Sample records for teachers increasingly takes

  1. Experiencing discrimination increases risk taking. (United States)

    Jamieson, Jeremy P; Koslov, Katrina; Nock, Matthew K; Mendes, Wendy Berry


    Prior research has revealed racial disparities in health outcomes and health-compromising behaviors, such as smoking and drug abuse. It has been suggested that discrimination contributes to such disparities, but the mechanisms through which this might occur are not well understood. In the research reported here, we examined whether the experience of discrimination affects acute physiological stress responses and increases risk-taking behavior. Black and White participants each received rejecting feedback from partners who were either of their own race (in-group rejection) or of a different race (out-group rejection, which could be interpreted as discrimination). Physiological (cardiovascular and neuroendocrine) changes, cognition (memory and attentional bias), affect, and risk-taking behavior were assessed. Significant participant race × partner race interactions were observed. Cross-race rejection, compared with same-race rejection, was associated with lower levels of cortisol, increased cardiac output, decreased vascular resistance, greater anger, increased attentional bias, and more risk-taking behavior. These data suggest that perceived discrimination is associated with distinct profiles of physiological reactivity, affect, cognitive processing, and risk taking, implicating direct and indirect pathways to health disparities.

  2. Ego depletion increases risk-taking. (United States)

    Fischer, Peter; Kastenmüller, Andreas; Asal, Kathrin


    We investigated how the availability of self-control resources affects risk-taking inclinations and behaviors. We proposed that risk-taking often occurs from suboptimal decision processes and heuristic information processing (e.g., when a smoker suppresses or neglects information about the health risks of smoking). Research revealed that depleted self-regulation resources are associated with reduced intellectual performance and reduced abilities to regulate spontaneous and automatic responses (e.g., control aggressive responses in the face of frustration). The present studies transferred these ideas to the area of risk-taking. We propose that risk-taking is increased when individuals find themselves in a state of reduced cognitive self-control resources (ego-depletion). Four studies supported these ideas. In Study 1, ego-depleted participants reported higher levels of sensation seeking than non-depleted participants. In Study 2, ego-depleted participants showed higher levels of risk-tolerance in critical road traffic situations than non-depleted participants. In Study 3, we ruled out two alternative explanations for these results: neither cognitive load nor feelings of anger mediated the effect of ego-depletion on risk-taking. Finally, Study 4 clarified the underlying psychological process: ego-depleted participants feel more cognitively exhausted than non-depleted participants and thus are more willing to take risks. Discussion focuses on the theoretical and practical implications of these findings.

  3. Enhancers and Inhibitors of Teacher Risk Taking: A Case Study. (United States)

    Ponticell, Judith A.


    Examined teacher risk taking during the development of a school-within-a-school program in a Professional Development School, targeting sophomores at high risk for dropping out. Findings indicated that a psychology of risk-taking behavior provided a useful lens for understanding teacher risk-taking in this context and that the three essential…

  4. Teaching Efficacy, Innovation, School Culture and Teacher Risk Taking (United States)

    Taylor, Margaret Elizabeth


    This dissertation is an exploratory study of teacher risk taking. The risk-taking literature in education and other types of organizations is lacking in studies exploring the concept of healthy risk taking and how that risk taking is related to other concepts such as organizational culture, innovation, and efficacy. The purpose of this study was…

  5. Taking Teacher Quality Seriously: A Collaborative Approach to Teacher Evaluation (United States)

    Karp, Stan


    If narrow, test-based evaluation of teachers is unfair, unreliable, and has negative effects on kids, classrooms, and curricula, what's a better approach? By demonizing teachers and unions, and sharply polarizing the education debate, the corporate reform movement has actually undermined serious efforts to improve teacher quality and evaluation.…

  6. Taking Charge: Teacher Candidates' Preparation for the Oral Proficiency Interview (United States)

    Sullivan, JoAnn Hammadou


    Within second language education, concern over teachers' content knowledge has typically manifested itself as concern over the teacher's target language proficiency. In increasing numbers, teacher preparation programs are turning to ACTFL's Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) for measurement of this proficiency and using OPI ratings as high-stakes…

  7. Perspective-taking increases willingness to engage in intergroup contact.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cynthia S Wang

    Full Text Available The current research explored whether perspective-taking increases willingness to engage in contact with stereotyped outgroup members. Across three studies, we find that perspective-taking increases willingness to engage in contact with negatively-stereotyped targets. In Study 1, perspective-takers sat closer to, whereas stereotype suppressors sat further from, a hooligan compared to control participants. In Study 2, individual differences in perspective-taking tendencies predicted individuals' willingness to engage in contact with a hooligan, having effects above and beyond those of empathic concern. Finally, Study 3 demonstrated that perspective-taking's effects on intergroup contact extend to the target's group (i.e., another homeless man, but not to other outgroups (i.e., a man of African descent. Consistent with other perspective-taking research, our findings show that perspective-taking facilitates the creation of social bonds by increasing contact with stereotyped outgroup members.

  8. Male Teachers of Color Take a Lesson from Each Other (United States)

    Bristol, Travis J.


    The author tells of the experience of co-founding a group of male teachers of color within the Boston Teacher Residency program. The group's theory of action was that professional development focused on addressing the unique challenges of male teachers of color would help these teachers develop tools and strategies to navigate their school…

  9. Vocational teachers taking the lead: VET teachers and the career services for teachers reform in Sweden

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniel Alvunger


    Full Text Available In 2013 the Swedish government launched a reform on career services for teachers that introduced first-teachers as a new category of teachers. Since this reform still is in the process of being rolled out, we know fairly little of its impact, especially concerning VET teachers that are appointed first-teachers. This paper explores and analyses two cases of VET first-teachers with focus on the implications on educational leadership practices in their work with school improvement where 'distributed leadership' is used as a lens for understanding the characteristic features of leader-ship practices. The results show that the VET first-teachers consider themselves to represent an important educational leadership being process leaders for creating a culture built on mutual trust, turning the focus of school improvement from a 'top-down' perspective to change 'from below'. They become 'brokers' and a link between school management and their colleagues, even if there are some difficulties. Moreover they visualise different practices and foster a new awareness - concerning e.g. assessment and the relationship between school and work-place - that seem to influence collegial discourse.

  10. Rare disaster information can increase risk-taking (United States)

    Newell, Ben R.; Rakow, Tim; Yechiam, Eldad; Sambur, Michael


    The recent increase in the frequency and impact of natural disasters highlights the need to provide the public with accurate information concerning disaster prevalence. Most approaches to this problem assume that providing summaries of the nature and scale of disasters will lead people to reduce their exposure to risk. Here we present experimental evidence that such ex post `news reports’ of disaster occurrences can increase the tolerance for risk-taking (which implies that rare events are underweighted). This result is robust across several hundred rounds of choices in a simulated microworld, persists even when the long-run expected value of risky choices is substantially lower than safe choices, and is contingent on providing risk information about disasters that have been (personally) experienced and those that have been avoided (`forgone’ outcomes). The results suggest that augmenting personal experience with information summaries of the number of adverse events (for example, storms, floods) in different regions may, paradoxically, increase the appeal of a disaster-prone region. This finding implies a need to communicate long-term trends in severe climatic events, thereby reinforcing the accumulation of events, and the increase in their associated risks, across time.

  11. Virtual driving and risk taking: do racing games increase risk-taking cognitions, affect, and behaviors? (United States)

    Fischer, Peter; Kubitzki, Jörg; Guter, Stephanie; Frey, Dieter


    Research has consistently shown that aggressive video console and PC games elicit aggressive cognitions, affect, and behaviors. Despite the increasing popularity of racing (driving) games, nothing is known about the psychological impact of this genre. This study investigated whether playing racing games affects cognitions, affect, and behaviors that can promote risk taking in actual road traffic situations. In Study 1, the authors found that the frequency of playing racing games was positively associated with competitive driving, obtrusive driving, and car accidents; a negative association with cautious driving was observed. To determine cause and effect, in Study 2, the authors manipulated whether participants played 1 of 3 racing games or 1 of 3 neutral games. Participants who played a racing game subsequently reported a higher accessibility of cognitions and affect positively associated with risk taking than did participants who played a neutral game. Finally, on a more behavioral level, in Study 3, the authors found that men who played a racing game subsequently took higher risks in computer-simulated critical road traffic situations than did men who played a neutral game. Theoretical and practical implications are discussed.

  12. Taking One's Principles Seriously: A Teacher Confronts Controversy (United States)

    Hare, William


    A teacher faces hostility from certain colleagues who view his decision to attend a controversial lecture as tantamount to the repudiation of the principle of inclusive education and the rights of students with disabilities. The teacher sees the proposed boycott of the lecture as a form of censorship threatening freedom of inquiry and critical…

  13. “I'm Riskin' It”: Teachers Take on Consumerism (United States)

    Harste, Jerome C.; Albers, Peggy


    This qualitative study investigates how 90 teachers explored critical curriculum through their reading, analysis and creation of counter advertisements. Located in visual discourse analysis, we designed a study to investigate the question "To what extent can teachers engaged in a critical literacy curriculum talk back to messages of consumerism,…

  14. Attitudes of Teacher Candidates Studying at Technical Education on Ability to Take the Role of a Teacher (United States)

    Simsek, Cengiz


    In this research, attitudes of teacher candidates (N = 583) studying at the Faculty of Technical Education on ability to take general roles of teachers are analyzed with respect to class, gender, educational level of parents, reason to do major at the university, feeling themselves appropriate to the major, seeing themselves adequate, and desire…

  15. Turkish Language Teachers' Stance Taking Movements in the Discourse on Globalization and Language (United States)

    Coskun, Ibrahim


    This study investigates how Turkish teachers take and give stances in the discourse on globalization and language by using linguistic resources. According to the findings obtained through the discourse analysis of the corpus that consisted of 36 h of recording of the discussion among 4 teachers with 5 to 10 years of teaching experience, the…

  16. Turkish Language Teachers' Stance Taking Movements in the Discourse on Globalization and Language (United States)

    Coskun, Ibrahim


    This study investigates how Turkish teachers take and give stances in the discourse on globalization and language by using linguistic resources. According to the findings obtained through the discourse analysis of the corpus that consisted of 36 h of recording of the discussion among 4 teachers with 5 to 10 years of teaching experience, the…

  17. The Promise of Social Perspective Taking to Facilitate Teacher-Student Relationships (United States)

    Gehlbach, Hunter; Brinkworth, Maureen E.; Harris, Anna D.


    Quality teacher-student relationships are linked with numerous valued student outcomes. Yet, questions remain about how to best facilitate these relationships. Social perspective taking--the process of discerning others' thoughts, feelings, and motivations--is critical to relationships; yet, its promise as a facilitator of teacher-student…

  18. Having a Go: Looking at Teachers' Experience of Risk-Taking in Technology Integration (United States)

    Howard, Sarah K.; Gigliotti, Amanda


    Risk is an integral part of change. Technology-related change in teachers' practice is guided by confidence engaging in and beliefs about integration. However, it is also affected by how teachers feel about taking risks, experimenting and change. This paper presents a theoretical framework of affect and emotion to understand how teachers…

  19. An Intention-Based Account of Perspective-Taking: Why Perspective-Taking Can Both Decrease and Increase Moral Condemnation. (United States)

    Lucas, Brian J; Galinksy, Adam D; Murnighan, Keith J


    Perspective-taking often increases generosity in behavior and attributions. We present an intentions-based account to explain how perspective-taking can both decrease and increase moral condemnation. Consistent with past research, we predicted perspective-taking would reduce condemnation when the perspective-taker initially attributed benevolent intent to a transgressor. However, we predicted perspective-taking would increase condemnation when malevolent intentions were initially attributed to the wrongdoer. We propose that perspective-taking amplifies the intentions initially attributed to a transgressor. Three studies measured and manipulated intention attributions and found that perspective-taking increased condemnation when malevolent intentions were initially attributed to a transgressor. Perspective-taking also increased costly punishment of a transgressor, an effect mediated by malevolent intentions. In contrast, empathy did not increase punitive responses, supporting its conceptual distinction from perspective-taking. Whether perspective-taking leads to forgiveness or condemnation depends on the intentions the perspective-taker initially attributes to a transgressor.

  20. It Takes Two to Tango: Online Teacher Tandems for Teaching in English (United States)

    Valcke, Jennifer; Alfaro, Elena Romero


    Due to the increasing internationalisation of higher education, universities must ensure the professional development of their teaching staff in English-Medium Instruction (EMI). Nevertheless, very few universities have the means to invest in teacher training and offer their teachers the opportunity to develop the competences that will ensure best…

  1. Should Teachers Be Made To Take the Same Exams as Their Students?

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    A teacher sitting alongside his/her students taking the same exam is something unheard of in high schools in China.However,in mid-January,over 8,000 high school teach- ers in northeast China’s Shenyang City took part in the final examination together with their students.This is a first for Shenyang’s education system and a move that is still new to most of China. The exam was organized after the Shenyang Education Bureau decided that monitoring the quality of local education would in future not only cover students but also the teachers.How the teachers do in the examination will be an important criterion in the teaching evaluation system.

  2. The Racing-Game Effect : Why Do Video Racing Games Increase Risk-Taking Inclinations?

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Fischer, Peter; Greitemeyer, Tobias; Morton, Thomas; Kastenmueller, Andreas; Postmes, Tom; Frey, Dieter; Kubitzki, Joerg; Odenwaelder, Joerg; Kastenmüller, A.; Odenwälder, J.


    The present studies investigated why video racing games increase players' risk-taking inclinations. Four studies reveal that playing video racing games increases risk taking in a subsequent simulated road traffic situation, as well as risk-promoting cognitions and emotions, blood pressure, sensation

  3. Peers Increase Adolescent Risk Taking by Enhancing Activity in the Brain's Reward Circuitry (United States)

    Chein, Jason; Albert, Dustin; O'Brien, Lia; Uckert, Kaitlyn; Steinberg, Laurence


    The presence of peers increases risk taking among adolescents but not adults. We posited that the presence of peers may promote adolescent risk taking by sensitizing brain regions associated with the anticipation of potential rewards. Using fMRI, we measured brain activity in adolescents, young adults, and adults as they made decisions in a…

  4. Changes in long jump take-off technique with increasing run-up speed. (United States)

    Bridgett, Lisa A; Linthorne, Nicholas P


    The aim of this study was to determine the influence of run-up speed on take-off technique in the long jump. Seventy-one jumps by an elite male long jumper were recorded in the sagittal plane by a high-speed video camera. A wide range of run-up speeds was obtained using direct intervention to set the length of the athlete's run-up. As the athlete's run-up speed increased, the jump distance and take-off speed increased, the leg angle at touchdown remained almost unchanged, and the take-off angle and take-off duration steadily decreased. The predictions of two previously published mathematical models of the long jump take-off are in reasonable agreement with the experimental data.

  5. The Racing-Game Effect: Why Do Video Racing Games Increase Risk-Taking Inclinations?


    Fischer, Peter; Greitemeyer, Tobias; Morton, Thomas; Kastenmüller, Andreas; Postmes, Tom; Frey, Dieter; Kubitzki, Jörg; Odenwälder, Jörg


    The present studies investigated why video racing games increase players’ risk-taking inclinations. Four studies reveal that playing video racing games increases risk taking in a subsequent simulated road traffic situation, as well as risk-promoting cognitions and emotions, blood pressure,sensation seeking, and attitudes toward reckless driving. Study 1 ruled out the role of experimental demand in creating such effects. Studies 2 and 3 showed that the effect of playing video racing games on r...

  6. Changes in long jump take-off technique with increasing run-up speed


    Bridgett, LA; Linthorne, NP


    The aim of this study was to determine the influence of run-up speed on take-off technique in the long jump. Seventy-one jumps by an elite male long jumper were recorded in the sagittal plane by a high-speed video camera. A wide range of run-up speeds was obtained using direct intervention to set the length of the athlete's run-up. As the athlete's run-up speed increased, the jump distance and take-off speed increased, the leg angle at touchdown remained almost unchanged, and the take-off ang...

  7. Becoming Teachers: Examining How Preservice Elementary Teachers Use Language to Construct Professional Identities, Learn within Relationships, and Take Risks in the Classroom (United States)

    Ticknor, Anne Swenson


    This longitudinal qualitative study examined how four preservice elementary teachers used language to construct professional identities, learn within relationships, and take risks in the classroom during their final three semesters in teacher education coursework and field experiences. My female participants were former students of mine in the…

  8. Peer Coaching: Veteran High School Teachers Take the Lead on Learning (United States)

    Arnau, Lea; Kahrs, James; Kruskamp, Bill


    A voluntary peer-coaching program is described along with the accompanying cultural change that occurred at a suburban high school. Veteran teachers participating in this research reported that peer coaching gave them meaningful feedback, motivation to direct their learning, increased levels of trust and morale among themselves, and justification…

  9. Multilingualism in an EFL Practicum: Increasing Student Teachers' Pedagogical Knowledge (United States)

    Olivero, María Matilde


    Research in second language teacher education has demonstrated that novice teachers have difficulty in using their pedagogical knowledge, which partly results from a heavy focus on theory offered in teacher training programs (e.g., Bartels, 2005, 2009; Tarone & Allwright, 2005). In order to better equip student teachers with the knowledge…

  10. Malpractice in Teacher Education: The Improbable Becomes Increasingly Possible. (United States)

    Clear, Delbert


    In the past, the absence of performance standards for which teachers and teacher education institutions could be held accountable has helped protect teacher colleges from malpractice charges. As research identifies correlates between teacher behavior and student achievement, however, institutions which fail to teach minimum competencies may become…

  11. The racing-game effect: why do video racing games increase risk-taking inclinations? (United States)

    Fischer, Peter; Greitemeyer, Tobias; Morton, Thomas; Kastenmüller, Andreas; Postmes, Tom; Frey, Dieter; Kubitzki, Jörg; Odenwälder, Jörg


    The present studies investigated why video racing games increase players' risk-taking inclinations. Four studies reveal that playing video racing games increases risk taking in a subsequent simulated road traffic situation, as well as risk-promoting cognitions and emotions, blood pressure, sensation seeking, and attitudes toward reckless driving. Study 1 ruled out the role of experimental demand in creating such effects. Studies 2 and 3 showed that the effect of playing video racing games on risk taking was partially mediated by changes in self-perceptions as a reckless driver. These effects were evident only when the individual played racing games that reward traffic violations rather than racing games that do not reward traffic violations (Study 3) and when the individual was an active player of such games rather than a passive observer (Study 4). In sum, the results underline the potential negative impact of racing games on traffic safety.

  12. Strawberry Square II: Take Time. Teacher's Guide. 33 Lessons in the Arts to Help Children Take Time with Life. (United States)

    Marcy, Nancy

    This teacher's guide accompanies a series of telelessons designed to stimulate arts activities in grades 2 and 3. It follows a story line established in "Strawberry Square" which centers around the revitilization of Strawberry Square by Skipper, the owner of the Tune Shoppe in the square. Each of the 15 lessons has four sections, which contain a…

  13. Using Teacher Greetings to Increase Speed to Task Engagement (United States)

    Allday, R. Allan; Bush, Miranda; Ticknor, Nicole; Walker, Lindsay


    We used a multiple baseline design across participants to determine if teacher greetings would reduce the latency to task engagement. Three participants were identified by their respective teachers as having difficulty initiating task-appropriate engagement at the beginning of class. Latency was measured from teacher greeting until the participant…

  14. Increased risk taking in relation to chronic stress in young adults

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Smarandita eCeccato


    Full Text Available Chronic stress is a public health problem that affects a significant part of the population. While the physiological damage it causes is under ongoing scrutiny, its behavioral effects have been overlooked. This is one of the first studies to examine the relation between chronic stress and decision-making, using a standard lottery paradigm. We measured learning-independent risk taking in the gain domain through binary choices between financially incentivized lotteries. We then measured self-reported chronic stress with the Trier Inventory for the Assessment of Chronic Stress (TICS. We additionally collected hair samples in a subsample of volunteers, in order to quantify chronic cortisol exposure. We discovered a significant, positive correlation between self-reported chronic stress and risk taking that is stronger for women than for men. This confirms part of the findings in acute stress research that show a connection between higher stress and increased risk taking. However, unlike the biologically-based results from acute stress research, we did not identify a significant relation between hair cortisol and behavior. In line with previous literature, we found a clear gender difference in risk taking and self-reports: women generally take less risk and report slightly higher stress levels than men. We conclude that perceived chronic stress can impact behavior in risky situations.

  15. Caffeine protects against increased risk-taking propensity during severe sleep deprivation. (United States)

    Killgore, William D S; Kamimori, Gary H; Balkin, Thomas J


    Previous research suggests that sleep deprivation is associated with declines in metabolic activity within brain regions important for judgement and impulse control, yet previous studies have reported inconsistent findings regarding the effects of sleep loss and caffeine on risk-taking. In this study, 25 healthy adults (21 men, four women) completed the Balloon Analog Risk Task (BART) and Evaluation of Risks (EVAR) scale at regular intervals to examine behavioral and self-reported risk-taking propensity during 75 h of continuous sleep deprivation. Participants received either four double-blind administrations of 200 mg caffeine (n=12) or indistinguishable placebo (n=13) gum bi-hourly during each of the 3 nights of sleep deprivation. No significant effects of drug group or sleep deprivation were evident on the BART or EVAR when measured at 51 h of wakefulness. However, by 75 h, the placebo group showed a significant increase in risk-taking behavior on the cost-benefit ratio and total number of exploded balloons on the BART, whereas the caffeine group remained at baseline levels. On the EVAR, several factors of self-reported risk-taking propensity, including total risk, impulsivity and risk/thrill seeking, were reduced among subjects receiving caffeine across the 3 days of sleep deprivation, but remained at baseline levels for the placebo group. These results suggest that 3 nights of total sleep deprivation led to a significant increase in behavioral risk-taking but not self-reported perception of risk-propensity. Overnight caffeine prevented this increase in risky behavior.

  16. African American Children At-Risk of Increasingly Conflicted Teacher-Student Relationships in Elementary School. (United States)

    Spilt, Jantine; Hughes, Jan N

    Previous studies found different trajectories of conflicted relationships with teachers predictive of academic underachievement. However, little is known about what places children at risk for atypical conflict trajectories. This follow-up study examines whether African American ethnicity, IQ, and SES are unique predictors of teacher-student conflict trajectories taking into account sociobehavioral predictors, including aggression and prosocial behavior. The study included the same ethnically diverse sample of 657 academically at-risk children in which previously four latent growth classes of conflict trajectories (grades 1-5) predictive of underachievement were identified. In this follow-up study, 6 predictors were examined: African American ethnicity, SES, IQ (independent assessment), Inhibitory control (performance measure), and Aggression and Prosocial behavior (peer assessment). The results demonstrated that African American ethnicity, but not IQ and SES, uniquely predicted atypical conflict trajectories, while controlling for sociobehavioral predictors. African American children were at risk of increasingly conflicted relationships with elementary school teachers, which has been found to increase the risk of academic underachievement in middle school.

  17. Strategies to Increase Behavior-Specific Teacher Praise in an Inclusive Environment (United States)

    Musti-Rao, Shobana; Haydon, Todd


    Managing students' disruptive behavior in the classroom can be a time-consuming task and greatly reduces the amount of time teachers spend on instruction. Although there are several research-validated classroom management strategies, teachers are more likely to adopt strategies that are less time-consuming than strategies that take more time or…

  18. Descriptive Feedback; Increasing Teacher Awareness, Adapting Research Techniques. (United States)

    Kepler, Karen B.

    This study investigated the ability of middle school teachers to use descriptive feedback from their students in changing their teaching behavior. One homeroom group of twenty-five students was observed in interaction with nine teachers of math, English, social studies, and science over a one-year period to elicit both quantifiable and qualitative…

  19. 34 CFR 200.57 - Plans to increase teacher quality. (United States)


    ... and effective classroom teachers; (ii) Describe the strategies the State will use to— (A) Help LEAs..., recruitment programs, or other effective strategies, minority students and students from low-income families... teachers. (Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 1810-0581) (Authority: 20...

  20. Stress during adolescence increases novelty seeking and risk taking behavior in male and female rats

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria eToledo


    Full Text Available Adolescence is a period of major physical, hormonal and psychological change. It is also characterized by a significant increase in the incidence of psychopathologies and this increase is gender-specific. Likewise, stress during adolescence is associated with the development of psychiatric disorders later in life. Previously, using a rat model of psychogenic stress (exposure to predator odor followed by placement on an elevated platform during the pre-pubertal period (postnatal days 28-30, we reported sex-specific effects on auditory and contextual fear conditioning. Here, we study the short-term impact of psychogenic stress before and during puberty (postnatal days 28-42 on behavior (novelty seeking, risk taking, anxiety and depression and hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenocortical (HPA axis activation during late adolescence (postnatal days 45-51. Peri-pubertal stress decreased anxiety-like behavior and increased risk taking and novelty seeking behaviors during late adolescence (measured with the elevated plus maze, open field and exposure to novel object tests and intake of chocopop pellets before or immediate after stress. Finally neither depressive-like behavior (measured at the forced swim test nor HPA response to stress (blood corticosterone and glucose were affected by peri-pubertal stress. Nevertheless, when controlling for the basal anxiety of the mothers, animals exposed to peri-pubertal stress showed a significant decrease in corticosterone levels immediate after an acute stressor. The results from this study suggest that exposure to mild stressors during the peri-pubertal period induces a broad spectrum of behavioral changes in late adolescence, which may exacerbate the independence-building behaviors naturally happening during this transitional period (increase in curiosity, sensation-seeking and risk taking behaviors.

  1. Taking Advantages of China's Increasing Demand for Recycled Resources : Case Company: Ni-Met Resources Inc.


    Liang, Ye


    The purpose of this thesis is to review the feasibility and advise the management of Ni-Met on the location of a warehouse in China. Ni-Met is a global company involved in trading of resources and commodities - primary and secondary metals, minerals and plastics. A sizeable portion of its sales are into China. The objective of this thesis is to suggest the most suitable way for Ni-Met to take advantage of China’s huge demand for commodities and resources. Ni-Met wants to increase...

  2. Cortisol and testosterone increase financial risk taking and may destabilize markets (United States)

    Cueva, Carlos; Roberts, R. Edward; Spencer, Tom; Rani, Nisha; Tempest, Michelle; Tobler, Philippe N.; Herbert, Joe; Rustichini, Aldo


    It is widely known that financial markets can become dangerously unstable, yet it is unclear why. Recent research has highlighted the possibility that endogenous hormones, in particular testosterone and cortisol, may critically influence traders’ financial decision making. Here we show that cortisol, a hormone that modulates the response to physical or psychological stress, predicts instability in financial markets. Specifically, we recorded salivary levels of cortisol and testosterone in people participating in an experimental asset market (N = 142) and found that individual and aggregate levels of endogenous cortisol predict subsequent risk-taking and price instability. We then administered either cortisol (single oral dose of 100 mg hydrocortisone, N = 34) or testosterone (three doses of 10 g transdermal 1% testosterone gel over 48 hours, N = 41) to young males before they played an asset trading game. We found that both cortisol and testosterone shifted investment towards riskier assets. Cortisol appears to affect risk preferences directly, whereas testosterone operates by inducing increased optimism about future price changes. Our results suggest that changes in both cortisol and testosterone could play a destabilizing role in financial markets through increased risk taking behaviour, acting via different behavioural pathways. PMID:26135946

  3. Excessive alcohol consumption increases risk taking behaviour in travellers to Cusco, Peru. (United States)

    Cabada, Miguel M; Mozo, Karen; Pantenburg, Birte; Gotuzzo, Eduardo


    The risks associated with alcohol intoxication are rarely discussed during pre-travel counselling. However, alcohol immoderation abroad may increase the exposure to health risks. Few studies have addressed alcohol consumption and risk taking behaviour in travellers to South America. From October to December of 2004, travellers leaving the city of Cusco in Peru were asked to fill out anonymous questionnaires regarding demographics, self-reported alcohol consumption, illness and risk behaviour for sexually-transmitted infection (STI) and travellers diarrhoea. Most travellers (87.2%) consumed alcohol and 20.4% reported inebriation in Cusco. Those admitting inebriation were more likely to be male, single, Cusco were more likely to seek medical attention, change itinerary, and report decreased satisfaction with the trip experience. In the multivariate analysis, inebriation was independently associated with reporting higher numbers of unsafe food choices, illicit drug use, and risky sexual activity. It is concluded that alcohol intoxication during travel was associated with increased risk taking behaviour for common travel related conditions. Although travel related illnesses were not associated with inebriation, some markers of illness severity were more often reported by those who admitted intoxication. Risk for heavy alcohol use abroad should be assessed during the pre-travel visit in certain groups and appropriate counselling should be provided.

  4. Cortisol and testosterone increase financial risk taking and may destabilize markets. (United States)

    Cueva, Carlos; Roberts, R Edward; Spencer, Tom; Rani, Nisha; Tempest, Michelle; Tobler, Philippe N; Herbert, Joe; Rustichini, Aldo


    It is widely known that financial markets can become dangerously unstable, yet it is unclear why. Recent research has highlighted the possibility that endogenous hormones, in particular testosterone and cortisol, may critically influence traders' financial decision making. Here we show that cortisol, a hormone that modulates the response to physical or psychological stress, predicts instability in financial markets. Specifically, we recorded salivary levels of cortisol and testosterone in people participating in an experimental asset market (N = 142) and found that individual and aggregate levels of endogenous cortisol predict subsequent risk-taking and price instability. We then administered either cortisol (single oral dose of 100 mg hydrocortisone, N = 34) or testosterone (three doses of 10 g transdermal 1% testosterone gel over 48 hours, N = 41) to young males before they played an asset trading game. We found that both cortisol and testosterone shifted investment towards riskier assets. Cortisol appears to affect risk preferences directly, whereas testosterone operates by inducing increased optimism about future price changes. Our results suggest that changes in both cortisol and testosterone could play a destabilizing role in financial markets through increased risk taking behaviour, acting via different behavioural pathways.

  5. Anticipating divine protection? Reminders of god can increase nonmoral risk taking. (United States)

    Kupor, Daniella M; Laurin, Kristin; Levav, Jonathan


    Religiosity and participation in religious activities have been linked with decreased risky behavior. In the current research, we hypothesized that exposure to the concept of God can actually increase people's willingness to engage in certain types of risks. Across seven studies, reminders of God increased risk taking in nonmoral domains. This effect was mediated by the perceived danger of a risky option and emerged more strongly among individuals who perceive God as a reliable source of safety and protection than among those who do not. Moreover, in an eighth study, when participants were first reminded of God and then took a risk that produced negative consequences (i.e., when divine protection failed to materialize), participants reported feeling more negatively toward God than did participants in the same situation who were not first reminded of God. This research contributes to an understanding of the divergent effects that distinct components of religion can exert on behavior.

  6. Embracing Advocacy: How Visible Minority and Dominant Group Beginning Teachers Take Up Issues of Equity

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Naomi Norquay


    Full Text Available This paper is from a four-year research project that followed graduates of a teacher education program from teacher certification through their first three years of teaching. It focuses on participants' narratives about their advocacy efforts in both their pre-service practicum placements and their first year as probationary teachers. Our findings indicate that while dominant group white participants chose to advocate from a position of personal conviction (often based on new knowledge of equity issues, the visible minority participants were often summoned by others to advocate. The paper concludes with a discussion about how teacher education might better address advocacy issues, alongside the focus on equity issues.

  7. Optimising the Use of Note-Taking as an External Cognitive Aid for Increasing Learning (United States)

    Makany, Tamas; Kemp, Jonathan; Dror, Itiel E.


    Taking notes is of uttermost importance in academic and commercial use and success. Different techniques for note-taking utilise different cognitive processes and strategies. This experimental study examined ways to enhance cognitive performance via different note-taking techniques. By comparing performances of traditional, linear style…

  8. Taking Teacher Responsibility into Account(ability): Explicating Its Multiple Components and Theoretical Status (United States)

    Lauermann, Fani; Karabenick, Stuart A.


    Accountability systems have important implications for schooling. Missing from discussions about their implementation, however, are ways they affect teacher responsibility. Responsibility has been insufficiently explicated in the education literature, including its impact on teacher motivation, emotion, and behavior. We propose that a…

  9. What Does it Take to Make a Change? Teacher Feedback and Student Revisions (United States)

    Silver, Rita; Lee, Sandra


    This study investigates the effects of teacher written feedback on students' writing in the Singapore primary school context. We discuss different types of teacher feedback--advice, criticism, and praise--and how successful each is in encouraging revisions by Primary 4 children. Quality of revision is discussed in terms of length and overall…

  10. Taking Part in the Dance: Technology Teachers Interacting with Communities of Practice (United States)

    Slatter, Wendy; France, Bev


    This research investigated how secondary school technology teachers planned and implemented units that enabled students to access authentic technological practice through their contact with a community of practice (CoP). It was found that when teachers plan to access a community of practice for their students a complex dance-style relationship…

  11. It Takes a Village: Investigating the Critical Role Clinical Faculty Play in Mathematics Teacher Education (United States)

    Bahr, Damon L.


    The dispositions of preservice elementary education teachers toward reform-oriented mathematics education were surveyed before and after an extended pre-student teaching practicum. During the practicum, university and school-based personnel served as 'clinical faculty' as they supported the preservice teachers' practicum…

  12. Developing teacher sensitivity to individual learning differences (ILDs) : Studies on increasing teacher effectiveness

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Rosenfeld, M.N.


    Effective teachers are sensitive to individual learning differences (ILDs). This dissertation investigates teacher changes as a result of eight long-term professional development (PD) courses (56-hours and 28-hours) designed to help them become more sensitive to ILDs. In these courses, the teache

  13. The PhysTEC project: A perspective on what it takes to recruit and educate more physics teachers (United States)

    Plisch, Monica


    The PhysTEC project has more than doubled the number of physics teachers educated at supported sites. These institutions were selected for their potential to implement change primarily in physics departments and build model teacher education programs. Key components of PhysTEC programs include active recruiting, early teaching experiences, pedagogical content knowledge, Learning Assistants, and induction and mentoring. Important structural elements include a program champion, a Teacher in Residence, assessment, collaboration, and institutional commitment. The PhysTEC project has supported about 20 institutions to date. In order to more fully address the national need for qualified physics teachers, the effort would need to be scaled up substantially. There is evidence of growing interest among physics departments in taking on this issue, and a national coalition committed to improving the education of future physics teachers has expanded to include more than 250 member institutions. The project is experimenting with targeted sites, funded at a lower level, to implement focused programs. In addition, PhysTEC is partnering with aligned efforts to magnify its impact. PhysTEC is a project led by APS with AAPT, and supported by the NSF and the APS Campaign for the 21st Century.

  14. Peers Increase Adolescent Risk Taking Even When the Probabilities of Negative Outcomes Are Known (United States)

    Smith, Ashley R.; Chein, Jason; Steinberg, Laurence


    The majority of adolescent risk taking occurs in the presence of peers, and recent research suggests that the presence of peers may alter how the potential rewards and costs of a decision are valuated or perceived. The current study further explores this notion by investigating how peer observation affects adolescent risk taking when the…

  15. Ascorbate availability affects tumor implantation-take rate and increases tumor rejection in Gulo(-/-) mice. (United States)

    Campbell, Elizabeth J; Vissers, Margreet Cm; Dachs, Gabi U


    In solid tumors, HIF1 upregulates the expression of hundreds of genes involved in cell survival, tumor growth, and adaptation to the hypoxic microenvironment. HIF1 stabilization and activity are suppressed by prolyl and asparagine hydroxylases, which require oxygen as a substrate and ascorbate as a cofactor. This has led us to hypothesize that intracellular ascorbate availability could modify the hypoxic HIF1 response and influence tumor growth. In this study, we investigated the effect of variable intracellular ascorbate levels on HIF1 induction in cancer cells in vitro, and on tumor-take rate and growth in the Gulo(-/-) mouse. These mice depend on dietary ascorbate, and were supplemented with 3,300 mg/L, 330 mg/L, or 33 mg/L ascorbate in their drinking water, resulting in saturating, medium, or low plasma and tissue ascorbate levels, respectively. In Lewis lung carcinoma cells (LL/2) in culture, optimal ascorbate supplementation reduced HIF1 accumulation under physiological but not pathological hypoxia. LL/2, B16-F10 melanoma, or CMT-93 colorectal cancer cells were implanted subcutaneously into Gulo(-/-) mice at a range of cell inocula. Establishment of B16-F10 tumors in mice supplemented with 3,300 mg/L ascorbate required an increased number of cancer cells to initiate tumor growth compared with the number of cells required in mice on suboptimal ascorbate intake. Elevated ascorbate intake was also associated with decreased tumor ascorbate levels and a reduction in HIF1α expression and transcriptional activity. Following initial growth, all CMT-93 tumors regressed spontaneously, but mice supplemented with 33 mg/L ascorbate had lower plasma ascorbate levels and grew larger tumors than optimally supplemented mice. The data from this study indicate that improved ascorbate intake is consistent with increased intracellular ascorbate levels, reduced HIF1 activity and reduced tumor initiation and growth, and this may be advantageous in the management of cancer.

  16. One Size Fits All: The Increasing Standardisation of English Teachers' Work in England (United States)

    Goodwyn, Andrew


    English teachers in England have experienced a lengthy period of external constraint, increasingly controlling their practice. This constraint was originated in the 1989 National curriculum. Although in its first version it was in harmony with practice, its numerous revisions have moved it a long way from teachers' own values and beliefs. This…

  17. Increasing Teachers' Use of Evidence-Based Classroom Management Strategies through Consultation: Overview and Case Studies (United States)

    MacSuga, Ashley S.; Simonsen, Brandi


    Many classroom teachers are faced with challenging student behaviors that impact their ability to facilitate learning in productive, safe environments. At the same time, high-stakes testing, increased emphasis on evidence-based instruction, data-based decision making, and response-to-intervention models have put heavy demands on teacher time and…

  18. Using In-Service and Coaching to Increase Teachers' Accurate Use of Research-Based Strategies (United States)

    Kretlow, Allison G.; Cooke, Nancy L.; Wood, Charles L.


    Increasing the accurate use of research-based practices in classrooms is a critical issue. Professional development is one of the most practical ways to provide practicing teachers with training related to research-based practices. This study examined the effects of in-service plus follow-up coaching on first grade teachers' accurate delivery of…

  19. Increasing Elementary School Teachers' Awareness of Gender Inequity in Student Computer Usage (United States)

    Luongo, Nicole


    This study was designed to increase gender equity awareness in elementary school teachers with respect to student computer and technology usage. Using professional development methods with a group of teachers, the writer attempted to help them become more aware of gender bias in technology instruction. An analysis of the data revealed that…

  20. Increasing Treatment Integrity through Negative Reinforcement: Effects on Teacher and Student Behavior (United States)

    DiGennaro, Florence D.; Martens, Brian K.; McIntyre, Laura Lee


    The current study examined the extent to which treatment integrity was increased and maintained for 4 teachers in their regular classroom settings as a result of performance feedback and negative reinforcement. Teachers received daily written feedback about their accuracy in implementing an intervention and were able to avoid meeting with a…

  1. It takes a toll on pre-service teachers and programs: Case studies of teacher candidates who withdrew from a teacher education program

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pei-Ying Lin


    Full Text Available Previous studies have examined patterns of withdrawal from initial teacher education (ITE programs and have found that pre-service teachers are more likely to withdraw if they are male or older than the typical pre-service teacher. This study presents case studies based on semi-structured interviews with older male pre-service teachers who withdrew from a large one-year post-Bachelor’s ITE program. To better understand the experiences of these pre-service teachers and the reasons they withdrew, we present each case as a unique narrative before examining the similarities and differences in their expectations and why they withdrew from the program. We discuss possible interpretations of and approaches to preventing withdrawal for stakeholders of ITE programs.

  2. Taking a "Reality" Check: Expanding Pre-Service Teachers' Views on Pedagogy and Diversity (United States)

    Ryan, Mary; Carrington, Suzanne; Selva, Gitta; Healy, Annah


    The outcomes of a two-pronged "real-world" learning project, which aimed to expand the views of pre-service teachers about learning, pedagogy and diversity, will be discussed in this paper. Seventy-two fourth-year and 22 first-year students, enrolled in a Bachelor of Education degree in Queensland, Australia, were engaged in community…

  3. A Content Literacy Collaborative Study Group: High School Teachers Take Charge of Their Professional Learning (United States)

    Thibodeau, Gail M.


