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  1. Desalinated water in urban water supplies – a systems approach to identify optimal drinking water composition

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rygaard, Martin

    Afsaltet vand i byers vandforsyninger – en systemanalyse Internationale og nationale kriterier for drikkevandskvalitet er i høj grad baseret på traditioner og pragmatisme og leder ikke nødvendigvis til den bedste vandkvalitet. For eksempel hævdes det ofte, at Danmark har verdens bedste drikkevand...

  2. From effective accounting and reporting to efficient outsourcing


    Meyr, Daria


    This study aims to identify an effective management accounting and reporting concept for efficient outsourcing performance in sustainable organizations. Existing reporting norms of the “Systemanalyse und Programmentwicklung (SAP)” platform, used in JSC "Russian Railways" (further Russian Railways) were analysed. Thereby, in the paper a method of the formation of internal management accounting and reporting on the costs of outsourcing were developed. Currently, the analysis of the reports and ...

  3. System analysis of CO{sub 2} sequestration from biomass cogeneration plants (Bio-CHP-CCS). Technology, economic efficiency, sustainability; Systemanalyse der CO{sub 2}-Sequestrierung aus Biomasse-Heizkraftwerken (Bio-KWK-CCS). Technik, Wirtschaftlichkeit, Nachhaltigkeit

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hartmann, Claus


    } emissions to be established until 2020, as well as the use of CO{sub 2} as a raw material (e.g. in the form of methane or in algae reactors) [cf. Federal Government, 2010, p. 20]. [German] In der vorliegenden Arbeit wird in Form einer Systemanalyse untersucht, inwiefern eine Kombination der drei Bereiche energetische Biomassenutzung, Kraft-Waerme-Kopplung (KWK) und CO{sub 2}-Sequestrierung (CCS - Carbon Capture and Storage) grundsaetzlich moeglich und sinnvoll ist. Unter dem Begriff CO{sub 2}-Sequestrierung wird in dieser Arbeit die Prozesskette aus CO{sub 2}-Abscheidung, CO{sub 2}-Transport und CO{sub 2}-Speicherung verstanden. Waehrend die Nutzung von Biomasse in Heizkraftwerken bereits gaengige Praxis darstellt, befindet sich die CO{sub 2}-Sequestrierung (auf Basis fossiler Energietraeger) im Forschungs und Entwicklungsstadium. Eine Kombination von CCS mit Biomasse ist bislang wenig, eine Kombination mit Heizkraftwerken gar nicht untersucht worden. Die beiden Techniken der energetischen Biomassenutzung und der KWK stellen in den Planungen der deutschen Bundesregierung feste Groessen im Energiesystem der Zukunft dar: Nach dem Leitszenario des Bundesumweltministeriums soll die Stromerzeugung aus Biomasse bis 2020 gegenueber 2008 nahezu verdoppelt werden. Gleichzeitig soll die in KWK erzeugte Waerme verdreifacht werden [vgl. Nitsch und Wenzel, 2009, S. 10]1. Parallel dazu soll die CCS-Technologie bis 2030 in der Haelfte aller deutschen Kohlekraftwerke eingesetzt werden [vgl. Krassuki et al., 2009, S. 17]. Auch die Kombination aus Biomasse und CCS stellt fuer die deutsche Bundespolitik eine perspektivisch denkbare Option dar [vgl. Bundestag, 2008b, S. 4]. Darueber hinaus werden der CCS-Technologie zukuenftig sehr gute Exportchancen fuer die deutsche Wirtschaft eingeraeumt [vgl. Bundesregierung, 2010, S. 20]. Die Kombination von Biomasse-Heizkraftwerken mit CCS bietet ueber die CO{sub 2}-Neutralitaet hinaus die interessante Moeglichkeit, als zukuenftiges Klimaschutzinstrument

  4. The national-economic cost of reduction of greenhouse gases emission. Comparison of investments aimed towards a reduced greenhouse gas emission in power industry, agriculture, transportation sector and other essential greenhouse gas sources

