Sample records for university professors involved

  1. The Reluctant Professor: Implications for University Management

    Schein, Edgar H.


    Stating the belief that most analyses of the university fail to deal realistically with the role of the professor, the author's purpose is to show why it is difficult and possible undesirable to involve professors deeply in issues of university government. (Author/JB)

  2. Turning university professors into competent learners

    Stefanova, Eliza; Ilieva, Miroslava; Nikolova, Nikolina; Stefanov, Krassen


    Stefanova, E., Ilieva, M., Nikolova, N, & Stefanov, K. (2008). Turning university professors into competent learners. In H. W. Sligte & R. Koper (Eds.), Proceedings of the 4th TENCompetence Open Workshop. Empowering Learners for Lifelong Competence Development: pedagogical, organisational and

  3. University Pedagogy for Assistant Professors at Aalborg University (Part 2)

    Kolmos, Anette; Krogh, Lone


    In issue 1-2003, Anette Kolmos and Lone Krogh reported on the two-semester study course " University Pedagogy for Assistant Professors at Aalborg University (DK)". Now, in part 2, they are adressing guidelines for supervison and advising of assistant professors in the university teacher education...

  4. University Pedagogy for Assistant Professors at Aalborg University (Part 1)

    Kolmos, Anette; Krogh, Lone


    The article describes a course for assistant professors within the University Teacher Education at Aalborg University. The course focus is to develop knowledge, skills and methods from within the didactic, pedagogical, and learning theory-based fields....

  5. University Curriculum Project--Professors Reflect on Impact.

    Babbitt, Beatrice C.

    This paper describes the reflections of the university professors in eight colleges at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, who were pioneers in integrating assistive technology and related content into their courses and who continue to provide leadership in curricular change. Professors from the colleges of fine and performing arts, business,…

  6. Mental Health Assessment in Professors' Training in Two Chilean Universities

    Ossa, Carlos J.; Quintana, Ingrid M.; Rodriguez, Felipe F.


    This study analyzed the evaluation of professors of pedagogy and directors programs, about the importance of mental health in vocational training, and factors that might influence this valuation. The methodology includes participation of 17 academicians (professors and belonging to the managerial staff) of two universities in southern Chile. A…

  7. Analysis of Job Satisfaction of University Professors from Nine Chinese Universities

    Du, Ping; Lai, Manhong; Lo, Leslie N. K.


    Research on work life and job satisfaction of university professors is becoming an important research issue in the field of higher education. This study used questionnaires administered to 1 770 teachers from different levels, types, and academic fields of Chinese universities to investigate job satisfaction among university professors and the…


    Hector Luiz Rodrigues Munaro


    Full Text Available Increasingly, university professors engage in academic tasks often stressful and sedentary behaviors, making the practice of physical activity and healthier eating habits. The aim of this study was to review the literature Brazilian studies on physical activity and eating habits of university professors .The search was conducted between March and May 2013, in electronic databases. For the delimitation of the study, was used as descriptors: Physical Activity, University Teachers and Eating Habits. At the end of the article selection process, remaining 06 studies that have been described and discussed in the text. And all of a descriptive nature, with small samples with some robust and consistent methodology. The selected studies, regardless of their qualities, point to the need of this population to engage in more physical activity and healthy eating habits programs


    Hector Luiz Rodrigues Munaro


    Full Text Available Increasingly, university professors engage in academic tasks often stressful and sedentary behaviors, making the practice of physical activity and healthier eating habits. The aim of this study was to review the literature Brazilian studies on physical activity and eating habits of university professors .The search was conducted between March and May 2013, in electronic databases. For the delimitation of the study, was used as descriptors: Physical Activity, University Teachers and Eating Habits. At the end of the article selection process, remaining 06 studies that have been described and discussed in the text. And all of a descriptive nature, with small samples with some robust and consistent methodology. The selected studies, regardless of their qualities, point to the need of this population to engage in more physical activity and healthy eating habits programs.

  10. The university professor: integration between the personal and professional dimension



    Full Text Available In the first part of this article, the authors explain how the teaching role is affected by certain social and cultural changes, like the knowledge society emergence, the universities orientation towards marketing, the constant demand and pressure exerted on teachers to publish, the loss of the ethical sense in the academic activity and the disparity of tasks that are being assigned to the university professors. In view of the above, a comprehensive model, compound by two concepts –personal and professional– of a university professor is proposed; in fact, this model incorporates and summarises different contributions regarding this theme. Finally, this article aims to defend the need to understand the teaching role as a vocation, in the broadest sense of the word, a vocation carries the inclination to pursue an aim: the education of those students that teachers have in charge.

  11. The University Professor View from the Communitarian Perspective

    Angela Del Valle López


    Full Text Available The task of the university professor is a mission and not simply a profession and that is why higher education should be impregnated with values. Nowadays education is articulated into three areas: the State, the Market and the Volunteering, but no one of these three sectors by themselves has covered the needs of all the citizens, there have always been losers, therefore the conjunction of the three sectors became necessary. Communitarianism promotes an ethical-social pact that favors the progress of society without nullifying the individual dimension. It believes that the university is the space where a communitarian consciousness should be promoted to generate a social capital by means of education and it is a privilege place to substantiate the moral identity of the person beginning with the commitment of the professor with the university student.

  12. Professor

    Hansen, Henrik


    DEBAT: Danske bistandskroner skal øge den interregionale handel i Afrika - det skaber vækst i Afrika og indirekte handel med danske virksomheder, mener Henrik Hansen, professor ved Økonomisk Institut på KU.......DEBAT: Danske bistandskroner skal øge den interregionale handel i Afrika - det skaber vækst i Afrika og indirekte handel med danske virksomheder, mener Henrik Hansen, professor ved Økonomisk Institut på KU....

  13. The Roles of a University Professor in a Teacher Study Group

    Yeh, Hui-Chin; Hung, Hsiu-Ting; Chen, Yi-Ping


    The opportunities in which university professors collaborate with the practicing school teachers in a teacher study group are few. This study investigated how a university professor facilitated a collaborative teacher study group to enhance teachers' professional growth. Five primary school teachers and a university professor collaborated on…

  14. Visit of Professor Shigehiko Hasumi. President of Tokyo University, Japan, Professor Kazuo Okamoto, Head of Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences, Professor Toshiteru Matsuura, Head of Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

    Patrice Loiez


    Visit of Professor Shigehiko Hasumi. President of Tokyo University, Japan, Professor Kazuo Okamoto, Head of Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences, Professor Toshiteru Matsuura, Head of Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

  15. University Student Expectations of Confidentiality When Disclosing Information to Their Professors

    Harris, Gregory E.; Dalton, Stephanie


    The purpose of this study was to explore university students' expectations of confidentiality when they make disclosures to their university professors. A secondary purpose was to consider if students have a higher expectation of confidentiality when talking with Psychology professors versus professors in other disciplines. Students were asked to…

  16. Transactional sex and sexual harassment between professors and students at an urban university in Benin.

    Eller, Amanda


    This paper adds to discussion of transactional sex relationships in Africa by examining the distinction between transactional sex and sexual harassment in the context of professor-student relationships and their inherent power dynamics. By exploring the ways in which female university students in urban Benin toe the line between empowered agent and victim, I show how the power differential between professor and student obstructs the professor's ability to objectively determine consent, and examine why, in spite of this differential, male professors are frequently perceived as the victims of these relationships. Ethnographic data were gathered through participant observation on a public university campus in Benin and in-depth interviews and focus groups with 34 students and 5 professors from that university. Findings suggest that the problem of sexual harassment on campus will be difficult to address so long as transactional sex relationships between professors and students are permitted to continue.

  17. professores

    Sandra Isabel Rodrigues Magalhães


    Full Text Available The development of classroom practices focused on scientific literacy as animportant outcome of schooling forces the re-thinking of science teacher’sformation. In this sense, this paper reports a study which involved theconception, development, implement and evaluation of an in-service program(IP focused on the Science — Technology — Society (STS education alongwith critical thinking (CT [STS/CT]. From the obtained results it was concludedthat the in-service program contributed for the teachers to (reconstructconceptions about Science, Technology and Society, to (reconstructknowledge related to the STS orientation and critical thinking and to promotetheir pre-disposition to implement STS/CTdidactic and pedagogic practices

  18. Maintenance of Clinical Expertise and Clinical Research by the Clinical Professors at Gifu Pharmaceutical University.

    Tachi, Tomoya; Noguchi, Yoshihiro; Teramachi, Hitomi


    The clinical professors at Gifu Pharmaceutical University (GPU) provide pharmaceutical services at GPU Pharmacy, Gifu University Hospital, and Gifu Municipal Hospital to keep their clinical skills up-to-date; they also perform clinical research in collaboration with many clinical institutes. The Laboratory of Clinical Pharmacy is part of the Department of Pharmacy Practice and Science, to which the clinical professors belong, and is composed of three clinical professors (a professor, an associate professor, and an assistant professor). The professor administers the GPU Pharmacy as its director, while the associate professor and assistant professor provide pharmaceutical services to patients at Gifu Municipal Hospital, and also provide practical training for students in the GPU Pharmacy. Collectively, they have performed research on such topics as medication education for students, clinical communication education, and analysis of clinical big data. They have also conducted research in collaboration with clinical institutes, hospitals, and pharmacies. Here, we introduce the collaborative research between the Laboratory of Clinical Pharmacy and Gifu Municipal Hospital. These studies include "Risk factors contributing to urinary protein expression resulting from bevacizumab combination chemotherapy", "Hyponatremia and hypokalemia as risk factors for falls", "Economic evaluation of adjustments of levofloxacin dosage by dispensing pharmacists for patients with renal dysfunction", and "Effect of patient education upon discharge for use of a medication notebook on purchasing over-the-counter drugs and health foods". In this symposium, we would like to demonstrate one model of the association and collaborative research between these clinical professors and clinical institutes.

  19. Strategies for Professors Who Service the University to Earn Tenure and Promotion

    Gentry, Ruben; Stokes, Dorothy


    Tenure and promotion are great aspirations for college professors. They are indicators of success in the professions. Universities stipulate in their official documents and numerous higher education publications specify what professors must achieve in order to earn tenure and promotion; which almost always cite effectiveness in teaching, research,…

  20. University Professors and Teaching Ethics: Conceptualizations and Expectations

    Dean, Kathy Lund; Beggs, Jeri Mullins


    After the spectacular ethical breaches in corporate America emerged, business school professors were singled out as having been negligent in teaching ethical standards. This exploratory study asked business school faculty about teaching ethics, including conceptualizations of ethics in a teaching context and opinions of the extent to which…

  1. Exploring the Relationship between Burnout and Critical Thinking Skills among Iranian University Professors Teaching TEFL

    Hossein Khodabakhshzadeh


    Full Text Available The profession as a teacher involves experiencing a number of challenges which naturally lead to emotional tiredness and lack of reward, technically known as burnout (Colomeischi, 2015. The goal of the present study was to investigate the relationship between burnout and critical thinking ability. To this end, a sample of 40 professors of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL filed at a number of universities in Iran was chosen. Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI was employed to assess the participants' burnout level, which is specifically evaluated by measuring three subscales of emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and personal achievement. In addition, the measures of the participants' critical thinking skills were obtained via Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal (WGCTA. The Pearson correlation coefficient analysis indicated that emotional exhaustion and depersonalization strongly and negatively correlated with critical thinking ability. However, a strong and positive relationship was found between personal achievement and critical thinking skills.

  2. From the "Ivory Tower" to the "University of the Poor": A Professor's Educational Journey

    Schoorman, Dilys


    Adopting a Freirean perspective, the purpose of this autoethnography is to reframe the typical relationship between university educators and communities in poverty by highlighting the educative impact of such a community on a university professor's academic, cross-cultural critical and civic learning. By reframing communities in poverty as sources…

  3. Sir John Macpherson, the first but sometimes overlooked Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Sydney.

    White, Richard T


    To chronicle the creation of the Chair of Psychiatry at the University of Sydney, and the career and legacy, in New South Wales, of the first incumbent, Professor Sir John Macpherson CB MD FRCPE. The creation of the Chair, Macpherson's appointment, and his contributions to psychiatry in Sydney during the 52 months of his tenure, are well documented in contemporaneous sources and demonstrate that he was a very worthy Foundation Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Sydney. There are several possible reasons why Macpherson has been overlooked, including an erroneous statement in The World History of Psychiatry (1975) that William Siegfried Dawson, his successor from 1927 to 1952, was the first Professor of Psychiatry. © The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists 2014.

  4. Noise perception in the workplace and auditory and extra-auditory symptoms referred by university professors.

    Servilha, Emilse Aparecida Merlin; Delatti, Marina de Almeida


    To investigate the correlation between noise in the work environment and auditory and extra-auditory symptoms referred by university professors. Eighty five professors answered a questionnaire about identification, functional status, and health. The relationship between occupational noise and auditory and extra-auditory symptoms was investigated. Statistical analysis considered the significance level of 5%. None of the professors indicated absence of noise. Responses were grouped in Always (A) (n=21) and Not Always (NA) (n=63). Significant sources of noise were both the yard and another class, which were classified as high intensity; poor acoustic and echo. There was no association between referred noise and health complaints, such as digestive, hormonal, osteoarticular, dental, circulatory, respiratory and emotional complaints. There was also no association between referred noise and hearing complaints, and the group A showed higher occurrence of responses regarding noise nuisance, hearing difficulty and dizziness/vertigo, tinnitus, and earache. There was association between referred noise and voice alterations, and the group NA presented higher percentage of cases with voice alterations than the group A. The university environment was considered noisy; however, there was no association with auditory and extra-auditory symptoms. The hearing complaints were more evident among professors in the group A. Professors' health is a multi-dimensional product and, therefore, noise cannot be considered the only aggravation factor.

  5. On the knowledge of students and professors at Eindhoven UNiversity of Technology

    Eikelder, ten H.M.M.; Meer, van der J.C.


    Using methods from statistical learning theory we compute the Vapnik-Chervonenkis dimension of full professors and students of the Eindhoven University of Technology. The results are surprising and disappointing. Furthermore, it is shown that during their study the students must have learned things

  6. Relationship between Balanced Scorecard and Professors' Job Characteristics at Ekiti State University, Nigeria

    Fatile, Mopelola


    The purpose of this quantitative, correlational study was to understand the relationship between a balanced scorecard, professors' job characteristics, and the leadership styles of higher education leaders at Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti State, Nigeria, which was the site of the study. The problem statement addressed whether or not a…

  7. Students are almost as effective as professors in university teaching

    Feld, Jan; Salamanca, Nicolas; Zölitz, Ulf


    Many universities around the world rely on student instructors—current bachelor’s and master’s degree students—for tutorial teaching, yet we know nothing about their effectiveness. In a setting with random assignment of instructors to students, we show that student instructors are almost as effective as senior instructors at improving their students’ short- and longer-run academic achievement and labor market outcomes. We find little heterogeneity across different course types, student charac...

  8. Challenges (Obstacles) in Reaching Leadership Positions – Experiences of Women Professors at Novi Sad University Serbia

    Andrić Marijana Mišić; Markov Slobodanka


    Underrepresentation of women in leadership positions in universities is a phenomenon present in most countries of the world, with some significant differences. In our work we focused on obstacles that women professors in Novi Sad University (Serbia) faced in reaching leadership positions. Analysis is based on qualitative research using a semi structured interview, statistical data and selected secondary sources. Obstacles, mentorship and networking have been researched from an idiographic per...

  9. Professional Ethics Training and the Graduate Professors in the National Autonomous University of Mexico

    Ana Hirsch Adler


    Full Text Available The purpose of the article is to present the results obtained with a sample of 704 professors of the forty graduate programs in UNAM, with the open question: Do you consider that a subject about professional ethics should be included for all students?, with which contents? This question is part of an instrument applied in 2006 and 2007. The majority expressed that it should exist a special subject about professional ethics. All the answers were codified in four categories. We introduced two other sources of information: the answers to the same question asked in 2004 to 11 professors from different universities in Spain, and three training proposals given by the professors interviewed.

  10. [Alfred Kohn, professor of histology at German University in Prague].

    Nanka, O; Grim, M


    Prof. Kohn (1867-1959) was the head of the Institute of Histology at the Medical Faculty of German University in Prague for 26 years. In 2007 we commemorated his 140th birthday, and 2009 we will remember the 50th anniversary of his death. He entered the history of medicine by discovery of nature and origin of parathyroid glands and by pioneer research into chromaffin cells and sympathetic paraganglia. Kohn's papers on the pituitary, interstitial cells of testes, and ovaries are also related to endocrinology. All his studies are based on descriptive and comparative histological and embryological observations. Kohn was twice the dean of German Medical Faculty, and a member or honorary member of many important scientific societies. He was repeatedly nominated for Nobel Prize for physiology and medicine. For his Jewish origin he was expelled from Deutsche Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften und Künste für die Tschechoslowakische Republik in 1939 and transported to Terezin ghetto in 1943. After the war he lived in Prague. On the occasion of his 90th birthday he was elected honorary president of Anatomische Gesellschaft and awarded by the Czechoslovak Order of Labour. Alfred Kohn died in 1959. He was one of the outstanding personalities that Prague gave to the world of science.

  11. Exercise lowers blood pressure in university professors during subsequent teaching and sleeping hours

    Ribeiro F


    Full Text Available Fabiana Ribeiro1, Carmen S Grubert Campbell1, Gisele Mendes1, Gisela Arsa1,3, Sérgio R Moreira2, Francisco M da Silva1, Jonato Prestes1, Rafael da Costa Sotero1, Herbert Gustavo Simões1 1Graduate Program on Physical Education and Health, Catholic University of Brasilia, Brasilia; 2Federal University of Vale do São Francisco, Petrolina, 3Graduate Program on Physical Education, Nine of July University, São Paulo SP, Brazil Background: University professors are subjected to psychological stress that contributes to blood pressure (BP reactivity and development of hypertension. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of exercise on BP in university professors during teaching and sleeping hours. Methods: Twelve normotensive professors (42.2 ± 10.8 years, 74.2 ± 11.2 kg, 172.8 ± 10.4 cm, 20.1% ± 6.7% body fat randomly underwent control (CONT and exercise (EX30 sessions before initiating their daily activities. EX30 consisted of 30 minutes of cycling at 80%–85% of heart rate reserve. Ambulatory BP was monitored for 24 hours following both sessions. Results: BP increased in comparison with pre-session resting values during teaching after CONT (P < 0.05 but not after EX30. Systolic, diastolic, and mean arterial BP showed a more pronounced nocturnal dip following EX30 (approximately -14.7, -12.7, and -9.6 mmHg, respectively when compared with CONT (approximately -6, -5 and -3 mmHg. Conclusion: Exercise induced a BP reduction in university professors, with the main effects being observed during subsequent teaching and sleeping hours. Keywords: post-exercise blood pressure, aerobic exercise, activities of daily living

  12. Nonfixed Retirement Age for University Professors: Modeling Its Effects on New Faculty Hires.

    Larson, Richard C; Diaz, Mauricio Gomez


    We model the set of tenure-track faculty members at a university as a queue, where "customers" in queue are faculty members in active careers. Arrivals to the queue are usually young, untenured assistant professors, and departures from the queue are primarily those who do not pass a promotion or tenure hurdle and those who retire. There are other less-often-used ways to enter and leave the queue. Our focus is on system effects of the elimination of mandatory retirement age. In particular, we are concerned with estimating the number of assistant professor slots that annually are no longer available because of the elimination of mandatory retirement. We start with steady-state assumptions that require use of Little's Law of Queueing, and we progress to a transient model using system dynamics. We apply these simple models using available data from our home university, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

  13. University involvement in sustainability initiatives

    Lehmann, Martin; Christensen, Per; Thrane, Mikkel


    With an outset in the case of Aalborg University, the linkages (actual, potential and missing) between academic work in research & education and sustainability initiatives are explored. The focus is both on the university's core activities as a provider of research and education and on the univer......With an outset in the case of Aalborg University, the linkages (actual, potential and missing) between academic work in research & education and sustainability initiatives are explored. The focus is both on the university's core activities as a provider of research and education...... and on the university's activities as an organisation, i.e. its own operation and its accounting for this. Sustainability is defined as a continuous process requiring balance between (the emergence of) problems and our ability and capability to solve them. Some core questions that this paper seeks to answer are: "How...... is Sustainable Development understood at executive level at the university? How (if at all) is sustainable development integrated in the core activities of the university? How is the university attached to ‘real life outside the ivory tower', e.g. through the establishing of Public-Private-Academic Partnerships...

  14. Persona Grata - Bernard Vanheusden, Contemporary Issues in International Law, an Interview with Associate Professor of Environmental Law, Hasselt University

    Gordeeva, Yelena M.


    An Interview with an Associate Professor of Environmental Law, Law Faculty, Hasselt University, PhD in Law Bernard Vanheusden environmental law; climate change; European Environmental Law Forum; procedural environmental rights

  15. Challenges (Obstacles in Reaching Leadership Positions – Experiences of Women Professors at Novi Sad University Serbia

    Andrić Marijana Mišić


    Full Text Available Underrepresentation of women in leadership positions in universities is a phenomenon present in most countries of the world, with some significant differences. In our work we focused on obstacles that women professors in Novi Sad University (Serbia faced in reaching leadership positions. Analysis is based on qualitative research using a semi structured interview, statistical data and selected secondary sources. Obstacles, mentorship and networking have been researched from an idiographic perspective (reflection and the personal experience of the women at Novi Sad University. Results indicate a significant underrepresentation of women in leadership positions at Novi Sad University. Findings point to a general pattern: the more power and authority the leadership position holds, the scarcer the number of women participating in it. According to interviewees’ statements the patriarchal value system makes the leadership positions difficult to attain for women. Interview analysis also suggests additional limiting factors, such as lack of mentorship and inadequate networking, acting as inhibitors in reaching leadership positions.

  16. Happy Birthday Professor Telegdi


    Professor Telegdi, pictured with Luciano Maiani and Alexander Skrinsky, receiving the medal of foreign member of the Russian Academy of Sciences in June 2000. Professor Valentine Telegdi celebrated his 80th birthday on Friday, 11th January. A brilliant American physicist of Hungarian origin, Professor Telegdi was a professor at the University of Chicago, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ) and the California Institute of Technology and took part in many CERN experiments, of which NA10 and L3 were the most recent. He served as Chairman of CERN's Scientific Policy Committee from 1981 to 1983. A member of numerous scientific academies, he shared the prestigious Wolf Prize with Maurice Goldhaber in 1991 in recognition of their separate seminal contributions to nuclear and particle physics, particularly those concerning weak interactions involving leptons.

  17. Expat University Professors' State of Psychological Well-Being and Academic Optimism towards University Task in UAE

    Luis Guanzon Rile Jr.


    Full Text Available This study explored the state of psychological well-being and academic optimism in relation to university tasks among one hundred sixty-nine (169 professors in selected UAE universities, utilizing mixed quantitative and qualitative research approaches. The quantitative aspect primarily employed descriptive correlation method which used quantifiable data through survey instruments on psychological well-being, academic optimism, and university tasks. The qualitative analysis was used through a focused group discussion among nineteen (19 key informants. Six (6 areas of psychological wellbeing: autonomy, environmental mastery, personal growth, positive relations, purpose in life, and selfacceptance were measured through the Ryff's Scales of Psychological Well-Being. Academic optimism scale measured three (3 subscales: efficacy, trust, and academic emphasis. University tasks were categorized into three (3 major areas: student centered work, professional development work, and community centered work. The moderator variables considered were age, gender, length of teaching experience, length of experience in the UAE, and area of specialization. The results showed that the participants tend towards high scores in the subscales of autonomy, self-acceptance, and purpose in life. The academic optimism scale showed prominent high scores in efficacy and trust. Among the university tasks, student-centered work was the most fulfilled. Using the focused-group discussion, most expat university professors lament on the lack of time, management support, and lack of funding to pursue professional development, particularly research and publication. The regression analysis showed that there is a significant correlation between psychological well-being and academic optimism. Both psychological well-being and academic optimism predicts fulfillment of university tasks.

  18. Professors and Teaching Staff of Tomsk University during the World War I

    Sergei A. Nekrylov


    Full Text Available The article deals with the participation of the teaching staff and professors of Tomsk Imperial University in the organizing of medical aid to the wounded in the World War I. Moreover, they actively took part in the fulfillment of the defense orders for the battlefront, producing of medical drugs and development of asphyxiant gases countermeasures. The paper reconstructs the history of Tomsk University contribution to the struggle against Germany during the First World War on the basis of the existing scientific literature, documental materials, including the ones introduced into the research use for the first time and the periodical media. The article is devoted to those, who are interested in the history of the World War I and in the history of higher education and science in Russia, as well.

  19. Materials about participation of the Novorossiysky university professors in the Odessa charity organizations work in the ONU Scientific Library funds

    I. С. Грєбцова


    Full Text Available The article is devotted to the analysis of active participation of the Novorossiysky university professors in the Odessa charity organizations work, which is lighted up on the base of archive funds and materials of the published sources kept in the Scientific Library of the Odessa National University.

  20. Anthropometric, cardiovascular and functional variables as indicators of health related physical fitness in university professors

    Osvaldo Costa Moreira

    Full Text Available AbstractObjective To verify the behavior of anthropometric, cardiovascular and functional variables as indicators of health-related physical fitness in university professors and perform a comparison of these variables between sexes.Materials and methods We conducted an observational epidemiological cross-sectional study in 145 professors (45.86 ± 9.7 years, 103 men (71.03%, which were evaluated by measuring heart rate (HR and systolic (SBP and diastolic (DBP pressure at rest, body weight, height, body mass index (BMI, body fat percentage (BF%, handgrip strength (HGS, flexibility and cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF. We proceeded to the descriptive analysis, Student t-test for comparison between sexes and multiple regression analysis to verify the association between the variables analyzed. It was adopted a significance level of p < 0.05.Results The sex affected all variables. Women had better levels of BMI, flexibility, SBP and DBP. The BF% and CRF were associated with SBP and BMI in both sexes.Conclusion The behavior of anthropometric, cardiovascular and functional variables indicated unsatisfactory values for flexibility, HGS and BMI, with the worst levels among men. Furthermore, the variables that showed better association with HRPF were BF% and CRF.

  1. Attitudes and beliefs of university science professors toward the discipline of education

    Fogelberg, Katherine

    Because professional development (PD) is about persuasion and influence, it makes sense to use an influence framework when trying to determine the reasons current university-level PD has been fairly ineffective in changing teacher practice to date. This research used the theory of reasoned action (TRA) to determine if university natural science professors' attitudes and beliefs toward the discipline of education (DE), a construct not recognized in the current literature, were positive or negative. The study also looked to discover some of the major influences on the participants' attitudes and beliefs toward DE. A method bricolage was used to analyze data from 10 participants in two separate phases in an attempt to establish a replicable Discourse Analysis methodology for analyzing attitudes and beliefs, and to investigate the major influences on the formation of these attitudes and beliefs. The findings indicate that in general the participants' had positive beliefs in and about DE with negative attitudes toward DE and that the majority of the participants' views of teaching were formed by a number of significant influences. However, the participants' attitudes and beliefs toward DE are complicated by several issues, the most prominent being that this cohort's ideas about DE are based upon their PD experiences, which were generally delivered by centers for teaching excellence (CTEs) or equivalent entities. This research needs to be extended to determine the generalizability of these findings, as well as to provide evidence-based research to support the re-thinking of how PD is delivered at the university level.

  2. Insertion and professional development of starting university professors: the need for spaces for pedagogical discussion

    Beatriz Maria Boessio Atrib Zanchet


    Full Text Available Current paper is the result of a research on twenty-eight starting university teachers in four universities in southern Brazil and seeks to understand their concern on pedagogical discussion spaces as a possible support for the development of their teaching practice. The research started from the point that starting teachers should insert themselves within higher education culture and find pedagogical support to develop their lectures. As a rule, they have recently obtained a doctoral degree, complying with the required academic title for their tenure, but with scanty or no pedagogical preparation. The subjects answered a semi-structured interview, with issues on the challenges, difficulties and possibilities of pedagogical support pointed out when they started their activities. The quantitative data form the corpus analyzed used in the analysis. The paper is based on studies by Garcia (1999, 2009b, Vaillant and Garcia (2012 and others. Results showed that pedagogical education and professional development of university professors, developed through pedagogical spaces, are essential for and welcomed by these teachers. An overall policy is required that valorizes the teaching tasks as fundamental for achieving teaching quality.


    Gustavo Piva GUAZZELLI


    Full Text Available The pursuit of happiness is a desire that everyone has in life. The behavioral economics can help to identify constraints to achieve the true happiness. This study made an attempt to identify some possible determinants to explain the happiness of university professors in higher education institutions in the city of Passo Fundo/RS. Data were collected through questionnaires and analyzed using multiple regression models in seven different groups, classified into happiness by sex; happiness by marital status; happiness by age; happiness and money; happiness, sports and health; happiness, friendship, love relationships and sex life; and happiness, creativity and organization. The results show that money is not one of the major constraints to achieve happiness in this analysis group, that love relationships significantly increase the happiness of this study group, once sexual relationships don’t represent happiness increasing. It was also found that emotional / mental health of the participants has significance to turn them happier as creative tasks and planning actions to the future to reach the dreams and goals demonstrate to increase the happiness of this sample of university teachers.

  4. Professor Svein Stølen, Rector of the University of Oslo, Norway



    Professor Svein Stølen, Rector of the University of Oslo, Norway, signing the CERN guestbook in the presence of Martin Steinacher, Director for Finance and Human Resources. The other members of the visiting Norwegian delegations were Prof. Per Morten Sandset (Vice Rector, UiO), Prof. Margareth Hagen (Vice rector, University of Bergen (UiB)), Prof. Morten Dæhlen (Dean, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, UiO), Prof. Helge K. Dahle (Dean, Department of Physics, UiB), Prof. Jøran I. Moen (Head, Department of Physics, UiO), Prof. Øyvind Frette (Head Department of Physics and Technology, UiB), Prof. Alexander L. Read (Chairperson, Norwegian CERN project leaders committee), Prof. Eivind Osnes (Norwegian CERN delegate), Dr Bjørg Mikalsen (Adviser, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, UiO), Dr Liv Furuberg (Norwegian CERN delegate; Special Adviser, Research Council of Norway) and Dr Hanne Hvatum (Senior Advisor, Ministry of Education and Research, Norway).

  5. [The scientific conference: Konstanty Janicki (1876-1932): Professor of Warsaw University, eminent zoologist and protistologist, creator of the Polish parasitological school].

    Moskwa, Bozena; Siński, Edward; Kazubski, Stanisław L


    The conference was organized for celebrating the memory of professor Konstanty Janicki, one of the most important Polish zoologist, protistologist and parasitologist. Professors Joanna Pijanowska, Edward Siński and Maria Doligalska were the hosts of the meeting at the Warsaw University. Four lectures were given during the conference. Professor Leszek Kuźnicki presented professor Janicki's life and followers who continued his research. Professor Stanisław Kazubski reminded the main topics of the parasitological studies conducted by professor Janicki. That lecture was illustrated by coloured diagrams taken from original papers published by Janicki. In the next lecture, professor Teresa Pojmańska reminded "the theory of the cercomer". She viewed some polemics and discussions made by the opponents of the theory. Professor Alicja Guttowa presented a paper on the history of the exploration of the D. latum life cycle and the main scientific researches carried out on each life stages of the broad tapeworm. Afterwards the lectures, professor Kazubski showed several pictures taken inside and outside of the Main School of the Warsaw University at the time when professor Janicki had been working there. The professor's students were also seen in these pictures. Next, associate professor Bozena Moskwa, the President of the Polish Parasitological Society presented the Konstanty Janicki Medal, awarded for outstanding activities for the benefit of parasitology. Up to data, 17 scientists and one school: the Warsaw Uniwersity was honored with this Medal. After the conference, participants visited the Powazki Cementary, where the renovated sepulchral monument of professor Konstanty Janicki was uncovered.

  6. Moscow University professor M. S. Korelin and student movement at the Moscow University in the late 19 th century (according to the diary



    Full Text Available The article examines the attitude of the Moscow University Professor M. S. Korelin to the student movement. Analysis of the views of Korelin is made on the basis of nonpublished diary of Professor, which preserved in the Central State archive of Moscow. Actually Korelin considers the student activity during the period (1889—1896 of the particularly interesting from the point of view of the formation of the student movement in Russia. The author comes to the conclusion that Korelin held an active position in relations with youth, sought to get closer acquainted with the students, to find a contact with them, and common interests, to understand their environment. Using the trust part of the students he could learn more about the life and the essence of illegal student corporations. sympathizing with noble motives students fight against immorality — Korelin rejected terroristic methods of struggle. However, he believed that the unifying factor for professors and students can only be established in the scientific activity. Korelin points out that the cause of the student movement was the University Law of 1884 which made the administration of the University powerless against the student movements. The analysis of the views of Korelin allows to expand the idea of relationship between professors and students of that time, provides new information on the history of the student movement in Russia and about the history of the faculty-student relationships in the end of XIX century.

  7. Collaborative group and teacher formation: (transformation dialogues with a fledging university professor - doi: 10.4025/actascieduc.v35i2.20307

    Maria Aparecida de Souza Perrelli


    Full Text Available Discussions on university teaching, teaching initiation and the necessary teacher support during the initial phase of their career are provided. The above mentioned discussions foregrounded a study by a research-formation collaborative Group. Sharing participants in the Group were involved in reflections on their professional practice to (transform themselves in the process. The text focused on a Group member, a fledging female professional in university teaching, and the support provided by co-trainers during this difficult phase in her career. Support comprised the provision of conditions for dialogues with the teacher, prompting her to understand the reasons that underlay their practice. Different strategies were used, esp the ‘formation letters’. The above contributed towards the production of an autobiographical narrative in which the professor reflected on her formation process as a professor. The reflective narratives on the teacher’s life, produced within the Group’s mediation and shared with its members, constituted important formation themes not merely for the teacher but also for those who interacted with her in the collaborative Group.

  8. CALL FOR PAPERS: Special cluster in Biomedical Optics: honouring Professor Valery Tuchin, Saratov University

    Wang, Ruikang K.; Priezzhev, Alexander; Fantini, Sergio


    To honour Professor Valery Tuchin, one of the pioneers in biomedical optics, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics invites manuscript submissions on topics in biomedical optics, for publication in a Special section in May 2005. Papers may cover a variety of topics related to photon propagation in turbid media, spectroscopy and imaging. This Special cluster will reflect the diversity, breadth and impact of Professor Tuchin's contributions to the field of biomedical optics over the course of his distinguished career. Biomedical optics is a recently emerged discipline providing a broad variety of optical techniques and instruments for diagnostic, therapeutic and basic science applications. Together with contributions from other pioneers in the field, Professor Tuchin's work on fundamental and experimental aspects in tissue optics contributed enormously to the formation of this exciting field. Although general submissions in biomedical optics are invited, the Special cluster Editors especially encourage submissions in areas that are explicitly or implicitly influenced by Professor Tuchin's contributions to the field of biomedical optics. Manuscripts submitted to this Special cluster of Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics will be refereed according to the normal criteria and procedures of the journal, in accordance with the following schedule: Deadline for receipt of contributed papers: 31 November 2004 Deadline for acceptance and completion of refereeing process: 28 February 2005 Publication of special issue: May 2005 Please submit your manuscript electronically to or via the Web site at Otherwise, please send a copy of your typescript, a set of original figures and a cover letter to: The Publishing Administrator, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, Institute of Physics Publishing, Dirac House, Temple Back, Bristol BS1 6BE, United Kingdom. Further information on how to submit may be obtained upon request by e-mailing the

  9. John Howard Marsden (1803–1891 First Disney Professor of Archaeology at the University of Cambridge 1851–1865

    Michael Leach


    Full Text Available Although there were ten chairs of archaeology at universities in Germany, and one in France, by the mid-nineteenth century, in Great Britain it was the amateur societies and museums (the British Museum in particular that encouraged the study of this subject. In 1851 John Disney established the first university chair in Great Britain at Cambridge University. His proposal was initially received with considerable caution by the governing body of the university, and was only accepted by the narrowest margin of eight votes to seven. His agreement with the University of Cambridge stipulated that six lectures a year should be given on the subject of ‘Classical, Medieval, and other Antiquities, the Fine Arts and all matters and things connected therewith’ (Clark 1904, 222–225. However university archaeology was slow to establish its academic credibility nationally, and it was more than thirty years before Oxford University established its chair of classical archaeology. The Cambridge Board of Anthropological Studies, which included instruction in prehistoric archaeology, was not created until 1915, and as late as 1945 there were still only a few university lecturers in archaeology in Great Britain. It was not until 1946 that Oxford University appointed a Professor of Prehistoric Archaeology (Wilson 2002, 153; Daniel 1976, 6–12; Smith 2004, 4–5, 53–54.

  10. Health Guidance for Elementary School Students by University Professors : Educating Children about Medicine-Taking and Evaluating Their Understanding

    谷川, 尚己; 守谷, まさ子; 金森, 雅夫; 松田, 保; 深津, 達也


     We carried out a lesson on medicine-taking to the sixth-graders in the elementary school by a university professor. Before and after the lesson, we asked true or false questions (which comprised of the following 7 items: ① Medicine is used to cure illness or injury. ② Medicine is something taken orally. ③ When taking medicine, certain rules are to be followed. ④ Medicine can be taken with juice. ⑤ When the colour of the medicine is the same, its effects are the same. ⑥ When I have a cold, I ...

  11. A formação do professor para o ensino superior: prática docente com alunos com deficiência visual The professor educational background for the university academic practice towards visually impaired students

    Michele Xavier dos Reis


    Full Text Available Apesar de existirem políticas que garantem aos alunos com necessidades educacionais especiais o acesso ao ensino regular, inúmeras barreiras são encontradas para que esse processo se efetive, sendo uma delas a formação do professor. A presente pesquisa teve como objetivo analisar a formação de professores universitários formados em Ciências Biológicas/licenciatura para o atendimento de pessoas com deficiência visual no sistema universitário. Buscando entender a formação docente como fenômeno singular e diverso, a metodologia adotada foi qualitativa, sendo selecionados cinco professores que atuavam no curso de Ciências Biológicas/licenciatura de uma universidade pública localizada no sul de Minas Gerais. Foram realizadas entrevistas semiestruturadas com os sujeitos de pesquisa, buscando averiguar a formação e a experiência docente dos sujeitos com alunos com deficiência visual. Os resultados evidenciaram que ainda são grandes as dificuldades encontradas no processo de inclusão, tanto devido a lacunas na formação docente quanto devido à postura adotada pelo professor em sala de aula.In spite of the existence of countless policies assuring impaired students access to the regular educational process, barriers are found preventing the consolidation of the mentioned process. The professor educational background is pointed out as an expressive cause to the failure of the student in the educational process. So far, the objective of the present research was to analyze the professor educational background concerning visually impaired people within the university system. The present theme is relevant considering that few studies have been dedicated to the inclusion process at advanced education. In order to understand the teaching process as a unique and diverse phenomenon, the methodology applied was qualitative and five professors, teaching Biological Sciences - graduated from a public university in the southern of Minas Gerais

  12. Peer Involvement in University Students' Education

    Zlatka Cugmas


    Full Text Available We investigated the correlations between peer involvement in students’ education and their self-perception, attachment style, relationships with peers, personality and well-being. We used the Inventory of parent and peer attachment (Armsden & Greenberg, 1987, Relationship questionnaire (Bartholomew & Horowitz, 1991, Questionnaire of the subjects’ self-perceptions (Cugmas, 2012 and The big five questionnaire (BFQ; Caprara et al, 2002. We developed the questionnaires of peer involvement and subjects’ well-being. Positive relationships with peers, secure attachment style, positive self-perceptions, some personal characteristics and well-being were positively associated with peer support, and negatively with peer pressure.

  13. An Interview with Aaron Barlow, editor of Academe, the magazine of the American Association of University Professors

    Sean Scanlan


    Full Text Available Aaron Barlow shares his views with Sean Scanlan on the problems of traditional peer review. Barlow is Faculty Editor of Academe, the magazine of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP. According to Barlow, his own views on business-as-usual peer review and academic publishing are becoming more radical the more he studies its issues. His key concepts are openness and change. Fear has the potential to hold back young scholars, but, according to Barlow, the winds have changed so much that people performing tenure review would have to strongly argue against a candidate who breaks new ground in open publishing. Barlow is hopeful about the future and encourages scholars to seek newer publishing formats

  14. Systematization of experiences in the professor formation to integrate the university and the family to the professional formation.

    Geycell Emma Guevara Fernández


    Full Text Available The current work presents a systematization of experiences carried out at the University José Martí Pérez of Sancti Spíritus as a modality of participative action research which permitted, from the articulation of theory and practice, to organize the knowledge about family-university relationship and its influence in the professional formation. As a starting point, different diagnostic techniques were applied such as: document analysis, participating observation, auto assessing scales, discussion groups, interviews, survey and the methodological triangulation data which led to the determination of shortages and potentialities that the staff had as to formation to face it. By means of a shared process, the implied actors agreed the execution of actions which supplied the formative needs and led to grow up gradually towards the improvement of a continuing formation for the educative orientation carried out in higher education and where the development social situation of the young university professor demands as a fundamental category.

  15. Validation of measures for assessing management and evaluation skills in university professors

    Domínguez Guedea, Miriam; Laros, Jacobo; Domínguez Guedea, Rosario–Leticia


    We present the results of a validation process two scales to measure skills of teachers teaching in a public university in Mexico. The elements to consider in this project were checking to test the construct validity and reliability of the method of collection, as well as contributing to the technical dimension of the evaluation of teachers.

  16. Improving Teacher Education for Disadvantaged Youth: What University Professors Can Learn from Classroom Teachers. Conference Proceedings, May 15-17, 1966. Project Beacon.

    Koenigsberg, Shelly P., Ed.

    These conference proceedings report the discussions of classroom teachers and university professors relating to the problems of teaching disadvantaged students. Topics treated were the inadequacies of teacher training, need for self-analysis during training, teaching of reading, grouping students for instruction, and the relation of the schools to…

  17. Collective Bargaining Agreement 1985-1987 between Regis College and the Regis College Chapter of the American Association of University Professors.

    Regis Coll., Denver, CO.

    The collective bargaining agreement between Regis College and the Regis College Chapter (50 members) of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) covering the period August 1985-August 1987 is presented. Items covered in the agreement include: definitions and AAUP recognition; faculty-administration relationships; stipends for…

  18. Professor Sir Fred Hoyle astronomer who propounded the 'steady state' theory of the universe and defended it energetically in defiance of orthodox cosmology

    Ward, M


    Professor Hoyle was internationally acclaimed for his original work on stars, galaxies, gravity and the origin of atoms. He will always be associated with the 'steady state' theory of the universe, which he first proposed in 1948. Born on June 24 1915 he died on August 20th 2001, aged 86 (2 pages).

  19. A Survey of University Professors Teaching Speech Sound Disorders: Nonspeech Oral Motor Exercises and Other Topics

    Watson, Maggie M.; Lof, Gregory L.


    Purpose: The purpose of this article was to obtain and organize information from instructors who teach course work on the subject of children's speech sound disorders (SSD) regarding their use of teaching resources, involvement in students' clinical practica, and intervention approaches presented to students. Instructors also reported if they…

  20. Evaluation of symptoms of stress in university professors: quality of life in teaching

    Helena de Ornellas Sivieri Pereira


    Full Text Available The aim of this study was to evaluate the presence of stress symptoms in a sample of teachers from a private university in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. 147 teachers of different graduate courses in the areas of Humanities, Health, Education, Technology and Veterinary participated voluntarily of this study. The Stress Symptoms Inventory for Adults Lipp (SSI was applied individually. The results indicated that 55.1% of teachers did not show symptoms of stress. Of the remainder (44.9%, stress is presented in moderate degree, with most in the resistance stage. The psychological symptoms appeared in greater percentage than the physical and in some cases associated with the physical. It is suggested further investigation to identify the stressors in teaching in higher education, with the prospect of developing programs for the alleviation of symptoms and thus promoting a better quality of life.

  1. Reflexiones sobre los Tribunales de las Oposiciones Universitarias Thoughs on Competitive Examination for University Professors

    Guillermo Vazquez Mata


    Full Text Available La medicina presenta cambios clínicos, terapéuticos, y tecnológicos, coincidiendo con variaciones demográficas culturales y epidemiológicas. Este conjunto de factores y la rapidez con la que se suceden las innovaciones en todos los campos, obliga a replantearse la formación de los médicos, no sólo durante su periodo inicial universitario, sino también a lo largo de toda su vida profesional. Los tribunales de selección de los profesionales que llevarán el peso de la formación universitaria, deben de atender a todas estas dimensiones para asegurar que los futuros profesores transmitan estos valores a los estudiantes. A su vez, los candidatos deben de conocer aquellos puntos sobre los que construir su currículum.Medicine is undergoing clinical, therapeutic and technological changes, and this is coinciding with demographic, cultural and epidemiological variations. These factors, and the speed with which innovations occur in all fields, requires a rethink of doctors' training, not only during their initial university studies but also throughout their professional life. Those responsible for appointing medical school lecturers must take into account all these aspects in order to ensure that the teaching staff of the future will transmit these values to students. In turn, candidates must be aware of the key aspects around which they should develop their curriculum.

  2. Does Gender of Administrator Matter? National Study Explores U.S. University Administrators' Attitudes About Retaining Women Professors in STEM

    Wendy M. Williams


    Full Text Available Omnipresent calls for more women in university administration presume women will prioritize using resources and power to increase female representation, especially in STEM fields where women are most underrepresented. However, empirical evidence is lacking for systematic differences in female vs. male administrators' attitudes. Do female administrators agree on which strategies are best, and do men see things differently? We explored United States college and university administrators' opinions regarding strategies, policies, and structural changes in their organizations designed to increase women professors' representation and retention in STEM fields. A comprehensive review of past research yielded a database of potentially-effective, recommended policies. A survey based on these policies was sent to provosts, deans, associate deans, and department chairs of STEM fields at 96 public and private research universities across the U.S. These administrators were asked to rate the quality and feasibility of each strategy; 474 provided data, of which 334 contained complete numerical data used in the analyses. Our data revealed that female (vs. male administrators believed the 44 strategies were higher in quality overall—but not higher in feasibility—with 9 strategies perceived differently by women and men, after imposing conservative statistical controls. There was broad general agreement on the relative-quality rankings of the 44 strategies. Women (vs. men gave higher quality ratings to increasing the value of teaching, service, and administrative experience in tenure/promotion decisions, increasing flexibility of federal-grant funding to accommodate mothers, conducting gender-equity research, and supporting shared tenure lines enabling work-life balance. Women (vs. men believed it was more feasible for men to stop the tenure clock for 1 year for childrearing and for universities to support requests for shared tenure lines, but less feasible for

  3. Does Gender of Administrator Matter? National Study Explores U.S. University Administrators' Attitudes About Retaining Women Professors in STEM.

    Williams, Wendy M; Mahajan, Agrima; Thoemmes, Felix; Barnett, Susan M; Vermeylen, Francoise; Cash, Brian M; Ceci, Stephen J


    Omnipresent calls for more women in university administration presume women will prioritize using resources and power to increase female representation, especially in STEM fields where women are most underrepresented. However, empirical evidence is lacking for systematic differences in female vs. male administratorsŠ attitudes. Do female administrators agree on which strategies are best, and do men see things differently? We explored United States college and university administratorsŠ opinions regarding strategies, policies, and structural changes in their organizations designed to increase women professorsŠ representation and retention in STEM fields. A comprehensive review of past research yielded a database of potentially-effective, recommended policies. A survey based on these policies was sent to provosts, deans, associate deans, and department chairs of STEM fields at 96 public and private research universities across the U.S. These administrators were asked to rate the quality and feasibility of each strategy; 474 provided data, of which 334 contained complete numerical data used in the analyses. Our data revealed that female (vs. male) administrators believed the 44 strategies were higher in quality overall-but not higher in feasibility -with 9 strategies perceived differently by women and men, after imposing conservative statistical controls. There was broad general agreement on the relative-quality rankings of the 44 strategies. Women (vs. men) gave higher quality ratings to increasing the value of teaching, service, and administrative experience in tenure/promotion decisions, increasing flexibility of federal-grant funding to accommodate mothers, conducting gender-equity research, and supporting shared tenure lines enabling work-life balance. Women (vs. men) believed it was more feasible for men to stop the tenure clock for 1 year for childrearing and for universities to support requests for shared tenure lines, but less feasible for women to

  4. In memory of professor Czesław Niżankowski, Head of the Department of Anatomy, Wroclaw Medical University.

    Kacała, Ryszard R; Wronecki, Krzysztof; Kacała, Arkadiusz; Domagała, Zygmunt; Porwolik, Michał


    Professor Czesław Niżankowski was an academic teacher and researcher at several universities; head of the Department of Anatomy at Wroclaw Medical University (1966-1982); and head of the Department of Biological Sciences at the Wrocław School of Physical Education (since 1972 University School of Physical Education in Wrocław), as well as the chancellor there. He contributed greatly to the development of morphological sciences, supervising many doctoral and post-doctoral works. He dedicated considerable time to the preparation of anatomical specimens of lungs, hearts and organs of the gastrointestinal tract. At the Museum of Anatomy, there are over 100 specimens of lungs prepared using the forced air technique improved by Professor Niżankowski, along with specimens of the bronchial tree and vascular system prepared using a corrosive technique. Professor Niżankowski was an active member of scientific societies in Wrocław and in other cities in Poland. For his accomplishments, he received a number of ministerial and state awards, including the Knight's Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta, and was granted an honorary doctorate by Wroclaw Medical University.

  5. An archival study on the nuclear fusion research in Japan later half of 1980's. An interview with SEKIGUCHI Tadashi, Professor Emeritus at the University of Tokyo

    Nisio, Sigeko; Uematsu, Eisui; Obayashi, Haruo


    An interview record with SEKIGUCHI Tadashi, Professor Emeritus at The University of Tokyo, on the nuclear fusion researches in Japan later half of 1980's is given. The major topics concerned are: activities of Science Council of Japan, the establishment of the Japan Society of Plasma Science and Nuclear Fusion Research, the history of establishing National Institute for Fusion Science, and effects of Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, and others. (author)

  6. Globalisation, Universities and Professors.

    Forest, James J. F.

    Globalization has an increasingly profound impact on a broad range of human activities in political, economic, and cultural areas. From the perspective of higher education, globalization raises a number of challenges and concerns, particularly in preparing students the future leaders of commerce and politics to adequately address the demands of an…

  7. Perfeccionamiento del trabajo educativo del profesor guía en la universidad médica Improving educational work of tutoring professors at the medical university

    Sonia Socarrás Sánchez


    Full Text Available Existe una insuficiente preparación teórico-metodológica de los profesores guías para el desempeño de su trabajo educativo, por lo que se requiere perfeccionar su labor. En este artículo se aborda la sistematización de los aspectos teóricos relacionados con el trabajo educativo en la universidad cubana, específicamente la médica. Se incorporan nuevas categorías: concepto de profesor guía y tarjetero metodológico. Se redefinen los conceptos de trabajo educativo y proyecto educativo del colectivo estudiantil. Se establecen, además, las exigencias metodológicas para la dirección por parte de los profesores guías de la labor educativa.There is an inadequate theoretical-methodological preparation of tutoring professors to carry out educational work. This paper deals with the systematization of theoretical aspects related to educational work at the Cuban university, specifically medical universities. New categories are incorporated: concept of tutoring professor and methodological card index. Other concepts are re-defined: educational work and class´s educational project. In addition, the methodological requirements to direct tutoring professors´ educational work are established.