    The progress and effects of a collaborative study group as a method of job-embedded professional development were studied. Eight high school teachers representing a variety of disciplines and the author (a literacy specialist) met monthly as a collaborative group for one school year to investigate materials and methods for literacy strategy…

  4. Taking Stock of Lesson Study as a Platform for Teacher Development in Singapore (United States)

    Lim, Christina; Lee, Christine; Saito, Eisuke; Haron, Sharifa Syed


    Since its introduction into Singapore schools in 2005, many schools are now implementing Lesson Study in various forms adapted to their culture, needs and priorities. Why are schools interested in Lesson Study? How has Lesson Study provided a platform for professional development of teachers? What aspects of Lesson Study have schools adapted and…

  5. On-line Professional Learning Communities: Increasing Teacher Learning and Productivity in Isolated Rural Communities

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dora Salazar


    Full Text Available On-line and distance professional learning communities provides teachers with increased access and flexibility as well as the combination of work and education. It also provides a more learner-centered approach, enrichment and new ways of interacting with teachers in isolated rural areas. For educational administrators, on-line learning offers high quality and usually cost-effective professional development for teachers. It allows upgrading of skills, increased productivity and development of a new learning culture. At the same time, it means sharing of costs, of training time, increased portability of training, and the exchange of creativity, information, and dialogue.

  6. Using Role-Taking and Behavioral Mimicking in Games to Increase Awareness on the Bystander Effect

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Soegaard Andersen, Josephine; Schoenau-Fog, Henrik


    with behavioral mimicking. The game concept should include a relatable (preferably player modifiable) avatar, so the player can relate and adhere to the empathy and intent to help. Since the bystander effect takes place in groups where deindividuation also is common, this should require a behavioral change...

  7. Teacher Preparation for Movement Education: Increasing Pre-Service Teachers' Competence for Working with Young Children (United States)

    Sevimli-Celik, Serap; Johnson, James E.


    This study explores pre-service teachers' perceptions of movement education, the benefits they perceive from participating in a 12-week movement education module in a course on play, and the module's effects on their confidence and competence in regard to incorporating movement into a curriculum. Findings suggest that the pre-service teachers…

  8. Dopamine agonist increases risk taking but blunts reward-related brain activity.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jordi Riba

    Full Text Available The use of D2/D3 dopaminergic agonists in Parkinson's disease (PD may lead to pathological gambling. In a placebo-controlled double-blind study in healthy volunteers, we observed riskier choices in a lottery task after administration of the D3 receptor-preferring agonist pramipexole thus mimicking risk-taking behavior in PD. Moreover, we demonstrate decreased activation in the rostral basal ganglia and midbrain, key structures of the reward system, following unexpected high gains and therefore propose that pathological gambling in PD results from the need to seek higher rewards to overcome the blunted response in this system.

  9. Decadal increase in the number of recreational users is concentrated in no-take marine reserves. (United States)

    Gonson, Charles; Pelletier, Dominique; Gamp, Elodie; Preuss, Bastien; Jollit, Isabelle; Ferraris, Jocelyne


    In coastal areas, demographic increase is likely to result in greater numbers of recreational users, with potential consequences on marine biodiversity. These effects may also occur within Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), which are popular with recreational users. Our analysis builds on data collected over a ten-year period during three year-round surveys to appraise changes in recreational boating activities in coral ecosystems. Results show that the number of boaters has greatly increased, particularly so within MPAs during weekends and the warm season, when peaks in boat numbers have become more frequent. We also observed that the number of anchored boats has increased over the period. These changes may be resulting in biophysical impacts that could be detrimental to conservation objectives in MPAs. This steady increase over time may cause changes in the spatial and temporal distribution of users and in their practices, thus highlighting the importance of monitoring recreational activities.

  10. Taking control : Working memory training in overweight individuals increases self-regulation of food intake

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Houben, Katrijn; Dassen, Fania; Jansen, Anita


    Working memory (WM) plays a critical role in cognitive control by shielding self-regulatory goals from distraction by desire-related thoughts and emotions. This study examined whether training WM increases self-regulation in overweight participants. It was hypothesized that WM training would decreas

  11. Can Australian Universities Take Measures to Increase the Lecture Attendance of Marketing Students? (United States)

    Dolnicar, Sara; Kaiser, Sebastian; Matus, Katrina; Vialle, Wilma


    Lectures are a central element of traditional university learning, but Australian lecturers increasingly face very low levels of lecture attendance. A significant amount of research exists that investigates the drivers of lecture attendance. However, those studies typically study single factors in an isolated manner, thus overestimating the…

  12. CMTR1 is associated with increased asthma exacerbations in patients taking inhaled corticosteroids

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Dahlin, Amber; Denny, Joshua; Roden, Dan M


    University Medical Center (VUMC) in Tennessee (369 patients), and Personalized Medicine Research Project (PMRP) at the Marshfield Clinic in Wisconsin (437 patients). Using a case-control study design, the association of each SNP locus with the outcome of asthma exacerbations (defined as asthma...... candidate genes was determined by evaluating an independent microarray expression data set. Our study identified six novel SNPs associated with differential risk of asthma exacerbations (P 1, was associated with an increased risk of exacerbations in both...... populations (OR = 1.07, 95% CI 1.03-1.11; joint P = 2.3 × 10(-06)). Two SNPs (rs2395672 and rs279728) were associated with increased risk of exacerbations, while the remaining four SNPs (rs4271056, rs6467778, rs2691529, and rs9303988) were associated with decreased risk. Three SNPs (rs2395672, rs6467778...

  13. Taking the easy way out? Increasing implementation effort reduces probability maximizing under cognitive load. (United States)

    Schulze, Christin; Newell, Ben R


    Cognitive load has previously been found to have a positive effect on strategy selection in repeated risky choice. Specifically, whereas inferior probability matching often prevails under single-task conditions, optimal probability maximizing sometimes dominates when a concurrent task competes for cognitive resources. We examined the extent to which this seemingly beneficial effect of increased task demands hinges on the effort required to implement each of the choice strategies. Probability maximizing typically involves a simple repeated response to a single option, whereas probability matching requires choice proportions to be tracked carefully throughout a sequential choice task. Here, we flipped this pattern by introducing a manipulation that made the implementation of maximizing more taxing and, at the same time, allowed decision makers to probability match via a simple repeated response to a single option. The results from two experiments showed that increasing the implementation effort of probability maximizing resulted in decreased adoption rates of this strategy. This was the case both when decision makers simultaneously learned about the outcome probabilities and responded to a dual task (Exp. 1) and when these two aspects were procedurally separated in two distinct stages (Exp. 2). We conclude that the effort involved in implementing a choice strategy is a key factor in shaping repeated choice under uncertainty. Moreover, highlighting the importance of implementation effort casts new light on the sometimes surprising and inconsistent effects of cognitive load that have previously been reported in the literature.

  14. Increased ultrasonic vocalizations and risk-taking in rat pups of sleep-deprived dams. (United States)

    Gulia, Kamalesh K; Patel, Niraj; Kumar, Velayudhan Mohan


    Ultrasonic vocalizations (USVs) in rodent pups are analogous to cries in human babies. There is reduction in USVs in pups after experimental deprivation of rapid eye movement sleep of dams during pregnancy. However, the effects of total sleep deprivation on the USVs of newborns and their emotional development are not documented. Male pups born to the rats that underwent total sleep deprivation for 5h during the third trimester made higher vocalizations, when tested on early postnatal days (pnds) in an isolation-paradigm. Their anxiety-related behaviors during pnds 25-28, were tested using elevated plus maze (EPM). In comparison to the control pups, weanlings of sleep-deprived dams made increased entries into the open arms and higher mobility in the EPM. Enhanced distress calls during early pnds and reduction in risk assessment in weanlings indicate a link between the two behaviors. The USVs during ontogeny may provide early signals about altered emotional development.

  15. Increasing the Supply of Effective Teachers in High-Poverty Schools in a Heterogeneous School District: Facilitators and Constraints (United States)

    Kennedy, Leigh K.


    The purpose of this study was to clarify the ways that a district used its teacher staffing and professional development policies to increase the supply of effective teachers in high-poverty schools, to determine the efficacy of these policies in the view of district administrators and teachers, and to identify the facilitators and constraints to…

  16. Teacher Adaptations to a Core Reading Program: Increasing Access to Curriculum for Elementary Students in Urban Classrooms (United States)

    Maniates, Helen


    This article examines how three urban elementary school teachers adapted pedagogical strategies from a school district--adopted core reading program to increase their students' access to the curriculum. Using teacher interviews and classroom observations to construct a descriptive case study of teacher adaptation, analysis reveals that the…

  17. Do Reinforcement and Induction Increase Prosocial Behavior? Results of a Teacher-Based Intervention in Preschools (United States)

    Ramaswamy, Vidya; Bergin, Christi


    Teachers were trained to use reinforcement and induction to increase prosocial behavior in a sample of 98 children in Head Start-affiliated preschools, using a peer coaching model. There was one control group and three intervention groups: reinforcement-only, induction-only, and reinforcement-and-induction. Results indicated that the intervention…

  18. Taking Them into the Field: Mathematics Teacher Candidate Learning about Equity-Oriented Teaching Practices in a Mediated Field Experience (United States)

    Campbell, Sara Sunshine


    Teacher education programs have been criticized as too theoretical with university courses disconnected from the practical realities of classrooms. This single case study investigates a model of teacher education that worked to bridge the coursework-fieldwork gap in teacher education. The Mediated Field Experience (MFE) is a field experience…

  19. The politics of learning to teach: The juxtaposition of reform, risk-taking, and survival for a prospective science teacher (United States)

    McLoughlin, Andrea Sabatini


    It has proven difficult for teachers to enact and sustain the changes to thinking and pedagogy called for in science education reforms. It may be especially difficult for prospective teachers to create coherent professional identities as they learn to teach in the borderland between educational change and the existing context of education. Field experiences remain a pivotal point in teacher education, as prospective teachers mature from the perspective they have lived as students to the vantage point they are constructing as developing teachers. This qualitative, naturalistic case study examined a reform-oriented preservice science teacher's beliefs and actions during a year of field practica, including student teaching. Interviews, observations, and written documents were collected to examine the extent to which the prospective teacher's thoughts and actions continued to reflect reform ideals across that time. Inductive data analysis indicated that tacit beliefs held by the participant interacted with significant events of the field experiences to direct her learning to teach process in non-educative ways. Implications include: (a) deeper examination of the beliefs and experiences of prospective teachers would allow teacher educators the ability to understand and guide professional development in deeper and more productive ways, (b) the establishment of an atmosphere of experimentation/inquiry and a more cohesive, collaborative approach to teacher education are needed, especially during field experiences, if teacher education programs are to foster the productive and educative experiences supportive of reform ideals, (c) the preparation of prospective teachers who intend to implement reform ideals should include developing understandings of the dynamics of the change process, and (d) the exploration/confrontation of the power structures inherent in the existing educational system is essential if they are to be prevented from undermining reform efforts. As science

  20. It Takes Two to Tango: In Dynamic Inquiry, the Self-Directed Student Acts in Association with the Facilitating Teacher (United States)

    Zion, M.; Slezak, M.


    The current research presents a qualitative view of a teacher-student association within the context of dynamic inquiry, as encouraged by a new biology curriculum, ''Biomind''. This curriculum enables open inquiry learning through teacher guidance. We characterized the various aspects of the student's functioning as a self-directed student during…

  1. Increasing the Reading Achievement of At-Risk Children through Direct Instruction: Evaluation of the Rodeo Institute for Teacher Excellence. (United States)

    Carlson, Coleen D.; Francis, David J.


    Evaluated the Rodeo Institute for Teacher Excellence (RITE), a phonics-based program that addressed at-risk students' failure to develop reading skills and provided teacher professional development. Data on K-2 students in intervention and control schools indicated that the RITE program successfully increased RITE students' reading abilities,…

  2. Increasing Awareness of Practice through Interaction across Communities: The Lived Experiences of a Mathematician and Mathematics Teacher Educator (United States)

    Bleiler, Sarah K.


    Collaborations between mathematicians and mathematics teacher educators are increasingly being expected, and realized, within the context of mathematics teacher education. Most research related to collaborative efforts between members of the mathematics and mathematics education communities has focused on the products, rather than the process of…

  3. Increasing the Teacher Rate of Behaviour Specific Praise and its Effect on a Child with Aggressive Behaviour Problems (United States)

    Moffat, Thecla Kudakwashe


    A single subject design was used to investigate the effectiveness of an increase in teacher behaviour-specific praise statements to address anti-social behaviours demonstrated by a student who displays aggressive behaviours. Researchers agree that praise is effective in improving problem behaviours. They also agree that training teachers to use…

  4. Research on Job Satisfaction of Elementary and High School Teachers and Strategies to Increase Job Satisfaction (United States)

    Fuming, Xu; Jiliang, Shen


    Job satisfaction is an important topic in teacher education research. Exploring the issue of teacher job satisfaction helps us gain a deeper understanding of teachers' mental state, such as their occupational attitudes, zeal for teaching, and work enthusiasm, which affects the quality of teaching and education. From an examination of teachers' job…

  5. A Model for Increasing Reform Implementation and Teacher Efficacy: Teacher Peer Coaching in Grades 3 and 6 Mathematics (United States)

    Bruce, Catherine D.; Ross, John A.


    This study examined the effects of peer coaching on mathematics teaching practices and teacher beliefs about their capacity to have an impact on student learning. Twelve teachers in grades 3 and 6 participated in a brief but intensive professional development program over six months. The program focused on effective mathematics teaching strategies…

  6. Exposure to Free-Play Modes in Simulated Online Gaming Increases Risk-Taking in Monetary Gambling. (United States)

    Frahn, Tahnee; Delfabbro, Paul; King, Daniel L


    This study examined the behavioral effects of practice modes in simulated slot machine gambling. A sample of 128 participants predominantly aged 18-24 years were randomly allocated to 1 of 4 pre-exposure conditions: control (no practice), standard 90% return to player, inflated return to player and inflated return with pop-up messages. Participants in all conditions engaged in monetary gambling using a realistic online simulation of a slot machine. As predicted, the results showed that those players exposed to inflated or 'profit' demonstration modes placed significantly higher bets in the real-play mode as compared to the other groups. However, the groups did not differ in relation to how long they persisted in the real-play mode. Pop-up messages had no significant effect on monetary gambling behavior. The results of this study confirm that exposure to inflated practice or "demo" modes lead to short-term increases in risk-taking. These findings highlight the need for careful regulation and monitoring of internet gambling sites, as well as further research on the potential risks of simulated gambling activities for vulnerable segments of the gambling population.

  7. Increasing self-efficacy and quality lesson planning using Lesson-Study with elementary preservice teachers (United States)

    Mitchell, Elizabeth Ann

    This qualitative, quasi-experimental study examined if lesson-study could be a successful approach in improving lesson plan quality and increasing self-efficacy levels toward teaching science at the preservice elementary teacher level in North Mississippi. Lesson-Study can be defined as a cycle of instructional improvement in which small groups work together to design and teach a lesson, revising again as needed over the course of a semester. This study described the experiences of two sections of preservice teachers enrolled in a science methods course as they engaged in lesson-study at a comprehensive university in Northeast Mississippi. One section of the class served as the control group while the other section, as the treatment group, received lesson-study over the course of the semester. Data was gathered in the form of interviews, observations, and a self-efficacy survey (STEBI-B). Lesson plans were also graded using a rubric to determine quality level. Findings indicated that, while not statistically significant, the treatment groups scores on the self-efficacy instrument increased more on average than the control groups' scores. There were also positive comments about the lesson study process from the teacher candidates in the treatment group as well as positive behaviors recorded by the researcher. Additionally, according to the external evaluators who graded the final drafts of the lessons, the treatment group had greater gains than the control class on average. These conclusions suggested the lesson study process implemented during the preservice teaching level can be beneficial.

  8. Ascorbate availability affects tumor implantation-take rate and increases tumor rejection in Gulo−/− mice (United States)

    Campbell, Elizabeth J; Vissers, Margreet CM; Dachs, Gabi U


    In solid tumors, HIF1 upregulates the expression of hundreds of genes involved in cell survival, tumor growth, and adaptation to the hypoxic microenvironment. HIF1 stabilization and activity are suppressed by prolyl and asparagine hydroxylases, which require oxygen as a substrate and ascorbate as a cofactor. This has led us to hypothesize that intracellular ascorbate availability could modify the hypoxic HIF1 response and influence tumor growth. In this study, we investigated the effect of variable intracellular ascorbate levels on HIF1 induction in cancer cells in vitro, and on tumor-take rate and growth in the Gulo−/− mouse. These mice depend on dietary ascorbate, and were supplemented with 3,300 mg/L, 330 mg/L, or 33 mg/L ascorbate in their drinking water, resulting in saturating, medium, or low plasma and tissue ascorbate levels, respectively. In Lewis lung carcinoma cells (LL/2) in culture, optimal ascorbate supplementation reduced HIF1 accumulation under physiological but not pathological hypoxia. LL/2, B16-F10 melanoma, or CMT-93 colorectal cancer cells were implanted subcutaneously into Gulo−/− mice at a range of cell inocula. Establishment of B16-F10 tumors in mice supplemented with 3,300 mg/L ascorbate required an increased number of cancer cells to initiate tumor growth compared with the number of cells required in mice on suboptimal ascorbate intake. Elevated ascorbate intake was also associated with decreased tumor ascorbate levels and a reduction in HIF1α expression and transcriptional activity. Following initial growth, all CMT-93 tumors regressed spontaneously, but mice supplemented with 33 mg/L ascorbate had lower plasma ascorbate levels and grew larger tumors than optimally supplemented mice. The data from this study indicate that improved ascorbate intake is consistent with increased intracellular ascorbate levels, reduced HIF1 activity and reduced tumor initiation and growth, and this may be advantageous in the management of cancer.

  9. Taking Teacher Education to Task: Exploring the Role of Teacher Education in Promoting the Utilization of Task-Based Language Teaching (United States)

    Ogilvie, Greg; Dunn, William


    Despite its theoretical appeal and research-based support, task-based language teaching (TBLT) continues to have a somewhat limited influence on actual second language teaching practices in many contexts. This study considers the relationship between teacher education and the broader use of TBLT. It investigates the effects of a…

  10. It Takes a Department! A Study of the Culture of Proficiency in Three Successful Foreign Language Teacher Education Programs (United States)

    Brooks, Frank B.; Darhower, Mark Anthony


    The aim of this study was to investigate the contexts and practices of three undergraduate foreign language teacher education programs identified by ACTFL/Language Testing International and reported by Glisan, Swender, and Surface (2013) as having a high success rate in propelling their graduates into the Advanced proficiency level on the ACTFL…

  11. "It Just Takes so Much Time!" A Study of Teachers' Use of ICT to Convey Relevance of Mathematical Content (United States)

    Prieto-Rodriguez, Elena


    This paper reports on a component of a study which aims to determine how ICT, and in particular some of the technology funded as part of Australian government's DER (Digital Education Revolution) program, is used by teachers in the state of New South Wales. The study looks in particular at whether technology is used to incorporate real-world…

  12. Taking Teachers' Continuous Professional Development (CPD) beyond Reflection: Adding Shared Sense-Making and Collaborative Engagement for Professional Renewal (United States)

    McArdle, Karen; Coutts, Norman


    While reflection continues to be promoted as a central feature of teachers' continuous professional development (CPD) activities in Scotland and elsewhere, a wider debate across professions and national boundaries has opened as to how reflection might be re-conceptualised to restore its social and critical dimensions. This paper seeks to…

  13. Taking on the Teacher Supply and Retention Challenge: A Performance Focused Model for School-University Partnerships (United States)

    Martin, Dorian; Reeves, William E.; Wilson, Eric; O'Dell, Lisa; Egan, Toby Marshall


    In this case study, we describe a strategic initiative that partnered public schools with the fifth largest land-grant university system in the United States to improve statewide recruitment, training, hiring, and retention of K-12 teachers. This effort sought parallel implementation among nine university system institutions in partnership with…

  14. Increased activation in the right insula during risk-taking decision making is related to harm avoidance and neuroticism. (United States)

    Paulus, Martin P; Rogalsky, Corianne; Simmons, Alan; Feinstein, Justin S; Stein, Murray B


    Decision making and risk taking are interrelated processes that are important for daily functioning. The somatic marker hypothesis has provided a conceptual basis for processes involved in risk-taking decision making and has been used to link discrete neural substrates to risk-related behaviors. This investigation examined the hypothesis that the degree of risk-taking is related to the degree of activation in the insular cortex. Seventeen healthy, right-handed subjects performed a risk-taking decision-making task during functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) using a fast event-related design. This investigation yielded three main findings. First, right insula (BA 13) activation was significantly stronger when subjects selected a "risky" response versus selecting a "safe" response. Second, the degree of insula activation was related to the probability of selecting a "safe" response following a punished response. Third, the degree of insula activation was related to the subjects' degree of harm avoidance and neuroticism as measured by the TCI and NEO personality questionnaires, respectively. These results are consistent with the hypothesis that insula activation serves as a critical neural substrate to instantiate aversive somatic markers that guide risk-taking decision-making behavior.

  15. The Classroom Check-up: A Classwide Teacher Consultation Model for Increasing Praise and Decreasing Disruptive Behavior. (United States)

    Reinke, Wendy M; Lewis-Palmer, Teri; Merrell, Kenneth


    School-based consultation typically focuses on individual student problems and on a small number of students rather than on changing the classroom system. The Classroom Check-up (CCU) was developed as a classwide consultation model to address the need for classroom level support while minimizing treatment integrity problems common to school-based consultation. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the effects of the CCU and Visual Performance Feedback on teacher and student behavior. Results indicated that implementation of the CCU plus Visual Performance Feedback increased teacher implementation of classroom management strategies, including increased use of praise, use of behavior specific praise, and decreased use of reprimands. Further, these changes in teacher behavior contributed to decreases in classroom disruptive behavior. The results are encouraging because they suggest that consultation at the classroom level can create meaningful teacher and student behavior change.

  16. Is Conformity a Mediating Variable on Increased Risk-Taking Behavior Across Years of Membership in the Greek System?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available In the college subculture of Greek Life, members adhere to specific rules and norms in order to remain accepted, which could beindicative of conformity. This notion raises the question: what is the role of conformity on the risk taking behaviors of alcoholusage and sexual promiscuity as well as on the academic performance across years of membership? The article examines conformityin 31 fraternity members, cross-sectionally, using a compressed longitudinal design and hypothesizes members develop lower levelsof conformity after initiation, making them less susceptible to risk taking behaviors such as binge drinking, sexual promiscuityand decreased academic performance. Surveys were administered in paper format, and results were evaluated using a series ofanalysis of variance equations. The results indicated an interaction effect between peer conformity (high, low and alcoholicbeverages consumed as well as a main effects for between peer involvement (high, low and time on college GPA.

  17. Teachers and Game-Based Learning: Improving Understanding of How to Increase Efficacy of Adoption (United States)

    Ketelhut, Diane Jass; Schifter, Catherine C.


    Interest in game-based learning for K-12 is growing. Thus, helping teachers understand how to use these new pedagogies is important. This paper presents a cross-case study of the development of teacher professional development for the River City project, a games-based multi-user virtual environment science curriculum project for middle school…

  18. Classroom Profiling Training: Increasing Preservice Teachers' Confidence and Knowledge of Classroom Management Skills (United States)

    Jackson, Cliff; Simoncini, Kym; Davidson, Mark


    Classroom management is a serious concern for beginning teachers including preservice teachers. The Queensland Department of Education, Training and Employment (DETE) has developed the Essential Skills for Classroom Management (ESCM), a system of positive and pro-active strategies for maintaining supportive learning environments. In addition, the…

  19. Teacher Research Programs: An Effective Form of Professional Development to Increase Student Achievement and Benefit the Economy (United States)

    Dubner, J.


    U.S. high school students perform markedly less well in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) than students in other economically advanced countries. This low level of STEM performance endangers our democracy and economy. The President's Council of Advisors in Science and Technology's 2004 report attributed the shortfall of students attracted to the sciences is a result of the dearth of teachers sufficiently conversant with science and scientists to enable them to communicate to their students the excitement of scientific exploration and discovery, and the opportunities science provides for highly rewarding and remunerative careers. Nonetheless, the United States has made little progress in correcting these deficiencies. Studies have shown that high-quality teaching matters more to student achievement than anything else schools do. This belief is buttressed by evidence from Columbia University's Summer Research Program for Science Teachers (SRP) that highly motivated, in-service science teachers require professional development to enable them and their students to perform up to their potential. Columbia's Summer Research Program is based on the premise that to teach science effectively requires experience in using the tools of contemporary science to answer unsolved questions. From its inception, SRP's goal has been to enhance interest and improve performance in science of students. It seeks to achieve this goal by increasing the professional competence of teachers. The reports of Elmore, Sanders and Rivers, and our own studies, show that professional development is a "key lever for improving student outcomes." While most middle and high school science teachers have taken college science courses that include cookbook laboratory exercises, the vast majority of them have never attempted to answer an unsolved question. Just as student learning depends on the expertise of teachers, the expertise of teachers depends on the quality of their professional

  20. Mars Rover Curriculum: Teacher Self Reporting of Increased Frequency and Confidence in their Science and Language Arts Instruction (United States)

    Bering, E. A.; Carlson, C.; Nieser, K.; Slagle, E.


    The University of Houston is in the process of developing a flexible program that offers children an in-depth educational experience culminating in the design and construction of their own model Mars rover. The program is called the Mars Rover Model Celebration (MRC). It focuses on students, teachers and parents in grades 3-8. Students design and build a model of a Mars rover to carry out a student selected science mission on the surface of Mars. A total of 65 Mars Rover teachers from the 2012-2013 cohort were invited to complete the Mars Rover Teacher Evaluation Survey. The survey was administered online and could be taken at the convenience of the participant. In total, 29 teachers participated in the survey. Teachers were asked to rate their current level of confidence in their ability to teach specific topics within the Earth and Life Science realms, as well as their confidence in their ability to implement teaching strategies with their students. In addition, they were asked to rate the degree to which they felt their confidence increased in the past year as a result of their participation in the MRC program. The majority of teachers (81-90%) felt somewhat to very confident in their ability to effectively teach concepts related to earth and life sciences to their students. In addition, many of the teachers felt that their confidence in teaching these concepts increased somewhat to quite a bit as a result of their participation in the MRC program (54-88%). The most striking increase in this area was the reported 48% of teachers who felt their confidence in teaching 'Earth and the solar system and universe' increased 'Quite a bit' as a result of their participation in the MRC program. The vast majority of teachers (86-100%) felt somewhat to very confident in their ability to effectively implement all of the listed teaching strategies. In addition, the vast majority reported believing that their confidence increased somewhat to quite a bit as a result of their

  1. Modeling the Roles of Precipitation Increasing in Glacier Systems Responding to Climate Warming - Taking Xinjiang Glaciated Region as Example

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    WANG Xin; XIE Zichu; LIU Shiyin; TAO Jianjun; HAN Yongshun; YANG Yuelong


    The studies on prediction of climate in Xinjiang almost show that the precipitation would increase in the coming 50 years, although there were surely some uncertainties in precipitation predictions.On the basis of the structure of glacier system and nature of equilibrium line altitude at steady state (ELAo), a functional model of the glacier system responding to climate changes was established, and it simultaneously involved the rising of summer mean temperature and increasing of mean precipitation.The results from the functional model under the climatic scenarios with temperature increasing rates of 0.01, 0.03 and 0.05 K/year indicated that the precipitation increasing would play an evident role in glacier system responding to climate change: if temperature become 1℃ higher, the precipitation would be increased by 10%, which can slow down the glaciers retreating rate in the area by 4%, accelerate runoff increasing rate by 8% and depress the ELAo rising gradient by 24 m in northern Xinjiang glacier system where semi-continental glaciers dominate,while it has corresponding values of only 1%, 5 % and 18m respectively in southern Xinjiang glacier system,where extremely continental glaciers dominate.

  2. Use of the Semantic Web to solve some basic problems in Education: Increase flexible, distributed lifelong learning, decrease teacher's workload

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Koper, Rob


    Please refer to: Koper, R. (2004). Use of the Semantic Web to Solve Some Basic Problems in Education: Increase Flexible, Distributed Lifelong Learning, Decrease Teacher's Workload. Journal of Interactive Media in Education, 2004 (6). Special Issue on the Educational Semantic Web. ISSN:1365-893X [

  3. Stress-related increases in risk taking and attentional failures predict earlier relapse to smoking in young adults: A pilot investigation. (United States)

    Schepis, Ty S; Tapscott, Brian E; Krishnan-Sarin, Suchitra


    Substantial evidence links greater impulsivity and stress exposure to poorer smoking cessation outcomes. Results from adolescents also indicate that stress-related change in risk taking can impede cessation attempts. We investigated the effects of stress-related change in impulsivity, risk taking, attention and nicotine withdrawal, and craving in young adult smokers on time to smoking relapse in a relapse analogue paradigm. Twenty-six young adult smokers (50% women; mean age: 20.9 ± 1.8) were exposed to a stress imagery session followed by a contingency management-based relapse analogue paradigm. Participants smoked at least 5 cigarettes daily, with a mean baseline carbon monoxide (CO) level of 13.7 (± 5.1) ppm. Repeated measures analysis of variance (ANOVA) and paired t tests examined stress induction validity and Cox regressions of proportional hazards examined the effects of stress-related changes in nicotine withdrawal, nicotine craving, attention, impulsivity, and risk taking on time to relapse. While stress-related change in impulsivity, nicotine craving and withdrawal did not predict time to relapse (all ps > .10), greater stress-related increases in reaction time (RT) variability (p = .02) were predictive of shorter time to relapse, with trend-level findings for inattention and risk taking. Furthermore, changes in stress-related risk taking affected outcome in women more than in men, with a significant relationship between stress-related change in risk taking only in women (p = .026). Smoking cessation attempts in young adults may be adversely impacted by stress-related increases in risk taking and attentional disruption. Clinicians working with young adults attempting cessation may need to target these stress-related impairments by fostering more adaptive coping and resilience.

  4. Taking Teacher Education to Task: Exploring the Role of Faculty Education in Promoting Values and Moral Education of Task-Based Language Teaching

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dr. Gabriel C. Delariarte


    Full Text Available - This study aimed to determine the taking teacher education to task: exploring the role of teacher education in promoting values and moral education of task-based language teaching in the college of education of West Visayas State University Calinog-Campus for the school year 2012-2013. Descriptive research method was utilized in the study. The findings revealed that the respondents perceived highly observable Teachers’ role in promoting values and moral education of task-based language teaching; the entire group of respondents has perceived highly observable Teachers’ role in promoting values and moral education of task-based language teaching; both male and female respondent have perceived a highly observable Teachers’ role in promoting values and moral education of task-based language teaching; all age brackets have perceived a highly observable Teachers’ role in promoting values and moral education of task-based language teaching except 19 to 20 brackets that perceived very highly observable Teachers’ role in promoting values and moral education of taskbased language teaching. Finally, there is no significant difference in the perceived teacher’s role in promoting values and moral education of task-based language teaching when classified as to sex and age.

  5. Increasing the satisfaction of general practitioners with continuing medical education programs: A method for quality improvement through increasing teacher-learner interaction

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fogelman Yacov


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Continuing medical education (CME for general practitioners relies on specialist-based teaching methods in many settings. Formal lectures by specialists may not meet the learning needs of practitioners and may cause dissatisfaction with traditional CME. Increasing learner involvement in teaching programs may improve learner satisfaction. Methods A quality improvement program for CME for 18 general practitioners in the Tel Aviv region was designed as a result of dissatisfaction with traditional CME activities. A two-step strategy for change was developed. The CME participants first selected the study topics relevant to them from a needs assessment and prepared background material on the topics. In the second step, specialist teachers were invited to answer questions arising from the preparation of selected topics. Satisfaction with the traditional lecture program and the new participatory program were assessed by a questionnaire. The quality criteria included the relevance, importance and applicability of the CME topic chosen to the participant's practice, the clarity of the presentation and the effective use of teaching aids by the lecturer and the potential of the lecturer to serve as a consultant to the participant. Results The participatory model of CME significantly increased satisfaction with relevance, applicability and interest in CME topics compared to the traditional lecture format. Conclusions Increased learner participation in the selection and preparation of CME topics, and increased interaction between CME teachers and learners results in increased satisfaction with teaching programs. Future study of the effect of this model on physician performance is required.

  6. Student-Level Effects of Increased Teacher-Directed Opportunities to Respond (United States)

    MacSuga-Gage, Ashley S.; Gage, Nicholas A.


    Antecedent-based classroom management strategies, including teacher-directed opportunities to respond (TD-OTR), have been identified and studied in the literature, but the link between those practices and student outcomes is still developing. This study describes a within-subject interrupted time-series analysis of the relationship between…

  7. Offering Community Engagement Activities to Increase Chemistry Knowledge and Confidence for Teachers and Students (United States)

    Sewry, Joyce D.; Glover, Sarah R.; Harrison, Timothy G.; Shallcross, Dudley E.; Ngcoza, Kenneth M.


    Given the emphasis on community engagement in higher education, academic departments need to become more involved in the community. This paper discusses a number of outreach activities undertaken by the chemistry department at Rhodes University, South Africa. The activities range from service learning to community engagement with teachers and…

  8. Increase in Teachers' Knowledge about ADHD after a Week-Long Training Program: A Pilot Study (United States)

    Syed, Ehsan Ullah; Hussein, Sajida Abdul


    Objectives: ADHD affects 3% to 5% of school-age children. Clinical and community based epidemiological studies in Pakistan have shown a high prevalence of ADHD among school going children. A thorough review of literature shows that no studies of teachers' training programs regarding ADHD have been published in Pakistani research literature. The…

  9. Using Coaching to Increase Preschool Teachers' Use of Emergent Literacy Teaching Strategies (United States)

    Hsieh, Wu-Ying; Hemmeter, Mary Louise; McCollum, Jeanette A.; Ostrosky, Michaelene M.


    This single-subject study assessed the effects of in-classroom coaching on early childhood teachers' use of emergent literacy teaching strategies. Teaching strategies were grouped into clusters related to oral language and comprehension of text, phonological awareness and alphabetic principle, and print concepts and written language, with coaching…

  10. Special Education Teacher Retention and Attrition: The Impact of Increased Legal Requirements (United States)

    Nance, Erica; Calabrese, Raymond L.


    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to describe the reasons current or former tenured special education teachers in a Local Education Agency remain or leave their special education teaching positions through the theoretical perspectives of organizational learning and organizational culture. The paper aims to describe the influence of increased…

  11. Classroom Composition and Measured Teacher Performance: What Do Teacher Observation Scores Really Measure? (United States)

    Steinberg, Matthew P.; Garrett, Rachel


    As states and districts implement more rigorous teacher evaluation systems, measures of teacher performance are increasingly being used to support instruction and inform retention decisions. Classroom observations take a central role in these systems, accounting for the majority of teacher ratings upon which accountability decisions are based.…

  12. Increasing Cultural And Linguistic Diversity In Deaf Education Teacher Preparation Programs. (United States)

    Cannon, Joanna E; Luckner, John L


    As the field of education of the d/Deaf and hard of hearing (d/Dhh) continues to diversify, postsecondary institutions must pay close attention not only to the changing needs of d/Dhh students but to the practitioners they are preparing to serve this population. Students who are d/Dhh and come from homes where a language other than English or American Sign Language is used--d/Dhh Multilingual Learners (DMLs)--constitute 19.4%-35.0% of the d/Dhh student population (Gallaudet Research Institute, 2013). In the present article, part of a special American Annals of the Deaf issue on DMLs, the authors review demographic trends, examine the theory behind teacher effectiveness and culturally responsive teaching, provide examples from research on effective components of teacher preparation programs and discuss how they align with the field's certification standards, and recommend practices for programs and teachers to meet these standards within the field's ever-changing landscape.

  13. Resident Teachers Take an Inquiry Stance: The Impact of Guided Collaborative Inquiry Groups on the Development of Guided Reading Instructional Practices (United States)

    Crain de Galarce, Patricia


    Urban schools are struggling to hire and retain effective literacy teachers. Alternative certification programs throughout the country seek to bridge the achievement gap and to bring qualified teachers to underserved classrooms. This dissertation explores the transformative inquiry of developing "resident" teachers in their journey as…

  14. Consequences of Increased Self-Regulated Learning Opportunities on Student Teachers' Motivation and Use of Metacognitive Skills (United States)

    Vrieling, Emmy; Bastiaens, Theo; Stijnen, Sjef


    This intervention study focused on the relationships between primary student teachers' self-regulated learning (SRL) opportunities, their motivation for learning and their use of metacognitive learning strategies. The participants were 3 teacher educators and 136 first-year student teachers. During one semester, teacher educators and student…

  15. Taking and Teaching the Test Are Not the Same: A Case Study of First-Year Teachers' Experiences in High-Stakes Contexts (United States)

    Brown, Christopher P.


    Background: Policymakers' use of high-stakes exams to improve students' academic achievement affects teachers and their tenure in the field at all levels of schooling. Novice teachers now being inducted into the field have been educated almost exclusively in these high-stakes learning environments. Yet, how their familiarity with these contexts…

  16. 'It Takes Me Half a Bottle of Whisky to Get through One of Your Assignments': Exploring One Teacher Educator's Personal Experiences of Dyslexia. (United States)

    Glazzard, Jonathan; Dale, Kirsty


    This article uses a life history approach to explore personal experiences of dyslexia of one higher-education lecturer and its impact on her professional identity. The informant is currently employed as a lecturer of initial teacher training in a UK university. She worked as a primary school teacher for over a decade prior to embarking on an academic career in teacher education. The informant draws on her own experiences as a pupil, teacher and lecturer, and additionally, she presents accounts of student teachers with dyslexia drawn from her current professional context. Although the data are not generalizable, the account nevertheless illustrates the positive impact of the social model of disability for the informant and her students who had been identified as dyslexic during their initial training as teachers. Additionally, the account also illustrates the ways in which teachers' personal experiences of dyslexia can shape professional identities in very positive ways. Implications for both teacher training and pedagogic approaches in schools to support learners with dyslexia are drawn out of the narrative.

  17. Outcomes of a Cross-Cultural Seminar on Increasing the Perceived Self-Efficacy of Teachers in Tahiti (United States)

    Hoffman, Jamie; Cummings, Kristen


    When educating international special education teachers, teacher self-efficacy should be evaluated to better understand the effectiveness of training and the delivery of services to students with disabilities. Professionals in the field of disability services, from the United States, conducted a five-day seminar with special education teachers in…

  18. Future Career Success for Teachers of ESP in Teacher Professionalization

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    柯鑫初; 陈兆东


    To be a qualified teacher in the new age, teachers of ESP (English for Specific Purposes) should increase their professional awareness:teachers are professionals and educators. A profession needs constant upgrade of the knowledge in the field. It requires continuous development for teachers who are engage in the field. It also takes a lot of research ef orts to ensure its success and ef iciency in operation. More than that, teachers of ESP, the professionals in the near future, should also set another two criteria for themselves. They are occupation awareness and career success. To make it more accurate, the thesis tries to have a smal discussion over the criteria and bring some acceleration to teachers of ESP’s professional development.

  19. 10,000th teacher visits CERN

    CERN Multimedia

    Kathryn Coldham


    This year, the 10,000th teacher will visit CERN since its first teacher programme in 1998.   HST 2016 teachers with CERN Director-General Fabiola Gianotti in the CERN Council Chamber. (Image: Maximilien Brice/CERN) This summer, CERN welcomed the 10,000th teacher to participate in one of its teacher programmes! This milestone was achieved in this year’s International High School Teacher (HST) programme, a three-week residential programme that saw 48 enthusiastic teachers flock from all over the world to help inspire young minds. Taking place every July since 1998, the HST programme aims to increase teachers’ knowledge on the cutting-edge particle physics research currently being carried out at CERN. It also opens up a whole new world of educational resources available for use by the teachers to inspire their students’ curious young minds. More information is available here.