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    For a number of years the cost of reducing CO 2 emissions in the energy sector in Denmark has been investigated in detail. The same has not been the case what concerns the cost of reducing other greenhouse gases (CH 4 and N 2 O) and especially not what concerns the possibilities of reducing greenhouse gases in other sectors in the Danish economy, i.e. agriculture, transport, industry, domestic waste and forestry. Thus, the objective of this project was twofold: 1) To calculate the national economic costs related to a number of options for reducing Danish greenhouse gas emissions (CO 2 , CH 4 and N 2 O) by using the same methodology for all important sectors in the economy and 2) To compare the cost efficiency of these options not only wihtin the individual sectors but also across the sectoral boundaries to achieve an overall view of the reduction possibilities in society and the associated costs. (au) 80 refs.; Prepared by Forskningscenter Risoe and Danmarks Miljoeundersoegelser. Afdeling for Systemanalyse

  5. Progress report on research and development studies of the Abteilung fuer Angewandte Systemanalyse in 1980

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    Within the Department of Applied Systems Analysis the consequences and risks, the conditions for realization and acceptancy, as well as the problems of controlling the application of technologies are investigated with regard to technical, ecological, economical and social aspects. Emphasis is laid on energy technologies as well as information and communication technologies. Investigation methods developed for this kind of issue as the technology assessment and the attendant technology research are further developed and applied during the projects carried out by systems analysts. (orig.) [de

  6. From effective accounting and reporting to efficient outsourcing

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Meyr Daria


    Full Text Available This study aims to identify an effective management accounting and reporting concept for efficient outsourcing performance in sustainable organizations. Existing reporting norms of the “Systemanalyse und Programmentwicklung (SAP” platform, used in JSC "Russian Railways" (further Russian Railways were analysed. Thereby, in the paper a method of the formation of internal management accounting and reporting on the costs of outsourcing were developed. Currently, the analysis of the reports and effectiveness of outsourcing is based on the technique comparison “costs on outsourcing should be less than the cost of own units”. Effective analysis should include not one, but several factors and be based on multi-criteria approach. The main influence on the variation of such determinants as cost, productivity and staff members outsourcing has when the volume of production and prices are constant. According to the features of railway transport enterprises, existing method has been completed with statistical. It shows how outsourcing changed the performance of the company and by what factors - the average cost, or productivity, or staffing or due to variations of all three factors simultaneously. Further, the results of quantitative data analysis will be used to identify an effective management accounting in sustainable organizations while supporting the development of outsourcing.

  7. Analysis of the survey on the fifth research report of the Federal Government

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Bechmann, G.; Berg, I. von; Brune, D.; Coenen, R.; Folkers, H.; Wingert, B.


    On the occasion of the presentation of the Fifth Research Report of the Federal Government the Federal Minister for Research and Technology invited 352 organisations and persons to give their opinion on R and D goals and objectives and on whether the research report in its present form is a suitable instrument for a broad dialogue on R and D policy. At the request of the Federal Ministry for Research and Development the 241 replies received were evaluated by the Institut fuer Angewandte Systemanalyse (Institute for Applied Systems Analysis) of the Gesellschaft fuer Kernforschung according to an evaluation pattern with 8 central categories oriented along the main headings of the reseach report: 1) presentation and layout of the Federal Research Report no. V; dialogue on R and D policy 2) goals and objectives of R and D policy 3) relationship between government and industry 4) relationship between government and science 5) R and D planning (project supervision/control, consulting activities, evaluation of R and D results, etc.) 6) coordination and cooperation, international cooperation 7) priority programmes of government sponsored R and D 7) statistical part. A summary version of the main statements and proposals and the reply by the Federal Minister for Research and Technology are contained. (orig.) [de

  8. Requirements of actual final repository concepts for different host rock formations. Final report; Anforderungen an aktuelle Endlagerkonzepte fuer unterschiedliche Wirtsgesteinsformationen. Abschlussbericht

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fass, Thorsten; Hartwig-Thurat, Eva; Krischer, Angelika; Lambers, Ludger; Larue, Juergen; Uhlmann, Stephan; Weyand, Torben


    In the frame of the research project the basic requirements and technical safety specifications with respect to the retrievability of stored radioactive wastes for the different final repository concepts based on the host rock formations occurring in Germany are presented. Existing international disposal concepts for clay/claystone, granite and salt are described and compared to the actual German regulatory requirements. The safety engineering relations between stock piling and possible retrieval are described and evaluated.