  8. The progress of Chinese burn medicine from the Third Military Medical University-in memory of its pioneer, Professor Li Ao.

    Li, Haisheng; Zhou, Junyi; Peng, Yizhi; Zhang, Jiaping; Peng, Xi; Luo, Qizhi; Yuan, Zhiqiang; Yan, Hong; Peng, Daizhi; He, Weifeng; Wang, Fengjun; Liang, Guangping; Huang, Yuesheng; Wu, Jun; Luo, Gaoxing


    Professor Li Ao was one of the founders of Chinese burn medicine and one of the most renowned doctors and researchers of burns in China. He established one of the Chinese earliest special departments for burns at Third Military Medical University (TMMU) in 1958. To memorialize Professor Li Ao on his 100th birthday in 2017 and introduce our extensive experience, it is our honor to briefly review the development and achievement of the Chinese burn medicine from TMMU. The epidemiology and outcomes of admitted burn patients since 1958 were reviewed. Furthermore, main achievements of basic and clinical research for the past roughly 60 years were presented. These achievements mainly included the Chinese Rule of Nine, fluid resuscitation protocol, experience in inhalation injury, wound treatment strategies, prevention and treatment of burn infections, nutrition therapy, organ support therapies, and rehabilitation. The progress shaped and enriched modern Chinese burn medicine and promoted the development of world burn medicine.

  9. Personal involvement as a special style of Department of Psychology, Lomonosov Moscow State University

    Takhir Yu. Bazarov


    Full Text Available The author, being a former student of the Department of Psychology, Lomonosov Moscow State University, and now is teacher, professor, remembers those who created and maintained such traditions of the Department as depth of knowledge and coherence of ideas, methodological clarity and dialogue, holistic view of the issue and using problem solving in teaching, and also the joint work of professors and students in the way of perceiving the truth. According to the author the 50th anniversary of the Department of Psychology is an occasion to both recall the path members of the Department went over the years, including several epochs, and to outline the prospects for further development. Considerable attention is paid to the personality of G.M. Andreeva, who is a gifted teacher, a brilliant scholar, and one of the founders of social psychology in the Russia. Particular attention is drawn to Galina Andreeva collecting the brightest staff of the Chair of Social Psychology, whose key feature was involvement in both the scientific and also collective life of the Department, which contributed to the development of the new important branch of psychology. The author also singles out the figure of the wonderful teacher L.A. Petrovskaya who encouraged the students to cherish their individuality as she believed it to be the main tool of the professional psychologist. With much gratitude the author recalls tips for organizing the teaching process received from A.U. Kharash. The paper characterizes the current state and the importance of the Department, and outlines the prospects for further development. In particular, the author speaks of the need for developing student personal involvement in professional activities, and also of creating favourable conditions at the Deaprtment for a student successful transition from training to real life.

  10. 7 March 2013 -Stanford University Professor N. McKeown FREng, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and B. Leslie, Creative Labs visiting CERN Control Centre and the LHC tunnel with Director for Accelerators and Technology S. Myers.

    Anna Pantelia


    7 March 2013 -Stanford University Professor N. McKeown FREng, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and B. Leslie, Creative Labs visiting CERN Control Centre and the LHC tunnel with Director for Accelerators and Technology S. Myers.

  11. Professor Kalkman retires

    Baas, Pieter


    On 13 December 1990 Prof. Dr. Cornelis (Kees) Kalkman retired from the positions of Professor of Plant Systematics and Scientific Director of the Rijksherbarium/ Hortus Botanicus by presenting his valedictory lecture to the academic community of Leiden University and the assembled Dutch Botanical

  12. Associação entre risco cardiovascular e hipertensão arterial em professores universitários Association between cardiovascular risk and hypertension in universities professors

    Osvaldo Costa Moreira


    Full Text Available A hipertensão arterial é uma das mais importantes causas modificáveis de morbi-mortalidade cardiovascular precoce na população adulta mundial, além de ser fator de risco independente para doenças cardiovasculares. Assim objetivou-se verificar a associação entre indicadores de risco cardiovascular e hipertensão arterial em professores universitários. Foram avaliados 145 professores da Universidade Federal de Viçosa (UFV, no ano de 2009, analisando-se as variáveis: sexo, idade, índice de massa corporal (IMC, relação cintura/quadril (RCQ, circunferência abdominal (CA, percentual de gordura (%G, colesterol total (CT, triacilglicerol (TG, glicose, pressão arterial sistólica (PAS e diastólica (PAD de repouso e consumo máximo de oxigênio (VO2máx. Utilizou-se o teste ANOVA one way para comparação entre indivíduos normotensos e pré-hipertensos e hipertensos. Calculou-se a razão de chances de desenvolvimento de quadros de PA elevada entre os indivíduos que apresentavam níveis indicativos de risco cardiovascular. Todos os tratamentos possuíram nível de significância de p Hypertension is one of the most important modifiable causes of precocious cardiovascular morbid-mortality in the adult population worldwide, and it's an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Thus we aimed to investigate the association between cardiovascular risk and blood pressure on universities professors. 145 professors from Universidade Federal de Viçosa (UFV were evaluated, in 2009, analyzing the variables: gender, age, body mass index (BMI, waist / hip ratio (WHR, abdominal circumference (AC, percent body fat (% BF, total cholesterol (TC, triglyceride (TG, glucose, systolic blood pressure (SBP and diastolic (DBP at rest and maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max. We used ANOVA one way test for comparison between normotensive and prehypertensive and hypertensive individuals. It was calculated the odds ratio of high BP expansion among individuals

  13. Professor Michael Levitt

    Gemma-Louise Davies


    Full Text Available Professor Michael Levitt (Stanford University, USA won the 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the development of multiscale models for complex chemical systems—computational tools which can calculate the course of chemical reactions. Professor Levitt was born in Pretoria, South Africa; he came to the UK on a summer vacation aged 16, where he decided to stay and study for his A‑levels. His interest in the physics of living systems drove him to study biophysics at King’s College London, before securing a PhD position at the Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge. In the interim year between his degree and beginning his PhD, Professor Levitt worked at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, where he met his future wife. They married later that year and moved to Cambridge, where their three children were born. After completing his PhD, he spent time working in Israel, Cambridge, the Salk Institute and Stanford (both California. Since 1986, he has split his time between Israel and California. Outside of science, he is a keen hiker and he is well-known to have attended the eclectic ‘Burning Man’ Festival in California.[1] Professor Levitt visited the University of Warwick to speak at the Computational Molecular Science Annual Conference in March 2015. In this interview, Dr Gemma-Louise Davies, an Institute of Advanced Study Global Research Fellow, spoke to Professor Levitt about the importance of Interdisciplinarity in his field, role models in Academia, and his plans for the future. Image: Professor Michael Levitt (left with Dr Scott Habershon (right, organiser of the 2015 Computational Molecular Science Annual Conference during his visit to the University of Warwick in March 2015. [1] ‘Burning Man’ is a unique annual festival dedicated to community, art, music, self-expression and self-reliance. Tens of thousands of people flock to this temporary metropolis built in the Californian desert.

  14. ICT Use by Journalism Professors in Colombia

    Hung, Elias Said


    This article analyses how journalism professors at Colombian universities use information and communications technologies (ICT) in their teaching. Survey data was obtained during the first trimester of 2009 from 63 professors in journalism departments and from a total of 865 professors who are affiliated with journalism departments at 29…

  15. Pedagogia universitária: a aprendizagem docente como um desafio à professoralidade = University pedagogy: Instructor learning as a challenge to professor practice

    Noemi Lenz


    Full Text Available Este artigo é resultado de pesquisas desenvolvidas no GPFOPE e tem por temática a formação do professor, considerando os processos engendrados para sua constituição. Assim sendo, a sua tessitura emerge da confluência de reflexões a partir de um campo teórico, dentro da Pedagogia Universitária, aliada à pesquisa de campo dessas investigações. Os principais autores, dentro dessa linha, que subsidiam este estudo são: Bolzan (2001; 2002-2005; 2006; 2007-2009 eIsaia e Bolzan (2004; 2006; 2007. Os achados assinalam que o professor vai constituindo-se, no decorrer da sua trajetória formativa, evidenciando, dessa forma, a ideia de inacabamento, o quepressupõe enfocar a formação de professores na perspectiva de um processo de aprendizagem para a docência de caráter permanente. Ademais, como os estudos indicam, é necessário igualmente considerar que as trajetórias de vida possuem marcas específicas, o que se faz pensar na direção de uma formação personalizada. Por conseguinte, compreende-se que se torna inerente pensar que a aprendizagem da docência e, por conseguinte, o desenvolvimento profissional, é impulsionado quando forem incorporadas práticas reflexivas conjuntamente com atividades colaborativas entre os sujeitos de formação.The present article arises from studies developed at the GPFOPE, and its theme is teacher education, considering the processes engendered to their constitution. Thus, its fabric emerges from the confluence of ideas from a theoretical field within the field of UniversityPedagogy, combined with field research of these investigations. The main authors, within this line, who subsidize this study are: Bolzan (2001; 2002-2005; 2006; 2007-2009 and Isaia and Bolzan (2004; 2006; 2007. The findings indicate that the professor is formed in the course of his career training, thereby evidencing, the idea of incompleteness, which presupposes focusing professor formation in the perspective of a permanent

  16. 16 December 2013 - Hooke Professor of Experimental Physics and Pro Vice Chancellor University of Oxford Prof. I. Walmsley visiting the ATLAS cavern with ATLAS Collaboration Deputy Spokesperson T. Wengler, Physics Department, ATLAS Collaboration P. Wells and Chair, CMS Collaboration Board, Oxford University and Purdue University I. Shipsey

    Anna Pantelia


    16 December 2013 - Hooke Professor of Experimental Physics and Pro Vice Chancellor University of Oxford Prof. I. Walmsley visiting the ATLAS cavern with ATLAS Collaboration Deputy Spokesperson T. Wengler, Physics Department, ATLAS Collaboration P. Wells and Chair, CMS Collaboration Board, Oxford University and Purdue University I. Shipsey

  17. Professor Eugen Cerkovnikov (1904-1985): the founder of the Chemical and Biochemical Institute of the Rijeka University School of Medicine.

    Milin, Cedomila


    Professor Eugen Cerkovnikov, PhD (Kamenska, Russia, 1904- Rijeka, Croatia 1985) graduated in chemical technology from the Faculty of Engineering in Zagreb in 1929. His first job was at the School of Medicine in Paris in 1930, and then he moved to Zagreb to the Department of Organic Chemistry of the Faculty of Engineering run by our Nobel Prize winner Vladimir Prelog (1935-1938). There he took his PhD degree with a dissertation on piperidine gamma derivatives. From 1938 to 1947 he was a research associate at an institute established by the pharmaceutical company Kastel (later Pliva). This is when he became a lecturer at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Zagreb and the first director of the Institute of Organic Chemistry, established in 1946/47. In 1948 he became reader, and in 1956 (full) professor. In 1957 he moved to the newly established School of Medicine in Rijeka, and set up the Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry. He ran the Institute until retirement in 1975. He was the second dean of the Rijeka University School of Medicine and a pioneer of quantum chemistry and medical cybernetics in undergraduate and (post)graduate courses. His scientific work consists of over 200 papers published at home and abroad, 60 professional papers, 20 book reviews, three works of translation, and 27 volumes of lecture notes. In 1958, professor Cerkovnikov established the Croatian Chemical Society and the Rijeka and Istria branches of the nation's Association of Chemists and Chemical Engineers, chairing them until 1974. In addition, he was one of the founding fathers, and the first chair of the Health Culture Studies Association in Rijeka (that preceded today's Croatian Scientific Society for the History of Health Culture), established in 1965.

  18. Working conditions, burnout and stress symptoms in university professors: validating a structural model of the mediating effect of perceived personal competence.

    Avargues Navarro, María Luisa; Borda Mas, Mercedes; López Jiménez, Ana María


    The purpose of this study has been to test, with a sample of 193 Professors of the University of Seville, a structural model on the mediating role of personal perceived competence in the appearance of burnout syndrome and stress symptoms under potentially stressful work conditions. The instruments used to evaluate were a socio-demographic and work-related data questionnaire, The Maslach Burnout Inventory (M.B.I.), The Labour Scale of Stress and the Magallanes Stress Scale. The model of strategy implementation and LISREL 8.71 were used. The estimated model was adjusted satisfactorily, ascertaining the mediating effect of perceived competence in the effect exerted by the work conditions studied on the depersonalization and personal fulfillment, as well as in the appearance of stress symptoms. The effect on the emotional exhaustion dimension was not confirmed. The latter also acted on the estimated model as a mediating variable, facilitating the negative impact of stressors on emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and personal accomplishment.

  19. A avaliação do nível de habilidades para trabalhar em equipe entre professores universitários The evaluation of the level of abilities to work in team between university professors

    Fernanda Pasquoto e Souza


    Full Text Available Este estudo procurou avaliar a habilidade para o trabalho em equipe em 78 professores universitários das ciências da saúde e exatas. Utilizou-se o Questionário de Habilidades para Trabalhar em Equipe para avaliar as categorias: preocupação com a equipe, características de liderança, formas de comunicação, preocupação com a tarefa e preocupação com o humano. Realizaram-se análises estatísticas de freqüência e teste t de Student. Nos resultados destaca-se que as habilidades para o trabalho em equipe são positivamente valorizadas no exercício da docência. Nas categorias específicas, preocupação com a tarefa obteve o escore padronizado mais alto, enquanto preocupação com a equipe, o mais baixo. A área das ciências da saúde alcançou resultados mais altos em preocupação com o humano do que a das exatas. Discutem-se aspectos que ratificam a importância da avaliação psicológica nessa área de atuação, contribuindo tanto nas tarefas de diagnóstico como no desenvolvimento dessas habilidades.The purpose of this study was to assess 78 university teachers from the areas of Health Sciences and Natural Sciences in their abilities for teamwork. The Teamwork Abilities Assessment Form was used to assess such categories as: concern with the team, leadership characteristics, ways of communication, concern with the task, and concern with the human aspects. Statistical analysis of frequency and Student's t test were performed. Results have shown that abilities for teamwork are positively assessed in the teaching profession. In the specific categories, concern with the task obtained the highest standardized score, while concern with the team scored lowest. The area of health sciences scored higher than natural sciences regarding concern with the human aspects. Aspects that validate the importance of psychological assessment in this professional area are discussed and contribute not only to the tasks of diagnosis but to the

  20. Professor Stewart's incredible numbers

    Stewart, Ian


    Ian Stewart explores the astonishing properties of numbers from 1 to10 to zero and infinity, including one figure that, if you wrote it out, would span the universe. He looks at every kind of number you can think of - real, imaginary, rational, irrational, positive and negative - along with several you might have thought you couldn't think of. He explains the insights of the ancient mathematicians, shows how numbers have evolved through the ages, and reveals the way numerical theory enables everyday life. Under Professor Stewart's guidance you will discover the mathematics of codes,

  1. An archival study on the reacting plasma project (R-project) at the institute of plasma physics, Nagoya University. An interview with MATSUURA Kiyokata, professor emeritus at Nagoya University

    Terashima, Y [Nagoya Univ., Nagoya, Aichi (Japan); Obayashi, H; Fujita, J; Namba, C; Kimura, K; Matsuoka, K; Hanaoka, S [National Inst. for Fusion Science, Toki, Gifu (Japan)


    An interview record with MATSUURA Kiyokata, Professor Emeritus at Nagoya University, is given on the Reacting Plasma Project (R-project), which was proposed and investigated in 1980's by the Institute of Plasma Physics, Nagoya University (IPP Nagoya). The project was planned to aim at producing a DT reacting plasma in tokamak to explore its physics and technology. But after intensive studies on design work, together with some R and D efforts and related investigations, the project could not be realized. The circumstances of the R-Project at its initiation and termination stages are the major topics of the present interview, held as a round-table talk with Prof. Matsuura, the project leader. (author)

  2. Identity of Professors of Medical and Surgical Graduate Programs at a University Hospital: A View from Life Stories

    Alejandra Salcedo Monsalve


    Full Text Available This article shows the results of a research in which I decided to analyze the narratives of profes­sors of medical and surgical specialties in a university hospital in the city of Bogota, and inter­pret their teaching experiences, to learn some elements of their identity and the pedagogical knowledge they have built. A qualitative study was conducted from the hermeneutical historical approach, using life stories. Five teachers participated voluntarily. An analysis of the narratives focused on the meaning and the interpretation of the findings in the light of pedagogical theory was performed. In relation to teacher identity, the specialists became teachers unintentionally as a response to own labor requirements of the job at the university hospital. The construction process of the teachers started from their years of schooling, and pedagogical practice has a strong influence on what they learned from their own teachers. The academic activity is being under­taken by the major motivation vocation, expressions of thanks of their students and satisfaction for achieving the proposed learning objectives. The lack of teacher training creates tension and concern among teachers, which could be prevented with teacher education programs.

  3. A Survey on the Attitude of Professors & Residents of Clinical Wards about Disclosing the Results of Diagnoses for Incurable Patients at Urmia University of Medical Sciences

    SH Miri Ghaffarzadeh


    Full Text Available

    Background and Objectives: One of the most important and complicated problems in medical ethics is to disclose the full truth about diagnosis of incurable diseases which leads to death, and each therapist may be encountered with it during the years of medical profession.

    The aim of this study was to survey on attitude of professors and residents of clinical wards to disclose the diagnosis for incurable patients leading to death.


    Methods: In this descriptive study, sampling was carried out by a survey. All faculty members and their residents of teaching hospitals of Urmia University of Medical Sciences, Urmia, Iran, were surveyed as sample in 2007. Of 145 subjects, 138 responded to the questionnaire. The collected data were analyzed using Pearson and Spearman correlation tests with a p≤0.05 being considered as significant.


    Results: In this study, the tendency to disclose the diagnosis among faculty members and residents was 64.63%. Also, there was no significant relation between age, sex, university degree, educational field, years of service of the faculty members and residents of clinical wards with the tendency for telling the truth to incurable patients.


    Conclusion: Final analyses revealed that the faculty members and clinical residents of different fields in terms of diagnosis disclosure do not have a definite idea. However, the majority of them agree to disclose the full truth about diagnoses.


  4. Professor dr hab. Maria Lisiewska

    Małgorzata Stasińska


    Full Text Available The article presents the biography and scientific achievements of Professor Maria Lisiewska. She earned master’s degree and Ph.D. in natural sciences from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. After earning her doctoral degree, she stayed at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and conducted her thrilling research on mycology and taught until now. Prof. Maria Lisiewska is an author of many books, articles, and other scholarly reports.

  5. Professor Nukem

    Sandvik, Kjetil; Thorhauge, Anne Mette


    in turn becomes more than just a passive user - he or she becomes an active participant in the experiential/communicative design. As such, the mode of consumption in the experience economy is an interactive and play-centric one. And the computer game embodies the very core logic of this experience economy......The experience economy, that is, the creative and communicative turn in today's social, cultural and economic structures, implies, as explained by Pine and Gilmore (1999), that consumption is embedded in a communicative format that conveys some kind of experience to the consumer. The consumer...... of communication and acquiring knowledge. This opens up new opportunities as well as challenges. On the one hand, communication of academic research is provided with new types of involvement, as the focus is not only on knowledge as content, but also on knowledge as activity. On the other hand, questions...

  6. Teaching Ethos of Reference Professors

    Jules Marcel


    Full Text Available The present article discusses the teaching ethos of professors who are recognized for their good practice as trainers. The aim of our study is to analyze the influences of such professors’ professional constitution, as well as the explicit and/or tacit teaching knowledge they mobilize in their teaching practices. Based on Shulman, Gauthier, Tardif and Polanyi, we conducted interviews with three professors described by their students as reference. They were also observed in their classes, in the context of an undergraduate program in pedagogy at a public university. Data show similarities between the practices of the investigated professors, as well as a consistent description of their didactics, which is marked by intellective, moral, emotional and behavioral features.

  7. Professor Alex Callinicos

    Ali Saqer


    Full Text Available Professor Alex Callinicos is a renowned social theorist and scholar of international political economy. He conducts research on Marx and Marxism, European social and political theory, contemporary political philosophy, critical theory, historiography, and international political economy. His work provides invaluable insights on issues of race and racism, social justice, the Third Way, imperialism, austerity, and EU politics, among many other fascinating contemporary issues. Alex studied Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at Balliol College, Oxford, and Philosophy of Science at the London School of Economics before writing a DPhil on Marx's Capital, also at Balliol. He was a Junior Research Fellow in Contemporary Social Thought at St Peter's College, Oxford from 1979 to 1981, after which he taught social and political theory at the Department of Politics at the University of York until 2005, when he moved to King's College London. Alex is currently the Professor of European Studies at King's and editor of International Socialism. Alex has been an active contributor to the development of the movement for another globalization, participating in the World Social Forum and an animator of the European Social Forum. Among his best known books are The Revolutionary Ideas of Karl Marx (1983, Against Postmodernism (1990, Social Theory (1999, An Anti-Capitalist Manifesto (2003, The Resources of Critique (2006, Imperialism and Global Political Economy (2009. His most recent book is entitled Deciphering Capital: Marx’s Capital and its Destiny (2014.

  8. Professor Kodi Husimi promoted accelerator projects

    Kikuchi, Ken


    The main aim of my article is to describe how deeply Professor Husimi devoted himself to promote large accelerator projects in Japan, as the establishment of National Laboratory for High Energy Physics (KEK), Photon Factory and TRISTAN, in which I myself was deeply involved. In addition, some topics related that I was a student of Professor Husimi are also reported. (author)

  9. An archival study on the nuclear fusion research in Japan later half of 1980's. An interview with SEKIGUCHI Tadashi, Professor Emeritus at the University of Tokyo

    Nisio, Sigeko; Uematsu, Eisui [Nihon Univ., College of Science and Technology, Funabashi, Chiba (Japan); Obayashi, Haruo [National Inst. for Fusion Science, Toki, Gifu (Japan)] [and others


    An interview record with SEKIGUCHI Tadashi, Professor Emeritus at The University of Tokyo, on the nuclear fusion researches in Japan later half of 1980's is given. The major topics concerned are: activities of Science Council of Japan, the establishment of the Japan Society of Plasma Science and Nuclear Fusion Research, the history of establishing National Institute for Fusion Science, and effects of Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, and others. (author)

  10. Autonomia profissional dos professores

    Guerra, Teresa P.; Veiga, Feliciano


    Este estudo pretendeu analisar as representações dos professores acerca da sua autonomia em contexto escolar, com recurso a uma amostra de 203 professores de ambos os sexos, pertencentes a escolas dos distritos de Lisboa, Setúbal, Leiria e Aveiro. Utilizou-se a Escala de Autonomia Profissional dos Professores (EAPP).

  11. Learner Involvement at Arabian Gulf University Self-Access Centre

    Diane Malcolm


    Full Text Available Arabian Gulf University (AGU College of Medicine and Medical Sciences was established around 25 years ago to train students in the Arab Gulf states, including Bahrain, where it is located, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Oman to become doctors of medicine (MDs using the problem-based learning approach (PBL. As is the case in most regional higher education institutions, entering students are expected to be proficient in English, the language through which course content is delivered. In reality, many students do not achieve the desired standard in English, thus must take one or more semesters of English language training before beginning their academic studies. IAGU has an annual intake of around 150 students of widely varying English proficiency levels, but has only recently begun to accept some students to a foundation English programme. Before that, our small English unit had to find ways of helping the least proficient improve their English skills, while providing a basis in English for medical purposes for all students, within the same course framework. Our self-access centre (SAC, though small and definitely not state of the art, has had an important role to play in accommodating the different students’ needs and interests, supplementing their course material and providing opportunities for increased language exposure.

  12. Perfiles docentes para el espacio europeo de educación superior (EEES en el ámbito universitario español. [Profiles of University Professors in Spain for the European Higher Education Area (EHEA].

    Rodríguez-Gómez, Gregorio


    Full Text Available This paper presents the findings of a research study of professors’ profiles for the European Higher Education Area (EHEA conducted in five spanish universities. Through the application of qualitative methods of inquiry, the perceptions of several groups of university professors over the principal teaching qualifications necessary for the coordination of higher education throughout the European Union have been obtained. Data analysis indicates a significant discrepancy between actual Spanish professors and those required by EHEA. It has also made possible the detailed description of teaching competency profiles that professors believe to be fundamental for the new functions demanded of them in the present changing social and educational situation. En este trabajo se presentan los resultados de una investigación llevada a cabo en cinco universidades españolas sobre los perfiles docentes que demanda el EEES. Utilizando procedimientos de corte cualitativo se han obtenido en dos momentos consecutivos las percepciones de grupos de profesores sobre las principales competencias docentes necesarias para la armonización de la educación superior en la UE. El análisis de los datos indica, por una parte, la discrepancia entre los tipos de profesores actualmente existentes y los percibidos como necesarios; por otra, ha posibilitado la descripción pormenorizada de los perfiles de competencias docentes que el profesorado percibe como fundamentales para el ejercicio de las nuevas funciones que se le demandan en estos momentos.

  13. Remembering for tomorrow: Professor Mansour Ali Haseeb.

    Salih, Mustafa Abdalla M


    This is a highlight of the obituary ceremony in tribute to Professor Mansour Ali Haseeb (1910 - 1973), organized by the Medical Students Association of the Faculty of Medicine, the University of Khartoum (U of K). Professor Haseeb has been the first Sudanese Professor and first Dean of the Faculty of Medicine. He was an outstanding humane teacher, mentor and researcher, and was awarded the international Dr. Shousha Foundation Prize and Medal by the WHO. He was also an active citizen in public life and became Mayor of Omdurman City. The obituary ceremony reflected the feelings of the medical community and included speeches by Professor Abdalla El Tayeb, President of U of K; the Dean, Faculty of Medicine; the Late Professor Haseeb's colleagues and students, His family representative, and an elegy poem.

  14. 'Supermentoring' of assistant professors' teaching

    Lauridsen, Ole

    Aarhus University offers a mandatory pedagogical training program for assistant professors, required in order to obtain tenure at a Danish university. At Business and Social Sciences, this program is supplemented by voluntary observation and (first of all formative) supervision of the assistant...... professors’ teaching practice. This offer is given is (i) because many young university teachers face problems putting pedagogical theory into practice – even though the program mentioned is practice-oriented, and (ii) because many of them (partly due to (i)) lack self-confidence as to teaching...

  15. Qualidade de vida relacionada à voz de professores universitários Voice-related quality of life of university teachers

    Mariana Zerbetto Fabrício


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: observar a qualidade de vida relacionada à voz dos docentes da Faculdade de Medicina de Ribeirão Preto da Universidade de São Paulo (FMRP-USP, além de descrever seus conhecimentos referentes à saúde vocal, fornecendo assim, dados que possam motivar futuras ações para prevenção e tratamento da disfonia. MÉTODOS: foram utilizados o Protocolo de Qualidade de Vida em Voz (QVV e um questionário que investigou sintomas vocais, uso da voz e atitudes diante dos sintomas. RESULTADOS: registrou-se que 82% dos docentes participantes atingiram escores iguais a 100 para o domínio sócio-emocional, 38% para o domínio físico e 38% para o escore total. Uma grande parte (31% considera sua voz "muito boa", mas deve-se considerar que 26% dos entrevistados não avaliaram sua voz. Com relação às atitudes que os docentes tomam frente a um problema vocal, 53% relatam diminuir o uso da voz. Os sintomas de maior incidência relatados pelos docentes foram garganta seca, tosse e perda de voz. CONCLUSÃO: o presente estudo mostrou relatos de satisfação vocal e alto índice de qualidade de vida, porém observou-se uma prevalência elevada de sintomas vocais, demonstrando a necessidade de ações preventivas e de orientação vocal para esses professores.PURPOSE: to observe the voice-related quality of life of teachers from the Ribeirão Preto Medical School, University of São Paulo (FMRP/USP, to describe their knowledge on vocal health, and to provide data that can motivate future actions for preventing and treating dysphonia. METHODS: data collection instrument was Quality of Life and Voice Protocol (QLV. It was also used a questionnaire that investigated vocal symptoms, vocal use and attitudes before the symptoms. RESULTS: 82% of the teachers who participated in the survey achieved scores equal to 100 for the socio-emotional domain, 38% for the physical domain and 38% for the total score. A large portion (31% believe his voice "very good

  16. In Conversation with: Professor Liz Thomas

    Karen Nelson


    Full Text Available Editors Karen Nelson, John Clarke and Sally Kift interview Professor Liz Thomas,  Director of the Widening Participation Research Centre at Edge Hill University.  She is also Lead Adviser Retention and Success at the Higher Education Academy, England.   Professor Thomas was one of the keynote speakers at the 15th International First Year in Higher Education Conference held in Brisbane, Australia from the 26th – 29th of June, 2012.  Professor Thomas joined the Journal Editors at the conclusion of the main conference program to explore some of the key themes raised in her address.  

  17. The Relationship between Academic Stress and Two Aspects of Father Involvement among University Student Fathers

    Masciadrelli, Brian P.; Milardo, Robert M.


    This study investigated the associations between academic stress experienced by university student fathers and the behavioral and cognitive involvement these fathers had with their children. Fifty-three fathers enrolled in university classes and residing with at least one child less than 12 years of age responded to questionnaire measures of…

  18. Burnout syndrome in professors from an academic unit of a Colombian university Síndrome de burnout en profesores de una unidad académica de una universidad de Colom Síndrome de burnout em professores de uma unidade acadêmica de uma universidade de Colômbia

    Maylen Liseth Rojas Botero


    Full Text Available Objective. To determine the prevalence of burnout syndrome, and the relationship with the type of contract under which professors work for the university, in professors of an academic unit of a public university of the city of Medellin (Colombia in 2008. Methodology. A cross sectional descriptive study was carried out in three independent, randomized, representative samples according to the type of contract (31 full timers, 21 part timers and 43 per hours. A total of 89 professors were interviewed. To measure burnout prevalence the Maslach Burnout Inventory was used. Results. The prevalence of burnout probable cases was 19.1%, an additional 49.4% was at risk of having suffered it. According to the type of contract, full time professors had the highest prevalence (25.0%. In general, professors reported high levels of emotional tiredness and depersonalization (32.6% and 30.6% respectively, and a low level of personal accomplishment (38.2%. Conclusion. Burnout syndrome presented different type of behaviors according to the type of contract, being full time professors the ones who had the highest prevalence of the syndrome; it was expressed with higher degrees of emotional tiredness and a lower personal accomplishment.Objetivo. Determinar la prevalencia del síndrome de burnout y su relación con el tipo de vinculación laboral, en los profesores de una unidad académica de una universidad pública de la ciudad de Medellín (Colombia, en 2008. Metodología. Estudio descriptivo de corte transversal, en tres muestras independientes, aleatorias y representativas según tipo de vinculación laboral (31 de planta, 21 ocasionales y 43 por horas. En total, se encuestaron 89 profesores. Para medir la prevalencia del burnout se utilizó el Maslach Burnout Inventory. Resultados. La prevalencia de los casos probables de burnout fue del 19.1%; otro 49.4% adicional estaba en posible riesgo de sufrirlo. Según el tipo de vinculación, los profesores con mayor

  19. Professor dr hab. Anna Maria Bujakiewicz

    Anna Kujawa


    Full Text Available The article presents the biography and scientific achievements of Professor Anna Bujakiewicz. After receiving her master’s degree and doctorate in biology and mycology from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Professor Bujakiewicz continued her exciting research and teaching on mycology at her Alma Mater Posnaniensis for more than 50 years. Her publications in this field include many books, articles, and other scholarly reports.

  20. The speach of father Zygmunt Janicki on the funeral of priest Józef Krukowski, the professor of the Jagiellonian University and the parson of the parish of Saint Florian in Krakow (10th of December 1900

    Jan Józef Janicki


    Full Text Available On December 10, 1900 was held in Krakow funeral of Fr. Dr. Joseph Krukowski (9 V 1828 – 6 XII 1900, pastor of the Collegiate Church of St. Cracow. Florian, Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Theology of the Jagiellonian University. Sermon (speech at the funeral gave Franciscan Fr. Zygmunt Janicki. The study presents the first part of the curriculum vitae of Ecclesiastes funeral. Janicki (1867–1929, after his ordination to the priesthood (1889, he first pastoral ministry in the monastery of St. Kazimierz in Krakow, then in Kety, where after three years he returned to Krakow. Janicki and the members of the Order, the Franciscans, at the turn of the century took a new form of pastoral work, which was to preach the sacred mission of preaching or missionary-retreat. This activity took the then parish of the Diocese of Krakow, Tarnow and Przemysl (1897–1902; in the years 1906–1907 Volhynia, Podolia and extensive Ukraine, and in 1912 Polish centers in the United States. In the years 1911–1923, as Commissioner of the Holy Land in Poland, Father Zygmunt Janicki become very active in spreading interest in earthly homeland of Jesus (in 1906 began publishing the quarterly “The Voice of the Holy Land” from 1907 to 1909 and in 1914 organized a three Polish national pilgrimages to the Holy Land. In very difficult times of World War I, Fr. Z. Janicki with great fortitude and sacrifice, held the office of Provincial (1914–1924. Modern preaching about appreciating Z. Janicki, OFM, called it “the main patriotic preacher” in Cracow. The valediction of Fr. Zygmunt, who died on 11 April 1929, involved “crowds of people, long unseen”. The second part of the present article is analysis of the speech, which Fr Z. Janicki, delivered on 10 December 1900 for the funeral of Fr. Dr. Joseph Krukowski (1828–1900, pastor of the parish of Cracow St. Florian, formerly Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Theology of the Jagiellonian University

  1. Silent Bias: Challenges, Obstacles, and Strategies for Leadership Development in Academic Medicine-Lessons From Oral Histories of Women Professors at the University of Kansas.

    Pingleton, Susan K; Jones, Emily V M; Rosolowski, Tacey A; Zimmerman, Mary K


    Despite dramatic increases in female learners and junior faculty, a significant gap remains in female leadership in academic medicine. To assess challenges and obstacles encountered, strategies for academic success, and lessons learned for leadership development, the authors conducted an in-depth study of women full professors. The authors used a qualitative oral history approach, interviewing 87% of the cohort of female full professors at one Midwestern medical school in 2013 using a pretested, open-ended, semistructured interview guide. Interviews were videotaped and the audio recordings transcribed. Content was sorted into categories and key themes identified within each category. Participants described significant challenges: being treated with "silent bias," "being ignored," and being seen as an "other." Coping strategies included downplaying, keeping a distance, employing humor, and using symbols (e.g., white coat) to carefully present themselves. Explanations for success included intelligence, meritocracy, being even-tempered, and carefully constructing femininity. The participants recommended individual skills and actions to prepare for leadership development. Virtually all women could describe an individual mentor (sponsor), usually male, who provided essential assistance for their career success. At the same time, they stressed the importance of institutional support for diversity, especially with child care. Attaining "full professor" status is the pinnacle of academic success. Women who successfully navigated this academic ladder describe significant external and internal challenges that require multiple strategies to overcome. Leadership development entails a combination of individual support through mentors and sponsors, self-education and reflection, and organizational structural support to promote diversity.


    Rosa María Hurtado Matthews


    Full Text Available The Mission Sucre needs to perfect the politicians and strategies that respond to the demands of the citizenship conception, personal development and committed professionals' formation with the transformations that Venezuela lives. In this context, the University Villages are inserted as maximum expression in the concretion of such demands for what requires special attention the motivation to assume them on the part of their educators in a committed, responsible way and enthusiast. In this mark, the present investigation the investigation establishes a system of actions to reinforce the labor motivation in the members of the Village University Professor Alberto Lovera, of the State Delta Amacuro and with it to achieve a positive impact in the university community and its environment.

  3. El papel de la institución en el escoger, acoger y acompañar al profesor universitario O papel da instituição para escolher, acolher e acompanhar ao professor universitário The role of the institution in choosing, receiving and chaperone professors in the university

    Maria de Lourdes da Silva Marques Ferreira


    apoiar as exigências interdisciplinares na construção de novo conhecimento. Conclusão. É fundamental o papel da universidade em acolher e acompanhar ao docente desde sua vinculação; assim mesmo a universidade deve favorecer o crescimento do professor, não só apoiando os desafios de sua atividade pedagógica, senão principalmente através do respeito de sua autonomia.Objective. To analyze the role of the institution in choosing, receiving and chaperone professors. Methodology. Qualitative study, which body analysis was composed of 32 participations in a thematic forum of a group of nine health professionals. Results. After professor hiring it is necessary to receive and chaperone him. Professors with longer time in the institution represent a more important role in the admission of the new professor. Chaperone process is an opportunity to change and redefine the rules, and should be supported by permanent evaluation. The university as a legitimate learning scenario, production and knowledge reconstitution, should accompany changes of contemporary science and support the interdisciplinary demands in the new knowledge construction. Conclusion. It is fundamental the role of the university receiving and chaperoning teachers from joining. As well university should favor the growth of the professor, not only by supporting the challenges of their pedagogic activity, but mainly through the respect of autonomy.


    Tarkowski, Radosław


    In 1775-1783, Jean-Emmanuel Gilibert (1741-1814) stayed in Respublica Poloniae to oranize a veterinary school, the Royal Botanic Garden and the Royal School of Physicians in Grodno, and since 1781 he worked in Vilnius as Professor of Natural History at the Principal School of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Little is known about his work conducted in Lithuania in the field of geology and earth sciences. The author has decided, on the basis of Gilibert's publications and analysis of the literature (works of J. Garbowska and P. Daszkiewicz and others), to present his teaching and research activities in this field. In Grodno, Gilibert looked after and multiplied the collections of the natural history cabinet at the Royal School of Physicians, renowned for its rich mineralogical and fossil collections watched and admired by, among others, King Stanisław August, J. Bernoulli (1744-1807) and M. Patrin (1742-1815) who mentions the amber rosary with a different species of insects preserved in each bead. Gilibert's tours around Lithuania were the opportunity to enlarge the geological collections and to adapt them to the needs of the school. He also appreciated the importance of ordinary specimens representing the geology of the area. These specimens not only enriched the natural history cabinet, but also defined the way of working and collecting. Ha was the first to found and gather fossil animals from near Grodno. The signs of mineralogical and geological interests of Gilibert can be found in the works of other authors of that epoch (L. Viteta (1736-1809) and J. Bernoulli). In Vilnius, Gilibert conducted a one year-long full lecture on natural history (zoology, botany and mineralogy). In his lectures on mineralogy, he presented not only the systematics, but also emphasized the usefulness of minerals in medicine, for the production of ornamental items and in different sectors of the economy. He adapted the process of teaching to the needs of practical life, based on

  5. Las TIC en el aula: percepciones de los profesores universitarios As TICs na aula: percepções dos professores universitários Information Technology in the Classroom: The Views of University Professors

    Sandra Cristina Riascos-Erazo


    melhorar a aplicação das TICs no ensino superior.This article is the result of a study conducted to identify how teachers view the use of information technology (IT in the teaching-learning process, specifically in the case of two universities. The methodology began with an analysis of literature concerning the teacher's opinion, the impact of IT and the extent of its use. The information was collected at two universities, through a survey designed to identify the views of teachers. The findings were analyzed by frequency and variable triangulation. Essentially, the results show that teachers at the private university view the use of IT in a positive light. The opposite is true of the perception of teachers at the public university. This is due to several reasons, which are presented in the analysis. The study concludes by proposing recommendations to improve teachers' view of the use of IT in higher education.

  6. Interactive Relationship between Job Involvement, Job Satisfaction, Organisational Citizenship Behaviour, and Organizational Commitment in Nigerian Universities

    B.M. Nwibere


    The study examined the interactive relationship between job involvement, job satisfaction, organisational commitment citizenship behaviour (OCB) and organisational commitment among employees of Nigerian universities. The sample for the study consisted of two hundred and ten academic members of staff (210) from five (5) Federal Government owned universities in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria. The study utilized both quantitative data (questionnaire) and qualitative data (interview). The Mult...

  7. Department Involvement in Instructional Materials Development for ODL Study at the Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU)

    Tanyanyiwa, Vincent Itai; Mutambanengwe, Betty


    The teaching and designing of modules at Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU) is the principal responsibility of a single body of teaching staff, although some authors and content reviewers could be sourced from elsewhere if they are not available in ZOU. This survey, through a case study, examines the involvement of lecturers and staff in the…

  8. Función versus institución: imaginarios de profesores y estudiantes universitarios Funçáo versus instituigáo: imaginários de professores e estudantes universitários Function Versus Institution: Images of University Professors and Students

    Napoleón Murcia-Peña


    Universidad de Caldas (Colombia to understand the social images or representations now being constructed by professors and students at that university. The methodology was designed on the basis of three instances: preconfiguration, which included an approximation to reality aimed at defining the direction of the search; configuration, in which the techniques and tools for collecting and processing information were redefined; and reconfiguration, in which the meaning was constructed. The principie findings show that professors and students genérate new imaginary social meanings or representations on the basis of instituted images. This is associated with the strong influence of prefigurative cultures in university Ufe and with the organizational tradition of the university, which is regarded as an economic-functional organization and not as a social institution.

  9. Ethics Literacy and "Ethics University": Two Intertwined Models for Public Involvement and Empowerment in Bioethics.

    Strech, Daniel; Hirschberg, Irene; Meyer, Antje; Baum, Annika; Hainz, Tobias; Neitzke, Gerald; Seidel, Gabriele; Dierks, Marie-Luise


    Informing lay citizens about complex health-related issues and their related ethical, legal, and social aspects (ELSA) is one important component of democratic health care/research governance. Public information activities may be especially valuable when they are used in multi-staged processes that also include elements of information and deliberation. This paper presents a new model for a public involvement activity on ELSA (Ethics University) and evaluation data for a pilot event. The Ethics University is structurally based on the "patient university," an already established institution in some German medical schools, and the newly developed concept of "ethics literacy." The concept of "ethics literacy" consists of three levels: information, interaction, and reflection. The pilot project consisted of two series of events (lasting 4 days each). The thematic focus of the Ethics University pilot was ELSA of regenerative medicine. In this pilot, the concept of "ethics literacy" could be validated as its components were clearly visible in discussions with participants at the end of the event. The participants reacted favorably to the Ethics University by stating that they felt more educated with regard to the ELSA of regenerative medicine and with regard to their own abilities in normative reasoning on this topic. The Ethics University is an innovative model for public involvement and empowerment activities on ELSA theoretically underpinned by a concept for "ethics literacy." This model deserves further refinement, testing in other ELSA topics and evaluation in outcome research.

  10. Heterosexual and nonheterosexual young university students' involvement in traditional and cyber forms of bullying.

    Wensley, Kate; Campbell, Marilyn


    Research has consistently found that school students who do not identify as self-declared completely heterosexual are at increased risk of victimization by bullying from peers. This study examined heterosexual and nonheterosexual university students' involvement in both traditional and cyber forms of bullying, as either bullies or victims. Five hundred twenty-eight first-year university students (M=19.52 years old) were surveyed about their sexual orientation and their bullying experiences over the previous 12 months. The results showed that nonheterosexual young people reported higher levels of involvement in traditional bullying, both as victims and perpetrators, in comparison to heterosexual students. In contrast, cyberbullying trends were generally found to be similar for heterosexual and nonheterosexual young people. Gender differences were also found. The implications of these results are discussed in terms of intervention and prevention of the victimization of nonheterosexual university students.

  11. University Involvement with Charter Schools: Unique Opportunities for Service and Support

    Dr. Julie Hentges


    Full Text Available Charter schools are a controversial, but vibrant, component of the current educational landscape, now serving over 3.1 million students in approximately 6900 schools across the United States.  A unique aspect of this movement has been the establishment of alternative authorizers, and specifically universities, to approve and provide oversight to these public schools.  Campus leaders and policy makers must consider numerous variables regarding a university’s involvement with charter schools.  What are the implications of school choice on university policies and practices? Should universities be “authorizers”, granting charters to schools in direct competition with the traditional public school system? Can universities provide the required “oversight” mandated by the charter school laws, as well as providing “support” for the schools? What opportunities for partnerships and practicum experiences exist?  The article provides an overview of issues that arise with public charter schools authorized by universities.  With 18 years of experiences as a public university on the forefront of enabling charter legislation and the “sponsorship” of inner-city public charter schools, the authors provide a historical perspective of the role of universities within the school choice movement, including oversight roles and supportive programs within the unique and growing phenomenon of school choice.

  12. Interview with Professor Mark Wilcox.

    Wilcox, Mark


    Mark Wilcox speaks to Georgia Patey, Commissioning Editor: Professor Mark Wilcox is a Consultant Microbiologist and Head of Microbiology at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals (Leeds, UK), the Professor of Medical Microbiology at the University of Leeds (Leeds, UK), and is the Lead on Clostridium difficile and the Head of the UK C. difficile Reference Laboratory for Public Health England (PHE). He was the Director of Infection Prevention (4 years), Infection Control Doctor (8 years) and Clinical Director of Pathology (6 years) at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals. He is Chair of PHE's Rapid Review Panel (reviews utility of infection prevention and control products for National Health Service), Deputy Chair of the UK Department of Health's Antimicrobial Resistance and Healthcare Associated Infection Committee and a member of PHE's HCAI/AR Programme Board. He is a member of UK/European/US working groups on C. difficile infection. He has provided clinical advice as part of the FDA/EMA submissions for the approval of multiple novel antimicrobial agents. He heads a healthcare-associated infection research team at University of Leeds, comprising approximately 30 doctors, scientists and nurses; projects include multiple aspects of C. difficile infection, diagnostics, antimicrobial resistance and the clinical development of new antimicrobial agents. He has authored more than 400 publications, and is the coeditor of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (5th/6th/7th Editions, 15 December 2007).

  13. Evaluate More General Integrals Involving Universal Associated Legendre Polynomials via Taylor's Theorem

    G.Ya(n)ez-Navarro; Guo-Hua Sun; Dong-Sheng Sun; Chang-Yuan Chen; Shi-Hai Dong


    A few important integrals involving the product of two universal associated Legendre polynomials Pl'm'(x),Pk'n'(x) and x2a(1-x2)-p-1,xb(1 ±x)-p-1 and xc(1-x2)-p-1 (1 ±-x) are evaluated using the operator form of Taylor's theorem and an integral over a single universal associated Legendre polynomial.These integrals are more general since the quantum numbers are unequal,i.e.l'≠ k'and m'≠ n'.Their selection rules are also given.We also verify the correctness of those integral formulas numerically.

  14. Effects of Social Support on Professors' Work Stress

    Moeller, Christin; Chung-Yan, Greg A.


    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to examine how various types of workplace social support from different support sources interact with occupational stressors to predict the psychological well-being of university professors. Design/method/approach: A total of 99 full-time professors participated via an online or paper questionnaire. Findings:…

  15. Russel Nye: The Professor in Public Life.

    Hungiville, Maurice


    A discussion of the influence of Russel Nye, a college English professor at Michigan State University and journalist, focuses on the values that shaped his teaching, scholarship, and writing and his defense of democratic values, especially in education. It is concluded that Nye's experience suggests that public service can be a source of personal…

  16. String theorist takes over as Lucasian Professor

    Banks, Michael


    String theorist Michael Green will be the next Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge University. Green, 63, will succeed Stephen Hawking, who held the chair from 1980 before retiring last month at the age of 67 and taking up a distinguished research chair at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Canada (see above).

  17. Professor Torben Larsen

    Larsen, Torben


    En samling af væsentlige artikler, og diskussion, om stormflod skrevet af professor Torben Larsen, Aalborg Universitet. Torben Larsen diskuterer i artiklerne et forslag om at lukke Thyborøn Kanal for at mindske risikoen for stormflod og oversvømmelse langs Limfjordens byer.......En samling af væsentlige artikler, og diskussion, om stormflod skrevet af professor Torben Larsen, Aalborg Universitet. Torben Larsen diskuterer i artiklerne et forslag om at lukke Thyborøn Kanal for at mindske risikoen for stormflod og oversvømmelse langs Limfjordens byer....

  18. Condições de saúde auto-referidas de professores de uma universidade regional Conditions of self-reported health of teachers from a regional university

    Rosane Teresinha Fontana


    Full Text Available Trata-se de uma pesquisa com desenho epidemiológico transversal com o objetivo de investigar as condições de saúde auto-referidas de professores universitários e a interface com sua ocupação. Os dados foram coletados através de questionários auto aplicados a 34 professores de uma universidade regional comunitária e analisados empregando-se a estatística descritiva. A lombalgia e o cansaço foram queixas prevalentes e a exposição aos riscos biológicos são freqüentes na atividade ocupacional dos respondentes. A aprendizagem dos alunos representa a maior satisfação no trabalho. Acredita-se que o autocuidado e a valorização dos gestores e alunos à atividade acadêmica dos docentes podem contribuir para a promoção da saúde deste trabalhador.Esta es una investigación de diseño de corte transversal para investigar las condiciones de salud yo percibidas de los profesores universitarios y la interacción con su ocupación. Los datos fueron recolectados a través de cuestionario aplicado a 34 profesores de una universidad regional comunitaria y analizados utilizando estadística descriptiva. El dolor lumbar y la fatiga fueron frecuentes las quejas y la exposición a los riesgos biológicos son frecuentes de exposición ocupacional de los encuestados. Aprendizaje de los estudiantes es a mayor satisfacción laboral. Se cree que el cuidado y la recuperación de los directivos y los estudiantes el nivel académico de los profesores pueden contribuir a la promoción de la salud de los trabajadores.This is a survey of cross-sectional epidemiological design with the aim of investigating the conditions of self-reported health of university professors and interface with their occupation. Data were collected via self applied to 34 teachers from a regional university community and analyzed using descriptive statistics. Low back pain and fatigue were prevalent complaints and exposure to biological hazards are frequent occupational exposure

  19. Professor Camillo Negro's Neuropathological Films.

    Chiò, Adriano; Gianetto, Claudia; Dagna, Stella


    Camillo Negro, Professor in Neurology at the University of Torino, was a pioneer of scientific film. From 1906 to 1908, with the help of his assistant Giuseppe Roasenda and in collaboration with Roberto Omegna, one of the most experienced cinematographers in Italy, he filmed some of his patients for scientific and educational purposes. During the war years, he continued his scientific film project at the Military Hospital in Torino, filming shell-shocked soldiers. In autumn 2011, the Museo Nazionale del Cinema, in partnership with the Faculty of Neurosciences of the University of Torino, presented a new critical edition of the neuropathological films directed by Negro. The Museum's collection also includes 16 mm footage probably filmed in 1930 by Doctor Fedele Negro, Camillo's son. One of these films is devoted to celebrating the effects of the so-called "Bulgarian cure" on Parkinson's disease.


    Ana Luiza de Quadros


    Full Text Available In the last years, higher education teacher training has received more didactic-pedagogical attention. Despite numerous criticisms to professors' work, some practices present differentials that make them a reference to students, even among university professors with undergraduate and graduate degrees in their specific areas of knowledge. To analyze the classes of such professors who become a reference to students, we selected two higher education professors of chemistry and videotaped their classes seeking to identify the teaching strategies that they use. After analysis, we shared the results with the subjects and complemented them with a semi-structured interview. We found out that these professors perform based on counter-models of professors who they had had in their undergraduate courses and developed strategies aiming to minimize for their students the difficulties they themselves had experienced.

  1. University Technology Transfer: In Tough Economic Times

    Powers, Joshua B.; Campbell, Eric G.