  20. Physics Take-Outs (United States)

    Riendeau, Diane; Hawkins, Stephanie; Beutlich, Scott


    Most teachers want students to think about their course content not only during class but also throughout their day. So, how do you get your students to see how what they learn in class applies to their lives outside of class? As physics teachers, we are fortunate that our students are continually surrounded by our content. How can we get them to notice the physics around them? How can we get them to make connections between the classroom content and their everyday lives? We would like to offer a few suggestions, Physics Take-Outs, to solve this problem.

  1. ITT:In-service Training for Finnish Teachers Project--Take Physics Teachers as an Example%ITT:芬兰教师在职培训计划述评--以物理教师为例

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    ITT(In-service Training for Teachers project) is a long-term in-service training project established for teachers in Finland. It is supposed to enrich the teaching themes and pedagogical knowledge of teachers, to strengthen their co-operation and reflection and to improve teachers professional development. The project shows distinct objectives, rich contents and diversified approaches to training. This paper analyzes the project based on the case of in-service training of Finnish physics teachers, and gives some references to our in-service education for teachers.%  ITT(In-service Training for Teachers Project)是芬兰为教师设立的一个长期在职培训计划,旨在丰富教师的教学主题和教育学学科知识,加强教师的合作与反思,进而促进教师的专业发展。该计划的目标层次鲜明、内容丰富、培训方式多元,本文以芬兰物理教师在职培训为例对该计划进行分析,以期对现阶段我国教师在职教育具有一定的启发和借鉴。

  2. 教育援疆中教师的“传、帮、带”探析——以新疆博州中等职业技术学校为例%On the "Teach, Help, Take" of Teachers' Educational Aid to Border in Xinjiang -- Taking Xinjiang State Secondary Vocational Technical School as an Example

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Economy and education development of the border area are relatively backward. At present, a new point of aid border job is the focus of education. In the campaign of vocational education aid to border, a large number of teachers come in the vocational schools. Rapid and lasting development frontier of the occupation education requires us to strengthen the local teachers' training, aid border teachers "teach, help, take" native teachers, not only can create a group do not go with the team, and jointly create the vocational education brand.%边疆地区经济与教育发展相对滞后,目前,新一轮援疆工作的重点是教育,在职业教育援疆中,大批教师进驻职业学校,要快速持久的发展边疆的职业教育,必须加强对本土教师的培养,而援疆教师对本土教师的“传、帮、带”,在职业教育援疆中,不仅能打造一批带不走的队伍,也共同联手创造边疆职业教育的品牌。

  3. Using Tele-Coaching to Increase Behavior-Specific Praise Delivered by Secondary Teachers in an Augmented Reality Learning Environment (United States)

    Elford, Martha Denton


    This study analyzes the effects of real-time feedback on teacher behavior in an augmented reality simulation environment. Real-time feedback prompts teachers to deliver behavior-specific praise to students in the TeachLivE KU Lab as an evidence-based practice known to decrease disruptive behavior in inclusive classrooms. All educators face the…

  4. Increasing the Impact of a Master's Programme on Teacher Leadership and School Development by Means of Boundary Crossing (United States)

    Snoek, Marco; Enthoven, Mascha; Kessels, Joseph; Volman, Monique


    In this case study, we investigate how the development and impact of teacher leadership through a Master's programme can be supported by a design that encourages boundary crossing activities between schools and universities. The case study focuses on 42 experienced teachers from three vocational colleges who were promoted to senior teacher…

  5. Effects of Supervisor Performance Feedback on Increasing Preservice Teachers' Positive Communication Behaviors with Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders (United States)

    Rathel, Jeanna Marie; Drasgow, Erik; Christle, Christine C.


    The purposes of this study were to examine the effects of supervisor performance feedback on preservice teachers' rates of positive and negative communication behaviors with students with emotional and behavioral disorders and the effects of the intervention on the preservice teachers' perceptions of classroom management and climate. The authors…

  6. Electronic Portfolios in Teacher Education: A Case Study of Early Childhood Teacher Candidates (United States)

    Ntuli, Esther; Keengwe, Jared; Kyei-Blankson, Lydia


    The use of electronic portfolios is increasingly becoming popular in teacher education programs. The electronic portfolio allows learners to express their work and take ownership over their own ability to plan and assess and reflect upon their learning during a specific period of time. While many teacher education programs have adopted electronic…

  7. Enhancing Playful Teachers' Perception of the Importance of ICT Use in the Classroom: The Role of Risk Taking as a Mediator (United States)

    Goodwin, A. Lin; Low, Ee Ling; Ng, Pak Tee; Yeung, Alexander S.; Cai, Li


    In today's world, teaching and learning processes inevitably involve the application of information and communication technology (ICT). It seems reasonable to expect personal attributes such as cognitive playfulness to be associated with consistent application of ICT. Using survey responses from Singapore students in a teacher education programme…

  8. It takes a village: the effects of 10th grade college-going expectations of students, parents, and teachers four years later. (United States)

    Gregory, Anne; Huang, Francis


    Adolescents are surrounded by people who have expectations about their college-going potential. Yet, few studies have examined the link between these multiple sources of college-going expectations and the actual status of students in postsecondary education years later. The study draws on data collected in the 2002-2006 Educational Longitudinal Study and employs an underutilized statistical technique (cross-classified multilevel modeling) to account for teacher reports on overlapping groups of students (typical of high school research). Results showed that positive expectations of students, parents, English, and mathematics teachers in the 10th grade each uniquely predicted postsecondary status 4 years later. As a group, the four sources of expectations explained greater variance in postsecondary education than student characteristics such as socioeconomic status and academic performance. This suggests positive expectations are additive and promotive for students regardless of their risk status. Teacher expectations were also found to be protective for low income students. Implications for future expectancy research and equity-focused interventions are discussed.

  9. Doing Things Differently: The Outcomes of Teachers Researching Their Own Practice in Teaching Writing (United States)

    Limbrick, Libby; Buchanan, Pauline; Goodwin, Marineke; Schwarcz, Helen


    In this study we investigated whether teachers' pedagogical and content knowledge of writing would increase as an outcome of teachers taking a research lens to their practice to raise students' writing achievement. Using student achievement data as a baseline, teachers examined and refined their practice using an inquiry process. The study took…

  10. The Brief Classroom Interaction Observation-Revised: An Observation System to Inform and Increase Teacher Use of Universal Classroom Management Practices (United States)

    Reinke, Wendy M.; Stormont, Melissa; Herman, Keith C.; Wachsmuth, Sean; Newcomer, Lori


    Schools are increasingly using multi-tiered prevention models to address the academic and behavior needs of students. The foundation of these models is the implementation of universal, or Tier 1, practices designed to support the academic and behavioral needs of the vast majority of students. To support teachers in the use of effective Tier 1…

  11. Increasing the Chances of Implementing NGSS by Bolstering High School Teacher Knowledge and Views about Climate Change, a NICE NASA Example (United States)

    Bleicher, R. E.


    Purpose of Presentation This paper will highlight how the results of this initial study foreshadow possibilities of NGSS (NGSS, 2013) playing out in high school classrooms in the near future. Research findings from a three-year NASA-funded project, Promoting Educational Leadership in Climate Science (PEL) will be presented. Objectives and Research Questions PEL aims to increase climate science literacy in high school teachers and students through scientific argumentation using authentic NASA data. This initial study focuses on the following questions: 1. Are teachers increasing their climate science knowledge? 2. Are there changes in teachers' views about climate change? 3. What resources and are provided to assist teachers to develop their students' scientific argumentation skills? Theoretical Framework Because of the changing nature of climate science knowledge and its relevance to societal issues, teachers must be able to understand the basic concepts and remain up-to-date on scientific issues. The need for a more thorough understanding of the concepts of climate change are highlighted by recent studies on the public perceptions and attitudes on the subject (Leiserowitz et al., 2013). Teachers need to understand the difference between skepticism as a characteristic of the nature of science and denial of climate change (Sommervillle & Hasol, 2011). Teachers need to understand the natural and human-induced factors affecting climate, and the potential consequences, and ways to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Generally, when teachers learn about a subject, they demonstrate more self-efficacy to teach about it (Bleicher & Lindgren, 2005). Analytic Strategy Data were analyzed using paired-samples t-tests, independent t -tests, and ANOVA. Latent class analysis was employed to analyze the Six America's Survey data. Correlational studies were conducted to examine possible relationships among variables. Findings in Brief Teachers' content knowledge increased

  12. Teacher Education Courses of American Foreign Language Teacher Education ---Taking Spanish Teacher Education as An Exam%美国外语教师教育课程研究及其启示——以西班牙语教师专业为例

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张曼; 张维友


    Comparatively speaking, American curriculum system of foreign language teacher education is mature and sys- tematic, leading the way and providing a reference for the rest of the world. This article takes courses of Spanish teacher ed- ucation as an examp%美国外语教师教育专业拥有较成熟和完善的课程体系,相关经验可资借鉴。本文以美国西班牙语教师专业的教师教育课程为例,着重研究其专业性、系统性、针对性和综合性等特征,并探讨其对我国相关课程建设、改革和发展的启示:突出专业特色、贯彻顶层设计理念、增强针对性等。

  13. Iranian EFL teachers' perceptions of teacher self-disclosure

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ali Rahimi


    Full Text Available Teacher self-disclosure (TSD as a communication behavior can influence students' learning by increasing their engagement and class participation as well as helping them establish effective interpersonal relationships. Owning to its context-sensitive and culture-dependent nature, however, TSD topics, purposes, and considerations may vary cross-culturally. This study was an attempt to explore Iranian EFL teachers' perceptions of appropriateness of TSD as well as to investigate whether there was a significant difference between male and female teachers' perceptions of appropriateness of TSD. To this end, the Appropriateness of Teacher Self-Disclosure Scale was distributed among 68 Iranian EFL teachers (34 females and 34 males from six language institutes. The results of the study indicated the extent to which the Iranian EFL teachers perceived TSD topics, purposes, and considerations to be appropriate or inappropriate. Furthermore, the study found convergence and divergence between male and female teachers' perceptions in terms of the topics used in TSD, the purposes TSD serves in classroom, and considerations the teachers take into account when practicing TSD. The results of the study suggest that Iranian EFL teachers can practice TSD as a pedagogical tool to enhance learning although they should be wary of its consequences in some aspects as TSD is contingent upon context and culture.

  14. Taking Turns (United States)

    Hopkins, Brian


    Two people take turns selecting from an even number of items. Their relative preferences over the items can be described as a permutation, then tools from algebraic combinatorics can be used to answer various questions. We describe each person's optimal selection strategies including how each could make use of knowing the other's preferences. We…

  15. A Case Study of Increasing Vocational High School Teachers Practices in Designing Interdisciplinary Use of Scientific Inquiry in Curriculum Design (United States)

    Chang, Yu-Liang; Wu, Huan-Hung


    The primary objective of this study was to determine how experience in learning to teach scientific inquiry using a practical approach affected teacher's attitudes, evaluations of use of inquiry and their actual design of inquiry based instruction. The methodology included the use an approach incorporating inquiry methodology combined with a…

  16. A Case Study Approach to Increasing Teachers' Mathematics Knowledge for Teaching and Strategies for Building Students' Maths Self-Efficacy (United States)

    Stevens, T.; Harris, G.; Aguirre-Munoz, Z.; Cobbs, L.


    Teachers of middle school mathematics should have a deep conceptual understanding of the elementary mathematics taught in middle school, should possess the mathematics knowledge for teaching that is required to effectively teach mathematics in middle school and should have the ability to effectively teach mathematics to, and enhance the maths…

  17. Child Development Theory as a Mediator of Novice Teachers' Ethnotheories to Increase Learning and Justice in the Classroom (United States)

    Cardwell, Nancy Michele


    Many urban public schools use teaching methods that isolate and silence children to compel compliance (Schwebel, 2004; Saltman & Gabbard, 2003; Baumrind, 1991). In these contexts, black and brown children are disciplined more often and harshly than white, sent through the court system 70% of the time (Alexander, 2012). Novice teachers,…

  18. Raising Awareness to Transcend Disciplines: Developing Teachers' Critical Awareness across Disciplines to Increase Indigenous Learner Engagement (United States)

    Riley, Tasha


    The issue of low graduation rates among Indigenous learners transcends borders. Some argue that racism and discrimination in schools and in wider society impede the success of Indigenous learners. Although teachers may not intend to make discriminatory decisions based on a learner's ascribed characteristics, research has demonstrated that…

  19. Argumentation as a Strategy for Increasing Preservice Teachers' Understanding of Climate Change, a Key Global Socioscientific Issue (United States)

    Lambert, Julie L.; Bleicher, Robert E.


    Findings of this study suggest that scientific argumentation can play an effective role in addressing complex socioscientific issues (i.e. global climate change). This research examined changes in preservice teachers' knowledge and perceptions about climate change in an innovative undergraduate-level elementary science methods course. The…

  20. They Can Hear You Now: Increasing Clarity in Speech and Instructional Media Reaps Big Dividends for Both Students and Teachers (United States)

    Jones, Elaine


    Over the past few decades, school teachers have been embracing a number of electronic technologies for use in the classroom. Computers are now prevalent; overhead projectors are being replaced with dynamic teaching tools such as data projection, electronic whiteboards, and video media. One key technology is just beginning to catch up to the…

  1. The possibility of using the equivalent plane wave model to increase the efficiency of taking bearings of low-frequency signals in shallow water (United States)

    Kuznetsov, G. N.; Lebedev, O. V.


    The possibility of approximating the sound field in the region of interference maxima using the equivalent plane wave model with the actual amplitude and the average "effective" phase velocity calculated or measured by the phase gradient at the array aperture is discussed. The method is substantiated by studying the mode, interference, and phase structures of the low-frequency sound field along with the spatial responses of an extended linear array. For bottom-moored or towed geophysical arrays whose sizes are large compared to the wavelength, both the necessity and the possibility of reducing the error in taking the bearing of a sound source in a waveguide are justified. The use of the proposed model is recommended for approximate matching of the array to the transfer function of the waveguide to reduce the bearing error.

  2. Short-term data collection projects: A means to increase teacher content knowledge and bring authentic research experiences into the classroom (United States)

    Gaboardi, M.; Parker, W.; Rodriguez, D.


    Short-term field research projects were embedded into a two-week, Mathematics and Science Partnership-funded, teacher institute devoted to increasing content knowledge about the physical basis of climate change. Teams of four teachers were encouraged to ask any research question related to weather or climate, and create a data collection method that they thought might help answer their question. They were provided with a range of measurement devices, from simple immersible thermometers to light sensors, probeware, and carbon dioxide concentration sensors. Teams were expected to design data collection sites in a middle-school setting, present site designs to their peers, collect data, present initial results, and participate in peer-review about site design and data collected. Teachers were encouraged to generate research questions that could be replicated with their students at their schools. Design complexity ranged widely with some teachers deliberately choosing to model sites their students might design and others making full use of more sophisticated technology. On the third day of the institute, each group presented their research question and setup for data collection in poster format. Large gaps in understanding about testable questions and effective data collection methods were apparent. Instead of addressing errors as groups presented, facilitators encouraged participants to explore each groups’ presentation and make comments using post-it notes. Participants were then encouraged to respond to the comments and consider modifying their questions, site designs, or data collection methods. Teams gathered data up to three times daily and were fully responsible for choosing means of data organization; by the second week most were using and becoming familiar with Microsoft Excel. Final presentations were in Microsoft PowerPoint. Teams were expected to graphically report data, present possible interpretations, and discuss any problems related to their initial

  3. Introducing Dialogic Teaching to Science Student Teachers (United States)

    Lehesvuori, Sami; Viiri, Jouni; Rasku-Puttonen, Helena


    It is commonly believed that science teachers rely on language that allows only minor flexibility when it comes to taking into account contrasting views and pupil thoughts. Too frequently science teachers either pose questions that target predefined answers or simply lecture through lessons, a major concern from a sociocultural perspective. This study reports the experiences of science student teachers when introduced to the Communicative Approach to science education drawing on dialogic teacher-talk in addition to authoritative teacher-talk. This approach was introduced to the students in an interventional teaching program running parallel to the student teachers' field practice. The practical implications of this approach during initial teacher education are the central focus of this study. The data consisting of videos of lessons and interviews indicate that the student teacher awareness of teacher-talk and alternative communicative options did increase. Student teachers reported greater awareness of the different functions of teacher-talk as well as the challenges when trying to implement dialogic teaching.

  4. A Comparative Study of the Development of Vocational Technological Teachers College from the Historical Perspective —— Taking Jiangsu Teachers University of Technology as an Example%历史视角下职技高师发展的比较研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王继国; 褚亦平


    During 30 years(from the founding year of 1984 to 2009),more and more students graduated from Jiangsu Teachers University of Technology,which is an independently established vocational technological teachers college.The graduates amounted to 22,683 within 22 years;the annual average growing rate is 22.5%,9% higher than the rate of Jiangsu province.Among the graduates,undergraduates are 72.2%,which proves the clear development of undergraduate education with distinct characteristics.In a survey of the total number of vocational school teacher,17.59% are from Jiangsu Teachers University of Technology,which proves the school function of meeting the need of vocational school teacher of Jiangsu province.96.41% of the serving function is realized by normal school students.At the same time of development non-normal education,the school must continue to develop normal education so as to strengthen the position of "machine tool".It is not only the original intention,but also helps the school take a place with the characteristic of vocational education in the severe competition of future higher education.%江苏技术师范学院作为一所独立设置的职技高师,从1984年成立到2012年近30年的发展中,毕业生规模呈加速发展的势头,服务全省职教师资需求的功能非常突出。职技高师在发展非师范教育的同时,必须继续发展师范教育,才能巩固职教"母机"地位。

  5. A Lesson in Taking Flight (United States)

    Robertson, Kristina


    Teachers often tend to discuss their English language learners (ELLs) in terms of "level." Writes the author, "But if I were to say to a teacher, 'You have four level 2s in your class,' how does that help us have a common understanding of the students' needs?" One approach that has great potential to increase students' language…

  6. Teachers' Understanding of Learning Goals

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Krog Skott, Charlotte; Slot, Marie Falkesgaard; Carlsen, Dorthe;


    The national curriculum for Danish primary and lower secondary schools has recently changed in a goal-oriented direction. The intention is to increase the teachers´ and students´attention to learning outcome, by making learning goals visible. Danish surveys show that teachers did not use...... the previous curriculum in the intended way in relation to goals (Danmarks Evaluerings Institut, 2012). The surveys also indicate that teachers in general do not articulate learning goals (Skovgaard et al, 2014). Our research investigates how the requirements for goal-orientation influence teachers' practice...... in mathematics and Danish-as-a-Mother-Tongue in regard to planning, teaching and assessment. Our research is framed by an explorative design. The informants take part in the research- and development project “Digitally Supported Learning Goals”. In addition to observe teaching, we conduct qualitative interviews...

  7. Taking SESAME to the classroom

    CERN Document Server


    The 2014 High School Teacher Programme (HST) is well under way, and this year it has a distinct Middle Eastern flavour, with eight teachers from the region among the 54 taking part.   Established in the late 1990s, HST is a three-week residential programme in English designed to give teachers a taste of frontier research and promote the teaching of modern physics in high schools. Along with the more than 30 other teacher schools given in the native language of the participants, HST aims to help teachers bring modern physics to the classroom and motivate their students to study science at upper secondary school and university. As part of the HST programme, teachers form working groups to develop lessons based on CERN science. This year, however, with eight teachers coming from Israel, Palestine, Iran and Jordan, all of which are members of SESAME, the international laboratory for Synchrotron-Light for Experimental Science Applications in the Middle East, one group is working on a dif...

  8. How does an increase in undergraduate teaching load affect GP teacher motivation? A grounded theory study using data from a new medical school. (United States)

    Harding, Alex; Sweeney, Grace


    The opening of a new medical school is a cause for celebration. Starting with a clean slate often gives the opportunity to adopt more modern teaching practices. However, encouraging large numbers of clinicians to start teaching and to adopt these new methods brings its own set of challenges. During the expansion phase of a new medical school, it was often noted that new teachers seemed to have considerable difficulties, and often expressed these as negativity towards student placements. This did not chime with much of the work from established schools, which seemed to evaluate expansion of teaching more positively. We wanted to better understand the issues involved. Semi-structured interviews were conducted involving GPs who had received medical students over the first four years of a newly established medical school. The aims were to assess the impact of the students on the new teachers, and to try to better understand why some teachers were experiencing difficulties. We collected qualitative and quantitative data at the interviews. The qualitative data were analysed using grounded theory which aims to link emerging themes together. The findings suggest that as the quantity of teaching medical students increases, the enjoyment and commitment to teaching may decrease. Concerns over the administration of teaching may begin to predominate. Two factors may help to reduce this: 1 Adequate investment in manpower and premises to reduce time and space constraints on teaching. 2 Practices considering themselves as teaching practices where education is a part of the practice identity.

  9. Taking Responsibility

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Schipper, Ron; Silvius, Gilbert


    In the last 10 to 15 years, the concept of sustainability has grown in recognition and importance. The pressure on companies to consider sustainability not as a reputation enhancing statement, but as an integrated aspect of business and business value, is increasing.

  10. Taking Math Anxiety out of Math Instruction (United States)

    Shields, Darla J.


    To take math anxiety out of math instruction, teachers need to first know how to easily diagnose it in their students and second, how to analyze causes. Results of a recent study revealed that while students believed that their math anxiety was largely related to a lack of mathematical understanding, they often blamed their teachers for causing…

  11. Government Takes Steps to Increase Farmers' Incomes

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Though 2004 saw a sharp rise in farmers' incomes,the income gap between rural and urban residents continued to widen. Chinese officials consider this a major obstacle to what they call the “building of aharmonious society.”

  12. Fostering Leadership Skills in Pre-Service Teachers (United States)

    Xu, Yuejin; Patmor, George


    Teacher leadership is about empowering teachers to take a more active role in school improvement. Current pathways to teacher leadership, namely the Teacher Leader Master (TLM) degree program and teacher-led professional development, mainly target in-service teachers. Less attention has been paid to teacher leadership training in current teacher…

  13. 校院两级管理体制改革背景下青年教师职业规划策略研究--以安徽农业大学为例%Career Planning Strategies for Young Teachers under the Background of the Reform of Two-level Management by University and School:Taking Anhui Agricultural University as an Example

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    2010年以来借鉴其他高校改革经验,安徽农业大学积极开展校院两级管理体制改革。此次改革将对青年教师的职业发展产生重大影响,为此青年教师应从思想上高度重视此次改革,并在行动上采取如下职业规划策略:利用优势,抓住机会,强化科研方面投入的SO策略;规避劣势,虚心求教,弥补教学方面不足的WO策略;发挥年富力强优势,争取从事社会服务、出国进修机会的ST 策略;积极进取,团结协作,逐渐积累学术成果,规避威胁的WT 策略。改革之后,青年教师将会面临更加严峻的挑战,但这种挑战必将转化为青年教师奋勇向前、提升自我的动力。%Drawing on the reform experience of other universities , Anhui Agricultural University has been taking the initiative to carry out the reform of two‐level management by university and school since 2010 .And this reform is exerting a significant impact on career development of young teachers .For this reason ,young teachers should attach great importance to this reform inwardly and in action they should adopt the following career planning strategies :the SO strategy by leveraging strengths , seizing opportunities , and increasing input in scientific researches ;the WO strategy by avoiding weaknesses ,humbly asking for guidance and making up for the deficiency in teaching ;the ST strategy by giving full play to the advantage of age ,being engaged in social services and striving for the opportunity to study abroad ;and the WT strategy by being aggressive ,having team spirit ,gradually accumulating academic achievements and avoiding threats .While young teachers will face more rigorous challenges when the reform is carried out in an all‐round way ,the challenges shall be converted into motive forces to make young teachers courageously move forward and improve themselves .


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. Wijayanti


    Full Text Available The aim of this study is to improve the scientific literacy of Elementary Teacher Education Program’s students using a valid thematic-integrated e-portfolio media web blog based. Applied research and development methods for elementary school’s course planning by applying thematic-integrated e-portfolio media web blog based. The result of media and evaluation experts recommend that e-portfolio which has been developed gets 98.75% of eligibility percentage which means that it is very decent to be used in the lecturing.  Thematic-Integrated e-portfolio media web blog based effectively improves the scientific literacy of students to reach multidimensional level, in which students are able to take advantage of various concepts and demonstrate the ability to connect these concepts to daily life.  Students understand how science, society and technology are interrelated and influence each other. Students also demonstrate an understanding of the nature of science through his answer.

  15. The Teacher Market Glut: Some Guidelines. (United States)

    Wiener, William K.

    This paper discusses the problem of the oversupply of teachers and presents some guidelines for developing a differentiated and flexible teacher education program as a means of producing a marketable teacher. A differentiated and flexible teacher education program would take into account local, state, and regional teacher needs, which would…

  16. Mirror Images: New Reflections on Teacher Leadership (United States)

    Reason, Casey; Reason, Clair


    What inspires teachers to see themselves as leaders? "Mirror Images" takes a comprehensive look at what teacher leadership means today and how teachers can transform the future of their profession. Included are ten iconic images of teacher leadership roles to help teachers move beyond teaching as they were taught. The authors make a compelling…

  17. Teaching Style, ICT Experience and Teachers' Attitudes toward Teaching with Web 2.0 (United States)

    Kale, Ugur; Goh, Debbie


    Emphasis on 21st Century Skills development has increased expectations on teachers to take advantages of emerging technologies to support student learning. Yet it is not clear whether teachers are well equipped with the necessary skills, support, and positive attitudes toward integrating them in their practices. Even though student-centered…

  18. Teaching Style, ICT Experience and Teachers' Attitudes toward Teaching with Web 2.0 (United States)

    Kale, Ugur; Goh, Debbie


    Emphasis on 21st Century Skills development has increased expectations on teachers to take advantages of emerging technologies to support student learning. Yet it is not clear whether teachers are well equipped with the necessary skills, support, and positive attitudes toward integrating them in their practices. Even though student-centered…

  19. 教师培训项目管理导图——以“国培计划”短期集中培训项目为例%Leading Map on Teacher Training Program Management --Taking the Short- term Teacher Training Program of "National Teacher Training Plan" as An Example

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    This article makes a chart of teacher training program management based on a case study on the short - term teacher training program of "National Teacher Training Plan". The chart includes five milestones and ten key tasks on teacher training program management, with which of keystones, characters and working tips, used for reference to the study on teacher training program management.%本文以“国培计划”短期集中项目为例,绘制了一份教师培训管理导图,提出并分析教师培训管理的五大里程碑和十项核心任务的要旨、特征及工作建议,为探讨教师培训项目管理的规范性、科学性、专业性、实践性提供参考。

  20. State Teacher Evaluation and Teacher Education (United States)

    Marchant, Gregory J.; David, Kristine A.; Rodgers, Deborah; German, Rachel L.


    Current accountability trends suggest an increasing role in state mandates regarding teacher evaluation. With various evaluation models and components serving as the basis for quality teaching, teacher education programs need to recognize the role teacher evaluation plays and incorporate aspects where appropriate. This article makes that case and…

  1. "The Teacher Is an Octopus": Uncovering Preservice English Language Teachers' Prior Beliefs through Metaphor Analysis (United States)

    Farrell, Thomas S. C.


    Preservice teachers come to any teacher education course with prior experiences, knowledge and beliefs about learning and teaching. Additionally, the belief systems of preservice teachers often serve as a lens through which they view the content of the teacher education program. Consequently, it is essential that teacher educators take these prior…

  2. Becoming a science teacher: The competing pedagogies of schools and teacher education (United States)

    Rozelle, Jeffrey J.

    A culminating student teaching or internship experience is a central component of nearly every teacher education program and has been for most of teacher education's history. New teachers cite field experience and student teaching as the most beneficial, authentic, or practical aspect of teacher education. Teacher educators, however, have cause to view student teaching skeptically; student teachers often move away from the reform-minded practices espoused in teacher education. This multi-site ethnographic study investigated a full-year internship experience for six science interns at three diverse high schools as part of a teacher preparation program at a large state university. In taking an ecological perspective, this study documented the dynamic and evolving relationships between interns, cooperating teachers, teacher educators, and the school and classroom contexts. The goals of the study were to describe the changes in interns throughout the course of a year-long internship as a science teacher and to determine the relative influences of the various aspects of the ecology on interns. Data include fieldnotes from 311 hours of participant observation, 38 interviews with interns, cooperating teachers, and teacher educators, and 190 documents including course assignments, evaluations, and reflective journals. Interns' teaching practices were strongly influenced by their cooperating teachers. During the first two months, all six interns "used their mentor's script." When teaching, they attempted to re-enact lessons they witnessed their cooperating teachers enact earlier in the day. This included following the lesson structure, but also borrowing physical mannerisms, representations, anecdotes, and jokes. When interns could no longer follow their cooperating teacher due to an increased teaching load, they "followed their mentors' patterns"---implementing instruction that emphasized similar strategies---regardless of whether they were experiencing success in the

  3. Teachers Teaching Teachers (T3) [TM]. Vol. 2 No. 7 (United States)

    Richardson, Joan, Ed.


    This issue of "Teachers Teaching Teachers" ("T3") focuses on coaches' role in the professional development of teachers. It contains the following articles: (1) An Excerpt from "Taking the Lead" (Joellen Killion and Cindy Harrison); (2) Be Like a Virus and Connect (Bill Ferriter); (3) No. 1 Resource Has a Human Face (Joellen Killion); (4) With This…

  4. Inequality and Risk-Taking


    Sandeep Mishra; Son Hing, Leanne S.; Lalumière, Martin L.


    Inequality has been associated with risk-taking at the societal level. However, this relationship has not been directly investigated at the individual level. Risk-sensitivity theory predicts that decision makers should increase risk-taking in situations of disparity between one’s present state and desired state. Economic inequality creates such a disparity. In two experiments, we examined whether imposed economic inequality affects risk-taking. In Experiment 1, we examined whether victims of ...

  5. Effects of Teacher Evaluation on Teacher Job Satisfaction in Ohio (United States)

    Downing, Pamela R.


    The purpose of this quantitative study was to explore whether or not increased accountability measures found in the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) impacted teacher job satisfaction. Student growth measures required by the OTES increased teacher accountability. Today, teachers are largely evaluated based on the results of what they do in the…

  6. Take Advantage of Constitution Day (United States)

    McCune, Bonnie F.


    The announcement of the mandate for Constitution and Citizenship Day shortly before September, 2005, probably led to groans of dismay. Not another "must-do" for teachers and schools already stressed by federal and state requirements for standardized tests, increasingly rigid curricula, and scrutiny from the public and officials. But the…

  7. A Status Survey of Chinese-language Teachers in Central Asia--Taking Kyrgyzstan as an Example%中亚地区汉语师资现状调查--以吉尔吉斯斯坦为例

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    班振林; 闫丽萍; 易红


    This paper is a substantial research which includes five parts: source of Chinese-language teachers, teaching status of Chinese-language teachers in China and Kyrgyzstan, Chinese level of native teachers, the existing problems of Chinese teachers team and corresponding countermeasures. This paper, from point and surface, probes into the teachers factors which affect international Chinese promotion. By means of studying Chinese-language teachers' current situation in Kyrgyzstan, problems of Chinese-language teachers in the whole central Asia, which in turn will provide factual basis to the international Chinese promotion work and Chinese language teaching policy-making in central Asia countries, can be reflected.%以定量研究和定性研究相结合的方法,从汉语师资的来源、中吉两国汉语教师教学状况、本土汉语师资队伍存在的问题三个方面,由点及面探讨了吉尔吉斯斯坦汉语国际教育师资状况,探析影响汉语国际教育的师资因素,并根据实际情况提出建议,通过吉尔吉斯斯坦的汉语师资现状以反馈整个中亚地区的汉语师资问题,以期为在中亚各国的汉语国际教育工作的进一步发展和未来规划的制定提供参考。

  8. Experiences of Racism in Initial Teacher Education. (United States)

    Garewal, Gurpreet


    Explores trainee teachers' perceptions and projections of racial discrimination while taking the postcompulsory teaching course in England. Experiences of four trainee teachers highlight the need for more support for teacher trainees, more cultural sensitivity among teacher educators, and the inclusion of cultural and racial issues in the course.…

  9. Increasing Positive Interactive Classroom Behavior. (United States)

    Kotcher, Elaine; Doremus, Richard R.

    During the spring of 1972 training workshops for 88 elementary and secondary teachers of the Great Neck Public Schools held to examine four hypotheses: 1) workshops in training teachers to observe classroom behavior would significantly increase these same teachers' positive classroom interactive behaviors consisting of teacher, pupil-pupil,…

  10. Current Status of Xinjiang College Teachers' Burnout—TakingCertain University in Xinjiang as an Example%新疆高校教师职业倦怠现状调查研究——以新疆某高校为例

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    孙宜龙; 赵梅; 田丽


    With certain university in Xinjiang as an example, the questionnaire investigation and analysis show that about a quarter of the university teachers in Xinjiang have different degree of job burnout, The overall situation is not very serious. University teachers have job burnout mainly from four aspects: the society, colleges and universities, the education object and teachers themselves. so we suggest to take measures to change the situation from building social respect and from atmosphere to carry out the reform of higher education, improve the mechanism of appraisal and evaluation, strengthen the teacher training. At the same time, teachers should consciously promote their own professional development to prevent and alleviate university teachers' job burnout.%以新疆某高校为例,通过问卷调查和分析表明,新疆高校约四分之一的教师存在不同程度的职业倦怠.高校教师产生职业倦怠的原因主要包括社会、高校、教育对象和教师本身等四个方面,建议从营造尊师重教的社会氛围、实事求是开展高等教育改革、完善评聘考核机制、加强教师培训、教师个人应自觉促进自身专业发展等方面预防和缓解高校教师职业倦怠.

  11. Pragmatic Strategies of Turn-taking in Class

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张洁; 张玉珊


    Conversation is one of the basic forms of daily communication, while the research of turn-taking is the central issue in conversation analysis. In class the pragmatic strategies in turn-taking between teachers and students are the important interaction abilities. The good use of turn-taking helps students express themselves effectively and enhances the interactive communications successfully.

  12. Conditions for Teacher Research (United States)

    Borg, Simon


    The article starts by defining teacher research and a summary of its benefits. In reviewing teacher research in the field of ELT, the author points out that such research is not enough. The author then suggests ten conditions that would increase the incidence of teacher research. Additional questions for consideration are suggested at the end that…

  13. 省域城乡师资失衡:实践表征、政策归因、改进策略——以宁夏为例%Provincial Urban and Rural Teachers Imbalance: Practice Characterization, Policy Attribution, and Improvement Strategies: Take Ningxia for Example

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    马青; 焦岩岩


    Provincial urban and rural teachers" imbalance does not show that "'high" in city and "low" in rural areas", but more in structural imbalances. Compared to cities, in quantity, rural areas show "dominant" overstaffing and "hidden" vacancies, and that " dominant" vacancies and "hidden" vacancies exist together; in quality, rural areas show that the ratio of highly educated and highgrade teacher is low, the ratio of low education and low-title teacher is high; in structure, gender structure is more preferable than city, and age structure is inferior to city, and the structural shortage of teachers is more prominent. Taking teacher as the analysis subject, the reason that leads to imbalance of provincial urban and rural teachers is mainly the policy lack interrelatitag with teachers allocation, the requirement of teachers, responsibility and power of government. Improvement strategies include that the policy that provincial government is responsible for the implementation of balanced policy of urban and rural teachers base on classification; the establishment of teacher-oriented policy that make urban teachers and rural teachers justly; the establishment of democracy policy to protect the interests of teachers; the establishment of incentive policy to make educational investment sliding into teachers.%省域城乡师资失衡并不简单地表现为"城市高与农村低"的情况,而是更多地表现为结构性的不平衡。与城市相比,农村表现出"显性"超编与"隐性"缺编、"显性"缺编与"隐性"缺编共存的局面;高学历、高职称教师比例低,低学历、低职称教师比例大的特征;性别结构优于城市,年龄结构劣于城市,学科的结构性短缺更为突出。造成城乡师资失衡的原因主要是关系教师配置、教师需求、政府责任与动力的政策设计缺陷。改进策略包括:建立"省级统筹"分类实施的城乡师资均衡推进政策;

  14. College English Teachers' Professional Development in Action Research Horizon-- Take "Micro Curriculum" As an Example%行动研究视域下的大学英语教师专业发展——以"微课程"开发为例

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    This paper demonstrates the action research and the professional development of College English teachers. Taking the College English curriculum development as an example from the perspective of action research,a new teaching model is provided through teaching research.It provides a practical and effective method for teachers' professional development.%本文论证了行动研究与大学英语教师的专业发展. 以行动研究视域下的大学英语"微课程"开发为例,通过教学研究实践了新型教学模式,为教师专业发展提供了切实有效的方法.

  15. The Patterns and Possible Costs of Teacher Absenteeism: Are Teacher Absences an Indicator of Student Achievement?


    Womack, Janet Leigh


    Since the inception of No Child Left Behind, particularly in the past few years, teacher accountability is at the forefront of educational debate. Taking in to account the many facets of teacher accountability, student performance is nearly half of teacher evaluation systems. Considering the value of a quality teacher, one would logically presume that the teacher was present in the classroom to ensure student achievement. However, teacher absenteeism is an overlooked issue in toda...

  16. Take Charge. Take the Test. PSA (:30)

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts


    As part of the Take Charge. Take the Test. campaign, this 30 second PSA encourages African American women to get tested for HIV. Locations for a free HIV test can be found by visiting or calling 1-800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636).  Created: 3/7/2012 by National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention (NCHHSTP).   Date Released: 3/7/2012.

  17. 农村中小学教师职业幸福感的调查研究——以山西省为例%On Rural Teachers' Professional Happiness——Taking Shanxi Province as an Example

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    邓和平; 樊香兰


    教师的幸福是教育教学过程中的一种精神享受,教师幸福感的高低直接影响着其工作质量。本研究从教师职业幸福感的内涵入手,通过文献研究以及对山西省农村中小学教师的职业幸福感进行调查。归纳了农村教师幸福感的几个维度:职业成就、职业认同、领导管理、薪酬待遇、工作环境、人际关系、社会支持、工作压力、专业成长等方面的现状和问题,并据此提出提升农村中小学教师职业幸福感的建议。%Teachers well-being has much to do with the teaching quality.Based on the connotation of the teacher' professional happiness,literature review and survey of professional happiness of the rural primary and secondary teachers,it summarized professional achievement,professional identity,leadership and management,salary and other welfare,working environment,interpersonal relationships,social support,work pressure,professional development as dimension of teacher' well-being.It also made recommendations to further improve rural primary and secondary school teachers' professional well-being.

  18. On the Effect of Teacher Talk on Teacher-Student Rapport in College English Classroom

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    This paper aimed to investigate the effect of teacher talk on teacher-student rapport in college English classroom. Be-sides, it attempted to analyze how to build teacher-student rapport in English classroom based on the theories of teacher Talk, hoping that it can assist teachers to upgrade their awareness in teacher talk and increase language learning and teaching efficiency.

  19. Reaching the teachers

    CERN Multimedia


    The fourth edition of CERN's High School Teachers programme welcomed 38 teachers to the Laboratory this July. For three weeks the teachers were immersed in the life of CERN, giving them a unique experience to take back to their classrooms.   Participants and organisers of the HST 2001 programme. The pupils of the teachers who attended the High School Teachers (HST) programme at CERN will notice a difference when they meet their teachers at the beginning of next term. They'll see a new-found enthusiasm in their eyes, and this will be thanks to the three weeks they spent at the Laboratory attending the summer students' lectures and working with other teachers from around the world. 'This experience fires you up again!,' explains Wim Peeters, a Belgian teacher at CERN for the second time. For many teachers of physics, university is a long time ago. Physics research has moved on, and there are many new things to learn. That's why CERN has the HST, so that teachers can mix with university students in ...

