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  1. INERA Workshop 2016: Membrane and Liquid Crystal Nanostructures (MELINA 2016)

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    We are pleased to introduce the Proceedings of the INERA Workshop “Membrane and Liquid Crystal Nanostructures” (MELINA 2016). This meeting was held from 3 th to 6 th of September 2016 in Varna (Bulgaria) and was organized by the Institute of Solid State Physics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (ISSP-BAS) in the frames of the Project INERA “Research and Innovation Capacity Strengthening of ISSP-BAS in Multifunctional Nanostructures” REGPOT-2012-2013-1 NMP ( The workshop venue was the “Saints Constantine and Helena” Resort - a beautiful complex on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast within a landscaped park 10 km north of downtown Varna, close to the Euxinograd royal summer palace, park and winery. The aim of this workshop was to bring together researchers with interests in interdisciplinary areas in order to report the recent results of their scientific work, to discuss the state-of-the-art and perspectives and communicate new ideas. Several experimental and theoretical streams in the field of nanostructured liquid crystal systems and nanocomposites; soft and living matter physics; membrane biophysics; nanostructures in polymer and lipid membranes; characterization of soft nanomaterials were merged and directed towards a constructive discussion and solutions of a wide variety of actual problems in these important scientific areas. Participants from 9 countries presented 20 oral and 15 poster presentations in 5 topical areas. INERA Workshop MELINA 2016 provided very good opportunities for direct contacts, interesting discussions and interactive exchange of ideas between the participants. It also became a meeting point where INERA partners could plan and organize their future efficient collaborations and joint research projects of common interest. The editors would like to thank all authors for their high-quality contributions. The papers submitted for publication in the Proceedings were refereed according to the publishing standards of the

  2. BRENDA, the GSI RIB-facility

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Armbruster, P.


    In 1985 the decision was taken to build the Heavy-Ion Synchrotron (SIS) together with an Experimental Storage Ring (ESR) and a number of experimental facilities. The energy range covered by SIS is the same as the former BEVALAC. Higher beam intensities, better beam quality of SIS, the ESR, and the dedicated experiments allowed to plan an experimental programme going beyond what was done at LBL. The SIS filled to its space charge limit, and fast ramping times (1 s) promised high beam intensities. The field of exotic nuclei and secondary beams has been from the beginning an integral part of the planned new facility. A new high current injector modifying the UNILAC serving now as SIS-injector, a high dose target station at the end of SIS, and a fragment separator (FRS) for relativistic projectile fragments supplying all facilities with secondary beams were endorsed by the Machine- and Programme-Advisory Committees of the SIS-Project. Since 1991 Beams of Relativistic Exotic Nuclei from Darmstadt (BRENDA) are available with moderate intensities. Higher intensities wait for the projected, but not yet built high current injector. I show that interesting experiments were done nevertheless and why we were quite successful even with low intensity secondary beams. (orig.)

  3. Helping Students Understand Gene Regulation with Online Tools: A Review of MEME and Melina II, Motif Discovery Tools for Active Learning in Biology

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    David Treves


    Full Text Available Review of: MEME and Melina II, which are two free and easy-to-use online motif discovery tools that can be employed to actively engage students in learning about gene regulatory elements.

  4. Interviews and Dialogue Introduction Interview with Brenda Leibowitz

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    first-year students in the higher education system, from both a national and international perspective. Brenda Leibowitz is the Chair in Teaching and Learning at the University of. Johannesburg (UJ), having previously served as the Director of Teaching and Learning at. Stellenbosch University. Leibowitz's work in the area of ...

  5. 76 FR 28226 - Ndahendekire Barbara v. African Shipping; Njoroge Muhia; Alco Logistics, Llc; Brenda Alexander... (United States)


    ... Muhia; Alco Logistics, Llc; Brenda Alexander; and AIR 7 Seas Transportlogistics, Inc.; Notice of Filing...; Njoroge Muhia, ALCO Logistics, LLC; Brenda Alexander; and Air 7 Seas Transport Logistics, Inc...; Respondent ALCO Logistics, LLC, is a freight forwarding and logistics company; Respondent Brenda Alexander is...

  6. BRENDA: a dynamic simulator for a sodium-cooled fast reactor power plant

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Hetrick, D.L.; Sowers, G.W.


    This report is a users' manual for one version of BRENDA (Breeder Reactor Nuclear Dynamic Analysis), which is a digital program for simulating the dynamic behavior of a sodium-cooled fast reactor power plant. This version, which contains 57 differential equations, represents a simplified model of the Clinch River Breeder Reactor Project (CRBRP). BRENDA is an input deck for DARE P (Differential Analyzer Replacement, Portable), which is a continuous-system simulation language developed at the University of Arizona. This report contains brief descriptions of DARE P and BRENDA, instructions for using BRENDA in conjunction with DARE P, and some sample output. A list of variable names and a listing for BRENDA are included as appendices

  7. Tolerance, Acceptance and the Virtue of Orthonomy: A Reply to Lawrence Blum and Brenda Almond (United States)

    Ciurria, Michelle


    In the "Journal of Moral Education," 39(2), Brenda Almond and Lawrence Blum debate the importance of tolerance versus acceptance in sex education. Blum defines acceptance as "positive regard", in contradistinction to mere tolerance, "a live and let live attitude toward others, an acceptance of coexistence, but with a…

  8. A Groundwater Model to Assess Water Resource Impacts at the Brenda Solar Energy Zone

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Quinn, John [Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States); Carr, Adrianne E. [Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States); Greer, Chris [Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States); Bowen, Esther E. [Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States)


    The purpose of this study is to develop a groundwater flow model to examine the influence of potential groundwater withdrawal to support utility-scale solar energy development at the Brenda Solar Energy Zone (SEZ), as a part of the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM’s) Solar Energy Program.

  9. Brenda Escobar Guzmán De los conflictos locales a la guerra civil. Tolima a finales del siglo XIX.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jean Paul Ruiz Martínez


    Full Text Available El libro es la tesis doctoral realizada por Brenda Escobar en la Universidad Ludwig-Maximilian de Múnich. En su trabajo, se discute la importancia historiográfica dada a la adscripción partidista como factor que dividió la sociedad colombiana, especialmente a la idea de que el “compromiso partidista definiría las acciones de los colombianos en el siglo xix, tanto de la gente humilde como de los notables locales” (pág. 25, sustentada de manera reiterativa en la obra de Fernán González. En oposición a esta concepción, e influenciada por los estudios subalternos, la autora propone que en el caso del Tolima durante la Regeneración el bipartidismo no fue el principal motivo de oposición entre los sectores populares, y que cuando existían adscripciones partidistas estas no determinaban las conductas hacia otros, pues habría tenido más importancia la defensa de los intereses inmediatos y la supervivencia que la pertenencia a unas redes clientelistas y la herencia de odios de partido.

  10. Estoniju reklamirujut uzhe dva brenda / Andrei Babin

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Babin, Andrei


    Eestit tutvustava logo "Welcome to Estonia" kõrval on kasutusel alternatiivne bränd "Balti võti" (Baltic Key). Projekti arendab eraettevõtja Aleksandr Neson. Kaubamärgi visuaalsest lahendusest. Autor on disainer Arturas Kiselius

  11. Eksportnaja sostavljajushtshaja estonskogo brenda / Eteri Kekelidze

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kekelidze, Eteri, 1944-


    Valitsus otsustas luua spetsiaalse komisjoni, et töötada välja strateegiad Eesti konkurentsivõime tõstmiseks maailmas. Eesti Ekspordiagentuuri ekspertkomisjoni esimees, mööblifirma AS-i Thulema juht August Kull leiab, et selle saavutamiseks peavad hea reputatsiooni endale kindlustama kõik meie tooted, mitte üksnes üksikute ettevõtete oma. Puidu- ja mööblitööstuse ettevõtete toodangu perspektiivist Euroopa Liidus

  12. User Studies Differ Across Some Disciplines and May Not Be Very Effective. A review of: Dervin, Brenda and CarrieLynn D. Reinhard. “Researchers and Practitioners Talk About Users and Each Other. Making User and Audience Studies Matter‐‐Paper 1.” InformationResearch 12.1 (Oct. 2006. 6 Aug. 2007 .

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Virginia Wilson


    Full Text Available Objective – As part of a multi‐staged project, this study seeks to identify the unanswered questions about users as found in three fields: library and information science (LIS, human computer interaction, and communication and media studies, as well as the convergences and divergences across these fields.Design – A multi‐phased, qualitative study involving individual face‐to‐face and telephone interviews, as well as self interviewing and focus groups.Setting – The fields of LIS, human computer interaction, and communication and media studies as examined in interview situations.Subjects – 83 international experts across the three fields, as well as 31 local experts from central Ohio, USA.Methods – The majority of the 83 international experts in the fields of LIS, human computer interaction, and communication and media studies were interviewed by telephone (some in person.Thirty‐one local experts (7 public and 24 academic library directors were individually interviewed and also took part in focus groups. The Sense‐Making Methodology was used as an interview approach with its emphasis on bridging gaps. Neutral interview questions were used to tease out the gaps in certain situations— in the case of this project, the gaps involve communication and the unanswered questions about users. Brenda Dervin developed this approach, which has been transformed and adapted by Dervin and a host of other LIS researchers over the past 25 years. It is a metatheoretical approach that has “evolved into a generalized communication‐based methodology seen as useful for the study of human sense‐making (and sense‐unmaking in any context”(Dervin 729. The Sense‐Making metatheory is implemented three ways in the method: “in the framing of research questions; in the designing of interviewing; and in the analyzing and concluding processes of research” (Dervin 737. In the research under review for this summary the answers to the gap

  13. Secularism, Multiculturalism and Same-Sex Marriage: A Comment on Brenda Almond's "Education for Tolerance" (United States)

    Blum, Lawrence


    Although Almond argues that the contemporary West has lost touch with the value of tolerance, I argue that that value applied to those of different religions and sexual orientations is too minimal a standard for a pluralistic society. I suggest, in the spirit of the work of Charles Taylor and Tariq Modood, the more robust standard of respect and…

  14. Brenda D. Phillips, Deborah S.K. Thomas, Alice Fothergill, Lynn Blinn‑Pike (orgs., Social Vulnerability to Disasters.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Susana Freiria


    Full Text Available Actualmente registam‑se em todo o mundo um número cada vez mais elevado de desastres e cujo impacto na vida das populações e nos seus bens é cada vez maior. Num cenário de catástrofe é importante conhecer os recursos humanos disponíveis, os cenários possíveis, os grupos mais vulneráveis em relação aos diversos perigos e quais as suas principais fragilidades. O livro Social Vulnerability to Disasters apresenta‑se como inovador na medida em que alia o conhecimento académico desenvolvido no âmb...

  15. Identification of more than a 100 new isotopes from 238U projectile fission and beams of neutron-rich nuclei at BRENDA

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Bernas, M.; Donzaud, C.; Dessagne, Ph.


    Projectile fission of 238 U was investigated at a bombarding energy of 750 A MeV using Pb and Be targets. The fully stripped forward emitted fragments from Ti to Cs were analyzed with the Fragment Separator (FRS) and unambiguously identified by their energy-loss and time-of-flight. The magnetic selection of the largest momenta acted as a trigger of the low-energy fission component. More than a hundred new nuclear species were identified including the 78 Ni, for which a cross-section of 300 pb was measured. (author)

  16. Review of Handbook of Autopsy Practice, Brenda L. Waters (Ed.). 4th edition, Humana Press (2009). ISBN: 978-1-58829-841-6

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Leth, Peter Mygind


    This 4th edition of Handbook of Autopsy Practice is a thoroughly updated version. Autopsy practice has undergone significant changes in recent time due to technological advancements such as molecular diagnostics, immunohistochemisty and the introduction of post-mortem imaging techniques. In the s...

  17. Albinism in the Great Gray Owl (Strix nebulosa) and other owls (United States)

    Pentti Alaja; Heimo Mikkola


    An incomplete albino Great Gray Owl (Strix nebulosa) was observed in Vesanto and Kajaani, Finland, 1994-1995. The literature pertaining to albinism in owls indicates that total and incomplete albinism has only been reported in 13 different owl species, the Great Gray Owl being the only species with more than five records. Thus six to seven incomplete...

  18. Evaluación de distintas materias primas para la producción de almácigo de tomate


    Fernando Richmond


    Se evaluaron mezclas de materias primas naturales en diferentes proporciones y en el siguiente orden: fibra de coco (Cocos nucifera), aserrín de melina (Gmelina arborea) y abono orgánico Coope Victoria, para utilizarlos como sustrato en la etapa de almácigo de tomate híbrido FBM-17. Se hicieron mezclas entre sí de fibra de coco y aserrín de melina en diferentes proporciones (30%, 40% y 50% de cada material), para un total de 9 tratamientos; el abono orgánico se agregó para completar el 100%. ...

  19. Moral Judgement and Foreign Language Effect: When the Foreign Language Becomes the Second Language (United States)

    Cavar, Franziska; Tytus, Agnieszka Ewa


    While making a decision facing a moral conflict, does your answer vary depending on whether you use your first language or later learned second language? A previous study conducted by Costa, Albert, Alice Foucart, Sayuri Hayakawa, Melina Aparici, Jose Apesteguia, Joy Heafner, Boaz Keysar, and Mariano Sigman [2014. "Your Morals Depend on…

  20. 78 FR 18979 - Proposed Settlement Agreement, Clean Air Act Citizen Suit (United States)


    .... Jackson, Case No. 12- 1096 (D.D.C.) (``LEAN v. Jackson''). Plaintiffs filed this suit to compel the... INFORMATION CONTACT: Melina Williams, Air and Radiation Law Office (2344A), Office of General Counsel, U.S... Amended Complaint with prejudice in LEAN v. Jackson. In addition, the proposed settlement agreement...

  1. 78 FR 27880 - Negotiated Rulemaking Committee; Public Hearings (United States)


    ....m. or after 3 p.m.). We will attempt to accommodate each speaker's preference but, if we are unable... Secretary of Education has delegated authority to Brenda Dann-Messier, Assistant Secretary for Vocational... Education. Dated: May 8, 2013. Brenda Dann-Messier, Assistant Secretary for Vocational and Adult Education...

  2. Aspiration pneumonia (United States)

    ... Images Pneumococci organism Bronchoscopy Lungs Respiratory system References Musher DM. Overview of pneumonia. In: Goldman L, Schafer ... University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA. Also reviewed by David Zieve, MD, MHA, Medical Director, Brenda Conaway, Editorial ...

  3. What Is Dry Eye?

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Kierstan Boyd Reviewed By: Brenda Pagan-Duran MD Sep. 01, 2017 Our eyes need tears to stay ... tear duct to insert a permanent punctal plug? Sep 12, 2017 Why are my eyes bloodshot when ...

  4. CSF oligoclonal banding (United States)

    ... Elsevier Saunders; 2016:chap 396. Lechner-Scott J, Spencer B, de Malmanche T, et al. The frequency ... reviewed by David Zieve, MD, MHA, Medical Director, Brenda Conaway, Editorial Director, and the A.D.A. ...

  5. 78 FR 17703 - Federal Property Suitable as Facilities To Assist the Homeless (United States)


    ...: Agriculture: Ms. Brenda Carignan, Department of Agriculture, Reporters Building, 300 7th Street SW., Room 337... vandals Oologah Lake Spencer Creek Oologah OK 74053 Landholding Agency: COE Property Number: 31201240003...

  6. Medicines for ADHD (United States)

    ... . Prince JB, Wilens TE, Spencer TJ, Biederman J. Pharmacotherapy of attention-deficit/hyperactivity ... reviewed by David Zieve, MD, MHA, Medical Director, Brenda Conaway, Editorial Director, and the A.D.A. ...

  7. 77 FR 14355 - Notice of Availability of Final Environmental Impact Statement for a Proposed Highway Between I... (United States)


    ...: James A. Barlow, JR., Ph.D., Regulatory Branch, phone (504) 862-2250 or email at james.a.barlow@usace... schedule an appointment please contact either James A. Barlow, JR., phone (504) 862-2250 or Ms. Brenda...

  8. Naised mõrvarite jälil / Kaisa Karu

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Karu, Kaisa


    Kanal 2 ekraanil kaks naispeaosalistega krimisarja : uurija Lilly Rush (Kathryn Morris) sarjas "Jahtunud jälg" (USA, 2003-... ) ja Brenda Leigh Johnson (Kyra Sedgwick) seriaalis "Vahelevõtja" (USA, 2005-... )

  9. 76 FR 59156 - Notice of Availability of the Proposed Ironwood Forest National Monument Resource Management Plan... (United States)


    ... Chin Indian Community, Gila River Indian Community, Tohono O'odham Nation, Salt River Pima-Maricopa..., P.O. Box 71383, Washington, DC 20024-1383 Overnight Mail: BLM Director (210), Attention: Brenda...

  10. How to choose the best hospital for surgery (United States)

    ... to report certain information to them, and some publish reports that compare hospitals in the state. Nonprofit ... Also reviewed by David Zieve, MD, MHA, Medical Director, Brenda Conaway, Editorial Director, and the A.D. ...

  11. 76 FR 63909 - Draft Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for Modernization of Training... (United States)


    ... Public Library, 75-138 Hualalai Road, Kailua-Kona; Thelma Parker Memorial Public and School Library, 67... locations for the public hearings will be published in local newspapers. Brenda S. Bowen, Army Federal...

  12. 75 FR 75968 - Availability for Exclusive, Non-Exclusive, or Partially-Exclusive Licensing of an Invention... (United States)


    ... relates to a fully unsupervised, machine-learned, cross-validated, and dynamic Bayesian Belief Network..., transplant glomerulopathy, healing rate of an acute traumatic wound, and/or breast cancer risk. Brenda S...

  13. Self catheterization - female (United States)

    ... female Images Bladder catheterization, female References Davis JE, Silverman MA. Urologic procedures. In: Roberts JR, ed. Roberts ... provided by VeriMed Healthcare Network. Also reviewed by David Zieve, MD, MHA, Medical Director, Brenda Conaway, Editorial ...

  14. Eye and orbit ultrasound (United States)

    ... Images Head and eye echoencephalogram References Coleman DJ, Silverman RH, Lloyd HO, Daly S. Evaluation of the posterior ... Vision Institute, La Jolla, CA. Also reviewed by David Zieve, MD, MHA, Medical Director, Brenda Conaway, Editorial ...

  15. Self catheterization - male (United States)

    ... male; CIC - male Images Catheterization References Davis JE, Silverman MA. Urologic procedures. In: Roberts JR, ed. Roberts ... provided by VeriMed Healthcare Network. Also reviewed by David Zieve, MD, MHA, Medical Director, Brenda Conaway, Editorial ...

  16. Variation in the wood anatomical structure of Gmelina arborea (Verbenaceae) trees at different ecological conditions in Costa Rica


    MOYA, Roger; FO, Mario Tomazello


    The tree Gmelina arborea has been widely introduced in Costa Rica for commercial purposes. This new conditions for melina cause variations on anatomy in secondary xylem of the trees growing in plantations. The objective of the present research was to determine the variation in the anatomy of xylem caused by the ecological conduction variation. Dimensions of fiber, axial parenchyma percentage of cross sections, parameters of vessels and the ray were measured. The results showed that some anato...