    In 1907, Frederick Cottrell, professor of chemistry at the University of California-Berkeley and father of the modern academic patent, worried that if universities became too directly involved in patenting and licensing operations, their thirst for profits could lead to the erosion of the openness necessary for academic science to flourish. For…

  2. Parkinson's disease and the quest for preclinical diagnosis: an interview with Professor Werner Poewe.

    Poewe, Werner


    Werner Poewe speaks to Laura Dormer, Editorial Director: Professor Werner Poewe is Professor of Neurology and Director of the Department of Neurology at Innsbruck Medical University in Innsbruck, Austria. He held a Residency in Clinical Neurology and Psychiatry at the University of Innsbruck, Austria, from 1977 to 1984. From 1984 to 1985 he teamed up with Gerald Stern and Andrew Lees as a British Council Research Fellow at University College and Middlesex Hospital's Medical School in London to perform clinical studies into levodopa-induced dystonia and pharmacokinetics of levodopa in naive versus L-Dopa treated Parkinson's disease. Following his return to Austria, he held a position as Senior Lecturer in the Department of Neurology at the University of Innsbruck (1986-1989) after which he took over as Professor of Neurology and Acting Director of the Department of Neurology at Virchow Hospital of the Free University of Berlin (1990-1994). Professor Poewe's main research interests in the field of movement disorders are focused on differential and early diagnosis of Parkinson's disease, its natural history and pharmacological treatment. He has been involved in the steering committees of numerous drug trials in different stages of Parkinson's disease for the past 20 years and has authored and coauthored more than 500 original articles and reviews in the field of movement disorders. Professor Poewe served as President of the Austrian Society of Neurology from 2002 to 2004 as well as President of the Austrian Parkinson's Disease Society from 1996 to 2009. He has been awarded honorary membership of the German Society of Neurology as well as the Japanese Society of Neurology. His awards include the Walther-Birkmayer-Prize of the Austrian PD Society, the Dingebauer-Prize of the German Neurological Society as well as the Research Excellence Award of Innsbruck Medical University. Professor Poewe served as President of the International Movement Disorder Society (MDS) from

  3. Professor Tiina Tasmuth Helsingis


    Tervisekasvatuse õppetooli professor Tiina Tasmuth osales 11.-14. juunini Helsingis toimunud rahvusvahelise konverentsi "2nd Psycho-Social Impacts of Breast Cancer" töös ning esines ettekandega teemal "Chronic post-treatment symptoms in patients with breast cancer" : [täistekst

  4. Professor Wolfgang Panofsky


    "Professor Wolfgang panofsky, who died on September 24 aged 88, was a particle physicists and director of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Centre (SLAC) in California; with Jack Steinberger, he was the first to isolate the neutral pi meson, one of the subatomic particles which had been predicted by theoretical scientists to account for the strng force which binds the nuclei of atoms." (1 page)

  5. Ethics literacy and 'ethics university'. Two intertwined models for public involvement and empowerment in bioethics

    Daniel eStrech


    Full Text Available Background: Informing lay citizens about complex health-related issues and their related ethical, legal and social aspects (ELSA is one important component of democratic health care/research governance. Public information activities may be especially valuable when they are used in multi-staged processes that also include elements of information and deliberation. Objectives: This paper presents a new model for a public involvement activity on ELSA (ethics university and evaluation data for a pilot event. Methods: The ethics university is structurally based on the ‘patient university’, an already established institution in some German medical schools, and the newly developed concept of ‘ethics literacy’. The concept of ‘ethics literacy’ consists of three levels: information, interaction, and reflection. The pilot project consisted of two series of events (lasting four days each.Results: The thematic focus of the ethics university pilot was ELSA of regenerative medicine. In this pilot the concept of ‘ethics literacy’ could be validated as its components were clearly visible in discussions with participants at the end of the event. The participants reacted favorably to the ethics university by stating that they felt more educated with regard to the ELSA of regenerative medicine and with regard to their own abilities in normative reasoning on this topic.Conclusion: The ethics university is an innovative model for public involvement and empowerment activities on ELSA theoretically underpinned by a concept for ‘ethics literacy’. This model deserves further refinement, testing in other ELSA topics and evaluation in outcome research .

  6. Dr. Rudolph Binion: professor, mentor, psychohistorian.

    Szaluta, Jacques


    As the title of my paper indicates, Dr. Rudolph Binion was my professor, mentor, and a leading psychohistorian. My paper in memoriam to Rudolph Binion is intended as both a retrospective and an introspective account of my relationship with him, as he had a pivotal influence on me when he was my professor at Columbia University. His help and influence continued after I left graduate school. In my paper I also deal with the enormous stresses of navigating through graduate school, for those students whose goal was to earn the Ph.D. degree. Some examinations were dreaded, For Example The "Examination in Subjects," popularly called the "Oral Exam." The "incubation" period was long indeed, frequently averaging nearly ten years, and it was an ordeal, as the rate of attrition was very high. There is then also the question of "ego strength" and that of "transference" toward the professor. Graduate school is indeed a long and strenuous challenge. I took a seminar in modern French history, a requirement for the Master's degree with Professor Binion, which was consequential for me, as he taught me to be objective in writing history. Professor Binion was a demanding and outstanding teacher.

  7. The housekeeper and the professor a novel

    Ogawa, Yoko


    He is a brilliant math Professor with a peculiar problem—ever since a traumatic head injury, he has lived with only eighty minutes of short-term memory. She is an astute young Housekeeper—with a ten-year-old son—who is hired to care for the Professor. And every morning, as the Professor and the Housekeeper are introduced to each other anew, a strange and beautiful relationship blossoms between them. Though he cannot hold memories for long (his brain is like a tape that begins to erase itself every eighty minutes), the Professor's mind is still alive with elegant equations from the past. And the numbers, in all of their articulate order, reveal a sheltering and poetic world to both the Housekeeper and her young son. The Professor is capable of discovering connections between the simplest of quantities—like the Housekeeper's shoe size—and the universe at large, drawing their lives ever closer and more profoundly together, even as his memory slips away. Yoko Ogawa's The Housekeeper and the Professo...

  8. Certolizumab, an anti-TNF safe during pregancy? The CRIB Study results: an interview with Professor Xavier Mariette.

    Mariette, Xavier


    Professor Xavier Mariette, MD, PhD, has served as the Head of the Rheumatology Department of Bicêtre Hospital, Paris-Sud University since 1999, a role he took following 10 years of practice of clinical immunology. Professor Mariette has initiated a number of clinical research studies on biotherapies in autoimmune diseases. He is the head of the French RATIO (Research Axed on Tolerance of Biotherapy) observatory, collecting specific rare serious adverse events in patients treated with anti-TNF. He initiated the French AIR (Autoimmunity and Rituximab) and ORA (Orencia and Rheumatoid arthritis) registries of patients with autoimmune diseases treated with rituximab and abatacept. He initiated clinical trials in Sjögren's syndrome with infliximab, hydroxychloroquine and belimumab. Professor Mariette is involved in basic research, leading a group working on pathogeny of Sjögren's syndrome, relationships between innate immunity and B-cell activation in autoimmunity and the relationships between autoimmunity and lymphoma. Professor Mariette is also very interested in new ways of teaching. In 2007, he participated with other European Experts in the creation of the EULAR Web Course of Rheumatology in 2007. Professor Mariette has been the President of the Scientific Committee of the EULAR meeting, which took place in Berlin in 2012 and is in 2016 the elect Chair of the EULAR standing committee on investigative rheumatology. Professor Mariette is co-author of more than 430 publications referenced in PubMed with an H-index of 61.

  9. Comprometimento, bem-estar e satisfação dos professores de administração de uma universidade federal Comprometimiento organizacional, bien estar y satisfacción en el trabajo de los profesores de administración de una universidad federal Commitment, well-being and satisfaction of management professors at a federal university

    Maria Teodora Farias Traldi


    comprometimiento organizacional, bien estar y satisfacción en el trabajo, por medio de un censo realizado con los 104 profesores de Administración de una Universidad Federal, con índice de respuestas de 78%. Se trata de una investigación de campo, explicativa-descriptiva, poseyendo carácter transversal y naturaleza cuantitativa. Los resultados mostraran que los profesores presentaran buenos niveles de realización en el trabajo e afectos positivos prevalentes en relación a los afectos negativos; se declararan satisfechos en el trabajo cuanto a los jefes, a los colegas e a la naturaleza del trabajo. El comprometimiento organizacional normativo fue el único que contribuyó para la explicación de la satisfacción con el salario. El comprometimiento organizacional calculativo contribuyó para la explicación de los factores satisfacción con los jefes y satisfacción con las promociones. Finalmente, el comprometimiento organizacional afectivo fue el principal predictor del bien estar e de la satisfacción en el trabajo. Este trabajo contribuyó tanto para la producción académica de las áreas de Psicología y Comportamiento Organizacional, cuanto para la domada de decisión frente a las políticas de gestión de los profesores investigados, en la perspectiva de que docentes y discentes puedan desfrutar de un ambiente mejor de aprendizaje y producción de conocimiento.Research on organizational commitment, well-being and job satisfaction have been performed successfully in the field of Organizational Psychology. New studies indicate a possible interdependence between these constructs. The main objective of this research was to investigate the relationships between organizational commitment, well-being and job satisfaction, through a census conducted with 104 professors of Management at a Federal University, with a response rate of 78%. This survey consists of an explanatory-descriptive study, having transversal and quantitative nature. The results showed that teachers had

  10. 26 CFR 509.115 - Visiting professors or teachers.


    ...) REGULATIONS UNDER TAX CONVENTIONS SWITZERLAND General Income Tax § 509.115 Visiting professors or teachers. (a... not exceeding two years at any university, college, school, or other educational institution situated...

  11. Professor Ernst Bresslau, founder of the Zoology Departments at the Universities of Cologne and Sao Paulo: lessons to learn from his life history.

    Pflüger, Hans-Joachim


    In this article, the life history of the founding father of the departments of Zoology at the Universities of Cologne and Sao Paulo, Prof. Ernst Bresslau, is described on occasion of the establishing of the "Ernst Bresslau Guest Professorship" at the University of Cologne. His main scientific achievements are discussed, in particular his research on the evolutionary origin of the mammary apparatus, in addition to his broad interest in biological topics. Among the many technical advancements that he introduced was the micro slow-motion camera developed together with the Zeiss Company which allowed to film ciliary beats at high speeds. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier GmbH. All rights reserved.

  12. 27 August 2013 - Signature of an Agreement between KTO Karatay University in Turkey represented by the Dean of Engineering Professor Ali Okatan, CERN represented by Director for Research and Computing Dr Sergio Bertolucci and ALICE Collaboration represented by ALICE Collaboration Spokesperson Dr Paolo Giubellino.

    Maximilien Brice


    27 August 2013 - Signature of an Agreement between KTO Karatay University in Turkey represented by the Dean of Engineering Professor Ali Okatan, CERN represented by Director for Research and Computing Dr Sergio Bertolucci and ALICE Collaboration represented by ALICE Collaboration Spokesperson Dr Paolo Giubellino.

  13. 23rd June 2010 - University of Bristol Head of the Aerospace Engineering Department and Professor of Aerospace Dynamics N. Lieven visiting CERN control centre with Beams Department Head P. Collier, visiting the LHC superconducting magnet test hall with R. Veness and CMS control centre with Collaboration Spokesperson G. Tonelli and CMS User J. Goldstein.

    Jean-Claude Gadmer


    23rd June 2010 - University of Bristol Head of the Aerospace Engineering Department and Professor of Aerospace Dynamics N. Lieven visiting CERN control centre with Beams Department Head P. Collier, visiting the LHC superconducting magnet test hall with R. Veness and CMS control centre with Collaboration Spokesperson G. Tonelli and CMS User J. Goldstein.

  14. Professor Bakytzhan Abdiraiym Rector of the L. Gumilov Eurasian National University, Astana, Kazakhstan accompanied by Prof. Kairat Kuterbekov, Dr Bekzat Prmantayeva, Dr Kuralay Maksut with the Director-General, Dr Tadeusz Kurtyka, Adviser for Non-Member States, Mrs Julia Andreeva, Department of Information Technologies and Dr Nikolai Zimine, ATLAS Collaboration, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna

    Maximilien Brice


    Professor Bakytzhan Abdiraiym Rector of the L. Gumilov Eurasian National University, Astana, Kazakhstan accompanied by Prof. Kairat Kuterbekov, Dr Bekzat Prmantayeva, Dr Kuralay Maksut with the Director-General, Dr Tadeusz Kurtyka, Adviser for Non-Member States, Mrs Julia Andreeva, Department of Information Technologies and Dr Nikolai Zimine, ATLAS Collaboration, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna

  15. From Outreach to Engaged Placemaking: Understanding Public Land-Grant University Involvement with Tourism Planning and Development

    Herts, Rolando D.


    This dissertation research project aimed to identify benefits and drawbacks of public land-grant university involvement with tourism planning and development, an emergent form of university-community engagement. Using qualitative methodology, the study's findings led to the codification of levels of university tourism planning and development…

  16. Professor og DMI

    Kaas, Eigil


    Det er koldt, og det har det været længe. Sammen med sneen har det en selvforstærkende effekt på vintervejret, forklarer professor og meteorolog. Kulde: - Det er koldt, fordi vinden kommer fra et sted, hvor det er koldt. Det er den enkle forklaring på, at Danmark og store dele af Europa lige nu...... oplever meget lave temperaturer - og for Danmarks vedkommende en usædvanlig lang periode med vintervejr. Forklaringen kommer fra professor Eigil Kaas fra Niels Bohr Instituttet ved Københavns Universitet. Han forklarer til, at vintervejret dog er betinget af den mere eller mindre tilfældige måde...

  17. Professor Alex Callinicos

    Ali Saqer


    Professor Alex Callinicos is a renowned social theorist and scholar of international political economy. He conducts research on Marx and Marxism, European social and political theory, contemporary political philosophy, critical theory, historiography, and international political economy. His work provides invaluable insights on issues of race and racism, social justice, the Third Way, imperialism, austerity, and EU politics, among many other fascinating contemporary issues. Alex studied Philo...

  18. Involvement and emancipation of the worker. Action research in a university hospital.

    Bolis, Ivan; Brunoro, Claudio; Sznelwar, Laerte Idal


    The present action research article is linked to an ergonomics project in a university hospital. The author's proposal is to focus action on the effective worker involvement required for the creation of spaces/mechanisms within organizations where people can enhance cooperation and deliberation on matters relating to work. For this purpose, a committee was introduced to assist in finding problems and solutions directly in work situations, so that workers could experience relative autonomy allowing them to develop procedures and choose tools appropriate to their own real needs. Based on this organizational implementation and on subsequent interviews, the practical results are analyzed and related to employee involvement. One can conclude that workers in all areas of the organization can be active elements for improving working conditions and productivity in companies.

  19. Forecasting the student–professor matches that result in unusually effective teaching

    Gross, Jennifer; Lakey, Brian; Lucas, Jessica L; LaCross, Ryan; R Plotkowski, Andrea; Winegard, Bo


    Background Two important influences on students' evaluations of teaching are relationship and professor effects. Relationship effects reflect unique matches between students and professors such that some professors are unusually effective for some students, but not for others. Professor effects reflect inter-rater agreement that some professors are more effective than others, on average across students. Aims We attempted to forecast students' evaluations of live lectures from brief, video-recorded teaching trailers. Sample Participants were 145 college students (74% female) enrolled in introductory psychology courses at a public university in the Great Lakes region of the United States. Methods Students viewed trailers early in the semester and attended live lectures months later. Because subgroups of students viewed the same professors, statistical analyses could isolate professor and relationship effects. Results Evaluations were influenced strongly by relationship and professor effects, and students' evaluations of live lectures could be forecasted from students' evaluations of teaching trailers. That is, we could forecast the individual students who would respond unusually well to a specific professor (relationship effects). We could also forecast which professors elicited better evaluations in live lectures, on average across students (professor effects). Professors who elicited unusually good evaluations in some students also elicited better memory for lectures in those students. Conclusions It appears possible to forecast relationship and professor effects on teaching evaluations by presenting brief teaching trailers to students. Thus, it might be possible to develop online recommender systems to help match students and professors so that unusually effective teaching emerges. PMID:24953773

  20. Foreign University Involvement in Sustainable New Town Planning in Provincial China

    David. J. Edelman

    Full Text Available ABSTRACT: Recent concern with sustainable urban development has focused on the widespread development of new towns and the expansion of cities throughout China. In recent decades, an increasing number of planning and design professionals in the United States and Europe have undertaken consulting work in China. This study examines the first instance of a Chinese city funding an American academic planning unit to create a conceptual plan for a new town. The School of Planning from the University of Cincinnati was commissioned to prepare the conceptual plan for the Anyang Eastern New Town. Prior to the drafting of the plan, faculty and students visited the site on a reconnaissance and data gathering mission, undertook research and studio work, organized presentations, and navigated the labyrinthine bureaucracy at the local, provincial, and national levels. These experiences differ considerably from those encountered in places such as Shanghai and the southern coastal plain region. This article identifies a number of issues that play a key role in the success of projects involving American or European Universities in conjunction with the Chinese government, particularly provincial authorities. This paper provides a valuable reference for any organization involved in such undertakings. KEYWORDS: Chinese urban planning, sustainable urban design, provincial planning

  1. Professor I I Glass A Tribute and Memorial

    Igra, Ozer


    The book provides personal memories along with description of scientific works written by ex-graduate students and research associates of the late Professor Glass. The described research work covers a wide range of shock wave phenomena, resulting from seeds planted by Professor Glass. Professor Glass was born in Poland in 1918. He immigrated together with his parents to Canada at the age of 12 and received all his professional education at the University of Toronto, Canada. He became a world recognized expert in shock wave phenomena, and during his 45 years of active research he supervised more than 125 master and doctoral students, post-doctoral fellows and visiting research associates. In this book seven of his past students/research-associates describe their personal memories of Professor Glass and present some of their investigations in shock wave phenomena which sprung from their past work with Professor Glass. Specifically, these investigations include underwater shock waves, shock/bubble interaction, m...

  2. Reflective processes and competencies involved in teaching practice at university: a case study

    Caetano da Costa


    Full Text Available Founded on practical rationality, this qualitative case study aimed to explore the teaching practice at university, focusing on teacher's reflections and competencies. To this end, teaching practices were described, analyzed, and interpreted. These interactions with students on a course in the pharmacy program, brought about situations involving dilemmas and learning opportunities for problem-solving and decision-making skills. Throughout the study, students were encouraged to use knowledge-in-action, reflection-in-action, and reflection-on-action, and these processes were also experienced by the teacher. Analysis of the records from classroom observation and the interviews with students and the teacher showed the fundamental role of such reflective processes, which led to attainment of the intended objectives. In this sense, the teacher's reflective practice was essential for supporting the application of each curricular component of the course.

  3. University Physics Students' Use of Models in Explanations of Phenomena Involving Interaction between Metals and Electromagnetic Radiation.

    Redfors, Andreas; Ryder, Jim


    Examines third year university physics students' use of models when explaining familiar phenomena involving interaction between metals and electromagnetic radiation. Concludes that few students use a single model consistently. (Contains 27 references.) (DDR)

  4. Professor of Zoology, University of Stellenbosch (Concluding ...

    for a large, if not for the major portion of his food supply and it was their skins and ... palatability is an obvious one, but which might be purely incidental, the ... In order to carve out a niche for himself, man had no choice but to modify and destroy.

  5. Validity and Reliability of the Alcohol, Smoking, and Substance Involvement Screening Test (ASSIST) in University Students.

    Tiburcio Sainz, Marcela; Rosete-Mohedano, Ma Guadalupe; Natera Rey, Guillermina; Martínez Vélez, Nora Angélica; Carreño García, Silvia; Pérez Cisneros, Daniel


    The Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Involvement Screening Test (ASSIST), developed by the World Health Organization (WHO), has been used successfully in many countries, but there are few studies of its validity and reliability for the Mexican population. The objective of this study was to determine the psychometric properties of the self-administered ASSIST test in university students in Mexico. This was an ex post facto non-experimental study with 1,176 undergraduate students, the majority women (70.1%) aged 18-23 years (89.5%) and single (87.5%). To estimate concurrent validity, factor analysis and tests of reliability and correlation were carried out between the subscale for alcohol and AUDIT, those for tobacco and the Fagerström Test, and those for marijuana and DAST-20. Adequate reliability coefficients were obtained for ASSIST subscales for tobacco (alpha = 0.83), alcohol (alpha = 0.76), and marijuana (alpha = 0.73). Significant correlations were found only with the AUDIT (r = 0.71) and the alcohol subscale. The best balance of sensitivity and specificity of the alcohol subscale (83.8% and 80%, respectively) and the largest area under the ROC curve (81.9%) was found with a cutoff score of 8. The self-administered version of ASSIST is a valid screening instrument to identify at-risk cases due to substance use in this population.

  6. "Women in Science" with Professor Jocelyn Bell Burnell

    Prof. Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell is currently a visiting Professor at the. University of Oxford UK and a Fellow of Mansfield College. In a career spanning over four decades, she has made outstanding contributions to Astronomy and the public understanding of Science. As a Ph.D student in Cambridge. University she was ...

  7. PREFACE: Special section on Computational Fluid Dynamics—in memory of Professor Kunio Kuwahara Special section on Computational Fluid Dynamics—in memory of Professor Kunio Kuwahara

    Ishii, Katsuya


    This issue includes a special section on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in memory of the late Professor Kunio Kuwahara, who passed away on 15 September 2008, at the age of 66. In this special section, five articles are included that are based on the lectures and discussions at `The 7th International Nobeyama Workshop on CFD: To the Memory of Professor Kuwahara' held in Tokyo on 23 and 24 September 2009. Professor Kuwahara started his research in fluid dynamics under Professor Imai at the University of Tokyo. His first paper was published in 1969 with the title 'Steady Viscous Flow within Circular Boundary', with Professor Imai. In this paper, he combined theoretical and numerical methods in fluid dynamics. Since that time, he made significant and seminal contributions to computational fluid dynamics. He undertook pioneering numerical studies on the vortex method in 1970s. From then to the early nineties, he developed numerical analyses on a variety of three-dimensional unsteady phenomena of incompressible and compressible fluid flows and/or complex fluid flows using his own supercomputers with academic and industrial co-workers and members of his private research institute, ICFD in Tokyo. In addition, a number of senior and young researchers of fluid mechanics around the world were invited to ICFD and the Nobeyama workshops, which were held near his villa, and they intensively discussed new frontier problems of fluid physics and fluid engineering at Professor Kuwahara's kind hospitality. At the memorial Nobeyama workshop held in 2009, 24 overseas speakers presented their papers, including the talks of Dr J P Boris (Naval Research Laboratory), Dr E S Oran (Naval Research Laboratory), Professor Z J Wang (Iowa State University), Dr M Meinke (RWTH Aachen), Professor K Ghia (University of Cincinnati), Professor U Ghia (University of Cincinnati), Professor F Hussain (University of Houston), Professor M Farge (École Normale Superieure), Professor J Y Yong (National

  8. [Professor Frantisek Por MD and Professor Robert Klopstock MD, students at Budapest and Prague Faculties of Medicine].

    Mydlík, M; Derzsiová, K


    Professor Frantisek Por MD and Professor Robert Klopstock MD were contemporaries, both born in 1899, one in Zvolen, the other in Dombovar, at the time of Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Prof. Por attended the Faculty of Medicine in Budapest from 1918 to 1920, and Prof. Klopstock studied at the same place between 1917 and 1919. From 1920 until graduation on 6th February 1926, Prof. Por continued his studies at the German Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague. Prof. Klopstock had to interrupt his studies in Budapest due to pulmonary tuberculosis; he received treatment at Tatranske Matliare where he befriended Franz Kafka. Later, upon Kafka's encouragement, he changed institutions and continued his studies at the German Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague, where he graduated the first great go. It is very likely that, during their studies in Budapest and Prague, both professors met repeatedly, even though their life paths later separated. Following his graduation, Prof. Por practiced as an internist in Prague, later in Slovakia, and from 1945 in Kosice. In 1961, he was awarded the title of university professor of internal medicine at the Faculty of Medicine, Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Kosice, where he practiced until his death in 1980. Prof. Klopstock continued his studies in Kiel and Berlin. After his graduation in 1933, he practiced in Berlin as a surgeon and in 1938 left for USA. In 1962, he was awarded the title of university professor of pulmonary surgery in NewYork, where he died in 1972.


    Maitê Alves Bezerra


    Full Text Available Ao observar a comunidade portuguesa que busca compreender a historicidade das formas e dos processos de escolarização por meio do estabelecimento de intenso diálogo com outras comunidades, é impossível não dar destaque à figura de António Manuel Seixas Nóvoa. Nascido em Lisboa no ano de 1954, aos 18 anos inicia o curso de Ciências da Educação na Universidade de Lisboa. Após lecionar em importantes universidades tais como Paris V, Oxford e Columbia University, atualmente acumula as posições de reitor da Universidade de Lisboa e professor catedrático da Faculdade de Psicologia e de Ciências da Educação na Instituição. Nóvoa tem se destacado à frente de debates internacionais a respeito da história da educação e educação comparada.

  10. Interview: Interview with Professor Malcolm Rowland.

    Rowland, Malcolm


    Malcolm Rowland is Professor Emeritus and former Dean of the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and a member and former director (1996-2000), of the Centre for Applied Pharmacokinetic Research, University of Manchester. He holds the positions of Adjunct Professor, School of Pharmacy, University of California, San Francisco; Member, Governing Board, EU Network of Excellence in Biosimulation; Founder member of NDA Partners; academic advisor to a Pharmaceutical initiative in prediction of human pharmacokinetics and Scientific Advisor to the EU Microdose AMS Partnership Program. He was President of the EU Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences (1996-2000); Vice-President of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (2001-2009) and a Board Member of the National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research (NC3Rs, 2004-2008). He received his degree in Pharmacy and PhD at the University of London and was on faculty (School of Pharmacy, University of California San Francisco [1967-1975]) before taking up a professorship at Manchester. His main research interest is physiologically based pharmacokinetics and its application to drug discovery, development and use. He is author of over 300 scientific articles and co-author, with TN Tozer, of the textbooks Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics: Concepts and Applications and Introduction to Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics. He was editor of the Journal of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics (formerly Journal of Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceutics, 1973-2007) and, since 1977, has organized regular residential workshops in pharmacokinetics.

  11. Professor Igor Yevseyev: In Memoriam Professor Igor Yevseyev: In Memoriam


    Dear readers and authors, June 3, 2012 will mark five months since Professor Igor Yevseyev, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of both journals Laser Physics and Laser Physics Letters passed away, suddenly and unexpectedly. He was 67. Born in Moscow, he entered one of the world's best schools of physics, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI). With this renowned educational and research institution he bonded an alliance for his entire life, starting as an undergraduate student in the Department of Theoretical Physics and later continued as graduate student, assistant professor, associated professor, and full professor in the same department, a rare accomplishment of a person. All those years he retained the love of his life—the love for physics. He worked tirelessly as a teacher and scholar in this captivating field of knowledge. Professor Yevseyev was one of the founders of the international journal of Laser Physics in 1990, the first academic English language journal published in the former USSR. Later, in 2004, the second journal, Laser Physics Letters was brought to the forum of global laser physics community. The idea behind this new title was Professor Yevseyev's initiative to reach the readers and participants with new pioneering and break-through research results more rapidly. His leadership and indefatigable dedication to the quality of published materials made it possible that this journal reached international recognition in a few short years. Still, in order to attract even more attention of potential contributors and readers, Professor Yevseyev originally proposed to conduct the International Laser Physics Workshop (LPHYS) on the annual basis. Since 1992 the Workshop has been conducted every year, each year in a different country. As in all previous years, Professor Yevseyev was the key organizer of this year's workshop in Calgary, Canada. Sadly, this workshop will take place without him. Editorial Board

  12. Graduate Student Attitudes toward Professor Pedagogical Content Knowledge, Transformational Teaching Practices, Student-Professor Engagement in Learning, and Student Deep Learning in Worldwide Business and Education Programs

    Economos, Jennifer Lynn


    Some professors are expected to remain competitive research scholars, as well as teach, particularly in research-intensive universities. It has been argued that some professors spend too much time on research to obtain institutional incentives or promotion, and not enough time on teaching. Consequently, some adjuncts assume the responsibility for…

  13. Wanted: More Squares Among Professors

    Fisher, William H.


    Professors who see the world and life in a context of sincerely held religious beliefs should be given the same tolerance and understanding which atheists and agnostics used to demand for themselves. (AD)

  14. The College Professor's Professional Liability

    Griggs, Walter S.; Rubin, Harvey W.


    The growing number of professional liability suits against professors warrants a close examination of the need for and provisions of available insurance coverage. The evolution of tort liability, the question of negligence, and the professional liability policy are discussed. (LBH)

  15. University Response to Crisis Events Involving International Populations: The Case of Seven Directors of International Offices

    Andrews, James P.


    This qualitative research study focuses on crisis events affecting university international populations. It explores how seven directors of university international offices at seven different geographical locations in Texas respond to those events. The study findings shed light on the current state of crisis preparedness in higher education from…

  16. Sports Involvement and Academic Achievement: A Study of Malaysian University Athletes

    Chuan, Chun Cheng; Yusof, Aminuddin; Shah, Parilah Mohd


    Factors that influence the academic achievement of Malaysian university athletes were investigated using 156 field hockey players from several universities. The relationship between team subculture, parental influence, the learning environment, support systems, financial aid, training factors, academic assistance, socialization, and stress level…

  17. Professor Igor Yevseyev: In Memoriam


    Dear readers and authors, June 3, 2012 will mark five months since Professor Igor Yevseyev, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of both journals Laser Physics and Laser Physics Letters passed away, suddenly and unexpectedly. He was 67. Born in Moscow, he entered one of the world's best schools of physics, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI). With this renowned educational and research institution he bonded an alliance for his entire life, starting as an undergraduate student in the Department of Theoretical Physics and later continued as graduate student, assistant professor, associated professor, and full professor in the same department, a rare accomplishment of a person. All those years he retained the love of his life—the love for physics. He worked tirelessly as a teacher and scholar in this captivating field of knowledge. Professor Yevseyev was one of the founders of the international journal of Laser Physics in 1990, the first academic English language journal published in the former USSR. Later, in 2004, the second journal, Laser Physics Letters was brought to the forum of global laser physics community. The idea behind this new title was Professor Yevseyev's initiative to reach the readers and participants with new pioneering and break-through research results more rapidly. His leadership and indefatigable dedication to the quality of published materials made it possible that this journal reached international recognition in a few short years. Still, in order to attract even more attention of potential contributors and readers, Professor Yevseyev originally proposed to conduct the International Laser Physics Workshop (LPHYS) on the annual basis. Since 1992 the Workshop has been conducted every year, each year in a different country. As in all previous years, Professor Yevseyev was the key organizer of this year's workshop in Calgary, Canada. Sadly, this workshop will take place without him. Editorial Board


    Lara Sinelnikova


    Full Text Available The article offers an analysis of the linguocultural character type professor taking into consideration both traditional set of signs and those transformations that indicate accumulation of evolutionary changes. The methodological base for the systematic description were the achievements of such areas of scientific knowledge as personology, linguopersonology and discourseology. The linguocultural character type (LCCT is a generalised image of persons, whose behaviour and value orientations influence culture, language and show social originality of the society. The peculiarity of the studied linguocultural character type is in its interrelation with the linguocultural character types intellectual and teacher as well as in the fact of the traditional connection with the concept elite. The exposure of such kind of multidimensional relations allowed to focus attention on the qualities of the LCCT professor that ensure its relative self-sufficiency. The sign of elitism and belonging to the intellectuals of the LCCT professor is asserted by the high social status recognised by the society, which is based on professionalism and compliance with moral principles. The axiological generality of the LCCT professor and teacher is ensured by the peculiarities of the modern pedagogical discourse with its typical image settings. One of the main features of the image of a professor is its belonging to the elite language person. The transformational processes in the contents of the LCCT professor are connected with the globalisation: including the international dimension in the evaluation of the professional activity, complication of the language environment, marketisation of the university sphere.



    Aug 14, 2016 ... students, and his works can be found across various parts of his own university and worldwide. He visited and established contacts with institutions in many countries including Sweden,. Denmark, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Romania, Greece, Spain, Italy,. United Kingdom, Ireland ...

  20. Student Evaluations of College Professors: Are Female and Male Professors Rated Differently?

    Basow, Susan A.; Silberg, Nancy T.


    Over 1,000 undergraduates evaluated 16 male and female professors in terms of teaching effectiveness and sex-typed characteristics. Male students gave female professors significantly poorer ratings than male professors on the six teaching evaluation measures. Female students evaluated female professors less favorably than male professors on three…

  1. Disciplines and Professors of Astronomy in Undergraduate Physics Teachers Formation Courses in Brazilian Universities. (Spanish Title: Disciplinas y Profesores de Astronomia en los Cursos de Licenciatura en Física en Las Universidades Brasileñas.) Disciplinas e Professores de Astronomia Nos Cursos de Licenciatura em Física das Universidades Brasileiras

    Roberto, Artur Justiniano, Jr.; Reis, Thiago Henrique; dos Reis Germinaro, Daniel


    This article is the result of a research on basic training in Astronomy in physics degrees that performed the ENADE 2011 national examination. The objective was to identify whether there are disciplines of Astronomy in these courses, whether are mandatory or optional, its workload and when it is offered. The relationship between astronomers, physics degrees and disciplines of Astronomy was investigated. To perform this research we examined the results of ENADE 2011 and also the census of Brazilian Astronomical Society. As a result it is observed that in only 15% of the courses there is a mandatory subject of Astronomy, and therefore there is a high probability that 85% of physics teachers trained in 2011 have not had any discipline of Astronomy during their graduation. In addition, the data collected in this study shows a low number of members of SAB (Sociedade Astronômica Brasileira) among the surveyed courses. We have verified that the presence of astronomers in a given university does not imply to have a mandatory discipline of Astronomy in physics degrees at the same university. Este artículo es el resultado de una investigación sobre la formación básica en Astronomía en los cursos de Profesorado en Física que hicieron el examen nacional ENADE 2011. El objetivo del trabajo fue identificar se existen disciplinas de Astronomía en estos cursos, si son obligatorias u optativas, cuál es su carga horaria y el semestre en que son ofrecidas. Se investigó también la correlación entre astrónomos, los cursos de licenciatura en Física y las disciplinas de Astronomía. Para realizar esta investigación se utilizaron los datos del ENADE 2011 y también del censo de la Astronomía brasileña. Como resultado, se observó que en solo 15% de los cursos existe una disciplina obligatoria de Astronomía y que existe una grande probabilidad de que 85% de los profesores de Física formados en el año de 2011 no hayan cursado ninguna disciplina de Astronomía durante su

  2. Editorial: A dedication to Professor Jan Evetts

    Weber, Harald; Dew-Hughes, David; Campbell, Archie; Barber, Zoe; Somekh, Rob; Glowacki, Bartek


    applications in magnets. Competing theories for the critical current density at that time were fine filaments or `Mendelssohn Sponge' versus the pinning of Abrikosov quantized vortices. The results of the group's work, to which Jan made a major contribution, came down heavily in favour of the latter theory. Jan's outstanding characteristic was his meticulous and painstaking approach to every piece of work that he tackled. His attention to detail, and his ability to design elegant experiments, was unique. He was awarded a PhD for his thesis `The Magnetisation of Superconducting Lead Alloys'. The work on flux pinning culminated in the publication of `Critical Currents in Superconductors', a research monograph (co-authored with Archie Campbell) that rapidly became the standard reference work in the field. It has recently been reprinted in the Advances in Physics `Classic Articles' series as the 9th most cited article in the journal's history (2001 Adv. Phys. 50 1249-449). Jan was appointed to a research fellowship at Pembroke College and to a Science Research Council Research Fellowship in the Department of Metallurgy in 1965. After David Dew-Hughes left Cambridge, Jan inherited the superconducting materials research group and was appointed University Demonstrator in Metallurgy and a full Fellow in Pembroke College in 1966. He progressed steadily through the various levels of academic rank, finally being appointed Professor of Device Materials in 1998. Under his direction his research group grew until it comprised some 40 people, and expanded its research interests to thin films and magnetic materials. Jan's work on superconductivity was always paralleled by research on magnetic materials; the cross fertilization between disciplines has been very fruitful and led to him editing Pergamon's `Concise Encyclopedia of Magnetic and Superconducting Materials' in 1992. This work has been a major success with a world-wide readership. To give a more personal picture of Jan and his

  3. Outbreak of OXA-48-Producing Klebsiella pneumoniae Involving a Sequence Type 101 Clone in Batna University Hospital, Algeria.

    Loucif, Lotfi; Kassah-Laouar, Ahmed; Saidi, Mahdia; Messala, Amina; Chelaghma, Widad; Rolain, Jean-Marc


    Seven nonredundant ertapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae isolates were collected between May 2014 and 19 January 2015 in the nephrology and hematology units of Batna University Hospital in Algeria. All strains coproduced the bla OXA-48 , bla CTX-M-15 , bla SHV-1 , and bla TEM-1D genes. Six of these isolates belonged to the pandemic clone sequence type 101 (ST101). The bla OXA-48 gene was located on a conjugative IncL/M-type plasmid. This is the first known outbreak of OXA-48-producing K. pneumoniae isolates involving an ST101 clone in Batna University Hospital. Copyright © 2016, American Society for Microbiology. All Rights Reserved.

  4. Career satisfaction among medical school professors: a case study in Brazil

    Nilce Maria da Silva Campos Costa

    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: To investigate the career satisfaction of medical school professors in relation to initial motivation, satisfaction factors, and the desire to remain in the profession. METHODOLOGY: A qualitative methodology was used, based on questionnaires and semi-structured interviews with faculty members at a federal institution of higher education in Brazil. RESULTS: For 42.86% of the sample, teaching began while they were medical students; 80% had chosen teaching either as a vocation or due to influence from families or professors; 20% chose teaching as a professional opportunity. The majority, 57.14%, stated they were happy with teaching, and 51.42% did not plan to leave the career. Factors involved in satisfaction with teaching were: the possibility of remaining up-to-date in the medical profession, the feeling of doing their duty, their contribution to training future doctors, and contact with young people and the university setting. Factors leading to dissatisfaction were pedagogical (33.33%, economic (30.95%, institutional (14.28%, and relational (14.28%. CONCLUSIONS: Subjects expressed a positive attitude towards teaching, and because of their great personal satisfaction with the career, they did not plan to leave it. These findings should shed light on factors that interfere with career satisfaction and help increase those that promote satisfaction, thus improving the productivity and well-being of medical professors.

  5. A Narrative Inquiry Exploring How College Communication Professors Engage Students with Public Speaking Apprehension

    Riedel, Derek


    The purpose of this qualitative study was to discover how communication professors at four-year private universities help students who exhibit public speaking apprehension (PSA) learn to cope with their anxiety. The research was framed in the narrative inquiry paradigm, interviewing eight college communication professors about their experiences…

  6. The Coaching and Mentoring Process: The Obvious Knowledge and Skill Set for Organizational Communication Professors

    Stowers, Robert H.; Barker, Randolph T.


    This article explores the uses of coaching and mentoring as they apply to organizational communication professors. The authors contend that these professors already are proficient at coaching and mentoring and the coaching and mentoring processes are routinely undertaken as part of their standard university teaching responsibilities. As coaches,…

  7. Use of Data as a Supplemental Tool for the

    Bergin, Adam; Sharp, Kevan; Gatlin, Todd A.; Villalta-Cerdas, Adrian; Gower, Austin; Sandi-Urena, Santiago


    Commercial online instructor evaluations have gained traction in influencing students' decisions on professor and course selections at universities. (RMP) is the most popular of such evaluation tools and houses a wealth of information from the students' viewpoint. The purpose of this study was to determine whether RMP data…

  8. The Education of an English Professor: The Biographical Narrative

    González Valencia, Heriberto; Enríquez, Jakeline Amparo Villota; Ramos Acosta, Lizeth


    This article is the result of a qualitative research following the characteristics of hermeneutical research aims to understand the training process of the English university professor, taking into account factors that affect and surround the social, economic, and cultural environment; in which the experience and the story of life, shape the…

  9. Why Don't All Professors Use Computers?

    Drew, David Eli


    Discusses the adoption of computer technology at universities and examines reasons why some professors don't use computers. Topics discussed include computer applications, including artificial intelligence, social science research, statistical analysis, and cooperative research; appropriateness of the technology for the task; the Computer Aptitude…

  10. Humor and the Emeritus Professor: An Interview with Gene Roth

    Vivona, Brian


    This essay is a compilation of several conversations with Dr. Gene Roth, Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus at Northern Illinois University. Dr. Roth is past President of the Academy of Human Resource Development, and although he is well known for his efforts in bringing humor into the field of HRD, he is not the same Gene Roth that played…




    Full Text Available One of the increasingly momentous topics in organisation studies is emotional labor. The direction towards which emotional labor affects the job involvement of service workers has also been studied and stated that this direction might change based on the choice of labor behaviour. The concept of "supervisor support" refers to the close, intimate and understanding attitude of the superior to the subordinates. As a result of the study conducted on student affairs office employees of three state universities in the Aegean Region (n=127 a positive significant relationship among three emotional labor behaviour and job involvement was discerned and an increase in parallel with supervisory support was displayed.

  12. Social justice and the university community: does campus involvement make a difference?

    McAuliff, Kathleen E; Williams, Shannon M; Ferrari, Joseph R


    We examined perceptions on school sense of community and social justice attitudes among undergraduates (N = 427; 308 women, 115 men; M age = 19.72, SD = 1.91), and how year in school and club membership affected these constructs. Results demonstrated that involvement with a greater number of clubs was associated with having a stronger school sense of community and more positive social justice attitudes. Multiple regression analyses demonstrated that year in school did not significantly predict social justice attitudes. Results suggested that greater involvement and sense of school belonging might be linked to social justice attitudes.

  13. Leadership development at university: Comparing student leaders with different levels of involvement in a leadership education program

    Vogt, Krista Lee


    This study examined how students’ leadership behaviours are related to both their personal leadership experience and their involvement in a leadership education program. The context of the study was the University of Guelph’s Certificate in Leadership program. The Student Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) was administered to 33 student leaders who did not participate in the Leadership Certificate and 14 students who were at various levels of completion of the Certificate. No significant di...

  14. Students’ oral involvement in the Chinese university classroom: A comparison between classes of Chinese and international students

    Muhammad Abid Malik; Guoyuan Sang


    The current research investigates the notion that Chinese students are orally less involved in the classroom as compared to international students. Most of the previous research on this topic focuses on the Chinese students in English language classes or those studying in other countries where the language barrier and foreign culture might influence such behaviour. Using observations, this research compares two Chinese and two international classes in a Chinese university to investigate this ...

  15. Designing the organizational creativity based on job characteristics and job involvement among physical education units’ employees of Technology University

    Seyed Hossein Alavi


    Full Text Available The aim of the present study was designing the organizational creativity based on job characteristics and job involvement among physical education employees of Technology University. The statistical population of the present study consisted of all employees, experts, and physical education units’ managers. The statistical samples were 389 people reduced to 338 employees after eliminating the incomplete and useless questionnaires. The research method of the present study was descriptive-correlative. Three questionnaires of job characteristics, job involvement, and organizational creativity were used to evaluate the research variables which were distributed and gathered among research samples after translation and comparison with research samples via face validity (views of 12 sport management experts and construct validity. The research results were analyzed by Partial Least Square (PLS and showed that the best predictor of job involvement among physical education units’ employees of Technology University was problem solving (ES= 0.41. However, the job characteristics of autonomy (0.26 and job feedback (.024 had more effects on employees’ creativity. Other results showed that managers reported lower scores of job characteristics and creativity than sport employees. According to research findings, in order to achieve creativity in the workplace within physical education units of Technology University, the managers should stimulate the autonomy and feedback characteristics. Of course, it should not be neglected that this mechanism would be facilitated by creating the problem solving in job.

  16. Librarian Involvement in Systematic Reviews at Queen’s University: An Environmental Scan

    Amanda Ross-White


    Librarians at Queen’s are actively involved in systematic reviews and co-authorship is a means of valuing our contribution. Librarians appear to be more likely to achieve co-authorship when they have advocated for this role in the past. Success varies according to the cultural norms of the department.


    Ersun, A. Nur; Yıldırım, Figen


    The purpose of this study is to better understand the interest of university students in fashion products and to ascertain how different social variables explain variance in their brand sensitivity.Fashion happens to be a relevant and powerful force in our lives. At every level of society, people greatly care about the way they look, which affects both their self –esteem and the way other people interacr with them. For young adults wearing fashion brands seems to be a way of feeling adequate....

  18. Redox Pioneer: Professor Vadim N. Gladyshev.

    Hatfield, Dolph L


    Professor Vadim N. Gladyshev is recognized here as a Redox Pioneer, because he has published an article on antioxidant/redox biology that has been cited more than 1000 times and 29 articles that have been cited more than 100 times. Gladyshev is world renowned for his characterization of the human selenoproteome encoded by 25 genes, identification of the majority of known selenoprotein genes in the three domains of life, and discoveries related to thiol oxidoreductases and mechanisms of redox control. Gladyshev's first faculty position was in the Department of Biochemistry, the University of Nebraska. There, he was a Charles Bessey Professor and Director of the Redox Biology Center. He then moved to the Department of Medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, where he is Professor of Medicine and Director of the Center for Redox Medicine. His discoveries in redox biology relate to selenoenzymes, such as methionine sulfoxide reductases and thioredoxin reductases, and various thiol oxidoreductases. He is responsible for the genome-wide identification of catalytic redox-active cysteines and for advancing our understanding of the general use of cysteines by proteins. In addition, Gladyshev has characterized hydrogen peroxide metabolism and signaling and regulation of protein function by methionine-R-sulfoxidation. He has also made important contributions in the areas of aging and lifespan control and pioneered applications of comparative genomics in redox biology, selenium biology, and aging. Gladyshev's discoveries have had a profound impact on redox biology and the role of redox control in health and disease. He is a true Redox Pioneer. Antioxid. Redox Signal. 25, 1-9.

  19. Professors of the New Economy.

    Wilson, Robin


    Profiles four professors who epitomize the increasing influence of academe on new technology-driven Internet business: a start-up maven, Steven Kaplan; a social psychologist, Michael Ray; a cyberlawyer, David Post; and an e-commerce expert, Andrew B. Whinston. (DB)

  20. The United Kingdom's First Woman Law Professor: An Archerian Analysis

    Cownie, FC


    In 1970, at Queen's University Belfast, Claire Palley became the first woman to hold a Chair in Law at a United Kingdom university. However, little is known about the circumstances surrounding this event, or Claire Palley herself. This article (part of an extended project exploring her life history) seeks to address the question ‘Was there something about Claire Palley herself that made it more likely she would become the United Kingdom's first female law professor?’ Initially focusing on met...

  1. ATLANTIC and beyond: an interview with Professor Azfar Zaman.

    Zaman, Azfar; Wu, Wing


    Professor Azfar Zaman speaks to Wing Wu, Commissioning Editor: Professor Azfar Zaman is a Consultant Interventional Cardiologist at Freeman Hospital and Professor of Cardiology at Newcastle University. Following graduation at Leeds Medical School, he completed postgraduate training in cardiology at regional centres in Leeds, London and Cardiff. Prior to his appointment in Newcastle upon Tyne, he was a Fulbright Scholar and British Heart Foundation International Fellow at Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, USA. He is the Clinical Lead for Coronary Intervention and Director of the Cardiac Catheter Laboratories. In 2012, he was appointed Specialty Group Lead for Cardiovascular Research and has an interest in clinical research, with a particular interest in atherothrombosis in diabetes and clinical trials.

  2. Whither the African University


    reform. 1. Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, Addis Ababa University ..... reduce African universities to virtually vocational schools. The World ..... theories, established institutions, and widely held beliefs according to the cannons ...

  3. University tutorials in the setting of the European Higher Education Area: current profiles



    Full Text Available In the new setting promoted by the European Higher Education Area, university guidance and tutorials have become more important than ever. We understand tutorials as part of the teaching responsibility in which a more personal interaction between professor and student, professor and novice teacher, or student and student is established, and whose goal is to guide learning according to the individual characteristics and learning styles of the individuals involved. Now is the time to set up guidance and tutorials systems for students –both during the training process and in their first professional steps– and for novice teachers also. Among such systems we can mention professor coaching, peer mentoring, professional tutoring in training centres or mentoring of an experienced university professor on the novice teacher.

  4. Involving High School Students in Computational Physics University Research: Theory Calculations of Toluene Adsorbed on Graphene.

    Ericsson, Jonas; Husmark, Teodor; Mathiesen, Christoffer; Sepahvand, Benjamin; Borck, Øyvind; Gunnarsson, Linda; Lydmark, Pär; Schröder, Elsebeth


    To increase public awareness of theoretical materials physics, a small group of high school students is invited to participate actively in a current research projects at Chalmers University of Technology. The Chalmers research group explores methods for filtrating hazardous and otherwise unwanted molecules from drinking water, for example by adsorption in active carbon filters. In this project, the students use graphene as an idealized model for active carbon, and estimate the energy of adsorption of the methylbenzene toluene on graphene with the help of the atomic-scale calculational method density functional theory. In this process the students develop an insight into applied quantum physics, a topic usually not taught at this educational level, and gain some experience with a couple of state-of-the-art calculational tools in materials research.

  5. Measuring spirituality as a universal human experience: development of the Spiritual Attitude and Involvement List (SAIL).

    de Jager Meezenbroek, Eltica; Garssen, Bert; Van den Berg, Machteld; Tuytel, Gerwi; Van Dierendonck, Dirk; Visser, Adriaan; Schaufeli, Wilmar B


    Many cancer patients experience spirituality as highly supportive while coping with their disease. Most research as well as most questionnaires in this field is religious orientated. The Spiritual Attitude and Involvement List was developed to enable research on spirituality among religious and nonreligious people. It consists of seven subscales that measure connectedness with oneself, with others and nature, and with the transcendent. Among a student, a healthy population, a healthy interested, a curative cancer, and a palliative cancer sample factorial, convergent and discriminant validity were demonstrated, as well as adequate internal consistency and test-retest reliability.

  6. Experimental Effects of Student Evaluations Coupled with Collaborative Consultation on College Professors' Instructional Skills

    Knol, M.H.; in 't Veld, R.; Vorst, H.C.M.; van Driel, J.H.; Mellenbergh, G.J.


    This experimental study concerned the effects of repeated students’ evaluations of teaching coupled with collaborative consultation on professors’ instructional skills. Twenty-five psychology professors from a Dutch university were randomly assigned to either a control group or an experimental

  7. History of Higher Education: Educational Reform and the Emergence of the Nursing Professorate.

    Ruby, Jane


    In the late 19th century, visionary leaders pursued liberal education for nurses, moving nursing education from hospitals to universities. The nursing professorate might never have developed had nursing education remained under the jurisdiction of hospitals. (SK)

  8. Virginia Tech Wildlife Professor Helping To Save Florida Panther

    Davis, Lynn


    With few Florida panthers now in existence, Mike Vaughan, Virginia Tech professor of wildlife and sciences in the College of Natural Resources, has been appointed to serve on the Florida Panther Scientific Review Team (SRT). Vaughan and other SRT members have made several trips to Naples, Fla., to interview state and federal biologists directly involved with the recovery of the Florida panther.