  9. Systems analysis on the humanization of industrial life in the coal mining industry. Pt. 2. Results. Systemanalyse zur Humanisierung des Arbeitslebens im Steinkohlenbergbau. T. 2. Ergebnisse

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    Volume No. 8 of the series of papers quantifies the system of aims, i.e. it defines synthetic data of laws and regulations of mining of DIN standards, and VDI guidelines, of generally accepted rules of engineering as well as of certified findings of industrial science as minimum requirements. This definition is followed by the examination of the type of medium-term development to be expected in the bituminous coal mining industry of the Ruhrkohle AG up to the year 1985. Then the general aims 1 and 2 given in volume No. 7 are described in detail. These descriptions constitute an excellent summary of the present state of knowledge concerning the improvement of working conditions in the bituminous coal mining industry. Finally, a study on the transferability of research findings is given. One statement is of special importance, i.e., that transferability is not characterized by technological feasibility alone which depends to a high degree on marginal, organizational conditions within the company, e.g., on the information system, on its hierarchical structure, on the company's policy, and on departamental policy. In this study, only the technological transferability is examined. To enable us to assess it, appropriate statements are made in a brief description of the research project carried out since 1974, which was sponsored within the action programme ''Humanization of Industrial Life''.

  10. Hybridization and control of a mobile direct methanol fuel cell system; Hybridisierung und Regelung eines mobilen Direktmethanol-Brennstoffzellen-Systems

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wilhelm, Joerg Christoph


    for the dimensioning of the fuel cell as well as of the energy storage unit. Variation of parameters results in a minimum required fuel cell power of 1.3 kW as well as a minimum energy density of 66 Wh/l or a minimum power density of 355 W/l for the energy storage unit, respectively. The high energy density required and the fact that the energy storage unit must always be operated at a partial state of charge leads to faster aging, particularly of lead-acid batteries, so that a lithium battery is eventually chosen as an energy storage unit. (orig.) [German] Direktmethanol-Brennstoffzellen (DMFCs) zeichnen sich dadurch aus, dass sie die chemische Energie des fluessig zugefuehrten Brennstoffs Methanol direkt in elektrische Energie umwandeln. Methanol hat eine hohe Energiedichte und laesst sich vergleichsweise einfach speichern. Aufgrund dieser Vorteile eignen sich Direktmethanol-Brennstoffzellen- Systeme z. B. als Batterieersatz fuer den Bereich leichte Traktion in der kW-Klasse. Da das Nachtanken im Vergleich zum Laden einer Batterie viel schneller realisierbar ist, folgt hieraus ein nahezu unterbrechungsfreier Betrieb. Das Ziel der vorliegenden Arbeit ist es daher ein Direktmethanol-Brennstoffzellen-System fuer den Bereich leichte Traktion zu entwickeln. Die systemtechnische Entwicklung und Charakterisierung eines mobilen Direktmethanol-Brennstoffzellen-Systems erfolgt zuerst allgemein und anschliessend angewandt auf das Beispiel Horizontalkommissionierer aus der Klasse der Flurfoerderfahrzeuge. Hierfuer soll sowohl ein Hybridisierungs- als auch ein Regelungskonzept entwickelt werden. Die gewaehlte Vorgehensweise gliedert sich in die Charakterisierung der Anwendung, die theoretische Konzeptentwicklung und eine abschliessende Systemanalyse mithilfe von Untersuchungen am Teststand und Simulationen. Aus der Charakterisierung folgt der charakteristische Fahrzyklus der Anwendung. Die Eckdaten, wie maximale Peakleistungen beim Beschleunigen und Bremsen sowie die

  11. Code of Conduct for wind-power projects - Phases 1 and 2; Code of Conduct fuer windkraftprojekte. Phase 1 und 2 - Systemanalyse, Lessons Learned und Bewertung bestehender Instrumente

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Strub, P. [Pierre Strub, freischaffender Berater, Binningen (Switzerland); Ziegler, Ch. [Inter Act, Basel (Switzerland)