  17. Aia alt pilvekatusega kunstisaali / Meeli Müüripeal

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Müüripeal, Meeli, 1963-


    Sabile restaureeritud sünagoog-kunstisaalist (1890).1993. a. läti skulptori Ojars Arvids Feldbergsi (sünd. 1947) poolt avatud Pedvale keskkonnakunsti keskusest, sealsetest Brinkpedvale (18. sajand) ja Frikspedvale mõisahoonetest. 1999. a. pälvis Pedvale vabaõhu kunstisaal UNESCO Melina Mercouri auhinna. Pedvales on tuleetendusega esinenud Raul Meel, eesti kunstnike töödest nimetatud Villu Jaanisoo töö "Tugitool". 16 ill

  18. Evaluación de sustratos para almácigos de hortalizas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gustavo Quesada Rold\\u00E1n


    Full Text Available Se realizó una evaluación agronómica de almácigos de hortalizas (tomate, pepino, lechuga y brócoli establecidos en diferentes sustratos, en la Estación Experimental Fabio BaudritMoreno, Alajuela, Costa Rica, bajo condiciones de invernadero, del 12 de abril al 7 de mayo del 2004. Se utilizaron bandejas plásticas de 128 celdas de forma piramidal invertida. El diseño experimental utilizado fue un irrestricto completamenteal azar con cuatro repeticiones. Ala edad de transplante seevaluaron variables de vigor de germinación, desarrollo deplanta y calidad de adobe. Los sustratos que permitieron elmejor desarrollo de las plantas en los cultivos de brócoli, pepino y tomate fueron abono orgánico Juan Viñas; lombricom-post + abono orgánico Juan Viñas + granza; y abono orgánicoJuan Viñas + granza. Los sustratos aserrín de melina madurado + suelo + granza; y peat moss + perlita fueron los mejoresmedios para almácigos de lechuga. Se observó además en lossustratos abono orgánico Juan Viñas + aserrín de melina ma-durado + granza; bagazo + aserrín de melina madurado + abono orgánico Juan Viñas; y aserrín de melina madurado + fibrade coco + ceniza, una excelente calidad de adobe, aunque undesarrollo de la planta no tan vigoroso. Los sustratos “tierrafermentada”; fibra de coco; sustrato comercial 2; y bagazo +fibra de coco + piedra pómez fueron los que más limitaron elestablecimiento de las plantas de almácigo.

  19. An Assessment of Media Coverage of the B-2 Stealth Bomber (United States)


    15 Sharon M. Friedman, Carole M. Gorney, and Brenda P. Egolf, "Reporting on Radiation: A Content Analysis of Chernobyl Coverage," Journal of...Mitterrand," Political Science Quarterly, 39 (1987): 103-122. 1 29 Jane Blankenship, Serefa Mendez - Mendez , Jong Guen King and Joseph Giodan, "Initial... Carole M. Gorney and Brenda P. Egolf, "Reporting on Radiation: A Content Analysis of Chernobyl Coverage," Journal of Communication, Summer3 (1987

  20. Evaluación de distintas materias primas para la producción de almácigo de tomate

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fernando Richmond


    Full Text Available Se evaluaron mezclas de materias primas naturales en diferentes proporciones y en el siguiente orden: fibra de coco (Cocos nucifera, aserrín de melina (Gmelina arborea y abono orgánico Coope Victoria, para utilizarlos como sustrato en la etapa de almácigo de tomate híbrido FBM-17. Se hicieron mezclas entre sí de fibra de coco y aserrín de melina en diferentes proporciones (30%, 40% y 50% de cada material, para un total de 9 tratamientos; el abono orgánico se agregó para completar el 100%. Se evaluó la variable porcentaje de germinación 7 días después de la siembra (dds y porcentaje de plantas trasplantables a 27 dds en cada parcela útil. Además, en 10 plántulas escogidas al azar dentro de cada parcela útil (a 27 dds se evaluó: altura de plántula, grosor del tallo, peso seco de raíz y parte aérea, relación raíz/parte aérea y calidad de adobe. Del total de tratamientos, los mayores valores para las variables evaluadas se obtuvieron en los 3 tratamientos donde la proporción de aserrín de melina fue 30%, junto con el tratamiento de 40% de fibra de coco + 40% de aserrín de melina + 20% de abono orgánico Coope Victoria; entre ellos el sustrato con tendencia a dar mejores resultados en todas las variables fue la mezcla 30-30-40. Los valores inferiores para las variables evaluadas se obtuvieron en el tratamiento donde no se incluyó en la mezcla abono orgánico (50-50-0, excepto para las variables porcentaje de germinación y relación raíz/parte aérea. La inclusión de abono orgánico en la mezcla del sustrato favoreció la obtención de valores satisfactorios.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    William Hernández


    Full Text Available La presente investigación se realizó para conocer la respuesta de 4 especies forestales a la aplicación del Glomus fasciculatum en vivero y campo. En la fase de vivero se evalúo diámetro basal, altura total, peso seco del follaje y radicular, absorción de nutrimentos en el follaje y el sistema radicular. En campo se cuantificó altura total, diámetro, y absorción de nutrimentos en el follaje. Los resultados mostraron que en vivero los mayores incrementos promedio, en los tratamientos inoculados, los registró el ronrón (Astronium graveolens, la teca (Tectona grandis y el amarillón (Terminalia amazonia, con 48,9, 35,2 y 30,6%, respectivamente; mientras que en melina (Gmelina arborea el incremento fue de 16,9%. El mayor incremento se registró en el peso seco del follaje y en el radicular con 30,8 y 63%, respectivamente. En la absorción de nutrimentos el ronrón mostró diferencias en Mg, Cu, Zn, Mn y Fe, tanto en el follaje como en el sistema radicular; sin embargo, melina fue la especie que registró las concentraciones de nutrimentos superiores, aunque no significativas; las demás especies no registraron diferencias significativas. En el campo, en las plantas inoculadas, solamente melina reflejó diferencias significativas en diámetro y altura total, con un incremento de 37,9 y 31,7%, respectivamente. La absorción de nutrimentos de melina, amarillón y ronrón fue en promedio 32,2, 19,8 y 6,6%, respectivamente, con una mayor absorción en Ca, Mn, K y Fe. La mortalidad en vivero fue nula, mientras que en el campo, varió de acuerdo con la especie y el tratamiento. El aumento en el crecimiento de las 4 especies fue la tendencia común, a excepción de teca, que en el campo no mostró resultados positivos.

  2. Educators Using Information Technology. GIS Video Series. [Videotape]. (United States)

    A M Productions Inc., Vancouver (British Columbia).

    This 57-minute videotape covers the "Florida Educators Using Information Technology" session of the "Eco-Informa '96" conference. Two speakers presented examples of environmental educators using information technology. The first speaker, Brenda Maxwell, is the Director and Developer of the Florida Science Institute based at…

  3. 75 FR 13114 - Energy Conservation Program for Certain Industrial Equipment: Publication of the Petition for... (United States)


    ... capacity ECO-i (commercial) multi- split heat pumps. Through this document, DOE: (1) Solicits comments.... Brenda Edwards, U.S. Department of Energy, Building Technologies Program, Mailstop EE-2J/1000... Technologies Program, 950 L'Enfant Plaza, SW., Suite 600, Washington, DC 20024. Please submit one signed...

  4. 77 FR 74507 - Endangered Species; Marine Mammals; Issuance of Permits (United States)


    ... not operate to the disadvantage of the endangered species, and (3) the granted permit would be.... Zoological Park. 2012. 82880A Big Game Studio 77 FR 54604; September 5, October 17, 2012. 2012. 83520A Donald...; fax (703) 358-2280. Brenda Tapia, Program Analyst/Data Administrator, Branch of Permits, Division of...

  5. Book review

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This publication, edited by Brenda Leibowitz of Stellenbosch University's Centre for. Teaching and Learning, is a compilation of essays by prominent local and international academics, on the theme of higher education and the 'public good'. But who is this 'public', and how is its 'good' defined? In the foreword, the late ...

  6. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (82nd, New Orleans, Louisiana, August 3-8, 1999). Qualitative Studies. (United States)

    Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.

    The Qualitative Studies section of the Proceedings contains the following 14 papers: "Disabling or Enabling? Reading Bodies, Technologies, and the Borg of Star Trek" (Mia Consalvo); "Inverted Pyramids Versus Hypertexts: A Qualitative Study of Readers' Responses to Competing Narrative Forms" (Robert Huesca, Brenda Dervin, John…

  7. 76 FR 20089 - Energy Conservation Program: Energy Conservation Standards for Fluorescent Lamp Ballasts (United States)


    ... discussed the following major issues at the public meeting: the pros and cons of various efficiency metrics... of Energy, Building Technologies Program, Mailstop EE-2J, 1000 Independence Avenue, SW., Washington... copies. 4. Hand Delivery/Courier: Ms. Brenda Edwards, U.S. Department of Energy, Building Technologies...

  8. How Babies Begin to Develop Self-Control in the First 3 Years (United States)

    Harden, Brenda Jones


    Brenda Jones Harden, PhD, associate professor in the Department of Human Development, University of Maryland, College Park, describes how young children develop the capacity to modulate their emotions and behavior in the first years of life. A child's basic temperament has an impact on self-control, but temper tantrums are a normal part of child…

  9. 77 FR 32528 - Antidumping or Countervailing Duty Order, Finding, or Suspended Investigation; Opportunity To... (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE International Trade Administration Antidumping or Countervailing Duty Order, Finding, or Suspended Investigation; Opportunity To Request Administrative Review AGENCY: Import Administration, International Trade Administration, Department of Commerce. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Brenda E. Waters, Office of AD/CVD...

  10. 77 FR 19621 - Antidumping or Countervailing Duty Order, Finding, or Suspended Investigation; Opportunity To... (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE International Trade Administration Antidumping or Countervailing Duty Order, Finding, or Suspended Investigation; Opportunity To Request Administrative Review AGENCY: Import Administration, International Trade Administration, Department of Commerce. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Brenda E. Waters, Office of AD/CVD...

  11. 76 FR 57612 - Energy Efficiency Program for Consumer Products: Test Procedures for Residential Refrigerators... (United States)


    ...-Freezers, and Freezers AGENCY: Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Department of Energy... FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Mr. Lucas Adin, U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and... public comments, contact Ms. Brenda Edwards, U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and...

  12. 76 FR 71584 - Notice of Revocation of Customs Broker Licenses (United States)


    ... Mary M 14871 Tampa H Conrad & Associates, Inc 12858 Tampa Cassise Christopher J 20143 Washington, DC...'Conner William L 16182 Atlanta Rivers Myra B 16155 Atlanta Peek Brenda K 13392 Atlanta Smolen Lee Ellis 09190 Atlanta Sheffield Beverly J 16856 Atlanta Pierce Scott M 15327 Atlanta Maltbie Jean L 20058...

  13. 78 FR 31566 - National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program; List of Petitions Received (United States)


    .... Angel Blackstone on behalf of S.B., Deceased, Trenton, New Jersey, Court of Federal Claims No: 13-0213V... Federal Claims No: 13-0252V. 31. William and Brenda Lehann Rodriguez on behalf of C.R., Clayton, Georgia...

  14. Book Review | Lupton-Smith | Southern African Journal of Critical Care

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy in Trauma: An Evidence-based Approach Edited by Heleen van Aswegen and Brenda Morrow. London: Imperial College Press, 2015. ISBN 978-1-78326-651-7. Full Text: EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT · AJOL African ...

  15. Navigator. Volume 45, Number 3, Spring 2009 (United States)

    National Science Education Leadership Association, 2009


    The National Science Education Leadership Association (NSELA) was formed in 1959 to meet a need to develop science education leadership for K-16 school systems. "Navigator" is published by NSELA to provide the latest NSELA events. This issue of "Navigator" includes the following items: (1) A Message from the President (Brenda Wojnowski); (2) NSELA…

  16. 76 FR 67133 - Initiation of Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Administrative Reviews and Request for... (United States)


    ...., Ltd. New Pneumatic Off-the Road Tires C-570-913....... 1/01/10-12/31/10 Aeolus Tyre Co., Ltd. Beijing... CONTACT: Brenda Waters, Office of AD/CVD Operations, Customs Unit, Import Administration, International... Refractory Materials Co., Ltd. Certain New Pneumatic Off-the-Road Tires \\5\\ A- 9/1/10-8/31/11 570-912 Aeolus...

  17. Relationship between serum total magnesium and serum potassium ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Relationship between serum total magnesium and serum potassium in emergency surgical patients in a tertiary hospital in Ghana. Robert Djagbletey, Brenda Phillips, Frank Boni, Christian Owoo, Ebenezer Owusu-Darkwa, Papa Kobina Gyakye deGraft-Johnson, Alfred E. Yawson ...

  18. Military and Veterans Disability System. Pilot Has Achieved Some Goals, but Further Planning and Monitoring Needed (United States)


    Member Subcommittee on Defense Committee on Appropriations House of Representatives The Honorable Chet Edwards Chairman The Honorable Zach Wamp...and Vanessa Taylor provided assistance with research methodology and data analysis. Bonnie Anderson, Rebecca Beale, Mark Bird, Brenda Farrell...Valerie Melvin, Patricia Owens, and Randall Williamson provided subject matter expertise. Susan Bernstein and Kathleen van Gelder provided writing

  19. 76 FR 13113 - National Priorities List, Proposed Rule No. 54 (United States)


    ... Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, IL 60604; 312/886-7572. Brenda Cook, Region 6 (AR, LA, NM, OK, TX), U.S. EPA... Landfill v. Thomas, 849 F.2d 1516 (DC Cir. 1988)). EPA will not address voluminous comments that are not...

  20. 76 FR 57702 - National Priorities List, Proposed Rule No. 55 (United States)


    ... 60604; 312/886-7572. Brenda Cook, Region 6 (AR, LA, NM, OK, TX), U.S. EPA, 1445 Ross Avenue, Suite 1200... individual HRS factor values or other listing criteria (Northside Sanitary Landfill v. Thomas, 849 F.2d 1516...

  1. 78 FR 31464 - National Priorities List, Proposed Rule No. 58 (United States)


    ... Boulevard, Chicago, IL 60604; 312/ 886-4465. Brenda Cook, Region 6 (AR, LA, NM, OK, TX), U.S. EPA, 1445 Ross... criteria (Northside Sanitary Landfill v. Thomas, 849 F.2d 1516 (D.C. Cir. 1988)). The EPA will not address...

  2. 75 FR 38117 - Receipt of Applications for Permit (United States)


    ..., 2010. ADDRESSES: Brenda Tapia, Division of Management Authority, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 4401... available at any time. While you can ask us in your comment to withhold your personal identifying... Spidle, Bellville, TX; PRT-10399A The applicant requests a permit to import the sport-hunted trophy of...

  3. 75 FR 54909 - Endangered Species Receipt of Applications for Permit (United States)


    ... comments on or before October 12, 2010. ADDRESSES: Brenda Tapia, Division of Management Authority, U.S...--may be made publicly available at any time. While you can ask us in your comment to withhold your... applicant requests a permit to re-export the sport- hunted trophy of one male bontebok (Damaliscus pygargus...

  4. 78 FR 24771 - Notice of Availability of the Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Gateway West 230/345... (United States)


    ... authorizing entities in making a decision on whether or not to authorize the entire Project on public land or... initiated with the publication of the Record of Decision (ROD). Any additional public meetings or other... and mailed to one of the following addresses: Regular Mail: BLM Director (210), Attention: Brenda...

  5. CEC Teacher of the Year. (United States)

    Voyles, Lynda


    This interview with Brenda Jean Robbins, a Florida music therapist and teacher selected as 1995 Teacher of the Year by the Council for Exceptional Children, reveals her views about music therapy, goals, relationship of music therapy to the special education classroom, musical performance, and getting parents involved. (DB)

  6. Smoking and Eye Health (United States)

    ... Patient Stories Español Eye Health / Tips & Prevention Sections Smoking and Eye Disease Leer en Español: El cigarrillo ... By: Brenda Pagan-Duran MD Apr. 27, 2017 Smoking contributes to a number of major health problems, ...

  7. 78 FR 64205 - Army Science Board Fall Plenary Meeting (United States)


    ... by 41 CFR 102-3.150(a). Therefore, the Advisory Committee Management Officer for the Department of..., (703) 545-8652,"> or Carolyn German, (703) 545-8654, carolyn.t.german[email protected] . SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: None. Brenda S. Bowen, Army...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Flávia Slompo Pinto


    Full Text Available Resenha do livro CARRANZA, Brenda; MARIZ, Cecília; CAMURÇA, Marcelo (organizadores. Novas Comunidades Católicas: em busca do espaço pós-moderno. Aparecida, SP: Idéias e Letras, 2009, 288pp. ISBN: 978-85-7698-034-6.

  9. 77 FR 3495 - Endangered Species; Marine Mammals; Issuance of Permits (United States)


    ... Act (MMPA). ADDRESSES: Brenda Tapia, Division of Management Authority, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.... 2010. 15360A Earth Promise, Inc., 75 FR 41235, July 15, November 9, 2010. dba Fossil Rim 2010. Wildlife... Management Authority, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 4401 North Fairfax Drive, Room 212, Arlington, VA 22203...

  10. 77 FR 27262 - Self-Regulatory Organizations; Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc.; Order Approving a... (United States)


    ... University Law School, and Director, Cornell Securities Law Clinic, and Brenda Beauchamp, Cornell Law School... letter from Jill I. Gross, Director, Edward Pekarek, Assistant Director, and Genavieve Shingle, Student..., scheduling, and traveling to hearings; (3) it would provide an alternative for customers who are unable to...

  11. 76 FR 38122 - Notice of Availability for Exclusive, Non-Exclusive, or Partially-Exclusive Licensing of an... (United States)


    ... compounds have radical curative antimalarial activity. Brenda S. Bowen, Army Federal Register Liaison... Guanidylimidazoline Derivatives as Antimalarial Agents, Synthesis of and Methods of Use Thereof AGENCY: Department of... ``Guanidylimidazole and Guanidylimidazoline Derivatives as Antimalarial Agents, Synthesis of and Methods of Use...

  12. Uniting the Spheres: Modern Feminist Theory and Classic Texts in AP English (United States)

    Drew, Simao J. A.; Bosnic, Brenda G.


    High school teachers Simao J. A. Drew and Brenda G. Bosnic help familiarize students with gender role analysis and feminist theory. Students examine classic literature and contemporary texts, considering characters' historical, literary, and social contexts while expanding their understanding of how patterns of identity and gender norms exist and…

  13. 75 FR 2560 - Issuance of Permits (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR Fish and Wildlife Service [FWS-R9-IA-2010-N006] [96300-1671-0000-P5] Issuance of Permits AGENCY: Fish and Wildlife Service, Interior. ACTION: Notice of issuance of permits..., 2009 PH.D, Department of 16, 2009. Cardiology Children's Hospital. Dated: January 8, 2010. Brenda Tapia...

  14. Get to work on unemployment | Calitz | Law, Democracy ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Karen Calitz, Brenda Grant, Barry Shipman, Esther van Kerken. Abstract. No Abstract. Full Text: EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT · AJOL African Journals Online. HOW TO USE AJOL... for Researchers · for Librarians · for Authors · FAQ's · More about ...

  15. 77 FR 34061 - Endangered Species; Issuance of Permits (United States)


    ...-FF09A30000] Endangered Species; Issuance of Permits AGENCY: Fish and Wildlife Service, Interior. ACTION... following permits to conduct certain activities with endangered species. We issue these permits under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). ADDRESSES: Brenda Tapia, Division of Management Authority, U.S. Fish and...

  16. 78 FR 27255 - Endangered Species; Issuance of Permits (United States)


    ...-FF09A30000] Endangered Species; Issuance of Permits AGENCY: Fish and Wildlife Service, Interior. ACTION... following permits to conduct certain activities with endangered species. We issue these permits under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). ADDRESSES: Brenda Tapia, Division of Management Authority, U.S. Fish and...

  17. 78 FR 56922 - Endangered Species; Issuance of Permits (United States)


    ...-FF09A30000] Endangered Species; Issuance of Permits AGENCY: Fish and Wildlife Service, Interior. ACTION... following permits to conduct certain activities with endangered species. We issue these permits under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). ADDRESSES: Brenda Tapia, Division of Management Authority, U.S. Fish and...

  18. Diabetes Research Institute Foundation (United States)

    ... Video Be Part of the Cure Commitment to Stem Cell Research Exercise + Drug Therapy Tibi Creates Garment to Benefit ... Million Brenda Novak's Online Auction Cord Blood-Derived Stem ... Highlights DRI Research Diamond Ball 2009 DRI/DRIF Press Releases Historic ...

  19. Informing Educational Decisions in the Early Years: Can Evidence for Improving Pedagogy for Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder Be Found from Neuroscience? (United States)

    Peters, Brenda; Forlin, Chris


    It is possible that many benefits may be found for all concerned in education and child development in understanding how knowledge of the brain and its development can inform early years practice. This article, written by Brenda Peters and Chris Forlin, both from the Hong Kong Institute of Education, reviews literature based on neuroscience to…


    COMPARATIVE METABOLISM OF ARSENIC IN MICE AFTER A SINGLE OR REPEATED ORAL ADMINISTRATION OF ARSENATEMichael F. Hughes*1, Elaina M. Kenyon1, Brenda C. Edwards1, Carol T. Mitchell1, Luz Maria Del Razo2 and David J. Thomas11US EPA, ORD, NHEERL, ETD, PKB, Research Triangle Pa...