  20. Teachers' Experiences with the Data-Driven Decision Making Process in Increasing Students' Reading Achievement in a Title I Elementary Public School (United States)

    Atkinson, Linton


    This paper is a research dissertation based on a qualitative case study conducted on Teachers' Experiences within a Data-Driven Decision Making (DDDM) process. The study site was a Title I elementary school in a large school district in Central Florida. Background information is given in relation to the need for research that was conducted on the…

  1. A Study on the Improvement of the Lesson Analysis Ability and its Effects by the Pre-servise Teachers : A Case Study of the Students Who Take the Class of "Teaching Method of Geography and History Education"


    岡田, 了祐; 草原, 和博


    The purpose of this study is to examine the improvement and its effect of the lesson analysis ability in the teacher training program of social studies. In this papar, we analyze the interviews with the 3 students who have finished the teaching method class. As a result, it became clear that the factors which improve the lesson analysis ability are as follows: 1) the feedback of the students' outstanding analysis report, 2) the demonstration of the instructors' analysis model, and 3) the assi...

  2. Teachers' Work with Documentation in Preschool: Shaping a Profession in the Performing of Professional Identities­ (United States)

    Löfgren, Håkan


    This article analyses how the teaching profession takes shape when policy demands on increased documentation in preschool is interpreted and enacted by teachers. The profession and professional identities take shape in the tension between two forms of professionalism: occupational professionalism, based on collegial authority, and organizational…

  3. 新西兰体育教育专业的改革与发展∶以奥克兰大学为例%Reformation and Development of Physical Education Teacher Education Program in New Zealand∶Taking University of Auckland’s Experience as an Example

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    尹志华; 孙文君; 汪晓赞


    以新西兰奥克兰大学(Universitu of Auckland,简称UA)为例,采用文献资料法、逻辑分析法、案例研究法,对该校体育教育专业的培养目标、课程设置、学生实习和教师资格认证等进行研究。结果表明:该校以培养健康和体育领域的专业人才为主,注重体现教育的专业性、满足国家教师专业标准的要求、培养对毛利民族文化的敏感性;在课程体系中,学科基础课程注重基本知识学习,专业教育课程注重毛利民族教育、健康教育和户外教育,教师教育课程强调教学技能培养,选修课程和通识教育课程重在扩大学生的知识面,同时强调对课程学习评价的多样化;在实习活动方面,实习时间和任务合理;实习监督和评价系统完善;实习地点和选择多样;在教师资格证方面,通过从临时注册教师到正式注册教师的过程,规范教师的专业发展过程,提升教师资格证的含金量和体育教师的社会地位。通过对新西兰体育教育专业的分析,希望能够对中国体育教育专业的建设产生一定的启发作用。%This paper,taking Universitu of Auckland as an example,through using the method of literature review,logical analusis and case studu,analuzes the obj ective,curriculum design,student internship,teach-er certification of phusical education teacher education program at the Universitu of Auckland.The re-sults show that the program focuses on the cultivation of professional talents in health and phusical educa-tion field,attaches importance to professional features of education,meets the requirements of national teachers professional standards,and cultivates the sensitivitu of the national culture of Maori;the curricu-lum sustem are featured bu basic subj ect courses emphasizing basic knowledge of learning,specialized courses highlighting Maori education,health education and outdoor education,teacher education curricu-lum stressing teaching skill


    CERN Multimedia


    The English Language Programme of the Lycée International de Ferney-Voltaire has two teaching posts available for la rentrée 2001. 1. Part-time teacher of Primary-level English Candidates for the post need to be mother-tongue English speakers. They should have a relevant degree and teaching qualification. The post involves teaching the English curriculum to pupils who are within the French educational system. Classes take place on Tuesday afternoons at the Lycée. Team spirit necessary as teachers work as a team. Induction & training are offered. 2. Part-time teacher of Secondary-level history-geography Candididates for the post need to be mother-tongue English speakers. They should have a relevant degree in history or geography and also a strong interest in the other subject. They should have a relevant teaching qualification and be confident classroom practioners. For more information on either of these posts please contact the school office on

  5. Possible Challenges of Teacher Research for Teacher Professional Development



    Teacher research (i.e. action research) has gained acceptance as a tool for teacher professional development. In spite of its increasing popularity in language classrooms, concerns have been raised in the implementation of teacher research, such as issues of quality, sustainability, the development of standards, and accessibility. In the Indonesian context, the unprofessional working conditions and the education background of most teachers have made it difficult for teachers to sustain and ac...

  6. Possible Challenges of Teacher Research for Teacher Professional Development

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Utami Widiati


    Full Text Available Teacher research (i.e. action research has gained acceptance as a tool for teacher professional development. In spite of its increasing popularity in language classrooms, concerns have been raised in the implementation of teacher research, such as issues of quality, sustainability, the development of standards, and accessibility. In the Indonesian context, the unprofessional working conditions and the education background of most teachers have made it difficult for teachers to sustain and access research. Since changing the former appears beyond the aim of this article, it is suggested that teacher education institutions focus on the latter, revisiting the curriculum of teacher education to provide more research components

  7. Teacher Identity Work in Mathematics Teacher Education (United States)

    Neumayer-Depiper, Jill


    Becoming a teacher is not developing an identity, but is developing identity as a continuous process of constructing and deconstructing understandings within the complexities of social practice, beliefs, experiences, and social norms. I take up this stance on identity as articulated in Judith Butler's (1999) work with gender identity and…

  8. Urban Games: How to Increase the Motivation, Interaction and Perceived Learning of Students in the Schools (United States)

    Vieira, Liliana; Coutinho, Clara


    Mobile technologies are increasingly rooted in society and, therefore, intuitively, teachers begin to take advantage of devices that students carry with them daily in a logic of 1:1 bring your own device (BYOD). In fact, it becomes crucial to use this media to promote/increase new pedagogical activities to motivate and challenge students to…

  9. Being a Teacher of TCFL vs. Becoming a Teacher of TCFL

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Zhang, Chun


    Language). This paper explores how the identity formation of five native-speaking teachers of Chinese (NTCs) takes place with regard to how their roles as 'being a Chinese teacher' and ‘becoming a teacher of TCFL' are negotiated and constructed while teaching Chinese to degree students in Denmark. Key......Recent debates on Chinese pedagogy tend to focus on teachers' implementation of curriculum, relatively little attention has been given to understanding teacher's professional identity and the interplay between 'being a teacher of TCFL' and 'becoming a teacher of TCFL'(Teaching Chinese as a Foreign...... words: native-speaking teachers of Chinese, professional identity, Danish universities, teaching culture...

  10. Domain Building or Risk Taking

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hjort, Katrin; Abrahamsen, Marianne


    The Nordic Countries are usually seen as the worlds must successful nations when it comes to gender equality, and the Scandinavian population in general appreciates values traditionally labeled feminine as caretaking and the quality of everyday life. However, the inequalities become obvious...... of the relations between gender, values and family obligation but reveals an interesting difference between two strategies for career development: Domain Building and Risk Taking. Both strategies are applied by both men and women. However, one of them seems to be the most effective with regard to achieve...... in school management. Among headmasters in High school in Denmark only 18 % are women despite of the fact that 52 % of the teachers are female. How can we explain that? This article is based on a survey answered by top- and middle level management staff. It rejects all traditional explanations...

  11. Opaqueness and Bank Risk Taking

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Patrick Behr


    Full Text Available This paper investigates the relationship between opaqueness and bank risk taking. Using a sample of 199 banks from 38 countries over the period January 1996 to December 2006, I analyze whether more opaque banks are riskier than less opaque banks. I find suggestive evidence that commonly used proxies for bank opaqueness are significantly related to bank risk taking as measured by the Merton PD and the bank-individual Z-score, even after accounting for potential simultaneity between risk taking and opaqueness. More opaque banks seem to engage more in risk taking than less opaque banks. This result provides support to the common view that bank opaqueness is problematic and that transparency among financial institutions should be increased.

  12. A Survey on Teachers’ View of Democratic Teaching-Taking Junior High School Teachers in H City as an Example%教师教学民主观调查*--以H市初中教师为例

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    谭丽华; 任仕君


    We did a survey on 280 junior high school teachers’ view of democratic teaching in H city .The conclusions of this survey are as follows:Junior high school teachers identify democratic teaching as “the core of democratic teaching is to respect students’ personality ,indi-viduality and differences .”Junior high school teachers believe that classroom teaching is the most important way to promote democratic teach-ing ,and the assignments and correction of homework is the least important .There are significant age differences on teachers ’ opinion about the importance of lesson preparation .There are significant differences among different subject teachers ’ opinion on the importance of the assign-ments and correction of homework .In order to build up correct view of democratic teaching ,we should ,based on age and subject differences , popularize and enrich teachers’ knowledge of democratic teaching ,examine democratic teaching from various aspects ,and promote democratic teaching mainly in classroom teaching .%对H市280名初中教师进行教学民主观问卷调查发现:初中教师最认同的教学民主观是“教学民主的核心是尊重学生的人格、个性、差异等”;初中教师认为课堂教学对推进教学民主最重要;不同年龄的教师对备课环节对于教学民主的重要性认知差异显著,不同任教科目的教师对作业布置与批改环节的重要性认知上差异显著。为树立正确的教学民主观,应该在充分考虑教师年龄、任教科目差异的基础上,普及教学民主知识、丰富教师对教学民主的认识,多角度审视教学民主,以课堂为主阵地推进教学民主。

  13. The teacher and the curriculum;

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Priestley, M.; Biesta, G.; Philippou, Stavroula;


    A key debate in the curriculum field has centred on the extent to which teachers should or could achieve agency over the curriculum they enact. Risks to teacher agency have come from top-down control of curricula, either through input regulation (prescription of content, methods and/or teaching m...... with a discussion of why it is important to understand and take into account teacher agency, when formulating and developing curriculum policy....

  14. 中学教师职业倦怠与人格特质的关系--以大五人格的视角%Relationship between Teachers' Job Burnout and Personality Traits--Take Big Five Personality Perspective

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘永; 谭辉晔


    Questionnaire method for Shaanxi secondary school teachers' professional burnout and big five personality traits relationship analysis found that:The current high school teacher burnout is not high, but the relatively high emotional exha-ustion, followed by a low sense of accomplishment, dehumanization lightest;extraversion, agreeableness and conscientio-usness and low achievement was a significant negative correlation between neuroticism and emotional exhaustion and burn-out overall showed a significant positive correlation, rigor and dehumanization and burnout overall showed a significant negative correlation;big five personality has predictive effect on burnout, but predictability is not so good.%采用问卷调查法对陕西省中学教师职业倦怠状况及其与大五人格特质关系进行分析发现:目前中学教师职业倦怠度不高,但情绪衰竭相对较高,其次低成就感,非人性化最轻;外倾性、宜人性和严谨性与低成就感呈显著负相关,神经质与情绪衰竭和职业倦怠总体呈显著正相关,严谨性与非人性化和职业倦怠总体呈显著负相关;大五人格对职业倦怠有预测作用,但预测度不大。

  15. Urban Legend in Teacher Education (United States)

    Smiley, Azure Dee


    Many European American pre-service special education teachers participate in activities and coursework to prepare them to engage with diverse students in urban settings. This qualitative study explores the experience of two teacher candidates taking part in one such program. Specifically, the interactions and perceptions of the participants' first…

  16. Three Stages in Teacher Training. (United States)

    Britten, Donard


    Describes the preservice teacher trainee (focusing on nonnative-speaking English-as-a-foreign-language teacher) as a person in movement, with a particular starting point at the outset of training and a more or less clearly specified destination. The design of training programs takes into account the evolution of trainees and how their transfer of…

  17. Perceptions of Teacher Brinkmanship Behaviors. (United States)

    Melancon, Jan G.; Thompson, Bruce

    Brinkmanship behaviors are challenges to authority expressed in such a mannner that expected negative sanctions are typically avoided. They are usually extemporaneous, involve satire or sarcasm, and take place in front of an audience. This study investigated 43 principals' and 137 teachers' perceptions of teacher brinkmanship behaviors and sought…

  18. Teachers and Human Rights Education (United States)

    Osler, Audrey; Starkey, Hugh


    Why do teachers need to be familiar with human rights? In multicultural societies, whose values take precedence? How do schools resolve tensions between children's rights and teachers' rights? Campaigners, politicians and the media cite human rights to justify or challenge anything from peaceful protest to military action. The phrase "human…

  19. What's It Take? (United States)

    Hartzell, Gary


    Discusses why school administrators have not heard about the difference libraries make in student achievement (e.g., stereotypes of libraries and librarians, lack of attention to library programs in teacher/administrator training, the absorbability and invisibility of library work) and how to make changes in order to draw benefits from school…

  20. Taking of history

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Langebæk, Rikke


    with the different types of clients, and we discuss any mistakes done by the veterinarian. Subjects such as ethical values, bad conscience, euthanasia, new family members, value of life, economy, maltreatment, etc. are often discussed. Live Role Playing We end up with a session of Live Role Play - the teacher...

  1. It Takes Three

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Marchetti, Emanuela; Valente, Andrea


    Appropriation of e-learning applications in the class mainly depends on three actors: developers, teachers (experts interested in authoring or using applications), and learners (pupils or students who will play to learn or to express their knowledge). This paper addresses the problems facing prim...

  2. Comparative Analysis of Teachers'Capacity for Scientific Research in Newly-built Universities---Taking an example of S Newly-built University%新升本科院校教师科研能力比较分析--以沈阳新升本科院校S学院为例

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    祁刚; 伊人凤


    From one aspect of teachers′scientific research ability,namely research papers,the research investigates and analyzes quantity and quality of the research papers of three universities in Shenyang,a newly-built university,Liaon-ing University(“211 Project”university)and Northeastern University( university of“985 Project”),and find out that the gap in scientific research ability and the reasons. To improve the teachers′scientific research ability,first of all,we should change the existing evaluation system of scientific research ability;Second,teachers should consciously set up the scientific research initiative,and schools should raise money,increasing investment in scientific research,and strengthen the cultivation of young teachers′scientific research ability through lectures and workshops,In addition,we still should take advantage of Academic Journals to promote the teachers′scientific research ability in multiple dimen-sions.%从反映教师科研能力的一个侧面,即科研论文入手,调查分析了沈阳某一新升本科院校———S学院与“211院校”辽宁大学、“985院校”东北大学教师科研论文的数量及质量,从中查找出三所院校教师在科研能力方面存在的差距及原因。并提出,为了提升教师的科研能力,首先,应改变现有的科研能力评价体系;其次,教师应自觉树立科研的主动性,而学校应多方筹集资金,加大科研经费投入力度,并通过举办讲座、培训班等途径,加强对青年教师科研能力的培养。此外,还应发挥学报优势,从多维度带动教师科研能力的提升。

  3. Teacher Collaborative Planning in Professional Learning Communities (United States)

    Hart, Kimberly S.


    Teacher collaboration is essential for the improvement of student achievement and teacher performance. Classrooms comprise a variety of learners with individual learning needs that must be met for effective learning to take place. In the past, teachers have taught in isolation without the assistance of collaboration. A professional learning…

  4. Prides and Prejudices of a Physics Teacher. (United States)

    Miner, Thomas D.


    Discusses teacher-student communication in reference to the physics classroom. Suggestions are given to help teachers improve communication with their students, teaching style, and course content. Emphasizes the need for teachers to find their own style of teaching and communication with students and take pride in these teaching abilities. (DS)

  5. Social Media Use and Teacher Ethics (United States)

    Warnick, Bryan R.; Bitters, Todd A.; Falk, Thomas M.; Kim, Sang Hyun


    Teacher use of social networking sites such as Facebook has presented some ethical dilemmas for policy makers. In this article, we argue that schools are justified in taking action against teachers when evidence emerges from social networking sites that teachers are (a) doing something that is illegal, (b) doing something that reflects badly on…

  6. Comparing Views of Primary School Mathematics Teachers and Prospective Mathematics Teachers about Instructional Technologies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adnan Baki


    Full Text Available Technology is rapidly improving in both hardware and software side. As one of the contemporary needs people should acquire certain knowledge, skills, attitudes and habits to understand this technology, to adapt to it and to make use of its benefits. In addition, as in all domains of life, change and improvement is also unavoidable for educational field. As known, change and improvement in education depends on lots of factors. One of the most important factors is teacher. In order to disseminate educational reforms, teachers themselves should accept the innovation first (Hardy, 1998, Baki, 2002; Oral, 2004. There has been variety of studies investigating teacher and prospective teachers‟ competences, attitudes and opinions (Paprzychi, Vikovic & Pierson, 1994; Hardy, 1998; Kocasaraç, 2003; Lin, Hsiech and Pierson, 2004; Eliküçük, 2006; YeĢilyurt, 2006; Fendi, 2007; Teo, 2008; Arslan, Kutluca & Özpınar, 2009. As the common result of these studies indicate that teachers‟ interest towards using instructional technology have increased. Accordingly, most of the teachers began to think that using instructional technologies becomes inevitable for teachers. By reviewing the related literature, no studies have been come across comparing the opinions of teachers and teacher candidates about instructional technologies. In this study, it was aimed to investigate and compare the views of mathematics teachers with prospective mathematics teachers about ICT. It was considered that collecting opinions of teachers and teachers candidates about the instructional technologies, comparing and contrasting them will contribute to the field. To follow this research inquiry, a descriptive approach type; case study research design was applied. The reason for choosing such design is that the case study method permits studying one aspect of the problem in detail and in a short time (Yin, 2003; Çepni, 2007. The study was conducted with the total sample of 12. 3 of

  7. Teacher educators modelling their teachers?

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Timmerman, Greetje


    The teacher educator is always also a teacher, and as a role model may have an important impact on student teachers' views on teaching. However, what is the impact of these teacher educator's own role models on their teaching views and practices? Do teacher educators simply imitate the positive role

  8. Teacher Perceptions of Teacher Bullying (United States)

    Zerillo, Christine; Osterman, Karen F


    This mixed-methods study examined elementary teachers' perceptions of teacher-student bullying. Grounded in previous research on peer bullying, the study posed several questions: to what extent did teachers perceive bullying of students by other teachers as a serious matter requiring intervention? Did they perceive teacher bullying as more serious…

  9. Collaboration Takes Center Stage: Interactive Teaching through a Schoolwide Focus on the Performing Arts Leads to Dramatic Improvements in Learning (United States)

    Williamson, Jeff; Zimmerman, Diane


    In the Old Adobe Union School District in Petaluma, California, the school staff's goal is to assure that all teachers make the fundamental shift from teacher-centric to learner-centric thinking. For them, this is what distinguishes great teachers from good teachers. They believe this level of expertise takes years to develop and that schools play…

  10. 农村小学英语教师课堂话语分析--以安庆地区为例%Analysis of Classroom Discourse of English Teachers in Rural Primary Schools--- Taking Anqing District as an example

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    In foreign language teaching classroom , teachers’ classroom discourse is not only one important medium of knowledge transfer , knowledge acquisition and knowledge construction , but also an important means of the English classroom management . Starting from the analysis of discourse fea -tures of teachers discourse in rural primary school classrooms , the paper explores problems of the ru -ral primary school English teaching and put forward constructive proposals .%外语教学课堂中,教师课堂话语不仅是知识传输、知识获得、知识建构的重要媒介,也是英语课堂管理的重要手段。对农村小学英语课堂教师话语特征分析可以从一个侧面反映当前农村小学英语教学存在的问题,并提出参考性的建议。

  11. University and Elementary School Perspectives of Ideal Elementary Science Teacher Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions (United States)

    Sewart, Bethany Bianca

    Teacher education knowledge, skills, and dispositions have recently become a well-discussed topic among education scholars around the nation, mainly due to its attention by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) over the past few years. Accrediting agencies, such as NCATE and the Interstate New Teacher and Assessment and Support Consortium (INTASC), have sought to improve the quality of teacher education programs by examining knowledge, skills, and dispositions as factors in preparing highly-qualified teachers. There is a paucity of research examining these factors for elementary science teachers. Because these factors influence instruction, and students are behind in scientific and mathematical knowledge, elementary science teachers should be studied. Teacher knowledge, skills, and dispositions should be further researched in order to ultimately increase the quality of teachers and teacher education programs. In this particular case, by determining what schools of education and public schools deem important knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to teach science, higher education institutions and schools can collaborate to further educate these students and foster the necessary qualities needed to teach effectively. The study of knowledge, skills, and dispositions is crucial to nurturing effective teaching within the classroom. Results from this study demonstrated that there were prominent knowledge, skills, and dispositions identified by teachers, administrators, and science teacher educators as important for effective teaching of elementary science. These characteristics included: a willingness to learn, or open-mindedness; content knowledge; planning, organization, and preparation; significance of teaching science; and science-related assessment strategies. Interestingly, administrators in the study responded differently than their counterparts in the following areas: their self-evaluation of teacher effectiveness; how the

  12. Recombinant DNA for Teachers. (United States)

    Duvall, James G., III


    A science teacher describes his experience at a workshop to learn to teach the Cold Spring Harbor DNA Science Laboratory Protocols. These protocols lead students through processes for taking E. coli cells and transforming them into a new antibiotic resistant strain. The workshop featured discussions of the role of DNA recombinant technology in…

  13. Greek Teachers Programme 2015

    CERN Multimedia

    Hoch, Michael


    The 3rd edition of this year's Greek Teachers Programme was co-organized by CERN Education Group and the Hellenic Physical Society and took place from 8 to 12 November 2015. The programme targets physics high-school teachers from all over Greece. It aims to help teachers inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers by motivating their students to understand and appreciate how science works at the world's largest physics laboratory, whereby increasing their interest in pursuing studies in STEM fields in secondary and post-secondary education. 33 teachers took part in this programme which comprised lectures by Greek members of the CERN scientific community, with visits to experimental facilities, hands-on activities and dedicated sessions on effective and creative ways through which participants may bring physics, particle physics and CERN closer to their school classroom. In 2015, more than 100 teachers took part in the three editions of the Greek Teachers Programme.

  14. Supporting Research for "Double Teachers" Team Construction of School-enterprise Cooperation Take Professional Tourism Management School-enterprise Cooperation "Double" Teachers Construction as An Example

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Yuxia Chen


    This paper mainly studies cooperative education problems of tourism management professional school-enterprise cooperation. Since the 1990s, many universities have begun to explore the issue of school-enterprise cooperation in running schools, and tourism management major is one of the popular professional cooperative education, there has been various forms of cooperative education, both success and failure cases. Many scholars take in-depth research of the issues and come up with many innovative ideas. Currently, much tourism management major of higher colleges gradually embarked on the road of school-enterprise cooperation. This study is under the background of the booming Chinese tourism higher education, school-enterprises cooperation have continued deepen, from both theoretical and practical aspects have a deep thinking in tourism management professional school-enterprise cooperative education issues systems.

  15. Secondary Special Education Teachers as Teacher Leaders: Redefining Their Role (United States)

    Mulrine, Christopher F.; Huckvale, Manina Urgolo


    As the responsibilities and challenges of special education teachers at the secondary level increase, their roles are expanding to include mentor, coach, and facilitator for other teachers. In these roles, they lend their expertise and skills to become the new teacher leaders for today's inclusive secondary classroom settings.

  16. Teachers Helping Teachers: Reciprocal Peer Coaching. Focus On (United States)

    Rahal, Michelle Layer


    Wouldn't it be great if all your teachers were as good as your best? Teaching is often an isolated profession in which teachers work behind closed doors, doing their own thing. Peer coaching is a collaborative, ongoing process that can increase the effectiveness of all your teachers. This "Focus On" is designed to lead a faculty into the…

  17. Teacher Burnout and Job Satisfaction among Agricultural Education Teachers (United States)

    Chenevey, Jamie L.; Ewing, John C.; Whittington, M. Susie


    The demands on teachers both in and out of classrooms combined with increased budget cuts have led many to question the levels of job satisfaction and burnout among agricultural education teachers. The purpose of this study was to describe the occurrence of burnout and the level at which burnout exists among agricultural education teachers in…

  18. Disrupting Teacher Education (United States)

    Liu, Meredith


    Teachers are increasingly recognized as the most important in-school factor in student achievement, yet the quality of the country's K-12 teaching force is not up to snuff. Much of the blame has been placed on education schools, which have come under fire for failing to produce enough high-performing teachers. Both initial certification…

  19. Ways to Improve Lesson Planning: A Student Teacher Perspective (United States)

    Gafoor, K. Abdul; Umer Farooque, T. K.


    Learning to teach from practice lessons is at the core of student teacher preparation programs. But, there is no consensus regarding how to conduct this important aspect of pre-service teacher preparation. In view of the National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education 2010 (India), observation that existing teacher education take the school…

  20. News Teaching: The epiSTEMe project: KS3 maths and science improvement Field trip: Pupils learn physics in a stately home Conference: ShowPhysics welcomes fun in Europe Student numbers: Physics numbers increase in UK Tournament: Physics tournament travels to Singapore Particle physics: Hadron Collider sets new record Astronomy: Take your classroom into space Forthcoming Events (United States)


    Teaching: The epiSTEMe project: KS3 maths and science improvement Field trip: Pupils learn physics in a stately home Conference: ShowPhysics welcomes fun in Europe Student numbers: Physics numbers increase in UK Tournament: Physics tournament travels to Singapore Particle physics: Hadron Collider sets new record Astronomy: Take your classroom into space Forthcoming Events

  1. Bridging the language gap: Exploring science teachers' dual role as teachers of content and English literacy (United States)

    Arnold, Suzanne C.

    Responsibility for educating English language learners is increasingly falling on the shoulders of content specialists at the secondary level, as students are mainstreamed into classes. Therefore, providing these students an opportunity to achieve academic success depends largely on the quality of mainstream instruction (Cornell, 1995). Most teachers receive little or no preparation in how to work with English language learners. In my study, I address the instructional issues confronting three white, monolingual English-speaking middle school science teachers who must meet the demands of an increasing English language learner population. Specifically, this study explores teacher beliefs and enactment of reform-oriented science and sheltered instructional approaches to develop English language learners scientific and English literacy skills. I also explore the relationships that exist between these two dynamics in an effort to determine the extent to which teachers take on a dual role as teachers promoting English language and science proficiency. Using a participant observation case study method and my adaptation of Schwab's commonplaces heuristic, I analyzed the relationship between teacher beliefs, milieu, subject matter, and enactment in bridging the language gap in the science classroom for English language learners. The most noteworthy finding of this study was the significant role of milieu in enacting lessons that bridge the language gap and foster the development of English language learners science and English literacy skills. The findings suggest that greater attention be given to helping teachers establish a relationship-driven classroom milieu. You can provide all kinds of courses or professional learning experiences to improve teachers' instructional practices, but they must also recognize the importance of establishing relationships with their students; the coursework they take will not supplant the need to foster a warm and safe environment for all

  2. The Relative Importance of Selected Communication Skills for Adolescents' Interactions with Their Teachers: High School Teachers' Opinions. (United States)

    Reed, Vicki A.; Spicer, Lynette


    High school teachers (n=143) ranked 14 communication skills according to the perceived order of importance for Grade 10 adolescents' communication with them as teachers. Teachers tended to perceive skills associated with discourse management strategies as relatively more important than other skills. Science teachers ranked turn taking higher than…

  3. My teacher

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    @@ My name is Yanjiaai. I am 14 years old. I study in YuYing School. My Chinese teacher and English teacher is Miss Du, she is tall and thin, and she is very strict. My math teacher is Miss Zhang, she is short and strong, she is very strick too. But they are very nice, I love my teachers!

  4. The APSU 0.5m Telescope - A Hands-On Learning Environment for Secondary Teachers (United States)

    Allyn Smith, J.; Buckner, S. L.; Pirkle, S. F.


    Physical science teachers with hands-on experience are critical to secondary education learning. In "Before It’s Too Late," the U.S. Department of Education (2000) estimated "about 56% of high school students taking physical science are taught by out-of-field teachers." In Tennessee, the problem is even greater, while the demand is increasing. This project aims to address the shortage of well-prepared physics and astronomy teachers. Austin Peay State University has recently installed a 0.5m telescope with imaging and rudimentary spectroscopic capability. We are committed to working with the College of Education to bring secondary teachers in training and practicing secondary teachers to the telescope to experience basic operations and conduct small research projects. This is done via classes and summer workshops. We describe the program setup, expectations for the participants, learning outcomes, and the evaluation process.

  5. K-12 science education reform will take a decade, and community partnerships hold best hope for success

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Keever, J.R.


    Fundamental change in K-12 science education in the United States, essential for full citizenship in an increasingly technological world, will take a decade or more to accomplish, and only the sustained, cooperative efforts of people in their own communities -- scientists, teachers, and concerned citizens -- will likely ensure success. These were among the themes at Sigma Xi`s national K-12 science education forum.

  6. NEWEST teachers (United States)


    NEWEST, or NASA Educational Workshops for Elementary School Teachers, is a two-week honors program for teachers, sponsored by NASA, the National Science Teachers Association, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the International Technology Education-Association. A total of 25 teachers from the United States and U.S. State Department schools in Europe are chosen to work with NASA and other federal agency science and engineering professionals. Pictured, participants make hot air balloons as part of their activities.

  7. Teacher's Myers-Briggs Personality Profiles: Identifying Effective Teacher Personality Traits (United States)

    Rushton, Stephen; Morgan, Jackson; Richard, Michael


    The Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) and Beiderman Risk Taking (BRT) scale were administered to 58 teachers living in the state of Florida, USA. These teachers are considered part of prestigious group of educators who were nominated into the Florida League of Teachers by their superintendents/directors. Descriptive data includes frequency and…

  8. Taking the Stage

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    China’s musical theater market has yet to take shape for a homegrown repertoire to expand The past summer offered an interesting variety of musical performances. While the Chinese version of Mama Mia!,one of the most popular musicals in the world, tours China on a 200-performance run, homegrown musicals are also gaining ground.

  9. Take Three: Seasonal Flu

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts


    In this podcast, Dr. Joe Bresee describes how to keep from getting seasonal flu and spreading it to others by taking these three steps.  Created: 9/29/2010 by National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD).   Date Released: 9/29/2010.

  10. Reformer Takes French Reins

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    The painful reforms chosen by French voters to rejuvenate their sluggish economy have smoothed the way for Nicolas Sarkozy to take up France’s top political job.The 52-year-old leader of the ruling right-wing Union

  11. Taking the long view (United States)

    White, Patrick; Smith, Emma


    A new study of the long-term employment prospects of UK science and engineering students suggests that talk of a skills shortage is overblown, with most graduates in these disciplines taking jobs outside science. Researchers Patrick White and Emma Smith discuss their findings and what they mean for current physics students

  12. Take a Bow (United States)

    Spitzer, Greg; Ogurek, Douglas J.


    Performing-arts centers can provide benefits at the high school and collegiate levels, and administrators can take steps now to get the show started. When a new performing-arts center comes to town, local businesses profit. Events and performances draw visitors to the community. Ideally, a performing-arts center will play many roles: entertainment…

  13. Taking minutes of meetings

    CERN Document Server

    Gutmann, Joanna


    aking Minutes of Meetings guides you through the entire process behind minute taking: arranging the meeting; writing the agenda; creating the optimum environment; structuring the meeting and writing notes up accurately. The minute-taker is one of the most important and powerful people in a meeting and you can use this opportunity to develop your knowledge, broaden your horizons and build credibility within the organization. Taking Minutes of Meetings is an easy to read 'dip-in, dip-out' guide which shows you how to confidently arrange meetings and produce minutes. It provides hands-on advice about the sections of a meeting as well as tips on how to create an agenda, personal preparation, best practice advice on taking notes and how to improve your accuracy. Brand new chapters of this 4th edition include guidance on using technology to maximize effectiveness and practical help with taking minutes for a variety of different types of meetings. The creating success series of books... With over one million copi...

  14. Forest Field Trips among High School Science Teachers in the Southern Piedmont (United States)

    McCabe, Shannon M.; Munsell, John F.; Seiler, John R.


    Students benefit in many ways by taking field trips to forests. Improved academic performance, increased participation in outdoor recreation, and a better grasp of natural resources management are some of the advantages. However, trips are not easy for teachers to organize and lead. Declining budgets, on-campus schedules, and standards of learning…

  15. Examining Technology Perception of Social Studies Teachers with Rogers' Diffusion Model (United States)

    Akman, Özkan; Koçoglu, Erol


    Mobile learning has started to take place in education literature with the developing technology, and this technology started to have an increasing spread along with its advantages. This study examines the responses of social studies teachers to the innovations in the field of mobile learning. The study was designed within the framework of theory…

  16. Examination of the Teacher Candidates' Environmental Attitudes via NEP Scale in Terms of Different Variables (United States)

    Aydos, Emine Hande; Yagci, Esed


    In today's world, the importance of environment education that is one of the most important issues is increasing rapidly. In the basis of the education, families and teachers take role together. It is aimed to grow up individuals who have positive attitudes and are sensitive the environment at every level of education. In order to achieve this…

  17. Exploring the use of lesson study with six Canadian middle-school science teachers (United States)

    Bridges, Terry James

    , observing colleagues teach, time to collaborate, plan, and reflect, teaching the same lesson to two classes, more intentional teaching, and increasing social interactions. Teacher challenges included: teacher unfamiliarity with the students being taught, time spent taking part in lesson study, teachers in the role of observers, and impact of observers and videotaping on students and teachers during lesson enactments.

  18. Price increase

    CERN Multimedia


    Please take note that after five years of stable prices at Restaurant No 1 a price increase will come into force on 1st January 2006. This increase has been agreed after discussions between the CSR (Comité de Surveillance des Restaurants) and the catering company Novae and will reflect the inflation rate of the last few years. In addition, a new children's menu will be introduced, as well as 'Max Havelaar' fair-trade coffee at a price of 1.70 CHF.

  19. Price increase

    CERN Multimedia


    Please take note that after five years of stable prices at Restaurant No 1 a price increase will come into force on 1st January 2006. This increase has been agreed after discussions between the CSR (Comité de Surveillance des Restaurants) and the catering company Novae and will reflect the inflation rate of the last few years. In addition, a new children's menu will be introduced as well as 'Max Havelaar' fair-trade coffee at a price of 1.70 CHF.

  20. Taking a deep breath

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carlos Renato Zacharias


    be paid to language revision and reference citation. Together with its authors and readers, IJHDR contributes to the development of a kind of knowledge close to the borders of science. Therefore, to establish a valid scientific background, the articles must be clearly written, and based on sound assumptions. High-visibility for articles is a fundamental aspect desired by all authors. As an open and free access journal, IJHDR meets that condition, and we are planning to make our influence and visibility even wider. Inclusion in the major databases has paramount importance in the academic milieu, however, it should be considered as a consequence, rather than a goal. In 2013, IJHDR will chair a collaborative project with several research institutions aiming to deliver information everywhere, increasing the visibility of the published articles. Thus, now it is the time to take a deep breath, relax, and prepare you for the forthcoming work! See you in 2013!

  1. Exploration and Thinking of Part-time Teachers Construction in Tax System--Take Hubei Tax System as an example%税务系统兼职教师队伍建设的探索与思考--以湖北省国税系统为例

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    日前中共中央印发《干部教育培训工作条例》,提出要选聘思想政治素质过硬、实践经验丰富、理论水平较高的领导干部、企业经营管理人员、专家学者和先进模范人物、优秀基层干部等担任兼职教师,充分发挥兼职教师的作用。《2013-2017年全国干部教育培训规划》要求,2017年前市地级以下干部教育培训机构师资构成逐步过渡到以兼职教师为主。兼职教师在税务系统教育培训中所起的作用日渐凸显,如何建设一支政治思想过硬、理论基础扎实、税收业务精湛、实践经验丰富、热爱税收教育事业的兼职教师队伍,是摆在全国税务系统教育培训部门面前的一个重要课题和长期任务。对此,笔者根据自身兼职教师工作实践,以湖北国税为例,对税务系统兼职教师队伍现状、队伍建设管理中现存问题进行阐述,最后针对性地提出相应的对策建议。%Recently the CPC Central Committee issued "Cadre Education and Training Work", proposed to hiring strong ideological and political quality, practical experience, theoretical high level leading cadres, business managers, experts and advanced models, outstanding grassroots cadres as part-time teachers, give full play to the role of part-time teachers."2013--2017 National Cadre Education and Training Plan"requirement, the following cadres 2017 by Municipal teacher education and training institutions constitute gradual transition to part-time teachers based. Part-time teachers in the tax system of edu-cation and training in the increasingly prominent role, how to build a strong political thinking, a solid theoretical foundation, tax business skills, practical experience, love tax education part-time teachers, is placed in the national tax system an im-portant topic of education and training sector in front of and long-term task. In this regard, the author works part-time tea-chers according to their

  2. Competition for Private and State School Teachers (United States)

    Green, Francis; Machin, Stephen; Murphy, Richard; Zhu, Yu


    We analyse the role of private schools in the teachers' labour market. Private schools employ an increasingly-disproportionate share of teachers in Britain, relative to the number of their pupils. Their teachers are more likely than state school teachers to possess post-graduate qualifications, and to be specialists in shortage subjects.…

  3. Aviation Expo Taking off

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Liu Xinwen; Bai Yifeng


    @@ The 12nd Beijing Aviation Expo(Aviation Expo/China 2007) was held this September 19-22 at the China International Exhibition Center.Beijing Aviation Expo is the ONLY aviation exhibition (Civil & Military,including Airport & Air Traffic Control) organized in Beijing,taking place every two years.It is also the most influential aviation exhibition with the longest history in China.

  4. Perspective Taking in Workplaces

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zappalà Salvatore


    Full Text Available Workplaces are often described as places in which individuals are motivated by their self-interests and in which negative events like time pressure, anxiety, conflict with co-workers, miscomprehensions, difficulties in solving problems, not-transmitted or not-exchanged information that lead to mistakes, and in some cases to injuries, stress or control, are part of everyday life (Dormann & Zapf, 2002; Schabracq, Winnubst and Cooper, 2003. Such situations are often the result of the limited comprehension of needs, skills, or information available to colleagues, supervisors, subordinates, clients or providers. However, workplaces are also places in which employees take care of clients, support colleagues and subordinates (Rhoades & Eisenberger, 2002, are enthusiastic about their job (Bakker et al., 2008, are motivated by leaders that encourage employees to transcend their own self-interests for the good of the group or the organization and provide them with the confidence to perform beyond expectations (Bass, 1997. Thus positive relationships at work are becoming a new interdisciplinary domain of inquiry (Dutton & Ragins, 2006. Within this positive relationships framework, in this paper we focus on a positive component of workplaces, and particularly on an individual cognitive and emotional process that has an important role in the workplace because it facilitates interpersonal relations and communications: it is the perspective taking process. In order to describe perspective taking, we will refer to some empirical studies and particularly to the review published by Parker, Atkins and Axtell in 2008 on the International Review of Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

  5. Teacher Inequality

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andrew J. Wayne


    Full Text Available When discussing the teacher quality gap, policy makers have tended to focus on teacher certification, degrees, and experience. These indicators have become key benchmarks for progress toward equality of educational opportunity, in part for lack of additional teacher quality indicators. This article turns attention to teachers' academic skills. National data on teachers' entrance examination scores and college selectivity reveal substantial disparities by school poverty level. The findings commend attention to the gap in academic skills in the formulation of future policy and research on the teacher quality gap.

  6. The Math teachers know

    CERN Document Server

    Davis, Brent


    What sorts of mathematics competencies must teachers have in order to teach the discipline well? This book offers a novel take on the question. Most research is focused on explicit knowledge-that is, on the sorts of insights that might be specified, catalogued, taught, and tested. In contrast, this book focuses on the tacit dimensions of teachers' mathematics knowledge that precede and enable their competencies with formal mathematics. It highlights the complexity of this knowledge and offers strategies to uncover it, analyze it, and re-synthesize it in ways that will make it more available

  7. Primary school class teacher's assignments and how teachers are qualified for this role



    The majority of primary school teachers in their careers take a complex role of the class teacher that is defined by a number of laws and by-laws. Class teachers are required to perform pedagogical, administrative and organizational tasks for which they spend more or less time. Pupils and their parents, teaching staff and the principal expect a lot from the class teacher. For this reason, the class teacher needs help in carrying out the tasks. The role of the class teacher requires a lot of t...

