsal length, and metatarsus adductus were calculated according to the coordinates of the corresponding points. The mapping showed the bases of the second, third, and fourth toe in group L shifted laterally away from their corresponding metatarsal head (P hallux valgus angles (P hallux valgus angle, more adducted first metatarsal, and divergent lateral splaying of the lesser metatarsals were associated with lateral deviation of the lesser toes in hallux valgus. Level III, comparative study. © The Author(s) 2015.

  1. Expressing Identity through Lesser-Used Languages: Examples from the Irish and Galician Contexts (United States)

    O'Rourke, Bernadette


    This paper looks at the degree and way in which lesser-used languages are used as expressions of identity, focusing specifically on two of Europe's lesser-used languages. The first is Irish, spoken in the Republic of Ireland and the second is Galician, spoken in the Autonomous Community of Galicia in the North-western part of Spain. The paper…

  2. Haïti : les pouvoirs de l'art dans Le Sang et la Mer de Gary Victor et La Belle Amour humaine de Lyonel Trouillot

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Odile Gannier


    Full Text Available Dans cet article, l'auteure pose une question en écho aux événements de janvier 2010 : "comment écrire encore après les catastrophes ?". Elle en prend pour témoins les œuvres de Gary Victor et de Lyonel Trouillot (respectivement parues en 2010 et 2011 qui, pour l'une, raconte l'histoire d'une orpheline, Hérodiane, au parcours difficile, et rapporte, pour l'autre, l'enquête d'Anaïse, une étrangère, sur les traces de sa famille haïtienne. Odile Gannier analyse la construction de l'intrigue et des personnages, mais aussi les tonalités et les genres représentés dans les deux œuvres, ainsi que leurs multiples similitudes avec d'autres formes de production artistique (la peinture en particulier.

  3. A prática espiritual de Jesus e o sentido da vida: o sentido da vida no cristianismo analisado a partir da teoria de VICTOR EMIL FRANKL


    Tagliaferro, Edson Adélio


    A proposta deste nosso trabalho é fazer uma análise de um dos mais profundos questionamentos da humanidade que é a pergunta sobre o sentido da vida. Com respeito a esta questão, encontramos posições tanto contrárias como favoráveis à possibilidade de que a vida tenha um sentido e, desta forma, há pessoas que julgam não ser possível encontrá-lo, e há os que julgam que sem encontrá-lo caímos no vazio existencial, onde as neuroses são geradas. Entre estes encontrase Victor Emil Fr...

  4. A survey of dumping symptomatology after gastric bypass with or without lesser omental transection. (United States)

    Frantzides, Constantine T; Carlson, Mark A; Shostrom, Valerie K; Roberts, Jacob; Stavropoulos, George; Ayiomamitis, George; Frantzides, Alexander


    Lesser omental transection during gastric bypass for morbid obesity may be associated with postoperative dumping. A survey of postoperative symptoms was performed in patients undergoing laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass with transection vs. preservation of the lesser omentum. A written questionnaire on dumping symptoms was administered to patients 2 years after laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass with or without transection of the lesser omentum. Statistical testing was performed to determine whether the rate of various symptoms was related to the transection of the lesser omentum. The patients without lesser omental transection had significantly less symptoms than the patients with transection for 11 out of the 17 symptoms that were queried (p dumping symptoms more frequently in the group of transected patients, and this group also had a lower frequency of sweet eating (p dumping symptoms compared to bypass with preservation of the lesser omentum. This association may be secondary to a partial vagotomy that may occur if the lesser omentum is transected during gastric bypass.

  5. O acontecimento Victor de Aveyron: esboço de uma genealogia da psiquiatrização da infância

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lilia Ferreira Lobo


    Full Text Available O que aqui se denomina como “acontecimento Victor de Aveyron” inaugura, no contexto das práticas do século XVIII, novas questões para os saberes e as práticas médicas e pedagógicas, e novos problemas para este estranho objeto de conhecimento: “homem”.Este texto pretende traçar, a partir dos relatórios de Jean Marc Itard, sobre a tarefa que desenvolve na tentativa de educar o menino selvagem encontrado nos bosques de Aveyron, um esboço de uma genealogia histórica, segundo a perspectiva do pensamento de Michel Foucault. Trata-se do processo de construção da aliança médico-pedagógica e seus dispositivos de poder disciplinar e de normalização que deram origem à expansão da psiquiatria, processo que não passou pela criança louca, mas pela criança idiota. Se o aparecimento de Victor para as luzes da civilização provocou a produção de um saber colonizador sobre o corpo resistente à normalização, a busca do limite do corpo selvagem, tão incapaz quanto o idiota, provocou também o surgimento do dispositivo da aliança médico-pedagógica que até hoje observamos incidir sobre os corpos infantis, mesmo considerando as diferenças de objetivos, de recursos técnicos, das práticas institucionais, e das das tentativas de inclusão social.

  6. [Draft] Arctic Refuge Coastal Plain Mitigation Planning Report for lesser snow geese (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Lesser snow geese from the western arctic population stage prior to fall migration on the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge -- an area with oil...

  7. Effects of lesser species of chicken eimeria ( E. hegani , E. mivati , E ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Effects of lesser species of chicken eimeria (E. hegani, E. mivati, E. praecox and E. mitis) on body weight gain and spermatogenesis of broiler breeder males. UDE Ogbuokiri, EO Ahaotu, MC Edih, SH Fitz-Coy, VN Acholonu ...

  8. Chronic lesser tuberosity avulsion in an adolescent with an associated biceps pulley injury. (United States)

    Mizrahi, Daniel J; Averill, Lauren W; Blumer, Steven L; Meyers, Arthur B


    We report a case of a 15-year-old boy with chronic intermittent left shoulder pain due to an undiagnosed lesser tuberosity avulsion fracture, an associated biceps pulley injury and intra-articular dislocation of the long head of the biceps tendon. Lesser tuberosity avulsion fractures are rare injuries that are difficult to detect on clinical exam and radiographically, which may lead to delayed diagnosis and chronic shoulder instability. Few reports describe dislocations or subluxations of the biceps tendon in association with lesser tuberosity avulsions in children. We utilize this case to emphasize the importance of MR not only in detecting lesser tuberosity avulsions, but also in evaluating biceps pulley injuries, which are a rarely reported, but clinically important, association.

  9. Lesser scaup forage on zebra mussels at Cook nuclear plant, Michigan (United States)

    Mitchell, C.A.; Carlson, J.


    Nineteen of 21 Lesser Scaup (Aythya affinis) entrained while foraging at the water intake structures of Cook Nuclear Plant, Bridgman, Michigan had consumed zebra mussels (Dreissena polymorpha). The average number of zebra mussels in the upper gastrointestinal tract was 260; maximum number was 987. Migrating Lesser Scaup found this new food source during the first winter following settlement of zebra mussels on the water intake structures of the power plant.

  10. Does land irrigation actually reduce foraging habitat for breeding lesser kestrels? The role of crop types


    Ursúa, Esperanza; Serrano, David; Tella, José Luis


    The lesser kestrel is a Globally Threatened Species which large decline has been related to recent agricultural changes in European pseudo-steppes. Irrigation is considered as one of the major threats for this and other steppe birds, but the actual effects of irrigation on foraging habitat selection have been scarcely examined. We studied the selection of traditional dry cereal farming and irrigated habitats by foraging lesser kestrels during the breeding cycle, paying especial attention to p...

  11. Iron Deficiency Anemia: Focus on Infectious Diseases in Lesser Developed Countries


    Shaw, Julia G.; Friedman, Jennifer F.


    Iron deficiency anemia is thought to affect the health of more than one billion people worldwide, with the greatest burden of disease experienced in lesser developed countries, particularly women of reproductive age and children. This greater disease burden is due to both nutritional and infectious etiologies. Individuals in lesser developed countries have diets that are much lower in iron, less access to multivitamins for young children and pregnant women, and increased rates of fertility wh...

  12. Diet composition of lesser kestrels in Ikh Nart Nature Reserve, Mongolia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Onolragchaa Ganbold


    Full Text Available The lesser kestrel is recognized as “Least Concern” in the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN Red List since 2011. So far, all available diet studies on the lesser kestrel were conducted in its European range or in partial African breeding and nonbreeding range. In particular, little is known about the feeding behavior of this small falcon in Asian ranges. Thus, this study can be considered as the first to examine the diet composition of the central Asian breeding populations of lesser kestrels. This study aims to provide some information about the diet composition of this species among Asian populations through biological and ecological investigations. Pellets (n = 762 dropped by lesser kestrel (Falco naumanni were collected during their breeding season from nine to 10 colony sites in Ikh Nart, between June and September of 2009 and 2010, and analyzed. A total of 1,484 prey items were identified in the pellets collected. After a measure of their weight (g and length and width (mm, we carefully examined each pellet and separated all prey remains using tweezers. Our results indicated that insects (including orthopterans and coleopterans were dominant in lesser kestrel’s diets. We found that the lesser kestrel’s diet mainly consisted of insects (69.7%, lizards (17.4%, small mammals (10%, small birds (2%, and other food (1%. Keywords: diet composition, insects, pellets, reptiles, small mammals

  13. Copper-catalyzed asymmetric conjugate addition of organometallic reagents to extended Michael acceptors

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Thibault E. Schmid


    Full Text Available The copper-catalyzed asymmetric conjugate addition (ACA of nucleophiles onto polyenic Michael acceptors represents an attractive and powerful methodology for the synthesis of relevant chiral molecules, as it enables in a straightforward manner the sequential generation of two or more stereogenic centers. In the last decade, various chiral copper-based catalysts were evaluated in combination with different nucleophiles and Michael acceptors, and have unambiguously demonstrated their usefulness in the control of the regio- and enantioselectivity of the addition. The aim of this review is to report recent breakthroughs achieved in this challenging field.

  14. Aza-Michael Mono-addition Using Acidic Alumina under Solventless Conditions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Giovanna Bosica


    Full Text Available Aza-Michael reactions between primary aliphatic and aromatic amines and various Michael acceptors have been performed under environmentally-friendly solventless conditions using acidic alumina as a heterogeneous catalyst to selectively obtain the corresponding mono-adducts in high yields. Ethyl acrylate was the main acceptor used, although others such as acrylonitrile, methyl acrylate and acrylamide were also utilized successfully. Bi-functional amines also gave the mono-adducts in good to excellent yields. Such compounds can serve as intermediates for the synthesis of anti-cancer and antibiotic drugs.

  15. A Greener, Efficient Approach to Michael Addition of Barbituric Acid to Nitroalkene in Aqueous Diethylamine Medium

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hany J. Al-Najjar


    Full Text Available An efficient method for the synthesis of a variety of pyrimidine derivatives 3a–t by reaction of barbituric acids 1a,b as Michael donor with nitroalkenes 2a–k as Michael acceptor using an aqueous medium and diethylamine is described. This 1,4-addition strategy offers several advantages, such as using an economic and environmentally benign reaction media, high yields, versatility, and shorter reaction times. The synthesized compounds were identified by 1H-NMR, 13C-NMR, CHN, IR, and MS. The structure of compound 3a was further confirmed by single crystal X-ray structure determination.

  16. Impacts of mesquite distribution on seasonal space use of lesser prairie-chickens (United States)

    Boggie, Matthew A.; Strong, Cody R.; Lusk, Daniel; Carleton, Scott A.; Gould, William R.; Howard, Randy L.; Nichols, Clay T.; Falkowski, Michael J.; Hagen, Christian A.


    Loss of native grasslands by anthropogenic disturbances has reduced availability and connectivity of habitat for many grassland species. A primary threat to contiguous grasslands is the encroachment of woody vegetation, which is spurred by disturbances that take on many forms from energy development, fire suppression, and grazing. These disturbances are exacerbated by natural- and human-driven cycles of changes in climate punctuated by drought and desertification conditions. Encroachment of honey mesquite (Prosopis glandulosa) into the prairies of southeastern New Mexico has potentially limited habitat for numerous grassland species, including lesser prairie-chickens (Tympanuchus pallidicinctus). To determine the magnitude of impacts of distribution of mesquite and how lesser prairie-chickens respond to mesquite presence on the landscape in southeastern New Mexico, we evaluated seasonal space use of lesser prairie-chickens in the breeding and nonbreeding seasons. We derived several remotely sensed spatial metrics to characterize the distribution of mesquite. We then used these data to create population-level resource utilization functions and predict intensity of use of lesser prairie-chickens across our study area. Home ranges were smaller in the breeding season compared with the nonbreeding season; however, habitat use was similar across seasons. During both seasons, lesser prairie-chickens used areas closer to leks and largely avoided areas with mesquite. Relative to the breeding season, during the nonbreeding season habitat use suggested a marginal increase in mesquite within areas of low intensity of use, yet aversion to mesquite was strong in areas of medium to high intensity of use. To our knowledge, our study is the first to demonstrate a negative behavioral response by lesser prairie-chickens to woody encroachment in native grasslands. To mitigate one of the possible limiting factors for lesser prairie-chickens, we suggest future conservation

  17. Radiologic measurement of lesser trochanter and its clinical significance in Chinese

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zhang, Qi; Chen, Wei; Li, Xicheng; Song, Zhaohui; Pan, Jinshe; Zhang, Yingze [Hebei Medical University, Department of Orthopaedics, 3. Hospital, Shijiazhuang, Hebei (China); Liu, Huaijun [Hebei Medical University, Deparment of Radiology, 2. Hospital, Shijiazhuang, Hebei (China)


    Femoral fracture is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in elderly persons. Surgery, the main choice of treatment of femoral fracture, may result in some complications severely affecting patients' daily activities due to femoral malalignment. The lesser trochanter is an important anatomical structure of the femur which could be used as an anatomical landmark during and after operation to evaluate femoral alignment. To predict femoral rotational malalignment during surgery, the relationship between the height and width of the lesser trochanter and femoral rotation at different angles was investigated. Fifty healthy adult volunteers (25 men and 25 women) were enrolled in this study and a total of 900 radiographs of proximal femurs were taken in the following positions: neutral position, 5 , 10 , 15 , and 20 internal rotation, and 5 , 10 , 15 , and 20 external rotation, respectively. The cranio-caudal and transverse diameters of the lesser trochanter were obtained on a PACS Workstation. The height and width of the lesser trochanter increased with external rotation and decreased with internal rotation and the values showed statistical significance between different positions or different genders. Between 20 of internal rotation to 20 of external rotation, the mean height increased from 0.58 cm to 1.23 cm in men and from 0.44 cm to 1.19 cm in women. The corresponding mean values for width were from 2.53 cm to 4.44 cm in men, and from 2.08 cm to 3.86 cm in women, respectively. The height and width of the lesser trochanter were both highly correlated to the position of femur and the linear relationship was established approximately. The morphological alteration of lesser trochanter also changed obviously when the femurs rotated. The height and width of the lesser trochanter is linearly related to femoral rotation and could be used as a reference for prevention of femoral malalignment during surgery. (orig.)

  18. Gender Relations and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Michael Crichton's "Disclosure" as a Teaching Tool. (United States)

    Comer, Debra R.; Cooper, Elizabeth A.


    Describes how to use Michael Crichton's novel "Disclosure" and the film based on it for class discussions of such issues as what constitutes sexual harassment, harassment of men, relationship between sexual harassment and power, organizational responses to harassment, and gender differences in career advancement tactics. (SK)

  19. Schools as "Poetry-Friendly Places": Michael Rosen on Poetry in the Curriculum (United States)

    Xerri, Daniel


    This article explores the views of children's poet Michael Rosen in relation to poetry in education. It is based on an interview in which Rosen not only discusses the significance of encouraging young people to engage with poetry at school but also analyzes a number of threats to poetry's place in the English curriculum. This article identifies…

  20. European Management: an emerging competitive advantage of European nations : A reply to Michael Porter

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    F.A.J. van den Bosch (Frans); A.A. van Prooijen


    textabstractThis article extends the debate begun in the June 1992 issue of EMJ when the authors first criticized Michael Porter's explanatory framework in his Competitive Advantage of Nations (1990), over the role of national culture on the competitive advantage of nations. In this paper, Frans van

  1. Organocatalytic asymmetric assembly reactions for the syntheses of carbohydrate derivatives by intermolecular Michael-Henry reactions (United States)

    Uehara, Hisatoshi; Imashiro, Ritsuo; Hernández-Torres, Gloria; Barbas, Carlos F.


    Given the significance of carbohydrates in life, medicine, and industry, the development of simple and efficient de novo methods to synthesize carbohydrates are highly desirable. Organocatalytic asymmetric assembly reactions are powerful tools to rapidly construct molecules with stereochemical complexity from simple precursors. Here, we present a simple and robust methodology for the asymmetric synthesis of pyranose derivatives with talo- and manno- configurations from simple achiral precursors through organocatalytic asymmetric intermolecular Michael–Henry reaction sequences. In this process, (tert-butyldimethylsilyloxy)acetaldehyde 1 was successfully utilized in two ways: as a donor in a highly selective anti-Michael reaction and as an acceptor in a consecutive Henry reaction. Varied nitroolefins served as Michael acceptors and varied aldehydes substituted for 1 as Henry acceptors providing for the construction of a wide range of carbohydrates with up to 5 stereocenters. In these reactions, a catalyst-controlled Michael reaction followed by a substrate-controlled Henry reaction provided 3,4-dideoxytalose derivatives 6 in a highly stereoselective manner. The Henry reaction was affected by addition of a simple base such as triethylamine: A complex chiral base was not necessary. 3,4-Dideoxymannose derivatives 7 were produced by simply changing the base from triethylamine to 1,8-diazabicyclo[5.4.0]undec-7-ene. Extension of this methodology to a syn-Michael initiated sequence was also successful. A mechanistic discussion is provided to explain the unusual substrate-induced stereoselectivity of the Henry reaction. PMID:20639468

  2. Critical notice: Michael Tomasello on the “prosocial” human animal

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Larsen, Steen Nepper


    Abstract According to Michael Tomasello humans cannot help to be informative. Apes, like chimps, do not point at each other, only humans do so in order to attract attention, i.e. to (get) help, play and share experiences. In shared cooperative activities, individual rationality is transformed int...

  3. The power of virtual integration: an interview with Dell Computer's Michael Dell. Interview by Joan Magretta. (United States)

    Dell, M


    Michael Dell started his computer company in 1984 with a simple business insight. He could bypass the dealer channel through which personal computers were then being sold and sell directly to customers, building products to order. Dell's direct model eliminated the dealer's markup and the risks associated with carrying large inventories of finished goods. In this interview, Michael Dell provides a detailed description of how his company is pushing that business model one step further, toward what he calls virtual integration. Dell is using technology and information to blur the traditional boundaries in the value chain between suppliers, manufacturers, and customers. The individual pieces of Dell's strategy--customer focus, supplier partnerships, mass customization, just-in-time manufacturing--may be all be familiar. But Michael Dell's business insight into how to combine them is highly innovative. Direct relationships with customers create valuable information, which in turn allows the company to coordinate its entire value chain back through manufacturing to product design. Dell describes how his company has come to achieve this tight coordination without the "drag effect" of ownership. Dell reaps the advantages of being vertically integrated without incurring the costs, all the while achieving the focus, agility, and speed of a virtual organization. As envisioned by Michael Dell, virtual integration may well become a new organizational model for the information age.

  4. Moral Education and Education in Altruism: Two Replies to Michael Hand (United States)

    White, John


    This article is a critical discussion of two recent papers by Michael Hand on moral education. The first is his "Towards a Theory of Moral Education", published in the "Journal of Philosophy of Education" in 2014 (Volume 48, Issue 4). The second is a chapter called "Beyond Moral Education?" in an edited book of new…

  5. Book Review of "The Molecular Biology of Cancer" by Stella Pelengaris, Michael Khan (Editors

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Schmidt Christian


    Full Text Available Abstract Here, a review of "The Molecular Biology of Cancer" (Stella Pelengaris and Michael Khan [Editors] is given. The detailed description of the book is provided here: Pelengaris S, Khan M (Eds: The Molecular Biology of Cancer; Blackwell Publishing, Oxford (U.K.; 2006. 531 pages, 214 illustrations, ISBN 9-78140-511-814-9, £31.99.


    NARCIS (Netherlands)



    Addition of the Schiff bases derived from reaction of glycine alkyl esters with benzophenoneimine to alpha,beta-unsaturated ketones, followed by hydrogenation of the addition products, leads to 5- or 3,5-substituted prolines. Hydrolysis of the Michael adducts rather than hydrogenation allows

  7. Kunstlik viljastamine - kas rahva püsimajäämise võti? / Michael Cook

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Cook, Michael


    Kunstlikust viljastamisest pole üksi abi - vaid siis, kui noored mehed ja naised pööravad selja tarbimiskultusele ja individualismile, hakkab sündimus tõusma taastootmisest kõrgemale, kirjutab BioEdge toimetaja Michael Cook

  8. Prolinethiol ether catalysis in an asymmetric Michael reaction: solvent-free synthesis of functionalized monohaloalkenes. (United States)

    Xia, Ai-Bao; Wu, Chao; Xu, Dan-Qian; Wang, Yi-Feng; Du, Xiao-Hua; Li, Zhao-Bo; Xu, Zhen-Yuan


    The organocatalytic Michael reaction of ketones with γ-monohalonitrodienes catalyzed by chiral prolinethiol ether under solvent-free conditions was developed. The described method represents a novel approach for accessing highly functionalized monohaloalkenes with α, β-stereocenters of up to >99% ee.

  9. An Interview with Michael Horn: Blending Education for High-Octane Motivation (United States)

    Patterson, Gregory A.


    Blended learning holds the potential of improving the way we educate students and of making them more motivated. Blended education--the melding of information technology based distance learning with school attendance--is perhaps the best way to educate students for 21st century skills, says Michael Horn in a "Kappan" interview. Horn points out…

  10. Outside in America: George Michael's music video, public sex and global pop culture

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kooijman, J.


    Six months after his controversial arrest for ‘lewd conduct’ at a men’s public restroom in Beverly Hills, British pop star George Michael released the song and music video ‘Outside’ which can be seen as an explicit commentary on the controversy. In this article, I read the music video in three ways:

  11. Hexafluorobenzene: A powerful solvent for a noncovalent stereoselective organocatalytic Michael addition reaction

    KAUST Repository

    Lattanzi, Alessandra


    A dramatic enhancement of the diastereo- and enantioselectivity in the nitro-Michael addition reaction organocatalysed by a commercially available α,α-l-diaryl prolinol was disclosed when performing the reaction in unconventional hexafluorobenzene as a medium. DFT calculations were performed to clarify the origin of stereoselectivity and the role of C 6F 6. © The Royal Society of Chemistry 2012.

  12. Q & A with Ed Tech Leaders: Interview with Michael W. Allen (United States)

    Shaughnessy, Michael F.


    Michael W. Allen, the Chairman and CEO of Allen Interactions, is an architect of interactive multimedia learning and is recognized for his many insights, inventions, and presentations. With over 50 years of experience in e-learning, both in academic and corporate settings, he is known for his role in creating Authorware and overseeing the work of…

  13. Phosphonium salts as chiral phase-transfer catalysts: asymmetric Michael and Mannich reactions of 3-aryloxindoles. (United States)

    He, Rongjun; Ding, Changhua; Maruoka, Keiji


    It's a PTC: A highly efficient reaction of 3-aryloxindoles in an asymmetric Michael addition was achieved by using a quaternary tetraalkylphosphonium salt as a chiral phase-transfer catalyst (PTC). The products were obtained in quantitative yields high ee values. The reaction of 3-aryloxindoles in an asymmetric Mannich reaction using the same catalyst also proved to be feasible.

  14. Enantioselective Michael Addition of Malonates to Chalcone Derivatives Catalyzed by Dipeptide-derived Multifunctional Phosphonium Salts. (United States)

    Cao, Dongdong; Fang, Guosheng; Zhang, Jiaxing; Wang, Hongyu; Zheng, Changwu; Zhao, Gang


    Highly enantioselective Michael addition of malonates to enones catalyzed by dipeptide-derived multifunctional phosphonium salts has been developed. The newly established catalytic system was characterized with its wide substrate scope featured with aliphatic aldehyde-derived enones and substituted malonates. The gram scale-up synthesis of adducts can also be successfully achieved under optimal conditions with both excellent yield and enantioselectivity.

  15. Why Do We Need a Philosophy of Education? The Forgotten Insights of Michael John Demiashkevich (United States)

    Senechal, Diana


    For many decades, American schools have been mired in jargon and confused values. A few exceptional books have shown the way through the thicket of educational ideas, policies, and practices. The work of Michael John Demiashkevich belongs to this set and offers a special philosophical perspective. In "An Introduction to the Philosophy of…

  16. The Data on Children's Media Use: An Interview with Michael Robb (United States)

    Heller, Rafael


    Since 2003, nonprofit organization Common Sense Media has studied the ways in which kids are growing up in the digital age. In this interview, research director Michael Robb shares recent findings about the media habits of young children, tweens, and teens. While the news coverage of these issues tends to be hyperbolic and alarming, Robb explains,…

  17. La epistemologia de Michael Polanyi: una perspectiva realista de la ciencia. [Reseña


    Moros, E.


    Reseña de Francisco GALLARDO, La epistemologia de Michael Polanyi: una perspectiva realista de la ciencia, Edizioni Universita della Santa Croce («Series Philosophica »), Roma 2004, 347 pp., 17 x 24, ISBN 88-8333-131-1.

  18. Assessment of lipid profile of a group of undergraduates in Michael ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Objective: The aim of this study was to measure the lipid fractions in serum blood samples of apparently healthy undergraduates of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike. Methods: A total of one hundred consenting males and females aged between 19-30 years were purposively selected from the ...

  19. Noted astrophysicist Michael S. Turner to Head NSF'S mathematical and physical sciences directorate

    CERN Multimedia


    "The National Science Foundation has named celebrated astrophysicist Michael S. Turner of the University of Chicago as Assistant Director for Mathematical and Physical Sciences. He will head a $1 billion directorate that supports research in mathematics, physics, chemistry, materials and astronomy, as well as multidisciplinary programs and education" (1/2 page).

  20. Wolff-Michael Roth's passibility: at the limits of the constructivist metaphor: a book review (United States)

    Brendel, Michelle


    Wolff-Michael Roth deconstructs the preeminent role conceded to constructivism in Science Education and demonstrates how we learn and know through pain, suffering, love or passion. This review explores his book "Passibility: At the Limits of the Constructivist Metaphor" through the eyes of an outsider to the world of science education.

  1. Michael Faraday on the Learning of Science and Attitudes of Mind. (United States)

    Crawford, Elspeth


    Makes use of Michael Faraday's ideas on learning, focusing on his attitudes toward the unknowns of science and the development of an attitude that improves scientific decision making. This approach acknowledges that there is an inner struggle involved in facing unknowns. (DDR)

  2. 77 FR 69550 - Proposed Information Collection (Patient Satisfaction Survey Michael E. DeBakey Home Care Program... (United States)


    ... AFFAIRS Proposed Information Collection (Patient Satisfaction Survey Michael E. DeBakey Home Care Program.... This notice solicits comments on information needed to determine patients' satisfaction with services... information technology. Title: Patient Satisfaction Survey Michael E. DeBakey Home Care Program, VA Form 10...

  3. 76 FR 624 - Proposed Information Collection (Patient Satisfaction Survey Michael E. DeBakey Home Care Program... (United States)


    ... AFFAIRS Proposed Information Collection (Patient Satisfaction Survey Michael E. DeBakey Home Care Program.... 2900-New (VA Form 10-0476).'' SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Title: Patient Satisfaction Survey Michael E... Review: New collection. Abstract: VA Form 10-0476 will be used to gather feedback from patients regarding...

  4. 78 FR 6851 - Proposed Information Collection (Patient Satisfaction Survey Michael E. DeBakey Home Care Program... (United States)


    ... AFFAIRS Proposed Information Collection (Patient Satisfaction Survey Michael E. DeBakey Home Care Program....'' SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Title: Patient Satisfaction Survey Michael E. DeBakey Home Care Program, VA Form 10.... Abstract: VA Form 10-0476 will be used to gather feedback from patients regarding their satisfaction with...

  5. Prevalence of Cryptosporidium infection in captive lesser panda (Ailurus fulgens) in China. (United States)

    Wang, Tao; Chen, Zuqin; Yu, Hua; Xie, Yue; Gu, Xiaobing; Lai, Weiming; Peng, Xuerong; Yang, Guangyou


    Cryptosporidium is a global epidemic parasite and one of the most important intestinal pathogens causing diarrhea in animals and humans. Despite extensive research on this parasite group, little is known about rates of Cryptosporidium infection in lesser pandas. In this study, we use molecular diagnostic tools to detect Cryptosporidium infections and identify Cryptosporidium species in the lesser panda. Using a PCR approach, we sequenced the 18S rRNA gene in fecal samples collected from 110 captive lesser pandas held throughout China (approximately one third of the captive population). We determined Cryptosporidium species via a BLAST comparison of our sequences against those of published Cryptosporidium sequences available in GenBank and subsequent phylogenetic analysis. We report that captive lesser pandas were infected with a single Cryptosporidium species, Cryptosporidium andersoni, at a prevalence of 6.36 % (7/110). The present investigation revealed the existence of C. andersoni infection in captive lesser panda and suggested that proper control measures should be taken carefully to protect the welfare of zoo workers and visitors.

  6. 8th February 2011-Rector Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa Mexico Dr Victor Antonio Corrales Burgeño-Mexico-visiting ALICE cavern and tunnel with ALICE Spokesperson P. Giubellino

    CERN Multimedia

    Maximilien Brice


    Photo 1,3-14:The delegation visiting ALICE cavern Photo 2:Dra. Beatriz E. Rodríguez Pérez\tDirectora del Centro de Políticas de Género para la igualdad entre Hombres y Mujeres,Dr Victor Antonio Corrales Burgeño,P. Giubellino Photo 15-29:The delegation visiting LHC Tunnel Photo 30-57:Signature of the Guest Book with CERN Director-General R. Heuer and Head of International Relations F. Pauss Photo 58:Adviser for Mexico J. Salicio,ALICE Collaboration Universidad Autonoma de Sinaloa I. Leon Monzon,ALICE Collaboration Centro Invest. Estudios Avanz. IPN (Cinnestav) G. Herrera Corral,R. Heuer,Dr Victor Antonio Corrales Burgeño,F. Pauss,Dra. Beatriz E. Rodríguez Pérez,Directora de Relaciones InternacionalesMC. América M. Lizárraga González

  7. Conservation Reserve Program mitigates grassland loss in the lesser prairie-chicken range of Kansas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    David Spencer


    Full Text Available Since the beginning of the 20th century, the overall occupied range of the lesser prairie-chicken (Tympanuchus pallidicinctus has declined by 84% commensurate with population trends. Much of this decline has been attributed to the loss and fragmentation of native grasslands throughout the lesser prairie-chicken range. However, quantification of changes in land cover in the distribution of the lesser prairie-chicken is lacking. Our objectives were to (1 document changes in the areal extent and connectivity of grasslands in the identified lesser prairie-chicken range in Kansas, USA, (>60% of extant lesser prairie-chicken population from the 1950s to 2013 using remotely sensed data and (2 assess the potential of the Conservation Reserve Program (U.S. Department of Agriculture Program converting cropland to permanent cover; CRP to mitigate grassland loss. Digital land cover maps were generated on a decadal time step through spectral classification of LANDSAT images and visual analysis of aerial photographs (1950s and 1960s. Landscape composition and configuration were assessed using FRAGSTATS to compute a variety of landscape metrics measuring changes in the amount of grassland present as well as changes in the size and configuration of grassland patches. With the exception of a single regional portion of the range, nearly all of the grassland converted to cropland in the lesser prairie-chicken range of Kansas occurred prior to the 1950s. Prior to the implementation of CRP, the amount of grassland decreased 3.6% between the 1950s and 1985 from 18,455 km2 to 17,788 km2. Since 1985, the overall amount of grassland in the lesser prairie-chicken range has increased 11.9% to 19,898 km2 due to implementation of CRP, although the area of grassland decreased between 1994 and 2013 as CRP contracts were not renewed by landowners. Since 1986 grassland in Kansas became more connected and less fragmented in response to the CRP. While the CRP has been successful

  8. Conservation Reserve Program mitigates grassland loss in the lesser prairie-chicken range of Kansas (United States)

    Haukos, David A.; Spencer, David; Hagen, Christian A.; Daniels, Melinda D.; Goodin, Doug


    Since the beginning of the 20th century, the overall occupied range of the lesser prairie-chicken (Tympanuchus pallidicinctus) has declined by 84% commensurate with population trends. Much of this decline has been attributed to the loss and fragmentation of native grasslands throughout the lesser prairie-chicken range. However, quantification of changes in land cover in the distribution of the lesser prairie-chicken is lacking. Our objectives were to (1) document changes in the areal extent and connectivity of grasslands in the identified lesser prairie-chicken range in Kansas, USA, (>60% of extant lesser prairie-chicken population) from the 1950s to 2013 using remotely sensed data and (2) assess the potential of the Conservation Reserve Program (U.S. Department of Agriculture Program converting cropland to permanent cover; CRP) to mitigate grassland loss. Digital land cover maps were generated on a decadal time step through spectral classification of LANDSAT images and visual analysis of aerial photographs (1950s and 1960s). Landscape composition and configuration were assessed using FRAGSTATS to compute a variety of landscape metrics measuring changes in the amount of grassland present as well as changes in the size and configuration of grassland patches. With the exception of a single regional portion of the range, nearly all of the grassland converted to cropland in the lesser prairie-chicken range of Kansas occurred prior to the 1950s. Prior to the implementation of CRP, the amount of grassland decreased 3.6% between the 1950s and 1985 from 18,455 km2 to 17,788 km2. Since 1985, the overall amount of grassland in the lesser prairie-chicken range has increased 11.9% to 19,898 km2 due to implementation of CRP, although the area of grassland decreased between 1994 and 2013 as CRP contracts were not renewed by landowners. Since 1986 grassland in Kansas became more connected and less fragmented in response to the CRP. While the CRP has been successful in

  9. Peace Studies in Russia: Origins, Current Status and Trends. Interview with Professor Victor A. Kremenyuk, Institute for the U.S. and Canadian Studies, Russian Academy of Science

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Olga Sergeevna Chikrizova


    Full Text Available The interview is devoted to analysis of peculiarities of Peace Studies in Russia and methodology of the present-day conflicts resolution. The scientist is concerning prerequisites of the origin of the Soviet school of peace studies during the Cold War when the problem of resources exhaustion arouse. Victor A. Kremenyuk uncovers differences between Russian and Western schools of peace studies. The researcher reviews specificities of resolution process for the most difficult present0day conflicts, especially knot of contradictions in the Middle East and crisis in Russia - U.S. relations. The scientist emphasizes importance of control over the conflict status and negotiations as a tool of conflict resolution. He focuses on a complexity of a conflict resolution process and necessity to take into account a lot of different factors during negotiations, and also how important for the Great Powers to realize their global responsibility. By the example of IIASA the researcher demonstrates a role of such international scientific centers as a link between scientific community and authorities.