    TISSUE DISPOSITION OF DIMETHYLARSINIC ACID IN THE MOUSE AFTER ACUTE ORAL ADMINISTRATIONMichael F. Hughes, Ph.D., Brenda C. Edwards, Carol T. Mitchell and Elaina M. Kenyon, Ph.D. United States Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development, Nation...

  2. Army Science Board (ASB) 1983 Summer Study on the Future Development Goal (United States)



  3. Teaching with Tupac: Building a Solid Grounding in Theory across the Social Work Education Continuum (United States)

    Elkins, Jennifer; Miller, Shari; Briggs, Harold; Skinner, Sara


    This article describes a collaborative and emergent approach utilizing Tupac Shakur's "Brenda's Got a Baby" to leverage theory education. This song/video uses a fictionalized account of a pregnant 12-year-old African American girl to chronicle the ecological realities of life in the inner city (e.g., teen pregnancy, drug addiction and…

  4. 78 FR 151 - Energy Conservation Program: Test Procedures for Residential Clothes Dryers (United States)


    .... Hand Delivery/Courier: Ms. Brenda Edwards, U.S. Department of Energy, Building Technologies Program... Second Edition for Measuring Standby Mode and Off Mode Power 1. Stable Power Consumption 2. Unstable, Non... Load 5. Incorporation by Reference of IEC Standard 62301 (Second Edition) 6. Technical Correction to...

  5. 77 FR 32381 - Energy Conservation Program: Energy Conservation Standards for Residential Clothes Washers (United States)


    ... on a CD. It is not necessary to include printed copies. 4. Hand Delivery/Courier: Ms. Brenda Edwards... washers under TSL 3, the first number for consumer impacts refers to the standard in 2015, and the second... the value of CO 2 reductions is based on a global value. Second, the assessments of operating cost...

  6. Naised aja meelevallas / Aita Kivi

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kivi, Aita, 1954-


    Sisu : Kärt Hellerma. Kassandra; Kärt Hellerma. Alkeemia; Viivi Luik. Seitsmes rahukevad; Mary-Rose Hayes. Ametüst; Philip Kerr. Eesav; Katie Fforde. Elluärganud roos; Vello Lattik. Kass ja hiired jagavad urgu; Brenda O'Hanlon. Uni

  7. Karakter Jamur Ceratocystis sp. Penyebab Penyakit Busuk Batang pada Acacia decurrens dan Status Penyakitnya di Taman Nasional Gunung Merapi, Yogyakarta

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sri Rahayu


    Full Text Available Acacia decurrens merupakan salah satu jenis tanaman yang tumbuh mendominasi kawasan Taman Nasional Gunung Merapi (TNGM, pasca erupsi Gunung Merapi tahun 2010. Sekitar 80% tegakan A. decurrens di kawasan tersebut menunjukkan gejala busuk batang akibat infeksi jamur Ceratocystis sp. yang umumnya dipicu oleh luka gerekan kumbang dari kelompok ambrosia. Penelitian bertujuan untuk : (1 mendeskripsikan karakter morfologi jamur Ceratocystis sp., serta kemampuannya beradaptasi pada beberapa jenis tanaman hutan, (2 mengevaluasi status penyakit busuk batang oleh jamur Ceratocystis sp. Karakter morfologi dan kemampuan adaptasinya pada inang akasia, melina, jabon, sengon, dan jati dilakukan di Laboratorium Perlindungan dan Kesehatan Hutan, Fakultas Kehutanan UGM. Survei untuk evaluasi status penyakit busuk batang dilakukan pada bulan Februari sampai Agustus 2014 di demplot restorasi pasca erupsi Merapi (luas 8,4 ha, dengan intensitas sampling 8%. Berdasarkan karakter morfologi, terdapat 2 isolat jamur Ceratocystis sp. yaitu asal lembah (L dan dari bukit (B dengan warna koloni krem, luas koloni 20-22 cm2 pada umur 14 hari, membentuk konidia menyerupai tong, dan silindris. Sifat lainnya yaitu memiliki kemampuan yang sama untuk tumbuh, mengkolonisasi, dan menginfeksi inang akasia, sengon, jabon, dan melina, tetapi tidak mampu tumbuh pada inang jati. Berdasarkan luas serangan, status penyakit busuk batang berkisar antara sangat umum sampai menyebar luas (luas serangan = 54-100%, dengan tingkat keparahan bekisar antara ringan sampai parah (intensitas penyakit = 15-67%. Kata kunci: Ceratocystis sp., Acacia decurrens, luas serangan, intensitas penyakit, Taman Nasional Gunung Merapi.   Characteristic of stem rot diseases caused by Ceratocystis sp. on Acacia decurrens and its status in Gunung Merapi National Park, Yogyakarta Abstract Mount Merapi National Park (TNGM has been dominated by Acacia decurrens after the eruption in 2010. Almost 80% of A

  8. Development of a classification scheme for disease-related enzyme information

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Söhngen Carola


    Full Text Available Abstract Background BRENDA (BRaunschweig ENzyme DAtabase, is a major resource for enzyme related information. First and foremost, it provides data which are manually curated from the primary literature. DRENDA (Disease RElated ENzyme information DAtabase complements BRENDA with a focus on the automatic search and categorization of enzyme and disease related information from title and abstracts of primary publications. In a two-step procedure DRENDA makes use of text mining and machine learning methods. Results Currently enzyme and disease related references are biannually updated as part of the standard BRENDA update. 910,897 relations of EC-numbers and diseases were extracted from titles or abstracts and are included in the second release in 2010. The enzyme and disease entity recognition has been successfully enhanced by a further relation classification via machine learning. The classification step has been evaluated by a 5-fold cross validation and achieves an F1 score between 0.802 ± 0.032 and 0.738 ± 0.033 depending on the categories and pre-processing procedures. In the eventual DRENDA content every category reaches a classification specificity of at least 96.7% and a precision that ranges from 86-98% in the highest confidence level, and 64-83% for the smallest confidence level associated with higher recall. Conclusions The DRENDA processing chain analyses PubMed, locates references with disease-related information on enzymes and categorises their focus according to the categories causal interaction, therapeutic application, diagnostic usage and ongoing research. The categorisation gives an impression on the focus of the located references. Thus, the relation categorisation can facilitate orientation within the rapidly growing number of references with impact on diseases and enzymes. The DRENDA information is available as additional information in BRENDA.

  9. Requerimiento Hídrico de Gmelina arborea en Etapa de Vivero Bajo Condiciones Controladas


    Amir Vergara; Teobaldis Mercado; Alfredo Jarma; Kellen Gatti


    RESUMEN Con el fin de conocer el requerimiento hídrico de Melina en la etapa de vivero, se realizó un ensayo con cuatro coeficientes de consumo (Kc: 0,6, 0,8, 1,2, 1,4. Estos tratamientos se transformaron en láminas de riego de 2,4 mm.día–1, 3,2 mm.día–1, 4,8 mm.día–1 y 5,6 mm.día–1 respectivamente, debido a que la evapotranspiración de referencia (ETO) de la zona fue de 4 mm.día–1. Se observó que a medida que se aumentaba la lámina de riego, disminuía el crecimiento de las plantas. Los valor...

  10. Electrochemical and Chemical Complications Resulting from Yeast Extract Addition to Stimulate Microbial Growth (United States)


    including strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae grown on molasses-based media, debittered brewers yeasts (strains of Saccharo- myces cerevisiae or...RESPONSIBLE PERSON 19b. TELEPHONE NUMBER (Include area code) Technical Note: Electrochemical and Chemical Complications Resulting from Yeast Extract...Addition to Stimulate Microbial Growth Jason S. Lee‡,* and Brenda J. Little* ABSTRACT Addition of 1 g/L yeast extract (YE) to sterile, aerobic

  11. Browse Author Index

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Items 251 - 300 of 348 ... A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z All. S. Scheepers, J · Scheepers, R · Scheepers, Ruth · Schlebusch, Gawie · Scholtz, D · Sebolai, K · Shandu, Thuli · Snyman, Elisabeth · Snyman, M.E. · Sommerville, J · Southey, L · Southey, Peter · Spencer, B · Spencer, Brenda · Spencer, Lynda

  12. Sulfide Production and Corrosion in Seawater During Exposure to FAME Alternative Fuel (United States)


    transporting fatty acid methyl ester ( FAME ] alternative diesel fuel in contact with natural seawater under anaerobic conditions. Coastal Key West...Glycerol Fatty Acid Methyl Ester Exposure Chamber Anaerobic Chamber - bal. N2,10% H2, 0.1% C02 - maintain pH ~8 Polarization Resistance (Rp...and Corrosion in Seawater During Exposure to FAME Alternative Fuel Jason 5. Lee Richard I. Ray BrendaJ. Little Naval Research Laboratory Stennis

  13. Effects of Sexual Harassment on Job Satisfaction, Retention, Cohesion, Commitment and Unit Effectiveness: The Case of the Air Force (United States)


    quid pro quo ). Examples of questions that were used in previous studies to measure crude/offensive behavior, as well as, other forms of sexual ...includes, but is not limited to, harassment in which submission is made a condition of employment (or quid pro quo ). Global or organizational...Effects of Sexual Harassment on Job Satisfaction, Retention, Cohesion, Commitment and Unit Effectiveness: The Case of the Air Force Dr. Brenda

  14. 59th Medical Wing Protection of Vulnerable Populations: Ombudsman Program (United States)


    REPORT TYPE 20/04/2018 poster 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE 59th Medical Wing Protection of Vulnerable Populations: Ombudsman Program 6. AUTHOR(S...13. SUPPLEMENTARY NOTES 2018 Annual AAHRPP Conference April 20-22, 2018 Denver, CO 14. ABSTRACT 1S. SUBJECT TERMS 16. SECURITY CLASSIFICATION OF...59th Medical Wing Protection of Vulnerable Populations: Ombudsman Program Wayne DeutschDDS1, MPH, Michele Tavish LYN, PMP, CCRC 1 Brenda

  15. Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juan Valladolid Ontaneda


    Full Text Available El estudio de selección de árboles semilleros se realizó en las comunas Olón, Dos Mangas y Salanguillo del cantón Santa Elena, provincia de Santa Elena, Ecuador. El objetivo del estudio fue, identificar, caracterizar y seleccionar árboles semilleros de especies maderables con buenas características morfológicas, y que permitan disponer de semillas para trabajos de propagación de especies forestales en viveros con fines de reforestación. El estudio se inicia con la identificación y ubicación de plantaciones forestales de varias especies forestales establecidas entre los años 2000 a 2005, en las plantaciones se evaluaron las características dasométricas y morfológicas, las que permitieron seleccionar 11 árboles con características morfológicas deseables correspondientes a cinco especies forestales laurel blanco(Cordia alliodora, laurel negro(Cordia megalantha, caoba (Swietenia macrophylla, cedro (Cedrela odorata y melina (Gmelina arbórea; cada árbol fue georreferenciado utilizando coordenadas UTM Datum WGS 1984 Zona 17M. La cantidad de semillas que pueden producir dichas especies forestales es proyectada por año la cual servirá como referencia para establecer programas de reforestación con materiales propios y adaptados a las condiciones ambientales en la provincia de Santa Elena Abstract  The study of selection of seed trees was carried out in the Olón, Dos Mangas and Salanguillo communes of the canton Santa Elena, Santa Elena province, Ecuador. The objective of the study was to identify, characterize and select seedlings of timber species with good morphological characteristics, and to allow seeds to be used for the propagation of forest species in nurseries for reforestation purposes. The study began with the identification and location of forest plantations of several forest species established between 2000 and 2005, on the plantations, the dasometric and morphological characteristics were evaluated, allowing the

  16. Identification and Characterization of Functional Domains of the Diphtheria Toxin Repressor (DtxR) (United States)


    Jobling, Leslie M. Palmer, Brenda Talley, Edda M. Twiddy, Sankaran Krishnan, for your knowledge, guidance, and friendship. My friends and colleagues...was made low-iron by the addition of an iron chelator, ethelenediamine-di-o-hydroxyphenyl acetic acid ( EDDA ) (Sigma Chemical Co., St. Louis, 500 ~gJrn1 ; and LB agar medium was made iron-deficient by adding EDDA at 40 ~gJml (Schmitt et al., 199Ib). EDDA was deferrated by the method of

  17. User interface design of electronic appliances

    CERN Document Server

    Baumann, Konrad


    Foreword by Brenda Laurel. Part One: Introduction 1. Background, Bruce Thomas 2. Introduction, Konrad Baumann 3. The Interaction Design Process, Georg Rakers Part Two: User Interface Design 4. Creativity Techniques, Irene Mavrommati 5. Design Principals, Irene Mavrommati and Adrian Martel 6. Design of On-Screen Interfaces, Irene Mavrommati Part Three: Input Devices 7. Controls, Konrad Baumann 8. Keyboards, Konrad Baumann 9. Advanced Interaction Techniques, Christopher Baber and Konrad Baumann 10. Speech Control, Christopher Baber and Jan Noyes 11. Wearable Computers, Christopher Baber Part Fou

  18. Un conocer sin cegamientos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carolina Ferrante


    Full Text Available En el presente artículo se reseña el libro La construcción de marcas de reconocimiento en sociedades ocularcentristas: el caso de mujeres ciegas del Área Metropolitana de Monterrey de Brenda Araceli Bustos García. Se describe el problema de investigación en el cual se inserta la tesis que nutre el libro y se recorre la trama argumental. Finalmente, se realiza una valoración positiva del modo de construcción del objeto de estudio, el cual promueve un conocer sin cegamientos. 

  19. Lovers, enemies, and friends: The complex and coded early history of lesbian comic strip characters. (United States)

    McGurk, Caitlin


    This article seeks to recuperate four previously unexamined early newspaper comic strip characters that could lay the groundwork for queer comic studies. The titular characters in Lucy and Sophie Say Goodbye (1905), Sanjak in Terry and the Pirates (1939) by Milton Caniff, and Hank O'Hair in Brenda Starr, Reporter (1940) by Dale Messick are analyzed through close readings, supporting archival material, and interviews. The article also theorizes the identification of the creator of Lucy and Sophie Say Goodbye as George O. Frink, and offers an overview of LGBTQ comics holdings at institutions in North America.

  20. Tuberculosis case finding in first-degree relative contacts not living with index tuberculosis cases in Kampala, Uganda


    Chheng P; Nsereko M; Malone LL; Okware B; Zalwango S; Joloba M; Boom WH; Mupere E; Stein CM


    Phalkun Chheng,1,2 Mary Nsereko,2 LaShaunda L Malone,2 Brenda Okware,2 Sarah Zalwango,2 Moses Joloba,2,3 W Henry Boom,2 Ezekiel Mupere,1,2,4 Catherine M Stein1,2 On behalf of the Tuberculosis Research Unit 1Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, USA; 2Uganda-Case Western Reserve University Research Collaboration, 3Department of Medical Microbiology, College of Health Sciences, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda; 4Department of Pediatric...

  1. On the correct name for some subfamilies of Mustelidae (Mammalia, Carnivora

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fabio Oliveira do Nascimento


    Full Text Available Mustelids (Mustelidae exhibit a wide morphological and ecological diversity, ranging from aquatic to semi arboreal and fossorial forms. It is the most diversity family in Carnivora, and this has promoted a great number of taxonomic arrangements for subfamilies, which can range from two to 15 depending on the author. The relatively recent use of molecular data has helped to elucidate the classification of mustelids, and eight subfamilies are currently recognized: Mustelinae, Galictinae, Helictidinae, Martinae, Melinae, Mellivorinae, Taxidiinae and Lutrinae. However, some of these subfamilies have nomenclatural problems, not receiving the oldest available name. The subfamily that includes martens (Martes, Charronia and Pekania, tayra (Eira and wolverine (Gulo has received the name of Martinae Wagner, 1841, but the oldest available name is Guloninae Gray, 1825. This problem also occurs for the subfamily that includes the grisons (Galictis, Patagonian weasel (Lyncodon, marbled polecat (Vormela and striped weasels (Ictonyx and Poecilogale, which are known as Grisoninae Pocock, 1921, but the correct name for this group is Ictonychinae, Pocock, 1921. The subfamily that includes ferret badgers (Melogale retains the name Helictidinae Gray, 1865, because its validity is not affected when the type-genus of the subfamily becomes a junior synonym of another genus. Furthermore, a list of the extant subfamilies of Mustelidae and their respective synonyms and included genera is provided.

  2. Requerimiento Hídrico de Gmelina arborea en Etapa de Vivero Bajo Condiciones Controladas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Amir Vergara


    Full Text Available RESUMEN Con el fin de conocer el requerimiento hídrico de Melina en la etapa de vivero, se realizó un ensayo con cuatro coeficientes de consumo (Kc: 0,6, 0,8, 1,2, 1,4. Estos tratamientos se transformaron en láminas de riego de 2,4 mm.día–1, 3,2 mm.día–1, 4,8 mm.día–1 y 5,6 mm.día–1 respectivamente, debido a que la evapotranspiración de referencia (ETO de la zona fue de 4 mm.día–1. Se observó que a medida que se aumentaba la lámina de riego, disminuía el crecimiento de las plantas. Los valores más altos de altura de planta, área foliar, masa seca de hoja, masa seca del tallo y masa seca de raíz se obtuvieron con la lámina de 2,4 mm.día–1. Por otro lado, los índices de crecimiento (TAC, TRC, AFE, RAF muestran la misma tendencia. Con base en estos resultados se determinó que el Kc para esta especie en la etapa de vivero es de 0,6.

  3. Experiments with relativistic exotic nuclei at the FRS

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Geissel, H.


    The concept and experimental programme of the secondary nuclear beam facility BRENDA at GSI is presented. The central part of BRENDA is the magnetic spectrometer FRS providing spatially separated monoisotopic exotic beams of all elements up to uranium. The FRS as a versatile magnetic spectrometer for experiments with heavy ions in the energy range of (0.1-2) A.GeV has been used to study peripheral nuclear collisions from oxygen up to uranium projectiles. In the uranium experiments we discovered that projectile fission is a powerful tool to investigate new neutron-rich fission fragments. In the medium mass region we have identified the doubly magic nucleus 100 Sn and measured its half-life. Light halo nuclei have been studied in kinematically complete experiments with the FRS in combination with the dipole magnet ALADIN, and the neutron detector LAND. The FRS combined with the storage and cooler ring ESR offers new precision experiments, e.g., direct mass measurements, decay studies of highly-charged nuclei, or nuclear structure studies in inverse kinematics. (orig.)

  4. PERAN REVEGETASI TERHADAP RESTORASI TANAH PADA LAHAN REHABILITASI TAMBANG BATUBARA DI DAERAH TROPIKA (The Role of Revegetation on the Soil Restoration in Rehabilitation Areas of Tropical Coal Mining

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cahyono Agus


    Full Text Available ABSTRAK Pertambangan batubara terbuka menyebabkan degradasi lahan, sehingga perlu upaya rehabilitasi lahan melalui program revegetasi. Penelitian dilakukan di areal PT. Berau Coal  pada site Binungan, Lati dan Sambarata, Kabupaten Berau, Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia. Penelitian menggunakan rancangan acak lengkap ber-blok dengan umur revegetasi sebagai perlakuan, tiga kali ulangan dan tiga site sebagai blok. Pemilihan lokasi menggunakan metode purposif sampling yaitu pengambilan sampel yang didasarkan pada pertimbangan pada umur pengolahan lahan revegetasi, meliputi S1 : area hutan sebelum ditambang (rona awal, S2 : revegetasi awal, umur tanaman  5 tahun. Pengambilan sampel tanah pada  kedalaman 0–20 dan 20-40 cm pada setiap perlakuan di ketiga lokasi, selanjutnya dianalisis sifat fisik dan kimianya. Tanah Typic Hapludult pada lahan hutan sebelum ditambang batubara secara terbuka (S1,  rona awal mempunyai kadar C-organik (1,87 %, N-total (0,14 %, P-tersedia (31,40 ppm, K-tertukar (0,11 me/100g, pH (3,98, KTK (10,72 me/100g dan kejenuhan basa (17 %. Penambangan terbuka batubara telah menyebabkan lapisan bawah dan  permukaan tanah menjadi terbongkar dan terjadi penurunan kualitas tanah yang sangat drastis. Penimbunan lahan dengan media tanah permukaan sebelumnya, telah cukup  mampu memperbaiki sifat-sifat tanah tertambang namun belum sesuai sebagai media pertumbuhan, serta sangat rentan terhadap degradasi lahan lebih lanjut. Revegetasi menggunakan tanaman pionir, cepat tumbuh dan adaptif seperti Sengon, Akasia, Sungkai, Melina, Angsana, Jarak serta Legume Cover Crop (LCC pada area bekas tambang  batubara memberikan pengaruh yang  nyata terhadap peningkatan kandungan C-organik, N-total dan  pH tanah. Revegetasi menggunakan spesies cepat tumbuh setelah berumur 5 tahun telah mengembalikan bahkan memperbaiki sifat kimia tanah dibanding dengan kondisi pada hutan tropika basah sebelum dilakukan penambangan terbuka.   ABSTRACT Open coal mining

  5. Building Public Trust in Nuclear Power

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    Stakeholder involvement is recognized as a crucial process for the success of any nuclear power programme. Failing to effectively engage with stakeholders such as policy- and decision-makers, media, community members, and the public in general can have negative consequences, says Brenda Pagannone, specialist in stakeholder involvement in the IAEA's Nuclear Power Engineering Section. Shaken public trust may lead to delays, and delays are costly for the operator, and the country, and challenging for populations in need of energy. IAEA Member States are increasingly requesting IAEA assistance in their efforts to engage stakeholders. The IAEA is responding to these requests by organizing training and developing guidelines to share expertise and experience and by reviewing national communication strategies. In all of these activities, the IAEA strongly encourages Member States to involve stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of the nuclear power programme. Although each country has specific sets of stakeholders with unique needs and concerns, some principles apply widely.