  8. Qualifying online teachers

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Levinsen, Karin


    Worldwide there is an increasing demand for educational institutions to offer part of their educations online and mixed mode. For institutions to comply with these demands, it is necessary to prepare teachers (and other members of the staff), to fulfil their responsibilities within the virtual...... environment. Teachers must be able to organize their courses pedagogically according to different conditions, i.e., subject domains, group sizes, variations within communication and interaction. Teachers must acquire knowledge and skills in handling Information and Communication Techniques (ICT) as well....... These problems concern how teachers function satisfactory as mediators and coaches in collaborative, knowledge sharing virtual environments. For example, how teachers support their students in becoming online-students and how they facilitate complex discussions on difficult topics. This is a big challenge...

  9. What Does It Take to Teach Online? (United States)

    Hauck, Mirjam; Stickler, Ursula


    Increasingly, fundamental questions are being asked of online language learning: In what ways can online teaching benefit the language learner most? How can online environments be designed, or redesigned, to suit the purposes of language learners? Finally, what does the language teacher need to know to become a successful online tutor? In other…

  10. Using Mobile Devices to Connect Teachers and Museum Educators (United States)

    Delen, Ibrahim; Krajcik, Joseph


    The use of mobile devices is increasing rapidly as a potential tool for science teaching. In this study, five educators (three middle school teachers and two museum educators) used a mobile application that supported the development of a driving question. Previous studies have noted that teachers make little effort to connect learning experiences between classrooms and museums, and few studies have focused on creating connections between teachers and museum educators. In this study, teachers and museum educators created an investigation together by designing a driving question in conjunction with the research group before field trips. During field trips, students collected their own data using iPods or iPads to take pictures or record videos of the exhibits. When students returned to the school, they used the museum data with their peers as they tried to answer the driving question. After completing the field trips, five educators were interviewed to investigate their experiences with designing driving questions and using mobile devices. Besides supporting students in data collection during the field trip, using mobile devices helped teachers to get the museum back to the classroom. Designing the driving question supported museum educators and teachers to plan the field trip collaboratively.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eyvind Elstad


    Full Text Available Teacher-training programmes at the universities should be at the level of and ideally ahead of developments in the schools. When both teaching organisations and the authorities place an emphasis on efforts towards increased professionalism in the work of the teacher, it is reasonable to ask how the teacher-training programmes at the universities can and should respond.  This is taking place at a time when new management systems are being put in place within the education sector.  The purposes of this article are to place the questions relating to efforts towards increased professionalism within a theoretical framework and to use this framework to discuss challenges faced by the teacher-training programmes at the universities in particular. The theoretical framework consists of four competing visions for influence in terms of the school’s activities: professionalism, administrative management of the school sector, school democracy and marketisation. I will use this theoretical framework to discuss the possibilities and limitations for efforts towards increased professionalism and their consequences for teacher-training institutions. The solutions to the conflicts between these visions suggest that it is rational to look for a balance between several positive but partially contradictory intentions.  The efforts towards increased professionalism have consequences both for student teachers and for established teachers, whilst tools for assessing teachers and making them accountable also have deep implications for teacher training.  The manner in which these tools will be used will have consequences for the competitive situation between schools.  Product development will be important in this perspective, which means a need to develop innovation skills within the teacher’s field of work. The conclusion must be that efforts towards increased professionalism based on tools for increasing responsibility and work assessment provides the teacher

  12. On the prevention of social emergency in colleges——Take the teacher-student relationship crisis as the perspective%论高校社会性突发事件的预防——以师生关系危机为视角

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王丽英; 李艳


    十月本应是收获的季节,但2008年的十月使中国传统师生关系的和谐遭到前所未有的破坏和减损。接连三起发生的"弑师案"是校园暴力的极端表现形式,是学校社会性突发事件的一种。学校管理者乃至全社会在重视强调灾变性突发事件的预防和应对机制的同时,对校园暴力等高校社会性突发事件应予足够的重视。文中以高校社会性突发事件为背景,以高校师生关系危机为视角,分析当前中国高校师生关系危机产生的原因及其表现形式,提出预防和应对高校师生关系危机的方法和措施。%October should be the harvest season,but in October 2008,the harmony of Chinese traditional teacherstudent relationship has been an unprecedented destruction and impairment.Three "teacher murder crime" occur one after another is the extreme manifestations of campus violence,which is also one kind of the school sociality thunderbolt.The school administrators and even the entire society are emphasizing the importance of catastrophic emergency prevention and response mechanisms,at the same time,they also should pay enough attention to the university sociality thunderbolts such as the campus violence and so on.This article takes the university sociality thunderbolt as a background,takes the university teacher-student relationship crisis as the angle of view,to analysis the reason and the manifestation of teacherstudent relationship crisis,in order to proposes measures to prevent and respond to the crisis in university teacherstudent relationship.

  13. New Teacher Functions in Cyberspace

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Buhl, Mie


    Information technology allows the education system to do its job in new ways.  Conceptions of what it means to be educated are changing both for teachers and for students.  A teacher's professional duties are not limited to acting as a disseminator of knowledge and facilitating learning processes...... into other positions.  Information technology exposes the teacher's performative choice in how teachers act in certain situations, which intensifies reflexivity.  This article is about how teachers must meet increasing expectations to perform on the premises of mass media and how this displaces the premises...

  14. Taking steps to increase the trustworthiness of scientific research. (United States)

    Yarborough, Mark


    To enjoy the public's trust, the research community must first be clear about what it is expected to do and then avoid the incidents that prevent it from meeting those expectations. Among other things, there are expectations that published scientific results will be reliable, that research has the potential to contribute to the common good, and that research will be conducted ethically. Consequently, the scientific community needs to avoid lapses that prevent it from meeting these three expectations. This requires a strong commitment to trustworthy research practices, as well as mechanisms that diminish lapses that inevitably occur in complex endeavors such as scientific research. The author presents a model to assess the strength of commitment to trustworthy research and explores proven quality assurance mechanisms that can diminish lapses in research injurious to the public's trust. Some mechanisms identify in advance ways that things can go wrong so that steps can be taken to prevent them from going wrong in the first place. Other mechanisms investigate past errors or near misses to discover their causes so that they can be addressed to avoid similar future instances. The author explains why such methods are useful to efforts to promote research worthy of the public's trust.

  15. Reflections of Preservice Information Technology Teachers Regarding Cyberbullying

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yavuz Akbulut


    Full Text Available The current phenomenological study addressed the reflections of preservice information technology (IT teachers regarding their cyberbullying or victimization experiences. Fifty five preservice IT teachers at a Turkish teacher training institution were offered a lecture with the purpose of awareness-raising on cyberbullying, which was followed by the assignment of take-home reflection papers. Document analysis on reflection papers led researchers to find out underlying themes regarding participants’ cyberbullying or victimization experiences. Findings revealed that females were more likely to be victims than males. Instant messaging programs, e-mail, cell phones and online social networks were used as means to cyberbully. Varying psychological consequences of victimization incidents were reported. Noted reactions to incidents were discontinuing interaction with bullies, and seeking family, peer and legal support. Findings further implied that awareness raising activities regarding cyberbullying were likely to reduce cyberbullying instances and increase preservice teachers’ action competence.

  16. Teachers and the foundations of intercultural interaction (United States)

    Günay, Oya


    With the effects of globalisation, the number of people exposed to intercultural interaction has increased significantly. One of the most affected sectors is education. In parallel to the increase in numbers of students going abroad for tertiary education, primary and secondary education classes have also become culturally and religiously more diverse, mainly due to the effects of migration. With the increase in cultural diversity among their students, teachers find themselves facing new challenges. In order to be able to effectively encourage cultural exchange and intercultural dialogue, teachers need to cultivate their own intercultural competence. However, instead of directly jumping to the end result, this paper focuses on the very foundations of any intercultural interaction, namely self-awareness - of one's own normative settings -, acceptance of the equality of different cultural approaches, and strategies for how these can be transformed into personal attributes. The author highlights the importance of the internalisation of a belief in order to be able to reflect it in one's behaviour and convey to others the sense that they are genuinely accepted as they are. Self-Determination Theory (SDT) provides important insights into how and under which conditions internalisation can take place. Combining the insights gained from SDT with questioning techniques used by coaching experts, the author drafts a set of self-assessment questions which aim to help teachers reflect on the foundations of their intercultural interactions, gauge their level of internalisation and define the areas they have to focus on in order to cultivate their intercultural competence.

  17. Taking Design Games Seriously

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Eriksen, Mette Agger; Brandt, Eva; Mattelmäki, Tuuli;


    Using design games at Participatory Design (PD) events is well acknowledged as a fruitful way of staging participation. As PD researchers, we have many such experiences, and we have argued that design games connect participants and promote equalizing power relations. However, in this paper, we...... will (self) critically re-connect and reflect on how people (humans) and materials (non-humans) continually participate and intertwine in various power relations in design game situations. The analysis is of detailed situated actions with one of our recent games, UrbanTransition. Core concepts mainly from...... Bruno Latour’s work on Actor-Network-Theory are applied. The aim is to take design games seriously by e.g. exploring how assemblages of humans and non-humans are intertwined in tacitly-but-tactically staging participation, and opening up for or hindering negotiations and decision-making, thus starting...

  18. Risk-taking plants (United States)

    Sade, Nir; Gebremedhin, Alem; Moshelion, Menachem


    Water scarcity is a critical limitation for agricultural systems. Two different water management strategies have evolved in plants: an isohydric strategy and an anisohydric strategy. Isohydric plants maintain a constant midday leaf water potential (Ψleaf) when water is abundant, as well as under drought conditions, by reducing stomatal conductance as necessary to limit transpiration. Anisohydric plants have more variable Ψleaf and keep their stomata open and photosynthetic rates high for longer periods, even in the presence of decreasing leaf water potential. This risk-taking behavior of anisohydric plants might be beneficial when water is abundant, as well as under moderately stressful conditions. However, under conditions of intense drought, this behavior might endanger the plant. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these two water-usage strategies and their effects on the plant’s ability to tolerate abiotic and biotic stress. The involvement of plant tonoplast AQPs in this process will also be discussed. PMID:22751307

  19. Teacher expertise

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rasmussen, Jens

    . The question is how teacher preparation leads to effective teachers. The study Expert in Teaching paid special attention to the intention of connecting coursework more directly to practice in pre-service teacher education. The overall objective of the study was to strengthen the relationship between theory...... and practice through development of better models for bridging the teaching at college and the internship teaching. The study was a longitudinal research and development project that followed teacher students during their first three years of a four year teacher education program after the teacher education...... between college and practice teaching. These actions were evaluated in relation to a two-dimensional framework of criteria for teacher expertise. One dimension consists of three different knowledge forms (scientific, professional, and practice knowledge), the other in the goals set in the national...

  20. Cable TV: Bringing Home Native Speaker to Increase Listening Comprehension of the Students of English Education Department Teacher Training and Education Faculty Muria Kudus University

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rismiyanto Nuraeningsih


    Full Text Available This study investigated the use of cable TV to increase listening comprehension of the students of English education department of Muria Kudus University. The aims were to find out: (1 the listening comprehension achievement of the students taught by using cable TV, (2 the students’ response towards the teaching of listening comprehension class by using cable TV, and (3 the students’ difficulties when being involved in the listening class taught by using cable TV are. A classroom action research was conducted with three cycles. The data was collected by using test, observation checklist, & a questionnaire. The subject consisted of 29 students joining Advanced Listening class. The findings show that: (a The listening comprehension achievement of the students taught by using cable TV in cycle I, II, & III is fair, (b The students have enthusiasm and seriousness and motivation in joining the class in all cycles, (c In cycle III the students’ difficulties when being involved in the listening comprehension class taught by using cable TV are more and more decreasing. Keywords: Cable TV, Listening Comprehension

  1. Happy to be taking part?

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    M.H. Kwekkeboom; C.M.C. van Weert


    Original title: Meedoen en gelukkig zijn. 'Taking part': that is the central plank of Dutch government policy for people with disabilities. But what exactly does 'taking part' mean, and what is needed to ensure that people are willing or able to take part? Does taking part make people happier?. Doe

  2. Teacher,Entertain Us!

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Sometimes,foreign teachers struggle to find a unique voice in the Chinese classroom.They want to help as much as they can and pass along a beneficial skill or language,occasionally one we feel our own country might take for granted.However,when faced with students’requests for classroom"entertain- ment"that seems trivial and/or childish, our first impulse is to dismiss and move on. The truth of the matter is that this student


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Christine C.M. Goh


    Full Text Available Abstract: The impact of globalization is experienced most strongly in business and commerce but also increasingly in education. As a result, some scholars have called for a re-envisioning of the role of teachers to model what it means to be a global citizen. In this paper, I acknowledge the need for ESL/EFL teachers to re-examine their identity and roles in light of these global developments. At the same time, I argue that teachers should not lose sight of the importance of honing the craft of teaching English so as to increase their professional capital to mediate the impact of globalization for their students. This article first discusses the changing roles of teachers in a globalized world and highlights the implications for English language teaching and learning.  The ideas are further related to teaching second language oracy (speaking and listening because of its centrality in developing important 21st Century skills in the globalized world. The article also offers ways in which teacher education that takes cognizance of globalization forces can develop ESL/ EFL teachers’ knowledge and beliefs to play their new roles more effectively.

  4. Raising the Bar: Aligning and Elevating Teacher Preparation and the Teaching Profession. A Report of the American Federation of Teachers Teacher Preparation Task Force (United States)

    American Federation of Teachers (NJ), 2012


    The American Federation of Teachers Teacher Preparation Task Force was established to examine the research on what works and what does not work in the field of teacher preparation as a basis for making policy recommendations. Just as important, the task force considered how best to implement such policy recommendations in a way that takes into…

  5. Understanding Teacher Effectiveness: Providing Feedback to Teacher Preparation Programs. Data for Action 2014 (United States)

    Data Quality Campaign, 2014


    State leaders are increasingly focused on improving college and university programs that prepare teachers as a route to a high-quality teacher workforce. This work requires significant data capacity to reliably and securely link teachers with their students' achievement and growth data with the state's teacher preparation programs. This fact sheet…

  6. Supplying Disadvantaged Schools with Effective Teachers: Experimental Evidence on Secondary Math Teachers from Teach For America (United States)

    Chiang, Hanley S.; Clark, Melissa A.; McConnell, Sheena


    Teach For America (TFA) is an important but controversial source of teachers for hard-to-staff subjects in high-poverty U.S. schools. We present findings from the first large-scale experimental study of secondary math teachers from TFA. We find that TFA teachers are more effective than other math teachers in the same schools, increasing student…

  7. The Relationship between Learning Effectiveness, Teacher Competence and Teachers Performance Madrasah Tsanawiyah at Serang, Banten, Indonesia (United States)

    Rahmatullah, Mamat


    In this study, the problem is limited factors relating to the learning effectiveness and teacher competence in improving the teacher performance. Therefore, this study will try to get explanations from some main issues which include the learning effectiveness issue, and teacher competence to increase teacher performance in Madrasah Tsanawiyah at…

  8. Taking Care of Yourself (United States)

    ... risk of falls. Some evidence also suggests that exercise may directly benefit brain cells by increasing blood and oxygen flow. ... increase your brain activity. Some types of mental exercises may have the added benefit of connecting you with others socially, which also ...

  9. The Impact of a Community College Teacher Education Program on the Success Rate of Minority Teacher Certification Students (United States)

    Perkins, Britine Lynee


    The relationship between the mission of community colleges and the increasing teacher shortage has become more transparent as many community colleges have implemented teacher education programs to address community needs, the shortage of qualified teachers, and the lack of diversity among teachers. As the community college's teacher education role…

  10. Reflection on Increasing Work Efficiency of Teachers' Representative Congress in Universities%关于加强高校教代会工作效能的思考

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    As a special institutional arrangement for internal governance of Chinese public universities, the system of teachers’ representative congress in universities has played important roles in improving universities’ major decisions, safeguarding legitimate rights and interests of faculty members, promoting democratic management of universities and enabling faculty members to act as masters. However, incomplete institutions, inadequate performance of authorities and poor execution of roles lead to low work effi ciency of teachers’ representative congress. Meanwhile, faculty members’ enthusiasm about joining the congress and their recognition of the congress as its subjects are also impacted. Hence, it is of great realistic signifi cance for facilitating institutional construction of modern universities aiming to improve the system of the congress and deeply promote the scientifi c democracy by increasing work effi ciency of teachers’ representative congress in universities.%高校教代会制度作为我国公立高校内部治理的一种特殊制度安排,在30多年的实际运行过程中,在完善学校重大决策、维护教职工合法权益、推进高校民主管理、落实教职工的主人翁地位等方面发挥了重要作用。但由于制度尚不健全,职权不够落实,作用发挥不够充分等原因,导致教代会工作效能不高,同时也影响了作为教代会主体的教职工参与教代会的积极性和对教代会的认可度。因此加强高校教代会工作效能建设对促进教代会制度的完善和发展,深入推进以科学民主为核心的现代大学制度建设具有重要的现实意义。

  11. Preparing Spiritual Leaders: One Teacher Takes on the Challenge (United States)

    Rogers, Judy L.


    In this article, the author shares the anxiety she first felt when she learned that she will be teaching a course on the spiritual dimensions of leadership. She was afraid of the fact that she would be going to give up a lot of control when she starts this course. Unlike teaching organization theory, where the boundaries seem clear and tidy,…

  12. Strawberry Square II: Take Time Song Book. 33 Lessons in the Arts to Help Children Take Time with Life. (United States)

    Larson, Tom, Comp.

    Designed to accompany a series of telelessons to stimulate art activities in grades 2 and 3, this songbook correlates with activities in the teacher's guide. Titles of songs included in this book are: Take Time; The Frog's Flute; Howjido; 59th Street Bridge Song; The Put-Togetherer; Good Morning Starshine; Let the Sunshine In; Elephant Song; Spin…

  13. Constructing Outcomes in Teacher Education

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marilyn Cochran-Smith


    Full Text Available As we enter the twenty-first century, the outcomes, consequences, and results of teacher education have become critical topics in nearly all of the state and national policy debates about teacher preparation and licensure as well as in the development of many of the privately and publicly funded research agendas related to teacher and student learning. In this article, I argue that teacher education reform over the last fifty years has been driven by a series of questions about policy and practice. The question that is currently driving reform and policy in teacher education is what I refer to as "the outcomes question." This question asks how we should conceptualize and define the outcomes of teacher education for teacher learning, professional practice, and student learning, as well as how, by whom, and for what purposes these outcomes should be documented, demonstrated, and/or measured. In this article, I suggest that the outcomes question in teacher education is being conceptualized and constructed in quite different ways depending on the policy, research, and practice contexts in which the question is posed as well as on the political and professional motives of the posers. The article begins with an overview of the policy context, including those reforms and initiatives that have most influenced how outcomes are currently being constructed, debated, and enacted in teacher education. Then I identify and analyze three major "takes" on the outcomes question in teacher education—outcomes as the long-term or general impacts of teacher education, outcomes as teacher candidates' scores on high stakes teacher tests, and outcomes as the professional performances of teacher candidates, particularly their demonstrated ability to influence student learning. For each of these approaches to outcomes, I examine underlying assumptions about teaching and schooling, the evidence and criteria used for evaluation, units of analysis, and consequences for the

  14. Examination of the Teacher Candidates' Environmental Attitudes via New Environmental Paradigm (NEP) Scale in Terms of Different Variables (United States)

    Aydos, Emine Hande; Yagci, Esed


    In today's world, the importance of environment education that is one of the most important issues is increasing rapidly. In the basis of the education, families and teachers take role together. It is aimed to grow up individuals who have positive attitudes and are sensitive the environment at every level of education. In order to achieve this…

  15. The relationship between teacher responsiveness and the engagement of children with aggressive behavior in preschool : A systematic literature review from 2000-2016


    Papadopoulou, Vasiliki


    The importance of aggressive behavior in preschool ages can be seen from the serious impact it has later in children's lives if a suitable change will not take place. the number of children with behavioral rpoblems in preschool are increasing with a great amount of teachers admitting that they are insufficiently prepared to manage it. The aim of this systematic literature review is to examine the evidence of teacher responsiveness affecting child engagement, with specific focus on children fr...

  16. PCB's take a stroll

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. Castillo Rodríguez


    Full Text Available Human exposure to bioaccumulable organochlorine compounds is a reality, not only because of the known presence in tissues of the residue of historic contaminants such as DDT and other pesticides, but also because of the risk of current exposure to compounds still in use, such as lindane, endosulphan and polychlorinated biphenyls or PCBs, among others. The case of the PCBs is of particular importance. Although their production was prohibited due to their hazardous nature, persistence and environmental toxicity, a large number of equipments that contain considerable volumes of PCBs continue functioning. These equipments will reach the residual stage in the next few years, if not already, so that their correct disposal is necessary to avoid their release into the environment. A National Plan for the decontamination and elimination of polychlorobiphenyls (PCBs, polychloroterphenyls (PCTs and the equipments that contain them was launched in Spain in 2001. This plan must be implemented taking full account of the possible effects of PBCs on the environment and human health and with the knowledge of those responsible for public health.

  17. Taking the plunge

    CERN Multimedia


    On 8 and 15 October, 58 people took the plunge and headed to the Varembé swimming pool in Geneva for their first taste of scuba diving at one of the CERN scuba club’s free trial dives. Club president Alberto Pace, left, taking a new recruit on his first dive. The CERN scuba club was making waves down at the Varembe swimming pool on Wednesday 15 October. Thirty-six people turned up to the club’s second free trial dive. "It was fantastic," said Jörg, one of the new recruits, after his first ever dive. "I’ve always wanted to try diving and this was a free lesson, so I thought I would come and have a go." Fourteen of the club’s fully qualified instructors were there to give one-on-one tuition. After a first dive in the normal pool the new divers moved into the deep pool. Some took to the water like fish, and at one point an impromptu game of aqua-Frisbee broke out, five metres below the surface. Richard Catherall, who organi...

  18. Taking Care of Time

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cortney Davis


    Full Text Available So take good care of time, therefore and how you spend it. -from " The Cloud of Unknowing"Yesterday it was a thousand small coinsringing in your pocket, your hand dipping in, scooping threeat a time, giving them away. Often you'd drop onein the lush grass, unaware it was lost.Spent, tarnished, it is irretrievable.Today time comes to you in a different disguise:a bold of fine silk, vermillion or blue, you measure itlike a woman preparing to sew.Tomorrow, watch out, it comes as something else-thunderstorm, slant rain, February blizzard that drives you inside.Insomniac, you pace and cursethe blue glow of television, computer screen, radio.Soon enough, time will come to you as you were once,newly born and difficult to recognize. You could mistake itfor an elderly coughing man or a woman overrun with disease.Do not stop your ears against its cry.It will ask you to return any small change.It will say, cherish every moment under the leaden sky.

  19. Using our Heads and HARTSS*: Developing Perspective-Taking Skills for Socioscientific Reasoning (*Humanities, ARTs, and Social Sciences) (United States)

    Kahn, Sami; Zeidler, Dana L.


    Functional scientific literacy demands an informed citizenry capable of negotiating controversial socioscientific issues (SSI). Perspective taking is critical to SSI implementation as it enables understanding of the diverse cognitive and emotional perspectives of others. Science teacher educators must therefore facilitate teachers' promotion of classroom environments that value diverse perspectives. The purpose of this theoretical paper is to propose the HARTSS model through which successful practices that promote perspective taking in the humanities, arts, and social sciences are identified and translated into socioscientific contexts, thereby developing an array of promising interventions designed for science teacher educators to foster perspective taking in current and future science teachers and their students.

  20. The Future of Instructional Teacher Leader Roles (United States)

    Mangin, Melinda M.; Stoelinga, Sara Ray


    In response to increased performance expectations, schools and districts are turning to nonsupervisory, school-based, instructional teacher leader roles to help improve teachers' instruction and enhance student learning. Increased opportunities to learn about teacher leadership may facilitate the implementation and institutionalization of…

  1. Teachers' Preferences to Teach Underserved Students (United States)

    Ronfeldt, Matthew; Kwok, Andrew; Reininger, Michelle


    To increase the supply of teachers into underserved schools, teacher educators and policymakers commonly use two approaches: (a) recruit individuals who already report strong preferences to work in underserved schools or (b) design pre-service preparation to increase preferences. Using survey and administrative data on more than 1,000 teachers in…

  2. Teacher MA Attainment Rates, 1970-2000 (United States)

    Larsen, S. Eric


    The share of female teachers in the U.S. with an MA more than doubled between 1970 and 2000. This increase is puzzling, as it is much larger than that of other college-educated women, and it occurred over a period of declining teacher aptitude. I estimate the contribution of changes in teacher demographic characteristics, increases in the returns…

  3. 美国全国教师资格考试制度探析——以NTE和Praxis Series为例%An Analysis on National Teacher Examination system in the United States——Taking "National Teacher Examinations" and Praxis Series as Examples

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    黄建辉; 洪明


    美国教师资格考试制度经历了从低标准到严要求、从分散独立到统一标准、从重视书本知识到关注教学实践能力的一个发展过程.以美国教育考试服务中心研发的两套全国统一的教师资格考试方案——“全国教师考试”(National Teacher Examinations)和“普瑞克西斯考试系列”(Praxis Series)为例,深入分析美国全国性教师资格考试制度发展过程及特点,对反思和推进当前我国教师资格考试制度改革具有重要的借鉴和参考意义.

  4. Activity Theory and Language Teacher Agency (United States)

    Feryok, Anne


    This article takes a broadly sociocultural perspective on the development of an Armenian English as a foreign language (EFL) teacher. It focuses on how experiences and actions outside the professional development classroom influence language teacher agency. The paper is framed within activity theory and specifically draws on Galperin's orienting…

  5. The Promising Syllabus Enacted: One Teacher's Experience (United States)

    Hirsch, Christine Courtade


    The purpose of this report is to describe a rationale and strategies for use of the Promising Syllabus (in Bain, 2004, What the best college teachers do). This syllabus reflects the learner-centered paradigm where students take charge of their own learning. The syllabus creates a series of promises between teacher and student, focusing on a…

  6. Teachers Avoiding Learners' Avoidance: Is It Possible? (United States)

    Tadayyon, Maedeh; Zarrinabadi, Nourollah; Ketabi, Saeed


    Dealing with learners who prefer to take the back seat and avoid classroom participation can be every teacher's nightmare. This lack of participation may cause teacher frustration, and possibly the only way to reduce this lack of participation is to access the concept of avoidance strategy. Avoidance strategy is the abandonment of a classroom task…

  7. Teachers' Attitudes toward Mobile Learning in Korea (United States)

    Baek, Youngkyun; Zhang, Hui; Yun, Seongchul


    Mobile devices have become ubiquitous, and their uses are various. In schools, many discussions about mobile devices are ongoing as more and more teachers are adopting the technology for use in their classrooms. Teachers' attitudes toward mobile learning takes an important role in initiating its usage in schools. This study aims to investigate the…

  8. Changes in the training of teachers (United States)

    Bone, Tom R.


    The worldwide changes in the role of the teacher have obvious implications for their training, at both the pre-service and in-service levels. This article focuses first on the increase in the external control of training institutions, whether directly by governments or less directly through agencies which represent the views of the schools, the teaching profession and the employers. Examples are taken from the United Kingdom, with some analysis of the influence of the Council for National Academic Awards, the General Teaching Council for Scotland, and the Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education, but the issues dealt with, such as standards in training, are of general interest. The nature of the changes that are being made in training are then examined. Some relate to preparing teachers to meet the requirements of new curricula in the schools. Others are more concerned with the ways in which the training itself is becoming more integrated, more immediately relevant, and more professional. Two current needs are referred to: one for the trainers to help teachers relate more closely to the work of other agencies in society; and the other for them to take more account of the multicultural nature of the communities they serve. Finally, the author turns to what he regards as the greatest problem facing the training institutions today — the need for the development of their own staff. In the Third World countries the need is for trainers who are themselves better educated, more experienced and more skilled in helping teachers meet the challenges of nonformal education as well as those of the classroom. In the industrialized West restrictive personnel policies have left institutions with staff who are well qualified but middle-aged and personally inexperienced in facing the demands of a changed situation in the schools. The need for a staff development policy for institutions is urged.

  9. Are Boys Better Off with Male and Girls with Female Teachers? A Multilevel Investigation of Measurement Invariance and Gender Match in Teacher-Student Relationship Quality (United States)

    Spilt, Jantine L.; Koomen, Helma M. Y.; Jak, Suzanne


    Although research consistently points to poorer teacher-student relationships for boys than girls, there are no studies that take into account the effects of teacher gender and control for possible measurement non-invariance across student and teacher gender. This study addressed both issues. The sample included 649 primary school teachers (182…

  10. Sexual risk taking behaviour

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Buttmann, Nina; Nielsen, Ann; Munk, Christian


    Sexual habits and risky sexual behaviour strongly affect public health. Available data indicate that sexually transmitted infections are increasing in many EU countries. Changes in the epidemiology of sexually transmitted diseases across Europe are among other factors suggested to be driven...

  11. Taking the time

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Edith de Meester; Saskia Keuzenkamp


    Original title: Verlof vragen. De behoefte aan en het gebruik van verlofregelingen The increased labour participation rate of women and the rise in the share of care tasks assumed by men means that more and more people in the Netherlands are combining paid work with providing care. Women, in partic

  12. Online Sourcing - Take Precautions

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    With trade of over $100 billion in 2009, the importance of China and Africa bilateral exchanges are growing daily. This blooming relationship increases the need of understanding the ways of doing business.This regular column will provide a practical insight of doing business in China, including tips and advice based on experience.

  13. Student Teachers and Classroom Management: The Development of Strategies (United States)

    Prince, Courtney Dionne


    This study of four preservice teachers was designed to answer the question of what preservice teachers describe as their views and experiences with classroom management during the student teaching experience. This is a question of importance to educators as successful learning in the classroom will not take place if a teacher is unable to utilize…

  14. Promoting versatililty in mentor teachers' use of supervisory skills

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Crasborn, Frank; Hennissen, Paul; Brouwer, Niels; Korthagen, Fred; Bergen, Theo


    Mentor teachers need a versatile supervisory skills repertoire. Besides taking the prevalent role of daily advisor and instructor, mentor teachers should also be able to stimulate reflection in student teachers. Video recordings were analyzed of 60 mentoring dialogues, both before and after a mentor

  15. Building Strong Teacher-Student Relationships in Pluralistic Music Classrooms (United States)

    Gurgel, Ruth


    A positive teacher-student relationship is a critical component of an engaging climate in pluralistic music classrooms. This article defines and gives examples of five strategies for building positive, cross-cultural teacher-student relationships. Teachers who take responsibility for developing these relationships begin by becoming culturally…

  16. Didactic Dissonance: Teacher Roles in Computer Gaming Situations in Kindergartens (United States)

    Vangsnes, Vigdis; Økland, Nils Tore Gram


    In computer gaming situations in kindergartens, the pre-school teacher's function can be viewed in a continuum. At one extreme is the teacher who takes an intervening role and at the other extreme is the teacher who chooses to restrict herself/himself to an organising or distal role. This study shows that both the intervening position and the…

  17. The Impact of Facebook in Teaching Practicum: Teacher Trainees' Perspectives (United States)

    Goktalay, Sehnaz Baltaci


    Prompt feedback is one of the critical components of teacher education programs. To reap the greatest benefit from the teaching practicum process, the quality of feedback as well as its implementation by stakeholders, supervisors, cooperating teachers, and teacher trainees, takes on great importance. The purpose of this study is to examine how Web…

  18. Taking centre stage... (United States)


    HAMLET (Highly Automated Multimedia Light Enhanced Theatre) was the star performance at the recent finals of the `Young Engineer for Britain' competition, held at the Commonwealth Institute in London. This state-of-the-art computer-controlled theatre lighting system won the title `Young Engineers for Britain 1998' for David Kelnar, Jonathan Scott, Ramsay Waller and John Wyllie (all aged 16) from Merchiston Castle School, Edinburgh. HAMLET replaces conventional manually-operated controls with a special computer program, and should find use in the thousands of small theatres, schools and amateur drama productions that operate with limited resources and without specialist expertise. The four students received a £2500 prize between them, along with £2500 for their school, and in addition they were invited to spend a special day with the Royal Engineers. A project designed to improve car locking systems enabled Ian Robinson of Durham University to take the `Working in industry award' worth £1000. He was also given the opportunity of a day at sea with the Royal Navy. Other prizewinners with their projects included: Jun Baba of Bloxham School, Banbury (a cardboard armchair which converts into a desk and chair); Kobika Sritharan and Gemma Hancock, Bancroft's School, Essex (a rain warning system for a washing line); and Alistair Clarke, Sam James and Ruth Jenkins, Bishop of Llandaff High School, Cardiff (a mechanism to open and close the retractable roof of the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff). The two principal national sponsors of the competition, which is organized by the Engineering Council, are Lloyd's Register and GEC. Industrial companies, professional engineering institutions and educational bodies also provided national and regional prizes and support. During this year's finals, various additional activities took place, allowing the students to surf the Internet and navigate individual engineering websites on a network of computers. They also visited the

  19. Taking Care of Your Vision (United States)

    ... of Healthy Breakfasts Shyness Taking Care of Your Vision KidsHealth > For Teens > Taking Care of Your Vision ... are important parts of keeping your peepers perfect. Vision Basics One of the best things you can ...

  20. Increasingly minimal bias routing

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bataineh, Abdulla; Court, Thomas; Roweth, Duncan


    A system and algorithm configured to generate diversity at the traffic source so that packets are uniformly distributed over all of the available paths, but to increase the likelihood of taking a minimal path with each hop the packet takes. This is achieved by configuring routing biases so as to prefer non-minimal paths at the injection point, but increasingly prefer minimal paths as the packet proceeds, referred to herein as Increasing Minimal Bias (IMB).

  1. Take-Home Art Appreciation Kits for Kindergartners and Their Families. (United States)

    Mulcahey, Christine


    Describes collaborative project between an art specialist and kindergarten teacher to develop take-home art appreciation kits for kindergartners. Discusses benefits of the collaboration for teachers, children, and families. Focuses on aesthetic inquiry approach to the art kits to develop inquiry and critical thinking skills. Describes the kits'…

  2. Taking a Chance

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Heinskou, Marie Bruvik; Demant, Jakob


    This article analyzes the meaning of alcohol in relation to young people’s sexuality, with focus on acquaintance rape. Drinking is a way to stage oneself as mature; it is intentionally used by both male and female youth to make sexual pleasure possible. It is argued that in the context of sexuality...... among young people, there is a fine line between freedom and gender-specific restrictions. The research on acquaintance rape and alcohol drinking among the youth is traditionally dominated by the concept of risk. This article introduces the concept of chance, along with risk, to grasp the complexities...... of the grey zone situations of acquaintance rape among the youth. The risk of social stigma within the gender game increases with drinking alcohol simultaneously as the chances of expanding the limitations of gender roles also increase with drinking. These social stigmas, embedded in the gender roles...

  3. PolarTREC—A Model Program for Taking Polar Literacy into the Future (United States)

    Warburton, J.; Timm, K.; Larson, A. M.


    Polar TREC—Teachers and Researchers Exploring and Collaborating, is a three-year (2007-2009) NSF-funded International Polar Year (IPY) teacher professional development program that advances Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education by improving teacher content knowledge and instructional practices through Teacher Research Experiences (TRE) in the Arctic and Antarctic. Leveraging profound changes and fascinating science taking place in the polar regions, PolarTREC broadly disseminates activities and products to students, educators, researchers, and the public, connecting them with the Arctic and Antarctica and sustaining the widespread interest in the polar regions and building on the enthusiasm that was generated through IPY. Central to the PolarTREC Teacher Research Experience Model, over 40 teachers have spent two to eight weeks participating in hands-on research in the polar regions and sharing their experiences with diverse audiences via live events, online multimedia journals, and interactive bulletin boards. The Connecting Arctic/Antarctic Researchers and Educators (CARE) Network unifies learning community members participants, alumni, and others, developing a sustainable association of education professionals networking to share and apply polar STEM content and pedagogical skills. Educator and student feedback from preliminary results of the program evaluation has shown that PolarTREC’s comprehensive program activities have many positive impacts on educators and their ability to teach science concepts and improve their teaching methods. Additionally, K-12 students polled in interest surveys showed significant changes in key areas including amount of time spent in school exploring research activities, importance of understanding science for future work, importance of understanding the polar regions as a person in today’s world, as well as increased self-reported knowledge and interest in numerous science content areas. Building

  4. The Teacher-Teacher Reliability of the CRI and ERI. (United States)

    Christine, Charles T.; And Others

    Thirty-two children aged 7 to 12 participated in a study to determine the reliability of the Ekwall Reading Inventory (ERI) and the Classroom Reading Inventory (CRI). The children were randomly assigned to take one of the two inventories, which were administered by four different specially trained teachers. The study used a test-retest design, in…

  5. Innovative Discipline. NEA Teacher-to-Teacher Books. (United States)

    Michalski, Marina, Ed.

    This book presents stories from teachers nationwide who tackled specific discipline challenges. Chapter 1, "Taking the Total Quality Road" (Judi Call, Beth Ziecheck, Janice Wright, and Kenneth Rigsby), discusses the use of Total Quality Management (TQM) in developing classroom management systems, explaining how Florida elementary…

  6. Collaboration Between Astronomers at UT Austin and K-12 Teachers: Connecting the Experience of Observing and Research with the Classroom (United States)

    Finkelstein, Keely D.; Sneden, Christopher; Hemenway, Mary Kay; Preston, Sandra; EXES Teachers Associate Program


    McDonald Observatory has a long history of providing teacher professional development (PD), and recently we have developed a new workshop model for more advanced participants. By choosing a select group of middle and high school teachers from those previously involved in our past PD programs, we have created a joint workshop / observing run program for them. After traveling to the observatory, the teachers participate in an actual observing run with a research astronomer. The teachers are trained first-hand how to take observations, operate the telescope, set up the instrument, and monitor observing conditions. The teachers are fully put in the role of observer. They are also given background information before and during the workshop related to the science and data they are helping to collect. The teachers work in teams to both perform the nightly observations with an astronomer, but to also perform new interactive classroom activities with education staff, and use other telescopes on the mountain. This is a unique experience for teachers since it allows them to take the resources and experiences directly back to their classrooms and students. They can directly relate to their students what skills for specific careers in STEM fields are needed. Evaluation from these workshops shows that there is: increased content knowledge among participants, greater impact that will be passed on to their students, and an authentic research experience that can't be replicated in other PD settings. In addition, not only is this program beneficial to the teachers, but this group is benefit to the education program of McDonald Observatory. Building on an existing PD program (with a 16 year history) we have the opportunity to test out new products and new education endeavors with this devoted group of well-trained teachers before bringing them to wider teacher and student audiences. This program is currently supported by the NSF grant AST-1211585 (PI Sneden).

  7. 论新形势下高校社团建设对学生考研指导的支持--以湖州师范学院考研领航社为例%The Support of University Community Construction for Postgraduate Exam Guidance under the New Situation:Taking the Postgraduate Exam Guidance Community in Huzhou Teachers College as an Example

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    高校学生社团是对大学生进行思想政治教育的主要阵地。高校学生社团对大学生的成长具有思想引领作用。在新时期,教育管理者要认真研究高校社团的作用,不断探索适宜的建设举措,从而更好地发挥社团的功效。本文以湖州师范学院理学院考研领航社建设为例,在对高校学习型学生社团理论和实践等研究的基础上,通过分析高校社团的发展,促进对学生考研的思想引领,结合工作实践,探索以社团建设为载体对大学生进行思想教育和考研指导的新思路。%College student community is the main position of the ideological and political education of college students. College student community has thought leading role in the development of college students. In the new era, education administrators should seriously study the role of college community, and continue to explore suitable building initiatives in order to better play the effectiveness of community. In this paper, taking the Postgraduate Exam Guidance Community in Huzhou Teachers College as an example, on the basis of the research on college learning community theory and practice, through the analysis of the development college community to promote the idea of leading the postgraduate student, combined with the work practice, it explored the new idea of taking the construction of college community as a carrier of ideological education and postgraduate exam guidance for college students.

  8. Teacher agency

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Priestley, M.; Biesta, G.; Robinson, Sarah


    of the contexts within which teachers work – for example accountability mechanisms and other forms of output regulation of teachers’ work – leading to engagement with policy that is often instrumental and blighted by unintended consequences. In the chapter, we illustrate how a detailed understanding of teacher...