  10. Landscape composition creates a threshold influencing Lesser Prairie-Chicken population resilience to extreme drought (United States)

    Ross, Beth E.; Haukos, David A.; Hagen, Christian A.; Pitman, James C.


    Habitat loss and degradation compound the effects of climate change on wildlife, yet responses to climate and land cover change are often quantified independently. The interaction between climate and land cover change could be intensified in the Great Plains region where grasslands are being converted to row-crop agriculture concurrent with increased frequency of extreme drought events. We quantified the combined effects of land cover and climate change on a species of conservation concern in the Great Plains, the Lesser Prairie-Chicken (Tympanuchus pallidicinctus  ). We combined extreme drought events and land cover change with lek count surveys in a Bayesian hierarchical model to quantify changes in abundance of male Lesser Prairie-Chickens from 1978 to 2014 in Kansas, the core of their species range. Our estimates of abundance indicate a gradually decreasing population through 2010 corresponding to drought events and reduced grassland areas. Decreases in Lesser Prairie-Chicken abundance were greatest in areas with increasing row-crop to grassland land cover ratio during extreme drought events, and decreased grassland reduces the resilience of Lesser Prairie-Chicken populations to extreme drought events. A threshold exists for Lesser Prairie-Chickens in response to the gradient of cropland:grassland land cover. When moving across the gradient of grassland to cropland, abundance initially increased in response to more cropland on the landscape, but declined in response to more cropland after the threshold (δ=0.096, or 9.6% cropland). Preservation of intact grasslands and continued implementation of initiatives to revert cropland to grassland should increase Lesser Prairie-Chicken resilience to extreme drought events due to climate change.

  11. Abnormal development of the lesser wing of the sphenoid with microphthalmos and microcephaly

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jacquemin, C. [King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital, Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). Radiology Dept.; Mullaney, P. [Paediatric Ophthalmology Div., King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital, Riyadh (Saudi Arabia); Bosley, T.M. [Neuro-Ophthalmology Div., King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital, Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)


    We report two patients with abnormal development of the lesser wing of the sphenoid bone, globe, optic nerve and cerebral hemisphere without stigmata of neurofibromatosis type 1. The lesser wing of the sphenoid bone was abnormally formed and was not ossified ipsilateral to the dysmorphic eye and underdeveloped cerebral hemisphere. Maldevelopment of the sphenoid wing may interfere with the normal closure of the optic vesicle and normal growth of encephalic structures, possibly by disturbing developmental tissue interactions. These patients may exhibit a type of restricted primary sphenoid dysplasia, while the sphenoid dysplasia of neurofibromatosis type 1 may be secondary to orbital or ocular neurofibromas and other factors associated with that disease. (orig.)

  12. Digestibily of Some Kind of Alternative Diets on Lesser Mouse Deer (Tragulus javanicus

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    WR Farida


    Full Text Available Four female lesser mouse deer (Tragulus javanicus were used in this study to observe their feed consumption and digestibility given alternative diets in captive.  The results showed that 125g/head/day sweet potatoes supplementation in ration increased the consumption and digestibility of dry matter intake, ash, ether extract, and N-free extract. Supplementation of commercial concentrate in lesser mouse deer’s diet decreased the digestion of dry matter, ash, crude protein, and crude fiber. Animal Production 6(1: 17-22 (2004   Key Words: Digestibility, Consumption, Alternative Diets, Tragulus javanicus

  13. Physicochemical and Organoleptic Properties of Dried Synbiotics Yoghurt from Lesser Yam Tubers (Dioscoreaesculenta L.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Winarti Sri


    Full Text Available There are many variations of Yam (Dioscorea spp. which spread out in the world including Indonesia. Those variations could be categorized based on their shape, size, colour, and flavour of their tuber. The genus of Dioscorea spp. has more than 600 species, such as Dioscorea hispida, Dioscorea esculenta (lesser yam, Discorea bulbifera, Dioscorea alata (purple yam, Dioscorea opposita (white yam, Dioscorea villosa (yellow yam, Dioscorea altassima, and Dioscorea elephantipes. At the present, the utilization of yam tubers is seen to be limited. The purpose of the research was to evaluate the properties/characteristics of dried synbiotics yoghurt from lesser yam tubers. The treatment on this study was performed by the number of substitution of lesser yam tubers and the fermentation time. The results show that the dried synbiotics yoghurt that most preferred by consumers was G2F3 (lesser yam 40% and fermentation time 22 hours with an average value 3.65. It is followed by the total LAB (lactic acid bacteria 8,15 log cfu/g, pH 4.27, total lactic acid 1.02%, yield of dried synbiotic yoghurt 32.30%, and total soluble protein 4.53%.

  14. Shallow-water Pycnogonida from Barbados, Lesser Antilles with description of Anoplodactylus justi n. sp.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Müller, Hans-Georg


    MÜLLER, HANS-GEORG. Shallow-water Pycnogonida from Barbados, Lesser Antilles with description of Anoplodactylus Justi N. Sp., Studies Nat. Hist. Caribbean Region 71, Amsterdam 1992: 42-52. Eleven species of shallow-water Pycnogonida, one of which ( Anoplodactylus justi n. sp.) new to science, are

  15. Teredolites longissimus Kelly & Bromley from the Miocene Grand Bay Formation of Carriacou, the Grenadines, Lesser Antilles

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Pickerill, R.K.; Donovan, S.K.; Portell, R.W.


    The ichnotaxon Teredolites Leymerie, 1842, represented by T. longissimus Kelly & Bromley, 1984, is documented for the first time from the Lesser Antilles. Its occurrence also represents the first record of the ichnotaxon from the Miocene of the Caribbean. Five specimens, each occurring in isolation

  16. A Lesser Black-backed Gull Larus fuscus fuscus ring recovery from ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    backed Gull Larus fuscus fuscus ring recovery from Tanzania. Considered by some to be a discrete population and named the Baltic Gull. Larus fuscus (Olsen & Larsson 2003) the Lesser Black-backed Gull L. fuscus fuscus is well known to winter ...

  17. Radial variation in fiber length of some lesser used wood species in ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Sep 20, 2012 ... Variations in fibre length of ten lesser used wood species were investigated. The mean fibre length varied from 1.07mm in Lannea acida to 2.41mm in Sterculia setigera. Four patterns of within tree radial variations in fibre length were observed in the studied species. In pattern one, fibre length increased ...

  18. European Economic Integration and the Fate of Lesser-Used Languages. (United States)

    Grin, Francois


    The consequences of economic integration for Europe's lesser-used languages are examined. Applying theoretical predictions to a set of 12 minority languages, this paper shows that 5 will likely be in a more favorable position, 4 may lose as a result of economic integration, and no clear effect can be predicted for the remaining 3. (18 references)…

  19. Physical and mechanical properties and the use of lesser-known ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This work presents information about physical and mechanical properties and the use of lesser-known native wood species. This article's aim is to familiarize wood expert outside ... Silver Lime wood's air dry (526), oven dry (504) and basic (415 kgm-³) densities were determined. Fiber saturation point was calculated as ...

  20. Properties Of 10 Ghanaian High Density Lesser-Used-Species Of ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Sixty trees of ten high density Lesser Used Species (LUS) of potential importance to bridge construction were extracted from four forest reserves - Bobiri, Pra-Anum, Nueng, and Subri River (in four different ecological zones). Logs from the trees were converted on a horizontal bandmill to 27 and 53 mm thick boards.

  1. A collection of Decapod Crustacea from Sumba, Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Holthuis, L.B.


    The Sumba-Expedition undertaken by Dr. E . Sutter of the Naturhistorisches Museum of Basle and Dr. A . Bühler of the Museum für Völkerkunde of the same town, visited the Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia, in 1949. Dr. Sutter, the zoologist, stayed in the islands from 19 May to 26 November; most of the

  2. The Lesser Antillean Iguana on St. Eustatius: 2012 status update and review of limiting factors

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Debrot, A.O.; Boman, E.


    The endangered Lesser Antillean Iguana, Iguana delicatissima, is an emblematic species for the island of St. Eustatius and in Caribbean Netherlands it is only found on St. Eustatius. In this study we conducted an extensive population survey for the iguana and compared densities in different areas to

  3. Theory of mind in children with 'lesser variants' of autism : a longitudinal study

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Serra, M; Loth, FL; van Geert, PLC; Hurkens, E; Minderaa, RB


    Background: The study investigated the development of theory-of-mind (ToM) knowledge in children with 'lesser variants' of autism (PDD-NOS) over a period thought to be critical for ToM development (i.e., 3 to 5 years of age). Method: The sample included 11 children with PDD-NOS; 23 normally

  4. Radial variation in fiber length of some lesser used wood species in ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Variations in fibre length of ten lesser used wood species were investigated. The mean fibre length varied from 1.07mm in Lannea acida to 2.41mm in Sterculia setigera. Four patterns of within tree radial variations in fibre length were observed in the studied species. In pattern one, fibre length increased from the pith to the ...

  5. Novel Ionic Liquid with Both Lewis and Brønsted Acid Sites for Michael Addition

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Runpu Shen


    Full Text Available Ionic liquid with both Lewis and Brønsted acid sites has been synthesized and its catalytic activities for Michael addition were carefully studied. The novel ionic liquid was stable to water and could be used in aqueous solution. The molar ratio of the Lewis and Brønsted acid sites could be adjusted to match different reactions. The results showed that the novel ionic liquid was very efficient for Michael addition with good to excellent yields within several min. Operational simplicity, high stability to water and air, small amount used, low cost of the catalyst used, high yields, chemoselectivity, applicability to large-scale reactions and reusability are the key features of this methodology, which indicated that this novel ionic liquid also holds great potential for environmentally friendly processes.

  6. Production of Low-Freezing-Point Highly Branched Alkanes through Michael Addition. (United States)

    Jing, Yaxuan; Xia, Qineng; Liu, Xiaohui; Wang, Yanqin


    A new approach for the production of low-freezing-point, high-quality fuels from lignocellulose-derived molecules was developed with Michael addition as the key step. Among the investigated catalysts, CoCl 2 ⋅6 H 2 O was found most active for the Michael addition of 2,4-pentanedione with FA (single aldol adduct of furfural and acetone, 4-(2-furanyl)-3-butene-2-one). Over CoCl 2 ⋅6 H 2 O, a high carbon yield of C 13 oxygenates (about 75 %) can be achieved under mild conditions (353 K, 20 h). After hydrodeoxygenation, low-freezing-point (freezing-point (freezing point from renewable biomass. © 2017 Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

  7. Michael-type addition of azoles of broad-scale acidity to methyl acrylate

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Krzysztof Z. Walczak


    Full Text Available An optimisation of Michael-type addition of azole derivatives of broad-scale acidity – ranging from 5.20 to 15.00 pKa units – namely 4-nitropyrazole, 3,5-dimethyl-4-nitropyrazole, 4(5-nitroimidazole, 4,5-diphenylimidazole, 4,5-dicyanoimidazole, 2-methyl-4(5-nitroimidazole, 5(4-bromo-2-methyl-4(5-nitroimidazole and 3-nitro-1,2,4-triazole to methyl acrylate as an acceptor was carried out. The optimisation process involved the use of an appropriate basic catalyst (DBU, DIPEA, NaOH, NaH, TEDA, a donor/base/acceptor ratio and the reaction temperature. The reactions were performed in DMF as solvent. Target Michael adducts were obtained in medium to excellent yields. Importantly, for imidazole and 1,2,4-triazole derivatives, no corresponding regioisomers were obtained.

  8. Michael K. Scullin: Psi Chi/APA Edwin B. Newman Graduate Research Award. (United States)


    Presents Michael K. Scullin as the 2011 winner of the American Psychological Association Psi Chi/APA Edwin B. Newman Graduate Research Award. "For an outstanding research paper that examines the relationship between prospective memory in executing a goal and various lapses of time from 20 minutes up to a 12- hour wake delay and a 12-hour sleep delay. The results suggest that consolidation processes active during sleep increase the probability of goal execution. The paper, titled 'Remembering to Execute a Goal: Sleep On It!' was published in Psychological Science in 2010 and was the basis for Michael K. Scullin's selection as the recipient of the 2011 Psi Chi/APA Edwin B. Newman Graduate Research Award. Mark A. McDaniel, PhD, served as faculty research advisor." (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2011 APA, all rights reserved). 2011 APA, all rights reserved

  9. Navigating Transition: Freedom, Limitation and the Post-colonial Persona in Michael Ondaatje's The Cat's Table

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alaa Alghamdi


    Full Text Available Michael Ondaatje's 2011 novel The Cat's Table follows a young boy's voyage from Colombo, Sri Lanka to London, England. Through this character and the unique environment of the ship, which forms a compelling sense of transitory place, Ondaatje explores liminality and its relationship with limitations or barriers. The young protagonist, Michael, and his companions enjoy an unusual level of freedom aboard the contained and hierarchically segmented ship. Polarization and transition between Eastern and Western culture is present but pales in importance compared to the validation of the self that is located within and defined by the sense of the in-between, an essential rite of passage undertaken before re-joining society.

  10. Multicatalytic, asymmetric Michael/Stetter reaction of salicylaldehydes and activated alkynes (United States)

    Filloux, Claire M.; Lathrop, Stephen P.; Rovis, Tomislav


    We report the development of a multicatalytic, one-pot, asymmetric Michael/Stetter reaction between salicylaldehydes and electron-deficient alkynes. The cascade proceeds via amine-mediated Michael addition followed by an N-heterocyclic carbene-promoted intramolecular Stetter reaction. A variety of salicylaldehydes, doubly activated alkynes, and terminal, electrophilic allenes participate in a one-step or two-step protocol to give a variety of benzofuranone products in moderate to good yields and good to excellent enantioselectivities. The origin of enantioselectivity in the reaction is also explored; E/Z geometry of the reaction intermediate as well as the presence of catalytic amounts of catechol additive are found to influence reaction enantioselectivity. PMID:20639467

  11. Organocatalyzed asymmetric Michael addition by an efficient bifunctional carbohydrate-thiourea hybrid with mechanistic DFT analysis. (United States)

    Azad, Chandra S; Khan, Imran A; Narula, Anudeep K


    A series of thiourea based bifunctional organocatalysts having d-glucose as a core scaffold were synthesized and examined as catalysts for the asymmetric Michael addition reaction of aryl/alkyl trans-β-nitrostyrenes over cyclohexanone and other Michael donors having active methylene. Excellent enantioselectivities (<95%), diastereoselectivities (<99%), and yields (<99%) were attained under solvent free conditions using 10 mol% of 1d0. The obtained results were explained through DFT calculations using the B3LYP/6-311G(d,p)//B3LYP/6-31G(d) basic set. The QM/MM calculations revealed the role of cyclohexanone as a solvent as well as reactant in the rate determining step imparting 31.91 kcal mol(-1) of energy towards the product formation.

  12. Ecology and conservation of Lesser Prairie-Chickens in sand shinnery oak prairies (United States)

    Grisham, Blake A.; Zavaleta, Jennifer C.; Behney, Adam C.; Borsdorf, Philip K.; Lucia, Duane R.; Boal, Clint W.; Haukos, David A.


    Sand shinnery oak (Quercus havardii) prairies are unique ecosystems endemic to sandy soils of eastern New Mexico, northwestern Texas, and western Oklahoma; the historic and current distribution of the Lesser Prairie-Chicken (Tympanuchus pallidicinctus) overlaps these prairie systems. Lesser Prairie-Chicken populations in sand shinnery oak prairies of the Southern Great Plains have declined substantially since the late 1980s, most likely due to conversion of nesting and brood-rearing habitat to row-crop agriculture and extended periods of drought. In addition to threats universal throughout the species distribution, this population is susceptible to a changing climate in an area that is already representative of an extreme environment for ground-nesting birds. Recent studies of Lesser Prairie-Chicken ecology in sand shinnery oak prairies have expanded our knowledge on the ecology and management of the species, but a thorough review of the historic and current literature is lacking. In addition, current management guidelines exist for Lesser Prairie-Chickens in mixed grass and sand sagebrush prairies, but there are no comprehensive management guidelines for the species in sand shinnery oak prairies. This information is paramount given unique aspects of the vegetation community, relative ecosystem drivers, and environmental variation in sand shinnery oak prairie and the species’ current status as a proposed threatened species under the United States Endangered Species Act. Herein, we provide a thorough synthesis of literature pertaining to the life history, habitat requirements, habitat management, and population management for Lesser Prairie-Chickens in sand shinnery oak prairie, provide management guidelines and recommendations for the species in this ecoregion, and highlight current and future research needs. Within our objectives, we place emphasis on two recently completed long-term investigations into Lesser Prairie-Chicken ecology in sand shinnery oak prairie

  13. Creative Industries, Value Theory and Michael Heinrich’s New Reading of Marx


    Pitts, Frederick Harry


    This article utilises the new reading of Marx found in the work of Michael Heinrich to analyse the creative industries. It considers the role played in the production of value by the labour that takes place in the sphere of circulation. The specific focus is on creative industries such as graphic design, advertising, and branding. It applies Heinrich's conceptualisation of “social validation” to these sectors. This suggests that valorisation depends upon goods and services attaining commodity...

  14. Is Smaller Better? A Comment on "Comparative Economic Impact Analyses" by Michael Mondello and Patrick Rishe


    Victor Matheson


    In a recent article in Economic Development Quarterly, "Comparative Economic Impact Analyses: Differences Across Cities, Events, and Demographics" (November 2004), Michael Mondello and Patrick Rishe examined the economic impact of small, amateur sporting events on host economies. This response to their work suggests four reasons why ex ante economic impact estimates for smaller sporting events may come closer to matching ex post reality than those for "mega-events" including less crowding out...

  15. Nitroxide polymer networks formed by Michael addition: on site-cured electrode-active organic coating. (United States)

    Ibe, Takeshi; Frings, Rainer B; Lachowicz, Artur; Kyo, Soichi; Nishide, Hiroyuki


    Highly and homogeneously crosslinked poly(beta-ketoester) networks densely bearing robust nitroxide radicals were prepared via a click-type and stepwise Michael polyaddition. A half-battery cell composed of the thermally-cured radical network coatings displayed a rapid, reversible, and almost stoichiometric redox-activity even with a thickness of ca. 10 mum, which may be applicable as the electrode of organic-based rechargeable devices.

  16. Traces of the Unrepresentable in the Modernist Discourse of Clement Greenberg and Michael Fried


    Gal, Nissim


    The present essay aims to remap the modernist writing of Clement Greenberg and his successor Michael Fried from the late 1930s to the 1960s. For many years these two critics/theorists were considered leaders of the American modernist camp that promoted the purity of the medium and the total dependence of reading art on the primacy of perception. Attentive reading of the canonical texts they authored will surprisingly reveal that between the theoretical lines of their writings dwells an essent...

  17. Feeding Health: Michael Pollan on Improving Public Health through the Food Systems

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts


    In this podcast, author Michael Pollan discusses his March 2009 visit to CDC and offers his thoughts on the intersection between the government, the food systems, and public health.  Created: 8/19/2009 by National Center for Environmental Health (NCEH), National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NCCDPHP), Office of Sustainability.   Date Released: 4/15/2010.

  18. Learned Helplessness Encountered by Michael Oher in the Blind Side Movie




    Pamungkas, Dimas Probo. 2014. Learned Helplessness Encountered by Michael Oher in The Blind Side Movie. Study Program of English, Department of Languages and Literature, Faculty of Culture Studies, Universitas Brawijaya. Supervisor: Dyah Eko Hapsari;Co-supervisor: Sarlettina Vidyayani EkaKeywords: Learned Helplessness, African-American, Psychological, Social Behavior, Depression, The Blind Side.Social behavior shows several interactions between person and social situations, which stress...

  19. Highlighting High Performance: Michael E. Capuano Early Childhood Center; Somerville, Massachusetts

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    This brochure describes the key high-performance building features of the Michael E. Capuano Early Childhood Center. The brochure was paid for by the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative as part of their Green Schools Initiative. High-performance features described are daylighting and energy-efficient lighting, indoor air quality, solar and wind energy, building envelope, heating and cooling systems, water conservation, and acoustics. Energy cost savings are also discussed.

  20. The predicted influence of climate change on lesser prairie-chicken reproductive parameters.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Blake A Grisham

    Full Text Available The Southern High Plains is anticipated to experience significant changes in temperature and precipitation due to climate change. These changes may influence the lesser prairie-chicken (Tympanuchus pallidicinctus in positive or negative ways. We assessed the potential changes in clutch size, incubation start date, and nest survival for lesser prairie-chickens for the years 2050 and 2080 based on modeled predictions of climate change and reproductive data for lesser prairie-chickens from 2001-2011 on the Southern High Plains of Texas and New Mexico. We developed 9 a priori models to assess the relationship between reproductive parameters and biologically relevant weather conditions. We selected weather variable(s with the most model support and then obtained future predicted values from We conducted 1,000 simulations using each reproductive parameter's linear equation obtained from regression calculations, and the future predicted value for each weather variable to predict future reproductive parameter values for lesser prairie-chickens. There was a high degree of model uncertainty for each reproductive value. Winter temperature had the greatest effect size for all three parameters, suggesting a negative relationship between above-average winter temperature and reproductive output. The above-average winter temperatures are correlated to La Niña events, which negatively affect lesser prairie-chickens through resulting drought conditions. By 2050 and 2080, nest survival was predicted to be below levels considered viable for population persistence; however, our assessment did not consider annual survival of adults, chick survival, or the positive benefit of habitat management and conservation, which may ultimately offset the potentially negative effect of drought on nest survival.

  1. Variation in Crustal Structure of the Lesser Caucasus Region from Teleseismic Receiver Functions (United States)

    Lin, C. M.; Tseng, T. L.; Huang, B. S.; Legendre, C. P.; Karakhanian, A.


    The Caucasus, including the mountains of Greater and Lesser Caucasus, is formed by the continental collision between Arabia and Eurasia. The crustal thickness for this region was mostly constrained by joint analysis of receiver functions and surface waves. Although the thickest value of 52 km was reported under the Lesser Caucasus, the resolution of earlier studies were often limited by sparse array. Large gradient across Moho also makes the definition of Moho difficult. Moreover, higher value of the Vp/Vs ratio is commonly reported in the northeastern Turkey but no estimates had been made for the Caucasus. To further investigate the detail structure around the Lesser Caucasus, we constructed a new seismic network in Georgia and Armenia. We also include other broadband stations to enhance the coverage. The average interval in the Lesser Caucasus is roughly 30 km, much denser than any previous experiments. We selected P-waveforms from teleseismic earthquakes during the operation (January 2012 - June 2016) to calculate receiver functions and then estimate the crustal thickness (H) and Vp/Vs ratio (k) with the H-k stacking technique. Our preliminary results show that Moho depth increases from 40 km under the northeastern Turkey to 50 km beneath northern Georgia, no station with Moho deeper than 50 km under the Lesser Caucasus. The Vp/Vs ratios in the northeastern Anatolian plateau are around 1.8, which is slightly higher than the average of global continents but consistent with the previous estimates. Further to the east, some stations show anomalously higher Vp/Vs ratio in central & southern Armenia that may be associated with Holocene volcanism. In the future, we plan to join locally measured dispersion curves to invert the velocity model without velocity-depth trade-off. We expect to resolve the velocity variations of the crust beneath this region in small scale that may be tied to the continental collision and surface volcanism. Keywords: Caucasus, receiver

  2. Effect of Aseismic Ridge Subduction on Volcanism in the NE Lesser Antilles Arc (United States)

    Stinton, A. J.; Hatfield, R. G.; McCanta, M. C.


    The interaction of aseismic ridges or buoyant crust in subduction zones can affect the volcanism occurring on the overriding plate. Here we describe the affect of the subduction of an aseismic ridge on volcanism in the NE Lesser Antilles. The Lesser Antilles island arc is a result of westward subduction of the North American plate beneath the Caribbean plate and stretches 800 km from Saba in the north to Grenada in the south. From Guadeloupe northwards, the arc bifurcates into an eastern, inactive arc (known as the Limestone Caribees) and a western, active arc (Volcanic Caribees). It has been suggested that this bifurcation is the result of the subduction of buoyant crust in the form of at least two aseismic ridges, in the North American plate. In 2012, IODP Expedition 340 recovered 130 m of core from site U1396, located 55 km SW of Montserrat, Lesser Antilles. The core contains a detailed record of volcanism, in the form of more than 180 tephra layers, that stretches back nearly 4.5 Ma. This is the longest and most complete record of volcanism for the NE Lesser Antilles and provides insight into the evolution and development of the island arc in this region. A variety of techniques are being applied to the tephra layers from U1396 to determine their age, chemistry, components and origin. Here we present preliminary results from paeleomagnetic age determinations for each tephra layer to show how the subduction of aseismic ridges on the North American plate has affected the rate of volcanism and development of the island arc in the NE Lesser Antilles over the last 4.5 Ma.

  3. Lesser prairie-chicken fence collision risk across its northern distribution (United States)

    Robinson, Samantha G.; Haukos, David A.; Plumb, Reid T.; Hagen, Christian A.; Pitman, James C.; Lautenbach, Joseph M.; Sullins, Daniel S.; Kraft, John D.; Lautenbach, Jonathan D.


    Livestock fences have been hypothesized to significantly contribute to mortality of lesser prairie-chickens (Tympanuchus pallidicinctus); however, quantification of mortality due to fence collisions is lacking across their current distribution. Variation in fence density, landscape composition and configuration, and land use could influence collision risk of lesser prairie-chickens. We monitored fences within 3 km of known leks during spring and fall and surveyed for signs of collision occurrence within 20 m of fences in 6 study sites in Kansas and Colorado, USA during 2013 and 2014. We assessed mortality locations of radio-tagged birds (n = 286) for evidence of fence collisions and compared distance to fence relative to random points. Additionally, we quantified locations, propensity, and frequency of fences crossed by lesser prairie-chickens. We tested for landscape and vegetative characteristics that influenced fence-cross propensity and frequency of global positioning system (GPS)-marked birds. A minimum of 12,706 fence crossings occurred by GPS-marked lesser prairie-chickens. We found 3 carcasses and 12 additional possible instances of evidence of collision during >2,800 km of surveyed fences. We found evidence for a single suspected collision based on carcass evidence for 148 mortalities of transmittered birds. Mortality locations of transmittered birds were located at distances from fences 15% farther than expected at random. Our data suggested minimal biological significance and indicated that propensity and frequency of fence crossings were random processes. Lesser prairie-chickens do not appear to be experiencing significant mortality risk due to fence collisions in Kansas and Colorado. Focusing resources on other limiting factors (i.e., habitat quality) has greater potential for impact on population demography than fence marking and removal.

  4. First evidences of sexual divergences in flight behaviour and space use of lesser kestrel Falco naumanni

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marco Gustin


    Full Text Available We present here the first description of recorded sexual differences in flight behaviour and space use of lesser kestrel Falco naumanni. Lesser kestrel is a migratory, colonial, small falcon breeding mainly in holes and crevices in large historic buildings within towns and villages, or in abandoned farm houses across the countryside. Using accurate GPS data-loggers, we gathered data on the activities of lesser kestrels in the two of main colonies of lesser kestrels in Italy, i.e. Gravina in Puglia and Altamura (Apulia, Southern Italy and the surrounding rural areas in a 20-days monitoring during the reproductive period. We tested for sex differences in space use (home range's circularity ratio and flight attributes (5-minute flight length, instantaneous speed, distance from nest, flight altitude above ground level of 9 monitored individuals (4 males and 5 females. We found significant sexual differences for all the observed traits. Our results demonstrate that female lesser kestrels during the monitoring period employed a lower amount of energy in local movements as measured by four flight attributes that resulted significantly different (and lower than for males. Compact home ranges for females could represent a maximization of the benefit-cost ratio between prospected surface and distance from nest, i.e. the optimal trade-off between foraging requirements (explored surface and costs in terms of time and energy (distance from nest. On the contrary, males showed a significantly different space use with very elongated home ranges and mean distance from nest almost three times as elevated as females' one. We argue that the detected sexual divergence was the product of their respective ways to optimize the relationship between resource acquisition and reproductive activity.

  5. En memoria de Michael Jiménez (1948-2001

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mauricio Archila Neira


    Full Text Available El 1 de septiembre de 2001 murió el historiador Michael Jiménez. Su apellido provenía de España de donde emigró su abuelo en busca de mejor suerte al otro lado del Atlántico. Nacido en el pequeño pueblo de Merced, California (Estados Unidos en agosto de 1948 en el seno de una familia obrera, Michael vivió su infancia en Colombia. A fines de ese año, su padre se desplazó a estas tierras para ser funcionario de la Texas, una multinacional petrolera que tenía sus reales en Puerto Boyacá. Michael estudió en el colegio Nueva Granada -becado por la Texas- hasta los catorce años. En dicho colegio fue compañero de pupitre de Herbert Braun, descendiente a su vez de una familia de emigrantes a Colombia, y con quien la vida lo juntaría de nuevo en las tierras del norte y en oficios similares.

  6. The Orthodox Doctrine of Salvation» by Archimandrite Sergius (Stragorodsky and its criticism by Confessor of the Faith Victor (Ostrovidov and Archbishop Seraphim (Sobolev

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available «The Orthodox Doctrine of Salvation», a well-known work by Archimandrite Sergius (Stragorodsky that was defended by him as a master’s thesis at the Moscow Theological Academy in 1895, is still considered an etalon in Orthodox theology. Meanwhile, in the first half of the 20th century, it was heavily criticized by at least two prominent members of the Church hierarchy of that time: Confessor of the Faith Victor (Ostrovidov and Archbishop Seraphim (Sobolev. This article does not only examine their arguments, but also provides the researcher’s personal understanding of the main theses of the work by Archimandrite Sergius. The researcher’s work in this case is complicated by a large number of patristic texts, which are given by Archimandrite Sergius and the abundance of which hampers the identification of his own original ideas. Nevertheless, the carried out analysis reveals that the dissertation doesn’t contain not only patristic, but any kind of a clear doctrine of the Fall, or of man’s state after the Fall, or of redemption, or of man’s assimilation of redemption fruits. Besides, the theses illustrated in the dissertation by the texts of the Holy Fathers belong not so much to them as to the first Slavophiles, Archimandrite Anthony (Khrapovitsky, the teacher and the senior friend of Archimandrite Sergius, and finally to Immanuel Kant. Consequently, in his doctrine of freedom anticipating grace, Archimandrite Sergius comes dangerously close to Pelagianism. These findings recognize the truth of complaints against the work of Archimandrite Sergius by Confessor of the Faith Viktor (Ostrovidov and Archbishop Seraphim (Sobolev.

  7. A perspectiva de Michael Apple para os estudos das políticas educacionais

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luís Armando Gandin

    Full Text Available Resumo Este artigo tem como objetivo analisar as contribuições de Michael Apple para o campo da pesquisa em políticas educacionais. Na extensa obra de Michael Apple, destacamos seis elementos que podem auxiliar aqueles que estão interessados na área de políticas em educação: o princípio epistemológico da análise relacional; o exame do Estado como relação; a herança de Antonio Gramsci e de Raymond Williams que Michael Apple incorpora no uso de conceitos como hegemonia e senso comum; a análise que Michael Apple faz das políticas educacionais como políticas culturais, como disputas por visão de mundo, como luta por consolidação de uma hegemonia que vai além do econômico; a sua postura de pesquisador; e a capacidade que Michael Apple tem de ir além da lógica da reprodução e determinação para enfatizar o papel da agência e da contra-hegemonia. Através de exemplos práticos da própria obra de Apple e de outras pesquisas empíricas, apresentam-se as implicações de cada um dos seis pontos acima citados para os pesquisadores interessados na área de políticas educacionais. Conclui-se que muitas das contribuições de Apple podem auxiliar em pesquisas nessa área, tendo em vista a discussão que o autor realiza em sua obra e sua crítica ao determinismo econômico nas análises do campo educacional, salientando a importância, assim, de aspectos que estão relacionados à esfera da cultura.