  6. “Mother Ireland, get off our backs”: Gender, Republicanism and State Politics in Prison Short Stories by Northern Irish Women Writers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mercedes del Campo del Pozo


    Full Text Available Looking into prison short fiction, this article discusses how a number of Northern Irish women writers have challenged male-centred narratives of the Troubles. Mary Beckett, Frances Molloy and Brenda Murphy have created alternative discourses of political violence which differ from the dominant narratives of incarceration. They confront established discourses of masculinity and femininity by subverting social constructs of gender, particularly the models of the rebel-hero and Mother Ireland ingrained in the nationalist/republican traditions. Their prison short stories are excellent examples of how state politics is superseded by gender politics in women’s writing and they are also proof of an emerging gender consciousness that challenged dominant readings of the Troubles in the last decades of the twentieth century.

  7. VANESA - A Software Application for the Visualization and Analysis of Networks in Systems Biology Applications

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Brinkrolf Christoph


    Full Text Available VANESA is a modeling software for the automatic reconstruction and analysis of biological networks based on life-science database information. Using VANESA, scientists are able to model any kind of biological processes and systems as biological networks. It is now possible for scientists to automatically reconstruct important molecular systems with information from the databases KEGG, MINT, IntAct, HPRD, and BRENDA. Additionally, experimental results can be expanded with database information to better analyze the investigated elements and processes in an overall context. Users also have the possibility to use graph theoretical approaches in VANESA to identify regulatory structures and significant actors within the modeled systems. These structures can then be further investigated in the Petri net environment of VANESA. It is platform-independent, free-of-charge, and available at

  8. VizieR Online Data Catalog: Identifications of Sonneberg variables (Kinnunen+, 1999-2000) (United States)

    Kinnunen, T.; Skiff, B. A.


    The list below is a continuation of a series providing accurate positions and identifications for variables appearing on the MVS charts (Hoffmeister, 1957, Mitt. Verdander. Sterne, No. 245). The variables here were first described by Hoffmeister (1949, Astron. Abh. Ergaenzungshefte z.d. Astron. Nach., 12, no. 1, A3) in the difficult-to-find ``Ergaenzungshefte'' to the Astronomische Nachrichten, and are the first group from a collection of some 1440 variables from this publication. Details about the identification procedure and table layout are contained in the first report of our series (Kinnunen & Skiff, 2000IBVS.4862....1K). We are grateful to librarians Antoinette Beiser (Lowell) and Brenda Corbin (U. S. Naval Observatory, Washington) for providing a photocopy of the Hoffmeister survey; ``bibliothecaire extraordinaire'' Suzanne Laloe (Obs. Paris-Meudon) advised on how this obscure journal should be cited. (3 data files).

  9. Information behaviour of graduate students: a qualitative user study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gorazd Vodeb


    Full Text Available The article presents a qualitative user study exploring information behaviour of graduate students. The study is conceptually based on Brenda Dervin’s Sense-Making Methodology. The information behaviour is conceptualised as a process. The author conducted 13 interviews using the time-line micro moment interview technique. Data were transcribed and then condensed using the ATLAS/ti program for qualitative analysis. The basic approach to the analysis was to compare the moments of sense making instances within the situation of the same actor and also a comparison of moments across situations of different actors. The characteristics of actors’ situations was described. The most intensive information activity of graduate students was found during the completion of their studies. The proposed model consisted of three successive types of gaps: topic selection gap, topic ignorance gap and literature collecting gap. The article also presents findings about the process of writing and information habits.

  10. ExplorEnz: a MySQL database of the IUBMB enzyme nomenclature. (United States)

    McDonald, Andrew G; Boyce, Sinéad; Moss, Gerard P; Dixon, Henry B F; Tipton, Keith F


    We describe the database ExplorEnz, which is the primary repository for EC numbers and enzyme data that are being curated on behalf of the IUBMB. The enzyme nomenclature is incorporated into many other resources, including the ExPASy-ENZYME, BRENDA and KEGG bioinformatics databases. The data, which are stored in a MySQL database, preserve the formatting of chemical and enzyme names. A simple, easy to use, web-based query interface is provided, along with an advanced search engine for more complex queries. The database is publicly available at The data are available for download as SQL and XML files via FTP. ExplorEnz has powerful and flexible search capabilities and provides the scientific community with the most up-to-date version of the IUBMB Enzyme List.

  11. Unusually delayed presentation of persistent Descemet’s membrane tear and detachment after cataract surgery

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Morkin MI


    Full Text Available Melina I Morkin,1,2 Rehan M Hussain,2 Ryan C Young,2 Tracy Ravin,2 Sander R Dubovy,2 Eduardo C Alfonso2 1Department of Ophthalmology, Shiley Eye Center, University of California – San Diego, San Diego, CA, 2Department of Ophthalmology, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami, Miami, FL, USA Abstract: A 51-year-old male who had undergone phacoemulsification in his left eye 11 months prior presented with complaint of sudden onset of blurred vision in the same eye. Review of his clinical course, slit-lamp exam, pachymetry, and specular endothelial microscopy led to the diagnosis of acute hydrops caused by Descemet’s membrane dehiscence at the site of the incision. He was initially managed with medical treatment and observation. In the subsequent months of follow-up, the corneal edema and the patient’s visual acuity did not improve. Intracameral gas injection was performed 7 months after presentation, but because of persistent corneal edema and nonattached Descemet’s membrane, penetrating keratoplasty was performed. Histopathologic examination confirmed the diagnosis. The patient has had a clear corneal graft since then. Although Descemet’s membrane detachment is a rather common complication after intraocular surgery, its unusually delayed presentation can also occur, and should not be confused with pseudophakic bullous keratopathy. Many mechanisms have been studied for the development of early tears and detachments after cataract surgery, but little is known about late presentations. The authors explore possible causes, and highlight the importance of instructing patients to avoid eye rubbing and any other type of trauma to the cornea after intraocular surgery. Keywords: Descemet’s membrane tear, detachment, cataract surgery, phacoemulsification


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José Luis Romo-Lozano


    Full Text Available La agroforestería es una antigua práctica de uso del suelo que ha cambiado en la comunidad de El Fortín, municipio de Atzalan, Ver., debido a que la gran diversidad de componentes que existía se simplificó en monocultivos de café, cítricos y plátano. Esto trajo como consecuencia la sobreexplotación de los recursos naturales, el incremento de la pobreza y la migración. Ante esta problemática se planteó la presente investigación para estudiar los Sistemas Agroforestales (SAF existentes en la zona de estudio, bajo la Metodología de Diagnóstico y Diseño (D & D, proponer modificaciones y hacer nuevas propuestas de diseños agroforestales. Como resultado se propusieron tres sistemas agroforestales donde se sugiere un mejor manejo. Las especies consideradas son: melina (Gmelina arborea, pimienta bola (Pimienta dioica, guanábana (Annona muricata, cocolmeca (Smilax aristolochiaefolia e iquimite (Erythrina poeppigiana, además de pasto insurgente (Brachiaria decumbens. Dichos cambios se respaldaron con las evaluaciones financieras ex post y ex ante realizadas a todos los sistemas estudiados para un periodo de 20 años, a fin de mostrar que estos sistemas pueden proporcionar más ingresos económicos para aminorar la pobreza y la migración y conservar más los recursos naturales en la zona de estudio. Los sistemas agroforestales (agrosilvícolas y silvopastoriles ex ante superaron por más del 80 % a los ingresos netos que se obtuvieron por los ex post.

  13. Estudios preliminares para la crioconservación de especies forestales arbóreas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ana Abdelnour Esquivel


    Full Text Available La crioconservación presenta numerosas ventajas con respecto a otras técnicas que se utilizan rutinariamente para la conservación y almacenamiento de germoplasma. Algunas de estas ventajas son los bajos costos de labor durante el mantenimiento de las colecciones y la conservación de la estabilidad genética por tiempo indefinido. El presente estudio muestra los resultados obtenidos en la crioconservación de frutos y semillas de melina (Gmelina arborea, teca (Tectona grandis, pilón (Hyeronima alchorneoides, cenízaro (Pithecellobium saman y madero negro (Gliricidia sepium utilizando la técnica de desecación y congelamiento rápido en nitrógeno líquido. Los frutos recibieron un tratamiento previo a la congelación con 10 mgL-1 de ácido giberélico (GA3 o agua, o el lijado del endocarpo duro. Una vez descongelados, los materiales fueron sembradas en el invernadero para evaluar la sobrevivencia. Se encontró que tanto los frutos como las semillas de las especies evaluadas sobrevivieron al congelamiento. El estudio también mostró la importancia de la colecta y el manejo que se dé a las semillas antes de realizar experimentación en crioconservación. Los resultados obtenidos mostraron la factibilidad de utilizar esta técnica para la conservación de forestales y el potencial que presenta para que pueda ser evaluada en otras especies forestales de interés.

  14. Psychological factors in breast feeding versus bottle feeding in the Third World. (United States)

    Berry, N; Mccullough, M


    Some readers may be aware of the sociopolitical and moral issues associated with the theme of Brenda Meldrum's article (Bulletin, June 1982) about breast and bottle feeding in the 3rd world. For over a decade many groups (e.g. War on Want; World Development Movement) have been concerned that unnecessary bottle feeding has almost certainly resulted in considerable infant disease and mortality in the 3rd world. Morever, such groups have been well aware of the high psychological value of formula foods; and have attributed this mainly to the aggressive and fundamentally dishonest way in which food companies promote their breastmilk substitutes. In 1979, in response to the bad publicity resulting from the campaigning of 3rd world agencies, Nestle and others agreed to adopt a voluntary code of practice proposed by World Health Organization and UNICEF. However, commercial interests have prevailed--baby food sales in 3rd world account for 2 1/2% of 1 transnational group's turnover--and the malpractices have continued. In view of this we feel that it is appropriate to amend Brenda Meldrum's conclusion to: While transnational corporations continue to actively promote their baby food products in the 3rd world, there can be no reversal to the old, exclusive breastfeeding of traditional practice, and that infants that would otherwise have lived will continue to die. The boycott campaign is continuing and might we suggest that BPS members who organize conferences give some thought to the possibility of requesting that their caterers do not use products of these companies. A list of companies may be obtained from New Internationalist (February 1982) or from us. full text

  15. Medical Content Searching, Retrieving, and Sharing Over the Internet: Lessons Learned From the mEducator Through a Scenario-Based Evaluation (United States)

    Spachos, Dimitris; Mylläri, Jarkko; Giordano, Daniela; Dafli, Eleni; Mitsopoulou, Evangelia; Schizas, Christos N; Pattichis, Constantinos; Nikolaidou, Maria


    Background The mEducator Best Practice Network (BPN) implemented and extended standards and reference models in e-learning to develop innovative frameworks as well as solutions that enable specialized state-of-the-art medical educational content to be discovered, retrieved, shared, and re-purposed across European Institutions, targeting medical students, doctors, educators and health care professionals. Scenario-based evaluation for usability testing, complemented with data from online questionnaires and field notes of users’ performance, was designed and utilized for the evaluation of these solutions. Objective The objective of this work is twofold: (1) to describe one instantiation of the mEducator BPN solutions (mEducator3.0 - “MEdical Education LINnked Arena” MELINA+) with a focus on the metadata schema used, as well as on other aspects of the system that pertain to usability and acceptance, and (2) to present evaluation results on the suitability of the proposed metadata schema for searching, retrieving, and sharing of medical content and with respect to the overall usability and acceptance of the system from the target users. Methods A comprehensive evaluation methodology framework was developed and applied to four case studies, which were conducted in four different countries (ie, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania), with a total of 126 participants. In these case studies, scenarios referring to creating, sharing, and retrieving medical educational content using mEducator3.0 were used. The data were collected through two online questionnaires, consisting of 36 closed-ended questions and two open-ended questions that referred to mEducator 3.0 and through the use of field notes during scenario-based evaluations. Results The main findings of the study showed that even though the informational needs of the mEducator target groups were addressed to a satisfactory extent and the metadata schema supported content creation, sharing, and retrieval from an end

  16. Type I STS markers are more informative than cytochrome B in phylogenetic reconstruction of the Mustelidae (Mammalia: Carnivora). (United States)

    Koepfli, Klaus-Peter; Wayne, Robert K


    We compared the utility of five nuclear gene segments amplified with type I sequence-tagged site (STS) primers versus the complete mitochondrial cytochrome b (cyt b) gene in resolving phylogenetic relationships within the Mustelidae, a large and ecomorphologically diverse family of mammalian carnivores. Maximum parsimony and likelihood analyses of separate and combined data sets were used to address questions regarding the levels of homoplasy, incongruence, and information content within and among loci. All loci showed limited resolution in the separate analyses because of either a low amount of informative variation (nuclear genes) or high levels of homoplasy (cyt b). Individually or combined, the nuclear gene sequences had less homoplasy, retained more signal, and were more decisive, even though cyt b contained more potentially informative variation than all the nuclear sequences combined. We obtained a well-resolved and supported phylogeny when the nuclear sequences were combined. Maximum likelihood and Bayesian phylogenetic analyses of the total combined data (nuclear and mitochondrial DNA sequences) were able to better accommodate the high levels of homoplasy in the cyt b data than was an equally weighted maximum parsimony analysis. Furthermore, partition Bremer support analyses of the total combined tree showed that the relative support of the nuclear and mitochondrial genes differed according to whether or not the homoplasy in the cyt b gene was downweighted. Although the cyt b gene contributed phylogenetic signal for most major groupings, the nuclear gene sequences were more effective in reconstructing the deeper nodes of the combined tree in the equally weighted parsimony analysis, as judged by the variable-length bootstrap method. The total combined data supported the monophyly of the Lutrinae (otters), whereas the Melinae (badgers) and Mustelinae (weasels, martens) were both paraphyletic. The American badger, Taxidea taxus (Taxidiinae), was the most

  17. Evaluating the Dental Caries-Related Information on Brazilian Websites: Qualitative Study. (United States)

    Aguirre, Patricia Estefania Ayala; Coelho, Melina Martins; Rios, Daniela; Machado, Maria Aparecida Andrade Moreira; Cruvinel, Agnes Fátima Pereira; Cruvinel, Thiago


    , and of poor quality, independent of their authorship. These findings indicate the need for the development of specific policies focused on the stimulus for the production and publication of Web health information, encouraging dentists to guide their patients in searching for recommended oral health websites. ©Patricia Estefania Ayala Aguirre, Melina Martins Coelho, Daniela Rios, Maria Aparecida Andrade Moreira Machado, Agnes Fátima Pereira Cruvinel, Thiago Cruvinel. Originally published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research (, 13.12.2017.

  18. Educación para el Ocio: Ha llegado la hora de un nuevo objetivo para una vieja idea.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Susan Hutchinson


    Full Text Available La Educación para el Ocio nos sitúa ante una vieja idea, que está siendo examinada con renovado vigor en Canadá. Profesionales e investigadores de diversas disciplinas (por ejemplo, en el ámbito de Salud, la Justicia, la Educación o la Recreación reconocen, cada vez más, que son muchas las personas que pueden beneficiarse del ocio y de las oportunidades de recreación en sus comunidades, aún cuando son bastantes las no pueden hacerlo porque carecen de alfabetización en ocio. Esto es, de los conocimientos, habilidades y confianza que se necesitan para darle un significado personal, que incida positivamente en su bienestar y calidad de vida. La Educación para el Ocio es un medio clave para mejorar la alfabetización en ocio. El texto presenta un modelo de educación para el ocio desarrollado por la Dra. Brenda Robertson, argumentando cómo y por qué la Educación para el Ocio es necesaria para abordar la salud mental y el bienestar de las personas que sufren marginación en sus comunidades. Complementariamente se presentan algunas recomendaciones para avanzar esta Educación, como un componente fundamental de la agenda nacional para la recreación en Canadá.--------------------------------------------------------------------Leisure education is an old idea that is being examined with renewed vigour in Canada. Practitioners and researchers from various disciplines (e.g., health, justice, education, recreation are recognising anew that many people who could benefit from leisure or recreation opportunities in their communities are unable to do so because they lack leisure literacy. Leisure literacy refers to the knowledge, skills and confidence to engage in personally meaningful, health-enhancing leisure. Leisure education is a key means to enhance leisure literacy. The paper presents a model of leisure education developed by Dr. Brenda Robertson and argues for how and why leisure education is needed to address the mental health and well

  19. Guidelines for the training, credentialing, use, and supervision of speech-language pathology assistants. Task Force on Support Personnel. (United States)


    These guidelines are an official statement of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. They provide guidance on the training, credentialing, use, and supervision of one category of support personnel in speech-language pathology: speech-language pathology assistants. Guidelines are not official standards of the Association. They were developed by the Task Force on Support Personnel: Dennis J. Arnst, Kenneth D. Barker, Ann Olsen Bird, Sheila Bridges, Linda S. DeYoung, Katherine Formichella, Nena M. Germany, Gilbert C. Hanke, Ann M. Horton, DeAnne M. Owre, Sidney L. Ramsey, Cathy A. Runnels, Brenda Terrell, Gerry W. Werven, Denise West, Patricia A. Mercaitis (consultant), Lisa C. O'Connor (consultant), Frederick T. Spahr (coordinator), Diane Paul-Brown (associate coordinator), Ann L. Carey (Executive Board liaison). The 1994 guidelines supersede the 1981 guidelines entitled, "Guidelines for the Employment and Utilization of Supportive Personnel" (Asha, March 1981, 165-169). Refer to the 1995 position statement on the "Training, Credentialing, Use, and Supervision of Support Personnel in Speech-Language Pathology" (Asha, 37 [Suppl. 14], 21).

  20. Mujeres y poder: Amazonas en el cine contemporáneo para adolescentes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    María Isabel Menéndez Menéndez


    Full Text Available Las amazonas son un símbolo femenino que aparece en obras artísticas y textos literarios, construyendo un imaginario de mujeres míticas y guerreras del que se han alimentado múltiples obras de cultura popular, casi siempre desde un punto de vista patriarcal y/o fálico. Sin embargo, es posible descubrir la existencia de algunos productos mainstream que subvierten esta representación, configurando un perfil heroico positivo y emancipador. El presente texto ofrece un análisis de dos obras recientes dirigidas a público juvenil: la película de animación Brave (Mark Andrews y Brenda Chapman, 2012 y la saga cinematográfica The Hunger Games (Gary Ross, 2012; Francis Lawrence, 2013, 2014 y 2015. En ambos casos existe un protagonismo femenino incuestionable que, desde un análisis feminista, ofrece una alternativa a la mayoría de personajes de la industria audiovisual, caracterizados por el sexismo y la subordinación a lo masculino pues, tanto Mérida como Katniss, son descritas como heroínas independientes, con personalidad y capacidad de decisión.