  9. Knowledge and Attitudes Towards Biotechnology of Elementary Education Preservice Teachers: The first Spanish experience (United States)

    Casanoves, Marina; González, Ángel; Salvadó, Zoel; Haro, Juan; Novo, Maite


    Due to the important impact that biotechnology has on current Western societies, well-informed critical citizens are needed. People prepared to make conscious decisions about aspects of biotechnology that relate to their own lives. Teachers play a central role in all education systems. Thus, the biotechnological literacy of preservice teachers is an important consideration as they will become an influential collective as future teachers of the next generation of children. The attitudes toward science (and biotechnology) that teachers have affect their behavior and influence the way they implement their daily practice of science teaching in school. This study analyzes the attitudes and knowledge of Spanish preservice teachers toward biotechnology. We designed a new survey instrument that was completed by 407 university students who were taking official degree programs in preschool and primary education. Our results point out that although they are aware of biotechnology applications, topics concerning the structure of DNA, management of genetic information inside the cell, genetically modified organism technology and the use of microorganisms as biotechnological tools were not correctly answered. According to our attitude analysis, Spanish preservice teachers could be defined as opponents of genetically modified product acquisition, supporters of biotechnology for medical purposes and highly interested in increasing their knowledge about biotechnology and other scientific advances. Our results show a positive correlation between better knowledge and more positive attitudes toward biotechnology. A Spanish preservice teacher with positive attitudes toward biotechnology tends to be a student with a strong biology background who scored good marks in our knowledge test.

  10. Otters Increasing - Threats Increasing

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andreas Kranz


    Full Text Available In some parts of Central Europe populations of otters are apparently increasing. Until recently, no research was being conducted on the ecology of otters in mainly artificial habitats like fish farms. Otters are not only a new source of conflict requiring species management, but appear once again threatened by illegal hunting. Austria is dealing with this problem using compensation for otter damage, electric fencing and translocation of problem otters. Despite a rise in illegal killing, Austria does not formally recognise this as a threat.

  11. Astronomy Education and Teacher Training in Turkey (United States)

    Kirbiyik, Halil

    In this talk, education in astronomy and space sciences in schools in Turkey as well as activities to create awareness in these subjects will be discussed. A search done among youngsters(ages from 15 to 24) for measuring the scientific literacy showed that most attractive subjects to the Turkish younsters are “internet” and “astronomy”. This result led authorities to take necessary measures to fill the gap especially in teaching material such as books. Another attempt along this is to increase astronomy subjects in the school curricula. Besides TUBITAK National Observatory, universities and Turkish Astronomical Society are giving every efort to create public awareness of space activities and space sciences. As for the teacher training in astronomy and space sciences, much has been done but no success has come yet. Astronomy subjects, in schools, are generally taught not by astronomers but some other substitutes from other branches, such as physics and mathematics. Thus the Ministry of Education prefers training teachers in service. Nevertheless it must be stated that astronomers are pushing forward to formally have the right to train astronomers to become teachers to be hired by the Ministry of Education in schools.

  12. Theorising Changes in Teachers' Work (United States)

    Hall, Christine


    This article discusses recurrent themes in the literature about teaching in developed countries: the intensification of work, increased central control, diminished professional autonomy, and fears about the deskilling of teachers. Labour Process theory is used to consider how we might understand the ways in which teachers' work and professionalism…

  13. Cross Cultural Marketing Teachers' Profile (United States)

    Vila, Natalia; Boluda, Ines Kuster


    Purpose: Marketing has attracted increased interested over the past 15 years in both academic and commercial circles and there has been a market rise in the number of students. At the university level, the characteristics of the teacher play an essential role in student/teacher interaction and influence academic results and future professional…

  14. LHC Report: Take Five

    CERN Multimedia

    Mike Lamont for the LHC Team


    The LHC is continuing to perform well and an integrated luminosity of over 5fb-1 has now been delivered to ATLAS and CMS. While keeping a close eye on beam induced heating and vacuum quality, the bunch current has been gently raised to over 1.4x1011 protons per bunch. This has given a peak luminosity of 3.6x1033 cm-2s-1. Some long fills have helped production and recent high points include 120pb-1 delivered in one fill and 580pb-1 delivered in one week.   Time has also been devoted to some special physics runs for TOTEM and ALFA. In these runs, the beam is de-squeezed to a ß* of 90 m in ATLAS and CMS. This is instead of the usual 1m ß*, and gives a larger beam size at interaction points. The increased beam size results in a reduced beam divergence at the interaction points. This permits TOTEM and ALFA to probe low-angle scattering and allows them to measure the total cross section of proton-proton interactions and the absolute luminosity cal...

  15. In the Eyes of Turkish EFL Learners: What Makes an Effective Foreign Language Teacher? (United States)

    Çelik, Servet; Arikan, Arda; Caner, Mustafa


    Research on the qualities of successful teachers in Turkey indicates that students consider teacher effectiveness as the ability to ensure an environment in which positive student-teacher interaction can take place. However, further studies are needed to clarify students' perceptions of the qualities of effective foreign language teachers, in…

  16. The Pension Pac-Man: How Pension Debt Eats Away at Teacher Salaries (United States)

    Aldeman, Chad


    Why aren't teacher salaries rising? This puzzle can be explained by three trends eating into teachers' take-home pay: rising health care costs, declining student/teacher ratios, and rising retirement costs. Retirement costs are the most hidden of these three factors. The result is that most teachers are getting the worst of both worlds. Teachers…

  17. Foreign Language Teachers' Professional Development in Information Age (United States)

    Fan, Xiying; Wu, Gang

    Cultivation of students' learning autonomy has raised new challenges to teachers' professional development, dynamic, continuous, lifelong full-scale development, with emphasis on the creativity and constancy of the teachers' quality development. The teachers' professional development can take the following approaches: studying theories about foreign language teaching with the aid of modern information technology; organizing online teaching research activities supported by information technology and carrying peer observation and dialogue -teaching reflection in internet environment and fostering scholarly teachers.

  18. Teachers as Actors: The Implications of Acting on Physics Teaching (United States)

    Milner-Bolotin, Marina


    In the spring of 2006, a rather unusual advertisement by the Centre of Teaching and Academic Growth at UBC ( came to my attention. Faculty members were invited to take part in a workshop entitled "All the World's a Stage: Teachers as Actors," offered by a zoology instructor and an amateur actor, Greg Bole: Teaching can be seen as creating an interpersonal relationship and hence uses many of the same skills as acting. The investigation and use of acting skills in teacher preparation can allow a greater facility with diverse methods, increase skill at adapting to change in the classroom or lecture hall, and an increased ability to quickly form positive relationships with students. (Greg Bole: )

  19. Increasing Positive Interactive Classroom Behavior (United States)

    Kotcher, Elaine; Doremus, Richard R.


    The question examined in this study was as follows: do teachers increase their positive classroom interactive behaviors as a result of training in systematic classroom observation techniques? (Authors/JA)

  20. Peer Coaching: Teachers Supporting Teachers. (United States)

    Donegan, Mary M.; Ostrosky, Michaelene M.; Fowler, Susan A.


    This article describes peer coaching as a method for teacher improvement and offers guidelines for establishing a peer coaching program for early childhood and early childhood special education teachers and related services professionals. It also identifies common problems and possible solutions of peer coaching programs. Sample forms for use in…

  1. Teachers as Readers: Building Communities of Readers (United States)

    Cremin, Teresa; Mottram, Marilyn; Collins, Fiona; Powell, Sacha; Safford, Kimberly


    Given the narrow scope of primary teachers' knowledge and use of children's literature identified in Phase I of "Teachers as Readers" (2006-2007), the core goal of the Phase II project was to improve teachers' knowledge and experience of such literature in order to help them increase children's motivation and enthusiasm for reading,…

  2. Factors Influencing Teachers' Professional Competence Development (United States)

    Grangeat, Michel; Gray, Peter


    This article aims to increase understanding and knowledge concerning teachers' competence enhancement. Models used in industrial contexts are analysed in order to elaborate a framework relevant to understand teachers' learning. This specifies components of the work environment that are mobilised by teachers in order to achieve their goals. It is…

  3. Identifying and Formulating Teachers' Beliefs and Motivational Orientations for Computer Science Teacher Education (United States)

    Bender, Elena; Schaper, Niclas; Caspersen, Michael E.; Margaritis, Melanie; Hubwieser, Peter


    How teachers are able to adapt to a changing environment is essentially dependent on their beliefs and motivational orientations. The development of these aspects in the context of professional competence takes place during teachers' educational phase and professional practice. The overall understanding of professional competence for teaching…

  4. University Teacher Competencies in a Virtual Teaching/Learning Environment: Analysis of a Teacher Training Experience (United States)

    Guasch, Teresa; Alvarez, Ibis; Espasa, Anna


    This paper attempts to shed light on the competencies a university teacher must have in order to teach in virtual learning environments. A teacher training experience was designed by taking into account the methodological criteria established in line with previous theoretical principles. The main objective of our analysis was to identify the…

  5. Navigating Layers of Teacher Uncertainty among Preservice Science and Mathematics Teachers Engaged in Action Research (United States)

    Capobianco, Brenda M.; Ní Ríordáin, Máire


    Action research provides valuable opportunities for preservice teachers to improve their practice, their understanding of their practice, and the situation in which their practice takes place. Moreover, action research empowers preservice teachers to critically examine an experience that demonstrates their potential to be influential researchers…

  6. Chinese Teachers' Professional Identity and Beliefs about the Teacher-Student Relationships in an Intercultural Context (United States)

    Wang, Li; Du, Xiangyun


    This paper presents a qualitative study of immigrant Chinese teachers' professional identity and beliefs about the teacher-student relationship in an intercultural context. Theoretically, this study takes its departure from a sociocultural perspective on understanding professional identity. The empirical analysis in the study drew mainly upon…

  7. Leading Change and Innovation in Teacher Preparation: A Blueprint for Developing TPACK Ready Teacher Candidates (United States)

    Thomas, Tommye; Herring, Mary; Redmond, Pamela; Smaldino, Sharon


    When preparing TPACK ready teacher candidates, faculty must incorporate and model TPACK within the teacher education curriculum, which often requires an ongoing change process. But for change to take place we must consider the role leadership plays in the innovation of change. Leaders, deans and department heads must be an integral part of this…

  8. The Preparation of Highly Motivated and Professionally Competent Teachers in Initial Teacher Education (United States)

    Tang, Sylvia Y. F.; Wong, Angel K. Y.; Cheng, May M. H.


    Education systems around the world need to recruit highly motivated individuals to become teachers and prepare professionally competent teacher education graduates to take up these broadened and deepened roles and responsibilities with a deep and lasting engagement to the profession. This article reports on a mixed-methods study that examines…

  9. Teacher Quality: A Report on the Preparation and Qualifications of Public School Teachers. (United States)

    Lewis, Laurie; Parsad, Basmat; Carey, Nancy; Bartfai, Nicole; Farris, Elizabeth; Smerdon, Becky


    Focuses on teachers' preservice qualifications, continued learning, and workplace support. Examines and provides a context for teachers' feelings of preparedness to meet new challenges posed by education reforms, technological changes, and increased student diversity. (Author/SLD)

  10. Pudong Takes Six Steps as the World Takes One

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    ShenHonglei; WuXinyi


    The Beijing-based Economic Daily recently carried the headline,“China Takes Three Steps As the World Takes One”——an observation on China's economic growth. Its 16 percent annual GDP growth means that Pudong is advancing at double that speed. This phenomenal growth rate makes Pudong the central focus of this issue.

  11. Developing a workable teacher identity: Building and negotiating identity within a professional network (United States)

    Rostock, Roseanne

    The challenge of attracting and retaining the next generation of teachers who are skilled and committed to meeting the growing demands of the profession is of increasing concern to researchers and policy makers, particularly since 45--50% of beginning teachers leave the profession within five years (Ingersoll & Smith, 2003). Reasons for such attrition include compensation, status and working conditions; however, there is growing evidence that a critical factor in new teacher retention hinges on teachers' ability to accomplish the difficult task of forming a workable professional identity in the midst of competing discourses about teaching (Alsup, 2006; Britzman, 2003). There is little research on professional identity development among those beginning teachers at highest risk for attrition (secondary math and science teachers, and those with strong academic backgrounds). This study explores the professional identity development of early-career math and science teachers who are part of the Knowles Science Teaching Foundation's (KSTF) teaching fellowship program, an external support network that aims to address many of the issues leading to high attrition among this particular population of teachers. Using narrative research methods, I examine three case studies of beginning teachers, exploring how they construct professional identity in relation to various discourse communities and negotiate tensions across multiple discourses. The cases identify both dominant discourses and counter-discourses that the teachers draw upon for important identity development resources. They also demonstrate that the way a teacher manages tensions across competing discourses is important to how well one can negotiate a workable professional identity. In particular, they emphasize the importance of engaging in borderland discourses (Gee, 1996) as a way of taking agency in one's own identity development as well as in transforming one's discourse communities. These cases shed light on how

  12. Reaching the Critical Mass: The Twenty Year Surge in High School Physics. Findings from the 2005 Nationwide Survey of High School Physics Teachers. AIP Report. Number R-442 (United States)

    Neuschatz, Michael; McFarling, Mark; White, Susan


    This report traces the growth of high school physics in American school over the past twenty years. Highlights of the report include: (1) Enrollments in high school physics continue to grow; (2) Increase in number and proportion of physics teachers; (3) Number of students taking honors, advance placement or second-year physics course has nearly…

  13. Taking Chances in Romantic Relationships (United States)

    Elliott, Lindsey; Knox, David


    A 64 item Internet questionnaire was completed by 381 undergraduates at a large southeastern university to assess taking chances in romantic relationships. Almost three fourths (72%) self-identified as being a "person willing to take chances in my love relationship." Engaging in unprotected sex, involvement in a "friends with…

  14. Informatics perspectives on decision taking

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bergstra, J.A.


    A decision is an act or event of decision taking. Decision making always includes decision taking, the latter not involving significant exchanges with non-deciding agents. A decision outcome is a piece of storable information constituting the result of a decision. Decision outcomes are typed, for in

  15. Effective Teachers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Beverly A. King Miller


    Full Text Available This article focuses on the educational strategies that can be used to support female students of African descent in their persistence in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM education and careers. STEM careers have historically been White male and White female dominated, which has yielded an underrepresentation of those of African descent. Drawing from a grounded qualitative case study, the data used for this article share the responses of Afro-Caribbean females in STEM who have immigrated to the United States from the country of Panama. As Latinas, they are representative of the changing face in the American educational system—bilingual, multicultural, and of African descent. The strategies offered reflect their own teaching practices, their former teachers, or experiences with their children’s teachers. What emerged were descriptions of four strategies and behaviors of effective teachers that align with Ladson-Billings’s culturally relevant pedagogy and Gay’s culturally responsive teaching. Included in the findings are the high standards and expectations embodied by effective teachers that serve to positively inspire their students. Culturally responsive teachers create an atmosphere of learning that supports academic success, conveying their belief in their students’ ability based upon their own reflectivity. As the U.S. educational system continues to become multilingual and multicultural, there is need for strategies for the successful inclusion and progression of students in STEM educational pathways and careers. This will occur as teachers challenge themselves to be the agents of change in the lives of their students.

  16. It Takes Two to Tango. (United States)

    Welsh, Patrick


    Highlights the importance of student effort in the high school experience. Discusses current educational expectations from the perspectives of parents, students, teachers, and society as a whole. Points to a national tendency to emphasize innate ability over achievement and lax college entrance standards as contributing to current social patterns.…

  17. The Delimma and Countermeasures on the Development of Music Teachers in Rural Areas-Taking Some Remote Rural Schools of Sichuan as Examples%农村边远山区音乐教师发展困境与对策--以四川省农村中小学校为例

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    我国农村边远山区中小学校由于地处偏远、经济基础差、信息闭塞,加上师资力量薄弱等原因严重影响了学生素质的提高。如何支持农村教师发展,提高农村边远山区中小学教学质量,是当前亟待解决的重大问题。为此,本课题组以农村边远山区音乐教学为切入点,以问卷调研与实地考察相结合的方式,研究农村边远山区中小学音乐教育现状、教师专业情况以及教师培训需求,在此基础上提出对策建议,希望能对农村边远山区教师专业发展走出困境具有参考价值。%In China’s rural primary and middle schools in mountainous areas, students’ quality development has been seriously influenced due to the remote location, the poor ec onomic foundation and the information block. Therefore, the current major issue waiting to be solved is how to help teachers go out of the dilemma and how to improve the education quality in remote mountainous rural primary and secondary schools. As a result, a research group was organized to study on the present situation of music education, the teachers’ professional level and their training needs, etc., which focused on the music teaching in the rural remote mountainous areas and takes the form of questionnaire survey and field work. Then, four countermeasures were put forward, hoping to offer references and suggestions for the teachers’ professional development in remote mountainous rural areas.

  18. According to Opinions of Teachers; The Teaching Methods and Techniques Preferred by The Teachers and Learners For The Class of Physical Education Training

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hüseyin ÜNLÜ


    Full Text Available This prupose of this study is to determine which teaching methods physical education teachers in primary schools think that they take the best results, and which preferred teaching methods increase the learners’ interest during the physical education lessons. 55 physical education teachers have taken part in the study which has been applied in Aksaray and Kırşehir provinces. While acquiring the data of the study in which survey method has been applied, the questionnaire has been used which has been prepared by the researcher. According to data of the study, it has been told us by the teachers that practicing and explanation methods are effective; however, problem solving, evaluation, and media assisted teaching methods are ineffective. Moreover, it is clearly seen that evaluation method is the least preferred method which is used by students while demonstration, practicing and in pair training methods are the most preferred in order.

  19. Ask Teacher Joe!

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Joseph DeVeto


    Question: Dear Teacher Joe, I am a second year student of Hohai University. Although English is not my specialty, I like it very much. In the coming days, I will take a national English test. I have taken this test before but I was not satisfied with my score. The biggest problem with the test is that I am not able to keep up with BBC English. I hope you can give advice on how to improve my listening skills. Also, please recommend some good listening materials to me. I'm looking forward to your answer.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Tibet University isgaining fame in andoutside China as itsgraduates are playingan increasingly impor-tant role in variousfronts of work.Whileenjoying the fruits,onewill never forget thosewho have grown thefruit trees.In the caseof the university,"thosewho grow the fruittrees" are its teachers.

  1. Queering Art Teacher Education (United States)

    Cosier, Kimberly; Sanders, James H., III


    This article sounds a call to action and addresses the challenges of creating inclusive, queer-affirming art teacher education curricula. We examine such challenges through case study vignettes of our varied US university settings and explore the perils of teaching in an increasingly queer-hostile culture. Strategies are given for avoiding attacks…

  2. Seeing like a Teacher (United States)

    Zancanella, Don


    As coeditor of the April 2006 issue of this journal, Tara Star Johnson wrote an eloquent essay in which she explored "the increasing bureaucratic pressure to mass-produce, homogenize and monitor students" as manifested in the No Child Left Behind Act and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) accreditation process. The…

  3. How to Activate Teachers through Teacher Evaluation? (United States)

    Tuytens, Melissa; Devos, Geert


    There is a general doubt on whether teacher evaluation can contribute to teachers' professional development. Recently, standards-based teacher evaluation has been introduced in many countries to improve teaching practice. This study wants to investigate which teacher evaluation procedural, leadership, and teacher characteristics can stimulate…

  4. Teacher Leader Model Standards: Implications for Preparation, Policy, and Practice (United States)

    Berg, Jill Harrison; Carver, Cynthia L.; Mangin, Melinda M.


    Teacher leadership is increasingly recognized as a resource for instructional improvement. Consequently, teacher leader initiatives have expanded rapidly despite limited knowledge about how to prepare and support teacher leaders. In this context, the "Teacher Leader Model Standards" represent an important development in the field. In…

  5. Developing an Implementing Teacher Directed Professional Development Model. (United States)

    Baden, Donald J.

    Teacher directed inservice or professional development is one means of increasing teacher self improvement. However, unless the teacher motivation stems from an intrinsic desire to teach more effectively, the degree of professional growth will be minimal. For this reason it is imperative that a teacher directed inservice program depend on…

  6. Phenomenological Study of Special Education Teachers Using an Emergency License (United States)

    Alborn-Yilek, Susan


    The shortage of special education teachers is critical. One means used to increase the supply of available teachers is to issue an emergency license to teachers not fully certified in special education. This is a phenomenological study of four general education teachers practicing special education using an emergency license. Their experience is…

  7. Teachers Research Teacher Talk. (United States)

    Thornbury, Scott


    Describes an inservice training project designed to raise trainees' awareness, through the analysis of transcriptions of teaching sequences, of the degree of communicativeness in their classroom interactions. Findings indicate an increasing awareness by trainees of their noncommunicative ritualized teaching behaviors, an awareness leading to…

  8. Take Charge. Take the Test. "You Know" PSA (:60)

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts


    As part of the Take Charge. Take the Test. campaign, this 60 second PSA encourages African American women to get tested for HIV. Locations for a free HIV test can be found by visiting or calling 1-800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636).  Created: 3/7/2012 by National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention (NCHHSTP).   Date Released: 3/7/2012.

  9. Thoughts on Improving the Ethics of Young Teachers in Higher Vocational Colleges---Taking Hangzhou Vocational and Technical College as an Example%提高高职院校青年教师师德师风的若干思考--以杭州职业技术学院为例

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    严峻; 赵洪山; 邹大东


    Currently there are a lot of new situations and new problems of young teachers ethics construction,lack of in-depth research and effective means for the construction of young teachers ethics,in this kind of situation,face the ethical status of young teachers,the construction of ethics of the young teachers problem,efforts to improve the moral level of the broad masses of young higher vocational teacher,highlights the importance of Vocational College Teachers'professional ethics.This article from the current higher vocational college teachers'ethics status analysis,put forward to further improve their ideological and political quality,ask the teacher to teach with dignity,students learn has value to strengthen the ethics construction several sug-gestions.%当前高职院校青年教师师德师风不佳主要表现在教学能力和社会实践经验相对不足;职业荣誉感和责任感有待加强;缺乏自我职业规划的意识与能力几个方面。因此,需要加强高职院校青年教师的职业责任感、荣誉感和使命感;以生为本,将师德师风建设制度化;建立青年教师师德建设长效机制等工作。

  10. Immigrant Teachers in Australia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jock Collins


    Full Text Available One of the features of contemporary society is the increasing global mobility of professionals. While the education industry is a key site of the demand for contemporary global professional migration, little attention has been given to the global circulation of education professionals. Over past decades, immigrant teachers have been an important component of skilled and professional immigration into Australia, there is no comprehensive contemporary national study of the experiences of immigrant teachers in Australia. This article aims to fill this gap and to answer questions about their decision to move to Australia, their experience with Australian Education Departments in getting appointed to a school, their experiences as teachers in the classroom and in their new Australian community. It draws on primary data sources - in the form of a survey of 269 immigrant teachers in schools in NSW, SA and WA conducted in 2008-9 - and secondary sources - in the form of the 2006 national census and Longitudinal Survey of Immigrants in Australia – to provide insights into immigrant teachers in Australian schools, adding also to our understanding of Australia’s contemporary immigration experience.

  11. Language Teacher Education in Finland and the Cultural Dimension of Foreign Language Teaching--A Student Teacher Perspective (United States)

    Larzen-Ostermark, Eva


    The increasing importance attributed to the cultural dimension of foreign language (FL) education has entailed new demands for teachers and teacher educators. This paper explores the cultural agenda in Finnish language teacher education from a student teacher perspective. The focus is on the students' perceptions regarding how effectively cultural…

  12. The Elusiveness of Teacher Quality: A Comparative Analysis of Teacher Certification and Student Achievement in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries (United States)

    Wiseman, Alexander W.; Al-bakr, Fawziah


    In national education systems worldwide, teacher quality has become synonymous with education reform efforts, but a more elusive goal is empirically measuring teacher quality. One proposed measure of teacher quality, teacher licensing, also known as certification, is an increasingly ubiquitous component of national education systems and…


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Brittany Baitman


    Full Text Available This study attempts to explore the differences and similarities between native English speaker (NES teachers and non-native English speaker (NNES teachers in their oral evaluation ratings of the same university level English language learners. To this effect, the iBT/Next Generation TOEFL Test Independent Speaking Rubric and a questionnaire were employed. The results reveal that NES teachers are more lenient in their oral evaluation ratings than NNES teachers. In regards to the questionnaire employed, it was found that NES teachers take into consideration the aspects of fluency and pronunciation more so than NNES teachers when orally assessing students, while NNES teachers take more into consideration the aspects of grammatical accuracy and vocabulary. Further research is required in the area of oral assessment specifically pertaining to nationality, age, work experience, and knowledge of a second language.

  14. Increasing Induction-Level Teachers' Positive-to-Negative Communication Ratio and Use of Behavior-Specific Praise through E-Mailed Performance Feedback and Its Effect on Students' Task Engagement (United States)

    Rathel, Jeanna M.; Drasgow, Erik; Brown, William H.; Marshall, Kathleen J.


    The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of e-mailed specific performance feedback that included progress monitoring graphs on induction-level teachers' ratios of positive-to-negative communication behaviors and their use of behavior-specific praise in classrooms for students with emotional and behavioral disorders, mild…

  15. Taking narcotics for back pain (United States)

    ... up, try taking your medicine with food. Other medicines can often help with nausea, as well. ... Gagnon A, Atlas S, Turk DC. Opioids compared to placebo or other ... Opioids Guidelines Panel. Clinical guidelines for the use ...

  16. Take Care with Pet Reptiles (United States)

    ... Past Emails CDC Features Take Care with Pet Reptiles and Amphibians Language: English Español (Spanish) Recommend on ... messages, and helpful resources. Safe Handling Tips for Reptiles and Amphibians Always wash your hands thoroughly after ...

  17. A study of teacher cognition in planning elementary science lessons (United States)

    Wing-Mui So, Winnie


    Advances in cognitive psychology and in research techniques have led to an increase in the acceptance of the conception of teaching as a “thoughtful” profession. The interest and enthusiasm of researches in aspects of teacher cognition demonstrate a shift from an emphasis on observable teacher behaviours to a focus on a teacher's unobservable thinking process. In this study, a qualitative approach was used to uncover a teacher's thinking process during lesson planning, to depict a more holistic view of the structural complexity of teacher cognition during lesson planning. Specialised science teachers and general teachers who had different levels of subject expertise were studied. The teachers were interviewed on how they planned an elementary science lesson. Interview protocols were analysed using a taxonomy which assessed the cognitive complexity of teacher thinking. Differences were found between specialised science teachers and general teachers in the levels of structural complexity in their thinking process.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Veronika Viktorovna Lorenz


    Full Text Available The topicality of acmeological approach is preconditioned by the innovative processes in modern education, the implementation of the Bologna Declaration, the increased requirements to the competences of the teacher. Today, the quality of education depends on the ability of teachers to make the acmeogramme with the aim to reach the heights of their professionalism. Modeling and implementation of acmeogramme helps to solve the tasks of personal and subjective-operational development of the teacher-professional.Acmeogramme helps the teacher to innovate activities, to improve pedagogical skills and to enhance mobility and activity in research work. Today, the level of competitiveness of a specialist is estimated based on his/her professional competencies that must have interdisciplinary, personal and reflexive character. Competence-based approach implies not only the knowledge but also the skills to apply this knowledge in practice. In this regard, acmeological approach supports and develops the ideas enhancing professional competences of the teacher. The article pays special attention to building up the Acme of the teacher, as it allows to develop a program of selfimprovement and self-development according to the requirements to modern specialists. The article pays attention to the structure of the acme which implies selfanalysis, goal setting, elaboration of program of professional development taking into consideration professional competences, and reflexive component.

  19. Science initial teacher education and superdiversity: educating science teachers for a multi-religious and globalised science classroom (United States)

    De Carvalho, Roussel


    Steven Vertovec (2006, 2007) has recently offered a re-interpretation of population diversity in large urban centres due to a considerable increase in immigration patterns in the UK. This complex scenario called superdiversity has been conceptualised to help illuminate significant interactions of variables such as religion, language, gender, age, nationality, labour market and population distribution on a larger scale. The interrelationships of these themes have fundamental implications in a variety of community environments, but especially within our schools. Today, London schools have over 300 languages being spoken by students, all of whom have diverse backgrounds, bringing with them a wealth of experience and, most critically, their own set of religious beliefs. At the same time, Science is a compulsory subject in England's national curriculum, where it requires teachers to deal with important scientific frameworks about the world; teaching about the origins of the universe, life on Earth, human evolution and other topics, which are often in conflict with students' religious views. In order to cope with this dynamic and thought-provoking environment, science initial teacher education (SITE)—especially those catering large urban centres—must evolve to equip science teachers with a meaningful understanding of how to handle a superdiverse science classroom, taking the discourse of inclusion beyond its formal boundaries. Thus, this original position paper addresses how the role of SITE may be re-conceptualised and re-framed in light of the immense challenges of superdiversity as well as how science teachers, as enactors of the science curriculum, must adapt to cater to these changes. This is also the first in a series of papers emerging from an empirical research project trying to capture science teacher educators' own views on religio-scientific issues and their positions on the place of these issues within science teacher education and the science classroom.

  20. Teacher as Researcher: Teacher Action Research in Teacher Education (United States)

    Souto-Manning, Mariana


    Historically, "teacher action research" and "teacher research" have been terms mostly used at the PK-12 level. Yet, embracing it fully and visibly in the teacher education realm is important because it raises awareness of the critical and transformative aspects of teaching and learning. It allows teacher research to be made visible and validated…

  1. 军校英语教师职业发展中的问题及建议--以大连舰艇学院为例%Problems and Suggestions in Military College English Teachers' Professional Development--Take PLA Dalian Naval Academy as an example

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    教师主导着教学过程,教师的发展是教学改革的动力,没有教师的发展就不可能有教学改革的成功。军校英语教师的发展不仅包括教师自身语言能力、教学理论、方法、课堂组织与管理能力的不断提高,还包括对相关军事知识的不断丰富与了解。根据问卷调查结果,结合我院英语教师在发展中存在的一些困难与问题,笔者提出了促进教师发展的几点建议。%Teachers dominated the teaching process, teachers' teaching development is the driving force of reform, there is no development of teachers teaching reform, there can be no success. Military Academy English teacher development include not only teachers' language proficiency, teaching theories, methods, classroom organization and management capabilities continue to improve, further comprising continuously enrich the knowledge and understanding related to the military. According to the survey results, combined with our school to keep an English teacher in the development of some of the difficulties and prob-lems, the author puts forward some suggestions to promote the development of teachers.

  2. CALL Teacher Education as an Impetus for L2 Teachers in Integrating Technology (United States)

    Hong, Kwang Hee


    The ultimate goal of CALL teacher education is to enable L2 teachers to integrate CALL technology into their classroom with confidence and knowledge. As a way to achieve this goal, an increasing number of studies have paid attention to the integration of CALL technology into the teacher education program and into the classroom. Nonetheless, there…

  3. The Malaysian Teacher Standards: A Look at the Challenges and Implications for Teacher Educators (United States)

    Goh, Pauline Swee Choo


    Talks of education transformation to improve the quality and outcomes of education in Malaysia culminated in the articulation of standards for teachers. The all new Malaysian Teacher Standards (MTS) launched in 2009 is to establish "high competency" standards for the teaching profession and to increase the status of teachers in Malaysia.…

  4. When science takes centre stage

    CERN Multimedia


    The teachers at 'Science on stage' are not emotionally attached to their chalk. Neither are they are weary old men who sport tweed jackets with elbow-patches and enter into conversation with their blackboards. Actually, 'Science on stage' teachers are far from the cliché of the boring physics teacher who can only inspire yawns from his pupils. Some present the basic principles of mechanics using a bicycle, others explain chemistry with examples from everyday life. The most audacious of them go so far as to explain the Doppler effect by means of a play in which Einstein dreams about jumping cows... These are but a few of the activities and plays that will be shown during the EIROforum1 Science on Stage Festival (organised by 7 European scientific organisations including CERN), to be held from 21 to 25 November at CERN, Geneva. This festival is dedicated to the teaching science in order to make it more attractive. After the first edition 'Physics on Stage' which was held in 2000 at CERN, the laboratory agai...

  5. Mongolian Teachers

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Madsen, Ulla Ambrosius


    The article comprises the result of a research project conducted among Mongolian teachers in a period of transition. The study is based on quantitative as well as on qualitative data. The study is carried out as part of research activities in an educational development programme.......The article comprises the result of a research project conducted among Mongolian teachers in a period of transition. The study is based on quantitative as well as on qualitative data. The study is carried out as part of research activities in an educational development programme....

  6. Adult teachers

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Larsen, Lea Lund


    In this paper I examine the research into the process of adult teachers’ practice-based learning as a part of an on-going project titled “Competence development through practice-based learning – a study of adult teacher’s learning processes”. The project relies on the notion of the adult teacher...... as a 'reflective practitioner’, who develops 'the language of practice’, through experience and learns when she is exposed to 'disjuncture’. Research done on continuing professional development and the inquiries done in the field of teacher thinking and within this the research on novices becoming expert...


    CERN Multimedia


    Part-time teacher of primary English needed from 1st December 2002 to teach English National Curriculum (KS2) and NLS to mother tongue or good second language English-speakers aged 7-10. 4 hours contact time per week, team planning, marking and meetings. Candidates should be English mother tongue qualified teachers, confident, flexible classroom practitioners and team players. For further details and how to apply: or 04 50 40 82 66. Apply as soon as possible, and in any case before November 20th. English National Programme - Lycée International, Ferney-Voltaire

  8. Status Analysis on Reorientation Teachers' Education and Teaching Ability--Take Suihua Suiling Shuangchahe Town Central Kindergarten as an example%转岗教师教育教学能力的现状分析--以绥化市绥棱县双岔河镇中心幼儿园为例

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Suihua Suiling Suiling Shuangchahe Town Central Kindergarten school teachers are primary and secondary tea-chers, these reorientation teachers' age is generally too old, outdated cultural knowledge, pre-school lack of professional knowledge and teaching skills, professional development initiative is not high, restricting the level of professional develop-ment, resulting in children of elementary school curriculum, teaching methods are not new. Only through a rigorous selection of teachers, providing training and other means to enhance teachers' teaching ability reorientation, thereby enabling rural chil-dren to get comprehensive physical and mental health education.%绥化市绥棱县双岔河镇中心幼儿园的师资均为中小学教师,这些转岗教师的年龄普遍偏大、文化知识陈旧、学前专业知识和教学技能缺乏、专业发展的主动性不高,制约了专业化发展的水平,造成幼儿课程小学化,授课方式不新颖。只有通过严格挑选师资、提供培训等手段来加强转岗教师的教育教学能力,进而使农村幼儿得到身心的全面、健康教育。

  9. Increase English Practical Writing Ability with the Way of Project Methodology——Take police English practical writing as example%运用项目教学法提高英语应用文写作能力——以公安英语应用文写作为例

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Teaching on English practical writing has the goal of cultivating students' practical language ability,stresses the practicalness and direction.Project methodology aims at developing students' practical ability on language using and is the effective way in improving English practical writing teaching.Taking Police English practical writing as example,we combine project methodology with English practical writing,put emphasis on mastering the practical writing pattern,improve students' language using ability,increase their interests and confidence on learning and promote their ability in English practical writing.%英语应用文写作教学以培养学生实际运用语言的能力为目标,强调教学的实践性和针对性,而项目教学法旨在培养学生对知识的实际运用能力,是改进英语应用文写作教学的有效途径。我们以公安英语应用文写作为例,将项目教学法与英语应用文写作相结合,加强学生对英语应用文格式的掌握,提高其语言运用能力,增强其学习的兴趣和信心,最终促进其英语应用文写作能力的提高。

  10. Cultural Perspectives on Teacher Education (United States)

    Muhoro, Peter; Cochran, Geraldine; Gonzalez, Victor; Rockward, Willie; Sunda-Meya, Anderson; Incera, Vivian


    Populations that are underrepresented in physics generally are even more severely underrepresented among US physics teachers. Based on national data from the American Institute of Physics (AIP), 95% of physics teachers are White/non-Hispanic, about 1.5% are Hispanic, and approximately another 1.5% African-American. While 25% of our nation's African-American and Hispanic students now take physics in high school, they are very unlikely to have a role model, of similar race and ethnicity, teaching their physics classes. PhysTEC is making an effort to find and disseminate successful models for attracting more underrepresented minority students to high school physics teaching. This panel discussion, focusing on cultural perspectives on teacher education, will feature faculty from Minority Serving Institutions, which educate almost 60% of underrepresented minorities who get college degrees in the US, and individuals who have taught high school physics in areas with a dense minority population.

  11. Comprehensive Teacher Induction: Year 1 Impact Findings from an RCT


    Steven Glazerman; Sarah Dolfin; Martha Bleeker; Amy Johnson; Eric Isenberg; Julieta Lugo-Gil; Mary Grider; Edward Britton


    Comprehensive teacher induction provides novice teachers with carefully selected and trained full-time mentors, as well as a curriculum of intensive and structured support. This report presents the first round of results from a large-scale randomized controlled study of the effects of two comprehensive teacher induction programs. Intensive mentoring and professional development for teachers just entering the profession did not increase teacher retention or generate any significant improvement...

  12. Science Teachers' Perceptions of and Approaches towards Students' Misconceptions on Photosynthesis: A Comparison Study between US and Korea (United States)

    Seo, Kyungwoon; Park, Soonhye; Choi, Aeran


    A critical component of teacher effectiveness is how teachers notice students' misconceptions and adjust the instructional approach accordingly. Taking a stance that the teachers' instructional quality is crucial to students' learning, a qualitative international comparison study was performed to examine science teachers' perceptions of and their…

  13. language teachers

    CERN Multimedia


    The Le Rosey Institute at Rolle (autumn and spring) and Gstaad (winter) is looking for part-time language teachers of 
Bulgarian, Farsi, Hindi, Korean and Romanian for the start of the autumn term in September 2007. For further details, please contact : Please send applications with CVs to

  14. Teacher's PAT?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Vanhuysse, Pieter; Sulitzeanu-Kenan, Raanan


    This article aims to contribute to current theoretical debates about political power and agency relationships in education and other public sector settings. In a recent clarion call for a major redirection of political principal-agent theories (PAT), Terry Moe has argued that standard information...... implications for our understanding of the political power of public school teachers and bureaucrats more generally....

  15. Acute marijuana effects on human risk taking. (United States)

    Lane, Scott D; Cherek, Don R; Tcheremissine, Oleg V; Lieving, Lori M; Pietras, Cythia J


    Previous studies have established a relationship between marijuana use and risky behavior in natural settings. A limited number of laboratory investigations of marijuana effects on human risk taking have been conducted. The present study was designed to examine the acute effects of smoked marijuana on human risk taking, and to identify behavioral mechanisms that may be involved in drug-induced changes in the probability of risky behavior. Using a laboratory measure of risk taking designed to address acute drug effects, 10 adults were administered placebo cigarettes and three doses of active marijuana cigarettes (half placebo and half 1.77%; 1.77%; and 3.58% Delta9-THC) in a within-subject repeated-measures experimental design. The risk-taking task presented subjects with a choice between two response options operationally defined as risky and nonrisky. Data analyses examined cardiovascular and subjective effects, response rates, distribution of choices between the risky and nonrisky option, and first-order transition probabilities of trial-by-trial data. The 3.58% THC dose increased selection of the risky response option, and uniquely shifted response probabilities following both winning and losing outcomes following selection of the risky option. Acute marijuana administration thereby produced measurable changes in risky decision making under laboratory conditions. Consistent with previous risk-taking studies, shifts in trial-by-trial response probabilities at the highest dose suggested a change in sensitivity to both reinforced and losing risky outcomes. Altered sensitivity to consequences may be a mechanism in drug-induced changes in risk taking. Possible neurobiological sites of action related to THC are discussed.