  8. The big picture : What the Baltics may learn from Ireland's success story / Michael Bourke ; interv. Maris Biezaitis

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Bourke, Michael


    Ilmunud ka: Baltiiskii kurss 2002/Zima/Vesna nr. 20 lk. 14-17. Iirimaa aukonsul Lätis, Michael Joseph Bourke arutleb Iirimaa majandusedu teemal ning pakub välja, mida Baltimaad saaksid sellest õppida. Tabel, diagramm. Lisa

  9. Tagasipöördumine esteetika juurde = Return to aesthetics / Keith Moxey, Michael Ann Holly ; interv. Anu Allas

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Moxey, Keith


    Ameerika kunstiajaloolased Keith Moxey ning Michael Ann Holly tutvustavad uut lähenemist kunstiajaloole (new art history). Nn. naasmine esteetika juurde tähendab püüet integreerida kunstiajalukku ja -teooriasse uuesti ja tugevamalt kunstiteos

  10. Asymmetric Michael-aldol tandem reaction of 2-substituted benzofuran-3-ones and enones: a facile synthesis of griseofulvin analogues. (United States)

    Dong, Nan; Li, Xin; Wang, Feng; Cheng, Jin-Pei


    A highly enantioselective Michael-aldol tandem reaction with respect to prochiral 2-substituted benzofuran-3-ones and enones by a facile primary amine catalyst was investigated. The approach provides rapid access to the desired pharmaceutically active griseofulvin analogues.

  11. One-Pot Synthesis of Esters of Cyclopropane Carboxylic Acids via Tandem Vicarious Nucleophilic Substitution-Michael Addition Process. (United States)

    Mąkosza, Mieczysław; Bester, Karol; Cmoch, Piotr


    α-Chlorocarbanions generated via base-induced vicarious nucleophilic substitution reaction of alkyl dichloroacetates with nitroarenes react with Michael acceptors to give esters of cyclopropane carboxylic acids substituted with p-nitroaromatic rings.

  12. Michael T. Westrate. Living Soviet in Ukraine from Stalin to Maidan: Under the Falling Red Star in Kharkiv.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Charitie V. Hyman


    Full Text Available Book review of Michael T. Westrate. Living Soviet in Ukraine from Stalin to Maidan: Under the Falling Red Star in Kharkiv. Rowman & Littlefield, 2016. xx, 232 pp. Illustrations. Appendices. Bibliography. Index. $85.00, cloth.

  13. Convergence between the Georgian Lesser and Greater Caucasus: Implications for seismic risk around Tbilisi (United States)

    Sokhadze, Giorgi; Floyd, Michael; Godoladze, Tea; King, Robert; Cowgill, Eric; Javakhishvili, Zurab; Hahubia, Galaktion; Reilinger, Robert


    The Caucasus region, including the Lesser and Greater Caucasus Mountains and intervening Rioni, Kartli and Kura basins, defines the northern margin of the Arabia-Eurasia continental collision between the Black and Caspian Seas. Although geodetic, geologic and seismological data attest to active crustal shortening in the region, both the structures accommodating this deformation and the potential seismic hazards they pose remain unclear. Here we present and interpret newly determined site motions derived from GPS observations made at 21 campaign sites and 4 continuous GPS stations in the Republic of Georgia from 2008 through 2015. The sites are located along two, 160 km-long, range-perpendicular profiles crossing the Lesser-Greater Caucasus boundary zone. The Racha profile in the west spans the Rioni Basin and epicentral area of the 1991 Mw6.9 Racha earthquake. To the east, the Tbilisi profile crosses near the capital city of Tbilisi, with a population of 1.2 million. To estimate site velocities, we processed the GPS observations using the GAMIT/GLOBK software package, and then combined new and previously published velocities in a common Eurasian reference frame. Both profiles indicate 3 mm/yr of shortening between the Greater and Lesser Caucasus. On the Racha profile, the locus of shortening roughly coincides with the Main Caucasus Thrust Fault as defined by the location of the 1991 Racha earthquake. In contrast, on the Tbilisi profile shortening is concentrated 40-60 km further south, in the vicinity of the Lesser Caucasus Thrust Fault (locally, the Adjara-Trialeti Fault). Simple elastic models of planar faults in an elastic half-space indicate that convergence along the Racha profile is consistent with strain accumulation on a north-dipping thrust fault rooting beneath the Greater Caucasus, generally consistent with the coseismic fault parameters for the 1991 Racha earthquake. In contrast, principal convergence along the Tbilisi profile appears to be associated

  14. Review: Michael Crandall & Karen E. Fisher (Eds) Digital Inclusion: Measuring the Impact of Information and Community Technology

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Pors, Niels Ole


    Review: Michael Crandall & Karen E. Fisher (Eds) Digital Inclusion: Measuring the Impact of Information and Community Technology. Medford. Information Today. ASIS&T Monographs, 2009. 185 pages. $ 59.50. ISBN 978-1-57387-373-4......Review: Michael Crandall & Karen E. Fisher (Eds) Digital Inclusion: Measuring the Impact of Information and Community Technology. Medford. Information Today. ASIS&T Monographs, 2009. 185 pages. $ 59.50. ISBN 978-1-57387-373-4...

  15. Rh(III)-Catalyzed C-H Bond Addition/Amine-Mediated Cyclization of Bis-Michael Acceptors. (United States)

    Potter, Tyler J; Ellman, Jonathan A


    A Rh(III)-catalyzed C-H bond addition/primary amine-promoted cyclization of bis-Michael acceptors is reported. The C-H bond addition step occurs with high chemoselectivity, and the subsequent intramolecular Michael addition, mediated by a primary amine catalyst, sets three contiguous stereocenters with high diastereoselectivity. A broad range of directing groups and both aromatic and alkenyl C-H bonds were shown to be effective in this transformation, affording functionalized piperidines, tetrahydropyrans, and cyclohexanes.

  16. Rh(III)-Catalyzed C–H Bond Addition/Amine-Mediated Cyclization of Bis-Michael Acceptors


    Potter, Tyler J.; Jonathan A. Ellman


    A Rh(III)-catalyzed C–H bond addition/primary amine-promoted cyclization of bis-Michael acceptors is reported. The C–H bond addition step occurs with high chemoselectivity, and the subsequent intramolecular Michael addition, mediated by a primary amine catalyst, sets three contiguous stereocenters with high diastereoselectivity. A broad range of directing groups and both aromatic and alkenyl C–H bonds were shown to be effective in this transformation, affording functionalized piperidines, tet...

  17. A composição e interpretação de Victor Assis Brasil em Pro Zeca: hibridismo entre o baião e o bebop The composition and interpretation by Victor Assis Brasil in Pro Zeca: hybridism between the Brazilian baião and bebop

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Leonardo Barreto Linhares


    Full Text Available Estudo sobre o reconhecimento de elementos composicionais e interpretativos característicos do baião e do bebop na Introdução e Tema da música Pro Zeca de Victor Assis Brasil (1945-1981, a partir de três fontes primárias: (1 a lead sheet editada que reproduz o manuscrito autógrafo do compositor (ASSIS BRASIL, sem data a, (2 uma lead sheet manuscrita de caligrafia anônima (ASSIS BRASIL, sem data b e (3 a lead sheet editada da transcrição a partir da gravação do compositor (ASSIS BRASIL, 1974, incluindo sua improvisação, que está publicada às p.39-44 nesse volume de Per Musi. Fundamentada por referenciais históricos e teóricos das práticas de performance da música brasileira (GIF-FONI, 1997; SIQUEIRA, 1981; SÉVE, 1999 e do jazz (GRIDLEY, 2006; LAWN, 1995; HOBSBAWM, 1990, BAKER, 1987, esta análise comparativa revela um hibridismo entre elementos do bebop e do baião, no qual as características desses dois gêneros populares de países diferentes às vezes permanecem distintas e às vezes se entrelaçam em uma síntese.Study about the recognition of compositional and intrepretive elements typical of bebop and baião in the Introduction and Theme of Pro Zeca by Brazilian composer and saxophonist Victor Assis Brasil (1945-1981 departing from three primary sources: (1 the edited lead sheet that reproduces the composer's autograph (ASSIS BRASIL, sem data a, (2 an anonymous lead sheet manuscript (ASSIS BRASIL, sem data b and (3 the lead sheet of the transcription based on the composer's recording (ASSIS BRASIL, 1974 included at the end of this article. Resorting to historical and theoretical references of performance practices in jazz (GRIDLEY, 2006; LAWN, 1995; HOBSBAWM, 1990, BAKER, 1987 and Brazilian music (GIFFONI, 1997; SIQUEIRA, 1981; SÉVE, 1999, this comparative analysis reveals hybridization between bebop and the Brazilian baião, in which the characteristics of these popular genres from two different countries sometimes

  18. Iron Deficiency Anemia: Focus on Infectious Diseases in Lesser Developed Countries

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Julia G. Shaw


    Full Text Available Iron deficiency anemia is thought to affect the health of more than one billion people worldwide, with the greatest burden of disease experienced in lesser developed countries, particularly women of reproductive age and children. This greater disease burden is due to both nutritional and infectious etiologies. Individuals in lesser developed countries have diets that are much lower in iron, less access to multivitamins for young children and pregnant women, and increased rates of fertility which increase demands for iron through the life course. Infectious diseases, particularly parasitic diseases, also lead to both extracorporeal iron loss and anemia of inflammation, which decreases bioavailability of iron to host tissues. This paper will address the unique etiologies and consequences of both iron deficiency anemia and the alterations in iron absorption and distribution seen in the context of anemia of inflammation. Implications for diagnosis and treatment in this unique context will also be discussed.

  19. Radial sesamoid bone as a part of the manipulation system in the lesser panda (Ailurus fulgens). (United States)

    Endo, H; Sasaki, M; Kogiku, H; Yamamoto, M; Arishima, K


    The well-developed radial sesamoid bone presented a rod-like shape in the lesser panda. It could be separated into two components: (1) an ulnar cartilaginous, (2) a radial osseous part. The radial sesamoid bone was connected with four elements as follows: (1) the tendon of the M. abductor pollicis longus, (2) M. abductor pollicis brevis and M. opponens pollicis, (3) Aponeurosis palmaris, and (4) Flexor retinaculum. The bone made no articulation with the first metacarpal. The movement of the radial sesamoid bone may be controlled by the connecting muscles and muscle-related structures. It is suggested that the bone acts as a supporting ridge in the gripping action in the lesser panda. However, we suggest that the grasping mechanism is obviously different from that of the giant panda, in which the radial sesamoid bone is connected strongly with the first metacarpal.

  20. Intermittent Solar Ammonia Absorption Cycle (ISAAC) refrigeration for lesser developed countries (United States)

    Erickson, Donald C.


    The Intermittent Solar Ammonia Absorption Cycle (ISAAC) refrigerator is a solar thermal technology which provides low cost, efficient, reliable ice-making to areas without ready access to electricity. An ISAAC refrigeration system consists of a compound parabolic solar collector, two pressure vessels, a condenser, a cold box or refrigerated space, and simple connective piping -- no moving parts or electrical components. Most parts are simple construction or plumbing grade materials, locally available in many remote areas. This technology has numerous potential benefits in lesser developed countries both by providing a cheap, reliable source of ice, and, since manufacture requires only semi-skilled labor, a source of employment to the local economy. Applications include vaccine storage for health care clinics; fish, meat, and dairy product storage; and personal consumption. Importantly, this technology increases the quality of life for people in lesser developed countries without depleting fossil fuel resources or increasing the release of greenhouse gases such as CO2 and chlorofluorocarbons.

  1. Technique using interference fixation repair for plantar plate ligament disruption of lesser metatarsophalangeal joints. (United States)

    Sung, Wenjay


    Lesser metatarsophalangeal joint instability is a challenging disorder for the foot and ankle surgeon to repair. We believe that disruption of the plantar plate is common, and its repair should be carefully considered. However, we believe that most current techniques inadequately address repair of the complete plantar plate ligament tear, and, thus, instability and pain commonly persist after disruption of the plantar plate. In the present report, we present a technique we have found useful for repair of a complete plantar plate ligament rupture. The method we have described uses interference screw fixation through a dorsal incision to stabilize the lesser metatarsophalangeal joint. Copyright © 2015 American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  2. Evaluation of semen collected by electroejaculation from captive lesser Malay chevrotain (Tragulus javanicus). (United States)

    Haron, A W; Ming, Y; Zainuddin, Z Z


    Thirteen sexually mature captive male lesser Malay chevrotains (Tragulus javanicus) were each anesthetized twice with tiletamine-zolazepam for electroejaculation. Viable spermatozoa were collected from all animals. The semen was creamy, milky, pale yellowish, or watery. The mean values for ejaculate volume, sperm concentration, and percentages of sperm motility, normality and viability were 23.7 +/- 2.5 microl, 366.9 +/- 127.8 x 10(6) spermatozoa/ml, 40.0% +/- 3.1%, 71.4% +/- 1.6%, and 59.6% +/- 2.1%, respectively. Semen pH was 7-8. No adverse effects of electroejaculation were noted. These are the first reported values for semen of lesser Malay chevrotain. Electroejaculation should be usable for routine semen collection in this species.

  3. Cryptic speciation in the Lesser Elaenia Elaenia chiriquensis (Aves: Passeriformes: Tyrannidae). (United States)

    Rheindt, Frank E; Krabbe, Niels; Wee, Alison K S; Christidis, Les


    Tyrant-flycatchers (Tyrannidae) are a taxonomically confusing bird group containing a large degree of cryptic diversity that has only recently begun to be unraveled through the application of acoustic and molecular methods. We investigated all three subspecies of the Lesser Elaenia, Elaenia chiriquensis Lawrence, across their range using sound recordings as well as nuclear and mitochondrial markers. We show that two of the three subspecies, the nominate race from southern Central America and the widespread South American subspecies E. c. albivertex Pelzeln, have undergone very low levels of vocal and molecular differentiation across their fragmented range. In contrast, the isolated taxon E. c. brachyptera Berlepsch, endemic to the western and also, as recently shown, eastern slopes of the northern Andes, is phylogenetically and vocally distinct from other Lesser Elaenias, indicating that it constitutes a separate biological species.

  4. Iron Deficiency Anemia: Focus on Infectious Diseases in Lesser Developed Countries (United States)

    Shaw, Julia G.; Friedman, Jennifer F.


    Iron deficiency anemia is thought to affect the health of more than one billion people worldwide, with the greatest burden of disease experienced in lesser developed countries, particularly women of reproductive age and children. This greater disease burden is due to both nutritional and infectious etiologies. Individuals in lesser developed countries have diets that are much lower in iron, less access to multivitamins for young children and pregnant women, and increased rates of fertility which increase demands for iron through the life course. Infectious diseases, particularly parasitic diseases, also lead to both extracorporeal iron loss and anemia of inflammation, which decreases bioavailability of iron to host tissues. This paper will address the unique etiologies and consequences of both iron deficiency anemia and the alterations in iron absorption and distribution seen in the context of anemia of inflammation. Implications for diagnosis and treatment in this unique context will also be discussed. PMID:21738863

  5. Impacts of a volcanic eruption on the forest birdcommunity of Montserrat, Lesser Antilles. (United States)



    Volcanic eruptions are an important and natural source of catastrophic disturbance to ecological communities. However, opportunities to study them are relatively rare. Here we report on the effects of the eruption of the Soufrière Hills volcano on the forest bird community of the Lesser Antillean island of Montserrat. The island’s species-poor avifauna includes 11...

  6. Gastrointestinal parasites in greater rheas (Rhea americana) and lesser rheas (Rhea pennata) from Argentina. (United States)

    Martínez-Díaz, Rafael A; Martella, Mónica Beatriz; Navarro, Joaquín Luis; Ponce-Gordo, Francisco


    Few data exist on the parasites of ratites, especially from regions within their natural range. It is only recently that extensive studies on the parasites of ostriches (Struthio camelus) have been published, mainly from European countries where commercial farming has expanded. Two species of ratites are native in South America: the lesser rhea also known as Darwin's rhea (Rhea pennata) and the greater rhea (Rhea americana). Both species are considered near threatened by the IUCN and are included in the CITES' Appendices I and II, respectively. Parasitological studies have conservation implications, as they allow us to assess the risk of transmission of pathogens from farmed ratites to wild populations. In this study 92 faecal samples from greater rheas and 55 faecal samples from lesser rheas from different localities in Argentine were analyzed to determine their gastrointestinal parasites. In greater rheas the protozoa (Balantidium coli-like and Entamoeba spp.) and helminths (Fasciola hepatica and Deletrocephalus spp.). The protozoa had not previously been cited as parasites of greater rheas in South America. Cysts and/or trophozoites of B. coli-like were found in 16.3% of the samples, while the prevalence of the remaining parasites was below 10%. Lesser rheas harbored the protozoa B. coli-like, Entamoeba spp. and Chilomastix spp. as well as F. hepatica and nematode eggs and larvae. B. coli-like cysts were found in 20.0% of the samples, while the prevalence of the other parasites remained below 5%. Some of them had not been cited as infecting lesser rheas yet. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  7. Assessing the importance of High Nature Value farmlands for the conservation of Lesser Kestrels Falco naumanni


    Galanaki Antonia; Kominos Theodoros; Jones Martin J.


    Agricultural areas, such as cereal cultivations, that support species of European and/or national conservation concern are considered as ‘High Nature Value’ farmlands (HNVf) and are very important for the preservation of biodiversity in Europe. The lesser kestrel Falco naumanni is a migratory falcon breeding largely in the HNVf of the Mediterranean basin. The main cause of its decline in Europe has been habitat loss and degradation as a result of agricultural intensification driven largely by...

  8. Temporal Changes in Lesser Kestrel (Falco naumanni) Diet During the Breeding Season in Southern Spain


    Rodríguez, Carlos; Tapia, Luis; Kieny, Florian; Bustamante, Javier


    We examined changes in diet composition during the breeding period for the endangered Lesser Kestrel (Falco naumanni). Pellets were collected weekly from the last week of March until the first week of July in a colony located in southwestern Spain. Diet composition was evaluated in terms of frequency of occurrence of different prey, mean prey weight, and prey richness of each pellet. Generalized additive models were used to analyze the predictive ability of calendar w...

  9. The polyphased tectonic evolution of the Anegada Passage in the northern Lesser Antilles subduction zone (United States)

    Laurencin, M.; Marcaillou, B.; Graindorge, D.; Klingelhoefer, F.; Lallemand, S.; Laigle, M.; Lebrun, J.-F.


    The influence of the highly oblique plate convergence at the northern Lesser Antilles onto the margin strain partitioning and deformation pattern, although frequently invoked, has never been clearly imaged. The Anegada Passage is a set of basins and deep valleys, regularly related to the southern boundary of the Puerto Rico-Virgin Islands (PRVI) microplate. Despite the publications of various tectonic models mostly based on bathymetric data, the tectonic origin and deformation of this Passage remains unconstrained in the absence of deep structure imaging. During cruises Antithesis 1 and 3 (2013-2016), we recorded the first deep multichannel seismic images and new multibeam data in the northern Lesser Antilles margin segment in order to shed a new light on the structure and tectonic pattern of the Anegada Passage. We image the northeastern extent of the Anegada Passage, from the Sombrero Basin to the Lesser Antilles margin front. Our results reveal that this northeastern segment is an EW trending left-stepping en échelon strike-slip system that consists of the Sombrero and Malliwana pull-apart basins, the Malliwana and Anguilla left-lateral faults, and the NE-SW compressional restraining bend at the Malliwana Hill. Reviewing the structure of the Anegada Passage, from the south of Puerto Rico to the Lesser Antilles margin front, reveals a polyphased tectonic history. The Anegada Passage is formed by a NW-SE extension, possibly related to the rotation or escape of PRVI block due to collision of the Bahamas Bank. Currently, it is deformed by an active WNW-ESE strike-slip deformation associated to the shear component of the strain partitioning resulting from the subduction obliquity.

  10. Field Assessments to Control the Lesser Mealworm (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) Using Diatomaceous Earth in Poultry Houses. (United States)

    Oliveira, D G P; Bonini, A K; Alves, L F A


    Control of the lesser mealworm (Alphitobius diaperinus Panzer, 1797 [Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae]) is usually conducted with chemical insecticides, which have limited efficacy as well as environmental and health risks. Diatomaceous earth (DE) is safe and effective in controlling many insects including lesser mealworm. However, little is known of DE efficacy against this pest. Thus, an assessment of DE was conducted for the first time in commercial broiler houses in Brazil, with the aim of developing a strategy for the use of DE in the control of this insect. The efficacy of DE was determinate to a minimum concentration, and the application was directed to the most infested sites. The DE applied to the entire poultry house (280 g/m2) was verified to control the insects. DE was also comparable to chemical treatments, with a reduction of 80% in the insect population. DE controlled the lesser mealworm and is recommended for application at a concentration of 280 g/m2 when applied to the surface of new poultry litter, before the first lot of birds is housed. Thereafter, DE should be reapplied before the housing of each lot of birds, in the same concentration, only in the housing area and under the feeders and near the walls and pillars. In addition to being a control strategy, DE can be an important tool in the management of lesser mealworm insecticide resistance. © The Authors 2017. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of Entomological Society of America. All rights reserved. For permissions, please email:

  11. Patterns of winter distribution and abundance of sedentary lesser Kestrek (Falcon naumanni) in Spain


    Negro, Juan J.; De la Riva, M.; Bustamante, Javier


    [EN] During 1988—1989 we studied a wintering population of Lesser Kestrel (Falco naumnanni) in the south of Spain, by mapping the area in which they occurred and estimating their numbers. Adults of both sexes remained during winter in the vicinity of the colony at which they had previously bred. The percentage of sedentary birds to total breeders varied from 6 to 88%. All juveniles left the colonies during winter, migrating to Africa. All colonies with sedentary...

  12. Determinants and short-term physiological consequences of PHA immune response in lesser kestrel nestlings


    Rodríguez, Airam; Broggi, Juli; Alcaide, Miguel; Negro, Juan J.; Figuerola, Jordi


    Individual immune responses are likely affected by genetic, physiological, and environmental determinants. We studied the determinants and short-term consequences of Phytohaemagglutinin (PHA) induced immune response, a commonly used immune challenge eliciting both innate and acquired immunity, on lesser kestrel (Falco naumanni) nestlings in semi-captivity conditions and with a homogeneous diet composition. We conducted a repeated measures analyses of a set of blood parameters (carotenoids, tr...

  13. 77 FR 73827 - Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Listing the Lesser Prairie-Chicken as a Threatened... (United States)


    ... January 24, 2011, in response to motions from New Mexico Oil and Gas Association, New Mexico Cattle... or eliminate the mortality of lesser prairie-chickens due to fence collisions on their study areas in Oklahoma and Texas. Forceful collisions with fences during flight can cause direct mortality of lesser...

  14. Landscape change and its effects on the wintering range of a lesser snow goose Chen caerulescens caerulescens population: A review (United States)

    Robertson, Donna G.; Slack, R. Douglas


    The Texas coast has experienced considerable urban, industrial, and agricultural growth during the 20th Century. The region provides important wintering habitat to many avian species, including lesser snow geese Chen caerulescens caerulescens. This paper draws the biological and ecological fields into an historical perspective by examining available literature on the development of the upper Texas coast and range changes of lesser snow geese. Historically, lesser snow geese wintered in the coastal marshes, but expanded their range into the adjacent prairies in the mid-1900s. Winter range expansion was negatively affected by urban and industrial encroachment in the coastal marshes and positively influenced by agricultural development in the prairies, which increased dramatically during World War II. The lesser snow goose population flourished alongside some human-induced landscape alterations. However, projected declines in agriculture and increased urbanization of prairie and coastal marsh habitats may result in significant negative effects on the lesser snow goose population.

  15. Compassionate leadership? Some reflections on the work and life of Michael Lapsley

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ian A. Nell


    Full Text Available In June 2007, I had the privilege of attending a Healing of Memories workshop lead by Father Michael Lapsley, one of the founder members of the Institute for Healing of Memories. The purpose of the workshop was to help the predominantly white members of a middle class Dutch Reformed congregation in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town and the predominantly coloured members of a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Elsies River on the Cape Flats, to share their stories of the past with regard to apartheid with each other. Apart from the stories that were told and the sharing of experiences about the apartheid history that took place, I was struck by the way in which Father Lapsley conducted the workshop. There was a deep compassion for all the participants as was embodied through the way in which he treated each of us with respect. But apart from his cordiality in leading the workshop, one could sense a deeper source of compassion, a source revealing a compassionate understanding of God�s presence amidst the violence and turmoil in our broken world. The aim of this article is to reflect on whether one could speak of something like �compassionate leadership�, and to take a closer look at the relationship between compassion and God images in the life and work of Michael Lapsley. Special attention will be given to the way in which he exercises leadership through his many involvements related to his own personal story of trauma.Intradisciplinary and/or interdisciplinary implications: This article presents literary research on the notion of compassionate leadership as a specific kind of leadership. The results indicate that the leadership of Father Michael Lapsley does indeed portray features of this kind of leadership. The research can become the source for finding new strategies for religious leadership.

  16. Dramatically different dizygotic twins: will we include them in Research? Twin research reviews: congenital anomalies, mirror-image effects in conjoined twins, older mothers of twins; Twin statistics: 'Massachusetts, land of twins'; Tribute: Dr Victor A. McKusick. (United States)

    Segal, Nancy L


    The increased frequency of interracial marriage is a likely source of unusual-looking dizygotic (DZ) twins. Some members of DZ twin pairs born to mixed-race couples inherit very different physical features from their parents. This raises several questions, such as: Will researchers wish to include such twins in their ongoing studies? Next, new twin research concerned with congenital anomalies, mirror-image effects in conjoined twins and older mothers of twins will be reviewed. New statistics on twinning rates in Massachusetts will also be summarized, followed by a tribute to the late medical geneticist Dr. Victor A. McKusick.

  17. Long-term lesser prairie-chicken nest ecology in response to grassland management (United States)

    Fritts, Sarah R.; Grisham, Blake A.; Haukos, David A.; Boal, Clint W.; Patten, Michael; Wolfe, Don H.; Dixon, Charles; Cox, Robert D.; Heck, Willard R.


    Long-term population and range declines from habitat loss and fragmentation caused the lesser prairie-chicken (Tympanuchus pallidicinctus) to be a species of concern throughout its range. Current lesser prairie-chicken range in New Mexico and Texas is partially restricted to sand shinnery oak (Quercus havardii; hereafter shinnery oak) prairies, on which cattle grazing is the main socioeconomic driver for private landowners. Cattle producers within shinnery oak prairies often focus land management on shrub eradication using the herbicide tebuthiuron to promote grass production for forage; however, herbicide application alone, and in combination with grazing, may affect nest site selection and nest survival of lesser prairie-chickens through the reduction of shinnery oak and native grasses. We used a controlled, paired, completely randomized design study to assess the influence of grazing and tebuthiuron application and their combined use on nest site selection and nest survival from 2001 to 2010 in Roosevelt County, New Mexico, USA at 2 spatial scales (i.e., treatment and microhabitat) in 4 treatments: tebuthiuron with grazing, tebuthiuron without grazing, no tebuthiuron with grazing, and a control of no tebuthiuron and no grazing. Grazing treatment was a short-duration system in which plots were grazed once during the dormant season and once during the growing season. Stocking rate was calculated each season based on measured forage production and applied to remove ≤25% of available herbaceous material per season. At the treatment scale, we compared nest site selection among treatments using 1-way χ2 tests and nest survival among treatments using a priori candidate nest survival models in Program MARK. At the microhabitat scale, we identified important habitat predictors of nest site selection and nest survival using logistic regression and a priori candidate nest survival models in Program MARK, respectively. Females typically used treatments as expected and


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available After the synthesis of polyethylenimine supported on silica, it has been used as a new and efficient catalyst in Knoevenagel and Michael condensations. The presence of the polyethylenimine in the catalytic system together with silica displays an acido-basic character allows a better catalytic activity in the condensations. Carried out under microwave irradiation, without organic solvent and during short time, the syntheses are respectful towards green chemistry. The solid catalyst can be easily reused. This catalyst has the acido-basic character at the same time.

  19. Michael E. Lamb: Award for Distinguished Senior Career Contributions to Psychology in the Public Interest. (United States)


    The APA Awards for Distinguished Contributions to Psychology in the Public Interest recognize persons who have advanced psychology as a science and/or profession by a single extraordinary achievement or a lifetime of outstanding contributions in the public interest. The 2015 co-recipient of the Award for Distinguished Senior Career Contributions to Psychology in the Public Interest is Michael E. Lamb. Lamb was selected because his "work profoundly shaped the fields of developmental psychology, social welfare, child and family policy, and law." Lamb's award citation, biography, and a selected bibliography are presented here. (c) 2015 APA, all rights reserved).

  20. Realismo y antirrealismo en la filosofía de Michael Dummett


    Pablo Cubides; David González; David Rey


    Michael Dummett es reconocido por haber propuesto una caracterización semántica del debate realismo-antirrealismo. A partir de esta caracterización, Dummett busca defender una aproximación ascendente a los problemas metafísicos tradicionales, la cual consiste en resolver los desacuerdos metafísicos entre el realista y el antirrealista mediante la elaboración de teorías semánticas para ciertos conjuntos de enunciados. En este artículo argumentamos que la caracterización de Dummett no captura l...

  1. Singleton Michael, Histoires d’eauLouvain-la-Neuve, Academia Bruylant, Anthropologie prospective, 2010

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jean Philippe Cornélis


    Full Text Available Prendre en main le livre d’un anthropologue comme Michael Singleton donne l’assurance de rentrer dans des récits cosmogoniques croustillants, démontrant la relativité de nos certitudes culturelles, et surtout, la profondeur de nos angoisses existentielles et missionnaires à vouloir convertir les autres à nos propres certitudes, pourtant bien branlantes et même caduques à l’heure des grands bouleversements climatiques, économiques et démographiques, l’occident ayant poussé jusqu’à l’extrême dé...

  2. Le contrat documentaire chez Michael Moore : de l'info-argument vers l'info-tainment


    Lipson, David


    Michael Moore is a cultural icon in the United States. The mere mention of his name evokes polemics, political protest but also blockbuster documentary films (The Academy award winning Bowling For Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11 which won the Palme d’Or at Cannes). The six films of this corpus—Roger & Me (1989), The Big One (1998), Bowling For Columbine (2002), Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004), Sicko (2007) and Captain Mike Across America (Slacker Uprising) (2008)—, are problematic in three ways: the dis...

  3. Neurodinámica clínica Michael Shacklock. Madrid: Elsevier; 2007

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Gómez Conesa, Antonia


    ... que pueden tratarse me- diante las técnicas neurodinámcas y movilizaciones diseñadas desde este modelo, en especial los mecanismos de dolor neurógeno periférico. Coincidiendo con la es- tancia en Europa de Michael Shacklock, la editorial El- sevier publica en español la primera edición de su libro Neurodinámica clínica. A lo largo de 2...

  4. The extraordinary impact of Michael Faraday on chemistry and related subjects. (United States)

    Thomas, John Meurig


    Biographers of Michael Faraday, as well as many dictionaries of science, often describe him as a physicist, which he certainly was. But he was also an astonishingly effective chemist: in fact, he was the Fullerian Professor of Chemistry (at the Royal Institution, RI) from 1834 until the time of his death in August, 1867. To mark the sesquicentenary of his passing, this editorial, by one of his distant successors as Director and Fullerian Professor at the RI, focuses on Faraday's output and influence as a scientist.

  5. Genre in the function of irony: Literary revenge of Michael Psellos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Repajić Milena


    Full Text Available The paper deals with the problem of genres and methodological digressions in the sixth book of Michael Psellos’ Chronographia, in the context of contemporary genre theories. Conventional opinions about author’s motives for composing digressions about genre and about the complex argument he leaves for interpretation of his own text will be questioned. The main thesis is that the genre-play within history - primarily the use of drama and encomium - has a role in depicting the ironic portrait of the emperor Constantine IX Monomachos. [Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. 177015

  6. Winter ecology and habitat use of lesser prairie-chickens in west Texas, 2008-11 (United States)

    Boal, Clint W.; Pirius, Nicholas E.


    The lesser prairie-chicken (Tympanuchus pallidicinctus) has experienced declines in population and occupied range by more than 90 percent since the late 1800s. The lesser prairie-chicken has been listed as a candidate species for protection under the Endangered Species Act and is undergoing review for actual listing. Populations and distribution of lesser prairie-chickens in Texas are thought to be at or near all time lows. These factors have led to substantially increased concern for conservation of the species. It is apparent that sound management and conservation strategies for lesser prairie-chickens are necessary to ensure the long-term persistence of the species. To develop those strategies, basic ecological information is required. Currently, there is a paucity of data on the wintering ecology of the species. We examined home range, habitat use, and survival of lesser prairie-chickens during the winters of 2008–9, 2009–10, and 2010–11 in sand shinnery oak (Quercus havardii) landscapes in west Texas. We captured and radio-tagged 53 adult lesser prairie-chickens. We obtained sufficient locations to estimate winter home-range size for 23 individuals. Home-range size did not differ between years or by sex. Although female prairie-chickens had slightly larger home ranges (503.5 ± 34.9 ha) compared to males (489.1 ± 34.9 ha), the differences were not significant (t2 = 0.05, P = 0.96). During the nonbreeding season, we found that 97.2 percent of locations of male and female prairie-chickens alike were within 3.2 kilometers (km) of the lek of capture. Most locations (96.8%) were within 1.7 km of a known lek and almost all locations (99.9%) were within 3.2 km of an available water source. Habitat cover types were not used proportional to occurrence within the home ranges, grassland dominated areas with sand shinnery oak were used more than available, and sand sagebrush (Artemisia filifolia) areas dominated with grassland as well as sand sagebrush areas

  7. LECTURE CANCELLED - “The power of collaboration - innovating collaborative relationships" by Michael Kimmel | 8 March

    CERN Document Server


    PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS LECTURE IS CANCELLED Friday, 8 March -  from 11.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Globe of Science and Innovation Route de Meyrin, 1211 Geneva International Women’s Day Conference Lecture will be in English - Interpreting available in French Limited number of seats - registration is essential Reservation: + 41 22 767 76 76 or Dr. Michael Kimmel, a renowned sociologist and an expert on male-female relationships, will share his latest findings on gender collaboration and how it can lead to innovation and improved relationships both at work and in the world outside. Michael Kimmel is among the world’s leading experts on male-female relationships. A Professor of Sociology at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, he is the author or editor of more than 20 books on the topic. He consults corporations, NGOs and public sector organisations all over the world on gender equity issues, including work-family balance, reducing workplac...