  9. Concepciones de enseñanza y su relación con las prácticas docentes: un estudio con profesores universitarios Conceiçôes de ensino e sua relação com as práticas docentes: um estudo com professores universitários Teaching Concepts and Their Relationship to Teaching Practices: A Study with University Professors

    Ariana De Vincenzi


    nas situaçôes do dia a dia na aula, até uma visão construtivista, que admite a singularidade e a complexidade da classe. A pesquisa foi realizada entre 2006 e 2007 em uma universidade privada da Argentina. O seu objetivo foi estudar as práticas e conceiçôes de 23 professores universitários da carreira de medicina sobre o ensino. Para recolher a informação utilizou-se uma ficha de observação de classes semi-estruturada e um inventário de atribuição de teorias implícitas do corpo docente sobre o ensino, elaborado por Rodrigo, Rodríguez e Marrero. Por último, estudou-se a relação entre as práticas docentes observadas e as conceiçôes de ensino selecionadas.The focus of this work is on analyzing two dimensions that are fundamental to a study of university teaching: how teachers act in the classroom and how they view teaching. Since the 1970s, both topics have been the object of research developed through a variety of methods. The conceptual models underlying the different approaches used to analyze the complexity of classroom life have evolved to greater levels of depth and scope: from the technical rationality approach, which tries to explain teaching practices through verification of the behavior patterns anticipated in response to regular classroom situations, to a constructivist approach that acknowledges the singularity and complexity of the classroom. The study was conducted between 2006 and 2007, at a private university in Argentina, to examine the teaching practices and concepts of 25 university professors in the field of medicine. The information was collected with a semi-structured class observation chart and an attributional inventory of teaching theories implicit in the faculty, designed by Rodrigo, Rodríguez and Marrero. The relationship between the teaching practices observed and the selected teaching concepts was examined as well.

  10. An Interview with Professor Melquíades de Dios Leyva, December 2008

    Arias de Fuentes, Olimpia

    When writing about the history of physics in Cuba, this remarkable professor of quantum mechanics must be mentioned, for he embodies a most genuine example of the turn taken by national educational policy after 1959: Education for all, at all levels, with no discrimination or elitism. The following is an interview granted by Dr. Melquíades de Dios Leyva, Outstanding Full Professor of the Physics Faculty of the University of Havana, to Dr. Olimpia Arias de Fuentes, Associate Professor at the same, and Senior Researcher of the Institute of Materials Science and Technology (IMRE) of the University of Havana.

  11. Assessing Private Sector Involvement in Health Care and Universal Health Coverage in Light of the Right to Health


    Abstract The goal of universal health coverage is to “ensure that all people obtain the health services they need without suffering financial hardship when paying for them.” There are many connections between this goal and the state’s legal obligation to realize the human right to health. In the context of this goal, it is important to assess private actors’ involvement in the health sector. For example, private actors may not always have the incentives to deal with externalities that affect the availability, accessibility, acceptability, and quality of health care services; they may not be in a position to provide “public goods”; or they may operate under imperfect information. This paper sets out to answer the question, what legal human rights obligations do states have in terms of regulating private sector involvement in health care? PMID:28559678

  12. Ring-Shaped Potential and a Class of Relevant Integrals Involved Universal Associated Legendre Polynomials with Complicated Arguments

    Wei Li


    Full Text Available We find that the solution of the polar angular differential equation can be written as the universal associated Legendre polynomials. Its generating function is applied to obtain an analytical result for a class of interesting integrals involving complicated argument, that is, ∫-11Pl′m′xt-1/1+t2-2xtPk′m′(x/(1+t2-2tx(l′+1/2dx, where t∈(0,1. The present method can in principle be generalizable to the integrals involving other special functions. As an illustration we also study a typical Bessel integral with a complicated argument ∫0∞Jn(αx2+z2/(x2+z2nx2m+1dx.

  13. Assessing Private Sector Involvement in Health Care and Universal Health Coverage in Light of the Right to Health.

    Hallo De Wolf, Antenor; Toebes, Brigit


    The goal of universal health coverage is to "ensure that all people obtain the health services they need without suffering financial hardship when paying for them." There are many connections between this goal and the state's legal obligation to realize the human right to health. In the context of this goal, it is important to assess private actors' involvement in the health sector. For example, private actors may not always have the incentives to deal with externalities that affect the availability, accessibility, acceptability, and quality of health care services; they may not be in a position to provide "public goods"; or they may operate under imperfect information. This paper sets out to answer the question, what legal human rights obligations do states have in terms of regulating private sector involvement in health care?

  14. Digital preservation of cultural and scientific heritage: involving university students to raise awareness of its importance

    Paula Redweik


    Full Text Available Cultural heritage is a relevant issue in contemporary society. While its preservation is a challenge, its dissemination, can contribute for an economic balance between costs and benefits.  Scientific  heritage  can  be  considered  as  a  special domain  of  cultural  heritage, not yet sought  by  the  mass  tourism, but worth being preserved as the roots of today’s knowledge.  Considering  that  university  students  of  engineering  and computer  science traditionally  do  not  address cultural or scientific heritage issues in their syllabus, and that they constitute a layer of young citizens that will come to be influential  in  the  future  of  society,  an  effort  was  undertaken  to  focus  on  this  theme  in  disciplines  of  different  courses, allying  the  learning  of  technical  skills  with  the  natural  interest  of  younger  people  for  3D  and  animation  for  the  profit  of heritage. The goal was to raise the awareness of this particular group to the importance of maintaining heritage issues, in particular,  in  a  virtual  way,  both  for  documentation  and  for  divulgating  their  existence.  Raising  funds  for  buildings’ restoration, attracting the public to visit buildings and collections that are outside the usual tourism routes, contributing to revenue  generation,  or  allowing  virtual  visits  of  not  accessible  issues,  complementing  physical  visits  on  site,  were  the general  aims of  the  proposed  projects.  A survey was undertaken under the participating students to evaluate how the projects influenced their attitude towards heritage. The obtained feedback was very positive: 76% agreed that the project alerted them for the importance of preserving historical and cultural heritage, while 72% considered it was interesting that the topic of digital cultural heritage was used for the assessments of

  15. Demonstrating the unit hydrograph and flow routing processes involving active student participation - a university lecture experiment

    Schulz, Karsten; Burgholzer, Reinhard; Klotz, Daniel; Wesemann, Johannes; Herrnegger, Mathew


    The unit hydrograph (UH) has been one of the most widely employed hydrological modelling techniques to predict rainfall-runoff behaviour of hydrological catchments, and is still used to this day. Its concept is based on the idea that a unit of effective precipitation per time unit (e.g. mm h-1) will always lead to a specific catchment response in runoff. Given its relevance, the UH is an important topic that is addressed in most (engineering) hydrology courses at all academic levels. While the principles of the UH seem to be simple and easy to understand, teaching experiences in the past suggest strong difficulties in students' perception of the UH theory and application. In order to facilitate a deeper understanding of the theory and application of the UH for students, we developed a simple and cheap lecture theatre experiment which involved active student participation. The seating of the students in the lecture theatre represented the hydrological catchment in its size and form. A set of plastic balls, prepared with a piece of magnetic strip to be tacked to any white/black board, each represented a unit amount of effective precipitation. The balls are evenly distributed over the lecture theatre and routed by some given rules down the catchment to the catchment outlet, where the resulting hydrograph is monitored and illustrated at the black/white board. The experiment allowed an illustration of the underlying principles of the UH, including stationarity, linearity, and superposition of the generated runoff and subsequent routing. In addition, some variations of the experimental setup extended the UH concept to demonstrate the impact of elevation, different runoff regimes, and non-uniform precipitation events on the resulting hydrograph. In summary, our own experience in the classroom, a first set of student exams, as well as student feedback and formal evaluation suggest that the integration of such an experiment deepened the learning experience by active

  16. Professor

    Hauggaard-Nielsen, Henrik


    DEBAT: Land og by hænger uløseligt sammen - både i forhold til fødevareproduktion og -distribuering – men også i forhold til vores fælles natur. Når vi bor i byerne, er vi tæt forbundet og afhængige af de tjenester, som landbruget bidrager med – fødevarer, sikring af rent grundvand, bioenergi, re...

  17. 19 January 2011 - British University of Manchester, Vice-President and Dean for the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences Professor of Structural Engineering School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering C. Bailey in CERN Control Centre with Department Head P. Collier; at LHCb with R. Lindner and ATLAS underground experimental area with Deputy Spokesperson D. Charlton, througout accompanied by . Collier with R. Appleby and F. Loebinger

    Maximilien Brice


    19 January 2011 - British University of Manchester, Vice-President and Dean for the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences Professor of Structural Engineering School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering C. Bailey in CERN Control Centre with Department Head P. Collier; at LHCb with R. Lindner and ATLAS underground experimental area with Deputy Spokesperson D. Charlton, througout accompanied by . Collier with R. Appleby and F. Loebinger

  18. Memories of Professor Sugimoto and isotope separator

    Tanaka, Kazuhiro


    Usual magnetic isotope-separators select the particles with the same Z/A value which may include different nuclides. Identification of the isotope with the same Z/A value but different Z or A value is an universal requirement for nuclear physics experiments. If one knows, together with the A/Z value, the dE/dx or the range of the isotope in some energy absorber, which are the function of Z 2 /A, its nuclide can be specified. This idea can be realized by arranging proper energy-absorber at the focal point of magnetic analyzer. The author proposes another novel method in which two dipole-magnets are excited with some difference, and an energy absorber corresponding to that energy difference is situated between two magnets. It can also be devised so that the dispersion at the final focal-point depends only on the emission angle of the isotope at production. Professor Sugimoto recognized the significance of this scheme and proposed to employ it in the experiment at BEVATRON. The unbalanced two dipole-magnets method is employed at RIKEN and RCNP, Osaka University. The author's creative idea originated in Sugimoto Laboratory at Osaka University. (author)

  19. Personality of young drivers in Oman: Relationship to risky driving behaviors and crash involvement among Sultan Qaboos University students.

    Al Azri, Mohammed; Al Reesi, Hamed; Al-Adawi, Samir; Al Maniri, Abdullah; Freeman, James


    Drivers' behaviors such as violations and errors have been demonstrated to predict crash involvement among young Omani drivers. However, there is a dearth of studies linking risky driving behaviors to the personality of young drivers. The aim of the present study was to assess such traits within a sample of young Omani drivers (as measured through the behavioral inhibition system [BIS] and the behavioral activation system [BAS]) and determine links with aberrant driving behaviors and self-reported crash involvement. A cross-sectional study was conducted at the Sultan Qaboos University that targeted all licensed Omani's undergraduate students. A total of 529 randomly selected students completed the self-reported questionnaire that included an assessment of driving behaviors (e.g., Driver Behaviour Questionnaire, DBQ) as well as the BIS/BAS measures. A total of 237 participants (44.8%) reported involvement in at least one crash since being licensed. Young drivers with lower BIS-Anxiety scores and higher BAS-Fun Seeking tendencies as well as male drivers were more likely to report driving violations. Statistically significant gender differences were observed on all BIS and BAS subscales (except for BAS-Fun) and the DBQ subscales, because males reported higher trait scores. Though personality traits were related to aberrant driving behaviors at the bivariate level, the constructs were not predictive of engaging in violations or errors. Furthermore, consistent with previous research, a supplementary multivariate logistic regression analysis revealed that only driving experience was predictive of crash involvement. The findings highlight that though personality traits influence self-reported driving styles (and differ between the genders), the relationship with crash involvement is not as clear. This article further outlines the key findings of the study in regards to understanding core psychological constructs that increase crash risk.

  20. [Drug use and involvement in risky driving styles in a sample of university students. The uniHcos project].

    Jiménez-Mejías, Eladio; Medina-García, Miguel Ángel; Martínez-Ruiz, Virginia; Pulido-Manzanero, José; Fernández-Villa, Tania


    Drug and alcohol use are known to increase the risk of traffic accidents, especially among youth. However, the association between habitual drug use and the adoption of risky driving behavior is not well known. The aim of this study was to identify and quantify the association between habitual drug use and involvement in risky driving practices overall and by gender among university students. A cross sectional study was conducted. The study population was composed of 559 car drivers younger than 31 years who completed an online questionnaire during the 2011-2012 academic year. Among other factors, the questionnaire assessed the following items: habitual drug consumption (20 or more days) during the last year and involvement in other risky driving practices during the last month. A total of 27.7% of students reported they had used drugs regularly during the last year. Drug use was associated with a higher frequency of involvement in risky driving practices. In men, the factors most strongly associated with drug consumption were speeding, driving under influence of alcohol, and feeling drowsy while driving. In women, drug consumption was mainly associated with smoking while driving, drunk driving, and driving without rest. The results of our study support the hypothesis that habitual drug use is associated with an increased frequency of risky driving behavior. Copyright © 2014 SESPAS. Published by Elsevier Espana. All rights reserved.

  1. Entrevista com professor Bertrand Badie

    Mere Marques Aveiro, Thais


    Bertrand Badie é cientista político, professor na Sciences Po, Paris, pesquisador do CERI (Centro de Estudos e Pesquisas Internacionais), codiretor da coleção L’etat du monde, publicada anualmente desde 2010 e coeditor da Enciclopédia Internacional de Ciência Política. Entre 2002 e 2005, foi Diretor do Centro de Estudos Internacionais sobre a paz e resoluções de conflitos. Por dez anos (1994 –2003), foi Diretor das publicações da Sciences Po.Desde 2000, ministra o Curso Espaço Mundial que, a ...

  2. A Group Interview about Publishing with Professor Jack Zipes

    Emma Louise Parfitt


    Full Text Available The conversation piece is the product of a group interview with Professor Jack Zipes and provides useful insights about publishing for early career researchers across disciplines. Based on his wider experiences as academic and writer, Professor Zipes answered questions from PhD researchers about: writing books, monographs and edited collections; turning a PhD thesis into a monograph; choosing and approaching publishers; and the advantages of editing books and translations. It presents some general advice for writing and publishing aimed at postgraduate students. Professor Zipes is an Emeritus Professor at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, United States, a world expert on fairy tales and storytelling highlighting the social and historical dimensions of them. Zipes has forty years of experience publishing academic and mass-market books, editing anthologies, and translating work from French, German and Italian. His best known books are Breaking the Magic Spell (1979, Fairy Tales and the Art of Subversion (1983, The Irresistible Fairy Tale: The Cultural and Social History of a Genre (2012, and The Original Folk and Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm (2014.

  3. Professor Rastislav Dzúrik: the Man and the Scientist.

    Derzsiová, Katarina; Mydlík, Miroslav


    Rastislav Dzrik, finished his medical study at the Medical School of Comenius University in Bratislava in 1953. After graduation he began to work at the Institute of chemistry and biochemistry of the Medical School and in 1957 he continued working at the IIIrd Internal Clinic of this faculty, which became later the base of "Internal School of Professor T. R. Niederland" with biochemical focusing. In the year 1967 ProfessorDzrik in cooperation with ProfessorJan Brod founded the Nephrological Section of the Slovak Internal Society and then the postgraduate scientific-research activity in nephrology began. The main topics of his scientific activity, in which he received many priority results, were: Isolation and characteristic of inhibitor of glucose utilisation and of inhibitor of renal gluconeogenesis; Effect of "middle molecular substances, especially in the development of renal insufficiency; Isolation and identification of hippurate and pseudouridine. His publishing activity was manifested in more than 500 scientific papers, several monographs and many chapters in various textbooks and manuals of internal medicine and clinical biochemistry, and more than 1,000 citations. The most important success of Professor Dzrik was the textbook "Nephrology which was published in 2004 and he was its main editor. Rastislav Dzriks impact on the field of Nephrology in Slovakia was manifold. It included his complex work of clinical nephrology, his pedagogical activities, and last but not least his excellent organizing abilities.

  4. Os pontos de virada na formação do professor universitário: um estudo sobre o mecanismo da identificação The "turning points" in the formation of the university teacher: a study of the mechanism of identification

    Claudia Rosa Riolfi


    Full Text Available O presente artigo tem como objeto a formação do professor universitário. Volta-se para a elucidação das seguintes questões: a os avanços para a compreensão da natureza do percurso a ser trilhado para que se instale, no professor universitário em formação, um desejo que encontre seu norte no ato de ensinar que são possíveis de se levar em consideração, ao tomar em consideração a psicanálise lacaniana; e b a configuração dos pontos de virada por meio dos quais um sujeito em formação vem a construir um lugar singular de onde possa criar um trabalho próprio de professor universitário. Postula a necessidade do ultrapassamento do que estamos chamando de pontos de virada para que aquele que está em um percurso de formação, para se tornar professor universitário, possa vir a criar um espaço próprio para o exercício da docência, fundando, portanto, a possibilidade da re-invenção de um si próprio. Para tal fim, estamos recorrendo ao conceito de identificação - tal qual é visto na psicanálise de orientação lacaniana - para elucidar a experiência decorrida no âmbito do Programa de Aperfeiçoamento de Ensino (PAE, ao longo de 2005, em duas disciplinas (cujos alunos são prioritariamente oriundos da graduação em Lingüística da Faculdade de Filosofia, Letras e Ciências Humanas da USP, que têm a carga horária de 120 horas cada uma (60 em sala de aula e 60 de estágio supervisionado.This article takes as its object the formation of the university teacher, turning its attention to the elucidation of the following issues: a the developments in the understanding of the nature of the path to be followed so as to instill in the university teacher under formation a will oriented towards the act of teaching, developments that can be assessed from the perspective of Lacanian psychoanalysis; and b the configuration of "turning points" after which a subject under formation builds a singular place where it is possible to

  5. Oliver Sacks: Our Correspondence About Twins/Twin Research: Vanishing Twins Syndrome; Discordant Sex in MZ Twins; Pregnancy Outcomes in IVF and ICSI Conceived Twins/Print and Media: Superfetated Twins; Twins Discordant for Smoking; Twins in Fashion; Yale University Twin Hockey Players; Conjoined Twin-Visiting Professor.

    Segal, Nancy L


    The late neurologist and author, Oliver Sacks, published an insightful 1986 review of Marjorie Wallace's book, The Silent Twins, in the New York Times. Taking exception to his assertion about Sir Francis Galton, I wrote a letter to the Times' editor. The letter was unpublished, but it brought a wonderful response from Sacks himself that is reproduced and examined. Next, brief reviews of twin research concerning the vanishing twin syndrome (VTS), discordant sex in a monozygotic (MZ) twin pair, and multiple pregnancy outcomes from assisted reproductive technology (ART) are presented. This section is followed by popular coverage of superfetated twins, smoking-discordant co-twins, twins in fashion, Yale University twin hockey players, and a visiting professor who was a conjoined twin.

  6. Factors related to successful teaching by outstanding professors: an interpretive study.

    Rossetti, Jeanette; Fox, Patricia G


    The purpose of this study was to identify and describe factors associated with successful university teaching within the cultural norms of a public university in the midwestern United States. An interpretive analysis was conducted using the educational philosophy and goal statements of 35 university professors who received Presidential Teaching Awards from the university. The professors' diverse disciplines included nursing, curriculum and instruction, accountancy, music, and political science. The authors offer nursing educators the opportunity to increase their confidence and effectiveness by "learning" from faculty members who have been recognized as exceptionally successful in teaching. Four main relevant themes associated with successful university teaching were identified: Presence, Promotion of Learning, Teachers as Learners, and Enthusiasm. The narratives of the professors helped define the meaning of successful teaching across disciplines and offer nursing faculty additional perspectives and experiences.

  7. Strategies Used by Professors through Virtual Educational Platforms in Face-to-Face Classes: A View from the Chamilo Platform

    Valencia, Heriberto Gonzalez; Villota Enriquez, Jackeline Amparo; Agredo, Patricia Medina


    This study consisted in characterizing the strategies used by professors; implemented through virtual educational platforms. The context of this research were the classrooms of the Santiago de Cali University and the virtual space of the Chamilo virtual platform, where two professors from the Faculty of Education of the same university…

  8. WWC Review of the Report "Are Tenure Track Professors Better Teachers?" What Works Clearinghouse Single Study Review

    What Works Clearinghouse, 2014


    The study reviewed here examined whether taking a course with a tenure track professor versus a non-tenure track professor for first-term freshman-level courses (e.g., introductory economics) had an impact on students' future enrollment and performance in classes in the same subject. Data from 15,662 students who entered Northwestern University,…

  9. College Students’ Perceptions of Professor/Instructor Bullying: Questionnaire Development and Psychometric Properties

    Marraccini, Marisa E.; Weyandt, Lisa L.; Rossi, Joseph S.


    Objective This study developed and examined the psychometric properties of a newly formed measure designed to assess professor/instructor bullying, as well as teacher bullying occurring prior to college. Additionally, prevalence of instructor bullying and characteristics related to victims of instructor bullying were examined. Participants Participants were 337 college students recruited in 2012 from a northeastern university. Methods An online questionnaire was administered to college students. A split-half, cross-validation approach was employed for measurement development. Results The measure demonstrated strong criterion validity and internal consistency. Approximately half of students reported witnessing professor/instructor bullying and 18% reported being bullied by a professor/instructor. Report of teacher bullying occurring prior to college was related to professor/instructor bullying in college, and sex was a moderating variable. Conclusion College students perceive instructor bullying as occurring but may not know how to properly address it. Prevention efforts should be made by university administrators, faculty and staff. PMID:26151235

  10. College Students' Perceptions of Professor/Instructor Bullying: Questionnaire Development and Psychometric Properties.

    Marraccini, Marisa E; Weyandt, Lisa L; Rossi, Joseph S


    This study developed and examined the psychometric properties of a newly formed measure designed to assess professor/instructor bullying, as well as teacher bullying occurring prior to college. Additionally, prevalence of instructor bullying and characteristics related to victims of instructor bullying were examined. Participants were 337 college students recruited in 2012 from a northeastern university. An online questionnaire was administered to college students. A split-half, cross-validation approach was employed for measurement development. The measure demonstrated strong criterion validity and internal consistency. Approximately half of students reported witnessing professor/instructor bullying and 18% reported being bullied by a professor/instructor. Report of teacher bullying occurring prior to college was related to professor/instructor bullying in college, and sex was a moderating variable. College students perceive instructor bullying as occurring but may not know how to properly address it. Prevention efforts should be made by university administrators, faculty, and staff.




    Mental health, an important object of research in psychology as well as social psychology, can be determined by the relationship between psychological well-being and psychological distress. In this context, we search to understand: “How do compare mental health of professors working in public universities in an emerging country like Brazil with the one of professors working in a developed country like Canada?” and “What are the main differences in the indicators of mental he...

  12. Professor Gender, Age, and "Hotness" in Influencing College Students' Generation and Interpretation of Professor Ratings

    Sohr-Preston, Sara L.; Boswell, Stefanie S.; McCaleb, Kayla; Robertson, Deanna


    A sample of 230 undergraduate psychology students rated their expectations of a bogus professor (who was randomly designated a man or woman and "hot" versus "not hot") based on ratings and comments found on Five professor qualities were derived using principal components analysis: dedication,…

  13. Observations on Professor Hayek's Plan

    Ludwig von Mises


    Full Text Available This memorandum was written at the request of Henry Hazlitt to provide Mises’s comments on and concerns about F.A. Hayek’s initial proposals for what became the Mont Pèlerin Society. Mises stresses that those who favor liberty and freedom and oppose totalitarianism must also oppose interventionism. The memo argues that those who fought and lost against the rising tide of totalitarianism at the turn of the 20th Century lost their battles because they settled for middle-of-the-road policies that conceded considerable ground to the socialists. The weak point in Professor Hayek’s plan is that it relies upon the cooperation of many men who are today’s middle-of-the-roaders. As interventionists, they may not be the hoped-for intellectual pioneers to inspire people to build a freer world.

  14. Professor Dragutin M. Drazic - On the occasion of his 70th birthday

    Aleksandar Despic


    Full Text Available Professor Dragutin Drazic was born on May 5, 1930, in Belgrade. His father, Milan Drazic, was a professor at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the University of Belgrade, while his mother, Zorka, was also a civil engineer working for the City of Belgrade. These facts, as well as the entire intellectual entourage in the “Professors’ Colony” in Belgrade, predetermined his orientation to natural sciences and engineering. Thus, after finishing elementary school before WWII and secondary school by 1949, he entered the Faculty of Science and Mathematics (Department of Chemistry of the University of Belgrade. After his first year of study, he changed the school, enlisting in the faculty of Chemical Engineering (“Faculty of Technology” of the same University. He graduated from the Department of Chemical Technology with the highest grade in 1956. After graduation, he joined the teaching staff of the same school, in the Department of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry, in which he spent his entire career, commencing as an assistant lecturer and becoming a full professor. His affinity for science was supported by his wife Vera (b. Kuharic who was in the same profession and also became a university professor in physical chemistry. The family tradition continued with their two sons, Milan and Dusan, who also joined the academic world, becoming capable mathematician and computer scientists. Profesor Drazic taught very successfully a variety of subjects, such as Electrode Kinetics, Corrosion, Electrochemical Double Layer and Adsorption (postgraduate and finally, Physical Chemistry – a General Course. At the height of his professional career he was the Head of the Chair and Department of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry for several years. In July 1959 he went to the USA, to join the Electrochemistry Laboratory of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, led by Professor John O’Mara Bockris, which at the time was the leading

  15. Has Family Involvement Migrated into Higher Education? An Investigation of How Administrative Staff Document the Phenomenon in Students' University Experiences in Cyprus

    Symeou, Loizos; Theodorou, Eleni; Lamprianou, Iasonas; Rentzou, Konstantina; Andreou, Panayiota


    Families have been getting more and more involved in their children's education. This paper presents findings of a study investigating family involvement in their members' undergraduate studies attending a state (non-fee-paying) and a private (fee-paying) university in Cyprus. The data presented in the paper were collected via online logs…

  16. Where are the female science professors? A personal perspective.

    Kamerlin, Shina Caroline Lynn


    The first woman to earn a Professorship at a University in Europe was Laura Maria Caterina Bassi, who earned a professorship in physics at the University of Bologna in 1732. Almost 300 years and three waves of feminism later, in 2016, women typically still only comprise 20% (or less) of the number of full professors in Europe. This opinion article will discuss the experiences of being a female academic today and the factors contributing to the academic gender gap from the perspective of a "young" natural scientist, as well as providing constructive suggestions for strategies to empower women in the academic world.

  17. A first-of-its-kind visit for 12 Algerian professors and students

    Kate Shaw


    The Cirta-Science competition is open to 51 high schools in the Constantine region of Algeria. This year the prize for the winners was a historic visit to see the place where the Higgs boson was discovered and meet scientists working at CERN, some of whom are from Algeria.   The group was composed of two physics professors from Constantine University and ten students from the Algerian Sirius Astronomy Association, including three laureates of the Cirta-Science scientific competition. Abdelhak Djouadi, a theoretical physicist at CERN from Algeria, was invited to announce the winners of this prestigious competition. The group of visitors had a very tight schedule, including a number of meetings with CERN scientists and visits to the SC, ATLAS and CMS. Since 2008 Algeria has had an international cooperation agreement with CERN, and in May 2014 a Protocol was signed which will involve the ATLAS and ISOLDE experiments.

  18. OBITUARY: Professor Jan Evetts in memoriam

    Dew-Hughes, David; Campbell, Archie; Glowacki, Bartek


    meticulous and painstaking approach to every piece of work that he tackled. His attention to detail, and his ability to design elegant experiments, was unique. He was awarded a PhD for his thesis `The Magnetisation of Superconducting Lead Alloys'. The work on flux pinning culminated in the publication of `Critical Currents in Superconductors', a research monograph (co-authored with Archie Campbell) that rapidly became the standard reference work in the field. It has recently been reprinted in the Advances in Physics `Classic Articles' series as the 9th most cited article in the journal's history (2001 Adv. Phys. 50 1249-449). Jan was appointed to a research fellowship at Pembroke College and to a Science Research Council Research Fellowship in the Department of Metallurgy in 1965. After David Dew-Hughes left Cambridge, Jan inherited the superconducting materials research group and was appointed University Demonstrator in Metallurgy and a full Fellow in Pembroke College in 1966. He progressed steadily through the various levels of academic rank, finally being appointed Professor of Device Materials in 1998. Employing an astonishing combination of administrative skill, long term planning, manipulation of the University system and high quality research at the top international level, Jan built up the largest superconductivity group in the UK, comprising some 40 members. Five of his group obtained permanent positions in the Metallurgy Department, and there are many scientists all over the world, as well as many in Cambridge, who owe their careers to him. Jan served on many UK and European Committees, and in the organization of several international conferences. The major event of the 1980s was undoubtedly the discovery of high temperature superconductivity. Jan's group was well placed to move very rapidly into this area and the paper submitted to Nature in March 1987 was the first in the literature to report the deposition of a thin ceramic film with a 90 K superconducting

  19. The Professors behind the MOOC Hype

    Kolowich, Steve


    The largest-ever survey of professors who have taught MOOCs, or massive open online courses, shows that the process is time-consuming, but, according to the instructors, often successful. Nearly half of the professors felt their online courses were as rigorous academically as the versions they taught in the classroom. The survey, conducted by "The…

  20. Professor Nukem - et eksperiment med oplevelsesbaseret forskningsformidling

    Sandvik, Kjetil; Thorhauge, Anne Mette


    Professor Nukem er resultatet af et forskningsprojekt om oplevelsesbaseret forskningsformidling der har form som et computerspil med tilhørende website, hvor brugeren interaktivt kan engagere sig i forskning omkring sociale og kulturelle aspekter ved computerspil. Professor Nukem kan spilles på...

  1. Assédio moral entre docentes de instituição pública de ensino superior do Brasil Asedio moral entre docentes de una institución pública de enseñanza universitaria en Brasil Moral harassment among professors in a public university in Brazil

    Vânia Cláudia Spoti Caran


    individualidades deben ser superadas por valores, como equidad y solidaridad para que no sucedan este tipo de situaciones.OBJECTIVE: To identify the existence of moral harassment (SA among professors in a public university in Brazil. METHODS: This was a quantitative, descriptive and sectional research; the sample consisted of 54 professors (62.8% who answered questions about moral harassment at work. RESULTS: Most were women (92.6%, between 40 and 59 years (72.2%, working at the institution less than 15 years (61.1, 40.7% admitted being victims of SA at work, 59.3% knew the fellow who had suffered SA and 70.4% stated that it is a common problem in the institution. The cases described participation of: chiefs, superiors, peers, teachers and advisers. CONCLUSION: Universities are places where there is competition for positions and for research/publication resources, which facilitates the occurrence of this phenomenon. The individualities must be overcome with ethical values such as equity and solidarity to avoid the happening of moral harassment.

  2. USE Efficiency -- Universities and Students for Energy Efficiency

    Melandri, Daniela


    Universities and Student for Energy Efficiency is a European Project within the Intelligent Energy Programme. It intends to create a common stream for energy efficiency systems in university buildings. Universities and students are proposed as shining examples for energy efficiency solutions and behaviour. The Project involves 10 countries and has the aim to improve energy efficiency in university buildings. Students are the main actors of the project together with professors and technicians. To act on students means to act on direct future market players in diffusion of public opinions. A strong communication action supports the succeeding of the action.

  3. Biography of Professor Cornel Tiberiu Opriş. Professional maturity.

    Rotaru, Alexandru; Rotaru, Horatiu


    Professor Cornel Tiberiu Opris was the founder and Chair of the Clinic and University Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Cluj, after the Education Reform of 1948. The article illustrates how the founder of these institutions led a valiant struggle for obtaining and arranging a location for the newly established Faculty of Dentistry, within the Institute of Medicine and Pharmacy. Professor Cornel Tiberiu Opriş established himself as the most prodigious researcher at the Faculty for over a quarter-century, until his retirement, introducing his original conception in the therapeutic and surgical field. He created in Cluj-Napoca a specialist medical school by imposing national prestige for the institution that he led.

  4. An Outstanding Career: Professor Emeritus Iacob Cătoiu

    Octavian Oprică


    Full Text Available Through the duration of his commissions of Deputy Dean (1981-1989 and, respectively, Dean (1992-2003, and also by the manner of approaching the managerial problems and his scientific extension, Professor Iacob Cătoiu left and indelible trace on the evolution of the former Department of Commerce in the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE – now the Department of Business and Tourism. He is author or co-author of an important number of books (57 and articles (105 and book presentations. Thus, after he made the personal acquaintance with Philip Kotler, the guru of international marketing, in 1997, Professor Iacob Cătoiu wrote the Forward to the Romanian version of Philip Kotler's volume Managementul marketingului (Marketing Management a fundamental book in its field. (Nicolae Lupu

  5. Expressão escrita de concluintes de curso universitário para formar professores Written production of students attending the last year of a university course to educate teachers

    Alda Junqueira Marin


    Full Text Available O objetivo central deste trabalho é o de relatar algumas análises de pesquisa sobre as condições que alunos concluintes de cursos de formação de professores exibem para atuar nos anos iniciais da escolaridade. realizado na perspectiva dos estudos culturais, o estudo permite traçar o perfil desse alunado na dimensão específica do domínio da recepção e produção do texto escrito. Os dados referem-se a alunos concluintes de um Curso Normal Superior privado, de instituição do interior paulista, em 2005. Com o aporte da sociologia procura-se compreender criticamente esse modelo de formação atual, analisando-o a partir de dentro das instituições formadoras e de seus agentes. Os resultados apontam a precariedade das condições de domínio dos conteúdos escolares básicos relacionados à leitura e à escrita, indispensáveis para o exercício futuro da profissão docente nos primeiros anos do ensino fundamental, o que equivale a constatar, nessa parcela do alunado do ensino superior, indícios de falência do sistema escolar de ensino.The main purpose of this work is to report some research analyses on the lack of preparation shown by last-year students of teachers' training course to exercise their work in the first years of schooling. Conducted from the cultural study perspective, this study enables identifying the profile of these students in the specific dimension of a written text reception and production domain. Data refer to students attending the last year of a private higher basic education teacher education program, in an institution located in a city in the State of Sao Paulo, in 2005. With Sociology contributions, this study tries to critically understand this present education model, analyzing it from inside the educational institutions and their agents. Results point out deficiencies in mastering basic school contents such as reading and writing, indispensable for the future practice of teaching first graders of

  6. Transfer students in STEM majors at a Midwestern University: Academic and social involvement factors that influence student success

    Lopez, Carlos

    There is soon-to-be a shortage of qualified U.S. workers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). As a result, many science-related jobs are being filled by technically-skilled foreign workers. If the U.S wants to maintain its global economic leadership, then it must ensure a continuous growth of highly-trained individuals in STEM disciplines. Therefore, American institutions of higher education, including community colleges, must identify potential factors that contribute to the lack of interest in STEM majors, as well as the low rate of success of students who enter STEM majors but struggle to finish their degrees. The purpose of this study was to ascertain the perceptions of community college transfer students who are pursuing bachelor degrees in STEM majors at Iowa State University (ISU). What were their transfer experiences and what influenced their academic success in STEM. Participants were encouraged to share their transfer experiences while at the community college as well as their experiences on the ISU campus. They were also asked about their level of academic involvement, their relationships with faculty, and their participation in peer group activities prior to and after transferring. The research design included both quantitative and qualitative components, which provided an in-depth look at the experiences of STEM non-engineering and engineering students. Quantitative data include students' background characteristics, demographic information, and college activities at the community college and ISU. Qualitative data were used to illuminate students' overall transfer experience and their successful journey in STEM fields. The combination of quantitative and qualitative methods allowed a better understanding of the strategies students put into practice once they transfer from a community college to a four-year institution in pursuit of a STEM bachelor's degree. The results of this study suggest that there is an association among the

  7. Professor Glyn O. Phillip's legacy within the IAEA programme on radiation and tissue banking.

    Morales Pedraza, Jorge


    Professor Phillips began his involvement in the implementation of this important IAEA programme, insisting that there were advantages to be gained by using the ionizing radiation technique to sterilize human and animal tissues, based on the IAEA experience gained in the sterilization of medical products. The outcome of the implementation of the IAEA programme on radiation and tissue banking demonstrated that Professor Phillips was right in his opinion.

  8. Ellen Gleditsch: Professor, radiochemist and mentor

    Lykknes, Annette


    This dissertation deals with Ellen Gleditsch and some important aspects of her career, as professor, radiochemist and mentor. As Professor Gleditsch supervised students, gave lectures, disseminated science, did research and administrative work; together with many others she participated in the shaping of a research university which developed during her career. She also experienced the daily life in an institute in which there was competition for both resources and positions, included the professorship she was finally granted after many set-backs. The Radiochemist Ellen Gleditsch worked and researched at Marie Curie's laboratory in Paris, and later at Bertram Boltwood's laboratory in New Haven and Stefan Meyer's Institute for Radium Research in Vienna, furthermore she planned and made efforts to establish a similar laboratory in Oslo. During her time in Paris and U.S.A. Gleditsch participated in important debates in the early period of radioactivity, including those on the determination of the radium-uranium ratio and the half-life of radium. In Norway she devoted her time to atomic weight determinations, age determinations, and radiogeological investigations. Research was all important part of Gleditsch's life and career. Gleditsch was also a Mentor in many respects; in tile international radioactivity community, as one of the first female academics and radiochcmists in Norway, for her many students, and this role seems also to have been hers within her family. In Paris she looked after students from all over the world to help alleviate their home sickness, at the University of Oslo she was known as the scientific mother to many; mentoring was among Gleditsch's main qualities. The story of Ellen Gleditsch opens for several perspectives that are discussed. 3 papers are included. In paper 1, ''Ellen Gleditsch: Pioneer Woman in Radiochemistry'', the story is about the young chemist Ellen Gleditsch, who arrived in Paris in 1907 and started cooperating with Marie Curie

  9. Physical activities practicing among scholar professors: focus on their quality of life

    Jaqueline Dias


    Full Text Available Abstract Objective: To investigate the practice of physical activity among scholar professors focusing on their quality of life. Methods: A cross-sectional study was carried out with 121 professors at one of the campuses of a state university in the State of Paraná, using a questionnaire created by Baecke and adapted for the study. Results: The analyzed group presented a level of inadequate physical activity of 54.4%, with mean body mass of 26.20, considered overweight. Conclusion: The study indicated that professors do not practice physical activity at the level recommended by the World Health Organization; therefore, they are, for the most part, sedentary and have complaints of anxiety. It is advisable to carry out actions aimed at the health of the professors, directed to the modification in the lifestyle, with regular practice of physical activities and balanced diet, for the improvement of the quality of life.

  10. [Digital educational materials in nursing: assessment by professors from an undergraduate course].

    Cogo, Ana Luísa Petersen; Pedro, Eva Néri Rubim; da Silva, Ana Paula Scheffer Schell; Schatkoski, Aline Modelski; Catalan, Vanessa Menezes; Alves, Rosa Helena Kreutz


    This study addresses the use of digital learning materials in the format of hypertext, educational games and simulations about oxygen therapy with professors of an Undergraduate Nursing Course. It is a cross-sectional exploratory study that was carried out at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in 2006 with 10 intentionally selected professors. Data collection was performed by means of a questionnaire, using a Likert scale to assess the suitability of the content, visual presentation and use of learning materials. Descriptive statistics was used to organize and process the data. Results showed that the professors approved of the presentation of educational materials, they agreed with the suitability of the contents presented and with using the materials with the content regarding oxygen therapy. There was no significant relation between the professors' opinion and their age group, nor with their computer technology knowledge, their time in teaching and the addressed contents.

  11. The Practice of Research of a Basic Education Teacher Involving Mental Models of the Phases of the Moon and Eclipses. (Spanish Title: La Práctica de Investigación de un Maestro de Educación BÁsica con El Uso de los Modelos Mentales de Las Fases de la Luna Y Eclipses.) A Prática de Pesquisa de um Professor do Ensino Fundamental Envolvendo Modelos Mentais de Fases da Lua e Eclipses

    Pessôa Queiroz, Glória; Jubitipan Borges de Sousa, Carlos; Auxiliadora Delgado Machado, Maria


    The inclusion of basic education teachers in the survey domain is a controversial issue and fully debated in the academy. The opportunity for a collective work that incorporated school teachers from a public school to a university's group of physics teaching at university allowed us to glimpse the redefinition of the function of a science teacher (a coauthor of this paper) by himself, such that now he includes research on the knowledge construction by students in his teacher practice. The formation of inter-institutional groups for action planning and research in these areas has proved productive for the task of knowledge construction to support educational processes in school, while the university enriches its collection of experiences critically validated, and can consider the results in teachers initial and continued education. The active participation of the teacher in a research group at the university led him to reflect on the possible didactical ways to be described, analyzed and communicated to other teachers. The construction of a pedagogy that took into account the mental models of students on the basic topics of astronomy, and the changes developed resulting from the lessons taught, led to far-reaching consequences on the pedagogy adopted by the teacher, who incorporates now a new vision of science and alternative forms to dialogue with students, essential components for a researcher in Science Education. La inclusión de los maestros de la escuela básica en el universo de la investigación es polémica y está en amplio debate en el mundo académico. La oportunidad de trabajo colectivo de los maestros de una escuela pública en Río de Janeiro con un grupo universitario de enseñanza de la física nos ha permitido vislumbrar la redefinición de la función de un maestro de ciencias (uno de los coautores de este documento) por él mismo, ahora para incluir la investigación sobre la construcción del conocimiento por los alumnos en su práctica como

  12. Estrategia para mejorar la gestión del desempeño científico-metodológico del profesor en la extensión universitaria Quevedo / Strategy to improve the management of the scientific-methodological performance of the professor in the university extension Quevedo

    Sandra Karina Daza-Suárez


    a methodological strategy for the management of the scientific-methodological performance of the professor in the university extension Quevedo, attached to the aforementioned university. To implement the strategy, all the professors that make up the aforementioned extension were selected. Scientific research was based on theoretical and empirical methods; as well as in mathematical and statistical methods. The research work was developed in two phases, during the first phase, the preparation of the teachers was diagnosed for the development of the planned scientific-methodological management, adopting as an evaluative reference the planning, organization, execution and control of the teaching-learning process, as well as the scientific activity displayed within the process itself. In the second one, the effectiveness of the strategy was specified through a quasi-experiment; In addition, the theoretical validation of the result was confirmed by the criteria of 13 experts. The results achieved favorably modify the management of the scientific-methodological performance of the faculty under study, by providing an optimal preparation to face the pedagogical direction of the teaching-learning process, which generated a significant impact on the academic performance of the students, granting validity to the working hypothesisThe exploratory studies carried out at the Technical University of Babahoyo, Ecuador, show the lack of link between scientific and methodological activity. For this reason, the research developed was designed as a general objective to determine the effectiveness of a methodological strategy for the management of the scientific-methodological performance of the professor in the university extension Quevedo, attached to the aforementioned university. To implement the strategy, all the professors that make up the aforementioned extension were selected. Scientific research was based on theoretical and empirical methods; as well as in mathematical and

  13. Lifelong learning: Science professors need leadership training

    Leiserson, Charles E.; McVinney, Chuck


    Education does not stop. Professors must update and develop their technical skills throughout their careers. But as they progress, few take the time — or are offered the opportunity — to become educated in how to be an effective leader.


    Ioan Mămăligă


    Full Text Available Today, I want to believe in the old saying that the soul, the spirit of the departed lingers on for a while among the living. I like to believe our homage here today will somehow reach Stelian Petrescu, our professor, colleague, mentor and coworker, who put his passion, talent, love and devotion into serving the chemical engineering school in Iaşi. His life and work have been closely related to our Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Protection. In 1975, he graduated from the Faculty of Industrial Chemistry of the Polytechnic Institute with a degree in the Technology of Inorganic Substances, and in 1980, he went on to teach at the “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University in Iaşi, where he gradually built an exceptional career. In 1987, he earned a PhD in chemical engineering, and he became a full professor in 1996. A hard worker and brilliant researcher, Professor Petrescu has published over 15 books and textbooks and over 150 valuable scientific articles. He was also the author of over 40 patents, many of which received awards at international invention fairs. An outstanding member of the group of teachers with the Chemical Engineering Department, which he has run and coordinated for a long time, he has contributed to the education of over 30 generations of engineers and the development of a new generation of doctors in chemical engineering. He was beloved and held in high regard both by his students and his colleagues. Professor Petrescu has left this world prematurely, unexpectedly and unjustly. We will all miss him and will surely remember all the wonderful times we spent together. On behalf of his colleagues and students, I would like to extend my deepest condolences to his family.

  15. Formação pedagógica de professores de nutrição: uma omissão consentida? Teacher training for nutrition professors: a tacitly accepted omission?

    Nilce Maria da Silva Campos Costa


    Full Text Available Apesar dos novos papéis preconizados pelas Diretrizes Curriculares Nacionais aos profissionais de Nutrição, pouca atenção tem sido dada ao desenvolvimento docente para atuação nos novos cenários. O objetivo deste ensaio é o de discutir um dos desafios à formação do nutricionista, a prática docente e a formação pedagógica do professor da área da saúde, para pensar formas de oportunizar um ensino de melhor qualidade, com base em autores que discutem a docência universitária. Identificam-se como causas da resistência docente às mudanças, a desvalorização das atividades de ensino e a supremacia das atividades de pesquisa nas universidades. O estudo permitiu sugerir a necessidade de reflexão por parte dos professores de Nutrição sobre as questões da docência universitária e sobre o desenvolvimento docente em uma perspectiva crítica e reflexiva, que possa ancorar mudanças pedagógicas necessárias à formação de nutricionistas.Despite the new roles called in for the National Curricular Guidelines for teachers in nutrition courses, little attention has been paid to the professional development of the nutrition professional acting as a teacher. Based on the work of authors who discuss university teaching, this essay discusses some of the challenges involved in training nutritionists, such as teaching practice and teacher training for the professor in the health field, with the goal of providing higher-quality teaching. The devaluation of teaching and the supremacy of research at universities have been identified as the causes of teachers' resistance to change. This study reveals the need for professors of nutrition to reflect on the questions of university teaching and teacher development from a critical and reflective perspective which can anchor the pedagogical changes needed to train the nutritionist.

  16. Universe


    The Universe, is one book in the Britannica Illustrated Science Library Series that is correlated to the science curriculum in grades 5-8. The Britannica Illustrated Science Library is a visually compelling set that covers earth science, life science, and physical science in 16 volumes.  Created for ages 10 and up, each volume provides an overview on a subject and thoroughly explains it through detailed and powerful graphics-more than 1,000 per volume-that turn complex subjects into information that students can grasp.  Each volume contains a glossary with full definitions for vocabulary help and an index.

  17. Validación de medidas para evaluar habilidades de conducción y evaluación en profesores universitarios. [Validation of measures for assessing management and evaluation skills in university professors].

    Dominguez-Guedea, Rosario–Leticia


    Full Text Available We present the results of a validation process two scales to measure skills of teachers teaching in a public university in Mexico. The elements to consider in this project were checking to test the construct validity and reliability of the method of collection, as well as contributing to the technical dimension of the evaluation of teachers.Se presentan los resultados de un proceso de validación de dos escalas para medir habilidades didácticas en profesores de una universidad pública en México. Los elementos a considerar en este proyecto fueron la comprobación de la validez y confiabilidad del constructo, el método de recolección, así como contribuir a la dimensión técnica de la evaluación del profesorado

  18. [Professor Xu Fu-song's traditional Chinese medicine protocols for male diseases: A descriptive analysis].

    Liu, Cheng-yong; Xu, Fu-song


    To analyze the efficacy and medication principles of Professor Xu Fu-songs traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) protocols for male diseases. We reviewed and descriptively analyzed the unpublished complete medical records of 100 male cases treated by Professor Xu Fu-song with his TCM protocols from 1978 to 1992. The 100 cases involved 32 male diseases, most of which were difficult and complicated cases. The drug compliance was 95%. Each prescription was made up of 14 traditional Chinese drugs on average. The cure rate was 32% , and the effective rate was 85%. Professor Xu Fu-song advanced and proved some new theories and therapeutic methods. Professor Xu Fu-song's TCM protocols can be applied to a wide range of male diseases, mostly complicated, and are characterized by accurate differentiation of symptoms and signs, high drug compliance, and excellent therapeutic efficacy.

  19. In memory of Professor Jan Mazurkiewicz in the 70th anniversary of his death

    Perzyńska-Starkiewicz Aneta


    Full Text Available This article reminisces about the life and career of Jan Mazurkiewicz, one of the most outstanding Polish psychiatrists – the author of Psychophysiological Theory, an original conception of mental disease based on the theory of evolution and dissolution of the nervous system developed by the Englishneurologist John Hughlings Jackson. Professor Jan Mazurkiewicz was an active organizer of psychiatric care. He was co-founder and director of hospitals in Kochanówka and Kobierzyn. He held the rank of Associate Professor at the John Casimir University in Lviv and the position of Professor at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. From 1919 until his death in 1947, Professor Jan Mazurkiewicz was the head of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Warsaw. For twenty three years, starting from 1924, he was the president of the Polish Psychiatric Association. The Mazurkiewicz's Psychopathological Theory provides a natural model of development of the highest psychic functions. Damage to a higher evolutionary level of the nervous system leads to the activation of the previously suppressed lower levels, transformed by the pathogen into psychopathological symptoms. Mazurkiewicz's scientific thought was adopted and developed by his student andthen, collaborator, Professor Mieczysław Kaczyński, who was later to become the head of the Department of Psychiatry in Lublin. This work discusses the research conducted at Lublin's Department of Psychiatry which expands on Mazurkiewicz's theory

  20. The University Teacher as Artist.

    Axelrod, Joseph

    The focus of this book is on the art of university teaching. Its aim is to help professors develop their own aesthetics of teaching and raise their daily classroom practice to the level of art. Part 1 presents four models of evocative teaching and portraits, taken from life, of four professors who illustrate these prototypes in the fields of art…

  1. An Outstanding Career: Professor Emeritus Iacob Cătoiu

    Octavian Oprică


    Through the duration of his commissions of Deputy Dean (1981-1989) and, respectively, Dean (1992-2003), and also by the manner of approaching the managerial problems and his scientific extension, Professor Iacob Cătoiu left and indelible trace on the evolution of the former Department of Commerce in the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE) – now the Department of Business and Tourism. He is author or co-author of an important number of books (57) and articles (105) and book presenta...

  2. In memory of Professor Tianqin Cao(Tien-chin Tsao)

    Youshang Zhang


    @@ In December this year,the 4th Tianqin Cao Memorial Symposium on Protein Research will be held in Xiamen(Amoy).On this occasion,it is my pleasure to write a recollection in memory of Professor Tianqin Cao.It was rather late when Ⅰ was able to study in Prof.Cao's laboratory as a graduate student in the Institute of Biochemistry.After graduating from the Department of Chemical Engineering of Zhejiang University in 1948,Ⅰ could not find a job in a chemical engineering factory; therefore,Ⅰ changed my profession to biochemistry and worked as an assistant in the Department of Biochemistry of Hunan Yale Medical College.

  3. How to build a universe

    Cox, Brian; Feachem, Alexandra


    The Infinite Monkey Cage, the legendary BBC Radio 4 programme, brings you this irreverent celebration of scientific marvels. Join us on a hectic leap through the grand and bizarre ideas conjured up by human imagination, from dark matter to consciousness via neutrinos and earthworms. Professor Brian Cox and Robin Ince muse on multifaceted subjects involved in building a universe, with pearls of wisdom from leading scientists and comedians peppered throughout. Covering billions of concepts and conundrums, they tackle everything from the Big Bang to parallel universes, fierce creatures to extraterrestrial life, brain science to artificial intelligence. How to Build a Universe is an illuminating and inspirational celebration of science - sometimes silly, sometimes astounding and very occasionally facetious.