  1. Analysis of the enzyme network involved in cattle milk production using graph theory. (United States)

    Ghorbani, Sholeh; Tahmoorespur, Mojtaba; Masoudi Nejad, Ali; Nasiri, Mohammad; Asgari, Yazdan


    Understanding cattle metabolism and its relationship with milk products is important in bovine breeding. A systemic view could lead to consequences that will result in a better understanding of existing concepts. Topological indices and quantitative characterizations mostly result from the application of graph theory on biological data. In the present work, the enzyme network involved in cattle milk production was reconstructed and analyzed based on available bovine genome information using several public datasets (NCBI, Uniprot, KEGG, and Brenda). The reconstructed network consisted of 3605 reactions named by KEGG compound numbers and 646 enzymes that catalyzed the corresponding reactions. The characteristics of the directed and undirected network were analyzed using Graph Theory. The mean path length was calculated to be4.39 and 5.41 for directed and undirected networks, respectively. The top 11 hub enzymes whose abnormality could harm bovine health and reduce milk production were determined. Therefore, the aim of constructing the enzyme centric network was twofold; first to find out whether such network followed the same properties of other biological networks, and second, to find the key enzymes. The results of the present study can improve our understanding of milk production in cattle. Also, analysis of the enzyme network can help improve the modeling and simulation of biological systems and help design desired phenotypes to increase milk production quality or quantity.

  2. Predictors of dropout in concurrent treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder and alcohol dependence: Rate of improvement matters (United States)

    Zandberg, Laurie J.; Rosenfield, David; Alpert, Elizabeth; McLean, Carmen P.; Foa, Edna B.


    Objective The present study examined predictors and moderators of dropout among 165 adults meeting DSM-IV criteria for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and alcohol dependence (AD). Participants were randomized to 24 weeks of naltrexone (NAL), NAL and prolonged exposure (PE), pill placebo, or pill placebo and PE. All participants received supportive AD counseling (the BRENDA manualized model). Method Logistic regression using the Fournier approach was conducted to investigate baseline predictors of dropout across the entire study sample. Rates of PTSD and AD symptom improvement were included to evaluate the impact of symptom change on dropout. Results Trauma type and rates of PTSD and AD improvement significantly predicted dropout, accounting for 76% of the variance in dropout. Accidents and “other” trauma were associated with the highest dropout, and physical assault was associated with the lowest dropout. For participants with low baseline PTSD severity, faster PTSD improvement predicted higher dropout. For those with high baseline severity, both very fast and very slow rates of PTSD improvement were associated with higher dropout. Faster rates of drinking improvement predicted higher dropout among participants who received PE. Conclusions The current study highlights the influence of symptom trajectory on dropout risk. Clinicians may improve retention in PTSD-AD treatments by monitoring symptom change at regular intervals, and eliciting patient feedback on these changes. PMID:26972745

  3. An Urgent Need for Ethics Education for Accountants

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Desti Kannaiah


    Full Text Available Social, political and technological changes have challenged traditional idea of professional practice by accountants. Accounting is both an essential practice and a vital profession in the economically developed world of today (Ronald F.Duska and Brenda Shay Duska,2003. Today, professional accountants cannot exist by technical knowledge alone; they have to posses and apply that within a framework of professional values, ethics and attitudes.(Peter Williams, 2007.  Ethics, values and principles serve as benchmarks of the accounting profession. They determine what is right and wrong, appropriate and inappropriate, on a universal basis every time. (Joe Lienandt, 2003. Enron‟s bankruptcy case, in which their auditors and consultants from the accounting firm Arthur Anderson, came under criticism for not apparently carrying out their responsibilities as accountants. The  Enron/Arthur Anderson‟s case has raised the ethical question, „what is the appropriate behaviour for accountants?‟ and „what are the accountants supposed to do?‟ This paper attempts to address the following issues: How to teach ethics to those entering the profession; How to ensure that the ethical standards and behaviour of experienced accountants are as fresh and relevant as technical knowledge.

  4. Comprehensive analysis of the N-glycan biosynthetic pathway using bioinformatics to generate UniCorn: A theoretical N-glycan structure database. (United States)

    Akune, Yukie; Lin, Chi-Hung; Abrahams, Jodie L; Zhang, Jingyu; Packer, Nicolle H; Aoki-Kinoshita, Kiyoko F; Campbell, Matthew P


    Glycan structures attached to proteins are comprised of diverse monosaccharide sequences and linkages that are produced from precursor nucleotide-sugars by a series of glycosyltransferases. Databases of these structures are an essential resource for the interpretation of analytical data and the development of bioinformatics tools. However, with no template to predict what structures are possible the human glycan structure databases are incomplete and rely heavily on the curation of published, experimentally determined, glycan structure data. In this work, a library of 45 human glycosyltransferases was used to generate a theoretical database of N-glycan structures comprised of 15 or less monosaccharide residues. Enzyme specificities were sourced from major online databases including Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG) Glycan, Consortium for Functional Glycomics (CFG), Carbohydrate-Active enZymes (CAZy), GlycoGene DataBase (GGDB) and BRENDA. Based on the known activities, more than 1.1 million theoretical structures and 4.7 million synthetic reactions were generated and stored in our database called UniCorn. Furthermore, we analyzed the differences between the predicted glycan structures in UniCorn and those contained in UniCarbKB (, a database which stores experimentally described glycan structures reported in the literature, and demonstrate that UniCorn can be used to aid in the assignment of ambiguous structures whilst also serving as a discovery database. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  5. A short course on functional equations based upon recent applications to the social and behavioral sciences

    CERN Document Server

    Aczél, J


    Recently I taught short courses on functional equations at several universities (Barcelona, Bern, Graz, Hamburg, Milan, Waterloo). My aim was to introduce the most important equations and methods of solution through actual (not artifi­ cial) applications which were recent and with which I had something to do. Most of them happened to be related to the social or behavioral sciences. All were originally answers to questions posed by specialists in the respective applied fields. Here I give a somewhat extended version of these lectures, with more recent results and applications included. As previous knowledge just the basic facts of calculus and algebra are supposed. Parts where somewhat more (measure theory) is needed and sketches of lengthier calcula­ tions are set in fine print. I am grateful to Drs. J. Baker (Waterloo, Ont.), W. Forg-Rob (Innsbruck, Austria) and C. Wagner (Knoxville, Tenn.) for critical remarks and to Mrs. Brenda Law for care­ ful computer-typing of the manuscript (in several versions). A...

  6. Everyday Information Needs and Information Seeking Habits in the Countryside: a Study of a Local Community

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gorazd Vodeb


    Full Text Available ABSTRACTPurpose: The research attempts to provide an insight into the information world of the Slovenian countryside. It presents the first results of an exploratory study of information needs, information seeking habits and types of information sources.Methodology/approach: Brenda Dervin's Sense-Making Methodology was used as the theoretical basis for this research. 25 open structured interviews with inhabitants of a local community were conducted based on purposive sampling. Interview recordings were transcribed, summarised and analysed using the qualitative content analysis approach.Results: The analysis results in recognizing the types of gaps in the context of an individual, economic activities and in the context of a local community. Gap categories are described with regard to questions or problems and the ways of solving them. There are 20 categories describing gaps in the context of an individual, 17 categories which present economic activities – and 6 categories which pertain to a local community. Findings about information needs and the ways of seeking information stress the key role of information sources in farming and prevalence of interpersonal exchange of information and experts' opinion in the context of individual problem solving.Research limitation: The generalisation of results is not possible due to the sample size.Originality/practical implications: The findings contribute to understanding of information needs and ways of information seeking in the Slovenian countryside.

  7. Predictors of dropout in concurrent treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder and alcohol dependence: Rate of improvement matters. (United States)

    Zandberg, Laurie J; Rosenfield, David; Alpert, Elizabeth; McLean, Carmen P; Foa, Edna B


    The present study examined predictors and moderators of dropout among 165 adults meeting DSM-IV criteria for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and alcohol dependence (AD). Participants were randomized to 24 weeks of naltrexone (NAL), NAL and prolonged exposure (PE), pill placebo, or pill placebo and PE. All participants received supportive AD counseling (the BRENDA manualized model). Logistic regression using the Fournier approach was conducted to investigate baseline predictors of dropout across the entire study sample. Rates of PTSD and AD symptom improvement were included to evaluate the impact of symptom change on dropout. Trauma type and rates of PTSD and AD improvement significantly predicted dropout, accounting for 76% of the variance in dropout. Accidents and "other" trauma were associated with the highest dropout, and physical assault was associated with the lowest dropout. For participants with low baseline PTSD severity, faster PTSD improvement predicted higher dropout. For those with high baseline severity, both very fast and very slow rates of PTSD improvement were associated with higher dropout. Faster rates of drinking improvement predicted higher dropout among participants who received PE. The current study highlights the influence of symptom trajectory on dropout risk. Clinicians may improve retention in PTSD-AD treatments by monitoring symptom change at regular intervals, and eliciting patient feedback on these changes. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  8. Avaliação comparativa do software Pergamum entre usuarios de uma biblioteca publica e de uma biblioteca universitariaComaparative evaluation of Pergamum software between user of a public and an university library

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Josué Sales Barbosa


    Full Text Available Aborda a avaliação comparativa do software de gerenciamento de bibliotecas de duas instituições públicas sendo uma biblioteca universitária e outra a biblioteca pública do estado de Minas Gerais. Para tal foi realizado um estudo de usuários utilizando questionários em duas distintas etapas da pesquisa. Para a discussão utilizamos os modelos de abordagem de Dervin e Carol Kuhlthau. Palavras-chave: Estudo de usuários. Biblioteca universitária. Biblioteca pública. Avaliação de software. Abstract Approaches a comparative evaluation of library management software of two public library institutions being one university library and one public library from Minas Gerais state. A user study war realized using surveys in two distinct stages. The discussion was grounded in the models of Brenda Dervin and Carol Kuhlthau approaches. Keywords: Study of users. University library. Public library. Evaluation software.

  9. Novel biomarkers for prediabetes, diabetes, and associated complications

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dorcely B


    Full Text Available Brenda Dorcely,1 Karin Katz,1 Ram Jagannathan,2 Stephanie S Chiang,1 Babajide Oluwadare,1 Ira J Goldberg,1 Michael Bergman1 1New York University School of Medicine, Department of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, NYU Langone Medical Center, New York, NY, 2Department of Global Health, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, USA Abstract: The number of individuals with prediabetes is expected to grow substantially and estimated to globally affect 482 million people by 2040. Therefore, effective methods for diagnosing prediabetes will be required to reduce the risk of progressing to diabetes and its complications. The current biomarkers, glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c, fructosamine, and glycated albumin have limitations including moderate sensitivity and specificity and are inaccurate in certain clinical conditions. Therefore, identification of additional biomarkers is being explored recogni­zing that any single biomarker will also likely have inherent limitations. Therefore, combining several biomarkers may more precisely identify those at high risk for developing prediabetes and subsequent progression to diabetes. This review describes recently identified biomarkers and their potential utility for addressing the burgeoning epidemic of dysglycemic disorders. Keywords: prediabetes, biomarkers, inflammatory markers, diabetes, diabetes complications

  10. Variation in the wood anatomical structure of Gmelina arborea (Verbenaceae trees at different ecological conditions in Costa Rica

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Róger Moya


    Full Text Available The tree Gmelina arborea has been widely introduced in Costa Rica for commercial purposes. This new conditions for melina cause variations on anatomy in secondary xylem of the trees growing in plantations. The objective of the present research was to determine the variation in the anatomy of xylem caused by the ecological conduction variation. Dimensions of fiber, axial parenchyma percentage of cross sections, parameters of vessels and the ray were measured. The results showed that some anatomical characteristics remained stable despite variations of ecological conditions, especially radial parenchyma and anatomical features which were less affected by the altitude. On the other hand, the vessels, axial parenchyma and fiber were less stable because they were affected significantly by the longitude, latitude, altitude and precipitation. Latitude significantly affected vessel percentage, length and diameter of the fiber and lumen. Longitude affected vessel percentage and fiber diameter. Altitude had a significant correlation with the amount of cells at ray height. Annual average precipitation affected vessel percentage and diameter, not only of the fiber, but also of the lumen. These results suggest that the new growth conditions of G. arborea trees in Costa Rica have produced an anatomic adaptation. Rev. Biol. Trop. 56 (2: 689-704. Epub 2008 June 30.Gmelina arborea ha sido introducida y ampliamente sembrada en Costa Rica en plantaciones de rápido crecimiento. Estas nuevas condiciones ecológicas provocan variación en la anatomía del xilema de estos árboles. El presente trabajo tuvo como objetivo determinar la variación en la anatomía del xilema debido a la variación de la latitud, longitud, altitud y precipitación. Se evaluaron las dimensiones de las fibras, el porcentaje de área ocupada por el parénquima y los parámetros de los vasos y los radios. Algunas características anatómicas se mantuvieron estables con las variaciones de las

  11. Timely Digital Patient-Clinician Communication in Specialist Clinical Services for Young People: A Mixed-Methods Study (The LYNC Study). (United States)

    Griffiths, Frances; Bryce, Carol; Cave, Jonathan; Dritsaki, Melina; Fraser, Joseph; Hamilton, Kathryn; Huxley, Caroline; Ignatowicz, Agnieszka; Kim, Sung Wook; Kimani, Peter K; Madan, Jason; Slowther, Anne-Marie; Sujan, Mark; Sturt, Jackie


    improve trust. The clinical teams studied had not themselves formally evaluated the impact of their intervention. Staff time is the main cost driver, but offsetting savings are likely elsewhere in the health service. Risks include increased dependence on clinicians, inadvertent disclosure of confidential information, and communication failures, which are mostly mitigated by young people and clinicians using common-sense approaches. As NHS policy prompts more widespread use of digital communication to improve the health care experience, our findings suggest that benefit is most likely, and harms are mitigated, when digital communication is used with patients who already have a relationship of trust with the clinical team, and where there is identifiable need for patients to have flexible access, such as when transitioning between services, treatments, or lived context. Clinical teams need a proactive approach to ethics, governance, and patient safety. ©Frances Griffiths, Carol Bryce, Jonathan Cave, Melina Dritsaki, Joseph Fraser, Kathryn Hamilton, Caroline Huxley, Agnieszka Ignatowicz, Sung Wook Kim, Peter K Kimani, Jason Madan, Anne-Marie Slowther, Mark Sujan, Jackie Sturt. Originally published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research (, 10.04.2017.

  12. Flowers for Algernon: steroid dysgenesis, epigenetics and brain disorders. (United States)

    Sanders, Bryan K


    While a recent study has reported that early citalopram exposure alters cortical network function and produces autistic-like behaviors in male rats, when evaluating antidepressant animal models of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) it is important to note that some selective serotonin (5-HT) reuptake inhibitors alter 3α-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase activity, and thus steroidogenesis. At least one study has examined the effect of repeated citalopram administration on the serum and brain concentration of testosterone (T) and its metabolites and shown that citalopram increases serum T. Several in vitro studies also suggest that sex steroid can alter 5-HT homeostasis. While research efforts have demonstrated that transgenic mice expressing the most common of multiple gain-of-function 5-HT reuptake transporter (SERT) coding variants, SERT Ala56, previously identified in children with ASD, exhibit autistic-like behaviors, elevated p38 MAPK-dependent transporter phosphorylation, enhanced 5-HT clearance rates and hyperserotonemia, a few studies provide some evidence that 5-HT may alter gonadal steroidogenesis. T, 17β-estradiol and synthetic estrogens are known inhibitors of AKR1C21 (BRENDA, E.C., the epitestosterone (epiT) producing enzyme in rodents. EpiT is a naturally occurring steroid in mammals, including man. An analysis of the literature suggests that epiT may be the central mediator in the epigenetic regulation of gene expression. Over thirty years ago, it was shown that rat brain epiT production is higher in females than in males. A similar finding in humans could explain the sex differences in the incidence of autism and other brain disorders. Despite this, the role of epiT in brain development remains a long neglected area of research.

  13. Transformational change: nurses substituting for ophthalmologists for intravitreal injections – a quality-improvement report

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michelotti MM


    Full Text Available Monica M Michelotti,1 Salwa Abugreen,2 Simon P Kelly,1 Jiten Morarji,1 Debra Myerscough,2 Tina Boddie,2 Ann Haughton,1 Natalie Nixon,2 Brenda Mason,1 Evangelos Sioras11Ophthalmology Department, Royal Bolton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Bolton, UK; 2Ophthalmology Department, East Lancashire NHS Trust, Blackburn, UKBackground: The dramatic increase in need for anti-vascular endothelial growth factor (anti-VEGF intravitreal therapy in the treatment of retinal disease and the absence of an equivalent increase in ophthalmologists to undertake such intravitreal injections created a patient-safety risk. Timing of intravitreal therapy (IVT is critical to prevent vision loss and local clinics lacked capacity to treat patients appropriately. We aimed to improve capacity for IVT by nurse injections.Materials and methods: A multidisciplinary prospective service-improvement process was undertaken at two adjacent general hospitals in the northwest of England. IVT injections by nurses were a principal component of solution development. After we had obtained appropriate institutional approval, experienced ophthalmic nurses were trained, supervised, and assessed to undertake IVT. Ophthalmologists directly supervised the first 200 injections, and a retina specialist was always on site.Results: Nurses undertook 3,355 intravitreal injections between June 2012 and November 2013, with minor adverse events (0.3% subconjunctival hemorrhage and corneal abrasion. There were no patient complaints at either hospital.Conclusion: Experienced ophthalmic nurses quickly learned how to perform such injections safely. IVT by nurses was well accepted by patients and staff. Hospital A trained three nurses sequentially for improved flexibility in scheduling. Novel use of appropriately trained nonmedical staff can improve efficiency and access in an overburdened service with time-sensitive disease. Retinal assessment was undertaken by ophthalmologists only. Improved access to IVT

  14. MetRxn: a knowledgebase of metabolites and reactions spanning metabolic models and databases

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kumar Akhil


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Increasingly, metabolite and reaction information is organized in the form of genome-scale metabolic reconstructions that describe the reaction stoichiometry, directionality, and gene to protein to reaction associations. A key bottleneck in the pace of reconstruction of new, high-quality metabolic models is the inability to directly make use of metabolite/reaction information from biological databases or other models due to incompatibilities in content representation (i.e., metabolites with multiple names across databases and models, stoichiometric errors such as elemental or charge imbalances, and incomplete atomistic detail (e.g., use of generic R-group or non-explicit specification of stereo-specificity. Description MetRxn is a knowledgebase that includes standardized metabolite and reaction descriptions by integrating information from BRENDA, KEGG, MetaCyc, and 44 metabolic models into a single unified data set. All metabolite entries have matched synonyms, resolved protonation states, and are linked to unique structures. All reaction entries are elementally and charge balanced. This is accomplished through the use of a workflow of lexicographic, phonetic, and structural comparison algorithms. MetRxn allows for the download of standardized versions of existing genome-scale metabolic models and the use of metabolic information for the rapid reconstruction of new ones. Conclusions The standardization in description allows for the direct comparison of the metabolite and reaction content between metabolic models and databases and the exhaustive prospecting of pathways for biotechnological production. This ever-growing dataset currently consists of over 76,000 metabolites participating in more than 72,000 reactions (including unresolved entries. MetRxn is hosted on a web-based platform that uses relational database models (MySQL.