  8. Design, synthesis and QSAR study of novel isatin analogues inspired Michael acceptor as potential anticancer compounds. (United States)

    Wang, Jiabing; Yun, Di; Yao, Jiali; Fu, Weitao; Huang, Fangyan; Chen, Liping; Wei, Tao; Yu, Cuijuan; Xu, Haineng; Zhou, Xiaoou; Huang, Yanqing; Wu, Jianzhang; Qiu, Peihong; Li, Wulan


    Molecular hybridization is considered as an effective tactic to develop drugs for the treatment of cancer. A series of novel hybrid compounds of isatin and Michael acceptor were designed and synthesized on the basis of association principle. These hybrid compounds were tested for cytotoxic potential against human cancer cell lines namely, BGC-823, SGC-7901 and NCI-H460 by MTT assay. Most compounds showed good anti-growth activities in all tested human cancer cells. SAR and QSAR analysis may provide vital information for the future development of novel anti-cancer inhibitors. Notably, compound 6a showed potent growth inhibition on BGC-823, SGC-7901 and NCI-H460 with the IC50 values of 3.6 ± 0.6, 5.7 ± 1.2, 3.2 ± 0.7 μM, respectively. Besides, colony formation assays, wound healing assays and flow cytometry analysis indicated 6a exhibited a potent anti-growth and anti-migration ability in a concentration-dependence manner through arrested cells in the G2/M phase of cell cycle. Moreover, 6a significantly repressed tumor growth in a NCI-H460 xenograft mouse model. Overall, our findings suggested isatin analogues inspired Michael acceptor may provide promising lead compounds for the development of cancer chemotherapeutics. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

  9. Traces of the Unrepresentable in the Modernist Discourse of Clement Greenberg and Michael Fried

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gal, Nissim


    Full Text Available The present essay aims to remap the modernist writing of Clement Greenberg and his successor Michael Fried from the late 1930s to the 1960s. For many years these two critics/theorists were considered leaders of the American modernist camp that promoted the purity of the medium and the total dependence of reading art on the primacy of perception. Attentive reading of the canonical texts they authored will surprisingly reveal that between the theoretical lines of their writings dwells an essential element that contradicts the absolute dominance of eyesight. Lying at the heart of the Greenbergian act is a metaphysical foundation that poses the question of the invisible as part of the inquiry into the "essence of the visible". As such the modernist debate will be revealed not only as a means for assembling a canon of works, but also as a means to formulating an experience of revelation in terms of the visual. Attentive reading of the writings of Clement Greenberg and the early Michael Fried, reveals a theoretical element or regulative idea that will be termed here "the unrepresentable".

  10. Mechanism of arylating quinone toxicity involving Michael adduct formation and induction of endoplasmic reticulum stress. (United States)

    Wang, Xinhe; Thomas, Beena; Sachdeva, Rakesh; Arterburn, Linnea; Frye, Lucy; Hatcher, Patrick G; Cornwell, David G; Ma, Jiyan


    Quinones permeate our biotic environment, contributing to both homeostasis and cytotoxicity. All quinones generate reactive oxygen species through redox cycling, while partially substituted quinones also undergo arylation (Michael adduct formation) yielding covalent bonds with nucleophiles such as cysteinyl thiols. In contrast to reactive oxygen species, the role of arylation in quinone cytotoxicity is not well understood. We found that the arylating quinones, including unsubstituted 1,4-benzoquinone (1,4-BzQ) and partially substituted vitamin E congener gamma-tocopherol quinone (gamma-TQ), were cytotoxic, with gamma-TQ > 1,4-BzQ, whereas the fully substituted nonarylating vitamin E congener alpha-tocopherol quinone was not. In vitro, both arylating quinones formed Michael adducts with the thiol nucleophile N-acetylcysteine (NAC) at rates where 1,4-BzQ > gamma-TQ. In cultured cells, concurrent addition of NAC eliminated 1,4-BzQ caused toxicity, but preincubation was required for the same NAC detoxification effect on gamma-TQ. These data clearly established the role of arylation in quinone toxicity and revealed that arylating quinone structure affects cytotoxicity by governing detoxification through the rate of adduct formation. Furthermore, arylating quinones induced endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress by activating the pancreatic ER kinase (PERK) signaling pathway including elF2alpha, ATF4, and C/EBP homologous protein (CHOP). Detoxification by NAC greatly attenuates CHOP induction in arylating quinone-treated cells, suggesting that ER stress is a cellular mechanism for arylating quinone cytotoxicity.

  11. Michael Polanyi and his generation origins of the social construction of science

    CERN Document Server

    Nye, Mary Jo


    In Michael Polanyi and His Generation, Mary Jo Nye investigates the role that Michael Polanyi and several of his contemporaries played in the emergence of the social turn in the philosophy of science. This turn involved seeing science as a socially based enterprise that does not rely on empiricism and reason alone but on social communities, behavioral norms, and personal commitments. Nye argues that the roots of the social turn are to be found in the scientific culture and political events of Europe in the 1930s, when scientific intellectuals struggled to defend the universal status of scientific knowledge and to justify public support for science in an era of economic catastrophe, Stalinism and Fascism, and increased demands for applications of science to industry and social welfare. At the center of this struggle was Polanyi, who Nye contends was one of the first advocates of this new conception of science. Nye reconstructs Polanyi’s scientific and political milieus in Budapest, Berlin, and Manchester f...

  12. Characteristics of lesser prairie-chicken (Tympanuchus pallidicinctus) long-distance movements across their distribution (United States)

    Earl, Julia E.; Fuhlendorf, Samuel D.; Haukos, David A.; Tanner, Ashley M.; Elmore, Dwayne; Carleton, Scott A.


    Long-distance movements are important adaptive behaviors that contribute to population, community, and ecosystem connectivity. However, researchers have a poor understanding of the characteristics of long-distance movements for most species. Here, we examined long-distance movements for the lesser prairie-chicken (Tympanuchus pallidicinctus), a species of conservation concern. We addressed the following questions: (1) At what distances could populations be connected? (2) What are the characteristics and probability of dispersal movements? (3) Do lesser prairie-chickens display exploratory and round-trip movements? (4) Do the characteristics of long-distance movements vary by site? Movements were examined from populations using satellite GPS transmitters across the entire distribution of the species in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado. Dispersal movements were recorded up to 71 km net displacement, much farther than hitherto recorded. These distances suggest that there may be greater potential connectivity among populations than previously thought. Dispersal movements were displayed primarily by females and had a northerly directional bias. Dispersal probabilities ranged from 0.08 to 0.43 movements per year for both sexes combined, although these movements averaged only 16 km net displacement. Lesser prairie-chickens displayed both exploratory foray loops and round-trip movements. Half of round-trip movements appeared seasonal, suggesting a partial migration in some populations. None of the long-distance movements varied by study site. Data presented here will be important in parameterizing models assessing population viability and informing conservation planning, although further work is needed to identify landscape features that may reduce connectivity among populations.

  13. Evaluation of capture techniques on lesser prairie-chicken trap injury and survival (United States)

    Grisham, Blake A.; Boal, Clint W.; Mitchell, Natasia R.; Gicklhorn, Trevor S.; Borsdorf, Philip K.; Haukos, David A.; Dixon, Charles


    Ethical treatment of research animals is required under the Animal Welfare Act. This includes trapping methodologies that reduce unnecessary pain and duress. Traps used in research should optimize animal welfare conditions within the context of the proposed research study. Several trapping techniques are used in the study of lesser prairie-chickens, despite lack of knowledge of trap injury caused by the various methods. From 2006 to 2012, we captured 217, 40, and 144 lesser prairie-chickens Tympanuchus pallidicinctus using walk-in funnel traps, rocket nets, and drop nets, respectively, in New Mexico and Texas, to assess the effects of capture technique on injury and survival of the species. We monitored radiotagged, injured lesser prairie-chickens 7–65 d postcapture to assess survival rates of injured individuals. Injuries occurred disproportionately among trap type, injury type, and sex. The predominant injuries were superficial cuts to the extremities of males captured in walk-in funnel traps. However, we observed no mortalities due to trapping, postcapture survival rates of injured birds did not vary across trap types, and the daily survival probability of an injured and uninjured bird was ≥99%. Frequency and intensity of injuries in walk-in funnel traps are due to the passive nature of these traps (researcher cannot select specific individuals for capture) and incidental capture of individuals not needed for research. Comparatively, rocket nets and drop nets allow observers to target birds for capture and require immediate removal of captured individuals from the trap. Based on our results, trap injuries would be reduced if researchers monitor and immediately remove birds from walk-in funnels before they injure themselves; move traps to target specific birds and reduce recaptures; limit the number of consecutive trapping days on a lek; and use proper netting techniques that incorporate quick, efficient, trained handling procedures.

  14. Assessment, prevention and mitigation of landslide hazard in the Lesser Himalaya of Himachal Pradesh

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Patra Punyatoya


    Full Text Available Landslides are destructive geological processes that have globally caused deaths and destruction to property worth billion dollars. Landslide occurrences are widespread and prolific in India covering more than 15 per cent of the total area. These are mostly concentrated in the Himalayan belt, parts of Meghalaya Plateau, Nilgiri Hills, Western and Eastern Ghats. The slope failure in the hilly terrain is due to geological processes and events. The frequency and magnitude of slope failure also increased due to anthropogenic activities such as road construction, deforestation and urban expansion. Keeping all these problems in mind research focuses on the Lesser Himalaya of Himachal Himalaya as it falls under very high risk zone in case of landslides and comprise of three objectives. They are: a to analyse the spatial pattern of landslides in the Lesser Himalaya, b to assess the causes of landslides vulnerability in the study region and c to suggests some preventive measures to mitigate landslides. In this work an attempt has been made to collect data on landslides incidences and damage from the secondary sources like Geological Survey of India, Building Material and Technology Promotion council from Ministry of Urban Affairs. The methodologies adopted for data analysis are simple tabulations, bar diagrams, statistical and mapping techniques to represent the Landslide vulnerability of the Lesser Himalaya. The analysis of the study reveals that there is increase in the number of landslides. The spatial pattern of landslide shows linear patterns, viz. along roads, rivers or lineaments/ faults. Besides, heavy rainfall, floods and earthquakes enhance the vulnerability condition. The landslides may be part and parcel of the Himalayan landscape, but they can be mitigated by some suitable measures. Few methods of landslide prevention in the study region have been suggested.

  15. Case report: epizootic of coccidiosis in free-flying lesser scaup (Aythya affinis) (United States)

    Windingstad, R.M.; McDonald, M.E.; Locke, L.N.; Kerr, S.M.; Sinn, J.A.


    A coccidiosis epizootic has occurred in lesser scaup (Aythya affinis) at Bluestem Reservoir in eastern Nebraska during the spring in each of three recent years: 1976-1978. Losses peaked during the period from mid-March through April. As much as 29% of the peak population of scaup using the reservoir died. Necropsies of 72 of the nearly 1390 scaup that died revealed destruction and sloughing of the intestinal mucosa and associated hemorrhaging. Fibrinonecrotic cores were frequently found in the intestinal lumens. Scrapings from the intestinal mucosal contained massive numbers of oocysts of the coccidian Eimeria aythyae. This is the first report of recurrent epizootics of coccidiosis in freeflying waterfowl.

  16. Canine distemper virus infection in a lesser grison (Galictis cuja: first report and virus phylogeny

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jane Megid


    Full Text Available Infectious diseases in wild animals have been increasing as a result of their habitat alterations and closer contact with domestic animals. Canine distemper virus (CDV has been reported in several species of wild carnivores, presenting a threat to wildlife conservation. We described the first case of canine distemper virus infection in lesser grison (Galictis cuja. A free-ranging individual, with no visible clinical sigs, presented sudden death after one day in captivity. Molecular diagnosis for CDV infection was performed using whole blood collected by postmortem intracardiac puncture, which resulted positive. The virus phylogeny indicated that domestic dogs were the probable source of infection.

  17. Unique structure and optics of the lesser eyes of the box jellyfish Tripedalia cystophora

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Garm, A; Andersson, F; Nilsson, Dan-E


    The visual system of box jellyfish comprises a total of 24 eyes. These are of four types and each probably has a special function. To investigate this hypothesis the morphology and optics of the lesser eyes, the pit and slit eyes, were examined. The pit eyes hold one cell type only and are probably...... mere light meters. The slit eyes, comprising four cell types, are complex and highly asymmetric. They also hold a lens-like structure, but its optical power is minute. Optical modeling suggests spatial resolution, but only in one plane. These unique and intriguing traits support strong peripheral...

  18. Unique structure and optics of the lesser eyes of the box jellyfish Tripedalia cystophora. (United States)

    Garm, A; Andersson, F; Nilsson, Dan-E


    The visual system of box jellyfish comprises a total of 24 eyes. These are of four types and each probably has a special function. To investigate this hypothesis the morphology and optics of the lesser eyes, the pit and slit eyes, were examined. The pit eyes hold one cell type only and are probably mere light meters. The slit eyes, comprising four cell types, are complex and highly asymmetric. They also hold a lens-like structure, but its optical power is minute. Optical modeling suggests spatial resolution, but only in one plane. These unique and intriguing traits support strong peripheral filtering.

  19. Spatially explicit modeling of lesser prairie-chicken lek density in Texas (United States)

    Timmer, Jennifer M.; Butler, M.J.; Ballard, Warren; Boal, Clint W.; Whitlaw, H.A.


    As with many other grassland birds, lesser prairie-chickens (Tympanuchus pallidicinctus) have experienced population declines in the Southern Great Plains. Currently they are proposed for federal protection under the Endangered Species Act. In addition to a history of land-uses that have resulted in habitat loss, lesser prairie-chickens now face a new potential disturbance from energy development. We estimated lek density in the occupied lesser prairie-chicken range of Texas, USA, and modeled anthropogenic and vegetative landscape features associated with lek density. We used an aerial line-transect survey method to count lesser prairie-chicken leks in spring 2010 and 2011 and surveyed 208 randomly selected 51.84-km(2) blocks. We divided each survey block into 12.96-km(2) quadrats and summarized landscape variables within each quadrat. We then used hierarchical distance-sampling models to examine the relationship between lek density and anthropogenic and vegetative landscape features and predict how lek density may change in response to changes on the landscape, such as an increase in energy development. Our best models indicated lek density was related to percent grassland, region (i.e., the northeast or southwest region of the Texas Panhandle), total percentage of grassland and shrubland, paved road density, and active oil and gas well density. Predicted lek density peaked at 0.39leks/12.96km(2) (SE=0.09) and 2.05leks/12.96km(2) (SE=0.56) in the northeast and southwest region of the Texas Panhandle, respectively, which corresponds to approximately 88% and 44% grassland in the northeast and southwest region. Lek density increased with an increase in total percentage of grassland and shrubland and was greatest in areas with lower densities of paved roads and lower densities of active oil and gas wells. We used the 2 most competitive models to predict lek abundance and estimated 236 leks (CV=0.138, 95% CI=177-306leks) for our sampling area. Our results suggest that

  20. [Papal provisions for lesser benefices in the diocese of Breslau 1447-1471]. (United States)

    Borchardt, Karl


    During the fifteenth century the popes were severely criticized for problems allegedly created by their provisions for benefices: prolonged law-suits, immense costs, and absenteeism of priests. Papal provisions for higher benefices, bishoprics and monasteries, were usually a political compromise. For lesser benefices, i.e. canonries or vicaries in cathedral or collegiate churches, parishes or altars in towns or villages, the background is seldom clear. Sometimes influential people at the papal curia strove to secure their livings, sometimes local princes, lords or towns provided their servants with incomes, sometimes ambitious clerics sought papal protection against local rivals. The extent to which the papacy was involved in appointments to lesser benefices varied throughout Europe and can only be studied in the regional archives. For the diocese of Breslau this has not been done so far, but the Repertorium Germanicum published by the German Historical Institute in Rome provides the data extant in the papal registers and account-books. The present study sums up these sources from the accession of Nicholas V in 1447 to the death of Paul II in 1471, a period, during which Silesia and especially its capital Breslau held close contact with Rome in order to fight the heretic Bohemian king George of Podiebrad. Nevertheless, the proportions of papal involvement in appointments for lesser benefices in the dioceses were apparently small. The cathedral of St John at Breslau had to admit papal exspectanices and provisions. But only half of the collegiate churches in Silesia were affected to some degree, especially Holy Cross at Breslau and St Mary at Grob-Glogau. Very few important town parishes were concerned, for example St Mary Magdalene at Breslau, the parishes at Neisse and at Neumarkt. It is not possible to say how many papal provisions were successful; those that were usually favoured men with influential friends in Silesia. If Rome introduced foreigners at all, they

  1. Twin Legacies: Victor and Vincent McKusick/Twin Studies: Twinning Rates I; Twinning Rates II; MZ Twin Discordance for Russell-Silver Syndrome; Twins' Language Skills/Headlines: Babies Born to Identical Twin Couples; Identity Exchange; Death of Princess Ashraf (Twin); Yahoo CEO Delivers Identical Twins. (United States)

    Segal, Nancy L


    The lives of the illustrious monozygotic (MZ) twins, Victor A. and Vincent L. McKusick, are described. Victor earned the distinction as the 'Father of Medical Genetics', while Vincent was a legendary Chief Justice of the Maine Supreme Court. This dual biographical account is followed by two timely reports of twinning rates, a study of MZ twin discordance for Russell-Silver Syndrome (RSS) and a study of twins' language skills. Twin stories in the news include babies born to identical twin couples, a case of switched identity, the death of Princess Ashraf (Twin) and a new mother of twins who is also Yahoo's CEO.

  2. 78 FR 75306 - Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Listing the Lesser Prairie-Chicken as a Threatened... (United States)


    ...) The historical and current status and distribution of the lesser prairie-chicken, its biology and... conference report. The November 22, 2013, conference opinion builds upon, refines, and updates the 2011...

  3. Distribution, abundance and productivity of fall staging lesser snow geese on coastal habitats of northeast Alaska and northwest Canada, 1982 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Fall staging of the western arctic lesser snow goose population was I. monitored on the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), Yukon Territory...

  4. Michael Addition Polymerization of Trifunctional Amine and Acrylic Monomer: A Versatile Platform for Development of Biomaterials. (United States)

    Cheng, Weiren; Wu, Decheng; Liu, Ye


    Michael addition polymerizations of amines and acrylic monomers are versatile approaches to biomaterials for various applications. A combinatorial library of poly(β-amino ester)s and diverse poly(amido amine)s from diamines and diacrylates or bis(acrylamide)s have been reported, respectively. Furthermore, novel linear and hyperbranched polymers from Michael addition polymerizations of trifunctional amines and acrylic monomers significantly enrich this category of biomaterials. In this Review, we focus on the biomaterials from Michael addition polymerizations of trifunctional amines and acrylic monomers. First we discuss how the polymerization mechanisms, which are determined by the reactivity sequence of the three types of amines of trifunctional amines, i.e., secondary (2°) amines (original), primary (1°) amines, and 2° amines (formed), are affected by the chemistry of monomers, reaction temperature, and solvent. Then we update how to design and synthesize linear and hyperbranched polymers based on the understanding of polymerization mechanisms. Linear polymers containing 2° amines in the backbones can be obtained from polymerizations of diacrylates or bis(acrylamide)s with equimolar trifunctional amine, and several approaches, e.g., 2A2+BB'B″, A3+2BB'B', A2+BB'B″, to hyperbranched polymers are developed. Further through molecular design of monomers, conjugation of functional species to 2° amines in the backbones of linear polymers and the abundant terminal groups of hyperbranched polymers, the amphiphilicity of polymers can be adjusted, and additional stimuli, e.g., thermal, redox, reactive oxidation species (ROS), and light, responses can be integrated with the intrinsic pH response. Finally we discuss the applications of the polymers for gene/drug delivery and bioimaging through exploring their self-assemblies in various motifs, e.g., micelles, polyplexes particles/nanorings and hydrogels. Redox-responsive hyperbranched polymers can display 300 times

  5. Deformation mechanisms in the frontal Lesser Himalayan Duplex in Sikkim Himalaya, India (United States)

    Matin, Abdul; Mazumdar, Sweety


    Understanding deformation mechanisms in Himalayan rocks is a challenging proposition due to the complex nature of the deformed rocks and their genesis. Crustal deformation in the Himalayan thrust belt typically occurs in elastico-frictional (EF) or quasi-plastic (QP) regimes at depths controlled mainly by regional strain-rate and geothermal gradient. However, material property, grain-size and their progressive changes during deformation are also important controlling factors. We present evidence of EF deformation from Gondwana rocks developed during the emplacement of one of the frontal horses (Jorthang horse) in the Lesser Himalayan Duplex (LHD) structure associated with Lesser Himalayan rocks in the footwall of the Ramgarh thrust in the Rangit window near Jorthang in the Sikkim Himalaya. The rocks in the horse exhibit systematic changes in microand meso-structures from an undeformed protolith to cataclasite suggesting that it was emplaced under elastico-frictional conditions. Meso- to micro-scale shear fractures are seen developed in Gondwana sandstone and slate while intercalated fine-grained shale-coal-carbonates are deformed by cataclastic flow suggesting that material property and grain-size have played an important role in the deformation of the Jorthang horse. In contrast, the hanging wall schists and quartzites of the Ramgarh thrust exhibit quasi-plastic deformation structures. This suggests that the Jorthang horse was emplaced under shallower crustal conditions than the antiformally folded Ramgarh thrust sheet even though the Ramgarh sheet presently overlies the Jorthang horse.

  6. Application of Persistent Scatterer Interferometry (PSI) in monitoring slope movements in Nainital, Uttarakhand Lesser Himalaya, India (United States)

    Yhokha, Akano; Goswami, Pradeep K.; Chang, Chung-Pai; Yen, Jiun-Yee; Ching, Kuo-En; Aruche, K. Manini


    Orogenic movements and sub-tropical climate have rendered the slopes of the Himalayan region intensely deformed and weathered. As a result, the incidences of slope failure are quite common all along the Himalayan region. The Lesser Himalayan terrane is particularly vulnerable to mass-movements owing to geological fragility, and many parts of it are bearing a high-risk of associated disaster owing to the high population density. An important step towards mitigation of such disasters is the monitoring of slope movement. Towards this, the Persistent Scatterer Interferometry (PSI) technique can be applied. In the present study, the PSI technique is employed in Lesser Himalayan town of Nainital in Uttarakhand state of India to decipher and monitor slope movements. A total of 15 multi-date ENVISAT ASAR satellite images, acquired during August 2008 to August 2010 period, were subjected to PSI, which revealed a continuous creep movement along the hillslopes located towards the eastern side of the Nainital lake. The higher reaches of the hill seem to be experiencing accelerated creep of {˜ }21 mm/year, which decreases downslope to {˜ }5 mm/year. Based on spatial pattern of varying PSI Mean LOS Velocity (MLV) values, high (H), moderate (M), low (L) and very low (S) creeping zones have been delineated in the hillslopes. Given the long history of mass movements and continuously increasing anthropogenic activities in Nainital, these results call for immediate measures to avert any future disaster in the town.

  7. Regional Variation in mtDNA of the Lesser Prairie-Chicken (United States)

    Hagen, Christian A.; Pitman, James C.; Sandercock, Brett K.; Wolfe, Don H.; Robel, Robel J.; Applegate, Roger D.; Oyler-McCance, Sara J.


    Cumulative loss of habitat and long-term decline in the populations of the Lesser Prairie-Chicken (Tympanuchus pallidicinctus) have led to concerns for the species' viability throughout its range in the southern Great Plains. For more efficient conservation past and present distributions of genetic variation need to be understood. We examined the distribution of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) variation in the Lesser Prairie-Chicken across Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. Throughout the range we found little genetic differentiation except for the population in New Mexico, which was significantly different from most other publications. We did, however, find significant isolation by distance at the rangewide scale (r=0.698). We found no relationship between haplotype phylogeny and geography, and our analyses provide evidence for a post-glacial population expansion within the species that is consistent with the idea that speciation within Tympanuchus is recent. Conservation actions that increase the likelihood of genetically viable populations in the future should be evaluated for implementation.

  8. The black flies (Diptera: Simuliidae) of the Lesser Sunda Archipelago, Indonesia. (United States)

    Takaoka, Hiroyuki; Sofian-Azirun, Mohd; Ya'cob, Zubaidah; Chen, Chee Dhang; Lau, Koon Weng; Low, Van Lun; Suana, I Wayan


    Surveys of pupae and larvae of black flies were carried out in Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa and Flores in the Lesser Sunda Archipelago, Indonesia, where 10 species were known. A total of 14 simuliid species including four new species and five new records of the genus Simulium were collected, bringing the number of species from the Lesser Sunda Archipelago to 19. They are classified into four subgenera: two in Nevermannia, nine in Gomphostilbia, seven in Simulium and one in Wallacellum. One of four new species, Simulium (Simulium) baliense, is described based on females, males, pupae and larvae from Bali and Lombok. This new species, which is placed in the Simulium striatum species-group of the subgenus Simulium, is closely related to S. (S.) argyrocinctum De Meijere from Java and Sumatra, but it is distinguished from the latter species by the smaller number of the male enlarged upper-eye facets and larval abdomen lacking dorsal pairs of conical protuberances. The distribution record of S. (S.) upikae Takaoka & Davies from Flores is corrected as that of S. (S.) eximium De Meijere. Some aberrant characters of the pupal gill filaments of S. (G.) atratum De Meijere, S. (G.) floresense Takaoka, Hadi & Sigit and S. (G.) sunapii Takaoka, Sofian-Azirun & Suana are illustrated. Characteristics of the fauna of black flies in this archipelago are briefly noted. Keys to all 19 species are provided for females, males, pupae and larvae. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  9. A comment on “temporal variation in survival and recovery rates of lesser scaup” (United States)

    Lindberg, Mark S.; Boomer, G. Scott; Schmutz, Joel A.; Walker, Johann A.


    Concerns about declines in the abundance of lesser scaup (Aythya affinis) have promoted a number of analyses to understand reasons for this decline. Unfortunately, most of these analyses, including that of Arnold et al. (2016 Journal of Wildlife Management 80: 850–861), are based on observational studies leading to weak inference. Although we commend the efforts of Arnold et al. (2016 Journal of Wildlife Management 80: 850–861), we think their conclusions are over-stated given their retrospective analysis. Further, we note a number of inconsistencies in their reasoning and offer alternative conclusions that can be drawn from their analysis. Given the uncertainty still surrounding management of lesser scaup, we do not believe it is prudent to abandon or greatly modify adaptive management approaches designed specifically to make optimal decisions in the face of uncertainty. The current learning-based and recursive approach to management appears to be providing adequate guidance for harvest without punctuated changes to harvest levels, as Arnold et al. (2016 Journal of Wildlife Management 80: 850–861) recommend.

  10. Testing competing hypotheses for chronology and intensity of lesser scaup molt during winter and spring migration (United States)

    Anteau, M.J.; Anteau, A.C.E.; Afton, A.D.


    We examined chronology and intensity of molt and their relationships to nutrient reserves (lipid and protein) of Lesser Scaup (Aythya affinis) to test predictions of two competing hypotheses. The "staggered cost" hypothesis states that contour-feather molt is nutritionally costly and should not occur during nutritionally costly periods of the annual cycle unless adequate nutrients are available. The "breeding plumage" hypothesis states that prealternate molt must be complete prior to nesting, regardless of nutrient availability. Males and females were completing prebasic molt during winter (Louisiana) and had similar molt intensities. Females underwent prealternate molt during spring migration (Illinois and Minnesota) and prebreeding (Manitoba) periods; 53% and 93% of females were in moderate to heavy molt in Minnesota and Manitoba, respectively, despite experiencing other substantial nutritional costs. Intensity of prealternate molt was not correlated with lipid reserves even though females, on average, were nutritionally stressed. Molt intensity was not negatively correlated with protein reserves at any location. Chronology and intensity of prealternate molt varied little and were not temporally staggered from other nutritionally costly events. Prealternate molt did not influence nutrient reserves, and nutrient reserves likely were not the ultimate factor influencing chronology or intensity of prealternate molt of females. We surmise that nutrients required for prealternate molt come from exogenous sources and that the "staggered cost" hypothesis does not explain chronology of prealternate molt in female Lesser Scaup; rather, it appears that molt must be complete prior to nesting, consistent with the "breeding plumage" hypothesis. ?? The Cooper Ornithological Society 2011.

  11. Determinants and short-term physiological consequences of PHA immune response in lesser kestrel nestlings. (United States)

    Rodríguez, Airam; Broggi, Juli; Alcaide, Miguel; Negro, Juan José; Figuerola, Jordi


    Individual immune responses are likely affected by genetic, physiological, and environmental determinants. We studied the determinants and short-term consequences of Phytohaemagglutinin (PHA) induced immune response, a commonly used immune challenge eliciting both innate and acquired immunity, on lesser kestrel (Falco naumanni) nestlings in semi-captivity conditions and with a homogeneous diet composition. We conducted a repeated measures analyses of a set of blood parameters (carotenoids, triglycerides, β-hydroxybutyrate, cholesterol, uric acid, urea, total proteins, and total antioxidant capacity), metabolic (resting metabolic rate), genotypic (MHC class II B heterozygosity), and biometric (body mass) variables. PHA challenge did not affect the studied physiological parameters on a short-term basis (immune response (skin swelling), but the change of body mass, cholesterol, total antioxidant capacity, and triglycerides between sessions (i.e., post-pre treatment) were also positively correlated to PHA response. No relationships were detected between MHC gene heterozygosity or resting metabolic rate and PHA response. Our results indicate that PHA response in lesser kestrel nestlings growing in optimal conditions does not imply a severe energetic cost 12 hr after challenge, but is condition-dependent as a rapid mobilization of carotenoids and decrease of triglycerides is elicited on a short-term basis. © 2014 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  12. Forearc kinematics in obliquely convergent margins: Examples from Nicaragua and the northern Lesser Antilles (United States)

    Turner, Henry L., III

    In this study, I use surface velocities derived from GPS geodesy, elastic half-space dislocation models, and modeled Coulomb stress changes to investigate deformation in the over-riding plate at obliquely convergent margins at the leading and trailing edges of the Caribbean plate. The two principal study areas are western Nicaragua, where the Cocos plate subducts beneath the Caribbean plate, and the northern Lesser Antilles, where the North American plate subducts beneath the Caribbean plate. In Nicaragua, plate convergence is rapid at 84 mm yr1 with a small angle of obliquity of 10° along a slightly concave portion of the Middle America Trench. GPS velocities for the period from 2000 to 2004 from sites located in the Nicaraguan forearc confirmed forearc sliver motion on the order of ˜14 mm yr1 in close agreement with the value predicted by DeMets (2001). These results are presented here in Chapter 3 and were reported in Geophysical Research Letters (Turner et al., 2007). GPS observations made on sites located in the interior and on the eastern coast of Nicaragua during the same time period were combined with new data from eastern Honduras to help better constrain estimates of rigid Caribbean plate motion (DeMets et al., 2007). Slip approaching the plate convergence rate along the Nicaraguan and El Salvadoran sections of the Middle America Trench was quantitatively demonstrated by finite element modeling of this section of the plate interface using GPS velocities from our Nicaraguan network together with velocities from El Salvador and Honduras as model constraints (Correa-Mora, 2009). The MW 6.9 earthquake that ruptured the seismogenic zone offshore Nicaragua on October 9, 2004 resulted in coseismic displacements and post-seismic motion at GPS sites in the central part of the Nicaraguan forearc that currently prevent extension of interseismic time-series in this region. An elastic half-space dislocation model was used to estimate coseismic displacements at these

  13. Introducing Lesser-Known Wood Species from Certified Forests in Bolivia to the U.S. Market


    Cossio Antezana, Victor H.


    A nationwide mail survey was conducted among importers and other members of the supply chain linked to the importation of tropical hardwood products to assess the market potential for Bolivian lesser-known wood species (LKS) in the U.S. market. One hundred and eleven companies responded to the questionnaire and provided information on their interest in importing lesser-known wood species, their willingness to pay for a Bolivian wood species substitute, percentage of their imports that are env...

  14. An Ionic Liquid Containing L-Proline Moiety as Highly Efficient and Recyclable Chiral Organocatalyst for Michael Addition

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Li, Jiang; Li, Xia Bing; Ma, Sha Sha; Liu, Juan; Li, Ben Hao; Li, Bao Lin [Shaanxi Normal University, Xi' an (China)


    A novel chiral ionic liquid containing proline moiety was synthesized. It can be used as a highly efficient and recyclable chiral organocatalyst for Michael addition of cyclohexanone with (E)-β-nitroalkenes in methanol at room temperature. The Michael addition affords the corresponding products in satisfactory yields of isolated products ( 78-98%) with high diastereoselectivities and excellent enantioselectivities (up to 98% dr and up to 99% ee). The catalyst can be recycled up to five times without any decrease in yields and stereoselectivities.

  15. Las relaciones entre la Iglesia y el Estado en la teoría de la justicia de Michael Walzer


    Roldán, Alberto Fernando


    Roldan, A. F. (2009). Las relaciones entre la Iglesia y el Estado en la teoría de la justicia de Michael Walzer (Tesis de Maestría). Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, Bernal, Argentina. En la presente tesis, se discuten las relaciones entre la Iglesia –término que se utiliza no en el sentido confesional sino en tanto institución religiosa- y el Estado moderno. Se escoge como marco teórico la filosofía política del pensador judío americano Michael Walzer, exponente del “comunitarismo”, un...