  4. 3D Simulation as a Learning Environment for Acquiring the Skill of Self-Management: An Experience Involving Spanish University Students of Education

    Cela-Ranilla, Jose María; Esteve-Gonzalez, Vanessa; Esteve-Mon, Francesc; Gisbert-Cervera, Merce


    In this study we analyze how 57 Spanish university students of Education developed a learning process in a virtual world by conducting activities that involved the skill of self-management. The learning experience comprised a serious game designed in a 3D simulation environment. Descriptive statistics and non-parametric tests were used in the…

  5. O Professor-Gestor em Universidades Federais: alguns apontamentos e reflexões

    Barbosa, Milka Alves Correia


    Full Text Available In this paper, we attempt to discuss about the teacher of higher education in the role of anager. In these situations he faces challenges, some arising from gaps in developing his managerial skills; this facts earn some reflections. The higher education policy of the governments of Fernando Henrique Cardoso (1995-2002 and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (2003-2010 brought the expansion, internalization, diversification and privatization of higher education in Brazil, and as a result the professor of higher education the federal universities is now not only a teacher and researcher, but it has to be sometimes manager (academic manager. As a possible way for future investigations, the analytical framework Mendonça et al (2012 of managerial competencies for teacher higher education is presented. It is considered that higher education prepare teachers to serve as leaders of the federal universities involves training them considering the managerial competencies expected of them as an academic manager. This movement is not only important for achieving levels of excellence in teaching, research and extension in the higher education system in Brazil, but also for the federal universities to fulfill their mission in society.

  6. Examining the Learning Requirements of General Practitioner Courses in the Areas of Cognitive, Psychological-Motor and Emotion from the Perspective of Professors of Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences

    Fariba Farhadifar


    Full Text Available Introduction: It is necessary to analyze the limitations and essentials of the medical students’ learning compatible with their future working environment in order to control the quality of the education. This study was designed to investigate the basics of learning and to prepare educational logbooks for all clinical departments at Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences in line with promotion of educational and students’ assessment. Methods: This study was carried out in three phases. In the first phase, content was confirmed according to the expert views. In the second phase, materials were analyzed in terms of being core and non-core. In the third phase, prioritized subjects were summarized and locations selected for teaching each skill, rotation style, regulations and responsibilities of the students, assessment method and group’s expectations from students were determined. The data were analyzed by analytic hierarchy process (AHP, comparison of the content of materials and qualitative methods.Results: All the faculty members considered capabilities such as taking the patient’s history, physical examination, diagnostic decision, patient’s referral skills, and appropriate relationship with patient and colleagues as the priorities of education. In addition, 93% of the faculty members added the interpretation of laboratory tests to the given list. Conclusion: In this model, the main focus was on the content and process of education. It seems necessary, however, to pay attention to other issues like student’s motivational and research factors during designing the parallel patterns.


    Edgar Becerra


    Full Text Available The organization has dabbled in many forms of human activity, because the mutual dependence of individuals and protection against threats, have fostered an intense organizational activity in humanity through time. From this premise, it becomes clear that the act of organizing will result in an organizational structure that can be considered as the framework that holds together the various functions in accordance with a scheme that suggests order and established relationships within the organization. Alberto Lovera University Village, as part of the system of higher education institutions in the state, requires consolidation of an organizational structure to carry out the improvement of its management. In view of the foregoing, the objective of this research is to design an organizational structure to improve efficiency in management. In accordance with the above, reference is one of the fundamental roles of the lead agency, is to create the organizational structure, and there is nothing more meaningful to the effective functioning of organizations that the design of its structure. The following study discusses the theoretical conclusions that can offer aimed at resolving the issues raised.

  8. Subjective well-being and time use of brazilian PhD professors

    Maiana Farias Oliveira Nunes


    Full Text Available The university professor suffers high pressure to achieve productivity and performs under work conditions that are not always satisfactory. This study seeks to analyze the subjective well-being, the time-use strategies, and the satisfaction with their use of time of PhD-holding professors with and without productivity grants from the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq. A total of 83 professors participated in the study (48 with productivity grants, with an average age of 50 years. A total of 89% of participants were from public institutions. The majority of the participants exhibited high levels of negative affect and low-average levels of satisfaction with their use of time. There was no difference in the subjective well-being or in the satisfaction with the use of time when comparing professors who had received a CNPq grant with professors who had not received a CNPq grant. The most important reason for dissatisfaction with the use of time was an excess of work, whereas peer recognition was the primary achievement obtained with the work. How work demands and conditions influence the well-being of the professors is discussed in this study.

  9. Sir John Struthers (1823-1899), Professor of Anatomy in the University of Aberdeen (1863-1889), President of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (1895-1897).

    Kaufman, M H


    Between 1841 and 1845 John Struthers attended both the University of Edinburgh and some of the various Extra-mural Schools of Medicine associated with Surgeons' Hall. While a medical student he became a Member of the Hunterian Medical Society of Edinburgh and later was elected one of their Annual Presidents. He graduated with the MD Edin and obtained both the LRCS Edin and the FRCS Edin diplomas in 1845. Shortly afterwards he was invited to teach Anatomy in Dr Handyside's Extra-mural School in Edinburgh. The College of Surgeons certified him to teach Anatomy in October 1847. He had two brothers, and all three read Medicine in Edinburgh. His younger brother, Alexander, died of cholera in the Crimea in 1855 while his older brother James, who had been a bachelor all his life, practised as a Consultant Physician in Leith Hospital, Edinburgh, until his death.When associated with Dr Handyside's Extra-mural School in Edinburgh, John taught Anatomy there until he was elected to the Chair of Anatomy in Aberdeen in 1863. Much of his time was spent in Aberdeen teaching Anatomy and in upgrading the administrative facilities there. He resigned from this Chair in 1889 and subsequently was elected President of Leith Hospital from 1891 to 1897. This was in succession to his older brother, James, who had died in 1891. Later, he was elected President of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh from 1895 to 1897 and acted as its Vice-President from 1897 until his death in 1899. In 1898, Queen Victoria knighted him. His youngest son, John William Struthers, was the only one of his clinically qualified sons to survive him and subsequently was elected President of the Edinburgh College of Surgeons from 1941 to 1943. © The Author(s) 2014.

  10. Pertinencia de la pedagogía para docentes de la salud, en 25 años de la universidad médica de Camagüey Relevancy of the Pedagogic Science for professors: what has been done in Camagüey Medical University for 25 year

    Mercedes Hernández González


    Full Text Available El trabajo tiene como objetivo analizar el comportamiento de la preparación pedagógica de los profesores del Instituto Superior de Ciencias Médicas “Carlos J. Finlay” a los 25 años de su fundación. Se ha constatado que los profesionales de la salud carecen de preparación pedagógica cuando inician su función docente, la realizan empíricamente. En trabajo efectuado en el año 1986, por el Departamento Docente Metodológico, los docentes eran del criterio que los conocimientos pedagógicos no eran necesarios, criterio que se ha modificado favorablemente, 1 157 profesores han recibido preparación pedagógica básica, que redunda en la calidad del proceso formativo y sienta las bases para otras vías de preparación pedagógica. Esta preparación ha sido una constante ocupación del grupo de metodólogos de la Vice Rectoría Docente, los cuales han utilizado todas las vías posibles, lo que favorece la universalización de las ciencias médicas con la pertinencia necesaria y el impacto que de hecho tiene en la sociedad contemporánea.The work has as objective to analyze the behavior of the pedagogic preparation of the professors from the Medical Science Institute of Camaguey in the 25 years of its foundation. It has been verified that the professionals of the health lack pedagogic preparation when they begin their teaching function they carry it out empirically. In a work made in the year 1986 for the methodological Educational Department, the teachers thought that the pedagogic knowledge were not necesary. This criterion has been modified favorably , 1157 professors have received basic pedagogic preparation redounding to the quality of the formative process and it establishes the bases for other ways of pedagogical preparation. This preparation has been a constant concern of the methodological group of the teaching vice presidency who have used all the possible roads, what favors the universalization of the medical sciences with the

  11. Accounting Professor Qualification in Digital Age: A Perception Study on Brazilian Professors

    Vendruscolo, Maria Ivanice; Behar, Patrícia Alejandra


    This papers aims at analyzing the perception of Accounting professors about the necessary qualifications in Accounting undergraduate courses. The contribution of this study is to theoretically discuss the education of Accounting professors, with empirical data, because Accounting teaching requires specific competencies in the digital area. The…

  12. Factors Affecting the Choice of Professors as a Role Model from the Viewpoint of Medical Students

    Masome Rahimi


    Full Text Available The role of professors as a model can have a beneficial impact on the mental, psychological and educational conditions of medical students. This also plays an important role in improving professionalism and academic achievements among medical students. Therefore, the present study was aimed at evaluating the standpoint of students on factors influencing the selection of professors as a role model. This descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted on the students of different disciplines studying in Jahrom University of Medical Sciences in 2016. A randomized sampling method was conducted on 217 students. Their viewpoints were collected using a 30- question researcher-made questionnaire. The questionnaire consisted of three parts, each containing ten items. In addition, this questionnaire was distributed among 20 people (as a pilot survey, the alpha coefficient of which was equal to 0.88; and its measurement was based on Likert scale "from very low to very high". Data were analyzed using SPSS 18 and descriptive statistics. Most respondents were nursing students and the highest influence of professors as a role model was associated with their role as a research leader (future specialized courses in the clinical choices and selection of future specialized fields. The factors influencing the selection of professors as a role model included their respectful attitude toward students, and the high level of their knowledge and skills. On the other hand, the most important factors that caused professors not to be regarded as a role model included their inappropriate relationship with the students and refusing to listen to them. Role model professors can have a beneficial impact on the future of students and scientific communities, as far as the science and education is concerned. Therefore, it is necessary for professors to pay particular attention to strengthening their role as a model at universities.

  13. EDITORIAL: 65th Birthday of Professor Hauptmann 65th Birthday of Professor Hauptmann

    Lucklum, Ralf


    The papers in this special feature have been contributed by scientific partners in international research projects and from former PhD students of the Editor-in-Chief of this journal, Professor Dr Peter Hauptmann. The motivation for this feature is the occasion of Peter Hauptmann's 65th birthday on 24 July 2009 and his retirement from his chair at the Otto-von-Guericke-University, Magdeburg, Germany this autumn. Peter graduated in Physics at the Technical University Dresden and received his PhD from the Technical University Leuna-Merseburg in 1973. He habilitated in 1979. With his appointment at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology in 1985 the Chair of Measurement Science extended its profile to the fast growing area of sensors. Peter was one of the very early developers of ultrasonic sensor systems for process monitoring and quality assurance. The working style here was characteristic of all his future activities. He combined his background in theory and experiment on ultrasonic wave propagation and its application to material science with the advantages of rapidly developing capabilities in microelectronics and data processing. The results have meanwhile found their way into products that are now on the market worldwide. Germany's reunification opened the door to the international sensor community and the most challenging sensor research areas. Peter Hauptmann very soon became a well respected colleague and was consequently appointed as member of the Technical Program Committee of the most important sensor conferences, elected member and head of expert groups of research associations and funding organizations, and of course reviewer of many scientific journals. Nowadays Peter Hauptmann can rightly be called one of the key players in the area of sensors. Professor Hauptmann's research interests combine fundamental aspects of the sensor transduction scheme with application issues up to the use of the sensor system in the industrial world

  14. Satisfaction among accounting professors in Brazil

    Tamires Sousa Araújo

    Full Text Available ABSTRACT The aim of this study was to identify the prevalence of satisfaction among accounting professors in Brazil throughout their careers. The research is classified as descriptive and used a quantitative approach to data analysis. 641 valid responses were obtained from professors from all regions of Brazil. The results show that a feeling of satisfaction prevails among accounting course professors, as most of them “like the profession” and, in general, "are satisfied with it”. It was found that levels of satisfaction are higher among individuals with more experience, in that in their first years in the job (one to three years, professors have lower satisfaction rates; the highest levels of satisfaction are found in the final stage (over 35 years. The main factor that influences satisfaction is personal fulfillment (teaching work and relationship with students. It was also possible to identify that positive feelings about teaching predominate (67.3% compared to negative ones (32.7%. These results show the need for greater attention to be paid in the early years of the career in order to avoid a "reality clash". They also show the need for other studies to investigate how the phases in the life cycle of accounting professors are characterized.

  15. Student-governed electronic portfolios as a tool to involve university teachers in competency-oriented curriculum development

    Verhagen, Pleunes Willem; Hoiting, Willeke; Crawford, Margaret; Simonson, Michael; Lamboy, Carmen


    At the University of Twente (Netherlands), a new curriculum on educational science and technology has been introduced. That occasion was used to try to develop an apprenticeship model in which the students are regarded as young professionals from the very beginning. In that model, the students are

  16. Assessing Private Sector Involvement in Health Care and Universal Health Coverage in Light of the Right to Health

    de Wolf, Antenor Hallo; Toebes, Brigit


    The goal of universal health coverage is to "ensure that all people obtain the health services they need without suffering financial hardship when paying for them." There are many connections between this goal and the state's legal obligation to realize the human right to health. In the context of

  17. Concept of a landscape map according to Professor Franciszek Uhorczak

    Meksuła Mirosław W.


    Full Text Available In the article, the concept of landscape maps by Franciszek Uhorczak (1902–1981, Professor of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, was discussed. The maps constitute a cartographic illustration of volume III, IV and V of “Universal Geography” edited by Państwowe Wydawnictwo Naukowe (the National Scientific Publishing House (Warsaw 1965–1967 – the first Polish small-scale landscape maps of the world. From the perspective of the 50s, an attempt was undertaken to assess the editorial assumptions, landscape typology and selection of cartographic means used by the author, paying special attention to the selection of colours representing landscapes. Also, issues raising controversies related to the degree of generalization of particular elements of the content, typology of landscapes as well as map details were indicated. The performed analysis leads to the conclusion that landscape maps by Professor F. Uhorczak constituted one of the most significant achievements of Polish thematic cartography of the 20th century, and they are an unequaled model also for the contemporary cartographers.

  18. Homage to Professor Hans-Åke Gustafsson


    It was with deep sadness that we learned of the death of Professor Hans-Åke Gustafsson, an internationally recognized scientist, beloved colleague and friend. He passed away on Wednesday January 13th at the Lund University Hospital, surrounded by his loved ones, after a short battle against cancer. This is a great loss for all of us in ALICE and the whole heavy ion community. Hans-Åke, Professor at Lund University, was one of the pioneers of heavy ion physics with relativistic beams since its very beginning. He started his research at CERN, as a fellow at the ISOLDE ion beam facility, and immediately after, in the early 1980 joined the Plastic Ball collaboration at the Bevalac. One of the seminal papers of the field on the discovery of collective flow in relativistic nuclear collisions, co-authored by Hans-Åke, Hans Gutbrod and colleagues, stems from this period. From that point on he was always at the forefront of research with relativistic nuclear beams, being for three de...

  19. What Reveals about How and Why Students Evaluate Their Professors: A Glimpse into the Student Mind-Set

    Hartman, Katherine B.; Hunt, James B.


    This study examines ratings and comments as a form of electronic word-of-mouth communications. The data represent 2,371 user ratings and comments for 442 marketing professors from 51 U. S. colleges and universities. Qualitative comments were analyzed using updated thematic content analyses. The results indicate significant…


    Antonio C. R. Tupinambá


    Full Text Available Trata-se de uma homenagem póstuma ao Professor Doutor Reinier Rozestraten. O texto apresenta, suscintamente, o percurso acadêmico do nomeado professor, em especial a sua passagem pela Psicologia do Trânsito. Paralelamente discorre sobre sua principal obra na área, que, de certo modo introduz o discurso psicológico sobre o comportamento de trânsito em perspectiva nacional, juntamente com sua preocupação em imprimir um caráter científico ao tema e introduzi-lo no contexto da academia e na sociedade em perspectivas teórica e prática. A obra escolhida é considerada um marco para o estabelecimento teórico da disciplina da psicologia do trânsito no Brasil. A homenagem foi originalmente escrita por ocasião dos cinco anos de falecimento do professor Reinier.

  1. Visiting students work with professors to research water resources management issues

    Davis, Lynn


    Undergraduate students visiting from universities across the continent, as well as one from Virginia Tech, are working with professors at Virginia Tech on individual research projects in a 10-week summer program that addresses issues related to sustainable management of water resources.

  2. Tenure as a Fact of Academic Life: A Methodology for Managing the Performance of Tenured Professors

    Hawkins, Alfred G., Jr.; Graham, Richard D.; Hall, Richard F.


    Academic freedom is the right, especially of a university professor, to free speech without fear of reprisal. Experts posit three means to academic freedom: tenure, due process and professional competence. A critical issue in current post-secondary education governance and administration that relates to each of these means is post-tenure review.…

  3. "By Taste and the Spirit of the Times …" The Professor as Slave

    Kabatskov, A. N.; Leybovich, O. L.


    The authors examine how the social status of the university professor has evolved in Russia in recent centuries in light of the historical concepts about the enslavement and emancipation of social groups proposed by Sergey Solovyov and Aleksandr Gradovsky. They use the metaphor of the "slave" [nevol'nik] to describe the dependent…

  4. A Tech-Happy Professor Reboots after Hearing His Teaching Advice Isn't Working

    Young, Jeffrey R.


    Michael Wesch has been on the lecture circuit for years touting new models of active teaching with technology. The associate professor of cultural anthropology at Kansas State University has given TED talks. "Wired" magazine gave him a Rave Award. The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching once named him a national professor…

  5. Study on Providing Professors with Efficient Service Based on Time Management Strategy

    Li, Chunlin; Liu, Mengchao; Wang, Yining


    Time management is the study to use time scientifically by deploying skills, techniques and means, and maximizing time value to help individuals or organizations efficiently complete tasks and achieve goals. University professor as a body is an important force in teaching and research. In order to ensure high-quality teaching, productive research,…

  6. Teaching Management: A Field Guide for Professors, Consultants, and Corporate Trainers

    Clawson, James G. S.; Haskins, Mark E.


    How can every management class be a dynamic, unforgettable experience? This much-needed book distills over half a century of the authors' combined experience as university professors, consultants, and advisors to corporate training departments. In a lively, hands-on fashion, it describes the fundamental elements in every learning situation,…

  7. The Education of a Librarian and Educator: Professor Satoru Takeuchi of Japan

    Williams, Robert V.


    The early life and professional career of Dr. Satoru Takeuchi, a noted Japanese librarian, educator, and author, are explored here within the context of Japanese library education since World War II. Professor Takeuchi, now retired from the University of Library and Information Science (ULIS) in Tsukuba, Japan, has been an influential educator,…

  8. Illustrated & Dissected: Professor Richard Sawdon Smith.


    This Alternative Gallery feature introduces the photographic artist Professor Richard Sawdon Smith. Professor Sawdon Smith's work stems around a fascination with representations of anatomy that have been fuelled by his experience as a hospital patient. The work has allowed him to explore ideas through the use of medical illustrations which include early anatomical drawings, personal medical photography and facial modelling. The work highlights how such imagery can be used in the context of a patient seeking understanding and acceptance of ill health and disease using the body as a canvas on which to translate the experience.

  9. Kai Adolf Jensen, professor i almindelig patologi

    Høiby, Niels


    for the Bacillus Calmette-Guérin vaccine production and supervised many young scientists’ doctoral theses on the aspects of tuberculosis. He became internationally recognized, and he revealed an important scientific fraud in the laboratory of the Austrian professor Ernst Löwenstein (1878-1950), who claimed that he...... could detect M. tuberculosis in blood cultures as a cause of a multitude of diseases. He was a pioneer in eradication of bovine tuberculosis in Denmark which became the first country in the world where this happened. Kai Adolf Jensen held the position as professor of general pathology from 1940 to 1965...

  10. Professor Stewart's casebook of mathematical mysteries

    Stewart, Ian


    Like its wildly popular predecessors Cabinet of Mathematical Curiosities and Hoard of Mathematical Treasures, Professor Stewart's brand-new book is a miscellany of over 150 mathematical curios and conundrums, packed with trademark humour and numerous illustrations. In addition to the fascinating formulae and thrilling theorems familiar to Professor Stewart's fans, the Casebook follows the adventures of the not-so-great detective Hemlock Soames and his sidekick Dr John Watsup (immortalised in the phrase 'Watsup, Doc?'). By a remarkable coincidence they live at 222B Baker Street, just a

  11. Professor: Danmarkskanon skal give plads til mangfoldighed

    Schmidt, Garbi


    DEBAT: Danmark har igennem størstedelen af sin historie været et flerkulturelt land. Vi kan derfor ikke diskutere danske værdier til en Danmarkskanon uden at kaste et blik på globale strømninger og vores mangfoldige fortid, skriver Garbi Schmidt, professor ved RUC......DEBAT: Danmark har igennem størstedelen af sin historie været et flerkulturelt land. Vi kan derfor ikke diskutere danske værdier til en Danmarkskanon uden at kaste et blik på globale strømninger og vores mangfoldige fortid, skriver Garbi Schmidt, professor ved RUC...

  12. Pioneers of paediatrics: Professor Salah Abdelrahman Ali Taha


    This article highlights the contributions of Professor Salah Abdelrahman Ali Taha (1927–1988), one of the pioneers in paediatrics in Sudan and Saudi Arabia. He graduated from Kitchener School of Medicine (renamed, Faculty of Medicine, University of Khartoum[U of K]) in 1952 and was awarded an MD from the U of K in 1973, having accomplished a survey on the prevalence and underlying causes of childhood malnutrition in 14 villages. His impact was remarkable in establishing child health services in Sudan and Saudi Arabia, and in laying the foundation of the Department of Pediatrics, College of Medicine, King Saud University. He was also an active researcher in various fields in child health, and was pioneering in those related to nutrition. Following his return to Sudan, Dr Salah A Taha was elected Member of Parliament from his rural district in Gezira State and was the Speaker of the House of Parliament in 1986. PMID:27493360

  13. Quality of life research: interview with Professor Robert Cummins

    Robert Cummins


    Full Text Available Health-related quality of life (HRQOL is a fundamental concept in the field of clinical medicine and has been studied during the last years by psychologists, sociologists, economists and managers. The concept of HRQOL includes those aspects of overall QOL that can be indicated to have an impact on patients’ health, either physical or psychological. Concerning the individuals, this incorporates physical and mental health cognitions, including sociodemographic factors, sexual functioning, fatigue, sleep disorders and functional status. One of the most eminent experts in the world in the field of QOL is Prof. Robert Cummins [Professor of Psychology at Deakin University in Australia (School of Psychology, Deakin University, 221 Burwood Highway, Victoria 3125 Melbourne, Australia. E-mail:] who kindly accepted to answer our questions in the con- text of this special edition.

  14. Looking to a future of improved diabetes management: interview with Professor Steve Bain.

    Bain, Steve


    Steve Bain talks to Francesca Lake, Managing Editor: Steve is currently a Professor at Swansea University Medical School (Wales), Assistant Medical Director for Research & Development for ABM University Health Board and Clinical Lead for the Diabetes Research Unit, Wales. His clinical training included research into the genetics of Type 1 diabetes, with his current clinical interests surrounding exercise in Type 1 diabetes, new therapies and the provision of diabetes services. His background has led him to be Principal Investigator for several multicenter trials, and to be involved in various ethical committees concerning genetics. He led the UK Human Genetics Commission's report on DNA testing in 2009, and in 2007 was invited to sit on the National DNA Database Ethics Group, established by the Secretary of State for the Home Department. Steve is also a member of the Wales Diabetes & Endocrine Society executive committee and chairs the Specialist Training Committee for Diabetes & Endocrinology for Wales. He also chairs the Board that oversees the Institute of Life Science Joint Clinical Research Facility, the premier clinical research institute in Wales.

  15. Contributions of the Life Story Method for Studies on Identity: the example of study about female professors in management positions

    Adílio Renê Almeida Miranda


    Full Text Available Recently, the Life Story Method has been used in the area of Business Administration as an important methodological strategy in qualitative research. The purpose is to understand groups or collective bodies based on individual paths of life. Thus, the goal of this study was to show the contribution of the life story method in understanding the identity dynamics of female professors managing a public university, by means of an example derived from an empirical study. It was observed from the reports of four female professors involved in management that recovery of past memories, as well as of values, facts, standards and occurrences connected with the primary and organizational socialization of the interviewees, contributes to understanding of their identity dynamics. Some categories of analysis emerged that express relationships between life story and identity, e.g., discontinuity, subjectivity and the importance of allowing an individual/subject to speak; the individual and the social sphere and socio-historical transformations, a dynamic interaction in construction of identities; and temporal analysis in construction of identities.




    Mental health, an important object of research in psychology as well as social psychology, can be determined by the relationship between psychological well-being and psychological distress. In this context, we search to understand: “How do compare mental health of professors working in public universities in an emerging country like Brazil with the one of professors working in a developed country like Canada?” and “What are the main differences in the indicators of mental health in work domai...

  17. Gambling with the Universe

    Hawking, Stephen


    This is an excerpt from Stephen Hawking's book The Universe in a Nutshell. Roger Penrose and Stephen Hawking, Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge, were able to show that Einstein's General Theory of Relativity implied that the universe and time itself must have had a beginning in a tremendous explosion. The discovery of the expansion of the universe is one of the great intellectual revolutions of the twentieth century.

  18. Professor Eleanor Fox New York University School of Law


    The Global Administrative Law project. ▣ Our sample jurisdictions. ▫ Mature. · United States. · Canada. · Australia/New Zealand. · European Union. · Japan. ▫ Newer and evolving: China, Chile, South Africa. ▫ International. ▣ The norms. ▫ E.g. Rule of law, predictability, timeliness, expertise, transparency, reason-giving, right ...

  19. An Exploration of Burnout among Online University Professors

    McCann, Jack Thomas; Holt, Roger


    Stress and burnout have emerged as a serious concern for today's higher education instructors. As the growth in distance education continues, the demands on online academics will increase, potentially leading to the burnout. This study examined the correlation between years of online work experience, gender, educational level, academic training,…

  20. Final Comments from Professors George and Beane.

    Beane, James; George, Paul S.


    Concludes this journal focus section on curriculum integration with transcripts of questions asked by conference attendees and answers by Professors Beane and George. Areas addressed included experience levels with children and teachers, studies that point to the failure of curriculum integration, and how teachers can continue curriculum…

  1. Professor Jacques Cortes prantsuse keele lektoraadis


    Juuni alguses külastas filoloogiateaduskonna romaani-germaani filoloogia osakonda Roueni ülikooli professor Jacques Cortes (Prantsusmaa). Ta korraldas 4. õa üliõpilastele prantsuse keele intensiivkursuse ja võttis vastu eksami ning kohtus prantsuse keele lektoraadi õppejõududega : [täistekst

  2. Interview met professor Joan Wallach Scott

    Bijl, Greetje; Tijhoff, Esmeralda


    Joan Scott, professor at the School of Social Science in the Institute for Avanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey (USA), was the keynote speaker at the conference 'Uitsluitend emancipatie' in de Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam in October 2012. An interview on gender, history, feminism and her book

  3. Professor Brand Advocacy: Do Brand Relationships Matter?

    Jillapalli, Ravi K.; Wilcox, James B.


    The trend among students to advocate their professors online continues to generate interest within marketing academia. Brand advocacy in products and services has played a vital role in marketing. However, no known research to date has embraced the idea of brand advocacy in marketing education. This research builds on the recent human brand…

  4. CFA or CFP: A Guide for Professors

    Moy, Ronald L.


    The CFA Institute and the CFP Board of Standards provide professional certifications in the field of finance. In this paper, I provide my experience with the CFA and CFP programs in order to give other professors some insight into the process of attaining the designations. I hope to provide answers to some of the questions that other faculty…

  5. Reflections of a Latino Associate Professor

    Peguero, Anthony A.


    The following reflection essay is about my experiences as a Latino Associate Professor who focuses on criminology, youth violence, juvenile justice, and the associated disparities with race, ethnicity, and immigration. I reflect about the "race and justice" job market, pursuing and establishing a Latina/o Criminology working group, often…

  6. Leisure and the Retired Professor: Occupation Matters

    Dorfman, Lorraine; Kolarik, Douglas


    Little attention has been given to the leisure activities of retired professors, whose activity patterns in retirement may be different from those of other occupational groups because of their lifetime commitment to work. This interview study uses both quantitative and qualitative data to investigate: (a) the leisure and professional activities of…

  7. Medication errors: classification of seriousness, type, and of medications involved in the reports from a university teaching hospital

    Gabriella Rejane dos Santos Dalmolin


    Full Text Available Medication errors can be frequent in hospitals; these errors are multidisciplinary and occur at various stages of the drug therapy. The present study evaluated the seriousness, the type and the drugs involved in medication errors reported at the Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre. We analyzed written error reports for 2010-2011. The sample consisted of 165 reports. The errors identified were classified according to seriousness, type and pharmacological class. 114 reports were categorized as actual errors (medication errors and 51 reports were categorized as potential errors. There were more medication error reports in 2011 compared to 2010, but there was no significant change in the seriousness of the reports. The most common type of error was prescribing error (48.25%. Errors that occurred during the process of drug therapy sometimes generated additional medication errors. In 114 reports of medication errors identified, 122 drugs were cited. The reflection on medication errors, the possibility of harm resulting from these errors, and the methods for error identification and evaluation should include a broad perspective of the aspects involved in the occurrence of errors. Patient safety depends on the process of communication involving errors, on the proper recording of information, and on the monitoring itself.

  8. The spirit of professor Iacob Iacobovici in the development of education in dentistry and maxillofacial surgery.

    Rotaru, Alexandru; Rotaru, Horatiu


    Founder of the Surgical Clinic in Cluj-Napoca and of Medical Education in Romanian, Rector of Dacia Superior University, Professor Iacob Iacobovici was one of the outstanding medical personalities in the first half of the twentieth century, in Romania. His scientific contributions have been recognized by the European great personalities of his time. A remarkable bright mind, with an overarching comprehension of things, Professor Iacob Iacobovici contributed, in an essential way, to the diversification of surgical education, stimulating the emergence of new specialties. This paper illustrates the contribution of Professor Iacob Iacobovici to the development of Education of Dentistry and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Romania as well as his support for the Romanian Society of Dentistry.

  9. In memoriam of Professor Theodore L. Munsat (1930-2013): his outstanding legacy with the WFN.

    Medina, Marco T


    The World Federation of Neurology (WFN) lost an outstanding leader on November 22, 2013 with the death of Professor Theodore Leon Munsat ("Ted"), in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA. Professor Munsat was Emeritus professor of Neurology at Tufts University School of Medicine and served the WFN in several capacities as trustee, chairman of the WFN Education and research committees, chairman of the WFN ALS Research group and founding director of the WFN Seminars in Clinical Neurology. He was president of the American Academy of Neurology (AAN), 1989-1991, chairman of the Continuing Educational Committee of the AAN and founding director of AAN's premier continuing medical education journal Continuum: Lifelong Learning in Neurology. He left an outstanding legacy with the WFN. Copyright © 2014. Published by Elsevier B.V.

  10. [Professor Andelko Wolf, MD, PhD. (1922-2007), eminent epidemiologist and dermatovenerologist].

    Gruber, Franjo; Peris, Zdravko


    Professor Andelko Wolf graduated medicine from the University of Zagreb School of Medicine in 1947. First he specialised in epidemiology and became head of the Brucellosis Centre in Rijeka for the Istria region. Later he also specialised in dermatovenerology at the Department for Skin and Venereal diseases in Rijeka. He passed the specialty board exam in dermatovenerology in 1958 and became teaching assistant. In 1973, he became assistant professor and in 1981 full professor. At the Department he founded the Laboratory for Mycology and allergology. Later he focused on occupational skin diseases and photodermatology. His doctoral thesis was on the action of light on the skin. He chaired the Clinic and was a member of various Hospital and Medical School committees. He was an excellent clinician undergraduate and graduate student teacher in Rijeka and Zagreb. He published around eighty papers on dermatology, but also on the necessity to reform medical studies.

  11. Burnout Syndrome and Self-Efficacy Beliefs in Professors

    Arlington Antonio García Padilla


    Full Text Available The presence of the Burnout syndrome in professors may be regarded as a deterioration of their mental health with negative impacts on their job performance. It is known that teachers develop different activities in the areas of teaching, outreach and research. This study aims to analyze the relationship between the Burnout syndrome and self-efficacy beliefs and the academic performance in professors of the psychology and dentistry programs at a private university in the city of Barranquilla. This study is empirical and analytical with a descriptive-correlational design. The study population consisted of 93 teachers of the psychology and dentistry programs. To choose the sample, a non-probabilistic sample was used according to the inclusion and exclusion criteria that allowed selecting a total of 36 teachers who met the criteria for the study. The instruments that were used in this study was the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI, 1981 adapted by Seisdedos (1997, and the Teachers’ Self-Efficacy Beliefs of Tschannen-Moran and Woolfolk (2001 adapted by Covarrubias and Mendoza (2016. According to the results, it was observed that there is no significant relationship between Burnout, Self-efficacy Belief and the academic performance.

  12. Professor Dorothy A.E. Garrod: "Small, Dark, and Alive!"

    Pamela Jane Smith


    Full Text Available In 1939, Dorothy Garrod became the first woman Professor in either Cambridge or Oxford. Garrod at the time was Director of Studies at Newnham College, Cambridge University and had been in charge of excava­tions in Gibraltar, Western Judaea, Southern Kurdistan and Mount Carmel for which she is now renowned. Trained by Marett at Oxford and Abbe Henri Breuil in France, she was one of our finest archaeologists. By 1939, Garrod had unearthed the well-preserved skull of 'Abel', a Neanderthal child, in Gibraltar, discovered and named the Natufian culture while excavating Shukba near Jerusalem, directed the long term, large scale excavations at Mount Carmel and traveled with Bruce Howe as her assistant to explore Bacho Kiro in Bulgaria. Once elected Professor, she became instrumental in establishing Archaeology and Anthropology as a full degree course and influential in Cambridge's decision to admit women to full membership in 1948. After retirement, she continued excavating in Lebanon and France. Here, with her close friend Suzanen Cassou de Saint Mathurin, she discovered the superb Magdalenian sculptured frieze at Angles-sur-l'Anglin.

  13. Políticas de formação de professores na universidade pública: uma análise de necessidades, entre o local e o global Teacher education policy in public universities: an analysis of the needs, between local and global

    Maria Amélia S. Zainko


    Full Text Available O presente texto busca trazer para o debate aspectos das políticas de formação em desenvolvimento nas universidades, bem como a influência significativa no fazer acadêmico, trazidas pelas tendências internacionais. Destaca que o século XXI acentuou enormemente a importância do contexto mundial e as consequências da "mundialização" sobre os processos de formação na educação superior, que não podem mais ser pensados nos limites das fronteiras nacionais. Analisa a política de expansão da educação superior colocada em prática no Governo do Presidente Luis Inácio Lula da Silva a partir de um conjunto de dados disponíveis no Observatório da Educação, mais especificamente no projeto Políticas de Formação do Professor e a Qualidade da Educação Básica, em desenvolvimento no âmbito do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Educação da Universidade Federal do Paraná (UFPR. Os dados permitem a constatação de que ainda estamos longe de cumprir as metas preconizadas pelo Plano Nacional de Educação. Os dados do Censo da Educação Superior de 2007 apontam uma taxa de escolarização bruta de 21,6% de alunos na faixa etária de 18 a 24 anos e uma taxa liquida de 12,9%, quando a meta seria atingir a 30% de escolarização até o ano de 2011. O texto apresenta ainda as ações estratégicas que vem sendo desenvolvidas para minimizar os déficits e traz para o debate os desafios apresentados por estudiosos e dirigentes na Conferência Mundial de Educação Superior com especial ênfase no papel que a formação dos professores assume no momento em que o paradigma de educação superior aponta para a necessidade de ir além das palavras.The present text intends to discuss the teacher training issues being developed in universities, as well as the meaningful influence in the academic actions brought about by international trends. It stresses that the XXI century greatly emphasized the importance of global context and consequences of

  14. 19th February 2010: Uppsala University Vice Chancellor A. Hallberg signing the guest book with CERN Director for Research and Scientific Computing S. Bertolucci (right) and Uppsala University Professor of Elementary Particle Physics and Chairman of the Swedish LHC Consortium T. Ekelöf.

    Jean-Claude Gadmer


    Other members of the Uppsala University delegation: Vice Rector J.Nordgren; Director A. Fust and Physics Faculty Dean U. Danielsson. Visiting the Superconducting magnet test hall and CTF3 Facility with CLIC Collaboration and Uppsala University R. Ruber; in the ATLAS visitor centre with Collaboration Resources Manager M. Nordberg.

  15. Categorization of Quantum Mechanics Problems by Professors and Students

    Lin, Shih-Yin; Singh, Chandralekha


    We discuss the categorization of 20 quantum mechanics problems by physics professors and undergraduate students from two honours-level quantum mechanics courses. Professors and students were asked to categorize the problems based upon similarity of solution. We also had individual discussions with professors who categorized the problems. Faculty…

  16. 22 CFR 62.20 - Professors and research scholars.


    ... 22 Foreign Relations 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Professors and research scholars. 62.20 Section... Specific Program Provisions § 62.20 Professors and research scholars. (a) Introduction. These regulations govern Exchange Visitor Program participants in the categories of professor and research scholar, except...

  17. Variables That Can Affect Student Ratings of Their Professors

    Gotlieb, Jerry


    Attribution theory was applied to help predict the results of an experiment that examined the effects of three independent variables on students' ratings of their professors. The dependent variables were students' perceptions of whether the professor caused the students' grades and student satisfaction with their professor. The results suggest…

  18. E-Mail from Professor Enhances Student Motivation and Attitudes

    Legg, Angela M.; Wilson, Janie H.


    Traditionally, professors use the first day of class to build rapport. However, current technology allows professors to contact students prior to the first day of class. This study assessed how the receipt of a welcoming e-mail from a female professor 1 week before the first day of class affected student motivation and attitudes toward the…

  19. Dimension university through the process universalization. Experiences Universidad de Oriente and its impact on territories

    Rosalía Díaz-Suárez


    Full Text Available The universalization has implied one of the most dynamic and massive transformations in the Cuban higher education, its impact in the local development has contributed to create the  values in each territory. The experiences of the University of Oriente have been important in this great task of formation and professionals’ studies that transcends the academy and involves cultural, educational, administrative, scientific institutions, social organizations and the communities. Recognizing the work undertaken with this process for ten years, by means of the effort of directive, professors, workers, young boys, among other that have contributed to guarantee the formation in nine careers and the faced challenges; arguments that are opportune meditations to prosecute achievements and deficiencies in a moment of maturity and improvement of the Higher Education in the municipalities. The universalization is part of the historical and cultural memory of the University of Oriente; it is an instrument of patriotic reaffirmation and identity.

  20. The main problem solving differences between high school and university in mathematical beliefs and professional behavior

    Reza Akhlaghi Garmjani


    Full Text Available Teaching science and math has been underdeveloped in nurturing the talents and motivations of young people who are in search of professions in these fields. Identifying and strengthening the students' problem solving beliefs and behaviors, can be a great help to those involved in teaching mathematics. This study investigates on the university and high school students, teachers and professors' problem solving beliefs and behaviors. Considering the research method, this study is a field research in which questionnaire is used. Participants in this research were senior high school and university students, math teachers and math professors. Data collection method for beliefs and behavior variables was via the use of a questionnaire. The Mann-Whitney test results showed that problem solving in high school and university was different and the main difference was in mathematical professional beliefs and behaviors.

  1. Analysis of professors' perceptions towards institutional redevelopment of brownfield sites in Alabama

    King, Berkley Nathaniel, Jr.

    This study was conducted to analyze professors' perceptions on the institutional redevelopment of brownfield sites into usable greenspaces. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (2016) refers to brownfields as sites, (either facility or land) under public law § 107-118 (H.R. 2869), which are contaminated with a substance that is classified as a hazard or a pollutant. Usable greenspaces, however, are open spaces or any open piece of land that is undeveloped, has no buildings or other built structures, and is accessible to the public (EPA, 2015). Open green spaces provide recreational areas for residents and help to enhance the beauty and environmental quality of neighborhoods (EPA, 2015). In addition, in a study conducted by Dadvand et al. (2015), exposure to green space has been associated with better physical and mental health among elementary school children, and this exposure, according to Dadvand et al., could also influence cognitive development. Because of the institutional context provided in these articles and other research studies, a sequential mixed-methods study was conducted that investigated the perceptions of professors towards the redevelopment of brownfields near their campuses. This study provided demographics of forty-two college and university professors employed at two institutions in the state of Alabama, a southeastern region of the United States. Survey questions were structured to analyze qualitative data. The secondary method of analysis utilized descriptive statistics to measure the most important indicators that influences professors' perceptions. The collection of quantitative data was adapted from an instrument designed by Wernstedt, Crooks, & Hersh (2003). Findings from the study showed that professors are knowledgeable and aware of the sociological and economic challenges in low income communities where brownfields are geographically located. Pseudonyms are used for the three universities which were contacted. Findings also

  2. [Professor WU Zhongchao's experience of penetration needling].

    Zhang, Ning; Wang, Bing; Zhou, Yu


    Professor WU Zhongchao has unique application of penetration needling in clinical treatment. Professor WU applies penetration needling along meridians, and the methods of penetration needling include self-meridian penetration, exterior-interior meridian penetration, identical-name meridian penetration, different meridian penetration. The meridian differentiation is performed according to different TCM syndromes, locations and natures of diseases and acupoint nature, so as to make a comprehensive assessment. The qi movement during acupuncture is focused. In addition, attention is paid on anatomy and long-needle penetration; the sequence and direction of acupuncture is essential, and the reinforcing and reducing methods have great originality, presented with holding, waiting, pressing and vibrating. Based on classical acupoint, the acupoint of penetration needling is flexible, forming unique combination of acupoints.

  3. [Professor CHEN Xiuhua's experience in the treatment of atopic dermatitis].

    Quan, Xiaohong; Li, Shuqian; Li, Ying


    Professor CHEN Xiuhua 's clinical experiences were introduced in the intervention on atopic dermatitis with external therapies of TCM acupuncture. On the basis of the theory as cultivating the earth and clearing the heart from professor CHEN Dacan and in terms of the disease stages and skin lesion characteristics, as well as in consideration of syndrome differen-tiation, the acupoints for strengthening the spleen and clearing heart fire are selected, such as Zhongwan (CV 12), Daheng (SP 15), Shuifen (CV 9), Tianshu (ST 25), Neiguan (PC 6) and Quchi (LI 11). For the repair of skin lesion, the integration of Chinese and western medicine is used, with the internal application and external use of Chinese herbal medicines involved. The topical ointments are selected rationally. The self-blood therapy is used with acupuncture, bleeding therapy and acupoint injection applied in combination on the basis of the theory of TCM zangfu organs and modern immunological mechanism, which stimulates the nonspecific immune response in the body and strengthens acupoint stimulus effects. Medical thread therapy of Guangxi Zhuang medicine is used in moxibustion for skin damage, which effectively stops itching and promotes wound healing and skin repair.

  4. Professor Andrzej Nespiak (1921-1981

    Tomasz Majewski


    Full Text Available The biography of a professor of the Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Botany of the Medical Academy in Wrocław, who was formerly an investigator of the Agricultural Academy in Wrocław. He worked on mycorhiza, the participation of Macromycetes in forest communities and the use of fungi for synthesis of some organic compounds, he was also the author of the Polish flora of the genus Cortinarius (1975,1981 and Inocybe (manuscript.

  5. Professor Andrzej Nespiak (1921-1981)

    Tomasz Majewski


    The biography of a professor of the Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Botany of the Medical Academy in Wrocław, who was formerly an investigator of the Agricultural Academy in Wrocław. He worked on mycorhiza, the participation of Macromycetes in forest communities and the use of fungi for synthesis of some organic compounds, he was also the author of the Polish flora of the genus Cortinarius (1975,1981) and Inocybe (manuscript).

  6. [Homage to Professor Dr. Nicasio Etchepareborda].


    During a solemn academic act, de Main Classroom of the Facultad de Odontologia de Buenos Aires was named after Prof. Dr. Nicasio Etchepareborda. He has been the first professor at the Escuela de Odontologia and its organizer, after having obtained his Dentistry degree at the Dental School of Paris, in 1882. The new school was founded in 1891, and its activities began the following year.

  7. 31 July 2014 - Professor M. Kastner

    Egli, Laurent


    MIT Faculty Member Donner Professor of Physics Massachusetts Institute of Technology United States of America, Prof. M. Kastner visiting the LHC tunnel at Point 5 with Beams Department M. Solfaroli Camillocci, LHC superconducting magnet assembly hall visit with L. Rossi and R. Principe, LHC Computing Grid Project presentation and computer centre visit with I. Bird and signing the guest book with CERN Director-General R. Heuer.

  8. Julio López Rendueles, a revolutionary professor

    Zoila Rodríguez-Gobea


    Full Text Available Julio López Rendueles was part of the group of Spanish exiles who joined the rising University of Oriente, and contributed decisively to the development of this center of high studies and to the revolutionary struggle that was taking place in the nation led by Movement 26 of July. This work shows that, before arriving in Cuba, Professor López Rendueles was a prestigious intellectual and a prominent communist militant, defender of the Spanish Republic. After the triumph of the Revolution he moved to Havana, where he continued to collaborate with the Revolutionary Armed Forces in the creation of Camilo Cienfuegos Military Schools and with the Ministry of Education in the organization of polytechnic teaching and in writing books for the teaching of chemistry, physics and mathematics.

  9. Memorial meeting for professor Abdus Salam's 90th birthday

    Duff, Michael; Khoo Phua, Kok; Memorial volume on Abdus Salam's 90th birthday


    In honor of one of the most prolific and exciting scientists of the second half of the last century, a memorial meeting was organized by the Institute of Advanced Studies at Nanyang Technological University for Professor Abdus Salam's 90th Birthday in January 2016. Salam believed that "scientific thought is the common heritage of all mankind" and that the developing world should play its part, not merely by importing technology but by being the arbiter of its own scientific destiny. That belief saw him rise from humble beginnings in a village in Pakistan to become one of the world's most original and influential particle physicists, culminating in the 1979 Nobel Prize (shared with Glashow and Weinberg) for contributions to electroweak unification, which forms an integral part of the Standard Model. The book collected the papers presented at this memorable event which saw many distinguished scientists participating as speakers to reflect on Prof Salam's great passion for the science and achievements.

  10. Extent of Parent-Teacher Association Involvement in the Implementation of Universal Basic Education Program in Primary Schools in Northern Senatorial District of Ondo State, Nigeria

    Chidi Nnebedum


    Full Text Available Pupil’ absenteeism and lateness to school, dilapidated and shortage of relevant facilities in primary schools in the Northern Senatorial District of Ondo State seems to suggest lapses in parent-teacher association involvement in school affairs. This prompted the researchers to ascertain the extent of parent-teacher association (PTA involvement in the implementation of universal basic education program in primary schools in the Northern Senatorial District of Ondo State. Three research questions guided the study and three null hypotheses were tested. The descriptive survey research design was adopted for the study. The population of the study was comprised of all 250 head teachers and all PTA members at all 250 primary schools in the Northern Senatorial District. Multiple stage sampling technique was used to sample 205 respondents made up of 75 head teachers and 130 PTA members. The researchers developed an instrument titled “Parent-Teacher Association Involvement in School Questionnaire (PTAISQ” which was used for data collection. The instrument was validated by three experts. The reliability of the instrument was ascertained using Cronbach alpha and it yielded an overall reliability coefficient value of .76. Mean and standard deviation were used to answer the research questions, while t-test was used to test the null hypotheses at .05 level of significance. The findings of the study revealed among others that the extent of PTA involvement in maintenance of facilities in the implementation of universal basic education program in primary schools in the Northern Senatorial District of Ondo State was high. Based on the findings, recommendations were made and conclusions were drawn.

  11. Work process of nursing professors 1

    Parra Giordano, Denisse; Felli, Vanda Elisa Andres


    ABSTRACT Objective: to analyze the work process of nursing professors. Method: descriptive, exploratory and qualitative study, developed with a focus on critical epidemiology, carried out at a School of Nursing in Chile. The research subjects consist of 17 nursing professors, with whom individual semi-structured interviews were carried out and nine participated in a focus group. The Ethics Committee approved this study. Results: 88.2% were female, mean age of 42 years, 47% were married, 94% were Chilean, average length of service in the institution of 2.8 years, and 23.5% had a master’s degree. Regarding the work process, the students were the work object, the tools used were the knowledge and the experience as a nurse, and the work environment was considered good. Regarding the form of work organization, 76% have a 44-hour workweek, the wage was considered inadequate and the workload was higher than foreseen in the contract. The dialectic of the nursing work process is evidenced, demonstrating the contradiction between the low wages and labor overload and the narratives reporting a good work environment, personal fulfillment and transcendence that goes far beyond work. Conclusions: the work process allows describing the work components of the nursing professors, which are consistent with the results of the literature and show the dialectic of the nursing work process. PMID:29211193

  12. Professor Witold Nowicki - a greatly spirited pathologist.

    Wincewicz, A; Szepietowska, A; Sulkowski, S


    This paper presents a complete overview of the scientific, professional and social activity of a great Polish pathologist, Witold Nowicki (1878-1941), from mainly Polish-written, original sources with a major impact on mostly his own publications. The biographical commemoration of this eminent professor is not only due to the fact that he provided a profound microscopic characterization of pneumatosis cystoides in 1909 and 1924. Nowicki greatly influenced the development of anatomical pathology in Poland, having authored over 82 publications, with special reference to tuberculosis, lung cancer, sarcomatous carcinomas, scleroma and others. However, the first of all his merits for the readership of Polish pathologists was his textbook titled Anatomical Pathology, which was a basic pathology manual in pre-war Poland. Witold Nowicki - as the head of the academic pathological anatomy department and former dean of the medical faculty - was shot with other professors by Nazi Germans in the Wuleckie hills in Lvov during World War Two. Professor Nowicki was described as being "small in size but great in spirit" by one of his associates, and remains an outstanding example of a meticulous pathologist, a patient tutor and a great social activist to follow.