  15. Nalmefene: a new approach to the treatment of alcohol dependence

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paille F


    Full Text Available François Paille, Hervé Martini Department of Addiction Treatment, University Hospital, Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy, France Abstract: Reduction of alcohol consumption is not yet a widely accepted treatment objective for alcohol-dependent patients, as abstinence is often considered to be the only possible objective in this situation. However, various studies have demonstrated the value of proposing these two options to such patients. Firstly, reduction of alcohol consumption very significantly reduces the risk of alcohol-related damage, and also modifies the patient's and the doctor's perception of the disease, resulting in improved access to care and better patient adherence with the proposed treatment objective and consequently better clinical results. Recent studies have shown that some medicinal products can help patients reduce their alcohol consumption. One such product, nalmefene, has been granted European marketing authorization and is now being released onto the market in various countries. The ESENSE 1 and 2 studies in alcohol-dependent patients showed that, in combination with BRENDA, a psychosocial intervention focusing on reinforcement of motivation and treatment adherence, nalmefene significantly reduced the number of heavy drinking days and mean daily total alcohol consumption versus placebo. This reduction was more marked in the marketing authorization target population, ie, patients with a high or very high drinking risk level according to World Health Organization criteria. Another original feature of this molecule is that it can be used as needed if the patient perceives a risk of drinking, which is a more flexible approach and more likely to ensure the patient's active involvement in the treatment of his/her disease. This molecule opens up interesting and original therapeutic prospects in the treatment of alcohol dependence. Keywords: alcohol dependence, reduction, consumption, damage reduction, drug therapy, nalmefene

  16. Non use of health information kiosks examined in an information needs context. (United States)

    Williams, Peter; Nicholas, David; Huntington, Paul


    Whilst great emphasis has rightly been placed on the increased availability and use of health information, little research has been undertaken into the non use of such material, particularly with regard to electronic sources. Computer transactional log data from health information touch screen kiosks, collected as part of an ongoing Department of Health-funded study being carried out by City University, showed that females in the 55-74 age group were particularly under-represented as users. To explore reasons for this, in-depth interviews were carried out with 13 non-kiosk-using, primary-care out-patients fitting this profile, at a surgery which had a kiosk that was being monitored. Subjects were interviewed at length about their information needs and information-seeking behaviour, to determine reasons (if any) they might have had for non-kiosk use. The study utilized an interview schedule and technique loosely based on the 'Sense-Making' methodology of Brenda Dervin (Talk Presented at the International Communication Association Annual Meeting, May 1983, Dallas, Texas, USA. Available from: http://communicationsbsohio-stateedu/sense-making/art/artdervin83html.). Findings elicited many factors accounting for non use of the system. The first and major source of information remained the doctor, with written or other sources only being consulted where recommended or provided. There was evidence that patients wanted little more than the minimum information or instructions required to deal with their condition. Many appeared unaware of the presence of the kiosk and others assumed either that it was not for patient use or that it would not serve their needs. The methodology proved itself, with certain caveats, to be an appropriate vehicle for this kind of exploratory work.

  17. Enzyme Informatics (United States)

    Alderson, Rosanna G.; Ferrari, Luna De; Mavridis, Lazaros; McDonagh, James L.; Mitchell, John B. O.; Nath, Neetika


    Over the last 50 years, sequencing, structural biology and bioinformatics have completely revolutionised biomolecular science, with millions of sequences and tens of thousands of three dimensional structures becoming available. The bioinformatics of enzymes is well served by, mostly free, online databases. BRENDA describes the chemistry, substrate specificity, kinetics, preparation and biological sources of enzymes, while KEGG is valuable for understanding enzymes and metabolic pathways. EzCatDB, SFLD and MACiE are key repositories for data on the chemical mechanisms by which enzymes operate. At the current rate of genome sequencing and manual annotation, human curation will never finish the functional annotation of the ever-expanding list of known enzymes. Hence there is an increasing need for automated annotation, though it is not yet widespread for enzyme data. In contrast, functional ontologies such as the Gene Ontology already profit from automation. Despite our growing understanding of enzyme structure and dynamics, we are only beginning to be able to design novel enzymes. One can now begin to trace the functional evolution of enzymes using phylogenetics. The ability of enzymes to perform secondary functions, albeit relatively inefficiently, gives clues as to how enzyme function evolves. Substrate promiscuity in enzymes is one example of imperfect specificity in protein-ligand interactions. Similarly, most drugs bind to more than one protein target. This may sometimes result in helpful polypharmacology as a drug modulates plural targets, but also often leads to adverse side-effects. Many cheminformatics approaches can be used to model the interactions between druglike molecules and proteins in silico. We can even use quantum chemical techniques like DFT and QM/MM to compute the structural and energetic course of enzyme catalysed chemical reaction mechanisms, including a full description of bond making and breaking. PMID:23116471

  18. OxDBase: a database of oxygenases involved in biodegradation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Raghava Gajendra PS


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Oxygenases belong to the oxidoreductive group of enzymes (E.C. Class 1, which oxidize the substrates by transferring oxygen from molecular oxygen (O2 and utilize FAD/NADH/NADPH as the co-substrate. Oxygenases can further be grouped into two categories i.e. monooxygenases and dioxygenases on the basis of number of oxygen atoms used for oxidation. They play a key role in the metabolism of organic compounds by increasing their reactivity or water solubility or bringing about cleavage of the aromatic ring. Findings We compiled a database of biodegradative oxygenases (OxDBase which provides a compilation of the oxygenase data as sourced from primary literature in the form of web accessible database. There are two separate search engines for searching into the database i.e. mono and dioxygenases database respectively. Each enzyme entry contains its common name and synonym, reaction in which enzyme is involved, family and subfamily, structure and gene link and literature citation. The entries are also linked to several external database including BRENDA, KEGG, ENZYME and UM-BBD providing wide background information. At present the database contains information of over 235 oxygenases including both dioxygenases and monooxygenases. This database is freely available online at Conclusion OxDBase is the first database that is dedicated only to oxygenases and provides comprehensive information about them. Due to the importance of the oxygenases in chemical synthesis of drug intermediates and oxidation of xenobiotic compounds, OxDBase database would be very useful tool in the field of synthetic chemistry as well as bioremediation.

  19. BrEPS: a flexible and automatic protocol to compute enzyme-specific sequence profiles for functional annotation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Schomburg D


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Models for the simulation of metabolic networks require the accurate prediction of enzyme function. Based on a genomic sequence, enzymatic functions of gene products are today mainly predicted by sequence database searching and operon analysis. Other methods can support these techniques: We have developed an automatic method "BrEPS" that creates highly specific sequence patterns for the functional annotation of enzymes. Results The enzymes in the UniprotKB are identified and their sequences compared against each other with BLAST. The enzymes are then clustered into a number of trees, where each tree node is associated with a set of EC-numbers. The enzyme sequences in the tree nodes are aligned with ClustalW. The conserved columns of the resulting multiple alignments are used to construct sequence patterns. In the last step, we verify the quality of the patterns by computing their specificity. Patterns with low specificity are omitted and recomputed further down in the tree. The final high-quality patterns can be used for functional annotation. We ran our protocol on a recent Swiss-Prot release and show statistics, as well as a comparison to PRIAM, a probabilistic method that is also specialized on the functional annotation of enzymes. We determine the amount of true positive annotations for five common microorganisms with data from BRENDA and AMENDA serving as standard of truth. BrEPS is almost on par with PRIAM, a fact which we discuss in the context of five manually investigated cases. Conclusions Our protocol computes highly specific sequence patterns that can be used to support the functional annotation of enzymes. The main advantages of our method are that it is automatic and unsupervised, and quite fast once the patterns are evaluated. The results show that BrEPS can be a valuable addition to the reconstruction of metabolic networks.

  20. Development of a Knowledgebase (MetRxn) of Metabolites, Reactions and Atom Mappings to Accelerate Discovery and Redesign

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Maranas, Costas D. [Pennsylvania State Univ., University Park, PA (United States)


    With advances in DNA sequencing and genome annotation techniques, the breadth of metabolic knowledge across all kingdoms of life is increasing. The construction of genome-scale models (GSMs) facilitates this distillation of knowledge by systematically accounting for reaction stoichiometry and directionality, gene to protein to reaction relationships, reaction localization among cellular organelles, metabolite transport costs and routes, transcriptional regulation, and biomass composition. Genome-scale reconstructions available now span across all kingdoms of life, from microbes to whole-plant models, and have become indispensable for driving informed metabolic designs and interventions. A key barrier to the pace of this development is our inability to utilize metabolite/reaction information from databases such as BRENDA [1], KEGG [2], MetaCyc [3], etc. due to incompatibilities of representation, duplications, and errors. Duplicate entries constitute a major impediment, where the same metabolite is found with multiple names across databases and models, which significantly slows downs the collating of information from multiple data sources. This can also lead to serious modeling errors such as charge/mass imbalances [4,5] which can thwart model predictive abilities such as identifying synthetic lethal gene pairs and quantifying metabolic flows. Hence, we created the MetRxn database [6] that takes the next step in integrating data from multiple sources and formats to automatically create a standardized knowledgebase. We subsequently deployed this resource to bring about new paradigms in genome-scale metabolic model reconstruction, metabolic flux elucidation through MFA, modeling of microbial communities, and pathway prospecting. This research has enabled the PI’s group to continue building upon research milestones and reach new ones (see list of MetRxn-related publications below).

  1. Tuberculosis case finding in first-degree relative contacts not living with index tuberculosis cases in Kampala, Uganda

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chheng P


    Full Text Available Phalkun Chheng,1,2 Mary Nsereko,2 LaShaunda L Malone,2 Brenda Okware,2 Sarah Zalwango,2 Moses Joloba,2,3 W Henry Boom,2 Ezekiel Mupere,1,2,4 Catherine M Stein1,2 On behalf of the Tuberculosis Research Unit 1Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, USA; 2Uganda-Case Western Reserve University Research Collaboration, 3Department of Medical Microbiology, College of Health Sciences, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda; 4Department of Pediatrics and Child Health, College of Health Sciences, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda Purpose: To assess the prevalence of pulmonary tuberculosis among first-degree relative (FDR contacts not living with tuberculosis (TB cases. Methods: A cross-sectional analysis of household contacts living with an index TB case and FDR contacts living outside of households in Kampala, Uganda, is presented. Results: A total of 177 contacts (52 FDRs and 125 index household contacts of 31 TB cases were examined. Compared with index household contacts, FDR contacts were older, more likely to be TB symptomatic (50% vs 33%, had a higher percentage of abnormal chest X-rays (19% vs 11%, sputum smear positive (15% vs 5%, and many similar epidemiologic risk factors, including HIV infection (13% vs 10%. Contact groups had similar pulmonary tuberculosis prevalence: 9.6% in FDR vs 10.4% in index household contacts and similar Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection: 62% in FDR vs 61% in index households. Conclusion: TB is common among FDR contacts. High TB prevalence justifies targeting FDRs during household contact investigations. Combining TB active-case finding among FDR contacts with household contact investigation in low-income setting is feasible. This should be part of national TB control program strategies for increasing TB case-detection rates and reducing community TB transmission and death. Keywords: prevalence of pulmonary tuberculosis, limited resource setting, contact tracing

  2. Horseplay: Equine performance and creaturely acts in cinema

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stella Hockenhull


    Full Text Available Throughout Béla Tarr’s latest and reputedly final film The Turin Horse (2011, the horse (Ricsi, as the title of the film indicates, leaves the spectator in no doubt that she is an important, if not the most important, individual within the narrative. However, unlike most films which feature animals as central protagonists, at no juncture is the horse’s behaviour articulated in humandriven semantics. Furthermore, she is never presented with what Emmanuel Gouabault, Annik Dubied, and Claudine Burton-Jeangros describe as a superindividual status. This stated, neither does the director devalue the role of the animal. Instead, Ricsi’s performance can be analysed in what Brenda Austin- Smith argues is ‘memorable film characterization’, whereby animal performance is valid and ‘counts for something’. While it cannot be suggested that Ricsi deliberately acts as a character her performance is equally valuable for analysis both within and outside the context of the narrative. Applying performance theory and film theory to a study of the role and performance of the horses in two films, The Turin Horse and Of Horses and Men (Benedikt Erlingsson 2013, this essay proposes an alternative and more fitting approach to the study of animals in film. The contention here is that neither film humanises or ‘starifies’ the horses, yet all of the equine presentations are significant, as well as examples of what Michael Kirby terms simple acting. This essay begins by examining the ways in which animal erformance has predominantly been represented and discussed in media and film before proposing Kirby’s notion of simple acting as a mode of analysis.

  3. Japan - UK Conference: Trends in Physics and Chemistry Education in Secondary Schools (United States)


    This conference, held in Tokyo between 3-5 April 1998, was the most recent product of a now longstanding involvement between British and Japanese physics teachers which has grown out of a personal friendship between Brenda Jennison (Cambridge University and Vice Chair of the Education Group) and Tae Ryu (Sophia University). For a number of years British teachers have hosted Japanese counterparts at the annual ASE meetings and in visits to schools following the conference. For this conference a team of four physicists, Brenda Jennison, lan Lawrence (King's School Worcester), Philip Britton (Leeds Grammar School) and Phil Scott (University of Leeds) travelled to Japan to contribute to a conference and visit schools and University Departments. Feelings on reading a conference report can too often resemble the experience of being shown a friend's holiday snaps. They are clearly very interesting but equally clearly your friend is enjoying it more than you are, because the snaps are rekindling memories and thoughts. This set of reflections is an attempt to report on just four of those memories and thoughts rather than describe the pictures. Why organize an international conference? The conference was an event that almost took more months of tireless organization than it lasted in hours. It was conceived and brought to fruition amongst a welter of e-mail communications between Brenda Jennison, Tae Ryu and Maurice Jenkins of the British Council, who sponsored the event. Given this immense organizational task, just why did we bother? What can be gained by holding such an international event? The significant benefit of discussing issues between two cultures is clarifying which are the issues that are intrinsically due to the nature of physics teaching rather than the extrinsic effects of educational systems and customs. Unsurprisingly pupil motivation, pupil numbers, relevance, `up-to-date-ness' and the role of mathematics emerged as concerns in both cultures. Also there are

  4. COPD care delivery pathways in five European Union countries: mapping and health care professionals’ perceptions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kayyali R


    Full Text Available Reem Kayyali,1 Bassel Odeh,1 Inéz Frerichs,2 Nikki Davies,3 Eleni Perantoni,4 Shona D’arcy,5 Anouk W Vaes,6 John Chang,3 Martijn A Spruit,6 Brenda Deering,7 Nada Philip,1 Roshan Siva,3 Evangelos Kaimakamis,8 Ioanna Chouvarda,8 Barbara Pierscionek,1 Norbert Weiler,2 Emiel FM Wouters,6 Andreas Raptopoulos,9 Shereen Nabhani-Gebara1 1Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing, Kingston University, Kingston-Upon-Thames, UK; 2Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine, University Medical Centre Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel, Germany; 3Chest Clinic and Research and Development, Croydon University Hospital, Croydon, UK; 4Pulmonary Clinic, AHEPA University Hospital, Thessaloniki, Greece; 5Department of Medicine, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dublin, Ireland; 6Research and Education, CIRO – Centre of Expertise for Chronic Organ Failure, Horn, the Netherlands; 7COPD Outreach, Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, Ireland; 8Medical School, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, 9Research and Development, Exodus Information Technology SA, Athens, Greece Background: COPD is among the leading causes of chronic morbidity and mortality in the European Union with an estimated annual economic burden of €25.1 billion. Various care pathways for COPD exist across Europe leading to different responses to similar problems. Determining these differences and the similarities may improve health and the functioning of health services.Objective: The aim of this study was to compare COPD patients’ care pathway in five European Union countries including England, Ireland, the Netherlands, Greece, and Germany and to explore health care professionals’ (HCPs perceptions about the current pathways.Methods: HCPs were interviewed in two stages using a qualitative, semistructured email interview and a face-to-face semistructured interview.Results: Lack of communication among different health care providers managing COPD and comorbidities was a common feature of the

  5. 3D conductive nanocomposite scaffold for bone tissue engineering

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shahini A


    Full Text Available Aref Shahini,1 Mostafa Yazdimamaghani,2 Kenneth J Walker,2 Margaret A Eastman,3 Hamed Hatami-Marbini,4 Brenda J Smith,5 John L Ricci,6 Sundar V Madihally,2 Daryoosh Vashaee,1 Lobat Tayebi2,7 1School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Helmerich Advanced Technology Research Center, 2School of Chemical Engineering, 3Department of Chemistry, 4School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, 5Department of Nutritional Sciences, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK, USA; 6Department of Biomaterials and Biomimetics, New York University, New York, NY; 7School of Material Science and Engineering, Helmerich Advanced Technology Research Center, Oklahoma State University, Tulsa, OK, USA Abstract: Bone healing can be significantly expedited by applying electrical stimuli in the injured region. Therefore, a three-dimensional (3D ceramic conductive tissue engineering scaffold for large bone defects that can locally deliver the electrical stimuli is highly desired. In the present study, 3D conductive scaffolds were prepared by employing a biocompatible conductive polymer, ie, poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene poly(4-styrene sulfonate (PEDOT:PSS, in the optimized nanocomposite of gelatin and bioactive glass. For in vitro analysis, adult human mesenchymal stem cells were seeded in the scaffolds. Material characterizations using hydrogen-1 nuclear magnetic resonance, in vitro degradation, as well as thermal and mechanical analysis showed that incorporation of PEDOT:PSS increased the physiochemical stability of the composite, resulting in improved mechanical properties and biodegradation resistance. The outcomes indicate that PEDOT:PSS and polypeptide chains have close interaction, most likely by forming salt bridges between arginine side chains and sulfonate groups. The morphology of the scaffolds and cultured human mesenchymal stem cells were observed and analyzed via scanning electron microscope, micro-computed tomography, and confocal fluorescent

  6. Posterior composite restoration update: focus on factors influencing form and function

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bohaty BS


    Full Text Available Brenda S Bohaty,1,2 Qiang Ye,3 Anil Misra,3,4 Fabio Sene,6 Paulette Spencer3,51Department of Pediatric Dentistry, University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry, Kansas City, MO, USA; 2Department of Pediatric Dentistry, Children's Mercy Hospital, Kansas City, MO, USA; 3Bioengineering Research Center, 4Department of Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering, 5Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, USA; 6Department of Restorative Dentistry, State University of Londrina, School of Dentistry, Londrina, BrazilAbstract: Restoring posterior teeth with resin-based composite materials continues to gain popularity among clinicians, and the demand for such aesthetic restorations is increasing. Indeed, the most common aesthetic alternative to dental amalgam is resin composite. Moderate to large posterior composite restorations, however, have higher failure rates, more recurrent caries, and increased frequency of replacement. Investigators across the globe are researching new materials and techniques that will improve the clinical performance, handling characteristics, and mechanical and physical properties of composite resin restorative materials. Despite such attention, large to moderate posterior composite restorations continue to have a clinical lifetime that is approximately one-half that of the dental amalgam. While there are numerous recommendations regarding preparation design, restoration placement, and polymerization technique, current research indicates that restoration longevity depends on several variables that may be difficult for the dentist to control. These variables include the patient's caries risk, tooth position, patient habits, number of restored surfaces, the quality of the tooth–restoration bond, and the ability of the restorative material to produce a sealed tooth–restoration interface. Although clinicians tend to focus on tooth form when evaluating the success and failure of

  7. Cerium dioxide nanoparticles do not modulate the lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammatory response in human monocytes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hussain S


    Full Text Available Salik Hussain1,*, Faris Al-Nsour1,*, Annette B Rice1, Jamie Marshburn1, Zhaoxia Ji2, Jeffery I Zink2, Brenda Yingling1, Nigel J Walker3, Stavros Garantziotis11Clinical Research Unit, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences/National Institute of Health, Research Triangle Park, NC, 2UC Center for Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology University of California, Los Angeles, CA, 3Division of National Toxicology Program, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences/National Institute of Health, Research Triangle Park, NC, USA*Both are principal authorsBackground: Cerium dioxide (CeO2 nanoparticles have potential therapeutic applications and are widely used for industrial purposes. However, the effects of these nanoparticles on primary human cells are largely unknown. The ability of nanoparticles to exacerbate pre-existing inflammatory disorders is not well documented for engineered nanoparticles, and is certainly lacking for CeO2 nanoparticles. We investigated the inflammation-modulating effects of CeO2 nanoparticles at noncytotoxic concentrations in human peripheral blood monocytes.Methods: CD14+ cells were isolated from peripheral blood samples of human volunteers. Cells were exposed to either 0.5 or 1 µg/mL of CeO2 nanoparticles over a period of 24 or 48 hours with or without lipopolysaccharide (10 ng/mL prestimulation. Modulation of the inflammatory response was studied by measuring secreted tumor necrosis factor-alpha, interleukin-1beta, macrophage chemotactic protein-1, interferon-gamma, and interferon gamma-induced protein 10.Results: CeO2 nanoparticle suspensions were thoroughly characterized using dynamic light scattering analysis (194 nm hydrodynamic diameter, zeta potential analysis (-14 mV, and transmission electron microscopy (irregular-shaped particles. Transmission electron microscopy of CD14+ cells exposed to CeO2 nanoparticles revealed that these nanoparticles were efficiently internalized by monocytes and

  8. "Presumed fair: Ironic effects of organizational diversity structures": Correction to Kaiser et al. (2013). (United States)