  16. N-Heterocyclic Carbene-Catalysed Diastereoselective Vinylogous Michael Addition Reaction of gamma-Substituted deconjugated Butenolides

    KAUST Repository

    Guo, Hao


    An efficient N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC)-catalysed vinylogous Michael addition of deconjugated butenolides was developed. In the presence of 5 mol% of the NHC catalyst, both γ-alkyl and aryl-substituted deconjugated butenolides undergo vinylogous Michael addition with various α, β-unsaturated ketones, esters, or nitriles to afford γ,γ-disubstituted butenolides containing adjacent quaternary and tertiary carbon centers in good to excellent yields with excellent diastereoselectivities. In this process, the free carbene is assumed to act as a strong Brønsted base to promote the conjugate addition.

  17. Enantio- and Stereoselective Construction of Atisane Scaffold via Organocatalytic Intramolecular Michael Reaction and Diels-Alder Reaction. (United States)

    Sekita, Hiroko; Adachi, Kyohei; Kobayashi, Ippei; Sato, Yusuke; Nakada, Masahisa


    An enantio- and stereoselective construction of the atisane scaffold via organocatalytic intramolecular Michael reaction and Diels-Alder reaction is described. The organocatalytic intramolecular Michael reaction has been found to stereoselectively generate a trans-stereodiad comprising an all-carbon quaternary and a tertiary stereogenic centers. Use of the chiral secondary amine bearing thiourea with benzoic acid as additive is the key to obtaining the desired product with excellent ee in synthetically acceptable yield. The prepared chiral building block has been successfully converted to the compound including the atisane scaffold via the highly stereoselective intramolecular Diels-Alder reaction.

  18. Spatiotemporal distributions of intestinal helminths in female lesser scaup Aythya affinis during spring migration from the upper Midwest, USA (United States)

    England, J. C.; Levengood, J.M.; Osborn, J. M.; Yetter, A. P.; Kinsella, J.M.; Cole, Rebecca A.; Cory D. Suski,; Hagy, Heath M.


    We examined the associations between intestinal helminth infracommunity structure and infection parameters and the age, size, and year and region of collection of 130 female lesser scaup (Aythya affinis) during their 2014–2015 spring migrations through the upper Midwest, USA. We identified a total of 647,174 individual helminths from 40 taxa, including 20 trematodes, 14 cestodes, 4 nematodes and 2 acanthocephalans parasitizing lesser scaup within the study area. Lesser scaup were each infected with 2–23 helminth taxa. One digenean, Plenosoma minimum, is reported for the first time in lesser scaup and in the Midwest. Mean trematode abundance and total helminth abundance was significantly less in 2015 than 2014, and we suspect that colder weather late in 2015 impacted the intermediate host fauna and caused the observed differences. Brillouin's species diversity of helminths was greatest in the northernmost region of the study area, which coincides with the range of a non-indigenous snail that indirectly causes annual mortality events of lesser scaup. While host age and size were not determined to be influential factors of helminth infracommunity structure, non-parametric ordination and permutational analysis of co-variance revealed that year and region of collection explained differences in helminth infracommunities. Our results suggest that spatiotemporal variations play an important role in the structure of intestinal helminth infracommunities found in migrating lesser scaup hosts, and may therefore impact host ability to build endogenous reserves at certain stopover locations in the Midwest.

  19. Site-Specific Tandem Knoevenagel Condensation-Michael Addition To Generate Antibody-Drug Conjugates. (United States)

    Kudirka, Romas A; Barfield, Robyn M; McFarland, Jesse M; Drake, Penelope M; Carlson, Adam; Bañas, Stefanie; Zmolek, Wes; Garofalo, Albert W; Rabuka, David


    Expanded ligation techniques are sorely needed to generate unique linkages for the growing field of functionally enhanced proteins. To address this need, we present a unique chemical ligation that involves the double addition of a pyrazolone moiety with an aldehyde-labeled protein. This ligation occurs via a tandem Knoevenagel condensation-Michael addition. A pyrazolone reacts with an aldehyde to generate an enone, which undergoes subsequent attack by a second pyrazolone to generate a bis-pyrazolone species. This rapid and facile ligation technique is performed under mild conditions in the absence of catalyst to generate new architectures that were previously inaccessible via conventional ligation reactions. Using this unique ligation, we generated three site-specifically labeled antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) with an average of four drugs to one antibody. The in vitro and in vivo efficacies along with pharmacokinetic data of the site-specific ADCs are reported.

  20. 'Introducing Michael Gove to Loïc Wacquant': Why Social Work Needs Critical Sociology. (United States)

    Michael Garrett, Paul


    In 2013, Michael Gove, then Secretary of State for Education and Health in the UK coalition government, criticised social workers for laying insufficient emphasis on the 'agency' of individuals and for being too preoccupied with social and economic inequalities. Such a perspective, which is not unique to Gove, needs to be countered by reaffirming the significance of an expansively critical sociology for social work. In this context, the thematic concerns of the French theorist, Loïc Wacquant, illuminates key aspects of social work engagement with clients which Gove and his ideological associates appear intent on ignoring. The issues raised have significant political resonances given the pending UK General Election taking place in May 2015.

  1. Candid reflections of a businessman in Washington: interview with Secretary of the Treasury, W. Michael Blumenthal. (United States)

    Blumenthal, W M


    In the interview published by Fortune, W. Michael Blumenthal, Secretary of the Treasury and former Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Bendix Corporation, discusses his transition from being a business executive to becoming a senior member of the cabinet. Blumenthal compares the workings of the corporate world with the ways of Washington. Essentially, he views the business world as less complex, allowing a manager flexibility as long as he performs successfully. In government, administrative practices are more regulated with most policy decisions determined in the public arena making the managerial process much slower and more complex. Despite the differences between the corporate world and Washington, Blumenthal identifies four basic management principles that are valid for both; (1) choose very good people; (2) learn to delegate authority; (3) know your facts; and (4) be honest. Blumenthal has found his tenure in government to be interesting and rewarding and encourages other businessmen to seek the challenge of government service.

  2. Linguistic Theories and Intellectual History in Michael Baxandall’s Giotto and the Orators

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Allan Langdale


    Full Text Available This essay examines some theoretical and methodological aspects of Michael Baxandall’s book Giotto and the Orators. Humanist observers of painting in Italy and the discovery of pictorial composition of 1971. It includes reflections on the book’s reorientations of the scholarly debate over the relationship between Renaissance/Early Modern humanism and painting, as well as consideration of the linguistic theories that either directly or tangentially inform Baxandall’s method. Sources such as Wittgenstein, Cassirer, Ordinary Language Philosophy, and the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis are discussed. Some of the book’s aims and methods are clarified by a comparison to Panofsky’s Gothic Architecture and Scholasticism of 1951.

  3. A History of Experiences and Thinking Men. The History of Political Thought according to Michael Oakeshott

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Spartaco Pupo


    Full Text Available Michael Oakeshott conceives the history of European political thought as a structuring of ideas and arguments of the practical experience aimed to understanding political expressions in vogue in the culture of a people. It is not a continuous and cumulative history of abstract and disembodied ideas, as it is wrongly conceived, but of some men who thought politics in a certain way on the basis of the language and of the set of actions, moral beliefs and contingencies of the people which they belong to. The article highlights the comparison between Oakeshott, Quentin Skinner and Gianfranco Miglio on the search for the most appropriate method to be applied in the study of the history of political thought.

  4. Michael Oakeshott´s Work as a Liberal-Conserv ative Paradigm

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Josep Baqués


    Full Text Available As is the case with other thinkers linked to what can be broadly defined as conservatism, it is arguable whether Michael Oakeshott was just a conservative, or whether he was also a liberal. He often rejected this last label. He also tried to avoid the classic debate between the left/right wing divide, conferring instead a mantle of neutrality on his work. This analysis shows, on the one hand, that Oakeshott´s work is ideologically orientated and, on the other hand, that it contains a substantial liberal component. In fact, he offered a liberal-conservative synthesis in which the free market appears to be not only the best, but the only feasible outcome in the proposed scenario of political prudence. I will fi rst connect Oakeshott with the main traditions of thought, then analyse the theoretical implications of his position, and finally explore the consequences derived from all this for everyday political practice.

  5. A highly selective fluorescent probe based on Michael addition for fast detection of hydrogen sulfide. (United States)

    Gao, Baozhen; Cui, Lixia; Pan, Yong; Xue, Minjie; Zhu, Boyu; Zhang, Guomei; Zhang, Caihong; Shuang, Shaomin; Dong, Chuan


    A new 4-hydroxy-1,8-naphthalimide-based compound (probe 1) has been designed and synthesized. The colorimetric and fluorescent properties of probe 1 towards hydrogen sulfide (H2S) were investigated in detail. The results show that the probe 1 could selectively and sensitively recognize H2S rather than other reactive sulfur species. The reaction mechanism of this probe is an intramolecular cyclization caused by the Michael addition of H2S to give 4-hydroxy-1,8-naphthalimide. The intramolecular charge transfer of 4-hydroxy-1,8-naphthalimide is significant. Probe 1 quickly responded to H2S and showed a 75-fold fluorescence enhancement in 5min. Moreover, probe 1 could detect H2S quantitatively with a detection limit as low as 0.23μM. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  6. Cyclopropanation of Various Substrates via Simmons-Smith and Michael-Initiated Ring Closure (MIRC Reactions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yudhi Dwi Kurniawan


    Full Text Available Cyclopropanation of various electron rich and electron deficient olefins via Simmons-Smith and Michael-initiated ring closure reactions was studied in our research. Cinnamyl alcohol 18 was succesfully cyclopropanated in a good to excellent yield using Simmons-Smith reactions. Methyl and benzyl crotonate 14 and 16 were labile in MIRC reaction condition indicated by the detection of starting material degradation in the NMR spectra of the crude reactions, and allowed a low to moderate product yield. The other starting materials, i.e., cinnamaldehyde 19, methyl cinnamate 20, mono- and di-protected cross-coupled product (4R,5R,E-methyl 5-(tert-butyldimethylsilyloxy-4-hydroxyhepta-2,6-dienoate 25 and (4R,5R,E-methyl 5-(tert-butyldimethylsilyloxy-4-(methoxymethoxyhepta-2,6-dienoate 26, were apparently incompatible to the reaction condition set in our study.

  7. Lizards, ticks and contributions to Australian parasitology: C. Michael Bull (1947-2016). (United States)

    Godfrey, Stephanie S; Gardner, Michael G


    Professor C. Michael Bull was a great scientist and mentor, and an Associate Editor of this journal. While his research career spanned the fields of behavioural ecology, conservation biology and herpetology, in this article, we pay tribute to his major contribution to Australian parasitology. Mike authored more than eighty articles on host-parasite ecology, and revealed major insights into the biology and ecology of ticks from his long term study of the parapatric boundary of two tick species ( Amblyomma limbatum and Bothriocroton hydrosauri ) on the sleepy lizard ( Tiliqua rugosa ). In this article, we provide an overview of how this research journey developed to become one of the longest-running studies of lizards and their ticks, totalling 35 years of continuous surveys of ticks on lizards, and the insights and knowledge that he generated along that journey.

  8. Inverting the diastereoselectivity of the mukaiyama-michael addition with graphite-based catalysts

    KAUST Repository

    Acocella, Maria Rosaria


    Here, we show that graphite-based catalysts, mainly graphite oxide (GO) and exfoliated GO, are effective recyclable catalysts for a relevant stereoselective Mukaiyama-Michael addition, outperforming currently available catalysts. Moreover, the graphite-based catalysts described here invert the diastereoselectivity relative to that observed with known catalysts, with the unprecedented large prevalence of the anti diastereoisomer. This inverted diastereoselectivity is increased when the catalyst concentration is reduced and after catalyst recycling. Density functional theory calculations suggest that the selectivity is determined by two types of supramolecular interactions operating between the catalyst and the substrates at the diastereoselectivity- determining transition state, specifically, the π-stacking of b-nitrostyrene with graphite and the van der Waals interaction between the SiMe3 group of the silyl ether and the graphite. © 2013 American Chemical Society.

  9. Modernism, Tehatricality, and Scepticism: Michael Fried and Cavell’s Conception of the Ordinary Language Philosophy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nikola Dedić


    Full Text Available The paper treats the relationship between the art historian Michael Fried and the philosopher Stanley Cavell, as well as their readings of Wittgenstein’s late philosophy. It argues that Fried’s entire historic-artistic method rests on Wittgensteinian grounds; there is special emphasis on theses concerning the grammatical criteria of language and scepticism. Namely, Fried, like Cavell, interprets modernism as a crisis of a priori criteria by which we come to think a given object as a successful work of art. Fried labels an artwork’s failure to convince, to communicate with the recipient, with the term theatre. This text establishes an analogy between Fried’s concept of theatre, Cavell’s concept of scepticism, and Wittgenstein’s thesis of the impossibility of a private language, situating those theses in the wider context of discussions of modernism.

  10. Rationalism and traditionalism in politics. The correspondence between Karl R. Popper and Michael Oakeshott

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Spartaco Pupo


    Full Text Available The correspondence of 1948 between Karl Popper and Michael Oakeshott, translated for the first time in Italian and published in the appendix to this paper, demonstrates the existence of two different ways of thinking about politics: the rationalist approach, founded on the “argumentation” as a rational means for the non-violent solution of problems (Popper, and the traditionalist mode, inspired by the method of “conversation” as a guarantee of constant openness to the diversity of identities (Oakeshott. To rise from the letters is a mutual influence on the interpretation of the key concepts that characterize the thought of the two authors, which however does not cancel the fundamental divergence of their political orientation.

  11. "Alarme de incêndio": Michael Löwy e a crítica ecossocialista da civilização capitalista moderna "Fire alarm": Michael Löwy and the ecosocialist critique of the modern capitalist civilization

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fabio Mascaro Querido


    Full Text Available A emergência da crise ecológica, como sintoma mais nítido de uma verdadeira crise civilizató-ria, impôs novos desafios ao pensamento crítico e, em especial, ao marxismo. Partindo desse pressuposto, o objetivo deste artigo é apresentar a defesa de Michael Löwy de uma radicalização ecossocialista da crítica marxista da modernidade, tarefa para a qual a grande recusa de Walter Benjamin das ideologias do pro- gresso é uma das fontes decisivas de inspiração. Para Michael Löwy, a ruptura com as ideologias do progresso e com o paradigma civilizatório capitalista moderno é uma condição indispensável para a atua-lização ecossocialista do marxismo.The emergence of the ecological crisis as a clearer symptom of a true civilizatory crisis has imposed new challenges to critical thought and, in particular, to Marxism. Based on this assumption, this article aims to present Michael Löwy's defense of an ecosocialist radicalization of the Marxist critique of modernity, a task for which Walter Benjamin's great refusal of the ideologies of progress is one of the critical sources of inspiration. To Michael Löwy, breaking away from the ideologies of progress and from the modern capitalistic civilizatory paradigm is a prerequisite for the ecosocialist updating of Marxism.

  12. Reproductive parameters of tropical lesser noddies respond to local variations in oceanographic conditions and weather (United States)

    Monticelli, David; Ramos, Jaime A.; Catry, Teresa; Pedro, Patricia; Paiva, Vitor H.


    Most attempts to link seabirds and climate/oceanographic effects have concerned the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans with comparatively few studies in the tropical Indian Ocean. This paper examines the reproductive response of the lesser noddy Anous tenuirostris to temporal fluctuations in oceanographic and climatic conditions using 8 years of monitoring data from Aride Island (Seychelles), tropical Western Indian Ocean. We tested the hypothesis that breeding parameters (mean hatching date, mean egg size, hatching and fledging successes) and chick growth are influenced by local, seasonal oceanographic conditions as expressed by ocean primary productivity (surface chlorophyll-a concentrations; CC), sea surface temperature (SST) and wind speed. We also examined the relationship between lesser noddy breeding parameters and climate conditions recorded at the basin-wide scale of the Indian Ocean (Indian Ocean Dipole Mode Index, DMI). Our findings suggest that birds had a tendency to lay slightly larger eggs during breeding seasons (years) with higher CC during April-June (pre-laying, laying and incubation periods). Hatching date was positively related to SST in April-June, with the regression parameters suggesting that each 0.5 °C increase in SST meant a delay of approx.10 days in hatching date. A negative linear relationship was also apparent between hatching success and SST in June-August (hatching and chick-rearing periods), while the quadratic regression models detected a significant effect of wind speed in June-August on fledging success. Body mass increments of growing chicks averaged over 7-day periods were positively related with (2-week) lagged CC values and negatively related with (2-week) lagged SST values. No significant relationship between DMI and lesser noddy breeding parameters was found, but DMI indices were strongly correlated with local SST. Altogether, our results indicate that the reproduction of this top marine predator is dictated by fluctuations in

  13. Winter fidelity and apparent survival of lesser snow goose populations in the Pacific flyway (United States)

    Williams, C.K.; Samuel, M.D.; Baranyuk, Vasily V.; Cooch, E.G.; Kraege, Donald K.


    The Beringia region of the Arctic contains 2 colonies of lesser snow geese (Chen caerulescens caerulescens) breeding on Wrangel Island, Russia, and Banks Island, Canada, and wintering in North America. The Wrangel Island population is composed of 2 subpopulations from a sympatric breeding colony but separate wintering areas, whereas the Banks Island population shares a sympatric wintering area in California, USA, with one of the Wrangel Island subpopulations. The Wrangel Island colony represents the last major snow goose population in Russia and has fluctuated considerably since 1970, whereas the Banks Island population has more than doubled. The reasons for these changes are unclear, but hypotheses include independent population demographics (survival and recruitment) and immigration and emigration among breeding or wintering populations. These demographic and movement patterns have important ecological and management implications for understanding goose population structure, harvest of admixed populations, and gene flow among populations with separate breeding or wintering areas. From 1993 to 1996, we neckbanded molting birds at their breeding colonies and resighted birds on the wintering grounds. We used multistate mark-recapture models to evaluate apparent survival rates, resighting rates, winter fidelity, and potential exchange among these populations. We also compared the utility of face stain in Wrangel Island breeding geese as a predictor of their wintering area. Our results showed similar apparent survival rates between subpopulations of Wrangel Island snow geese and lower apparent survival, but higher emigration, for the Banks Island birds. Males had lower apparent survival than females, most likely due to differences in neckband loss. Transition between wintering areas was low (<3%), with equal movement between northern and southern wintering areas for Wrangel Island birds and little evidence of exchange between the Banks and northern Wrangel Island

  14. Characterization of geothermal paleosystem in the Lesser Antilles volcanic arc: structural, petrographic, thermodynamic and petrophysics analysis of Terre-de-Haut (Les Saintes archipelago, Lesser Antilles) (United States)

    Favier, Alexiane; Navelot, Vivien; Verati, Chrystèle; Lardeaux, Jean-Marc; Corsini, Michel; Diraison, Marc; Géraud, Yves; Mercier de Lépinay, Jeanne; Munschy, Marc


    This survey takes part in the GEOTREF project (high enthalpy geothermal energy in fractured reservoirs), supported by the French government program "Investments for the future". The program focuses on the exploration of geothermal resource in the Lesser Antilles volcanic arc. An exclusive license has been issued in the Vieux-Habitants area (Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe) to carry on the development of high-temperature geothermal energy in this active volcanic region. The deep geothermal reservoir on the Basse-Terre island could be characterized in exhumed paleosystems. The reference paleosystem in the Guadeloupe archipelago is located in Terre-de-Haut. Four major fault directions have been highlighted N000-N020, N050-N070, N090-N110 and N130-N140. Field observations emphasize three major cleavage directions overlaying the fault systems: N035-N060, N080-N110, N145-N165. Volcanic rocks affected by cleavage display several metamorphic transformation grades. The more transformed calc-alkaline rocks are located at the intersection of several cleavage directions. Mineralogical transformations due to metamorphism and surimposed fractures are also responsible for strong changes of petrophysical properties. In comparison with the reference protolith of andesitic lava flows outcropping in Vieux-Habitants, which have porosity and permeability lower than 5 % and 10-15 m2, andesites of Terre-de-Haut have better reservoir properties with connected porosity and permeability higher than 15 % and 10-14-10-15 m2 respectively. Thermodynamic modelling based on petrography and chemical composition of the most transformed rocks highlights a steady state mineral assemblage between 0.25 - 1.5 kbar and 350 - 450 ˚ C. It corresponds to a geothermal gradient higher than 120 to 150˚ C/km. This is consistent with temperatures measured in Bouillante wells. However, this geothermal gradient is notably higher to a usual volcanic arc conductive gradient estimated to 70-100˚ C/km. It can be explained

  15. Spatial differences in growth of lesser sandeel in the North Sea

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rindorf, Anna; Wright, Peter J.; Jensen, Henrik


    at age and condition was higher on warmer, deeper and central/north eastern fishing grounds. Sandeel in the water column exhibited large changes in condition over the season, having an initially low condition following spring emergence rising to a pronounced peak by June. Weight at age varied......Lesser sandeel, Ammodytes marinus, is a key prey to a variety of North Sea predators, including species such as single load seabirds which are highly sensitive to prey size and condition. Whilst differences in weight at age across the North Sea have been investigated previously, the scale and cause...... considerably both spatially and temporally, resulting in 4 fold and 1.9 fold variations in the number of sandeels required to obtain a specific weight, respectively. Hence, the value of sandeel as prey to single load predators varies considerably with values in central and northeastern North Sea being...

  16. Assessments of the lesser sandeel ( Ammodytes marinus ) in the North Sea based on revised stock divisions

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Pedersen, S.A.; Lewy, Peter; Wright, P.


    effort, catch per unit effort, yield, fishing and natural mortality. A better understanding of sandeel growth is important for stock and catch predictions because previous studies indicate that the variability of mean weight-at-age is one of the most important factors influencing the precision......Recent investigations suggest that the current treatment of North Sea sandeel (Ammodytes marinus) as a single unit stock may have little biological basis. In order to study regional effects of the fishery on North Sea lesser sandeel it may therefore be important to assess stock dynamics...... for the different aggregations. Based on a geographical division of the North Sea in a number of proposed assessment regions, regional as well as whole North Sea sandeel assessments are presented based on revised data (e.g, catch in numbers at age and effort). The assessments suggest regional differences in fishing...

  17. Dominance and diversity studies of tree species in lesser Himalayan forest of Uttarakhand, India

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A.S. BISHT


    Full Text Available Abstract. Bisht AS, Bhatt AB. 2016. Dominance and diversity studies of tree species in lesser Himalayan forest of Uttarakhand, India. Biodiversitas 17: 70-77. For the present investigation single mountain, approach was applied. This is a supplement the basic approach and extends the gradients further downward in to the forest belt. Vegetational analysis of nine stands covering all the four aspects of the study site of Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand, India has been undertaken. In seven trees, species were encountered. East aspect is characteristics by highest density of Cupressus torulosa while west aspect comprised of Cedrus deodara, Myrica esculenta, Pinus. roxbugrhii, Quercus. leucotrichophora and Rhododendron arboreum, i.e. high diversity with low dominance Cupressus torulosa and Cedrus deodara dominated the north aspect. In general, influence of higher anthropogenic pressure on Quercus species is an important factor for leads to gradual replacement of oak species by Pinus roxburghii in all the aspects.

  18. Reproductive biology of lesser spotted dogfish Scyliorhinus canicula (L., 1758 in the Cantabrian Sea

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    C. Rodríguez-Cabello


    Full Text Available This paper examines sexual maturity of the female lesser spotted dogfish Scyliorhinus canicula (L., 1758 in the Cantabrian Sea (north of Spain. Analyses made using data collected from commercial trawlers during 1994 and 1995 showed that females reach sexual maturity at a length of 54.2 cm, and the mean egg-laying size is 56.4 ± 0.94 cm. At least one in six adult female dogfish carried egg-capsules during the study period. Sex-ratio by depth strata indicates a larger proportion of females in deeper waters. Mature and spawning females were found at depths ranging from 100 m to more than 400 m, with their proportion being larger in the deeper strata.

  19. A projection of lesser prairie chicken (Tympanuchus pallidicinctus) populations range-wide (United States)

    Cummings, Jonathan W.; Converse, Sarah J.; Moore, Clinton T.; Smith, David R.; Nichols, Clay T.; Allan, Nathan L.; O'Meilia, Chris M.


    We built a population viability analysis (PVA) model to predict future population status of the lesser prairie-chicken (Tympanuchus pallidicinctus, LEPC) in four ecoregions across the species’ range. The model results will be used in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's (FWS) Species Status Assessment (SSA) for the LEPC. Our stochastic projection model combined demographic rate estimates from previously published literature with demographic rate estimates that integrate the influence of climate conditions. This LEPC PVA projects declining populations with estimated population growth rates well below 1 in each ecoregion regardless of habitat or climate change. These results are consistent with estimates of LEPC population growth rates derived from other demographic process models. Although the absolute magnitude of the decline is unlikely to be as low as modeling tools indicate, several different lines of evidence suggest LEPC populations are declining.

  20. Temporal variation in survival and recovery rates of lesser scaup: A response (United States)

    Arnold, Todd W.; Afton, Alan D.; Anteau, Michael J.; Koons, David N.; Nicolai, Chris A.


    We recently analyzed long-term (1951–2011) continental band-recovery data from lesser scaup (Aythya affinis) and demonstrated that harvest rates declined through time, but annual survival rates exhibited no such trends; moreover, annual harvest and survival rates were uncorrelated for all age-sex classes. We therefore concluded that declining fecundity was most likely responsible for recent population declines, rather than changes in harvest or survival. Lindberg et al. (2017) critiqued our conclusions, arguing that we did little more than fail to reject a null hypothesis of compensatory mortality, postulated ecologically unrealistic changes in fecundity, and failed to give sufficient consideration to additive harvest mortality. Herein, we re-summarize our original evidence indicating that harvest has been compensatory, or at most weakly additive, and demonstrate that our analysis had sufficient power to detect strongly additive mortality if it occurred. We further demonstrate that our conclusions were not confounded by population size, band loss, or individual heterogeneity, as suggested by Lindberg et al. (2017), and we provide additional support for our conjecture that low fecundity played a major role in declining scaup populations during 1983–2006. We therefore reiterate our original management recommendations: given low harvest rates and lack of demonstrable effect on scaup survival, harvest regulations could return to more liberal frameworks, and waterfowl biologists should work together to continue banding lesser scaup and use these data to explore alternative hypotheses to identify the true ecological causes of population change, given that it is unlikely to be excessive harvest. 

  1. The 1843 earthquake: a maximising scenario for tsunami hazard assessment in the Northern Lesser Antilles? (United States)

    Roger, Jean; Zahibo, Narcisse; Dudon, Bernard; Krien, Yann


    The French Caribbean Islands are located over the Lesser Antilles active subduction zone where a handful of earthquakes historically reached magnitude Mw=6.0 and more. According to available catalogs these earthquakes have been sometimes able to trigger devastating local or regional tsunamis, either directly by the shake or indirectly by induced landslides. For example, these islands have severely suffered during the Mw~7.5 Virgin Islands earthquake (1867) triggering several meters high waves in the whole Lesser Antilles Arc and, more recently, during the Mw=6.3 Les Saintes earthquake (2004) followed by a local 1 m high tsunami. However, in 1839 a Mw~7.5 subduction earthquake occured offshore Martinica followed a few years after by the more famous 1843 Mw~8.5 megathrust event, with an epicenter located approximately between Guadeloupe and Antigua, but both without any catastrophic tsunami being reported. In this study we discuss the potential impact of a maximum credible scenario of tsunami generation with such a Mw=8.5 rupture at the subduction interface using available geological information, numerical modeling of tsunami generation and propagation and high resolution bathymetric data within the framework of tsunami hazard assessment for the French West Indies. Despite the fact that the mystery remains unresolved concerning the lack of historical tsunami data especially for the 1843 event, modeling results show that the tsunami impact is not uniformly distributed in the whole archipelago and could show important heterogeneities in terms of maximum wave heights for specific places. This is easily explained by the bathymetry and the presence of several islands around the mainland leading to resonance phenomena, and because of the existence of a fringing coral reef surrounding partially those islands.

  2. Effects of avian cholera on survival of Lesser Snow geese Anser caerulescens: An experimental approach (United States)

    Samuel, Michael D.; Takekawa, John Y.; Baranyuk, Vasily V.; Orthmeyer, Dennis L.


    Avian cholera, caused by the bacterium Pasteurella multocida, is one of the most important diseases affecting waterfowl in North America but little is known about the epizootiology of this disease or its impacts on annual survival rates. We ringed Lesser Snow Geese Anser caerulescens nesting at Wrangel Island, Russia and Banks Island, Canada with metal rings and individually coded plastic neck-collars or radio-transmitters to determine survival, movement and cause of death. We vaccinated half of the neck-collared and radiotagged geese to provide protection from avian cholera for up to one year following ringing and thus experimentally determine the impacts of this disease on survival. We found that vaccination did not reduce short-term survival of the experimental birds, compared with control geese. Neck-collared geese vaccinated in 1993 at Wrangel Island had higher survival during winter 1993–94 than control birds. In contrast, we found similar survival during winter 1994–95 between vaccinated and control geese neck-collared in 1994 at Wrangel and Banks Islands. Survival of radiotagged geese on wintering areas during 1994–95 was consistent with the vaccination versus control results for neck-collared geese during the same winter. However, we found that radiotagged geese that were vaccinated had better survival than control geese during winter 1995–96. We believe that harvest and avian cholera are the two principal causes of mortality for Lesser Snow Geese wintering in the Pacific Flyway and that avian cholera may be one of the factors affecting these populations.

  3. GPS Constraints on Lesser Antilles Forearc Motion and Rigid Caribbean Plate (United States)

    López, A. M.; Stein, S.; Sella, G.; Dixon, T. H.; Calais, E.; Jansma, P. E.


    We are using a decade of Global Positioning System data to address two tectonic problems of the Caribbean (CA) plate; 1) Whether a forearc sliver exists along the Lesser Antilles forearc and if so what is its dynamics and location, and 2) Whether the Caribbean plate is deforming internally. We approach this problem by developing GPS-derived velocity vectors at sites within the CA plate and its boundaries and comparing them to four decades of earthquake data. In a number of subduction zones, misfits between slip vectors and predicted convergence azimuths from Euler vectors suggest the presence of a forearc sliver, where trench-parallel motion is accommodated along a strike-slip fault system. Such a situation may be occurring at the eastern boundary of the CA plate along the Lesser Antilles (LA) forearc, where the North America (NA) plate subducts obliquely. Comparing slip vectors of shallow (0-60 km) thrust events to the predicted motions of GPS-based Euler vectors show a systematic northerly misfit, suggesting a trench-parallel component of motion taken up by the forearc sliver. This possibility can be tested with GPS data from the forearc. In addition, we use new GPS data to constrain the internal rigidity of the plate. Previous GPS work yielded a possible upper bound on internal deformation of 4-6 mm/yr. With an expansion in the data set on critically located stations in the CA plate (SANA, ROJO, CRO1 and AVES), we have computed new sets of Euler vector pairs for the CA-NA and CA-South America plate pairs.

  4. Geothermal evolution of the evaporite-bearing sequences of the Lesser Himalaya, India (United States)

    Singh, S. P.; Singh, B. P.


    Neoproterozoic evaporites occurring in the western part of the Lesser Himalaya in India, coeval to Pakistan, Iran and Oman evaporites, were investigated in order to understand the degree of metamorphism in them and in associated carbonates. The evaporite-bearing succession occurs in association of phyllite, quartzite and carbonate near the Main boundary Thrust. In order to learn the details about the burial history of these evaporite rocks, the Kübler illite crystallinity index (KI) was measured from the illite peaks of the clay minerals separated from the evaporite rocks and it indicated that this section has reached a maximum temperature up to ~300°C. Microthermometric measurements on fluid inclusions present in the associated dolomite show range of homogenization temperatures (Th), from 220 to 280°C, well within the temperature range of anchizone metamorphism. Additionally, dolomite shows a highly negative δ18O signature (mean, -15.5‰PDB), which is more likely related to diagenetic overprint from deep burial conditions rather than original precipitation from 18O-depleted seawater. The evaporites (sulfates and chloride) probably were transformed many times after their precipitation, but they have retained only the features developed during last one or two phases of alteration and deformation as they are continuously susceptible to minor changes in temperatures and stresses. The final temperature range of 42-78°C in sulfates and chloride gives thermal approximation estimate that is not in concordance with the thermal history of the basin and are likely related to conversion of anhydrite into gypsum and recrystallization of halite during exhumation. Highly negative oxygen isotopic composition, homogenization temperatures and KI values equivalent to a high anchizone metamorphism suggest a burial depth of ~10 km for these terminal Neoproterozoic evaporite-bearing sequences of the Lesser Himalaya.

  5. Michael Novak's "Business as a Calling" as a Vehicle for Addressing Ethical and Policy Concerns in a Business Law Course (United States)

    Murphy, Tonia Hap


    This article describes the author's experience of incorporating Michael Novak's "Business as a Calling: Work and the Examined Life" into a Business Law course. The author views it as a positive addition to the course, one that may be of interest to her colleagues at other institutions. Accordingly, after an overview of Novak's analysis in…

  6. Michael Francis Madelin (1931--2007): a pioneer in the biology and ecology of conidial fungi and slime moulds. (United States)

    Campbell, Richard


    Michael F Madelin (1931--2007) was Programme Secretary, Vice-President, and President of the British Mycological Society. A summary of his research on Coprinopsis, various conidial fungi, Coelomomyces and myxomycetes is presented, with a full list of his publications. His teaching career was initially at Imperial College, University of London, and then mostly at the University of Bristol.