    This paper discusses the results of the first two phases of a project concerning wind-power projects. The paper deals with the results of a system analysis, takes a look at lessons learned and presents an appraisal of existing instruments. A system-analysis of wind-power projects is presented with emphasis on social factors and the role of stakeholders. The success factors concerning social acceptance of wind-power projects and their special characteristics are discussed. Lessons learned are examined. Instruments for the sustainable implementation of projects are looked at, in particular with a focus on social acceptance

  12. Project ANSICHT. Final repository concept and backfilling and sealing concept for the final repository site model SUeD; Projekt ANSICHT. Endlagerkonzept sowie Verfuell- und Verschlusskonzept fuer das Endlagerstandortmodell SUeD. Technischer Bericht

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jobmann, Michael; Lommerzheim, Andree


    In the frame of ANSICHT the methodology for the demonstration of safe enclosure for high-level heat generating radioactive wastes is described. The report is based on the safety requirements for final repository concepts and shows a first backfilling and sealing concept that was developed for the final repository site model SUeD. The final repository model SUeD is based on a horizontal line storage concept, the Gorleben (VSG) and ERATO container concept and the mine layout were adopted and adapted to the given conditions. The backfill and sealing concept includes migration barriers, line closures and shaft closures in the frame of a redundant and diverse enclosure system. For all technical and geotechnical barrier components the long-term functional requirements were defined. The backfilling concept of underground cavities considers the variety of possible cavities in the line and infrastructure areas.

  13. Systems analysis in the vehicle powertrain technology VI. Dynamic behaviour of the total system of vehicle power trains; Systemanalyse in der Kfz-Antriebstechnik VI. Dynamisches Gesamtsystemverhalten von Fahrzeugantrieben

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Laschet, Andreas


    The thematic issue under consideration sets new topics in the areas of vibration assessment, NVH optimization of vehicle drives as well as total system approach in the context of the tuning of power trains. Due to the continuously increasing demands on drive technical solutions in automotive technology the total analysis of the complete propulsion system shouldalways be highly valued.

  14. Multi-physical process and system analysis for geological underground repositories in clay formations in the post closure phase; Multiphysikalische Prozess- und Systemanalyse fuer geologische Tiefenlager im Tonsteingebirge in der Nachverschlussphase

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zhao, Juan


    In the framework of a safety case for repository systems in deep geological formations used for the disposal of high-level radioactive heat-generating waste, the THM-coupled long-term behaviour of such systems has to be analysed with consideration of 2-phase flow processes. These analyses are carried out for the repository near field and the isolating rock mass zone by performing numerical simulations, which require a sufficient process and system understanding with regard to the coupled physical processes involved and their interaction in the respective rock mass formation. The topic of this Ph.D. work is the analysis of the long-term system behaviour of a reference repository system built in clay stone rock mass. Therefore, numerical simulations have been carried out using the FTK-simulation tool which has been developed at the Chair in Waste Disposal and Geomechanics at the Clausthal University of Technology, in order to improve the process and system understanding for repository systems in the clay stone rock mass. In this context, the FTK-simulation tool is at first validated further by performing retrospective analyses of selected field and laboratory tests documented in the national and international literature, as well as of numerical simulation examples regarding the thermohydromechanical load-bearing behaviour of emplacement drifts. Besides, the FTK-simulation tool is used to perform a prognostic analysis concerning the laboratory investigations, which have been planned to qualitatively as well as quantitatively characterise the 2-phase flow properties of clay stone. In addition, a functional model approach is presented, which allows an abstract modeling of the secondary permeability development in the near field of drifts or shafts excavated and backfilled in clay stone rock mass as a function of the swelling pressure development in the bentonite backfill material. Finally, a comprehensive variation analysis is presented, which has been carried out for a generic repository system in clay stone rock mass without or with consideration of a monitoring level. Variation parameters are the corrosion rate of the waste containers, the permeability of the geotechnical barriers as well as of the geologic barrier, the assumption of a primarily existent vertically or horizontally directed hydraulic gradient, the assumption of undiscovered disturbance zones in the rock mass, and the thickness of the host rock (geologic barrier). In order to improve the understanding of the system, the fluid dynamics processes taking place in the repository system have been visualised for different points of time. The calculated time-dependent development of the mechanical, thermal and hydraulic state variables in the near-field of the disposal facility may in principle also be used as comparison values for the monitoring of the repository.