  13. O professor_: de quem estamos falando mesmo?

    Santos, Fabiane Konowaluk


    Full Text Available O presente texto procura abordar a temática relacionada à auto-imagem do professor, constatada através de uma enquete e da construção de um website que subsidiou o tensionamento com o real. Segundo Arroyo (2000, p. 124, “carregamos a função que exercemos, que somos e a imagem de professor(a que internalizamos”. Dessa forma, o tema em estudo segue, ainda hoje, sendo altamente significativo, pois não podemos esquecer os momentos históricos, políticos e sociais vivenciados pelos professores, buscando justamente explicações sobre como as questões de auto-imagem, o fazer e suas competências, suas possibilidades e limites e outros tantos fatores que estão a alterar seu comportamento. Arroyo (2000, p. 124 assinala que a auto-imagem docente é apreendida em múltiplos espaços e tempos, em múltiplas vivências, como resultado das condições psicológicas e sociais que afetam sua docência

  14. Competências de Professores: um fator competitivoCompetences of Professors: a competitive advantageCompetencias de Profesores: un factor competitivo

    NASSIF, Vânia Maria Jorge


    Full Text Available RESUMOO objetivo dessa pesquisa foi o de verificar se a função Recursos Humanos das universidades privadas brasileiras estimula o desenvolvimento das competências do professor necessário para aumentar a competitividade das mesmas. A pesquisa qualitativa foi conduzida por meio de entrevistas com principais executivos das universidades. Uma outra pesquisa quantitativa foi desenvolvida por meio de um questionário fechado e auto-aplicável em 282 professores. A análise fatorial gerou algumas categorias de competências do professor. Os resultados revelaram que os professores reconhecem as competências necessárias para o exercício da docência, por outro lado, as universidades não percebem as ações e práticas de Recursos Humanos que facilitam o desenvolvimento dessas competências, propiciando um diferencial competitivo no ambiente acadêmico.ABSTRACTThe objective of this research was to verify if the Human Resources function in five Brazilian private universities stimulates the development and the exercise of the professor’s competences needed to raise their competitiveness. A qualitative research was conducted interviewing top management and Human Resources professionals of these universities. Another quantitative research was carried out using a self applied and closed questionnaire answered by 282 professors. A factor analysis identified 12 factors of professor’s competences that are viewed fundamental to exercise teacher’s function. Results revealed the professors recognize what are the competencies needed; however, the universities do not realize Human Resources actions facilitating them to develop these competences, promoting competitiveness in the academic market.RESUMENEsta investigación tuvo por finalidad verificar si la función Recursos Humanos de las universidades privadas brasileñas estimula el desarrollo de las competencias del profesor, necesario para aumentar la competitividad de las mismas. La investigaci

  15. O uso das TIC no trabalho de professores universitários de língua inglesa The ICT use in the work of English language professors

    Glenda Cristina Valim de Melo


    Full Text Available Este artigo apresenta as representações sobre o tipo de trabalho que docentes universitários de Língua Inglesa consideram realizar com as Tecnologias de Informação e Comunicação (TIC em sala de aula. Os aportes teórico-metodológicos estão embasados no Interacionismo Sociodiscursivo de Bronckart (2007; 2008, nas concepções de trabalho desenvolvidas pela Clínica da Atividade e Ergonomia e nas características de trabalho de Machado (2010. Participaram do estudo seis docentes universitários de Língua Inglesa que utilizam as TIC no trabalho. Os dados foram gerados via internet, via e-mails e Moodle. Cada participante produziu um texto em que relatou os usos que faria dessas ferramentas. Os resultados indicam que os docentes fazem usos semelhantes das ferramentas e que há impedimentos no uso das TIC para os docentes da universidade pública.This article presents representations about the kind of work that university professors hope to achieve when using Information & Communications Technology (ICT in the classroom. The theoretical background is based on Socio-discursive Interactionism, theories about work as developed in Clinical Activity and Ergonomics and in the characteristics of work proposed by Machado (2010. Six English language professors that use ICT at work participated in the research project. Data were collected via internet, through e-mail or Moodle. Each participant provided a text on their experiences and the use of ICT. The results indicate that university professors use the ICT in the same way, butsome restrictions to this matter are appointed by public university professors.

  16. Impact of technology-infused interactive learning environments on college professors' instructional decisions and practices

    Kuda Malwathumullage, Chamathca Priyanwada

    Recent advancements in instructional technology and interactive learning space designs have transformed how undergraduate classrooms are envisioned and conducted today. Large number of research studies have documented the impact of instructional technology and interactive learning spaces on elevated student learning gains, positive attitudes, and increased student engagement in undergraduate classrooms across nation. These research findings combined with the movement towards student-centered instructional strategies have motivated college professors to explore the unfamiliar territories of instructional technology and interactive learning spaces. Only a limited number of research studies that explored college professors' perspective on instructional technology and interactive learning space use in undergraduate classrooms exist in the education research literature. Since college professors are an essential factor in undergraduate students' academic success, investigating how college professors perceive and utilize instructional technology and interactive learning environments can provide insights into designing effective professional development programs for college professors across undergraduate institutions. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to investigate college professors' pedagogical reasoning behind incorporating different types of instructional technologies and teaching strategies to foster student learning in technology-infused interactive learning environments. Furthermore, this study explored the extent to which college professors' instructional decisions and practices are affected by teaching in an interactive learning space along with their overall perception of instructional technology and interactive learning spaces. Four college professors from a large public Midwestern university who taught undergraduate science courses in a classroom based on the 'SCALE-UP model' participated in this study. Major data sources included classroom


    Beverly Castillo Herrera


    Full Text Available This article discusses the sustainability that has taken the program Company University for Sustainable Development (PUEDES which ran from 2008 to 2009 in the city of Estelí, Nicaragua. It highlights the success stories of MSMEs involved, enabling sustainability and strengthening the links between Estelí Multidisciplinary Regional School (Unite-FAREM-Estelí and employers organized in the Chamber of Commerce of Estelí. The methodology for this article includes desk research and interviews with the president of the Chamber of Industry and Trade of Estelí, businessmen and university professors involved in this experience.

  18. [Genitourinary tuberculosis in the urologic works of Professor Rafael Mollá Rodrigo].

    Cánovas Ivorra, Jose Antonio; Tramoyeres Galván, Alfredo; Sánchez Ballester, Francisco; de la Torre Abril, Luis; Ordoño Domínguez, Felipe; Navalón Verdejo, Pedro; Ramada Benlloch, Francisco; López Alcina, Emilio; Pérez Albacete, Mariano; Zaragoza Orts, Julio


    Professor Rafael Molla Rodrigo is considered by some the author who contributed with his scientific work and solid technique to consolidate Urology as a speciality in Valencia. Such importance is also perceived in a national level, as demonstrated by the fact that he belonged to the first board of the Spanish Association of Urology and contributed to its foundation in the two-year period 1910--1911, from his position of head of the department of Surgical Therapy and Operations at the Central University. Genitourinary tuberculosis is one of the most outstanding chapters of his extensive works. We reviewed all his works, selecting all original articles about genitourinary tuberculosis. Original articles have been obtained from the journals Revista de Higiene y Tuberculosis, La Medicina Valenciana, Revista Valenciana de Ciencias Médicas y Policínica, and from his two most important books, Clinical Lessons In Urology and Clinical Lessons in Urology and Genitourinary Surgery. Throughout his work he analyzes features of relevance about this disease, such as diagnosis, about which he emphasizes the clinical and bacteriological difficulties, and treatment, which was only feasible by precocious nephrectomy. He dedicates a great part of his work to the study of this pathology and defends a precocious diagnosis in order to perform the only treatment that had demonstrated efficacy. He also exposes the symptoms and variety of clinical presentations, as well as diagnosis through separate kidney catheterization with the aim to determine unilateral involvement.

  19. Envolvimento de docentes-gestores com o trabalho no contexto universitário Involvement of teachers-managers with the work in the university context

    Lilia Aparecida Kanan


    Full Text Available Caracterizar o envolvimento de docentes-gestores com o trabalho no contexto universitário constituiu objetivo deste estudo. A pesquisa, de caráter qualitativo com enfoque exploratório e descritivo, teve a recorrência como procedimento associado à técnica de entrevistas. Os participantes, docentes-gestores de universidades de Santa Catarina, destacam que seu trabalho representa oportunidade de realização pessoal e de exercício de seu potencial e talento; há valor, sentido e importância para si e para a sociedade a ele associados. De forma geral os docentes-gestores não se percebem preparados suficientemente para as atividades de gestão do curso. As relações de poder, a hierarquia, o formalismo, a centralização da autoridade, os esquemas de controle, as poucas ou inexistentes oportunidades de avaliação e feedback da atuação são alguns aspectos que obstaculizam possibilidades de maior envolvimento.Characterizing the involvement of teachers-managers with work in the university context was the objective of this study. It was a qualitative research with descriptive and exploratory approach. The procedure involved in the technique of interviews was a recurrence. The participants, teachers-managers of universities of Santa Catarina, Brazil, highlight that their work represents an opportunity for personal fulfillment and the pursuit of his/her potential and his/her talent. There is value, meaning and importance for themselves and for society associated with it. In general, teachers-managers do not feel sufficiently prepared for the activities of managing the course. The relations of power, hierarchy, the formalism, centralization of authority, the control schemes, and the few or no opportunities for assessment and feedback of performance are some aspects that hinder opportunities for greater involvement.

  20. Research in the Doctoral Program in Second Language Acquisition at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

    De Costa, Peter I.; Bernales, Carolina; Merrill, Margaret


    Faculty and graduate students in the Doctoral Program in Second Language Acquisition (SLA) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison engage in a broad spectrum of research. From Professor Sally Magnan's research on study abroad and Professor Monika Chavez's work in foreign language policy through Professor Richard Young's examination of…

  1. O fracasso escolar no discurso do professor

    Piccirilli, Manoela de Souza Silva


    O fracasso escolar tem sido repetidamente abordado em pesquisas de diversas naturezas que buscam diferentes razões para sua ocorrência. Essa dissertação não pretende elaborar mais uma suposição do que venha a ser o fracasso escolar, mas analisar os sentidos deste no discurso de alguns professores de educação básica. Trata-se de um estudo qualitativo realizado sob a ótica da teoria-metodológica da Análise de Discurso de linha francesa a partir de Michel Pêcheux. O procedimento ...

  2. An Interview with Professor Roy Caldwell

    Chowdhary, Kuntal; Bhat, Prashant; Rosen, Jared; Naughton, Ida; Wang, Jingyan


    Envision the underwater world: vibrant coral, swaying seaweed, and lively creatures abound. However, the postcards and National Geographic covers that try to capture the beauty of this picturesque habitat can only represent it at one moment in time -- in reality, the landscape is hardly static, since many of its animals are capable of body modifications to change their shape and color. To understand the coloration and color vision of sea creatures, UC Berkeley Professor Roy L. Caldwell resear...

  3. An alternative path to improving university Earth science teaching and developing the geoscience workforce: Postdoctoral research faculty involvement in clinical teacher preparation

    Zirakparvar, N. A.; Sessa, J.; Ustunisik, G. K.; Nadeau, P. A.; Flores, K. E.; Ebel, D. S.


    preparation in that postdoctoral research scientists are directly involved in the clinical preparation of the teacher candidates7. In this program, professional educators and senior scientists guide and work closely with the postdoctoral scientists in developing lessons and field experiences for the teacher candidates. This exposes the postdoctoral scientists to pedagogical techniques. Furthermore, postdoctoral scientists make regular visits to partner schools and share their research interests with high school science students8. Regular assessments about the quality of the postdoctoral scientist's teaching, in the form of course evaluations and informal discussions with the teacher candidates and professional educators, further augments the postdoctoral scientists teaching skills. These experiences can ultimately improve university level science teaching, should the postdoctoral scientists find positions within a university setting. Here, five postdoctoral researchers present self-studies of changing instructional practice born of their involvement in clinical teacher preparation in the AMNH-MAT program.

  4. Education for the unified health system: what do good professors do from the perspective of students?

    Carmo Menegaz, Jouhanna do; Schubert Backes, Vânia Marli


    to analyze the educational practices for the Unified Health System performed by good professors, from the perspective of nursing, medical and odontology students, based on the Shulman's concepts of knowledge of educational ends, purposes, values ​​and their historical and philosophical grounds, at a university in southern Brazil. A qualitative study with an exploratory and analytical approach in which the participants were graduating students, interviewed with the aid of vignettes, between October of 2011 and January of 2012. Data were analyzed based on thematic analysis. it was observed that good professors educate for the Unified Health System through the promotion of teamwork, interdisciplinary practices, good communication, leadership exercises, and promotion of a student's desire to be an agent of change for the sake of improvement and guaranteeing the right to health. the students attribute to professors the responsibility for the performance of these practices. Despite their consistency with the Brazilian curriculum guidelines, the professors that perform them are seen as a minority.

  5. The proposal of Paediatric Virology and its perspectives: An interview with Professor of Paediatrics Maria Theodoridou.

    Mammas, Ioannis N; Spandidos, Demetrios A


    Professor Maria Theodoridou, Emeritus Professor of Paediatrics at the University of Athens, is one of the few paediatricians in Greece, who have experienced almost all the infectious diseases of the second half of the 20th century and their severe consequences, prior to the widespread adoption of immunisations. A milestone during her career was the establishment of a specialised National Reference Unit for the care of paediatric patients with acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) at the 'Aghia Sophia' Children's Hospital in Athens, Greece. According to Professor Theodoridou, training on the prevention, management and treatment of neonatal and paediatric viral infections represents a new educational challenge for both community as well as hospital-based paediatric health professionals. The debate of the potential strategically principal role of Paediatric Virology subspecialists in the primary, secondary and tertiary clinical practice is definitely necessary and needs further discussion and evaluation, she adds. She describes the difficulties that Greece, a country under a long-standing financial crisis, faces for the hospital-based management of paediatric viral infections and refers to the future advances, which are expected in the field of diagnosis and treatment of viral infections in neonates and children. In the context of the 3rd Workshop on Paediatric Virology, which will be held in Athens on October 7th, 2017, Professor Theodoridou will focus on the immigration crisis and vaccination policy.

  6. Looking to the future of organs-on-chips: interview with Professor John Wikswo.

    Wikswo, John P


    John Wikswo talks to Francesca Lake, Managing Editor: John is the founding Director of the Vanderbilt Institute for Integrative Biosystems Research and Education (VIIBRE). He is also the Gordon A Cain University Professor; a B learned Professor of Living State Physics; and a Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Molecular Physiology and Biophysics, and Physics. John earned his PhD in physics at Stanford University (CA, USA). After serving as a Research Fellow in Cardiology at Stanford, he joined the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Vanderbilt University (TN, USA), where he went on to make the first measurement of the magnetic field of an isolated nerve. He founded VIIBRE at Vanderbilt in 2001 in order to foster and enhance interdisciplinary research in the biophysical sciences, bioengineering and medicine. VIIBRE efforts have led to the development of devices integral to organ-on-chip research. He is focusing on the neurovascular unit-on-a-chip, heart-on-a-chip, a missing organ microformulator, and microfluidic pumps and valves to control and analyze organs-on-chips.

  7. In Memoriam: Professor Jan M. Hoem

    James W. Vaupel


    Full Text Available Jan Hoem died on Saturday in Stockholm after a long illness. Jan became Director of the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (MPIDR in 1999; he and I jointly led the Institute for almost eight years. During this period he served as Editor of Demographic Research; he took on this responsibility shortly after the journal was launched and built the journal into a respected online source of cutting-edge analysis. Jan was a superb colleague, with very good judgment, a delightful sense of humor, and deep devotion to research quality. A pioneer of event history analysis, he understood the subtleties of the subject better than anyone else. Jan was born and educated in Norway and worked in Oslo before becoming Professor in Copenhagen and then Professor in Stockholm, where he established SUDA, a leading demographic research initiative. His dedication to high-quality, statistically sophisticated population research at SUDA and MPIDR as well as in the journal Demographic Research substantially advanced the discipline of demography. Jan was a warm and generous teacher, a loyal colleague, and a caring friend whom many people will long remember with gratitude and respect. James W. Vaupel Publisher, Demographic Research

  8. Professor de Hevesy traces radioisotope history


    Professor George de Hevesy, who was a pioneer in the field of radioactive tracers, prepared this paper for the IAEA symposium on Radiochemical Methods of Analysis, held at Salzburg in October 1964. Professor de Hevesy was born in Budapest in 1885. He studied in Budapest, Berlin and Freiburg, and spent some years at Zurich when Einstein was there. In 1911 he went to Manchester to work with Rutherford and there witnessed some of the greatest discoveries in the history of physics. At the end of 1912 he visited the Vienna Institute for Radium Research, where he worked with Paneth, and in 1913 applied the method of labelled lead for the first time. After the first world war, he worked at the Institute for Theoretical Physics in Copenhagen; since 1943, his chief activities have been in Sweden. In 1923, with Coster, he discovered the element hafnium. He made notable discoveries on the mobility of ions, and isotope separation, and his work on radioisotope tracers, which has had important biological applications, won him the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1943

  9. Understanding Our Only Universe

    Valerio Marra


    Full Text Available In an imaginary dialogue between a professor and a layman about the future of cosmology, the said professor relates the paradoxical story of scientist Zee Prime, a bold thinker of a future civilization, stuck in a lonely galaxy, forever unaware of the larger universe. Zee Prime comes to acknowledge his position and shows how important it is to question standard models and status quo, as only the most imaginative ideas give us the chance to understand what he calls “our only universe” — the special place and time in which we live.

  10. Associations Among Depressive Symptoms, Wellness, Patient Involvement, Provider Cultural Competency, and Treatment Nonadherence: A Pilot Study Among Community Patients Seen at a University Medical Center.

    Hooper, Lisa M; Huffman, Lauren E; Higginbotham, John C; Mugoya, George C T; Smith, Annie K; Dumas, Tia N


    Treatment nonadherence is a pernicious problem associated with increasing rates of chronic diseases, escalating healthcare costs, and rising mortality in some patients. Although researchers have suggested numerous factors related to treatment nonadherence, several understudied aspects warrant attention, such as primary-care settings, provider cultural competence, and patient involvement. Adding to the research base, the present pilot study examined 88 primarily Black American and White American community patients from a large university medical center in the southern part of the United States. The study explored two research questions: (a) To what extent are there associations among depressive symptoms, wellness, patient involvement, cultural competency, and treatment nonadherence in a racially diverse community patient population? And (b) to what extent do the study exploratory variables and background characteristics predict treatment nonadherence, both separately and jointly? Depressive symptoms, the patient's perception of a provider's cultural competence, and marital/partnered status were found to be statistically significantly associated with treatment nonadherence, but not entirely in the directions expected.

  11. Obituaries: Professor A. Sanielevici and Dr. F.M. Folsom


    Alexandre Sanielevici, whose death on 21 December in Romania we regret to record, had been connected with important aspects of the Agency's research work almost from its inception. Born in 1899, he studied physics and chemistry first at the University of Jassy, Romania, and then at the Sorbonne where he obtained the degree of Doctor of Science. He worked for several years at the Radium Institute, Paris and later at Bucharest University. At the time he joined the Agency in 1958 he was a Professor in the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, a corresponding member of the Romanian Academy of Sciences, department head of the Academy's Institute of Nuclear Physics and head of the radioisotopes laboratory. His work with the Agency was mainly connected with research and the laboratories, but he also assisted in matters of health, safety and waste disposal. On his retirement in 1967 he was given a special appointment as consultant to the Scientific Council of the International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, a task which he fulfilled with characteristic assiduity and enthusiasm. He was the author of books on radioactivity, nuclear structures and the utilization of radioisotopes as well as of a number of scientific papers. Dr. Frank M. Folsom, who since 1957 has been a permanent representative of the Holy See to the Agency and has regularly attended the General Conference, died in New York on 12 January aged 75. A graduate of the University of San Francisco, he held a number of important positions both in industry and connected with universities and charitable work. For many years he was president of a large communications corporation and was the recipient of numerous honours and awards. Father Theodore M. Hesburgh, who has always shared with him the representation of the Holy See, in writing to announce the loss said 'Frank was a wonderfully generous and devoted friend and we will all miss him greatly'

  12. Desktop Publishing in the University.

    Burstyn, Joan N., Ed.

    Highlighting changes in the work of people within the university, this book presents nine essays that examine the effects of desktop publishing and electronic publishing on professors and students, librarians, and those who work at university presses and in publication departments. Essays in the book are: (1) "Introduction: The Promise of Desktop…

  13. The Expanding Universe: Dark Energy

    Lincoln, Don [Fermilab; Nord, Brian [Fermilab


    In 1998, observations of distant supernovae led physicists that not only was the universe expanding, but the expansion was speeding up. In this article, we describe the evidence for an expanding universe and describe what physicists and cosmologists have learned in the intervening years. The target audience for this article is high school physics teachers and college physics professors at teaching institutions.

  14. University Teaching around the World.

    Ballantine, Jeanne


    Explores the concept of good teaching in universities worldwide by interviewing professors and exchange students from USSR, England, Spain, Yugoslavia, the Soviet Union, Turkey, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan. Finds that teaching receives low priority in elite institutions while universities with open access…

  15. Bonding with the Nuclear Industry: A Technical Communication Professor and His Students Partner With Y-12 National Security Complex

    Hirst, Russel


    This article describes how a special kind of academe-industry collaboration--based on a joint appointment agreement between a university and an industry site--was set up, promoted, and experienced by a professor of technical communication and his student interns. To illustrate the nature and value of this kind of collaboration, the article…

  16. Board and Deans of Amsterdam University, Netherlands

    Patrice Loïez


    L. to r.: Dr Thomas Taylor, CERN IT Deputy Division Leader; Prof. Dymph C. van den Boom, Dean Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Professor in Empirical Thoretical Pedagogy; Prof. Jos Engelen, NIKHEF/University of Amsterdam, Dutch Delegate to the Scientific Policy Committee and Chairman of the LHC Committee; Prof. Jacob van der Gaag, Dean Faculty of Economic Science and Econometry, Professor in Developmenteconomy;Mr Jan van der Boon, CERN Director of Admnistration; Prof. Jan Robert Bausch, Dean Faculty of Dental Medicine, Professor in general Dentistry; Dr Sijbolt J. Noorda, President of the Board of the University of Amsterdam.

  17. The educational challenge of Paediatric Virology: An interview with Professor of Neonatology Anne Greenough.

    Mammas, Ioannis N; Spandidos, Demetrios A


    According to Professor Anne Greenough, Professor of Neonatology and Clinical Respiratory Physiology at the King's College London (London, UK), Paediatric Virology is indeed a rapidly increasing educational challenge. Professor Greenough, who in 1992 wrote her book on congenital, perinatal and neonatal infections, believes that during the past 3 decades, paediatric health professionals are becoming increasingly involved in specialised care and follow-up of paediatric patients with viral diseases, who require advanced medical care and innovative technological services. Moreover, she highlights the expected role of new vaccines and antiviral agents that are currently under investigation, as well as the impact of emerging viral diseases that require novel prevention strategies and therapeutic protocols. However, she notes that the number of Paediatric Virologists in any one country is likely to be small; hence, a separate paediatric subspecialty needs to be considered carefully. In the context of the 3rd Workshop on Paediatric Virology, which will be held in Athens, Greece, on October 7th, 2017, Professor Greenough will give her plenary lecture on the impact of viral infections on the long term outcomes of prematurely born infants.

  18. Professor Gender, Age, and “Hotness” in Influencing College Students’ Generation and Interpretation of Professor Ratings

    Sara L. Sohr-Preston


    Full Text Available Undergraduate psychology students rated expectations of a bogus professor (randomly designated a man or woman and hot versus not hot based on an online rating and sample comments as found on (RMP. Five professor qualities were derived using principal components analysis (PCA: dedication, attractiveness, enhancement, fairness, and clarity. Participants rated current psychology professors on the same qualities. Current professors were divided based on gender (man or woman, age (under 35 or 35 and older, and attractiveness (at or below the median or above the median. Using multivariate analysis of covariance (MANCOVA, students expected hot professors to be more attractive but lower in clarity. They rated current professors as lowest in clarity when a man and 35 or older. Current professors were rated significantly lower in dedication, enhancement, fairness, and clarity when rated at or below the median on attractiveness. Results, with previous research, suggest numerous factors, largely out of professors’ control, influencing how students interpret and create professor ratings. Caution is therefore warranted in using online ratings to select courses or make hiring and promotion decisions. 

  19. Three Decades Investigating Humor and Laughter: An Interview With Professor Rod Martin.

    Martin, Rod; Kuiper, Nicholas A


    Since the start of the 21st century, the investigation of various psychological aspects of humor and laughter has become an increasingly prominent topic of research. This growth can be attributed, in no small part, to the pioneering and creative work on humor and laughter conducted by Professor Rod Martin. Dr. Martin's research interests in humor and laughter began in the early 1980s and continued throughout his 32 year long career as a professor of clinical psychology at the University of Western Ontario. During this time, Dr. Martin published numerous scholarly articles, chapters, and books on psychological aspects of humor and laughter. Professor Martin has just retired in July 2016, and in the present interview he recounts a number of research highlights of his illustrious career. Dr. Martin's earliest influential work, conducted while he was still in graduate school, stemmed from an individual difference perspective that focused on the beneficial effects of sense of humor on psychological well-being. This research focus remained evident in many of Professor Martin's subsequent investigations, but became increasingly refined as he developed several measures of different components of sense of humor, including both adaptive and maladaptive humor styles. In this interview, Dr. Martin describes the conceptualization, development and use of the Humor Styles Questionnaire, along with suggestions for future research and development. In doing so, he also discusses the three main components of humor (i.e., cognitive, emotional and interpersonal), as well as the distinctions and similarities between humor and laughter. Further highlights of this interview include Professor Martin's comments on such diverse issues as the genetic versus environmental loadings for sense of humor, the multifaceted nature of the construct of humor, and the possible limitations of teaching individuals to use humor in a beneficial manner to cope with stress and enhance their social and

  20. Professor Howard Mason and oxygen activation

    Waterman, Michael R.


    Our understanding of the classification, function, mechanism, and structure of the enzymes which incorporate atoms of oxygen from atmospheric molecular oxygen during catalysis is based on the thoughtful and technically challenging experiments of two giants in the field of Biochemistry, Howard Mason and Osamu Hayaishi. This volume celebrates the 50th anniversary of the discovery and characterization of these 'oxygenase' enzymes and provides a broad view of how far this area of research has advanced. Professor Hayaishi describes herein his perspective on the background and major discoveries which led to the development of this field. Regrettably Howard Mason passed away at age 88 in 2003. I am indeed fortunate to have been a Ph.D. student with Howard and to have the opportunity to briefly review his role in the development of this field for this special commemorative issue of BBRC

  1. Institutional Support for the Virtual Professor

    Tom JONES


    Full Text Available Academics who hold positions at single-mode, distance education institutions are presently being hampered by an adherence to a long-standing set of protocols (specific office location, face-to-face meetings that were put in place when the conventional post-secondary was the norm. With the advent of a powerful merging of personal computers and the internet, a shift from those protocols to one of support for the virtual professor is in the offing, to the benefit of both the professoriate and the student. A key factor in this shift is the degree and quality of institutional support that will allow these changes to take place. This paper focuses on a number of the key factors that will have to be addressed if this new type of distance education academic is to function effectively.

  2. Interview with Professor Dr. Daniel Spreng

    Nagel, C.; Kilchmann, A.


    This interview with Professor Dr. Daniel Spreng of the Center for Energy Policy and Economics (CEPE) in Zuerich, Switzerland, deals with questions concerning research in the area of energy economics. In particular, the situation in Switzerland, where mains-connected sources of energy such as electricity and gas play an important role in energy supply, is looked at in the light of market liberalisation. Various approaches to the liberalisation of gas and electricity systems are discussed and the costs of liberalised supply systems are compared with those of the present monopolistic situation. Also, energy reserves and the use of the gas distribution system in a future hydrogen-based energy supply scenario are looked at. Projects currently being worked on at the CEPE are reviewed

  3. Psychological well-being and psychological distress for professors in Brazil and Canada.

    Ana Alice Vilas Boas


    Full Text Available Mental health, an important object of research in psychology as well as social psychology, can be determined by the relationship between psychological well-being and psychological distress. In this context, we search to understand: “How do compare mental health of professors working in public universities in an emerging country like Brazil with the one of professors working in a developed country like Canada?” and “What are the main differences in the indicators of mental health in work domain?”. This paper assesses psychological well-being and psychological distress for professors working in these two countries and test for their differences. The sample consists of 354 Brazilian professors and 317 Canadian professors. Data were collected through an on-line questionnaire assessing the following mental health indicators: anxiety, depression, loss of control, general positive affect and emotional ties. We compared the components of psychological distress and psychological well-being to analyse their relations. Additionally, we compared these components with work-life balance indicator. Reliability analyses demonstrated that all tested components are consistent to evaluate mental health. There are small mean differences between Brazilian and Canadian professors in all five components of mental health, but these differences are not statistically significant. Mean differences for work-life balance, gender, age, and bias of conformity are statistically different, although the size effects are small. Linear regression analysis, step by step, controlled for life events, showed that general positive affect, anxiety and emotional ties predict 31.5% of the scores of work-life balance. Additionally, we observed that Brazilian professors find more balance between professional and private life than do their Canadian colleagues. Promoting mental health is a challenge for public management sector, thus, public managers and governmental organizations can

  4. Where are the female science professors? A personal perspective [version 1; referees: 2 approved

    Shina Caroline Lynn Kamerlin


    Full Text Available The first woman to earn a Professorship at a University in Europe was Laura Maria Caterina Bassi, who earned a professorship in physics at the University of Bologna in 1732. Almost 300 years and three waves of feminism later, in 2016, women typically still only comprise 20% (or less of the number of full professors in Europe. This opinion article will discuss the experiences of being a female academic today and the factors contributing to the academic gender gap from the perspective of a “young” natural scientist, as well as providing constructive suggestions for strategies to empower women in the academic world.

  5. Where are the female science professors? A personal perspective [version 2; referees: 4 approved

    Shina Caroline Lynn Kamerlin


    Full Text Available The first woman to earn a Professorship at a University in Europe was Laura Maria Caterina Bassi, who earned a professorship in physics at the University of Bologna in 1732. Almost 300 years and three waves of feminism later, in 2016, women typically still only comprise 20% (or less of the number of full professors in Europe. This opinion article will discuss the experiences of being a female academic today and the factors contributing to the academic gender gap from the perspective of a “young” natural scientist, as well as providing constructive suggestions for strategies to empower women in the academic world.

  6. The Limited Role of Journalism Professors in Direct Media Criticism.

    Bass, Abraham Z.

    This paper discusses reasons why few journalism professors are personally confronting the news media with criticism or praise. One of the primary reasons for this is that journalism professors may fear retribution or keep inbred ties with the media or be following academic tradition. A survey was conducted in Spring 1975 for this report. The…

  7. Student and Professor Gender Effects in Introductory Business Statistics

    Haley, M. Ryan; Johnson, Marianne F.; Kuennen, Eric W.


    Studies have yielded highly mixed results as to differences in male and female student performance in statistics courses; the role that professors play in these differences is even less clear. In this paper, we consider the impact of professor and student gender on student performance in an introductory business statistics course taught by…

  8. Professor om kystsikring: Ingen universelle løsninger

    Arnbjerg-Nielsen, Karsten


    DEBAT: Der findes ikke universalløsninger mod stigende risiko for stormfloder, men løsninger skal findes, skriver Karsten Arnbjerg-Nielsen, professor ved DTU.......DEBAT: Der findes ikke universalløsninger mod stigende risiko for stormfloder, men løsninger skal findes, skriver Karsten Arnbjerg-Nielsen, professor ved DTU....

  9. The benefits of being economics professor A (rather than Z)

    van Praag, C.M.; van Praag, B.M.S.


    Alphabetical name ordering on multi-authored academic papers, which is the convention in economics and various other disciplines, is to the advantage of people whose last name initials are placed early in the alphabet. Professor A, who has been a first author more often than Professor Z, will have

  10. Do Professors Have Customer-Based Brand Equity?

    Jillapalli, Ravi K.; Jillapalli, Regina


    This research endeavors to understand whether certain professors have customer-based brand equity (CBBE) in the minds of students. Consequently, the purpose of this study is to conceptualize, develop, and empirically test a model of customer-based professor brand equity. Survey data gathered from 465 undergraduate business students were used to…

  11. Engaging Undergraduates in Feminist Classrooms: An Exploration of Professors' Practices

    Spencer, Leland G.


    This article reports the results of a feminist action research project that sought to ascertain professors' best practices for engaging undergraduates in feminist classrooms. In semi-structured interviews, professors recommended assigning readings from a variety of positionalities; creating a safe space for class discussion; relying on data to…

  12. What I Wish My Professors Had Told Me

    Collins, Jennifer


    What do you wish your undergraduate professors told you before you ever set foot in a classroom? Jennifer Collins, one such professor who prepares pre-service teachers, has a list of six "truths" she shares with her students. In this article, Collins outlines those pieces of advice, which include understanding your larger purpose,…

  13. Academic Labor Markets and Assistant Professors' Employment Outcomes

    Hargens, Lowell L.


    Using data for 638 assistant professors who joined graduate sociology departments between 1975 and 1992, I examine the claim that when the labor market for new doctorates is weak, assistant professors experience less favorable employment outcomes than when that labor market is strong. Surprisingly, I find that those hired during the weak…

  14. In commemoration of professor V.P. Karpov

    Semyonova L.S.


    Full Text Available This article is about professor Karpov V.P., a prominent scientist, first rector of Yekaterinoslav Medical Academy. Biography of a great investigator, his main achievements in the area of histology, biology, theory and history of medicine was studied. Professor Karpov V.P. always combined his great scientific, organizational and research work with social activity. Monographs of professor Karpov V.P. and conferences organized by him were of great importance in the solution of such new problems as theary of microscope and cell amitosis. Professor Karpov is a founder of a large school of histology. Thanks to his active participation and personal guidance, in 1917 department of histology was founded in Yekaterinoslav Medical Institute. The author of the article has analyzed Hippocrates` works translated into Russian by professor Karpov V.P. and pointed out their significance for modern medical science and practice.

  15. Reading Faculty’s Research Publications Helps to Determine Which Professors to Target for Data Services

    Giovanna Badia


    Full Text Available Objective – The research project examined university faculty’s publications in order to find professors with previous data experiences. The professors could then be approached with an offer of the library’s data services. Design – Bibliographic study. Setting – Department of Crop Sciences in the College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Subjects – A total of 62 assistant, associate, and full professors. Methods – The author searched Web of Science and faculty web pages to find each of the subjects’ two most recent research or review articles. Altogether, 124 articles were read to check whether data sources were used and shared. Data sources were defined as sources other than traditional citations to literature for information or ideas, such as data repositories, supplementary files, and weather stations. Data sharing was defined as publicly sharing data beyond that published in the journal article, such as providing supplementary files with the article or submitting data sets to a disciplinary repository (p. 205. Main Results – Thirty of the 124 articles, which were written by 20 different professors, referred to additional data that was made openly accessible. The analysis of the articles uncovered a variety of data experiences, such as faculty who utilized repository data, published supplementary files, submitted their own data to repositories, or posted data on their university’s website. These 20 faculty members were contacted and asked for a meeting “to discuss their data sharing thoughts and experiences and to ask whether they [saw] a role for the library in facilitating data sharing” (p. 206. The author received a positive response from seven of the faculty members and had a successful meeting with each of them. Conclusion – A bibliographic study can be employed to select which professors to target for data services. While this method is time

  16. The transformative experiences of a scientist-professor with teacher candidates

    Lashley, Terry Lee Hester

    This case study documented the pedagogical and philosophical change experiences of a senior research scientist-professor at a large Research I University as he implemented an open inquiry immersion course with secondary science teacher candidates. The 4-semester hour graduate-level credit course (Botany 531) is titled "Knowing and Teaching Science: Just Do-It!" The students were 5th-year education students who possessed an undergraduate degree in the biological sciences. The premise for the course is that to teach science effectively, one must be able to DO science. Students were provided with extensive opportunities to design and carry out experiments and communicate the results both orally and in a written format. The focus of this dissertation was on changes in the pedagogical philosophy and practice of the scientist-professor as he taught this course over a 4-year period, 1997--2000. The data used in this study include the scientist-professor's reflective journals (1997--2000), the students' journals (1997--2000), and interviews with the scientist-professor (2001--2002). HyperRESEARCH 2.03 software was used to code and analyze the reflective journals and transcribed interviews. Data were reviewed and then placed into original codes. The codes were then grouped into themes for analysis. Identified themes included (1) Reflective Practice, (2) Social Construction of Knowledge, (3) Legitimate Peripheral Participation, and (4) the Zone of Proximal Development. There is clear evidence that the scientist-professor experienced transformative changes in his philosophy and practice over the 4-year period. This is shown by (1) differences in learning outcomes and expectations for Do-It! course students and traditional course students, (2) documentation of the scientist-professor's movement through the Concerns Based Adoption Model (CBAM) Stages of Concern, (3) increased collaboration and support from the college of education, (4) development and delivery of two other

  17. Professor Gheorghe Bilaşcu's contribution to the development of science and culture in Romania.

    Rotaru, Alexandru; Petrovai, Ion; Rotaru, Horatiu


    When speaking about Professor Gheorghe Bilaşcu (1863-1926) and his major contribution to the establishment of Romanian medical education in Cluj, he should be considered not only in terms of scientist and creator of the Dental School, but also through his commitment to the development of science and culture in Romania. A wealthy dentist in Budapest where he graduated from the Dental School, he supported a lot of Romanian students to attend schools and universities in the Budapest, thus contributing to the development of culture in his own country. Finally, he left his private practice in the Capital of Hungary to come to Cluj to support the efforts of building the Dental School and profession in Romania. This paper illustrates the contribution that Professor Gheorghe Bilaşcu made to the development of higher education in Romania, as well as his support of the local culture.

  18. Reginald Crundall Punnett: first Arthur Balfour Professor of Genetics, Cambridge, 1912.

    Edwards, A W F


    R. C. Punnett, the codiscoverer of linkage with W. Bateson in 1904, had the good fortune to be invited to be the first Arthur Balfour Professor of Genetics at Cambridge University, United Kingdom, in 1912 when Bateson, for whom it had been intended, declined to leave his new appointment as first Director of the John Innes Horticultural Institute. We here celebrate the centenary of the first professorship dedicated to genetics, outlining Punnett's career and his scientific contributions, with special reference to the discovery of "partial coupling" in the sweet pea (later "linkage") and to the diagram known as Punnett's square. His seeming reluctance as coauthor with Bateson to promote the reduplication hypothesis to explain the statistical evidence for linkage is stressed, as is his relationship with his successor as Arthur Balfour Professor, R. A. Fisher. The background to the establishment of the Professorship is also described.

  19. Pedagogical, Curricular and Didactic Elements Involved in the Creation of an E-Learning Environment: The Case of a Costa Rican University

    Manuel BALTODANO


    Full Text Available This article presents the results of a descriptive phenomenological study with mixed approach carried out to identify the pedagogical, curricular and didactic elements involved in the creation of an e-learning environment for the students of the course Directed Research I at the State Distance University in Costa Rica (UNED. As for the method, it is guided by a process of concurrent triangulation where there is a preeminence of data of a quantitative nature that are complemented and validated with qualitative data. Questionnaires were applied to all 60 students enrolled in Directed Research I and interviews were carried out with three tutors. Findings show that most students are satisfied with the pedagogical, curricular and didactic elements of UNED’s educational model. However, both tutors and students agree on the need to strengthen actions that promote meaningful learning. The conclusions point the need to orient the teachers’ work to the students’ necessities using the potential offered by ICT for the generation of educational proposals in the form of e-learning.

  20. Revisiting University Students’ Knowledge that Involves Basic Differential Equation Questions (Conocimiento de los Estudiantes Universitarios con Respecto a Preguntas que Implican Ecuaciones Diferenciales: una Revisión

    Matías Camacho


    Full Text Available This study documents the extent to which university students utilize diverse representations and mathematical processes to interpret and respond to a set of questions that involves fundamental concepts in the study of differential equations. Results indicate that students’ idea to solve a differential equation is reduced to the application of proper solution methods to a certain type of equation differential expressions. Thus, instructional activities should promote the students’ use of several representation systems in which they can reflect on the various aspects associated with the concept itself, the solution methods, procedures, and the corresponding meaning and connections among those representations. Este estudio muestra hasta qué punto los estudiantes de universidad utilizan diferentes procesos y representaciones matemáticas para interpretar y responder a un grupo de cuestiones que incluyen conceptos fundamentales relacionados con el estudio de las ecuaciones diferenciales. Los resultados obtenidos indican que la idea que tienen los estudiantes de resolver una ecuación diferencial, se reduce a la aplicación de una serie de métodos. Así, la instrucción debería promover el uso de diferentes sistemas de representación que les permita reflexionar sobre varios aspectos asociados al concepto, los métodos de solución, los procedimientos y los significados y conexiones entre las representaciones utilizadas.

  1. Impacto vocal de professores Teachers' vocal impact

    Adriana Ricarte


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: analisar o impacto vocal nas atividades diárias em professores do ensino médio. Correlacionar os achado da auto-percepção do problema vocal com os aspectos: efeitos no trabalho, na comunicação diária, na comunicação social e na sua emoção. MÉTODOS: a amostra foi constituída por 107 professores, sendo 86 com queixa e 21 sem queixa, selecionados em escolas da rede particular de ensino de Maceió-AL. Cada professor respondeu individualmente o protocolo Perfil Participação em Atividades Vocais na presença da pesquisadora, assinalando suas respostas em uma escala visual que varia de 0 a 10. O protocolo é composto por 28 questões com a presença integrada em cinco aspectos englobados para avaliar a qualidade de vida e o resultado de tratamentos vocais. O protocolo oferece, ainda, dois escores adicionais: pontuação de limitação nas atividades (PLA e de restrição de participação (PRP. RESULTADOS: na comparação dos grupos com e sem queixa vocal foram verificados que todos os resultados foram estatisticamente significantes (pPURPOSE: to analyze the vocal impact in the daily activities on high-school teachers. Correlate the finding of the auto-perception on the vocal problem with the following aspects: effects in the work, daily communication, social communication and, its emotion METHODS: the sample consisted of 107 teachers, 86 with and 21 with no complaint, selected from private teaching schools in Maceió-AL. Each teacher answered individually the Protocol for Voice Activity Participation Profile in the presence of the researcher, noting their responses on a visual scale ranging from 0 to 10. The protocol is composed of 28 questions with the presence integrated in five aspects to evaluate the quality of life and the result of vocal treatments. The protocol offers, still, two additional scores: punctuation of limitation in the activities (PLA and restriction of participation (PRP. RESULTS: comparing the groups with

  2. Professor in Residence: An Innovative Academic-Practice Partnership.

    Hinic, Katherine; Kowalski, Mildred Ortu; Silverstein, Wendy


    This article describes an academic-practice partnership between an American Nurses Credentialing Center Magnet ® -designated hospital and an academic nurse educator that has increased the hospital's capacity for research, evidence-based practice, and support for nurses continuing their education. Through close collaboration with the full-time nurse researcher and members of the nursing education department, the professor in residence consults with clinical staff to support completion of research and evidence-based practice projects. The collaboration also has resulted in the development of a formal year-long mentoring program for clinical nurses in the area of evidence-based practice. Individual support and academic consults are offered to nurses enrolled in school to promote advancement of nurses' educational level. This collaboration has been beneficial for both the hospital and the university, increasing the capacity for scholarly activities for nurses in the hospital and serving as a forum for ongoing faculty practice and scholarship. J Contin Educ Nurs. 2017;48(12):552-556. Copyright 2017, SLACK Incorporated.

  3. Evaluación de la calidad docente y promoción del profesorado (VI. Legislación universitaria española (d: modificación de la Ley Orgánica de Universidades. Profesorado funcionario: de la habilitación a la acreditación (2004-2008 (1.ª parte Evaluation of teaching and faculty promotion (VI. University Spanish legislation (d: modification of the Organic Law of Universities. Appointment for the bodies of functionary professors: from the system of ‘habilitation' to the system of ‘accreditation' (2004-2008 (1st part

    J. Carreras


    parliament until the promulgation of a new law (Organic Law of Modification of the LOU in April of 2007. We comment the modifications introduced in the LOU that effected the categories of functionary professors, and we analyze the norms subsequently established. The categories of university functionary professors were reduced to two (‘catedráticos' and ‘profesores titulares', and for both categories was established a procedure of appointment with two steps: a first step of national ‘accreditation' and a second step of concourse to the specific positions convoked by the universities. The objective of the process of national ‘accreditation' would be to evaluate the merits and competencies of the candidates in order to guarantee the quality of the professoriate. It would be carried out by specific commissions nominated by the University Council. The rules of the specific concourses developed by the universities would be established by their statutes.

  4. Evaluación de la calidad docente y promoción del profesorado (VI. Legislación universitaria española (d: modificación de la Ley Orgánica de Universidades. Profesorado funcionario: de la habilitación a la acreditación (2004-2008: 2.ª parte Evaluation of teaching and faculty promotion (VI. University Spanish legislation (d: modification of the Organic Law of Universities. Appointment for the bodies of functionary professors: from the system of 'habilitation' to the system of 'accreditation' (2004-2008: 2nd part

    J. Carreras


    parliament until the promulgation of a new law (Organic Law of Modification of the LOU in April of 2007. We comment the modifications introduced in the LOU that effected the categories of functionary professors, and we analyze the norms subsequently established. The categories of university functionary professors were reduced to two ('catedráticos' and 'profesores titulares', and for both categories was established a procedure of appointment with two steps: a first step of national 'accreditation' and a second step of concourse to the specific positions convoked by the universities. The objective of the process of national 'accreditation' would be to evaluate the merits and competencies of the candidates in order to guarantee the quality of the professoriate. It would be carried out by specific commissions nominated by the University Council. The rules of the specific concourses developed by the universities would be established by their statutes.

  5. Introduction to the special issue on the Phanerozoic geology of Egypt in honor of Professor Mohamed El-Bahay Issawi

    Abdeen, M. M.; Tewksbury, B.; Abdelsalam, M. G.; Tarabees, E.


    This issue is dedicated to Professor Mohamed El-Bahay Issawi in recognition of his monumental contributions to an understanding of the Phanerozoic evolution of the northern part of Africa. During his long and productive career in the Egyptian Geological Survey and Mining Authority (EGSMA), he was committed to deciphering the geological history and resources of the Phanerozoic of Egypt. Professor Issawi is widely recognized for his influential stratigraphic-tectonic models that were an inspiration for generations of Egyptian geoscientists from the 1960s onward. His models and expertise helped to attract international interest and involvement in fundamental programs of research on the Phanerozoic geology of Egypt and specifically on geoarchaeology.

  6. Remembrance of professor Tadeusz Marciniak - Lviv tradition in Wrocław.

    Kacała, Ryszard R; Woźniak, Sławomir; Porwolik, Michał; Dąbrowski, Paweł; Domagała, Zygmunt; Kacała, Arkadiusz; Gworys, Bohdan


    After the seizure of Lviv by the Soviets, in the years 1944-1946, Tadeusz Marciniak worked in the Descriptive Anatomy Department in the State-Medical Institute of Lviv and also performed the function of the dean of the Medical Faculty. On receiving a proposal to assume the Chair of the Anatomy Department in Wrocław, he made the decision to leave Lviv. By July 2nd, 1946, prof. Tadeusz Marciniak had taken over the duties of full professor of the Descriptive Anatomy Department of the Medical Faculty of the University and the Technical College of Wrocław. On taking his job in Wrocław, prof. Marciniak undertook attempts to restore the worn out parts of the Anatomy Department building. Due to the lack of Polish manuals, he also took to the preparation of scripts for medical students. Professor Marciniak was a member of the Wrocław Section of the Polish Anthropological Association and a regular member of the Wroclaw Association of Science. His main scientific interests referred to the morphogenesis of the central nervous system and urinary system. He concentrated on circulatory system and muscular system tetralogies. Professor Marciniak also actively participated in administrative work at the university. In the years 1947-1948, he held the office of associate dean of the Medical Faculty, and till 1950 was a member of the Senate of the University and Technical College of Wrocław. In the years 1959-1962, he was a vice rector of the Medical University of Wrocław.

  7. Professor Wind i Deadline om Spitzenkandidaten


    Professor og centerleder, Marlene Wind, var fredag den 23. februar 2018 i DR2 Deadline for at snakke om proceduren bag udvælgelsen af en ny formand for Europa Kommissionen. Professer Wind forklarede blandt andet, hvordan Europa Parlamentet, siden Lisabon Traktaten i 2009, har fortolket en del af...... traktaten til, at det skal være det vindende parti ved EP-valget, som vælger Kommissionsformanden. Dette er kendt som Spitzenkandidaten-proceduren. Wind pointerede, at særligt tyskerne har den holdning til EU, at den primære legitimitet ligger hos Europa parlamentet, da det er det eneste direkte folkevalgte...... organ i EU. Wind påpegede, at statsoverhovederne har været meget skeptiske eller direkte imod proceduren, men at der er en stigende holdning til, at proceduren kan være med til at sikre borgerinddragelse i EU. Til dette sagde Wind; "Hvis man skal engangere borgerne ved det her valg, hvor stort set ingen...

  8. Constitutional Law--State Action--Hiring and Promotion Practices of Private University Receiving Public Funds Held State Action--Braden v. University of Pittsburgh.

    New York University Law Review, 1977


    In Braden vs University of Pittsburgh, a female professor filed suit against the University alleging sex discrimination in employment practices. The professor alleged that the school, which received state funds, was, in effect, a state actor and subject to constitutional restraints. This case and two relevant state action cases are discussed. (JMD)

  9. Mentoring and Tutoring within Administrative Internship Programs in American Universities

    Wilmore, Elaine L.; Bratlien, Maynard J.


    The article presents a significant national research project conducted by the authors and sponsored by the National Council of Professors of Educational Administration. It analyzes the varying aspects of administrative internships in American universities today. Professors of Educational Administration from around the nation were surveyed on-line…

  10. Integrated Research/Education University Aircraft Design Program Development


    of the art ; Substantial engineering analysis using industry-standard simulation techniques and tools; Substantial testing and analysis / test...flight vehicle configurations that would be a contribution to the state of the art in airplane design. DISTRIBUTION A: Distribution approved for public...Dr. Eli Livne Boeing Endowed Professor of Aeronautics & Astronautics Adjunct Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering University of

  11. Geneva University

    École de physique - Département de physique nucléaire et corspusculaire 24, quai Ernest-Ansermet 1211 GENÈVE 4 Tél: (022) 379 62 73 - Fax: (022) 379 69 92 Monday 7 December 2009 PHYSICS COLLOQUIUM at 17:00 – Stückelberg Auditorium Topological insulators and topological superconductors Professor Shoucheng Zhang Department of Physics, Stanford University, CA   Recently, a new class of topological states has been theoretically predicted and experimentally realized. The topological insulators have an insulating gap in the bulk, but have topologically protected edge or surface states due to the time reversal symmetry. In two dimensions the edge states give rise to the quantum spin Hall (QSH) effect, in the absence of any external magnetic field. I shall review the theoretical prediction of the QSH state in HgTe/CdTe semiconductor quantum wells, and its recent experimental observation. The edge states of the QSH state supports fr...

  12. Geneva University

    École de physique - Département de physique nucléaire et corspusculaire 24, quai Ernest-Ansermet 1211 GENÈVE 4 Tél: (022) 379 62 73 - Fax: (022) 379 69 92 Wednesday 18 November  2009 PARTICLE PHYSICS SEMINAR at 17:00 – Stückelberg Auditorium Highlights of the European Strategy Workshop for Future Neutrino Physics Dr Ilias Efthymiopoulos, CERN   Seminar cancelled! Information Organizer : J.-S. Graulich Monday 7 December 2009 PHYSICS COLLOQUIUM at 17:00 – Stückelberg Auditorium Topological insulators and topological superconductors Professor Shoucheng Zhang Department of Physics, Stanford University, CA   Recently, a new class of topological states has been theoretically predicted and experimentally realized. The topological insulators have an insulating gap in the bulk, but have topologically protected edge or surface states due to the time reversal symmetry. In two dimensions the edge s...