  7. Enantioselective synthesis of benzofurans and benzoxazines via an olefin cross-metathesis-intramolecular oxo-Michael reaction. (United States)

    Zhang, Jun-Wei; Cai, Quan; Gu, Qing; Shi, Xiao-Xin; You, Shu-Li


    Chiral phosphoric acid and Hoveyda-Grubbs II were found to catalyze an olefin cross-metathesis-intramolecular oxo-Michael cascade reaction of the ortho-allylphenols and enones to provide a variety of benzofuran and benzoxazine derivatives in moderate to good yields and enantioselectivity.

  8. Effective Integration of Technology and Instruction. Q&A with Michael Jay. REL Mid-Atlantic Educator Effectiveness Webinar Series (United States)

    Regional Educational Laboratory Mid-Atlantic, 2015


    In this webinar, long-time educator and developer of education technology Michael Jay discussed the importance of using technology to support learning and gave examples of how teachers can integrate technology into their instruction based on the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards. The PowerPoint presentation and…

  9. Komparativistlikke ja kultuuriteaduslikke ärgitusi Baltimaade germanistikale / Michael Schwidtal ; saksa keelest tõlkinud Vahur Aabrams

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Schwidtal, Michael


    3. - 5. sept. 2001 toimus Riias sümpoosion "Unter diesem braunen Himmel. Jakob Michael Reinhold Lenz und die deutsche Literatur des Baltikums", 7. - 9. sept. Tartus "Torm ja tung Liivimaal. Mässu mudelid", pühendatud J. M. R. Lenzi ja Kristian Jaak Petersoni loomingule. Ülevaade

  10. Rezension: Österreichische Archivgeschichte. Vom Spätmittelalter bis zum Ende des Papierzeitalters von Michael Hochedlinger


    Valerie Strunz


    Valerie Strunz hat für die LeserInnen der MEDIENIMPULSE die 'Österreichische Archivgeschichte' von Michael Hochedlinger rezensiert. Der Band ist eine Fundgrube für alle, die sich für Geschichte und das Archiv interessieren ...

  11. Rezension: Österreichische Archivgeschichte. Vom Spätmittelalter bis zum Ende des Papierzeitalters von Michael Hochedlinger

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Valerie Strunz


    Full Text Available Valerie Strunz hat für die LeserInnen der MEDIENIMPULSE die 'Österreichische Archivgeschichte' von Michael Hochedlinger rezensiert. Der Band ist eine Fundgrube für alle, die sich für Geschichte und das Archiv interessieren ...

  12. What I Think I May Have Learned--Reflections on 50 Years of Teaching: An Interview with Michael Wertheimer (United States)

    Michael, Kurt D.


    Kurt Michael is an associate professor in the Department of Psychology at Appalachian State University (ASU) where he teaches history and systems of psychology, abnormal psychology, child psychopathology, and interventions for children and adolescents. He received his BA (cum laude) from the University of Colorado at Boulder and his MS and PhD in…


    Substituted 2'-hydroxychalcones were found to give an equilibrium mixture of the starting chalcone and the corresponding flavanone inf 4.6-1:3 ratio in the presence of DBU gave two hitherto unknown diasteromeric dimers in a highly diastereoselective Michael addition of the carban...

  14. Michael McFaul: venelastele pole kunagi lubatud, et NATO Ida-Euroopasse ei laiene / intervjueerinud Taavi Minnik

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    McFaul, Michael


    Intervjuu Ameerika Ühendriikide ühe hinnatuma Venemaa-tundja, Stanfordi ülikooli professori ja endise suursaadikuga Venemaal Michael McFauliga viimasel ajal tekkinud USA-Venemaa vastasseisust Läänemerel ning Venemaa ja lääne suhetest

  15. Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann and Michael North (eds., Mediating Netherlandish Art and Material Culture in Asia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Claartje Rasterhoff


    Full Text Available Book notice of: Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann and Michael North (eds., Mediating Netherlandish Art and Material Culture in Asia (Amsterdam Studies in the Dutch Golden Age Amsterdam, Amsterdam University Press, 2014. 348 pp. ISBN 978-90-8964-569-2. € 99,00.

  16. 78 FR 2391 - CAlifornians for Renewable Energy, Inc., Michael E. Boyd, Robert M. Sarvey v. Pacific Gas and... (United States)


    ... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY Federal Energy Regulatory Commission CAlifornians for Renewable Energy, Inc., Michael E. Boyd, Robert M. Sarvey v... and Procedure of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC); CAlifornians for Renewable Energy...

  17. N-Heterocyclic-Carbene-Catalysed Diastereoselective Vinylogous Mukaiyama/Michael Reaction of 2-(Trimethylsilyloxy)furan and Enones

    KAUST Repository

    Wang, Ying


    N-heterocyclic carbenes have been utilised as highly efficient nucleophilic organocatalysts to mediate vinylogous Mukaiyama/Michael reactions of 2-(trimethylsilyloxy)furan with enones to afford γ-substituted butenolides in 44-99% yield with 3:1-32:1 diastereoselectivity. © 2015 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

  18. A Symposium on the Relevance of Michael Polanyi's Insights to a Reformulated Understanding of Science, Technology, and Society (United States)

    Mead, Walter B.


    This is intended as an introductory statement to the explorations undertaken in the essays that follow. The authors of these essays attempt to introduce the reader to some of the insights of Michael Polanyi and their implications for the reader who wishes to come to a greater understanding of modern technological society, which--for better or…

  19. The works of Joseph and Michael Haydn in Ondřej Horník's collection

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Freemanová, Michaela


    Roč. 9, 1-2 (2017), s. 14-23 ISSN 1803-7828 Institutional support: RVO:68378076 Keywords : music manuscripts * Joseph Haydn * Michael Haydn * Ondřej Horník's collection * church music Subject RIV: AL - Art, Architecture, Cultural Heritage

  20. Book Review: America’s Blind Spot: Chávez, Oil and US Security by Andrés Cala and Michael Economides

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Boscan, Luis


    Review of: America’s Blind Spot: Chávez, Oil and US Security. Andrés Cala and Michael Economides. Continuum Books. 2012.......Review of: America’s Blind Spot: Chávez, Oil and US Security. Andrés Cala and Michael Economides. Continuum Books. 2012....

  1. Der Wert von Worten. Michael Serrer aus dem Literaturbüro Düsseldorf im Interview mit der Textpraxis-Redaktion

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michael Serrer


    Full Text Available Die Textpraxis-Redaktion unterhält sich mit Michael Serrer über Literaturvermittlung in Zeiten der Digitalisierung, über Kanonisierung und die Rolle der Literatur in der Gesellschaft. Michael Serrer ist Leiter des Literaturbüros NRW und Feuilletonist.

  2. Los lugares de lo político, los desplazamientos del símbolo. Poder y simbolismo en la obra de Victor W. Turner, de Rodrigo Díaz Cruz

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dario Ranocchiari


    Full Text Available Este es un libro que hacía falta desde hace mucho tiempo. Puede que eso quiera decir —como sugiere el autor en la introducción— que habría sido mejor si se hubiese publicado hace veinte o treinta años, pero mi opinión es que no hay momentos mejores de este para redescubrir la obra de Victor Turner (1920-1983. ¿Habrían tenido que publicarse ya en los 1970 y 1980 estudios críticos analíticos y bien fundamentados sobre las muchas almas de la antropología turneriana? Sí, indudablemente. Pero la lectura que de ella nos proporciona en 2014 Rodrigo Díaz Cruz no habría podido hacerse en pleno auge de la antropología interpretativa o de la posmoderna.

  3. An Oral History Interview with MICHAEL M. CERNEA (interviewer: Judith Freidenberg

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available The editors and editorial board of Human Organization are pleased to introduce readers to the following oral history interview with Michael M. Cernea, a development social scientist who has militated throughout his academic career and applied work for "putting people first", in the forefront of development projects and policies. Working for a long time for the promotion of anthropological and sociological knowledge, either in the activities of the World Bank or in the policies and programs of governments of both developed and developing countries, Dr. Cernea cleared pathways for applied social science that are sure to benefit people in development settings for many years to come. Undoubtedly many readers already know Dr. Cernea's work well, especially those of us who teach the anthropology of development or work in applied settings and organizations, but this interview embeds his broad body of work into a personal, human, and at times tragic context that opens with brushes with death, Nazi brutality, and exile. It also provides valuable insights for carrying out the work of development anthropologists within large-scale organizations and governments.This interview with Dr. Cernea was conducted by Dr. Judith Freidenberg, of the University of Maryland, on June 30, 2003, for the Society for Applied Anthropology Oral History Project, headquartered at the University of Kentucky Libraries. This Project aims to create, through the vehicle of oral histories, a record of the life, activities and experiences of number of selected scholars-anthropologists who devoted a great part of their scientific work to research, to applied work in different settings, to inducing development, including to hands-on work on crafting public social policies and actual development programs. The present transcript of the interview was reviewed by both participants for editorial purposes. Michael M. Cernea expanded some of his oral responses, for historical accuracy or to add

  4. Geothermal resources in Martinique (Lesser Antilles): new insight of geochemical isotopic tools (United States)

    Gadalia, A.; Rad, S.; Braibant, G.; Brach, M.; Millot, R.; Traineau, H.


    Geothermal exploration of Martinique Island started in 1967 but was interrupted successively at 3 times. Additional geothermal exploration program was conducted by BRGM, in 2001-2003 and recently in areas known for their geothermal interest: Mount Pelée volcano and Diamant. A complementary exploration is now proceed with new sites of interest such as "Pitons du Carbet" massif after recent dating (Germa et al., 2011). A conceptual model of reservoir was established for Mount Pelée volcano and on the Piton du Carbet massif, but the extension of these greenfield remains unknown. We propose new approach through geochemistry by the integration to the prospection of chemical compositions of river waters adding to hot springs and well waters. Rivers catchment in Lesser Antilles and their hydrothermal impact have been studied in order to quantify and identify the magmatic contribution into the river (Rad et al., 2011). Chemical analyses and new isotopic tools such as Lithium isotopes 7Li/6Li (expressed as δ7Li) are measured in river waters. Among these multi chemical parameters, isotopic in particular (H, Li, C, O, Sr…) the Li isotopic signature appear to be conservative and allows to identify new target with high temperature water-rock interactions or in case of high fractionation, reflecting low temperature water-rock interactions, to avoid an extended zone. These new technique was applied to the Mount Pelée and confirm the pre-existent model established in previous exploration campaign. For Pitons du Carbet massif all the river catchment of the massif have been sampled, first results show a potential western extension of the reservoir, confirm by an important gas leak of hydrothermal origin. For tropical volcanic environment with sharp relief, dense vegetation, and high precipitation, chemical and isotopic analyses, particularly lithium isotopes, in river waters, allow to identify zone of interest. To conclude, river catchment studies dedicate to geothermal

  5. Hallux Valgus and Lesser Toe Deformities are Highly Heritable in Adult Men and Women: the Framingham Foot Study (United States)

    Hannan, Marian T.; Menz, Hylton B.; Jordan, Joanne M.; Cupples, L. Adrienne; Cheng, Chia-Ho; Hsu, Yi-Hsiang


    Objective To estimate heritability of three common disorders affecting the forefoot: hallux valgus, lesser toe deformities and plantar forefoot soft tissue atrophy in adult Caucasian men and women. Methods Between 2002-2008, a trained examiner used a validated foot exam to document presence of hallux valgus, lesser toe deformities and plantar soft tissue atrophy in 2,446 adults from the Framingham Foot Study. Among these, 1,370 participants with available pedigree structure were included. Heritability (h2) was estimated using pedigree structures by Sequential Oligogenic Linkage Analysis Routines (SOLAR) package. Results were adjusted for age, sex and BMI. Results Mean age of participants was 66 years (range 39 to 99 years) and 57% were female. Prevalence of hallux valgus, lesser toe deformities and plantar soft tissue atrophy was 31%, 29.6% and 28.4%, respectively. Significant h2 was found for hallux valgus (0.29 ~ 0.89, depending on age and sex) and lesser toe deformity (0.49 ~ 0.90 depending on age and sex). The h2 for lesser toe deformity in men and women aged 70+ years was 0.65 (p= 9×10−7). Significant h2 was found for plantar soft tissue atrophy in men and women aged 70+ years (h2 = 0.37; p=3.8×10−3). Conclusion To our knowledge, these are the first findings of heritability of foot disorders in humans, and they confirm the widely-held view that hallux valgus and lesser toe deformities are highly heritable in European-descent Caucasian men and women, underscoring the importance of future work to identify genetic determinants of the underlying genetic susceptibility to these common foot disorders. PMID:23696165

  6. Role of plantar plate and surgical reconstruction techniques on static stability of lesser metatarsophalangeal joints: a biomechanical study. (United States)

    Chalayon, Ornusa; Chertman, Carla; Guss, Andrew D; Saltzman, Charles L; Nickisch, Florian; Bachus, Kent N


    Disruption of the plantar plate of the lesser metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joints leads to significant instability. Despite the fact that plantar plate disorders are common, the best mode of treatment remains controversial with operative treatments having variable and somewhat unpredictable clinical outcomes. Lesser MTP joints from the second, third, and fourth toes from fresh-frozen cadaver feet were biomechanically tested: (1) intact, (2) with the plantar plate disrupted, and (3) following a Weil osteotomy, a flexor-to-extensor tendon transfer, or a Weil osteotomy with a subsequent flexor-to-extensor tendon transfer with testing in superior subluxation, dorsiflexion, and plantarflexion. The plantar plate significantly contributed to stabilizing the sagittal plane of the lesser MTP joints. The flexor-to-extensor tendon transfer significantly stabilized the disrupted lesser MTP joints in both superior subluxation and in dorsiflexion. The flexor-to-extensor tendon transfer following a Weil osteotomy also significantly stabilized the disrupted lesser MTP joints in both superior subluxation and in dorsiflexion. In this cadaver-based experiment, disruption of the plantar plate of the lesser MTP joints led to significant instability. After plantar plate disruption, the Weil osteotomy left the joint unstable. The flexor-to-extensor tendon transfer by itself increased the stability of the joint in dorsiflexion, but combined with a Weil osteotomy restored near intact stability against superior subluxation and dorsiflexion forces. Surgeons using the Weil osteotomy for plantar plate deficient MTP joints may consider adding a flexor tendon transfer to the procedure. Techniques to repair the torn plantar plate directly are needed.

  7. Anthropology as storytelling: fetishism and terror in Michael Taussig’s early works

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lorenzo D’ANGELO


    Full Text Available Among anthropologists inspired by Walter Benjamin and the early Frankfurt School, Michael Taussig is notable. For Taussig, Benjamin is like a muse, a source of inspiration to ponder over his extended fieldwork in South America. This article outlines a possible reading path through Taussig’searly works, a path specifically influenced by Benjamin’s insights into topics such as fetishism, violence, and storytelling. In particular, it examines the way Taussig approaches two issues: the Marxian question of commodity fetishism, and the question of writing against terror. The analysis of commodity and State fetishism leads Taussig to reject the symptomatic reading offered by thinkers such as Marx and Freud. The issue of violence or terror drives him to reflect on the politics of representation. In line with Benjamin’s reflections on the role of the storyteller in bourgeois society, Taussig intertwines these two lines of thought and interprets anthropology as a form of storytelling. This article highlights some of the epistemological and ontological assumptions behind this provocative idea. It argues that despite the radical nature of its premises, Taussig defends a weak conception of criticism.

  8. Diffusible gradients are out - an interview with Lewis Wolpert. Interviewed by Richardson, Michael K. (United States)

    Wolpert, Lewis


    In 1969, Lewis Wolpert published a paper outlining his new concepts of "pattern formation" and "positional information". He had already published research on the mechanics of cell membranes in amoebae, and a series of classic studies of sea urchin gastrulation with Trygve Gustavson. Wolpert had presented his 1969 paper a year earlier at a Woods Hole conference, where it received a very hostile reception: "I wasnt asked back to America for many years!". But with Francis Crick lining up in support of diffusible morphogen gradients, positional information eventually became established as a guiding principle for research into biological pattern formation. It is now clear that pattern formation is much more complex than could possibly have been imagined in 1969. But Wolpert still believes in positional information, and regards intercalation during regeneration as its best supporting evidence. However, he and others doubt that diffusible morphogen gradients are a plausible mechanism: "Diffusible gradients are too messy", he says. Since his retirement, Lewis Wolpert has remained active as a theoretical biologist and continues to publish in leading journals. He has also campaigned for a greater public understanding of the stigma of depression. He was interviewed at home in London on July 26th, 2007 by Michael Richardson.

  9. Losing Touch: A Theology of Death for Michael Haneke’s Amour

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Taylor Worley


    Full Text Available This proposed theology of death for Michael Haneke’s Amour, a fraught but poignant piece of cinema, will employ Martin Heidegger’s existentialism to reframe the ethical structure of the film and apply a “lived theology” rejoinder to its perceived hopelessness. The proposal will address the question of ethics in relation to Haneke’s cinema, in particular his seemingly nihilistic perspective and confrontational style. To do so, it will revisit the film itself and examine the ways that Georges and Anne’s love is tested. Principally, we examine the film’s great question, which—in the filmmaker’s own words—is: “How do I cope with the suffering of a loved one?” With aid from the theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer, this ‘lived theology’ proposal will attempt to give an account of love’s irrepressible strength in the midst of even astounding suffering. While Heidegger’s ethic of resoluteness calls for interiority and solitude, Bonhoeffer’s account of death more satisfactorily invokes a transcendent summons contained within our own pledges to loved ones. Such a theological reading of Haneke’s Amour will draw two distinct conclusions: first, the film exposes the superficiality of any hoped-for solitude or escape from a loved one’s death, and secondly, it demonstrates that the mutuality of authentic love entails impossible sacrifices.

  10. Michael Ondaatje's reinvention of social and cultural Myths: In the Skin of a Lion

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Branko Gorjup


    Full Text Available From the beginning of his writing career in the early sixties until the recent publication of In the Skin of a Lian (1987, the Canada of Michael Ondaatje had represented one thing: a geographical locale which he has selected as his home but which, fundamentally, had failed to engage his imagination. The fictional worlds he created in The Collected Works of Billy the Kid, Coming Through Slaughter and Running in the Family, has been located outside of Canada, each corresponding to an actual place complete with historical and geographical references. For this very reason it has been impossible - as Sam Solecki noted in his introduction to Spider Blues, »a collection of reviews and essays on Ondaatje - to place this anomalous literary presence in Canada within »specifically Canadian tradition of writing ...«,  a tradition that would»include and see relationships among figures as different as Roberts, Pratt, F. R. Scott, Purdy and Atwood ...« Ondaatje's »characters, landscapes, stories and themes resist any taxonomies based on overtly Canadian thematics.« In fact, Solecki further suggested that Ondaatje, like »V. S. Naipaul, Derek Walcott and Salmon Rushdie ..., compels a rethinking of the notion of a national tradition«. Similarly, another critic from the same collection described Ondaatje's position in the context of Canadian writing as unique - a position according to which »language or audience or the identity and the role of the poet are indeterminate. «

  11. Nacionalismos e internacionalismo: um debate entre Michael Löwy e Michel Cahen

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ângela Lazagna


    Full Text Available Este artigo consiste em um debate realizado entre Michel Löwy e Michael Cahen em meados dos anos 1990 e revisto para esta publicação. Mesmo que a discussão refira-se a acontecimentos que até certo ponto podem ser considerados datados, a preocupação de fundo que é comum a esses artigos concede-lhes atualidade: a necessidade do aprofundamento de uma reflexão, a partir da teoria marxista, sobre o problema dos nacionalismos e do internacionalismo em tempos de mundialização. Esse aprofundamento, segundo os autores, faz-se necessário sobretudo por meio de uma reflexão que rompa criticamente com uma visão eurocêntrica dos diferentes nacionalismos e que supere a atitude de muitos marxistas de desprezarem tudo aquilo que não seja diretamente relevante à "consciência de classe".

  12. Examination of Michael Dummett’s Anti-Realism and Verificationist Approach

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    a Hossein Khani


    Full Text Available Anti-realism was first introduced by Michael Dummett, the contemporary analytic philosopher. He has always preferred to discuss about statements and assertions (instead of entities, such as statements in the past tense, statements about the physical world, and so on. Based on his approach to metaphysical problems, we should initially choose an appropriate model of meaning and a proper conception of the notion of truth applicable to the statements. By doing so, the dispute between realism and anti-realism can be rendered to a disagreement on the kind of meaning the statements may have. After criticizing the realist approach, he goes on to claim that without having proper evidence, we cannot judge on meaning and truth or falsity of linguistic statements. To understand a sentence, Dummett says, is to have the capacity of recognizing what would be counted as evidence for or against it. Therefore, an anti-realist believes that there is no guarantee for every sentence to be certainly true (or false. Or, it cannot be approved for each statement to be necessarily true or false, independently of our knowledge and relevant abilities. An adherent of realism, by contrast, admits the principle of bivalence and acknowledges that sentences are true or false because of the reality existing independently of us. In this essay, after introducing Dummett’s anti-realist approach and his criticisms on realism, I am going to discuss about and explain the correlation between his desired theory of meaning and anti-realism.

  13. Novel Interecting Blends Based on Amino Terminited Oligoimides by Using Michael Addition Reaction-II

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rita R. Patel


    Full Text Available New amino terminated oligoimides (AOIs were prepared by the Michael addition reaction of various bismaleimide (1, namely, 1-(4-((4-((2, 5-dioxocyclopent-3 enylamino methyl cyclohexyl methyl cyclohexyl-1, 6-dihydropyridine-2, 5-dione with excess of various diamines (2a-c. These AOIs were characterized by elemental analysis, FT-IR spectral studies and number average molecular weight estimated by non-aqueous conductometric titrations. AOIs were then treated with acrylol chloride and resultant acryl terminated oligoimides (AcOIs samples were also characterized thermogravimetrically. Each of these AcOI was then combined with the N-phenyl maleimide (PM in THF solvent. The resultant suspensions were then heated in the presence of azobisisobutyronitrile (AIBN as an initiator. The AcOI and PM polymerized through double bond simultaneously and form interacting blends, which were analyzed thermogravimetrically. The glass fiber reinforced composites were fabricated by using the suspensions of the AcOI and PM. The composites of Interacting blends were analyzed for their mechanical, chemical and electrical properties.

  14. A man and his island: The island mirror in Michael Crummey’s Sweetland

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laurie Brinklow


    Full Text Available Between 1946 and 1975, dozens of islands and outports in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador were abandoned as part of a government resettlement policy. Families and communities were torn apart, and a culture and way of life that revolved around the fishery changed irrevocably. The practice, which continues to this day, has been well documented, particularly by artists and writers. Michael Crummey’s 2014 novel Sweetland is a recent iteration. The relationship between humans and place is complex: on an island, with compressed space and a very real boundary that is the ocean, emotional attachments to one’s place are often heightened and distilled. What happens when a person is displaced from his or her island; when bonds of attachment are severed and one’s mirrored double is destroyed? Sweetland offers a fictional lens through which we see an example of a mirrored relationship between an island protagonist and his island setting. Exploring themes of attachment to place, and what Barry Lopez calls a “storied” or “reciprocal” relationship with the land, this paper examines what happens to a man when confronted with leaving an island he knows as deeply as his own body and soul; and how the island reacts.

  15. Synthesis of the Hemoglobin-Conjugated Polymer Micelles by Thiol Michael Addition Reactions. (United States)

    Qi, Yanxin; Li, Taihang; Wang, Yupeng; Wei, Xing; Li, Bin; Chen, Xuesi; Xie, Zhigang; Jing, Xiabin; Huang, Yubin


    Amphiphilic triblock copolymers mPEG-b-PMAC-b-PCL are synthesized using methoxyl poly(ethylene glycol), cyclic carbonic ester monomer including acryloyl group, and ε-caprolactone. Copolymers are self-assembled into core-shell micelles in aqueous solution. Thiolated hemoglobin (Hb) is conjugated with micelles sufficiently through thiol Michael addition reaction to form hemoglobin nanoparticles (HbNs) with 200 nm in diameter. The conjugation of Hb onto the micelle surface is further confirmed by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. Feeding ratio of copolymer micelles to Hb at 1:3 would lead to the highest hemoglobin loading efficiency 36.7 wt%. The UV results demonstrate that the gas transporting capacity of HbNs is well remained after Hb is conjugated with polymeric micelles. Furthermore, the obtained HbNs have no obvious detrimental effects on blood components in vitro. This system may thus have great potential as one of the candidates to be developed as oxygen carriers and provide a reference for the modification of protein drugs. © 2016 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

  16. La figura del libro in Die unendliche Geschichte di Michael Ende: da finestra a varco

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elena Di Cesare


    Full Text Available The book is an object which can be considered as a window in the novel Die unendliche Geschichte (1979 written by Michael Ende. It allows Bastian to look at the world of Phantasien and to communicate indirectly with the Childlike Empress. Furthermore, this object will show its function as an symbol of evolution, which will enable the passage of the protagonist into the world of Phantasien: first the book appears as a window, then it becomes a two-way-mirror that allows Bastian and Atreju to look at each other, and finally it turns into a gate which enables them to live many adventures together. Die unendliche Geschichte can be considered as a modern Bildungsroman in which the young protagonist gradually reaches his maturation. This progress must be seen in a psychological perspective: it is the growth of a child-mind through literature which makes reference to the German novel tradition but also (as children’s literature to the world of unconsciousness.

  17. Surgical reduction and ligament reconstruction for chronic dorsal dislocation of the lesser metatarsophalangeal joint associated with hallux valgus. (United States)

    Shima, Hiroaki; Okuda, Ryuzo; Yasuda, Toshito; Jotoku, Tsuyoshi; Hida, Takashi; Mori, Katsunori; Neo, Masashi


    Hallux valgus (HV) is occasionally associated with chronic dislocation of the lesser metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joints. We have developed a novel surgical procedure to treat dislocation of the lesser MTP joints. This study aimed to describe our procedure and investigate the outcomes of surgical intervention in the treatment of HV with dislocation of the lesser MTP joints. Twenty-three patients (27 feet, average age: 63.6 years, average follow-up: 49.5 months; a minimum follow-up of 24 months) underwent surgical intervention for HV and dislocation of the lesser MTP joints. Twenty-three feet had dislocation (10 feet) or subluxation (13 feet) of the second MTP joint, whereas 4 feet had dislocation of the second and third MTP joints. The surgical procedure included a distal soft-tissue procedure combined with proximal osteotomy for correction of the HV, and reconstruction of the collateral ligaments (CL) following open reduction with complete release of the capsule and the CL at the metatarsal head for dislocation of the lesser MTP joints. Outcomes were assessed using the Japanese Society for Surgery of the Foot (JSSF) scale and radiological examinations. The JSSF score improved significantly from an average of 49.7 points preoperatively to 93.1 points postoperatively. The average HV angle and intermetatarsal angle decreased significantly from 44.6° and 18.1° preoperatively to 7.9° and 6.0° postoperatively, respectively. The average extension and flexion of the second MTP joint was 53.1° and 13.8° at the most recent follow-up, respectively. Postoperatively, no feet had dislocation of the second or third MTP joint, three had subluxation of the second MTP joint, and one had subluxation of the third MTP joint. Osteoarthritis of the lesser MTP joint had developed in two feet (7.4 %) at the time of the most recent follow-up. Our surgical procedure achieved significant correction of HV, a low rate of postoperative re-dislocation of the lesser MTP joints, and significant

  18. Distribution and ecology of lesser pouched rat, Beamys hindei, in Tanzanian coastal forests. (United States)

    Sabuni, Christopher A; Sluydts, Vincent; Mulungu, Loth S; Maganga, Samwel L S; Makundi, Rhodes H; Leirs, Herwig


    The lesser pouched rat, Beamys hindei, is a small rodent that is patchily distributed in the Eastern Arc Mountains and coastal forests in East Africa. The ecology of this species and its current distribution in coastal forests is not well known. Therefore, we conducted a study in selected coastal forests to assess the current distribution of the species and to investigate the population ecology in terms of abundance fluctuations and demographic patterns. Assessments of the species distribution were conducted in 5 forests through trapping with Sherman live traps. Data on ecology were obtained from monthly capture-mark-recapture studies conducted for 5 consecutive nights per month in two 1 ha grids set in Zaraninge Forest over a 2-year period. The results indicate the presence of B. hindei in 3 forests where it was not previously recorded. The population abundance estimates ranged from 1 to 40 animals per month, with high numbers recorded during rainy seasons. Reproduction patterns and sex ratios did not differ between months. Survival estimates were not influenced by season, and recruitment was low, with growth rate estimates of 1 animal per month. These estimates suggest a stable population of B. hindei in Zaraninge Forest. Further studies are recommended to establish the home range, diet and burrowing behavior of the species in coastal forests in East Africa. © 2015 International Society of Zoological Sciences, Institute of Zoology/Chinese Academy of Sciences and Wiley Publishing Asia Pty Ltd.

  19. Hydrologically complemented deterministic slope stability analysis in part of Indian Lesser Himalaya

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    John Mathew


    Full Text Available This study uses a deterministic approach to evaluate the factor of safety (FS of the terrain for different hydrological conditions, in part of Indian Lesser Himalaya. The results indicate sudden increase in the percentage unstable area from 7.5% to 13.8% for rainfall intensity variation from 50 to 100 mm/day. For the rainfall intensity of 15 August 2007 which caused many landslides in the study area, 18.5% of the total area was unstable and it increases to 21.7%, 23.5% and 24.7%, respectively, for rainfall intensities corresponding to 10, 25 and 50 year return periods. This increment stagnates at about 260 mm/day, making about 25% of the area unstable. Higher rainfall intensities make progressively gentler slopes unstable, but limited to 25 degrees of slope in this area. The area underlain by granitic gneiss showed 23.1% of area as unstable for 135 mm/day of rainfall intensity, and was followed by those areas underlain by amphibolite (16%, limestone (13.7% and quartzite (10.4%. Receiver operating characteristic (ROC curve analysis has given 84.2% accuracy for the model. Conversion of FS to failure probability through Z scores enables identification unstable or marginally unstable areas, for planning selective slope stabilization measures.

  20. Orientation of native versus translocated juvenile lesser spotted eagles (Clanga pomarina) on the first autumn migration. (United States)

    Meyburg, Bernd-U; Bergmanis, Ugis; Langgemach, Torsten; Graszynski, Kai; Hinz, Arno; Börner, Ingo; Meyburg, Christiane; Vansteelant, Wouter M G


    The ontogeny of migration routines used by wild birds remains unresolved. Here we investigated the migratory orientation of juvenile lesser spotted eagles (LSE; Clanga pomarina) based on translocation and satellite tracking. Between 2004 and 2016, 85 second-hatched juveniles (Abels) were reared in captivity for release into the declining German population, including 50 birds that were translocated 940 km from Latvia. In 2009, we tracked 12 translocated juveniles, as well as eight native juveniles and nine native adults, to determine how inexperienced birds come to use strategic migration routes. Native juveniles departed around the same time as the adults and six of eight used the eastern flyway around the Mediterranean, which was used by all adults. In contrast, translocated juveniles departed on average 6 days before native LSEs, and five travelled southward and died in the central Mediterranean region. Consequently, fewer translocated juveniles (4/12) than native juveniles (7/8) reached Africa. We conclude that juvenile LSEs have a much better chance of learning the strategic southeastern flyway if they leave at an appropriate time to connect with experienced elders upon departure. It is not clear why translocated juveniles departed so early. Regardless, by the end of the year, most juveniles had perished, whether they were translocated (10/12) or not (6/8). The small number of surviving translocated juveniles thus still represents a significant increase in the annual productivity of the German LSE population in 2009. © 2017. Published by The Company of Biologists Ltd.

  1. Genetic Diversity in the Lesser Antilles and Its Implications for the Settlement of the Caribbean Basin.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jada Benn Torres

    Full Text Available Historical discourses about the Caribbean often chronicle West African and European influence to the general neglect of indigenous people's contributions to the contemporary region. Consequently, demographic histories of Caribbean people prior to and after European contact are not well understood. Although archeological evidence suggests that the Lesser Antilles were populated in a series of northward and eastern migratory waves, many questions remain regarding the relationship of the Caribbean migrants to other indigenous people of South and Central America and changes to the demography of indigenous communities post-European contact. To explore these issues, we analyzed mitochondrial DNA and Y-chromosome diversity in 12 unrelated individuals from the First Peoples Community in Arima, Trinidad, and 43 unrelated Garifuna individuals residing in St. Vincent. In this community-sanctioned research, we detected maternal indigenous ancestry in 42% of the participants, with the remainder having haplotypes indicative of African and South Asian maternal ancestry. Analysis of Y-chromosome variation revealed paternal indigenous American ancestry indicated by the presence of haplogroup Q-M3 in 28% of the male participants from both communities, with the remainder possessing either African or European haplogroups. This finding is the first report of indigenous American paternal ancestry among indigenous populations in this region of the Caribbean. Overall, this study illustrates the role of the region's first peoples in shaping the genetic diversity seen in contemporary Caribbean populations.

  2. A ring recovery of a lesser spotted Eagle Aquila Pomarina Brehm

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    H.P. Mendelsohn


    Full Text Available During ringing operations in the Punda Milia area of the Kruger National Park, Republic of South Africa, a Lesser Spotted Eagle, Aquila pomarina, Roberts Nr. 136, was caught by means of a bal-chatri trap at Magoane. The bird, an adult, had a mass of 1,26 kg, which appears light for its size; it was probably a male. It was fitted with a flanged ring of 16 mm diameter, No. 526-0727 at the time of capture - 29.11.1972, 08h00. A number ofconspecifics were observed in the area at the time. The eagle was recovered on 30.10.1973 and, as the ring was returned, it is presumed to be dead. The place of recovery was Azerbaijan SSR, near Kusary, U.S.S.R., co-ordinates 41 24'N, 48 27'E, which places it just north of the Caucasus Mountains and west of the Caspian Sea. It would appear that the eagle met its end shortly before or during migration, as the date of recovery given is only thirty days prior to the date on which the bird was ringed in the proceeding year.