  16. Informatics Perspectives on Decision Taking

    CERN Document Server

    Bergstra, J A


    A decision is an act or event of decision taking. Decision making always includes decision taking, the latter not involving significant exchanges with non-deciding agents. A decision outcome is a piece of storable information constituting the result of a decision. Decision outcomes are typed, for instance: plan, command, assertion, or boolean reply to a question. A decision effect is any consequence of putting a decision outcome into effect. Decision outcomes must be expected by the decider to lead to certain decision effects, by way of their being put into effect. The availability of a model or of a theory of the causal chain leading from a decision outcome to one or more decision effects is assumed for the decision taker, otherwise the decision outcome is merely an utterance. Decision effectiveness measures the decision effects against objectives meant to be served with the decision. Decision taking is positioned amidst many similar notions including: decision making, decision process, decision making proce...

  17. On the Current Situation and Influencing Factors of Organizational Commitment of College Teachers--Taking Universities and Colleges in Gansu as Examples%高校教师组织承诺现状及影响因素研究——以甘肃省普通高等院校为例

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    牟冬莲; 王成德


    The research randomly chooses college teachers from 3 universities and colleges in Gansu as samples, to explore how the leadership style, work -family conflict and emotional intelligence influence the organizational commitment of college teachers. The results are that: benevolent leadership and authoritative leadership respectively has positive and negative influence on teachers' organizational commitment; both work -family conflict and family- work conflict have negative influence on teachers/ organization commitment; emotional intelligence of teachers has positive influence on organizational commitment; regression analysis is that work -family conflict, benevolent leadership, authoritative leadership, and emotional intelligence of teachers are able to predict teachers organizational commitment. The result has great guiding significance to u- niversity administrators and teachers in China.%本研究随机选取甘肃省3所普通高等院校的教师为被试,探讨领导风格、工作家庭冲突以及情绪智力3因素对高校教师组织承诺的影响。研究发现:仁慈领导和权威领导分别对教师组织承诺有正向和负向的影响;工作一家庭冲突和家庭一工作冲突均对教师组织承诺有负向的影响;教师的情绪智力对组织承诺有正向影响;回归分析得出工作一家庭冲突、仁慈领导、权威领导、教师情绪智力4个变量能够较好地预测教师组织承诺。这一结论对我国高校管理者以及教师本身都有较大的指导意义。

  18. Relevant Research on Middle School Teachers Character and Theirs Behaviors in Class---Take Yueyang as A Case%中学体育教师性格特征与其课堂教学行为的相关性研究--以岳阳市为例

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘琳; 张可; 花义国


    本文从中学体育老师的性格特征和课堂教学行为入手,对岳阳市部分中学的体育老师做了相关性格和课堂教学行为问卷调查,结果表明岳阳市中学教师性格特征和教学行为有关联,主要表现在内外向与教师课堂教学行为相关;精神质教师课堂教学行为相关。因此对内外向的中学体育教师进行教师培训时有针对性的进行加强,长善救失,充分发挥性格优势,加强性格短板的学习;在精神质与课堂教学行为方面,注重对中学体育教师思想品德的考察,加强教学监督,促进岳阳中学体育教学事业的发展。%In this paper,from the middle school sports teacher's personality characteristics and behavior of classroom teaching,the Yueyang middle school PE teacher made some relevant character and classroom teaching behavior questionnaire survey,the results showed that Yueyang middle school teachers'personality and teaching behavior are linked,mainly including extroversion is associated with teachers'classroom teaching behavior;Mental quality,and the teachers'classroom teaching behaviors.So inside extroversion of middle school physical education teachers in teacher training to strengthen,targeting long good save lost,give full play to their strengths, strengthen character study of the board;In the aspect of mental quality and classroom teaching behavior,pay attention to the ideology and moral character of middle school sports teachers,strengthen the teaching supervision, promote the development of Yueyang middle school sports teaching career.

  19. 基于SWOT分析的民办高校教师队伍建设研究——以西安F学院为例%Research on the construction of teachers' team in private colleges Based on SWOT analysis-- Taking F college in Xi'an as an example

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    本文用SWOT分析法,探讨了西安F学院教师队伍建设具有的优势和劣势,以及所面临的机遇和威胁,并分别提出了SO、WO、ST、TW四种民办高校教师队伍建设策略.%This paper analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of the construction of teachers' team in private colleges base on the SWOT method,moreover,the opportunities and threats were discussed too,then give the So,Wo,St,TW these four construction strategies of private colleges teachers .


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Adopting the position that maximizing learner involvement is conducive to second language acquisition, this paper aims to explore the relationship between teacher talk and learner opportunities in language classrooms in senior schools through classroom observation techniques. Four excellent high school teachers from Zhejiang province in China are involved in this research. The results reveal that such features as minimal teacher talking time, referential questions, extended wait time,discoursal feedback can increase potential of learning opportunities through classroom interaction in language classrooms in high schools.

  1. Are boys better off with male and girls with female teachers? A multilevel investigation of measurement invariance and gender match in teacher-student relationship quality

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Spilt, J.L.; Koomen, H.M.Y.; Jak, S.


    Although research consistently points to poorer teacher-student relationships for boys than girls, there are no studies that take into account the effects of teacher gender and control for possible measurement non-invariance across student and teacher gender. This study addressed both issues. The sa

  2. Reflection on the Teaching-Learning Process in the Initial Training of Teachers. Characterization of the Issues on Which Pre-Service Mathematics Teachers Reflect (United States)

    Chamoso, J. M.; Caceres, M. J.; Azcarate, P.


    Our aim was to highlight the issues of the reflections of pre-service mathematics teachers in their learning portfolio about the teaching-learning process taking place in a university teacher-training classroom. Category systems were designed which, together with the analysis system used, could provide a method helpful to teacher educators,…

  3. From teacher education to primary school

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Christiansen, Rene B


    English summary This dissertation examines new teachers and their experiences with teacher work the first year in school. The dissertation is entitled “From teacher educa-tion to school – a grounded phenomenographic analysis of newly employed and newly educated primary school teachers...... and teacher work in a perspective of experience. On the issue of access, I labelled the school an ‘open-closedness’ organization and discussed access on two levels. Both the actual, physical access to a school, when you enter and wander around to se what happens. I show that most of the time nothing happens...... staff – before I was allowed to take the picture. Access has also been discussed as gaining access to do empirical work in a school. Through a grounded analysis of the empirical material, I end up with a set of categories or descriptions, which proved to be essential in the work of trying to describe...

  4. Using Our Heads and HARTSS*: Developing Perspective-Taking Skills for Socioscientific Reasoning (*Humanities, ARTS, and Social Sciences) (United States)

    Kahn, Sami; Zeidler, Dana L.


    Functional scientific literacy demands an informed citizenry capable of negotiating controversial socioscientific issues (SSI). Perspective taking is critical to SSI implementation as it enables understanding of the diverse cognitive and emotional perspectives of others. Science teacher educators must therefore facilitate teachers' promotion of…

  5. Male Teacher Shortage: Black Teachers' Perspectives (United States)

    Martino, Wayne; Rezai-Rashti, Goli M.


    In this paper the authors draw on the perspectives of black teachers to provide a more nuanced analysis of male teacher shortage. Interviews with two Caribbean teachers in Toronto, Canada, are employed to illuminate the limits of an explanatory framework that foregrounds the singularity of gender as a basis for advocating male teachers as role…

  6. Impact of Teacher Preparation upon Teacher Efficacy (United States)

    Redmon, Robert J.


    A cohort of students in a teacher preparation program completed questionnaires measuring their feelings of teacher self efficacy at three points in the program. Results suggest that pre-service teachers' feelings of self efficacy do improve as a result of their participation in such programs. (Contains 1 figure and 1 table. Teacher Efficacy…

  7. Initiating Teachers' Action Research: Empowering Teachers' Voices (United States)

    Bognar, Branko


    The role of a teacher as an action researcher in Croatia is still insufficiently appreciated and promoted in initial teachers' training, school students learning and in the employed teachers' professional post-qualification development. In this country, teachers are most frequently perceived as mediators or technicians whose task is to prepare and…

  8. Early Field Experiences in Language Teacher Education: An Ecological Analysis of a Program Implementation (United States)

    Rodriguez Arroyo, Sandra


    Language teacher education (LTE) has received increased attention over the last several decades. Language teacher educators, university researchers, classroom teachers, and future teachers have contributed immensely to existing knowledge on how language teachers learn to teach. Researchers and practitioners have finally acknowledged that future…

  9. Taking homophobia’s measure

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mary Lou Lou Rasmussen


    Full Text Available My focus in this article is on the topic of homophobia and its place in the sexuality education classroom in Australia and the United States (US. This paper draws on research in anthropology law and, on studies of gender and sexuality in an attempt to complicate predominantly psychological understandings of homophobia that may underscore the popular use of scales to measure homophobic attitudes in pre-service and in-service teachers. These interdisciplinary approaches to homophobia provide the basis for a critical reading of some contemporary pedagogical approaches to anti-homophobia education in diverse education contexts.

  10. When teachers become knowledge leaders

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sørensen, Birgitte Holm


    In a suburb North of Copenhagen, knowledge-sharing is the number one objective. However it is not, as might be expected, in the local city hall the sharing is to take place. It is in a primary and secondary school. In a radical transformation of the way the school operates, knowledge-sharing amon...... of mastering the new technology. This has changed the traditional power structure between teachers and pupils....

  11. Macro-Controls Taking Effect

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    The equilibrium of China’s economic development is be ginning to improve. Given this trend , what should the government be doing to take advantage of it and maintain steady economic growth? Chen Dongqi, Deputy Director of the Institute of Economic Research of the National Development and Reform Commission, shared his thoughts on this issue with People’s Daily.

  12. Taking control of anorexia together. (United States)

    Cole, Elaine


    Many people with anorexia receive inadequate treatment for what is a debilitating, relentless and life-threatening illness. In Lincolnshire an innovative nurse-led day programme is helping people stay out of hospital and take back control from the illness. Peer support is crucial to the programme's success.

  13. Influenza Round Table: Take Three

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts


    In this podcast, Dr. Joe Bresee describes how to keep from getting the flu and spreading it to others by taking these three steps.  Created: 11/3/2009 by National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD).   Date Released: 11/3/2009.

  14. Taking Care After A Concussion

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts


    This podcast describes how to take care of yourself after a concussion, including proper recognition and response recommendations.  Created: 3/17/2010 by National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (NCIPC).   Date Released: 3/17/2010.

  15. Computer assisted medical history taking

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    M.J. Quaak; A.P.M. Hasman (Arie)


    textabstractIn this thesis a study is described which was performed to explore the possibilities of computer-assisted history taking to support patient care. A system was developed by which the patient himself enters his medical data into a computer. The system enables an unexperienced user, i.e. a

  16. Taking CERN physics to South Asia

    CERN Multimedia

    Abha Eli Phoboo


    CERN physicists travelled to South Asia last month to bring a plethora of particle physics events to schools, universities and public venues. The initiative was the first of its kind in the region, and brought CERN particle physics to a new audience in Nepal and India.   Kathmandu University students take part in an ATLAS virtual visit. On 19 December 2014, students from Kathmandu University and Tribhuvan University, Nepal and 16 schools in Punjab, India took part in a joint virtual visit to ATLAS. The visit, which was the first of its kind in South Asia, followed a two-day Masterclass in particle physics that took place simultaneously in the two countries. The Masterclass was organised as a part of Physics Without Frontiers, an International Centre for Theoretical Physics project in partnership with CERN. Besides the Masterclass, physics workshops led by ATLAS physicists Kate Shaw, Joerg Stelzer and Suyog Shrestha were held for high school students and science teachers in three different d...

  17. Take Presentations into the EFL Classroom

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Presentations are activities in which people show, describe, or explain something to a group of people. They are often used in American school classrooms. On the base of the author’s referring to literature, observing classes and co-teaching prac-tice, presentations are suggested to be applied to EFL classrooms to help students improve their speaking levels and integrate their language skills efficiently. In point of ways of organizing, presentations can be divided into three types: controlled, guided and free ones. While in point of ways of applying, they can be divided into five types:interactive, role-plays, interview, note-taking, and discourse analysis ones. Thus different types of presentations should be adopted according to EFL students ’different levels and different communication purposes. Topics relating to EFL students’study, life and interest are practical for presentations. Im-portant aspects of presentations include: posture and presence, eye contact with the audience, volume and voice projection, rate of speech, use of audiovisual aids, vitality, adherence to the topic, keeping track of time, natural delivery, fluency and accuracy, the quantity of information presented, the way the topic was handled and how the questions are handled in the post-presentation session and so on. Presentation evaluations can be done by the teacher or together with student peers.

  18. 以“两课”评比为平台有效促进数学教师“五课”教研成长%Take the"Two Courses"Competition as a Platform to Effectively Promote Mathematics Teachers'"Five Lessons"Teaching and Research Growing

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    数学教师如何以“两课”评比为契机加强自身“五课”教研的发展,这是一个需要思考和探索的问题。本论文在对职业学校数学教师专业发展现状分析的基础和“两课”比赛的背景下,从教师实践的角度进行反思,提出数学教师需要用批判性思维研究理论、系统地建立起自我教学观,并践行于数学教学的理念。%Math teachers on how to"Two"competition as an opportunity to strengthen their own development and research of"five lessons", which is a reflection and exploration of issues that need. In this paper, based on the development status in the vocational school mathematics teacher professional analysis and the"Two Courses"game in the background, from a prac-tical point of reflection teachers, math teachers need to make use of critical thinking research theory, systematic build self-teaching concept and practice in the philosophy of mathematics teaching.

  19. The Formation and Effect of the Teacher-student Mentor-based Relationship in Colleges and Universities:Survey and Analysis——Taking Shanghai Jiao Tong University as a Case%高等学校师生指导关系形成与效果调查分析——以上海交通大学为个案

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    徐洁; 杨歆


    指导关系被定义为资深者和资浅者之间的一种关系,通过这种关系,资深者向资浅者提供引导、支持和帮助。本研究采用问卷调查方式,以上海交通大学为个案,旨在研究学术领域自然形成的师生指导关系的形成和发展。结果显示,学生主动性个性特征越明显,越容易形成非正式的师生指导关系,且良好的师生指导关系能显著提高学生满意度、归属感和职业预期。因此,在导师少、学生多的现状下,学生更应积极主动地寻求并发展有益的师生指导关系,学校也应该支持并鼓励师生指导关系的自然形成。%The mentor-based relationship is defined as one between a more experienced teacher and a less experienced student.The data from 178 senior undergraduates of Shanghai Jiao Tong University was employed to study the formation and development of the natural mentor-based relationship between students and teachers in academia.The result showed that the stronger students' features of initiative and personality are,the more liable they are to form the mentor-based relationship between students and teachers and a good teacher-student mentor-based relationship has a positive effect on the degree of students' satisfaction,their sense of belonging and their career expectation.Therefore,facing the current situation that teachers are much fewer than students,college students should seek and develop a beneficial mentor-based relationship between themselves and their teachers and colleges and universities encourage such a natural teacher-student relationship.

  20. Factors That Impact Administrator-Teacher Relationships (United States)

    Gray, Patrick Sean


    Retaining teachers continues to be problematic for educational leaders across the country. With these numbers steadily increasing, one must examine the reasons as to why teachers are leaving the profession and how school administrators can address these problems if schools are going to maintain and increase their levels of success. Reasons…

  1. How do beliefs and other factors such as prior experience influence the decision-making of new teachers during their first year teaching experience? (United States)

    Short, Barbara J.


    The qualitative research project explored the perceptions of three new secondary education physics teachers. The content question stated: How do beliefs and other factors such as prior experience influence the decision-making of new teachers during their first year teaching experience? Specific questions includes: (1) What do first year teachers identify as their beliefs about teaching and learning? (2) How do first year teachers arrive at decisions about their instruction, materials, lessons, assessment, and student achievement? (3) How does decision-making occur in the learning environment from their perspective? (4) How do first year teachers solve problems? (5) To what extent do first year teachers actively think about what they do? The participants and their university professor were interviewed. Data was collected, transcribed, and coded using grounded theory techniques to conclude: (1) Belief systems take time to develop using filters. (2) Beliefs and perceptions help to fill gaps between knowledge. Gestalts change beliefs. (3) Modeling is a powerful technique influencing decision-making and beliefs over time. (4) Nurturing and preparation build confidence fostered at the university and public school. (5) New teachers' personalities, dispositions, and self-understandings effect filtering of perceptions, influencing behaviors in the learning environment. (6) Knowledge gained through experience, instruction, and reflection by the teacher enhances student learning. (7) Problem solving is learned and personality-based, helping to determine success. (8) Too many constraints to a novice cause limitations in his/her ability to be an effective teacher. (9) Early acceptance into a new environment helps to increase a sense of belonging leading to performance. (10) Positive attitudes towards students affect relationships with students in the classroom. (11) Backgrounds, personalities, and environments affect beliefs and decision-making. (12) New teachers focus more on

  2. Online resources in mathematics: teachers' genesis of use

    CERN Document Server

    Bueno-Ravel, Laetitia


    The long-term objective of our research is to develop the instrumental approach for teachers. A first step, presented in this paper, is to observe stable behaviours of teachers using internet resources in mathematics. We retain the scenarios as indicators of the genesis processes. We propose a scenario taxonomy taken from categories elaborated by computer sciences specialists and complemented to take into account didactical aspects. The descriptions provided by teachers permitted to observe an evolution of their scenarios elaboration's practices.

  3. ICME international survey on teachers working and learning through collaboration


    Robutti, O.; Cusi, A.; Clark-Wilson, A.; Chapman, O.; Esteley, C.; Goos, M.; Isoda, M.; Jaworski, B.; Joubert, M.


    This article presents preliminary results from a survey commissioned for ICME 13 (2016) focusing on "Teachers Working and Learning Through Collaboration". It takes as a starting point a previous survey, commissioned for ICME 10 in 2004 that focused on Mathematics Teacher Education. The current survey focuses centrally on teachers involved in collaborations, sometimes in formal settings of professional development, but also in a more diverse range of collaborative settings including research i...

  4. Reflections of Preservice Information Technology Teachers Regarding Cyberbullying


    Yavuz Akbulut; Cem Çuhadar


    The current phenomenological study addressed the reflections of preservice information technology (IT) teachers regarding their cyberbullying or victimization experiences. Fifty five preservice IT teachers at a Turkish teacher training institution were offered a lecture with the purpose of awareness-raising on cyberbullying, which was followed by the assignment of take-home reflection papers. Document analysis on reflection papers led researchers to find out underlying themes regarding partic...

  5. Understanding Preschool Teachers' Perspectives on Empathy: A Qualitative Inquiry (United States)

    Peck, Nancy Farstad; Maude, Susan P.; Brotherson, Mary Jane


    Empathy is a trait and skill necessary for teachers working with children and for partnering with families. This qualitative study focused on how teachers expressed empathy in the context of early childhood education. Diversity has increased in the United States and as diversity increases, the need for teachers to be able to empathize with…

  6. Creating an "Ecological Fit" through Supportive Teacher-Student Relationships (United States)

    Pena, Rosa M.


    This qualitative study was based on the challenges of today's urban schools and highlights the work of teachers in these schools who have achieved increased successes in student achievement. Demographic changes in today's urban schools have fueled an increased gap in the backgrounds of the students and their teachers. Many teachers also lack an…

  7. Digital Storytelling in Teacher Education: Creating Transformations through Narrative (United States)

    Skouge, James R.; Rao, Kavita


    Stories are important resources in the repertoire of the teacher. Storytelling is a powerful way in which to communicate experiences and to explore ideas. Using stories, the teacher takes her students on journeys of discovery that introduce them to new vistas of lived experience. In this article, the authors describe how they have used "digital…

  8. Teacher-child relationships from an attachment perspective

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Verschueren, K.; Koomen, H.M.Y.


    This special issue aims to prompt reflection on the mutual contribution of attachment theory, on the one hand, and teacher-child relationship research, on the other, by bringing together conceptual and empirical contributions taking an attachment perspective on teacher-child relationships. In this i

  9. Pre-Service Teachers' Beliefs and Knowledge about Multiculturalism (United States)

    Acquah, Emmanuel O.; Commins, Nancy L.


    The present study examined pre-service teachers' knowledge of issues related to multiculturalism and diversity before and after taking a multicultural education course. Data from 38 degree students in an urban university in the southwest of Finland were analysed using a mixed method approach. The results indicate that pre-service teachers'…

  10. Co-Producing Children's Sociality in Parent-Teacher Conferences (United States)

    Närvänen, Anna-Liisa; Markström, Ann-Marie


    The aim of this article is to describe how parents and preschool teachers talk about children's interactional skills in parent-teacher conferences in the Swedish preschool and how this can be related to socialization processes. The analyses show that children's communicative skills, such as turn-taking in conversation and co-operation, are…

  11. We Brought Teachers Up to Snuff, And So Can You. (United States)

    Jacobson, William C.


    The Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Plan for Instructional Improvement requires principals to take part in several workshops and activities to learn how to analyze what goes on in the classroom. Principals then direct teacher inservice training by conducting staff meetings, small seminars, and classroom observation followed by teacher conferences. (MLF)

  12. What and how teacher educators prefer to learn

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Dengerink, Jurrien; Lunenberg, Mieke; Kools, Quinta


    In which areas and domains do individual teacher educators prefer to work on their professional development? What kind of learning activities do they want to take on and with whom? Are there significant differences in these preferences between teacher educators? This article reports on a recent surv

  13. Japanese Lesson Study Sustaining Teacher Learning in the Classroom Context (United States)

    Loose, Crystal Corle


    The purposes of this action research study were first to explore teacher perceptions of Japanese lesson study as a method of professional development, and second to take teachers through an action research process as they observed the implementation of a literacy lesson in the classroom. Situated Learning Theory, particularly related to teacher…

  14. Distance Education for EFL Teachers: Perceptions of Learner Support (United States)

    Roux, Ruth; Trejo Guzmán, Nelly Paulina; González, Elsa Fernanda


    This article reports the findings of a qualitative study exploring in-service EFL teachers' perceptions of the learner support resources provided to them while they were taking a teacher research distance course. Findings indicate that students valued videoconferencing technology because it facilitated interacting with adviser, peers and…

  15. Reading and Writing for Preservice Teachers: Making Meaningful Connections (United States)

    Martinez-Alba, Gilda


    In many states, preservice physical education teachers are required to take reading courses to obtain their teaching certificate. However, many future physical educators are not enthusiastic about this requirement. In fact, many candidly state, "I don't like reading" and "I am not becoming a PE teacher so I can teach reading."…

  16. Cinders in Snow? Indigenous Teacher Identities in Formation (United States)

    Reid, Jo-Anne; Santoro, Ninetta


    The identity work engaged in by Indigenous teachers in school settings is highlighted in a study of Australian Indigenous teachers. The construction of identity in home and community relationships intersects with and can counteract the take up of a preferred identity in the workplace. In this paper we analyse data from interviews with Indigenous…

  17. Practical Tips for Increasing Listening Practice Time (United States)

    McCaughey, Kevin


    Learning a language--like learning to dance ballet, weaving carpets, or playing the saxophone--takes time and practice. In general, it is safe to say that the more practice one gets, the better one will become. This article will help teachers of English reconsider how to think about listening tasks. It will provide guidance for increasing…

  18. Take Five for Customer Service

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laura J. Ax-Fultz


    Full Text Available Businesses leverage excellent customer service to improve profitability. Although not profit-driven, libraries should leverage excellent customer service to achieve their unique missions. Evaluating and improving customer service practices will help a library determine if it is successfully serving its customers. The library should review three areas to improve customer service: the physical space of the library, how library employees work with library policies, and the communication skills of the library staff. By using the Take Five model, the library can make immediate, no-cost changes or plan for future improvements by taking just five minutes, every day, to assess specific areas. Over a few weeks or months, these small changes will result in better customer service.

  19. Worldmindedness: Taking Off the Blinders

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sum Cho Po


    Full Text Available A dynamic web of global interconnectedness has expanded the engagement and political efficacy of citizens in the 21st century. The acceleration of knowledge creation, the dynamics of electronic communication and the resulting availability of global perspectives are changing the nature of public discourse and action. As more and more people gain access to information and interact with individuals and communities across the planet, they acquire new worldminded ways of learning, debating, and creating which in turn expand the scope of civic consciousness and responsibilities beyond national borders. In this article we look at ways in which teachers in Hong Kong, Japan and the United States are preparing young people to become worldminded citizens.

  20. 中小学体育教师工作满意度与职业幸福感、离职意愿的相关研究--以中小学体育教师为例%The Relationships among Primary and Middle School PE Teachers'Job Satisfaction,Career Well-being and Job-quitting Intention:Taking P.E.Teachers in Primary and Middle schools as an Example

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    孙卫红; 武慧多


    工作满意度、职业幸福感、离职意愿是教师发展研究领域的热点问题,对中小学体育教师的工作满意度与职业幸福感、离职意愿的研究,将为中小学体育教师职业发展及体育教育改革提供重要理论与现实依据。通过问卷调查,探讨中小学体育教师工作满意度和职业幸福感、离职意愿的关系,研究结果表明:中小学体育教师对工作条件及物质回报满意度较低,总体幸福感处于中等稍偏上的水平,但一半的中小学体育教师有明显的调动工作或改行的意愿。精神收获和工作强度的满意度对幸福感有显著的预测作用,发展机会、精神收获和工作时间对离职意愿有显著的预测作用。由此提示帮助中小学体育教师实现自我价值,以及合理安排工作强度和时间是提升其职业幸福感的重要途径。%Job satisfaction,career well-being and job-quitting intention are the top questions in the re-search area of teacher development.The research on the job satisfaction,career well- being and job-quitting intention of the Primary and Middle School PE teachers can provide factual and theoretical basis for the development of PE teachers and the PE reforms in school.By the questionnaire survey,the paper examines the relationships among primary and middle school PE teachers'job satisfaction,career well-be-ing and job-quitting intention.The results were as follows:primary and middle school PE teachers had much less extent of the satisfaction from work conditions and material reward,their career well- being had the hyper-mean level,half of them have obvious intention of quitting the job.The spirit of the har-vest and working intensity were excellent predictor of career well-being,the opportunity to progress,the spirit of the harvest and working time were excellent predictor of Job - quitting intention.Therefore, helping them to realize self- worth,reasonable arrangement of their

  1. Teacher training for sex education. (United States)

    Flaherty, C; Smith, P B


    The Population Program at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston conducted a 3-year sex education teacher training program in cooperation with the Houston Independent School District. Existing sex education curricula and teacher training programs were reviewed during the project's last year, and working relationships with school personnel and community representatives were established. During the 2nd year contacts with school district personnel were increased. The project director trained 14 teacher trainers from the school district; 8 of the 14 trained a total of 40 teachers from a total of 10 schools. The 72-hour training program (nine 8-hour sessions, 1 day a week) for the teacher trainers was conducted from mid-January through mid-March 1980. Pre- and posttest knowledge and attitude assessments were conducted with trainers and teachers. 3rd year tasks included selecting student curricula, teaching students, evaluating the effectiveness of the teacher training based on classroom performance, and revising the training manual. Project and school personnel carefully discussed the criteria for teacher trainers and teachers. There are 4 learner-directed goals of the training project. They are for the trainees to be comfortable communicating about sexuality; understand factual information about human sexuality and social systems; recognize the influence of their sexual beliefs; values; and attitudes on their behavior; and comprehend the decision making, systems framework of the training. A 200-page training manual was developed. The training focus was to teach participants a comprehensive sex education program, to develop further their skills as trainers, and to provide information and experiences to answer questions about sex education for 8th and 10th grade students.

  2. Cooperative Learning in Mediterranean European Cultural Settings:Taking Classroom Teaching in UMA as an Example

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    HOU Guang-hai


    This paper provides an exploration of cooperative learning (CL) in a Mediterranean European cultural setting, taking classroom teaching in the University of Málaga (UMA) as an example. An important part of the paper is on the definitions of CL, second language acquisition (SLA) and relative literature by scholars or educators home and abroad, such as historical and contemporary views of CL, its development and application in a variety of classrooms, esp. in multi-lingual settings, in UMA. It also puts much emphasis on sociocultural aspects of CL. Besides, this paper compares the application of CL with that in SWUST, one public university in Southwest China. In views of current problems and awkward situations in the application of CL, the pa-per argues that the qualified teachers and quality monitoring systems are the two major decisive factors that affect the achievement of CL in Spanish institutions. This paper also analyzes the main characteristics of the classroom teaching in Mediterranean Europe-an Cultural Settings. Thus, the paper suggests that CL may be one of the most efficient approaches to improving the quality of ed-ucation in UMA. Finally, the paper concludes with recommendations and suggestions that Spanish institutions train more well-qualified teachers to meet the increasing demand of CL approach in multi-contextual or multi-lingual settings.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Oğuz ÖZBEK


    Full Text Available This study aims to find out the causes of propensity for elite athletes in universities in Turkey to take up karate branch, their expectations and reasons of involvement. A survey method was used in the study. The population for the study was made of elite students in universities engaged in karate. The measurement instrument was administered to 97 students. Data obtained from the survey was tested by Mann-Whitney U test and Kruskall-Wallis test. Elite athletes in karate branch in universities indicated that their families had more influence on their decision to take up this branch. Elite athletes in universities indicated that teachers of physical education and the press media have had almost no influence on their decision. Athletes considered the enjoyment of success as an important reason for engaging in karate, while joining a group of friends easily was considered unimportant. It was found that athletes in the national karate team had higher expectation than those not in the national team for enjoyment of success, obtaining material gains and being famed nationwide. It was further found out that as the length of time of involvement in karate increased, the desire increased for obtaining material gains, becoming famed, becoming a trainer, a referee, being famed nationwide, enjoying success and getting in the national team.

  4. Student Teachers' Team Teaching: How Do Learners in the Classroom Experience Team-Taught Lessons by Student Teachers? (United States)

    Baeten, Marlies; Simons, Mathea


    This study focuses on student teachers' team teaching. Two team teaching models (sequential and parallel teaching) were applied by 14 student teachers in a quasi-experimental design. When implementing new teaching models, it is important to take into account the perspectives of all actors involved. Although learners are key actors in the teaching…

  5. Using Competency-Based Evaluation to Drive Teacher Excellence: Lessons from Singapore. Building an Opportunity Culture for America's Teachers (United States)

    Steiner, Lucy


    The United States' education system needs to take its critical next step: fairly and accurately measuring teacher performance. Successful reforms to teacher pay, career advancement, professional development, retention, and other human capital systems that lead to better student outcomes depend on it. Where can the U.S. find the best-practice…

  6. Pre-Service English Teachers' Perceptions and Practice of Field Experience and Professional Learning from Expert Teachers' Mentoring (United States)

    Chien, Chin-Wen


    Though it is well known that pre-service teachers' field experiences are recognized as key to enhancing teaching practice, Taiwanese pre-service teachers who take "Teaching Methods and Materials" in elementary school's seven areas often complain that they lack field experience. They do not have the opportunity to experience teaching…

  7. What Type of Teachers Do We Intend to Train? An Analysis of Teacher Profiles in MERCOSUR Curricula (United States)

    Alliaud, Andrea; Feeney, Silvina María


    Over the last decades, teachers have often been identified as 'key' players for the improvement of education systems. The successive waves of reform taking place in Latin America since the 1990s have aimed at initial and continuous teacher training. The main changes intended to improve the quality and lengthen the duration of initial teacher…

  8. Attitude towards Responsibility and Teacher Locus of Control: Predicting Teacher Stress and Attitudes. Research Paper ERU-2-88. (United States)

    Soh, Kay-cheng

    The relationships between teachers' attitudes toward responsibility and locus of control and other characteristics such as stress, educational attitudes, and attitudes toward change were studied in 54 (35 female and 19 male) experienced primary and secondary school teachers taking a course on classroom-based research. Attitude toward…

  9. Do High-School Teachers Really Matter? NBER Working Paper No. 17722 (United States)

    Jackson, C. Kirabo


    Unlike in elementary schools, high school teacher effects may be confounded with unobserved track-level treatments (such as the AVID program) that are correlated with individual teachers. I present a strategy that exploits detailed course-taking information to credibly estimate the effects of 9th grade Algebra and English teachers on test scores.…

  10. Recalling 40 Years of Teacher Education in the USA: A Personal Essay (United States)

    Bullough, Robert V., Jr.


    Taking the form of a personal essay, the author describes developments within teacher education in the USA over a 40-year period, since the founding of "JET." Beginning with his work within teacher education as a graduate student and moving across time, he describes major movements in teacher education, discusses several of the most…

  11. Teacher Leadership and Autonomous Student Learning: Adjusting to the New Realities (United States)

    Katyal, Kokila Roy; Evers, Colin W.


    This paper focuses on a most significant domain of inner power of teachers' lives--their leadership of student learning. Traditional conceptions of teacher leadership owe much to the presumption of a classroom, or a formally designated site, where teacher instructed learning takes place. However, the rise of the Internet, with its ready…

  12. "You Are Learning Well My Dear": Shifts in Novice Teachers' Talk about Teaching during Their Internship (United States)

    Bieda, Kristen N.; Sela, Hagit; Chazan, Daniel


    Against the backdrop of mentor teachers' reasoning about practice, we seek to understand shifts in intern teachers' reasoning about practice during a year in which they take their final methods course in the fall and then do intern teaching in the spring. The data we analyze consist of intern and mentor teacher study group discussions of repeated…

  13. Examining the Instructional Design of a Technology Enhanced Course for New Mentor Teachers (United States)

    Schneider, Rebecca M.


    To be effective, teacher education programs need to engage teachers in learning as professionals. This includes learning experiences grounded in classroom practice and guidance to develop as professionals so teachers can take on roles of leaders and mentors in their classrooms and in partnerships with universities. New web-based communication…

  14. Postglobal Teacher Preparation: Border Thinking along the Global South through International Cross-Cultural Experiences (United States)

    Rahatzad, Jubin; Sasser, Hannah L.; Phillion, JoAnn; Karimi, Nastaran; Deng, Yuwen; Akiyama, Reiko; Sharma, Suniti


    Preservice teachers' international cross-cultural experiences can provide opportunities for the exploration of epistemic frontiers. In this article we suggest that postglobal teacher preparation take a critically reflective approach that engages preservice teachers in border thinking, which allows for other ways of knowing while studying abroad.…

  15. Emergence of Confucianism from Teachers' Definitions of Guidance and Discipline in Hong Kong Secondary Schools (United States)

    Hue, Ming-Tak


    Teachers in Hong Kong, as elsewhere, are concerned with students' misbehaviour. In secondary schools two teams of teachers, a guidance team and a discipline team, deal with it. This article examines how teachers make sense of their caring work and strategies for behaviour management. Taking an interactionist perspective, the framework suggested by…

  16. When Complexity Theory Meets Critical Realism: A Platform for Research on Initial Teacher Education (United States)

    Cochran-Smith, Marilyn; Ell, Fiona; Grudnoff, Lexie; Ludlow, Larry; Haigh, Mavis; Hill, Mary


    Many scholars have concluded that teacher education research needs to take a complex view, resist simplification, and account more fully for teacher education's contexts and processes as well as its impact on teacher candidates' and school students' learning (Cochran-Smith & Zeichner, 2005; Grossman & McDonald, 2008; Opfer & Pedder,…

  17. Primary and Secondary Teachers' Conceptions about Heritage and Heritage Education: A Comparative Analysis (United States)

    Gimenez, Jesus Estepa; Ruiz, Rosa Maria Avila; Listan, Mario Ferreras


    This study describes and analyses the conceptions of primary teachers and secondary teachers of Physics-Chemistry, Biology-Geology and Geography-History with respect to the concept of heritage and its teaching and learning, taking the model of teacher-researcher as the theoretical referent. The data collection instrument used was a questionnaire,…

  18. Ensuring Academic Depth and Rigour in Teacher Education through Benchmarking, with Special Attention to Context (United States)

    Steyn, H. J.; van der Walt, J. L.; Wolhuter, C. C.


    Benchmarking is one way of ensuring academic depth and rigour in teacher education. After making a case for setting benchmarks in teacher education based on the widely recognised intra-education system contextual factors, the importance of also taking into account the external (e.g. the national-social) context in which teacher education occurs is…

  19. The Relationship between Preservice Science Teachers' Attitude toward Astronomy and Their Understanding of Basic Astronomy Concepts (United States)

    Bektasli, Behzat


    Turkish preservice science teachers have been taking a two-credit astronomy class during the last semester of their undergraduate program since 2010. The current study aims to investigate the relationship between preservice science teachers' astronomy misconceptions and their attitudes toward astronomy. Preservice science teachers were given an…

  20. Co-constructing Efficacy: A "Communities of Practice" Perspective on Teachers' Efficacy Beliefs (United States)

    Takahashi, Sola


    Teachers' efficacy beliefs are critical to improving student learning, but we have yet to fully understand how these beliefs develop. The prevailing model of teachers' efficacy development emerges from cognitive theories, but sociocultural theories may add insights to modeling the impact of teachers' school contexts. This case study takes a…

  1. Second Language Teachers' Identity Development through Online Collaboration with L2 Learners (United States)

    Kitade, Keiko


    The sociocultural perspective of second language teacher education (L2TE) (e.g., Johnson, 2009), unlike the traditional one, values the importance of teacher development through actual teaching practice. Student teachers' (STs) initial beliefs should be challenged and reconstructed by taking into account particular teaching contexts. This…

  2. 我国教师领导力现状及其影响因素的调查研究——以广东省为例%An Investigation into the Current State of Teacher Leadership in China and Its Affecting Elements ——Taking Guangdong Province as An Example

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    胡继飞; 古立新


    利用自编的专家效度问卷,就教师领导力的现状及其影响因素对广东省内756名中小学骨干教师进行了问卷调查。结果显示:教师在参与学校事务决策过程中不具有相应影响力,学校的垂直管理体制和教师参与学校事务的渠道单一,导致教师较少有参与学校事务决策的机会;优秀教师在同事中具有较高的威信和明显的影响力,良好的人际关系、教学能力、品德与人格魅力是教师在同事中建立个人威信的重要条件;教师普遍对自己的教育教学工作驾驭力感到自信,“学校欠缺激励性的制度文化”和“教学的反思与研究能力不足”是制约教师教育教学能力发挥的重要因素;环境因素是影响教师领导力的主因,样本教师将教师领导力的现状首先归因于外部的和环境的因素,其次才归因于内部的和自身的因素。%An expert-validity questionnaire survey with 756 key teachers from primary and secondary schools in Guangdong as subjects, has been conducted in the respects of the current state of teacher leadership and its affecting elements. The results display that teachers do not exert their corresponding influence in their participation of school policy decision making, the vertical management system and the single channel for teachers' participation minimize the chances of teachers' share in school decision making; that excellent teachers enjoy high prestige and are more influential, good interpersonal relationship, teaching ability, morality and personality are important factors in the establishment of personal prestige among their colleagues; that most of the teachers are confident of their ability to teach and educate, the disincentive system in school culture and incompetence in reflection and research are two vital factors which hinder teachers to give full play of their ability in teaching and educatiom and that environment is the major factor

  3. 论译者显形理论下教师角色的定位——以综合英语教学为例%On the Teacher's Role Orientation from the Perspective of the Translator 's Visibility:Taking Comprehensive English Teaching as an Example

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    劳伦斯·韦努蒂主张译者显形,保留原作的"异国情调".教材、教师和学生之间的互动构成了综合英语的课堂教学过程;教师通过在选材、语言以及文体上的角色定位,科学地整合创新教材,进而提高教学效果.%Lawrence Venuti advocates the translator's visibility so as to maintain the "foreignism" of the o-riginal text. The Comprehensive English teaching can also be seen as a translating process among the textbook, the teacher and the students. Through appropriate role orientation in choosing the contents, the language as well as the style, the teacher can make scientific and creative integration, which will improve the teaching efficiency.

  4. 社会支持对心理健康的影响:自我效能的中介作用--以菏泽市中小学教师为例%Effect of Social Support to Mental Health:The Intermediary Role of Self -efficacy---Taking Primary and Secondary School Teachers in Heze as an Example

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    本文通过在菏泽市中小学随机选取的300名教师,采用社会支持评定量表(SSRS)、一般自我效能量表(GSES)、心理症状量表(SCL -90)进行施测,发现小学教师的心理健康状况最差,自我效能在社会支持和心理健康之间存在部分中介作用。%Three hundred teachers from primary and secondary schools in Heze were randomly selected to an-swer the SSRS,GSES,and SCL -90.It is found that the mental health condition of primary school teachers is the worst,and self -efficacy has an incomplete mediating effect between social support and mental health.