  13. Professor John Scott, folate and neural tube defects.

    Hoffbrand, A Victor


    John Scott (1940-2013) was born in Dublin where he was to spend the rest of his career, both as an undergraduate and subsequently Professor of Biochemistry and Nutrition at Trinity College. His research with the talented group of scientists and clinicians that he led has had a substantial impact on our understanding of folate metabolism, mechanisms of its catabolism and deficiency. His research established the leading theory of folate involvement with vitamin B12 in the pathogenesis of vitamin B12 neuropathy. He helped to establish the normal daily intake of folate and the increased requirements needed either in food or as a supplement before and during pregnancy to prevent neural tube defects. He also suggested a dietary supplement of vitamin B12 before and during pregnancy to reduce the risk of neural tube defects. It would be an appropriate epitaph if fortification of food with folic acid became mandatory in the UK and Ireland, as it is in over 70 other countries. © 2013 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  14. In conversation with: Professor Richard James

    John Clarke


    Full Text Available In 2011, Richard James wrote in the Foreword to Nelson, Clarke, Kift, and Creagh’s (2012 monograph on Australasian literature on the First Year Experience that:The trend towards universal participation will usher in dramatic changes in the character of the first year in higher education. … (p. iiiIn an interview at the University of Melbourne, Australia in July 2013 between Richard James and John Clarke, Co-editor of the International Journal of the First Year in Higher Education, these and related issues were explored.  The interview picks up where the Foreword left off:  focussing on universal participation.

  15. The Universe in a Box: Introduction to the Study of Astronomy in the Initial Formation of Physics Teachers. (Spanish Title: El Universo Representado en Una Caja: Introducción al Estudio de la Astronomía en la Formación Inicial de Profesores de Física.) O Universo Representado em Uma Caixa: Introdução ao Estudo da Astronomia NA Formação Inicial de Professores de Física

    Longhini, Marcos Daniel


    This is a report of an activity of introduction to the study of Astronomy developed with a group of future Physics teachers at a Brazilian public university. Such activity had the goal of giving privileged emphasis to notions of spatiality, alternative conceptions of the participants and the process of interaction among peers, and consisted of the representation, in a three dimensional space, of the models of the universe that the participants had. The results, which were categorized as miscellaneous, geocentric, heliocentric and acentric models of the universe, were qualitatively analyzed. Analyses of the activity in the perspective of the participants are indicated and additional considerations are made regarding its use as a resource for teaching Astronomy and for teacher training. Este es el informe de una actividad para presentar un estudio introductorio de la Astronomía, desarrollado con una clase de futuros profesores de física en una universidad pública brasileña. Esta actividad tuvo como objetivo centrar las nociones de espacialidad, las concepciones alternativas de los participantes y el proceso de interacción entre pares, y consistió en la representación en un espacio tridimensional, de los modelos del universo que los participantes habían. Los resultados, que se clasificaron en universo miscelania, geocéntrico, heliocéntrico y acentrico, se analizaron cualitativamente. Son identificadas análisis de la actividad por los participantes, e hizo observaciones sobre su uso como recurso para la enseñanza de la astronomía y la formación de docentes. Trata-se do relato de uma atividade de introdução ao estudo da Astronomia, desenvolvida com uma turma de futuros professores de Física, em uma universidade pública brasileira. Tal atividade teve como meta privilegiar noções de espacialidade, as concepções alternativas dos participantes e o processo de interação entre pares e constou da representação, em um espaço tridimensional, dos

  16. Work stress among university teachers: gender and position differences.

    Slišković, Ana; Maslić Seršić, Darja


    The aim of this study was to investigate exposure to stress at work in university teachers and see if there were differences between men and women as well as between positions. The study was carried out online and included a representative sample of 1,168 teachers employed at universities in Croatia. This included all teaching positions: assistants (50%), assistant professors (18%), associate professors (17%), and full professors (15%). Fifty-seven percent of the sample were women. The participants answered a questionnaire of our own design that measured six groups of stressors: workload, material and technical conditions at work, relationships with colleagues at work, work with students, work organisation, and social recognition and status. Women reported greater stress than men. Assistant professors, associate professors, and full professors reported greater stress related to material and technical conditions of work and work organisation than assistants, who, in turn, found relationships with colleagues a greater stressor. Full professors, reported lower exposure to stress at work than associate professors, assistant professors, and assistants.

  17. The life, achievements and legacy of a great Canadian investigator: Professor Boris Petrovich Babkin (1877-1950).

    Beck, Ivan T


    The present paper reviews the life and achievements of Professor Boris Petrovich Babkin (MD DSc LLD). History is only worth writing about if it teaches us about the future; therefore, this historical review concludes by describing what today's and future gastrointestinal physiologists could learn from Dr Babkin's life. Dr Babkin was born in Russia in 1877. He graduated with an MD degree from the Military Medical Academy in St Petersburg, Russia, in 1904. Not being attracted to clinical practice, and after some hesitation concerning whether he would continue in history or basic science of medicine, he entered the laboratory of Professor Ivan Petrovich Pavlov. Although he maintained an interest in history, in Pavlov's exciting environment he became fully committed to physiology of the gastrointestinal system. He advanced quickly in Russia and was Professor of Physiology at the University of Odessa. In 1922, he was critical of the Bolshevik revolution, and after a short imprisonment, he was ordered to leave Russia. He was invited with his family by Professor EH Starling (the discoverer of secretin) to his department at University College, London, England. Two years later, he was offered a professorship in Canada at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia. After contributing there for four years, he joined McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, in 1928 as Research Professor. He remained there for the rest of his career. Between 1940 and 1941, he chaired the Department, and following retirement, he remained as Research Professor. At the invitation of the world-famous neurosurgeon, Wilder Penfield, Dr Babkin continued as Research Fellow in the Department of Neurosurgery until his death in 1950 at age 73. His major achievements were related to establishing the concept of brain-gut-brain interaction and the influence of this on motility, as well as on interface of multiple different cells, nerves and hormones on secretory function. He had a major role in the rediscovery

  18. The Impact of Trial Stage, Developer Involvement and International Transferability on Universal Social and Emotional Learning Programme Outcomes: A Meta-Analysis

    Wigelsworth, M.; Lendrum, A.; Oldfield, J.; Scott, A.; ten Bokkel, I.; Tate, K.; Emery, C.


    This study expands upon the extant prior meta-analytic literature by exploring previously theorised reasons for the failure of school-based, universal social and emotional learning (SEL) programmes to produce expected results. Eighty-nine studies reporting the effects of school-based, universal SEL programmes were examined for differential effects…

  19. Women in Academia: Stories of Female University Professors in a Research-Intensive Canadian University

    Bonneville, Luc


    Over the last 50 years, numerous studies have shown pre-existing structural inequalities in different types of organisations, demonstrating amongst other things how women are often disadvantaged compared to men. Whether it is with respect to salary or promotions, many authors have shown that women experience more difficulty than men obtaining…

  20. Special issue dedicated to Professor Johann M. Schepers

    Gideon P De Bruin


    Full Text Available It is a great pleasure for me to have been associated with this special issue of the SA Journal of Industrial Psychology dedicated to Professor Johann M. Schepers. The purpose of the special issue is to honour Professor Schepers for his contributions to the development of Psychology and Industrial Psychology as empirical fields of study in South Africa. The contributors have worked with Professor Schepers as students or colleagues and share his academic interests. The articles reflect his areas of interest and employ analytic techniques taught and championed by him. We are grateful to Professor Schepers for his cooperation throughout this project. Thanks are due to all the contributors and referees.

  1. Professor Anne Khademian named National Academy of Public Administration Fellow

    Chadwick, Heather Riley


    Anne Khademian, professor with Virginia Tech's Center for Public Administration and Policy, School of Public and International Affairs, at the Alexandria, Va., campus has been elected a National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) Fellow.

  2. Afetividade entre professor e aluno no processo ensino-aprendizagem

    Jéssica Simone Galdino Schaefer


    Full Text Available Este artigo tem como objetivo analisar as relações de afetividade entre professor e aluno no processo ensino-aprendizagem. Utiliza de metodologia com abordagem qualitativa, observação participante, e entrevistas semi-estruturadas. O lócus da pesquisa foi a Escola Municipal de Educação Básica Lizamara Aparecida Oliva de Almeida em Sinop, entre Fevereiro e Maio de 2014. Enquanto sujeitos, contou-se com professores e alunos do 3º ano do Ensino Fundamental. Dos resultados parciais, verificou-se que mesmo que a afetividade e a aprendizagem sejam reconhecidas teoricamente por Henri Wallon como elos fundamentais para o processo ensino-aprendizagem, ainda não é bem compreendido pelos sujeitos professores. Palavras-chave: psicologia educacional; afetividade; professores e alunos. 

  3. Redox Pioneer: Professor Stuart A. Lipton


    Abstract Professor Stuart A. Lipton Stuart A. Lipton, M.D., Ph.D. is recognized here as a Redox Pioneer because of his publication of four articles that have been cited more than 1000 times, and 96 reports which have been cited more than 100 times. In the redox field, Dr. Lipton is best known for his work on the regulation by S-nitrosylation of the NMDA-subtype of neuronal glutamate receptor, which provided early evidence for in situ regulation of protein activity by S-nitrosylation and a prototypic model of allosteric control by this post-translational modification. Over the past several years, Lipton's group has pioneered the discovery of aberrant protein nitrosylation that may contribute to a number of neurodegenerative disorders, including Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's disease). In particular, the phenotypic effects of rare genetic mutations may be understood to be enhanced or mimicked by nitrosative (and oxidative) modifications of cysteines and thereby help explain common sporadic forms of disease. Thus, Lipton has contributed in a major way to the understanding that nitrosative stress may result from modifications of specific proteins and may operate in conjunction with genetic mutation to create disease phenotype. Lipton (collaborating with Jonathan S. Stamler) has also employed the concept of targeted S-nitrosylation to produce novel neuroprotective drugs that act at allosteric sites in the NMDA receptor. Lipton has won a number of awards, including the Ernst Jung Prize in Medicine, and is an elected fellow of the AAAS. Antioxid. Redox Signal. 19, 757–764. PMID:23815466

  4. Publication pressure and burn out among Dutch medical professors: a nationwide survey.

    Joeri K Tijdink

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Publication of scientific research papers is important for professionals working in academic medical centres. Quantitative measures of scientific output determine status and prestige, and serve to rank universities as well as individuals. The pressure to generate maximum scientific output is high, and quantitative aspects may tend to dominate over qualitative ones. How this pressure influences professionals' perception of science and their personal well-being is unknown. METHODS AND FINDINGS: We performed an online survey inviting all medical professors (n = 1206 of the 8 academic medical centres in The Netherlands to participate. They were asked to fill out 2 questionnaires; a validated Publication Pressure Questionnaire and the Maslach Burnout Inventory. In total, 437 professors completed the questionnaires. among them, 54% judge that publication pressure 'has become excessive', 39% believe that publication pressure 'affects the credibility of medical research' and 26% judge that publication pressure has a 'sickening effect on medical science'. The burn out questionnaire indicates that 24% of medical professors have signs of burn out. The number of years of professorship was significantly related with experiencing less publication pressure. Significant and strong associations between burn out symptoms and the level of perceived publication pressure were found. The main limitation is the possibility of response bias. CONCLUSION: A substantial proportion of medical professors believe that publication pressure has become excessive, and have a cynical view on the validity of medical science. These perceptions are statistically correlated to burn out symptoms. Further research should address the effects of publication pressure in more detail and identify alternative ways to stimulate the quality of medical science.

  5. To make a kick start together – A PhD course co-developed by librarians and professors

    Ann-Sofie Zettergren


    Full Text Available This paper presents a PhD-course called "Kick start to academic life - Information Management and Publication Process for Social Scientists", a collaboration between the Social Sciences Faculty Library at Lund University and professors at the Faculty. The objective of the course is to provide PhD candidates with generic knowledge about how to effectively conduct their PhD studies when it comes to information management and the publication processes. The course combines an introduction to the process of managing one's need of information as a PhD student, and an introduction to the process of managing the publication of one's results. The librarians have been involved in the development of this PhD course, from the first idea of a course in generic competences and on to the actual implementation. The Faculty of Social Science came up with the idea of a course like this in 2009, and asked two teachers/professors and two librarians to make an outline. We choose to focus on students in the beginning of their PhD studies, who would benefit most from it. We have now run it for 3 years (2010-2012, developed the course as for content and size, from demands from students and faculty as well as from our own experiences. Designing the course together, librarians and professors gained an insight into each other's competences and area of expertise. We used previous experiences from working with PhD students, like the providing of shorter courses, seminars and workshops. We choose a course design mixing lectures and workshops, in order to make the course both theoretical and practical. The course design also helped emphasizing aspects of the subject being discussed. One example is by adding a practical workshop in reference management program given by the librarians just after a lecture given by a professor about how and why academics cite. Another example is when we invite an editor of a high ranked peer-reviewed journal to talk about article submission from

  6. Health problems awareness during travel among faculty members of a large university in Latin America: preliminary report Preocupação com problemas de saúde durante viagens em professores de uma grande universidade na América Latina: descrição preliminar

    Ana Cristina Nakamura Tome


    Full Text Available Health safety during trips is based on previous counseling, vaccination and prevention of infections, previous diseases or specific problems related to the destination. Our aim was to assess two aspects, incidence of health problems related to travel and the traveler's awareness of health safety. To this end we phone-interviewed faculty members of a large public University, randomly selected from humanities, engineering and health schools. Out of 520 attempts, we were able to contact 67 (12.9% and 46 (68.6% agreed to participate in the study. There was a large male proportion (37/44, 84.1%, mature adults mostly in their forties and fifties (32/44, 72.7%, all of them with higher education, as you would expect of faculty members. Most described themselves as being sedentary or as taking occasional exercise, with only 15.9% (7/44 taking regular exercise. Preexisting diseases were reported by 15 travelers. Most trips lasted usually one week or less. Duration of the travel was related to the destination, with (12h or longer trips being taken by 68.2% (30/44 of travelers, and the others taking shorter (3h domestic trips. Most travelling was made by air (41/44 and only 31.8% (14/44 of the trips were motivated by leisure. Field research trips were not reported. Specific health counseling previous to travel was reported only by two (4.5%. Twenty seven of them (61.4% reported updated immunization, but 11/30 reported unchecked immunizations. 30% (9/30 reported travel without any health insurance coverage. As a whole group, 6 (13.6% travelers reported at least one health problem attributed to the trip. All of them were males travelling abroad. Five presented respiratory infections, such as influenza and common cold, one neurological, one orthopedic, one social and one hypertension. There were no gender differences regarding age groups, destination, type of transport, previous health counseling, leisure travel motivation or pre-existing diseases

  7. Seniorforsker Ole Hertel udnævnt til adjungeret professor

    Pedersen, Jens Christian


    Sektionsleder og seniorforsker Ole Hertel, Danmarks Miljøundersøgelser (DMU) ved Aarhus Universitet, er udnævnt til adjungeret professor ved Institut for Miljø, Samfund og Rumlig Forandring på Roskilde Universitet.......Sektionsleder og seniorforsker Ole Hertel, Danmarks Miljøundersøgelser (DMU) ved Aarhus Universitet, er udnævnt til adjungeret professor ved Institut for Miljø, Samfund og Rumlig Forandring på Roskilde Universitet....

  8. Comparative Literature in Ireland and Worldwide – An Interview with Professor Declan Kiberd

    Yulia Pushkarevskaya Naughton


    Full Text Available Professor Declan Kiberd is Chair of Anglo-Irish Literature and Drama at University College Dublin, where he has taught for many years after having taught at the University of Kent at Canterbury and Trinity College Dublin. He is a director of the Abbey Theatre. He has been Parnell Fellow at Magdalene College Cambridge, and a visiting professor at Duke University and the Sorbonne. He has also been Director of the Yeats International Summer School (1985-7, Patron of the Dublin Shaw Society (1995-2000, a columnist with The Irish Times (1985-7 and The Irish Press (1987-93, the presenter of the RTÉ Arts programme, Exhibit A(1984-6, and a regular essayist and reviewer in The Irish Times, TLS,London Review of Books and The New York Times. Professor Kiberd is the author of many books including his seminal Inventing Ireland: The Literature of the Modern Nation (1995, Irish Classics (2000, and The Irish Writer and the World (2005, as well as Ulysses and Us, published just this year, and he was also the editor of the Penguin edition of theAnnotated Students’ Ulysses (1992. He is one of the most important voices in Irish Studies. Beyond that, he is also a prominent public intellectual, and he continues to be an inspirational figure for generations of students. In this interview, we discussed the relevance of the comparative approach to Irish Studies and the future of Comparative Literature in Ireland and worldwide.

  9. Increased number of papers co-authored by professor and his students in humanities and social sciences journals published in Korea

    Rae Seong Hong


    Full Text Available Humanities and social sciences studies in Korea have remarkably low rates of co-authorship between professors and students. We chose a bibliometrics-based approach to characterize changes in the ratio of joint authorship between professors and students. Articles classified in the humanities and social sciences sectors that were published in journals registered in the Korean Citation Index during 2 phases over a 10-year period—2004 to 2006 (phase 1 and 2011 to 2013 (phase 2—were used as the main source for the analysis. The study results can be summarized as follows: first, the overall number of co-authored articles drastically increased from phase 1 to phase 2; the percentage of co-authorship articles increased from 34.8% to 47.7%, and the percentage of co-authorship between students and professors rose from 9.9% to 20.7%. This trend was particularly noticeable in the social sciences, such as accounting, social welfare, and economics/business administration. Second, papers written by scholars from Seoul National University, Yonsei University, and Korea University were often published in high-impact factor journals. Among those articles, the rate of professor-student co-authorship increased by 21.6% for 7 years. Third, the increase in professor-student co-authored articles published in high- impact factor journals was even sharper. These findings indicate that perceptions of professor-student co-authorship have changed in the humanities and social sciences. In the near future, positive perceptions toward joint research and joint authorship between professors and students are expected to become more widespread.

  10. Universal jurisdiction: state of affairs and ways ahead. : A policy paper

    L. Zegveld (Liesbeth); J.D. Handmaker (Jeff)


    textabstractOn 17 September 2010, the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), Leiden University and ICCO organised an expert meeting at the ISS on universal jurisdiction (UJ). The meeting was chaired in the morning by Professor John Dugard and in the afternoon by Professor Karin Arts. The

  11. Final Technical Report Overcoming Critical Barriers to U.S. Wind Power: A University-Industry Consortium

    Acker, Tom [Northern Arizona Univ., Flagstaff, AZ (United States); Kipple, Allison [Northern Arizona Univ., Flagstaff, AZ (United States)


    The objective of this project was to develop a curriculum module involving the design and simulation of a wind turbine generator. Dr. Allison Kipple, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, led development of the module, employing graduate and undergraduate students, and Dr. Tom Acker served as project manager and principal investigator. This objective was achieved resulting in development of curricular materials, implementation and revision of the materials in EE 364, a Northern Arizona University electrical engineering course in “Fundamentals of Electromagnetics,” and via dissemination of the curricular materials to a broad community including other universities.

  12. Student Counselling at Utrecht University

    Herfs, Paul


    The enormous increase in the number of students at Dutch universities in the sixties and seventies made it impossible for professors to deal with the many different questions students confronted them with. New professionals, student counsellors/psychologists and student advisers entered the

  13. FOREWORD: The 70th birthday of Professor Stig Stenholm The 70th birthday of Professor Stig Stenholm

    Suominen, Kalle-Antti


    Western and Soviet laser cooling communities. In neutral Finland, accessible to both parties, he organized informal workshops that crucially sped the development of laser cooling. The importance of these meetings is highlighted in Bill Phillips' Nobel lecture in 1997 [6]. However, as the emphasis in laser cooling moved from a semiclassical description to quantum theory, Stig started to look for new avenues of research. My contact with Stig came when I went to see him for an MSc thesis topic. This involved polarization spectroscopy and modelling of an experiment performed by the laser spectroscopy group (Birger Ståhlberg) at the University of Helsinki. Without knowing anything about quantum optics I then found myself immediately in one of the Finnish-Soviet workshops on quantum electronics in the small town of Porvoo slightly east of Helsinki. There I met people like Juha Javanainen, Peter Knight, Axel Schenzle and Vladimir Chebotayev, and my own career in quantum optics began, working on the mathematics of the Landau-Zener model and how to apply it and other such models in molecular excitation by femtosecond pulses for my PhD thesis. This work was done together with Barry Garraway, who was a postdoc in Helsinki in the early 1990s. The Finnish-Soviet meetings continued for a while, and in 1990 we even got to travel to Novosibirsk (and back, too). During its existence (1964-1996), the Research Institute of Theoretical Physics (TFT) had a tremendous impact on physics in Finland. Short and long stays by visitors provided a unique and high-level environment for local researchers, the research fields covered a wide range of physics, and for many Finns returning from abroad it provided a place to stay until something more permanent turned up. Thus many researchers who later became professors had, at some point in their career, a connection with TFT. As a director Stig was very broad-minded and without this the happy atmosphere of TFT could not have existed. In the 1980s young

  14. Posturas docentes e formação universitária de professores do ensino fundamental Pedagogical postures and undergraduate studies of teacher linked to fundamental school

    Claudia Davis


    Full Text Available O objetivo desse trabalho foi avaliar se a participação de professores de redes municipais do Estado de São Paulo em um programa de licenciatura em nível superior, oferecido por duas renomadas universidades paulistas, ocasionava alteração nas posturas docentes dos alunos-professores. Os dados - respostas de 1.272 participantes a 17 simulações de situações problemas apresentadas no início e no final do programa - foram analisadas por meio de procedimentos estatísticos. Os resultados mostraram que 30% dos alunos-professores sofreram modificações de perfil nas posturas estudadas no sentido esperado. Isso parece indicar que os participantes apresentaram, ao final do Programa, maior tendência para dominar e planejar situações didáticas que envolviam os conteúdos básicos das áreas de conhecimento; reconhecer e empregar adequadamente os recursos e tecnologias disponíveis no processo de ensino-aprendizagem; e valer-se da teoria para orientar a prática docente e a avaliação.The goal of this study was to evaluate if participation in a university level Education program (devoted to form elementary teachers caused an impact on the postures of pupils that were already teaching at counties' schools. The data - answers given by 1272 participants linked to two highly known universities in the state of São Paulo (Brazil to 17 simulations that encompassed initial and final evaluation - were analyzed by statistical procedures. The results showed that 30% of the subjects had their profiles altered in the expected direction in the focused postures, implying that at the end of the Program they demonstrated a tendency to dominate and plan didactic situations involving basic contents of knowledge areas; recognize and employ adequately the resources and the technologies available to the teaching and learning process; and to use theory to orient teaching and evaluation.

  15. Forecasting the Student-Professor Matches That Result in Unusually Effective Teaching

    Gross, Jennifer; Lakey, Brian; Lucas, Jessica L.; LaCross, Ryan; Plotkowski, Andrea R.; Winegard, Bo


    Background: Two important influences on students' evaluations of teaching are relationship and professor effects. Relationship effects reflect unique matches between students and professors such that some professors are unusually effective for some students, but not for others. Professor effects reflect inter-rater agreement that some professors…

  16. "They Are Weighted with Authority": Fat Female Professors in Academic and Popular Cultures

    Fisanick, Christina


    The images of fat professors encountered in popular culture are few in number and negative in depiction. In this article, the author discusses on how will the professorial body affect the way in which students perceive the professor's teaching abilities. The author concludes that bias against fat professors, professors of color, and other…

  17. Building Sustainable Capacity with University Partnerships

    Harris, J. M.


    Universities can play an important role in building scientific and technical capacity by providing educational opportunities for local and regional populations in developing countries. These opportunities may be short term or long term through for example faculty exchanges, student exchanges, and collaborative teaching and research activities. As the demand for talented graduates expands in developing countries, local universities face competition for students, lecturers, and professors from the same industries and communities they serve. This competition is in many ways counterproductive to building the sustainable human resource that is needed to support local development, management, and governance. Such competition is particularly evident for top science and engineering students in energy rich countries. University partnerships, e.g., in particular those between universities in OECD countries and universities in developing countries, have an important role to play in bridging the gap between today's lack of capacity and a sustainable human resource for the future. Such university partnerships, however, face many challenges, some of which can be traced to organizational and cultural differences In this presentation, I will discuss how university partnerships are formed, some of the benefits to partners, and some pitfalls to avoid during implementation of university partnerships. The examples are taken from Stanford partnerships that involve geoscience and engineering, and will include representative goals and content of the example partnerships. These partnerships I'll describe are actually trilateral, with partners from two or more universities and a private company or government agency. I conclude the presentation with a brief discussion on multiculturalism, perhaps the most important consideration when planning a partnership between diverse organizations. Organizers of partnerships must recognize the fact that multiculturalism and diversity are assets that

  18. MIT professor wins major international math prize

    Allen, S


    Mathematicians Isadore Singer of MIT and Sir Michael Francis Atiyah of the University of Edinburgh will share an $875,000 award as winners of the second Abel Prize, which some hope will come to be seen as a Nobel Prize for math.

  19. Professor's Page: Do Demonstration Lessons Work?

    Clarke, Doug


    As part of a large research and professional development project funded by the Catholic Education Office Melbourne (CEOM), called "Contemporary Teaching and Learning of Mathematics," the ACU team has been leading demonstration lessons. There is certainly not universal agreement on the worth of demonstration lessons in the mathematics…

  20. Activities of professor I.A. Linnichenko (1857-1926 in bibliophilism, bibliography and library science sphere

    О. Є. Музичко


    Full Text Available In this article the role of professor Ivan Andrijovich Linnychenko (1857 - 1926 in the development of bibliophilism, bibliography and library science in Russian empire in the late ХІХth –early XXth century is considered. The destiny of his personal library exposing an unknown page of history of the Scientific library of the Odesa I.I Mechnikov national university is undertaken.

  1. The innovation of the subspecialty of Paediatric Virology: An interview with Research Professor of Molecular Virology Anna Kramvis.

    Mammas, Ioannis N; Spandidos, Demetrios A


    Professor Anna Kramvis, Research Professor of Molecular Virology at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, talks about direct-acting antiviral treatments against hepatitis C virus (HCV), as well as the perspective of the development of an effective vaccine against HCV. She emphasises the necessity of vaccination against hepatitis B virus (HBV), highlighting that it is very important that vaccination should be administered at birth in order to prevent mother-to-child transmission (MTCT) of HBV. Professor Kramvis states that vaccination against HBV is safe and that HBV and HCV infections are not contraindications for breastfeeding. Regarding the challenge of Paediatric Virology, she believes that it is a field that during the last years is increasing exponentially, while she concurs that Paediatric Virology subspecialty will be a popular choice for infectious diseases subspecialists. In the context of the 3rd Workshop on Paediatric Virology, which will be held in Athens on October 7th, 2017, Professor Kramvis will give her key lecture on MTCT of HBV and HCV.

  2. Paediatric Virology as a new educational initiative: An interview with Nobelist Professor of Virology Harald zur Hausen.

    Mammas, Ioannis N; Spandidos, Demetrios A


    Born in Gelsenkirchen-Buer in Germany on March 11th, 1936, Professor Harald zur Hausen, Emeritus Professor of Virology at the University of Freiburg and 2008 Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology or Medicine for his discovery of human papillomavirus (HPV), which causes cervical cancer, believes that good knowledge of virological methods and diagnostic possibilities are an asset for all young paediatricians. Professor zur Hausen considers that the creation of an educational platform on Paediatric Virology is definitely very beneficial for young paediatricians, as this will greatly enhance their knowledge in the field of Virology. He very actively advocates the vaccination of boys for the eradication of HPV infection and emphasises that male HPV vaccination should be included into the current vaccination programmes. He would have certainly considered Dr George N. Papanicolaou (Kyme, Island of Euboea, Greece, 1883 - Miami, Florida, USA, 1962) as an excellent candidate for the Nobel Prize, stating that the contribution of Dr Papanicolaou did not find sufficient recognition in the past. In the context of the 3rd Workshop on Paediatric Virology, which will be held in Athens, Greece, on October 7th, 2017, Professor zur Hausen will give his plenary lecture on 'Paediatric Virology and Oncology: Virus persistence and the important first years of life'.

  3. Sobre a atualidade dos tabus com relação aos professores Taboos against teachers today

    Antonio A. S. Zuin


    Full Text Available Este texto tem como objetivo argumentar que as atuais representações aversivas dos alunos com relação aos seus mestres, os chamados tabus, são decorrentes da violência simbólica que o professor exerce sobre o aluno, com ênfase na universidade. E se a atitude violenta causa inicialmente uma sensação de mal-estar, logo é identificada como algo "inerente" ao processo de ensino-aprendizagem. Tal violência torna-se valorizada tanto pelos professores quanto pelos alunos que se identificam com o professor na figura do agressor, sendo que tais alunos procuram encontrar oportunidades para poder se desforrar do ressentimento que foi engendrado nas relações cotidianas com seus mestres.This paper intends to argue that the current averse representations students have of their teachers, the so called taboos, follow from the symbolic violence teachers exert on them, mainly in the university. If this violent attitude initially causes a sensation of discomfort, it is soon identified as something "inherent" to the teaching and learning process. Therefore, it is often highly prized by teachers and by the students who identify themselves with the professor as an aggressor, while these students look for opportunities to let go of the resentment generated by their daily relationships to their masters.

  4. [The alpine garden of Monthabey in Vosges (1903-1914) and his creator, professor Camille Brunotte (1860-1910)].

    Labrude, Pierre


    At the beginning of the XXth century, professor Brunotte, of the school of pharmacy of Nancy, and the section vosgienne de Nancy du Club alpin français, undertook the creation of an alpine garden, in the Vosges, near the col de la Schlucht and le Hohneck, near also with the frontier with Germany. After the death of professor Brunotte, in 1910, the garden was given to the University of Nancy and completed until 1914, but the 1st World War destroyed it completely and it was impossible to recreate it. 1966 was the year of the creation of a new garden, not far from Monthabey, along the route des Crêtes, with a monument devoted to Monthabey garden and its promoter. The paper describes the creation of the first garden, the personality and career of professor Brunotte, its garden after his death and after the war, the precursors in botany of the Vosges Kirschleger and Bleicher, the new garden at Haut-Chietlet, finally the memories of professor Brunotte.

  5. Involving Young People in Polish and Lithuanian Social Enterprises by Fostering Entrepreneurial Skills and Abil-ities as Entrepreneurial Opportunity at University

    Jolita Greblikaite


    Full Text Available Objective: The paper aims to analyse theoretically and empirically the development of social entrepreneurship in Poland and Lithuania, emphasizing the development of appropriate skills and abilities gained at university as entrepreneurial opportunity. Research Design & Methods: The research undertaken for the purposes of the paper is based on a literature review and empirical research partly devoted to a situational analysis of social entrepreneurship in Poland, as well as a pilot survey of target groups pertaining to the entrepreneurial skills and abilities as entrepreneurial opportunity of Lithuanian and Polish students as potential social entrepreneurs. Findings: The main research findings imply that despite the existence of entrepreneurial opportunity as education at university, social entrepreneurship is increasingly important in Poland. Overall support is needed for the creation of social enterprises and attracting young people to them. Empirical research based on Lithuanian and Polish students’ perception of acquiring entrepreneurial skills and abilities at university can be entrepreneurial opportunity for social entrepreneurship. Implications & Recommendations: Implementing further research in the field, as empirical this research was just a pilot one. Research can be developed by taking into account more respondents in both countries. Contribution & Value Added: The study provides empirical evidence entrepreneurial skills and abilities gained/developed at university are a possible entrepreneurial opportunity for exploiting and creating social enterprises.

  6. Negotiation between peers: strategic device for a reading and writing program at the university level

    Estela Ines Moyano


    Full Text Available The following paper focuses on the description and exemplification of a device which is the core of the Academic Reading and Writing Program (PROLEA, for its acronym in Spanish conducting at University of Flores (UFLO: the “negotiation between peers” or “negotiation between teaching partners”. The Program design is based on the Sydney School's developments in Systemic Functional Linguistics. The negotiation between peers comprises the work between a professor on academic and professional literacies, who is a member of the Program, and the professors of each of the specific subjects involved. In order to successfully implement this modality, the realization of the negotiation between peers is necessary. This device entails a series of agreements between the professors involved about the teaching of the curricula contents through reading and writing tasks. First in this paper, the negotiation between peers is characterized, and its function and value in the Program are highlighted; second, two scenarios of application are presented in order to show the device contribution as well as its difficulties and the way of resolution of the problems found.

  7. Professor Horia Hulubei, the father founder of the Institute of Atomic Physics

    Stratan, G.


    A hero of WW 1, Horia Hulubei (b. November 15, 1896, d. November 22, 1972), was one of the most prominent Romanian scientists of all time, leader and teacher of several generations of Romanian scientists during more than four decades. Graduated from Jassy University, he took his PhD. in Paris with Marie Curie and Jean Perrin in 1933. A few years later, Horia Hulubei was nominated Directeur de Recherches at the French National Centre of Scientific Research and elected Corresponding Member of Paris Academy of Sciences. Back in Romania, Hulubei was nominated professor and Rector of Bucharest University (1941). Professor Hulubei had a broad field of interests, from Classical to Atomic and Nuclear Physics, but his main achievements are connected with the Physics of X-rays (the first spectra of noble gases, the multiple Compton effect, the search for elements 87 and 85, etc.). The Institute of Atomic Physics (IPA) in Bucharest (1949) was the third research institution founded and directed by him. Following Hulubei's initial design, IPA was, and, in spite of the past and actual difficulties, remains, the flagship of Romanian scientific research. Along the years, IPA influenced beneficially the development of the post-war Romania and established many collaborations abroad. (author)

  8. Advice for the New Legal Studies Professor

    Bird, Robert C.


    The transition into academia from law school or legal practice is a significant and exciting shift in one's legal career. This transition, however, can also be one that presents numerous challenges. Preparing a syllabus and drafting lecture material can seem like a daunting task. Writing an academic article for the first time involves learning a…

  9. The I Professor Formation in the Wallonian approach.

    Aranha, Ana Lúcia Batista; Mrech, Leny Magalhaes; Zacharias, Adriana Pereira Gonçalves; Figueredo, Luana Prado; Mendonça, Catarina Terumi Abe; Fernandes, Maria de Fátima Prado


    Objectives Analyze how teachers perceive the construction of their I Professor from the perspective of Wallon and learn about their everyday experiences in school in the condition of being self and other. Method Qualitative, with 13 participants from the Bachelor of Nursing Program. Data collection was carried out in 2013 using interviews that were subjected to thematic analysis. Results Three categories emerged: Construction of the I Professor; living daily life supported by oneself and the other; and the components for constructing the I Professor, highlighting consciousness and valuing of oneself and the other. Conclusion The teachers traveled a path that allowed them to recognize themselves in different movements of the internalization of the I.

  10. [The essence of Professor Wu Lian-Zhong's acupuncture manipulation].

    Liu, Jing; Guo, Yi; Wu, Lian-Zhong


    The painless needle insertion technique, summarized by Professor WU Lian-zhong during his decades of acupuncture clinical practice is introduced in this article, which is characterized as soft, flexible, fast, plucking and activating antipathogenic qi. The Sancai (three layers) lifting and thrusting manipulation technique is adopted by Professor WU for getting the qi sensation. And features of 10 kinds of needling sensation such as soreness, numbness, heaviness, distension, pain, cold, hot, radiation, jumping and contracture are summarized. Finger force, amplitude, speed and time length are also taken as the basis of reinforcing and reducing manipulations. Moreover, examples are also given to explain the needling technique on some specific points which further embodies Professor WU's unique experiences and understandings on acupuncture.

  11. Gender and teamwork: an analysis of professors' perspectives and practices

    Beddoes, Kacey; Panther, Grace


    Teamwork is increasingly seen as an important component of engineering education programmes. Yet, prior research has shown that there are numerous ways in which teamwork is gendered, and can lead to negative experiences for women students. This article presents the first interview findings on professors' perspectives on gender and teamwork. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 39 engineering professors to determine what and how they thought about gender in engineering and engineering education. For this article, the parts of the interviews about teamwork are analysed. We conclude that professors need tools to help them facilitate gender-inclusive teamwork, and those tools must address the beliefs that they already hold about teamwork. The findings raise questions about the adoption of evidence-based instructional practices and suggest current teamwork practices may exacerbate gender inequalities in engineering.

  12. [Professor Kazimierz Jaegermann--forensic pathologist--scientist--thinker].

    Nasiłowski, Władysław


    Professor Kazimierz Jaegermann, a founder of the theory of medico-legal opinionating, passed away 20 years ago. Numerous specialists in forensic medicine and an ever increasing number of lawyers substantiate the importance and value of the creative thought and the entire research work of Professor Jaegermann that have been an inspiration of progress in forensic medicine and in the science of applied law. His unique ability to perform a scientific synthesis leading to recognizing forensic medicine as an applied bridging knowledge points to the eminently creative role played by Professor Jaegermann in development of forensic medicine. There is an urgent need to recall his research activities and to publish a complete collection of his articles and publications. With this idea in mind, I present below an article based on the text published in No. 1 of the Zeszyty Naukowe Katedry Medycyny Sadowej Slaskiej Akademii Medycznej in 1995.

  13. Faculty Agency in Applying for Promotion to Professor

    Susan K. Gardner


    Full Text Available Aim/Purpose: In the United States, faculty who wish to pursue promotion to the rank of professor do so without clear guidance or structure. Even the timing of such a process is nebulous. As such, an individual engages in agentic action to pursue the rank. Background: This study examined the experiences of faculty members who chose to pursue the application process to be promoted to professor but were rejected or dissuaded. Methodology: Utilizing a case study of one institutional setting, we conducted 10 in-depth qualitative interviews. Contribution: Very little is known about the process of promotion to full professor in the U.S. and even less empirical research exists. This study advances knowledge of the process and the experiences of those undertaking it. Findings: We learned that cues from the social context greatly influenced these faculty members’ sense of agency.

  14. Uncle Bill Forecasts Change, Challenge, and Endless Variety: Rejoinder to "'Your Professor Will Know You as a Person': Evaluating and Rethinking the Relational Boundaries Between Faculty and Students"

    Starbuck, William H.


    The article, "Your Professor Will Know You as a Person" (Chory & Offstein, 2016) brings two groups of thoughts to the author's mind. First, postsecondary education is changing in ways that are forcing higher education institutions to reformulate their strategies. These changes are likely to increase the heterogeneity of universities,…

  15. Involving Young People in Polish and Lithuanian Social Enterprises by Fostering Entrepreneurial Skills and Abil-ities as Entrepreneurial Opportunity at University

    Jolita Greblikaite; Włodzimierz Sroka; Neringa Gerulaitiene


    Objective: The paper aims to analyse theoretically and empirically the development of social entrepreneurship in Poland and Lithuania, emphasizing the development of appropriate skills and abilities gained at university as entrepreneurial opportunity. Research Design & Methods: The research undertaken for the purposes of the paper is based on a literature review and empirical research partly devoted to a situational analysis of social entrepreneurship in Poland, as well as a pilot survey ...

  16. The strange rays of Professor Roentgen

    Guinier, A.


    This paper relates the historical discovery of X radiations in 1895 by the German Physicist Wilhelm Conrad Roendgen in his laboratory of Wurzburg University. Independently of Roendgen, several physicists such as Charles Glover Barkla, Jean Perrin or Max von Laue have tried to determine the nature of X rays. In 1912, in Cambridge (UK) William Henry and William Lawrence Bragg have used the X-ray diffraction property, discovered by Laue's team, to explore the atomic structure of crystals. The recent development of computers technology has considerably increased the automation of data collection and the analysis of complex diffraction diagrams. (J.S.). 3 refs., 3 photos

  17. Aspectos gerais da formação de professores

    Edson do Carmo Inforsato


    Full Text Available Este artigo, ancorado em estudos recentes e antigos, mostra o afastamento dos cursos de formação de professores em relação aos elementos que compõem a prática profissional docente. Favorável a uma aproximação efetiva com o contexto das práticas de sala de aula, o autor defende a idéia de uma formação de professores atrelada aos problemas e necessidades da prática docente no ensino formal de 1º e 2º graus.

  18. [Effective acupoints for bulbar paralysis by professor GAO Weibin].

    Kang, Lianru; Zheng, Shuang


    Professor GAO Weibin academically advocates, based on basic theory of TCM and theories of different schools, modern science technology should be used for the methods and principles of acupuncture and Chinese medicine for neuropathy, so as to explore and summarize the rules, characteristics and advantages of TCM for nervous system disease, especially bulbar paralysis. During the treatment of bulbar paralysis, professor GAO creatively proposes the effective acupuncture points such as Gongxue, Tunyan-1, Tunyan-2, Fayin, Tiyan and Zhifanliu from the aspects of neuroanatomy, and analyzes their anatomical structure and action mechanism.

  19. A formação do professor de biologia

    Schlichting, Maria Cristina Rodrigues Maranhão


    Dissertação (mestrado) - Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Centro de Ciencias da Educação O estudo evidencia o tratamento dicotômico mantido na estrutura curricular dos cursos de formação do professor de biologia considerando ser essa prática responsável pelos preconceitos que levam à desvalorização da prática pedagógica. O estudo parte da análise da estrutura curricular e aprofunda-se com entrevistas que buscam levantar o posicionamento dos professores dos cursos de Ciências Biológi...

  20. Auto-avaliação psicossocial de professores Auto-evaluación psicosocial de profesores Theacher's psychosocial self-evaluation

    Edson A. de Souza Filho


    -evaluación psicosocial como forma de perfeccionamiento.This research aims at verifying the connection between the use of psychosocial criteria for the teacher's profession choice and ways to practise it. We adopted the theory of social representations, which supposes that individuals/social groups construct social knowledges/practices to reach their specifical goals, such as identitary, ideological, explanatory, among others. Teachers of basic private schools (FP (n=35, basic public schools (FPu (n=42, and public universities (UPu (n=13 took part in the research, all of them from the city of Rio de Janeiro. We elaborated a questionnaire with questions about why they joined the profession, features of a good/bad teacher, descriptions of how it is their professional practise, among others. We noticed that teachers of basic private schools, whom criterion of professional choice was more centred on the teacher as an individual (option/vocation, tended to represent the ideal aspects (good/bad teacher of professional practise, focusing on the individual student and on interpersonal relations with him/her. However, the same teachers did not maintain the same content (individual student when describing how they do actually act. On the contrary, the university teachers that choosed their profession because of the activity of teaching, stressed more the teacher's duties/involvement and competence/actualization in terms of actual and ideal actions. Finally, the basic public school's teachers, that presented a mixed profile of professional choice (option/vocation and social influence, gave an account of their action with predominance of socio-environmental aspects (context/mobilization and lack of external stimulus. In this sense, in the face of the professional/existencial dilemmas and difficulties they meet, basic private and public school teachers tended to seek a psychosocial self-evaluation as a form of ethical and professional improuvement.

  1. The Novelty of Phenomenological Sociology and Its Interdisciplinarity. An interview to professor Carlos Belvedere

    Michela Beatrice Ferri


    Full Text Available Carlos Belvedere is a Researcher of the National Council for Technical and Scientific Research (CONICET at the Gino Germani Research Institute, and a Professor at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA and the National University of General Sarmiento (UNGS. He is a member of the Society for Phenomenology and the Human Sciences (SPHS, which he has co-chaired since 2014, and an Editorial Board member of «Human Studies», the official journal of SPHS. He is also a founding member of The International Alfred Schutz Circle for Phenomenology and Interpretive Social Science. He has authored a number of papers and books on Social Phenomenology dealing with fundamental problems in the Philosophy and theory of the Social Sciences.

  2. A call for self-reflection as professors engage the issues of science education reform: An ethnographic study

    Licona, Miguel M.

    Science becomes distorted and undemocratic when it is categorized into disciplines that, in turn, perpetuate borders creating conditions of inequality for the general population. Science education reform represents a starting point from which to approach notions of exclusion and inaccessibility. Students not intending to major in science often encounter environments as well as professors that serve to limit their potential and thereby exclude them from greater exposure and participation in the sciences. This qualitative study considers professional practices of professors who hold key positions for the success of science teaching and learning. Through classroom observation, in-depth interviewing and a survey questionnaire, this study sheds fight on the process of science education reform. Participants included six university professors who taught a reformed science course developed under the guidance of a National Science Foundation initiative known as the Collaborative for Excellence in Teacher Preparation. The purpose of this study is to understand the nature of faculty beliefs concerning teaching and learning science for students not intending to major in science, most of whom are elementary education majors. In this study, professors' espoused belief systems were elicited while their mental models that drive behavior were observed in the classroom setting. Incongruencies between theories in practice and theories in use were uncovered and explored. Major implications for who can and cannot learn science within the context of a system that currently serves to pre-select who will succeed are uncovered as a result of this study. The constant comparative method developed by Glaser and Strauss was used to analyze the words of each individual participant as she/he worked to consider the incongruencies in her/his theory and practice (as cited in Maykut & Morehouse, 1994). Self-reflection is identified as key in the process of praxis that will aid professors in their

  3. Perda da voz em professores e não professores Voice loss in teachers and non-teachers

    Kelly Park


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Verificar a percepção de professores e não-professores sobre as implicações de uma eventual perda de voz. MÉTODOS: Participaram 205 indivíduos sendo 105 professores e 100 não professores entre 23 a 65 anos, 106 mulheres e 99 homens. Foi aplicado um questionário contendo quatro perguntas referentes a uma eventual perda de visão, audição, voz e deambulação e o grau de impacto inferido (de 0 a 4. RESULTADOS: Para o grupo de professores, não enxergar gerou o maior impacto negativo (média de 3,8, seguido por não andar (média de 3,7, não ter voz (média de 3,7 e não ouvir (média de 3,6. Para o grupo de não-professores, não enxergar também gerou o maior impacto negativo (média de 3,4, seguido por não andar (média de 3,0; não ouvir (média de 2,2 e não ter voz (média de 2,0. Em relação ao maior impacto de uma eventual perda da voz, professores indicaram prejuízos no trabalho, relacionamento social e atividades rotineiras e, no grupo de não professores, nas atividades rotineiras, trabalho, relacionamento social e manifestações das emoções. CONCLUSÕES: Os professores valorizam sua voz de modo diverso dos não-professores e ambos os grupos avaliam a perda da voz como algo que não acarreta consequências negativas. Apesar de o professor perceber mais o impacto de um eventual problema de voz do que o não-professor, os sentimentos em relação à perda da voz foram muito semelhantes nos dois grupos.PURPOSE: To investigate teachers' and non-teachers' perception regarding the implications of an eventual loss of voice. METHODS: Participated in the study 205 individuals (106 women and 99 men, 105 teachers and 100 non-teachers, with ages varying from 23 to 65 years old. The participants were asked to answer a questionnaire with four questions regarding an eventual loss of vision, hearing, voice and deambulation, and the inferred impact degree (from 0 to 4. RESULTS: For the teachers group, not being able to see

  4. Questionnaire evaluating teaching competencies in the university environment. Evaluation of teaching competencies in the university

    Juan Antonio Moreno-Murcia


    Full Text Available The objective of this study was to design and validate a measuring instrument to evaluate the performance of university professors. The Evaluation of Teaching Performance (CEID [Centro de Estudios e Investigaciones Docentes (Center for Teaching Studies and Research] questionnaire was administered to 1297 university students. Various factor analyses were performed (exploratory and confirmatory, of the internal consistency, descriptive statistics, and correlation of all of the items. The data obtained confirmed a suitable psychometric structure for the CEID scale, which was made up of three dimensions (planning, development, and result. It is therefore concluded that it is a valid and reliable instrument for evaluating the performance of a university professor.

  5. Mathematics is always invisible, Professor Dowling

    Cable, John


    This article provides a critical evaluation of a technique of analysis, the Social Activity Method, recently offered by Dowling (2013) as a `gift' to mathematics education. The method is found to be inadequate, firstly, because it employs a dichotomy (between `expression' and `content') instead of a finer analysis (into symbols, concepts and setting or phenomena), and, secondly, because the distinction between `public' and `esoteric' mathematics, although interesting, is allowed to obscure the structure of the mathematics itself. There is also criticism of what Dowling calls the `myth of participation', which denies the intimate links between mathematics and the rest of the universe that lie at the heart of mathematical pedagogy. Behind all this lies Dowling's `essentially linguistic' conception of mathematics, which is criticised on the dual ground that it ignores the chastening experience of formalism in mathematical philosophy and that linguistics itself has taken a wrong turn and ignores lessons that might be learnt from mathematics education.

  6. DHC Professor Dr. Eng. Florea Dudita, at the Age of 80 - a Life Dedicated to Higher Education and to Scientific Research in Engineering

    Ionel Staretu


    Full Text Available Professor Florea Dudita was born in April 12, 1934, in Dejesti, Olt county. After primary education at the Gymnasium of Dragasani, he attended ‘Andrei Saguna’ High School in Brasov, graduating in 1952. During the same year, he entered the Institute of Mechanics of Brasov, where he is selected in 1954 to attend the Institute of Automotive and Tractors of Moscow, graduating with a diploma of merit in 1958. Since 1959, he had been working at the Polytechnic Institute of Brasov, since 1990, called ‘Transilvania’ University of Brasov, going through all stages of the academic career, up to professor.

  7. The role of the referee and his involvement in the promotion of fair play. Analysis and proposals of intervention in the context of University sport

    María Prat Grau


    Full Text Available The figure of referees and their role in sports competitions have been the object of numerous studies, but few have analysed the role of referees from a more training based perspective. This article analyses the function of the referee in the area of university sports, based on the idea that the intervention of referees can help with the development of sportsmanship and fair play. The study examines the internal 7-a-side football league played by the Physical Activity Service (SAF at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB, and the research objectives are focused on analyzing the current reality of this group, detecting possible problems, and generating proposals for improvement aimed at seeking more educational refereeing. The instruments used are interviews, observation and document analysis. The results obtained reveal the need for referees to be trained pedagogically in the university environment; the establishment of ethical commitments that enable compliance with possible decalogues and codes of conduct; and the introduction of women to the refereeing collective.

  8. Universitarios y Voluntariado: Análisis del Involucramiento en Acciones Filantrópicas de los Alumnos de la PUC University Students and Volunteering: Analysis of the Involvement in Philanthropic Actions of PUC Students

    René Ríos


    Full Text Available El artículo describe el involucramiento de los estudiantes universitarios en actividades voluntarias de filantropía (ayuda a terceros, culturales, de causas y campañas, asociatividad estudiantil (centros de alumnos y movimientos u organizaciones políticas. Se explica el involucramiento por: a la estructura familiar que establecería disposiciones para involucrase, incluyendo variables como el nivel socio económico y educacional de los padres y las variables que actúan como estabilizadores de la disposición, fundamentalmente el proyecto educativo escolar; y b la religión y vivencia de la religiosidad. Se extraen consecuencias referidas al proyecto educativo de la propia universidad, en particular los referidos a la adquisición de competencias y habilidades crecientemente demandadas por la profesionalización de las organizaciones del tercer sector.This article describes university students' involvement in philanthropic help to others, cultural activities, campaigns, student associations and political movements and organizations. Involvement is explained by: a the family structure that establishes basal dispositions towards involvement, including variables such a parental socio economic and educational level and variables that act as stabilizers of the involvement disposition, in particular the educational project of the high school; b religion and experience of religiosity. From the interpretation several consequences are drawn for the university's educational project, in particular those referred to the acquisition of abilities and competencies increasingly demanded by the professionalization of third sector organizations.

  9. "Dear Professor: This Is What I Want You to Know."

    Workman, Brooke


    Describes high school students' letters written to help their teacher interpret youth culture to college professors at an upcoming seminar. Essays reflected four themes: (1) a search for family, (2) identity problems and loneliness, (3) living with rapid change, and (4) fear of failure, especially in college. (2 references) (MLH)

  10. Kant as a Professor: Some Lessons for Today's Intellectuals ...

    The thoughts of every great philosopher is measured and represented by the history of his social background. It is indeed, more appropriate particularly in the case of a great philosopher like Immanuel Kant to single out for special recognition the outstanding characteristics of his early life on his career as a professor of ...