  3. Female reproductive tract of the lesser anteater (Tamandua tetradactyla, myrmecophagidae, Xenarthra). Anatomy and histology. (United States)

    Rossi, L F; Luaces, J P; Marcos, H J Aldana; Cetica, P D; Gachen, G; Jimeno, G Pérez; Merani, M S


    The morphological and histological features of the unusual reproductive tract of the female lesser anteater, Tamandua tetradactyla (Myrmecophagidae, Xenarthra), are described for the first time. The present study aimed to establish the main similarities and differences between this species and other xenarthrans. The populations of this species are declining rapidly for a number of reasons and our study is relevant to diverse programs related to its conservation. Studies were carried out on five female genital tracts of adult specimens. Ovaries were ovoid, presenting a medulla completely surrounded by the cortex, differently from that described in other xenarthans. Like in Dasypus but different from all other armadillos studied, single oocyte follicles were observed and a simple the uterus. The uterovaginal canal connects the uterus with the urogenital sinus. The simple columnar epithelium of the uterovaginal canal ends abruptly at a septum which resembles a hymen, where the transitional epithelium of the urogenital sinus appears. This ancestral feature is shared with that of other armadillos, except Tolypeutes matacus, which has a true vagina. Characteristics of the reproductive tract and sperm morphology of other Xenarthra are comparatively discussed. These observations suggest that important reproductive features are shared between the family Myrmecophagidae and the genus Dasypus, a basal group in the phylogeny of Xenarthra. Copyright © 2011 Wiley-Liss, Inc.

  4. Survey and habitat data for postbreeding lesser scaup, Lower Red Rock Lake, MT, 2007-2013 (United States)

    Austin, Jane E.; Warren, Jeffrey


    The data are part of a larger, long-term project of lesser scaup on Lower Red Rock Lake, Montana, 2004-2015, conducted by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. This segment of the data has summarized results of late summer resighting surveys of nasal-marked adult females and GIS-derived habitat attributes. Scaup resighting surveys were conducted mid-August to early September, 2007-2013. The study site was divided into 16 survey plots (as shown as grid in figure); each plot comprised one to four 750 × 750 m survey blocks such that plots contained roughly equivalent area of open water Survey data included GPS location, number, and social status of marked females, wind conditions, and group size of other scaup associated with a marked bird. Each record is one resight session. Habitat attributes were derived from annual lake-level data (water depth) and analyses of 2008 aerial imagery (percent open area, viewshed, interface of water:emergent vegetation, percent bare aquatic substrate, fetch distance). Both types of GIS data were delineated at the cell (quarter-block) scale (375 x 375m).

  5. Documentary-derived chronologies of rainfall variability in Antigua, Lesser Antilles, 1770-1890 (United States)

    Berland, A. J.; Metcalfe, S. E.; Endfield, G. H.


    This paper presents the first extensive reconstruction of precipitation variability in the Lesser Antilles using historical documentary sources. Over 13 250 items of documentation pertaining to Antigua from the period 1769-1890 were consulted, including missionary, plantation and governmental papers as well as contemporary scholarly publications. Based on the predominant meteorological conditions observed throughout the island, each "rain-year" (December-November) was assigned one of five classifications (very wet, wet, "normal", dry and very dry). Local weather references relating to seven plantations in central-eastern Antigua were grouped according to dry (December-April) and wet seasons (May-November), each of which were also categorised in the aforementioned manner. Results comprise individual island-wide and central-eastern Antiguan chronologies of relative precipitation levels, spanning the rain-years 1769-70 to 1889-90 and 1769-70 to 1853-54 respectively. The former is compared with available instrumental data for the years 1870-1890. Significant dry phases are identified in the rain-years 1775-80, 1788-91, 1820-22, 1834-37, 1844-45, 1859-60, 1862-64, 1870-74 and 1881-82, while wet episodes were 1771-74, 1833-34, 1837-38, 1841-44, 1845-46 and 1878-81. Evidence for major wet and dry spells is presented and findings are evaluated within wider historical and palaeoclimatic contexts.

  6. Abundance and density of lesser prairie-chickens and leks in Texas (United States)

    Timmer, Jennifer M.; Butler, M.J.; Ballard, Warren; Boal, Clint W.; Whitlaw, H.A.


    Lesser prairie-chickens (LEPCs; Tympanuchus pallidicinctus) have experienced population declines due to both direct and indirect habitat loss, including conversion of native rangeland to cropland and disturbance from energy development. Our objectives were to 1) determine the current density of LEPC leks and LEPCs within the Texas (USA) occupied range, including areas with high potential for wind-energy development; and 2) find new leks. To estimate lek and LEPC density, we employed a line-transect-based aerial survey method using a Robinson 22 helicopter to count leks. We surveyed 26,810.9 km of transect in the spring of 2010 and 2011 and we detected 96 leks. We estimated a density of 2.0 leks/100 km(2) (90% CI = 1.4-2.7 leks/100 km(2)) and 12.3 LEPCs/100 km(2) (90% CI = 8.5-17.9 LEPCs/100 km(2)) and an abundance of 293.6 leks (90% CI = 213.9-403.0 leks) and 1,822.4 LEPCs (90% CI = 1,253.7-2,649.1 LEPCs) for our sampling frame. Our best model indicated that lek size and lek type (AIC(c) wt = 0.235) influenced lek detectability. Lek detectability was greater for larger leks and natural leks versus man-made leks. Our statewide survey efforts provide wildlife managers and biologists with population estimates, new lek locations, and areas to target for monitoring and conservation.

  7. Complete mitochondrial genome and the phylogenetic position of the Lesser Cuckoo, Cuculus poliocephalus (Aves: Cuculiformes). (United States)

    Wang, Ning; Liang, Bin; Huo, Juan; Liang, Wei


    The complete mitochondrial genome of the Lesser Cuckoo Cuculus poliocephalus was determined using next-generation sequencing. Phylogenetic analyses with 20 cuckoo species and six genes (12S, ATP6, CYTb, ND2, ND3, and ND6) strongly verified the identity of our sample as grouping with C. poliocephalus, which was sister to a clade of other Cuculus spp., including C. canorus, C. micropterus, and C. saturatus. The mitogenomic length of C. poliocephalus was 17 508 bp, including 13 protein-coding genes, 22 transfer RNA genes, two ribosomal RNA genes, one control region with 48 bp unit tandem repeats close to 3' end, and one short pseudo-control region with 33 tandem repeats of CAACAAA. An extra nucleotide (T) was identified at position 174 of ND3. The mitogenome of C. poliocephalus will contribute to studies of mitogenomic evolution, the phylogenetic relationship of cuckoos, and the co-evolutionary pattern between brood parasitic birds and their hosts.

  8. Theory of mind in children with 'lesser variants' of autism: a longitudinal study. (United States)

    Serra, M; Loth, F L; van Geert, P L C; Hurkens, E; Minderaa, R B


    The study investigated the development of theory-of-mind (ToM) knowledge in children with lesser variants' of autism (PDD-NOS) over a period thought to be critical for ToM development (i.e., 3 to 5 years of age). The sample included 11 children with PDD-NOS; 23 normally developing children were included for cross-sectional comparison and 13 normally developing children for longitudinal comparison. The groups were comparable in verbal and non-verbal mental age. Two storybooks were used for repeated assessment of various aspects of the children's theory of mind: emotion recognition, the distinction between physical and mental entities, prediction of behaviour and emotions on the basis of desires and prediction of behaviour and emotions on the basis of beliefs. The results showed that the children with PDD-NOS had specific difficulties in understanding and predicting other people's emotions on the basis of situational cues, desires and beliefs. However, their ability to predict actions from beliefs and desires were relatively intact. Compared to the normally developing children, these children achieved lower levels of theory-of-mind knowledge, both at time of initial assessment and approximately 6 months later. The data suggest that the theory-of-mind development of children with PDD-NOS is both delayed and deviant. The growth pattem of theory-of-mind skills in children with PDD-NOS seemed to be qualitatively different from the growth pattern found in the group of normally developing children.

  9. Orientation of native versus translocated juvenile lesser spotted eagles (Clanga pomarina) on the first autumn migration (United States)

    Bergmanis, Ugis; Langgemach, Torsten; Graszynski, Kai; Hinz, Arno; Börner, Ingo; Meyburg, Christiane; Vansteelant, Wouter M. G.


    ABSTRACT The ontogeny of migration routines used by wild birds remains unresolved. Here we investigated the migratory orientation of juvenile lesser spotted eagles (LSE; Clanga pomarina) based on translocation and satellite tracking. Between 2004 and 2016, 85 second-hatched juveniles (Abels) were reared in captivity for release into the declining German population, including 50 birds that were translocated 940 km from Latvia. In 2009, we tracked 12 translocated juveniles, as well as eight native juveniles and nine native adults, to determine how inexperienced birds come to use strategic migration routes. Native juveniles departed around the same time as the adults and six of eight used the eastern flyway around the Mediterranean, which was used by all adults. In contrast, translocated juveniles departed on average 6 days before native LSEs, and five travelled southward and died in the central Mediterranean region. Consequently, fewer translocated juveniles (4/12) than native juveniles (7/8) reached Africa. We conclude that juvenile LSEs have a much better chance of learning the strategic southeastern flyway if they leave at an appropriate time to connect with experienced elders upon departure. It is not clear why translocated juveniles departed so early. Regardless, by the end of the year, most juveniles had perished, whether they were translocated (10/12) or not (6/8). The small number of surviving translocated juveniles thus still represents a significant increase in the annual productivity of the German LSE population in 2009. PMID:28768749

  10. Case-matched study of lesser versus greater curvature approach in laparoscopic Warshaw pancreatectomy. (United States)

    Müller, Philip C; Müller, Sascha A; Steinemann, Daniel C; Pärli, Michael S; Moltzahn, Felix; Schmid, Stefan W; Z'graggen, Kaspar


    In laparoscopic distal pancreatectomy (LapDP), the pancreas is accessed in a greater curvature approach (GCA). The lesser curvature approach (LCA) has been proposed in underweight patients. The study investigated the feasibility of LCA irrespective of the body mass index (BMI). This retrospective study included consecutive patients scheduled to undergo LapDP with the LCA. A matched cohort (1:1) underwent GCA. Spleen preservation was performed using the Warshaw technique. Splenic perfusion was intraoperatively assessed by indocyanine green (ICG) angiography. The LCA with LapDP was successful in 12/15 patients. In 2 cases, LCA had to be converted to GCA and in 1 patient to open surgery. The cohorts were well matched in sex (P = 1.0), age (P = .67), indication (P = 1.0), and median BMI (23.4 kg/m 2 vs 24.8 kg/m 2 , P = .41). Splenic preservation was achieved in 14/15 patients with LCA and 4/15 patients with GCA (P = .33). In all LCA cases, ICG angiography indicated sufficient spleen perfusion. The groups had similar morbidity (P = 1.0) and hospital stay (P = .74). LCA was feasible in 80% irrespective of BMI and provided an excellent field of exposure. ICG angiography was feasible in the Warshaw technique. Its reliability should be evaluated in prospective studies. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  11. Michael Mästlin's role in the polemic against the calendar reform of pope Gregor XIII. (German Title: Die Rolle Michael Mästlins in der Polemik um die Kalenderreform von Papst Gregor XIII) (United States)

    Hamel, Jürgen

    Because of theological resistance, the calendar reform of 1582 was introduced only in countries under catholic rule. Michael Mästlin is found among the spokesmen of opposition against this feared attempted of the pope to gain influence in the protestant church, nevertheless, Mästlin had no doubt that a calendar reform was necessary. This article retraces Mästlin's argumentation and puts it into context with contemporary discussions about a calendar reform.

  12. O que é a Multidão? Questões para Michael Hardt e Antonio Negri

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nicholas Brown


    Full Text Available Multidão, livro mais recente de Michael Hardt e Antonio Negri, é uma tentativa de nomear e compreender as condições que envolvem a dinâmica social do século xxi. Na entrevista a seguir, Hardt e Negri discorrem sobre as possibilidades de constituição da multidão como agente político, discutem os fundamentos do livro e defendem conceitos que consideram determinantes para a compreensão dos novos tempos, tais como biopolítica e biopoder.Multitude, Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri’s latest book, is an attempt at understanding conditions involving social dynamics in the xxi century. In the interview below, Hardt and Negri consider the constitution of the multitude as a political agent, discuss the structure of their book and support concepts seen as crucial for the comprehension of our time, such as biopolitics and biopower.

  13. Sense and Singularity:Reading Michael Ondaatje's The Collected Works of Billy the Kid


    Spinks, Lee


    "Sense and Singularity: Reading Michael Ondaatje's The Collected Works of Billy the Kid" offers a revisionist reading of the style and the politics of both this key long poem and Ondaatje's poetics in general. The article seeks to broaden the critical discussion about Ondaatje's early poetry by claiming that the novelty and force of Billy the Kid inheres in the poet's ability to create a form of minor literature through the event of singularity. The phrase "minor literature" is being employed...

  14. Leadership and creativity in public services: An interview with Lord Michael Bichard, Chair of the National Audit Office


    Bolden, R.; O Regan, N


    This interview with Lord Michael Bichard, one of the most distinguished public sector leaders in the UK, explores his ideas around the relationship between leadership, creativity and innovation. A champion of place-based approaches to public services, where citizens are actively involved in service design, delivery and appraisal, Bichard advocates the need for inclusive and supportive leadership that enables the emergence of the kinds of creativity required to respond to the financial challen...

  15. A study on effect of market orientation and Michael Porter's Five Competitive Forces on performance of Bahman Group


    ahra Mohebi Ashtiani; Sharif karimi


    Concept of competitive advantage has a direct linkage with the considered values of the customer, such that the more the supplied values of an organization approach to the considered values of the customer in a comparative range, it can say that the organization outperforms the competitors in one or several competitive criteria. The present research is an applied survey which examines effect of market orientation and Michael Porter's Five Competitive Forces on performance of Bahman Group. ...

  16. Application of a Double Aza-Michael Reaction in a ‘Click, Click, Cy-Click’ Strategy: From Bench to Flow


    Zang, Qin; Javed, Salim; Ullah, Farman; Zhou, Aihua; Knudtson, Christopher A.; Bi, Danse; Basha, Fatima Z.; Organ, Michael G.; Hanson, Paul R.


    The development of a ‘click, click, cy-click’ process utilizing a double aza-Michael reaction to generate functionalized 1,2,5-thiadiazepane 1,1-dioxides is reported. Optimization in flow, followed by scale out of the inter-/intramolecular double aza-Michael addition has also been realized using a microwave-assisted, continuous flow organic synthesis platform (MACOS). In addition, a facile one-pot, sequential strategy employing in situ Huisgen cycloaddition post-double aza-Michael has been ac...

  17. GPS tracking data of Lesser Black-backed Gulls and Herring Gulls breeding at the southern North Sea coast

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Stienen, E.W.M.; Desmet, P.; Aelterman, B.; Courtens, W.; Feys, S.; Vanermen, N.; Verstraete, H.; Van de Walle, M.; Deneudt, K.; Hernandez, F.; Houthoofdt, R.; Vanhoorne, B.; Bouten, W.; Buijs, R.-J.; Kavelaars, M.M.; Müller, W.; Herman, D.; Matheve, H.; Sotillo, A.; Lens, L.


    In this data paper, Bird tracking - GPS tracking of Lesser Black-backed Gulls and Herring Gulls breeding at the southern North Sea coast is described, a species occurrence dataset published by the Research Institute for Nature and Forest (INBO). The dataset (version 5.5) contains close to 2.5

  18. Synergistic effects of chlorpyrifos with piperonyl butoxide (pbo against the lesser mealworm, Alphitobius diaperinus (Panzer (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Akter Mst Yeasmin


    Conclusions: The study suggests that the mortality rate of lesser meal worm is increase with the increase of insecticide dose. The LD50 values of the insecticides are inversely related to the toxicity of the insecticides i.e. higher the LD50 value lower the toxicity of the insecticide.

  19. Contaminated Larval and Adult Lesser Mealworms, Alphitobius diaperinus (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae)can Transmit Salmonella Typhimurium in a Broiler Flock (United States)

    The ability of the lesser mealworm, Alphitobius diaperinus (Panzer), commonly known as the darkling beetle, to transmit a marker strain Salmonella Typhimurium to day-of-hatch broiler chicks was evaluated, as well as the spread to non-challenged pen mates. Day-of-hatch chicks were orally gavaged wit...

  20. 78 FR 26302 - Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Listing the Lesser Prairie-Chicken as a Threatened... (United States)


    ... enforcement of program requirements; (iv) Whether the program employs an adaptive management strategy to... accordance with NRCS's Lesser Prairie-Chicken Initiative (LPCI). The LPCI provides financial and technical... acknowledge our responsibilities to work directly with tribes in developing programs for healthy ecosystems...

  1. Apparent survival and fecundity of sympatric Lesser Black-backed Gulls and Herring Gulls with contrasting population trends

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Camphuysen, C.J.; Gronert, A.


    Camphuysen C.J. & Gronert A. 2012. Apparent survival and fecundity of sympatric Lesser Black-backed Gulls and Herring Gulls with contrasting population trends. Ardea 100: 113-122. We investigated apparent survival (i.e. survival confounded by permanent emigration) on the basis of a colour-ring

  2. Social-cognitive abilities in children with lesser variants of autism: Skill deficits or failure to apply skills?

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Serra, M.; Minderaa, R.B.; Van Geert, P. L. C.; Jackson, A.E.


    The present study re-examined the ability of children with lesser variants of autism (classified as PDD-NOS) to infer emotions of other people and to describe others in terms of inner, psychological characteristics. It also explores the hypothesis that these children may have the skill to infer

  3. Asymmetric Michael Addition of Ketones to Nitroolefins Catalyzed by a Novel Chiral Pyrrolidine-Thiourea in the Ionic Liquid

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lu, Jun [Suzhou Univ., Suzhou (China); Chen, Weiyi [J and K Suzhou Ultrafine Material Ltd, Suzhou (China)


    A novel chiral pyrrolidine-thiourea has been developed and successfully applied to the asymmetric Michael addition of ketones with nitroolefins in ionic liquid. The corresponding products could be obtained in good yields with good enantio- and diastereoselectivities of products. In addition, the chiral catalytic system could be reused with comparable catalytic activity and stereoselectivity. Further studies are under way to expand the synthetic utility of this new reaction, as well as the application of this catalytic system in other asymmetric transformations. Organocatalytic asymmetric reactions have proved to be efficient and powerful tools in organic synthesis. Among them, the asymmetric Michael reaction of nitroolefins with carbon nucleophiles is widely recognized as one of the most important and versatile processes for the synthesis of enantioselective C-C and C-X bonds; for the nitroolefins are of special interest as excellent Michael acceptors, and the nitro functionality can be easily transformed into an amine, nitrile oxide, ketone, carboxylic acid, hydrogen, etc., providing a wide range of synthetically interesting compounds.

  4. Solid State Ionics: from Michael Faraday to green energy—the European dimension

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Klaus Funke


    Full Text Available Solid State Ionics has its roots essentially in Europe. First foundations were laid by Michael Faraday who discovered the solid electrolytes Ag2S and PbF2 and coined terms such as cation and anion, electrode and electrolyte. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, the main lines of development toward Solid State Ionics, pursued in Europe, concerned the linear laws of transport, structural analysis, disorder and entropy and the electrochemical storage and conversion of energy. Fundamental contributions were then made by Walther Nernst, who derived the Nernst equation and detected ionic conduction in heterovalently doped zirconia, which he utilized in his Nernst lamp. Another big step forward was the discovery of the extraordinary properties of alpha silver iodide in 1914. In the late 1920s and early 1930s, the concept of point defects was established by Yakov Il'ich Frenkel, Walter Schottky and Carl Wagner, including the development of point-defect thermodynamics by Schottky and Wagner. In terms of point defects, ionic (and electronic transport in ionic crystals became easy to visualize. In an 'evolving scheme of materials science', point disorder precedes structural disorder, as displayed by the AgI-type solid electrolytes (and other ionic crystals, by ion-conducting glasses, polymer electrolytes and nano-composites. During the last few decades, much progress has been made in finding and investigating novel solid electrolytes and in using them for the preservation of our environment, in particular in advanced solid state battery systems, fuel cells and sensors. Since 1972, international conferences have been held in the field of Solid State Ionics, and the International Society for Solid State Ionics was founded at one of them, held at Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, in 1987.

  5. Suspense, culpa y cintas de vídeo. Caché/Escondido de Michael Haneke

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Miguel Martínez-Cabeza


    Full Text Available Caché/Escondido (2005 representa dentro de la filmografía de Michael Haneke el ejemplo más destacado de síntesis de los planteamientos formales e ideológicos del cineasta austriaco. Este artículo analiza el filme como manifiesto cinematográfico y como explotación de las convenciones genéricas para construir un modelo de espectador reflexivo. La investigación del modo en que el director plantea y abandona las técnicas del suspense aporta claves para explicar el éxito casi unánime de crítica y la respuesta mucho menos homogénea de las audiencias. El desencadenante de la trama, unas cintas de vídeo que reciben los Laurent, es alusión directa a Carretera Perdida (1997 de David Lynch; no obstante, el misterio acerca del autor de la videovigilancia pierde interés en relación al sentimiento de culpa que desencadena en el protagonista. El episodio infantil de celos y venganza hacia un niño argelino y la actitud del Georges adulto representan una alegoría de la relación de Francia con su pasado colonial que tampoco cierra la narración de Haneke. Es precisamente la apertura formal con que el filme (desestructura cuestiones actuales como el límite entre la responsabilidad individual y colectiva lo que conforma un espectador tan distanciado de la diégesis como consciente de su propio papel de observador.

  6. Corrupting Capitalism: Michael Ende’s Momo and “Cathedral Station”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Heike Polster


    Full Text Available Michael Ende, the well-known author of The Neverending Story , foresaw dramatic changes in the fabric of society resulting from a turn toward neoliberal policies. One such far-reaching and dangerous change has to do with a diminishing of temporal autonomy, the ability to freely determine the use and meaning of our time. This article explores how neoliberalism is shaping our concept of time and our experience of it. In an effort to demonstrate the process and the line of reasoning behind the monetization of time, and to connect time to more qualitative considerations of the human condition, I shall demonstrate how Ende conceptualizes time as an integral part of the accumulation process of capitalism. I also discuss a fairly cryptic short story, “Cathedral Station,” that envisions “the mystery of money.” Utilizing Walter Benjamin’s critique issued in his 1921 fragment “Capitalism as Religion,” I outline Ende’s dystopian vision of the uncontested, unquestioned reign of capitalism as a religious cult. Read together, the novel and the short story offer a way of contrasting two extreme byproducts of capitalism’s colonization of time, namely what I would call an “ideology of work” and an “ideology of growth.” The first of these is a result of capitalism’s commodification of time according to liberal ideals such as choice, freedom, and self-interest. The second is a decidedly neoliberal phenomenon in that the “financialization of everything,” to use David Harvey’s phrase, results in the ever-present expectation of unlimited, exponential growth. By drawing out these two interconnected ideologies through close readings, the subtle processes of capitalism’s colonization of time are revealed.

  7. Functionalization of Polydopamine via the Aza-Michael Reaction for Antimicrobial Interfaces. (United States)

    Liu, Chia-Yu; Huang, Chun-Jen


    Polydopamine (pDA) coatings afford tremendous versatility due to their capabilities to provide substrate-independent functionalization with a wide range of amine- and thiol-containing molecules. In this work, we developed a new and facile conjugation approach to the formation of β-amino carbonyl linkages between pDA and acrylate/acrylamide molecules via the aza-Michael reaction. Sulfobetaine acrylamide (SBAA), sulfobetaine methacrylate (SBMA), and poly(ethylene glycol) methacrylate (PEGMA) were employed to graft onto pDA films, giving rise to formation of antifouling coatings. Because of the universal adhesive property of pDA, the coating strategy was applied to different substrates, including TiO2, gold, SiO2, Nitinol alloy, polystyrene, and poly(dimethylsiloxane). The variation of surface chemistry and surface wettability upon pDA modification and subsequent conjugation was monitored with X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and water contact angle measurements. Antifouling properties of coatings were challenged by three common Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria. Cytocompatibility of the coatings with NIH-3T3 fibroblasts was accessed using MTT assay. The results showed that pDA coatings grafted with SBAA exhibited superhydrophilicity and excellent fouling resistance likely due to the high chemical reactivity of acrylamide, leading to high grafting density. In addition, dual functional coatings containing passive and active antibacterial components were constructed through the in situ deposition of antimicrobial agent, silver nanoparticles, in pDA, followed by the grafting of SBAA for bacterial repellence. The composite coatings allowed reducing adsorption of E. coli by >95%, while killing attached bacteria by up to 98% upon the releasing of Ag(+) ions as measured by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. Consequently, this work paves a new avenue to the grafting strategy to engineer pDA and to the functional bioinspired antifouling interfaces in

  8. Use of supplemental food by breeding Ross's Geese and Lesser Snow Geese: Evidence for variable anorexia (United States)

    Gloutney, M.L.; Alisauskas, R.T.; Hobson, K.A.; Afton, A.D.


    Recent research suggests that foods eaten during laying and incubation play a greater role in supplying energy and nutrients to arctic-nesting geese than previously believed. We conducted food-supplementation experiments with Ross's Geese (Chen rossii) and Lesser Snow Geese (C. caerulescens) geese to evaluate: (1) if supplemental food was consumed by laying and incubating geese, (2) how food consumption influenced mass dynamics of somatic tissues of breeding geese, (3) if patterns of mass loss were consistent with fasting adaptations, and (4) whether energetic constraints would cause smaller Ross's Geese to consume more food relative to their body size than would larger Snow Geese. Quantity of supplemental food eaten by both species during laying and incubation was highly variable among individuals. Consumption of supplemental food during laying resulted in differences in overall body composition between control and treatment females. Treatment female Ross's Geese completed laying at a higher mass and with more abdominal fat than controls, whereas treatment female Snow Geese completed laying with heavier breast muscles and hearts. Overall body composition did not differ between control and treatment geese (both sexes and species) at the end of incubation, but treatment geese had heavier hearts than control geese. This suggests that treatment females did not rely to the same extent on metabolic adaptations associated with anorexia to meet energetic costs of incubation as did controls. Stable-nitrogen isotope analysis revealed patterns of protein maintenance during incubation consistent with metabolic adaptations to prolonged fasting. Our prediction that energetic constraints would cause smaller Ross's Geese to consume more food relative to their size than would Snow Geese was not supported. Mass-specific food consumption by Ross's Geese was 30% lower than that of Snow Geese during laying and 48% higher during incubation.

  9. GIS habitat analysis for lesser prairie-chickens in southeastern New Mexico

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Neville Paul


    Full Text Available Abstract Background We conducted Geographic Information System (GIS habitat analyses for lesser prairie-chicken (LPCH, Tympanuchus pallidicinctus conservation planning. The 876,799 ha study area included most of the occupied habitat for the LPCH in New Mexico. The objectives were to identify and quantify: 1. suitable LPCH habitat in New Mexico, 2. conversion of native habitats, 3. potential for habitat restoration, and 4. unsuitable habitat available for oil and gas activities. Results We found 16% of suitable habitat (6% of the study area distributed in 13 patches of at least 3,200 ha and 11% of suitable habitat (4% of the study area distributed in four patches over 7,238 ha. The area converted from native vegetation types comprised 17% of the study area. Ninety-five percent of agricultural conversion occurred on private lands in the northeastern corner of the study area. Most known herbicide-related conversions (82% occurred in rangelands in the western part of the study area, on lands managed primarily by the US Bureau of Land Management (BLM. We identified 88,190 ha (10% of the study area of habitats with reasonable restoration potential. Sixty-two percent of the primary population area (PPA contained occupied, suitable, or potentially suitable habitat, leaving 38% that could be considered for oil and gas development. Conclusion Although suitable LPCH habitat appears at first glance to be abundant in southeastern New Mexico, only a fraction of apparently suitable vegetation types constitute quality habitat. However, we identified habitat patches that could be restored through mesquite control or shin-oak reintroduction. The analysis also identified areas of unsuitable habitat with low restoration potential that could be targeted for oil and gas exploration, in lieu of occupied, high-quality habitats. Used in combination with GIS analysis and current LPCH population data, the habitat map represents a powerful conservation and management tool.

  10. Evaluating behavioral responses of nesting lesser snow geese to unmanned aircraft surveys. (United States)

    Barnas, Andrew; Newman, Robert; Felege, Christopher J; Corcoran, Michael P; Hervey, Samuel D; Stechmann, Tanner J; Rockwell, Robert F; Ellis-Felege, Susan N


    Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) are relatively new technologies gaining popularity among wildlife biologists. As with any new tool in wildlife science, operating protocols must be developed through rigorous protocol testing. Few studies have been conducted that quantify the impacts UAS may have on unhabituated individuals in the wild using standard aerial survey protocols. We evaluated impacts of unmanned surveys by measuring UAS-induced behavioral responses during the nesting phase of lesser snow geese ( Anser caerulescens caerulescens ) in Wapusk National Park, Manitoba, Canada. We conducted surveys with a fixed-wing Trimble UX5 and monitored behavioral changes via discreet surveillance cameras at 25 nests. Days with UAS surveys resulted in decreased resting and increased nest maintenance, low scanning, high scanning, head-cocking and off-nest behaviors when compared to days without UAS surveys. In the group of birds flown over, head-cocking for overhead vigilance was rarely seen prior to launch or after landing (mean estimates 0.03% and 0.02%, respectively) but increased to 0.56% of the time when the aircraft was flying overhead suggesting that birds were able to detect the aircraft during flight. Neither UAS survey altitude nor launch distance alone in this study was strong predictors of nesting behaviors, although our flight altitudes (≥75 m above ground level) were much higher than previously published behavioral studies. Synthesis and applications : The diversity of UAS models makes generalizations on behavioral impacts difficult, and we caution that researchers should design UAS studies with knowledge that some minimal disturbance is likely to occur. We recommend flight designs take potential behavioral impacts into account by increasing survey altitude where data quality requirements permit. Such flight designs should consider a priori knowledge of focal species' behavioral characteristics. Research is needed to determine whether any such disturbance is

  11. Hindlimb motion during steady flight of the lesser dog-faced fruit bat, Cynopterus brachyotis.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jorn A Cheney

    Full Text Available In bats, the wing membrane is anchored not only to the body and forelimb, but also to the hindlimb. This attachment configuration gives bats the potential to modulate wing shape by moving the hindlimb, such as by joint movement at the hip or knee. Such movements could modulate lift, drag, or the pitching moment. In this study we address: 1 how the ankle translates through space during the wingbeat cycle; 2 whether amplitude of ankle motion is dependent upon flight speed; 3 how tension in the wing membrane pulls the ankle; and 4 whether wing membrane tension is responsible for driving ankle motion. We flew five individuals of the lesser dog-faced fruit bat, Cynopterus brachyotis (Family: Pteropodidae, in a wind tunnel and documented kinematics of the forelimb, hip, ankle, and trailing edge of the wing membrane. Based on kinematic analysis of hindlimb and forelimb movements, we found that: 1 during downstroke, the ankle moved ventrally and during upstroke the ankle moved dorsally; 2 there was considerable variation in amplitude of ankle motion, but amplitude did not correlate significantly with flight speed; 3 during downstroke, tension generated by the wing membrane acted to pull the ankle dorsally, and during upstroke, the wing membrane pulled laterally when taut and dorsally when relatively slack; and 4 wing membrane tension generally opposed dorsoventral ankle motion. We conclude that during forward flight in C. brachyotis, wing membrane tension does not power hindlimb motion; instead, we propose that hindlimb movements arise from muscle activity and/or inertial effects.

  12. Assessment of lesser prairie-chicken lek density relative to landscape characteristics in Texas

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Timmer, Jennifer; Butler, Matthew; Ballard, Warren; Boal, Clint; Whitlaw, Heather


    My 2.5-yr Master's project accomplished the objectives of estimating lesser prairie-chicken (LPC) lek density and abundance in the Texas occupied range and modeling anthropogenic and landscape features associated with lek density by flying helicopter lek surveys for 2 field seasons and employing a line-transect distance sampling method. This project was important for several reasons. Firstly, wildlife managers and biologists have traditionally monitored LPC populations with road-based surveys that may result in biased estimates and do not provide access to privately-owned or remote property. From my aerial surveys and distance sampling, I was able to provide accurate density and abundance estimates, as well as new leks and I detected LPCs outside the occupied range. Secondly, recent research has indicated that energy development has the potential to impact LPCs through avoidance of tall structures, increased mortality from raptors perching on transmission lines, disturbance to nesting hens, and habitat loss/fragmentation. Given the potential wind energy development in the Texas Panhandle, spatial models of current anthropogenic and vegetative features (such as transmission lines, roads, and percent native grassland) influencing lek density were needed. This information provided wildlife managers and wind energy developers in Texas with guidelines for how change in landscape features could impact LPCs. Lastly, LPC populations have faced range-wide declines over the last century and they are currently listed as a candidate species under the Endangered Species Act. I was able to provide timely information on LPC populations in Texas that will be used during the listing process.