  15. Geosys. System analysis of the geothermal energy generation. Pt. A. Report. Pt. B. Extensive documentation of results; GeoSys. Systemanalyse der geothermalen Energieerzeugung. T. A. Synthesebericht. T. B. Ausfuehrliche Ergebnisdokumentation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Brasser, Thomas; Cannepin, Remi; Feige, Sebastian; Frieling, Gerd; Herbert, Horst-Juergen; Heinen, Christoffer; Strack, Christian; Vieten, Christoph


    The interdisciplinary system analysis on geothermal energy generation deals with the recent technological progress considering planning and exploration phases, construction test and operational phases and the decommissioning and dismantling of deep geothermal power generation facilities. Ecological aspects end effects on subjects of protection are taken into account including operational model calculations and probabilistic analyses of hypothetical operational situations.

  16. Technology images and concepts of technology in transition. An analysis in the philosophy of technology and general technology; Technikbilder und Technikkonzepte im Wandel. Eine technikphilosophische und allgemeintechnische Analyse

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Banse, G. [Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe GmbH Technik und Umwelt (DE). Inst. fuer Technikfolgen-Abschaetzung und Systemanalyse (ITAS); Meier, B. [Potsdam Univ. (Germany). Inst. fuer Arbeitslehre/Technik; Wolffgramm, H. (eds.)


    possessing general education in the area of technology, much attention is devoted to the typical ways of thinking and working in technology and the technical sciences. (orig.) [German] Dieser Band enthaelt Beitraege, die aus dem Fachgespraech 'Technikbilder und Technikkonzepte im Wandel - eine technikphilosophische und allgemeintechnische Analyse' hervorgingen. Dieses Fachgespraech fand am 06. Oktober 2000 im Paedagogischen Landesinstitut Brandenburg in Ludwigsfelde-Struveshof statt und wurde in Zusammenarbeit von Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Institut fuer Technikfolgenabschaetzung und Systemanalyse, Universitaet Potsdam, Institut fuer Arbeitslehre/Technik, und Professor Horst Wolffgramm, Frankfurt (Oder), konzipiert und organisiert. Anliegen des Fachgespraechs war es, Positionen der Technikphilosophie, der Allgemeinen Technikwissenschaft, der Technikgeschichte und der Technikdidaktik zur 'Konzeptualisierung' des Technischen als Grundlage fuer das generelle Verstaendnis von Technik bzw. eines wissenschaftlich fundierten 'Technikbildes' zusammenzutragen, zu vergleichen, aufeinander zu beziehen und fuer die curriculare Arbeit im Rahmen der Konzeptionierung einer allgemeinen technischen Bildung in allen Schulstufen nutzbar zu machen. Die Beitraege sind entsprechend den zwei Schwerpunkten der Tagung gruppiert: Einerseits geht es um Bestimmungen bezueglich eines zeitgemaessen Technikbegriffs ('Technikbild'). Hier gilt es auch historisch-genetisch den Technikwandel zu charakterisieren und so die Technik als Menschenwerk, als wesentliches Element unserer Kultur zu erschliessen. Dabei muss es zugleich auch gelingen, zukuenftige Entwicklungen zu prognostizieren bzw. moegliche Entwicklungspfade sichtbar zu machen, um den Wandel durch Basisinnovationen zu erfassen. Auf dieser Basis werden dann zweitens, gestuetzt auf die Bildungstheorie, Konsequenzen fuer eine zukunftsorientierte technische Allgemeinbildung fuer alle Schuelerinnen und Schueler

  17. Emission control measures for precursors of tropospheric ozone. Pt. 1 and 2; Emissionsminderungsmoeglichkeiten bei Vorlaeufersubstanzen von bodennahem Ozon. Bd. 1: Systemanalyse der Ozonminderungsmassnahmen in den USA. Bd. 2: Luftreinhaltemassnahmen in den USA zur Minderung von VOC-Emissionen aus Kleinanlagen und Produkten und Vergleich mit europaeischen Regelungen

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Leclaire, T; Schiefer, C; Bergmann, S; Hrabovski, Z [Institut fuer Umwelttechnologie und Umweltanalytik e.V. (IUTA), Duisburg (Germany)