  5. School-based In-service Teacher training

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Knudsen, Hans Jørgen; Hadzibegovic-Bubanja, Elvira; Nielsen, Søren P.

    upper–secondary education). The philosophy of the Handbook is that teacher competence development becomes both more efficient and much cheaper if closely related to the actual job requirements of teachers, organised at school level and for teams of teachers with strong support from school leadership......). The philosophy of the Handbook is that teacher competence development becomes both more efficient and much cheaper if closely related to the actual job requirements of teachers, organised at school level and for teams of teachers with strong support from school leadership. As macro-reforms in education often...... of students. This Handbook, which builds on experiences and materials from a 2-year school-based teacher development project organised by ETF and the National VET Centre in Montenegro, gives an overview of how this may be done. The purpose of the booklet is to capture and take forward new teaching...

  6. 南疆少数民族双语教师培训模式初探--以“小学科学”专业为例%Research on the Training Pattern of Primary School Bilingual Teachers in the Minority Area of South Xinjiang---Taking Primary School Science Major for Example

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    科学双语教育对提高边疆农村地区的科学素质乃至综合素质具有不可替代的作用。加强小学科学双语教师培训,为基层学校培养一批强大的师资队伍,实现各民族团结进步、共同繁荣发展,具有十分重要的意义。根据边疆农村地区双语教师培训实践讲述新疆双语教师培训的进程、模式的构成、小学科学双语教师培训方案及小学科学双语教师培训现状,找出存在的问题,并对如何提高培训质量提出建议。%Bilingual education has an irreplaceable effect on improving the quality of the science quality and even the comprehen-sive quality in rural frontier areas,which has important significance in strengthening bilingual science teacher training of primary schools,cultivating a group of ezcellent teaching staff for schools at the basic level,and implementing the national unity progress and prosperity development. According to the bilingual teacher training practice in rural frontier areas,this paper discusses the process of Xinjiang bilingual teacher training,the structure of the pattern,bilingual science teacher training programs and current situation of pri-mary schools,finds out the ezisting problems,and puts forward some suggestions on how to improve the training quality.

  7. 美国职业教育教师培训内容研究——以俄亥俄州为例%A Study on the Content of Teacher Training inVocational Education of America—Taking Ohio State as an Example

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    There are five special parts in the content of the vocational teacher training in America except for the traditional curriculum and instruction theory,which are understanding poverty,labor law,the construction of advisory committee,designing sheet and the application of website resource.All these five parts are not included in our vocational teacher training content,but they are very important aspects of the structure of vocational teacher's knowledge and competence.The inclusion of these contents is based on the idea that teacher training should be complete,and the content should be based on the teaching job.Only when these five parts are included,the teachers receiving training can be qualified.%除传统的课程、教学理论培训外,美国职业教育教师培训内容中有五个富有特色的方面,即理解贫穷、劳动法、建立企业专家委员会、表单设计和信息化资源使用。这五个方面是我国职业教育教师培训中所缺失的,却是职业教育教师知识、能力结构中非常重要的成分。这是一种基于职业教育教师实际工作的完整教师素质培训理念,有了这五个方面,才能培训出真正合格的职业教育教师。

  8. Differentiated Levels of Teacher Qualifications and the Structure of the Professional Teacher Standards

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zabrodin Yu.M.,


    Full Text Available This article discusses and analyzes the questions effect of professional standards for the preparation and development of professional resources, world experience in the development and implementation of professional standards, typical problems and necessary conditions for increasing the efficiency of the development and implementation of professional standards. The formation of labor functions of teaching staff requirements, taking into account the differentiated c skill levels are formulated in the study. Formulated requirements extend requirements for the qualification of workers which are determined with the Russian Ministry of Labor-specific professional activity types. The study proposed options for the construction of the structure of job functions of the professional teacher standard that correspond differentiated levels of staff qualifications.

  9. Development of Teachers as Scientists in Research Experiences for Teachers Programs (United States)

    Faber, Courtney; Hardin, Emily; Klein-Gardner, Stacy; Benson, Lisa


    This study examined the teachers' development as scientists for participants in three National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Teachers. Participants included secondary science and math teachers with varying levels of education and experience who were immersed in research environments related to engineering and science topics. Teachers' functionality as scientists was assessed in terms of independence, focus, relationships with mentors, structure, and ability to create new concepts. Hierarchies developed within these constructs allowed tracking of changes in functionality throughout the 6-week programs. Themes were further identified in teachers' weekly journal entries and exit interviews through inductive coding. Increases in functionality as scientists were observed for all teachers who completed both the program and exit interview ( n = 27). Seven of the 27 teachers reached high science functionality; however, three of the teachers did not reach high functionality in any of the constructs during the program. No differences were observed in demographics or teaching experience between those who did and did not reach high functionality levels. Inductive coding revealed themes such as teachers' interactions with mentors and connections made between research and teaching, which allowed for descriptions of experiences for teachers at high and low levels of functionality. Teachers at high functionality levels adjusted to open-ended environments, transitioned from a guided experience to freedom, felt useful in the laboratory, and were self-motivated. In contrast, teachers at low functionality levels did not have a true research project, primarily focused on teaching aspects of the program, and did not display a transition of responsibilities.

  10. Teachers' Relationship Closeness with Students as a Resource for Teacher Wellbeing: A Response Surface Analytical Approach. (United States)

    Milatz, Anne; Lüftenegger, Marko; Schober, Barbara


    Teachers' relationship quality with students has been argued to be an important source of teacher wellbeing. Thus, the current study aimed to investigate to what extent teachers' relationship closeness toward students, combined with attachment security is a resource protecting against teacher burnout. Eighty-three elementary school teachers reported on their most and least attached student's relationship closeness, their attachment security and levels of burnout, as measured by emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and personal accomplishment. Response surface analysis (RSA), enabling researchers to investigate the effect of congruence/incongruence of two predictors on an outcome, revealed that teachers' depersonalization and emotional exhaustion were lowest when they developed homogenous close relationships toward the students within their classroom and when teachers in general made congruent relationship experiences. No RSA model could be specified for personal accomplishment, even though a correlational analysis revealed that increasing closeness with students fostered teachers' personal accomplishment. Teachers' secure attachment experiences were not directly related to burnout, but enhanced their capability to establish close relationships toward their students. Findings suggest that teachers' relationships toward students are a resource for the teacher's wellbeing, which highlights once again the importance of student-teacher relationships in education.

  11. 英语课堂教师反馈语的问题与对策--以赣州市中心城区四所中学为例%Feedback problems and countermeasures of language teachers in the classroom--Take four middle schools in Ganzhou city as an example

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    This paper issues by the questionnaires, classroom observations, classroom video transcription method, to research on the status feedback in senior high school English classroom teaching. The study found:teacher feedback is simple machinery, lack of teacher-student interaction, the lack of humane care, students experience of"happiness index"is low, high school English classroom does not play its due function, the situation is not optimistic. According to the research results, the researchers put forward suggestions and countermeasures to the improvement of English classroom teacher feedback.%本文采用发放学生问卷、课堂听课观摩、课堂录像转录等方法,对高中英语课堂中的教师反馈语的现状进行调研。研究发现:教师反馈语简单机械,师生互动不足,反馈缺乏人文关怀,学生体验“幸福指数”低,高中英语课堂反馈并未发挥其应有的功能,运用情况不容乐观。针对调研结果,研究者提出了改进英语课堂教师反馈语的建议和对策。

  12. 民办中学英语教师专业发展现状及模式构建--以湖南省衡阳市为例%On the Status Quo and Model of English TeachersˊProfessional Development in Non - governmental Junior High School:Taking Hengyang City in Hunan for Instance

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    以衡阳市五所民办中学的英语教师为研究对象,采用问卷调查、访谈和课堂观察等研究方法,调查了民办中学英语教师的专业发展现状,包括专业知识、专业能力及专业发展意识、途径。在此基础上,构建了民办中学促进英语教师专业发展的有效模式。%The subjects of the paper are the English teachers from five non - governmental junior high schools in Hengyang City of Hunan Province. The research adopts questionnaires,interview and class observation as research meth-ods. In the paper,the researcher explores the status quo of teachersˊ professional developments,including their profes-sional knowledge,ability and awareness. Then on the basis of research results,an effective model of professional devel-opment model is constructed for teachers.

  13. Innovation through College Classroom Teacher: an Analysis of Experience (United States)

    Gonzalez-Tirados, Rosa Maria; Medina-Rojas, Silvia


    If we make a balance on the training received by the university professors to exercise its teaching skills we can find in Spain institutions, like Institute of Education Sciences (ICE), that have more than 40 years of existence, have been developing this role with great success and have data from this experience. It is true that only a few universities have created and promoted these institutions mostly from 70 Law and even today continue to develop training, modernized and adapted to the current needs of each university. Even some of them have created new ones, changed the name to Centers of Excellence or Innovation although not their functions, others such as the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), have incorporated these features of quality, innovation to their current actions. Despite this training in some universities, it is a voluntary and individual fact that every teacher, either by joining teaching for the first time or when want to upgrade, renovate or simply as a form of share experiences with other fellow teachers of other grades and may have the same problems. Looking at the same university context, in other countries, we see something similar in regards to common joint rules for access to the teaching profession as in other types of training, and also differences occurs in the recognition that training is done, unlike that resolves research and innovation taking place in the university. From a teacher training institution as the ICE at UPM, with a long experience in this training, we have managed to consolidate the organization and actions. In addition, we have learned to capture teachers attention, trying to find an appreciation for " the value of training " by the need to upgrade and the fact of knowing innovative methods and techniques to help them improve their teaching by, first, that students learn more and better themselves and, second, that teachers, mastering techniques, feel increasingly confident in the classroom and to the

  14. Making the transition to middle schooling: A case study of experienced science teachers coping with change (United States)

    Strong, Donna Dorough

    The increasing popularity of the middle school movement necessitates a need for more interpretive research in middle level education. The purpose of this qualitative case study was to explore science teachers' perceptions of the transition to a new middle school and the meanings they attached to this new experience. The participants were three eighth grade science teachers, each with 20 plus years of teaching experience. The primary data for analysis was a series of five interviews with each participant. Data collection also included weekly participant observation of team meetings. Findings revealed that the science teachers all had positive feelings attached to the ability to keep track of students' academic progress and behavior problems as a result of teaming. The changes associated with the first year were very stressful for all three, primarily the loss of the traditional junior high departmentalized structure. The two participants who transferred directly from the junior high school were very skeptical of any benefits from an interdisciplinary curriculum, the appropriateness of the middle school philosophy for eighth grade students, and the move to heterogeneously grouped science classes. In contrast, the former junior high teacher who had spent the past ten years teaching sixth grade at the elementary school had positive beliefs about the potential benefits of an interdisciplinary curriculum and heterogeneous grouping. Teacher stress associated with a change in the school setting and the science teachers' constraints to actualizing a meaningful middle schooling experience are illuminated. Teachers' lack of ownership in the reform decision making process, loss of time with their science teacher peers, diminished compliments from high school counterparts, and need for more empirical evidence supporting proposed changes all served as barriers to embracing the reform initiatives. The participants found taking a very slow approach to be their most useful means of


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cemalettin İPEK


    negative attitudes and views for female promoting to school leadership as much as their male counterparts. However, female primary teachers and female primary pre-service teachers seemed to accept voluntarily the social female roles more than male primary teachers and male primary pre-service teachers.In accordance with the study results some suggestions were developed. First of all, it was proposed that traditional gender roles should be redefined in Turkish Educational System. Secondly, gender discrimination subject might take place in teacher training programs. Moreover, further gender studies were recommended in terms of motivation, stress, work satisfaction, work performance, work commitment and organizational culture.

  16. Using Diagnostic Assessment to Help Teachers Understand the Chemistry of the Lead-Acid Battery (United States)

    Cheung, Derek


    Nineteen pre-service and in-service teachers taking a chemistry teaching methods course at a university in Hong Kong were asked to take a diagnostic assessment. It consisted of seven multiple-choice questions about the chemistry of the lead-acid battery. Analysis of the teachers' responses to the questions indicated that they had difficulty in…

  17. Crossing the Immigrants' Bridge : Housing and Social Inclusions of Immigrant Higher Schools Teachers --Taking Zhangzhou, Fujian as an Example%跨越移民之桥:移民高校教师的住房和社会融入——以福建省漳州市为例

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    何洪静; 邓宁华


    To obtain honorable house in the settlement and to be well included into the society are two essential challenges for the immigrants. By the investigation on the immigrant higher schools teachers in Zhangzhou, Fujian shows that the teachers realize social inclusions in housing and marriage rapidly, and housing plays active role in social inclusion. The investigation also shows that the effects of rural - urban immigration on housing and social inclusions are insignificant, and migration distance negative effects are weakened by the immigration time effect though still strong. Such profile of immigrant higher schools teachers forms striking contrast to that of the migrant farmers who have taken more than thirty years in trying to be included into the urban society. The active role of high human capital can be clearly observed in crossing "the immigrants' bridge". But compared with the local teachers, the living condition of the immigrating teachers are poorer. The degree of their social and cultural inclusions and determination are relatively low and they are facing devaluation of their education background.%在迁入地获得体面住房和实现社会融入是移民面临的重大挑战,对福建省漳州市移民高校教师群体的调查表明,移民教师较快速地实现了住房和婚姻融入,住房对融入决心有积极影响;乡城移民效应不显著,外来移民效应虽然较强,但为时间效应所削弱,与进城已30多年却难以融入到城市的中国农民工形成了鲜明对比,并显示出较高人力资本在跨越移民之"桥"上的积极作用。然而与本地教师相比,移民教师处境要差一些,社会文化融入和融入决心相对不足,且面临学历贬值的影响。

  18. Teachers Performing Professionalism

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Terri Bourke


    Full Text Available Faced with the perceived need to redefine education for more economic utilitarian purposes, as well as to encourage compliance with government policies, Australia, like many other Anglophone nations, has engaged in numerous policy shifts resulting in performativity practices becoming commonplace in the educational landscape. A series of interviews with teachers from Queensland, Australia, in which they revealed their experiences of professionalism are examined archaeologically to reveal how they enact their roles in response to this performative agenda. Findings suggest that while there is some acceptance among teachers of the performative discourse, there is increasing resistance, which permits the construction of alternative or counter-discourses to the currently internationally pervasive performative climate.

  19. "Don't take diabetes for granted." (United States)

    ... please turn Javascript on. Feature: Diabetes Stories "Don't take diabetes for granted." Past Issues / Fall 2009 ... regularly, and take your medicines on time. Don't take diabetes for granted! Fall 2009 Issue: Volume ...

  20. Quality Science Teacher Professional Development and Student Achievement (United States)

    Dubner, J.


    Studies show that socio-economic background and parental education accounts for 50-60 percent of a child's achievement in school. School, and other influences, account for the remaining 40-50 percent. In contrast to most other professions, schools require no real apprenticeship training of science teachers. Overall, only 38 percent of United States teachers have had any on-the-job training in their first teaching position, and in some cases this consisted of a few meetings over the course of a year between the beginning teacher and the assigned mentor or master teacher. Since individual teachers determine the bulk of a student's school experiences, interventions focused on teachers have the greatest likelihood of affecting students. To address this deficiency, partnerships between scientists and K-12 teachers are increasingly recognized as an excellent method for improving teacher preparedness and the quality of science education. Columbia University's Summer Research Program for Science Teachers' (founded in 1990) basic premise is simple: teachers cannot effectively teach science if they have no firsthand experience doing science, hence the Program's motto, "Practice what you teach." Columbia University's Summer Research Program for Science Teachers provides strong evidence that a teacher research program is a very effective form of professional development for secondary school science teachers and has a direct correlation to increased student achievement in science. The author will present the methodology of the program's evaluation citing statistically significant data. The author will also show the economic benefits of teacher participation in this form of professional development.

  1. Increasing student success (United States)

    Stewart, Gay; Stewart, John


    A more scientifically literate society benefits all STEM disciplines, as well as society as a whole. It is best realized by better serving all undergraduate STEM students. In better-serving all students, a physics department also benefits. The University of Arkansas, Fayetteville physics department has seen a drastic change in number of majors, the number of students active in research and the number of graduates pursuing graduate work, while also increasing the number of majors who decide to teach. Prior to our involvement with the Physics Teacher Education Coalition, graduation rates had increased by more than a factor of 4 in 4 years. After the increased efforts when we became a part of PhysTEC ( our graduation numbers doubled again. Specific attention to class policy to impact student learning in our introductory courses and strong preparation of the graduate teaching assistants, and quality advising were our primary areas of emphasis. What worked to build these numbers and strengthen these resources at Arkansas will be discussed. This work was supported in part by the National Science Foundation and through the Physics Teacher Education Coalition.

  2. Every teacher is a language teacher: Preparing teacher candidates for English language learners through service-learning

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yanan Fan


    Full Text Available Secondary school teachers in the United States are facing urgent challenges in their increasingly heterogeneous classrooms where the presence of English language learners (ELLs is becoming the norm. This study reports preliminary findings of a qualitative, interpretive case study of secondary school teacher candidates learning to teach English language learners through service-learning in Northern California. In a semester-long tutoring project, candidates focused on individual ELLs in their inquiry into language learning, in which they (reconstructed their sociolinguistic knowledge of English and their tutees’ home languages in context. Moreover, the mutually beneficial relationships among members of the language community encouraged candidates’ critical reflections on language learning. The study offers instructional experiences for teachers and teacher educators to develop sociolinguistic and pedagogical tools while supporting, and being supported by, the ELL communities. Keywords: teacher education, service-learning, sociocultural perspective, English language learners, secondary schools, teacher knowledge

  3. Editor and Section Editor's Perspective Article: A Look at the Danielson Framework for Teacher Evaluation (United States)

    Evans, Brian R.; Wills, Fran; Moretti, Megan


    In this age of teacher accountability, school districts are increasingly interested in using the best possible methods in evaluating their teachers. This interest impacts new alternative certification teachers, as well as traditional teachers. An increasingly popular assessment is the Danielson Framework, which is a set of 22 components of…

  4. Beliefs about Teaching Science: The Relationship between Elementary Teachers' Participation in Professional Development and Student Achievement (United States)

    Lumpe, Andrew; Czerniak, Charlene; Haney, Jodi; Beltyukova, Svetlana


    Because of increasing calls for school accountability, an increased emphasis placed on the role of the teacher, and theoretical connections between teacher beliefs and classroom action, a critical need exists to examine teacher professional development programs to determine their impact on teacher belief systems, teaching practices, and student…

  5. WTO and Lifelong Education Strategies for Teachers (United States)

    Wang, Zhi-guo; Zheng, Yu


    After China's entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO), teachers have been confronted with many opportunities and challenges. Lifelong education strategies are problems we should take into account carefully. This article expounds the objective demands, ideas, content, measures and functions of lifelong education.

  6. Second Language Teacher Education. International Perspectives (United States)

    Tedick, Diane J., Ed.


    The education of second language teachers takes place across diverse contexts, levels, settings, and geographic regions. By bringing together research, theory, and best practices from a variety of contexts (ESL/EFL, foreign language, bilingual and immersion education), this book contributes to building meaningful professional dialogue among…

  7. Teachers' Understandings, Perspectives, and Experiences of Dyslexia (United States)

    Worthy, Jo; DeJulio, Samuel; Svrcek, Natalie; Villarreal, Doris Ann; Derbyshire, Christine; LeeKeenan, Kira; Wiebe, Molly Trinh; Lammert, Catherine; Rubin, Jessica Cira; Salmerón, Cori


    Dyslexia policy and practice have been rapidly outpacing research. Due to legislation and media attention, schools are under pressure to attend to dyslexia, but research provides few clear answers about characteristics, identification, or instruction. Most dyslexia research takes place outside literacy education, and teachers' perspectives are…

  8. Democracy and Teacher Education: Setting Priorities (United States)

    Goodman, Jesse H.


    As John Dewey noted in his last book, each generation, in its turn, must assume responsibility as caretaker of democracy. He noted that one should never take democracy for granted. Everyone lives in an imperfect democracy, and teacher educators should play their part in protecting, nurturing, and advancing democratic ideals, rituals, values, and…

  9. Preservice Teachers' Subject Matter Knowledge of Mathematics (United States)

    Menon, Ramakrishnan


    Sixty four preservice teachers taking a mathematics methods class for middle schools were given 3 math problems: multiply a three digit number by a two digit number; divide a whole number by a fraction; and compare the volume of two cylinders made in different ways from the same rectangular sheet. They were to a) solve them, explaining their…

  10. Introducing Educational Technologies to Teachers: Experience Report (United States)

    Thota, Neena; Negreiros, Joao G. M.


    The dramatic rise in use of digital media has changed the way learning is taking place and has led to new ways to teach with digital technologies. In this article, we describe the experiences of teaching a course that introduces educational technologies to teachers in Macau. The course design is based on connectivism, a learning theory for the…

  11. Preparing Experienced Elementary Teachers as Mathematics Specialists (United States)

    Nickerson, Susan D.


    High quality teaching is critical to student learning, yet takes considerable time to develop in particular content areas. Students in high-poverty, urban settings are less likely to encounter experienced and trained teachers. Administrators from a large school district and university mathematics education faculty partnered and attempted to…

  12. One University's Experience with Foreign-trained Teachers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Belinda Bustos Flores


    Full Text Available Texas like many states is facing a teacher shortage. The author suggests that the teacher shortage should be considered in light of the diverse school population. Across states there is a need for well-prepared teachers to work with linguistically and culturally diverse school populations. Thus, areas such as bilingual education continue to be critical shortage areas. While different attempts are currently underway to increase the number of preservice bilingual educators, another way districts have addressed this issue is to employ foreign-trained teachers as paraprofessionals or as teachers. Recently, Texas passed a regulation that would allow legally residing foreign-trained teachers to become certified Texas teachers upon passing the appropriate teacher competency exams and demonstrating English proficiency. The passing of this "fast-track" regulation appears to demonstrate that the state board is thinking out of the box by tapping into a community's resources and acknowledging that immigrants can offer the community services beyond menial tasks. However, the researcher cautions that such actions may not increase the number of teachers and may not assure teacher quality. To support this notion, the researcher offers an analysis of a university's experience with the integration of legally residing foreign-trained Mexican teachers in their bilingual education teacher preparation program. The researcher posits that increasing the number of qualified teachers does require for entities to think out of the box, such as tapping into a community's natural resources; nevertheless, any plan of action should be critically examined and deliberated.

  13. Becoming a 'Good' Chinese Language Teacher

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Zhang, Chun

    Recent studies on CFL (Chinese as foreign language) teacher identity have increasingly been paying attention to teachers’ beliefs, learning experience, and educational context. Whilst insightful, these studies have not addressed the ways CFL teachers relate their beliefs, experiences and context....... The study reveals that teachers' present teaching is closely influenced by teachers’ prior CFL learning experience at Chinese university, and the ability of making sense of their experience determines the degree each nonnative-speaker teacher of Chinese modify the sense of identification. The second study......, reported in Chapter 6 aims to understand the identity construction of two new nonnative-speaker teachers of Chinese. A narrative approach is adopted. The study results show the relationship between prior domain-related (i.e., CFL learning) experience, their beliefs of being teachers, and their self...

  14. [Evaluating individual occupational risk in teachers]. (United States)

    Stepanov, E G; Ishmukhametov, I B


    The authors analyzed work conditions of comprehensive school teachers according to workplace assessment. Additional studies covered opportunistic pathogens content of air in classrooms. Auxiliary medical examination evaluated health state of the teachers. Individual occupational risk was calculated with consideration of actual work conditions and health state. Comprehensive school teacher's work is characterized by constant or transitory influence by complex of occupational and work hazards that are mostly (according to to workplace assessment) increased work intensity, noise and inadequate illumination parameters. Ambient air of classrooms constantly contains high number of opportunistic pathogens, that could decrease immune system parameters and cause more droplet infections. Individual occupational risk of teachers, calculated with consideration of work conditions and health state parameters, appears to be high and proves high possibility of teachers' health damage at work. Recommendations cover evaluation of biologic factors within the workplace assessment, obligatory preliminary (before employment) and periodic medical examinations for comprehensive school teachers as for workers exposed to occupational hazards.

  15. Teacher Preparation for Profit or Prestige: Analysis of a Diverse Market for Teacher Preparation (United States)

    Lincove, Jane Arnold; Osborne, Cynthia; Mills, Nick; Bellows, Laura


    With increasing awareness of the importance of teacher quality for student learning, education policy leaders have turned their attention to the nation's teacher training programs as a potential target for reform. One proposed strategy is to increase competition for university-based programs by encouraging new program types. This study examines…

  16. 儿歌教学中师幼互动效果研究--以一次幼儿园语言活动课为例%Study on the Effect of the Interaction between Teachers and Preschoolers in the Teaching Activity of Children ’s Song:Taking a Language Activity Class in Kindergarten as an Example

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    潘祺蓉; 陶志琼


    儿歌学习对于幼儿语言能力的发展有着重要作用,儿歌教学活动中师幼互动效果是决定语言教学活动成功与否的关键。论文以儿童语言能力发展为目标,结合研究者自身在幼儿园上的一堂语言活动课为例,运用FIAC互动分析分类体系,对师幼互动情况进行研究。论文立足幼儿语言教学的实践活动,运用观察法、访谈法,为教师更好的组织语言课堂活动,提高幼儿园语言教学活动中的师幼互动质量提供建设性的意见。%Learning to chant children’s song is of great significance to children’s development in their language ability .The interaction between teachers and children determines the effect of the teaching activity of children ’s song .Based on the teaching experience of the author ,with FIAC as the major analyzing method ,this paper focuses on the interaction between teachers and children in children’ s development of language ability .Observation and interview are two major research methods mainly employed in this research .This study ,on the basis of language teaching practice ,aims at providing references for preschool teachers to improve their organization of their class ,and enhance the effect of the interaction between them and the children .

  17. Reducing the Special Education Teacher Shortage (United States)

    Thornton, Bill; Peltier, Gary; Medina, Ricky


    New demands and high attrition levels of special education teachers have created a crisis for education and extensive additional stress for special education directors and principals. The critical shortage of highly qualified special education teachers has significantly increased the pressure to hire and retain them. This article discusses factors…

  18. Language Teacher Action Research: Achieving Sustainability (United States)

    Edwards, Emily; Burns, Anne


    Action research (AR) is becoming increasingly popular in ELT contexts as a means of continuous professional development. The positive impacts of AR on language teacher development are well documented, but the important question of how those impacts can be sustained over time is virtually unexplored. Drawing on findings from a study of teachers in…

  19. Teacher Qualifications and Productivity in Secondary Schools (United States)

    Shuls, James V.; Trivitt, Julie R.


    This study examined the relationship between observable teacher characteristics and productivity as measured by an increase in student achievement on a standardized test using a value-added approach. This analysis focused on teachers of algebra, geometry, and 11th grade English Language Arts in Arkansas. The authors generated a value-added score…

  20. How Do Other Countries Evaluate Teachers? (United States)

    Williams, James H.; Engel, Laura C.


    Given the primary role of teachers in affecting student achievement, U.S. policy makers and reformers have increasingly focused on monitoring and evaluating teacher effectiveness by emphasizing the links to student learning outcomes. Large-scale international assessments are frequently used as base examples to justify reform. But, relatively…

  1. Teacher Self-Evaluation and Power (United States)

    Towndrow, Phillip A.; Tan, Kelvin


    Positive claims are made for the adoption of practices that permit greater levels of involvement in teacher appraisals. The assumption is that when teachers are more involved in observing and evaluating their teaching, corresponding increases in empowerment and autonomy occur as a direct result. This paper challenges this claim by arguing that…

  2. The California Teacher Trainee Program: A Review. (United States)

    Mishima, Paula

    Faced with the probability of a future shortage of teachers, the State of California has been exploring possibilities for increasing the number of qualified personnel for the schools. One of the options considered was providing alternative routes of entry into the teaching profession. The Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) evaluated one…

  3. Teacher Technology Competencies: Early Indicators and Benchmarks. (United States)

    Moore, Julie; Knuth, Randy; Borse, Jennifer; Mitchell, Marlon

    Two recent trends in education--increased technology and accountability--are driving efforts to define technology competencies and standards for teachers. The first lists of competencies from these efforts are just now being completed. While some of these competencies are linked to teacher certification and re-certification, others are developed…

  4. Sustained programs in physics teacher education (United States)

    Scherr, Rachel


    For over a decade, physics teacher education programs have been transformed at a number of institutions around the country through support from the Physics Teacher Education Coalition (PhysTEC), led by the American Physical Society in partnership with the American Association of Physics Teachers. In 2012-2013, PhysTEC supported an independent study on the sustainability of its sites after project funding ends. The study sought to measure the extent to which programs have been sustained and to identify what features should be prioritized for building sustainable physics teacher education programs. Most PhysTEC legacy sites studied have sustained their production of physics teachers. A few sites studied have thriving physics teacher education programs, that is, programs that have continued to substantially increase their production of teachers since the PhysTEC award. All of the studied sites that sustained their production of physics teachers have a champion of physics teacher education and corresponding institutional motivation and commitment. The necessity of the champion was known from the Report of the Task Force on Teacher Education in Physics (T-TEP report) and borne out by this study. The necessity of institutional motivation and commitment is a finding of this study. At some sites, PhysTEC support has precipitated an institutional focus on physics teacher education, leveraging other resources (including both awards and personnel) benefiting physics teacher education. The study also documented the sustainability of components of physics teacher education programs, such as recruitment, early teaching experiences, and a teacher in residence. Sustained components tend to be those that have direct benefit to undergraduates in the physics department, whereas less-sustained components seem to be those that primarily benefit secondary teachers. The number of sustained components does not appear to correspond to teacher production; that is, sites that have sustained

  5. Teacher training, capacity building and professional capital

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rasmussen, Jens

    as a source of innovation in the teaching context and in co-operation with peers (Mourshed, Chijoke, & Barber, 2010). A clear trend can be observed in direction of paying still more attention to the processes in school reforms, i.e. to the quality of what actually happens in schools and class rooms and how...... well it is performed. High performing countries do not only praise the quality of the individual teacher, which is important, they also focus on support on the job, the importance of strong professional learning communities, and teachers possibility of taking part in successful school development...... diversity with different pedagogical practices, and being inventive about personalizing educational experiences to teach in a learner centered way. The transition from teacher education to the teaching profession is often by beginning teachers regarded as demanding and critical. How demanding...

  6. The Galileo Teacher Training Programme (United States)

    Doran, Rosa

    The Galileo Teacher Training Program is a global effort to empower teachers all over the world to embark on a new trend in science teaching, using new technologies and real research meth-ods to teach curriculum content. The GTTP goal is to create a worldwide network of "Galileo Ambassadors", promoters of GTTP training session, and a legion of "Galileo Teachers", edu-cators engaged on the use of innovative resources and sharing experiences and supporting its pears worldwide. Through workshops, online training tools and resources, the products and techniques promoted by this program can be adapted to reach locations with few resources of their own, as well as network-connected areas that can take advantage of access to robotic, optical and radio telescopes, webcams, astronomy exercises, cross-disciplinary resources, image processing and digital universes (web and desktop planetariums). Promoters of GTTP are expert astronomy educators connected to Universities or EPO institutions that facilitate the consolidation of an active support to newcomers and act as a 24 hour helpdesk to teachers all over the world. GTTP will also engage in the creation of a repository of astronomy education resources and science research projects, ViRoS (Virtual Repository of resources and Science Projects), in order to simplify the task of educators willing to enrich classroom activities.

  7. Teacher labor markets in developing countries. (United States)

    Vegas, Emiliana


    Emiliana Vegas surveys strategies used by the world's developing countries to fill their classrooms with qualified teachers. With their low quality of education and wide gaps in student outcomes, schools in developing countries strongly resemble hard-to-staff urban U.S. schools. Their experience with reform may thus provide insights for U.S. policymakers. Severe budget constraints and a lack of teacher training capacity have pushed developing nations to try a wide variety of reforms, including using part-time or assistant teachers, experimenting with pay incentives, and using school-based management. The strategy of hiring teachers with less than full credentials has had mixed results. One successful program in India hired young women who lacked teaching certificates to teach basic literacy and numeracy skills to children whose skills were seriously lagging. After two years, student learning increased, with the highest gains among the least able students. As in the United States, says Vegas, teaching quality and student achievement in the developing world are sensitive to teacher compensation. As average teacher salaries in Chile more than doubled over the past decade, higher-quality students entered teacher education programs. And when Brazil increased educational funding and distributed resources more equitably, school enrollment increased and the gap in student test scores narrowed. Experiments with performance-based pay have had mixed results. In Bolivia a bonus for teaching in rural areas failed to produce higher-quality teachers. And in Mexico a system to reward teachers for improved student outcomes failed to change teacher performance. But Vegas explains that the design of teacher incentives is critical. Effective incentive schemes must be tightly coupled with desired behaviors and generous enough to give teachers a reason to make the extra effort. School-based management reforms give decisionmaking authority to the schools. Such reforms in Central America

  8. Data Glove For Note Taking

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Akshay Mahajan


    Full Text Available We aim at creating a note-taking device typically to be used in a classroom environment. Traditional methods of writing have limited speed and cannot keep up with speech. Writing with pen on paper requires us to look at the paper, which can reduce concentration on the ongoing discussion. Laptops are costly, power consuming and heavy for such a trivial task. Voice to text programs dont have the freedom of choosing the text to be included, and noise in the room can affect performance of such a program. Smart phones have a small keypad, which demands more user concentration. We have created a glove that one can wear and touch-type on any flat surface with minimal costs and power consumption. With ergonomics in mind, the glove has been designed to yield ten self fabricated switch button sensors to finally create a complete utility for simple and an inexpensive typing tool.

  9. Taking the Copenhagen Process apart

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Cort, Pia

    The aim of this thesis is to analyse the EU vocational education and training policy process (The Copenhagen Process) from a critical perspective based on the policy analysis methodology, “What’s the Problem Represented to Be?” (WPR) developed by Professor Carol Bacchi. The main research question...... “How can the European vocational education and training policy process - the Copenhagen Process - be understood from a WPR perspective? “ is addressed in six articles which take apart the Copenhagen Process and deal with specific WPR questions and specific aspects of the Copenhagen Process......: the construction of vocational education and training; changes in governmentality; the genealogy of EC vocational education and training policy; the technologies of Europeanization; and finally the discursive and institutional effects of the policy process in the Danish context. The thesis argues...

  10. Take Control of PDFpen 5

    CERN Document Server

    Cohen, Michael


    After a whirlwind history and overview of PDF, you'll take a tour through PDFpen's tools and navigation. With those basics taken care of, you'll learn how to: Scan a document to PDF and make the text editable with OCRCombine pages from multiple files into a single PDFTurn a Web site into a multi-page PDFAdd or remove pages from a PDFAdd a hand-written signature to a PDFAdd page and URL links to a PDFMake a clickable table of contents for a PDFUse professional editing marks on a PDFEdit text within a PDF that was received in emailLeave comments on a PDF documentRemove sensitive or confidential

  11. New Horizons Educator Fellowship Program: Taking You to Pluto (United States)

    Weir, H. M.; Beisser, K.; Hallau, K. G.


    The New Horizons Educator Fellowship Program (NHEFP), originally based on the MESSENGER Fellows Program, is a public outreach initiative for motivated volunteers across the nation. These volunteers are master teachers who communicate the excitement of NASA's New Horizons mission to Pluto and information about recent discoveries to teachers, students, and people in their local communities. Many of the Fellows utilize their experiences and knowledge as members of other programs such as MESSENGER Fellows, Heliophysics Educator Ambassadors, Solar System Educators and Ambassadors to promote the mission thorough professional development workshops incorporating themes, activities, and recent discoveries with other NASA programs to present a well-rounded view of our Solar System. Unlike teacher-volunteer programs tied to missions that take place closer to Earth, the time between New Horizons' launch and its closest approach to Pluto is 9.5 years, with the spacecraft in hibernation for most of its voyager. NHEFP has maintained a core group of Fellows who, through periodic face-to-face or remote training, have taken advantage of opportunities for networking, sharing of ideas in best practices, activities, and presenting and keeping audiences interested in the mission during its long journey to Pluto. This involvement has been key to the program's success.

  12. Reading Test-taking Strategies in General Training IELTS

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vahede Nosrati


    Full Text Available The significance of gaining a better understanding of how test-taking strategies are used has been recognized by researchers. Considering this fact, this study aimed at investigating the test-taking strategies which were employed by IELTS candidates in reading comprehension test. Besides, it tried to take into account the differences among strategies used for different tasks. In order to gather data, two instruments were employed: the think-aloud protocol, and an IELTS reading test. The obtained data were analyzed and interpreted qualitatively by the researcher. The findings indicated that candidates employed 15 different strategies which were categorized in 3 stages, pre-reading, reading, and post-reading stages. Furthermore, it was revealed that test-takers used certain strategies differently, depending on the type of the task. The findings provide a better understanding of strategy use among IELTS candidates and help teachers to improve their approaches toward teaching and learning goals. Keywords: Test-taking Strategy, Test-taker, Reading Comprehension, Language Learning Strategy, IELTS

  13. Students Taking Charge: Inside the Learner-Active, Technology-Infused Classroom (United States)

    Sulla, Nancy


    Teachers and administrators who recognize the needs of today's society and students, and their impact on teaching and learning, can use this book to create student-centered classrooms that make technology a vital part of their lessons. Filled with practical examples and step-by-step guidelines, "Students Taking Charge" will help educators design…

  14. Elementary Students Using a Tablet-Based Note-Taking Application in the Science Classroom (United States)

    Paek, Seungoh; Fulton, Lori A.


    This exploratory study investigates the potential of a tablet-based note-taking application (TbNA) to serve as a digital notebook in support of students' classroom science practices. An elementary teacher (Grades 4-5) from a public charter school integrated a TbNA into her science class for one semester while participating in professional…

  15. Are the Competent the Morally Good? Perspective Taking and Moral Motivation of Children Involved in Bullying (United States)

    Gasser, Luciano; Keller, Monika


    The present study tested the hypothesis of the cognitively competent but morally insensitive bully. On the basis of teacher and peer ratings, 212 young elementary school children were selected and categorized as bullies, bully-victims, victims, and prosocial children. Children's perspective-taking skills were assessed using theory-of-mind tasks,…

  16. Teaching Techniques: Give or Take? Test Review in the ESL/EFL Classroom (United States)

    Mermelstein, Aaron David


    This article describes "Give or Take?", a fun game that teachers can use to review vocabulary in the English as a second language or foreign language (ESL/EFL) classroom. This game is easy to prepare, and it is a fun and efficient way to review for quizzes or larger midterm or final exams. It can be adapted to almost any grade level or…

  17. Reading and Note Taking in Monological and Dialogical Classes in the Social Sciences (United States)

    Cartolari, Manuela; Carlino, Paula; Colombo, Laura M.


    This qualitative study explores the uses of reading and note-taking in two pre-service teacher training Social Sciences courses. Data analysis of in-depth interviews with professors and students, class observations and course materials suggested two polar teaching styles according to how bibliography was included in the course and the presence or…

  18. The Principle of Risk-Taking in English Language Learning and Teaching

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    H. Douglas Brown introduces twelve principles of second language learning which have given teachers great insights into their language teaching. In the paper, the emphasis is put upon the principle of risk-taking and its classroom applications. The aim of the thesis is to elaborate upon how the principle is applied in language teaching.

  19. Student Teachers Speak Out! (United States)

    Berridge, Gina G.; Goebel, Vella


    The high teacher attrition and early-career exodus of beginning teachers suggest that traditional methods fall short of providing the support needed by beginning teachers. This qualitative study examined the challenges encountered by student teachers during their practicum experience. Findings suggest that the attrition rate may be at least…

  20. Should Teachers Be Authentic? (United States)

    Bialystok, Lauren


    Authenticity is often touted as an important virtue for teachers. But what do we mean when we say that a teacher ought to be "authentic"? Research shows that discussions of teacher authenticity frequently refer to other character traits or simply to teacher effectiveness, but authenticity is a unique concept with a long philosophical…