  13. First Multi-GAS based characterisation of the Boiling Lake volcanic gas (Dominica, Lesser Antilles

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rossella Di Napoli


    Full Text Available We used a Multi-component Gas Analyser System (Multi-GAS to measure, for the very first time, the composition (H2O, CO2, H2S, SO2 of the volcanic gas plume issuing from the Boiling Lake, a vigorously degassing, hot (T ~ 80-90°C volcanic lake in Dominica, West Indies. The Multi-GAS captured in-plume concentrations of H2O, CO2 and H2S were well above those typical of ambient atmosphere, while no volcanic SO2 was detected (<0.05 ppm. These were used to derive the Boiling Lake plume characteristic ratios of CO2/H2S (5.2±0.4 and H2O/CO2 (31.4±6. Assuming that other volcanic gas species (e.g., HCl, CO, H2, N2, etc. are absent in the plume, we recalculated a (air-free composition for the sourcing volcanic gases of ~ 96.3% H2O, 3.1% CO2 and 0.6% H2S. This hydrous gas composition is within the range of published gas compositions in the Lesser Antilles region, and slightly more H2O-rich than obtained for the fumaroles of the nearby Valley of Desolation (~94.4% H2O, 4.7% CO2 and 0.8% H2S; CO2/H2S of ~5.7. We use our results, in tandem with the output of numerical simulations of gas scrubbing in the lake-water (performed via the EQ3/6 software, to derive new constraints on the degassing mechanisms at this poorly studied (but potentially hazardous volcanic lake.

  14. Cold and alone? Roost choice and season affect torpor patterns in lesser short-tailed bats. (United States)

    Czenze, Zenon J; Brigham, R Mark; Hickey, Anthony J R; Parsons, Stuart


    Seasonal changes in weather and food availability differentially impact energy budgets of small mammals such as bats. While most thermal physiological research has focused on species that experience extreme seasonal temperature variations, knowledge is lacking from less variable temperate to subtropical climates. We quantified ambient temperature (T a ) and skin temperature (T sk ) responses by individuals from a population of New Zealand lesser short-tailed bats (Mystacina tuberculata) during summer and winter using temperature telemetry. During summer, communal roosts were more thermally stable than T a . During winter, solitary roosts were warmer than T a indicating significant thermal buffering. Communal roost trees were used on 83 % of observation days during summer, and individuals occupying them rarely entered torpor. Solitary roosts were occupied on 93 % of observation days during winter, and 100 % of individuals occupying them used torpor. During summer and winter, bats employed torpor on 11 and 95 % of observation days, respectively. Maximum torpor bout duration was 120.8 h and winter torpor bout duration correlated negatively with mean T a . Torpor bout duration did not differ between sexes, although female minimum T sk was significantly lower than males. The summer Heterothermy Index varied, and was also significantly affected by T a . Mean arousal time was correlated with sunset time and arousals occurred most frequently on significantly warmer evenings, which are likely associated with an increased probability of foraging success. We provide the first evidence that torpor is used flexibly throughout the year by M. tuberculata, demonstrating that roost choice and season impact torpor patterns. Our results add to the growing knowledge that even small changes in seasonal climate can have large effects on the energy balance of small mammals.

  15. Nesting ecology and nest survival of lesser prairie-chickens on the Southern High Plains of Texas (United States)

    Grisham, Blake A.; Borsdorf, Philip K.; Boal, Clint W.; Boydston, Kathy K.


    The decline in population and range of lesser prairie-chickens (Tympanuchus pallidicinctus) throughout the central and southern Great Plains has raised concerns considering their candidate status under the United States Endangered Species Act. Baseline ecological data for lesser prairie-chickens are limited, especially for the shinnery oak-grassland communities of Texas. This information is imperative because lesser prairie-chickens in shinnery oak grasslands occur at the extreme southwestern edge of their distribution. This geographic region is characterized by hot, arid climates, less fragmentation, and less anthropogenic development than within the remaining core distribution of the species. Thus, large expanses of open rangeland with less anthropogenic development and a climate that is classified as extreme for ground nesting birds may subsequently influence nest ecology, nest survival, and nest site selection differently compared to the rest of the distribution of the species. We investigated the nesting ecology of 50 radio-tagged lesser prairie-chicken hens from 2008 to 2011 in the shinnery oak-grassland communities in west Texas and found a substantial amount of inter-annual variation in incubation start date and percent of females incubating nests. Prairie-chickens were less likely to nest near unimproved roads and utility poles and in areas with more bare ground and litter. In contrast, hens selected areas dominated by grasses and shrubs and close to stock tanks to nest. Candidate models including visual obstruction best explained daily nest survival; a 5% increase in visual obstruction improved nest survival probability by 10%. The model-averaged probability of a nest surviving the incubation period was 0.43 (SE = 0.006; 95% CI: 0.23, 0.56). Our findings indicate that lesser prairie-chicken reproduction during our study period was dynamic and was correlated with seasonal weather patterns that ultimately promoted greater grass growth earlier in the

  16. Analysis of Media Stereotypes of the Russian Image in Media Studies in the Student Audience (example: the screen versions of Jules Verne's Novel “Michael Strogoff”)

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Alexander Fedorov


    As a result of the analysis students come to the conclusion that the screen adaptations of Jules Verne's novel ''Michael Strogoff'' create, though an oversimplified and adapted to western stereotype...

  17. Synthesis of a Library of 1,5,2-Dithiazepine 1,1-Dioxides. Part 1: A One-Pot Sulfonylation/Thia-Michael Protocol


    Zang, Qin; Zhou, Aihua; Javed, Salim; Maity, Pradip K.; Knudtson, Chris A.; Bi, Danse; Hastings, Jared J.; Basha, Fatima Z.; Hanson, Paul R.


    A novel one-pot sulfonylation/intramolecular thia-Michael protocol is reported for the synthesis of 1,5,2-dithiazepine 1,1-dioxides. Sulfonylation between cysteine ethyl ester/cysteamine and 2-chloroethanesulfonyl chloride, followed by in situ intramolecular thia-Michael addition, was achieved and afforded the titled 1,5,2-dithiazepine-1,1-dioxide scaffolds. Diversification was demonstrated for future library synthesis.

  18. A Multi-analytical Approach for the Characterization of Marbles from Lesser Himalayas (Northwest Pakistan) (United States)

    Fahad, M.; Iqbal, Y.; Riaz, M.; Ubic, R.; Redfern, S. A. T.


    The KP province of Pakistan hosts widespread deposits of thermo-metamorphic marbles that were extensively used as a building and ornamental stones since the time of earliest flourishing civilization in this region known as Indus Valley Civilization (2500 BC). The macroscopic characteristics of 22 marble varieties collected from three different areas of Lesser Himalayas (Northwest Pakistan), its chemical, mineralogical, petrographic features, temperature conditions of metamorphic re-crystallization, and the main physical properties are presented in order to provide a solid basis for possible studies on the provenance and distribution of building stones from this region. The results provide a set of diagnostic parameters that allow discriminating the investigated marbles and quarries. Studied marbles overlap in major phase assemblage, but the accessory mineral content, chemistry, the maximum grain size (MGS) and other petrographic characteristics are particularly useful in the distinction between them. On the basis of macroscopic features, the studied marbles can be classifies into four groups: (i) white (ii) grey-to-brown veined, (iii) brown-reddish to yellowish and (iv) dark-grey to blackish veined marbles. The results show that the investigated marbles are highly heterogeneous in both their geochemical parameters and minero-petrographic features. Microscopically, the white, grey-to-brown and dark-grey to blackish marbles display homeoblastic/granoblastic texture, and the brown-reddish to yellowish marbles display a heteroblastic texture with traces of slightly deformed polysynthetic twining planes. Minero-petrography, XRD, SEM and EPMA revealed that the investigated marbles chiefly consist of calcite along with dolomite, quartz, muscovite, pyrite, K-feldspar, Mg, Ti and Fe-oxides as subordinates. The magnesium content of calcite coexisting with dolomite was estimated by both XRD and EPMA/EDS, indicating the metamorphic temperature of re-crystallization from 414

  19. Botanical ethnoveterinary therapies in three districts of the Lesser Himalayas of Pakistan (United States)


    Background Ethnoveterinary knowledge is highly significant for persistence of traditional community-based approaches to veterinary care. This is of particular importance in the context of developing and emerging countries, where animal health (that of livestock, especially) is crucial to local economies and food security. The current survey documents the traditional veterinary uses of medicinal plants in the Lesser Himalayas-Pakistan. Methods Data were collected through interviews, focus groups, participant observation, and by administering questionnaires. A total of 105 informants aged between 20–75 years old who were familiar with livestock health issues (i.e. farmers, shepherds, housewives and herbalists) participated in the study. Results A total of 89 botanical taxa, belonging to 46 families, were reported to have ethnoveterinary applications. The most quoted families were Poaceae (6 taxa), Fabaceae (6), Asteraceae (5), and Polygonaceae (5). Adhatoda vasica was the most cited species (43%), followed by Trachyspermum ammi (37%), and Zanthoxylum armatum var. armatum (36%). About 126 medications were recorded against more than 50 veterinary conditions grouped into seven categories. The highest cultural index values were recorded for Trachyspermum ammi, Curcuma longa, Melia azedarach, Zanthoxylum armatum var. armatum and Adhatoda vasica. The highest informant consensus factor was found for pathologies related to respiratory and reproductive disorders. Comparison with the local plant-based remedies used in human folk medicine revealed that many of remedies were used in similar ways in local human phytotherapy. Comparison with other field surveys conducted in surrounding areas demonstrated that approximately one-half of the recorded plants uses are novel to the ethnoveterinary literature of the Himalayas. Conclusion The current survey shows a remarkable resilience of ethnoveterinary botanical knowledge in the study area. Most of the species reported for

  20. Magnetic mapping for structural geology and geothermal exploration in Guadeloupe, Lesser Antilles (United States)

    Mercier de Lépinay, jeanne; munschy, marc; geraud, yves; diraison, marc; navelot, vivien; verati, christelle; corsini, michel; lardeaux, jean marc; favier, alexiane


    This work is implemented through the GEOTREF program which benefits from the support of both the ADEME and the French public funds "Investments for the future". The program focuses on the exploration for geothermal resources in Guadeloupe, Lesser Antilles, where a geothermal power plant is in production since 1986 (Bouillante, Basse Terre). In Les Saintes archipelago, in the south of Guadeloupe, the outcrop analysis of Terre-de-Haut Island allows to point out an exhumed geothermal paleo-system that is thought to be an analogue of the Bouillante active geothermal system. We show that a detailed marine magnetic survey with a quantitative interpretation can bring information about the offshore structures around Les Saintes archipelago in order to extend the geological limits and structural elements. A similar survey and workflow is also conducted offshore Basse-Terre where more geophysical data is already available. In order to correctly link the offshore and onshore structures, the magnetic survey must be close enough to the shoreline and sufficiently detailed to correctly outline the tectonic structures. An appropriate solution for such a survey is to use a three component magnetometer aboard a speedboat. Such a boat allows more navigation flexibility than a classic oceanic vessel towing a magnetometer; it can sail at higher speed on calm seas and closer to the shoreline. This kind of magnetic acquisition is only viable because the magnetic effect of the ship can be compensated using the same algorithms than those used for airborne magnetometry. The use of potential field transforms allows a large variety of structures to be highlighted, providing insights to build a general understanding of the nature and distribution of the magnetic sources. In particular, we use the tilt angle operator to better identify the magnetic lineaments offshore in order to compare them to the faults identified onshore during the outcrop analysis. All the major faults and fractures

  1. Mercury concentration, speciation and budget in volcanic aquifers: Italy and Guadeloupe (Lesser Antilles) (United States)

    Bagnato, E.; Aiuppa, A.; Parello, F.; D'Alessandro, W.; Allard, P.; Calabrese, S.


    Quantifying the contribution of volcanism to global mercury (Hg) emissions is important to understand the pathways and the mechanisms of Hg cycling through the Earth's geochemical reservoirs and to assess its environmental impacts. While previous studies have suggested that degassing volcanoes might contribute importantly to the atmospheric budget of mercury, little is known about the amount and behaviour of Hg in volcanic aquifers. Here we report on detailed investigations of both the content and the speciation of mercury in aquifers of active volcanoes in Italy and Guadeloupe Island (Lesser Antilles). In the studied groundwaters, total Hg (THg) concentrations range from 10 to 500 ng/l and are lower than the 1000 ng/l threshold value for human health protection fixed by the World Health Organization [WHO (1993): WHO Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality-]. Positive co-variations of (THg) with sulphate indicate that Hg-SO 4-rich acid groundwaters receive a direct input of magmatic/hydrothermal gases carrying mercury as Hg 0(gas). Increasing THg in a volcanic aquifer could thus be a sensitive tracer of magmatic gas input prior to an eruption. Since the complex behaviour and toxicity of mercury in waters depend on its chemical speciation, we carefully determined the different aqueous forms of this element in our samples. We find that dissolved elemental Hg 0(aq) and particulate-bound Hg (Hg P) widely prevail in volcanic aquifers, in proportions that highlight the efficiency of Hg adsorption onto colloidal particles. Moreover, we observe that dissolved Hg 0aq and Hg(II) forms coexist in comparable amount in most of the waters, in stark contrast to the results of thermodynamic equilibrium modelling. Therefore, chemical equilibrium between dissolved mercury species in volcanic waters is either prevented by natural kinetic effects or not preserved in collected waters due to sampling/storage artefacts. Finally, we

  2. Petrological and experimental evidence for differentiation of water-rich magmas beneath St. Kitts, Lesser Antilles (United States)

    Melekhova, Elena; Blundy, Jon; Martin, Rita; Arculus, Richard; Pichavant, Michel


    St. Kitts lies in the northern Lesser Antilles, a subduction-related intraoceanic volcanic arc known for its magmatic diversity and unusually abundant cognate xenoliths. We combine the geochemistry of xenoliths, melt inclusions and lavas with high pressure-temperature experiments to explore magma differentiation processes beneath St. Kitts. Lavas range from basalt to rhyolite, with predominant andesites and basaltic andesites. Xenoliths, dominated by calcic plagioclase and amphibole, typically in reaction relationship with pyroxenes and olivine, can be divided into plutonic and cumulate varieties based on mineral textures and compositions. Cumulate varieties, formed primarily by the accumulation of liquidus phases, comprise ensembles that represent instantaneous solid compositions from one or more magma batches; plutonic varieties have mineralogy and textures consistent with protracted solidification of magmatic mush. Mineral chemistry in lavas and xenoliths is subtly different. For example, plagioclase with unusually high anorthite content (An≤100) occurs in some plutonic xenoliths, whereas the most calcic plagioclase in cumulate xenoliths and lavas are An97 and An95, respectively. Fluid-saturated, equilibrium crystallisation experiments were performed on a St. Kitts basaltic andesite, with three different fluid compositions ( XH2O = 1.0, 0.66 and 0.33) at 2.4 kbar, 950-1025 °C, and fO2 = NNO - 0.6 to NNO + 1.2 log units. Experiments reproduce lava liquid lines of descent and many xenolith assemblages, but fail to match xenolith and lava phenocryst mineral compositions, notably the very An-rich plagioclase. The strong positive correlation between experimentally determined plagioclase-melt KdCa-Na and dissolved H2O in the melt, together with the occurrence of Al-rich mafic lavas, suggests that parental magmas were water-rich (> 9 wt% H2O) basaltic andesites that crystallised over a wide pressure range (1.5-6 kbar). Comparison of experimental and natural (lava

  3. Growth of black brant and lesser snow goose goslings in northern Alaska (United States)

    Hupp, Jerry W.; Ward, David H.; Hogrefe, Kyle R.; Sedinger, James S.; Martin, Philip D.; Stickney, Alice A; Obritschkewitsch, Tim


    Gosling body mass can affect first year survival, recruitment, adult body size, and future fecundity of geese, and can serve as an indicator of forage availability and quality on brood-rearing areas. From 2012–2014 we measured body mass of 76 black brant (Branta bernicla nigricans) and 268 lesser snow goose (Chen caerulescens caerulescens) goslings of known age on the Colville River Delta (CRD) of northern Alaska to determine if there was evidence of density-dependent declines in gosling growth following recent population increases of those species and sympatric greater white-fronted geese (Anser albifrons frontalis). We contrasted contemporary body mass of brant goslings and forage biomass in brood-rearing habitats that were shared by all species, with measures obtained on, and near the CRD in the 1990s, prior to the establishment of snow goose nesting colonies in the area. Body mass of brant goslings recaptured between 25 and 32 days of age had not changed over the past 2 decades, despite an influx of snow geese, and increases in populations of brant and white-fronted geese. At 30 days of age, body mass of brant goslings on the CRD was 100–400 g heavier than for brant goslings of the same age on the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta (YKD), Alaska. Contemporary biomass of grazed Carex subspathacea on CRD brood-rearing areas was comparable to the 1990s and was 2–4 times greater than for the same plant community on the YKD. Historical data on growth of snow goose goslings were not available for the CRD. However, average body mass of 34-day-old snow goose goslings was >230 g heavier than for conspecifics of the same age in the Hudson Bay region. We conclude that the establishment of nesting snow geese on the CRD has not negatively affected brant gosling growth, and that recent population increases of all species have likely not been constrained by forage availability on brood-rearing areas. Barring demographic changes elsewhere in their annual cycles, we predict that

  4. Crustal structure of Guadeloupe Islands and the Lesser Antilles Arc from a new gravity and magnetic synthesis


    Gailler, Lydie; Bouchot, Vincent; Martelet, Guillaume; Thinon, Isabelle; Lebrun, Jean-Frédéric; Münch, Philippe


    Guadeloupe Island (West French Indies) is one of the twenty islands that compose the Lesser Antilles Arc, which results from the subduction of the Atlantic Ocean plate beneath the Caribbean one. The island lies in a complex volcano-tectonic system and the need to understand its geological context has led to numerous on- and offshore geophysical investigations. This work presents the compilation and processing of available, on-land, airborne and marine, gravity and magnetic data acquired durin...

  5. Distribution of the early larval stages of cod, plaice and lesser sandeel across haline fronts in the North Sea

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Munk, Peter; Wright, P.J.; Pihl, Niels Jørgen


    A number of commercially important fish species spawn in the coastal areas of the North Sea in the late winter, including cod (Gadus morhua), plaice (Pleuronectes platessa) and lesser sandeel (Ammodytes marinus). The distribution of the early stages of these species overlap to some extent...... zones between freshwater-influenced water masses and shelf water of the central North Sea, and larval abundances peaked in the vicinity of the haline fronts. (C) 2002 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved....

  6. Trace elements, organochlorines, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, dioxins, and furans in lesser scaup wintering on the Indiana Harbor Canal (United States)

    Custer, T.W.; Custer, Christine M.; Hines, R.K.; Sparks, D.W.


    During the winter of 1993a??94, male lesser scaup (Aythya affinis) were collected on the heavily polluted Indiana Harbor Canal (IHC), East Chicago, IN, USA, and examined for tissue contaminant levels. Lesser scaup collected on the IHC had higher concentrations of cadmium (Cd), mercury (Hg), selenium (Se), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), selected organchlorine pesticides, polychlorinated dibenzodioxins, polychlorinated dibenzofurans, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and aliphatic hydrocarbons than reference birds. Of the scaup collected on the IHC, 44% had Cd concentrations in the liver considered above background for freshwater waterfowl (>3 I?g/g dry wt.), 50% had Se concentrations in the liver above a level possibly harmful to the health of young and adult birds (>33 I?g/g dry wt.), and 88% of the scaup carcasses exceeded the PCB human consumption guidelines for edible poultry in the USA (>3.0 I?g/g lipid wt.). The ratio of pristane:n-heptadecane concentrations in 47% of lesser scaup collected on IHC was elevated above 1.0, which is indicative of chronic exposure to petroleum hydrocarbons. Copyright A? 2009 Elsevier B.V.

  7. Assessing storm surge hazard and impact of sea level rise in the Lesser Antilles case study of Martinique

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Y. Krien


    Full Text Available In the Lesser Antilles, coastal inundations from hurricane-induced storm surges pose a great threat to lives, properties and ecosystems. Assessing current and future storm surge hazards with sufficient spatial resolution is of primary interest to help coastal planners and decision makers develop mitigation and adaptation measures. Here, we use wave–current numerical models and statistical methods to investigate worst case scenarios and 100-year surge levels for the case study of Martinique under present climate or considering a potential sea level rise. Results confirm that the wave setup plays a major role in the Lesser Antilles, where the narrow island shelf impedes the piling-up of large amounts of wind-driven water on the shoreline during extreme events. The radiation stress gradients thus contribute significantly to the total surge – up to 100 % in some cases. The nonlinear interactions of sea level rise (SLR with bathymetry and topography are generally found to be relatively small in Martinique but can reach several tens of centimeters in low-lying areas where the inundation extent is strongly enhanced compared to present conditions. These findings further emphasize the importance of waves for developing operational storm surge warning systems in the Lesser Antilles and encourage caution when using static methods to assess the impact of sea level rise on storm surge hazard.

  8. New eco-friendly animal bone meal catalysts for preparation of chalcones and aza-Michael adducts

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Riadi Yassine


    Full Text Available Abstract Two efficient reactions were successfully carried out using Animal Bone Meal (ABM and potassium fluoride or sodium nitrate doped ABMs as new heterogeneous catalysts under very mild conditions. After preparation and characterization of the catalysts, we first report their use in a simple and convenient synthesis of various chalcones by Claisen–Schmidt condensation and then in an aza-Michael addition involving several synthesized chalcones with aromatic amines. All the reactions were carried out at room temperature in methanol; the chalcone synthesis was also achieved in water environment under microwave irradiation. Doping ABM enhances the rate and yield at each reaction. Catalytic activities are discussed and the ability to re-use the ABM is demonstrated. Results For Claisen–Schmidt the use of ABM alone, yields never exceeded 17%. In each entry, KF/ABM and NaNO3/ABM (79-97% gave higher yields than using ABM alone under thermic condition. Also the reaction proceeded under microwave irradiation in good yields (72-94% for KF/ABM and 81-97% for NaNO3/ABM and high purity. For aza-Michael addition the use of ABM doped with KF or NaNO3 increased the catalytic activity remarkably. The very high yields could be noted (84-95% for KF/ABM and 81-94% for NaNO3/ABM. Conclusion The present method is an efficient and selective procedure for the synthesis of chalcones an aza-Michael adducts. The ABM and doped ABMs are a new, inexpensive and attractive solid supports which can contribute to the development of catalytic processes and reduced environmental problems.

  9. Ninety-eight new species of Trigonopterus weevils from Sundaland and the Lesser Sunda Islands (United States)

    Riedel, Alexander; Tänzler, Rene; Balke, Michael; Rahmadi, Cahyo; Suhardjono, Yayuk R.


    Abstract The genus Trigonopterus Fauvel, 1862 is highly diverse in Melanesia. Only one species, Trigonopterus amphoralis Marshall, 1925 was so far recorded West of Wallace’s Line (Eastern Sumatra). Based on focused field-work the fauna from Sundaland (Sumatra, Java, Bali, Palawan) and the Lesser Sunda Islands (Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores) is here revised. We redescribe Trigonopterus amphoralis Marshall and describe an additional 98 new species: Trigonopterus acuminatus sp. n., Trigonopterus aeneomicans sp. n., Trigonopterus alaspurwensis sp. n., Trigonopterus allopatricus sp. n., Trigonopterus allotopus sp. n., Trigonopterus angulicollis sp. n., Trigonopterus argopurensis sp. n., Trigonopterus arjunensis sp. n., Trigonopterus asper sp. n., Trigonopterus attenboroughi sp. n., Trigonopterus baliensis sp. n., Trigonopterus batukarensis sp. n., Trigonopterus bawangensis sp. n., Trigonopterus binodulus sp. n., Trigonopterus bornensis sp. n., Trigonopterus cahyoi sp. n., Trigonopterus costipennis sp. n., Trigonopterus cuprescens sp. n., Trigonopterus cupreus sp. n., Trigonopterus dacrycarpi sp. n., Trigonopterus delapan sp. n., Trigonopterus dentipes sp. n., Trigonopterus diengensis sp. n., Trigonopterus dimorphus sp. n., Trigonopterus disruptus sp. n., Trigonopterus dua sp. n., Trigonopterus duabelas sp. n., Trigonopterus echinatus sp. n., Trigonopterus empat sp. n., Trigonopterus enam sp. n., Trigonopterus fissitarsis sp. n., Trigonopterus florensis sp. n., Trigonopterus foveatus sp. n., Trigonopterus fulgidus sp. n., Trigonopterus gedensis sp. n., Trigonopterus halimunensis sp. n., Trigonopterus honjensis sp. n., Trigonopterus ijensis sp. n., Trigonopterus javensis sp. n., Trigonopterus kalimantanensis sp. n., Trigonopterus kintamanensis sp. n., Trigonopterus klatakanensis sp. n., Trigonopterus lampungensis sp. n., Trigonopterus latipes sp. n., Trigonopterus lima sp. n., Trigonopterus lombokensis sp. n., Trigonopterus merubetirensis sp. n., Trigonopterus mesehensis sp

  10. Asymmetric Copper-Catalyzed Vinylogous Mukaiyama Michael Addition of Cyclic Dienol Silanes to Unsaturated α-Keto Phosphonates. (United States)

    Steinkamp, Anne-Dorothee; Frings, Marcus; Thomé, Isabelle; Schiffers, Ingo; Bolm, Carsten


    A highly stereoselective vinylogous Mukaiyama Michael reaction (VMMR) leading to α-keto phosphonate-containing γ-butenolides with two stereogenic centers is described. The presented transformation is catalyzed by a combination of a commercially available C2 -symmetric bisoxazoline (BOX) ligand and a copper salt and tolerates a variety of nucleophiles and electrophiles. The stereoselectivities of the reactions are good to excellent and the products are obtained in moderate to high yields. © 2015 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

  11. Enantioselective Michael Addition of Cyclic β-Diones to α,β-Unsaturated Enones Catalyzed by Quinine-Based Organocatalysts

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Qingqing Wang


    Full Text Available An enantioselective (52–98% ee Michael addition between cyclic β-diones and α,β-unsaturated enones was established in the presence of quinine-based primary amine or squaramide. A variety of cinnamones were smoothly converted into the desired 3,4-dihydropyrans in moderate to high yields (63–99%. Chalcones were also suitable acceptors and gave rise to the expected adducts in satisfactory yields (31–99%. The resulting adducts readily underwent further modification to form fused 4H-pyran or 2,3-dihydrofuran.

  12. Advances in Statistical Control, Algebraic Systems Theory, and Dynamic Systems Characteristics A Tribute to Michael K Sain

    CERN Document Server

    Won, Chang-Hee; Michel, Anthony N


    This volume - dedicated to Michael K. Sain on the occasion of his seventieth birthday - is a collection of chapters covering recent advances in stochastic optimal control theory and algebraic systems theory. Written by experts in their respective fields, the chapters are thematically organized into four parts: Part I focuses on statistical control theory, where the cost function is viewed as a random variable and performance is shaped through cost cumulants. In this respect, statistical control generalizes linear-quadratic-Gaussian and H-infinity control. Part II addresses algebraic systems th

  13. Kochin, Michael S. 2009. Five Chapters on Rhetoric: Character, Action, Things, Nothing and Art (University Park: Pennsylvania State University Press

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eithan Orkibi


    Full Text Available Deux constatations traversent le nouvel ouvrage de Michael Kochin, et nous invitent à reconsidérer la rhétorique dans la communication persuasive. D’abord, que ce sont les événements concrets et les faits mis à l’épreuve qui ont la plus grande force de conviction ; et ensuite, que le discours a souvent une fonction autre que la persuasion : celle de maintenir les canaux de communication pour sauvegarder les relations et les institutions humaines. Pour l’auteur de cet ouvrage qui porte sur les...

  14. A propósito del libro "Accounting theory: research, regulation and accounting practice" de Michael Gaffikin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Garcia Nohora


    Full Text Available En el libro “Accounting theory: research, regulation and accounting practice”, el profesor australiano Michael Gaffikin ofrece al lector una idea del origen y amplio desenvolvimiento de la teoría contable durante el siglo XX “cuyo desarrollo ha sido dominado por Estados Unidos” (Gaffikin, 2008, p. 32. Plantea, igualmente, los desafíos y problemas actuales de la regulación y la profesión contable. Por ejemplo, el autor precisa que ante la incapacidad de lograr un acuerdo sobre las mediciones apropiadas, la tendencia mundial es a instaurar medidas determinadas arbitrariamente (Gaffikin, 2008, p. 154.

  15. Dipeptide-Derived Multifunctional Quaternary Phosphonium Salt Catalyzed Asymmetric Cyclizations via a Tandem Michael Addition/SN 2 Sequence. (United States)

    Cao, Dongdong; Zhang, Jiaxing; Wang, Hongyu; Zhao, Gang


    A novel family of dipeptide-based multifunctional quaternary phosphonium salts has been developed as chiral phase-transfer catalysts, which feature ready accessibility and structure modularity, allowing easy fine-tunings of activity. They demonstrated high efficiency in catalyzing the tandem asymmetric Michael addition/intramolecular SN 2 reaction between 6 or 7-substituted conjugate enones and malonates, providing synthetically important five or six-membered carbocycles and heterocycles in good yields and with good to excellent enantioselectivities. © 2015 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

  16. Kinetic study of electrochemically induced michael reactions of o-quinones with Meldrum's acid derivatives. Synthesis of highly oxygenated catechols. (United States)

    Nematollahi, D; Shayani-jam, H


    Electrochemical oxidation of catechols has been studied in the presence of Meldrum's acid derivatives as nucleophiles in aqueous solution, by means of cyclic voltammetry and controlled-potential coulometry. Catechols in the Michael addition reaction react with Meldrum's acids to form adducts that can undergo electrooxidation. Such products were obtained in good yields as confirmed by controlled potential electrosynthesis. Such products can be generated in aqueous solutions by means of electrosynthesis, using a carbon electrode in an undivided cell. Furthermore, the homogeneous rate constants of the chemical reaction interposed between electron transfers were estimated by comparing the experimental cyclic voltammetric curves with the digitally simulated ones.

  17. Michael additions of thiocompounds to {alpha}, {beta}-unsaturated carbonyl compounds in aqueous media: stereoselectivity with unambiguous characterization by NMR

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Almeida, Queli Aparecida Rodrigues de; Pereira, Maria Luiza de Oliveira; Coelho, Ricardo Bezerra; Kaiser, Carlos Roland; Jones Junior, Joel; Silva, Flavia Martins da [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Inst. de Quimica. Dept. de Quimica Organica]. E-mail:; Carvalho, Erika Martins de [Instituto de Tecnologia em Farmacos (Far-Manguinhos), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    The reactions of crotonaldehyde (8) with thiophenol (2) and benzalacetone (10) with ethane-1,2- dithiol (11) yield Michael addition products. The reactions of thiophenol (2) with (R)-carvone (13) and (S)-perillaldehyde (15) lead to (2S,3R,5S)-5-isopropenyl-2-methyl-3-(phenylthio)cyclohexanone (14) and (1R,2R,4S)-4-isopropenyl-2-(phenylthio)cyclohexanecarbaldehyde (16), respectively. An unambiguous elucidation of the stereochemistry of 14 and 16 by NMR is also presented. (author)

  18. Sexuality degree zero: pleasure and power in the novels of John Rechy, Arturo Islas, and Michael Nava. (United States)

    Ortiz, R L


    "Sexuality Degree Zero" explores common themes and formal strategies in the fiction of three prominent gay Chicano writers: John Rechy, Arturo Islas, and Michael Nava. Employing the concept of a politicized textual "pleasure" as theorized by French critic Roland Barthes, the study argues for the political efficacy of aesthetic choices characteristic to the three authors. Analyses of Rechy's use of pornography, of Islas' transgressive use of cultural iconography, and of Nava's use of sexual "perversions" in the context of classic crime fiction, all go to demonstrate the various uses of pleasure in the construction of a doubly marginalized but defiant self and voice in fiction by gay Chicano men.

  19. Refined transition-state models for proline-catalyzed asymmetric Michael reactions under basic and base-free conditions. (United States)

    Sharma, Akhilesh K; Sunoj, Raghavan B


    The stereocontrolling transition state (TS) models for C-C bond formation relying on hydrogen bonding have generally been successful in proline-catalyzed aldol, Mannich, α-amination, and α-aminoxylation reactions. However, the suitability of the hydrogen-bonding model in protic and aprotic conditions as well as under basic and base-free conditions has not been well established for Michael reactions. Through a comprehensive density functional theory investigation, we herein analyze different TS models for the stereocontrolling C-C bond formation, both in the presence and absence of a base in an aprotic solvent (THF). A refined stereocontrolling TS for the Michael reaction between cyclohexanone and nitrostyrene is proposed. The new TS devoid of hydrogen bonding between the nitro group of nitrostyrene and carboxylic acid of proline, under base-free conditions, is found to be more preferred over the conventional hydrogen-bonding model besides being able to reproduce the experimentally observed stereochemical outcome. A DBU-bound TS is identified as more suitable for rationalizing the origin of asymmetric induction under basic reaction conditions. In both cases, the most preferred approach of nitrostyrene is identified as occurring from the face anti to the carboxylic acid of proline-enamine. The predicted enantio- and diastereoselectivities are in very good agreement with the experimental observations.

  20. Trajetória acadêmica e perspectivas acerca do turismo sob o olhar de Colin Michael Hall

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elayne Gouveia da Silva


    Full Text Available Este trabalho versa sobre a visão do Colin Michael Hall na temática do turismo. Para analisar essa temática imbricou-se em duas leituras principais como parâmetro para a discussão. A primeira é a obra “Planejamento turístico: política, processo e planejamento” e, a segunda, “Turismo como El Ciencia Social de La Movilidade”. Estas obras marcam a mudança de visão do autor, onde o mesmo se dedica a fomentar um novo olhar sobre o turismo suscitando sete aspectos para se pensar no turismo. O objetivo deste artigo é analisar a visão de Colin Michael Hall acerca do Turismo. Como metas intermediárias pretende-se, a partir da compilação de informações sobre sua vida acadêmica e suas principais contribuições realizar uma breve crítica. Para o trabalho utilizou-se a pesquisa bibliográfica, e entrevista com o autor. Como resultado obteve-se uma reunião das principais ideias e posições ideológicas do autor, e algumas de suas contribuições com o estudo do turismo.