    Reports an error in "Presumed fair: Ironic effects of organizational diversity structures" by Cheryl R. Kaiser, Brenda Major, Ines Jurcevic, Tessa L. Dover, Laura M. Brady and Jenessa R. Shapiro (Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 2013[Mar], Vol 104[3], 504-519). In the article, a raw data merging error in one racial discrimination claim condition from Experiment 6 inadvertently resulted in data analyses on an inaccurate data set. When the error was discovered by the authors and corrected, all analyses reported in Experiment 6 for claim validity, seriousness of the claim, and support for the claimant were inaccurate and none were statistically significant. The conclusions should be altered to indicate that participants with management experience who reflected on their own workplace diversity policies did not show the predicted effects. The literature review, remaining five studies, and remaining conclusions in the article are unaffected by this error. Experiment 6 should also report that 26.4% (not 26.4.7%) of participants had a graduate degree and eight participants (not 8%) did not provide educational data. Experiment 5 should have referred to the claim validity measure as a six-item measure ( .92) rather than a five-item measure; analyses on claim validity are accurate in text. Table 2's note should have said standard errors, not standard deviations. (The following abstract of the original article appeared in record 2012-31077-001.) This research tests the hypothesis that the presence (vs. absence) of organizational diversity structures causes high-status group members (Whites, men) to perceive organizations with diversity structures as procedurally fairer environments for underrepresented groups (racial minorities, women), even when it is clear that underrepresented groups have been unfairly disadvantaged within these organizations. Furthermore, this illusory sense of fairness derived from the mere presence of diversity structures causes high

  9. Book Reviews

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Redactie KITLV


    Full Text Available Christoph Antons (ed.; Law and development in East and South-East Asia (Adriaan Bedner David B. Dewitt, Carolina G. Hernandez (eds; Development and security in Southeast Asia (vol. 1 & 2 (Freek Colombijn Lily Kong, Brenda S.A. Yeoh; The politics of landscape in Singapore; Constructions of ‘nation’ (Ben Derudder Andrew Hardy; Red hills; Migrants and the state in the highlands of Vietnam (Hans Hägerdal Hanneman Samuel, Henk Schulte Nordholt (eds; Indonesia in transition; Rethinking ‘civil society’, ‘region’, and ‘crisis’ (david Henley S. Margana; Pujangga Jawa dan bayang-bayang kolonial (Mason Hoadley Karel E.M. Bongenaar; De ontwikkeling van het zelfbesturend landschap in Nederlandsch-Indie: 1855-1942 (Gerry van Klinken Pamela J. Stewart, Andrew Strathern; Humors and substances; Ideas of the body in New Guinea (Michael Lieber Wu Xiao An; Chinese business in the making of a Malay state, 1882-1941 (Loh Wei Leng Mikihiro Moriyama; Sundanese print culture and modernity in 19th-century West Java (Julian Millie Yunita T. Winarto; Seeds of knowledge; The beginning of integrated pest management in Java (Simon Platten Jelle Miedema, Ger Reesink; One head, many faces; New perspectives on the Bird’s Head Peninsula of New Guinea (Anton Ploeg Christopher R. Duncan (ed.; Civilizing the margins; Southeast Asian government policies for the development of minorities (Nathan Porath Rosario Mendoza Cortes, Celestina Puyal Boncan, Ricardo Trota Jose; The Filipino saga; History as social change (Portia L. Reyes Stephen Dobbs; The Singapore River; A social history, 1819-2002 (Victor R. Savage Michael Wood; Official history in modern Indonesia; New Order perceptions and counterviews (Henk Schulte Nordholt Claudio O. Delang (ed.; Living at the edge of Thai society; The Karen in the highlands of northern Thailand (Nicholas Tapp Andrew C. Willford, Kenneth M. George (eds; Spirited politics: Religion

  10. Multisite Semiautomated Clinical Data Repository for Duplication 15q Syndrome: Study Protocol and Early Uses. (United States)

    Ajayi, Oluwaseun Jessica; Smith, Ebony Jeannae; Viangteeravat, Teeradache; Huang, Eunice Y; Nagisetty, Naga Satya V Rao; Urraca, Nora; Lusk, Laina; Finucane, Brenda; Arkilo, Dimitrios; Young, Jennifer; Jeste, Shafali; Thibert, Ronald; Reiter, Lawrence T


    , Eunice Y Huang, Naga Satya V Rao Nagisetty, Nora Urraca, Laina Lusk, Brenda Finucane, Dimitrios Arkilo, Jennifer Young, Shafali Jeste, Ronald Thibert, The Dup15q Alliance, Lawrence T Reiter. Originally published in JMIR Research Protocols (, 18.10.2017.

  11. Ethanol suppression of peripheral blood mononuclear cell trafficking across brain endothelial cells in immunodeficiency virus infection

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lola C Hudson


    Full Text Available Lola C Hudson1, Brenda A Colby1, Rick B Meeker21Department of Molecular Biosciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, USA; 2Department of Neurology, School of Medicine, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC, USAAbstract: Earlier studies suggested that the combination of alcohol use and immunodeficiency virus infection resulted in more severe neurologic disease than either condition individually. These deleterious interactions could be due to increased immune cell and virus trafficking or may result from interactions between ethanol and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-associated toxicity within the brain. To determine the extent to which increased trafficking played a role, we examined the effect of ethanol on the migration of different peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMCs subsets across a brain endothelial cell monolayer. We utilized combinations of feline brain endothelial cells with astrocytes, and/or microglia with either acute exposure to 0.08 g/dL ethanol, a combination of ethanol and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV, or FIV alone. Adherence of PBMCs to endothelium was increased in all combinations of cells with the addition of ethanol. Despite increased PBMC adhesion with ethanol treatment, transmigration of B cells, monocytes, CD4 T cells and CD8 T cells was not increased and was actually decreased in the presence of astrocytes. Expression of three common adhesion molecules, intercellular adhesion molecule-1 (ICAM1, ICAM2, and vascular cell adhesion molecule, was unchanged or slightly decreased by ethanol. This indicated that although adherence is increased by ethanol it is not due to an increased expression of adhesion molecules. RANTES, MIP1α, MIP1β, and MCP-1 mRNA expression was also studied in brain endothelial cells, astrocytes and microglia by reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction. Ethanol treatment of astrocytes resulted in modest changes of

  12. The Effects of as-Needed Nalmefene on Patient-Reported Outcomes and Quality of Life in Relation to a Reduction in Alcohol Consumption in Alcohol-Dependent Patients.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Clément François

    Full Text Available The objective of this article was to investigate the effect of as-needed nalmefene on health-related quality of life (HRQoL in patients with alcohol dependence, and to relate changes in drinking behavior and status to HRQoL outcomes.This post hoc analysis was conducted on a pooled subgroup of patients with at least a high drinking risk level (men: >60 g/day; women: >40 g/day who participated in one of two randomized controlled 6-month studies, ESENSE 1 and ESENSE 2. Patients received nalmefene 18 mg or placebo on an as-needed basis, in addition to a motivational and adherence-enhancing intervention (BRENDA. At baseline and after 12 and 24 weeks questionnaires for the Medical Outcomes Study (MOS 36-item Short-Form Health Survey (SF-36, European Quality of life-5 Dimensions (EQ-5D and the Drinker Inventory of Consequences (DrInC-2R were completed.The pooled population consisted of 667 patients (nalmefene: 335; placebo: 332, with no notable between-group differences in baseline patient demographics/characteristics. At week 24, nalmefene had a superior effect compared to placebo in improving SF-36 mental component summary scores (mean difference [95% CI], p-value: 3.09 [1.29, 4.89]; p=0.0008, SF-36 physical component summary scores (1.23 [0.15, 2.31]; p=0.026, EQ-5D utility index scores (0.03 [0.00, 0.06]; p=0.045, EQ-5D health state scores (3.46 [0.75, 6.17]; p=0.012, and DrInC-2R scores (-3.22 [-6.12, 0.33]; p=0.029. The improvements in SF-36 mental component summary scores at week 24, and the DrInC-2R total score change from baseline to week 24, were significantly correlated to reductions in heavy drinking days and total alcohol consumption at week 24.As-needed nalmefene significantly improved almost all patient-reported HRQoL measures included in SF-36 and EQ-5D compared with placebo. These HRQoL gains were significantly correlated to reduced drinking behavior, as determined by reductions in heavy drinking days and total alcohol consumption.

  13. Employee Assistance Program Issues (United States)

    Gettleman, Alan G.; McGuire, William


    Employee Assistance Program (EAP) officers, as well as personnel in other disciplines from eight NASA Centers, attended this breakout session. Ms. Brenda Blair, MA, CEAP, a guest speaker at the conference, also attended as a consultant. Representatives from the NASA Centers introduced themselves and spoke briefly about their programs. In a discussion related to the conference theme on benchmarking, quality control issues within the EAP community and adequate documentation of cases were addressed. Disposition and provision for quality assurance checks for EAP providers in single person offices were also discussed. Ms. Blair presented methods for consulting with other NASA personnel in single person EAP offices as a quality control measure. EAP intervention in critical incidents was discussed. The question of whether EAP assistance is an asset or a potential liability in those situations was addressed. Suggestions were made of topics for future EAP video-teleconference topics. A program on EAP ethics was planned for a September video teleconference. Each person was asked to provide intake forms they use to Mr. Gettleman or Ms. Blair. Ms. Blair said she would review the forms to ensure that adequate notification is provided to the client for confidentiality. She would also review them to ensure they have adequate limits of confidentiality--a topic for future video teleconferencing. Mr. Gettleman described the NASA initiative to reduce stresses in the workplace, and the activities of an ad-hoc EAP group that will make recommendations to NASA senior management. Alternative training methods were discussed for reaching target audiences such as employees at risk, supervisors, and others. Pfc. David A. Pendleton, Victim Assistance Coordinator, U.S. Capitol Police. U.S. House of Representatives made a special presentation. Pfc. Pendleton was on duty during the tragic shooting of two Federal guards at the U.S. Capitol. He related the events immediately after the incident. He

  14. mHealth medication and blood pressure self-management program in Hispanic hypertensives: a proof of concept trial

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sieverdes JC


    Full Text Available John C Sieverdes,1 Mathew Gregoski,1 Sachin Patel,1 Deborah Williamson,1 Brenda Brunner-Jackson,1 Judith Rundbaken,1 Eveline Treiber,1 Lydia Davidson,1 Frank A Treiber1,21Technology Applications Center for Healthful Lifestyles, College of Nursing, 2College of Medicine, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC, USAAbstract: Patient nonadherence to medication regimens and provider therapeutic inertia (failure to respond in timely manner to clinical data are two primary contributors to ineffective chronic disease management. This 3-month proof of concept trial used an iterative design approach guided by self-determination theory and the technology acceptance model to develop a culturally sensitive, patient-centered, and provider-centered mobile health medication and blood pressure self-management program. Cellular connected electronic medication trays provided reminder signals for patients to take medications and smartphone messaging reminded patients to take at-home blood pressures using a Bluetooth-enabled monitor. Providers were given bimonthly feedback. Motivational and reinforcement text and audio messages were sent based upon medication adherence rates and blood pressure levels. Ten Hispanics with uncontrolled essential hypertension were randomized to standard care and Smartphone Medication Adherence Stops Hypertension (SMASH intervention groups. Primary outcomes of provider and patient acceptability of the program were found to be high. Retention rates for the 3-month program were 100%, with mean ± standard deviation overall medication adherence for the SMASH group at 97.2% ± 2.8%, with all strongly believing the program helped them remember to take their medication. SMASH participants measured their blood pressure every 3 days 83.2% ± 6.0% of the time and completed 89.2% ± 19.06% of the expected readings. Nonparametric tests showed statistical significance for resting blood pressure changes between groups at months 2 (P = 0

  15. An eHealth Intervention to Promote Physical Activity and Social Network of Single, Chronically Impaired Older Adults: Adaptation of an Existing Intervention Using Intervention Mapping. (United States)

    Boekhout, Janet M; Peels, Denise A; Berendsen, Brenda Aj; Bolman, Catherine Aw; Lechner, Lilian


    intensive process in which adopting the IM protocol is an invaluable tool. The study provides a broad insight in adapting interventions aimed at single older adults with a chronic disease. It is concluded that even when the new target population is a sizable segment of the original target population, the adapted intervention still needs considerable changes to optimally fit the needs and situational differences of the narrower target population. ©Janet M Boekhout, Denise A Peels, Brenda AJ Berendsen, Catherine AW Bolman, Lilian Lechner. Originally published in JMIR Research Protocols (, 23.11.2017.

  16. Pareceristas da RBHCS no Triênio 2015-2017

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Editores RBHCS


    Jonas Moreira Vargas (UFPel José Carlos da Silva Cardozo (FURG Karina Barra Gomes (UENF Lania Stefanoni Ferreira (Centro Universitário da FEI Leandro Karnal (Unicamp Leny Caselli Anzai (UFMT Luciana Mendes Gandelman (UFRRJ Luciana Rodrigues Penna (UFRGS Luciano Costa Gomes (UFRGS Luís Antonio Groppo (UNIFAL Luís Augusto Ebling Farinatti (UFSM Luisa Tombini Wittmann (UDESC Luiz Estevam de Oliveira Fernandes (UFOP Luiz Fernando Dias Duarte (Museu Nacional/ UFRJ Luiz Fernando Medeiros Rodrigues (UNISINOS Lyndon de Araújo Santos (UFMA Maíra Bonafé Sei (UEL Maísa Faleiros da Cunha (Unicamp Marcelo Henrique Nogueira Diana (IFC Marcelo Vianna (IFRS Marco Trentini (Universidad de Bologna - Itália Marcos Antonio Witt (UNISINOS Marcus Peixoto (UFRJ Maria Aparecida Bergamaschi (UFRGS Maria Cristina Bohn Martins (UNISINOS Maria de Nazaré Sarges (UFPA Maria Gabriela Silva Martins da Cunha Marinho (UFABC Mário Martins Viana Júnior (UFC Marlise Regina Meyrer (UPF Marta Regina Cioccari (UFRJ Mauro Dillmann (UFPEL Melina Piglia (Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata - Argentina Micheli Verginia Ghiggi (UFMS Moacir de Freitas Junior (UFU Mônica da Silva Ribeiro (UFRRJ Mônica Ribeiro de Oliveira (UFJF Natália de Lacerda Gil (UFRGS Nathalia Monseff Junqueira (UFMS Nilson Gomes Vieira Filho (UFAM Patrice Schuch (UFRGS Patricia Dario El-Moor Hadjab (UNB Paulo Eduardo Teixeira (UNESP-Marília Paulo Henrique Martinez (UNESP Paulo Roberto Rodrigues Soares (UFRGS Pedro Eduardo Mesquita de Monteiro Marinho (Museu de Astronomia e Ciências Afins/UNIRIO Petrônio José Domingues (UFS Pompilio Locks Filho (UDESC Rauer Ribeiro Rodrigues (UFMS Rodrigo Stumpf González (UFRGS Roswithia Weber (FEEVALE Thiago Barcelos Soliva (UFRJ

  17. PREFACE: XVII Congress of Bioengineering and VI Clinical Engineering Conference (United States)

    Rocha, Darío


    executive committee also deserve special recognition. They have made up for their lack of experience with their great effort and dedication, achieving a level of excellence: Melina Rua, Cecilia Rocha, Noelia Vergonzi, Guillermo Civetta, Ricardo Montico, Ariel Olmos, Guillermo Chavez, Marcos Vaccani, and others. Finally we thank all the presenters, speakers, exhibitors, partners and everyone who contributed to this successful Congress. The next gathering will be held in the internationally known city of Mar del Plata on 28-30 September 2011. It will undoubtedly be a continuation of this notable event which has been held annually for 30 years. Ing Darío RochaSABI and Polo Tecnologico Rosario Committees Member

  18. Comparative Amino Acids Studies on Phac Synthases and Proteases as Well as Establishing a New Trend in Experimental Design

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Amro Abd al fattah Amara


    Full Text Available ABSTRACT: A question addressed in this study is: why similar enzymes are classified into different subclasses? As an example, PhaC synthases are classified according to four different classes (I, II, III and IV. To answer this question we proposed that besides the catalytic residues, the overall amino acids (AAs present are responsible for the differences observed. The AAs’ composition affects the structure/function/substrate specificity (SFS of these enzymes. The differences between the classes in various PhaC synthases and proteases were analysed to support our argument. Homology and phylogenic tree of some selected PhaC synthases of different strains (representing the four classes were demonstrated. The properties of a specific class of enzyme could not be changed into those of another by changing the catalytic residues. Moreover, these differences could not be detected from the proteins’ 3D structures, despite clear differences at the AAs level. Another question was also addressed: could we benefit from the various existing protein databases in the field of biotechnology? To answer this, we introduced a model for an Experimental Design based on the information in the protein database (for strains available in our lab regarding their ability to degrade castor oil. Two enzymes in the phenol degradation pathway, phenol 2-monooxygenase and catechol 1,2-dioxygenase, and a lipase enzyme were analysed. These enzymes were screened and analysed according to the BLAST-protein database and BRENDA. The comprehensive enzyme information system compared six strains against each other, including: Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus pumilus, Bacillus thuringiensis, Bacillus licheniformis, and Geobacillus stearothermophilus. Only P. aeruginosa proved to have the three required enzymes and was suitable for the production of lipases from castor oil (crude castor oil is usually contaminated with phenol as indicated by the databases. In

  19. Physical Trauma Patients with Symptoms of an Acute and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Protocol for an Observational Prospective Cohort Study. (United States)

    Visser, Eva; Gosens, Taco; Den Oudsten, Brenda; De Vries, Jolanda


    underway. Data collection will be completed in November 2018. The first results will be expected in the first trimester of 2019. This is the first multi-method study in trauma patients that examines patients' experiences (qualitative design) as well as psychological disorders (observational prospective). This study will contribute to necessary information on psychological consequences after injury. Moreover, it provides knowledge about which patients to include in future psychological intervention research. Finally, awareness in clinicians about the psychological consequences can be created, so they are able to act more effectively to provide patient-oriented care. Netherlands Trial Registry NTR6258; (Archived by WebCite at ©Eva Visser, Taco Gosens, Brenda Den Oudsten, Jolanda De Vries. Originally published in JMIR Research Protocols (, 29.03.2018.

  20. Computer-Based Driving in Dementia Decision Tool With Mail Support: Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial. (United States)

    Rapoport, Mark J; Zucchero Sarracini, Carla; Kiss, Alex; Lee, Linda; Byszewski, Anna; Seitz, Dallas P; Vrkljan, Brenda; Molnar, Frank; Herrmann, Nathan; Tang-Wai, David F; Frank, Christopher; Henry, Blair; Pimlott, Nicholas; Masellis, Mario; Naglie, Gary


    between the intervention and the control groups (50% vs 49%; Z=-0.19, P=.85). Two variables predicted algorithm-based reporting-caregiver concern (odds ratio [OR]=5.8, 95% CI 2.5-13.6, P<.001) and abnormal clock drawing (OR 6.1, 95% CI 3.1-11.8, P<.001). On the basis of this quantitative analysis, in-office abnormal clock drawing and expressions of concern about driving from caregivers substantially influenced physicians to report patients with mild dementia or mild cognitive impairment to transportation administrators, but the DD-DT tool itself did not increase such reports among these expert physicians. NCT02036099; (Archived by WebCite at ©Mark J Rapoport, Carla Zucchero Sarracini, Alex Kiss, Linda Lee, Anna Byszewski, Dallas P Seitz, Brenda Vrkljan, Frank Molnar, Nathan Herrmann, David F Tang-Wai, Christopher Frank, Blair Henry, Nicholas Pimlott, Mario Masellis, Gary Naglie. Originally published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research (, 25.05.2018.