  11. The rotor theories by Professor Joukowsky: Vortex theories

    Okulov, Valery L.; Sørensen, Jens Nørkær; Wood, David H.


    This is the second of two articles with the main, and largely self-explanatory, title "Rotor theories by Professor Joukowsky". This article considers rotors with finite number of blades and is subtitled "Vortex theories". The first article with subtitle "Momentum theories", assessed the starring...

  12. Professor: A motorized field-based phenotyping cart

    An easy-to-customize, low-cost, low disturbance, motorized proximal sensing cart for field-based high-throughput phenotyping is described. General dimensions, motor specifications, and a remote operation application are given. The cart, named Professor, supports mounting multiple proximal sensors an...

  13. Professor Age and Gender Affect Student Perceptions and Grades

    Joye, Shauna W.; Wilson, Janie H.


    Student evaluations provide rich information about teaching performance, but a number of factors beyond teacher effectiveness influence student evaluations. In this study we examined the effects of professor gender and perceived age on ratings of effectiveness and rapport as well as academic performance. We also asked students to rate professor…

  14. The Effect of Professor's Attractiveness on Distance Learning Students

    Liu, Jeanny; Tomasi, Stella D.


    Technology enabled learning is becoming more popular and pervasive in education. While the effectiveness of distance learning versus traditional classroom education is strongly debated, human factors such as students' perception of their professors can influence their desire to learn. This research examines the perceptual effect of attractive…

  15. Professor Oberth and Dr. von Braun at ARS Banquet


    Dr. Wernher von Braun holds the coveted Hermarn Oberth award presented to him by Professor Oberth during the banquet hosted by the Alabama Section of the American Rocket Society (ARS), on October 19, 1961. The Oberth award was given for outstanding technical contributions to the field of astronautics or for the promotion and advancement of astronautical sciences.

  16. The benefits of being economics professor A (and not Z)

    van Praag, C.M.; van Praag, B.M.S.


    Alphabetic name ordering on multi-authored academic papers, which is the convention in the economics discipline and various other disciplines, is to the advantage of people whose last name initials are placed early in the alphabet. As it turns out, Professor A, who has been a first author more often

  17. Professor Lisa Aranson on JA Green (a pioonier artist photographer ...

    Jonathan Adagogo Green's photographic and artistic contributions working in his countryside, the Niger Delta of Nigeria is reviewed by Professor Lisa Aranson. Aranson in a public lecture presentation on the stand-point of art history thinks of J.A. Green as having operated in two worlds of which he is said to have initiated in ...

  18. Teaching the College "Nones": Christian Privilege and the Religion Professor

    Riswold, Caryn D.


    Working with undergraduate students invites teachers into relationship and conversation with young people at a time when they are emerging as adults and forming their identities. Faith is one area of identity formation often attended to by scholars, college professors, and their institutions. But within that, little attention has been paid to…

  19. An Examination of Assistant Professors' Project Management Practices

    Alpert, Shannon Atkinson; Hartshorne, Richard


    Purpose: The purpose of this research was to identify factors that influence the use of project management in higher education research projects by investigating the project management practices of assistant professors. Design/methodology/approach: Using a grounded theory approach that included in-depth, semi-structured interviews with 22…

  20. Burnout Syndrome and Self-Efficacy Beliefs in Professors

    García Padilla, Arlington Antonio; Escorcia Bonivento, Carla Vanessa; Perez Suarez, Blinis Sat


    The presence of the Burnout syndrome in professors may be regarded as a deterioration of their mental health with negative impacts on their job performance. It is known that teachers develop different activities in the areas of teaching, outreach and research. This study aims to analyze the relationship between the Burnout syndrome and…

  1. Dilemmas of a Newly Recruited Academic Qualified Professor: A Case

    Agrawal, Anand


    This case describes the situation of a newly recruited academic professor who volunteered to teach a course on Research Methods to first-term MBA students in a practitioner-oriented case method Business School. Research Methods is a unique course due to its relevance not only in business but also across all graduate programs. Instructional and…

  2. The Professor as Intern: Approaches to Teaching Advertising Creativity.

    Schamber, Linda

    Drawing upon the experiences of a participant in the Visiting Professor Program sponsored by the Advertising Education Foundation of the American Advertising Federation and the American Academy of Advertising, this paper discusses the advantages such programs can have for both the host company and the participant. The first section of the paper…

  3. Ten Things Every Professor Should Know about Assessment

    Wolf, Kenneth; Dunlap, Joanna; Stevens, Ellen


    This article describes ten key assessment practices for advancing student learning that all professors should be familiar with and strategically incorporate in their classrooms and programs. Each practice or concept is explained with examples and guidance for putting it into practice. The ten are: learning outcomes, performance assessments,…

  4. How Not to Lose Face on Facebook, for Professors

    Young, Jeffrey R.


    For years college administrators have warned students to watch their step in online social realms, noting that sharing too much could hurt them later on if future employees saw their drunken party pictures or boorish writings. Now that professors and administrators are catching Facebook fever, they should heed their own advice. The author…

  5. Tribute to the legend Mr. Veterinary Public Health, Professor James ...

    The author was also destined during his Sabbatical Leave to have an interactive interview session with Prof James Steele after attending the 20th Annual James Steele lecture/ 99th birthday Dinner of Professor James Steele 4th and 6th April 2012 at the Texas School of Public Health, Houston, Texas, USA. The interview ...

  6. "Friending" Professors, Parents and Bosses: A Facebook Connection Conundrum

    Karl, Katherine A.; Peluchette, Joy V.


    The ever-growing popularity of Facebook has led some educators to ponder what role social networking might have in education. The authors examined student reactions to friend requests from people outside their regular network of friends including professors, parents, and employers. We found students have the most positive reactions to friend…

  7. Understanding the Motivation and Transformation of White Culturally Responsive Professors

    Jenkins, China; Alfred, Mary


    The purpose of this study was to examine the motivation for White professors in higher education to become culturally inclusive in their teaching practices and the transformational experiences that created this motivation and shaped their development. The findings revealed personal convictions that centred on moral obligations towards teaching was…

  8. Häbi, professor, teil on Gefilus kapis / Eve Kruuse

    Kruuse, Eve,d1959-


    Tartu Ülikooli professor Marika Mikelsaar võitis läinud kuul koos kolleegidega (Tiiu Kullisaar, Epp Songisepp, Hedi Annuk ja Mihkel Zilmer) Soulis ülemaailmse naisleiutajate konkursil ME-3 bakteri avastamise ja probiootikuks arendamise eest kuldmedali

  9. The Life of the Mind: A Tribute to Three Professors.

    Yamamoto, Kaoru


    This speech by a distinguished scholar in educational psychology recounts, with appreciation, his educational experiences under three distinguished professors: Toshio Maki, his undergraduate thesis supervisor in Japan; E. Paul Torrance, the prominent educational psychologist; and C. Gilbert Wrenn, his doctoral advisor. (DB)

  10. Florida Tech professor gets three-year grant


    "Dr. Marc Baarmand, Florida Tech associate professor of physics, has received a three-year grant from the U.S. Department of Energy's Division of High Energy Physics, to conduct research with the Compact Muon Solenoid experiment" (1/3 page).

  11. Ethical issues in research involving minority populations: the process and outcomes of protocol review by the Ethics Committee of the Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University, Thailand


    Background Recruiting minorities into research studies requires special attention, particularly when studies involve “extra-vulnerable” participants with multiple vulnerabilities, e.g., pregnant women, the fetuses/neonates of ethnic minorities, children in refugee camps, or cross-border migrants. This study retrospectively analyzed submissions to the Ethics Committee of the Faculty of Tropical Medicine (FTM-EC) in Thailand. Issues related to the process and outcomes of proposal review, and the main issues for which clarification/revision were requested on studies, are discussed extensively. Methods The study data were extracted from proposals and amendments submitted to the FTM-EC during the period October 2009 – September 2012, and then analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively. The main issues for clarification/revision were analyzed by thematic content analysis. Results 373 proposals were submitted; 44 studies involved minority groups with 21 extra-vulnerable minorities. All clinical and 2/3 of non-clinical studies submitted for initial review underwent full-board review. For combined clinical and non-clinical study submissions, 92.1% were referred back to the investigators and approved after clarification/revision, while 2.7% were deferred due to major/critical changes, and 2.1% not approved due to substantial violations of ethical principles. The main issues needing clarification/revision differed between all studies and those involving minorities: participant information sheet (62.2% vs. 86.4%), informed consent/assent form (51.2% vs. 86.4%), and research methodology (80.7% vs. 84.1%), respectively. The main ethical issues arising during the meetings, regarding studies involving minorities, included ensuring no exploitation, coercion, or pressure on the minority to participate; methodology not affecting their legal status; considering ethnicity and cultural structure; and providing appropriate compensation. Conclusion Delays in the approval or non

  12. Questionnaire Evaluating Teaching Competencies in the University Environment. Evaluation of Teaching Competencies in the University

    Moreno-Murcia, Juan Antonio; Silveira Torregrosa, Yolanda; Belando Pedreño, Noelia


    The objective of this study was to design and validate a measuring instrument to evaluate the performance of university professors. The Evaluation of Teaching Performance (CEID [Centro de Estudios e Investigaciones Docentes (Center for Teaching Studies and Research)]) questionnaire was administered to 1297 university students. Various factor…

  13. A Educação Física da Universidade de Brasilia e a Formação de Professores: Aspectos Epistemológicos Physical Education and Teacher Education at the University of Brasilia: epistemological aspects A educación física de la Universidade de Brasília y la formación de profesores: aspectos epistemológicos


    Full Text Available Este trabalho apresenta resultados parciais de pesquisa iniciada em 2004, na Faculdade de Educação Física da Universidade de Brasília, tendo como um dos objetivos identificar os paradigmas norteadores do Curso de Licenciatura em Educação Física da Universidade de Brasília e suas respectivas influências na formação do corpo docente. O referencial teórico transita pela teoria do conhecimento e a pesquisa segue abordagem qualitativa. Conclui-se que o curso de Licenciatura em Educação Física apresenta disputa de campos entre as áreas da Atividade Física e Desempenho Humano e Educação Física, Esporte e Sociedade. A disputa entre estas áreas se constitui em um jogo de linguagens e pode contribuir para legitimar a área de Educação Física, Esporte e Sociedade. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: educação física – Licenciatura – epistemologia – formação de professores This work presents partial results of a research work started in 2004 at the Physical Education College (FEF of the University of Brasilia (UnB, having as one of its goals the identification of the guiding paradigms of the Physical Education BA course at the University of Brasilia and its respective influences in the professional education of FEF/UnB’s faculty. Theoretical references were based on knowledge theories and research was conducted according to the qualitative approach. The conclusion reached is that the Physical Education BA course program presents a battle of ideas between the areas of Physical Activity and Human Performance and Physical Education, Sport and Society. The battle between these areas constitutes a language debate which may contribute to legitimize the field of Physical Education, Sport and Society. KEYWORDS: physical education – BA programs – epistemology – teacher education Este trabajo presenta resultados parciales de una investigación iniciada en 2004 en la Facultad de Educación Física (FEF de la Universidad de Brasilia (Un

  14. Professor of English, Linguistics, and Religion

    Dr. Sherrise Truesdale-Moore


    Full Text Available This article reexamines cultural curriculum and marginalized youth at-risk for gang involvement. While the literature expresses various approaches to addressing the gang problem in the United States, including comprehensive gang initiative models, get tough policies, and comprehensive peace campaigns to stop the violence. All of these initiatives have seemingly done little to stop gang membership among school age youth. Education has proven to be the most significant means to improve an individual’s life chances, but African American students, in particular, are performing worse than Whites on an average. If society is to reach these youth through education, we argue that a new classroom pedagogy is needed. To this aim, creating a culturally responsive classroom through hip hop may be the answer to engage troubled youth in the classroom.

  15. Introducing a model of organizational envy management among university faculty members: A mixed research approach

    Maris Zarin Daneshvar


    Full Text Available The present study aimed at offering a model of organizational envy management among faculty members of Islamic Azad Universities of East Azerbaijan Province. A mixed method through involving qualitative data and then quantitative data emphasizing on quantitative analysis. Population of the study was the entire faculty members with associate or higher degree in the educational year of 2014-2015. In the qualitative stage 20 individuals (experts were selected to design the primary model and questionnaire, and to fit the model 316 faculty members were selected. In the qualitative section it was specified that influential variables on envy management in faculty members are health organizational climate, spiritual leadership, effective communication, job satisfaction and professional development of professors and approved, as well in the quantitative section findings showed that there is a significant relationship between effective variables so that in indirect analysis of effect of organizational climate on envy management, the variable of spiritual leadership via the variable of effective communication had little effect on envy management than variables of professional development and job satisfaction. It is concluded that university managers should provide conditions and backgrounds of envy management in the universities and enable professors for more effective roles without envy in the scientific climate of university to achieve in educational, research and servicing efficiency.

  16. Communications and Informational Technologies: professional preparation of the Informatics professor

    Adrian Robaina Valdés


    Full Text Available The development of the society it is sign by the development of the techniques and the science that has challenges the educational system in the formation of the new generation. The Cuban Educational politics had defined the social mission to each subsystem of education, in the particular case of the professional polytechnic education, belongs to the professors of Informatics, the accomplish of this mission, develop an important role in the educational use of the communication and informational technologies that requires and an adequate professional preparation. The aim of this article is to based form the theoretical and methodological point, the process of the professional preparation of the professors of informatics in the technical schools while they apply the communication and informational technologies, the theorical bases offered the historical past and tendencies of the professional preparation while they apply the communication and information technologies, the educative use of information technologies in the pedagogical process and the theoretical support in this process, using revision methods bibliography and systematizing . We may say that the research work concludes that the preparation of the professors had passed for different stages that had point to the need of the formation of professor to give answers to the introduction of the informatics subject at school, using different ways, the postgraduate updates and all the variety of ways to upgrade the professors will use. Form the educative point of view a part from the study as a subject must be use as an intermediate in the pedagogical process, also, to determine the characteristic that distinguish the professional preparation process.

  17. Nursing student and professor perceptions and assessments of the achievement of practicum competencies: A mixed method approach.

    Fuentes-Pumarola, Concepció; Ballester-Ferrando, David; Gelabert-Vilella, Sandra; Bosch-Farré, Cristina; Malagón-Aguilera, M Carme; Rascón-Hernán, Carolina; Bonmatí-Tomàs, Anna; Fernandez-Peña, Rosario


    Within the context of the European Higher Education Area's requirement of competency-based assessments, the objective of the present study was to evaluate the Nursing Degree Practicum experience at the University of Girona (Spain) and ascertain student and faculty perceptions of the degree of competency achieved as a result of the practicum. This cross-sectional, descriptive, study combined quantitative analysis of a questionnaire and qualitative analysis of focus group comments. In the quantitative part of the study, 163 fourth-year nursing students completed the questionnaire; the qualitative analysis was derived from a focus group of 5 students and 5 professors. On the questionnaire, overall practicum evaluation was 8.39 on a 10-point Likert scale; scores evaluating the nurse mentor/instructor and nursing professor were 8.43 and 7.98, respectively. The geriatrics practicum experience received the lowest overall score (7.81), while the surgical practicum received the lowest score on the adequacy of knowledge acquired in the classroom in previous courses (5.54). The best scores were earned by the mental health and intensive/emergency care practicum experiences (a mean of 9.05 and 8.70, respectively). Students and professors in the focus group agreed that the practicum met the Nursing degree program's competency goals, highlighting practical activity as the best methodology to evaluate competencies. Participants highlighted the importance of reflective practice and the role of the nurse mentor/instructor in student learning, and indicated that it is essential for the university and the health care centers where students take practicum courses to maintain a strong relationship and good communication. Finally, feedback from the nurse mentor/instructor and Nursing professor was very important to students, both to motivate them and to help them learn. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  18. Redox pioneer:Professor Christine Helen Foyer.

    Del Río, Luis A


    Dr. Christine Foyer (B.Sc. 1974; Ph.D. 1977) is recognized here as a Redox Pioneer because she has published an article on redox biology that has been cited more than 1000 times, 4 other articles that have been cited more than 500 times, and a further 32 articles that have been each cited more than 100 times. During her Ph.D. at the Kings College, University of London, United Kingdom, Dr. Foyer discovered that ascorbate and glutathione and enzymes linking NADPH, glutathione, and ascorbate are localized in isolated chloroplast preparations. These observations pioneered the discovery of the ascorbate-glutathione cycle, now known as Foyer-Halliwell-Asada pathway after the names of the three major contributors, a crucial mechanism for H(2)O(2) metabolism in both animals and plants. Dr. Foyer has made a very significant contribution to our current understanding of the crucial roles of ascorbate and glutathione in redox biology, particularly in relation to photosynthesis, respiration, and chloroplast and mitochondrial redox signaling networks. "My view is that science…is compulsive and you have to keep with it all the time and not get despondent when things do not work well. Being passionate about science is what carries you through the hard times so that it isn't so much work, as a hobby that you do for a living. It is the thrill of achieving a better understanding and finding real pleasure in putting new ideas together, explaining data and passing on knowledge that keeps you going no matter what!" --Prof. Christine Helen Foyer.

  19. Refletindo sobre a relação professor-aluno em um grupo de professores do Esino Fundamental

    Antônio dos Santos Andrade


    Full Text Available A partir das concepções de Donald Schön sobre a formação do professor como prático reflexivo, os princípios de trabalho com pequenos grupos, baseados nas concepções de J. L Moreno, foram utilizados com o objetivo de facilitar o processo de reflexão sobre suas práticas de sala de aula, com seis professores do Ensino Fundamental. Foram realizados nove encontros de 90 a 120 minutos de duração. Nas discussões, os casos dos alunos mais problemáticos quanto ao seu comportamento foram trazidos pelos professores e analisados pelo grupo a luz das concepções da Pragmática da Comunicação Humana. Como resultado destas discussões, os professores foram levados a considerar os aspectos mais latentes, e portanto significantes, de suas relações com os alunos. Estas reflexões conduziram a uma "resignificação" das mesmas, com efeitos surpreendentes sobre os comportamentos dos alunos.

  20. Maury Nussbaum reappointed as Hal G. Prillaman Professor Fellow in Industrial and Systems Engineering

    Owczarski, Mark


    Maury Nussbaum, professor of industrial and systems engineering in the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech, has been reappointed as the Hal G. Prillaman Professor Fellow in Industrial and Systems Engineering by the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors.

  1. Brian M. Kleiner receives Ralph H. Bogle Professor Fellowship in Industrial and Systems Engineering

    Owczarski, Mark


    Brian M. Kleiner, professor of industrial and systems engineering in the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech, has been named the Ralph H. Bogle Professor Fellow in Industrial and Systems Engineering by the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors.

  2. Yue Joseph Wang named Grant A. Dove Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Owczarski, Mark


    Yue Joseph Wang, professor of electrical and computer engineering in the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech, has been named the Grant A. Dove Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering by the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors.

  3. Implantação das diretrizes curriculares nacionais para formação de professores de química em uma instituição federal de ensino superior: desafios e perspectivas Implementation of the national curricular proposals for chemistry teaching course in a federal university: challenges and perspectives

    Irene Teresinha Santos Garcia


    Full Text Available The Curricular Proposals for Chemistry Teaching Courses aim at producing a reflexive-researcher teacher, who will be able to deal with cross-disciplinary subjects. The challenge faced by the majority of the federal universities, in implementing these guidelines, is to attain these objectives inside their departmental structure. We present here the formulation of the Chemistry Teaching Course Pedagogic Project from Federal University of Pelotas concerning on the CNE/CP 1/2002 and 2/2002 Resolutions. We discuss the impact of these Proposals, the difficulties faced and the new perspectives of organization inside of these institutions, which resulted in new spaces with cross-disciplinary and cross-departmental orientation.

  4. [In Memory of a Master: Professor Ernesto L. Medina, M.D. (1925-2013)].

    Radrigán K, María Eugenia


    Seldom, in the history of Chilean medicine, there has been such a unique parallelism between the professional development of a person and that of a discipline as it has been the case of Professor Ernesto L. Medina and Public Health in Chile. Dr. Medina's undergraduate (University of Chile) and postgraduate (Harvard School of Public Health) studies coincided with the foundation of the University of Chile School of Public Health by an agreement among the University and two governmental health care providers, and also with the foundation of the Chilean National Health Service. His research covered the epidemiology of non- infectious diseases in the adult, such as cancer, their socio economic impact, the importance of early detection, treatment and surveillance, as well as the epidemiology of other chronic diseases, accidents and new epidemics. As Director of the School of Public Health for 25 years, he promoted the development of disciplines and courses addressed to health and other care-providers in order to improve their knowledge and expertise as statisticians, epidemiologists, administrators, budget officers. An example of his innovative look at medical education was the creation of post graduate training in the basic clinical specialties combined with public health, in order to have specialists able to undertake both the clinical and administrative duties at the primary care clinics. These programs ran in parallel with the rural internships financed by the Kellogg Foundation at the School of Medicine. Enumerating the distinctions and prizes awarded to Professor Medina would be too long for the purpose of this tribute, and selecting just a few would run the risk of being unfair. Still, there is one: the "Orden de la Cruz del Sur" that deserves the exception given its long existence and the fact that it was awarded to a physician "for distinguished achievements in Public Health".

  5. Professor Mansour Ali Haseeb: Highlights from a pioneer of biomedical research, physician and scientist.

    Salih, Mustafa Abdalla M


    The article highlights the career of Professor Mansour Ali Haseeb (1910 - 1973; DKSM, Dip Bact, FRCPath, FRCP [Lond]), a pioneer worker in health, medical services, biomedical research and medical education in the Sudan. After his graduation from the Kitchener School of Medicine (renamed, Faculty of Medicine, University of Khartoum [U of K]) in 1934, he devoted his life for the development of laboratory medicine. He became the first Sudanese Director of Stack Medical Research Laboratories (1952 - 1962). He made valuable contributions by his services in the vaccine production and implementation programs, most notably in combating small pox, rabies and epidemic meningitis. In 1963 he became the first Sudanese Professor of Microbiology and Parasitology and served as the first Sudanese Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, U of K (1963-1969). He was an active loyal citizen in public life and served in various fields outside the medical profession. As Mayor of Omdurman, he was invited to visit Berlin in 1963 by Willy Brandt, Mayor of West Berlin (1957-1966) and Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany (1969 to 1974). Also as Mayor of Omdurman, he represented the City in welcoming Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to Sudan in February 1965. He also received State Medals from Egypt and Ethiopia. In 1973 he was appointed Chairman of the Sudan Medical Research Council, and was awarded the international Dr. Shousha Foundation Prize and Medal by the WHO for his contribution in the advancement of health, research and medical services.

  6. Portraiture in the Large Lecture: Storying One Chemistry Professor's Practical Knowledge

    Eddleton, Jeannine E.

    Practical knowledge, as defined by Freema Elbaz (1983), is a complex, practically oriented set of understandings which teachers use to actively shape and direct their work. The goal of this study is the construction of a social science portrait that illuminates the practical knowledge of a large lecture professor of general chemistry at a public research university in the southeast. This study continues Elbaz's (1981) work on practical knowledge with the incorporation of a qualitative and intentionally interventionist methodology which "blurs the boundaries of aesthetics and empiricism in an effort to capture the complexity, dynamics, and subtlety of human experience and organizational life," (Lawrence-Lightfoot & Davis, 1997). This collection of interviews, observations, writings, and reflections is designed for an eclectic audience with the intent of initiating conversation on the topic of the large lecture and is a purposeful attempt to link research and practice. Social science portraiture is uniquely suited to this intersection of researcher and researched, the perfect combination of methodology and analysis for a project that is both product and praxis. The following research questions guide the study. • Are aspects of Elbaz's practical knowledge identifiable in the research conversations conducted with a large lecture college professor? • Is practical knowledge identifiable during observations of Patricia's large lecture? Freema Elbaz conducted research conversations with Sarah, a high school classroom and writing resource teacher who conducted much of her teaching work one on one with students. Patricia's practice differs significantly from Sarah's with respect to subject matter and to scale.

  7. Factorization, Singular Operators and Related Problems : Conference in Honour of Professor Georgii Litvinchuk

    Lebre, Amarino; Santos, António


    These proceedings comprise a large part of the papers presented at the International Conference Factorization, Singular Operators and related problems, which was held from January 28 to February 1, 2002, at the University of th Madeira, Funchal, Portugal, to mark Professor Georgii Litvinchuk's 70 birth­ day. Experts in a variety of fields came to this conference to pay tribute to the great achievements of Professor Georgii Litvinchuk in the development of vari­ ous areas of operator theory. The main themes of the conference were focussed around the theory of singular type operators and factorization problems, but other topics such as potential theory and fractional calculus, to name but a couple, were also presented. The goal of the conference was to bring together mathematicians from var­ ious fields within operator theory and function theory in order to highlight recent advances in problems many of which were originally studied by Profes­ sor Litvinchuk and his scientific school. A second aim was to sti...

  8. professores de Matemática

    João Pedro da Ponte


    Full Text Available This article aims to know the way how new teachers, at several teaching levels, recently graduated by pre-service teacher education institutions, view and conduct communication in their classrooms, to which aspects they tend to pay attention and which difficulties they feel. The text is based on a collective work carried out by teacher educators of teacher education institutions in Portugal that are concerned in improving the quality of the pre-service teacher education, especially in what refers to mathematics education. The methodology is qualitative and interpretative and involved the realization of 12 case studies. The results show that communication is seen by the new teachers as a support of a general environment that must favour learning. However, only relatively few teachers point out communication as an important curriculum objective in the discipline of mathematics and indicate consistent strategies to promote it, both in oral and written forms. There are still less teachers who view communication as a basic process for the development of mathematical meanings by students. These results suggest that teacher education institutions may have interest in reflecting about their teaching practices in this regard.

  9. Diffusion of new medication across different income groups under a universal health insurance program: an example involving newly enlisted nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for elderly osteoarthritis patients.

    Wang, Pen-Jen; Chou, Yiing-Jenq; Lee, Cheng-Hua; Pu, Christy


    The aim of this research was to determine whether socioeconomic status, as measured by income level, impacts on the diffusion to patients of newly reimbursed nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) under the National Health Insurance program in Taiwan. We used income tax records to identify the income levels of 324 male and 551 female randomly sampled osteoarthritis patients aged over 60 years in 2000. The study period was 2 years (t (1) = April 2001-March 2002 and t (2) = April 2002-March 2003). Generalized estimating equation models were used to analyze the impact of income level on being prescribed one of the newly reimbursed NSAIDs. The impact of income level on being treated with the new drug was positive and significant for females (OR = 2.11, p < 0.01) but not for males. The interaction term between income groups and the time trend was insignificant. Other factors associated with being treated with the new drug include age, habit of health-care utilization, and residential characteristics. Diffusion of new drugs still depends on income level despite the presence of a universal national health insurance system in Taiwan.

  10. Modeling the effects of involvement and attitudes on energy industry pursuit intentions: A systems analysis of the university-industry environment

    Gross, Jordan M.

    The energy industry's struggle to attract and retain qualified employees continues to threaten the nation's economy, global competitiveness, and national security. Given the nationwide skills and labor shortage in the energy industry, this study was conducted in response to a need to identify causes of person-environment fit and its effects on engineering students' intentions to work in the energy industry after graduation. Structural equation modeling was used to examine the relationships between student inputs, environmental factors, and career-related outcomes. Two models were compared using data collected from 381 undergraduate engineering students from across the country. Results suggest that students who gained knowledge about professions in the energy industry from participating in an internship or co-op at an energy-related company perceived greater fit with the goals and values of the energy industry. In addition, this study found that students who perceive high levels of fit with the energy industry also have high industry attraction, which directly affects their energy industry pursuit intentions. Overall, this research indicates that high quality internships have the potential to increase students' perceived industry fit, which is closely tied to their career intentions. Outcomes of this study are expected to provide stakeholders with new insights to improve practices within the university-industry environment that will educate, promote, and sustain a strong energy workforce for years to come.

  11. The expressiveness of a university professor in his classroom performance: analysis of verbal resources and implications for nursing La expresividad del profesor universitario durante su actuación en la sala de clases: análisis de los recursos verbales utilizados y sus implicaciones para la enfermeira A expressividade do docente universitário durante sua atuação na sala de aula: análise dos recursos verbais utilizados e suas implicações para a enfermagem

    Cristiane Conceição Romano


    Full Text Available Expressiveness is the ability of individuals to make their thoughts alive through language and body, effectively transmitting information. This study investigated the expressiveness of a university professor during nursing classes in relation to verbal resources from the perspective of students. This descriptive and quantitative study was carried out in a Higher Education Institution using specific instruments to assess expressiveness. The professor's class was video recorded and the video was first assessed by three speech and language experts and later assessed by 141 students with whom he had no previous contact. The results reveal that students and experts agreed in relation to the professors' expressive skills, which proved the ability of students to evaluate this communication skill.La expresividad es la capacidad del individuo de tornar vivo su pensamiento por medio del lenguaje y por la expresión corporal, permitiendo la transmisión de informaciones de modo efectivo. El presente estudio objetivó investigar la expresividad del profesor universitario de enfermería dando clases en relación a sus recursos verbales, a partir de la evaluación de los alumnos. Se trata de investigación descriptiva, cuantitativa, desarrollada en una Institución de Enseñanza Superior, para lo cual fueron utilizados instrumentos específicos de evaluación de la expresividad. Se realizó una película de una clase del referido profesor, que fue primeramente evaluada por tres expertos fonoaudiólogos y después sometida a evaluación por parte de 141 alumnos que no habían tenido contacto previo con el mismo. Los resultados mostraron que alumnos y expertos coincidieron en su evaluación sobre las habilidades expresivas del profesor universitario de enfermería, lo que comprobó la capacidad y la propiedad de los estudiantes en la evaluación de esa habilidad de comunicación.A expressividade é a capacidade de o indivíduo tornar vivo seu pensamento pela

  12. Representation and Salary Gaps by Race-Ethnicity and Gender at Selective Public Universities

    Li, Diyi; Koedel, Cory


    We use data from 2015-2016 to document faculty representation and wage gaps by race-ethnicity and gender in six fields at selective public universities. Consistent with widely available information, Black, Hispanic, and female professors are underrepresented and White and Asian professors are overrepresented in our data. Disadvantaged minority and…

  13. Translanguaging Practices at a Bilingual University: A Case Study of a Science Classroom

    Mazak, Catherine M.; Herbas-Donoso, Claudia


    The objective of this ethnographic case study is to describe in detail one professor's translanguaging practices in an undergraduate science course at an officially bilingual university. The data-set is comprised of ethnographic field notes of 11 observed classes, audio recordings of those classes, an interview with the professor, and artifacts…

  14. Higher Education Institutional Affiliation and Satisfaction among Feminist Professors: Is There an Advantage to Women's Colleges?

    Gross, Rachel; Kmeic, Julie; Worell, Judith; Crosby, Faye


    Examined whether feminist professors of psychology at women's colleges derived more job satisfaction than feminist professors at coed colleges. Surveys and interviews indicated that feminist professors were generally satisfied with their pedagogical situations and generally dedicated to and successful at teaching. Institutional affiliation…

  15. The Effects of Professors' Race and Gender on Student Evaluations and Performance

    Basow, Susan A.; Codos, Stephanie; Martin, Julie L.


    This experimental study examined the effects of professor gender, professor race, and student gender on student ratings of teaching effectiveness and amount learned. After watching a three-minute engineering lecture presented by a computer-animated professor who varied by gender and race (African American, White), female and male undergraduates…

  16. Describing the Cognitive Level of Professor Discourse and Student Cognition in College of Agriculture Class Sessions

    Ewing, John C.; Whittington, M. Susie


    The purpose of this study was to describe the cognitive level of professor discourse and student cognition during selected college of agriculture class sessions. Twenty-one undergraduate class sessions were videotaped in 12 professors' courses. Results were interpreted to show that professors' discourse was mostly (62%) at the knowledge and…

  17. Intelligent Design, A Young Universe, Astrology, UFO'S, and More: A Guide for Those Involved with IYA on Tackling Pseudo-science

    Fraknoi, Andrew; Bobrowsky, M.; Thaller, M.; Plait, P.


    During IYA educators and scientists will interact with the public in many ways. There will likely be public questions at IYA events about pseudo-scientific topics. While the particular pseudo-sciences that are in vogue change with time, astronomical pseudo-science includes creationism, intelligent design, astrology, UFO's as extra-terrestrial spaceships, selling star names, the "face" on Mars, the claim that the moon landings were a hoax, etc. We cover information, techniques, resources, and activities for responding sensitively to such claims and for explaining the nature of science. Whether you do programs in a formal classroom, a community setting, a museum, or on the radio, you will need this kind of arsenal of critical-thinking responses for these topics when you face the public. Attendees will receive a resource guide for responding to pseudo-science claims. One of the frequently heard attacks on science deals with "alternatives to evolution" (intelligent design and various forms of creationism). While some think this is a matter with which only biologists need to be concerned, some of the same arguments used against biological evolution are invoked to argue against our understanding of the age of the earth and the universe. We will provide background information on and responses to these ideas, particularly as they concern attacks on cosmology and cosmic evolution. We will also discuss how such questions will give IYA presenters an opportunity to engage the public in discussions about the scientific method and worldview. We will see that some of the agendas and issues we face are not that different from what Galileo faced 400 years ago.

  18. [Professor SONG Nanchang's experience for treatment of peripheral facial paralysis].

    He, Yong; Pan, Hao; Xu, Hanbin


    Professor SONG Nanchang's clinical experience and characteristics for treatment of peripheral facial paralysis are introduced. In clinical treatment, professor SONG has adopted staging treatment strategy, and performed acupuncture stimulation with different levels. He attaches great importance to the acupoint selection on distal limbs. For the treatment on the face, he takes temperature as necessity; he inherits from famous Chinese doctor ZONG Ruilin's acupuncture technique of slow-twisting and gentle-pressing. Meanwhile, he excels in combination, of different therapies, using acupuncture, moxibustion, electroacupuncture, auricular point sticking, Chinese herbal medicine, etc. according to individual condition and disease stages. He also emphasizes on psychological counseling and daily life care to achieve rehabilitation within the shortest time.

  19. [Professor GAO Yuchun's experience of acupuncture for headache].

    Cui, Linhua; Xing, Xiao; Xue, Weihua; Wang, Yanjun; Xu, Cejun; Xuc, Jun; Gao, Yuchun; Kang, Suobin


    As one of the important founders of GAO's acupuncture academic school in YanZhao area, Professor GAO Yuchun 's experience of acupuncture for headache is summarized in this paper. In the opinion of Professor GAO, the treatment of headache should focus on eliminating evil and relieving pain, and the syndrome differentiation should be based on meridian differentiation, especially on three yang meridians of foot as well as liver meridian and kidney meridian. In the acupoint prescription, attention should be placed on strengthening the spleen and stomach. The midnight-midday ebb flow acupuncture is advocated. The combination between acupuncture order and movement of qi is emphasized. In the manipulation, the role of pressing hand, the stimulation during reinforcing and reducing methods, and needle-retention time are important. The breathing reinforcing and reducing method of acupuncture are also advocated.

  20. [Learning experience of acupuncture technique from professor ZHANG Jin].

    Xue, Hongsheng; Zhang, Jin


    As a famous acupuncturist in the world, professor ZHANG Jin believes the key of acupuncture technique is the use of force, and the understanding of the "concentrating the force into needle body" is essential to understand the essence of acupuncture technique. With deep study of Huangdi Neijing ( The Inner Canon of Huangdi ) and Zhenjiu Dacheng ( Compendium of Acupuncture and Moxibustion ), the author further learned professor ZHANG Jin 's theory and operation specification of "concentrating force into needle body, so the force arriving before and together with needle". The whole-body force should be subtly focused on the tip of needle, and gentle force at tip of needle could get significant reinforcing and reducing effect. In addition, proper timing at tip of needle could start reinforcing and reducing effect, lead qi to disease location, and achieve superior clinical efficacy.

  1. [Professor ZHAO Jiping's meridian diagnosis and treatment for primary dysmenorrhea].

    Tan, Cheng; Zhang, Chang; Zhang, Jiajia; Wang, Jun


    For the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea, professor ZHAO Jiping focuses on meridian diagnosis and inspection, and uses pressing methods to locate the response points along the meridian, including acupoints and aishi points. During the stage of attack, it is essential to press along the spleen meridian, mainly Sanyinjiao (SP 6), Diji (SP 8) and Yinlingquan (SP 9); during the stage of remission, it is essential to press along the bladder meridian and stomach meridian, mainly Ganshu (BL 18), Pishu (BL 20), Weishu (BL 21), Shenshu (BL 23) and Zusanli (ST 36). The differences between deficiency syndrome and excess syndrome lead to the different feelings of doctors and patients. Combined with the results of meridian diagnosis and inspection, the aim of treatment can be achieved by different acupuncture methods. Professor ZHAO pays attention to the treatment of accompanied symptoms and timing of treatment, since the relief of accompanied syndromes and selection of timing are keys to relieving patient's pain.

  2. [Summary of professor YANG Jun's experience for intractable facial paralysis].

    Wang, Tao; Li, Zaiyuan; Ge, Tingqiu; Zhang, Man; Yuan, Aihong; Yang, Jun


    Professor YANG Jun 's experience of diagnosis and treatment for intractable facial paralysis is introduced. Professor YANG focuses on the thinking model that combines TCM, western medicine and acupuncture, and adopts the differentiation system that combines disease differentiation, syndrome differentiation and meridian differentiation; he adopts the treatment integrates etiological treatment, overall regulation, symptomatic treatment as well as acupuncture, moxibustion, medication and flash cupping. The acupoints of yangming meridians are mostly selected, and acupoints of governor vessel such as Dazhui (GV 14) and Jinsuo (GV 8) are highly valued. The multiple-needles shallow-penetration-insertion twirling lifting and thrusting technique are mostly adopted to achieve slow and mild acupuncture sensation; in addition, the facial muscles are pulled up with mechanics action. The intensive stimulation with electroacupuncture is recommended at Qianzheng (Extra), Yifeng (TE 17) and Yangbai (GB 14), which is given two or three treatments per week.

  3. Qualidade do sono entre professores e fatores associados

    Denise Andrade Pereira Meier


    O sono desempenha função notável na prevenção de doenças, manutenção e recuperação da saúde física e mental. Como processo reparador, sofre influências de fatores determinantes e condicionantes, que o tornam complexo e multifacetado. As condições adversas de trabalho enfrentadas por professores podem prejudicar sua qualidade de vida e, consequentemente, seu padrão de sono. Este estudo objetivou analisar a qualidade do sono e fatores associados em professores da educação básica. Trata-se de um...

  4. Professor Peter Higgs: "My Life as a Boson"

    CERN. Geneva


    Professor Peter Higgs played a key role in the development of the Standard Model, our current theory of fundamental physics. The search for the Higgs Boson is the centrepiece of the LHC programme at CERN, and the existence of this famously elusive particle is likely to be confirmed or refuted with data currently being collected, using apparatus partly designed at Bristol. Professor Higgs will introduce the ideas of spontaneous symmetry breaking, and discuss how these developed from their application in condensed matter through the earlier work of Yoichiro Nambu and Jeffrey Goldstone, to the work of Robert Brout, Francois Englert and himself in 1964. The subsequent application of these ideas to electroweak theory will be discussed briefly.

  5. The Flying University

    Friesen, Catherine

    The Flying University is solo theater performance framed as an academic lecture about Marie Curie and her discovery of radium, delivered to a group of women who have gathered in secret to further their education. As the lecture proceeds, the professor brings in her own research based on a study of Esther Horsch (1905-1991) who lived on a farm in central Illinois. She introduces data from Esther's journals, personal memories, and dreams about Esther's life. The professor's investigation of radium plays at the intersections of magical and mundane, decay and the transformation of life, and the place of ambition in these two women's lives. The intention of this piece is to explore these themes, which are full of mystery, through the traces of the daily lives of Mme. Curie and Esther. Their words and photos are used as roots from which to imagine the things that echo beyond their familiar work; elemental and also fantastically radiant. The Flying University was written and performed by Catherine Friesen April 27-29, 2012 in the Center for Performance Experiment at Hamilton College as part of the University of South Carolina MFA Acting Class of 2013 showcase, Pieces of Eight.

  6. [Medication regularity and potential targets of Professor XU Jing-fan's prescription for treating ulcerative colitis].

    Ning, Li-Qin; Ye, Bai; Shen, Hong; Lu, Wei-Min; Xu, Dan-Hua; Yan, Jing; Tan, Chang; Tang, De-Cai


    Ulcerative colitis (UC) is a chronic nonspecific inflammation mainly involving rectum and colon mucosa, which seriously affects the health and quality of life of patients, and is listed as one of modern refractory diseases by WHO. Professor XU Jing-fan, a great master of traditional Chinese medicine, has accumulated rich experiences in the treatment of UC. The study collected Professor XU's 77 prescriptions of treating UC, analyzed the frequency of traditional Chinese medicines and there categories, and investigated the medication regularity by the system clustering method. The findings showed that the most frequently used drugs were clearing-heat herbs, which were followed by hemostatic herbs, excreting-dampness herbs, improving-digestion herbs and tonifying-Qi herbs. At the same time, the commonly combined drugs were excavated. Finally, in order to analyze potential molecular targets of the frequently used herbs, GO enrichment analysis and KEGG signal pathway enrichment analysis were performed with bioinformatics analysis tool for molecular mechanism of traditional Chinese medicine (BATMAN-TCM). The results indicated that Chinese herbal compounds may treat UC by activating PPAR-γ pathway and regulating intestinal inflammation. The exact mechanisms shall be verified through subsequent molecular biological experiments. Copyright© by the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association.

  7. Challenges of nursing teaching-learning to care for human dying - professors' perceptions

    Emanuelle Caires Dias Araújo Nunes


    Full Text Available Abstract The objective of this study was to investigate professors' perceptions about their experiences in the teaching-learning process of nursing care in relation to dying. This is a descriptive-exploratory, qualitative research, delimited by data saturation, was carried out with 11 nursing professors from three higher education institutions. Data collection involved the drawing-text theme technique and a semi-structured interview. Analysis used the technique of collective subject discourse. The results identified three categories: How I would like to take care in the context of finitude - my challenge; Challenging fragilities in the teaching of nurses in the context of care concerned with death and dying; Strategies to compensate or promote more substantial nurse training related to care in finitude. We conclude that the graduation of the nurses studied did not satisfactorily develop the necessary skills and abilities to deal with human death and dying. This study infers the need of permanent education to support transformations in this area.

  8. YouTube Professors: Scholars as Online Video Stars

    Young, Jeffrey R.


    This article takes a look at the rising popularity of professors as the latest YouTube stars. The popularity of their appearances on YouTube and other video-sharing sites is making it possible for classrooms to be opened up and making teaching--which once took place behind closed doors--a more public art. Web video has generated a new form of…

  9. YouTube Professors Scholars as Online Video Stars

    Young, Jeffrey R.


    This article takes a look at how professors are becoming the latest YouTube stars. The popularity of their appearances on YouTube and other video-sharing sites end up opening the classroom and making teaching--which once took place behind closed doors--a more public art. Web videos open a new form of public intellectualism to scholars looking to…

  10. Professor V. Weisskopf, CERN Director General (1961-1965)


    Well known theoretical physicist Victor Weisskopf has died aged 93. Born in Austria, he later worked with Schrodinger in Berlin before emigrating to the US in 1937, where he joined the Manhattan project in 1944, and was witness to the Trinity Test in July 1945. In 1946 he became professor of physics at MIT. He took leave of absence to be Director General of CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Physics, from 1961-1965.

  11. Professor Created On-line Biology Laboratory Course

    Bowman, Arthur W.


    This paper will share the creation, implementation, and modification of an online college level general biology laboratory course offered for non-science majors as a part of a General Education Curriculum. The ability of professors to develop quality online laboratories will address a growing need in Higher Education as more institutions combine course sections and look for suitable alternative course delivery formats due to declining departmental budgets requiring reductions in staffing, equipment, and supplies. Also, there is an equal or greater need for more professors to develop the ability to create online laboratory experiences because many of the currently available online laboratory course packages from publishers do not always adequately parallel on-campus laboratory courses, or are not as aligned with the companion lecture sections. From a variety of scientific simulation and animation web sites, professors can easily identify material that closely fit the specific needs of their courses, instructional environment, and students that they serve. All too often, on-campus laboratory courses in the sciences provide what are termed confirmation experiences that do NOT allow students to experience science as would be carried out by scientists. Creatively developed online laboratory experiences can often provide the type of authentic investigative experiences that are not possible on-campus due to the time constraints of a typical two-hour, once-per-week-meeting laboratory course. In addition, online laboratory courses can address issues related to the need for students to more easily complete missing laboratory assignments, and to have opportunities to extend introductory exercises into more advanced undertakings where a greater sense of scientific discovery can be experienced. Professors are strongly encourages to begin creating online laboratory exercises for their courses, and to consider issues regarding assessment, copyrights, and Intellectual Property

  12. [Surgical intervention against overpopulation: Professor Weinhold's foreskin infibulation].

    Mörgeli, C


    One of the most bizarre and forgotten suggestions to have developed from the discussion of pauperism in the 19th century was the infibulation of the impoverished men. A communication in 1827 from the Halle professor of surgery, Carl August Weinhold (1782-1829), raised indignation and caused ironic as well as angry reactions. Despite such a heated response, Weinhold's proposed method of population control soon fell into oblivion, a fate considered by this contemporaries as "highly desirable".

  13. Professor Krystyna Kotełko and her contribution to the study of Proteus endotoxin.

    Różalski, Antoni W


    Professor Krystyna Kotełko was working as a microbiologist at the University of Łódź (Poland). Her main object of study was the LPS (endotoxin) of opportunistic urinary pathogens from the genus Proteus. She demonstrated, for the first time, the presence of uronic acids and amino acids, as well as two heptoses (L- glycero-D- manno-heptose and D- glycero-D- manno-heptose) and hexosamines in Proteus LPS, and developed a classification scheme of the Proteus LPS into chemotypes. Prof Kotełko also initiated studies on the chemical structure of Proteus O-specific polysaccharide and investigations on the serological specificity of this part of LPS, as well its core region. She also analysed the virulence factors of these bacteria, such as haemolysin and invasiveness.

  14. Profesorul Aurel Russu – un veac de singularitate [Professor Aurel Russu - a century of singularity

    Drăgoi M.


    Full Text Available The paper is a tribute to Prof. Aurel Russu at his centennial celebration. He had taught Topography as professor with the Faculty of Silviculture and Forest Engineering - Transylvania University of Brasov. His personality is best described by the system of values he has been promoting ever since: professionalism, but not in a narrow sense, humanism, but without useless chatting, and culture, without showing it off. Professor’s well-tempered character and his natural sense of balance must be a pattern for molding anew generations even though the Romanians in general and Romanian foresters in special lack adequate professional symbols. But the real point might be elsewhere: in our weakness and inability to defend the professional and human values like harness, stamina, elegance, discretion, and the last but not the least, the old-fashioned politeness

  15. Contamination of supplements: an interview with professor Ron Maughan by Louise M. Burke.

    Maughan, Ron


    This issue of IJSNEM features two articles related to supplement use by athletes. In one (Morrison et al. 2004), people who undertake regular exercise in a gym were found to report the use of a wide variety of supplements. The other paper (Goel et al. 2004) dealt with one of the issues that a sub-group of athletes need to consider before deciding to take supplements - the risk of a positive drug test if the product contains substances banned by the anti-doping codes under which their sport is conducted. This issue received much publicity earlier in the year when top tennis player Greg Rusedski tested positive for the steroid nandrolone as the result of inadvertent intake via a contaminated supplement. In this article, Professor Ron Maughan, Chair of Sports Nutrition at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom, advisor to the British Olympic team, and co-editor of IJSNEM, provides his insight on this important topic.

  16. Adobe connect as a viable tool for educating Russian students by American professors

    Tulinov, B. M.; Myakinina, N. P.; Tworek, A. R.; Mazetov, O. Y.


    This article explores the possibility of using videoconferencing via Adobe Connect software as a new form of distance learning and contains a case study of inviting leading professors from top universities of the United States of America to participate in the educational process of the students of the Institute of International Relations, NRNU MEPhI. The article describes the general course structure and the technical means used for setting up the course, discloses the technique used to ensure active student participation and outlines the key competencies that students are expected to gain after completing the course. The conclusions drawn from this case study can be of interest when solving the issues of modern techniques used for online distance education. The authors hope that these forms of education will also indirectly contribute to the stabilization of relations between the Russian Federation and the United States of America on a non-governmental level in the field of international scientific and technological cooperation.

  17. Armored glass university ceilings

    Ana Guil Bozal


    Full Text Available The barriers that women face to occupy the highest professional positions are well studied, yet they persist. The employment situation of women has improved, but the positions of power are still predominantly in male hands, as if men continually seek new mechanisms to keep, like viruses that change every year to survive the way vaccines. Barriers persist, although in recent decades women have managed to overcome in quantity and quality to men among university students. Women are still unable to access the best academic positions. Among university faculty only reach 40% and full professor position remain masculinized, having managed to reach the women -after many efforts and some policies- measures only 20%, which is seen clearly insufficient given their greater training. Against this background, the future is difficult, unless the university decided to endorse the cause of equality, going to assume its role of reference for the new generations and to other organizations and society in general.

  18. Disability and Spanish University: Protection of university students with disabilities

    Tamara Álvarez Robles


    Full Text Available Right to education is a fundamental right, internationally recognized. However, this assumption is conditioned by personal circumstances, details, of the holder. In any case, we should emphasize the double dimension of this, firstly the right to receive education/teaching, secondly its consideration as a channel of integration and social participation. It is due to this situation, the involvement of the public powers, in order to implement and develop of this right, must be promoted.   The application of the right to education to people that suffer disabilities has got a great degree of importance under The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, held in New York in December 2006. At that time the international community implications were really consolidated. This situation has changed dramatically with the economic crisis that we are suffering in recent times. This is the main reason for the present study, an appeal to implement and apply regulation about disabilities at University studies trough the reform of their statutes and by the increase of the level of the information and training of their workers, especially professors. The universalization of rights, such as education, faces difficulties in achieving its fullness as all holders differ with respect to other recipients of this right. The challenge of this work is to visualize the situation in a very specific environment, university education, and in a very precise context that is the Kingdom of Spain. However, globalization should assume ownership the main problems and challenges identified in this work.  It will be checked in the prolix character of legislation that rules theright af everyone, although you were different to be the holder of the right to education. The existence of a huge number of authorities who supports an inclusive model collides with exogenous difficulties, especially the lack of means, but also endogenous, as the lack of involvement of any of the

  19. Ethics Education In The University

    Nguyen K. Q. Trung


    Accounting faculty of universities in Vietnam takes an important role in the training of human resources for the society in the field of accounting auditing and taxation. All professors and lecturers who teaching in those faculties have participated in editing and changing the accounting curricular in order to meet the needs of the market labor and requirements of new internationally professional standards. The integration of professional ethics into the curriculum has raised the concern of m...

  20. Teacher training tutor of the micro university: issues to reflect

    Enma Gallardo Barroso


    Full Text Available This article highlights the great importance an appropriate strategy for the development of the formation of tutors has, due to the role they play in the entire formation of thousands of youngsters as well as teachers and professors. Tutors have the duty of transmitting, together with the professor of the territorial university center, the basic knowledge of the sciences of Education and to endow them of tools for their future professional work.