    For more than two decades now experiences of ozone reduction have been made in the USA. In many regions great efforts for VOC control are made to reduce their high ozone concentrations in ambient air that in some cases reach up to more than twice the German peak concentrations. This report places focus on small stationary sources and products, for these sources actually contribute more than half of the VOC emissions in Germany and are still not regulated under the German Immission Control Law. Therefore, main aim of this examination was to determine the major elements of VOC control strategies in the U.S. and to consider, whether strategies and measures are transferable taking into account German circumstances. Volume 1 describes the strategies and measures for ozone control in the U.S. (national) as well as in five regions with high ozone concentrations in ambient air. The authorities and responsbilities at federal, state, regional, and local levels are highlighted, legislation and different types of regulations are explained, priorities concerning VOC versus NO{sub x} related control are mentioned and the control measures on different sources for reducing VOC and NO{sub x} are summarized briefly. Volume 2 contains a detailed description of control measures for reducing VOC emissions from products and stationary sources, namely the proposed national VOC emission standards for coatings and consumer products, the California Consumer Products Regulations, the state-wide requirements for industrial and commercial sources in California and the VOC related rules of the South Coast Air Quality Management District (LA and surrounded Countries). The South Coast Rules were chosen as an example for District Rules for they were generally the most stringent because of the extreme ozone concentration in this area. Moreover, the regulations for VOC emission control in Europe concerning small stationary sources and products are mentioned. The different approaches to control VOC emissions are compared and discussed. Advantages and disadvantages of the described strategies are highlighted. Based on the actual VOC emission inventory of Germany suggestions for future reduction measures are supposed. (orig.) [Deutsch] In den USA liegen Erfahrungen aus der Ozonbekaempfung ueber einen Zeitraum von 20 bis 30 Jahren vor. Aufgrund besonders hoher Ozonbelastungen in vielen Regionen werden grosse Anstrengungen zur VOC-Minderung unternommen. Wesentliches Ziel des Vorhabens war es, die Schwerpunkt im Hinblick auf die Minderung von VOC-Emissionen herauzufinden und zu pruefen, ob und inwieweit eine Uebertragung von Strategien und Massnahmen auf die Verhaeltnisse in Deutschland moeglich ist. Hauptaugenmerk wurde auf kleinere Anlagen und Produkte gelegt, weil in diesen Bereichen in Deutschland momentan vordringlich Handlungsbedarf gesehen wird. Im ersten Band sind die Strategien und Massnahmen zur Ozonminderung in den USA (bundesweit) sowie in fuenf Regionen mit besonders hoher Ozonimmissionsbelastung beschrieben. Hierzu erfolgte eine Darstellung der Zustaendigkeitsbereiche auf nationaler, einzelstaatlicher, regionaler und lokaler Ebene, der Gesetzgebung und Regelwerke, der Schwerpunktsetzung hinsichtlich NO{sub x}- und VOC-Minderung und eine kurze Darstellung der quellenbezogenen Massnahmen auf nationaler Ebene und in den betrachteten Regionen. In Band 2 erfolgt eine ausfuehrliche Beschreibung der Massnahmen zur VOC-Emissionsminderung bei Produkten und im gewerblichen Bereich in den USA anhand der nationalen Regelungen fuer Anstrichstoffe und Konsumgueter, der von der kalifornischen Luftreinhaltebehoerde erlassenen VOC-bezogenen Regelungen fuer Anstrichstoffe, Konsumgueter und Gewerbebetriebe sowie der Regelungen des suedkalifornischen South Coast Air Quality Management Districts (Los Angeles und Umgebung). Zur Darstellung der regionalen Bestimmung wurde diese Region ausgewaehlt, da die Regelungen dort aufgrund der besonders hohen Immissionsbelastung grundsaetzlich am weitesten gehen. Darueber hinaus werden die Regelungen zur VOC-Emissionsminderung fuer den Bereich der Kleinanlagen und Produkte in Europa dargestellt. Die unterschiedlichen Ansaetze zur VOC-Emissionsminderung werden zusammenfassend diskutiert, Vor-und Nachteile herausgearbeitet und unter Beruecksichtigung der derzeitigen VOC-Emissionssituation in Deutschland Ansatzpunkte fuer zukuenftige Massnahmenschwerpunkte aufgezeigt. (orig.)