  1. A suggested emergency medicine boot camp curriculum for medical students based on the mapping of Core Entrustable Professional Activities to Emergency Medicine Level 1 milestones

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lamba S


    Full Text Available Sangeeta Lamba, Bryan Wilson, Brenda Natal, Roxanne Nagurka, Michael Anana, Harsh Sule Department of Emergency Medicine, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, Newark, NJ, USA Background: An increasing number of students rank Emergency Medicine (EM as a top specialty choice, requiring medical schools to provide adequate exposure to EM. The Core Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs for Entering Residency by the Association of American Medical Colleges combined with the Milestone Project for EM residency training has attempted to standardize the undergraduate and graduate medical education goals. However, it remains unclear as to how the EPAs correlate to the milestones, and who owns the process of ensuring that an entering EM resident has competency at a certain minimum level. Recent trends establishing specialty-specific boot camps prepare students for residency and address the variability of skills of students coming from different medical schools. Objective: Our project’s goal was therefore to perform a needs assessment to inform the design of an EM boot camp curriculum. Toward this goal, we 1 mapped the core EPAs for graduating medical students to the EM residency Level 1 milestones in order to identify the possible gaps/needs and 2 conducted a pilot procedure workshop that was designed to address some of the identified gaps/needs in procedural skills. Methods: In order to inform the curriculum of an EM boot camp, we used a systematic approach to 1 identify gaps between the EPAs and EM milestones (Level 1 and 2 determine what essential and supplemental competencies/skills an incoming EM resident should ideally possess. We then piloted a 1-day, three-station advanced ABCs procedure workshop based on the identified needs. A pre-workshop test and survey assessed knowledge, preparedness, confidence, and perceived competence. A post-workshop survey evaluated the program, and a posttest combined with psychomotor skills test using three

  2. Technology and Social Media Use Among Patients Enrolled in Outpatient Addiction Treatment Programs: Cross-Sectional Survey Study. (United States)

    Ashford, Robert D; Lynch, Kevin; Curtis, Brenda


    equal percentage reported being exposed to recovery information on social media. There was a significant difference in rates of reporting viewing recovery information on social media across the 3 age groups with Baby Boomers reporting higher rates than Millennials (Psocial media accounts to be monitored as a relapse prevention technique. To our knowledge, this is the first and largest study examining the online behavior and preferences regarding technology-based substance use disorder treatment interventions in a population of patients enrolled in community outpatient treatment programs. Patients were generally receptive to using relapse prevention apps and text messaging interventions and a substantial proportion supported social media surveillance tools. However, the design of technology-based interventions remains as many participants have monthly telephone plans which may limit continuity. ©Robert D Ashford, Kevin Lynch, Brenda Curtis. Originally published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research (, 06.03.2018.

  3. Cell therapeutics to treat diseases of the retina

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Natarajan S


    Full Text Available Background: The adult Bone Marrow Stem Cells (BMSCs have distinct advantages over the other types of stem cells. They are multipotent, can be stored for upto 10 years and considered to be one of the best sources of hematopoietic and mesenchymal stem cells in an adult body. Genetically inherited diseases such as Retinitis Pigmentosa and Degenerative diseases such as Age Related Macular Degeneration remain unsolved as no definitive treatment is available to repair the damages caused to the RPE and Photoreceptors as of now. In this scenario, the technique of Bone Marrow aspiration & isolation of Mono Nucleated Cells (MNCs & intra-vitreal injection of a very small volume of MNCs in human retinal disorders has been standardized and is safe and feasible for human studies (Mohanty et al and autotransplantation of RPEs from periphery to affected area are underpractice(Coffey et al. In this study we report our research work on different approaches to the above diseases using cell therapeuticsStudy 1 Materials & methods: Ciliary Pigment Epithelium was harvested from donor eyes from Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital, Mumbai and was taken to and grown at NCRM lab. The cells were grown in the earlier reported methodology of Brenda et al (Science 2004. Results: The CPE derived Retinal stem cells grew well in the lab. However, the practical difficulties of harvesting the same in patients limited our further steps in this study. Study II:? Materials & methods: Cadaver eye RPE cells were harvested and grown using polymer scaffolds after transporting them over 6 to 12 Hrs. The RPEs were grown on conventional methods and in polymer scaffolds and were subjected to RT-PCR. Results: Human RPEs were able to grow without amniotic membrane and the same was proven by RT-PCR. This would make it possible for the peripheral RPEs taken from patients to be stored and later expanded and used for replacing the diseased cells of the central portion of the retina in future, without having

  4. 86th Annual Georgia Public Health Association Meeting & Conference Report. (United States)

    Smith, Selina A; Abbott, Regina; Sims, Christy


    Ebola crisis, palliative care, and essentials of advocacy in action for public health. Concurrent workshops focused on Board of Health training, public health accreditation, capacity building, collaboration, patient-centered outcomes, synthetic cannabinoid use, the HIV care continuum, use of data for informed decision making, environmental threats, organizational development, epidemiology, policy, and regulation. Thirty-two (32) awards were presented, including Lawmaker of the Year Award to Governor Nathan and First Lady Sandra Deal for their active and engaged role in promoting public health in Georgia; and the Sellers-McCroan Award to Commissioner Brenda Fitzgerald, Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) State Health Officer, for her leadership of the Georgia Ebola Response Team and leadership of the newly formed department. The conference attracted 569 registrants primarily through pre-registration (n=561) with limited onsite registration (n=8). For this year's conference, there was a significant increase in attendance (36%) and exhibitors (33%) relative to 2014. Of registrants reporting GPHA section participation, representation included: academic (5%); administration (10%); boards of health (13%); career development (15%); emergency preparedness (2%); epidemiology (5%); health education and promotion (2%); information technology (2%); maternal and child health (3%); medical/dental (3%); nursing (10%); nutrition (<1%); and other/no record (15%). There was 100% participation in the conference from the state's 18 public health districts. The conference evaluation completed by a representative sample of registrants indicated areas of potential improvement as: starting sessions on time, using electronic and social media for the conference agenda/syllabus, and decreasing workshop sessions to 45 minutes. Most rated the conference as "good" or "excellent."

  5. Book Reviews

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Redactie KITLV


    . [Verhandelingen van het Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde 182.] -Willem G. Wolters, Benito J. Legarda Jr., After the galleons; Foreign trade, economic change and entrepreneurship in the nineteenth-century Philippines. Quezon City: Ateneo de Manila University Press, 1999, xiv + 401 pp. -Brenda Yeoh, Jürgen Rüland, The dynamics of metropolitan management in Southeast Asia. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 1996, 230 pp. -David Henley, Albert Schrauwers, Colonial 'reformation' in the highlands of Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, 1892-1995. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2000, xiv + 279 pp. -David Henley, Lorraine V. Aragon, Fields of the Lord; Animism, Christian minorities, and state development in Indonesia. Honolulu: University of Hawai'i Press, 2000, xii + 383 pp. -Jennifer W. Nourse, Jennifer W. Nourse, Conceiving spirits; Birth rituals and contested identities among Laujé of Indonesia. Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1999, xii + 308 pp.

  6. Backwards and Forwards: 50 years of the Education Group (United States)


    Daniel Boone model: you left the system armed with minimal `content' in your pack but would be well-armed and well-skilled to adapt yourself to the inevitable uncertainties of the future. Ken Dobson will not be around to check that his predictions for 2049 are correct, but for the record: 1. Physics will be simpler . 2. Maths will be more accessible . 3. Learning will be more individually targeted ... 4. ... but a lot more social , involving , local and friendly ... 5. ... a lot less mediaeval 6. and happens when the learner needs it . (Scope for another editorial here ... .) I should mention that in the lunch interval Brenda Jennison, past and long-serving chair of the Education group, paid tribute to the ideas and stimuli produced by such leading lights as Eric Rogers (Physics for the Inquiring Mind , Nuffield O-level, etc), Geoff Foxcroft (electronics), John Lewis (so many innovations and still going strong), as well as Paul Black and one of the day's speakers, Jon Ogborn. Some of Brenda's students were also prevailed upon to demonstrate some simple but intriguing bits of physics, whether they liked it or not. Ken Dobson Honorary Editor, Physics Education

  7. Book Reviews

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Redactie KITLV


    women writers of Africa and the Caribbean. Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 2000. ix + 156 pp. -Julian Gerstin, Brenda F. Berrian, Awakening spaces: French Caribbean popular songs, music, and culture. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2000. xvi + 287 pp. -Halbert Barton, Steven Loza, Tito Puente and the making of Latin music. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1999. xvi + 258 pp. -Mark Moberg, Anne Sutherland, The making of Belize: Globalization in the margins. Westport CT: Bergin & Garvey, 1998. x + 203 pp. -Daniel A. Segal, Kevin K. Birth, 'Any time is Trinidad time' : Social meanings and temporal consciousness. Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 1999. xiv + 190 pp. -Samuel Martínez, Michele Wucker, Why the cocks fight: Dominicans, Haitians, and the struggle for Hispaniola. New York: Hill and Wang, 1999. xxi + 281 pp. -Paul E. Brodwin, Terry Rey, Our lady of class struggle: The cult of the virgin Mary in Haiti. Trenton NJ: Africa World Press, 1999. x + 362 pp. -Robert Fatton, Jr., Elizabeth D. Gibbons, Sanctions in Haiti: Human rights and democracy under assault. Westport CT: Praeger, with the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington DC, 1999. xviii + 138 pp. -Robert Fatton, Jr., David M. Malone, Decision-making in the UN security council: The case of Haiti, 1990-1997. Oxford: Clarendon, 1998. xxi + 322 pp. -James Sanders, César J. Ayala, American sugar kingdom: The plantation economy of the Spanish Caribbean, 1898-1934. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1999. xii + 321 pp. -James Sanders, Alan Dye, Cuban sugar in the age of mass production: Technology and the economics of the sugar central, 1899-1929. Stanford CA: Stanford University Press, 1998. xiii + 343 pp. -Linden Lewis, Richard Hart, Towards decolonisation: Political, labour and economic developments in Jamaica 1938-1945. Kingston: Canoe Press, 1999. xxii + 329 pp. -John Smolenski, John W. Pulis, Moving on: Black loyalists in the Afro-Atlantic world. New

  8. People (United States)


    ASE: Attend, Socialize, Enjoy Bob Kibble reflects on the enriching effects of the annual meeting Bob Kibble is a teacher trainer at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. I remember my first ASE meeting in Reading. Perhaps in 1978 or thereabouts. I had been teaching for a few years and thought I'd check out this local convention of science teachers. It was indeed a revelation that so many people had so much to say about teaching science. There was talk about N and F levels and the 'I level grill'. Someone had ordered something called a BBC machine (later revealed to me as the latest in hi-tech teaching). I remember it well. But it was a lonely affair for a recent recruit. People seemed to know each other and there was much friendly exchanging. However, nobody knew me and I knew nobody else. The professional revelations were accompanied by a personal isolation. A strange set of memories indeed for a new recruit, unskilled and clumsy in the social arena. Bob practising for the ASE singalong session this year. This year I went to the ASE Centenary meeting in Guildford, my sixteenth ASE annual meeting. Things have changed since the early days. Thursday started with a formal Cathedral service in celebration of 100 years of the ASE. I sat next to a lady from Oxford and behind my good friend Dave from Croydon. Things snowballed from there. I went to a workshop on the water cycle and was brought face to face with my own misconceptions about the life story of a water molecule. Got a freebie coloured bracelet as well. Thanks Margaret. A chap from Bournemouth gave me loads of ideas about how best to set up a shared lesson observation scheme as well as how to run a professional development workshop. Thanks Stuart. At a third session I joined Brenda from Cambridge and we spent an enjoyable hour discovering ways to approach the teaching of light and in particular Ibn al Haytham's revelations courtesy of a chap from Kingston. That afternoon I was invited to present a talk to

  9. Obituary: Richard L. (Dick) Walker, Jr., 1938-2005 (United States)

    Pier, Jeffrey R.; Mason, Brian


    Koch Center for Science, Math, and Technology at Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts. He also consulted with James Turrell, providing astronomical position information for the design of the Roden Crater Project outside of Flagstaff. While he will be remembered for his significant scientific contributions to the field of astronomy, those who knew Dick, both scientists and non-scientists alike, will probably remember him best for his humility, his humanity, and his loyal and abiding friendship. He was a man with a terrific sense of humor and an infectious laugh. It was always an honor and pleasure to be in his company. Richard L. Walker, Jr. is survived by his wife, Patricia, two daughters from his first marriage: Brenda Walker of Las Vegas, NV, and Pamela Hepburn of Holland, OH, as well as four children from Patricia's first marriage: Doug Browning of Lake Havasu City, AZ, Michael Browning of Kingman, AZ, Kim Bructo of Orient, OH, and Jennifer Brown of Lake Havasu City, AZ. He is also survived by ten grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his father Richard, mother Mary, and daughter, Paula Jean Elizabeth Stone.

  10. Especially for High School Teachers (United States)

    Howell, J. Emory


    Ocean-Stating the Case for Chemistry, by Paul J. Scheuer, p 1075 * Distillation Apparatuses Using Household Items, by Danielle R. D. Campanizzi, Brenda Mason, Christine K. F. Hermann, p 1079 New Orleans Concurrent Workshops, High School Program 8:30 a.m.-9:20 a.m. A. A Teaching Resource for You: The Journal of Chemical Education, J. E. Howell, J. W. Moore, and A. M. Sarquis B. Electrical Conductivity, J. M. Manion and P. F. Krause, and The Properties of Gases, J.-M. Whitfield and K. A. Woodling C. Chemistry with Calculators for Beginners, P. Sconzo (3 hours) D. Spectrum of Activities for Chemistry Teachers, Carolina Biological Supply, S. Mitchell, F. Cherry, and L. Akin (3 hours) 9:30 a.m.-10:20 a.m. A. Applying Chemical Education Research to the Classroom, L. Akin and J. Valasek B. Another Look at the Deflection of Falling Liquids, H. H. Harris and J. Newstrum, and Encouraging Students to Investigate Acids and Bases Using Plant Indicators, P. K. Kerrigan C. Chemistry with Calculators (continued) D. Spectrum of Activities (continued) E. Science Education for Public Understanding (SEPUP) and Chemistry, Health, Environment, and Me, M. Koker and L. Akin (2 hours) 10:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m. A. Increasing Aptitude and Interest of High School Students through Summer Camp, C. E. Fulton, and Energy Teaching Introduction to High School Chemistry, L.-M. Trejo B. Chemistry in Science Museum Exhibits: Opportunities and Challenges and Cooking with Chemistry, D. Katz C. Chemistry with Calculators (continued) D. Spectrum of Activities (continued) E. SEPUP (continued) 12:00 noon-1:15 p.m., High School Luncheon Educating High School Teachers for the 21st Century, Glenn Crosby 1:30 p.m.-2:20 p.m. A. Customized Mastery Learning in First-Year Chemistry and Computer Software for Chemistry Teachers Who Require Mastery Learning of Their Students, J. Bedenbaugh and A. Bedenbaugh B. Can One Teach Chemistry with Everyday Substances? A. Sae, and SourceBook Activities Using Everyday Substances, C

  11. NEWS: Institute news (United States)


    Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Leeds. Physics at Work Exhibition: 12-14 September, University of Cambridge The year 2000 Exhibition will be the 16th organized by Brenda Jennison. The exhibition will be held at the Cavendish Laboratory and further details can be obtained from Brenda at the University (tel: 01223 332888, fax: 01223 332894 or e-mail: News on GNVQ science The Institute of Physics and the Royal Society of Chemistry are currently financing the compilation of a directory of resources to assist teachers in identifying and selecting suitable materials for teaching the new GNVQ science specifications. Work on the first part of the directory will soon be completed and it is hoped to publish the material in both print and electronic forms before the end of the summer term. This first part covers resources - all evaluated by practising GNVQ teachers - supporting the teaching of the compulsory units for Advanced GNVQ Science. A small team comprising a physics teacher, a chemistry teacher and a biology teacher, all involved with GNVQ programmes and led by Dr Ken Gadd, has carried out the work. They have established a network of teachers around the country to help with the evaluation of curriculum materials. The next part of the project will be to examine the feasibility of providing a similar listing for the optional units at this level. Future development, depending on the availability of funds, will extend the project to Intermediate level programmes in science, including the Part One, once its structure has been agreed at QCA. Further information about the Directory and the next phase of development will be available in the autumn. Activities Physics on Stage The future of science, technology and the ensuing wealth creation potential for Britain will depend on the quality of science education in schools today. Yet the numbers studying physics, which underpins science and engineering, are falling. This problem is currently

  12. Dergilerden Özetler

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Osman Eren Karpuzoğlu


    Full Text Available OKSİJEN-OZON TEDAVİSİ SIRASINDA BEKLENMEDİK BİR ÖLÜM An Unexpected Death During Oxygen-Ozone Therapy Marchetti D, La Monaca G. Am J Forensic Med Pathol. 2000, Jun 21(2: 144-7. Psoriasis için otohemotransfüzyon ile oksijen-ozon (02-03 tedavisi sırasında meydana gelen gaz embolisi nedeniyle oluşan beklenmedik bir ölüm sunulmuştur. Bu beklenmedik komplikasyon tıbbi ozon uygulamasının yararlan ve yan etkilerinin araştırılması gerekliliğini göstermektedir. İMZALI CİNAYETLER: 1984 CRANBROOK, İNGİLİZ KOLOMBİYASI OLGULARI RAPORU Signature Murders: a Report of the 1984 Cranbrook, British Columbia Cases Keppel RD. Journal of Forensic Sciences 2000, 45(2; 500-3- Cranbrook, İngiliz Kolombiyasinda 1984 yılındaki iki ayrı olayda Denean Worms ve Brenda Hughes adlarındaki iki kadın üç ay ara ile öldürüldü. T. W. Bur- lingham iki cinayetten suçlu bulundu ve temyize başvurdu. Kanada Yüksek Mahkemesi Worms davası için yeniden yargılanmasına karar verdi, ama Burling- ham’ın itirafı ya da cinayet silahını delil kabul etmedi. Yüksek Konsey aynı kişi tarafından işlenip işlenmediğinin belirlenmesi için iki cinayetin değerlendirilmesini istedi. Analiz sonucu, katilin kişisel "imzası" ile cinayetlerin birbirine bağlantılı olduğu açığa çıktı. Burada anlatılan cinayet olguları kurbanı kontrol altına alma amaçlı bir imza gösteriyorlardı. Katil kontrol ve ölüm yöntemi olarak, 410 pompalı tüfek kullandı. Her iki kurbanın kafasına iki el ateş ederek öldürüp, alçaltıcı bir cinsel pozisyonda bıraktı. Diğer bir imza özelliği ise seri cinsel saldırı kurbanlarında bırakacağı tipik yaraların bulunmamasıydı. Bütün bu özellikler, biraraya getirildiğinde bu katili tanımlayıcı özelliklerdi. NEKROTİZAN FASİİT: YALANCI VE GERÇEK SAT .PİRİT AR SONUCU MEYDANA GELEN ÖLÜMCÜL ÜÇ OLGU RAPORU Necrotizing Fasciitis: Reports of Three Fatal Cases Simulating and

  13. News & Announcements (United States)


    /TD/TDhome.html. This site also has links to JCE guidelines for prospective authors. Volunteers should contact Vitz by the medium of their preference: Ed Vitz, Editor, Tested Demonstrations, Journal of Chemical Education, Department of Chemistry, Kutztown University, Kutztown, PA 19530; phone: 610/683-4443; fax: 610/683-1352; email: Awards Announced ACS Regional Awards in High School Chemistry Teaching The American Chemical Society has announced winners of regional awards in high school chemistry teaching for 1999. Winners have demonstrated excellence in teaching, exceptional ability to challenge and inspire students, extracurricular work, and willingness to keep up to date in the field. The award consists of two certificates (one for the recipient, the other for display at the recipient's school) and a cash prize of 1,000. Thomas W. Adams, Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics & Humanities at Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana: Central Region Arthur J. Crumm, Barstow School, Kansas City, Missouri: Midwest Region Esther H. Freeman, Tabb High School, Yorktown, Virginia: Southeast Region Joan A. Laredo-Liddell, St. Barnabas High School, Bronx, New York: Middle Atlantic Region, 1998 David T. Lee, Mountain Lakes High School, Mountain Lakes, New Jersey: Middle Atlantic Region, 1999 Diane Coley McGann, Santa Ana High School, Santa Ana, California: Western Region William J. Pilotte, Newington High School, Newington, Connecticut: Northeast Region Judith C. Seydel, Idaho Falls High School, Idaho Falls, Idaho: Northwest Region Brenda A. Wolpa, Canyon Del Oro High School, Tucson, Arizona: Southwest/Rocky Mountain Region NSF Distinguished Public Service Award As a part of its celebration in 2000 of its half-century in existence, the National Science Foundation has announced the recipient of its Distinguished Public Service Award. Samuel P. Massie, U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland (Emeritus) 1999 Ford Foundation Fellowships The National Academies have announced the